Douluo Dalu Chapter 271-280


Chapter 271

Due to the harsh conditions for hitting with the Sky Blue Slowing God Claw of four seconds to charge up, if it hit, this state would continue for a terrifying ten seconds. In other words, within ten seconds, these five elders would endure the suffering of slow motion. With tenfold slowing, it was basically impossible for them to block any attacks or launch any of their own.

Only, this time would vary according to the mental strength of the user and those hit. Even though these five elders were powerful, mentally there was still far too large a gap to Tang San. They would naturally fully suffer slowing for ten seconds.

Without a doubt, if the Sky Blue Slowing God Claw was matched with the Golden Thirteen Halberds’ Unfixed Storm, then the sustained restrain capability would reach a frightening level. The five Clear Sky School elders were just the first to taste Tang San’s terrifying control capability.

This succession of spirit abilities was originally something Tang San had prepared for Bibi Dong. The battlefield held myriad changes, and even with Bibi Dong’s Undying Body ability, Tang San was still sure he could have her eat dirt.

Five lines of golden light rose simultaneously from the ground, instantly turning into five sturdy cages trapping each of the five elders. In the Sky Blue Slowing God Claw state, they were basically unable to resist or break the cages.

This was still the fourth spirit ability from back then, Blue Silver Prison, but the color of the cages was now completely golden. This wasn’t the effect of the Seagod’s Light. The spirit ring rising to the fifty thousand year level had directly omitted the process of the Blue Silver Emperor turning into cages, and the prison was now instantaneous, and it’s solidity had also risen geometrically. Even the Clear Sky Hammer in avatar state would require at least three hits to break these cages. Let alone now that the five elders were unable to launch even one strike.

Stepping off hard, Tang San shot off like a cannonball to intrude between the five elders. The Seagod Trident thrust out with illusory golden light through the cages to softly poke their chests, the sharp main blade leaving a tiny mark on each of their chests.

Having completed this simple action, the golden light turned into cages instantly withdrew, and at the same time Tang San heavily thumped the ground with the trident. Amidst a loud sound, five rays of golden light simultaneously exploded from the tip, each exploding under the feet of the five elders. This wasn’t an ability as much as a blast from Tang San combining the terrifying weight of the Seagod Trident with his own spirit power control. The five elders’ figures were thrown out at the same time, rolling several dozen meters until they could finally catch their balance.

The ten seconds of slowing ended in silence. The five elders crawled up from the ground one after another, the second elder who was hit by Tang San’s Purple God Light last, his face pale. He still hadn’t recovered from that mental strike. Of course, what had just happened was an even more enormous strike to his heart.

Indeed, Tang San’s strength alone couldn’t possibly compare to the five Clear Sky School elders. If they had the chance to launch a combined assault on him, then he wouldn’t be able to hold out even with the Seagod Trident. But, Tang San basically didn’t give them the chance, perfectly displaying his control type spirit master skills. From start to finish, the entire battle had been completely in his control.

Tang San’s gaze had calmed down

And those were the facts. How could the sharpness of the Seagod Trident’s main blade be blocked with physical strength? If Tang San wanted them dead, that time was enough to leave them dead ten times over.

The second elder’s face was deathly gray. As everyone cried out in alarm, he fiercely swung the Clear Sky Hammer in his hand to smash the top of his head. As the Clear Sky School’s chief elder, he no longer had the courage to live on after losing to a third generation disciple in front of the entire sect.

“Stop.” Golden blue light abruptly flashed, and the second elder felt his whole body tighten. He was already completely tied up by a layer of sparkling Blue Silver Emperor. It was Tang San’s second spirit ability, Parasite.

“Bastard, don’t tell me I’m not even allowed to die?” The second elder roared furiously. The Clear Sky Hammer flared with black light, a dark golden color rising over his whole body, actually forcing that fifty thousand year level parasite Blue Silver Emperor to withdraw. But because of the degree of strength he used, he couldn’t help vomit a mouthful of blood.

“As a sect elder, you would die here without taking responsibility? If I say you can’t die, then you can’t die.” Tang San said coldly,

“Look at this.”

Golden light flashed, and the second elder subconsciously raised his hand to catch what Tang San threw over. As he saw that object, he just felt dizzy. Not only did the desire to die disappear, he couldn’t help trembling all over.

“This, this is uncle’s Clear Sky Warrant?” The second elders voice fluctuated uncontrollably. At his words, the other four elders also couldn’t help losing their resentment for Tang San, quickly gathering.

Tang San drawled, “Five elders, you are all of my grandfather’s generation. If not for great grandfather’s command, how could I dare offend you? This Clear Sky Warrant was bestowed by great grandfather. Great grandfather had me pass on his words, the Clear Sky School, is the Clear Sky School that disdains the world.”

Tang Chen of course didn’t say this, it was all Tang San’s own invention.
But if Tang Chen was here right now, he would definitely approve.

The five elders looked at each other. The second elder stepped forward to return the Clear Sky Warrant to Tang San, his expression solemn: “Please stand in front.”

Tang San wasn’t stand on ceremony, walking furthest ahead with large strides, looking towards the five elders with the precipice at his back.

The second elder spoke in a deep voice: “All sect disciples hear my command, follow me to bow to the Clear Sky Warrant.” While speaking, he stepped furthest ahead, and bowed respectfully to the black crystal little golden hammer Tang San held aloft.

Along with his bow, the five elders simultaneously fell to one knee in obeisance. Tang Xiao on the side also shocked fell to one knee. That the sect master himself would bow showed the frightening authority of the Clear Sky Warrant Tang San wielded.

Several hundred Clear Sky School disciples knelt in a rustle. They didn’t just fall to one knee, but bowed deeply to the Clear Sky Warrant with both knees on the ground.

The cold on Tang San’s face disappeared, his expression growing gentle.
Stepping forward he helped up the five elders and his uncle.

Tang Xiao couldn’t help asking: “Little San, your strength, was it bestowed by grandfather?”

Tang San nodded: “If not for great grandfather’s instruction, how could I have reached this kind of strength in a short five years. What I said before, as well as challenging the five elders, was great grandfather’s instructions. Elders please don’t blame me.”

Behaving with integrity, coupling strength and gentleness, this was what Tang Yuehua taught Tang San in the Moon Pavilion. All this was also what he had planned well in advance of returning to the Clear Sky School.

Intimidating strength, plus the might of his great grandfather’s Clear Sky Warrant, switching from arrogance to deference, this was exactly according to Tang Yuehua’s teachings. It also let him truly display the authority of this Clear Sky Warrant.

If he didn’t do it this way, even he had taken out the Clear Sky Warrant at once, he still wouldn’t have really become the holder of the Clear Sky Warrant in the eyes of the five elders, and everything would be a lot more complex. Even if he could reach his goal eventually, it would take a lot more effort. Now that he struck with the weight of thunder, first smashing their proudest strength, and then taking out this Clear Sky Warrant, absolutely nobody would doubt Tang San’s words. Because they really couldn’t imagine any other reason Tang San could become this strong. He was twenty five!

Taking out this Clear Sky Warrant after the five elders lost to Tang San alone, was equivalent to finding a reason for their defeat. Asking themselves, what was embarrassing about losing to the person directly taught by history’s strongest Clear Sky Douluo Tang Chen, who had led the sect to climbing to the number one ranked position of the upper sects?

Sure enough, when they heard this the five elders looked bewildered at Tang San, but their expressions were a lot more relieved.

The second elder respectfully watched the Clear Sky Warrant Tang San held, “I wonder what instructions uncle would have.”

Tang San’s expression immediately grew solemn, his voice low: “Great grandfather already knows what has happened to the sect. He said that grandfather’s decision was the greatest mistake since the founding of the sect. Even though it temporarily saved the foundation of the Clear Sky School, it also made the sect lose something most precious. Faith in certain victory. Spirit Hall really was formidable, but not undefeatable. If the sect had been able to confront Spirit Hall’s aggression back then, uniting with the other two of the three upper sects and appealing to the spirit master world, Spirit Hall wouldn’t have dared act blindly. But the sect chose to retreat, not only abandoning all the clans that had always followed the sect, but also abandoning our allies, shifting the balance of

the seven great sects as a rival to Spirit Hall. This led to Spirit Hall’s expansion, until they today have founded the Spirit Empire, the state of the Continent unstable.”

The five elders looked at each other at Tang San’s words, and Tang Xiao’s expression grew a bit ugly. After all, that decision was made by Tang San’s grandfather, the Clear Sky School’s first generation sect master. And what Tang San said was equivalent to overthrowing everything his grandfather had done.

“My father was the cause of what happened back then, but was my father really wrong? Great grandfather gave me this Clear Sky Warrant to find justice for my father. Indeed, Spirit Hall’s oppression really started with my father, but even had it not been for him, don’t tell me Spirit Hall would leave the three upper sects alone? Ask yourselves, if someone would kill your wife, how would you react? My father only injured the Spirit Hall Supreme Pontiff to protect my mother, using his strength alone to repel numerous Spirit Hall enemies. I’m proud of my father. He didn’t dishonor the name of the Clear Sky School. Moreover, my mother also died in that battle, choosing to sacrifice herself to save my father. But how did the sect respond to those events? Not only was there no intent to protect my father, on the contrary the sect expelled him, causing my father to suffer to this day. In order to return the favor of the sect for raising him, he even voluntarily severed two limbs to return the spirit bones the sect granted him. I dare ask everyone, if the Clear Sky Sect master back then was great grandfather rather than grandfather, how would it have ended? I’m now twenty five years old, and my father has also suffered for twenty five years due to what happened back then, ending up as a cripple. Even if grandfather was reborn, I would still certainly demand justice for my father.”

Speaking as straightforwardly as slicing iron and chopping nails, Tang San’s manner completely erupted, completely sinking into intense excitement.

Listening to Tang San, the third and fourth generation disciples looked at each other with differing expressions. But the majority were contemplative. The Clear Sky School really was backed into a corner when they chose to

retreat, but would these spirit masters with the Clear Sky Hammer really be willing to stay silent?

Tang Xiao couldn’t help saying: “Back then my father chose to retreat due to the Spirit Hall’s influence. Actually father also suffered a lot, and also thought of brother Hao. He was still repeating his name until he died. Even if father’s choice was a bit conservative, using retreat as advance, it might not be the wrong move. As long as there’s a chance, the sect would definitely re enter the spirit master world.”

Tang San shook his head, sighing, “Uncle, I understand what you mean, but the Clear Sky Sect’s retreat back then still harmed too many people. Also, do you believe the circumstances would be as good as back then if the sect declared it would reappear?”

“Spirit Hall has now already established an empire, joined by the subsidiary kingdoms and duchies of Heaven Dou and Star Luo Empires. Adding in their own tens of thousands of spirit masters, they have formed a great power contending with the two great empires, even swallowing a lot of the two empires’ territories. The Clear Sky School went into hiding, the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan was massacred, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School seriously injured. Who can the spirit masters of the world choose to follow other than Spirit Hall? If the Spirit Hall back then could control at least fifty percent of the world’s spirit masters, then by now they already control more than eighty percent. In such circumstances, can the Clear Sky School reverse the tide by reemerging now? We no longer have any allies. Would the remnants of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School trust a cowering Clear Sky School?”

Looking around at the pensive clansmen, Tang San’s voice grew severe: “I don’t know if everyone still remember the four single attribute clans spent immeasurable effort for the Clear Sky School. You might know that their hatred for the sect is even greater than for Spirit Hall. Just because the sect threw them away, they suffered devastating attacks, and have lived in misery. And this is just a portion of the spirit masters that followed our Clear Sky School back then. The Clear Sky School has been silent for more than twenty years. If it appears again, who would still

listen to us? Who would still trust us? We are already branded with the reputation of oath breakers and cowards.”

The second elder said somewhat absentmindedly: “What will happen, has already happen. Perhaps you are right. Tang San, where is uncle? If he could return to take charge, the Clear Sky School won’t collapse. His fame is still enough to awe the spirit master world.”

Tang San slowly raised the Clear Sky Warrant, his voice clear: “When great grandfather handed me the Clear Sky Warrant, he had already decided not to return to the sect. A sect that hides in its shell will only gradually wither away. If the sect pays, there is at least a chance to rise. If we want to establish the reputation the Clear Sky School had back then, we must use our own actions to prove it to the spirit master world, and not to keep waiting here. Waiting will lead to nothing.”

The second elder looked at Tang San, then again at Tang Xiao to the side, his voice grave: “Tang San, did uncle give you the Clear Sky Warrant to make you sect master?”

Hearing the second elder say so, Tang San couldn’t help being frightened. Even if he had already guessed that the Clear Sky Warrant held enormous power in the sect, only when the second elder spoke did he understand it had an even deeper meaning. With the glory Tang Chen established when he founded the sect, a single word for him was enough to change anything in the sect. This Clear Sky Warrant was equivalent to he himself, and even deposing the sect master wasn’t a problem. And the strength Tang San showed when he defeated the five elders before was also enough to assume the position. After all, he was still young. That the five elders could endure the humiliation of defeat, and even gradually approve of him, was admittedly directly related to Tang Chen’s Clear Sky Warrant, but at the same time also closely linked with Tang San’s strength! In their eyes, Tang San was like Tang Chen who led the sect to glory back then, and even more outstanding than Tang Chen was. Even though Tang Chen was the genius of a hundred years in the Clear Sky School, even he couldn’t compare to the current Tang San when he was his age.

Tang San looked at his uncle. In Tang Xiao’s eyes he saw calm. Tang Xiao seemed to have already figured out a lot of things, and his eyes held frustration, held regret, but even more pain. Pain for the state of the Clear Sky School.

Slowly and firmly shaking his head, Tang San looked at the elders: “Great grandfather didn’t urge me to take the sect master position, he just told me the Clear Sky Warrant could let me become the sect’s chief elder and obtain the support of the elders and the authority to interfere in sect business.”

Tang Xiao suddenly spoke up, “Little San, you don’t have to force yourself to give up on the sect master position, and you don’t have to give me face either. You’re young, you have vitality, strength, and even more grandfather’s inheritance. This sect master position should be passed to you. Only under your lead can the Clear Sky School return to the peak as number one in the world like under grandfather back then.”

“No, uncle, listen.” Tang San hurriedly interrupted Tang Xiao, “Uncle, I really can’t become sect master. First of all, I have already created the Tang Sect. I’ve also accepted the Heaven Dou Empire’s title. In terms of my personal status, if I become the Clear Sky School sect master, it would harm the sect’s independence. Also, I’m still too young, I don’t have enough prestige. But uncle and elders please don’t worry, Tang San is always a member of the Clear Sky School. As long as Tang San still lives, I will definitely help the sect return to the peak.”

Before Tang Xiao had thought of what to say, Tang San had already turned to the five elders, “I don’t know if the elders could accept me as chief?”

The five elders glanced at each other, then simultaneously bowed to the Clear Sky Warrant in Tang San’s hand, “We comply with the Clear Sky Warrant, greetings chief elder.”

“Greetings chief elder.” In a rustle, the Clear Sky School disciples knelt on the ground. Among these sect disciples, only a very few had seen Tang Chen. Most had only heard of him. Rather than saying they were convinced

by the Clear Sky Warrant, it would be better to say they were conquered by Tang San’s formidable strength and his previous speech. What youth wasn’t hot blooded? Who didn’t wish for the Clear Sky School to again be number one in the world? Even though this place was quiet, it was also lonely. Even though the Clear Sky School had cultivated a group of powerful young spirit masters over more than twenty years, they had suppressed their hot blood. Tang San’s appearance was the ideal choice to change the situation.

“Please rise, elders. I hope we can work with a common purpose, to recreate the Clear Sky School’s glory.” Tang San finally heaved a sigh of relief. After returning to the sect, with this step his goal was basically already accomplished.

“I currently have two items that must be dealt with first. One, to offer rites to my grandfather together with my father, and fulfill my filial duty. Second, to invite my father Tang Hao back to the sect, and in the name of the sect, return those two spirit bones.”

The five elders secretly sighed. They of course also vaguely understood that what Tang San said before was partly from selfish motives, but they still regarded Tang San’s strength as even more important. When they now heard Tang San state his goals, they nodded simultaneously without raising any objections.

Tang San said: “Then uncle and elders please return to the sect. I’ll go welcome father and mother.” While speaking, he was about to go down the mountain.

“Hang on.” Tang Xiao’s voice trembled somewhat, grabbing Tang San’s shoulder, “Chief elder, what did you just say? Your…… mother?”

Tang San smiled calmly: “This should count as my surprise for uncle.
You will see her in a while.”

Tang Xiao’s eyes grew even brighter, complex light glinting like the moon and stars, “I’ll go down the mountain and welcome brother Hao with you.” Before Tang San could say anything, this Clear Sky School

master had already leapt up, dashing down the iron chains like an arrow, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

Tang San stared blankly, then turned to look at the elders. The five elders drew deep breaths, then said in chorus: “We’ll wait back at the sect.”

As Tang San landed back in the village below the mountain, it was just in time to see the brothers Tang Hao and Tang Xiao stand opposite each other. Tang Xiao’s lips trembled, looking over Tang Hao, then looking over Ah Yin next to him, the rims of his eyes quickly reddening.

“Big brother… ” Tang Hao spoke with some difficulty.

Tang Xiao lunged fiercely, gathering his crippled little brother in his embrace. Even if he still had some resentment back on the top of the mountain because Tang San accused his father’s decision as being wrong, now that he saw his one armed, one legged little brother, his heart was again free of all grudges.

Not long ago, Tang Hao was talent even he had to admire, the genius of a generation of the Clear Sky School. When their grandfather still hadn’t left, he’d once praised Tang Hao as his best successor. But the former genius was now already crippled, and the bleakness and misery in Tang Xiao’s heart made him feel as if he would cry tears of blood.

Why, why didn’t he have the courage to doubt his father’s decision? He’d let his little brother suffer until now. Oh father, you really were wrong! Do you see? Your most beloved son actually ended up like this. These past two decades was because of your decision, the Clear Sky School falling, and little brother…...

“Brother Hao, you’ve suffered.” Tears fell uncontrollably from Tang Xiao’s eyes.

“Big brother……” Tang Hao had never thought his elder brother, as the sect master, would come to welcome him. Right now he was shocked, and twenty five years of always suppressed feelings for the sect instantly erupted. The brothers embraced again after so many years of separation,

this feeling made him unable to calm his heart, as if he again saw the scenes where he and his brother moved unhindered through the world back then.

“Big brother.” Ah Yin’s face was already covered with tears. She stepped forward next to Tang Hao and looked at Tang Xiao.

The brothers let go, and Tang Xiao somewhat foolishly looked at Ah Yin,
“Ah Yin, you, you……”

Ah Yin smiled sadly, “Ah’Hao guarded me for twenty five years, and finally little San helped me resurrect. I didn’t think there would be a day I could see brother again.”

Tang Xiao looked foolishly at Ah Yin, muttering to himself: “Your choice was right. I’m just a cowed. I didn’t have the courage to love you. Brother Hao is much, much stronger than me.”

Tang San stepped up to the three of them: “Dad, mom, uncle, let’s go up the mountain and offer rites for grandfather.” He was anxious to help his father restore his arm and leg, and so couldn’t help reminding them.

Tang Xiao sobered from his complicated mood, watching Tang Hao deeply, “Brother Hao, don’t blame father. Ok? He also had his difficulties. With the situation back then, and grandfather away from the sect, father worried the Clear Sky School would end under his watch. So……”

Tang Hao shook his head, “Big brother, don’t talk like that. I only want to kowtow to father’s spirit a few times, I’m the one who was unfilial and failed to live up to his expectations.”

Tang Xiao’s eyes reddened, tightly gripping Tang Hao’s shoulders, “Little San is right, it’s the sect that let you down, not the other way around. Let’s go home.”

The whole group soared up. Tang Xiao originally wanted to help Tang Hao, but Tang Hao refused. More than twenty years had passed, but Tang Hao’s pride had never changed.

The Clear Sky School, the back mountain.

Tang Xiao, Tang Hao, and Tang San stood furthest ahead. The five elders, Ah Yin and Xiao Wu stood behind.

In front of them was a lonely stone brick tomb. Even if Tang San had previously been resentful of his grandfather, when he now saw this lonely tomb he couldn’t help feeling sad. He seemed to sense his grandfather’s helplessness and sadness before he died.

Tang Hao knelt on his one knee, his lips tightly pursed. Placing his one hand on the ground, he ‘bang bang bang’ knocked his head on the ground nine times. When he raised his head again, there was a red mark on his forehead.

Tang San followed his father to pay his respects, and Ah Yin and Xiao Wu knelt behind them. Nobody spoke, but that intensely sad mood infected everyone.

Tang Hao stayed kneeling like this for a full three days without rest. For three days without rest, Tang San also always stayed by his father’s side. Father and son didn’t utter a word in these three days.

Ah Yin and Xiao Wu silently kept the father and son company from the side.

Three days had just passed when Tang Hao finally raised his head. After three days without eating or sleeping, his eyes were already hazy red.

“Father, depart without worries. Unfilial son Tang Hao has brought Tang San, we will definitely help big brother to again raise the Clear Sky School.” After kowtowing another nine times, Tang Hao stood, turning and leaving with Tang San’s support.

In the Clear Sky School’s official business hall, sect master Tang Xiao and the five elders quietly waited for them. They had already been waiting here for the whole three days. As Tang Hao, Tang San arrived at the hall accompanied by their wives, they all stood.

Seeing Tang Hao’s red eyes, Tang Xiao couldn’t help saying: “Brother Hao, little San is right, the sect has let you down these years.”

Tang Hao shook his head, speaking calmly: “The past is the past.” Just this flat sentence intimidated the five elders. Seeing Tang Hao’s broken body, they could completely imagine the suffering he had gone through. But the breadth of mind necessary to dismiss it like this made them secretly blush with shame.

Tang Xiao personally stepped forward to help Tang Hao sit down, and Tang San sat in the seat of honor among the five elders, next to Tang Xiao. With the Clear Sky Warrant, his position as chief grand elder was exceedingly high in the Clear Sky School.

Ah Yin softly pulled along Xiao Wu, bringing her outside. This was the place for men to discuss business, and she knew well propriety. Only before Xiao Wu left, she still couldn’t help shooting Tang San a loving glance, and Ah Yin felt a burst of comfort when she saw this.

On the table next to Tang Xiao lay two boxes. One of them Tang San could see was the one he once delivered to the Clear Sky School, with his father’s two spirit bones.

Tang Xiao first picked up this box and stood, walking over to Tang Hao. Tang Xiao sighed, and handed over the box, “Brother Hao, the sect has let you down. These spirit bones are yours.”

Tang Hao smiled faintly, “The sect gave me life, gave me strength, all I am belongs to the sect, there’s no favor or letdown. I only hope this broken life can do something for the sect.”

Hearing his little brother’s words, waves surged in Tang Xiao’s heart, and he couldn’t help speaking: “Brother Hao, the position as sect master should originally have……”

Tang Hao interrupted his brother, “Don’t speak. Big brother, I only want to support you.”

Tang Xiao sighed deeply, with difficulty holding the tears back from his eyes. When he returned to the head of the table, he picked up the other much larger box. This time, he stepped over to Tang San and handed the wooden box to him.

Tang San stared blankly, “Uncle, this is?”

Tang Xiao spoke in a low voice: “These are the remnants left by divine craftsman Lou Gao.”

“Remnants?” Tang San stood sharply, a formidable pressure suddenly erupting from him. Even the first generation powers present couldn’t help feeling their pulse rise.

Taking the wooden box, Tang San gazed at Tang Xiao with disbelief,
“Uncle, senior Lou Gao, he, he……”

Tang Xiao said sadly: “He was the most dedicated person I’ve ever seen, describing him as a forging lunatic wouldn’t be wrong. Ever since you brought him here, he was forging every day without food or rest. Even I was exhausted after assisting him every day. Three months ago, when he conducted the last forging, he told me to treat his works as remnants left for you. Then he started forging. He didn’t even let me participate. In the end, he threw himself into the furnace flame, completing the last step. These things are the end results of his five years here, and also his last work.”

“That means, even senior Lou Gao’s bones…..” Tang San looked at the wooden box he held, his eyes already misty.

Tang Xiao nodded, “These items could be called his ultimate work. After that happened, divine craftsman Lou Gao’s two disciples brought the furnace flame he used, and said they’d return to your Tang Sect. Strangely, they weren’t sad, but rather left smiling. In Lou Gao’s final moments he laughed loudly three times, and his two disciples also yelled to him, congratulating their teacher for completing an incomparable divine work.”

Listening to Tang Xiao, Tang San opened this giant wooden box with somewhat trembling hands.

As soon as the box opened, an incredibly sharp energy instantly spread through the whole hall.

On the bottom of the box was a layer of numerous already unbearably filthy, but still complete blueprints. On top of the blueprints a few things were arranged.

One was a one chi long cylinder with a deep peacock pattern. Three were glittering lotus flowers with what seemed like rubies inlaid as cores. There were also forty nine half chi long dull silvery strange needles, as well as more than ten dull silvery components of all kinds.

Chapter 272

Each one of these items had a faint haze of bloodlust. That reserved sharpness seemed like it would erupt at any moment. Even everyone here, all current or former Title Douluo level powers had felt a kind of heartfelt fear when they saw these metallic objects.

Tang Xiao pointed to the dull silvery components, “These are Lou Gao’s last work.”

“He succeeded, he really succeeded in a heaven blessed divine work.
Senior Lou Gao, you, why would you be so stubborn…

Those dull silvery long nails and components were the parts of the Torrential Pear Blossom Needle! Tang San had always felt his research into the weapon was missing something. Now he finally understood. Shocking him even more was that, within a short few years, Lou Gao had not only fully understood everything, but even completed it. That was, when the Torrential Pear Blossom Needle was completed, you had to use human blood and spirit to incite the sharp energy of the deep sea silver origin, only then could you complete this number one ranked mechanical hidden weapon!

Tang San gently placed the wooden box back on the table. Raising both hands, he emotionally caressed those dull silvery components. Suddenly, his hands moved like illusions, and each silvery component leapt out of the box as if they had come to life, circling between his illusory fingers.

A series of sonorous metallic sounds reverberated like pleasant music. As Tang San’s hands came to a stop, he already held a one chi long cylinder in his palms. Different from the peacock patterned cylinder from before, this dull silvery cylinder only had two character, Lou Gao. These two characters were written in blood colored deep lines. That was the true blood of divine craftsman Lou Gao.

Carefully replacing the cylinder in the box, Tang San took three steps back and fell to his knees on the ground, bowing respectfully to the wooden box, knocking his head on the ground nine times.

Lou Gao had worked all his life to perfect his craft, and absolutely deserved this bow. This was also the only way Tang San could show his respect.

In a short five years, Lou Gao had succeeded in forging the Tang Sect’s three absolute mechanical hidden weapons, the Peacock Plume, the Buddha’s Fury Tang Lotus, as well as the Torrential Pear Blossom Needle that had cost him his life.

Closing the box, Tang San didn’t put it in his Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges, but rather held it as he returned to his seat. His eyes expressed an intense sadness that was uncontrollable for a long time. If he had known earlier that Lou Gao would pay with his life, he would rather not have these hidden weapons.

Tang Xiao didn’t console Tang San, and neither did Tang Hao. Because they believed that Tang San would definitely handle his mood on his own.

Tang Xiao’s gaze swept the faces of everyone present, his expression respectful, “Brother Hao, chief elder, all elders. What chief elder said that day was food for thought. Our Clear Sky School can’t keep staying silent like this. The sect left behind by our ancestors can’t be forfeit by our hands. I propose that the sect return. Does anyone have any objections?”

Nobody raised their voice, but the five elders’ gazes all fell on Tang San.
They all knew that the Clear Sky School’s revival hinged on Tang San.

“Little San.” Tang Hao broke the silence, rousing Tang San from his sorrow. Raising his head to look at his father, this moment h

Restraining his emotions, Tang San drew a deep breath and finally put away the wooden box in his Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges. Then he faced everyone else.

“I’ve been away from the sect for five years, and also away from the Continent for five years. On my way back I heard some news. At the same time, I also once fought the previous Spirit Hall Supreme Pontiff, the current Spirit Empire Empress, Bibi Dong. She, like me, also has twin spirits. Moreover, her second spirit already has at least seven spirit rings. If I’m not mistaken, her spirit power should already have reached rank ninety nine.”

These words alarmed everyone.

Tang San immediately went on: “But, even if she’s already reached rank ninety nine, I’m still certain I can at least block her. Therefore, her existence by itself isn’t intimidating. What’s truly frightening is the Spirit Empire’s full strength. Or you might call it the full strength of the Spirit Empire’s spirit masters.”

“I said before that the Spirit Empire controls more than eighty percent of the world’s spirit masters, this isn’t just empty words. It’s also because of this that it holds the absolute superiority against both the Heaven Dou and Star Luo Empires. Only, the two empire’s aren’t without the ability to face them. The key is how to go about it.”

“If we emerge we will definitely be joined into the Heaven Dou Empire’s faction. Even if we no longer have the might from back then, to the world, with the five elders all becoming Title Douluo, the Clear Sky School’s full strength not only hasn’t lowered, but rather increased. It’s bound to become an energy boost for the Heaven Dou Empire to confront the Spirit Empire. Therefore, I believe that reemerging is better sooner rather than late. It should be completed as fast as possible, and connections formed with the Heaven Dou Empire. The Spirit Empire is currently integrating the strength of those kingdoms and duchies. If they

finish, the war will erupt once again. By the state of the Spirit Empire, they’ve already completely severed the connection between Heaven Dou Empire and Star Luo Empire. Then, when fighting starts, they’re bound to defend on one side and attack on one. Even if the Heaven Dou Empire’s overall national strength isn’t equal to the Star Luo Empire, tt still has the backing of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School and is actually stronger in terms of spirit masters. Therefore, I believe the Spirit Empire will very likely choose to attack the Heaven Dou Empire. Our Clear Sky School will reemerge, and as long as we do we have to strike a heavy blow to the Spirit Empire at the start of the war. Only if we do can we promote our sect’s strength at the same time as we awe the Spirit Hall spirit masters. But, completely eliminating the Spirit Empire will still be an endless process. Their years of accumulation gives them a deep background. As for concrete strategies, that will have to wait until after I’ve returned to Heaven Dou City and contacted the Heaven Dou imperial family.”

Listening to Tang San, everyone nodded one after another. Tang Xiao said: “Fine, then it’s settled. The sect doesn’t have anything to prepare either. In three days, we will leave straight for Heaven Dou City. As for contacting the Heaven Dou Empire……”

Tang San nodded: “Leave it to me. I’ll leave after helping father restore his severed limbs.”

“Restore his limbs?” Tang Xiao and the five elders looked at Tang San, their eyes filled with incredulity.

Tang San stood, picking up the Seagod Trident and walking over to his father and picking up that spirit bone box: “Dad, let’s start now. Only, I’ll have to cut open the wounds and also scrape open the bones. It might…..”

“Nonsense, come on.” Tang Hao tore off his empty sleeve, revealing the long since healed wound. His steely gaze seemed to hint that the Clear Sky Douluo who even dared kill the Spirit Hall Supreme Pontiff back then had returned.

Tang San would never hesitate when facing an enemy, but in front of him now was his father. Seeing the shoulder where Tang Hao missed an arm, he couldn’t keep his eyes from heating up, and the right hand holding the Seagod Trident trembled.

Tang Hao glared at his son, “What are you hesitating about? I can cut off my own arm, so don’t tell me I’d be afraid of a bit of pain?”

Drawing a deep breath, Tang San fiercely closed his eyes. He only paused for a second, then suddenly opened them again. His eyes immediately filled with an ice cold divine light. In his hand, the Seagod Trident struck like a black bolt of lightning. Amidst a bloody flash, an inch of the already healed bones and flesh at Tang Hao’s shoulder was peeled away. This inch consisted entirely of the unnecessary portions that had grown as it healed. That giant Seagod Trident was as accurate as a scalpel in Tang San’s hand.

