Douluo Dalu Chapter 301-310


Chapter 301

Qian Renxue raised the Sword of Angels she held, the light of the sun once again withdrawing to her body. At the same moment, Qian Renxue’s Angelic Raiment shone, frantically absorbing the true sun fire. On the originally gloriously golden armor, each line brightened, becoming brilliant pure gold, brilliance roamed, like lava floating on top. Qian Renxue’s eyes flickered with divine light, her gaze targeting one spot on the ground. The next moment, she shot down like a shooting star.

With a tearing sound, Qian Renxue ripped straight into the ground like there was nothing in the way, disappearing. Where she entered a one meter diameter hole was left, and its edges were melting in pure golden light like the pit from the previous Sacred Sun Sword attack.

Qian Renxue really was skilled and daring, the way she chose to pursue Tang San was extremely overbearing, actually relying on the true sun fire and her own divine angelic force to bring the temperature of the Angelic Raiment to a truly frightening level. Where she passed, the earth was left melting, letting her pierce into the ground to attack.

Without a doubt, Qian Renxue’s method exhausted her way more than Tang San. Tang San had the power to control the earth, while she directly destroyed it. The pressure and resistance she met was much stronger than the resistance met by Tang San. However, the God of Angels in her complete state was also way stronger than Tang San. Her divine power recovery speed was also far faster than Tang San’s spirit power. Being underground was admittedly an enormous hindrance to Qian Renxue,

substantially weakening her strength. But she was still the terrifying God of Angels. Surrounded by that true sun fire, she closed the distance to Tang San in practically an instant.

Was this fine too? No matter how calm he was, as Tang San sensed what kind of method Qian Renxue used to chase him, he still couldn’t help bursting into curses. His mental strength was completely suppressed underground, and right now he used the fusion of mental strength and Force of Earth to sense Qian Renxue’s pursuit. That astonishing speed and scorching hot energy waves told Tang San what method she was using. Originally Tang San had fused his mental strength and Force of Earth only to sense where Qian Renxue would attack and be able to dodge, but this fusion had now become his eyes. This was where Qian Renxue was obstructed underground, if it was anywhere else, Tang San’s mental strength would basically be useless.

Come then, I don’t stand a chance above ground, but underground the result isn’t so certain. Showing a cold smile, Tang San sped forward, at the same time constantly heading deeper.

His method was definitely harming others without helping him. The deeper he went, the greater the pressure he faced. The earth and the sea weren’t comparable, that enormous pressure definitely wasn’t alike. Where he passed the earth immediately collapsed, and the deeper he went, the larger the pressure would be.

Relying on Force of Earth to control the surroundings, Tang San’s speed still wasn’t influenced. But without a doubt, the deeper he went, the faster his spirit power would be consumed.

Tang San knew it very clearly, he was competing with Qian Renxue in attrition. No matter how it was put, Qian Renxue using the sun’s fire to forcefully bore into the earth was a lot more exhausting than for him. The deeper they went, the faster her exhaustion would be magnified. Because the earth was constantly pressing down, her sun’s fire would have to constantly melt the soil. The deeper they went, the faster

Of course, Tang San’s method was also extremely dangerous to him. If he ran out of spirit power and couldn’t control Force of Earth, then he would immediately be crushed by the pressure, without chance of survival.

Very soon, Tang San’s plot showed results. As he passed a thousand meters underground or so, and Qian Renxue chasing him was less than two hundred meters behind, Qian Renxue’s speed was also already falling.

This wasn’t purely because of the depth. Even more decisive was that the true sun fire Qian Renxue relied on was close to exhausted. She originally planned to use the true sun fire to instantly enter the ground and launch an attack on Tang San. But Tang San’s speed underground far exceeded her expectations, and after suddenly going deeper, she couldn’t catch up to him immediately. Attacking underground wasn’t like outside, even her god level strength wasn’t enough to perform large scale attacks. Because, while large scales attacks might instantly catch up to Tang San, the soil and rocks above would immediately push down, helping Tang San dissolve her attack power. Therefore, Qian Renxue could only conduct single target attacks, reducing the attack area as far as possible to ensure it had enough attack pure. But like this, Tang San naturally had a chance of dodging. Unless within a certain distance, as long as he had enough space, Qian Renxue would find it extremely difficult to kill him. After all, with the Seagod’s Trident in hand, relying on the pure Seagod’s strength, Tang San could still with difficulty manage not to be locked on to by Qian Renxue’s divine senses.

Now the true sun fire was nearly exhausted, and Qian Renxue had to rely on her angelic divine power to cut open the soul and rocks to pursue, and so her speed would naturally drop. Even though she was still a bit faster than Tang San, it wasn’t by much.

Qian Renxue’s heart was already a bit jittery. The soil and rocks were no threat to her, even if she was buried underground, she still didn’t need to worry about directly dying like Tang San did. The powerful god level vitality was enough to let her not have to breathe for a very long time, and with the defense of the Sacred Angelic Armor, she could get out even if she had to crawl. But, this kind of powerful omnipresent and unstoppable enormously exhausting constant attack made her feel extremely depressed. Tang San’s cunning really was cause for headache.

Still two hundred meters. Tang San accelerated with full power. He knew that Qian Renxue was about to catch up, as long as she got within a hundred meters, it wasn’t impossible for her to instantly kill him with her formidable god level strength.

Facing danger to his life, Tang San also staked his all. Regardless of the Force of Earth being more and more exhausting to his spirit power, he did his all to go deeper. At the same time he ate a few large recovery sausages in succession to restore his spent spirit power. Mysterious Heaven Skill was like an enormous maelstrom, swiftly circulating within his body, fully using Strength of Earth and Gravity Control.

Tang San still had one secret weapon. That was the weight of the Clear Sky Hammer and Seagod Trident he held. The Clear Sky Hammer hadn’t released its Spirit Avatar, so its weight still didn’t count for much, but the Seagod Trident’s one hundred eight thousand jin weight meant that he only had to separate the earth to swiftly sink deeper without needing to even control his body.

The distance between the two quickly shrank to one hundred eighty meters. By this time, Tang San had already brought Qian Renxue one thousand two hundred meters under the surface. This was already a depth ordinary humans couldn’t even imagine. The pressure of the earth grew stronger and stronger, and there were even more rocks mixed in the soil, making their speed in cutting through the ground constantly slower.

Suddenly, Tang San’s heart twitched. As if thinking of something, the expression on his face instantly grew eccentric. The Clear Sky Hammer’s flickering first spirit ring’s light suddenly vanished. Gravity Control as well as Force of Earth withdrew in the same instant. His body immediately came to a stop deep within the earth.

Qian Renxue chasing not far behind grew overjoyed. Her speed was faster than Tang San to begin with, and as her divine sense clearly felt Tang San stop, the distance between the two of them closed to a hundred meters within an instant.

At last she was in a position to attack. Qian Renxue naturally wouldn’t hesitate in the slightest, being underground really was too exhausting, and her divine force recovery didn’t cover the expenditures. The Sacred Angelic Sword in her hand pointed forward, and the decorative lines all over her Angelic Raiment instantly erupted with intense light, the six previously withdrawn wings immediately spread out. Even though this would instantly make her endure even greater pressure, there was nothing she could do if she was to bring out her full attack power.

Intense golden light instantly condensed into an enormous golden flame. In this moment, with Qian Renxue as center, the soil within a five meter diameter was simultaneously melted in the golden flame. The enormous pressure at one thousand two hundred meters underground was unable to enter this range. Surrounding Qian Renxue, a dazzling golden disc of light seemed to appear. The Sacred Angelic Sword pointing forward, all the energy instantly condensed on the tip. Qian Renxue’s wrist flicked softly, slashing out four cuts in succession, four lines of golden light, crossing in a
⽶ shape and instantly shooting through the ground. Straight towards Tang San.

And Tang San, having stopped further down, had already turned around in the soul. Swinging the Clear Sky Hammer in his left hand, he guarded in front of his chest. The Clear Sky Hammer’s eighth spirit ring immediately brightened, an intense red light spilling out and enveloping him completely. That red light seemed nearly tangible, covering him completely like a carapace, only sticking close to his skin. It didn’t seem like an energy form defense, but rather like physical armor. And at the same time, Tang San raised his right hand. Even though he didn’t have Force of Earth to help him control the soil around him, he still had his spirit power, and moving wasn’t a problem.

The Seagod Trident sparkled with golden light. This moment Tang San also bet his full strength. The Seagod’s Light frantically poured into the Seagod Trident regardless of exhaustion, his wrist constantly trembling, one golden ring of light after another transforming out from the Seagod Trident’s main blade. Tang San formed nine rings of light in front of him, the defensive position of Unfixed Storm.

The ⽶ -shaped cut reached Tang San almost instantly, and the nine Unfixed Storm defenses were broken almost immediately. However, it was
clear that the attack was weakened with each ring it destroyed, and once they were all gone, its attack power was less than half of before.

And by now Tang San had already turned around, using his back to meed the attack.

The Eight Spider Lances folden neatly behind him, and beyond them was the eighth spirit ring ability Tang San released from the Clear Sky Hammer.

Amidst a massive explosion, the entire ground seemed to heave. If there was anyone on the surface right now, they would definitely think it was an earthquake. Tang San shot through the soil like an artillery shell, directly boring more than a hundred meters. That carapace energy he wore was now completely shattered, and even the god level Eight Spider Lances were fractured, even the clothes on his back had turned to ash.

However, Tang San’s body basically didn’t suffer any serious damage. If Qian Renxue was next to him, she would be able to see that the skin on Tang San’s back was completely golden, the full defense of the Eight Spider Lances. After breaking through the Unfixed Storm, carapace armor as well as the Eight Spider Lances, in the end it couldn’t break through the defense on Tang San’s back. It only blasted him flying, and couldn’t take his life.

Tang San only felt a heat on his back, and with a vomiting sound he spit out a mouthful of blood. He felt his blood almost boiling, the violent pain almost choking him.

This moment embodied Tang San’s formidable willpower. Facing that enormous pain, he didn’t hesitate in the slightest, but instantly changed spirits, turning from Clear Sky Hammer to Blue Silver Emperor, and moreover directly detonating his first Blue Silver Emperor spirit ring. An intense golden blue light instantly enveloped his whole body, using detonating a ring as price for filling his body with energy. And Tang San also used this energy to immediately split the soil and quickly advance.

The Great Sumeru Hammer had a lot of limits on its use. If Great Sumeru Hammer was used, the spirit that used it wouldn’t be able to use any spirit abilities. But as that golden blue light covered his body, making Tang San once again fill up with energy, at the same time as he used the power from the Ring Detonation to expel the Divine Angelic Force that had invaded him, he switched back to the Clear Sky Hammer. Meanwhile, the Clear Sky Hammer’s sixth and eighth spirit rings brightened simultaneously.

The carapace from before appeared around Tang San once again, and in Tang San’s hand the Clear Sky Hammer was covered by the sixth spirit ring and sparkled strangely. Strangely, after being covered in the carapace, the pressure from the surrounding soil disappeared completely, even at a depth of one thousand two hundred meters, Tang San didn’t feel any pressure. He already had this feeling the first time he used it before, and this also even further strengthened his confidence in his actions. And on the other side, after that sixth spirit ring covered the Clear Sky Hammer, Tang San only swung it lightly, and the soil and rocks in front were easily split open, automatically shifting to either side. Tang San’s speed forward was even a bit faster than when he used Force of Earth and Gravity Control before. But most importantly, even though using these two spirit abilities consumed a lot of spirit power, after using them, the consumption was still much less than before. This made him able to accelerate without apprehension, and hide even deeper.

How was it possible? After Qian Renxue attacked, she was immediately squeezed by the rocks and soil. The Angelic Raiment radiated intense golden light, but could still only block them nearby.

With her divine sense scanning, she of course knew that Tang San wasn’t killed by her attack. But that attack just now used the true essence of the God of Angels. Even if she didn’t dare use the strongest God of Angel abilities this deep underground, by her previous understanding of Tang San’s combat abilities, this should have been enough to instantly kill him! Most incomprehensible to her was that, after she attacked, Tang San not only didn’t slow down in the slightest, but instead after exploding with enormous energy, he dashed forward even faster than before. Plus the one

hundred meter distance her attack gave him, the distance between the two had instead pulled open further than two hundred meters.

Let alone Qian Renxue being unable to understand, even Tang San himself had only recalled that he still had even better methods to travel underground through a flash of inspiration. This was also why he suddenly withdrew the Force of Earth and Gravity Control and stopped to take Qian Renxue’s attack.

Even though that moment’s halt delayed Tang San, if he just wanted to change, he still wouldn’t go so far as letting Qian Renxue within one hundred meters. He did so deliberately.

Spirit ability attacks underground, without a doubt, were several times more exhausting than on the surface, and the power would also reduce due to the pressure. There was no need to doubt this. And Tang San also used Unfixed Storm to weaken Qian Renxue’s attack as far as possible, then through his Clear Sky Hammer’s eighth spirit ring hundred thousand year spirit ability to defend him, and the god level Eight Spider Lances as a final defensive tool, no matter what, he didn’t believe Qian Renxue could kill him in one hit.

Facts proved that Tang San’s estimate was completely correct. When he took the attack, the Seagod Trident’s Unfixed Storm naturally had the greatest effect, but the second most important wasn’t the shattered Eight Spider Lances, but rather his eighth spirit ability.

After Tang San killed the three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperor brothers, he gained altogether three hundred thousand year spirit rings, arranged on the sixth, seventh and eighth positions on his Clear Sky Hammer. However, the most miraculous was still the eighth spirit ring. As a hundred thousand year spirit ring, it still only gave Tang San one spirit ability. And among the four spirit abilities Tang San got from the three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperor brothers, there were no duplicates.

The eighth spirit ring gave Tang San an ability called Fifteen Ton Rampart, a purely defensive spirit ability. Back when Tang San discovered what this eighth spirit ring’s ability was, he felt enormously helpless. He

relied mainly on attack and control, there were very few times he needed defense. Such a potent spirit ability had practically no use. However, in his current escape, this defensive spirit ability’s importance appeared.

A one hundred thousand year spirit ring only gave one spirit ability, what did that mean? It meant one less choice, one less spirit ability. But at the same time it also meant that this sole spirit ability was so powerful that it surpassed ordinary hundred thousand year spirit abilities, equalling two spirit abilities together.

The Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors had three strongest capabilities: speed, strength and defense. Their carapace was so strong that even Tang San couldn’t crack it with the Clear Sky Hammer, even the Seagod’s Trident couldn’t harm them with the Golden Thirteen Halberds. In the end he had to rely on the god level Eight Spider Lances’ formidable corrosive toxin as well as the Eight Spider Lances attribute suppression of the Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors to deal with the three.

Tang San’s Clear Sky Hammer’s eighth spirit ring was the defensive power of the Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors. Moreover, it was even stronger than the defensive power of the three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors. This wasn’t just because Tang San’s spirit power was stronger than theirs, but at the same time also because the spirit ring that gave this ability evolved to a hundred thousand years, breaking through the level. Ninety thousand years was just ten thousand years away from a hundred thousand years, but the true effect was vastly different, just like the gap between ninety thousand and hundred thousand year spirit beasts.

Therefore, after using the Fifteen Ton Rampart, Tang San’s defensive power reached an unprecedented degree. Even Qian Renxue’s god level attack lost a lot of power in breaking it, and after being blocked by the Eight Spider Lances, it couldn’t seriously harm Tang San.

This still wasn’t the method Tang San thought of. The reason he was sure he could take the attack was admittedly because he thought of this formidable defensive ability, but it was also equally because he thought of a clever use for another of his Clear Sky Hammer spirit abilities.

What were the Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors? Bugs. They specialized in building nests underground, living deep below the surface. Their earth attribute was even purer than the Titan Giant Ape’s. At least Er Ming still lived above ground. And Fifteen Ton Ants excelled in moving underground. After Tang San released the Fifteen Ton Rampart, he immediately discovered that the pressure from the soil disappeared. This was clearly the properties of the Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors helping him. And the sixth spirit ability he used was one of the two abilities from the spirit ring, called Earth Ant Emperor Chop. In theory it was like Fifteen Ton Ants swinging their forelegs to break open the soil to move forward. It was a straight line attack, a bit similar to the Orca Evil Spirit Hatchet. However, Tang San’s way of using it was different from the Orca Evil Spirit Hatchet, let alone that the shape would definitely be different when used through the Clear Sky Hammer, just that it came from the Fifteen Ton Ant Emperor gave Tang San a large hint. Also relying on the Fifteen Ton Rampart defense, without a doubt, it was even easier and more comfortable than when he used Force of Earth and Gravity Control. The spirit power consumption also reduced a lot. Without the pressure, his spirit power recovery speed also increased. With all this, he could naturally stay underground for even longer.

Tang San lured Qian Renxue into launching the attack, and was amply prepared for it. At least it was much better than being caught up to and suddenly attacked. At the same time it also consumed a large amount of Qian Renxue’s divine power. And that he picked the Blue Silver Emperor to use with Ring Detonation wasn’t so he could display the optimal effect with the Clear Sky Hammer, but also so he could use the Clear Sky Hammer’s spirit abilities.

To be able to plan all of this within a short few breaths, Tang San had brought out his full potential. Ever since he ran into Qian Renxue, he had always been balancing on the edge of life and death. This kind of enormous pressure had inadvertently accelerated Tang San’s progress even further. Right now even Tang San himself was a bit surprised he had pulled it off. He knew that his overall strength had risen somewhat under Qian Renxue’s pressure.

Any creature that met adversity, would either adapt, or die. Tang San absolutely didn’t want to be annihilated, and so he had to constantly progress, unceasingly approach the god level, use all kinds of advantages to obtain a chance for survival.

Sensing Tang San hide even deeper, Qian Renxue frowned, pursuing closely behind, refusing to give up. When she caught up to Tang San today, she had already set her heart. No matter what difficulties she faced, she definitely wouldn’t let Tang San see sunrise tomorrow. Even though she was now enormously exhausted, after reaching the god level, her divine power was also an unknown number of times higher than before. Even though she was exhausted, it still wasn’t enough to make her give up on killing Tang San.

However, as they continued deeper underground, Tang San’s spirit power consumption remained level due to using the two Fifteen Ton Ant Emperor spirit abilities, while Qian Renxue’s consumption increased. She didn’t care about the divine power consumption speed, but she couldn’t ignore her speed constantly dropping. The distance between her and Tang San was already closing slower and slower. Now it was still one hundred meters to Tang San, but closing in further was already very difficult. What angered Qian Renxue the most was that this distance was showing signs of gradually increasing. If it went on like this, without a doubt, she wouldn’t be able to kill Tang San before he reached the sea. She also didn’t know how long Tang San’s spirit power could endure, but she couldn’t allow these circumstances to continue. Once in the sea, who knew what methods Tang San had for dealing with her. Her attributes were light and flame, and the flame attribute was substantially restrained in seawater. Her strength could very possibly be suppressed even further. But Tang San possessed the Seagod Trident, he clearly wouldn’t have this disadvantage. To him, it was on the contrary an advantage.

Tang San swiftly advanced. Suddenly, he discovered that Qian Renxue had stopped behind him, just like he stopped before, extremely abruptly.

Originally Tang San should be excited that Qian Renxue halting would let him pull open the distance, but what he truly felt was his heart thumping violently. He vaguely felt something ominous. As a god level power, Qian

Renxue’s divine power definitely wouldn’t be finished so quickly. Even though they were already one thousand five hundred meters deep, she definitely wouldn’t give up on chasing him this easily. There was only one reason she would stop: she was going to use some divine ability.

But no matter how it was put, right now Tang San still had no choice. He could only rush forward with all his strength. With the Fifteen Ton Rampart for defense, plus his own contingencies and the Seagod Trident, this deep underground Tang San was at least confident Qian Renxue couldn’t kill him in one hit.

Qian Renxue nevertheless stopped, floating in the depths of the earth. Intense golden flame once again appeared all around her, once again pushing away the soil. The six wings unfolded behind her, layer after layer of intense golden light erupting from the Angelic Raiment and angel wings. Qian Renxue gave a roar underground, raising the Sacred Angelic Sword high. Behind her flashed a shadow of herself, instantly infusing into the Sacred Angelic Sword. The next moment, intense golden light burst from the blade.

Where the golden light reached, it directly melted the soil within a one meter diameter. That intense golden light actually broke through the earth, shooting towards the surface.

What was she doing?

Qian Renxue very soon gave the answer. Terrifying god level might manifested in this moment. That tyrannical golden pillar of light actually directly passed through the one thousand five hundred meter distance, forcibly breaking out and charging at the clouds. Qian Renxue actually broke open a channel like this, letting her once again see the sky.

With the appearance of the channel, the pressure of the earth instantly ceased to exist. Even though it was just a one meter diameter, it was enough for Qian Renxue. With the pressure gone, Qian Renxue’s divine power instantly began to recover several times faster than before. God level powers’ recovery ability absolutely wasn’t something ordinary spirit

masters could imagine. In just three breaths time, Qian Renxue’s previously exhausted spirit power was nearly half restored.

But this wasn’t the reason she opened the channel. Even if she didn’t use this kind of method to recover, her divine power could still last for a very long time of underground combat. She had an even more important reason.

The sky grew dark once again, because the light of the sun could only envelop a one meter diameter range. Scorching hot true sun fire pured straight down that channel. To the true sun fire, with this channel and the draw of the Sacred Angelic Sword, this distance basically wasn’t an issue.

A pure golden color instantly extended all over Qian Renxue’s body. This time she not only used the Sacred Angelic Sword to draw the true sun fire, at the same time she also launched the attributes of the Angelic Raiment. Her entire body sucked in and held the true sun fire’s energy like a river running into the sea. Gradually, her Angelic Raiment actually turned pure red. Even the long hair on her head was rendered in the same color.

Two flames flared in her beautiful eyes. Qian Renxue gave a cold snort: Tang San, let’s see where you can run now.

The pure red figure left afterimages as it shot straight into the ground. Intense true sun fire instantly erupted, and Qian Renxue’s speed was at least three times what it was before. It was just like a scorching hot meteor appeared underground, frantically pursuing Tang San. The three thousand meter distance was pulled close in an instant.

Moved to true anger, Qian Renxue was erupting with the true strength of the God of Angels. Even here underground, she would still prove that her strength was far superior to Tang San, and also utterly annihilate him.

Qian Renxue stored up strength for a total of eight seconds. In these eight seconds, Tang San had already moved three kilometers away. Deep underground his mental strength couldn’t spread too far, and adding in that he didn’t have the support of Force of Earth, he had already lost track of Qian Renxue. By now Tang San was even speculating whether Qian Renxue really was letting him go?

However, the next moment, an intense feeling of danger spread through his whole body. Tang San practically instinctively took the most proper action.

The Seagod Trident brand on his forehead flared, instantly connecting with the Seagod’s Heart. The Seagod’s Heart used the spirit ability Vast Ocean Mad Wave to have a blue ripple spread over him. At the same time, Tang San instantly switched his spirit back to the Blue Silver Emperor form, and without hesitation, detonated all the remaining eight spirit rings.

This was all Tang San could do now. Because that heartfelt fear, fear that made even the Seagod Trident tremble, told Tang San that his life might very possibly end here. Therefore, at this moment he didn’t dare hold back. He fully exerted all his abilities and strength.

Boom—— Golden blue light instantly wrapped up Tang San completely. Having lost the support of the Clear Sky Hammer’s two spirit abilities, Tang San’s speed underground also instantly slowed.

At this moment, Tang San’s body had already turned completely golden blue. Detonating eight spirit rings simultaneously, even the Clear Sky Sect ancestor who created the Great Sumeru Hammer had never tried it. But this moment, Tang San had no choice. If he didn’t, he basically wouldn’t feel any security. And at the same time as this energy erupted, he poured nearly all the berserk energy into his Seagod Trident.

It was also at this moment that incomparably terrifying red light filled Tang San’s surroundings, like a malevolent maw opening that could devour everything.

Chapter 302

Even though Tang San had already fought a series of battles with Qian Renxue before, this was still the first time he felt in danger of dying. Spirit masters’ senses were sharper than ordinary people, let alone a power like Tang San. The Seagod Trident he held shivered from the threat behind him, showing just how overpowering the attack was.

The three kilometer distance was crossed in a split second. Tang San only felt everything around him turn pure gold, as if the earth was burning.

This was at a one thousand five hundred kilometer depth! Tang San was shaken, this was the first time he felt just how terrifying god level strength was.

He quickly curled up his whole body, and at the same time completely contained all the energy from the eight Blue Silver Emperor spirit ring detonation within him. The next moment, Tang San only felt scorching heat assault him from all directions. That terrifying head made his body seem like it was melting.

The spirit power within him boiled, all the energy from the ring detonations surging, fusing together with the energy of his body. Tang San had no choice but to detonate eight spirit rings at the same time, but without a doubt, like this he had reached the peak condition he could.

All that energy frantically poured into the Seagod Trident, and the black polearm revealed its might as the Seagod’s divine weapon. It was

completely covered in a golden blue color, with deeply blue light erupting from the Seagod’s heart at the center of the Seagod Trident’s main blade. The Vast Sea Mad Wave Tang San released fused together with it, blue light rippled around him, forcibly isolating him from the terrifying true sun fire outside.

Even though that blue wave was constantly evaporating, the Seagod Trident was also constantly sending it new strength. No matter how great that True Sun Fire became, it still couldn’t reach Tang San in the slightest.

However, at this moment, the soil in front of Tang San suddenly split apart. He only felt a void around him, the surrounding soil and rocks disappearing. One thousand five hundred meters underground appeared an enormous cave.

Without a doubt, this was formed due to the true sun fire. Even though the cave could only be maintained for a short while, Tang San also saw Qian Renxue in the Angelic Raiment instantly arrive in front of him like a pure gold shooting star leaving afterimages behind. The Sacred Angelic Sword thrust forward, the true sun fire adding to her angelic divine power, making her like a sharp divine sword.

There was no other choice, Qian Renxue was too fast. All Tang San could do was completely rely on instinct, blocking with the Seagod Trident in front of him and releasing the Gravity Control ability on it, making the Seagod Trident’s weight directly reach one million eighty thousand jin, meeting Qian Renxue’s killing move at the same time as it made him sink.


The Sacred Angelic Sword fell from the sky, chopping straight at main point of the Seagod Trident. Tang San trembled violently as if shocked by electricity. The next moment, mixed blue and red light exploded like a volcanic eruption.

Originally, soil and rocks were constantly falling in the opened up cave, but at this moment, there was an explosion from the energy of the two great divine weapons clashing.

All the soil and rocks disappeared in the red and blue explosion, without a chance to approach Tang San and Qian Renxue.

The scorching hot Sacred Angelic Sword was less than a chi from Tang San&rsquo

The two fell the whole way to the bottom of the cave, Tang San’s feet stabbing straight into the rock on the floor.

The Sacred Angelic Sword pushed down bit by bit, even Tang San’s one hundred eighty thousand jin heavy Seagod Trident actually couldn’t hold back her destructive force. He could only watch that scorching hot divine sword constantly close on him.

At this moment, Tang San’s mind was blank. The energy from Ring Detonation admittedly helped block Qian Renxue’s destructive power, but that energy was almost exhausted. Along with the incomparably enormous pressure, Tang San clearly felt that his whole body was locked on by Qian Renxue’s god level power. There was no chance to escape again.

In three confrontations with Qian Renxue, three great battles, Tang San had always used all his ingenuity and exploited all advantages to resist her, but at this moment, all his trump cards were already exhausted. Facing an enemy covered in divine raiment, even if his spirit power was doubled it would be no use. He could only blankly watch that Sacred Angelic Sword constantly pushing closer to his head.

Was he going to die? Tang San’s entire potential was already erupting, but he still couldn’t resist the Sacred Angelic Sword. He clearly understood that, as the Ring Detonation power he poured into the Seagod Trident disappeared, this battle would be truly over. In front of the combined strength of the true sun fire and Sacred Angelic Sword, even his bones might not be left behind.

Lord Seagod, I’ve disappointed you. Xiao Wu, I can’t be together with you again.

He scarcely imagined that right now Qian Renxue was equally intensely tormented right now as the Sacred Angelic Sword in her hand pushed down step by step. Watching Tang San die by her hand, to the current her, held not the slightest excitement or pleasure.

Feeling the resistance of the Seagod Trident weaken, seeing Tang San’s eyes fill with despair and unwillingness, the deepest parts of her heart ached violently. Uncontrollably, Tang San’s elegant figure in her last trials of the Angel inheritance, as well as the wild intimate union, constantly appeared in her mind. To the extent that the energy released by the Sacred Angelic Sword weakened slightly.

Reason told Qian Renxue that her judgement was correct, after inheriting the God of Angels, Tang San had become the greatest weakness in her heart. She had to kill him immediately. Nobody knew her secret, and while the weakness would grow larger, as long as she killed him instantly, nobody could exploit it.

However, hoer emotions told her she couldn’t kill this man. If she did, she would definitely regret it through her whole life, regret so painful it would be worse than death would eternaly corrode her heart, never letting her be at peace. Even if she had god level strength, she would still never feel happiness and pleasure. Only if this man lived could she have hope, could she avoid that pain. Even though everything that happened with him was in an illusion, he was still her first man!

This mental contradiction made the divine power Qian Renxue released on the Sacred Angelic Sword shaky, otherwise Tang San should already have been cut down by the Sacred Angelic Sword and annihilated.

