Douluo Dalu Chapter 291-300


Chapter 291

A Man Faced Demon Spider. This discovery made Tang San completely excited Tang San. Originally released in all directions, the Blue Silver Domain quietly pulled back, only remaining frozen in the direction of the Man Faced Demon Spider, firmly locking on. With this kind of unidirectional targeting ability, the Man Faced Demon Spider wouldn’t be able to hide from Tang San no matter how brilliant its hiding abilities were.

Even though this Man Faced Demon Spider’s cultivation was just barely fifty thousand years, to spirit beasts of its quality, cultivating to this level was unimaginably difficult. Tang San was determined to have its spirit ring.

Swiftly approaching, Tang San suddenly turned illusory when there was still a kilometer or so to go, a pale blue ripple spreading from his forehead, immediately enveloping his entire body. Once he’d moved another ten meters, his entire body, even including the Seagod Trident, had already vanished into thin air. This was the invisibility effect of the Vast Sea Barrier that arose back when the Seagod’s Heart fused with his skull spirit bone.

With the lesson from the battle with the Dark Devilgod Tiger, Tang San decided to kill the later spirit beasts with his full strength, the faster the better. Therefore he used his stealth ability on the way. Even if a fifty thousand year Man Faced Demon Spider was powerful, it couldn’t possibly compete with him in mental strength, and naturally couldn’t possibly see through his invisibility.

Moving closer and closer, Tang San restrained the Blue Silver Domain so that it wouldn’t be spotted by the Man Faced Demon Spider due to being too strong.

By now it was late at night, the Star Dou Great Forest was extremely quiet, even the sound of bugs was missing.

Quietly sneaking forward, Tang San finally saw his target.

The fifty thousand year cultivation Man Faced Demon Spider seemed much smaller than expected, not even the size of the ten thousand year Man Faced Demon Spider Tang San saw last time. But its body was peculiar, apparently only around three meters in diameter, crawling close to the ground, eight long legs retracted near its body. Its carapace was a strange dull golden color. Unless observed carefully, it would be taken as black. It didn’t have any pattern. Laying close to the ground it was almost invisible this late at night. Around it were more than ten dark large webs, densely covering the trees. Tang San could feel their durability without even touching them.

Having broken through fifty thousand years, this Man Faced Demon Spider could be called a Man Faced Demon Spider Emperor, clearly even more terrible than the Pit Demon Spider Emperor Tang San killed; because the Man Faced Demon Spider’s attacks were much stronger than the Pit Demon Spider.

Tang San stopped fifty meters behind the Man Faced Demon Spider Emperor, softly stabbing the Seagod Trident into the ground. He wasn’t planning on using this divine weapon in this battle, but rather wanted the train the combination he’d been pondering earlier. Along with his strength increasing, as well as the abilities imperceptibly involved from the skull spirit bone, even though Tang San would be revealed from the Vast Sea Barrier as soon as he attacked, some support type spirit abilities wouldn’t be affected, like flying or releasing spirits.

His first spirit, the Blue Silver Emperor was quietly released under this effect, nine spirit rings glittering together. Strand after strand of Blue Silver

Emperor began to circle in spirals around Tang San. Filled with a feeling of stre

Combine, combine, Tang San constantly repeated this word in his mind.
He sprang into action, his entire body leaping like a leopard.

He nimbly changed direction in midair, his attack already begun. His left leg was instantly covered by red light, descending like a giant battle axe falling from the sky as he flipped. With an ear piercing crack, an axe-like dark red blade of light suddenly erupted. The red light left afterimages as it instantly cut apart one of the black spider webs the Man Faced Demon Spider Emperor had put in place, then chopped straight at it. It was Tang San’s left leg spirit bone ability, Orca Evil Spirit Axe, a powerful single target attack ability.

The Man Faced Demon Spider reacted extremely quickly. Tang San’s attack was too sudden, but its three meter diameter body still quickly shot out, spinning quickly like a millstone, exposing its belly and lunging towards Tang San.

Tang San clearly saw that, unlike its black back carapace, the Man Faced Demom Spider’s belly was completely white. It might be described as a white human face, all features visible, just looking incredibly vicious. Especially its deathly pale eyes made people feel a chill from the depths of their hearts.

Two rays of white light instantly shot from those eyes, directly meeting the Orca Evil Spirit Hatchet. At the same time the Man Faced Demon Spider’s mouth spat out a large black spiderweb, frantically spreading out between it and Tang San.

Those white eyes weren’t the Man Faced Demon Spider’s true eyes, but rather one of its abilities. Its true eyes were below its head, six dark blue little eyes revealing an ice cold and frightening light.

With an explosive sound, the white lights were crushed by the Orca Evil Spirit Hatchet, and at the same time, countless Blue Silver Emperor were

already spilling forward like a surging wave, tangling together with the Man Faced Demon Spider’s spiderweb.

The Man Faced Demon Spider’s web really was tough, but still far inferior to Tang San’s Blue Silver Emperor driven by nine powerful spirit rings. The Blue Silver Emperor directly showed the result of the first spirit ability, Binding. Each blade of Blue Silver Emperor rolled up a large amount of black spiderweb, forcing open a passage and exposing the Man Faced Demon Spider that was originally planning on using the spiderweb to catch its breath to Tang San.

Tang San’s third spirit ability had now also been released. The Man Faced Demon Spider Emperor only felt a sudden surge of energy below it. With a popping sound, sixteen solid Blue Silver Emperor instantly shot out, cleverly separating its eight spider legs and catching it in a three meter wide cage. It was Tang San’s fourth Blue Silver Emperor spirit ability, Blue Silver Prison.

Tang San’s movements didn’t halt after using these three spirit abilities in succession, fully linking up one spirit bone ability and two spirit ring abilities in a combo.

His attacks didn’t cease. On his right arm, golden blue light mixed with energy waves spreading from the red fifth ring of light. Tang San’s right arm was bathed in the color of blood. At the same time his left arm swung, a golden light enveloping the Man Faced Demon Spider. The Titan Giant Ape left arm bone spirit ability Gravity Control started. The Man Faced Demon Spider felt its entire body grow heavy just as it had started to struggle, and the power it was preparing to erupt with was delayed by a step. But the carapace on its back still quickly split open, turning into six black giant blades that spun and cut at the Blue Silver Prison surrounding it. Meanwhile, it raised its two front spider legs, shooting two black rays towards Tang San like two black needles that instantly reached Tang San. In the dark night, attacks of this color were extremely frightening. With speed and piercing power, as well as the protection of its color, the slightest carelessness would lead to being hit.

Unfortunately, Tang San had focused all his attention on sensing the slightest changes in his surroundings from the very start of his first attack. He spun as if completely illusory in midair at the same time as he launched Gravity Control, actually passing between the two black rays. He not only wasn’t blocked, but on the contrary came even closer to the Man Faced Demon Spider.

Just now the first layer of Blue Silver Prison was already loudly shredded by the attack from the back of the Man Faced Demon Spider’s carapace, but just as it prepared to leap up under the restraint of the Gravity Control’s pressure and take a distance from Tang San, large amounts of Blue Silver Emperor suddenly shot from the ground like lances, stabbing its body the split second before it left the ground.

The Blue Silver Prison’s variant ability, Blue Silver Thrust launched. This was the fifth ability Tang San used. The Blue Silver Thrust of course lacked the attack power to break the Man Faced Demon Spider’s powerful carapace, but the enforced one second stun still worked. The Man Faced Demon Spider’s plan to jump away was immediately ruined. Interrupting its ability made it fall to the ground again. And now, Tang San had also arrived within a ten meter range. On Tang San’s right hand, while not particularly huge, a lance sparkling with strange magic lines had formed.

The fifth spirit ability, Blue Silver Overlord Spear had already evolved. After reaching the hundred thousand year level, its name had also changed, becoming the Blue Silver Tyrant Spear[1]. Hundred thousand year single target attack spirit ability, and moreover an attack focused on a single point. Even though this was Tang San’s fifth Blue Silver Emperor spirit ability, due to being a hundred thousand year level attack type, it was still the strongest of all of Tang San’s spirit abilities in terms of attack power. Just how strong it was showed in how, even at his current cultivation, Tang San had to charge up his spirit power for a while to use it.

The Blue Silver Tyrant Spear was a bit different from the Blue Silver Overlord Spear. It was no longer golden, but rather blood red mixed with thin golden magic lines, looking extremely dazzling. All the energy around the spear was frozen, basically not leaking outside. The moment that scarlet light condensed from Tang San’s hand was also the moment the Man Faced

Demon Spider was stunned for a second from the Blue Silver Prison variant ability Blue Silver Thrust.

One second was definitely very short, but it was enough for Tang San to release his hundred thousand year level fifth spirit ability.

Like a roaring dragon with a sharp cry to break the sky, only red light flashed and vanished within ten meters, intense red light instantly erupting in the air. But terrifyingly, its attack was only focused on a single point.

When the Man Faced Demon Spider sobered from the one second delay, it immediately sensed the presence of death. Its large body fiercely rolled back, even crossing its eight spider legs in front of it. Having reached fifty thousand years of cultivation, it couldn’t be denied that it had an extremely sharp sense for danger. Or maybe that the Blue Silver Tyran Spear’s aura was too overbearing. The point where its eight spider legs met was just the point where the Blue Silver Tyrant Spear struck. In other words, as that speck of red light crashed into the Man Faced Demon Spider, it collided with its eight crossed spider legs.

Boom—— With an intense explosion, a red halo spread out around the Man Faced Demon Spider, mournful screaming rousing the quiet night. Within the violent explosion, its incredibly durable eight spider legs exploded into fragments the instant they crossed.

In fact, the Man Faced Demon Spider’s legs were the toughest part of its entire body, more than ten times stronger than refined iron. The defensive strength of the eight spider legs crossed could be imagined, but against the Blue Silver Tyrant Spear’s single point attack they still weren’t enough to completely block. The instantaneous collision immediately turned its defense to nothing. At the same time the Man Faced Demon Spider’s large body was flipped out, spinning backwards hand slamming to the ground. At this moment it felt incomparably sharp energy pervading every corner of its body, basically making it unable to control itself.

To spirit beasts, as long as their body still remained, broken limbs was nothing to fear. There was still a chance to regrow them, as long as they survived. Thus, as the Man Faced Demon Spider spun backwards, even

though the face under its belly was completely distorted, it still didn’t forget to spit out a dense white mist, screening in front of it at the same time as its back carapace split open once again. This time it didn’t use it to cut anything, but rather spun crazily, actually briefly working like wings and stabilizing it.

That white smoke was definitely the Man Faced Demon Spider’s life saving weapon. Even just spitting it into the air, even the atmosphere issued hissing sounds as if from corrosion. At the same time the white smoke extremely quickly spread into the surroundings, anything it touched instantly turning into a puddle of white liquid. It was terrifyingly toxic.

Only, Tang San was now deep in a strange state. From the very beginning when he used the Orca Evil Spirit Hatchet, to connecting with the Binding ability to break the spiderweb, then to the Blue Silver Prison to trap the Man Faced Demon Spider, to launching Gravity Control to restrain it from breaking the cage, and to when the Blue Silver Thrust fought for one second of time to use the Blue Silver Tyrant Spear’s terrifying attack power, every motion was connected as fluently as clouds and water.

In the process he used two spirit bone abilities and four spirit ring abilities, without showing any gaps in between. It really had superb effects. From the start of the battle to using the Blue Silver Tyrant Spear to break the Man Faced Demon Spider’s eight legs took just a brief ten seconds. This was terrifying burst strength. From frontal attack to control, then back to frontal attack, the initiative had always been in his hands. He basically didn’t give the Man Faced Demon Spider Emperor a chance, controlling it into absolute disadvantage.

Only, at this moment, successively using six spirit abilities had left Tang San’s internal spirit power a bit insufficient, the Mysterious Heaven Skill circulation speed somewhat unable to keep up with the rate he used spirit power. He at least had to draw a breath and adjust his Mysterious Heaven Skill internal strength to be able to use another spirit ability. And right now Tang San was faced with the white toxic smoke the Man Faced Spider Emperor spit out, and it was also quickly using its back carapace to quickly escape.

If it was in the past, Tang San would definitely choose to break open the smoke and then pursue the Man Faced Spider Emperor from the side or above, while slowing his breathing and letting his internal strength even out. Like this he would stand a very large chance of defeating the Man Faced Spider Emperor. But right now Tang San’s mind was filled with the word ‘combination’, and basically didn’t even think of slowing down. Seeing that surging white smoke roll towards him, his body reacted almost instinctively.

His clear eyes flashed. At the same time as the Blue Silver Tyrant Spear blasted away the Man Faced Demon Spider, and it spit out the white smoke, two lines of azure light shot from his eyes. It was Purple God Light. Of course it wasn’t the strongest form of Purple God Like like he used to injure Bibi Dong, but just mental strength condensed into an instant attack. Its power was only a third of the full form Purple God Light. But right now that was plenty.

At the same time as he shot the Purple God Light, he also drew a deep breath, immediately adjusting his internal Mysterious Heaven Skill. Meanwhile, also the moment his Purple God Light shot out, the clothes on his back instantly split open, blood red Eight Spider Lances quietly stretching out. A frantic suction power at the same time rushed from the tips of the Eight Spider Lances, and that enormous area of corrosive white smoke immediately condensed into eight streams, forcibly swallowed by the Eight Spider Lances.

The sound of a blast. The Man Faced Spider Emperor hadn’t planned its escape in detail, but that extraordinarily corrosive toxic smoke should have been enough to give it some time. Unfortunately, today it had met Tang San. The poison smoke could block his physical body, could block Tang San himself, but it couldn’t block mental strength attacks. The azure light cut through the white smoke, heavily striking the Man Faced Demon Spider that was just flying away.

With a miserable shriek, the Man Faced Demon Spider’s body instantly flipped over. Stinking white liquid sprayed from its mouth and shattered legs almost at the same time. It was again seriously injured by the Purple God Light’s mental attack, and even more unfortunate was that, with its not

very impressive mental strength, the Purple God Light’s attack directly knocked it unconscious for a short while. Its three meter body spun in the air, knocked upwards.

Tang San abruptly leapt up, flying towards a spot in the air. And the moment he flew was also the moment and place where the Man Faced Demon Spider’s body was struck by the purple God Light and flipped over. Practically everything was well planned.

And right now Tang San was no longer encircled by the Blue Silver Emperor like before. In its place was a giant Clear Sky Hammer. Gripping the haft with both hands, Tang San stretched back in midair, forming a semicircle like a giant axe blade. Seeing the Man Faced Demon Spider soar up, the Clear Sky Hammer he held instantly erupted with incomparably black light. Just at this moment, the Clear Sky Hammer’s four spirit rings glinted from bottom to top like a wave, the terrifying peak aggressiveness as if Clear Sky Douluo Tang Hao had descended. That Clear Sky Hammer’s total volume had grown by a full thirty percent. With tyrannical black light, it heavily bombarded the Man Faced Demon Spider’s body at the same time as the blood red Deathgod Domain instantly erupted.

Bang—— Boom——

The terrible explosive force was reminiscent of a thunderclap within the forest. The Man Faced Spider Emperor was forcibly smashed down like an artillery shell, its carapace, flesh and white liquid spraying everywhere. Even though it wasn’t smashed completely to pieces, a giant hole appeared in its stomach, white liquid madly bubbling out. Its fifty thousand year life force also came to a full stop in this instant.

In midair, Tang San still didn’t end his attack here. The strike with the Clear Sky Hammer finished, he spun in the air using the rebound force, his left and right hand flashing alternately, then he floated to the ground.

Clearly, if the attack just now couldn’t finish the Man Faced Spider Emperor, what awaited it was Tang San’s left hand’s Titan Firmament Breaker and the right hand’s Sky Blue Fading Thunderclap. These two great spirit bone abilities both saved on spirit power and had astonishing power.

Adding them in, Tang San could have completed an eleven hit combo of all kinds of abilities. Let alone this Man Faced Spider Emperor, even the Dark Devilgod Tiger from before   might not have had a chance to counter if it had taken this full round of attacks.

With his feet firmly on the ground, Tang San was in no hurry to check the Man Faced Spider Emperor’s corpse, instead sinking into reflection. The seamless combo just now was meticulously planned at the start, but by the end it was a stream of consciousness, practically second nature. That kind of feeling was especially wonderful. A powerful fifty thousand year Man Faced Spider Emperor couldn’t manage a single effective attack before it met its end by his hand. Killing the enemy with a combo was this was even more exciting than instant kills. Whenever another skill followed, Tang San had a kind of cheerful carefree feeling, as if every part of his body was part of the battle. Powerful strength, suppressing the enemy so that it couldn’t retaliate, and at the same time also fun.

Of course, this didn’t mean that Tang San had already successfully trained this combo ability. After all, he was extremely familiar with the Man Faced Demon Spider, and at the end the Eight Spider Lances countered the Man Faced Demon Spider’s poison smoke. If he faced an even stronger enemy, whether he could combine it so perfectly was still an unknown quantity. But no matter what, Tang San understood that he had found a clear path. But the foundation of continuing down this path was to familiarize himself with each of the abilities he had. Only like this could he fluently string together attacks and use them in battle.

A constant heat from behind him woke up Tang San. He discovered that the Eight Spider Lances on his back had all stabbed into the ground, absorbing the white liquid flowing from the Man Faced Spider Emperor. That greedy absorption seemed as if it had found some great tonic, and his face showed a smile. Tang San knew that another opportunity for his Eight Spider Lances to evolve had come. Every part of this Man Faced Spider Emperor could be used.

Leaning forward slightly, using the Eight Spider Lances to support his body, his right hand used powerful Controlling Crane Catching Dragon to pull over the Seagod Trident from the other side. The Eight Spider Lances

all stabbed into the body of the Man Faced Demon Spider corpse, and started to greedily suck its juices.

Even though this Man Faced Spider Emperor was a bit smaller than the Man Faced Demon Spiders Tang San had seen before, how much of this blood like thing could its three meter body contain? But the Eight Spider Lances on his back really kept swallowing without a trace of politeness, making the Man Faced Spider Emperor’s giant body gradually dry out. It didn’t seem to want to give up before there was nothing left. Fortunately, its suction speed was very quick, and Tang San didn’t need to worry about not having time to absorb the spirit ring afterward.

Along with the Eight Spider Lances swallowing, Tang San only felt his back grow hotter and hotter. Especially the eight ribs the Eight Spider Lances were attacked to constantly gave a feeling as if brimming with strength. Tang San discovered that, whether bone or muscles, his entire back was like a fused red hot steel plate, an extremely clear feeling. Moreover, that strong feeling was like his back had grown a shield. The Eight Spider Lances constantly moved rhythmically, slowly shedding that blood red color, replaced by the same white as that liquid.

From Tang San’s point of view, white clearly wasn’t as dazzling as the intimidating feeling of blood red. Only he didn’t seem to have a choice. The direction the Eight Spider Lances evolved in wasn’t something he could influence.

Gradually, Tang San discovered that the feeling of strength from his back grew richer and richer, the scalding hot energy indescribably comfortable in his veins and organs. Basically all his energy channels, bones and blood was already dyed a faint golden color, making his body somewhat leave the range of humanity. Right now, after the scorching hot feeling on his back reached a certain degree, Tang San discovered that the swelling feeling he had when absorbing spirit rings with Xiao Wu before appeared again, but now only on his back.

The Seagod’s Light flared without the slightest hesitation, ice blue light quietly running over his back like the moistest lubricant. The scorching heat never disappeared, but that swelling feeling gradually vanished. At the

same time Tang San also discovered through mental probes that the bones, muscles and energy channels on his back was developing towards a golden color that was darker than other places, actually already a bit like the color of the Seagod Trident.

What was up? Could his back actually have preceded the rest of his body and stepped into the realm of divinity? But, he still hadn’t started to accept the Seagod’s inheritance?

Actually, Tang San himself didn’t know that his inheritance had already started when he obtained the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud, also the Seagod’s Heart. The Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud had entered his body and always used the Seagod’s power to imperceptibly transform his body. Otherwise it wouldn’t have been possible to have a swelling feeling after enduring so many spirit rings and spirit bones. But one use of Seagod’s Light removed the limits of the human body, entering a level separate from humanity. All of this was actually the Seagod’s inheritance gradually changing him.

Along with Tang San growing stronger and stronger, the Seagod’s Heart plus the Seagod’s Light naturally improved his body more and more. The first spirit bone Tang San obtained was the Eight Spider Lances, it had been with him the longest and this evolving spirit bone had changed practically every time Tang San grew stronger, and each time Tang San had obtained benefits. This was also why it could evolve so many times.

When Tang San felt all his spirit bones grow hot before, it was actually the Seagod’s force changing his spirit bones. But the other spirit bones all had fixed cultivation, and improving them was a bit difficult, while the Eight Spider Lances didn’t have that problem. It could evolve on its own, and was also Tang San’s first spirit bone. Therefore, it definitely got the biggest advantages when it changed.

At this moment, once again swallowing a Man Faced Spider Emperor’s essence, the quantitative changes finally caused a qualitative change. An evolution that shouldn’t have taken place, appeared. Righ now, among Tang San’s six spirit bones, the Eight Spider Lances was also the first to step into the god level. In some sense, it was like one of the six Angelic Raiment spirit bones.

The rigid feeling on his back gradually disappeared. Tang San discovered that, besides the strength, the muscles of his back seemed to have become even more flexible. In his mind, that place was already completely golden, spreading from there all over his back. The Eight Spider Lances were also starting to slowly turn golden from the roots. The Eight Spider Lances had also turned golden before, but at that time they really weren’t golden on the inside, but was rather the golden color of the Blue Silver Emperor. After using abilities, it had reverted back to red on its own. But this time was different. The Eight Spider Lances had thoroughly turned golden, and moreover, through the whole process, the Seagod Trident on Tang San’s forehead sparkled. This time it had thoroughly stepped into the god level. At most it lacked the brand of the Seagod.

His whole back seemed covered by large sheets of armor plates, but they strangely didn’t influence his movements in the slightest. The Eight Spider Lances stretched out. They were still three meters long, but fine dazzlingly beautiful patterns had appeared on the lances. These decorative patterns seemed streamlined, every three lines merging together into one, like the three blades of the Seagod Trident. With a thought from Tang San, the Eight Spider Lances moved automatically. Golden light flashed and a golden line of light shot out from the Eight Spider Lances, falling on a large tree not far away.

This golden line didn’t separate from the Eight Spider Lances, and not only did it easily penetrate the tree, Tang San immediately felt a weak energy pour into his body through the Eight Spider Lances. But that large tree also instantly withered, turning into windborne dust in the space of a breath, disappearing as if it had never been there to begin with.

Was this still the Eight Spider Lances’ draining ability? Tang San looked dumbstruck at that decorative pattern. The seemingly dazzling Eight Spider Lances left him speechless.

When the Eight Spider Lances were used with the Blue Silver Domain, it could also launch draining golden threads that helped Tang San swallow the spirit power of enemies within the domain. But now that had become even more direct, even more powerful. There was basically no need for the domain. Besides draining, the golden threads the Eight Spider Lances shot

had a piercing point attack ability all of their own, not only extremely durable, but moreover also the draining ability. If these stabbed an enemy, it was clear how they would end up.

Of course, the Eight Spider Lances didn’t just grow in this respect. Tang San vaguely discovered that, among his Eight Spider Lances, each one seemed to contain a special kind of energy. These energies seemed to be sealed and couldn’t be used yet, but their energy startled Tang San. He could only be certain that the energy sealed within the Eight Spider Lances were related to his Seagod’s Heart, but what the Seagod’s Heart had done to the Eight Spider Lances was beyond Tang San’s understanding at the moment.

Regardless, Tang San only felt pleasant surprise. The Eight Spider Lances’ super evolution made his strength rise another level. Even his spirit power had once again broken through along with the Eight Spider Lances leap in evolution, actually directly breaking through rank ninety four to the rank ninety five level.

[1] Blue Silver Tyrant Spear - (蓝银霸皇枪) the character for ‘king’ (王) changing to ‘emperor’ (皇)

Chapter 292

Tang San gently caressed the still somewhat hot Eight Spider Lances, thinking: It seems the Star Dou Great Forest really is my land of opportunities, and that time with Xiao Wu was just an accident. In less than twenty four hours, one spirit beast’s spirit ring plus another spirit beast’s blood had advanced his spirit power by two ranks. In fact, right now he was a Title Douluo. Ordinary Title Douluo might not manage to raise their spirit power from rank ninety three to ninety five in a decade, but he finished it this quickly. All this felt a bit unimaginable. But it really did happen. Tang San of course understood that, even though this was inextricably linked with his effort, it was also the effect of the Seagod’s divine power hiding within him and constantly fusing with him. Otherwise, no matter how much effort he put into cultivation, it would be impossible to make such progress in such short time.

Unconsciously showing a smile, the Eight Spider Lances softly pushed Tang San to the side. He directly sat down cross legged. Looking at that already completely wizened Man Faced Spider Emperor corpse, he thought to himself that this was the law of the weak being prey to the strong! If he had lost, he might be even more miserable and eaten on the spot.

Closing his eyes, focusing, Mysterious Heaven Skill circulated, and the black Clear Sky Hammer reappeared in Tang San’s palm. The Seagod Trident lay on the ground next to him. Induced by that black light, the Man Faced Spider Emperor corpse also produced a ray of black light that condensed in the air, flying towards Tang San’s Clear Sky Hammer.

Seeing that spirit ring flying towards him, Tang San remembered the pain the first time he had surpassed his level to absorb a Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit ring. But now this fifty thousand year spirit ring wasn’t enough for him to look at.

The black light entered his body, and the Man Faced Spider Emperor’s wicked cold feeling was practically swallowed in one go by the Mysterious Heaven Skill, like entering a large river. The enormous spirit power basically didn’t give it the chance to cause any mischief, directly suppressing its energy.

And this Man Faced Spider Emperor had lost in absolute strength. Even if it was unwilling, there was no way to struggle in the face of Tang San’s strength towering like a mountain. It began to be absorbed.

Compare to when he absorbed the Dark Devilgod Tiger spirit ring, this went a lot easier. Tang San just used a quarter of an hour to completely add it to as his Clear Sky Hammer’s fifth spirit ring. Adding all his spirit rings together he already had fourteen. He still needed three spirit rings in the Star Dou Great Forest, then his goal would be complete.

Standing back up, as Tang San raised his head to look up, the color of the sky was already brightening, the light of dawn starting to appear on the horizon. A new day was arriving. After fishing out food from the Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges for a light meal, he set out again. His spent spirit power had completely recovered while he absorbed the spirit ring. Moreover, he had now grown even stronger. Even when the Eight Spider Lances were put away, that shield-like solid feeling on his back still remained. It gave him a kind of completely solid feeling. Tang San vaguely felt that, even if he ran into the Dark Devilgod Tiger again and brought into that strange space, the Eight Spider Lances could even disregard the limits of that space and come with him inside.

Only, he would probably never have another chance for that. Recalling the Dark Devilgod Tig

The Blue Silver Domain spread out once again. Tang San discovered that he was already very close to the center of the Star Dou Great Forest. Just as

his mental power gradually approached the little lake in the heart of the forest, suddenly, Tang San discovered three powerful presences in one go.

Yi, three targets at once? Tang San looked suspiciously in the direction of the forest center. At the same time the Blue Silver Domain also tightened, scanning only in that direction.

Along with his careful search, Tang San gradually revealed an angry expression, his fists also gradually tightening. He muttered angrily to himself: “Turtledoves stealing the magpie’s nest. With Da Ming and Er Ming gone, even their place has been invaded.”

This time Tang San had planned to go offer his respects to Da Ming and Er Ming. Even though the two great divine beasts’ corpses weren’t there, this was after all where they had lived for a hundred thousand years. Coming to Star Dou Great Forest, how could he not go there? Before heading this way, Xiao Wu had also repeatedly told him the he had to go take a look at the clear little lake. Ordinarily there wouldn’t be any spirit beasts with the guts to go there, but if there were, he had to drive them off. Xiao Wu never wanted to believe that Da Ming and Er Ming were already dead, and the place where they once lived had to be preserved for them. Tang San understood that Xiao Wu was waiting for the day Da Ming and Er Ming also could miraculously revive like her, and return to the world of the living.

Even if this was practically impossible, it was still Xiao Wu’s hopes. Whether for Da Ming and Er Ming, or for Xiao Wu, Tang San would never allow any spirit beasts to come blaspheme the place the two great spirit beasts lived.

Leaping up, his flying speed instantly increasing, Tang San directly raised his flying speed to the extreme, spreading out his Blue Silver Domain completely. He flew straight for the center of the Star Dou Great Forest without concealing his presence.

After an hour, Tang San’s silhouette arrived at the deepest part of the Star Dou Great Forest like a wisp of smoke, shooting towards the center of the forest like a meteor chasing the moon. Those three spirit beasts had already

discovered him, but these three fellows were like the Dark Devilgod Tiger Tang San encountered before, and had no intention of running away. Even more, they had instead gathered together and were waiting for Tang San to arrive.

With a whoosh, Tang Sand dropped from the sky. In front of him was that clear little lake. The environment here was still so beautiful. A layer of faint mist rippled over the surface of the lake. It was early morning now, and the air was fresh and clear, and the humidity level here gave a refreshing feeling. But Tang San wasn’t of a mind to appreciate the scenery, his gaze directly fell on the targets here.