Tang Hao’s expression was unchanging, only gazing encouragingly at his son, as if what the Seagod Trident cut wasn’t even part of his body.

Tang San’s gaze was exceptionally calm. With a wave of his left hand, Controlling Crane Catching Dragon was used. The wooden box flipped open, and that right arm spirit bone soared up, falling into his hand.

Without the slightest hesitation, Tang San pressed the right arm spirit bone directly to Tang Hao’s severed shoulder. Between his eyebrows, the sparkling golden Seagod brand flared. A ray of Seagod’s Light directly illuminating the place where shoulder and arm bone came together.

The blood spurting from Tang Hao’s wound had already dyed that right arm spirit bone red. Fortunately Ah Yin wasn’t here right now, or there was no telling how she would feel seeing this scene.

Golden blue splendor simultaneously rose from Tang San’s right leg, spreading upwards along his body until it extended to the spirit bone he held in his left hand, and then swiftly poured into Tang Hao’s wound.

Miraculously, when the Seagod’s Light enveloped the bone, Tang Hao’s severed bone and right arm spirit bone instantly produced a golden mist. ly able to keep his calm, Tang Hao now couldn’t help scowling, showing how intense the pain he suffered now was. But when the golden blue light belonging to Tang San’s Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone reached the wound, the blood that was just spurting out immediately stopped, the intense golden blue light completely wrapping up Tang Hao’s shoulder as well as right arm spirit bone.

The whole process from Tang San swinging the Seagod Trident, to the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone energy stemming the blood, passed in the blink of an eye. Tang San moved as if he had already practiced this countless times, and he didn’t let Tang Hao lose one more drop of blood.

Seeing that golden blue light spreading, Tang Hao’s expression also eased again. Tang Xiao and the five Clear Sky School elders couldn’t hold back expressions of amazement. It was the first time they had seen such a miraculous ability. Before this, they had never even heard of someone being able to retransplant spirit bones after they were lost.

Tang Hao was already very formidable, but his son displayed strength even beyond what Tang Hao did at that age. The five elders’ expressions were now already relieved, even the secret unhappiness from losing to Tang San was gradually being replaced by joy. They seemed to already be able to see the Clear Sky School being brought back to the peak of the Continent with the help of these father and son.

Tang San took out a vitality banking medicine he made way back when from the Wishful Hundred Treasures Purse and fed it to his father, at the same time he planted the Seagod Trident on the ground, reaching out and feeling the artery on his father’s left hand, sensing the changes in Tang Hao’s body.

Tang San’s expression relaxed very quickly. Everything proceeded according to his expectations. In the years he was at Seagod Island, Ah Yin had always relied on her knowledge of the plants around the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well to continuously feed potions to Tang Hao. Adding in that Tang Hao knew there was hope for his wife’s resurrection, his mood was

also different from before, and he recuperated very well. Although he had severed two limbs, his blood and energies were still stronger than before. Consequently, the bit of blood he lost just now didn’t influence him. Of course, this was also closely related to the method Tang San had developed for perfectly reattaching severed limbs.

Others couldn’t see through the golden blue light wrap, but Tang Hao and Tang San could both sense Tang Hao’s right arm slowly growing back. The Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone’s Wildfire Burns Unending, Spring Wind Blows Life Again ability could perfectly deduce it under his peak mental strength control. At the same time, as the right arm slowly grew back, Tang San also infused Tang Hao with a portion of gentle Mysterious Heaven Skill inner strength through his grip on his left hand, guiding his father’s spirit power to unblock the just regrowing arm. Like this the arm could completely regrow without any difference from before.

For a full hour, Tang Xiao and the five elders didn’t feel any sense of urgency. To be able to see this miraculous scene even made them feel a bit proud.

Finally, as that golden blue light retreated, Tang Hao’s right shoulder had already regrown an arm. If there was any difference to speak of, it was that this new arm was a bit pale and tender, quite different from the rest of Tang Hao’s skin.

Tang Hao looked at his right arm, somewhat astonished closing his right fist. Spirit power flowed into his arm, and faint black light rushed out. The shoulder originally blocked due to the severed arm finally again completed a cultivation cycle, and almost the instant the spirit bone joined in that strong feeling, his spirit power rose from rank seventy nine back above the eightieth rank. Even more difficult for him to believe was that this newly grown right arm didn’t feel the slightest bit off. Dexterity, strength, it was like his lost arm had returned. So much that even the energies of the spirit bone were completely adjusted to his own.

This wasn’t something that Wildfire Burns Unending, Spring Wind Blows Life Again could accomplish, after all, Tang Hao’s arm had already been severed for six or seven years. The reason why it could be restored to

this kind of condition was the contribution of the Seagod’s Light. The Seagod’s Light perfected this regeneration process.

While Tang San was still happy about the recovery of Tang Hao’s right arm, his Seagod Trident was already moving once again, and the same scene played out for Tang Hao’s right leg. Restoring the entire left leg took a full two hours of work, and Tang Hao also suffered even more pain.

But with the mental support from perfectly restoring the right arm, the process for the left leg seemed to go even a bit smoother. Until the left leg was completely restored, then his complexion grew a bit pale. After all, even if the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone didn’t cost him much energy, the whole restoration process also involved his own energy. Reattaching two limbs consumed a lot of Tang Hao’s own blood and energies.

Giving his father another medicinal pill, Tang San brought Tang Hao to a quiet room arranged by Tang Xiao, and repeatedly exhorted his father to immediately start cultivating. Partly to unblock his vital fluids and restoring his original cultivation cycle, and partly also to use the reattachment of the two spirit bones to restore his lost spirit power as much as possible.

As they stepped out and Ah Yin and Xiao Wu saw Tang Hao with four limbs, Ah Yin wanted to rush over, but was held back by Tang San’s expression and gesture to his mother. Even though this was the first time Tang San helped regrow limbs, he could still clearly feel that, of the entire process, this period of time just after was the most important to Tang Hao. Not important to his limbs, but rather to the twenty ranks of spirit power he had lost due to severing his limbs. How much could be recovered would depend on the days just after his spirit bones were restored.

Tang San helped his father to sit down in the quiet room. He himself sat down behind Tang Hao, telling Tang Xiao not to let anyone disturb them. Then he placed both hands on Tang Hao’s back, completely releasing the Seagod’s Light to envelop his father, and support Tang Hao’s cultivation.

With the strength of Tang San’s spirit power and internal energies plus the divine power of the Seagod’s Light, there were undoubtedly great benefits to Tang Hao’s recovery.

“Dad, relax your spirit power, don’t resist the spirit power I send into your body. Relax your body and mind, and don’t rouse your spirit power to resist mine no matter what you feel.”

Tang Hao nodded. To his son, what distrust could he have? Especially when Tang San had helped him restore his ruined limbs. Right now he was incomparably excited. But at the same time, he also felt that after his two limbs were restored, his internal spirit power felt as if boiling. In such a state, it felt as if just opening his mouth to speak would let it drain away. Tang Hao was also the genius of a generation, once the youngest Title Douluo. Even though his current circumstances were the first in the history of the entire Continent, he still cautiously kept his mouth shut. When he heard his son’s plans, he naturally wouldn’t oppose it. He also didn’t know how he could make that boiling spirit power recover as close as possible to his previous peak.

Tang San’s spirit power was deep and gentle, flowing into Tang Hao like a great river. Tang Hao felt before that, even though Tang San also had the Clear Sky Hammer, their spirit power was still a bit different. His own spirit power had the aura of an overbearing king, but Tang San’s spirit power was one part majestic force, within honest gentleness.

After that enormous spirit power poured into Tang Hao, it immediately flowed along paths he didn’t even know about. Very soon it reached a channel he’d never noticed, and the previously gentle spirit power suddenly turned sharp and stabbed into it. The painful feeling immediately made Tang Hao’s whole body spasm.

Tang Hao was unswerving by nature, and even more firmly convinced by his son’s words. Even though the intense pain made all his boiling spirit power rush out, he still immediately restrained it and kept it from attacking his son’s spirit power.

This was also because it was Tang San. If it was anyone else, it would be impossible for Tang Hao to completely open up himself. In fact, if he let an outsider attack his energy channels, and they had the slightest ill intent, he would be dead without a burial ground.

A ripping sound reverberated inside Tang Hao. Tan Hao felt his body tremble, immediately followed by a special force instantly rushing through this unknown channel. The boiling spirit power within him paused for a moment, and the next instant it immediately grew even more berserk. That forceful and carefree feeling almost made him shout.

Tang San’s spirit power never stopped, immediately charging at the next channel, constantly rushing, then breaking open. Throughout the unblocking process, Tang Hao’s spirit power was also gradually mobilized. Even though he didn’t move it, his boiling spirit power still grew even more solid and enormous with each channel it rushed through, his internal energies also growing even more unobstructed as Tang San’s spirit power worked. Even though there was intense pain each time Tang San attacked, the carefree pleasure following each burst of pain was still something Tang Hao had never experienced.

What was his son doing? Tang Hao didn’t know. He also didn’t see how Tang San behind him looked as if he sat in a steamer basket, his clothes already soaked through with sweat.

Tang San was relying on his Mysterious Heaven Skill inner strength to help his father open the eight extraordinary meridians. Doing so would undoubtedly make Tang Hao’s spirit power recover even better.

The people of this world were no different than those in Tang San’s last world, just that their cultivation methods were different. Hao Hao once possessed the greatest strength in this world, but his eight extraordinary meridians were still just a bit wider and stronger than those of ordinary people. They had never been opened.

Tang San didn’t meet much resistance as he opened up the channels. After all, Tang Hao’s meridians were so durable, they could easily endure Tang San’s Mysterious Heaven Skill inner strength attack.

Finally, the last two supervising and governing meridians were burst wide open under Tang San’s powerful strike. Tang Hao just felt an extremely piercing feeling instantly spread through his whole body. His saved up enormous spirit power went out of control again, madly rushing

out. It pushed out Tang San’s spirit power in almost an instant, operating frantically along his original cultivation method. With each cycle, that spirit power would increase substantially, the plentiful spirit power once again bringing Tang Hao to step towards the peak.

Tang San slowly opened his eyes. This time his expression was already extremely ugly, a wisp of blood flowing from the corner of his mouth. That was caused by the spirit power backlash after Tang Hao’s eight extraordinary meridians were all linked up.

Only, right now Tang San was in a wonderful mood. That his father’s spirit power could counterattack his, proved that his spirit power had already surpassed the ninety two ranks he possessed himself. Tang Hao har at least returned to the Title Douluo level. This proved that helping his father connect the meridians was the right choice.

Right now, Tang Hao was already surrounded by an intense black light, his overbearing spirit power filled with a mighty intimidating feeling. From behind, his figure was tall and imposing. This was the appearance befitting the Clear Sky Douluo!

Tang San gratified closed his eyes and began to restore his spirit power. Even unblocking his father’s meridians was exhausting, and the spirit power backlash injured him, this was still nothing for his valiant physique. As long as he cultivated for a little while, everything would return to the peak.

When Tang Hao woke up from cultivating and turned his head to look, his son was long since gone. With a thought, he was already standing. Raising the somewhat tender right hand and his copper skinned left hand, the forceful feeling made iron man Tang Hao’s eyes moisten.

Back when he severed his limbs he was already disheartened, and decided to retreat into the wilderness. Who could have thought there would be a day he would return to his peak. His past ambitions and aspirations also seemed to return to him along with his strength.

I’m back. Spirit Hall, I, Tang Hao, am back.

Pushing open the door, sunlight bathed his whole body. The glaring light couldn’t influence his sight in the slightest, and he saw Ah Yin waiting outside the door.

Even though Tang Hao opened the door extremely suddenly, the moment Ah Yin saw her husband with all limbs attached, tears pushed out of her eyes and she threw herself into his arms.

Softly caressing his wife’s long hair, Tang Hao’s face revealed a faint smile. He seemed a lot younger again. Even though his skin was filthy, he still looked just thirty, none of that doddering appearance.

“Ah Yin, don’t cry. What about little San?”

Ah Yin raised her head, looking at Tang Hao with hazy eyes, “You’ve cultivated for three days. Two days ago little San brought Xiao Wu back to Heaven Dou City. Even though that child is young, his shoulders are already carrying many, many things.”

Tang Hao nodded silently, “I really didn’t expect our son to give me a new chance. I put too much pressure on his shoulders before when I couldn’t finish it. But now I have already recovered, the Clear Sky Douluo is back again. Whoever dares harm my son, I will turn into ash.”

Ah Yin’s voice trembled: “Hao, you really have recovered completely.”

Tang Hao confidently looked straight at the sun, “Even though I don’t know what little San did to me, my strength has not only recovered, it’s even stronger than before. After you sacrificed yourself for me, my spirit power reached rank ninety two. Even though I was seriously injured afterwards, my spirit power still rose to rank ninety five. But my current spirit power suddenly broke through the rank ninety six bottleneck, and my potential seems to have been completely roused. I feel like the strength saved up within me over the years has completely broken free, and I should still be able to progress for the next while. Let’s go find big brother. The Clear Sky School, it’s time to leave the mountain.”

…… Heaven Dou City. Tang Sect.

This place didn’t seem to have changed from five years ago. The gate was only guarded by two tall, sharp eyed Tang Sect disciples. But their energies were extremely vigorous, as their eyes from time to time swept the passing pedestrians they would occasionally reveal radiant light. The strength contained within seemed like it might explode at any moment.

These two guarding disciples’ gazes now suddenly froze, because in their light of sight appeared two people. The two were completely shrouded in black cloaks, and one of them held a long object wrapped in strips of black cloth, clearly a weapon.

“Halt, the Tang Sect’s grounds may not be approached.” One Tang Sect disciple took two steps forward, blocking the two cloaked figures in front of the door. His gaze was clearly vigilant.

The black cloaked person holding the long object raised the hood of his cloak, revealing long clear blue hair and a handsome countenance. His eyes were blue as water, and as deep as the sea. When the guarding disciple saw his eyes he couldn’t help being distracted, and the original vigilance was completely driven away by this gaze. He unexpectedly couldn’t raise any resistance.

These two people in black cloaks were Tang San and Xiao Wu. After helping his father recover, Tang San brought Xiao Wu from the Clear Sky School back to Heaven Dou City. He and Xiao Wu’s appearances were too outstanding, and so they wore big cloaks to avoid drawing attention. And for the first place to go, Tang San naturally chose the Tang Sect he had established. This was his foundation.

“Is strength hall master elder Tai Tan here? Please report that Tang San is back.” Even though he just faced a guarding disciple, Tang San was still very polite. Along with his strength rising, he had become even more reserved, unless his mood changed from extraordinary circumstances. But from the outside nobody could see the strength he possessed.

These two guarding disciples had clearly entered the Tang Sect in the five years Tang San was away, and so they didn’t recognize him. But that didn’t

mean they didn’t know Tang San’s name. This was the name of the Tang Sect master!

“You, you are Tang San?” The disciple who blocked them asked carefully.

Tang San laughed in spite of himself: “Why? Do others pretend to be me?”

The two disciples exchanged looks, and the one who spoke before said cautiously: “Please wait a moment, I’ll go report immediately.” Speaking, he turned around and headed into the sect with quick steps.

Tang San nodded with satisfaction. One tiny clue reveals the general trend, it seemed the hall masters’ training for the sect disciples was quite good.

Before long, steps could be heard from inside. But what Tang San hadn’t expected was that only one person walked out. Strength Hall master Tai Tan’s son, Tai Long’s father, Tai Nuo.

When Tai Nuo saw Tang San, he hurriedly stepped forward and spoke respectfully: “Tai Nuo respectfully welcomes sect master back.” The guarding disciple who went to inform him also followed him back, and when he heard Tang San actually was the sect master, he and the other guard immediately fell to one knee.

Tang San laughed: “Uncle Tai Nuo, no need to be so polite. Why are only you here? Are all the hall masters busy?” No matter what, he was still the Tang Sect’s sect master. It was quite surprising that all the hall masters didn’t come out to greet him.

Tai Nuo said: “Sect master do not blame them, only I am taking charge in the sect right now, the others all went to the front line with the army.”

“Front line?” Tang San was shocked, and also didn’t step inside. He anxiously asked: “What’s happened? Is it war with the Spirit Empire?”

Tai Nuo said: “Ten days ago, the Heaven Dou Emperor, his majesty Xue Being, led his troops to the front line. He personally commanded an army of a million, with altogether more than six thousand imperial spirit masters. Our Tang Sect, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, and the Shrek Academy experts all followed. If you returned, father asked me to tell you to please leave to provide assistance as soon as possible.”

While listening to Tai Nuo, numerous thoughts immediately rose in Tang San’s heart. His mind moved like lightning, already roughly understanding the situation. Very clearly, the Heaven Dou and Star Luo great empires should also be aware of the Spirit Empire’s present circumstances, and naturally wouldn’t wait for them to finish their arrangements and come to invade them. Instead the guest acted as the host, and took the initiative to declare war. This move was undoubtedly brilliant. At the same time as it could mess up the Spirit Empire’s plans, it also took the initiative. No need to ask, the Star Luo Empire on the other side of the Spirit Empire was definitely also moving.
“Sect master, let’s talk inside.” Tai Nuo got out of the way of the gate. Tang San shook his head: “No, uncle Tai Nuo, I’ll leave the sect to you.
Time is pressing, so I’ll hurry and rush to the front line. I’ll naturally come to understand the situation once I’m there. When did Xue Beng ascend the throne? Are there any spirit masters left garrisoning Heaven Dou City?”

Chapter 273

“His Majesty Xue Beng ascended the throne after great emperor Xue Ye died of illness three years ago. He’s always ruled wisely in these years, and extremely considerate of our Tang Sect. The current sect disciple count reaches two thousand three hundred people. Of those, besides the disciples of our four clans, everyone are disciples from the Shrek Academy, fully vetted by Grandmaster. With the Empire’s support we’ve produced large quantities of hidden weapons, mainly the Godly Zhuge Crossbow, equipping a ten thousand strong elite army with the Heaven Dou Empire. His Majesty Xue Beng personally named this troop the Tang Army. Father is temporarily in command on this campaign, waiting for you to take up the post.”

Tai Nuo briefly clarified the points Tang San was most worried about. Listning to him, Tang San nodded, “It seems Xue Beng’s patience over the years wasn’t wasted. He understands the true meaning of not using people you doubt, and not doubting the people you use. Very well. Then, uncle Tai Nuo, I’ll write a letter. Immediately have a Speed Hall disciple deliver it to the village at the Clear Sky School. Even if there are a thousand spirit masters guarding the imperial capital, that’s still too weak. If we gain the upper hand at the front lines, the Spirit Empire might very possibly send elite spirit master teams to cause trouble here. With the Clear Sky School defending the capital, there is nothing to worry about on that account.”

“Sect master, the Clear Sky School……” When Tai Nuo heard the Clear Sky School mentioned, the pupils of his eyes clearly contracted a bit.

Tang San spoke in a deep voice: “The Tang Sect is the Tang Sect, the Clear Sky School is the Clear Sky School, never shall they intermingle. Right now our common enemy is the Spirit Empire, it’s not the time for looking into old grudges. The Clear Sky School has now decided to leave the mountain. Leaving them to guard the capital averts worries in the rear, at the same time it also avoids awkwardness when the Clear Sky School and the hall masters meet.”

“Yes.” Tai Nuo respectfully accepted the order. Seeing Tang San again, even though it didn’t seem like Tang San had changed much, only steadier than before. But his eyes radiated an indescribably dignity, each word was filled with a bearing instilling trust, his movements were not only graceful, but even held a special leaderly elegance. Even the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master Ning Fengzhi he had met before had seemed to have Tang San’s characteristics.

Tai Nuo of course had no idea that Tang San’s characteristics largely originated in the transformation of the Seagod’s Light. As the Seagod’s chosen, how could he be like ordinary people?

Very soon, Tang San penned a letter in front of the Tang Sect gate, handing it to Tai Nuo. With the speed of the Speed Hall disciples, the news would reach the Clear Sky School within half a day. There would be absolutely no delays.

At the same time he also wrote an additional letter, also handing it to Tai Nuo, repeatedly reminding him to deliver it to the Moon Pavilion. With his aunt’s referral and his letter, there wouldn’t be a problem for the Clear Sky School to garrison in the imperial palace. No matter how it was said, back then he seemed to also have accepted the position as the crown prince’s tutor, so his words should still hold some authority. Now that the Heaven Dou Empire urgently needed elite spirit masters, there was even less of a reason to refuse.

“Xiao Wu, I’ll trouble you, we still have to keep traveling. Our wedding also……” Tang San looked tenderly at Xiao Wu, his eyes filled with regret.

Xiao Wu smiled sweetly, holding Tang San’s hand, “What are you saying, we’ve been through so many storms, what’s a bit of waiting? Major events are important. Spirit Hall is also the enemy that killed my mother, destroying them is my wish too. Let’s go.”

Tang San and Xiao Wu took their leave from Tai Nuo, and swiftly left Heaven Dou City. Tang San then pulled Xiao Wu close and flew off, heading directly southward. By Tang San’s calculations, even if the army had been on its way for ten days already, with his speed he should be able to converge with it before they reached the front line. There was no need to ask, the Shrek Seven Devils would also all be with the army. He just hadn’t expected he would be going to war with the Spirit Empire so soon. Even though he still hadn’t mentally prepared, he was still thirsting for this battle.

Five years had passed. Tang San very much wanted to know to what level the Tang Sect he had personally founded had advanced. Two thousand three hundred spirit masters, even though it sounded like a lot, it was still too flimsy when compared to Spirit Hall’s more than fifty thousand. But the key to whether the Spirit Empire could be defeated in this battle might very well be the Tang Army that Xue Beng had established. It was also the first time the Tang Sect’s hidden weapons would climb onto the stage of history. Without a doubt, the Heaven Dou and Star Luo Empires would go all out in this campaign, this might also be the final battle with the Spirit Empire. If they lost this war and the Spirit Empire could eliminate the elites of the two empires, then the two empires would never be able to turn it around, and their destruction would only be a matter of time. If they could weaken the Spirit Empire’s strength before they had fully stabilized, then there was great hope for the future.


Spirit Empire capital, Spirit City, Supreme Pontiff Palace.

“What? A Nirvana Team was destroyed? More than five hundred spirit masters lost in five cities?” Bibi Dong had just returned when she got the infuriating news. Standing in front of her was Hu Liena with a guilty and uneasy expression. Her clothes fluttered without wind, and if anyone else had stood in front of her, with her temper, she might have already killed

them. But Hu Liena was different. In Bibi Dong’s heart, Hu Liena was not just her personal disciple, but more like her daughter. Even though Qian Renxue was her biological daughter, in fact, Qian Renxue was less important to her than Hu Liena. She had spent far too much painstaking effort on Hu Liena.

The bad news came one after another. Before she was back at the Supreme Pontiff Palace, Bibi Dong had already learned that the two great empires’ had revealed large scale military operations targeting the Spirit Empire in a pincer attack, their armies pressuring the borders.

“Fine, very well. It seems the Heaven Dou and Star Luo Empires have come prepared. They want to strike before my footing is stable. Fine! I’d like to see how you will face my Spirit Legion. Nana, pass on my orders. Gather the seven sect masters and all imperial spirit masters with Bishop or higher titles to discuss it. Since they want to end it in one stroke, I will help them accomplish it.”

“Yes, teacher.” In the whole Spirit Empire, only Hu Liena didn’t have to address Bibi Dong as Her Majesty.

Seeing that her teacher didn’t intend to blame her, Hu Liena heaved a secret sigh of relief. She of course knew her teacher was good to her, but the more that was the case, the more pain she felt. In the depths of her heart, the silhouette of that man whose place wasn’t lower than her teacher’s still lingered, as if branded on her soul, and she couldn’t throw it off no matter how.

Since both sides will go to war, Tang San, will you appear on the battlefield? If, we come across each other there, what should I do? Why, must the two people I care most about have to meet on the battlefield?

While thinking to herself, Hu Liena was about to go pass on the orders, when she was called back by Bibi Dong, “Xie Yu, you and Yan go pass on the orders. Nana, stay here. I have something to tell you.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.” Xie Yue and Yan glanced at each other. They were both helpless. They understood that their places in Bibi Dong’s heart

couldn’t ever possibly match up to the holy maiden Hu Liena.

As only Bibi Dong and Hu Liena remained in the room, the ice cold lines on Bibi Dong’s face gradually gentled. Pointing to the seat next to her, she had Hu Liena sit.

“Teacher, I’ve disappointed you.” Hu Liena hung her head.

Bibi Dong sighed, “Nevermind, a few hundred dead spirit masters isn’t serious harm. This was definitely done deliberately by the Heaven Dou Empire to disrupt our morale. But it’s not that easy. This war would begin sooner or later, and even though we still haven’t yet caught our balance, on the battlefield the spirit master strength to truly dominate the two great empires is firmly in our hands. As long as we act appropriately and show its true effect on the battlefield, Heaven Dou and Star Luo basically won’t be able to stir any wind or waves. In times of defeat, don’t let one setback influence your confidence. Speaking of, this time I faceplanted too.”

“Ah? Teacher, you……” Hu Liena looked shocked at Bibi Dong.

Bibi Dong said grimly: “At first everything was going smoothly. The Titan Giant Ape and Sky Blue Bull Python were already at their last gasp. Just then we were attacked by a cloaked fellow armed with a strange trident, ruining my happy occasion. If I guess correctly, that person should be the now five years missing Tang San.”

“What?” Hu Liena swayed, almost falling off her chair, her red lips trembling uncontrollably.


Three days later.

Distantly, Tang San and Xiao Wu finally saw that army covering the land. Even though they overlooked it from the sky, the shock of the million strong army still made them a bit lifeless.

The number of people assembled seemed limitless, raised flags fluttering, all in perfect order. Advancing over the plains in units of ten thousand, it was like a vast river of steel.

Heavy cavalry with horses clad in thick armor was at the head of the army, while strong soldiers formed the heavy infantry legions on either side. In the center was the largest quantity of infantry. At least six light cavalry legions moved back and forth outside the army, responsible for screening and scouting, surrounding and protecting the center. They all advanced majestically.

In the rear of the army was an enormous provisions unit. As they say, the troops move where fodder and provisions go. Just the numbers of this logistical army surpassed hive hundred thousand, moving an uninterrupted flow of supplies. This still wasn’t including the logistics troops within the main army. By rough speculation, Tang San understood that this time the Heaven Dou Empire was using its standing army, its rear logistics, as well as prepared conscription, their total sum might reach two million. It was absolutely their full national strength.

At the same time, this was the largest army the Empire could support. Years of saved up strength was undoubtedly manifested as the Empire’s national strength here. In fact, the resources consumed by an army of two million each day reached astronomical figures. To be able to equip such an army, the strength of the Heaven Dou Empire was obvious. Worthy of being a great empire that had towered over the Continent for so many years.

From the circumstances of the Heaven Dou Imperial army, one could also imagine the Star Luo Empire’s side. The Star Luo Empire might not be equal to the Heaven Dou Empire in terms of spirit master numbers, but their army would absolutely be larger than the Heaven Dou Empire’s. The Star Luo Empire was governed under a philosophy of iron and blood, that could be seen in Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing’s experiences. How could the military strength of such a nation be lacking? Even though spirit masters were formidable, spirit masters below the Spirit Sage level were still restricted by physical strength and spirit power. When facing such an army, if the numbers reached a certain proportion, then even spirit masters might not dare charged this steel river. Without a doubt, the Heaven Dou and Star

Luo Empires would use their national strength to pull close the gap in spirit master numbers.

The Douluo Continent hadn’t seen war for many years now, even less experienced a conflict such as one with the Spirit Empire’s spirit master legions. Nobody could tell what the outcome of the battlefield would be, but the Heaven Dou and Star Luo Empires undoubtedly chose the best timing.

Just while Tang San was pondering, suddenly, his mental power reacted. Turning his gaze forward, an illusory figure had appeared in his line of sight in just the blink of an eye, wings slightly trembling, directly targeting Tang San and Xiao Wu’s position, a sharp bird cry instantly rising, charging at the skies.

Seeing this figure as well as his reaction, Tang San couldn’t help smiling wryly: “Does this count as moving a stone only to smash my own foot? Even before our Tang Sect Speed Hall scout disciples can show their worth in battle, they’ve started by catching their sect master.”

Xiao Wu burst into giggles: “This proves how elite the Tang Sect disciples are!”

Besides Speed Hall disciples with the Needle Tailed Swift spirit, what spirit masters could have such speed and react so quickly in the air? That Speed Hall disciple didn’t approach either, only circling Tang San and Xiao Wu at three hundred meters. Spirit master abilities basically couldn’t cover such a distance. He was clearly very confident in his speed, and basically unconcerned with the possibility of Tang San and Xiao Wu chasing him.

In just a few breaths of time, several dozen figures suddenly flew up from the center of the Heaven Dou Imperial Army and headed in this direction. They were all flying type spirit masters. After flying up, they immediately formed a semi circular formation, vaguely surrounding Tang San and Xiao Wu’s position. They not only cooperated cleverly, but even more didn’t make any unnecessary noise, their formation extremely orderly.

That Speed Hall disciple saw that his mission was already complete, and suddenly accelerated, flying into the distance. From start to finish, he hadn’t exchanged any words.

Very soon, Tang San and Xiao Wu were surrounded by those dozens of flying spirit masters. Flashing spirit rings appeared around them, each and every one trembling with excitement. Even the lowest ranked were four ring Spirit Ancestors, and the strongest one already had six rings of strength.

“Tie your hands and wait to be capured.” The several dozen flying spirit masters shouted in chorus, their voices adjusted and uniform. Along with their shouts, their imposing manner also instantly rose, pressing down on Tang San and Xiao Wu.

Xiao Wu giggled: “You’re not even asking who we are before having us captured?”

That sixtieth ranked Spirit Emperor spoke gravely: “Whoever you are, spirit masters spying on our army will all be captured first. Follow us down.” Xiao Wu’s easygoing manner made him a bit restless. Even though they had the numerical advantage, that didn’t matter if they encountered a true power. This Spirit Emperor was already prepared to call for reinforcements. Of course, he still absolutely wouldn’t cower back. With an army of millions as well as six thousand spirit masters behind him, he didn’t believe these two would dare do anything.

Tang San raised his cowl, smiling slightly: “I am the Tang Sect master Tang San, I’ve come to join the army. Please bring me to see Grandmaster or the people of the Tang Sect.”

“You’re the Tang Sect master?” That Spirit Emperor was more than fifty years old. Looking at Tang San his eyes were filled with disbelief, “The Tang Sect disciples number more than two thousand, how would their sect master be as young as you? Even if you’re going to lie, at least make it believable. Less nonsense, first tie your hands and wait to be captured, or don’t blame us for being rude.”

Tang San shook his head and sighed softly, he wasn’t willing to delay here longer. The light in his eyes suddenly became pure, a halo of light even deeper blue than the sky instantly enveloped the surrounding spirit masters. The flying spirit masters only felt their bodies tighten, and immediately lost control of themselves. Let alone using spirit abilities, they weren’t even able to open their mouths to speak.

After easily restraining these spirit masters, Tang San erupted with a long howl, the surging clamor charging straight at the heavens. The deep and resounding sonorous howl travelled far into the distance, spreading out just like the endless army on the ground. This long howl actually spread to each person below, and every corner. The voice also didn’t fade as it passed, but instead grew louder and louder.

That surging clamor was like raging waves lashing the shore, striking the millions of soldiers below.

With a tearing sound, Tang San felt his spirit power abruptly surge, his howl instantly becoming a bit more resounding. He couldn’t help being surprised as he discovered his spirit power that had already been stuck at a bottleneck for some time had broken through, reaching rank ninety three.