Only, Qian Renxue was a rational person, even though her feelings and reason conflicted, reason still held the advantage. Because she clearly understood that if she didn’t kill Tang San, he would definitely become the most terrifying enemy of both her and the entire Spirit Empire. Qian Renxue could be practically certain that if he was allowed to reach the god level as well, she might not be his opponent. He was difficult enough to handle now, so wouldn’t god level Tang San be synonymous with ‘unrivalled’?

In the end, Qian Renxue’s expression gradually grew severe, reason forcefully restraining the tint of emotions in her heart. All she had was given by her grandfather, founding the Spirit Empire was her grandfather’s vision, even if she had to live in pain, she couldn’t disappoint him.

Tang San also sensed Qian Renxue’s killing intent. This moment, his eyes opened wide, right now it was even impossible for him to change spirits to the Clear Sky Hammer. Under the opponent’s pressure, he basically didn’t have half a chance to regain his strength.

Had his death arrived? This time, Tang San’s eyes gradually lost the despair and unwillingness, on the contrary feeling a strange calm. Since the result was decided, what use was despair? Calmly watching Qian Renxue, Tang San’s golden blue light slowly disappeared. That glittering golden Sword of Angels suddenly lost all resistance, cutting straight for Tang San’s forehead. It was also at this moment that Tang San pulled back his hand, again stabbing out with the Seagod Trident. The previously restrained energy instantly burst forth, the main blade pointing straight at Qian Renxue’s chest.

Sensing Tang San’s actions, Qian Renxue immediately thought of the phrase Tang San once used before: Better broken jade than intact tile. Finally at this moment, he still had no thoughts of surrendering. Even if he died, he would still bite back at the moment he perished.

The Seagod Trident’s penetrating power might not be equal to Guanyin’s Tear, but it was a true divine tool. Wounds it caused wouldn’t be so easy to recover from. Only, Qian Renxue basically didn’t worry at all, and Tang San’s thrust affirmed the killing intent in her heart even more. Even though the trident was a divine tool, how much strength could Tang San still have left? Wearing the Angelic Raiment, she basically didn’t need to worry about this attack being able to break her armor, and even less about injuring her.

However, the moment Tang San was on the verge of being destroyed by Qian Renxue, a slow leisurely sigh echoed from the depths of his soul. Immediately after, Qian Renxue felt her whole body tighten, a vast energy wave instantly rolling out, forcibly blowing her away.

Not only Qian Renxue was shocked, even Tang San was staring blankly. Just between him and Qian Renxue, a three meter tall illusory golden figure hung, and Tang San’s Seagod Trident was already in its hand.

Glittering golden light erupted from the Seagod Trident, and it constantly emanated excitement. Clearly, held by this golden shadow, it had once again regained its true strength.

“Seagod?” Qian Renxue coldly watched this golden shadow. Right now, even though they were underground where there was basically no air, it still couldn’t influence god level powers like her. Even Tang San would be fine without breathing for a while. Due to the energy from her and Tang San’s previous attacks, the soil and rocks surrounding the cave had also firmed up, and it was in no danger of collapsing.

“No, you aren’t the Seagod. At most it’s a memory the Seagod left in the world.” Qian Renxue gave a cold laugh, slowly pointing the Sacred Angelic Sword forward. The six wings behind her spread out, releasing rings of golden light.

That golden shadow spoke in a calm and gentle voice: “That’s right, this is indeed just a phantom I left before leaving. Each god will leave behind a similar divine intent as they leave this world. The divine intent of the God of Angels you succeeded only long since disappeared due to being passed through numerous hands. Yet he, is the first candidate for succeeding as Seagod since I left. I think I won’t be able to find a more accomplished successor than him in the future either. Young lady, although you have become the God of Angels, you still can’t truly use the God of Angels’ skills. Even more, this is not a place suited to the God of Angels. Your stage should be the sky.”

Qian Renxue sneered, “Then so what? You’re just a thought, do you believe you can stop me from killing Tang San?”

The Seagod smiled faintly, “How about you try it?” While speaking, he slowly raised the Seagod Trident, gentle golden light instantly spreading out like waves. Not to attack Qian Renxue, but rather spreading out behind him, instantly disappearing into the soil and disappearing.

“As Seagod, you must always remember to draw on the support of the ocean, anywhere and anytime. The ocean is our true form, it’s also the origin of our strength.” This was clearly said for Tang San. Tang San had slowed his breathing by now, and in a flash he switched his spirit over to the Clear Sky Hammer. He finally had a trace of strength to defend himself with.

Pure golden light sparkled in the air. In practically an instant, Qian Renxue had turned into five figures, light and shadow criss crossing. From different angles, with different methods, scorching hot true sun fire mixed with the with angelic divine power and suddenly shot towards the Seagod.

Tang San’s eyes opened wide. This golden shadow had appeared once before. At that time, when Bibi Dong almost killed him, it had appeared and saved his life, and at the same time also imparted him with the first three moves of the Golden Thirteen Halberds. But back then it had told him that he didn’t have enough energy, and it had almost been exhausted then.

But now he faced a true god. This was just the descent of a trace of the Seagod’s divine intent, could it really block Qian Renxue’s attack? Right now it seemed like he should turn and run, using the Seagod’s descent blocking Qian Renxue to escape to the sea as soon as possible.

However, Tang San didn’t. His emotions prevailed over reason, he couldn’t abandon the descended Seagod like that. Even though this might just be a trace of divine intent, he had still saved him. If he left like this, then even if he could survive, Tang San believed he wouldn’t be able to forgive himself. Even more when he had already sworn not to let the Seagod Trident leave him again.

Therefore, he didn’t leave, only holding the Clear Sky Hammer and quietly standing behind the Seagod, focusing all his attention on this three meter shadow.

The Seagod’s shadow was golden, but it really was too vague, its true appearance couldn’t be seen. But at the same time as Qian Renxue attacked, he also moved. The Seagod Trident seemed like a part of him, playing in the air like an illusion, one golden ring of light quietly spreading out like

parts of his body splitting. Altogether nine rings of light, just enough to block Qian Renxue’s nine charging silhouettes.

The first time Tang San saw the Seagod use Unfixed Storm he hadn’t known the ability, but this time was different. As he focused his attention and watched fixedly, he discovered a lot of intricacies of the skill, as well as mistakes he had made. Among them, the greatest mistake was that he didn’t truly unite with the Seagod Trident. Perhaps that might be because he still hadn’t become Seagod, but that wasn’t the absolute cause.

From any point of view, it felt like Qian Renxue’s energy waves were much more powerful than this divine intent come Seagod. However, as her true sun fire struck the Unfixed Storm, those nine attacks disappeared into nothing.

The nine figures reunited into one, Qian Renxue’s eyes revealing intense shock. She hadn’t felt any resistance, but her attacks were still redirected by the opponent’s methods. Even the true sun fire’s strength couldn’t destroy the enemy.

However, after taking Qian Renxue’s attack, the Seagod’s shadow grew even more vague, as if it might disappear at any moment.

Just as Qian Renxue prepared to attack once again and thoroughly annihilate him, suddenly, her eyes revealed overwhelming shock.

Tang San also sensed it. He raised his head and looked back. What he saw was blue. In this darkness, even using the light Qian Renxue emanated, he also clearly saw the azure blue of the sea.

Yes, the soil and rocks behind Tang San had now completely changed color. Immediately afterward, surging blue light brought incomparably enormous water element and rushed inside.

The Seagod Trident brightened, turning blue together with the Seagod, the color of the ocean. The great polearm pointed forward, and that incomparable power of the ocean burst forth. Straight for Qian Renxue.

All Qian Renxue could do was swiftly close up her six wings, protecting her within. The next moment, she was washed into the soil by that azure blue energy. And all the surroundings now also turned blue.

The Seagod raising the trident to launch energy behind him wasn’t wasted, he was summoning the power of the ocean!

In Tang San and Qian Renxue’s previous chase, they had already come very close to the ocean, and this descended Seagod just displayed the true power of the Seagod Trident, drawing over the boundless energy of the sea. Even a god level power like Qian Renxue was directly sent off. Just like the Seagod said, this wasn’t a stage that belonged to her.

That increasingly vague shadow slowly turned. In a flash of light, within blue light that made Tang San feel incomparably comfortable, the Seagod came before him.

Although Tang San couldn’t see the Seagod’s appearance, only that extremely faint shadow, he could still sense its gratitude and benevolence.

“I’ve disappointed you.” Tang San lowered his head in shame.

“No, you’ve already done very well. Even I wouldn’t have thought that the successor I chose would be so outstanding. Actually, even if I didn’t pass on my godhood, I believe one day you could definitely break through rank one hundred. You’re more talented than I ever was.”

“This time, I really will leave you. The divine intent left in this world is already exhausted. You can only rely on your own power in the future. Remember, gods that leave this world can never return. The God of Angels isn’t scary, as long as you inherit my power, that’s enough to face her. Only, in order to save you this time, you might face even more difficulties when accepting the inheritance. But I believe you can definitely succeed. Always remember, the ocean is your staunchest support. Goodbye child, I wish you a smooth inheritance.”

The Seagod extended a finger, touching the Seagod Trident brand on Tang San’s forehead. Tang San felt his mind clear, and the next moment, the

surging water element turned into the purest energy and poured into him. All his previous exhaustion, including the side effects of ring detonation, actually completely disappeared as that pure energy infused him. The surrounding scenery also grew illusory. Tang San felt his whole body relax, all the pressure obliterated completely. The surroundings had already become a pure blue world.

The Seagod’s shadow disappeared, the once again black Seagod Trident returning to Tang San’s hand. However, shocking Tang San was that the Seagod’s Heart on its main blade had disappeared, exposing the empty cavity when he first saw the Seagod Trident. Having lost the Seagod’s Heart, even though the trident’s weight didn’t change, Tang San could clearly feel it seemed to have lost its soul, no longer giving that harmonious feeling, like he was holding a common weapon.

Tang San finally understood what the Seagod meant when he said his inheritance would become harder. Maybe it was because the Seagod’s Heart disappeared. In order to save him before, the energy to attack, pull over the power of the ocean and help him completely recover, all came from the Seagod’s Heart!

Holding the Seagod Trident close, tears rolled out. You still saved me, but I couldn’t save you. My partner, don’t worry, no matter the price, I will definitely help restore your soul and return that lost Seagod’s Heart.


Boom, boom, boom…… The waves lashed the shore, constantly producing deafening roars. As far as the eye could see, the dark blue ocean was bathed in sunlight, creating a beautiful scenery. Smelling the refreshing air of the ocean, anyone would feel carefree and relaxed.

Unfortunately, the six people standing on the shore didn’t feel any of that. Each of them were full of imposing manner, glittering spirit rings spinning around them. Even the one with the fewest possessed a full seven glittering spirit rings. And the other five uniformly had eight.

One Spirit Sage, five Spirit Douluo, this would absolutely be a formidable force anywhere on the continent. But right now their eyes all revealed intense anxiety.

“How come he still isn’t here? Boss Dai, let me go meet him.” Xiao Wu said anxiously.

These six were no others than the six of the Shrek Seven Devils beside Tang San. They had already been by the ocean for a while and contacted the Devil Spirit Great White Sharks, waiting for Tang San to rush over and meet with them before leaving for Seagod Island.

However, not long ago, they had received news of Tang San. The Seagod Trident’s golden light shooting towards the sky had made them nervous.

Even though they all knew that there should be nobody on the continent that could threaten Tang San’s life, the Seagod’s Light was a previously agreed upon signal, letting them pay all attention to their safety.

What worried them even more was that after that Seagod’s Light, unprecedented explosions and energy waves suddenly issued. Even though they hadn’t been anywhere near it, those violent waves had made the ocean surge. The Shrek Seven Devils had never felt energy waves on that level, and they were all instantly shocked, all releasing their spirits, ready to support Tang San at any time.

However, after waiting for a long time from that enormous energy wave, the ground only seemed to tremble a few times, but they never sensed Tang San’s presence, let alone the figure of him arriving. How could they not be worried?

The most anxious was naturally Xiao Wu, who proposed going to search for Tang San.

“That won’t do. Xiao Wu, don’t worry.” Dai Mubai spoke quietly: “We agreed to meet Tang San here, we can’t just leave. I think little San met some trouble. But we have to believe in his strength. If you go to find him now, just in case you encounter danger or he arrives, wouldn’t we have to

worry about you instead? Little San’s spirit power is already rank ninety three, plus he has the Seagod Trident and twin spirits, even rank ninety nine peak Douluo might not escape unharmed. He should arrive very soon, don’t you worry.”

Ning Rongrong stepped up and held Xiao Wu’s hand, “Xiao Wu, boss Dai is right. If we scatter now it will instead cause problems. Going to find him together is better than you going off alone!”

Xiao Wu quietly nodded, but she was still very worried. She’d once sacrificed herself for Tang San, and Tang San had then given his spirit rings to her. Therefore, there was a kind of special bond between her and Tang San. Even though Dai Mubai, Ning Rongrong and the others were making sense, under ordinary circumstances Tang San shouldn’t have met any danger he couldn’t escape, Xiao Wu still felt this time was different. That feeling of fear and trepidation made her extremely jittery and filled with concern.

Waiting was a kind of torture, to anyone. A quarter of an hour passed very quickly, and Xiao Wu couldn’t help it any longer, “No good, I’m going to find him.” Speaking, she turned in the direction the Seagod’s Light was seen before.

Zhu Zhuqing quickly held back Xiao Wu, “Xiao Wu, don’t be rash, let’s go together.”

Xiao Wu’s eyes were already rimmed with red, tears rolling around, “Then let’s hurry. It’s different this time, really, this is different from before. I can feel it, Ge is in danger. We have to save him quickly.”
Dai Mubai also didn’t hesitate further, “Let’s go, we’ll save little San.” “Hang on, look.” Just at this moment, Oscar suddenly shouted, and
everyone looked in the direction of his voice, only to see the previously raging sea suddenly calm, all waves seeming to suddenly quiet down and the sea turning smooth as a mirror, like a giant lake. And under their gazes, about five hundred meters out, a giant whirlpool formed, surging energy waves dying the entire surface of the sea blue.

“That’s……” Everyone looked shocked at the changed in the sea. Xiao Wu now jumped out, “That’s his energy, it’s the Seagod’s energy.”

At the same moment as Xiao Wu leapt into the sea like a mermaid, with a soft splash, a figure shot out of the center of the whirlpool, directly into the sky. Wasn’t that Tang San?

Only now he cut a sorry figure, completely naked, on both sides of his back still exposing the shattered remains of the Eight Spider Lances, the Seagod Trident even more lifeless and dull.

“Little San, why’d you come from the sea?” Dai Mubai saw Tang San return, and even though he looked like he’d met a powerful enemy, he heaved a sigh of relief that the brothers were all gathered together.

Tang San descended from the sky, landing straight in front of Xiao Wu in the sea, speaking in a low voice as he caught her in his arms: “There’s no time to explain, quickly, follow me to sea.” While speaking, the Seagod Trident brand on his forehead flashed with blue light, and the Vast Sea Barrier released, enveloping the six. Spirit power burst forth, pulling the six out to sea.

Even though nobody knew what had happened, they hadn’t seen Tang San with such a serious expression for a very long time, and nobody asked questions, quickly following Tang San into the ocean.

Just as they entered the sea, Tang San saw a friend quickly approaching the shore: Devil Spirit Great White Shark King Xiao Bai’s kinsmen. Altogether seven especially robust Devil Spirit Great White Sharks were quickly heading towards them. Clearly, they had also felt the waves of the Seagod’s power. Seeing them, Tang San couldn’t help being overjoyed, Quickly controlling the Vast Sea Barrier to reveal them, he summoned the Devil Spirit Great White Sharks and passed down orders to them with his mental power.

The Devil Spirit Great White Shark clan was one of the tyrants of the sea, extremely intelligent, and the ones Xiao Bai sent all had cultivation over thirty thousand years. Immediately understanding Tang San’s idea, the

seven Devil Spirit Great White Sharks simultaneously moved beneath the Vast Sea Barrier, and under Tang San’s control, the Vast Sea Barrier fused with them. They accelerated at the same time, immediately moving deeper into the ocean.

Tang San discovered that the energy the Seagod infused into him not only let him recover his strength, but at the same time also strengthened his control over the Seagod’s Light as well as the abilities related to the Seagod. If it was previously, he absolutely wouldn’t be able to bring his six comrades and control the Vast Sea Barrier so cleverly. But no matter what, now they were finally safe.

Using the Vast Sea Barrier on land and in the ocean were two completely different concepts. In the ocean, this Seagod ability could completely fuse with the entire sea, drawing on the power of the sea to hide them. Back when Tang San still couldn’t completely show its effect, Tang San could still rely on the Vast Sea Barrier to have the Shrek Seven Devils reach the Seagod Island. With his strength now geometrically increased, once the Seagod’s successor entered the sea, even Qian Renxue could do nothing.

Less than a quarter hour after Tang San’s group entered the ocean, a golden figure descended from the sky, landing on the shore. Completely covered in Sacred Angelic Armor, Qian Renxue’s expression was extremely unsightly. The Seagod’s attack couldn’t truly harm her, just like she said, that was after all just the Seagod’s divine intent, and not the true Seagod’s strength. But, even though that Strength couldn’t harm her, it still pushed her almost ten kilometers away. At the same time, the divine intent she’d placed on Tang San was also forcefully broken. With great difficulty she had caught Tang San’s presence again, but now it had already disappeared completely.

Chapter 303

Qian Renxue’s expression was so heavy you could wring water from it. She had never thought chasing Tang San would be this difficult. If last time in Star Dou Great Forest, she could be said not to have used her full strength, then this time she had fully displayed her god level strength, even using the Angelic Raiment’s abilities, but still couldn’t kill Tang San.

However, Qian Renxue also clearly sensed that after the Seagod Trident blocked her, its soul had disappeared. That the Seagod’s intent could briefly show the Seagod’s full strength definitely didn’t come without cost. Under such circumstances, he definitely couldn’t take one more of her attacks.

But seeing this bundless ocean, Qian Renxue felt a pang of powerlessness. The power of gods also had limits. Just like Tang San said, the meaning of gods on the Douluo Continent meant humans with a certain level of strength, or rather the strongest human spirit masters who broke through rank one hundred to reach another realm.

Qian Renxue wasn’t in her own domain, and even her god level strength wasn’t omnipotent. At least, her divine senses would be enormously handicapped in the ocean. The deeper the sea, the greater the hindrance, far from as free as in the air. She was well aware that with Tang San’s abilities that received even the Seagod’s attention, finding him again was as difficult as climbing to heaven.

Drawing a deep breath and calming her heard, recalling the previous underground battle, Qian Renxue couldn’t help sighing inwardly. What that

divine intent Seagod said was right, even though she had become the God of Angels, she still hadn’t cultivated step by step to the god level. There were a lot of processes that her grandfather had helped simplify. She completely comprehended the spirit of the God of Angels, but she hadn’t fully grasped its full strength. Otherwise, how would there be so many delays and pauses when using the abilities, giving Tang San chances to take advantage of.

Gazing into the boundless ocean, Qian Renxue’s heart gradually calmed. She was like Tang San, also a genius to define her era. Only these days her attitude had been influenced by all the escape techniques Tang San used. Seeing that she no longer had a chance to chase him, she on the contrary calmed down. She clearly understood that if she couldn’t erase the feelings of failure from being unable to catch Tang San, her cultivation might be influenced.

Gradually calming down, the divine intent belonging to the God of Angels slowly circled around her. Bathed in sunshine, the Angelic Raiment glittered with dazzling light.

“Tang San, since you’ve stepped onto the road to the Seagod’s inheritance, then with your intelligence and wisdom, you can definitely become the Seagod. Before and until now, I chased you to destroy you. It was to erase the insurmountable shock left in my heart. But now I won’t, I’ll just wait for you here, so what if it’s once you become Seagod? Once you’ve become a god, let us properly compete and see if your Seagod is amazing, or if my God of Angels is even stronger. Tang San, I’m waiting for you here.”

Golden ripples poured into the seawater along with Qian Renxue’s voice. Even though she couldn’t rely on her divine intent to reach through Tang San’s Vast Sea Barrier, by now issuing her voice and relying on her formidable divine senses to send her voice into the ocean, then as long as Tang San was within a thousand li range, he would certainly hear her.

Having said her pie

Taking the initiative to give up on chasing Tang San, and using her words to tell herself she would face Tang San as a god, allowed her to erase the feelings of failure she held. At the same time it also drew on the faith of never admitting defeat to finally raise her way of thinking from a human spirit master to that of a god. Angelic divine power connected in a flash of insight, without any more delays. It might be said that if Tang San had faced Qian Renxue in this condition, he basically wouldn’t have stood a chance of escaping. Qian Renxue could also be said to have truly stepped into the realm of gods with Tang San’s help, thoroughly becoming the God of Angels.

That she decided to wait here for Tang San instead of returning to the Spirit Empire’s battlefield, that she was able to discard the outcome of the battle, amply displayed her current level. Here she would calm down, mastering everything granted to her after becoming god, truly displaying the might of gods.

In the ocean, the swiftly moving Devil Spirit Great White Sharks suddenly slowed. Even though the seawater only rippled slightly in that undulation, at this moment, all creatures of   the   sea   within   a thousand li blanked out briefly, a clear voice reaching their minds.

This voice was naturally also heard by the Shrek Seven Devils within the Vast Sea Barrier. Besides Tang San, the other six couldn’t help simultaneously changing expression, shocked lookinf at Tang San, their eyes filled with disbelief.

In fact, even the weakest among them, Xiao Wu, still had Spirit Sage level strength, as well as extensive experience from cultivating as a spirit beast for a hundred thousand years, but they had never thought someone could spread their voice through seawater, and that instant shock also made their souls tremble. At this moment, they finally understood why Tang San was so disheveled, and moreover quickly submerged them into the sea as if anxious. What kind of existence was the owner of this voice?

Right now, with the Devil Spirit Great White Sharks moving at full speed, even though it hadn’t been long, the Shrek Seven Devils were already several dozen li from the shore. Relying on the protection of the

Vast Sea Barrier, plus the cover of seawater, Tang San could be certain that even if Qian Renxue was omniscient, it would still be impossible to find them. His mind now finally relaxed a bit. However, as he saw the cavity on the Seagod Trident missing the Seagod’s Heart, he couldn’t help frowning.

Ma Hongjun wanted to ask about it, but was stopped by a glance from Dai Mubai. Ma Hongjun immediately came to himself. None of them had to ask Tang San. As brothers for so many years, they of course knew that if Tang San wanted to speak, he definitely would. Worrying was useless.

Xiao Wu sat next to Tang San, observing the closest. She clearly saw that Tang San’s right hand gripping the Seagod Trident had turned pale, the joints clearly visible, clearly caused by overexertion. This voice had clearly provoked him.

Xiao Wu silently wrapped Tang San’s big hand in her small ones. Feeling the warmth from Xiao Wu’s palms, Tang San turned his head to look at her, sighing: “In the last few days, not only did I feel like I wouldn’t see you again, even today, if not for a miracle, you might not even have found my corpse.”

Tang San finally spoke, and everyone couldn’t help asking questions. Dai Mubai frowned: “Was it the owner of that voice? How did she do it? How can her voice pass through the sea? Don’t tell me she’s even stronger than Bibi Dong? But Bibi Dong is already rank ninety eight or ninety nine. If someone was even stronger than her it would at most be in terms of spirit. There can’t be a triple spirit enemy. Even if there was, with your current strength plus the Seagod Trident, it wouldn’t be so bad as to force you to run like this!”

Tang San gave a wry laugh. He knew that his comrades wouldn’t think in that direction. Even though he could guess Qian Renxue’s strength, he also hadn’t thought Qian Renxue would be at such a level.

“You all know that person. Las time in Heaven Dou City, she almost gained control over the imperial family as well as the entire empire. Her father was the previous Supreme Pontiff who died from wounds caused by

my father. Her grandfather is the current Spirit Hall high priest, peak Douluo Qian Daoliu.”

Oscar said: “You’re talking about Qian Renxue? How could she chase you like that? Was she together with her grandfather?” They could still understand if Qian Daoliu had chased Tang San.

Tang San silently shook his head, “If it was Qian Daoliu, I would at least have thirty percent certainty of defending myself, with seventy percent chance of being able to smoothly escape. But against Qian Renxue, I don’t have ten percent chance. This time it was all due to relying on effort, courage as well as abilities, and even more luck, that I could see you all again. Because, Qian Renxue is no longer human.”

Ma Hongjun subconsciously said: “Not human? Then what? Don’t tell me she’s a hundred thousand year spirit beast too?”

Ma Hongjun reacted slow, but that didn’t mean the others did. Understanding most clearly, Oscar’s mouth opened wide, Ning Rongrong covered her mouth, keeping herself from crying out. Xiao Wu who originally just softly held Tang San’s hand tightened her grip at the same time as her eyes filled with shock, as if afraid she would lose Tang San immediately.

Dai Mubai had the steadiest heart, but he still couldn’t help exhaling,
“You, you mean……”

Tang San nodded, “Yes, she’s already become a god, the six winged God of Angels. If I’m not mistaken, this inheritance should always have been with Spirit Hall’s Elder Palace, or the priests or Douluo Palace or similar. Qian Renxue should have inherited the God of Angels with Qian Daoliu’s help. We’ve always worked hard these years, but Spirit Hall hasn’t been idle either! It’s truly worthy of an organisation able to control the spirit master world for so long. They actually really bred a god level power.”

Ma Hongjun gaped wide, dumbly saying: “Isn’t, isn’t that impossible?
In so few years! How could that Qian Renxue……”

Oscar had a wry expression: “Nothing’s impossible, just look at little San. Little San could rise from rank sixty to rank ninety something in just a few years. Spirit Hall’s resources are much deeper than ours, how could they not produce a god level power? Only, it would be nice if their god level power could appear a few months later.”

Ning Rongrong said: “Third brother, how was your fight with Qian Renxue? You…..”

Tang San laughed out loud: “You want to ask how I could escape alive from a god’s pursuit. Frankly, this time luck accounts for at least half of it, my strength the rest. The reason I say luck is half is mainly because when I ran into Qian Renxue, she should have just finished the inheritance and obtained the position of god. Her grasp of god level strength couldn’t have been complete. Plus she might have a trauma towards me because of the fight back in Heaven Dou City, and I persuaded her not to use her full strength, which I exploited to successfully escape Star Dou Great Forest. The other time was luck, if the Seagod hadn’t helped me, I wouldn’t have seen you again. God level power really is beyond the range of human comprehension. Did you know, Qian Renxue actually used the power of the sun to attack me. Simply put, it can practically give her infinite strength. I thought I built a situation rather advantageous to me, but I still risked dying. Even surviving was at the price of the Seagod’s Heart.”

Hearing the word ‘god’, everyone grew a bit absent-minded. After all, even though they had obtained the Seagod’s approval due to Tang San, and moreover received the Seagod’s trials, so they had some understanding of gods, they had after all never really seen a god, nor could they imagine the level of power gods reached.

But, they clearly understood Tang San’s strength. Since returning from Seagod Island, Tang San relied on his formidable might to break powerful enemies time and time again. Whether gaining the Clear Sky School’s approval or reversing the tides of war, as well as ruining the Spirit Empire empress’ plans several times, he could be said to have perfectly displayed his genius strength. Even on a battlefield of millions of heros, he could become a formidable power to close the two sides. One might say that, if

not for Tang San, the Heaven Dou Empire couldn’t possibly have attained such brilliant victories. But, after Tang San now spoke of god level Qian Renxue, the expression on his face was even more helpless and lucky. This showed what kind of danger he had run into. The appearance of a god level power was undoubtedly a blow to everyone’s plans.

The inside of the Vast Sea Barrier was so quiet a falling pin could have been heard. Tang San watched his comrades’ expressions change. He understood that, just like when he’d just met Qian Renxue, everyone’s confidence had suffered a blow. Moreover, the appearance of a god level power also made them feel restless.

Tang San didn’t try to persuade the others, he spoke up calmly, “Starting from when I left for the Star Dou Great Forest, I began to raise spirit rings for the Clear Sky Hammer……”

Tang San narrated all that he had been through, in meticulous detail, without leaving anything out. Even the battles with spirit beasts, and especially that Dark Devilgod Tiger’s fight, were all covered without omissions. He even described his cultivation experiences as well as the feeling of the Great Sumeru Hammer and comboing spirit abilities were described without holding back.

Starting from killing the first spirit beast, gradually, he talked about how he almost berserk simultaneously absorbed the three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors.

“After I fully absorbed them, giving the Clear Sky Hammer eight spirit rings, I didn’t even have time to sense or check the effects of my spirit rings before I met Qian Renxue. On just that instant, I sensed something wrong. Because, even with my spirit power already at rank ninety five and my mental strength once again advanced, I basically never sensed her presence. Even the connection between my Blue Silver Emperor and the blue silver grass couldn’t tell me how she arrived. At that moment, even though I didn’t want to believe it, in my heart I already understood……”

After finishing his account of killing spirit beasts, he came to the key part. Along with Tang San’s narration, his comrades’ minds were all drawn

in by his words, their gazes fixed on him. Especially after he was nearly outwitted by the Dark Devilgod Tiger, everyone couldn’t help being shocked. When they heard Tang San absorbed three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors at the same time, they again felt their blood boiling. Their previous disappointment and worry was now gradually diluted by Tang San’s story.

