Douluo Dalu Chapter 311-320


Chapter 311

“But, the price for the Seagod’s inheritance is lord Bo Saixi’s life!” Seawitch watched that already closed gate, her voice choked, “Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten? How much of what we have today was granted us by lord Bo Saixi? Without the lord, there is no us. But now we have to watch her die. I can’t stand it.”

Seahorse Douluo sighed: “You’ve also seen the lord’s circumstances. Maybe, this is the best outcome for her. Ever since that person came here again, the lord has changed. Don’t tell me you can’t see that her heart died along with that person? Life is even more painful to her.”

“Fine, all of you shut up. Let us wait for the lord Seagod’s descent. This is also what lord Bo Saixi prayed for.” Seadragon Douluo silently stepped forward, kneeling on one knee with both hands at his chest, no longer speaking.

The other six guardian Douluo, including the unreconciled Seawitch, all lined up behind Seadragon Douluo and knelt. Their faces were filled with sincere sadness, silently praying.

Inside the Seagod Palace.

After the gates closed, this place instantly turned pitch black. Although it wasn’t their first time here, this time everything felt completely different. Xiao Wu, Dai Mubai, Oscar, Ning Rongrong, Ma Hongjun and Zhu Zhuqing’s gazes all focused on Tang San. He was going to undergo the

Seagod’s inheritance! If he succeeded, he would become a true god. A god! An actual god.

Everyone unconsciously breathed faster, their gazes towards Tang San also turning somewhat subtle. What they felt most was excitement and admiration. Of course, there was also a trace of worry. Even though they didn’t know how much influence the Seagod’s Heart breaking would have on Tang San’s inheritance, they all knew that the inheritance of a divinity was very risky business.

Dai Mubai sharply raised his right hand, grabbing Tang San’s shoulder,
“Little San, you have to succeed.”

Oscar brought all kinds of high level sausages, holding them out to Tang San, supporting him by action. Tang San smiled and shook his head to him. Human spirit master support abilities were useless for gods, this was something Tang San discovered when he was unable to rely on Ning Rongrong’s Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda while mobilizing the Asura God’s power to kill the Deep Sea Demon Whale King. Therefore, these sausages would be no use during the inheritance.

Ma Hongjun directly gave Tang San a big bear hug, “Third brother, you’ve always been my idol. In my heart, nothing is impossible for you. This is the same.”

Ning Rongrong coordinated with Zhu Zhuqing, the two women stepping up to Tang San, one on the right and one on the left. Standing on tip toes, they kissed his cheek.

Ning Rongrong giggled: “Everyone says that beauties encouragement can give infinite strength, third brother, don’t disappoint is.” Strangely, Dai Mubai and Oscar didn’t show any jealousy, only encouragement.

Xiao Wu was last to step up to Tang San as the others stepped aside without looking in their direction. The last moments were set aside for them.

Tang San held Xiao Wu’s hands, pulling them next to his mouth, “Xiao Wu, I asked you to marry me and you agreed. Don’t worry, no matter how difficult or painful, to make you my bride, I will definitely succeed.”

The rims of Xiao Wu’s eyes were red as she violently leapt into Tang San’s embrace, tightly holding his face, looking at him numbly, “Ge, I love you. For me, you have to live. Remember, no matter if you’re human, god, or ghost, I will always be by your side.”

Tang San of course understood Xiao Wu’s implied meaning, and his heart abruptly tightened. Hugging Xiao Wu hard, he left a hickey on that blood red brand on her forehead. Then letting go, he quickly leapt up, appearing on the platform where he once drew the Seagod Trident with a blur.

Instantly, the Shrek Six Devils clearly felt a special energy wave filling their surroundings, and the magic patterns on their foreheads appeared once again. Whether black five pointed stars, six pointed stars, or Xiao Wu’s red seven pointed stars, light brightened on their foreheads almost simultaneously, increasing the splendor in this dark world somewhat.

As if drawn by a strange force, the six leapt up simultaneously, landing on their respective platforms.

Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi’s low voice reverberated in the Seagod Palace,
“Are you all ready?”

“Yes, we’re ready.” Including Tang San, the Shrek Seven Devils all shouted at once. The moment that would decide the future had arrived. It would be impossible to not be nervous now. But at this kind of moment, they no longer had any way to retreat. Firm faith, faith in certain success, filled their hearts. Everyone brought out their optimal states.

Bo Saixi slowly waved the golden scepter in her hand. Three meters long, covered with magic lines, and at its lance-like tip was a rhombic protrusion. Five cun below the tip, a golden rhombic gem was embedded. As Bo Saixi raised it high, bright golden light instantly ignited from that rhombic gem. Instantly, the Seagod Palace was illuminated.

“Stand on the center of the platform.” Bo Saixi spoke faintly. At this moment her face flushed red, and in just an instant, she seemed to become young once again, bursting with energy. The sadness in her eyes disappeared, replaced by intense excitement.

Bo Saixi faced upward and cried, “After a hundred years of waiting, the moment has finally arrived. Great lord Seagod! Your servant can finally complete her mission.”

Faint golden light began to rise from below her. In this moment, she seemed to enter a special trace. That faint golden light was Bo Saixi’s spirit power. This was also the first time the Shrek Seven Devils saw the true power of the Seagod Douluo.

Awash in that faint golden light, Bo Saixi’s hair moved without wind. Hidden under the golden light, one spirit ring after another emerged from her body. Each spirit ring was covered by a golden luster, and it could be vaguely seen that even the lowest of the nine spirit rings was a ten thousand year level.

This was the strength of the high priest protecting the Seagod Island, the Seagod Douluo. Without a doubt, the first rate eight trials she once underwent were enormously beneficial to her. This power who was unequalled on the Continent as long as she was in the range of the ocean, now used her strength to ignite the sacred ceremony.

Glittering golden light growing more and more intense, illuminated every corner of the Seagod Palace. The magic patterns Tang San once ignited when he drew the Seagod Trident, now brightened once again under the illumination of Bo Saixi’s golden light. A sacred presence stripped all distracting thoughts from each person’s heart.

Although this was Tang San’s divinity inheritance, being able to see this scene was extremely important to the other six Shrek Seven Devils as well. Just having truly experienced the baptism of this kind of divine power gave them the chance of reaching this level at some point in the future.

Tang San stood next to Bo Saixi, silently shocked at the energy Bo Saixi radiated. He had originally thought that after his spirit power reached rank ninety nine, it should be enough to compare to powers on Bo Saixi’s level. But in fact, after Bo Saixi truly revealed her might, Tang San understood that even rank ninety nine powers had differences in strength.

If Bibi Dong was compared to Bo Saixi, they basically wouldn’t be on the same level. The presence Bo Saixi had was undoubtedly the power of the Seagod, and moreover, the Seagod’s energy had influenced every part of her, even her nine spirit rings were steeped in the Seagod’s presence.

If he had to bring someone up for comparison, then Tang San could only think of Qian Renxue. The Bo Saixi before him was like Qian Renxue without her tenth spirit ring. Even though she was still rank ninety nine, without a doubt, she was already one step into the god level, only eternally unable to truly take that step due to the mission given her.

No wonder that even the Deep Sea Demon Whale King didn’t dare approach Seagod Island, for all its strength, and dared even less fight against it. With Bo Saixi here, plus the Seagod’s power condensed on the island, it would be nearly impossible even for Qian Renxue to destroy it if she wanted. This was the power left on the Seagod Island, and also the power Bo Saixi obtained from her devotion to the Seagod.

Faint light flashed, and Tang San’s expression grew extremely tranquil, silently waiting for the last moment to approach.

With a blur, Bo Saixi changed position, moving from standing next to Tang San to standing in front of him, facing him. Now even Bo Saixi’s eyes had turned golden, and her nine spirit rings expanded simultaneously to more than three meters in diameter. Tang San only felt a hot energy sweep past him, before he was completely enveloped within Bo Saixi’s nine spirit rings.

Nine faintly golden spirit rings encircled two people at once. It was the first time the Shrek Seven Devils had seen such a marvel. The enormous energy fluctuations were still extremely gentle, but the illuminated Seagod Palace had become incredibly dazzling.

Bright magic patterns mostly in the form of waves appeared in the Seagod Palace, densely covering the roof, walls, as well as the seven platforms they stood on. That golden light slowly flowed like mercury, hallowed energy waves making the atmosphere seem awash with the Seagod’s presence.

The scepter in Bo Saixi’s hand was now between her and Tang San, the golden rhombic gem growing brighter and brighter. But this light still didn’t hurt the eyes. Illuminated under that golden light, the Seagod Trident brand on Tang San’s forehead also slowly brightened, a warm feeling spreading instantly through his entire body. In this moment, Tang San felt like every cell in his body grew lively, dancing happily.

It was also at this moment that the Asura God energy that had never been forced back by the Seagod energy was slowly suppressed by that gentle warm energy, drop by drop shedding from Tang San’s left arm, no longer able to stop the Seagod’s power from spreading through Tang San’s entire body. Vaguely, Tang San seemed to feel the Asura God’s power being forced back into his Clear Sky Hammer by the Seagod’s power that Bo Saixi drew down on the Seagod Palace.

This Seagod Palace felt like a giant spell formation, and the platform where Tang San stood was its eye.

A golden six pointed star began to shine from below Tang San and Bo Saixi. This enormous golden star was five meters in diameter, and the six corners each pointed to the six other platforms. Golden lines of light released from the corners, shooting to those six stages. Instantly, six enormous pillars of golden light burst from those six platforms, each pillar covering their respective platform, and also simultaneously swallowing Tang San’s six companions.

The six devils clearly felt themselves being pulled by a strange energy, their mental strength entering a strange world. In this world, a kind of special psychic wave seemed to meld their souls together, their thoughts. They felt like they were six pillars supporting a roof, their bodies completely immobile, even the rhythm of their breathing controlled by that golden light.

Bo Saixi gazed at Tang San, the corners of her mouth revealing a faint smile, “Tang San, are you truly prepared?”

Tang San didn’t retreat, his clear eyes gazing into Bo Saixi’s eyes, “Yes, I’m ready.”

Bo Saixi’s voice suddenly grew solemn, “The Seagod, is the god controlling all creatures of the ocean. As the Seagod’s successor, you will spare no effort to guard your People. Tang San, can you accomplish it?”

Tang San said without hesitation: “I can.”

Bo Saixi spoke again, “The Seagod represents light, the ruler of the ocean. Can you keep your heart fair for eternity, forever using the Seagod’s power for righteousness?”

Tang San once again answered with certainty: “I can certainly bring the Seagod’s justice to the human world.”

Bo Saixi said: “The Seagod, possesses the power to control all oceans. As the Seagod’s successor, the new Seagod, you must always remember to never disgrace the Seagod’s dignity, to scatter the Seagod’s divine light to every corner of the oceans, using your divine power to assist your People. To let no foreign enemy invade.”

“Yes, I will certainly do it.”

Bo Saixi’s gaze seemed to pierce Tang San, and as their eyes met, Tang San didn’t try to dodge or stop her, allowing Bo Saixi’s strict gaze to see the depths of his eyes, as if observing his soul. He knew that Bo Saixi’s questions weren’t formality, but rather inquiring on behalf of the Seagod, and also stemmed from the Seagod’s trials. If at this time Tang San’s heart held a trace of hesitation, then he would be unable to inherit the Seagod’s power.

What Bo Saixi observed was the world of Tang San’s heart, and what she saw was a flawless inner world.

Nodding with satsifaction, Bo Saixi pointed the scepter forward, touching that golden rhombic gem to the Seagod Trident brand on Tang San’s forehead, “The Seagod’s glory is yours to continue.”

A scorching hot energy suddenly poured into Tang San’s mind from that rhombic gem, Tang San only felt his soul seem to explode, and that familiar ancient, deep and resounding voice echoed once again, brimming with passion, “Seagod Nine Trials, the ninth trial, Seagod Inheritance, begins.”

Without need for further explanation, just these nine simple words immediately made Tang San’s energies rise to an unprecedented peak. Six years of painstaking effort, passing eight Seagod trials, this last moment finally approached. How could Tang San not be excited?

Light flashed, and Bo Saixi’s raised the scepter high, a golden light shooting out like lightning, directly striking the peak of the temple. Instantly, intense golden light poured from the sky, the six pointed star under Tang San’s feet instantly brightening. Golden light flash, and intense light covered Tang San and Bo Saixi completely. At this moment the golden light shot from the scepter spread out, forming altogether thirteen lines of light that fell from the sky, forming thirteen golden flames around the six pointed star.

An immense golden shadow gradually appeared behind Bo Saixi. Tang San was only too familiar with this shadow, it had once saved his life and taught him the divine abilities, the Seagod! Only, the Seagod shadow that appeared behind Bo Saixi was much more distinct than what Tang San once saw. Even though it still wasn’t clear, it gorgeous golden armor was still visible.

“The sacred gate is on the verge of opening, the Seagod’s divinity on the verge of descending. Seagod candidate! Enter the gate the Seagod opens for you, use your strength, your heart, your soul and your everything to accept the Seagod’s final trial!”

Bo Saixi’s voice suddenly grew incredibly high, her emotions seeming to reach an unprecedented crescendo. The scepter she held shattered, and

along with it, the nine spirit rings enveloping her and Tang San.

The moment those nine spirit rings shattered, Tang San felt the space around him transform, everything becoming unreal. He could no longer move, his whole body held in place by an unimaginably vast force.

Intense golden flame soared around him. The energy that seemed to be the remnants of Bo Saixi’s shattered spirit rings was also aflame, as well as Bo Saixi’s herself, the divinity and dignity in her expression gradually fading. Looking at Tang San, all that remained was a kind gaze.

“No——” Tang San wanted to shout, but he could produce no voice. The golden flames devouring Bo Saixi turned from faint to bright gold, and then to pure gold, and Bo Saixi’s body also gradually faded as the color changed.

“Child, don’t be sad. This is my mission. The day I became high priest of Seagod Island, and supervisor of the Seagod Palace, this day was destined to come. As the high priest of Seagod Island, I not only protect the island, spreading the Seagod’s favor, at the same time I also became the guide of the new generation’s Seagod. Now, all this is accomplished. , you can only rely on your own strength. Child, I have lived for more than a hundred years, like your grandfather. At our age, it’s not a premature end. No need to be sad, I must complete the mission given my by the lord Seagod. In this, I am the same as Qian Daoliu. I can tell you now that, although Qian Renxue has become god, as her guide, Qian Daoliu is the same as me, sacrificed for the inheritance of divinity. This is what we must do. Using our bodies as bridge to draw the true divine power, helping you complete the inheritance of divinity. If, Tang Chen was still alive, maybe I would have regrets, but he left one step ahead of me, so what is there to be reluctant about?”

Tang San’s eyes were already hazy. At this moment, many memory fragments appeared in his mind. He still clearly remembered how Bo Saixi had exposed killing intent in the middle of the test when she learned he would undergo the Seagod nine Trials. Now he understood Bo Saixi’s reaction. His Seagod Inheritance, required the Seagod Douluo’s life as guide!

Tang San also recalled the expressions of the seven sacred Seagod pillar guardian Douluo when they met again, it was not frustration at losing their lifelong mission, but rather sadness that Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi was about to give her life for the Seagod inheritance.

If he had known this earlier, would he still have chosen to inherit the Seagod? To continue the Seagod, Bo Saixi had not only given her youth, her lifetime, in the end she would still give her life.

“Child, don’t cry. Death is not frightening. To me, this is instead a release. Originally, when you began the Seagod Nine Trials, my heart was still unwilling, even unbalanced and rejecting. I also once tried to use my power to influence your trials. That wasn’t because I feared death, and even less because I wanted to reject the lord Seagod’s mission, but rather because in my heart there were still some matters not yet finished. I still wanted to see Tang Chen. And you’ve already fulfilled my wish. We cannot be companions in this world, so now it’s my turn to follow him. I believe that I can definitely be with him in another world. Now, you can only rely on your own strength. Even if you no longer have the Seagod Trident’s aid, I’ve already seen you create miracles. I trust that this time will be no esception. You must succeed, you must become the true Seagod. In bringing you to the road of the Seagod’s inheritance, to see you take this last step, actually, I’m luckier than Tang Chen. Go, child, use your strength, courage and boundless will to accept the lord Seagod’s final trial. I wish you success……”

Bo Saixi’s voice gradually grew distant, her body also gradually disappearing in that golden flame. At this moment the surrounding energy suddenly became ruthless, the pure golden light suddenly becoming a giant pillar, completely swallowing Tang San.

Tang San’s heart was in so much pain. Tang Chen’s death had upset him considerably, and Bo Saixi now sacrificing her life for him was like daggers cutting his heart. These elders still had to experience such torment in their later years. Heaven was too unjust.

Violent pain corroded Tang San’s heart. Even though the surroundings grew hotter and hotter, it was nothing compared to the pain within.

Senior Bo Saixi, what you paid will not be in vain. I will definitely succeed your and great grandfather’s wishes, and obtain the Seagod’s inheritance. Tang San was a stubborn person, he absolutely wouldn’t sink into grief, he would only make it his strength. In this instant, his willpower grew incomparably solid, watching the surrounding golden flames without a hint of fear and straightening his back.

It was also because of this movement that Tang San discovered he could move again. All the pure golden flames suddenly dwindled, and a gate of pure golden flame appeared before him.

Described as a door, yet not truly a door, that looked like a portal of flame. The pure golden flames seemed to beckon to him.

Tang San knew that this was what Bo Saixi had traded her life for, the gate of the Seagod inheritance. She had opened this gate!

Forcefully drawing a deep breath, filling his lungs, Tang San gripped the Seagod Trident in his right hand, and stepped towards that golden gate without looking back.


By the sea, Qian Renxue dressed in gorgeous palace dress opened her eyes without warning, looking out over the boundless ocean, two tangible golden flames suddenly shooting from her eyes. Behind her, the Angelic Holy Sword appeared, slowly floating out in front of her.

A somewhat strange expression appeared on Qian Renxue’s face, “It’s starting? Tang San, you really don’t disappoint me. Worthy of the only man I have looked upon in my life. I’ll wait for you here. Once you have inherited the Seagod, let’s see if you can defeat me, or if I can conquer you.”

No longer working to prevent Tang San from inheriting divinity, Qian Renxue’s divine senses had already become incomparably clear, without the slightest distracting thoughts. Her heart had also been cultivated to truly enter the level of gods in this time. All the powers of the god of angels were

bit by bit being digested and absorbed. She had now truly become the god of angels, truly obtained the power of gods.


Passing through that golden flame gate, Tang San felt his whole body restrained by enormous pressure seeming trying to crush him. But, after stepping through the gate, all the pressure instantly disappeared. The surrounding scenery transformed, revealing another world.

It was a world of blue. Just arriving here, Tang San discovered that even though there was no pressure, he was still unable to breathe. Around him was piercing blue, and he was descending.

This was…… Tang San calmly sized up his surroundings. As he descended, he had already sensed what kind of place he was in.

Different from the true angelic shrine where Qian Renxue inherited the god of angels, Tang San arrived in an underwater world.

The god of angels belonged to the sky, and the Seagod belonged to the ocean. Therefore, when the god of angels was inherited, Qian Renxue was in the Angel Shrine in the infinite starry sky, and Tang San inherited the Seagod, so he appeared at the bottom of the sea. Of course, this ocean world didn’t exist in the real world. This place could only be reached through the gate of the Seagod’s inheritance.

That he was sinking was clearly because of the Seagod Trident’s weight. Tang San was sinking very quickly, and the pressure around him was also growing, but the rays of light around him didn’t change with the depth.

This was the place for the Seagod’s inheritance? Tang San used a ray of Seagod’s Light to control his Seagod Trident, keeping its weight the same as the buoyancy of the water around him. At the same time, he floated in place in this sea with unchanging light. First he would observe the circumstances around him.

Stabilizing his body, fixing his attention, burying the grief from Bo Saixi’s sacrifice at the bottom of his heart, Tang San began to size up everything he saw.

As he looked down, he instantly grew incomparably shocked. For a moment he became completely motionless.

What was that? What Tang San saw was a palace. Yes, a thousand meters below him, in this sea of unchanging light, silently stood a vast palace.

With spirit power at rank ninety nine and peak achievements in Mysterious Heaven Skill, Tang San could completely rely on internal breathing to support himself, at least there wouldn’t be any problems anytime soon. But as he saw this strange scene, he nearly inhaled seawater.

That palace was ten times larger than the Heaven Dou imperial palace Tang San had seen. Even from a thousand meters away, it was still imposing.

The palace was situated alone on the seabed, and by eye, it was at least two hundred meters tall, and a kilometer both wide and long. What a grand palace! Moreover, around it was a faintly golden barrier of light. It seemed to be this barrier that illuminated this ocean world.

Too beautiful, Tang San couldn’t help sighing inwardly. This should be the true Seagod Temple. Using the Seagod Trident’s weight, Tang San slowly descended towards the Seagod Temple. The place to inherit the Seagod’s divinity was without a doubt this Seagod Temple.

Very soon, Tang San arrived by that golden barrier. Just as he was about to enter the light, a problem appeared.

An ice cold voice without any semblance of life echoed in the seawater.
Due to the voice, the water even rippled slightly.

“Only holders of the Seagod’s Heart may enter the Seagod Temple.
Without the Seagod’s Heart, you may not enter.”

Where the voice came from and who issued it wasn’t important to Tang San. What was important, was the discovery that he really was unable to enter this very faint golden light barrier.

What energy formed it was unknown, but it was extremely solid, firmly separating Tang San outside.

What to do? If he couldn’t enter the barrier, without a doubt, he couldn’t undergo the Seagod’s inheritance. But, how could Tang San obtain the Seagod’s Heart? In order to save him, the Seagod’s Heart had already shattered. Seeing the inheritance in front of hum, but having lost the Seagod’s Heart, Tang San was in trouble.

Tang San calmly sat down on the light barrier, without being discouraged by the problem in front of him. He clearly understood that since the Seagod’s divine intent had willingly sacrificed the Seagod’s Heart for him, this inheritance wouldn’t be hopeless. Moreover, even though this light barrier felt solid, he simply judged that it was at most equal to a god level defense. And to a certain degree, through the Great Sumeru Hammer technique plus his own strength, Tang San already possessed god level attack power. Perhaps, breaking this barrier wasn’t impossible.

While thinking, Tang San moved the Seagod Trident to his other hand, turning the blade down. Holding the haft with both hands, Gravity Control started, making the Seagod Trident instantly reach one million eighty thousand jin in weight. At the same time, he also released his Clear Sky Hammer spirit. All his spirit power suddenly congregated, the Seagod’s Light also shooting like lightning from the Seagod Trident brand on his forehead, pouring into the Seagod Trident. He was going to destroy this light barrier, and force his way into the Seagod Temple.

Chapter 312

Tang San passed through the pure golden flame gate Bo Saixi opened for him, arriving outside the true Seagod Temple, but was blocked by the golden barrier of light protecting it. He immediately thought of the most direct method, to force his way inside. WIthout the Seagod’s Heart, this was the most direct method he could think of.

Just as Tang San focused the energy, ready to start, the ice cold voice from before echoed once again, “Breaking the Seagod Temple barrier, will lead to to temple being crushed by the water pressure.”

Having no choice but to disperse the just focused energy because of these words, Tang San couldn’t help frowning. How come? If he couldn’t break the barrier, and without the Seagod’s Heart, how could he enter the Seagod Temple?

If it was someone else, their first action might be to turn around and look in the direction they came for, to see if that pure golden flame gate was still there. If it was, at least they had a way back. But Tang San didn’t. In his heart, there was no longer any way back. As the Seagod’s successor, Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi had given her life for him, it was impossible to retreat.

Looking at the barrier in front of him, Tang San calmed down as far as possible. Even though he wasinwardly anxious, at this moment anxiety was useless.

The Seagod’s Heart was the key to passing through this barrier. This was undoubtedly because the Seagod’s Heart was the Seagod’s token. He had already passed eight Seagod trials to come here, there was no chance he was stopping here. Since that was the case, the problem was very clear. The best way to deal with this issue was to prove he was the Seagod candidate to this barrier, that he was the Seagod’s chosen. If he proved this, wasn’t that the same as having the Seagod’s Heart?

Thinking so, Tang San focused his attention, condensing all his mental strength, and then slowly infusing it into the Seagod Trident brand on his forehead.

Rich golden light shone from the Seagod Trident brand, illuminating the barrier in front of him. Just as Tang San expected, it trembled slightly under the Seagod’s Light, and the ice cold warning from before didn’t reappear.

This barrier was extremely solid before, but Tang San discovered that when illuminated by his Seagod’s Light, the barrier began to slowly soften. Its ability to stop the seawater wasn’t influenced, but the barrier softening undoubtedly ignited hope in Tang San’s heart.

At the same time as he constantly radiated Seagod’s Light, Tang San began to control the Seagod’s Light to envelop his body. Then he slowly leaned into the place softened by the Seagod’s Light.

At the very start it was extremely difficult, but influenced by the Seagod’s Light, Tang San began to gradually enter that light barrier. He wasn’t breathing in the seawater to begin with, so not breathing in this barrier didn’t matter. Of course, Tang San didn’t plan to force his way through. He still clearly remembered the ice cold voice’s warning. After his whole body was inside the barrier, passing through the area softened by the Seagods Light, Tang San stuck both hands into either side of the barrier, and slowly pulled it together behind him, closing it, and then intensifying the Seagod’s Light to use as something like glue, welding together the gap opened where he passed throught. Like this, when the inside broke through, the outer barrier would still be closed and block the seawater from breaking through.

After checking repeatedly, the ba

It had to be said that this barrier was extremely tough.If not for the Seagod’s Light, it would have been impossible for Tang San to cut through it without at least increasing his strength above his level with Ring Detonation. Only, with the Seagod’s Light, this barrier’s resistive ability was reduced by a lot. Finally, was Tang San stabbed full strength with the Seagod Trident, a splashing sound came, and his whole body felt lighter, squeezed out of the light barrier, falling straight down. And the light barrier above was still as before, showing no difference from before.

Wisdom was infinite power, Tang San knew he had passed this first obstacle.

Releasing the Blue Silver Emperor Right Leg Bone’s flight ability, balancing himself in the air, Tang San descended towards the Seagod Temple.

It was already apparent that this great palace was grand when viewed from the outside, but as he really floated down into the grounds, he still couldn’t help being shocked once again.

Standing in front of the temple, Tang San felt insignificant. Everything around was extremely quiet, and when looking up, the seawater outside of the barrier was still crystal clear blue.

Drawing a deep breath and adjusting the spent mental strength from opening the barrier just now, Tang San gripped the Seagod Trident, and walked into the Seagod Temple with large strides.

Two large sliding doors blocked Tang San’s bath. The Seagod Temple was two hundred meters high, and the gates in front of him now were a hundred meters tall, the thickness clearly unknown. Designs were carved on the two gates, on the left was carved a likeness of the Seagod, tall, holding the Seagod Trident, standing on waves. The right carving was the Seagod striking forward with the trident, and in front of him was a giant whale soaring through the seawater. Its appearance was just like that of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King that Tang San killed and got his spirit ring from.

Just standing before these gates, Tang San could deeply feel the shock the designs on the gates gave him. The carvings weren’t particularly detailed, but standing there, he still felt like he was part of it. As if he was personally seeing the Seagod rushing forward.

“August lord Seagod, Tang San has come to accept your inheritance.” Tang San shouted loudly. At the same time he gripped the Seagod Trident with both hands, bowing slightly in salute to the two gates.

“You’ve already lost the Seagod’s Heart, do you still want to vainly attempt to inherit my strength?” A dignified voice suddenly appeared. There was basically no way to tell where the voice came from, but listening to it still made the soul tremble.

Lowering his head, gazing at the Seagod Trident in his hands,Tang San’s eyes revealed a shameful expression, “Yes, I lost the Seagod’s Heart. The Seagod’s Heart chose me, but I didn’t protect it. But, I still want to inherit your power. I need your power to protect my family, my friends, and I also need your power to avenge the broken Seagod’s Heart. Please give me a chance, I will accept the punishment for the Seagod’s Heart shattering.”

“Since that’s the case, enter.”

“Clangclangclangclangclang……” With a rumbling sound, the two hundred meter tall giant gates slowly opened, folding into the Seagod Temple. Immediately, intense golden light shot from the Seagod Temple, dazzling Tang San so he couldn’t open his eyes. Enveloped by the vast sacred power, that feeling of insignificance appeared once again. At this moment, he felt like a grain of sand immersed in the ocean, so negligible and insignificant.

