Douluo Dalu Chapter 31-40


Chapter 31

Tang San said:

“Even more influential is aimless massacre. One Spirit Master in his life only needs nine spirit beasts at most, but, how many spirit beasts does one Spirit Master have to hunt and kill in his life? Let alone others, even us, on this journey when encountering some aggressive ten year and hundred year spirit beasts, still can’t help but act. And for those people making a living hunting spirit beasts, the numbers slaughtered are geometrically multiplied. After a long time like this, the vocation of Spirit Master will one day have no rings to use.”

Zhao Wuji said:

“Well, don’t say this. This isn’t something you and me are capable of controlling. At most we can only kill a bit fewer, that’s all. Little San, I’ve decided, if tomorrow we still can’t find you a spirit beast, we will go a bit deeper to search the inner parts of Star Dou Great Forest. There will always be a spirit ring suitable to you. Rest assured.”

Tang San smiled slightly, saying:

“Teacher Zhao, this problem has actually never worried me. However, I have all along not had the opportunity to apologize to you. That time when competing against you, you all along started off leniently, yet I……”

Zhao Wuji laughed bitterly, shaking his hand towards Tang San,

“It’s all right, you can’t keep carrying that awkward incident, I’ve already forgotten it.”

The two looked at each other, unable to help showing smiling expressions.

At that moment, suddenly, the smiling expression in Zhao Wuji’s eyes faded in a flash, one hand sharply grabbing Tang San’s shoulder to pull him close, cold and severe atmosphere surging from Zhao Wuji’s body, following a deep roar, he directly summoned his spirit, Vigorous Vajra Bear and in a moment finishing Body Transformation.

“Everyone leave the tents. Quickly.”

Zhao Wuji roared deeply, the strong sound reaching the insides of the tents.

After several days of cooperation, the students had long ago reached a certain rapport, lightning quick making their way out of the tents.

“Teacher Zhao, why?”

Dai Mubai reached Zhao Wuji’s side in one sudden big stride, puzzled asking him.

Zhao Wuji did not answer his question,

“Everyone get behind me. If in a moment something happens, you must not distract me. Leave immediately and speak again after first leaving Star Dou Great Forest. Mubai, when I’m not present, I’ll leave the responsibility of protecting everyone to you.”

Whether it was Dai Mubai, Tang San or the others, no one understood what had happened that unexpectedly made the always overly confident in his strength Zhao Wuji this nervous, but at this moment, they suddenly saw a strange scene.

In the direction Zhao Wuji was looking, two large trees suddenly slowly parted to either side, and an enormous silhouette noiselessly walked out.

Seeing this big animal, they all seemed to stop breathing, and everyone finally understood what was actually worrying Zhao Wuji.

This was an existence like a mountain, black fur all over its body faintly twinkling with lustre under the weak illumination of the moon and stars, even though it was four limbed, the height of its shoulders already at least outstripped seven metres.

If it stood u pright, the height might be over fifteen metres.

On the surface, this was an existence both like monkeys and a black orangutan, apart from a pair of lantern sized eyes with a yellow crystal like lustre its whole body was pitch black. At night if it didn’t move, even its body would look indistinct.

This big animal’s body was actually too majestic, its condition unimaginably awesome, not only was its body enormous, but all over its entire body it was covered with muscles even tougher than granite, protruding like little hills.

But such an enormous animal did not make any noise while walking, not even the sound of breathing.

Seeing it, the first to recognize it was Tang San, relying on the knowledge Grandmaster instilled in him, he practically immediately distinguished this big animal’s category.

“It’s actually the forest king, Titan Giant Ape[1].”

Even the always calm Tang San, right now had a somewhat shaky voice.

Titan Giant Ape appeared in any spirit beast forest, and all were absolute existences like overlords. There were no spirit beasts that dared offend it, because the result would inevitably be death. Even if it was only a hundred

year Titan Giant Ape, it could still measure up against other ten thousand year level spirit beasts.

They possessed incomparable physical strength and speed. Attack and defense were practically without any flaws. But most terrifying, they could even use skills similar to spirit abilities.

No one knew what the Titan Giant Ape’s true ability was, because on seeing these skills humans were already dead.

Similarly for all ten thousand year spirit beasts their actual strength was decided differently, this was in itself a question of properties. But Titan Giant Ape, among all spirit beasts, clearly stood among a small number of types of spirit beasts at the summit of the pyramid. The terror it could produce was the nightmare of practically all Spirit Masters.

ly an unknown number of Spirit Masters had coveted the power of the Titan Giant Ape, hoping to be able to kill it for their spirit ring. But the people with this kind of notion also strived hard in vain, completely vanishing from this world.

Among known Spirit Masters, apparently only one person had ever killed a Titan Giant Ape, and furthermore alone, that’s all.

Titan Giant Ape did not only have formidable strength, but they even possessed intelligence no less than humans.

Within the forest, it was an absolute king.

Whether it was Tang San or Zhao Wuji, neither had in any way expected, that this kind forest king and spirit beast king, that even if one existed should live at the core of Star Dou Great Forest, would appear here.

“Respected forest king, we did not mean to offend, if this is your territory, we will immediately withdraw.”

Zhao Wuji said in a low voice. He knew that Titan Giant Apes were capable of understanding human speech. Especially such a powerful Titan

Giant Ape as this, which clearly already outstripped ten thousand years of cultivation. He really could not imagine a spirit beast more formidable than this one.

The Titan Giant Ape did not take any notice of Zhao Wuji’s words, it only did one simple thing that made everyone’s hearts leap into their throats. Because it took one step forward.

Even though it was only one step, with its majestic body, this step already pulled close the distance to everyone from Shrek Academy.

Zhao Wuji’s brain right now worked at full speed, but at most only four words appeared, ‘what can be done?’

Yes, right now what could be done? Although Zhao Wuji was confident in his strength, he was very clear on, the terror of this Titan Giant Ape was above the Unrivalled Dragon Serpent husband and wife pair. He would prefer to confront a Title Douluo, but absolutely did not wish to confront a spirit beast king like this.

Just like what Tang San said before, Spirit Masters massacring spirit beasts made all spirit beasts regard humans with hatred. This spirit beast king clearly was no exception.

Facing it, Zhao Wuji knew that even defending himself was an issue, let alone speaking of protecting the others. But, at this moment, how could he still cower back?

Clenching his teeth, Zhao Wuji said in a low voice:

“I’ll hold it off, you immediately eat Oscar’s mushroom sausage and leave. I’m afraid I won’t last long. You must act quickly.”

Leaving behind these words, Zhao Wuji took a deep breath, over his body seven rings of light releasing a great radiance, rushing to meet the Titan Giant Ape.

The first, second, third and fifth rings of light flared simultaneously. Confronting this tyrannical opponent, the Motionless Bright King immediately used four of his spirit abilities.

The light from four spirit rings simultaneously flaring was somewhat dazzling, Motionless Bright King Body protecting him, Gravity Control with Zhao Wuji as its center completely enveloping the Titan Giant Ape, Gravity Crush mobilising in concert with Gravity Control, as much as possible restricting the Titan Giant Ape’s body. At the same time, both his palms whirled, using Vigorous Vajra Palm at full strength, tyrannical energy fluctuations suddenly releasing, Zhao Wuji took advantage of a tall tree to the side to leap high into the air, both hands whirling, not in the least sparing spirit power, throwing himself straight at the Titan Giant Ape.

“Tang San, you cover everyone’s departure, I will assist teacher Zhao.”

Dai Mubai explained, dashing forward with a loud tiger howl to the sky. He naturally also knew that the Titan Giant Ape was formidable, therefore, he directly used not only his White Tiger Spirit, but simultaneously also in a flash started his most powerful third spirit ability, White Tiger Vajra Transformation.

Dai Mubai’s body which had originally become full of power from White Tiger Body Enhancement swelled once again, the muscles themselves swelling exaggeratedly, the clothes over his body completely bursting, exposing a frightfully muscled silhouette, most strange was, on his skin appeared black horizontal stripes, and if it wasn’t hairless it would be no different from tiger skin.

A pair of hands again larger, the sharp blades ejected on the surface all became bright silver, most peculiar was, all over his body he was shrouded in an intense golden light, as if he was gilded.

Blood red eyes shining with bloodthirst, all over the whole body wearing that kind of king among beasts aggressiveness.

Attack and defense abruptly upgraded, Dai Mubai at once sending out that tiger roar sprinted with full power. Zhao Wuji’s goal was the top of the

Titan Giant Ape’s head, but Dai Mubai’s goal were the forelimbs supporting the Titan Giant Ape’s body.

“You go. I have to help them and can’t leave.”

A warm and soft yet resolute voice rose, a dazzlingly beautiful Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda rotated out from the center of Ning Rongrong’s palm.

Over these days, her coordination with everyone had always conformed, without showing any errors, also without erupting into her young lady character, gradually becoming accepted by everyone.

Who couldn’t acknowledge that the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda indeed had its original position, being known as the foremost Auxiliary Spirit absolutely wasn’t false.

“Seven Treasure Words, first spoken: Strength.” “Seven Treasure Words, second spoken: Speed.”
Following Ning Rongrong’s brief and clear voice, four lines of light simultaneously shot out, two of them falling on Zhao Wuji’s body just as he was about to attack the top of the Titan Giant Ape’s head.

The Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda Spirit’s most powerful trait was how its amplification disregarded the foundation. Ning Rongrong’s amplification effect was currently thirty percent, in other words, no matter how strong the subject was in itself, they would all have an amplification range of thirty percent. Thirty seventh ranked Dai Mubai had his strength and speed amplified by thirty percent, and seventy sixth ranked Zhao Wuji as well.

Indeed, under Ning Rongrong’s Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda amplification, Zhao Wuji’s speed suddenly increased, the spirit power over his two bear paws also strengthened somewhat, in a flash already having risen up over eightieth ranked spirit power attack power.

Of the altogether seven students, two already decided to stay behind, could the others truly leave? Over several days of cooperation, they had long ago already formed a good rapport.

Tang San did not even say anything, only clapped Fatty’s shoulder and dashed out, his meaning very clear, ‘the mission boss Dai handed over is up to you to complete’.

Tang San’s goal was the same as Dai Mubai’s, both were the Titan Giant Ape’s forelimbs, however Dai Mubai was attacking, but Tang San was binding, Blue Silver Grass without stinting in the least rushed out frantically, going directly for the Titan Giant Ape’s forelimbs, looking to as far as possible restrict its movements.

Because Tang San clearly understood that the Titan Giant Ape did not only have tyrannical attack and defense: although its body was enormous, its speed was still extremely terrifying.

Ning Rongrong fully displayed her auxiliary system Spirit Master effects, at the same time as Tang San quickly rushed out, two lines of light also attached to his body.

Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda’s support was definitely a kind of pleasure, physical strength and speed in a flash increased thirty percent, that kind of feeling was somewhat wonderful. Tang San’s Blue Silver Grass immediately became even more lush, firmly twining around the Titan Giant Ape’s two forelimbs, the sharp thorns on Blue Silver Grass strived even harder to sting, earnestly hoping to be able to rely on the poison to cause some harm to the Titan Giant Ape.

Zhu Zhuqin’s body vanished at the same time Tang San rushed out. Of course she didn’t leave. Right now, she already soared to the tree that Zhao Wuji jumped off from, flying about, trying to find an opportunity to attack.

Fatty Ma Honjun muttered something unknown to himself. The two spirit rings on his body released a strong glow, his entire body engulfed in purple fire. His second spirit ability Bathing Fire Phoenix[2] was not only capable of protecting him, at the same time it could also amplify his first spirit ability Phoenix Fire Wire. A Phoenix Fire Wire as thick as an arm spitted out of his mouth, however, this fellow was very sneaky. His target was a certain area under the abdomen of the Titan Giant Ape.

Fatty of course didn’t know what gender the Titan Giant Ape was. He only knew that no matter the gender, that kind of place definitely was a weak spot.

Xiao Wu left almost at the same time as Zhu Zhuqing, but she chose a different tree.

Actually, dealing with the kind of fortified for combat creatures like the Titan Giant Ape was what she was least adept at, but Xiao Wu still rushed forward without hesitation. No one knows why, but her face instead looked somewhat relaxed. However, at times like these no one would pay attention to her expression.

Oscar didn’t charge forward, but his mouth repeated the same sentence over and over again. I your father have a mushroom sausage, striving to prepare everyone’s escape tool.


Zhao Wuji’s two Vigorous Vajra Palms, after thirty percent amplification, heavily slammed onto the Titan Giant Ape’s head. The instantaneous

increase in power and speed made Zhao Wuji very satisfied with his attack this time.

He’s could be certain, other than activating his seventh spirit ring, this was already his peak strength.

But, a scene that made everyone horrified appeared. The moment Zhao Wuji’s two palms slammed into the Titan Giant Ape, his entire body bounced away as fast as a cannon ball.

However, the Titan Giant Ape seemed to underestimate Zhao Wuji’s strength. His entire head was slammed backwards. Soon after, this king of the forest burst out into a roar that could scare the sky.

Tang San, utilizing his Purple Demon Eye, clearly saw a wave of black erupt from the Titan Giant Ape. In the dark of the night, only he could clearly see this wave. Right after, no matter if it was Dai Mubai and himself attacking from the ground, or Zhu Zhuqin and Xiao Wu trying to attack from the trees, everyone was thrown flying by this terrifying black wave. The blue silver grass that was wrapped around the Titan Giant Ape was shredded into pieces and didn’t serve even the slightest use.

Because Tang San saw the black wave come out, his reaction was the fastest. Backing away swiftly, even though he still went flying off, he could control his body just enough to catch Xiao Wu, who was also sent flying.

Dai Mubai’s power was, other than Zhao Wuji, the strongest. But because he was too close to Titan Giant Ape, when he was sent flying, he couldn’t help but spit out a mouthful of blood.

The most unlucky was the sneaky Fatty. All the Phoenix Fire Wire he spit out got sent back at him by the black wave. Even though he was using his second spirit ability Fire Bathing Phoenix, he still got heavily hit by his own Phoenix Fire Wire, making him roll on the ground all the way until he got to Tang San’s feet and Tang San helped him steady himself. Fortunately, the fire was his own, so he didn’t get burned.

The Titan Giant Ape seemed enraged. At the same time as the black wave, its massive body finally moved drastically. With almost indiscernible speed it jumped up, its massive body falling from the sky, going straight at the center of everyone.

As of now, Zhao Wuji was still in the air. He was sent flying diagonally upwards. Even if he wanted to aid the students, it was too late.

Even though Tang San was alert of the Titan Giant Ape’s speed, he still underestimated the horrifying Forest King in front of him. The incomparably enormous body flew at him at unreal speeds. The terrifying pressure felt like a mountain on everyone, making everyone feel like they couldn’t breathe.

This key moment showed everyone’s varying reaction speeds.

Tang San reacted fastest. Years of training on hidden weapons made his reflexes far beyond normal people. First throwing out Xiao Wo held in his arms, starting by getting her away from the Titan Giant Ape’s leap attack.

At the same time as throwing Xiao Wu, he kicked Fatty in his blubbery butt, making him slide away along the ground.

Simultaneously, using the force from the kick he rolled away horizontally. At the last possible moment leaving the range of the Titan Giant Ape’s impact.

The time provided to Tang San was way too short. Even though his reaction speed was amazing, he only had enough time to save the people beside him, Xiao Wu and Ma Hongjun.

Dai Mubai’s reaction speed was second only to Tang San’s. The moment he saw the Titan Giant Ape jump into the air, he didn’t have Tang San’s speed to let himself and Zhu Zhuqin nearby leave the range of the Titan Giant Ape. But still he had his own ways.

Dai Mubai sharply stretched out his hand, the claws of the tiger paw extending as long as they could, just enough to pull Zhu Zhuqin into his arms. Although this left three gashes on Zhu Zhuqin’s back, there was no time to care about that.

At the same time, he hit the ground with his palm, making a giant pit. The moment Zhu Zhuqin entered his embrace, he immediately hugged her and fell into the pit.

At this life and death moment, Dai Mubai’s mind was very calm. He knew, no matter how big the Titan Giant Ape was, it would still hit the ground with a flat surface. As long as he was under the ground, he could avoid being squashed.

And the deep pit on the ground was just for that. Backing up a bit, even if he himself gets squashed, Zhu Zhuqin, who was under him, would be able to avoid getting hurt.

Even though Zhu Zhuqin is an agility type spirit master, when she fell into Dai Mubai’s embrace, her mind blanked. At the same time the stinging pain from her back came, everything became black. Right after, giant quakes went through her entire body, the vibrations almost causing her to faint.

Oscar’s reaction was undoubtedly the slowest, but he wasn’t stupid. In fact, he was smarter than Dai Mubai.

He didn’t have the power to create a pit in the floor, but he jumped out at almost the same time as Dai Mubai. Dai Mubai needed to use his tiger claws to pull Zhu Zhuqin from afar into his embrace. Oscar, on the contrary, very bluntly pushed Ning Rongrong onto the ground under him, hugging her while falling onto the ground.

The Titan Giant Ape walked around with all four limbs, Oscar thought. If he landed with all four limbs as well, then as long as him and Ning Rongrong fell onto the floor, then they had a chance to survive. Even if he

was really unlucky and actually got squashed, he would still die hugging a beauty. As the saying goes, “Die under a peony and be licentious even as ghost.”

Hugging a beauty from the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School down to hell isn’t a bad deal.

Ning Rongrong of course didn’t know what Oscar was thinking. Her body wasn’t as sturdy as Zhu Zhuqin’s. Getting thrown onto the ground by Oscar, she fainted from the impact.


The Titan Giant Ape landed with a boom. What made Oscar happy was, just as he thought, the Titan Giant Ape landed with four limbs, and he and Ning Rongrong were just under the Titan Great Ape’s lower abdomen. Other than a strong quake, they didn’t get hurt whatsoever.

But at this time, Tang San, who rolled away the moment the Titan Great Ape fell, felt ice cold inside, because he clearly saw the Titan Great Ape’s forearm abruptly raise and catch Xiao Wu, who he threw into the air in an attempt to save her.

“NOO—— Let Xiao Wu GO!”

Watching Xiao Wu fall into the Titan Great Ape’s hand, Tang San’s eyes became red. Not waiting for his body to steady on the shaking ground, he kicked the ground and leaped upwards. Lending power from a nearby tree, he flew up. His hands passed over his belt lightning fast. Ten glinting weapons flew out, aiming straight for the Titan Great Ape’s eyes.

The eyes were one of the Titan Great Ape’s rare weaknesses.

Tang San’s heart had fallen down to the bottom already. He knew clearly, that with the Titan Great Ape’s strength, if it squeezed even slightly, Xiao Wu wouldn’t survive, no matter how flexible she was.

Zhao Wuji had also finally landed, and he saw the same scene of Xiao Wu falling into the Titan Giant Ape’s grasp.

At this kind of moment, how would Zhao Wuji still hold back reserves, bellowing at the sky, the seventh spirit ring over his body abruptly erupted in deep black. Intense black light in a flash enveloped Zhao Wuji, immediately after, huge changes began to take place in his body.

After Vigorous Vajra Bear Body Enhancement, Zhao Wuji’s already magnificent body rapidly swelled like balloon, in an eyeblink, his height already surpassed five metres, the muscles over his whole body swelling to exaggerated shapes, brown hair growing like crazy, unexpectedly entirely becoming like a genuine giant bear.

As his body completely changed into a bear shape, the light brown fur discolored in a flash, sparkling with bright golden light. Incarnated as a bear Zhao Wuji without hesitation pounced as a Vigorous Vajra Bear at the arm that held Xiao Wu.

The seventh spirit ring of all Spirit Masters with spirit beasts after reaching seventieth rank was similar, that was Spirit Avatar[3]. Same as the thirtieth ranked Spirit Master bottleneck, seventieth ranked was also the same, for Spirit Masters with Spirit Avatar’s Beast Spirit, strength would substantially upgrade, at the same time, this ability could only be especially effective for them when their life depended on it.

What Zhao Wuji used right now, was his seventh spirit ring ability, it was also the most powerful spirit ring ability Spirit Avatar with the most potent side effect. What he revealed, was equivalent to the spirit Vigorous Vajra Bear itself.

Under the use of Spirit Avatar, he could limitlessly employ apart from Spirit Avatar the seven rings or lower for thirty minutes, at one hundred fifty percent of the original might. An additional terrifying property of Vigorous Vajra Bear’s Spirit Avatar was also to increase defense by two hundred percent. This was already Zhao Wuji’s last redoubt.

Of course, after each time using Spirit Avatar, the Spirit Master’s own attributes would weaken by fifty percent, requiring seven days to recover. Therefore, unless absolutely essential, Spirit Masters over seventieth rank would never easily use their Spirit Avatar.

Zhao Wuji fully using Spirit Avatar immediately received the full attention of the Titan Giant Ape, after all, in this situation Zhao Wuji was already capable of being a threat to it.

At the same time, the Titan Giant Ape only did one simple action, making Tang San lose the full strength of his unleashed hidden weapons, he closed his eyes.

Dingdingdingdingdingdingdingding……, in a concentrated string of successive clear sounds, all the hidden weapons flying at the Titan Giant Ape’s eyes were completely blocked by its eyelids. Simultaneously, the Titan Giant Ape suddenly stood upright, the hand holding Xiao Wu avoiding Zhao Wuji’s charging attack, but his other arm rigidly colliding with Zhao Wuji’s body.


Fully employing the Spirit Avatar ability Zhao Wuji was truly powerful, with defense increasing two hundred percent and with Vigorous Vajra Bear

body. This time he was not directly thrown away. Despite this, as a physical strength type Spirit Master in the end the difference in strength with the Titan Giant Ape was too much.

With a loud sound, Zhao Wuji staggered back seven or eight steps before managing to stand firm, but to that Titan Giant Ape it seemed like the exchange hadn’t happened, mouth once again issuing a bellow.

As the black wave’s full strength hit, Tang San with his hidden weapons were blasted off together into the distance, heavily striking a large tree.


Xiao Wu seeing how Tang San was blasted off cried out in alarm.

The Titan Giant Ape lowered its head to look at Xiao Wu held in its palm, once again issuing a deep howl. This time, he did not pay any attention to Zhao Wuji pouncing again, abruptly leaping up, with just one rise and fall, it was already a hundred metres away, merging with the forest and disappearing out of sight.

“Xiao Wu——”

Zhao Wuji called out swiftly, wanting to chase after, but discovering his gap in speed compared to the Titan Giant Ape truly was too far.

But the power of the shock the Titan Giant Ape gave him just now almost broke his Spirit Avatar, right now his spirit power was substantially consumed. He knew that even if he caught up it would already be useless.

When Tang San slid from the large tree, the corners of his mouth were already completely blood stained, the injuries he had received clearly were not light.

Fatty Ma Hongjun stood up with his face filthy with mud and grime, massaging his butt kicked by Tang San.

Ning Rongrong had already awoken from fainting, with Oscar lending an arm to help her stand, but because she was still somewhat muddled, she half

hung on Oscar.

Dai Mubai holding Zhu Zhuqing crawled out of the big hole he had blasted. Everyone looked at each other, all had a kind of feeling of a new lease of life.

If this was a squad just consisting of Spirit Masters, only losing one member when confronting the forest king Titan Giant Ape, this was already a matter deserving celebration. But, they were not just a Spirit Master squad. But rather students.

Zhao Wuji couldn’t accept not knowing the fate of his student grabbed by the Titan Giant Ape, Tang San was even more unable to accept it.

Resisting the acute pain within his body, Tang San crawled up off the ground, wanting to stand steadily, but with a vomiting sound belched up a mouthful of fresh blood.

The wave released from the Titan Giant Ape’s body, gave people an indomitable feeling, even though Tang San’s body was sturdy, such a heavy strike made his insides churn, as if his five viscera and six bowels[4] had all switched places.

Fortunately Mysterious Heaven Skill in itself possessed wonderful curative uses. Without him needing to drive it, it already very quickly calmed the qi and blood churning in his body.

Tang San silently walked up before Oscar. Oscar hastily handed over a Recovery Sausage to him, thinking to say something, but in the end did not find the words.

Tang San without the slightest hesitation swallowed the Recovery Sausage, under the effect of the sausage’s recovering power, the condition of his injuries was immediately relieved somewhat.

Oscar’s Recovery Sausage was after all his first spirit ring ability, although it had a certain effect for treatment and recovering physical

strength, it could not in instantly cure any injury. Treatment required a process, the body simultaneously also needed to recover on its own.

By now Zhao Wuji already unable to continue maintaining his Spirit Avatar, now himself, his complexion ashen,

“How could a Titan Giant Ape appear at the outskirts of Star Dou Great Forest. I let everyone down, it’s all my failure, unable to stop him from snatching Xiao Wu. Tang San, you, your grief……”

No one could believe in the odds of Xiao Wu surviving being snatched by the Titan Giant Ape, including Zhao Wuji.

“No, I’m not blaming you. I was the one who didn’t protect Xiao Wu.”

Tang San since climbing up off the ground had continuously kept his head lowered, his voice was very calm, as if his mood was not at all disturbed.

Zhao Wuji sighed,

“Everyone first rest at once. Afterwards we’ll switch location and take our time making a decision.”

At this moment, in Oscar’s ears suddenly echoed a voice like a tiny mosquito, but also clearly inimitable sound,

“Little Ao, if you still are my brother, give me a mushroom sausage.
Don’t make a sound, don’t let anyone see.”

Oscar was startled, he clearly distinguished this voice as belonging to Tang San. Only, not even Ning Rongrong supported by him reacted, apparently he was the only person who could hear this voice.

As he looked towards Tang San, Tang San also just raised his head, their four eyes meeting, Oscar lightning fast raised his hand to his face to cover his mouth, to prevent any sound of alarm.

Tang San’s eyes had currently become completely blood red, red as if bleeding, looking unspeakably monstrous. From his eyes, Oscar was able to deeply feel a kind of severe cold making it difficult to speak.

However, Oscar did not summon his mushroom sausage, because he knew what Tang San would do, precisely because he was Tang San’s brother, he even more could not let him go to his death. But, seeing Tang San’s blood red eyes, he was still unable to speak a single word.

The mushroom sausages he made previously when the Titan Giant Ape issued that black wave had already fallen who knew where, only by remaking them could he have new ones.

Fortunately, the previous time period was brief, he had not managed too many, and his spirit power consumption was not large.

The tiny voice once again echoed,

“Little Ao, if if was your little sister being snatched, what would you do? Even if it only was a hope, I still have to try it. I beg of you. If I don’t go right now, then, this will become my lifelong regret. Give me a mushroom sausage. As long as I don’t die this time, little San will forever remember your favor.”

“Don’t mind it.”

Oscar sighed. Although he didn’t know what he would do if he was in Tang San’s place, he currently clearly understood Tang San’s frame of mind. As a man, some matters had to be done. Oscar fiercely clenched his teeth, this was the first time it was so difficult to chant his vulgar spirit incantation.

Right now, his soft vulgar voice to Tang San’s ears was just like life saving heavenly music.

Tang San speaking to Oscar couldn’t be heard by other people, but Oscar reciting his incantation could not like Tang San conceal his voice.

[1] (泰坦巨猿)

[2] As an interesting side note, “Bathing Fire Phoenix” (yu huo feng huang 浴⽕凤凰) is a homonym to “Lust Phoenix” (欲⽕凤凰)
[3] (武魂真⾝) “Spirit True Body”
[4] ( 五脏六腑) In Chinese medicine a classification for the internal organs. The five viscera (zang) organs are heart, liver, lungs, spleen and
kidney. The six bowel (fu) organs are stomach, large intestine, small intestine, gall bladder, urinary bladder and san jiao.

Chapter 32

Ning Rongrong at Oscar’s side sobered from her half conscious condition, startled saying:

“Little Ao, what are you doing?”

Ning Rongrong’s voice immediately aroused the others attention, Zhao Wuji was also an intelligent person, and his immediate realization was anything but reassuring. Unfortunately, they were still one step too late.

Tang San became the first person to eat a mushroom sausage, six illusory wings swiftly appeared at his back, and in the split second Zhao Wuji pounced, he brought his body to rise into the air.

“I’m sorry, teacher Zhao. I have to find Xiao Wu, even if she is already dead I still must retrieve her body.”

By now, everyone at last saw Tang San’s blood red eyes. Naturally they understood the extreme grief in his heart.

“Seven Treasure Words, second spoken: Speed.”

Ning Rongrong’s clear voice echoed, a line of brilliantly colored light floated in the air to Tang San, making the six illusory wings on his back immediately beat faster.

“Little San, go quickly. I’ll support you. I’ve increased spirit power output, the accelerating effect should be able to last for one minute

outside of my spirit power range. Definitely find Xiao Wu, she’s my roommate as well.”

Ning Rongrong as if not seeing Zhao Wuji’s murderous gaze, spoke in a loud voice to Tang San.

Tang San looked deeply at Ning Rongrong, he did not say anything, because he didn’t know if he still would have an opportunity to thank Ning Rongrong, already under the Soaring effect of the mushroom sausage he faced the direction the Titan Giant Ape had disappeared and flew off.

“You…… You……”

Zhao Wuji looked at Oscar and Ning Rongrong, already so angry he was speechless.

Oscar said with a wry smile:

“Teacher Zhao, you also saw little San’s eyes. If we didn’t let him go, I’m afraid he still would have chased after on foot. I can understand his frame of mind. If you must blame someone, blame me.”

Zhao Wuji furiously said.

“Blame? What blame. Immediately give me your mushroom sausage. As we pursue, everyone go together. Dead or dying. Dying together is fine. Anyone who doesn’t want to go, at once get out of Star Dou Great Forest.”

Although Zhao Wuji’s voice was angry, hearing his words, everyone’s faces all showed expressions of unwavering determination. Even Fatty Ma Hongjun nodded.

Dai Mubai pulling Zhu Zhuqing’s hand strode over, simply saying:

“Oscar. Quick.”

Ever since he crawled out of the hole holding Zhu Zhuqing, he had continuously held her hand. When he saw Xiao Wu being snatched, he all

along thought, if the one being snatched wasn’t Xiao Wu but Zhu Zhuqing, how would he act. Perhaps he would be even more emotional than Tang San. Perhaps it was because of the feeling of crisis that he all along held on to Zhu Zhuqing’s ice-cold little hand, no matter how Zhu Zhuqing struggled, he still didn’t let go.

Zhu Zhuqing also hadn’t struggled much, right now, her ice cold face already couldn’t be seen, occasionally glancing at Dai Mubai, her entire person clearly somewhat taciturn.


The Titan Giant Ape ran quickly within the forest, he already seemed completely unhindered by Star Dou Great Forest’s terrain, whatever the obstacle in front it would not slow down at all, and also wouldn’t really bump into anything. The enormous body displayed astonishing agility, each time it leapt it was able to move forward a hundred metres.

Although the quantity and categories of spirit beasts in Star Dou Great Forest was numerous, each and every one could sense its smell, without exception retreating three day’s march[1]. Who would dare obstruct the path of this frightful forest king?

Although Tang San had Oscar’s mushroom sausage’s flying effect and was able to rely on the Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent’s flying speed, compared to this Titan Giant Ape he was still too slow. Furthermore, the Titan Giant Ape didn’t at all advance in a single direction. Tang San basically would not have a chance of catching up.

If everyone from Shrek Academy saw the appearance of the Titan Giant Ape moving forward they would certainly be greatly shocked. Because, currently Xiao Wu already wasn’t held inside its giant hand, but sat upright on the Titan Giant Ape’s broad shoulder, even though the Titan Giant Ape rushed forward quickly, it was still extremely steady: sitting on his shoulder, Xiao Wu didn’t even feel a bit of shaking.

Right now Xiao Wu’s face was completely covered by a worried expression, occasionally glancing in the opposite direction of where the

Titan Giant Ape was rushing.

“Er Ming[2], right here. Don’t continue. I have to hurry back as fast as possible. Otherwise, they’ll be worried. Er Ming, you really shouldn’t have come to find me.”

Hearing Xiao Wu’s words, the Titan Giant Ape unexpectedly miraculously halted. Moreover it lay down, letting Xiao Wu drop off his shoulder. The big head shook, in the eyes unexpectedly revealed an innocent expression.

Xiao Wu muttering to herself said:

“Little San was injured. I was taken away, he will definitely be extremely worried. Little San, you mustn’t by any means be impulsive, ah, I will return immediately. Er Ming, the next time you sense my smell you must first watch from a distance, you must by no means act rashly, otherwise, if by chance you injure my friends it will be troublesome.”

Xiao Wu today had seen the extremely towering creature, but she basically couldn’t explain those kinds of circumstances to the Titan Giant Ape before her, and could only use special methods to repeatedly tell it not to injure anyone. But she was finally still brought away by the Titan Giant Ape. Even if Xiao Wu knew it was worried, but, in this situation was still nothing Xiao Wu wanted to see. Especially Tang San’s injuries gave her even greater concern.

The Titan Giant Ape seemed to understand Xiao Wu, the lantern like eyes brilliant, expression exceptionally gentle.

Xiao Wu raised her head to look at the Titan Giant Ape,

“Er Ming, is Da Ming[3] well?”

The Titan Giant Ape nodded. Xiao Wu said:

“That’s good. I’m afraid my companions are worried, I have to go back immediately. Since I was brought away by you, I might as well complete my third spirit ring and not have to look for an opportunity again next time. I will begin right now. You stand watch for me. I’m sorry, Er Ming, although i wouldn’t help them kill spirit beasts, I also can’t prevent them.”

The Titan Giant Ape Er Ming shook its head, suddenly emitting a deep unhappy growl.

Its voice didn’t sound loud, but transmitted no less than a kilometre, within this range all spirit beasts were terrified, lightning fast leaving their territory to flee outwards.

Xiao Wu was worried about Tang San’s condition and did not dare delay longer, directly sitting cross legged in front of Er Ming. Both hands made graceful pinching hand movements, right hand palm up, resting flat on her thigh, left hand upright at her chest, mouth starting to emit a series of bizarre sounds.

Following this bizarre sound, Xiao Wu’s both eyes gradually became red, two yellow spirit rings quietly appearing, rhythmically moving up and down around her body. Simultaneously, an enormous white empty shadow took shape behind her, unexpectedly exactly the shape of her spirit Jade Rabbit.

Faint red light gradually spread from Xiao Wu’s body, and as time passed, the red light became more and more intense, the scarlet light filling the surroundings like blood.

The Titan Giant Ape Er Ming lay down next to Xiao Wu, watching Xiao Wu within the red light, in both enormous eyes displaying a somewhat longing light.

Time gradually passed, within that intense red light a layer of purple gradually showed, the purple light like points of starlight condensing, awesomely gathering in a round ring.