Tang San talked about his three battles with Qian Renxue in even more detail. Not only describing the process of the fight, but at the same time also his mental state, as well as his conjectures of Qian Renxue’s mental state and how he acted.

It was true that Tang San and Qian Renxue’s battle could be described as very dangerous, but his wisdom still had a very important effect. Through his clever use of words, even though Tang San’s account didn’t differ from the factual situation, it still made everyone feel like absolute strength wasn’t everything, and that intelligence was equally important. Facing such a god level power, Tang San ultimately still escaped, standing in front of them.

“...... If could have god level strength as well, I’m one hundred percent certain I could defeat Qian Renxue. True, my spirit power hasn’t increased slower than hers in any way, and I’m even a bit faster than her. But my circumstances are different from hers. If I’m not mistaken, she has also faced a god’s test like the Seagod Nine Trials. However, the person who guided her should have been her grandfather Qian Daoliu. Qian Renxue definitely wouldn’t act towards Qian Renxue like Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi did to us. He’s bound to have helped her, assisting her in passing the crucial difficulties. But we have always relied on our own strength to succeed. At the same time, when Qian Renxue’s strength rose, Qian Daoliu might also have had an extremely important effect. Therefore, her process to ascend to the god level wasn’t solid. Even though she became god, she absolutely isn’t a perfect god. Otherwise her heart wouldn’t have had such weaknesses for me to catch. Of course, Qian Daoliu should have thought of this while raising her, but he also knew that there were no gods in this world. As long as his granddaughter cultivated to the god level, even if she wasn’t the strongest god, she would still be undefeatable. That’s why he matured her the fastest way possible.

And Qian Renxue didn’t disappoint her, finally breaking through the last distance.”

At this point Tang San paused, his gaze sweeping across his companions’ faces. Right now, he suddenly exuded an incomparable confidence, even the Devil Spirit Great White sharks outside the Vast Sea Barrier clearly felt it.

“However, we’re different. Mubai, little Ao, Fatty, Rongrong, Zhuqing, Xiao Wu. All seven of us have experienced the Seagod’s trials together. We’ve relied on our own strength to, bit by bit, reach this step through repeatedly facing the risk of death. True, my spirit power has increaed very quickly, but you should understand that my growth speed is closely related to my spirits. Maybe any one of my Clear Sky Hammer and Blue Silver Emperor should be slightly inferior in quality to the Seraphim spirit, but I’m also a twin spirit holder. In this respect, even Bibi Dong can’t compare to me. Even though she also has twin spirits, her twin spirits are the same type of creatures, both based on spiders. But not my, my two spirits are poles apart, its the simultaneous expression of my parents’ genes. And since I can raise them to the peak, that proves I’ve already surpassed Bibi Dong, and that my foundation is forged even stronger than Qian Renxue’s. Therefore, as long as I can become the Seagod, even if Qian Renxue can fully master all the abilities of the Seraphim God, I’m still absolutely confident in defeating her.”

Listening to Tang San’s impassioned voice, feeling his unprecedented charisma and incomparable aggressiveness, everyone seemed to see the combined shape of the intelligent Grandmaster and domineering Tang Hao. In fact, as Tang San’s teacher and father, they had passed on everything to the current Tang San.

“We trust you, little San.” Dai Mubai clenched his fist hard, “You’re right, no matter how many god level powers there are, we still have an equal chance to become god level powers. As long as you become the Seagod, then what does it matter how amazing the God of Angels is? Besides, even if she’s strong, she’s still just one person. But you’re different, you have us too. We’ll always be by your side, blocking the enemy together. Our plan doesn’t change, the Seagod Island is still our only goal.”

Tang San nodded firmly, at the same time shifting the Seagod Trident to his other hand and holding out his right hand to his comrades.

Seven hands overlapped, fourteen eyes meeting in a feeling of harmony. Because the influence of Qian Renxue becoming god ended at this moment, all the barriers in each person’s heart was already gone. This included Tang San himself. Just like Qian Renxue was filled with confidence from her willpower on the shore, the questions within their hearts was already completely resolved. Of course, whether regarding Tang San or Qian Renxue, if they wanted to truly deal with the questions they had, they all had to face the enemy, had to defeat the enemy.

Tang San appeased his comrades, then said: “We still can’t head straight to Seagod Island. Before going there we have to make a detour. My Clear Sky Hammer still lacks one last spirit ring, and that position was already set aside for it before we left Seagod Island.”

Oscar grinned: “That repulsive creature almost destroyed us all back then, even becoming that Purple Pearl woman’s captives. This time we have to settle accounts. We’re not the Shrek Seven Devils we were then.”

Everyone of course knew what target Tang San spoke of, the demon lord of the deep sea, the strongest sea spirit beast, the Deep Sea Demon Whale King.

Now Xiao Wu frowned, and Tang San quickly held her hand tightly, “Xiao Wu, are you feeling unwell? If you don’t want me to kill a hundred thousand year spirit beast, I can……”

Xiao Wu knew Tang San had misunderstood and quickly shook her head: “No, I won’t stop you, it’s just that this Deep Sea Demon Whale King makes me feel really restless. When you faced it back then, you and me fought it together, but it gave me a very different feeling from a hundred thousand year spirit beast. You used Invincible Golden Body to approach it and absorb a bit of its energy, thereby raising your spirit power again. But, before my soul grew unconscious together with you, I still felt two unimaginable things.”

“Oh? What?” Tang San’s heart twitched, hurriedly asking.

Xiao Wu said: “First is naturally its strength. That Deep Sea Demon Whale King is too strong, I’ve never seen anything with such an enormous body as well as enormous energy. I can be sure that even Da Ming and Er Ming’s energy added together would be far from enough to compare. The energy it’s saved is as vast and immeasurable as the sea, I basically couldn’t sense an end. Second is the feeling when it hit you in Invincible Golden Body. You also know that Invincible Golden Body originally was my ability, and we’ve always treated it as an unparallelled three second defence. But in fact, it also has limits. When you fought the Deep Sea Demon Whale King you went all out, and was naturally too busy to mind other things, but I was restricted from leaving your body and my soul clearly felt the state of Invincible Golden Body. Did you know, at that moment, the Invincible Golden Body you used was on the verge of collapse. At the time the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s attack definitely wasn’t made with its full strength, but more like a casual slap.”

“Just a casual strike could nearly break the Invincible Golden Body’s defense, this shows just how powerful its attacks are. It was definitely careless then, it basically didn’t expect you to have such an ability, so you broke its attack and got in close, then using the Eight Spider Lances to drain a bit of its energy. But even so, under those circumstances there was no chance of you surviving. Judging by the circumstances of your battle with Qian Renxue, the reason you could survive back then is very possibly because the Seagod’s divine intent intervened, otherwise you would definitely have died. Therefore, what I’m saying is to absolutely not underestimate the Deep Sea Demon Whale King. It absolutely isn’t as simple as an ordinary hundred thousand year spirit beast. Its cultivation has very possible already broken through the category of hundred thousand year spirit beasts. The tyrant of this ocean isn’t as easy to handle as we imagine. Even if we go hunting for it, we still have to make surefire preparations.”

Nobody objected after listening to Xiao Wu, because they knew that, as a hundred thousand year spirit beast, Xiao Wu was definitely the one with the best understanding of hundred thousand year spirit beasts. If even she

couldn’t see the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s strength, it was obvious how powerful this demon beast was.

Tang San nodded, “Xiao Wu, your warning is quite timely. Otherwise if we rushed off we’d very possibly end up losing out. Only, the Deep Sea Demon Whale King has to die. Killing it is part of my eighth Seagod Trial. Only eliminating it will be considered clearing the trial, giving the possibility to leave for Seagod Island to inherit the Seagod. When the time comes I’ll use my own strength, everyone else keep some distance. If there’s a problem, you all support me. The Deep Sea Demon Whale King has the power to control the ocean, but my Seagod’s Light should be able to restrain it to an extent. Even if Qian Renxue becoming god puts pressure on us, the more that’s the case the less impatient we can afford to be, or it’ll have the opposite effect. Safety is paramount.”

Xiao Wu couldn’t help smiling as she listened to Tang San. She knew Tang San understood what she was thinking. Being able to keep calm even now, clearly, he had progressed in all areas once again, and not in a panic due to Qian Renxue’s power.

“Ge, let’s approach the Deep Sea Demon Whale King first. It only has one eye, so as long as we don’t get close and enter its domain, we won’t draw any attention. Before we came here we already had Xiao Bau’s clansmen call her. We can start once she arrives. She understands the Deep Sea Demon Whale King better than us, and with her help we’ll be even more assured in dealign with the Deep Sea Demon Whale King.”

Tang San exulted, and couldn’t help kissing Xiao Wu hard on the forehead, “Xiao Wu, you really are my good wife. With Xiao Bai’s help our hopes of facing the Deep Sea Demon Whale King increases greatly. At least we can leave an escape route.”

Xiao Wu’s charming face blushed. Not daring to look at their leering companions, she took the initiative to hide in Tang San’s arms, muttering in a low voice: “Ge, I still haven’t married you.”

Tang San laughed out loud, scratching his head: “It’s a matter of time, you can’t run.”

Ning Rongrong burst into giggles: “Third brother, I always took little Ao as very unromantic, but compared to you he’s actually much better. You want to have Xiao Wu marry you with just a sentence! You haven’t even proposed. Really unromantic.”

“Eh……” Tang San looked awkwardly at Xiao Wu in his arms, then back at Ning Rongrong with a wry smile: “My fault, my fault. Once we’ve done what must be done, I’ll definitely formally ask Xiao Wu to marry me.”

Oscar said somewhat complacently: “Little San, even though you’re stronger than me, your sweet talking is hopeless. Later on big bro will teach you a couple of techniques that are guaranteed to give you endless pleasure.”

Ning Rongrong shot him an unhappy glare, “Wow, so what you said to me was all sweet talking, how two faced.”

“Rongrong, my sweet talking to you all comes from my heart! Heh heh, I suddenly feel like little San’s method is also pretty good, quite direct. In any case, you only have me for the rest of your life, whoever teases you, I’ll beat him until his mother doesn’t recognize him.”

“You……” Ning Rongrong looked at Oscar with a helpless expression, he was hopeless.

“Fine, don’t be noisy. We’re still too close to the shore, just in case Qian Renxue’s divine senses tracks us we’ll be in trouble.” Dai Mubai said, his face looking a bit unsightly, his brows tightly wrinkled.

Tang San looked at Dai Mubai, “Boss Dai, I know what you’re worried about. But what you fear shouldn’t become reality, at least not in the short term.”

“Eh? Why?” Dai Mubai looked skeptically at Tang San.

Tang San said: “You’re definitely thinking that if a power like Qian Renxue joins the fray, wouldn’t she sweep everything before her, and both

the Heaven Dou Empire army or your Star Luo Empire’s army doesn’t have the strength to stop her, risking the nations being extinguished at any moment, right?”

Dai Mubai nodded. The others might not care about battles between nations, but he was after all the Star Luo Empire crown prince, how could he not care? He absolutely didn’t want to see the Star Luo Empire extinguished before the Spirit Empire. Now that he saw Tang San looking like he was already prepared, his worries weakened a bit.

Chapter 304

Battle! Deep Sea Demon Whale King (TL by Bagelson)
Tang San said sternly: “If I’m not mistaken, when Qian Renxue spoke to me through the ocean that just now, when she said she’d wait she should be waiting by the sea, until I become Seagod. As long as she defeats me as a god, my influence on her heart will completely disappear. Besides, tgrough her battle with me, she definitely found areas where she was lacking. Perfecting her own strength is far more important to her than destroying the Heaven Dou and Star Luo Empires. As long as she can perfectly grasp the abilities of the God of Angels and then kill me, unifying the continent is just a matter of time. On the other hand, if she seeks instant benefit and rushes to help the Spirit Empire army sweep through the Empires, then once I become god and counterattack, all her efforts will have been in vain. Qian Renxue is intelligent too, she absolutely wouldn’t make a bad deal like that. Therefore, I’m sure she will stay by the sea, perfecting her strength while waiting for my return, to allow her to truly grasp the power of the God of Angels.”

Dai Mubai suddenly realized, “So that’s it. No wonder you weren’t at all worried she’d go cause trouble on the Heaven Dou Empire side. But, just in case she heads to the front, routs the Heaven Dou Empire army and captures our friends and relatives as hostages, what do we do then?”

Tang San didn’t give it any thought, shaking his head: “She won’t. Powers have their dignity, even if I haven’t dealt much with Qian Renxue, that woman is extremely proud and disdains such actions as beneath her.

Maybe if it was Bibi Dong, but Qian Renxue definitely wouldn’t. Therefore, at least for now the front will be fine. But even so, I still have to receive the Seagod’s inheritance as soon as possible to check all detrimental possibilities in the cradle. We have to hurry.”

Just as he spoke, Tang San suddenly lowered his head and looked down below the Bast Sea Barrier. The Devil Spirit Great White Sharks carrying them suddenly changed direction, their speed dropping.

Even though the others reacted one beat slower than Tang San, they still immediately discovered the changes. Before they could ask, a giant silhouette distantly in the clear seawater told them the reason. While still distant, relying on Purple Demon Eye Tang San still instantly recognized its shape. Wasn’t that the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King, their friend Xiao Bai?

Xiao Bai still looked strong and vigorous. It naturally sensed the presence of its kin and accelerated once again, meeting them in just a moment’s work. Turning in the water, the enormous figure rolled in the sea and came up to their side like a naval escort, advancing together. And at the same time Xiao Bai’s voice also shook through the seawater into the Vast Sea Barrier. Even though they were invisible, she of course knew Tang San and the others were with her clansmen.

“You finally came. What was that just now? Tang San, who was that voice? Too scary.” The senses of spirit beasts were much more sensitive than humans, and Xiao Bai had also been within range of Qian Renxue’s communication, so she naturally heard that voice. Even speaking of it now she had a lingering fear, her body shivering once.

Tang San explained with a wry smile. Listening to him, Xiao Bai couldn’t keep her eyes from widening. A god actually really appeared. It seems the Continent will be in chaos! I once heard my elders say that all gods appe

Tang San said: “That’s my plan. Only, before that I have to go complete the eighth Seagod’s Trial, and at the same time get the ninth spirit ring for my second spirit.”

Xiao Bai said: “I know your target, this time I rushed over to first of all help you, and second to warn you. Bo Saixi wanted me to tell you that the Deep Sea Demon Whale King is different from ordinary hundred thousand year spirit beasts, its cultivation is unfathomably deep. Even she might not be able to defeat it, so you have to be extremely careful.”

Tang San said: “The Deep Sea Demon Whale King is a spirit beast of the sea. Xiao Bai, you definitely know more than us. Tell us about its abilities and physical strength, that way we can figure out a way to deal with it.”

Xiao Bai’s giant tail swung: “I also know very little, you really are facing a bone that’s difficult to gnaw this time. Even the entire Evil Spirit Orca clan put together might not be as scary as that guy. Otherwise, with how aggressive they were, how could the Evil Spirit Orcas leave it alone? If you kill it, you’ll definitely gain a lot of benefits.”

Oscar said: “Xiao Bai, hurry up and tell us exactly just how strong that Deep Sea Demon Whale King is.”

“What are you in a rush for, does Tang San look hurried? Humph humph.” Xiao Bai most liked arguing with Oscar, and she couldn’t help retorting when she heard his voice. But she still explained what she knew about the Deep Sea Demon Whale King.

“Tang San, frankly, I’ve never seen the Deep Sea Demon Whale King, I know absolutely nothing about its abilities.” Xiao Bai’s first words left Tang San shocked.

Tang San frowned:

“Aren’t you, the Evil Spirit Orca King and the Deep Sea Demon Whale King called the three overlords of the sea? How come you haven’t even seen it?”

Xiao Bai smiled wryly: “What three overlords! That’s something you humans forced on us. I’ve never admitted to it. Do you know how vast the ocean is? In this world, there’s four times more sea than land. So absolutely don’t think of land spirit beasts as numerous, there’s actually an untold number of times more sea spirit beasts. Spirit beasts on land can only live on a flat surface, but in our sea, sea creatures can exist at any depth. Also, spirit beasts in the sea, especially in the deep and distant seas, are very difficult for you humans to bother. As a result, it’s much easier for sea spirit beasts to mature than on land. As long as they’re strong on their own or their clan has enough strength, they’ll easily survive. As a result, there’s definitely a hundred times more hundred thousand year spirit beasts in the sea than on land. What three overlords, to me, that title is just a joke. If you said the three overlords of the sea near the Douluo Continent it’d be closer. In the distant and deep seas, there’s an unknown number of hundred thousand year spirit beasts. Of course, we Devil Spirit Great White Sharks are a rather strong faction in the sea.”

Tang San was astounded: “Then wouldn’t there be hundreds of hundred thousand year spirit beasts in the sea?”

Xiao Bai said: “You could say so. Only, don’t believe Sea Spirit Masters will be strong because there are numerous sea spirit beasts. On the contrary, just because we sea spirit beasts are too powerful, you humans basically don’t dare go hunting in the distant and deep seas. Sea spirit beasts stick together much more than land spirit beasts, and everyone would definitely oppose any hunting spirit masters together. Like last time, if I didn’t cooperate in bringing you to attack the Evil Spirit Orca group, you wouldn’t have faced just their group, and even if you annihilated the Evil Spirit Orcas you would have been blocked by other powerful creatures in the sea.”

Tang San nodded: “How is all this related to the Deep Sea Demon Whale King?”

Xiao Bai said: “I’m saying this to explain its power from another angle. Do you know why I’ve never seen it?`Because when I was born, the elders strictly ordered that none of our clan was allowed to enter the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s territory. Not just us, if I’m not mistaken, the Evil Spirit Orca King received the same warning from its elders. Only, that fellow was gutsy and once tried entering. I don’t know the results, but after that the Evil Spirit Orca flock didn’t start a war with us for a hundred years, clearly they suffered for it.”

Tang San suddenly understood, shocked: “You mean to tell me that the Deep Sea Demon Whale King doesn’t have the limit of no more than ten thousand years of life after cultivating for a hundred thousand years?”

Xiao Bai said: “You really are much smarter than certain people. My meaning is this, even I don’t know how long the Deep Sea Demon Whale King has lived. In any case, when I was born he was already the absolute overlord of this area. I don’t dare disobey the orders my elders passed down, and therefore I’ve never approached its domain. At most I’ve watched from a distance. The Deep Sea Demon Whale King is an extremely lazy fellow, and it never leaves its domain either. It even hides in the deep sea, so there’s no telling what it’s up to. Of course, of someone dares trespass, it definitely won’t be polite about it. That’s why the Deep Sea Demon Whale territory has always been taboo for you humans’ ships.”

Tang San deeply understood this point. Nodding, he said: “By what you say, this Deep Sea Demon Whale King really is difficult to deal with! It’s cultivation is at least two hundred thousand years.”

Xiao Bai said: “Maybe not just that. I can be sure that not just me doesn’t know its true age, there probably isn’t a spirit beast in this entire sea region that does. Of course, there’s one thing I can tell you with certainty. Even though the it’s you humans who came up with the three overlords of the sea, and I’d be embarrassed to accept it, that this Deep Sea Demon Whale King is known as an overlord is definitely fame

following merit. Moreover, it’s very possibly the number one tyrant of the ocean. An undefeatable tyrant, where even the strength of your human gods might not make much difference.”

The Shrek Seven Devils grew cold breaths practically simultaneously, immediately becoming aware of the thorny problem. They originally just thought of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King as a large hundred thousand year spirit beast, but according to Xiao Bai, this estimation immediately changed to ‘strength unknown’.

Tang San’s mind immediately started to turn at high speed. Generally speaking, hundred thousand year spirit beasts’ cultivation was equivalent to a human Title Douluo level expert. Some especially powerful hundred thousand year spirit beasts, like the forest kings Sky Blue Bull Python and Titan Giant Ape, would be equivalent to human Title Douluo over rank ninety five. Without a doubt, this Deep Sea Demon Whale King was even more frightening than Da Ming and Er Ming, and definitely surpassed their category. Since Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi wasn’t sure she could kill it, this fellow might very possibly be a rank ninety nine peak douluo level being. Only, it would never be a god level power. This bit Tang San could be sure of. Otherwise it would already have become a second Seagod, and he could never have escaped last time.

Reaching this conclusion, Tang San’s expression turned even more serious. If he calculated correctly, then they would face an enemy on Bo Saixi’s level, and moreover in the sea where it was at its best. If the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s strength was equal to Bo Saixi, then its control over the ocean might very possibly be stronger than hers. After all, it had always lived in the ocean, and nobody knew what level its cultivation had reached.

Givign up was definitely impossible. Without killing the Deep Sea Demon Whale King, he didn’t have a chance of inheriting the Seagod’s divinity. This battle was unavoidable. Tang San’s eyes gradually firmed. When he was rank ninety three, he’d once used all kinds of attacks to face Bibi Dong. Now he was already rank ninety six, and even possessed the mysteries of the Great Sumeru Hammer, would he still be unable to deal

with the Deep Sea Demon Whale King? Regardless of if it was for revenge or the god’s inheritance, both required killing that tyrant of the sea.

Making a firm resolution, Tang San’s face gradually returned to normal. He could vaguely already guess that the true difficulty of his eighth Seagod Trial should be to kill the Deep Sea Demon Whale King. A sea spirit beast that even the Seagod mentioned, and as the last difficulty of the Seagod’s eighth trials, that it was difficult was normal. Besides, if he killed this tyrant of the sea, that was equivalent to proving he possessed the strength to defeat any sea spirit beast, and so after becoming Seagod, all four seas could acknowledge him. Therefore, completing this eighth Seagod’s trial was a necessary foundation for inheritance, for his road to divinity.

“Xiao Bai, how long does it take from here to the Deep Sea Demon Whale King?” This time they entered the sea from a different direction than last time, and they naturally didn’t know how long it would be.

Xiao Bai said: “By the fastest route, roughly three days time, almost the same as back to Seagod Island. Tang San, you’re already prepared to deal with it?”

Tang San nodded: “I’ll definitely win. Three days time is enough to prepare.”

Under Xiao Bai’s lead, the Devil Spirit Great White Sharks accelerated with full power, heading towards the target. And Tang San also calmed his heart, laying out detailed plans for the battle that would decide whether he would become a god three days from now, while he recovered his overdrawn strength. He never lacked confidence, let alone when no matter how powerful the Deep Sea Demon Whale King was, it was still no Qian Renxue.”

However, this was the only point where Tang San was mistaken. In the deep sea, Qian Renxue really might not be able to kill the Deep Sea Demon Whale King.

Three days passed very quickly. To the Shrek Seven Devils, the three days living in the ocean really weren’t lonely. Besides cultivating, Tang San deployed them meticulously for the next battle. The busiest was Oscar, produced sausages all day long on the back of a Devil Spirit Great White Shark.

The Devil Spirit Great White Sharks gradually slowed. Without need for Xiao Bai’s reminder, Tang San knew that they were already approaching the demon whale territory, just the last little distance remaining to their target.

Sitting crosslegged on the back of a Devil Spirit Great White Shark, Tang San softly caressed the Seagod Trident laid across his lap. He was no longer limited to using it as rigidly as when he first got this divine tool. As long as he wished, he could easily control the Seagod Trident’s weight. Like right now, the Devil Spirit Great White Shark he sat on basically didn’t feel that terrifying one hundred eight thousand jin weight, or it wouldn’t have been able to move.

However, ever since the Seagod descended and helped Tang San escape Qian Renxue’s pursuit, even though Tang San could still use it and control its weight, he couldn’t connect with it any more. It was no longer a divine tool, but rather just a terrifyingly heavy and extremely solid weapon.

Whenever Tang San looked at the main blade and that empty rhombic space, he would feel somewhat bleak. It was because of him that the Seagod’s Heart was shattered. A divine tool without heart or soul, how could it shine with the radiance of a divine tool again?

Tang San had no idea how to restore this divine tool, he could even be certain that even Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi might not know. Back then he had brought the Seagod’s Heart to Seagod Island, at it was just because he had it that he gained the Seagod’s approval, becoming the Seagod’s successor. But now the Seagod’s Heart had shattered, and Tang San didn’t know how to repair it.

This divine weapon couldn’t release its proper glory, and whether Tang San could inherit the Seagod’s divinity was in question, but unusually, right now Tang San wasn’t worried about this problem, but rather felt regret for

this rhombic hole. He’d felt sorry for the Seagod Trident more than once. If he had enough strength, how would the Seagod’s weapon have been disgraced by Qian Renxue’s Sacred Angelic Sword? Tang San had already firmly resolved that, no matter how, as long as it was within his powers, he would definitely restore this divine tool. Not to inherit the Seagod’s strength, just for the sake of the Seagod Trident he considered his closest partner. This fellow had saved his life more than once, so he had to protect it.

Every time Tang San caressed the Seagod Trident, this guilt would flow into it along with his movements. Vaguely, Tang San could sense a trace of a response from the Seagod Trident. But no matter how he infused it with his Seagod’s Light, without the Seagod’s Heart, the light had no way to get inside. But Tang San didn’t give up. He shone his Seagod’s Light on it every day. He believed that there would inevitably be one day when the Seagod Trident would sense his sincerity, and be reborn by his ability.

The Devil Spirit Great White sharks came to a complete stop, slowly surfacing under Xiao Bai’s lead. There was an extremely long distance from here to the shore, and no matter how strong Qian Renxue was, divine senses couldn’t possibly stretch so far. The energy waves produced by countless sea spirit beasts in the ocean was enough to block her divine senses, let alone with the ocean’s own boundless energy.

The feeling of daylight again made the Shrek Seven Devils all move the same. Looking at the sky, they drew deep breaths. Fresh, moist and refreshing air was sucked into their lungs, making them feel exceptionally comfortable. Each one sat on a Devil Spirit Great White Shark, and Tang San had also withdrawn the Vast Sea Barrier when they surfaced.

Xiao Bai moved in the water, her giant body upright, only exposing her head above the surface to look at everyone. She seriously said to Tang San: “I’ll ask you one last time, are you really ready? I will warn you to absolutely never believe the Deep Sea Demon Whale King isn’t agile due to its size. If it moved, there’s no creature in the ocean that is faster. Maybe I can save the others, but you……”

Tang San of course understood what Xiao Bai meant. She wanted to say that the other’s might have a chance to run, but as the main attacker, he would definitely suffer the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s retaliation.

His face showed a faint smile, “Even a god can’t kill me, do you think I would shrink back now?”

Xiao Bia nodded, “I understand. Then, I sincerely hope that you can sit on me to absorb the Deep Sea Demon WHale King’s spirit ring, that would be my eternal glory.”

Tang San smiled: “Definitely. Plan for it.”

A bluish grey light radiated from Xiao Bai’s head, splitting into seven portions in midair, each pouring into the foreheads of her seven kinsmen. Faint blue gray radiance immediately filled the distance between her and them. This was a kind of ability of Xiao Bai’s Devil Shark Domain, allowing her to specially share the domain with her clan. Even though it didn’t exploit the power of the ocean, doing this could enhance their bodies as much as possible. Especially speed. As long as this link existed, these twenty thousand something cultivation clansmen’s speed could be equal to hers. This was also Xiao Bai’s purpose in using this ability. With her strength, as long as she wasn’t exhausted from something else, maintaining this connection for twenty four hours wasn’t a problem.

“Little San, go all out.” The six devils’ gazes all focused on Tang San. Dai Mubai was the one who spoke up, his voice filled with encouragement. The others equally gazed at Tang San. Especially Xiao Wu who, besides encouragement, hid the concern that filled her heart as best she could. But how would Tang San fail to notice?

Raising his head to look at the golden sun in the sky, Tang San suddenly issued a resonant cry. The cry pierced the sky like an arrow, like a declaration of war against the sun, as if to express the humiliation Qian Renxue gave him. At this moment, everyone next to Tang San as well as the Devil Spirit Great White Sharks all clearly felt Tang San’s fighting spirit increase geometrically, very quickly reaching a terrifying degree.

Faint golden light brightened all over him. It wasn’t spirit energy, the source seemed to be his skin.

After recovering from the baptism of several battles with Qian Renxue, Tang San’s body had grown even stronger, even closer to the god level. Even though this light was far from able to compare to Qian Renxue’s golden radiance, it still signified that he was now no longer completely human, but rather truly a semi god.

In the cry, Tang San rose into the air, bringing along that faint golden light. In the blink of an eye he had shot into midair, so fast it was like a vague golden shooting star, and the direction he flew in was the deep sea area that hid the Deep Sea Demon Whale King.

A strange sound issued from Xiao Bai’s mouth at the same time. She suddenly accelerated, leading the her clansmen carrying the six devils and the remaining one to quickly chase in Tang San’s direction. The Shrek Six Devils sitting upright on the backs of the Devil Spirit Great White Sharks naturally also released their spirits. This unavoidable battle would finally begin.

Tang San’s full strength cry was so loud that the piercing sound broke through the sky, and deep into the sea. Within this howl, Tang San had already rushed into Demon Whale territory. In his right hand, the Seagod Trident leaned towards the surface of the sea, and Tang San’s eyes were filled with aggressiveness. Blue hair fluttered in the wind, his white robes weren’t graceful, only radiating killing intent. On his forehead, that trident brand emanated golden light, like a third eye.

Even though Qian Renxue’s cry couldn’t spread as far as Qian Renxue’s divine sense voice, but the sound still shocked the numerous sea spirit

beasts around the Demon Whale territory.