Tang San’s spirit power had reached the peak of rank ninety two as early as when he absorbed those fifty thousand year spirit rings, close to rank ninety three, it had just never broken through. But recently he had first challenged the five Clear Sky School elders, erupting with his full strength under enormous pressure, and then while close to overdrawn helped his father connect his eight extraordinary meridians. These two experiences were undoubtedly enormous help in attacking the rank ninety three bottleneck.

Due to his spirit power rising too quickly these last few years, after Tang San left the Seagod Island his cultivation had mainly focused on conservation, as much as possible stabilizing what he had gained, and so didn’t recklessly go attacking the ninety third rank. Now it was unexpectedly this long howl that drew out his spirit power, channels forming where the water flowed, successfully raising his level.

Just at this moment, a few long howls simultaneously echoed from the army, the most resonant of them filled with infinite sharpness that seemed like it would cut Tang San’s howl in half. Charging at the sky, a seemingly piercing enormous blue sword energy rose high in the sky almost instantly, that sword energy seemed to connect heaven and earth, and along with a clear and melodious cry, it shot straight for Tang San.

Tang San laughed out loud. Flicking his wrist, the Seagod Trident’s cover burst like a cloud of butterflies, fluttering away. With a wave of his arm, those spirit masters awed by his mental strength were flung behind him. The long polearm swung out, dark light firmly shocking that enormous blue sword energy.

With a resounding explosion, the Seagod Trident erupted with a dragon cry. The main blade trembled softly, and golden light flowed out like ripples on water, the Seagod Trident unexpectedly automatically turned golden even without Tang San infusing it with Seagod’s Light. Tang San even felt the golden trident in his hand produce longing.

It was blasted by that one hundred eight thousand jin weight, but that tremendous sword energy showed how terrifying it was, even awakening the Seagod Trident’s own competitiveness.

Blue light rose again, but this time it wasn’t an enormous sword shadow, but rather a real figure that soared into the sky along with the blue light. Like a shooting star chasing the moon, it shot straight for Tang San.

Tang San held the Seagod Trident horizontally in one hand towards that azure light. His hand spun the long polearm one turn, and a golden ring of light instantly left it. At the same time, a ray of Seagod’s Light poured from the brand on his forehead into the Seagod’s Heart. Instantly, the golden trident’s golden light flared. Even though that blue light attack was strong, it was still dissolved within that golden ring of light, and the figure flying together with the sword was blocked ten meters away from Tang San.

Tang San guarded his chest with the Seagod Trident, laughing: “Start of leniently senior, or I can’t block.”

That figure was already revealed. Tall, single armed, holding a long sword that was entirely clear blue, as if carved from crystal. Most peculiar was that this sword had nine stars, in succession colored yellow, yellow, purple, purple, black, black, black, black, black.

Even Tang San had no choice but to use the Golden Thirteen Halberds’ Unfixed Storm defense to block this sudden attack. Who was this but the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s elder, with spirit power at a frightening rank ninety seven, with the hailed as number one attack spirit, Sword Douluo Chen Xin? That bizarre sword in his hand was his spirit, the Seven Kill Sword. Having reached rank ninety seven, he already possessed the ability to command his sword to fly, and so could fly into the sky to attack the enemy.

Sword Douluo looked at Tang San and was also shocked. Tang San’s howl just now had shocked the entire army, and especially the spirit masters even more deeply sensed that terrifying pressure. Even an exceptional power like Sword Douluo Chen Xin had also felt his mental strength unexpectedly be completely suppressed. What kind of idea was this? Could the Spirit Empire’s High Priest have come over?

Consequently, Sword Douluo hadn’t hesitated to strike with his full strength. While still on the ground, he had already launched an attack targeting Tang San in the air, for fear that Tang San would launch some large scale attack on the army. In fact, if there really was a rank ninety nine Title Douluo here, their large scale attack would absolutely have devastating consequences. The war still hadn’t started, the Heaven Dou Imperial Army couldn’t take such losses.

But as Chen Xin saw Tang San, the vigilance and pressure he felt instantly disappeared, replaced by extreme shock. He had never expected a person who could easily dissolve two of his all out attacks to actually be Tang San.

Of course, Tang San didn’t have an easy time of dissolving Chen Xing’s attacks, mainly relying on the Seago Trident. The Seagod Trident was a true divine weapon, it possessed a restraining effect on tool spirit forms. A blunt

instrument like the Clear Sky Hammer was a bit better off, but a sharp weapon like this Seven Kill Sword was flatly restrained.

After so many days of testing, Tang San was growing more and more familiar with the uses of the Seagod Trident. ly Tang San had first completely sheltered his and Xiao Wu’s auras behind the Seagod Trident before relying on the one hundred eight thousand jin divine tool to block Sword Douluo’s attack. Even so, Tang San still felt unwell, constantly circulating the Mysterious Heaven Skill to dissolve the Seven Kill Sword’s energy.

As for Sword Douluo’s second attack, even though it was man and sword united, it still met teh Seagod’s divine skill, being dissolved was just common sense.

“Tang San, it’s you.” Sword Douluo’s eyes opened wide, fearing he was hallucinating.

Not long ago, the return of the Shrek Five Devils to Heaven Dou City had already enormously shocked the Heaven Do Empire’s spirit master world. In five years, the originally just sixty something ranked five people had all already broken through the Spirit Douluo level. What kind of idea was this? In fact, the current spirit masters of the Heaven Dou Empire was mainly made up of the Shrek Academy, Four Elements Academy, Tang Sect, Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School as well as the imperial family spirit masters, their total numbers just barely reaching ten thousand. But when accounting for manning every city as well as other necessary arrangements, only six thousand could be summoned to the front lines. And among these, besides the Heaven Dou imperial family’s spirit masters who were fully familiar with the Shrek Seven Devils, the five devils’ return had given them such an enormous shock that they were already hailing them as unsurpassable geniuses of a thousand years.

But, those five people who had shocked the entire Heaven Dou spirit master world were a full level below their front figure Tang San. No matter what Tang San did, if he hadn’t reached the Title Douluo level, how could he block his rank ninety seven strength attack? He, he really already was a Title Douluo? No wonder, no wonder the Shrek Five Devils only smiled

without saying anything when asked about Tang San. This key figure of the Shrek Seven Devils had actually already reached such a level.

At this moment, more than ten spirit masters flew up closely behind Sword Douluo. Tang San looked them over, and instantly smiled. He knew most of these flying spirit masters. There was spirit avatar form Four Eyed Owl Flender and Liu Erlong, using flying mushroom sausages were Dai Mubai, Oscar, Ning Rongrong and Zhu Zhuqing, Ma Hongjun unfolding his phoenix wings. Besides them, the remainder were all at least Spirit Douluo level spirit masters.

“Little San, you came so quickly.” Everyone couldn’t help being overjoyed at seeing Tang San. Dai Mubai laughed: “By that sound, you’ve advanced again?”

Flender laughed: “I took it for an enemy attack, so it was you brats coming. Good, you seven little monsters are assembled again.”

Tang San and Xiao Wu bowed to Flender together. Tang San said sternly:
“This time, we are truly assembled.”

The five devils looked at each other, their gazes in an instant focusing on Xiao Wu. Ning Rongrong covered her mouth, her tears immediately reddening. Zhu Zhuqing said breathlessly: “Third brother, you did it? Xiao Wu is?”

Liu Erlong was already dashing forward like a flame, turning into her human form, a pair of fire dragon wings on her back, flying straight up to Tang San and Xiao Wu.

“Xiao Wu, my daughter, It’s been hard on you.” Pulling Xiao Wu out of Tang San’s arms with one move, she held her in a tight embrace. She and Grandmaster had no children, and after taking Xiao Wu as her adopted daughter, she had regarded her as her own. After she had heard what had happened to Xiao Wu and Tang San, she had suffered extremely. Now seeing Xiao Wu again, how could she not be excited?

The flying spirit masters that had been awed by Tang San’s mental strength were now already released. Seeing so many powers surrounding Tang San’s pair and treating them like family, they understood that this person whose eyes could make them lose the ability to move, was actually on their side.

The Shrek Five Devils gathered up, and Dai Mubai gripped Tang San’s shoulders: “Let’s go, let’s go, we’ll talk down below. This flying mushroom sausage doesn’t last too long. Little San, I really didn’t expect you to succeed to quickly.”

Tang San smiled wryly: “Even though I succeeded, it was still at too high a price. Let’s go, we’ll land first.”

Guided by everyone, Tang San followed them into the army. He then learned that the spirit master troop was at the heart of the army, directly surrounding and protecting the center, guarding the new Heaven Dou Imperial monarch Xue Beng.

Tang San’s arrival immediately caused an enormous sensation. As everyone landed, Tang San’s gaze subconsciously looked for Grandmaster, but never saw a trace of him.

Flender smiled: “Looking for Grandmaster? The times are different, and Grandmaster isn’t the Grandmaster from before. Besides your subordinate Tang Army, this time he’s the commander of all spirit masters. His Majesty conferred him as king Lan Dian[1], chief spirit master of the court, the regimental commander of the Heaven Dou spirit master regiment. In the imperial court, he is ranked second.

Tang San stared blankly, “Ranked second? Then who’s first?”

Flender gave him a meaningful look: “Do you still remember the title the Heaven Dou imperial family gave you before you left?”

Tang San scratched his head: “It was something like tutor to the crown prince?”

Flender said unhappily: “You brat really treats rank as dung. Not just tutor to the crown prince, but king Lan Hao. And the crown prince from then has already become the present regent. As tutor to the crown prince, you have also become the Imperial Tutor. That rank is just above Xiao Gang. Besides you, who else?”

“What? Me?” Tang San looked dumbstruck at Flender, for a moment unable to conceal his shock. He had never expected that, after returning from a five year journey, he had actually become the Heaven Dou Empire’s Imperial Tutor, placed above hundreds of millions of people.

On the other side, Xiao Wu, Ning Rongrong, Zhu Zhuqing and Liu Erlong were already crying in a group. Xiao Wu was just telling everyone about her resurrection.

Dai Mubai, Oscar and Ma Hongjun gathered around Tang San, Oscar grinning: “Little San, this time we’ve also been infected by your glory. Just as we returned, His Majesty conferred us as imperial dukes. Of course, for now it’s the unlanded kind.”

Tang San asked Dai Mubai: “Boss, you too?”

Dai Mubai smiled: “I’ve severed relations with my family, why wouldn’t I accept it? Anyway, I’m not planning on returning to Star Luo. That side is all iron and blood, it’s better being together with you all. Dukedom or not doesn’t matter, as long as we brothers can always be together, what does the rest matter?”

When the army set off, the spirit masters received the best treatment, especially powers like these all rode in special carriages. Right now everyone were down on the ground, chatting while walking, already drowned in a forest of steel. Only, while they spoke, a rest order suddenly passed through the army, and the constantly advancing troops instantly came to a halt.

The troops ahead suddenly parted, and four old men came walking from outside. The moment they lay eyes on Tang San, they instantly fell to one

knee like golden mountains and jade pillars collapsing, speaking loudly:
“Our respects to the sect master.”

“Don’t be so courteous, elders.” Tang San hurriedly went to meet them, and with a wave of his hands, a vast spirit power immediately supported all the four elders. They were no strangers, but the the once clan chiefs of the four single attribute clans, now the four great hall masters of the Tang Sect. Strength Hall master Tai Tan, Speed Hall master Bai He, Defense Hall master Niu Gao, as well as Medicine Hall master Yang Wudi.

Being easily pulled up by Tang San, the four elders couldn’t help showing shocked expressions. Only, in their hearts they felt even more joy. Tang San returning at the crucial moment was undoubtedly most advantageous to the Tang Sect. These four hall masters were already somewhat beyond their means when commanding an army. Especially on this campaign, where the Tang Sect’s full strength had left the nest. Just in case there was an accident, none of them could bear the responsibility.

Before the four elders could start chatting, just at this moment, a loud voice declared, “His Majesty arrives.” Everyone who were just speaking quieted down, and the soldiers parted like a tide. Surrounded by a crowd of powers, wearing golden helmet, golden armor and a crimson battle gown, the Heaven Dou Empire’s newly appointed emperor Xue Beng appeared in front of everyone.

Taking off his helmet, Xue Beng’s first act was unexpectedly to bow to Tang San, speaking respectfully: “Teacher.”

[1] King Lan Dian - (蓝电王) King Blue Lightning. Just like Tang San, in this case “king” is a rank of nobility similar to a prince, not an actual ruler.

Chapter 274

The Heaven Dou Empire’s regent Xue Beng’s appearance instantly drew everyone’s attention. Just while a host of spirit masters were paying him their respects, he suddenly took of his golden helmet and bowed to Tang San, respectfully calling him teacher.

In fact, in this army of millions, Xue Beng as Emperor bowing to Tang San in front of so many people shocked everyone, leaving them dumbstruck. No matter if they were spirit masters who knew Tang San or not, they couldn’t help instantly reevaluating this youth.

Tang San bowed at the same time as Xue Beng paid his respects. He of course wouldn’t bow to Xue Beng, but rather to Grandmaster right next to him. He also addressed him as teacher.

The scene seemed a bit strange. Only those who knew Tang San well understood what was going on.

“Your Majesty, don’t be so courteous.” After Tang San saluted Grandmaster, he turned to the side, more or less accepting Xue Beng’s half bow, simultaneously stepping forward to help him up.

Tang San clearly saw an excited expression in Xue Beng’s eyes.

“Teacher for a day, a father for life. Teacher, this is only appropriate.”
Xue Beng Tightly gripped Tang San’s hand, speaking respectfully.

Tang San smiled slightly: “Your Majesty is now the ruler of a nation, and the commander of these millions of soldiers, you definitely can’t go on like this.”

Xue Beng laughed out loud: “Teacher, I really didn’t expect you to catch up in time. It seems even Heaven is helping my Heaven Dou.”

Tang San said: “I don’t understand leading troops in battle, but Since Tang San has come, I will definitely devote my full strength to help sharing Your Majesty’s burdens.”

Xue Beng nodded to Tang San, then turned his gaze to the surrounding crowds, suddenly loudly declaring: “Heaven Dou Empire’s subordinates hear my command!”

“Long live Your Majesty!” Instantly, a storm of voices rose in answer. Whether spirit masters or soldiers and generals, all fell to one knee. The only ones who didn’t were Tang San and Grandmaster who were entitled not to.

Xue Beng’s eyes shone, projecting a graceful royal presence, “Today, my teacher, Tang Sect Master king Lan Hao, Tang San, has returned. Hereafter, teacher’s orders are like my commands, where teacher goes, like my presence.”

“Yes. Long live Your Majesty, long live king Lan Hao.”

Hearing the shouts of millions of heroes, even someone as steadfast as Tang San couldn’t help but feel his blood boil. His impassioned voice reverberated in the sky, “Heaven—— Dou—— certain—— victory——!”

This rallying cry was filled with incomparably tyrannical mental power, and at the same time Tang San raised the Seagod Trident. Along with the Seagod’s Light pouring into it, a ray of deeply golden light shot up. Even in daytime, every soldier could clearly see that divine pillar of golden light.

“Heaven—— Dou—— certain—— victory——!” Roars resounded in every corner of the army, the voices travelling several doze li before fading.

The army’s vigor instantly rose to an unprecedented level.

Xue Beng stared shocked at that golden trident in Tang San’s hand that gave

“Teacher, thank you.” Xue Beng said sincerely.

Tang San smiled calmly: “It’s not too late for Your Majesty to thank me once I’ve helped Your Majesty sweep the Spirit Empire flat.” Right now he was no longer the Tang San from before. With the backing of formidable strength, Tang San’s words held an intense confidence.

Xue Beng smiled: “Teacher, how about being my vice commander?”

Tang San shook his head: “Your Majesty, I don’t understand army battles. I think I’d better help you block the enemy’s stronger spirit master. I’ll help lead the Tang Army. Once we encounter the Spirit Empire’s spirit master legions, leave it to me and Teacher to confront them. We’ll keep them from interfering with the main battlefield as much as possible.”

“Little San……” Grandmaster frowned, looking at Tang San. The Spirit Empire’s spirit master legions were so powerful that, even if Tang San was the Imperial Tutor, Grandmaster felt that his promise was a bit inappropriate. After all, if he couldn’t achieve what he promised, it would mean major losses to the entire army. That was unpardonable for anyone.

Xue Beng glanced at Grandmaster, then looked at Tang San again, speaking in a low voice: “Teacher, this time I’m personally commanding the army with the mindset that broken jade is better than undamaged brick. When facing Spirit Hall’s spirit master legions, if we can fight then fight, and if we can’t, we still have the army for support.”

Tang San said: “Your Majesty, I calculated the Spirit Empire’s strength on the way here. According to all kinds of indicators in the past, the total sum of the Spirit Empire’s spirit masters should be sixty to seventy thousand. You could say it’s ten times ours. But, they can at most mobilize fifty thousand. After all, the strength of spirit masters below rank thirty is

basically useless on the battlefield, and that’s already stretching it. They will need to leave at least five thousand spirit masters as reserve, and five thousand to guard their most important cities. The spirit masters they can actually throw against us and the Star Luo Imperial Army should number around forty thousand. Your Majesty mobilizing the entire nation like this should be after discussing it well with Star Luo. The Star Luo Empire’s strength isn’t less than ours, and they’re bound to form a pincer attack from the south. So, the Spirit Empire’s spirit master legions should halve again, leaving around twenty thousand to face us. Of course, even so, they have three to four times our numbers in spirit masters, still an overwhelming advantage.”

Listening to Tang San’s analysis, Xue Beng nodded repeatedly, expressing his agreement.

Tang San continued: “At present, Grandmaster should be leading around four thousand of our six thousand spirit masters, plus two thousand three hundred of our Tang Sect. Adding the Tang Army equipped with Tang Sect hidden weapons, I’m confident in at least blocking the frontal attack of Spirit Hall’s twenty thousand spirit masters.”

Grandmaster said: “Little San, I’ve also calculated the difference in strength between both sides. You’re right, if the enemy’s twenty thousand spirit masters are all ordinary spirit masters, we do have the ability to stop them. But don’t forget that Spirit Hall’s powers are numerous, and Bibi Dong is deep and unmeasurable. There’s also one exceptional Douluo with rank ninety nine strength that might appear on the battlefield. You should understand the destructive power of such a heaven defying power in war. Moreover, the Spirit Empire has a total of maybe twenty TItle Douluo. Right now all we have is Poison Douluo, Sword Douluo, Bone Douluo, and even adding in mine, Flender and Erlong’s spirit fusion ability, that’s still only equivalent to four Title Douluo. Facing at least ten Title Douluo, and possibly even exceptional Douluo, if the enemy’s peak level powers enter our spirit master camp, the circumstances will change immediately. At the same time, Spirit Hall has prepared for years. Their

Spirit Douluo and Spirit Sage level powers are at least ten times ours. Did you include those?”

This was a war of life and death. Even though Grandmaster hadn’t seen Tang San for five years and had missed him deeply, no matter how overjoyed he was at seeing him again, he immediately recounted his own thoughts when he heard Tang San’s somewhat cavalier promise.

After Tang San muttered to himself a moment, a very faint blue light enveloped him, Grandmaster as well as Xue Beng, isolating their voices from the outside world. Then he spoke briefly. Grandmaster’s doubtful expression was completely obliterated, and Xue Beng also showed an expression of sudden revelation.

Xue Beng returned to the army, accompanied by a crowd of guards, but Grandmaster still stayed behind. He wasn’t following Xue Beng every moments, and spent even more time here commanding the spirit master army.

Before anyone came over to disturb them, Grandmaster spoke to Tang San in a low voice: “Little San, you’re really sure?”

Tang San said: “As long as Bibi Dong and that exceptional Douluo Qian Daoliu don’t come at me together, I’m certain of blocking twenty thousand Spirit Empire spirit masters. There’s something else I didn’t tell you. I’m just back from the Clear Sky School, and the Clear Sky School as already decided to return to the Continent, naturally they’ll join our Heaven Dou Empire faction. To tell the truth, this time the Empire has set out in force, but the rear is a bit hollow. I had the Speed Hall disciples deliver a letter to the Clear Sky School, telling uncle to leave five Title Douluo and most sect disciples stationed in Heaven Dou City, and then send two Title Douluo to lead a hundred elites to support us. My father might be one of the two. These reinforcements will undoubtedly relieve the gap in Spirit Sage and higher level spirit masters between us and the Spirit Empire. I didn’t mention it to Xue Beng just now to hold back a trump card. Otherwise I wouldn’t say I was so certain.”

Grandmaster said relieved.: “THen it’s good. Only, just what you said just now already raised Xue Beng’s confidence. This battle. Actually, he sent troops against his will, compelled by the circumstances.”

Tang San nodded: “That’s why I must strengthen his confidence. As the ruler of a nation, the commander in chief of the army, if even he doesn’t have confidence in victory, how will we have any chance in battle? Also, I wasn’t exaggerating. Us Shrek Seven Devils really is enough to equal seven Title Douluo.”

This was what Tang San told Grandmaster and Xue Beng before. On the battlefield, the Shrek Seven Devils was enough to equal seven Title Douluo.

Thus, the Heaven Dou Empire side possessed the equivalent of more than ten Title Douluo level powers.

Grandmaster gave a soft sigh: “Little San, you have to remember that I’m more unwilling to see you in any danger than I am hoping to destroy the Spirit Empire. True, with Rongrong’s spirit power reaching rank eighty, she’s become the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s strongest support type spirit master, and arguably also the world’s number one support spirit master. WIth her there, you all really can enter the Title Douluo realm, but, she alone can’t support the six of you for too long. Compared to seven true Title Douluo, there’s still a gap. You have to keep this in mind. The battlefield isn’t a competition, with one mistake there is danger to your life. Your lives are most important.”

“Teacher, I……” Just as Tang San was preparing to tell Grandmaster that he had already become a true Title Douluo, he was interrupted.

“Little freak, you came back! Hahahaha!” With clear and bright laughter, Poison Douluo Dugu Bo crawled out of some unknown corner, coming up to Grandmaster and Tang San, just in time to make Tang San swallow his words.

Dugu Bo still seemed hale and hearty, the five years hadn’t left any marks on him. He also walked up and gave Tang San a huge bearhug, regardless of Grandmaster standing right there.

“Old freak, you’re still as always! A bit softer, a bit softer……” Sensing Dugu Bo’s unconstrained emotions, Tang San couldn’t help feeling a burst of warmth, forcefully returning the hug.

Seeing Dugu Bo come over, the Tang Sect four hall masters as well as the other Shrek Seven Devils also all gathered, asking about Tang San’s experiences over these five years. Dai Mubai and the others who returned first hadn’t said anything about their trip to Seagod Island, only stating that they’d cultivated painstakingly for five years, making their strength increase substantially. Tang San had warned them to do so. After all, it was best not to circulate the mysteries of the Seagod Island too widely.

Surrounded by the crowd, Tang San simply recounted the trip to Seagod Island, but spoke even more about the sea spirit masters and the panicked events on the sea. As for Xiao Wu’s resurrection, he was even less talkative. This related to his and Xiao Wu’s secrets, and even though these people were all trustworthy, Tang San still didn’t talk about it to avoid touching on Xiao Wu’s sadness. Only, he didn’t hide the events of the Clear Sky School, explaining them. At the same time he also comforted the four elders, telling them what he told Tai Nuo.

Tai Tan sighed: “It’s all twenty years in the past. Even if a lot happened to us because of the Clear Sky School, we also gained a lot of benefits from them. Let the past be the past. As long as sect master doesn’t merge us with the Clear Sky School, fighting alongside is nothing.”

Tang San looked at Yang Wudi whose hatred for the Clear Sky School was the deepest. But who knew that Yang Wudi’s gaze was always fixed on Tang San’s Seagod Trident, seemingly not paying attention to what was said about the Clear Sky School.

Bau He laughed: “Sect master, no need to mind the old mountain goat. In the past five years when we’ve all been able to live together, he doesn’t even know how happy he’s been. All the past is already in the past. Even though he feels conflicted about it, the old orangutan is right, as long as we don’t return to the Clear Sky School, let the past lie. Dealing with Spirit Hall is important. We old fellows can clearly tell the difference between trivialities and important stuff.”

Tang San laughed out loud: “Many thanks for all elders’ magnanimity. I haven’t been back for five years. Elder Tai Tan, what are the circumstances of our Tang Sect, and what are the circumstances of the Tang Army? I’ll trouble you to introduce me.”

Before Tai Tan could open his mouth, Yan Wudi interrupted: “Sect master, where is this trident from? How come I feel my heart beat in alarm when looking at it? Even my spirit power becomes unstable. The Soul Breaking Spear even gives me a feeling like it doesn’t want me to release it.”

“That’s quite normal, even my Seven Kill Sword was supressed until it couldn’t breathe by this trident.” Sword Douluo had disappeared just after Tang San reached the army. Now that he had returned, Bone Douluo Gu Rong as well as Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master Ning Fengzhi had returned with him.

Ning Fengzhi clearly looked a bit older, the hair at his temples already grizzled. These past five years clearly hadn’t been easy on him.

“Uncle Ning.” Tang San swiftly stepped forward to bow in greeting. Even if he was already the master of a sect, he would still never forget how Ning Fengzhi helped him back then.

Ning Fengzhi smiled slightly, immediately bowing in return: “Sect master Tang, don’t be like this. Speaking of, the growth speed of you youngsters has shocked me. Only, as you grow up, we will also grow old. The future Douluo Continent is the world of you youngsters.”

Tang San smiled calmly: “Uncle Ning is still in your prime, how could you be old?”

Ning Fengzhi laughed out loud: “Fine, let’s not mention it. Just now I heard uncle Chen Xin say you had a weapon even the Seven Kill Sword couldn’t compare yo, so I also got quite interested. Could you give everyone an introduction?”

The people who could stand in the circle around him were all trustworthy comrades or elders, so Tang San had no intention of hiding it. He stabbed the Seagod Trident into the ground: “Seagod Trident, weighs one hundred eight thousand jin.”

A simple explanation, but it made everyone feel the sky collapse. One hundred eight thousand jin, what kind of idea was that?

Sword Douluo’s eyes revealed a pensive mood, “No wonder, no wonder. Congratulations, sect master Tang. This divine object will certainly be a sharp weapon in the fight against Spirit Hall.”

Ning Fengzhi also nodded to Tang San: “Sect master Tang, after this war is over, I will have to request people from you. Little Ao you can steal, but you still have to return our Rongrong. I will have her replace me.”

“Daddy.” Rongrong cried out, leaping in front of her father, “You’re still in the prime of your life, how come you have to leave your position to me?”

Ning Fengzhi rubbed his daughter’s head, his eyes brimming with pride. Laughing, he said: “Because, only by replacing daddy can our Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School become the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile School! The sect master position belongs to those capable. You’ve already surpassed daddy. Daddy believes that, under your leadership, our Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School will definitely reforge our glory.”

Tang San nodded: “Uncle Ning, that’s only natural. Rongrong has always been of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School.”

Ning Fengzhi said: “The army will resume marching, I have to return. Little San, the key to this war will be your Tang Sect. Uncle believes that you will definitely give the Spirit Empire a huge surprise.”

Ning Fengzhi brought the two Title Douluo away, and the others also returned to their posts. When the army resumed marching, Tang San brought the Shrek Seven Devils after the four Tang Sect hall masters to the Tang Army’s position in the million man army.

The Tang Army was on the left side of Xue Beng’s central army, forming an army by itself. Their equipment was different from the other legions. When Tang San saw the equipment of the common Tang Army soldiers, he also couldn’t help sighing that the Heaven Dou Empire had disregarded all production costs for this special force.

The Tang Army soldiers didn’t wear metal armor, but rather leather. This leather armor wasn’t he light protection guarding just the vital areas of the body, but rather rhinoceros leather armor protecting the whole body. It was even more expensive than full metal armor. Not only was its defense very powerful, it was also very light and didn’t influence movement.

All Tang Army soldiers were young warrior between age twenty and thirty. Each carried a two chi long and one chi wide Godly Zhuge Crossbow on their backs. Tang San saw at a glance that these crossbows were only made from refined iron, and not iron essence. His original doubts were instantly explained. He originally couldn’t understand how the Tang Sect could create ten thousand Godly Zhuge Crossbrows in a short five years. Now it seemed the answer had provided itself. The size and weight increased cost, but lowered the demands on the crossbow materials.

Besides the large crossbows, each Tang Army soldier was also equipped with a four chi long refined iron battle knife, and all over their leather armor hung characteristic leather bags holding at least one hundred twenty crossbow bolts, each six cun or so long. Even though these crossbow bolts weren’t fully made from iron essence either, the arrowheads all were. Through quick calculations, Tang San discovered that the large edition Godly Zhuge Crossbow shouldn’t have lost much in power. It was even more suitable to equipping an army.

Each Tang Army soldier was provided with a large horse with head high. The value of their equipment wouldn’t be less than that of the heavy cavalry, and that was still when disregarding the Godly Zhuge Crossbow. This showed how the Heaven Dou imperial family was filled with expectations for this special force.

The four hall masters came up to Tang San. Tai Tan spoke: “This Tang Army was founded three years ago, when His Majesty Xue Beng ascended

the throne. Made up of elite warriors selected from within the army, after three years of training their combat strength is already quite formidable. Enough to use on the battlefield. Their training was conducted privately in absolute secrecy. Each person carries the Godly Zhuge Crossbow, as well as one hundred sixty crossbow bolts. Besides the forty inside the Godly Zhuge Crossbow, the remaining one hundred twenty is carried on their person. The Godly Zhuge Crossbow they’re currently carrying is my improved design. Sect master should have seen that sacrificing size and weight, we can reduce the manufacturing difficulty and material demands without giving up power. For special use in the army, it’s absolutely no problem.”

Tang San nodded: “Besides these ten thousand, how many people are currently equipped with our Tang Sect hidden weapons?”

Tai Tan said: “Our initial production first went to supplying the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School. Of course, we supplied them with all the best quality hidden weapons, and also full sets. Only for the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s directly related disciples. After that was our own Tang Sect. This time, altogether two thousand three hundred Tang Sect spirit masters have set out, among them the Speed Hall, Medicine Hall and Defense Hall disciples all have two hundred, the remainder are lately joined young spirit masters. The Strength Hall Disciples were left in the sect to continue producing hidden weapons. There’s also five hundred elderly and children left in the sect. Right now the sect altogether consists of around three thousand people. The sect disciples along here are all equipped with full sets of hidden weapons, just like the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School. At the same time there are also three hundred with Godly Zhuge Crossbows with special bolts. They are mainly focused on Armor Breaking Arrows and Thunder Flame Arrows. Their attack power is at least fifty percent higher than ordinary Godly Zhuge Crossbows.”

Tang San said: “What’s the average level of our spirit masters here?”

Tai Tan said: “Around rank forty on average. They are after all mostly youths. But they’re also all trained by Grandmaster, their fighting strength is considerable. As for the disciples of our three halls, they’re a

bit stronger. Among them the Speed Hall disciples are equipped with the most hidden weapons.”

Listening to Tai Tan’s simple introduction, Tang San had a rough understanding of the Tang Army’s circumstances. At this time, the army resumed marching again, and the Tang Army soldiers mounted one after another. They moved orderly and nimbly, and even though there was no killing intent, that spear sharp aura showed in every action.

In these five years, the Tang Sect had grown swiftly. Not only in terms of number, with the direct backing of the Heaven Dou Imperial Family, they had summoned large numbers of blacksmiths to assist the Tang Sect in producing hidden weapons. Of course, the crucial components were still manufactured by the Tang Sect disciples themselves, while some components were distributed for these outside blacksmiths to make, substantially speeding up the entire manufacturing process. Otherwise there would have been no way to equip an army like this.