The purple ring lowered, settling over Xiao Wu’s body. When starting just now, it was still somewhat unable to harmonize together with the other two rings of light, but as the red light strengthened, the purple ring also gradually steadied. Awesomely it was precisely a thousand year spirit ring.

Let alone other people, even if Tang San’s Teacher was here, that regarding spirit research most profound Grandmaster, would perhaps still be unable to understand what had just happened to Xiao Wu, even more unable to understand why she was able to produce her own spirit ring.

Along with the third spirit ring’s appearance, Xiao Wu’s body line seemed to have become even more harmonious, the entire person looking a bit older, whether it was chest or butt, they still appeared somewhat rounder, female characteristics also becoming even more perfect.

Only the childish nature on her face somewhat lessened.

At the same time, that empty white Jade Rabbit shadow behind her became much clearer after the third spirit ring appeared.


Leaning against the side of a tree, Tang San gasped big mouthfuls of breath.

Oscar’s flying mushroom sausage only allowed for one minute of flight, despite Ning Rongrong’s spirit assistance, Tang San could still only fly less than three kilometres before falling out of the air.

Throughout the entire flight, Tang San already used his Purple Demon Eye to the limit, to be able to look for the Titan Giant Ape’s silhouette.

But, everything turned out contrary to expectations, his most extreme eyesight still would not reveal any trace of the Titan Giant Ape.

Tang San was not resigned. He truly was not resigned. Throughout the flight, all kinds of things continuously came and went flashing through his mind.

The lively Xiao Wu, her mysterious Soft Skill, recognizing him as her elder brother, following silently, lovable charming appearance, without exception made Tang San’s heart ache as if cut by knives.

Tang San had previously never believed that this world had gods, but right now he hoped, because he prayed to the gods, prayed Xiao Wu would be able to miraculously survive.

Even though he couldn’t fly further, Tang San still wouldn’t give up, he staked it all on one direction and advanced at full strength, hoping to be able to find spider’s thread and horse tracks[4].

The spirit power within his body helped by the Recovery Sausage gradually recovered, but right now his physical strength was already somewhat overdrafted, with no choice but to stop a moment and catch his breath.

Although the red in his eyes had declined somewhat, it was still unable to in the slightest degree ease his serious mood.

‘Xiao Wu, you are definitely alive. Definitely.’ Tang San continuously told himself this.

Taking a look at the terrain of the surroundings, Tang San sat down leaning against the big tree, he knew that if he wanted to continue searching for Xiao Wu, he first had to recover his strength a bit.

From Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges he pulled out a water skin, pouring out big mouthfuls, dampening his body and also preventing sleepiness.

The gasps for breath gradually steadying, Tang San didn’t dare cultivate, because nobody knew when they might encounter a spirit beast. He only wanted to wait for his physical strength to recover a bit before continuing the search.

Suddenly, a burst of unusual sound attracted Tang San’s attention.

A rustling sound as if from a person changing clothes, also like tree leaves rustling. Suddenly alerted, Tang San slowly stood up, cautiously looking in the direction of the sound.

Immediately after, he saw that sound was the origin of evil.

Black, making Tang San full of loathing, this suddenly appearing animal was like the previous Titan Giant Ape, its body also appearing black. However, compared to the Titan Giant Ape, its body was much smaller. But compared to its own kind, it was still extraordinarily big.

Appearing before Tang San was a spider, a monstrously big spider with the diameter of its bulk exceeding one metre fifty, eight spear-like legs exceeding three metres. Entirely covered by a glossy black carapace, the tip of the long legs were slender, and from each step forward noiselessly thrusting into the ground, it could clearly be seen how sharp they were.

As Tang San discovered it, it seemed to also discover Tang San, the eight long legs moving rhythmically at great speed, even leaving behind a string of mirages, in an eyeblink it already arrived before Tang San. The two forelegs lifted in a flash, directly stinging towards Tang San’s head.

Raising the forelegs, it unavoidably also drove its body to rise above, just enough to let Tang San see its abdomen. This glance, let Tang San recognize its kind.

Tang San practically without hesitation dropped to the ground rolling, getting out of the way of the long legged spider’s attack, drawing an unexpected breath, he had not expected he would encounter it in this place.

Under that spider’s belly was a white veined pattern, forming a clear contrast to its black body, and these vein lines formed the shape of a fierce looking human face. Altogether eight flickering faintly bright little eyes sat close together under its abdomen. However among them two eyes had apparently been smashed by something, badly mangled and mutilated, even the carapace under its abdomen had several cracks.

Right now was night, if Tang San didn’t use Purple Demon Eye, he still truly would have been unable to see these.

Seeing that fierce looking man face, Tang San called to mind the name of this spider before him.

The nightmare of small scale spirit beasts, the eater of living prey, the target of all spirit beasts’ hatred, the terrifyingly evil butcher[5].

These names were all used to describe this long legged spider before him. It was known as the Man Faced Demon Spider. Among spirit beasts, it was categorized as a terrifying existence. Of course, compared to the Titan Giant Ape, it clearly wasn’t on the same level. But, this kind of Man Faced Demon Spider was an organism even feared by spirit beasts.

It possessed a solid carapace, a strange incomparable speed, eight long legs possessing powerful piercing power and additionally extreme poison, but most dreadful was its spider web.

Common spiders all formed their webs by spinning it, but it was different, its spiderweb was directly spit out. Not only was it extremely sticky, moreover it was incomparably durable, in addition to its terrifying neurological venom. A spirit beast like Tang San’s first spirit ring Datura Snake, facing this Man Faced Demon Spider before him could only be reduced to food, nothing more.

At the same time, this Man Faced Demon Spider was also one of the top goals Grandmaster had directed Tang San for his third spirit ring. Grandmaster once told him, Man Faced Demon Spider was the most difficult to obtain, and he must not by any means try to look for it. Because meeting a Man Faced Demon Spider, even if he had the assistance of formidably strong Spirit Masters at his side to subdue it, he would still very easily meet danger.

The Man Faced Demon Spider did not only spit out its spider web in an eyeblink, but was also able to cover an area ten times itself, practically impossible to dodge. Even if it was trapped by formidable Spirit Masters, it

still required time to be able to struggle free. But this time was enough for it to be very eventful.

Tang San hadn’t expected to encounter a Man Faced Demon Spider under circumstances like these. From looking at its figure, it clearly exceeded thousand years of cultivation. The Man Faced Demon Spider could spit its web three times in one day. Generally speaking, on seeing prey its first action would be to spit its web. But, right now it was relying on its long legs to attack. In addition to the injuries on its abdomen, this let Tang San think of a possibility: this Man Faced Demon Spider had already used up its spider web for today.

Confronting a normal condition Man Faced Demon Spider, Tang San knew he didn’t have any chance, but if it was an injured Man Faced Demon Spider, that wasn’t so certain. After all, he clearly understood the Man Faced Demon Spider’s weak points, precisely its eight eyes. How could it still possibly compare to that previous forest king. If he was able to kill the Man Faced Demon Spider before him, and absorb its spirit ring, then, he could practically be certain that his body’s condition would immediately be able to recover to its peak degree, strength would also increase somewhat, and looking for Xiao Wu would naturally also become a bit easier.

These thoughts flashed through Tang San’s mind. As he flipped over to stand, Blue Silver Grass Binding ability already launched, countless long and thick blades of grass abruptly twined around the Man Faced Demon Spider’s body.

Tang San knew that relying on the Man Faced Demon Spider’s physical strength, cutting open his Blue Silver Grass Binding was not at all a problem. The additional poison on Blue Silver Grass basically had no effect on it, as it had its own highly poisonous nature. The Man Faced Demon Spider apart from neurotoxin also had corrosive poison, the reason why it was so tyrannical. These were all things Tang San wished to have in his Blue Silver Grass. Therefore, obtaining this spirit ring was extremely important to him.

Turning over and up, in Tang San’s left hand were already many black boxes, his right hand lightning quick moved to and fro above the black

boxes, issuing a succession of mechanical noises.

The Man Faced Demon Spider was still faster than Tang San imagined, Blue Silver Grass’ restriction clearly made it angry, a faint layer of purple gloss spread from its body, the Blue Silver Grass adhering to its body unexpectedly melting away. In other words, it was corrosive.

As Blue Silver Grass corroded a certain degree, the Man Faced Demon Spider threw it off completely unhindered, once again dashing in Tang San’s direction, this time, its four front limbs were already raised, clearly it was about to deal Tang San a sure kill attack.

Tang San looked extremely cool-headed at the Man Faced Demon Spider, right hand lightning quick stroking from his waist, ten white lights shooting out simultaneously, going straight for the eyes on the Man Faced Demon Spider’s abdomen.

As expected, the Man Faced Demon Spider was extremely protective of its vitals, in addition to already having two eyes suffer injuries, unable to attack Tang San, extremely quickly it crawled on the ground, the hidden weapons striking the carapace on its body, emitting a series of sparks. But at this moment, Tang San also completed the black box mechanisms in his hand.

Tang San could now be completely certain, this Man Faced Demon Spider confronting him had already spit out the spiderweb it could use today. A thousand year Man Faced Demon Spider was able to use spiderweb three times per day, only if it reached the ten thousand year cultivation level would this number increase. Adding the injuries it had already suffered, Tang San could be even more certain in his conjecture. Otherwise, with the Man Faced Demon Spider’s ruthless personality, it would have been sure already to spit out spiderweb when confronted by his provocation, and not use its long legs to attack like right now.

The Man Faced Demon Spider was already thoroughly infuriated by Tang San. After resisting the hidden weapons, the purple shine that previously corroded the Blue Silver Grass appeared once again, before it

had even approached, already a smell stinging the nose came through making people feel nauseous.

But right now Tang San didn’t withdraw again, watching the lightning fast eight long legs shoot up, as the Demon Faced Spider pounced, he on the contrary went to meet it.

That in his hand already completely set up black box mechanism moved to his right hand, a black light flickering in his left hand, a decorated with an odd pattern black little Hammer quietly appeared in his grasp. Confronted with a life or death crisis, Tang San finally took out his second spirit.

Even though this second spirit did not have any additional spiri abilities, but, as Tang San’s spirit power increased, its weight also continuously increased, the Hammer itself did not appear to change much, but this little Hammer’s weight had by now already reached a terrifying five hundred jin[6].

Tang San knew that he only had one chance, with his current physical strength, in speed it was absolutely impossible to compare to the Man Faced Demon Spider, consequently escape was impossible.

But directly using hidden weapons to attack, with the Man Faced Demon Spider’s alertness it was still very difficult for him to cause any true injuries.

After all, even if it was armor splitting type hidden weapons they still required the support of profound internal strength, and although Tang San’s Mysterious Heaven Skill already had some progress, the word ‘profound’ was still far away.

Black light pulsing, Tang San dashing forward suddenly came to a complete stop, but the Man Faced Demon Spider’s four forelegs had already lifted, this time, its speed was even faster, on the long legs all adhered that purple gloss brimming with corrosion, adding to its consciousness paralysing poison, let alone being struck directly, even if it was a small infection, it was sufficient to be fatal to Tang San.

As the wicked butcher, the Man Faced Demon Spider used this kind of method to devour unknown numbers of spirit beasts and Spirit Masters who penetrated deep into the Star Dou Great Forest. The remaining six little eyes under its abdomen right now already gleamed with faint light.

Just as those four three metre long legs, just like steel tipped pikes abruptly flashed, Tang San moved.

Moving his left hand, Tang San had by now condensed his entire thirtieth ranked spirit power into his left hand, in a moment the spirit power poured into that black little Hammer.

Between eyeblinks, that black little Hammer in his hand swelled to twice its size, the decorative designs on the surface suddenly becoming clear, twinkling with faint blue light.

Swinging his left hand with full strength, that little Hammer whistled out, smashing straight at the Man Faced Demon Spider’s torso.

The Man Faced Demon Spider’s chest was armored and it was the most solid place on it’s entire body. Confronting Tang San’s sudden attack, it habitually did not block.

Spirit Masters were able to sense within a certain range the intensity of a spirit beast’s actual strength, and spirit beasts were equally capable of sensing a Spirit Master’s strength. Originally this Man Faced Demon Spider’s strength was far above Tang San’s, only because of suffering injuries was it not so terrifying. But it was still able to determine that Tang San’s strength wasn’t equal to its own, and that his attack naturally wouldn’t be able to cause any harm to its most powerful carapace.

Consequently, the Man Faced Demon Spider did not take any action against that Hammer flying towards its chest, the eight long legs still pierced straight down, about to dispose of Tang San and have him as its food. Spirit Masters with spirit power and spirit rings, to spirit beasts, were great supplementary food, able to increase cultivation by many years.

Unfortunately, this time the Man Faced Demon Spider miscalculated. After all it didn’t possess the wisdom of higher level spirit beasts, how could its mind still compare to a human’s?

With a dull peng sound, the Man Faced Demon Spider’s downward pouncing body reversed up, its upper body smashed up into the air.

The Man Faced Demon Spider’s judgement was correct, even though that Hammer aggregated Tang San’s full spirit power, the Hammer’s own weight reaching a frightful five hundred jin, but, it was still unable to break open its chest armor. The carapace was intact.

But, the power of this Hammer truly was too great, the black little hammer infused with Tang San’s entire spirit power, the weight of this hit carried a thousand jin[7]. Although it was unable to truly injure the Man Faced Demon Spider, it still managed to smash its body back up.

This strike, was originally the last spirit ability Tang San and Xiao Wu together suffered when they faced the Tie brothers in Spirit Arena ring. At that time the Tie brothers used this All In One Throw to injure Tang San. Pondering about the painful experience, Tang San carefully reflected on this All In One Throw technique. He recalled, he also had the Hammer, although it didn’t have additional spirit rings, couldn’t it use this move? Although he was unable to like the Tie brothers’ spirit ability give the Hammer a pursuing capability, he still had hidden weapon techniques, and regarding precision, in no way would he be inferior to the Tie Brothers’ All in One Throw.

The weight of Tang San’s Hammer already reached a frightful five hundred jin on its own, even if it didn’t absorb his whole spirit power, when thrown it was already absolutely a powerful hidden weapon. Consequently, Tang San since that time had already practiced it several times. Although this black Hammer was heavy, he also wasn’t a child who had just awakened his spirit power. Within ten metres, he could completely control the Hammer’s precision.

Right now, at this most critical moment using this move, although exhausting Tang San’s entire spirit power, it already gave the effect he


The Man Faced Demon Spider’s upper body smashed up, automatically revealing its lower abdomen. That white veined pattern like a fierce evil man’s face momentarily enlarged before Tang San, those six still open faintly purple eyes brimming with dense cold and terrible light.

On Tang San’s composed face was not a ripple, he raised his right hand straight up.

What was the strongest advantage to mechanism type hidden weapons? That was not needing to rely on any internal strength support to be able to generate their powerful killing power.

In Tang San’s previous life, an unskilled martial artist once took Tang Sect’s first rate mechanism type hidden weapon Torrential Rain Pear Blossom Needle[8] to easily kill a peak expert. This was Tang Sect’s strongest area. Right now in Tang Sans hand this seemingly unremarkable, only one chi long black box, would use this power on the Man Faced Demon Spider confronting him.

Gabeng, gabeng, gabeng, a series of mechanical cracks echoed from Tang San’s right hand. Lines of jet black shadow shot out together . Tang San’s wrist rocked slightly, partly to dissipate the jolting force from the black box, partly to maintain accuracy. With his skill, in such close range, how could he possibly lose precision?

One must know, the majority of mechanism type hidden weapons Tang San made used noiseless mechanisms, such capability could even easier injure the enemy. But for what reason did the black box mechanism in his hand still make these noises?

Of course the issue wasn’t Tang San’s crafting skill, that could prove only one thing, in order to pursue the might of this black box, Tang San gave up on noiseless mechanisms to make this mechanism type hidden weapon display its most terrifying firepower.

Altogether sixteen shadows flew out, under Tang San’s precise control, the sixteen shadows did not let even the Man Faced Demon Spider’s already injured two eyes escape, each eye was pierced by two shadows, between eyeblinks completely disappearing inside the Man Faced Demon Spider’s body.

Although the Man Faced Demon Spider’s eyes were its weak points, they also weren’t without protection, on the surface of the eyes was a transparent protective layer whose defensive power was also considered pretty good.

But, before the shadows that spit out from the black box in Tang San’s hand, this defensive layer was unexpectedly like rice paper. Without having even the slightest effect, it was clearly seen just how powerful the piercing power of these shadows was.

When previously confronting the Titan Giant Ape, Tang San did consider using this hidden weapon, but the situation at that time changed too rapidly, leaving him without the opportunity to use this hidden weapon. Although this hidden weapon’s might as great, because the mechanism’s launching power was too excessive, as a result each time it was used it had to be prepared on the spot, otherwise, over time the taut mechanism would be damaged.

Consequently, when facing the Titan Giant Ape Tang San didn’t use it, right now confronting the Man Faced Demon Spider, Tang San finally took out this most overbearingly large caliber weapon among all his hidden weapons.

That one chi or more little black box did not look it, but its weight already exceeded thirty jin[9].

Right hand finished shooting, Tang San without hesitation made his next move. Swiftly leaping back, directly into a roll, his body moving away ten metres or more.


An ear piercingly sharp sound mournfully cry called out, in the dark sounding especially clear.

The next moment after those sixteen shadows entered the body of the Man Faced Demon Spider, that black carapace covering its body abruptly stiffened at once, immediately afterward, the whole body abruptly flipped over, violently raging on the ground.

This way, the nearby plants at once toppled like so much large fungi, what is called ‘a centipede dies but never falls down’, although this Man Faced Demon Spider didn’t have a hundred feet, its vitality was still extremely tenacious.

Those sixteen shadows that shot into its eight eyes already completely entered within its head, but unexpectedly not even this kind of injury could let it die on the spot.

Purple light and blue liquid, in addition to its sturdy body, twisted and raged madly on the ground.

Weak plants were corroded in a moment, even bulky trees were shattered when struck by it. Within ten square metres was a complete mess, already without any kind of plant that could stay intact.

After Tang San rolled away ten metres he didn’t stop, resisting the weak feeling in his body he quickly withdrew from the attack range of the Man Faced Demon Spider.

He knew, if this Man Faced Demon Spider hadn’t already suffered fatal injuries, then, even if it couldn’t see, it could still rely on his scent to find his location.

At last he felt he was safe, Tang San’s both legs softened, no longer able to resist, fell down on his butt on the spot, gasping big mouthfuls of breath. Even the black box in his hand he already held somewhat unsteadily.

The flying Hammer without the support of his spirit power had already automatically disappeared, that Hammer completely emptied Tang San’s

spirit power, right now he had completely exhausted both his spirit power and physical strength. If it wasn’t for the idea of searching for Xiao Wu supporting his body, perhaps he would already have passed out.

The Man Faced Demon Spider’s churning became smaller and smaller, the carapace all over its body covered with that blue and purple sheen, purple black liquid continuously flowed from the cuts in its eight eyes, soon it was no longer alive.

Tang San knew before setting about the task, even if he used this black box in his hand to shoot the Man Faced Demon Spider, he might not be able to penetrate its carapace armor, but if it was only shooting at its weak points, at the Man Faced Demon Spider’s eyes the defense couldn’t do like the Titan Giant Ape and close its eyes.

Relying on a hidden weapon expert’s cool head and his own made superior quality hidden weapons, he at last could be considered having survived this crisis.

As the Man Faced Demon Spider’s life gradually faded, points of blue purple light began to condense above it, making it possible to absorb its spirit ring.

After a thousand year spirit beast died, the spirit ring could be maintained for one double hour, as long as it was within one double hour it could be absorbed.

Tang San was in no hurry to absorb the Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit ring, right now his body’s condition truly was too lacking, he was unable to determine this Man Faced Demon Spider’s precise cultivation age, but could be certain it definitely exceeded a thousand years.

Spirit beasts’ spirit rings also had many differences, the thousand Year Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent Oscar previously absorbed, belonged to a comparatively gentle kind of spirit beasts.

Absorbing its spirit ring naturally also wasn’t difficult.

But this Man Faced Demon Spider before him was different, among spirit beasts it was definitely a vicious and ruthless existence, with regard to this, although its spirit ring was able to grant even greater amplification effects, the process of absorbing it was also more dangerous.

In order to support it a Spirit Master had to endure the shock of this kind of ruthless energy, when the body or will was unable to persevere, it was very possible to cause a fatal backlash effect.

[1] Idiom: Give way in the face of superior strength.
[2] (⼆明) “Second Bright”
[3] (⼤明) “Big Bright”
[4] Idiom: Tiny hints, clues.

[5] (邪恶杀戮者) “Butcher” is an approximation, more literally it would be “Evil/Wicked Massacreist/Slaughterer”.
[6] 500⽄ = 250kg
[7] 1000⽄ = 500 kg
[8] (暴⾬梨花针)
[9] 30⽄ = 15kg

Chapter 33

Although Tang San was impatient to save Xiao Wu, he still hasn’t lost his mind. He knew, he needed to recover to a certain degree before he could absorb the spirit ring in front of him.

Now, he has no time to care about any possible danger anymore. Sitting there, he breathed heavily, getting a bit of much needed rest, then cultivated to recover some spirit power.

At this moment, the thing Tang San worried about the most happened. As the Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit ring slowly appeared above its corpse, three unexpected guests flashed out of the forest.

Though it wasn’t the most dangerous case, a strong spirit beast, but when Tang San saw the three people, he couldn’t help but feel his heart sink.

Of the three spirit masters, Tang San recognized two of them. These two were the people that just left not long ago, Serpent Grandmother Chao Tian- Xiang and the beautiful young girl Meng Yiran.

And beside them stood a third person, a tall and skinny elder. The elder looked at least over seventy, with a head of silver hair just like Chao Tian- Xiang. In his hand was a light silver Dragon Headed Staff over four meters long. The dragon head of the staff was lifelike, appearing extravagant and intricate. A face covered with wrinkles showed his age. On him was unbelievably eight spirit rings oscillating up and down slowly.

Two yellow, three purple, three black. Although judging by quality, he only had one thousand year spirit ring advantage on Zhao Wuji, he had eight spirit rings. This meant he was a rank eighty and above Spirit Douluo. No need to ask, Tang San knew who this person was. He was Serpent Grandmother’s husband, Meng Yiran’s Grandfather, Dragon Duke Meng Shu.

The entire family of three was finally together. Dragon Duke didn’t even need to release his spirit power. Merely with the eight spirit rings, Tang San felt like he couldn’t breath.

Even if Zhao Wuji and everyone else were all there, they would still be at an absolute disadvantage.

The Unrivalled Dragon Serpent family didn’t notice the cultivating Tang San at first. Their attention fell onto the dead Man Faced Demon Spider first, and instantly their faces became twisted.

Meng Yiran even shouted out loud,

“No, how is it like this. Why, why? Who? Who killed my demon spider?”

Meng Yiran had changed into a tight green outfit and looked heroic, but Tang San wasn’t in the mood to appreciate that. Hearing Meng Yiran, he couldn’t help but smile bitterly in the dark. How could coincidences be that untimely.

Some things might not happen in your entire life, but when fate decides to play with you, it can happen twice in a short period of time.

Of course, Tang San wouldn’t hope that the family couldn’t find him. With the Dragon Duke’s spirit power, he only needed to slightly pay attention to hear Tang San’s breathing, or even heartbeat. Running was definitely not an option, and Tang San didn’t plan to run either. Real men dare to admit what they do. [1]

“I killed it.”

This moment, his stamina had recovered slightly. Holding the tree beside him, he managed to stand up.

Tang San’s voice instan tly attracted the Unrivalled Dragon Serpent family. Meng Yiran saw the unkempt Tang San. At first she didn’t recognize him, but then tears started circling in her eyes.

“You……… again it’s you.”

Tang San smiled wryly:

“I don’t know why coincidences like this happen, but this time it truly is me again. Was this Man Faced Demon Spider your prey as well?”

Meng Yiran still stared at Tang San, her entire face growing bright red, obviously angry to the extreme.

Seeing Tang San, Serpent Grandmother also frowned, whispering something into the Dragon Duke’s ears. Right after, Tang San saw the Dragon Duke’s eyes.

Dragon Duke appeared to be old, but his eyes were unbelievably bright.
Tang San had never seen such bright eyes.

From where he was standing to where the Dragon Duke was, there was at least thirty meters, but the Dragon Duke made him feel like they were but cun apart.

“You are Tang San?”

Dragon Duke Meng Shu said coldly. His voice sounded very clear, not a bit like an old man.

Tang San nodded.

“Then do you know, to kill this Man Faced Demon Spider, we’ve already been chasing for an entire day. If not for its annoying spider webs, it would’ve already become Yiran’s spirit ring. Man Faced Demon Spiders are very scarce, because it isn’t welcomed by any other spirit beast. Even in this Star Dou Great Forest, it is rarely seen, a lot more valuable than a Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent.”

Tang San’s face had lost all its color, but he didn’t show any sign of fear. He indifferently said, “I know everything you said. But, I had to defend myself. If a Man Faced Demon Spider suddenly appeared in front of me, are you saying I should stand still and let it kill me?”

Meng Shu frowned,

“You are saying, you killed this Man Faced Demon Spider by yourself?”

Tang San nodded.

Dragon Duke and Serpent Grandmother looked at each other, both seeing the astonishment in each other’s eyes. Even though the Man Faced Demon Spider isn’t an overly powerful spirit beast, in the thousand year category, it’s attack power is definitely ranked very high.

Though it didn’t have its spider webs, with its attack and defense capabilities, it still was slain by the twelve year old in front of them. How this happened was truly beyond the old couple.

Serpent Grandmother’s impression of Tang San was already high, but she couldn’t help but to raise her impression even more. Before, when Meng Yiran lost to Tang San, she didn’t think much about it. But now she realized, her grand daughter really wasn’t this child’s worthy enemy.

Dragon Duke Meng Shu’s Dragon Headed Staff flicked upwards, a stream of white spirit power thrown out of the butt of the staff, flipping over the Man Faced Demon Spider.

He saw the damaged eyes immediately, and couldn’t help but nod in his mind.

Though he didn’t know how Tang San did it, from the fact that Tang San could attack this Man Faced Demon Spider’s weakness, he could tell the child’s ability to remain calm in front of strong enemies. Looking at Tang San again, Meng Shu couldn’t help but show some of his admiration.

“Grandfather, you have to stand on my side on this!”

Meng Yiran was only sixteen years old after all. Seeing another strong spirit ring stolen, especially by the same person, how could she possibly keep her anger in?

Meng Shu patted his granddaughter on her head, gesturing her to not worry. Looking up at Tang San, he said:

“Tang San, I’ll give you two choices. I, Dragon Duke Meng Shu, have been going around the Spirit Master world for a long time, and I’m not unreasonable. Against a Man Faced Demon Spider, anyone has to protect themselves, so killing it is within reason. But, the two times you stopped my granddaughter from getting a spirit ring isn’t going to be over just like that.”

Tang San was trying hard to recover his stamina and spirit power, while lightly fiddling with the chi long black box in his hand.

This black box wasn’t only fireable once. In the entire box were forty- eight arrows, so it could ve fired three times, but every time you need to reattach the elastics. In Tang San’s previous life, this unnoticeable black box was very famous. It had a name that everyone knew well Godly
Zhuge Crossbow.

The rectangular black box had sixteen holes on one side, and it could simultaneously shoot out sixteen crossbow arrows with no tails. Within fifty meters, it could strike through gold and rock, extremely potent.

In the past, Tang Sect once displeased another clan. When they sent people to their clan to fight, not even the inner sect students came out.

With only a hundred outer sect students each holding a Godly Zhuge Crossbow, they easily slaughtered all the enemies, leaving no one alive. After that, the name of the Godly Zhuge Crossbow became widespread.

Among all mechanism type hidden weapons, other than the top Buddha Fury Tang Lotus,Torrential Rain Pear Blossom Needle, Peacock Tail Feathers and other rare ones, the Godly Zhuge Crossbow in Tang San’s hand was the strongest.

Tang San of course knew, the Godly Zhuge Crossbow was not enough to be a threat to the Dragon Duke or the Serpent Grandmother, but it wasn’t something that Meng Yiran could block. He already thought everything through. If they wanted to push him too much, he could always use this hidden weapon to bring someone down with him.

“What are the two choices you give me, elders?”

Tang San asked indifferently.

The Godly Zhuge Crossbow in his hands was almost ready. He only had to lengthen the conversation a moment longer before he could have the chance to fight before he dies.

Not to say, he still had a lot of other hidden weapons on him. If they wanted to kill him, it wouldn't be easy.

Meng Shu said:

“My choices for you are very simple. First choice, you join our family and become one of our family members. As you will be our family, the fact that you stopped Yiran from getting a spirit ring, and wasting this precious Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit ring will be forgiven.”

Joining the family? It sounded simple, but if he really joined, then it would be a lifetime commitment. For any Spirit Master, the moment they join a family, they could never betray them. They had to become a part of the family.

Everything you do after that in your life will be restricted by that family.

Of course, spirit masters that join big families were treated very well.

There were exceptions of course, but the precondition was that you had to be powerful to a certain degree. With Tang San’s current situation, If he joined a family, then he would forever be only a person of that family. Meng Shu fancied Tang San’s talent. Prodigies such as Tang San were very rare.

Tang San shook his head,

“Sorry, elder. I’m used to being free, I don’t like being restricted. And there is one part of what you said that was mistaken. Though the Man Faced Demon Spider was killed by me, it’s spirit ring won’t be wasted. If not for you appearing, I might have already started to absorb the ring.”


Serpent Grandmother Chao Tian-Xiang cried out in alarm, her gaze at Tang San immediately becoming strange. At the same time quietly using her hand to touch her husband once.

Unrivalled Dragon Serpent had been together for several decades, Meng Shu naturally understood his wife’s meaning.

“Tang San, surely you also understand, if it is without my approval, it will be impossible for you to absorb this Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit ring.”

Meng Shu spoke indifferently. Although his tone didn’t vary much, the vaguely revealed killing intent still greatly increased the pressure on Tang San.

Tang San said:

“If it is like that, this Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit ring truly will have been wasted.”

Meng Shu said:

“To us, such a good spirit ring, even if it’s wasted, we still wouldn’t easily give it to an outsider to absorb, in this Spirit Master realm, this in itself is already a kind of unwritten rule. If you join my clan, I will not only let you absorb this spirit ring, but can still protect you. How about it?”

With the Dragon Duke’s position, twice inviting Tang San in succession, could already be considered good natured, he and Serpent Grandmother really were taken with Tang San’s talent. After all this child was now still young, his future prospects would basically be immeasurable.

Tang San suddenly spoke up:

“Having me join your family still isn’t impossible. But, you must promise me one thing.”

Meng Shu’s brows creased,

“What conditions are you qualified to put to us right now?”

Chao Tian-Xiang again touched her husband once, scrambling to say:

“What condition, say it.”

In Tang San’s eyes showed a sad expression,

“ly we came across a formidable spirit beast, it snatched my companion. If the two seniors are able to help me retrieve my companion, I promise to join your clan. If my friend is dead, then I ask the two seniors to help me take revenge.”

“Only killing a spirit beast?”

Meng Shu somewhat surprised looked at Tang San.

Chao Tian-Xiang’s mind was a bit more careful than her husband’s,

“Was Zhao Wuji not together with you? Don’t tell me that he also was unable to stop that spirit beast?”

Tang San nodded.

Meng Shu snorted disdainfully,

“Zhao Wuji being unable to defeat it doesn’t mean I also won’t be able to. Let alone us together, in this Star Dou Great Forest, are there any kinds of spirit beasts able to contend with us? Tang San, what kind of spirit beast was that?”

Tang San eagerly said:

“It’s a Titan Giant Ape. It’s roughly over the ten thousand year level.”

Meng Shu was the highest level Spirit Master he had ever met, if he agreed to act in saving Xiao Wu, then naturally it would be much easier than him saving Xiao Wu. How could Tang San agree to let an opportunity like this slip by.

But, when the Unrivalled Dragon Serpent husband and wife heard the three words ‘Titan Giant Ape’, the two simultaneously stiffened at once.

The strong disdain in Meng Shu’s eyes faded away. With a somewhat awkward expression, Chao Tian-Xiang frowned even greater, shaking her head with a sigh, her words making Tang San extremely disappointed,

“That’s impossible for us.”

“With the two seniors’ strength, don’t tell me it’s still impossible to deal with that Titan Giant Ape?”

Tang San eagerly said. Meng Shu snapped:
“What do you understand, the Titan Giant Ape is a different kind of ancient, great strength, let alone us, even a Title Douluo wouldn’t dare speak of obtaining victory. Furthermore, according to what I know, in this Star Dou Great Forest there is only one Titan Giant Ape. Its cultivation age can’t be as simple as ten thousand years, until this day it has at least surpassed sixty thousand years cultivation. It’s truly the overlord of this forest. Moreover, the Titan Giant Ape still has an even more terrifying elder brother. Unless it was the Title Douluo of both Great Empires assembled here, otherwise, who would dare speak of killing them?”

Chao Tian-Xiang said towards Meng Shu,

“Old codger, we must also leave immediately. Didn’t expect a Titan Giant Ape to appear in the outskirts now. This could not be a good omen. However, it would appear its mood isn’t bad, without even massacring Spirit Masters. Otherwise, Tang San this kid also could not stand alive before us.”

The Unrivalled Dragon Serpent clearly understood this Star Dou Great Forest even more than Zhao Wuji, Tang San also knew with his status it was basically impossible to cheat them. But, Meng Shu’s words also made him approach despair.

His estimation of the Titan Giant Ape was very high, but hearing what Meng Shu knew, his estimation was still insufficient. That Titan Giant Ape compared to his imagination was even more formidable. Furthermore unexpectedly still had a compared to it still more difficult to deal with brother, requiring all the Title Douluo to have the capability to kill them. How this couldn’t be equivalent to giving Xiao Wu a death sentence, right now Tang San didn’t understand why such a formidable spirit beast would unexpectedly appear in the outskirts of Star Dou Great Forest.

Regarding him being unable to deal with the Titan Giant Ape, Dragon Duke Meng Shu seemed somewhat resentful,

“Kid, don’t you blame the Titan Giant Ape to make fun of me. I don’t have the time to waste with you. If you join my family, I will help you absorb this spirit ring. Otherwise, you can only pick the second option, leave behind one arm as compensation for my granddaughter and you can leave.”

Tang San sobered from his despondency, raising his head towards the Unrivalled Dragon Serpent husband and wife, he deeply knew, the difference between him and the other side was really too far, even without speaking of the other side’s seniority. But at this very moment, in his heart stubbornness had already risen, he was also unwilling to compromise at this point.

