Douluo Dalu Chapter 281-290


Chapter 281

Under Hu Liena’s orders, the Spirit Empire army in Jialing Pass quickly mobilized. At times like this, even if those ranking officers were a bit resentful of the Spirit Hall spirit masters, they still understood that if they didn’t work together with one purpose right now, and if the Heaven Dou Imperial Army broke through Jialing Pass, the consequences would be difficult to imagine. Especially the ones who came from the kingdoms and duchies that were originally part of the Heaven Dou Empire understood what they would face. Their treason in joining the Spirit Empire separated them from the Heaven Dou Empire like fire and water.

Hu Liena leaned on the wall, intently gazing at the other side, as if looking for something. Complex feeling flashed past her eyes, but very soon turned to resolve. She clearly understood that she absolutely couldn’t hesitate at times like this.

The Heaven Dou Imperial Army pushed the whole way to twenty li from Jialing Pass before coming to a halt. This time the formation was enormously different. The light cavalry was still on the flanks, all nocking arrows to bows, quietly waiting. But the central vanguard had changed to legions mainly made up of heavy infantry, pushing forward all kinds of siege equipment. The heavy cavalry wasn’t in the central position. In the center was regular infantry, heavy infantry on their flanks. Behind came the Heaven Dou Empire’s spirit master legion and the Tang Army. The heavy cavalry was furthest in the rear of the entire Heaven Dou Imperial Army formation. The biting cold killing intent leapt at Jialing Pass.

Headed by Tang San, the Shrek Seven Devils, Grandmaster, Flender, Liu Erlong, Sword Douluo, Bone Douluo, Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master Ning Fengzhi, Poison Douluo, as well as the Tang Sect Strength Hall master Tai Tan and Defense Hall Master Niu Gao all stood in front of the army instead of with their side’s spirit master legion. And the spirit master legion’s position was instead commanded by Heaven Dou Emperor Xue Beng as well as chief commander marshal Ge Long.

Tang San was undoubtedly central to all these people. Even though the Seagod Trident he held was still dark, it had already become Tang San’s trademark. His arrival made the Heaven Dou Imperial Army’s vigor swiftly rise, the eyes of each soldier that looked at Tang San filled with a zealous light. It seemed as if this war couldn’t possibly be lost as long as Tang San was here.

The battle formation was arranged, the armies of both sides staring at each other. Tang San alone slowly left the formation, raising the Seagod Trident above his head. A ray of deeply golden light abruptly shot out from his forehead like lightning, hitting the Seagod’s Heart. Instantly, the Seagod Trident’s every line seemed to come alive, golden light roaming, shooting at the sky, as if it had become the center of the entire battlefield. An intense divine presence rendered Tang San completely golden. Those intense energy waves seemed to absorb everything around him.

“Heave Dou certain victory!” Tang San shouted out loud. What made all the Spirit Empire officials on the walls of Jialing Pass turn pale was that Tang San’s voice actually travelled the entire twenty li distance to Jialing Pass, and at the same time also spread widely among the Heaven Dou Empire’s millions of men.

“Heaven—— Dou—— certain—— victory——, king—— Lan—— Hao—— certain—— victory——!”

Rumble…… &nbsp

The Heaven Dou Imperial advanced one step with each word, the soldiers constantly repeating the same chant. The army once again advanced, their imposing manner rising slightly with each word. That terrifying clamor beat against Jialing Pass with an almost tangible pressure.

Let alone the defenders of Jialing Pass, even the five Title Douluo following Hu Liena changed expressions. In the battle that day, Tang San had left them an extremely deep impression. Bibi Dong was clearly stronger than him, but still lost. The might of the Seagod Trident breaking the walls with a single attack had left an even more indelible impression with each Spirit Empire national here.

Tang San suddenly moved. With golden light streaming from the Seagod Trident, he dashed towards the Jialing Pass like a golden meteor. At the same moment, the Heaven Dou Empire powers that were previously following him also all moved, following close behind him. Moving quickly, they had already completely left their army far behind in the blink of an eye.

With at least Spirit Douluo level powers all sprinting all   out, twenty li passed in a blink. Soon they were already coming closer and closer to Jialing Pass.

“Holy Maiden, what do we do?” Watching the Seagod Trident come ever closer, the atmosphere on the Jialing Pass walls quickly turned panicked. These people already had an innate fear of Tang San.

Again seeing that familiar figure, Hu Liena softly bit the top of her tongue, using the pain to brak out of that intensely unusual mood. She coldly watched these mainstay powers of the Spirit Empire next to her. In these circumstances, it should undoubtedly be the responsibility of these Title Douluo to lead a portion of the spirit master legions’ strongest spirit masters to snipe Tang San’s people. But these spirit masters had no fighting spirit, having them sortie to meet the enemy head on now definitely wasn’t a good plan. Hu Liena wasn’t Bibi Dong, she didn’t have Bibi Dong’s strength, and even less Bibi Dong’s powerful strategies and authority. These Title Douluo were all Spirit Hall elders, and she couldn’t control them completely.

Consequently, Hu Liena could only settle for second best, lowering her voice: “Quietly observe the situation, be ready to block them at any time. They absolutely cannot be allowed to crest the walls.”

“Yes——” Hearing what Hu Liena said, the high level spirit masters on the walls clearly heaved a sigh of relief.

Hu Liena looked at the distant Tang San who was now already approaching the moat, thinking to herself, ‘Oh Tang San, what are you trying to do? What’s your goal in charging with so few people?’ She understood Tang San extremely well. With Tang San’s intelligence, he clearly wouldn’t shoot without a goal. Entering so deeply with a handful of people, he definitely had some important plan.

Hu Liena had seen Tang San, and with the Purple Demon Eye he had naturally also seen her. Tang San of course wouldn’t be so conflicted as Hu Liena was. To him, even if he appreciated Hu Liena, Spirit Hall was still his absolute enemy. The hatred between both sides really was far, far too deep. Besides annihilating the enemy, there was no chance for mediation.

When there was still one li to Jialing Pass, already within range of the fortress ballistae, Tang San suddenly stopped. The golden light revolving around him instantly grew even more intense, and at the same time his Blue Silver Emperor spirit was also released. Nine spirit rings in black and red were neatly arranged around him, and it was also at this moment five rays of strong light shot at him from behind, each representing strength boost, agility boost, spirit power boost, attack boost, as well as attribute boost, all illuminating Tang San from Ning Rongrong’s Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda.

The tip of his left foot hit the ground. An intense energy wave exploded from below his left foot, and the ground around his foot cracked simultaneously in a thirty meter diameter, revealing the frightening force of Tang San’s step. He instantly spun a turn around that left foot, completely extending the right arm holding the Seagod Trident. Muscles and tendons stretching to the limit, it was as if he drew a giant bow like the full moon. Golden light flashed, and the Seagod Trident shot out like a javelin.

The instant that golden dyed true divine tool left his hand, Hu Liena on top of the walls changed expression. Golden light flashed and disappeared, an enormous explosion, and it struck one of the gates of Jialing Pass.

Last time when the Seagod Trident flew out with the Golden Thirteen Halberds’ One Goes Without Return, it had already lost its edge by the time it hit Jialing Pass after first hitting Bibi Dong. But this time, even though Tang San didn’t use the divine ability One Goes Without Return, with his physical strength plus rank ninety three spirit power as well as the Seagod Trident’s own one hundred eight thousand jin weight, the power attack already surpassed anything below a rank ninety five Title Douluo’s ninth direct attack spirit ability. Especially in terms of force, even Bibi Dong’s strongest spirit abilities couldn’t compare.

The Jialing Pass gate after all wasn’t a wall, and amidst a loud explosion, it turned into a cloud of countless splinters in that terrifying blast. One of the four gates was already completely smashed. Guarding behind the gate, at least a hundred soldiers had died without leaving intact corpses from the flying splinters.

Even more frightening things were still in store. Tang San spun in the air, an intense light in his hands. That golden within white light emanated an enormous attractive force. The Seagod Trident didn’t penetrate too deeply when it smashed the gate, and was forcibly yanked back, cutting an arc through the air as it was pulled by that whirlpool like energy in Tang San’s hands.

After mastering the Tang Sect’s secret skill Controlling Crane Catching Dragon, this was the first time Tang San had used it at full force. The Seagod Trident was thrown into the air and spun along with Tang San’s fast rotations. After turning in a circle with Tang San at the center, it once again flew out towards Jialing Pass.

“Quick, all ballistae, focus fire, stop him!” On the walls, Hu Liena shouted loudly. Even though the walls of Jialing Pass were too stable to be shaken by one gate being broken, Hu Liena now understood what Tang San was doing. She immediately ordered the ballistae to shoot, and simultaneously looked at the five Title Douluo next to her, “Elders lead one

hundred imperial spirit masters above the Spirit Sage level to attack, he must be stopped immediately.”

The five Title Douluo looked at each other, but none of them moved. When they once again saw the power of the Seagod Trident, they really didn’t want to fight Tang San.

“You all——” Hu Liena glared at them. Even if she’d already guessed that these elders wouldn’t follow her orders completely, when it actually happened it still made her furious.

Blowfish Douluo frowned: “Holy maiden, we’d better rely on the defense of the walls. We have the Angel Legion and Sacred Dragon Legion inside. Even if Tang San breaks the gates, we’re not worried they will charge inside. On the contrary, that will cause them even greater losses.”

One sharp giant crossbow bolt after another flew from the walls, all targeting Tang San, their whistling sounds piercing the soul. Unfortunately, they weren’t enough to block Tang San.

Multicolored lights constantly brightened next to Tang San, his comrades were already using all sorts of spirit abilities to defend him. Before these Spirit Douluo and higher level powers, ballistae were no threat. Not one bolt could approach within fifty meters of Tang San before they were were intercepted by spirit abilities.

Boom—— Just at this moment, a second lous sound reverberated. Another gate was broken. Tang San basically didn’t pause, and once the fourth loud sound echoed across the battlefield, Jialing Pass’ four great gates were completely turned to splinters.

As Tang San completed the four successive strikes and once again held the Seagod Trident, he couldn’t help breathing heavily. But the Mysterious Heaven Skill’s powerful recovery capability also quickly recovered his spent spirit power as he did.

Jialing Pass’ drawbridges weren’t in front of the gates, but rather to the sides. Hu Lien’s previous order had been carried out, and all the four giant drawbridges were destroyed.

At Xue Beng’s nod, marshal Ge Long raised his longsword, passing down the order to charge. The central army troops didn’t even push the siege equipment, instead directly charging towards Jialing Pass. At least two hundred thousand soldiers were thrown into the first wave, charging furthest ahead. Each man carried a one meter wide and one and a half meter long wooden board on their back, ready for some unknown use. The spirit master legion and Tang Army also subsequently moved, quickly approaching Jialing Pass.

Seeing the drawbridges destroyed, Tang San couldn’t keep a cold smile from the corners of his mouth. They had of course expected something like this, and naturally also had ways to deal with it.

“Senior Sword Douluo, move.”

Chen Xin gave a deep shout, the Seven Kill Sword attacking. Its ninth black star shone with light as the Seven Kill Sword rose against the wind, instantly turning into an enormous sword, filling the sky and falling. It wasn’t attacking the walls, but rather chopped at the moat.

Boom—— The Seven Kill Sword descended, as if severing the moat with one cut. The terrifying sword energy practically instantly broke the entire moat. The river of course wouldn’t really break, but a ten meter wide gulch was left behind on both sides, slanting into the moat.

Chen Xin still wasn’t finished. The sword shadow flashed repeatedly in the air, and altogether thirteen cuts struck the moat, leaving behind equally enormous gulches. Each gulch was like a slope, spreading into the water. A rank ninety seven Title Douluo’s power was displayed. These terrifying thirteen cuts wasn’t any less intimidating than Tang San’s four trident throws.

The five Spirit Empire Title Douluo on the wall drew cold breaths. They were at present the people at Jialing Pass closest to Sword Douoluo’s

strength, and naturally also sensed Sword Douluo’s attack the deepest. They asked themselves who of them could block Sword Douluo’s attack, and were also even happier that they hadn’t followed Hu Liena’s orders to fight outside the walls before.

After those thirteen cuts, the Seven Kill Sword changed back into its original form and returned to Sword Douluo’s hand. His face also seemed a bit pale, gasping slightly as he held the sword. At the same time as he returned the sword, Tang San’s threw his Seagod Trident for the fifth time. Only this time his actions startled even those on his side.

The trident wasn’t thrown at the walls, but rather into the air. Blades facing up, shaft facing down, it fell straight into the moat with a splash.

Tang San’s expression was a bit sneering. Pushing the middle three fingers of his right hand against the Seagod Trident brand on his forehead, all his energies instantly rose to the peak.

Even Tang San himself hadn’t expected today’s battle to go so smoothly, without the obstacles he had imagined. The Spirit Empire army just waited quietly, not even sending out spirit masters to meet the attack.

Throwing out his right arm, the three fingers he previously pressed against his forehead were aimed at the moat. A ray of extremely condensed golden light instantly erupted, directly shooting into the water at the position the Seagod Trident just fell.

The instant that golden light entered the water, an enormous golden shadow appeared behind Tang San, a dignified aura that made both the spirit masters on the walls as well as those nearby feel fearful. Each person had a bizarre feeling. In their eyes, even though Tang San still stood by the shore, right now he seemed to have melted together with the moat, or to be precise, that the moat had melded with him.

Perhaps it was because of the countless splashes from Sword Douluo’s thirteen cuts that made the moat seem to boil, but just at this moment an extremely towering stillness fell. Freezing like a mirror. Bizarre ripples spread out, not ripples of water, but ripples of light, waves of golden light.

And the next moment, as Hu Liena gazed down from the wall, shockingly, she saw the entire Jialing Pass mote had actually turned completely golden.

Tang San mocked in a voice only his comrades could hear: “Even if I’m still not the Seagod, isn’t it insane to try and stop my army with water?”

As his words fell, he pulled up with his right arm, a ray of golden light breaking out of the water. The Seagod Trident that fell into the water before radiated its divine golden color as it rose straight into the air.

The Seagod Light erupting from Tang San’s forehead suddenly changed, from the previous straight line into circular ripples, quietly spreading out. The Seagod’s Heart below the Seagod Trident’s blades blossomed with a blindingly intense light. Tang San pointed forward with his right hand, directly at the top of the Jialing Pass walls, and the blades of the trident equally pointed towards the top of the walls.


Under everyones’ dumbstruck gazes, the golden water in the moat actually instantly surged under the influence of that light, instantly rising high up, climbing into the air.

Back on the Seagod Island, the Seagod Seven Sacred Pillar Guardian Douluo had once relied on the power of the sacred pillars to control all the water in the sea within a sea. What Tang San controlled now was the true Seagod Trident, and his own strength also surpassed those guardians. Even though he controlled a moat so wide, but actually not that large in area, it really wasn’t all that difficult for him as a Seagod candidate.

The Seagod was a god with the power to control the energy of all water, and the water in the moat was still water. Compared to the vastness of the sea, it was actually insignificant. This was also the reason why Tang San was so mocking when he saw the Spirit Empire try to defend with a moat. Trying to use water to block a Seagod candidate, wasn’t that just ridiculous?

All the water in the moat fully rose into the air, so much that even most of the moisture in the silt at the bottom was extracted. The Seagod Trident suddenly pointed forward, and the moat water in the air instantly turned into a raging wave that surged towards the walls.

What Tang San used was the Seagod Trident’s water control ability, as well as the Seagod’s Heart’s Vast Sea Raging Wave ability. A group attack ability. Even though the river it now controlled was rather large, and scattered the attack power of this ability, without a doubt, it still displayed quite considerable force.

All the water in the moat flooded Jialing Pass in almost an instant. Even though there were a lot of higher level spirit masters on top of the walls, they were already scared of Tang San, and with that terrifying golden wave in front of them, each person could only manage their own defense, basically not even thinking of sparing the strength to block the entire wave. All this was too sudden.

The giant wave overflowed the sky. Large numbers of common soldiers were directly washed off the Jialing Pass walls, flung into the pass. In fact, the walls were close to a hundred meters high, and falling from such a height, plus the impact from the water, instantly caused disastrous losses for those common soldiers. And with Tang San focusing all his strength on controlling the water to strike those menacing ballistae, after the wave passed, more than a third were ruined.

As Hu Linea used spirit abilities to resist the surging water, her brain was completely blank. It was the first time she had ever seen something like it. The first time she commanded such a large scale battle. Confronting the terrifying strength Tang San revealed, as well as the millions of soldiers charging, the moat suddenly rising into the air and attacking. All this, everything brought her close to collapse.

The Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone flight ability burst forth, and Tang San soared into the air. Catching the Seagod Trident, he directly pointed into Jialing Pass, shouting, “Kill——!”

The charging Heaven Dou Imperial Army accelerated once again. Looking down from above, the army threw itself at Jialing Pass even more straightforwardly than the moat water just did. On the walls right now, there wasn’t even the people to control the ballistae.

“Meet—— the—— enemy——!” Hu Liena shouted. This was also the only order she could give. Compared to Tang San’s shout filled with murderous killing intent, her voice seemed so weak.

Tang San was in no hurry to charge Jialing Pass. There was after all still large numbers of Spirit Empire powers there, he only coldly looked down on the chaos within from the air. He couldn’t keep his heart from growing burning hot, the battle for vengeance had already begun. The Spirit Empire would finally pay the price for all that they had done.

Very soon, the Heaven Dou Imperial Army’s charge arrived. The boards carried on the backs of the soldiers charging furthest ahead finally showed their use. One board after another was thrown into the empty moat, and they rushed down along the cuts Sword Douluo had created, and then climbed up the opposite bank, madly dashing towards Jialing Pass. With that godlike king Lan Hao in midair, each soldier’s eyes brimmed with a fanatic mood. The red and white colored Deathgod Domain descended from above, covering an enormous range. It had no effect on spirit masters, but it the influence on common soldiers was enormous.

The originally already panicked Spirit Empire soldiers turned even more panicked in the Deathgod Domain, and the Heaven Dou Empire soldiers that originally already held the advantage in morale grew even stronger. Within the Deathgod Domain, they even forgot about death and pain, only endless slaughter remained.

The five Title Douluo behind Hu Liena had already released their spirits, but as they saw Tang San floating in the air, not one had any thoughts of attacking. They only watched silently, their eyes bewildered.

“If you don’t act, Jialing Pass is finished. Even if you die, you have to stop Tang San. With him here, our defenses will collapse.” Hu Liena was now almost hysterical, shouting at the Title Douluo as if insane.

The five Title Douluo looked at each other, for a moment also at a loss what to do. That day they couldn’t win when they had even more people, and then they were even led by Bibi Dong. Now they were only five, would they really risk their lives? Cultivating to the Title Douluo level was so difficult, who would want to risk it?”

“She is right, this is an order. Get out there.” A hoarse voice echoed. The five Title Douluo’s expression changed as they turned around to look, only to find a pale Bibi Dong arriving on the walls.

But, before the Title Douluo could go carry out Bibi Dong’s order, their opponents were already landing on the walls. The powers that had accompanied Tang San all pounced at the walls of Jialing Pass. Those with their own flight abilities used them, and those without relied on Oscar’s flying mushroom sausage to crest the walls, more than ten powers charging at once.

At this moment, those Title Douluo finally also understood that if they still didn’t act, then the ending might be even more miserable. The five roared at the same time, releasing their spirit abilities and charging.

When hated enemies meet, they will be even more furious. One side only had five peak level powers, but possessed large numbers of rank seventy and eighty spirit masters as support, the other side’s ten something people were practically all peak level powers, and even Tang San with the strength to contend with peak Douluo. As both sides had just collided, sparks flew all over.

Poison Douluo once again found his old enemy, the Blowfish Douluo that countered him. He didn’t believe he couldn’t defeat this fellow.

Sword Douluo’s Seven Kill Sword swept in a circle, directly confining two of the enemy Title Douluo. Bone Douluo laughed out loud, also finding two. With Ning Fengzhi’s full support, even though they were both one versus two, they still weren’t at a disadvantage. The enemy’s five Title Douluo were directly blocked.

Ning Rongrong’s support abilities were unleashed, Dai Mubai, Oscar, Ma Hongjun, Zhu Zhuqing, Xiao Wu, Flender, and Liu Erlong blocked those rank seventy and eight spirit masters with her support. Dazzling spirit abilities rendered the top of Jialing Pass in beautiful light.

Tang San and Grandmaster confronted Bibi Dong and Hu Liena guarding in front of her, both a pair of master and disciple. Tang San held the Seagod Trident and stood ahead and to the side of Grandmaster, glowering at Bibi Dong. Seeing Bibi Dong, he couldn’t help recalling his parents, recalling the dead Da Ming and Er Ming.

Hu Liena blocked in front of Bibi Dong without showing the slightest intention of retreat. Her gaze was fixed on Tang San, her mood complex, but even more steady.

Bibi Dong’s face was pale, the eyes that usually radiated power were somewhat lost as she looked at Grandmaster. The injuries to her soul made all of her seem somewhat weak.

“Why?” Grandmaster’s eyes were tinged with red, his fists tightly clenched, his expression even more complex than Hu Liena’s as he asked Bibi Dong. He had wanted to ask Bibi Dong this one question for a very, very long time. But only now could he ask it to her face.

Bibi Dong smiled a smile that made people’s hair stand, “Of course it’s for you. Did you forget how your family bullied you? They despised you, even pushed you out of the clan. You should thank me, I helped you kill all those people who mistreated you. Liu Erlong should thank me too. Without your family blocking it, can’t you be together without anyone stopping it?”

“Bullshit. No matter how I was treated, it was the clan that gave me life. I will always be a son of the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan.” Grandmaster’s eyes shot flame, speaking angrily.

Bibi Dong was still smiling, the smile growing increasingly mournful, and even some strange ridicule, “Then so what? Anyway, the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan has already gone up in smoke. What use

is there in talking about it? Ridiculous, truly ridiculous! Haha, hahahaha.”

“You’re insane.” Grandmaster roared.

Bibi Dong’s face was cold. Looking at Grandmaster, her eyes suddenly turned a bit strange, even a bit crazy, “Yes, I’m insane, I’m insane. Why? I want revenge, revenge on everyone in this world. I will become the most wicked person on the Douluo Continent. Every life in this world is evil, each one. It doesn’t matter how you see me, I’ve already done what I’ve done, all evil was done by me. But so what? I hear you’re the Heaven Dou Empire State Preceptor now. Xiao Gang, don’t worry, once I’ve destroyed the Heaven Dou Empire, how about I let you be king? Come! Don’t you want to kill me? Then come and kill me!”

Hu Liena fiercely guarded Bibi Dong, using her body to block in front of her, “Teacher, don’t. I’ll definitely protect you. Tang San, if you want to kill my teacher, you’ll have to pass my corpse first.”

Bibi Dong stared blankly, “Idiot girl, you really are foolish. Don’t tell me you think I can’t see you like this boy?”

Hearing Bibi Dong say this, Tang San and Hu Liena shook simultaneously, looking eye to eye. Tang San frowning, Hu Liena somewhat astonished and fearful. Grandmaster stared blankly.

“Teacher, I, I don’t……” Hu Liena rushed to explain.

Bibi Dong smiled. This time her smile was very gentle. The large mood swings made people feel frightened, “Idiot girl, your teacher is experienced. I can see a lot from how you look at him. Back then I looked at a man with exactly such eyes, only one man. How could I not know? Yes, Tang San really is very remarkable. I pose as a genius, but he is even more talented than me. You have good eyes. Unfortunately, you are my disciple, is there any difference for you and him as for me and Xiao Gang? Even if you agree, would he want you? We are both women without anyone.”

“Teacher……” Two clear teardrops rolled fell from Hu Liena’s beautiful eyes, no longer able to forcefully restrain the emotions in her heart. But she still unflinchingly guarded in front of Bibi Dong.

Tang San sighed deeply, slowly raising the Seagod Trident, facing Hu Liena, “Get out of the way, I don’t want to fight you. You should now how much Bibi Dong has done. She must die. With her death, this world can be at peace.”

“No—— No matter what, she is my teacher.” Hu Liena looked distressed at Tang San. From Tang San’s eyes she could also see that this man at most pitied her, there was no love. When he listened to her teacher speak just now he had even turned his head to look at Xiao Wu, and his expression in that instant was all that she head yearned fur, but could never have. She understood that Tang San’s heart only had room for Xiao Wu.

Her beautiful eyes were filled with distress, “Kill me if you want. But please, pet my master go. I beg of you, ok?”

Tang San suddenly closed his eyes, then quickly opened them again. Hu Liena’s plaintive expression actually swayed his heart a bit. In fact, Hu Liena’s spirit possessed enormous natural charm, and now being expressed with true emotions, it was even more convincing.

With a cold snort, Tang San forcefully hardened his heart. Instantly stepping forward with his right foot, his left hand swatted towards Hu Liena light as a feather, his palm instantly turning the color of jade.

Facing Tang San’s attack, Hu Liena actually neither dodged nor retreated. Her beautiful eyes filled with poignant sorrow, as well as a sense of release. Straightening her tall chest, she directly went to meet it.

Chapter 282

Tang San moved very quickly. The instant he moved, he seemed to completely stick to the ground in front of him. Adding that Hu Liena stepped forward to meet him, Bibi Dong basically didn’t even clearly see this sudden change. Her mental strength was severely injured, and still far from recovered, making her unable to control the situation as in the past. Bibi Dong noticed Tang San’s attack only once he was right by Hu Linea, too late to help.

With Hu Liena’s strength, even though she was still a well known figure of her generation, she couldn’t compare to Tang San. Let alone like this when she basically didn’t even resist. Just as she almost disappeared from this world by Tang San’s hand, suddenly, Tang San’s seemingly incomparably fast left hand abruptly rose, changing from a strike to a grab. Hu Liena only felt her shoulder sting, and her entire right shoulder was grabbed by Tang San’s scorching hot hand. The stinging feeling instantly spread through her whole body, making her feel paralysed as she was flung aside like a soaring cloud. Under the control of Tang San’s Controlling Crane Catching Dragon, she was thrown several dozen meters away.

Tang San’s movements were completely fluent. At the same time as he flung aside Hu Liena with his left hand, his right hand swing the Seagod Trident, shooting a semicircular golden light straight at Bibi Dong. The giant trident blades this instant turned translucent as if carved from crystal, and with only a flash, it had reached Bibi Dong’s head.

Bibi Dong of course wouldn’t wait helplessly. No matter what was said, she was still a peak level Title Douluo. That spiderweb pattern on her forehead abruptly brightened, at the same time as she retreated explosively. Her Death Domain was already started, not only enveloping Tang San, but all the Heaven Dou Empire powers on top of the walls.

Tang San naturally wouldn’t let her easily get her way. It would of course have been extremely difficult for him to answer Bibi Dong under ordinary circumstances, but right now Bibi Dong’s mind was injured, her abilities reduced overall. He naturally didn’t need to worry. The Blue Silver Domain instantly spread out, the power of the domain colliding head on with Bibi Dong’s.

Only the two parties themselves could truly feel the circumstances of the collision. Even if this wasn’t a mental energy collision, it was still a mutual collision of spirits, and would equally involve a portion of mental strength.

Tang San’s Seagod Trident stretched forward. At the same time as it chased Bibi Dong, the domain collision was already finished. Tang San slowed slightly, while Bibi Dong gave a muffled grunt, her brows knitting in pain, her whole body leaning back slightly. With a shake, she had released the Death Spider Emperor’s eighth spirit ability Spirit Clone. The main body and clone simultaneously dodged to either side, just avoiding Tang San’s Seagod Trident. At the same time she advanced rather than retreat, using the Spirit Avatar that was released at the same time as the eighth spirit ability to stab towards Tang San with sharp spider legs.

Tang San knew that the reason why Bibi Dong spared neither spirit power or mental strength and even released the spirit avatar just at the start of the battle was to deny him the chance to launch a mental attack on her. Her clone and main body were identical, and even with his level of mental strength it was very difficult to tell them apart. If he rashly used the Purple Demon Eye attack and hit the clone, Bibi Dong would immediately seize the opportunity.

Tang San would never underestimate the enemy, even if they were still convalescent. The battle wasn’t over until the enemy was truly finished.

Countless Blue Silver Emperor burst from the ground beneath Tang San’s feet like blooming flowers, instantly spreading over to Bibi Dong. More than a hundred Blue Silver Emperor enveloped her like a giant net, this was Tang San’s reacquired first spirit ability, Binding. Even though it was still a first spirit ability, after being updated to a fifty thousand year spirit ring, the power of this ability had already reached a frightening level, not in any way inferior to common spirit masters’ eighth spirit ability. That giant Blue Silver Emperor not only enveloped a large area, but was also extremely tough. Even Sword Douluo’s Seven Kill Sword would have a hard time destroying it. Especially when it was melded together with the domain like this.

Tang San’s Blue Silver Domain and Bibi Dong’s Death Domain collided with and offset each other. Neither could use their domain to resist the opponent. Just this bit revealed Bibi Dong’s present weakness, otherwise Tang San absolutely wouldn’t be her match in domains.

Light flashed, and Bibi Dong’s purple color instantly switched to green, this was her supreme skill in switching over to her second spirit while in spirit avatar state. Not only did her shape change, but the color also turned from dark purple to deep green, the two front legs immediately turned into sharp sickles. The main body and clone instantly closed on each other, jade like hazy light spreading all over her. A screen barrier of light instantly appeared in front of the two Bibi Dong.

This wasn’t any shield or defensive ability, but rather a mirage caused by Bibi Dong’s second spirit Soul Eating Spider Emperor’s Jade Sickle Cut.

The Soul Eating Spider Emperor was worthy of being Bibi Dong’s second spirit. That Jade Sickle had almost taken Tang San’s life once before. Where the jade colored light passed, even though it couldn’t cut the Blue Silver Emperor in one strike, it still completely blew them away. At the same time it also left behind a deep mark. All it took was two crosswise giant sickle slashes, and all the Blue Silver Emperor was instantly cut to pieces.

At this moment Bibi Dong also roused her spirits. With Bibi Dong’s worsening situation, plus the provocation of seeing Grandmaster, her fighting spirit was completely awoken. Without the slightest regard for her own mental state, she brought out her full battle strength.

Tang San couldn’t be called slow, but it was at the same time as he released the Binding ability that Bibi Dong not only resisted his attack with the Jade Sickle, but at the same time also launched her own attack. Altogether eight crescent blades of dark green light flew out of that jade screen, aimed straight at Tang San. Moreover, the target locations were even more crafty. Besides three crescent blades going straight for Tang San, the other five would all tangentially pass by him, sealing all Tang San’s avenues for escape. She might not be Tang San’s opponent in a mental collision anymore, but she could still defend herself if she was careful. After all, a rank ninety nine Title Douluo had extremely deep resources. As long as she didn’t give Tang San a chance to launch the Purple Demon Eye, other mental attacks weren’t enough to cause Bibi Dong any real harm. And in spirit power, Bibi Dong had already recovered. In the brief time given by overdrawing her mental strength, Bibi Dong would force Tang San into a contest of spirit power, using her own strong points to attack Tang San’s weakness. Even those eight crescent blades all suddenly paused changed direction the moment they were about to hit Tang San, attacking him from eight different directions. This change in direction definitely made it even more difficult for Tang San to resist.

