Douluo Dalu Chapter 261-270


Chapter 261

“No——” Chrysanthemum Douluo watched the wide golden light polearm thrust out from Ghost Douluo’s back, intense golden light instantly spreading to each part of Ghost Douluo’s body, and he couldn’t help roaring furiously. His speed reached the limit, and from his hand his Odd Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum flew out, straight towards Tang San.

But he understood that, at this moment, everything was already too late. Title Douluo Gui Mei no longer had any chance to return alive. The death energy his body radiated had instantly been evaporated by the giant polearm. Ghost Douluo’s body was already completely frozen, unable to move a step.

The Seagod Trident, one hundred eight thousand jin heavy, let alone when Ghost Douluo was already corroded by the Seagod’s Light, all his death energy substantially routed, even if his body still maintained ideal condition, how would it be possible to blood the Seagod Trident with a physical palm. Tang San’s spirit power wasn’t much lower than his, and his strength was even above his, plus the Seagod Trident’s complete power unleashed, even the Continent’s once number one power Tang Chen needed to use a divine tool of similar quality to block.

Pu—— Ghost Douluo’s body was madly purified by the Seagod’s Light, turning into a wisp of black smoke rising into the air, a black spirit bone falling from his body. Pulling back the Seagod Trident, the left prong just pulled on that spirit bone, and at the same time, teleportation launched. The next moment, Tang San was already a hundred meters away. He didn’t

approach the two forest kings, but rather quickly retreated. Because, if he charged forward, his purpose would be revealed, and would moreover expose himself to the attacks of five Title Douluo including Bibi Dong. But by withdrawing, not only could he pull open the distance by a step, he could simultaneously make the opponents hesitant. From the fact that Bibi Dong still hadn’t acted, one could see that she was afraid something would happen on Da Ming and Er Ming’s side.

Several loud sounds erupted from Tang San’s previous location, especially that full force Odd Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum created a hundred meter diameter hole in the surroundings.

“Old ghost!” Chrysanthemum Douluo cried out, throwing himself to where Ghost Douluo just died, shuddering with tears falling from his eyes.

He and Ghost Douluo had been together for more than sixty years, a lifetime. Their feelings were quite deep, even surpassing blood related brothers. Now seeing Ghost Douluo suddenly die in front of him, not even leaving a corpse behind, Chrysanthemum Douluo was in pain worse than death.

Whether to Chrysanthemum Douluo or to the others, all this happened too fast, almost so they now still hadn’t reacted. From the appearance of that cloaked figure to the death of Ghost Douluo, it had all passed in a flash. Instantly killing a Title Douluo was inconceivable. Even if it was a sneak attack, it was still unheard of. Even though Bibi Dong was confident that her strength was unreasonable, she would still need to use her strongest spirit abilities to have a chance of instantly killing a power on the Title Douluo level.

That Tang San could do it naturally wasn’t because his strength surpassed Bibi Dong’s, but to a very great degree due to luck, and the Seagod Trident’s restraint to Ghost Douluo being too severe, plus attacking from ambush, had all established this move. Of course, that Ghost Douluo knew nothing of the Seagod Trident, also became an

THe moment after teleporting, Tang San again vanished in the forest. The Blue Silver Domain spread out, easily hiding his aura, and at the same time

restarting the Vast Sea Barrier let him hide once again.

Without looking at the spirit bone Ghost Douluo dropped, he just quickly stuffed it into his Hundred Treasure Purse, grabbing the Seagod Trident, Tang San quietly circled around to another direction. In order not to be discovered by Bibi Dong, he completely stored his own mental power within the Vast Sea Barrier’s protection. Like this, even if Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi was here, it would be very difficult for her to discover him as long as he didn’t attack.

Ghost Douluo’s sudden death equally shocked Bibi Dong. She had just thought it was impossible for someone to stop her from taking those two forest kings. But the instant death of an elder, and the Ghost Douluo with the spirit fusion ability at that, immediately made her furious heart alert. The mental strength frozen on the two forest kings immediately spread out, searching vigilantly, and at the same time she ordered the four Title Douluo to stay close to her.

They had already lost two Title Douluo in this operation, and even though Bibi Dong didn’t care about their lives, they were the core strength of the Spirit Empire. Of course she would feel her heart ache.

“Your Majesty, old ghost…… you must avenge him!” Chrysanthemum Douluo who had always treated Bibi Dong’s orders as his life was now almost unable to contain himself, the other three Title Douluo also silently watched Bibi Dong, inwardly feeling a bit like sympathetic.

“Elder Yue Gang, calm down. Ghost Douluo’s death grieves me, but this person is very strong, it’s possible they aren’t weaker than me. Stay within ten meters from me, and be careful. We’ll kill the two forest kings first, to avert more accidents.”