This was the power of gods? Tang San suddenly smiled slightly, a smile filled with confidence. Having once faced a true god, even if Qian Renxue was an immature god at that time, she was still already a god. At that Time Tang San had been far from as powerful as he was now, but he had the courage to fight Qian Renxue, and had survived. How could the difference between gods be so enormous? He lacked only this final step. Besides, even

if he was a grain of sand in the sea, this grain would still stir up the entire ocean.

Just because he had this thought, Tang San strode forward with a smile full of confidence. At this moment, even though he was so minute compared to the Seagod Temple, he already considered himself the center of this place.

Within the great Seagod palace, thirty six giant pillars supported the great ceiling on either side, and in the center, a three hundred meter wide corridor lead straight inside. At the end of the passage stood a giant chair, and in that chair sat a person. No, it should be a giant.

Tang San halted his steps, slightly distracted. That giant looked no different from a human in terms of appearance, draped in white gilded robes, a three pronged circlet on his head, with a water blue gem embedded in the central prong. He looked extremely familiar, just like the remaining Seagod’s intent released as a shadow from the Seagod’s Heart once before. Only, at that time he could only see a shadow, but now he saw his true appearance.

The Seagod?

The Seagod’s appearance was simple, not exactly handsome, but still extremely dignified. A pair of gentle but still somewhat strict eyes watched Tang San as he walked down the passage, faint light flickering in his eyes. The enormous pressure felt outside before, became even more oppressive here. Tang San got a feeling like when he experienced the first Seagod Trial, Enter The Seagod’s Light. Only that time he endured the pressure with his body, and this time it was pressure on the depths of his soul.

“Hello, revered lord Seagod. I really didn’t expect you to personally conduct this inheritance ceremony.” Tang San calmed down after being briefly stunned. He maintained a rational attitude, camlmy watching the Seagod at the end of the passage, speaking neither servile nor overbearing.

“You see me, but don’t bow?” The Seagod spoke up, his dignified voice filled with pressure.

Tang San calmly said: “I’m only your successor, I’m not your servant, so why bow?”

The Seagod smiled, slowly rising from the chair. Him standing immediately gave a feeling like a towering mountaint. In fact, this lord Seagod was fully one hundred meters tall.

“Are you resentful because of Bo Saixi’s sacrifice?” The Seagod smiled at Tang San.

Tang San said: “Leaving aside senior Bo Saixi helping me, spending a life to protect your shrine, to protect the Seagod Island, and finally even ending her life as a sacrifice. How do you think I should feel like?”

Tang San also knew that contradicting a god wasn’t wise. Only, thinking of Bo Saixi’s death, he was filled with indignation.

The Seagod said indifferently: “She only returned to my embrace, what about life? What about death? Some times, a human life is even more painful than death. Even gods are no exceptions.”

Tang San gave a cold laugh, “And that’s why you decided her fate, yes?”

The Seagod shook his head: “No, you’re mistaken. She chose her fate herself. Even gods cannot decide someone’s fate. That was her choice. Everyone will make their own choices, including you. Coming here is you choice. Bo Saixi’s ancestors were subjects who followed me to war in the oceans. The people of Seagod Island’s ancestors were all so. They guard the Seagod Island not only to wait for your arrival as successor, but also to protect those memories. That is their choice, and not my request. What I left behind was only the way leading here, I never stipulated that she had to do it. Only when the Seagod Island’s High Priest believes doing so is worth it, will she make that choice. Do you understand?”

Tang San hadn’t thought the Seagod would explain things so calmly. Yes, each person of the sea made their own decision, this wasn’t wrong. Only, he still couldn’t give up the responsibility for Bo Saixi’s sacrifice.

The Seagod smiled again, “A person’s death is actually the separation of body and soul. Tang San, tell me, to a person, is the body or the soul more important?”

Tang San said: “In some sense, the body should be the abode of the soul, but if there is no body, don’t tell me the soul will still exist? It would probably dissipate.”

The Seagod nodded: “Since you understand this reasion, then it’s very easy for me to explain it to you. Indeed, after ordinary humans die, their souls will soon dissipate. Even spirit masters are no exception. But, after Bo Saixi passed, even if she died, her soul still wouldn’t dissipate. Her soul would be guided through my power to another world. After every god dies, their souls will go to that world.”

“A world where gods go after death?” Tang San stared vacantly at the Seagod.

The Seagod smiled slightly, “No price is for nothing. How could I not know what Bo Saixi paid? What I can do is give her soul eternal life. Eternal life of the soul is what gods can reach. Even though her physical form hasn’t reached the realm of gods, after death she will still be equal to gods. Do you still believe she sacrificed herself in vain? Moreover, I know Bo Saixi’s feelings. When your great grandfather died, a part of his soul was already influenced by divine power, I gave him a hand, and made his soul continue existing too. Thus, even though they have already died in the human world, their souls will never separate. Then, now I ask you, do you believe Bo Saixi is better alive, or dead?”

“That’s……” Tang San stared dumbstruck at the Seagod, already unable to speak. But he could be sure of one thing, the indignation he felt had already quietly disappeared.

“Didn’t you already guess that gods are actually humans whose power has reached a certain level? Indeed, your guess is very correct. Therefore, gods are actually also people. Therefore, the lives of gods are also limited. Only much longer than that of humans. After gods die, their souls won’t dissipate like humans, but rather become divine souls. Divine souls won’t

stay in the human world, at most they can stay behind for a few years, but divine souls will ultimately enter another space. It’s also necessary to enter another world. Consider the divine realm. The passage between the divine realm and human realm is one directional, only divine souls can enter the divine realm, but not humans, and neither can divine souls enter from there.”

Speaking of this, the Seagod revealed a trace of helplessness, “If I could reincarnate as a human, I would actually prefer not to be a god. Life in the divine realm is a lot more tedious than the mortal realm. Did you know? Even I envy Bo Saixi a bit, because she can become a divine soul and find her lover in the divine realm, without being alone. Being alone is the most terrifying. In the divine realm, everyone are undying divine souls, power is basically meaningless.”

Tang San couldn’t help saying: “Don’t tell me you didn’t look for a lover?”

The Seagod laughed in spite of himself: “You think it’s that easy? Besides, there’s no way I could do it now. Because my divinity has yet to be inherited, I can’t be a carefree divine soul. After waiting so long, I picked you. You didn’t disappoint me either, walking the whole way here. You’re very good, better than I imagined. At first I thought you would think of any way possible to gain my inheritance as soon as possible after arriving here. But you challenged my authority because of Bo Saixi’s death. Just this character of yours qualifies you to inherit my power.”

Tang San looked at the Seagod Trident in his hands, “Unfortunately, I didn’t protect the Seagod’s Heat. Your divine didn’t save me just once.”

The Seagod sighed: “Back when I was in the mortal world, my road to becoming god was the fastest, spending a lifetime conquering on the ocean. Once in the divine realm, I felt regret. Because I didn’t have one friend that could cultivate to that level with me. At first I thought I shouldn’t meet you face to face when passing on my inheritance, but to me this is a rare chance to communicate with mortals. Fortunately I didn’t let that Asura God snatch you away. Inheriting divine power is extremely painful. Without the protection of a divine instrument, your

body will very possibly be unable to endure. Only, you’re different from ordinary humans, you have two spirits. Your spirit ring allocation is even more astonishing, this gives you the conditions to far surpass an ordinary person’s physique. Only, I must warn you of one thing. When undergoing the inheritance, you can’t use the power of that Clear Sky Hammer. Because it is already permeated with the Asura God’s divine power. It will influence my divine power passing on to you. Your inheritance is split into eight parts, and you will expereince different pain and trials. With toyu hpysique, you have a chance to succeed. Remember, no matter how painful it is, you have to hold on to your heart, only with unswerving faith can you be the new Seagod.”

If Qian Renxue saw this scene now, she would definitely feel bitter hate. They both inherited gods, so how come the treatment was so different? Back at her inheritance she didn’t get any directions, and the god of angels’ divine soul didn’t contact her. Even though she completed the inheritance, that was also because of her heart’s devil causing some flaws, and leaving behind Tang San as a giant flaw in her heart now. But now Tang San got the Seagod’s divine souls’ personal instructions, and even though the Seagod didn’t say much, this conversation first of all meant Tang San wouldn’t suffer any barriers due to Bo Saixi and his great grandfather Tang Cehn’s deaths, leaving him to wholeheartedly undergo the inheritance, and second that the Seagod explained the whole process of the inheritance to Tang San, undoubtedly making Tang San even more confident and able to avoid indirect routes.

If divine inheritance could be said to have back doors, then Tang San definitely counted. Of course, he didn’t know about Qian Renxue’s inheritance process, and naturally had no idea his divinity inheritance was so advantageous.

Only, the Seagod clearly thought his instructions weren’t enough, continuing,

“Oh, right, I forgot to tell you. The pearl you got from the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s head, use it in the last part of the inheritance. That will save you a lot of trouble.”

Listening to the Seagod, Tang San’s heart twitched, and he hurriedly asked: “Then is the last inheritance related to the trident, can that whale pearl help me restore it?”

At Tang San’s question, the Seagod’s expression changed, the previous gentleness gone in an instant, “Are you undergoing the inheritance or me? Less nonsense. The inheritance starts now.” While speaking, the Seagod’s eyes suddenly brightened, just like two suns. Tang San only felt his soul seem to be sucked in, everything around him turning unreal in an instant. Golden mist constantly rose all around, so much that there were even golden bubbles that twisted and silently disappeared.

Light flashed, and a giant golden globe appeared on the Seagod’s chest. In that instant, light radiated, and the entire Seagod Temple shook, heaving violently, just like everything was purified.

Humm—— Lost in the golden light, Tang San disappeared as the giant golden light exploded, and the Seagod Temple also scattered and restored with this golden light.

The Seagod exhaled slowly, wiping the basically nonexistent sweat from his forehead. Looking at where Tang San disappeared, he muttered to himself: “This kid is too clever, fortunately this god reacted before he became the victim of his ingenuity. Humph humph, anyway I didn’t give any clear instructions, even the divine realm enforcers can’t blame it on me. Hehe, hehehehe……”

If Tang San saw the Seagod’s current expression, he might dumbstruck remember a comrade. The Seagod’s smile was precisely identical to big sausage uncle Oscar’s most rotten smile. With a bit of dignity.

“Harumph——” Suddenly, an ice cold voice echoed. The entire Seagod Temple shuddered, and the wretched smile just on the Seagod’s face instantly turned vigilant, the smile frozen, his divine dignity reappearing. Turning, he looked toward the entrance.

A figure equally as enormous, but completely wrapped up in dark red magic patterns stepped in. With each step, the incomparably immense

Seagod Temple trembled. Dark red light revolved around him, making people unable to see his appearance. All that could be seen was the armor covered with dark red magic patterns.

The atmosphere in the entire Seagod Temple seemed to freeze, and the Seagod’s expression also became a bit unsightly, “Asura, what did you come running over here for?”

The man addressed as Asura by the Seagod said coldly: “Bo Saidong[1], what are you doing yourself, don’t you understand?” The man dressed completely in dark red magic patterned armor had a voice as sonorous as iron striking gold, and with each word, the air seemed a bit more frozen.

The Seagod’s lip curled disdainfully, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Just act stupid.” Asura said coldly: “You not only personally descended to the inheritance ground, you even gave the successor directions, and even tried to lower the difficulty of his inheritance. You’ve already broken the rules of the divine realm. You should know what the repercussions are. Those who oppose the rules of the divine realm, are erased.”

The Seagod’s expression changed, his voice turning equally ice cold, “Asura, enough slander. Don’t think you can frame gods just because you’re a divine realm enforcer. With what ear did you hear me giving the successor instructions that lower the difficulty?”

Asura now stood only five steps from the Seagod, and the two equally tall god level powers looked face to face, “Don’t tell me you forgot what that human called Tang San just said?”

The Seagod suddenly smiled, and his smile was even more vulgar than before, “Haha, hahahaha……”

Asura’s blood red eyes instantly turned even colder, “What are you laughing at? Don’t tell me you believe you can still escape the rules of the divine realm?”

The Seagod looked somewhat lightly at the Asura God, “Who says what I said would be punished? Asura, everything big brother does is within the rules of the divine realm. Don’t tell me you don’t know the theory of the successor having affinity beyond the limit?”

“Affinity beyond the limit? You’re saying, that Tang San……”

Before Asura could finish, the Seagod already interjected: “That’s right, in the process of the first eight of my nine Seagod trials, Tang San earned one hundred fifteen points of affinity. Even though only sensed ninety nine points of affinity towards me due to the Seagod’s Heart he had breaking. But the Seagod’s Heart breaking was due to interference from the god of angels’ successor. A god level power causing his affinity to be unable to be calculated normally doesn’t affect the affinity itself, past one hundred percent is still calculated according to normal affinity, don’t tell me you don’t know? My lord enforcer.”

Asura was silent, clearly he was unable to refute the Seagod’s words.

The Seagod continued: “Before the successor undergoes the divinity inheritance, if the succeeded god’s affinity reaches one hundred percent, then at the time of inheritance, the succeeding god’s divine soul can descend to the inheritance ground to give a certain measure of instruction. Therefore, my coming here is perfectly within the rules of the divine realm. But, as far as I know, even as an enforcer, you can’t lightly leave the divine realm to come here. Even though the inheritance ground is between the divine and mortal realms, and considered a buffer zone, gods still can’t come here without special circumstances. You’re an enforcer, but still knowingly break the law, be careful I don’t report your misconduct to the divine realm committee.”

Asura looked coldly at the Seagod, “No need to flaunt the sharpness of your tongue. I heard what you just told Tang San. You dare say your words didn’t exceed the permissible limits? The instructions you gave him were already too clear.”

The Seagod quibbled: “Don’t say the instructions I gave him were clear. I sent him to receive the inheritance when he still didn’t understand what

was going on. Oh, Asura, don’t think I don’t know why you ran over here. Isn’t it for Tang San. Your own divine power couldn’t be approved by Tang San and was suppressed by mine, so you wanted to abuse your authority to influence his inheritance. You were definitely planning on Tang San being unable to endure halfway through the Seagod divinity inheritance because of the Seagod’s Heart shattering, and you’d act to save him and switch him to inherit your Asura God divinity, am I right? Let me tell you, don’t dream of it. After so many years, was it easy for me to find a successor like this? With eight trials done on my side, and you suddenly run over and want to pick the peach. Don’t even think about it. Who told you the Seagod couldn’t be inherited without the Seagod’s Heart? It’s just a bit more dangerous. Besides, you might not have thought of some things. The little whale that once bothered me was killed by Tang San, and he even got its whale pearl. With that thing, restoring the Seagod’s Heart isn’t a problem.”

The Asura god glanced coldly at the Seagod, “He could kill the Deep Sea Demon Whale King by relying on your Seagod’s power?”

“Eh……” The Seagod suddenly remembered that a very large reason Tang San killed the Deep Sea Demon Whale King was because of the Deathgod Domain mutating, drawing out the Asura God’s power, using the Asura God’s powerful slaughter aura to dominate the Deep Sea Demon Whale King, thereby gaining victory. And in fact, even if Tang San’s Seagod affinity passed one hundred percent, the Seagod still couldn’t necessarily come here. But he knew the Asura God thought of stealing Tang San, and so he scuttled over here as fast as he could, hoping there would be no problems with Tang San’s inheritance that would give the Asura God a chance to snatch him. Divine power was eternally unable to act in the mortal realm, only the trace of divine intent left behind when becoming god and leaving the mortal realm could help the chosen pass the tests, and absolutely not act selfishly. Otherwise, the Seagod would already have used his power to deal with Qian Renxue when Tang San was in danger. The Seagod’s way of thinking was to first use the fastest speed to help Tang San complete the inheritance, and once objections were raised the rice would already be cooked, and even with the Asura God’s sublime position in the divine realm, he couldn’t forcefully steal Tang San.

“So what if your power was used then? You clearly knew he was my successor, but still stuck a pole in, Asura God. We’re all main gods here, I wouldn’t fear you even if the divine realm committee denounced me. What are you looking at? Don’t accept it? Don’t use those dead fish eyes to look at me. This is my Seagod Temple, even if we fight you might not be able to take me.”

The Asura God didn’t erupt, his voice was still so ice cold and sonorous,
“You’re bringing up first come first served with me?”

The Seagod puffed out his chest, “That’s right. There will always be an order of arrival. You waited until Tang San had completed my eight Seagod trials before showing up like a robber. As an enforcer, aren’t you knowingly breaking the law?”

The Asura God nodded slowly, “Fine, then I’ll argue the order of arrival with you at the divine realm committee. Let me just ask you one thing, how was Tang San able to use my power when hunting the Deep Sea Demon Whale King? Power cannot reach the mortal realm from the divine realm, so what did I give him? Bo Saidong, we’ll meet at the divine realm committee.”

Finished speaking, the Asura God ruthlessly turned around and directly walked out of the Seagod Temple.

At his words, the Seagod first stared blankly a moment, but very quickly reacted, and unable to help cursing, “Fuck me.” His expression also instantly turned awkward.

He’d always thought the Asura God had suddenly run over to pick the peach just when Tang San was about to complete the Seagod Trials and inherit his divinity, but the Asura God suddenly reminded him that Tang San’s Deathgod Domain seemed to have been there before his Seagod’s Heart met him. That thing apparently carried the Asura God’s presence on its own, and was also a mark of the Asura God’s chosen.

[1] Bo Saidong - (波塞东) Surname and first half of the given name are the same as for Bo Saixi, only the last character is changed from “west” to


Chapter 313

“Asura, stop right there, speak clearly before you leave. You’re clearly unfair. This one doesn’t fear going to the divine realm committee either. Your method for picking successors is unconscientious to begin with, throwing a net everywhere, raising one after another. I’ve raised this one with single-hearted devotion.”

Even though the Seagod was still speaking very sternly, by now he was actually not as fierce as he seemed.

The Asura God paused, speaking without turning his head: “Furthermore, I heard what you just said to help Tang San clear his mind. You still don’t seem to have asked my permission to have that spokesperson Bo Saixi of yours be together with my former successor. Even though Tang San’s great grandfather Tang Chen completed a divine soul, his injuries were extremely severe. I still haven’t considered whether to spend the effort to help him heal.”

Finished speaking, the Asura Godtook a step, already disappearing out the Seagod Temple gates.

“Don’t be so threatening.” The Seagod roared indignantly, “Asura God, you’re my big bro, we can talk things over! Wait for me.”

The Asura God’s ice cold voice drifted through the air, “Everything will wait until the end of Tang San’s inheritance. Even if I want to have him

become a divine realm enforcer, that’s a matter for ten thousand years later.”

The Seagod also charged out the Temple, yelling, “Everything can be discussed, you’re one of the three great enforcers that can stand side by side with the two divine kings, you can’t go talking drivel to the divine realm committee!”

Divine realm enforcers had an extremely majestic status in the divine realm, they supervised everything, managed main gods, and even had the authority of god kings. Under special circumstances, they could even use special methods to surpass the divine realm and reach the mortal realm to enforce the law. And the divine realm committee was formed from the two god kings and three great divine realm enforcers. Major events in the divine realm were voted on by the five committee members. The two god kings had two votes each, and the three enforcers had one. But if the three enforcers were unanimous, their three votes could still overrule the two god kings’ decision. These five great committee members were known as the Divine Realm Five Primes, and even though the Seagod wasn’t considered one of them, he was still a main god second only to the Primes. He was extremely powerful, and therefore didn’t fear the Asura God.

Golden light made Tang San somewhat lost. He only felt like there was an enormous golden whirlpool spinning around him, and everything in his sight was gone besides gold.

Suddenly, the lost feeling disappeared in a moment, and that whirlpool- like golden light also vanished. Tang San discovered that he was now on top of a circular platform.

This platform was golden, with a faint heat radiating up under his feet. Around the circular platform was a boundless ocean, but what scared Tang San was that this water was colored gold. Golden sea, what kind of strange sight was that! Moreover, even the sky was golden, the entire area seemed to be a single color, with only different shades distinguishable.

Tang San was clever and focused. He first of all recalled the Seagod’s last expression just now, his guess was without a doubt correct, but the Seagod

definitely couldn’t tell him the truth straight for some reason, and so sent him directly to

Around the circular platform, slightly higher, were eight smaller round platforms that all seemed around two meters in diameter, with the platform where Tang San stood in the center. Eight small platforms? ly the Seagod said that he had to complete eight Seagod trials to complete the inheritance. It seemed it should be related to these eight platforms.

As Tang San reflected, suddenly, wave-like golden light rushed out from the platform he stood on, all rushing towards Tang San. He only felt his body completely frozen by these energies, completely unable to move.

Gradually, that wave of golden energy completely enveloped Tang San’s whole body. What he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry about was that even his breathing was completely stopped. Besides being able to see, he couldn’t react in any other way. The Mysterious Heaven Skill inner strength circulated with clearly reduced speed, pulsing extremely slowly. He wanted to use his mental strength to trigger his inner strength, but both his mental strength and inner strength were suppressed by a strange energy.

Suddenly, without any warning, a scorching hot feeling suddenly came from behind. Immediately after, before Tang San could react, an intense ripping feeling turned into sharp pain, such that it made his vision darken. As if his body was being shaved open. Ear-piercing sounds of friction echoed behind him. Even though Tang San’s mental strength was sealed, at the moment his senses were still exceptionally sharp. However, the sharper his senses, the clearer the pain was.

That scorching pain was like someone was cutting his back with a saw. After skin, muscles and arteries were cut open, it kept cutting the ribs of his back, aiming specially at the cracks between bones. With a crunching sound, it was as if a bone was forcefully torn from Tang San.

Slicing skin and muscle, tearing bones, this kind of pain was suffered with enhanced senses. If it was someone else, they might have died from the pain. And even Tang San with his staunch willpower, in such pain,

every blood vessel all over his body twitched, the violent pain making every nerve tremble.

Meanwhile, of the eight small platforms surrounding the one where Tang San stood, one flew out, hovering a meter in front of him. Charming wave patterns sparkled on the platform, but unfortunately Tang San wasn’t in the mood to appreciate it.

A line of golden light shone from behind Tang San to in front of him, hitting that round little platform. It didn’t attack, but rather floated fifty centimeters above it. It was in fact a rib. Tang San’s rib. What Tang San felt wasn’t wrong, it was a rib torn from his body.

If Tang San’s Seagod’s Heart wasn’t broken, then even though his bones would still be torn away, he could have relied on the Seagod Trident to reduce the pain considerably. The Seagod’s Heart would have used the Seagod’s power to shield his senses, reducing the pain as much as possible. But now, Tang San didn’t have the Seagod’s Heart’s help, and just like a patient undergoing surgery without anesthetic, his bones were directly torn out of him. That kind of feeling…...

Ribs, golden ribs. Tang San forced down the fear. In such pain, he still told himself he had to stay calm. The rib torn from him seemed to be one of his Eight Spider Lances. In fact, his Eight Spider Lances had already reached the god level, but was actually still torn off. Then how powerful was the energy restraining him?

As if proving Tang San’s conjecture, after that rib stabilized over the little platform, it immediately radiated light and expanded, turning into a three meter long spider leg. Precisely one of the Eight Spider Lances.

The pain was heavy like waves. WIth another crunch, Tang San felt another of his ribs being forcefully separated and went limp for a moment. The Mysterious Heaven Skill inner strength within him was completely suppressed, unable to dull the pain. What Tang San felt now could only be imagined.

Just at this moment, the cold voice Tang San heard before entering the Seagod Temple suddenly echoed, “Undoing restraints. If spirit bone removal is stopped, the inheritance will be forcefully interrupted. The consequences of interrupting the inheritance is at worst erasure. You may not leave the two meter range of the platform, you may not change the spirit bone removal posture. Otherwise, it will be viewed as abandoning the inheritance.”

As the voice fell, all the restraints immediately disappeared. Tang San recovered the ability to move, and almost immediately heaved a sigh of relief, doing his utmost to urge his Mysterious Heaven Skill inner strength, not towards his back, but rather straight at his chest, using it to form a layer of sensation, doing his best to block his aching nerves.

But, his senses were strengthened at least fivefold, so how easy would it be to isolate the violent pain? Amidst intense pain, a second golden light shone, as another spider leg appeared above the platform in front of Tang San. Two of the ribs where the Eight Spider Lances attached had been forcibly torn off.

But this time, Tang San suddenly became aware that being able to move was worse than being completely sealed. At least with his body sealed he could focus all his attention on dealing with the pain. But now that his movements were restored, in such brutal pain, he practically subconsciously wanted to rush out, or launch attacks behind him. But if he did so, his Seagod inheritance would naturally also be interrupted. Consequently, he had to use all his heart and soul to control himself, doing his best to maintain his present posture without moving. Even if the pain was already making his skin distort, he still had to persist in not moving. This kind of feeling was even more painful than before. Passively enduring the pain turned into actively fighting it.

This was still just the beginning! If he couldn’t endure now, then how would the inheritance progress later? Tang San focused all his efforts, stubbornly clenching his teeth without moving, his muscles and nerves trembling uncontrollably, but he still stood there like nailed to the ground, maintaining the posture as the muscles of his upper body twitched.

Crunch, another rib was torn off, the pain turning Tang San’s vision dark. But his mind was still stubbornly clear, so much that it could even analyse the painful process. Tang San’s heart was pounding violently at triple speed. So much so that he even worried that his heart would give out from the pain. Even more strangely, even though his ribs were ripped off, there was no blood hitting the ground, and moreover, after the ribs were ripped off, there was only a burst of weakness at their position. Besides more pain, there was no feeling of emptiness.

Tang San understood very soon. In fact, it wasn’t that his ribs were being torn off, it should be his Eight Spider Lances ribs, while his real ribs were still there. What the unknown force behind him was doing, was forcefully separating his spirit bones from his body.

In fact, Tang San had dones so himself once, but at that time he only severed his arm and forcing out the spirit bone, and not ripping them from his bones. Anyway, his Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone could also regenerate his limbs. Besides, by choosing to remove a spirit bone, even Title Douluo level powers would lose ten ranks of spirit power as a consequence, in the past he had learned this from his father Tang Hao. But even though the present process of separating spirit bones was painful, Tang San spirit power wasn’t influenced in the slightest. This was the power of gods! What could accomplish this besides gods?

With this understanding, Tang San didn’t feel the pain on his back was so terrible. Truly experiencing the effect of divine power this time, and such a miracle, allowed his mind to accept the pain. Tang San’s willpower was extremely strong, even more than his god level physique. Further adding that his intelligence let him understand the principle of the pain, he grew even more tenacious when enduring.

Of course, the exhaustion from such violent pain was immense. Frothy with sweat, big drops constantly dripping to the ground. Tang San didn’t gasp for breath, that would increase the drain on his strength. He knew that outside powers might not have any effect during a god’s inheritance, so he didn’t try eating the sausages Oscar prepared. His brain only constantly told him that each time he suffered, his strength would advance a bit. Under such strong mental suggestion, Tang San stiffly endured.

Crunch, crunch, with each tooth ache-inducing sound, one rib flew over to the platform in front of Tang San, transforming into an Eight Spider Lance.

Finally, after the last rib belonging to the Eight Spider Lances produced that painful fracturing sound, the violent pain finally ceased. Tang San immediately heaved a huge sigh of relief.

When people were normal, they would never feel so blessed, but as a someone escaped violent pain, they would still enjoy an enormously happy feeling as they recovered. Right now Tang San was just enjoying such a happy feeling. At the same time, the happiness also produced some strange changes.

The Eight Spider Lances connected together, forming the complete Eight Spider Lances form. Glittering gold flowed across them, even the draining gold threats pulsed visibly. With this external spirit bone he had gotten more than ten years ago stripped off like this, even though the pain was gone, Tang San felt an intense sense of loss.

Just at this moment, the Eight Spider Lances in front of him began to change.

In the golden sea, eight pillars of water flew out, each the same thickness as the Eight Spider Lances, hitting the Eight Spider Lances simultaneously. Immediately, that golden seawater completely enveloped the Eight Spider Lances, and was also bit by bit absorbed by them.

His pain already gone, with that sense of happiness as well as loss from losing the Eight Spider Lances, Tang San focused all his attention on the scene in front of him. He didn’t think of giving up on the once in a lifetime chance for divine inheritance.

Golden patterns like waves began to appear on the Eight Spider Lances one after one, gradually covering every corner. The pattern was both bold and succinct, perfectly combining strength and beauty, making the originally already beautiful Eight Spider Lances even more so. And Tang San moreover vaguely felt that after these eight streams of seawater were

poured inside, the Eight Spider Lances in front of him seemed to expand. Not growing, but rather gradually growing thicker. Along with their change. The wave and cloud patterns on the surface also gradually grew larger.