All the resources were fully supplied by the Heaven Dou imperial family, without costing the Tang Sect a penny. Moreover, they had been allocated funds before even producing anything. After these five years, the Tang Sect’s accumulated wealth was already quite something, even comparable to the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School of the past. Only, before the return of the Shrek Seven Devils, the full spirit master strength of the Tang Sect was still insufficient, especially in terms of powers. Otherwise, the Tang Sect’s overall strength wouldn’t be inferior to the three upper sects back then.

Although Tang San also knew that the Heaven Dou Empire gave their full support in order to deal with Spirit Hall, he still couldn’t help but admire Xu Beng and the late emperor Xue Ye.

The army marched on, stopping every couple of hours for a brief rest. In one day, the millions of heroes covered a full two hundred li. At such a pace, they would reach the common border of the Heaven Dou Empire and Spirit Empire in five or six days.

At nightfall, the army made camp. While camped, the army was arranged differently from when on the move. In the military camp, the infantry was on the outside, with cavalry inside and the imperial guard in the center. Supply wagons and provisions was also in the center of the army. An unending stream of supply wagons was constantly passing through, and the entire camp was bustling.

After a full day of march, they could finally rest. Cooking details lit fires for food, while ordinary soldiers raised tents to rest.

The Tang Army didn’t need to make their own camp, a specialized supply force came up to make it for them. Their position was also at the center of the million man army, close to the big tent guarded by the imperial guard.

When camp was just made, a messenger came down from the big tent in the center of the army. “His Majesty invites his highness king Lan Hao to discuss business in the central army.”

“Fine, I’ll go right away.”

This was still the first time Tang San participated in a military conference. He didn’t bring anyone, alone following the messenger into the army center.

The big tent in the middle of the army wasn’t lavish, the boiled cowhide tent looked thick and solid, surrounded by a steel forest of weapons, protected by the imperial guard. After following the messenger inside, Tang San discovered that there were actually more than a hundred people already inside.

Xue Beng sat in the elevated main seat, the position on his left empty, Grandmaster sitting to his right. were more than ten grave looking generals seated. The others all stood below.

Seeing Tang San arrive, Xue Beng stood hurriedly, personally going to meet him. The crowd of generals all looked somewhat curiously at this young Imperial Tutor. Especially when they saw Tang San bringing a

trident inside. Xue Beng showed no offense, and he couldn’t help secretly praise him.

“Teacher, you came. Please sit.” Xue Beng pulled Tang San inside, having him take the seat to his left. In fact, Tang San’s current position was below only his, above countless others.

Tang San lowered his voice: “Your Majesty, I don’t understand military affairs. Don’t mind me, official business is urgent.”

Xue Beng nodded, gallantly returning to the main seat. His gaze swept the crowd below, and the large tent instantly grew quiet, the hundred or more military officials deferential.

“Our army has ten thousand men to a legion, you are all legion commanders. At present Our army is already less than five days travel from the Spirit Empire. The war is imminent. Gathering all generals here today is in order to concretize the battle plan. We don’t need to mention the importance of this battle to the Empire. We hope all generals can work with one heart. After we have won this battle and returned, We will provide rewards according to achievements, conferring titles accordingly.”

“Your Majesty, long live, long live, long long live.”

“Reporting to Your Majesty. At present everything is normal in the army. Advance scouts report that the Spirit Empire has already responded, gathering their army before Jialing Pass[1].” A fifty year old general to Tang San’s right stood and gave a report. While speaking, his gae swept Tang San, his expression somewhat apathetic. Clearly he wasn’t particularly concerned with this youngster who could sit above him.

Xue Beng said to Tang San: “This is the Empire’s pillar, marshal Ge Long[2], titled the Nine Lives Divine Dragon. He is also number one in the empire, chief commander of the three armies[3].”

Listening to Xue Beng’s introduction, Tang San understood. No wonder this old commander wasn’t too taken with him, he was the number one

person in the Heaven Dou Empire military. Even if he wasn’t above him and Grandmaster in noble ranking, in terms of actual authority he might be second only to Xue Beng. From Xue Beng’s expression as he looked at him, it was clear that this new emperor relied heavily on this marshal Ge Long. It was also no wonder this marshal was dissatisfied with having to sit below him. Judging by his presence, he should be a Spirit Douluo level power.

Ge Long wore Heaven Dou silver armor, embracing a three tined helmet. A spirit master was in the prime of his life in his fifties, and to have reached the Spirit Douluo level at such an age was quite remarkable. After all, how many geniuses like Tang San and the others could there be?

“Your Majesty, according to our analysis as well as estimations regarding those traitors, even if the Spirit Empire gathers the ten kingdoms and duchies, they can at most field six hundred thousand soldiers. This should be their limit in wartime. And with our army and the Star Luo Imperial Army attacking from north and south, they can only send around three hundred thousand troops against us, not even a third of our numbers. The terrain before Jialing Pass is flat, and even though the Spirit Empire seized the field ahead of time, they absolutely can’t stand up to us in battle. They will definitely retreat to Jialing Pass, defending from a natural stronghold. As long as they summon their spirit master legions, even with a million heroes, breaking through their defenses will be difficult beyond difficult.”

“Jialing Pass is in the center of the Heaven Spirit mountain range, a key military point. One man can hold off ten thousand there. If we want to make any contributions in this war, we must break through the pass.”

Xue Beng pondered: “If we were to detour around the Heaven Spirit mountains and come at them from another direction?”

Ge Long frowned: “I have also considered this option, but the feasibility is very low. First disregarding how many more days the army would have to march, in order to have a chance to go around, we would have to enter the hinterlands of the Spirit Empire. The terrain there consists mainly of hills, valleys and basins. It’s extremely unfavorable for our army. It’s on the contrary even more dangerous. Moreover, there’s

also the chance for enemy troops to block our escape route. Behind Jialing Pass is a long narrow plain, leading deep into the territory of the Balack Kingdom, directly to the root of the problem. Consequently, this subject believes that breaking Jialing Pass is imperative. Only by attacking from there can we achieve the greatest benefits, entering to attack or guarding our retreat, as necessary.”

[1] Jialing Pass - (嘉陵关) “Auspicious Mountain Pass”
[2] Ge Long - (⼽⻰) “Spear Dragon”
[3] Three armies - Left, Right, and Center

Chapter 275

Listening to Ge Long, the Heaven Dou Empire generals nodded one after another, agreeing with his comments.

A seventy year old general on the right side got up: “What marshal Ge Long says is correct, there are flat plains before and behind Jialing Pass. If we can force our way in, we will certainly be able to show the full might of our army. Even if we can’t attack, the plain behind is suitable for our retreat. At the same time, on the plains are our Empire’s three main cities watching out for each other. When retreating or defending, we won’t be pushed a thousand li in one go.”

Xue Beng nodded: “Since that’s the case, we’ll proceed according to the plan. Only, since we can think of attacking Jialing Pass, the Spirit Empire will naturally also anticipate it. Jialing Pass has steep terrain, and is built using the mountains. The wall are a hundred meters high and a hundred meters thick. It will be very difficult for us to break through when facing the Spirit Empire’s army.”

Marshal Ge Long said: “Your Majesty, we want to fight a war of attrition with the Spirit Empire. At present, even though the Spirit Empire looks like an iron wall, they founded the nation not long ago, and every kingdom and duchy has their own selfish motives. A war of attrition will admittedly cause us some losses, but their losses will belong to the armies of the kingdoms and duchies. It will be difficult for them to avoid being harmed unevenly. After the losses have reached a certain degree, the Spirit Empire’s morale will be in disorder. What we will do is to control

the loss ration between our army and the enemy as far as possible. Our Heaven Dou Empire is vast, with millions of heroic soldiers, our logistics are replenished in a steady supply. Further adding in Star Luo Empire’s response, the circumstances will only be more and more advantageous for us the longer such a war continues. Only, this is still based on our spirit masters being able to hold off the Spirit Hall spirit master legions. State Preceptor, give us your opinion. Roughly to what degree can you resist the Spirit Empire spirit masters?”

The State Preceptor Ge Long mentioned was naturally Grandmaster.

Grandmaster said: “King Lan Hao has already promised His Majesty to assist our spirit master regiment with the Tang Army, blocking the Spirit Empire spirit master legions, reducing the harm to the army as much as possible.”

“Oh? In other words, your highness king Lan Hao is very confident?”
Marshal Ge Long’s gaze turned to Tang San.

Tang San couldn’t help secretly nod during this marshal’s explanation just now. He had no attainments in military affairs himself, and therefore he only listened respectfully. Now that this marshal asked him, he smiled calmly: “The battlefield is home to myriad changes, I can’t say to what degree we can block the Spirit Empire spirit masters either. But just as Teacher said, we will give our all to reduce the damage to the main force. Only, I still have some questions right now. Perhaps marshal has already thought of a way to deal with them, but I still want to remind you.”

“What questions?” Ge Long’s eyes held some disdain. To his eyes, Tang San really was too young. Even though he also knew that Tang San had once taken the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament championship, defeating Spirit Hall’s Golden Generation, it seemed to him that Tang San was still just a talented young spirit master. To be able to sit in his curre

Tang San said: “I don’t understand warfare, that will naturally all be executed according to grand marshall's arrangements. But conflicts where spirit masters participate will be very different from ordinary wars.

Spirit masters have formidable personal capabilities. They might not be able to clash with your steel heroes, but they can very easily have extraordinary effects on the battlefield. For instance, if I was the Spirit Empire’s Bibi Dong, I would definitely send a spirit master squadron to circle behind our army. Grand marshal is right, we absolutely won’t fear the Spirit Empire in a war of attrition. Our army is as one, with the entire nation behind us. But, millions of men also consume equally enormous resources. When we are fighting a war of attrition with the Spirit Empire before Jialing Pass, if Bibi Dong sends spirit masters to our rear and constantly raids our supply army, influencing our provisions. In time, perhaps……”

The methods Tang San thought of were completely from a spirit master’s point of view. At his words, not only did marshal Ge Long’s expression change, Xue Beng’s face also instantly grew very unsightly.

“I’ve dispatched four light cavalry legions specially to guard our supply. Even if spirit masters are powerful, they still wouldn’t dare clash with our army. After all, it’s impossible for the Spirit Empire to send large numbers of spirit masters to sneak around our rear.” Marshal Ge Long spoke while frowning. Even though he had also thought of what Tang San had, and had made some preparations, for some reason, after hearing Tang San’s warning he clearly felt a bit restless.

Tang San said: “A spirit master’s speed and individual strength isn’t something ordinary soldiers can compare to. Indeed, it’s naturally impossible for the Spirit Empire’s spirit masters to confront our army head on, but they can divide and conquer. I believe that just one fire attributed spirit master with strength at a certain level, can cause enormous damage to our supply. I would ask grand marshal to please pay more attention to this. With formidable spirit masters playing tricks, if Bibi Dong just uses their harassment and remains holed up in Jialing Pass, then sorties once our supply is broken, at that time it might be difficult for us to even retreat.”

Ge Long was also a spirit master, and his cultivation wasn’t low either. Even if he was a bit disdainful to Tang San, he still conscientiously pondered what he heard. The more he thought, the uglier his expression

became. Indeed, if Bibi Dong really sent large numbers of spirit masters mainly to harass, then this seemingly formidable Heaven Dou Imperial Army of millions would very possibly reveal large flaws. Just in case their supply really was cut, then the army might really collapse on itself within a few days.

“Your Highness, if I were to dispatch another portion of the army to station the towns along our supply line, and then escorting it by relay, what would you think?” Marshal Ge Long asked Tang San. After listening to Tang San’s recommendation, his contempt decreased a bit.

Tang San praised: “This is a good method. But as I said, if the troops encounter formidable spirit masters, it might still be very difficult to handle. How about letting me help marshal deal with this problem together. Only with stability in the rear and adequate supplies will we have full confidence to battle the Spirit Empire.”

“Teacher, what would you do?” Xue Beng looked at Tang San, his expression doubtful.

Tang San said: “The Speed Hall disciples of my Tang Sect are the best scouts. I need to bring a hundred to scout from the sky every day, then lead a powerful quick response spirit master force. Immediately ambushing and killing any Spirit Empire spirit masters we find, ensuring safety for the logistics. Like this, by cooperating with marshal Ge Long’s grain guarding troops, we should be able to guarantee the security of our provisions as far as possible.”

Listening to Tang San, the Grandmaster nodded repeatedly, “This is a good plan. The supply really is too important for our millions of heroic soldiers, no mistakes can be tolerated. With king Lan Hao assisting marshal Ge Long, once the front line is stabilized and the supply line established, there’s nothing to fear in a war of attrition.”

Marshal Ge Long said: “Then we will trouble king Lan Hao. I will dispatch the logistics forces as soon as possible, building strongholds along the way, garrisoning them with troops. Once this supply line is established, the Spirit Empire won’t have any chance to raid it.”

, another series of tactical discussions were held in the big tent. Xue Beng was extremely conscientious about the logistics problem Tang San raised, and separated another six legions to guard the supply. Plus the four previous light cavalry legions, that made it a hundred thousand soldiers along the supply line, ensuring unobstructed logistics.

Returning to his own camp, after Tang San discussed with everyone, he had already selected the candidates for this rear guard. Very simple, it was just them Shrek Seven Devils along with a hundred Speed Hall disciples.

Only the Shrek Seven Devils could respond the fastest. They were also strong enough to deal with an Spirit Empire spirit master incursion, and could even split into two teams. One hundred Speed Hall disciples were like a hundred eyes for them, enough to scout and report all kinds of situations ahead of time.

That Tang San appointed himself for this supply guard mission, besides confidence, was also because he didn’t want to stay in the army. Of the Shrek Seven Devils, only Dai Mubai had studied military affairs. Them following the army would not only slow them down, but would also leave them idle. Instead it was better to make an effort for the army, wiping out enemies and guarding the supply. This way they could also move freely. After all, they were accustomed to freedom.

The next morning, the Shrek Seven Devils left camp. They didn’t need horses, and left directly through the rear.

Looking at the million man army disappearing in the distance, Ma Hongjun released a long breath, looking at Tang San: “Third brother, you really understand us! Being with the army like this really is uncomfortable. Absolutely boring. Every day it’s travelling, can’t even cultivate properly, with nothing to do. It bothers one to death. Xiangxiang is still better off, she can fly high in the sky every day, looking around everywhere. Living on Seagod Island and nervously cultivating or being in dangerous trials, returning to Heaven Dou and being this bored, really can’t get used to it!”

Naturally Ma Hongjun wasn’t alone in feeling this. Listening to his complaints, the others nodded one after another.

Xiao Wu burst into giggles: “It sounds like our lives really are exhausting.”

Seeing Xiao Wu’s dimples, Tang San couldn’t help but feel in a much better mood, grinning and looking evilly at Fatty: “I don’t mind giving you another Nine Tang Sect Trials. If you pass, I’ll hand over my sect leader position as well as that king Lan Hao title for you. How about it, Fatty?”

Ma Hongjun snapped: “Third brother, don’t try to tempt me. Authority to me is as fleeting as the clouds. I absolutely won’t be tricked. You just want to shirk your duties and dump it all on me.”

Oscar said: “Speaking of, little San, how is your Eighth Seagod Trial going? Of us brothers, only you and Xiao Wu still haven’t completed your trials. Later on we also have to return to Seagod Island with you, so when are you ready to go?”

Tang Sa said: “The Eighth Seagod Trial is already half finished, right now I just lack a few spirit rings and one last spirit bone. If I wanted to finish, making a trip to Star Dou Great Forest should be more or less enough. Only, with the war about to begin, we can’t leave before the situation has stabilized. We’re still needed here. We’ll talk about it later.”

Dai Mubai said: “Little San, that you could resurrect Xiao Wu means your strength should have already reached the Title Douluo level, right? Yesterday there were a lot of people and you talked vaguely, what’s the story?”

Tang San sighed, pulling close the instantly paling Xiao Wu, “It was Da Ming and Er Ming, you still remember those two great divine beasts? They were Xiao Wu’s comrades. When me and Xiao Wu arrived in Star Dou Great Forest, it was just in time to meet Bibi Dong leading people to hunt them. They were seriously injured, already beyond saving. In the end, they chose sacrifice, raising my spirit power above rank ninety. Their last wish before death was for Xiao Wu to resurrect.”

In front of their comrades, there was no need to hide anything, telling them in detail about his and Xiao Wu’s experiences in the Star Dou Great Forest. Especially telling them about the two spirits Bibi Dong showed at the time, as well as her formidable strength.

“If I’m not mistaken, at that time Bibi Dong seemed a bit apprehensive. There should be a problem with her body, and that’s why she could attack me with her full strength. Otherwise, even if I could escape, it might not have been so easily.”

Ning Rongrong said: “Third brother, then that means that the strongest in Spirit Hall shouldn’t be that super expert Qian Daoliu, but rather twin spirit super Douluo Bibi Dong? If she comes to the battlefield, what should we do? Her poison domain will definitely be a fatal strike to the Heaven Dou Army.”

Tang San said: “Even if I still can’t defeat Bibi Dong, if she appears on the battlefield, I’m confident I can restrain her abilities. I won’t let her enter the battle. On the contrary, if the battle begins, you will very possible face Title Douluo level opponents. The battlefield isn’t like when we took the trials on Seagod Island. It’s a place for true killing. Everyone move together at that time. Teacher said to pay most attention to our safety. Oh, right, while killing Ghost Douluo and hunting spirit beasts, I got altogether three spirit bones. One of them suits Xiao Wu, and she’s already absorbed it. The other two are just right for you to absorb, they’re good for raising strength.”

While speaking, Tang San pulled out two spirit bones from the Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges.

When the spirit bones appeared, the spirit power fluctuations in the air instantly grew violent within a range of a hundred meters. With the Shrek Seven Devils’ strength, they naturally wouldn’t fear someone being greedy. Consequently Tang San didn’t hide them.

The two spirit bones that appeared in his hand were each one black right leg bone, as well as one white right arm bone.

Tang San handed the black right leg bone to Zhu Zhuqing: “I got this after killing a Spirit Douluo. This spirit bone definitely suits agility type spirit masters, you check the concrete effects on your own. The Spirit Douluo’s demonic abilities were similar to your Hellish ones. Consequently, it suits you the most.”

At the same time, Tang San handed that white spirit bone to Dai Mubai, “Boss, I got this after killing a sixty or seventy thousand year level White Eyed Devil Tiger King. That fellow was also an overlord in the Sunset Forest. It’s similar to your spirit, and suits you the most. You absorb them now.”

There was no need to stand on ceremony between the Shrek Seven Devils. Zhu Zhuqing and Dai Mubai didn’t say anything else either, immediately starting to absorb the spirit bones.

By Tang San’s calculations, spirit bones of this level should be very beneficial to the two. Besides newly obtained abilities and strengthened physique, it should also help their spirit power rise another step, should be close to one rank.

Sure enough, after four hours, as Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing finished absorbing the spirit bones, their spirit power had risen to the eighty fourth and eighty second ranks.

They didn’t start moving again. Just waiting in place for information from the Speed Hall disciples scouting from the sky. Their current position was on the single route of the supply line, and moreover just at the contact point between the front line and the Heaven Dou Empire. If the Spirit Empire sent troops to cut off their supply, they wouldn’t go too far into the Heaven Dou Empire. After all, that required passing a few cities. Therefore, waiting here was the best method.

Three days quickly passed by. One hundred Speed Hall disciples formed a large web in the sky. Unfortunately, even though there was no need to doubt their scouting abilities, for three days everything had been safe and sound, without any situations.

“Third brother, you wouldn’t have miscalculated? The Spirit Empire might be overconfident, and doesn’t plan on attacking the supply line?” Ning Rongrong asked Tang San who stood under a tree, having just awakened from cultivation.

Tang San smiled slightly, looking at Xiao Wu cultivating right next to him: “If you were Bibi Dong, and had the chance to make the enemy retreat on its own without fighting, and even retreat a thousand li in one, would you let it slip by? Jialing Pass isn’t easy to attack, even a million man army can’t break through quickly. As long as it was a commander with the slightest bit of brains, they would have the thought of destroying the supply line. And Bibi Dong is no idiot. Moreover, the largest advantage the Spirit Empire has is elite spirit masters. Would she give up on such a good opportunity? If the Heaven Dou Empire’s commanders can realize that the Spirit Empire can’t stand up to long exhaustion before easily having internal changes, then Bibi Dong’s side can definitely also think of it. Overestimating the enemy is always better than underestimating them. I predict that Bibi Dong will not only think of the supply line, but will also send true experts. The longer she takes to move, the larger the operation will be. She’s waiting for our army to reach the front line, by then disengaging will be even more difficult.”

“Our army will reach the front within the next two days. Bibi Dong might send her people as the army makes camp. Her current army is improvised, not as well prepared as the two great empires. They won’t easily cross swords in the short term. Moving in the rear is only normal. Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten how Spirit Hall attacked your Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School and the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan back then? Ambushing from behind has always been their style.”

Listening to Tang San’s explanation, Dai Mubai not distantly pulling Zhu Zhuqing in close and looking at the sky, said: “Little San, it really is a waste you didn’t study military affairs.”

Tang San said: “Boss, this doesn’t count as strategy, I can just explain what I understand of Spirit Hall. Spirit Hall may have founded a country, but they were still Spirit Hall for so many years. For military operations,

they absolutely won’t clash head on where they can use tricks or ambush. The Spirit Empire’s standing army can’t endure large scale exhaustion.”

Oscar said: “I estimate that Spirit Hall won’t send too many people this time. Because low level spirit masters aren’t good for guerilla warfare. They wouldn’t manage to continuously raid our supply line. Consequently, Spirit Empire will definitely only send experts at the supplies, leaving their common spirit masters at Jialing Pass to face the army. They haven’t come yet, but as long as they dare, we’ll smash them head on.”

Just while they were talking, a white figure dropped from the sky, landing noiselessly. It was no stranger, but the captain of this Speed Hall scout force, Bai Chenxiang.

Bai Chenxiang left with the Shrek Seven Devils, and after returning her strength and experience had drastically increased. Bai He was vaguely already treating this granddaughter of his as his future successor. Of those participating in the army operations this time, she had the best relationship with the Seven Devils, and was naturally also put in charge of the scout squadron.

“Third brother, there’s a situation.” Bai Chenxiang immediately told Tang San once she had her feet on the ground.

“Eh? Tell us.” Tang San’s eyes brightened.

Bai Chenxiang said: “Our Speed Hall disciples spotted at least ten flying agility type spirit masters in the sky, scouting all over. They should be Spirit Hall’s scouts, will we intercept them?”

Tang San muttered to himself: “Did they discover you?”

Bai Chenxiang said: “Probably. There are eagly type spirit wielders among them, they have powerful vision. Even if they can’t catch up to us, spotting us in the sky where there is nothing to hide behind isn’t difficult. Only, even if we were discovered, it would at most be a few of our disciples.”

Tang San’s expression changed slightly: “Tell the Speed Hall disciples to expand the search area a bit further. As long as you haven’t discovered spirit masters on the ground, let the spirit masters in the air search as they will. Hide as best you can, don’t be discovered. Also don’t get into a fight with them. Don’t let Bibi Dong see clearly, or how would she be willing to let experts come? The hundred thousand man army guarding the supply isn’t that easily moved either.”

“Yes.” Bai Chenxiang quickly agreed and turned to leave, but was caught by Ma Hongjun.

“Xiangxiang, I’ll go with you. You see all of them in pairs, do you have the heart to leave me here alone?”

Bai Chenxiang snapped: “Your flame is too distinct, no way to hide it in the sky. And you’re the Martial Hall master, don’t go flirting in a time of war readiness. If you bother me again, I’ll complain to third brother.”

Ma Hongjun could only helplessly let go. The two were now also in a lover’s phase, and seeing his valiant and sweetly built girlfriend, he really was a bit reluctant to part.

Bai Chenxiang burst into giggles, suddenly coming close and kissing his face, “Idiot. Cultivate properly. I’ll return to report any changes.” Finished speaking, she once again flew into the sky, disappearing into the dark blue in the blink of an eye.

Ma Hongjun rubbed the spot on his face where he was kissed, feeling a wave of warmth. The longer he was together with Bai Chenxiang, the deeper in love he became.

“Hey, Fatty. What are you smiling so stupidly at?”

Ma Hongjun looked distracted, “I’m, I’m smiling?”

Seeing his expression, everyone couldn’t keep from laughing. Dai Mubai even feigned a rueful sigh, “It’s love sickness.”

Another three days quickly passed. According to the Heaven Dou Imperial Army’s marching speed, they should now already have completely arrived at Jialing Pass. Tang San ordered the Speed Hall disciples to reinforce the search range, and at the same time also informed the army guarding the supply to be ready for enemy attacks at all times.

Another two days went by, and just as Tang San thought he might be mistaken, good news finally came from the Speed Hall scouts.

“Unknown spirit masters spotted to the west, numbering fifty, moving quickly, circling around to the rear of our supply army. Sect master please give instructions.”

The Speed Hall disciple’s report shook the Shrek Seven Devils awake. Tang San pondered: “Fatty, you come with me and Xiao Wu. Boss, you keep waiting here for news. Since the Spirit Empire is starting to move, they won’t send just one force. Move if there are more discoveries. After we’ve ambushed the Spirit Empire’s people, we’ll return converge here. Speed Hall disciple, lead the way.”

“Yes.” The Speed Hall disciple flew up. Tang San and Xiao Wu hand in hand, Ma Hongjun releasing his phoenix wings, the three soared up, and flew west after the Speed Hall disciple’s lead.

In the air, Tang San immediately saw the main army’s supply line, stretching far away. In order to deliver the supplies consumed every day by an army of millions, the provision had to be transported constantly. At the same time he also saw those strongholds. At intervals of ten li were built rock strongholds. They were manned by troops, and even provided with siege crossbows, weapons that even spirit masters feared. If these mutually protective strongholds were finished, then the supply line would be truly safe. At that time they just needed to send out a certain amount of scouts, and if there was an enemy attack, the supply army could immediately hide in the rock strongholds. Unless the enemy came with enough force to break the strongholds, they would return empty handed. Moreover, even if they did bring that force, could you break ten, or a hundred? It would just mean some small losses.

What Tang San and the Shrek Seven Devils had to do was ensure the safety of the supply army until these strongholds were finished.

The scenery flitted past below, and in a short while the trio had already flown close to fifty li. The Speed Hall disciple halted, spreading his wings and flying up next to Tang San, “Reporting to sect master, they were moving in just this direction. Judging by their previous speed, they should be about twenty li from here. We can’t fly any further or we’ll be discovered by the enemy. According to my observations, even though the enemy force only number fifty, their strength should be at least rank sixty. Since I couldn’t get too close, their concrete levels is unclear. Sect master please be careful.”

The Speed Clan’s people were worthy of being the ideal scout spirit masters. Reporting quickly and efficiently, even including his own estimations, he saved Tang San a lot of trouble.

“Fine, you keep scouting. Fatty, let’s get down.”

The three landed quietly. Fatty withdrew his phoenix wings and followed next to Tang San.

Tang San simply looked over the surrounding terrain: “Forest on our left, hills on the right. Since the enemy is already moving, there’s no telling how many spirit masters they’ve sent. We have to save time. We’ll move up to ambush them. Fatty, don’t get more than twenty meters away from me.”

While speaking, Tang San rubbed the Seagod brand on his forehead. A light blue circle spread out, enveloping all three of them. Instantly, all traces of them on the ground disappeared. What could be more suitable for ambushing than the Vast Sea Barrier?

At the same time as he released the Vast Sea Barrier, Tang San also released his mental force in a semicircular fan shape in the direction the Speed Hall disciple pointed out. This kind of unrestrained mental strength sweep was established with his boundless level mental strength. The Spirit

Empire’s raiding party wouldn’t have powers on the level of Bibi Dong or Qian Douliu, and couldn’t possibly discover them.

Tang San very quickly found their target. Leading Ma Hongjun and Xiao Wu, he quietly went to meet them.

Fifty black dressed spirit masters quietly advanced through the complex pathless terrain. Even though there was fifty of them, they made no unnecessary sounds, and nobody spoke as they moved.

Moving furthest ahead was an elegant and young looking man, but with a somewhat gloomy expression. This was one of the Spirit Empire’s elders, Chrysanthemum Douluo Yue Guan.

These days Yue Guan was always in a very bad mood. Ever since Ghost Douluo’s death, his position in the Spirit Empire had fallen substantially, and the other originally courteous elders were now cold and detached. Spirit Hall was always a very pragmatic organization. If you had the strength, you would be respected by all. In terms of individual strength, Yue Guan wasn’t very high among all the elders, even a bit lower than Ghost Douluo. The reason he was respected and high on the Elder Hall rankings, was because he and Ghost Douluo had the spirit fusion ability. Now Ghost Douluo had passed, and he remained alone. Even if he was still a Title Douluo, among the elders he had still dropped a long way. Especially since he had offended Bibi Dong in the Star Dou Great Forest. As a result, this time he was sent to lead a team of spirit masters to destroy the Heaven Dou Empire’s supply line, a mission that should have originally belonged to a Spirit Douluo.

Of course, with Yue Guan’s status as Title Douluo, the spirit masters he led were all Spirit Emperor level. The other teams were all Spirit Douluo leading Spirit Sages.

The Spirit Empire had a deep store of spirit masters. Bibi Dong valued this operation extremely highly, and had sent altogether five hundred formidable spirit masters split in ten teams to quietly circumvent the Heaven Dou Imperial Army and reach the rear. Tang San’s judgement was completely correct. Bibi Dong would not only harass the Heaven Dou Empire’s rear supply, but even block it as far as possible.

While moving forward, Yue Guan couldn’t keep that person’s figure from appearing in his mind. Even if a long time passed, he would still never forget the image of Ghost Douluo’s chest pierced by that golden trident.

Her Majesty said that person was Tang San, but Yue Guan wasn’t particularly convinced. How old was Tang San? Just a kid in his twenties. How could he possibly have the strength to instantly kill Ghost Douluo? Just where was that person? If he was someone from the Heaven Dou Empire, then he would definitely be with the army this time. Oh old ghost, I wonder if I’ll have the chance to avenge you.

“Everyone pay attention, speed up. We are still roughly sixty li from the target. Don’t get tangled up with the army when the time comes, focus on torching the supplies. In another ten li, check the fire oil you’re carrying. Remember, follow my orders when the battle starts, don’t get caught up in fighting.”

Yue Guan commanded coldly.

“Yes.” Forty nine voices answered in chorus, manifesting the quality of these SPirit Empire elites.

Right now they were already in a stretch of forest. From the maps Ye Guan knew that the forest didn’t stretch very far, before it turned into hills. Then they could see the Heaven Dou Army supply line.

Suddenly, Yue Guan had a bad feeling. Before he could investigate, everything in the surroundings instantly turned into a blue sea, layers and layers of tree shadows almost instantly isolating him in a world of his own. Besides the jagged blue tree shadows, he couldn’t even see any of his subordinates.

“Enemy—— attack——!” Yue Guan shouted almost madly.

Chapter 276

Dark red ripples made the air freeze, adding a faint red luster to everything within this blue world. All the surroundings turned sparkling and translucent, as brilliant as chunks of crystal.

Yue Guan was worthy of being a Title Douluo level power. Even if his talent wasn’t completely outstanding, he had already been a Title Douluo for years. The Odd Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum Spirit was released almost instantly, nine spirit rings together releasing enormous spirit power fluctuations. As the seventh spirit ring flashed, that Odd Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum suddenly grew larger, coiling around him and issuing a series of resounding cracks.

Yue Guan knew this was a moment of life or death. His perception rose to the limit, and he leapt up without any hesitation, rushing ten meters into the air protected by the Odd Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum spirit avatar.

The same moment he had just leapt up, a dark ray of light swept past beneath his feet, disappearing in a flash.

“Annihilate.” An ice cold voice echoed in the forest. All the blue color subsequently disappeared without a trace, and when the scene in front of Yue Guang became clear again, he saw the forty nine spirit masters he had brought frozen in the air in a multitude of strange poses. Each one was covered by that translucent faintly red crystal.