Slowly raising the Zhuge Soul Crossbow,

“Since you can’t help me accomplish my wish of returning Xiao Wu, I naturally also can’t join your clan. If you want my arm, you come and take it.”

Although his spirit power hadn’t recovered, Tang San had already regained a bit of physical strength. At least launching a mechanism type hidden weapon was no problem.

Meng Shu didn’t expect a minor Spirit Grandmaster to dare disobey him, the Dragon head Cane in his hand stomped on the ground, issuing a rumble

like an earthquake, if Tang San wasn’t leaning his back against a tree, perhaps he would directly have collapsed from the powerful spirit power.

“Since you want to die, I will let you accomplish it.”

Meng Shu’s eyes were filled with killing intent, since such a talented youngster couldn’t be useful to him, then, it also wasn’t necessary for him to stay in this world.

At the moment Dragon Duke prepared to launch his attack, suddenly, a deep hoarse voice echoed,

“Senior Dragon Duke, do not be too strict.”

A line of silhouettes quickly arrived, in the lead, was precisely Motionless Bright King Zhao Wuji, behind Zhao Wuji, the Shrek students swiftly arrived, each and every one appeared somewhat tired. In order to look for Tang San’s trail, they had all along not rested.

ly the Man Faced Demon Spider’s strict cry which had drawn the pursuing Unrivalled Dragon Serpent husband and wife in the vicinity, also gave them a direction. But because they were too far away, the couldn’t directly find it. Dragon Duke’s cane striking the ground finally once again showed them the way, and Zhao Wuji brought the group to swiftly rush over.

Seeing his comrades arrive, Tang San’s mind immediately relaxed somewhat, body in a moment almost falling. Fortunately Dai Mubai swiftly reached his side and supported him, just enough to keep him from falling.

In the fight with the Titan Giant Ape Tang San’s injuries had not been light, although he had eaten a Recovery Sausage, he still had not healed completely, adding the consumption of the rushed journey, as well as the battle of wits and bravery when dealing with the Man Faced Demon Spider, one could say his spirit power and physical strength were completely drained. If he wasn’t for the support of his willpower, he might have collapsed long ago.

Oscar also hastily ran over, directly handing Tang San two fresh sausages to eat.

The Recovery Sausages’ warmth diffusing in chest and stomach, Tang San immediately felt much more comfortable. Along with Oscar advancing to the Spirit Elder realm, the effect of his Recovery Sausage also improved somewhat, although with two in his stomach spirit power recovery did not stack, regarding physical strength recovery the support would nevertheless be much greater than with one.

On seeing Zhao Wuji appear, Dragon Duke Meng Shu’s facial expression did not alter at all, the Unrivalled Dragon Serpent husband and wife pair were both there, naturally would not fear Zhao Wuji alone.

Seeing the Dragon Head Cane in Meng Shu’s hand, Zhao Wuji was also secretly grumbling, especially those eight spirit rings, had a great shocking effect to him. Before he already used Spirit Avatar once, right now he only had fifty percent of his peak condition. Let alone Meng Shu, even if it was just Serpent Grandmother Xhao Tian-Xiang he still wouldn’t be able to handle her.

“This must be senior Dragon Duke, it is an honor to junior generation Zhao Wuji to meet you.”

What is called ‘an outstretched hand will not strike a smiling face’, Meng Shu glanced at Zhao Wuji,

“Motionless Bright King, there is no need to stand on ceremony. Do you not teach your disciple, nobody bullies our Meng family? Not content with the Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent, your disciple also killed my granddaughter’s prey the Man Faced Demon Spider, shouldn’t you give me an explanation?”

Zhao Wuji said:

“Senior, I see there has been a misunderstanding. Furthermore, although I am these children’s teacher, Tang San can’t be considered my disciple, his master is someone else, I dare not take credit.”


Meng Shu looked blank a moment, in his heart secretly trembling. Thinking to himself, ‘that youngster called Tang San’s strength is this astonishing, then wouldn’t his master be…  ’

Zhao Wuji was somewhat shrewd, immediately saw the hesitant expression on Meng Shu’s face, quickly saying:

“Dragon Duke senior, is it possible to speak a step away?”

Meng Shu’s brows knitted minutely, but still nodded once, right now he held the overwhelming advantage, naturally he wouldn’t fear any plot of Zhao Wuji’s. The Dragon Head Cane poked the ground, already carried him twenty metres distant.

Zhao Wuji hurriedly followed, saying something to Dragon Duke in a low voice.

Just in the beginning Meng Shu’s face displayed an extremely astonished expression, gradually, his complexion looked somewhat unsightly.

Zhao Wuji’s expression on the contrary was very serene and polite, in a moment, the two had already finished their conversation.

Meng Shu walked back to his wife and granddaughter, saying several sentences to Serpent Grandmother in a low voice, Serpent Grandmother showed an equally astonished expression, as the old husband and wife pair’s gazes once again shifted to Tang San they already became somewhat different. But all this, naturally also fell into Tang San’s eyes.

What did teacher Zhao say to them? Did he tell them he was Grandmaster’s disciple? But, although Grandmaster was very knowledgeable about spirits, his own power wasn’t outstanding, seemingly insufficient to cow the Unrivalled Dragon Serpent.

As expected, Meng Shu said:

“So he’s Grandmaster’s disciple. Didn’t expect that Grandmaster’s theory finally has a chance to come true. Today on account of Grandmaster, I will let you go once. However, remember kid, if something similar happens again, I won’t care who your master is. We’re leaving.”

Finished speaking, he turned about to leave.


Meng Yiran looked at her grandpa and grandma about to leave, immediately worried.

“Grandpa, twice he robbed my spirit beasts, will you let this be?”

Meng Shu somewhat helplessly looked at his granddaughter, saying:

“Then what do you still want? Grandpa is so old, we can’t have the old take unfair advantage of the young. Better let it be.”

Meng Yiran obstinately looked at her grandpa,

“No, I can’t let it be like this. If I can’t have it, then I absolutely can’t let him have it. Since you’re unwilling to act on my behalf, then I’ll do it myself. Tang San, if you are a man, have another contest with me.”

Tang San frowned,

“You still want to compete with me? Have you forgotten you lost to me once already?”

Oscar’s sausage was indeed special, in a short time, Tang San’s spirit power already recovered to three tenths, his physical strength had returned even more substantially, his complexion already became much better looking. Meng Yiran nodded firmly,

“Yes, I must fight you again. Don’t think because you won last time you can beat me again. I also won’t take advantage of your currently lacking spirit power. We’ll fight in another way. You’ve twice robbed me of spirit beasts, so this contest’s contents should be my decision.

Tang San drew a deep breath. Feeling his internal condition had already greatly improved, he unhurriedly strolled forward,

“What is the bet?”

If it was only Meng Yiran, he had enormous certainty, although his spirit power was lacking, he could still use hidden weapons to contend against her. The Godly Zhuge Crossbow in his hand was already a top notch mechanism, although he knew right now after his compromise with the Unrivalled Dragon Serpent he couldn’t kill Meng Yiran, he could still rely on hidden weapons in many ways to be able to take away Meng Yiran’s ability to fight.

Meng Yiran hatefully glared at Tang San, saying:

“If I win, you can’t absorb this Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit ring.
If you win, it naturally is yours.”

Regarding the Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit ring, Tang San could be said to be determined to win. Just by obtaining it, he would be able to extremely quickly recover his physical strength to search for Xiao Wu.

“Fine, what do we compete in?”

The Unrivalled Dragon Serpent husband and wife were not currently in any hurry to leave, standing to the side without interrupting, supporting their granddaughter. The two husband and wife occasionally muttered a few sentences with unknown contents.

On the Shrek Academy side, Zhao Wuji wrinkled his brows, he had not thought this time Meng Yiran would be a new branch grown out of the knot[2]. In order to have Dragon Duke let Tang San off, he had already told Meng Shu some secrets, otherwise, with the Unrivalled Dragon Serpent’s tyranny, how would they leave so easily?

Meng Yiran was just about to speak, when previously at Tang San’s side, Oscar rushed to speak:

“Wait a minute, this is unjust.”

Everyone looked at Oscar, Oscar wandered up to Tang San’s side, speaking frankly with assurance,

“This Man Faced Demon Spider was clearly killed by Tang San. Even if you previously injured it, it still could only considered be one person killing half. Right now also only Tang San is able to absorb this spirit ring. This bet of yours clearly isn’t fair.”

A baleful air flickered in Meng Yiran’s eyes,

“Then what do you want?”

Oscar smiled darkly, saying:

“It’s not what I want. If you lose, you naturally can’t obstruct Tang San absorbing this spirit ring. Simultaneously, shouldn’t you also pay a bit? What we ask isn’t much, at that time, you only need to kiss Tang San once.”

“Little Ao.”

Zhao Wuji groaned, he didn’t want the Unrivalled Dragon Serpent to be infuriated once again.

But what surprised Zhao Wuji was, Dragon Duke Meng Shu suddenly spoke up:

“Good. It’s decided. Young people must always have a bit of passion.”

While speaking, on this Dragon Duke’s face for the first time revealed a smiling expression, and at his side Serpent Grandmother’s face faintly blushed.

Oscar had no idea that this proposal of his made the Unrivalled Dragon Serpent before them recall a scene from their youth. At that time, when Dragon Duke Meng Shu first met Serpent Grandmother Chao Tian-Xiang, it was with a bet he gained Chao Tian-Xiang’s company. At last in the end

walking together they admittedly still had all kinds of fortune. But originally making that bet played a crucial part. At that time, the conditions Meng Shu proposed were unexpectedly exactly the same as what Oscar said now.

In Dragon Duke and Serpent Grandmother’s eyes, although Tang San’s appearance was a bit common, far from being able to compare with Dai Mubai, both his talent and what Zhao Wuji just now told Meng Shu, made them look extremely favorably on this child. Regarding their granddaughter’s future, this old husband and wife had already planned ahead properly. They also wanted to see, under these kinds of conditions, whether Tang San was able to once again best their granddaughter.

Regarding grandpa’s decision Meng Yiran couldn’t help but be somewhat astonished, but she didn’t refuse, since she had absolute confidence in the method of fighting she was about to propose.

Tang San was only impatient to obtain the spirit ring and not concerned with other matters, anyway this bet wasn’t of any harm to him. Raising his hand towards Meng Yiran he made an inviting gesture.

Resolutely glaring at Tang San, Meng Yiran just raised her right hand, on her flawless wrist a suet white jade[3] ring twinkling with faint gloss, in a flash of light, a long cloth bag had already appeared in her hand. Clearly, that ring was also a spirit tool.

The cloth bag’s length was about two chi[4] or so, its width approximately half a chi. Meng Yiran separated her hands, the cloth was already split into two halves, and when she turned around the cloth, everyone clearly saw that on the cloth strip hung a many identical in shape and size short blades.

The short blades lacked hand guards, to Tang San’s professional gaze, those were clearly throwing knives. Only these throwing knives in Meng Yiran’s hands were somewhat simple and crude, apart from two blood grooves, they didn’t have any special characteristics. The knife handles were about three cun[5] long, the blades five cun. The material was pretty good, flickering with faint light.

“I have here thirty six Spirit Cleaving Knives[6]. You and I will each have eighteen. Later I will have grandpa shake a tree twenty metres away, making the leaves fall. You and I will act at the same time, throwing Spirit Cleaving Knives. The one piercing the most tree leaves wins. But no matter how many leaves are hit, the Spirit Cleaving Knife has to in the end stick in the tree trunk, Spirit Cleaving Knives that don’t hit the tree don’t count in the final score.”

Meng Yiran confidently declared her method of competition, after she finished speaking the last sentence, she discovered the Shrek Academy group before her had become somewhat strange.

Motionless Bright King stared at her wide eyed, blinking incessantly.

The two pupils in Evil Eye White Tiger Dai Mubai’s Evil Eyes actually momentarily became a single pupil.

Oscar used his hand to cover his wide open mouth. Ma Hongjun staggered, almost falling on the ground.
The chill on ice cold Zhu Zhuqing’s pretty face retreated, leaving only a stunned expression.

Ning Rongrong giggled, laughing out loud.

But Tang San face to face with Meng Yiran, on his face was an expression like a smile yet not a smile. Since Xiao Wu was snatched by the Titan Giant Ape, this was still the first time his expression had relaxed, even turning his wrist, returning the Godly Zhuge Crossbow to Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges at his waist.

“Are you all fools? Or don’t you dare take up the challenge?”

Meng Yiran seeing the expressions of everyone on the Shrek Academy side, with a kind of mocking feeling, immediately angrily said to her opponent.

Oscar used his hand to close his wide open mouth, resisting laughter saying:

“How couldn’t we accept the challenge? Your competition method is very good, truly very good.”

Right now he was already thinking about where on Tang San he should make Meng Yiran kiss.

Comparing hidden weapons with a Tang Sect disciple, was indeed very good. Right now, even Zhao Wuji’s face displayed a smiling expression.

Meng Yiran naturally didn’t know what everyone was thinking, looking at Tang San,

“Aren’t you resting again, I can’t be said to bully you.”

Tang San naturally wasn’t as sly as Oscar, helplessly shaking his head, saying:

“It’s fine as long as you later don’t say I bullied you. Can we begin?”

If the contest was something else, Tang San san might truly have had to recover another moment, but Meng Yiran was proposing to compare hidden weapons with him who had cultivated Tang Sect hidden weapon secret lore inherited techniques since childhood. Let alone the spirit power he already had somewhat recovered, even if he currently didn’t have a trace of spirit power, Tang San would still believe there was no way he could lose to Meng Yiran.

Meng Yiran threw one of the cloth bags in her hands to Tang San, currently she was still brimming with confidence. Pointing at a large tree roughly twenty metres distant, saying:

“We’ll use that as a target.”

Tang San shot glanced at that tree, saying:


The handles of the Spirit Cleaving Knives in the cloth bag in Meng Yiran’s hand were all tied with red silk ribbons, the ones in Tang San’s hands were all tied with blue silk. No worries of mixing them up.

Meng Yiran couldn’t see the expressions on the Shrek Academy students, but how could Meng Shu and his wife not see clearly. But what they in their hearts didn’t comprehend, was why these Shrek Academy people looked like they already held certain victory.

Meng Yiran had since childhood liked every kind of weapon, especially short weapons. These thirty six Spirit Cleaving Knives, Dragon Duke Meng Shu had after careful thought specially found someone to make for her, Meng Yiran were extremely fond of these throwing knives, frequently practicing. Within thirty metres she could hit the target one hundred percent of the time. Of course, she was only able to throw eighteen knives in a short time. Her proposed contest restrictions were just at her limit.

[1] ⼤丈夫敢作敢当: Roughly translated it’s “Big Husband (manly man) dare to do, dare to be.”

[2] Idiom “a new branch grows out of the knot”: side issues keep arising.

[3] Literally “Sheep Fat White Jade”, a kind of pure white jade.
[4] 2尺 = ⅔ m
[5] 3⼨ = 10cm
[6] (破魂⼑) “Break/Split/Destroy Spirit Knife”

Chapter 34

When previously competing against Tang San, because the two very quickly entered the phase of competing with spirit power, Meng Yirang didn’t use her Spirit Cleaving Knives, Meng Shu wasn’t convinced that Tang San who held this kind of throwing type weapon for the first time could do even more outstanding than his granddaughter.

Meng Yiran nodded to her grandpa,

“Grandpa, begin.”

Meng Shu said to Tang San:

“Are you ready?”

Tang San nodded, when competing in hidden weapons, could he still need to prepare? Of course, with his temperament, he naturally couldn’t say something like that.

Meng Yiran swiftly stuck the cloth bag to the clothes around her waist, on the back of the bag were convenient fasteners that could adhere to any texture of clothing. As she wore her cloth bag she still specially looked at Tang San, discovering Tang San was somewhat blankly holding the cloth bag in one hand, appearing like he couldn’t at all use throwing type hidden weapons. Seeing this scene, Meng Yiran found it hard not to be a little pleased with herself.

Dragon Duke Meng Shu acted, not taking a step himself, but making a casual throw, throwing out the four metres long Dragon Head Cane in his hand.

A loud and clear dragon’s cry rose from the Dragon Cane head, the silver cane like it turned into a living silver dragon, swiftly struck the big tree twenty metres away.

With a muffled peng sound, the strength Meng Shu used was perfect, sufficient to display a shaking force, without injuring the tree itself, the leaves falling like rain.

With a charming shout, Meng Yiran used both hands simultaneously, one by one throwing out a succession of cold swift lights from the cloth bag, her motions could also be considered nimble, in one breath the eighteen Spirit Cleaving Knives had all been thrown.

Perhaps it was because her heart was brimming with fury at Tang San, thereby exciting her mood, Meng Yiran clearly sensed that throwing her Spirit Cleaving Knives today felt unusually good. She was certain that each of her Spirit Cleaving Knives had accurately hit the target, some even piercing two leaves.

Meng Yiran’s attention was focused on completing throwing her throwing knives, but Meng Shu after using the Dragon Head Cane, let his gaze fall on Tang San. His Dragon Head Cane was a Tool Spirit, after getting rid of it he only had to rely on spirit power to retrieve it, no need for painstaking control. He wanted to see whether this youngster called Tang San could once again provide him some amazement.

Under Meng Shu’s gaze, Tang San’s actions greatly puzzled the Unrivalled Dragon Serpent husband and wife. When the Dragon Head Cane struck, he at once already turned around.

But instead of turning towards that target tree, he rather had back to it. At the same time as Meng Yiran acted, Tang San moved the cloth bag in his hand. The entire cloth bag in his right hand unfolded in a flash, immediately following, the cloth bag quickly shook.

Eighteen cold lights practically simultaneously left their original positions.

Meng Yiran’s Spirit Cleaving Knives naturally shot out straight ahead, but Meng Shu clearly saw that the Spirit Cleaving Knives Tang San threw unexpectedly travelled in an arc.


Throwing one throwing knife in an arcing pattern already required superior skill and technique, but Tang San without even using his hands to directly control them, only throwing them by the cloth bag, gave all the Spirit Cleaving Knives this kind of effect.

Even as a Spirit Douluo Meng Shu couldn’t help but be gobsmacked, looking carefully in the direction Tang San’s Spirit Cleaving Knives were flying.

A duoduo sound erupted, the concentrated sound of the short blades piercing the tree trunk. The tree leaves gradually drifting down, the contest had already ended.

Meng Yiran turned her head to look at Tang San, just in time to see Tang San turn back, she couldn’t help but somewhat startled and angrily saying:

“You won’t shoot?”

Tang San shook the empty cloth bag in his hand, saying:

“I already did.”

The moment Meng Yiran looked distracted, the Unrivalled Dragon Serpent husband and wife already reached her side. Meng Shu sighed, saying:

“Brilliant skill. Yiran, you lost.”

Meng Yiran failing to understand the reason why looked at her grandpa, Meng Shu shook his head towards her, saying:

“No need to see the result. We’re leaving.” “No, I don’t believe it.”
Without first seeing it with her own eyes, how could Meng Yiran be convinced that her most expert throwing weapons skill would lose to this Tang San who already was without physical strength? Ignoring her grandparents’ obstruction, she ran like flying to that big tree. She couldn’t believe that she unexpectedly would lose.

Meng Shu sighed, muttering to himself:

“This time perhaps the blow to her won’t be small. However, letting her understand that there are people beyond people, heavens beyond heaven[1] principle, that’s also no harm.”

Reaching the foot of the tree, Meng Yiran first of all looked at the throwing knives she had thrown. Just like what she had estimated, the eighteen throwing knives were completely stuck on the tree trunk, moreover within a small area. On each Spirit Cleaving Knife was at least one tree leaf, at most even three.

Compared to her ordinary level it was still somewhat better.

But, as Meng Yiran’s gaze moved up, looking for those Spirit Cleaving Knives with the blue silk ribbons, her entire person dulled.

Eighteen blue silk ribboned Spirit Cleaving Knives were neatly stuck on the tree trunk in three rows, each a row of six, just right to form the character 三[2].
Each Spirit Cleaving Knife pierced a stack of tree leaves, even to the extent that the knife blades entered the tree with the exact same depth. Compared to Meng Yiran’s eighteen unevenly stuck Spirit Cleaving Knives, this contrast was just too clear.

Meng Shu’s voice reached Meng Yiran’s ears,

“Girl, concede. Tang San’s skill is something even I am unable to accomplish. Throwing at the same time, hitting the tree at the same time, even only making a single sound, with each Spirit Cleaving Knife piercing ten tree leaves or more. Furthermore, when throwing he completely had his back turned, without using his eyes to see. Skill like this can only be described as brilliant.”

Meng Yiran slowly turned around, looking at her grandpa, although her gaze was no longer dull, her entire person looked like she had lost her spirit. Without even her Spirit Cleaving Knives, she walked back to her grandparents step by step.

Just like what Meng Shu said, being beaten in her most expert capability actually was too great a blow to Meng Yiran.

Within three days, losing to Tang San twice in succession, moreover one loss more wretched than the other, being robbed of two spirit beasts. The confidence she’d always had was beaten bruised and bloody by Tang San.

Tang San strode forward several steps, palm swiping at his waist, a steel needle spraying out, completely hitting loose the Spirit Cleaving Knives on the tree, the steel needle also returning to his hand with the following trajectory, the Spirit Cleaving Knives were also collected one by one in his hand using the cloth bag to bundle them up.

Finishing this, Tang San with quick steps caught up before Meng Yiran,

“Miss Meng, your Spirit Cleaving Knives.”

Meng Yiran raised her head to look at him, right now, her beautiful mien appeared somewhat pale,

“Are you making fun of me?”

Tang San shook his head, saying:

“No. In fact you need not feel sad. I’ve practiced hidden weapons since I was three, although I am still only twelve this year, I’ve already

practiced for a full nine years. When just now using hidden weapons it was was already at my full strength. That was the most exquisite skill I’m currently capable of using.”

“Hidden weapons?”

Some of Meng Yiran’s interest was piqued by this brand new term. Tang San handed over the Spirit Cleaving Knives into her hands,
“Weapons used stealthily to display their effect, I call it hidden weapons. Hidden weapons shouldn’t be used for contests, but is a method to unexpectedly reach victory by catching the opponent off guard.”

When Meng Yiran proposed to compete with him in hidden weapons, Tang San apart from not knowing whether to laugh or cry, still had a kind of amiable feeling. After all, since coming to this world this was the first time another person had appeared to be using hidden weapons. Again recalling that ever since meeting this girl older than him, although really hadn’t been deliberate, he had still caused her a lot of trouble. Robbing her of two useful spirit rings, in his heart he still somewhat regretted it. Right now the situation was already set, but he couldn’t help tell Meng Yiran’s a few things. He didn’t hope for Meng Yiran to give up cultivating hidden weapons from now on because of the blow today.

Meng Yiran’s big eyes blinked, saying:

“Then why are you able to use hidden weapons to that kind of degree?”

Tang San said:

“Practicing hidden weapons still requires a certain method. Actually, this kind of throwing knife doesn’t suit you. For you, its volume is somewhat too large and its weight is also somewhat high. I think that if you switched to throwing needles, it would be even more effective. Just like this.”

While speaking, he raised his hand to swipe across a jade stone on Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges, a Penetrating Bone Needle as long as five cun[3] already appeared in the palm of his hand.

Tang San handed over the Penetrating Bone Needle to Meng Yiran, saying:

“This is a kind of needle I call Penetrating Bone Needle, five cun long, front slender and back thick, the weight doesn’t reach a fifth of your throwing knives, but they should still be able to reach extremely far, with powerful penetration. Because the bulk is small, they’re very easy to carry. Although this time was a coincidence, I’ve twice destroyed your chances to obtain a spirit beast. If you want, I can tell you about a kind of method for cultivating hidden weapons. When you go back you can try it it once, it should be a good deal better than just practicing.”

Meng Yiran looked blank,

“You would teach me?”

She still clearly remembered that previously grandpa still said he would remove one arm. As she raised her head to look at Tang San, she discovered Tang San’s gaze was extremely clear, without any impurity. He clearly really wasn’t false.

Tang San said:

“The path of hidden weapons is equally broad and deep, do you want to learn?”

Meng Yiran subconsciously nodded. Tang San smiled slightly, saying:
“Just now I wasn’t using my eyes but was still able to take aim, this is employing a kind of hidden weapon basic skill. It’s called Sound Localization[4]. Relying on hearing to distinguish the target’s location. Under bad lighting or perhaps unsuitable circumstances, unable to see the

target’s precise location with the eyes, hearing can give extremely important results. Practicing good Sound Localization, when shooting your hidden weapons you will not have any blind spot, and also possess even more covert nature.

Sound Localization was a basic hidden weapons exercise, not considered some secret. Immediately, Tang San didn’t care about the Unrivalled Dragon Serpent husband and wife to the side, simply explaining this kind of exercise. Furthermore explaining a bit about the methods of practicing hidden weapons.

Just as he began, Meng Yiran still held some grudges in her heart, but as Tang San spoke, she nodded again and again, and in less than a cup of tea’s worth of time, Tang San’s words gave her an all new awareness of the world of hidden weapons.

“. you can practice these. The effect of hidden weapons assisting you
is already very big.”

Tang San used the briefest words to finish his explanation to Meng Yiran, he wasn’t valuing the broom as his own[5], and was anxious to absorb the Man Faced Demon Spider spirit ring to go look for Xiao Wu.

By now his physical strength and spirit power had both recovered a while, he felt he should be able to absorb the spirit ring.

Dragon Duke and Serpent Grandmother all along stood to the side watching Tang San teach Meng Yiran without interrupting. Originally Dragon Duke had a somewhat gloomy expression due to what Zhao Wuji said, but right now on his face already hung a smile.

Meng Yiran gave Tang San a deep look,

“I won’t thank you.”

Tang San smiled faintly,

“I didn’t hope for it.”

Giggling, Meng Yiran laughed, she was very beautiful, and this time immediately changed like thawed by a spring wind,

“You’re only twelve? Indeed precocious. Come. Let big sister kiss you.”

While speaking, she suddenly moved closer to kiss Tang San on the cheek.

Tang San clearly had not anticipated Meng Yiran would “sneak attack” him, only feeling a burst of warmth on his face, for a moment not only his face blushed, even his ears were rendered scarlet.

Meng Yiran seeing his embarrassed appearance felt very carefree, firmly saying:

“You can’t have strange ideas, this was my bet with you. ‘If you agree to a bet you must accept to lose’, I wouldn’t refuse to acknowledge it. Well, we’re leaving. You also hurry and absorb that spirit ring, if I come across you stirring up trouble again next time I’m hunting a spirit beast, humph humph.”

While speaking, she still gestured with her fist at Tang San. Of course, this clearly didn’t hold any force behind it.
Dragon Duke and Serpent Grandmother smiled at each other, again nodding to Zhao Wuji, with this brought their granddaughter to soar away, they still had to immediately find their granddaughter another spirit beast, then extremely quickly leave this place. They could not guard against the threat of the Titan Giant Ape.

Oscar moved closer to Tang San’s side smiling mischievously,

“San-er[6], pleasurable or not?”

Tang San somewhat speechless glared at him,

“What pleasurable? Get me another Recovery Sausage.”

Oscar laughed,

“I your father have a big sausage.”

With his vulgar spirit incantation, he directly handed over a sausage to Tang San.

Turning towards the Man Faced Demon Spider’s corpse, by now, dense purple light had already condensed above the corpse, just the most ideal time to absorb it. Looking at it, Tang San’s previously somewhat relaxed expression once again tightened, he immediately remembered: Xiao Wu still waited for his help.

Eating the sausage, He walked over and sat by the side of the Man Faced Demon Spider,

“I will trouble everyone.”

Zhao Wuji gave Tang San a nod, waving his hand, the students crowded around with Tang San in the middle, carefully guarding. With their protection, Tang San no longer needed to worry about common spirit beasts threatening him. He was finally able to wholeheartedly absorb the formidable spirit ring before him.

Raising his right hand, the blue light produced by the Blue Silver Grass Spirit gradually appeared in Tang San’s palm. Taking a deep breath, Tang San summoned the Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit ring.

The purple light like it had been waiting for a long time and finally found an opening, just starting to feel Tang San’s spirit, immediately like a hundred rivers flowing into the sea rushed towards Tang San.

Watching the dark purple light in a moment about to envelop Tang San’s body, Zhao Wuji also couldn’t help but be shocked. Such strong spirit power fluctuations, this Man Faced Demon Spider had after all cultivated for how many years?

Tang San as the person involved felt it even more clearly. He only sensed a tremendous heat flow towards him and abruptly into him, still without waiting for his reaction, that boiling like a raging flame began to burn his body.

The Man Faced Demon Spider in itself was certainly tyrannical, and the spirit ring it formed was ruthless. Intense energy entered within Tang San and began to break and remold his body.

Although the energy contained within the spirit ring wasn’t conscious, it still basically wasn’t something Tang San’s consciousness could control.

Under the powerful spirit power fluctuations, Tang San only felt like his body was bursting open. The violent pain immediately made him belch up a mouthful of blood.

Everyone surrounding him were simultaneously startled, they had also absorbed spirit rings, but it was still the first time they came across anything like this.

Zhao Wuji said in a low voice:

“This Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit ring is excessively tyrannical. Wanting to absorb it isn’t easy. Right now he can only trust himself, when absorbing the spirit ring he can’t take support from any outside force, otherwise it will only bring about the reverse effect. Right now we can only believe in Tang San being able to receive it and return to us.”

What Zhao Wuji didn’t say was, the more difficult a spirit ring was to absorb, the greater the resulting effect would be. After all if its attached energy was tremendous, the generated spirit ability would naturally also be extremely awesome.


Meng Shu and Chao Tian-Xiang brought Meng Yiran towards the outskirts of the Star Dou Great Forest.

Chao Tian-Xiang continuously watched her granddaughter, ever since leaving the Shrek Academy party, Meng Yiran had all along bowed her head in silence, apparently reflecting on something.

“Yiran. What are you thinking about?”

Chao Tian-Xiang asked.

Meng Yiran was roused from her chain of thought by her grandmother’s voice,

“I was thinking about what Tang San said. Grandma, you say whether I should later use that Penetrating Bone Needle?”

Chao Tian-Xiang smiled, saying:

“If you feel good with it, use it. Although that needle’s appearance is somewhat unusual, finding people to make it isn’t strenuous. It’s still my first time seeing such a long needle, unexpectedly it’s five cun.”

Dragon Duke Meng Shu suddenly said.

“That kid Tang San really isn’t bad, not only talented, but also without a bit of arrogance, he’s a rare talented person. It’s a pity he didn’t agree to join our clan, otherwise, before reaching twenty, he would inevitable be able to bring the clan to new heights.”

Chao Tian-Xiang sighed lightly, saying:

“A golden carp within a pond, on meeting storms becomes a dragon[7]. It’s not only Tang San, I saw those several children were all very outstanding. I truly don’t know from where Zhao Wuji found these outstandingly gifted children. I heard Zhao Wuji say, they appeared to be from some Shrek Academy, how come I haven’t heard the name of this academy?”

Meng Shu said:

“That’s all unimportant. Although the others looked to be pretty good, but I feel that compared to Tang San they are still somewhat lacking. Yiran, what did you think about Tang San?”

Meng Yiran was distracted a moment, a light flashing in her eyes. Finally she couldn’t help but say:

“He’s just a mature child.”

Recalling Tang San’s solemn face, she couldn’t help but add,

“He really didn’t seem only twelve years old.”

Meng Shu smiling said:

“I’m asking what you think about him.”

Meng Yiran was already sixteen, just the age of first awakening of love and on her own extremely acute, somewhat understood the vague meaning in grandpa’s words.

“Grandpa. Aren’t you trying to coerce mismatched mandarin ducks[8]?
I’m three years older than him, how would it be possible?”

She had just had her sixteenth birthday, and indeed was three years older than Tang San.

Meng Shu laughed,

“Age is no problem, ‘woman three years older, holds a golden brick’[9].”

Meng Yiran’s charming face blushed,

“Grandpa, you……”

Meng Shu said:

“What? You’re not willing? Still think his appearance is too ordinary?”

Meng Yiran snorted, saying:

“It goes without saying he’s ordinary. From his clothes it can also be seen he isn’t the child of some famous family. I truly don’t understand, why when he uses a crippled spirit like Blue Silver Grass his cultivation speed is still so fast.”

Meng Shu scowled,

“Girl. When did you become a person who judges by appearance? That child Tang San cannot be as simple as you say. How can you know he doesn’t come from a prestigious house? Blue Silver Grass? Have you ever seen a Spirit Master that could cultivate Blue Silver Grass above thirtieth rank? Furthermore what he said about hidden weapons, these added together are enough to prove this child is out of the ordinary.”

Meng Yiran seeing grandpa become somewhat angry, couldn’t help but stick out her tongue,

“Don’t get angry grandpa, let’s speak of this matter again later. We can’t say whether we’ll meet him again in the future.”

Meng Shu sighed softly,

“The younger generations will do all right on their own. In your own matters make your own decisions. Only, grandpa’s old eyes aren’t decorations. In a person’s life, one has only one opportunity, possibly extremely brief, if one is unable to grab it, it will be lost at once.”

Chao Tian-Xiang gripped Meng Shu’s hand,

“All right. Old codger, don’t say it so gravely, first helping Yiran find a suitable third spirit ring is most important. Other matters can be spoken of again later. Once we’ve returned, we will first ask around about this Shrek Academy.”


The Shrek Academy group’s gazes had right now all become stares. Surrounded by everyone, sitting in the middle with legs crossed Tang San already looked in bad shape, his entire person enveloped within a layer of light red mist.

The red within the mist was not at all the light of spirit power, but Tang San’s blood.

Not long before, along with violent spirit power fluctuations over his body, Tang San’s skin had begun to overflow with a layer of fine drops of blood. Along with spirit power rising into the air, it became this kind of light red mist.

Tang San’s brows were tightly locked, lips closed tightly, his body continuously convulsing violently. Adding to the drops of blood leaking through his skin, it was obvious that he was currently in severe pain.

Within the mist, from time to time transmitted the sound of bones snapping. Each time gave everyone around him a kind of hair raising feeling, but that third spirit ring that should emerge following absorption had all along not showed its true nature, this proved Tang San still could not completely absorb the Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit ring.

Dai Mubai worried asked Zhao Wuji in a low voice:

“Teacher Zhao, if it goes on I’m afraid Tang San will be in danger.”