A fantastic understanding appeared in Tang San’s mind. Vaguely, he seemed to sense a trace of reluctance to leave from his Eight Spider Lances. The spirit bone was sending him its feelings? Could the Eight Spider Lances already have its own intelligence?

Before Tang San could think further, suddenly, with incredible shock, an extremely elegant scene played out in front of him.

Those eight slender Spider Lances suddenly contracted and turned thinner, but also grew thicker. Each one became roughly two meters long, and the next instant, the Eight Spider Lances covered with wave patterns suddenly unfurled, like butterflies breaking out of their cocoons, eight giant golden wings unfolding simultaneously.

“Ah——” At this scene, Tang San couldn’t help shouting.

Each of those wings was more than two meters long, and across the wings, the wave pattern was its feathers. With each soft movement, that wave pattern would also move, transforming into resplendent golden light. The tips of the wings were extremely sharp, just like sword points. That brilliant light was so touching, as if calling out to Tang San with each movement.

These, these are my Eight Spider Lances? First feeling violently shocked, an indescribably ecstatic feeling rushed from his heart. That intense joy swallowed his heart in practically an instant, his soul. Tang San nearly couldn’t hold back, he wanted to rush over, to gently caress those touching wings. And the Eight Spider Lances transformed into eight wings also seemed to beckon to him, sending strong joy as well as intense feelings of attachment. Those were his! Tang San had already raised his hands, as if a voice in his heart told him that as long as he took one step forward, went to caress those resplendent wings, he could possess them immediately, possess this true divine tool above even spirit bones, a divine tool not inferior to the Seagod Trident. A divine tool that was part of him.

Tang San’s left foot was already raised. One short step, it would only take this one short step and he could possess these Seagod Eight Wings fused with the Seagod’s power. With even two more wings than Qian Renxue’s Angel Six Wings, this was such a beautiful feeling.

But at this moment, suddenly, an intense feeling of danger came from the eight wings in front of him, rigidly stopping Tang San’s already raised foot in midair.

The feeling of danger was transmitted by the Seagod Eight Wings, but could also be said to be from the Eight Spider Lances. The previous happiness turned to nothing in this true danger. Tang San maintained his previous posture, his whole body freezing in place, even his expression turning rigid.

A fear from the depths of his soul made cold sweat run down his face.

How could he take this step? The instructions by the ice cold voice from before still rang in his ears, if he left his current position, then the Seagod inheritance would fail! Such a terrifying inheritance.

Shivering, Tang San immediately withdrew his outstretched leg and hands, forcibly scattering the excitement he felt.

Tang San had already come to his senses. First was intense pain, and when he had endured it, the pain was followed by intensely contrasting happiness, and after the happiness was ecstasy from seeing the Eight Spider Lances transform into such glorious Seagod Eight Wings. A person, even someone with extremely firm will, even if they might be able to endure intense pain without any warning, how would they endure intense happiness? Tang San was one case, if not for the Eight Spider Lances transformed into the Seagod Eight Wings sending a feeling of danger at the last moment, dispelling his ecstasy, he might already have failed the inheritance.

Compared to Qian Renxue’s Angel inheritance, Tang San’s Seagod inheritance seemed too difficult. This was after all only one of the eight trials in the process, it shouldn’t be the most difficult one. But don’t forget

that Tang San had lost the Seagod’s Heart. If he had the Seagod’s Heart here, then when he now started the inheritance, the Seagod’s Heart would give him an extremely useful prompt. With Tang San’s intelligence, if he had that prompt, he naturally wouldn’t be fooled so easily.

And in fact, the Eight Spider Lances being able to warn Tang San was actually a backdoor given him by the Seagod. Of course, it wasn’t that the Seagod had the Eight Spider Lances warn him, the Seagod definitely wouldn’t violate any laws of the divine realm. But he changed the order of the eight trials Tang San would experience in the inheritance. With the god level spirit bone Eight Spider Lances coming first, with the Eight Spider Lances degree of familiarity with Tang San, with its intelligence, it forcibly broke through the bewildering barrier and gave Tang San such a warning. And with the warning from this first trial, Tang San would inevitably be much more cautious later in the process. The Seagod couldn’t be accused of not putting thought into it.

Along with Tang San waking from the ecstasy, restabilising his mind, a rich golden blue mist rose on the little platform in front of him, enveloping the Seagod Eight Wings like it was permeating them. Amidst glittering light, this platform representing the first trial slowly flew away, flying back to its original position. Only, on it, already incredibly brilliant, were the wave patterned Seagod Eight Wings.

At the same time as it left, the second round platform quietly arrived in front of Tang San. With the experience from the first trial, Tang San hurriedly focused. Just as he expected, violent pain arrived once again. This time at his right arm.

A clearly visible palm of holden energy appeared at Tang San’s right arm, making a grabbing motion, at which the violent pain also began. Tang San tightly grabbed the muscles at his waist with his right hand, resisting the rending pain, allowing that golden palm shaped energy to start stripping his right arm spirit bone.

Having passed the first trial, Tang San already roughly understood that in these Seagod trials, he would constantly experience this pain. Maybe his seven spirit bones would all be stripped off one after another, and that last

trial should be to restore the Seagod Trident. Eight trials in total. But even though the pain was constant in these trials, it wasn’t the true content of the trials. Like the first trial, even though he had experienced powerful pain, what almost lost him the trial in the end was the heartfelt joy. Very clearly, there would be mood changes in later trials, it was basically going to use all kinds of ways to influence him, to make him leave the central platform. As long as he did, the inheritance would fail.

With this knowledge, Tang San was naturally intelligent enough to prepare. The process of stripping the right arm spirit bone was a bit faster than the Eight Spider Lances, and the pain he suffered naturally also a bit less. This was also something Tang San observed himself. He vaguely understood that the longer the spirit bone removal took, the higher the quality of the spirit bone was, and the better the effect would be from soaking in Seagod energy. Although the Sky Blue Bull Python right arm bone was good, it was still some way from the Eight Spider Lances that had already reached god level. As a result, when it was stripped off, the process was a bit faster, and it could be assumed that the effects would also be a bit worse.

What Tang San was curious over was, after he once again endured the pain, after seeing the Eight Spider Lances turn into the Seagod Eight Wings, he very much wanted to know what this Sky Blue Bull Python right arm bone would turn into?

The answer was very soon announced. Only this answer still made Tang San enormously amazed. Yes, not surprise, but amazement, so much that he was simultaneously shocked and furious.

The stripped off Sky Blue Bull Python right arm bone quietly landed on that round platform, and a golden wave washed over it, swallowing it up. Very soon, the golden wave energy, the Seagod’s energy, merged into the Sky Blue Bull Python right arm bone, and the bone showed bizarre changes.

The spirit bone grew larger, becoming the size of Tang San’s right arm, but no longer bent, standing straight on the platform. At the top, there was a circular mushroom top forming, looking like something any man would

find very familiar. If it was smaller, it would be a bit like Oscar’s flying mushroom sausage. What was most difficult to endure was that in the center of that mushroom head, a golden liquid spurted out, flying in an arc through the air and spraying over Tang San. He even vaguely smelled a fishy smell.

Rage instantly burned, violent fury once again making Tang San raise his right hand. But at this moment, in the world’s most vulgar event, a voice like that of the vulgar Spirit Master Bu Le Tang San once met echoed, “How embarrassing, transformation failed.”

Boom—— Tang San felt his brain seem to explode from fury. The insult didn’t matter to him, but the entire insult used the spirit bone created through Da Ming’s sacrifice, through his life! He couldn’t produce spirit power, but at the same time, it only took one step and he could instantly crush this incredibly nauseating thing.

Even though already on guard, deep in his heart what was most important to him was his friends and relatives. If he was personally humiliated, Tang San would definitely be alert, but when Da Ming who had given his life for Xiao Wu was humiliated, how could Tang San endure?

This step, would finally still be sold! Tang San lifted his leg, already aware that this was a trap, but even so, even if he couldn’t continue the inheritance, he still couldn’t let Da Ming bear such humiliation.

But, the instant Tang San was about to take this step, a familiar faint voice reached his mind, “Don’t be fooled, my brother. I feel your respect for me in your anger, to me, that’s enough. To become part of a god, is my honor.”

This…… Tang San forcibly stopped the half finished step. Stopping him, was the stinky liquid that sprayed from the mushroom head. The liquid actually changed direction.

“Da Ming……” Tang San’s vision grew a bit hazy. He knew that this was the effect of Da Ming’s soul within the spirit bone!

“Nothing need be said. Don’t tell me you want to let Xiao Wu grieve when you die failing the inheritance?” Da Ming’s soul was extremely faint, these were the last words he could speak. But these words had enormously destructive power on Tang San.

The spirit bones ordinary spirit masters possessed were obtained through hunting spirit beasts, naturally filled with hostility towards the spirit master. Only when, like the Eight Spider Lances, they reached the god level and another level of merging with Tang San, would their feelings change.

But Tang San was different, Da Ming was happy to sacrifice himself to be Tang San’s Sky Blue Bull Python right arm bone, and his soul was always within the spirit bone, watching Tang San revive Xiao Wu, he was only grateful. Under such circumstances, even though this spirit bone wasn’t god level, Da Ming still used burned the power of his soul to warn Tang San, preferring to be humiliated than to let Tang San ruin the inheritance.

This time it was no longer the Seagod’s arrangement, nor could it be called luck, it was Da Ming who saved Tang San’s inheritance.

Tang San’s eyes were moist. He blinked away the tears and withdrew his raised leg, “Da Ming, I definitely won’t disappoint you.”

Turning grief into strength, Tang San roared fiercely, stiffly pushing down the anger he felt. But his fists were already tightly clenched, trying hard to control his emotions.

As Tang San finally stabilized his mood, recovering his calm, everything in front of him transformed. That mushroom shaped thing suddenly burst, hiding what was below in a large golden cloud, where a resonant dragon cry echoed. Tang San seemed to see Da Ming again, but the shrunken size. But Da Ming also quickly transformed in that golden mist, Sky Blue Bull Python, bull head and python body, although Da Ming’s soul wasn’t there. But at this moment, he seemed to complete the step the Deep Sea Demon Whale King couldn’t in a million years.

In the blink of an eye, Da Ming transformed into a golden dragon, soaring up over that round platform. Even though his body was very small, he still gave a feeling like soaring to the ninth heaven, spiraling in that golden mist. The round little platform flew back to its original position.

Yes! This should be the true evolved effect of the Sky Blue Bull Python arm bone Da Ming turned into! Tang San wiped away the tears in his eyes, his heart also completely calming down.

First it was ecstasy that influenced him, but in the second trial of the inheritance he was actually influenced by anger. Such terrifying trials. With the humiliation of Da Ming infuriating him, plus the imperceptible effect of the trial on his emotions producing the change, even fully aware that it might be a trap he still almost stepped into it. Passing the Seagod’s challenges was actually so difficult?

Through the two trials, Tang San had also gained an even deeper understanding of this Seagod inheritance. Inferring three from one, with Tang San’s intelligence he immediately brought to mind a line from the
Confucian educational text 《Three Character Classic》from his previous world: We speak of joy, anger, we speak of grief, fear, love hate desire, these are the seven emotions.[1]

[1] Three Character Classic - Translation from here:

Chapter 314

According to the sequence, the first seven of these eight Seagod inheritance tests were very likely to see whether he could break free from these seven emotions. Yes, that was definitely it.

Thinking of this, Tang San suddenly had an epiphany. The sharp pain from the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone starting to be removed couldn’t disturb his clarity either.

If the Seagod could sense the changes in Tang San’s heart right now, he would definitely be enormously gratified. Because if the Seagod’s Heart was here, its instructions to Tang San would be these seven emotional tests. Originally the Seagod’s inheritance should be testing the six desires[1], corresponding to the spirit master’s six spirit bones. But Tang San was an exception with the external spirit bone Eight Spider Lances, and with seven spirit bones the six desires turned to seven emotions.

People had seven emotions and six desires, this was the basics of human nature, unavoidable. Nobody was an exception. The difficulty of such a test was obvious, passing while the Seagod energy disturbed one’s thoughts was extremely difficult even when forewarned, let alone when Tang San directly entered the tests without any warning. The difficulty left practically no chance of passing.

However, when including the back door provided by the Seagod as well as some luck, after having comprehended the challenge in the Seagod inheritance, to baffle Tang San whose Seagod affinity had risen to one

hundred fifteen percent through passing eight Seagod trials wasn’t very likely. Tang San didn’t disappoint anyone, starting from the third test, his progress suddenly grew smooth.

The third trial tested the word “grief”. Removing Tang San’s Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone, what appeared was an illusory scene. And this scene portrayed how Tang San’s mother Ah Yin chose to sacrifice herself to save Tang Hao. And Tang San could easily save his mother in the illusion by just lifting a finger. It was extremely easy to get lost in that grief filled atmosphere.

But with the experience of the two previous trials, no matter what happened in the illusion, Tang San maintained clarity, guarding his mind. What gave him even more of a surprise was that his Purple Demon Eye’s illusion breaking effect was effective even here. After all, the Purple Demon Eye wasn’t a power of this world. Even though the illusion was extremely powerful, Tang San could still endure, easily passing. And the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone also transformed into a blue silver grass of the most common variety, calmly staying on the third little platform under a golden halo of light.

The fourth test came next, stripping Tang San’s left leg bone, again producing an illusion. This time the focus of the illusion was changed to Xiao Wu, showing Xiao Wu just after she sacrificed herself for Tang San, with her soul on the verge of fading, causing Tang San intense fear.

With the experience and comprehension of the previous three tests, Tang San’s heart was like iron, forcing down the feelings influenced by the Seagod. Passing once more, the Evil Spirit Orca left leg bone transformed into an enormous orca figure, cruising around on the fourth platform.

At this point, Tang San had already passed four of the eight total Seagod inheritance tests, and as he passed this fourth one, Tang San immediately felt his body start to change. The originally golden bones, muscles and veins began to gradually flush, becoming the pure golden color Qian Renxue had when she attacked with her full strength. In passing the baptism of the four emotions, at the s

At this point, there were still three spirit bones that hadn’t been stripped, and Tang San knew that these spirit bones were also the most crucial.

The Eight Spider Lances had reached god level, it was part of him and could even think of alerting him, the Sky Blue Bull Python right arm bone had Da Ming’s soul that could warn him. The Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone was left him by his mother and was filled with love, it naturally wouldn’t cause any problems. Even though the Evil Spirit Orca left leg bone came from the hundred thousand year Evil Spirit Orca King, as a left leg bone it wasn’t that important to begin with, and Tang San could also completely suppress the influence it had on him even after being stripped. As a result, these first four tests were relatively easily passed. Of course, this was still on the condition that Tang San was able to quickly figure out the true theme of the Seagod inheritance, making it this easy.

But, the remaining four tests would be much more difficulty. First putting aside restoring the Seagod Trident, just the remaining three emotions weren’t that simple. First of all, Tang San’s torso spirit bone was looted from the million year Deep Sea Demon Whale King, and without a doubt, the Deep Sea Demon Whale King hated him to the death. Even its corpse had been desecrated. When Tang San took this test, not only wouldn’t the Deep Sea Demon Whale King help him get rid of the confusion, its soul within his spirit bone might even try to help the Seagod’s divine power to confuse him. This was also the most important spirit bone, and the difficulty was naturally the greatest.

Even less had to be said about the mind condensing wisdom skull bone, as the spirit bone around the brain, it would doubtless cause Tang San the most violent pain, and this spirit bone had moreover fused with a portion of the Seagod’s Heart energy. Tang San had no idea whatsoever what would happen when he took the test.

Finally, there was moreover the Titan Giant Ape left arm bone that shouldn’t have been a problem. As a left arm bone it was ranked last of all the spirit bones, and moreover came from the Titan Giant Ape Er Ming, and with their relationship, Er Ming absolutely wouldn't hold him back. But the crucial part was that this left arm spirit bone hid the Asura God’s divine power. Tang San could be near certain that removing this spirit bone from

his body would be severely difficult. Even if the Asura God’s power had already been suppressed to within his Clear Sky Hammer.

The facts proved Tang San right. The spirit bone stripped in the fifth test was his skull spirit bone, the mind condensing wisdom skull bone.

Starting from almost the instant the spirit bone removal began, Tang San’s mind turned blank white. Not from pain, but like when the Seagod brought him here, basically uncontrollable, nothing could be felt in his mental world.

A faint red color began to emerge in this blank white world, slowly condensing, forming a giant heart shape before him. Tang San’s body then also appeared in this world. Tang San wanted to use his Purple Demon Eye to break the illusion, but it didn’t work. Not a bit of energy could be transferred. In this world of consciousness he had become like an ordinary person.

Just then, the surrounding scenery suddenly changed. The pale world produced countless colors.

A great green forest, a clear little lake, insect cries and bird song echoing, air so fresh and clean one couldn’t help breathe deeply. In this beautiful picture, sitting upright on a large rock on the shore was a young woman in white, long black hair hanging all the way down into the water. She held a tiny wooden comb, slowly combing her hair.

Seeing this, Tang San was stunned. Xiao Wu, yes, even without seeing her face, Tang San still knew that this was his Xiao Wu!

He now stood only two meters away from Xiao Wu. Suddenly, she tilted her head, beautifully pulling her hair behind her, exposing her flawless features, looking at Tang San with a sweet smile, “Ge, did you know?”

“Know what?” Tang San asked subconsciously.

Xiao Wu’s eyes revealed happiness, “Mom said that a girl can only let one man comb her hair in her whole life. Do you want to help me?”

“I do, of course I do.” Tang San answered impatiently. Powerful love instantly filled his heart, leaving nothing else behind. To comb Xiao Wu’s hair, to live happy days together with her, that was Tang San’s most cherished wish.

Xiao Wu blushed, making her touching appearance even more gorgeous. Shyli raising her hand with the comb, she didn’t dare look at Tang San, speaking softly: “Here.”

Raising his hand, Tang San wanted to take that comb, but his hand stopped in midair.

This is an illusion, everything I see is an illusion, how could I be with Xiao Wu at the Star Dou Great Forest lake? Even though this was a mental world, if he took one step forward to take the comb, then that would very likely mean taking this step in reality as well, leaving the center of the platform.

If Tang San could use any spirit ability now, he would have held the wooden comb, but in this mental world he could basically do nothing.

But even so, Tang San’s heart was still filled with love for Xiao Wu. Among his seven emotions, the most difficult to control was love. In his heart, this word was the weakest part. It might be called his greatest weakness.

Even fully aware that all this was an illusion, Tang San was still unable to firmly reject Xiao Wu. He could only foolishly look at her, motionless.

After a long time, Xiao Wu softly raised her head, looking towards him. Her eyes had become a bit dull, sparkling teardrops spinning. She didn’t look straight at Tang San, only at that tiny wooden comb she was holding out. Her voice trembled with choked emotion,

“Ge, don’t you want to comb my hair?”

“No, I do, I want to.” Intense love broke through reason, and Tang San shouted emotionally. How could he have the heart to see his Xiao Wu sad?

Even if it was an illusion of Xiao Wu, he still couldn’t refuse.


Seagod Island, Seagod Mountain, Seagod Palace.

Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi had sacrificed her life to open the gate to Tang San’s inheritance. The Shrek Six Devils had all seen it.

They were swallowed by golden light, and could clearly feel the rich energy constantly rushing from that gate, saturating their bodies through the platforms where they stood. And at the same time, their mental power was also joined as one, connected together with the light from that pure golden flame, becoming a guarantee to ensure the gate stayed open.

The Seagod Temple wasn’t like the Angel Temple with doors specially for coming and going. Qian Daoliu’s sacrifice was also different from Bo Saixi’s. Qian Daoliu only sacrificed himself to open the gate for Qian Renxue, as long as she completed the inheritance of the god of angels, she could naturally open the gate and return under her own power.

But Bo Saixi not only had to open the gate to the place of inheritance, she simultaneously used her power to create the gate. If the gate closed, then even if Tang San became the Seagod, he would never be able to return to the human world, and could only remain at the place of inheritance.

As a result, at times of the Seagod inheritance, six people were needed to maintain the gate. With the Seagod’s original arrangement, this should be the seven sacred pillar guardian Douluo. But Bo Saixi knew that the Shrek Six Devils were as one with Tang San, and had also passed at least the black level Seagod trials. Even if their strength was a bit weaker, their mental strength wasn’t inferior to the seven sacred Seagod pillar guardian Douluo. Having them stand guard was even more effective.

Starting from when Tang San entered the inheritance ground, the Shrek Six Devils could see what he was doing. Their field of view also followed Tang San into that inheritance ground, and they could even see the changes in Tang San’s mind. This was one of the benefits to maintaining the gate to

the inheritance ground like this. To see the inheritance of divinity would naturally be the greatest benefit to their futures.

They saw Tang San cut his way into the Seagod Temple hall, and also saw the true Seagod. Of course, along with the start of Tang San’s tests, their field of view also entered that golden world instead of seeing the two gods squabble in the hall.

When Tang San met the first trial, everyone felt cold sweat for him, but as Tang San figured out the key and passed four in succession, everyone also gradually relaxed.

The only one who was still nervous was Xiao Wu, not because she worried about Tang San, but rather because Da Ming’s warning to Tang San had made her emotional, and so her mind remained tense.

Right now their field of view was inside the mental illusion with Tang San, and they could also completely see and hear his dialogue with Xiao Wu.

To Dai Mubai, Oscar and the others, it seemed like this illusion should be a cinch for Tang San. He had easily passed the tests before, so how could he not tell that all this wasn’t real, and that this Xiao Wu was just an illusion?

As Tang San shouted, besides Xiao Wu, Dai Mubai, Oscar, Ma Hongjun, Ning Rongrong, and Zhu Zhuqing all couldn’t help being dumbfounded. They could never have expected that the highly intelligent Tang San would unexpectedly be impulsive now, unable to pass the fifth of the seven emotions.

Only Xiao Wu truly understood Tang San’s heart right now. He doesn’t want to refuse me! Even if it was fake, the contents of the illusion was still completely true. Even the source of the comb was true. Influenced by the Seagod’s divine power, Tang San’s heart was completely filled with love, and his reason was finally broken by the emotional rush. The one word love made him completely forget he was undergoing the Seagod inheritance.

Faced with such a scene, even completely wrapped up in that intense golden light and unable to move, Xiao Wu shouted with all her strength: “Ge, that’s not me, that’s not me!”

Xiao Wu’s voice echoed in the Seagod Palace, and also roused the sluggish Shrek Five Devils. But they all knew that Xiao Wu’s voice couldn’t reach that world. Xiao Wu wailing until her voice was hoarse made their hearts sink as well. If he couldn’t pass the Seagod inheritance, little San was finished……

But, the solution usually wasn’t absolute. Just as they thought Tang San really was finished, in the illusion he suddenly stopped the moment before moving forward.

Lowering his head, looking somewhat incredulously at this right hand, the intense love in Tang San’s eyes didn’t disappear, but his gaze turned somewhere else.

Yes, he had heard Xiao Wu’s voice. Even if he only heard a faint whisper in the depths of his heart, and only heard three words: That’s not me.

But this was enough. Xiao Wu’s shout saved Tang San, he had heard her voice. Yes! No matter how alike the illusion is, she’s not my Xiao Wu, I can only comb Xiao Wu’s hair, not hers.


The entire illusion collapsed with a loud rumble. As Tang San returned to the golden Seagod inheritance world, he immediately saw a golden blue skull appear in front of him, containing a vague light, exactly the same as the light of the Seagod’s Heart!

Even Tang San didn’t know that the reason he could hear Xiao Wu’s voice wasn’t because Xiao Wu was shouting so forcefully, but rather because of the telepathic link between them.

Telepathy really did exist, such as between twins, between old couples, between close family like father and son, all had the possibility for


And the link between Tang San and Xiao Wu was naturally because Xiao Wu sacrificed herself for him. Even though Tang San had already returned Xiao Wu’s spirit bone and ring to her, in some sense, the two had once truly been merged together. Under such circumstances, Xiao Wu’s and Tang San’s souls had formed an imperceptible bridge. With Tang San’s life in danger and Xiao Wu shouting herself hoarse, this bridge had passed on that tiny voice, and even though it was only for a split second, even though they were in different worlds, it had still roused Tang San, letting him break free of the fifth of the seven emotions, most likely to cause weakness, the word love.

Tang San gasped for large mouthfuls of air, the spirit power circulating irregularly at high speed within him. Looking at his right arm, recalling the faint whisper of Xiao Wu’s voice just now, his heart warmed. Even though he had been tortured by the pain of spirit bone removal, and faced constant mental trials, Xiao Wu’s voice still made Tang San’s mental strength condense to an unprecedented degree. Also along with breaking through this fifth test, a faint golden blue color appeared on the surface of Tang San’s skin, and his exhausted strength recovered slightly.

The Seagod inheritance didn’t stop. After the fifth platform flew back to its original spot with that golden blue crystalline skull, the sixth platform was already flying out. This time, that spirit bone stripping hand grew enormous, the golden hand directly appearing one meter in front of Tang San, then suddenly made a grabbing motion.

It was this seemingly simple motion that made Tang San feel as if his soul was being ripped out, unprecedented pain filling every nerve of his whole body in a split second.

Without a doubt, the torso spirit bone was the largest of all spirit bones, and also the most important of the six standard spirit bones. Stripping it would naturally cause incomparable pain. Every bone and muscle of his entire body seemed to be twisted together. Tang San was basically unable to contend with that enormous divine power. Because of the torso spirit bone being removed, the violent squeezing and pulling made blood flow from

every opening in Tang San’s head, flowing down like seven little snakes. Only, Tang San’s originally already golden blood, there was now a faint blue dye. From the initial gold, to pure gold, and then reaching the present golden blue, the power of the Seagod’s divinity was imperceptibly entering Tang San. Of course, in order to complete the inheritance, he first had to outlast this pain.

Splash, Tang San’s blood spurted out, his vision turning fuzzy. Even with his powerful physical resistance and superlative willpower, even he was somewhat unable to bear pain of such intensity. Because of the pain, he felt as if his brain was exploding.

No, he absolutely couldn’t give up here. Tang San seemed to see the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s sneer, and also seemed to see Xiao Wu’s anxiety. Clenching his teeth, facing the pulling force in front of him, he really was a bit different. No matter how his muscles were twisted, no matter how intense the pain, he still clenched his teeth and endured. His teeth were already biting into his lips, the fingernails of both hands digging into the flesh of his palms. Both his legs stuck to the ground, because of the pain and exertion, even his god level bones couldn’t quite endure. Of his ten toes, besides the relatively thick and sturdy big toes, the remaining eight were already completely crushed. But even so, they still dug sharply into the ground, unexpectedly forcefully digging out a few depressions in the incredibly solid Seagod inheritance platform.

Purple bone gradually appeared from Tang San’s chest. Even though that was a spirit bone, and should strictly speaking be condensed from energy, it felt as if part of his chest was being removed. Moreover, seeing it personally also involved a visual attack.

The violent pain made Tang San involuntarily howl sharply, his tightly clenched fists suddenly pounding his hips. Raising his head, long hair fluttering behind him, mixed sweat and blood scattering in the air. And with that howl, the largest torso spirit bone was finally ripped from Tang San’s body. He had never even used the abilities it gave him.

The torso spirit bone seemingly formed from the spine and the ribs, entirely purple, landed on the sixth platform that flew in front of Tang San.

The Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s figure appeared behind the bone, an intense hatred suddenly emerged from Tang San’s heart, and the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s silhouette behind the torso spirit bone suddenly turned real. Suddenly leaping backward, he directly plunged into that golden sea.

Malevolent laughter echoed, “Tang San, I really have to thank you! You’ve finally brought me to this inheritance ground. The last step I couldn’t take over so many years can finally be completed. Leave this Seagod inheritance ground to me.”

While speaking, the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s body in the golden sea suddenly transformed, becoming the human shape that Tang San once faced. Waving both hands, an enormous purple whirlpool appeared in front of him, and the six platforms with the spirit bones Tang San had already removed flew over, circling around the Deep Sea Demon Whale King. Even the two platforms that had yet to absorb Tang San’s spirit bones showed signs of rocking.

How? Tang San was stunned. He could clearly sense that the Deep Sea Demon Whale King really was soul power, and moreover, his expression was also exactly the same, and the Seagod presence around him also instantly disappeared. Even the golden blue color of his skin quickly faded. And an equal golden blue color began to gradually appear on the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s body.