Those were three exactly identical spirit beasts, just coldly crawling by the side of the lake looking at him. Even though he had somewhat examined them with the Blue Silver Domain before, Tang San still couldn’t help being a bit stunned when he saw them.

This time he hadn’t encountered any spirit beast as exotic as the Dark Devilgod Tiger, but rather three spirit beasts that were easily found in any spirit beast forest. Fifteen Ton Ants.

The three Fifteen Ton Ants were of the same size, around three meters. Just in terms of size, even adding them together they would be way short of the Dark Devilgod Tiger. Even so much that they weren’t equal to the giant eight legged fifty thousand year Man Faced Spider Emperor.

Each of the three Fifteen Ton Ants’ three meter long bodies was covered with a dull golden carapace, with six solid and powerful segmented legs. Now they were already standing facing Tang San. On their heads were six eyes, two large and four small, that released a dark green light. These were all characteristics of Fifteen Ton Ants. Tang San had seen a lot of spirit beasts like these before, and also heard Grandmaster discuss such universal spirit beasts in detail before. But, he had never seen such large Fifteen Ton Ants.

By Grandmaster’s accounts, Fifteen Ton Ants were a kind of spirit beast with extremely tenacious vitality. Their defensive capabilities were

outstanding, capable of resisting attacks. Moreover, their strength was extremely outstanding, far disproportionate to their size.

These were all the properties of Fifteen Ton Ants. As a kind of spirit beast, they had no spirit abilities of their own. In any spirit beast forest, they would often end up as food for other spirit beasts. Even though their defenses were pretty good, in the end it had limits. When they also lacked attack skills, it was difficult for them to show their strength.

Of course, there were also a lot of spirit beasts that disdained the Fifteen Ton Ants as beneath them. After all, breaking their defense to eat them really was a bit tiring. Just because of their tenacious vitality, these spirit beasts would exist in large numbers in any spirit beast forest.

When Grandmaster described the Fifteen Ton Ants to Tang San before, Tang San still joked that such attributes were a bit similar to his own Blue Silver Grass. Large in quantity, insufficient in strength. Just like a trash spirit beast.

But, these three Fifteen Ton Ants didn’t give Tang San andy sense of trash. The places Tang San noted before were all areas where they were similar to ordinary Fifteen Ton Ants. The differences was what made Tang San pay attention.

Generally speaking, ten year cultivation Fifteen Ton Ants would be around ten centimeters long, with just one pair of teeth that could break solid things. Hundred year cultivation Fifteen Ton Ants wouldn’t be more than twenty centimeters. Finally at thousand year cultivation, they had the chance to grow to one chi. Such Fifteen Ton Ants were already quite rare. Because they they had no powerful life saving techniques, and would moreover frequently end up killing each other. In any case, Tang San had entered a lot of spirit beast forests, this Star Dou Great Forest in particular, and each time he had seen a lot of Fifteen Ton Ants, but never any that could draw his attention, nor any that could grow past one chi.

According to Grandmaster’s estimation, if Fifteen Ton Ants cultivated past ten thousand years, they might grow to be around two chi. At thirty thousand years they might reach one meter. In his research, Grandmaster

had carefully studied spirit beasts with great strength but lacking in other abilities like these. Among the Fifteen Ton Ants he knew of, the largest was only around one meter, with cultivation past thirty thousand years. This was also the source of his estimate. Moreover, due to its characteristic strength, that thirty thousand year Fifteen Ton Ant had become the Strength Clan chief Tai Tan’s eighth spirit ring. Grandmaster once inadvertently learned about it from him. By Tai Tan’s account, he had killed a Fifteen Ton Ant King, and this spirit ring had substantially increased his strength.

At thirty thousand year cultivation they could reach one meter, but facing Tang San now were three Fifteen Ton Ants there were all past three meters. Tang San could be certain that these three were all at the Fifteen Ton Ant King level, no, it should be Fifteen Ton Ant Emperor. Their cultivation might have reached ninety thousand years, not far from breaking through the final boundary and entering the hundred thousand year level.

If it was very difficult for the Dark Devilgod Tiger to mature due to being too dangerous, and would easily be ganged up on by other spirit beasts, then the Fifteen Ton Ants difficulty in growing was because they were too weak. Tang San understood that for Fifteen Ton Ants to cultivate to this level, it would absolutely be even more difficult than for a Dark Devilgod Tiger to cultivate to ninety thousand years. After all, after cultivating to a certain level, the Dark Devilgod Tiger had the strength to protect itself, but the Fifteen Ton Ants didn’t! Why would he run into three such strange spirit beasts here? ly his Blue Silver Domain couldn’t accurately probe their cultivation, just that it should be more than fifty thousand years.

At the same time as Tang San was unconcerned about facing three ninety thousand year spirit beasts, he was still shocked about their type. Moreover, these three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperor’s were all variants. Each had a pair of huge transparent wings on their backs, clearly able to fly. There were also two protruding sword-like teeth, and at the same time two solid forelimbs, a bit like the giant claws of scorpions, but not completely, even more like three needles tied together. Swinging them left and right, besides the dull golden color, they also had a particular green layer.

“Who allowed you to invade the Sky Blue Bull Python and Titan Giant Ape’s place?” Tang San held the Seagod Trident as he asked.

No matter how low level Fifteen Ton Ants were, once at the ant emperor level, their intelligence would also rise a level.

Tang San guessed correctly. These three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors didn’t have an easy time cultivating to their present stage. They were originally three brothers. They were all powerful soldiers of the Fifteen Ton Ant colony. When fighting another Fifteen Ton Ant colony at one time, the three brothers had done excellently and received the favor of the ant queen, becoming soldier ant generals. Afterwards they had fought wars on all sides, criss crossing the Star Dou Great Forest, surviving untold deadly dangers, gradually growing.

As their strength grew, the ant queen gradually grew fearful, and decided to eliminate them. This was also an important reason it was so difficult for Fifteen Ton Ants to grow strong. In the colony, the ant queen bossed everyone around and was also in charge of carrying on the ancestral line. But the ant queen herself had no fighting strength, and could only produce offspring. If soldier ants she couldn’t control appeared, it would very likely lead to problems. Consequently, the ant queen never allowed soldiers ants to grow powerful. If a soldier ant’s cultivation reached a thousand year, the ant queen would immediately send other soldier ants to attack and eliminate it.

But, these three soldier ant brothers were lucky. Because of their heroism in battle and great strength, they were supported by the soldier ants, and when the ant queen ordered the attack, the other soldier ants notified them in advance, and the three brothers made their escape.

They were originally loyal and devoted to the ant queen, so when actually treated like this and with a certain degree of intelligence after cultivating to a thousand years, they were naturally furious. Therefore they didn’t run far. Exploiting their familiarity with the colony, they took advantage of a battle between their colony and another Fifteen Ton Ant group to quietly sneak into the ant queen’s lair, killing her. The three brothers even consumed the queen’s corpse, then escaped without a trace.

Once they had escaped the territory of their original colony, they were suddenly shocked to discover that their bodies had undergone great

chances. Their strength had also grown even greater. Consuming the ant queen’s corpse had substantially increased their cultivation. This discovery immediately gave the three soldier ant brothers a plan. From then on, they looked everywhere for other Fifteen Ton Ant nests, looking for an opportunity to sneak inside and kill and eat the queen, using the ant queen’s nutrition to nourish their bodies and quickly mature.

At the beginning they were frequently in danger, a few times almost dying by the counter attacks of the soldier ants. But as their strength rose, and with the first variation after breaking through ten thousand years cultivation, they suddenly grew even more unscrupulous. Sometimes they would break into ant nests head on and kill the queen. Gradually, these three brothers became the public enemy of all Fifteen Ton Ants in the entire Star Dou Great Forest. But as they grew stronger and stronger, and craftier and craftier, what could common Fifteen Ton Ants do against them? They could only hide their queens even deeper.

As their strength grew, the three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperor brothers grew more and more ambitious. They saw that this little lake wasn’t just the center of the Star Dou Great Forest, but at the same time also where the natural energy was the most abundant and most suitable for spirit beasts to cultivate. They had outstanding strength, and coveted this place. Unfortunately, they thought too highly of themselves, and in an ambush, they faced the simultaneous counter attack of the Titan Giant Ape and Sky Blue Bull Python, who beat the three brothers in a miserable retreat. Relying on their powerful defense and flight ability they escaped to live another day, but they were also driven the whole way out of the Star Dou Great Forest, and no longer dared set a foot inside.

Just like the Dark Devilgod Tiger, after Da Ming and Er Ming sacrificed themselves for Tang San, they never dared enter the Star Dou Great Forest, yet hated to leave this geomantic treasury for them. Sensing that the two forest kings presences quietly disappeared, it was just that they were a bit more gutsy than the Dark Devilgod Tiger, and directly arrived at Da Ming and Er Ming’s cultivation ground. Discovering that there really were no traces of the two great divine beasts, and believing there were no other enemies that could equal them in the forest, they even named themselves

the new forest kings. This was also why they had no intention of leaving when they sensed Tang San’s presence. They were confident in themselves, and at the same time also wanted to defend their just established positions as forest kings.

Before Tang San arrived, these three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors had relied on a special method to send orders to all the Fifteen Ton Ant colonies in the Star Dou Great Forest, ordering them to deliver thirty ant queens as food every day, or they would eradicate the colonies. Even though the Fifteen Ton Ant colonies were furious, they had no way out, and could only listen to their orders.

Unfortunately, today they had run into Tang San. How could Tang San allow them to continue occupying the place where Da Ming and Er Ming stayed? Slowly raising the Seagod Trident horizontally, Tang San’s gaze grew ice cold.

Facing Tang San’s question, the three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors only shook their heads, the ones on the left and right moving up on the sides, the three half surrounding Tang San, gradually pressing close. Their dull golden color also gradually grew more intense, but their energies remained completely reserved, without any intent of revealing them outwards.

So what if there were three? Golden blue light flashed, and the Blue Silver Emperor released. Having just understood the marvels of combinations, Tang San wouldn’t shrink back in the slightest even against three ninety thousand year cultivation enemies. He wanted to see just to what level his strength could reach.

Buzzzzzzzz, the wings on the Fifteen Ton Ant Emperor’s backs flapped, slowly flying up. These three brothers had proven themselves in surviving so long, their movements were completely synchronized, just like mirror images. Whether the rate their wings beat at or how far above the ground they rose, everything was unanimous.

Blue light instantly spread out. Due to facing three opponents, Tang San of course wouldn’t give them the chance to attack. The Blue Silver Domain directly spread out, and having reached the level of Boundless Nature,

everything within the range of the domain turned golden blue. Silhouettes of trees rose in layers upon layers, and Tang San’s Blue Silver Emperor grew even more translucent under the influence of the domain. The three Fifteen Ton Emperor’s simultaneously sensed an enormous pressure squeezing them from all directions, violently pressuring them and limiting their strength.

Only, these three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors didn’t panic, still hovering there as if quietly waiting for something.

Tang San wouldn’t keep waiting. The Blue Silver Emperor wildly grew out from him, like countless living snakes, tangling around the three ant emperors, starting a probing attack.

The Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors didn’t see Tang San, but Tang San could still see them, and the split second the Blue Silver Emperor tangled around them, Tang San suddenly saw their six eyes flash with strange light. It felt like sudden excitement, and also like they saw what they had been waiting for.

Heart twitching, Tang San thought: Don’t tell me they were waiting for me to attack?

His Blue Silver Emperor had now already completed the Binding, completely bundling up the three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors. They contracted powerfully, and also released corrosive poison.

But at this moment, something strange happened. The three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors simultaneously flipped outwards, and a powerful pulling force instantly came from three directions, stretching the Blue Silver Emperor binding them tight. Tang San was suddenly pulled more than a dozen meters forward in the air.

Whether Tang San or the three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors, right now their minds were filled with the same four words: How was it possible?

Tang San’s shock was understandable. His own weight wasn’t much, just a hundred something jin, but don’t forget that he was holding the Seagod

Trident! To him, the Seagod Trident was only a hundred jin, but to any creature besides him, this Seagod Trident weighed one hundred eight thousand jin. With this sudden tug, the three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors had actually managed to pull him along. In other words, their cooperative strength already surpassed one hundred eight thousand jin. Even more so when considering the strength Tang San could produce from his spirit power.

But the three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors were also shocked. Their time tested strength actually ended up deflating. Even if their strength was restricted a bit inside the Blue Silver Domain, with their primal strength, as well as three brothers cooperating, their plan failing to show its intended effect was unforeseen.

These three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors absolutely weren’t as stupid as ordinary low level Fifteen Ton Ants. Their minds were connected, and they had thought of the plan when they saw Tang San release the Blue Silver Emperor. The Blue Silver Emperor was connected to Tang San’s body, so they waited for Tang San’s attack, letting the Blue Silver Emperor tangle around them. The three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors’ thinking was to use their strength together and, relying on the instant burst of strength, directly tearing Tang San apart through the Blue Silver Emperor connected to him, not even giving him the chance to cut the Blue Silver Emperor. But when they exerted themselves to pull, it was like they were pulling a mountain. Even though it shifted, it was next to nothing, nevermind tearing that human to shreds.

This change immediately produced a stubborn refusal in the three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors. They simultaneously erupted with an intense dull golden light, the strength accumulated within sharply increasing. In an instant, their strength suddenly more than doubled. This time the powerful tension really pulled along Tang San with the Seagod Trident, and at the same time the pulling force made even Tang San feel pain.

Such strength. Tang San was shocked, he could no longer keep his balance and was pulled in three directions towards the Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors. In danger, he could only quickly use the Seagod Trident tangle

up his Blue Silver Emperor, in order to avoid the powerful tension to affect him directly.

The Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors’ strength stunned him, and it was also due to this that he wanted to take a look at just how much force these three could produce. Therefore, he didn’t cut his Blue Silver Emperor.

At this moment, Tang San couldn’t keep what Grandmaster once told him from his mind: No matter how strong the ant, it still can’t lift a half jin heavy apple. But humans can casually carry the weight of an apple, for a two hundred jin human, that’s just one four hundredth of their weight. Converting this to the scale of an ant, it’s only an ant’s hair. Ants can carry weights fifty times their own weight, if you consider only proportions, this is equivalent to a two hundred jin person lifting ten thousand jin.

And as a spirit beast, the Fifteen Ton Ant was the strongest of all ants. Its strength to weight proportion reached a hundredfold. These three meter long Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors weren’t too large, each weighing around a thousand jin or so, basically nothing in the spirit beast world and even more common compared to truly powerful spirit beasts. But, if their strength could reach a hundred times their weight, then the limits could reach a hundred thousand jin. The limit of three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors would then be three hundred thousand jin!

Thinking of this, Tang San immediately understood how he could be pulled along. The Fifteen Ton Ants weren’t powerful spirit beasts, but that their strength could reach such a frightening level was because of their single mindedness, strength was their absolute attribute. The strength exerted by these three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors reached at least two hundred thousand jin, that’s why he felt pain and got pulled along. Changing his spirit power into strength, plus his physical strength as well as the Seagod Trident’s weight, should also be able to reach one hundred fifty thousand jin or so. No wonder, no wonder. They still hadn’t used their full strength yet!

Thinking of this, Tang San also had a plan. Right now his face still showed a smile.

Want to pull me with two hundred thousand jin force? You’re still too naive. Fine, I’ll let you see just how far my absolute strength can reach.

Tang San swiftly gripped the Seagod Trident’s haft with his left hand as well, earth yellow light instantly spreading along the Seagod Trident. It was also the instant this earth yellow light spread that he immediately stabilized himself in the air with the Seagod Trident. The Blue Silver Emperor twisting around the three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperor brothers also instantly stretched taught. The enormous pulling force made Tang San clearly sense the fibers within the Blue Silver Emperor quickly break down.

Tang San plus the Seagod Trident’s force wasn’t enough to compete with three Fifteen Ton Emperors. The method Tang San used to stabilize himself in midair was very simple: applying the Titan Giant Ape left arm spirit bone’s Gravity Control ability on the Seagod Trident. To Tang San, that was just a hundred jin becoming a thousand jin, that weight was basically nothing to him. But to the three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors, it was one hundred eight thousand jin instantly becoming one million eighty thousand jin. They couldn’t possible move Tang San further even with their peak strength!

Their three meter long bodies also came to a sudden stop as the Blue Silver Emperor stretched, and bounced back. It was also the instant of this rebound force that those Blue Silver Emperor broke down with ear piercing cracking sounds. That the Blue Silver Emperor could endure this long was impressive.

Sensing those three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors flying in shock, inspiration flashed in Tang San’s heart. Yes! How come I never thought of this before? If he in previous battles had used this Gravity Control on the Seagod Trident, turning one hundred eight thousand jin into one million eighty thousand, even gods might feel they had no way out when faced with its absolute force. This discovery made Tang San even more excited than if he had instantly killed these three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors and gotten their spirit rings. How terrifying was a million jin of weight? If he added the Golden Thirteen Halberds on top of that, destroying the walls of Jialing Pass would be a cinch.

In his excitement, Tang San didn’t even immediately pursue and attack those three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors. Spirit power circulating within, he softly swung the Seagod Trident he held.

The thousand jin weight basically wasn’t enough to influence Tang San swinging it, but a problem still appeared like this. Tang San had to hold the Seagod Trident with his left hand to influence it with Gravity Control, changing it into one million eighty thousand jin. If he held it with his right hand and then added the ability with his left, it would influence Tang San himself. His body suffering tenfold gravity was a completely different idea than raising the weapon to one thousand jin. That wasn’t something Tang San wanted.

Only, now clearly wasn’t the moment to research Gravity Control plus the Seagod Trident. Those three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors thrown into the air acted again, only this time they didn’t keep flying, but rather quickly folded their wings and landed directly on the ground.

Tang San smiled faintly. For them to find him in the Blue SIlver Domain’s Boundless Nature was very difficult. He wanted to see what techniques they still had. Ninety thousand year spirit beasts inevitably had some special abilities.

Unlike killing the Man Faced Demon Spider, because the Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors led to Tang San discovering his abilities, he was a lot more interested in these brothers and wanted to see if they could give him any other inspiration. Holding the Seagod Trident in his left hand, the Gravity Control ability didn’t have to stop. He was going to see the main ability or strength of the three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperor brothers. He had a million jin heavy weapon in his hand, that was already an invincible position.

Chapter 293

The three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors now all performed a strange motion, bending forward together, their six legs all raised, just lying there on the ground without moving, just like when they waited for Tang San to attack before, motionless.

Waiting for another chance? Tang San laughed involuntarily. With a thought, golden light broke out of his back, Eight Spider Lances suddenly extending behind him. The solid and dignified feeling from his back increased all of Tang San’s attributes, and he also quietly fell to the ground. Since you’re waiting for a chance, then me too.

Bang bang bang, three muffled echoes resounded the instant Tang San fell. The Fifteen Ton Ant Emperor brothers’ six legs struck the ground simultaneously, terrifying force propelling them with an extremely powerful counter force, they shot towards Tang San like three cannonballs. The speed they reached in that instant wasn’t inferior even to the Dark Devilgod Tiger’s rush ability. They had reached Tang San in practically just an instant.

This time they were feeling the ground while waiting. Even though Tang san fell lightly, he would still produce faint vibrations, and they drew on this to judge and charge towards Tang San’s direction. They were trying to directly tackle Tang San.

The three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors were too fast. Even though Tang San reacted quickly, his Seagod Trident could only block two of them, the

last still barrelled towards him.

Bang bang, with two muffled sounds, two Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors struck the Seagod Trident and were directly flung away. Not a step slower than them, under Gravity Control, the area within range of the Seagod Trident had tenfold gravity, making its weight reach an astronomical figure. Even though the Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors were enormously strong, they still couldn’t reach that frightening a level. The Seagod Trident rang with the strike, and the two Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors flew back.

But that last Fifteen Ton Ant Emperor still lunged. Tang San shifted sideways, using his back to take its attack. With a blast, Tang San was sent stumbling forward. If not for the terrifying weight of the Seagod Trident, he might have been knocked flying.

But, the Fifteen Ton Ant Emperor that hit him wasn’t any better off. It was flung back like a golden glittering bolt of lightning, rolling across the ground. Even though it didn’t fly as far as its two brothers, it still caused a crater.

Originally, the place Tang San had it hit was the center of where the Eight Spider Lances emerged from his back. This was where Tang San self felt was the hardest. Ever since the Eight Spider Lances evolved, Tang San had always wanted to try just how strong the defense was of this external spirit bone that constantly transmitted a sensation of hardness.

Of course, he was prepared in advance, Mysterious Heaven Skill inner strength instantly condensed on his back. If the defense of the condensed energy of the Eight Spider Lances couldn’t take the Fifteen Ton Ant Emperor’s attack, the Mysterious Heaven Skill inner strength could minimize the damage.

The enormous impact made him fall forward, but Tang San was happy rather than alarmed. Even though he’d taken some chances with this way of defending, the result was still perfect.

The impact from the Fifteen Ton Ant Emperor’s attack could be imagined, but even though its strike knocked Tang San forward, he didn’t

experience too much of a jolt. He just felt his back heat up. That impact force spread out across his back, and the previously solid feeling turned into countless fine scorching eddies, quickly melting away the force withou

Tang San understood that his estimate was perfectly correct. The Eight Spider Lances should have truly reached that level. Even if it had just entered, without completely becoming an ability on that level, it was still a huge benefit to him right now. These three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors might not be much, but next he would face the strongest spirit beast of the ocean, the Deep Sea Demon Whale that had already surpassed the hundred thousand year spirit beast category. That big fellow definitely wouldn’t be so easy to deal with.

Last time he faced it, Tang San relied on the Eight Spider Lances to cause it some minor losses. Now the Eight Spider Lances had evolved once again, and Tang San was naturally also a bit more confident in fighting it.

“I won’t play with you.” The corners of his mouth rising into a sneer, Tang San didn’t chase after the rebounding Fifteen Ton Ant Emperor, but rather flew into the air once again, fading into the Blue Silver Domain. The reason he didn’t pursue ant attack really wasn’t that he didn’t want to divide and conquer, but rather that he saw a mental link from the Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors actions. If he attacked one of them, the other two could come to its aid even when impaired by the Blue Silver Domain, uniting once again. Don’t regard these three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperor as ninety thousand year spirit beasts, the three of them together were like three powers with a fusion ability. Even if it wasn’t a spirit fusion ability like the Golden Iron Triangle, it was still quite difficult to deal with. Unfortunately, their weak point was clear. Especially when he controlled them in the strength they specialized in. This battle no longer held any suspense.

In midair, the Eight Spider Lances fully stretched out, extending perfectly straight and evenly behind Tang San. Glittering golden Eight Spider Lances plus the Seagod Trident Tang San held, as wellas the Seagod Trident brand on his forehead, made him look like almost like the Seagod.

Eight lines of golden light shot out from the Eight Spider Lances practically simultaneously. Covered by the Blue Silver Domain, they

instantly fell on the Fifteen Ton Ant Emperor that was hit by Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances backlash.

Dangdangdangdang…… Eight brittle sounds erupted. Under the attack of the eight golden rays, a series of sparks struck off that Fifteen Ton Ant Emperor’s back. The god level Eight Spider Lances attack actually couldn’t directly penetrate its armor, only leaving behind eight craters in the carapace.

Such powerful defense. Tang San exclaimed in admiration. Only, powerful defense didn’t mean there was no way. Eight surging golden threads shifted as the Eight Spider Lances adjusted, instantly winding around the Fifteen Ton Ant Emperor like ropes.

Ear piercing sounds of friction accompanied a faintly golden mist rising from the Fifteen Ton Ant Emperor, shrill screams making it erupt with all its strength tow violently twist its body, apparently trying to pull free of the Eight Spider Lances’ swallowing golden threads.

Unfortunately, the swallowing golden threads weren’t Blue Silver Emperor, they formed completely from energy rather than substance. No matter how the Fifteen Ton Ant Emperor struggled, it could at most make the light of the swallowing golden threads strengthen a bit, making them a bit longer. None of its pulling strength reached Tang San, much less let it pull free.

The golden smoke rising from the Fifteen Ton Ant Emperor was caused by its contact with the swallowing golden threads. After evolving, they didn’t just possess formidable piercing power, but at the same time also had quite frightening corrosive strength. The Man Faced Demon Spider’s poison, plus all the previous toxins of the Eight Spider Lances and the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well’s ice and fire poison mixed together, absolutely wouldn’t be inferior to Bibi Dong’s Death Spider Emperor Death Domain, and even surpassed it slightly. Even though the Fifteen Ton Ant Emperor’s defense was formidable, corroded by the numerous toxins, the pain it felt was still excruciating. Even if the swallowing golden threads couldn’t melt its carapace quickly, they still constantly corroded its body. The more time passed, the more serious the corrosion would be. Moreover, the other

swallowing property also appeared now. As the Fifteen Ton Ant Emperor struggled, its strength was bit by bit absorbed by the swallowing golden threads and sent to Tang San. The rate the energy was absorbed was far faster than Tang San’s exhaustion from maintaining the swallowing golden threads and the Blue Silver Domain. Even his Mysterious Heaven Skill showed signs of slowly increasing.

The other two Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors immediately discovered what was going on, and unable to find and attack Tang San, they quickly leapt over to their brother to help get it free.

Unfortunately, just as they arrived, the Eight Spider Lances behind Tang San each produced another two sharp tips, spitting out another sixteen swallowing golden threads, making them immediately follow in the steps of the last Fifteen Ton Ant Emperor, and were also tightly tied.

What shocked Tang San a bit was that these three ninety thousand year strong spirit beasts seemed a lot weaker when bound by the swallowing golden threads. Not even with the strength to run, they only constantly rolled around in place, trying to break free. None of the speed they showed before was on display.

What was going on? These were three ninety thousand year cultivation spirit beasts! Could the god level Eight Spider Lances be that strong?

Actually, what Tang San didn’t know was that at the god level, the swallowing golden threads could admittedly trap the three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors, but even more important was that the Eight Spider Lances restrained them.

The Eight Spider Lances was an external spirit bone from the Man Faced Demon Spider, and the Man Faced Demon Spider was the nemesis of all insect type spirit beasts. If common Fifteen Ton Ants were infected by the aura of a Man Faced Demon Spider, they wouldn’t even be able to move. Indeed, these three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors really had ninety thousand years of cultivation. But Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances also wasn’t the aura of a common Man Faced Demon Spider. After several evolutions, his Eight Spider Lances distributed an aura equivalent to a god level Man

Faced Demon Spider. The swallowing golden threads twisted around their bodies, and like this completely suppressed their auras and immediately made them unable to show even half their strength.

The three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors had three strongest capabilities, namely strength, defense and speed. Even though they had no powerful spirit abilities, relying on these three characteristics, the three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors were invincible. It was very difficult for other spirit beasts to defeat them. They directly ignored physical attacks by relying on their solid carapace, and nor were energy attacks able to break their defenses, and with their fast powerful attacks, they could frequently crush their enemies. Even if they encountered spirit beasts with control type abilities, they could still break free with their strength and attack again.

But Tang San’s swallowing golden threads could be counted among energy attacks, but also control type energy attacks. Breaking free was difficult to the extreme. They also had draining effects and corrosive toxin effects. This put the three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperor brothers in a huge crisis.

Only, if it was just the swallowing golden threads, they could still scatter in three directions with their speed, and two would invariably be able to escape the attack. After all, Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances swallowing golden threads couldn’t possibly extend infinitely. Unfortunately, they unluckily met a Man Faced Demon Spider’s god level aura, which suppressed their six legs to numbness, leaving them basically unable to escape. They were suppressed to death, the swallowing golden threads constantly absorbing their strength, corroding their carapace. Tang San basically didn’t need to attack for them to lose all chances of escape.

At the start, Tang San was still afraid these three fellows would be acting weak like the Dark Devilgod Tiger did, looking for a chance to attack. But the three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors gradually grew unable to endure the toxin from the swallowing golden threads, their struggling growing weaker and weaker. At the same time the energy absorption speed grew faster and faster. Tang San was then sure that they no longer stood a chance.

Cautiously floating forward, sure enough, the Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors basically didn’t react at all. Tang San then removed his Blue Silver Domain.

He hadn’t expected killing these three fellows would be so much easier than killing the Dark Devilgod Tiger. It seemed his Eight Spider Lances completely restrained them. Their strength and cultivation was enough to become his Clear Sky Hammer’s sixth, seventh and eighth spirit rings. Strength addition was clearly the most suitable for the Clear Sky Hammer. Once he absorbed their spirit rings, his business in the Star Dou Great Forest this time would be complete, and he could go meet his comrades by the sea and leave for Seagod Island.

Even though he’d met danger in the Star Dou Great Forest this time, to Tang San, it went rather smoothly. It used much less time than he planned for.

He was in no hurry to completely kill the three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors. Right now Tang San’s body already felt unwell, the energy the swallowing golden threads gave him was too enormous. He didn’t need to release spirit abilities. He might as well sit on the ground and release his Blue Silver Domain to guard him again, and absorb this foreign energy.