Absolutely don’t look down on these crescent blades, these were all Bibi Dong’s Soul Eating Spider Emperor’s first spirit ability, Half Moon, also equal to a fifty thousand year spirit ability. Shooting eight in one go, clearly showed the depth of Bibi Dong’s spirit power.

Faced with Bibi Dong’s attack, Tang San was calm and unhurried. The Seagod Trident he held jabbed the ground, sending him soaring up. His left leg kicked out like a whirlwind, and in that instant, a rich red light erupted from Tang San’s leg.

You want to fight with spirit power? Fine, then let’s fight. You use a black spirit ring, then counter with a red spirit bone. The instant he kicked, Tang San’s eyes suddenly flashed, and the Seagod Trident’s Seagod Heart

also brightened. A faint golden halo of light practically instantly spread over a kilometer. On the battlefield of Jialing Pass, besides Tang San, whether Heaven Dou Empire or the Spirit Empire’s people, they all halted for a moment, instantly absent minded.

This was the soulbreaking effect from Tang San using the Seagod Trident, it instantly caused a mental shock. As long as they didn’t have mental strength equal to Tang San’s, they would be influenced. The effect didn’t last long, that’s why this was also called a mental shock.

Those eight Half Moon abilities Bibi Dong released were all under her direct control. In that golden mental shock, her connection to the eight Half Moons relaxed for a moment, and their glittering jade light also dulled. And in that moment, Tang San’s left leg kicked.

Countless only one chi wide dark red light blades instantly burst from his left leg, spreading out with ear piercing sounds. None of these red light blades was large, far from comparing to even the now dulled Half Moons. But, their quantity was too large. Moreover, each one brimmed with cold killing intent. As soon as they burst out, they completely swallowed those eight Half Moons, issuing a string of violent collisions.

Bibi Dong’s control was admittedly meticulous, almost controlling each moon blade. But Tang San’s counterattack was even more severe. First conducting a large scale mental shock through the Seagod Trident, then again launching the Evil Spirit Orca left leg bone ability Orca Breaking Teeth Cut as an area attack. No matter how you control it, what can you manage against my counterattack? As a control type spirit master, he only too clearly understood how to deal with the opponent’s control.

Of course, Tang San made this choice by exploiting Bibi Dong’s current weakness. Otherwise, if Bibi Dong’s soul wasn’t injured, such a wide area mental shock basically wouldn’t affect her.

Noise like rolling thunder suddenly echoed from the top of the walls. Tang San and Bibi Dong flew backward practically simultaneously with muffled grunts. Bibi Dong’s spirit power really was much stronger than Tang San. Even though Tang San already held a clear advantage in skill and

mental suppression, he still couldn’t come out on top in this kind of confrontation. Of course, this was equally within Tang San’s expectations. This was precisely the result he was looking for. Any ability would have to be mentally controlled when used, and while Bibi Dong admittedly did her best to spare her damaged mental strength, it was still necessary for her to use it in a situation where both sides abilities clashed. Otherwise, the uncontrolled spirit ability would very easily cause backlash. Tang San’s choice to collide head on was to collapse Bibi Dong’s mental strength as soon as possible. As long as she was unable to continue, Tang San would immediately injure her severely with mental attacks.

Grandmaster stood quietly watching not far away, his eyes still blood red. But, in the end he didn’t get involved. This was admittedly because his strength was far from enough, but even more importantly was his bleeding heart. In all his life he had only loved two women, and the first was Bibi Dong. Only he and Liu Erlong knew that in the depths of his heart, the one he once loved the most was still this poisonous woman in front of him now.

Back then they were both so young. Grandmaster even now remembered how pure and cute Bibi Dong once was, like a drop of the purest spring water, permeating his heart. When everyone disdained him for his variant spirit and inability to cultivate, it was she who warmed him with her heart. Grandmaster later chose to walk the route of pure research, and it was also she who then suggested coming out, once again giving Grandmaster the power to pull himself together.

But it was also she who ruthlessly left when their feelings were deepest, returning to Spirit Hall and severing all relations with Grandmaster. She had told him cold as ice that she was Spirit Hall’s Holy Maiden, and couldn’t possibly be with him.

At that time Grandmaster had once even expressed his willingness to join Spirit Hall to be together with her, but she had disdainfully told him that Spirit Hall didn’t need trash. Grandmaster had left with a wounded heart, until he met Liu Erlong and Flender.

Grandmaster’s entire life was a tragedy. First the malignant spirit variation, then given a huge emotional setback, and when he finally found

true love in Liu Erlong, he had discovered she was his little sister. It was only once he got Tang San as a disciple that this tragedy came to an end. This was also an important reason why Grandmaster threw all his effort into Tang San. He had placed far too high hopes on Tang San.

When he now saw the seemingly insane Bibi Dong, he was completely unable to reconcile her present image with that fresh and pure figure in his heart. A few decades had gone by, but he had never understood why she severed all relations like that in the past. When he learned the news of the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan’s annihilation, the pain Grandmaster felt had almost destroyed him. Only now when he asked Bibi Dong why, did Bibi Dong’s answer relieve him from those feelings.

Just at this moment, silhouettes rose from outside Jialing Pass like a heavy black cloud. They scaled the walls in practically an instant, followed by a rainstorm of sonorous cracks. Ear piercing whistling sounds rolled into the city like a hurricane. The Tang Army had finally mobilized.

The battle below the walls had already entered a white hot state. Tang San breaking the four great gates, plus the loss of the moat’s protection, the entire battlefield had turned one sided. There basically wasn’t enough long distance firepower on the walls to block them, and the battle had directly turned into a melee. The tumult at the gates was constantly reaping lives.

Even if the Spirit Empire’s hearts were uneasy, they still knew that if the Heaven Dou Imperial Army broke into Jialing Pass, then they would be utterly destroyed. The officers from those kingdoms and duchies were even more clear that the Heaven Dou Empire would never pardon them for betraying their nation. All they could do was fight for their lives, keeping the enemy outside Jialing Pass.

Even though the four gates weren’t small, the troop numbers were after all too large. Especially the heavy troops squeezing inside made the entrance exceptionally narrow. The walls were still built to be in the way, and the Spirit Empire’s Angel Legion and Sacred Dragon Legion had already thrown their numbers into the fight. More than ten thousand spirit masters screened the Spirit Empire troops, constantly unloading all kinds of spirit abilities outside the gates, sometimes even disregarding friend or foe.

Even though the Heaven DOu Empire’s spirit masters also joined in, the battle at the gates of Jialing Pass was already deadlocked.

It was in such circumstances that the Tang Army appeared. The first volley of crossbow bolts was launched directly at the inner gates of Jialing Pass, not only targeting the Spirit Empire’s spirit masters, but at the same time also those soldiers defending the gates.

The attack power of one hundred sixty thousand crossbow bolts simultaneously erupting could only be described as frightening. After those Godly Zhuge Crossbows launched their deadly bolts, the entire Jialing Pass instantly erupted in a bloody mist that formed into a cloud. The imperial soldiers guarding the gates as well as the spirit masters in the first line instantly fell like cut wheat, forming a wide open space. The Heaven Dou Imperial Army wouldn’t let such a chance slip by, and immediately surged through the four gates like a tidal wave.

“Flying Spirit Sages on me, exterminate those bastards in the air!” A strong voice suddenly echoed, and approximately seventy or eighty figures instantly soared up from the Angel Legion formation. In fact, there were now close to a hundred Spirit Sages and Spirit Douluo tying up Tang San and the others on the walls. That they could now produce another seventy or eighty flying type Spirit Sages showed the profound depth of Spirit Hall.

At the same moment, large amounts of powerful spirit abilities suddenly erupted from the hands of the Angel Legion spirit masters, and the Heaven Dou Empire soldiers that had just rushed into the walls were forcefully checked. The Angel Legion and Sacred Dragon Legion finally set foot on the battlefield. Power attack type and agility attack types in front, defense types on the sides, support types in the back, swiftly and brutally plugging up the four gaps. And the Heaven Dou Empire’s first wave also suffered disastrous lossed. The Angel Legion was even more powerful than they had anticipated. Fortunately the Heaven Dou Empire’s spirit masters had also joined in the battle, and under the lead of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School and the Tang Sect disciples, the spirit masters stabilized the situation. Only their numbers were after all far too few compared to the opponents, and their individual strength was also inferior. In these circumstances they could only block the Angel and Sacred Dragon Legions

from charging outside the walls, but they had absolutely no way inside. Right now they had to depend on the Tang Army’s aerial support, or hope for Tang San and the others’ overwhelming victory on top of the walls. Otherwise, it would still be difficult to enter Jialing Pass.

The Tang Army’s second volley was still being prepared, but the Angel Legion’s seventy or eighty flying type spirit masters were already using their spirit avatars as they soared up, in order to directly let them slaughter their way into the Tang Army’s formation. Even though their numbers was less than one percent of the Tang Army, they were like tigers in a flock of sheep. In the end the Tang Army wasn’t made up of spirit masters, and the Godly Zhuge Crossbows couldn’t possibly stop Spirit Sage level spirit masters. If the Tang Army was routed, the battle situation would very possibly be instantly reversed. After all, even though Tang San was overwhelming Bibi Dong, he absolutely wouldn’t be able to finish her quickly.

“Xiao Wu——” Tang San held the Seagod Trident crosswise, beaten backwards as he blocked Bibi Dong’s continuous spider blade attacks. But he also used an Orca Evil Spirit Axe to leave a wound on Bibi Dong. At the same time he shouted loudly. Even if he was fighting Bibi Dong, he paid equal attention to the entire battlefield. And he was already prepared for something like this. The Heaven Dou Empire had planned thoroughly for this main attack, spending all their effort on capitalizing on Bibi Dong’s injuries.

Xiao Wu and Tang San were of one mind, and she naturally understood his meaning. She wasn’t facing any powerful enemy, and was just fighting in the middle of the enemy. She now immediately teleported away from the battle, leaping up above the walls. Her tender body spun in the air, a speck of red light instantly launching from her right hand, flying like a shooting star towards the center of those rank seventy to eighty flying type Spirit Hall Spirit Sages.

At the same time as that red light left Xiao Wu’s hand, Tang San’s pulse suddenly accelerated. Bibi Dong for the first time saw a hot luster in Tang San’s eyes. Always so calm and collected, what was that red light that could

actually make him change like this? Bibi Dong’s heart tightened almost instantly, urgently shouting: “Block that red thing, hurry!”

Tang San also became aware that he had made a mistake, but even with his steady nature couldn’t calm his surging heart right now. He had waited for far too long for this moment. Not only the more than twenty years he had lived in this world, but even more than twenty years in his last life!

Yes, that speck of red light Xiao Wu flying from Xiao Wu’s hands was what Tang San had spent almost all his effort on researching in his last life, the Buddha Fury Tang Lotus.

Even though he hadn’t personally built this Buddha Fury Tang Lotis in this world, the design of every single petal was the crystallisation of several decades of his heart’s blood. To finally see the might of one of the Tang Sect’s most powerful mechanical hidden weapons, the masterpiece of all his efforts in his last life, how could he not be excited?

The two main styles of Tang Sect hidden weapons, mechanical and skill use, both had different characteristics once they reached the ultimate peak. The feature of peak mechanical hidden weapons was to let even someone who had never used or even seen hidden weapons before use it to exterminate apex powers. And the characteristic of skill use hidden weapons was to turn the complex into simplicity, giving the plainest and unornamented attacks the most potent effects. Just like the Yama’s Invitation Tang San once used, wasn’t that just a simple poison needle? But with his special skill and technique, the Yama’s Invitation could give extremely astonishing results.

On the way back from the Clear Sky School, Tang San had given the few hidden weapons divine craftsman Lou Gao made to Xiao Wu for her protection. And at this moment, Xiao Wu used the first Buddha Fury Tang Lotus. That red light was its core, glittering like a ruby.

The Buddha Fury Tang Lotus flew in a very simple trajectory. When Bibi Dong shouted, those Spirit Sages in the air couldn’t help pausing distractedly, failing to understand what she meant.

The Buddha Fury Tang Lotus wasn’t large, and also didn’t produce any spirit power waves. The light it spread wasn’t intense either, it just looked like a small lotus. There was nothing to draw the attention of these formidable spirit masters.

And at this time, Hu Liena who Tang San previously threw aside violently threw herself from the walls, chasing after the Buddha Fury Tang Lotus. She was after all quite powerful, and her speed instantly surpassed that of the lotus.

But just then, Hu Liena suddenly went rigid. In mid dash she was tightly bound by solid Blue Silver Emperor, and before she could react she was already pulled back, falling onto the walls. It was Tang San’s seemingly inconsequential, but frequently ingenious second spirit ability, Parasite.

Strangely, Bibi Dong watched Tang San pull Hu Liena back without launching any attacks. She only gasped for breath, her forehead covered with a fine sheen of cold sweat. Each time she blocked Tang San’s constant frontal attacks, her mental strength was always implicated. By now she had a splitting headache, and if she wasn’t forcing herself to endure, she might have already collapsed. Only, this wasn’t the reason she didn’t take advantage of the situation to attack Tang San. The reason why she didn’t, was more because of Hu Liena. She shouted for someone to block the Buddha Fury Tang Lotus, but she absolutely didn’t want this person to be Hu Liena!

At this moment, that speck of red light had already reached the Angel Legion Spirit Sages, and suddenly sank, falling downwards.

By now the Angel Legion Spirit Sages had naturally also discovered it. These Spirit Sages were all Spirit Hall’s elite, and even if they weren’t all geniuses, after years of being immersed in cold spirit abilities they still had some experience. Seeing the Buddha Fury Tang Lotus come flying, hearing Bibi Dong’s warning, they naturally understood that this tiny thing absolutely wasn’t as innocuous as it looked. One control type spirit master among them promptly sent out an extremely gentle spirit power, enveloping the Buddha Fury Tang Lotus like a cover. He believed that the Buddha Fury Tang Lotus needed to hit something to show its power, and blocking it with

this kind of gentle force was the best choice. The Buddha Fury Tang Lotus was famed for its power, but that didn’t mean it had no flaws.

But, if Tang San was added to the equation, then it had practically no faults.

“Burst——” Tang San’s eyes flashed with golden light. A powerful presence instantly burst forth, making even Bibi Dong just in front of him feel a bit choked, her main body and clone simultaneously slowing down.

The next moment, the same moment that control type Spirit Sage wanted to throw away the Buddha Fury Tang Lotus, the wisp of odd red color in its core suddenly expanded.

Ding—— The sound of the Buddha Fury Tang Lotus exploding was bizarre, sharp and melodious, like the sound of cold and jade clashing. But this brittle sound still became the focus of everyone present. At the same time as this sound echoed, a golden red tornado quietly spread out. In the air, after altogether seventy six Angel Legion flying type Spirit Sages were swept up in that tornado, they floated quietly in the air, but without making any movements. In fact, these Spirit Sages had now already released their strongest spirit form spirit avatars!

Puff—— There was no way to know which Spirit Sage was the first to make this sound. A red blood mist almost instantly spread through the air, engulfing those seventy six bodies. They fell all at the same time, like rag dolls spewing blood from every part of their bodies.

The Tang Army in the sky was stupefied, the Angel Legion and Sacred Dragon Legion on the ground were stupefied, Bibi Dong and Hu Liena were stupefied, Xiao Wu who had thrown the Buddha Fury Tang Lotus was also stupefied.

Across the vast battlefield, every person who saw the scene in the air was stupefied.

Even Tang San himself hadn’t anticipated the Buddha Fury Tang Lotus would actually be this frightening. By his expectations, while the Buddha

Fury Tang Lotus was effective enough to at least break open the defenses of these Spirit Sages. If the Tang Sect’s peak hidden weapons had one characteristic, then it was to ignore or break defenses. Whether the Torrential Pear Blossom Needle or the Buddha Fury Tang Lotus, as well as the three great skill use type hidden weapons, they all had such features.

Consequently, Tang San’s plan was to have the Buddha Fury Tang Lotus delay those seventy six Spirit Sages, breaking their spirit avatar defenses, breaking their seventh spirit ability. The Tang Army above was already starting to ready the second volley Godly Zhuge Crossbow, and even though these Spirit Sages were powerful, if their spirit avatars were broken, their defenses would be reduced to a minimum and the Tang Army’s next volley could be effective against them.

But, the Buddha Fury Tang Lotus basically didn’t even need Tang San’s follow up plan. Those seventy six Spirit Sages were already dealt with.

In fact, that was seventy six Spirit Sages. Seventy six spirit sages in spirit avatar form. A fairly talented spirit master cultivating normally would need at least thirty years to reach the Spirit Sage level. And the Buddha Fury Tang Lotus had in only an instant exterminated these Angel Legion first rate powers. Not only did it kill them, the shock of its formidable power was enough to give another strong blow to the Spirit Empire’s morale.

Even Bibi Dong couldn’t help blankly uttering a question, “That, what was that?”

Tang San drew a deep breath, the first to return to his senses. He answered Bibi Dong’s question; “Tang Sect hidden weapon, Buddha Fury Tang Lotus.” At the same time as his words fell, he once again lunged towards Bibi Dong. In the air, the second round of sonorous cracks reverberated. This time, the Tang Army’s targets were those front Angel and Sacred Dragon Legion spirit masters.

“Long live king Lan Hao, kill——” Having already rushed over to not far outside the walls, as Heaven Dou Emperor Xue Beng saw the scene of seventy six Spirit Sages falling from the air, he couldn’t help feeling his blood boil, and he shouted loudly.

‘Long live’ was only used for the emperor[1], but at this moment he personally cheered for Tang San, not only to boost morale, but at the same time also raising Tang San’s status in the Heaven Dou Empire to a new height.

The Heaven Dou Imperial Army loudly shouted ‘long live king Lan Hao’, launching a frantic assault. The siege equipment that hadn’t appeared in front of the army so far was now brought up from the rear. Even though there were powers fighting hand to hand on top of the Jialing Pass walls, there would inevitably be gaps in places. Under marshal Ge Long’s commands, the Heaven Dou Imperial Army launched a three directional assault on Jialing Pass’ Spirit Empire defenders.

The frantic assault on the ground and the Tang Army attacking with Godly Zhuge Crossbows from the air made the solid defense within Jialing Pass start to show gaps. Large numbers of low level Angel Legion spirit masters were destroyed from the Godly Zhuge Crossbow bolts falling from the sky. The Godly Zhuge Crossbow was firing from the sky! From the front came the attack of the Heaven Dou Empire spirit masters and army, and the Angel Legion and Sacred Dragon Legion spirit master numbers was falling steeply.

The Tang Army didn’t linger, after the enemy stabilized their formation they moved over in front of the archer troops, and after shooting their final volley of crossbow bolts they moved over the walls, quickly withdrawing. Their mission was already complete, and the duration of the Swift Flight Mushroom Sausage was also about to expire. In three volleys, their attack power had perfectly poured down onto the Spirit Empire army, killing at least twenty thousand of the Angel and Sacred Dragon spirit master legions as well as defending soldiers, with even more uncountable wounded. Even the heavy troops’ heavy armor couldn’t possibly stop the Godly Zhuge Crossbow’s iron essence arrowheads.

[1] Long live - The salute to the emperor is ( 万岁) “Ten thousand years”, wishing the emperor a long life. When people previously cheered for Tang San they used “One thousand years”.

Chapter 283

Ten thousand Tang Army troops of course wasn’t enough to decide the outcome of this war, but they definitely opened a clear path for the Heaven Dou Imperial Army’s assault, and more and more soldiers poured into Jialing Pass.

Spirit masters really were powerful, capable of capable of facing the charge of tens of thousands heavy cavalry troops. If they were suitably prepared, they could kill countless. Especially those high level spirit masters that were already busy on top of the walls. At this stage, the battle had already transformed from a siege into a melee. And the millions of Heaven Dou Empire soldiers were also dashing into Jialing Pass like dried leaves in the wind.

The new Heaven Dou Emperor Xue Beng clearly understood that as long as a fifth of his army could enter Jialing Pass, this battle would come to an end. At that moment, the enemy wouldn’t have the strength for any resistance.

Even on top of the walls, Bibi Dong who was finding it more and more difficult to counter Tang San’s constant attacks now also felt like there was little hope left, and inwardly considered whether to order the retreat. But, if Jialing Pass was abandoned, then the Heaven Dou Imperial Army would have a wide open road into the Spirit Empire. If the Heaven Dou Empire cooperated with the Star Luo Empire to break the other pass, and the two great empires’ soldiers united, then the Spirit Empire might really be

finished. No matter how powerful the spirit master, it was still impossible to face the charge of millions on the battlefield!

Just as the Spirit Empire was in desperate straits, retreating step by step inside the walls, and the two spirit master legions also couldn’t block that steel tide, suddenly, several long howls came from the distance behind Jialing Pass.

The howls were long and forceful, striking the heart and soul like a rolling tide. On this battlefield counted in units of ten thousand, the appearance of this howl actually suppressed the momentum of the Heaven Dou Imperial Army. The surging clamor resounded like rolling thunder.

Hearing this howl, while beating back the weakening Bibi Dong with the trident, Tang San’s expression instantly grew serious. Other people might not be able to differentiate that howl, but with his mental strength, he immediately sensed its enormous threat.

Those were the howls of six people. That’s right, just six. And they were also still ten li away from Jialing Pass, but the howl still so frighteningly appeared within Jialing Pass. And they were also approaching with astonishing speed. These people could cover ten li in just a dozen breaths. And how could powers capable of producing such an effect be ordinary? Faintly, even if he didn’t want to admit it, he could still guess their strength.

Even more frightening, these six people didn’t come alone. Behind them followed a crowd of people breathing urgently but moving equally swiftly. The quantity was no less than five thousand. Making Tang San most shocked was that the howl of these six people actually made even his level of mental strength seem dizzy, he could just examine the circumstances up to this point, but couldn’t keep searching. Those howls actually disturbed his mental strength. In fact, before this, ever since he’d returned from Seagod Island, only two people had accomplished the same thing. One was his great grandfather whose heart was invaded by madness, and the other was Bibi Dong in her prime.

And the direction of these voices was behind Jialing Pass, within the Spirit Empire. Without a doubt, they were on the Spirit Empire&rs

Even though he had expected the Spirit Empire’s Elder Palace priests, especially that grand priest Qian Daoliu, he hadn’t anticipated they would arrive at this crucial moment. Especially when there were actually six. Fortunately Tang San didn’t sense any power on Bibi Dong’s level among them. In other words, the master of Elder Palace, Qian Daouliu wasn’t with them. But even so, this even more showed the strength of the Spirit Empire.

Only, Tang San very very quickly noticed a question. Bibi Dong actually also looked distracted when she heard these six howls. Clearly, she didn’t know about these six priests, and also didn’t know why they would come now.

Clenching his teeth, Tang San’s eyes radiated light. He had to kill Bibi Dong while those six still hadn’t arrived. With Bibi Dong’s death, even if the Spirit Empire still had large numbers of powers, future battles would still grow a lot easier.

The reason Tang San never went all out so far was in order to slowly wear down Bibi Dong’s mental strength and spirit power. After all, Bibi Dong was too strong, Tang San didn’t want to push her too hard, or her backlash at death's door would be extremely frightening. He always kept up a strong pressure, but never so far that Bibi Dong couldn’t hold up, and she wouldn’t make any desperate moves. After all, who didn’t want to survive? Even more when Bibi Dong still had that Undying Body ninth spirit ability. Bibi Dong of course also understood what Tang San planned, but at the same time she was waiting for a chance, waiting for the Angel Legion below to dominate the battle and help on the walls.

When the Heaven Dou Imperial Army killed their way into Jialing Pass, about to crush her hopes, and Bibi Dong was already determined to risk her life, pondering how to escape, those six howls promptly appeared. And it was also at this moment that Tang San’s attacks suddenly grew ferocious.

The Seagod Trident flared with golden light, no less than twice as intense as before. Bibi Dong’s main body and clone tightened at the same time, the Blue Silver Emperor’s first spirit ability Binding and second spirit ability Parasite launching almost at the same time. As these two spirit abilities leveled up to fifty thousand years, they could even halt someone on Bibi

Dong’s level. At the same time as her Death Domain started and began to corrode them, large sharp blades ejected from her carapace, about to tear the Blue Silver Emperor to pieces.

Only, it was also in this instant’s pause that Tang San leapt up, his left hand instantly pushing in Bibi Dong’s direction. Intense golden light condensed into a barrier, enveloping Bibi Dong. She only felt her whole body sink, as if she had grown ten times heavier.

This was Tang San’s Titan Giant Ape left arm bone spirit ability, Gravity Control. The reason why spirit bones were so precious, besides granting another ability, was even more importantly because the majority of spirit bone abilities could be used instantly. The increase in gravity instantly slowed Bibi Dong’s efforts to break Binding and Parasite by half.

Unprecedentedly enormous pressure instantly gave Bibi Dong a choking feeling, but she still wasn’t that easily beaten. Tang San had never gone all out, and she had also kept her last trump card. Grinding her teeth, an intense red light abruptly burst from her chest, instantly spreading over her chest and back. That red light seemed extremely strange, as if it was bibi dong’s own bones that emerged from her body. There was only one circumstance that could produce such effects, that was that most important of the six spirit bones, the torso spirit bone. Judging by the color, Bibi Dong’s spirit bone was of the hundred thousand year level.

A hundred thousand year torso bone. Within the released red light, Bibi Dong’s chest carapace suddenly split open to two sides, intense red light condensed within. It felt as if her chest had grown a giant eye, and even more frightening was that this wasn’t just the actions of Bibi Dong’s main body. The two Bibi Dongs caught in Tang San’s Gravity Control both showed the same change. That contained red light made even Tang San’s soul tremble.

Only, Tang San in the air didn’t have the slightest intention of retreating. He clearly understood that if he fell back at this time, he might never have another chance to kill Bibi Dong. Those six howling people were already coming closer and closer. If they discovered Bibi Dong was in danger, they were bound to come save her first.

The golden silhouette appeared behind Tang San. Even though the silhouette was vague, the dignified presence it radiated, as well as the abruptly flaring light from the Seagod’s Heart on the Seagod Trident, still made Tang San’s aura reach an unprecedented level.

Still keeping up Gravity Control with his left hand, his right hand gripped the Seagod Trident, slashing out bizarre, very large golden circles in the air. They completely enveloped Tang San. It was also at this moment that two almost chi thick rays of bright red light abruptly shot towards Tang San.


Unfixed Storm’s defensive rings met those two rays of red light. In that instant, the Seagod Trident in Tang San’s hand unexpectedly reverberated with a series of humming sounds. Tang San clearly felt how the golden light rings in front of him quickly shattered, the Seagod Trident actually suppressed and unable to launch any more attacks for a moment.

Bibi Dong’s eyes revealed vicious cold. She’d been waiting for this chance for a very long time. Her mental injuries weren’t fake, but her abilities were after all extremely deep. She didn’t understand why Tang San suddenly launched an all out attack, but she also exploited Tang San’s momentary impulsiveness, suddenly launching this attack. She had prepared this strike long ago, and it might be called a full strength attack. For this one attack, she’d even poured in all her remaining mental strength.

Bibi Dong saw that Tang San was the pillar of the Heaven Dou Imperial Army. Just like he wanted to kill her, if she could kill him, then the blow to Heaven Dou Imperial Army would be inestimable. Her main body and clone simultaneously launched spirit bone abilities. This in itself was something impossible, but Bibi Dong’s other spirit bones still had an ability similar to Oscar’s mirror spirit bone. Only Oscar’s cloned his main body, but her spirit bone cloned spirit abilities.

Therefore Bibi Dong spent all her strength to duplicate this spirit ability with her clone, partly to keep Tang San from telling her main body and clone apart, and partly also to completely destroy Tang San with this double attack.

This was also Bibi Dong’s trump card. In fact, with her level of cultivation, simultaneously launching two full strength attacks was enough to catch up to the gods.

The clone could admittedly also use her capabilities, but much weaker than her main body. Tang San also had all kinds of methods to weaken the possibility of cooperation between her main body and clone. If not for Tang San’s impulsive attack, it would be very difficult for her to find this kind of chance, and even more difficult for her to duplicate this attack, making it exactly the same as her main body attack.

Those rays of red light really weren’t focused attacks. One of them shot towards the Seagod Trident grasped in Tang San’s right hand, and the other attacked Tang San himself.

Over the course of several battles, Bibi Dong had discovered that Tang San was quite dependent on the Seagod Trident, and she had long since judged that Tang San’s trident was a genuine divine weapon, something she couldn’t destroy with her present level. But, that she couldn’t destroy it didn’t mean that she couldn’t suppress it for a moment.

Relying on her main body’s full strength spirit bone attack to temporarily keep Tang San’s Seagod Trident from being swung around, the other attack was absolutely fatal. Tang San’s cultivation was inferior to hers, he could only fight her by relying on the Seagod Trident. In suppressing the Seagod Trident and launching an all out attack, Bibi Dong didn’t hold back any energy. Unless Tang San still had the previous Invincible Golden Body left, and with Xiao Wu who blocked Bibi Dong’s attack last time far away, plus that Bibi Dong was so close to Tang San, there basically wasn’t any chance to save him from such an attack.

With an ear piercing ripping sound, the Unfixed Storm’s golden rings of light were instantly torn apart. In that moment, Tang San’s front side was already suffused with red.


“Teacher, don’t!”

Xiao Wu and Hu Liena cried out almost simultaneously. But, their worry and the viciousness in Bibi Dong’s eyes and victorious smile, all disappeared the next moment. That ray of red light that should have struck Tang San’s chest unexpectedly rebounded, shooting high into the sky, reaching a full one thousand meters high. It disappeared like a dazzling meteor.

“Impossible.” Although Bibi Dong had gone all out on that attack, already finding it difficult just to stand, she still couldn’t help crying out. She couldn’t understand how this happened. Her spirit power was of course still plentiful, but the mental strength expended in this attack already made her vision blurry. The last thing she saw was a half meter wide red crystal mirror on Tang San’s chest loudly collapse into fragments.

At the same moment, the Seagod’s Heart radiated golden light, making the Seagod Trident launch red beams of light like roaming dragons, transforming into a golden ring revolving once around Tang San, completely dissolving the aftermath of Bibi Dong’s attack. Tang San just seemed a bit pale, without sign of any serious injuries.

Would Tang San carelessly expose a flaw? Then he wouldn’t be Tang San. As a control type peak power, he would warn himself to stay calm at all times. Bibi Dong was waiting for a chance, so why wouldn’t he also be waiting? His previous impulsiveness was basically a feint for Bibi Dong. He naturally understood that Bibi Dong would guess his plan, so he might as well push the boat with the current and draw our Bibi Dong’s attack. And at that time Tang San focused all his strength on defense, basically without any intention of launching a strong attack.