No, impossible. After all the trials and hardship, having finally walked this far, how could he let the Deep Sea Demon Whale King get away with it? Intense hatred filled Tang San’s heart. Waving his right hand, he grabbed the Seagod Trident floating vertically next to him. Pointing the dark trident forward, Tang San roared: “Deep Sea Demon Whale King, you actually didn’t die?”

The Deep Sea Demon Whale King grinned, the purple whirlpool between his hands growing larger and larger. Those two empty platforms began to slowly fly towards him, “Who said I didn’t die? That’s right, I really am dead. But you underestimate the soul power I saved up over a million years. Even drawn into the spirit bone, my soul still wouldn’t perish. I’ve

been waiting for this chance, I didn’t expect it really would come. Hahahaha, I have to thank this Seagod inheritance as well. Now this inheritance ground is mine. Kid, to thank you for bringing me here, I’ll leave your corpse intact once I’ve become god and remade my body.”

Facing the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s naked provocation, Tang San suddenly smiled, slowly putting the Seagod Trident aside to once again stand next to him, speaking slowly: “No need to act. As far as I’m concerned, this is useless. We speak of joy, anger, we speak of grief, fear, love hate desire, these are the seven emotions. Your sixth test is the word hate. The Seagod’s divine power makes it feel real, and it’s also a situation that really might happen, so it makes it seem even more real, and with the direct influence on my emotions, it really is easily to get fooled. Unfortunately, the word hatred isn’t my weakness. It’s impossible even if your soul cooperates with the Seagod’s power to stop my inheritance, Deep Sea Demon Whale King. Having passed the test of love, what do I have to fear? All this is just an illusion. Let alone it being impossible for your soul to break free of the spirit bone again, even if you could, do you believe this world, filled with the Seagod’s divine power, in the middle of my inheritance, would allow your disruption? If your soul really could leave the spirit bone, it would only lead to your destruction.”

Listening to Tang San, the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s expression suddenly changed. The golden ocean below him suddenly rushed up, an enormous golden trident suddenly emerging from the water, instantly piercing the body formed of soul power. An incredibly dignified voice resounded in the entire golden world, “Attempting to ruin the successor, kill without pardon. Soul stripping.”

“No——” The Deep Sea Demon Whale King howled with alarm, but in this Seagod inheritance world, what use was the his soul power, no matter how strong? In a moment his body was shattered to fragments, turning into purple streams of light that blended into the spirit bone stripped from Tang San.

That torso spirit bone also subsequently transformed into a madly roaming purple dragon, fluttering above the little platform, gradually

calming down after a long while, just like the right arm bone that turned into the azure dragon, it floated above the platform.

Seeing this, Tang San was distracted. A cold chill rushed down his spine, because he suddenly realized that everything just now wasn’t the illusion he expected, but was entirely real. That Deep Sea Demon Whale King was really his soul condensed. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be the scene of his soul shattering, but instead the entire illusion should have collapsed along with him revealing the truth.

The Deep Sea Demon Whale King, actually, actually really wasn’t completely killed, his soul actually still hid in the spirit bone, waiting for a chance. What a million year spirit beast, what a million year spirit beast! So powerful.

Tang San couldn’t keep his mind from swaying somewhat from the lingering fear. He knew that if he hadn’t abandoned the feeling of hatred just then, maybe, everything would have become real, and the Deep Sea Demon Whale King really could have replaced him to inherit the Seagod’s divinity. When the torso spirit bone was stripped before, the violent pain he had to bear might also have had some element of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s tampering. The more exhausted his mind was, the greater his chance of success.

The six platforms again flew back to surround Tang San, and the seventh spirit bone stripping pain arrived. This last stripping was naturally that of Tang San’s left arm spirit bone.

Against Tang San’s expectations, his left arm spirit bone really didn’t cause any change, almost the same as the pain he suffered when his right arm spirit bone was removed, much lighter than with the torso spirit bone. The spirit bone was smoothly removed, and floated towards the seventh platform.

Light flashed, and all the surroundings suddenly became illusory. A new illusion appeared in front of Tang San, and he was shocked to discover that he had already appeared in an illusory night sky. Stars speckled the sky, as if revealing the secrets of the universe to him.

A golden platform appeared in front of Tang San, and in the center of that platform floated a woman radiating intense golden light. But her face revealed an extremely painful expression, with faintly discernible golden armor, and six golden wings slowly appearing on her back, her expression was twisted, she was very clearly suffering incredible pain.

But even with a twisted expression, Tang San still recognized her at a glance. In the illusion, appeared the god of angels’ successor Qian Renxue.

Tang San’s consciousness cut through the night sky like a shooting star, directly knocking against Qian Renxue’s body. Before he could react, light flashed, and his consciousness was pulled into her head.

When everything became clear, another scene appeared in front of Tang San.

This was a vast empty space. First of all Tang San saw Qian Renxue. What left Tang San shocked was that she was now completely naked. That golden skin seemed so enticing, her perfect body without the slightest flaw. Only, her gaze was a bit lifeless, looking sluggishly ahead.

Following along Qian Renxue’s gaze, Tang San’s heart shook again. He saw a young man.

Blue hair draped across his back, blue eyes brimming with the light of deep wisdom as if they could pierce everything, a tall and slender graceful figure, a harp floating silently in front of him. He slowly raised his hands, his slender fingers caressing the strings, the delicate sound filling this empty space. And Qian Renxue also walked toward him, step by step, her voice choked with emotion, “Tang San, why would it be you……”

Yes! Wasn’t that young man him? But, why would he appear here? What was going on here?

[1] Six desires - Desires of the senses varies, but generally described as desires related to “seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching, thinking”, or with touch and thought replaced by life and death, the latter referring to “survival”, or in Buddhism, the six desires of lust.

Chapter 315

His brain working quickly, combined with the first illusion, Tang San gradually understood. What he was seeing should be everything that happened when Qian Renxue inherited the divinity of the god of angels. And this should be happening in the depths of Qian Renxue’s consciousness. But, why did he appear here? It shouldn’t be her trial?

Before Tang San could think further, he saw Qian Renxue walk towards the other him.

Qian Renxue practically without hesitation, threw herself into “Tang San’s” arms…...

…… Seagod Island, Seagod Mountain, Seagod Palace.

Completely enveloped by golden light, the Shrek Six Devils were dumbstruck watching the scene transmitted from the other world. Dai Mubai, Oscar and Ma Hongjun said as one: “Finished.”

They were men too, and had experience with women as well. They of course understood how stimulating what Tang San saw was, and asked them self if even they could hold back if they were in the same circumstances, let alone Tang San who was still an inexperienced virgin.

Ning Rongrong and Zhu Zhuqing were already blushing red, closing their eyes without daring to watch. Right now they couldn’t even manage to pray for Tang San.

Xiao Wu’s gaze had turned dull, tears slowly rolling down her face. Even though she didn’t say anything, she was breathless from heartache. Seeing Tang San tangled up with another woman’s naked body, even if it was just an illusion, was something she couldn’t accept. Ge, don’t tell me you really…...

At this moment, Xiao Wu only felt powerless. She would use her life to save Tang San when she saw his life in danger, but facing a scene like this, as a girl, she was unable to do anything.

But in the next moment, Dai Mubai, Oscar and Ma Hongjun all stared wide-eyed, incredulously watching the scene.

Tang San still stood there calmly, without moving. But his originally fiery gaze had suddenly turned ice cold. He coldly spat out one sentence.

“Get lost.”

The naked Qian Renxue tankled up with Tang San’s body trembled, her movements stopping, and looked up towards Tang San with teary eyes, asking distressed: “Why?”

Tang San said indifferently: “Because you’re not her. My body belongs only to Xiao Wu.”

Boom—— Qian Renxue instantly erupted into roaring golden flame that consumed every part of the illusion in front of Tang San.

Indeed, sexual desire was a difficult trial for a man, but when the illusion appeared and Tang San saw that erotic scene, he silently read out a few words in his heart. Even if the scene made his animal blood boil when he first saw it, these words always filled him. In the end, it was also these words that pulled his heart back.

The words Tang Sa recited was the words Xiao Wu sent him through their connection before: That’s not me.

Yes, Qian Renxue wasn’t Xiao Wu, that wasn’t his love. No matter how strong the desire, it still couldn’t compare to Tang San’s love for Xiao Wu. In the last moment he was suddenly alerted and pulled back from lust. Besides Xiao Wu, no woman could get anything from Tang San other than those words, his heart like steel.

In the Seagod Palace, Xiao Wu cried. Her heart trembled, her soul trembled. She only repeatedly muttered one word, “Ge…&hell

The scene returned to normal, and the left arm bone floated above the seventh little platform. Nourished by those golden waves, it turned into the shape of a Titan Giant Ape. Even if it was small, it had now turned completely golden. Gazing at Tang San, his eyes only held gentleness.

With an inward sigh, Tang San finally understood why Qian Renxue was so tolerant at first when she chased him. If he didn’t guess wrong, the scene he just saw should have been real. When Qian Renxue underwent her inheritance, the scene of intercourse with him suddenly appeared in her mind. Moreover, since she had already become god, that scene should have been helpful to reach divinity. No wonder she was so tolerant.

Seven of eight trials had passed. Tang San directly wiped his right hand on the Wishful Hundred Treasures Purse, and that soft yet flexible whale pearl appeared in his hand. He hadn’t forgotten what the Seagod said to him. To pass this eighth trial, the whale pearl would have surprising effects. At this step, Tang San couldn’t help showing a faint smile.

Happiness, anger, sadness, fear, love, hate, desire, each of the seven emotions had passed. If the Seagod’s Heart wasn’t damaged, he would already have completed the inheritance. But one last step still lay before him, the step he most wanted to take, to reawaken the divine power of the Seagod Trident.

The eighth stage hovered in front of Tang San, and at the same time that dark Seagod Trident also floated up.

The Seagod Trident still seemed filled with an abstruse presence, but that cavity it made Tang San’s heart ache.

Cautiously pressing in that soft whale bead, Tang San took off his Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges and unreservedly poured out more than a cubic meter of whale brain. He first of all grabbed one lump and squeezed it onto the already somewhat deformed whale pearl in the rhombic cavity on the Seagod Trident. Then he slowly stuck the Seagod Trident into the pile of whale brain.

Deep blue light shot like lightning from the Seagod Trident brand on Tang San’s forehead, intensely shining on the Seagod Trident, and unhesitatingly released mental power. There was no skill involved, Tang San only gazed gently at the Seagod Trident, and constantly released his Seagod’s light. Inwardly he sincerely called out.

“Come back, my partner. Even if I spend all my power, I still want you back.”

The Seagod’s light grew increasingly intense, already wrapping up that dark Seagod Trident in blue. As if influenced by the Seagod’s light, the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s brain also gradually turned blue and slowly, bit by bit, merged into the Seagod Trident.

That whale pearl also merged with the blueing whale brain. Truly inlayed into that cavity, it slowly absorbed the Seagod’s divine light Tang San released.

This process took a very long time. The golden sea around the platform also calmed, without any waves, like it had become an endless golden ocean.

No matter how strong the mental power, in the end it would be limited, and even more so when Tang San was already exhausted from the previous seven trials. His mental strength gradually dried up, and was even somewhat overdrawn. But Tang San still produced the Seagod’s light, and only his expression changed from calm to resolved.

What he just said to the Seagod Trident was a man’s promise. After so much trouble, Tang San wouldn’t give up at the last moment no matter what.

Time passed second by second. Tang San was already trembling, his face white as snow. The Seagod Trident brand on his forehead also grew fainter and fainter. But he still clenched his teeth and endured, refusing to stop producing Seagod’s light. He had a kind of feeling that if he stopped now, there might never be another chance to restore the Seagod Trident.

Just then, the platform Tang San stood on gradually lit up, and the other platforms originally circling arrived in front of the eighth. The seven platforms representing the seven emotions slowly revolved around him. The golden mist on each one began to turn into intense golden light, making everything around him even brighter.

The first to move was the Eight Spider Lances that had already reached the god level and that Tang San had spent so much effort to turn into the Seagod Eight Wings. The wings soared up, and that golden pillar of light once again increased somewhat, the wave and cloud patterns glittered with faint blue light, and the entire Seagod Eight Wings were dyed glorious golden blue.

The platform carrying it instantly flew out and arrived at Tang San’s forehead. A scorching hot golden light fell from above, enveloping him, and those golden golden blue Seagod Eight Wings also flew out, falling from the sky, landing on Tang San’s back.

Feeling a scorching heat, Tang San with his close to dried up energy channels felt something like an adrenaline rush. He shook once again, but this time it was with a pleasure as if reborn. That scorching energy invaded all his dry channels, and his mental strength rose again. The originally flagging Seagod’s light also grew stronger. Tang San felt an enormous energy pour into him from his back like a hundred rivers emptying into the sea, frantically rushing through his body. Such pleasure was incomparable, and he no longer felt exhausted and weak.

Tang San also immediately sensed the source of the change. On his back, the eight enormous wings each connected with eight of his ribs, just where the Eight Spider Lances used to be connected. The golden blue wings spread out, and that enormous energy was absorbed from the sea through these wings.

Along with the Seagod’s light growing stronger again, the Seagod Trident it illuminated also began to show minute changes. The pattern on the trident began to turn faintly golden, and the whale pearl also began to turn transparent. At least a third of the whale brain’s energy had been absorbed into the Seagod’s Trident.

With the enormous energy blending into him, filling his whole body with strength, Tang San’s firm gaze also sharpened. Starting from the pupils, his eyes gradually turned golden blue, soon filling his whole eyes.

With the golden blue light blending with the Seagod Eight Wings, the little platform also vanished from above Tang San after releasing them. The second platform, the one bearing Tang San’s Sky Blue Bull Python right arm bone, flew up above him at the same time.

A resonant dragon cry soared at the sky, echoing. In that clear and powerful sound, the cyan dragon circled and climbed, leaving the range of the platform and shooting into the sky, flying straight up. As that azure body swept past, it left behind large lumps of seawater, and it gradually turned from azure into a golden blue giant dragon.

Boom—— As that giant dragon had climbed to a height where it was difficult to see with the naked eye, it suddenly turned around. The entire golden ocean once again roared with waves, the dragon cry sounding without end. In a flash of light, that giant dragon shrank.

An intense suction force pulled up Tang San’s right arm. That shrunken golden blue dragon circled, twisting around his arm. A scorching feeling once again comforted Tang San’s heart, unprecedented energy suddenly blending in. It felt like Tang San’s right arm was in a furnace, feeling unprecedented delight from every piece of his skin, from the tips of his fingers all the way to his shoulder. Resounding cracks echoed in that surging energy, golden blue armor quietly emerging underneath the intense light.

A dragon head appeared on his shoulder, elegant rather than ostentatious, and armor with neat dragon scale patterns spread down his entire right arm, ridges and corners distinct, even over his palm and fingers. It fit perfectly to

the muscles on his arm, but without any feeling of hardness, and seemed like it wouldn’t influence his movements. There was also a golden blue gem in his palm that erupted with intense suction power, drawing in the golden seawater. Instantly, even more enormous energy flowed into Tang San, and he absorbed it like a bottomless pit.

Golden seawater was constantly pulled into him through the armor on his right arm, the gloriously golden water forming an arc in the air, extremely dazzling.

Supported by the Seagod Eight Wings and this solid Seagod right arm armor, Tang San felt his recovery already able to balance with the output of Seagod’s light.

But this was just the beginning. As if influenced by Tang San’s firm will, those platforms flew over one after another. Closely behind the second Sky Blue Bull Python right arm bone platform came Tang San’s Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone.

Sparkling crystalline blue silver grass floated down, each blade turning into a stream of flowing light, winding up from below Tang San’s feet, all the way to the base of his thigh. With resounding cracks, Tang San felt his right leg tighten, enormous force suddenly spreading through his whole body. Gentle energy instantly pulsed. Golden blue armor radiated light along with the gorgeous light brought by the blue silver grass, completely fitting with Tang San’s right leg.

The right leg armor was covered with wave and cloud patterns like the Seagod Eight Wings, and also protected every part of Tang San’s skin. On the sides of his calves protruded three spikes like thorns, each one with a wing-like curve on the back.

The third platform disappeared along with the Seagod right leg armor being fitted. The fourth platform followed. The Evil Spirit Orca King’s shadow flashed and struck Tang San’s left leg hard. Tang San instantly felt an ice cold feeling from his left leg, completely at odds with the warm comfort from his Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone. But this cold feeling also roused Tang San’s mind. Left leg armor identical to the right leg

appeared, the only difference being a faint hazy light in front, like a sharp blade. That was clearly related to the Evil Orca right leg bone’s original Orca Evil Spirit Hatchet ability.

With each piece of armor that equipped itself, Tang San’s power would multiply, and the Seagod’s light radiated by the Seagod Trident brand on his forehead would intensify. This armor became Tang San’s strongest support, and also the most important divine instrument to amply release the Seagod’s divinity.

After the fourth platofrm’s Evil Spirit Orca left leg bone turned into armor and was equipped on Tang San, the next to appear wasn’t the fifth platform with the skull spirit bone as Tang San expected, but rather skipped straight to the seventh platform, the Titan Giant Ape left arm bone to ascend. With a reverberating crack, his left arm was covered by thick and solid angular armor. Different from the right arm spirit bone, the left pauldron was perfectly smooth, without any dragon shape, and the armor seemed a bit bulkier compared to the right arm. But the overall form was still exactly the same as the wave and cloud pattern, and the differences in the arms didn’t feel uncoordinated. On the contrary it seemed filled with power and beauty.

All four limbs were complete, plus the Seagod Eight Wings on his back. The golden ocean around the platform boiled, seawater spinning around it and shooting at the sky, turning into a giant maelstrom, spinning violently around. Enormous Seagod energy blew into Tang San’s body, as if reconstructing him, remaking every part of him.

The sixth platform flew out next, and the Deep Sea Demon Whale torso bone with its soul completely crushed soared up, falling from above. The originally purple spirit bone had already turned into golden blue armor while still in midair, and an extremely dazzling breastplate descended along with a hundred leaved armored skirt.

With a sonorous crack, a rich feeling filled every part of Tang San’s body. His hair quickly grew all the way to his back, not golden for once, only a deep blue like the endless ocean. The blue hair fluttered in the wind, all armor covering his whole body.

The chest armor formed from the Deep Sea Demon Whale torso bone was extremely impressive. Solid chest armor, waist armor like fish scales, as well as the hundred leaved battle skirt glittering with light. Together with the armor on the four limbs, it all looked dazzling. In the middle of the chest, a more than fist sized ocean blue rhombic gem was inlaid between the chest and waist armor. If you looked carefully, inside that blue gem glimmered whirlpool-shaped light like an abyss. The gem was reminiscent of the gem in the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s human form battle armor, but this gem contained pure Seagod power.

Four lights sparkled from Tang San’s shoulders and the base of his thighs, right where the torso armor and the limb armor where connected. At the same time the ribs where the Seagod Eight Wings were connected shone. The connecting sounds were so touching, and with surging Seagod energy, the chest armor merged with the four limb armor and the Seagod Eight Wings, truly forming one whole. The instant it was all completed, the never moving fifth platform flew up. It no longer flew up above his head, but rather flew over in front of the eighth platform where the Seagod Trident was.

The skull bone quietly rose. Around it there seemed to be a small whirlpool matching the giant one, and the bone began to change. The golden blue luster shone dazzlingly, and small trident blades appeared, connected by a circle, forming a golden blue trident headband.

In the center of the circle was a small trident-shaped cutout. As it flew over and landed on Tang San’s head, tying down the long blue hair, that open shape perfectly fit the Seagod Trident brand on his forehead. Instantly, intense golden blue light exploded, and the Seagod Trident always illuminated by Seagod’s Light in front of Tang San changed.

The shaft was no longer dark, that magic pattern that once gave Tang San enormous divine power was completely lit up, intense gold mixed with the blue of the Seagod’s light, turning into brilliant golden blue that spread to each part of the trident. And the whale bead reformed into the Seagod’s Heart also finally turned into a resplendent rhombic gem with the light.

At the same time the trident pattern on Tang San’s headband and the brand on his forehead changed, the trident brand changing into another small scaled rhombic gem representation, making this golden blue headband seem even more perfect.

Flawlessly clear Seagod’s light shot from the headband, shining on the newly reformed Seagod’s Heart on the trident. At this moment, Tang San felt himself become the absolute center of this place, and the Seagod Trident’s familiar and even more amiable presence filled his whole body.

The Seagod Eight Wings on Tang San’s back suddenly extended, intense golden blue light rising around him. As this misty light grew more and more intense, it finally turned into a golden blue pillar of light that shot toward the sky. Surging energy merged with the brand in the deepest parts of Tang San’s soul to become an unprecedentedly enormous energy.

Tang San saw his soul clearly. His soul already existed in reality, having transformed into a golden blue rhombic gem now on the center of his forehead, fitting into the Seagod headband. Tang San didn’t know that the soul becoming substantial was the mark of becoming a god. From today on, his mental power had already evolved into divine sense, the divine sense of the Seagod.

Looking emotionally at the Seagod Trident in front of him, the golden blue light in Tang San’s eyes gradually retreated. At this moment he fully understood the changes to his body after he obtained the Vast Sea Cosmic Barrier back then. The scorching heat that he would occasionally feel in his spirit bones in the past should have been the Seagod’s light imperceptibly influencing and transforming his spirit bones, saturating them with the Seagod’s power, triggering evolution. Until the start of this final inheritance ceremony, when this evolution was finally completed. The spirit bones were stripped from his body, and transformed one by one by the Seagod’s divine power as Tang San underwent each of the trials of seven emotions. They had evolved into a Seagod Raiment not inferior to the Angelic Raiment.

No, it should be said that Tang San’s Seagod Raiment even surpassed Qian Renxue’s Angelic Raiment. The Angelic Raiment was admittedly a divine instrument left in the mortal world by the god of angels, and each

spirit bone that constituted it was close to the hundred thousand year level. But Tang San? Which of his spirit bones wasn’t also at the hundred thousand year level? Even the only the skull spirit bone that wasn’t had merged with the Seagod’s Heart and Tang San’s Purple God Light ability, its power was even beyond that of ordinary hundred thousand year spirit bones.

Even though Tang San’s spirit bones came from different spirit beasts, their quality really was superlative. With the million year Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s torso spirit bone as the center, this Seagod Raiment was even stronger than the original Seagod’s raiment. In particular, the Seagod shouldn’t have wings, he was the god of the ocean. But Tang San produced the external spirit bone Eight Spider Lances that completed its final evolution into the Seagod Eight Wings. Without a doubt, this Seagod Raiment was like a tiger that had grown wings, its power increasing substantially once again.

Each piece of armor was formed from Tang San’s spirit bones, which also meant they were perfectly suited to Tang San. Even if they had turned into armor, they were still part of him. This would never change.

Boom—— The giant maelstrom around the platform suddenly exploded, incredibly berserk energy sweeping over like a hurricane, engulfing both Tang San and the Seagod Trident in front of him.

Tang San didn’t seem to feel it. His gaze was now only on that destined partner. His right hand slowly rose. Right now there was nothing that could stop him from moving. The solid right hand, the right hand covered with Seagod Raiment, firmly gripped the Seagod Trident once again burning with golden blue light.

The instant Tang San gripped the Seagod Trident, violent golden blue flame suddenly soared from his body. All the chaos in the sky seemed to freeze in this instant. The next moment, that dazzling golden blue Seagod Trident, the reborn Seagod Trident, was pointed straight up, directly at the vault of heaven.

Boom—— Enormous suction force erupted from every part of Tang San, the wave and cloud pattern of the Seagod Eight Wings on his back gleaming with even more unprecedented glaring light. The golden seawater streamed in from all directions with the speed of lightning, madly rushing into Tang San, and also into the Seagod Trident. Golden blue flame circled Tang San, and from below him, one ring of light after another slowly rose.

An ancient voice, filled with respect, boomed from all around: “Seagod ninth trial complete, Seagod divinity perfectly assumed, the Seagod reborn. All spirit ring cultivation raised fifty thousand years.”

The spirit rings rising around Tang San were magnificent, shockingly so. Tang San had seen nine spirit rings with both black and red from Qian Renxue in the past, each spirit ring rendered with golden light. But what he saw now was a completely different scene.

The first spirit ring that appeared was red, wrapped up in dazzling golden blue on the outside. The second was the same, and so on, not changing all the way until the ninth spirit ring, all red on the background, surrounded by golden blue light. Only that last rising spirit ring was different. The tenth spirit ring representing the power of a god, was completely bright golden blue.

One hundred thousand years, every one a hundred thousand years. As a spirit master, even if Tang San wasn’t a god, a full set of hundred thousand years was still too shocking. Even he himself didn’t quite dare believe it.

The last reward of the Seagod trials was actually to raise all spirit rings’ cultivation by fifty thousand years, and the Blue Silver Emperor spirit that had its spirit rings re-added once had spirit rings that were fifty thousand years at the lowest. Fifty thousand plus fifty thousand ,this led to even Tang San’s first spirit ring turning red. Nine red and one golden blue, that was a truly terrifying divine power!

Right now Tang San no longer had the power to be aware, in his heart was the word control. Yes, control everything.

Raising the Seagod Trident, it would no longer turn black due to lack of energy. It was already branded onto Tang San’s soul, becoming a part of him. Just like the Seagod Raiment from spirit bones was inseparable from Tang San. That kind of feeling was beautiful.

Right now on Seagod Mountain, in the Seagod Palace, Xiao Wu also changed. The red dot on her forehead quietly shattered, and a pure voice echoed in her mind, “First rate trial complete, accompany the Seagod in completing the inheritance, superpositioned rewards released, rewarding……”

Chapter 316

“First rate trial complete, accompany the Seagod in completing the inheritance, superpositioned rewards released, rewarding ten ranks of spirit power, raising all spirit ring cultivation by twenty thousand years, three god bestowed spirit rings.”

Shock, when this voice reached Xiao Wu’s ears, she only felt shock. Not just because of her cultivation rising, but at the same time also shock at Tang San entirely covered in golden blue armor, eight wings spread behind him, displaying incomparable might.

While both were first rate trials, Xiao Wu’s improvement was clearly a level higher than Ning Rongrong’s first rate seven trials. This wasn’t just due to the

And at the same time, Dai Mubai and the others also heard a voice, “Assisting the Seagod’s inheritance, rewarding one god bestowed spirit ring.”

In fact, the benefits the Shrek Six Devils gained wasn’t just this. Just as Tang San raised the Seagod Tridant and completed the Seagod inheritance with surging golden blue light shooting at the sky, the golden door of light they had been guarding also turned golden blue. Six lines of golden blue light shot spread out, pouring into each of them. This wasn’t any power Tang San gave them, but rather the remaining Seagod divine power that dispersed after Tang San absorbed most of it the instant the Seagod inheritance was completed. To Tang San, this bit of divine power wasn’t

anything, but to the Shrek Six Devils it was genuine god level power! Everyone’s spirit power quickly clambered up under the effect of this power, their pulse all rising severalfold. That kind of feeling of plentiful divine power really was too beautiful.

Everything around turned unreal, and all the energy contained in that golden world merged into Tang San’s body the moment that golden blue pillar shot toward the sky. The Seagod inheritance’s eight difficulties were all surpassed, the Seagod Trident reforged. Wearing the Seagod Raiment, Tang San deeply experienced the presence of another world, the feeling of controlling everything really was wonderful.

And all this still wasn’t over. His nine red and one golden blue spirit rings slowly retreated. Another brand new spirit ring again rose from below his feet. As this new spirit ring appeared, a deep red light shot at the sky from Tang San’s left hand, a deep golden halo spreading out. This was the Clear Sky Hammer already soaked by the Asura Domain.

Tang San was a bit worried when it first appeared, but his concern was soon completely obliterated. The Asura Domain very calmly soaked in the Clear Sky Hammer, and with its appearance, the new tenth spirit ring appeared around Tang San.

Red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, the first eight spirit rings were exactly the same as Tang San’s Blue Silver Emperor spirit rings, they just weren’t wrapped up in golden blue light, as if the Seagod’s divine power hadn’t fused with the Clear Sky Hammer. But the fifty thousand year cultivation increase from completing the Seagod inheritance equally affected the Clear Sky Hammer. Just this bit was enough to make Tang San happy. What astonished Tang San even further was that, along with the first eight spirit rings, the ninth spirit ring equally emerged, a deep golden spirit ring, a spirit ring exactly like his Clear Sky Hammer. Set off by the first eight spirit rings, it dazzled.

Its color of course wouldn’t drawn much of Tang San’s attention. The crucial question was that his divine sense clearly felt that this deeply golden ninth spirit ring was actually a god level spirit ring. Just like the last tenth

What was up with this? After his shock, Tang San couldn’t help getting excited. He actually had two god level spirit rings? Even though they appeared on different spirits, just relying on the improvements to his physique from this god level spirit ring, would his basic attributes surpass other gods?