Through this absorption, Tang San immediately discovered the swallowing golden threads were different from before. Besides absorption speed, what made Tang San most shocked was that the energy passing through the swallowing golden threads was no longer as simple as just absorption. After being filtered through the Eight Spider Lances once, even though it wasn’t the same energy as the Mysterious Heaven Skill, it still didn’t have any attributes. It was extremely pure energy. Absorbing it didn’t require using his Mysterious Heaven Skill to filter it, and it could be directly fused with his existing spirit power.

This discovery not only made Tang San very pleasantly surprised, if this was the case, the afterwards when he faced enemies and used the swallowing golden threads, he could turn the absorbed energy into his own in battle without any wear. Adding in the Blue Silver Domain’s ultimate ability All Rivers Run Into The Sea, without a doubt, his continued fighting strength would reach a frightening degree. And when the enemies faced the

swallowing golden threads, they would find it even more difficult to break free. The poison of the swallowing golden threads was an all new ability after the Eight Spider Lances evolved. Being able to pass poison via its energy form, it was worthy of a god level external spirit bone!

Rich white mist spread all over Tang San as he breathed. Three flowers reappeared above his head, and a soft fragrance spread from his body. The six spirit bones within him grew hot simultaneously, and his internal spirit power slowly increased as the foreign energy was bit by bit turned into his.

Rank ninety five was a Title Douluo bottleneck, and even with the astonishing energy absorbed from three ninety thousand year Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors, after being refined by the Mysterious Heaven Skill, disappeared like a clay ox in the sea. It just made Tang San feel minute growth, and the growth speed was slow.

Tang San was in no rush. The one-level gap between rank ninety five and rank ninety six was one that eighty percent of Title Douluo were unable to cross in their lives. How would it be that easy to rank up? But each increase in spirit power would be a bit more of a guarantee in the future. Just what is called dripping water will bore through rock, and pulling up sprouts to speed up growth would easily cause trouble.

The three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors’ struggle grew weaker and weaker. Their solid outer shells were gradually crushed and melted by the swallowing golden threads, and the breath of life gradually waned as their strength was stolen bit by bit. As the last bit of strength within them was taken away by the swallowing golden threads, the intensely corrosive poison simultaneously also took away their lives.

Tang San didn’t dare delay. He had to absorb three spirit rings within a couple of hours, time was of the essence. Sensing the three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors passing, he immediately withdrew his swallowing golden threads. But he still didn’t withdraw the Eight Spider Lances. In his ideal condition, he began to absorb their spirit rings.

But, something unexpected happened. As Tang San brought out his Clear Sky Hammer spirit and beckoned one of the Fifteen Ton Ant Emperor spirit

rings, three black lines of energy shot out simultaneously from the three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors, turning into black spirit rings with a rosy tint and moved towards the Clear Sky Hammer.

This scene made Tang San jump. He’d clearly only summoned from one of the Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors, but all three actually answered, what was going on?

Only, he very soon understood the reason. He now already possessed fourteen spirit rings, so his pull on spirit rings was enormous. Adding in that the Clear Sky Hammer also cultivated the Great Sumeru Hammer, it was somewhat overbearing on its own. Even though he’d only summoned from one Fifteen Ton Ant Emperor’s corpse, the three bodies were very close, and they all reacted to the overbearing power of the Clear Sky Hammer. Under absolute suppression, they flew towards the Clear Sky Hammer at the same time.

What now? Seeing those three reddish black spirit rings flying up, Tang San now only had two choices. One, immediately give up on the three spirit rings, letting them scatter in the air and going to find new spirit beasts that suited him. Two, to absorb them to the Clear Sky Hammer simultaneously.

Absorbing three spirit rings simultaneously was unprecedented in the entire spirit master world, and only spirit masters with twin spirits like Tang San and Bibi Dong could encounter such circumstances. Spirit masters were supremely cautious when absorbing spirit rings, and two or more spirit rings that could be absorbed appearing simultaneously was oh so rare. Before this, one might say that it had basically never happened. Tang San suddenly faced a very difficult decision. What would happen when absorbing three spirit rings at the same time was unknown. But if he gave up on these three spirit rings and went searching for fifty thousand year cultivation spirit beasts, it would definitely take him a lot of time. Luck wouldn’t always be on his side. Fifty thousand year spirit beasts weren’t that easily found either, let alone when they had to suit the Clear Sky Hammer.

Recalling the Eight Spider Lances’ complete suppression of the three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors before, and seeing the Seagod Trident next to

him, Tang San fiercely clenched his teeth and let the three spirit rings cover his Clear Sky Hammer simultaneously. His powerful strength was the source of his confidence. So what if it had never been done before? With his half god body, would he be afraid of three spirit rings that hadn’t even reached a hundred thousand years of cultivation?

If it was before, Tang San might not have made such a choice, but ever since Tang Hao taught him the Great Sumeru Hammer, as he cultivated it, Tang San’s aggressiveness grew by the day. Now that he would give the Clear Sky Hammer more spirit rings, the Clear Sky Hammer’s own heavy aura made him affirm his choice.

The instant those three spirit rings covered the Clear Sky Hammer, Tang San only felt an explosion, an incredible surging energy bursting from the Clear Sky Hammer into him. That was fully strength attributed spirit power, battering him like a wave, just like the time on Seagod Island. Tang San’s body completely left the ground under the impact, flung several dozen meters back before landing.

The black Clear Sky Hammer suddenly turned completely red, like a red hot branding iron. The intense energy fluctuations made the ground around Tang San crack inch by inch.

Spirit rings were a reforging of the spirit. If it was some slightly lower quality spirit, absorbing three spirit rings at the same time might cause the spirit to collapse. But the Clear SKy Hammer was different. What kind of existence was it? The prized asset of the world’s number one sect. Under that enormous energy impact, even though it turned completely fiery red, it still forcefully accepted all the energy of the three spirit rings. At the same time the five spirit rings it already had brightened, radiating five enormous rings of light to protect it. No matter how enormous the three energies struck, they were still suppressed and unable to leave the hammer, and even more unable to break it.

Meanwhile, the Deathgod Domain carved into the Clear Sky Hammer released blood colored light. Potent killing intent merged with the Clear Sky Hammer’s overbearingness, cooperating with the five spirit rings’ energy to

completely suppress the three new spirit rings. Just letting these energies merge into Tang San.

The Clear Sky Hammer was fine, but Tang San faced a large problem. The energy that suddenly rushed into him really was terrifying, scattering his Mysterious Heaven Skill inner strength in practically one go. Even prepared, Tang San’s eyes still darkened, almost knocked unconscious from the strike.

Tightly clenching his jaw, Tang San fiercely fixed his eyes and roared, spitting out a mouthful of bloody mist. He was like a glowering guardian deity. He couldn’t use the Blue Silver Domain right now since he had released the Clear Sky Hammer spirit. Otherwise, relying on the Blue Silver Domain’s ultimate All Rivers Run Into the sea, it would be a bit easier with the help of the blue silver grass in the forest. But now he could only endure.

Come, Tang San roared in his mind. His left hand rose, pushing over his heart, gathering the Mysterious Heaven Skill to protect his heart meridians. His right hand gripped the Seagod Trident, a ray of Seagod’s Light directly pouring into the Seagod’s Heart. He was instantly connected with the Seagod Trident. Meanwhile, the Eight Spider Lances on his back fully stretched out, dyed with golden light. The powerful Eight Spider Lances aura was guided by Tang San’s boundless level mental strength into him, cooperating with his Mysterious Heaven Skill inner strength to block those three violent attacks.

Tang San’s body became the battleground for both sides. The energy of three spirit rings simultaneously was too enormous, but fortunately Tang San’s meridians had already risen to the half god level and didn’t collapse. Every vessel was dilated to the limit, the intense pressure making Tang San’s blood speed up tenfold, his heart pumping forcefully to admit the flow.

Stubborn conviction and incredible domineering spread through his heart. It was at this moment that Tang San suddenly understood the true essence of the Great Sumeru Hammer. And also understood how his father could use it to defeat those stronger.

The true essence of Great Sumeru Hammer, if it moved, there could only be one conviction, victory. In the presence of the Great Sumeru Hammer, there were no powerful enemies, only enemies yet to be smashed. Extremely stubborn conviction and obsession could bring out the full aggressiveness of the Great Sumeru Hammer, and deeply integrate it.

Just like using the Great Sumeru Hammer within him, facing the energy attack of the three brothers’ spirit rings, Tang San didn’t have any intent of guiding it. Just like that he urged all his strength to incomparably aggressively clash with it. It was also at just this moment that his Great Sumeru Hammer was truly completed.

Boom—— With the first strike, Tang San immediately bled from the apertures of his head, his entire body violently shot from the ground, then again heavily falling to the ground with the Seagod Trident. Two huge impact areas shattered at least one main artery and more than ten smaller veins. Violent pain instantly spread through his entire body, making Tang San’s skin turn the color of blood.

But even so, even if he could no longer stay seated, he basically didn’t care about the damage. He instantly urged his remaining energy to form a second strike, so much that the energy that had rushed into his body hadnät formed the next strike before Tang San’s second wave already hit it.

If someone saw this scene, they would definitely think Tang San was insane. This was using his own body as battlefield! In doing so, first of all his own body would be damaged. But some things couldn’t be explained with reason. Tang San was just doing this. The tyrannical collision erupted once again. This time, all of Tang San’s energies were completely fused into one under that domineering pressure, being refined, just like the Clear Sky Hammer, and exploded once again.

In the first strike, the combined energy of the three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperor spirit rings was blasted back and scattered, and not much was absorbed into Tang San. But, they still needed time to recondense. Tang San basically didn’t give them that time. Before that surging energy had erupted a second time, his attack had already arrived.

A violent explosion echoed once again. In Tang San’s mouth, nose and ears, faintly golden blood mist suddenly sprayed out. Where it passed, even the surrounding trees were wrecked by the blood mist. And his body was once again shocked back, again falling heavily to the ground.

This time, Tang San’s right leg brightened quietly. Red light suffused with golden blue instantly spread out. The Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone’s restoring ability launched automatically. This showed what state Tang San was in right now.

Right now Tang San was completely immersed in the Great Sumeru Hammer state, abandoning all apprehension, without even reflecting on what to do if another spirit beast showed up now. But it was just because of this completely unworried second attack that the previously so incredibly powerful spirit energy was suppressed, weakening the frightening impact considerably. After being scattered again, its condensation speed also slowed.

But this time Tang San stopped rather than launch a third attack. Not because his blood vessels were damaged or because he didn’t have the strength to follow up, but rather stood in the place of a king, looking down from above on that unruly spirit ring energy with a kind of disdain.

Absorbing you like this is just bullying. Weren’t you condensing? Then fine, I’ll let you condense. So what?

This was the reason Tang San stopped. He had already completely entered an overbearing state, the stubborn conviction made all his energies fuse together, and the deep red Clear Sky Hammer in his left hand seemed like an extension of his arm, its surface constantly brightening with lines of golden patterns, as if shouting with excitement.


“Little San, what do you think of spirits? What do you believe spirits are?” Grandmaster looked with a smile at the disciple he had just accepted, raising a question.

The not yet seven year old Tang San blinked, “Teacher, I feel that spirits are a part of us, or that it’s another shape for oneself.”

Grandmaster looked astonished at him, “It seems I really didn’t pick the wrong disciple. You’re a genius. To think of this at your age really is shocking. You’re right, spirits are a part of us. To be more precise, our bodies and spirits are a twin existence. Only the physical body is dominant. And cultivating spirits lets them grow together with our bodies. This is the best way to treat these brothers of ours. Understand?”

Tang San nodded, “But, Teacher, if spirits are a twin existence with our bodies, how come we can think and the spirits can’t?”

Grandmaster shook his head, smiling: “No, you’re wrong. Spirits aren’t unable to think. On the contrary, spirits also have their own souls, we just can’t feel them. In order to truly make them powerful, first you have to understand it. One day when you are able to find the heart of your twin existence, using your actions to prove yourself to it, letting it completely accept you, then you can truly gain its approval and make you brothers inseparable again. You can also truly display its strength.”

“Then Teacher, how should I do it, how do I understand what my spirit truly wants?”

Grandmaster shook his head, “I don’t know either, each spirit has its own properties, you’ll have to figure it out on your own. I can only show you the road, I can’t walk it for you. Understand?”


Tang San could completely grasp the Blue Silver Emperor because of the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone Ah Yin gave him, as well as the emperor’s bloodline revealing its heart. But the Clear Sky Hammer? At this moment, Tang San’s inner world overflowing with mad aggression had also finally roused its spirit heart, gaining him the approval of the world’s number one sect’s premier spirit.

Chapter 294

Within that overbearing state, Tang San had completely forgotten about pain. He only constantly condensed all his energy in aggression. At this moment, whether the energy of Seagod’s Light, mental strength, Mysterious Heaven Skill inner strength, the aura of the Eight Spider Lances, the breath of the Clear Sky Hammer, they were no longer separate, all fused together. Tang San clearly felt that all his energy was inside the Clear Sky Hammer. The Clear Sky Hammer using Great Sumeru Hammer.

The three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors’ energy finally recondensed after being scattered by the strike. But, it no longer had the impact from before, only gathering there like it was intimidated by Tang San’s overflowing aggressiveness, and no longer dared attack.

You’re not coming? Fine, then I will.

The violent energy was brought into yet another imposing forward charge by Tang San’s mental strength, the enormous energy hammer smashed straight at the surrounding energy.

Boomboomboomboomboom—— A series of sounds inaudible to the outside world exploded within Tang San. With each strike, that cloud of energy condensed from the three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperor brothers’ energy was smashed to compress a bit, and the pulverized energy was directly swallowed by the Clear Sky Hammer formed from all of Tang San’s energy and forcefully assimilated. It basically didn’t have a speck of a chance to struggle.

Even Tang San himself didn’t know how many times he bombarded it. In the end, that ball of scarce remaining energy actually took the initiative to come forward, directly accepting being fused into Tang San’s frightening energy. But Tang San felt as if he hadn’t fully compressed himself.

Tang San didn’t know if his father had ever used this method to absorb spirit rings, but that kind of joyous feeling was even more carefree than adding spirit rings to spirits.

Without a target, the aggressive state gradually faded. Now Tang San noticed that the meridians in his body had become a mess, smashed beyond recognition, violent pain attacking him. But he clenched his teeth and endured, without letting his consciousness go. At this moment, his father’s words came to his mind. Always with straight back, until death.

There were specks of golden light all over Tang San now, the blood that had sprayed out when he suffered the earlier strike. As he opened his eyes his vision was hazy, making it difficult to see the surroundings clearly. Using his own body as battleground caused him enormous damage. If he hadn’t already reached the demigod realm, he might have already breathed his last.

He hazily looked at the Seagod Trident stabbed into the ground next to him. In the violent strike before, along with his body suffering the shock, he had lost his grip on the Seagod Trident.

Tang San slowly raised his right arm, as heavy as if cast from lead. But he still gritted his teeth and endured, stretching bit by bit towards the Seagod Trident. His willpower had undergone another leap in strength from the previous battle within him. It might be said that the battle within him was much more dangerous than facing the three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors. It wasn’t even inferior to when he faced the Dark Devilgod Tiger. But he had endured, and surpassed yet another gap.

His right arm finally reached the Seagod Trident, his pale hand fiercely grabbing the rough haft. The chill spread through his whole body via his palm, that refreshing feeling shaking Tang San’s mind. With a sharp exertion, the violent pain seemed to

As he pulled himself over to the Seagod Trident, the first thing he did was straighten his back. It was a simple motion, and it made him spit out another several mouthfuls of blood, but inside he was much happier. Sitting down crosslegged, he clenched his teeth to resist the pain all over, just holding onto a bit of clarito to start cultivating.

Tang San unhesitatingly poured all the remaining energy within him towards his right leg, drawing out the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone’s restoring ability. Right now he discovered that all the six spirit bones within him had all become scorching hot. The scalding feeling helped him alleviate some of the pain.

Traces of golden blue radiance climbed from his right leg, quickly enveloping his entire body like a large golden blue web. The powerful healing ability began to take effect, and Tang San’s messy and shattered meridians all recovered with astonishing speed.

The Seagod Trident brand on his forehead lit up, and the Seagod Trident held firmly in Tang San’s hand slowly began to glow, the dazzlingly beautiful golden pattern conforming with Tang San’s golden blue light. The energy of the Seagod also glowed into Tang San, joining together with the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone’s healing ability to accelerate Tang San’s impressive recovery speed one step further.

As the extreme pain faded bit by bit, it was actually also a kind of pleasure. Tang San felt this thrill right now. Especially as his inner eye saw the messy meridians began to return to their original places, the broken channels quickly growing back. Even some organs that had shifted out of place returned. That feeling was like rebirth. Each meridian was unimpeded, and drew the energy within him to automatically circulate and instantly strengthen severalfold. Freely circulating his meridians, the originally quite powerful energy gathered further, bit by bit.

Along with his power rising bit by bit, Tang San breathed, and the Mysterious Heaven Skill’s mist began to appear once again. But this time, the mist had changed color. The original white had become golden. This admittedly involved the golden blue light all over him, as well as the radiance of the Seagod Trident, but the mist released from within Tang San

also wasn’t pure white anymore, but rather emanated a faint radiance. At the same time Tang San discovered that, at the same time as his meridians recovered, his spirit power was quickly strengthening. Moreover, his meridians, muscles and bones, and internal organs were growing a deeper golden.

This was the effect of absorbing three spirit rings, and equally because he had finally gotten the Clear Sky Hammer’s complete approval. His body and spirit’s cohesion made his body evolve yet again. Even though he still hadn’t accepted the Seagod’s inheritance, twin spirits and six spirit bones alone brought him closer and closer to the level of divinity. At least the strength of his body was already moving in that direction.

But Bibi Dong, equally with twin spirits, hadn’t experienced such circumstances. This was related to the two immortal herbs he ate back then as well as the ice and fire body refining. The foundation he built back then was still in evidence. Further adding the divine tool Tang San was holding, there was a large gap between Tang San and Bibi Dong in physique, despite equally having twin spirits. Otherwise, how could Tang San have contended with Bibi Dong?

The gold gradually turned more pure, from inside to outside. But it also disappeared as suddenly as it appeared, dithering between faint golden color and true gold. After all, Tang San still hadn’t truly stepped into divinity. Completely refining his body to that stage was impossible. If he really could, it would instead cause trouble. Because his level and cultivation wasn’t there yet, if his body reached divinity first, it would on the contraru block the two from rising.

Time passed second by second. Tang San’s presence was growing more and more enormous. That near divine presence made everything nearby ripple with a kind of peculiar feeling. This was the heart of the Star Dou Great Forest, and all spirit beasts knew that here lived the strongest spirit beasts. None dared approach lightly. And with the presence Tang San emanated right now, the spirit beasts within a hundred li even trembled, unconsciously moving away.

This wasn’t the effect of Tang San’s previous fight with the three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors, but rather from when he began to fuse together the intense strikes of the three spirit rings within him.

Even Tang San himself had no idea that, as he attacked the three spirit rings’ energy within him with all his strength, each collision made a golden energy wave rush from his body. The golden energy wave had no attack power in itself, it was only a release of aura, but that was yet the release of the aura of absolute power. One might ask, with Tang San’s strength as well as the aggressive state at that time, how many spirit beasts could stay fearless? It was a terrifying wave containing both a trace of the Eight Spider Lances god level presence as well as the true divinity of the Seagod Trident. This was also an important reason why basically no spirit beasts came here to cause a disturbance from when Tang San started absorbing the spirit rings until now.

Three spirit rings in one go, it might be unprecedented in the entire spirit master world, and let alone absorbing three at once. Everything Tang San did now was a first. All manner of circumstances had actually allowed him to succeed. Two spirits, seventeen spirit rings strengthening his body, had made his strength evolve once again.

As his body gradually finished healing under the effect of the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone’s Wildfire Burns Unending, Spring Winds Blow New Life ability, Tang San discovered to his surprise that his spirit power had risen a large chunk. Even though he still hadn’t broken through rank ninety six, swallowing the energy of the Man Faced Demon Spider, and then the three ninety thousand year Fifteen Ton Ant Emperor’s plus their spirit ring, his spirit power had also leapt up, only a hair fine line remaining from rank ninety five to breaking throughto rank ninety six.

This was also the benefit of twin spirits. After ordinary title Douluo reached rank ninety, they could only rely on painstaking cultivation, how could they do like Tang San and rely on absorbing formidable spirit beast spirit rings to increase their spirit power? The Clear Sky Hammer’s nine spirit rings could become a powerful support to help Tang San increase his spirit power. The advantage of twin spirits truly appeared now. Bibi Dong

being able to cultivate to rank ninety nine at such an age had a considerable relationship with this.

The external energy gradually gathered, fusing with his body. The scorching heat from the six spirit bones gradually disappeared, leaving Tang San with a feeling of complete comprehension. His mental strength could precisely control the path of each trace of spirit power within him.

Breathing deeply, Tang San slowly opened his eyes. With a thought, he floated up above the ground. He didn’t use any spirit power, just a thought induced the changes, as if he could completely break free of the shackles of gravity.

He slowly unfolded his legs to stand on the ground. At this moment, Tang San couldn’t help raising the Seagod Trident, facing upwards and giving a long howl. The clear and melodious cry grew more and more impassioned along with the surging energy within him. That kind of unabashed aggressiveness shook the Star Dou Great Forest.

Almost rank ninety seven. He was definitely more assured in facing the Deep Sea Demon Whale King. Sensing the even more agreeable energy waves between him and the Seagod Trident, Tang San found it difficult to conceal his excitement. Ever since he cultivated the Great Sumeru Hammer, his character had shown minute changes, and his past calm contained a bit of unruly wildness. If before he was more like his mother Ah Yin, then now his character was more in line with his father. Steady and domineering.

“All absorbed?” As Tang San’s howl gradually stopped and he was immersed in excited joy, without warning, a voice came from next to him like a scoop of ice cold water.

Feeling a shiver down his spine, Tang San’s first reaction was a sudden retreat. Slashing horizontally with the Seagod Trident, he sent a golden ring of light in the direction of the voice.

The sudden shock this voice gave him really was too large. In fact, even when wrestling those three energies inside him, he was always spreading out his mental strength, sensing all the surroundings. Even in his aggressive

state he couldn’t possibly ignore what went on around him. He wouldn’t place himself in danger. But from start to finish, he had never sensed any strong lifeform besides him and the three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors. But, this voice still appeared so suddenly.

Without a doubt, the owner of this voice had mental strength above Tang San’s and definitely not by just a little. Otherwise, how could he possibly have calmly hidden from Tang San’s comprehensive scanning? Among the powers Tang San knew, even Bibi Dong didn’t have that strength! With his strength at his present level, even were Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi or his grandfather here, Tang San would still have been confident in finding some clues to their presence.

In a moment of crisis, Tang San’s brain would frequently grow more sober. He instantly calmed down from the excitement and joy, swiftly analysing the source of the voice. Three possibilities for avoiding his mental strength probe appeared practically instantly in his mind.

The first possibility was that the owner of this voice possessed a stealth ability like his Vast Sea Barrier, and moreover one that was immune to mental strength probes. And the second possibility was that he had met a pure agility type Title Douluo, equivalent to Bai Chenxiang’s Needle-Tailed Swift cultivated above rank ninety, relying on incomparable speed to escape his mental strength. None of these two possibilities was frightening to Tang San. But what he feared the most was the third possibility. That the owner of this voice completely suppressed him in spirit power, then he could naturally appear next to him without being discovered. And such an enemy was definitely a mortal threat.

“Don’t worry, if I wanted to kill you, I could’ve done so a hundred times over already.” The calm voice resounded once again. This time Tang Sa noticed it was a woman’s voice. Along with the voice, a person stepped out of the trees only ten meters away from Tang San.

She wore a long golden palace dress, fitted to her body. It seemed woven from golden thread, without further decoration, simple and elegant. The golden collar guarded her snow white slender neck. A head of long golden

hair was draped casually across her back, without being carefully combed, it was a clear contrast with her neat robes.

The golden eyes were calm as water, without the slightest fluctuation. She seemed like an ordinary person, but Tang San could catch a special quality in those golden eyes, a kind of indescribable quality. And on this person’s forehead was a golden Seraphim brand. Even though it was very small, Tang San could still clearly make it out. Skin whiter than snow, a superlative mien, she seemed to be eighteen or nineteen years old.

Her appearance seemed very natural, not at all like her abrupt voice before. As if she was there to start with, and should appear now. That harmonious feeling instead made Tang San feel extremely uncomfortable. What shocked Tang San the most was that she seemed too common. From top to bottom she didn’t emanate a trace of spirit power, just like an ordinary person. But, Tang San carefully observed and immediately discovered that this woman’s legs never touched the ground, and rather walked in midair, ten centimeters above the ground. Like she was walking in the tips of the blue silver grass.

If this wasn’t enough to make Tang San feel deadly threat, then, as he saw this person, and his boundless mental strength completely condensed together and focused, he immediately felt fearful. Because he discovered that his mental strength actually couldn’t target her, he didn’t even sense her existence.

Even if she was just a soul, she should at least have soul energy fluctuations. But, there was nothing. There really was nothing.

Tang San knew this person. Once, he and she had fought for the fate of the Heaven Dou Empire. Tang San was the final victor in that battle, but Tang San knew that, in that fight, this woman actually had the chance to kill him. If she had joined hands with the Title Douluo with her then, the result of the battle might have been different. But she didn’t. She maintained her dignity as a spirit master. Therefore, even as enemies, Tang San still didn’t feel any particular ill will towards this person. Even though she had become a lot younger, by the expression in her eyes, Tang San could be certain he hadn’t mistaken her identity. He just didn’t expect that the woman who once

impersonated the Heaven Dou Empire crown prince Xue Qinghe for more than a decade, almost overturning the Heaven Dou Empire, would appear here. He still remembered her name: Qian Renxue.

Amidst his shock and a trace of fear, Tang San was very calm. Panic could never be the way to solve a problem. Only calmly analysing the problem and exploiting ones advantages as far as possible was there a chance to deal with it.
“You’ve been here long?” Tang San smiled slightly, calmly countering. Qian Renxue couldn’t keep a trace of appreciation from her eyes for Tang
San’s ability to calm down so quickly. She nodded gracefully, “Yes, I was here when you just faced the three ants and released the domain.”

When he heard this, Tang San couldn’t keep the corner of his mouth from twitching. She came when he released the blue silver domain? What this meant was that she had even been inside the range of his domain, and he still hadn’t discovered her.

When they met last time, Qian Renxue was above rank seventy, and Tang San above rank sixty. At that time Tang San knew that Qian Renxue was equally a genius, a genius not inferior to him. She even possessed the formidable Seraphim spirit, and was also Qian Daoliu’s granddaughter, the daughter of Spirit Hall’s last Supreme Pontiff. But, why couldn’t he see through her now?

“Long time no see. It seems you’ve changed a lot.” Tang San didn’t stop smiling, just like he was chatting with an ordinary friend.

Qian Renxue sighed, “Yeah, it really has been such a long time, six years have gone by in a flash. Ordinary people don’t have many six year periods in their lives. I’ve changed a lot, but aren’t you the same? Just now I saw the most miraculous scene in the history of the spirit master world. Maybe even those powers who cultivated to the god level never experienced what you just did.”

“Facing three pure attribute spirit beasts at ninety thousand years at the same time, and winning. That’s not much. Most miraculous is that you actually dared absorb their three spirit rings simultaneously, and succeeded. I really must congratulate you.”

Tang San smiled wryly: “What’s there to congratulate, don’t tell me you can’t tell that was just an accident? Do you think I wanted to absorb three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperor spirit rings t once? You should say I was courting death.”

Qien Renxue smiled slightly, her smile seemed to possess some special magic, and Tang San couldn’t help being distracted. All the trees around them, the leaves softly swaying, producd rustling sounds.

From the moment Qian Renxue spoke, Tang San’s mental strength had always been released at full strength. Now he was shocked to discover that, within the range he could sense, all the trees were moving in the same way, the leaves swaying at the same time, as if bewitched by Qian Renxue’s smile. And that was just the trees. Besides the blue silver grass nearby him that could sense his presence, all plants expressed their joy in different ways.

“I’ve heard of a smile toppling a city, and a smile toppling a nation. I didn’t expect I would see it today. Only, you’re toppling the Star Dou Great Forest.” Tang San lamented.

Qian Renxue’s smile grew a bit wider, “Can I take it that you are praising me?”

Tang San gracefully stroked the Seagod Trident, “Of course. I’m just stating facts.”

Qian Renxue smiled: “But you’re also being unduly humble. No? Absorbing three spirit rings at once might have been an accident, but at the time you were fully capable of choosing not to absorb them. BUt you did it, still taking them within you, and even made them completely yours using a method I’ve never seen before, Only, your appearance really was scary, I couldn’t help feeling like helping you a few times. Only, if I did, it might

have influenced the results of absorbing the spirit rings, causing more harm than good. And you really did create a miracle before my eyes, absorbing all three at once, commanding them to serve with a heroic disposition. I have no choice but to admire it. If I were you, I wonder if I would have had the courage.