Bibi Dong’s voice contained her mental strength, and with the sound wave strike, the four Spirit Empire elders’ minds shook. Chrysanthemum Douluo’s expression calmed a bit, but rancor in his eyes grew even deeper, sharply watching all around, wishing he could tear Ghost Douluo’s killer into ten thousand pieces.

After Tang San retreated a distance, he didn’t have any contact with Da Ming and Er Ming, and also didn’t try launching any more attacks. The four Title Douluo Bibi Dong brough were cautiously observing the two great divine spirit beasts, and he stayed motionless, quietly watching.

Da Ming and Er Ming personally saw Ghost Douluo being killed. They were spirit beasts, especially sensitive to scent, and even though Tang San held the Seagod Trident, wrapping himself up in the cloak, they still immediately identified Tang San’s smell. The two great divine beasts’ eyes instantly brightened.

As they say, adding flowers to brocade is easy, sending charcoal in a snowstorm is difficult. When besieged by this many Spirit Hall experts, that Tang San could come in time, warmed the hearts of the close to despair two great divine beasts. They felt even more that Xiao Wu didn’t pick the wrong person. And the strength Tang San showed shocked them. Even they couldn’t help shivering from the Seagod Trident’s light.

Hope reignited, Da Ming and Er Ming looked at each other, then turned from sitting to crawling. Faint energy fluctuations began to condense around them. They say a centipede dies but never falls, even more so for formidable hundred thousand year spirit beasts. Even though they were deeply wounded, their potential overdrawn, their auras again went from chaotic to serious. Tang San’s appearance, besides giving them hope, also gave confidence. Not confidence of surviving, but confidence of not becoming Bibi Dong’s spirit rings.

Bibi Dong’s expression hidden under the purple carapace was a bit ugly. The originally perfect plan was wrecked by the sudden enemy appearance. Now waiting until the two great divine beasts died on their own from the poison wasn’t realistic. Since that hidden enemy could escape her mental detection, his strength was obvious. Just in case he finally attacked and killed the two spirit beasts, even if it was just one, it would still be an enormous loss to her. THat person was very fast, and could hide as well, his attack strength was also so powerful. It was very possibly an agility attack Title Douluo. But, in Bibi Dong’s impression, agility attack types weren’t that powerful.

The Seagod Trident also equally shocked her. She was someone who approached that boundary, and equally fully rejected that sacred aura, that trident was a divine instrument, there was no doubt about it.

While moving forward, Bibi Dong’s mental power simultaneously reached the ears of the four Title Douluo around her, “I will soon attack the two forest kings. You four guard in all directions, now matter in which direction that person appears, you must block him. Until I’ve killed them both. Understood? Ghost Douluo’s death was because of the sneak attack and attribute restraint, you don’t have to fear. When you’re prepared, it won’t be so easy for that person to kill you. Don’t dishonor your status as Title Douluo.”

The stronger they were, the more accurate their judgement of the opponent. Bibi Dong saw very accurately, even though Tang San was strong, it wasn’t really possible for him to ambush four ready Title Douluo. Instantly killing Title Douluo wasn’t something that could be done just any time.

Da Ming and Er Ming fixedly watched the approaching Spirit Empire people, constantly giving low roars. Er Ming was surrounded by a rising yellow light, cyan light flickering around Da Ming, especially the horns on the bull head even more caused angry ripples.

Bibi Dong’s eyes were completely serious. Facing two hundred thousand year spirit beasts counterattack at death’s door, even she wasn’t fully confident, even more so when there was a hidden enemy nearby.

In a flash, Bibi Dong leaned forward close to the ground, her purple carapace instantly spreading, her whole body becoming an enormous spider, the green hairs on her eight spider legs simultaneously turning purple, she emanated a faint purple light, and where it passed, everything withered.

The other four Title Douluo simultaneously moved a couple steps sideways, getting away from her purple light. This was Bibi Dong’s spirit avatar, Death Spider Emperor.

The purple light instantly grew more intense, and the eighth black spirit ring around Bibi Dong suddenly flashed, dazzling purple light congealed on the left side of her body, light and shadow playing, suddenly another identical Death Spider Emperor.

This was the eighth spirit ability of Bibi Dong’s first spirit, Spider Emperor Clone. Effect: the spirit ability creates a clone with one hundred percent of the main body’s strength, without intelligence, must be controlled.

This one hundred percent strength wasn’t just the physical body, but also included spirit abilities. Of course, only the previous seven spirit abilities, not the eighth and ninth.

The spider emperor clone leapt under Bibi Dong’s control, stepping in front of her, and accelerating forward along with the main body, charging towards Da Ming and Er Ming like two purple phantoms.

The third spirit ability flashed, and two purple spider webs shot out simultaneously, shrouding Da Ming and Er Ming in a dense purple energy. Those spider webs quickly expanded in midair, and even though Da Ming and Er Ming were enormous, when the spider webs reached them they were already large enough to wrap around.