This scene was so familiar. Even though Yue Guan held infinite hatred for that person, in this moment all his hatred turned into fear. He shivered, basically not even considering saving his subordinates, he stepped on the Odd Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum and turned into a ray of golden light, instantly escaping into the distance.

Shattering noises as sharp and clear as a musical composition reverberated. At the same time as Yue Guan escaped, that faintly red crystal was turned to dust by some strange force, drifting through the air, not even leaving corpses behind.

Forty nine Spirit Hall elite Spirit Emperors really were very powerful. They could even easily destroy a thousand man army. But unfortunately, what they encountered was the hundred thousand year spirit ability they had only heard legends of.

Thousand Hand Asura Tang San’s eighth spirit ability, from the spirit ring of the hundred thousand year Evil Spirit Orca King. The Blue Silver Orca Devil Mirror’s Annihilation.

Hiding within the Vas Sea Barrier and choosing this forest to attack in through mental strength was undoubtedly Tang San’s masterpiece. Xiao Wu an Ma Hongjun didn’t do anything, since if they did, the stealth effect would instantly disappear. Tang San had two choices, one to directly attack Yue Guan, and the other to release a large scale attack.

If he directly attacked Yue Guan, Tang San had a ten percent chance to instantly kill him. After all, Chrysanthemum Douluo wasn’t a Spirit Douluo, and even though Yue Guan’s fighting strength wasn’t worth much, the Seagod Trident didn’t have any restraining effect on him. Instantly killing a Title Douluo was still extremely difficult. But even so, Tang San was still confident he could seriously injure Chrysanthemum Douluo from ambush.

But he didn’t do so, and instead chose to launch a group attack. Because, Tang San had already decided before starting that he absolutely wouldn’t let a single Spirit Empire spirit master escape. Revenge was secondary, the key

reason was that he didn’t want the news that he was guarding the supply line to reach Bibi Dong’s ears.

Spirit Emperor level spirit masters, without extremely special circumstances, how c

“Since you’ve come, why be in such a rush to leave?”

Yue Guan was just running with his heart filled with fear. He was constantly shouting to himself, ‘it’s that person, it’s that person’, but at this moment he didn’t have the slightest thought of avenging Ghost Douluo. There were no other Title Douluo with him now, and even less Bibi Dong’s support. That person dared rob the lord Supreme Pontiff’s spirit rings, and could even instantly kill Gui Mei, let alone him.

All he prayed for right now was that he could use the moment after that person released n eighth spirit ability and had to adjust spirit power, to escape. In his impression, that person absolutely wasn’t an agility attack type spirit master. His Odd Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum had lots of marvellous uses, he might still be able to escape.

But, a ball of intense flame dashed his hopes.

WIth an enormous explosion, that explosive flame blocked Chrysanthemum Douluo’s path. Two yellow, two purple, four black, covered in roiling flame, Ma Hongjun wearing eight spirit rings stood in his way.

Slowly pulling back his right arm, what Ma Hongjun used just now was his explosive inflagration flame right arm bone’s ability, Phoenix Burst.

Yue Guan’s strength was originally enough to not get blasted back by Ma Hongjun’s sneak attack, but unfortunately his mind was in chaos right now. In his heart rose the figure of that person, and that terrifying golden trident. Thus he was blocked by Ma Hongjun’s sneak attack just now.

“Shrek Seven Devils, fuck off!” Seeing Ma Hongjun’s eight spirit rings, Yue Guan couldn’t help being shocked. The Odd Velvet Sky

Chrysanthemum in his hand flew out, the enormous flower growing once again in its spirit avatar state, unexpectedly reaching a ten meter diameter, violently spinning it flew towards Ma Hongjun. At the same time Yue Guan’s own body also flew up, landing on that giant chrysanthemum, his whole body immersed in its golden light, completely fusing together with the spirit’s energy.

Relying on his Title Douluo level strength, this attack was in order to escape, and its power was quite considerable. Ma Hongjun’s current spirit power was just rank eighty one, and without using his spirit avatar, it was basically impossible for him to block it.

Of Course, Yue Guan’s goal wasn’t to kill Ma Hongjun, he just wanted to break open a path and flee before that person had caught up.

Unfortunately, he had underestimated Tang San’s recovery speed. Ordinary Title Douluo might need some time to catch their breath after releasing an eighth spirit ability, but to someone with six spirit bones and all spirit rings above the fifty thousand year level, and a physique that even more surpassed the extremes of humanity, what did using an eighth spirit ability count as?

Consequently, when that glittering chrysanthemum was in front of Ma Hongjun, Yue Guan saw a disdainful smile at the corner of Ma Hongjun’s mouth, as well as a black giant trident.


Yue Guan’s had large momentum. In order to break open a road, he had already used his full strength. Even though he saw that black trident blocking his way, he could only forcibly run into it.

That instant collision made Yue Guan’s internal organs feel like pulp, and he, connected with that Odd Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum spirit, was like he had run into an unsurpassable iron city wall.

The Odd Velved Sky Chrysanthemum spirit suddenly shattered. Even Yue Guan was knocked back, stars before his eyes and blood running from

his mouth and nose. He felt no pain, but he was already completely paralyzed.

Even rank ninety seven Sword Douluo and rank ninety nine Bibi Dong couldn’t break through the Seagod Trident’s block head on. Using pure force, perhaps nobody in the entire continent could break past the trident Tang San held.

The one hundred eight thousand jin weight really was too frightening. The only chance to deal with Tang San’s Seagod Trident was to not collide with it.

Yue Guan admittedly had Title Douluo level strength, this also made his crash extremely powerful. But with great force, the opposing force would be even greater. Tang San relied completely on brute force to block him with the Seagod Trident, and it was also with pure force that this Chrysanthemum Douluo was thrown back. Not only did it break his Odd Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum, it even broke his nerves.

“You……” Yue Guan retreated a few steps, looking at Tag San, and then at Xiao Wu next to him, “It’s really you, Tang San.”

Tang San spoke calmly: “We meet again, senior Chrysanthemum Douluo.”

Yue Guan’s expression turned anxious, “Tang San, let me go. You should know that all we did was on the Supreme Pontiff’s orders. As long as you let me go, I’ll join your Heaven Dou Empire faction! I can help you deal with the Spirit Empire. No matter what, I’m still a Title Douluo.”

Tang San didn’t look at Yue Guan again, his eyes revealing a deep sorrow, unknown whether it was because of Yue Guan’s bowing and scraping, or because he recalled something.

“Senior Yue Guan, back then, in that lush Star Dou Great Forest, did you let me and Xiao Wu go? Do you know how much we suffered because of that? Did you let the Blue Lighting Tyrant Dragon Clan go? My parents? Or the countless powers that died tragically by the hands of your

Spirit Hall. Spirit Hall has sown too many disasters. Straighten your trembling spine. Yes. You are a Title Douluo, so die with some dignity.”

Yue Guan’s expression changed once again. But this time, his face grew ice cold. He already understood from what Tang San said that this youth wouldn’t possibly let him go. He’d never thought that, as a Title Douluo, he would also have a day like this.

The corners of his mouth revealed a wry smile, “Yes, you’re right. As a Title Douluo, why would I bow and scrape? That I am here today is because of myself. If I hadn’t clung to the glory Spirit Hall could give me, how would I end up like this? If I could choose again, then in my next life I will definitely be a free spirit master. Only now do I understand that living freely is more important than any influence, status or money. Perhaps, death is a new beginning for me. Tang San, before you act, can you tell me how you have such strength without one spirit ring?”

Tang San spoke calmly: “I have a kind of ability to hide spirit rings. Words on the deathbed always come from the heart. I will let you die peacefully.”

While speaking, Tang San slowly pointed the Seagod Trident forward.
Around him, one spirit ring after another quietly appeared.

Black, black, black, black, red, black, red, red, red. Nine spirit rings. Each that appeared seemed to make the atmosphere a bit heavier. As they all circled around Tang San, not only was Yue Guan stunned, even Ma Hongjun to the side was stupefied.

“Losing to you, my death isn’t unjust. Only, I won’t wait to die. If you want my life, come and take it.”

Yue Guan howled, his whole body again brightening with golden light. The broken Odd Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum reformed, instantly completing spirit avatar. At this moment, he had already laid down all worries and hope of surviving, his fighting spirit and spirit power were fully ignited.

“Fatty, you and Xiao Wu step back.” Tang San spoke calmly. At the same time, the Seagod Trident he held was already pointing towards Yue Guan’s chest.

Azure light rose from below Tang San’s feet, instantly enveloping him completely. His spirit avatar had launched, and at this moment, the red spirit ring in the arrayed in the last position, was the first to brighten.

Yue Guan looked completely fierce at this moment, sinking his spirit power into the Odd Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum avatar without regard for the price, frantically trembling, his body brightening. He also simultaneously used his last placed ninth spirit ability.

The giant Odd Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum rose into the air, Yue Guan unexpectedly not using it to defend himself. Glaring at Tang San, he yelled word by word, his voice filled with a strange magic. With each word, the Odd Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum in the sky would grow a bit larger, and its golden light also grew even more sparkling.

“Chrysanthemum—— Ruin——, Fill—— The—— Earth—— With
—— Wounds——. Flowers—— Fall—— On—— Broken—— Hearts

At his last word, the already immense Odd Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum in the air shattered with a loud explosion, each glittering chrysanthemum petal spinning out like a crescent moon blade. All the petals formed a giant golden tornado, falling from the sky, straight at Tang San.

Just at this moment, Tang San’s blue light from the Blue Silver Avatar state suddenly turned azure, a resonant dragon cry emanated from his shocking spirit power. The red ninth spirit ring instantly merged into his body, and immediately, the azure light flourished, an incomparably enormous azure dragon suddenly rushing out of Tang San.

Yes. Sky Blue Bull Python Da Ming had never completed his long- cherished wish in his lifetime. After sacrificing himself to become Tang San’s spirit ring, he finally succeeded. This azure dragon shape was Da

Ming’s evolved form after his sacrifice. This was also one of Tang San’s ninth spirit abilities, Blue Silver Sky Blue Dragon’s Soul[1].

Without an garishness, that giant azure dragon instantly rammed into the chrysanthemum petal golden tornado, countless violent cracks exploding in the air. The two great ninth spirit abilities collided against the skies, the golden and azure lights producing such shocks that even the sunshine in the sky dimmed for a moment.

Spirit ability collisions was in itself a direct dialog between two spirit masters. Practically the instant the two ninth spirit abilities crashed together, Yue Guang’s face had already turned deathly pale. Tang San hadn’t used his Seagod Trident, colliding head on with ninth spirit abilities. But in just an instant, Yue Guang understood that even in a collision like this, he was far from being the opponent of this youth.

The tornado formed from his Odd Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum basically couldn’t harm the azure dragon in the slightest. Each chrysanthemum petal that struck the dragon would instantly disappear. The attacks it produced only made that giant azure dragon shine.

Just at this moment, another explosion suddenly echoed. Yue Guan felt the ground beneath his feet jolt, and the next moment he had already lost control of his body, launched high in the air. Below him, another giant azure dragon soared up, using its enormous body to twist around Yue Guan in practically an instant. The intense pressure left him unable to breathe, and combined with his exhausted spirit power and injuries, he had already lost the ability to resist.

Tang San stood on the ground, his expression never changing, speaking calmly: “Even though they’re both ninth spirit abilities, the biggest difference between ten thousand year spirit abilities and hundred thousand year spirit abilities is that using the same spirit power, you can only produce one ninth spirit ability, but I can release two.”

With a tearing sound, the previous giant azure dragon charged through the Odd Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum’s restraints, thoroughly ripping apart

Yue Guan’s last hopes. Falling from the sky, it charged straight at the other azure dragon.

Tang San didn’t keep watching Yue Guan. Turning around and leaping up, one Blue Silver Emperor flew out and wound around Xiao Wu’s waist, pulling his lover to his side, “Let’s go.”

He really didn’t need to keep watching, this fight was already over. This second giant azure dragons twisting around Yue Guan was his ninth spirit ring’s second ability, Blue Silver Azure Dragon’s Tangling Strength. It was the strongest control ability among all of Tang San’s spirit ring abilities. It didn’t have the united offense and defense of the Unfixed Storm, nor did it slow the target for ten seconds like the Slowing God Claw, but at the same time it didn’t have the Unfixed Storm’s limited success rate or the Slowing God Claw’s hit requirements.

In order to break free of the Blue Silver Azure Dragon’s Tangling Strength, you had to have strength surpassing Tang San’s. This was the first requirement, the second was that you also needed an ability powerful enough to break the restraint. Yue Guan had neither, and therefore he could only stay bound by that azure dragon and suffer the baptism of the other ninth spirit ability dragon’s soul.

A violent explosion echoed behind them. Tang San didn’t even need to turn around to see to know that Yue Guan had not even left a corpse behind, not any spirit bones. He wasn’t interested in seeing Yue Guan’s death, after all, he had once had a good impression of this Titel Douluo.

“Goodbye.” Tang San silently said to himself. War was cruel, he knew this deeply. If you didn’t kill the enemy, the enemy would kill you in turn. Benevolence was a sin on the battlefield.

“Third brother, you’re strength really is too scary now.” Ma Hongjun followed next to Tang San, and couldn’t help commenting.

Tang San had finished that battle just now with his strength alone. To be precise, he had used one eighth spirit ability and two ninth spirit abilities to completely erase a group of fifty powerful spirit masters including a Title

Douluo from this world. The whole process took less than a quarter of an hour, neat and tidy. Moreover, Ma Hongjun didn’t get the slightest feeling that Tang San’s spirit power was lacking even after using three powerful abilities in succession. A complete suppression, without giving the enemy the slightest chance. He knew that this third brother of his had already grown to become a terrifying control type Title Douluo.

Tang San glanced at Ma Hongjun, sighing: “If I had the choice, I’d rather not slaughter again. But that’s not an option now. While the enemy remains, I can’t be charitable. I will meet them on the battlefield with my full strength.”

As the three returned to the seven devils’ rally point, Dai Mubai and the others were already gone. Only a few Speed Hall disciples were left waiting there for their return.

“There’s a situation?” Tang San landed and immediately asked.

“Sect master. We’ve discovered three teams of unknown spirit masters enter our scouting range one after another. All made up from fifty spirit masters each. They’re flanking our rear supply army from different directions. They’re moving very fast. Mister Bai and the others already went to repulse one. We’re keeping watch on the other two, and we’ve already notified the Heaven Dou Empire supply guards.”

Tang San nodded, "The Spirit Empire is spending their earnings this time, only I wonder if each spirit master team has a Title Douluo in command. Let’s go, bring us to the closest one.”

Xiao Wu said: “Will boss Dai and the others be fine?”

Tang San smiled slightly: “Absolutely don’t underestimate them. The four of them together, with little Ao and Rongrong’s support, might be even more efficient than us. It seems we can’t meet up for the moment. There might still be more Spirit Empire raiding teams. Just now I forgot to remove those spirit masters’ spirit tools, so they were all shattered by my Blue Silver Orca Mirror’s Annihilation. Later on we’ll make sure to loot them, and see what goodies they’re bringing. At the same time, taking

their spirit tools can make things a bit easier for our transport troops. One spirit tool should hold at least a ton of supplies.”

…… Jialing Pass.

The Spirit Empire empress Bibi Dong stood upright on the hundred meter tall mountain pass. Her flat expression revealed none of her mood.

A sumptuous goose yellow robe set off her noble character even more. As the first ruler of the Spirit Empire, she was facing the most important battle in her life.

On either side of Bibi Dong stood four grave mannered elders. They included the Blowfish Douluo and Serpent Spear Douluo Tang San had once met. These eight had a manner that the officers behind them couldn’t compare to by far. With their existence, plus Bibi Dong herself, they had an imposing manner that didn’t even lose to the million man army stretching out across the field fifty li away.

“Reporting to Your Majesty, the Heaven Dou Imperial Army has already been camped for two days, their rest should be complete, and they will definitely begin to move shortly.” One tall, sixty something elder deferentially reported to Bibi Dong.

Bibi Dong nodded, “How is our military situation?”

“The three armies have high morale, the spirit master legions are ready, we are ready to break the enemy.”

Bibi Dong spoke calmly: “Is there news from the raiding parties?
They’ve already been gone for two days.” “None.”
“Wait. When there is news, report to me immediately.” “Yes.”

“Report——” Just at this moment, an orderly swiftly ran over. From the way he moved, it was clear this orderly was a quite strong spirit master.”

“What are you panicking for? What is it?” Bibi Dong turned her gaze to that orderly. This was an exclusive Spirit Hall scout answering directly to her. The power of Spirit Hall could be said to be the foundation of the Spirit Empire, and Bibi Dong would naturally keep this power firmly in her grasp.

“Reporting to Your Majesty. There’s news of our raiding parties.” “Oh?” Bibi Dong’s eyes flashed, “How is it?”
“Your, Your Majesty……” The orderly slowed, raising his head to look at Bibi Dong, not quite daring to speak.

“Speak——” Bibi Dong’s eyes radiated light, and her sharp shout almost made the orderly collapse on the ground.

“Yes. It’s, of ten raiding parties, less than thirty people have return alive. By their reports, the other members have already, already……”

“Already what?” An unreassuring feeling rose in Bibi Dong’s heart. With a wave of her right hand, an incorporeal spirit power instantly grabbed that orderly.

“Have already died for the nation……”

“What?” Bibi Dong’s expression changed, sharply pulling the orderly close to her, “Tell me the details.”

“People only returned from four of the ten raiding parties, and they’re all heavily wounded. They said they were ambushed by powerful Heaven Dou Empire spirit masters, should be Title Douluo level powers. There is no news of the other six raiding parties, I fear they’ve already been completely wiped out.”

“Could they burn the Heaven Dou Empire’s rear supply line provisions?”

“No? They didn’t even see the supplies before they were ambushed. The enemy was extremely powerful, four people. Among them was one female spirit master from the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, but she had eight spirit rings. WIth her support, the other three, also spirit masters with eight rings, all reached the Title Douluo level of strength. The raiding parties couldn’t resist.”

Bibi Dong’s breathing was clearly a bit uneven. Releasing the orderly, her eyes flashed. Behind her, a relatively old Title Douluo spoke in a low voice: “Your Majesty, where did Heaven Dou Empire get so many powers from? The teams we sent were all rank sixty Spirit Emperor experts and up. There was even one team led by Chrysanthemum Douluo Yue Guan. Something’s strange here!”

Bibi Dong could still keep calm, showing her bearing as Empress. If she showed confusion now, the fighting spirit of all those high ranked officers from the kingdoms and duchies would drop even more.

“Elder Tian Feng, you go. Question the returning spirit masters in detail. Also, go see if Yue Guan is back. Above all, you must ask them about the spirits and spirit abilities of the four people that attacked them.”

“Yes.” Elder Tian Feng quickly walked away.

Bibi Dong gazed at the distant vast Heaven Dou camp, her expression changing repeatedly. Even if Spirit Hall had numerous experts, these ten raiding parties were absolutely the elite of Spirit Hall’s elite. An ordinary spirit master who had reached rank sixty or above was at least fifty years old. Those with good aptitude would be forty. Rank seventy Spirit Sages, rank eighty Spirit Douluo, were even more a thousand li distant. This one loss was difficult to bear even for the spirit master founders of the Spirit Empire.

The Heaven Dou Empire really had come prepared! Bibi Dong’s eyes glinted with cold light. It seemed she might not be able to compete with the Heaven Dou Empire in stratagems. This powerful enemy that had for so many years dominated the Continent together with Star Luo, really had a depth in military strategy that her improvised alliance could measure up to.

“Pass on my orders. Recall all scout troops, focus on investigating the Heaven Dou Imperial Army camp, pay close attention to the movements of their spirit masters. At the same time, send orders to Shuiyun Pass[2] not to go into battle. Place all strength on defense, and don’t confront the Star Luo Empire head on. Until I’ve routed the Heaven Dou Empire.”


“Heaven Dou Empire, if I’m not your opponent in ambushing, then we will fight head on. I’d like to see just how you block my ten thousand unit spirit master legions.”

…… Meanwhile, Tang San had also returned with his comrades to the Heaven Dou Empire camp. With the Speed Hall disciples’ tireless scouting, after cleaning up those ten raiding parties, there had been no signs of more enemies. Tang San had promptly decided to send Speed Hall disciples to warn the rear logistics army, and then returned to the camp.

“Haha, little San, this time Bibi Dong might even be in tears. Sending five hundred spirit masters, but barely a handful returning, and these spirit masters should also be the Spirit Empire’s elites. It seems to me that it might be very difficult even for them to send another party. Unless they aren’t planning to fight our army.”

Dai Mubai was in an excellent mood. Even though the more than thirty survivors all escaped from him, Zhu Zhuqing, Ning Rongrong and Oscar’s interceptions, while Tang San completely annihilated all opponents, he still felt excellent. He hadn’t fought so happily for years, and they had destroyed the Spirit Empire’s most powerful force. This one strike would undoubtedly leave the Spirit Empire wishing they were dead.”

Tang San said: “Bibi Dong shouldn’t be sending an more troops at our supplies for now. I expect that since her ambushing won’t do, she’ll definitely try fighting head on. If our army is defeated in this battle, then she’s bound to send attacks daily, relying on the spirit master legions to constantly consume our strength. If she fails, she will hole up in Jialing Pass and think of something else.”

Dai Mubai said: “This battle is the Heaven Dou Empire’s business, we just have to worry about the Spirit Empire’s spirit masters. I just don’t know whether our Tang Sect’s hidden weapons can harm their spirit master legions.”

Tang San smiled slightly: “I’m a bt worried too, that’s why I was in a rush to return. I hope there won’t be any trouble. Otherwise our years of preparations are useless. Even though Spirit Hall has numerous spirit masters, that’s still mainly low level spirit masters. We will doubtless cause them the greatest losses in this first battle. We have to exploit this chance to let our Tang Army seriously injure the Spirit Empire. I’ll go find Xue Beng and discuss the plans for the next battle and see how they’ve planned to face the Spirit Empire. Works well. One can never know too much, if I’d read a bit on the art of war before, I wouldn’t be so puzzled now.”

Oscar snapped: “Little San, you already know more than enough. If you know everything and become omniscient, we can’t keep up with you.”

Tang San’s heard moved: “Little Ao, you’ve already reached the Spirit Douluo level now. There might not be any food type spirit masters at your level on the entire Continent. When you make us big recovery sausages, that’s just the first spirit ability, but you still have to make them one by one? Didn’t you say that a Spirit Douluo level food type spirit master can feed an army of thousands? And even an army of tens of thousands at the Title Douluo level. How is that possible when you make them one by one?”

Oscar said a bit proudly: “You don’t understand that. The big recovery sausages I make for us are the highly concentrated editions. Don’t tell me you haven’t felt that from the first big recovery sausages you ate until now, the sausages have all been the same? That isn’t the effect of the big recovery sausage, but rather the focused spirit power I made for you. If it’s just for the most basic level of recovery, I could produce countless in the blink of an eye.”

Tang San understood: “So that’s it. Then can you mass produce flying mushroom sausages?”

Oscar said: “Depends on the quantity. Flying mushroom sausages don’t keep for very long, you know that too. Even if I’m already above rank eighty, my flying mushroom sausages will still only keep for at most ten days. The most basic flying mushroom sausage made with my ability, plus using the Erect Gold Fly, should be useful for ten minutes of flight. In one day, with my full strength, making one thousand five hundred isn’t much of a problem.”

Sensing the increasingly admiring gazes of his comrades, Oscar couldn’t help being even more proud, adding: “That’s without Rongrong’s help. If I have Rongrong’s boost, doubling the production rate isn’t a problem. This big brother is amazing.”

Tang San exclaimed: “Really amazing. No wonder Teacher says that the more difficult the spirit is to cultivate, the more frightening it will be at high levels. It seems there’s still no food type Title Douluo in the world. Little Ao, this flying mushroom sausage can completely help us forge an ambush! Only, no matter what, it will have to wait until the battle with the Spirit Empire really starts.”
[1] Blue Silver Sky Blue Dragon’s Soul - (蓝银天⻘⻰之魂)
[2] Shuiyun Pass - (⽔云关) “Water Cloud Pass”

Chapter 277

Early morning, without clouds as far as the eye could see, a warm breeze, a deep breath filling one’s lungs with fresh air.

The Heaven Dou Empire’s almost hundred li long camp sprawled like a mythical beast fifty li away from Jialing Pass. At dawn, just after an early breakfast, the army assembled with thundering battle drums.

One square formation after another appeared outside of the camp, each enormous square holding ten thousand people. Along with orders passed from the central army, a hundred thousand Heaven Dou Empire soldiers slowly marched forward. That was a full ten heavy armored cavalry legions, and also all the heavy cavalry the Heaven Dou Empire had brought this time. These were true steel heroes. They didn’t advance quickly, but that enormous force made the ground tremble.

Following closely behind the heavy cavalry were the Heaven Dou Empire’s four thousand spirit masters, escorted onto the battlefield by the twelve thousand strong Tang Army.

By appearance, the Tang Army just looked like light cavalry guarding them, and on an ordinary battlefield, it would also be all light cavalry fighting alongside the spirit masters, enough to show the advantages of speed.

Behind them came another ten light cavalry legions, rushing out on the two wings. For the first battle with the Spirit Empire, the Heaven Dou

Empire’s side had actually sent all cavalry. Even those spirit masters were mounted. Relying mainly on heavy cavalry, they could charge at will and guard the retreat.

Up on Jialing Pass, Bibi Dong sneered, “The Heaven Dou Empire is afraid. All cavalry can indeed easily attack or retreat, but that’s on a conventional battlefield. Don’t tell me they can somehow show the advantage of the cavalry when they clash with my spirit master legions? Pass down my command. The eight heavy cavalry and heavy infantry legions form up in the front, Sacred Dragon Legion, sortie.”

The four gates of Jialing Pass opened almost simultaneously, four great drawbridges lowering with the clattering of chains to bridge the fifty meter moat. With clanking armor, large numbers of heavy armored soldiers swiftly rushed out of Jialing Pass.

Only, Looking at their formations, while they were all heavy armored legions, these Jialing Pass heavy troops wasn’t arrayed as neatly as the Heaven Dou Empire’s heavy cavalry.

First of all, since they came from different kingdoms and duchies, their armors were all of different standards. Compared to the Heaven Dou Empire’s black armor, the Spirit Empire’s heavy troops had at least ten differently colored armors. The speed with which they formed formations was also much slower. Clearly their training within the Spirit Empire wasn’t completed.

Altogether four heavy cavalry legions and four heavy infantry legions, this was already the majority of the entire Spirit Empire’s heavy legions. Because the other pass facing the Star Luo Empire’s attack was mainly focused on defense, they weren’t assigned any heavy units.

The Heaven Dou Empire’s two hundred thousand strong army came to a halt when it was still twenty li away from Jialing Pass. Ten heavy cavalry legions formed up in a straight line, opening a passage in the middle. Guarded by the Tang Army, in actuality more than six thousand spirit masters advanced, only the more than two thousand spirit masters of the Tang Sect were all dressed exactly the same as the Tang Army. The light

cavalry spread out on the wings on either side, taking down longbows from their bac

On the other side, the Spirit Empire’s eight legions were directly arranged in front of the pass, and immediately after, a ten thousand man strong army rushed out from the pass. They weren’t mounted, all advancing on foot. But they didn’t move any slower than speeding horses. These ten thousand men actually formed up in a line in front of Jialing Pass, all wearing light fighting gear. Their clothes were decorated with patterns of golden thread, and on banners waving behind them were two large golden words, Sacred Dragon.

Grandmaster and Tang San stood side by side, and together with them was also that marshal Ge Long.

Marshal Ge Long waved his hand, “Army advance. Cavalry archers ready, after entering the ten li range, launch crossfire.”

Tang San simultaneously also passed down orders to the Tang Army,
“Check crossbows. Wind mechanisms.”

With sonorous clangs, the Tang Army quietly took down the Godly Zhuge Crossbows on their backs. Placing them level on their saddles, they quickly inspected the weapons, especially the condition of the loaded arrows and the mechanism. After completing the inspection, they immediately readied them.

Banners fluttered in the wind. Behind them, Heaven Dou emperor Xue Beng personally commanded two hundred thousand men to bring up the rear.

The distance between both sides constantly shrank. When ten li still remained, the light cavalry legions on the Heaven Dou Empire’s side reacted. Ten light cavalry legions set off simultaneously, tens of thousands of hooves pounding the ground, charging straight at Jialing Pass.

On the Spirit Empire’s side, the two heavy infantry legions closest to the Sacred Dragon Legion quickly closed, blocking in front of the Sacred

Dragon Legion, wielding giant shields.

Up on Jialing Pass, Bibi Dong couldn’t help frowning when she saw a hundred thousand light cavalry charging, “Do these Heaven Dou Empire fellows want to commit suicide?” Even though she didn’t know much of the art of war, she still knew that there could only be one result of light cavalry charging heavy cavalry and heavy infantry, especially when there wasn’t much of a numerical difference between both sides. It was simply no different from suicide. Even if these light cavalry was attacking with bow and arrow, what faced them was still all heavy cavalry and infantry. Bow and arrow was practically useless. There wasn’t even a need for her Sacred Dragon Legion to move.

While Bibi Dong was puzzled, the Heaven Dou Empire’s light cavalry legions had already arrived. When they were still one li away from the Spirit Empire side they instantly changed directions, nocking arrows, and with whooshing sounds, countless arrows flew towards the Spirit Empire legions.

The majority loosed volleys. At this distance, and when their target was ninety thousand enemy troops, there was basically no need to aim. As intended by the light cavalry, the majority of the arrows were shot towards the Sacred Dragon Legion. The heavy infantry blocked in front of them, but they could do nothing against arrows falling from above.

One volley complete, the light cavalry didn’t pause. One curve of rising dust after another, they relied on swift horses to directly slip past the flanks and returned to their original positions.

It was one volley, but that was a hundred thousand arrows! The ten Heaven Dou Empire light cavalry legions suitably revealed their high quality before the Spirit Empire. As the hundred thousand strong army shot one wave of arrows, their formation barely shifted. As they circled around, returning to their own side, the Heaven Dou Empire army had already pushed forward five li. Under cover of the rising dust, they seemed like ghosts, teleporting into their new positions.

Bibi Dong sighed to herself, calmly asking: “Can our light cavalry perform at this level?”

The light cavalry generals standing behind her each and everyone kept quiet out of fear. Not one dared utter a word.

“Didn’t you tell me that the Heaven Dou Empire is as unreliable as a sheet of sand. The troops lazy, mostly names filling out the payroll? This is a carried army? Then what are you?”

Watching those ten light cavalry legions show off their strength in neat formations, even if they couldn’t seriously harm the Sacred Dragon Legion’s spirit masters or their heavy troops, it was undoubtedly an enormous blow to the Spirit Empire’s morale. Bibi Dong understood that she wasn’t the only one who had been patient these years, the Heaven Dou Empire had equally endured. According to previous estimations, the Heaven Dou Imperial Army would be less than six hundred thousand, and the majority without real combat strength. But this? Arranged before her was an excellently trained and suitably supplied army of millions. Even if the Heaven Dou Empire’s military strength was compared to the Star Luo Empire, there wouldn’t be much difference.

“Pass down orders. Sacred Dragon Legion, release spirit rings, attack.” This was the first confrontation between both sides, morale had to be retrieved. Bibi Dong knew that those kingdom and duchy troops weren’t much to count on. What she really could rely on was just her own subordinate spirit masters. As long as they could rout the Heaven Dou Empire’s spirit master legion, those incorporated troops wouldn’t be a problem.