He looked deeply at the woman in front of him, but Tang San still discovered he couldn’t see through her. He revealed a wry smile, “Miss Qian Renxue, if I’m not mistaken, we should be enemies.”

Qian Renxue sighed faintly, “In this world, there are no eternal friends, nor any eternal enemies. Besides, even if you and I were enemies, I would still wish to face you at your full strength, and not an opportunistic ambush. Some enemies can equally be respected, no?”

Tang San nodded, “You’re a true spirit master. If we weren’t on different sides, I really wouldn’t want to fight you. Unfortunately, it can’t be helped.”

This time it was Qian Renxue to force a smile, “Why must we be enemies?” Yang San, you are the most talented spirit master I’ve ever seen. I noticed just now that you’re already a Title Douluo now. Your spirit power has even broken through rank ninety six. But, how old are you now? Twenty five? Twenty six? Or twenty seven? You’ve already made history in the spirit master world. One might say that, if your were in our Spirit Hall, had the full backing of Spirit Hall, your accomplishments might have been even greater. Nobody can imagine your future. I can be almost certain that, not long from now, you will definitely be able to break through the limits of humanity with your own effort, and truly step into the realm beyond rank one hundred.”

Tang San smiled slightly, “You want to talk me over? I must admit that your voice is very inspiring.”

Qian Renxue spoke a bit lonely: “This should be my second time trying to convince you. Last time, you refused me without hesitation, and even attacked me. Even though I don’t understand how you did it, how you defeated me with spirit avatar with your rank sixty something strength, I

really did lose. I wholeheartedly accepted my defeat. But, now you’re no longer my opponent. Don’t tell me you will insist on me defeating you before properly listening to what I have to say?”

Tang San smiled. His smile was very casual, containing a noble grace as well as a wild unruliness. Even though his smile couldn’t make the Star Dou Great Forest move the way Qian Renxue could, it still made Qian Renxue a bit black. Six years had passed, and the man in front of her had grown even more charming.

“Miss Qian Renxue, haven’t I always listened conscientiously to you?”

Qian Renxue’s gaze gradually grew serious, the light feeling from before slowly fading. Tang San instantly felt as if the atmosphere between heaven and earth was changing along with her expression, and the previously swaying plants turned still.

“Tang San, join the Spirit Empire. What the Heaven Dou Empire can give you, the Spirit Empire can match.”

Tang San didn’t seem influenced by the serious feeling in the air, smiling slightly: “The new Heaven Dou Emperor Xue Beng took me as teacher, naming me Imperial Tutor, placing me on equal footing with him, giving me the title King Lan Hao. You might not know about it.”

What Tag San didn’t expect was that Qian Renxue would actually unhesitatingly say: “Besides not being able to make you Emperor, I can grant you the rest.”

Tang San was stupefied. Even though he knew Qian Renxue regarded him highly, he didn’t expect she would consider him this important. Astonished, he couldn’t help saying: “Miss Qian Renxue, the current Spirit Empire empress is Bibi Dong, not you. Bibi Dong hates me to the bone, even if you are the Supreme Pontiff’s daughter, she still might not listen to you.

Hearing the name Bibi Dong, Qian Renxue’s expression instantly sank, her charming face turning ice cold, “That was before. The instant I left the

Elder Palace, the future Spirit Empire, will listen only to my orders.”

Tang San nodded, “Yes, you really have the strength. Even if Bibi Dong is strong, she still isn’t a god.”

Qian Renxue’s cold expression disappeared, smiling slightly, “You’ve already noticed?”

Tang San said helplessly: “You appeared like that, if I didn’t see anything, how could I compliment you before? Even if my spirit power isn’t very high, my mental strength isn’t lower than Bibi Dong. Even I couldn’t see through your presence, then the answer is already clear. The strength of a soul can be examined, but the power of divinity is beyond me. Am I right? Miss God of Angels, Qian Renxue.”

Qian Renxue looked at Tang San, not speaking for a long time. Even though her gaze was calm and gentle, it still gave Tang San a kind of special pressure, directly on the depths of his soul.

After a long time, Qian Renxue sighed: “It seems I still don’t understand you well enough. I didn’t think you could see so many things. You should have a certain understanding of the god level.”

Tang San smiled, “I should say I’m the astonished one. I never thought that you would complete the dream of all TItle Douluo in a few years, and the dream of your grandfather Qian Daoliu, rank one hundred god. Originally I thought the one most likely to accomplish it in the Spirit Empire would be Bibi Dong.”

“Her? Is she suited to become god?” QIan Renxue gave a cold laugh, “A black hearted woman can become god too? Tang San, I see you’ve also made some progress on this road, that weapon even I can’t see through proves it. It should be a true divine tool. My background is behind yours, I could reach my present stage in six years with grandfather’s full support. BUt you could break through to the Title Douluo level, and make such progress, you have my full admiration. Since you already know I’ve become the God of Angels, then we don’t need to beat around the bush. All the Heaven Dou EMpire can give you is

the Heaven Dou Empire’s King Lan Hao. If you agree to joining the Spirit Empire, once I’ve united the Continent, you will be the Continent’s King Lan Hao, a king on equal footing with me.”

Tang San gazed at Qian Renxue, speaking calmly: “I don’t understand, why do you regard me so important? Just for my potential? Aren’t you afraid that, when I become god too one day, I would judge the Spirit Empire?”

Qian Renxue smiled: “Are you someone who would go back on promised? If you are, then that can only prove my misjudgement. As for why I regard you so, I’ll only tell you after you agree to joining the Spirit Empire. Now, give me your answer. I believe that with you and me joining hands, nobody on the Continent can compete.”

“Then let’s fight.” Tang San said indifferently.

Qian Renxue looked stunned, looking uncomprehendingly at Tang San, “You obviously know I’ve already become a god, and you still choose to fight me?”

“So what if it’s human? So what if it’s god? Don’t tell me you don’t know that some things in this world cannot change? There’s a saying you haven’t heard, I’ll teach it to you now.”

“What?” Qian Renxue’s face was already unsightly.

Tang San went straight to the point, intoning word by word: “Better—— Broken—— Jade—— Than—— Intact—— Tile——”

Chapter 295

“You clearly know I’ve already become a god, and you still choose to fight me?”

“So what if it’s human? So what if it’s god? Don’t tell me you don’t know that some things in this world cannot change? There’s a saying you haven’t heard, I’ll teach it to you now.”

“What?” Qian Renxue’s face was already unsightly.

Tang San went straight to the point, intoning word by word: “Better—— Broken—— Jade—— Than—— Intact—— Tile——”

“You——” Qian Renxue’s face twisted, her smile completely obliterated. An indescribable dignity spread from her, and the pressure that hit Tang San actually made him feel like his feet were lifting off the ground. If not for the Seagod Trident, he might have been pushed back.

A hazy golden splendor appeared on the surface of her body like mist. In that instant, she truly became like the focal point of heaven and earth. The feeling like the strength of the universe had fused into one made Tang San feel like Qian Renxue was no longer real. Her body seemed to fill every corner of the space, instead of standing in front of him.

This was the power of gods? Sensing the pressure of the enormous strength of the world, Tang San felt powerless from the depths of his heart.

When just the presence produced such enormous pressure, it was clear what level the power of gods reached.

Qian Renxue in front of him was shining all over, seeming as if every motion of hers could encompass everything in the surroundings. The Seagod Trident Tang San held transmitted a scorching heat, as if excitedly thirsting for clashing with the God of Angels. But Tang San also inwardly felt a pang of bitterness. The Seagod Trident was a true divine tool, of course it wouldn’t worry about any opponent. But, as the person holding it, he still hadn’t reached the level of gods.

“Tang San, don’t tell me you believe you can escape from me today?” Qian Renxue glared at Tang San’s eyes, her ice cold oppressive gaze seeming to shoot into his soul.

Tang San shook his head, “Don’t tell me you didn’t listen? Better broken jade than intact tile. I’m not thinking about escaping, but even in death, I won’t become someone who bends knee and surrenders. My father once taught me that a man, no matter when, will stand straight.”

While speaking, Tang San stamped the Seagod Trident against the ground. With an explosive sound, the ground cracked within a ten meter range of him, rich and powerful imposing manner mixing with surging fighting spirit, just managing to block Qian Renxue’s omnipresent pressure.

Tang San’s overbearing resolve made Qian Renxue a bit despondent, speaking subconsciously, “Who asked you do kneel? Don’t tell me you didn’t listen? I only want for you and me to join hands, not to have you serve me.”

Tang San gave a cold laugh, “What’s the difference between surrender and giving up one’s beliefs? If it was you, would you give up your lover, friends, nation, and everything to serve? I like life, and I also like righteousness. If I cannot keep the two together, I will let life go, and choose righteousness.[1]”

“You……” The fury in Qian Renxue’s mind was finally truly ignited, and this moment was also when Tang San struck first.


“Watch this!” With an explosive shout, golden light spread out.

Quoting Mencius let him instantly raise his imposing manner to the peak. Tang San’s left foot suddenly stepped forward, the Seagod Trident stabbing straight towards Qian Renxue’s chest without deviating. At the same time as the Seagod Trident thrust out, the Seagod Trident brand on his forehead was already shooting out a ray of deeply golden light, illuminating the Seagod’s Heart. Golden light instantly radiated, the Seagod’s Power fully surging. It seemed like a simple move, but Tang San but all his strength into it. With the left leg generating strength, explosive strength immediately spread, the powerful energy waves converging on the trident’s blades. A ball of golden light exploded from the tip. The air twisted like water snakes around the Seagod Trident, all the power instantly condensed into a thin line by Tang San’s control.

This attack came when his momentum was at its peak, not a spirit ability yet surpassing spirit abilities. At the same time, the Blue Silver Emperor was released, and simultaneously also the gloriously golden Seagod Trident.

Tang San didn’t know how strong god level powers were, but he understood from Qian Renxue’s presence that this might be his most bitter battle ever. The chance of escaping might not even be ten percent, the only chance was going all out. Therefore, he didn’t hesitate to release all his strength from the start, preparing to stake his life.

“Shaking god as human, do you still not comprehend?” Qian Renxue simultaneously took a step forward, facing the Seagod Trident’s blades without thought of retreat. Raising her right hand, her palm filled with golden light, directly grabbed the Seagod Trident’s main blade.

Sumptuous golden light instantly radiated. The instant Qian Renxue’s right hand came into contact with that golden light on the Seagod Trident’s main blade, a golden light halo instantly flowed into the palm, turning her hand transparent. Just as if it was made purely from energy.

The Seagod Trident’s golden light seemed to melt together with Qian Renxue’s palm as they met, enveloped by a layer of golden light transformed from the surface of Qian Renxue’s hand. It basically didn’t stand a chance of erupting before it had cut into that golden crystal-like hand holding the Seagod Trident’s main blade.

The thrust of the Seagod Trident was like a giant wave lashing the shore, but Qian Renxue’s hand was like a towering mountain range. The two clashed, and the waves came to a sudden halt. That one hundred eight thousand jin weight, Tang San’s all out burst of spirit power, both instantly stopped, motion turning to quiet. The whole process only took a second, but the Seagod Trident still couldn’t stab forward in the slightest, stopped rigidly by Qian Renxue’s hand.

No energy attacked the Seagod Trident, and Tang San even felt that his Seagod Trident was still brimming with force, but no matter how he tried, he was still unable to move the weapon forward at all. Right now Qian Renxue still hadn’t even released her spirit.

Gap. This word appeared in Tang San’s mind. But the fighting spirit in his heart wasn’t reduced. It would be strange if a god level opponent was easy to deal with.

Golden blue brilliance instantly spread out from below Tang San’s feet like a ring of light, only spreading to the range between him and Qian Renxue. Without a doubt, Tang San’s Blue Silver Domain ability was concentrated into the smallest possible range. Surging golden blue light turned into an enormous golden blue pillar that shot towards the sky, terrifying energy waves substantially enlarging Tang San’s imposing manner. The energy pouring into the Seagod Trident also grew geometrically.

But, just as this golden blue pillar shot up, at the same time as the energy within Tang San instantly climbed, there still came an even stronger golden light from within that golden blue. The shape of that golden light was a tiny six winged angel.

“Disperse.” A clear and cold word spat from Qian Renxue’s lips.

The golden blue pillar almost instantly turned completely golden blue, and then into specks of golden light that condensed together and instantly scattered, just like countless falling stars. And Tang San’s extremely condensed Blue Silver Domain thus disappeared.

Qian Renxue still hadn’t released her spirit. She still seemed to calm, only that little angel brand on her forehead was lit up like the Seagod Trident brand on Tang San’s forehead. Just much brighter.

“My dispersal can scatter any non-god level domain. It’s useless. Tang San, even though I admit your strength grows very quickly, even surpassing my judgement, you are still only human even if your spirit power reaches rank ninety nine. How could you defeat me? This god level weapon is pretty good, but unfortunately, it’s not held by a god.”

“Even if it isn’t held by a god, you still can’t grasp the Seagod’s weapon.” Tang San roared, his left hand abruptly grabbing the Seagod Trident.

Before today, he had always relied on just his right hand to wield the Seagod Trident, to be able to release other support abilities with his left hand. This was the first time he grasped this divine tool with two hands. Tyrannical energy also burst forth in this instant, and at the same time, a hazy yellow brilliance poured into the Seagod Trident from his left arm.

Qian Renxue only felt the Seagod Trident instantly exert ten times the force of before. Even if she had already become the god of angels, in this moment she could no longer suppress the Seagod Trident. With a shout of alarm, she was flung back by that enormous momentum. At the same time that ball of golden light suppressed in her right hand exploded, the surging golden energy blasting her right hand high up. Even though it couldn’t harm her, it still exposed her chest.

How could Tang San let such a chance slip by? Charging forward, his body became one with the Seagod Trident, dashing quickly. At the same time, a bizarre cyan light instantly rushed into the Seagod Trident from his right arm, making the Seagod Trident’s originally pure golden light turn into a mix of golden, blue and cyan.

Just like a bolt of lightning from clear sky, an incomparably tyrannical three colored lightning bolt shot from the tip of the Seagod Trident, heavily exploding against Qian Renxue’s chest.

Qian Renxue really was too conceited, basically not releasing her god level spirit. After she became the Seraphim god, her confidence had swelled enormously. She had never imagined Tang San could cause her any harm. But, Tang San still suddenly launched such a severe counter attack while under her complete suppression. The Seagod Trident that she had clearly grasped still forcibly broke apart her force.

Qian Renxue’s entire body was pervaded with a layer of golden, blue and cyan colored lightning, flung uncontrollably high into the air. The paralysis made her half unconscious.

However, god level was god level. Tang San’s all out attack with the Seagod Trident and Sky Blue Fading Thunderclap might have turned a Title Douluo to ash by now. The Seagod Trident weighing one million eighty thousand jin with gravity control only managed to push back Qian Renxue, instead of skewering her.

The opponent’s carelessness finally gave Tang San a momentary chance. He understood that, facing a god level power like Qian Renxue, chances were gone faster than they came. With his ability it was nearly impossible to land successive attacks on her. Therefore, in this brief moment in control, Tang San immediately used his strongest attack ability.

Half turning in midair, the Seagod’s Light poured unreservedly into the Seagod Trident, deeply golden light instantly turning this divine tool illusory. The enormous golden energy instantly condensed into one stream, and the next moment the golden light shot out, chasing after Qian Renxue like an illusion. It was the third form of the Golden Thirteen Halberds, One Goes Without Return.

At the same time as he launched this, The Eight Spider Lances on Tang San’s back spit out eight rays of golden light in pursuit of Qian Renxue, like bolts of lightning.

Facing a god level opponent, Tang San also used the god level attacks he was capable of. Under Qian Renxue’s formidable pressure, his current condition had reached an unprecedented peak.

Flying through the air, the shocked Qian Renxue had never expected Tang San to actually be able of such attacks. It naturally wasn’t the Sky Blue Fading Thunderclap that paralysed her, but rather the divine strength drawn by the Seagod Trident. The instant eruption of the one million eighty thousand jin Seagod Trident was infinitely close to god level strength.

Tang San’s follow up attacks couldn’t be called slow, but how could Qian Renxue’s god level reactions be less? Flying through the air, the Angel brand on her forehead was already bright. With a puff sound, six giant wings unfolded from her back. It was also in this instant that the golden wings forcefully scattered the thunder light, and in Qian Renxue’s hand appeared a dazzling golden longsword. The moment the sword appeared, was the moment the Seagod Trident arrived.

Boom—— Qian Renxue flew back once again, the longsword in her hand just wedged between the Seagod Trident’s main blade and side blade. Ever since Tang San learned the first three forms of the Golden Thirteen Halberds, she was the first to block the One Goes Without Return. But everything happened too quickly. Even though her Sword of Angels appeared in time, One Goes Without Return was so overbearing that the golden light still glanced past her sides and cut open the skin on her left arm. Pure golden blood immediately dripped out. Only this true divine tool could harm the god level Qian Renxue.

One god against one man, and the injured one was actually the god. Just this was enough for Tang San to be proud of.

However, Tang San was still serious. The Eight Spider Lances’ eight threads of swallowing light had no effect. Qian Renxue only closed her six wings, defending herself. Eight golden stars brightened on Qian Renxue’s wings, and the eight golden lights shot from the Eight Spider Lances rebounded and scattered in the air.

On only a moment, the Seagod Trident that had instantly reached one million eighty thousand jin weight as well as used the divine ability One Goes Without Return had pushed Qian Renxue a kilometer away, showing how powerful the attack was. Having grown stronger in the Star Dou Great Forest, Tang San had reached a new level, nearly able to show the full might of One Goes Without Return. Unfortunately, right now he didn’t have the strength to continue. Seeing Qian Renxue instantly knocked into the distance, Tang San didn’t hesitate to turn around and swiftly leave, sticking close to the ground. He drilled into the Star Dou Great Forest.

The ocean wave like Seagod’s power infused into her body through the wounds on her shoulders, the pain made Qian Renxue sober up considerably. She knew she had still underestimated this man, this man who could always create miracles. Seeing Tang San disappear into the forest, she still saw no other way. Comprehensively suppressed by the Seagod Trident, she couldn’t release her true god level power, and could only retreat. The entire process actually continued for five seconds. Tang San could actually suppress the god of angels for five seconds. Let alone Qian Renxue herself, nobody would believe it.

Finally, the Seagod Trident lightened, the one million eighty thousand jin weight returned to one hundred eight thousand, the brilliant golden color also faded, once again returning to black. Qian Renxue also came to a stop in midair. Raising the sword of angels, the Seagod Trident fell into her left palm. At the god level, even if one hundred eight thousand jin was very heavy to her, it wasn’t impossible to carry.

“Fine, well done Tang San. However, now you don’t even have the divine tool, how are you going to contend with me again?” Qian Renxue looked at the wound on her left shoulder. The pure golden blood had already stopped flowing, and by now she had expelled the Seagod’s divine power from her body. Just as she said before, it wasn’t a god wielding the Seagod Trident.

WIthout worrying about chasing Tang San, Qian Renxue instead examined this dark but exceptionally heavy polearm. ly, when the Seagod Trident was one million eighty thousand jin, even she couldn’t hold it. Even if she was already a god, the strength of gods still had limits. Back when

Tang San first heard about gods, he said that gods are actually still powerful spirit masters, just spirit masters that had stepped into another realm. They weren’t able to control the world. Otherwise the Douluo Continent wouldn’t look the way it did now. One million jin was the extreme limit of gods’ strength. Of course, this was already a quite frightening figure. Back then Bo Saixi had strained to lift the one hundred eight thousand jin Seagod Trident, let alone when it weighed tenfold.

While Qian Renxue looked at the Seagod Trident she held, she suddenly smiled, “Tang San, oh Tang San. Since you’re also a spirit master cared for by a god, having lost this divine tool, will your god still care for you? Without it, how can you inherit divinity?”

Having already become a god, Qian Renxue of course understood that the Seagod Trident she held was the same as Spirit Hall’s most valuable treasure, the Angelic Raiment. They were both important articles of divinity. Without it, it was impossible for Tang San to inherit the Seagod’s place. Even if she was beaten back by Tang San, Qian Renxue understood that this was just because she was too careless. Tang San’s strength was still far from enough to constitute a threat to her. With her golding the Seagod Trident, Tang San had no chance of becoming a god, and it was naturally also impossible to become a true threat to her, let alone that he couldn’t possible escape her grasp. So what if she let him escape?

Qian Renxue had never been a mild mannered person. The reason she directly tried to convince Tang San today rather than suppressing him with force, really wasn’t because Tang San was the only man she thought highly of. Qian Renxue had never reflected on matters of emotion. The tragedy between her parents had already left her thoroughly disappointed in feelings. The reason she didn’t want to easily harm Tang San was in the hope of forcing him to compromise with her, for the sake of Tang San’s shadow that appeared when she became god. Tang San had become the largest weakness to her as god of angels. If she killed Tang San like this, this weakness could never be repaired. It would be a big problem if she faced an opponent on the same level.

But if Tang San chose to submit to her, then her good opinion of him would shrink considerably, Tang San’s position in her mind would shrink,

and subsequently, she could slowly erase him from her heart. Only then could she truly amend this flaw. Moreover, as long as Tang San was by her side, this weakness in her heart wouldn’t become a flaw. That’s why Qian Renxue plotted to persuade Tang San to compromise with her. Even to the point that she didn’t hesitate to throw out authority equal to hers as bait.

Unfortunately, Tang San’s character was even more unyielding than she thought. Especially when Tang San used two classical lines from his previous world, his shadow in Qian Renxue’s heart grew even deeper.

“Better broken jade than intact tile. What a good line. Tang San, you really are worthy of the man I chose.” Qian Renxue looked in the direction Tang San disappeared, the corners of her mouth showing a complex smile. Recalling Tang San’s appearance from before, upright and fearless, shouting angrily, she couldn’t keep her heart from undulating.

The six golden wings on her back spread out, and with a flash of light and shadow, QIan Renxue’s figure flitted across the Star Dou Great Forest like a golden shooting star. Tang San was unable to sense her presence through mental strength, but how would she be unable to target Tang San? Her flight speed could no longer be described as just fast, she crossed several kilometers in an instant.

While flying, Qian Renxue muttered to herself: “I like life, and I also like righteousness. If I cannot keep the two together, I will let life go, and choose righteousness. Tang San, oh Tang San, don’t tell me you are destined to be the nemesis of my life? Yi……”

Qian Renxue was targeting Tang San from the start, but now she suddenly shocked discovered that, as she sent out her divine power in pursuit, what appeared in front of her wasn’t Tang San, but rather a tall and dense tuft of blue silver grass.

Holding the Seagod Trident and the sword of angels, she floated down in front of that blue silver grass condensed into the shape of a man. Qian Renxue’s suddenly didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. As the god of angels, after she was actually hit by Tang San, she was then tricked. He was actually able to escape her divine strength. This really was far beyond Qian

Renxue’s expectations. But it also made her feel like a cat toying with a mouse.

Man and god, the gap in strength was doubtless a vast chasm. Even though Tang San was already close to god level in several ways, and even close to completing the Seagod’s eighth trial, right now he was still just a man, and not a god. But, he also had his strongest point. At least in two kinds of circumstances, it was possible for him to escape Qian Renxue’s mental targeting. Of course, this was also due to Qian Renxue’s carelessness. If she’d attacked Tang San from the start before, Tang San absolutely wouldn’t have time for tricks.

These two areas were the forest and the sea.

Tang San would inherit the Seagod’s position, and once in the sea he would possess survival abilities ordinary people wouldn’t. Relying on the Seagod’s presence, the boundless ocean would shelter him. It would be extremely difficult even for god level powers to hunt him in the sea.

And in the forest, Tang San possessed the Blue Silver Domain with the ability to control all blue silver grass. True, blue silver grass were extremely weak, to the point that ordinary people could easily snap it. Compared to the lofty god of angels, blue silver grass was definitely heaven and below ground, like dust compared to the glorious sun. But, thin strands weave thick ropes. And in this dense Star Dou Great Forest, how many blue silver grass were there?

In the moment of danger, Tang San had hid in the forest and immediately released the Blue Silver Domain again, and moreover expanded it to the greatest degree, releasing the Blue Silver Domain’s evolved abilities. Boundless Nature and All Rivers Run Into The Sea took effect simultaneously, absorbing the energy of the blue silver grass and returning him to peak condition, exploiting their effect to fully meld together with the blue silver grass in the forest. His method to puzzle Qian Renxue was to turn his presence into a blue silver grass, and to strengthen the presence of all blue silver grass for an instant. He used that instant of contrast to forcefully escape Qian Renxue’s mental lock. At the same time he used the blue silver grass to simulate his presence to escape in one direction, while

he himself relied on the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone’s flight ability to fly close to the ground.

Tang San’s escape method was now simple and extremely cautious. Besides relying on the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone’s ability, he relied on the blue silver domain to restrict himself, and then escaped after releasing the Vast Sea Barrier’s stealth ability.

Just using the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone he could undoubtedly keep his aura unanimous with the blue silver grass without mistakes, and with such multilayered protection, even Qian Renxue wouldn’t have a way to deal with him quickly in the Star Dou Great Forest. Finding him wouldn’t be easy.

The key issue was that Qian Renxue was too overconfident. Even when Tang San harmed her with the Seagod Trident, she still didn’t regard Tang San as an opponent she had to spend much effort on.

However, Qian Renxue didn’t stay careless long. Standing in front of the the human shaped blue silver grass, she temporarily stabbed the Seagod Trident into the ground. Pressing her hand to her forehead, a circle of golden light instantly spread out with her as the center. This time, she wasn’t just scanning with mental strength, but rather searched the Star Dou Great Forest with her divine senses, searching for Tang San’s tracks.

The golden light spread into the surroundings at a rate of a kilometer per moment, and in just the time it takes for a meal, she had scanned the entire range of the Star Dou Great Forest.

“How is it possible?” As the hand left her forehead, having completed the scan, Qian Renxue couldn’t help talking to herself from astonishment. Because even when she scanned with her divine senses, she still couldn’t find any tracks of Tang San. She was very certain that Tang San was still within the Star Dou Great Forest, he couldn’t possibly leave so quickly. And that her divine senses couldn’t find him, meant that he was now using a god level escape ability.

Qian Renxue’s expression instantly turned serious. This was her first action after becoming god of angels. Originally she was preparing to head for the front line at Jialing Pass and take control of the Spirit Empire army. While passing by the Star Dou Great Forest she sensed enormous energy fluctuations, and her divine senses urged her to take a look, finding the scene of Tang San killing the three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperor brothers and absorb their spirit rings in one go. Having come across Tang San, she of course wouldn’t let the chance by. But who could have thought that, after they chatted, in one exchange, the one who lost out was her, and moreover that Tang San even escaped. If she gained anything, it was the Seagod Trident she held. But Qian Renxue had closely checked before, and her angelic power was fundamentally unable to enter this weapon. Let alone using it, she couldn’t even destroy it easily. This was the same as her sword of angels, a true divine instrument.

Now unable to find any tracks of Tang San after scanning with her divine senses, Qian Renxue immediately turned serious. In her first battle after becoming a god, Tang San escaped. That was her loss! How could she resign herself to that?

No matter what is said, aren’t you in the Star Dou Great Forest? You’re definitely relying on some Seagod treasure plus the Blue Silver Domain to hide from me. Fine, then I’ll wait you out. I want to see if you can leave. As long as you exit the Star Dou Great Forest, you won’t be screened by the presence of the Star Dou Great Forest, you won’t be able to hide from my divine senses.

Thinking of this, Qian Renxue didn’t move. Withdrawing the six angel wings on her back, the sword of angels also turned into golden light and disappeared into her. Removing the clothes cut open at the shoulder, she changed into a new palatial robe, then sat down cross legged in front of the blue silver grass effigy.

She wasn’t sitting on the ground, but in the air, suspended cross legged two meters from the ground. Her skin occasionally flashed with faint golden light, as if she was shining. Only the angel brand on her forehead stayed bright the whole time. With every third breath, a golden ring of light rippled out with her as center, scanning the Star Dou Grea Forest.

From now on, Qian Renxue showed the power of god level strength. Nearly constantly scanning the entire forest didn’t seem particularly exhausting to her. Even with the Blue Silver Domain, Tang San was still far away from doing that. If Tang San appeared in her divine sense search, Qian Renxue was determined not to let him escape again.

When Qian Renxue did her first scan, Tang San had turned completely rigid when that strange golden light swept across the Vast Sea Barrier. Crawling to the ground, he quietly waited for the divine sense to sweep past. Possessing the Blue Silver Domain, he of course knew what Qian Renxue was doing. She was scanning the same way he did. Only he could clearly feel that Qian Renxue’s divine sense search was far stronger than his Blue Silver Domain search.

Fortunately he always kept the Blue Silver Domain within himself, and adding the Vast Sea Barrier’s stealth effect, thus deceiving the god of angels’ divine senses. Only, Tang San also whined to himself. He naturally also thought of what Qian Renxue thought of. Even if there was a gap between the divine sense scans, and Tang San could use this gap to move inside the Star Dou Great Forest, once he reached the edge, he discovered that he couldn’t leave. His mental strength clearly felt wave after wave of divine sense constantly sweeping past him, flying out and gradually disappearing around the Star Dou Great Forest. He knew that, as long as he put one foot outside the Star Dou Great Forest, the next instant he would be discovered by Qian Renxue. He didn’t imagine he was faster than her.