At the same moment, Bibi Dong’s main body and the Spider Emperor Clone’s fourth spirit ring brightened, and one more than one meter long dark purple spike after another covered every piece of the two bodies, the purple carapace also becoming especially thick. This was her fourth spirit ability, Thistle Spider Armor. This was a purely defensive ability, but at the same time the purple spikes were poisonous.

Under these circumstances Bibi Dong also used her full strength, attacking without neglecting defense.

Just at this moment, Bibi Dong’s charge suddenly slowed, because her mental power suddenly sensed two mental fluctuations appear within range, and the two fluctuations connected with Da Ming and Er Ming. This sudden

mental wave was extremely high level, even the other four Title Douluo couldn’t sense it, let alone interrupt it.

What was he doing? This was the thought that Bibi Dong couldn’t suppress, and her original charge also instantly halted. The next moment, she clearly saw the two great divine beasts’ eyes brighten.

Two spheres of yellow green light suddenly appeared behind them, immediately spreading out in the air, just in time to block the two spider webs she launched. Using spider webs against spider webs, it was Tang San’s Spiderweb Restraint.

Launching the attack, Tang San also appeared at the same time. But the next moment, Tang San, Da Ming, and Er Ming disappeared simultaneously.

This time, Tang San directly appeared golden blue, golden blue light spreading out, covering the sky and the earth, instantly transforming the surroundings into a golden blue sea. It was the Blue Silver Domain’s Boundless Nature.

Da Ming and Er Ming roared at the same time, the Slowing and Gravity Domains also simultaneously launching. Cyan and yellow light halos extended along with the Blue Silver Domain. Whether Bibi Dong or the four Title Douluo, immediately felt like their bodies had frozen. Under Da Ming and Er Ming’s full strength, their movements slowed completely.

“Attack!” Bibi Dong roared. Even though she had brought six Title Douluo, none of them had a domain. Only she herself possessed that ability. Intense purple light spread out from her, intent on using domain against domain. But, in the end Bibi Dong couldn’t get her way. The purple light she released was blocked by a thriving vitality, and simply couldn’t spread to Da Ming and Er Ming.

Indeed, Bibi Dong’s domain was very strong, absolutely surpassing Tang San or the two spirit beasts. But, in one against three, and moreover confronting three different kinds of domains, it was instantly difficult for her to avoid being suppressed. Even more when this was the Star Dou Great

Forest, the ideal environment for the Blue Silver Domain. Her domain was completely blocked. At the same time the golden blue world lost the figures of Tang San, Da Ming and Er Ming.

Bibi Dong’s domain was called Death Domain, the innate domain of the Death Spider Emperor, with extremely powerful effects, altogether three once she had reached her current cultivation. All her own attributes were amplified by ten percent, all the enemy’s attributes reduced by twenty percent, and were unable to use any stealth or teleportation abilities within its range, and at the same time caused mental deterrence, her own mental strength boosted by twenty percent, the enemy’s mental strength reduced by twenty percent. But the most terrifying effect was the extremely toxic environment.

Wherever the domain reached was filled with the Death Spider Emperor’s poison. Extreme corrosion and diffusion, and could also lower the enemy’s speed by ten percent. If they were poisoned, their bodies would constantly weaken, until death. If it was used in battle, it was a catastrophic existence to common soldiers.

Da Ming and Er Ming had also previously lost out because of this domain, and adding in Bibi Dong’s own formidable attack abilities, they had ended up like this.

But no matter what was said, a formidable domain would still have effect within the enemy’s domain. The Blue Silver Domain drew support from the Star Dou Great Forest’s countless plants to form a barrier of life, using the formidable vitality to keep away the death domain’s death energy. Influenced by the Slowing and Gravity Domains, Bibi Dong’s was enormously restricted, Da Ming and Er Ming’s domains were equally powerful, and could not only influence living bodies, but also energy forms. The three great domains released simultaneously not only made those four Title Douluo unable to display their actual level, but simultaneously also resisted Bibi Dong’s domain.

Bibi Dong didn’t advance recklessly, the scene of Tang San killing Ghost Douluo had left too deep of an impression on her. Even though her domain couldn’t restrain the opponent, Tang San’s Blue Silver Domain was also

restrained by her, unable to envelop her. But, her heart was already in chaos. Her mental lock on Da Ming and Er Ming’s mental signatures had been forcefully broken when they were enveloped by the Blue Silver Domain. In other words, she had already lost the two great divine beasts’ position.

These circumstances were of course caused by Tang San. Actually, Tang San wasn’t any less shocked than Bibi Dong. When he saw Bibi Dong before he had only felt that this Spirit Hall Supreme Pontiff was powerful, but he had no idea to what degree. But it may be assumed it was still Title Douluo level strength, she was after all the same age as Grandmaster.

