Douluo Dalu Chapter 321-330


Chapter 321

At the moment Tang San wasn’t going to reflect on how this Asura God power was related to him or how destroying it would influence him. All he thought of was to make sure Xiao Wu was fine, even if he died, he couldn’t let this Asura God’s energy hurt her.

Tang San didn’t react slowly, but all this happened too fast. From that Asura God power entering Xiao Wu, to the moment Tang San reacted to help, even though it was just one short second, to a god level force, this second was enough.

The Asura God’s power only gave Xiao Wu a refreshing and gentle feeling, at most it was a bit fast. But in Tang San’s senses, this force was entirely destructive. Xiao Wu’s spirit power met it, but basically couldn’t even hinder it. That terrifying Asura God’s power was like a sharp needle, rigidily passing through Xiao Wu’s spirit power blocks, directly pouring into her veins.

This moment, Tang San’s Seagod divine power also came chasing. But once he caught up, the Asura God’s power had already split in countless directions, simultaneously infiltrating Xiao Wu’s different energy channels, sticking close to them, actually melding together with them. Even though Tang San charged up momentum, preparing to rely on his divine power to surround and annihilate it, now he didn’t have anywhere to start. Unless he was prepared to ruin Xiao Wu’s energy channels. Otherwise, he could do nothing about the Asura God’s power now.

How come? Tang San screamed inwardly. All he could do now was to do his best to infuse his own Seagod’s power into Xiao Wu’s energy channels, protecting them for fear that the Asura God’s power would suddenly explode, destroying Xiao Wu.

But, shocking Tang San, after those countless Asura God power pieces blended into Xiao Wu’s energy channels, they immediately began to fuse. There were no signs of an eruption, so much that it didn’t even radiate a bit of killing intent. Tang San watched blankly as Xiao Wu’s originally slightly hallowed golden energy channels turned pure golden under the Asura God power’s influence, a dark gold filled with chilling killing intent.

This, just what……..

Regardless of Tang San’s intelligence, right now he couldn’t help being dumbfounded. He clearly felt how the mental link between him and Xiao Wu that originally needed extreme nervousness or full attention to slightly sense, now became completely clear, especially the feeling of blood connection became especially distinct. It was as if Xiao Wu had become an extension of his left hand, a part of him.

As Tang San slowly opened his eyes, they were filled with incredulity as he looked at Xiao Wu. He was a bit speechless. Xiao Wu seemed no worse off, her charming face colored with a faint blush, just like a red apple, perfectly agreeable. Her energy aura actually broke through once again along with the Asura God power’s merging, charging through the rank ninety five bottleneck into rank ninety six. Even Tang San needed to search with his Seagod divine senses to sense the Asura God’s power she contained.

Retracting his hands, Tang San firmly watched Xiao Wu in front of him. Right now he was completely terrified, fearful that Xiao Wu’s body would suddenly explode from that frightful Asura God’s power the next instant. All he could do now was pray. Xiao Wu’s body might already be permeated with the Asura God’s power. Even Tang San could do nothing to stop it from erupting.

At this moment, nobody noticed a dark red light suddenly ri

Tang San’s divine sense twitched, and he instantly sensed its existence. When he turned his head to look, the two meter long Asura Devilsword that he had practically forgotten in the Seagod Hall, was slowly floating towards Xiao Wu.

Strangely, before Tang San inherited the Seagod’s divine power, the incredible thirst he had felt for this devilsword’s power, the extreme desire to feel it grasped in his left hand, was now already gone.

Regarding this bit, Tang San wasn’t surprised. After all, he had now already become the Seagod, that he no longer felt anything for another god’s inheritance was normal.

Golden blue light flashed in his right hand, the Seagod Trident appearing in his grasp. A halo of golden blue light appeared in front of him and Xiao Wu, the intense Seagod energy instantly blocking that uncalled for Asura Devilsword outside.

The Asura God energy had already fused into Xiao Wu’s body, and now this Asura Devilsword came flying, all kinds of unclear signs made Tang San perplexed, but his fear faded a bit.

“Ge, it seems to be looking for me.” Xiao Wu’s voice echoed next to Tang San. Having absorbed the spirit ring, she had already opened her eyes, fixedly watching that Asura Devilsword, her eyes filled with a thirsty light. Illuminated by the Asura Devilsword’s deep red light, Xiao Wu’s skin seemed to reveal faint deep red magic patterns.

“Looking for you?” Tang San turned his head to glance at Xiao Wu. Suddenly, he had a thought. Xiao Wu was like Ning Rongrong and Oscar, having just reached Title Douluo level strength, she also possessed his aura. Could it be that after the Asura God’s divinity discovered it couldn’t be inherited by him, it felt that Xiao Wu already possessed equivalent strength as well as his scent, and specially guided his evolved Asura Domain into her body to accept his inheritance? If that was the case, it was a good thing.

From an emotional point of view, Tang San really wasn’t interested in the Asura God. That he chose to inherit the Seagod was admittedly related to

already having passed eight Seagod trials, but was also closely related to what he felt about the Asura God.

After all, in order to inherit the Asura God, his great grandfather had spent his life without succeeding. Thus Asura God power was also too overbearing, filled with incredibly cold murderous spirit. The stronger it was the harder it was to control, nowhere was it as familiar to him as the Seagod’s divine power.

Now that it seemed like the Asura God had chosen Xiao Wu, even though Tang San felt that this should be a good thing, he still couldn’t be happy. Becoming the God of Asura was definitely extremely dangerous, and even though Xiao Wu’s strength had already reached a reasonable level, there was still a large gap to inheriting divinity. And in this process, even if there were no accidents, mortal danger might still appear. And how could Xiao Wu stand the Asura God’s ice cold killing intent? In fact, the stronger the god, the more dangerous the inheritance. Even if Xiao Wu’s gentle temperament hid persistence, facing an incredible sharp divinity like the Asura God, could she succeed?

Tang San felt conflicted. With his god level power, he could naturally block the Asura Devilsword from flying over to Xiao Wu. As long as he relied on the Seagod Trident, he could naturally stop the sword that was only drawn over by the energy. After all, he was a true god here, while that Asura Devilsword only contained the Asura God’s energy.

But this was definitely an opportunity for Xiao Wu. Tang San could be certain that this flying sword definitely held no malice towards Xiao Wu, otherwise the Asura God energy that poured into her before could easily kill her, and even he would be unable to stop it. There really was no need to call over this devilsword as well.

Tang San looked at Xiao Wu, his expression extremely serious, “Xiao Wu, just now the energy of the Asura Domain that evolved from my Deathgod Domain poured into you, you should have felt it as well. It’s that ice cold energy. This Asura Devilsword is also the treasure my great grandfather Tang Chen left behind, a weapon on the same level as the Seagod Trident. That it’s flying towards you now might be to give you a

chance for the Asura God’s inheritance. But, the Asura God is a rather powerful divinity, it should be the god of slaughter. Completing his inheritance would definitely be extremely dangerous. My great grandfather tried all his life without success. I’m worried it will be dangerous. Whether to accept it, is up to you.”

Tang San really didn’t know what he should do. To Xiao Wu, this Asura Devilsword was a double-edged blade, only Xiao Wu herself could decide.

Listening to Tang San, Xiao Wu’s eyes immediately brightened, answering practically without hesitation: “Ge, I accept it.”

Tang San hadn’t thought Xiao Wu would answer so quickly, and couldn’t help saying: “Xiao Wu, you have to think it through. The Asura God inheritance’s difficulty might be above my Seagod’s. You saw the Seagod inheritance, you were with me practically the whole time. Have you really thought about it? If you accept this inheritance you will have to complete it, there will be no chance for regret.”

Xiao Wu firmly said: “I accept it. Ge, listen to me. To catch the eye of a divinity might be even harder than inheriting it. You’ve already become the Seagod, if I am to stay with you forever, I have to become a god too. Which road to becoming a god isn’t dangerous? Besides, I don’t know if I’ll be able to find another divinity later. I don’t want to leave you, I want to be with you forever, so let me try. With you helping me, I’ll definitely have a chance. Otherwise this Asura Devilsword wouldn’t have chosen me.”

Seeing Xiao Wu’s resolute gaze, Tang San slowly nodded, his heart turning. After all, this Asura Devilsword was something his great grandfather had gotten over many years in hell, and according to the words he’d left behind, this devilsword in itself meant you had already passed a portion of the Asura God’s inheritance. Under such circumstances, Xiao Wu’s chances of success weren’t small. What she said made sense, with him by her side, if there was danger he could definitely help her.

“Since that’s the case, be careful.” While speaking, Tang San withdrew his Seagod Trident, turning around and standing next to Xiao Wu, his divine

sense firmly locked on that Asura Devilsword. Even though he knew the sword likely wouldn’t harm Xiao Wu, but out of concern for his lover, he was still catiously ready to meet any contingencies.

Without the Seagod Trident to stop it, red light flashed, and that Asura Devilsword arrived in front of Xiao Wu. A strange scene appeared, as that Asura Devilsword came within three meters of her, with a flash of red light, that giant devilsword suddenly transformed into nine red streams, floating in the air, each pouring into Xiao Wu in different parts of her body.

Instantly, dark red magic patterns appeared on Xiao Wu’s originally fair skin. These patterns didn’t appear directly in her skin, but rather as an energy hovering an inch above her skin. Tang San clearly sensed how this energy contained a terrifying presence, that ice cold slaughter intent making even him as a Seagod frown.

Xiao Wu didn’t feel anything, he only felt nine cool flows enter her body, incredibly refreshing. Very soon, those nine streams had blended into her body, and the dark red patterns over her skin also gradually faded, disappearing into her. It caused no other changes.

Seeing Xiao Wu return to normal, Tang San also heaved a sigh of relief, at least there was no problem at the moment. He quickly asked: “Xiao Wu, is there any voice prompting you?”

Xiao Wu shook her head: “None! Only that very cold flow, and then it poured into me, I don’t feel anything unusual. No prompts either.”

Listening to Xiao Wu’s answer, Tang San couldn’t help smiling wryly, this Asura God really didn’t take the common route, his method for choosing successors was so weird. Only, judging by the present circumstances, since Xiao Wu had assimilated his energy, there shouldn’t be any major issues. At least there were signs of inheritance, it should just be that Xiao Wu’s strength still hadn’t reached the corresponding requirements, and so there was no prompts from the Asura God.

According to the present circumstances, Tang San’s judgement was clearly the most rational. But he still overlooked one thing, even though a

portion of his Asura Domain’s energy was transmitted to Xiao Wu, fusing with her, the Asura Domain on his Clear Sky Hammer still hadn’t disappeared. It still remained. In fact, Tang San’s judgement really wasn’t correct, the Asura Devilsword entering Xiao Wu absolutely wasn’t as simple as he imagined. It was just that the present circumstances didn’t give him enough to work it out.

Tang San held Xiao Wu’s hand, inspecting her condition. He discovered that the Xiao Wu’s energy channels, blood and muscles had already turned dark golden, but apart from this there was nothing special. After the color change, Xiao Wu’s body was just imperceptibly being nourished by the Asura God’s power, everything heading in the right direction. Tang San searched a few times, making sure Xiao Wu’s condition, then didn’t need to keep worrying at the moment. So far, the Shrek Seven Devils’ last Title Douluo had also appeared. In spirit power, Xiao Wu had even surpassed Dai Mubai’s ninety five ranks, becoming the strongest spirit power of the Shrek Seven Devils besides Tang San.

“Little San, let’s hurry and go. To avoid anything happening at Jialing Pass.” Seeing that Xiao Wu had also completed the absorption, Dai Mubai proposed. They had also head Tang San and Xiao Wu talking before, and Dai Mubai couldn’t help feeling a bit envious at another of their comrades drawing the eye of a divinity. But now wasn’t the time to think about divinity, all that would have to wait until the Spirit Empire was eradicated.

Tang San nodded, “Let’s go.”

While speaking, he walked up to the seven sacred Seagod pillar guardian Douluo, “Seniors, the Seagod Island will be left to you. We don’t know when we’ll be able to return, but don’t worry, I’ve left a portion of divine sense on the Seagod Mountain, if anything happens, you just need to call out my name on the central platform, and I’ll hear your voice.”

The guardian Douluo bowed together, “We wish you success, lord Seagod.”

Golden blue light blossomed from Tang San, turning into a giant ring of light that enveloped him and his comrades. With a flash of light, everyone

had left with a sparkle. In order to rush back to Jialing Pass, they didn’t even have time to call out to Xiao Bai.

Only, Tang San’s first destination after leaving Seagod Island wasn’t back at the Douluo Continent.

Purple Pearl Island.

Ji Xiang stood on the sandy shore, looking at a wooden board thirty meters away, his energies seeming to focus in his eyes. In the depths of his eyes, purple energy seemed to be faintly visible.

Suddenly, Ji Xiang moved slightly, his whole body quickly flickering in place, what he used was Tang San’s profoundly mysterious Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step.

Even if Ji Xiang’s Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step couldn’t compare to Tang San, he was already extremely practiced with it. He could already form a series of afterimages in his surroundings.

Nine cold lights floated out, cutting through the air in nine different directions. Light flashed, a dull thwock sounded, and the nine cold lights simultaneously hit the wooden board thirty meters away. Because they hit at the same instant, they only produced one sound.

Those were nine willow leaf flying knives, stuck in the wooden board like leaves sprouting. They were stuck in a circle, the exact same distance between each knife. Whether in technique or eyesight, Ji Xiang had already practiced this throwing knife technique to perfection.

Ever since Tang San had taken him as a disciple six years ago, imparting him the Tang Sect’s secret lore, Ji Xiang had trained day and night. A spirit would no longer become an obstacle to his cultivation. He’d matured extremely quickly in a short six years, and adding in Tang San’s help to him back then, he had already vaguely become the number two expert on Purple Pearl Island after Purple Pearl.

Exhaling slowly, Ji Xiang stood straight, his eyes showing happiness, “It seems I can practice the next hidden weapon technique. I wonder if that strange scene in Seagod Island’s direction was as they say, the Seagod descending. Yi, what’s that?”

Suddenly, a dot of golden blue light in the direction Ji Xiang was looking quickly flew towards Purple Pearl Island. In six years of cultivation, his Purple Demon Eye had already reached a certain level, his eyesight much stronger than ordinary people. But however he stared, he still couldn’t tell just what that golden blue light was.

That golden blue light was extremely fast. In practically just a few breaths it had already grown in front of him. Ji Xiang quickly buckled up a brace of throwing needles, calmly retreating towards the center of the island. But he always faced that golden blue light. He had learned this from Tang San, to never turn your back on the enemy. Ji Xiang remembered each of Tang San’s lessons deeply, and reality had proven that the things Tang San taught him were the truth.

“Ji Xiang, don’t be nervous.” The golden blue light flashed, blinding Ji Xiang for a moment, and then seven people stood on the beach. Seeing these seven, he was first shocked, then, his eyes froze on the golden blue robed youth leading them.

Golden blue long hair scattered across his shoulders, a faint smile on his handsome face, a graceful, hallowed temperament, that expression that made Ji Xiang tremble from his heart, as well as the fully familiar presence. All of it, everything was familiar, and also a bit unfamiliar.

In six years, Tang San’s appearance hadn’t changed much, what changed was his temperament. After all, he had experienced going from human to god, how could he seem the same?

“Teacher.” Ji Xiang stumbled forward, falling to his knees and kowtowing to Tang San. His always dull nature now couldn’t help growing excited. Tang San could be said to have given him a new life, and he had a heartfelt reverence towards this teacher that was barely older than him.

Tang San smiled, and with a wave of his right hand, a gentle force pulled Ji Xiang up, “No need for ceremony. Your progress over six years is a pleasant surprise. It seems you’ve always been working hard with cultivation.”

Jixiang nodded hard, already choked speechless with emotion.

Tang San said: “You are my only named disciple, the ban on Seagod Island has already been lifted, if you wish, you can go there to cultivate.” While speaking, Tang San raised his hand and pointed in Ji Xiang’s direction. A golden blue light was instantly branded on his forehead, astonishingly with a trident design, just like the Seagod Trident on Tang San’s forehead. Only, the brand on Ji Xiang’s forehead was only a seal Tang San left for him with divine sense. With this mark, whether the seven sacred Seagod pillar guardian Douluo or the Devil Spirit Great White Shark pack, all would admit him.

Tang San turned to look at Xiao Wu, who smiled slightly, handing her last god bestowed spirit ring to him. Tang San said to Ji Xiang: “This god bestowed spirit ring is for you, but you must keep it for when you attack the ninth spirit ring in the future. I still have important matters to attend to. If you go to Seagod Island, as long as you let them see the brand on your forehead, they will believe your identity. Tell them you are the Seagod’s disciple. We have to go, if everything goes smoothly, perhaps, we will meet again in a few years.”

Smiling and nodding to Ji Xiang, Tang San raised his right hand, and the golden blue halo appeared again. With a flash of light, that giant halo carried Tang San and the others to instantly shoot into the air, disappearing in the distant blue sky in just the blink of an eye.

“Teacher, teacher——” Ji Xiang shouted. He only reacted now. Looking at the god bestowed spirit ring in his hand, tears instantly rolled down. Even though Tang San only stayed for a short time, in his heart Ji Xiang was shouting wildly. Teacher didn’t forget me, he still remembers me, but why did teacher leave so soon, I didn’t have time to say anything, to show you the hidden weapons techniques I’ve practiced.

Kneeling in the sand, Ji Xiang, crawled forward a few steps. As he became aware he couldn’t possibly catch up to Tang San, he threw himself flat, kowtowing in the direction Tang San left.

“Ji Xiang, what are you doing?” A familiar woman’s voice sounded behind him.

Still garbed entirely in purple, Purple Pearl arrived next to Ji Xiang in a few bounds, her voice a bit puzzled: “Just now the brothers reported that they saw some golden blue light fly towards our Purple Pearl Island, did you see it?”

Ji Xiang still knelt in the sand, muttering: “Teacher, that was teacher.”

Purple Pearl pulled Ji Xiang upright, “What did you say? It was Tang San? He, they?” Purple Pearl asked a bit excited.

Not so long ago, the word “man” was synonymous to “filth” in her heart. But, that man, still left her with too deep an impression. Six years had gone by, but she was still unable to forget the scene of him fighting to save his comrades. His calm ease, the strength with which he suppressed her, as well as the coldly detached expression, still vivid.

“Teacher left.” Ji Xiang wiped the tears from his face, speaking in a trembling voice, he slowly looked at Purple Pearl, “Big sis, did you know, teacher said, afterwards I can tell others, I’m the Seagod’s disciple.”

Purple Pearl stared at him, “The Seagod……”


Jialing Pass.

Close to a month had passed, and the walls of Jialing Pass were already repaired. Only the moat outside still didn’t draw river water. After the Spirit Empire army cleaned up the corpses from the moat, they dammed the river and raised large numbers of sharpened stakes. Even though this defense was nowhere as good as water, at least it wouldn’t be as strong. The scene of

Tang San using the river water to attack the fortress in the great battle really was too shocking, leading to the Spirit Empire army basically not daring to fill it up again.

Even though the walls of Jialing Pass were mended, compared to before, there were a lot of visible patches. That exterior appearance really was less than impressive. Of course, to the Spirit Empire, that wasn’t what was important. The real defensive power of the walls was what they needed now.

In the last month, the Heaven Dou Empire army had retreated fifty li, constructing a carefully planned camp and all sorts of defensive installations, but they still hadn’t taken the initiative to attack again. The sight gave the defenders the feeling that they were preparing for a protracted war.

Within Jialing Pass, ever since Bibi Dong was forced back to Spirit City by the six priests, the army here had been under their command. And as the second priest, Golden Crocodile Douluo had definitely become the highest authority in Jialing Pass.

Golden Crocodile Douluo was of course happy to see the Heaven Dou Empire pull back their camp and settle in for a long war. After all, them six priests knew that Qian Renxue was undergoing the trials of the God of Angels. Their purpose in coming here wasn’t to help the Spirit Empire rout the Heaven Dou Empire, but rather to seize the leadership from Bibi Dong’s hands. Steadily guarding Jialing Pass was enough. And now it seemed their mission was well completed.

In close to a month, the Heaven Dou Empire had never taken the initiative to attack, and Golden Crocodile Douluo had once sent small spirit master teams to quietly investigate, but never gained anything. The Heaven Dou Empire’s flying pure speed type spirit masters were too fast, and their eyesight was astonishing. In order to benefit the defense of Jialing Pass, fortifying the defenses and razing the land for the enemy, the land in front of the pass was a vast plain. In order to approach the Heaven Dou imperial army camp under such circumstances was no doubt extremely difficult. After a few failures, Golden Crocodile Douluo might as well not send

anyone else. He just ordered the Spirit Empire defenders in the pass to restore the defenses and clean up the moat, and at the same time used the spirit master legions to tightly control the military leadership of the various kingdoms, and reinforce training.

He had no fear of a protracted war. Even leaving aside Qian Renxue arriving after becoming god, the millions of soldiers on the other side consumed an astronomical amount of provisions and supplies every day. Meanwhile Jialing Pass had plenty of rations, and with the Spirit Empire behind them, supply was much easier.

Were it not for the Heaven Dou Empire really having a lot of powers to intimidate him, especially Tang San and his father, Golden Crocodile Douluo might have quietly brought a few priests over to the other side of the empire to deal with the Star Luo Empire army.

Golden Crocodile Douluo was aged and experienced, and decided to first settle down Jialing Pass before anything else. Partly because it really wouldn’t be easy for the Star Luo Empire to break through on the other side, and partly to wrestle control over the army here and wait for Qian Renxue’s arrival. As long as Qian Renxue successfully inherited divinity and stood before both armies, no matter how many mid and low level spirit masters supported Bibi Dong, authority over the Spirit Empire would still be wrested back. As for the Heaven Dou imperial army, that was even less of an issue. With a god level power to lead them, destroying the Heaven Dou Empire was as easy as turning over a palm.

Golden Crocodile Douluo was just now leading the other five priests on the walls, gazing towards the distant Heaven Dou army camp.

“Is there news from Spirit City?” Golden Crocodile Douluo asked.

The priests next to him had just been convened, and they of course understood what Golden Crocodile Douluo meant. The fifth priest carefully lowered his voice, his expression excited: “Second brother, it might have succeeded. I just got word that roughly a month ago, there was a manifestation in our Spirit City. There was a scene of violent golden light

shooting to the sky, with a sacred aura like a god descending. I think the young mistress should have succeeded.”

Listening to the fifth priest, Golden Crocodiel Douluo still wasn’t excited, rather frowning, “What did you say? A month ago? Not good, something might have gone wrong.” While speaking, his expression changed a bit.

The fifth priest said doubtfully: “Second brother, no way. According to the information, it should definitely have been the young mistress succeeding!”

Golden Crocodile Douluo shook his head, lowering his voice: “Back then the high priest instructed me that if the young lady completed the divinity inheritance, she would instantly rush over to Jialing Pass to convene with us. If the young lady really successfully inherited the God of Angels, a whole month would already have gone by, so why hasn’t she come yet? I fear…….”

The fourth priest said: “Second brother, aren’t you overthinking it? Didn’t the high priest say that the young lady had at least an eighty percent chance of completing the inheritance. None of us understand the circumstances of inheriting divinity. I think since she has become god, the divine power is so enormous that even the young lady might need some time to fully absorb it after completing the inheritance and familiarize herself with all the god level abilities. She might be delayed because of this.”

Golden Crocodile Douluo’s expression eased a bit, nodding: “That’s possible. You’re right, we don’t know the circumstances of inheriting divinity. I hope the young lady can rush over soon. Like that, we’ll also have a supporting pillar. My greatest wish is to be able to help the young lady unify the continent.”

“Second brother, look, what’s that?” The third priest to the side suddenly pointed. His spirit made his eyesight the strongest. The six priests all looked in the direction he pointed, to see a golden speck of light growing brighter and brighter on the horizon.

Chapter 322

The gazes of the six priests all turned in the direction of that golden light. It wasn’t that the light was growing brighter and brighter, but rather that it was getting closer and closer to Jialing Pass. With its speed, it had already grown ten times in practically just the time it took the priest to mention it. As they watched, they could already nearly see it clearly.

“That’s……” The second priest gazed into the distance, instantly growing excited. At more than a hundred years of age, he couldn’t resist shouting excitedly, “It’s the miss! That’s the miss, she did it. Hurry up and look, the Angelic Raiment, isn’t that the Angelic Raiment of our Spirit Hall? The symbol of the God of Angels, the miss really did it, haha, excellent, truly excellent, now let’s see how the Heaven Dou Empire can still fight us.”

The intense golden light gradually lit up the entire sky, visible not only to the people on the walls, but all the Spirit Empire troops in Jialing Pass began to notice the strange phenomenon.

Six wings unfurled, Qian Renxue’s expression was ice cold, the Angelic Raiment blossoming with dazzling light. At this moment, looking up at the sky from Jialing Pass, the brilliance of the sun was gone, leaving only that dazzling God of Angels.

The six priests looked at each other, their minds in tune, exhaling simultaneously, pouring all their spirit power into their voices, shouting at the sky, “Angelic—— Descent——!”

How loud the voices of six Title Douluo above rank ninety five shouting with all their strength was had to be heard to be understood. The Spirit Empire troops stationed on the walls fell like cut wheat, shocked unconscious. Their voices enveloped all of Jialing Pass, and even passed into the distance. Even if it couldn’t reach a hundred li, it did reach the opposing Heaven Dou army camp, and shocked all of Jialing Pass.

The numerous Spirit Empire defenders had already been captivated by the golden sky, and now that they heard the shouts of the priests, they immediately held their breath, watching the beautiful angel descend from the sky with disbelief. The common soldiers that weren’t spirit masters couldn’t resist kneeling in worship under the intense divine sense pressure, and such a phenomenon spread through all of Jialing Pass like a plague. Even the people in the Spirit Empire spirit master legions all knelt when they saw this scene. Because Spirit City was the capital of the Spirit Empire, every time they had advanced a trial, they had all seen that angel statue filled with a sacred presence, and the six winged angel descending from the sky now, plus the incredible divine sense pressure, these spirit masters were all wild with joy. They understood that this would be a powerful ally.

The second priest led the other five in taking a few steps back, trembling falling to one knee, speaking respectfully to Qian Renxue hanging in midair, her phoenix eyes radiating power: “The Spirit Empire Sacrificial Palace six priests, pays our respects to the God of Angels.”

When even the six great priests were kneeling, those still remaining conscious on top of the walls no longer hesitated. There was no longer anyone standing in Jialing Pass, all bowed.

Qian Renxue said calmly: “All priests please rise.” She’d feigned being the crown prince of the Heaven Dou Empire for years, and with her god level presence, an arrogant dignity imperceptibly spread out. She now slowly descended from the sky, slowly landing on the walls, withdrawing the six angel wings behind her. With a wave of her hands, a golden ripple spread out with her as center, and the soldiers knocked unconscious by the six priests just now all regained consciousness, one by one quickly

crouching. Those who were conscious also felt a warmth spread through them, exceptionally comfortable.

This was divine sense. Incomparably formidable divine sense. The presence of a god instantly conquered the hearts of everyone on the walls. Qian Renxue was beyond powerful, and even more stunning, but this didn’t give them any wayward thoughts, only heartfelt reverence.

The six priests got up one after another. Golden Crocodile Douluo walked up to Qian Renxue in a few steps, whispering: “Miss, you succeeded?”

Qian Renxue nodded slightly, a sparkling teardrop flashing in her eye,

Golden Crocodile Douluo’s eyes burned with excitement, his voice trembling: “The high priest abandoned himself to make you a god. After so many years, my Spirit Hall finally has a god level power. Don’t worry miss, the high priest watches from Haven. Seeing you now he will definitely be completely content.”

Qian Renxue shook her head slightly. If not for Tang San, she might have thought Golden Crocodile Douluo was right. But she wasn’t the only god that would appear on this battlefield. She had a kind of incredibly conflicted mood towards Tang San. The seed of defeat he had planted in her heart had long since sprouted.

“Second priest, tell me how Jialing Pass is now. Bibi Dong?” Qian Renxue’s voice turned cold, and despite Golden Crocodile Douluo’s cultivation, he couldn’t help trembling in front of her boundless divine sense.

“After we six arrived, Bibi Dong had already been seriously wounded in battle by a person called Tang San from the Heaven Dou Empire, and we used the opportunity to assume authority over the army. We have already sent back Bibi Dong to Spirit City under guard by our people to heal. We six are temporarily in command here, and now that miss has returned, the

command will naturally be turned over to you. Once we’ve repelled the Heaven Dou army, we together will endorse you to

Qian Renxue’s brows not only wrinkled somewhat on mention of Bibi Dong, especially after hearing that Bibi Dong was injured by Tang San, for some reason she felt stifled, muttering: “Tang San, Tang San yet again. You really are my nemesis!”

“Miss, you……” Golden Crocodile Douluo looked a bit confused at Qian Renxue.

Qian Renxue returned to her senses, speaking calmly: “Priests, the whole army goes to battle tomorrow.”

Golden Crocodile Douluo had been waiting for those words, loudly agreeing, “This time we will definitely thoroughly rout that Heaven Dou imperial army.”