Indeed, Bibi Dong’s spirit bone attack was extremely powerful, even the Seagod Trident was suppressed for a moment. But Tang San also had Tang San’s methods. Did he lack hundred thousand year spirit bones and spirit abilities?

Sheltered by The Seagod’s Light, Tang San’s Blue Silver Emperor eighth spriti ring brightened, launching the eighth spirit ability Blue Silver Evil Spirit Mirror’s Annihilation. Only, this time he didn’t let the mirror collapse, but rather completely focused the spirit ability’s energy on the

location of Bibi Dong’s attack, forming a crystal mirror at an angle. It couldn’t block the attack head on, but reflecting it at an angle like this was a lot easier. Even though the Unfixed Storm’s rings of light couldn’t block the attack, they still gave Tang San enough time to react. Bibi Dong’s full strength attack only managed to shake Tang San’s spirit power, and with his powerful physique, that minor injury was nothing. But, after launching a full strength attack, Bibi Dong would be a lot more miserable.

Her main body and clone simultaneously grew illusory, the two swiftly approaching each other. Bibi Dong swayed a moment, almost collapsing. Tang San had a sudden realization, no wonder he couldn’t tell which was Bibi Dong’s clone. Her spirit ability split her body into two parts, any one was true, and any one was false. If his all out attack hit one of them, it would very possibly turn the clone illusory. Only, right now Bibi Dong wouldn’t have the chance to do so.

Formidable mental strength rushed out like a tidal wave, Tang San gave a shout, and intense golden light instantly enveloped Bibi Dong’s bodies as they were about to combine.

With a muffled grunt, blood spurted from Bibi Dong’s mouth, nose and ears, flowing down like little rivulets, making her in the Soul Eating Spider Emperor form seem even more vicious. And the main body and clone were also forced together under this powerful mental shock, fusing.

It was also at this moment that Tang San’s right hand pointed forward, and he shot forward like a ray of golden light. The Seagod Trident’s golden light flourished, and at the same moment Bibi Dong, already completely targeted by Tang San, her soul wounded one step further, her mental strength on the verge of collapse, let alone resist, it wasn’t even possible to use her Undying Body spirit ability. The injuries to her soul were far more dreadful than her physical wounds.

In the distance, behind Jialing Pass, six powerful figures had already appeared, quickly charging in this direction like shooting stars. But, they didn’t have enough time to save Bibi Dong. The Seagod Trident’s intense divine light was just about to swallow her.

Just as Tang San was on the verge of success, the instant the Spirit Empire’s first emperor was about to be killed, suddenly, a figure charged in from the side, embracing Bibi Dong from the front and showing her back to the Seagod Trident’s sharp blades.

Tang San turned pale with fright, this attack not only had the imposing manner of only advancing, at the same time it was incomparably fast. Pulling back the attack was already extremely difficult. Subconsciously leaning over slightly, his left shoulder knocked against the trident, and the golden light instantly deviated slightly.

Blood sprayed out with a splattering sound, leaving a deep wound in the right shoulder of the person who protected Bibi Dong. Blood sprayed, and she completely collapsed over Bibi Dong from the divine force shock of the Seagod Trident. The person who suddenly appeared and offered her own body in place of Bibi Dong, was once again Hu Liena.

She had already lunged forward when Bibi Dong attacked Tang San before, secretly thinking to die for his sake. That was also absolution. But when she realized the circumstances suddenly changed, and the person in critical danger was her teacher, she unhesitatingly rushed forward and once again protected Bibi Dong. The ice cold sensation from her shoulder made her go completely limp, paralyzed falling in her teacher’s embrace, but her heart was filled with a sense of freedom. I died? He killed me? Perhaps, this is the best ending.

“Idiot girl, you……” The blood spraying from Hu Liena’s shoulder spattered on Bibi Dong’s face, making her wake up a bit. Hurriedly pulling Hu liena close, her insane expression from before also finally calmed down a bit.

Having missed, Tang San had already lost the opportunity for another attack. Three of those six figures rushing over split from the group, rushing straight for the top of Jialing Pass. To be precise, they rushed towards Tang San. The formidable pressure made Tang San fearful of attacking Bibi Dong again, or even if he killed Bibi Dong, he was bound to be killed by those three peoples’ powerful attacks.

He had already made some judgements from the previous howl, but now that he was truly confronted with and even more deeply experienced the strength of the six people rushing over, they were even a bit stronger than he had imagined.

Practically the instant the pressure appeared, the three figured had already separated. Two of them pounced straight for Tang San, and the other landed in front of Bibi Dong. He was an old man with white hair and beard, as he protected Bibi Dong, he simultaneously swiftly poked Hu liena’s shoulder a few times, sealing her arteries, while patting Bibi Dong’s shoulder, somewhat restoring her nearly collapsing mind.

“Your Majesty, let’s retreat first.” Formidable spirit power wrapped up Bibi Dong and Hu Liena. The old man soared up, bringing the master and disciple pair into Jialing Pass.

Tang San watched Bibi Dong being rescued, but right now he didn’t have any other choice, and he also faced the most difficult fight since leaving Seagod Island.

The two people attacking Tang San simultaneously were brothers. Even though the two were both old men with white hair, appearing in their eighties, they looked very similar and their spirits were identical. Each held a seven meter long Coiling Dragon Staff, golden dragons twisting around. The colors of the spirit rings on the Golden Dragon Staves were exactly identical, both with an ordinarily peak configuration of two yellow, two purple, and five black, nine spirit rings.

Most terrifying was the spirit power they released. That instant pressure made Tang San feel unable to breathe. This definitely wasn’t something common Title Douluo could manage. Tang San instantly judged that these two old men had spirit power that reached at least rank ninety six. They completely overpowered him in spirit power.

Moreover, having reached rank ninety six, their mental strength was unanimous and extremely condensed. Even though they couldn’t compare to him, if he wanted to find a chance to launch a mental attack on one of

them while protecting himself, then he ould definitely be counter attacked by the other.

Dang dang, two cracks, and Tang San tumbled back several steps before catching his balance. Those two old men also stopped, revealing astonished expressions. Even though they beat Tang San back, the trembling of the Coiling Dragon Staves revealed they didn’t get any major advantage.

This of course wasn’t because Tang San’s spirit power could simultaneously contend with two rank ninety six Title Douluo, but rather because the Seagod Trident’s one hundred eight thousand jin weight blocked the opponents’ attacks.

But, to Tang San this wasn’t a good situation. What worried him the most was below the walls, those three old men that charged into the battlefield absolutely weren’t any weaker than these two. With such formidable reinforcements, the Heaven Dou Imperial Army’s circumstances might…...

WIthout giving him time to ponder on it, those two rank ninety six Title Douluo were already attacking again. Two Coiling Dragon Staves, one left and one right. One above and one below. Simultaneously striking towards Tang San. Their movements weren’t just swift, their cooperation was also perfect. The third spirit rings on the Coiling Dragon Staves released light, the entire staff expanding twofold, their imposing manner flourishing, unexpectedly showing a tendency to hide the golden light of Tang San’s Seagod Trident. As the staves swung, they even issued deep dragon roars, disturbing Tang San’s mental probing.

Tang San couldn’t help secretly grumbling while facing the attacks of these two formidable Title Douluo. If he was in peak condition, then he could still have fought them. These two rank ninety six Title Douluo might have perfect cooperation, but their strength put together wouldn’t match Bibi Dong at her peak.

But, recently he had matched blows with Bibi Dong twice in succession. He had admittedly almost killed her, but his own exhaustion was still enormous. His current strength wasn’t sixty percent of his peak, and facing these two cooperating rank ninety six Title Douluo’s all out attacks

immediately gave him a feeling of insufficiency. Especially the imposing manner of the six old men as they appeared. Tang San didn’t need to look to know how the situation of the battlefield below the walls had changed. Distantly, at least five thousand spirit masters were already entering Jialing Pass from the rear, also moving towards the battlefield. Tang San understood that today’s battle might not end well for the Heaven Dou Empire. So much that whether they could escape was a question. If the Spirit Empire spirit masters forced them back, they might be pushed a thousand li.

On top of the walls, as all the Spirit Empire powers saw those two rank ninety six Title Douluo appear to bother Tang San, their morale shook, and their attacks immediately grew fiercer. After originally being at a disadvantage, they actually pulled back a bit.

Tang San suddenly drew a deep breath, all his bones making snapping sounds. His eyes turned as bright as stars, but the Seagod Trident’s golden light withdrew, again turning black.

Using the Seagod’s Light to support the Seagod Trident to use divine force was too taxing on his mental strength. Facing these two opponents that were possibly even more troublesome than Bibi Dong, he absolutely couldn’t exhaust himself too much. In terms of overall strength, these two old men added together might still be above Bibi Dong, but they absolutely couldn’t compare to her in explosive force. Therefore, Tang San didn’t need to worry about them releasing any certain kill attacks against him. To deal with them, his best choice was to rely on his recovery power that was stronger than any Title Douluo.

Inside Jialing Pass, three loud sounds erupted simultaneously. Three more than thirty meter in diameter giant holes suddenly separated the Spirit Army from the Heaven Dou Army. Ruined limbs and snapped arms flew through the air, suddenly bringing the Heaven Dou Empire’s momentum to a halt. Those three old men stood proudly in front of the army with grave manner.

As the Angel Legion and Sacred Dragon Legion’s remaining spirit masters saw them, they immediately fell to one knee, calling: “Greetings

lord priests.”

Whether the three people that appeared on the walls before, or these three right now, they were all dressed exactly the same. Different from the black of Spirit Douluo and red of Title Douluo, they wore golden robes, and each of them moreover had different designs embroidered in silver thread, representing their spirits. Golden gowns with silver embroidery represented Spirit Hall’s Elder Palace priests.

Spirit Hall had operated for years, and their depths was something now spirit master sect could compare to. They originally had more than twenty Title Douluo level elders. Even if a few were dead, there was still a huge number remaining. And even more formidable were the priests of Elder Palace.

All original Spirit Hall priests rose from the ranks of Elder Palace elders. The requirements for being promoted were very simple, but also incomparably difficult. They needed to break through rank ninety five, reaching rank ninety six spirit power to become priests.

But after becoming priests, they possessed paramount positions in Spirit Hall. They didn’t even need to take orders from the Supreme Pontiff, they only listened to the master of Elder Palace, the grand priest. Unless it was something extremely important, they absolutely wouldn’t easily mobilize, only quietly cultivate inside Elder Palace. This was also why Tang San and the others had seen so many Spirit Hall Spirit Douluo, but never seen any above rank ninety five.

There were altogether only seven priests within Spirit Hall’s Elder Palace, led by the grand priest, rank ninety nine supreme Douluo Qian Daoliu. The six that appeared here really didn’t include Qian Daouliu, but they could still be said to represent the Spirit Empire’s greatest strength. Six powerful Title Douluo priests above rank ninety five. Their appearance was undoubtedly a force that could reverse the situation. That was why Tang San had realized the situation had turned for the worse when he heard their howl before, and wanted to hurry and kill Bibi Dong. Even if they lost today’s battle, it would still be worth it. The total strength of these six peak Title Douluo added together surpassed Bibi Dong, But they after all weren’t

the former Spirit Hall’s Supreme Pontiff, let alone the ruler of the current Spirit Empire. If Bibi Dong died, the entire Spirit Empire would definitely fall into chaos. But now she was still alive, and everything was more complicated.

What Tang San saw, Grandmaster naturally also saw. He hadn’t joined in the battle before, and now that he saw the situation change, he immediately passed down orders.

“Tang Army replenish, hold the gates, all forces retreat.” Grandmaster almost shouted himself hoarse for this. Xue Beng and marshal Ge Long were still outside the city, they didn’t see what happened inside Jialing Pass. Suddenly hearing Grandmaster order the retreat, the emperor and marshal couldn’t help staring blankly.

“Your Majesty, the State Preceptor……” Marshal Ge Long looked puzzled at Xue Beng.

Xue Beng equally didn’t understand what had happened, and his expression changed slightly. The circumstances he saw were good, so how could he be willing to retreat like this? But, since Grandmaster shouted himself hoarse like this, the circumstances on top of the walls had changed somehow. Tang San’s opponents had changed into two powerful old men, clearly the situation inside the walls had changed.

Xue Beng was after all young, and knew even more deeply the importance of breaking through Jialing Pass. Clenching his teeth, in spite of Grandmaster’s orders from the top of the walls, he spoke in a low voice: “Marshal Ge Long, pass on my orders, spare no expense, take Jialing Pass.”

“Yes——” Marshal Ge Long exulted, the enormous merit of taking Jialing Pass might end up in his hands. A million soldiers surged forward. Even if Spirit Empire reinforcements had appeared inside the walls, how many could they be? He didn’t believe that such a good situation would change.

Even if Grandmaster was the State Preceptor, he was only in charge of the spirit masters. The Heaven Dou Empire spirit masters that had already charged inside the walls heard his orders and saw those three peak Douluo’s terrifying strength, and immediately carried out the retreat. But just at this moment, the wardrums sounded the charge outside Jialing Pass.

Chapter 284

The Haven Dou Imperial soldiers hesitating on whether to retreat had no choice but to advance once again as they heard the sound of the wardrums. Military orders are like the mountains, and martial law has no mercy on cold feet. They had no other choice. Only the spirit masters had a special position, and while Xue Beng gave orders, the only listened to Grandmaster’s dispatch, and so swiftly retreated from the gates.

The defenders inside Jialing Pass weren’t easy to deal with to begin with, and although the Buddha Fury Tang Lotus and the Tang Army’s three volleys had caused disastrous losses for the Angel and Sacred Dragon Legions, the majority of the casualties were low level spirit masters, the true core remained unswayed. Besides the spirit masters fighting up on the walls, there was still close to ten thousand spirit masters remaining. The appearance of the three great priests not only gave them a chance to catch their breath, but it also enormously boosted their morale. Spirit masters were after all of higher quality than soldiers, especially the Spirit Empire’s long formed spirit master legions. After quickly regrouping, they immediately countered under the command of the three priests, meeting the Heaven Dou Empire’s soldiers charging into the walls.

Up on the walls, Tang San first calmed when he heard the order Grandmaster shouted, those priests had only just reached Jialing Pass and still hadn’t caught their footing. They’d still need some time if they were to launch a counter attack. If they could promptly withdraw from Jialing Pass, with the support of millions of men outside the walls, he believed they

wouldn’t dare charge. But before he could relax, the drums outside the walls were already echoing.

Xue Beng, you idiot! Tang San helplessly shouted inwardly, almost getting hit by a Coiling Dragon Staff. In a blur, he quickly withdrew a few steps. He couldn’t mind anything else right now, the two peak Douluo in front of him were too urgent.

Of the two Spirit Empire priests with the Coiling Dragon Staves, one was titled Fifteen Ton Douluo, one was titled Falling Devil Douluo. As a pair of brothers, they were ranked last among the Spirit Empire’s seven great priests, separately being the sixth and seventh priests. But this didn’t mean they were the weakest. Alone they might not be so strong, being only rank ninety six Title Douluo. But if the two were together, even Qian Daoliu wouldn’t easily defeat them.

Both Fifteen Ton Douluo and Falling Devil Douluo were in their one hundred twenties. Brothers of one heart, are sharp enough to cut metal. Two rank ninety six Title Douluo joining hands, plus having worked together for more than a hundred years, their cooperation was at a level where they didn’t even have to communicate. Two Coiling Dragon Staves flipped down and flew up, forcing Tang San to retreat step by step without even using spirit abilities, also giving him very few chances to release his spirit abilities. The Seagod Trident blocked below and caught above, not giving time for anything else.

Suddenly, Falling Devil Douluo’s Coiling Dragon Staff spun like a pinwheel in his hands, the golden dragon coiling around it issuing a dragon cry as if alive and issuing an enormous golden ring of light, shooting straight for Tang San.

And Fifteen Ton Douluo now leapt up from behind Falling Devil Douluo, his Coiling Dragon Staff falling straight down without any flourishes. Their two eighth spirit rings brightened. One above and one below, the two cooperated perfectly, that terrifying spirit power even more falling from the sky like a wind sweeping aside dried grass and le

Tang San was already forced back step by step by these two Title Douluo, so much that he didn’t even have time to gasp for breath. The two Title Douluo then suddenly changed their style of attack, at the same time releasing powerful spirit abilities. Although it gave him a brief space to breathe, dealing with the change was extremely difficult. After all, he wasn’t at his best condition right now.

Only, Tang San was still Tang San. He’d once defeated the joint five Clear Sky School elders, confronting equally powerful people cooperating. His greatest tool for controlling the outcome of battle was to always maintain a calm insight. The time to store strength was very brief, but don’t forget that Tang San now already had five spirit bones, and the time required to release their abilities was much shorter than spirit abilities.

There was no chance for Tang San to withdraw, he could only choose to block. If he used control type spirit abilities, then the enemy attacks would hit him at the same time, and what use was it even if he restrained the opponents?

A dull sound of thunder echoed from Tang San. That didn’t come from his mouth, but rather an explosion generated by spirit power suddenly boiling all over his body. The milky white spirit power of the Mysterious Heaven Skill was transformed by the Blue Silver Emperor, turning blue. Immediately, different colors blossomed from his two arms.

The sleeves on both arms exploded at the same time. His left arm was enveloped by yellow light, his right arm had turned into an almost transparent blue. Behind him, the enormous images of a giant ape and a bull python quietly appeared. These were the appearances of Titan Giant Ape Er Ming and Sky Blue Bull Python Da Ming. , his arms exploded with an intense red light, fusing together the originally separate lights on his two arms. The Seagod Trident in his right hand pointed forward towards the Fifteen Ton Douluo in the air, his left hand making a fist and suddenly striking forward. At this moment, he actually chose to simultaneously block two eighth spirit abilities.

In terms of spirit power, Tang San was clearly weaker than any one of these two. If tank ninety six Title Douluo had twice as much spirit power as

a rank ninety five Title Douluo, then what about Tang San at rank ninety three? And he still faced two rank ninety six Title Douluo alone. His choice to meet them head on like this seemed no different from suicide.

But in fact, the gap between Tang San and these two wasn’t as enormous a their ranks indicated. Indeed, he was inferior to the two of them in spiri power, but this wasn’t the extreme gap between ordinary rank ninety three and ninety six spirit masters. Absolutely don’t forget that Tang San possessed six spirit bones, plus three more spirit rings than these two. These spirit rings and spirit bones were enormous improvements for him. Even though his spirit power was only rank ninety three in total, his spirit power was a lot more condensed than ordinary Title Douluo. In other words, his spirit power was even more solid at the same volume. This was also why he could contens with Bibi Dong as a rank ninety nine Title Douluo, and the reason he could originally defeat the Clear Sky School’s five great Title Douluo elders. The surface spirit power level hid even more puzzling effects.

Even more when, whether spirit rings or spirit bones, the greatest advantage of hundred thousand year abilities wasn’t the increased strength, but rather the reduced requirements of the spirit master’s spirit power. At the hundred thousand year level, more spirit rings didn’t mean they could launch stronger attacks, but rather to show the most formidable attack power possible for less spirit power. And spirit bones showed this even more clearly.

Xiao Wu absolutely wasn’t particularly powerful as a hundred thousand year spirit beast, but the two spirit bone abilities she gave Tang San, Teleportation and Invincible Golden Body, barely consumed any of Tang San’s spirit power. Even if those were support and defense type abilities, this showed the strength of hundred thousand year spirit abilities. Consequently, right now Tang San seemed like he was throwing his life away, but in fact, he really had the strength. He would rely on his hundred thousand year spirit abilities to make up for the present disadvantage.

Along with the spirit abilities blossoming, Tang San’s arms showed bizarre changes. His left arm abruptly extended, growing fully three times as long, bulging with muscle, veins coiling around his arm like little

dragons, terrifying yellow and the red symbolizing the level twisting together and suddenly erupting, a half circle red and yellow shock wave blasting out.

And for his other arm, it was already covered in a layer of cyan scale armor, just like the scales Da Ming had. Explosive cracks constantly echoed from his bones, bringing to mind the roars of dragons. Intense cyan light instantly washed over the entire Seagod Trident, a ray of cyan thunder light instantly exploding in the shape of a dragon. It was this ability he had relied on to instantly kill the Sacred Dragon Legion commander!

What Tang San used were his Titan Giant Ape left arm bone spirit ability Titan Firmament Breaker, as well as the Sky Blue Bull Pythond right arm bone spirit ability Sky Blue Fading Thunderclap. He faced the Falling Devil Douluo’s Falling Devil Coiling Dragon Ring as well as Fifteen Ton Douluo’s Fifteen Ton Toss.

Two eighth spirit abilities facing two spirit bone abilities. Or two ten thousand year spirit abilities facing two hundred thousand year abilities.

What Tang San had was an advantage in spirit ability levels, at the same time using the launch speed of spirit bone abilities to make up for his previous teetering disadvantage. And Fifteen Ton and Falling Devil Douluo relied on their profound spirit power depths. As the one who could directly see everything of this, Grandmaster also couldn’t be sure of who would hold the advantage in this confrontation. But he could be certain that it would be very difficult for Tang San who was already largely spent to get a favorable outcome. But equally, it was impossible for the opponents to deal with Tang San in one attack.

Riip—— Crack—— two strange sounds reverberated in midair at the same time. Fifteen Ton Douluo’s enormous Coiling Dragon Staff falling from above had already collided with the Sky Blue Fading Thunderclap.

Within that strange sound, Fifteen Ton Douluo’s entire body was covered in a layer of fine cyan lightning bolts, falling backwards as he trembled violently.

The Sky Blue Fading Thunderclap was the certain skill originally launched from Sky Blue Bull Python Da Ming’s horn, turned into a spirit bone ability for Tang San’s use. Of all Tang San’s abilities, its attack power might be second only to his all in one Seagod Trident throw. It was especially frightening with its instant release. Along with the Seagod Trident’s amplified condensing, its attack power had reached an extremely frightening level, absolutely not inferior to Bibi Dong’s Jade Cut. That’s how the scene where it instantly killed a Title Douluo came about. Against its sudden eruption, even a rank ninety six power like Fifteen Ton Douluo lost.

Only, he was still rather lucky. After all, right now Tang San was facing two opponents. If it had been him alone, then Tang San’s Sky Blue Fading Thunderclap would very likely have been infused with Seagod’s Light, adding a mental power shock. It would very possibly have seriously injured him in a single attack.

On the other side, the Titan Firmament Breaker also clashed with Falling Devil Douluo’s ring of light. The enormous roving dragon light ring met the semicircular wave of red and yellow interwoven light. The instantly releasing attack power charged straight at the clouds. With an enormous explosion, Falling Devil Douluo retreated seven steps before catching his balance, his arms holding the Coiling Dragon Staff already paralyzed. In terms of strength, the Titan Giant Ape was absolutely among the top of spirit beasts. This Titan Firmament Breaker won in strength, but also included some unstable gravity waves that could weaken the enemy’s attack. It was a truly powerful hundred thousand year attack type ability.

With a spattering sound, Tang San faced the sky and vomited out a mouthful of blood. But he didn’t retreat an inch, and didn’t even use this time when the opponents were beaten back to rest, brazenly taking a step forward. His eighth red spirit ring suddenly flared, one red ring of light simultaneously shooting out towards those two Title Douluo.

Fifteen Ton and Falling Devil Douluo changed expressions for the first time since they appeared. From a distance they had seen Bibi Dong being beaten back before, and still somewhat disapproved of her almost dying to the hands of this youth. Ordinarily they would always be cultivating or

living as they wished, so they didn’t have any deep understanding of Bibi Dong. They just took it that Bibi Dong wasn’t strong enough. They believed it was already careful enough with the two of them facing Tang San. Even more importantly was because Tang San had that Seagod Trident.

In the previous attack they really had forced Tang San to retreat step by step. Even though this youth being able to reach Title Douluo at his age was enough to shock them, it seemed to them that he would still be destroyed by their hand today. But they had never imagined that Tang San could actually instantly erupt with two so formidable spirit abilities to beat them back simultaneously while one against two. Especially Fifteen Ton Douluo in the air felt bursts of numbness all over his body from the Sky Blue Fading Thunderclap’s effect. The energy and blood within him boiled, he was actually already injured.

Even though Tang San spit blood, he actually didn’t recuperate after such a violent clash, even launching spirit abilities. Just this point awed the two Coiling Dragon Staff Title Douluo.

Only, they were still both peak Douluo with extremely rich battle experience. The two simultaneously raised their Coiling Dragon Staves. Even though they couldn’t use any powerful spirit abilities with their energy and blood surging, they still instantly connected their spirit power and the spirits they held into one whole, maintaining a stable defense. Even if Tang San’s attack hit them, they could still rely on this defensive posture and all their spirit power to stand against Tang San.

But, the two Title Douluo very quickly became aware of something being wrong. Because they discovered that their perception of their surroundings suddenly showed a brief pause. Everything seemed to have become illusory.

Tang San didn’t change anything and kept using his eight spirit ability. This was the Evil Spirit Orca King’s Blue Silver Orca Devil’s Absorption, enforcing a three second stun, immune to any defensive abilities. He had finally found this chance as the two peak Douluo retreated. And at the same time, he instantly threw out the Seagod Trident in his right hand, aimed at Fifteen Douluo who still had yet to hit the ground. His right arm also grabbed forward in the shape of a claw, and along with a dragon roar, it

turned into a giant dragon claw that grabbed towards Falling Devil Douluo. This was the Sky Blue Bull Python right arm spirit bone’s other ability, Sky Blue Slowing God Claw.

At the moment he was being forced back step by step by his opponents, seemingly on the verge of defeat, Tang San erupted with his most potent strength, using formidable hundred thousand year spirit abilities in succession, unexpectedly reversing the situation in an instant and launching his own counterattack.

The first victim was Fifteen Ton Douluo. Even though he held the Coiling Dragon Staff crosswise in front of him, taking a stance that could resist any attack, what he faced was still the one hundred eight thousand jin heavy Seagod Trident. With a loud explosive sound, the Seagod Trident struck the Coiling Dragon Staff, and without any suspense, Fifteen Ton Douluo was blasted off the top of the Jialing Pass walls, blood madly spurting from his mouth. Even though it wouldn’t seriously harm him, it would at least take some time before he could get back up. This was still when Tang San’s condition was bad. If it was in his peak condition, then he just needed to use the Golden Thirteen Halberds’ One Goes Without Return attack, and there would be no chance for Fifteen Don Douluo to escape.

On the other side, the Sky Blue Slowing God Claw on top of the Blue Silver Orca Devil’s Absorption had an equally astonishing effect. Indeed, the Sky Blue Slowing God Claw had to charge up for four seconds, but Tang San’s attack had already started saving up strength when he launched the Sky Blue Fading Thunderclap before, joining them together inseparably close. The claw shape had already appeared as he threw the Seagod Trident, forcibly saving one second. At the same time as that Falling Devil could just move, that enormous Slowing God Claw was already upon him, grabbing him without any suspense.

Being caught by the Sky Blue Slowing God Claw, all senses slowed by ten times, practically no different from being dead. If not for the four second charge time, just this ability would be enough for Tang San to sweep away Title Douluo level powers. Now that Falling Devil Douluo was caught, he felt all of his surroundings slow down, and whether it was

activating his spirit power or moving, it all became incomparably delayed. He swayed, almost falling to the ground.

Tang San didn’t keep launching attacks. Using the hundred thousand year Sky Blue Fading Thunderclap, Titan Firmament Breaker, Blue Silver Orca Devil’s Absorption as well as the Sky Blue Slowing God Claw in succession, even if these spirit abilities didn’t draw more than he could take, it was still quite frightening. Even more so when the injuries he had suffered in the previous collision absolutely weren’t light. They were just forcefully suppressed by his incredibly powerful constitution.

Now that he had flung away Fifteen Ton Douluo and slowed Falling Devil Douluo, he finally had a chance to catch his breath. With a vomiting sound, he once again spit up a mouthful of blood, breathing in ragged gasps. He raised his right hand, using Controlling Crane Catching Dragon to pull back the Seagod Trident. The large polearm stabbed out, straight towards Falling Devil Douluo’s chest. Falling Devil Douluo after all still had his defenses raised, and to kill him naturally required the power of the Seagod Trident. Ten seconds was enough to kill him several times over.

The sudden change in circumstances on Tang San’s side had immediately roused all the Heaven Dou Empire powers on the walls. Dai Mubai and Zhu ZHuqing finally used their spirit fusion ability Hell White Tiger, and Grandmaster with Flender and Liu Erlong released the Golden Sacred Dragon, attacking with all their strength and forcing the enemies back in retreat. A lot of people had already fallen off the walls. Those Spirit Empire Title Douluo were also all injured.

“Retreat!” Tang San shouted at the same time as he stabbed at Falling Devil Douluo, now wasn’t the time to stay here. Even if they temporarily held the advantage on the walls, he didn’t have much fighting strength left, and there were still another five peak level Title Douluo opponents. The situation below the walls was already quite terrible, but if they retreated now they could still maintain their strength. Those injured Title Douluo weren’t so easily killed either, that he could kill this Falling Devil Douluo was already quite a bounty.

With an explosive sound, the Seagod Trident relied on its weight to strike aside Falling Devil Douluo’s defensive Coiling Dragon Staff with its first strike. The enormous polearm shook, and struck once again. If the sword- like main blade directly hit Falling Devil Douluo, even if his spirit power was another level deeper, it would still be difficult to survive.

But at this moment, a sudden shout came, “You dare!” A strong gale blew towards him, blasting Tang San from the side. Sharp energy fluctuations made Tang San’s hair stand up. That was an attack enough to threaten his life. In danger, Tang San couldn’t pay any attention to killing Falling Devil Douluo, turning around he suddenly poured Seagod’s Light into the trident, a golden ring of light appearing in front of him.

But, shockingly, the Unfixed Storm’s ring of light collapsed in practically an instant, his body also flung back by that enormous impact. Once again vomiting blood, he now became aware of just how far his condition had fallen. His spirit power and mental strength were already at less than thirty percent.

An equally golden robed and silver embroidered old man had arrived on the walls, it was the priest who had previously removed Bibi Dong and Hu Liena. His eyes shone with pure light, his entire body covered with a layer of fine golden scales. That previous attack came from his hand transformed into a claw. Behind him also hung a giant tail covered with scales and spines.

This, was the Golden Crocodile King spirit, one of the peak spirits. Especially the spirit power this priest emanated made Tang San even more shocked. Fifteen Ton Douluo and Falling Devil Douluo were powerful enough, but this old man’s appearance actually made Tang San feel as if he faced Bibi Dong. By conservative estimates, this Golden Crocodile King Douluo’s spirit power had already reached at least rank ninety eight.

Tang San’s estimate was correct, this Spirit Empire priest before him was second only to Qian Douliu in Elder Palace, ranked second, Golden Crocodile Douluo. He was already more than one hundred fifty years old, older even than Qian Daoliu. His strength had also reached a terrifying rank ninety eight. His power actually wasn’t inferior to Bibi Dong who was

always unable to use her full strength. His appearance on the walls had once again reversed the situation that Tang San laboriously turned around.