But, when they met again this time, Tang San’s mental strength had already reached the boundless level, and he immediately saw some clues. Even though Bibi Dong meticulously concealed her presence, that wasn’t effective on Tang San who had mental strength of equal level. Tang San clearly sensed that Bibi Dong’s spirit power had at least reached rank ninety eight. Even if it wasn’t higher than Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi, it still wouldn’t be much different. Reaching this level at her age, Tang San was clearly shocked.

If Bibi Dong didn’t possess such powerful strength, Da Ming and Er Ming facing just six Title Douluo, it wouldn’t be easy to defeat them in the Star Dou Great Forest, and running away wouldn’t be a problem.

Only, even though Bibi Dong was powerful, the feeling she gave Tang San was that she relied mainly on control, her attack strength was by far not equal to Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi. Most importantly, Tang San quietly noticed that Bibi Dong even more hated the Seagod Trident he held. Tang San used his Blue Silver Domain’s Boundless Nature at the ideal moment, thus breaking Bibi Dong’s lock on the two spirit beasts.

“Running won’t be that easy.” Bibi Dong laughed in anger, slightly swaying, withdrawing her spirit avatar, but she was still protected by that Death Spider Emperor.

The dark purple carapace quickly withdrew, and in the blink of an eye, she had again recovered to her original elegant appearance. On her forehead, a spider shaped purple black pattern brightened, and immediately,

her surrounding domain expanded once again, enveloping the four Title Douluo, driving off the influence of the Blue Silver Domain. At the same time, Bibi Dong’s body changed again, the spider brand on her forehead instantly turning dark green, a crystalline deep green light emanating from her. This time, both her legs didn’t change, but on her back appeared three pairs of deep green spider legs, both her arms transforming into dark green lances, her lower body completely covered by a layer of dark green light.

Black, black, black, black, black, red, red, seven spirit rings neatly appeared around her. The third spirit ring shone at the same time it was released.

That’s right, this was Bibi Dong’s second spirit. Her twin spirits were very different from Tang San’s. Tang San’s Blue Silver Domain and Clear Sky Hammer had no mutual connection. One was a plant type spirit, one was a powerful tool spirit. But Bibi Dong’s was different. Her two spirits were both spider types. Even stronger than the Man Faced Demon Spiders had seen. It was a true spider emperor, in some sense, it was the regent of bug type spirit beasts.

Her first spirit was the Death Spider Emperor, and her second spirit was the Soul Eating Spider Emperor, and as her current spirit rings showed, this second spiri was clearly cultivated only after the first reached nine rings.

Alongwith the third spirit ring shining, Bibi Dong’s second spirit, Soul Eating Spider Emperor’s third spirit ability launched. Ring after ring of deep green light spread out from under her feet. Absolutely don’t think that this was just a third spirit ability, in fact, after first having a nine ring spirit and then adding spirit rings to a second spirit, each spirit ring with at least fifty thousand year cultivation, the strength wouldn’t be a bit inferior to the first spirit’s eighth spirit ability. Consequently, even though Bibi Dong now only had seven spirit rings, the strength of this second spirit was stronger than the nine rings of her first spirit. After all, even though the spirit had changed, her spirit power was still no different.

A strange scene happened. Even Tang San’s Blue Silver Domain couldn’t stop that dark purple light from spreading. As it spread, the ground began to shudder violently, and one after another, half meter diameter dark green

poisonous spiders began to crawl out. These dark green poison spiders seemed a bit illusory, but they still weren’t formed from energy, but rather death energy gathered together and influenced by Bibi Dong’s spirit ability.

Star Dou Great Forest was a place where the strong were prey to the weak, and each day countless spirit beasts killed each other and died. Bibi Dong’s spirit ability drew out this death energy and transformed it into these deadly poisonous spiders.

The devil spiders really were too many, they were everywhere, and began to swiftly crawl out, madly rushing through the forest, looking for tracks of Tang San and the two great divine beasts under Bibi Dong’s careful mental control. This was Bibi Dong’s second spirit’s third spirit ability, Devil Spider Summoning.

Perhaps these devil spiders wouldn’t be able to find Tang San, but it would be very easy for them to pick up the scent of Bibi Dong’s poison on the Titan Giant Ape and Sky Blue Bull Serpent. Bibi Dong couldn’t see through the Blue Silver Domain, but relying on these spiders she could once again target the two great divine beasts, and then, she absolutely wouldn’t give Tang San a second chance to confuse her.

Bibi Dong couldn’t see Tang San, but Tang San saw very clearly inside the domain. Even though Bibi Dong used huer domain to protect her people from the Blue Silver Domain’s influence, but through the Blue Silver Domain, Tang San’s mental strength was displayed to its greatest degree, comprehensively observing these people.