The corners of Qian Renxue’s mouth unconsciously moved. Thoroughly rout? Is it really that easy? Only if that person doesn’t appear. When events were already at this stage there was no chance for her to delay, this battle would begin sooner or later. She didn’t know whether Tang San had already returned to the Heaven Dou army. No matter what, the battle tomorrow should be the time to settle things. Tang San, that’s right, you did leave a seed of defeat in my heart, but even if I can’t defeat you, don’t tell me I can’t drag you into death? Since I can’t conquer you while alive, then I will in another world after death. Even if you are the nemesis of my life, I will still bring you down with me.

Intense fighting spirit radiated from Qian Renxue’s eyes. The mindset of burning both jade and common stone together had given her the courage to come to Jialing Pass. Qian Renxue thought, Oh, Tang San, I will teach you how powerful a god can be when betting their life. Don’t you quite love that Xiao Wu? I won’t let you be together, I’ll pull you into death without touching her, you can only be with me, even if it’s in death.

Turning, Qian Renxue gazed at the Heaven Dou army encampment. The six priests didn’t notice a kind of hysterical madness flash in her eyes.

The Heaven Dou army camp wasn’t calm either, as the Tang Sect Speed Hall disciples had returned with the news. Actually, even without their information, a lot of people on the Heaven Dou Empire side had seen the spectacle at Jialing Pass just now.

The Heaven Dou Emperor Xue Beng immediately convened the ranking officers in the great tent. The Heaven Dou Empire powers as well as the army commanders, marshal Ge Long and the others all showed up.

After Xue Beng took the main seat, he waved his hand, “Everyone be seated.” Of course, his words didn’t intend for everyone in the tent to sit, only a handful of people were able to sit here. On the army side, only marshal Ge Long was so privileged, and on the other side, the one sitting in the first seat was the Heaven Dou imperial tutor, commander of the Heaven Dou Empire spirit master legion, Grandmaster Yu Xiaogang.

After Yu Xiaogang was the Clear Sky School master Tang Xiao, and even further was naturally Clear Sky Douluo, King Lan Hao Tang San’s father Tang Hao. In succession after that was Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master Ning Fengzhi, Sword Douluo Chen Xin, Bone Douluo Gu Rong, Poison Douluo Dugu Bo, the Title Douluo level powers. Only people at their level were entitled to seats here.

Xue Beng turned to Grandmaster, Tang Hao and the others: “Suddenly convening everyone is due to the sudden change in the direction of Jialing Pass. A ball of extremely bright golden light landed there. According to the reports of the Tang Sect Speed Hall disciples, that was a woman radiating an extremely powerful presence, making them not dare approach. They vaguely heard shouts of ‘angelic descent’. You are all outstanding talents of a generation of the spirit master world, what is going on?”

The first to frown was Grandmaster. He definitely wasn’t the strongest spirit master, but he was absolutely the most knowledgeable one. When someone had notified him of the golden light appearing before, he had left his tent to look towards Jialing Pass. The other were all the same. Ordinary soldiers might not have felt it, and even relatively low level spirit masters

might not have thought anything further, but people like the Tang brothers, as well as all the Title Douluo, all felt intensely restless.

When that golden light appeared, everyone had felt a heavy rock in their hearts, unable to breathe. Such circumstances happening for the peak powers of the spirit master world clearly wasn’t normal.

When Xue Beng saw that none of them spoke, and Grandmaster’s expression turned ugly, he couldn’t help being concerned, “Don’t tell me it’s that the Spirit Empire high priest Qian Daoliu Teacher spoke of that arrived?”

“It’s not Qian Daoliu. Qian Daoliu is a man. According to the records my grandfather left behind, he looks like a middle aged man. The Speed Hall disciples say that was a woman.” The speaker was Clear Sky School master Tang Xiao. Actually, in their hearts, these powers already had an answer. They just didn’t want to admit it, and even less say anything to affect morale.

Xue Beng spoke in a low voice: “To be able to emanate such dazzling light that it shines a hundred li away, and also made me feel choked when I saw it, what kind of power could reach such a level? Imperial tutor, seniors, please explain it to me.”

Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master Ning Fengzhi sighed, “There’s no way to hide it. Your Majesty, according to our observations, the energy released by that golden light definitely

“Rank one hundred?” Whether Xue Beng or marshal Ge Long and those ranking officers, none could help drawing a cold breath at Ning Fengzhi’s words. They didn’t clearly understand what rank one hundred meant, but they still extremely clearly knew the effects of formidable spirit masters on the battlefield. Tang San had relied on his strength alone to practically reverse the course of the entire war, and he was just rank ninety something. Even more, rank one hundred implied another meaning as well!

Xue Beng swallowed with some difficulty, “School master Ning, you mean to say that, the Spirit Empire, has a, god?”

At his mention of the word ‘god’, the entire tent was in an uproar. Even though this was the great tent of the emperor, the instant panic it caused made them all cry out.

“Silence.” Marshal Ge Long shouted, suppressing the voices of the officers. But their expressions didn’t change, each and all revealing panic.

Xue Beng also couldn’t help feeling unstable. No matter how intelligent and farsighted he was, he was after all barely thirty. Facing such disastrous news, how could he not also panic? Even though he still forced himself to calm down, he couldn’t keep his gaze from flickering, his hands tightly grasping the table in front of him, his expression dark.

Tang Hao said: “School master Ning is right, that might be a god. Moreover, from the energy that golden light released, it should have inherited the power of Spirit Hall’s Angelic God, addressed as God of Angels. According to the accounts of the Clear Sky School, Spirit Hall has a complete suit of six spirit bones, called the Angelic Raiment. It’s said that if someone can absorb all these six spirit bones, then they can break through rank one hundred and become a god level power. Even though I don’t know who that woman is, I can be near certain that she is a power that has inherited the Angelic Raiment. Since the Spirit Empire has such an ally, then they will certainly go to battle tomorrow. Your Majesty please prepare.”

Even with Tang Hao’s aggressiveness, he still couldn’t help losing some confidence after sensing the God of Angels’ divine sense earlier. Even if the Great Sumeru Hammer was even stronger, he still didn’t believe he could contend with a god. Let alone when Tang San had brought the Shrek Seven Devils away from the camp, the overall strength here was hollow, and this was also why the Heaven Dou army had chosen to pull back and guard their camp. If not for Qian Renxue’s arrival, Tang Hao was confident that the two brothers plus the other powers here could at least hold off the attack of the Spirit Empire army in Jialing Pass. But with the appearance of a god level power, the difference in strength between both sides had instantly changed.

It could be said that one god level power was enough to deal with all the Heaven Dou Empire powers in the tent. How could the war go on?

Xue Beng’s attitude was still rather stable. Even though this news equally made him panic a while, he still managed to calm down. He knew that he couldn’t be confused now, otherwise there might be a rebellion in the army. But he also understood, how could human strength compete with gods?

Xue Beng forced himself to calm, suddenly showing an easy smile, “No need to worry everyone, all of this is actually already within the plans of me and Teacher. Teacher once said that gods are only humans whose strength have reached a certain level, so they are ultimately still human. As long as they’re human, there will be a way to deal with them. Besides, I just learned that Teacher has already completed his god level inheritance, and he will be returning to the camp within two days. Once he arrives, let alone a puny Spirit Empire, even conquering the Douluo Continent will be nothing. Therefore, no matter how strong the enemy is, we have to block the Spirit Empire’s counterattack for two days. We must persevere until Teacher returns. Teacher will definitely lead us to smash Jialing Pass and sweep through the Spirit Empire.”

At Xue Beng’s declaration, not only did the panic in the eyes of the officers disappear, even Grandmaster, Tang Hao and the others couldn’t resist showing excitement, Grandmaster explaiming: “Little San is returning? Truly excellent.”

As for the military officers, they grinned even wider once they reacted. The power Tang San had shown on the battlefield had deeply shocked them, not only reversing the course of a battle single handedly, but even the Spirit Empire empress Bibi Dong had been wounded by his hand. It might be said that nobody could compare to Tang San’s prestige in the army. Xue Beng’s announcement had doubtless ignited their confidence.

Xue Beng smiled calmly: “Generals, you might have noticed that my Teacher, king Lan Hao, hasn’t showed himself here in close to a month. You’ve definitely wondered why. Then fine, I’ll tell you now. The reason we temporarily retreated is because king Lan Hao isn’t in the camp, if we went to battle in this time, it would clearly be very difficult to win. For the sake of morale, I ordered this information sealed. Now seems

“We can——” Marshal Ge Long was the first to stand, falling to his knees, “Your Majesty, as long as one soldier remains, we will never retreat, we will definitely last until king Lan Hao returns. Death before retreat!”

“Death—— before—— retreat——!” Everyone’s confidence was now mobilized. Thinking of Tang San’s power on the battlefield, they were filled with confidence, shouting together with marshal Ge Long, falling to their knees with a crash.

Xue Beng nodded with satisfaction: “Marshal Ge Long, I will leave the arrangements for tomorrow’s battle to you. This battle of endurance, the Empire will win.”

Marshal Ge Long stood sharply, turning to the crowd, roaring: “The Empire will win!”

Immediately, cries of certain victory resounded in the tent, the panic from Qian Renxue’s appearance completely obliterated. At Xue Beng’s gesture, marshal Ge Long personally led everyone from the tent, going to plan out the troop formation of tomorrow’s battle.

Once they had all left, Grandmaster asked excitedly: “Your Majesty, when will little San return? How come he didn’t notify us?”

Xue Beng’s zealous expression now melted away like snow. Waving his hand, he sent away the servants and sighed, bitterly shaking his head: “I don’t know.”

“What?” Grandmaster was stunned, Tang Hao, Tang Xiao, Ning Fengzhi and the others all stood in shock.

Xue Beng waved his hand, gesturing at them to sit down, “Imperial Tutor, seniors, you all saw the situation just now. If I didn’t give the troops some hope, I fear the army would disperse without a fight. I didn’t receive news from Teacher, and I’m even less sure he can arrive in time.”

Grandmaster’s expression immediately turned unsightly, “However, Your Majesty, this is just quenching your thirst with poison. If little San can’t return in time, we basically don’t have the capital to withstand the Spirit Empire. We might not even last tomorrow’s battle!”

Ning Fengzhi said: “Your Majesty, Grandmaster is right. We don’t know if king Lan Hao can return in time, and rather than face an enemy we can’t defeat, it would be better to temporarily escape. How about fighting again once king Lan Hao returns?”

Xue Beng shook his head, his gaze instantly turning resolute, “We can’t retreat. Troops in defeat are like a landslide. If we withdraw, we might no longer stand a chance. Just in case I retreat tonight, and Teacher returns tomorrow, and we have to fight the enemy in the middle of retreat, wouldn’t that be even more hopeless? Even if Teacher successfully completes the inheritance, he’s also a god level power. With my army ruined in retreat, facing an enemy on the same level as him, it might be difficult to win. Taking a step back, meaning to disrespect, just in case Teacher doesn’t return, what would be the point of us retreating? Pursued by the Spirit Empire army led by that god, we might not last even days. It would be better to risk it all in one battle. For every day we endure, Teacher has one day to return. If we really can’t persevere, at least I’ll die on the battlefield. I can’t die in retreat. An emperor dead in battle rather than a fleeing coward.”

At Xue Beng’s words, everyone including Tang Hao only felt one thing, shock.

Without a doubt, Xue Beng’s strength was nothing more than an insect before them, and his position as Emperor could even be said to have fallen into his hands. As for him regarding Tang San as a Teacher, to Tang Hao it seemed that this was just him wanting to use Tang San’s strength. None of these powers really thought highly of him, they only showed him respect for his position.

But at this moment, everyone’s attitudes suddenly turned completely around. Facing such a crisis, facing an enemy with a god level power, Xue Beng as Emperor not only showed any timidity, but even had no plans to

retreat. He would actually go all out against the Spirit Empire, meeting force with force. In fact, making such a choice with the immense contrast in strength between both sides, really was no different than suicide unless Tang San could return in time. To have such courage, even if it was on the reckless side of things, Xue Beng for the first time gained the respect of these powers.

“Fine——” Tang Hao roared, making the tent ring, his potent aggressiveness rising spontaneously. Looking straight at Xue Beng, Tang Hao nodded, “Worthy of my son’s disciple. That’s right, you’re correct, we can only fight to the death, no fleeing cowards. Then leave that god to me, even if I die I’ll give her something to remember. What is happy about living, what is bitter about dying? Living in this world when you can die grandly might not me lucky.”

Tang Xiao smiled, “Second brother, did you forget about me? We brothers haven’t fought an enemy together in a long time. To stand against a god level power, even our grandfather never experienced it. We’re even luckier than the old man!”

Grandmaster laughed out loud, “Even though we can’t drink in the army, Your Majesty, how about we make an exception today? I’m suddenly very thirsty.”

Xue Beng laughed too, suddenly

An inner servant quickly ran out from the back, whispering somewhat awkwardly by Xue Beng’s ear. Xue Beng was stunned: “Oh no. For the sake of impartial military discipline, we weren’t allowed to bring any wine. This……”

Tang Hao laughed: “Oh granddisciple, if you can survive this crisis, I dare guarantee that you will be the wise ruler of a generation. Let’s have tea, it’s all the same.”

As emperor, if he was called granddisciple by anyone else, he really wouldn’t feel very happy. But Xue Beng now felt excited, he understood that these spirit master world powers had already truly acknowledged him.

“Fine, then tea instead of wine.”

At nightfall, whether in Jialing Pass or the Heaven Dou army, everyone were busy with hidden preparations. Somber intent quietly rippled across the plains between the armies. After a month of silence, the last battle was on the verge of happening due to the sudden arrival of the God of Angels.

An uneventful night, dawn broke.

Before the Spirit Empire army sortied, at the first glimmers of dawn, war drums already roared through the Heaven Dou army camp.

Dong dong dong, dong dong dong, dong dong dong dong dong dong dong.

Cowhide war drums erupted with ear splitting booms in the hands of strong men, at least a thousand drums resounded in the million man army. All the camp gates opened wide, the army spilling out like a tidal wave.

The first to charge out of the camp were the light cavalry. The light cavalry was stationed on the wings of the army, and they now rushed out of the camp like two swiftly unfurling wings of the Heaven Dou army.

Immediately after came the central army infantry, light infantry in front, heavy infantry in the back, neatly marching into the battlefield with powerful strides.

On either side of the central army was the Tang Army as well as the Heaven Dou Empire spirit master legion led by the brothers Tang Xiao and Tang Hao. The reason for the switch was that a lot of the Tang Army elites came from the four single attribute clans. Their grievances with the Clear Sky School still existed, and in order not to influence the battle, the commanders were switched.

Behind the central army was the absolute main force of the Heaven Dou army, the heavy cavalry legions. In this battle, the Heaven Dou army had come out in force, more than ten armored cavalry legions guarded the last

infantry to leave the camp as two wings. A million heroes spread their wings, majestically pressing in on Jialing Pass.

A million troops! In this moment, the intense pressure made the defenders in Jialing Pass feel choked. Facing such a vast force from the Heaven Dou Empire, even Qian Renxue couldn’t help frowning as she stood on the walls. Even though she had already advanced to become god, the force she radiated alone couldn’t contend with a million soldiers.

Right now Qian Renxue could feel herself wavering, had Tang San returned? If not, why would the Heaven Dou army come out in full force with this timing?

“Pass down my orders, open the city, sortie.” Qian Renxue shouted.

“Yes.” The six priests accepted the orders simultaneously. However, their orders were still a bit late. The defenders of Jialing Pass were already a scared by the Heaven Dou army, even the Spirit Hall spirit master legions were no exception. As they saw the Heaven Dou imperial army’s unprecedented pressure, how could they not feel their hearts tremble? However, under the pressure of the spirit master legions, with the urging of the six priests, the Spirit Empire troops still unwillingly assembled.

The gates of Jialing Pass swung open, an army of altogether a hundred thousand surged out.

A hundred thousand already sounded a lot, but facing a million troops, a lot of the Spirit Empire soldiers already felt their legs tremble before the battle had even begun. From their perspective, what was the difference with throwing away their lives?

Just as Qian Renxue prepared to lead the Spirit Empire powers onto the field and encourage their troops, suddenly, a long cry like a dragon’s cry or tiger’s roar whistled over like a giant wave surging at the skies.

“Where is Qian Renxue?” Along with that cry, from the side of the Heaven Dou army, a ball of golden blue light instantly grew, in the blink of

an eye already arriving above. Hidden by that golden blue light, seven silhouettes appeared in the sky.

The leader was entirely dressed in golden blue armor, eight dazzling wave and cloud patterned wings unfolded behind him, a three pronged Seagod helmet on his head, holding the Seagod Trident, the inheritor of the Seagod’s divinity, Tang San.

Tang San pointed the Seagod Trident straight at Jialing Pass, his tremendous divine sense targeting Qian Renxue in practically an instant.

“Seagod Tang San is present, where is Qian Renxue?” Tang San issued a shout, his tremendous divine sense dropping from the sky like a wave. The Heaven Dou army only felt a graceful drizzle, their energy instantly rising to a peak. The originally already boundless imposing manner rose to an even higher peak as Tang San deliberately announced his status as Seagod.

Drawing on the condensed faith of a million heroes, Tang San’s imposing manner also climbed to the limit, a circle of golden blue light spreading out around him. to him, Dai Mubai, Xiao Wu and the others were escorted to the front of the army by the Seagod’s power. Each of them simultaneously released nine spirit rings, and especially the last hundred thousand year red spirit ring was so dazzling.

Chapter 323

Just as the Heaven Dou army sortied the camp, preparing to fight the Spirit Empire army to the death, Tang San and his comrades finally returned just in time .

After defeating Qian Renxue, he only delayed for a few hours to help his friends complete their spirit ring absorption, and after a short stop on Purple Pearl Island, they immediately set off and hurried back . And because Tang San injured Qian Renxue, delaying her return and forcing her to rest and recuperate for a night, this made Tang San able to return in time for the battle .

Tang San’s Seagod’s power abruptly appearing above the Heaven Dou army empire made Qian Renxue’s heart sink, clenghing her fists . But the Heaven Dou army’s side was a different matter altogether .

Seeing Tang San and the other six devils returning, Xue Beng almost fainted from his horse with joy . He’d repeatedly prayed for Tang San to return, and when it actually happened, his happiness was indescribable . He even like mad drew his imperial sword and shouted at the sky:

“The Seagod descends, long live king Lan Hao!”

His shout immediately roused the Heaven Dou army that was still somewhat dazed from Tang San’s appearance . They might be puzzled by the Seagod Raiment Tang San wore, but the Seagod Trident he held couldn’t be faked . Seeing Tang San raise the Seagod Trident, his whole

body growing even more dazzling than before, the splendorous Seagod Raiment releasing an intense presence that immediately made the Heaven Dou soldiers’ eyes fill with a zealous light . They might not understand why His Majesty called king Lan Hao Seagod, but they definitely believed that with the guidance of king Lan Hao, they would defeat the Spirit Empire .

And Xue Beng’s shout of “long live” undoubtedly placed Tang San on the same level as him, and even above him . This might be inappropriate, but Tang San appearing definitely foretold the tides changing . With him, the entire Heaven Dou army’s million heroes had a backbone, with him, this battle was no longer suicidal, but rather a major opportunity to annihilate the enemy .

Tang Hao excitedly raised his fist, looking at his son in the air his heart filled with pride . A god, yes, his son had finally inherited the Seagod, and returned at the critical juncture .

Grandmaster was even more excited than Tang Hao . Tang San was the disciple he had raised, whom he had taught all his knowledge . As he now saw Tang San had broken through the rank one hundred barrier, appearing in the sky emanating immense divine power, Grandmaster couldn’t keep all sorts of feelings from welling up . In his heart he shouted madly, Father, grandfather, how good it would be if you were still alive . Yu Xiaogang isn’t a cripple, I’m not an embarrassment to the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan, even if my spirit is crippled, I’ve raised a god, a god!

Despite being on the battlefield, Grandmaster’s eyes filled with tears . He had always waited for this day to come . And now that it did, and came at such a critical moment, he could no longer hold back his excitement . His whole life was a tragedy, and reaching this day hadn’t been easy . Now seeing the god level Tang San, all of Grandmaster’s misery went up in smoke . Raising this disciple was the pride of his life .

“Long—— live—— the—— Seagod——, long—— live—— king—— Lan—— Hao—— . ” The Tang Army’s Strength, Speed, Defense and Medicine Hall masters were first to follow Xue Beng’s exclamation, immediately followed by the entire Heaven Dou army with a cry like a

landslide . That incomparably powerful imposing manner made the six high priests on the walls of Jialing Pass immediately change expressions .

Before the battle had even begun, the imposing manner of both sides was already as different as heaven and earth . Even peak powers like them felt different before such a scene . After all, human power was limited, even Title Douluo didn’t dare say they could battle an army of a million . At most they could escape unharmed . But in a war like this, Jialing Pass was the critical point of the Spirit Empire, so how could they run? The confidence that had filled them with Qian Renuxue’s return had made them certain of victory, but today they saw not only the the Heaven Dou Empire’s million soldiers flourishing with imposing manner, but at the same time also Tang San in the sky, brimming with a presence that made them tremble .

After one month, Tang San gave Golden Crocodile Douluo an entirely different feeling . When he faced Tang San a month ago he had been astonished, but he still couldn’t comprehend how Bibi Dong could have been defeated by a youth that wasn’t even rank ninety five . Especially since Tang San had wasted more than half his strength at that time, giving Golden Crocodile Douluo even less of a sense of danger .

However, now that one month had gone by and he saw Tang San again, what Golden Crocodile Douluo felt had already turned into shock . Because Tang San gave him a completely immeasurable feeling, just like Qian Renxue next to him . That infinitely powerful presence enveloped in the Heaven Dou army was like dotting the eyes on a dragon, and with his appearance the entire Heaven Dou army’s morale had sublimated to another level . Just this imposing manner pressed down on Jialing Pass until it felt unstable .

“Miss, he…… . ” Golden Crocodile Douluo asked hesitantly .

Qian Renxue’s expression had already recovered it’s calm . Even though in her heart she had already known she would meet Tang San again on this

“You’re not mistaken, Tang San has also completed an inheritance . I was late because I was always pursuing him . Unfortunately, I didn’t succeed, and finally let him complete the inheritance . He has inherited

the power of the Seagod . Second priest, pass on my orders, withdraw the army into the pass and seal the gates . At the same time, summon all imperial spirit masters to the top of the walls, and guard the pass . We cannot let the Heaven Dou Empire take one step past us . ”

Before the second priest could speak, the third priest couldn’t help commenting: “Miss, withdrawing the army now might not be so suitable . Morale is already low, and if we flee before the battle, how can we still fight?”

Qian Renxue gave a cold snort, making the third priest feel his heart tighten, as if squeezed by a large hand . He staggered back two steps with a muffled grunt, his face changing color .

“Without withdrawing, what could you still do? When facing a million Heaven Dou soldiers, don’t tell me you high priests are sure you can win when outnumbered six to one? Our only chance is to dig in at Jialing Pass . With Tang San here, you can rely only on your own strength in the battle . ”

The second priest Golden Crocodile Douluo drew a cold breath, setting his mind, “Miss is right, we can only rely on the solidity of Jialing Pass to block the Heaven Dou army assault . Pull back the army before they approach, raise the drawbridges . Put all efforts on defense . Miss, don’t worry and go deal with that Tang San, leave this place to us . The outcome of the battle depends on you . ”

Qian Renxue looked face to face with Golden Crocodile Douluo, sighing inwardly . Of course she understood his meaning . This battle was entirely settled by which side had a god level power . Even if one god was only injured, it would still instantly reverse the battle . But, for her to defeat Tang San was as difficult as climbing to Heaven . Dragging him with her into death might be the best possible outcome .

Of course, she wouldn’t say what she was thinking . The Spirit Empire’s already weak morale couldn’t stand another blow .

Floating up, dazzling golden light exploded from Qian Renxue’s whole body, her divine sense spreading out, covering half the sky in practically an instant, six golden wings abruptly unfolding behind her, shouting loudly:

“Qian—— Ren——xue—— is—— here——!”

The simple words were completely different when shouted by Qian Renxue, every syllable brimming with her surging Angelic power, this alone pushing down the million Heaven Dou soldiers’ excited shouting .

A marvel appeared before Jialing Pass . Half the sky was pure golden, the other half was crystal clear blue, both colors holding one half .

The divine presence really was too immense . Covered by Qian Renxue’s Angelic power, the flagging defenders inside Jialing pass were immersed in that warm power, and were immediately aflame with confidence . They had a kind of feeling like the Jialing Pass they defended was forged from metal, an unbreakable superfortress . The warm waves of Angelix power also roused their instinctive fighting spirit, their blood starting to boil . Even their swift retreat back into the pass didn’t influence their rising imposing manner .

On the other side, Tang San released an azure halo, and enveloped in this Seagod power, the Heaven Dou soldiers felt like they turned into a raging wave, the distant Jialing Pass walls like crumbling fences, fundamentally unable to stand up to the strike of their ranging wave .

The Angelic power forged the presence of the Spirit Empire defenders into the strongest shield .

The Seagod power forged the presence of the Heaven Dou Empire army into the sharpest spear .

When the battle had yet to begin, the strongest of both sides, Tang San and Qian Renxue, had already started to influence the entire battlefield . It was also only with god level domains that their divine senses could have such vast impact, and only such god level power could truly command armies like these .

Rumble—— . The Heaven Dou army marched forward step by step . With each step they took, the azure light in the air would also move forward a bit, always hovering above the army, shielding their advance .

The golden light in the sky had no choice but to yield a bit under that azure pressure .

In the air, Qian Renxue trembled faintly, gazing at the distant Tang San bathed in blue light, her gaze like a sword . She knew that Tang San’s control of his Seagod power had advanced yet another step in these few days . With his abilities being superior to hers in all respects before they became gods, after inheriting divinity, with all circumstances combined, he was still a head above her . Despite Qian Renxue already using all her strength, she still couldn’t stop Tang San’s domain from pushing hers back, constantly leading his Heaven Dou army forward . At this time, unless she agreed to retreat, her Angelic Domain would only be constantly constricted

The common soldiers didn’t understand strength or weakness of divine power . The golden light that appeared over Jialing Pass admittedly astonished the Heaven Dou soldiers, but on their side, the golden light Tang San released wasn’t any weaker . They couldn’t make sense of divine power, but they could understand strength . By how the blue light Tang San released constantly pressure the golden light, the other side unable to do anything about it, Tang San very clearly held the advantage . In such circumstances,

The Seagod originally relied on the faith of the creatures of the sea to become god, and even though Tang San didn’t have the belief of as many sea creatures right now, as the Seagod, the feverish faith of a million soldiers still instantly made his divine sense unprecedentedly strong . As both sides closed in on each other, the already suppressed Qian Renxue felt unable to breathe .

Dazzling Angelic Raiment matched by deep azure Seagod Raiment, Tang San and Qian Renxue, had already become the focal point of the battle . Facing the enormous pressure Tang San brought, Qian Renxue finally couldn’t help drawing her Angelic Sacred Sword . Thrusting the sacred

sword toward the sun, all her divine power bursting forth, a pure golden light shone down on her from the sun, the dazzling light instantly slowing the pace of the Heaven Dou army for a moment, Tang San’s Seagod Domain also coming to a halt because of the several times stronger defense

However, Tang San showed a faint smile at the corners of his mouth . With both sides’ divine sense and domains staked against each other, one side acting first proved that they already admitted their strength was insufficient . Being comprehensively dominated undoubtedly made the seed of defeat in Qian Renxue’s heart sprout .

On the way back, Tang San had already considered all manner of possible methods Qian Renxue might use once she fought him again, and inwardly also had some countermeasures . Dragging him into death, was that so easy?

As if agreed upon in advance, at the same time as Qian Renxue turned pure gold after being enveloped by the True Sunfire, Tang San also raised his Seagod Trident . Golden and blue, the two colored lights instantly withdrew into their bodies, and at the same time turned into two intense halos descending from the sky . Tang San and Qian Renxue also separately charged up into the sky .

They both understood that a battle of gods was a battle on a different level . It couldn’t possibly take place in front of human armies, or both sides would be annihilated . Even if Tang San was stronger than Qian Renxue and the Heaven Dou Empire’s side would have fewer losses than the Spirit Empire, the terrifying side effects of god level powers clashing would cause tens of thousands of deaths . Neither of them wished to see such circumstances . Consequently, their battle wouldn’t be before the walls of Jialing Pass, but rather high in the sky .

Six and eight wings beat simultaneously, Tang San and Qian Renxue were a kilometer up in the blink of an eye, and still climbing . Everything beneath their feet grew smaller and smaller, but their eyes were always fixed on the opponent . This battle was crucial to them, whoever could win in this battle could decide the entire war .

One kilometer, two, three…… Tang San and Qian Renxue climbed the whole way to a ten kilometer altitude, until they were no longer visible from below, the vision of soldiers on both sides completely blocked by clouds and the altitude .