He quickly understood. His Clear Sky Hammer’s ninth spirit ring came from the Deep Sea Demon Whale King. That formidable overlord of the sea was a million year level spirit beast to begin with, only one step short of becoming a god. And after completing the inheritance of the Seagod’s divinity, the fifty thousand year cultivation bonus undoubtedly provided it enormous benefits, making this million year spirit ring finally take that final step into the god level.

But why was the god level spirit ring attached to his Clear Sky Hammer the deep golden color of the Asura Domain, and not the golden blue of the Seagod? This was a bit incomprehensible. But no matter what, at least this Asura God’s power hadn’t influenced his inheritance, that was enough.

Without further thought, Tang San’s divine sense activated, and the Clear Sky Hammer was withdrawn into his body together with the nine spirit rings, and all the surrounding light also instantly gathered, drawn into him.

Eyes flashing with divine light, he swung the Seagod Trident in front of him as light as a feather, the main blade flashing with golden blue light in the air, causing a crack to appear in this already empty space. The Seagod Eight Wings on his back folded back, and he directly passed through the crack in a flash.

The surrounding scenery changed, and when his feet were on the ground, Tang San had returned to the Seagod Temple where he met the Seagod. But now the temple was empty, with no trace of the Seagod.

The Seagod wasn’t here? Recalling the Seagod’s advice before, Tang San couldn’t resist showing a smile. Facing the great chair furthest down the hall, he slowly bent on one knee and bowed. This bow was Tang San’s heartfelt gratitude. If not for the Seagod saving him several times, he might already be dead, let alone inheriting such formidable Seagod power. Having

inherited the Seagod’s power, he was already entitled to sit on the chair, but out of respect for the Seagod, he didn’t do so. Even if he could already become the master of this temple, he would never sit in that chair. That was the previous Seagod’s, always.

He didn’t stay longer. Tang San seemed to hear the calls of his comrades, and even though that gate of light no longer needed his friends’ support to hold up how that he had become a god, his Seagod power completely connecting to it, he had no desire to stay here.

Golden blue light turned into a quietly flickering stream, and the next moment Tang San had already appeared outside the Seagod Temple. Turning his head and looking up, deeply taking in that magnificent giant palace, Tang San showed an even stronger smile. Floating up, with a blur, he had easily passed through the barrier that once blocked him, and entered that quiet ocean.

Back in the water, it felt completely different. Tang San felt like this seawater was his body, and even without any divine power, just a thought would push the seawater wherever he wanted. He could feel every piece of energy accumulated in the water, and could also use it as his own. Yes, he was now the ruler of the ocean, and no matter what sea, no matter where where the water was, it was his to control.

The Seagod Trident stirred again, and the reconstituted Seagod’s Heart flashed with blue light. The already vanished gate of light appeared in front of Tang San. The now golden blue gate still burned with flame. Seeing the already golden blue flame gate, Tang San secretly prayed: “Senior Bo Saixi, I hope you can reunite with great grandfather in the divine world. There, you will definitely be together.”

Thinking so, Tang San took a step forward, holding the Seagod Trident, he finally left this buffer between the worlds of gods and mortals, a god descending.

His vision opening up, when Tang San stepped out of the gate, the patterns all over the Seagod Palace turned golden blue, as if excitedly

greeting the king’s return. The light on the seven platforms instantly shrank back, revealing Tang San’s six comrades.

Six people, twelve eyes, simultaneously focused on Tang San. Their gazes held envy, happiness, gratitude, and also a little bit of jealousy. But even more was excitement for Tang San successfully inheriting. The Shrek Seven Devils finally produced a divinity, the first divinity.

But whether Dai Mubai, Oscar or Ma Hongjun, they all firmly resolved that Tang San might be the first, but he definitely wouldn’t be the last of the Shrek Seven Devils to become god. The day would come when they too would step into that realm.

Besides Xiao Wu who had three golden god bestowed spirit rings floating in front of her, the rest of the Shrek Six Devils each had one. But they didn’t reach out to grab them. Compared to god bestowed spirit rings, Tang San’s safe return was even more important.

Tang San didn’t speak up, raising his head to look up at the ceiling of the Seagod Palace, slowly raising the Seagod Trident. On this Seagod Island, in the Seagod Palace atop the Seagod Mountain, he would declare to all creatures of the sea that the Seagod who watched over them, had returned.

Golden blue light concentrated in concentric waves at the peak of the hall, and with a blast, the walls around the entire Seagod Palace instantly disappeared, disappeared in that golden light, leaving behind only the seven platforms in the Seagod Palace. A giant golden blue pillar shot at the sky, turning into incomparable Seagod’s power that shot straight into the nine heavens.

This light was so vast, this light was so shocking, it completely turned the sky and the sea the same color.

The sea boiled, the seawater instantly rising a hundred meters. All creatures within the sea roamed frantically on the surface. Drawn up by the enormous Seagod’s power, they rushed to be first to see the sky above the ocean turned golden blue.

Faint light glimmering, Tang San’s expression grew extremely calm. He didn’t grow excited over the enormity of this force. His divine sense held only gentle comfort, comforting all the throbbing hearts living in the ocean.

The seven sacred Seagod pillar protector Douluo were already on their knees, bowing respectfully in Tang San’s direction. The sadness in their eyes was already gone, replaced purely by crazy excitement. The instant that golden blue pillar shot towards the sky, Tang San’s divine sense had reached deep into their minds, and what the Seagod told him about Bo Saixi’s final destination was branded deep in the minds of these seven guardian Douluo, making their last grudges disappear without a trace.

The people on Seagod Island were now gathering in open spaces, bowing towards the Seagod Mountain, their eyes sparkling with excited tears. Over so many years, through so many generations, they had been waiting for this moment, waiting for the return of the lord Seagod, that was their faith!

Outside Seagod Island, the Devil Spirit Great White Shark clan all appeared on the surface of the ocean. The Devil Spirit Great White Shark King Xiao Bai even more gazed towards the Seagod Mountain, gazing at the golden blue pillar of light shooting towards the sky there, with large teardrops rolling down. She knew that from now on, she knew that she had truly become an overlord of the ocean, because she had once been the lord Seagod’s mount.

On Purple Pearl Island, all the pirates watched this marvel, saw that golden blue sky. They were all dumbfounded. The Seagod’s pressure made every pirate put down their weapons, only staring.

Ji Xiang and Purple Pearl stood alongside, watching the giant pillar of light in the direction of Seagod Island, too excited to speak. They didn’t know what was going on, but Ji Xiang faintly sensed his teacher’s presence from the golden blue light.

On the shore, Qian Renxue unfolded her six wings, the Sword of Angels appearing in her grasp. Looking at the golden blue color of the sky, she gave a heavy sigh, speaking to herself: “Finally succeeded? Tang San, you really didn’t disappoint me. Seagod, Seagod, I’m waiting here for you.”

Raising her hand, the Sacred Angelic Sword pointed heavensward, and scorching hot holy power easily connected with the sun, forming a pure golden pillar of light that connected heaven and earth, and also the sun and the God of Angels. This was her challenge, the challenge to the new Seagod Tang San.

…… Spirit Empire, Spirit City.

In a pitch black room, in front of a completely dark purple figure was a giant dark purple gate of light. She already had one foot inside that gate, but at this moment, the gate of light trembled violently, a faint blue light flashing past.

“This is……” The dark purple figure dulled for a moment, “Another one, there’s actually another one. Fine, fine. Wait for me, I will definitely return.” While speaking, she resolutely stepped forward. That dark purple gate seemed to swallow all light. The next moment, the figure and the light both disappeared completely inside the dark room filled with sinister aura.

…… That golden blue light persisted for a full hour before it finally vanished. Tang San slowly closed his eyes, sensing the world, sensing every voice calling out and bowing in the ocean, the power of faith nourishing his heart. Countless creatures in the ocean called out to him in their most devout voices. Tang San’s Seagod power also improved in this belief.

The eight wings slowly folded back, closing on his back. Tang San withdrew his Seagod power, he’d already used his divine sense to declare the Seagod’s return to the seas. From this moment on, nobody could stain the ocean. He would complete the Seagod’s mission to protect every part of it.

“Little San, congratulations.” Dai Mubai looked at Tang San, his expression somewhat frustrated. Not so long ago he’d still been the strongest big brother of the Shrek Seven Devils, but now the difference between him and Tang San might be insurmountable. Looking at Tang San adorned in Seagod Raiment, he even felt a bit distant. After all, in terms of strength, they were already in different worlds.

“What are you looking at me like that for? Don’t recognize me?” Tang San smiled a heartfelt smile. His voice was the same as before, without any difference, and the tone was equally familiar with his friends.

“I said long ago that the title of god is just people whose strength have reached a certain level. Gods are still people, just stronger. They might be called people who borrowed the power of the natural world to fulfill their potential. Then gods control all this. You’re also about the same age as me, and you’re all human geniuses. Maybe, before long you will also reach this domain like me. You’ve seen the process of my inheritance too, and you heard my discussion with the lord Seagod. As a god, he doesn’t seem to be any happier than humans. I will always be Tang San of the Shrek Seven Devils. You will also forever be my brothers and sisters.

As he spoke, Tang San’s golden blue light suddenly dwindled, all the armor and even the Seagod Eight Wings melting into him. All that remained was a golden blue robe, and even the Seagod Trident turned into a ray of light that disappeared into the Seagod brand on his forehead.

A moment ago he was still the Seagod with world shaking power, but the next, Tang San’s completely restrained presence felt no different from an ordinary spirit master. He seemed human. Of course, his hair was a bit longer than before.

Ma Hongjun exhaled, “Great, third brother is still third brother. I thought after third brother became a god he would feel aloof.”

Ning Rongrong burst into giggles: “I never felt that. Even if third brother really was so aloof, he still wouldn’t be like that to us. Now we don’t have to worry about Spirit Hall anymore, we have third brother overseeing. What does Qian Renxue count for?”

The atmosphere lightened again. Everyone jumped off their platforms one after another, gathering next to Tang San. They each grabbed the god bestowed spirit rings in their hands.

“Actually, you are the main force against Spirit Hall, not me.” Tang San smiling grabbed Xiao Wu’s hand. It was damp and ice cold, and Tang

San glanced a bit guiltily at her. He knew the cold sweat on Xiao Wu’s hand was because she had worried about him.

“We’re the main force? Little San, aren’t you mistaken?” Oscar stared.

Tang San said: “Of course it’s you. Don’t tell me it’d be me? True, I’ve already become the Seagod. But Spirit Hall also has the God of Angels Qian Renxue. Just now she already raised a challenge to me. Once the battle begins, there’s no telling how long my battle with her will take. Even if I can defeat her, that might not be enough to influence the situation on the battlefield. You should be the ones truly able to change the course of the battle. Your spirit power should have already reached the bottleneck. Then what are you waiting for? Don’t tell me you don’t want to hurry up and reach the pinnacle of humanity and enter the level we once dreamed of?”

The Shrek Six Devils all looked at each other. Ma Hongjun was the first to jump up, “Yes! I was so excited for third brother that I forgot all about it. Haha, I’m going to be a Title Douluo too. I didn’t think the day would come so soon. I wonder how excited Xiangxiang will be when I come back as a Title Douluo. What do you think, what title should I take?”

Oscar said vulgarly: “Calling you Evil Fire Douluo is fine, didn’t you always use to say that the evil fire can’t be suppressed? Your spirit turned into an Evil Fire Phoenix too.”

“Farts, daddy’s not gonna be called Evil Fire Douluo, or should you be called Sausage Douluo? Or Mushroom Head Douluo? Or Fly Douluo?” Ma Hongjun immediately countered.

Oscar’s expression immediately turned awkward. Indeed, his title might really be the most difficult one.

Dai Mubai laughed: “Leave your titles for later. Little San is right, let’s become Title Douluo first, and grasp that strength. We’ve already waited a long time for this day. This time we were bathed in little San’s light and could reach rank ninety so soon, I don’t want to wait any more.”

Dai Mubai directly sat down where he stood while he spoke, taking out the god bestowed spirit ring he just got and started cultivating it.

Everyone smiled at each other, then sat down crosslegged. Only Xiao Wu snuggled up in Tang San’s arms and didn’t move.

With the energy from the aftermath of the Seagod’s power, the Shrek Seven Devils’ spirit power had risen to the peak, and even Xiao Wu’s spirit power should stabilize over rank ninety. The large amounts of Deep Sea Demon Whale energy she had absorbed previously had already pushed her past rank eighty, though that wasn’t completely displayed since she still hadn’t absorbed any spirit ring. Now that she had completed the first rate trial and gotten another ten ranks of spirit power, she should be able to break through rank ninety no matter what. Further adding the Seagod energy she absorbed, the true level of her spirit power could only be known once she absorbed the god bestowed spirit rings.

“Xiao Wu, you absorb the spirit rings too.” Tang San caressed Xiao Wu’s black hair, smiling.

Xiao Wu suddenly shook her head, looking at their comrades already absorbing spirit rings, and spoke softly: “I know what you’re going to do. Ge, didn’t you promise me that no matter when, you would never leave my side. There’s no hurry to absorb spirit rings, I want to go with you.”

Tang San laughed in spite of himself: “Why? You’re still worried about me?”

Xiao Wu said: “It’s not worry, I’m just, just afraid of being inferior……” Xiao Wu of course knew what Tang San was going to do. Having inherited the Seagod’s divinity, the first thing Tang San had to do was answer Qian Renxue’s challenge, meeting god level as god level. This battle was unavoidable. It was also what Tang San had to do. The others might have overlooked this out of excitement, but how could Xiao Wu forget? Moreover, she deeply remembered who had appeared in Tang San’s seventh trial of desire in the Seagod inheritance, that was Qian Renxue! It wasn’t that she didn’t trust Tang San’s love for her, just that she worried she couldn’t measure up to Qian Renxue, and felt a bit inferior.

“Silly girl, what are you thinking? In my heart, nobody could compare to you. You are my most important treasure. Don’t tell me you still don’t understand? Qian Renxue is indeed strong, but I love the person, not the strength. In my life there can only be one person I love, and that person is named Xiao Wu. Fine, since you insist, I’ll bring you.”

Xiao Wu nodded happily, holding tightly to Tang San’s waist, sticking her face to his chest.

Tang San floated up holding Xiao Wu, landing outside the now missing Seagod Palace, where the seven Seagod sacred pillar guardian Douluo were still waiting.

Led by Seadragon Douluo, the seven bowed simultaneously, “We greet the lord Seagod.”

Tang San waved a hand, and a stream of pure energy pulled the seven Title Douluo back up. His movements were very gentle, but the energy he released was still something Title Douluo level powers couldn’t compete with.

“You seven seniors need not be too polite, even having inherited the Seagod’s divinity, I’m still the Tang San from before. You can call me by name when there are no outsiders. I am also saddened by senior Bo Saixi’s death. But she had a good ending. That way we can also feel relieved. The Seagod may not lie.”

On mention of Bo Saixi, the seven Seagod sacred pillar guardian Douluos’ expressions were a bit saddened. After all, Bo Saixi wasn’t just the high priest of Seagod Island to them, she was also their teacher. But the sadness in their eyes didn’t reappear. No matter what, Bo Saixi had a good ending, that was the best conclusion.

Tang San turned around and looked at the Seagod Palace where only seven platforms remained: “The Seagod Palace no longer exists. The Seagod is the protector of all living things in the ocean, he shouldn’t hide in a shrine. I’ll trouble you seven seniors to be stationed here. I’ll leave a portion of divine sense, and if there are any major issues in the ocean

world, you can directly tell me from here. The Seagod’s divinity is restored, but the God of Angels has already raised a challenge. I have to leave a while. My friends are absorbing the power of spirit rings here, I’ll trouble you seniors to look after them. This Seagod Island will rely on all of you a lot in the future. Seadragon Douluo, seniro Bo Saixi is gone, so the position as Seagod Island high priest falls to you.”

“What? Me?” Seadragon Douluo looked distracted a moment, glancing at Tang San’s comrades. After absorbing the spirit rings they got this time, Tang San’s friends would clearly all become Title Douluo, no weaker than these seven sacred pillar guardian Douluo. They also had such a close relationship with Tang San. Seadragon Douluo didn’t understand why Tang San would let him take up the role as high priest. In fact, on Seagod Island the high priest wasn’t just someone with the Seagod Douluo title, they also had authority beneath only one, and above all others. When the Seagod wasn’t present, everything would be managed by the high priest.

“Lord Seagod, your comrades have also received the Seagod’s power, the high priest originally let them assist in completing your inheritance in order to let them assist your rule over the ocean in the future. It’s more suitable for one of them to be the high priest.” Even though Seadragon Douluo was tempted, he still said what he thought.

Tang San smiled: “Senior Seadragon, you don’t need to decline. They are all my brothers and sisters, would I not know their character? To have them stay here forever isn’t something they could manage. The seven of you are still the seven sacred Seagod pillar guardian Douluo, and only you can be the high priest. When I am not here in the future, the affairs of Seagod Island will be jointly administered by you and all seniors.”

The guardian Douluo all looked at each other. After Tang San inherited the Seagod, they had never thought that not only would their authority not weaken, but on the contrary strengthen a step. This was their home, and after serving as guardian Douluo for so many years, which of them would like to give up the power?

The seven didn’t hesitate. Under Tang San’s crystal clear gaze, they knelt simultaneously, speaking respectfully: “We accept the lord Seagod’s


Tang San smiled slightly, accepting their bow. His status was different now, and he had to accept this ceremony, it was necessary.

Once the seven Title Douluo bowed, Tang San took his leave and brought Xiao Wu to soar into the sky. The Seagod Eight Wings appeared on his back, quietly spreading out, and with a soft wave, everything around them became vague.

Tang San’s current flight speed was incredible, but in his arms Xiao Wu didn’t feel even a breeze.

“Ge, Seadragon Douluo and the others seem very grateful.” Xiao Wu smiled. Tang San had at last completed the inheritance, which was also the most dangerous trial. Her excitement was now gradually spilling out.

Tang San smiled: “It’s what they deserved. They have spent a lifetime of effort for Seagod Island, and even though I’ve inherited the Seagod’s divinity, to tell the truth, we’re still outsiders. How could steal their nest like cuckoos and dictate their lives? In the future, once we’re married, I will go with you wherever you want. These arrangements is also to give us freedom in the future!”

At Tang San’s mention of marriage, Xiao Wu couldn’t keep from blushing, quietly leaning against Tang San’s chest, “Ge, this time, this time I really feel like I’ve almost become your wife.”

Tang San laughed out loud: “Of course. This was already decided when I first met you when we were six. You are mine.”

Xiao Wu burst into giggles: “I seem to recall back when we first met, a certain someone was thrown headfirst into the ground by me. Speaking of which, it seems I’m someone who’ve tossed a god.”

“Eh…….” Tang San scratched his head, “I was still young back then, and your soft skill is that amazing. You throw someone gets thrown. Beating is love, scolding is love. Xiao Wu, do you know? The happiest

time of my life was from when we were six up to the end of the Continental Grand Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament. Because in those years we were always together, and we could live without a care or worry. I could cultivate with you every day, see you smile, just that satisfied me.”

Xiao Wu nodded softly, “Me too.”

“We’re almost at the coast. Later you just have to watch from a distance.”

Xiao Wu raised her head with astonishment, but she discovered that all she could see around them was vague light, there was no land in sight. “So soon?” It felt like only a few minutes had passed. With that distance, even if the Demon Spirit Great White Sharks swam with all their power, it would still take three days!

Tang San smiled: “Don’t forget, this is the ocean, my domain. Besides, my Eight Spider Lances evolved, in flight capability even Qian Renxue might not be able to match me.”

Faint light flickered, Tang San showed a gentle smile, and a golden blue light enveloped Xiao Wu. She immediately felt heart seem to be completely connected with Tang San’s heart. Raising her head she looked puzzled at him.

Tang San said: “Even if Qian Renxue isn’t a contemptible person, we still have to be on guard. With the protection of my Seagod source power, you and me have become one. As long as I don’t die, there is no energy that can break this Seagod’s light and hurt you.”

Xiao Wu glared unhappily at him, “Don’t talk about dying. You’re a god now, you’re immortal.”

Tang San laughed out loud: “Right, right, I’m a god now, I’m immortal.
Xiao Wu, don’t worry. I will definitely win.”

Chapter 317

Xiao Wu burst into giggles: “Why would I be worried? I’m not. Even if you and Qian Renxue are both gods, you had twin spirits before you became a god and she couldn’t beat you then, so what could she do now? I’ve never worried that you would lose to her. I just want to look out for you so you don’t get captivated by her. Humph humph, I remember, in her memories, with you……”

At this point Xiao Wu couldn’t help turning red. Tang San whispered:
“With me what?”

Xiao Wu softly beat his chest, “Ge, you’re rotten. I’m not talking. That stuff’s too embarrassing.”

Tang San laughed out loud: “Don’t worry. Didn’t I say it at my inheritance? My virginity is only for Xiao Wu. That kind of embarrassing stuff can naturally only be done with my Xiao Wu. Am I right?”

To Tang San’s surprise, even though Xiao Wu’s charming face was red as a ripe apple, she actually looked seriously at Tang San and nodded. She really looked superlatively cute. Even Tang San’s powerful will couldn’t avert the tidal surge of love, and he kissed her hard.

Qian Renxue floated quietly in midair. Her Angelic Raiment had already turned deep golden, the power of the pure True Sunfire. She had already seen the golden blue shooting star in the distance. When the creatures of the ocean saw the golden blue color they could only bow, let alone see anything

inside it. But being a god as well, Qian Renxue could clearly see Tang San lowering his head to kiss the girl in his arms within that golden blue bundle of light.

A kind of unprecedented feeling surged up within Qian Renxue’s heart.
This feeling had a name: Jealousy.

Tightly grasping the Sacred Angel Sword in her right hand, the nervousness she originally felt due to the looming god battle was completely replaced by anger brought forth by the jealousy.

A long howl issued from Qian Renxue’s mouth. The True Sunfire she absorbed into her surroundings and already permeated the Angelic Raiment exploded, the Sacred Angel Sword pointing at Tang San, her divine sense instantly erupting. Violent waves instantly rose all over the surface of the sea.

Even kissing Xiao Wu, Tang San sensed the enormous threat from Qian Renxue. With a cold snort, he waves his right hand and Xiao Wu was drawn into his Wishful Hundred Treasures Purse. This was the safest option, with the dual protection of the Wishful Hundred Treasures Purse and his Seagod power, Qian Renxue couldn’t harm Xiao Wu no matter how strong she was. Of course, Xiao Wu could still clearly see the entire battle from within the Wishful Hundred Treasures Purse through their divine sense connection, and also see it from Tang San’s point of view.

Brushing his right hand over his forehead, the Seagod Trident appeared in his palm out of nowhere. Strong golden blue light exploded, the Seagod’s divine sense rolling out like a raging wave, stiffly forcing Qian Renxue’s divine sense out of the range of the ocean. As Seagod, he was the protector of the ocean, and Tang San wouldn’t let Qian Renxue’s divine sense harm the creatures within.

Qian Renxue’s gaze hardened, retreating quickly as she floated in the air. Instead of competing with Tang San in divine sense, she stayed clear of the enemy to target his weakness. She shot back more than ten kilometers like a bolt of lightning.

She of course had her reasons. Fighting the Seagod in the ocean was definitely unfavorable to her. These days, Qian Renxue had not onl

Qian Renxue was a lot older than Tang San, but in battle experience, she discovered that she had far less. That Tang San could win from a position of weakness was admittedly inextricably linked to his twin spirits and personal strength, but how he combined his wisdom with all manner of advantages let him produce fighting power far surpassing his strength. Even after becoming god, she had been seriously injured once and even nearly died to his secret Guanyin Tears skill.

As a result, through this period of serious reflection, Qian Renxue had not only perfected her use of her own abilities, but also advanced considerably in fighting sense. Pure strength might be enough to overwhelm other opponents, but against an enemy as berserk as a lion and cunning as a fox like Tang San, she had to improve overall. Especially since this time she was facing a Tang San who had equally advanced to the god level. Defeating him was even more difficult. Qian Renxue’s only advantage right now was that she had become god a bit earlier than Tang San and had a deeper understanding of god level power.

That’s why Qian Renxue was already doing all she could to establish a battle in the sky where she held the advantage before the battle had even begun, and not above the ocean where the Seagod successor Tang San had the advantage.

Seeing Qian Renxue quickly withdraw, Tang San revealed a faint smile. It seemed she really had learned something. But, do you really think I can’t draw on the power of the ocean away from the sea? The sea covers four fifth’s of the surface of this world, and as Seagod, I can still reach it from any corner of the continent. Just like you can draw on the power of the sun anywhere.

Not chasing Qian Renxue, Tang San held the golden blue Seagod Trident horizontally next to him, attentively watching the opponent ten kilometers away with a faint smile, “I’ve kept you waiting.”

Qian Renxue saw that Tang San didn’t pursue and even more firmly believed his fighting strength was strongest on the ocean. With a thought, faint golden light covered the air.

This was a color Tang San hadn’t seen before, but at the same level he could sense the enemy’s divine sense. If another god level expert was here, they would see starting from the central position in midair, one reddish faint golden color, and a faint golden blue on the other side. Tang San and Qian Renxue’s divine senses were as distinct as the rivers Jing and Wei. Each held half.

“Tang San, congratulations on becoming Seagod.” Qian Renxue looked at Tang San holding the Seagod Trident, dressed in a golden blue robe. She discovered that her pulse actually accelerated a few beats. There was a somewhat hallowed air added to Tang San’s originally graceful temperament, as well as a mystery even she couldn’t see through. Mystery was one of a man’s strongest charms. Because it represented inner qualities. Appearance wasn’t the only weapon with which men attracted women, to some women, inner quality was even more important. As the Seagod, Tang San undoubtedly combined both sides. The weakness in her heart meant Tang San would automatically be attracted to him, unavoidable even if they were in a life and death battle.

“Don’t mention it. I think I have the strength to fight you head on now. Thank you for starting off leniently in the past. I think I already understand the reason. If I win today, I will equally spare your life and give you a second chance. And a favor.”

“You understand?” Qian Renxue was shocked, she couldn’t keep her God’s Heart from swaying, her mind instantly recalling the delicate scene from her God of Angels inheritance. There was even a faint moisture between her thighs. Looking at Tang San, she couldn’t keep her heart from flickering.

But she quickly reacted, speaking in a low voice: “Tang San, you want to sway my God’s Heart?”

Tang San smiled slightly: “If I am the weakness of your heart, then this weakness will continue to exist no matter what I say. Even were our strengths equal, you can’t defeat me like this. Surrender, miss Qian Renxue. If you agree to live in seclusion and no longer pursue the Spirit Empire, I can let you off. After all, there is no true hatred between us.”

Even though Qian Renxue hid in the Heaven Dou Empire for years, her destruction and damage was all to the Empire’s benefit, without conflicting with Tang San. Not at all like his contradiction with Bibi Dong as deep as a sea of blood. Besides, Qian Renxue not only displayed the demeanor of a warrior, but also never done anything as despicable as a sneak attack, giving Tang San a pretty good impression of her. So he said what he said.

Qian Renxue gave a cold snort, “Tang San, if you want to sway my conviction, keep dreaming. Indeed, you really have abundant battle experience. But do you believe I would be fooled again? You have achieved divinity as well now, so let us battle with each our god level powers. Even if you are the weakness of my heart, as long as I kill you at the god level, this weakness will also cease to exist.”

Tang San sighed. He didn’t explain, that was already superfluous. Only force could prove everything. Crystalline blue light emanated from the blue Seagod brand on his forehead, the Seagod Eight Wings on his back unfolding. , dazzling golden blue light instantly spread out, quickly fitting to Tang San’s body. With a powerful sonorous crack, pieces of dazzling golden blue armor equipped, the stunning might of the Seagod Raiment appearing before Qian Renxue.

Qian Renxue wasn’t particularly astonished at seeing Tang San’s armor. After all, according to the memories she inherited as the God of Angels, any divinity would possess their own raiment. The God of Angels was thus, and the Seagod was naturally the same. Each god’s raiment was different, like the Angelic Raiment she had inherited was left in the mortal world by the original God of Angels to make the inheritance easier. Especially the wave and cloud pattern she saw on the Seagod Raiment revealed the Seagod’s presence. However, what Qian Renxue was unable to understand, were the eight wings behind Tang San.