Nobody knew how many years it had been since anyone had dared challenge the Deep Sea Demon Whale’s dignity, and this sudden challenge really shocked the sea spirit beasts. In their minds, the Deep Sea Demon Whale King was a terrifying undefeatable existence! And this challenger was actually a human. Numerous sea spirit beasts floated to the surface, distantly watching Tang San floating in the sky. Clever sea spirit beasts all retreated some distance, while the gutsy cautiously approached a bit. Of course, among them absolutely weren’t anyone who dared enter the Demon Whale territory, that was an absolute taboo.

Tang San stayed five hundred meters above the surface. This position was carefully calculated. As the strongest sea spirit beast, the Deep Sea Demon Whale’s attacks couldn’t be avoided by flying like this. The reason he flew here was because this was the most advantageous position to attack.

The crystal clear sea gradually began to change. The originally sky blue water slowly grew murky, the great waves in the Demon Whale territory calming down, forming a clear contrast with the heaving sea surrounding it. This calm didn’t spread outward, and neither could any waves influence it. The thick atmosphere made the air distort somewhat.

Tang San’s expression was constant, golden blue light emerging beneath his feet, one spirit ring after another floated up around him. After three days of rest, the side effects from using Ring Detonation had already disappeared, and the Blue Silver Emperor spirit could be used again.

Shifting the Seagod trident to his left hand, his right hand pointed down, rich golden blue light quickly turning red along with his fifth spirit ring blossoming with light, frantically condensing. This was the Blue Silver Emperor fifth spirit ability, Blue Silver Tyrant Spear.

Distantly, Xiao Bai had already stopped with her clansmen. Ning Rongrong jumped up, standing on Xiao Bai’s back. Even though she wasn’t

a battle type Spirit Master, relying on the physical qualities of a Spirit Douluo, this simple jump was nothing to her.

The Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda glittering with brilliant light appeared in her palm. Ning Rongrong’s expression grew unprecedentedly serious. In her left hand, she also held something else.

Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing joined up, arriving next to Xiao Bai. The two now stood on the same Devil Spirit Great White Shark’s back, palms linked together, black and white light constantly spinning around them. With their spirits released, they were ready to erupt with their greatest strength at any moment. The mission Tang San gave them was very simple: protect Ning Rongrong. When coming to hunt the Deep Sea Demon Whale King this time, besides Tang San, Ning Rongrong might be the most important.

Xiao Wu quietly watched Tang San in the air from the side, the blood red brand on her forehead representing a first rate trial already starting to grow feverish. Very clearly, she was going to meet the enemy together with Tang San again. Even though their current position was very distant from the center of the Demon Whale territory, it was already within its range. In this area, Xiao Wu was recognized as facing the enemy together with Tang San by the Seagod’s Trial. This was also the result of Tang San’s meticulous calculations.

Ma Hongjun said: “Don’t worry everyone, I’m going too.” While speaking, he also issued a long cry, immediately rising into the air. Scorching hot phoenix flame instantly spread all over his body, directly releasing his spirit avatar, Eight Headed Fire Phoenix. Since his cultivation broke through to Spirit Douluo, his Fire Phoenix had naturally also evolved. According to Ma Hongjun’s own conjecture, when he reached the Title Douluo level his spirit avatar would turn into a Nine Headed Fire Phoenix,

and if he really could break through to god level, he might very possibly reach a Ten Headed Fire Phoenix. That was the fusion of the Ten Headed Ardent Yang Serpent and the Fire Phoenix, and also the fusion of two great ancient divine beasts.

Bringing along glittering light, Ma Hongjun very quickly also arrived high in the air. Only he flew a hundred meters higher than Tang San, just above him. Opening his Phoenix Wings, seven heads stared down.

At the same time as Ma Hongjun arrived in position, the surface of the sea below had already turned pitch black. An enormous pressure made the air seem to congeal. Even more terrifying was that above the entire Demon Whale territory, a vast expanse, up and down, heaven and sea, simultaneously turned pitch black like ink.

Boom—— A five meter in diameter, incomparably enormous pillar of blue light exploded without the slightest warning, abruptly breaking out of the sea. In practically an instant it had cut open the five hundred meter distance and arrived by Tang San.

Even though it wasn’t the first time he’d seen this attack, Tang San still couldn’t keep his heart from tightening. His strength had already reached rank ninety six, but like this he could even more deeply experience how enormous the energy contained in this attack was. That wasn’t purely an energy attack, it was even more like the sea roaring. Just like the attacks Qian Renxue could launch by drawing on the power of the sun, this blue pillar of light really didn’t consist of much of the enemy’s energy, but even more the power of the ocean.

The ability to analyse the enemy’s attack in detail wasn’t an ability Tang San had now. The reason he could see the constituents of this energy was due to the combination of the Purple Demon Eye and the Seagod’s Light. He was to inherit the Seagod, and who could be more familiar with the power of the ocean than the Seagod?

With a cold snort, Tang San stabbed in the air with the Seagod Trident in his left hand. A line of misty blue light shot from the brand on his forehead, enveloping the Seagod Trident and directly meeting the opposing attack.

Even if the Seagod Trident had already lost the Seagod’s Heart, it was after all the Seagod’s weapon. The Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s enormous energy changed in practically an instant, the originally incredibly condensed energy suddenly scattering, numerous blue specks turning into seawater swirling in all directions, leaving only a smidgen of energy to clash with Tang San’s Seagod Trident.

The seawater fell back into the ocean with an explosive roar, while Tang San didn’t even sway in the air. He had broken the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s attack, and at the same time the Blue Silver Tyrant Spear in his right hand instantly erupted, turning into a streak of golden light disappearing into the sea.

Chapter 305

Seeing Tang San so easily dissolve the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s attack, whether Ma Hongjun above him or the Devil Spirit Great White Sharks and the others watching in the distance, they all couldn’t help feeling a rush of confidence.

And in fact, the reason Tang San dared come challenge the Deep Sea Demon Whale King, whose strength was unknown but very possibly wasn’t second to peak Douluo, wasn’t mainly relying on the Great Sumeru Hammer, nor any ability or capability combination, but rather the Seagod’s Light.

No matter how powerful the Deep Sea Demon Whale King was, it was still after all a sea spirit beast. The Seagod’s Light was the inheritance of the once ruler of the oceans. Just this point meant an immense advantage when Tang San faced the Deep Sea Demon Whale King. The extent of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s originally extremely powerful control over the ocean had become very limited. Just as Tang San anticipated, now that he tried it, the effect of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King using the energy of the ocean to attack the Seagod’s successor was substantially reduced, and then easily dissolved by Tang San.

Faint light flickered, and Tang San’s face exposed a tyrannical energy fluctuation. The Blue Silver Tyrant Spear disappeared into the ocean in practically an instant, only leaving behind a golden speck of light on the surface.

Facing the Deep Sea Demon Whale King, even though he equally had to bear enormous pressure, there was one thing that made Tang San relieved. The Deep Sea Demon Whale King was in the end a sea spirit beast, while widely known for its enormous power, its mental power wasn’t as formidable. At least it wasn’t stronger than Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi. And Tang San’s present mental strength cultivation was already one step into the god level. Unless he met met someone with divine sense level mental strength like Qian Renxue, he would have the advantage. Further adding the support of the Seagods Light, and he was like a tiger with wings, allowing him to clearly grasp the actions of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King below. The initiative of the battle was held entirely in his hands.

Boom—— Countless golden specks of light rose from the surface of the sea, and an incomparably enormous body also floated to the surface. Its crystal blue body seemed terrifying even without sunlight, a single eye coldly watching Tang San in the air. A golden light was just now gradually fading on its wide back.

Tang San’s heart sank. Even though he’d already estimated the Deep Sea Demon Whale King very highly, the enemy was still formidable beyond his plans. The Blue Silver Tyrant Spear had no effect as a probing attack, it didn’t even force the Deep Sea Demon WHale King to use any defensive ability. It withstood the attack purely by relying on its tough skin.

In fact, the Blue Silver Tyrant Spear was a hundred thousand year spirit ability! Even when Tang San faced the Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors powerful defense, they couldn’t escape it unscathed. But now the Deep Sea Demon Whale King seemed unperturbed. Its giant body, if it had such defensive power everywhere, then that was just too terrifying. It was simply a giant ocean fortress. No wonder Xiao Bai said the Deep Sea Demon Whale King was possibly the number one absolute overlord of the sea.

“So it’s you.” The deep voice seemed to echo from the ocean. The strange sound wave spread into the air, and Tang San frowned as he heard it. It seemed like all the blood in his body vibrated along with this strange energy wave. This was a less

“You recognize me?” Tang San didn’t feel it was strange that the Deep Sea Demon Whale King could speak. Even Xiao Bai could, so how could the Deep Sea Demon Whale King not? That it didn’t speak last time was definitely because it didn’t feel they were qualified for the effort.

“The Seagod’s successor, how could I not recognize you. However, even if you are the Seagod’s successor, you still can’t barge into my territory. And you even attack me. Very well, don’t think about leaving today, just stay here. I wonder if swallowing the Seagod’s successor can help me break through the final step.

Tang San gave a cold snort, “Then I’d like to see if you swallow me, or I annihilate you.”

The Deep Sea Demon Whale King laughed. The sound was extremely unpleasant, like a giant rock being smashed to bits, “Kid, do you know what is called ‘overestimating one’s abilities’? I took the bait last time, that wasn’t the Seagod itself, but still scared me off. Otherwise, do you believe you could still provoke me now? This world no longer has a Seagod, I am the ruler of the ocean. It seems your spirit power is roughly at rank ninety six, but your body is actually pretty good, close to demigod. Unfortunately, your body is at most forty percent into the god level. But my body is already ninety nine percent there. Do you think you can still block me with that Seagod Trident without the Seagod’s Heart? Just let me eat you and fill up the last one percent, I’ll become a demon god unprecedented in history.”

While speaking, the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s giant body abruptly rolled violently in the sea, instantly flinging up its enormous tail and slapping towards Tang San in the air. A purple blue light shot out like lightning, sweeping towards Tang San and Ma Hongjun in a fan shape. Where that enormous energy passed, the air was forcibly torn apart, forming a layer of tiny dark lightning around the purple blue fan shape.

The Deep Sea Demon Whale King wasn’t using the power of the ocean for this, but rather purely its physical body.

Listening to the Deep Sea Demon Whale King, Tang San suddenly understood something. To be able to forge such an enormous body to ninety nine percent god level, the last step he mentioned was to become god. From spirit beast transforming straight into a god, even Grandmaster had never heard something like it, how many years of cultivation would that take!

There was no time to think about that now. Both hands clenching the Seagod Trident, Tang San’s eyes glittered as another ray of Seagod’s Light shone on the trident. At this moment, heavy earthen yellow and lively sky blue colors poured into the trident at the same time, making that dark weapon transform.

Tang San made a strange movement, violently flinging out the trident. Both hands gripped the end of the haft, with him as center, he forced the Seagod Trident to spin in an enormous circle in the air. The trident no longer had its golden splendor, but infused with his left arm’s Gravity Control, it still drew the outline of an earthen yellow halo in the air. At the same time, that blue lightning bolt permeated the circle, actually meeting the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s attack head on.

The energy flung out by the whale tail and Tang San’s circle struck together violently. Immediately, the light in the sky dimmed. This time it was a collision without any noise, the sky was quietly terrifying. The energy from before silently disappeared in practically the same moment, net leaving even a trace behind.

“Yi—— It seems you’ve really learned some skills from the Seagod. However, it’s just this much. In those days the Seagod used this trident to stab my eye. You’re just his successor, and you still dare drop in and pick a fight. Do you believe you really are a god? Even if you really were, I’d still have you shed a layer of skin.”

When mentioning the Seagod, this Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s voice was filled with fury. The calm seawater instantly boiled, enormous energy waves blocking Tang San’s mental strength outside in a split second.

Tang San calmly said: “Demon Whale King, if I’m not mistaken, your cultivation might be close to a million years. Spirit beast cultivation is

even more difficult than for us human spirit masters. Just like the our problem of breaking through to the rank ninety nine pinnacle, you spirit beasts have to cultivate the greatest strength by relying on even more time. In order to break through the god level, you need energy stored over even more time. You rely on your enormous body to gradually become an energy form over time, thereby gaining even more time to cultivate. In this respect, I have to admire you.”

The Deep Sea Demon Whale King planned to keep attacking, but hearing Tang San he still suspiciously said: “You can tell my cultivation? Don’t tell me you’ve already become god? No, impossible, your presence is still far from the Seagod’s level.” It talked about being fearless of the Seagod, but in fact, the Seagod was its only nemesis in this world. Unless it could break through the bottleneck and rise to the demon god level, it basically wasn’t the Seagod’s match. It was completely suppressed in attributes, and no matter how enormous its energy, it still could nothing against the Seagod.

Tang San’s question was actually a probe, and hearing the Deep Sea Demon Whale King confirm it, he couldn’t help drawing a cold breath. Heavens! He was actually facing a million year spirit beast. Never mind if he could kill it, even if he really could, would he be able to completely absorb its spirit ring?

His grip on the Seagod Trident unconsciously tightening, Tang San’s gaze now changed.

Now the Deep Sea Demon Whale King already understood, “Kid, you’re just guessing. That’s right, there’s no harm in telling you, I have already lived a million years in the ocean. I’m just lacking the final step to reach the god level. You’re right, it’s extremely difficult for spirit beasts to become god. I reached my current level one hundred thousand years ago already, but I still can’t break through the final barrier. It seems I lack a god’s seat. And today this Seagod’s successor drops in. Just let me swallow you and accept your divinity, I will be the new Seagod.”

Before the Deep Sea Demon Whale King had finished, Tang San suddenly moved. His actions were extremely abrupt, without storing any strength or taking a stance. He suddenly turned into a streak of light, the

Seagod Trident furthest ahead, Tang San’s full spirit power erupted, the Sky Blue Bull Python right arm spirit bone’s Sky Blue Fading Thunderclap instantly launching. And at the same moment, he also released his Blue Silver Emperor ninth spirit ring’s Blue Silver Sky Blue Dragon’s Soul spirit ability.

An enormous azure dragon covered Tang San, and whether he or the Seagod Trident he held, had this moment become completely azure. And before he attacked, Tang San also swallowed an Erect Gold Fly to instantly increase his attack power.

The boosts didn’t stop there. Seven lines of light turned into a stunning rainbow from the distance, shining on Tang San, making the azure light he emanated abruptly expand. Tang San himself couldn’t be seen, nor could the Seagod Trident he held. To the lone eye of the Deep Sea Demon Whale, all it could see was a azure dragon dropping from the sky, straight at it.

“You’re looking to die!” The Deep Sea Demon Whale roared furiously. This time it didn’t launch any energy attack, rolling once again. The two hundred meter long enormous body revealed extreme flexibility. At the same time as it turned, that giant tail fin swung, slapping at the azure dragon descending.

Although his body was already ninety nine percent into the god realm, it still sensed intense danger from Tang San’s attack. With the double boost of Erect Gold Fly and the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda, plus Tang San’s Gravity Control increasing the weight of the Seagod Trident to one million eighty thousand jin, as well as those two peak spirit ability attacks, let alone the Deep Sea Demon Whale King, even god level Qian Renxue would have to treat such numerous combined attacks seriously. Tang San’s attack definitely reached the god level.

Since fighting Qian Renxue, Tang San had made remarkable progress in the use of as well as the explosive attack power of all kinds of abilities. That’s how he could now erupt with such an enormous attack.

Boom—— The enormous tail fin heavily struck the azure dragon without any suspense. The surroundings of that tail fin was filled with a layer of intense purple blue light, like countless lightning bolts compressed.

The energy the Deep Sea Demon Whale King had stored up over a million years really was too enormous, it really was just one step short of being able to enter the god level. Sensing the danger in Tang San’s attack, it also used its full strength.

The instant the whale fin struck the azure dragon, the giant azure dragon that had formed outside Tang San was broken apart. However, Tang San wasn’t so easy to deal with either. Even though the collision made him feel as if all his bones had come loose, he still firmly stabbed the Seagod Trident into the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s tail. The three sharp blades cut open the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s skin and stabbed deeply inside.

The Seagod Trident was just a tiny toy compared to the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s body, but even if it was already soulless, it was still a former divine weapon. The Deep Sea Demon Whale King screamed in pain, shaking its enormous body as hard as it could, radiating terrifying energy waves, wanting to throw off Tang San and the Seagod Trident.

Tang San’s attack was long since planned for, so how could he let himself be thrown off easily? Resisting the pain, both hands firmly gripped the Seagod Trident, pouring another ray of Seagod’s Light into it. Thrusting the Seagod Trident a bit deeper, he twisted hard, making the Deep Sea Demon Whale King unable to force him off.

At the same moment, the golden Eight Spider Lances instantly stretched out behind Tang San. This external spirit bone had injured the Deep Sea Demon Whale King before, and now once again stabbed into its flesh.

Back then Tang San had been freakishly lucky and also underestimated by the Deep Sea Demon Whale King, allowing Tang San to charge over to the weakest point that was its blowhole, and could then stab with the Eight Spider Lances. But now the Eight Spider Lances had already evolved to the god level, and he no longer had to go look for weak points. The sharp lance tips ruthlessly stabbed down, immediately displaying their powerful draining effect and formidable poison. They firmly held Tang San closely to the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s tail fin, and no matter how it struggled it was unable to throw Tang San off its back.

Intense pain caused the Deep Sea Demon Whale King to spasm. Even though its body was powerful and killing it with poison was practically impossible, Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances had absorbed such terrifying poison, especially the ice and fire poison from the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well. That was something even the Deep Sea Demon Whale King couldn’t completely resist. Further adding the Seagod Trident stabbed inside, as well as the Eight Spider Lances’ powerful draining ability, the Deep Sea Demon Whale King twisted with pain in the water. His Demon Whale Domain also instantly erupted, purple blue light covering the entire area.

Unfortunately, whether its twisting or domain, neither had any effect on Tang San.

Enveloped in Seagod’s Light, plus the Vast Sea Barrier, the power of the ocean couldn’t influence Tang San at all to begin with, and relying on the

Seagod’s Light for protection, Tang San could completely ignore the Deep Sea Demon Whale King.

No matter how violently the Deep Sea Demon Whale King moved, how could it have any effect on Tang San?

Intense slaps and attacks by seawater was basically nothing to the demigod level Tang San. When he had just glued himself to the Deep Sea Demon Whale’s body he had spit out a mouthful of blood, that was the injuries earned from the clash with the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s tail. However, after glueing himself there with the Eight Spider Lances, Tang San immediately ate one of Oscar’s crystal caterpillar sausage produced after using Erect Gold Fly. Even if it was a bit extravagant, saving it was useless. Oscar’s entire stock was already stored in his Wishful Hundred Treasures Purse.

Just like when he passed the trials back on Seagod Island, while Tang San looked to be fighting alone, he in fact had the support of his comrades behind him the whole time.

The eight lances’ draining effect fully started. Tang San wasn’t concerned with how much effect the poison would have, but he knew with certainty that draining the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s energy was enormously beneficial to him.

The god level Eight Spider Lances’ draining ability really was too terrifying. In practically just a few of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s struggles, it had already drained a large amount of energy, and moreover

turned it into pure energy for Tang San to absorb. The exhaustion from previous attacks was completely recovered, and the constant draining also helped Tang San’s energy rise. The places the Eight Spider Lances stabbed not only turned golden, but moreover quickly dried out. The Eight Spider Lances didn’t just drain energy, but also the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s life force. If Tang San could store that much, then it could even empty the Deep Sea Demon Whale King completely. Of course, this would take an extremely long time.

Giant waves constantly devastated the local sea. Dai Mubai and the others could not longer stay calm on the side, but with the help of Xiao Bai and her kin, these waves weren’t enough to influence them. Each one focused their attention on the Deep Sea Demon Whale contorting with all its might in the sea.

Everything that happened was completely within Tang San’s plan. Tang San had told everyone that the Deep Sea Demon Whale King was bound to be extremely strong, and defeating it head on would be practically impossible. At that time Tang San had still only believed the Deep Sea Demon Whale King possessed a few hundred thousand years of cultivation, but even so, he also understood that with a few hundred thousand years of savings, the energy the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s body had stored was enough to easily grind them all to death.

However, Tang San also declared that the Deep Sea Demon Whale King had a weakness. That was its powerful and enormous body. Indeed, this creature as giant as a fortress could easily block any attack without harm, but no matter how flexible it was, its body was still there. As long as he could get within a certain range, its enormous size would definitely be a restriction.

This was what Tang San thought of according to how he once harmed the Deep Sea Demon Whale King. Just now he instantly used Erect Gold Fly, Ning Rongrong’s boost and the million jin Seagod Trident to successfully complete an established goal, charging in close to the Deep Sea Demon Whale King. Even though he would be injured in a frontal assault, the Deep Sea Demon Whale King wouldn’t be any better off.

Moreover, Tang San didn’t stop at this. Sticking close to the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s body, he was like a large golden spider. The Eight Spider Lances rose and fell, slowly climbing upwards. Each time the Eight Spider Lances fell, they would leave behind a drained hollowed out depression on the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s body, causing it to spasm violently. Even more painful to the Deep Sea Demon Whale King was that the wizened skin would definitely have substantially reduced defense. Tang San dragged the Seagod Trident, using its sharp main blade to cut its skin. Blood and flesh welled out. He also brought out two bottles, constantly pouring the red and blue liquid they contained into its wounds.

No matter how violently the Deep Sea Demon Whale King turned, it still could do nothing since Tang San’s actions were all below its energy protection. No matter how the Deep Sea Demon Whale King moved, its fish shaped enormous body was fixed, it had no way of grabbing Tang San. It was the first time the Deep Sea Demon Whale King experienced something like this. He was of a mind to attack its own body, taking the damage to get rid of Tang San. But its pure energy attacks had to be issued with its body and couldn’t be turned on itself. Only those attacks using the ocean could hit it. But these attack methods were less than useless to Tang San. Any attack you launch, I’ll meet with Seagod’s Light.

What Tang San poured into the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s wounds naturally wasn’t any anything beneficial. Even though he didn’t have much, this wasn’t the time to save it. The spring waters of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well were a good thing! It was relying on this that he originally killed numerous Evil Spirit Orcas. The strength of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s body naturally wasn’t anything the Evil Spirit orca could compare to, but amidst the torment of ice and fire, its bodily functions were still

swiftly destroyed. And making it suffer the most was that Tang San was constantly spreading the pain over its body.

Roar—— The enormous tail fin heavily struck the ocean, raising giant waves. And the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s enormous body also relied on this strike to abruptly soar from the water. That was a two hundred meter long giant! To be able to leap into the air like this showed how deep and resounding its strength was. Even Tang San on its back had no choice but to stop moving around due to the shock.

If the Deep Sea Demon Whale King could see Tang San’s expression now, it would definitely discover that the human tormenting it had a trace of a triumphant smile at the corners of his mouth.

The lacerated wounds on the Deep Sea Demon Whale King either froze to ice, or turned into charred meat. But between these two sides there also appeared a faint golden blue color.

Incomparably enormous body erupted from the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s head. In this instant, its two hundred meter long body actually halted in midair.

Deep blue light shot from the ocean below, and from the vast dark clouds descended nine lightning bolts as thick as barrels, slamming the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s body. Fortunately even the Deep Sea Demon Whale King couldn’t control these nine purple lightning bolts, and so missed Ma Hongjun. But he still felt paralysed, and quickly flew a thousand meters away in shock.

Intense purple blue light instantly covered the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s giant body. Whether the blue from below or the purple lightning falling from above, they left behind a layer of faintly golden light on its back, and the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s skin seemed to condense into a purple blue crystal. At the same time, its giant body began to shrink with astonishing speed.

At the same time as the purple bolts of lightning struck the Deep Sea Demon Whale King, Tang San felt numb all over. The got level Eight

Spider Lances naturally wouldn’t be affected, but at this moment Tang San still chose to withdraw. In a flash the Eight Spider Lances had withdrawn, and with a blur he appeared several hundred meters away. At the same moment, he shifted the Seagod Trident to his right hand, instantly switching spirits. The giant Clear Sky Hammer was gripped in his left hand.

“Fatty, get ready. This fellow’s attributes are water and thunder.” Tang San called loudly. The Eight Spider Lances on his back stretched out, that intense golden light making Tang San’s aura flourish. Correct, the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s body was much stronger than him, but his Eight Spider Lances weren’t only demigod level, but truly god level. This was also how he could control the Deep Sea Demon Whale King like that before.

Tang San of course knew what the Deep Sea Demon Whale King was doing. Just like he wasn’t startled by it spitting human language, even Xiao Bai could temporarily take human form on land, how could this million year Deep Sea Demon Whale King to less? To eliminate the weakpoint of its size, he only had one option. This was also the route Tang San had planned.

Way back when on the Seagod Island, Tang San had heard Xiao Bai say that any sea spirit beast, even if they could take human shape, ordinarily wouldn’t do so. Because after taking human form, the superiority of their physique was completely gone, their overall strength subsequently dropping.

Relying on the god level Eight Spider Lances’ special ability and perfect tactics, Tang San left the Deep Sea Demon Whale King no choice but to abandon its fortress like body. As long as he turned into human shape, even though it would have one less weak point, it would still be much easier to deal with.

But in fact, the Deep Sea Demon Whale King had no choice but to do this. The enemies he had faced in the path had basically never used Tang San’s method to fight it, and even if they wanted to, they still didn’t have a freakish external spirit bone like the Eight Spider Lances to do it with, able to break its defense as well as violently absorb its energy, and even poison

it. The Deep Sea Demon Whale King deeply felt that, if this went on, Tang San would have a chance of torturing it to death. The energy he swallowed could be released as abilities, also attacking it. With the infinite draining of the Eight Spider Lances, even if it would take a long time, it would still be done for. Helplessly, he had no choice but to take this option. And compared to Xiao Bai, this overlord of the seas would be weakened even more when in human form. At least all kinds of benefits from its enormous body were gone, and it also couldn’t completely use all its energy.

Facts proved that Tang San’s choice to disengage was completely correct. The purple blue crystal condensed on the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s body violently exploded, forming a purple blue giant maelstrom in the air. The shattered crystals were like sharp blades, filled with overbearing cutting power. With water and lightning attributes among them, even if you didn’t die you’d still lose a layer of skin.

However, even so, the circumstances in the sky still shocked Tang San.

The giant purple blue maelstrom didn’t start to disappear, but instead quickly contracted, spinning violently as it was squeezed together, its energy constantly compressing. And the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s body could no longer be seen within.

“Did you believe you would have a chance by forcing me to take human shape? True, I can’t possess such enormous energy when in human form, but that doesn’t mean I would abandon it. How could you imagine what’s saved up over a million years?”

Listening to the Deep Sea Demon Whale King, Tang San’s expression sank. Ma Hongjun had already come up behind him, scorching hot flame’s coloring the air deep red.

Ma Hongjun’s voice echoed by Tang San’s ear, “Third brother, what is this fellow doing? Such violent energy, you have to be careful.”

Tang San nodded. He didn’t know what the Deep Sea Demon Whale King was doing, but he wouldn’t rush in prematurely now. That purple blue maelstrom of  condensed  water  and  lightning, and  even  involving  wind

energy, wasn’t so simple. Entering rashly would very likely give the Deep Sea Demon Whale King a chance. Tang San had no doubts about the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s fighting experience.

Clear Sky Hammer in his left hand, Seagod Trident in his right, Tang San maintained a special state, his mental strength extroverted. Between heaven and earth, even though it was filled with the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s enormous energy, Tang San’s mental strength still filled every crack in between. These small cracks seemed unremarkable, but still completely passed through the energy enveloping the Deep Sea Demon Whale King. It couldn’t influence the energy, but it could still pass on each minute change to Tang San’s mind.

His boundless mental strength told Tang San that the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s incomparably enormous energy was compressing with frightening speed. The compression moreover had a feeling of layers, and the closer to the center, the more violent the energy waves became. Once truly at the core, even Tang San’s mental strength couldn’t probe deeper.

But Tang San didn’t have to waste his energy further, because he very quickly saw the result.

The purple blue light vanished, the two hundred meter Deep Sea Demon Whale gone. Appearing in Tang San’s line of sight was a simple looking middle aged man.

This person was more than three meters tall, deep blue hair scattered behind it. Most astonishing was that he wore a set of bizarre deep purple armor. The armor seemed crystalline, formed from chest, shoulder, stomach armor, battle skirt, as well as armor for all four limbs, a full set. No cracks could be seen at the joints. It also included a tall neck protector, surrounding its head in a semicircle, with gill-like patterns. All the energy in the air seemed to be compressed together in this instant. And at the same time, behind it also appeared an enormous deep purple whirlpool. The whirlpool slowly floated, turning from behind him to in front, finally condensing into a fist sized gem on his chest. It was definitely a precious gem, and inside it still flickered with rotating energy, seeming especially bizarre.

Chapter 306

Watching the changes in midair, Xiao Bai was aghast, crying out in alarm: “Energy armor form, it seems it wasn’t just bragging, it might really be close to the god level. Back when the lord Seagod became god he could harmonize his energy with himself, forming divine armor, as well as transform his spirit into the Seagod Trident, turning it into his weapon. Even if this Deep Sea Demon Whale King can’t do all that yet, just turning energy into armor without truly harmonizing with it is still really just a step away!”