Qian Renxue coldly watched Tang San, doing her best to calm her raging heart, her eyes bursting with intense killing intent . Just as Tang San expected, her feelings of defeat had already been strengthened in the previous confrontation, until she showed signs of being ready to die, then managed to suppress it . But when facing Tang San, she always had a feeling like he was far above her .

Tang San smiled slightly, pointing the Seagod Trident to the side, “In today’s battle, however you and me win or lose, do you believe that the Spirit Empire still stands a chance? Even if you could keep me from influencing the battlefield, Jialing Pass will still break . You should have seen that my comrades have already advanced to Title Douluo, and two have even broken through rank ninety five, and with the morale of your defenders, there’s no suspense to this battle . With Jialing Pass broken, the Spirit Empire stands undefended . Once the Heaven Dou and Star Luo armies link up, the Spirit Empire will be extinguished . ”

Qian Renxue gave a cold snort, “If you want to fight then fight, since when did you become so talkative?”

Tang San looked calmly at Qian Renxue, “I only want to inform you that even if you plan to die and pull me down with you, it will still be impossible . You can’t do it . Try it if you don’t believe me . ”

Pure golden light flared in Qian Renxue’s eyes, anger, humiliation, unwillingness, instantly pushed her Angelic power to the peak . With her as the center, surging angelic flames instantly soared, three hundred meters high, vast expanses of clouds below them melting away from the heat . If someone looked carefully, the speck of pure golden power would even be visible from the battlefield below them .

Facing Qian Renxue’s furious eruption of power, Tang San did nothing, smiling slightly, “We’re already ten kilometers up . The closer you are to

the sun, the better suited it is for you to fight while absorbing True Sunfire . Since I came here to fight you, I’m sure I can defeat you . Can fighting in a place most ideal to you let you wholeheartedly accept your defeat, what do you say?”

“Drop—— dead——!” Qian Renxue couldn’t take Tang San’s taunting any more . The three hundred meter True Sunfire behind her instantly condensed into a giant Angelic Sacred Sword, falling from the sky straight towards Tang San, distorting and tearing the air, and the pure golden Angelic Domain also instantly erupted, enough to show that this was Qian Renxue’s

Facing such an attack, Tang San still looked elegant and unhurried, holding the Seagod Trident upright in front of him, his gaze frozen on the Seagod’s Heart on the main blade, the Seagod Eight Wings on his back simultaneously spreading as far as they could, scattering wave-like blue light .

Different from how Qian Renxue’s True Sunfire burned away the clouds below them, this moment both the white clouds below as well as behind Tang San all turned into specks of blue light and instantly merged into his Seagod Eight Wings, becoming the purest water element .

Tang San’s Seagod Eight Wings came from the Eight Spider Lances, and afterwards their ability to devour and filter energy had geometrically multiplied under the effect of Tang San’s divine sense . Their absorption process even surpassed Qian Renxue’s Angelic Six Wings . This wasn’t just the advantage of two more wings . The Eight Spider Lances was an evolving external spirit bone, and before Tang San became a god, it’s quality far surpassed any spirit bone in the Angelic Raiment . Moreover, it had always been one with Tang San, while Qian Renxue’s Angelic Raiment had been fused with her one by one as she underwent the divine inheritance
. In terms of unity, Tang San definitely held the advantage .

Even though Tang San’s Seagod Raiment were his own spirit bones transformed by and filled with the Seagod’s power, and not originally one set like the Angelic Raiment, the quality of Tang San’s spirit bones still

surpassed a hundred thousand years, so the overall quality was still higher than Qian Renxue’s Angelic Raiment .

Tang San’s greatest advantage over Qian Renxue was that everything he had were things he had accumulated drop by drop on his own, while Qian Renxue relied on Spirit Hall, relied on Qian Daoliu, and even more borrowed strength . This was also the reason why Tang San’s strength was a head above hers when both were gods of the same level . It was the real reason Qian Renxue’s strength was less than Tang San’s in all respects .

While on the way back, Tang San had relied on his divine sense to master all kinds of abilities, directly becoming one with the identity of Seagod . This was also the source of his confidence . As for his previous comments, besides confidence, it was enve more to provoke Qian Renxue . In terms of wisdom, Qian Renxue was after all a level below Tang San .

Blue light flashed, and Tang San was scattered and smashed beneath the giant Angelic Sacred Sword, vanishing into nothing . But Qian Renxue still clearly sensed that this was only a Tang San made from water elements . The real Tang San floated gracefully a kilometer away, the eight wings on his back beating softly, looking at her like he was playing . He dodged Qian Renxue’s attack rather than stiffly meeting it .

If their positions were reversed, it would have been impossible for Qian Renxue to do the same . If she was targeted by Tang San’s divine sense, she would have had to stiffly meet Tang San, dodging would have been impossible . But Tang San was different, his divine sense was above hers, and forcefully broke her targeting the instant she attacked, then used the water elements absorbed from the clouds to create a clone, easily leaving Qian Renxue’s attack range .

Tang San used actions to prove to Qian Renxue that his strength was above her in all areas, and also constantly nourished the long planted seed of defeat in her heart .

“Are you scared?” Qian Renxue looked angrily at Tang San, she didn’t know what was going on, why she couldn’t calm down when she again faced Tang San today .

Tang San’s expression suddenly changed, turning incomparably aggressive, his crystal clear blue eyes suddenly exploding with a berserk aura, “Afraid? That word should only be used for you . Take my halberd . ”

Tang San’s sudden change from the previous calm grace to the current wild aggression left Qian Renxue feeling unwell . But at this moment, surging blue light was already exploding from Tang San . With a single shake, he grew a hundred meters tall, the Seagod Trident growing with him, making the simplest and most direct, but also forceful throwing motion . His Seagod Trident turned into a blue stream, like a shooting star, screaming straight towards Qian Renxue .

The instant the Seagod Trident shot out, the light exploding from Tang San, including the energy that turned him giant, suddenly all infused into the Seagod Trident . To the eyes of Qian Renxue, the moment this weapon flew from Tang San’s hand, it seemed to cut the sky in two . Tang San also returned to normal after it flew off .

Indeed, this was the third form of the Seagod secret skills, One Goes Without Return . This was the complete version, the true One Goes Without Return .

Tang San’s eyes were as bright as sapphire, fixed on Qian Renxue . Surging divine intent instantly coalesced, basically never giving Qian Renxue a chance to dodge, forcing her to meet the strike .

This moment Qian Renxue immediately understood that she had been fooled . What Tang San said before was all to build an atmosphere, leading to her being tricked . She’d now just attacked with all her strength, and even though she had chatted with Tang San a while, and her divine power was quickly recovering, it still wasn’t back at its peak . And Tang San’s strike was clearly already charged up, exploding with all its might . With one side waning and one side waxing, the difference was clear .

But fully aware that she had been tricked, Qian Renxue could do nothing but meet this attack .

The Sacred Angelic Sword swept

Right now, with Qian Renxue as the center, everything around turned vague . The Sacred Angelic Sword split into six, the six longswords crossing, then instantly spinning, aggregating a somewhat conical golden entergy . The instant all this was done, Tang San’s Seagod Trident also arrived .

An incomparable explosion instantly erupted . Qian Renxue shook, the Angelic Raiment growing incredibly dazzling, the golden mist she released visibly rushing behind her like a tidal wave, clearly pushed back by the Seagod Trident’s attack power .

Meanwhile, a series of glaring sparks also shot from her wildly spinning Sacred Angelic Swords and the Seagod Trident’s main blade . It was like a golden fireworks display in midair, making space twist and distort, the golden light covered a full square li .

Just as Qian Renxue blocked Tang San’s attack and the Seagod Trident’s attack power was dispersing, an intense energy attack came a second time . The blue light that was just weakening instead intensified, almost breaking through her Sacred Angelic Sword formation’s defensive barrier in one go .

What was going on? Qian Renxue was shocked, her original plan was to take advantage of when the Seagod Trident’s attack power weakened and Tang San still hadn’t pulled it back to use all her strength to sever the divine sense connection between Tang San and the Seagod Trident, just like in her first battle with Tang San after she became a god, and catch the divine weapon . Without the weapon, Tang San’s strength would at least sink thirty percent, substantially increasing her chances of winning the fight . But who knew that this Seagod Trident actually contained such enormous energy, enough to launch a second attack in circumstances like these .

As the God of Angels, Qian Renxue didn’t have an understanding of the Seagod, otherwise she wouldn’t be so shocked . This kind of layered wave divine power was characteristic of the Seagod, waves rising before the previous had receded, in endless layers . How could this complete version

One Goes Without Return single attack ability end so easily? How could Tang San give Qian Renxue the chance to take his Seagod Trident again?

Not daring to be neglectful, Qian Renxue focused and used all her strength to meet attack after attack . The energy Tang San’s Seagod Trident erupted with had another strike of divine power appearing before the previous had completely disappeared, with altogether nine waves overlapping . The moment of the last energy explosion, Qian Renxue was blasted away by that terrifying divine power explosion, flying headlong several kilometers . And the Seagod Trident also flew in a wide arc, returning to Tang San’s hand .

Qian Renxue clenched her teeth in midair, forcefully swallowing back a trickle of blood that threatened escaping the corner of her mouth . She felt resounding echoes from her Angelic Raiment, intense energy fluctuations clearly appearing in the Angelic Raiment due to suffering too great a force . The Sacred Angelic Sword even more rang constantly .

Tang San caught the Seagod Trident, but frowned slightly . He had no intention of pursuing . He had used all his strength in the attack just now and needed time to recover . If he rashly pursued and was unable to kill Qian Renxue, her counter attack definitely wouldn’t leave him feeling any better . The divine power of the God of Angels was a bit stronger than he had expected . In Tang San’s original plan, even if this charged attack couldn’t seriously hurt Qian Renxue, it would at least ruin part of her Angelic Raiment . But now it seemed that even the Sacred Angelic Sword that had clashed directly wasn’t even damaged .

Actually, Tang San was overthinking it . His One Goes Without Return really was formidable, but Qian Renxue’s response had been perfect, and Tang San faced not only the Sacred Angelic Sword, but Qian Renxue had infused the Sacred Angelic Sword with the power of all the parts of her Angelic Raiment the moment the Seagod Trident reached her, the Angelic Raiment simultaneously clashing with Tang San’s strike, he naturally couldn’t break it . To loosen the Angelic Raiment was already quite terrifying .

Hong—— Dazzling pure golden flames exploded from Qian Renxue, and Tang San suddenly felt like the sun had grown in the sky . Qian Renxue and the sun were connected by a pure gold pillar of light . Qian Renxue grabbed her Sacred Angelic Sword, and as she caught her balance, her expression had already changed . Her eyes revealed a coldness that Tang San had never seen in her before, the God of Angels, the representative of the holy light, now emanated a smell of death .

Neither side was in any rush to move . Tang San swung his right hand, slashing out a circle of light with the Seagod Trident . A strange and vague seven-pointed star appeared beneath his feet, and the Seagod Eight Wings on his back also seemed to grow transparent, all extending, hanging motionless, just like carved from sapphire . The ring of light beneath his feet expanded, shooting behind him, and under the influence of this blue light, one golden speck of light after another began to appear behind him . Each moment, these blue lights seemed to multiply, converging into a blue river, flocking towards the Seagod Eight Wings on Tang San’s back . The scene was like a raging wave forming in midair .

Chapter 324

Qian Renxue began to absorb the power of True Sunfire regardless of the consequences, and Tang San didn’t dare hold back either, starting to absorb the power of the ocean ten kilometers in the air.

This altitude should originally have influenced Tang San a bit, but due to the existence of the external spirit bone Eight Spider Lances transformed into Seagod Eight Wings that shouldn’t have been a part of the Seagod Raiment, it was a lot easier for him to draw on the power of the sea. Even this altitude didn’t hinder him.

Tang San’s expression was also serious, seeing Qian Renxue didn’t speak again, he could tell that she really was doing her utmost. Her Angelic Raiment was no longer golden, it had actually turned completely fiery red, and even inscribed pattern was a bit vague due to how much True Sunfire she was absorbing. In fact, absorbing True Sunfire regardless of the consequences like this, with the slightest mistake in control, she might self combust. How would she do something like this unless the circumstances were like this?

Two gods faced each other in the air, and on the ground the curtains were already drawn on the battle.

As Tang San and Qian Renxue flew up at the same time, the soldiers on both sides of course also simultaneously lost the god level domain shrouding them. On the Heaven Dou Army side, the high morale only slowed a bit, while the Spirit Empire defenders seemed to have lost their

backbone. After all, their morale was just too suppressed before, and the time the Angelic Domain covered them still wasn’t enough to reverse the contrast. This was also why Tang San relied on his Seagod Domain to press in step by step, forcing Qian Renxue to set herself against him prematurely. He definitely didn’t want to let the momentum he’d built up be changed by Qian Renxue. And Qian Renxue had no choice, she could only join battle with Tang San ahead of time.

Xue Beng, overseeing the army, could be said to be the most excited person in the Heaven Dou Empire million man army. He had never expected that his white lie would actually come true at the crucial moment. And this change also forcefully pulled his mind back from deathly stillness. He could of course tell that Tang San held the advantage against Qian Renxue. Moreover, returning with Tang San were also the other six devils that had already become Title Douluo level. The battle where he’d originally planned to bet everything had now become an ideal opportunity to completely vanquish the enemy. How could Xue Beng give up this chance?

As Xue Beng drew his imperial sword, holding it high, shouting with nearly all his strength, Tang San’s name had already risen to an incomparable position in his heart. Tang San’s appearance today had not only changed the course of the battle, but could also be said to have saved the entire Heaven Dou Empire! Even though Xue Beng’s “long live” shout had been a bit impulsive, he didn’t regret it at all, because to him, Tang San was definitely deserving.

“Heaven Dou Empire, our grand King Lan Hao has already cultivated to divinity, in today’s battle, before Jialing Pass, we won’t give the enemy another chance. We will use the blood of our enemies and possession of Jialing Pass to celebrate our patron saint of the empire, King Lan Hao. All forces charge!”

The full attack order passed down, and Xue Beng wasn’t the only person whose blood boiled, all the soldiers in the Heaven Dou Army now felt certain of victory. Tang San had already several times showed what was meant by an undefeatable legend in front of them, and Xue Beng calling him patron saint of the empire was just what these soldiers were thinking.

One million heroes began a thundering assault, from the highest commander marshal Ge Long, to the lowest level five man commanders, everyone was incomparably excited. Legions in formation started to separate on the vast plain, pressing in step by step towards Jialing Pass.

The Shrek Six Devils charged at the very front, Dai Mubai furthest ahead, becoming the arrowhead of a million men. The other five followed by his side. They had already eaten Oscar’s strengthened flying mushroom sausage, two pairs of illusory wings beating on their backs as Jialing Pass came closer and closer.

The brothers Tang Hao and Tang Xiao glanced at each other, thinking the same thing. The two leapt up simultaneously, arriving at the front of the army in practically a few leaps, pitch black Clear Sky Hammers appearing in their hands, standing side to side with the Shrek Six Devils.

How to avoid as many casualties on the battlefield as possible? Without a doubt, most important was settling the outcome between the strongest. Tang Hao and Tang Xiao deeply knew this point.

The walls of Jialing Pass, without a doubt, were defended mostly by spirit masters. Breaking their defense was impossible by relying only on soldiers. Once spirit masters reached a certain level, fighting one against a hundred really wasn’t difficult, let alone with the solid walls of Jialing Pass. Consequently, the collision between powers would become most important. Only by killing the strongest spirit masters on the other side leading the powers of their side, was it possible to break Jialing Pass as soon as possible.

Tang Hao and his brother weren’t the only ones who knew this. Poison Douluo Dugu Bo, Sword Douluo Chen Xin, Bone Douluo Gu Rong, Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master Ning Fengzhi, as well as the four Tang Sect hall masters were already charging forward. Adding the Shrek Six Devils, more than

They say that experts are bold, and that they dared attack like this when Jialing Pass held several tens of thousands of Spirit Empire spirit masters, clearly showed they had this confidence.

On top of Jialing Pass, watching the enemy army approach, the hundred year old Golden Crocodile Douluo’s eyes were a bit red, roaring, “Spirit masters below rank eighty disperse, the rest come with me to annihilate these ignorant children!” Spirit masters above rank eighty couldn’t simply be counted in quantity. During the Spirit Empire’s war with the Heaven Dou Empire, the losses of spirit masters was disastrous. In fact, cultivating spirit masters wasn’t easy, and Golden Crocodile Douluo didn’t want to expose the spirit masters under his command to unnecessary risks, leading to grievous harm.

As they say, soldiers against soldiers, generals against generals. If Tang San and Qian Renxue were kings against kings, then what was happening here was a battle of generals.

Jialing Pass was coming closer and closer, Dai Mubai shouted: “Leave those six priests to us. The rest is up to you seniors.” While speaking, Dai Mubai faced upwards and roared wildly, his seventh spirit ring suddenly brightening. His whole body suddenly expanded, growing golden fur. In the blink of an eye, he had turned into a ten meter long giant tiger, all the fur erect like metal needles, nine spirit rings erupting. Especially the last red hundred thousand year spirit ring gave people a hair-raising feeling. His evil eyes savage, his hind legs pushed against the ground, instantly crossing the moat, becoming the first to lunge onto the walls of Jialing Pass.

Along with Dai Mubai came a loud and resonant phoenix cry, dazzling red light shooting towards the sky, a figure as enormous as Dai Mubai glittering in the air, nine phoenix heads crying, its giant wings roiling with heat. Phoenix Douluo Ma Hongjun’s spirit avatar, Nine Headed Fire Phoenix.

This was still only the beginning. Even more dazzling lights followed, rushing out along with Dai Mubai and Ma Hongjun, a black stream of light quietly following Dai Mubai. That illusory silhouette basically couldn’t be seen clearly, like it was Dai Mubai’s shadow. At the same time as her, Oscar ate a clone mirror sausage, his body shaking, actually taking the same appearance as Dai Mubai, his imposing manner not weaker at all, leaping onto the walls closly behind the white tiger.

Pink light exploded along with them, and in that pink cloud Xiao Wu’s body multiplied. Her spirit avatar actually didn’t turn her into a bunny, but rather caused six silhouettes identical to her to appear next to her, only condensed from pink light, guarding at her side. With light and shadow flickering, the seven figures leapt towards the walls simultaneously.

Xiao Wu’s spirit avatar was different from Tang San, Dai Mubai and the others’. She had cultivated from a hundred thousand year spirit beast, once her strength broke through, she had turned completely from beast to human. Even though her spirit was still a Soft Bones Rabbit, due to her beast form being completely refined into a human, when she used spirit avatar she couldn’t possibly turn back into her spirit form. These six clones each possessed seventy percent of her strength, but could only act according to instinct, mainly protecting Xiao Wu herself. In fact, right now Xiao Wu’s strength had reached rank ninety six, and even with just the instinctive attacks with seventy percent of her strength, these six clones were absolutely terrifying.

At the same time as the first five devils charged forward, as the last one, Ning Rongrong still didn’t cross the moat, but rather stood firm on her side, the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda in her hand instantly expanding. In the blink of an eye, it had already become a true thirty meter tall treasure pagoda. And Ning Rongrong herself, disappeared inside.

When she previously carried the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda in her hand in seemed like nothing, at least not many people noticed it, but now that it expanded hundreds of times, it suddenly became the focal point of the entire battlefield.

Her spirit rings also grew along with the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda, nine dazzling spirit rings each becoming more than ten meters in diameter, such a dazzling scene. Especially the last blood red spirit ring imperiously declared a hundred thousand years of power to those Spirit Empire spirit masters on the walls.

Seeing that dazzling Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda, Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master Ning Fengzhi’s eyes shone, thinking to himself that it was finally time for him to retire. Rongrong’s Nine Treasure Glazed

Tile Pagoda had completed the last hurdle, nine rings! The dream of all members of hte Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, on this day, was finally accomplished by his daughter.

Without hesitation, Ning Fengzhi swayed, and another pagoda appeared. Even though it was only seven floors, and also only had seven spirit rings, and its light a bit duller, its simultaneous appearance on the battlefield was no less shocking.

Everyone knew that the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School was the world’s number one support sect, but could only have at most seven spirit rings. Now, one peak level Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda spirit appeared, as well as another nine floor Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda. This upsetting display gave the Spirit Empire powers on the walls an intense shock.

In fact, Ning Fengzhi’s Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda was only an illusion, only strengthening his support by a certain degree. But Ning Rongrong’s Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda wasn’t just her seventh spirit ability spirit avatar. At the same time it was also the Nine Treasure

The instant Ning Rongrong’s Nine Treasure Divine Light Barrier formed, she showed all the spirit masters present what was meant by the number one support type sect, what the charm of the number one support type spirit master was.

A full thirty lines of dazzling light suddenly shot from Ning Rongrong’s Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda, at the same time as the first six spirit rings on the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda flashed. This dazzling scene made the fighters on both sides for a moment forget the two deities that had risen to battle in the sky.

Thirty rays of light, every six landing on one person, perfectly boosting the Shrek Five Devils charging towards Jialing Pass. In fact, after reaching rank ninety five, Ning Rongrong’s boost ability had already reached the full one hundred percent. In other words, illuminated by her six rays of light, the Shrek Five Devils’ strength, agility, spirit power, defense, attack and attributes were all doubled.

Even for spirit masters above rank ninety five, advancing from rank ninety five to ninety six only doubled spirit power, the other areas didn’t advance that much. With Ning Rongrong’s boost, right now the Shrek Five Devils’ full strength had completely broken through rank ninety five, each one blossoming with an incomparable second flourish of light.

First to charge, Dai Mubai was now still furthest ahead. The instant Ning Rongrong’s six lights of support enveloped him, he instantly erupted with the formidable strength as the strongest power attack type battle spirit master of the Shrek Seven Devils. A savage red light suddenly shot from his right leg, instantly spreading all over him, finally freezing over his dual evil eyes. Dai Mubai’s presence also instantly grew savage, his already ten meter long body expanding once again under the effect of the six boosts and this red light. His height didn’t change, but all his muscles swelled, his terrifying presence suppressing the Spirit Empire spirit masters below rank ninety such that they couldn’t breathe, even weakening the spirit abilities they used by thirty percent.

That red light was the Bloodthirst ability of the Bloodsucking Savage Hurricane right leg bone Dai Mubai possessed. It instantly maximized his fighting strength. Dai Mubai clearly understood that this was the most crucial moment, and only by powerfully assaulting the top of the walls could they truly fight the powerful spirit masters of the Spirit Empire. But it was also during the charge to the top of the walls that they faced the most attacks. Therefore, just as they charged, each of them ate one of Oscar’s seventh spirit ability Erect Gold Fly, even Ning Rongrong was no exception. As a result, Ning Rongrong’s boost for them wasn’t as simple as one hundred percent. Even though this sudden support light had thirty rays, with her formidable strength after reaching rank ninety five and meticulous control, she actually managed to use them all simultaneously, and even though these thirty rays of light didn’t reach the Erect Gold Fly’s promised one hundred five percent effect, it still raised them by twenty percent, reaching one hundred twenty percent effectiveness. With Dai Mubai in addition using the Erect Gold Fly himself, his spirit avatar instantly reached a terrifying level of strength, not at all inferior to the strongest on the Jialing Pass walls, Golden Crocodile Douluo.

The others also each showed changes from this boost. The vague shadow following next to Dai Mubai was Hell Douluo Zhu Zhuqing. She was even more vague, like a puff of smoke twisting around Dai Mubai. Oscar expanded, also temporarily serving as a power attack type spirit master. He was the only one who didn’t eat the Erect Gold Fly, because if he did it couldn’t amplify the next spirit ability attack power by another fifty percent after eating the clone mirror sausage, it could only boost his sausage making ability. But, this fellow bluntly released all of Dai Mubai’s support ability forms, White Tiger Vajra Form, White Tiger Devilgod Form, White Tiger barrier as well as spirit avatar, using all of them in one go. With Ning Rongrong backing him, even though he was a replica White Tiger Douluo, he currently displayed the strength equivalent to a rank ninety five power attack type Douluo. He caught up to Dai Mubai, helping him withstand the pressure.

And in the air, Ma Hongjun had already turned the top of the walls fiery red. He only used his fifth spirit ability, Phoenix Meteor Shower, and countless flaming balls fell from the sky, indiscriminately bombarding the walls of Jialing Pass.

Absolutely don’t underestimate this fifth spirit ability. Ma Hongjun had already become the Phoenix Douluo, the heat of his phoenix flame had already reached a rather horrifying degree. Most importantly, his Phoenix Meteor Shower not only had the one hundred five percent boost of the Erect Gold Fly, but at the same time also Ning Rongrong’s boost. Ning Rongrong’s six great buffs had the most obvious effect on him. The reason was very simple, that attribute buff had the greatest effect on Ma Hongjun, doubling both the heat and the burning ability of his phoenix flame! Such a wide area attack revealed his power even further. Of course, Ma Hongjun didn’t hope for his attack to have any conclusive effect, he was just harassing the opponents as much as possible, giving his comrades a chance to scale the walls.

But most shocking was still Xiao Wu. The six figures

Watching the Shrek Six Devils completely erupt, the brothers Tang Hao and Tang Xiao, as well as Sword Douluo, Bone Douluo and the others were also shocked. Even though they were also buffed by Ning Fengzhi, clearly,

the effect was much lower than what Ning Rongrong gave the Shrek Six Devils. Even though they’d already seen that the Shrek Six Devils had reached the Title Douluo level, now that they truly saw their strength, this old generation of Title Douluo truly recognized the power of these youths.

In the past, the Shrek Six Devils had always been hidden by Tang San’s overly dazzling radiance. At this moment, in this battle with the Spirit Empire, they themselves showed everyone their strength. In the Shrek Seven Devils, Tang San definitely wasn’t alone on the stage. Each one was a Shrek Academy monster, truly unreasonable monsters. Each one was the genius of several generations of the spirit master world.

Of course, the Spirit Empire side didn’t sit still either. They of course wouldn’t let the enemy onto the walls so easily. The six great priests led by Golden Crocodile Douluo, as well as altogether eight Title Douluo transferred from other places to Jialing Pass in recent days, fourteen powers with the aid of more than a hundred Spirit Douluo, wildly attacked Dai Mubai and the others. They had only one goal, to keep them off the walls.

Boom—— The Phoenix Meteor Shower became the first wave of attacks. The moment Ma Hongjun soared into the air, he had already drawn the attention of the Spirit Empire powers on the walls. Among the fourteen Title Douluo level powers, a water attributed spirit Title Douluo immediately released a wide area defensive ability.

An enormous blue barrier covered the top of the walls, trying to stop Ma Hongjun’s attack. This Title Douluo was also a power second only to the high priests, his spirit power at rank ninety four, his cultivation even a bit higher than Ma Hongjun, and this defensive spirit ability was his eighth spirit ability. In the eyes of the Spirit Empire powers, it was enough to block Ma Hongjun’s fifth spirit ability.

However, history had showed that underestimating the Shrek Seven Devils was disastrous. This time was no different.

Boom—— The moment the first Phoenix Meteor hit the blue barrier, that Title Douluo’s expression changed, shouting, “Not good, watch out above!”

A single Phoenix Meteor smashing his blue barrier caused an intense ring of light to ripple out, already showing a crack. His warning wasn’t slow, but unfortunately, right now the Spirit Empire powers’ gazes were all focused on Dai Mubai and the others striking the walls. They basically hadn’t imagined that the eight spirit ability couldn’t block the attack from the sky. Therefore, their attack abilities were all pouring downwards. Even if they reacted, there was no time to launch any attacks above.

A series of explosions rang like thunderclaps above Jialing Pass. That rank ninety four water attributed Title Douluo instantly paled, using his spirit avatar to turn into an enormous turtle, constantly pouring spirit power into his Warding Rain Barrier. Unfortunately, he underestimated Ma Hongjun too much.

In terms of attributes, fire and water cancelled each other. The one with the strongest attribute held the advantage. Even though his spirit wasn’t bad, compared to the peak level fire type spirit Phoenix, he was still far behind. Let alone when all of Ma Hongjun’s attributes were doubled, as well as the effect of the Erect Gold Fly.

Three seconds, only a short three seconds. The blue barrier in the sky loudly shattered, turning into countless motes of blue light that scattered in all directions. It had only stopped one third of the Phoenix Meteor Shower. Even more flaming blasted down, exploding in the crowd.

“What’s going on?” Golden Crocodile Douluo roared angrily. Qian Renxue wasn’t here, so it was up to him to manage the situation, so when the others all acted, he held back until last, and now revealed his unreasonable strength as the Spirit Empire’s second priest. Seeing the flaming meteors rain down, he suddenly leapt into the air, swaying, already using spirit avatar to turn into a giant crocodile. And at the same time, without anyone noticing which spirit ring brightened, countless glittering metallic scales burst from his body, shooting towards the Phoenix Meteor Shower in the air.

Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom…… Like rolling thunder, violent explosions detonated in midair, countless sparks scattering, dazzling. The majority of the phoenix meteors

were actually blocked by Golden Crocodile Douluo, only a small number exploded in the ranks of Spirit Empire spirit master powers, causing some injuries among Spirit Douluo, but not managing to influence their fighting strength.