Zhao Wuji’s brows were equally tight,

“I know, but, right now we even more can’t interrupt him, otherwise, the result would be even more severe. Right now we can only watch his willpower. He should be capable of absorbing the energy this spirit ring bestows. Only his body’s condition isn’t at all optimal, and this Man Faced Demon Spider spirit ring’s energy is in itself excessively ruthless. Under these kinds of circumstances, I hope Tang San is able to surmount the mountain pass, otherwise……”

The pain which Tang San currently endured only he knew. From the energy of the Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit ring, he felt his whole body seemingly cut by countless sharp blades, there was nowhere his internal organs weren’t hurting, the tyrannical energy unceasingly tore apart his body, constantly putting him in extreme pain.

In fact, what Zhao Wuji said had a mistake. Because the Man Faced Demon Spider was so rare, even if it was Grandmaster, it would still have been very difficult to determine its cultivation interval. The largest spirit power which a Spirit Master was able to absorb for the third spirit ring was on the one thousand seven hundred years level, reaching the fourth spirit ring they were able to absorb spirit rings around five thousand years of cultivation. The fifth spirit ring upper absorption limit was twelve thousand years or so, the sixth spirit ring absorption limit was twenty thousand years. The seventh spirit ring within thirty thousand years to fifty thousand years, determined by different Spirit Masters’ different attributes. Reaching the eighth spirit ring, it was possible to absorb the spirit ring of a spirit beast over fifty thousand years. Only the final ninth spirit ring had the possibility of absorbing a hundred thousand year spirit ring. Of course, among known Spirit masters, nobody had been able to absorb a hundred thousand year spirit beast for their last spirit ring.

This Man Faced Demon Spider Tang San killed, had actually already surpassed two thousand years. Although it was just recently, it still already exceeded the limit of what Tang San could absorb for his third spirit ring. This was also the most significant reason why although Grandmaster knew the enormous benefit of the Man Faced Demon Spider to Blue Silver Grass, he did not approve of him looking for this kind of spirit ring.

In the fight, Tang San simply estimated the Man Faced Demon Spider’s actual strength, but he overlooked one point: that Man Faced Demon Spider had after all already been injured by Dragon Duke Meng Shu. With the kind of strength Meng Shu had, the injuries he gave the Man Faced Demon Spider would naturally substantially influence its strength.

Tang San’s circumstances were greatly different from the majority of Spirit Masters. Because he had dual spirits, in addition to also cultivating Mysterious Heaven Skill recorded in Mysterious Heaven Treasure Record,

his body’s resilience was much better than an ordinary person’s. Ordinarily, if it was some common spirit beast, absorbing a two thousand year or so for his third spirit ring was already without too much of an issue, after all, that was where his body exhibited its advantage.

But this Man Faced Demon Spider couldn’t be some ordinary spirit beast, its own ruthlessness and power made the spirit ring also become extremely tyrannical, adding to Tang San’s body not being in optimal condition, he immediately sunk into huge crisis.

If Tang San’s circumstances could be calculated, then, he could in the end only have one result. His body would be unable to bear the shock of the Man Faced Demon Spider’s energy, bursting and dying. After all, that energy already exceeded the scope of what he could absorb.

But, some things couldn’t be calculated. For example, willpower and conviction.

As his willpower alone reached a certain resolute degree, or perhaps by possessing a matchless stubborn conviction, frequently miracles would appear.

The current Tang San, although enduring incomparable pain, in the depths of his heart possessed an extremely stubborn conviction: that was to save Xiao Wu.

Relying on this conviction, he unyieldingly withstood wave after wave of pain. Even if blood already seeped out over his body, he still withstood the tyrannical energy of the Man Faced Demon Spider spirit ring.

From a certain point of view, Xiao Wu being snatched by the Titan Giant Ape on the contrary helped Tang San. A spirit ring surpassing the absorption limit would admittedly produce a huge crisis, but when successful, the benefits would be equally tremendous.

The tyrannical energy fluctuations unceasingly grew stronger, the blood mist around Tang San’s body also became more and more distinct. Within the blood mist, even a faint fishy smell seeped out, unknown whether it was

impurities within Tang San’s body or the Man Faced Demon Spider’s poison.

While everyone were worried like cats on a hot tin roof, suddenly, the echo of a soft footstep grabbed Zhao Wuji’s attention.


Zhao Wuji’s ice cold gaze turned to look in that direction, spirit power suddenly amassing, this was already Tang San’s most crucial moment, he couldn’t let any person or maybe spirit beast disturb him.

“Teacher Zhao.”

A slender silhouette ran out of the forest. Seeing her, not just Zhao Wuji paused, the others also couldn’t help staring blankly, suddenly coming running out of the forest, unexpectedly was Xiao Wu.

Right now Xiao Wu cut a somewhat sorry figure, her clothes were greatly damaged, the orderly scorpion braid on her head had also become disheveled, but her her complexion was extremely healthy, compared to before apparently a bit more mature.

“Xiao Wu, you didn’t die?”

Just as Oscar said this he became aware that his words were somewhat unpleasant.

Xiao Wu snapped:

“Did you hope I would die? What is this? This mist……, Heavens, what’s happened to little San?”

Seeing Tang San within the light red mist, Xiao Wu’s heart immediately tightened, rushing over.

She had been carried here by the Titan Giant Ape. Although the area of Star Dou Great Forest was extensive, if the forest king Titan Giant Ape wanted to find the Shrek Academy party here it was hardly difficult, all

spirit beasts could be its eyes. After Xiao Wu was delivered to the vicinity, the Titan Giant Ape just quietly left.

“Don’t disturb him, he’s absorbing the third spirit ring.”

Zhao Wuji hurriedly stopped Xiao Wu. Xiao Wu involuntarily cried out:
“But, how could absorbing the third spirit ring become like this?”

Turning her head to look at the Man Faced Demon Spider’s corpse to the side, she more or less understood,

“It’s a Man Faced Demon Spider. Not good, this Man Faced Demon Spider’s cultivation age exceeds two thousand years, Grandmaster said, a Spirit Master’s third spirit ring limit was one thousand seven hundred sixty years, little San he……”

Zhao Wuji stared blankly,

“How do you know this Man Faced Demon Spider has cultivated two thousand years?”

Xiao Wu at this became aware of what she let slip,

“The Man Faced Demon Spider’s cultivation will be seen from the length of its legs. You see, this Man Faced Demon Spider’s legs already surpass three metres, this is the mark of cultivation age exceeding two thousand years. Don’t tell me you all didn’t know thousand year spirit beast cultivation will engender some clear change with each each millennium passed? Like hundred year spirit beasts will change with each cultivated century, and like ten thousand year spirit beasts will change according ten thousand years?”

Zhao Wuji somewhat impressed said:

“I truly didn’t understand this clearly. I didn’t expect you to have so much knowledge of spirit beasts.”

Xiao Wu said:

“These are all taught by Grandmaster.”

Covering for the mistakes of her mouth by shifting them to the most knowledgeable in spirits Grandmaster clearly was a very good method. As expected, hearing her words, everyone’s doubts eased.

Zhao Wuji said with a wry smile:

“Little San already started absorbing this spirit ring. Right now there’s no chance to stop. We can only hope for him to withstand the shock of the energy in the spirit ring, enduring this mountain pass. Oh right, Xiao Wu, how did you escape the Titan Giant Ape’s demon hand? Tell us first what happened?”

She couldn’t tell everyone that it was because the Titan Giant Ape Er Ming sensed her smell that it specially came to carry her, before returning Xiao Wu naturally had thought out what to say. Worriedly looking at Tang San before her she explained:

“I also don’t know what it was all about, that Titan Giant Ape grabbed me and ran into the forest. Before running very far it seemed a cow like roar came through from one direction, that Titan Giant Ape appeared very nervous. Looking at me, it threw me aside at once. Afterwards it ran off.”

“A cow roar? What cow could make a Titan Giant Ape nervous?

Zhao Wuji couldn’t help but scowl.

In Xiao Wu’s eyes displayed a fearful light,

“As that Titan Giant Ape dumped me, before leaving it made a howl. I only felt a sky spinning and earth revolving dizziness pass, once I woke up, it was already nowhere to be seen. The scene at that time was terrifying. All around were at least ten spirit beasts unconscious from the

shock, the weak were directly shocked so they bled out of the nose and mouth and died. I don’t know whether to say my luck was good or bad, I suddenly discovered, my spirit power had also broken through the thirtieth rank.”

Zhao Wuji was alarmed,

“What? You already reached thirtieth rank? Who is older of you and Tang San?”

Xiao Wu said:

“I’m some months younger than him.”

Zhao Wuji was speechless a spell, the record Tang San had just now set, had already been altered. However, Xiao Wu’s next words widened his eyes even more.

Xiao Wu said:

“At that time I was very frightened, perhaps the reason my spirit power increased was because the external excitement was too large. I happened to discover a comparatively suitable for me thousand year spirit beast that had fainted, so I killed it to obtain my third spirit ring.”

“That as well?”

Fatty stared at Xiao Wu, showing an expression like a blind cat at a dead mouse.

Xiao Wu displayed an expression of lingering trepidation,

“Consider my fate great, I basically believed I would die. So that none of the surrounding spirit beasts would wake up to attack, I had no choice but to jolt the surrounding spirit beasts to death. After absorbing the third spirit ring my physical strength recovered. Then I just walked in the direction I remembered coming from, before hearing voices from this side and coming over to look, finally finding you.”

[1] Idiom: There’s always someone better than you.

[2] “Three”, which is also the san in Tang San.
[3] 5⼨ = 16.7 cm
[4] (听声辨位) “Hearing Sound Distinguishing Location”
[5] Idiom: Having sentimental attachment.

[6] Oscar uses (⼉), a diminutive suffix, in this case meaning something like “son”.

[7] This one is a pain to translate. It’s close to a line from a poem in the famous 1989 comic by Ma Wing-Shing (⻢荣成/⾺榮成) Feng Yun/Fung Wan “Wind and Cloud” (⻛云/⾵雲) also variously adapted as “The Storm Riders”. The full poem is (⾦鳞岂是池中物,⼀遇⻛云便化⻰;九霄⻰吟惊天变, ⻛云际会潜⽔游), which a daring person might butcher by translating as

A golden carp within a pond, meeting storms (wind and cloud) thus becomes a dragon;

Nine heavenly dragons’ cry change the sky, at storm’s edge will dive and swim

What confuses the issue somewhat is that here “golden carp” (⾦鳞) is misspelled as the homonym “golden (female) unicorn” (⾦麟) which differ only in one radical, and by a quick google seems to be a common typo.
Further confusing the issue is that the top hits on a google search will refer to the erotic web novel by Monkey by the same name (⾦鳞岂是池中物) about a street hoodlum growing up to become a business tycoon.

In any case, I can’t find an explanation of it and won’t be bothered reading the comic to figure it out, so you get a best fit translation.

[8] Idiom: Misarranging matches through mistaken identification of couples. Mandarin ducks are a common symbol for lovers - as are most birds in pairs.

[9] This rhyme (nu da san, bao jin zhuan ⼥⼤三, 抱⾦砖) is part of a series of how various age differences in couples improves married life. Rhymes don’t translate well to English.

Chapter 35

Although Xiao Wu’s excuse had a few loopholes, she had come back alive. Who would have thought she and the Titan Giant Ape had a relationship of some sort? Everyone subconsciously chose to believe her.

Zhao Wuji nodded and said:

“As long as you’re back. After you were taken, little San was so worried his eyes turned all red. He asked for a mushroom sausage from Oscar and went after you immediately.”

He briefly summarized everything that happened while Oscar passed a Recovery Sausage to Xiao Wu.

Listening to Zhao Wuji, Xiao Wu’s eyes reddened. Tears fell like a broken string of pearls, rolling down her cheeks. Looking at Tang San enveloped in a bloody mist, she murmured: “Ge, please don’t get hurt. It’s all my fault. It’s all my fault I made you worried. You have to persevere through this. As long as you wake up, I would do anything.”

Xiao Wu felt truly remorseful. A moment of carelessness caused her to forget to restrain her aura, causing Er Ming to find her and come to meet her. If she didn’t get kidnapped by Er Ming, nothing after would have happened, and Tang San wouldn’t absorb a spirit ring in such a condition.

But it was too late to say anything, and they could only hope that Tang San’s resolve was firm enough to help him pass this crisis.

At the moment, in Tang San’s consciousness there was only one sentence. Xiao Wu, I will go save you. With this thought, no matter how excruciating the pain, he always bitterly withstood it, not letting his mind collapse first. In this life and death situation, Tang San’s childhood cultivations were starting to show its use. His body was already stronger than people his age, and Mysterious Heaven Skill was even more a hundred percent toughness focused orthodox sect internal strength.

If the Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit ring had a consciousness, it would discover that its violent power would almost break through Tang San’s body every time, but his body would always, at the last moment, block it back with sheer tenacity.

And each time he warded the energy off, Tang San would absorb a tiny bit of the energy in the spirit ring. Under this slow growth, the ruthless energy was constantly weakening.

Tang San now had to face the most crucial problem: after he absorbed the spirit ring’s energy, how could he merge it with his body, his Mysterious Heaven Skill, and his spirit Blue Silver Grass.

Though Blue Silver Grass itself was weak, it wasn’t likely to repel any other source of energy, but the energy in the Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit ring was too tyrannical, as to make even the Blue Silver Grass spirit unwilling to absorb it.

Fortunately, when he started absorbing the spirit ring, he ate another one of Oscar’s Recovery Sausages, or else his stamina would be the first to fail.

Tang San’s bones started to make concentrated cracking sounds. This not quite loud sound made everyones’ hairs rise, as if Tang San’s body could rupture at any second.

From the pores, the blood that oozed out slowly gained another layer of gray. With the absorption of the spirit ring, the energy contained started a very forceful process of cleansing Tang San’s body. The resulting pain was unimaginable.

Finally, with Tang San’s unyielding willpower, all the energy in his body started to give in, starting the process of merging.

The fine beads of blood stopped oozing. Tang San’s furrowed brows smoothed out. A dim layer of blue light started to creep out of his body.

Zhao Wuji was elated:

“He succeeded. The most dangerous moment has passed. Now is the process of spirit power transforming. Tang San really is worthy of being called a creator of miracles. Even a two thousand year old Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit ring was absorbed by him. The Unrivalled Dragon Serpent should really feel lucky: if their granddaughter absorbed this spirit ring, she would probably have burst by now.”

Along with the release of the blue glow, Blue Silver Grass started slowly growing around Tang San. The Blue Silver Grass’s size hadn’t changed much. Compared to before, it had actually become slightly thinner. Originally dark blue, it has also changed into purplish blue. That was a merged color, not showing in the form of patterns anymore.

The Blue Silver Grass was now about two fingers thick. The biggest difference from before was its luster, it looked as if the grass had been coated with a glaze.

Zhao Wuji had everyone back up a bit. He knew, since Tang San couldn’t fully control the newly gained power, so some spirit power could overflow. In Tang San’s current state, he would be surprised if Tang San could control the energy.


Just when everyone thought nothing else would happen, suddenly, Tang San’s brows furrowed up again. A scream escaped his mouth, his cross legged body starting to convulse violently. His chest suddenly stood out, his entire upper body arcing into the air, the display terrifying.


Xiao Wu cried out quickly, tears streaming from her eyes. Her nails were already cutting into her palm, but she didn’t even notice.

Wuji was also surprised. What was wrong? Just when everyone was startled, suddenly, accompanying the sound of splitting cloth, the clothes on Tang San’s back suddenly tore open. Standing behind him, Dai Mubai clearly saw, next to Tang San’s backbone, on either side were eight fist sized bulges.

What was this? With Dai Mubai pointing it out, everyone discovered the change on Tang San’s back. Tang San currently looked like he was withstanding immense pain. Blood started oozing out of his skin again, his entire body convulsing.

Immediately afterward, the eight bulges suddenly ruptured. The strange thing was, Tang San’s skin didn’t peel back. Eight fist sized dark purple objects came out of the nubs, growing with an astonishing speed.

When the eight bulges broke and grew the dark purple objects, Tang San’s entire body became relaxed, his expression smoothing out, but his body still convulsing.

Under everyone’s surprised gaze, the dark purple objects grew over a meter in the blink of an eye, and were still extending with frightening speed. When its length went past 1.5 meters, the end grew a joint-like thing, and the dark purple once again extended from the joint in another direction.

“This, this is…..”

The eight dark purple objects continued to grow until they reached three meters. Completely shining purple, they looked extremely smooth. They were the thickest near Tang San’s back, tapering until they filed into a sharp points at the end.

“Aren’t these the legs of the Man Faced Demon Spider?”

Looking at Tang San, and looking at the corpse of the Man Faced Demon Spider, everyone discovered that the objects that grew out of Tang San’s

back looked very similar to the Man Faced Demon Spider’s legs. Only, they were slightly thinner overall and looked more lustrous, accompanied by a faint sweet fragrance.

Zhao Wuji had personally seen many Spirit Masters absorb spirit rings, but this was still the first time he had seen such a scene, for a moment he couldn’t help but lose the ability to judge.

The bizarre scene still hadn’t finished. As those eight spider legs on Tang San’s back extended behind him, they began to slightly move rhythmically, the four lower spider legs slowly pierced the ground, unexpectedly lifting Tang San sitting crosslegged on the ground, raising him into the air.

Tang San right now, like they were eight three metre long arms, looked extremely strange.

Tang San’s body finally no longer convulsed, the clothes he wore were already completely shredded. Gradually, the previously spreading Blue Silver Grass slowly gathered back together, instead twisting around his body, bundling him in what resembled a large cocoon, with only the spider legs still moving slowly on the outside.

The Shrek Academy group basically did not understand how this would happen, to them, right now all they could do was wait. Faintly within, they could only hear the sound of snapping bones echo from the cocoon. As for what was actually happening to Tang San, nobody could say.

Ma Hongjun couldn’t help but say:

“Tang San wouldn’t change into a big spider, right?”

Xiao Wu ferociously glared at him,

“Impossible. How would little San become a spider, these circumstances are certainly just because of some variation from absorbing the spirit ring. He definitely won’t be in trouble.”

Even Xiao Wu didn’t know if she was reassuring the others or reassuring herself, waiting was currently all they could do.

But, who could still have anticipated that their wait this time would be so long.

When Oscar absorbed the spirit ring, from beginning to end only took a fraction of an hour to complete, but after Tang San was wrapped up in Blue Silver Grass, it seemed like time congealed, continuously without any news.

One double hour passed, two double hours passed, the color of the dark gradually went from dark to bright, and once more travelling from bright and entering darkness. A whole twelve double hour of waiting made everyone utterly exhausted. But who dared be careless, they could only wait.

The one thing making them feel relieved was that the eight spider legs that had grown on Tang San’s back moved constantly, showing traces of life.

At Zhao Wuji’s orders, everyone took turns to rest. Only Xiao Wu said anything to refuse, continuously keeping watch at Tang San’s side. In her heart she silently prayed, praying Tang San must pass through this crisis safe and sound.


A low groaning sound roused Xiao Wu’s already somewhat fuzzy consciousness, she hastily raised her head to look.

The slender Blue Silver Grass slowly came undone, one by one rolling outward, gradually revealing their owner within.

Tang San’s body was covered by a dark brown layer, and as Blue Silver Grass dispersed, this dark brown substance gradually came off his body like it was fruit peel, revealing the body inside.

As Xiao Wu looked once again at Tang San, her charming face couldn’t help but blush bashfully, Tang San currently didn’t wear a strand, his whole body completely naked. The muscles on his body had unexpectedly become extremely distinct, and although they weren’t bulging exaggeratedly, it gave off a feeling of brimming with strength. Under the bronze colored skin there was a faint purple light haze moving around. Entirely floating in the air, the previously crossed legs had already unfolded, limbs sagging naturally, the entire person appearing to be permeated with a kind of demonic feeling.

In Tang San’s disheveled black hair, several locks were bright purple, that purple hair in itself seemed to emit a similar light, making Xiao Wu see unusually clearly.

The previous groaning was emitted by Tang San, right now, both his eyes just slowly opened, a completely bewildered expression within his eyes.

Tang San himself also didn’t know what had happened, he only continuously suppressed and endured extreme pain. The conviction to save Xiao Wu all along supported his willpower. As the extremely violent pain suddenly disappeared, a kind of difficult to describe relaxing pleasure spread throughout his whole body in a moment.

The pain could be endured, but the instant the relaxing pleasure arrived after the extreme pain, Tang San’s entire person in the end sunk into a deep sleep. As he once again recovered consciousness, it was the scene Xiao Wu had just witnessed.

The scene before him was hazy, like it was shrouded in a layer of white cotton. Various kinds of senses gradually returned to the body, following his consciousness gradually awakening, the scenery before Tang San gradually became clear.

His body was indescribably comfortable, like every single cell within the body was cheering excitedly, only somewhat itchy, rather like something was stretching out from his back. He was able to feel the moistness of the

earth, and the brush of air surrounding him, but Tang San vaguely discovered, it seemed to have somehow become different.

By now the others had also taken note of Tang San’s changes. Zhu Zhuqing and Ning Rongrong saw his naked body and hurriedly bashfully turned away, not daring to look again. Although Xiao Wu was equally bashful, Tang San’s safety was even more important to her, resisting the shyness in her heart, she still earnestly gazed at Tang San.

Two yellow and one purple, three spirit rings revolved around Tang San moving rhythmically up and down his body, that purple spirit ring looked exceedingly clear, the purple shining within, setting of Tang San’s naked body extremely clearly. But at Tang San’s side all the Blue Silver Grass already quietly faded away, only those eight three metre long enormous spider legs on his back still remained.


Xiao Wu couldn’t help but softly call out.

The sudden voice made Tang San start. This voice was really too familiar to him, also one he longed for, subconsciously looking in the direction of the voice, just right to see Xiao Wu looking up at him.

Tang San trembled fiercely once, at once wanting to leap at Xiao Wu, but, right now his body supported by four spider legs was floating in midair. Those spider legs themselves were part of his body, following his desire to move, the spider legs naturally accepted, pulling out from the ground.

Tang San himself wasn’t clear on the changes of his body, and he immediately entirely lost his balance, dropping from midair.


Xiao Wu cried out in alarm, extending both arms to catch Tang San’s body. Fortunately her strength was good, the impulse of Tang San falling from two metres in the air couldn’t be considered too great, and he was just caught well by Xiao Wu.

The eight spider legs simultaneously rose to his back, although they looked monstrous, they didn’t at all affect Tang San’s mobility.

A familiar scent reaching his nose, Tang San practically at once moved his arms to embrace Xiao Wu,

“I, I’m not dreaming? Xiao Wu, it’s really you?”
Xiao Wu held Tang San just as tightly, already sobbing wordlessly. Currently, Tang San’s haziness from just awakening was already clearing.
He was only too familiar with Xiao Wu’s scent, adding the warmth reaching him from the soft delicate body in his arms, he knew that this was all real, Xiao Wu had returned, she had returned.

“Silly, don’t cry, coming back is all well, coming back is all well.”

Lightly patting Xiao Wu’s back, Tang San also couldn’t stop his eyes from misting up. All his worries melted away at this moment, the feeling of again seeing Xiao Wu after what felt like a lifetime made his entire body tremble. Compared to Xiao Wu, just now obtaining the third spirit ring counted as nothing, in his heart, nothing was more important than Xiao Wu’s life.

“Ge, it’s all my fault, making you worry.”

Xiao Wu said, choking with sobs. Tang San shook his head,
“Idiot, it was my fault, I who lacked ability, didn’t protect you properly.”

“Cough cough”

Coughing sounds to the side made the simultaneously sad and happy pair wake up.

The coughing was from Dai Mubai,

“Little San, although I admit, your means are very good, but, aren’t you at least putting on pants? After all there are still other girls present.”

Tang San looked blank a moment, subconsciously looking at his body, at this discovering that unexpectedly he wasn’t wearing even a strip of cloth.

Xiao Wu right now also came to herself, her charming face immediately blushing shyly. Hurriedly closing her eyes, but still reluctant to part with little San’s hug, merely buried her head in his chest unwilling to lift it.

“This……, how would I become like this? Who took off my clothes?”

Tang San stupidly asked.

Oscar made his way over from the side,

“Nobody took off your clothes, who knows how they ceased to be?”

Tang San felt at his waist, fortunately, Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges was still there, at once hurriedly softly pushing away Xiao Wu, he rapidly took out a set of clothes to put on.

Wearing trousers still went well, but putting on his jacket was problematic. Tang San now discovered the unusual condition on his back. As he looked behind him at the eight pointy spider legs sprouting on his back, he couldn’t help but stare blankly.

Fatty Ma Hongjun with great understanding said:

“Don’t ask us why it would be like this, none of us knows. This happened in the process of absorbing that Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit ring. Tang San, didn’t that spirit ring cause variation for you?”

By now Tang San had at least put on trousers, so Ning Rongrong and Zhu Zhuqing also turned back around. After waiting for one day and one night, Tang San was now at last out of danger, but the change in his body was nevertheless so monstrous, it couldn’t help but pique everyone’s interest. Even Zhao Wuji was no exception.

“Let me sense myself at once.”

Tang San standing there slowly closed his eyes.

Generally speaking, Spirit Masters after absorbing a spirit ring were able to sense what new spirit ability they possessed. Just like how Oscar when he had absorbed the third spirit ring immediately knew his third sausage spirit incantation.

The pain Tang San endured in absorbing the spirit ring had been too great, to the extent that he had spent the latter half of the absorption changing process unconscious. Right now he could only search his soul to sense everything the third spirit ring had provided him.

Tang San’s meditation went on for no less than half a double hour. As he once again opened his eyes, his expression was somewhat strange.


Xiao Wu anxiously asked. Tang San puzzled said:
“There should be no problem. The spirit ring wouldn’t vary. Teacher once said, only a spirit varies, different spirits absorbing the same spirit ring would still give different results. I already obtained an ability from absorbing the Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit ring. Everything is very ordinary. Only, I can’t explain these eight spider legs on my back.”


A miserable shriek suddenly erupted, everyone jumped with fright, believing it was a spirit beast attack, immediately on alert as they looked in the direction the scream came from, discovering no warning signs.

Emitting the shriek was Ma Hongjun, his right hand tightly holding his left hand, a painful expression on his face. His left hand was already becoming purple, furthermore the skin appeared damaged, with black liquid flowing down, a black qi rapidly spreading up his arm.

“Not good, he’s poisoned. Oscar, quickly.”

Zhao Wuji shouted in a deep voice, in one stride reaching Ma Hongjun’s side, one palm directly slapping his shoulder, using his vigorous spirit power to help him suppress the poison invading his body.

“I your father have a small sausage.”

A dried small sausage was promptly delivered to Fatty’s mouth. At this everyone breathed out.

Unfortunately, their relaxation didn’t continue for too long.
With the small sausage in his belly, the detoxifying effect showed in a moment, that flow of black qi following the arm upwards immediately stopped spreading, reversing direction. But, this only continued for a very brief time, that black qi had not even passed Fatty’s shoulder before it suddenly stopped decreasing, a moment later it unexpectedly once again spread upwards.

Oscar’s complexion changed greatly,

“Not good, my little sausage is unable to break up this poison, too fierce. Fatty, how did you manage to get poisoned?”

Big drops of sweat continuously rolled off Ma Hongjun’s forehead, clearly he was enduring enormous pain. Even though he had Zhao Wuji’s assistance, the resisting effect of the two’s spirit power wasn’t great enough, the black qi was still spreading, and Fatty’s palm was even more already beginning to fester.

From Fatty’s scream up till now, only a short period of time had passed, that’s all. That poison’s severity made everyone turn pale with alarm.

Fatty while enduring the enormous pain with clenched teeth, with difficulty said:

“I was curious to touch one of the spider legs on Tang San’s back and became like this. Tang San, those spider legs of yours are poisonous.”

Tang San startled, light flashing in his mind, suddenly recalling something,

“Fatty don’t move. Everyone get out of the way, do not under any circumstances again touch the points of my spider legs.”

While speaking, he came before Fatty with one big stride, in spite of Fatty’s palm already festering, he directly lifted the hand to hold it up. Right now, Tang San’s palm in a moment changed into jade color.

A bizarre scene appeared, even Oscar’s small sausage was unable to remove the poison, but after Tang San’s palm held Fatty’s hand, it unexpectedly rapidly withdrew along its former path, dull dark purple liquid continuously flowing into Tang San’s palm and disappearing unseen.

In only the time of several breaths, Fatty’s arm had already recovered to normal, the wound on the palm also beginning to disseminate bright red blood.

“What is after all going on here?”

Apart from Tang San this question simultaneously appeared in everyone’s hearts.

Seeing that Fatty was out of danger, Tang San also breathed out. He knew everyone had numerous questions, but was in no hurry to explain. After releasing Fatty’s hand, with quick steps he arrived before that already dead Man Faced Demon Spider, lifting his hand to press on it.

The Man Faced Demon Spider’s corpse had by now already become completely gray, lacking any life force. Tang San only use a minute amount of spirit power, at once causing a concentrated series of cracking sounds. That Man Faced Demon Spider’s corpse unexpectedly shattered into fragments.

“I understand.”

Combined with his sense from the previous meditation, Tang San finally roughly understood the sequence of events.

“From now on, no one come into contact with the spider legs on my back, these spider legs contain the Man Faced Demon Spider’s poison. When I absorbed the spirit ring, for some reason, I also completely absorbed the Man Faced Demon Spider’s poison within my body. Why these circumstances would be like this perhaps we can only see if Grandmaster can clearly understand. Its most expert spiderweb and my Blue Silver Grass should also based on the Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit ring after mixing produce a certain variation. As for the actual degree of variation, I can only return to slowly experiment. All my attributes received a not inconsiderable upgrade, especially the two areas physical strength and speed. Spirit power also increased greatly, to my senses it’s seemingly even more than thirty first rank.”

Zhao Wuji asked:

“Then what’s going on with these spider legs on your back?”

Tang San said with a wry smile:

“Like with absorbing all the Man Faced Demon Spider’s poison, I also don’t know why something like this would occur. Those spider legs do not appear related to my absorbing the spirit ring. I’m able to control their movement, if only somewhat awkwardly.”

Dai Mubai said:

“Then can you withdraw them? You can’t be like this always. People would consider you a monster.”

Tang San helplessly said:

“Aren’t we all monsters? I’ll try.”

While speaking, he condensed his spirit power and transmitted it to his spine. Issuing an order to those eight spider legs to recall.

A bizarre scene appeared, those spreading open three metres long spider legs slowly folded, bending twice to fit closely together, afterwards bit by bit merging into Tang San’s body.

Tang San only felt some tickling on his back, nothing worth mentioning. During this process, the three spirit rings over his body all flared brightly. Tang San could clearly feel his spirit power being rapidly consumed. Evidently, putting away these spider legs required the support of spirit power to carry out.

As no less than a third of Tang San’s spirit power was consumed, all the spider legs finally completely merged into his back. Tang San could distinctly feel those eight spider legs had not disappeared within his body, rather than changing into eight bizarre energies, from his spine they fit in closely over eight of his ribs.

“If they can be put away it’s fine.”

Zhao Wuji nodded to Tang San,

“These spider legs are quite good. If they truly are like the Man Faced Demon Spider’s spider legs, then, little San your strength is at once even more powerful. Eight three metres long spider legs that can be controlled at will is completely equivalent to eight pikes. With the poison, if it’s as poisonous as the Man Faced Demon Spider, then it should be neurotoxin in addition to corrosive poison. From even little Ao’s small sausage being unable to remove it, it can clearly be seen just how violent the poison is.”

Tang San all along pondered, the process of obtaining this Man Faced Demon Spider spirit ring was extremely painful, at present having already finished absorbing it, the things he obtained were more than common Spirit Masters absorbing many spirit rings. Let alone the attributes themselves substantially improving, and possessing the ability he most hoped to obtain, and on his back these eight spider legs Tang San also didn’t know whether

he should be happy or concerned about. After all, he didn’t know what consequences conditions like these would bring him in the future.

Right now, Tang San even more missed his Teacher, if Grandmaster was here, perhaps these questions could all be answered.

“Well, don’t think about it right now, everything can wait until we return.”

Zhao Wuji wore a smile looking at these children before him, his mood greatly relaxed,

“Although this time we came across not a few inconveniences, and also went through danger a number of times, in the end we dealt with them. Oscar, Tang San and Xiao Wu have smoothly obtained spirit rings and advanced to the Spirit Elder realm. The crop is certainly pretty good. It’s also time to go back. Returning to Shrek Academy, we’re setting off.”

Everyone cheered in chorus. The students had a number of times been in danger of death, now everything was already settled and they were at last returning home. The seven students looked at one another, an intangible deep connection extending between everyone’s hearts. Undergoing this time’s visit to Star Dou Great Forest, whether obtaining spirit rings, or without obtaining them, right now the only thought was to return to the Academy, comfortably lying down to sleep in their own beds.

If saying that when coming here the seven were still somewhat estranged, then, by now their relationship had undoubtedly pulled much closer. The previously least accepted by everyone Ning Rongrong also used her actions to gain everyone’s approval, and in the end between life and death she herself also felt the meaning of the word ‘friends’. Before a group even more outstanding than herself, what could she still feel superior about?

Although some time had already passed, because of using Spirit Avatar, Zhao Wuji’s strength only had fifty percent of his peak condition, therefore, everyone were still extremely careful while leaving Star Dou Great Forest. Not only were everyone provided with one of Oscar’s mushroom sausages

and Recovery Sausages, but also still maintained the most defensive formation.

While walking out of Star Dou Great Forest, Xiao Wu recounted the story she previously told everyone to Tang San, also telling him about obtaining her third spirit ring.

“Xiao Wu, what is your third spirit ring ability?”

Tang San curiously asked. Xiao Wu giggled, saying:
“Secret, I’ll tell you after we’ve returned. Little San, how did you kill that Man Faced Demon Spider? At that time you were alone. Even if it was an injured Man Faced Demon Spider, its attack power should still have been extremely terrifying. Moreover it was still venomous.”

Hearing Xiao Wu’s question, Tang San suddenly started,

“Oh, that’s right, I almost forgot about it. Zhao Wuji, wait a moment before going on.”

By now, they were already approaching the edge of Star Dou Great Forest, although they still saw some spirit beasts, for the most part they were ten year and hundred year levels, no cause for concern.

Zhao Wuji halted, looking at Tang San,

“What’s going on?”

Tang San’s right hand swiped at Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges, taking out the Zhuge Godly Crossbow[1]. Xiao Wu mentioning killing the Man Faced Demon Spider made him remember, that day his Godly Zhuge Crossbow had after being loaded twice not been discharged. If the mechanism was kept loaded for a long time, it would harm the crossbow’s body. Fortunately, only one day had passed, right now there was still time to release the tension.

When the Godly Zhuge Crossbow was loaded it must be relieved by shooting, this also was one of its drawbacks.