Dai Mubai’s expression turned equally serious, “After taking human shape, the energy that can’t be frozen into the body is compressed into this armor shape and worn, and can still be used to wield its original power. There’s practically no downside. It seems little San will lose, this Deep Sea Demon Whale King is much stronger than we imagined.”

In midair, Tang San still seemed particularly calm. He could of course come to the same conclusion as Dai Mubai, only he saw even deeper than Dai Mubai. After all, he was someone who had once faced a true god level power. The armor formed from the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s energy was admittedly powerful, but there was still a considerable gap to Qian Renxue’s Angelic Raiment. And the advantage for Tang San was that, no matter how powerful the armor was, in order to draw on the power of nature it still had to rely on water, his other lightning attribute was just a secondary attribute. And as the successor to the Seagod, what Tang San feared the least was water. Back before completely comprehending the divine power

of the God of Angels, Qian Renxue had been beaten back three times by Tang San. Why would he retreat against the Deep Sea Demon Whale King?

In terms of energy, there was no need to doubt the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s power. The overall intensity of his energy wasn’t less than Qian Renxue, but he was after all not yet a god, and even if his foundation Deep Sea Demon Whale was also a first rate spirit beast. Compared to the Dark Devilgod Tiger Tang San once faced, it was actually somewhat inferior in attributes. The Dark Devilgod Tiger had a true three-way balance, and if Tang San faced a million year level Dark Devilgod Tiger, he would turn and run without even thinking about fighting. Moreover, according to Tang San’s estimate, the Dark Devilgod Tiger wouldn’t need to spend that much time if it wanted to become a god.

The Eight Spider Lances slowly stretched out, lance tips pointing towards the Deep Sea Demon Whale King. Tang San’s gaze was cold as ice, without a trace of wavering because of the opponent’s strength.

The Deep Sea Demon Whale King couldn’t help being a bit disappointed with Tang San’s current appearance, but its hatred for Tang San had already reached the peak. Even though it took human form, it still felt the internal pain. The draining ability of the Eight Spider Lances as well as the toxin was a bit better off, the crucial part was that the two kinds of water from the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well was making his body feel alternately hot and cold, extremely unpleasant. Even though part of the two kinds of energies was already neutralized, getting rid of them entirely wasn’t something that could be done in short order. These wounds would take a lot of time to recover from.

One man and one whale confronted each other in the air, their gazes unyielding. Even though the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s energy was higher than Tang San, it held no advantage in imposing manner. Tang San’s mental strength was particularly higher than it. The Deep Sea Demon

On the battlefield, morale could frequently become the decisive factor. The lower the morale, the less of one’s ability could be displayed. Anyone knew this, and therefore the Deep Sea Demon Whale King decided to stop

waiting. No matter how high the mental strength, the gap in energy was unshakeable.

“Drop dead!” The Deep Sea Demon Whale King gave a low roar, suddenly raising its right hand, purple balls of light appearing around it. In an instant they covered every part of a several hundred square meter range. Each ball of light targeted Tang San, the enormous energy waves immediately turned a portion of the sky around the Deep Sea Demon Whale King purple, and also faintly warped.

Ear-piercing sounds resounded, produced by the compacting. In just the span of one breath, the more than ten thousand purple balls of light shot towards Tang San like a meteor shower, their speed could only be described as flashes of lightning.

Three parts water, seven parts thunder, this was Tang San’s estimate of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s attack. Each of those purple balls was condensed from two kinds of energy, it could be described as a complex type of attribute attack. Without a doubt, they were just like pearls of thunder, if they collided with anything, they would explode with terrifying power. This kind of large scale targeted attack was impossible to dodge.

Tang San also didn’t have any thoughts of dodging to begin with. Holding the hammer in his left hand behind him with a cold snort, raising the Seagod Trident in his right, a plain and undecorated Unfixed Storm was already issuing.

After surviving Qian Renxue’s pursuit and seeing the Seagod using Unfixed Storm a second time, Tang San’s understanding of this divine skill had already risen to an unprecedented level. Although his Seagod Trident was no longer a divine weapon in the true sense, that still didn’t stop him from using this attack. Even without using the Seagod Trident’s divine power, this was still a divine skill.

An enormous ring of light brightened in the air. Its color was deep red, no longer the Blue Silver Emperor energy from before, but rather came from the Clear Sky Hammer. Ice cold killing intent also filled the atmosphere this

instant. On the Clear Sky Hammer behind Tang San’s back, the Deathgod Domain was released.

Dyed by the Deathgod Domain, the rings of light produced by the Seagod Trident instantly turned blood red. Tang San’s actions didn’t stop here, the trident in his hand spun to the left, spun to the right, constantly producing blood red rings of light in the air. Strangely, these ring of lights seemed to have an enormous attraction power, even though the thunder pearls of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s attack were very large, as long as these rings of light appeared, they would immediately draw over the pearls.

The Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s expression changed slightly. His original thinking was to rely on his superior energy as well as thunder attribute attack to blast Tang San to death. However, after he discovered the thunder pearls were trapped by the Unfixed Storm rings, their mental connection to him was actually immediately severed. Those thunder pearls basically couldn’t explode either, quietly disappearing inside the Unfixed Storm’s bloody rings of light.

How was this possible? The Deep Sea Demon Whale King was shocked. He of course clearly knew how enormous the energy he released was. It seemed to him that even if Tang San’s mental strength was somewhat stronger than his, it would basically be impossible to sever his connection to such a large scale attack ability. The only thing he hadn’t expected was that Tang San was now using the Seagod’s divine ability.

The Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s mind was delayed a beat by the shock, and in this brief instant, the attack he issued had already completely missed, not even one thunder pearl exploding.

“Tang San’s already this strong?” Xiao Bai was astonished. At the same time as she spoke, Ning Rongrong on her back once again raised the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda in her hand, another seven lines of light shooting out, shining on Tang San.

Ning Rongrong now had eight rings. The reason she issued seven lines of light wa because when she released her spirit abilities, her seventh spirit ability, Nine Treasure Avatar was also used, falling on Tang San. This was

also why the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda spirit masters were powerful. This seventh of spirit ability could be used on herself, but also on comrades. The first six spirit abilities could all boost Tang San by ninety percent, but this seventh line of ling could give let Tang San enjoy the marvels of the Nine Treasure Avatar, to only consume half of his spirit power when using spirit abilities. Like this, Tang San’s battle endurance would naturally rise substantially.

ly Tang San had risked injuries to get in close to the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s enormous body, but his injuries were already healed by the crystal caterpillar sausage. Adding the energy he drained from the Deep Sea Demon Whale King, right now he was in an unprecedentedly ideal state. The instant Ning Rongrong’s seven boosts hit him, Tang San’s energies condensed to an extremely terrifying degree. With a loud shout, like a thunderclap, he shot towards the Deep Sea Demon Whale King like an arrow.

The Deep Sea Demon Whale King would hardly let him go unopposed. His whole body radiated purple light, violently going to meet Tang San. Both hands forming fists, pounding his chest, a ring of purple light spread from his chest, just like that sparkling whirlpool shaped gem. Wherever the purple light passed, the air instantly froze.

This was an evolved ability of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s Demon Whale Domain, its effect was similar to the Blue Silver Orca Devil’s Assimilation. If you were within range, you would immediately sink into a brief stunned state. And in confrontations at this level, even brief delays would have fatal effects.

However, just as the purple light was about to touch Tang San, Tang San’s second spirit ring instantly burst, exploding with intensely deep golden energy waves, forcibly scattering that purple energy. And at the same moment, the Clear Sky Hammer Tang San held rose against the wind, and he spun once in midair, smashing that incomparably enormous Clear Sky Hammer straight at the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s head. This was the Great Sumeru Hammer, Ring Detonation.

Relying on the power of Ring Detonation to instantly defuse the enemy’s restraint ability, then condensing an explosive attack. At this moment Tang San could absolutely be described as perfect.

The Deep Sea Demon Whale King also hadn’t expected the seemingly calm and collected Tang San to suddenly produce such a berserk dangerous attack. Facing that Clear Sky Hammer sparkling with deep golden magic patterns, he didn’t dare be careless either. Both hands blocking, his whole armor shone, fully mobilizing the energy contained in the armor to meet Tang San’s attack.

Facts proved that the power of Ring Detonation absolutely was powerful. With Ning Rongrong’s support, Tang San’s abilities were all doubled, his rank ninety six spirit power subsequently rising to rank ninety seven. But even more than this, his strength, attack power, speed, attack attributes, were all boosted, his own strength was already close to rank ninety eight peak Douluo. And using the Great Sumeru Hammer’s profound Ring Detonation, the energy he exploded with now instantly reached the strongest intensity of rank ninety nine exceptional Douluo. What’s more, the Clear Sky Hammer he held was also affected by Gravity Control, and even if it couldn’t compare to the Seagod Trident’s weight under Gravity Control, it still wasn’t far away.


Under the gazes of Xiao Bai and her Devil Spirit Great White Shark kin, as well as the Shrek Six Devils, that million year spirit beast the seemingly insufferably arrogant Deep Sea Demon Whale King was actually smashed down by Tang San’s hammer swing. Slammed into the surface of the sea with a splash, it caused hundred meter tall giant waves.

Tang San’s attack went smoothly, and he absolutely didn’t pause. With Ning Rongrong’s continued assistance, the expression in his eyes turned incomparably severe. Body and hammer as one, the Great Sumeru Hammer’s might instantly exploded fully. The first spirit ring detonated, and the Titan Giant Ape’s spirit ring gave him even more enormous energy. At the same moment his left leg whipped out, a battle axe shaped red light falling from the sky, forcibly blasting open the sea spray, even cutting out a

one hundred meter deep trench in the surface of the sea. Exposing the figure of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King who was just catching his balance, Tang San’s second swing was already falling from the sky, bringing along an unprecedented aggressiveness, bringing along terrifying explosive power, smashing straight down.

Since the attack had already started, Tang San didn’t plan to stop. He wouldn’t give up until the enemy was annihilated.

The Deep Sea Demon Whale King also turned pale with fright. When Tang San used Seagod’s light before, he was still inwardly reassured that Tang San clearly still couldn’t have accepted the Seagod’s true power. He was confident that, against this opponent, he still wouldn’t lose no matter what. However, the instant he clashed with the Clear Sky Hammer, actually getting smashed into the enemy regardless of his strength and enormous energy, that berserk violent energy, that dominating aggressiveness, as well as that severe tangible killing intent, all told him that this enemy wasn’t that easy to deal with. It was even very possible he would face a deadly crisis.

The Deep Sea Demon Whale King had lived in the sea for a million years, and there was naturally no need to doubt his experience. Seeing that the sea could no longer become his shelter, and also sensing the even more severe might and even more berserk energy of Tang San’s great hammer, he took a strange action.

Both hands forming horn shapes by his ears, aimed at Tang San falling from above, he suddenly opened his mouth wide, issuing a resonant howl. At the same time a line of white energy like a bolt of unfurling silk appeared.

“Careful Tang San, that’s the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s core energy!” Xiao Bai saw that white energy, and hurriedly warned.

Tang San definitely heared her voice, but his actions still didn’t change in the slightest. The concept of the Great Sumeru Hammer basically didn’t contain the word ‘dodge’. Being fully aware that there was no recourse, only then could one’s strength be fully aroused. Therefore, Tnag San still brazenly met it.

The Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s voice was still a bit rough at the start, but very soon the howl gradually turned into something like a dragon cry as that white energy sprayed out. The dark clouds in the sky churned frantically, as if echoing his howl, and that white core energy also condensed into a cloud in midair, just meeting Tang San’s Clear Sky Hammer.


The white energy scattered, and even the dark clouds in the air swirled from the shock of this attack, exposing the light of the sun. The core energy the Deep Sea Demon Whale King was forcibly dispersed by Tang San, and the Deep Sea Demon Whale King also swayed heavily, a trace of blood flashing past the corners of his eye, clearly influenced.

But Tang San was no better off either. His attack couldn’t continue, the white core energy was admittedly dispersed, but he was also flung into the air by the rebound force. The Clear Sky Hammer produced a series of ringing sounds, the energy from detonating the first spirit ring nearly exhausted.

Tang San didn’t have just one plan to deal with the Deep Sea Demon Whale King. The ideal was of course to drain him to death with the Eight Spider Lances, that way not only could he kill the Deep Sea Demon Whale King, Tang San could also be certain that his spirit power could break through. But if the Deep Sea Demon Whale King took human shape, Tang San would act faster and stronger than thunder, relying on the Great Sumeru Hammer’s profoundness and use nine successive attacks to thoroughly destroy him before the Deep Sea Demon Whale King had a grasp on his strength. And by these circumstances, Tang San’s second plan was clearly ruined.

Of course, he wasn’t without rewards, the Deep Sea Demon Whale King was already injured.

A furious roar echoed from the Deep Sea Demon Whale King. He pushed violently against the seawater, shooting up towards Tang San like an artillery shell. While still in midair, enormous purple light condensed a

giant purple sphere of light around him. And at the same moment, behind him, a vast Deep Sea Demon Whale illusion appeared. He was already moved to true anger, this attack was no probe.

The purple sphere of light the Deep Sea Demon Whale King produced instantly separated from him, splitting into two giant purple war hammers, neither smaller than Tang San’s Clear Sky Hammer. All his energy was completely reserved, just then flying towards Tang San. It actually seemed like he would bet on a brawl.

Absolutely don’t underestimate this brawl. Close range attacks with completely reserved energy was the way to completely display the greatest degree of a power’s own attack power. If there were two people close in strength, and one side chose this kind of dangerous attack method, the other side would have no other choice. Because if you used energy attacks, the opponent’s reserved energy would easily be cut open. It was very difficult to harm the opponent.

Tang San of course understood this too. Want a close quarters fight with me? Fine, then I’ll cooperate.

Eating another Erect Gold Fly, Tang San hardly dodged the Deep Sea Demon Whale King. Hammer in his left hand, trident in his right, the moment the two were about to collide, Tang San blurred like an illusion. The Deep Sea Demon Whale King only saw a flash before his eyes, and Tang San had already arrived before him. The Seagod Trident pointing forward, the ice cold dark polearm already at his waist.

However, the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s choice also alarmed Tang San. He actually neither dodged or avoided, allowing Tang San’s Seagod Trident to stab his waist, while both arms swung the purple eight cornered plum blossom hammers, smashing down towards the top of Tang San’s head. If he really was hit like this, even Tang San’s soul might be crushed. The Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s hammers contained his powerful energy.

Tang San was intelligent, and instantly understood what the Deep Sea Demon Whale King was thinking. This fellow wanted to trade an injury for

death! He had that condensed energy armor for protection, and this stab definitely wouldn’t kill him, but if smashed by those two hammers, Tang San would be done for. It was actually well calculated!

Tang San of course wouldn’t agree to such a trade. Helplessly, he burst back in midair, using Ghost Shadow Perplexing step to flash out of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s attack.

The Deep Sea Demon Whale King was persistent, and instantly followed up, both hammers dancing in the air. Using the previous attack, he immediately suppressed Tang San. His eight cornered plum blossom hammers might not have any technique, but they won out in power, also incomparably fast. Backed by his enormous energy, he actually forced Tang San to repeat step by step.

There was nothing Tang San could do either, the Deep Sea Demon Whale King was too cunning. He fully exploited the advantage of his armor, basically not dodging Tang San’s attacks, attacking blindly. Thus, all of Tang San’s energy was inferior to his to begin with, and was now immediately completely at a disadvantage. He could only constantly dodge by retreating. Just like he just used the Great Sumeru Hammer to suppress the Deep Sea Demon Whale King, now it was instead he who was in danger. In fact, the longer he was suppressed, the stronger the enemy’s imposing manner and stored chain attack power, and the more difficult it would be to retaliate. Facing an opponent of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s level, wanting to wait for a mistake to appear was undoubtedly lunatic ravings.

Ma Hongjun watched the scene from nearby, but he also knew his strength was too far behind the two now fighting, and it would be useless even if he charged in.

Even at such a disadvantage, Tang San’s expression was still extremely calm. He only constantly dodged backwards. No matter how fast the Deep Sea Demon Whale King was, it wasn’t that easy to hit Tang San with Ning Rongrong’s speed boost and using the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step technique.

The corners of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King already revealed a malevolent smile. He could admittedly not do anything about Tang San’s dodging, but each swing of his hammers weren’t that simple. Intangible energy was weaving a great net, and as long as he swung a few more times, perfecting this great net, it wouldn’t be so easy for Tang San to keep dodging.

However, just as the Deep Sea Demon Whale King thought he would succeed and annihilate Tang San with his own hands suddenly, Tang San disappeared without any warning.

En? The Deep Sea Demon Whale King stared blankly, disappeared? How was it possible? His mental strength instantly spread out. Due to the distance being so close, he focused his mental strength into a narrow area, and almost instantly found Tang San. However, he had no choice but to delay his attacks for a moment.

The Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s great net was nearly perfected, but how could Tang San not know about it? His mental strength was always carefully investigating any change in his surroundings. With the exquisiteness of his Ghost Shadow Perplexing step, he could have escaped the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s attack range from the very start. The reason he didn’t do so was to let the Deep Sea Demon Whale King substantially exhaust his energy.

Using the Vast Sea Barrier to hide for an instant, when Tang San didn’t launch any attacks, the Deep Sea Demon Whale King naturally didn’t see him. If he gained some distance, then the Deep Sea Demon Whale King couldn’t possibly find a trace of Tang San even with his mental strength.

To Tang San, an instant was an eternity. The battle situation also changed in this instant. Withdrawing the Clear Sky Hammer, withdrawing the Eight Spider Lances, Tang San was like a shooting star, falling from the sky with the Seagod Trident, escaping through the last crack in the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s net. And at the same moment the Blue Silver Emperor released, one long Blue Silver Emperor strand after another flying down at an angle like bolts of lightning. And already warned by Tang San, Ma Hondjun was already waiting there.

The split second the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s pursuing attack arrived, Tang San had already pulled on the Blue Silver Emperor, like opposing gravity, instantly accelerating, he arrived next to Ma Hongjun in the blink of an eye.

Whoever it was, seeing such a hard earned opportunity disappear like this, definitely wasn’t pleasant. The Deep Sea Demon Whale King was no exception. He clearly felt that he was stronger than Tang San, but he had no way to catch him. This kind of feeling was definitely bitter.

A baleful look flashed through the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s eyes. In midair, he spun violently, throwing out the purple eight cornered plum blossom hammer in his left hand, chasing straight for Tang San. And at the same time, the hammer in his right hand also flew out, but not aimed at Tang San, but rather at Ning Rongrong on Xiao Bai’s back.

He’d already seen that Ning Rongrong was an important part of Tang San’s ability to persist in fighting him. If he could kill Ning Rongrong first, killing Tang San would definitely be a lot easier.

How could he be unaware that the Devil Spirit Great White Sharks and the Shrek Six Devils had also entered his sea domain? Now he just found a chance to angrily launch a strict attack.

Facing the great hammer the Deep Sea Demon Whale King threw out, Tang San gripped the Seagod Trident in both hands, spinning and raising, it was still that Unfixed Storm. That large purple hammer spinning in the air also at the same time lost its connection with the Deep Sea Demon Whale King. This was one of the best parts of Unfixed Storm. I cut your ability to control, so how much attack power can your ability produce?

Calmly, Tang San didn’t do just this. At Tang San’s indication, Ma Hongjun simultaneously pushed both hands on his back, violent phoenix flame instantly infusing into the Eight Spider Lances. Under Tang San’s control, the Eight Spider Lances didn’t change this energy, but rather condensed it inside the lances as fast as possible. With its god level capability, it had the strength to seal this portion of phoenix flame. And

when he produced his phoenix flame, Ma Hongjun’s last spirit ring shone, his eighth spirit ring.

After quickly producing it, Ma Hongjun’s complexion turned a bit pale. He ate two sausages, then changed back into the Seven Headed Fire Phoenix form and flew far away. His mission was already complete.

It wasn’t possible for Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances to stockpile such berserk phoenix flame for long. When he had Ma Hongjun pour phoenix flames into him, it was already decided that it was time to launch the main attack.

And because the Deep Sea Demon Whale King attacked in two different directions at once, his movements would inevitably be delayed. That’s why he basically couldn’t stop Ma Hongjun from passing the phoenix flame energy to Tang San. Even more shocking to him was that Ning Rongrong whom he originally thought would be extinguished by that hammer, didn’t suffer a bit of influence from his attack.

Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing had been waiting for this attack for a very long time. Tang San had long since guessed the Deep Sea Demon Whale King might attack them, and because Tang San was fighting, it would definitely be impossible for the Deep Sea Demon Whale King to use too complex an attack, like charging up a large scale area attack. Thus, having Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing for protection was already enough.

The giant Hell White Tiger unfurled its wings and appeared in the air, tackling that purple hammer. The enormous energy waves smashed the Hell White Tiger into the sea, but the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s attack was also destined to be fruitless. The spirit fusion ability used by two Spirit Douluo level powers instantly released considerably energy. Furthermore, in order to guarantee they could block this attack, they had each eaten an Erect Gold Fly, raising the Hell White Tiger’s attack to no less than peak Douluo level. How could the distracted Deep Sea Demon Whale King succeed?

“Your opponent is me.” Tang San’s ice cold voice reached the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s ears. Launching powerful attacks in succession, even

a power of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s level couldn’t keep up with the energy expenditure, and had no choice but to pause for breath. And at this moment, Tang San returned. In his left hand the Clear Sky Hammer appeared once again. And making the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s pupils contract was that this time, Tang San’s remaining six spirit rings all exploded together. Incredibly enormous deep golden light completely condensed in that Clear Sky Hammer, and behind Tang San vaguely appeared a deep red silhouette. This silhouette was a bit different from the Seagod Tang San had released.

The Seagod was tall and portly, and this figure was a bit slimmer, but still even taller. Ice cold killing intent condensed until nearly tangible. This manifestation was the variant shape that appeared when Tang San poured an astronomical amount of energy into the Deathgod Domain. The energy from detonating six spirit rings really was too much, it filled every corner of the Clear Sky Hammer, and naturally also flooded the Deathgod Domain. The shape of this manifestation was the the light contained in the Deathgod Domain.

Using the Great Sumeru Hammer to simultaneously detonate six Clear Sky Hammer spirit rings, including three hundred thousand year spirit rings, this was something Tang San hadn’t even done when facing Qian Renxue. This clearly showed what level this attack would reach. And his current determination, leaving himself no escape routes, also alarmed the Deep Sea Demon Whale King. Especially that deep red silhouette that appeared behind Tang San, despite being extremely faint, still made the Deep Sea Demon Whale King tremble from his heart.

Handing back the Seagod Trident for the Eight Spider Lances to hold, Tang San changed to holding the hammer two handed. The energy from six spirit rings exploding within the Clear Sky Hammer really was too frightening.

The Deep Sea Demon Whale King didn’t dare advance, he even slowly retreated. He already had thoughts of escaping. This young looking human in front of him was too crazy. Such terrifying energy, wasn’t he worried he couldn’t control it and exploded?

Not only the Deep Sea Demon Whale King was shocked, Tang San’s friends also watched the scene with stunned eyes. After simultaneously detonating the remaining six Clear Sky Hammer spirit rings, the deep red silhouette setting him off from behind, right now Tang San was like a descended demon god, even his hair and eyes had turned deep red. The sky was covered in dark clouds once again, only this time the clouds didn’t stem from the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s energy, because they were all the color of blood. Equally turned red was the surface of the sea below. The energy Tang San condensed this moment had transformed the surroundings, this was something only god levels could accomplish!

If not for the god level Eight Spider Lances, the Great Sumeru Hammer’s core technique as well as his demigod level constitution and the crystal caterpillar sausage as support, Tang San would never dare try this. Even were Qian Renxue here, her expression would turn very ugly on seeing Tang San’s all out attack.

Ning Rongrong’s expression also changed, because she suddenly discovered that her Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda no longer had any amplifying effect on Tang San. All the boosts were rebounded, and the light issued from the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda basically couldn’t enter that blood colored area. In all her cultivation so far, this was the first time she experienced this. Only one possibility could explain these circumstances, and that was that god level powers couldn’t be boosted by human support type spirit masters. Right now, Tang San had absolutely reached the god level.

Chapter 307

The blood red ring winding around Tang San seemed absolutely terrifying, emanating an ice cold bloody light all over. His movements seemed a bit sluggish, but in fact, the Deep Sea Demon Whale King fully enveloped by his mental strength found it impossible to escape. If he turned and ran, he would only die even faster from the pull of the killing intent.

The Deep Sea Demon Whale King just couldn’t understand how Tang San’s strength could actually explode with such terrifying energy. He basically couldn’t imagine it. The strength Tang San now revealed was already several times that of his spirit power. Especially that terrifying slaughter aura wasn’t even the domain influencing the surroundings, but influencing all of nature.

Tang San felt something different right now. When facing Qian Renxue, he had once also detonated several spirit rings, but at that time he had exploded the Blue Silver Emperors spirit rings, and not the Clear Sky Hammers. Now that the Clear Sky Hammer’s last six spirit rings exploded, he just felt as if something appeared in his mind, some energy seeming to separate the Seagod’s Light from his mind. Moreover, all of his blood seemed to boil, his vision turning blood red, all that he saw was the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s powerful armored body. And his way of thinking also turned certain in victory. All his strategies and intelligence was this moment completely replaced by intense fighting spirit. All he could feel was burning heat. The energy inside him was like an erupting volcano, constantly surging within, looking for somewhere to drain out.

The sounds of the outside world were already completely isolated by that enormous energy, all Tang San could hear was his pounding heart. Tang San could clearly feel his body reach an extreme limit, like if he increased a speck more energy he would explode.

Slaughter energy spread madly in the air, and even the Shrek Six Devils who knew Tang San best had no idea what the red color around Tang San was, but even at the edge of the Demon Whale territory, they could still clearly feel how utterly terrifying the energy Tang San radiated was. If it erupted, it would definitely shake heaven and earth, make gods and devils weep.

The Deep Sea Demon Whale King had existed for a million years, and naturally wouldn’t just wait for death. Sensing Tang San’s power it seemed to turn crazy, placing both hands over its heart, its palms just on that gem containing a whirlpool on its chest. Terrifying energy suddenly burst out, the immense energy waves instantly leaping up. With a loud explosion, the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s armor burst, once again returning to energy as that purple whirlpool hiding the sky reappeared, forcibly turning the red air near him purple. Even though the completely suppressed aura couldn’t counter, it still competed with Tang San as peers.

This was the depth of a million year spirit beast. Even though the Deep Sea Demon Whale King didn’t have as many abilities as Tang San, nor did it have the Great Sumeru Hammer to instantly erupt with several times its strength, if it burned a million years of accumulation it could still equally reach the god level for a short time.

Not one of the Shrek Six Devils didn’t clench their fists, especially Xiao Wu only felt like her heart would jump out of her throat. They all knew that the last moment had arrived. Whether Tang San could kill the Deep Sea Demon Whale King was decided here.

Before coming here, Tang San had properly planned out what they should do. And besides Ning Rongrong, the others were at least somewhat u

However, after they saw the scene before them, they understood how correct Tang San’s choice was. With their strength still short of Title

Douluo, facing an enemy like this was basically hopeless. If they were on the battlefield now, then perhaps……

At the same time they also understood the difference between them and Tang San might never be overcome. Right now Tang San had truly become a peak power.

Tang San and the Deep Sea Demon Whale King moved simultaneously, with practically no time between them. This was no longer a probe, but rather a true all out attack.

Eye piercing red light rendered the Clear Sky Hammer Tang San held completely red, the inexhaustible red light instantly expanding, and a strange scene appeared. The red figure behind Tang San instantly dashed forward, merging together with him. In the eyes of everyone present, Tang San disappeared, matching together with that red shadow. Looking carefully, it actually looked like Tang San expanded until he was as enormous as that red shadow, making man and shadow indistinguishable. Moreover, the Clear Sky Hammer originally held by Tang San was also held in the hand of that giant shadow. Along with a roar like a primeval devilgod, without any embellishment, the Clear Sky Hammer struck.

At the same time as the hammer swung, behind that giant shadow appeared a circular complex magic pattern. The pattern was large, actually reaching a hundred meters in diameter, hiding the sky and covering the earth. If Hu Liena was here, she would definitely be shocked to discover that this pattern was the Deathgod Domain she and Tang San obtained together, only now this enormous domain pattern was filled with indescribably enormous energy. Energy terrifying to the extreme. All creatures that witnessed this scene were shocked to the bottom of their heart, their bodies trembling and unable to move.

What was this energy? How did Tang San’s Deathgod Domain actually turn this powerful now, with power like a god? That was because his current Deathgod Domain was no longer the original domain. It had evolved to another level. Only much later, after Tang San had inherited the Seagod, did he understand what had happened.

Behind the Deep Sea Demon Whale King again appeared that enormous whale image. This time its whole body exploding in that enormous purple whirlpool, as if the whirlpool in the sea was brought into the sky. The smashed armor plus all its energy was completely poured into this one attack. That giant whirlpool actually instantly turned around, meeting that incredible blood red Clear Sky Hammer like a needle.

Red and purple, two lights instantly clashed. Even space seemed to warp violently. What everyone saw became unreal. The sea level suddenly fell a hundred meters, actually compressed to form a giant hole by that berserk energy. Practically the entire Demon Whale territory was in the same state.