In the air, Ma Hongjun’s Nine Headed Fire Phoenix gazed with ice cold killing intent, focused on Golden Crocodile Douluo. The nine heads rose simultaneously, issuing a resonant phoenix cry, then suddenly fell from the sky, the entire phoenix flaming, charging straight for Golden Crocodile Douluo. His aura was also completely locked on Golden Crocodile Douluo.

Even though Ma Hongjun’s Phoenix Meteor Shower couldn’t truly influence the majority of the Spirit Empire spirit masters on the walls, his attack definitely disrupted their rhythm. Especially when his strength alone drew over the strongest second priest Golden Crocodile Douluo, keeping him from

Golden Crocodile Douluo was shocked as well. He now clearly felt a formidable pressure descending, he had never imagined that a spirit master whose strength clearly wasn’t at rank ninety five would actually make him feel such pressure. He had to face him seriously. The giant crocodile raised its head, gazing at the descending Ma Hongjun.

Indeed, Ma Hongjun’s strength of course wasn’t equal to Golden Crocodile Douluo. Even with Ning Rongrong’s buffs, his strength was at most between rank ninety five and six, his overall strength absolutely wouldn’t be rank ninety six, and his spirit power was still a considerable distance from the rank ninety eight Golden Crocodile Douluo. The reason he could give Golden Crocodile Douluo such pressure was mainly because of spirit suppression. The phoenix could be said to restrain the majority of all reptile spirits, and Golden Crocodile Douluo’s spirit belonged to this category. No matter how strong he was he couldn’t fly, and confronting the diving phoenix, the pressure he felt from the source of his spirit was crucial to now making him passive.

The Shrek Six Devils really were too familiar with each other. Being together for so many years, they didn’t even need to look over to understand the abilities the others used in battle. In the sky, Ma Hongjun drew the

attention of Golden Crocodile Douluo. Below, Ma Hongjun and the others were already clashing head on with the Spirit Empire powers.

Dai Mubai amply displayed the meaning of overbearing. In his spirit avatar, especially with after his second growth with Ning Rongrong’s buffs and the Bloodthirst ability, he definitely drew the most attention. As a result, at least six Title Douluo focused their attacks on him, even including three priest level powers. These Spirit Empire spirit masters had a very clear purpose, to kill Dai Mubai in one move. No matter how strong he looked, power still had limits. Let alone him, even Golden Crocodile Douluo definitely wouldn’t dare simultaneously take the attacks of these Title Douluo level powers.

But in fact, Dai Mubai bore these six Title Douluo attacks head on, and moreover directly charged at the walls. Of course, that wasn’t with his strength alone.

Black and golden, vague and distinct, two rays of light instantly completed a fusion ability in midair. The originally already enormous white tiger now seemed to stretch and swell once again. The glittering golden light disappeared, Dai Mubai’s fur again turning white. But, that was white like milky white crystal. A pair of wings on its back, its whole body seemingly carved from crystal, more than thirty meters tall, an incomparably enormous terrifying white tiger suddenly appeared. With a beat of its wings, it accelerated even further, an intense ring of white light suddenly exploding around it.

This white tiger had black stripes, the enormous ‘king’ character on its forehead especially distinct, its tiger eyes more than a meter in diameter, with faintly red light. Even the Spirit Empire priests couldn’t help feeling a chill down their spines.

Dai Mubai was no idiot, of course he knew that what kind of attacks he would face if he charged first, and naturally Zhu Zhuqing knew it as well. The instant these attacks launched, they also used the strongest ability in the Shrek Seven Devils apart from the now god level Tang San, Hell White Tiger.

That crystalline giant white tiger also pulled along a vague shadow, and as the powerful Title Douluo abilities clashed with that white ring of light, they were actually all deflected.

Tang San once said that once Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing reached the Title Douluo level, with their high affinity, their Hell White Tiger very possibly might briefly reach god level strength. The white tiger was also a feline, and had a seventy percent affinity with Zhu Zhuqing’s Hell Civet. Among the spirit masters of the Heaven Dou Empire that could use spirit fusion ability, this was second only to Grandmaster, Flender and Liu Erlong’s Golden Sacred Dragon. However, of those three only two were Spirit Douluo. These were two Title Douluo, and Dai Mubai’s strength had moreover reached rank ninety five, and with Ning Rongrong’s full support as well as Oscar’s Erect Gold Fly backing them, this instant explosion of power really was too terrifying.

Right now, even if Dai Mubai and Qian Renxue appeared, they would still be startled by this super edition Hell White Tiger. Even they would hesitate in facing an attack of this level, and in a frontal clash might not be able to keep the Hell White Tiger off the walls!

Boom—— The Hell White Tiger forcibly smashed onto the wall with incredibly unreasonable strength. With a shake of its thirty meter long body, at least five Title Douluo were blasted off.

Roaring wildly at the sky, the Hell White Tiger’s enormous body didn’t attack these Spirit Empire powers again, nobody had expected that the moment after they’d just climbed the walls, it lunged towards Golden Crocodile Douluo. And this instant was also the moment Ma Hongjun was about to dive from the sky to attack Golden Crocodile Douluo.

This was teamwork, perfect teamwork. From the start, Dai Mubai, Ma Hongjun and the others had been aiming for Golden Crocodile Douluo. Having fought once, they of course knew the importance of this second priest. Not only in terms of strength, but as Qian Renxue was fighting Tang San, it was impossible for her to come back and take charge, and this Golden Crocodile Douluo was definitely the enemy’s vital commander. If

they could him, the impact on today’s battle could be imagined. As a result, Dai Mubai would

Chapter 325

Once they saw the Hell White Tiger and Ma Hongjun’s pincer attack, there wasn’t time for the others on the walls to help Golden Crocodile Douluo even if they wanted. Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing’s Hell White Tiger and Ma Hongjun’s aerial attack was perfect, forcing Golden Crocodile Douluo to suffer attacks from both directions at once. Despite the numerous Spirit Empire spirit masters on the walls of Jialing Pass, at this moment Golden Crocodile Douluo felt alone and isolated. That absolutely wasn’t a nice feeling, and could even be called painful.

The first thing Golden Crocodile didn’t expect was the threat Ma Hongjun posed to him, the second was how the Heaven Dou Empire side’s powers could breach the defenses to mount the walls so soon, and the third was of course the Hell White Tiger’s fearsome strength. At this moment, he alone wasn’t enough to even deal with the Hell White Tiger, let alone with Phoenix Douluo Ma Hongjun on top.

Ma Hongjun’s attack alone wasn’t enough to trouble Golden Crocodile Douluo too much, but he didn’t need to finish Golden Crocodile Douluo, he just needed to block him from escaping into the air, forcing him to defend until he had to fight the Hell White Tiger.

In the critical moment, Golden Crocodile Douluo revealed the full power that made him the second high priest of the Spirit Empire behind Qian Daoliu. All his scales stood upright as he twisted violently, producing a layer of vague golden light with each shake, making Dai Mubai and Ma Hongjun unable to completely target him. And at the same time, his

enormous body abruptly turned, pulling his alligator tail up to his mouth and biting down on it, turning into a full circle with the most solid scales he had on the outside, and the vulnerable areas inside. Simultaneously, his whole body spun quickly like a pinwheel, and along with his spirit rings flashing, he shot from the top of the walls, charging straight towards Ma Hongjun, hitting the soft parts and avoiding the hard was the natural way to squish a persimmon.

Without a doubt, this was Golden Crocodile Douluo’s all out attack, and also the best method in a critical situation. A rank ninety eight Title Douluo’s full strength attack was terrifying. If Ma Hongjun dodged now, then without a doubt, with Golden Crocodile Douluo’sstrength he could immediately open up a good distance, and the other Spirit Empire powers would also get the time to assist. At least Golden Crocodile Douluo wouldn’t have to face Ma Hongjun and the Hell White Tiger’s pincer attack, making hurting him very difficult. If Ma Hongjun didn’t dodge and met him head on, Golden Crocodile Douluo could still rely on his unreasonable stremgth to force him away, taking advantage of the gap to escape. Of course, that way he would very likely be caught up to by the Hell White Tiger. He was betting, betting that Ma Hongjun didn’t dare take his full power attack. As long as he retreated an inch, Golden Crocodile Douluo would have a chance.

Would Ma Hongjun dodge? He used his actions to prove the power of the Shrek Seven Devils to all on the battlefield. Seeing Golden Crocodile Douluo about to hit him, Ma Hongjun gave a silent curse, and his seen heads spit flame. Not towards Golden Crocodile Douluo, but rather towards himself. Surging phoenix flame surged all over his body, and at the same time, the his phoenix wings closed up, with his heads stuck inside, curling up like a ball, going into the crash without hesitation or thoughts of dodging.


The flaming meteor made from a Nine headed Fire Phoenix was blasted high in the air. In midair, Ma Hongjun couldn’t even maintain his Nine Headed Phoenix avatar, directly turning back into his human form and even

vomiting blood, clearly seriously injured. The flames all over him scattered in all directions, his complexion pale as paper.

But, his injuries were worth it. At the same time Ma hongjun had displayed his greatest power with one strike. The wind fire wheel-like Golden Crocodile Douluo was stalled in midair for a second by his attack, and was even covered in scorching flames, dissipating all of his momentum. It was also at this moment that the Hell White Tiger arrived.

Bang—— A giant claw raked Golden Crocodile Douluo. Golden Crocodile Douluo’s Golden Crocodile avatar had to be described as large, but it paled in comparison to the thirty meter long Hell White Tiger. Absolutely don’t underestimate this tiger claw, it was an attack that Dai Mubai had charged up for a long time and using the strength of the Erect Gold Fly boost. With this one attack, Golden Crocodile was slapped straight off. Half his body was embedded in the wall.

“Daring to harm my little brother. This old man will end you.” The Hell White Tiger spit out Dai Mubai’s voice, a giant white ball of light exploding out, bluntly smashing down on Golden Crocodile Douluo.

Golden Crocodile was now putting his all into defense. The collision with Ma Hongjun had left him in pain, and he could only suffer Ma Hongjun’s attack. There was no way he could dodge that claw. With one strike, Golden Crocodile Douluo was already seeing stars, blood spraying from his mouth. What he could do now was to burst with all his rank ninety eight spirit power, combining it with his spirit abilities to protect himself.

With one white light suddenly exploding on top of the walls of Jialing Pass, a giant jag was blasted into the walls, countless stone chips shooting in all directions. Golden Crocodile Douluo’s muffled grunt was audible even to the Heaven Dou army that was still far from Jialing pass.


The instant the Hell White Tiger formed, Ning Rongrong’s boosts towards it failed, because her Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda couldn’t boost god level powers, and the Erect Gold Fly’s ability could only last one

strike. Because of this, after Dai Mubai launched one attack, it would be a bit difficult to bear all those strikes. The Hell White Tiger’s form was already starting to grow vague. The thirty meter shape could admittedly contain enormous energy, but it also had an extremely clear goal.

Poor Golden Crocodile Douluo, he had now also been blasted straight back to his human form. Even though Ma Hongjun was miserably hurt, he was still relatively fine, whereas this second priest might be worse off than he had ever been in his life. His whole body was embedded in the rock of the wall, and those shattered scales of his Golden Crocodile avatar were equivalent to his own flesh, every part of him torn and mangled, vomiting big mouthfuls of blood. His complexion was unsightly to the extreme. He could only gasp for breath. In fact, the Hell White Tiger’s god level strike had been completely focused on him! How could he get off easy? Golden Crocodile Douluo was in his hundreds, and even though an attack like this wasn’t enough to directly put him out of the fight, he’d still lost at least seventy percent of his unreasonable strength. Recovering would even more difficult than when Bibi Dong was injured. After all, age spared no man.

He had absolutely not expected that, as the battlefield commander, he’d be this seriously injured in one exchange. And it only cost the enemy the injuries of one Title Douluo. His depression was definitely more painful than his injuries, which was also one of the reasons Golden Crocodile Douluo madly vomited blood. Without a doubt, the Shrek Six Devils’ plan of beheading the enemy was extremely successful.

What made Golden Crocodile Douluo’s eyes even wider was that the fatty he’d clearly seriously injured so bad he turned back into human form had actually resumed his spirit avatar in the air, and by the looks of it, his strength wasn’t affected by his injuries. He was actually diving from the sky again. How was it possible?

Nothing was impossible, don’t forget that the Shrek Seven Devils had two supports. Besides the world’s number one support spirit master, they also had the world’s number one food type spirit master. Even though the crystal caterpillar sausage was hard to produce, each of the Shrek Six Devils carried one. Ma Hongjun was seriously injured, but this crystal caterpillar sausage really was potent, made while Oscar had eaten the Erect

Gold Fly. It instantly healed the injuries. And Ma Hongjun hadn’t spent too much spirit power either, with his injuries restored, he naturally suffered no major hindrance.

However, the Shrek Six Devils didn’t scale the walls entirely smoothly. After all, the Spirit Empire had too many formidable spirit masters. Even though Oscar had Ning Rongrong’s support, he didn’t have as powerful abilities as the Hell White Tiger and was directly hit below the walls, suffering some injuries.

On Xiao Wu’s side, of her nine clones, four were destroyed, while the other five successfully stepped onto the walls, turning into five red shadows, each finding a Spirit Douluo.

They might not be able to set the result in one blow against Title Douluo, but against lower level Spirit Douluo, Xiao Wu’s spirit avatar displayed terrifying strength.

Five red lights erupted simultaneously, directly shooting into the sky, instantly completing five Burst Kill Eight Stage Drops. In front of the rank ninety six Xiao Wu, her Burst Kill Eight Stage Drop would have even Tang San worry about losing a layer of skin. As for Xiao Wu’s main body, she reached the top of the walls completely without incident. Definitely don’t forget about Xiao Wu’s two great defensive abilities, Teleportation and Invincible Golden Body.

Just one Invincible Golden Body made her the second to charge onto the walls after the Hell White Tiger. With a series of dazzling Teleportations, four Spirit Douluo over rank eighty had their necks twisted by Xiao Wu. It was still Soft Skill, but Xiao Wu’s Soft Skill was now completely different. She was surrounded by an illusory light, and when she attacked only this shadow that was similar to her main body moved, but could easily accomplish the Soft Skill. Title Douluo level Soft Skill.

Xiao Wu’s display immediately caught the attention of the Spirit Empire powers. The third priest blurred, already charging towards her. Naturally they couldn’t let Xiao Wu use her full strength, a rank ninety five power in a group of Spirit Douluo was no different from a tiger in a flock of sheep.

A faint smile appeared on Xiao Wu’s face. One Teleportation, a quick retreat, and at the same time, a red speck of light flew from her hand, landing right behind those Spirit Empire high level spirit masters.

“Look out!” One Spirit Empire Title Douluo who once saw something similar practically roared.

The terrifying force that red speck carried really was too shocking. That time, several dozen Spirit Sage and higher powers had been instantly annihilated!

Indeed, what flew from XIao Wu’s hand was the second of the three Buddha Fury Tang Lotuses produced by divine craftsman Lou Gao.

But Xiao Wu’s actions didn’t end here. She threw out the Buddha Fury Tang Lotus with one hand, while her other wrist turned, an elaborate cylinder

Only one person didn’t feel it was beautiful. That was the third priest charging towards Xiao Wu. The magnificent peacock tail spreading out happened to envelop him.

After Xiao Wu used the Tang Sect’s most terrifying mechanical hidden weapon Buddha Fury Tang Lotus, she also used the equally terrifying single target attack hidden weapon, Peacock Plume.

What the Peacock Plume fired was all sorts of needle type hidden weapons. Back when they first saw the blueprints, both divine craftsmen Tai Tan and Lou Gao were gobsmacked. This was the first time it was revealed on the Douluo Continent, the first time its power was unleashed. The unlucky third priest also became its test target.

All manner of different sounds erupted simultaneously. Even with the third priest’s strength it was impossible to dodge the Peacock Plume. Even Xiao Wu who fired it couldn’t help gasping in surprise.

Terror made the third priest instantly use his strongest defensive ability. However, nearly all of the Peacock Plume’s special needle type hidden

weapons possessed the ability to break through protective energy. Bone piercing needles, Thunderflame needles, Rending blade needles, Devil subduing needles, Armorbreaking needles, Overlord needles, Dark yin needles, Dragonsnapping needles…… All sorts of needle type hidden weapons were perfectly combined.

Pain and explosions constantly appeared on the third priest. It was lucky he’d smoothly already reached rank ninety six, and at the same time as his defensive spirit abilities dulled the attack power of these needle type hidden weapons, his durable flesh became his last shield, dissolving these attacks as far as possible. However, poison, explosions and all sorts of attacks were still made him suffer. His entire body was drenched in blood from the Peacock Plume’s attack.

And just then, the Buddha Fury Tang Lotus exploded in the group.

What was the strongest mechanical hidden weapon? That was, when you even knew how terrifying it was, you still had no chance to dodge when you met it.

The terrifying explosive force brought an ear piercing shrieking sound, golden lotus petals practically instantly stabbing more than thirty Spirit Empire Spirit Douluo. Title Douluo levels had defensive power far surpassing Spirit Sages, but how difficult was it to nurture thirty Spirit Douluo? Before the Buddha Fury Tang Lotus, their bodies were torn like cloth, great clouds of blood suddenly blossoming.

And at the same time, an illusory red silhouette had appeared behind the third priest, a tender looking hand already grabbing his waist. It was Xiao Wu.

Having endured the Peacock Plume’s attack, the third priest no longer had the strength to resist Xiao Wu’s attack, let alone when Xiao Wu with Ning Rongrong’s support already surpassed him.

Right knee on the third priest’s lower back, and the next moment, this lord priest was thrown away by Xiao Wu. The other Shrek Six Devils basically didn’t even need to look in the direction of this corner of the

battle. At a similar level to Xiao Wu, her soft skill lock was something not even Tang San before he became god would have a chance of escaping. Let alone the third priest who was already heavily wounded from the Peacock Plume, he could only have one ending, and would only have one.

Tang Hao and the others were now definitely shocked. Of the Spirit Empire’s strongest six grand priests, the Shrek Seven Devils had directly gotten rid of two. This wasn’t just a perfect start, at the same time it influenced the entire battle!

Right now, with the Hell White Tiger doggedly meeting the attacks of two priests, and Ma Hongjun falling from the sky to tangle with one, only one of the six great priests remained. This also didn’t include Xiao Wu’s remaining five clones already tangling with one non-priest Title Douluo. The Shrek Six Devils were already doing as well as they could.

A giant Clear Sky Hammer found the last priest, the Clear Sky Hammer of Clear Sky School master Tang Xiao. With a single swing, that priest was forced back in swift retreat.

When Tang Xiao moved, how could Clear Sky Douluo Tang Hao stand aside? The Great Sumeru Hammer swung in a circle, stubbornly encircling three enemy Title Douluo. Sword Douluo Chen Xin and Bone Douluo Gu Rong joined hands, also taking up four Title Douluo.

Of course, this still wasn’t all the strength of the Heaven Dou Empire. Oscar and the Golden Iron Triangle as the Golden Sacred Dragon were last to land. Their goal were thouse rank eighty something Spirit Douluo level powers. In an instant, the battle spread like wildfire. The Heaven Dou Empire side that should have been at a disadvantage, not only weren’t suppressed, but instead held an advantage.

And at this moment, the swarming Heaven Dou army had reached the moat. Even though Xue Beng didn’t clearly see the situation on the top of the walls, but that the powers on their side had already all climbed to the top of the walls was enough to infer that his side wasn’t losing. At least there wouldn’t be a problem for a while.

Raising the imperial sword, Xue Beng shouted, “Soldiers of all armies, full assault!”

In close to a month of peace, the Heaven Dou army stationed in the camp hadn’t been idle. With the Tang Sect Speed Hall disciples frequent scouting, they had grasped the majority of the changes to Jialing Pass. Of course they knew the circumstances of the moat.

Consequently, as the great army just reached the mote, four cavalry legions immediately milled forward. On either side of each horseman’s saddle hung a sandbag

As the Spirit Empire’s most important stronghold, the moat in front of Jialing Pass was of course very deep. Sixty jin of sandbags thrown in naturally didn’t count for anything. But, as four cavalry legions, a full forty thousand men, took turns to throw sandbags into the moat, the effect appeared immediately. Even though it couldn’t pack the entire moat full, filling a few wide passages wasn’t a problem.

Commanded by marshal Ge Long’s signal flags, the Heaven Dou army split neatly. After the cavalry completed their task, they immediately retreated to both sides, and the heavy infantry began to cross the river.

Right now the majority of the people on top of the Jialing Pass walls were the Spirit Empire’s spirit master legions. Repelling those enemy powers notwithstanding, a pass guarded by spirit masters was admittedly secure as a vault, but it also had a weakness. Spirit master attack abilities all had fixed ranges. Even rank sixty and rank seventy spirit masters found it very difficult to project their attacks very far. Spirit abilities like Ma Hongjun’s Phoenix Meteor Shower were after all extremely rare. Even Dai Mubao’s White Tiger Meteor Shower only had a range of a hundred meters. Therefore, these spirit masters could only helplessly watch the moat being filled it. Right now they were less useful than common archer squads.

Sonorous metal noise resounded in the Heaven Dou army. The few legions furthest ahead slowly moved aside, leaving only six heavy infantry legions like a shield in front. Behind them, special warriors appeared one after another with stern faces and holding long black boxes. They had once

created unprecedented glory on this battlefield, using the power of ordinary humans to annihilate practically an entire ten thousand man Spirit Empire spirit master legion. Indeed, they were the extension of Tang San’s Tang Sect, the Tang Army, the army equipped with the Godly Zhuge Crossbow that could make lower level spirit masters die trembling.

And together with the Tang Army also came the Heaven Dou Army’s one and only spirit master legion, and furthest in front were the Tang Sect four hall disciples.

Riding alongside Xue Beng’s tall mount, Marshal Ge Long sent down the orders, and soldiers next to him raised a yellow signal flag. Seeing this flag, two detachments on the front of the Heaven Dou spirit master legion moved. These two detachments only had three hundred men in total, but they were formed entirely from Tang Sect disciples. They were made each from one hundred fifty Defense Hall disciples as well as one hundred fifty Strength Hall disciples. Standing furthest ahead were the two hall masters, Tai Tan and Niu Gao.

Tai Tan and Niu Gao’s eyes were burning with excitement, not for battle, but rather for the sect master high in the sky that had finally returned at the critical juncture.

Not so long ago, their four single attribute clans had left the Clear Sky School like stray dogs, practically any sect in the spirit master world could humiliate them. Until the day Tang San appeared, founding the Tang Sect, gathering them together again. Even now, when Tai Tan, Niu Gao and the others recalled their former circumstances, they couldn’t help rejoicing. Back then Tang San had moved them with strength, but in fact, they had actually gambled on using Tang San as an opportunity to regather the four into one great sect. They had never expected the Tang Sect to one day reach such a position.

Ever since the first battle at Jialing Pass, the Tang Sect had established themselves as unique in the million man army. Even the Heaven Dou Empire spirit legion would be suppressed a bit by the Tang Army. As long as you mentioned the Tang Sect, mentioned the Tang Army, nobody wouldn’t give their approval.

Even if it was before the battle, the Tang Sect already counted as the number one great sect in Heaven Dou City. With imperial support, their position was even above the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School. And all this was because of Tang San. King Lan Hao, Imperial Tutor, Tang Sect master. If there initially were some chancellors that objected to Tang Sect receiving so many distinctions, then after the start of this war, everyone were already relieved.

Tang San had returned, returned moments before today’s battle began, and he had already become a god. A god! As rank eighty something Spirit Douluo level powers, Tai Tan and the others of course knew the theory of rank one hundred becoming gods, but this theory to their minds was like a legend. Tang San had turned this legend to reality. Even back when the four single attribute clans followed the Clear Sky School, even if the Clear Sky School was recognized as the world’s number one sect, they still had no god level power. Now these Tang Sect elders and hall masters could raise their eyebrows and exhale. Tai Tan and Niu Gao’s excitement also stemmed from this.

Altogether three hundred disciples of the two halls, Defense Hall disciples in front, Strength Hall disciples in the back. Tai Tan and Niu Gao had the best relationship, to the point the Strength Hall and Defense Hall disciples also cooperated best. They didn’t just simply advance, even though they only had three hundred people, their appearance shook both armies.

One hundred fifty Defense Hall disciples, each had already expanded from releasing their spirits, the Plate Armored Giant Rhino’s defensive power was completely displayed. At the same time, each hand held a five meter tall and two meters wide, fully one meter thick giant tower shield. Even if these shields were all forged by the disciples of the Strength Hall using special alloys and weren’t all that heavy for their extraordinary defensive strength, it still weighed several thousand jin.

Without a doubt, with these special tower shields from the Strength Hall, the Defense Hall disciples’ defensive power had reached an unprecedented level. Even for high level spirit masters, breaking their defense still

definitely wouldn’t be easy. As for bow and arrow, heavy crossbows and such attacks, could basically be ignored.

Even more valiant were still those behind. Even though the Defense Hall disciples had great strength, they focused their strength on defense, the true force came after.

One hundred fifty Strength Hall disciples, divided into four units of more than forty men. They weren’t noticable before moving out of the army formation, but now that they did, with a simultaneous roar, each unit of more than forty men simultaneously used force, and giant battering rams appeared.

Under ordinary circumstances, siege hammers would be carried by special vehicles, but these were brought out entirely with human strength. Only, as long as these siege weapons were closely observed, it would be obvious why they had to be wielded by people, and moreover carried by more than forty Strength Hall disciples.

These battering rams were made from thousand year Ironwood, covered by a layer of iron plating, and the front third was completely made from iron essence. The entire battering ram was a hundred meters long, more than five meters in diameter. Was Tang San’s Seagod Trident heavy? Each of these battering rams weighed the equivalent of five Seagod Tridents, reaching a full five hundred thousand jin. Even in the spirit master world, maybe the Strength Clan was the only group that could use such terrifying battering rams by cultivating purely strength. What siege vehicle could carry such weight?

These four battering rams still weren’t fully completed when the Heaven Dou army first set out, and had only been brought half a month ago. It had to be carried onto the battlefield by the Strength Hall disciples themselves, otherwise, if it was left to ordinary soldiers, there was no telling how many men it would take to move these four big fellows.

As the four battering rams were shouldered by the Strength Hall disciples, formally appearing on the battlefield, the defending Spirit Empire

spirit masters on top of the walls were stupefied. These things, were they movable with human strength?

The Strength Hall disciples used facts to prove that these really were true battering rams.

The Defense Hall disciples quickly spread out, separating to the sides of the Strength Hall disciples. Raising the tower shields above their heads, they sheltered the Strength Hall disciples completely within. As for the parts of the battering rams that stuck out, they basically needed no protection. If you have the skill, come break them! Even though these things weren’t made from the best materials, was that five hundred thousand jin weight so easy to destroy? In fact, ironwood itself not only didn’t weigh less than steel, it was even more solid. If not for the Heaven Dou Empire possessing a province that produced such ironwood, even with the full backing of the Heaven Dou Empire, the Tang Sect still wouldn’t have been able to create these things.

For these four battering rams, the Heaven Dou Empire had summoned ten thousand blacksmiths under the Strength Hall’s command. These things were to be heavy and strong, there was no need for details, ordinary blacksmiths were enough.

With the tower shields held high, these three hundred people immediately split into four units, stepping onto the sand filling the moat, swiftly charging towards Jialing Pass. Meanwhile, the Tang Army as well as the Heaven Dou spirit master legion also moved simultaneously, launching a tidal wave of attacks at the top of the walls. They were clearly screening the attack on the walls by those three hundred Tang Sect disciples.

Of course, the Heaven Dou army’s attack didn’t just consist of this. Among the infantry, a full six archery legions moved up to the moat under protection of the heavy infantry, drawing bows and nocking arrows. Besides the powers of both sides just now fighting fiercely on top of the walls, sixty thousand arrows began to indiscriminately blanket the top of Jialing Pass as well as the inside of the walls.

Even back when Tang San attacked Bibi Dong, the Heaven Dou Army still didn’t act so fiercely. Xue Beng didn’t know if Tang San could return for today’s battle, therefore, he had brought out all the trump cards of the Heaven Dou Empire. A million troops, how would they be so easily resisted? The Heaven Dou Empire had existed on the Douluo Continent for many years, and their resources were extremely deep, how could a recently founded nation like the Spirit Empire compare to this? In the past the Heaven Dou Empire had given all the kingdoms and duchies free rein mainly to give Spirit Hall face. That’s why they didn’t deal with them. Until this moment, when the colossal empire revealed their robust strength.

The battle was practically ignited at this moment, the entire battlefield fiery. Countless arrows fell from the sky. To spirit masters, one arrow of course wasn’t anything, but they couldn’t withstand the constant indiscriminate rain! Harming them was very difficult, but it was enough to disturb them. Moreover, even more arrows rained down inside the walls, and the unprepared Spirit Empire soldiers were immediately hit, large numbers of soldiers falling like scythed wheat. By the time they had tidied up their formations to deal with the rain of arrows, there were already several thousand casualties.

Chapter 326

The Heaven Dou Empire’s million man army suddenly erupted with immense fighting power, especially the way they cooperated as entire divisions were dispatched, moving a million troops without any disorder, everything neat and tidy.