A frontal confrontation wasn’t realistic, Tang San originally only planned to bring away Da Ming and Er Ming. Seeing the devil spiders starting to spread in all directions, Tang San gave a cold snort. Want to draw out my attack? The Seagod’s Light is the nemesis of these death energy devil spiders. But if I attack, wouldn’t I give you the chance to target me? You have devil spiders, don’t tell me I don’t have help? Don’t forget, this is the Star Dou Great Forest.

On the ground, blue silver grass began to frantically grow, turning into long vines, engulfing those devil spiders like ocean waves. A couple of

transformed blue silver grass of course wasn’t enough to catch these savage creatures, but if there were ten, a hundred? Stimulated by the Blue Silver Emperor’s imperial aura, the blue silver grass, possessing the most powerful vitality in the Star Dou Great Forest, began to counterattack.

Even though the devil spiders Bibi Dong summoned were numerous, how could it compare to the blue silver grass in the giant forest? The surging breath of vitality from the blue silver grass became the nemesis of these devil spiders, and one draining golden thread after another swiftly fell on them, extracting their energy and again replenishing the two great divine beasts. Aided by the Blue Silver Emperor’s Binding, Da Ming and Er Ming quickly reached Tang San. They had launched their final attacks, and no didn’t have much strength left, and could only leave it to Tang San.

Tang San understood. Da Ming and Er Ming’s gravity control and slowing domain couldn’t be maintained for too long. If these two domains lost their effect, it was impossible for just his Blue Silver Domain to resist Bibi Dong. They had to leave as soon as possible. But, the Blue Silver Domain required his full control to block Bibi Dong’s line of sight. If he brought Da Ming and Er Ming away at this time, then Bibi Dong would definitely sense the domain weakening, and naturally wouldn’t hesitate to attack.

Making a prompt decision, Tang San immediately drew out Xiao Wu from the Hundred Treasure Purse. Light flashed, and Xiao Wu’s soul returned to her body.

“Da Ming, Er Ming, how did you end up like this?” Xiao Wu saw the two comrades she had grown up with so miserable, and her eyes immediately reddened.

And Da Ming and Er Ming couldn’t help being shocked on seeing a living Xiao Wu, stupidly speechless.

Tang San spoke in a low voice: “This isn’t the place to talk. Xiao Wu, you’re also familiar with the terrain. Quickly get them away. I’ll watch your backs and stop Bibi Dong for a while. As long as you can get

five li away, I’m sure I can use the Blue SIlver Domain to block her mental power from locating you. Hurry.”

Xiao Wu anxiously said: “Then what about you?”

Tang San gave a soft smile, pointing to his eight spirit rings, “Don’t you believe I have the strength? I’m not the Tang San from before, perhaps I still won’t be able to beat Bibi Dong, but I can run away from her. The Star Dou Great Forest is the place that suits me the most. Don’t forget that I have ways to keep her from finding me.”

Xiao Wu saw the confidence in Tang San’s eyes, and knew that at this moment there was no room for her to hesitate. Tang San had three great life saving trumps in the Invincible Golden Body, Teleportation, as well as the Vast Sea Barrier. It really was impossible for Bibi Dong to keep him from leaving. Even more when he had the protection of the Seagod Trident.

“Ge, remember, we are one.” Saying this, Xiao Wu brought the strongly encouraged Da Ming and Er Ming to quickly move away. Da Ming and Er Ming were big, but Xiao Wu’s physical toughness was also a very different thing now. One hand supporting each of them, lending them strength, greatly lowering the two spirit beasts’ burden and making them move quickly.

Tang San of course understood what Xiao Wu said before she left. She was telling him that if he died, she wouldn’t survive either. They of Course didn’t need to worry about being unable to contact each other. Even though Xiao Wu’s soul had become a lot stronger, even after returning to her body, she still couldn’t move more than ten li from Tang San, and Tang San could also at any time rely on the connection between their souls to find her.

Da Ming and Er Ming left, and Tang San immediately focused, thinking to himself, Bibi Dong, I’ll play with you properly, and also take a look at just how strong you are.

Isolated by the Blue Silver Domain’s screen as well as Tang San’s mental strength, Bibi Dong of course didn’t know what was happening over there. Tang San exploiting the Blue Silver Emperor in the forest to stop her

summoned devil spiders made her furious. She roared, “Prepare to attack! After I cut open his domain, you attack with your full strength.”

“Yes!” The four Title Douluo weren’t any less angry than Bibi Dong. They were the powers of the Spirit Empire, more than rank ninety Title Douluo, spirit masters everyone looked up to. Being toyed with by one enemy, so much that Ghost Douluo had been instantly killed, this grievance might not be settled even by tearing the opponent into ten thousand pieces. The four rubbed their fists and wiped their palms, at the same time fully using their spirit avatars, preparing to attack at any time.

All this was seen by Tang San through the weakening Blue Silver Domain. Want to kill me by force? Fine! I’ll let you see my true strength.