The size of the wings wasn’t much different from her Angelic Wings, but there were two more, actually eight in total. Since when did the Seagod possess wings? All gods could fly, there was no need to doubt that, but as the ruler of the skies, the God of Angels’ flight capability was considered preeminent among the gods, while the Seagod should be more outstanding at fighting in water. But Tang San actually had two more wings than she who was adept at battle in the air, how should that be explained?

What made Qian Renxue’s pupils contract even more were the ten spirit rings slowly rising around Tang San. Nine red and one blue, ten dazzling spirit rings were revealed in front of her. All at least one hundred thousand years cultivation or more! Qian Renxue felt herself start to breathe faster. She understood that Tang San’s previous confidence really wasn’t arrogance. After he inherited the Seagod’s divinity, he really did possess outstanding power.

After the initial shock, Qian Renxue quickly made herself calm, slowly raising the Sacred Angelic Sword in her hand at Tang San. Scorching hot True Sunfire exploded from her body, forming a pure golden inferno that raged over her and the weapon of the God of Angels. Another ten spirit rings appeared, and even though they were a bit inferior to Tang San, at least the quantity was the same.

A god level battle was on the verge of erupting. The God of Angels vs the Seagod, Tang San and Qian Renxue, finally stood on the same starting line. The two faced each other, frantically promoting their divine power.

Tang San had indeed just obtained the Seagod’s power, and he only had time to get a cursory understanding of the numerous abilities of the Seagod, without room for any real practice. But don’t forget that Tang San’s inheritance was different from Qian Renxue’s. When she underwent the inheritance, all the trials she passed had the shadow of her grandfather Qian Daoliu. With his help, she had avoided a lot of trouble. In terms of talent, she wasn’t equal to Tang San, and to her being able to become the God of Angels one step ahead of Tang San, Qian Daoliu’s impact was obvious.

But Tang San was different. When he went through the Seagod nine trials, it couldn’t be said that Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi helped him, and there

were even instances when she felt like killing him, making the entire trial process even more challenging. This was also an important reason why his Seagod affinity was higher than one hundred percent at the end of the eighth trial.

One was helped by her grandfather to quickly advance, and one walked step by step, absorbing suffering to reach today’s power. In terms of comprehension of their respective divinity, even though Tang San had just completed the inheritance, he definitely wasn’t as unfamiliar with the Seagod’s capabilities as Qian Renxue thought. Don’t forget that he learned the first three of the Golden Thirteen Halberds from the Seagod even before he became god.

Pure gold and golden blue formed a bright contrast in the sky. Their divine senses clashed against each other, one the Seagod backed by the ocean, one the God of Angels bathed in sunlight, and the pressure of their divine senses towards each other gradually climbed to the limit. Neither used their domains, both being god level, the one who released their domain first might reveal a weakness. And the simplest and most direct way of fighting that least exposed weaknesses was a direct assault.

Sparkling with faint light, Tang San’s eyes grew brighter and brighter. With each dazzling light, the air pulsed like waves. The Seagod Trident pointed at the sky as if to pierce the sun, and a bright golden blue halo made the wave and cloud pattern on his Seagod Raiment slowly shift. But in terms of raiment, Tang San’s Seagod Raiment was already above Qian Renxue’s Angelic Raiment, even more dazzling.

Qian Renxue attacked first. The True Sunfire she had been storing up was already too enormous. If it didn’t erupt, even she couldn’t bear it.

The Sacred Angelic Sword pointing at Tang San suddenly rose, and in that instant, surging pure golden flame leapt up with a rumble, an enormous pure golden shadow appearing above Qian Renxue, pointing straight at the sky with her Sacred Angelic Sword as the core. But that sharp edge was always locked on Tang San. At this moment Qian Renxue’s divine sense became one with the sword, her energies instantly peaking.

It really was different, it seemed she really hadn’t wasted this month.
Tang San sighed to himself, also slightly shifting the Seagod Trident.

Boom—— Within one kilometer behind Tang San, the ocean instantly boiled, rising as a giant one kilometer wave. All the living creatures in this region was gently pushed further out into the ocean by a gentle force, with only pure seawater rising into the air.

The purest water element instantly transformed into a crystalline blue bolt of unspooling silk, spiralling up, drawn into the air by the Seagod Trident.

Qian Renxue of course wouldn’t wait for Tang San to finish charging up. That hundred meter long True Sunfire blade cut down, with cold bolts of black lightning flickering in the air. Those were the manifestations of the True Sunfire blade cutting through space. In practically just an instant, the pure golden giant sword was already on top of Tang San. Vast quantities of water element that still hadn’t had time to condense was evaporated by that terrifying True Sunfire. The pure golden giant sword also instantly reached Tang San’s forehead.

A faint cold smile appeared at the corners of Qian Renxue’s mouth. She had already absorbed a large quantity of True Sunfire while waiting for Tang San’s arrival, waiting for him to come close. The long since charged up Sacred Sun Sword faced Tang San who suddenly had to take up the challenge, and even if it couldn’t injure him seriously, it could at least fluster this newly ascended god. In a god level battle, it wasn’t so easy to make a comeback once one side was already at a disadvantage.

However, a great many things differed from expectation to reality. Facing the Sacred Sun Sword descending from the sky, seeing large amounts of water evaporate, Tang San wasn’t a bit nervous. Just as Xiao Wu said, he didn’t fear Qian Renxue when he was still just a Title Douluo, so how would he as the Seagod?

The Seagod Trident slashed a vast arc in the air, that newly forged Seagod’s Heart radiating light, instantly sucking in all the water element that still hadn’t been ruined by the Sacred Sun Sword. A giant golden blue

ring of light appeared out of nowhere above Tang San’s head, the Golden Thirteen Halberds first form, Unfixed Storm.

Tang San still hadn’t really mastered all the abilities of the Seagod, but he knew the first three forms of the Golden Thirteen Halberds clearly since long ago. With the Seagod’s true power, this formidable divine ability directly showed its true effect.

In the sky, a lot of the powerful Sacred Sun Sword was actually absorbed by that golden blue ring of light. With a few flicks of Tang San’s wrist, one ring of light after another appeared in the air above him. Surrounded by those golden blue rings of light, the Sacred Sun Sword’s energy was being worn down bit by bit. Moreover, blocked by the Unfixed Storm, it couldn’t directly cut down.

Qian Renxue’s divine sense instantly exploded, trying to cut open Unfixed Storm’s rings of light. But Tang San was already prepared, and his divine sense equally exploded. With a soft flap of the Seagod Eight Wings on his back, a wave-shaped golden blue light shot towards the sky, forcibly severing Qian Renxue’s divine sense connection to the Sacred Sun Sword. Along with the Unfixed Storm, it also forcibly dissolved the Sacred Sun Sword itself.

Pure golden light formed a dazzling radiance in the air. Qian Renxue watched the Sacred Sun Sword become unable to use its power, and promptly reacted. A ten kilometer distance could be passed in an instant to god level powers like them. Body and sword united, the Sacred Angelic Sword pointed straight at Tang San’s chest. All the pure golden flame was instantly absorbed into the sword, and her sacred sword instantly turned transparent pure gold, just like a pure golden crystal. The True Sunfire it contained was clearly terrifying.

Close quarters combat? Tang San feared nobody. Facing Qian Renxue’s attack, Tang San used Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step, and he flickered in the air like an illusion. The Seagod Trident left lines of illusory light and shadow, producing one golden blue ring of light after another. Besides blocking enemy attacks, an even more important function of Unfixed Storm was to restrain the enemy for a long time. Tang San of course couldn’t use

this when he faced Qian Renxue as a Title Douluo, since it wouldn’t possibly work. But now was different, he was already the Seagod, and at the same level, the Unfixed Storm’s success rate was at least fifty percent. And if he held Qian Renxue in place for up to eight seconds, this battle would be at least half over.

Seeing the golden blue rings of light rush towards her, Qian Renxue instantly sensed intense danger. The Angelic Six Wings on her back instantly extended, and her original fast momentum forward came to a stop, actually forcefully stopping in midair. With a beat of the six wings, she made a sharp ninety degree turn in the air, shooting towards the sky.

The sun became Qian Renxue’s backdrop, an enormous golden shadow extending behind her, exactly the same as her body. The Sacred Angelic Sword rose high, Qian Renxue’s phoenix eyes squinting, her vermillion lips opening softly, spitting out two ice cold words, “Angel, Judge.”

Hum—— The atmosphere between heaven and earth trembled violently. Tang San felt like he was being squeezed down by some force, and was actually delayed for a moment. This delay lasted for less than a second, but in this short time, Qian Renxue’s attack had already succeeded.

A ray of pure golden light shone down from the sky, hitting him directly. This ray of light didn’t come from Qian Renxue, but rather from the sun set high in the sky. The light of Judgement, part of the Angelic Mystic Justice. It possessed terrifying destructive force.

Tang San felt an incomparable scorching heat spread through his whole body. The Seagod Raiment instantly released unparallelled golden blue radiance to block the invasion of the golden light, but even so, he was still forced down out of the sky. Under the illumination of that scorching light, his movements turned extremely slow, and the divine power within his body melted away like snow.

Qian Renxue used an unimaginable ninety degree turn plus a lightning fast divine ability switch to hit Tang San. This god level combat technique was undoubtedly the benefit of her recent days.

Gods with attributes partial to darkness would definitely suffer serious injuries when hit by this Light of Judgement . The Light of Judgement contained a power of sacred light that was too powerful, it was basically condensed sacred flame, and a powerful attack from the God of Angels drawing on the divine power of the sun.

But as the Seagod, Tang San possessed his own attributes of light, combining light and water. Facing this sacred Light of Judgement, it would at least take some time to seriously harm him. But just the consumption of his divine power was considerable, and if this went on, the strength balance between him and Qian Renxue would immediately change.

“Seagod, Devour.” Tang San exclaimed in a steady sonorous voice. He slowly raised the Seagod Trident in that Light of Judgement. On his chest, the rhombic blue gem shone. Surging golden blue light swept from Tang San, instantly forming a ten meter golden blue whirlpool swirling around him, forcing away the Light of Judgement hitting him.

Qian Renxue’s eyes flashed. As the controller of the Light of Judgement, she could naturally sense the powerful resistance Tang San raised, but she of course wouldn’t give up the chance to keep the advantage. The Sword of Angels cut a cross in the air, blending into the Light of Judgement as a cross shaped star.

“Angel, Purify.”

Boom—— The Light of Judgement suddenly exploded, turning into a giant pure golden ball of light that completely swallowed both Tang San and his whirlpool. The temperature rose in a straight line, climbing to a terrifying several thousand degrees in practically an instant. This Light of Judgement come Light of Purification was extremely sticky, and Qian Renxue moreover constantly poured in the power of the Angel God and drew down True Sunfire, and that ball of pure golden light grew bigger and bigger. The temperature also rose higher and higher, Qian Renxue wanted to use the terrifying energy to refine Tang San.

Feeling the surroundings become roasting like a furnace, as well as the constantly strengthening True Sunfire, Tang San couldn’t resist frowning.

He could be said to have been caught unprepared by Qian Renxue. Indeed, he still wasn’t sufficiently familiar with the Seagod’s powers after just receiving them. The Mysterious Heaven Skill inner strength within him had completely transformed into Seagod power, no longer the familiar milky white, simple and gentle energy. This also made Tang San’s control a bit flawed. But Tang San’s adaptability was extremely potent. Qian Renxue was clearly taking advantage of his unfamiliarity with divine power to directly smash him, but was Tang San’s tenacity so easily broken?

With a thought, Tang San’s Seagod power instantly fused with the Seagod Raiment, the Seagod Eight Wings folding around to protect him, forming a golden blue barrier that isolated the scorching True Sunfire outside. And at the same time, the dragon head shaped pauldron on his right shoulder suddenly flashed, a dragon shaped golden blue energy rushing out, circling once around Tang San with a resonant dragon cry, dispersing some of that True Sunfire.

Tang San flung back the Seagod Trident, a Millenial Space directly erupting behind him. With support of the Seagod’s power, the second form of the Golden Thirteen Halberds showed its proper power. With a violent blast, wild energy waves produced explosive force.

Certainly, the True Sunfire did restrain Tang San, but the energy was strongest from the front, while behind him it was a bit weaker. With the blast from Millennial Space, a crack was instantly forced open.

Qian Renxue’s divine sense always tracked Tang San, and she naturally wouldn’t give him the chance for a counterattack. The Angelic Raiment shone brighter, the True Sunfire strengthening one step further. The crack was mended in just the blink of an eye, never giving Tang San the chance to escape the cage.

Tang San wasn’t planning on using this one attack to break Qian Renxue’s blockade to begin with. If it was that simple, then he wouldn’t be facing a god. The instant crack was enough for his purposes. The golden blue dragon shaped energy that flew from his pauldron took the instant chance, flying out of the True Sunfire.

A dragon cry reverberated through the nine heavens, the ocean boiled, countless blue specks of light wildly rushing out from the surface, gathering towards that dragon shaped energy. Qian Renxue’s energy was now used on True Sunfire in an attempt to refine Tang San, and she had no way to do anything about the dragon shaped energy flying towards the sea. The Seagod power Tang San erupted with surpassed her imagination, and as long as she relaxed at all, Tang San might break out of the flame. What Qian Renxue wanted to now was to take advantage of Tang San’s counterattack still not being formed to exhaust as much of his Seagod power as possible, widening her advantage even further.

But Qian Renxue still underestimated the Seagod’s strength. Or one might say she underestimated the power of the ocean.

Infused with the specks of blue light flying from the sea, that dragon shaped energy grew geometrically, becoming a hundred meters long in practically just an instant, turning into a golden blue giant dragon.

Qian Renxue condensed True Sunfire, and what Tang San formed this golden blue giant dragon from, was the True Moonwater in the ocean.

True, the sun was more limitless, and even more powerful than the ocean. But the greater the force, the more difficult it was to control. Qian Renxue was the God of Angels, not the Sun God. She couldn’t completely absorb the energy of the sun, and could only use a part of it. And Tang San was different from her. As the Seagod, all the power of the Sea was at his command.

In the divine world, the God of Angels and the Seagod were both main gods. But which of their successors was strongest was up to the background of the successors.

The hundred meter giant dragon condensed from True Moonwater, suddenly surged and knocked against the True Sunfire furnace from behind with a roar.

Chii—— A tornado of steam instantly shot towards the sky. With the sudden burst of the two polar extremes of True Sunfire and True

Moonwater, the sky was distorted as far as ten kilometers away. That spiral of steam burst in the air, and all living creatures flying in the air were instantly erased from this world, turning the world within this range empty.

The True Sunfire and the True Moonwater dragon disappeared simultaneously, and Qian Renxue was also flung away by the blast, but she was still happy rather than alarmed. True, Tang San had counterattacked and broken her True Sunfire furnace, but she clearly sensed that the heat of her True Sunfire had substantially consumed Tang San’s Seagod power, at least more than she had spent. Since both sides had to rely on divine power to recover, if she constantly expanded on this advantage, victory would be hers.

Tang San was already close to the ground, and he really did look much worse off than Qian Renxue. The blue hair across his back was messy, and he repeatedly flapped the Seagod Eight Wings to balance himself. But his eyes were still undisturbed, deep and distant. As if he wasn’t influenced at all.

Chapter 318

Qian Renxue held her right arm straight and inclined, the Sacred Angel Sword forming a straight line with her arm. Gaudy pure golden light radiated from every part of her Angelic Raiment, holding the Sacred Angel Sword in her hand, and heavily slashing down. With her right shoulder as the center, she quickly cut out a giant circle, the Sacred Angel Sword leaving behind a string of afterimages.

The instance the circle was complete, a pure golden halo appeared around Qian Renxue, and within this ring of light, pure golden light instantly surged, like a sun descended, appearing behind Qian Renxue.

“An——gel—— Do——main——!” Qian Renxue lifted the sword high. She wouldn’t give Tang San the chance to breathe. The Angelic Domain that belonged to the God of Angels was finally released.

The sky instantly turned golden, only the sun-like pure golden disk behind Qian Renxue remained distinct. Even the real sunlight couldn’t enter. Between heaven and earth seemed filled with this golden light, even the distant sea showing a golden reflection. Tang San got a feeling as if he had again returned to the Seagod’s inheritance ground.

Suddenly, the scene in the sky changed. Illuminated by that hallowed golden light, Qian Renxue instantly transformed. One became two, two into four, in the blink of an eye, countless Qian Renxue separated in the sky. And each Qian Renxue held a Sacred Angel Sword high, a pure golden disk

shining behind her back. And all the disks behind all the Qian Renxue, shone towards Tang San.

Tang San felt as if his body suddenly weighed thirty million ton, and even with his god level strength he was pressed down until it was difficult to breathe.

“Sun, Angel, Ten Thousand Suns Breaches Heaven.” The countless Qian Renxue shouted with one voice, the clamor thundering in the air, the sound making the ground crack around Tang San. Within the range of that pure sunlight, even the land started to sink.

Raising his head to look up, Tang San closed his eyes. Slowly raising the Seagod Trident to point to the sky, his expression seemed a bit serious. The wave and cloud pattern on the Seagod Raiment seemed to come alive, especially the Seagod Eight Wings on his back constantly flapped, one water blue halo rippling out from within Tang San after another, facing the sky that had already turned gold. Even the ocean within range seemed to be suppressed by the Angelic Domain in the sky. What could he do? Qian Renxue basically didn’t give him the chance to catch his breath and recover divine power. There was no gap to attack through, and most terrifying was that each attack she launched was more powerful than the last.

The Seagod Trident slowly rose, that rippling blue light slowly condensing around it. The rhombic gem on the Seagod Trident suddenly shone, and with him as the center, those water blue ripples instantly spread out. The sky was golden, but in this instant, the earth turned blue. The seawater turned golden from the light in the sky also returned to normal.

“Sea——god—— Do——main——!”

Light blue mist quietly rose from the endless blue color, and the originally surging ocean suddenly calmed. A giant Seagod figure slowly appeared behind Tang San, and his ten spirit rings all released dazzling splendor.

At this moment, Tang San suddenly turned illusory, but his divine sense became exceptionally solid. Qian Renxue had originally used her God of

Angels’ Mystic Justice’s Ten Thousand Suns Br

Even within the range of Ten Thousand Suns Breaching Heaven, the blue color Tang San emanated still ignited the entire ocean. Water blue energy rose from the surface of the sea, the purest water element energy within the ocean. It was like another ocean being stripped out from the sea. And driven by Tang San’s divine sense, surpassing Qian Renxue, it turned into an infinite overflowing giant wave that swept from the ocean.

“Jade Wave, Seagod, Infinite Azure!” Tang San spat out in a low voice. His voice didn’t seem to possess any offensive power, but that instant, his steady voice seemed to become the source of the ocean’s exploding energy.

Ten Thousand Suns Breaching Heaven erupted at almost the same instant. The sun behind each Qian Renxue turned into a giant pure golden shooting star that fell from the sky, straight at Tang San. It was also at this moment that the azure wave from the entire ocean also surged in.

Fire met water, golden sun met jade wave, True Sunfire faced True Moonwater, the God of Angels faced the Seagod. Completely contrary energies, but of the same level, instantly clased. The ultimate effect would be decided on each of their absolute strength. This attack, whether Tang San or Qian Renxue, neither had any opportunity to play any tricks. They could only do their utmost to launch the power they released at the enemy.

Pure gold and azure, the surging blast made the entire Douluo Continent tremble. The closest city was around three hundred li distant, yet all the people there clearly saw this dazzling scene.

The earth trembled as if the world was ending. The commoners in that city sank into extreme panic.

The golden sun couldn’t evaporate the entire jade wave, that boundless azure quietly swallowed the countless golden meteors.

Qian Renxue’s expression was one of disbelief, filled with shock by that azure light sweeping high into the sky. She felt boundless warmth, and in the embrace of this warm and gentle azure wave, feelings of fatigue rose

spontaneously, as if just falling asleep here would be the most perfect experience.

Qian Renxue bit the tip of her tongue. Pure golden light suddenly blossomed from the Angelic Raiment, just managing to resist that tired feeling, and instantly soaring up. Ultimately she still cut through that azure bubble and shot into the sky like a ray of light. But her divine power and divine sense had still fallen substantially in that previous azure wave, but she didn’t even notice until she had escaped from it.

The sky was still golden, the golden Angelic Domain, and the ground was still blue, the blue Seagod Domain.

Neither of the two god level powers was able to destroy the opponent’s domain with their own, and so could only use it to amplify their divine abilities. Already suppressed into an absolute disadvantage, Tang San pulled against the tide and not only smashed Qian Renxue’s attack, but reversely also halved her Angelic divine power. Even though she wasn’t injured, Tang San doubtlessly held the absolute advantage in this clash.

How come? Qian Renxue didn’t attack again, allowing the Angelic Six Wings on her back to quickly recover her divine power through the Angelic Domain in the air. She didn’t understand how her all out Mystic Justice couldn’t contend with Tang San when both were god level powers. Could it be because he was backed by the ocean?

“Is it very strange?” Tang San opened his eyes, looking smiling at Qian Renxue in the air. He didn’t attack again either.

Qian Renxue watched him coldly, pursing her lips and frantically circulating the Angelic divine power within her, preparing to strike at any moment.

“Actually, you don’t need to be puzzled. The reason the power I could use was able to defeat you really wasn’t because I was near the sea. I’m a god, and just like you can draw on the power of the sun anytime, anywhere, I can also draw on the power of the ocean anytime and anywhere. The reason I could take the advantage from disadvantage with

this attack is due to the absolute difference in strength between us. Even if you and I are both gods, your divine sense is inferior to mine. And drawing on the power of the outside world is done through divine sense. Your divine sense is less than mine, so you naturally can’t draw as much power from the sun as I can from the sea. So how could you defeat me?”

“Nonsense. We’re both gods, why would my divine sense be unequal to yours?” Qian Renxue glared angrily, “You’re getting carried away if you think you can influence my confidence.”

Qian Renxue glared fiercely at Tang San as she spoke, catching every detail of what he said, determining whether he was already an arrow at the end of its flight. But she was disappointed. Her divine sense was unable to target Tang San, and the Seagod’s power Tang San emanated was unshakeable, as stable as a boulder lodged in the ground.

Tang San smiled faintly, “Can’t be helped if you don’t believe it. True, we’re both gods. But the way we became gods were completely different. I dare say the trials I experienced far surpassed yours. And in fact, my mental strength was much greater than yours to begin with. Both being gods, we can naturally embody our innate abilities. My mental strength was comparable to rank ninety nine peak Douluo even when I just became a Title Douluo, let alone now. Qian Renxue, you’re not my opponent.”

Qian Renxue didn’t speak again, she forced herself not to listen to Tang San, each word he spoke seemed to sway her confidence.

Raising the Sacred Angelic Sword once again, ten thousand rays of golden light fell from the sky, shining upon her. Golden light gradually turned into pure golden light, and the energy surrounding her in the sky instantly changed. The Angelic Raiment produced a layer of fleeting golden light, and she issued a long cry, turning and lunging at Tang San with the Sacred Angelic Sword.

Tang San didn’t wait for her. The eight wings on his back flapping, he appeared in midair, pointing the Seagod Trident forward, straight at the

charging Qian Renxue. The two flashed past each other, directly changing positions, a crisp explosive sound drifting in the air.

Tang San swayed in midair, using the Seagod Eight Wings to catch his balance. With her sword strike successful, Qian Renxue hardly paused, both hands gripping the Sacred Angelic Sword hilt, and turning in a gorgeous midair arc, she shot straight for Tang San with the sword wearing a series of golden rings of light.

Large scale area attacks couldn’t deal with Tang San, so Qian Renxue could only blame the ocean being too close and decided to settle the battle with close combat.

Suddenly, a blue light shot from Tang San’s hand, his magnetic voice echoing in Qian Renxue’s ears, “Guanyin Tears.”

Two simple words, but they instantly turned Qian Renxue’s sword form messy. The originally attacking golden rings of light instantly contracted, and she simultaneously spun and changed direction, turning from a head on charge to flying parallel to the ground. Her delicate face also showed alarm.

Guanyin Tears had left too deep of an impression on her. Back when Tang San was still only a Title Douluo, he had destroyed her heart with just this attack. Again hearing the words Guanyin Tears at this moment obviously upset her, and even though she now wore the Angelic Raiment, as Tang San had become the Seagod, wearing a Raiment couldn’t give her any feeling of safety.

Seeing Qian Renxue’s panicked appearance, Tang San couldn’t hold back a faint smile. The blue light he shot out also quietly shattered in the air, and with a swing of the Seagod Trident, one watery blue halo after another rippled out, the form for Unfixed Storm.

Without any imminent threat, when Qian Renxue was close to the ground she just saw that speck of blue light break apart, she first looked distracted, then immediately reacted: “You tricked me?”

Tang San smiled slightly, “There can never be too much deception in war, are you that afraid of Guanyin Tears? Since that’s the case, how can you defeat me?” He didn’t press the attack, Tang San had Tang San’s thinking, he wasn’t ready to kill Qian Renxue in today’s battle. Just like he said, Qian Renxue had once given him the chance to survive, and he had to repay this favor. From the start of the battle, for most of the time he had been passive, regardless of Qian Renxue’s strength, instead painstakingly constructing these circumstances. He couldn’t kill Qian Renxue today, but he still had to grasp the abilities of the God of Angels as much as possible, and next time they met he definitely wouldn’t give her any chances. Even though Qian Renxue had found a lot of weak points through her reflection on past battles, she was still behind Tang San in situational awareness and intelligence. Just like Tang San said, even though both possessed divinity, their divine sense wasn’t on the same level.

Being discouraged was extremely dreadful for a power in battle, especially god level powers. Such a feeling was now rising in Qian Renxue’s heart. Facing Tang San who was as deep as the ocean, she felt as if no matter how she tried, she was still unable to defeat him. Qian Renxue quietly watched Tang San without attacking again, her eyes flickering, the Sacred Angelic Sword in her hand swaying slightly. She knew that even if she kept fighting today, she stood no chance of defeating him. Would she never be able to defeat him? Once he had familiarized himself with the abilities of the Seagod and they fought again, she might stand even less of a chance.

Tang San seemed to understand Qian Renxue’s heart, “Leave this world of turmoil. What’s so bad about living peacefully? As long as you give up the Spirit Empire, I won’t cause you any trouble. One day, when we meet in the divine world, without mortal entanglements, we might even be friends.”

Suddenly, Qian Renxue smiled, slowly shaking her head. Tang San watched astonished, her previous disappointment in her eyes had completely vanished. The Sacred Angelic Sword flashed with light, withdrawn into her body. Looking at Tang San, Qian Renxue said: “Tang San, you really are very strong, worthy of being the man I chose. You

might also say you are the only man in my lifetime to move my heart. Starting now, I won’t escape again, I will face everything between us squarely. Even if I don’t want to admit it, from the battle just now I can tell my divine sense really isn’t equal to yours, and since I can’t kill you even when you’re still unfamiliar with the Seagod’s abilities, I might be even less of an opponent once you are. But don’t forget, we’re both gods, equal level gods. My strength isn’t equal to yours, but that doesn’t mean I can’t drag you with me to death. My grandfather died, I no longer have any family, and what use is the Spirit Empire’s authority? I have no cares. Today’s battle ends here. But remember, the next time we meet again, I will definitely pull you with me to another world. Didn’t you say we could become friends there? Then fine, I’ll help you out. Goodbye for now, my lover.”

Her words had just fallen when Qian Renxue suddenly folded back her wings, and as Tang San watched dumbstruck, in the blink of an eye she had disappeared beyond the horizon like a golden shooting star, the Angelic Domain in the sky also slowly dissipating as she left.

Grasping the Seagod Trident, Tang San’s expression gradually turned serious. Qian Renxue wasn’t scary, and neither did he care about the God of Angels. But, a god level expert prepared to give her life to kill him was still a mortal threat.

Qian Renxue was right, she might not be Tang San’s opponent, but if she gave her life to fight him, the end result might be difficult to predict. The explosive power of a god that gave no heed to her life could absolutely be described as terrifying. Even if Tang San was stronger than Qian Renxue, it was just by a fine line.

A wry smile appeared at the corners of Tang San’s lips, and he brushed the Wishful Hundred Treasures Purse with his left hand to let Xiao Wu out. Just by holding his lover, Tang San’s surging emotions calmed a bit.

Sighing deeply, Tang San said: “I didn’t expect the pressure I gave her would actually let her sever her heart’s devil, and also amend her weakness towards me. When I meet her again, she might be difficult to deal with. I thought I could sow a seed of defeat in her heart, and when

we met later, it would grow into a mindset of being unable to win. But she severed her heart’s devil with the words “dying together”. She has no regrets, but I do. I don’t want to leave my parents, don’t want to leave you or our friends, I can’t reach her level of being fearless of death. I’m afraid she might have levelled the advantage I once had.”