Brilliant light instantly brightened on the Spirit Empire’s side. Ten thousand spirit masters simultaneously releasing their spirits was absolutely a dazzling scene. Countless spirit rings flickered with white, yellow, purple and black colors. Even though their army was equally unevenly matched, that instantly rising terrifying presence made the Heaven Dou Empire’s two hundred thousand soldiers breathing grow urgent.

The soldiers of course knew what it meant to face spirit masters. Just one of a high level spirit master’s large area attack type spirit abilities could kill them by the hundreds. Only spirit masters could face spirit masters.

Marshal Ge Long looked towards Grandmaster and Tang San next to him, slightly cupping his hands, “ is up to your highnesses.”

Grandmaster nodded, raising his right hand, “Release spirits.”

The more than four thousand spirit masters escorted by the Tang Army released their spirits simultaneously. Even though they were a lot fewer than the opponents, their actions were adjusted to uniformity, and there was no disorder in their spirit ring colors. Standing furthest in front were unexpectedly all seven and eight ring spirit masters. Even though they weren’t many, their spirit rings made up for their lacking numbers. Behind them was a formation formed by six, five, four, and three ring spirit masters. The majority had between three and five rings.

What drew most attention, were the one hundred simultaneously brightening Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda. Dazzlingly beautiful treasure light shot towards the sky. They were located at the heart of the spirit master legion, and amidst sparkling light, Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master Ning Fengzhi gazed forward. to him, Sword Douluo and Bone Douluo were on guard.

These one hundred Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School directly related disciples were all survivors from that time, and behind them were another one hundred Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School disciples who hadn’t released their spirits yet. Attentively watching the Spirit Empire army on the other side, their eyes held only the light of hatred.

On Jialing Pass, Bibi Dong sharply swung her hand. The ten thousand Sacred Dragon Legion spirit masters leapt up as one. Only Spirit Hall could train spirit masters as a legion, and therefore, even if their army wouldn’t do, this spirit master legion was definitely elite.

Agility attack type spirit masters immediately circled around on the sides, while power attack type spirit masters and defense type spirit masters took

the lead forward, support spirit masters applying all kinds of support effects from behind, control type spirit masters followed the power attack type spirit masters closely, each and every one already preparing spirit abilities. These spirit masters were divided into several groups according to their cultivation direction. Front and center in the Sacred Dragon Legion, several hundred spirit masters were from the the Sacred Dragon School of the new seven great sects.

Each Sacred Dragon School disciple was covered by a layer of white scales, and they were all built sturdy and bulky. This was their spirit, White Armored Dragon. The White Armored Dragon couldn’t be considered a true dragon, just a close relative. There was still a major gap when compared to the original Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon. But they were still dragons, and this Sacred Dragon School moreover had numerous experts thanks to Spirit Hall’s careful nurturing. They were a sect that was formed directly by separating from spirit hall, one of the three upper sects of the new seven great sects, and this Sacred Dragon Legion was also named after them.

A group of spirit masters right next to the Sacred Dragon School, the Shrek Seven Devils were very familiar with. They’d once fought spirit masters of this line in the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament. With balanced defense and force, they were the Elephant Armor School. Those giant Elephant Armor School guys had all released their spirits, and led by the sect master Heavenly Elephant Huyan Zhen, they charged alongside the Sacred Dragon School with giant strides. Without a doubt, they were the cornerstone of this Sacred Dragon Legion. Even though the two great sects together didn’t have seven hundred people, their fighting strength was undoubtedly the strongest. Whether the White Armored Dragon or the Giant Mammoth Elephant spirit, both were best suited for the battlefield. No heavy cavalry could halt their advance.

“Separate the formation. Elder Tai Tan, elder Niu Gao, take one thousand Tang Army troops each to support the wings. The remaining soldiers, single line formation.” Tang San ordered.

Tai Tan and Niu Gao each brought a thousand Tang Army soldiers and quickly left. The remaining eight thousand Tang Army troops quickly

formed a line, blocking in front of the central army spirit masters. Half dismounted, half on horse, they simultaneously raised the large edition Godly Zhuge Crossbows they held.

Tang San coldly said: “Do not shoot without my command. When I’m not here, follow the State Preceptor’s orders.”

The more than two thousand Tang Sect disciples guarded in front of Tang San, Grandmaster and marshal Ge Long. Furthest ahead was a front formed by lines of Defense Hall and Medicine Hall disciples. The remaining two thousand spirit masters as well as Grandmaster’s four thousand subordinate spirit masters all waited quietly.

“Old freak, do you dare charge with me?” Tang San yelled loudly.

With a strange laugh, Dugu Bo’s voice came from among the spirit masters, “There’s nothing I don’t dare. I’m not good at fighting Title Douluo alone, but for this group battle, who dares say they are stronger than me? Let’s go!”

Tang San turned his head to Grandmaster: “Teacher, I’ll leave this side to you and marshal Ge Long. The enemy spirit masters furthest in the front have too powerful of a defense, it will influence the effectiveness of the Godly Zhuge Crossbows. Better let us go break their defense head on. We’re going.”

“King Lan Hao, you……” Marshal Ge Long wanted to object, but Tang San had already grabbed the Seagod Trident and leapt up. Behind him, the other six Shrek Seven Devils didn’t need any reminder, leaping up at the same time as Tang San. Zhu Zhuqing brought Ning Rongrong, Dai Mubai brought Oscar, and the seven plus one Medicine Hall master Yang Wudi directly broke out of the square formation.

Up on Jialing Pass, Bibi Dong saw that the Heaven Dou Empire side unexpectedly only sent eight people. She first stared blankly, but immediately afterward, as she saw the person furthest in the lead was Tang San wielding the Seagod Trident, she immediately called out, “Not good. Elders, follow me.” While speaking, she disregarded her position as

empress, and abruptly soared up from Jialing Pass. Purple wings spread out behind her, and she glided directly downward.

The Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone’s acceleration ability rose to the limit. With Tang San’s speed, and moreover with them clearly being much closer to the charging Sacred Dragon Legion, while still in the sky, Tang San stretched his entire body. Exerting himself with his right arm, he threw the Seagod Trident like a javelin, his target in the front line, having already incarnated as a giant mammoth, the Elephant Armored School master Huyan Zhen.

At the very same moment, a ring of scarlet and white light spread out from below Tang San’s feet. The eight people who rushed out of the square as well as Poison Douluo approaching from another direction were all enveloped. This was the Deathgod Domain starting.

Huyan Zhen faced Tang San’s enormous, but completely without spirit power fluctuations Seagod Trident. Laughing loudly, he not only showed no intention of retreating, but on the contrary suddenly charged to meet it, his whole body emanating a dust yellow light, colliding with it head on. In terms of defensive strength, the Elephant Armored School’s Mammoth spirit might be second only to the pure defense Defense Hall’s Armor Plated Giant Rhinoceros spirit. Even though he still hadn’t reached the Title Douluo level, the majority of Title Douluo couldn’t match him in pure defense. This polearm seemingly without even a trace of spirit power wasn’t worthy of Huyan Zhen’s attention.

“Don’t block it!” Bibi Dong’s voice came from behind. But, her warning still arrived a bit too late.

From between Tang San’s eyebrows, a ray of deep golden light suddenly caught up to the Seagod Trident in midair, directly stabbing into that Seagod’s Heart. In just a split second, the Seagod Trident instantly turned golden, the dazzling light immediately becoming the focal point of everyone there.


The Seagod Trident’s main blade thrust directly into the mammoth’s head. That instantly erupting intense golden light shocked the Elephant Armored School disciples around Huyan Zhen to slow down for a moment.

The mammoth’s defense really was astonishing, even a divine tool like the Seagod Trident couldn’t pierce through Huyan Zhen’s body. But even so, fully half of the polearm had stabbed into his spirit avatar form. The pressure of the terrifying one hundred eight thousand jin weight instantly tore Huyan Zhen’s four limbs apart. He collapsed to the ground with a thump, without signs of life.

With spirit power at rank eighty nine, about to attack the Title Douluo Level, one of the spirit world’s new seven great sect masters, widely known for his defense, Huyan Zhen was instantly killed by Tang San’s single attack.

Not only did the Sacred Dragon Legion’s energy slow, even on the Heaven Dou Empire’s side, marshal Ge Long couldn’t keep from drawing a cold breath when he saw this. He of course knew of Heavenly Elephant Huyan Zhen, he himself possessed a defensive type spirit. Seeing Huyan Zhen brutally killed by Tang San’s single strike without using his spirit, he now finally understood why Tang San could be seated above the grand marshal of the army, and even be respected by His Majesty as Imperial Tutor. This apparently only twenty something youth, was actually formidable to such a level.

Landing on the Sacred Dragon Legion along with the Seagod Trident, was also that raging killing intent. After his spirit power reached rank ninety, Tang San’s Deathgod Domain had certainly also risen to its highest level. That terrifying bloodlust engulfed all the Elephant Armored School and Sacred Dragon School spirit masters all at once.

“Charge into the formation to avoid group attack spirit abilities.” Tang San shouted. Turning into a blur, he dashed over to Huyan Zhen’s corpse. Brandishing his right hand, he drew the Seagod Trident. In this moment, he simultaneously also released his spirit.

Without hiding anything, illuminated by the golden light of the Seagod Trident, Tang San’s five black and four red terrifying spirit rings suddenly appeared before all the spirit masters. The visual impact of this moment made the Sacred Dragon Legion see an invisible enemy, and it gave the Heaven Dou empire Side both extreme shock and ecstasy. Even the the always steady Grandmaster now couldn’t help crying out in shock.

Boom—— Tang San swept the Seagod Trident horizontally, and an Elephant Armored School disciple also in spirit avatar was blown flying. His giant body crashed into the spirit master formation behind, instantly causing chaos. Simultaneously using the counterforce to flip back, his left leg released red light that turned into a giant axe, instantly cutting apart two Elephant Armored School Disciples.

Bibi Dong’s mental pressure descended. Tang San knew he didn’t have much time, he had to release his killing power as far as possible before she arrived, killing the enemies.

Right now there were constantly furious Elephant Armored School disciples surrounding Tang San. Some Sacred Dragon School experts were also charging at him, headed by a spirit master transformed into a white giant dragon who directly spit a white breath attack at Tang San. This spirit master shockingly had nine spirit rings.

Tang San didn’t use his group attack abilities. Facing so many power attack spirit masters known for their defense, even with his Title Douluo level strength, even with hundred thousand year spirit rings, his large scale attacks could at best injure these spirit masters, and likely not even harm them seriously. Scratching an area was inferior to destroying a part. Bibi Dong’s presence was already descending, and Tang San knew there was only room for one last attack left.

With a pop, a giant azure dragon illusion appeared behind Tang San. His right arm instantly turned completely azure, and even the dazzling golden Seagod Trident also turned azure. Ever since he first obtained the Seagod Trident, this divine weapon had only had two colors, black and gold. But at this moment, it produced yet another, how could people not be shocked?

It was also at this moment that three rays of bright light simultaneously shone from Tang San’s back, each being spirit power boost, attack boost, as well as attribute boost. Ning Rongrong’s assistance had arrived.

Along with a dragon’s cry shaking the sky and snapping peals of thunder, a dragon shaped azure thunderbolt exploded from the Seagod Trident’s main blade.

Boom, the White Armored Dragon’s breath attack was also an eighth spirit ability, but within this azure dragon shaped thunderclap, it didn’t have even a bit of blocking effect. As that dragon cry reverberated, the scales of all the Sacred Dragon School disciples stood erect. This was the effect of meeting a higher ranked of the same race. Even this Title Douluo level power was equally pressured.

With a pop, that azure dragon shaped lightning bolt disappeared noiselessly, just on top of that white armored dragon. In just an instant, that white armored dragon’s body was completely dyed azure, and with the next strong gust of wind, turned into scattering azure ash. Not even the bones were left behind.

Seeing this attack be so unexpectedly powerful, even Tang San couldn’t help being shocked. Turning his head to look at Ning Rongrong behind him, he knew that even though this attack was strong, without Ning Rongrong’s ninety percent boost effect, he absolutely couldn’t have instantly killed this Title Douluo. After all, even hundred thousand year spirit abilities wouldn’t be so terrifying as to instantly kill equally leveled spirit masters.

The azure dragon shaped thunderbolt Tang San used was the second ability of his Sky Blue Bull Python right arm spirit bone, Sky Blue Fading Thunderclap. Single target attack spirit ability. Issuing this attack through the Seagod Trident would not only doubly condense the might of the Sky Blue Fading Thunderclap, at the same time it would also save Tang San thirty percent spirit power.

How could a true divine instrument be simple? Tang San had in recent days been digesting the information the Seagod Trident had branded in his brain, and had also each day made great effort to cultivate his own trident.

Even though the Seagod Trident was formidable, as long as the opponent was familiar with its attributes, the strength it could display in a real battle was undoubtedly greatly reduced. Only by having it completely fuse with his own spirit abilities could this divine tool be fully effective.

Only ten breaths of time had passed since Tang San went to battle, but he had already instantly killed both Elephant Armored School master Heavenly Elephant Huyan Zhen, as well as just now with the Sky Blue Fading Thunderclap, the only Title Douluo of the Sacred Dragon School, the Sacred Dragon School sect master, Sacred Dragon Tuoba Xi. At the same time, these two were also the main and vice commanders of the Sacred Dragon Legion. Even Tang San himself hadn’t expected to have beheaded the enemy so soon with his all out attack.

This was also why Bibi Dong had previously been disturbed enough to immediately throw herself into the battlefield when she saw Tang San attack before. The effect of a single true power on the battlefield could scarcely be imagined.

Only, it was also at this moment that Tang San’s crisis descended. The ground beneath him suddenly shook. Tang San only felt his body be instantly restrained by an incorporeal force. Immediately after, countless black and purple thorns burst out from the ground, seeking to pierce his body. The Spirit Empire’s empress, Bibi Dong, had finally arrived.

While Tang San entered the battle, the Shrek Seven Devils hadn’t been idle either. With his powerful disposition, Dai Mubai had directly charged the enemy formation, simultaneously producing his support abilities and transforming into a white tiger, he had already dealt with two Elephant Armored School rank sixty experts. Ma Hongjun had first unleashed his Phoenix Meteor Shower on the rear of the Sacred Dragon Legion, and then immediately immolated a spirit avatar white armored dragon with a Phoenix Cloud Piercing Strike, simultaneously entering battle mode.

Oscar ate a mirror sausage made from a drop of Dai Mubai’s blood, producing his clone at the same time. Xiao Wu was just nimbly breaking the neck of a white armored dragon spirit master.

Their strength might not reach this degree individually, but don’t forget that behind them stood the world’s number one support spirit master Ning Rongrong. With har various ninety percent boosts, every one of the Shrek Seven Devils undoubtedly possessed Title Douluo level strength right now.

Yang Wudi’s Soulbreaking Spear was equally tyrannical. Whether mammoths or white armored dragons, their defense basically couldn’t slow Yang Wudi’s Soulbreaking Spear. In terms of numbers of enemy killed, he actually had the most. The strongest attack plus the strongest support, the terror of the destructive power left people gasping.

Dugu Bo had sneakily appeared in their rear. Now in his Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor form, the supreme poison he spit out was spreading, and even the ground had turned faintly jade colored.

Boom—— The Seagod Trident’s shaft heavily smacked the ground, pulverising all those protruding thorns. Tang San also used this moment to leap into the air. The Blue Silver Emperor instantly disappeared, and the Clear Sky Hammer with red, black, black spirit rings suddenly appeared in his hand. Without any pause whatsoever, the Clear Sky Hammer rose, and a line of mixed yellow and black light blasted out in a giant shockwave, straight at Bibi Dong, now already incarnated as a Death Spider Emperor in midair.

Bibi Dong was truly angry now. The carapace on her chest congealed, and both taloned hands sliced out simultaneously. Countless purple black blades formed a bizarre shield in front of her, rigidly blocking Tang San’s attack. Only, Bibi Dong also felt herself sink, falling straight towards the ground.

Tang San grunted, his body blurring in midair as he flipped over, the point of the Seagod Trident breaking the neck of a mammoth, and he retreated more than ten steps before catching his balance.

Even though he was already rank ninety three, even though he used the Clear Sky Hammer to release the Titan Giant Ape left arm bone ability Titan Firmament Breaker, the absolute gap in spirit power still left him at a disadvantage. Just like he completely suppressed these Sacred Dragon

Legion spirit masters before, Bibi Dong’s spirit power had a completely suppressive effect on him.

Spirit Hall’s spirit master legions were worthy of being called elite. After a brief battle, now that they saw Bibi Dong leading a group of Title Douluo over, they quickly split into two groups to circle around either side, simultaneously leaving space for the Title Douluo to fight in between.

Bibi Dong had brought altogether eight Title Douluo, and even though Tang San’s side also had eight people, Ning Rongrong was a support type spirit master. With her support, his comrades could display the strength of Title Douluo, but without a doubt, the Spirit Hall powers overall suppressed the Heaven Dou Empire’s side. This was also without even considering that, besides Tang San, the other Shrek Seven Devils’ Title Douluo level strength couldn’t last.

Seven of the Spirit Empire Title Douluo each found Dai Mubai, Oscar, Ma Hongjun, Xiao Wu, Zhu Zhuqing, Yang Wudi as well as Dugu Bo. The remaining one chose Ning Rongrong. They could naturally tell that Ning Rongrong was crucial to the battle. As long as they killed her, the Heaven Dou Empire side would instantly collapse.

“Don’t mind me!” Ning Rongrong shouted, her support light not fading in the slightest. With her spirit power at rank eighty three, even supporting eight people at the same time, besides Xiao Wu, the other seven could stand up to their opponents.

Even Xiao Wu wouldn’t have any problems for a while. Even though she couldn’t possibly defeat a Title Douluo level opponent, with Ning Rongrong’s support plus her Teleportation and Invincible Golden Body, transforming into a swift little rabbit, there was no concern for her defense for now.

Yang Wudi and Dugu Bo both met old enemies. Yang Wudi faced Snakelance Douluo, while Dugu Bo was restrained by that toxic Blowfish Douluo.

It is said that enemies meeting their personal foes are especially furious. After Blowfish Douluo was seriously injured last time, he had so spend a full year to recover his former strength. Now that he met Dugu Bo again, he wasted no words and directly launched his attack, quickly swallowing the poison Dugu Bo released.

Meeting this opponent, Dugu Bo was also helpless. His poison had only just spread to ten something Elephant Armored School and Sacred Dragon School disciples, and still hadn’t fully shown its effect before he yet again ran into this fellow whose spirit restrained his. The Jade Phosphorous Serpent Emperor flared with light, and directly tackled the enemy.

The one attacking Ning Rongrong was an agility attack type Title Douluo, expert in both speed and attack. His spirit was a Black Lined Ghost Panther. He instantly accelerated after transforming into spirit avatar form, only leaving behind a faint black afterimage in the air, before he was already in front of Ning Rongrong.

But at this moment, Ning Rongrong’s Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda’s eighth spirit ring quietly brightened, black light surging out. In an instant, the originally dazzling Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda instantly flashed with light, countless bright lights condensing as it suddenly expanded. With just a flash, that Ghost Panther Douluo felt like he had run into an iron wall, and he was flung rolling back.

Chapter 278

On the battlefield, Ning Rongrong’s body had completely disappeared. All that remained was a seven meter tall nine floor pagoda sparkling with resplendent light.

Seeing this scene, Ning Fengzhi in the Heaven Dou Empire spirit master camp couldn’t keep his eyes from shining, his fists tightening, his excitement showing through.

Indeed, this was the eighth spirit ring the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School had never reached. At the same time as the first six spirit ring ability boosts rose to ninety percent, this eighth spirit ability also became the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda Spirit Douluo Ning Rongrong’s secret life saving skill.

This eighth spirit ability was known as Nine Treasure Divine Light Protection. Even though it wasn’t as absolute of a defense as Invincible Golden Body, the Nine Treasure Divine Light Protection could block any attack under the ninth spirit ability, and simultaneously also absorb the attacking spirit power and transform it into defensive power for the Nine Treasure Divine Light Protection. And when facing ninth spirit ability attacks, it could block nine times without breaking.

When the Nine Treasure Divine Light Protection was used, it would separate from the spirit master and no longer draw any of Ning Rongrong’s spirit power. At the same time it also wouldn’t influence her boosting the others. In fact, even Title Douluo level powers were quite good if they

could use their ninth spirit ability attack three or four times with their full strength. This was also why Ning Rongrong told her comrades to not pay any attention to her.

Even though that agility attack type Title Douluo was strong, he had focused most of his spirit power on speed in order to deal with Ning Rongrong as soon as possible. It seemed to him that his attack power was enough and spare to easily end Ning Rongrong’s life even without using spirit abilities. But who could have thought he would knock headfirst into Ning Rongrong’s Nine Treasure Divine Light Protection.

With a loud sound, that pitiful Black Lined Ghost Panther spirit master was flung back, the spirit power added to his attack completely absorbed by the Nine Treasure Divine Light Protection. Not only was there no harm to Ning Rongrong, he was instead injured by the countershock.

The battlefield was already a bit chaotic. The nine people led by Tang San against nine Spirit Hall Title Douluo. Tang San’s people who could previously still kill the enemies in bulk were suddenly completely suppressed.

On Tang San’s side, only he and Dugu Bo truly had Title Douluo level strength. Dugu Bo was completely restrained, while Tang San even faced the Spirit Empire empress, with spirit power at rank ninety nine, Bibi Dong. Although Bibi Dong couldn’t show her full strength, the absolute difference in spirit power was still extremely difficult for Tang San to overcome. Even with Ning Rongrong’s boost, there was still a large gap between him and Bibi Dong.

On their side, the one doing best was instead Tang Sect Medicine Hall master, all attack type Battle Spirit Douluo Yang Wudi. Even if Yang Wudi’s spirit power still hadn’t reached rank ninety, it was still somewhat deeper than the other Shrek Seven Devils. Plus Ning Rongrong’s boost, he wasn’t in any way inferior to Snakelance Douluo in terms of spirit power. The two were evenly matched, and Yang Wudi’s always advancing Soulbreaking Spear caused Snakelance Douluo a very large headache. Especially some great killing moves that would leave both sides suffering put She Long at a

Meanwhile, even though the Sacred Dragon Legion had lost their commander and deputy, they still showed the strength of Spirit Empire elites. Ten thousand spirit masters swept past the middle of the battlefield, directly towards the Heaven Dou Empire army. They would soon enter spirit ability attack range.

Marshal Ge Long looked a bit anxiously at Grandmaster, “State Preceptor. Shouldn’t our spirit masters also release their spirits, and attack?”

Grandmaster shook his head, “Not yet. Don’t be impatient marshal.”

While speaking, Grandmaster’s gaze turned towards the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School in the center of the formation. Ning Fengzhi was also just looking in his direction. Their eyes met, and Grandmaster gave Ning Fengzhi an emphatic nod. Ning Fengzhi gave a big thumbs up in understanding.

Along with a long vigorous cry, Sword Douluo Chen Xin leapt up, his Seven Kill Sword suddenly bursting with light. A wind rose out of nowhere. At the same moment, six lines of support light shot like lightning from Ning Fengzhi’s Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda, simultaneously pouring into Sword Douluo. In that instant, that Seven Kill Sword swept out with a hundred meter long, thirty meter wide giant sword image.

This cut wasn’t to attack the enemy, but rather to sweep the ground in front of the Sacred Dragon Legion’s charging spirit masters.

Rank ninety seven Sword Douluo, with Ning Fengzhi’s eighty percent boost, rose to rank ninety eight spirit power in practically a split second. Right now he could already compare to Bibi Dong while she couldn’t fully release her spirit power. That sky shaking sword cut filled the sky, landing in front of the Sacred Dragon Legion almost instantly.

The incomparably sharp sword energy made the whole ten thousand strong Sacred Dragon Legion pause as one. And immediately after, a series of enormous explosions resounded, all the ground seeming to burst open.

The Elephant Armored School and Sacred Dragon School spirit masters charging furthest in front of the Sacred Dragon Legion were blasted into the air by this one slash, directly flung several dozen meters high. The shark sword energy lacerated their bodies, and even though it couldn’t kill them due to the attack range being too large, their fur and scales sprayed in all directions, producing a great cloud of blood.

Just at this moment, grandmaster sharply waved his right hand, “Tang Army, loose!”


Along with ear shattering sonorous clangs, a widely spread humming sound echoed for a moment. The more than ten thousand Tang Army soldiers simultaneously, and for the first time on a battlefield, loosed the devastating bolts of the Godly Zhuge Crossbow.

Black crossbow bolts formed a concentrated shadow in the air, both mounted and on foot Tang Army soldiers using the Godly Zhuge Crossbows in their hands to paint the splendor of death.

The Elephant Armored School and Sacred Dragon School spirit masters furthest ahead were already unable to protect the spirit masters in the rear. Those agility attack type spirit masters flanking on either side were also each exposed before the Godly Zhuge Crossbows of the one thousand Tang Army soldiers led by Tang Sect Strength Hall master Tai Tan and Defense Hall master Niu Gao.

More than twelve thousand Tang Army soldiers, each with a Godly Zhuge Crossbow spitting out sixteen refined iron tipped crossbow bolts, what kind of scene was that? Close to two hundred thousand crossbow bolts formed what seemed like a black cloud on the ground, spreading to the front line of the Sacred Dragon Army in a split second.

In order to make the charge even more effective, in order to let the spirit masters show their strength in the first moment of engagement, the Sacred Dragon Legion’s formation was very dispersed. It was also just because of this that they met even more Godly Zhuge Crossbow attacks head on.

In the Heaven Dou Imperial Army formation, emperor Xue Beng was already tightly clenching his fists. He had waited for this moment for far too long. As the highest ruler of the Heaven Dou Empire, of course he understood how important the meaning of the Godly Zhuge Crossbow’s effect was to this war.

Even at several dozen li from the main battlefield, the sound of more than ten thousand Godly Zhuge Crossbows erupting at once still chilled the heart. At the same time, the instant that black cloud entered the Sacred Dragon Legion, causing a scene of a large cloud of blood shooting into the air, safety could be seen in Xue Beng’s eyes. Along with the sight, also came heart rending screams of misery.

Where the black Godly Zhuge Crossbow bolt cloud passed, the Sacred Dragon Legions spirit masters collapsed like wheat to the scythe. That was close to two hundred thousand crossbow bolts that could pierce four ring defensive spirit abilities! The front of the Sacred Dragon Legion was still somewhat fine, they were after all mostly power attack type spirit masters with the support type spirit masters further in the back, but the agility attack type spirit masters on the wings weren’t that fortunate.

No matter how fast the agility attack type spirit masters, it was impossible to outrun the Godly Zhuge Crossbow’s bolts. In practically a split second, close to a third of the agility attack type spirit masters with relatively weak defense on the wings collapsed. Only those with relatively high levels, or those who reacted cleverly and moved to escape were out of danger.

Even though the Sacred Dragon Legion spirit masters were mainly power attack type spirit masters, using their raw flesh to block such a dense Godly Zhuge Crossbow attack was still an extremely terrifying event. Almost each of the ones charging furthest ahead were hit by more than a hundred crossbow bolts. Sixteen crossbow bolts could admittedly only break four ring defenses, but when facing a hundred at the same time, then even five ring level defensive abilities might not be able to block them completely. Even more, the moment the Godly Zhuge Crossbows loosed, how many Sacred Dragon Legion spirit masters had released their defensive spirit abilities?

A full two lines, more than a thousand Sacred Dragon Legion spirit masters erupted with an abundant and gaudy mist of blood, and those heartrending screams of misery echoed within that bloodbath. Adding the losses of the two wings of agility attack type spirit masters, a single volley had reduced the entire Sacred Dragon Legion’s numbers by almost a sixth.

Xue Beng waved his hand in excitement. The Tang Army’s first action had already had an enormously surprising result. Even though it was too distant to clearly see the numbers of the enemy losses, the rising blood mist showed the scope of their damage. Even more, this was just the beginning.

“Wind mechanisms. Mount up.” Grandmaster was as cold as a block of ice. Under his orders, the Tang Army soldiers quickly wound up the mechanisms. And the Sacred Dragon Legion was already scared a bit senseless by this volley.

Meanwhile, Sword Douluo didn’t pause after the first slash. Flipping over in midair, his spirit power abruptly emanated below his feet, and like a star chasing the moon, he shot straight for the battle of powers in the center. The Seven Kill Sword pointing forward, his target was that Black Lined Ghost Panther Douluo.

Bibi Dong and Tang San were just intensely trading blows. When her Death Spider Emperor’s sixth spirit ability Bloodsucking Spider Thorns was just about to stab Tang San, was at the same moment as the Godly Zhuge Crossbows erupted. Bibi Dong’s movements slowed for a moment, her eyes filled with disbelief.

How could Tang San let such a chance slip by? His right foot stomping on the floor, the Deathgod Domain fully erupted. Red and white colored light instantly covered the battlefield, forcing back Bibi Dong’s Death Domain, keeping away the Death Domain’s poison. At the same time, a ray of golden light poured into the Seagod Trident, making this divine instrument once again release its proper radiance.

In the previous battle, because Tang San had instantly killed two powers one after another, quickly releasing his spirit abilities, Bibi Dong’s violent attack hadn’t even given him time to prompt the Seagod Trident as he

strenuously endured under Bibi Dong’s suppression. Now he could finally catch a breath. The golden trident swung in a circle, relying on Unfixed Storm’s defensive power in a golden ring of light to dissolve those Bloodsucking Spider Thorns.

After dissolving Bibi Dong’s attack, Tang San retreated rather than advance. Using Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step, he swiftly moved back, intense golden blue light rising anew, Blue Silver Avatar launching.

He was a control type spirit master, not a power attack type. In this kind of battle, he should place even more emphasis on control, and not on a duel to the death with Bibi Dong. Their side was undoubtedly weaker than Bibi Dong’s side in overall strength, and the more it dragged out the worse it would get. But right now they still had to stall, to fight for enough time for Grandmaster’s Heaven Dou spirit master legion and the Tang Army.

Drawn by his presence, Bibi Dong slowly advanced towards Tang San. She already hated him to the extreme, and even with the major issues with the Sacred Dragon Legion, right now she was more anxious to deal with Tang San right in front of her. There was no telling what kind of major headache he would give her if she left this youth alone.

Amidst a loud sound, Tang San’s face showed an intense divine light. With the Seagod Trident’s main form, it wasn’t hard for him to block Bibi Dong. The Seagod Trident produced circle after circle of golden light, spreading towards Biib Dong.

Seeing these golden rings, Bibi Dong couldn’t keep her expression from changing. She still deeply remembered that it was because of this golden ring of light that she was forced to use her ninth spirit ability Undying Body last time in Star Dou Great Forest. And even so, she had still been severely injured.

Consequently, seeing the Unfixed Storm unleashed from Tang San’s Seagod Trident, Bibi Dong naturally halted in the air. Waving both hands, gaudy purple and black light condensed in front of her, completely protecting her within.

A trace of a smile appeared at the corner of Tang San’s mouth. That he could trap Bibi Dong back then wasn’t with his own power, but rather the Seagod’s. And with the distance in spirit power between him and Bibi Dong, the chance of success for the Unfixed Storm was undoubtedly very small. Of course he wouldn’t do anything pointless. The moment those rings of golden light forced Bibi Dong back, they separated to either side, each moving to envelop the Title Douluo fighting Xiao Wu, as well as Dugu Bo’s opponent, Blowfish Douluo Ci Xue.

Meanwhile, Tang San’s fourth spirit ring also brightened abruptly. Nine rays of golden light simultaneously shot out of the ground and producing a golden cage below each of Bibi Dong’s nine people, trapping them within. Even though these cages could only delay spirit masters on the Title Douluo for a bit and would be vaporized by their powerful attacks, fights between true experts would often lack just this instant. At this moment, Tang San truly displayed his power as a control type Title Douluo.

With the opponents before them suddenly slowed, the spirit masters on Tang San’s side naturally wouldn’t let the opportunity slip them by. Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing were always near each other. With this moment’s chance, they simultaneously dashed toward each other, intense light abruptly condensing in midair.