This was the atmosphere of a great nation, something a temporarily assembled nation like the Spirit Empire couldn’t compare to. The Spirit Empire was established entirely by relying on Spirit Hall’s formidable strength and influence, as well as controlling more than sixty percent of all the spirit masters on the continent, through coercion and enticement. And then those kingdoms and duchies that felt danger from the two great empires and had no choice but to adhere to the Spirit Empire. Without a doubt, in terms of spirit masters, if the Heaven Dou Empire didn’t produce a Tang San, they basically wouldn’t even stand a speck of a chance. Even if the Clear Sky Clan came out it would in no way be enough to make up the difference.

Tang San’s greatest influence on the Heaven Dou Empire wasn’t his personal strength, but rather his Tang Sect hidden weapons, using Tang Sect hidden weapon equipment to truly turn the Tang Army into a deadly threat to the Spirit Empire. If the difference in spirit masters was described as enormous, then the ratio of soldiers between both sides was even larger, but this time completely in reverse. The Heaven Dou Army’s mood was strict, appropriately dispatched, and had even higher morale. As orders came, it moved as freely as the arm moves the finger. As long as the Spirit Empire’s spirit master legions couldn’t start them off at a major advantage, then it

was impossible for their ordinary armies to compete with the Heaven Dou Empire. It was difficult to defend even with this Jialing Pass in the way.

Whether Qian Renxue or second priest Golden Crocodile Douluo, they were after all no army commanders. Their personal strength was as high as could be, but when it came to unifying the army, they had no special talent. To them it seemed that Jialing Pass’ defenses were so tight, even if the Heaven Dou Empire wanted to break through, they would still be bound to a siege battle, first passing the walls, and even if they wanted to attack the gates, their spirit masters could attack from atop the walls.

When the battle just started this really was the case, the Heaven Dou Empire’s powers directly chose to attack the top of the walls. But, the actions of the Tang Sect Strength and Defense Hall disciples, immediately made the spirit masters on the walls panic. Everyone knew that if the gates were breached, then the defenders inside Jialing Pass would be directly faced with the unrelenting, unhesitating all out assault of a million troops. Spirit masters had limited spirit power, even if they killed with all their strength, how many could they kill? Killing ordinary soldiers was still easy, but to killing those heavily armored troops still had to be done through rather strong spirit abilities.

Originally the Spirit Empire’s spirit masters and soldiers were very confident in their reforged solid gates. These were up to five meters thick solid iron gates, weighing at least a hundred thousand jin. But, as they saw the battering rams carried by the Tang Sect disciples, their confidence was completely swept away. It was the first time they saw such enormous battering rams, and nobody could be sure how many strikes these gates could suffer.

The joint attack of the Tang Sect and Heaven Dou Empire spirit master legion was even more intense. The effect of the Heaven Dou Empire spirit master legion was mainly to defend the Tang Army, positioned just far enough from the top of the walls that none of the numerous enemy spirit masters’ attacks could reach. Only a small number of spirit masters specializing in long range attacks could pour strikes down in torrents. The Heaven Dou Empire spirit masters might be much fewer, but defending from attacks at such a distance still wasn’t a problem. After all, the Spirit

Empire’s strongest spirit masters were all busy fighting the Shrek Six Devils and the Heaven Dou Empire spirit master powers headed by the Tang brothers.

Spirit masters couldn’t attack extremely far, but the Tang Army soldiers’ specially made Godly Zhuge Crossbows had no such restriction. In order to maximize the power and minimize the material requirements, under Tai Tan’s charge, these Godly Zhuge Crossbows’ mechanisms were made way larger than the original. While the materials were a bit lacking, the attack power had instead increased. After all, the size of the encasing let the mechanism be made even larger, and the same for the crossbow bolts. Their attack range wasn’t as far as bow and arrow, but within four hundred meters the Godly Zhuge Crossbow maintained its terrifying killing power.

Ten thousand Tang Army soldiers only launched one volley, but the ten thousand Spirit Empire spirit masters atop the walls had to cower down, and even instantly suffered large casualties. Even though the effect couldn’t be as large as last time with the flying mushroom sausage, suppressing the spirit masters on the walls was no problem.

On the battlefield, sometimes the outcome wasn’t decided entirely by strength. Morale and attitude were also extremely important. The Tang Army once left an extremely “profound” impression on the Spirit Empire’s spirit masters, and even though the spirit masters on the walls hadn’t all experienced those circumstances, the story had already spread from one to ten and from ten to a hundred in the spirit master legions. Now that they faced the Tang Army for real, their hearts were already filled with fear,

The attacks of a handful of spirit masters was basically no threat to the Defense Hall disciples. With the tower shields they wielded plus their exceptionally sturdy physique, they easily escorted the Strength Hall disciples with the battering rams up to the walls of Jialing Pass.

Violent explosive sounds reverberated practically as one. The Strength Hall disciples started their charge when they were still twenty meters from the gates, their strength fully focused on their four limbs, sprinting full tilt, releasing the strongest possible impact force with the battering rams on their shoulders.

The conical ram heavily impacted those iron gates. With this attack, even the Strength Hall disciples with their terrifying strength staggered back from the shock, and a few rather weaker disciples had the skin between their fingers split. But, their attack wasn’t for nothing, the gates already showed giant dents, and the surrounding rock revealed massive cracks.

Five hundred thousand jin really was too terrifying. Even just one of these was breathtaking.

“Hold the gates! Spirit master legions, attack! Soldiers below the walls, support the gates!” Golden Crocodile Douluo had just managed to crawl out of the wall, but the shaking from four heavy battering ram strikes knocked him to the ground again. The Hell White Tiger’s attack power was truly terrifying, under the effect of Erect Gold Fly, they made this hundred year old Douluo’s body suffer unprecedentedly heavy injuries. With difficulty gathering his breath to crawl up, his loud roar made him vomit another few mouthfuls of blood.

A dozen Spirit Empire support type spirit masters exerted their abilities on Golden Crocodile Douluo, easing his expression somewhat, but the light of his spirit rings was still extremely dull. Golden Crocodile Douluo couldn’t help sighing, the years were unkind! As his bodily functions deteriorated, so did the rate at which he healed injuries decrease. But, he knew he couldn’t retreat now. The Heaven Dou Empire’s first wave of attacks was the fiercest, if they could defend this attack, they could safely endure until Qian Renxue and that Seagod’s battle was over. Until the young miss returned, he had to persist in the battle here.

Golden Crocodile Douluo looked down over the battlefield. At his command, the Spirit Empire’s spirit masters had quickly regrouped, and were launching fierce attacks down on the Tang Sect disciples. And this was also just in the empty period after the Tang Army’s first volley. Under the numerous spirit ability attacks, even the Strength and Defense Hall disciples couldn’t bear it, and quickly retreated under the cover of the tower shields, back across the moat.

However, the Heaven Dou Empire’s archers never stopped, sixty thousand arrows to a wave, and the incautious spirit master legions suffered


Golden Crocodile Douluo now realized his mistake, and quickly gave orders to dispatch the Spirit Empire archer legions to the top of the walls, and at the same time to man the ballistae. When both sides had yet to enter close combat, archers were even more effective than spirit masters.

After handing down a string of orders, with the help of the support spirit masters, Golden Crocodile Douluo had caught his breath. He wasn’t planning on joining the fight again, right now commanding the army was most important.

The fight on top of Jialing Pass was already at a white hot intensity. After suffering the attack of the Peacock Plume and then Xiao Wu’s close quarters attack, the third priest became the first of the Spirit Empire’s six great priests to die in battle. When Golden Crocodile Douluo saw him, his body was already twisted into an inhuman shape, and Xiao Wu had already killed her way among those Spirit Douluo, launching an all out offensive. Her Teleportation now showed its greatest use. Backed by rank ninety six spirit power, those rank eighty something Spirit Douluo single target attacks couldn’t hit her, and they didn’t dare use area attacks for fear of hurting their allies. In an instant, another four Spirit Douluo had died to Xiao Wu’s Soft Skill.

However, the battlefield wasn’t all bad news to the Spirit Empire. As the battle prolonged, Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing’s Hell White Tiger could no longer endure. The giant form scattered into specks of light, revealing Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing themselves.

The enormous exhaustion from the Hell White Tiger made their faces seem a bit pale. After all, when they attacked Golden Crocodile Douluo earlier they had also suffered a lot of attacks.

They had previously been blocked by the fourth and fifth priest. These two grand priests were quite formidable, even if the Hell White Tiger had astonishing strength, they still managed to withstand its attacks, retreating step by step to save themselves. Now that the pressure suddenly

disappeared, as one side declined the other rose, the two grand priests instantly erupted, violently charging at Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing.

Golden Crocodile Douluo saw this scene and immediately showed a happy expression, his hazy eyes filled with resentment. It was this pair that had heavily injured him with their spirit fusion ability, now he wanted to see what chance they stood, the situation would also definitely change because of their lacking stamina. After killing them, as the two priest level powers joined the fight, they could definitely reverse the direction of the battle.

Just while Golden Crocodile Douluo was calculating the contrast in strength between both sides, he suddenly discovered that Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing showed no trace of alarm, so much that they even looked a bit happy. An ominous feeling instantly rose in Golden Crocodile Douluo’s

The fourth and fifth priest were attacking with all their strength, and seeing their attacks already hitting Zhu Zhuqing and Dai Mubai, even though they heard Golden Crocodile Douluo’s shout, they didn’t realize it was aimed at them. In fact, right now their mental power was already completely locked on Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing. As priests of the Spirit Empire, they had spent their entire lives researching all kinds of spirits, and naturally knew how weak spirit masters would become after ending a spirit fusion bility. Moreover, at this moment they still had several Spirit Douluo level support spirit masters backing them. With their attack power at its peak, nevermind resisting, Zhu Zhuqing and Dai Mubai didn’t even seem to have a chance to escape.

However, they didn’t notice, outside the walls, by the moat, at the same time as Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing’s spirit fusion ability ended, the support light of that Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda containing Ning Rongrong suddenly halted, Oscar, Xiao Wu and Ma Hongjun temporarily losing Ning Rongrong’s buffs. And at the same time, that red ninth spirit ring revolving around the pagoda also shone on the battlefield for the first time. Two red dazzling lights shot out, quietly cresting Jialing Pass, practically simultaneously hitting Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing.

In that instant, Dai Mubai and Zhu ZHuqing were both enveloped in dazzling golden red light, and in just the same second, the two great priests’ attacks also each hit them.

The fourth and fifth priests were instantly filled with joy, but they very quickly sensed something amiss. They attacked with the power of rank ninety six Title Douluo, but while they hit the two enemies in front of them, the torrential force still drained away into nothing like a clay ox in the sea.

The golden red light disappeared the instant their attacks ended, and at the same time, six boosting lights from Ning Rongrong simultaneously hit Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing.

One white and one black ball of light shot out almost simultaneously, using the moment just after the fourth and fifth priests’ attack, catching this crucial timing.

In order to maximize attack speed, Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing didn’t bring out their strongest spirit abilities. Zhu Zhuqing turned into a vague black light, quietly nestling up to the fifth priest, Hell Enhanced Hell Hundred Claws, the fastest attack she could produce. As an agiity attack type Title Douluo, in practically an instant, she completed the boost from Hell Enhancement, countless claw shadows suddenly exploding at the opponent’s chest.

Dai Mubai’s attack was much simpler, a giant ‘kill’ character appeared above both his golden tiger claws, the sixth spirit ability, White Tiger Annihilating Kill.

The fourth and fifth priests had never thought that they could be defeated by Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing not in their Spirit Fusion Ability Hell White Tiger, and so now stumbled in the ditch.

With miserable screams, the two great priests flipped backwards simultaneously, blood spraying in the air like fountains. Even though they used their spirit power to guard themselves as far as possible at the last moment, don’t forget that the enemies they faced were powers of the same Title Douluo level, and moreover they now didn’t face two Title Douluo,

but also the world’s number one support spirit master, Nine Color Douluo Ning Rongrong. It was also those two bizarre rays of light from the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda that reversed the entire battle. The difference was that Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing knew in advance that Ning Rongrong’s support would arrive in time, while these two priests did not. Therefore, not only were their defensive spirit power broken, they also suffered extreme injuries.

The most direct effect was that at the same time as the two priests were blasted back, they were already unable to maintain their spirit avatars. As blood splattered, White Tiger Douluo and Hell Douluo’s frightening spirit power had already stabbed into their veins. Even though it wasn’t fatal, the two priests were still severely injured, torn and mangled at their chests.

The first time Ning Rongrong used her ninth spirit ability in battle she reversed the outcome of a fight between four powers, again proving her strength as the world’s number one support tool spirit master. The ability she used was called Nine Treasure Invincible Divine Light, its effect similar to Xiao Wu’s Invincible Golden Body. The difference was that Xiao Wu’s Invincible Golden Body could only be used on herself, with three second invincibility. And Ning Rongrong’s Nine Treasure Invincible Divine Light could be used on any target. It could be used ten times per day, and moreover and moreover didn’t consume any of her spirit power. This was the frightening effect of a hundred thousand year spirit ability. Of course it was also inextricably linked with the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda’s quality as well.

It seemed like the Nine Treasure Invincible Divine Light could only last as long as Invincible Golden Body, but in a battle between true powers, one second invincibility could be equal to another life! Just like the earlier attack, if not for Ning Rongrong’s Nine Treasure Invincible Divine Light, the injured ones would be Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing. The Shrek Six Devils once again relied on their cooperation to win from behind, injuring two powerful enemies, and also finally breaking the balance of powers between both sides in the battle.

Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing didn’t pursue, they weren’t just acting exhausted, in forcing the previous attack after using Spirit Fusion Ability,

their spirit power was already at rock bottom. From the start of the battle, without a doubt, they as the Hell White Tiger

Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing each produced a kind of thing, resplendent, a cylinder with countless facets. If they said nothing, nobody would believe this was actually a sausage, but rather more like a precious gem. The two smiled at each other, somewhat helplessly swallowing the peculiar sausages. If anyone planned on chewing to eat a sausage like this, their teeth would definitely collapse. In fact, this sausage was hard like a real diamond. Only by directly swallowing it could it take effect. This was Food God Douluo Oscar’s ninth spirit ability, Half Again Diamond Sausage.

Why was it the Half Again Diamond Sausage? On the battlefield, this Half Again Diamond Sausage made all your abilities half again that of your opponent, that simple meaning. But the effect it had was absolutely terrifying.

If Oscar’s eighth spirit ability Crystal Caterpillar Sausage was described as the best healing food, then this Half Again Diamond Sausage was the ideal recovery food. Its effect wasn’t comparable to Oscar’s first spirit ability, Big Recovery Sausage. After eating a Half Again Diamond Sausage, within three seconds, physical strength, spirit power and mental strength would all recover by half. Consider, when you were exhausted from fighting an opponent of nearly the same strength as you, and ate this sausage, what would the result be? Especially since Oscar made each Half Again Diamond Sausage after first eating Erect Gold Fly, thereby adding ten ranks of effect to this Half Again Diamond Sausage making it better called Double Diamond Sausage, fully recovering spirit power and physical strength.

Three seconds, in just two breaths, Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing didn’t pursue and attack, but in these two brief breaths, the paleness of their faces disappeared completely, recovering their full strength.

If Ning Rongrong’s Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda was the Shrek Six Devils’ solid support, then Oscar’s sausage was their secret weapon. The manufacture of this Half Again Sausage was rather challenging, enormously exhausting to Oscar. To be able to produce six in the short time

it took them to return, giving the six devils one each, that wasn’t possible with Oscar’s strength alone. But he could complete this arduous task with Tang San’s Seagod divine power support. This was also an important factor for why the Shrek Six Devils were confident in facing the six great priests. Relying on Oscar’s sausage, they practically each had double the strength of the opponents! The change in the situation also started from this moment.

The fourth and fifth priest resisted the pain, crawling up after rolling across the ground. Their expressions were already extremely unsightly, and they were just in time to see Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing’s changes. The two priests’ eyes filled with incredulity, practically roaring in one voice: “This is impossible!”

Dai Mubai laughed out loud, “If your Spirit Empire had a food type Title Douluo as well, you would know this really isn’t impossible. Especially when this food type Title Douluo even has a hundred thousand year spirit ability. We’re not playing around.” While speaking, Dai mubai and Zhu Zhuqing shot forward simultaneously, but not to continue attacking those two priests, rather turning and charging straight at the Spirit Empire spirit master legion on top of the wall. There, even the strongest spirit masters were just Spirit Sages.

“Not good!” Golden Crocodile Douluo’s expression changed, roaring:
“Quick, Spirit Douluo level bishops, stop them!”

But, his cry was still a bit too late. Zhu Zhuqing as an agility attack type Title Douluo was so fast that she flashed past in an instant, and even easily used her sharp claws to cut the throat of a Spirit Douluo. Dai Mubai wasn’t as fast as Zhu Zhuqing, but his spirit power had reached rank ninety five, and also started his Hurricane right leg effect. With massively increased speed, for a moment he wasn’t much slower than Zhu Zhuqing. Especially when they were each hit by two support lights, agility buff and spirit power buff. As a result, the two charged through in moments, leaving only a trail of carnage.

The fourth and fifth priests roused themselves, chasing after Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing. But at this moment, a scream resounded, and a large pile of mincemeat blocked their way.

“Your opponent is me.” Tang Hao’s loud and infinitely aggressive voice exploded. That pile of meat was one of the three Title Douluo that had faced him. Tang Hao started very simply, ring detonation. He detonated his first spirit ring, instantly erupting with attack power that wasn’t anything that just promoted and still only rank ninety one power attack type Title Douluo could withstand, and was instantly blasted into a pile of ground meat by the Clear Sky Hammer’s terrifying strength.

The fourth and fifth priest felt a massive force come through, and as that Clear SKy Hammer swung around, the two were already drawn into battle with Tang Hao.

Facing four Title Douluo with his strength alone, after even killing one Title Douluo, such aggressiveness was something only Tang Hao could accomplish on the present battlefield.

Years of pent up frustrations seemed to explode in an instant. Tang Hao’s Clear Sky Hammer churned up and down in the air like a black dragon. In a one against four situation, he was still the attacking side. Such boldness and terrifying strength!

Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing’s display had completely roused the fighting spirit of this Clear Sky Douluo, and he perfectly displayed the Great Sumeru Hammer. In fact, Tang Hao had studied the

WIth nothing to trouble them in the rear, Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing fused once again in the air, that terrifying Hell White Tiger reappearing on top of the walls. The difference was that this time they didn’t face the second priest Golden Crocodile Douluo, but rather those universally rank seventy or less Spirit Empire spirit master legions.

What would you call a tiger in a flock of sheep? At the same time as the Hell White Tiger charged into the group of people, the Spirit Empire’s spirit masters fully understood meaning the saying.

Meet them head on? Even the second priest was smacked straight into the wall, what could they do? Fear instantly spread, and the moment the Hell White Tiger charged into the crowd, it reaped the lives of several dozen

Spirit Empire spirit masters. Even more terrifying, some low level spirit masters with less than rank forty spirit power were actually directly scared unconscious from the pressure of the beast. Fainting on the ground here was no different from dying, their allies’ feet was enough to end their lives.

In fact, on this wall, there were close to twenty thousand Spirit Empire spirit masters. To block the Heaven Dou imperial army’s siege, Golden Crocodile Douluo had concentrated practically their entire spirit master strength here. However, against a power that could briefly reach the god level, what could these ordinary spirit masters do?

The Hell White Tiger’s wings suddenly flapped, and at the same time as that enormous body was pushed into the air, a terrifying white light suddenly pressed down. Within a hundred meter diameter, the entire wall issued cracking sounds. The spirit masters within this range were blown to pieces, not one could live to see the next sunrise.

Now, even the spirit masters far away from the Hell White Tiger panicked. Who could still mind pouring down attacks? There was a mad scramble to escape, all kinds of spirit ability lights constantly flickering on the walls.

How could the Heaven Dou Empire let such a chance slip? The Strength and Defense hall teams mobilized against the walls a second time, renewing their attack on the gates.

It was also at this moment, unnoticed by the Spirit Empire spirit masters, what seemed like a giant green serpent had quietly slithered up to crest the wall, dark moss green, clinging to the walls and extending its head above Jialing Pass. And this giant serpent just crawling up, seemed innocent and naive.

No need to ask, this dark green giant serpent was precisely Poison Douluo with the Jade Phosphorous Serpent Emperor spirit, Dugu Bo.

Dugu Bo wouldn’t fight head on. Among Title Douluo level powers, he could be said to be the weakest, even a Spirit Douluo level power attack type spirit master might be stronger than him in a straight up fight.

However, in terms of destructive power on the battlefield, none on the Heaven Dou Empire’s side dared compare themselves to him, except perhaps Tang San.

Abilities like poison really weren’t just and honorable, and its effect was also limited when facing a true power. After all, stronger spirit masters had a very strong resistance to poison. However, if poison was cultivated to Dugu Bo’s level, reaching Title Douluo, then that was another matter entirely. Even clearly stronger Title Douluo wouldn’t easily want to fight him. In the previous battle, the Spirit Empire had specially dispatched Blowfish Douluo to counter him, but he was currently one of the four Title Douluo trapped in battle against Tang Hao. With no opponent that could restrain him, Dugu Bo’s cold expression flickered with vicious light. The Jade Phosphorous Serpent Emperor spirit avatar lay quietly on the ground, layer upon layer of dark green light slowly spreading, just in the direction of the Spirit Empire spirit masters.

From the beginning, Dugu Bo not joining the entire battle was Grandmaster’s plan, he was waiting for just this kind of chaotic situation. Right now nobody had noticed him, and he had ample time to release his Jade Phosphor poison. Title Douluo level poison, without exaggeration, had the power to massacre cities. Back when Bibi Dong led the army to Jialing Pass, her first target was Dugu Bo, and was only unsuccessful because of Tang San’s awe inspiring display. Now, the Spirit Empire would pay a heavy price for their mistake.

In order to produce the full effect of his poison, Dugu Bo deviously made his spirit avatar as small as possible, and the poison he released wouldn’t take effect immediately, only imperceptibly transmitting his Jade Phosphorous Serpent Emperor poison into the ground atop Jialing Pass, only gradually turning it dark green, and quickly spreading out. Even the spirit masters standing on the ground didn’t feel anything at the moment, because the poison was completely accumulated inside the rock. With the battle so intense, and the Hell White Tiger rampaging, who would notice the rock changing color at this moment? Even more when the ground was granite, which was dark gray to begin with, the dark green color change wasn’t completely obvious.

This old poisonous creature was extremely cunning when deploying his poison. He didn’t spread it towards those Spirit Douluo. The stronger the spirit master, the easier they would notice. His target was only those quantitatively enormous but mostly below rank seventy mid- and low level spirit masters. A wicked smile was already gradually appearing on Dugu Bo’s face.

Chapter 327

Boom boom boom boom—— Another four explosions that shook all of Jialing Pass reverberated again. Following the opportunity from the chaos created as the Hell White Tiger suddenly charged into the Spirit Empire spirit master legion, the small Tang Sect wall breaking teams sortied once again. This time they were even better prepared, with an even longer run- up. Because of the chaos on top of the walls, the Defense Hall disciples also shared some men to help the Strength Hall disciples carry the giant battering rams towards the gates, and those   five   hundred thousand jin weights turned even more terrifying.

Giant depressions appeared in the gates, and with this overbearing strike, the million Heaven Dou troops also roared, their voices becoming the motivation for the Strength and Defense Hall disciples. Quickly retreating, the third strike followed.

One giant crack after another began to appear in the walls holding the gates. Even though the iron gates were thick and strong enough, that didn’t mean the walls were as strong. The giant iron gates were already starting to deform under the assault, and the surrounding walls were less and less able to withstand it.

On top of the walls, Golden Crocodile Douluo’s eyes were already red. Of course he knew what the result of the gates being battered would be, “Bastards, attack, stop them! Block them even if you die!” His roar was doubtlessly aimed at the spirit master legion. After a series of disturbances,

the spirit mater legion’s more than ten thousand spirit masters now also settled down.

Even though the Hell White Tiger was formidable, in the end it faced a several tens of thousands strong spirit master army. The physical strength of spirit masters far surpassed that of ordinary people, and at the same time as it had killed several hundred enemies, the Hell White Tiger had also spent an enormous amount of strength. In panic, the Spirit Empire spirit masters unleashed a constant barrage of spirit abilities towards it, and the attacks were just too many. The Hell White Tiger’s remaining energy fell even faster than when it faced the fourth and fifth priests.

Besieged by numerous spirit masters, even if each of the Hell White Tiger’s attacks could take the lives of several dozen spirit masters, by the light it radiated, its attacks wouldn’t be able to keep up for too long. The Spirit Empire spirit masters also managed to sober up, still pouring the majority of their attacks towards the Hell White Tiger, while a small number had their hands free and once again started attacking the Tang Sect teams below the wall. They also knew that breaking Jialing Pass definitely wouldn’t be so easy.

“Boss Dai, retreat.” Ma Hongjun who was just keeping the six priest busy constantly launched dive attacks from the air. Because he was in midair, he saw the situation on the field the most clearly. Nobody on the Spirit Empire side spotted that slithering Jade Phosphorous Serpent Emperor, but he saw clearly. In particular the Spirit Empire spirit masters by Dai Mubai had already regrouped, the majority focusing their attacks on the Hell White Tiger. If this went on, no matter how strong Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing were, they would still die from exhaustion. After all, they’d already eaten the Half Again Diamond Sausage, and there was no way to completely recover their spirit power again. Like ants can bite an elephant to death, those were after all legion scale spirit masters.

Dai Mubai also knew they couldn’t continue. When he heard Ma Hongjun’s warning, the Hell White Tiger once again exhibited fearsome explosive strength, a massive white energy sweeping out in an instant. This time, more than a hundred spirit masters were blasted away by the explosion, halting the numerous spirit abilities targeting the Hell White

Tiger. The Hell White Tiger also used this chance to leap out. Not into the battlefield of powers, but rather straight down from the walls. Their mission was already complete, and without much spirit power remaining, they had to retreat to safety to recover. While still in the air, the Hell White Tiger dispersed, again transforming into Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing. Even though they looked exhausted, the excitement on their faces was still clear and easy to see. From the start of the battle until now, without a doubt, they had produced the most glorious accomplishments.

Right now, on top of Jialing Pass, in the battle of powers the Heaven Dou Empire side had gained the advantage, relying on the support of Ning Fengzhi and his daughter Ning Rongrong below the walls to heavily injure another portion of the enemies. The Spirit Empire side now needed those rank eighty something spirit masters to fight at all costs to barely manage to block the attacks with the few priests and Title Douluo. But these Spirit Douluo were quickly losing numbers. Xiao Wu teleported among them like a ghost, using her formidable Soft Skill to grasp and take away their lives. With each less enemy, the resistance they faced naturally also reduced. It could be expected that the Heaven Dou Empire side’s powers at least wouldn’t lose this battle. After all, Xiao Wu, Ma Hongjun and Oscar still hadn’t used their Half Again Diamond Sausages. They could still at any time join the battle with their peak strength. Ning Rongrong who also possessed a Half Again Diamond Sausage shouldn’t have any trouble keeping up with the situation either.

As the Hell White Tiger left the walls, the commander in charge Golden Crocodile Douluo also temporarily heaved a sigh of relief. Even though the Hell White Tiger had killed nearly a thousand spirit master legion spirit masters in this short time, the spirit masters on the walls were after all numerous. As

But before Golden Crocodile Douluo had caught his breath, he suddenly saw a pale old man slowly stand up from the walls. The dark green robe, as well as that characteristic dark green hair, suddenly made Golden Crocodile Douluo’s heart sink.

Of course he recognized this person, back when he’d travelled to Spirit Hall’s Douluo Palace to be conferred a Title, it was Golden Crocodile

Douluo who officiated for him. If it was anywhere else, Golden Crocodile Douluo might not spare him a second glance, but this person, if it was on the battlefield, became the most terrifying existence. Dugu Bo.

Dugu Bo seemed to sense Golden Crocodile Douluo looking at him, turning his head in that direction and grinning, revealing pale white teeth. Right now his complexion was sickly, pale as a sheet of paper, clearly looking spent. But Golden Crocodile Douluo understood well the reason this Poison Douluo hadn’t been seen in the battle until now, an ice cold chill instantly running down his arms and legs, his whole body trembling uncontrollably. His mind was blank.

As if confirming his thoughts, Dugu Bo’s eyes suddenly turned green, his face filling with vicious pleasure, both hands simultaneously making a raising gesture.

There was no rumbling or awe inspiring explosions. With Dugu Bo’s gesture, thick green gas began to rise from the walls. Besides where the powers of both sides were fighting, that green gas spread practically to every corner of the walls. It seemed rather strange.

Just at the start, that gas was still extremely faint, and didn’t draw the attention of anyone on the Spirit Empire side. However, when the first scream began, an even more intense disturbance started than when the Hell White Tiger leapt into their midst.

The first scream came from an archer. When he nocked an arrow, he suddenly discovered that his hand had at some point turned green, and an ice cold feeling instantly came from his heart. His scream erupted with extreme fear. The next moment, his whole body had become dark green, vomiting bloody fluid, then silently collapsing.