Seeing the Godly Zhuge Crossbow in Tang San’s hand, Xiao Wu suddenly understood,

“You used it to kill the Man Faced Demon Spider. This thing’s power is indeed formidable, the Man Faced Demon Spider’s eyes couldn’t endure it.”

The others naturally heard Xiao Wu’s words. Because they were previously in a tense situation, no one had paid attention to how the Man Faced Demon Spider had died, afterwards Tang San also began absorbing the spirit ring and everyone were only concerned about his safety. Right now hearing Xiao Wu mention it, they recalled what kind of terrifying existence the Man Faced Demon Spider was, looking at the Godly Zhuge Crossbow in Tang San’s hands, it was hard not to show astonished gazes.

Tang San used action to tell everyone how this Godly Zhuge Crossbow was used. After the business in Star Dou Great Forest this time, in his heart he already acknowledged these companions. Mechanism type hidden weapons were also not Tang Sect’s true secrets, he didn’t care about concealing it.

Raising his hand, aiming the Godly Zhuge Crossbow at a big tree to the side, Tang San moved the switch.

Gabeng, Gabeng, a successive mechanical sound resounded, everyone only felt a blur before them, immediately followed by a successive pupu sound echoing.

How fast that momentary burst was the students couldn’t say, even Zhao Wuji’s expression changed.

Among everyone, the fastest no doubt was agility attack type Spirit Master Zhu Zhuqing, but even she reached the conclusion that she absolutely would be unable to escape from the kind of firing speed the Godly Zhuge Crossbow had.

Everyones’ complexions changed, looking dumbstruck at each other.

As everyone reached the tree, they clearly saw, on that tree that would require three large men to encircle, right now already appeared two rows of altogether sixteen finger sized little holes. Light shone through the holes, and one could see in one end and out the other.

Zhao Wuji couldn’t help but ask:

“Tang San, what is this thing? How did you make it?”

Tang San held up the Godly Zhuge Crossbow before its owner,

“I call it a Godly Zhuge Crossbow. It’s a kind of extraordinarily potent mechanism type hidden weapon. Anyone could use it. Filled with forty eight crossbow bolts, after each time the mechanism is set it can by the mechanism launch sixteen bolts in a moment. Like just now. With the mechanism set it has to be shot, otherwise after the mechanism is stretched for too long, the crossbow will take damage. Because the strength of the mechanism included in this kind of crossbow is very great, even metal will be unable to easily endure it. This is also the drawback of the Godly Zhuge Crossbow.”

[1] (诸葛神弩) “Zhuge God Crossbow”, Zhuge probably refers to Zhuge Liang, the supposed Three Kingdoms era strategist and supposed inventor of the repeating crossbow.

Chapter 36

Dai Mubai puzzled said:

“You are saying, what you shot just now was crossbow bolts? But, where have your crossbow bolts gone to?”

Tang San smiled slightly, indicating another tree behind the first,


While speaking, he walked over to that tree. This second tree was still ten metres from the first, as everyone reached him, they only then saw the traces of the bolts the Godly Zhuge Crossbow’s launched.

Sixteen crossbow bolts, in two neat rows, completely entering the tree. Zhao Wuji looked at that tree, taking another look at these bolts,
“Little San, did these crossbow bolts you shot penetrate that previous tree, then again enter this tree?”

Tang San nodded, saying:

“The Godly Zhuge Crossbow’s power is very formidable, specialised in breaking spirit power defense. If their defensive power isn’t exceptionally tyrannical, the target will be dead in a moment.”

Hearing Tang San’s explanation, everyone couldn’t help but draw a breath, with such an unreasonable penetrating power, among everyone present, besides Zhao Wuji, all knew they would be unable to resist.

Dai Mubai muttered to himself:

“This thing is too potent, even if I used White Tiger Vajra Transformation, perhaps I would still be seriously hurt.”

Tang San raised his hand to pat at the tree trunk, relying on Mysterious Heaven Skill to apply Capturing Dragon force, bit by bit shaking a crossbow bolt from within the tree trunk.

This Godly Zhuge Crossbow’s bolts were not easy to make, the ones previously fired into the Man Faced Demon Spider were clearly lost, but these he would hate to part with.

While clapping the tree trunk, Tang San meanwhile said to Dai Mubai:

“The Godly Zhuge Crossbow can be said to be the common soldier’s nightmare. But also, its greatest feature is not its power, but its hidden weapon characteristics of concealment and surprise. As long as it’s loaded, shooting it doesn’t require any spirit power. Even an ordinary person could easily use it. According to my calculations, Spirit Masters under fortieth rank if struck from the front, have very small odds of survival. On non-defense type Spirit Masters it has an extremely powerful restraining effect.”

“Tang San, is all this your research?”

Ning Rongrong asked.

Tang San stared blankly a moment, saying with a wry smile:

“It can be considered so.”

He could never tell everyone that these were techniques he had brought from another life.

Ning Rongrong probing asked:

“Tang San, can’t you sell this thing to me? You can set the price. You know I’m an auxiliary system Spirit Master, without any defensive capability. When everyone’s lives are on the line, besides a bit of supporting spirit ability, I can only watch. If I had this thing, I could also have a bit of offensive strength.”

Tang San let slip a smile, saying:

“Sell what, later I will give you one as a gift. Only, making this thing requires very expensive materials, this material expenditure is on you.”

Right now, the crossbow bolts had already been clapped out of the tree by Tang San, so everyone saw the appearance of the Godly Zhuge Crossbow’s bolts.

The bolts were eight cun long, without fletchings, the rear four cun were cylindrical, the front four cun were shaped to a needle point, the front-most three cun had a whole twelve tiny blood groves, the tip extremely sharp, twinkling faintly with cold light, without any wear from penetrating the tree trunk.

Tang San flipped the side of the Godly Zhuge Crossbow, opening the arrow trough, pushing sixteen crossbow bolts back inside the box one by one.

Oscar had by now already moved over, his face wearing a flattering smile,

“Little San, aren’t we good brothers?”

Tang San looked at him and smiled slightly, how could he not understand Oscar’s intention,

“Of course, be at ease, I will give each person a Godly Zhuge Crossbow. Just like with Ning Rongrong, you cover the material costs, I will be responsible for making them. However, Making this thing is very

troublesome, in one month I can only make one. You mustn’t feel anxious. Furthermore, don’t easily use it except as a last resort. Making the crossbow bolts is also not easy, and after shooting it’s very difficult to recover them. I’m after all only one person, I definitely can’t provide more than for all of you to use personally. To say nothing of this Godly Zhuge Crossbow’s own extreme potency, its killing power is too great, and it’s very easy to cause fatal wounds.”

“Little San, this won’t do.”

Zhao Wuji suddenly spoke up. Tang San looked blank a moment, “Why, teacher Zhao.”
Zhao Wuji’s face revealed a cunning smile, looking at the other students he said:

“These fellows are not persons without money. Making this Godly Zhuge Crossbow of yours isn’t easy, it can’t be cheap to them. In any case some people don’t care about money, so you estimate a proper price to sell it to them for.”

Dai Mubai nodded, saying:

“I agree with teacher Zhao. Little San, if you had to sell this Godly Zhuge Crossbow of yours, how much money would it be?”

Tang San shook his head with a smile,

“Everyone is one of us, there’s no need to mention money.”

Dai Mubai said:

“One of us is true. But they also can’t let you suffer losses. If one small box is capable of shooting such enormously powerful crossbow bolts, clearly the craftsmanship is exceedingly complex. We cannot always let you tax yourself for nothing. Let alone, after we use this thing, we still

need to replenish crossbow bolts. Don’t tell me that every time we would have you make them for free? Don’t be modest with us. This is proper, this first Godly Zhuge Crossbow counts as your gift to us. We only pay for the materials. If we later need more, you have to sell it to us, how about it?”

Oscar laughed, saying:

“No problem, like this, anyway every month we all have a not insignificant stipend. This thing can save our lives in a crucial moment. Being a bit expensive is of no concern.”

Tang San nodded at this, saying:

“Then fine. Since everyone is interested in this mechanism type hidden weapon, afterwards I will strive to help you all get your own equipment, after all, one more kind of weapon is also one more kind of guarantee.”

Everyone were clearly very interested in the hidden weapon, of course, this also was greatly related to the effect Tang San produced when using the hidden weapon. After all, on the first day of arriving at Shrek Academy, relying on hidden weapons he put the compared to him more than forty spirit power ranks higher Zhao Wuji at a disadvantage. Let alone these students, even Zhao Wuji was somewhat affected.

Finally they had left Star Dou Great Forest. Out of the forest’s boundary, although they no longer had that fresh and clean air, everyone seemed to be unburdened from a layer of pressure, feeling much lighter.

“We will hurry on again, we can rest at the little town.”

Zhao Wuji said with a smile. Dai Mubai said:
“If everyone’s condition is no problem to rush a bit, after reaching the small town, I would invite everyone for a drink. Teacher Zhao, this time

you can’t decline. If not for your assistance, perhaps we would all be unable to walk out alive from Star Dou.”

Zhao Wuji smiled, saying:

“Little Bai, I know you’re wealthy. Only, my capacity is vast.”

Dai Mubai laughed,

“Teacher Zhao, did you not hear that sentence? My ability to use money to settle matters is no problem.”

Entering Star Dou Great Forest this time, the bounty truly wasn’t small, not only did Oscar succeed in entering the Spirit Elder realm, Tang San and Xiao Wu also equally succeeded in fusing with their third spirit rings. Even more significant was strengthening the cooperation and relationship between everyone. The entire Shrek Academy altogether only had these seven students. Removing conflicts would be greatly beneficial to everyone’s cultivation from here on.

The party rested at the small town for as much as two days. Recovering spirit power and physical power naturally didn’t require this much time, but after continuously living in a stretched tight condition the mind needed to relax.

Dai Mubai was extremely grand, paying for everyone’s expenses over the two days, everyone also didn’t cultivate, each day drinking together and playing noisily, indescribably pleased. Even the always ice cold Zhu Zhuqing’s expression softened a lot. Only, she didn’t say anything and didn’t agree to let Dai Mubai again pull on her hand.

Dai Mubai also didn’t push her, after all, she was just a twelve year old little girl. He wasn’t anxious.

After two days, everyone once again set off, following the one day’s journey they smoothly returned to Suotuo City’s Shrek Academy.

“Finally back. Coming home feels truly wonderful, ah!”

Oscar somewhat exaggeratedly shouted out loudly. Zhao Wuji glared at him,
“Keep your voice down, haven’t you seen the sky is dark? Well, you each return to your dormitories to rest. I will go see the dean and report what’s happened.”

After one day of fast travelling everyone were tired, each walked towards their dorms.

“Tang San, wait a minute.”

Tang San was just about to leave with Oscar for their dorm, when Ning Rongrong called out.

Tang San looked blank a moment, “Rongrong, what’s the matter?” Ning Rongrong bit her lip, saying:
“I want to chat with you alone, can we?”

At Tang San’s side, Oscar’s expression stiffened at once,

“You chat. I’ll return first.”

Since that day he pushed down Ning Rongrong when the Titan Giant Ape attacked, Oscar’s originally already dead affection had begun to live again, after all, Ning Rongrong’s appearance was beautiful, although only twelve years old, she was still growing into a rare beauty. These past few days as he had paid great attention to her, Ning Rongrong also had not again rejected him, on the contrary getting much closer.

But now Ning Rongrong suddenly said she had to chat with Tang San alone, Oscar in his heart couldn’t help but be a bit sour, but also couldn’t say anything.

Xiao Wu looked somewhat curiously at Ning Rongrong,

“Rongrong, what do you need little San for? I can’t hear it either?”

Ning Rongrong hesitated a moment, but still gave a nod.

Xiao Wu pouted, pulling a face towards Ning Rongrong, and with that ran off towards the dorm.

Dai Mubai, Ma Hongjun and Zhu Zhuqing had just now already returned to the dorms, currently, at the Academy entrance remained only Tang San and Ning Rongrong.

“Rongrong, in the end what is the matter?”

Tang San asked. Ning Rongrong said:
“Tang San, I want to make a deal with you.” “A deal?”
Tang San somewhat astonished looked at her. In his heart thinking, ‘don’t tell me this Ning Rongrong has returned to her old ways again?’

Ning Rongrong earnestly nodded,

“Although I know you can’t be short on money, but I still very much want to make this deal with you. Only, in this matter I can’t make it on my own. I wanted to first ask whether you were willing.”

Tang San, through observations, discovered Ning Rongrong apparently wasn’t going back to her old ways. Her expression was very serious, and even slightly excited.

“Just say it, what is the matter?”

Ning Rongrong said:

“You know that I come from the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School. Although we are one of the seven big clans of the current age and have a high status, our school’s core students are all support type Spirit Masters. When we meet enemies, we are always the priority target. I think your mechanism type hidden weapons will help us greatly. At least it will let our members have a bit of self defense ability. So, if possible, I hope that, through the school, I can buy a batch of mechanism type hidden weapons.”

So that’s why. Tang San understood Ning Rongrong.

“But I heard Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School had many subsidiary clans and members just for protecting the core students. You even have two powerful Title Douluo. Is it still not enough?”

Ning Rongrong said: “That, after all, is still external help, not belonging to us. Also, no one can promise there won’t be traitors! In the past in our school, that happened once. One of my uncles were abducted by a protector of the school. Afterwards, even though the school set many laws against similar incidents, we’re still passive in any situation.”

Tang San said:

“Rongrong, sorry. I’m afraid I’ll have to let you down. If it was only a few, there wouldn’t be any problem. I should be able to make enough hidden weapons. But for your entire school, there are at least over a hundred core students. I really can’t make that many hidden weapons.”

Ning Rongrong anxiously said:

“It’s quality doesn’t have to be very good. As long as we can defend ourselves. If the quality is worse, can it save some time?”

Tang San looked sternly.

“Rongrong, don’t ever say that again. I either don’t do it, or do it to the best of my abilities.”

Ning Rongrong stuck her tongue out.

“Then there’s no other way?”

Tang San thought for a bit, and suddenly remembered Tang Sect’s old way of operating. If he imitated it, could he….

“There is a way, but I need to think about it carefully before I can give you an answer.”

Ning Rongrong smiled slightly and said :

“That’s fine. Tang San, how about this. Give the first hidden weapon you make to me. I also need to bring it to my dad for a look. Only my father can decide whether they should equip the core students with your hidden weapons. If it really is ok, you have to ask for a high price, don’t be polite. Heehee, I need to go back to sleep. I possibly have to explain to your Xiao Wu as well. Don’t worry, I won’t make her feel jealous.”

Done talking, with a string of laughter Ning Rongrong ran towards the dormitory.

Looking at Ning Rongrong’s departing figure, Tang San showed a relaxed smile. Money was a good thing, he naturally wouldn’t refuse it. For him, if he wanted to make more powerful hidden weapons, he needed the support of money. Tang San decided to think about it carefully when he got back. He wanted to see if he could bring the Tang Sect’s way of business here. After all, making massive amounts of hidden weapons wasn’t something he could accomplish alone.

Back at the dormitory, Little Ao wasn’t resting. He only laid on his bed, looking at the ceiling. Seeing Tang San enter, he quickly sat up.

“Little San, what did Rongrong need you for?”

Looking at his nervous expression, Tang San couldn’t help but laugh on the inside and tease him,

“Nothing much. We only exchanged affections.”

“Exchanging affection?”

Oscar’s voice became slightly strange.

“Little San, is Xiao Wu really your sister?”

Tang San shook his head.

“Xiao Wu is my adopted sister.”

Oscar said:

“If you already have Xiao Wu, shouldn’t you not fight over Rongrong with me?”

Tang San looked at Oscar, amused.

“Didn’t you give up already?”

Oscar felt a bit embarrassed.

“But don’t you feel after we went to Star Dou Great Forest, she changed a little? She seems not as annoying as before. Also, she’s still young, I believe her attitude will definitely get better.”

Tang San also laid down on his bed.

“Then you have to try hard. Don’t worry, she talked to me only for business about my hidden weapons.”

Oscar was amazed.

“Really? Then that’s great. Little San, you really are my good brother.”

Tang San rolled his eyes,

“Give me a break, go rest. Aren’t you tired?”

Closing his eyes, Shrek Academy’s friends flashed through Tang San’s head one by one. All of these people can be said to be monstrous prodigies. Even their minds were more mature than people their age. Just the thought of Ma Hongjun, at the age of twelve, loitering around brothels, and Dai Mubai with those twins, was unfathomable to Tang San. Was this the early maturing in legends?

After a day of travelling, fatigue was unavoidable. Finally getting back, Tang San decided to allow himself to relax for a day. He didn’t start cultivation, but went straight into dreams. A mind that was always tense would actually bring disadvantage when cultivating. Needed rest would benefit the effects of daily cultivations. This was the way of striking balance between work and rest that Grandmaster passed on to Tang San.

In the dean’s office.

Flender, full with astonishment, finished listening to Zhao Wuji’s description of the journey this time. His expression changed multiple times, and after finally hearing everyone returned safely, he let out a sigh of relief.

“Looks like we were still too careless.”

Flender sighed and felt a wave of lingering fear.

“ time they go hunt for spirit beasts, I will lead the team with you, with two other teachers. These kids are all favored by fate, if they have any accidents, that’s equal to ruining geniuses.”

Zhao Wuji sat in a seat on the side. He was even more afraid that any accidents would happen. He laughed bitterly:

“This can’t be blamed on you. Who would know that Star Dou Great Forest would become this weird, with this many things happening in the outer edges. They even met the Unrivalled Dragon Serpent couple. The thing I understand the least is the appearance of the Titan Giant Ape. However you look at it, with his ranking within spirit beasts, he wouldn’t lightly come to the outer edges. Good thing Xiao Wu’s fortune is good, or else this time we really would have big losses. Frankly, even if we did what you said and sent four teachers to protect these kids, if we met the Titan Giant Ape we still would have been destroyed.”

Flender nodded.

“But Star Dou Great Forest is the nearest spirit beast habitat. Other than that we have no other choice. But from your explanation, the Titan Giant Ape seemed unhostile and didn’t kill everyone. Or else, even if you used your Spirit Avatar you wouldn’t have been able to block it. Xiao Wu surviving is even more surprising. What is the cow roar she talked about? Don’t tell me that in the Star Dou Great Forest, there is some spirit beast that can raise a response from the Titan Giant Ape?”

“The cow roar was probably from the Skyblue Bull Python[1].”

A stiff and slightly strange voice came from outside the door. Zhao Wuji was startled. He had already heard the sound of approaching footsteps, but he didn’t really care about it. He only thought it was a teacher of the Academy. Now that he heard the voice, he felt something was wrong. No one in the Academy sounded like that.

“Haha, a familiar person came. Xiao Gang[2], quickly come in.”

The door opened and a middle aged man walked in from outside. A stiff face, a perfectly straight back, a first impression of lifeless eyes, but in fact deep in the dark pupils expressing some anxiety. If Tang San were here, he would have recognized the person on first sight, because he was Tang San’s Teacher, in the Spirit Master realm famous as Grandmaster

“Come, Wuji, you don’t recognize him right? I will introduce you to him. This is my old partner in those days, also Tang San’s teacher. You can call him Grandmaster. Almost the entire Spirit Master world calls him that.”

Zhao Wuji suddenly remembered something and looked at Grandmaster, surprised.

“So you are Grandmaster. Greetings, I am Zhao Wuji.”

Grandmaster’s tone was always that flat, his stiff face barely squeezing out a smile.

“Motionless Bright King, you don’t have to be polite. You came back, Tang San should have came back with you. Is he safe and sound?”

He only heard Zhao Wuji talk about Xiao Wu being let go by the Titan Giant Ape and didn’t hear any previous conversations.

Zhao Wuji chuckled and said:

“He’s fine. Our luck is pretty good, everyone came back safe and sound. This time it really was thanks to Tang San. Grandmaster, you

indeed brought up a good apprentice. When did you arrive at the Academy?”

Flender helped Grandmaster answer Zhao Wuji’s question,

“He arrived the day before yesterday. If not for Tang San, he might have never come. Xiao Gang, sit.”

When Grandmaster heard Zhao Wuji say Tang San was safe, his expression clearly eased. Without being polite, he pulled over a chair and sat down. Zhao Wuji then learned that Grandmaster’s real name was Xiao Gang, hearing this was a little unexpected, but it was also a name brimming with masculinity. He had also heard quite a few rumors about Grandmaster. Although Grandmaster himself looked skinny and lacked strength, his character was famously strong. Once, he abandoned his family for some matters. That was when he met Flender and another person, later creating the famous Golden Iron Triangle[3].

Zhao Wuji was very interested in what Grandmaster said as he entered, and hastened to question closer:

“Grandmaster, just now you mentioned some spirit beast? One unexpectedly able to make the Titan Giant Ape pay attention?”

On Grandmaster’s face was revealed a focused serious expression,

“If Xiao Wu heard a cow’s roar, then, the Titan Giant Ape giving up and leaving her is a very reasonable explanation. Within Star Dou Great Forest, there is not only this one Titan Giant Ape forest king. There is still a compared to him even more formidable existence. That existence is Star Dou Great Forest’s greatest power. If speaking of the Titan Giant Ape as

king, then, he is the emperor. This kind of spirit beast is the Sky Blue Bull Python.

Whether it was Zhao Wuji or Flender, both revealed expressions of listening earnestly, also in their hearts secretly sighing in admiration, in terms of knowledge, perhaps no one would be able to compare to this Grandmaster before them. Zhao Wuji also finally understood why he would be known as Grandmaster.

“As everyone knows, for a spirit beast’s strength, apart from its cultivation age, innate talent is also extremely important. Just like us Spirit Master: apart from cultivation level and spirit rings, the spirit’s innate strength also determines future development potential. But among spirit beasts, if dividing spirit beasts according to level, then, the Sky Blue Bull Python and the Titan Giant Ape should both be considered the most super formidable. They possess incomparable innate talent and tyrannical physique. These two existences within Star Dou Great Forest have already surpasses at least fifty thousand years cultivation. Although they still haven’t reached the hundred thousand spirit beast level, their oppressive strength is already sufficient to compare with the Title Douluo among us spirit masters. When their cultivation age reaches a hundred thousand years, then, perhaps they will become existences transcending Title Douluo.”

Zhao Wuji said:

“Grandmaster, I have previously heard of this Titan Giant Ape many times, but this is still my first time hearing the name Sky Blue Bull Python. Unexpectedly it’s even more powerful than the Titan Giant Ape, then what is it capable of?”

Grandmaster sighed slightly,

“Just like no one knows the Titan Giant Ape’s full ability, even less people know what the Sky Blue Bull Python is truly capable of. A Title Douluo once penetrated deeply into Star Dou Great Forest. He was confident in his strength, wanting to have a look at what kind of place the core of this Star Dou Great Forest was like. His strength was indeed

formidable, finally entering the deepest part of the forest. Reaching that core, he was astonished to discover, that place unexpectedly no longer was a forest, but a not very large lake. The lake water was clear, surrounded by forest, like a fairyland.”

Lake? Zhao Wuji looked astonished at Grandmaster, Flender had a somewhat pondering expression.

Grandmaster continued:

“Just next to that little lake, the Title Douluo saw a spirit beast drinking water. But this spirit beast was actually the Titan Giant Ape you encountered this time, that Title Douluo seeing the Titan Giant Ape was greatly excited, he had always heard it was a kind of formidable spirit beast existence, and immediately intended to start a fight with the Titan Giant Ape. But, in the end he couldn’t compete with the Titan Giant Ape, because he in less than a moment already lost his head out of fear and escaped that place.”

“Why? Because of the Sky Blue Bull Python?”

Zhao Wuji had opened his eyes wide. Grandmaster nodded,
“Precisely because of the Sky Blue Bull Python. As that Title Douluo prepared to fight, suddenly, the little lake before him boiled, and immediately afterward, he saw an incomparably enormous bull head[4] stretch from below the surface, incomparably immense pressure making that Title Douluo unable to help being shocked. The bull headed python bodied spirit beast slowly separated from the surface, revealing its hundred metre long huge body. At that time it was evening. This whole blue-green spirit beast hissed at the sky. In the sky the moon’s radiance seemed to be swallowed by it. But what truly scared that Title Douluo was that this Sky Blue Bull Python unexpectedly spoke human words, saying to that Title Douluo, ‘human, your cultivation becomes difficult, leave this place.’”

Zhao Wuji and Flender looked at each other, Flender couldn’t help saying:

“How have I never heard of this before?”

Grandmaster coldly glanced at him,

“There are still very many matters you don’t know about. Do you know how the Titan Giant Ape behaved when the Sky Blue Bull Python appeared? Before the Sky Blue Bull Python it would display a fearful expression. But that Sky Blue Bull Python at that time, from its mouth issued an ear splitting bull roar. Consequently, from what Xiao Wu said I can determine that Titan Giant Ape certainly heard the Sky Blue Bull Serpent’s call, putting down everything in its hands, hurrying to meet it. The reason why the Sky Blue Bull Serpent is not as well known as the Titan Giant Ape, is because it very rarely leaves the pool at the core of Star Dou Great Forest. But this matter was related to the spirit master world by that Title Douluo. Still its existence is known only by a small number of people, and I am precisely one of them.”

“So it was like this. It appears that Xiao Wu’s luck truly is good.”

Grandmaster said:

“Teacher Zhao, I carefully read these current students’ records, this time you left for Star Dou Great Forest in order for that food system Spirit Master child to look for his third spirit ring, I do not know what spirit beast’s spirit ring he obtained in the end?”

Zhao Wuji chuckled, saying:

“This time our luck wasn’t bad, it could also be considered robbing the fat from other peoples’ mouths, Oscar that kid obtained a thousand year Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent’s spirit ring, possessing a pretty good third spirit ability.”

“A thousand year Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent?”

The muscles in Grandmaster’s rigid face changed at once,

“This truly is very good. Originally I had anticipated several kinds of spirit rings suited to this food system child, but I never expected this child would obtain a spirit beast result so good. The Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent’s disposition is relatively gentle, but extremely cunning, most expert in fleeing, its cultivation is not easy. If my conjecture is correct, Oscar’s third spirit ability is certainly related to speed.”

Zhao Wuji with a sigh of admiration said:

“Worthy of being called Grandmaster, you are correct, this third spirit ring of Oscar’s is related to speed. His third spirit ability is a kind of mushroom sausage, after eating it one can maintain flight for one minute, flying at the same speed as the Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent.”

Grandmaster seemed shocked, clearly he had not anticipated the spirit ability Oscar obtained would be like this. He resolutely said:

“This child’s food system spirit talent is unprecedented, the most outstanding of all the food system spirit masters I have met. His future prospects cannot be measured.”

Flender smiled darkly, saying:

“This Shrek Academy of mine has always accepted only monsters. Did you just find out now? Unfortunately, this is the last class. These seven children are the Academy’s last disciples, I certainly must foster them into people worthy of respect. This time with your help. We brothers working with a common purpose, in less than ten years, we will certainly let the word Shrek shake the Spirit Master world.”

Grandmaster unhappily glared at Flender,

“If not for little San, I wouldn’t remain here. Flender, don’t forget what you promised me. In the future when little San hunts spirit beasts you must personally accompany him.”

Flender said: “This is easy. Only, we still must wait for him to reach fortieth rank.”

Grandmaster was an astute person, his seemingly expressionless eyes released a flash of light, staring fixedly at Zhao Wuji, saying:

“Teacher Zhao, don’t tell me little San also already reached thirtieth rank?”

Zhao Wuji nodded, saying:

“I also just thought to ask Grandmaster whether the change on little San’s body was ordinary……”

At once, he repeated what he previously told Flender, telling Grandmaster in even more detail about the events of this time entering Star Dou Great Forest.

Grandmaster listened very attentively, without overlooking a single word of what Zhao Wuji said. In his eyes all along expressed a pondering light.

Although Grandmaster’s disposition was calm, as Zhao Wuji spoke of Tang San several times being in danger of death his expression couldn’t help but transform, especially hearing Zhao Wuji say Tang San absorbed that two thousand year cultivation Man Faced Demon Spider his expression changed greatly. No one understood more clearly than him how grave the consequences were of absorbing a spirit ring surpassing one’s limit, that was practically certain death.

Once Zhao Wuji had finished everything he had to say, Grandmaster slowly released a long breath,

“Little San this child’s willpower is stronger than I had imagined. I didn’t expect that he would be able to endure like this. This child’s prospects are perhaps even more outstanding than I had estimated.”

Zhao Wuji said:

“The reason why Tang San was able to persevere is perhaps related to Xiao Wu. A person’s willpower will sometimes be affected by external circumstances. I can reach the conclusion that Xiao Wu in Tang San’s mind has an extremely important position.”

Grandmaster nodded,

“You’re right, it’s very possible this is the reason. However, this is still greatly related to his own willpower. Tang San this child’s will is precocious, already far exceeding his peers’.”

Zhao Wuji said:

“Grandmaster, what is after all going on with the eight spider legs that appeared on Tang San’s back? Those don’t seem at all a result of the spirit ring. He has a Tool Spirit, how could he himself transform? If it wouldn’t be spirit ring variation, perhaps it’s spirit variation?”

Grandmaster said:

“Right now I still don’t dare be certain of what his condition is. Spirit ring variation is impossible, spirit beasts’ spirit rings are invariably fixed. Although bringing different results when combined with different spirits, the spirit rings themselves will not have too great changes. Tang San already obtained a spirit ability, the spider legs appearing on his back should not be bestowed by the spirit ring. As for spirit variation, it’s not impossible. But I do not believe this is the case.”
[1] (天⻘⽜蟒) “Sky Blue/Green Cow/Bull/Ox Python”
[2] (⼩刚) “Little Firm”
[3] (⻩⾦铁三⾓)
[4] Possibly related, Ox Head (⽜头) is one of the two guardians of the underworld in Chinese mythology, along with Horse Face (⻢⾯)

Chapter 37

“Generally speaking, spirit variation is set from birth, consequently, when the spirit awakens, if the spirit is already varied, it will exhibit. Receiving post-natal influence and generating spirit variation is really too rare. Tang San’s spirit is Blue Silver Grass, its weakness leading to him absorbing any spirit ring comparatively easily, and won’t cause too great rejection. Although the Man Faced Demon Spider was powerful, it still wouldn’t cause this kind of spirit variation condition. Most importantly, his Blue Silver Grass spirit hasn’t disappeared and can still be released, from this point I can conclude it really isn’t spirit variation.”

Flender said:

“Then what’s going on? These spider legs would never appear without reason. Wuji just now also said, on these spider legs is added the Man Faced Demon Spider’s poison. If used appropriately, it can be considered a kind of weapon on its own, and still a very surprising one.”

In Grandmaster’s eyes twinkled a light, abruptly standing up,

“I must personally see the circumstances of these spider legs, to decide what they are after all classified as.”

Flender waved his hand to Grandmaster, saying:

“Let it be, those children have only just returned, finding Tang San again tomorrow is not too late, let him have a rest.”

Grandmaster hesitated a moment, at last still sitting back down in his seat,

“If it truly is like I estimate, then, this time Tang San’s harvest in Star Dou Great Forest was too great. Even better than the spirit ring he acquired.”

Flender started,

“You are saying……”

Grandmaster nodded,

“But I still can’t be certain, if it truly is like this, then, I promise you to stay here.”

Flender laughed,

“Good. Then I look forward to your stay. We brothers are at last able to be together again. It’s a pity, she isn’t here.”

Hearing Flender speaking of that ‘her’, Grandmaster’s face changed minutely, frowning,

“Flender, don’t mention her, I don’t want to quarrel with you.”

Flender somewhat helplessly shrugged,

“Fine. I don’t want a quarrel either. Only, I truly wish you will stay. For all these years, I could be considered spending all my effort towards Shrek Academy, I have now finally decided to close the Academy, I hope this last batch of students are able to give me the perfect ending. With you here, this has all become likely.”

From Flender’s eyes, Grandmaster saw a bit of weariness, the expression on his rigid face couldn’t help but soften a bit, nodding,

“We can speak of that again tomorrow once I’ve seen little San.”

Flender said to Zhao Wuji,

“Wuji, you’re also tired after hurrying for one day. Go rest at once.
Thank you for your troubles this time.”

Zhao Wuji smiled slightly, saying:

“The Academy also isn’t just you alone, if we were not full of hope for this place, and fond of this kind of tranquil life, who would remain at this place for so many years? We have all spent our heart’s blood for this place, you need not speak politely. Grandmaster. Flender. I’ll leave first.”

Finished speaking, Zhao Wuji stood up and left Flender’s office.

Flender a ll along followed Zhao Wuji’s departure with his eyes. In his eyes displayed some gratitude,

“Were it not for the help of these old brothers in these years, perhaps I long ago would have failed to support the Academy. Once this batch of students have graduated, I will also properly relax, travelling to every place on the Continent, relaxing my mind. Xiao Geng, when that moment comes will you go together with me?”

Grandmaster looked blank a moment, shaking his head,

“I don’t know.”

Flender sighed,

“Although I know you don’t want to recall the past, I still can’t help but to say, those days we lived together, was something I cannot forget in a lifetime. That memory was the happiest time in all my life. If we could always keep living so happily and carefree, it would be great, ah!”

Hearing Flender’s words, something appeared in Grandmaster’s eyes, lowering his head, he indifferently said:

“People will grow old, and all will mature. Since past matters are already in the past, what’s the point in speaking of them? Only seeing the

past, speaking easily, what can it really achieve?”

Flender sighing shook his head,

“Xiao Gang, your character is too strict. If you agreed to soften a bit, perhaps, right now you also wouldn’t have this appearance. You truly couldn’t accept her? After all, that wasn’t her mistake. Furthermore, do you truly care about such worldly opinions?”

“Shut up.”

Grandmaster’s mood suddenly became agitated, shouting loudly, both eyes firmly glaring at Flender,

“Don’t mention her before me again. And you? What about you? After so many years, why aren’t you together with her? Don’t tell me you didn’t like her. If it was like that, why are you still unmarried, still insisting on this Shrek Academy? This was just a joke on her part, that’s all.”

Flender’s gaze gradually chilled,

“Xiao Gang, you are still so stubborn, in all these years you haven’t changed. Right, I admit it, I like her. However, the one she truly likes is you. A noble person will not forcibly seize a person’s love, even more, in my heart, both of you are always my best friends. I can’t forget her, but, I also will never move on her, I only want to recall the past, nothing more. Isn’t it good to be free and unrestrained alone like this?”

Grandmaster abruptly stood from his seat,

“Free? Bullshit, what I wanted was for you to bring her happiness. I didn’t expect that after all these years, seeing you again, you to tell me you only want the memories. If I was able, I wish I could kill you right now.”