[1] A quote from Mencius, search for “you can’t have both fish and bear’s paw”

Chapter 296

Qian Renxue’s divine sense sweep forced Tang San to stay by the edge of the Star Dou Great Forest. Flat on the ground, Tang San frowned while deep in thought.

With his current strength, maintaining the Blue Silver Domain and Vast Sea Barrier for a long while wasn’t any problem. Ordinarily Tang San could definitely keep wasting Qian Renxue’s time, competing in who was more patient. However, Tang San knew that as this went on, the first to run out of patience was him.

Qian Renxue wasn’t worried about the frontline fighting, but could he be unconcerned? His parents and teacher were there, and in case something happened he would regret it for the rest of his life.

Tang San was already taking a risk by leading the Shrek Seven Devils away from the Heaven Dou army camp. The Spirit Empire army in Jialing Pass had six Title Douluo powers over rank ninety five, as well as fice or six ordinary Title Douluo. Just this srength was difficult to deal with. If Bibi Dong recovered her fighting strength, then the Heaven Dou imperial army might be in danger of destruction. In such circumstances, Tang San had to hurry and become Seagod as soon as possible, then return to the front to stabilize the situation, and win the war.

By contrast, Qian Renxue basically didn’t have to worry. She could keep waiting without concern. He sensed that her divine sense sweeps not only weren’t getting weaker with time, but on the contrary actually grew

stronger. By this he could guess that she should also have just reached god level strength, and still hadn’t perfectly grasped the god level techinques. Otherwise even he might not have been able to catch the opportunity for a sneak attack.

In these circumstances, he basically didn’t have the strength to fight her, and even the Seagod Trident had fallen into her hands. To him it wasn’t as simple as just escaping, he also had to regain the Seagod Trident before he could leave for Seagod Island and become Seagod. However, the difficulty in getting something from the hands of a god level power was even more difficult than the seven Seagod trials he had passed. Most painful was that this time he didn’t have a year, but rather the faster the better.

Calm. In times like these he had to be calm. Facing such danger, Tang San lay calmly in the soft blue silver grass, telling himself as much as possible to be calm. He hadn’t been so comprehensively inferior in a very long time. But the more it was like this, the more it roused Tang San’s fighting spirit. He firmly believed that even gods weren’t omnipotent. Even though the enemy was powerful, he definitely had a chance to find a mistake.

Gradually calming down, Tang San rearranged his thoughts. Qian Renxue’s appearance was a huge shock to him, but what shocked him the most wasn’t that Qian Renxue had reached the god level, but rather why she didn’t kill him while he was busy absorbing the spirit rings, or at least captured him. Then he had faced her at the god level, and practically didn’t have any strength to resist. However, she not only didn’t do so, and even expressed that she wanted to help him. Was it just because she had absolute confidence in her god level strength? No, it shouldn’t be that simple. He’d always been on the opposing side to Spirit Hall, and as the daughter of the last Spirit Hall Supreme Pontiff, who died at the hands of his father, she should have killed him with all her strength! Wasn’t Spirit Hall always unscrupulous?

Additionally, Qian Renxue suddenly reaching god level really was inconceivable. Last time he saw her, sh

It connected to what Grandmaster once said about the Angelic Raiment, that it very possibly was a kind of divine tool, the way his Seagod Trident was.

Tang San had also discovered another problem through his chat with Qian Renxue. That was that she had an extremely strained relationship with Bibi Dong. Was it because Bibi Dong had succeeded as Supreme Pontiff, instead of her as the direct inheritor of the Seraphim spirit? Ordinarily, it might not have been difficult for the high priest Qian Daoliu to support his granddaughter to the position of Supreme Pontiff. But why didn’t he do so? Just this showed that there was definitely some problem between Qian Renxue and Bibi Dong. Now that Qian Renxue had become god of angels, there would definitely be a struggle over the authority of the Spirit Empire.

No matter how it was put, the first problem was still the one that puzzled Tang San the most. He couldn’t imagine why Qian Renxue had no hostility towards him. In fact, her work of hiding in the Heaven Dou imperial family for more than a decade was ruined because of him. What was this woman thinking?

All kinds of riddles briefly made Tang San deeply bewildered. However, this didn’t go on for too long. To him, most important right now was sill how to safely leave, and moreover thinking of a way to get back his Seagod Trident.

As far as using One Goes Without Return to attack Qian Renxue before, Tang San didn’t regret it. If not for that, he wouldn’t have gotten a chance to escape. Even if Tang San already had seventeen spirit rings, the spirit abilities they gave still weren’t enough to help him block Qian Renxue. Unless he could truly become a god and give each of his spirit abilities the presence of divinity, those spirit abilities would be useless.

Under enormous pressure, Tang San’s mind began to quickly turn. He had to leave to join his comrades as soon as possible, and inherit the position as Seagod. Since Qian Renxue had become a god, he thirsted even more to become one. Not only because of his thirst for strength, but even more importantly because he needed the power to protect his family and friends. He needed the strength to check the Spirit Empire.

One day passed very quickly.

Qian Renxue was still constantly releasing rings of her divine sense. She discovered that this kind of constant searching had a lot of benefits to her. Having just become god, this constant divine sense release deepened her understanding of her own spirit power. The feeling of being able to control everything constantly grew stronger.

With a flash of golden light, Qian Renxue opened her eyes, the corners of her mouth revealing a pondering smile, muttering to herself: “Why, can’t help coming out? I want to see where you run this time.”

Light and shadow flickered as she disappeared into thin air, at the same time also bringing along the Seagod Trident stabbed into the ground.

Kilometers in an instant, wherever her divine sense reached, she reached. Qian Renxue basically wasn’t even flying, to be precise it should be called constant teleportation. It was fast, even a bit faster than releasing her divine sense. In her mind, there was basically no obstacles. And her divine sense had enveloped the Star Dou Great Forest for a day. No matter what level the spirit beast, they all trembled in hibernation, not even daring to breathe. Naturally even fewer would dare disturb her.

She saw her target, but, strangely, Tang San was standing in place waiting for her, as if he had already anticipated everything, and basically without thoughts of running. He was even smiling faintly, elegant and relaxed.

Golden light flashed as Qian Renxue came to a halt ten meters away from Tang San. Staring at him, she frowned slightly, “Can you tell me what gives you confidence? You don’t look like a stray dog.”

“You think I’m a stray dog?” Tang San retorted.

Qian Renxue smiled slightly, “Of course not, you’re the most outstanding man I’ve ever met, besides my grandfather.

You might surpass my grandfather one day. I only find it strange that you would stop hiding. As long as you didn’t leave the forest, it would’ve been

very difficult for me to find you. You should be proud that you could hide from a god. I thought this cat and mouse game would go one for a long time. In my impression, you’re not an impatient person.”

Tang San smiled slightly, “Miss Qian Renxue’s praise is misplaces. I only came out to make a bet with miss.”

Qian Renxue raised the hand holding the Seagod Trident, “Your divine instrument really is heavy.” Her bantering expression was telling him, even the weapon that’s the only thing you can rely on is already in my hand, how are you qualified to raise conditions.

Tang San glanced at the dark Seagod Trident, inwardly sighing, old partner, i’ve put you through a lot.

“That’s right, you can catch me now, I’m not your opponent. You’re right, there is an impassable chasm between men and gods. But, all you can get is my body or my corpse, not my heart. Don’t you want me to submit?”

Qian Renxue paused, “I like life, and I also like righteousness. If I cannot keep the two together, I will let life go, and choose righteousness. I still remember what you said very clearly. What? You changed your mind so soon?” Her eyes revealed a faint disappointment.

Tang San calmly said: “Death is light as a feather, and heavy as a mountain. Even if I die, I still want it to be worth something, no? You can choose to capture me, to kill me, or to bet with me. If you win, then I swear to submit to you. If you win, I only want three days head start. You can pursue me after three days, and as long as you catch me with martial strength, I will submit to you.”

“Eh? Since that’s the case, I’m interested in hearing what bet you’re suggesting.” Qian Renxue of course understood that Tang San wasn’t someone who shot without a target, but what Tang San said had touched her heart. If she caught him now, she really could only have his body, and not his heart. This simple sentence might be useless against others, but god of

angels Qian Renxue who held Tang San as the greatest weakness in her heart, it was bulls eye.

Even if Tang San didn’t know why Qian Renxue did everything she did before, when he came out after a day of serious analysis, he naturally had enormous confidence in getting Qian Renxue to agree to the bet.

Tang San said: “My bet is very simple. You and I fight without using divine tools, the time limit is one stick of incense. If you can catch me within that time, you win. If you can’t, then, I get three days head start. At the same time, please return my Seagod Trident.

“One stick of incense? Tang San, are you really that confident? Even without using divine tools, I’m still a god.” Qian Renxue originally thought Tang San would use some bet extremely favorable to him, she hadn’t thought this bet would seem so unbiased. It was even extremely advantageous to her. Did she fear one person with her god level strength?

And in fact, Tang San had also perfectly understood Qian Renxue’s mind. He was exploiting the inertia of her belief that it was impossible for her to lose in a fight. How would he make a bet with his life on the line?

“You only need to answer whether you agree to the bet or not.” Tang San’s voice suddenly turned calm.

Qian Renxue toyed with the Seagod Trident, “We can bet. Only, I still can’t give you this Seagod Trident. Just in case you win, what if you don’t agree to submit when I catch you in three days? I don’t want your corpse. That’s why, it’s better if this stays with me. I’ll naturally return it once you swear an oath of loyalty to me.”

Tang San’s judgement was very correct, and events were progressing in the direction he wanted. But Qian Renxue wasn’t an idiot either. She was equally intelligent, and she vaguely felt that Tang San had something to rely on for this bet. She wouldn’t easily agree to return the Seagod Trident to him.

Looking deeply at his Seagod Trident, Tang San continued: “Fine. The day will come when I take back my Seagod Trident from you with my own hands.”

Boom, golden blue light burst from Tang San like flames. At the same time he pulled out a stick of incense, kneading it in his hand.

Qian Renxue casually stabbed the Seagod Trident into the ground next to her. This time she wasn’t careless like last time. Amidst blossoming golden light, she released her Seraphim spirit.

Six glittering golden wings unfolded behind her, earth shattering pressure making it difficult for Tang San to even breathe, and even more terrifying comprehensive suppression making people feel unable to resist.

Rising around Tang San was naturally the Blue Silver Emperor’s nine spirit rings. These nine spirit rings had to be called dazzling, black, black, black, black, red, black, red, red, red, five spirit rings over fifty thousand years, four hundred thousand year spirit rings. There probably wasn’t any current Title Douluo that could possess a more overbearing spirit ring set than Tang San.

However, in terms of brilliance, Tang San’s spirit rings by far couldn’t compare to Qian Renxue. Spirit rings equally appeared around her, black, black, black, black, black, black, red, red, red, nine spirit rings neatly appeared in order. The first seven spirit rings were different from when Tang San saw her in the past, it was clearly impossible for her to pour her spirit rings into someone else and then replenish them with two more hundred thousand year spirit beast rings like Tang San, regaining all spirit rings. The changes in color of her spirit rings should be due to becoming god. But even having completed her ascendance to god, Qian Renxue was still one step short of Tang San when comparing these nine spirit rings against each other, she had one less hundred thousand year spirit ring than Tang San. This showed what kind of genius Tang San was, and he still had won against a god in some ways.

Unfortunately, Qian Renxue’s nine spirit rings were no longer nine ordinary spirit rings. Those nine rings all had a hazy golden brilliance, like

they were wrapped in gold leaf. Even though their original color could be seen, they were way more dazzling. Tang San understood that this was a characteristic of spirit abilities becoming divine and nourished by divine strength. Each of Qian Renxue’s spirit abilities possessed the presence of divinity and a portion of its power. Even if the spirit rings’ original level would influence it, they absolutely couldn’t be compared to ordinary spirit masters’ spirit abilities.

However, these nine sparkling and dazzlingly golden spirit rings weren’t what shocked Tang San. ly, when he first fought Qian Renxue, she basically never completely released her Seraphim spirit, and neither did these spirit rings appear before him. Now that they did, the shock made Tang San feel bitter.

That even Tang San’s persistent character was affected, showed just how shocking the thing he saw was. What he saw was very simple. After those nine spirit rings, he also saw a tenth spirit ring around Qian Renxue. Indeed, a tenth spirit ring.

It was a fully golden spirit ring, looking like it was woven from layers of golden angel feathers. It didn’t stand side by side with the nine previous spirit rings. This tenth spirit ring was very large, more than three meters in diameter, and after it appeared, it surrounded both QIan Renxue and her six wings, like a halo in the background. But, Tang San also saw that this spirit ring was both like a spirit master’s spirit ring, and year completely different.

Spirit master cultivation was ten ranks to a level, and every ten ranks one had to obtain a spirit ring to increase one’s spirit power, reaching a new height and entering the next level. This was also a qualitative change. Rank ninety, the ninth spirit ring, was always thought to be the highest level for spirit masters. When breaking through tank one hundred, another ten ranks, it was only reasonable for a tenth spirit ring to appear. But this perfectly reasonable tenth spirit ring still shook Tang San. If the first nine spirit rings were all on the level of humans, then this tenth spirit rings was fully on the level of gods. The golden god level spirit ring could no longer be described by the limits of cultivation. That definitely wasn’t something a hundred thousand year spirit ring could compare to.

“Tang San, when I saw you release your blue silver grass spirit yesterday, I found it very strange that you could possess to many high level spirit rings. You haven’t become god, so I don’t understand how you accomplished it. Your second spirit could be said to have ways to gain higher level spirit rings, but this blue silver grass is clearly your first spirit, the spirit you’ve always been using, so how did you do it?”

Tang San twirled the stick of incense in his right hand, relying on his internal strength to produce the true power of flame to set it alight. With a casual flick, the stick of incense instantly flew several dozen meters away, stabbing into a tree trunk.

“Aren’t you worried about time passing while I explain it?” Tang San looked at Qian Renxue, layer after layer of golden blue light constantly expanding from his body. Even under the enormous pressure of the god level, he didn’t retreat in the slightest. The expression at the corner of his eyes gradually grew wild and coarse, and he seemed to enter a special state.

“The time it takes a stick of incense to burn, it can’t be called long, but it also can’t be called short. Delaying a bit doesn’t matter. Would you explain it to me?” Qian Renxue smiled faintly, not looking at that stick of incense.

Tang San said: “I don’t mind. To save Xiao Wu after she sacrificed herself for me, I reconstituted and returned the spirit ring and spirit and spirit bone she gave me, and also poured in most of my spirit rings, and then successfully helped her resurrect. So I naturally retrieved the spirit rings I lost. Of course I wouldn’t add them identical to before, so I did my best to find higher level spirit rings that fit me. Thus the present result.”

“Sacrificed spirit beasts can be resurrected too?” Qian Renxue was shocked, looking incredulously at Tang San. “You really are an expert at creating miracles.”

“It wasn’t that I’m good at creating miracles, this was all forced by your Spirit Hall. Your Spirit Hall made Xiao Wu sacrifice herself to save me. Xiao Wu is my lover, and adding the hatred of my parents, the hatred

of my teacher, the differences between me and your Spirit Hall have long since become irreconcilable.”

Qian Renxue sighed, “Perhaps it’s fortune that toyes with people, having us stand on opposite sides. If you were born from Spirit Hall, you might think differently. The incense is already lit. Let me see what you would rely on to be able to take my attacks for a stick of incense.”

Tang San laughed out loud, “I never thought about taking your attacks, but rather to have you take my attacks. Be careful.”

Boom—— The golden blue brilliance instantly soared, and Tang San’s nine spirit rings instantly all brightened. The original black and red colors suddenly disappeared completely, with only resplendent golden blue remaining. This instant, his nine Blue Silver Emperor spirit rings actually turned completely golden blue, and even his body fully turned the same color.

“Eh? What kind of ability is this? Is it another of your created spirit abilities?” Qian Renxue was in no rush to attack. Observing the changes in Tang San she was very curious, she had at least never seen a spirit master that could change the color of his spirit rings according to their spirit, even she couldn’t do it before becoming god, and had never even thought about it.

Boom—— Violent golden blue flames washed Tang San’s body, and without any spirit abilities, Tang San shot towards Qian Renxue like an arrow. Like he said before, he would face the god level Qian Renxue purely with attacks.

Qian Renxue of course wouldn’t retreat. The wings on her back moved, and the next moment she appeared in front of Tang San. Her divine sense could clearly feel Tang San’s weakest points, and her sudden movement was just before Tang San had built speed, and his momentum still wasn’t at its peak.

Tang San’s movements and reactions were quite fast. His right fist swung out almost instantly, all the golden blue flame on him wrapped up inside

that jade colored fist, blasting towards Qian Renxue.

This seemingly simple straight punch didn’t feel simple to Qian Renxue. The instant Tang San punched, she clearly sensed like all the blue silver grass in the entire Star Dou Great Forest was melded together with his fist. Just like the fist contained their condensed energy.

Qian Renxue’s golden palm suddenly collided with Tang San’s fist glittering with golden blue flame and brimming with the breath of life. An explosion echoed, and golden blue flame shot towards the sky. Tang San was also flung back i response. However, the god level Qian Renxue was actually also delayed in the air for a moment, that immense breath of life actually suppressed her divine senses such that flaws showed.

How was it possible? Qian Renxue’s eyes opened wide, she didn’t understand how Tang San did it. In fact, right now Tang San hadn’t released the Blue Silver Domain, but he still operated the energy of all the blue silver grass in the entire Star Dou Great Forest. This should basically be the abilities of the god level, and moreover those gods inclined towards nature.

However, Qian Renxue soon discovered that even though Tang San wasn’t hurt when he was flung back by releasing his spirit power externally, one of the nine spirit rings surrounding him had shattered, turning into specks of golden blue light that vanished in the air.

What was this? Qian Renxue studied Tang San, shocked, but Tang San only flew back a dozen meters before stopping. At this moment his eyes had turned completely golden blue, glittering with that wild flame. Just like a king of beasts, he was incomparably domineering, with surging blue flame soaring once again. This time, even faster than before, and also even more intense. Clearly, the power he released now had already reached an even stronger level.

Qian Renxue frowned. This time she didn’t rush in first. Golden light instantly erupted, turning into soaring golden flame, surging divine presence breaking free of her. The enormous golden flame twisted the air with frail shrieking sounds. Stretching out both hands, one hand dashing at Tang San’s fist, the other directly grabbing at Tang San’s shoulder, fast as

lightning, hazy golden light practically instantly enveloped Tang San completely, and also enveloped the golden blue flame he released.

After being blocked by Tang San a few times, Qian Renxue finally directly released her god level power. Even if she didn’t use the sword of angels, she was still a god, and this strength instantly suppressed Tang San.

However, Tang San’s incomparably wild momentum came to a sudden halt in midair, forcibly pulled to a stop. Both hands drew a bizarre arc in front of his chest, instantly forming a circle of pulling force, making his surroundings, and even the golden blue flame around him, instantly condense onto his palms, becoming a golden blue whirlpool of flame in front of him.

His feet moved like illusions. Qian Renxue only felt Tang San suddenly turn unreal, as if several phantoms appeared in front of her. Even though she could accurately determine which Tang San was real with her divine sense search, she also discovered that the swaying shadows that appeared on either side of Tang San also contained a portion of his attack power.

“Break for me.” Tang San shouted, and with an angry howl filled with frightful power, the golden blue whirlpool in his hands exploded practically at the same time as his second spirit ring. Incomparable explosive force made that golden blue light almost instantly turn golden. Enormous energy waves shot towards the sky, turning into a giant golden pillar of light. It actually forcefully broke through the golden light enveloping Qian Renxue.

And Tang San’s hands now also ran into Qian Renxue’s hands. Tang San’s left hand produced a strangely large attractive force, while his right hand produced an enormous pushing force. One pulling and one pushing, caught of guard, Qian Renxue felt herself leaning over, the majority of her attack power actually released to the side. Only a small portion struck Tang San. The two criss crossed, sharing the same position for an instant. As they separated, both flew several dozen meters before catching their balance.

God level strength. Qian Renxue’s face was now serious. Over two exchanges, she had become distinctly certain that Tang San was now using some special method to rouse his potential. He didn’t use spirit abilities, but

the strength he produced had already reached the level of gods. Qian Renxue had no idea how Tang San did it, but she sensed a trace of threat from him. Could it be that she had to use spirit abilities first? Qian Renxue asked herself.

No, definitely not. Qian Renxue’s expression firmed, the pride in her heart wouldn’t let her. Even if she knew that Tang San wasn’t using spirit abilities now because he basically couldn’t, she still didn’t use her own spirit abilities. She would use the most direct way to fairly defeat Tang San, to conquer him.

Tang San moved again. This time he became even more illusory, just like a ghost with countless afterimages, dashing towards Qian Renxue as if from all directions at once.

Qian Renxue gave a cold snort, “Can a grain of rice be brilliant too?” Boom, the six wings on her back flapped simultaneously, incomparable golden flame instantly enveloping her body completely, like she was a golden star. Disregarding all of Tang San’s shadows, her right fist struck straight towards Tang San’s original body, as sensed by her divine senses.

One gold, one golden blue, two figures like a shooting star chasing the moon. Tang San had no intention of dodging now either. Both hands collided, the golden blue flame completely condensed on his fists, the Eight Spider Lances breaking out from his back due to the force of the collision, all his energy condensed on this moment.


The instant they clashed, an enormous golden pillar of light shot towards the horizon, several hundred meters high, eclipsing the entire Star Dou Great Forest. Hidden by this brilliance, vast areas of blue silver grass released intense golden blue splendor, but still wilted in an instant, turning into ash on the wind. Due to giving Tang San their strength, a lot of them were ruined by the angelic power in this attack. But even so, the blue silver grass in the Star Dou Great Forest were still filled with excited fighting spirit. To die for the emperor, to their simple minds, was an absolute glory.

Qian Renxue stayed at the site of the collision, but this time Tang San flew more than a kilometer away, his robust body knocking down a number of trees. Golden blood spurted from his lips, and this blood immediately ignited as golden blue light.

Qian Renxue’s attack amply displayed the unstoppable force of the god level. Truly furious, she knocked Tang San flying, and also injured him.

At the same time Tang San’s third spirit ring also shattered. But Qian Renxue still felt that, even though Tang San was injured, his injuries weren’t too serious. On the contrary, he used the momentum of flying back to dissolve the angelic divine power on him as much as possible.

With a praising hum, Qian Renxue examined herself. If they compared transforming and redirecting force, she might not be equal to Tang San. If he was as strong as she was, perhaps she wouldn’t be his opponent. It was also just because of this that killing intent flashed in Qian Renxue’s eyes. If such a man couldn’t be controlled, then even if he was the largest flaw in her heart, she still definitely had to kill him. Otherwise, just in case he became god in the future, he would be bound to be the greatest threat to the Spirit Empire, and might even destroy it.

Chapter 297

Just at this moment, after being blasted away more than a kilometer, Tang San returned like a comet. Basically without giving himself any time to adjust, he lunged back as soon as he could halt the momentum. Three of his nine spirit rings were already gone, but his imposing manner still increased without stopping. That golden blue flame wrapped him up completely, and the Seagod Trident brand on his forehead blossomed with surging radiance. He seemed to have fully entered a berserk state. Qian Renxue had seen this kind of condition before, when Tang San simultaneously absorbed the spirit rings of the three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors. Wasn’t he like this then?

I’d like to see how many attacks you can take. Qian Renxue met Tang San, and at the same time as Tang San’s fourth spirit ring shattered with a rumbling explosion, he was once again blasted back. But this time he didn’t fly back, but was instead punched straight into the sky by Qian Renxue. An enormous golden flame chased after him, about to swallow him up.

Just at this moment, the Seagod Trident brand on Tang San’s forehead suddenly turned incomparably kind. In midair, faintly golden blood dripped out of his seven apertures like little serpents, but being in midair, he still violently smacked his own body with both hands, making him face upwards and using the Eight Spider Lances folded on his back block that golden flame tongue.

Intense spirit power corrosion made Tang San’s golden blue light dim a bit, but the next moment, the hundreds of golden lights shooting out of the Eight Spider Lances forcibly intruded into that angelic power golden flame.

At the same time as they were destroyed by the golden flame, the spirit power they frantically swallowed from the golden flames poured into Tang San, making the golden light around him srengthen again.

Pu, Tang San spit out another mouthful of blood. Amidst the suicidal swallowing of the Eight Spider Lances, his strength rose to another peak, but the pain like his back was shattering still made him twist and contort. But just like this, Tang San’s iron will didn’t sway in the slightest. Flipping around with his head down, he stretched both hands above his head and fell from the sky like a golden blue arrow. His fifth spirit ring shattered explosively, merging into his golden blue flame as he clashed with Qian Renxue pursuing him.

From the start of the battle until now, if one simple sentence could describe Tang San’s fighting, then Qian Renxue would definitely say: Too wild.

Yes, while Tang San was well aware his strength was below Qian Renxue, he launched suicidal attacks against her with a kind of attitude like quenching thirst with poison. Qian Renxue even felt that ih she had used a bit more angelic power in her first two attacks, she could have completely broken Tang San’s body. But, after four clashes, Tang San was still alive and well, and even launching an even more severe fifth attack. His constant attacks even left Qian Renxue at a loss. She believed that any other Title Douluo might be unable to reach this far.

The fifth clash occurred with Tang San placing both palms together to meet Qian Renxue’s rising dragon fist. This time, a ring of golden light spread out horizontally. Within ten li, all the tall trees flattened in their collisions were cut a chunk shorter. Enormous energy waves made the air seem to freeze. This time it wasn’t Tang San that was blasted back, but rather Qian Renxue.

Tang San only shook slightly in midair, swaying a moment and keeping himself from spitting blood again. But Qian Renxue

“Haha, again.” Tang San delayed briefly, but after his golden blue flames forcefully dispersed the golden light around him, he charged again

like shooting star chasing the moon, straight towards Qian Renxue who was flapping her six wings to break free of the ground.

“Are you really trying to die?” Qian Renxue shouted angrily. Successive defeats had already ignited burning flames of anger in her heart. Facing Tang San’s sixth attack, she clasped her hands. An enormous angel figure appeared behind her. Terrifying golden flames suddenly turned into a giant angelic sword. This wasn’t that divine weapon, but rather formed completely from Qian Renxue’s own spirit power. The hundred meter long giant sword was nearly tangible. Sword Douluo once used a similar ability, but Sword Douluo’s attack was like a firefly compared to the moon when compared to Qian Renxue’s explosive energy waves.

Tang San’s expression grew serious, but the wildness in his eyes didn’t retreat at all. Around him, the sixth, seventh and eighth, three spirit rings suddenly shattered simultaneously, turning into lines of golden blue flowing light that wrapped him up completely. Right now he seemed to be transparent. Surging Seagod’s Light shot from the Seagod Trident brand on his forehead. An enormous figure equally formed behind Tang San, and that figure was the Seagod Trident.

The Seagod Trident Qian Renxue had stabbed into the ground seemed to sense this presence. The main blade issued an excited hum. Even if it couldn’t join in the battle, right now it still seemed to cheer for Tang San.

The power condensed of three rings instantly exploded. The illusory golden blue Seagod Trident clashed in midair with the angelic sword that seemed like it could cut down the sky.

Qian Renxue didn’t move, attentively watching Tang San’s wild gaze, she frowned deeply. She suddenly felt that Tan San was constantly overdrawing his own life force. Even with the full support of all the blue silver grass in the Star Dou Great Forest, the unknown technique he was using to attack her was most likely burning jade and common stone together. Of course, it was impossible for him to kill her. Could the bet he raised just be an excuse? A pretext to keep her from using the divine weapon?

That Qian Renxue didn’t attack, didn’t mean Tang San wouldn’t. Anyone else might have used this chance to catch their breath, but not Tang San. From the start of the battle until this moment, he had made no show of stopping his attacks. The Seagod Trident figure shone, covering the sky, rushing directly at Qian Renxue. Wasn’t the way it flew out just like the Golden Thirteen Halberds’ One Goes Without Return? There was no divine weapon in his hand, but Tang San’s attack wasn’t inferior to the attack that had stopped Qian Renxue once before. The difference was that Qian Renxue was now fully prepared. She wouldn’t get caught off guard by him again.

Qian Renxe drew a deep breath. No matter what, if this man couldn’t be conquered, he had to be dealt with before he could completely mature. The angelic sword emitted surging golden flames, fusing together with Qian Renxue, it slashed.


Two virtual divine weapons clashed in the air, and the entire sky changed color for a moment, like the sun had descended to the ground, a glittering golden color appeared in the sky above the Star Dou Great Forest. This scene was clearly visible even a thousand li away.


“That’s……” Bibi Dong looked in the direction of the Star Dou Great Forest from her carriage, watching the marvel of the sky washed with gold. She was completely dumbfounded. With her cultivation she could clearly sense the presence within that collision, but the level of that presence had reached such a level!

“Teacher, what is that? Why is it so dreadful?” Hu Liena saw that golden light, but what she felt was completely different from Bibi Dong. A deeply fearful feeling arose in her heart. Her breathing was labored, her charming face deathly pale. Hurriedly lowering her head, she didn’t dare gaze at that golden light again.