The Shrek Seven Devils and the Devil Spirit Great White Sharks were also pushed down without any suspense, and even the hundred thousand year spirit beast Xiao Bai was unable to stay on the surface. Inwardly trembling, they didn’t even dare resist the terrifying energy. And as after they were pushed below the surface, they also instantly felt the water pressure actually strengthen tenfold. This was clearly also because of the energy in the air.


That sky, that sea, in this moment they seemed to become fixed.

That terrifying red and enormous purple color converged in the air, then actually compressed into a point and again exploded violently.

The incomparable energy wave made the ocean roar, and within a several hundred meter range, enormous tsunamis instantly rose.

The sky suddenly became hazy, the dazzling sunlight no longer visible, as if even the sun had turned mixed red and purple.

The enormous energy wave shook the whole world. Even the God of Angels Qian Renxue on a distant shore sensed the power of this strike.

The enormous energy wave shattered space, countless enormous rifts appearing in the air, frantically swallowing atmosphere and all that the air


Two figures separated nearly instantly. The giant red shadow disappeared, the purple Demon Whale image equally shattered. Only the two remaining human bodies instantly separated several hundred meters. Right between them, countless berserk energies lashed the sky. This was also why the sky changed. In that violent clash, even they themselves were unable to control this mad energy.

The Clear Sky Hammer disappeared from Tang San’s hand, the eight spirit rings all broken. The Clear Sky Hammer couldn’t survive exist this brutal attack.

The Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s purple armor also disappeared, its completely uncovered body constantly trembling.

Blood flowed like wriggling serpents from Tang San’s mouth, ears and nose, dripping to the surface of the sea and actually constantly exploded like small bombs. Even the energy contained in the blood was so terrifying, clearly showing how desperate that strike was.

Tang San didn’t tremble like the Deep Sea Demon Whale King, his waist was still perfectly straight. Even though his face was pale as paper, the killing intent in his eyes hadn’t weakened at all.

The Deep Sea Demon Whale King was a bit stronger than him, and even though he trembled, he still only bled from the mouth. Already being ninety nine percent god level, he was clearly better off than Tang San.

However, visible injuries didn’t mean everything. Even though Tang San was seriously hurt, the attack produced by that enormous red shadow had already broken the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s belief in victory. At this moment, the heart of this powerful million year spirit beast was actually filled with fear. The obviously already hurt Tang San was in his eyes like facing an undefeatable devilgod. In the million years since it started cultivating, it had only felt this way once. That was when he faced the Seagod of yore, and moreover lost one eye to the Seagod. Only at that time had he felt as powerless as now.

The Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s reason was still present, he did his best to tell himself that this human was already extremely weak, and couldn’t possibly defeat him. But that heart felt shiver, as well as the past fear branded deep in his heart’s blood, still made him unable to think of attacking. All he could think of at this moment was only to escape.

All the bones in Tang San’s four limbs were shattered, the energy channels within his body just as chaotic as when he detonated all his spirit rings when fighting Qian Renxue. But his fighting spirit still held him up. He would never let himself collapse before he killed the enemy before him.

Placing a crystal caterpillar sausage in his mouth, facing the trembling Deep Sea Demon Whale King gazing at him while slowly backing away, Tang San didn’t even wait for the sausage to take effect before he dashed forward.

At this moment, his condition made it impossible for him to move very fast, but it was flying at this speed that still made the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s fear multiply exponentially. The Deep Sea Demon Whale King was unable to pull himself together. With a strange roar, he turned and ran.

“Not a chance.” Two purple rays of light shot from Tang San’s eyes, tearing through the sky like lightning bolts. Where they passed, even the still unhealed black voids in the air were instantly pierced through, shooting straight for the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s head.

At the deciding moment, the Deep Sea Demon Whale King subconsciously turned around, roaring, releasing a series of circular ripples from its forehead, trying to block Tang San’s full strength Purple Demon Eye.

The purple rign shaped energy met Tang San’s Purple Demon Eye. There was no loud explosion, only an ear piercing grinding sound and sparks, like countless metal pieces rubbing together.

One purple energy ring after another were constantly broken by the Purple Demon Eye’s attack. The Purple God Light stabbed straight forward,

making the already extremely frightened Deep Sea Demon Whale King tremble even harder. He could only do his best to output his mental strength to reduce the Purple God Light’s attack as far as possible.

But at this moment, after Tang San shot the Purple God Light he spun around sharply, his blood scattering into the air as he did. But these blood drops didn’t go far, instead revolving around Tang San, creating a faint red haze around him as he spun. Nobody knew what Tang San was doing now. The Shrek Six Devils just now poked their heads above the water after being pushed down, just in time to see the moment the Purple God Light cut through the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s defenses.

The golden purple light ultimately struck the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s head. In the air, the Deep Sea Demon Whale King was struck stunned, but for some reason, the instant he lost consciousness, the last moment he was still aware, he suddenly felt an intense feeling of relief. The fear within his heart also seemed to disappear due to this daze. At this moment, the Deep Sea Demon Whale King finally understood that his fear wasn’t because of Tang San, but rather the result of the incomparably berserk energy from the red Clear Sky Hammer strike invading his heart. Just what energy was that! This was his last thought before turning half unconscious.

Unless it was with absolute certainty, Tang San definitely wouldn’t lightly use the Purple God Light. Even if his mental strength had risen a lot by now, the Purple God Light was still an enormous burden to him. Once the battle was at this stage, he no longer held anything back, nor did he need to.

Tang San’s spinning came to a sudden stop. One moment moving and still the next, it seemed extremely bizarre. But the instant he stopped, a series of nine red lines of light were thrown from his hand, and the red color previously revolving around him also disappeared.

If carefully observed, it could be discovered that those nine lines of red light were like nine oval leaves. Besides the blood red color seeming plain and unornamented, after launching these nine red lights, Tang San swayed violently in the air, falling through the air as if unable to support himself.

But at this moment, the Eight Headed Fire Phoenix returned from where it flew earlier, just in time to catch Tang San from below. Anyone else might be burned by the phoenix flame, but Tang San was impervious to water and fire, he really didn’t care about this temperature. And after Ma Hongjun caught Tang San, he also quickly changed back to human form, relying on Phoenix Ascension to hover in the air, grabbing Tang San around the ribs with both hands. He didn’t recklessly pour energy into Tang San, but rather brought him to quickly retreat.

The mission Tang San gave Ma Hongjun was to support him, and now this even seemed clairvoyant. With Ma Hongjun’s help, he didn’t fall into the ocean.

And at the same time as Ma Hongjun flew back, those nine red lights also all hit the Deep Sea Demon Whale King without suspense.

The nine red lights only hit one spot, the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s chest. Each red light landed on the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s body, but didn’t penetrate, instead exploding. Amidst nine successive explosions, a large hole was blown in the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s defenseless body. His whole chest seemed to produce a round window. Blood and flesh sprayed all around, and that enormous body also quickly floated backward in the air, shudderingly returning to his senses. However, everything was too late. Heart and organs were practically all destroyed. Let alone when he was not yet a god, even a true god might not recover from such severe wounds.

The Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s gaze was a bit lifeless, but he was still able to float in the air. Gazing at Tang San, his eyes revealed an unreconciled expression, but that too was finally replaced by deathly stillness. He wanted to say something, but as he opened his mouth, only purple black blood flowed out.

Finally, this powerful million year spirit beast was no longer able to support himself. The three meter tall body fell from the sky in a giant cloud of blood, falling straight into the ocean.

Having lost the energy support, he was also no longer able to stay in human shape. As he fell, the Deep Sea Demon Whale King returned to its demon whale body, and the two hundred meter long giant form smashed into the surface of the sea. In the front half of his body was an enormous wound that almost cut him apart. The enormous body hit the water, and the sea was instantly dyed red by its blood. Surging energy waves then erupted, another round of tsunamis scattering. With Xiao Bai’s strength, even unprepared she still quickly left, bringing Ning Rongrong down to the bottom of the sea to avoid the waves.

Seeing the Deep Sea Demon Whale King as dead as could be, Tang San finally heaved a sigh of relief, gulping for air. This battle had exhausted him completely. He might have looked like he always held the advantage, but Tang San knew that if the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s courage wasn’t broken, the outcome of this battle might be in the air, he at least had the ability to make both suffer. His powerful body wasn’t so easily killed either.

Thinking of this, Tang San couldn’t help automatically recalling that enormous red light from before. When he raised the Clear Sky Hammer, his whole body had been wrapped up in an incomparably enormous energy. Even though that energy was ice cold, it was vast, and also raised his confidence and imposing manner to an all new peak. In that instant, Tang San had clearly sensed his level increasing a bit more. It wasn’t his spirit power increasing, but rather his mental strength that rose to another level, making him able to completely control his presence, imposing manner as well as fighting spirit. He still didn’t have enough experience with this kind of feeling, but Tang San was certain that being able to kill the Deep Sea Demon Whale King at such a small price was definitely closely related to that red light. In fact, it was this red light that helped him to complete the mission so smoothly.

The effects of the crystal caterpillar sausage began to show, his chaotic energy channels starting to slowly straighten out, his internal injuries also starting to recover. Meanwhile, Ning Rongrong’s assistive energy landed on him once again. Having separated from the god level, the support of the seven lines of light roused his spirit power again, letting him feel much more comfortable.

Tang San indicated for Ma Hongjun to let go of him. Having recovered somewhat, he could fly on his own again. Eight lines of golden light fell from the sky, shooting straight into the sea, all stabbing the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s enormous corpse. That was the draining golden threads from the Eight Spider Lances Tang San unfolded.

Even though the Deep Sea Demon Whale King was dead, the enormous energy within that body wouldn’t dissipate so quickly. How could Tang San give up on a chance like this? Especially now that his spirit power was largely consumed.

Without the Deep Sea Demon Whale King to control its body, the Eight Spider Lances’ draining ability showed its full effect, draining at a rate several times faster than before. The enormous spirit power was constantly swallowed into Tang San’s body, making his spirit power rapidly recover.

While draining, Tang San couldn’t help secretly sighing. This Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s accumulation really was too deep. How could a million years of cultivation be ordinary? If not for having limited combat abilities, and being restrained by his Seagod’s Light and the final form Deathgod Domain, talking of defeating it would just be lunatic ravings. Even if Qian Renxue confronted it in the ocean, it would still be very difficult to kill it without the attribute restraint.

In just ten minutes, Tang San’s spirit power was already nearly fully restored, and with the effect of the crystal caterpillar sausage, his body was already completely recovered. The only thing that couldn’t be healed was his tired mind. In this battle Tang San had again exhausted his wits and resources, not any less than when he faced Qian Renxue. However, no matter how tired he was, he still couldn’t rest.

“Everyone hurry over. Use flying mushroom sausages.” Tang San loudly called to his companions.

Everyone had seen the Deep Sea Demon Whale King being killed by Tang San before, and couldn’t help cheering. Even though they didn’t know Tang San had already recovered, seeing him fly on his own they knew he didn’t suffer any major wounds. As Tang San called out, they each ate

Oscar’s flying mushroom sausage and each flew into the air, arriving by Tang San.

“Little San, what were those last red light of yours? How come it was so powerful?” Dai Mubai asked before he had even reached Tang San.

Tang San said: “That was a kind of hidden weapon, and also one of the strongest hidden weapons, called Bodhi Blood. It pours the user’s spirit power into his blood, focusing and solidifying it, then uses a special technique to cause incomparable explosive power as it hits the enemy. After I used my full strength attack against him, I had already released the my Blue Silver Emperor again before the blood light disappeared, and relied on its energy and my last remaining spirit power to launch that attack. If I still didn’t kill him, I would be a lamp drained of oil. Otherwise how could I not even fly.”

Indeed, the last nine lines of red light Tang San launched at the end was the second ranked hidden weapon in the Tang Sect Hidden Weapon Hundred Manual. On the ranking it was second only to Guanyin Tears. It’s penetrative power was less than the Guanyin Tears, but its might wasn’t any less. The reason it was called Bodhi Blood wasn’t just because it was shaped like a Bodhi tree leaf and was blood colored, but also had another meaning. Even if an ancestral Bodhi faced this attack, he would still bleed. Of course, in the world of the Douluo Continent, there was nothing like an ancestral Bodhi, but Tang San of course wouldn’t explain this.

“Fine, don’t chat for now, hurry up and prepare. I’ll infuse the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s energy into all of you. We’ll absorb it together so it will go a bit faster. It’s energy is too vast, it’d be a waste if it just drained off. Perhaps this can even help us advance.”

While speaking, Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances trembled slightly, producing another seven draining gold threads, each winding around the right wrist of his comrades. This wasn’t to drain, but rather in order to bridge them together.

Indeed, Tang San’s draining gold threads could swallow enormous energy, and also change it to the purest energy for Tang San to absorb. But

the amount he could absorb on his own was still limited. Moreover, the time he had to absorb was also limited. To him, even more important was to absorb the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s spirit ring and spirit bone. Consequently, he only had two hours to absorb the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s energy. No matter how much they drained within this time, he had to start absorbing the spirit ring and spirit bone by the end, to complete the last mission of the Seagod’s eighth trial.

The Shrek Seven Devils were too familiar with Tang San, and even though they still didn’t understand what he meant, they still immediately prepared according to Tang San’s instructions.

Very soon, pure and vast energy poured into them via the draining gold threads. Everyone were shocked at the same time as they hurried to absorb it.

Just at the start, Tang San was worried his comrades would make a mistake from the shock, and only released a small portion of energy for them. As they absorbed faster and faster, entering a trance, he began to release even more energy for them, sharing it with his friends. The seven flew in the sky, draining the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s energy. Pulled by the draining gold threads as well as with Tang San releasing Blue Silver Emperor to wind around their waists, they also didn’t need to worry about falling.

Of course, Tang San wouldn’t forget Xiao Bai either. The seven draining gold threads he released before included one for Xiao Bai. To her, the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s was an enormous tonic even without being filtered. She was naturally enormously excited, and even more thankful to Tang San. In this sea region, the Evil Spirit Orca King and the Deep Sea Demon Whale King had been executed by Tang San, one after another, and it could be said to become the world of them Devil Spirit Great White Sharks. As the king of the Devil Spirit Great White Sharks, draining some of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s energy might also turn her into a true overlord of the sea.

Time passed minute by minute. Tang San was still fine enough, his energy channels were already at a demigod level, and both digesting and

transforming went much faster, and even when filled up, he could compress it and slowly absorb it later. The others didn’t have such powerful constitutions, and the weakest among them, Ning Rongrong and Oscar, could only absorb for some ten minutes before stopping, letting Tang San release them to the sea where they sat cultivating on the Devil Spirit Great White Sharks. Even if they absorbed even more, their energy channels would be in danger of breaking up. They didn’t have the freakish healing ability Tang San did with the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone. Even using crystal caterpillar sausages, if their energy channels burst, it would still cause them very great harm. Not only wouldn’t it help them advance their strength, it might even cause them to regress.

Zhu Zhuqing, Dai Mubai and Ma Hongjun lasted for more than twenty minutes before reaching the same condition. Everyone had cultivated for many years, and they all understood the meaning of biting off more than one could chew. They didn’t force themselves, and descended to the sea to cultivate. As for Xiao Wu, she persisted in absorbing the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s energy with Tang San the whole way.

Even though Xiao Wu’s spirit power was the weakest among all of them, only at rank seventy six, having once used two heavenly treasures like the Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng and Yearning Heartbroken Red, the power of her physique was close to Tang San’s. Consequently, her endurance was the strongest. Especially when she was a former hundred thousand year spirit beast, she was stronger than the others in absorbing and comprehending energy. As a result, she could endure the whole time.

Of course, this was also related to her way of thinking. Having listened to Tang San recount his life and death battle with Qian Renxue, and now seeing his difficulty in battling the Deep Sea Demon Whale King, Xiao Wu’s heart was filled with pain. Pain that she couldn’t help Tang San. Therefore, she longed even more for powerful strength, to help Tang San face powerful enemies in the future. With her obsessive mindset, her potential could naturally be displayed to the greatest degree.

Time ticked past, and Tang San always controlled the draining gold threads in order to exploit as much as possible of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s energy. After his comrades finished absorbing, he placed

draining gold threads on the Devil Spirit Great White Sharks that carried them, he wouldn’t let them work for nothing.

The Devil Spirit Great White Sharks were naturally ecstatic. The energy filtered by the draining gold threads was extremely pure, and absorbing it was hardly difficult for them, and their cultivation instantly rose considerably. In fact, cultivation was even more difficult for spirit beasts than for humans, having to be piled up over long time. With Tang San’s help, they could save a lot of cultivation time, and would at least have a chance to attack the hundred thousand year cultivation more than ten thousand years before their clansmen. They naturally shed tears of gratitude towards Tang San.

The draining gold threads constantly changed position on the Deep Sea Demon Whale King. Because after each place was absorbed for a time, it would completely dry out from being drained of energy and vitality. At the same time, Tang San also searched for the things he wanted.

As the time approached, Tang San probed the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s circumstances through the draining gold threads and his own mental strength.

Golden light flashed, the draining gold threads withdrew, and Tang San’s eyes turned gold. He smiled at Xiao Wu.

Xiao Wu slowly opened her eyes, revealing a joyful smile, “Ge, my spirit power is already rank eighty, and I still feel like I could keep absorbing. This Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s energy really is enormous! Once I have my eighth spirit ring, my spirit power might increase even further.”

Chapter 308

Tang San nodded: “Let’s go, we’ll go down too.” While speaking, he held Xiao Wu’s slender and flexible waist and descended from the sky. Before he had landed on the surface of the sea, Xiao Vai had already moved over, just in time for him to set down.

Xiao Bai looked at Tang San with eyes full of gratitude. Even though it might be said that for Xiao Bai, eating the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s corpse would be of considerable benefit, that still wasn’t equal to the effects of the pure energy from the draining gold threads. This kind of method was not only direct, it also omitted the bother of eating the corpse. Even though Xiao Bai was a carnivore, she had lived for a hundred thousand years, and had no interest in the old chewy Deep Sea Demon Whale King.

Even more importantly, Tang San had not only helped her, but moreover used the draining gold threads to raise the strength of her seven kinsmen. This was an obvious benefit to the Devil Spirit Great White Shark clan as a whole. As clan chief, she was naturally excited.

“There’s no need for thanks. You know we already consider you as a friend.” Tang San didn’t stand on ceremony, and directly sat down on Xiao Bai’s back, patting her.

Xiao Bai sighed: “Tang San, I’ve always believed humans, especially humans outside of the Seagod Island, are extremely treacherous and cunning. But after getting to know you I’ve learned that humans also have good and bad parts. You are undoubtedly the best human I have met.

To tell the truth, I’m a bit ashamed. Originally I still thought to keep that thing to myself, but a peach deserves a plum in return, and that should be yours to begin with. I shouldn’t overthink it. Once you’ve finished absorbing the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s spirit ring, you have to split open his head. There you’ll find something very useful to you.”

“Oh?” Tang San looked a bit astonished at Xiao Bau, but he didn’t say anything else. He had already spent a lot of time in order to be able to absorb as much as possible of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s energy, and he didn’t want all of his efforts to be wasted. Besides, the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s spirit ring wasn’t so easily absorbed. A million years of cultivation, who knew what kind of trouble it would be to absorb.

Patting Xiao Bai’s back once again, Xiao Wu took initiative to leap to the back of another Devil Spirit Great White Shark, leaving more space for Tang San. Tang San took down his Seagod Trident from the Eight Spider Lances on his back, laying it across his knees. Light flashed in his eyes, and raising his left hand, he once again summoned the Clear Sky Hammer.

Compared to when he fought just now, the Clear Sky Hammer was visibly much smaller. Without all its eight spirit rings it could only maintain its basic shape. However, on the surface of that black hammer, the scarlet red Deathgod Domain pattern was even clearer. From it, Tang San instantly again sensed the presence of that energy that determined the outcome of the battle with the Deep Sea Demon Whale King just now. And at the same time as he summoned the Clear Sky Hammer, Xiao Bai clearly trembled a bit beneath him.

Xiao Bai was a hundred thousand year spirit beast, and that she reacted this much just from slightly sensing the Clear Sky Hammer’s presence showed what kind of level it had reached. No, it should be said it was how terrifying the presence of the Deathgod Domain was after evolving.

The Seagod Trident brand on Ta

Illuminated by the Seagod’s Light, a hazy blue light appeared on the Clear Sky Hammer. Tang San waved his second spirit at the Deep Sea Demon Whale King, and simultaneously released his mental power.

A strange scene appeared. Without any control from Tang San, the red spirit ring light inscribed on the Clear Sky Hammer suddenly released, and without drawing any support from Tang San’s spirit power, intense red light instantly wrapped up the hammer. Even the Seagod’s Light that Tang San shone on it was instantly dispersed.

What was going on? Tang San clearly felt the red light emanating from the Clear Sky Hammer actually reject his Seagod’s Light. But before he had time to think more, an intense purple light surged out from the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s enormous body, quickly spinning and condensing in the air.

Just like when Tang San fought the Deep Sea Demon Whale King before, this surging purple light formed an enormous whirlpool in the air, and then flew at the Clear Sky Hammer in Tang San’s hand.

At such a moment, Tang San no longer had any other choice. He couldn’t possibly give up on the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s million year spirit ring. Tang San was certain that even though his strength would leap up after reaching the god level, the stronger he was before that, and the stronger his spirit rings, the greater his strength would naturally be after becoming god. His future opponent was the God of Angels Qian Renxue. If he wanted to fight her, he had to surpass her in all respects. Consequently, Tang San didn’t hesitate. Quickly pulling out a crystal caterpillar sausage with his left hand, at the same time as he swallowed an erect gold fly, the Clear Sky Hammer swung, summoning that purple whirlpool.

The Clear Sky Hammer radiated red light, instantly erupting with incomparable aggressiveness. Tang San could clearly feel Xiao Bai sink below him, trembling violently. Clearly, she was extremely unsuited to the energy released by the Clear Sky Hammer. If it was like this before he had even started absorbing the spirit ring, then once he truly began, wouldn’t it be even easier for variables to appear? In that case, it would be better not to use Xiao Bai as foothold.

“I’ll absorb the spirit ring in the sea, all of you retreat some distance.” Shouting, Tang San leapt up, pushing off Xiao Bai’s back, going to meet that deep purple whirlpool.

The red light emanating from the Clear Sky Hammer was like a terrifying maw, suddenly revealing its sharp teeth at that purple whirlpool. Strangely, the instant that purple whirlpool came into contact with the Clear Sky Hammer’s red light, it somehow instantly grew well behaved, and poured inside the hammer as obediently as rivers pouring into the sea.

Tang San instantly froze in midair. He only felt an unprecedentedly enormous power suddenly rush into his energy channels, and let alone controlling his own energy to resist, in this instant he couldn’t even react. He only felt his mental world explode, his mind blanking out.

To the eyes of the others, right now Tang San had instantly turned purple, even the Clear Sky Hammer in his hand had turned purple, and then fell straight down into the ocean. With a splash, he disappeared under the surface. Very quickly not a trace remained.

“Don’t do anything without thinking, we’ll listen to Tang San and retreat a bit.” Xiao Bai called, making the anxious Shrek Six Devils wake up. At the same time, she released a blue gray light, controlling the sea currents to slowly bring away the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s enormous corpse. Even though his spirit ring was already pulled out, there were still a lot of benefits left in the body.

The cool seawater couldn’t approach Tang San. The reason he fell so quickly was that the purple energy surrounding him directly pushed away the seawater, bringing him towards the bottom of the sea. In fact, the place where the Deep Sea Demon Whale King lived was obviously the deepest marine trench within ten thousand li of ocean. Tang San only felt the light around him grow darker and darker, and the energy within him also surge more and more violently. The process of absorbing this spirit ring was already completely out of his control.

Submit to the will of the heavens. Tang San gave a wry laugh in his heart. The Clear Sky Hammer seemed glued to his hand, without flying away. What Tang San didn’t see was that on the Clear Sky Hammer wrapped up in purple, the Deathgod Domain originally inscribed only on one side of the hammer was now spurred by the purple energy to quickly grow, the red

pattern becoming more and more condensed, and spreading to each corner of the Clear Sky Hammer.

At the start it was just the hammer head, but after it was covered in red lines, it once again began to spread down the haft. Very soon, the entire Clear Sky Hammer was densely covered by this red pattern. But this still wasn’t the end. After that red pattern occupied the Clear Sky Hammer, it began to penetrate into the hammer. A scorching heat was felt from this. It was also because of the intimidation from this strange red light that the enormous Deep Sea Demon Whale King spirit ring energy pouring into Tang San didn’t explode. On the contrary it was the Clear Sky Hammer that was constantly melting in the process.

This process was very strange, and besides being unable to move, Tang San felt his left hand seem to change. Even though he couldn’t budge, because of the weight of the Seagod Trident in his right hand when the Clear Sky Hammer in his left struck the whirlpool, right now he was facing down, both arms holding weapons and hanging down. Consequently, he could see his left hand’s transformation.

The Clear Sky Hammer wrapped up in purple light couldn’t be seen, but Tang San clearly saw his left hand gradually turn from purple to red. And this red was also quickly spreading. Along with the change in color, Tang San only felt his left hand and right arm grow icy cold. That red really wasn’t hot like it looked, but on the contrary an intensely bone chilling cold, a chill filled with killing intent. But conversely, this killing intent aura was also filled with a just and honorable vast energy.

Was this the variant energy of the Clear Sky Hammer? The red light spread all the way to Tang San’s left shoulder before it stopped, repeatedly circulating inside. Tang San could feel that when his left shoulder changed, that purple energy was gradually absorbed. Moreover, he had lost his connection to his Titan Giant Ape left arm bone.

Just as Tang San had no idea what was going on, suddenly, the red light that had originally stopped in his left shoulder suddenly moved, and it moved with the weight of fifteen tons of thunder. Piercing cold instantly spread, passing through Tang San’s shoulder straight to every corner of his

body. The red light only didn’t invade a range of ten centimeters around the Seagod Trident brand on his forehead.

Ruthless, overbearing, tyrannical, all kinds of intense moods filled every corner of his body. He clearly felt how even the Seagod Trident brand trembled slightly from the invasion of this red light. Could it be that this red light made even the power of the Seagod feel a trace of fear? Just what has my Deathgod Domain changed into?

Just as Tang San was feeling a bit frightened, this red light transformed yet again. It quickly focused on the six spirit bones within Tang San’s body. He only felt the spirit bones chill, and an enormous energy wave almost made them explode, the violent pain forcing him to vomit out a mouthful of blood. Strangely, the blood Tang San vomited out didn’t scatter in the seawater, but was rather directly absorbed back in his skin.

Tang San had originally expected that if the enormous energy from the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s spirit ring was absorbed, it would definitely intensely attack the energy within him, and he would have to rely on the Seagod’s Light to restrain it, absorbing it drop by drop.

But this absorption process didn’t progress as Tang San had expected. Let alone that the Seagod’s Light was entirely useless, the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s didn’t even cause him any trouble. The entire process was instead led by the Clear Sky Hammer in his left hand, as if only the Clear Sky Hammer’s energy could control his body.

On the surface of the sea, everyone waited anxiously. Suddenly, Xiao Bai’s expression changed, The midsection of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s corpse she was protecting suddenly vibrated intensely. Just as Xiao Bai wanted to suppress it with her energy, with a loud blast, a giant hole blew into the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s body, and immediately, a purple bone flew out.

That was a bone like a spine, but there were still other bones linked to it. It was the spirit bone. It was lustrous purple like made from amethyst, but most strange was that it released energy in the form of a small whirlpool that carried it along.

Indeed, this was the spirit bone a spirit beast past a hundred thousand year would produce, and it was also a spirit bone produced according to what Tang San as the killer needed.

To spirit masters, among the six necessary spirit bones, the most important one was the torso spirit bone. And this was also the spirit bone Tang San lacked.

Everyone noticed that there was a line of red light connected below this purple spirit bone, and even the purple whirlpool surrounding it was unable to influence that red light.

The seawater split open strangely, as if cut with a knife, exposing a small crack. With a whoosh, this amethyst-like spirit bone instantly disappeared inside, shooting straight towards the bottom of the sea.

Watching all this, the six devils couldn’t help simultaneously breathing out. Clearly, Tang San absorbing the last spirit bone he needed, and that he still had the energy to absorb it proved that he was in no danger.

But, they had no idea that Tang San was now under unspeakable suffering.

Just after that red energy condensed on his six spirit bones, constantly pouring ice cold energy within, the Seagod Trident brand on his forehead couldn’t take it anymore. Intense golden light radiated from the Seagod Trident brand, illuminating a large stretch of the sea bottom. At the same time, six lines of golden light surged from the Seagod Trident brand, pouring into Tang San’s six spirit bones. The ice cold feeling was instantly dispersed, replaced by the scorching heat so familiar to Tang San.

One icy and one hot, this extremely cold and extremely hot feeling was in no way pleasant.

A long time back, Tang San had experienced this kind of ice and fire when he absorbed the Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass and the Inferno Delicate Apricot. But compared to then, this time the feeling was even more intense.

The Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass and Inferno Delicate Apricot were only purely hot and cold, but now the Seagod’s golden and Deathgod Domain’s transformed red weren’t as simple as warm and cold.

The Seagod’s gold contained vast bright sacred energy, and the Deathgod Domain’s evolved red contained was brimming with vast terrifying slaughter energy. These two were incompatible, and immediately clashed. And the battleground was naturally Tang San’s six spirit bones.