Flender sighed,

“Xiao Gang, Don’t get agitated. I know, at that time you chose to leave for the sake of us three. For the past many years, always without

messages from you, just didn’t want to trouble our lives. But, she only likes you, even though between you was that kind of relationship, she only likes you. We both love the same person, don’t tell me you let me go force her, forcing her into matters making her unhappy? Perhaps if she would agree like that, but, in all her life she wouldn’t be happy. These years, I always tried to find you, she as well. Before she left, I told her, I would always be her eldest brother, forever willing to act as her eldest brother. She never forgot you, and never gave up that sincerity in her heart, don’t tell me, you couldn’t……”

Grandmaster smiled, on his rigid face that smiling expression nevertheless made people feel cold,

“Me and her, is it possible? If it was possible, would I wait until now? If it weren’t for that special relationship between us, do you think I would give her to you? I wouldn’t. I couldn’t care about common peoples’ opinions, but I can’t let her bear them together with me. Flender, if you still are my brother, don’t inform her about me, otherwise, I will immediately leave this place, never meeting you again.”

Flender also seemed angry,

“Then you have the heart to see her always painfully search for you, to see her alone all her life?”

Grandmaster’s gaze was somewhat sentimental,

“Twenty years, a whole twenty years, it’s all already late. Right now I only hope to foster little San into a great person, matters of emotions I already do not dare expect. At that time I left like that, don’t tell me you believe she would still forgive me? In this life of mine, I have never before been afraid of anything, but, right now I’m truly afraid, I’m afraid to confront her. Honestly, when I found you this time, when I didn’t see her at your side, I was secretly somewhat delighted, but when I sobered, I discovered my heart was only empty. I lack the ability to repay her. I don’t have the courage to face her.”


Flender stared at Grandmaster, for a long time unable to speak a word,

“Forget it, this is all your own matter. I won’t let her know you’ve appeared. But if there comes a day when she finds you, Xiao Gang, hear my words, do not run away again. If you still are my brother.”

Grandmaster didn’t promise, but, Flender saw the rims of his eyes had already reddened, he understood the suffering in Grandmaster’s heart, right now didn’t say anything more.

“Have you returned home?”

Flender changed the topic. Grandmaster shook his head,
“Since long ago I already didn’t have a home.”

Flender sighed,

“That is after all your home. Even though they don’t welcome you.

Grandmaster waved his hand, indicating Flender shouldn’t say more,

“Even if I wanted to return, I still wouldn’t return like this. Without first having my proof, I will not let those people laugh at me.”

On Flender’s face suddenly revealed a smile,

“Apparently, your heart truly is completely placed on Tang San. Did you know, for little San, Wuji was even beaten up.”

Grandmaster smiled, this time his smile was no longer cold,

“Although I didn’t know, I can guess. That person, couldn’t be offended by you.”

“You know?”

Flender started, his gaze at Grandmaster immediately became somewhat strange.

Grandmaster pulled out a token tile from his chest and tossed it to Flender, on the surface six distinct insignia immediately appeared before his eyes.

“He gave me this. Flender, know that what you right now see of little San, is not all of him. His true potential is still far, far from being unearthed. Don’t tell me you believe that his spirit really is just Blue Silver Grass? If it was like that, how would he still become my disciple?”

Flender was shocked in his heart,

“Don’t tell me his spirit also has a variation?”

Grandmaster shook his head,

“No, it really isn’t variation, just twins, that’s all.” “What?”

Filling the night, tonight’s night sky brought several faint spirits, as if giving the night mist a layer of muslin, giving people a kind of mist covered water hazy sense of beauty.

When the night washed away, as the distant day showed its first hints of white, a dorm’s door quietly opened.

Being tired wouldn’t affect a lifetime of habit, Tang San quietly walked out of the dorm. Even though the day still seemed very dark, he liked this time every day the most.

Because this was dawn, it was a beginning, a brand new beginning. Every time, he felt himself seem to completely awaken, everything being that beautiful.

Behind talent was great effort, without assiduous cultivation, even talented Spirit Masters still couldn’t accomplish much. Behind Tang San’s formidable surface was already more than ten years of great effort.

Practiced leaping onto the house, only this time Tang San nearly fell off the roof. Because just when he jumped onto the roof, he happened the see a person sitting there alone, burning gaze staring fixedly at him.

At dawn, a person’s mind would be very relaxed, and Tang San was no exception, therefore he hadn’t at all carefully listened to his surroundings, just would jump from fright.

The person on the rooftop caught Tang San by one shoulder, pulling him to sit down at his side, the other hand making a gesture for him to sit silently.

After shock came exultation, Tang San immediately recognized, this person sitting on the roof was precisely Grandmaster.

“Grandmaster, when did you arrive?”

Tang San pleasantly surprised asked.
Tang Hao had left Holy Spirit Village when Tang San was seven years old, leaving behind only a letter. And ever since had faded away without news. Grandmaster filled this gap of affection, although he wasn’t a person adept at expressing himself, Tang San obtained immeasurable care and affection from him. If not for Grandmaster and Xiao Wu, Tang San’s character definitely wouldn’t be like right now. To him, in this second life, besides his father, they were the most important people.

Rubbing Tang San’s head, this was Grandmaster’s customary action,

“I said I would come find you here. I arrived several days ago, learning you had left for Star Dou Great Forest. However, you also gave me a

surprise. I didn’t think you could so quickly break through the thirtieth rank pass.”

Tang San smiling said:

“Isn’t that because you taught me well?”

Grandmaster’s expression suddenly dropped,

“Then did I teach you to absorb spirit rings from spirit beasts with unknown age?”

Tang San was distracted a moment, immediately understanding Grandmaster already knew the danger he’d been in, and somewhat awkwardly shook his head,


Grandmaster sighed,

“Then you still dare act rashly? Did you forget I told you how dangerous the Man Faced Demon Spider was? If this time you ended badly, how should I explain it to your father? You are my only disciple, and also my hope. Without my permission, you cannot die, understand?”

Although what Grandmaster said wasn’t pleasant to hear, how would Tang San who was familiar with him not hear the concern and fear deep in his words? Teacher feared his danger, the corners of Tang San’s eyes heated, respectfully lowering his head,

“Teacher, I was mistaken.”

Grandmaster glared at Tang San for a long time without uttering a word.
After a long time, sighing, he said:

“Little San, do you know, you have an unusually severe weak point.
This weak point might in the future put you in a crisis.” “What is it? Tell me, I will certainly change.”

Tang San hurriedly said.

Grandmaster shook his head, saying with a wry smile:

“Although this is a weak point, it’s also a merit. You put too much importance in emotions. This time, if it was not for Xiao Wu being kidnapped, you also wouldn’t so arbitrarily have forced absorption.”

Tang San at this understood Grandmaster’s meaning, for a moment he was speechless. Grandmaster wasn’t wrong, if not for Xiao Wu, he absolutely wouldn’t have been so impetuous. But that time, Tang San’s mind had already lost the majority of its ability to make judgements, in his heart only thinking to as far as possible go to bring back Xiao Wu.

Once again rubbing Tang San’s head, Grandmaster’s gaze once again became mild,

“My reprimands today, I hope you will remember, at all times calmly reflect. Even if it’s your most important person appearing in danger, you must be even more calm. Only after first saving yourself will you have the opportunity to save others. Most importantly, you can’t impetuously settle problems. Do you understand?”

Tang San hurriedly nodded,

“Teacher, I will remember.”

Grandmaster smiled slightly, extremely pleased with this obedient disciple, saying:

“Go, we’ll go outside the Academy. Let me have a look at what you gained from being impetuous this time.”

Tang San was ecstatic, he also just thought to ask Grandmaster just what was going on with the changes to his body.

The two master and disciple jumped off the roof, and without alerting anyone, quietly left the village, reaching the little grove outside the village.

Grandmaster raised his hand and made a gesture towards Tang San. After many years as master and disciple, Tang San naturally understood his meaning. Urging the spirit power within his body, he released his spirit.

Blue silver light sparkled, quietly a cover of Blue Silver Grass rose in Tang San’s surroundings, moving rhythmically at Tang San’s side.

Grandmaster attentively watched the Blue Silver Grass Tang San summoned, mumbling:

“The Blue Silver Grass is slender, looking even glossier than before. Apart from the original tea fragrance, it also has a faint sweet fishy smell, should be the Man Faced Demon Spider poison permeating it. With the toughness of the Man Faced Demon Spider silk, although your Blue Silver Grass has become slender, it should be even more durable than before. Little San, twine that tree over there, try pulling it with your full strength.”


Tang San raised one hand, one Blue Silver Grass shot out like lightning, between eyeblinks already twisting around a large tree ten metres away, both hands simultaneously exerting, using Mysterious Heaven Skill with all his might.

That tree was thicker than a person could reach around, but under Tang San’s pull, the thick tree trunk began to gradually bend.

Grandmaster walked over to the tree, carefully observing the Blue Silver Grass twisting around the tree trunk. Along with Tang San’s effort, the Blue Silver Grass was already gradually carving into the tree bark. A layer of faint smoke rose from where the Blue Silver Grass was in contact with the tree trunk. It could clearly be seen the Blue Silver Grass was gradually penetrating deeply within the tree trunk. Along with Tang San’s effort, deeper and deeper into the complete width of the tree trunk.

“Good, you can stop.”

Grandmaster gestured to Tang San.

Tang San at this relaxed Blue Silver Grass, the strand of grass twining around the tree trunk swiftly withdrew like it was a snake, itself appearing without a trace of change.

“Little San, come and see.”

Grandmaster called Tang San to his side.

“The degree of Blue Silver Grass’ toughness has clearly increased, although it has become slender, under the full strength of your more than thirtieth rank spirit power, it hasn’t the slightest indication of being stretched apart, in other words, your spirit power is insufficient to break the Blue Silver Grass. Furthermore, the additional poison on Blue Silver Grass has clearly improved, if you used the Ghost Vine’s added poison, the result should be even better. Besides the original poison type, now it also has corrosive poison. This belongs to the Man Faced Demon Spider.”

Tang San looked in the direction of Grandmaster’s finger, the area where the Blue Silver Grass previously twisted had deep grooves about two cun[1] deep, around them were a burnt black color, although along with Blue Silver Grass’ withdrawal it already no longer shed smoke, the severity of the supplemental corrosive poison on Blue Silver Grass could still be seen.

“Teacher, Blue Silver Grass’ toxicity has increased a lot, currently it roughly has spirit power paralysis, neurological pain and corrosion three major effects. For ordinary Spirit Masters relying only on spirit power to resist will already be very difficult. Especially after this highly corrosive poison is added, when piercing the opponent’s skin, it will allow the other two poisons to display even greater effect. Adding to its own toughness leading to binding even tighter, the effect is clearly amplified.”

Grandmaster said:

“Although this time absorbing the Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit ring had  enormous  risks,  the  risk  is  directionally  proportional to  the

rewards. Looking at Blue Silver Grass’ own growth alone is already fairly astonishing. But also, your physical strength and speed have both increased not inconsiderably. The rewards are not bad. However, I still must once again remind you, you must not make the same mistake a second time. I absolutely do not want to see a scene of the white haired carrying the black haired[2].”

Tang San chuckled,

“Teacher, I know. Hereafter I would not again be impetuous.”

Grandmaster nodded and smiled, saying:

“Come, release your third spirit ability for me to see.”

Tang San nodded, looking around in all directions, choosing a location between two trees. Right now, releasing the three spirit rings moving rhythmically over his body.

Under the push of Mysterious Heaven Skill, the third spirit ring suddenly flared, bright purple light permeating his whole body, drowning out the light of the other two rings of light.

Grandmaster gratified nodded to himself, at the same time also somewhat envious, after all, this third spirit ring was something he had desired all his life but could never achieve.

Tang San with a focused and serious look raised his right hand, in his palm strong blue light released, spirit power releasing all over his body, intangible pressure making the short shrubs around him tremble.


Following Tang San’s low shout, the blue light seen in his palm abruptly flourish greatly, a mass of blue-green light left the hand, flashing through the air, in an eyeblink swelling to a diameter of about five meters and flying forward.

Along with the blue light gathering, Grandmaster was able to see that blue light’s true form.

That was an enormous spider web, rings within rings, extremely fine meshed, the entire spider web was woven from Blue Silver Grass, only these Blue Silver Grass were even a bit thinner than the Blue Silver Grass Tang San directly released before, furthermore appeared a crystal clear blue.

The spider web expanded, as it touched the two trees it tightened in a moment, forming a large net suspended in the air. The five meters in diameter large net suspended there, twinkled with a blue gleaming lustre under the dawn light’s illumination.

Tang San’s complexion after releasing this spider net had clearly become somewhat pale, evidently the reason was the great effort he used. This was Tang San’s third spirit ability, Spider Web Restraint[3].

“Little San, tell me your thoughts about this spirit ability.”

Grandmaster while carefully observing the spider web adhering to the two trees, simultaneously asked Tang San.

Tang San said:

“After I absorbed the Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit ring, this spirit ability appeared. According to what I sensed of this spirit ability, it has several properties. First, because it’s formed from Blue Silver Grass, it possesses all the properties Blue Silver Grass does. Poison and durability both. Second, the spider web itself has a kind of sticky property. It possesses extremely powerful adhesion, if touching it even a bit, it will immediately bind, tightly restraining the target. Third, the spider web itself is released instantaneously, with my current spirit power, launching this spirit ability once requires the consumption of a third of my spirit power.”

Grandmaster’s brows wrinkled,

“Only this? Aren’t there still other properties?”

Tang San said:

“There is still the most important one, it’s the spider web’s own durability, it’s directly twice that of Blue Silver Grass. Later using this spirit ability, its area as well as usage frequency and toughness, all will change as my spirit power increases. In other words, the tougher Blue Silver Grass is, the tougher this spider web will become. Blue Silver Grass’ toxicity will also be within it.”

Grandmaster nodded,

“This is suitable. What’s your opinion on this spirit ability?”

Tang San said:

“Although it wouldn’t appear very wonderful, I feel this ability is unusually practical. It has a very powerful effect on my spirit’s control power. Spider web with twice the toughness of Blue Silver Grass isn’t so easy to struggle free from.”

Grandmaster smiled slightly, saying:

“No, you are still underestimating it. It’s use is not only that simple, moreover it’s an exceptionally powerful spirit ability. How would you breaking the limit to absorb the Man Faced Demon Spider still give you an insufficiently tremendous spirit ability? I can practically be certain, unless it’s encountering an opponent just right to counter your ability, otherwise, on the same level, or even if it’s a spirit master within ten ranks higher than you, no one would be able to throw off its restraint. With it, you can be considered as having a truly powerful position among control system Spirit Masters.”

Seeing Tang San’s with like a ponderous gaze, Grandmaster continued:

“When Spirit Masters fight one on one, the most powerful isn’t physical strength Spirit Masters, nor is it power attack or even agility type Spirit Masters. Rather it’s control system Spirit Masters. Because a control system Spirit Master is able to restrain the opponent’s movements,

maybe even stopping the opponent’s actions, under these kinds of circumstances, as long as the other side is unable to throw off your control system spirit ability, how will they still attack you? In the Spirit Master world, control system Spirit Masters are always terrifying existences. It’s only since control system Spirit Masters generally need comrades in arms to coordinate with, they’re not very well known. But truly formidable spirit masters all know the true importance and power of the control system.”

Tang San said:

“Teacher, you are saying, if in one against one conditions, right now Spirit Masters under fortieth rank would be unable to throw off my Spider Web Restraint?”

Grandmaster nodded, saying:

“Basically so. But still don’t rule out exceptions. This world is equal. Every spirit also has their advantage. Originally were you not also thinking your Blue Silver Grass was a trash spirit? In the same way, although this third spirit ability your spirit added is already unusually powerful, at the same time it has a nemesis.”

While speaking, Grandmaster from his chest pulled out a simple thing, slowly walking over below the spider web Tang San previously released.

In Grandmaster’s hand was a torch, he flashed it against the wind, immediately a flame puffed out from within the torch. Grandmaster burned the torch below the spider web, using the flame to roast the net.

Just at the start Tang San still didn’t see anything. But in a moment, he clearly saw that extremely durable spider web’s lowest thread begin to gradually melt in the flame.

“I understand. You are saying the nemesis is fire.”

Tang San suddenly realized, at the same time recalling the first time he met Ma Hongjun. At that time Ma Hongjun effortlessly dissolved Tang

San’s Blue Silver Grass Binding just by relying on his Phoenix flame. Although later he still got the worst of it, he still made Tang San’s Blue Silver Grass a useless spirit.

Grandmaster nodded, saying:

“Whether it’s plants or your spider web, they themselves fear fire. The flame burning on this torch is very small and naturally insufficient to threaten the spider web. But, if you encounter a Spirit Master expert in using fire, then, your spirit will be completely restrained by the other side. Practically every control system Spirit Master has something classified as their weakness, this is also the greatest cost of a control system spirit compared to other attribute spirits. And your Blue Silver Grass’ weak point is just fear of fire. As a result, hereafter when you meet Spirit Masters with this kind of property you must be sure to be even more careful.”

Tang San pondered, saying:

“Teacher, then if when I hereafter again obtain spirit rings do my utmost to think of a way to add spirit rings with resistance to fire, will this erase the weak point?”

Grandmaster said:

“Don’t do that. Although that kind of thing will increase your Blue Silver Grass’ flame resistance, consider, if you would waste even two spirit abilities on flame resistance, then, after your spirit power thereafter reaches a certain degree, will you still have enough spirit abilities to contend with your opponent?”

“But, if I don’t increase the flame resistance, when I later encounter Spirit Masters with this kind of spirit wouldn’t I lack any methods?”

Tang San said doubtfully. He didn’t fail to understand Grandmaster’s meaning, but his spirit having such a large defect clearly wasn’t something he wanted to see.

Grandmaster smiled calmly, saying:

“Control system spirit masters very rarely act alone, the best method is to let your companions take your place to deal with these issues. Of course, you also aren’t without your own methods to deal with it. Aren’t you always playing with those hidden weapons of yours? Although in my opinion toys lead to loss of purpose, I also have no choice but to admit that your hidden weapons truly have astonishing power. Moreover, don’t forget, you don’t only have the one Blue Silver Grass spirit.”

By Grandmaster’s reminder, Tang San immediately recalled that hammer of his, his heart leapt,

“Teacher, you are saying that I can cultivate that hammer?”

Grandmaster resolutely shook his head,

“Out of the question. Remember, without my consent, you absolutely cannot add spirit rings to that hammer. Definitely cannot. This is extremely important to your future. Right now what you can rely on is only Blue Silver Grass.”

Although he didn’t understand why Grandmaster insisted on this, Tang San still nodded his promise.

Grandmaster said:

“Little San, don’t bite off more than you can chew. To you, even more important is still upgrading spirit power. The spirit abilities Blue Silver Grass currently possess already surpass my expectations. In the future you will only become even stronger. You are Teacher’s hope, you understand? Good, now let me have a look at your most significant matter, the question in your heart. Take off your jacket first.”

Tang San’s heart tightened, ever since leaving Star Dou Great Forest, without the threat of spirit beasts, Tang San had all along wondered what was going on with those eight spider legs on his back. Now meeting Grandmaster, he naturally impatiently wanted answers. Regarding spirits,

spirit beasts and spirit rings alone, he was convinced there was no one who knew them better than his Teacher.

Removing his jacket, Tang San turned his back to Grandmaster. Grandmaster walked up to his back, raising his hands to touch Tang San’s spine.

Tang San only felt a warm and gentle spirit power flow into his back, immediately afterward, this force began to flow up and down his spine.

With a very serious expression, he carefully examined every vertebra in Tang San’s spine.

“Little San, after you withdrew those spider legs, could you feel them go somewhere?”

Tang San turned his right hand to his back, pointing at his rear ribs, saying:

“Fitting on these eight ribs, I can feel like they adhere to the ribs. But to my body there is no effect whatsoever. On the contrary it feels like my back strength is even a bit larger than before.”

Grandmaster touched the places Tang San indicated, immediately discovering that not only did these eight ribs appear a bit thicker and more solid than the other ribs, but at the same time, the vertebra these eight ribs connected to were also somewhat thicker than the others, feeling not only solid, but also extremely tough. Even Tang San’s back muscles seemed somewhat tougher.

A pleasantly surprised expression gradually appeared on Grandmaster’s face, but he didn’t say anything, only quickly drew back several steps, moving five meters away from Tang San’s back,

“Use your spirit power, release those eight spider legs.”

Circulating Mysterious Heaven Skill, right now Tang San couldn’t help but be somewhat nervous, after all, this was his first time releasing these

monstrous spider legs of his own accord. Honestly speaking, although he felt these spider legs would improve his strength, Tang San didn’t have any fondness for them. He always thought that by having these eight spider legs he seemed to become monstrous.

Grandmaster was unable to take his eyes off Tang San’s back, afraid to let any details slip by.

Faint blue light began to appear at Tang San’s back. Immediately afterward, Grandmaster clearly saw, Tang San’s entire spine seemed to move outside his body, releasing a weak purple light, just now he took notice of purple light releasing especially clearly on several of the vertebra. Immediately following, the tips of eight ribs protruded from Tang San’s back, taking the shape of eight bulges.

A little bit of soreness or stinging tickling appearing on his back made Tang San feel slightly out of sorts, but he didn’t stop his spirit power.
[1] 2⼨ = 6.7 cm
[2] Idiom: Parents seeing their child die before themselves.
[3] (蛛⽹束缚)

Chapter 38

Tang San discovered that the change on his back didn’t use up too much spirit power. It seemed those vertebra themselves contained a certain energy.

Following the eight bulges protruding, the purple light on Tang San’s back also became more and more distinct.

Suddenly, along with a burst of Tang San trembling, the eight bulges finally broke open, eight thick and solid purple pillar shapes swiftly extended from his back.

If Tang San’s Shrek Academy companions were here right now, they would discover that this time the spider legs’ growth speed was much faster than last time.

In practically only several eyeblinks, the spider legs had already extended at least a meter and a half. Immediately afterwards, the spider legs abruptly extended again. From the tip joints on those one and a half meter thick and solid spider legs abruptly ejected one and a half meters longer, showing the sharpest part.

Tang San couldn’t help but make a low howl, the eight spider legs on his back simultaneously unfolded on either side of him, dull purple light glinting, like eight enormous arms protecting him in the middle.

On the surface of the spider legs could be faintly seen a layer of purple gas, purple light moving, appearing transparent like purple crystal.


Grandmaster gasped in admiration,

“Little San, control your spider legs to stab a tree, use strength.”

Although to Tang San his spider legs still seemed unfamiliar, he could still manage just piercing a tree. Leaning sideways slightly, on his left side a spider leg abruptly shot out.

With a pu sound, Tang San was amazed to discover, the spider leg like it hadn’t hit any obstruction, effortlessly thrust into that tree large enough that a single person could wrap his arms around it, and pierced through the other side.

An even more astonishing scene followed. Along with the spider leg skewering it, Tang San and Grandmaster both clearly saw a layer of purple quietly spreading from the spider leg over the tree, spreading widely across the tree trunk with astonishing speed.

Not just the tree trunk quickly became purple. In a moment, even the branches and tree leaves became the same color.

One by one tree leaves dropped from above. Before they even fell to the ground, already in midair they transformed into wisps of purple dust and faded away unseen. And that large tree melted away more like ice and snow, just like that quietly transforming into purple powder and dissolving. Even on the ground in the vicinity of the tree some bushes coming into contact with this purple powder successively became purple and disappeared, within a circumference of several meters, completely turned into a purple deathly stillness.

A faint energy transmitted along the spider leg into Tang San’s body.
Although the energy wasn’t much, it was very distinct.

Last time after Ma Hongjun was poisoned by touching the spider legs, Tang San also had a similar feeling, only that time it was even slighter, and he also hadn’t paid much attention. This time it was extremely obvious. It was like that spider leg had absorbed the tree’s accumulated energy and transmitted it into Tang San’s body.

The purple dust falling to the ground gradu ally became colorless. In a moment it already blended together with the soil, no longer visible, and that large tree was like it had previously never existed there. Tang San’s thrust out spider leg still maintained its previous position, but there already was only empty air.

“This, this actually is……”

Tang San looked stupidly at the spider leg. Although he had already guessed the spider legs’ attack power would be pretty good, he hadn’t expected the toxicity of these spider legs would be so terrifying.

Grandmaster slowly walked over next to Tang San, moving around his spider legs,

“It appears my estimate was correct. Little San, this time your gain was the greatest. It’s not the third spirit ring, it’s even less that third spirit ability Spider Web Restraint, but these eight spider legs, or perhaps to say, it’s this external spirit bone.”

“External spirit bone?”

Tang San looked at Grandmaster. Grandmaster nodded,
“These years I always taught you how to differentiate spirit beasts and spirit rings, as well as spirit cultivation methods and every kind of application, always without speaking of knowledge pertaining to spirit bones. This is mainly because I never thought you could come into contact with spirit bones so early. It appears, right now is the time to give

you a lecture relating the mysteries of spirit bones. Saying this, let’s first talk about what spirit bones are.”

At Grandmaster’s indication, Tang San controlled his spirit power to withdraw those eight spider legs within his body. Just like last time, withdrawing these spider legs consumed a large amount of Tang San’s spirit power, sharply differing from releasing them.

Grandmaster sternly said:

“Spirit bones are a kind of extremely unusual thing. One might say, they are something Spirit Masters most hope of obtaining in their dreams. Somewhat analogously to spirit rings, spirit bones also come from spirit beasts. But they also possess enormous differences from spirit rings. First, the probability of spirit bones appearing are only one in a thousand, or even less, generally speaking, only with extremely formidable strength, and also when the circumstances of killing the spirit beast has some special circumstances is it possible for spirit bones to appear after killing, not at all like how a spirit ring will appear from every spirit beast. Consequently, spirit bones have become extremely uncommon, and extremely precious.”

“Another difference between spirit bones and spirit rings is that it doesn’t require like spirit rings for whoever kills the spirit beast to use it. After obtaining spirit bones they can even be traded. Do you still remember, I told you before, you must as much as possible save up some money. The purpose is to in the future in a somewhat peculiar place purchase the spirit bones you need. Any spirit bone, even if it’s common spirit bones, is still extremely expensive. Moreover they lack markets.”

Tang San said:

“Then how should spirit bones be used? Your meaning is, these eight spider legs on my back are eight spirit bones?”

Hearing Tang San’s words, Grandmaster couldn’t help but smile,

“Don’t be greedy. Let alone eight spirit bones, to be able to have one spirit bone is already extremely fortunate, to say nothing of yours still being an external spirit bone. Its value is practically comparable to first rate spirit bones. This spirit bone of yours is vertebra, of course, also related to eight ribs. Its effect is precisely storage for the toxin of that Man Faced Demon Spider you killed, furthermore duplicating its eight spider legs and afterwards integrating them with your your own capability, evolving into these present eight spider legs.”

The Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit ring combining with your spirit somewhat promoted all aspects of your body. Blue Silver Grass’ toxicity also increased a lot. But, that after all isn’t the Man Faced Demon Spider’s own poison. But your eight spider legs are different. Not only possessing the Man Faced Demon Spider’s toxin, even still giving rise to a certain variation. Just now you also saw its super strong corrosive effect. If this pierced the human body, what would happen?”

Grandmaster speaking of this, entirely appeared somewhat excited,

“Little San. I ask you, how many spirit rings is a Spirit Master capable of obtaining at most?”

Tang San said:

“Nine, obtaining nine is the limit, that is a Title Douluo.”

Grandmaster nodded,

“Then if everyone had nine spirit rings, furthermore the age difference was negligible, how do you decide who is more formidable?”

Tang San pondered, and said:

“It depends on what both sides’ spirits are, how good their control, also depends on both sides’ actual combat experience ratio, all things put together can decide who is a bit stronger.”

Grandmaster nodded, saying:

“You are correct. You clearly remember the things I taught you. Then, I can now tell you, under circumstances where both sides are equal, if one person possesses a spirit bone, then, everything you just now said doesn’t necessarily count, because the Spirit Master possessing a spirit bone holds the absolute advantage.”

“Ah?” Spirit bones have such great effect?”

Tang San somewhat shocked looked at Grandmaster. Grandmaster nodded, saying:
“Spirit rings add spirit abilities. Although also somewhat improving the Spirit Master’s own capabilities, their main purpose is after all to add spirit abilities. But spirit bones happen to be the opposite. Spirit bones might not add abilities, but the improvement to the Spirit Masters themselves is tremendous. Even more importantly, the growth capability spirit bones possess make them even more valuable than spirit rings. The abilities spirit rings add will all improve along with the growth of spirit power, this you are familiar with. But you should also know, the spirit rings’ age limit will restrict their growth. Even if it’s a ninetieth ranked or higher Title Douluo, his first spirit ring ability still won’t grow to a sufficiently formidable level, this principle, but spirit bones are different. Spirit bones will not be restricted by the age of their spirit beast, and will only evolve along with the Spirit Master’s own strength. In other words, the earlier spirit bones are obtained, the more time it will have to evolve.”

Tang San said:

“A person’s body has so many bones, if one could absorb that many kinds of spirit bones into oneself, wouldn’t it be countless changes……”

Grandmaster shook his head, saying:

“Although there are many bones in a person’s body, they are subdivided into a few larger sections. Therefore, generally speaking, one is also only able to absorb a few types of spirit bones: four limbs, head and torso. In other words, an ordinary person would be able to absorb six

spirit bones, just like a Spirit Master is able to absorb nine spirit rings, the quality of spirit bones as well as effect on the Spirit Master, mainly depends on how early they’re absorbed and whether their properties are compatible.”

Tang San suddenly understood:

“Then this spirit bone I got from the Man Faced Demon Spider is undoubtedly compatible with me, belonging to the torso class of spirit bones, right?”

“What your said first is very correct. The spirit bone’s methods are most suitable to you, precisely obtained from the same spirit beast as one of your spirit rings. But this spirit bone of yours isn’t part of the torso class, that’s why I said it’s an external spirit bone.”

Tang San curiously asked:

“Then what is an external spirit bone?”

Grandmaster very patiently explained:

“External spirit bones are a kind of miraculous existence, a special existence apart from the six main classes of spirit bones. If speaking of the probability of common spirit bones appearing from spirit beasts as one in a thousand, then, the probability of external spirit bones appearing isn’t even one in ten thousand. Moreover are the prerequisites for absorbing the external spirit bone, you must first absorb the spirit ring of the spirit beast this spirit bone came from. What we call torso class spirit bones ordinarily indicates the breastbone. But this spirit bone you absorbed is nevertheless the vertebra. From what I previously observed, I can deduce that it’s an external spirit bone. Child, do you know, in the Spirit Master world, to Spirit Masters, the most precious things have a ranking, called a Spirit Master’s dream ranking. Within it, external spirit bones have always occupied the Spirit Master’s dream ranking’s second place. Second only to the first rank, the practically impossible existence of the hundred thousand year spirit ring.”

Grandmaster used the easiest to understand method to tell Tang San just how precious these monstrous eight spider legs of his were.

“These eight spider legs are truly so formidable?”

Tang San couldn’t help but be secretly doubtful.

Grandmaster had spoken so much, his mouth was somewhat dry,

“It’s early morning weather, first put on your clothes. Remember, what I told you today of external spirit bones you must not by any means tell anyone else. Although external spirit bones can’t be absorbed like common spirit bones, as the saying goes ‘the most outstanding tree in the forest, is certain to be ravaged by the wind’. The fewer people who know you possess an external spirit bone the better, to avoid someone coming after you out of jealousy.”

Tang San put on his clothing, asking Grandmaster:

“Teacher, then after all what use does my external spirit bone have?”

Grandmaster said:

“What concrete uses it has I can’t presently say. I must study it for a time to get a clear sense. Starting from today, adding to your cultivation assignment, is then to as quickly as possible master the use of the external spirit bone. From seeing the condition just now, this external spirit bone possesses extremely powerful attack power, not only piercing, but also extreme toxicity. If my thoughts are correct, then you should be able to control the poison on the spider legs. Possibly discharging according to your intentions. At the same time, with those eight spider legs’ length, haven’t you thought of how to use them to move around instead of your pair of legs?”

Tang San was an astute person, with Grandmaster raising the point he immediately understood,

“If it’s like that, not only speed would increase, but also the effect of terrain on movement speed would substantially decrease.”

Grandmaster smiled slightly, saying:

“Therefore, these eight legs provide you with the capability to move unhindered by terrain. As for its advantages, you will hereafter see even more surprises. Furthermore, it will still evolve along with each time you advance a spirit ring, the power will even exceed your imagination, with it, you currently already have a chance when fighting opponents within a ten rank difference of you. Moreover, because external spirit bones are uncommon, only if you tell them yourself would anyone know these eight spider legs are spirit bones, most will only believe they’re one of the manifestations of your Blue Silver Grass. After all, apart from its hardness, its exterior is still extremely similar to Blue Silver Grass. As for later being able to control to what degree it manifests depends on your own effort. If you can let those eight spider legs become like eight highly toxic lances moving like the fingers of your own hand, one can imagine to what degree your fighting strength will grow.”

As Tang San and Grandmaster returned to Shrek Academy, the sky was already bright, Grandmaster had today said a lot relating to spirit bones, although it was only an overview, Tang San still had to gradually digest this information.

“Little San, go eat breakfast. Starting from today, I will rearrange a cultivation plan for you.”

Tang San raised his head to look at Grandmaster,

“Teacher, will you leave?”

It seemed to him that Grandmaster giving him a planned cultivation method, might be because he had to leave. His heart couldn’t help but drop.

Grandmaster smiled slightly, saying:

“Be at ease. Teacher isn’t leaving. I still fear problems will arise as you practice with your external spirit bone. This external spirit bone is already a part of your body, completely fused together with your vertebra. In the event issues appear, it’s very possible they’re fatal. Therefore, I can only remain here.”

“Teacher isn’t leaving? That’s truly great.”

Once Tang San heard Grandmaster was staying and guiding his cultivation, he couldn’t help but be elated.

Grandmaster’s face revealed an anticipatory mood,

“Little San, do you know, right now I very much want to see your appearance in twenty years. My decision to stay behind is also not just for you. There still are those academy companions of yours. Each of you can be described as geniuses. If you don’t have a suitable cultivation method, wouldn’t it be a waste? Although Flender has a lot of experience with cultivation, in very many details he still isn’t sufficiently good. I hope that from here on you will be able to become a formidable group. Therefore, from now on I must use the most refined cultivation methods to guide you.”

To Tang San, the reason Grandmaster stayed wasn’t at all important, the key point was that he had decided to stay, this alone was sufficient.