Golden Crocodile Douluo gave a cold snort, his left foot suddenly stepping forward. Spinning around, the large tail behind him swept out, leaving a series of golden shadows as it struck straight for Tang San. And at the same time, both his hands pushed behind him, intense golden light suddenly erupting, like a wall blocking the Golden Sacred Dragon that wanted to come help.

This time Tang San felt exhausted by his limited abilities. The Spirit Empire really was too deep, they actually had so many powers. Facing Golden Crocodile Douluo’s attack, he could only manage to raise his Seagod Trident, doing his best to pour in Seagod’s Light to block. He was instantly knocked flying, heavily landing on his back on the walls, smashing a large area of the battlements. Tang San’s vision darkened, blood splattering.

“Yi.” Golden Crocodile Douluo was a bit surprised as he saw that his attack couldn’t kill Tang San. Tang San was clearly a spent arrow, but he could actually still block his attack in this kind of condition. This young man’s talents really were too astonishing. No wonder Bibi Dong, Fifteen Ton and Falling Devil Douluo were all beaten one after another. This person absolutely couldn’t be left alive.

Golden Crocodile Douluo’s eyes flashed with killing intent, an enormous crocodile image appearing behind him as his sixth spirit ring instantly flashed. That enormous image actually turned substantial, lunging straight towards Tang San with a roar. And Golden Crocodile Douluo himself turned, the long tail swinging out, forcing all the Heaven Dou Empire powers trying to save Tang San in retreat. Rank ninety eight spirit power really was too strong. Even Sword Douluo Chen Xin, largely exhausted, also couldn’t pass his block.

This time, even Tang San had a feeling he wouldn’t be able to escape. He was powerless to defend, a rank ninety eight Title Douluo’s attack was beyond him in his present state.

Just at this critical moment, suddenly, a roar exploded, “Who dares harm my son!” An incredibly enormous black light rose up from below Jialing Pass like a dark sun, using incomparably berserk power to meet that golden crocodile image.

With an enormous explosion, the black light condensed without scattering, and that golden crocodile’s head was blasted into fragments, suddenly exploding into countless specks of golden light, not one hitting Tang San.

Even if Golden Crocodile Douluo had used a lot of his strength to block the Heaven Dou Empire powers, that golden crocodile was still his sixth spirit ability, with the power of rank ninety eight spirit power. But it was smashed like this by someone’s single strike, making even this rank two priest change expression, concentrating his attention on this person.

The new arrival was dressed in plain clothes, tall, a head of short hair like steel needles, his eyes radiating power were as determined as an ancient evil god. His whole body bulged with muscle, and in his right hand was an incomparably enormous black giant hammer, with a head the size of a barrel, on which a golden pattern could be glimpsed, as well as a strange white pattern.

This was no stranger, but once the Douluo Continent’s youngest Title Douluo, Tang San’s father, possessing the highest title of the Clear Sky School, Clear Sky, Tang Hao.

Even though only he alone blocked in front of Tang San, standing there Tang Hao was like an towering mountain. Being protected behind that back, Tang San immediately felt a sense of unprecedented security.

“Dad——” The sense of security from his father made Tang San unable to hold back his shout.

Tang Hao seemed to have returned to his original severity, his face like iron carved with knife and chisel, his voice cold: “Leave this to me, all of you retreat first. Big brother, the inside of the walls is up to you.”

“Fine.” Howling Sky Douluo Tang Xiao’s voice echoed just from behind Tang San, Tang Xiao’s figure appeared, and together with him were a hundred robust men equally wielding Clear Sky Hammers, quickly cresting the wall and moving straight into Jialing Pass.

At this critical moment, the Clear Sky School’s reinforcements had finally arrived. And it was moreover led by the brothers Tang Xiao and Tang Hao.

Now, a series of loud explosions came below the walls of Jialing Pass, countless dismembered body parts blasting out from the gates. The Heaven Dou Imperial troops that had charged inside numbered at least fifty thousand, and the majority of them were heavy cavalry. But right now the gates seemed to explode, countless corpses gushing out along with miserable screams.

Whether the new Heaven Dou Emperor Xue Beng or Marshal Ge Long, both changed expressions. The circumstances before them could only be explained by one thing, and that was that the army they had sent into Jialing Pass was already completely wiped out. Adding the troops from the previous siege, the total casualties had already surpassed a hundred thousand.

A deep regret filled Xue Beng’s heart, regret that he didn’t listen to Grandmaster and promptly retreat, and even sent even more soldiers to die on the field. Xue Beng’s eyes reddened, roaring: “Sound the retreat. Imperial Guards, follow Us to break pursuit and screen the army’s retreat.”

“Your Majesty, you can’t. It’s all this old official’s fault, leave the rearguard mission to this old official.” Marshal Ge Long firmly grasped Xue Beng. How could he let the the monarch rush into danger? Only, Xue Beng’s words also roused the Heaven Dou Imperial Army’s morale again. If even the Emperor disregarded life or death, what could the soldiers fear?

Marshal Ge Long led the Imperial Guard to rush out, the gongs beat the retreat, and the Heaven Dou army charging at the pass finally began to turn. But, unexpected for marshal Ge Long, while the Heaven Dou troops inside

Jialing Pass had clearly been completely purged, the enemy still didn’t sortie. Only the Tang Army still guarded on the other side of the moat, holding the Godly Zhuge Crossbows, ready to screen their allies’ retreat.

Of course it wasn’t that the Spirit Empire army didn’t want to take advantage of the momentum to attack. With three priests, as well as another five thousand strong spirit master legion, they basically had no fear of the Tang Army’s Godly Zhuge Crossbows. The Godly Zhuge Crossbow excelled at surprise raids, but when you were somewhat prepared, external weapons still couldn’t compete with spirit masters.

The reason they didn’t sortie, was because of the appearance of the Clear Sky School relief force.

The Clear Sky School’s people weren’t numerous, adding in Clear Sky School master Howling Sky Douluo Tang Xiao, there was altogether only one hundred one of them. But these one hundred one people still stalled the enemy.

Tang Xiao was first to land on the battlefield inside the walls, his Clear Sky Hammer with a size absolutely not inferior to Tang Hao swinging with full force, forcibly blocking the attacks of the three priests. And at the same time, one hundred jet black lights shone simultaneously, and the Spirit Empire spirit masters charging furthest ahead were immediately baptised by the sect once known as the world’s number one. The simultaneous attack of one hundred Clear Sky Hammers immediately halted their advance, and also gave the Heaven Dou Imperial Army time to withdraw.

Up on the walls, Tang Hao slowly held the Clear Sky Hammer horizontal in front of him, pointing it towards Golden Crocodile Douluo, “Was it you who harmed my son?”

Golden Crocodile Douluo snorted coldly, “So what if it was? Clear Sky School, humph humph, what a Clear Sky School. I didn’t expect there would be day you’d stick your head outside your shell again. What creature are you to be so impertinent with this old man, even if Tang Chen was here he’d respect me as a senior. Announce your name, this old man doesn’t kill nameless juniors.”

In terms of seniority, Golden Crocodile Douluo really was a generation above Qian Daoliu and Tang Chen’s generation, and also the most senior power in the present Spirit Empire. Even Qian Daoliu had to show him some respect. Having Tang Hao point the Clear Sky Hammer at his nose like this, his heart was already burning with anger.

Tang Hao gave a disdainful snort; “With ambition there is no seniority, without it a hundred years are lived in vain. You’re not suited to mention my grandfather’s name. Where’s Qian Daoliu, call him out to fight. You, aren’t enough.”

Golden Crocodile Douluo’s eyes shone with fury, “Good, good, good, I’d like to see how much strength you have to back up your arrogance. This old man hasn’t left Elder Palace in fifty years now, today I’d like to see how much your generation is worth.”

Glaring golden light suddenly erupted from all over Golden Crocodile Douluo. Each of his scales stood up, his white hair instantly turning into keratin, enveloping his head. He leaned forward slightly, like a giant crocodile, his nine spirit rings glittering. The last among them was unexpectedly also red, just like Tang Hao’s spirit rings.

Tang Hao laughed out loud, “Then come. I’ll teach you what living a hundred years in vain means. Little San, look closely. This is the true might of our Clear Sky School’s Clear Sky Hammer.”

Chapter 285

Tang Hao shouted wildly: “LIttle San, look closely. This is the true might of our Clear Sky Hammer.”

While speaking, Tang Hao walked forward with large strides, his body like a whirlwind, the Clear Sky Hammer in his hand dancing swiftly, charging straight at Golden Crocodile Douluo. If Golden Crocodile Douluo was now like a dazzling golden sun, then now Tang Hao was like a black devil star, filled with violent tyranny and devouring vicious aggressiveness.

Ever since he was a child, Tang San had only seen Tang Hao attack once, and that was back at Spirit Hall when Tang Hao used the strength of a single attack to beat back several Spirit Hall Title Douluo, saving him and Xiao Wu. But at that time Tang Hao was still injured, his strength decreased. Tang San had still never seen his father’s true strength. Now, while eating big recovery sausages and settling his breathing, he focused on watching his father.

At this moment that Falling Devil Douluo had also recovered, but he didn’t get involved, rather swiftly escaping to one side, his deferential manner towards Golden Crocodile Douluo clear to see. This second priest was a majestic existence in the Spirit Empire.

Tang San calmed down, his brain quickly calculating. He knew that the Heaven Dou Empire now stood no chance of breaking Jialing Pass, the Spirit Empire’s six great priests as well as five thousand spirit masters as reinforcement completely reversed the difference in strength between the

two sides. Adding in the Fifteen Ton Douluo he sent flying, there were four priest level Title Douluo within the pass, it was already difficult for the Clear Sky School disciples his uncle led to screen the Heaven Dou army’s retreat. Another attack was impossible. The timing had been lost with this. Only, even though this battle was a considerable loss for the Heaven Dou Empire, the Spirit Empire defenders in Jialing Pass had equally suffered disastrous losses. By numbers, the Angel and Sacred Dragon spirit master legions would do well if they could raise ten thousand men combined, and the army losses were uncountable.

And even though the losses on the Heaven Dou Empire side were also very large, at least the Tang Army was unharmed, and the number of lost spirit masters was also much smaller than the enemy. The Heaven Dou Empire’s national strength was deep, and from a wider perspective, even though it was impossible to break the enemy in today’s battle, the advantage still lay faintly on the Heaven Dou Empire’s side. Even though Bibi Dong wasn’t dead, it was impossible for her to regain any fighting strength within one month. After this battle of the pass ended, they could consider how to fight with these six great priests.

Thinking about this, Tang San signaled his comrades on the other side with his eyes. Of the group of powers that originally held the advantage, now only Sword Douluo remained to bring up the rear while the others quickly abandoned the walls. And Sword Douluo was now just heading in Tang San’s direction to protect him. At the moment, thi rank ninety seven Title Douluo’s eyes were filled with fanaticism. Of course he recognized Tang Hao, this once Clear SKy Douluo had created too many miracles in the spirit master world. But, he had equally heard about Golden Crocodile Douluo. This Douluo had once been as famous as Sword Douluo’s grandfather. His seniority was high, his strength overpowering, he was absolutely a well known figure of the old generation. The collision between the new and old generations was definitely a marvel to Sword Douluo who had it very difficult to advance further. He didn’t want to mis

Facing the chances in Golden Crocodile Douluo, Tang Hao was still expressionless, still only pointing at him with that giant Clear Sky Hammer. Due to the immensity of the Clear SKy Hammer, right now he didn’t even

see the enemy, but his aura of dominating all things under the sky still wasn’t influenced in the slightest by the enemy’s strength.

Having connected the eight extraordinary meridians with Tang San’s help, Tang Hao’s spirit power had already reached rank ninety seven. Even though the one level difference between rank ninety seven and rank ninety eight was double the spirit power and should put him at a disadvantage, ever since Tang Hao made his appearance he had never been truly defeated. His flourishing grandeur and imposing appearance made even Tang San behind him feel like he wasn’t his equal.

“Come.” Tang Hao shouted.

The anger in Golden Crocodile’s mind increased yet another bit. He was three generations senior to Tang Hao, and he was overconfident in his status. Originally he was waiting for Tang Hao to attack first, but he didn’t expect Tang Hao to actually be so arrogant, so much that he even disdained giving him this slight convenience. Anger he hadn’t felt in years overflowed his chest. He didn’t speak nonsense, his whole body radiating golden light, instantly turning around, swinging the giant tail on his back towards Tang Hao like a mace.

That of course wasn’t just a whiplash, as that giant alligator tail swung out, where it passed the air grew distorted and illusory, making people fundamentally unable to see where it was. Terrifying slipstreams generated a series of sharp whistles and bangs in the air. This wasn’t using any spirit ability, it was just the simplest physical attack.

Tang Hao’s movements were equally simple. Taking one step forward with his left foot, planting it heavily on the ground, and with an enormous explosive sound, cracks spread out through the solid walls of Jialing Pass with his left foot as the center. Tang Hao’s arm with the Clear SKy Hammer instantly stretched out behind him, all his muscles instantaneously tensing, intense black light completely merging his body and the hammer together. Raising his left heel, he supported himself only on the tips of his foot, the muscles of his left calf instantly rupturing his pants leg, exposing muscles even more solid than granite. The next moment, the Clear Sky Hammer soundlessly swung out.

Indeed, it didn’t make any noise, as if all sound was absorbed by the hammer. That giant Hammer filled the sky, and even though there was no sound to offset its power, in Tang San’s eyes, this swing was the complete fusion of all of Tang Hao’s energies. To the extent that even his domineering imposing manner was merged into the Clear Sky Hammer.

This seemingly simple swing, still gave Tang San an all new understanding of swinging hammers. Just like Tang Hao said, this was the true Clear Sky Hammer!


The Clear Sky Hammer and Crocodile Tail violently collided, a terrifying energy wave dispersing in all directions. Tang San could clearly feel how frightening the energy of his father’s single swing was, actually making him think that he couldn’t match it even if he used the Seagod Trident.

When Tang San was still very small, Tang Hao once taught him that the calves were the source of human strength, and the muscles of the calves were a person’s second and third hearts. Before today, Tang San had thought he’d done very well, but now that he saw his father’s explosive hammer, he discovered that he was unexpectedly still far behind in the use of force. The moment his father’s left calf exploded with force, it really did throb violently like a heart. His entire body was like a large bow curved around his calf. Physical force, the Clear Sky Hammer’s force, mental force plus spirit power, all perfectly combined into one. Once praised as a genius difficult to see again in a hundred years on the Clear Sky School, Tang Hao finally revealed his true strength before his son.

Golden Crocodile Douluo’s crocodile tail was blasted away by the Clear Sky Hammer, even forcing him to spin back half a turn.

The spirit power he released absolutely wasn’t any lower than Tang Haos, but, in this situation where his spirit power should have completely suppressed Tang Hao, he was actually put at a disadvantage in this attack.

Tang Hao’s motions didn’t stop. The hammer swept sideways, knocking back the crocodile tail, and he spun swiftly around his left foot, actually

piercing into the solid rock walls like a drill bit. The Clear Sky Hammer brought his overpowering body to suddenly spin with the momentum. This time, he bent even further, and the eruption was also even more violent. The second swing knocked against Golden Crocodile Douluo closely after the first.

Golden Crocodile Douluo was worthy of being a rank ninety eight Title Douluo, even though he suffered a major loss in the first collision, he definitely reacted extremely quickly. At the same time as he spun horizontally in midair, his seventh spirit ring was already brightening. The muscles and veins all over his body instantly expanded. Golden Crocodile Avatar released. He fully transformed into a more than ten meter long giant crocodile. He equally lashed out with his tail, bit this time his imposing manner was completely different. The enormous force made sand swirl and rocks roll on the walls, bringing a frightening intensity like clouds covering the sun.

Facing the enemy’s sudden strengthening, Tang Hao remained unmoved. He erupted with this second swing, still with the same manner. But just the moment the Clear Sky Hammer was about to collide with Golden Crocodile Douluo’s spirit avatar state crocodile tail, suddenly, the entire Clear Sky Hammer turned completely white. Tang Hao’s own aggressiveness instantly turned berserk. With a roar, like a glowering deity, the rock beneath him began to crack piece by piece under the surging strength.


Both sides struck together a second time without any suspense. This time Tang Hao couldn’t knock back the crocodile tail, but neither could the tail sway him.

Tang Hao sprang up, leaping forward with an incomparably invading manner. His left foot once again struck the ground, and this time a giant hole formed in the wall where he stepped. With an explosive sound, the Clear Sky Hammer rose sharply against the wind, and the originally enormous hammer seemed to turn the size of a cloud bank, smashing straight down towards Golden Crocodile Douluo like black clouds above.

From the first swing to the third, Tang Hao didn’t show the kind of smooth and fluent feeling Tang San did, but as he combined this third swing, it was still filled with a beauty of force. That wild imposing manner made it seem like he was a Clear Sky Hammer, ruthlessly forging the enemy. Golden Crocodile Douluo who clearly surpassed him in spirit power, and even more in cultivation and experience, had unexpectedly become completely passive.

The third swing smashing towards his head from above was the display of the Clear Sky Avatar. Back then Tang Hao har relied on this kind of move to rescue Tang San and Xiao Wu in front of the Supreme Pontiff Palace. Right now he didn’t just face the Supreme Pontiff Palace, but rather the Spirit Empire’s number two priest. Three swings in succession had brought his imposing manner to its peak, a frightening level that couldn’t be described in words. Clearly a feeling of being unable to compete had formed in the heart of Golden Crocodile Douluo whose cultivation was higher than his.

How? How come? Could the Clear Sky Hammer spirit really be so powerful? Or was it to say that this middle aged man was already formidable to such a degree?

Golden Crocodile Douluo had once bet the Clear Sky School’s most outstanding sect master Tang Chen. But, at that time when Tang Chen fought Qian Daoliu, he used his Clear Sky Hammer completely different from this Tang Hao. Even though Tang Chen was completely domineering, he relied even more on a combination of his formidable spirit power and skill, his extremely clever attacks frequently leaving the enemy with no way to defend.

But, this Tang Hao didn’t walk Tang Chen’s road, what he released was all force, incomparably enormous force. Even if the enemy’s spirit power was higher than his, he still chose to overwhelm the opponent with force.

This moment, the Tang Sect Strength Hall Master Tai Tan who had already retreated below had tears streaming down his cheeks. The reason he respected Tang Hao so, admitted him as master, as lord, wasn’t it due to Tang Hao’s this pure force domineering Clear Sky Hammer?

Equally retreating and withdrawn from the Golden Sacred Dragon state, Flender also felt his whole body go cold. He still remembered how Tang Hao had completely suppressed him and Zhao Wuji back then without using any spirit abilities, and without even releasing his spirit. He really was very happy that he hadn’t truly challenged Tang Hao back then.

Leading the Clear Sky School disciples in screening the army’s retreat, on his own also holding off three priests at the same time as he retreated from Jialing Pass, Tang Xiao also saw this scene, and his gaze grew a bit blurry. But the Clear SKy Hammer in his hand became even more intense, rigidly keeping those three priests from rushing out the gates.

Clear Sky, the Clear Sky School’s Clear Sky Douluo had finally returned again. The title of Clear Sky Douluo in the Clear Sky School never meant the strongest in spirit power, but rather truly the strongest. Once Tang Chen, then and now Tang Hao, both were like this. Overlords beneath the sky, standing above Jialing Pass and swinging down the infinitely powerful Clear Sky explosive strike, equally declared: The Clear Sky School, has returned.

Finally Golden Crocodile Douluo couldn’t clash with that peak pressure. The crocodile’s body instantly retreated, its solid head heavily striking the side of the Clear Sky Hammer’s Clear Sky Avatar. But, his body was still flung away by the strike, forcibly blasted flying. And the Clear Sky Hammer bombarded the walls of Jialing Pass without pause.

Black light flashed, and all of space seemed to shake. Everyone felt their heart suddenly pause a moment. When it beat again it was twice as fast. It was also in the same moment as it resumed beating that an enormous explosion, loud enough to travel a hundred li, blasted the top of Jialing Pass.

Bold and unrestrained black light scattered in all directions, and on the hundred meter thick walls of Jialing Pass, with rocks flying, actually had a ten meter deep giant gap blasted out.

Golden Crocodile Douluo suddenly discovered that he really had grown old. Even though he landed safe and sound, without being much influenced

by Tang Hao’s swing, as he saw the giant opening ahead, and sensed the opponent’s domineering aura, he understood that his heart had already lost.

Tang Hao didn’t pursue. Standing there with the hammer horizontal, right now he didn’t seem in any way inferior to Tang San when he defeated Bibi Dong and hung in midair with the brilliant golden trident. His aggressiveness formed a distinct contrast from Tang San’s grace, but it doubtless made a deep impression on the hearts of the Heaven Dou Empire soldiers.

“Golden Crocodile Douluo, just now I forgot to tell you, my name is Tang Hao, title Clear Sky. I am the Clear Sky Douluo of this generation’s Clear Sky School. Back then I injured Qian Xunji, until he spit blood and died. I remember that his spirit power had already reached rank ninety five then, and I had just stepped into the Title Douluo realm.”

Golden Crocodile Douluo’s expression changed, crying out involuntarily: “You’re Tang Hao!” Even though it had been too long since he left Elder Palace, how could he not know the name Tang Hao?

Qian Xunji was the last generation Spirit Hall Supreme Pontiff, and also the sole son of high priest Qian Douliu. In those days he had also been praised as the genius of a generation of Spirit Hall, reaching the Title Douluo level at age fifty, then repeatedly breaking through again. But, even so, he was still injured by Tang Hao, and died not long after returning the Spirit Hall. The name Tang Hao had almost driven Qian Daoliu berserk, and the old man’s pain of holding a funeral for his son had even more made Qian Daoliu personally set out to kill Tang Hao. But, after he couldn’t kill Tang Hao after fighting him a few times, he’d lost track of Tang Hao’s whereabouts. Twenty years had gone by, and he hadn’t expected that the Clear Sky Douluo who shook Spirit Hall back then would actually appear again at this moment, And still appear in front of him.

Tang Hao raised his left hand, extending a forefinger to point at Golden Crocodile Douluo, shaking the finger as he spoke grimly: “You still aren’t enough to avenge Qian Xunji, call out Qian Daoliu.” While speaking, he turned and walked over next to Tang San. Pulling up his son, he patted Tang San’s back and poured a formidable spirit power into him.

“Little San, remember. Even in a fight to the death, you still can’t collapse.” While speaking, he gave a nod to Sword Douluo next to Tang San, and shoutd, “We’re leaving. See who dares follow.”

Tang Hao and Sword Douluo leapt up at the same time. He brought Tang San, and the three of them together headed straight for the Heaven Dou Empire army. And now all the six great priests assembled on the walls, but just like Tang Hao said, these six peak Douluo actually didn’t dare pursue. In their hearts they had already lost, lost to Tang Hao’s domineering manner. Tang Hao’s three swings not only shook Golden Crocodile Douluo, but also shook all the Spirit Empire powers. Even if the strength he displayed wasn’t as dazzling as Tang San’s Seagod Trident, neither did Tang San possess that aggressiveness to suppress everything.

“Big brother, we’re just letting them leave like this?” Fifteen Ton Douluo whom Tang San had previously launched off the walls couldn’t help asking indignantly.

Golden Crocodile Douluo wasn’t in a good mood now, and angrily said: “If you have the skill then you go chase them! Take a look at what time it is, Jialing Pass actually ended up like this. Go convene all ranking officers within the walls. The Angel Legion and Sacred Dragon Legion cannot rest. Have them immediately man the walls to prevent another attack by the Heaven Dou Empire. With Jialing Pass this ruined, it’s good enough to hold on to it.”

“Yes.” The other five priests were clearly led by him. After deferentially agreeing, they immediately left to pass on the orders.

Tang San followed his father back to the Heaven Dou army’s side, and couldn’t help turning his head to look. What he saw was a sea of blood. In this battle, both sides had equally suffered disastrous casualties, especially inside the gates of Jialing Pass, where the corpses were piled up like mountains. The defenders estimated that both sides had taken casualties exceeding two hundred thousand in this battle, and more than half were fatalities. Equally enormous losses. Despite the retreat still not being too late, managing a situation where both sides were hurt, seeing so many dead on the field still weighed on Tang San’s heart.

Xue Beng came to meet them. Seeing the brothers Tang Hao and Tang Xiao bring the Clear Sky School disciples, he inwardly breathed a sigh of relief. Were it not for the Clear Sky School’s timely reinforcement, there was no telling how large the losses would have been. Regardless of anything else, if Tang San had really died in the battle, then there would be no use fighting this war. From the start of the war until now, Xue Beng had found that the empire had become more and more dependent on Tang San. In a battle of this level, the effect of powers wasn’t just in strength, but even more importantly in their influence on troop morale.

Even though today’s assault on Jialing Pass had failed within sight of success, and moreover with large losses, relatively speaking it was still bearable.

“Teacher, State Preceptor, today is my fault, I advanced prematurely desiring achievements. To the extent that so many outstanding warriors died.” Xue Beng tearfully lowered his head in front of Tang San.

Tang San had taken serious injuries, and his body was still weak. With a light cough, he said: “If I was in your place, I might also have made the same choice. No need to blame yourself Your Majesty, seeing victory around the corner, some impulsiveness is human nature. Fortunately today’s battle wasn’t without rewards. Let’s retreat to camp first, and clean up the battlefield.

Xue Beng nodded, speaking to marshal Ge Long: “Marshal, clean up the battlefield, inventory the casualties, and pull back.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

This brutal battle actually hadn’t gone on for too long, but because of the numbers of spirit masters joining in, it had become extremely desperate. Common soldiers rather served as cannon fodder, and even the spirit masters on the Spirit Empire’s side had suffered catastrophic losses.

Both sides very tacitly cleaned the battlefield almost simultaneously. The Spirit Empire cleaned up the corpses near the moat and in Jialing Pass on their own, and the battlefield beyond that didn’t have too many remnants.

The Heaven Dou Empire had it much easier to clean, and were even more helping the dying and treating the injured.

It also couldn’t be helped that the Spirit Empire swept the battlefield without discerning sides, otherwise if the numerous corpses turned into a plague, than that would be a true calamity.

Returning to camp, Tang San didn’t immediately go rest. He had to see to the arrangements for his father and uncle, after all, the single attribute clans of the Tang Sect really had too deep grudges with the Clear Sky School, and besides the Strength Clan, the other three clans had to be placated. At the same time he also had to arrange for the Clear Sky School within the army. As for what emperor Xue Beng would say, Tang Hao’s display on top of Jialing Pass had completely convinced the emperor thirsting for talent.

As the army recuperated, Xue Beng first convened a military conference to sum up the losses of this battle. Tang San, Grandmaster and a group of high level members were all in the main tent.

Tang San’s physique really was powerful. Even though he’d suffered heavy injuries before, and exhausted himself even more, in the short time it took to return to camp, he had already recovered somewhat. Judging by his face, he basically didn’t seem tired. This was Tang San’s true advantage, having connected the eight extraordinary meridians, plus the boost of twelve high level spirit rings as well as six spirit bones, his body was even more solid that cast copper or forged iron. Adding the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone’s Wildfire Burns Unending, The Spring Wind Blows Life Again ability, as long as he didn’t just get killed, even ruined limbs would recover on their own. His injuries would also heal with time. After his spirit power broke through rank ninety, this recovery speed had become even more impressive.

In the large tent, at least all legion commanders and above were present. Different from the first time Tang San participated, when Tang San entered together with Grandmaster, his father and uncle, practically all necks bowed respectfully to him, even including marshal Ge Long.

“Teacher. Your condition is still well.” Xue Beng personally came to meet him.

Tang San nodded: “Nothing major. Your Majesty, I’ll introduce you. This is my father, Clear Sky Douluo Tang Hao. This is my uncle, Clear Sky School master Tang Xiao.”

Xue Beng’s eyes brightened, bowing slightly he didn’t hesitate to address Tang Ha: “Greetings teacher’s father, please have a seat.”

Tang Hao shook his head: “I mustn’t, please Your Majesty. We’re are only here to support Your Majesty.”

Let alone Tang Hao and Tang Xiao’s relationship with Tang San, just their Title Douluo level strength as well as their efforts to reverse the tide on the battlefield today was enough to make Xue Beng strive wholeheartedly to win them over.

Xue Beng didn’t persist, motioning for soldiers to move over seats for the three, equally giving Grandmaster the same treatment. The military conference then began. There was none who objected to the qualifications for these four to sit in the great tent. Their strength in battle had effects beyond any words. One might say that if not for these four people, then the battle between the Heaven Dou Empire and the Spirit Empire absolutely wouldn’t have ended like this.

Especially Tang San, who not only repeatedly defeated the opponents’ high level powers, the Tang Sect’s hidden weapon Godly Zhuge Crossbow had repeatedly showed remarkable effect on the field. To the Heaven Dou Imperial Army, the effect of this King Lan Hao was too enormous

“Marshal, is the casualty count complete?” Xue Beng questioned marshal Ge Long.

Marshal Ge Long spoke somewhat somberly: “The concrete numbers still aren’t ready, but the casualty numbers exceed a hundred thousand. Especially the soldiers that charged into Jialing Pass, less than a third of them could return. The errors of this battle are on this old official, it’s this

old official who advanced looking for achievements, without listening to King Lan Dian’s retreat orders. Your Majesty, please punish me according to martial law.”

Xue Beng sighed: “No, it’s not the marshal’s mistake. At that time I gave the orders. Advancing for achievements was also on me. We will personally issue an imperial order of self recrimination. We are unworthy of the deaths of the Empire’s soldiers!” While speaking, the rims of his eyes were already somewhat reddened.

Even though Tang San knew that Xue Beng was partly acting, admitting his mistakes as emperor still wasn’t easy. Only, this also showed how deeply he had hidden back in those days. It was very difficult to recognize the despotic fourth prince in this person.

Xue Beng changed the topic, his face showing the dignity of the emperor, “Even though we suffered large losses in this battle due to Our mistake, in this war, the Spirit Empire’s losses are still higher than ours. This is the contribution of King Lan Dian, King Lan Hao and all the spirit master powers. They broke through the enemy blockade and stalled the Spirit Empire’s strongest spirit masters. We will later bestow rewards to the Imperial spirit master legion and the Tang Army.”

His gaze turned to Grandmaster, “State Preceptor, the Spirit Empire’s relief army has already arrived, what do you think we should do next?”

Grandmaster’s expression was also a bit exhausted. After meeting Bibi Dong, he was unable to control his mood for a long time, “The military strategy should still be left to Your Majesty and Marshal Ge Long’s consideration. Judging by today’s battle, the Spirit Empire relief army should be their strongest force. Those five thousand spirit masters should be mustered from the Spirit Empire’s capital Spirit City. Most important are those six Title Douluo joining. If not for the timely arrival of Clear Sky and Howling Sky Douluo, we might have seen much worse in today’s battle. The six reinforcing Title Douluo should be the priests of the Spirit Empire’s Elder Palace, and also the strongest Title Douluo there. Each one has spirit power over rank ninety five. We are inferior in overall spirit master strength, and this makes the difference even larger. Only, if King

Lan Hao can recover, we won’t be without the strength to fight. But to force our way into Jialing Pass as easily as today might be very difficult. Moreover, our troops suffered disastrous losses in today’s battle. From my personal point of view, this should be time to recuperate for now.”