Drawing a deep breath, Tang San’s sensed the Slowing and Gravity Domains gradually disappear, and raised the Seagod Trident. He had already used the power of the trident once today, but at that time he hadn’t met any resistance, and it wasn’t very tiring to him.

Along with the Seagod’s Light spraying out, the trident brand on Tang San’s forehead and the Seagod Trident in his hand shone simultaneously. His eyes were now completely golden, the Eight Spider Lances on his back supported him, the Seagod Trident pointing forward, and the largest central prong erupted with intense golden light, turning into an alarming rainbow, stabbing straight at Bibi Dong outside the Blue Silver Domain.

Tang San noticed that Bibi Dong’s spirit was also of the evil type, the Seagod’s Light should have a restraining effect on her. Drawing support on the Seagod Trident, the divine light released was truly considered divine.

The violently furious Bibi Dong’s expression changed, and the six spider lances behind her as well as her similarly transformed arms simultaneously gathered in front of her. Eight lance tips on the ground, intense deep green light suddenly rising along with her first spirit ring flashing. The eight lances rose simultaneously, and instantly, a half moon shaped dark green light cut straight forward. Just in time to collide with the golden light released from Tang San’s Seagod Trident.

With a loud explosion, the violent collision instantly put their two domains in disorder. Tang San’s Blue Silver Domain degree of chaos was a bit more obvious. Within the domain, he heavily retreated three steps before standing firm, his face deathly pale, and couldn’t help whispering: “Such evil energy.”

If what Ghost Douluo had could be said to only be ghost energy shaped as a spirit, then, what Bibi Dong possessed was the energy of evil, such an extremely pure wickedness Tang San had only felt when confronting the Slaughter King, when the Slaughter King still wasn’t Tang San’s great grandfather Tang Chen, and still hadn’t woken up.

The evil aura Bibi Dong emanated was even more pure than the Slaughter King’s at that time, even more enormous. Just as Tang San judged, her spirit power really was too formidable, and even with the Seagod Trident’s helping to dissolve the majority of the impact, he was still forced back three steps, his body already injured.

Chapter 262

It wasn’t pleasant for Bibi Dong either. With a low roar, a layer of the Seagod’s golden light flashed all over her, the original dark green light instantly dulled a moment, then recovered again. With a muffled grunt, she also retreated a step.

Of course Bibi Dong wasn’t forced back by Tang San’s spirit power attack, but rather the blazing holy wound that pure Seagod’s Light gave her. This was the might of a true divine tool. Relying on the Seagod Trident Tang San held, even though Tang San was at a disadvantage in his first spirit ability collision with Bibi Dong because of lack of spirit power, but being able to beat back Bibi Dong was something he could be proud of. His assessment was correct, Bibi Dong had indeed already reached peak Douluo strength, her spirit power wasn’t rank ninety eight, but rather ninety nine. If there wasn’t a portion of spirit power she didn’t dare use at the moment, the current she would be even stronger than the Seagod Douluo. After all, this was dry land.

Only, even though Bibi Dong was forced back, at the same time she also targeted Tang San’s position. With abundant combat experience plus formidable strength, her Death Domain erupted at once, swiftly corroding Tang San’s Blue Silver Domain.

The two domains differed by at least one level, this was a difference in spirit power. Having lost the support of the Slowing and Gravity domains, Tang San’s Blue Silver Domain’s Boundless Nature quickly melted away.

Without need of Bibi Dong’s instructions, the four great Title Douluo charged straight towards Tang San, guided by Bibi Dong’s mental power.

Facing five great powers, Tang San didn’t have a trace of panic. Just like he said, he was no longer the Tang San from before. In his time on Seagod Island, he had truly matured, becoming one of the powers of the present era. Killing him wasn’t that easy. As the successor chosen by a god, he possessed strength far beyond what his spirit power might indicate.

Before the golden light from the Seagod Trident’s attack had faded completely, it instead grew even more intense as Tang San infused it with Seagod’s Light. Countless golden lines of light flowed out from the Seagod Trident, and those giant blades grew transparent as crystal.

With his left foot as axis, Tang San quickly spun one turn in place, his calves leading the thighs, then moving his waist, back, until finally the force reached his arms, and the in his hands one hundred eight jin heavy Seagod Trident flew out like a meteor chasing the moon, directly towards those four Title Douluo.

The split second the Seagod Trident left his hands, Tang San’s Blue Silver Domain instantly turned golden, and Bibi Dong’s Death Domain was forcefully pushed back by the Blue Silver Domain mixed with the Seagod Trident’s capability.

“Careful!” Bibi Dong shouted, unable to halt the attack on Tang San. With a flash, she reached her four subordinates. She couldn’t tolerate any more losses.

The spider lances her arms had turned into instantly transformed, becoming two giant black sickles, meeting the Seagod Trident head on.