Yang Wudi’s Soulbreaking Spear released even more light. Snakelance Douluo had just broken down the Blue Silver Prison surrounding him when he was already met head on by the Soulbreaking Spear heedlessly advancing. This attack was condensed from all of Yang Wudi’s spirit power, there was no way to defend.

Snakelance Douluo clearly felt that there was no way to dodge this spear, and he could no longer endure always being suppressed by Yang Wudi. Forcefully shifting Yang Wudi’s target on his body by ten centimeters, he wielded his Snakelance like a warsaber, directly chopping down on Yang Wudi. It seemed as if he would take Yang Wudi with him in death.

Yang Wudi of course wouldn’t retreat. If he did, he wasn’t the Breaking Clan’s clan chief. With a soft puffing sound, the Soulbreaking Spear stabbed straight through Snakelance Douluo’s chest, and at the same time

Yang Wudi dashed forward, dodging the sharp head of the Snakelance, his shoulder instead being heavily struck by its shaft.

The two powers spit out clouds of blood almost simultaneously, their spirits also disappeared almost instantly. The instant heavy injuries made them both unable to maintain their spirits, and the spirit power erupting right in between them forcibly flung both of them back.

Yang Wudi’s injuries were extremely serious, his entire left shoulder was smashed by the lance, so much that even four ribs were broken, his internal organs also heavily damaged. But Snakelance Douluo was even more miserable than him. Although he had avoided wounding his heart, Yang Wudi’s spear had opened a large hole in his chest, completely skewering an entire lung, and even brushing his spine. After he was flung back, Snakelance Douluo was immediately paralyzed on the ground, no longer able to get up. With such a serious injury, he had already lost the power to keep fighting.

The battle had already grown extremely desperate from this moment. Elsewhere, Ma Hongjun incarnated as the Seven Headed Fire Phoenix suddenly grew yet another head. This was a variation he got after his spirit rings rose to eight. Intense phoenix flames instantly wrapped up the enemy in front of him, and with Tang San’s Deathgod Domain plus Ning Rongrong’s comprehensive boost, his strength was already completely Title Douluo level. The Phoenix spirit’s formidable flame attribute was undoubtedly manifested in this moment, invading the opponent’s body like bone maggots. But he himself was also lashed by the opponent’s spirit ability, and was knocked flying.

Oscar’s circumstances weren’t any better than Xiao Wu’s. He had no way to forcibly fight the opponent, and could only use the instant bought by Tang San’s Blue Silver Prison to immediately eat another mirror image sausage, retreating fully at the same time, while pulling out a caterpillar shaped transparent little sausage from his chest pocket. This sausage released bizarre energy fluctuations. Swallowing it in one gulp, in just an instant, Oscar seemed to glow with youth again, his spirit power instantly returned to its peak. He once again produced his clone, which lunged.

This was Oscar’s eighth spirit ability, Crystal Caterpillar Sausage. Effect: Instantly completely restores spirit power, gives the whole body like a cardiac stimulant. Also eating one Erect Gold Fly and one Stimulating Pink Sausage, an intense phoenix image erupted behind him. This was Ma Hongjun’s Phoenix Cloud Piercing Strike. The clone mirror sausage he ate just before was made using Ma Hongjun’s blood.

Oscar’s own strength was undeniably not particularly strong. Even using his Erect Gold Fly couldn’t more than make his abilities more efficient. But his Mirror Image Sausage gave him the power of myriad spirit abilities. Suddenly transforming from a power attack type White Tiger spirit master into a Phoenix battle spirit master, turning from melee to ranged combatant, instantly caught his opponent unprepared. Plus the Crystal Caterpillar Sausage fully restoring his spirit power, this Phoenix Cloud Piercing Strike instantly blasted that Title Douluo flying.

That Title Douluo fighting Xiao Wu had already forced her to use Invincible Golden Body twice, and Teleportation was launched without pause. Just at this instant he was trapped by the Blue Silver Prison a moment, and XIao Wu also instantly retreated. Before this Title Douluo could break that Blue Silver Prison, golden rings of light were already enveloping him. He felt his body tighten, and was already completely unable to move a finger.

Elsewhere, equally targeted by Tang San’s Unfixed Storm, Blowfish Douluo was luckier. He felt a burst of panic, and immediately returned to his normal form. Not only did Dugu Bo’s Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor knock him away, he even used his spines to leave a few wounds on Dugu Bo.

Unfixed Storm only had a fifty percent success rate. Even so, Tang San was already quite satisfied. After all, he was currently dealing head on with Bibi Dong’s enormous pressure. To have the leisure to stun a Title Douluo for eight seconds was already quite good.

Xiao Wu had a bellyful of anger after being suppressed by that Blood Devil Mad Bear Spirit Mad Bear Douluo for so long. Seeing Tang San’s Unfixed Storm hit, how could she let the opportunity slip by? With one

teleportation, she arrived behind Mad Bear Douluo, her scorpion braid flinging out, winding around Mad Bear Douluo’s neck. The toes of her right foot bracing against the enemy’s lower back, Waist Bow launched, immediately flinging Mad Bear Douluo into midair.

Xiao Wu’s red sixth spirit ring instantly brightened, and she turned into a blurry shadow shooting towards Mad Bear Douluo. Her sixth spirit ring was her previous hundred thousand year spirit beast life spirit ring. When Tang San resurrected her and returned it to her body, it had incomparable affinity with her. Now that she launched the hundred thousand year spirit ability from the spirit ring fused with her, it wasn’t inferior to any Title Douluo’s ninth spirit ring. Plus her characteristics as a former hundred thousand year spirit beast, her spirit power consumption wasn’t particularly large.

Nothingness, Burst Kill Eight Stage Drop, launched.

In the air, Mad Bear Douluo was instantly wrapped up in red light, rapidly spinning as he smashed into the ground like a falling star.

With Xiao Wu’s crisis temporarily resolved, Tang San also fell into his own crisis. Seeing Unfixed Storm’s golden rings move to the Title Douluo on either side, Bibi Dong’s eyes flared with dreadful light. Intense spirit power fluctuations boiled to the limit, light flashing, the purple and black light already turning a miserable green. Six black, one red and two black, nine spirit rings instantly appeared. She had already released her second spirit, Soul Eating Spider Emperor.

Two giant dark green foreclaws instantly closed together, a heaven shaking dark green blade of light chopping straight at Tang San. Bibi Dong had focused her full strength in this one attack. That dark green light blade could be seen flickering extremely unsteadily in the air, distorted light making it basically impossible to judge where it would hit. Even with Tang San’s level of mental strength, once it came into range of this attack would immediately be shattered by that distorted light, all probing effects completely obliterated.

The enormous pressure made Tang San’s heart and lungs feel like they would explode. Even holding the Seagod Trident before his chest couldn’t

weaken this feeling. A few golden rings of light produced by the trident were even cut in halves by that dark jade giant blade. All they could do was slightly slow it down.

Tang San understood that Bibi Dong was already determined to kill him, whether on the battlefield or not, she had resolved to absolutely kill him.

Facing such a crisis, even Tang San with his innumerable abilities, deeply felt powerless before absolute strength. Even though Bibi Dong still wasn’t showing the strength of a rank ninety nine Title Douluo, with so many spirit rings, his rank ninety three spirit power still couldn’t quite hold out. Tang San understood that he was still a ways off from a true peak expert.

The light in his eyes focused. In that instant, the Seagod Trident’s golden light rose to the extreme, the brand on Tang San’s forehead releasing Seagod’s Light as deep as the ocean. Right now, all his energy was poured into this true divine tool in his hand.

Tyrannical energy fluctuations instantly rose to a peak, glittering golden light rendering Tang San a gaudy golden color. Turning, spinning, striking, three simple motions were done as one, and in an instant, the power of heaven and earth seemed to condense within his simple motions. The Seagod Trident shot out an illusory seeming ray of golden light, as if piercing space, distorted shadows played across it as it went straight for the dark jade light blade Bibi Dong shot.

Bibi Dong’s eyes were already filled with an ice cold brilliance. Facing the Golden Thirteen Halberd’s third form, One Goes Without Return, she actually made a change that instantly turned Tang San pale with fright, and filled his eyes with despair.

The dark jade light blade separated from Bibi Dong’s own control, twisting in midair, it actually circumvented Tang San’s Seagod Trident, going straight for Tang San himself. And Bibi Dong’s Soul Eating Spider Emperor Spirt again switched back to the Death Spider Emperor. At the same time, her ninth spirit ring instantly brightened.

Tang San of course understood what Bibi Dong was doing. She wanted to rely on her Undying ability to face his Golden Thirteen Halberds’ One Goes Without Return, and her attack would simultaneously fall on him.

Back then, after Bibi Dong was seriously injured by this attack, she had carefully researched this dangerous divine ability that almost killed her. She had no certainty she could completely block it with spirit abilities, and instead thought up this method. She’d risk being injured again herself, but would also eliminate Tang San to forestall later danger. It seemed to her that even the total annihilation of the Sacred Dragon Legion was less important than killing Tang San. If this youth continued maturing, he would become a fatal threat to her.

Some distance away, the Hell White Tiger had already formed and instantly batted away the two Title Douluo that were originally fighting Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing, then lunged in this direction. But the Hell White Tiger really was too far from Tang San, even if they were even faster, it was still impossible to compare to the speed of Bibi Dong’s attack.

Ma Hongjun and Oscar wanted to assist, but the Title Douluo fighting them went fully on the offensive, forcibly keeping them from interfering.

Even though Ning Rongrong was giving Tang San a six attribute boost with all her strength, she also understood that the strength she could provide couldn’t possible let Tang San block that attack with his physical body.

Yang Wudi had just produced a new Soul Breaking Spear, bracing himself to crawl up from the ground. Sword Douluo Chen Xin was equally using the Seven Kill Sword to press his opponent, but he also wasn’t fast enough to come to his aid at the same time. Nobody had thought that Bibi Dong would actually be so valiant, using this kind of method to kill Tang San.

Tang San had issued the Golden Thirteen Halberds’ One Goes Without Return, and had no strength left. Targeted by an opponent of Bibi Dong’s level, it was impossible for him to dodge. Facng an attack this strong, all he could do was wait.

Even though it was just an instant, to Tang San it seemed to pass in slow motion. But just at this moment, a giant ball of red light fell from the sky, heavily smashing on that dark jade light blade with a sparkling golden luster.

“Xiao—— Wu——” Tang San cried out.

Boom—— Burst, shatter, in the heart of that explosion, even space was torn apart, countless fine black spatial cracks erupting from the center.

Blood and flesh flew, countless corpse fragments were swallowed within those cracks. An already completely dyed red body was flung out in answer, heavily striking Tang San’s chest and blocking in front of him, fully taking on the remaining dark jade light blade’s aftermath.

Bibi Dong’s attack was one of her strongest spirit abilities, also the most powerful ability of the Soul Eating Spider Emperor, Space Rending Abyss Cut. Along with her spirit power at rank ninety eight intensity, the might of this attack was absolutely at a level to ruin the heavens and extinguish the earth.

With a bang, Tang San’s body was flung back a full thirty meters, before he was caught and stabilized by the Hell White Tiger.

But on the other side, Bibi Dong’s body was also instantly smashed by the Seagod Trident’s One Goes Without Return’s terrifying power, and exploded into countless fragments thrown all over.

The Seagod Trident shot behind her without any pause, rushing into the Spirit Empire Army several kilometers away like a golden meteor.

Where the golden light passed, all obstacles turned to nothing. In a ten meter diameter, reaching all the way to the Jialing Pass fort, all the heavy armored soldiers standing there completely disappeared into nothing.

That golden light finally condensed on one spot of the walls. With an enormous explosion, a five meter diameter hole was cut straight through the

hundred meter thick walls. Finally, the Seagod Trident lost its golden light and fell below the walls, blasting out a huge pit.

Rip—— Hum——

The Godly Zhuge Crossbow’s second volley finished, a large cloud of bloody mist filling the sky once again. This time, the number of Sacred Dragon Legion spirit masters that died before the crossbow bolts was even more enormous. All agility attack type spirit masters below rank seventy were completely wiped out.

Grandmaster finally gave the order to attack, “Heaven Dou spirit masters, Tang Army, kill——!”

Marshal Ge Long simultaneously raised the long spear in his hand, roaring with angry eyes, shouting one word, “Kill——!”, pouring almost all of his level eighty spirit power into his voice. Ten heavy cavalry legions, ten light cavalry legions, instantly charged Jialing Pass like an infinite tsunami.

Charging furthest ahead was still the Tang Army. On horseback, they were just winding up the mechanisms for the third volley. Their Godly Zhuge Crossbows still held sixteen sharp bolts.

Within dense purple mist, Bibi Dong’s shattered body reformed, shouting: “Sacred Dragon Legion retreat. Heavy cavalry and infantry, meet the enemy.”

To her, the life or death of those heavy cavalry and heavy infantry wasn’t important. What was crucial was that Spirit Hall couldn’t be allowed to sway. Even though she still didn’t know the extent of the Sacred Dragon Legion’s losses, the casualties were already extremely miserable. If they were pursued and attacked by the enemy like this, there was no telling how many would die. Those attackers were also spirit masters, as well as that unknown weapon that could even cause substantial casualties to spirit masters.

As they say, defeat is like a landslide, the Godly Zhuge Crossbow’s two volleys had already extinguished the Sacred Dragon Legion’s fighting spirit. Adding in the deaths of their commanders, at Bibi Dong’s order to retreat, it was every man for himself.

Chapter 279

Without a doubt, the higher their spirit power, the faster the spirit master returned. The dense crowd basically couldn’t slow down these high level spirit masters. They either leapt over the lower level spirit masters, or if a bit tyrannical directly knocked them aside. Those high level spirit masters very quickly charged to the front of their retreat. Like this, those low level spirit masters and support type spirit masters were naturally exposed in front of the Tang Army.

Galloping horses might not be able to catch up to higher level spirit masters, but these low level spirit masters and support spirit masters couldn’t possibly outrun speeding horses.

As Bibi Dong saw the Godly Zhuge Crossbows’ third volley loose, and the Sacred Dragon Legion’s support type and low level spirit masters collapse, she couldn’t keep from bitterly closing her eyes. She had reacted by feel, and her orders was a mistake. Even though the enemy was powerful, the Sacred Dragon Legion was after all made up entirely from spirit masters. If they could have the high level spirit masters move to the front, then slowly pull back, then even if there were losses, it absolutely wouldn’t be as bad as now.

Only, now wasn’t the time to say anything. Bibi Dong shot the distant Tang San a last glance, then called out to her troop of Title Douluo and swiftly withdrew towards Jialing Pass. Before leaving she didn’t forget to bring that seriously injured Snakelance Douluo. Among these powers, Snakelance Douluo was seriously injured, and the Title Douluo within that

ball of red light before was directly torn to pieces. Losing two more people, plus Heavenly Elephant Huyan Zhen as well as Sacred Dragon Tuoba Xi, this time the Spirit Empire had undoubtedly suffered disastrous losses.

Tang San basically couldn’t manage to pursue. The other Shrek Seven Devils also guarded closely in front of him. The instant he was flung back, Tang San’s eyes were already blood red. How could he have failed to clearly see who it was that blocked Bibi Dong’s attack for him?

That was precisely his lover Xiao Wu. Xiao Wu had just used Nothingness and Burst Kill Eight Stage Drop on that Mad Bear Douluo. Seeing Tang San in danger, she hadn’t hesitated to bring Mad Bear Douluo to the rescue.

Mad Bear Douluo could still release his own defensive power in the Unfixed Storm, but even if he could resist some of the Burst Kill Eight Stage Drop’s attack power, how could be block Bibi Dong’s terrifying Space Rending Abyss Cut? He was immediately torn to pieces. But the attack’s aftermath also fiercely struck Xiao Wu, throwing her out to knock against Tang San.

Xiao Wu’s body was already blood red. Tang San held her tightly, doing his utmost to pour spirit power into her.

“Ge, I’m fine.” Xiao Wu coughed once, spitting out a mouthful of spirit power that hit the lapels of the Shrek Five Devils in front.

Tang San stared blankly. He was just in confusion out of concern. Seeing Xiao Wu suffer serious injuries, he had completely panicked. Hearing Xiao Wu’s voice, he returned to his senses, and eased the spirit power he was pouring into her.

Xiao Wu’s big eyes blinked, smiling wryly without the slightest hint of weakness: “My idiot brother, did you forget I have the Invincible Golden Body for protection! Bibi Dong couldn’t catch me, but how can I stand having so much spirit power poured into me?”

Tang San then finally reacted, heaving a long sigh. He held Xiao Wu tightly, loweri

Bibi Dong’s Space Rending Abyss Cut might be powerful, but it still wasn’t at the god level, and still wasn’t enough to break Xiao Wu’s Invincible Golden Body. It was also lucky Xiao Wu still had one last use of Invincible Golden Body’s defense, otherwise she might have already been torn to pieces along with Mad Bear Douluo.

Tang San gave Xiao Wu’s pert butt a smack. Xiao Wu miserably raised her head: “Ge, why’d you hit me?”

Tang San snorted, “Even if you had already used up the Invincible Golden Body, wouldn’t you have charged up all the same?”

Xiao Wu giggled: “That’s why you have to pay more attention to your safety! Otherwise you can’t blame me.”

No matter what was said, Xiao Wu being alright made Tang San heave an enormous sigh of relief. Lifting her up, he looked out over the battlefield. The field was already in chaos, the Heaven Dou Empire’s twenty legions were pushing straight for Jialing Pass. The Sacred Dragon Legion had lost close to half their numbers after the Godly Zhuge Crossbows’ three volleys, and with six thousand Heaven Dou Empire spirit masters in pursuit, the casualty numbers were constantly rising.

Sword Douluo Chen Xin, Bone Douluo Gu Rong, plus the Golden Iron Triangle already incarnated as the Golden Sacred Dragon, were like a sharp spear furthest ahead, leading the subordinate spirit masters to constantly kill the escaping Sacred Dragon Legion.

The Tang Army had now split into two parts and was quietly retreating on either side. They had already manifested their effect on this battle, and in order to avoid losses, Tang San had ordered the Tang Sect disciples to stay in the spirit master formation to support the attack, while the remaining ten thousand strong Tang Army directly retreated to the rear and reloaded the Godly Zhuge Crossbows.

The Spirit Empire’s eight heavy legions had finally reached the front, letting the Sacred Dragon Legion spirit masters pass, while meeting the frantic Heaven Dou Imperial Army. Two tides of steel, one side accelerating their attack, the other side already timid, clashed against each other. Even though there wasn’t much difference numerically, those leading six thousand spirit masters settled the outcome.

Bibi Dong had now already returned to the walls of Jialing Pass. Even now, she was quietly spitting a mouthful of blood into her sleeve, her expression also extremely unsightly.

Blowfish Douluo whispered: “Your Majesty, how about we send the Angel Legion? Otherwise our losses……”

“We can’t send the Angel Legion.” Bibi Dong’s eyes were dim and uncertain: “Before we know what those weapons that killed so many of our spirit masters is, we absolutely can’t let the spirit master legions sortie again. Spirit masters arent’s soldiers, even with our depth, it’s impossible to reform them quickly. Pass on my orders, the Angel Legion is to man the walls to defend against enemy assault.”

That enormous hole in the walls of Jialing Pass was undoubtedly an enormous danger to the fort. If the Heaven Dou Empire was a river, then this was a break in the levee.

While giving her orders, Bibi Dong’s gaze fell on that dark trident quietly resting deep in the ground below the walls.

Finally, the surviving Sacred Dragon Legion spirit masters withdrew into Jialing Pass fort, screened by the Spirit Empire’s eight heavy armor legions. But, along with their retreat, the Heaven Dou Empire’s spirit master legion as well as Heaven Dou Empire’s light cavalry legions had also reached the front.

One side had imposing manner like a rainbow, their assault led by more than six thousand spirit masters, as well as absolute superiority in military strength. And the other side was already losing morale. Behind them stood

the Jialing Pass fort as well as four drawbridges. In the collision of steel rivers, human lives were reaped like grass by the god of death.

The proper effect of spirit masters in battle was instantly revealed. Especially the Golden Iron Triangle’s Golden Sacred Dragon charging furthest ahead, as well as Sword Douluo and Bone Douluo. The three powers were like tigers in a flock of sheep, opening a hole in the Spirit Empire’s heavy legions in practically an instant. Six thousand spirit masters instantly dispersed, equally with support type spirit masters in the rear, power attack types in front, agility attack type’s guarding the flanks. But the result was completely different from the Spirit Empire’s Sacred Dragon Legion assault.

The Sacred Dragon Legion had faced the Tang Army’s Godly Zhuge Crossbows, but now the Heaven Dou Empire’s spirit master legion faced common soldiers. Although they were heavily armored, what use was that before spirit masters?

Flame and cold ice attributed abilities were the first to appear on the battlefield, the Four Element Academy students showing their strength. Fire and flood has no mercy, these two great absolute elemental forces basically couldn’t be resisted by armor. Following close behind them, the Tang Sect’s Defense Hall and Medicine Hall disciples formed the core of the vanguard.

Defense Hall disciples in front, Medicine Hall disciples behind, the two united. The heavy armored soldiers’ attacks fell on the Defense Hall disciples’ Plate Armored Giant Rhinoceros defense, no different than tickling a leather boot. But, the Soul Breaking Spears stabbing over the shoulders and between the sides of the Defense Hall disciples split their heavy armor like paper. With practically each step the Defense Hall disciples took, two hundred corpses would fall among the Spirit Empire’s heavy armored legions.

Six thousand spirit masters were like a dagger stabbed into the back of the enemy formation. The circumstances that should have appeared when the Spirit Empire attacked the Heaven Dou Empire’s heavy legions, now appeared among the Spirit Empire’s own troops. The losses were disastrous, shocking.

Above on the walls of Jialing Pass, the generals from the constituent kingdoms and duchies were already kneeling on the ground.

“Your Majesty, hurry up and send the spirit master legions to support.
Our heavy legions can’t hold out.”

“Yes! Your Majesty, these are our elites. Our Jialing Pass only has these eighty thousand heavy soldiers. If they’re routed by the Heaven Dou Empire, how can we guard the pass?”

“Your Majesty, one heavy cavalry legion is already annihilated. Give the orders immediately. If this goes on, the heavy legions are finished.”


Heavy legions were extremely important to any nation. The resources required to form a single heavy legion was almost that of ten ordinary infantry legions. Whether in terms of equipment or quality of the troops, they were all the highest in the army. For the kingdoms and duchies formerly part of the Heaven Dou and Star Luo great empires, forming two heavy legions each was already very difficult. Now that they saw these precious troops being butchered by the Heaven Dou Imperial Army’s attack, how could they not be distressed?

Bibi Dong looked at these ranking officers with a grave expression, speaking firmly: “The spirit master legions can’t go to battle again. As I said, they can’t be placed in any danger before we understand what weapon it was that killed so many spirit masters before. Even if the heavy legions are important, you must understand the the spirit master legions have a decisive effect. As long as the Angel Legion is still here, relying on the natural stronghold of Jialing Pass, we won’t fear being broken through by the Heaven Dou Empire. Come! Pass on my orders, completely launch long range attacks, screen the heavy legions’ retreat. Angel Legion guard within the walls. If enemy troops pursue inside, immediately block them.”

Listening to Bibi Dong’s orders, the kneeling generals couldn’t help looking at each other, their eyes filled with resentment. Of course, they

wouldn’t dare oppose Bibi Dong’s orders. After all, nobody was tired of living. But in their hearts, a dark seed was already quietly sprouting. Bibi Dong’s orders engendered a kind of feeling like, ‘your spirit master legions are elite, our soldiers aren’t even human’.

The officers quieted down, but their appearance of having the courage for anger but not for speech still made Bibi Dong even more depressed. Even since the founding of the Spirit Empire, she had always been full of confidence. But at this moment, she discovered that on a true battlefield, she wasn’t equal to long time battlefield commanders. She could still command spirit master battles, but after the battlefield turned chaotic, she was a bit panicked.

Of course, this wasn’t enough to change Bibi Dong’s decision. To her, there was nothing more important than her subordinate spirit masters.

The ballista guarding Jialing Pass began to show their might, constantly spraying the battlefield below with sharp arrows together with numerous archers.

Marshal Ge Long was already prepared. Seeing that his troops had already entered enemy attack range, he immediately passed on orders. The two wings of ten light cavalry legions that had charged into the battlefield immediately dispersed, moving into the rear via two large arcs. They didn’t go far, but rather formed up in dense formations five li from the battlefield, prepared to support the front at any time.

Common arrows were basically no threat to heavy cavalry. Each heavy cavalry soldier was like a metal pot, even their horses were wrapped in armor. The arrows could only strike sparks off their armor.

The direct threat was the fortress ballistae. Jialing Pass had no less than one hundred fifty of them, each using one meter twenty long bolts. With their sudden eruption, within a kilometer, their attack power wasn’t less than that of the Godly Zhuge Crossbows. Even ordinary spirit masters wouldn’t dare take them head on. Of course, the fortress ballistae firing rate couldn’t compare to the Godly Zhuge Crossbow, and as long as one was prepared, it was difficult for these ballistae to hit the spirit masters they

aimed at. Moreover, the bolts were so enormous that high level spirit masters that were somewhat prepared could easily intercept them. But even so, under the attack of the ballistae, the Heaven Dou Empire’s casualties gradually mounted.

The Spirit Empire’s eight great heavy legions withdrew to the sides. They no longer had any fighting spirit, and the majority had withdrawn across the drawbridges. After reaching a fortified position, cooperating with the ballistae and bows on the walls, the situation finally stabilized.

If Grandmaster now led the spirit master legion to assault, then these miserable heavy soldiers of course wouldn’t be enough to stop them. That giant hole in the Jialing Pass walls was right before them.

But Grandmaster didn’t do this. After their assault was repulsed a few times, Grandmaster and marshal Ge Long exchanged looks, and immediately ordered withdrawal. The drums sounded the retreat.

This time the Heaven Dou Empire had dispatched all cavalry. Even though the heavy cavalry couldn’t compare to the speed of the light cavalry, they were still much faster than infantry. Shortly, large numbers of soldiers withdrew like a tide. Grandmaster led the spirit master legion to guard the rear, to prevent any Spirit Empire counterattack.

Elsewhere, the Shrek Seven Devils had also caught up, and met up with Grandmaster and the others.

“Little San, your trident……” Grandmaster asked Tang San somewhat anxiously. With his research on spirit masters, he naturally saw the contrast in strength between Tang San and Bibi Dong. If he didn’t have this Seagod Trident, Tang San absolutely wouldn’t be able to block Bibi Dong’s attacks.

Tang San said: “Teacher, I have my ways. Don’t worry.” While speaking, his figure quietly disappeared, shielded by the surrounding spirit masters. How could he surrender his absolute diving weapon? The Vast Sea Barrier’s stealth effect made him disappear into thin air, and he quietly separated from the retreating army, rushing towards Jialing Pass like a bolt of lightning.

The moat before the Jialing Pass fort was already completely dyed red, countless corpses left behind. The vast majority belonged to the Spirit Empire.

Tang San quietly stole towards Jialing Pass. As Long as he got close to the moat, he wouldn’t even have to pass the water. He was sure he could return his Seagod Trident with Controlling Crane Catching Dragon. Bibi Dong might be powerful, but even if he couldn’t match her head on, it was still impossible for her to hold him back.

But, just as Tang San was about to reach the range at which he could use Controlling Crane Catching Dragon, he felt his whole body tighten. On the walls, Bibi Dong’s gaze was already aimed at him like a sharp sword.

How was it possible? Tang San was shocked, subconsciously throwing himself sideways. With a bang, a big crossbow bolt suddenly erupted next to him, personally loosed by Bibi Dong.

Tang San was stunned, and didn’t dare move forward. But he didn’t understand how. His mental strength was even a bit above Bibi Dong’s, so as long as he relied on the protection of the Vast Sea Barrier and didn’t attack with spirit abilities, Bibi Dong ordinarily couldn’t have discovered him before he had retrieved the Seagod Trident.

Bibi Dong stood on the walls, coldly gazing in Tang San’s direction. True, just her spirit power naturally wasn’t enough to discover Tang San. But when her gaze fell on the Seagod Trident, she had already expected that Tang San would come retrieve this weapon capable of contending with her.

Consequently, Bibi Dong’s gaze was always fixed in Tang San’s direction. Even though Tang San hid very stealthily in the spirit master legion, she had still noticed. Among the Title Douluo on Bibi Dong’s side was one with a peculiar ability, able to connect his mental strength with that of others. Bibi Dong’s mental strength alone wasn’t enough to discover Tang San, but by meticulously paying attention, joining together with another Title Douluo’s mental strength, and reducing the search range, she still caught him.

Nimbly falling back, Tang San might as well no longer hide. Revealing himself, he gazed at Bibi Dong up on the walls, his face brimming with a faint cold smile. Want to stop me from getting the Seagod Trident like this? In terms of strength, Bibi Dong of course had the confidence, but, the Seagod Trident was a weapon belonging to the Seagod, how could someone else easily touch it?

Tang San stopped while still around two kilometers from Jialing Pass, searching for a smooth and flat space on the battlefield, where he sat down cross legged.

Instantly focusing his mental strength, the Seagod Trident brand on his forehead abruptly flashed, intense golden light shining, coloring Tang San’s body.

In the previous battle with Bibi Dong, Tang San had undoubtedly exhausted himself enormously. The Seagod Trident had admittedly seriously injured bibi Dong, but by using that One Goes Without Return, Tang San’s own spirit power was also exhausted. In a battle against a power on Bibi Dong’s level, every second that passed would be exhausting. But Tang San hadn’t spent too much mental strength, just what it took for the Seagod’s Light to activate the Seagod Trident. Compared to his spirit power, his mental strength was still adequate.

And in fact, while Bibi Dong’s attack back then might seem fatal, Tang San still had some aces left. One Goes Without Return didn’t manage to block Bibi Dong’s attack, but Tang San was confident her Space Rending Abyss Cut wouldn’t kill him. His confidence was in the spirit power he had once used to contend with Bibi Dong, and even exceeded hers. At that time he had been waiting for the Space Rending Abyss Cut to reach a certain distance from him, so as not to give Bibi Dong the chance to react. He might end up injured, but as long as he used the Purple Demon Eye at that moment, it was impossible for Bibi Dong’s attack to hit him squarely. How would Tang San be so careless as to leave himself without any means? This was also why he was so enormously regretful when he saw Xiao Wu block the attack for him.

Now Tang San’s mental strength rose once again, completely congealing on the Seagod Trident brand. His body looked as if dipped in liquid gold. Starting from the top of his head, he was rendered completely golden in just a few breaths time.

Overbearing energy fluctuations emerged in this instant, frightening mental waves rising to the peak in a split second. Indeed, there was no forest here, so Tang San was unable to use the Blue Silver Domain to amplify his mental strength, but he still had another domain.

Blended white and red colored light appeared over Tang San, instantly enveloping his whole body. The light remained without scattering, only surrounding him, but even when condensed over such a small area, that focused terrifying killing intent still pointed straight at Bibi Dong up on Jialing Pass.

What was he doing? Bibi Dong scowled. She didn’t believe Tang San would dare come retrieve that mystical trident while targeted by her. If he really did, then with the strength of the Title Douluo next to her, he would inevitably never return. But where he stopped, two kilometers away, was at a distance spirit abilities couldn’t hope to reach. What could he hope to do at such range?

Tang San very soon provided the answer. He sharply opened his eyes, now turned completely golden. The compacted Deathgod Domain wrapped him up in an instant, white and red lights carrying terrifying extreme killing intent merged into his eyes, and shot out as golden light.

The two rays of light fused together in the air, alternately bursting with red and white, it actually crossed that two kilometer distance, closing on Bibi Dong on Jialing Pass.