It had to be said, while Dugu Bo’s Jade Phosphorous Serpent Emperor poison was terrifying, it didn’t cause all that much pain. When that ice cold feeling reached the brain, the poison was already attacking the heart, and would be fatal in less than three breaths.

Of course, this was for ordinary people. Spirit masters had much stronger resistance than ordinary people, so they of course lasted a bit longer. But the difference was still counted in seconds. For spirit masters at rank seventy and below, each rank of spirit power could give them one second. As that dark green light invaded their whole bodies, they could only feel even more fear.

Practically eighty percent of all the Spirit Empire spirit masters in Jialing Pass were on top of the walls. When that thick green fog covered the top of the walls, they discovered that their bodies had already started turning green. Some who had been injured in the earlier fighting died instantly from the poison, and even those with relatively high spirit power could clearly feel that ice cold breath spreading through their bodies.

That basically wasn’t something that could be resisted with spirit power. The more they used their spirit power, the faster their blood flowed, and the sooner they died. The entire top of the Jialing Pass walls were filled with a verdant green luster.

Don’t mention the Spirit Empire spirit masters who were inside, even the Heaven DOu Empire troops below the walls were shocked, their shouts quieting down.

Xue Beng and marshal Ge Long shared a glance, both equally feeling deep fear. Xue Beng and his uncle prince Xue Xing were originally very close to Poison Douluo. However, after Xue Beng took the throne and came into contact with more and more powers, especially peak powers like Tang San and his father, he had somewhat come to neglect Poison Douluo’s existence. After all, Dugu Bo’s direct fighting power really wasn’t anything among Title Douluo, even now the Golden Iron Triangle’s Golden Saint Dragon could reliably defeat him.

However, on a true battlefield, they now suddenly realized that, among all spirit masters, the ones that could truly be regarded as weapons of mass destruction really weren’t those rank ninety five and above Title Douluo powers, maybe not even king Lan Hao who was fighting the enemy god level power high in the sky, but rather the one that didn’t show a trace of himself in the last few battles, quietly hiding in the chaos, Poison Douluo.

Finally at this critical juncture, Poison Douluo himself revealed his true strength, instilling absolutely nightmare level fear on the Spirit Empire.

Actually, it wasn’t that Dugu Bo didn’t want to show his abilities in the earlier battles, it was really because the Spirit Empire was carefully targeting him, making his abilities unusable. In the Spirit Empire there were altogether two that could reliably counter him. One was Blowfish Douluo who he once fought and who completely suppressed him, and the other was even stronger, the Spirit Empire’s reigning empress, Bibi Dong. Bibi Dong’s twin spirits also had poison abilities, and Dugu Bo’s Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor basically wasn’t the match of her two kinds of spider poison, especially Bibi Dong’s

But on the current battlefield, Blowfish Douluo basically couldn’t step away to face him, and Bibi Dong had never even appeared, so Dugu Bo knew his chance had come, and he also acted carefully. The serpent form was the epitome of assassination, waiting motionless, then striking with full force in one movement. It was one of the most outstanding killers. At this moment, as the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor poison spread over the entire top of Jialing Pass, this battle had already shifted.

Screams covered the top of Jialing Pass like a tidal wave. Those archers had just reached the top and still hadn’t loosed three volleys, but lost their lives without any suspense from this poison. The firepower pouring down below immediately came to a stop. Those ballistae suffered the same ending. The Spirit Empire spirit master legion was also already in chaos. As long as they were infected by a tiny bit of that poison, their bodies would be corroded from the toxin, basically without any chance of survival. Using their spirit power in panic would make the poison spread even faster. Amidst the screams, more and more spirit masters fell within the green mist.

Some spirit masters immediately leapt off the walls after discovering what was going on. Want to run? Where to? No matter how fast they were, there was no way to be faster than the toxin that suddenly emerged after being hidden in the rock. As long as they were infected at all, they would immediately become poison carriers. When they ran down the walls, more often than not the poison had already struck their hearts, and their bodies

became a poison source, mist spreading from them to cover the inside of the walls even faster.

Confronted with this scene, even Dugu Bo himself couldn’t help feeling shocked. Even though he had the ability, this was still the first time he used it in such a large scale confrontation. Watching one previously vibrant life after another be lost to his poison, he also shivered somewhat. If this poison kept spreading, Jialing Pass might become a land of the dead even without the Heaven Dou Empire’s army attacking. The most frightening aspect of this Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor poison was how it bred in blood, each corpse would be a new vector, creating more and more poison.

When Dugu Bo acted, he only wanted to kill as many enemies as possible, and so put all his effort in spreading his poison over as large an area as possible. However, as tens of thousands died to this poison, and more and more people fled from the walls before dying, this poison was already beyond his control. Even he himself had no way of pulling back this much poison within him.

This was a battlefield, and the war still continued. Nobody had yet noticed these problems. Without the threat of attacks from above, the four gates of Jialing Pass were struck time and time again. Soon, those five meter thick giant gates were already being hammered backwards, each attack making it shift a little further. Breaking the gates was only a matter of time.

Golden Crocodile Douluo retched, vomiting out another mouthful of blood. Over, everything was over. When he saw Poison Douluo shoot him a smile, he knew this battle was already finished. Even if Qian Renxue could return now, it was still impossible to make up for such enormous losses. The Spirit Empire spirit master casualties caused by all the other Heaven Dou Empire powers combined wasn’t even a tenth of Dugu Bo’s. Even though those relatively higher level powers still struggled within the poison, their deaths were only a matter of time. As the number of corpses increased, the poison atop the walls was already growing thicker and thicker, this was a dead land! Even the powers of both sides were already starting to be influenced by the poison, having no choice but to project spirit power to block the toxic onslaught.

Seeing that lush green area, Tang Hao also couldn’t help frowning, but Dugu Bo was doing it for victory, and he couldn’t easily say anything. But a faint feeling of unease still rose in his heart. Even if the Spirit Empire was the enemy, there was a massive military force amassed within the pass, at least half a million troops. To all die from poison like this really was unjust. However, Who could stop it from happening?

Boom—— The four gates of Jialing Pass were finally forced open, but Xue Beng didn’t give the order to advance. At this moment, he basically had no way of giving the order. After the gates were opened, he could already see that green mist filling the inside of the fortress, he couldn’t let his soldiers charge into poison.

Marshal Ge Long was worthy of a famed general, immediately taking action and passing down orders, “Order the archer legions, spirit master legion and the Tang Army to focus their attack on the gates. If any enemies sortie, immediately kill them at range, let none escape!” All he could do now was stop Dugu Bo’s poison from spreading towards the Heaven Dou army. Otherwise, this battle would have no winner. It would also become the deadliest battle in history.

Just while the fighting sank into a strange atmosphere due to the poison, ten kilometers in the air, Tang San and Qian Renxue’s battle had reached a white hot intensity.

Boom—— Scorching flame suddenly erupted like magma, uncountable flame arrows shooting towards that blue silhouette in the air. Qian Renxue had already become completely scarlet. In order to oppose Tang San, she faced the danger of at any time being erased by the True Sunfire overload to absorb the energy of the sun.

Compared to Qian Renxue’s near

Tang San was in no rush, he clearly knew that Qian Renxue was like someone quenching their thirst with poison, her offensive might seem incredibly severe, even forcing Tang San back in retreat, but in fact, her severe attacks might end at any moment from being unable to bear the True Sunfire, and even her survival couldn’t be guaranteed.

As this went on, all Tang San did was defend, relying on the power he absorbed from the ocean to create an unbreakable guard. If Qian Renxue planned to pull him into death, Tang San would immediately rely on his divine sense being stronger than hers to escape a step in advance, not clashing with her head on, not giving her the chance to burn either jade nor common stone. He only gradually exhausted her divine power.

Qian Renxue had already begun to feel powerless. Watching Tang San in divine raiment confront her, her thoughts grew even more brittle. In front of this man, she never truly held the advantage. He really was too clever and too sly. He didn’t even give her the chance to die together. Of course Qian Renxue understood what Tang San planned, he was going to keep exhausting her, never confronting her until she didn’t even have the chance to pull him into death.

Even though the two fought ten kilometers up, with their divine senses they still clearly understood the situation on the battlefield below. Qian Renxue originally thought that as long as she stalled Tang San, by relying on their superior numbers of spirit masters, the Spirit Empire repelling the Heaven Dou army wouldn’t be any problem. However, she clearly perceived that it was her side that retreated step by step, and soon the Spirit Empire would be unable to resist.

The more this was the case, the more anxious Qian Renxue felt, and the steadier Tang San was.

The red light dwindled, and Qian Renxue’s attacks suddenly came to a stop. Coldly watching Tang San, she gasped for breath. It seemed she couldn’t endure it any longer. She’d always been the attacking side, and her divine abilities weren’t as good as Tang San’s either. She’d lost comprehensively. Tang San had relied on his stronger divine sense to always predict the next move, making her attacks unable to reach their greatest effect. Unfixed Storm could always appear at the right moment, dissolving her attacks.

Moreover, Tang San’s recovery rate made his battle endurance even stronger than hers, and even his defensive power was higher. Qian Renxue basically could do nothing.

Watching Qian Renxue panting from a distance, Tang San showed no intention of taking advantage and attacking, instead calmly floating in the air, breathing rhythmically, the Seagod Eight Wings on his back beating slowly, absorbing the energy of the ocean to restore him.

“Qian Renxue, there’s no need for this. You should understand showing weakness to the enemy will never work on me. I wouldn’t be tricked. You still have enough strength to attack, no?” Tang San spoke softly, his all-knowing appearance nearly making Qian Renxue grind her silvery teeth down to nubs.

“Tang San, don’t tell me you didn’t sense Poison Douluo’s attack? There’s more than five hundred thousand people within Jialing Pass, before long it will be a graveyard. As the root of it, don’t you fear the wrath of Heaven?”

Tang San gave a gold laugh, “You don’t need to mention that to me, back when your Spirit Hall raided the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan and exterminated the whole sect, did you consider the wrath of Heaven? When your Spirit Hall attacked my parents, did you consider the wrath of Heaven? The dying are the Spirit Empire’s people, how are they related to me? You should be the one to worry.”

Qian Renxue snarled: “Tang San, I really misjudged you. Come! Come here, if you have the skill, kill me now.”

Tang San frowned: “You’re trying to anger me even now? Fine, I will give you the chance, did you think I really was a fraid of your ‘dying together’ card?”

While speaking, every piece of Tang San’s armor brightened, the blue light in the surroundings instantly pouring inside. The Seagod Raiment became completely transparent, including the Seagod Trident in his hand. Blurring, leaving a string of afterimages, Tang San pounced towards Qian Renxue.

Even though he talked about not caring about the hundreds of thousands of lives in Jialing Pass, could he really ignore them? He didn’t fear the

wrath of Heaven, but Tang San’s nature was kind hearted. Even though this was war, hundreds of thousands of people dying from poison, and it might even spread, this definitely wasn’t something he wanted to see. The outcome of this battle was actually already decided, he had no wish to see it become a graveyard.

Qian Renxue’s expression chilled. By Tang San’s appearance she understood that he had condensed all the Seagod divine power onto himself. Even without using any ability, god level powers were the most terrifying in this state. His body was absolutely a deadly weapon, not something she could harm with ranged attacks.

Red light equally condensed on Qian Renxue, her Angelic Raiment turning the color of ruby, holding the Sacred Angelic Sword at her side, light and shadow flashing, six wings beating, she charged straight at Tang San. The next fight was her last chance.

Faint light flickered, Tang San’s face radiating ice cold divine light, the Seagod Trident in his hand chopping straight for Qian Renxue like it was separating heaven and earth. The next fight wasn’t flashy, all they could fight with was the most primal divine power.

The Sacred Angelic Sword in Qian Renxue’s hand rose, slashing horizontally like lightning, the sword

The Seagod Trident was a polearm, and her Sacred Angelic Sword a short weapon. Of course she would get as close to Tang San as possible, attacking inside his range.

Confronted with Qian Renxue’s shoulder strike, Tang San didn’t dodge. He suddenly let the Seagod Trident slip in his hand, sliding his hand to hold the trident in the middle, using it like a sword to cut towards Qian Renxue’s neck with the main blade.

Qian Renxue’s earlier attack was of course a bit faster, her left shoulder directly smashing Tang San’s stomach. Even though she didn’t think her attack would hit, as the God of Angels, her reflexes were incredibly fast, instantly raising her force to the limit. As long as her tackle hit, Tang San’s

Seagod Trident basically wasn’t a threat. He would be knocked away, and what could that trident do then?

However, the instant Qian Renxue’s shoulder struck Tang San, she suddenly felt something was wrong. Tang San was clearly hit, but the armor on his chest suddenly pulled back, like he was sucking in his belly, reducing the effect of her strike by at least half. The next moment, the rhombic gem on his chest plate suddenly flared, and his whole body bent like a bow and then snapped back, his chest striking in reverse, smashing into Qian Renxue’s shoulder.

Tang San’s two lives’ worth of experience really was richer than Qian Renxue. She was after all a girl, she’d never thought about using her chest muscles as a weapon. With an explosive sound, a red halo appearing around Tang San, and a blue maelstrom around Qian Renxue. Both their divine power simultaneously invaded the enemy, none coming off easy.

If it was just the collision, then this strike would be a tie. Even though Qian Renxue’s shoulder tackle had charged force, ingeniously dissolved by Tang San it couldn’t show its full effect, and the force Tang San could exert with his chest was also limited, the attacker and defender naturally weren’t much different. However, don’t forget that Tang San was still swinging the trident.

Tang San’s chest counter was naturally within his own plans, but even though Qian Renxue cut with the Sacred Angelic Sword, it was just in order to make her attack knock Tang San away. With her plan deficient, Qian Renxue now looked to be eating a major loss.

Qian Renxue reacted very quickly. Discovering the situation, she immediately spun, three of the feathered wings on her back extending like sharp blades towards Tang San’s Seagod Trident, trying to use the power of the Angelic Wings to give her a chance to catch her breath. However, even though the Angelic Wings could be used for defense, they were more for condensing divine power. Moreover, Tang San came from the Tang Sect, his wrist strength application really was too powerful.

With a few dextrous motions from Tang San’s fingers, the Seagod Trident flashed, the main blade sweeping past Qian Renxue’s wings, stabbing from below at the root of the Angelic Wings. Despite Qian Renxue’s quick movements, at this time, a stream of pure Seagod’s power also stabbed into her body. And at the same time, the Seagod Trident pulled back, the barbs on the side blades raking across Qian Renxue’s waist. Where they passed, red sparks flew, instantly cutting a large hole in the Angelic Raiment’s waist armor.

Whether the Angelic Raiment or the Seagod Raiment, their defensive strength was insurmountable for ordinary spirit masters. But for Tang San and Qian Renxue, their attacks could forcefully overcome it. If each divine weapon really hit the opponent directly, their divine raiment could only give a measure of protection, and not truly block the attack.

With a cruel sound, Qian Renxue quickly spun, tumbling away, golden red blood spraying from the base of her wings, turning to mist in the air.

The lower pair of Qian Renxue’s six wings were clearly slower, and the Seagod’s power she endured both from within and outside was clearly more intense than the True Sunfire Tang San endured. Pain spread through her whole body, making her spasm violently.

Since Tang San had decided to act, he would go all out. He had to finish Qian Renxue as soon as possible to control the situation before the Jade Phosphorous Serpent Emperor poison completely erupted.

Humph—— Tang San issued a cold snort, his whole body shook once, the Seagod’s power within him completely erupting, forcibly dissolving the True Sunfire. Even though Qian Renxue did the same, she was one beat slower than Tang San.

The Seagod trident swung, a massive blue wheel of light appearing around Tang San. THat wasn’t a Seagod power attack, but rather the Seagod Trident itself, as the main blade shone with light as Tang San swung it. This move was the tenth of the Golden Thirteen Halberds, named: Ocean’s Sun.

Qian Renxue roared, biting down on the tip of her tongue, spitting out a mouthful of blood on her Sacred Angelic Sword. Her whole body seemed to subsequently expand somewhat. With an explosive sound, in just this instant, her Angelic Raiment unexpectedly completely shattered, sweeping out as a giant flame. The power of True Sunfire unleashed by the Angelic Raiment shattering condensed into a giant angel silhouette in the air, the terrifying energy even turning the surrounding space black, the scene of space being cut open!

This was an attack Qian Renxue had charged up strength for for a long time, and also her utmost attack. All her Angelic divine power was completely condensed into that shattered Angelic Raiment.

Chapter 328

In fact, the Angelic Raiment was a divine item connected to the God of Angels’ life. Even though it could recover after being broken, it was still an enormous injury to the God of Angels itself. After this attack, Qian Renxue’s strength sharply declined by ninety percent, failure meant risking her life. Moreover, within three days, her strength could only reach ten percent.

If at this moment, Tang San disregarded everything to launch the Sun of the Sea, Qian Renxue’s all out attack would only target his body, and she would inevitably die by Tang San’s hands. However, it was basically impossible for Tang San to dodge Qian Renxue’s all out attack. The final result would very likely be both dying together. Qian Renxue had waited so long, waited for this opportunity. After launching this attack, she wouldn’t even be able to stay flying on her own, and would go tumbling to the ground. Pouring her last strength into her voice, her full divine sense breaking out, she shouted towards Jialing Pass: “People of the Spirit Empire, leave Jialing Pass, retreat!”

Compared to Tang San, she was of course even more reluctant to part with practically all of the Spirit Empire’s strength. The spirit master casualties already exceeded eighty percent, it was impossible to hold Jialing Pass any more. She also wondered if she even had the strength remaining to dispel the poison. What she could do now was only hope to spare some embers of the Spirit Empire. Her heart was already set, the next moment she might be swallowed by Tang San’s attack.

However, the attack Qian Renxue anticipated never came. Her body fell straight towards Jialing Pass. Qian Renxue barely managed to turn herself around. He didn’t attack me? Why? She absolutely didn’t believe that Tang San could dodge her last attack.

Actually, QIan Renxue still planned to tie Tang San up a while longer, looking for an even better opportunity, her move was also inspired by Tang San’s Great Sumeru Hammer Ring Detonation. However, she was injured by Tang San in one exchange, and seeing him charge over she knew that if she didn’t act, she might never have the chance. So she unleashed her offensive regardless of everything, erupting with all her divine power and divine raiment, condensing it with the True Sunfire.

True, Tang San couldn’t possibly dodge Qian Renxue’s attack. Facing the Sun Angel that was turning back from red to golden in the air, with temperature reaching an extremely terrifying degree, Tang San smiled. He had so far never agreed to meet Qian Renxue head-on, wasn’t that to guard against her dragging him to death? How could he make such a mistake now?

Within the resounding explosion, Qian Renxue incredulously saw Tang San’s body actually shatter in the air, or to be more precise, his Seagod’s Raiment shatter. But not completely exploding into energy like her Angelic Raiment did, but rather break off piece by piece, then reassembling. Tang San’s body turned into a ray of blue light, becoming a part of this combination.

A brand new Seagod Trident appeared in the air, more than twice as large as before. The original blue light had disappeared, becoming the purest golden color. Yes, this was the true Seagod’s divine weapon, the Golden Trident’s original appearance.

“Body and weapon unity, The Big Dipper Turns And Stars Move.” The Golden Thirteen Halberds’ final form.

A speck of resplendent golden light abruptly burst from the tip of the Golden Trident’s main blade, cutting violently towards that Sun Angel in the sky. Just as the Sun Angel’s scorching energy enveloped it, this Golden

Trident turned, rolled, swung. The three simplest, but also the most effective movements.

The Sun Angel was wrapped up by the strange golden light and compressed into a ball, then instantly tossed out, even higher into the sky.

The next moment, in the distant sky, a layer of golden and red light instantly made the entire sky change color.

Boom—— Qian Renxue smashed heavily onto the wall. Her fall had already drawn the attention of the powers of both sides below, and due to the unconfirmed circumstances of the situation, Tang Hao promptly ordered the retreat. After all, the state of the battle was already irreversible, it wasn’t necessary to corner the enemy.

Amidst a violent explosion, the powers of both sides immediately broke off the battle, and the Heaven Dou Empire’s side retreated off Jialing Pass.

Falling ten thousand kilometers, what a terrifying force of impact. Before Qian Renxue had even hit, Golden Crocodile Douluo saw the Angelic Raiment was missing, and radiating a reddish golden light, it was very difficult for Qian Renxue to control her body. This second priest had given his life to Spirit Hall. Now, he smashed his chest with both fists, making his whole body instantly expand, his skin turning completely blood red. With a loud explosion, he exploded.

Luckily Tang Hao had quickly ordered the retreat, and wasn’t affected by this peak Douluo’s suicide bombing. A massive blood mist burst out in the air, and Qian Renxue felt herself being buoyed by a great force, then smashed heavily into the top of the wall. Despite Golden Crocodile douluo giving his life to support it, this strike still smashed out a large hole in the walls.

Qian Renxue was after all a god, at a time like this, with Golden Crocodile Douluo’s support, she’d already caught a breath. This violent collision was nothing to her. Intense grief flooded her heart. Her conviction of certain death suddenly disappeared, she remembered that even just for Golden Crocodile Douluo, she couldn’t die like this.

Bouncing to her feet, she yelled: “Retreat!”

Only four now remained of the six grand priests, and another two

In the sky, the Golden Trident broke apart, Tang San returning. A tired paleness flashed across his face. Even though he’d relied on his already prepared Golden Thirteen Halberds’ final form to resolve Qian Renxue’s life strike, he was still considerably exhausted. The Seagod Eight Wings on his back had already become completely blue, frantically absorbing the energy of the ocean.

Adjusting his divine power, Tang San then descended, relying on his god level Purple Demon Eye, he just saw Qian Renxue and the Spirit Empire powers quickly retreat.

Want to leave like this? Tang San gave a cold snort. Even though his divine power was quite exhausted, his recovery was also extremely fast. Swinging the Seagod Trident, a Millennial Space launched.

Enormous pressure suddenly appearing behind her, Qian Renxue clenched her silvery teeth. In the sunshine, she just managed to maintain her divine power, but she very clearly understood that if Tang San pursued her now, she basically couldn’t run.

Just at this moment, the effect of Spirit Halls’ years of experience showed itself. The fourth and fifth priest brothers roared simultaneously, turning around, their spirits instantly exploding, spreading all the energy in the air. Within a loud explosion, they exploded into two clouds of blood mist.

Golden light clouds burst in midair, the power of Millennial Space consuming the two priests’ detonation energy in practically an instant. However, their sacrifice still gave Qian Renxue a certain time to escape.

The might of Millennial Space of course wasn’t so easily dissolved, three of the escaping Title Douluo were also drawn into it, directly exploding into blood mist. Including the priests, with this attack, half of the ten Title Douluo level powers were gone.

But Tang San didn’t keep pursuing. If he kept attacking now, Qian Renxue wouldn’t stand a chance, nothing would remain for her but death. However, at the same time as he launched this Millennial Space, Tang San clearly saw how an entire third of the range of Jialing Pass was influenced by green. With every second, thousands of lives were lost within.

Retreat? There were more than half a million men within this enormous fort, how could they retreat at just the word? Corpse after corpse constantly exploded with mist, even starting to spread outside the walls. Tang San couldn’t help sighing, Qian Renxue, I’ll let you live a moment longer.

It seemed to Tang San that the Spirit Empire no longer had a chance to make a comeback. Jialing Pass was what it was, and he had seriously injured Qian Renxue, the Angelic Raiment definitely couldn’t be restored quickly. In her current state, it was impossible to hide her divine sense from his search. He’d first deal with the danger of the poison in front of him before going to chase her.

His kind heart as well as control over the situation made Tang San temporarily set aside chasing Qian Renxue, but he didn’t know that his kindness in this moment would bring him enormous danger.

Controlling himself to gloat over the walls of Jialing pass, Tang San glanced somewhat helplessly at Poison Douluo who had already returned to his original position with a dull expression. Oh, old freak, you are the one who decided the outcome of this battle. Maybe even you didn’t expect it to be like this. As for the aftermath, leave it to me.

Floating in midair, blossoming with sapphire light immediately made Tang San the focal point of the entire battlefield. Especially the Heaven Dou army clearly saw Qian Renxue fall like a flaming meteor, smashing into the top of Jialing Pass, while Tang San flew down. This alone was enough to tell them the outcome of the battle of gods.

Although the green mist was still bubbling op from within Jialing Pass, these million troops roared excitedly like fanatical believers in Tang San. To them it seemed like there was no problem Tang San couldn’t solve. Even

the Heaven Dou emperor Xue Beng felt such zealous worship, let alone the common soldiers.

“Sea——god——, long—— live——, Sea—— god——, long—— live
——!” Everyone knew that the winner of this battle was already decided, the Spirit Empire no longer had the strength to counter attack. Even though it couldn’t be called effortless, the entire Heaven Dou army still hadn’t been thrown into the battlefield before it was already over. People had only one life, who wouldn’t be excited if they could win without risking it?

The rhombic gem in the Seagod headband brightened, flashing like a point burning with Tang San’s ocean power. The Seagod’s Heart on the Seagod Trident, as well as the whirlpool gem on the Seagod chest armor brightened at the same time.

As Tang San raised the Seagod Trident above his head, the light of these three gems spun into one straight line in the air. Surging blue light quickly condensed into a hundred meter diameter giant blue whirlpool soaring towards the sky with him as the center.

The sky previously bright with sunshine instantly darkened, and vast expanses of black clouds formed above Jialing Pass at a speed visible to the naked eye. The atmosphere also became oppressive.

When large drops of rain began to fall from the sky, they were still just sporadic, but very soon it turned into a downpour, roaring down on Jialing Pass.

Just what is called ‘fire and flood have no mercy’, even though the Jade Phosphor Serpent Poison was strong, under this downpour the green mist immediately weakened, gradually disappearing in the rain. A faint blue light fell from the sky, enveloping all of Jialing Pass. Tang

“People of the Spirit Empire in Jialing Pass, surrender where you stand and your lives can be spared. Intent to resist, kill without pardon. Plan to escape, kill without pardon.”

Nobody would doubt Tang San’s words. At this moment, none of the Spirit Empire soldiers that still hadn’t escaped Jialing Pass could leave any more. A blue water barrier replaced the wall on the other side, completely blocking their way out. As for the Heaven Dou Army side, the previous toxin was too terrifying, who dared approach it? Besides, what if they could leave Jialing Pass on that side? The million men strong Heaven Dou Army was there!

After speaking, Tang San pointed the Seagod Trident down, and the downpour washed the poison such that it didn’t flow towards the cowering defenders, but rather towards the moat outside. At this time, if Tang San wanted to annihilate the defenders without damage to the Heaven Dou army outside, it would only be too easy. As long as he moved the rain into the troops, then Jialing Pass really would become a land of the dead.

The Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor poison really was terrifying. Once any creature was poisoned, their bodies would become toxic, and even the bones would be corroded. Under this heavy rain, not even one corpse appeared, clearly showing how terrifying it was.

Guided by the Seagod’s power, the rain scrubbed every corner around the Jialing fortress. The toxin feared water, this was clear and easy to see. Of course, after being scrubbed away, the moat water where the poison gathered was also filled with Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor poison.

Seeing that the rain was more or less done, Tang San swung his left hand once again, and a ray of blue light shot to the sky. The black clouds were parted by the light and a ray of sunshine hit the earth through the crack. Moreover, the crack expanded quickly, warm sunshine again descending on the soldiers on both sides. And not one drop of rainwater in the moat was exposed, just filling that vast and deep moat.

The dark green river water was gave people an intimidating feeling.
Everyone knew that this had already become a river of death.

Tang San’s actions of course wouldn’t end here. The Seagod Trident shone once again, and instantly, the water in the moat rose towards the sky

like a giant wave, curling up and flowing towards Tang San like a silver river.

The enormous stream revolved around Tang San, forming a giant ring. In the entire moat, not one drop of water remained, and all of the poison was brought into the air with the rainwater.

In the sunshine, the giant water ring revolved around Tang San, the bizarre scene astounding the soldiers of both sides below. A miracle, yes, this was unquestionably a miracle!

As it spun violently, threads of blue water vapour began to split off from the stream, all pure water element, turning into fine misty rain that fell on the earth. But the green in the water grew denser and denser, from the initial faint jade color to something like ink. Without question, this was the Jade Phosphor serpent Emperor poison that had taken the lives of tens of thousands.

As the water had been reduced a thousandfold, already the color of ink, Tang San raised his right hand, lightly touching the main blade of the Seagod Trident to it.

With a brittle ding sound, a sharp and clear sound that spread to every corner of the battlefield, a golden spark shot out and leapt into that inky poison.

Boom—— The black ink turned into a giant ring of fire, led into the air by the Seagod Trident, all the poison also quietly dissipating in the flame.

Nobody knew who was the first to cheer, but the Heaven Dou army also seemed lit aflame by the spark, cheers and voices boiling with excitement echoed over the field.