“Even though the Spirit Empire’s first rate spirit master strength has increased, the successive battles has also enormously exhausted them. Especially the damage to the walls of Jialing Pass and the casualties among the soldiers. They absolutely wouldn’t dare sortie for a decisive battle with us. It’s even more possible that they focus on defense and stall us. And it will be very difficult for the Tang Army’s flying attack to succeed when they are prepared.”

Xue Beng nodded, “Marshal Ge Long, your opinion?”

Marshal Ge Long said: “The State Preceptor is correct, for the moment it is impossible to break through Jialing Pass. The army needs to recover. Moreover, the number of spirit masters differs too much between our arm and theirs, a siege really is too unfavorable. Unless we can lure the enemy into a frontal confrontation, then we’ll have a chance. I propose we consolidate our defenses and recover, at the same time launching night attacks on the defender camps of Jialing Pass, everything should be considered at length. At the same time, dispatch couriers to the Star Luo Empire, and have them hurry and fight the Spirit Empire. The Spirit Empire’s main spirit master force has definitely been drawn to Jialing Pass, and if they can give the Spirit Empire enough pressure, we’ll have a good chance.”

Xue Beng frowned slightly, his gaze finally turning to Tang San,
“Teacher, do you have any good methods?”

Tang San shook his head with a wry smile: “What marshal Ge Long and Teacher say is correct. At present we absolutely can’t be overeager again. In order to break through Jialing Pass, we first of all have to deal with those six priests. Moreover, so far their strongest high priest Qian Daoliu still hasn’t appeared. According to what we know, QIan Daoliu should still be stronger than Bibi Dong. If he arrives as well, then our

circumstances will be very unreassuring. Once at the Title Douluo level, it isn’t something that can be met with quantity.”

Tang Xiao laughed slightly: “If Qian Daoliu really shows up, then we’ll leave him to you. As for those six other priests, if me and Hao- di[1] cooperate, at least we won’t let them threaten the army. But if we attack, it would be very difficult. After all, the number of our spirit masters is too limited.”

Xue Beng said: “It would be good if we had more of the red light teacher’s wife threw out in today’s battle.”

Tang San shook his head: “I won’t hide it from Your Majesty, what Xiao Wu used in the battle was a first rate hidden weapon from my Tang Sect called Buddha Fury Tang Lotus. It was made by divine craftsman Lou Gao after my designs. Senior Lou Gao exhausted five years of effort and finally even sacrificed his own life, altogether producing three Buddha Fury Tang Lotuses. In a small scale battle we are certain to threaten the lives of even Title Douluo, but with only two remaining, it’s not enough to chance the overall battle. Even if the Buddha Fury Tang Lotus was even stronger, its range is still limited. If you want to break through Jialing Pass, then right now there is only one way.”

His last sentence immediately drew the attention of everyone present.

Chapter 286

Tang San’s own final words was that there was only one way to break through Jialing Pass. This immediately made Xue Beng’s eyes shine, impatiently asking more.

As Xue Beng saw it, this time they were throwing in all the national strength of the Heaven Dou Empire, and cooperating with the Star Luo army, to smash the Spirit Empire before they had stabilized. Otherwise, if they let the Spirit Empire truly flourish, with their numbers of spirit masters it would be a disaster to the two empires. Seeing the army blocked by Jialing Pass, how could he not be anxious? As long as they broke through Jialing Pass, the Spirit Empire wouldn’t have any way to defend. In terms of full strength, it was impossible to compete with the two great empires!

Tang San glanced at the black Seagod Trident in his hand, then looked at Xue Beng, “Your Majesty, this method must be kept confidential. I can only tell you alone.”

Xue Beng looked distracted, but nodded at once, speaking to everyone in the tent: “All officials go take your rest.”

Even though the crowd was a bit suspicious, and even more curious over what method Tang San had, his strength had already given rise to a somewhat blind faith. Listening to him was already a confidence boost. Nobody had anything to say, and they immediately withdrew. Marshal Ge Long also looked deeply at Tang San before leaving the big tent.

Just as Tang Hao and Tang Xiao was about to leave, they were stopped by Tang San, “Uncle, father, teacher, my method requires your cooperation. You should all know it.”

Grandmaster looked at Tang San with burning eyes, “Little San, if I’m not mistaken, you should be talking about rank one hundred godhood.”

To Grandmaster, Tang San never had to hide anything. He’d long since told this fatherlike teacher all about his encounters on Seagod Island.

Listening to Grandmaster, Tang Hao and Tang Xiao’s eyes revealed sudden understanding. Only Xue Beng still looked perplexed.

Tang San said: “Your Majesty, you’re also a spirit master. You of course know that with every ten ranks, a spirit masters strength will leap up by obtaining a spirit ring.”

Xue Beng nodded, his puzzled eyes gradually growing clear. His eyes opened wide with shock, “Teacher, you mean, rank one hundred……”

Tang San said: “To spirit masters, breaking through rank ninety is already a lifelong dream, becoming Title Douluo. When the Spirit Empire was still Spirit Hall, all Title Douluo could leave their name in Douluo Palace. But, Title Douluo really isn’t the limit of spirit master cultivation. The true limit is divinity. It’s also breaking through rank one hundred spirit power. Rank one hundred is the biggest barrier. If you can break through it, even facing several dozen Title Douluo at once isn’t a problem. You should also know that I was far from as strong as now when I left a few years ago. Actually, it’s because I found the inheritance once left behind by a god. Becoming his successor is also a chance to attack rank one hundred. This trident is the weapon he bestowed me. And his divine name, was Seagod. Today I formally relied on the Seagod’s power to turn the moat water into my attack. But, I still have the last two trials left before becoming Seagod. The method I spoke of is to go complete these last two trials. If I really do become Seagod, then breaking through Jialing Pass wouldn’t be a problem, the entire Spirit Empire

Tang San explained his thinking in the simplest way, but what he said really was too strong a blow to Xue Beng. As an emperor, he had already reached the apex of humanity. Now he suddenlt heard that there really were gods, he was completely paralyzed with shock.

“Te-, teacher…… Gods really exist? Omnipotent gods? Immortal gods?” Xue Beng’s voice shook a bit, his eyes scorching hot as he looked at Tang San.

Tang San sighed inwardly. In the end Xue Beng was still an ordinary person!

“Don’t overthink it, Your Majesty. Actually, gods are like Douluo, it’s all just a title. The meaning of gods indicate powerful humans, humans that far exceed ordinary people. It’s not really omnipotence. As far as I know, at least three gods have already appeared on the Douluo Continent. If they really were immortal and omnipotent, then by now the Douluo Continent should be under their rule. How could there be a Star Luo Empore, or a Heaven Dou Empire?”

Listening to Tang San’s explanation, Xue Beng gradually calmed down. But the light in his eyes was still continuously flashing, “Teacher, can’t you tell me just how strong gods are?”

Tang San shook his head: “I don’t know either. There might not be anyone who could explain it to you. Because our world no longer has any gods. But, after breaking through the rank one hundred bottleneck, one’s strength will definitely increase. That’s why I’m saying that, if I can become Seagod, I’m sure I can help Your Majesty break through Jialing Pass.”

Xue Beng pondered: “Then teacher, how long will you be gone, and how large is the chance of success? I don’t want you to take chances for the sake of the empire.” Even though he was still shocked by what Tang San said, he could still fully imagine what a challenge it would take to break through rank one hundred and become a god, it absolutely wouldn’t be so easy.

Looking at Xue Beng, Tang San couldn’t help secretly sighing. Even though he was concerned for him, that red hot gaze still betrayed what he truly thought. But it was difficult to blame him. If the Heaven Dou Empire had a god level power, unifying the continent would no longer be a dream. Besides, he was still his titular disciple, it was impossible for him not to thirst for the god level.

He immediately smiled calmly: “No need to worry, Your Majesty. I’m at least seventy percent sure I can succeed. I’ll be gone at least a month, no more than three. I will definitely return.”

Xue Beng’s expression recovered somewhat, speaking hastily: “Since that’s the case, the empire’s future will rely on teacher. Teacher, whatever you need, don’t hesitate to speak. We will agree without exception. Only, with you away, our army might……”

Tang Hao said calmly: “Don’t worry, Your Majesty. With us here, if we aim to avoid making mistakes rather than getting the best results, it will be difficult for the Spirit Empire to have their way.”

Xue Beng looked at Tang Hao, and breathed out as he thought of the terrifying might he showed on the walls earlier. “Since that’s the case, then We will trouble teacher. Teacher, when are you preparing to leave?”

Tang San said: “I will set off with my comrades once my condition has improved a bit. Inheriting the Seagod’s position still requires the help of my six companions.”

Tang Hao, Tang Xiao as well as Grandmaster all followed Tang San back to his tent.

“Little San, are you really planning to go inherit the Seagod’s position?” Grandmaster asked somewhat worriedly.

Tang San sighed softly: “Teacher, you know I have no other choice. Not only because of this war. The Seagod Nine Trials was something I had to finish from the start. Only I didn’t think it would be this soon. The Spirit

Empire is formidable. Our present strength is far from enough to confront them. If Qian Daoliu comes, even defending would be difficult.”

Tang Hao frowned: “Reaching rank one hundred and becoming god is so difficult even your great grandfather didn’t manage it after so many years, even changing into that appearance in Slaughter City. Little San, you’re still young. I don’t want you to advance prematurely. Didn’t you say this eighth trial had five years? You still need more resources.”

Tang San’s eyes showed a resolute expression, “Dad, I understand that you’re all worried for me, but I’ll still face what I should face. I can imagine that god level power is definitely terrifying, even if my spirit power rises a bit it might not make too much difference. It would be better to just break the cauldrons and sink the boats, and take advantage of my current need for strength to forge ahead. My circumstances are different from great grandfather’s, I’ve already passed seven Seagod Trials, and I have the help of the Seagod Trident and my comrades. I didn’t exaggerate when I told Xue Beng I had seventy percent chance of success. Also, don’t forget that I have twin spirits. Before inheriting the Seagod’s title, I’ll first finish adding spirit rings to the Clear Sky Hammer. The Seagod’s Light allows me to completely absorb the attributes added from upgrading the twin spirits. In terms of my physique, I’ve already surpassed the human category like this. Therefore, I believe I can definitely succeed.”

Tang Hao slowly nodded: “Since that’s the case, then you have to succeed. This isn’t only about you, there’s no relation between the Heaven Dou Empire and us, and I can’t take revenge on the Spirit Empire. But you must keep in mind you are the son of me and your mother. You’re also Grandmaster’s only disciple.”

Tang San felt his heart warm. His father’s big hands grabbed his shoulders. Surging heat slowly flowing into him, nourishing his energy channels. Roused by Tang Hao’s spirit power, Tang San’s recovery speed instantly rose a bit more.

Grandmaster nodded repeatedly as he listened to Tang Hao: “Clear Sky Douluo is right. In our minds, your life is number one. The rest is all empty. I still have one thing to remind you about. Little San, today you

also saw Clear Sky Douluo break that rank ninety eight spirit power Spirit Empire priest with the Clear Sky Hammer, do you know why?”

Tang San was distracted, looking at his father. Tang Hao had now already sensed Tang San’s physical condition, and stopped infusing spirit power. After all, his spirit power really wasn’t of the same origin as Tang San’s Mysterious Heaven Skill, and Tang San’s condition was moreover much better now. Tang Hao couldn’t help secretly sighing, his son’s body really wasn’t completely human anymore.

Tang San pondered: “Dad, back then you didn’t use any spirit abilities, only spirit avatar later, but still broke Golden Crocodile Douluo’s defense. I was behind you and could feel that, after you used spirit avatar, the force was terrifying. Not just the weight, that explosive strength too. With each swing, combined with your imposing manner, it felt as if the opponent had no way to resist. If it was me, I might not have been able to block either. There might have been some chance by relying on the Seagod Trident’s weight.”

This moment Tang Hao looked towards Tang Xiao to the side, his gaze questioning.

Tang Xiao nodded: “Teach him. Besides little San, who else would be authorised to inherit the Clear Sky Douluo’s secret skill. Besides, even grandfather gave little San the Clear Sky Warrant. This means he approves of it. Little San will face even more in the future, teach him and he’ll have another way to defend himself.”

Tang Hao nodded, and Grandmaster smiled slightly from the side, apparently having already anticipated this scene, “Then I’ll leave first.”

Tang Xiao chuckled, patting Grandmaster’s shoulder, “Grandmaster, you have gone to a lot of trouble for little San! Don’t go calling us Douluo later. Without you, there would be no little San today. Hereafter you’ll be our brother, let’s get along.”

Grandmaster smiled: “Then deference is definitely no substitution for obedience.”

Even though Tang San was curious what his father would teach him, he still addressed Grandmaster first: “Teacher, I’ll trouble you to arrange other accommodations for the Clear Sky School disciples, not close to my Tang Sect’s disciples.”

Grandmaster naturally understood what he meant. Even though they had fought side by side today, the old grudges the four single attribute clans had towards the Clear Sky School were too deep. They absolutely weren’t that easily solved. Tang San didn’t have the time to deal with this right now, and could only separate them to avoid conflict. Also, in the recent battles the Tang Sect disciples had become even more convinced by Tang San, and as long as there were no special circumstances, the four clan chiefs would definitely hold back the disciples.

Grandmaster and Tang Xiao left the tent, at the same time also blocking Ah Yin and Xiao Wu who had gotten the news, keeping them from entering. Inside the tent, only Tang San and Tang Hao, father and son, remained.

Tang Hao sat down cross legged in front of Tang San, regarding his son with a burning gaze, “For as long as our Clear Sky School has existed, a kind of special cultivation technique has been passed down. This cultivation technique has been passed down with each generation of disciples, and the day they broke through rank ninety, they would possess the Clear Sky title. This is also the origin of the Clear Sky Douluo. And practically all the sect disciples that possessed this title have become sect masters.”

At this point, Tang Hao’s eyes dulled a bit, “Speaking of, this stopped with me, it’s just with my generation that this tradition didn’t continue. Back then my grandfather, the last generation Clear Sky Douluo Tang Chen, even though he passed the sect master position to my father, your grandfather, he didn’t teach him the Clear Sky Douluo’s exclusive cultivation technique, instead skipping a generation to pass it to me. Whether grandfather or father, at that moment they both chose me as the Clear Sky School’s next successor. I didn’t disappoint them either, constantly breaking the Clear Sky School’s spirit power leveling records,

becoming the Clear Sky School’s, and even the entire continent’s youngest power.”

Tang Hao’s eyes suddenly grew a bit gentler here. Looking at his son, he revealed a proud expression. “Of course, you’ve already broken the records I once made. I’m very gratified, and also very ashamed. I was never a good father in the past. What Grandfather did for you is all better than me.”

“Dad, what are you saying this for, if not for you, there would be no me. Didn’t I say that the favor of one’s parents’ raising is something children can’t repay in a lifetime. Besides, it wasn’t by your choice. If it was me, I might not have done any better.”

Tang Hao sighed deeply, gratified: “Fine, fine, let’s not mention it. Our Clear Sky School’s special cultivation technique can only be inherited by one person in a generation. It’s not out of jealousy, but rather because the demands on the cultivator are extremely high, there’s absolutely no way to cultivate it without superlative talent, on the contrary it’s fatal danger. This cultivation technique, is known as Great Sumery Hammer.”

Tang San looked distracted. He knew that Sumeru[1] and mustard seed were antonyms, Sumeru represented the meaning of infinitely large, and mustard seed infinitely small. Just like his Purple Demon Eye’s third level Mustard Seed indicated it could see infinitesimally small objects. And the meaning of this Clear Sky Hammer’s Great Sumeru Hammer clearly indicated a kind of hammer technique that could show infinitely large force.

Tang Hao didn’t rush to explain, only quietly waiting for his son to digest the words Great Sumeru Hammer. After a long time, he said: “Actually, your original cultivation route, plus that Seagod Trident of yours, is already sufficient. But I’ve thought carefully about it, and the Great Sumeru Hammer is still very effective for you. Your already have enough abilities, whether spirit rings or spirit bone abilities. And your Clear Sky Hammer has just started getting spirit rings, before going to inherit the Seagod you still need to even the spirit rings. Then, your Clear Sky Hammer will have several more spirit abilities. Even if you’re a control

type spirit master, it’s impossible to instantly perfect all your abilities, and the Great Sumeru Hammer can help you simplify it.”

Light flashed in Tang San’s mind, “Dad, don’t tell me your strength and imposing manner is all from spirit rings?”

Tang Hao smiled with satisfaction, “Worthy of my son, you saw through it at once. That’s right, in some sense, my strength is taken from spirit rings. Let alone that Golden Crocodile Douluo today, after my strength recovered, even if Qian Daoliu came in person, he still might not defeat me. Back when I had just broken through rank ninety, I relied on Great Sumeru Hammer to break through the encirclement of numerous Spirit Hall powers, and even seriously injured that generation’s Spirit Hall Supreme Pontiff. You can imagine how formidable our Clear Sky School’s absolute skill is.”

“The Great Sumeru Hammer, in theory, is to condense all your spirit rings together and completely infuse them in the Clear Sky Hammer, becoming pure force and offence, geometrically multiplying its force, forcefully breaking through the limits and displaying strength surpassing your spirit power, walking the road of suppressing the skill of ten with force alone. No matter how many spirit abilities the opponent has, no matter how many skills, none can compete with the purest force and offence of my Clear Sky Hammer. In theory, the force of the Clear Sky Douluo’s Great Sumeru Hammer is infinitely large. Moreover, the Great Sumeru Hammer also has a formidable ability. Relying on this ability, even Qian Daoliu would have to give way. Back then I used just this Great Sumeru Hammer’s special ability to injure the last generation Supreme Pontiff Qian Xunji. Only, this ability causes enormous harm to the user, it can’t be used other than in a crisis. Only, your physical strength surpasses that of ordinary people, you should be able to bear it. If you can become Seagod, then you should be able to perfect this skill. Your great grandfather once said that our Clear Sky School’s Great Sumeru Hammer should be a divine ability.”

“Divine ability?” Tang San was stunned. Looking at his father, he felt shocked.

Tang Hao sternly said: “A formal divine ability, your great grandfather said that, only by breaking through rank one hundred is there a chance of perfecting the Great Sumeru Hammer. With your present strength, you don’t need to train painstakingly. I’ll teach you the cultivation technique, and after you’ve memorized it, it won’t be too late to cultivate it once you’ve recovered.”

In the tent, the voices abruptly disappeared. Tang Hao relied on his superlative spirit power to compress his voice, slowly teaching Tang San the Clear Sky School’s divine ability. With Tang San’s mental strength cultivation, he only had to hear it once to memorize it. After he read the mnemonic chants once, he couldn’t help turning pale with fright, almost losing control.

“This, isn’t this suicide?” Tang San cried out involuntarily.

Tang Hao’s expression was serious, shouting: “Shut up, guard your heart, think carefully.”

Tang San’s expression changed. His mental strength was too exhausted, causing this crack to appear. His father’s dignity made him shiver, and he focused again. As he carefully sensed that Great Sumeru Hammer cultivation technique, he immediately had a different impression. But the shock he felt didn’t decrease in the slightest, instead growing stronger and stronger.


Jialing Pass.

“What did you say?” Bibi Dong resisted the weak feeling, slapping the table as she glared furiously at Golden Crocodile Douluo and the others of the six great priests.

Golden Crocodile Douluo lowered his voice: “The high priest orders you to return to Spirit City, do I need to repeat myself a third time?”

Bibi Dong’s ample chest heaved violently, her eyes flooded with fury. But she couldn’t flare up again when facing these six priests. “Second priest, don’t forget that I am the highest authority in the Spirit Empire.”

Golden Crocodile Douluo gave a cold smile, “Impudent. Bibi Dong, don’t forget that the Spirit Empire belongs to our Spirit Hall. By the rules of Spirit Hall, Elder Palace has the authority to remove the Supreme Pontiff. As priests of Elder Palace, we have decisive authority. Do you dare oppose the high priest’s orders?”

Of course Bibi Dong dared, she’d never put Elder Palace in her eyes. Always in the past, she had been secretly eroding the authority of Elder Palace, and those Title Douluo who weren’t priests were basically all gathered under her. The priests also didn’t get involved in affairs. It might be said that she had long since truly taken control of Spirit Hall. She had eliminated the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan, injured the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, selected a new seven great clans, established the Spirit Empire. She had never expected the priests led by Qian Daoliu to actually get involved now, to wrest away her control when she was weakest.

“You……” Bibi Dong’s breathing didn’t obey her, her eyes darkened, almost fainting. Fortunately Hu Liena was just next to her and helped support her.

Golden Crocodile Douluo spoke coldly: “Take a look at how large a crisis you’ve brought the Empire into. If we hadn’t arrived in time today, Jialing Pass might have been broken by the Heaven Dou Empire. If they did, our Spirit Hall would be ruined by your hands. Such a big blunder is enough for us to depose you. That the high priest only has you return to Supreme Pontiff Palace to reflect is already holding back. For now we will take command here, until the high priest arrives.”

“The high priest is coming too?” Bibi Dong forced herself to calm down. Years at the top had made her disregard the voices of others, but she absolutely wasn’t impetuous. The present circumstances were unfavorable for her. Forcing herself to calm, clashing head on with the priests was extremely unwise. Hearing that Qian Daoliu was also coming to Jialing

Pass, Bibi Dong’s expression really did change. If there was anyone she still feared in Spirit Hall, then that was only Qian Daoliu.”

Second priest Golden Crocodile Douluo sneered, “Do you have anything else to say?”

Cold light flashed through Bibi Dong’s eyes, “Fine. I’m returning to Supreme Pontiff Palace. Nana, let’s go.”

Supported by Hu Liena, Bibi Dong left intensely unwilling. The six priests weren’t worried about her playing any tricks either, with the absolute strength of the six of them, they basically didn’t fear anything Bibi Dong could do. Without strength, everything was useless. Even if Bibi Dong recovered her full strength, it was still impossible to deal with the six of them.

Bibi Dong and Hu Liena gradually left the range of perception of the six. The fourth priest turned to Golden Crocodile Douluo: “Second brother. Why would the high priest not have us deal with this woman once and for all? She isn’t just extremely ambitious, she……”

Golden Crocodile Douluo raised an eyebrow, waving a hand to block the priest from continuing, “The high priest has the high priest’s reasons. Don’t ask too much. What we have to do now is help the young miss control the Spirit Empire, waiting for her to gain full control. I’m not particularly fond of that woman Bibi Dong either, but since the High Priest won’t have us kill her, we can only listen and obey. There’s no need to doubt that woman’s talent. Twin spirits, even I can’t match her at her peak. But, as long as the young miss can complete the last trial and become God of Angels, Bibi Dong will no longer matter. When that time comes our Spirit Empire will definitely sweep the Continent, completing the unification. Alright, let’s get busy. Integrating the army and spirit master legions, restoring the defenses. Before the young miss arrives, we have to guard Jialing Pass well. That Tang San and Tang Hao aren’t easy to deal with. We have to be careful at all times.”

Fifteen Ton Douluo’s expression was serious: “Second brother, won’t we go raid the Heaven Dou camp and make a bit of trouble for them?”

Golden Crocodile Douluo waved his hand: “Don’t cause any more problems. Did you forget the high priest’s warnings? To us, what’s most important is to preserve the foundation of the Spirit Empire. Save enough strength and wait for the young miss’ dispatch. We can’t affect the larger situation for trifles. Sixth, seventh, you go take a look at the elders. It may be assumed that they won’t dare do anything unwise, but if they don’t show understanding of the times, kill the chicken to warn the monkey.”


The priests quietly left, and Golden Crocodile also slowly got up and exited the tent, raising his head to gaze at the night sky. His heart really wasn’t calm at all. He could never forget the scene from the day of Tang Hao’s giant Clear Sky Hammer.

Clear Sky Douluo, what a Clear Sky Douluo. Not eradicating the Clear Sky School back then really left behind danger. No wonder the high priest says the Clear Sky School is our Spirit Hall’s true enemy. There’s just no telling if the last generation Clear Sky Douluo remains or not. Young miss, you have to complete the final trial! As long as you become God of Angels, none will be able to stand against us.

…… Three days later, Heaven Dou Empire camp.

Slow breathing like deep dragon cries or tiger roars resounded, dense white mist gathering above Tang San’s head, forming three giant white flowers. It was the Three Flowers Gathering Above level.

Even though he had exhausted himself that day, relying on his formidable physique, Tang San had only used one day to recover. At the same time he had also discovered that, after the extreme exhaustion, his cultivation had risen again. Pressure was like the best forging hammer, forging his body. That’s why he was in no hurry to leave the Heaven Dou Empire camp, and rather kept cultivating.

The insides of his body was already colored golden, and even the white of the external protective energy of the Mysterious Heaven Skill was rendered faintly golden. That peculiarly tenacious feeling made Tang San

feel full of strength. So soon after he’d reached rank ninety three, thinking about another breakthrough was impossible, but the feeling of his body improving was still extremely clear.

The battlefield was originally a place that very easily aroused a person’s potential. Enormous conflict, formidable enemies, that kind of pressure was different from what he faced on Seagod Island. Especially that Great Sumeru Hammer cultivation technique Tang San learned from his father. He hadn’t started truly practicing it, but in his constant cultivation state he had constantly been mastering its surrounding areas. Only by deep understanding could it be truly used without mistakes.

The faint exhalation finally ended. Tang San abruptly inhaled through his mouth and nose, swallowing all the white mist around him like a whale inhaling. The powerful suction made the air constantly echo with a series of sharp whistles.

Spirit power returned to his body, Tang San’s skin showed a faint luster, light roaming over his handsome face. Just sitting there, his noble temperament gave people a feeling as if unable to look straight at him.

Outside the tent, Xiao Wu just raised a drapery and looked inside, alarmed by the noise. Seeing Tang San sitting crosslegged there, his whole body lustrous like gems, she couldn’t help her gaze turning dull. She of course saw that Tang San’s strength had advanced yet again. Tang San’s cultivation growing stronger made her even happier than her own cultivation advancing.

Recently, all kinds of benefits had begun to appear from Xiao Wu’s tempering on the Seagod Island. After her spirit power directly shot up to rank seventy six, her cultivation speed had become even faster. In fact, she was once a hundred thousand year spirit beast, and her cultivation speed was much faster than ordinary human spirit masters. Adding Tang San’s help and all kinds of benefits from Seagod Island that now appeared, she’d instantly broken through again, and her spirit power had already reached rank seventy seven. At the same time, after completely assimilating the power of the Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng and Yearning Heartbroken Red, her body had reached another level.

It might be said that, in the entire Heaven Dou Empire camp, in terms of physical strength, if Tang San was number one, then Xiao Wu was definitely number two. Even Tang San didn’t know that Xiao Wu’s body had also gradually separated from the range of humanity under the effect of the Yearning Heartbroken Red, entering the god level. After completely uniting her body and soul, this immortal grade among immortal grade herbs effect had fully developed.

“Xiao Wu, come.” Tang San slowly opened his eyes, waking up from cultivation. His eyes seemed very calm, giving people a feeling like the spring wind. There was none of the intensity from before, besides seeming gentle, there actually wasn’t any difference from an ordinary person.

Seeing Tang San’s gaze, Xiao Wu couldn’t help her heart trembling. Natural State, he had actually already reached this level. No wonder Bibi Dong had lost to him in their last two battles.

“Ge, your condition is better.” Xiao Wu walked into the tent, stepping over to Tang San in a few steps.

Tang San reached out and pulled her into his arms, kissing her tender face again and again, “I’m already fine. I’ve made you worry.”

Xiao Wu held on to Tang San’s waist, sticking her face to his chest, “Ge, I feel so happy I can always be together with you.”

Tang San held her tighter, whispering: “In order to become Seagod as soon as possible, I we might have to separate a while.”

“What?” Xiao Wu sharply raised her head, looking at Tang San in shock.

[1] Sumeru - Or Mt. Meru,

Chapter 287

Seeing the shock in Xiao Wu’s eyes, so much so that there was even a bit of worry and fear, Tang San laughed despite himself, “Silly girl, don’t get nervous, listen to the end first! I’m talking about a very short time.”

“But, ge, don’t you need us to become Seagod? I still want to complete the Seagod Trials with you!”

Tang San smiled: “Of course. Not just you, Mubai and the others have to go too. Didn’t senior Bo Saixi say that without all your help, I can’t become Seagod. The separation I mean is that I have to go to Star Dou Great Forest first, and then the Seagod Island. You know my flight speed. It’s much faster than ordinary. If you followed me to the Star Dou Great Forest and then to the Seagod Island, it might be a bit slow. It would be better if you first went to the coast where we returned and waited for me, and also had Xiao Bai gather enough Devil Spirit Great White Sharks. Once I’ve completed adding spirit rings to the Clear Sky Hammer in the Star Dou Great Forest I’ll join up with you. That way we can save the most time. We might not even be apart for ten days.”

Listening to Tang San’s explanation, Xiao Wu sighed and softly hit Tang San’s chest, “You really are rotten, you just have to scare me.”

Tang San laughed out loud: “Unfair! Who knew you’d react so strongly, not even waiting for me to finish?”

Xiao Wu pouted, thumping Tang San’s shoulder without letting him off. Seeing her tender appearance, Tang San couldn’t help his heart filling up, and he heavily kissed Xiao Wu’s pouting lips.

There were no more delays. After saying farewell to his father, Grandmaster and Xue Beng, the Shrek Seven Devils split into two teams, taking advantage of the night to quietly leave the Heaven Dou Empire camp. This was Xue Beng’s plan. Tang San’s position in the army was too lofty, if the soldiers knew he’d left, it might influence morale. Therefore he had to leave quietly, tightly blockading the news. Partly not to influence morale, and at the same time also to avoid the Spirit Empire’s scrutiny.

But at the same time as Tang San and the others left the camp, Tang San preparing for the last dash to become Seagod, in the Spirit Empire, in Spirit City, in Elder Palace, someone else was already at the final juncture.

…… Spirit City, Elder Palace.

Standing quietly in the heart of the palace, facing that enormous six winged angel statue, Qian Renxue’s entire body emanated a golden light.

Entirely different from when she originally came here, right now she was no longer a person who could kneel and pray before the angel statue, but rather just like it, she had become the heart of the great palace.

“You have already prepared?” An aged voice calmly asked.

Qian Renxue slowly raised her head. One could see how her eyes were actually completely golden, radiating light filled with the aura of divinity.

“Yes, I’m ready.” Qian Renxue’s voice lacked the moodiness from before, it seemed apathetic and cold, as if it no longer came from a human mouth.

Another figure slowly walked up from behind the angel statue. Tall, stalwart, the aged voice also became clear as he revealed himself, “My existence is for the sake of this day. For this day, I have already waited more than a hundred years. Come with me.”