The teacher and disciple pair reached the Academy dining hall. Whether it was because rushing yesterday was too exhausting, although currently in the dining hall breakfast was already prepared, there wasn’t a soul in sight.

Tang San hastily ladled two bowls of congee for him and Grandmaster respectively. Shrek Academy wasn’t well off, so breakfast naturally wouldn’t be lavish. Today’s breakfast was very simple: steamed bread, a vegetable dish, congee, and for each person one egg.

Seeing Tang San bring his breakfast, Grandmaster frowned.

“Flender gives you this to eat?”

Grandmaster’s rigid face looked somewhat sinister. Tang San said:
“This is already very good, ah. Steamed bread until you’re full.
Compared to my childhood it’s much better.” “A farce.”
Grandmaster set aside the steamed bread in his hand, anger bubbling up, his character strict as always,

“To you growing children right now is an important time. The body is the capital of the spirit. Without a good body, how can you persevere with intense cultivation, this breakfast is sufficient to people at my and Flender’s age, but to you children it’s still far from enough.”

While Grandmaster was getting angry, Flender’s lazy voice reached them from outside,

“I say, Grandmaster, it’s all very well for you to talk like this, you also know these children are all growing. Do you know how much they eat in one day? Buying exotic delicacies at Suotuo City, how could the financial condition of the Academy permit me to give them luxury foodstuffs to eat, if you want to sponsor it, I have no objections.”

Along with the voice, Flender walked in from outside. Seeing him, Grandmaster’s complexion eased somewhat,
“No matter the Academy’s difficulties, since I’ve decided to stay, as a teacher here, I absolutely cannot let the children suffer. Flender, give me full authority to handle this matter. From hereon what each of these childrens meals are, leave it to my discretion.”

Flender laughed in his heart,

“Why, Xiao Gang, you’ve decided to stay?”

Grandmaster nodded,

“Whether it’s for Tang San, or for these little monsters you’ve recruited, I’ve decided to stay here for a time. In these two days I’ve also easily found out about your current teaching methods, there are many areas that have to be improved. That day you said to me, as long as I wish to stay, you would give me authority. True?”

Flender understood Grandmaster only too well. Seeing his appearance, he already understood the vast determination of this old brother of his, although nothing showed on his face, in his heart already cheerfulness blossomed. Grandmaster’s theoretical knowledge. That could be unrivalled under Heaven. Immediately, for fear that Grandmaster would change his mind, he at once delightedly said:

“No problem, you only have to first tell me what you’re doing. The Academy’s teachers will follow your allocation. Of course, if you need to spend money you have to first tell me. The Academy’s financial situation is still lacking compared to your imagination.”

Grandmaster frowned slightly, saying:

“I know these people of yours are all proud and aloof contemporaries, but can’t you be flexible in some way to increase revenue?”

Flender stared blankly, laughing in spite of himself: “Someone as rigid as you still knows flexibility?” Grandmaster’s gentle gaze looked at Tang San by his side, “For these children, what is a bit of flexibility?”
Flender laughed,

“All right, as long as it doesn’t violate my integrity doctrine, you can be as flexible as you wish.”

After breakfast, the bell sounded punctually, all the students gathering on the Academy grounds.

Today seemed especially bustling, not only did two heads Flender and Zhao Wuji come, in addition Grandmaster and the Academy’s other several teachers also all arrived on the grounds.

Besides the two heads, the Academy originally still had three teachers, the three in charge of the three entrance exams. Tang San was only familiar with one of them, that old man who at that time had used a staff spirit to scare away a lot of people.

“Good. Everyone’s present. I have some matters to declare.”

Flender walked over before the seven students, his gaze solemnly sweeping across the seven.

“First. I will give you newly arrived four students an introduction to the Academy teachers.”

Speaking, Flender indicated the one Tang San had already met, the Long Staff Spirit old man.

“This is teacher Li Yu-Song[1], spirit Dragon Pattern Stick[2]. Sixty third ranked Spirit Emperor.”

Indicating the second, even older, seemingly over seventy years old man, saying:

“This is Lu Ji-Bin[3], spirit Star Luo Chess[4], sixty sixth ranked Spirit Emperor.”

The last teacher’s was a bit younger than the previous two, seemingly about the same as Flender.

“This is Shao Xinshao[5]. Spirit Sweet Pea[6]. Seventy first ranked Spirit Sage, food system Spirit Master. Teacher Shao is among the food

system Spirit Masters I know of, absolutely ranked in the top five powers.”

If the first two teachers weren’t astonishing enough, then, a seventy first ranked food system Spirit Sage appearing made the four newly arrived students simultaneously shocked. That teacher Shao didn’t look tall, only roughly the same as the twelve year old Xiao Wu, even a bit shorter. Small eyes, large nose, unprepossessing, but who could have expected, he unexpectedly was such a highly ranked food system Spirit Master? Seventy first ranked food system Spirit Sage. Whether it was at Spirit Hall or any one Spirit Master clan, it would be a venerated rank anywhere.

The three teachers after Flender’s introduction nodded towards the students. Respectively, the first teacher Li’s face was wooden, the second teacher Lu following wore a smile. Finally that teacher Shao, the expression on his face was somewhat strange. His gaze all along fell on Oscar, the gaze even somewhat obsessive.

Finally, Flender walked over next to Grandmaster, grasping Grandmaster's shoulders, saying:

“Lastly this, I must carefully introduce to everyone. He, precisely relying on his research, arriving at the Ten Great Spirit Competences, regarded as the best in spirit theory, the wisest Spirit Master, at the same time also Tang San’s Teacher, Mister Yu Xiao Gang[7]. Of course, he also is my old brother. We’ve already known each other for several decades. Perhaps you won’t understand too clearly by hearing his name, but I think you should all have heard his title. Hereafter, you can call him Grandmaster.”

Hearing the word ‘Grandmaster’, everyone couldn’t help but be shaken, gazes one after another turning to Tang San, even if they didn’t know of Grandmaster, but able to instruct such an outstanding disciple as Tang San, how could he not be an excellent teacher?

Tang San was equally somewhat astonished. Because, this still was his first time learning Grandmaster’s name. Grandmaster had never spoken it

before, he naturally also didn’t ask. As it turned out his Teacher was called Yu Xiao Gang.

Flender said:

“Starting from today, Grandmaster has full authority over you teachers and students, we will all coordinate with Grandmaster. You returned just yesterday, I think everyone is still comparatively tired. Today you have a one day vacation. Tomorrow class will resume again. This time in Star Dou Great Forest, we had three people reaching the Spirit Elder realm. Still not broken through thirtieth rank Ning Rongrong, Ma Hongjun and Zhu Zhuqing, you must also work hard, strive to overtake the others’ pace. Grandmaster, what do you have to say?”

The last inquiry was directed at Grandmaster.

Grandmaster nodded, face as stiff as always, looking at the seven students gathered, indifferently saying:

“The Academy only has you seven students. In my opinion, you are also one entity. I have already seen your records. Later I will draw up some focused education methods. Apart from coordination, I do not wish to hear any different voices. Whoever it is, I will treat everyone equally. Since you are the students of Monster Academy, you must be more monstrous than common Spirit Masters, hereafter making everyone when speaking of you only think of the word ‘Monster’. Starting from now, you seven will not like before be split into initial and high rank sections, but undergo a completely unified education. I will rank you according to age. First, Dai Mubai. Second, Oscar. Third, Tang San. Fourth, Ma Hongjun. Fifth, Xiao Wu. Sixth, Ning Rongrong. Seventh, Zhu Zhuqing.”

Grandmaster’s gaze swept across everyone,

“Good. You can disband now, gather here early tomorrow. In addition, I do not want to see anyone absent at breakfast. Otherwise, you will receive special drills.”

Resting for one day was good of course, however Grandmaster’s arrival, also made the students somewhat curious and apprehensive.

Gaze following the teachers successively departing, Oscar standing at Tang San’s side, said in a low voice:

“Little San, it appears this Teacher of yours is even more difficult to deal with than dean Flender, ah!”

Tang San smiled slightly, saying:

“Teacher’s work is always meticulous, as long as everything is done strictly according to his instructions there will not be any problems.”

Dai Mubai smiling said:

“Besides me and little Ao, you five are all the same age, I didn’t expect little San to be little three[8], and little Wu to be little five[9]. This is an unexpected coincidence.”

Fatty smiled mischievously, saying:

“Three little sisters, let’s hear you say fourth brother[10].” Xiao Wu shot him a cold glance, holding out her hand, saying: “No problem, bring me a red envelope[11], I’ll say it at once.” Fatty stared blankly,

Ning Rongrong cut him short,

“Fatty, as long as your strength can match third brother’s[12], I will call you that.”

Zhu Zhuqing’s was the most succinct. Looking at Ma Hongjun with a cold gaze, only saying two words:

“Make me[13].”

“Let it be. I’ll endure.”

Fatty somewhat gloomily waved his hand.

“Isn’t there someone going into the city? It’s not at all easy to get a rest day, I’m going to stroll in Suotuo City.”

Dai Mubai holding back for these days was also somewhat exhausting, however through the trip to Star Dou Great Forest, the relationship between him and Zhu Zhuqing had with great difficulty eased somewhat, naturally he wouldn’t wreck his just now established image. Raising his head to gaze at the sky, his appearance like it was no matter of concern to him.

Oscar yawned,

“Not going, I’ll go back to sleep. Finally at thirtieth rank, in the future I can idle a bit.”

The three girls all glared at Ma Hongjun. They clearly knew this Fatty going into town was nothing innocent. Just then, Tang San suddenly spoke up:

“I will go with you.”

Fattys eyes brightened, stealthily glancing at Xiao Wu whose expression had subtly changed,

“Old San[14], you are also enlightened?”

Tang San stared blankly,

“What enlightened? I have to go find a smithy and see if I can hire two ironworkers to make some things. Otherwise I’ll have to equip each of you with my strength alone, that would take forever, ah!”

Ning Rongrong giggled,

“I knew third brother wouldn’t be as dirty as you.” Xiao Wu’s expression stealthily recovered to normal, “I’ll go with you.”
Tang San shook his head with a smile, saying:

“Let it be. I’ll go on my own. This time you also suffered a lot. Rest at the Academy. I’ll be back very quickly.”

Xiao Wu didn’t insist, nodding agreement. Fatty unhappily looked at Ning Rongrong,
“Who are you calling dirty? I’m settling the issue of the Evil Fire, this is by the dean’s special permission. Little San, we’ll go.”

Tang San said with a wry smile:

“One moment it’s old San, another it’s little San, can’t you settle on one?”

Fatty smiled mischievously, saying:

“Then I’ll still call you little San, you are just two months older than me, that’s all. Let’s go.”

He was apparently already somewhat impatient, pulling Tang San towards the Academy exit.

Looking at the two people departing, Ning Rongrong whispered by Xiao Wu’s ear:

“Aren’t you afraid your little San will be led astray by Fatty? If it was me, I would definitely follow.”

Xiao Wu smiled slightly, saying:

“Men always need a little freedom. Besides, I’m not at all convinced little San can be led anywhere by Fatty.”

Ning Rongrong said with a smile:

“Look at you, so proud of yourself. A close couple hoping for love is I, your servant’s,[15] wish for big bro and little sis[16].”

Xiao Wu’s charming face reddened, raising her hand to lightly scratch Ning Rongrong’s underarm,

“Don’t speak nonsense. I and little San have a sibling relationship.”

Ning rongrong cackled, teasing while running towards the dorm:

“All right, you need not flaunt it. I know you are siblings. The kind of siblings more intimate than blood siblings.”


Xiao Wu was never gracious enough to suffer a loss, immediately laughing and chasing after. The two girls were in the same dorm, naturally also ran in the same direction.

Oscar yawned and went back to the dorm. Dai Mubai’s gaze then fell on Zhu Zhuqing,


Zhu Zhuqing raised her head to glance at him,

“I’m going to cultivate.”

Finished speaking, she turned to leave.

Dai Mubai in one big stride blocked Zhu Zhuqing’s way,

“Couldn’t we chat properly? I remember, you weren’t like this as a child.”

Zhu Zhuqing’s face revealed a sneer,

“You then? Are you still like when you were a child? Twins, humph.”

With a cold snort, she turned and walked away. Although she spoke a bit more than a few days ago, that ice bound gate still firmly rejected Dai Mubai.

Looking at Zhu Zhuqing’s quick departure, Dai Mubai didn’t chase after her. On his face revealed a wry smile,

“Don’t tell me this is my deserved retribution? To think I, the distinguished young master Dai, would have such a day, ai. Retribution. Perhaps it’s truly retribution.”

Dai Mubai had never spoken with others about the relationship between him and Zhu Zhuqing, but if there hadn’t been any relationship between them, even if Zhu Zhuqing had been even more beautiful, how would the always arrogant Evil Eye White Tiger lower his voice like this?


Suotuo City. Once in town, Fatty swiftly left Tang San, going to settle the issue of his Evil Fire. On the way he naturally numerous times enticed Tang San, hoping to pull him astray. However Tang San clearly had a resolute will, without anything distracting him. The gap with a twelve year old’s willpower was still immense.

Suotuo City was bustling as usual, currently in the morning, the shops had already opened for business, the crowd bustling with activity a sharp contrast with the tranquility of Shrek Academy.

Tang San’s goal for this trip was very simple: to find a suitable smithy. Although he rested early last evening, he had still considered Ning Rongrong’s proposal. If it was only for himself, then, his strength alone was sufficient to produce enough hidden weapons, but if he had to supply other people, then his own strength was clearly not enough.

[1] (李郁松) “Plum Elegant Pine”
[2] (⻰纹棍)
[3] (卢奇斌) “Cottage Surprisingly Refined”

[4] (星罗棋) That is Star Luo as in Star Luo Empire.

[5] (邵鑫邵) No feasible translation other than the inclusion of a name particle indicating “prosperity”
[6] (糖⾖)
[7] (⽟⼩刚) “Jade Little Firm”
[8] San (三) means three, it’s a pun.

[9] Xiao Wu (⼩舞) is a homonym to (⼩五) “little five”. It’s puns all the way down.

[10] Si ge ( 四哥) “Fourth [older] brother”, he wants them to address him as a senior. I will use “brother” and “sister” when they use their internal ranking with sibling suffixes, and occasionally mention whether it’s an older or younger sibling.

[11] A red letter would contain money, either as a gift, a bonus or a bribe

[12] San ge (三哥) “Third [older] brother” is Tang San.

[13] Literally “win against me in a fight”
[14] (⽼三) or “old three” or “third oldest”. It’s a pun shower.
[15] Ning Rongrong uses qie ( 妾 ), a deprecatory self reference for women - practically the diametrical opposite of “I, your father”

[16] She uses very familiar terms for older brother and younger sister (a ge 阿哥, a mei 阿妹)

Chapter 39

Originally when Tang San was at Tang Sect, he was specially in charge of making hidden weapons, and before he leapt from the cliff he had already reached the rank of outer sect manager. He was extremely familiar with the manufacturing process for Tang Sect hidden weapons. Tang Sect’s income relied practically exclusively on the outer sect’s manufacture of poison and hidden weapons, after Tang San carefully reflected, he decided to copy this method to Douluo Continent. Although some of this was already somewhat difficult, it was still possible to try it out.

Thus, Tang San decided to take advantage of today’s holiday to find a smithy to cooperate with.

Entering the Spirit Elder realm, as long as he again underwent the rank test next month when he went to Spirit Hall to draw his stipend, Tang San would each month have a hundred gold coin income. As blacksmiths were a low rank occupation hiring them was cheap, he believed he was able to afford it. Furthermore with all the hidden weapon manufacturing costs split among everyone, money was no problem.

The reason why he made the resolution to find a smithy to cooperate in making mechanism type hidden weapons, was because Tang San decided he had to make several kinds of even more powerful hidden weapons. This world was after all different from his previous world, all the materials had to be collected by himself. Making even more powerful hidden weapons naturally required even more time and effort.

Of course, Tang San certainly wouldn’t tell others the craft of making Tang Sect hidden weapons, he only needed to contract a smithy to make hidden weapon components, doing the final assembly himself was sufficient to maintain secrecy. More than the smiths being unable to copy, whether they could even make what Tang San wanted was impossible to know.

After asking several passers by, Tang San finally found his destination, the largest smithy in Suotuo City. This smithy’s name was very simple, just called ‘Smithy’[1], without any additional words.

Without entering the smithy, he could already hear the intensive hammering noises, the sound concentrated and melodious. Clearly there were numerous blacksmiths working.

From its external appearance, this smithy was clearly much larger than the one Tang San worked at in Nuoding City. Easily five or six times larger than Shi San’s smithy. In the wide anteroom were laid out various kinds of finished products arranged by type, divided into three large areas: everyday implements, weapons and armor, respectively.

Of these, everyday implements occupied roughly half the area, the remainder split equally between weapons and armor. The store’s anteroom was separated from the main work area by long black curtains, the curtains were three meters wide, with a white   one   meter   in   diameter ‘iron’[2] character, looking very imposing.

In the shop’s anteroom were six or seven assistants in charge of receiving customers, meeting those arriving and sending off those departing. The division of labor was extremely clear. Some were in charge of receiving customers and doing business, some were in charge of delivering finished goods. Furthermore a tall and sturdy middle aged man sat behind a counter responsible for collecting money.

Tang San stepped inside the shop, heading directly to the counter. A shop assistant hurried over to meet him, obstructing Tang San, “Young mister, what do you require?”

Tang San smiled inwardly. A mister was mister, but they still unfortunately added the word ‘young’. Although his height still approached an adult’s, a childish face showed he was a youngster.

“I want to talk about a business deal.”

Tang San said with a smile.

The assistant sized up Tang San several times. Tang San’s clothes were very plain, made from cloth without anything special. Appearance average. Stature well built. Looking like an ordinary person.

“If you want something made, you can speak directly to me.”

Tang San said:

“You might be unable to, this is a long term deal, if possible, a permanent collaboration.”

While speaking, Tang San took out a paper from his chest,

“Can you read this?”

That was a hidden weapon component design diagram. When Tang San made hidden weapons himself, he also required advanced drawings, carefully measured and calculated to later be able to make. It wasn’t something anyone could remember in their head.

The assistant took the plans and with only a look was nonplussed. On the plans were drawn several complicated designs, let alone reading it, he couldn’t even understand what this thing was.


The assistant once again looked at Tang San, then said:

“I will trouble you to wait a moment. I will consult the shopkeeper at once, to see whether it is something we could make.”

Finished speaking, he immediately turned and ran for the counter.

The sturdy middle aged man behind the counter quickly took the drawing handed over by the assistant. In a moment, his face was already filled with an astonished expression, saying something to the assistant, he came out from behind the counter and was led by the assistant to Tang San.

“Young man, did you bring this plan? I can’t see why you would want these things made. Could you explain it?”

Tang San said:

“You don’t need to know what they’re needed for, I only want to know whether you can make them. They must be made from the highest quality refined iron, ideally forged from iron essence[3].”

The middle aged man frowned,

“I’m the boss of this shop. I’m called Tie Xin[4]. Young man, do you know the price of iron essence? Adding to the manufacturing cost that is no small amount, you’d best ask the adults of your family to come speak.”

Tang San’s heart suddenly shifted, from the middle aged man before him he could feel the fluctuations of spirit power. Unexpectedly the boss of this smithy was a Spirit Master?”

“Of course I know the price of iron essence, I won’t hide it from you, I’m also a smith. Only I’m simply not strong enough, I can’t make this many things by myself, therefore I’ve come to you here. The price of iron essence, by weight, one kilogram of iron essence is ten gold spirit coins, sure enough. With the the scale of your place, I trust you should be able to refine iron essence.”

The middle aged man nodded, saying:

“You have the price right. But you should know that the toughness of iron essence is far higher than common refined iron, so forging it is naturally much more difficult. When using it to create any goods, the cost

of processing it is equal to the price of the iron essence itself. In other words, to use one kilogram of iron essence to forge anything, we have to charge ten gold spirit coins for processing expenses. And the objects on this schematic of yours are also so complex, we must still charge another fifty percent.”

If an ordinary person was here, hearing the smith speak of forging something unexpectedly weighing the price in gold coins, would certainly be greatly shocked. But Tang San knew that the price this boss Tie Xin spoke of was already unusually fair. In his heart his favourable impression immediately increased.

“Uncle, your price is no problem. If the quantity I need made is comparatively large, is it possible to have some discount?”

Although Tang San wouldn’t haggle too much, he would still strive for a necessary discount.

Tie Xin muttered:

“Certainly. If you order iron essence to forge these things, even if it’s our biggest customer, the material cost can’t decrease, I can’t lose money. But I can strike off ten percent of the labour cost for you. If your order of iron essence exceeds ten kilograms, then I can go down to eight tenths. The lowest I can go is also eight tenths.”

Tang San nodded straightforward, saying:

“Then it’s decided. I will trouble you to make ten according to the plans I gave you. I already calculated it in detail. Each one should require roughly two kilograms of iron essence. Altogether it’s twenty kilograms.”

Tie Xin looked startled at Tang San,

“You want so many? This is indeed twenty kilograms of iron essence. Including labor costs it’s five hundred gold spirit coins. Even if I give you the labor cost for eight tenths, it’s still four hundred forty gold spirit coins.”

Seeing Tie Xin’s appearance, Tang San understood he was afraid he didn’t have that much money.

“Uncle, you are also a Spirit Master.”

Tang San suddenly said.

Tie Xin’s heart trembled, looking at Tang San frowning. Tang San said:
“I would like to speak with you alone, is it possible?”

More than four hundred gold spirit coins of business, even if it was this Suotuo City’s largest smithy, it was absolutely a large deal. One must know, their whole yearly turnover was only roughly three thousand gold spirit coins.

Tie Xin nodded, saying:

“Then please follow me in the back.”

At once, he brought Tang San to walk towards the back.

Passing through the separating curtains, Tang San immediately saw an astonishing scene. This smithy’s anteroom was already very large, but this rear work area was even larger, as far as the eye could see, filled with a deep furnace fire red. At least fifty smiths were working simultaneously.

Tang San’s Purple Demon Eye was exceptionally acute, gaze simply sweeping across these smiths, in his heart secretly nodding. Although the smiths here were not all so robust, whether it was their expressions or their hands they were all extremely calm. Clearly all were senior smiths. Able to support this large smithy, also required the existence of this many outstanding smiths.

Suddenly, Tang San made a small expression of surprise, thinking out loud:

“Why are you also here?”

Tie Xin stopped walking, puzzled looking at Tang San,

“Young man, is there a problem?”

From in his heart, Tie Xin didn’t have confidence in Tang San, after all he looked like he was too young. But the plans Tang San provided did not have the appearance of a joke. Furthermore, this was a more than four hundred gold spirit coins large order, Tie Xin couldn’t let it slip by because of his suspicions. Although they were Suotuo City’s largest smithy, they were in no way the only smithy.

Following Tang San’s gaze, what Tang San took note of were two young smiths in the middle of their work. They appeared to be eighteen or nineteen years old, both had leopard eyes, appearing extremely similar, powerfully built, tanned muscles rising like small hills. The forging hammers in their hands were also much larger than other smiths’, forging extremely steadily, even to the extent that they were more efficient than some of the middle aged smiths around them.

Tie Xin saw Tang San taking note of them, and couldn’t help but chuckle proudly, saying: “Those two kids are growing stronger and stronger now. How about it, the smiths here are pretty good, right. Those two are my twin sons, one is Tie Long, the other is Tie Hu. Although they’re young, they’re still following in my footsteps and are the best smiths in the shop.” Sure enough, Tang San was looking at these two, it was the Tie brothers he and Xiao Wu defeated last time in the Spirit Arena ring, that Iron Blood Combination. At that time, their All In One Throw ability even injured Tang San. Hearing Tie Xin say this, Tang San immediately understood why Tie Xin would have spirit power fluctuations. Judging by the spirit power fluctuations, Tie Xin’s strength wasn’t very powerful, not equal to his two sons’. Clearly, Tie Long and Tie Hu’s spirits had some degree of variation. At their age, already possessing more than twentieth ranked spirit power, even if it was at an advanced Spirit Master academy, they should still be considered good students. “If we reach an agreement, then I’d like them to forge these things.” Tang San was a smith and a Spirit Master himself, naturally he clearly understood that forging

with the support of spirit power was much better than common smiths’ forging. Balancing the degree of strength as well as controlling strength, both were things ordinary people couldn’t hope for. Tie Xin looked closely at Tang San, smiling slightly, he said: “If we truly reach an agreement, that’s no problem.” He directly brought Tang San behind the work area to a room within the room with a desk and seven or eight chairs, as well as a simple wooden bed, it clearly was the office of this boss. Ordinarily it might also be used to rest. From the window the situation in the work area could be clearly seen. Tie Xin without speaking immediately walked behind the desk and sat down, at the same time with a gesture inviting Tang San to sit. From his first impression of this youngster, Tie Xin was actually quite fond of Tang San’s style of down-to-earth manners, but if it was about business, he felt it was even more ridiculous. If it wasn’t for the one in ten thousand possibility, he wouldn’t have let Tang San follow him inside. What business could a not seeming more than fifteen years old youngster provide him? Moreover he even spoke about iron essence. “Young man, you said you also were a smith?” Tie Xin asked. Tang San smiled wryly inwardly, he somewhat understood Tie Xin’s attitude, after all he was too young, right now instead of talking business he was interrogating. “Yes. I was a smith. My father was also a smith, I learned the trade from him.” Hearing Tang San was a hereditary smith, Tie Xin couldn’t help but raise his impression somewhat, “So it’s like that. By your accent, you shouldn’t be from around here. Did you move to Suotuo City with your family?” Tang San shook his head, “No. I came to attend school.” “Attend school? Could it be you’re a Spirit Master?” Tie Xin looked slightly expectantly at Tang San. Although there were all kinds of schools on the Continent, doubtless the Spirit Master academies were the most notable. Generally speaking, studying other things rarely meant moving, only Spirit Master academies were different. Only major cities had advanced Spirit Master academies. In addition, Tie Xin saw that although Tang San’s clothes and appearance were ordinary, his style of conversation clearly surpassed those of his age. Obviously he had seen some trading, which was why he asked this question. He naturally hoped Tang San was the student of some Spirit Master academy. Although by his age he only appeared to have just entered an intermediate Spirit Master Academy, a Spirit Master’s status was after all different, all were recorded at Spirit Hall. Doing business with Spirit Masters, he only had to see the counterpart’s Spirit Master rank and verify it

with Spirit Hall, and he no longer had to worry that the counterpart would play any tricks. Tang San nodded, saying: “Yes, I just now enrolled in an academy. Do you still have any questions?” Tie Xin spread the plans on the desk, once again carefully looking them over, then saying: “From looking at the plans, the things you want are all extremely elaborate. Forging them isn’t at all easy. Moreover, the fee isn’t small. Although our Smithy has a certain scale, four hundred forty gold coins is still a very large sum to us. How do you intend to collaborate with us?” Tang San had already properly thought through the method for collaboration on the way, “Uncle Tie, like this will be fine. I will first pay an initial payment, and trouble you to make one set of these things. If there’s no problem with the quality, we’ll proceed with manufacturing at once. I will at first be able to pay about one hundred gold spirit coins or so.” Tie Xin frowned, saying: “Young man, since you already are a smith, you should know that very many meticulous things require making molds. These molds are also the largest manufacturing cost. If it’s only making one, let alone me being unable to give you a discount, I’ll even lose money. Although one hundred gold spirit coins is sufficient for an initial payment, I hope you can add a guarantee. Since you are a Spirit Master, is it possible for you to let me take a look at your Spirit Master letter? As long as I confirm there is no problem, our collaboration can begin.” Hearing Tang San would first pay a hundred gold spirit coins, Tie Xin already somewhat believed this youngster, however he had run this smithy for many years, and he couldn’t recognize these things Tang San wanted made, consequently, for dependability, he of course first wanted to get a feel for Tang San. As long as Tang San’s Spirit Master status was no problem, he would at once dare continue with this large deal. As for the Spirit Master letter, that was provided the first time one received a stipend at Spirit Hall, it could be called a Spirit Master’s symbol of status, on it was recorded the Spirit Master’s information, and Spirit Hall’s special serial number. Just relying on this number, for a certain fee one could contact Spirit Hall and verify whether this Spirit Master was the same person. Tang San didn’t hesitate, swiping his right hand over Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges, he took out his Spirit Master letter. It was nothing shameful to him, and he also hoped to be able to complete this arrangement, so naturally he first had to gain the other party’s trust. The Spirit Master letter wasn’t paper or silk, but a palm sized disk of metal. Reportedly only Spirit Hall had this kind of metal, and it was

very difficult to counterfeit. The metal selected for use with Spirit Master letters was also in order to prevent damage, after all, under ordinary circumstances this letter would follow the Spirit Master through his life. On the palm sized metal object was engraved each time the Spirit Master advanced, altogether ten lines. On the first line was engraved the time and place of registration as well as the Spirit Master’s spirit. From the second line on were engraved the times of advancement as well as the spirit master levels. On the other side of the Spirit Master letter was carved Spirit Hall’s first insignia, a long sword. This side of the letter was the same for all Spirit Masters, only people from Spirit Hall would have some variations. Watching Tang San take out the Spirit Master letter and hand it over, Tie Xin hastily stood up and walked out from behind the desk, solemnly using both hands to receive it. The Spirit Master letter was a Spirit Master’s symbol of status as well as advancement record, and ordinarily would not easily be shown. As important as the Spirit Master’s dignity. Even though Tang San looked young, Tie Xin still didn’t dare slight him. Holding the ice cold metal disk, Tie Xin carefully looked at the surface, first to enter his eyes was the topmost line of small characters. These engraved characters were all specially created by Spirit Hall’s, no matter which Spirit Hall, the font was always the same. On the top could be seen written: ‘Name: Tang San, Gender, Male, Douluo Calendar Year 2637, registered at Nuoding City Spirit Sub-Hall, Spirit Blue Silver Grass.’ Reading this line, Tie Xin couldn’t help but be somewhat disappointed. Although his own talent wasn’t high, right now he was only twentieth something rank, part of Spirit Grandmasters forever unable to break through thirtieth rank. But he still had vision and naturally knew of Blue Silver Grass, this standard for useless spirits, could it be that even with a Blue Silver Grass Spirit it was possible to become a Spirit Master? With doubt in his heart, Tie Xin turned his gaze to the second line of the Spirit Master letter. ‘Tenth ranked Spirit Master, registration time, Douluo Calendar Year 2637. Registered at Nuoding City’s Spirit Sub-Hall.’ Tie Xin rubbed his eyes, it wouldn’t be a mistake, right, why still year 2637, was Blue Silver Grass Spirit truly able to cultivate to the Spirit Master realm? Wasn’t this record wrong? Tie Xin looked at Tang San with a doubtful gaze, “Young man, isn’t there a mistake in the records on this Spirit Master letter, why is your registration for becoming Spirit Scholar and Spirit Master unexpectedly the same year?” Tang San smiled slightly, “No, it’s no mistake, since I had innate full spirit power.” Innate

full spirit power? Tie Xin was gobsmacked, his gaze at Tang San immediately changed, regardless of what his spirit was like, the words ‘innate full spirit power’ were sufficient to shock him. At least among the Spirit Masters Tie Xin knew, there still wasn’t anyone with innate full spirit power. ‘No wonder, no wonder he would become Spirit Master in the same year, how could I have expected, he even has these kinds of circumstances like innate full spirit power. An innate full spirit power Blue Silver Grass Spirit Master, this is still too surprising.’ Somewhat eagerly he looked at the Spirit Master letter’s third line, since he previously saw that the Spirit Master letter altogether had three lines. ‘Twentieth ranked Spirit Grandmaster, registration time, Douluo Calendar Year 2639. Registered at Nuoding City Spirit Sub-Hall. On the Spirit Master letter wouldn’t be recorded spirit abilities and levels of spirit rings obtained at different levels, those were after all a Spirit Master’s secret. Even Spirit Hall’s own record would at most only have the spirit ring levels. As for spirit abilities, those would not be lightly revealed by Spirit Masters.

2637, 2638, 2639. With only three years of time, he was already a Spirit Grandmaster? A Spirit Grandmaster over rank twenty? He didn’t look over fifteen, but it was year 2643, which meant he broke through rank two to four years ago.

This time, Tie Xin was thoroughly surprised. Ignoring the useless blue silver grass spirit and just judging by spirit power, he definitely was a prodigy, so much more outstanding than his two sons.

“Uncle Tie, have you finished looking?” Tang San asked politely.

Iron Heart silently gave the Spirit Master letter back to Tang San. He had already memorized the serial number on it and could verify it at anytime.

“Spirit Grandmaster Tang San, I apologize for the offense earlier.” Tie Xin said solemnly.

Tang San smiled while shaking his head, “It’s nothing, it’s hard to do business. If it was me, I might be even more suspicious. After all, I am

quite young.”

Tie Xin couldn’t help but ask, “Can you tell me how old you are?”

Tang San didn’t keep it a secret, “I’ll be thirteen in a few months.”

Tie Xin sucked in a cold breath. Not even thirteen, which meant he was only twelve, and it was four years ago, which meant he became a Spirit Grandmaster when he was only eight. Was this real? Was it possibly real?

“Spirit Grandmaster Tang San, I still have one last request. Can I see your spirit rings?” A twelve year old Spirit Grandmaster, to Tie Xin, was an absolutely unbelievable thing. After all, there were only seven of Shrek’s monsters, and it wasn’t something normal people could understand.

When Tie Xin said this, even he felt it was a bit excessive, a bit too paranoid, his face slightly apprehensive.

Tang San however didn’t mind. He needed a long term cooperation with the smithy. Getting their trust was obviously very important. Tie Xin’s every action was steady, and combined with the size of this smithy, everything was very satisfying.

“Sure.” Tang San slowly raised his left hand, a blue glow quietly bubbled forward.

Tie Xin looked closely at Tang San, waiting for the spirit rings that follow the appearance of the spirit.

Maybe the Spirit Master Letter could be forged, but spirit rings couldn’t be faked. That was the real proof of a Spirit Master’s rank.

Lustrous purplish blue Blue Silver Grass milled out of Tang San’s palm, instantly spreading out, hanging down onto the ground and quickly covering the entire room’s floor. At the same time, three beautiful spirit rings appeared and levitated from his feet, two yellow and one purple. Three very distinct spirit rings revolved around his body rhythmically bobbing.

At this time, the air seemed as if it solidified, everything in the room became ethereal.

Tie Xin’s mouth gaped open, eyes staring rigidly at the spirit rings on Tang San. His hands unconsciously shuddered.

“You. You…..”