Just watching it from a thousand li away gave people such a feeling, it was obvious just how enormous the energy it encompassed was.

“God level, how is it possible, yet another god level. High priest, what did you do?” Bibi Dong unconsciously clenched her fists and bit her lip, her eyes bursting with incomparably resolute light.

Her years of effort absolutely couldn’t be wasted like this.

“Nana, pass on my orders, everyone accelerate, we return to Spirit City as fast as possible.” She had already resolved herself. No matter how enormous the price would be, she had to reach that kind of level as soon as possible. She would turn herself into the strongest person in the world. No, the strongest god. Bibi Dong’s pride simply didn’t allow anyone to be placed above her. She had already resolved herself to spare no effort or price, even if…… she still had to increase her strength.


Tang San lay calmly on the ground. In front of him was a five meter wide, five meter deep, more than five hundred meter long trench. And this trench was formed from him hitting the ground.

If he wasn’t always clenching his teeth, he would long since have fallen unconscious. His body hurt like he was ripped apart, each bone feeling shattered. Even more dreadful was that angelic power filled with swallowing energy had invaded his body, and was just now dissolving his spirit power. Fortunately the Seagod’s Light’s energy was just barely able to block it. But driving out this angelic power was still extremely difficult.

Qian Renxue naturally wouldn’t be worse off than Tang San. She quietly stood next to a tall tree, the angelic power she released guarding the stick of incense stabbed into it, keeping it from breaking down in the energy backlash. From the start of the battle, half of this stick of incense had already burned, but to Qian Renxue it seemed like the fight was already settled.

Even though Tang San was constantly arousing his potential, and even used special methods to temporarily increase his strength to the god level, he had still lost without suspense when facing a true god. Qian Renxue was only breathing a bit quickly, her face a bit flushed. But Tang San lay motionless on the ground.

Angelic senses told Qian Renxue that Tang San wasn’t dead. Even though his injuries were severe, it wasn’t enough to claim his life. Her angelic power was constantly nibbling away at his body.

Qian Renxue flicked off the ash from the incense, but just as she was about to pull it out, Tang San’s somewhat hoarse voice reached her.

“Our bet still isn’t over, I still haven’t lost.”

Qian Renxue looked astonished towards the other end of the trench, only to see Tang San pull himself out using both hands, and at the same time exposing two golden spider legs that stabbed violently into the ground, lifting Tang San out of the trench.

With his feet firmly placed on the ground, Tang San’s clothes were tattered, his face as pale as a sheet of paper. He swayed, and if not for the Eight Spider Lances’ support, Qian Renxue had no doubt he would have fallen at any time. The previously burning golden blue light was already gone, and even his Blue Silver Emperor spirit was missing. He wasn’t her match in his best condition, so how could he be planning to keep fighting her like this? Qian Renxue really didn’t understand what ability Tang San could still rely on.

Drawing a deep breath, Tang San struggled to push out his chest and straighten his back. His right hand fished out a few sausages from the Hundred Treasure Pouch, swallowing them.

Those sausages were three big recovery sausages, one stimulating pink sausage, and one limit surpassing moss green sausage. These three kinds of sausages definitely had recovery and condition upgrade effects. But the last sausage Tang San pulled out had the most bizarre effect. It was a

completely transparent, almost crystalline sausage, covered with crystal thorns. It looked like a bizarre caterpillar.

Seeing this sausage, Tang San paused a bit. Just as he was about to put it in his mouth, his face revealed a strange smile. It wasn’t a smile of certainty for this battle, but rather for remembering the owner of the sausage, and its history.

This crystalline caterpillar-like sausage was Oscar’s eighth spirit ability, Crystal Caterpillar Sausage. When using this eighth spirit ability, Oscar’s vulgar spirit chant was: I, your father, have a hairy caterpillar…...

Tang San still clearly remembered Oscar’s helpless expression the first time he used this spirit ability, wishing he could find a crack in the ground to hide in. The way he looked really made people laugh despite themselves. Thinking oh Oscar, thinking of his comrades, the pain Tang San felt also faded a lot. He never had to fight alone, he always had his comrades with him. For his friends and lover, he couldn’t lose here.

Eating the Crystal Caterpillar Sausage, a hazy transparent radiance seemed to warp around Tang San, his skin seeming to turn transparent, causing bizarre fluctuations. Qian Renxue’s divine sense immediately discovered that Tang San’s seriously injured body was recovering with astonishing speed, his wounds completely gone in just a few breaths, his dull eyes also brightening again. All his bones made crackling sounds, and he recovered as if he had never even fought.

This was…… Qian Renxue’s eyes opened wide, what did he actually eat? To instantly recover from his injuries, and restore him to his best state. Even if his spirit power didn’t rise in the same way, just the recovery effect was astonishing.

Crystal Caterpillar Sausage effect: instantly restore all injuries short of severed limbs, able to restore you as long as one breath remains. This sausage consumed fifty percent of Oscar’s spirit power to make, and he could only make one every seven days. This clearly showed how precious a sausage it was. Moreover, not just anyone could use this sausage. When Oscar produced the crystal caterpillar sausage, if he just did it normally it

could only be used by himself, substantially increasing his survival ability in battle. If he wanted to make it useful for others, then he had to use three drops of that person’s blood. Moreover, after making it, it would only be useful to the owner of that blood.

It recovered physical strength and injuries. This thing was practically a second life to a spirit master, only it couldn’t recover spirit power.

It was just because he had this that Tang San dared take on the three spirit beasts’ spirit rings head on, and why he would rather rely on his own strength to slowly recover after absorbing the three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperor spirit rings instead of using the crystal caterpillar sausage. After breaking through rank eighty and gaining the crystal caterpillar sausage, Oscar’s position in the Shrek Seven Devils had grown even more important. After gaining this ability he immediately used forty nine days to give each person a sausage, to prepare for possible need. Taking this out now also counted as one of Tang San’s last trump cards. The crystal caterpillar sausage had no expiry date. In other words, as long as it wasn’t damaged, it would be effective at any time. This was the benefit of first rate food typ spirit abilities. If not the manufacturing being too exhausting and overly difficult, it would practically be a god level ability.

Of course, the reason this crystal caterpillar sausage could recover all physical strength and heal all injuries was still due to one more reason. That was, when manufacturing, Oscar ate an Erect Gold Fly, and the sausage effect would double. The original crystal caterpillar sausage’s effect should be to heal fifty percent of injuries and recover fifty percent of physical strength. This also embodied the Erect Gold Fly’s importance.

Watching Tang San’s strength actually suddenly recover like this, Qian Renxue still didn’t launch any attacks, she only coldly said: “So what if your strength recovers? If I’m not mistaken, your Blue Silver Emperor can’t be used again anyway. The scene of your spirit rings breaking earlier shouldn’t be faked. Even if I didn’t see your spirit truly break, you shouldn’t be able to use it again for a short while.”

Tang San nodded silently, “That’s right, you’ve watched very carefully. You’re quite correct, my Blue Silver Emperor can’t be used after the first

eight spirit rings broke. But, don’t forget that I have twin spirits. Besides the Blue Silver Emperor, I also have one more spirit. The outcome of our bet still isn’t clear, I still haven’t lost.”

Qian Renxue smiled, “Fine! I’d like to experience just how powerful the world’s number one sect’s spirit, the Clear Sky Hammer that once seriously injured my father, is.” Turning her head she glanced at that stick of incense. Right now more than half the incense had burned, and it just kept burning. There were no tricks with the incense Tang San took out.

Black light rushing out from his left hand, it was no longer golden blue light covering Tang San, but rather pitch black. In that deep blackness was mixed in faintly golden light as well as red color filled with severity. An enormous Clear Sky Hammer appeared in Tang San’s grasp out of nowhere.

Compared to before, the Clear Sky Hammer had changed considerably with eight spirit rings. Even though the head still wasn’t the size of a barrel like Clear Sky Douluo Tang Hao’s, it was just one size smaller, and it was also covered by fine golden lines unlike Tang Hao’s Clear Sky Hammer.

The spiral patterned haft was three meters long, and no matter how you looked at it it was a two handed weapon. On the surface of the hammer constantly roamed a warping layer of black, with a thick aura like an unending mountain range, giving people an extremely steady impression. Qian Renxue could sense its terrifying weight without even touching it, but what astonished her even more were the eight spirit rings neatly arranged around it.

Red, black, black, black, black, red, red, red. Eight neat spirit rings, four black, four red, matching the Clear Sky Hammer’s own black and red light. The surging energy waves made Tang San standing there look like a demon god. The intense imposing manner was even above when he used the Blue Silver Emperor before. In fact, right now his Clear SKy Hammer didn’t have nine spirit rings, only eight. Under such circumstances the presence it emanated still surpassed the Blue Silver Emperor, it was obvious how powerful the Clear Sky Hammer he held was.

“How is it possible? Weren’t those three ants just ninety thousand years?” Qian Renxue looked shocked at the last three spirit rings, unable to help crying out.

Not only was she shocked, even Tang San himself stared wide eyed. He not only discovered that the Clear Sky Hammer’s weight was higher than anticipated, but moreover those last three blood colored spirit rings shocked him. Yes, those should be three ninety thousand year spirit rings, at most they should be reddish black, how come they had now all turned red?

Tang San spoke practically at the same time as Qian Renxue:

Indeed, besides variation, they couldn’t think of another possibility. These three spirit rings all changing into hundred thousand years, only had one explanation. Because Tang San absorbed the three simultaneously, and also due to some special method, led to these spirit rings undergoing variation, in the process gaining ten thousand years of cultivation, rising from ninety thousand year spirit rings to the hundred thousand year level. As for why this would happen, Qian Renxue had absolutely no idea, but Tang San had some vague guesses.

When absorbing the three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperor brothers’ spirit rings, Tang San used a frontal collision method, precisely the attack method of the Great Sumeru Hammer, using incomparable aggression and explosive might to force the enemy to submit. This was in itself equivalent to using the Great Sumeru Hammer to forge the three spirit rings. It was very possible that this forging process had refined the three spirit rings, thus causing the evolution. Not only did it let Tang San possess three spirit rings, but also made the spirit rings rise to the hundred thousand year realm. This was an unexpected surprise to Tang San.

“You really are blessed by heaven.” Originally already certain of her victory, Qian Renxue’s expression grew serious again. The golden flame surged from her anew. She could clearly sense how the current Tang San in front of her was even stronger than the Tang San using the Blue Silver Emperor before. He lacked one spirit ring, but his strength had still risen. This spoke of the differences in spirits.

The Blue Silver Emperor really was a top quality spirit among the plant types, but don’t forget that the Blue Silver Emperor was a control type spirit, and the Clear Sky Hammer Tang San held was one of the strongest power attack type spirits of the modern era. Moreover, even though the Clear Sky Hammer had fewer spirit rings than the Blue Silver Emperor, it was just one fifty thousand year spirit ring, and it also had a lot of hundred thousand year spirit rings. Further adding that the hammer was inscribed with the Asura Domain, and it even further increased the Clear Sky Hammer’s might. Plus Tang San adding spirit rings in the pursuit of pure force, while the Clear Sky Hammer lacked one spirit ring, its overall level was no less than the Blue Silver Emperor. Don’t forget that its spirit ring came from the king of the forest, the Titan Giant Ape!

Faint light shone from Tang San. He slowly raised the Clear Sky Hammer, pointing straight at Qian Renxue. Blood red and pure black instantly fused together, turning into a bizarre dark gold. Very soon, this dark golden color spread all over, and the Clear Sky Hammer in his hand grew in an instant, the giant hammer head expanding tenfold. The haft also grew from the previous three meters to ten meters, turning into a strange looking giant weapon.

The deep golden color covering Tang San also spread to all the eight spirit rings, each turning the same color, just like when he started attacking with the Blue Silver Emperor before. At that time Tang San was fighting bare handed, but now, he held such a giant weapon.

Without question, Tang San was forcefully pushing his strength to the god level. His method to face Qian Renxue came from the Great Sumeru Hammer. Also the most overbearing secret skill of the Great Sumeru Hammer.

Back then, it was just because Tang Hao spoke of this secret skill that Tang San was extremely shocked, believing this was an ability that was basically impossible to use. This secret skill was called: Ring Detonation.

Each spirit ring could be detonated once. After detonating, the spirit ability’s strength would fully burst out, instantly transforming into power that blended into the attack, causing strength far exceeding one’s level.

When detonating a ring, the higher the quality of the spirit ring, the greater the effect. Just like how Tang San could beat back Qian Renxue with his fifth Ring Detonation, it was because his Blue Silver Emperor’s fifth spirit ring was at the hundred thousand year level. At the end he relied on his sixth, seventh and eighth spirit rings to block Qian Renxue’s sacred angelic sword, and this was also because two of them were hundred thousand year spirit rings.

This was the all out ability of the Great Sumeru Hammer. Each spirit ring launched one attack, and after all the spirit rings were detonated, the user would also enter a weak state. Moreover, detonating rings was extremely dangerous. With one lapse in control, unable to control the strength from the detonation, it was possible to be swallowed by the energy. This was also the reason the Great Sumeru Hammer could only be practiced by each generation’s Clear Sky Douluo in the Clear Sky Sect. Without powerful talent and deep background, using this secret skill was no different from suicide.

Tang San’s body was definitely extremely durable, and with his half god level body, he was hardly worried about the energy backlash from the Ring Detonation.

That’s why he could very quickly master it. ly he relied on the Great Sumeru Hammer’s Ring Detonation technique, using it on his Blue Silver Emperor spirit. By using such a method there was naturally no way to release spirit abilities, and it wasn’t that he didn’t want to use them. And Qian Renxue was subsequently controlled. Even though Tang San was seriously injured in the last attack, she was also successfully held off for half the duration of the bet. Moreover, using the Clear Sky Hammer was Tang San’s true trump card. After all, this was the spirit that could fully display the power of the Great Sumeru Hammer.

The cost of Ring Detonation were also enormous. After using Great Sumeru Hammer’s Ring Detonation once, all spirit rings would completely disappear for three days. Only the spirit power remained. A full three days were required before the spirit rings could gradually recover. And after using Ring Detonation once, it couldn’t be used again for at least thirty six days. Otherwise there was risk of the spirit rings breaking for real. Today

Tang San drew over Qian Renxue and relied on using this Ring Detonation technique to fight for a chance to leave. He’d already carefully made plans before drawing her over. He’d included Qian Renxue’s character and everything he regarded as important. And besides Qian Renxue refusing to return the Seagod Trident to him, the rest was all successful. Even the process of the fight was within his plans. Even in his berserk state, Tang San absolutely wouldn’t lose his calm. This might be where he was different from his father. Even using the Great Sumeru Hammer, he would never be able to fuse his father’s domineering aggression with his own character.

The Clear Sky Hammer didn’t have the Seagod Trident’s ability to only weigh a thousandth of its weight in its owner’s hand, but it could still let its owner only bear a tenth of its weight. After Tang San now released its Spirit Avatar, the Clear Sky Hammer was extremely heavy in his hand. With his sensitivity towards weight, he could clearly tell that the Clear Sky Hammer now weighed more than ten thousand jin. If it was just a tenth of its weight, then in Spirit Avatar, the incredibly enormous Clear SKy Hammer almost weighed enough to compete with his Seagod Trident.

Actually, this didn’t actually mean the Clear Sky Hammer could be compared to the Seagod Trident, but it fully proved that Tang San’s all power type spirit ring additions were successful. And the most important reason the Clear Sky Hammer could reach such a terrifying weight, was still the benefit of those last three variant hundred thousand year spirit rings from the Fifteen Ton Ant Emperor brothers. Each of the brothers had strength surpassing fifty thousand jin. After spirit ring variation, besides Tang San’s own strength attribute increasing explosively, it also related to making the Clear Sky Hammer’s own power reach an extremely astonishing degree. The seventh Spirit Avatar spirit ring was actually one of the three brothers.

In the strength attribute, Tang San could be certain that he already surpassed the rank ninety nine peak Douluo Bo Saixi. Under conditions where Bo Saixi didn’t use any powerful spirit abilities, her strength should be a hundred thousand years. But Tang San could feel that the strength he could project definitely wasn’t just a hundred thousand years. The half hod

level body could endure even more. Even if this ten thousand jin giant hammer was heavy, wielding it single handedly was still fluent, basically not causing any delays due to weight.

It was also this giant Clear Sky Hammer that gave Tang San unprecedented confidence in facing Qian Renxue. Indeed, he really wasn’t Qian Renxue’s opponent, but when the enemy didn’t use divine weapons, at least she wouldn’t be able to do anything as long as he attacked with the Clear Sky Hammer. Of course, changing to the Clear Sky Hammer gave Tang San disadvantages too. That was that he could no longer draw on the strength of the blue silver grass in the Star Dou Great Forest. The reason he could to it before was that, after Tang San’s experiments, when using the Great Sumeru Hammer technique, it would cause a kind of special inspiration with the Blue Silver Emperor spirit, and he could fuse with the surrounding blue silver grass without needing to release his domain, and this displayed an effect like the Blue Silver Domain’s All Rivers Run Into The Sea. At least this kind of effect wouldn’t disappear while doing Ring Explosions. But now that he used the Clear Sky Hammer, and moreover equally with the Great Sumeru Hammer technique, the presence that emerged was fully that of the Clear Sky Hammer. Even if Tang San wanted to open the Blue Silver Domain as well, it was impossible.

Chapter 298

Watching Tang San’s deep golden color, the golden flames around Qian Renxue soared. Besides the tree where that stick of incense was stabbed, all the plants around instantly turned to ash. Without pausing, these enormous sacred flames instantly formed into the angelic sacred sword. Half the incense had already burned, and Qian Renxue wouldn’t give Tang San any more chances. In one go, she used the final attack she previously faced Tang San’s Blue Silver Emperor with before.

Even though Tang San’s Clear Sky Hammer was enormous, compared to the hundred meter long angelic sword it was still small potatoes. But Tang San himself still didn’t have the slightest thought of pouring the Seagod’s Light into the Clear Sky Hammer to transform it into that enormous Seagod Trident image from before.

Tang San swiftly took three steps forward, and with his last step, his left foot slammed heavily to the ground, an intangible energy wave instantly exploding. With the place he stepped as origin, the ground within thirty meters directly exploded, sinking more than ten meters in a cloud of smoke and plant fragments. It clearly showed how terrifying the force of Tang San’s step was.

Even facing the angelic sword, Tang San wasn’t discouraged in the slightest. This moment Qian Renxue clearly saw Tang San’s eyes turned completely blood red. Indeed, blood red. If the golden blue color was divine and graceful, then this red color was most suitable to the Great Sumeru Hammer’s aggressive aura. That sharp presence accompanied incomparably

powerful imposing manner and condensed killing intent to soar towards the sky along with Tang San’s leap.

It was the moment this Clear Sky Hammer leapt up from nowhere that Tang San suddenly understood why his great grandfather Tang Chen chose the Asura God’s inheritance. This Clear SKy Douluo’s Great Sumeru Hammer was a perfect match with the Asura God’s aura. Right now he was only a human type combination, but he already possessed such wild presence and force, that instantly climbing energy and incomparable confidence absolutely couldn’t be produced by the Blue Silver Emperor.

And the same time Tang San also understood why his father didn’t even need to use Ring Detonation when using the Great Sumeru Hammer, and could still block the Spirit Empire’s second priest. The Great Sumeru Hammer made the Clear Sky Hammer not need any spirit abilities. Relying on the suppression of absolute force, one part power subduing ten parts skill, the most tyrannical force completely erupted. This moment, Tang San felt like he had become one with his Clear Sky Hammer. His leap didn’t use any flying abilities, but was rather a leap with the force produced after combining him with the spirit. He actually leapt a thousand meters into the air. That the force could bring him to such a height clearly showed just how close to divinity Tang San was.

“Qian Renxue, take my hammer, Sumeru Reaches the Skies.” Holding the giant hammer in both hands, facing the enormous golden energy of the angelic sword, Tang San didn’t passively take a beating, but rather took the initiative to launch an attack. In just an instant, his first spirit ring, the hundred thousand year spirit ring from the Titan Giant Ape exploded, perfectly fusing together with his body. At the same time as he swung the hammer, his right sleeve burst, surging yellow light frantically pouring into the hammer haft.

Man and hammer united, Tang San issued an attack from his peak condition.

Qian Renxue gave a cold snort, folding both hands over

And for Tang San’s hammer, while at the start he had led the hammer, once he truly launched the attack it turned to the hammer leading him. The hammer fell from the sky like a giant deeply golden meteor. Even though the Clear Sky Hammer wasn’t small, it wasn’t at the level of the angelic sword.

Deep gold collided violently with brilliant gold in midair, and a strange scene appeared. According to when Tang San used the Blue Silver Emperor to clash with Qian Renxue’s angelic sword, as the two energies met it should cause immense light and energy. But this time was different. The instant the two collided, heaven and earth suddenly dulled.

An intense restlessness instantly rose in Qian Renxue’s mind. She practically subconsciously severed the divine sense connection between her and the angelic sword. Worth of being a power who had entered the god level, in such circumstances she still made herself fly to the ground, forcibly distancing herself from the two energies that had mutually locked on each other.

In the sky, after a brief darkness suddenly came brilliant light. Eyepiercing light illuminated the earth, making everything in the area shine. Countless specks of shattered golden light fell from the sky, and they landed they were as bright as countless little suns. Amidst a series of intense explosions, each speck of golden light blew a large pit in the Star Dou Great Forest, turning the surrounding atmosphere as if frozen. The atmosphere filled with divine presence as well as ruthless killing intent.

The angelic sword was shattered. The angelix sword made by the god of angels Qian Renxue was actually destroyed like that. There wasn’t a trace of it left in the air, and the countless golden stars were formed from its fragments.

Even though Qian Renxue reacted very quickly, grasping the timing for retreat well, as the creator of the angelic sword, she was still affected. She swayed in the air as she was pushed to the ground, her face pale as she stumbled back.

How was it possible? In Qian Renxue’s heart were only these four words. Tang San. Tang San actually relied on the strength of a single attack to shatter her angelic sword? Although that wasn’t her divine weapon, it was still a powerful attack condensed from the power of a true god! How could he still break it? Even when he broke three of his spirit rings before, he was still blasted away by her sword, almost directly annihilated. So how could he reverse the circumstances when using one spirit ring just by changing spirit?

Qian Renxue of course had no idea that Tang San had taken advantage of her stiff thinking. Indeed, before Tang San relied on the energy from breaking three spirit rings and still couldn’t block her angelic sword, and moreover Tang San absolutley wasn’t acting then. If he didn’t use his full strength, then how could Qian Renxue not notice when she was always targeting him with divine senses?

Six, seven, eight, what three spirit rings detonating couldn’t accomplish, even if the Clear SKy Hammer was stronger than the Blue Silver Emperor, it was just by one first spirit ring, that naturally couldn’t do anything. This was Tang San exploiting the thinking Qian Renxue had been imbued with in their previous conflict. In terms of thinking, there was no difference between god and man, especially when Qian Renxue hadn’t been god for long. Her thinking was still human thinking. This was one of Qian Renxue’s weaknesses that Tang San found.

The Clear Sky Hammer wasn’t the Blue Silver Emperor, and even less Tang San’s bare fist. The Clear Sky Hammer reached a hundred thousand jin weight, and it had a tenfold increase from Tang San’s Titan Giant Ape left arm bone’s gravity control. This was also why at the start he was controlling the hammer, and later pulled along by the Clear Sky Hammer. Even reduced to a tenth, the Clear Sky Hammer still weighed a hundred thousand jin in Tang San’s hands. Controlling a weapon like that wasn’t easy. Therefore, after Tang San launched the attack, he used Gravity Control on the Clear Sky Hammer, thereby giving it a terrifying million jin weight.

Additionally, from where did the Clear Sky Hammer’s first spirit ring that Tang San broke come from? From the Titan Giant Ape Er Ming! Even

if it was equally a hundred thousand year spirit ring, the TItan Giant Ape’s spirit ring quality was far higher than those three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors. He was himself a peak existence among strength type spirit beasts, and that Gravity Control also came from the Titan Giant Ape’s spirit ability. After two became one, after Tang San shattered this first spirit ring, he possessed enormous force beyond Qian Renxue’s expectations.

Even more, the Clear Sky Hammer was also described with the Deathgod Domain that had already reached its ultimate evolution. The Deathgod Domain had a certain restraining effect on Qian Renxue’s Angelic Domain, and when contained inside the Clear Sky Hammer, drawing on the power of the Ring Detonation, its power completely fused with the Clear Sky Hammer, the explosion it caused was extremely astonishing. The strength far exceeded Qian Renxue’s expectations. After Tang San discovered the effect Gravity Control had on his weapon, the explosive power of his atacks had risen a level. Only, this Gravity Control had to be used on the weapon to be effective. Moreover, when Tang San used the Seagod Trident to launch a million jin level attack, he became aware that, although Gravity Control was effective, because the force a million jin produced was too great, it would empty out the Titan Giant Ape left arm bone’s energy in one go. In one day, this kind of million jin amplification could only be used for one attack. But even if it was just one attack, it could still be his trump card. This time he instantly relied on Gravity Control to change the situation at the most crucial moment.

One swing went smoothly, but Tang San shivered all over. Even though he broke the angelic sword, he’d also suffered the backlash from the Angelic Power. Only, he clearly had no intent to stop now. The Gravity Control had already disappeared in the violent collision, but he still turned around in midair, one leg kicking out. With ear piercing air rending sounds, he relied on the Evil Spirit Orca left leg bone’s Orca Evil Spirit Hatchet to forcibly push him through the air as if teleporting. At the same time, his second spirit ring instantly exploded, blending into the Deathgod Domain’s enormous killing intent and forcibly dispersing the Angelic Power within him. The enormous Clear Sky Hammer fell from the sky, smashing straight at Qian Renxue.

No, just as Qian Renxue staggered, her old force broken and her divine power briefly obstructed, facing Tang San’s continuous attacks, she could only helplessly raise her hands and condense a golden wad of light.

Tyrannical, ruthless, the Great Sumery Hammer filled with explosiveness, under the effect of the Ring Detonation, heavily struck the energy Qian Renxue just condensed.

Amidst the explosion, Tang San and Qian Renxue grunted heavily almost simultaneously. Tang San wildly spit out a mouthful of blood, and even though Qian Renxue was much better off than him, she was still knocked back by the hammer, forced in retreat by Tang San without a chance to catch her breath.

The Clear Sky Hammer rose, stained by the blood Tang San vomited out. Tang San only half turned in midair, and his third spirit ring exploded. In spirit avatar state, the Clear Sky Hammer drew on the force from the Ring Detonation and was fully colored deep gold. This third swing yet again fell from the sky.

Boom—— Qian Renxue fell back one large step, her hands crossed to block in front of her, blocking this third attack with cross shaped star-like angelic divine power. Tang San comited blood once again, but Qian Renxue was also blasted back again. She was beaten back by Tang San like this despite her god level strength, without being able to do anything. She could only be forced back.

Tang San’s face was already deathly pale, but the blood color in his eyes was still so intense, not changing in the slightest due to his physical state, as if it wasn’t him that just vomited blood.

Just at Tang San’s fourth spirit ring exploded and he the hammer for the fourth time, Qian Renxue finally erupted. Even though Tang San couldn’t harm her, being suppressed by him like this in a single breath was still an extraordinary humiliation to her. In fact, she possessed god level strength! Being suppressed with god level power was simply ridiculous.

This time Qian Renxue didn’t block Tang San’s attack with her hands. The six wings on her back gathered around her simultaneously, enveloping her within and making her look like a giant golden cocoon.

With an intense explosion, Qian Renxue was flung back. But in midair, an enormous golden figure appeared to cradle her body. That was the figure of an angel, exactly the same as Qian Renxue’s angel figure. At the same time as it caught her, with a shake of its six wings, countless golden feathers welled out, shooting towards Tang San from every direction.

Forced by Tang San’s Great Sumeru Hammer, Qian Renxue used her spirit abilities. At the same time as she stiffly blocked Tang San’s strike with her body, she gave herself a chance to retaliate.

Tang San’s expression didn’t change, as if he didn’t see the attacks shooting from all around. His fifth spirit ring exploded, surging dark golden light covering him and the Clear Sky Hammer. The giant Clear Sky Hammer swept through the air, and Tang San flew out once again. Grasping the hammer in both hands, he chased straight after Qian Renxue.

The instant those countless golden feathers were about to stab Tang San, suddenly, his sixth spirit ring also exploded. This was also the first spirit ring the three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperor brothers gave him, a hundred thousand year level spirit ring.

Boom—— Tremendous pure golden light swept out, just like a giant whirlpool suddenly breaking open. The golden light surrounding Tang San was completely broken down by the power from this Ring Detonation. And his own speed didn’t weaken in the slightest. He reached Qian Renxue in just a blink of an eye, and that giant Clear Sky Hammer still landed.

What Qian Renxue saw was Tang San’s blood colored eyes, filled with stubbornness and endless aggression. His fighting spirit didn’t weaken in the slightest even when facing a god like her. Qian Renxue couldn’t understand why Tang San did it, but, she still had no choice but to raise her arms again, enduring Tang San’s attack. And this time, her body was forcibly smashed into the ground.