The most pitiful one still wasn’t Tang San. The enormous purple energy that belonged to the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s spirit ring should originally have been extremely terrifying, but in the clash of the red and golden light, its purple light was basically suppressed until it didn’t even dare twitch. Moreover, as the red and golden lights struggled, they also constantly absorbed its energy to strengthen themselves, as if competing to see who could absorb fastest. Even though the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s spirit ring energy was enormous, it still disappeared drop by drop under this kind of intense absorption speed.

How did his spirit bones become battlefields? Tang San couldn’t keep from screaming. Suddenly sacred, suddenly slaughter, suddenly ice cold, suddenly scorching hot, these two kinds of presences moreover contained different moods. As they constantly transformed, not only was his body in pain, even Tang San’s soul seemed to be torn in two.

Just as Tang San felt like he was on the verge of collapse, suddenly, a purple light fell from the sky. Before he could react, that purple light had directly merged into his body.

Instantly, the purple light that was just dulling from the absorption of the purple and golden lights abruptly intensified, and even those red and golden lights were suppressed to delay.

Tang San also finally had a chance to catch his breath, doing his utmost to urge his mental strength to condense in his mind. At the same time, in this brief instant of control, he immediately smashed the Seagod Trident and Clear Sky Hammer against each other. He vaguely felt that the transformations of his body was related to the two weapons.

Tang San thought correctly. However, the instant the Clear Sky Hammer and Seagod Trident struck each other, trouble returned again.

Because the Deep Sea Demon Whale spirit bone joined in, the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s million year spirit ring energy exploded again, suppressing the golden and red energies, and abruptly rose again as these two weapons clashed.

Terrifying slaughter energy and vast Seagod sacred energy erupted near simultaneously, and the pitiful Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s powerful energy was instantly suppressed once again. The gold and red clearly weren’t as powerful, but it still didn’t dare resist.

And at this moment, Tang San also clearly felt an intense power resound in the bones of his chest. His physical attributes quickly rose, and his originally faintly golden internals almost instantly turned completely golden. Moreover, that golden color was quickly spreading, through his veins, flesh, blood, and bones.

Torso spirit bone? Tang San immediately understood. But he didn’t understand was where this spirit bone came from? He hadn’t summoned it! However, along with this spirit bone joining him, Tang San’s previous pain was also alleviated a lot.

As if because his resistance rose, even though those cold and hot energies alternated even faster, Tang San felt as if they had weakened a lot.

However, something that both excited and worried Tang San appeared at this moment. After colliding with the Seagod Trident, the purple energy that originally enveloped the Clear Sky Hammer shattered, exposing an evolved Clear Sky Hammer covered with dense red patterns, brimming with intense killing energy as if a major killing tool.

But the Seagod Trident hardly took it lying down. The long vanished golden light once again reappeared with the golden light bizarrely emanating from the brand on Tang San’s forehead. The intense divine presence and that intense slaughter presence dazzlingly reflected each other.

Heavens! Do they want me to split in two? Tang San could understand the Seagod’s energy, but what was this red energy! The energy equally appeared within him, so why did the Seagod’s energy want to reject it so? Perhaps it should be said that they were rejecting each other as if fighting for control over the six, no, now it was seven spirit bones within him.

Right now Tang San very much wanted to say You go ahead and fight, but can’t you put me unconscious first, and wake me up once you’re done?

But this was in fact clearly impossible. Even though he was in pain, Tang San was also exceptionally clear-headed. So much so that it even made up for his exhaustion in his battle with the Deep Sea Demon Whale King. As both sides constantly clashed, Tang San gradually discovered that the changes in his body were also growing more and more distinct. Everything inside him had turned pure golden, not only covered by light, but golden all the way through, deep inside. This meant that his body had already reached the god level.

Tang San had once carefully considered the circumstances of Qian Renxue’s body. He knew the gold represented the god level, when Qian Renxue used her greatest strength, her skin once turned pure golden. That should probably only appear for a true god. Through absorbing this spirit ring and spirit bone, regardless of the meaning of the two fighting colors, at least his body had still changed. Their battle would always have results, he just hoped this result wouldn’t be too bad. To him, the worst result was both taking half of his body. If that really happened, Tang San feared he would have nowhere to cry.

Facts proved that luck was always on his side. As time passed, Tang San discovered through the stronger and stronger pain that it was still his Seagod’s power that held the advantage. First of all, the Seagod Trident brand held the most important spot on his forehead, and while that rid light wanted to force its way in to control the head spirit bone a few times, it was forced back without results. Second, even though the Seagod Trident had lost the Seagod’s Heart, it was after all a former divine weapon, and the Clear Sky Hammer’s red light had changed after the red light poured inside, and the gap between the two led to a difference in level.

The main battleground of the two colors was the Deep Sea Demon Whale torso spirit bone that had just fused with Tang San’s body, as well as the external spirit bone Eight Spider Lances. The golden color representing the Seagod energy was bit by bit gaining the advantage, and moreover expanding.

That the Seagod energy could obtain such a result made Tang San sigh in relief. Even though he had long ago guessed the final victor should be the golden Seagod, but this battle went on inside his body, how could he help worrying. Tang San of course had a basis for his estimate, absolutely don’t forget that he was now submerged in the ocean. And this ocean was basically the Seagod’s domain. Here, that red light would clearly have a very hard time fighting the Seagod.

Even Tang San himself had no idea how much time had passed when that red light was finally forced back to Tang San’s left arm. The purple light filling his body had also gradually disappeared. As the gold and red fought, the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s spirit ring energy had been completely absorbed by Tang San’s body. Even though Tang San didn’t understand what those two lights did to his body while absorbing the Deep Sea Demon Whale King spirit ring, in the end he still successfully finished this crucial step.

Unfortunately, even though the Seagod energy was powerful, after that red light was restrained to Tang San’s left arm, it couldn’t be expelled further. With Tang San’s shoulder as boundary, the Seagod energy occupied the majority, but that red light was still entrentched in Tang San’s arm. No matter what it didn’t agree to be removed.

The two sides, as clearly separated as the rivers Jing and Wei[1], stopped fighting as the Deep Sea Demon Whale King spirit ring energy disappeared. Clearly, they definitely weren’t willing to use their own pure energy to struggle with each other. Just like two extremely cunning enemies. And the unlucky party was that Deep Sea Demon Whale King spirit ring.

Finally over…… Tang San inwardly exhaled, he would rather fight the Deep Sea Demon Whale King again than to experience such torture.

In both his hands, the Seagod Trident’s golden light gradually waned, but the Clear Sky Hammer’s red pattern showed no sign of disappearing, the red light on the surface only dulled a bit. And on that Clear Sky Hammer, another spirit ring had appeared, a spirit ring that shocked Tang San.

The spirit ring appeared pure gold, like Qian Renxue’s last spirit ring. The difference was that it didn’t have the intense divine presence that Qian Renxue’s tenth spirit ring did. But in its place was a deep and immeasurable murderous intent.

This? Was it a million year level spirit ring, or a god level spirit ring? Tang San had no answer. But no matter what, this thing was definitely stronger than a hundred thousand year spirit ring. Moreover, it also shouldn’t be the original Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s million year spirit ring he tried to absorb, because it contained the red energy of the variant Deathgod Domain. Just how powerful it was would have to be tested in actual combat.

Just at this moment, a familiar voice resounded in Tang San’s mind, “Seagod’s eighth trial, Perfect, Seagod set, pass. Reward, Seagod affinity up thirty percent, overall affinity ninety nine percent.”

Hearing this voice, Tang San couldn’t help scowling. When he completed the seventh trial, Draw, Divine Instrument, Seagod Trident, hisSeagod affinity had already reached eighty five percent. But this eighth trial still have thirty percent affinity. By reason he should be at one hundred fifteen percent affinity. Even if the Seagod affinity could only go up to one hundred percent, he should still be at that highest one hundred.

Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi once told him that when his Seagod affinity reached one hundred percent, he would be Seagod. And when he accepted the last trial, before inheriting the Seagod, the higher this affinity was, the easier the inheritance would be.

Could it be that his Seagod affinity hadn’t reached one hundred percent because he still hadn’t accepted the final trial? No, shouldn’t be. Lowering his head to look at the Seagod Trident in his hand, Tang San suddenly understood why his Seagod affinity wasn’t completed with this eighth trial.

Because the Seagod’s Heart was broken. When he inherited the Seagod, there might be some variables because of the Seagod’s Heart breaking.

Nevermind, this eighth trial was already over anyway. As for the circumstances of the Seagod’s ninth trial and final inheritance, it would wait until they were back on the Seagod Island and talked to Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi again. Besides, his great grandfather was also on Seagod Island, and he would definitely help him.

The Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone’s flying ability started, and at the same time Tang San withdrew the Clear Sky Hammer, lightening the Seagod Tridents weight, and using his boyancy to swiftly rise towards the surface of the sea. As he ascended, he began to inspect his spirit power. Tang San was shocked to discover that the Deep Sea Demon Whale King was worthy of being a million year spirit beast. Absorbing his spirit bone had vital benefits.

First nevermind the attribute changes to his body, just the spirit power increase was an enormous surprise. His spirit power had not only broken the rank ninety seven bottleneck, but moreover broken two ranks in succession, rising straight to peak exceptional Douluo rank ninety nine. Calculating the doubling spirit power increase, it made Tang San confident in even fighting Qian Renxue again.

Actually, what Tang San didn’t know was that the reason his spirit power had risen so much wasn’t only the benefits of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King spirit ring and spirit bone. In fact, after his spirit power reached rank ninety five, increasing each rank was extremely difficult, and while the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s spirit ring and spirit bone contained enormous energy, it could at most help him rise to rank ninety eight. The reason why he broke through rank ninety nine was because of that close to intolerable pain. The battle between the Seagod’s gold and the variant Deathgod Domain’s red inside his body had imperceptibly also brought enormous advantages to his body. That god level clash squeezed and stimulated his spirit power, and adding the perfect combination of his now god level body and the released energy, this had pushed his spirit power to the limit of humanity, rank ninety nine.

“Ge succeeded.” On the surface, Xiao Wu yelled with excitement. They had already waited for a full seven days. Even though everyone had been relieved when the Deep Sea Demon Whale King torso spirit bone was sucked into the sea before, a seven day wait like this was definitely painful. Even Xiao Bai had submerged in the sea several times, but not discovered any traces of Tang San. She only seemed to feel a deeply terrifying presence pulse throughout the sea.

Now, that red brand on Xiao Wu’s forehead flashed with dazzling radiance, and in her mind also echoed that long missing voice, “Accompanying the Seagod’s eighth trial, complete, reward superpositioned.”

Just as Xiao Wu’s words fell, and before anyone had reacted, with a splashing sound, a line of golden light shot towards the sky. Grasping the Seagod Trident, Tang San had broken out of the water. The clothing he wore before was missing, and the surface of the skin rippled with intense golden light.

Ning Rongrong and Zhu Zhuqing quickly turned away, and even though Xiao Wu was equally shy, seeing her man finally return made excitement win out over embarrassment. She shouted excitedly: “Ge, we’re here.”

Oscar grinned: “Little San, you’re streaking.”

Tang San then noticed his circumstances and quickly pulled out a robe from the Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges to wear. No matter how his clothes were damaged, he absolutely wouldn’t lose the Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges and the Wishful Hundred Treasures Purse hanging from it.

Floating down, Tang San’s gaze turned to his comrades, forcefully swinging his fist above his head, “The eighth trial is passed, all that remains is the last Seagod trial.”

Dai Mubai smiled, “Then what are we still waiting for? Let’s start out immediately.”

“No, of course we wait. Tang San, did you forget what I told you?” Xiao Bai spoke up to stop them. Under the effect of her energy, the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s already putrefying body was supported in the seawater, exposing its enormous head.

[1] Rivers Jing and Wei -

Chapter 309

Even Tang San himself had overlooked it, since after successfully passing the Seagod’s Eighth Trial, he longed even more to become Seagod. They had already been held up here for a long time, and Tang San was also feeling nervous about what Dai Mubai worried previously, that Qian Renxue would go on the battlefield. Their family and friends were all there! When Xiao Bai warned him now, he remembered that this Deep Sea Demon Whale King might still have something for him. Xiao Bai definitely wouldn’t speak without thinking. As another fish type demon beast, she understood the Deep Sea Demon Whale King even better than him.

Nodding to Xiao Bai, Tang San smiled: “Many thanks.” Even though he was still a bit bewildered over his current situation, at the very least he had already passed the Seagod’s eighth trial. Everything after that would have to wait until they reached the Seagod Island. Even though killing the Deep Sea Demon Whale King and absorbing its spirit ring was difficult, it had still gone relatively smoothly, at least everything was completed according to plan without too much trouble. Especially after his spirit power rose to rank ninety nine, Tang San was confident that he at least wouldn’t get killed even if he met Qian Renxue. Of course, that was under the premise that the battlefield was over the ocean or in a forest.

Soaring up, surging spirit power was instantly infused into the Seagod Trident. Even though this divine weapon couldn’t display its proper splendor, with Tang San’s enormous spirit power as well as the Blue Silver Emperor’s release, intense golden light instantly filled the Seagod Trident, making its three blades glisten anew.

The Deep Sea Demon Whale King was worthy of being a million year spirit beast. Even though seven days had already passed as it soaked in seawater, its body was only very slightly decomposed. Moreover, after Tang San leapt up he discovered that within this sea region there were already Devil Spirit Great White Sharks everywhere. Clearly Xiao Bai had used some special method to summon her clan. If nothing else, she was definitely very reluctant to just abandon the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s body.

Even though they had absorbed the majority of its energy just after it died, some still remained. Also adding in that the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s body was near god level, there were enormous benefits for the Devil Spirit Great White Sharks to eat a bit. It could be easily imagined that, after a bit of work, the Devil Spirit Great White Shark clan’s strength would increase substantially. Xiao Bai might even break the age limits of hundred thousand year spirit beasts and become a true overlord of the sea.

Only, Xiao Bai had protected the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s head very well, only eating its flesh. Rank ninety nine spirit power erupted, and without need for any spirit abilities, just physical strength and spirit power infused in the Seagod Trident, the sharp main blade stabbed straight towards the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s head.

“From the side, be a bit careful.” Xiao Bai hurriedly warned.

Tang San nodded in the air, shifting the Seagod Trident slightly and stabbing into the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s gills. This was a comparatively weak part of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s body to begin with, and now that it had lost its energy defense, the Seagod Trident easily cut through it, causing a soft splashing sound.

Tang San’s wrist turned, and he flew sideways in the air, forcibly cutting open the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s head

Unexpectedly, the fishy stink Tang San originally expected didn’t appear, and instead a strong fragrance wafted from the wound. Being the closest, he couldn’t help sniffing it a few times, and immediately had refreshing feeling.

The Devil Spirit Great White Sharks in the sea now stopped their movements, no longer swimming around, simultaneously looking in this direction. Even Xiao Bai’s eyes revealed a somewhat thirsty light.

The Seagod Trident flipped up, and the top of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s head was lifted up. Instantly, golden light filled the surface of the sea. In fact, this Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s body was extremely large, its head alone was more than ten square meters, lifting the top of the skull immediately exposed the whale brain inside.

Although the whale’s body was large, the brain was very small. Even one as strong as the Deep Sea Demon Whale King was no exception. The limit of the brain was also an important reason its mental strength wasn’t equal to Tang San. Right now, after that more than ten square meter head was opened, the brain revealed was less than one square meter. But, that strong fragrance emanated from within that less than one square meter brain.

The whale brain was pure gold, seemingly moist and smooth, like melted gold. The intense fragrance was extremely attractive. And in the middle of that whale brain lay a fist sized, entirely purple gold pearl. Although the whale brain was very attractive on its own, as he saw that pearl, Tang San couldn’t move his eyes away.

He had once seen a pearl when he killed the Dark Devilgod Tiger. That one had three colors, but was much smaller than this one. The only difference was that the Dark Devilgod Tiger’s pearl seemed more spiritual, while this one was like something dead. However, in terms of the energy it contained, this whale pearl had far more. At just a glance, Tang San discovered that this definitely was a heavenly treasure.

Xiao Bai’s voice came faintly from behind, “The brains of sea spirit beasts above one hundred thousand years will evolve, turning into a special medicine. This medicine is an enormous tonic to any living creature, and moreover contains enormous energy, and can have very many effects. This Deep Sea Demon Whale King cultivated for a million years, its whale brain is naturally a good thing. Whether living or dead, flesh or bones, its definitely a treasure. As for how to use it, that’s up to you. You killed it, you deserve this. I don’t fear telling you, after you

helped us kill the Evil Spirit Orca King, I secretly ate the Evil Spirit Orca King’s whale brain. Do you feel I’m very selfish?”

Tang San shook his head: “What, I’m your friend. Besides, back then I already had the biggest benefit of the Evil Spirit Orca King’s spirit ring and spirit ring both. Let alone that whale brain, if you wanted, I’d let you take this one as well.”

“Really?” Xiao Bai stared in surprise.

Tang San smiled softly: “Why? Doesn’t my word count?”

Sighing, Xiao Bai shook her head: “Nevermind, I appreciate your good intentions, but you better keep this thing yourself. I can’t have it. It’s not that I’m being polite, it’s just that I’ve absorbed too much outside energy recently, it’s already enough to advance my cultivation another step. I still know what biting off more than I can chew means. Take it. Judging by this Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s brain, eating it might be beneficial even if you’ve become a god. you have to go accept the Seagod’s inheritance, this might be able to help you in the last step.”

Tang San nodded slightly, pointing at the pearl lying inside the whale brain: “What’s that? Something that grew from the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s brain?”

Xiao Bai said a bit vacantly: “I don’t know either. It’s possible it’s something that will appear from a million year cultivation. But it may be assumed it’s the condensation of the spiritual influence of heaven and earth the Deep Sea Demon Whale King absorbed over the years, it’s definitely a treasure. Embed it in a weapon, and you might be able to forge a divine instrument.”

Listening To Xiao Bai, Tang San couldn’t keep his heart from twitching. Looking at the rhombic cavity in the Seagod Trident, he turned his head to look at his comrades. Dai Mubai smiled: “What are you being polite with us for? Even it this thing is any use to us, it’ll still have to wait until we reach the Seagod Island. Senior Bo Saixi will defintiely explain it to us. Hurry up and take it, let’s go.”

Tang San nodded, taking off the Wishful Hundred Treasures Purse from his waist. Placing such medicinal things in the Wishful Hundred Treasures Purse was more suitable. Only the whale brain was too large, and he didn’t have such a large container. He could only clear out a space in the Wishful Hundred Treasures Purse and leave it there for now.

Grabbing in the air with his right hand, a faint golden blue light densely covered Tang San’s palm, causing a powerful suction force from the sky. First to fly out was that whale pearl, and when Tang San caught it, the rich fragrance cleared his mind. Breathing deeply a few times, he felt unspeakable comfortable.

The whale bead was warm and soft, just like egg yolk, just much larger. Even though it felt very warm and soft holding it, the surface was still extremely tough, cutting it open wouldn’t be easy. Moreover Tang San vaguely felt that the warm and soft whale pearl didn’t contain liquid, but was rather extremely soft all the way through, like gelatin.

Without studying it further, Tang San placed the whale pearl in the Wishful Hundred Treasures Purse, and then increased the suction force from his palm, using Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon. In the process, Tang San radiated golden blue light that circled his arm, faint dragon cries echoing. His arm seemed to produce a dragon with the suction force of a whale, inhaling that whale brain like a golden stream, pouring it directly into the Wishful Hundred Treasures Purse.

Hunting the Deep Sea Demon Whale was painful, but the rewards were correspondingly enormous. Just that unknown level spirit ring and powerful torso spirit bone made Tang San’s strength rise a large chunk.

“Let’s go.” With a splash, Xiao Bai flitted past the distracted Tang San, landing in the water in front of him.

Tang San smiled faintly, soaring. At the same time his right hand stretched out, and a strand of Blue Silver Emperor twisted around Xiao Wu’s waist, pulling over his lover to land on Xiao Bai’s back. The other Devil Spirit Great White Sharks that Tang San infused the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s energy into with the draining gold threads also one after

another carried the other Shrek Seven Devils, accelerating together to move in the direction of the Seagod Island.

Xiao Bai leaned in Tang San’s arms, without saying a word, only quietly holding onto his waist. Her quiet made Tang San think something was odd, Xiao Wu seemed a bit different from before.

“Xiao Wu, what is it? Are you angry? I don’t want to take chances either, but you know……”

Xiao Wu hurriedly shook her head, “No, I’m not angry. Ge, I know, you’re helpless as well. If you don’t grow stronger, how can you deal with powerful enemies? I just hate that I can’t help you.”

Tang San put strength in his arms, pulling XIao Wu’s soft body close against him, whispering. “Who said you don’t help me? As long as you’re by my side, you’re the best help. Because only by seeing you will I not be at a loss, and everything I do will be more valuable. Whenever I think that, once all these crises are over, I can live quietly together with my beloved Xiao Wu, my heart fills with happiness. Just this happiness for the future encourages me. When I was chased by Qian Renxue, all I could think of was you. Every moment I told myself I had to do anything to survive, survive for my Xiao Wu. I definitely can’t let you be heartbroken again. If I didn’t have these thoughts to push me, I might not have been able to return to see all of you.”

“Ge……” Listening to Tang San’s not quite a confession, but still sincere words, Xiao Wu’s throat seemed to choke on something, holding tightly to Tang San, her eyes hazy.

Tang San apologized: “It’s all my fault, after you revived I haven’t had the time to keep you company. Xiao Wu, you know, I really want to marry you, take you as my wife with the grandest wedding ceremony on the Continent. Remember, this is my vow to you. Before much longer, once the Spirit Empire is smashed, I’ll definitely make you my wife. Then we can spend all our time together, ok? Then, you can give us a few children, and wherever you like, we will live.”

“Cough cough, I can’t stand you, I’m still here you know, can’t you not be so sappy?” Xiao Bai twisted slightly beneath them. Only, her eyes still revealed admiration.

Tang San smiled silently, and Xiao Wu’s face turned bright red, burying her head in Tang San’s arms. Her charming appearance, so beautiful and alluring it was unreal, made Tang San somewhat stupid.

From the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s area to the Seagod Island only took the Devil Spirit Great White Sharks one day at full speed.

Seeing the jade sea and silver beaches again, the Shrek Seven Devils all had a feeling of pride. Last time they had come here like thieves, using the Vast Sea Barrier to its fullest extent and even walking here across the sea bottom. At that time even the strongest of them, Tang San, had only had a spirit power in the sixty something ranks.

But now the Shrek Seven Devils’ strength had undergone a heaven and earth revolving change. Let alone Tang San who had become a peak absolute rank ninety nine Douluo, the others’ spirit power had all progressed enormously after absorbing the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s energy.

Calculating in terms of levels, Dai Mubai had changed the least, but that was because his cultivation was the highest of everyone besides Tang San, now he had already reached rank eighty eight, already very close to Title Douluo. With his talent, he would definitely rise to become a young Title Douluo if he cultivated normally for just five years. Even though he wasn’t as freakish as Tang San, right now Dai Mubai was still just thirty years old!

Because of his physique, Oscar had absorbed less energy, but his spirit power had still definitely progressed, reaching rank eighty five. As a food type spirit master, reaching such a level was already extremely terrifying. Oscar believed that he definitely could become a food Title Douluo, unprecedented in history. Then he would definitely have even stronger Title Douluo sausages. The only thing he prayed for was to definitely not have any “daddy has a caterpillar” and such incantations. No matter how thick his cheek, his mental endurance still had limits.

Ma Hongjun’s spirit power rose one more rank than Oscar, of course because his physical strength was even higher and could absorb even more Deep Sea Demon Whale King energy. At rank eighty six, his attack power was even more terrifying, and the power of the phoenix flames had also increased under the imperceptible influence. The higher his level, the more clear the advantage of his first rape spirit would be. Among the Shrek Seven Devils, besides Tang San, only Dai Mubai had the strength to compete with him.

Xiao Wu’s spirit power reached rank eighty. Of course, this was just under the present circumstances. By Tang San’s estimates, the amount of energy Xiao Wu absorbed was second only to him, and her spirit power should still be able to rise another three ranks or so. In other words, after Xiao Wu got a spirit ring and reached rank eighty one, she’d directly advance to rank eighty four. Like this, she was extremely close to the others. There was morover one thing Tang San had never forgotten, Xiao Wu had received a first rate one trial on Seagod Island, and this trial would conclude once Tang San completed the nine Seagod Trials, and until then the rewards were stacked. Very clearly, the rewards from Xiao Wu’s first rate one trial would surpass that of Ning Rongrong’s first rate seven trials. Tang San clearly remembered how many spirit power ranks Ning Rongrong had gained. After he completed the inheritance, Xiao Wu’s spirit power might very well catch up to Dai Mubai.

Ning Rongrong’s spirit power had broken through rank eighty seven, second only to Dai Mubai. Even though she hadn’t absorbed very much of the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s energy, her Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda spirit really was too outstanding, and after passing the first rate seven trials, her spirit power increase was also more than their companions. Her current spirit power already surpassed Ma Hongjun, reaching an even stronger level.

Zhu Zhuqing’s spirit power was rank eighty six. Her personal strength wasn’t much in the group, but absolutely don’t forget that if she combined with Dai Mubai to launch the Hell White Tiger, even rank ninety nine Tang San didn’t dare say he could defeat them quickly. Moreover, this spirit

fusion ability would keep growing more and more terrifying as their strength increased.

Rounding their spirit power down to eighty, compared to six years ago they had advanced twenty ranks, and with the peak Douluo Tang San there, the current Shrek Seven Devils even challenged the deep history of all the current powers on Seagod Island. In fact, the teamwork and understanding between them was something even the Seagod Island’s seven guardian Douluo couldn’t compare to.

They had always cultivated together from the day they entered the Shrek Academy, and now more than a decade had passed. The rapport produced from life and death together was absolutely wasn’t something ordinary spirit masters could reach only by cultivating together day after day. The Shrek Seven Devils could all trust their lives to their comrades.

“We’ll leave you here. We have to go back to digest the energy. Tang San, I wish you luck. Once you’ve truly become Seagod, I will congratulate you together with all the creatures of the sea.” Xiao Bai stood upright in the water, waving her forefins at the Shrek Seven Devils. Then she turned and led her clansmen back into the ocean.

Tang San drew a deep breath, his right hand holding the Seagod Trident, his left hand holding Xiao Wu’s hand. Raising his head, he looked in the direction of the Seagod Palace. Even though it was blocked from his view here, he could still confirm its presence from afar, as if it was calling out to him.

Seagod Island, Seagod Mountain, Seagod Palace. I, Tang San, have returned. The last trial approaches, Seagod, I will definitely possess your power, returning your august might to this world once again.

Dai Mubai stepped up next ot Tang San, “Do we go right away? Do you want to rest a bit?” His question naturally made sense. Ever since leaving the Heaven Dou Imperial Army, Tang San had hardly stopped. Hunting powerful spirit beasts in the Star Dou Great Forest, then being chased by god level Qian Renxue, barely managing to escape into the sea, then having barely recoverd from the influence of ring detonation he had started another

battle with the million year Deep Sea Demon Whale King, plus finally absorbing the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s enormous energy. It was obvious that Tang San was tired.

Seeing his comrades’ deeply concerned gazes, Tang San shook his head: “Don’t worry, I’m fine. My current recovery ability is very powerful. Even going a month without sleep isn’t a problem.”

Oscar grinned: “Naturally, with my crystal caterpillar sausage, there’s no need to fear injuries. Besides, don’t forget that little San is a freak. Even though we Shrek Seven Devils are all monsters, he’s definitely the biggest one. Don’t delay, even if we rest it’ll have to wait until the Seagod Palace. Trust that senior Bo Saixi wouldn’t let little San start the inheritance if his condition was off.”

Just as the seven were preparing to set off, suddenly, Tang San frowned and raised his head to look into the forest ahead.

In the forest, one figure after another slowly walked out. Seeing them appear, Tang San and his comrades couldn’t help being shocked. Altogether seven people stepped out of the forest, the people that had once been their examiners, and moreover each guarded the Seagod Pillars, the seven Seagod guardian Douluo. They could be called the backbone of the entire Seagod Island’s strength. Led by Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi, this power was enough to contend with any continental spirit master.

Seadragon Douluo walked furthest ahead, the other six following behind him, slowly advancing together. Judging by their expressions, Tang San couldn’t help frowning slightly, because he discovered that these seven Title Douluo weren’t looking too well, frowning slightly and with a faint sorrow between their brows.

Had something happened on Seagod Island? Tang San was inwardly shocked, and hurriedly went to meet them, “Seniors, this is?”

Seadragon Douluo raised his spirits, squeezing out a smile: “We knew your friends returned and came to meet you. Lord Bo Saixi is waiting for you in the Seagod Palace.”

By the meaning of Seadragon Douluo’s words, it’d be a wonder if anything had happened on Seagod Island, but what was up with their expressions?

Tang San said doubtfully: “Senior Seadragon, has something happened on the island? Your expressions are so unsightly.”

Seadragon Douluo’s heart trembled, and he hurriedly controlled his mind, speaking deferentially: “It is nothing, we’ve only waited for so many years, our guardian mission will finally come to an end with your inheritance, we’re a bit at a loss, that’s all.”