Tang San said: “I just got my third spirit ring. I haven’t had time to register it at Spirit Hall, so the Spirit Master Letter doesn’t have the record of me becoming a Spirit Elder.”

Three, was that really three? Tie Xin’s heart was shaking. Twelve years old, Spirit Elder, over level thirty, blue silver grass. These words constantly circled around in Tie Xin’s mind. His mind blanked, an indescribable feeling filled his chest.

From Tang San, Tie Xin felt a pressure, the pressure of a higher ranked Spirit Master.

“Are you really only twelve?”

Tie Xin asked difficulty.

At that moment, suddenly the door opened. A tall figure walked in from outside.

“Dad, I heard the people at the front say that there is a big customer?
Ah!? This is….”

The tall figure suddenly froze. Under the pressure of the blue silver grass, he immediately released his spirit, two yellow hundred year spirit rings rising from his feet.

“It’s you.”

It was Tie Long who came in. When he saw Tang San, he cried out in surprise. Especially after he saw the purple third spirit ring on Tang San, his expression changed abruptly.

Tie Xin after all had been through a lot. He already recovered from his shock.

“A Long[5], you recognize Spirit Elder Tang San?”

Tie Long opened his eyes wide open, staring at Tang San’s third spirit ring. Slightly dejected, he said:

“Dad, you still remember the time my brother and I lost to two children in the Spirit Arena? It was Tang San and another girl’s group called the Three Five Combination. That time Tang San even stopped Xiao Wu from heavily injuring us. Tang San, you actually broke through rank thirty?”

Tang San retracted his spirit, the blue silver grass and the spirit rings disappearing at the same time. Smiling and nodding towards Tie Long, he said,

“Big brother Tie, greetings. Last time we were battling at the Spirit Arena, I was already rank twenty nine. A couple of days ago, I had a bit of fortune and broke through rank thirty.”

Tie Long laughed bitterly,

“Compared with you, my brother and I are simply useless. The people at the front said a big customer came. Is it you?”

Tang San chuckled and said

“How is it not me? This time I intentionally came to inconvenience you. Only I didn’t realize it was your family’s smithy.”

Tie Xin sighed in his mind. His gaze towards Tang San had changed entirely. Maybe he wasn’t sure what a twelve year old Spirit Elder really meant, but even if he had no foresight he could see that Tang San’s future was immeasurable.

“Spirit Elder Tang San, I apologize for the doubt I had. I have no problem with working together. Let’s do it the way you said before.”

Tang San secretly let a breath out. He finally agreed to the cooperation. This way, Tang San could have more time to cultivate and create stronger hidden weapons.

“Uncle Tie, I still want to buy a set of blacksmithing tools of the best quality. Please help me deliver it to the academy. I’ll tell you the address later.”

Tie Xin decisively said: “No problem, whatever you need in the future, just come to us for it. If it is within our ability, we’ll give it to you. Don’t worry, I will let Tie Long and Tie Hu take it over, so the quality won’t be a problem. Those two kids were taught by me. Their skills are the best in the smithy.”

Tang San said: “Then sorry for the inconvenience, Tie brothers.”

After leaving the address of Shrek Academy and paying one hundred gold spirit coins, Tang San, under the escort of the Tie family, left the smithy.

“Uncle Tie, Tie Brothers, you don’t have to see me off anymore. I’ll put my purchases in your care. After you finish forging them, let someone notify me and I will come retrieve it. Sorry for the inconvenience, but try to send the blacksmithing tools to me as soon as possible, as well as the minerals I specified.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll tell someone to send those things to you tomorrow. By the way, Spirit Elder Tang San, does your school still accept students? If my two useless sons can go to your academy, I think their abilities will grow very quickly.” Tie Xin saw with his own eyes Tang San’s abilities. An academy that can educate spirit masters like Tang San was definitely something enticing.

Tang San said: “I’m afraid not, my academy has high standards and only admits people under twelve. The Tie Brothers are already too old.”

Tie Long said: “It’s fine dad. Being at Suotuo Advanced Spirit Master Academy also works. We will try hard to get to rank thirty as soon as


When they came Ma Hongjun already told Tang San to not wait for him. After Tang San left the smithy, he didn’t linger in Suo Tuo City and immediately went back to the academy. To him, the rest of the day will be past through cultivating. Tang San never thought he was a prodigy. He only brought the Mysterious Heaven Treasure Record to this world. The innate full spirit power and the fast cultivation was all due to the Mysterious Heaven Treasure Record. So, he must not slack off.

The next morning, Tang San habitually climbed to the rooftop to cultivate his Purple Demon Eyes, breathing in the purple air from the east brought by the morning sun.

The sky was clear. Looking at the gradually rising orange sphere and the golden sky far away, Tang San slowly breathed out impure qi, his eyes full of purple. The three essences of his spirit almost simultaneously reached their peaks. he knows, he improved again. Coming back from Star Dou Great Forest up to now, he finally recovered all his power.

Although everyday he had to wake up early to cultivate, he didn’t actually cultivate for long. The purple air from the east only maintained for a very short period.

It was time to eat. Tang San flipped down from the roof, going straight to the dining hall.

Without even going inside, Tang San smelled an overwhelming smell, a thick fragrance of meat with a few other smells wafted over, alluring Tang San.

Going into the dining hall, Tang San was immediately shocked by the sight. He was definitely the earliest of the students, but there was already a busy figure.

He continuously watched the pot, controlling the fire and busily managing all kinds of food, wearing a white chef’s hat. Sweat dripped

down the stiff face. It was Grandmaster. Unexpectedly, he was making everyone breakfast.

“Teacher.”Tang San stepped into the cafeteria.

Grandmaster looked up and when he saw Tang San, he smiled. “You are never late.”

Tang San quickly walked to the side, washed his hands, and returned to Grandmaster’s side. “I’ll help you.” He knew, whenever Grandmaster did things, he did it to the end. There wasn’t room for giving up halfway, so he didn’t ask Grandmaster why he wanted to make breakfast for everyone, nor did he try to stop Grandmaster.

Grandmaster shook his head, “No need, I already finished everything.
Come, try my workmanship.”

[1] The Chinese characters are (tie jiang pu 铁匠铺) which translates literally to “Iron Craftsman Shop”. The chapter title is then “‘Iron’ Craftsman Shop”.

[2] (tie 铁)

[3] (Tie jing 铁精) Doesn’t seem to have a real world counterpart. Google will suggest it’s forge ash, which is supposed to have medical implementations, or hematite powder.

[4] (铁⼼) “Iron Heart”. So the English equivalent of this would be for a smith named Smith to run a smithy called Smith’s.
[5] (阿⻰) He uses an “ah” prefix particle that implies familiarity.

Chapter 40

Grandmaster picked up a big bowl, ladling up two big scoops from the pot constantly emitting meat fragrance and handing it to Tang San, from the side picking up two steamed buns and two eggs and setting them on a tray before Tang San.

“Eat, you children are all in a growth period, you certainly need abundant nutrition. The body is the foundation of cultivation, without a good body, how could you support tremendous spirit power? Yesterday I carefully reflected on the encounters you had in Star Dou Great Forest this time, most of all absorbing the Man Faced Demon Spider surpassing your rank. You being able to succeed is admittedly related to your firm willpower, but your sturdy body also had a significant effect. Very many Spirit Masters only focus on cultivating their spirit power and technique, but neglect to fundamentally train their body. Perhaps in the short term nothing can be seen, but after a long time like this, it will inevitably have a restraining effect on advancing to the higher levels.”

Taking the breakfast Grandmaster handed over, Tang San didn’t purport to fast, the rich meat broth clearly had been boiling for a very long time already, little chunks of sliced meat had already been thoroughly stewed, the contents also had a faint medicinal fragrance. From just one whiff, Tang San felt his stomach make a rumbling sound.

Grandmaster’s cooking was better than imagined, the meat broth smelled delicious, the well cooked meat practically melting in the mouth, along with the two steamed buns and two eggs, ever since coming to Shrek Academy,

this was the first time Tang San ate breakfast until he was so full. A warm feeling continuously spread from his belly through his whole body, indescribably comfortable.

Tang San had just finished eating when Xiao Wu’s voice sounded from outside,

“Such a good smell, it seems that today we have something tasty.”

Two people walked into the dining hall. Apart from Xiao Wu there was also her roommate Ning Rongrong. Other people might not know Grandmaster’s character, but how could Xiao Wu be ignorant. Tang San was Grandmaster’s disciple, after being influenced for all these years, she could also be considered having some understanding of Grandmaster.

“Grandmaster, hello.”

Xiao Wu respectfully greeted Grandmaster.

Grandmaster nodded to her, but lacked the smile he had for Tang San. To be precise, apart from Tang San, there were very few people who were able to see Grandmaster’s smiling expression.

Ning Rongrong’s nose twitched. She had been forcefully dragged here by Xiao Wu and was right now still hazy from sleep, but that rich meat fragrance made her gradually wake up.

Grandmaster gave them each a bowl of meat broth, a steamed bun and an egg, half of what he gave Tang San, the girls after all required somewhat less food.

“Eat quickly, no time to also talk.”

Xiao Wu and Ning Rongrong’s hunger was awoken by the meat broth’s aroma, immediately digging in, eating their breakfast.

Seeing Xiao Wu bring Ning Rongrong, Tang San immediately started. Yes, he also should have called Oscar here. He understood Grandmaster even better than Xiao Wu, and naturally knew Teacher’s temper wasn’t as

calm as on the surface, the uncompromising nature towards others was like his name, extremely firm[1].

Thinking of th is, Tang San hastily took his leave of Grandmaster. He didn’t only have to wake Oscar, he also had to deal with the others.

Under Tang San’s efforts, everyone ate breakfast. If they in the beginning called Tang San some resentful words at being woken up, after eating the sumptuous breakfast, they unendingly praised Grandmaster.

After an hour, the bell sounded start of class, time for assembly.

The sunlight brought a fresh and exuberant vitality, all living things thriving in the sunlight, the new day had begun.

Grandmaster with both hands behind his back stood in the center of the grounds, looking at the seven students arranged before him by age. Today’s class only had one teacher. Flender had said, from now on the Academy’s teachers would all comply with Grandmaster’s education.

Grandmaster’s cool gaze swept across everyone,

“For tomorrow’s breakfast, I hope to see you all show up even earlier at the dining hall. Eating food requires a period for digestion afterwards, one can’t immediately conduct strict exercise. I will prepare a good breakfast at dawn, if you haven’t come to eat in one hour, you needn’t eat at all.”

Grandmaster’s sharp gaze swept over all the students. He naturally saw some had not listened, but he still didn’t repeat himself.

“I have already understood each of your spirits and capabilities. Starting from today, I will start your strengthening training. Dai Mubai, step forward.”

Dai Mubai took one step forward, light pulsing in his evil eyes. He might not be too restrained in private, but when in class he absolutely was a good student. To him a teacher’s words were law.

Grandmaster looked at the tall Dai Mubai, saying.

“I will give you one task. Starting from now, without causing any injuries, you will knock down those six one by one.”


Dai Mubai was startled, looking shocked at Grandmaster. The expression on Grandmaster’s face was rigid,
“You have thirty seventh rank spirit power. They are at most thirty first rank. Is there a problem?”

Dai Mubai turned his head to look at everyone, his gaze first falling on Tang San. The others didn’t concern him, but he couldn’t be fearless towards that virtuoso of hidden weapons Tang San.

“Tang San step forward.”

Grandmaster’s voice echoed once again.

Tang San immediately stepped forward, standing at Dai Mubai’s side. Grandmaster looked at Tang San, saying:
“You can’t use your third spirit ability or those peculiar weapons. You can begin.”

“Wait a moment.”

The speaker was Dai Mubai,

“Grandmaster, this isn’t fair, if Tang San can’t display his full strength, then, what is the meaning to us fighting? His rank is lower than mine, if his spirit abilities are also restricted, then this makes my advantage too big. Although Tang San’s third spirit ring was a powerful Man Faced Demon Spider, I have confidence in myself.”

Grandmaster calmly said:

“If he uses his third spirit ring, you won’t have any chance. A control system Spirit Master, unless encountering countering spirits, are the most powerful in a duel. Since you asked for it, let Tang San use his third spirit ring. As comrades, you also have to understand each other.

The others all subconsciously retreated. Grandmaster was also no exception. Over thirtieth ranked Spirit Elders’ strength was already powerful, and without flawless control they might very easily injure bystanders.

Dai Mubai’s evil eyes gradually reddened, although compared to him his opponent was a full six ranks lower, he didn’t dare be the least bit careless. Shrek Academy’s students were all intense, but the only monster who could make him afraid was Tang San.

“Little San, take care. I will not be lenient.”

Tang San only nodded, without saying anything. He could clearly sense the muscles over Dai Mubai’s body already going completely taut, his appearance like a coiled spring or mountain tiger.

Pale white light abruptly burst from Dai Mubai’s body, both arms simultaneously stretching to either side, chest sticking out, the bones all over the body making cracking sounds. Muscles swelling in a flash, filling up the clothes of his body, the atmosphere around him already seeming to become wild and impatient.

Dai Mubai’s spirit White Tiger completed its Body Enhancement.

Blue light rushed out from Tang San’s body. Somewhat transformed by the Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit ring, already a bit more slender Blue Silver Grass quietly spread out from under Tang San’s feet.

Slowly raising his right hand towards the tightly wound Dai Mubai, Tang San seriously said:

“Mubai, if you can break my third spirit ability, then consider it your win.”

Dai Mubai’s mind was shaken. Not just he, but even the other students observing the fight also watched Tang San attentively. They all wanted to see, after experiencing such violent pain, just how formidable Tang San’s third spirit ability actually was.

The double pupils in Dai Mubai’s evil eyes momentarily merged. Without even thinking about it, the third spirit ring over his body, that sparkling purple released in a flash. The third spirit ability White Tiger Vajra Transformation activated.

The body already made powerful by Spirit White Tiger Body Enhancement once again swelled, his muscles swelling exaggeratedly, his clothes completely bursting, exposing a terrifying muscle outline. On his skin appeared black striation, a pair of tiger paws again enlarging, the sharp blades ejected on top all became bright silver, his whole body enveloped in a layer of golden light, like he was gilded. Blood red eyes expressing a bloodthirsty light, his whole body giving off a kind of king of beasts tyranny.

Originally when Dai Mubai first fought Tang San, it was by relying on White Tiger Vajra Transformation that he could instantly break Tang San’s second spirit ring ability. Right now once again confronting Tang San, he also used his strongest spirit ability. His goal was to rely on his sharp tiger claws to cut open Tang San’s Blue Silver Grass.

“Take care.”

The Blue Silver Grass under Tang San’s feet moved in a flash, countless vines milling out. Some rising into the air, some sliding along the ground, some arcing around the sides, rushing towards Dai Mubai from all directions.

Dai Mubai was classified as a strong power type Spirit Master, agility wasn’t what he was good at, and watching the Blue Silver Grass twisting

towards him, he didn’t dodge. Abruptly the golden light over his body became even a bit stronger, meeting the Blue Silver Grass with an assault.

Dai Mubai only took three steps before his powerful body at once stopped moving. Blue Silver Grass first spirit ability, Binding, launched, firmly binding his body within.

Dai Mubai at once subconsciously wanted to rely on his physical strength to struggle free, just like last time. But, in the split second he generated strength he discovered something amiss.

Infused with the third spirit ring’s properties, although Blue Silver Grass became thinner, the degree of its toughness multiplied geometrically. Under Dai Mubai’s full exertion, unexpectedly he couldn’t tear open the Blue Silver Grass, instead that more slender Blue Silver Grass dug tightly into his muscles.

The Ghost Vine thorns quietly protruded, and if not for Dai Mubai’s skin becoming incomparably hard from White Tiger Vajra Transformation, he would already be suffering from the mix of Ghost Vine and Man Faced Demon Spider poison.

But, the thirty seventh ranked Dai Mubai wasn’t so easy to handle. Seeing he was unable to throw off the Blue Silver Grass with brute strength, he immediately moved his trapped hands.

The tiger claw blades abruptly ejected, fiercely sawing at the Blue Silver Grass. In a moment, those blades were already gradually cutting into the Blue Silver Grass. When Dai Mubai used his spirit power at full strength, Blue Silver Grass with the amplifications still couldn’t hold him down.

However, Tang San didn’t hope to rely on this Blue Silver Grass being able to directly restrain Dai Mubai, he was after all a thirty seventh ranked Spirit Elder. His goal was just to have Blue Silver Grass temporarily restrain Dai Mubai for a short time, letting him unleash his third spirit

ability, that’s all. The profound meaning of a control system Spirit Master, was to control his opponent from the very start of the battle until its end.

When Dai Mubai’s sharp blades began to cut the Blue Silver Grass, a sphere of blue green light already launched. Dai Mubai naturally also saw that sphere, and although his body was tied up, he still wasn’t unable to move.

He knew that the sphere of light fired from Tang San’s hand should be his third spirit ring. At the moment unable to change shape, he leaned sideways, falling to the ground.

What he needed right now was time. As long as he had enough time to struggle free of Blue Silver Grass, and in addition relying on thirty seventh ranked spirit power plus the increase in physical strength and attack power from White Tiger Vajra Transformation, he had faith he could break Tang San’s third spirit ring.

Before everyone’s amazed gazes, the blue green sphere of light rapidly unfurled, a five meter wide net dropping from the sky. Although Dai Mubai rolled over, he still couldn’t escape its reach, the speed with which it spread was too fast. Furthermore, that blue green sphere of light was launched with Tang San’s Arrow Hand Throw[2] technique, its speed reaching a terrifying level.

Weng, the huge spider net abruptly wrapped around him. Dai Mubai only felt his whole body tighten, his entire body was already tightly restrained within that spider web.

The tiger claws cut into Blue Silver Grass, but as Dai Mubai prepared to continue cutting, from those spider web threads seemingly slimmer than the Blue Silver Grass, suddenly transmitted an intensely paralysing and burning sensation, even with the power of the White Tiger Vajra Transformation, he was still unable to disperse the numbing feeling.

Strong stickiness bound up Dai Mubai’s body like a dumpling. As the spider web continuously tightened, the sharp edges of the tiger claws came

into contact with the spider web, unexpectedly they directly bounced off, without leaving even a mark.

Dai Mubai unleashed the full strength of his spirit power, hoping to be able to break free of the paralysis and spider web. But the more strength he used, the tighter the spider web twisted around him, that kind of feeling of power being useless immediately made this Evil Eye White Tiger sink into despondency.

The paralysing feeling grew stronger and stronger, and the resisting spirit power naturally also grew weaker. As the spider web twinkling with blue green light continuously tightened, the bones in Dai Mubai’s body began to make creaking sounds.


Grandmaster calmly declared.

Tang San hurried forward with big strides, lifting his hand to wipe at the spider net. Strangely, that sticky spider web once again became light, quietly merging into Tang San’s hand and disappearing, even that Blue Silver Grass twisting around Dai Mubai became streams of light and disappeared.

“This is my third spirit ability, Spider Web Restraint.”

Tang San helped Dai Mubai up, while explaining to him. At the same time he absorbed the poison from Dai Mubai into his own body.

Grandmaster walked over to the two, seeing Dai Mubai’s gloomy face, he calmly said:

“Control. It’s a control system Spirit Master’s characteristic capability. Generally speaking, a control system spirit master’s attack is rather weak, but their controlling strength is exceptionally powerful. Below sixtieth rank, an outstanding control system Spirit Master is able to completely restrain an opponent within a gap of ten ranks. Aside from being able to restrain control system Spirit Masters’ spirits, when confronting a control

system Spirit Master the best method is to not give them the opportunity to exercise their control. But as a power attack type Spirit Master, a control system Spirit Master is precisely your nemesis. Under these kinds of circumstances, you should pull open the distance to the control system Spirit Master.”

Gaze sweeping towards the others, Grandmaster continued:

“Every spirit master has their own strengths and weaknesses. In this world there are no perfect Spirit Masters. But……”

Saying this, Grandmaster paused a moment,

“But, there are perfect teams. One person alone is unable to reach absolute strength, but one team with instinctive coordination can reach perfection. Mutually relying on each other is sufficient to confront enemies of any properties. The control power of Tang San’s third ability is great, but it also has extremely distinct weak points. As far as possible separating from his attack range, no matter how strong the spider web is it can’t restrain you. You are one entity. When you confront the enemy together, your first priority is to complement each other’s weak points. If everyone’s advantages can be fully displayed, then, you will become an unequalled existence among those equally ranked. Dai Mubai, continue your present course. , you will meet the enemy head on, divided into Zhu Zhuqing with Ning Rongrong’s combination as well as Oscar and Ma Hongjun’s combination.”

Dai Mubai had now already withdrawn his White Tiger Vajra Transformation. Light pulsing in his evil eyes, this time he only nodded, without saying anything.

Grandmaster’s gaze turned to Tang San,

“Since you used your third spirit ability on Dai Mubai, then, you can take his place against one opponent. Xiao Wu, let me see your third spirit ability.”

Xiao Wu giggled, walking towards Tang San,

“Little San, you’ll have to be careful, eh.”

The two fights began practically simultaneously. Tang San confronted Xiao Wu, Dai Mubai confronted Ma Hongjun and Oscar.

Seeing Dai Mubai in a bad mood, Ma Hongjun couldn’t help but feel somewhat weak,

“Boss Dai, you wouldn’t release the Evil Fire on me, right?”

Dai Mubai snapped:

“You’re the only one with Evil Fire. Less nonsense, come.”

Speaking, he charged at Ma Hongjun.

Ma Hongjun didn’t dare be neglectful, while swiftly completing his Spirit Body Enhancement, he simultaneously took the two sausages Oscar held out and quickly retreated.

Facing the aggressive Dai Mubai, Ma Hongjun didn’t dare let him in close, immediately launching his second spirit ring ability, Bathing Fire Phoenix.

Intense purple flames abruptly leapt up, blazing heat spreading in the air in a flash, the intensity of the flames clearly somewhat stronger than in Star Dou Great Forest.

After meeting one danger after another in Star Dou Great Forest, not only Tang San and Xiao Wu had advanced in strength, everyone had improved somewhat under the pressure. Shrek students were originally prodigies, in a crisis, their potential naturally appeared under even greater stress.

Feeling the blazing Phoenix flames over Ma Hongjun, Dai Mubai didn’t have the slightest intention of withdrawing, rushing to meet Ma Hongjun, although the raging flames over Fatty would injure him, they still couldn’t cause any serious degree of harm. But if Fatty let him attack in close range, then, he would definitely die tragically.

If it was in the past, Ma Hongjun seeing Dai Mubai in close range would definitely lose his head out of fear. Although his spirit power wasn’t low, his combat experience was far from equal to Dai Mubai or Tang San’s abundance, he was always relying on his powerful flames.

But right now confronting Dai Mubai’s charge, Ma Hongjun not only didn’t panic, his face instead revealed a mischievous smile.

Dai Mubai naturally wouldn’t give up on his attack just because of the opponent’s expression, in the moment when he was about to hit Ma Hongjun, Ma Hongjun’s first spirit ring suddenly shone. A Phoenix Fire Wire as thick as an arm shot out.

Going through the battles in Star Dou Great Forest, Ma Hongjun discovered that when using Phoenix Fire Wire while in Bathing Fire Phoenix, its power doubled. Although the spirit power consumption also grew, the result was extremely good.

It could even compare to the third spirit abilities of some Spirit Masters, this was the benefit of a naturally powerful spirit.

Dai Mubai snorted coldly, he seemed to have long ago already anticipated that Ma Hongjun would have this move, his first and second spirit rings flared simultaneously, White Tiger Body Barrier and White Tiger Light Wave activated simultaneously.

Intense white light and purple fire clashed together fiercely in midair, despite the formidable power amplification of Phoenix Fire Wire under Bathing Fire Phoenix, Ma Hongjun’s spirit power gap to Dai Mubai was ten ranks, and it was still he who lost out.

With a snort, he hurriedly retreated.

Dai Mubai had plentiful battle experience, sharp claws ejecting from his tiger paws, just like a fierce white tiger, he pounced in a flash.

“Boss Dai, I’m not fighting alone.”

Ma Hongjun wasn’t at all flustered, the moment Dai Mubai was about to pounce at him, suddenly, Ma Hongjun’s body abruptly flew back with astonishing speed, in an eyeblink he was already ten meters away.

Dai Mubai rushed at thin air, and immediately came to a distracted stop, although Ma Hongjun’s spirit possessed the ability to fly, his current spirit power was still far from sufficient to let him fly with his spirit. Recalling what Ma Hongjun said, Dai Mubai immediately understood.

It was Oscar’s mushroom sausage.

Relying on the mushroom sausage, Ma Hongjun could fly for one minute, at the speed of the Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent, Dai Mubai reached the conclusion that he was unable to catch up.

‘One minute, you only have one minute, that’s all.’ Dai Mubai sneered inwardly, turning to avoid the Phoenix Fire Wire Ma Hongjun shot into the air, just like a tiger pouncing at prey attacking Oscar not far away.

First dealing with this support, then in one minute the fight would end.

Unfortunately, his arbitrary scheme fell to nothing. Oscar had long ago prepared, seeing Dai Mubai’s target change to him, without waiting for him to come close, already swallowed a mushroom sausage and soared up.

Although Dai Mubai’s White Tiger Light Wave was able to attack at a distance, it was only within twenty meters, if he wanted to extend the distance, he had to consume a great amount of spirit power. In his previous fight with Tang San, using White Tiger Vajra Transformation, his spirit power consumption was considerable, and right now he naturally didn’t dare consume too much.

Watching Oscar and Ma Hongjun in midair each eat a recovery sausage, Oscar rapidly making his vulgar spirit next to Ma Hongjun, and Ma Hongjun continuously fired his Phoenix Fire Wire from the air. With the support of recovery sausages, his spirit power consumption obtained a

certain replenishment, and for a brief time he didn’t need to worry about exhausting himself.

Under the amplification of Bathing Fire Phoenix, Ma Hongjun’s Phoenix Fire Wire was extremely powerful, where the purple flames scorched the ground they left behind long grooves. What made Dai Mubai even angrier was Ma Hongjun constantly sweeping flames from in midair, never very good at dodging, in a moment he was battered and exhausted. Only thanks to his first spirit ring ability White Tiger Body Barrier was he able to repeatedly block Fatty’s flames. Out of reach, and unable to dodge, he could only waste White Tiger Light Wave on Fatty.

But, while they he ate recovery sausages, he had just now consumed a lot of spirit power, it didn’t take long to disappear, and when Fatty ate a second mushroom sausage to maintain flight, Dai Mubai’s spirit power was already unable to keep up.

If he confronted Fatty in peak condition, Dai Mubai still could have relied on his profound spirit power to wear down the opponents. After all Oscar’s recovery sausage could only recover a little spirit power at once. By making mushroom sausages Oscar consumption was considerable, persisting long enough, these two fellows would naturally have to land.

But right now Dai Mubai had previously used White Tiger Vajra Transformation, in addition Oscar had reached the thirtieth rank, making recovery sausages was practically instantaneous, constantly throwing them to Ma Hongjun as if he didn’t have to use up spirit power. With the support of large quantities of recovery sausages, Fatty’s battle endurance clearly could hold out for a long time.

As Ma Hongjun ate his third mushroom sausage, Dai Mubai’s White Tiger Light Wave was already somewhat unable to block the Phoenix Fire Wire, his spirit power already insufficient to support the consumption.

But at the same time, on the other side Tang San and Xiao Wu were also happily fighting.

When Dai Mubai was attacking Ma Hongjun on their side, on the other side Tang San and Xiao Wu were already in battle.

Tang San didn’t know how many times he had fought Xiao Wu, Blue Silver Grass in the first moment densely covered the area around him, as long as Xiao Wu entered this area, he would immediately launch the Binding ability.

Tang San was extremely familiar with Xiao Wu, how would he not also be as familiar to Xiao Wu? Although after Tang San obtained the third spirit ring, Blue Silver Grass changed significantly, from the previous fight between him and Dai Mubai, Xiao Wu from careful observation had roughly grasped the degree of change in Tang San’s spirit.

“Little San, do you have to be so on your guard?”

Xiao Wu’s voice held a note of complaint, sounding somewhat wronged.

Tang San subconsciously raised his head to look at her, even though as he raised his head he already became aware of the mistake, it was still a little too late. He saw Xiao Wu’s already turned pink pair of eyes.

Xiao Wu’s second spirit ability, Demon Confusion[3], activated.

Tang San felt a burst of giddiness in his brain, fortunately he had in the first moments closed his eyes, not letting Xiao Wu’s ability display its full might. But after reaching the thirtieth rank, Xiao Wu’s spirit ability still had been strengthened a certain degree. This moment made Tang San’s mind briefly blank out.

Tang San secretly cursed his stupidity, ever since coming to Shrek Academy, he hadn’t sparred with Xiao Wu at all, and he had relaxed somewhat. If he had first used Purple Demon Eye he wouldn’t be in his current predicament. Purple Demon Eye could be Xiao Wu’s Demon Confusion spirit ability’s natural enemy.

Even Xiao Wu herself didn’t expect her surprise attack to succeed, but seeing Tang San close his eyes, the Blue Silver Grass losing its luster, she

naturally wouldn’t let this opportunity slip by. One foot pointing to the ground, she noiselessly leapt towards Tang San.

By a strict interpretation, Xiao Wu should also be considered an agility attack system Spirit Master. Only the difference between her and Zhu Zhuqing was that her attack method required her to stick close to fully work, while Zhu Zhuqing used hit and run, an assassin’s way.

Though his mind was briefly blank, subconsciously everyone would protect themselves, Tang San without the slightest hesitation raised his right hand, blue green light once again launching.

The light unfurled in a flash, the five meter in diameter spider web was in a moment able to render the enemy’s attack direction completely impassable in front of Tang San. Xiao Wu’s attack was no exception.

Right now it would appear Xiao Wu was already completely without moves, basically without a chance of changing direction, in a moment about to crash into Tang San’s Spider Web Restraint. This was the spider web even Dai Mubai was unable to throw off, with her spirit power, when bound, she could only fall paralysed to the ground, losing the ability to fight.

But Xiao Wu like Ma Hongjun assisted by the mushroom sausage, when confronted with Tang San’s Spider Web Restraint, was without any panic. Just like what Grandmaster had said, any spirit ability could be restrained.

Just in front of the spider web, the third spirit ability over Xiao Wu flared, her third spirit ability emerging before everyone for the first time.

The third spirit ring over Xiao Wu’s body abruptly blossomed with purple light, but differently from the others, the purple light unexpectedly wrapped around her body in a split second, in the next moment, Xiao Wu disappeared in midair.

But by now Tang San had just thrown off the effect of Xiao Wu’s Demon Confusion ability, relying on Purple Demon Eye’s cultivation and firm willpower, in addition to Mysterious Heaven Skill’s orthodox school ability

to restrain this Demon Confusion ability, he was only sluggish for a moment, that’s all. As he recovered to normal, it was just in time to see the scene of Xiao Wu’s body wrapped up in purple light and disappear.

Xiao Wu gone, Tang San’s spider web immediately hit only air. Once the purple light again appeared, it was already behind the spider web, or to be precise, it was right in front of Tang San, Xiao Wu’s pair of slender calves already simultaneously connecting with Tang San’s shoulders, at the same time her charming laughter reached him,

“Little San, you’ve lost.”

In their past contests, once Xiao Wu got close, as long as Tang San didn’t use hidden weapons there was nothing he could do.

After advancing past thirtieth rank, Xiao Wu’s spirit power had clearly improved, although separated by trousers, Tang San could still feel the astonishing flexibility of her calves. Wedged between the calves, already twisting around Tang San’s neck, the first spirit ability Waist Bow activated in a flash, about to directly bring Tang San’s body to the ground.

One must know, along with spirit power increasing, right now Xiao Wu’s Waist Bow was already able to amplify her waist strength over one hundred twenty percent, that was in no way on a level any Spirit Master could resist using physical strength.

Seeing Xiao Wu’s bent back delicate body transmit strength towards his neck, Tang San in his startlement didn’t neglect to shout,

“Maybe not.”

Blue green light launched once again, this time, it was released at Tang San’s own body.

Spider Web Restraint launched in just an eyeblink, the enormously adhesive spider web twisted Tang San and Xiao Wu’s bodies tightly together, and although Xiao Wu’s Waist Bow activated successfully, with

the two bound together she was naturally unable to throw Tang San, with a putong sound, they simultaneously fell down on the ground.

To Tang San it was also the first time experiencing the terror of Spider Web Restraint. Following Blue Silver Grass forming the spider web it clung tightly to the two in a flash, pressing their bodies closely together.

Right now, Xiao Wu’s calves were pressing tightly against Tang San’s neck, with her back upward. Twisted like this, her butt stuck to Tang San’s lower body, perfectly round and warm, adding to the pair’s bodies touching everywhere as they fell and pressed together, Tang San lying face down on Xiao Wu immediately felt his body heat up.

Xiao Wu was already unable to again use her third spirit ability. The poison on the spider web was naturally ineffective on Tang San, but the effect on her was still extremely good, in a moment paralysis and a burning feeling spread all over her body, suppressing her ability to gather spirit power to once again use the third spirit ability. But this moment was also when Dai Mubai’s spirit power was largely exhausted, making him unable to keep fighting.

“Good, you can all stop.”

Grandmaster’s timely voice resounded. Also at this moment, Oscar already dropped out of the air.

Only now did Dai Mubai recall that when Oscar ate his own sausage, the effect was weakened. Unfortunately, his spirit power was already far from sufficient, otherwise he would right now have the opportunity to make a comeback.

Withdrawing the spider web, Tang San helped Xiao Wu stand up, both their expressions somewhat embarrassed. Xiao Wu’s delicate little face blushed like a ripe apple, Tang San’s distinct smell dying her body without fading for a long time. Lowering her head, the braid on the back of her head hung over her chest, not daring to look up at her nominal big brother.

Grandmaster did not seem to see Tang San and Xiao Wu’s embarrassment, letting Ma Hongjun drop out of the air, sweeping his eyes over the five combatants.

“Tell me your thoughts.”

Dai Mubai’s mood was right now extremely depressed. Even if he had lost to Tang San’s third spirit ability, Tang San was after all a control system Spirit Master. But this Fatty Ma Hongjun had never been his match. Unexpectedly being defeated this time, immediately he was unable to accept it:

“If my spirit power had been in peak condition, they wouldn’t have had a chance.”

[1] His name is Gang, which translates as firm.
[2] (甩⼿箭) Last described in chapter 9 against the Datura Snake.
[3] ( 魅 惑 ) Multiple ways to read this one, either literally as
“Demon/Magic Confuse” or more figuratively as “Charm” or “Tempt”.
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