The person walking out from behind the statue was precisely the Spirit Empire high priest, once one of the three exceptional Douluo, Angel Douluo Qian Daoliu.

Suddenly, light flashed behind Qian Daoliu, completely surrounding him as a ball of golden light. Nine spirit rings were neatly arranged over him. Appearing at the same time was also three pairs of pure white wings. This was that super spirit, Seraphim.

Besides the wings, Qian Daoiliu’s entire body was wrapped up in gold, but it seemed to lack something compared to Qian Renxue’s golden color. But after he released the spirit, he replaced Qian Renxue and the angel statue, becoming the heart of the entire Elder Palace.

On Qian Daoliu’s forehead appeared a rhombic golden gem. Without him making any movement, instantly, he had arrived before the angel statue, a bizarre golden ray of light shooting out from that rhombic gem, just shining on the spot between the angel statue’s eyebrows.

Immediately, the angel statue’s forehead showed a golden ripple, the entire idol seeming to slowly tremble once.

Observing this scene with completely golden eyes, Qian Renxue was also slightly astonished. Clearly, this was the first time she saw circumstances like these.

“Child, follow me.” Qian Daoliu turned around, beckoning to Qian Renxue. Then suddenly accelerating, he shot towards that giant angel statue.

Qian Renxue didn’t release her spirit, but her body still floated up, shooting towards the angel statue after Qian Daoliu.

A strange scene appeared. As Xian Daoliu’s body violently struck that giant statue, there was no intense collision, instead he disappeared in a flash of light, just like entering a pond.

Qian Renxue’s circumstances was the same. Following closely behind Qian Daoliu, she disappeared into the angel statue.

The whirlpool between the eyebrows of the statue slowly disappeared, the illusory feeling also vanishing. With a flickering light, everything returned to normal. But the grandfather and child Qian Daoliu and Qian Renxue were also lost within that vanished golden light.

Everything around was golden. Qian Renxue discovered that she had entered a strange world. The first sensation was boundless warmth wrapping up her body, everything around clearly seemed so unreal, illusory golden light constantly rippling, as if she was in a tunnel made of illusory light.

Qian Daoliu was just ahead, pulling Qian Renxue to fly forward. It seemed like an aeon had passed before the surroundings finally cleared up, the illusory feeling disappearing, returning to reality.

Qian Renxue was astonished to find that she and her grandfather had reached a large palace. When her bod appeared here, she immediately sensed that this great palace was strange.

It was surrounded by endless night, speckled with myriad stars, and the palace where she stood seemed to float within this night space.

The palace was hexagonal, six giant golden pillars supporting the roof. There were no walls, and everything around was illusory. Whether it was the floor, ceiling or those six giant pillars, everything was carved with countless inscriptions. These inscriptions formed the appearance of angel feathers.

In the center of the palace was a three meter tall angel statue. It looked exactly the same as the one in Elder palace, only much smaller. This angel wasn’t made from gold, but was rather dull grey. In front of the statue, an equally grey longsword was stuck in the ground. Six wings spread out behind it, vivid and lifelike.

“Grandpa, where is this?” Having arrived in this strange world, Qian Renxue’s voice was also finally a bit breathless.

Qian Daoliu’s face revealed a strange smile: “This is the true Angel Shrine, the location of the Angel God’s inheritance. Child, come over.” While speaking, he waved his hand to Qian Renxue.

Qian Renxue was guided to stand in front of that angel statue. Qian Daoliu pulled her hand, looking at the equally rhombic golden gem on her forehead, “You will let the radiance here reappear, let angels once again appear in the human world. Here, is where you will complete the ninth Angel Trial. At the same time it is also the place of your true inheritance, where you will step into divinity. The Douluo Continent, nobody knows how many years it has been since gods appeared. You will become the strongest in the Continent, to lead the Spirit Empire to ascendancy.”

Listening to Qian Daoliu, Qian Renxue’s eyes gradually brightened, intense spirit glittering in the golden pupils. At this moment, a figure suddenly appeared in her mind, the figure of the one who had once defeated her.

Qian Renxue could never forget the man who defeated her back then. His intelligence and strength had made her consider him her greatest enemy.

“Tang San, I will become god of angels. And you? Haven’t you already been left far behind? I will definitely come find you. I will personally settle the matter between you and me. When we meet again you will only have two choices. Submit or be destroyed. Besides grandfather, you are the only man I do not loathe. I hope you won’t disappoint me.”

“Little Xue.” Qian Daoliu’s voice woke Qian Renxue from her train of thought.

“Grandpa, what should I do?” Qian Renxue’s gaze grew firm again. For some reason, as she recalled Tang San’s name, her entire heart burned. The first time she saw him was at Ning Fengzhi’s introduction, and the last time they had become enemies. For some reason, although Tang San had ruined her more than decade long effort of infiltrating the Heaven Dou Empire,

Qian Renxue didn’t hate him, but on the contrary admired him even more. In her heart she didn’t want to kill Tang San, but rather conquer the only man she admired.

“Use your blood.” Qian Daoliu pointed to the round transparent gem on the hilt of the dark and dull longsword.

Qian Renxue drew a sharp breath. She knew the last moment was before her. Slowly raising her right hand, she covered that gem. Suddenly, her thumbnail slashed, and immediately a stream of bizarrely colored blood flowed from her middle finger, moistening the gem on the sword hilt.

Qian Renxue’s blood was quite strange, not the red of humans, but more like faint pink mixed with faint gold. This strange blood even smelled somewhat sweet.

Suddenly, Qian Renxue felt her right hand twitch, the cut on the middle finger sucked against that clear gem. The glossy stone was now unexpectedly like a starved leech, Madly swallowing Qian Renxue’s blood. Blood madly spurted from the wound, making Qian Renxue tremble unconsciously.

One spirit ring after another appeared from Qian Renxue’s body. With a crash, six giant wings extended behind her, unfurling in the air. While her blood was being sucked, her spirit automatically forced its way out.

Qian Daoliu stood aside, nervously watching everything.

As more and more of Qian Renxue’s blood trickled out, the gem on the longsword’s hilt gradually brightened. Just at the start, it sparkled with the same pink golden color as Qian Renxue’s blood, but as more time passed, the brilliant pink gradually faded, becoming purely golden. Golden light roamed, spreading down along the gem, bit by bit permeating that bizarre sword.

A weak feeling began to appear in Qian Renxue’s consciousness. But she unflinchingly kept it up, and even urged her spirit power to speed up the blood flow.

Gradually, Qian Renxue discovered that her body had become unable to move. The feeling of weakness grew stronger and stronger, but the golden light the sword in front of her released also began to grow more and more intense, the surging right rendering the entire Angel Shrine golden. The carvings in the surrounding shrine began to come to life. Faint light roamed, as if alive. The faint golden light was gradually strengthening.

Qian Daoliu smiled, his eyes revealing a zealous light as he muttered: “I’ve waited far, far too long for this moment, Tang Chen, in the end you were one step behind me! Even though I can’t reach rank one hundred to become god, my posterity has still reached it. I didn’t think I would be defeating you at this time. Unfortunately, I don’t know whether you’re still alive. If you are, what face will you make when you see my granddaughter become god? Haha, hahahaha.”

Qian Daoliu with difficulty raised his leg, taking one step forward to stand in front of that grey angel statue and the longsword gradually becoming golden.

The zealous light in his eyes gradually became gentle, gazing at Qian Renxue, “Child, this is your final juncture. It’s also grandpa’s final juncture. No matter how painful it is, you will definitely succeed. In the future, if you meet an exceptional Douluo called Tang Chen, you have to defeat him for grandpa. That’s grandpa’s lifelong opponent.”

“Grandpa, what are you doing?” Qian Renxue managed to open her mouth to yell. An intense feeling of unease suddenly rose in her heart. Its source was Qian Daoliu’s kindly and benevolent gaze.

Qian Daoliu smiled slightly, “Silly child, there will always be loss. This is my karma. As the Angel God’s guardian, I exist in order to pass on the the Angel God’s inheritance. Without me, you couldn’t possibly complete the last step. Don’t feel sad, you can’t move now, it’s impossible to stop me. Remember my words, lead the Spirit Empire to glory. If you meet Tang Chen, help me beat him.”

As he spoke, an intense golden flame abruptly surged from Qian Daoliu’s body with a loud explosion, That flame had no heat, but at this moment it

still brightened the entire shrine, and the faintly golden inscriptions now turned intensely bright. Qian Daoliu even replaced the angel statue to become the heart of the shrine.

“Grandpa, don’t——” Qian Renxue did her utmost to shout, to struggle. But just like Qian Daoliu said, she was basically unable to move an inch, she was completely absorbed by the gem on the sword, unable to budge.

Qian Daoliu’s entire body had become golden. That golden flame was something he had ignited automatically, it didn’t just burn spirit power, but also his body, his soul, and his everything. This purest angelic flame gradually consumed him. And behind him, that grey angel statue was frantically absorbing the energy erupting from the flame.

“Little Xue, listen. There’s something I never told you. The reason your mother is always unkind to you, even abandoning you as a child, isn’t her fault. Only, it’s also because of you that I haven’t killed her. Your father really didn’t die by Clear Sky Douluo Tang Hao’s hand. Back then Tang Hao only injured him, the person who truly killed your father, was your mother Bibi Dong.”

“What?” Qian Renxue looked stupidly at her grandfather, even forgetting the golden flame rising from his body.

Qian Daoliu sighed, “The past is already the past. I know the whole story. Bibi Dong is a genius, only, your father’s methods to keep her were a bit devious. But nobody expected her to bear silently for so many years before moving. At that time you no longer had a father, so I didn’t want to leave you without a mother as well. Once you become god of angels, think clearly how you will face her. There’s one thing I must warn you of. It there is one more person on the Douluo Continent who has a chance of becoming god, then that’s your mother. Her heart is already swallowed by wickedness. If she successfully breaks through and becomes god of rakshasa, she will be the antithesis of you as Angel God. But you are her daughter, deep in her heart she has always loved you. You must seize rulership of the Spirit Empire, decide for yourself how to act with Bibi Dong. Grandpa suggests you don’t make things difficult for her, if you and she can join hands, then sweeping the Continent will be even easier.”

“She killed my father, she killed my father?” Qian Daoliu stood there absentmindedly, not even reacting to the weakness in her body or the surge of energy disappearing within her. Qian Daoliu also smiled with satisfaction. He of course had a reason for telling Qian Daoliu this important news now, only with this would his granddaughter disperse the energy, and not feel sad for his death.

“Ch…...ild…… you….. were….. alwa….. ys grand…… pa’s……. pride…... Definitely…… with…… stand….. this fi…… nal……. trial……. become……. an…… gel……”

Qian Renxue only woke up once Qian Daoliu’s voice grew intermittent. In front of her, Qian Daoliu’s body had gradually been swalloed by that golden flame. The last thing she saw was her her grandfather’s kind eyes.

“Grand——pa——” Qian Renxue shouted in pain, struggling to her utmost. Suddenly, her hand was pulled by that bizarre suction, from the gem on the hilt down to the hilt. With a ringing sound, the longsword stuck before the angel statue was unexpectedly pulled from the ground.

Golden light exploded in an instant, and the entire Angel Shrine became a dazzling sphere of golden light. It was like a sun illuminating the night sky, illuminating everything around it, and also swallowing Qian Daoliu.

Inside the Angel Shrine, all the carvings ignited with intense golden flame. Qian Renxue only felt her body sway, already changing position. That grey angel statue was now completely golden, opening it arms it embraced her tightly.

The next moment, Qian Renxue instantly felt something blend into her body. The rhombic gem on her forehead radiated resplendent light. Enormous energy waves constantly erupted into the air. Within waves upon waves of violent explosions, her heart could no longer manage to be sad, the shocking scene made everything she saw turn golden, even her soul turned golden. She temporarily lost the capability of thought.

A dignified voice echoed from all around, all the golden light in this moment freezing within the Angel Shrine.

“An——gel—— De——scent——.”

The golden light above the shrine suddenly dulled, the angel statue in the middle of the shrine had already disappeared, leaving Qian Renxue alone. Behind her, those three pairs of wings extended, having turned completely golden. Closing her eyes, letting her golden hair fly behind her, her right hand raising that strange longsword she just drew, her entire body blossomed with an intense golden flame.

Starting from the tip of the sword, feather shaped inscriptions began to spread downwards. Spreading over the sword, gradually passing on to Qian Renxue’s body, extending to her face, extending all over her. With a soft jingling sound, all her clothes completely disappeared, exposing her perfect naked body.

That strange pattern was like clothes to Qian Renxue, gradually sliding until it enveloped her completely, strange golden light constantly sparkled in dazzling bursts.

Her consciousness gradually recovering, her soul awakening in pain, Qian Renxue only felt her entire body itch, as if she was being bitten by millions of ants.

Pain could be easily endured, but this itchy feeling was far worse than pain. The terrifying itch made Qian Renxue feel worse than death, so much that she even lost the capacity for thought. That itchy feeling seemed to emanate from the marrow in her bones, and her entire body suffered the extremely terrifying itch.

She wanted to shout, but she couldn’t give voice. She wanted to scratch, but her body wouldn’t move. This never before experienced thrill left her in infinite pain. Her mind was on the verge of collapse.

At this moment, she no longer had any opportunity to reflect on what Qian Daoliu said, she couldn’t even give vent to the sorrow of her grandfather sacrificing himself for her to become god. But she understood one thing, if her soul couldn’t endure this pain, then she would completely

collapse. Not only would she fail to inherit divinity, she would become dust in this Angel Shrine.

Gradually, Qian Renxue’s consciousness began to grow fuzzy. Suddenly, a figure appeared in the depths of her soul, wearing long robes, the grand Bibi Dong.

Bibi Dong was watching her with a cold and noble expression, her voice also resonated deep in Qian Renxue’s soul; “Don’t you want to surpass me? Don’t you hate me? I’m waiting. I kill Qian Xunji. If you want to avenge him, just come find me.”

Qian Renxue’s consciousness shook violently, even shaking off some of that brutal itch, “Bibi Dong, I hate you, I hate you. You’re not suited to be my mother. But I won’t kill you, I will steal the authority you want the most, to let you taste suffering.”

Bibi Dong’s figure gradually grew vague before her, gradually disappearing into nothingness. What Qian Renxue saw was her disdainful gaze.

The strength of her soul suddenly increased, and Qian Renxue’s willpower immediately grew stronger. The soul previously on verge of collapse solidified again, frantically blocking the pain from the itchy feeling.

Time passed second by second, and the pain she suffered also grew more and more violent. The just painstakingly condensed willpower began to break down again, and her soul also began to falter anew.

No, I have to endure, Qian Renxue shouted desperately in the depths of her soul. But that constantly increasing pain made her soul like a leaf tossed in a tempest.

Her soul grew vague once again, but at this moment, yet another faint silhouette appeared in the depths of her mind.

“Child, don’t give up, you must endure. This is the chance grandpa traded his life for!”

This time, the figure that appeared was Qian Daoliu, his body burning with golden flame, his gaze filled with hope and encouragement stimulating Qian Renxue’s soul, once again condensing that tattered soul.

“Grandpa, I won’t give up, I’ll definitely succeed. Don’t worry. I’ll definitely become the strongest. I’ll complete your last wishes. Grandpa, give me strength, let me withstand this pain.”

In the Angel Shrine, Qian Renxue’s body shuddered violently. Each time she shuddered, that golden pattern would become a bit more intense. Her body was also constantly changing with that golden pattern and rising golden flame.

Already in her thirties, Qian Renxue gradually became younger, now she already looked eighteen, but her body was even more ample than she had been back then, her waist extremely slender, her chest towering, perfectly curved hips, perfectly round butt and long slender thighs stretching out below, especially hidden from view under that golden pattern of light grew even more fantastic.

On her forehead, that golden rhombic gem had already shattered at some point, becoming a golden brand on her forehead. That brand was in the shape of a six winged angel. Like a small sized Angel God implanted on her forehead.

When this brand appeared was the first time Qian Renxue’s soul was unable to endure, and when her body changed, growing younger, was the second time.

Qian Renxue had now already become divine, her whole body erupting with golden flames. Especially the six wings on her back seemed more like cast from golden flame, and each time they flapped the surroundings would distort with gold.

Suddenly, a piercing shriek exploded from Qian Renxue’s body. The itch she felt redoubled in intensity, putting her just stabilized spirit in crisis again.

Along with a golden mist abruptly erupting outside her body, from within her body, as well as out of nowhere, altogether six strange golden bones appeared around her.

The golden pattern on Qian Renxue’s body instantly scattered, exposing her smooth tender body. All of the golden pattern transformed into lines of golden light that blended into those six strange bones.

Indeed, these six golden bones were the world famous Spirit Hall’s paramount treasure, the Angelic Raiment. Before coming here, Qian Renxue had fused five of them, but had not yet dared fuse one. Now in the process of inheritance, whether fused or not, they all appeared by her side.

Each of the spirit bones began to show strange changes as they were immersed in that golden pattern. Spirit bones were no longer bones, but rather gradually merged, fusing together with the surrounding golden lines of light, slowly turning into watery, becoming a large stream of golden liquid, condensing into a giant ball of light that floated three meters in front of Qian Renxue’s chest.

Qian Renxue strenuously endured, the sudden increase in pain almost making her collapse. But her mind was filled with the courage her grandfather gave her, as well as the shock of his sacrifice, constantly provoking her soul to endure.

But how long could it go on? Boom——
That ball of golden light formed from the six spirit bones of the Angelic Raiment shot straight at Qian Renxue like a shooting star. In that instant, the liquid quickly flowed along her curves to envelop her entire body.

It was also in that instant that incomparable pain suddenly exploded in Qian Renxue’s soul. In practically an instant, her soul was making sounds of collapse.

The painful feeling redoubled yet again, and even Qian Renxue’s solid willpower could no longer endure.

“Finished.” Qian Renxue felt cracks start to appear in her soul, and these cracks were quickly spreading, as if it would collapse in the next moment.

Will it end like   this?   In   the   end   I   can’t   become   god   of angels? Unwillingness gnawed at her heart like ants, No, I won’t give up like this. I will succeed, I will succeed——

Qian Renxue shouted madly in her heart, but she still couldn’t stop the collapse of her soul. But in this extremely critical moment, suddenly, in the depths of her soul, a third figure appeared.

Qian Renxue was stupefied. The shadows that appeared before were Bibi Dong and Qian Daoliu, that had also helped her form two obsessions, thereby passing two crises. She understood that, even though she deeply hated Bibi Dong, Bibi Dong was like her grandfather, both held extremely important roles deep in her heart. But, besides them, could there still be someone who could form an obsession? This third shadow, who was it? Could there be a person even more important to her than her grandfather and Bibi Dong?

The third shadow gradually grew distinct in her mind. It was a man, a young man.

Long blue hair scattered over his back, blue eyes that seemed to see through everything, filled with deep wisdom, a slender figure with grace and nobility, and in front of him quietly floated a standing harp.

He slowly raised his hands, slender fingers caressing the strings, crisp jingling turning into a perfect melody that permeated Qian Renxue’s soul. Like the sounds of her soul’s collapse.

It’s him, why is it him? Qian Renxue’s heart was shocked to the extreme. She very clearly understood that, the later these obsessions appeared, the more important the person was to her. This was also the reason she didn’t understand how he appeared after Qian Daoliu. She had believed that there was nobody more important than her grandfather.

But now she understood that, a very, very long time ago, another person had quietly infiltrated her heart, and at the same time also branded the deepest depths. It was at this moment that he quietly appeared, forming the third obsession helping her reach divinity.

Qian Renxue wanted to weep. Right now her soul was in an extremely brittle state, she even wanted to give up on everything. But, the harp constantly saturating her heart still helped her to bit by bit erase the signs of collapse from her soul.

That man always had a faint smile, gracefully and softly plucking the strings, as if narrating Qian Renxue’s thoughts.

Light and shadow flashed, and Qian Renxue appeared inside her own soul, stark naked, step by step approaching the man by the harp. Here, in the depths of her soul, was the source of her soul. And this source, was just being plucked by that man’s fingers. This moment, all the itching pain was alleviated. Tears, flowed down the face condensed in Qian Renxue’s soul.

Vermillion lips softly parting, she sobbed out…...

“Tang San, why is it you……”

Chapter 288

“Tang San, why is it you……”

All the images that appeared in the depths of Qian Renxue’s soul were the things she recalled the deepest. But she had never thought that this third obsession would actually be caused by Tang San. The youth lightly caressing the harp in front of her, wasn’t that exactly the scene of Tang San’s show at the Moon Pavilion’s graduation ceremony?

Qian Renxue only now understood that Tang San of that time was already on her mind. At that time she had accompanied Xue Qinghe’s little sister to that graduation ceremony, and even teased the princess for falling for Tang San. But she didn’t expect that time would stick in her heart as well. At this moment she finally understood why, even though she clearly had a chance to win in the battle back then, she still repeatedly hoped Tang San would submit to her. In the depths of her heart she longed to conquer him this much. This was the only man that stepped into her heart.

Hearing Qian Renxue call his name, the Tang San shadow deep in her soul slowly stood, facing her with a smile, opening his arms wide. The harp was gone, only that gentle embrace remained in Qian Renxue’s eyes.

She unhesitatingly threw herself into that hug, warmth permeated her mind and instantly spread through her entire body, all the pain seeming to disappear. She tightly pulled herself close to this graceful man, practically as if merging herself into him.

Unconsciously, the man’s clothes also disappeared. The two naked bodies embraced each other tightly, and unprecedented pleasure flooded Qian Renxue’s heart like a tidal wave. She even forgot that she was undertaking the inheritance of the god of angels right now, her entire soul was filled by that man’s figure. Answering frantically, then from passive to initiative, even though she was already in her thirties, this was still the first time she had been together with a man.

Her heart trembled, her soul trembled, her body even spasmed as that tidal climax progressed. Her pain and suffering, all her longing, erupted fully in this moment.

Ever since she was born, Xien Renxue had always had a dark side deep in her heart, and in the process of accepting the inheritance of the radiant god of angels, all dark sides became obstacles to her becoming god. But at this moment, as she could express all the pain her heart held, her road to divinity had become unobstructed.

In the Angel Shrine, Qian Renxue’s body was already floating in midair. The six wings behind her constantly beat softly, and her body jerked and contorted, golden light constantly moving across her. One could vaguely see that her skin had already become completely pink, liquid flowing down her thighs. The golden liquid the previously flowed across her had left her skin and gradually formed about one centimeter away.

Ah—— Qian Renxue suddenly shouted loudly, her body contorting quickly. The liquid suddenly erupted, and the next moment, with a series of resounding sounds, her whole body began to show fantastic changes.

That golden line liquid instantly formed, dazzling golden armor forged perfectly according to her body. Bulging chest armor, slender waist armor, perfectly round shoulder armor, as well as other perfectly proportioned armor pieces, enveloping her entire body. That little angel brand on her forehead equally burst with light, turning into a circlet across her forehead. In the middle of the circlet, a small angel shaped gem glinted. Waves appeared on the edges of the circlet, forming altogether seven crests, making it look l

The feather design spread to every corner of the armor, and the six wings on her back had already turned sparkling gold. With slow vibrations, golden ripples constantly spread out in circles around Qian Renxue. The guard of that now completely golden Angel’s Sword in her hand unfolded, looking like a pair of angel wings. An enormous golden wave rose from underfoot, instantly permeating every part of Qian Renxue’s body. Behind her, an extremely enormous angel shadow appeared, overlapping, slowly shrinking, until it completely blended into her.

The light of the angel shaped gem on her forehead glittered, turning into an ice cold surge that abruptly invaded the depths of Qian Renxue’s soul, then instantly erupted.

All illusions instantly disappeared. The man who was just leading her to climb to the peak was shattered in the golden light, and Qian Renxue’s soul almost instantly came awake. An incomparably powerful feeling replaced the previous ecstatic bliss, making her whole body shiver.

As she slowly opened her eyes, everything around her became clear, power as if she could control heaven and earth, and point out the paths of the stars, almost made her moan.

Illusion, everything just now was an illusion. Qian Renxue floated there despondently. She suddenly discovered that, after she truly inherited the angel divinity, she wasn’t as excited as she had expected, and on the contrary disappointed as if she lost something. Deep in her soul, she longed even more to soak in that warm embrace and incomparable pleasure.

Her lower body still felt a bit slippery. Even if her strength had already become incomparably powerful, the feeling of going from girl to woman still lingered.

“I, I actually wanted to……” Even Qian Renxue herself didn’t know what to think. But she deeply understood that those three shadows that appeared, those three obsessions, where the people that could influence her after she became god.

Her grandfather had already sacrificed himself for her, Bibi Dong was in the end still her mother, but, Tang San who appeared last, the deepest obsession that helped her complete this path to divinity, how would she face him again? He was an enemy. There were only two ways to break this obsession, either conquer him, or destroy him.

Ah—— Qian Renxue shouted once again, intense golden lines of light abruptly spreading out from her. On her body, the Angelic Raiment had already turned into a true Angelic Raiment. One feather-shaped pattern of light after another drifted out, spinning violently around her.

Spirit City, Elder Palace

In the heart of the palace, the giant angel statue shuddered without warning, fine lines of golden light starting to emerge on the surface, radiating intense golden light patterns.

Boom—— The entire statue shattered, turning into countless golden motes of light surging in the air. At the heart of the explosion, fully dressed in golden armor, six wings softly beating, Qian Renxue had returned. To be precise, it should be, God of Angels Qian Renxue, had returned.

Raising the Angel’s Sword high above her head, surging golden flame turned into a golden pillar that shot towards the sky, instantly breaking through the peak of the hall. Enormous energy fluctuations erupted in succession, making the sun lose its color.


Bibi Dong sat upright cultivating in the carriage. Her body really was too weak, to the point that they couldn’t rush. The magnificent Spirit Empire empress, now only guarded by a hundred imperial spirit masters and Hu Liena.

Close to three days had passed since leaving Jialing Pass, but the road to Spirit City was still long. Bibi Dong’s condition had only recovered slightly, and full recovery was still very far away.

Just as they advanced, suddenly, the spiderweb pattern on Bibi Dong’s forehead brightened, and she opened her eyes from her previous weak cultivation, her eyes brimming with difficult to conceal shock. She rushed out of the carriage in a blur, staring towards Spirit City.

All she saw was the vast horizon, but she seemed to really see something. Her body trembled uncontrollably, her fists clenching, not even noticing how her fingernails stabbed into her palms.

“No, this is impossible. He’s just the Angel God’s guardian, how could he become god? How could there be this kind of aura, how?”

“Teacher, what is it?” Hu Liena jumped with fright at Bibi Dong’s sudden movements, hastily coming over to support her.

Bibi Dong, powerless, fell limply into Hu Liena’s arms, only repeating that phrase. Impossible……

Someone else felt it at the same time.

Flying quickly for three days, Tang San had already reached the Star Dou Great Forest. The moment he just landed in the forest, a red hot feeling on his forehead suddenly pulled his gaze in one direction.

Tang San vaguely seemed to see a giant angel figure appear on the horizon. That giant angel figure seemed like it covered everything, hiding the sky and covering the earth. Enormous pressure made the Seagod Trident brand on his forehead grow hotter and hotter, all his blood seeming to boil.

This was…...

Tang San halted, seriously looking in the direction the presence came from. Judging by its position, it should be straight towards Spirit City! Could something have changed in Spirit City? This energy was extremely similar to that Seraphim spirit Qian Renxue had when they fought, but way more powerful. Could it be Qian Daoliu? But, was this really energy a human could emit?

Tang San really hadn’t cultivated for long, and his understanding of the Seraphim spirit was far from as incisive as Bibi Dong. Therefore he didn’t feel it as deeply as Bibi Dong, but he equally felt like an enormous rock was weighing on his chest, unspeakably uncomfortable. This kind of feeling recovered as that angel figure on the horizon gradually vanished.

Indeterminate light sparkling his his eyes, Tang San only calmed down after a long time. No matter, whatever it was, right now his first order of business was to inherit the Seagod. Only by becoming Seagod could he truly have the strength to reverse the situation.

Thinking so, Tang San gripped the Seagod Trident, walking into the Star Dou Great Forest in big strides.

Tang San’s Clear Sky Hammer already had three spirit rings, and the requirements for his Seagod Eighth Trial was to fill up his spirit rings, then complete the spirit bones, defeating the Deep Sea Demon Whale King. Consequently, this time he came to the Star Dou Great Forest to catch another five spirit rings, raising the Clear Sky Hammer’s spirit rings to eight. The last spirit ring and spirit bone would wait until he had killed the Deep Sea Demon Whale King.

The Star Dou Great Forest had numerous spirit beasts, and even though hundred thousand year cultivation spirit beasts were limited, there was quite a lot with more than fifty thousand year cultivation. Relying on the Blue Silver Domain’s advantage in the forest, as Tang San advanced this time, he was prepared to catch five spirit rings as fast as possible, then converge with his companions and go hunt the Deep Sea Demon Whale King, and then return to Seagod Island for his final trial.

Last time when Tang San met Tang Chen, Tang Chen had also said he would go to Seagod Island. Tang San was also preparing to ask his great grandfather to come back when he went there this time. His great grandfather was now at least at the half divinity level, plus if he could inherit the Seagod’s position, the events on the Continent wouldn’t be any problem. The day when Spirit Hall was thoroughly eliminated wasn’t far.

Therefore, even though the presence from Spirit City weighed on his heart, he was still full of confidence. With his great grandfather here, or if he completed the Seagod’s inheritance, would he still need to fear Qian Daoliu?

Stepping into the Star Dou Great Forest, the fresh and clean air mixed with the scent of plants washed over his face and penetrated deep into his heart. Tang San couldn’t help feeling moved. He still deeply remembered the nervousness and excitement the first time he came to the Star Dou Great Forest. The events that time could be said to have had an extremely important effect on maturing him. He had a special affection for this great forest.

The first time he came here he had obtained the thousand year Man Faced Demon Spider spirit, and it was also at that time he deeply experienced the pain of not being strong enough. Of course, that was also his first meeting with Titan Giant Ape Er Ming.

To save Xiao Wu, Da Ming and Er Ming had sacrificed themselves. If they watched on from Heaven, they would definitely be very happy to see Xiao Wu resurrected. The Star Dou Great Forest made Tang San most grateful, it was the place that had born Xiao Wu. Xiao Wu had lived here for a hundred thousand years! Xiao Wu, I will definitely protect you, I definitely won’t let you be harmed again. Once the Spirit Empire is destroyed, I will definitely give you the grandest wedding, to make you my wife.

Thinking of Xiao Wu, Tang San couldn’t help the tender feelings in his heart. Even though they had just separated a few days ago, his heart was already filled with her shadow, one day of separation was like three autumns apart. Tang San especially treasured being together with Xiao Wu after so many events. If not for the current urgency, he absolutely wouldn’t have left her.