Just now she took one of Tang San’s swings for the chance to launch her spirit abilities, but it was only when Qian Renxue directly suffered the Clear Sky Hammer smash that she understood just how terrifying the force of Tang San’s attack was, the might caused after the Ring Detonation really was too tyrannical. Her angelic wings could block all the explosive force, but not that bone chilling aggressiveness and killing intent. The Great Sumeru Hammer’s aggressiveness and the Deathgod Domain’s killing intent were perfectly fused together, and directly penetrated the six wings to pour into her body, weakening that spirit ability attack she launched by forty percent, and she had to circulate her angelic power with all her strength to force out the aura Tang San poured into her.

And it was under such circumstances that Tang San’s fifth swing reached her. How could Qian Renxue have enough energy to block? Thus she was hit and smashed into the ground.

At this moment Qian Renxue felt deeply regretful. She shouldn’t have underestimated Tang San. After becoming god, she subconsciously felt that there shouldn’t be anyone in this world that was her opponent. When facing Tang San, she also always held an attitude like a cat toying with a mouse, never using her full strength. And this man seemed to fully understand her mood. It was also in just such circumstances, exploiting all manner of advantages he held that she was forced this far. Qian Renxue believed that, if she could do it over, she definitely wouldn’t give Tang San such chances, she would definitely put all her strength on catching him instantly.

Only, right now regret was still a bit late. One attack hit, and Tang San’s imposing manner grew increasingly scorching hot. The seventh spirit ring burst without hesitation, and he fell from the sky after Qian Renxue. In order to follow up, he basically didn’t pay any mind to the state of his body. When attacking, his goal was to perfectly destroy the enemy. No matter how painful, he still persisted in detonating his seventh spirit ring.

He couldn’t use Gravity Control again, but as the force from this seventh spirit ring detonation flowed into the Clear Sky Hammer, Tang San still discovered that the weight of his Clear Sky Hammer suddenly more than doubled. Moreover, the force of this swing was clearly much greater. Even

though it still couldn’t compare to the Titan Giant Ape spirit ring, it was still more overbearing than before.

This was the first time Tang San used the Great Sumeru Hammer in the true sense, and the pain he felt was completely unable to conceal the pleasure he felt from the series of ring explosions.

Qian Renxue’s feet heavily landed on the ground, causing an enormous explosive sound. And this was when Tang San’s seventh swing reached her.

Qian Renxue simultaneously also understood how her father was seriously injured by the Clear Sky Douluo back then, even though his strength should have been superior to Tang Hao. That the Clear Sky School could last for a thousand years, and once become the world’s number one sect, definitely wasn’t easy. Originally, the technique he used to shatter his spirit rings had to be used with this hammer to show its true might.

On her forehead, the golden little angel brightened, a faint flowing light suddenly spreading out, forming a strange casing like porcelain around her. And Qian Renxue herself put her palms together inside the casing, all emotions in her eyes now completely restrained, like a pious believer. She neither heard nor saw Tang San’s seventh hammer swing falling.

Boom—— The Clear Sky Hammer rigidly smashed onto the golden egg- like shell. With an intense explosion, Qian Renxue was unexpectedly smashed straight into the ground along with the entire golden eggshell. However, Tang San’s expression changed slightly. Because, the enormous rebound force almost made him lose his hold on the Clear Sky Hammer, and his entire body was bounced back a hundred meters high in the air.

The next instant the land turned completely golden. Qian Renxue’s calm voice echoed from all directions, “Tang San, you can already be proud that you could force me to use my divine ability Angelic Shield to protect myself. You truly have shocked me. No wonder you were so certain to contend against me. But unfortunately, in the end you still won’t win. I will teach you, gods, cannot be defeated.”

The golden color spread to fill the sky and cover the land, the faint luster rising from the ground to cover the air.

Tang San’s expression turned extremely unsightly. In the end he hadn’t detonated his eighth spirit ring, because now he had already completely lost track of Qian Renxue. But her presence still hadn’t vanished, rather existing in all directions, everywhere the golden light was.

He should indeed feel proud. He drew out a divine defensive ability like an absolute defense from Qian Renxue, and also made her use the god level Angelic Domain, the true Angelic Domain. He really didn’t know whether he should feel excited or depressed. That she used the Angelic Domain meant Qian Renxue was finally going all out.

That stick of incense was still burning properly, stuck in that large tree protected by Qian Renxue’s divine power. This ability to separate divinity alone was far beyond what Tang San was capable of.

The last bit of incense still remained now, maybe even less than three minutes. Only, could he really last another three minutes?

The surroundings filled with a golden world. Tang San no longer sensed the Star Dou Great Forest. Inside the Angelic Domain was just like the first time he fought Qian Renxue. His domain was completely suppressed again, differing by one level. Only, this time the difference was even larger, the gap between man and god.

Clenching the Clear Sky Hammer with both hands, Tang San slowly closed his eyes. He knew that using his eyes now was completely meaningless. Inside the god level domain was fully Qian Renxue’s territory.

Relaxing his whole body, sensing the sharp twinges of pain from his limbs and bones, the aggressiveness in Tang San’s expression gradually disappeared. In its place was a kind of difficult to describe calm. As if he was fully in a kind of peculiar state. And the last eighth spirit ring on the Clear Sky Hammer was no also directly shattered by Tang San, turning into a deep golden energy that flowed into the Clear Sky Hammer and his body.

The surrounding temperature suddenly rose. By observing through his mental strength, Tang San discovered that countless golden fiery dragons were lunging towards him, each golden dragon condensed from angelic divine power, bringing out the best of this Angelic Domain. Qian Renxue was untraceable, but this enormous golden fire dragon formation was already launched.

Boom—— The Clear Sky Hammer smashed the first fire dragon, immediately followed by the second, third, fourth. Tang San’s Ring Detonation force was contained in the Clear Sky Hammer, not allowing it to leave, completely relying on skill and the Clear Sky Hammer’s own force to contend with those golden fire dragons.

He floated in his original position, and with each swing he would rotate one turn. The enormous Clear Sky Hammer he held caused an intense wind. The feet that never seemed to move, still made ingenious small scale shifts that made him flicker like an illusion. This was the Tang Sect’s secret skill Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step.

Tang San’s Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step was long since practiced to major success, and so was his created spirit ability. Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step and Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method merging into Disorder Splitting Wind Dance. He now bounced inside the Angelic Domain, all due to his created spirit ability.

Even if the Clear Sky Hammer was so enormous, it was still unable to impact Tang San’s agility. In the Disorder Splitting Wind Dance, facing the collected attacks of countless fire dragons, he could always have the Clear Sky Hammer he held attack a fire dragon in the optimal position, but also only one. He never let himself face two fire dragons at once. Those fire dragons might seem unending, but as Tang San moved in the air, he still caused such circumstances.

With each explosive swing, one fire dragon would shatter. Only, very soon, one more one condense not far away and lunge frantically at Tang San.

Qian Renxue’s divine sense coldly observed Tang San inside her domain. Just like Tang San judged, the moment she used the Angelic Domain, she no longer planned to let Tang San escape.

Even though not much time had passed, Qian Renxue understood even more deeply that Tang San’s strength was almost exhausted. His spirit power would basically be completely ground down by the fire dragons in her domain and die, even before the stick of incense reached its end. Tang San, oh Tang San, that you could force me to this step really is rare. Only, I can’t let you off again. Even if you’ve already become the weakness in my heart, I still have to kill you. You really are too terrifying. Even at god level, I can still feel how terrifying you are. If you’re really allowed to develop further, without a doubt, one day you will definitely surpass me. And I can’t let that day come to pass.

Tang San used all kinds of shapes to fight Qian Renxue this time, and Qian Renxue had finally given up on her dreams of conquering him. She deeply felt that this man was basically impossible to conquer, not even with the bet. If she didn’t kill him now, then the next time they met, he would be formidable to an unknown degree. At that time the one to die might be her. Tang San had persisted by perfectly exploiting some imperfections in Qian Renxue, but he had also successfully roused her killing intent, making her decide to no longer give him any chances.

But at this moment, Qian Renxue’s expression suddenly changed slightly, because she was shocked to discover that the attacks Tang San swung one after another no longer showed signs of spirit power decreasing, and on the contrary grew stronger with each swing. The swings he released before still had to perfectly hit the golden fire dragon to smash it, but now, even just the wind pressure could easily shatter a fire dragon. The rate at which the fire dragons recondensed and attacked again could no longer measure up to Tang San’s swing speed.

How was it possible? Suddenly, the light of understanding flashed through Qian Renxue’s mind.

What a Tang San, he actually didn’t give up even now, actually using the Clear Sky School’s useless Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method.

Qian Renxue’s discovery couldn’t be called slow, but Tang San’s Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method had already been swung a full eighty times. At the same time as he made the last swing, the surrounding fire dragons all disappeared. The Seraphim, Qian Renxue herself, with six wings stretched out, her body almost transparent, charged toward him trailing a dazzling golden tail flame.

With this period of rest, Qian Renxue was no longer gasping for breath, and had moreover raised her divine power to the strongest degree. Without using the divine weapon, this was practically her strongest attack. And facing her, was Tang San’s Disorder Splitting Wind Dance’s last blow.

The black color on the Clear Sky Hammer suddenly disappeared, the instant after Tang San swung this last blow. His whole body seemed to become illusory in midair, and behind Tang San, a coiling shadow glittered. That was a red disk, fully blood red, a red brimming with infinite slaughter intent. That red color contained a special aura pulse that unexpectedly temporarily forced the surrounding Angelic Domain to retreat, causing the full force of Tang San’s swign to be completely condensed in Qian Renxue’s direction.

Eighty one swings becoming one, the force superpositioned. Even though every previous swing was weakened a bit due to eliminating a fire dragon, at this moment, the instant this eighty first swing erupted, Tang San also completely released the condensed energy from his eighth spirit ring detonation.

Without question, this was also the strongest attack he was capable of right now.

The strongest struck the strongest. The instant the two sides were about to collide, Tang San opened his eyes. From his pupils, two pure gold lightning bolts shot out. In such close range, with the two attacks about to collide, even a power like Qian Renxue couldn’t dodge, and those two deep golden lights shot into her eyes.

Divine intent shock. Qian Renxue only felt like two sharp needles were forced into her brain, her powerful divine sense unexpectedly turning

completely chaotic in this moment, and her original one hundred twenty percent attack suddenly lost forty percent, only eighty percent remaining. Even her Angelic Domain fluctuated intensely due to the divine sense being excited.

Boom—— An everlasting collision, an explosion like heaven and earth splitting. Tang San’s Clear Sky Hammer exploded against Qian Renxue like a furious golden dragon. This moment, his Clear Sky Hammer no longer had a trace of black. Relying on the force of the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method and Ring Detonation, Tang San actually raised his Clear Sky Hammer to the god level. Tang San knew that if he could always maintain the Clear Sky Hammer like this, then he would also be a god. And the Clear Sky Hammer wasn’t just his spirit, but also his weapon. Just like the Seagod Trident for the Seagod. The Seagod back then had a golden trident as his spirit! Ultimately it was refined into a true divine weapon, otherwise, how could it possess such enormous divine power?

In the sky, the completely golden heaven suddenly showed a crack. A shadow fell from the sky, heavily smashing onto the ground, an enormous energy wave blasting a giant hole in the ground. And the golden light in the sky at this moment quickly condensed towards one point.

The one squeezed out from the crack and falling to the ground was unquestionably Tang San. Right now he only felt like all his bones were shattered, and the Clear Sky Hammer without spirit rings now also turned into specks of black light and disappeared into his body, unusable. But, Tang San was still excited. Because, he had relied on his intelligence and strength to actually cut open a god level domain. That was a god level domain!

Chapter 299

Qian Renxue appeared in the air, slowly floating down. Her expression had become very unsightly. Of course not because she seriously hurt by Tang San’s Purple God Light - Tang San’s mental strength might be powerful, but the gap in realms was too large, and the Purple God Light couldn’t possibly harm Qian Renxue’s divine senses.

But Qian Renxue was angry just because of this. She was clearly a god, but when fighting Tang San she never felt powerful at all. She was basically unable to show her full strength, and Tang San actually cut open her domain like this. In fact, this was her first time using the god level domain! No matter what, it wasn’t a good start.

That Tang San entered the Angelic Domain with his eyes closed wasn’t because he felt sight was useless in the god level domain, it was clearly in order to store power for the Purple God Light!

“You already prepared to use that mental attack against me, no?” Qian Renxue landed thirty meters in front of Tang San, asking coldly. At this moment Tang San was like a harmless sheep, he no longer posed any threat to her, and there still remained the last bit of that incense. Of course, with Qian Renxue’s divine senses, she was very clear on just when it would stop burning, and finally she demanded two questions of Tang San.

Tang San nodded, looking somewhat disdainfully at Qian Renxue, “That’s right, I already prepared to use the Purple God Light against you. The way I see it, you should never have let me complete the Disorder

Splitting Wind Hammer Method. Eighty one superimposed swings, plus the energy from my Ring Detonation, had a very large probability of cutting open your Angelic Domain with the Deathgod Domain. You made two mistakes, one was that you didn’t immediately attack me with your main body the moment you released the domain. That was my weakest moment. Additionally, even I didn’t think that, as a god, you would actually react this slowly. My Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer was used until the end when you discovered it. Therefore, I split your domain. Even though I couldn’t injure you, this is already enough for me.”

Qian Renxue smiled, smiling in extreme fury, “Good, Good, Tang San, you really are a genius. But, I’m no longer going to try to subdue you. Because I discovered that I really don’t have the ability to control you. Therefore, I have to kill you know. So that your intelligence can never be used against me. The incense still hasn’t run out, our bet still isn’t over. Killing you now doesn’t count as breaking our agreement.”

While speaking, she slowly raised her right hand, and gaudy golden flame instantly condensed into an angelic sword. Qian Renxue only needed a soft swing to instantly remove Tang San from this world.

“Hand on.” Tang San suddenly spoke up.

“You still have something to say? The incense is about to burn out, but you still have thirty seconds to declare your final words. I really have to admire your intelligence and strength, that’s why I give you this opportunity.” Qian Renxue raised the angelic sword condensed from divine power, slowly approaching Tang San step by step. She was very slow, but she would definitely reach Tang San in thirty seconds and swing that sword.

“Thirty seconds? Then thank you. Actually, I only wanted to tell you that I still don’t lack the power to retaliate. You’ve forgotten, I actually have one spirit ring left. I only want to bet with you again. I’ll rely on the power of the last

“Ridiculous. Do you believe I would still accept? You need not stall for time. Fine, you still have twenty seconds. If you can break my defense, you might be able to last the time we bet on before. Come, let me see what

attack you still have that can cut open my Angelic Defense. Even a god would have to rely on a divine tool to break my defense.” Qian Renxue was already furious. The reason she didn’t immediately cut down Tang San was in order to retrieve a speck of dignity in this final moment when she completely controlled the situation. If Tang San couldn’t break her defense and was killed by her sword, then the weakness in her heart would shrink by a lot. She could also fully use this fury to kill Tang San without leaving behind any repercussions. Therefore, while speaking, the golden egg shell layer that appeared before descended once again, enveloping her completely.

Tang San nodded earnestly, “Then be careful.”

Golden blue light rushed out, and Tang San once again released his Blue Silver Emperor spirit. Just like Qian Renxue guessed, indeed, Tang San still had the strength for a last attack. When Tang San detonated his eighth Blue Silver Emperor spirit ring before he was seriously hurt by the angelic sword, and this ninth spirit ring didn’t detonate. Afterwards he used the power of the Clear Sky Hammer. Now, Tang San released the Blue Silver Emperor’s surviving ninth spirit ring.

So what if it exploded? The power of the Blue Silver Emperor’s Ring Detonation was far less than the Clear Sky Hammer. How could Qian Renxue be convinced that Tang San could break her formidable defense while seriously injured and nearly out of spirit power?

Tang San’s expression turned very sincere. Qian Renxue was still fifteen meters away, and also fifteen seconds away, approaching step by second. At this short distance it was like the deathgod beckoned him. Qian Renxue had complete confidence in killing Tang San the moment before the incense was extinguished.

Boom—— Just like Qian Renxue expected, Tang San detonated the last spirit ring of his two spirits. At the same time as the Sky Blue Bull Python ninth spirit ring exploded, making that golden blue radiance completely reverse upon Tang San, he swallowed a golden speck of light. It was Oscar’s seventh spirit ability, Erect Gold Fly, aware that this time he had to employ this trump card. If the Shrek Seven Devils who were familiar with

Tang San were here, they would definitely understand that the Attack Tang San used next might be the strongest attack he had. Unfortunately, Qian Renxue wasn’t familiar with Tang San’s life and habits, and she absolutely didn’t believe Tang San could raise any waves.

Instantly raising his right hand in front of him, detonating his last spirit ring, Tang San finally had the power for the last attack.

With a pff, Tang San spit out a mouthful of blood. Overexerting himself had affected his injuries, but his right hand was still smeared with blood. A bizarre scene occurred. The faintly golden color quietly retreated within that blood, only leaving a small, transparent droplet in Tang San’s hand. And Tang San’s right hand had now turned completely jade colored.

Absolutely don’t underestimate his simple swing. If he hadn’t refined Controlling Crane Catching Dragon to the peak, not cultivated Mysterious Jade Hand to the peak, it would be impossible for him to remove all the water from the blood with a swing, refining it into a drop in his hand.

Tang San’s gaze grew even more far reaching. In this moment, Qian Renxue suddenly felt as if Tang San’s entire body had become one hand. And this hand of his held only that one drop of water, an all too common drop made of only water.

The golden blue radiance was abruptly curbed. At this moment, Tang San actually withdrew his Blue Silver Emperor, and in its place, white mist surged out of his body, turning into three enormous lotus flowers that condensed in the air above him. As he swung his right hand, drawing out that drop of water, all the mist instantly contracted, completely condensing into that drop of water, turning it a crystalline milky white color.

Even though Tang San’s changes were bizarre, Qian Renxue’s heart tightened even more. Tang San had even withdrawn his spirit, so how could he still cause any trouble? She was still ten meters away from Tang San, and Tang San could already feel the scorching heat from that angelic sword, a feeling as if his soul was being scorched.

But Tang San basically didn’t even seem to see Qian Renxue, his gaze sincerely fixed on his hand. That seemingly jade hand, and that milky white drop.

“You should feel honored, because ever since coming to this world, this is the first time I use this ability.”

He closed his eyes. This time, Tang San truly closed both eyes, and the next moment he seemed to have sunk into a sheet of white. Even Qian Renxue didn’t see how he moved, but that white drop had already disappeared in Tang San’s right hand.

“Guanyin[1], Crying.”

Qian Renxue’s steps slowed, the expression on her face also frozen with her eyes opened wide, her face completely rigid. Even her feet maintained a walking pose, but she never completed the step. It was difficult to believe that such an incredulous expression appeared on the face of a god. But Qian Renxue’s expression was this.

Tang San swayed, having to rely on the Eight Spider Lances support to keep himself from collapsing. His face was completely bloodless, but his eyes revealed a light of pride and victory.

The incense was extinguished, the time was finally up. Subsequently, the angelic sword of divine force in Qian Renxue’s hand was also extinguished, and vanished into specks of light.

She slowly lowered her head, looking at her chest with a gaze filled with disbelief. That incomparably solid golden egg shell that had blocked Tang San’s all out Ring Detonation Clear Sky Hammer strike, now had a small hole. A seemingly unremarkable little hole. There wasn’t even any cracks around it.

And on her palatial gown, there was equally cut an identical little hole. That place was precisely on her heart. Behind her there was also the same hole in the same place. The two were practically connected. The same little hole had also appeared on the back of that golden egg shell.

A pure gold trickle of blood dripped from the corner of Qian Renxue’s muth. Yes, her heart was stabbed through. Stabbed through by that tiny, seemingly insignificant milky white drop. The Angelic Defense was broken, and even if it was just that one little hole, it was already enough. Qian Renxue slowly raised her head, looking at Tang San, her eyes already deeply perplexed.

“Guanyin Crying? This, what ability is this? I never sensed it.” Her voice was still calm, golden blood constantly dripping from the corners of her mouth. This attack wasn’t enough to take her life, she could still survive with her heart pierced. This injury that would be fatal to ordinary people still couldn’t instantly kill her. But without a doubt, Qian Renxue was seriously injured from this attack. The god of angels was seriously injured.

Tang San sighed, “My power is still insufficient, otherwise it shouldn’t have stabbed through your heart, but rather made it explode. If that was the case, then even a god might end up half dead. Guanyin Crying, Guanyin’s Tear.”

“Guanyin’s Tear? I’ve never heard the name, is this your created spirit ability?” Qian Renxue looked dumbfounded at Tang San.

Tang San shook his head, “No, I can’t call it my created spirit ability, because I don’t have the skill to produce such a miraculous ability. I can only tell you that this is my Tang Sect’s number one spirit ability. The Tang Sect’s first ranked hidden weapon.”

Yes, this drop that pierced the Angelic Defence, penetrating Qian Renxue’s heart, was Guanyin’s Tear, always ranked number one in the Mysterious Heaven Treasure Record’s Hundred Hidden Weapon Dissertation. Even Bodhisattva Guanyin would have to cry, what kind of terrifying hidden weapon this was!

Using Guanyin’s Tear had countless prerequisites, Mysterious Jade Hand, Controlling Crane Catching Dragon and Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track all had to be cultivated to the peak, and at the same time the Mysterious Heaven Skill had to reach the highest Three Flowers Gathering Above level. There were also a lot of other requests. One attack drew out all the

strength. That was an attack condensed of heart and soul. The mysteries of Guanyin’s Tear was something even Tang San couldn’t understand, at most he knew how to use it, and not the underlying theory. This was the Tang Sect’s strongest hidden weapon, a skill far surpassing any other skills.

Without need to spirits, Tang San’s final trump card was this Guanyin’s Tear. The reason why he couldn’t use the Blue Silver Emperor’s ninth spirit ability before wasn’t that he was unable to, but rather that this strongest spirit ring explosion was saved for Guanyin’s Tear. This was his final move, if all his previous efforts weren’t enough to stop Qian Renxue, then Guanyin’s Tear was his attack to destroy both jade and common rock.

Tang San succeeded, he completed the first use of Guanyin’s Tear. His weak body basically couldn’t influence his excitement. Just like when he produced the Buddha Fury Tang Lotus in his last world, his feelings right now couldn’t be described in words. It seemed like it would be worth it even if he died in the next moment. Tang San still clearly remembered how, in his last world, even the Tang Sect’s leader could at most use the second ranked Bodhi’s Blood, and basically nobody could use Guanyin’s Tear. But he succeeded. At this moment, Tang San could be fully certain that he already stood at the highest peak of the Tang Sect.

Who said man’s abilities couldn’t harm a god? Didn’t Guanyin’s Tear complete this godbreaking process? Even if he didn’t have the attack power doubling Erect Gold Fly, Tang San was still certain that Guanyin’s Tear could split Qian Renxue’s defense. Guanyin’s Tears had one simple line of
explanation: 【Ignores defense, never fails.】

Four simple words, but they adequately described what kind of ability it was.

Tang San really wanted to laugh to his heart’s content, but unfortunately, right now he didn’t even have the strength to smile.

“The Tang Sect’s number one hidden weapon?” Qian Renxue’s golden light reappeared, the trickle of pure golden blood from the corner of her mouth stopping. Looking at Tang San, her eyes revealed extremely complex emotions. Even if she was seriously injured, she still possessed absolutely

formidable strength. She was hesitating, hesitating whether to go against the terms of the bet and kill Tang San right now.

“Then, is this Tang Sect of yours an inheritance left behind by some god? Otherwise, how could you use an ability that even a god can’t block? Yes, this was definitely left behind by a god.” Qian Renxue muttered.

“No.” Tang San said firmly: “This isn’t the power of gods, but the ingenuity of humans. The strength of the experience and intelligence of countless generations of Tang Sect ancestors fully condensed.” Saying so, Tang San’s pale face filled with a proud light, and Qian Renxue couldn’t help being dumbfounded as she watched.

Faint golden light roamed over Qian Renxue’s body, her expression turning even more indeterminable. A few times she wanted to raise her hand, but finally never did.

Drawing a deep breath, looking at the not distant now already extinguished incense, Qian Renxue seemed to make a firm resolution, “Leave. Leave immediately before I change my mind. Three days. According to the terms of the bet, you only have three days to run. I don’t need you to serve me. In three days, I will use all my strength to hunt down and kill you. Using the full strength of the God of Angels, including the power of divine weapons. You only have three days.”

Tang San’s body shook. He’d won, he’d really won. Not only did he win this battle, he also defeated Qian Renxue’s heart. Compared to this battle, that day and night were even more important for him to judge Qian Renxue’s character and manner. If he’d made the slightest mistake, then now he would only be a corpse.

“Thank you. Actually, you had a lot of opportunities to kill me. But you always gave me a chance. Even though I don’t understand why, I am lucky. Qian Renxue, if some day you really are defeated by my hand, I will spare your life once.” Tang San calmly said to Qian Renxue, his expression extremely sincere. Despite being so weak right now, by his expression, Qian Renxue could clearly sense his intense and true confidence.

“Think about how you will face my full strength pursuit in three days first. You’re quite clever, even the most brilliant control type spirit master I’ve seen. But, as absolute strength descends, no matter how good your stratagems, they will still be useless. Human strength has limits, but gods do not. Tang San, I’ve let you escape from me twice, but you’ve also taught me many things. Facing the enemy, one absolutely can’t give the opponent any chances. I will still thank you for it.”

Tang San smiled slightly, “There’s one thing you’re wrong on. The strength of gods isn’t limitless, gods are also exhausted at times. time we meet, I think I should be able to see your true divine strength. Goodbye.”

Throwing a glance filled with reluctance at the Seagod Trident stuck in the ground, Tang San clenched his teeth. He knew he had no chance to take back this divine tool, and Qian Renxue wouldn’t let him take it away. What he had done so far had already completely overtaxed his abilities. Turning away, he stooped with some difficulty, resisting the violent dizziness. Urging the Eight Spider Lances to move quickly, he advanced into the distance.

The moment Tang San left, what he thought about deep down was that, if he had known he’d face such a powerful enemy earlier, he should have asked little Ao for more hairy caterpillars and gold flies.

Tang San’s silhouette gradually disappeared from Qian Renxue’s line of sight. After a long time, she finally couldn’t help it, and vomited out a mouthful of pure golden blood. With a thump, she sat directly on the ground. Her face revealed a strange smile.

“Tang San, oh Tang San. You’re so clever, but in the end you were wrong on one point. I think this was definitely your first time using this ability, since you actually didn’t even know its strength yourself. It did indeed pierce through my heart, but my heart is already truly shattered. If you could have condensed a speck more divine power on top of it, maybe you really could have killed me.”

Guanyin’s Tear passed through her heart, and where it passed, her heart exploded, the arteries shattering. Even a god level power like Qian Renxue

basically didn’t have the strength to fight any more. All of her divine power was condensed on her heart, imitating it to keep her body going. Even though gods had great power, the heart was still important. Even with her strength, she was still going to need at least three days to reconstruct it. All of her hesitation before was a show for Tang San, she just didn’t want him to see she was this deeply wounded. The might of Guanyin’s Tear could only be truly understood from experience. Qian Renxue believed that, if she wasn’t a god, it would basically have been impossible to survive the attack. But she also firmly decided to absolutely never give Tang San the chance to use this attack again. Guanyin’s Tear needed time to charge strength, and next time she would definitely wear the Angelic Raiment.

“Thank you for telling me.” Just at this moment, Tang San’s voice suddenly echoed faintly from behind Qian Renxue. Shocked, she sharply turned her head, only to see Tang San had actually appeared standing next to the Seagod Trident at some point. He was already holding it with one hand.

How could Tang San willingly leave like that? He already saw the Seagod Trident as his best partner. That was the Seagod’s glory. Even if he could survive, if he had to abandon this glory, Tang San knew he would never be able to inherit the Seagod’s position again.

Therefore, after leaving Qian Renxue’s line of sight, he had released his Vast Sea Barrier and used its stealth ability to sneak back, approaching his divine weapon from behind just in case.

It was also just at the moment he arrived next to the Seagod Trident that he heard what Qian Renxue said and spoke up.

Qian Renxue looked at Tang San with alarm and fury intermingled. This fellow was already so difficult to deal with without the Seagod Trident, so Qian Renxue really didn’t know what would happen if she let him take it back now.

“Don’t get excited, absolutely don’t get excited. The heart shattering is a major event. Rely on your divine power to slowly recover. In fact, even though you have enough strength to instantly kill me right now, if you do,

you might not be able to persevere. Even if you don’t die, you’ll still be left with an incurable injury. It would be better for you to follow the rules of the bet. We’ll meet again in three days.”

Tang San’s face revealed a gentle smile for the first time since he met Qian Renxue. Nodding to her, he quietly turned away. This time he truly left.

He didn’t attack Qian Renxue. Not only because he was weak right now, but even more because he understood that even with her heart already shattered, Qian Renxue still had the ability to kill him. Therefore, at this moment he still kept calm without getting greedy, and then turned to leave.