The four Title Douluo weren’t idiots either. Seeing Her Imperial Majesty regard this suddenly appearing golden light so seriously, plus how the giant weapon instantly killed Ghost Douluo before, they immediately unhesitatingly released their single target attack abilities, focusing them all on attacking that glittering trident.

Bibi Do

When comparing spirit power, Tang San of course wasn’t Bibi Dong’s opponent. Even so much that he was very far behind in spirits and spirit rings. But, he had one thing Bibi Dong lacked, an advantage blessed by the heavens. That was the status of Seagod’s successor.

The sacred golden light he previously produced by relying on the Seagod Trident, Bibi Dong could block by relying on her formidable cultivation. But this Seagod Trident main attack wasn’t so easy to resist.

The Seagod Trident’s own weight reached a terrifying one hundred eight thousand jin, plus Tang San infusing it with spirit power and the Seagod’s Light, producing the main abilities of the trident, devil breaking, evil breaking, shattering, three effects emerged simultaneously. Even if Tang San still couldn’t display its full might, this one all out attack was still extremely frightening.

A loud sound accompanied a sudden golden flash, the divine instrument’s power shocking everyone present. The four Title Douluo were thrown back practically simultaneously. The attacks they launched on the Seagod Trident only slowed it slightly, but also lead to the Seagod Trident’s golden light becoming even more intense.

The one who truly blocked the Seagod Trident was still Bibi Dong. The pitch black giant sickles stiffly resisted the trident. Bibi Dong’s ninety nine ranks of spirit power erupted completely. But even so, she was still thrown back by the enormous force. The trident’s devil breaking, evil breaking and shattering effects constantly blasted her body, and one after another, cracks swiftly spread across her scythes.

At this moment, Bibi Dong showed her true strength. She gave a furious roar, and the six spider lances on her back forcefully stabbed into the ground, her arms suddenly shook, and the two giant sickles simultaneously detonated, the violent explosion finally blocking the Seagod Trident’s attack, and at the same time, the spiderweb on her forehead brightened again, traces of purple and green mixed energy flowing across her body. Bibi Dong’s face revealed a painful expression, but her strength still

abruptly amplified. With a sudden swing of her body, her hands retransformed into palms lifted up the Seagod Trident, immediately lifting it upwards, a purple green stream of energy covered the trident, actually forcefully weakening the Seagod’s Light by a lot.

Maintaining the attack until now, Tang San was also practically exhausted. Breathin deeply, his hands pulled, Controlling Crane Catching Draon launching. The Seagod Trident was barely more than a hundred jin to him, and propelled by the spirit power, it shot back towards Tang San.

In the attack just now, Tang San could be said to have used all his strength, even more than when he faced his great grandfather’s attack. After all, right now his spirit power was already rank eighty five. To be able to force back five great powers with one attack could all be credited to the Seagod Trident.

But, following along with the returning Seagod Trident was also malicious looking Bibi Dong.

At this moment, Tang San and Bibi Dong’s domains had already disappeared. In a collision of the level just now, Tang San was unable to maintain his domain further, and Bibi Dong’s Death Domain was directly broken by the effects of the Seagod Trident.

She didn’t need to recover? Tang San thought, seeing Bibi Dong lunge at him along with the Seagod Trident. His left hand pulled back, right hand pushing forward. In midair, the Seagod Trident suddenly turned sideways, directly whipping at Bibi Dong.

Since Tang San could use the Clear Sky Hammer as a meteor hammer, he could naturally change the direction of the Seagod Trident in midair. The change was so sudden that even a power like Bibi Dong couldn’t react to it. At first she wanted to grab the trident, seizing this divine tool, and therefore she chased after extremely closely. Now the Seagod Trident suddenly turned, whipping her, and she only had time to raise her hands to block.

With a thump, Bibi Dong was blasted away like a cannonball, and the Seagod Trident accelerated again, returning to Tang San’s hand.

Tang San knew this hadn’t hurt Bibi Dong. Her spirit power was too formidable, and when the trident hit her body she had easily dissolved the force. It seemed like she had been beaten very far, but the already darkened Seagod Trident no longer had the three breaking powers, and just weight alone wasn’t enough to cause this lord Supreme Pontiff any true harm.

With the Seagod Trident in hand, Tang San didn’t dare delay further, and suddenly restrained his aura. A teleportation brought him a hundred meters back, and the Vast Sea Ocean Shroud started simultaneously, covering his body and entering stealth mode. He quickly moved aside. He had already been exposed, and with Bibi Dong’s strength and formidable domain, she absolutely wouldn’t give him the chance to use Boundless Nature to hide again. Even if he could fully use the Blue Silver Domain, just his strength couldn’t resist Bibi Dong’s domain corrosion. If he didn’t leave now, he might not have another chance.

With Tang San’s intelligence, he didn’t immediately move away, but rather first moved sideways, just in time to evade the long range attacks launched by the four Title Douluo, and then increased his distance.