With a whoosh, a spirit beast leapt out not far ahead of Tang San. Tang San woke up from dreaming about Xiao Wu, and couldn’t help laughing at himself. His current attitude really was too different from the past. If it was before, maybe he would already be nervously on guard. But now he

basically didn’t need to worry. Even if he was attacked by any spirit beast here, thou couldn’t possibly do him any harm. Even the fifty thousand year spirit beasts he was targeting now weren’t enough to be any threat.

Faint blue filled Tang San’s eyes. In order to save time, he directly used his Blue Silver Domain.

Gentle blue light rippled out like waves. The moment the Blue Silver Grass on the ground came into contact with the light, they immediately swayed softly as if alive. The blades of grass all pointed towards Tang San, drifting and waving cheerfully. Tang San could deeply feel their joy.

Releasing a gentle soothing through his mental strength, feeling more and more blue silver grass join in his domain, Tang San’s mental strength also expanded. The blue silver grass were his eyes. At his level, releasing the Blue Silver Domain didn’t exhaust anything. His spirit power recovery rate was higher than the Blue Silver Domain’s consumption rate. Twin spirits as well as the Seagod’s Light gave him enormous benefits. Even if he now fully used his spirit avatar, it’d just exhaust a little bit.

Perhaps due to sensing the Blue Silver Domain’s energy fluctuations, the Star Dou Great Forest immediately quieted down. Within Tang San’s boundless mental strength, large numbers of low level spirit beasts grew quiet, not even thinking of running away, only quietly crouching to the ground, not daring to even budge. And Tang San basically wouldn’t let higher level spirit beasts even sense him. The Blue Silver Domain made him into one with the Star Dou Great Forest.

Soaring up, guided by the Blue Silver Domain, Tang San took flight once again, flying straight towards the middle of the forest. With the help of the Blue Silver Domain, he basically didn’t need to see with his eyes to easily avoid all obstacles, flying forward towards the depths of the Star Dou Great Forest like a wisp of blue smoke. High level spirit beasts only lived in the center.

Very soon, Tang San found his first target. Guided by the Blue Silver Domain, he targeted a spirit beast.

Rather fortunately, Tang San sensed this spirit beast before he even approached the depths of the forest. After the Blue Silver Domain evolved one again, it’s sensory capabilities grew one step stronger. Sensing through the domain, Tang San could even accurately judge the spirit beast’s cultivation age. This spirit beast he found had a cultivation of roughly sixty five thousand to sixty eight thousand years. It was a pretty good choice. Moreover, it also had the attributes he needed.

Tang San flew closer. With his speed plus the Blue Silver Domain’s perception, even agility attack type Title Douluo might not be able to keep up with him in this forest. He found his target in just a moment.

Just as the distance shrunk to a hundred meters, suddenly, Tang San felt the light around him dim. The sky was clear for ten thousand li, the sun was shining, but inside the forest it was still gloomy.

Yi, what’s this? With Tang San’s Blue Silver Domain perception he had discovered that this spirit beast should be a tiger type, which relied mainly on strength. Due to cultivating the Great Sumeru Hammer, what he needed was strength types, what spirit beast it was was inconsequential. But the light suddenly dimming could only prove one thing, this tiger type spirit beast really wasn’t an ordinary spirit beast. And it was a spirit beast with a domain.

In fact, in the spirit beast world, only hundred thousand year spirit beasts would certainly possess domains. In other words, after spirit beasts reached a hundred thousand year cultivation they would naturally develop their own domain. On this point, peak spirit beasts were even superior to Title Douluo level spirit masters. But this sixty something thousand year spirit beast already had a domain. This proved that its quality was definitely astonishing. It was very possibly a creature not inferior to the Titan Giant Ape and Sky Blue Bull Python, just missing the cultivation.

This discovery was a pleasant surprise to Tang San. The stronger the spirit beast, the stronger the attributes and spirit power increase from the spirit ring. With his strength, killing ordinary hundred thousand year spirit beasts wasn’t too difficult, and he naturally didn’t need to worry that this sixty thousand year spirit beast would be much trouble. Immediately, Tang

San flew straight towards his target as led by the Blue Silver Domain. At the same time, he also raised the Seagod Trident.

He didn’t have the time to waste here, he had to leave for the Seagod Hall as soon as possible. The light dimming and the changes in the surroundings let the experienced Tang San immediately judge that this spirit beast’s domain should be a darkness type. And his own Seagod Trident was dual water and light attributed, and its additional divine aura had a powerful restraining effect on this kind of darkness domain.

Of course, darkness also opposed light. Only, even a hundred thousand year level darkness attributed spirit beast couldn’t suppress the Seagod Trident. That was a true divine instrument. In terms of attributes, Tang San already had full control.

A ray of Seagod’s Light abruptly shot like lightning from Tang San’s forehead, sinking into the Seagod Trident. Immediately, gaudy golden light erupted from the Seagod’s Heart, and the Seagod Trident also instantly began to emanate golden light. It dispersed the surrounding darkness, lighting up the way.

Roar—— A long roar echoed at the same time as the Seagod’s Light appeared. Tang San immediately saw a giant spirit beast sharply get up from the ground not far ahead, its vicious eyes turning in his direction.

That was a black giant tiger, pure black all over, without a speck of other color. Red eyes brimmed with viciousness. It was no less than eight meters long, bulging with muscle, maybe weighing more than three thousand jin. The ‘king’ mark on his forehead was also black, but a different black from its fur, a black as gloomy as mist. Most peculiar was its tail. It was much longer compared to ordinary tiger type spirit beasts, and standing up, formed from countless bone joints, with a giant barb at the top, glinting with cold light.

As he saw it, Tang San immediately thought of a special type of spirit beast Grandmaster once told him about. It was a spirit beast even more rare than the Man Faced Demon Spider, and almost eradicated. Grandmaster had also consulted an ancient text, and because this kind of beast was very

peculiar as well as extremely rare, Grandmaster hadn’t described it in detail at the time, but still told Tang San that this was a first rate spirit beast. It was also just because it was too outstanding that it was difficult for it to survive in the spirit beast world, that’s why it would be so rare.

According to the ancient accounts, the name of such a spirit beast was Dark Devilgod Tiger. In legends, it was a mutation that occurred as an evil god descended on a white tiger, turning the white tiger’s originally light attributes into darkness, producing black wings of corruption, as well as that scorpion tail-like Devilgod Hook.

The Dark Devilgod Tiger was extremely powerful. Generally speaking, spirit beasts all had a chance of being human spirits, but this Dark Devilgod Tiger was an exception, there had never been any humans with it as spirit. In itself it really didn’t have the darkness attribute, but rather the evil attribute left by the Devilgod. That basically wasn’t something humans could endure. If it was evaluated according to spirit levels, then it would absolutely be a peak spirit comparable to the Seraphim.

The Dark Devilgod Tiger possessed an extremely overbearing talent. It didn’t mature through cultivation. Its own cultivation was extremely difficult, and it could only quickly rise in strength through devouring spirit beasts or human spirit masters’ spirit power. Consequently, no matter what environment it appeared in, such a spirit beast would immediately draw down the universal hatred of other spirit beasts, who would destroy it before it had a chance to grow strong. Even thousand year level Dark Devilgod Tigers were very rare, let alone the one in front of Tang San with a full sixty thousand years. According to what Grandmaster said, such a first rate spirit beast was enough to challenge enemies that surpassed it. In other words, the ten thousand year level Dark Devilgod Tiger could even challenge hundred thousand year level spirit beasts.


Getting up as it saw Tang San, the giant Dark Devilgod Tiger’s blood red eyes instantly flashed. Even facing the Seagod Trident, it actually didn’t have even the slightest thought of escaping. That roar was instead filled

with excitement. Slowly raising its paws, it walked step by step towards Tang San.

Just the fact that it faced the divine light radiating from the Seagod Trident without flinching was enough to prove the strength of the Dark Devilgod Tiger. At the same time, Tang San felt his left and right arms heat up simultaneously, excited energy pulsing rhythmically.

Those weren’t fluctuations from the Mysterious Heaven Skill, but rather the spirit bones in his left and right arm. Very clearly, the Titan Giant Ape’s soul in the Titan Giant Ape left arm bone and the Sky Blue Bull Python’s soul in the Sky Blue Bull Python right arm bone recognized this Dark Devilgod Tiger, and the excitement it caused really wasn’t friendly, but rather filled with hostility. But it was also excitement without any thought of cowering.

One clue reveals the general trend. With Tang San’s intelligence, this simple detail immediately proved that this Dark Devilgod Tiger definitely had history with Da Ming and Er Ming. To become the enemy of the forest kings Da Ming and Er Ming, and moreover still appear living in front of him, proved one step further this Dark Devilgod Tiger’s terrifying strength.

Tang San’s judgement was correct. Even Da Ming and Er Ming who were practically the strongest in the Star Dou Great Forest still didn’t have absolute strength. Even though this Dark Devilgod Tiger’s cultivation was just sixty thousand years, its frightening abilities and strength made even Da Ming and Er Ming cautious. Both sides had fought several times, and even if Da Ming and Er Ming successfully drove the Dark Devilgod Tiger out of the Star Dou Great Forest, that was all they managed. They couldn’t directly kill it.

After Da Ming and Er Ming sacrificed themselves to Tang San and the vast forest lost the presence of the two forest kings, this Dark Devilgod Tiger, coveting the numerous spirit beasts within the forest where it could grow quickly, had quietly returned.

Just at the start it was completely cautious, always probing for Da Ming and Er Ming’s presence. After all, before it reached a hundred thousand

year cultivation, it still couldn’t defeat the two forest kings together in a frontal confrontation.

Very soon it discovered that there were no longer any signs of Da Ming and Er Ming in the center of the Star Dou Great Forest, and then openly made its return. But, it also knew that its cultivation style would anger all spirit beasts, and thus it didn’t immediately enter the heart of the forest, only roaming the outside, killing some relatively weak spirit beast to strengthen itself, preparing to kill its way into the Star Dou Great Forest once it was strong enough and taking revenge on those tens of thousands of years old spirit beasts. If the Dark Devilgod Tiger cultivated to the peak, it would extremely possibly become a Devilgod. Its intelligence was no less inferior to humans. This Dark Devilgod Tiger in particular was especially bright. Otherwise it couldn’t possibly have survived this long, cultivating to this stage.

Sensing the divine presence from the Seagod Trident Tang San held, it also wasn’t suppressed, the Devilgod blood it had inherited only made it loathe the Seago Trident.But at the same time it also felt Tang San’s spirit power fluctuations. Tang San’s pure spirit power aura made it extremely excited. It clearly understood that swallowing Tang San might be even better than swallowing a hundred thousand year spirit beast’s cultivation. Even though that Seagod Trident made it slightly restless, it had still never been defeated by humans. Plus its cultivation already reaching the sixty thousand year level, it was naturally full of confidence. But even so, its movements were still extremely careful, it also sensed danger from Tang San.

Only, the Dark Devilgod Tiger still couldn’t ignore Tang San’s lure. It judged that, if it could devour Tang San’s spirit power, then it could very possibly break through the hundred thousand year realm in a very short time. Its strength didn’t need to be weighed in age. As long as its strength could progress, then even if Da Ming and Er Ming came back to life they couldn’t do anything to it.

Data flashed through the Dark Devilgod Tiger’s mind, adding its own judgement. Tang San’s divinity also grew heavier. If he faced a spirit beast that even Da ming and Er Ming couldn’t destroy, then this battle wouldn’t

be that simple. Of course, the spirit ring from killing this Dark Devilgod Tiger would definitely be much stronger than an ordinary fifty thousand year spirit beast. He had to obtain altogether five spirit rings in the Star Dou Great Forest, and this Dark Devilgod Tiger was the perfect start.

Black and red, spirit rings of two different colors began to rise from below Tang San, circling around him. Blades of crystalline Blue Silver Emperor began to appear around him. The Blue Silver Domain abruptly contracted, only remaining within a hundred meter range with Tang San as center. He didn’t want to lightly draw on the strength of the blue silver grass in the forest, because he couldn’t possibly fight every battle where there was blue silver grass. With the Blue Silver Domain this small, it was just where the effect of his Blue Silver Emperor spirit amplification was best. Confronting this uncommon spirit beast, Tang San was already completely serious, without any carelessness.

The giant Devilgod Hook on the Dark Devilgod Tiger’s back slowly rose, slowly waving behind it. Each time it moved, it would cause a series of bizarre distorted light halos in the air. Its body was black, but the energy fluctuations it emanated were really gray, a gray filled with evil influence. With each step forward, the surrounding plants would automatically part to open a path, and even the blue silver grass within the Blue Silver Domain’s range was no exception. The temperature in the forest seemed to suddenly drop. That was the cold of wickedness. Tang San had only felt this kind of cold from when Bibi Dong used her second spirit, Soul Eating Spider Emperor.

Revealing a faint smile, Tang San slowly raised his right hand, holding the Seagod Trident horizontally next to him. Black, black, black, black, red, black, red, red, red, nine spirit rings appeared in neat order, undulating slightly. But he still didn’t release the powerful energies, all the spirit power fluctuations were fully introverted.

It also wasn’t the first time the Dark Devilgod Tiger had faced human spirit masters. Seeing the relatively neatly colored spirit rings Tang San had, its blood red eyes also turned a bit cautious. Its pace slowed a step, but its aura became increasingly tyrannical. The battle could begin at any moment.

Chapter 289

Within the Star Dou Great Forest, Tang San and the Dark Devilgod Tiger confronted each other, one man and one tiger. The Dark Devilgod Tiger halted when still thirty meters away from Tang San. It didn’t roar again, its ice cold blood red eyes seeming calmly terrible. For some reason, as he saw its eyes, Tang San actually felt like it was a kind of intelligent gaze.

It’s looking for my weaknesses. Tang San’s sharp mental strength instantly sensed the Dark Devilgod Tiger’s plan. Was this fellow really a spirit beast? Facing it he felt even more danger than confronting a human Title Douluo.

The grey streams of energy surrounding the Dark Devilgod Tiger quietly spread out, the ice cold evil energy making the Blue Silver Domain Tang San produced unable to enter it, and also unable to influence it in any way. Moreover, Tang San still clearly sensed how the domain the Dark Devilgod Tiger produced before was now actually contracting, until contained within it.

There are no gaps? Tag San smiled coldly, then I’ll help you make some. Mysterious Heaven Skill quietly moved, and each of the Blue Silver Emperors he released lunged as if alive, snaking towards the Dark Devilgod Tiger while sticking close to the ground.

And the instant the Blue Silver Emperor began to act, the Dark Devilgod Tiger finally moved. Completely opposite from its previous slow steadiness, as it moved now Tang San immediately felt a foul wind hitting

him straight on, the surrounding air fluctuating violently, the gale biting cold. The Dark Devilgod Tiger actually instantly disappeared from his field of view.

Wind ability? Tang San was shocked. If not for his extremely formidable mental strength, this time he would have lost all track of the Dark Devilgod Tiger. With a soft sway, and without turning his head around, Tang San took three steps to the right, half turning at the same time, the Seagod Trident turning into a ray of golden light scattering behind him.

But, this attack still missed. The Dark Devilgod Tiger that had suddenly appeared behind him came to a sudden stop mid lunge in the air. Its enormous body completely violated the laws gravity as it instantly landed, just in time for the Seagod Trident’s tip to flash past it. The instant the Seagod Trident was behind it, he accelerated again, once more lunging towards Tang San’s wide open back. Two sets of tiger claws ejected. Different from the sharp blades Dai Mubai had in white tiger form, its claws were actually black, not reflecting any light, just like a dark abyss. One paw struck directly at the rear of Tang San’s head, the other towards Tang San’s wist. Its movements were fast, astonishingly so.

The speed also didn’t influence its strength. The vigorous force was completely contained within the claws, until it was just a foot away from Tang San’s body, and he clearly felt the terrifying force they brought. Even with the strength of his body, he would be seriously injured if hit.

Only, it was also just at the moment the tiger claw was about to strike that the Dark Devilgod Tiger also looked distracted. Because, it’s claws only hit an afterimage that vanished in an instant, not striking Tang San himself. Its reaction really was too fast. Its hind legs exerted force in the same instant, its eight meters long giant body retreating swiftly, yet again dodging a heavy strike from the Seagod Trident. Advance and retreat was completed in an instant, with the sense of retreating a thousand li when an attack failed.

This one probing exchange raised the alertness of both man and tiger subst

Not lightly using formidable abilities, that strength completely reserved while probing, but capable of erupting at any moment, was even more terrifying. This Dark Devilgod Tiger was even more difficult than imagined.

Man and tiger changed direction, once again confronting each other. The Dark Devilgod Tiger crouched slightly. While Tang San finally knew its strength, at the same time it also sensed that this human wasn’t as easily handled as those spirit masters it had met before. But this even more strengthened its thoughts of devouring Tang San’s spirit power. In this sense it was the same as Tang San. The stronger the enemy, the greater the benefit of devouring him would be.

“Clever fellow.” Tang San spoke coldly. His third spirit ring suddenly brightened, the Seagod Trident held in his right hand, his right hand rose, and a yellow green ball of light instantly flew out, straight at the Dark Devilgod Tiger.

The light sphere exploded in midair, turning into a twenty meter diameter large net, spinning towards the Dark Devilgod Tiger. It was Tang San’s third spirit ability, Spiderweb Restraint.

The Dark Devilgod Tiger’s four legs used force simultaneously, sharply moving sideways. Its giant body moved between two large trees, wanting to dodge the Spiderweb Restraint.

If this spiderweb was released by another spirit master, even if that spirit master was just as strong, it might still be able to dodge. Unfortunately, now it faced the Spiderweb Restraint of a direct Tang Sect disciple. Even if the spiderweb was enormous, it was already under the control of Tang San’s hidden weapon skills the moment it was released. Adding in the mental strength guidance, the huge spiderweb also moved sideways, passing straight between the trees. Suddenly accelerating, it was just moments from catching the tiger.

The Dark Devilgod Tiger’s eyes flashed red, suddenly extending the wings on its back, flapping forcefully. Immediately, countless rays show

out, turning into several dozen foot long blades that rose into the air, clashing with Tang San’s spiderweb.

If both sides were probing reaction before, then now it was a test of abilities. The Dark Devilgod Tiger shocked Tang San once again. As his fifty thousand year level Spiderweb Restraint met those black blades, it actually completely collapsed into tatters. Of course, the resilient spiderweb also shattered the black blades. Both abilities actually cancelled each other out. In fact, the strength of this spiderweb restraint was twice that of the Blue Silver Emperor, and it was a more than fifty thousand year level spirit ability. But it was still blocked by the Dark Devilgod Tiger’s instant ability. That seemingly unremarkable black light was both wind and evil attributed energy fused together, relying on the powerful cutting of the wind attribute, plus the evil attribute’s powerful corrosion, breaking the spiderweb in one move. This bit showed that the Dark Devilgod Tiger’s evil attribute should be the evolution of the darkness attribute, with the characteristics of the darkness attribute, but even more powerful.

The Dark Devilgod Tiger seemed infuriated. Its right foreclaw abruptly struck the ground, a line of black light shooting straight at Tang San, close to the ground. Where the black light passed, the plants wilted and disappeared one after another. In just an instant, the attack reached Tang San’s feet.

Tang San saw without looking. His left hand stabbed the Seagod Trident straight into the ground in front of him. Relying on his mental strength judgement, the position didn’t deviate in the slightest.

An explosion reverberated. Just as Tang San thought relying on the Seagod Trident could easily block the Dark Devilgod Tiger’s attack, that black light suddenly condensed into a point and exploded, still half a meter away from the Seagod Trident. Dust immediately filled the air, shattered plants flying upwards. Along with the explosion came tremendous wicked energy and a feeling of paralysis, unexpectedly temporarily breaking down Tang San’s mental probe.

This was…… Tang San reacted in shock, the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone flying ability immediately erupting, making him simultaneously

shoot straight upwards like an artillery shell. At the same time his left leg kicked out, countless fragmented red blades of light instantly exploding, launching an omnidirectional attack at the same moment as he escaped from danger.

The Dark Devilgod Tiger used action to inform Tang San that he wasn’t the only one who could create opportunities. Instantly breaking down Tang San’s mental strength probe, the Dark Devilgod Tiger’s enormous body also hurriedly disappeared. And in the previous attack, it had also revealed its third attribute, lightning. This was something missing from the ancient accounts Grandmaster once read.

Evil, wind, lightning. Three attributes.

Tang San became aware of the danger at the same time as he lost track of the Dark Devilgod Tiger, therefore he tried his best to fly upwards. At the same time he used the Evil Spirit Orca left leg bone’s spirit ability Orca Broken Teeth Chop to protect himself. This was a hundred thousand year spirit bone’s ability, and even if the Dark Devilgod Tiger’s attack was powerful, to Tang San it seemed it could still be blocked.

But, an uneasy feeling appeared in Tang San’s heart yet again. The Orca Broken Teeth Chop shot out, but he never felt it collide with any attack, completely hitting nothing. And at this moment, what he didn’t see was the Dark Devilgod Tiger’s enormous body just appear above him. The giant Devilgod Hook on its back quietly swept out. A completely non-reflective hook struck straight at the top of Tang San’s head.

The Dark Devilgod Tiger had a special sprinting ability, it could be used on the ground, but also in the air. It was fast, even faster than teleportation. But different from teleportation was that this dash had to travel to a preset target in a straight line. If it ran into anything on the way it would collide, unlike teleportation that allowed you to directly appear somewhere else. But, when it dashed in a straight line like this, the evil strength would also completely erupt, and in this linear attack its attack would be twice as strong. Therefore, in some sense this ability was even scarier than teleportation. The Dark Devilgod Tiger used this ability to arrive above Tang San, the Devilgod Hook swinging down to finish Tang San.

From the start of the attack until this final attack, the Dark Devilgod Tiger never had to use the support of any great energy. But its accurate planning, exquisite creation of the opportunity, absolutely wasn’t inferior to any outstanding control type spirit master.

But, the Dark Devilgod Tiger equally faced a peak control type spirit master. Would Tang San be so easily finished?

The Dark Devilgod Tiger also didn’t notice that at the same time as Tang San’s Orca Broken Teeth Chop hit nothing, a faint smile had already appeared at the corner of his mouth. His eighth spirit ring was quietly released under cover of that dust and thunder explosion.

Just as the Dark Devilgod Tiger’s Devilgod Hook was about to hit the top of Tang San’s head, suddenly Tang San’s dash came to a sudden stop, a faint red light halo floating up. The Dark Devilgod Tiger instantly turned rigid.

Blue Silver Orca Devil’s Absorption, enforced three second stun. Tang San’s Blue Silver Emperor eighth spirit ability.

I don’t fear your attack. As long as you attack, there will be a gap. Tang San fired this Blue Silver Orca Devil’s Absorption in all directions. Even though he couldn’t find the Dark Devilgod Tiger’s location, this all out attack immediately took effect. At the same time it also allowed Tang San to directly find the Dark Devilgod Tiger’s location.

Turning horizontally in midair, the Seagod Trident struck like a whip, the one hundred eight thousand jin weight stiffly smashing the Dark Devilgod Tiger’s body.

But, in the split second the Seagod Trident hit the Dark Devilgod Tiger, the smile on Tang San’s face suddenly froze. With the weight of the Seagod Trident it seemed to him that this attack would definitely smash away the Dark Devilgod Tiger, seriously injuring it. was his infinite control and powerful attack, constantly controlling this powerful spirit beast to death.

However, when the Seagod Trident ruthlessly struck the Dark Devilgod Tiger, Tang San immediately felt an extremely cold stream pass through the Seagod Trident, making him shiver. The Mysterious Heaven Skill was forcibly suppressed, and an aura filled with evil pulled at the blood and energy within his body, as if tearing it out. If not for the Seagod Trident itself digesting a majority of the energy, and the tenacity of his body, this evil chill would have seriously injured him.

What Tang San was even less able to comprehend was that the Dark Devilgod Tiger wasn’t smashed away, the infallible Seagod Trident was actually knocked back. Suffering the influence of the evil surge, Tang San’s Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone’s flying ability was forcibly interrupted, and he fell five meters straight down before he could reactivate the flying ability and catch his balance. At the same time he raised his head to look up. He didn’t understand how this Dark Devilgod Tiger could actually block his Seagod Trident.

As he raised his head to observe the circumstances above he suddenly realized. The Dark Devilgod Tiger’s long tail swung down, and the Devilgod Hook had turned a transparent grey, a grey light barrier completely sheltering it inside. Only this light barrier was already showing numerous cracks after the strike from the Seagod Trident. It was just turning into specks of grey light that disappeared into the void with cracking sounds.

The Dark Devilgod Tiger also reacted extremely quickly. As it saw the red halo of the Blue Silver Orca Devil’s Absorption appear, it immediately became aware of the danger. Its sharp senses made it immediately release its defensive ability, and the Devilgod Hook that was originally attacking instantly produced a powerful grey surge to protect it. This was the Dark Devilgod Tiger’s strongest defensive ability, called Devilgod Protection. Instantly relying on the Devilgod’s aura to protect itself. Its defensive effect could even match Xiao Wu’s absolute defense. Only its limit was a bit lower than the absolute defense. But it could protect it for longer, and also didn’t influence its movements.

Unfortunately, what its Devilgod Protection met was the Seagod Trident infused with Seagod’s Light. One hundred eight thousand jin weight plus

the Seagod Trident’s characteristics of devil destruction and defense breaking. Even though the Devilgod Protection blocked this strike, it also shattered.

Discovering that the opponent used a peculiar ability to block its Seagod Trident, and not the strength of its body, Tang San immediately relaxed. Right now the Blue Silver Orca Devil’s Absorption’s three second limit was up, and the Dark Devilgod Tiger had clearly felt intense danger from Tang San’s previous attack. Roaring, it finally gave up on probing. Intense grey radiance condensed into countless arrows that shot from the sky, straight towards Tang San.

Even if that seemed like a wind attribute attack, it in fact contained surging evil energy. Even the Seagod’s Light wasn’t able to remove this evil influence, that showed how powerful it was. With the previous exchange in mind, Tang San of course wouldn’t give the Dark Devilgod Tiger any chance.

The Seagod Trident returned to his right hand, rings of golden light unfolding in the air. No longer holding back, Tang San finally used the Golden Thirteen Halberds.

The grey energy arrows came pouring into the golden rings and immediately disappeared without a trace. The Dark Devilgod Tiger after all wasn’t the true Devilgod. In front of the full use of the Golden Thirteen Halberds, its attacks were perfectly blocked by the Unfixed Storm. Each ring of light brought away large numbers of energy arrows, and the golden rings themselves drifted towards the Dark Devilgod Tiger. They didn’t fly straight towards it to catch it, but rather flew out to densely surround it in the air. It seemed like Tang San’s attacks left and right were completely ineffective, but those golden rings crowded tightly around the Dark Devilgod Tiger.

Roar—— The Dark Devilgod Tiger was finally in an enormous crisis. It finally discovered that the strength of this human seemed to be far beyond what it could handle. The feeling those golden rings gave made it tremble. Clearly, being enveloped by these golden rings absolutely wasn’t a good thing.

At this moment, the Dark Devilgod Tiger erupted with formidable strength. The Devilgod Hook on its back abruptly slashed, and rings of distortion rippled around it, forcefully breaking Tang San’s mental strength targeting. At the same time, the gray energy it radiated turned into gray light. Instantly flourishing, it covered everything within several hundred meters, enveloping it and Tang San.

What was this? The corners of Tang San’s mouth stretched. After sensing the threat from the Unfixed Storm, the Dark Devilgod Tiger finally brought out its domain.

The golden rings of Unfixed Storm vanished. It didn’t have a hundred percent success rate, and the Dark Devilgod Tiger’s disturbance made it disappear. Only, even so, it still delayed the Dark Devilgod Tiger.

Tang San flashed forward. Right hand rising, the Dark Devilgod Tiger’s enormous body suddenly sank, careening straight towards the ground. Doing its utmost to flap its wings made it stabilize in midair, but the tremendous gravity still slowed it even more.

The Seagod Trident sparkled with golden light in Tang San’s right hand, and as he spun, the Golden Thirteen Tridents’ second skill, Millennial Space, was used. A wide expanse of golden clouds gathered in the sky, completely blocking the Dark Devilgod Tiger’s gray domain outside, basically not giving it the chance to encroach. And at the same time, Tang San once again released a white ring of light. The white light changed in the wind, instantly turning red, joining in the Millennial Space. The Deathgod Domain.

Roar—— The Dark Devilgod Tiger’s roars suddenly grew even more intense, sheets of grey light condensing into a sphere around it, facing Tang San’s attack. This was also one of the Dark Devilgod Tiger’s one hundred percent formidable abilities, called Dark Devilgod Thunder. Fusing its devil power and evil power into one, and then instantly exploding in terrifying might. It was an wind, thunder and evil attributed area attack.

Boomboomboomboomboomboomboomboomboom—— Like rolling thunder, explosions reverberated in the depths of the Star Dou Great Forest.

Terrifying explosions ruined large amounts of plants around. Fortunately any nearby spirit beasts were already scared off by the Dark Devilgod Tiger’s presence, and there were no suffering bystanders.

Tang San floated motionless in the air. On the other side, the Dark Devilgod Tiger was already blasted away, knocking down countless large trees. A layer of faint golden lightning constantly echoed with smattering cracks beneath it. Clearly, it had suffered a considerable loss in the confrontation.

In the end, it was still a chip below Tang San in terms of cultivation. Even with exceptional talent, it still couldn’t block Tang San’s divine abilities. Under the bombardment of Millennial Space, not only was the Dark Devilgod Lightning completely blocked, not even a trace of evil energy could strike Tang San. At the same time, its body suffered intense shocks, its body invaded by the divine aura of the Millennial Space. That golden lightning was the peculiar energy of divine aura mixed with its own thunder attribute, still constantly assailing it.

Large mouthfuls of grey liquid was spit from the Dark Devilgod Tiger’s mouth. Its blood red eyes seemed a bit dull. Crawling away, it constantly panted, and with each breath it would bleed from all apertures of its face.

Tang San changed the Seagod Trident to his left hand, slowly raising his right hand, straight towards the Dark Devilgod Tiger. Intense pressure suddenly soared from his arm, and fine dragon scales appeared from below his skin. Muscles collided at high rates, his fingertips turning into sharp talons, the signs of dragon transformation.

Surging cyan light quickly condensed into blue light on his claw formed right hand. At the same time Tang San’s mental strength also fully targeted the Dark Devilgod Tiger.

Even a lion must use its full strength to catch a rabbit. Even though it seemed like the Dark Devilgod Tiger was already seriously injured, Tang San still had no intention of relaxing. He used his powerful restraint ability, Sky Blue Slowing God Claw, to completely settle the situation.

Even though four seconds of charging up was enough to give the enemy an opportunity in combat, the Dark Devilgod Tiger was already injured, and more than a hundred meters away. It would be difficult beyond difficult for it to interrupt him. Besides, that he was condensing the Sky Blue Slowing God Claw didn’t mean he couldn’t do anything else.