Watching Tang San’s back disappear, Qian Renxue spit out blood once again. Meeting Tang San in the Star Dou Great Forest was her second contest with Tang San, and with an even larger difference in strength than last time. But, she still lost. Even though Tang San was also injured, she was still the one who lost! She was unreconciled, truly unreconciled.

Three Days, Tang San, I want to see how far you can run in three days. Fiercely clenching her teeth, Qian Renxue closed her eyes and began to reconstruct her heart.

Tang San was very satisfied, eating a few big recovery sausages while moving towards the exit of the Star Dou Great Forest. Right now his body was too weak to fly, but his recovery abilities helped by the big recovery sausages had already started to quickly restore his body. Tang San believed that he could completely recover before long. Three days was enough for him to do many things. With this three day buffer, anything was possible.

Tightly gripping the Seagod Trident, he had never felt so deeply for this tool as now. Having lost and then regained it, the feeling of harmony had never been so strong. Tang San secretly swore that, no matter how difficult, he definitely wouldn’t let the Seagod Trident leave him again.

The Seagod Trident seemed to also feel Tang San’s intentions, and a warm feeling spread into Tang San’s body from the dark polearm, nourishing his body. Tang San’s own powerful recovery ability plus the

Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone’s self recovery, quickly restored his condition.

Ten hours later, Tang San finally left the Star Dou Great Forest. If he had been at his peak, he would only have needed six. Even shorter if he could fly. But his condition was too lacking. Using ten hours was already sparing no effort.

Only, in these ten hours, his injuries had already healed by thirty to forty percent, and his spirit power twenty percent or so. Tang San cheerfully discovered that his spirit power had made another leap. Even though he still hadn’t completely recovered yet, he could be practically sure that he successfully stepped past the sixty six rank barrier, entering an all new realm. Inf act, rank ninety five to ninety six, even if it was just a one rank difference, differed in twice the spirit power!

All his shattered spirit rings needed three days to recover. These three days would also be as he rushed with all his strength. Now discovering that his spirit power had broken through once again was clearly an important balance weight on whether he could escape Qian Renxue’s pursuit in three days.

Of course, Tang San absolutely wouldn’t confidently believe he could truly stand against Qian Renxue. He didn’t know what divine weapon Qian Renxue possessed, but the Angelic Raiment definately existed. Those were six spirit bones in the god level. The power they contained was obvious. After Tang San won the bet, he had already firmly resolved to absolutely not clash with Qian Renxue again before becoming a god. Having taken so much punishment, she absolutely wouldn’t give him any more chances.

Exiting the Star Dou Great Forest, Tang San moved another ten li or so before stopping, and started to cultivate. This should already be outside of Qian Renxue’s divine sense range. Honing the knife didn’t delay cutting wood, and if he was to avoid getting killed in three days, his current speed wasn’t enough. There was still a long distance from here to the sea. He had to recover his full strength to be able to reach the destination and converge with his companions in three days. If he entered the wide sea, then he could let the fish leap in the ocean, and the birds fly in the sky. Even if she really

could find him, then he would have even more of an advantage facing her in the sea than the Star Dou Great Forest. If the Seagod’s successor really was killed by an enemy while in the ocean, then he really didn’t deserve inheriting the Seagod’s position.

Sitting down cross legged, this time Tang San didn’t stab the Seagod Trident into the ground next to him like usual, but rather placed it across his knees. He would feel his partner’s existence at all times.

Closing his eyes, Tang San directly entered a cultivation state. When he looked into his body, he couldn’t help showing a wry smile. Without carefully observing, he hadn’t discovered that his body was actually broken to this degree. If not for the god level Eight Spider Lances on his back as well as the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone and the Seagod Trident’s strength, he might have already collapsed.

Today was the first time Tang San detonated spirit rings, and he had fully enjoyed the terrifying might it gave, but the side effects had also completely shown up. First of all was weakness. Never mind that his spirit power recovery rate was only a fifth of normal, the constant feeling of weakness almost drove him insane.

Without the numerous spirit rings, the attributes of his body had also weakened substantially, and this influenced his recovery speed. And right now the magnitude of the injuries to his energy channels, especially after just absorbing the three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperor brothers’ spirit rings, at least three fifths of his energy channels showed varying degrees of damage. Due to his now insufficient spirit power, even though the effect of the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone’s Wildfire Burns Unending, Spring Wind Blows New Life ability was powerful, its speed was still very slow.

Carefully sensing the conditions of his body, while Tang San started to focus on cultivating, his heart rate also slowed. He knew that with his current injuries, recovering to his peak condition would take at least a day and a half. And in the remaining day and a half, even if he flew at top speed, it was still impossible to reach the sea. In other words, no matter what, there was a chance Qian Renxue would catch up to him.

Indeed, the Vast Sea Barrier’s hiding ability really was extraordinary, but Tang San still knew that the reason he could sneak up behind Qian Renxue before was because her heart was smashed, weakening her. And when she pursued him once again, she would fully use the divine tool and strength belonging to the God of Angels. At that time, whether he could hide from her pursuit was difficult to say. Tang San could be practically certain that Qian Renxue would have some way of tracking him.

Even so, he had no other choice right now but to sit down and slowly cultivate. He was telling himself one thing right now, the closer he got to the ocean in three days, the better.

Tang San was very intelligent, but Qian Renxue’s evaluation of him neglected one thing: Tang San’s calm. As a person of two worlds, his actual age should already be past fifty, and his attitude was far beyond that of people of a similar age.

After Grandmaster took Tang San as a disciple, the first thing he taught him was the word ‘calm’. As a control type spirit master, if he couldn’t maintain a calm heart, then he would never succeed.

Therefore, the greater the crisis Tang San faced, the more calm he was, Mt. Tai collapsing couldn’t make him change expression. He could pull strongly against the tide in a crisis, doing things others couldn’t creating miracles.

Consequently, even in such a discouraging situation, Tang San was still calm, cultivating quietly and doing the best to adjust his condition, healing his body bit by bit instead of being anxious for quick results. Because he knew that at this moment the worst thing he could do was make mistakes, or he would really be finished, losing even his last chance.
[1] Guanyin - (观⾳) The Boddhisattva of Compassion

Chapter 300

To ordinary people, ruptured energy channels was a fatal injury. But to Tang San it was basically nothing. Even if all his energy channels burst, as long as he had one breath left, he absolutely wouldn’t die. Among all Tang San’s spirit rings and spirit bones, the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone was the only one without attack power. But it was still a hundred thousand year level.

The flight ability really was amazing to lower ranked spirit masters, but with Tang San’s present cultivation, he could fly even without using spirit bone abilities by coordinating his spirit power. Just like what he saw Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi do.

Therefore, flying wasn’t the most valuable ability of the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone. Its strength was practically all on Wildfire Burns Unending, Spring Wind Blows Life Again.

If there was any doubt, then the fact that even shattered limbs could be restored showed how powerful it was. As long as Tang San still drew breath, he practically couldn’t die. Only the recovery speed would be different based on the severity of the injuries.

Just like now, when Tang San’s energy channels ruptured in battle, the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone’s energy instantly intervened, controlling the damaged channels and directly sealing the damaged cross sections, keeping him from bleeding all over. The blood Tang San spit out was all from the moment the violent shock just damaged his energy

channels. Otherwise, with the degree of damage caused by using Great Sumeru Hammer, he would already be done for.

And after he left the battle, the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone’s energy would first condense the shape of the energy channels within his body, connecting each fractured channel to form the normal connections, making his blood circulate once again. Then through this power, it would pull the fractured veins and gradually heal them. This was also an important reason why Tang San’s spirit power could recover so quickly.

Right now, Tang San was completely quiet. The instant he was soaked into the beauty of cultivating, his entire body entered a perfect cultivation state. Profoundly sensing the recovery process of each damaged vein. As a power, the first one had to do was familiarize oneself with one’s body. If one couldn’t promptly grasp one’s state after each time one’s attributes changed, it was impossible to use one’s condition well in battle. Especially someone who possessed a tyrannical yet dangerous ability like Tang San’s Great Sumeru Hammer. He had to grasp the limits of his body even better so he wouldn’t break them in the middle of combat, so preserving his life.

Completely soaked in cultivation, his body was recovering at its fastest. In this battle with Qian Renxue, Tang San could be said to have exhausted his ingenuity. He’d never been as exhausted as now. Even though he had faced a lot of powers stronger than him in the past, the gap had never been as wide as this time. Don’t be fooled by the apparent five rank gap with Qian Renxue. Just like Qian Renxue said, their difference was that between man and god. If not for Tang San exploiting all kinds of circumstances to force Qian Renxue not to use her divine weapon, even if she didn’t start with her full strength, he wouldn’t stand a chance of survival.

That he could finally win the bet with Qian Renxue was even more due to his Seagod Trident. The mental efforts far exceeded that of his physical strength. Especially that last strike, using Guanyin’s Tear for the first time, practically drew out all the hidden potential he had. It seriously hurt

The reason Tang San insisted on leaving the range of Qian Renxue’s divine senses before string to cultivate wasn’t because he wanted to hide the direction he left in, but rather in order not to let Qian Renxue see the state

of his body. If he cultivated inside the Star Dou Great Forest, he’d be caught by Qian Renxue’s divine senses. Then she could roughly assess Tang San’s injuries through his cultivation and recovery time, as well as how far he could escape after recovering.

In order to win the bet with Qian Renxue, Tang San had already exhausted the cards in his hand. Qian Renxue already understood his strength extremely well. The only thing worth being happy over was that his spirit power level rose, making his spirit power superior to before, giving him an advantage in Qian Renxue’s pursuit. Three days wasn’t a short time to powers, but three days was far too short for Tang San right now. He could be certain that, no matter how he left, Qian Renxue had a chance of catching up to him. Only the time it took was in question. Therefore, the game had already begun the moment Tang San left Qian Renxue’s divine sense range and started to cultivate.

Using a full sixteen hours, Tang San’s veins were completely recovered. Just as he expected, he really had advanced in rank. After his channels were completely restored, rank ninety six spirit power immediately showed its effect. With each cycle of Mysterious Heaven Skill, the spirit power recovery speed was at least thirty percent higher than before. In a few cycles, his spirit power was already sixty percent recovered. Sixty percent spirit power was enough to let Tang San fly at full speed. As for the remaining spirit power, he could recover it while flying.

It was a few hours faster than he had expected. Tang San knew that his chance of surviving Qian Renxue’s pursuit was a bit bigger. This was inextricably linked to his ability to calm down and wholeheartedly cultivate before.

Taking to the air once again and clearly identifying the direction, Tang San advanced with full strength, leaving behind a line of afterimages as he flew straight for the seashore. With his spirit power increasing, even his flight speed had increased somewhat.

Tang San maintained his highest flight speed practically the whole time. In order to be able to be able to use his full speed, he flew at almost a kilometers distance from the ground. At this height there were very few

birds, and nothing to disturb him. Moreover, at a kilometers altitude, he was difficult to spot from the ground, let alone when he flew so incredibly fast.

Tang San stopped to rest a while every twelve hours. In full flight speed mode, not only was his spirit power consumed, but also his mental state. Of course, if Tang San wished, he was perfectly capable of maintaining such flight speed for three days. However, he also knew that if he did, it would be impossible to maintain his peak condition. If Qian Renxue caught up, he would instead be in even more danger. But by resting every twelve hours, he could maintain peak condition the whole time, ready to react at all times.

After flying for more than two days, the agreed upon time with Qian Renxue was almost up, but with his all full flight speed, he was coming closer and closer to the ocean, he could already smell the refreshing scent in the air.

He had released the Vast Sea Barrier around him twelve hours ago, placing him in a stealth mode. This was of course to isolate him from Qian Renxue’s divine sense search. Tang San knew that if Qian Renxue’s divine sense really caught up to him, he would have nowhere to hide, unless there was a woodland the size of the Star Dou Great Forest, which would give him a fifty percent chance. But very clearly, on the entire Douluo Continent, there were very few areas that could compare. Even more, he wouldn’t be safe even so. When Qian Renxue searched for him before, she hadn’t used any divine tool. Who knew how far she could reach after she did? Therefore, Tang San only used the Vast Sea Barrier to simply hide his body, while still flying quickly. What Tang San hoped for the most right now was that Qian Renxue searched in as wrong a direction as possible, or that her god level strength speed was limited to some extent, unable to catch up to him quickly. By the present circumstances, in at most six hours, he could reach the seashore. As long as he was there, entering the range of the ocean, it wouldn’t matter how powerful Qian Renxue’s divine senses were.

As the Seagod’s successor, if he could still be targeted by the enemy in the ocean, there was no point to Tang San muddling along. The ocean was like blue silver grass, only much, much larger than the Star Dou Great Forest. The Seagod’s power was enough to become Tang San’s best concealment.

Time passed second by second. Tang San was fully immersed in the tense situation. His right hand tightly gripped the Seagod Trident, letting him maintain top flight speed.

The weather was especially sunny and cloudless today, and the visibility high in the air was especially clear, especially with Tang San’s Purple Demon Eye ability. Four hours passed, and he could already see the rough shape of the ocean in the distance, even better sensing the humidity reaching the sky.

A bit faster, and a bit faster, even with his calm, at this moment he couldn’t help his heart beating faster. He was going to make it, in less than two hours, he could absolutely reach the shore.

It was already four hours past the agreed upon time, and Qian Renxue still hadn’t caught up. Very clearly, even as a god, her speed was still limited, and couldn’t instantly teleport anywhere in the continent. It seemed he really would escape her pursuit. Qian Renxue, once I become Seagod, I will definitely repay you for my humiliation this time.

Only, Tang San was clearly happy a bit too early. A quarter of an hour later, when he was one step closer to the ocean, suddenly he felt the hairs all over his body tighten, and especially his soul had a shivering feeling. Inwardly cursing, he turned his head to look back without slowing his flight. His heart instantly sank to the ground.

He couldn’t tell how far away, but a very small golden speck of light was just quickly approaching. In just moments that golden speck of light had doubled in size, clearly showing how terrifyingly fast she moved. Besides Qian Renxue, who else could reach such speed?

Tang San secretly sighed. What he feared the most had occurred. He understood that even if Qian Renxue was a god, she couldn’t possibly guess which direction he was heading in, but she still caught up. That only proved one thing, she had definitely left some kind of mark on him. Relying on her divine senses, she could then accurately determine the direction he left in. And this mark was something he couldn’t discover.

At the same time, Tang San could also sense just what kind of determination the constantly approaching speck of light possessed. This time, Qian Renxue was determined to completely annihilate him. It was already impossible to exploit that contradictory attitude she had towards him. Moreover, this time she was also clearly much stronger than before. It seemed he was going to face the God of Angels wearing the Anglic Raiment!

Only an hour remaining, with the destination before him, and he was caught by a life and death crisis. That definitely didn’t feel good.

Qian Renxue’s figure was already within his line of sight. Within less than a few minutes, she would catch up. What to do?

Cold light flashed in Tang San’s eyes. Clapping the flat of the Seagod Trident’s main blade against his forehead, he used the ice cold sensation to calm down a bit. Clenching his teeth, looking down, he flew straight for the ground.

The God of Angels could be called the ruler of the skies. Back when Tang San’s great grandfather Tang Chen was equally famous to Qian Daoliu, Tang Chen was peerless on the ground, and Qian Douliu peerless in the sky, with Bo Saixi peerless in the ocean. Very clearly, contending with Qian Renxue in the air was practically impossible.

Therefore, Tang San picked fighting on the ground as most suitable to him, charging towards the ground at top speed. Right now, below him was a wide expanse of hills, and past this were two mountains, and then you could reach the sea.

While flying downwards, Tang San simultaneously raised the Seagod Trident in his hand. Like a greeting to Qian Renxue, a line of Seagod’s Light shot into the Seagod’s Heart, the trident instantly exploding with intense golden light that shot towards the sky. At the same time, he flew into the hills, the Eight Spider Lances shoot out from his back, leaping like a shooting star and quickly advancing.

Qian Renxue naturally saw the Seagod Trident’s light, a cold smile rising at the corners of her lips. She sped up once again, the six wings on her back spreading out simultaneously, then instantly beat back. The God of Angels’ golden light seemed to cut through space, and in practically just a few breaths, Qian Renxue had already arrived above Tang San.

Surging golden light fell from the sky, like the sun shining on the earth. No matter how fast Tang San was, it was still impossible to outrun the light. That intense golden light instantly enveloped the entire space. Golden light heaved, the Angelic Domain.

Qian Renxue’s Angelic Domain was at least twice as strong as before, that terrifying glue-like golden light seemed tangible. Being directly enveloped by it, this time Tang San didn’t stand any chance. Even ring explosion plus the final strike of Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method couldn’t cut open this god level domain.

Qian Renxue was completely different from her last time facing Tang San. She didn’t have that graceful and noble palace dress, and in its place was the Angelic Raiment formed from six evolved spirit bones, Sacred Angelic Armor.

The dazzlingly beautiful golden armor seemed perfectly tailor made for her, swelling chest armor, and narrow at the waist, a golden battle skirt, perfectly round shoulder armor, as well as other perfectly proportioned armor pieces enveloped her completely. That small angel brand on her forehead was behind a circle on her forehead, and within that circle was a small glittering angel shaped gem. Altogether seven crested circles were on top, forming a head ornament like a princess crown.

Feather shaped decorative designs extended to every part of the armor, and the six wings on her back had turned completely glittering and transparent gold. With a soft wave, circular golden ripples constantly spread out with Qian Renxue as center. The guard of the completely golden Sword of Angels in her hand unfolded like a pair of angel’s wings. Enormous golden flames covered every part of her.

Without question, this Qian Renxue was the true God of Angels. That enormous golden light descending from the sky was released by that small angel shaped golden gem at the center of the circle on her forehead.

In practically just a flash of gold, Tang San had become frozen, his speed forward coming to a sudden halt. With the Eight Spider Lances released he was like a spider trapped in an enormous web, even taking a single step was a struggle.

Qian Renxue laughed coldly. Even floating there, her voice spread out in all directions, just like the Sanskrit i once heard in his precious life, awing heart and soul.

“Tang San, how does it feel to be caught on the verge of escape? Isn’t it very hopeless?” Qian Renxue’s eyes had already lost that thirst to subdue Tang San, they only held ice cold killing intent. If she wasn’t already a god, she would have died to Tang San’s Guanyin’s Tear. She had never thought that her god level form was unable to respond to that attack. Rebuilding the heart definitely wasn’t a simple task even for a god. The suffering involved wasn’t any less than accepting the angel’s inheritance. After all, angels weren’t widely known for their recovery ability. She could only rely on her enormous divine power to reconstruct the heart. She suffered through this process for a full three days, and she had also used the pain she experienced to raise her killing intent to an unprecedented level. Go all out, kill Tang San.

Just like Tang San anticipated, when Qian Renxue fought him in Star Dou Great Forest, she had left a divine sense imprint on him. This was the divine sense of the God of Angels, even though it wouldn’t cause any harm to Tang San, as long as he was still on this planet, on this continent, no matter where he was, Qian Renxue could rely on her divine sense to find him.

Gods were gods. Rank ninety six Tang San ran as hard as he could for two and a half days, but Qian Renxue only used four hours to catch up. This also included the time to restore her spent divine power after restoring her heart. The time spent on actual pursuit was only two hours. It really was a thousand li in an instant.

“Truly unpleasant. Qian Renxue, you’re even more valiant and formidable-looking in that armor, it must be your divine tool as the God of Angels.”

Tang San raised his head to look to the sky. Even though it was still golden light covering him, this time it was transparent, allowing him to see Qian Renxue in the sky. But that powerful Angelic Domain had already started to devour his spirit power.

Qian Renxue said coldly: “That’s right, this is the armor of the God of Angels. With your strength you should be able to tell just how enormous the gap is between us right now. Even if your strength has increased again, it’s still impossible to fight me. You’re already very close to your goal, but unfortunately, you won’t have another chance. Since you are the Seagod’s successor, how could I let you into the sea? Die.”

She had no plans to speak further to Tang San, because Qian Renxue feared her killing intent would waver. The Sword of Angels in her hand slowly rose, the winged guard releasing multicolored light everywhere. Instantly, countless motes of golden light could be seen condensing on the sword.

A strange scene appeared. Besides where Qian Renxue was, the surrounding rays of light dimmed, the light of the sun actually being controlled, shining only on that angelic sword. The terrifying power of the sun instantly rose, giving Qian Renxue’s entire body a dizzying golden brilliance. Once could imagine just how terrifying the thunderclap strike of this God of Angels was when drawing on the divine power of the sun to attack.

Tang San naturally wouldn’t tie his hands and wait for death. He of course understood that this attack absolutely wasn’t something he could endure. Black light rushed out, and the Clear Sky Hammer appeared in his left hand. The eight spirit rings had already completely recovered, and the first spirit ring brightened in practically the same moment Qian Renxue raised the Sword of Angels. At the same moment, a circle of gaudy golden light also spilled out from the Seagod Trident he held.

Qian Renxue was different from three days ago, but Tang San was also different. Even if it was impossible for him to bring out true god level strength like Qian Renxue did with the Angelic Raiment, don’t forget that he also had the Seagod’s weapon united with his mind, the Seagod Trident.

The ripples of the Seagod Trident spread out in an instant, and while briefly, it clearly pushed away the Angelic Domain a little. And Tang San’s Clear Sky Hammer swung at this moment. Not towards Qian Renxue in the sky, but rather towards the ground beneath his feet.

When the first spirit ring’s spirit ability was released, that pitch black Clear Sky Hammer quietly entered the ground. The next moment, Tang San’s body suddenly disappeared. Disappeared the instant the Sacred Angelic Sword chopped down with the condensed divine power of the sun.

The pure golden blade seemed about to plow open the earth. The split second that pure golden light collided with the ground, there was no sound, but an enormous hole was still cut open in the ground. The air twisted, immeasurable silt and rocks melting under the divine power of the sun. This attack was a true god’s strike, called Sacred Sun Sword. It was an ability specific to the God of Angels. It was powerful, with surpassing explosive force.

The six winged God of Angels relied mainly on the divine attribute, with flame as support. Under the effect of Qian Renxue’s Sacred Angelic Sword right now, the two great attributes erupted fully through the divine power of the sun. This slash cut fully into the ground, in a five hundred meter range. An incomparably enormous pit appeared in the ground after the pure golden light passed. Moreover, that pit was still constantly expanding, because it was completely rendered pure gold, constantly melting further.

The instant the Sacred Sun Sword fell on the ground, Qian Renxue revealed a somewhat sorrowful expression. It seemed impossible to her for Tang San to escape this attack again. After all, this was the only man she had ever liked! The result was that he still died by her hand. That bitterness constantly gnawed on her heart. She knew that her decision was correct, Tang San had long since become the greatest weakness in her heart. Now

that she had killed him with her own hands, this weakness had grown immense. Absolutely nobody could be allowed to learn about this.

Only, the pain and sadness on her face didn’t stay for long. Looking at the incomparably enormous pit in the ground melting wider, her expression suddenly froze.

The moment the Sacred Sun Sword hit, even her divine senses were curbed in order to avoid being affected by that terrifying true sun fire. But now that the Sacred Sun Sword’s power was spreading, after her divine senses automatically spilled out, she discovered that presence of the divine sense lock hadn’t disappeared along with the attack, but was just now moving towards the ocean with remarkable speed.

How was it possible? This was Qian Renxue’s first thought. The next moment she flew out. Attentively watching a remote patch of land, the corners of her mouth revealed a relieved smile. This moment she actually had a somewhat refreshing feeling, even forgetting the pain of her shattered heart.

Tang San didn’t die, his presence didn’t disappear, still running, he wasn’t dead. Only, Qian Renxue also very quickly grew alert, the smile on her face disappearing somewhat awkwardly. She’d obviously come here to kill him, so why was she so happy he didn’t die? Through dithering on the border of life and death this time, it seemed like his place in her heart had come one step closer. Qian Renxue frowned, she knew that if it went on like this, if Tang San didn’t die, her heart might fall first.

She suddenly accelerated, dashing forward. Tang San, you really are capable, you could even think of a method like this. You’re the one who could do it.

How did Tang San escape the Sacred Sun Sword strike? It seemed impossible, but it was really quite simple. He only used one spirit ability to bring him out of range.

Tang San was never one to waste time. In these two days of flight, his thoughts had never stopped. He definitely wouldn’t just hope that Qian

Renxue wouldn’t catch up to him by luck, binding the bamboo before it rains was what a wise man did. Therefore, he was always thinking about how he could respond to Qian Renxue’s pursuit after she was restored to her full state. Among this, he thought of one method.

It was clearly impossible to escape Qian Renxue by flying. She was the God of Angels. Since flying wouldn’t do, then he’d go to ground.

Among Tang San’s two spirits and seventeen spirit rings, only one spirit ring was related to the earth, but this one spirit ring was already enough for him. That was the Clear Sky Hammer’s first spirit ring from the Titan Giant Ape Er Ming. As a hundred thousand year spirit ring, this first spirit ring assigned Tang San two hundred thousand year spirit abilities. Tang San had never used it himself, he’d always used the Titan Giant Ape left arm bone’s two spirit abilities.

The two spirit abilities the spirit ring gave were Titan Hammer and Force of Earth. They weren’t two attack abilities, but rather one power attack, and one support. Tang San had once tested the might of Titan’s Hammer, and the attack power of this hundred thousand year spirit ability wasn’t a bit inferior to when he used Great Sumeru Hammer after detonating the same first spirit ring, or even surpassed it. Only after using it there was still a brief charge up time, and it couldn’t used for consecutive attacks like the Great Sumeru Hammer’s Ring Detonation. And the other ability Force of Earth was completely a support ability.

Controlling the power of the earth for his own use, if combined with Titan Hammer plus all manner of Tang San’s attributes plus the power of the Clear Sky Hammer itself, it was enough to become the most powerful frontal attack weapon among all of Tang San’s spirit abilities.

But right now Tang San wasn’t using the destructive power these two spirit abilities produced, but the Force of Earth’s ability to control the earth.

The name Titan, in the Douluo Continent’s ancient era, represented the God of Earth. The Titan Giant Ape, by another name, was the Child of Earth. This was also an important reason why the Titan Giant Ape could become the forest king, become a peak level spirit beast. So then, Tang

San’s Blue Silver Emperor most controlled all blue silver grass, and as long as it was on the ground, the Titan Giant Ape could control the strongest force. The difference between them wasn’t easy to see.

Therefore, after Tang San released the Clear Sky Hammer’s first spirit ring, it instantly drew him into the ground. At the same time the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone flight ability started, exploiting Force of Earth to shift the mud and rocks, quickly travelling underground. At the same time, in order to raise the movement speed to the limit, he also used the left arm bone ability Gravity Control. This time it wasn’t to increase gravity, but rather decrease it, cooperating with the control from Force of Earth, Tang San could instantly travel underground at flight speed, quickly leaving the battlefield like a swimming fish.

The God of Angels was the god that controlled the skies. Therefore, even Qian Renxue’s divine power couldn’t use her Angelic Domain underground, so Tang San left the domain’s restriction and drilled away. But even so, he was still grazed by the Sacred Sun Sword’s might. The scorching feeling almost melted him directly. Fortunately the god level Eight Spider Lances dissolved the power of the true sun fire.

Having escaped Qian Renxue’s attack, Tang San wouldn’t dither longer.
Using his full speed, he quickly moved towards the ocean.

Once Qian Renxue discovered it, he had already run almost ten kilometers.

Qian Renxue had always admired Tang San. In her eyes, Tang San was like a bottomless pit, as long as you squeezed hard or he faced a life and death crisis, he could always create miracles, always shocking everyone. Without a doubt, what astonished Qian Renxue the most was the Quanyin’s Tear that could even pierce her heart, but Tang San’s ability to fly away underground also surprised her a lot. She of course clearly understood Tang San’s thoughts. Underground, her fighting power would be enormously weakened.

Tang San also equally sensed Qian Renxue’s presence. She was straight above him in midair, but he had no idea when the next attack would come.

His mental strength was already completely suppressed by Qian Renxue’s divine senses, basically unable to discover any information useful to him.

Helplessly, Tang San’s instant choice was to suddenly turn down, infusing the Clear Sky Hammer with spirit power and quickly hiding deeper underground. As long as he reached a certain depth, he could rely on the earth to shield him from Qian Renxue. Even though the continuous control of Force of Earth was exhausting, it was the only choice he had.

Tang San’s ability to resist pressure was extremely high, and even though the pressure of the earth was much heavier than the ocean, he could still endure it a while. Just as Qian Renxue’s attack was ready, he had already quickly sunk more than five hundred meters underground. At this distance, even if Qian Renxue launched god level attacks, the strength of Tang San’s body and drawing on the buffer of earth, Qian Renxue was still unable to directly cause him any harm.

Qian Renxue clenched her silver teeth. Fine then, Tang San, you really are too cunning. But even if you go underground, can you escape my pursuit? She clearly understood that, as long as Tang San entered the ocean, she might truly be unable to kill him. Even though the earth was a very large restraint on her power, it was after all better than the ocean. The sea was the Seagod’s domain, and there Tang San could display even greater abilities. Whether her divine senses were enough to keep up pursuit was a question. Therefore, Qian Renxue firmly decided that she had to catch up to Tang San before he reached the shore.
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