Simultaneous cheers unexpectedly also resounded from within Jialing Pass. The soldiers inside actually included surviving Spirit Hall spirit masters that hadn’t been able to escape, and they also cheered the poison disappearing. They were mostly ordinary people, and not Spirit Hall zealots. They didn’t have any strong faith. Life was most valuable to them,

and they firmly believed what Tang San said before. That was a god! Would a god lie to them? He said he wouldn’t kill them, so what would they plot? In a divine battle like this, weren’t they just looking to die?

After all, the impression Qian Renxue had left in the hearts of the Spirit Empire troops was still too brief. The victor is king, the loser a bandit. The moment she was defeated, she had already lost the position as god to these soldiers, and the image of Tang San who could use his Seagod power to completely remove the Jade Phosphor Serpent Poison that would have turned Jialing Pass into a land of the dead was already deeply imprinted into their hearts. At this moment, how could they still think of fighting?

Clang, the first weapon was thrown to the ground. , the same sound quickly spread like the rain. The Spirit Empire soldiers began to put down the weapons they held one after another, kneeling on the ground. Voices of surrender rose and fell.

Tang San nodded with satisfaction, speaking towards the Heaven Dou army: “Your Majesty, I’ll leave Jialing Pass to you while I go pursue Qian Renxue, and completely uproot the last hope of the Spirit Empire.”

Xue Beng answered loudly: “Farewell Imperial Tutor, I will await your good news in Jialing Pass.”

Towards Tang San he didn’t even use the royal we. Not so long ago, the title

A shooting star with a dazzling tail of flame disappeared in blue light, gradually fading ten breaths after Tang San was gone. Xue Beng’s expression was filled with unprecedented radiance, pointing the imperial sword forward, “Pass on my orders, advance into Jialing Pass, the lord Seagod commanded that those who surrender be spared, those with courage to resist, killed without pardon.”

At Xue Beng’s orders, the already long prepared Heaven Dou army charged victoriously into Jialing Pass. They now met yet another bloodless victory for the Heaven Dou Empire.

Leaving the armies to their own devices, after completely expelling the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor poison, Tang San immediately chased in the direction Qian Renxue escaped as guided by his divine sense. Dealing with the poison just now had wasted quite a bit of time, and even though Qian Renxue was seriously wounded, with barely a tenth of her strength, this much time was still enough for her to run a very long distance. Tang San didn’t want to give the Spirit Empire any more chances. If Qian Renxue was allowed to recover, she would still be a huge headache. After all, she was a god level power. If she didn’t persist with her conviction and fought a guerilla war against the Heaven Dou army, she would become an enormous threat. He had to use this opportunity to completely erase this threat. This battle would decide the true victor, and the Spirit Empire would also lose their last embers. As for Bibi Dong who returned to Spirit City, she was no longer in Tang San’s eyes.

Tang San very soon saw the Spirit Empire soldiers escaping Jialing Pass like stray dogs. These had all escaped Jialing Pass at the first moment, but still hadn’t run far. In fact, the people who could escape made up less than a fifth of the defenders at Jialing Pass, and the number of spirit masters was even more pathetically small, at most two thousand people. The terrifying effect of Dugu Bo’s Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor poison had become the nightmare of all Spirit Empire spirit masters.

However, just as Tang San caught up to the Spirit Empire’s panicked soldiers, his expression immediately turned ugly. Because at this moment he suddenly lost track of Qian Renxue.

Even if he’d previously let Qian Renxue temporarily escape to immediately deal with the poison in the fort, he still wound a trace of divine sense around her. He believed that with Qian Renxue’s present strength, whether in speed or divine sense, it was impossible to contend against him. The final outcome of course wouldn’t change.

But at this moment, Qian Renxue’s divine sense suddenly disappeared without any warning, as if she’d already left this world. This was wholly unexpected to Tang San. He disbelievingly immediately strengthened his divine sense search, the enormous Seagod divine sense spreading out from the rhombic gem on the Seagod headband, searching seamlessly in a

circular sector. However, while he could sense the breathing of every escaping Spirit Empire soldier, he had unfortunately lost track of Qian Renxue. At the same time he also lost track of the five powers escaping with her. Losing track of Qian Renxue was still a bit reasonable, as she might have some peculiar control ability with her divine sense, but those Title Douluo shouldn’t be untraceable. Tang San inwardly couldn’t help feeling like he let the tiger back into the mountain.

Of course he wouldn’t give up like this. Moving at top speed, his divine sense spread to even larger ranges, starting to search for any traces of Qian Renxue within a thousand li.

As for the Spirit Empire soldiers that were fleeing Jialing Pass, Tang San naturally wouldn’t do anything to them. At his level, he couldn’t possibly absurdly start killing these ordinary humans. To Tang San this battle was already over. He just didn’t want Qian Renxue to cause the Heaven Dou Empire trouble in the future. In fact, even if Qian Renxue recovered her strength, she would still never be his match.

Tang San kept searching for two hours. This was already quite a considerable period of time to a god. When he didn’t get any results in all this time, Tang San knew that he might not be able to find Qian Renxue. In a stifled mood, he again returned to the fortress at Jialing Pass. No matter what, after the today’s victory, the Spirit Empire had already lost their basic defenses, the remaining war would become a lot simpler. If she still wanted to give the Spirit Empire some chance, then she would inevitably appear in the next battle. If he could defeat her once, he could defeat her twice.

When Tang San returned to Jialing Pass, the Heaven Dou army had already completely taken control over the Spirit Empire’s most important fortification. Jialing Pass really was an imposing structure, more than five hundred thousand of the million troops had entered te fort and it still didn’t feel crowded. The Spirit Empire’s surrendered soldiers and spirit masters were under guard for the moment, their weapons collected. As Tang San originally promised, those who surrendered were spared, and only a small fraction who were brave enough to resist were directly killed by the Heaven Dou army. All of Jialing Pass had already become part of the Heaven Dou

Empire, and cheering voices rose and fell. Even the most ordinary soldier knew that, even though they had only overcome one

When Tang San headed back, in order not to make the soldiers too excited and enthusiastic, he quietly withdrew his Seagod Raiment before entering the pass, replacing it with ordinary clothes. Guided by his divine sense, he directly found the marshal’s office in Jialing Pass. Just now, the Heaven Dou army’s commanding officers and spirit master powers were gathered here.

Entering the office, Tang San immediately felt an intense excited mood. Shielded by the Seagod’s power, he easily hid himself. As long as he didn’t wish for it, nobody could see him. This was the basic stealth ability of the original Seagod’s Heart. Unless it was god level divine sense, he could seem like he didn’t even exist in this world anytime he wanted.

The conference hall in the marshal’s office was now like a magpies nest taken by turtledoves. Xue Beng was in charge, this Heaven Dou imperial majesty practically hadn’t stopped smiling ever since Tang San appeared on the battlefield. Right now marshal Ge Long wasn’t at his side, just taking charge of the army outside, taking complete control over Jialing Pass. But the spirit masters’ mission was already complete, as the vital contributors to the battle, the Shrek Six Devils, Tang Hao, Tang Xiao, Grandmaster, Flender, Poison Douluo and others were now gathered here.

“Senior Dugu, this result is thanks to you! Your poison enormously reduced the casualties in the army, but still directly collapsed the enemy’s morale. In terms of contribution, besides Grandmaster, you should be at the top.” Xue Beng spoke sincerely to Dugu Bo. They all knew that Tang San’s god level power naturally wouldn’t count as contribution. In fact, Dugu Bo’s contribution to this battle wasn’t any less than Tang San.

Dugu Bo smiled wryly: “Your Majesty, this old man really is too embarrassed to accept the honor, what could be unleashed couldn’t be retrieved, almost leading to a disaster. Luckily Tang San could deal with the poison, otherwise I might be condemned throughout history.”

Tang Hao laughed out loud: “Condemned throughout history is uncertain, but you definitely couldn’t outrun the name of butcher. Actually it’s not that bad, at most the Spirit Empire people would be poisoned to death. We just needed to withdraw the army, and let you slowly collect the poison. Jialing Pass would end up in the same hands, it would just take a bit longer.”

At Tang Hao’s words, those military officers all looked a bit pale. Back then there were several hundred thousand Spirit Empire people in Jialing Pass! But Grandmaster sitting next to Tang Hao nodded, hardly concealing his approval of what Tang Hao said. In terms of grudges against the Spirit Empire, Grandmaster and Tang Hao were definitely the deepest. Because of Spirit Hall back then, Tang Hao couldn’t return home, and didn’t even see his father at the end, his wife was even sacrificed herself to save him, twenty years of pain and resentment couldn’t be erased. Even if the Spirit Empire was wiped out, Tang Hao still wouldn’t even blink. Grandmaster was even more so, the Blue Lightning Tyran Dragon Clan was directly wiped out, and he wished he could annihilate the entire Spirit Empire.

Listening to Tang Hao, Dugu Bo’s expression immediately improved, laughing hollowly: “Clear Sky Douluo, this is up to Heaven! It’s my first time doing this, and even I never expected it to have such a terrifying effect. In the future my poison won’t be used on the battlefield.”

Xue Beng smiled: “Senior Dugu need not be like this, no matter what formidable power it is, if used for justice i is just, used for evil it is evil. Taking a step back, if not for your poison, don’t tell me any fewer would have died in storming Jialing Pass? At that time, not only would the Spirit Empire people be dead, our soldiers would also suffer disastrous casualties, very possibly in numbers even higher than the Spirit Empire soldiers. Therefore, you need not feel any guild. No matter what is said, we’ve already won this battle. Honestly, I really don’t know how to thank all you seniors. I can only say that no matter what all seniors request in the future, the Heaven Dou Empire will support with all its strength.”

Tang Xiao said: “Then first I’ll thank your Majesty. Back then our Clear Sky School vanished because of Spirit Hall, and now our strength is

still meager. Using this opportunity, I hope your Majesty can allow my Clear Sky School to reestablish itself in Heaven Dou City.”

Xue Beng was cheerful, immediately saying: “Of course. Indeed what I wished for, but didn’t dare request. To be able to have the Clear Sky School oversee Heaven Dou City is my fortune, and the fortune of the whole Heaven Dou Empire.” Even disregarding Tang San, the Clear Sky School was once the world’s number one sect, its fame even higher than the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School. Even though the Clear Sky School hadn’t brought many people this time, the brothers Tang Xiao and Tang Hao revealed strength that amply proved the reputation as the world’s number one sect wasn’t fake. How could Xue Beng not be happy?

Blue light flashed, and a silhouette quietly appeared in the conference hall. After the group of Title Douluo grew nervous a moment, they quickly relaxed. Besides Tang Xiao, Tang Hao and Grandmaster, everyone else stood up.

Xue Beng reacted the fastest, he actually directly took a few steps forward and knelt on one knee, saluting: “We greet the Imperial Tutor.”

Without a doubt, this quietly appearing blue silhouette was Tang San who had failed to pursue Qian Renxue.

Chapter 329

A tender energy lifted Xue Beng up. Tang San smiled then said, “You don’t need to do so. How could I receive your etiquette like that?”

Xue Beng said determinedly, “Teacher, if you can’t receive my bow, then no one can. Xue Beng now bows to you, not for me, myself, but for one million of soldiers of the Heaven Dou Empire. Moreover, I do it for millions of people of the Heaven Dou Empire.”

His words were honest. Tang San could feel that what he was saying had come from the bottom of his heart.

Xue Beng got up, looking at Tang San standing in front of him, whose countenance was mild without a surging beam of energy. Tears lingered in his eyes, blocked his vision with a layer of water.

“Teacher, you know. Yesterday I was thinking about recklessly fighting with them till death. Now I can say it all. When we got the information that a God would join the Spirit Empire’s force, I felt that we were all going to die. I have been praying that you could come back soon. Today, when I had decided to start the battle, I thought my prayer was hopeless. But you are back, teacher. You are the Sea God now. At the moment when the Heaven Dou Empire needed you the most, you appeared in front of us, using your divine powers to lead the Heaven Dou Empire to victory, breaking the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. I have dreamed about this. But I’ve never thought that it would come that soon and direct. Teacher, I don’t know how to thank you. If you agree, I will offer you this throne.”

“Your Majesty, you can’t.”

Tang San stretched both of his hands to raise Xue Beng up with a warm smile on his face. He could totally use his powers to raise Xue Beng up without touching him. However, he still used his hands. This is his respect towards Xue Beng.

Tang San smiled and said, “The victory today was not only due to my own efforts. Our men here have all played an important role in the fight. Especially that old monster, his Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor’s toxins had startled me.”

Du Gu Bo said angrily, “Little monster, don’t you think that you can tease me since you are now a God. I can still whip you.”

Tang San laughed cheerily, “Old monster, do you really think that I have no back up here? My father, my uncle and my teacher are all here. If someone has to beat me, it will not be your turn yet.”

Then, Tang San let go of Xue Beng’s hands, turned around, headed to Tang Xiao, Tang Hao, and Grandmaster and kneeled down. No matter how strong he was, or what title he had, there’s something that would never change. Teacher was the one whom he respected the most. Father was the closest family member to him. They were all his seniors.

Seeing Tang San kneeling down, Xue Beng followed him. Tang San didn’t prevent him from doing that at this moment. And when Xue Beng kneeled down, the other generals in the tent, of course, couldn’t just stand there, they all followed him, bending down on their knees.

At this moment, in Tang Hao’s dazed eyes, there was only the image of Tang San, his only son. He was famous for being stiff in the spirit masters world. But now, tears were lingering in his eyes. Not long from now, he had thought that he would have let his son become an ordinary person. He still remembered that Tang San had cooked porridge for him every day. At that time, the amount of rice in their house had been only enough for cooking porridge for every meal. When Tang San had finished cooking, he just took the plain broth and left him the best of his congee. Tang San was just six years old at that time.

At this moment, his son was grown up to this excellent man. He was even more excellent than his father. Tang Hao didn’t feel happy or joyful now, but bitter. He felt bitter for all the time that his son had to suffer. What his son had achieved today all came from his own efforts. Everybody could see his powers as a God now, but how many of them had witnessed what Tang San had to pay throughout over twenty years? Tang Hao could imagine easily countless times Tang San had to undergo deadly situation and came back from the death.

Tang Hao suddenly moved, he stepped forward, vehemently drew Tang San on his kneeling position, then hugged him tightly into his steel-like firm chest.

Tang Hao would never say any soft words with his tough personality.
However, his embrace and his tears had spoken many things to Tang San.

Tang San hugged him back tightly. He didn’t cry, but his lips were pursed. The emotions in his eyes weren’t less than that of Tang Hao.

Although he had been living twice, Tang Hao was his only father. A father is always a big idol in his children’s hearts. Tang San wasn’t an exception. Even when Tang Hao had been a drunkard, Tang San had never disrespected his father.

Having his father’s support was always something that a man desired the most.

“Dad, my life was given to me by mom and you. Even if I have to pay with all my life, I can never pay it off. My life belongs to you. Everything I have belongs to you, too.” Tang San understood his father’s thoughts; he consoled him directly.

Tang Hao lifted his head up, both of his hands hugging Tang San’s shoulders. He studied his son’s handsome visage and nodded. “You are my pride.”

Although Tang San always controlled his emotions, having listened to Tang Hao, he couldn’t hold it anymore as tears started to stream down on

his face.

“Little San, you are also my pride. The pride of my whole life.”

Grandmaster came to Tang Hao, staring at Tang San. His stimulation was even bigger than Tang Hao’s. He had trained a God!

Tang Hao let off him, backed off to clear Grandmaster’s way. Tang San kneeled down again, in front of the Grandmaster. When Grandmaster was about to lift him up, Tang Hao stopped him from behind.

“Grandmaster, you have to receive his obeisance. You have paid a bigger price for him than I have. I didn’t fulfill my paternal roles, but you are an excellent teacher. Without you, we wouldn’t have the Tang San that we now know of today.”

Grandmaster was held by Tang Hao, how could he fight it off? He could only see Tang San giving him three bows, and nine kowtows respectfully.

Tang San didn’t stand up right away. He looked up to Grandmaster, as his eyes were dewed with tears.

“Teacher, there’s something I have wanted to tell you for so long. But I had considered myself wasn’t qualified enough because I hadn’t reached the peak of the spirit masters world. I always wait for the chance like today. Now I’ve broken through level one hundred and the Sea God’s title, it’s time to say it.” Grandmaster was surprised. Apparently, he didn’t know what Tang San wanted to tell him.

Tang San’s eyes were reddened.

“Grandmaster, you’ve been struggling for the whole life. You don’t have any children. You have put all of your efforts on me. Although you are not my father, in my heart, you are as important as my father, Tang Hao. Dad, please receive my obeisance.”

While saying, Tang San bent down again, hitting his head hard on the ground. ly, he had kowtowed to his teacher; now he was giving his

obeisance to his father. It was like what Tang Hao had commented, Grandmaster had put more care to Tang San than he did. Tang San, at the glorious moment of his life, finally had a chance to speak out the words he had hidden from the bottom of his heart for a long time.

Xiao Wu had come and bent down together with Tang San right when he kneeled down the first time.

Grandmaster dazedly looked at Tang San. His body was trembling. Without Tang Hao’s support, he would have fallen. His lips trembled, couldn’t utter a word to Tang San. He emotionally rose his hands, putting on Tang San’s broad shoulders. He was crying in silence.

His whole life, like a big picture, was flashing through his mind. From the childhood time, when everybody had discriminated him for his mutant spirit; and they had never considered him a member of the family.

It had formed his silent character. When he had been seeing people of his generation growing up with the special spirit of the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Family, he couldn’t have hidden his admiration. At that moment, he had been self-deprecating. It had made him leave his family when he hadn’t even grown up yet.

Then, he met the first love of his life. That woman came from the Spirit Hall. But when she had entered his life, he hadn’t known her origin. Even though Grandmaster had a mutant spirit, he got a brilliant mind that no one could ever have. Moreover, his knowledge about spirits was profound. Gradually, they had fallen in love. The first love is always the most beautiful one that one could never forget. In Grandmaster’s heart, that woman was so beautiful. She was the goddess of his heart. Even when they had been together, he didn’t dare to touch her, as he was afraid that he would disrespect her.

That woman wasn’t Liu Er Long, but the current Empress of the Spirit Empire, Bibi Dong.

They had been together for two years. Those two years were the most beautiful moments of Grandmaster’s life. He had told Bibi Dong every of

his miraculous knowledge about spirits. Every single day they had spent together was carefree and full of joy. At that time, he had believed that Bibi Dong was the gift that Heaven had made up for his loss. An Angel had come for him, and him only. Because of Bibi Dong, he had released himself out of the darkness that had been chasing his soul. He then had been able to define his way, putting all of his heart to the study of spirits.

However, happiness doesn’t last long. Tragedies had come. One day, the Goddess of his heart came to him and told him that the reason why she had spent her time with him was actually because of his knowledge. Everything between them should have ended now. One simple saying had broken Grandmaster’s heart. That deep wound, up to now, hadn’t been healed.

Although Grandmaster could find many flaws in what Bibi Dong had told him; she still left him at the end. He finally knew her origin. The Holy Maiden of the Spirit Hall. Moreover, she would have been the next Supreme Pontiff. He couldn’t believe anything that Bibi Dong had told him anymore. One night, Grandmaster had drunk alcohol for the first time, he had been so drunk he didn’t want to wake up again.

After that, he met Liu Er Long and Flender. It soon had been his next tragedy. The second woman he had ever loved was his cousin. At the moment he decided to leave Liu Er Long, he only thought about death. Yes, only death could have saved him. Right when he decided to kill himself, his arrogance had drawn him back. He wanted to prove to the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Family that he wasn’t a handicapped person before he died.

Since then, Grandmaster had put all of his heart and brains to study spirits. Only studying it could save him from recalling his life’s tragedies. Until the day he met Tang San. Grandmaster still remembered when he had been stirred up knowing Tang San had the full innate spirit, an indication of twin spirits. He knew his chance had come. With this child, he could prove himself to his family. And, he accepted Tang San as his disciple.

At the beginning, Grandmaster just wanted to prove himself to his family. However, as time was passing by, Tang San’s position in his heart had become more important. Even Grandmaster didn’t know why he had cared for Tang San that much.

Until he knew that the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Family was gone and he had become the Receptor of the Heaven Dou Empire, he didn’t need to prove anything to anyone. However, his heart still had a void. Although he was with Liu Er Long every day, the shadow in his heart still existed. At this moment, when Tang San had called him Father, the last defending layer in Grandmaster’s heart was broken. He finally found the goal of his life after thirty bloody years. For his son, his own son. Even if he had to pay with his life, he would never regret it.

“Good son.”

Grandmaster’s voice was trembling as he gently stroked Tang San’s head.
His tears were streaming down. His stiff face’s muscles were twitching.

Frankly speaking, Tang Hao admired him, but he wasn’t jealous. He had brought Tang San into this life, but Grandmaster was the one who had brought him up. One day a teacher, lifelong a father. What Tang San had called him was satisfying.

Grandmaster’s emotions couldn’t be calmed for a long while until Liu Er long came forward, lifting Tang San up. When Liu Er Long came to his side, her face was full of tears. They had been together for many years, who could understand his sorrows more than her?

Flender said with his low voice. “Xiao Gang. This is a big occasion. You should be happy!”

Liu Er Long led Grandmaster to his seat. He still turned his head to call Tang San with his trembling voice. “Little San, call me again please?”


Tang San suddenly stepped forward, hugging Grandmaster tight, shaking Grandmaster’s emotions.

“Good, good. Even if I have to die now, the life of Yu Xiao Gang hasn’t been wasted. Son, I have a son. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…”

During his laughter, Grandmaster’s countenance suddenly paled, his laughter was choking, fading out. Grandmaster was getting weaker, falling into Tang San’s chest. Tang San was scared, hurriedly putting his palm on Grandmaster’s chest.

He finally had his dream fulfilled after a long life of tragedies. This had shifted Grandmaster from sorrow to extreme happiness. The sadness he had accumulated for many years had burst out at once. His feeble meridians couldn’t withstand this, had been instantly broken. His vitality was like a tide, flooding away.


Tang San screamed.

Grandmaster leaned on his chest; his breath was feeble.

“Little…San…Thank…you….It’s…time…I…have…to…go. But… I’m…not…willing…to…go…now…Kill……Dong…This…is… my..…last wish…”

“No, teacher, you’re not going to die. No!”

He was so worried he had called him teacher again. Tang San’s eyes changed immediately. They were all blue now. His gloomy emotions and meridians had been broken; it was a fatal incident to anyone. But his son, who just kneeled in front of him and called him father, was a god.

The Sea God’s power was like a rising tide, covering Grandmaster entirely in just a blink of an eye. Moreover, the divine power had passed all of his body’s functions, and strongly reserved the last beam of his vitality.

“I will definitely not let anything take your life away.”

Tang San’s voice was firm, stressing each word.

The Sea God’s divine power started to enter Grandmaster’s body. Tang San had controlled each beam of his divine power skillfully, making them more tender. When the Sea God’s divine power had totally fused with

Grandmaster’s body, Tang San became serious. The heart meridian was one of the weakest parts of the body. If Tang San wanted to take Grandmaster’s life back, he had to aid him in healing his heart meridian. Grandmaster’s heart meridian had been weakened because of his accumulated sorrows; although his sorrows had been gone, it had already severely damaged his heart meridian.

Crack. The Sea God Armament appeared on Tang San’s body. To get back Grandmaster’s life, he had to put in all of his strength. He couldn’t have any careless moments, as he wanted to use the best way to recover Grandmaster’s meridians.

He retrieved the Sea God’s divine power, then started to pour his pure vitality into Grandmaster’s body. At the same time, he rose his right thigh, putting his hand on the Sea God Armament. His finger flickered, and gold blood was oozing out. Tang San didn’t waste them. He used his power to gather them, pouring into Grandmaster’s mouth. Then, he used the Sea God’s power to lead that blood to Grandmaster’s heart meridian.

This was the blood of a God. Tang San’s Sea God Armament had a part formed by the Blue Silver Emperor right thigh spirit bone; thus, his blood there also had the spirit ability of the Blue Silver Emperor right thigh spirit bone, Wildfire burns without end, spring wind blows new life. After his spirit bones had been evolved, this spirit ability had also been enhanced much which make his right thigh’s blood become the best medicine.

Blood from a God was powerful. In a normal case, if Grandmaster took his blood, his body would explode since it couldn’t contain the tremendous energy. However, Tang San was now using his Sea God’s power to coordinate, making sure that no anomalies would happen. Tang San had poured the Sea God’s power into Grandmaster’s body, opened up and fused with his body altogether. All changes that were happening inside Grandmaster’s body were controlled by Tang San’s divine sense.

The method Tang San had used was simple, yet effective. To not let the break exist there for a long time, he first used his divine power to create a temporary vein, connecting the broken heart meridian, making way for his

blood circulating. Under his urge, Grandmaster’s vitality was activated again.

With the aid of the divine power, Tang San’s formidable vitality had come along with his blood, flooding into Grandmaster’s heart meridian. Under his strict monitor, Grandmaster’s heart meridian had now started to regenerate.

Tang San was now using his powers to help Grandmaster improve his entire meridian system, dispersing the god energy in his blood into his body, under the control of the Sea God’s tender power to completely fuse it into Grandmaster’s meridians.

This progress was hard and required careful moves. Although Tang San was a God now, he was still very cautious.

The meeting hall had been quiet for an hour. Everybody was all concentrating.

Finally, when the blue light on Tang San’s hands had ceased, Grandmaster started to breathe. He opened his eyes; his visage had glowed again.

A wonderful feeling had filled his body. Grandmaster could feel clearly that his meridians had become more flexible. Even his spirit power had been upgraded to at least five levels.

Tang San helped Grandmaster get up, but he didn’t let him say anything.

“Dad, you shouldn’t say anything now. Do not incite your emotions, either. Take a good rest tonight. When you are fully recovered by tomorrow, we will talk more.”

Looking at his endearing eyes, Grandmaster smiled, nodded in agreement. Liu Er Long and Xiao Wu promptly assisted him. Tang San took him out of the hall then returned. Grandmaster’s body had no problems now. Moreover, he had placed a trickle of his divine sense on him, if anything happened, he would know immediately. Now he couldn’t leave

this place just yet. Although the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass was in ruins, there were many things they had to settle. Especially Qian Ren Xue, who had run away from him. She was like a thorn, piercing through his heart.

Tang Hao patted his son’s shoulder.

“It’s good now. Don’t worry too much.”

Tang San nodded quietly. Xue Beng came by, asking Tang San to sit in the chair position. Tang San wasn’t ceremonial, sat down there. After he had become a God, his status had been changed accordingly. Among the Heaven Dou Empire’s forces, there was no one who had a higher position than him. Moreover, after this war had ended, his position in the soldiers’ hearts would be absolutely the highest. Xue Beng’s manners now weren’t wrong. Quite the contrary, if Tang San were too humble now, it would possibly somehow harm him in the future.

Xue Beng didn’t even sit down, standing next to Tang San. However, his face was full of arrogance. In his mind now, taking Tang San as his teacher was the luckiest event in his life.

“I was chasing after Qian Ren Xue, but I was late, and couldn’t find her anywhere. It’s strange that the other Title Douluos and her seemed to have vanished into thin air. I had used the divine sense to search for them, but got no positive results. However, I’m here now, she couldn’t rise another tide. Your Majesty, what do you want to do next?” Tang San said.

“Teacher, we have broken through the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. We can say that the entrance to the Spirit Empire is open now. Moreover, we have almost destroyed the major spirit masters force of the Spirit Empire. It must be pretty hard for them to protest against us. Anyway, the Spirit Empire is profound. I think we shouldn’t rush. It’s been a long time since we have deployed our men here. They’ve been staying in improper conditions. I would like to base our soldiers in the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, rearranging the formation. Then I would send a troop of excellent soldiers to the Star Lou Empire, and support them from the other side. Wait until the Star Lou Empire’s forces break through the

wall, we will then gather at some location. Then, both of us will eradicate the Spirit Empire, leaving nothing for them to raise again.” Xue Beng said.

Hanging on Xue Beng’s words, everybody nodded. This would be the best option that should leave nothing for the Spirit Empire. Perhaps the Star Luo Empire didn’t have any spirit master as strong as Tang San. In case they had, when they joined the battle together, the Spirit Empire would have no chances at all. Also, they could take this opportunity to finish the Spirit Empire’s forces that were entrenching at the Star Dou Empire’s battlefield. This could weaken the general powers of the Spirit Empire. The war wouldn’t be so strenuous later.

Tang San nodded. “We will then just follow Your Majesty’s opinions. About sending a troop to assist Star Luo Empire, let the spirit master legion and Tang Sect’s Army go there together with some supreme spirit masters. Too many people would cause unnecessary troubles.”

Xue Beng’s eyes raked over the spirit masters standing in the meeting hall. “Seniors, who are willing go to?”

Everybody almost said at the same time. “Awaiting your orders!”

Tang San smiled then said, “Hey, I think we would send only the old monster. He would sneak into the enemy’s base and release his toxins again. Our opponents would soon collapse themselves.”

Du Gu Bo said indignantly, “Little San, are you teasing me on purpose?
I will not do it again. Would you go with me to wipe my ass after that?”

“We will go like this. President Tang Xiao, please lead five hundred disciples of the Clear Sky School with the spirit master legion and Tang Sect’s Army to the other battlefield. How about that?” Xue Beng said.