Tang San then understood. Yes! Once he inherited the Seagod’s position, there would no longer be a need for these seven douluo to guard the sacred pillars. They would also be relieved of their mission. Always quietly devoting themselves to guarding the sacred pillars for so many years had already become habit, and now they would become idle. It was no wonder they would be discomforted and reluctant.

Immediately, he couldn’t help consoling them: “Seven seniors, no matter what the future holds, you are all the cornerstones of Seagod Island, this place cannot do without you.”

Seadragon Douluo smiled and nodded: “Lord, please follow us to the Seagod Palace.” He was already turning as he spoke, and as his gaze met the other Seven Seagod Sacred Pillar Guardian Douluo, the smile was gone, deep sadness flashing past the corners of his eyes. But by then his back was to Tang San, and Tang San didn’t notice.

Everyone were powerful spirit masters, and when they put their backs to it, the Seagod Mountain was already in view again in an hour of effort. The mountain seemed no different from before. Tang San’s eyesight was now much stronger than before, and surveying the top of the mountain, he caught sight of a figure in a deep blue dress, standing quietly at the peak and looking in their direction, Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi.

Only, seeing Bo Saixi also shocked Tang San. The Bo Saixi Tang San remembered, or to say, from first glance Bo Saixi hadn’t changed from the

seemingly thirty years old beautiful woman, she had a noble, graceful, gentle, reserved moving temperament, giving people an unreachable feeling. Her beauty was one that thrilled the soul, yet wouldn’t give people fanciful thoughts.

Tang San still deeply remembered the first time he saw Bo Saixi, in a red gown holding a golden scepter, leaving him with an extremely deep impression. But what he saw now was a completely different Bo Saixi.

Still in a red gown, still that golden scepter, even her azure eyes as deep as the ocean hadn’t changed, but, her youthful complexion was gone. Wrinkled skin and greying hair, she seemed like one at the end of her years. Despite still having a kind of unapproachable, untouchable feeling as she stood before the Seagod Palace, her appearance still gave Tang An an enormous shock.

If the presence she radiated wasn’t still so powerful, Tang San really wouldn’t dare believe this was the peak power of the Seagod Island, Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi. What happened? Why would she change like this? With Bo Saixi’s strength, she could remain eternally youthful basically without any need to take care, until the moment she died. But, her cultivation hadn’t changed now, but she was already old, as if she might be carried off by the wind at any moment.

“Tang San, I’ve waited a very long time. Come.” A faint voice came from the Seagod mountain. Even though it was still such a distance, Bo Saixi’s voice clearly reached the ears of the Shrek Seven Devils. Her voice was very calm, as if nothing had happened, only, from this calm Tang San heard some apathy.

Tang San looked at Seadragon Douluo and the others, and Seadragon Douluo saw from his expression that Tang San had already seen Bo Saixi. He shook his head at him with a sigh, without saying anything. Speeding up, they headed towards the Seagod Mountain.

Tang San frowned, catching up together with his comrades. They reached the ring shaped sea in a moment. The ring shaped sea was no longer a trial capable of stopping them. Tang San only soared up, six strands of Blue

Silver Emperor shooting out and bringing his comrades to smoothly cross the two hundred meter wide sea, reaching the foot of the Seagod Mountain.

The Seagod’s Light on the Seagod Mountain was still so touching, all the scenery still exactly the same as when they left. The beautiful view made everyone feel carefree and relaxed. Unfortunately, right now Tang San wasn’t of a mind to appreciate any of it. Without waiting for the seven Seagod sacred pillar guardian Douluo to lead the way, he sharply accelerated and headed directly up the mountain. In just a few leaps, he arrived before the Seagod Palace at the top.

Tang San naturally didn’t have bad eyesight, none of what he saw before had changed. Bo Saixi’s aged, end of her life appearance made Tang San’s heart ache. Why would this elder who had given all her life to the Seagod Island suddenly……

Bo Saixi quietly watched Tang San. Her crystal clear eyes seemed to see something, but she didn’t say anything, as if searching for something in Tang San’s face.

Tang San didn’t speak either, letting her watch him. He wanted to ask questions, but watched by Bo Saixi’s clear and flawless eyes, he couldn’t open his mouth.

The others also arrived at the top of the mountain. As Dai Mubai and the rest saw Bo Saixi’s appearance they couldn’t help crying out. Especially Ning Rongrong and Zhu Zhuqing covered their mouths. Only Xiao Wu who hadn’t directly met Bo Saixi was better off.

Bo Saixi’s kindly gaze swept across everyone, “Are you very shocked? It’s actually nothing, appearance is meaningless to me. You wait outside a while first. Tang San, follow me. I have some things to explain to you.”

Tang San nodded silently, following behind Bo Saixi into the Seagod Palace.

Bo Saixi casually waved her hand, and soft spirit power slowly pulled close the two large gates, isolating everything outside. The lightless Seagod

Palace was still dark, the seven platforms still exactly the same.

After entering the palace, Bo Saixi didn’t walk further inside, but rather stopped directly, stepping aside and sitting down crosslegged beside the door. She pointed opposite her, gesturing for Tang San to also sit.

Tang San sat down as she asked. Looking at Bo Saixi, he drew a deep breath, “Senior, your current appearance, is it related to my great grandfather? Don’t tell me he didn’t understand your intentions?”

As the peak Douluo of the present world, no enemy could possibly cause Bo Saixi to change this much. With Bo Saixi’s status, even if she really met a god level power, she would definitely sacrifice her life to protect the Seagod Island, but still definitely not turn so old as this. In Tang San’s impression, Bo Saixi was an extremely proud person, otherwise she wouldn’t have used that kind of method to reject his great grandfather Tang Chen as well as Qian Daoliu back then.

Therefore, there was only one explanation for her current appearance. That had to be related to his great grandfather coming here after they separated. Bo Saixi loved his great grandfather, the only man she had loved in her life. Tang San could also only think of that kind of explanation for Bo Saixi to change so much.

Looking at Tang San, Bo Saixi’s eyes revealed a slight smile, but this smile contained even more of a strange mood.

Tang San, you’re very intelligent, and I will moreover also thank you. You finally let me see him one last time. I really am grateful. Even Tang Chen might not have thought that you could guess I changed like this because of him.”

Chapter 310

Tang San had guessed Bo Saixi’s changes might be due to his great grandfather Tang Chen, but he had never thought it would actually be like this……

Bo Saixi spoke faintly: “Only, you’re wrong on one point, it’s not that Tang Chen didn’t understand my feelings. When he came here and we met again, everything before that was meaningless. A hundred years, we’ve both lived in this world for more than a hundred years, what could we not let go of? Unfortunately, even though he gave me happiness by coming here, it also brought even deeper grief. None of it is his fault, I’m the one who was too proud back then, I never clearly told him, never even hinted at my feelings for him. All of it is my fault……”

Bo Saixi’s mood was a bit out of control. Even though she still sat there motionless, she trembled slightly, and her right hand tightly grasped her golden scepter, causing tapping sounds where it hit the floor.

“Senior, you…… Just what happened? Where is great grandfather?”

Bo Saixi looked somewhat absentmindedly at Tang San, “Did you know, you’re very similar to when he was your age? Only back then he was much more brash than you, not as reserved. Of course, this was also related to his strength. When he was thirty, he was already the power of a generation. None of his peers could match him. It’s also just because of this that I couldn’t help liking him, even fully aware that he already had a

wife. Oh, Tang Chen, you really are the bane of my life, you still won’t let me go even at the end.”

“What?” Listening to Bo Saixi, Tang San was shocked. He couldn’t help standing up, looking at Bo Saixi with a dumbstruck expression in his eyes.

Bo Saixi’s voice sank, “Yes, Tang Chen has already passed, passed into eternity. Even though he understood my feelings, and came to find me, what he showed me was still his face at the end. Three days, he only gave me three days before he left me. Then I aged ten years in a day, and ended up looking like this.”

“No, that’s impossible.” Tang San couldn’t help being stirred up: “Senior Bo Saixi, my great grandfather already has a demigod body, how could, how could he pass like that? You’re definitely mistaken, definitely.”

Even though Tang San had only met his great grandfather face to face once, in his heart, his great grandfather still held an extremely majestic position. Even someone with his father’s character was filled with respect when mentioning him. Moreover, back then his great grandfather Tang Chen had already begun the process of inheriting the Asura God, his physique was already demigod level. On this trip to Seagod Island, besides inheriting the Seagod, at the same time he would also ask his great grandfather to leave. With his great grandfather overseeing things, plus his own strength, the situation on the Continent would naturally be under control. Now hearing Bo Saixi’s heartbroken words, he was unable to take them for facts. With such strength, how could his great grandfather die in obscurity?

Bo Saixi raised her head to look at him, “Child, sit down. I called you here to clarify these matters with you. This is also your great grandfather’s explanation.”

Tang San sat back down again with heartfelt doubt, gazing at Bo Saixi with eyes filled with puzzlement.

Bo Saixi spoke softly in her gentle yet heartbroken voice: &ldq

Tang San nodded silently. Even though he and his great grandfather had only met briefly, he had described this.

Tang Chen lived in Slaughter City for so many years, and even though he ultimately threw off the restraints with the help of your Seagod Trident, finding himself again, his body was long since completely rotted. The Blood Red Nine Headed Bat King’s poison had long since corroded him. Despite the strength he possessed, his body still basically wasn’t enough to endure that power. It was well enough when he was still Slaughter King and the power within him still wasn’t too vast, and while controlled by the Blood Red Nine Headed Bat King he could still stay alive. But, after he regained his consciousness, his own strength, and a portion of the Asura God’s power entered him, the tremendous energy immediately broke his body. He tried to endure, until he came here, until he saw me……”

Tang San watched Bo Saixi dumbstruck, whispering: “It was me, I killed great grandfather……”

Bo Saixi said bitterly: “Idiot child, don’t talk nonsense. Even dead, he still lived better than as that Blood Red Nine Headed Bat King’s host body. Besides, you let him return to find me. Even before his death, your great grandfather still wanted glory for you. When Tang Chen came here, his body had already collapsed. I tried to think of a way but couldn’t help him persevere. He originally wanted to wait for your return, to personally see his great grandson inherit divinity, possess the power of gods, but he couldn’t. The Asura God’s energy was too overbearing, how could his shattered body hold out?”

“In his last three days after coming here, Tang Chen spoke with me the whole time, as if he wanted me to listen to everything on his mind over all those years. He said very, very many things, he and I chatted, and unconsciously, three days passed.”

Big teardrops rolled down Bo Saixi’s cheeks, her body trembling uncontrollably, sitting there like she was demented. Whenever she recalled Tang Chen’s death, her heart ached so she couldn’t breathe. What she didn’t say was that, after Tang Chen had drawn his last breath in her arms, she

held his body unmoving for a full seven days. After seven days, her appearance had changed to this.

“Senior, my condoleances. I didn’t expect I would only meet great grandfather once, and then Heaven would forever part us.” Bo Saixi’s grief couldn’t be faked. When he just came here and heard the news, it had been an enormous blow to Tang San. Even if his mental qualities were quite powerful, he still found it difficult to accept. After all, that was his great grandfather!

After a long time, Bo Saixi forced herself to calm down, the grief on her face gradually disappearing. In its place was instead a gentle smile, “Fine, let’s not mention these sad things. The old will always die. These are the rules of nature. Unless one becomes god, only then is there a chance to break them. Even though your great grandfather met a lot of difficulties in Slaughter City, he still lived for more than a hundred years, and he also lived an extremely rich life. He did not live this life in vain. Everything he left behind is bound to benefit your Clear Sky School forever. The bitterness he received was all because of me. In our next life, I will definitely serve him well.”

“Before your great grandfather passed, his sole regret was that he couldn’t see you become god, inheriting the Seagod’s divinity. Tang San if you truly respected him, you will definitely fulfill his final wishes. Also, before he died he left something for you. Look after it well, even if only as a memento.”

While speaking, Bo Saixi flicked her wrist and beckoned towards the side of Seagod Palace. A red light abruptly brightened, and in a flash arrived between Bo Saixi and Tang San.

That was a two meter long blood red giant sword, precisely the one Tang Chen once used to block Tang San’s Seagod Trident, and also sent him flying with.

The broad, slender blade was densely covered with deep golden magic patterns, the entire blood red sword brimming with extremely severe

slaughter aura. Even a power on Bo Saixi’s level couldn’t help frowning when faced with the presence of this wicked sword, clearly influenced by it.

But, as Tang San lay eyes on it, he was dumbfounded.

Tang San felt nothing of what Bo Saixi did, not a trace of the sword’s slaughter intent influenced him. On the contrary, as he saw this sword, Tang San immediately had an intense urge, uncontrollably raising his left hand. His palm also revealed an equally red magic pattern, its ice cold presence reaching all the way to his shoulder, and it seemed to form a perfect understanding with that wicked sword.

Instantly, a question that had always puzzled Tang San was made clear, he finally understood what the blood red energy that helped him kill the Deep Sea Demon Whale King and then also had an important effect on absorbing the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s spirit ring energy.

Indeed, that was a change in his Deathgod Domain, and moreover a change after it reached the highest level. It was no longer the power of the Deathgod Domain, but rather a connection to the power his great grandfather tried to inherit, the Asura God!

Yes! If that wasn’t the case, then how could the blood red energy filled with slaughter aura fight as equals with his Seagod’s power for a time? If it wasn’t a god level power, then how would his Seagod’s power find it so difficult to contend with? How would the Deep Sea Demon Whale King be so completely suppressed? The Asura God, he actually possessed a portion of the Asura God’s power? This, just what was going on?

Reason made Tang San make the most proper choice. He sharply raised his right hand, grabbing his left hand, without letting it touch that sword. In his heart, Tang San vaguely sensed that if he touched that sword at this moment, then the Asura God’s power already suppressed by the Seagod’s power within him might rear its head once again. At that time, his body might once again become their battlefield.

That was no joke. Last time on the bottom of the sea, he still had the Deep Sea Demon Whale King spirit ring’s energy for them to absorb, but

that wasn’t the case now. If they really started a fight inside of him, the unlucky one might be him. Don’t bite off more than you can chew, Tang San absolutely didn’t dare think of simultaneously inheriting two divinities at once, that was pure lunacy.

Perhaps the Asura God might be even stronger than the Seagod he was now prepared to inherit, but even his great grandfather couldn’t absorb that Asura God’s divine power over so many years, and it ultimately still caused his death. This clearly showed just how overbearing it was. The Seagod’s power was much more gentle by comparison, and Tang San had completed the process to inherit it step by step, gradually passing the first eight of the Seagod’s nine trials and now the last. Even if the Seagod Trident was damaged, Tang San would still choose it for his inheritance, there was no need to doubt this.

As a result, he absolutely couldn’t give the Asura God’s power within him any chance to recover. His great grandfather had left behind this sword with good intentions, giving him one more option, or to say that this Asura devilsword was very possibly the key to the Asura God’s inheritance, but he absolutely couldn’t touch it now. At least he had to wait until he completed the Seagod’s inheritance. Inheriting a divinity really was too dangerous, and understanding the energy within this devilsword would could wait for later.

In fact, Tang San’s guess was at least seventy percent correct. Tang Chen did leave behind this Asura devilsword to give Tang San another option. When he met Tang San back then he had seen that Tang San already possessed the Deathgod Domain, but what Tang Hao, his son Tang San as well as Hu Liena had no idea about, was that the Deathgod Domain they possessed was actually the Asura God’s first trial. As long a someone had passed the first trial, they had a chance of inheriting the Asura God’s divinity. And Tang Chen leaving behind this devilsword meant that he had already passed the majority of the Asura God’s power of inheritance. As long as it was a spirit master with the Deathgod Domain, they stood a chance of inheriting its divinity.

The fundamental difference in the Asura God’s inheritance from the Seagod’s lay in the method to choose the successor. The Seagod’s successor was singular. As long as one was chosen, they would be imperceptibly

influenced in their cultivation until they possessed enough to complete the process of inheritance. This could be seen in how the trace of Seagod’s divine intent in the Seagod’s Heart saved Tang San’s life several times, as well as how he directly drew the Seagod nine trials after coming to Seagod Island, and moreover taught him the Golden Thirteen Halberds’ first three strikes.

But the Asura God’s inheritance was much more dangerous. As the god of slaughter, the Asura God’s successor had even harsher requirements, and inheriting the Asura God wasn’t easy even without the Rakshasa God’s interference. Consequently, when the Asura God chose its successor, it cast a wide net with the thought of growing one after another. As long as they got the Deathgod Domain, they were all considered chosen. And who could inherit the god of Asura in the end, that was up to their efforts.

Of course, Tang San had no idea about this. To him it seemed there was nobody else who could inherit the Asura God. The Asura God’s level was half a step higher than the Seagod, Rakshasa God or Angel God. Even though the previous generation’s Asura God had long since left this world, the divine intent left behind needed no carrier, as long as omeone could cultivate the Deathgod Domain to a degree where it evolved, becoming the Asura God’s power, the divine intent would discover it.

ly, Tang Chen regained consciousness from Tang San’s Seagod’s Light, and immediately gained the Asura God’s approval, and could therefore directly reach the Asura God’s demigod form. As long as he also completed the inheritance, he could inherit the Asura God’s divinity. After all, back then Tang Chen had already passed the majority of the Asura God’s trials.

Unfortunately, Tang Chen’s physical condition no longer allowed him to undergo the inheritance, and his broken body also couldn’t endure the enormous energy shock. After barely managing to reach the Seagod Island, he only persisted for three days before departing this world. Facing death, Tang Chen was of course unwilling to let his energy pass between heaven and earth, and so he focused the refined Asura God’s power he had received into this Asura devilsword. He believed that as long as Tang San held this sword, he would have a chance of inheriting the Asura God. Moreover, he

also specifically guided that the Asura God’s strnegth was even more tyrannical than the Seagod.

How could Tang San suppress the Deep Sea Demon Whale King? Because of the effect of the Deathgod Domain evolved to Asura Domain. Even gods would tremble at the Asura God’s presence, and even though the Deep Sea Demon Whale King was a million year spirit beast, and also extremely powerful, its level was still far lower.

The reason why one might say that there was nobody that could inherit the Asura God’s strength besides Tang San right now, was just because when his Deathgod Domain evolved to Asura Domain, he had obtained the Asura God’s approval. With Tang Chen dead, Tang San who possessed the Asura Domain was naturally the first successor candidate. Unless he also died, this Asura God’s divinity could only be inherited by him. Of course, Tang San didn’t choose to inherit the Asura God, but that was another matter.

The Deathgod Domain was in some sense similar to Tang San’s Seagod’s Light as well as Seagod affinity. As Tang San’s strength increased, the Deathgod Domain constantly evolving was actually equivalent to Tang San constantly accepting the Asura God’s trials.

When he faced the million year Deep Sea Demon Whale King and simultaneously detonated six spirit rings, the Deathgod Domain inscribed on the Clear Sky Hammer was stimulated by the extremely enormous energy explosion, thereby causing a qualitative leap, evolving to Asura Domain. And as Tang San added the last spirit ring to the Clear Sky Hammer, the Deep Sea Demon Whale spirit ring, it even further gave adequate energy to the Deathgod Domain’s evolution, the process where the Clear Sky Hammer turned from black to red, truly completing the Asura Domain’s evolution.

When later absorbing energy, the Asura God’s overpowering slaughter energy directly entered Tang San’s body, trying to invade all his spirit bones, soaking him in divine intent, immediately suffered the already present Seagod energy’s rejection. This caused the huge was inside Tang San.

If the Seagod energy inside Tang San was intelligent, it would definitely have been extremely depressed. This was obviously first come, first served, and when someone had already picked Tang San for so long, some outsider wanted to come force their way in at the last moment.

Although the Asura God was even a bit stronger than the Seagod, the Seagod’s divine power had after all taken root in Tang San earlier, and with the Seagod Trident present and years of subtle influence of the Seagod’s power finally gave it the advantage. But even so, the Seagod’s power could only suppress the Asura God’s power to Tang San’s left arm, and not expel it. This showed how overbearing the Asura God’s power was. The reason why it finally stayed in Tang San’s left arm was mainly because that was where Tang San released the Clear Sky Hammer. The Clear Sky Hammer had now already become the gathering point for the Asura God in Tang San.

The sword Tang Chen left behind was the condensation of years of the Asura power he had saved, and with all his remaining energy poured into it before his death, it had already reached the level of a divine weapon, gaining the Asura God’s approval. Its quality was in no way inferior to Tang San’s Seagod Trident, and could also be considered the intermediary for the Asura God’s inheritance. Therefore, if Tang San really had grasped this devilsword, the situation within him might have immediately transformed. As for what the final outcome would be, nobody knew. No matter how overbearing the Asura God’s divine power was, don’t forget that this was the Seagod Palace, on the Seagod Island in the middle of the ocean. To whom the deer would fall could not be known. But it could be imagined that if the two gods fought over Tang San, he naturally wouldn’t find it easy, and might be beyond all hope of salvation.

Tang San’s wisdom showed an important effect at a crucial moment. He didn’t covet the Asura God’s power, instead firmly holding his left hand and even retreating a few steps, opening some distance between him and the Asura devilsword, resisting its intense lure without being fooled.

“Tang San, what is it?” Bo Saixi couldn’t help asking as she watched Tang San’s odd actions.

Tang San smiled wryly: “It’s nothing, great grandfather really left me a big gift. Only, no matter what, I’d better inherit the Seagod’s divinity first. The energy within the Asura devilsword great grandfather left is too overpowering, if I hold it now it might influence my inheritance of the Seagod.”

Bo Saixi gave Tang San a deep glance, then nodded silently, “That is true, if I help you complete the inheritance a bit earlier, I can also be freed earlier.” While speaking, she waved her right hand and pulled on the Asura devilsword, returning it to a corner within the Seagod Palace.

With some more distance between him and the Asura devilsword, its powerful attraction immediately weakened a bit, and Tang San’s expression eased. In terms of willpower, with all the tribulations he had undergone, he was definitely one of the strongest in the present world. Very quickly shifting focus, he turned and looked at the largest platform in the center of the Seagod Palace. That was where he had once drawn the Seagod Trident.

Bo Saixi said: “Call over your comrades. The Seagod’s energy is too enormous, large amounts of it will overflow when you undergo the inheritance. In order to keep this place from being destroyed, them being here can not only absorb the overflowing energy, at the same time it can also protect this place.”

“Senior, before starting the inheritance, there’s something I have to tell you.” While speaking, Tang San raised the Seagod Trident grasped in his right hand, holding it in front of Bo Saixi.

Bo Saixi looked distracted, but as her gaze fell on the empty cavity on the Seagod Trident’s main blade, her expression instantly changed, “The Seagod’s Heart? What’s happened?”

After meeting Tang San again, Bo Saixi’s heart had been filled with Tang Chen’s shadow, and she didn’t pay any attention to the Seagod Trident. But now that Tang San held it out to her, Bo Saixi saw the big problem.

Tang San said bitterly: “It’s all my fault, I couldn’t protect the Seagod Trident. It’s like this……” , he described how he had been chased by Qian

Renxue, how the Seagod’s Heart shattered at the last moment, and the Seagod’s divine intent protected him until he escaped into the ocean.

Listening to Tang San, Bo Saixi’s expression grew more and more unsightly. Looking at the Seagod Trident in front of her, she couldn’t keep her eyes from flashing.

“...... and that’s it. In order to save me, the Seagods Heart shattered. Senior, you’re the Seagod Douluo, the high priest of Seagod Island, do you have any way to restore it? If not, can I still receive the Seagod’s inheritance?”

Bo Saixi’s eyes flashed, revealing a pondering expression, but the ugly expression on her face didn’t change. Clearly, the broken Seagod’s Heart wasn’t so easily mended.

“Tang San, do you still remember the Seagod’s seventh trial, Draw, Divine Instrument, Seagod Trident?”

Tang San nodded, “Of course.”

Bo Saixi lowered her voice: “Then you certainly remember that when you saw this trident for the first time, it didn’t have the Seagod’s Heart. After you drew it, the Seagod’s Heart was branded on it. The Seagod’s Heart was something you originally brought here. And in fact, the Seagod’s inheritance also mainly relies on the Seagod’s Heart. The Seagod’s Heart wasn’t in the Seagod Island, where it went, even I as the Seagod Island’s high priest cannot say. Only when it meets a suitable candidate for the Seagod’s divinity will it fuse with them, and silently guide the chosen one here to experience the Seagod’s trials. Only after experiencing the trials can they become Seagod. The importance of the Seagod’s Heart is obvious.”

“According to the circumstances you described, I can first of all be certain of two things. Firstly, the Seagod’s Heart had a very high approval towards you, that’s why it wouldn’t hesitate to be damaged in order to save you. And second, the Seagod Trident has also lost its intelligence due to the Seagod’s Heart being broken, thereby making you lose the

capabilities of this divine weapon. In the materials the Seagod left behind, it is clearly stated that the lord Seagod utilized the majority of his power through the Seagod Trident. It is obvious that the Seagod Trident has an enormous effect on the inheritance process. Since you could kill the Deep Sea Demon Whale King, and also pass the preceding trials so easily, if the Seagod Trident was here, you could certainly extremely smoothly finish the inheritance. But, now that the Seagod’s Heart is gone, without the support of the Seagod Trident, I also don’t know what will happen during the inheritance.”

Tang San said: “Is there no way to restore the Seagod’s Heart?”

Bo Saixi sighed: “I’ve already told you, the Seagod’s Heart is not something I am capable of understanding. I don’t even know how it can be restored. Maybe, if you can complete the Seagod’s inheritance, this Seagod Trident will recover on its own. But this inheritance will also turn incomparably difficult. You’re Tang Chen’s great grandson, and also his most outstanding descendant, and also so outstanding that you’ve reached rank ninety nine before you’re thirty. Honestly, Tang San, from my point of view, or maybe from your great grandfather’s point of view, I don’t want you to proceed with the inheritance. You know that if you fail, you will only die.”

Tang San sighed, “Senior, I understand your kind intentions. But, I can’t possibly not proceed. If no gods ever appeared in this world, then my current rank ninety nine strength should be enough to deal with it, and not becoming a god wouldn’t matter. But the god of angels has already appeared, and if I can’t complete the Seagod’s inheritance, then there is nobody in this world to oppose her. I can’t watch the Spirit Empire unify the entire Continent. If you won’t allow me to proceed with inheriting the Seagod’s divinity, then I have to take even greater risks and try with the Asura divinity my great grandfather left me. But you also know that even someone with my great grandfather’s astonishing talent finally ended up dying. Moreover, I already possess a large amount of the Seagod’s divine power, if I chose to inherit the Asura God, it might be even more dangerous. Therefore, please help me, senior. I promised the

Seagod Trident that, no matter what, I would definitely help it recover. It’s my partner, I can’t leave it soulless like this forever.”

Bo Saixi watched Tang San; “You really have thought it over. Without the aid of the Seagod Trident, it’s very likely you will die nine times out of ten in the process. Just like how the god of Angel’s inheritance required the Angelic Raiment as intermediary, helping the successor with absorbing the divine power, the Seagod’s inheritance also needs the Seagod Trident to guide the energy and continuing the process. Without the Seagod Trident, you won’t have any buffer in the inheritance. You might even suffer even more brutal trials.”

Tang San nodded silently, “Senior, you don’t need to try persuading me. I’ve already decided, inheriting the Seagod is my only choice. I have no way to retreat.”

Bo Saixi sighed, “Oh, Tang San, your stubbornness is exactly like your great grandfather’s. All you Tangs are so stiff. Even a kid who seems to think so carefully and act so reservedly is no different.”

Tang San didn’t speak up again, but the increasingly resolute light in his eyes had already answered Bo Saixi. Yes, he had no choice. In order to defeat Qian Renxue, in order to avenge his parents and Xiao Wu, in order to end the continental war, he had to do this.

Bo Saixi waved her hand, looking a bit tired, she turned towards the central stage in the Seagod Palace, “Call your comrades here.”

Tang San nodded silently, “Senior, please keep it secret for me. I don’t want my friends to worry.”

Bo Saixi nodded silently.

Tang San then opened the Seagod Palace’s great gates, stepping out into the sunlight.

The seven Seagod sacred pillar guardian Douluo as well as the Shrek Six Devils all waited outside. Seeing Tang San walk out, Xiao Wu and the

others showed questioning expressions.

Tang San nodded quietly to them: “Everyone follow me inside. We will begin the inheritance.”

The expressions of the seven Seagod sacred pillar guardian Douluo changed practically simultaneously. Among them, Seawitch Douluo seemed to want to say something, but was stopped by Seadragon Douluo.

Right now Tang San was completely immersed in the impending inheritance, and didn’t notice these details. Calling out to his friends, he turned and returned to the Seagod Palace.

Seadragon Douluo watched the other guardians with a strict gaze, until the other six slowly lowered their heads. Led by Seadragon Douluo, they fell to one knee at the same time, shouting: “Our respects, lord.”

The thick Seagod Palace gates closed behind the Shrek Seven Devils, isolating inside and outside. Seawitch Douluo couldn’t suppress her agitation, “Why, why must the divinity be inherited? Lord Bo Saixi is already pitiful enough……”

Seadragon Douluo sighed: “Seawitch, don’t talk drivel. Have you forgotten our mission? Our mission is the descent of the new Seagod. To personally witness this scene already makes us more fortunate than generations of guardian Douluo.”

Seawitch sobbed: “But, the price for the Seagod’s inheritance is lord Bo Saixi’s life!”
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