Xiao Wu leaned softly against Tang San’s shoulder. Don’t overthink it. There will be a way. She should be heading to the front line between the Spirit Empire and Heaven Dou Empire. This time we don’t just return with you as Seagod, but also with us six at the Title Douluo level, substantially raising the Heaven Dou Empire’s strength. Of course you don’t need to stake your life against Qian Renxue, even if she does and you can’t win, don’t tell me you can’t stall her? As long as we defeat the Spirit Empire, there will be some way to deal with her. Willingness to dies rises easily, but it’s not that easy to always maintain that state of mind!”

Tang San looked a bit astonished at Xiao Wu in his arms, “I never thought you’d see so much clearer than me. You’re right. I definitely won’t stake my life against her. I just need to keep her from influencing the war. My wife, it seems you’re smarter than me! Come here, let ge kiss you.”

Xiao Wu completely obliterated Tang San’s concerns, and after beating back a god with god level power for the first time, he was naturally in a good mood.

Xiao Wu burst into giggles, quickly hiding her head in Tang San’s arms, “Ge, we’re not formally married yet. Let’s hurry back. I wonder if everyone’s absorbed the spirit rings. This is their last spirit ring, so they’ll definitely do their best. We can’t let any dangers appear.”

When Xiao Wu mentioned their friends, Tang San also couldn’t keep being affectionate with her. Nodding, he unfolded the eight wings on his back, and they turned into a ray of dull blue light, heading the opposite direction of Qian Renxue, straight towards Seagod Island.

Qian Renxue left, and just as Xiao Wu said, she definitely headed to the main battlefield. He also couldn’t delay here for too long, just in case she

used her god level power to harm his family over there, it would be too late for regrets.

Golden blue light fell from the sky, and Tang San returned to the Seagod Mountain with Xiao Wu. The seven Seagod sacred pillar guardian Douluo quietly sat there crosslegged. Seeing Tang San and Xiao Wu return, they hastily saluted.

Tang San camly waved his hand, “There’s no need to bow, seniors. Didn’t I say that as long as there are no outsiders present, you can just call me by name. How are they?”

Seadragon Douluo said: “Still absorbing spirit rings, and seem to have broken through the limits. Their willpower is much stronger than ours back in those days.”

Headed by Dai Mubai, Oscar, Ning Rongrong, Ma Hongjun, and Zhu Zhuqing, none of the five had yet completed their spirit ring absorption. But each one was surrounded by a faint pink haze, not any energy, but rather the effect of blood emanating from their pores and fusing with the energy around them.

It was also no wonder they would do their all to break their limits. Seeing Tang San become god was obviously stimulating to them. The seven of them were as close as family, and they of course didn’t want to fall too far behind. Catching up to Tang San’s pace was impossible, so their only thought was to do their utmost to raise their strength. Especially since god bestowed spirit rings were hard to come by, with this chance, and since they attacked the absorption of their last spirit ring, this was an exceptional chance to get a hundred thousand year spirit ring! How could they not go all out?

The Shrek Seven Devils had all at least experienced the black level five Seagod trials, and the strength of their resolve far exceeded that of ordinary spirit masters. Actually, any one of them would be a superlative spirit master power placed anywhere on the Douluo Continent, but as long as the freak Tang San walked ahead of them, they didn’t feel like they were

particularly strong. Right now, all their attention focused on fusing the spirit rings, they would never give up without the best possible results.

Xiao Wu struggled free of Tang San’s embrace, smiling slightly: “I’ll start too.”

Tang San nodded to her, “Work hard.” With him here, there was naturally no worry for any mishaps happening to his friends. The strength of Xiao Wu’s physique was also second only to his, so absorbing spirit rings wouldn’t be a problem. Moreover, Xiao Wu was now going to absorb two spirit rings, jumping straight from Spirit Sage to the Title Douluo level.

Xiao Wu sat down crosslegged next to Tang San, taking out a god bestowed spirit ring. With her mental control, infusing it with spirit power, she began to absorb her eighth spirit ring. The god bestowed spirit ring turned into a golden stream of light, coiling into her body.

It would still take some time for his friends to absorb the spirit rings. Tang San had already withdrawn the Seagod Raiment and Trident into him, and if he now didn’t release his divine power, he would seem like an ordinary person. With his hands behind his back, he looked out over the distant ocean, releasing his divine sense without end, recalling the previous battle with Qian Renxue.

Even though the battle wasn’t long, the whole course of events was still extremely intense. Tang San could snatch victory from the jaws of defeat through his divine sense being stronger than Qian Renxue’s, but he hadn’t been able to show any advantage in terms of skill.

In the battle Tang San had discovered that all the spirit abilities he had before inheriting the Seagod divinity could still be used, and after being filled with the Seagod’s power, these spirit abilities had all become his Seagod divinie abilities. Furthe adding the inherited Seagod’s abilities, he now possessed quite a large amount of divine abilities. He still had to familiarize himself with and practice the Seagod’s abilities, and his own abilities had also evolved.

Standing there quietly, one ability after another began to appear in Tang San’s mind. Once at this level, he basically didn’t need to practice the abilities in real life, he just had to simulate them through his divine sense to be able to use them in actual combat. This was also why Qian Renxue sat on the shore for so long, instead of actually practicing her skills.

Gazing at the distant deep sea, one ability after another appeared in Tang San’s consciousness. Tang San carefully familiarized himself with each one, and then combined them with the Seagod Domain’s effect in his previous battle with Qian Renxue. Even just standing here, he still slowly entered a trance.

Of course, he always left a portion of divine sense in his surroundings, paying attention to the circumstances of his comrades. If anyone was in danger, he could immediately awaken from the trance.

As time passed, the presence the Six Devils radiated grew stronger and stronger, practically each one wrapped up in mist. Such circumstances was extremely dangerous to spirit masters, breaking through one’s limits would immediately put them on the verge of collapse. If their bodies couldn’t take it, or their resolve broke, then they would be completely destroyed by the energy of the god bestowed spirit rings.

The seven Seagod sacred pillar guardian Douluo watched the Shrek Seven Devils from the side, and they all saw the shock they felt in each others’ expressions. These youths were really too astonishing. Tang San need not be mentioned, who was able to cultivate to rank ninety with just his own strength in his twenties. Even if luck was a part of it, his talent was irrefutable. Recalling how he passed the first eight of the nine Seagod trials, which one wasn’t a life or death challenge? Moreover, even the majority of Xiao Wu’s peak level trial was shouldered by him.

Besides this, Tang San had raised not even rank seventy strength past rank eighty in less than five years, leaving Seagod Island. But the guardian Douluo all knew that this was with risk to his life. One mistake and he might be destroyed. And at that time Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi wouldn’t have given him any assistance.

But besides Tang San, the other six had also endured enormous pressure. And they had also borne it one by one. In their day, even if the seven guardian Douluo had also taken black level four trials, at that time they had been instructed by Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi. If they were in danger, she had helped them as much as she could. To them, Bo Saixi wasn’t just the high priest, she was also their teacher. Moreover, when taking the trials, they were much older than the Shrek Seven Devils were now. These youths, relying on their own strength, their collective wisdom, broke through heavy obstacles to have their current achievements. Looking at them, they might not even be thirty years old. The future of the Seagod Continent belonged to them. Heavens knew how many god level powers might appear among them some day. With their current age, it was completely a possible achievement.

Just then, always sitting there surveying the endless ocean, Tang San suddenly turned around. With a blur, he appeared in front of Oscar. The mist next to Oscar quietly rose, drawn above his head under by Tang San’s divine sense.

Within the mist, Oscar seemed a bit frightening. His skin was completely scarlet, and especially his face was on the verge of purple, his body trembled uncontrollably, as if about to collapse.

Seeing Oscar’s circumstances, the seven guardian Douluo couldn’t help being shocked. Their only thought was, was this youth betting his life? What he did was simply treating his life as a joke!

Without a doubt, Oscar was the one of the Shrek Seven Devils with the weakest body. Even though he could fight using the Mirror Image Sausage, he was fundamentally still a support type spirit master. Equally a support type spirit master, Ning Rongrong was a bit stronger than him, relying on the evolved Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda, the world’s number one support type spirit, Ning Rongrong’s physique was still better than Oscar’s, and her Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda had characteristics that protected its master, and with the spirit’s innate advantage, she was much safer than Oscar when absorbing spirit rings.

Tang San immediately sensed Oscar on the verge of collapse, and appeared before him.

Even though Oscar ordinarily was the one the most loved joking about, and even though his spirit incantations were completely vulgar, Tang San knew that Oscar was actually proud, just that he would never show it to his comrades.

As a support type spirit master, and even a food type spirit master, to be able to never be left behind the others in terms of spirit power, Oscar had to put in double the effort of the others, and he would frequently keep cultivating when the others rested. Nobody knew what happened to him during the five year pact he made with Ning Rongrong. Oscar never talked about it himself, but Tang San could guess. In those five years Oscar might have crawled out from piles of corpses. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have improved so much. He just didn’t want to make Ning Rongrong worry, and never talked about his experiences.

When everyone now absorbed their god bestowed spirit rings, Oscar could completely complete the process after it reached the fifty thousand year level. As a food type spirit master, reaching Title Douluo was a peak unprecedented in history. But clearly, judging by his near collapse, he was just like the others striving to reach the hundred thousand year level. This resolve, this pride, perfectly displayed a man’s ego. Tang San understood that Oscar was afraid he wouldn’t match Ning Rongrong, he had to appear flawless to the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School and even all the world. He had to obtain a hundred thousand year ninth spirit ring like the others.

Chapter 319

Inwardly praising him, Tang San slowly raised his right hand, forefinger pointing at Oscar’s forehead. A drop of golden blue blood slowly seeped from his fingertip, and the Seagod Trident brand on his forehead flashed, a golden blue light enveloping Oscar. Soaking through his skin, it temporarily protected him from exploding.

But absorbing spirit rings necessarily relied on ones own strength, outside forces couldn’t help him. Tang San also didn’t plan to help him. Light flashed, and that drop of holden blue light on the tip of his finger was quietly imprinted on Oscar’s forehead. With just a flicker, that golden blue light merged into Oscar.

Just this one drop of blood actually seemed to exhaust Tang San. That was his god’s blood, it might just be one drop, but that was still extremely precious to a god. That Qian Renxue didn’t bleed when her heart was pierced by Tang San’s Guanyin Tears was for this reason, a god’s vitality would be injured with just the loss of one drop of blood. In order to help Oscar, Tang San didn’t spare his own vitality, he couldn’t just watch Oscar explode, he deeply wished this brother of his success.

The Seagod’s Light withdrew, and the color of Oscar’s skin gradually faded while his expression calmed a lot. Even though he still trembled and spasmed, his crisis was already over.

One spirit ring after another appeared around him. Oscar had experienced the black level six trials on Seagod Island, and unlike Ning Rongrong he

didn’t gain any spirit ring cultivation, so consequently his first eight spirit rings were still two yellow, two purple, and four black. The ninth spirit ring was now vaguely taking shape, and the color as dark a red as blood indicated that Oscar had succeeded.

Tang San showed a faint smile. With the help of his drop of god’s blood, the power of gods was infused in Oscar’s body, nourishing his veins and muscles. In terms of physical strength, he was no longer weaker than the others. It was also just because of this that this last ninth spirit ring was successfully absorbed.

Finally, that illusory spirit ring slowly condensed, hanging highest above Oscar, intense spirit power fluctuations radiating from Oscar in waves, the presence of a hundred thousand year spirit ring making the atmosphere tremble.

The mist that Tang San pulled above his head fell perfectly straight down into Oscar, but different from how Tang San once used breathing techniques to absorb it, this mist was slowly assimilated into Oscar through his open pores. The spirit power after breaking through to the Title Douluo level erupted uncontrollably from within him, the surging presence making illusory energy waves pulse all around him.

In the history of the spirit master world, the very first food type Title Douluo had finally appeared.

Oscar’s trembling gradually stopped, the painful expression also gradually easing, his breathing calming. Every breath was drawn out, his body releasing faint pink light. Nine spirit rings glittered in turn, releasing dazzling light.

Success. Tang San showed a smile, then floated back ten meters.

Oscar slowly opened his eyes, his pupils now had a gem-like luster they didn’t have before, and the presence he emanated slowly dwindled, one spirit ring after another blended into his body, transforming into a calm and gentle presence. He was even more handsome than before. Having reached

Title Douluo, not only had his strength advanced another level, even his energies had transformed.

Just as Tang San thought Oscar’s

“Not good.” Tang San was shocked, if there was a problem with his comrades’ advancement under his protection, how could he explain it to the others. He arrived next to Oscar in a blur, and surging golden blue light instantly enveloped him, and Tan San also directly placed his hand on Oscar’s forehead.

But, agaisnt all expectaions, as Tang San used his divine sense to examine Oscar, even after a while he didn’t discover anything untoward. Frowning, Tang San couldn’t help looking toward where that pink light appeared in the sky before.

Oscar had now already returned to his senses, his dull eyes once again becoming expressive, but now he was completely locked down by Tang San’s Seagod power and unable to budge.

Tang San withdrew a portion of his divine power, but still used his divine sense to check on Oscar, in order to avoid any accidents. But at the same time he also removed the fetters on Oscar.

“Little Ao, are you fine?” Tang San asked concerned.

Oscar stood sharply, suddenly laughing out loud,   “I’m fine, I couldn’t be better. Little San, between us brothers, big brother won’t say any thanks.”

Tang San relaxed, Oscar was alright, “Just now a ray of pink light appeared from the sky after you absorbed your ninth spirit rings and entered your forehead, did you sense anything?”

Oscar grinned, showing a mysterious expression, “Brother, this is my just rewards.”

“Huh? What’s that mean?” Tang San asked curiously. Ever since becoming Seagod he felt like he controlled everything, but what happened just now was outside his control, so how could he not be curious?

Oscar lowered his voice: “Just as I absorbed the ninth spirit ring, that hundred thousand year spirit ring made me feel my strength shooting up, that really was marvellous. It’s the first time i felt such absolute power. My spirit power should have reached rank ninety two, absorbing your Seagod power really was effective! It might be more effective on the others, after all, they should absorb a bit more. Then I felt a warm stream enter my forehead, and a very gentle voice echoed in my mind. He said that by becoming a food type Title Douluo, before age forty, I have the potential to inherit his divinity. I have to cultivate my spirit power to rank ninety nine, to naturally start the next step of the inheritance.”

Tang San stared, “Divinity? That pink light was a god sending you information? This……” Tang San really couldn’t comprehend it, regardless of how he inherited the Seagod, Qian Renxue inherited the God of Angels, or his great grandfather worked for years to inherit the Asura God, all of it was based on divine sense left in the world, and they all triggered trials. But now that pink light dropped in on its own accord. That was a bit different from the circumstances he was familiar with. But from another point of view, that the pink light could hit Oscar while under his watch showed it was indeed god level.

Seeing Tang San deep in contemplation, Oscar smiled: “Little San, don’t overthink it. Don’t forget that big bro might be the first food type Title Douluo. Just this is unprecedented in history. Besides, this is the most crucial step of that god’s tests. Just becoming a food type Title Douluo, and being young and handsome, made him choose me! Haha, it seems I’ll have a chance at becoming god too. Even if it might take a while, at least I don’t have to go look for divinity. Wahahahaha!”

Oscar laughed proudly, his excitement came from the heart. He had always been the weakest of the Shrek Seven Devils, even if his sausage support was pretty good, it still wasn’t the same as Ning Rongrong’s Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda. In combat, even though he could rely on the mirror image sausage to use his comrades’ abilities, in a real duel he

couldn’t defeat anyone. Now that he suddenly had the attention of a god, how could he not be excited? He also didn’t need to worry about whether he matched Ning Rongrong any more.

“Little Ao, what god was it that called you?” Tang San asked.

Oscar grinned: “Very suitable, he said he’s the Food God. Haha, this big bro has a title now too, Just call me Food God Douluo. Isn’t it elegant? Isn’t it handsome?”

Food God? Tang San suddenly understood. It seemed that Oscar’s guess should be correct, becoming the first food type Title Douluo very likely was the Food God’s first trial of inheritance, and also the most crucial one. If his comrades had hope for inheriting divinity, how could Tang San not be excited? Recalling what the Seagod said about being lonely, Tang San couldn’t help smiling. It seemed even if he became a god, he still wouldn’t be lonely. It would be nice if all of his comrades were as lucky as Oscar.

Just as Oscar was being excited, another ball of mist slowly dwindled, revealing the person inside. This mist held the youngest of the Shrek Seven Devils, Hell Civet Zhu Zhuqing.

A dazzling red spirit ring appeared over her, she had equally succeeded with her ninth spirit ring, and relying on a much stronger body than Oscar, and also stronger spirit power, the hundred thousand year spirit ring became her best result as a spirit master.

Seeing Zhu Zhuqing successfully absorb the spirit ring, Tang San and Oscar didn’t look at her further, the two by chance both turning to study the sky, hoping to greet another light.

Only, facts proved that luck wasn’t something that came when called, the sky remained quiet, without any signs of light showing up.

Zhu Zhuqing slowly opened her eyes, her black pupils as radiant as black pearls. The illusory feeling in her surroundings was much more distinct than Oscar’s, and as she stood, every movement gave people an illusory feeling, as if she was composed of a series of afterimages.

“Little Ao, third brother, what are you looking at?” Zhu Zhuqing looked somewhat curiously at Tang San and Oscar who were watching the sky, an couldn’t resist asking curiously.

“Eh…… Nothing. Zhuqing, you succeeded too. How is it? What spirit power rank?” Oscar and Tang San returned to their senses. They knew that luck wouldn’t come again, and Oscar posed the question.

Zhu Zhuqing smiled slightly. Even though she was the youngest, she had a steady character, and her ice cold guard didn’t exist towards her comrades, “Thanks to third brother’s Seagod power and that Deep Sea Demon Whale energy, I’m rank ninety three. It really is like reaching the sky in one bound. I never thought i could become Title Douluo before thirty.”

Tang San smiled: “It’s good that you absorbed the spirit ring safely. Anyway, we Shrek Seven Devils have been treated as monsters for more than just a day or two. I still remember back when we just came to Shrek Academy, the teachers said that Shrek Academy only accepted monsters, not ordinary people. Only, even dean Flender might not have thought that the monsters he raised would be quite this monstrous.”

Oscar and Zhu Zhuqing couldn’t help laughing.

Tang San asked: “Zhuqing, you’ve now become a Title Douluo too. We don’t need Spirit Hall to give us titles, what Title are you going to go by?”

Zhu Zhuqing thought, then said: “Titles don’t matter, just use my spirit’s name. Hell Douluo is fine.”

Oscar curled his lip: “So sinister! Zhuqing! You’re a girl. Civet Douluo would be better.”

Zhuqing burst into giggles: “Leave it, Sausage Douluo. Of course I’ll decide my own title. I’m all sticky, I’ll go wash off first.” Speaking, she turned and headed down the mountain.

“Zhuqing, wait for me, I want to wash too. What Sausage Douluo, big bro’s title is Food God, call me Food God Douluo.” Oscar called resentfully as he followed Zhu Zhuqing. But with Zhu Zhuqing’s agility attack Title Douluo speed, how could he keep up? Zhu Zhuqing wasn’t going to give him the chance to peep on her.

Looking after the two, Tang San couldn’t help smiling and shaking his head. He really was too greedy, what happened to Oscar might be unique in the entire spirit master world, how could he hope for the same for all his friends? If that happened, then the gods really were too cheap. Only, for little Ao to cultivate to rank ninety nine would still be quite a journey. After all, he couldn’t absorb any more spirit rings to help increase his spirit power, he could only rely on his personal strength alone. In this respect, he couldn’t help him even as the Seagod. But fortunately he still wasn’t yet thirty, he still had time. With Title Douluo level strength, living for a couple centuries was normal, he should be able to get to rank ninety nine. Once this was all over he would still stay with his comrades as much as possible, then whether until Oscar really accepted the Good God’s inheritance or the others found divinity, he could still watch over tham. Tang San wouldn’t allow what happened to his great grandfather Tang Chen to happen to his friends.

While Tang San was pondering, his divine sense suddenly twitched, and his gaze immediately turned towards a ball of mist. The mist suddenly rose, unexpectedly changing shape. The originally round ball of mist now suddenly folded over itself, stretched higher, slowly taking another shape.

That was the appearance of a pagoda, so vivid and lifelike that Tang San could tell whose mist it was without using divine sense, “It seems Rongrong has absorbed her ninth spirit ring too.”

A strange scene took shape on top of the Seagod Mountain. The pagoda formed from mist gradually brightened, and as the mist quietly disappeared, what appeared there wasn’t Ning Rongrong, but rather a nearly seven meters tall giant pagoda. Nine colored light roamed across it, resplendent in the sunlight. Each level of the pagoda had fences carved from jade, sparkling and gem-like creating a strange scene on the mountain top. Even the seven sacred Seagod guardian Douluo stared dully.

Tang San nodded to himself. Ning Rongrong’s Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda had finally formed. Back when he gave her the immortal herbs, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda became the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda, and now that she possessed this ninth spirit ring, her Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda was truly complete.

Sure enough, nine spirit rings appeared in succession, and the last one was also a red hundred thousand year spirit ring. The giant Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda began to turn illusory, Ning Rongrong vaguely becoming visible sitting upright within. Only, compared to Oscar and Zhu Zhuqing she didn’t seem to be in any difficulty, at least there were no signs of sweat or blood, solemn and stately with a smile on her face, her originally already remarkable beauty now with a somewhat hallowed sense.

The Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda’s light gradually dwindled, the shape also gradually shrinking, returning to its original size, hovering in front of Ning Rongrong. Just as Tang San was going to step forward and congratulate Ning Rongrong on absorbing her ninth spirit ring, suddenly, a thunderclap reverberated in the sky.

Tang San looked distracted. The sky was clear! Why was there thunder?

, a ray of nine-colored light fell from the sky, hitting the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda floating in the air. Immediately, the resplendent Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda flashed, a dazzling pillar of light shot straight up, transforming the sky.

Vaguely, a giant image floated in midair, completely clear, showing a woman dressed in nine colored clothing, smiling, she gave a small salute in Tang San’s direction, then her lips moved in Ning Rongrong’s direction, as if saying something.

Tang San silently wiped non-existent sweat from his forehead, thinking to himself, What’s up with today? Don’t tell me we Shrek Seven Devils are reincarnations of monsters, with divinities dropping in of their own accord. Without question, the image in the sky came from a divinity’s divine sense. Even though it didn’t feel as powerful as the Seagod, Angel God or Asura God, it definitely was a divinity.

Two divinities coming calling in one day to hand over their inheritance, if others learned about it, it might cause an uproar in the spirit master world. He wondered how widely Oscar would be smiling while washing now. Even if he became a god, Rongrong could still be together with him.

Thinking of this, Tang San couldn’t resist glancing over at Xiao Wu, secretly resolving that no matter how he had to do it, he would find Xiao Wu a divinity to inherit too. When he went to the divine world, he could bring her too.

A wind blew, and the goddess in nine colors faded. The Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda in front of Ning Rongrong also landed in her hand. A bit perplexed, she opened her eyes. Seeing Tang San sitting not far in front of her, she hurriedly leapt up, “Third brother, just now that one called Nine Color Goddess told me to inherit her divinity or whatever. I only have to wait until I reach rank ninety nine to advance the trials. Is this for real?”

In the Shrek Seven Devils, the one Ning Rongrong loved the most was Oscar, but the one she trusted most was her third brother. If she had a question she would of course find him first.

Tang San grinned: “Congratulations, Rongrong, it should be real. You’ll have to work hard. At rank ninety nine, with third brother watching out for you, you can definitely pass the Nine Color Goddess’ trials.”

Ning Rongrong blinked, then unexpectedly shook her head, speaking in a low voice: “No need, I don’t want to inherit any divinity.”

Tang San stared blankly, “Rongrong, why? Do you know how many Title Douluo spend their lives searching for divinity without gaining anything? Even my great grandfather was the same, even as a peak power. Now that divinity comes calling, why…….”

Ning Rongrong suddenly grew alert, looking all around, she discovered that the place where Oscar sat was already empty. Looking all around again,

she didn’t find a trace of Oscar, and hurriedly asked: “Third brother, Oscar?”

Tang San smiled: “Little Ao already absorbed the spirit ring and went to wash up. He’ll be back in a while. Why? Are you this worried when he’s out of your sight?”

Nign Rongrong seemed to heave a sigh of relief, walking over to Tang San and whispering in his ear: “Third brother, can you promise me something?”

Tang San was a bit astounded. “What, Rongrong? Why so strange?”

Ning Rongrong whispered: “Third brother, don’t tell Oscar about the divinity coming just now. Even though he appears dissolute, he’s actually very proud. It was the same back when he courted me, and now that we’re finally together, if he finds out I was chosen by a divinity, he might start feeling inferior again. I don’t want those five years to happen again. So, you absolutely can’t tell him!”

Tang San now understood what Ning Rongrong meant, and looked at her with not quite a smile: “In other words, you giving up on inheriting this divinity, is for little Ao’s sake?”

Ning Rongrong’s face was scorching hot under Tang San’s gaze, and softly nodded.

Tang San rubbed Ning Rongrong’s head, sighing softly: “Rongrong, you really have grown up. Now thinking back of that great little lady’s arrogance back when we first met, I still feel it’s inconceivable. No wonder even the Nine Color Goddess came for you. However, you’re sure you won’t accept her inheritance in the future?”

Ning Rongrong stubbornly nodded, “If I can’t be with my beloved, then what’s the point of becoming a god. Third brother, you have to promise me to keep this secret.”

Tang San laughed out loud: “You said it yourself, you can’t regret it.
Little Ao, you heard Rongrong. Do as you see fit.”

“Ah?” Ning Rongong was shocked, turning around, just seeing Oscar sneakily step crawl out from below the mountain. Only, the expression in his eyes was extremely strange, dully looking at her, slowly walking over step by step, his eyes glistening with a moist light.

Ning Rongrong turned her head to look at Tang San again, her eyes reddening, “Third brother, how could you do this? You knew full well he was coming, why didn’t you stop me from speaking? You……”

At the same time she fiercely ran towards Oscar, reaching him in a few steps, taking the initiative to fall into his arms, hugging him tightly, speaking softly: “Little Ao, don’t, don’t misunderstand. I didn’t mean to hide it from you. Don’t worry, I definitely won’t go inherit that divinity. In the future I will always be together with you, Once the war with the Spirit Empire is over, I’ll marry you, ok?”

Oscar looked down, dully watching Ning Rongring in his arms, his throat seeming to choke on something, unable to produce a word.

“Little Ao, don’t scare me. Strength isn’t everything in life, besides, we’re both Title Douluo now! Answer me, once the war is over, marry me, ok?” Ning Rongrong was already crying, tears flowing down her charming face.

“Rongrong……” Oscar suddenly fiercely pulled Ning Rongrong close, “I will, of course I will. You’re mine, mine forever. Rongrong, you really are good to me.”

At a time like this, the always clever Oscar could only manage blunt words like this. Looking at them, Tang San was full of smiles, his gentle gaze turning to his lover, thinking, Xiao Wu, when that time comes, we’ll also marry like them, ok?

Ning Rongrong got Oscar’s answer, then relaxed a lot, taking the initiative to kiss him. Oscar of course wouldn’t let such a good chance pass,

and the two started kissing as if nobody else was present.

Ning Rongrong was always shy, and was very rarely intimate with Oscar in front of others, let alone such a completely unrestrained kiss.

“Cough cough…… Are you planning on making a public show?” Zhu Zhuqing’s clear and cool somewhat bantering voice came from the side. She had also washed off and changed clothes before returning.

Lips parting, Ning Rongrong shyly buried her head against Oscar’s chest,
“It’s all your fault, all your fault, now they’re laughing at us.”

Oscar laughed out loud: “Yes, yes, blame me, it’s my fault. But, Rongrong, in the future you definitely have to take that Nine Color Goddess’ inheritance.”

“What?” Ning Rongrong looked up at Oscar, her just relieved expression suddenly concerned again; “Little Ao, don’t be like that, I said I’ll never leave you.”

Oscar grinned, “And because you won’t leave me, you have to inherit the Nine Color Goddess’ divinity! Eh, little San didn’t have time to tell you, just now, one step ahead of you, I also had a god come calling. He’s called the Food God.”