The split second Tang San released that light, Bibi Dong felt how her energies were locked inside her body, even the air around her seemed to be pulled away. That absolutely wasn’t as simple as killing intent taking form. That it could still give her such a reaction at such a distance prooved that there was a major problem. The extremely terrifying point of killing intent

was like a giant maw, even surrounded by several Title Douluo, in this moment Bibi Dong still felt helpless and alone.

Deeply golden light enveloping that intense red and white light, the two kilometer distance disappeared in a moment.

Bibi Dong gave a fierce hiss, the spiderweb pattern on her forehead suddenly turning dark purple, compacting into a ray of dark purple light that went to meet it. Even she herself felt an intense danger in this moment. She’d once clashed with Tang San in mental strength, but even though Tang San’s mental strength was already deep as the sea at the time, his spirit power was still only rank eighty something. Now Tang San’s spirit power had already truly stepped into the Title Douluo level, and his mental strength had naturally risen with it. But this still wasn’t most important. Most important was that Tang San possessed a unique ability like the Purple Demon Eye that could condense all mental strength to attack a single point. And Bibi Dong didn’t.

This was also an important reason Tang San could launch an across two kilometers while Bibi Dong couldn’t.

But, as that golden light was just about to arrive, and Bibi Dong had already prepared herself to suffer a violent mental attack, and drawn out large amounts of mental strength from that Title Douluo connected to her in order to defend herself, the golden light the should originally have struck her, suddenly changed directions after passing the moat, suddenly turning straight down and falling directly on the Seagod Trident.

Duped. This was Bibi Dong’s first thought. Leaping up without the slightest hesitation, she launched herself straight at the Seagod Trident below.

What Grandmaster understood, she of course also understood. As long as Tang San was unable to get back this true divine tool, his strength would directly fall by a level. She would be even more certain of killing him in their next fight. Consequently, no matter what, Bibi Dong absolutely wouldn’t quietly watch Tang San take this weapon away.

But at this moment, two kilometers away Tang San had already leapt up, the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone and Evil Spirit Orca left leg bone simultaneously issuing force, launching him towards Jialing Pass like an artillery shell.

Bibi Dong’s reaction was undoubtedly very fast, but she still wasn’t faster than light. That golden Purple Demon Eye with the red and white colored lights directly hit charged towards the ground, and as if it had eyes, it fell squarely on the Seagod’s Heart below the Seagod Trident’s main blade.

Bibi Dong was just falling from above, lunging towards the Seagod Trident, she had to stop Tang San from retrieving it. Just as she was putting even more energy on reaching it before Tang San, suddenly, the golden light that had rushed into the ground abruptly returned.

All of a sudden, Bibi Dong could only once again erupt with the mental energy she had just withdrawn, the dark purple energy just managing to sweep across her body before it violently collided with that golden ray. And meanwhile, the Seagod Trident embedded in the earth exploded with incomparably intense golden light.


Bibi Dong felt as if her brain had burst, violent pain engulfing her whole body. That golden ray wasn’t just filled with the frightening mental attack, but at the same time also held the divine presence of the Seagod Trident, as well as vast killing intent compressed to the extreme. That kind of killing intent didn’t just give her pressure and fear, but was also somewhat familiar.

Her vision going blank, Bibi Dong’s already injured body bled simultaneously from eyes, nose, mouth and ears, making her seem extremely scary. Flung away by that intense attack, she heavily struck the walls. Meanwhile, that Title Douluo supplying Bibi Dong with mental strength equally bled from all orifices and went limp, collapsing paralysed on the walls.

Mental clashes were even more dangerous than spirit ability collisions. Even with Title Douluo level strength, if there was any problem, it was very possibly fatal.

And now Tang San had already reached the edge of the moat. With a wave of his right hand, under the gazes of the several tens of thousands of Spirit Empire generals, soldiers and spirit masters on Jialing Pass, the Seagod Trident rose like a golden dragon, returning to his palm.

Tang San didn’t halt, he didn’t even glance at the seriously injured Bibi Dong. Soaring up, he returned towards his own side. The six Title Douluo on the walls still with the strength to fight didn’t dare chase after him, and could only helplessly watch Tang San float away.

He had to hold out, he absolutely had to hold out. Tang San constantly shouted at himself in his heart. He of course knew that Bibi Dong was seriously hurt, but right now he was practically running on fumes. He was certain that if he launched another attack condensing the last of his strength on Bibi Dong, while Bibi Dong might not die, she would suffer even more appalling injuries. But if he did so, he would pay with his own life.

How did Tang San end up so weak? It was because of that golden light. For an attack that could even harm Bibi Dong this way, how could he pay any less? For that one attack, Tang San had paid with practically all his mental strength and spirit power.

The spirit power erupted via the Purple Demon Eye, the spirit power was instantly condensed in the Deathgod Domain. His two great domains had simultaneously evolved as his spirit power entered the Title Douluo level, the Blue Silver Domain’s final evolved ability was All Rivers Run Into The Sea, and the Deathgod Domain’s final evolved ability could be called Asura Manifestation.

Just as Tang San was once told by his great grandfather Tang Chen, Slaughter City was established by the Asura God, only it was tainted by the Rakshasa God. But in the end this Deathgod Domain was a power belonging to Asura. Even though it wasn’t the true strength, after it evolved

to its highest degree of loyalty, it could still produce a portion of Asura’s divine might.

Just that attack was the final evolved ability of the Deathgod Domain, Asura Manifestation. But it didn’t cause Asura’s image to appear, this confused Bibi Dong. Then he again temporarily drew on the fusion of Asura’s strength and his own Purple Demon Eye, and launched it.

Otherwise, even if his mental strength was powerful, how would it be possible to injure Bibi Dong at a two kilometer distance.

Even so, Tang San’s attack had still weakened after spanning the whole distance, and Bibi Dong’s defense was at close quarters. Under such circumstances, it was almost impossible for Tang San’s attack to harm Bibi Dong.

But, it was also at this moment that Tang San revealed his control strength and intelligence and wisdom in battle. He forcefully controlled this Purple Demon Eye’s Asura Demon Light to drop, illuminating the Seagod Trident’s Seagod’s Heart.

The Seagod’s Heart was stimulated by the Seagod’s Light, and instantly erupted with the power of the Seagod, merging it into the Asura Demon Light, instantly also completely connecting with Tang San through this mental strength. Under Tang San’s control, the Seagod’s Heart had provided a reflective effect like a mirror, not only making up for the Asura Demon Light’s losses after crossing two kilometers with Seagod’s Power, but simultaneously also joining its own divine presence into it, completely revealing the might of this attack.

And on the other side, Bibi Dong had almost subconsciously assumed Tang San’s goal was the Seagod Trident when his attack changed direction, and was about to retrieve it. Consequently, she paid even more attention to Tang San himself, and only thought of how she would stop him from getting the trident back. Who would have thought that the light that made even her feel intensely terrified would actually be reflected, again descending on her. With her attention elsewhere, Bibi Dong’s defenses weren’t as good as on the walls, and was instantly heavily injured, and

simultaneously also implicated the Title Douluo feeding her mental strength.

Of course, only Tang San himself understood all these details. Even the now seriously injured Bibi Dong didn’t understand how Tang San did it. But, all this happened before the eyes of both armies, and they had their own thoughts. They only saw Bibi Dong in defeat, bleeding from the apertures on her head, striking the walls and falling from Jialing Pass, while Tang San proudly took back the Seagod Trident. They didn’t see Tang San’s weakness.

Chapter 280

On the Spirit Empire’s side, besides the Sacred Dragon Legion commander Tang San instantly killed, there were eight Title Douluo that followed Bibi Dong into battle. In the first engagement, one was thrown into Bibi Dong’s all out attack by Xiao Wu’s Burst Kill Eight Stage Drop and met a violent death, and Yang Wudi left Snakelance Douluo near death. The Title Douluo that lent his mental strength to Bibi Dong was also seriously injured when he was implicated in the mental attack, leaving only five Title Douluo in fighting shape.

Seeing Bibi Dong blasted flying by Tang San’s attack, striking the walls so hard she bled, the ignorant Title Douluo leapt down almost at the same time, two of them catching Bibi Dong, the other three guarding in front, warding Tang San’s follow up attack. Seeing Tang San leave, they all couldn’t help but breathe a huge sigh of relief. In today’s battle, this seemingly extremely young, but extremely cunning youth that had given them enormous losses, had left a deep shadow in the hearts of these peak experts of the spirit master world. Especially when Tang San had taken back the Seagod Trident, they really had no hope of fighting him.

The Heaven Dou Imperial Army drew back five li like a tide before they stopped under Grandmaster and marshal Ge Long’s command, then again arrayed themselves into neat formations that looked as if they were ready to launch a second assault at any time. When the order to retreat came, the Golden Sacred Dragon had already split back into Grandmaster’s trio. When Tang San charged the fortress, Grandmaster had already ordered the

other six Shrek Seven Devils to move up and prepare to support Tang San. They were just in time to welcome him back.

Gathering with his comrades, Tang San immediately reached out with his left hand and pulled Xiao Wu close, whispering: “Give me a bit of strength, bring me back.” Saying so, he struggled to draw breath, swaying softly, scaring Xiao Wu enough to hurriedly infuse him with her spirit power and support him. The feeling Tang San now gave Xiao Wu was as if he might collapse at any moment.

“Ge, are you alright?”

Tang San softly shook his head, “Let’s get back first.”

The Shrek Seven Devils had been together for so many years, they already completely understood each other. Oscar immediately produced a big recovery sausage, letting Tang San eat it. The six crowded around him, swiftly returning to camp.

At the moment, the Tang Army was already moving again. Only, this time they didn’t attack, but rather swept the battlefield.

Each of the crossbow bolts the Tang Sect forged was priceless, and they only carried one hundred twenty on their person, plus forty eight in the crossbow, each Tang Army soldier was only equipped with one hundred sixty eight bolts. That’s why they had to recycle crossbow bolts from the battlefield, to use them again. This was also why Grandmaster and marshal Ge Long didn’t lead the army the whole way back. With them as deterrent, the Spirit Empire army in Jialing Pass wouldn’t dare act without thinking hard first.

The people on the Heaven Dou Empire’s side that could see something wasn’t right with Tang San was only those of Spirit Douluo strength and above, and Grandmaster who was extremely familiar with him. In the eyes of the common soldiers and even the spirit master legion, he was king Lan Hao returning in victory after crushing the enemy. In their eyes, Tang San was now simply synonymous with the word unequalled.


Ordinary people could only see battles between spirit masters in the great spirit arena, and even then it was impossible to see Title Douluo level fights. For the majority of the common soldiers, this was the first time seeing spirit masters of this level fight. Tang San’s Seagod Trident had left too deep of an impression, and their cheering like landslides or tsunamis was completely unorganized, completely heartfelt. In their eyes, it was this young king Lan Hao defeating Spirit Empire Empress Bibi Dong as well as a host of Spirit Empire powers that had ld them to this victory.

Heroes were frequently those with the deepest impact. The entire Heaven Dou Empire’s morale was already at a peak. Before this battle, who could have thought that the Spirit Empire’s spirit master legions would actually break so easily? Not even sixty percent of the Spirit Empire’s heavy legions had returned to Jialing Pass in the end. Those were losses of at least thirty thousand in the previous battle. Even more importantly, there was no longer any way of reforming the Spirit Empire’s all spirit master Sacred Dragon Legion.

This was a perfect victory, a perfect victory nobody had imagined. The Heaven Dou Empire that had an absolute numerical advantage from the start, had relied on this battle to pressure the Spirit Empire till they almost couldn’t breathe. Not only was morale at the lowest, but a shadow had even been left in the hearts of those generals. So much that some even feld schadenfreude over the Sacred Dragon Legion’s losses. After all, the spirit legions’ lofty position had always in the past made people not only jealous, but those arrogant and despotic Spirit Empire spirit masters had always had a very strained relationship with the ordinary generals and soldiers.

Tang San clenched his teeth and endured. The originally hundred something jin Seagod Trident that he would easily swing around, now felt like it weighed thirty thousand in his hand. His spirit power overdraft was a bit better, somewhat alleviated by eating Oscar’s big recovery sausage. His body was after all extremely tough. But, his mental strength’s overdraft was still immensely painful, as if his entire brain was hollowed out. And this mental strength was something he could only recover himself.

Marshal Ge Long asked Grandmaster: “State Preceptor, won’t we assault once again? Right now is when our morale is highest, and enemy morale is lowest. Perhaps we can even charge into the city, and eve if not, we can still use attrition.”

Grandmaster said: “The strategy is of course marshal’s decision. Only, I personally believe that now isn’t a good chance for assault. Even though Jialing Pass has low morale, the Spirit Empire’s soldiers also know what the pass being broken means for them. Most important is that there is still a Spirit Empire elite spirit master legion behind the pass. Marshal, absolutely don’t get careless because we defeated the enemy’s spirit master legion today. You saw the true power of a spirit master legion in our attack just now, but our six thousand spirit masters are far from being able to compare with any Spirit Empire spirit master legion. Them fortifying the terrain leaves our side’s Tang Sect unable to show the might of the Godly Zhuge Crossbow. If we force a charge, the losses might be disastrous.”

Marshal Ge Long’s original haughtiness was already completely obliterated after this battle. Whether Grandmaster or Tang San, the strength they revealed and the might the Tang Army as well as the spirit master legion showed when commanded by Grandmaster, had given him a very large shock.

Listening to Grandmaster, he pondered: “Fine. Our first battle was a great victory. Being too risky really is inadvisable. Come, pass on my orders. Sound the gongs for recall.”

The Heaven Dou Imperial Army slowly withdrew, neatly returning to the camp fifty li away, and Xue Beng personally met them. Even though he didn’t understand why the army just withdrew, he didn’t express any concerns on the field. Questioning the commander before the troops absolutely wasn’t sensible.

When they returned to camp, Tang San was already in a daze. He didn’t even know how he entered the camp and returned to his own tent. When Xiao Wu helped him lie down, he immediately fell into deep sleep. Ever since his mental strength reached the Boundless level, and especially after

entering the Title Douluo level, this was the first time Tang San had been this severely overdrawn. He was even more exhausted than when he connected his father’s meridians or helped his mother resurrect.

That one Asura Demon Light had exhausted Tang San’s mental strength, will and spirit power.

Tang San slept for a full three days. Each of these days the Heaven Dou Imperial Army would routinely invite battle, but Jialing Pass remained shut. After the walls were quickly mended, they let the Heaven Dou Imperial Army shout and curse outside, no matter what going out to battle again.

Tang San’s overdraft was admittedly severe, but Bibi Dong’s injuries were even more serious. Not only was she injured by the Seagod Trident, even more important was Tang San’s last Asura’s Light, which knocked Bibi Dong unconscious almost immediately. After being rushed back by the five Title Douluo, she always remained unconscious. Jialing Pass was already in a bit of chaos, fortunately there were still those five Title Douluo as well as the Angel Legion who managed to keep it under control. But they clearly didn’t agree to go out on the battlefield.

The Heaven Dou Empire also moved over siege equipment, trying to siege the walls. But the results were minimal, and moreover came with large losses. Just as Grandmaster said, when the Tang Army’s hidden weapons couldn’t show their power, and the spirit master legion within the pass joined the defense, it was difficult for the Heaven Dou Empire to advance a single step even with millions of heroes.

What Tang San first saw when he woke from unconsciousness was black hair flowing like a waterfall, Xiao Wu in white, leaning over next to him, sleeping very sweetly. Her silky black hair was like a blanket, drawing the outlines of her perfect curves. Looking at her, Tang San’s heart was immediately filled with tender feelings. His mental strength exhaustion was already almost recovered, and his spirit power was basically already restored without needing him to deliberately cultivate since he reached great accomplishment in Mysterious Heaven Skill.

Quietly snuggling up to Xiao Wu, he pulled her into his arms. Feeling that rich feeling that made his pulse speed up, Tang San couldn’t help lower his head and softly kiss Xiao Wu’s red lips. He loved her too much, even such a simple embrace constantly stirred up the softest parts of Tang San’s heart.

Four lips met. Xiao Wu’s tender body trembled slightly as she woke back up. As she opened her eyes and saw Tang San, her arms already half raised to push him away instead circled around his neck like water snakes, answering passionately. Her two slender legs even more directly twisted around Tang San, like an octopus, she fitted close to Tang San. That completely alluring feeling made Tang San’s blood boil almost instantly.

Just as Tang San couldn’t help caressing Xiao Wu’s butt, and the two were already somewhat unable to hold back, a shout came from outside, “Xiao Wu, is little San awake?”

Hearing this voice, Tang San and Xiao Wu separated as if by electric shock. Raising the tentflap, Liu Erlong walked in from outside. Seeing Tang San’s awkward expression and Xiao Wu’s charming blush, Liu Erlong immediately revealed an envious expression, “I’m sorry, I disturbed you kids.”

“Mom——” Xiao Wu shyly jumped over to Liu Erlong, grabbing her arm and rocking forcefully to hide her embarrassment.

Liu Erlong laughed in spite of herself: “Don’t shake, you’ll break my weary old bones if you go on.”

Tang San’s mood had already recovered, smiling: “Aunt[1], you’re still very young!”

Liu Erlong rebuked: “Enough flattery. Since you’re awake, me and your teacher can both be relieved. Recuperate properly, don’t mind what’s happening outside. The Spirit Empire is already playing a turtle in its shell.”

Tang San said: “Aunt, I’ll go take a look anyway. Physically I’m already fine.” While speaking, he nodded apologetically to Xiao Wu, who gave him a warm smile in return, coming over to pull Tang San’s arm. “I’ll go with you.”

As the State Preceptor as well as the Heaven Dou Empire spirit master legion commander, Grandmaster had a large tent of his own, specially for discussing strategy with the high level spirit masters. As Tang San and Xiao Wu were led there by Liu Erlong, the tent was already bustling. The Shrek Seven Devils were present as non voting delegates, and at the same time Poison Douluo Dugu Bo, Strength Hall master Tai Tan representing the Tang Sect, Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master and spirit master legion deputy commander Ning Fengzhi, Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School elders Sword Douluo Chen Xin and Bone Douluo Gu Rong, and Shrek Academy dean Flender were also there. Not one wasn’t a high level power of the Heaven Dou Empire’s spirit master world.

Tang San’s appearance immediately made everyone show happy expressions. Poison Douluo was the one who hid his thoughts the least, and directly stepped forward to give Tang San a big bear hug, “Little Freak, I knew you were more tenacious than a cockroach. How is it, all recovered?”

Tang San laughed: “If an old freak like you is fine, how could I have any problems?”

Grandmaster nodded to Tang San, “Since little San has come, he’ll attend as a non voting delegate. We’ll continue the conference.”

Because Tang San was late, he didn’t insist on sitting in front even though his position in the Heaven Dou Imperial Army was exceedingly high. He just pulled up a chair and sat next to the other Shrek Seven Devils.

Even though Grandmaster and Ning Fengzhi occupied the first seats in the big tent, seeing the calm and composed Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master, Tang San couldn’t help sighing to himself. The events back then had in the end left repercussions. Ning Fengzhi’s judgement wasn’t wrong, but he had personally assumed responsibility for lessening emperor

Xue Ye’s lifespan, otherwise, whether in terms of seniority or strength, he should have sat in the seat of the State Preceptor. This was presumably also the reason Ning Fengzhi planned to leave the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master position to Ning Rongrong after the war. Ning Rongrong and the seven devils’ relationship would inevitably improve the misunderstanding between the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School and the Heaven Dou Empire, even more so when even if Xue Beng hated the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, he still wouldn’t dare really do anything to them. After all, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School was extremely closely related to the Shrek Academy as well as the Tang Sect, and these three great systems supported the entire Heaven Dou Empire’s spirit master world. Consequently, Xue Beng could only suppress the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School with authority.

“Despite our army’s overwhelming victory in the first battle, heavily damaging the Spirit Empire army as well as the spirit master legions, the present circumstances are still extremely unfavorable to us.”

Grandmaster continued his speech. Perhaps it was because of holding a high position these years, but his rigid face was a bit more dignified.

“Our army might seem to have millions of heroes, with vast imposing manner, suppressing the Spirit Empire army until they don’t dare leave Jialing Pass. But in fact, with Jialing Pass fortified, they have it a lot easier than us. We have to guard against surprise attacks at any moment, but they have pretty much no concerns in that respect. At the same time, and most important, is that just because our army is big, the consumption of supplies is astronomical. We can’t afford delays. Even though we’ve always prepared all these years, if it drags out like this, before long the logistics won’t be able to keep up and our army will collapse without a fight. On the surface the Spirit Empire has much fewer troops than us, but relying on the natural defenses of Jialing Pass plus their enormous numbers of spirit masters, it’s very difficult for us to break through. Even if we want a war of attrition with the enemy, that’s also not that simple. The Spirit Empire possesses tens of thousands of spirit masters, but we only have thousands. If we don’t dispatch spirit masters during siege assaults, then our soldiers will be consumed at a frightening pace. If we

send spirit masters, we basically can’t afford the losses. Either we find a good way to storm the pass, or, we draw the Spirit Empire out on the field again. And our conference today is on how we can achieve these two possibilities.”

Listening to Grandmaster, practically everyone frowned. Jialing Pass was like a flawless stronghold, walls and moat incomparably firm, and behind stood a numerous spirit master army as the cornerstone of the defense. In such circumstances, the Tang Army the Heaven Dou Empire used to restrain the Spirit Empire’s spirit master legions couldn’t show their effect and effectively kill enemy spirit masters. The trouble they understood, the Spirit Empire naturally understood as well. The purpose of their current entrenchment was to drag down Heaven Dou.

The original plan formulated by marshal Ge Long was for a war of attrition with the Spirit Empire, relying on the formidable national power to smash the enemy. But after the last few days of trying to launch assaults with the army, the result was completely different from the planned circumstances. Due to the large number of Spirit Empire spirit masters assisting the defense within Jialing Pass with powers like trees in the forest, the Heaven Dou Empire’s losses during siege assaults was astonishing. This wasn’t even the most important point, most important was that while they suffered large losses, the Spirit Empire’s losses could basically be neglected. If it went on like this, marshal Ge Long’s original plan would undoubtedly be broken.

Siege equipment was basically nothing before spirit masters, practically the same as losses from soldiers. In the first two days, marshal Ge Long had once proposed that Grandmaster lead the spirit master legion to assist the assault, but Grandmaster had vetoed.

Grandmaster’s explanation to emperor Xue Beng was very simple. If the Heaven Dou Empire possessed the same number of spirit masters as the Spirit Empire, assisting the assault was naturally no problem, it was just a question of losses. But, the actual gap in spirit masters between the Heaven Dou Empire and the Spirit Empire was too large. If the spirit masters assisted in the assault, as long as Jialing Pass turned their ballistae to fire on the Heaven Dou Empire spirit masters, they would definitely suffer

disastrous losses. If their foundation was harmed, then there would be no way to continue this war.

Xue Beng agreed with Grandmaster’s explanation, but the crucial point was that he wanted to wait until Tang San recovered to hear his proposal. The deep impression Tang San left in the first battle that day had also given this new Heaven Dou emperor a huge surprise.

Only then did Xue Beng understand why his father regarded Tang San so highly, naming him as king Lan Hao. Besides the Tang Sect’s enormous effect on the Heaven Dou Empire, Tang San’s own growth potential was also the most important part. Only, even if emperor Xue Ye was resurrected, he might not have imagined Tang San’s potential would be roused quite this quickly.

Grandmaster looked towards Ning Fengzhi, “School master Ning, what do you suggest?”

Ning Fengzhi smiled slightly: “Little San has recovered, so we better listen to him first. This world already belongs to young heroes like these.”

Hearing Ning Fengzhi say this, Grandmaster’s rigid face couldn’t help showing a faint smile. To him, Tang San was undoubtedly the greatest pride of his life, even more glorious than his position as State Preceptor. When he heard Ning Fengzhi praise Tang San, Grandmaster hardly concealed his happiness. Being without children of his own, Tang San was his child.

Grandmaster’s gaze turned to Tang San, smiling faintly: “Then little San, tell us, do you have any good plans?”

Tang San pondered: “At present I seem to have two ways.”

“Ah?” Everyone else couldn’t help staring shocked at Tang San. These last days they’d always been considering it from different angles, but without getting any good ideas. Tang San had only just recovered, and had actually straight up told them he had two plans to solve the problem without even asking what had happened over the last days.

Tang San stood: “Teacher, school master Ning, all seniors. What teacher said is correct, a frontal confrontation is definitely unwise. Jialing Pass is easily guarded but hard to attack, causing us too many losses. Forcing the attack would very possibly turn this pass into a meatgrinder. Bibi Dong was seriously injured in the last battle, and by my expectations she won’t appear on the field again within half a month. But she can still give orders. I think that no matter what method we use to draw them out, the Spirit Empire won’t easily take the field. Of my two methods, the first possesses a certain degree of risk. Everyone here are on the same side, and all seniors are very familiar with us Shrek Seven Devils. Among us seven, my second brother Oscar’s original name at Shrek Academy was Sausage Monopoly. And now he is already a food type Spirit Douluo past rank eighty. Among the many sausages his spirit can produce, the third spirit ring ability is known as Swift Flight Mushroom Sausage. With Oscar’s current strength, the flying mushroom sausages he makes can allow anyone to fly for ten minutes, at a speed that at least equals an early level Phoenix Tailed Crested Serpent. That is already a considerable speed. After it produced, the Flying Mushroom Sausage is effective if used within ten days. In ten days, if my second brother has everyone’s help, he should be able to produce at least twenty thousand flying mushroom sausages. If used on my Tang Army, every man can have two sausages. If my Tang Army suddenly takes to the air while the army assaults the front and attacks the enemy spirit masters on the walls of Jialing Pass, it will inevitably be quite effective. Two flying mushroom sausages is enough for every Tang Army soldier to fly into the air, fire the Godly Zhuge Crossbows three times, and return to the formation.”

Listening to Tang San, everyone’s gazes instantly focused on Oscar, their eyes brightening at the same time. Tang San’s idea was undoubtedly brazen and imaginative, but thinking carefully, in theory it should be quite workable.

Grandmaster nodded: “This is a very good suggestion. If it’s done appropriately, we can definitely give the Spirit Empire spirit masters another big surprise.”

Tang San said: “But, this method also has risks. First of all, our Godly Zhuge Crossbow bolts will be fired into the walls, and will be very difficult to retrieve. Three volleys will waste forty eight thousand crossbow bolts, more than a quarter of our entire supply. Second, after our Tang Army flies into the air, they will definitely become moving targets. Even though the Godly Zhuge Crossbows has excellent range, spirit masters over rank sixty specializing in ranged attacks will still very easily be able to attack. Plus the fortress ballistae, the Tang Army might suffer very large losses. Best is if the spirit master legion is thrown in with a full scale attack. Only like this will our attack have its greatest effect, and the losses kept at a minimum.”

Listening to Tang San, everyone nodded one after another. At present, this was the best plan they had heard.

However, Tang San very quickly surprised them again, “My second method is comparatively safer. That is for me alone to destroy the enemy’s defenses as far as possible.”

“Everyone probably saw my fight with Bibi Dong that day. Relying on the Seagod Trident, Jialing Pass’ solid walls are nothing. As long as I have enough time, I can even completely level their defenses with the ground. My second plan is for me to attack Jialing Pass’ defenses at close range while protected by all you seniors. I believe I can destroy faster than they can rebuild. Doing it this way will not only likely draw out the enemy spirit master legion to attack, but at the same time also pave the way for our future main attack.”

At this point, Tang San paused, his eyes flashing, “Of course, in my opinion, the best way is to use these two methods at the same time. To us, Bibi Dong’s injuries is a rare opportunity.”

Silence. The entire tent sank into silence. Each person thought deeply, their brains moving swiftly, calculating all kinds of possibilities.

Tang San sat back down in his seat. His two plans wasn’t something he came up with on the spot, he had already thought it over on the way to Jialing Pass. He couldn’t command an army, but with his agile mind, as a

control type spirit master he could still think of the best way to apply the power of spirit masters.

After a full half stick of incense of time, Grandmaster sharply stood from his seat, drawing everyone’s eyes. He looked towards Tang San, “Little San, let’s go. Come with me to see His Majesty.” Without question, everyone also saw that after Grandmaster had carefully calculated, he was completely convinced by Tang San’s proposal.

Only Oscar had a bitter expression, looking miserably at Tang San. Tang San laughed in spite of himself: “Little Ao, it seems you’d better start making sausages now. Rongrong, stay with little Ao. Work in secret, the faster the better. Twenty thousand sausages, not one less. The faster you move, the sooner we can launch the attack. Our greatest opportunity is while Bibi Dong is gone.”

…… Seven days later, in front of Jialing Pass, the battlefield that had stood silent for several days was bustling once again. This time The Heaven Dou Empire’s million man army was fully mobilized. The fastest light cavalry, the solid heavy cavalry and heavy infantry, as well as large numbers of regular infantry, were all arrayed in formation, gradually advancing. Even though the numbers were enormous, they still neatly slowly pushed forward in units of legions.

On the walls of Jialing Pass, standing in the main position in place of Bibi Dong was astonishingly Hu Liena. Hu Liena had been appointed from sickbed. Bibi Dong had been unconscious for a full seven days after the last engagement, and after she woke up she immediately sent orders for Hu Liena, who at the time was in charge of the Spirit Empire’s army supplies, to take over her position, defending with all strength. As the Spirit Empire’s previous Spirit Hall Holy Maiden, Hu Liena had an extremely high position among all the spirit masters related to Spirit Hall. Adding that she was Bibi Dong’s personal disciple, even though it wasn’t enough to attack, it was plenty to defend the walls.

Right now Hu Liena stood on top of the walls, at the head of five Title Douluo, with a serious expression attentively watching the millions of soldiers slowly approaching Jialing Pass, frowning deeply.

That was an army of millions! Even though the battle still hadn’t begun, the intangible pressure from such an army still made it hard to breathe.

Bibi Dong and two severely injured Title Douluo were still gone. After all, not many possessed Tang San’s recovery capability, and their injuries were even more severe than Tang San’s. Even though Bibi Dong’s recovery ability was also very strong, unfortunately, this time it was her soul that was wounded. Tang San’s attack was an extremely heavy blow to her, and injuries to the soul could only be slowly restored with time. The half a month Tang San gave for her to recover was originally a conservative estimate. In fact, after Bibi Dong woke from seven days of unconsciousness and gave a series of orders, she had fallen back into unconsciousness. It was only in the last two days that her condition had taken a turn for the better.

“Holy maiden, no need to worry. The Heaven Dou Empire is just acting strong. If they really do dare attack, we’ll teach them a harsh lesson. The Angel Legion has already finished preparations, and even though the Sacred Dragon Legion took great losses, the remainder are still elites. Our spirit masters still number more than fourteen thousand, more than twice that of the enemy.”

The speaker was a Title Douluo next to Hu Liena. Listening to him, Hu Liena slowly shook her head, “No, the Heaven Dou Empire shouldn’t be blustering this time. Please watch, even though that special troop you mentioned previously are somewhat to the rear of the formation, they’re all filled with a murderous aura. If it’s just a token threat, they absolutely wouldn’t appear like this. Also, the Heaven Dou Empire troops furthest ahead all give me the same kind of feeling. Pass on my orders, prepare the whole army. Very possibly, the Heaven Dou Empire is taking advantage of my teacher’s injuries to launch their main attack. At the same time, pass on my orders to cut the four drawbridges. That will block the Heaven Dou Empire from sending experts to forcing them open. Move the whole Sacred Dragon Legions up on the walls, keep the Angel Legion at level one readiness within the walls. Prepare for battle.”


Possessing the Deathgod Domain just like Tang San, Hu Liena at this moment fully revealed her killing intent, showing her strong side before all the high officers and first rate spirit masters.
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