Tang Xiao nodded.


“Dai-dage, Zhu Qing, and Fatty should go with them. We can make it a little bit more certain then. Your Majesty, did you know that my dage, Dai Mu Bai is the prince of the Star Lou Empire?”

Xue Beng was astounded, looked at Dai Mu Bai then turned back to Tang San. He felt tense now, but he understood something.

Dai Mu Bai appreciated that, glanced at Tang San then said, “Good, we will go with senior Tang Xiao.”

“We shouldn’t delay more. Our men didn’t get hurt much today. We will depart tomorrow. We should be hurrying; we could destroy the entire Spirit Empire soon.” Tang Xiao said.

Early in the next morning, Tang Xiao took Dai Mu Bai, Zhu Zhu Qing, Ma Hong Jun and a group of supreme spirit master, all Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan’s disciples, except Ning Feng Zhi and the two Title Douluo Luo, the spirit masters legion and a myriad of Tang Sect’s soldier to depart. Although the total number was less than two myriads of soldiers, this formation was the most talented among the force of one million soldiers of the Heaven Dou Empire. With this support, Star Lou Empire would find it easier to settle the battle on the other side.

In the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, Xue Beng let his men rest and rewarded them. The time for this rearrangement would be ten days. According to Xue Beng’s plan, after ten days, the Heaven Dou Empire’s great force would be deployed again, wiping out all the adjacent cities of the Spirit Empire around them, preparing the place for the soldiers of the two Great Empires.

However, it was just three days, something happened. “REPORT—“
Xue Beng, Tang San, Marshall Golong, and Grandmaster were discussing the plan in the meeting hall when a messenger suddenly stormed in, kneeling down.

Xue Beng frowned, “What made you panicked?”

The messenger glanced at Tang San first. To any soldiers like them, beholding this Master Sea God was a glory.

“Your Majesty, a force of the Spirit Empire is heading towards the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass.”


Xue Beng was surprised.

“Are they seeking for death here? How many of them are there? When will they reach the pass?”

“Your Majesty, the force is not more than ten myriads. They look like the ones who had been running away from our attack. Their speed isn’t fast. They are over one hundred li away from the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. They are heading towards us.”

Tang San stood up then asked, “Qian Ren Xue?”

Besides Qian Ren Xue, he couldn’t think of anything that could make the Spirit Empire’s soldiers come back to Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass.
Marshall Golong smiled, “Sea God, perhaps they come to surrender.” “No matter what, we should go to the wall-top to take a look. If they are
a small group of soldiers, maybe they are coming to surrender. But there are almost ten myriads of them, as many as the total number that had initially escaped from the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass.” Tang San said.

They promptly came to the top of the wall. The Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass was to defend the Heaven Dou Empire, thus the wall facing the Spirit Empire wasn’t thick. It just had the defending ability of a normal wall. When the supreme spirit masters of the Heaven Dou Empire got atop the wall, they could see the force of the Spirit Empire was slowly approaching them.

This group of Spirit Empire’s soldiers was disorderly, just like a mob of scattered soldiers. They didn’t have any aura or morale. Let alone the great force of the Heaven Dou Empire that was now based in the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, even if they had only two or three myriads of soldiers, this mob couldn’t break the wall.

Marshall Golong laughed out loud. “Seems like I got a lucky guess.
They are coming to concede.”

“Aren’t you afraid that the wind could get into your stomach and trouble you?”

When Marshall Golong was still talking, a voice as cold as one thousand year iceberg echoed on the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass’s wall. Hearing that voice, other people were amazed, but Tang San’s countenanced had changed badly. Two gold light shot out from his eyes.

There were two figures jumping up from the group of the Spirit Empire’s soldiers. They weren’t flying directly to the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass but up to the sky. The sky color had been changed because of them. Half was reddish-gold, and the other half was dark purple. This phenomenon looked bizarre on the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass’ sky.

That cold voice arose again, “Tang San, come out and die!”

Other people couldn’t see it clearly, but Tang San could see who those two figures were. The one who was hovering in the air with the reddish- gold aureole of flames, needless to clarify, was the Angelic God Qian Ren Xue. Her Angelic God Armament had fully recovered. She was looking at him with cold eyes. Standing next to Qian Ren Xue was a woman, whose body was covered in a shining purple armor. Her face was of a dark green- purple, as she looked really malevolent. Tang San had to release more divine sense to observe her reluctantly. That was the Empress of the Spirit Empire, Bibi Dong. No, that was the Rakshasa God Bibi Dong to be exact!


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Chapter 330

All of a sudden, the two people soaring up from the disorderly formation of the Spirit Empire weren’t humans. They were Gods. Covered entirely in the Angelic God Armament was the Angelic God Qian Ren Xue. Bibi Dong was hovering next to her in a dark purple armor. Also, Tang San could now see clearer that the commander of the Spirit Empire was the Spirit Empire’s Holy Maiden, Hu Lie Na. Blue flowery light appeared quietly, swirling around Tang San. Blue halo flashed. The entire Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass had turned into a bright blue world, fiercely pushing away the dark purple and the gold-red colors in the sky. Tang San jumped up then appeared in mid-air.

How could it be? Tang San’s mind was blank. Everything had been in his control, but he had never thought this could happen.

It’s true that the force of one hundred thousand remaining armed soldiers of the Spirit Empire was insignificant. However, the Rakshasa God Bibi Dong and the Angelic God Qian Ren Xue here could subvert the whole formation of the Heaven Dou Empire.

Bibi Dong’s appearance had been changed dramatically. She used to be an exquisite lady with a noble posture. Even though they were enemies, Tang San had to admit that from her aura, she was the most aristocratic woman in this world. But at this moment, what she was exposing, was only the extremely sinister aura. It wasn’t exaggerating when describing her as having a “fiendish appearance”. Her pale purple face matched perfectly with her dark purple armor. Dark purple mist came out from everywhere on her armor, bringing out the extreme devilish aura. On her back, there were four long sickles, arranged in two lines.

Needless to say, the current Bibi Dong wasn’t the previous one. Her aura was full of ferocious features, but the surging power was absolutely a true god power. Tang San found out that it was her powers that had prevented his divine sense and covered both Qian Ren Xue’s and her aura.

Looking at Bibi Dong, Tang San lowered his voice, “You were back three days ago, right?”

Bibi Dong smiled coldly.

“Boy, you didn’t expect that, right? It’s not only you and her that could become gods. I’ve had the Rakshasa God’s powers. Your inheritance process is too simple compared to mine. To take the Rakshasa God’s inheritance, I have spent twenty years. You have never wondered why Qian Dao Liu, who had the highest power at the Spirit Hall, had never dared to touch me? It’s because he could feel the god’s aura on me. If I hadn’t been taking the inheritance that made my spirit power weaker, you would have had no chance to beat me. Did you forget that I also have the twin spirits? Now, I’ve completed the inheritance. At the beginning of the inheritance, I had had the powers of a peak Douluo and the twin spirits combined. What differences does it make if you could break through the legions of my spirit masters? I’m back now. Doulou Continent is my stage from now on.”

Tang San eyed Bibi Dong coldly.

“Well, speaking that way, aren’t you afraid that the wind could come into your stomach and make you sick?”

Bibi Dong laughed. Her laugh was sharp, echoing in people’s ears, giving them an irritating feeling. It also made Tang San’s Sea God Domain seething.

“Tang San, how can you still be arrogant at this time? Yeah, you’re strong. Even among the younger generations, I admit that you are absolutely brilliant. Even my daughter, who has the Angelic God powers, couldn’t be your match. But now, you are not facing only her. Even if we go one-on-one, you still can’t defeat me, let alone facing both Gods at the

same time. What chance do you have now? Today is your death anniversary! You’re right. I was here three days ago. But I missed that great fight, letting you take the upper hand. I’ve been subtle for three days to cure Little Xue’s wounds.”

Tang San suddenly smiled, “Bibi Dong, is this your confidence? If you think that you can defeat me, why did you have to wait for three days? Seems your divine sense is not good enough.”

Qian Ren Xue had kept silent for the whole time, now she finally uttered with a cold voice, looking at Tang San.

“No need to babble. Bibi Dong, remember this, up to now, I haven’t admitted that I’m your daughter. Kill Tang San first, we should solve our matters later!”

Bibi Dong glared at Qian Ren Xue as her eyes had turned into an emerald color. Inside that emerald layer, her black pupils were eccentrically prominent. A giant dark purple sickle appeared in her hand. At the same time, Qian Ren Xue was holding her Angelic Sacred Sword. They then detached.

To Tang San, all had happened fast. When he hadn’t succeeded in chasing after Qian Ren Xue, he didn’t feel quite right, but he had no time to care that much. He had planted a seed of failure in Qian Ren Xue’s heart anyway. She would have no chance to threaten him. Moreover, she was not a match for him with her general strength.

Nonetheless, Bibi Dong’s appearance had destroyed everything. Being regretful now couldn’t do anything. Although he knew that, he couldn’t help but let a gleam of regret sparked in his eyes. Since he had defeated Bibi Dong, Tang San hadn’t given more concerns to her. Especially after Qian Ren Xue had become God, he had considered her his only opponent. Until when he had become the Sea God, he didn’t see Bibi Dong, the one who he could defeat even before he had become a God, as a deadly threat. He had underestimated his opponents. Both Bibi Dong and he had the twin spirits, and they had all reached the peak Douluo level ninety-nine. How could she not think about being God?

If that day, he had killed Qian Ren Xue then come back to rescue the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, he wouldn’t have been in this passive condition. If his opponent were only Bibi Dong, he could at least risk his life. No one knew the result. However, his enemies now were two Gods. One God versus two gods, this wasn’t as simple as one spirit master having to face other two spirit masters of the same level.

The corner of his mouth slightly rose, beaming a gleam of irony. Three days ago, when he had been facing Qian Ren Xue, he had been able to prevent her from dragging him to hell altogether. However, the wind had changed now. He was now the one who would recklessly risk his life with his opponents.

A deadly silence covered all of the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. The soldiers there didn’t feel much fear because Tang San in their hearts was an invincible figure. Quite the contrary, the supreme spirit masters all knew that the current situation was absolutely not fine. From the Angelic God’s energy from Qian Ren Xue, they could figure out that Bibi Dong was also a God now. It would be all right if Tang San had to face only Qian Ren Xue. But now there were two Qian Ren Xue, facing both of them, would he have a chance to win?

When worry had enveloped the whole Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, the fight in the air had begun.

Tang San, who was going to do a one-on-two took action first.

Blue light suddenly ceased. Tang San’s body promptly plunged higher. Eight wings on his back opened at once, flapping with all their strength, making his body shooting up like a blue meteor. He was dashing toward Qian Ren Xue on the left. He had retrieved the Sea God Domain instantly, scaled it around his body. At that short blink of an eye, his body was covered entirely with the blue light; it was hard to see through.

Qian Ren Xue was startled. Even though she was with Bibi Dong now, facing Tang San, the oppressing feeling in her heart hadn’t ceased. Every time she fought with him, she had always fallen into a disadvantaged position. This routine set her mind and divine sense into restraint every time

she faced Tang San. She could never understand why. Seeing Tang San was dashing towards her, the Angelic Sacred Sword in her hand was put in a vertical position. Blazing sunlight bloomed from her sword as her body had turned into a gold light sphere, ready to receive Tang San’s attack.

Tang San attacked Qian Ren Xue on purpose. He had fought with her several times, and it helped him understand her abilities. He could take the upper hand easier. Compared to attacking Bibi Dong, facing Qian Ren Xue was a more certain option. One on two. If he didn’t start it first to take the upper hand, this god battle would leave him with no chances to survive. Confronting the two gods, mother, and daughter, who were full of divine energy now, he didn’t feel confident at all.

Bibi Dong didn’t expect that Tang San would attack them right away. However, her countenance didn’t change, silently swung her sickle. An eccentric phenomenon happened. The purple light she had radiated gathered with her massive sickle, creating a tremendous purple sickle, which was more than one hundred meters long, slashing Tang San from his behind. Attack to defend, it’s the best option of “Besiege Wei to rescue Zhao”[1].

But Tang San had come in front of Qian Ren Xue before her slash could catch him. Seeing the familiar Solar Pure Flame, the divine light in his eyes burst out. However, when he was roughly thirty meters away from Qian Ren Xue, he was forced to stop violently. He had been using all his Sea God’s powers to storm over her; now he had to stop, it was like he had used his force to strike against himself. His complexion slightly changed. Apparently, he got hit. Nevertheless, his moves didn’t delay, flowing smoothly like a stream and finished his plan.

The Sea God Armament on his body blasted out loudly. Dazzling light immediately ceased. His body, the armor, and the Sea God Trident had fused, making a colossal Sea God Trident in just a blink of an eye. Blue light furiously burst out, timely received Bibi Dong’s attack.

Bibi Dong had never seen this strike of Tang San’s before. Qian Ren Xue was experienced, but she was focusing on defending. At this moment when Tang San had paused then changed his target, they didn’t have any time for other reflexes.

Three of them were God. It could use the image of the electric strike to describe their attack’s speed. In the battle between gods, sense was the most important feature. When their senses went wrong, they had to pay big.

The Sea God Trident had also turned into a pure gold color. The familiar gold light burst out, confronting the earth-splitting sickle. Right after that, the Golden Trident spun one round, luring the massive purple sickle and all of its attack power to leap to Qian Ren Xue. Qian Ren Xue was hovering around twenty meters away from Tang San; when the Trident swirled one round, the purple sickle had come to Qian Ren Xue.


Even Tang San had to be astounded seeing the result. Qian Ren Xue, who was covered in a thick red-gold sphere, got struck out of her protection by that giant purple sickle. She screeched in mid-air; apparently, she had gotten hurt.

Was Bibi Dong that strong? Even though he had used the Big Dipper to take advantage, Tang San had to acclaim silently. Qian Ren Xue’s reflexes weren’t that fast, and she was hesitating as he suddenly changed his attack’s direction disordering her rhythm, but still, she was a God. Bibi Dong’s strike could send her away, which meant it had carried out a massive amount of energy. Moreover, even though Tang San could use his powers to change the attack’s direction, he also felt an ice-cold divine sense darting towards him. He had to use a big amount of his divine sense to keep that devilish aura from getting into his body.

“Good. Cunning boy.”

The purple figure flashed. Bibi Dong rose her hand. Just with a simple move, the giant sickle had slid in front of Tang San, making a bizarre curve in front of the Golden Trident.

Gold halo flashed as a gold figure stepped out from the Golden Trident. It was Tang San. However, his Sea God Armament was now gold instead of the original blue color. The Golden Trident in his hand drew a massive

circle in the air. A perfect disc appeared. The Unfixed Storm was facing Bibi Dong’s attack.

Clinking sounds and explosions echoed in the air. Tang San felt the Golden Trident in his hands was shaking; his speed was reduced. The purple sickle in Bibi Dong’s hand wasn’t much stronger than him. But the sinister aura hiding inside had taken a chance when the two divine weapons had impacted to penetrate his divine sense, irritating him. Obviously, the Sea God’s powers with the power of Light couldn’t hold the unique sinister aura of that Rakshasa God Bibi Dong. Qian Ren Xue understood this well. Several days ago, she couldn’t dissolve Rakshasa God’s ferocious aura with her pure, holy powers of the Angelic God, let alone Tang San, who had only a tiny bit of the Light power.


Tang San and Bibi Dong quickly split in the air. A dark purple air current was tangling around Tang San’s body. At the same time, there was a blue energy vortex on Bibi Dong’s body. Their divine senses had intruded their opponent’s body at once. Apparently, no one could take the upper hand.

However, Tang San’s situation was worse. He had used the Big Dipper, taking external force to attack Qian Ren Xue as he could use that moment to balance himself and maintain his flying ability. After he had struck out the last strike of the Golden Thirteen Halberds, he had to face Bibi Dong’s attack immediately, of course, he had been well prepared. Lucky him, Tang San had used the true powers of the Sea God to maintain himself.

Only when he performed the Golden Thirteen Halberds, which made his Sea God Armament gold that was the time his Sea God’s powers and his divine sense had fused altogether. It was like when Qian Ren Xue had totally fused with her Solar Pure Flame. Thus, it could be seen how careful Tang San was when he had fought with Qian Ren Xue as he had always been prepared. However, the current situation didn’t give him time to prepare.

Tang San understood that now he couldn’t stop if he didn’t want to be smashed by this mother and daughter God duo.

Thus, when Tang San and Bibi Dong detached, his eight wings started to flutter. His body then swayed in the air, using the abundant energy from Bibi Dong’s attack to speed up and fly away.

At this moment, Qian Ren Xue had just stabilized herself; her face paled again as purple nimbus constantly flared on her exquisite Angelic God Armament. Bibi Dong had a deep-to-bone resentment toward Tang San. Moreover, her first attack had been accumulated carefully before striking out. Even Qian Ren Xue was a God, she couldn’t reduce its attack power much. Being hurt was unavoidable. Anyway, her Angelic Domain had a pure power of Light, which could strongly resist the sinister aura of the Rakshasa God. Even so, from her grimaced countenance, apparently, she had gotten hurt.

After three days, Qian Ren Xue’s Angelic God Armament had been recovered. However, at the fight that day, she had spent too much energy in an attempt to kill both Tang San and her, which had cost her vitality. It couldn’t be fully restored in just a short period. Moreover, Tang San suddenly changed his attack, using the Big Dipper surprisingly; this had left her with some minor damages.

Qian Ren Xue didn’t have time to adjust herself, that gold figure had plunged into her vision. Qian Ren Xue sighed inside. Tang San, do you really want to eradicate me? Gold light sparked in her eyes, under such circumstances, Qian Ren Xue made a decision that Tang San had never expected.

She bit her tongue, then spat blood on the Angelic Sacred Sword as her aura suddenly leaped. A loud explosion echoed. In this flash, the Angelic Armament on her body exploded, turning into a circle of flame in the air. She was using the massive Solar Pure Flame energy from the explosion of her Angelic Armament to form a colossal Angel shadow. The sudden tremendous energy that burst out all of a sudden had turned the whole space into darkness. This was the Solar Angel that she had used to risk her life with Tang San three days ago.

But there was something different. Qian Ren Xue now didn’t use the Solar Angel to attack Tang San directly. She was controlling the massive

Solar Angel’s energy, condensing it in front of her, using that invincible Solar Pure Flame to block Tang San’s way.

When cornered, a dog could jump over the wall, let alone a God. Tang San wouldn’t absolutely have thought about this. Currently, that mother and daughter duo were now taking the upper hand, why did she have to waste her original god power to do so? She had been the weakest god in this battle, but now she was the strongest. The scorching heat of her energy that was releasing was formidable. It turned the whole place into the Solar Angel state. This was really a deadly threat.

If Qian Ren Xue were a little bit late, she could create that effect since Tang San would have time to react. However, when Qian Ren Xue released the Solar Angel, the distance between him and her was roughly twenty meters. It was different now. The energy of the Solar Angel was really intimidating. Qian Ren Xue had burst out her divine powers in just a flash, wholly focused on Tang San. She was using the Solar Angel to strike out her extreme divine sense. Red-gold aureole burst out furiously. Six wings of the giant Solar Angel retracted instantly.

This bursting was different from that of three days ago. Three days ago, Qian Ren Xue made this strike when she had been fighting for a while and draining her powers. Today, at the beginning of the fight, she had used the strongest attack. Thus, she could spare a small bit of power to control herself while hovering in the air now.

Seeing Qian Ren Xue’s reaction, Bibi Dong stammered in fear. But this was a good chance; she shouldn’t let it go. Blinding purple light burst out. Besides the massive sickle in her hands, the other eight sickles on her back suddenly flew up, merging into one massive Rakshasa Scythe, covered with floating demonic dark scripture. It flew out of her hand, dashing directly to slash Tang San from behind.

The life-threatening strike came after him from behind, also the intimidating pressure he was facing. These had all made him understand one thing: in god battles, it would be very hard to control the entire place. Since they had reached this level, many difficulties also arose from time to time. As he thought he had controlled the situation, Qian Ren Xue’s crazy

attack had himself failed just in a blink of an eye. It also put him into the clamp. He was facing two Gods at the same time, even though they could just react instinctively, they could still cooperate well using their divine senses.


It wasn’t only Qian Ren Xue who knew how to risk her life with the opponent. Facing the disadvantage setup, Tang San finally burst out.

The fading shadow of the Golden Trident was transforming in the air. Strike was performed after strike, smoothly and exquisitely. Just in a blink, he had created numerous spear shadows. The Golden Thirteen Halberds, thirteen strikes combined into one. The Sea God’s power around Tang San, with the sudden explosion of his ten god-ranked spirit rings, was erupting as a furious volcano.

Also in this fraction of time, the Solar Angel was strongly forced to stop roughly ten meters away from him. Even with the Solar Angel’s tremendous power, at the moment he had exploded his rings, the Solar Pure Flame couldn’t come any closer.

The icy-cold voice reverberated in the air, which was full of extreme mourning. “Sea –God –Afterglow –“

Tang San’s body and his Sea God Armament, at this moment, had turned into an eccentric topaz color. A colossal gold light pillar erupted from his body, aiming for the Solar Angel in front of him.

Water and fire are nemeses. When the pure Sea God’s power and Qian Ren Xue’s Solar Angel impacted, a tremendous shock that nothing could compare appeared in the sky.

An enormous white halo was expanding rapidly from the core of the collision. The whole space within five hundred meters from there was covered with blinding white light. Although it happened in the air, the spirit masters whose levels were lower than Title Douluo all fell down, crouching on the ground, didn’t dare to move.

The Solar Angel had vanished, but one-third of the massive gold light pillar still remained. That strike had proved the difference between Qian Ren Xue and him. However, the Sea God Afterglow couldn’t hit Qian Ren Xue.

Just in a blink, when the two intimidating divine powers collided, the Rakshasa Scythe also reached Tang San. Facing it was Tang San’s eight wings. His eight wings retracted, attempting to clamp the Rakshasa Scythe. However, the Rakshasa Bibi Dong’s full force attack and her divine weapon weren’t something that was easy to defend.

When the shockwave expanded, Tang San’s eight wings were smashed. The extra force from the impact between Angelic God’s power and Sea God’s power, plus the Sea God’s Eight Wing couldn’t dissolve the Rakshasa’s attack completely. Anyway, Tang San’s attack power had poured all on Qian Ren Xue who was floating in front of him. What he could do was to try his best to sway half a meter aside to save his heart. The dark purple light had pierced into his back, getting through the armament to his chest. Tang San couldn’t balance himself anymore, leaning forwards. That made the Sea God Afterglow deviated. Just one-third of the full force hit Qian Ren Xue, blowing her left arm away. The remaining force pushed her backwards, spinning violently, then fell.

“Damn it!” Bibi Dong got indignant, roaring loudly. A dark purple silky thread ejected from her body, coiling around Qian Ren Xue, pulling her up. She was a demonic god, but now she was filled with fear. Qian Ren Xue was nearly savaged by Tang San’s Sea God Afterglow. No matter how thin the relationship between Bibi Dong and Qian Ren Xue was, they had a blood bond. Qian Ren Xue was her daughter.

When Bibi Dong pulled Qian Ren Xue to her side, the Angelic God had gone into a coma. However, Bibi Dong’s god power couldn’t heal her. She could only let her recover by herself.

A dark purple light sphere came out from Bibi Dong’s right hand, aiming for the Rakshasa Scythe piercing in Tang San’s body. It made a snatching gesture. At this moment, her resentment towards Tang San had peaked, as

she had ordered the Rakshasa Scythe to explode, attempting to destroy the one who had almost killed her daughter.

Puff –

Both of Tang San’s hands grabbed the Rakshasa Scythe that had pierced through his chest. His divine sense and the remaining god power, at this moment, all accumulated on his hands, fiercely oppressed the demonic light, not to let it approach the Rakshasa Scythe.

Tang San felt a cold aura vaguely came out from his soul. Needless to say, under such deadly circumstances, defeating Qian Ren Xue, depriving her fighting ability and almost killing her, those were all what he could do with his best. However, he was facing two Gods at the same time! Moreover, Bibi Dong was much stronger than Qian Ren Xue. Her full force bursting had him struggling.

Is this the time that my life comes to an end? The cold feeling was getting stronger as if it wanted to devour his soul.

Tang San held the Rakshasa Scythe tightly, gradually took it out from his chest. The sound of the Rakshasa Scythe rubbing on the Sea God Armament made people on both sides, who were watching the fight, shiver.

“Little San—“

Tang Hao’s anger had come to his heart. He furiously flew up from the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. While he was plunging, the Clear Sky Hammer had been sent out, also performing the Great Sumeru Technique. Nine spirit rings exploded at the same time, pouring all power into his Clear Sky Hammer, aiming for Bibi Dong.

Grandmaster almost jumped up at the same time with Tang Hao; he screamed hoarsely. However, he didn’t have the ability to help Tang San. His hands clutched onto the wall until his fingers tip had been broken and bleeding.


A massive figure soared up from the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. It was a giant Bone Dragon. This was the ninth spirit ability of the Bone Douluo Gu Rong, Ossifying Godly Dragon. Sword Douluo Chen Xin was standing on his back.

Seven-color light also projected from the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. Ning Feng Zhi’s boost was all placed on their bodies. They had only one purpose now, which was to take Tang San back from Bibi Dong’s hands.

Bibi Dong coldly snorted. Her right hand was still controlling the Rakshasa Scythe, while the dark purple threat had put Qian Ren Xue down to the ground, on Hu Lie Na’s embrace. Her left hand waved in the air, releasing a dark purple beam from underneath her, facing the full force strike of the Clear Sky Hammer’s Exploding Ring.


Countless rays sparked in the air. Bibi Dong’s complexion slightly changed. She didn’t expect that Tang Hao’s attack could be that furious. With his full force attack, he was reaching the god-ranked level.

As she had countered Tang Hao’s attack, Bibi Dong’s divine sense, which was controlling Tang San, suddenly surged. Tang San took this chance to haul out the Rakshasa Scythe from his chest. A stream of gold blood scattered in the air.


Bibi Dong harrumphed coldly. The Rakshasa Scythe in his hand suddenly blew up, turning into nine giant scythes and exploded in front of him. Both of his hands which were clutching onto the scythe were smashed. The Sea God Armament on his arms had also cracked into pieces, scattering everywhere. After he had launched the Sea God Afterglow, his spirit power was feeble, wasn’t enough to defend Bibi Dong’s attack. He groaned then fell down. Fortunately, he had used his divine sense to put the Sea God Trident horizontally in mid-air to reluctantly stop the nine scythes from chasing after him.

The giant sword slashed across the sky. Sword Douluo Chen Xin and his sword were fused into one body, plunging from the Ossifying Godly Dragon to Bibi Dong. At this moment, the eyes of this Sword Douluo were filled with the extreme determination of risking his life. Under such intensive circumstances, his strike had become the strongest strike he had ever made during his whole life.

The giant body of the Bone Douluo also hit Bibi Dong directly. The bones of his entire body were glowing with dazzling light.

At this moment, two elders of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan had put all their spirit powers, their vitality into this bursting strike. They understood that if Tang San died in Bibi Dong’s hands now, even if the Spirit Empire didn’t have any other supreme spirit masters, it would still be a disaster for the Heaven Dou Empire.

The sinister visage of Bibi Dong was full of disgust. Light flashed, and she had disappeared, leaving her nine demonic scythes right where she had just stood.

“Bibi Dong, you dare!”

Tang San roared in indignation. Divine light burst out from his eyes as he reluctantly balanced himself in the air. Facing Bibi Dong who had just appeared abruptly in front of him, he didn’t feel fear. In just a blink of an eye, an immense divine power erupted out from Tang San’s body. Two gold rays shot out from his eyes like electric lightning, directly hitting Bibi Dong.

A strange feeling arose in Bibi Dong’s heart. She understood that these two rays were the very last drops of Tang San’s divine energy. This was the strike that he had bet everything he had. However, no matter how much she was wiggling, she still couldn’t dodge them. It seemed that she was being restrained by the lights from his eyes. Her soul was as if it was screaming to get out of her body.

“Not good.”

Bibi Dong screamed. She had never thought that under this situation, Tang San could have gathered another strike at such tremendous power.

However, no matter what happened, Tang San couldn’t control the situation on the other side. Nine Rakshasa Scythes were facing the attacks from Sword Douluo Chen Xin and Bone Douluo Gu Rong.

They had collided almost at the same time. Numerous white bones scattered in the air. The Seven Kill Sword, his spirit, which had been with him for his whole life had broken. The two Tile Douluos, who had been famous on the Continent, had spent their last moment drastically in the air. This was the difference between humans and gods.

Xiao Wu, Ning Rong Rong, and Oscar finally got atop the wall. They were all pale. They had received the message late. When they came, they could only see the last impact between Bibi Dong and Tang San.


[1] ????: one of the stratagem in the Chinese’s Thirty-Six Stratagems- a series of stratagems used in politics, war, and civil interaction. The idea of “Besiege Wei to rescue Zhao” is to avoid a head-on battle with a strong enemy, and instead striking at his weakness elsewhere.


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