Ning Rongrong stared dully at Oscar, blinking, then she turned to look at Tang San, who looked innocently back at her: “It’s not that I didn’t say it, but that you’re too anxious, you didn’t give me a chance to speak! Little Ao is the first Title Douluo food type spirit master, so he’s favored by the Food God in the divine world. Didn’t I just ask you if you really were sure you wouldn’t accept the Nine Color Goddess’ inheritance?”

“You, both of you, just die.” Ning Rongrong now woke up to the realization, no wonder Tang San would let Oscar hear what she said, and even called Oscar out. She really was in a mess.

Pink fists rained down on Oscar, but he just let her hit, always smiling. Originally he shouldn’t have heard what Ning Rongrong told Tang San

before, at that time he was still heading back up the mountain, but Tang San passed Ning Rongrong’s words to him through his divine sense. For his sake, Ning Rongrong was willing to give up on becoming a god, how could Oscar not be touched? In his heart, the traces of their past misunderstandings were now completely obliterated. He only held boundless love for Rongrong.

“Rongrong, I love you.” Oscar gazed emotionally at his incensed lover.

Ning Rongrong paused, no longer punching, then fiercely threw herself against Oscar’s chest, crying loudly.

Zhu Zhuqing walked over to Tang San whispering: “Third brother, you really are rotten. Scheming against Rongrong like that.”

Tang San laughed out loud: “This isn’t related to me, it’s all on little Ao. If he told Rongrong he was also watched by the Food God as soon as he appeared, she naturally wouldn’t misunderstand. Let them deal with their own business.”

Zhu Zhuqing smiled: “We really have to congratulate them, getting the attention of gods at the same time, this is even luckier than you getting the Seagod trials!”

Tang San said: “This is also the result of their own effort. Whether Ning Rongrong’s Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda or little Ao’s food type spirit, you know how difficult it is to cultivate to Title Douluo. On the entire continent, a lot of gods should have left behind their marks. Now everyone has Title Douluo level strength, and we’re all still so young. Once the war is over and we’ve crushed the Spirit Empire, later on we can go touring to cultivate, while looking for other divinity traces. I believe the day will come when all us Shrek Seven Devils can meet in the divine world.”

Just as Tang San spoke, suddenly, a resonant phoenix cry reverberated, the entire mountaintop turning scorching hot. The mist around Ma Hongjun instantly turned scarlet, and then an enormous fire phoenix soared up, Turning into pure golden ray of light in the sky.

At the head of the light was a ten meter long phoenix with wings unfolded, altogether seven heads looking around. The flame energy he radiated tinted the entire sky faintly red.

Fatty succeeded too.” Tang Sna raised his head to look at the phoenix with nine elated heads in the sky, unconsciously feeling even a bit happier.

Ma Hongjun’s last spirit ring was also red, not quite distinct against his phoenix flames. But from the explosive energy he emanated, Tang San could tell that Ma Hongjun’s strength was now extremely high, especially the burst power of the phoenix flames might even equal rank ninety five spirit masters.

But facts also proved that luck wouldn’t always favor the Shrek Seven Devils. Ma Hongjun also didn’t gain the appreciation of any god on becoming Title Douluo. He spread his wings, flying three full circles in the sky before landing. His flames dwindled in midair, and he turned back into human form. The stains on him were already completely burned off by that scorching hot phoenix flame. Before landing, Ma Hongjun took out a long robe to cover himself, still in high spirits, hardly hiding the pride he felt.

“Wahaha, rank ninety three, Rongrong, Zhuqing, big bro is rank ninety three, amazing! Phoenix Douluo descends! Hahahaha”!”

Ning Ringrong had already calmed down a lot, and she unhappily shot Ma Hongjun a glare, “What’s rank ninety three? Luckily you’re still a power attack type spirit master, and have a first rate Phoenix spirit to boot, aren’t you embarrassed your spirit power isn’t even as high as mine? I’m rank ninety four.”

“Eh……” Fatty said resentfully: “Don’t attack me, ok? You have the world’s number one support type spirit, and your foundation is better than mine too, your spirit power has always been higher than mine. It seems you all succeeded. From here on call me Phoenix Douluo, thank you.”

Chapter 320

Oscar said unhappily: “What Phoenix Douluo, you should be called Evil Fire Douluo. Oh, no, calling you Brothel Douluo is even better. Rongrong, I feel that after we return, we should properly tell Xiangxiang about this Brothel Douluo’s title history.”

“Don’t! Second brother, my mistake.” On mention of Bai Chenxiang, Ma Hongjun’s face instantly collapsed, his previous pride completely obliterated, looking imploringly at Tang San, “Third brother, you have to take charge for me! See how that husband and wife want to bully me. Xiangxiang still hasn’t completely accepted me. You can’t let them ruin our feelings!”

Tang San laughed: “That’s between you, I’m not getting involved. Actually, there’s nothing special about that time, back then you were after all suppressing your evil fire.”

At Tang San’s words, Oscar, Ning Rongrong and Zhu Zhuqing couldn’t help laughing.

Ma Hongjun said bitterly: “My reputation! You’ve all ruined it. Yi, boss Dai still isn’t done?”

Even though Fatty’s change in subject was suspect, everyone’s gaze still involuntarily fell on Dai Mubai who still hadn’t finished. They of course wouldn’t worry about Xiao Wu, on one hand because Xiao Wu was last to

start absorbing, and second, with Tang San here, what problem could Xiao Wu run into?

Tang San said: “Don’t worry, boss Dai will be fine. He’s almost finished absorbing. His physical quality is better than any of you, so when absorbing the god bestowed spirit ring he’s able to reach a bit higher limit. That’s why his absorption time is longer as well. To tell the truth, I really am looking forward to seeing what level boss Dai and Zhuqing’s Hell White Tiger will reach when both are Title Douluo. Back then, Chrysanthemum Douluo and Ghost Douluo were able to block Da Ming and Er Ming for a long time when they used their spirit fusion ability. Their spirit fusion ability matching wasn’t very high. Mubai and Zhuqing’s strength has already surpassed theirs, and their matching is even higher, when you use your spirit fusion ability, even god level powers might not be able to stop you.”

Zhu Zhuqing giggled: “It might be possible for a short time, but nobody knows until we try.”

While everyone were talking, the mist surrounding Dai Mubai loudly exploded, surging vapor drifting out behind him. As everyone watched, it formed a giant white tiger image. Dai Mubai suddenly opened his eyes, two lines of cold lightning cutting through the air. Where his eyes turned, the air seemed to crackle with lightning.

Without Dai Mubai making a move, the giant white tiger behind him roared at the sky, and that energy wave caused a hurricane to sweep across the sides of Seagod Mountain. Dragons formed clouds, tigers caused wind, Dai Mubai’s White Tiger spirit was finally completed at this moment.

Dai Mubai’s shoulders shook, like a divine dragon trembling, he sharply leapt up, shaking off all the bloodstains on his body, leaving not a trace behind. The aggressiveness of the King of White Tigers abruptly emanated, the formidable wind howling around him.

His bones erupted in a series of pops as Dai Mubai stretched, there was no part of his body that wasn’t brimming with a sense of power. Nine spirit

rings appeared one by one, climbing up from below his feet, and that last blood red spirit ring had an even deeper color than any of the others’

“Rank ninety five, boss Dai, congratulations.” Tang San smiled and nodded to Dai Mubai.

Dai Mubai laughed, “That’s right, it’s rank ninety five. I really never thought I would actually reach this level. The feeling of strength exploding is really nice. This time I wouldn’t worry even if I faced those Spirit Empire priests. They have six priests, and we sans little San have six as well. Later on we have to properly pit ourselves against them, and let the Spirit Empire see how strong we are.”

Everyone nodded, Dai Mubai definitely wasn’t exaggerating. Even if the Spirit Empire priests all had spirit power at rank ninety five and above, the truly strongest was only Golden Crocodile Douluo, who reached rank ninety seven. But don’t forget that besides Tang San, the Shrek Six Devils not only had Dai Mubai at rank ninety five, but also his and Zhu Zhuqing’s Title Douluo level spirit fusion ability. Even more importantly, they had the dual boost from Oscar and Ning Rongrong. Especially the Title Douluo level Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda could practically instantly raise everyone’s strength above rank ninety five, and stiffly fighting it out with the Spirit Empire six priests really wasn’t impossible.

Dai Mubai turned to Tang San: “Little San, when are you ready to go sort out that God of Angels? With your current strength, that shouldn’t be a problem.”

Tang San smiled: “I already went. Xiao Wu went with me. Qian Renxue ran away.”

“You went?” Everyone were shocked, looking at each other. Oscar said: “Little San, did you go take up Qian Renxue’s challenge while we were absorbing spirit rings because you were worried about us? You……”

Tang San laughed: “It’s not that I worried about you, there’s just not enough time to use. If Xiao Wu didn’t insist on going, I wouldn’t have brought her either. Qian Renxue could do nothing to me when I still

hadn’t become a god, so what about now that I’m the Seagod? Only, her understanding of god level abilities has progressed a lot, but due to innate reasons, her physical qualities and divine sense aren’t equal to mine, that’s why I could repel her. I estimate that she’s already left for Jialing Pass. Once Xiao Wu has absorbed her spirit rings, we’ll pursue as well, link up with the army win the battle, and cooperate with Heaven Dou and Star Luo empires to destroy the Spirit Empire. We’ll erase Spirit Hall as an organisation, and then we won’t have anything else to worry about, we can go pursue whatever we like.”

Dai Mubai grinned: “Oh little San, you clearly didn’t tell us you were going to fight Qian Renxue, but you can still sound so pompous. We won’t worry about you, we’re just a bit regretful that we couldn’t see a god level clash. You’re probably a monster even in the divine realm, you don’t have even one black spirit ring.”

Tang San’s eyes shone, “You’ll definitely see it. Before Jialing Pass, me and Qian Renxue will definitely fight. I won’t give her another chance.”

That unavoidable battle would also be Tang San and Qian Renxue’s last battle. The reason Tang San didn’t chase and attack Qian Renxue was because he had already injured her divine sense, and an injury like that wasn’t easy to recover from. Once she recovered, he could naturally also return in time with his companions. In front of Jialing Pass would very likely be the site of their last conflict. The Spirit Empire’s lineup was still formidable, six high priests, plus another six or seven Title Douluo level powers, as well as the large numbers of powerful spirit masters left in the Spirit Empire and the rank ninety nine peak Douluo Bibi Dong, such power was definitely terrifying. But as the Shrek Seven Devils truly matured, Tang San as Seagod was enough to contend with the God of Angels Qian Renxue, and the Heaven Dou Empire’s side also didn’t lack in powers. The brothers Tang Xiao and Tang Hao, the Golden Iron Triangle’s Golden Saint Dragon, Sword Douluo Chen Xin, Bone Douluo Gu Rong, and Poison Douluo Dugu Bo were all strong enough, and once the Shrek Seven Devils returned, there would be six more Title Douluo level powers. Compared to the Spirit Empire, their strength was at least equal.

Tang San knew that the difference in strength at the battlefield at Jialing Pass would even out with the arrival of the Shrek Seven Devils. The one who could obtain victory in the god level battle between him and Qian Renxue would be the key to deciding the outcome of the war. In other words, the side that could add a god level power into the battle would immediately reverse the entire battle. Without a doubt, Tang San was completely confident, and after his previous battle with Qian Renxue, he already had a grasp of the God of Angels’ abilities, he definitely believed he could defeat Qian Renxue, and thereby obtain the ultimate victory in the war. As long as they broke Jialing Pass, the Spirit Empire would no longer be able to organise an effective resistance, and the Heaven Dou army could charge straight in, then link up with the Star Luo army spirit masters and levelling the Spirit Empire would be imminent.

Dai Mubai nodded to Tang San, looking at the others, smiling: “Well, have you figured out your titles? We’re all Title Douluo.”

Oscar grinned: “Of course, brother can hereafter call me by the title Food God, Good God Douluo Oscar, so handsome.”

Dai Mubai stared blankly, “Little Ao, how’d you think of that title? I feel like calling you Sausage Douluo would be more fitting.”

Oscar snorted, then immensely self-satisfied explaining about his and Ning Rongrong’s divine visitations. Ma Hongjun and Dai Mubai who finished absorbing their spirit rings last stared wide-eyed.

Ma Hongjun couldn’t resist saying: “Lucky bastard! I can understand Rongrong getting the attention of the Nine Color Goddess, but I can’t understand why the Food God would fancy a vulgar big sausage uncle like you.”

“Vulgar your face, big bro is the first food type spirit master to become a Title Douluo, the Food God’s inheritance is natural. I know you’re jealous I’m more handsome than you, and even more jealous big bro got a divine inheritance, hahahaha.”

Seeing Oscar’s wide smile, Ma Hongjun snapped: “Would I be jealous of you? If you want to cultivate to rank ninety nine as a food type spirit master, I expect it’d take two hundred years. My Phoenix spirit can easily be cultivated to that level. By then I might have casually found a divine inheritance, even faster than you.”

Dai Mubai smiled: “Okay, Fatty. Little Ao and Rongrong might be lucky, but we’re not worse off! To be able to reach Title Douluo before the age of thirty, we’ve already set the standard for the Douluo Continent. Little Ao’s title is Food God, what about the rest?”

Very soon, everyone’s title’s were decided.

Rank ninety five power attack type battle spirit master Dai Mubai, title: White Tiger.
Rank ninety two food type utility spirit master Oscar, title: Food God. Rank ninety three power attack type battle spirit master Ma Hongjun,
title: Phoenix.

Rank ninety four support type utility spirit master Ning Rongrong, title: Nine Color.

Rank ninety three agility attack type battle spirit master Ning Rongrong, title: Hell.

Of course, there was also the soul of the Shrek Seven Devils, rank one hundred control type god Tang San, title: Seagod.

Everyone’s titles were decided, and their gazes also focused on the still cultivating Xiao Wu. Ning Rongrong said: “Now we’re only missing Xiao Wu. Once Xiao Wu finishes absorbing the spirit rings, we Shrek Seven Devils will have one god, six Douluo. Little San, what will Xiao Wu’s title be?”

Tang San smiled slightly, looking at Xiao Wu, his eyes gentle, “Call her Soft Bone. Originally, didn’t we give her the name Soft Bone Demon

Rabbit? Afterwards Xiao Wu is called Soft Bone Douluo. I’ll help her finish absorbing the spirit rings quickly, then we’ll hurry to the front. She sacrificed herself for me once and our lives are linked, it shouldn’t be a problem.”

His comrades had already finished absorbing their ninth spirit ring, and Tang San was free to put all his efforts on Xiao Wu. Xiao Wu was different from the others, they absorbed their last spirit ring, and Tang San wouldn’t easily get involved unless they ran into danger like Oscar, because rashly helping them absorb their spirit rings would influence their future growth. But Xiao Wu was different, she had once been a part of Tang San, and their hearts and thoughts were linked, even their blood was connected, Tang San was only too familiar with her energy, and with this familiarity, Tang San could fully help Xiao Wu absorb without influencing her future.

Light and shadow flashed, and Tang San arrived behind Xiao Wi. Sitting cross legged behind her, Tang San slowly raised both hands, raising the forefinger and middlefinger on each hand. Behind him, golden blue light slowly seeped out, enveloping him and Xiao Wu.

Inside that golden blue light, Tang San released his divine sense, condensing it around Xiao Wu, and gradually fusing with Xiao Wu’s thoughts. This was why he couldn’t disregard everything and go help the others, and could only help Xiao Wu absorb the spirit ring. Their souls were once symbiotically linked in Tang San’s body, the power of their souls wouldn’t reject each other, even if Tang San’s cultivation had already reached the god level. As long as she slightly sensed Tang San’s presence, even in such a critical moment of cultivation, Xiao Wu’s soul and mental power would still open up, allowing Tang San’s divine sense to enter her mental world.

“Relax, follow my lead.” Tang San’s voice echoed in the depths of Xiao Wu’s soul. Xiao Wu’s frown at absorbing the spirit ring evened out, her body and mind opening up completely, so much that she no longer blocked that god bestowed spirit ring’s enormous energy from invading her body.

In fact, this was extremely dangerous. One mistake, and the god bestowed spirit ring’s energy would break through her energy channels or

mental barriers, and she would be completely destroyed by the energy. But Xiao Wu still did it, if for nothing else, then for trust that needed no reason. Her future, even her life, were handed over to Tang San. In Xiao Wu’s eyes, this was normal. Tang San was the person she loved the most in this world, and they would both die for the other.

Golden blue energy appeared in Xiao Wu’s body. Tang San really wasn’t relying on his god level strength to directly oppose the god bestowed spirit ring’s energy, this not only wouldn’t lead to the spirit ring being absorbed, but on the contrary directly destroy it. The so called god bestowed spirit ring was in itself bestowed by the gods, if a god absorbed it, how could it have any effect at all?

What Tang San did was rely on his divine sense to assume control over the energy within Xiao Wu, using his divine sense to control it to absorb the god bestowed spirit ring.

The split second Xiao Wu gave up resisting, Tang San was already in control of her energy, once again blocking the bot bestowed spirit ring’s invasion. Right now, Tang San could clearly see every change within Xiao Wi.

The first thing Tang San saw was a faint golden color within Xiao Wu. This didn’t particularly startle him, thanks to the effect of the exceptional immortal herb the Yearning Heartbroken Red, as well as absorbing the Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng, another kind of immortal herb, this was enough to make her body reach this level. If Tang San had eaten the Yearning Heartbroken Red when he was demigod level, it could have directly brought him to assail the god level. This was also why Xiao Wu could endure even more energy than Dai Mubai and the others. It was also by relying on this demigod level constitution that Xiao Wu could absorb the god bestowed spirit rings even easier than them. Even without Tang San’s help, she would still be able to smoothly complete the process.

With the power of Tang San’s divine sense, after Xiao Wu’s spirit power came under his control, he immediately split it into multiple strands, controlling all of them just like a battle spirit master’s spirit abilities. Facing the enormous energy of the god bestowed spirit ring, staying clear of the

main offense and striking the weakpoints could easily resist it. With Tang San’s divine sense in control, Xiao Wu also didn’t feel any pain, and even had a slight smile on her lips.

While Tang San used his divine sense to control Xiao Wu’s spirit power to resist the god bestowed spirit ring’s pressure and imperceptibly absorb it on one side, his hands were also moving on the other side. The Shrek Five Devils could see through that golden blue light that Tang San’s hand flashed like illusions, turning into a mirage on Xiao Wu’s back, their eyesight unable to clearly catch Tang San’s movements.

But Xiao Wu’s previously smiling face suddenly stiffened, her whole body emanating a special kind of energy pulses.

What Tang San wanted to do was extremely complex, he not only wanted to help Xiao Wu absorb the god bestowed spirit ring, but even more help her perfectly absorb the Deep Sea Demon Whale King energy and Seagod energy that had been hidden within her recently. Under his divine sense control, the god bestowed spirit ring’s energy was restricted to a certain range around Xiao Wu. Her energy channels were durable enough that there was no need to worry about damage from absorbing the god bestowed spirit ring. At the same time, Tang San also infused his own Seagod power into Xiao Wu, not to give her power, but rather help her connect her energy channels.

Xiao Wu’s energy channels were extremely unobstructed to begin with, the Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng and Yearning Heartbroken Red had unblocked the majority of them, but back then Xiao Wu still didn’t have enough strength to guide the medicinal force and connect all her energy channels. Therefore, even if those channels were already connected, the passage was still extremely narrow. What Tang San did now was to help her connect the twelve standard meridians as well as the eight extraordinary ones. Regardless of how unblocked they were, Tang San used his Seagod power to make them as wide as avenues.

Splitting attention in two was something even Ning Rongrong could easily manage, her heart splitting control ability was already extremely powerful. But her skill could only control different abilities to hit different

targets. And Tang San’s attention splitting was still used for two entirely different things, on one hand to the energy in Xiao Wu to withstand the god bestowed spirit ring, and on the other to help unblock her energy channels with all his strength. Any one of these was difficult beyond difficult for Title Douluo level powers, let alone doing both at the same time. Even Tang San absolutely couldn’t have done it before he became the Seagod.

The formidable Seagod divine sense gave him the absolute power and mental strength to complete the work. Xiao Wu’s faintly golden energy channels were connected one by one through the golden blue Seagod power’s effect, while the remaining immortal grade medicinal power piled up energy flowed into her veins guided by Tang San’s Seagod power. In just one circulation, Xiao Wu’s spirit power had practically doubled. Even the broken spirit ring-less spirit power couldn’t climb to such a degree, forcing the god bestowed spirit ring to climb to an all new level. Moreover, with Tang San’s Seagod divine sense guidance, the speed with which this eighth spirit ring was absorbed was geometrically multiplied.

Back when Tang San helped his father clear his energy channels he had been extremely exhausted, but now he was still in glowing spirits even performing two tasks, this was the power of the god level.

From where Tang San sat bahind Xiao Wu, that dazzling blood red eighth spirit ring climbed up over Xiao Wu. In just the time it took for a cup of tea, the spirit power within her was like a vast river, unstoppably coursing through her energy channels. The enormous energy gave Xiao Wu’s skin a luster like white jade.

At the same time as the eighth spirit ring was completely absorbed, Tang San completed connecting all the energy channels. The spirit power within Xiao Wu was vivid, the enormous energy waves already directly reaching the Title Douluo level. And next, was the ninth spirit ring.

“Ge…….” Xiao Wu called softly.

Tang San whispered: “Don’t be distracted, use the second god bestowed spirit ring, let’s continue.”

Xiao Wu burst into giggles, “With you here, what does it matter if I’m distracted?”

Tang San said sternly: “Xiao Wu, don’t rely on me too much, that’s not beneficial to your future cultivation. While I help you resist the god bestowed spirit ring, earnestly sense how I control the energy within you, that will be very beneficial to your future strength.”

To have a god level power control your energy was an extremely valuable experience to common spirit masters. Xiao Wu nodded softly, putting her thoughts in order, then took out the second god bestowed spirit ring.

With the stacked reward, Xiao Wu had obtained altogether three god bestowed spirit ring, and this second one was enough to bring her cultivation to the peak.

A golden ring of light quietly spread out, then instantly blended into Xiao Wu’s body. After the gentle energy entered Xiao Wu’s body it instantly grew violent. Since Xiao Wu already had one hundred thousand year spirit ring, this god bestowed spirit ring’s energy immediately rose to the highest level as soon as it entered her.

Tang San sat behind Xiao Wu, calmly circulating Xiao Wu’s spirit power to resist the god bestowed spirit ring’s eruption. This moment was the most crucial to absorbing the god bestowed spirit ring. The greater the erupting force you could withstand, the greater the benefits of the energy you absorbed next.

In order for Tang San to reach his purpose, even though he had already completely opened Xiao Wu’s energy channels, he still held both hands on her back, helping her absorb this last spirit ring.

Tang San was able to help Xiao Wu resist the god bestowed spirit ring’s energy even with his attention split in two, let alone now that he was using all his attention to control her energy.

Sensing Tang San controlling the spirit power within her, Xiao Wu could only describe it in one word: Shocking.

When the god bestowed spirit ring’s energy erupted, it erupted according to the total amount of energy within Xiao Wu, then by relying on the enormous pressure, it would arouse her potential. Enduring greater pressure could give an even stronger spirit ring. But after the god bestowed spirit ring’s energy erupted, Tang San’s methods widened Xiao Wu’s ken.

Tang San split Xiao Wu’s energy into ten, each one controlled by a strand of divine sense. Under Tang San’s control, nine of the energies not only blocked the god bestowed spirit ring’s eruption, but even constantly counterattacked it, striking it from all directions. Even though this couldn’t absorb the god bestowed spirit ring, the just attacked spirit ring energy could only condense into one certain point.

Xiao Wu’s spirit power wasn’t as formidable as the god bestowed spirit ring, but Tang San used his divine sense to stubbornly compress Xiao Wu’s spirit power to a certain degree, and the explosive energy of the compressed spirit power naturally rose substantially. If it was just one strand of energy moving like this, Xiao Wu thought she could try it too, but Tang San had nine pieces of spirit power act in different places, and this control was something Xiao Wu couldn’t even imagine. Absorbing a god bestowed spirit ring should have been a kind of trial, but the spirit ring Xiao Wu now absorbed had been forcefully struck by her spirit power, and completely restricted. If the god bestowed spirit ring was intelligent, it would definitely feel it was extremely unfair.

What shocked Xiao Wu the most was that the shocking compressed explosive attack force of the nine streams of spirit power Tang San controlled restricted that god bestowed spirit ring’s energy, and could frequently blast off a bit of the spirit ring with the attacks, draining a way a bit of its energy. And the last stream of energy that Tang San controlled, the one that didn’t join in the frontal battle, would easily wrap up these strand of god bestowed spirit ring energy, absorbing them into Xiao Wu.

Just at the start, the results of Tang San’s actions weren’t entirely clear. After all, the god bestowed spirit ring’s explosive power was still extremely

terrifying. But as time went on, and more and more energy was blasted from the god bestowed spirit ring, its and Xiao Wu’s energy gradually changed in contrast.

Tang San started slowly, and the initial nine blocking strands compared to one energy gathering strand changed, becoming eight to two; eight strands of spirit power blocking, two absorbing. At this point, the energy absorption speed definitely rose substantially. Eight to one gradually changed to seven to three, then six to four. When this distribution changed to five to five, Tang San gathered all of Xiao Wu’s energy together, launching the final strike on the god bestowed spirit ring.

“Will this work too?” Xiao Wu shocked sensed the energy change within her, admiring Tang San. Leaving aside how exquisite Tang San’s use of divine sense to control her spirit power was, just this way of thinking was shocking enough. Facing an opponent that actually surpassed you, relying on one force to draw all it’s power, then using a small force to deal with the small separated energies with complete superiority, slowly nibbling away at it, reaching the ultimate goal. The poor god bestowed spirit ring was forcibly absorbed by Xiao Wu’s spirit power. And this absorption process clearly didn’t leave a shred of waste, the god bestowed spirit ring’s quality would inevitably be displayed. This clearly showed how terrifying Tang San’s all out divine sense control was.

But, just as Tang San controlled Xiao Wu’s ten strands of spirit power to completely absorb the god bestowed spirit ring energy within Xiao Wu, and a blood red spirit ring emerged above Xiao Wu in the ninth position. Suddenly, a change occurred.

Without any warning, Tang San only felt a chill in his left palm, an ice cold flow suddenly pushing through his palm into Xiao Wu’s body through her back. This moment was also just when Tang San was going to pull his hand back. That sudden flow shocked Tang San, not only didn’t he dare remove his hands, he quickly controlled Xiao Wu’s spirit power to frantically push the cold flow into one place. Tang San even immediately unrestrained poured his Seagod divine sense into Xiao Wu. His previous completely calm face instantly turned ashen, cold sweat covering his forehead.

What could shock a god level power like Tang San so, even making him panic?

When that cold flow left Tang San’s palm, he already sensed that it was astonishingly his evolved Asura Domain energy. He truly felt the substantial killing intent, and moreover god level killing intent. Back then, even a million year spirit beast like the Deep Sea Demon Whale King didn’t dare resist this terrifying Asura killing intent. Why was energy like this pouring into Xiao Wu? With such a sudden change occurring, how could Tang San not panic?

Even though Xiao Wu’s body had already reached the demigod level, and even just reached Title Douluo, perfectly absorbing the energy with Tang San’s help, her spirit power no less than Dai Mubai’s, while she hadn’t completely broken through to rank ninety six, she was already at the peak of rank ninety five. This was already quite frightening strength. But what she faced was the Asura God’s presence! That was the Asura God that might even be above the Seagod. The divine inheritance that the strongest Clear Sky School lord of a generation, Clear Sky Douluo Tang Chen had never been able to inherit with his life’s effort. The killing intent of one of the divine realm’s five supreme powers and one of the three grand enforcers. Moreover, this energy reached Xiao Wu through Tang San. Tang San didn’t dare imagine that Xiao Wu would have some accident, he didn’t dare imagine what he would turn into if it did.

In this instant, fear, regret and all kinds of negative emotions filled Tang San’s heart, even his divine sense became a bit disordered. Just what is called ‘concern causes confusion’, when his most beloved was in mortal danger, Tang San’s eternal calm could no longer be maintained.

Compared to Tang San’s instant mood changes, Xiao Wu was instead much calmer. She only felt an ice cold feeling flow into her from behind, then a refreshing chill flowed out through her entire body. And at this moment, Tang San had brought out all her peak rank ninety five spirit power, as well as all the Seagod power he could pour into her without harming her, quickly striking that cold flow, in order to completely annihilate it before it could completely disperse.
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