Sure enough, that Dark Devilgod Tiger sensed the Sky Blue Slowing God Claw’s aura, and its dull eyes grew bright again. With a snarl, it resisted to pain to dash towards Tang San. Its dash ability took effect once again, and just like a mirage, it instantly appeared in front of Tang San.

“Good.” Tang San shouted, his left arm expanding at the same time. The Seagod Trident in his hand pointed forward, and a furious howl erupted from the weapon. A golden sphere of light instantly shot from the tip, turning into a terrifying light beam that struck the Dark Devilgod Tiger’s enormous body.

Boom—— The Dark Devilgod Tiger roared in pain. Its body was thrown back once again. This time it was blocked by its old enemy, the Titan Giant Ape Er Ming’s Titan Firmament Breaker.

Only, this Dark Devilgod Tiger was indeed powerful, and its body was also hair raisingly tough. It took the Titan Firmament Breaker head on while seriously injured, but it still only made its injuries a bit more severe. But, at this moment, Tang San’s Sky Blue Slowing God Claw was also fully charged.

The blue giant claw appeared from Tang San’s right palm, growing as it went, instantly catching the Dark Devilgod Tiger that was flung to the ground. As long as this claw hit, the ten seconds of slowing was enough for Tang San to completely annihilate this spirit beast.

Just at this moment, Tang San suddenly discovered that his right arm twitched for no apparent reason. His just relaxed body instantly tensed.

That slight twitch came from the spirit bone, it was Da Ming warning him of something. Could it be that such a heavily injured Dark Devilgod Tiger still had some way to retaliate?

Just as the Sky Blue Slowing God Claw was about to reach the Dark Devilgod Tiger, suddenly, the previously still Devilgod Hook noiselessly swung up from behind the Dark Devilgod Tiger. The Devilgood Hook had turned black again, that hook shape already changing. The curved hook instantly straightened, turning into a long thorn shape, light as a feather stabbing the center of the Sky Blue Slowing God Claw.

The instant they met, Tang San felt himself lose control of the Sky Blue Slowing God Claw. The next moment, the claw had completely shattered, turning into motes of blue light that vanished in the air.

Even though Tang San was powerful, after successively releasing major abilities, he also needed time to catch his breath. And at this time, the Dark Devilgod Tiger’s eyes suddenly turned from blood red to dark blue. It suddenly seemed like an enlarged version of Zhu Zhuqing’s spirit Hell Civet.

The previous weary form was swept away completely, the grey energy turning completely black as it lunged towards Tang San like a dark cloud. It didn’t seem fast, but the instant it moved, that tail with the Devilgood Hook turned Devilgod Thorn slashed. A speck of black light immediately appeared in between it and Tang San. Intense black light instantly erupted, turning into a three meter wide enormous black hole.

When the Dark Devilgod Tiger used that Devilgod Thorn to break his Sky Blue Slowing God Claw, Tang San understood he had been duped. This special spirit beast was actually always plotting against him. After discovering its strength wasn’t equal to his, it was always waiting for a chance. His Millennial Space had certainly injured it, but the later Titan Firmament Breaker might not have. The Sky Blue Slowing God Claw even more directly turned to scrap. And after using three major abilities in succession, even his spirit power had a brief empty space. The Dark Devilgod Tiger caught this timing to launch its full counterattack.

Tang San understood that he had made two mistakes. One, he shouldn’t have attacked it with the Titan Giant Ape and Sky Blue Bull Python abilities it might be familiar with. , he shouldn’t have underestimated that

Devilgood Hook on its back. Very clearly, this tail was its most powerful offensive weapon.

Only, even if Tang San was taken in by the Dark Devilgod Tiger, with his caution, would he not leave himself a way out? As the Dark Devilgod Tiger’s Devilgod Thorn released the speck of black light, the instant it expanded between of and Tang San, Tang San also launched an attack. The counterattack didn’t target that speck of black light, but rather the Dark Devilgod Tiger itself.

Crystalline blue light flashed in the air, and the just exuberant Dark Devilgod Tiger suddenly screamed miserably, the black light around it immediately shattering.

Tang San attacked to save himself, releasing his powerful mental attack, Purple God Light. He always held back the Purple God Light, just in case. Now it certainly came in use. His spirit power wasn’t sufficient, but his mental strength was. He also struck the Dark Devilgod Tiger when least expected. Only, what Tang San hadn’t thought was that his Purple God Light would actually only shatter the black light surrounding the Dark Devilgod Tiger, without harming it further. A kind of extremely uneasy feeling instantly spread through his whole body as that three meter wide black hole suddenly emitted an incomparably enormous attractive force. Having just used several spirit abilities and mental strength attacks, Tang San couldn’t block the powerful attraction, and was directly sucked towards it. And the Dark Devilgod Tiger equally uncontrollably disappeared into that black hole.

Tang San and the Dark Devilgod Tiger were both opponents extremely good at scheming. Tang San lost in being unfamiliar with the Dark Devilgod Tiger’s abilities. Actually, if he had used the Purple God Light before the black hole expanded, then this black hole basically couldn’t be produced. And after the Dark Devilgod Tiger launched the attack, it was basically a spent arrow and could only let him slaughter it.

But Tang San really was too overconfident, that’s why he still wanted to attack the enemy to save himself, first destroying the Dark Devilgod Tiger itself. He hadn’t expected that when the Dark Devilgod Tiger launched this

absolute ability, it received the ability’s protection. Tang San’s Purple God Light attack might be powerful, it still only broke the ability’s protection without harming the Dark Devilgod Tiger itself.

But the Dark Devilgod Tiger was equally unlucky. After its external defense was broken by the Purple God Light, it could no longer rely on the protection to exempt it from the ability, but rather equally had to endure the power of the ability after being sucked in.

The Dark Devilgod Tiger had become the most difficult to deal with spirit beast Tang San had ever faced, and wasn’t Tang San also the most difficult to deal with spirit master it had met?

Everything around turned black, Tang San only felt his body softly floating powerlessly. What made him even more astonished was that his spirit power fluctuations were growing weaker and weaker, some bizarre change apparently going on. In this dark world, he wanted to use the Seagod’s Light with all his strength, but, the Seagod Trident brand on his forehead suddenly no longer reacted, his mental strength was also completely suppressed.

How was it possible? What kind of ability was this? How could it have an effect like this? Tang San first panicked a bit.

Suddenly the surroundings brightened, and he felt his feet firmly planted on the ground. Tang San was shocked to discover that he had arrived in a strange space. It was like an enormous arena. It seemed round, but as far as the eye could see, there were no clouds, sun or stars, only infinite darkness. And that light was released by the arena itself. An oppressive feeling gradually made Tang San unable to stay calm.

And at this moment he also saw his opponent. But what shocked him was that his opponent seemed to have changed.

The Dark Devilgod Tiger was thirty meters away from Tang San, just looking at him. Only now its tiger eyes were filled with fury, it was constantly roaring, not a bit of the calm from before.

A Dark Devilgod Tiger’s body was more than eight meters long, and extremely majestic, with the wings on its back were unfolded it gave a feeling as if hiding the sky and blotting out the sun. But right now, not only were its wings gone, even its tail was an ordinary tiger tail. The Devilgod Hook was even more pitifully small, not giving off a speck of energy waves. And its body had already turned a meter and a half long, way too much smaller than before. If before it looked incomparably vicious, then now this Dark Devilgod Tiger rather seemed cute. More like a giant black cat.

And when Tang San accidentally saw his own body, he was even more shocked……

Chapter 290

When Tang San saw the shrunken Dark Devilgod Tiger, he still thought it was hilarious. But as he looked down at himself, it didn’t feel as funny anymore. Because right now his entire body had shrunken down to less than one meter twenty. His body had shrunk, and even his clothes grew smaller along with it. He looked like when he was six or seven years old.

What shocked Tang San the most was that not only had his body changed, the golden trident lay on the ground next to him, and his current spirit power was also reduced to when he was six and still hadn’t broken through the first tier. Even the two great Clear Sky Hammer and Blue Silver Grass spirits hadn’t awakened. All he had was a superficial Mysterious Heaven Skill.

Returned to childhood? Tang San swallowed. What kind of spirit ability did the Dark Devilgod Tiger use? How come he and it had both become so small? Could he even change back?

His body couldn’t move, as if a strange force targeted him. No spirit abilities could be used, including spirit bone abilities. Right now he was the not yet awakened six year old Tang San.

A strange voice echoed all around.

“Welcome to the life and death arena. Only the death of one side can end this battle of life and death, and leave this space. Counting down, five, four, three, two, one, begin.”

As this sudden voice counted down, Tang San’s thoughts moved like lightning. All he could do in his present state was think. Even though he didn’t know how the Dark Devilgod Tiger did it, he had been returned to six years of age. This was fact. But the Dark Devilgod Tiger had also shrunken, this proved that it also equally suffered from whatever restraints he was under. Then this battle wasn’t completely hopeless.

That strange voice’s simple explanation told Tang San that this was a battle of life and death, a battle of life and death between him and the Dark Devilgod Tiger returned to childhood. They should still return to the real world afterwards. His body would then recover. And dying in the battle here naturally also meant dying in reality.

That the Dark Devilgod Tiger brought him to such a place was probably because infant spirit beasts were much stronger than infant spirit masters. This spirit ability was just too strange. No wonder Da Ming and Er Ming could never finish this guy in their battles. With such a spirit ability, it really was difficult to deal with. It was lucky Da Ming and Er Ming were also spirit beasts, they shouldn’t come out the worse when returned to childhood like this.

Before Tang San could think further, his body suddenly came loose, the restrictions already gone. That stagnant feeling had just disappeared when the Dark Devilgod Tiger turned into a dark shadow, instantly lunging towards Tang San. Its red eyes showed a cold light, as if it already regarded Tang San as a corpse.

The one and a half meter shrunken Dark Devilgod Tiger of course wasn’t any threat to the adult Tang San, but when he was just six years old, any one of the Dark Devilgod Tiger’s attacks might seriously hurt him. When he was six years old he was after all still too weak. But if the Dark Devilgod Tiger thought he would be annihilated so easily, it would be sorely disappointed.

Any other spirit master might not even have dodged the Dark Devilgod Tiger’s first strike. Before their spirits had awakened at age six, they were just ordinary children. The Dark Devilgod Tiger was just unlucky enough to

run into Tang San. Born of two worlds, even though Tang San couldn’t be descr

Using Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step, Tang San nimbly dodged aside, immediately letting the Dark Devilgod Tiger lunge past him as he took another strange step, pressing close to its lower back. With a light shoulder tackle, the Dark Devilgod Tiger was struck sideways, its balance destroyed, rolling on the ground several times before catching its balance.

Tang San smiled, he smiled extremely happily. Because he knew that there was no longer any sense in prolonging this battle.

The Dark Devilgod Tiger’s first attack missed. It quickly shot back, lunging towards Tang San once again. Its strength really had fallen to its juvenile stage, not even the level of a ten year spirit beast. But it was gifted with talent, and even with cultivation less than ten years, its true strength might be above that of a ten year spirit beast. Dealing with a child in such condition, to the Dark Devilgod Tiger’s mind, was easy as can be. But with its first attack, Tang San used action to tell it that, even when returned to childhood, killing him wasn’t so easy.

As the Dark Devilgod Tiger turned around and attacked Tang San once again, it saw the tiny Tang San holding a one chi long black box in his arms.

The black box was a bit heavy, but to Tang San who had already cultivated Mysterious Heaven Skill to the first tier it was nothing. His tender little hands swiftly wound up the black box, one sonorous metal clack after another reverberating.

Seeing the Dark Devilgod Tiger’s second strike about to land, Tang San turned, using Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step to shift three feet sideways, then rolling on the ground to once again dodge the Dark Devilgod Tiger’s charge.

The Dark Devilgod Tiger was a bit panicked. It couldn’t understand how such a small human had such agility, actually able to easily dodge its attacks. With a deep roar, grey streams of anger began to spread from the

Dark Devilgod Tiger. The grey streams slowly condensed into a spiral shape in front of it.

The Dark Devilgod Tiger cub’s evil energy was equally very small, this spiral forming in front of it was just a kernel of Dark Devil Thunder, extremely different from what it used in the previous battle against Tang San. Back then it practically instantly sent out a wide expanse of Dark Devil Thunder, but now condensing this kernel was still so difficult.

But the Dark Devilgod Tiger formly believed that even if this thunder kernel condensed from the power of evil didn’t directly hit Tang San and just exploded next to him, it was still powerful enough for it to catch him and end this battle.

At the same time as the Dark Devil Thunder formed in front of the Dark Devilgod Tiger, Tang San’s hands also came to a stop on the mechanism. The black box slowly rose, aiming at the Dark Devilgod Tiger.

Whoosh—— The Dark Devil Thunderbolt shot out, but at the very same time, resounding cracks and intense buzzing sounds erupted. Sixteen lines of black light shot from the small box in Tang San’s hand like a mirage.

Boom—— The first explosion was that Dark Devil Thunderbolt. Its explosive power really was astonishing, at least six of the black shadow lines swirled away in all directions. But, the remaining twelve black lines also shot towards the Dark Devilgod Tiger in the same instant.

Pupupupupupu—— Amidst a series of dull sounds, the Dark Devilgod Tiger froze. Large clouds of grey exploded from its body, each misty flash causing it to tremble. Its scarlet eyes were filled with disbelief.

Tang San began to wind up the black box for a second time, carefully watching the Dark Devilgod Tiger with a completely calm expression, “I’m sorry, I have to admit that you are the most cunning and treacherous of all the spirit beasts I have seen. Perhaps the most intelligent one. You have not only formidable strength, but also extremely accurate battle planning. It’s no wonder you could survive until now as a Dark Devilgod Tiger. I believe you should even be a king among the entire Dark

Devilgod tribe. I admit I lost in planning and control. I underestimated your strength even more, and my confidence let me overlook the possibility of danger. Unfortunately, luck isn’t on your side. I might not have lost to you when I was six years old, because I am a Tang Sect disciple. Even more so when, even though this ability’s restraint is exceedingly powerful, it wasn’t able to restrain my spirit tool. The Godly Zhuge Crossbow has once again become my talisman of victory. When you and I were returned to childhood and arrived in this strange space, your loss was already set. But I will admit that you are an enemy worthy of respect. A powerful opponent.”

Saying so, Tang San gave the Dark Devilgod Tiger a slight bow, expressing his respect. And the Dark Devilgod Tiger also seemed to understand what Tang San said, glaring at him and roaring unwillingly. Its scarlet eyes seemed to spit flame.

Suddenly, Tang San felt a chill all over, understanding something from the Dark Devilgod Tiger’s gaze, and his face immediately paled, “It seems my luck really is excellent. Goodbye.”

Clangclangclang…… Chichichichichichi…...

Sixteen clouds of grey bloodmist once again erupted from the Dark Devilgod Tiger. No matter how powerful its body was, this time, all its life aura was crushed before the refined iron crossbow bolts. This difficult battle finally came to an end.

Everything around grew distorted, the space instantly shattering. Infinite darkness swept down once again. Tang San relaxed, quietly putting the Godly Zhuge Crossbow back in his Wishful Hundred Treasures Purse. His heart was still thumping violently.

Light flashed, his whole body lightened. When he once again had his feet firmly planted on the ground, Tang San was already back in the Star Dou Great Forest, his lost power returned, all his strength back. The Seagod Trident also lay quietly by his feet. And not far in front of him, on the Dark Devilgod Tiger’s giant corpse, floated a strange pearl. That pearl seemed entirely dark, but it emanated cyan and blue colored luster.

What was this? Before Tang San could react, the black hole that released him inhaled, and that strange pearl instantly flew inside. Tang San promptly used Controlling Crane Catching Dragon, but just at the moment he got control of the pearl, the black hole closed with a bang, the torn space returning to normal. The strange pearl from the Dark Devilgod Tiger’s corpse thus disappeared.

Tang San looked distracted, frowning. He couldn’t help forcefully hitting his face. He knew that ordinarily he would have reacted fast enough to catch that pearl, but because his mood was influenced, he didn’t succeed. This really wasn’t a good sign.

Looking towards the Dark Devilgod Tiger’s corpse, Tang San couldn’t help sighing to himself. This powerful spirit beast astonished him too much. It unexpectedly made what he originally thought was an extremely simple battle into a fight for his survival, and even had to rely on luck to win in the end. This spirit beast really was too powerful. Luckily nobody could have a Dark Devilgod Tiger spirit. He hoped its spirit ring would give him even more benefits.

Thinking about it, Tang San couldn’t help feeling a quiet lingering fear. The gaze the Dark Devilgod Tiger’s gaze before its death told him that its final ability wasn’t that simple. The true effect of the ability should be to have Tang San alone return to childhood, while the Dark Devilgod Tiger wasn’t affected at all after being suched inside. Just because his last Purple God Light broke its defense, it also wasn’t exempt from the effect of the ability. Just like him, it had returned to childhood, and then died to the Godly Zhuge Crossbow. Imagine, if he hadn’t used the Purple God Light or if the Purple God Light didn’t have any effect, then the conclusion to the six year old him facing a sixty thousand year Dark Devilgod Tiger was obvious. That basically wasn’t a proportional battle. This fight really was a close call. Strong confidence wasn’t a bad thing, but if it grew too strong it would become arrogance.

Ever since leaving the Seagod Island, he had come off easy in practically all of his few battles. Then he had obtained Da Ming and Er Ming’s spirit rings and spirit bones, raising his strength another level. His confidence had

inflated to the level of arrogance. The battle today was enough to sound alarm bells in his mind! Luckily he still survived.

While reflecting, Tang San slowly sat down crosslegged, focusing. The Blue Silver Domain spread out, the Seagod Trident stuck into the ground next to him, using the overlapping domain to arrange a defensive and bewildering area. At the same time the Blue Silver Domain’s ultimate ability All Rivers Run Into The Sea launched. He would no longer let himself face danger due to carelessness. Before he absorbed the Dark Devilgod Tiger’s spirit ring, he had to first completely restore his lost spirit power.

Motes of blue light appeared within Tang San’s Blue Silver Domain. The Star Dou Great Forest was so vast, even though Tang San relied on his domain to absorb the energy of the blue silver grass, absorbing just a small bit from each of countless blades of grass gave him enough energy without harming them, helping him quickly recover his spirit power.

Once his spirit power was restored to its peak, Tang San’s gaze returned to the Dark Devilgod Tiger corpse on the ground. The Blue Silver Emperor slowly withdrew, and the Clear Sky Hammer appeared in his palm out of nowhere. The Blue Silver Domain also instantly switched over to the Deathgod Domain, powerful killing intent radiating. Tang San’s mental strength also spread as far as possible. After confirming there were no threats within several dozen li, he then began to absorb the Clear Sky Hammer’s fourth spirit ring.

With the black Clear Sky Hammer horizontally in front of him, the one red and two black rings of light were so distinct. Attentively watching the giant corpse in front of him, Tang San swung the hammer once. Instantly, a grey stream floated up from the Dark Devilgod Tiger corpse, immediately condensing into the shape of a ring in the air. And at the same time a not very formidable but extremely ice cold energy stabbed into Tang San’s body, frantically attacking the heavy defenses laid down by his Mysterious Heaven Skill internal strength.

That ice cold stream of energy was brimming with evil hatred and intense unwillingness. The instant it stabbed into Tang San’s body, Tang San spit

out a mouthful of blood.

Tang San’s preparations weren’t wasted, the present circumstances amply proved that first restoring his spirit power to the peak was beyond correct. A moment after that ice cold evil energy attacked, Tang San’s Mysterious Heaven Skill internal energy had already completely adjusted. Gentle streams of energy condensed together with the Seagod’s Light, forming a great web that enveloped that ice cold energy. The spirit ring absorption began.

And along with the spirit ring leaving it, the Dark Devilgod Tiger’s giant corpse also began to turn into streams of grey energy, slowly dissipating.

The Mysterious Heaven Skill plus the Seagod’s Light was like a giant millstone, grinding away the evil energy of the Dark Devilgod Tiger’s spirit ring drop by drop. The Dark Devilgod Tiger really was special. That condensed pearl before was shot into the black hole by taking advantage of a momentary lapse of attention from Tang San, directly traveling to another space. As for where it went, the Dark Devilgod Tiger also couldn’t control, but it didn’t want it to fall into Tang San’s hands.

The absorption process continues for a full four hours. When Tang San let out a long breath and awakened from cultivation, he felt his mind and energy clear. What shocked him was that just with absorbing this spirit ring, his spirit power had already risen from the peak of ninety three, halfway past rank ninety four. This proved how astonishing the nature of the Dark Devilgod Tiger was.

A dark spirit ring was quietly arrayed on the fourth position of the Clear Sky Hammer. When a trace of spirit power was infused within it, he immediately sensed a surging wicked energy shoot towards the skies. That feeling of power made the Clear Sky Hammer turn a faint grey. Strangely, as this grey spread to the Deathgod Domain, the two clashed with each other before actually showing signs of mixing together. The Deathgod Domain’s aura also instantly grew stronger. In fact, the Deathgod Domain was already a peak domain. Having it upgraded once again by this fourth spirit ring’s influence, how could Tang San not be happy?

Not just his spirit power rose. Tang San also discovered that the Dark Devilgod Tiger spirit ring’s effects had also substantially improved several of his attributes. This showed most clearly in strength and mental power. There was no need to mention his strength, on the surface the Dark Devilgod Tiger was originally a strength type spirit beast. But that mental strength increase seemed to have once again had an evolving effect on the head spirit bone that had fused with the Seagod’s Light, making Tang San’s already formidable mental strength rise by roughly five percent.

Absolutely don’t underestimate those five percent. Tang San’s mental strength level was already frightening. Increasing it further was extremely difficult. Increasing it five percent in one go, Tang San might be able to completely suppress a power like Bibi Dong with the Purple Demon Eye!

His hard work wasn’t wasted. The dangerous battle with the Dark Devilgod Tiger was traded for another step in strength. The effect of this one Dark Devilgod Tiger spirit ring was comparable to the effect of two fifty thousand year spirit beast spirit rings. Besides lacking one spirit ability compared to hundred thousand year spirit rings, it wasn’t inferior in any way in other respects.

Only, what made Tang San unhappy was that after he absorbed the Dark Devilgod Tiger spirit ring, he also just saw the last grey dust of the Dark Devilgod Tiger’s corpse dissipate.

There was no spirit bone. This was the reason Tang San was unhappy. With the Dark Devilgod Tiger’s characteristics, plus its more than sixty thousand year cultivation, Tang San was almost certain that it should have produced a spirit bone. But it still didn’t. Remembering that pearl from before, Tang San understood that that might be the crystallisation of the Dark Devilgod Tiger’s abilities, also including the three attributes. Truly unfortunate. This extremely intelligent spirit beast was ultimately unwilling to let him gain all the advantages.

Nevermind, a man who is never content is like a snake trying to swallow an elephant. That he could obtain a Clear Sky Hammer fourth spirit ring of such quality was already exceptional luck. There was no need to be greedy

for more. Since that pearl had already entered the black hole, nobody knew whether it was swallowed or pulled into another dimension.

Thinking of this, Tang San also gradually calmed down, simply analysing his gains and losses. Sensing his strength comprehensively increase, his mood turned serene again. After a brief rest, he spread out the Blue Silver Domain anew, searching for his second target.

Experiencing this battle had let Tang San understand that he was still lacking in many ways, and most important among them was the he still hadn’t completely fused his many abilities.

Two spirits, the Seagod Trident, six spirit bones. Right now Tang San’s spirit abilities were in the dozens. Moreover, each one had its own noteworthy features, each able to dominate the battle. But because the origins of the spirit abilities were so different, and using them had different requirements, Tang San couldn’t help being delayed when switching between them, and unable to combine them, or suffer needless exhaustion when using them in succession, as well as suffering repercussions after using them.

Ultimately, it was all because he hadn’t found a method to combine his abilities. But combining dozens of spirit abilities was easier said than done. Tang San was most familiar with his Blue Silver Emperor’s first five spirit abilities plus the Tang Sect secret skills plus his first spirit bone Eight Spider Lances. Among the later abilities, Tang San was most familiar with the four that Xiao Wu assigned him, but they had already completely returned to Xiao Wu. In the last five years he had obtained numerous abilities, and his strength had also risen substantially. In terms of ability control and exchange, he was far from as familiar as with his first five spirit abilities. But as he grew stronger, the enemies he faced would be stronger as well. Even if the first five spirit abilities had already been upgraded to the fifty thousand year level, they still weren’t enough to meet Tang San’s needs. Therefore, he had to use his later spirit abilities.

When his enemies weren’t strong enough, or maybe because they were suppressed by Tang San, his insufficient combinations still didn’t show clearly. Including Bibi Dong. Bibi Dong was suppressed by the Seagod

Trident because of her own abilities, and additionally didn’t know anything about Tang San’s abilities. That’s how she lost in their recent few battles. If Bibi Dong now recovered to her peak condition and fought Tang San again, the circumstances would be different.

Even though Tang San was intelligent, combining so many abilities in such a short time was clearly impossible. He himself also knew about this issue, but his repeated victories had made his confidence soar, and so he neglected it. After this battle with the Dark Devilgod Tiger, the alarm bells in his mind were all ringing. He also clarified his later cultivation path. Even if he became Seagod, this ability combination was still indispensable. Godhood didn’t represent everything. There was no absolute strength in this world.

Unleashing the Blue Silver Domain, Tang San kept moving deeper into the Star Dou Great Forest as he searched. This time his luck wasn’t that good, with no results after searching for an hour. The Blue Silver Domain spread over a very large range, but his previous battle with the Dark Devilgod Tiger had already alarmed the Star Dou Great Forest. Sensing those enormous energy fluctuations, the spirit beasts with more than fifty thousand years of cultivation either escaped or did their best to hide their presence. As Tang San probed with the Blue Silver Domain, the search went deeper the closer it was. After it went passed a certain range, if the spirit beasts had enough cultivation and effective enough hiding abilities, it would be very difficult for him to find them as well.

Having been in the Star Dou Great Forest for nearly a day, plus the difficult battle from before, Tang San decided to rest a while when he saw the sky darken.

Finding an especially tall tree to lean against, Tang San stabbed the Seagod Trident in the ground next to him. A gentle energy let him enter a cultivation state. His mental strength was reserved within a fifty meter range. With his current cultivation there was basically no need to worry about sneak attacks, unless there was some wicked beast tired of living.

After reaching the Title Douluo level, spirit masters would radiate a kind of quality, just like hundred thousand year spirit beasts would also exude a

powerful aura. Such a quality was extremely intimidating to clever spirit beasts, let alone when Tang San also had that even more shocking Seagod Trident next to him. Perhaps only fully confident super spirit beasts like the Dark Devilgod Tiger dared fight him head on.

Closing his eyes, circulating his breath according to the Mysterious Heaven Skill, a faint white light emerged from his body, turning into a protective astral energy revolving around him. With Tang San’s current cultivation, even though this protective energy couldn’t compare to the Dark Devilgod Tiger’s Devilgod Protection, it wasn’t much different. It was enough to protect him while cultivating.

Having discovered his insufficiencies, even if Tang San knew time was precious, he couldn’t help reflecting during this rest period. Reflecting on what he should do. His first thought was of the similarities between him and Bibi Dong.

In this world, only Bibi Dong was similar to him among all the spirit masters he knew. Both possessed twin spirits. He had also fought Bibi Dong on more than one occasion. She shouldn’t have more spirit abilities than him, or even fewer. She also fell short in the number of hundred thousand year spirit rings. Carefully recalling the spirit abilities used when Bibi Dong fought him, at the same time pondering his own insufficiencies, Tang San gradually entered a trance.

His cultivation continued for four hours. Even though Tang San longed to improve his strength, and dealing with the current issue, he knew that he still had to become Seagod as soon as possible. Time was precious! Especially with that strange aura he sensed from Spirit City just when he entered the Star Dou Great Forest.

Only, these four hours didn’t pass in vain. Through careful consideration, he discovered that Bibi Dong also faced a problem similar to his, only she’d dealt with it a bit better. Her ability to easily switch spirits while in spirit avatar form especially made up for her number of spirit abilities and coordination. If not for his Seagod Trident very strongly suppressing her, and the Purple Demon Eye exploiting her carelessness to establish victory, he couldn’t possibly have defeated her. And in terms of using other abilities,

Bibi Dong didn’t seem to have used her full strength when facing him, thus leading to her defeat.

But in these four hours, Tang San only truly understood one word, combination. He didn’t know whether he could also use Bibi Dong’s quick spirit switching after his Clear Sky Hammer had seven spirit rings, but one thing was certain, the way to truly deal with his present problem was spirit ability combination.

With his present cultivation, even though his spirit abilities consumed a considerable amount of spirit power, he still had enough to persevere through using spirit abilities in series. The direction he needed to cultivate towards now was to perfectly combine all sorts of spirit abilities without showing any flaws, and also to strike the enemy hard enough or to control them. This of course couldn’t be settled with one combination method, but when he could flawlessly combine all his spirit abilities, he would be truly powerful.

Continuing to move into the Star Dou Great Forest, he released the Blue Silver Domain to keep scanning while he pondered the issue of combining his spirit abilities. In the time since he fought the Dark Devilgod Tiger, the forest had also grown calm again. Those powerful spirit beasts were very clever, they naturally also knew that human spirit masters had to push their spirit power to a bottleneck before they needed spirit rings, and only needed one at a time. There had only been a short time since he got the Dark Devilgod Tiger’s spirit ring, and it may be assumed they shouldn’t have to be so fearful.

The Blue Silver Domain joined together with the blue silver grass in the forest as far as possible, scanning cautiously without revealing the slightest spirit power fluctuations, searching for his fifth Clear Sky Hammer spirit ring.

The results were as Tang San expected, and within an hour of searching he finally found another spirit beast that suited him. And this time he once again received a pleasant surprise. Because that was actually the one spirit beast he was most familiar with, the Man Faced Demon Spider. Just

through the Blue Silver Domain’s scanning, that cold and vicious presence told him what kind of spirit beast it was.

To Tang San, the Man Faced Demon Spider was linked with both joy and misfortune. The first Man Faced Demon Spider he met had given him the most precious external spirit bone, Eight Spider Lances. As Tang San experienced all kinds of battles. The Eight Spider Lances had frequently been able to catch the enemy off guard and bring victory. But, the Man Faced Demon Spider had also given him extreme anger and pain. That time in the heart of the Star Dou Great Forest, if not for the Man Faced Demon Spider’s sudden appearance, blocking his and Xiao Wu’s escape, how would those Spirit Hall experts have caught up, leading to Xiao Wu sacrificing herself to save his life?

It couldn’t be denied that the Man Faced Demon Spider was a kind of extremely powerful spirit beast. Whether in strength, poison, or all its various abilities, it was a nightmare to the majority of spirit beasts. Its quality might not be as good as the Dark Devilgod Tiger, but to other spirit beasts, it was no less dangerous. Once again discovering this spirit beast, how could Tang San let it off? Let alone anything else, just the nourishment of a high level Man Faced Demon Spider to his Eight Spider Lances was something he couldn’t give up.
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