Bibi Dong really was about to go insane. With the hundred thousand year spirit rings that were practically in her hands removed like this, how could she stay calm? Tang San’s Blue Silver Domain gave her a familiar yet unfamiliar feeling. It felt like that kid from back then, but how could he have grown this strong within a few years? Even if it wasn’t enough to fight her, his domain and mental strength wasn’t weaker than hers. All he lacked was spirit power.

Alone toying with six Title Douluo, even killing one, you couldn’t find powers like that in the entire continent. Moreover, he had stolen two hundred thousand year spirit rings! The two hundred thousand year spirit rings relating to the completion of Bibi Dong’s second spirit.

Furious, Bibi Dong raised a piercing cry towards the sky, the spiderweb mark on her forehead suddenly flourishing, gaudy green light violently shooting out. The spiderweb instantly transformed into a green eye, and a dim green light spit out from within, swiftly sweeping in front of her. Bibi Dong’s full mental strength seemed focused on this one sweep. In an

instant, everywhere the green light swept was painted in a faint green luster, and where Tang San was hiding with the Vast Sea Barrier appeared a faint green silhouette.

Bibi Dong’s Mental Immunity Skull Bone spirit ability, True World, launched.

Bibi Dong absolutely wouldn’t use this skull spirit bone ability lightly, because it consumed an enormous amount of mental strength, requiring a full third of Bibi Dong’s mental power to use. ly her mental power had always been locked on the two great divine beasts, so how could she casually use it? Now she couldn’t pay attention to that. If she let Tang San escape, she might really never have another chance at those two spirit beasts, and so used this powerful spirit bone ability regardless of consumption.

Mental Immunity Skull Spirit Bone ability True World, effect: Immunity to illusions and charm, seeing the truth. Any hallucination type abilities lost all effects under its light. Somewhat similar to Tang San’s Purple Demon Eye, but without its attack abilities.

The split second he was swept by that dim green light, Tang San became aware something was wrong. He discovered that he actually couldn’t sever Bibi Dong’s mental strength again. Even though that green light didn’t have any offensive power, it stuck as closely to him as a bone maggot.

And at the same time as Tang San’s silhouette appeared, Bibi Dong took the initiative, bringing the four Title Douluo to lunge at him. Behind her, six purple wings as thin as a cicada’s broke out, instantly bringing her speed to a terrifying level.

This was another of Bibi Dong’s spirit bones, and just like Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances an external spirit bone, called Six Purple Light Wings, coming from a spirit beast called Purple Winged Spider Emperor. Gave the ability to fly, could evolve.

In order to catch Tang San, always paying attention to hiding her strength Bibi Dong used two major spirit bone abilities. This showed what level her

loathing for Tang San had reached. And at the same time, Bibi Dong’s body turned a dim green in midair. Her whole body exploded with green mist, fully using the seventh spirit ability, Soul Eating Spider Emperor Avatar.

This was the spirit avatar granted by a hundred thousand year spirit ring. The two originally shattered giant sickles appeared once again, dim green light released, leaving behind an afterimage she instantly appeared behind Tang San.

Bibi Dong already hated Tang San to the bone, and even though she couldn’t kill him right now in order to learn the whereabouts of the two great divine beasts from him, she would still seriously injure him first to vent.

Bibi Dong really was very fast, and moreover, at the same time as she pursued, her Death Domain already started back up, instantly enveloping Tang San. The terrifying toxicity and powerful weakening effect all landed on him.

This was the difference in strength. The powerful abilities Tang San had used in succession still hadn’t recovered, but Bibi Dong could still continuously use her own domain and abilities. The two sickles glinted with green light and cut straight at Tang San’s shoulders. Very clearly, she was going to first remove his arms.

Just at this moment, the Seagod Trident in Tang San’s hands brightened yet again. Bibi Dong’s True World had really launched too suddenly, making Tang San who originally had full confidence in being able to escape, turn pale with fright. This was also why spirit masters would typically hide their abilities. Because of unfamiliarity with Bibi Dong’s abilities, Tang San had in this instant fallen from having the advantage to disadvantage. And it was a fatal disadvantage.

In such a moment, Tang San’s battle cultivation and many years of hardships on Seagod Island were revealed.

Bibi Dong was undoubtedly the fastest, charging up like a shooting star, but the other few Title Douluo behind her were also extremely fast. As long

as Tang San collided with Bibi Dong’s ability once, they would be able to catch up.

Tang San clearly understood that his only chance was in that instant before the four Title Douluo reached them. If he was surrounded by five people, maybe only someone with his great grandfather’s strength plus a divine tool would be able to leave.

Therefore, Tang San didn’t hesitate to pour the Seagod’s Light into the Seagod Trident for a third time, and it was again washed with golden color. This divine tool was his only advantage when facing Bibi Dong. But he didn’t swing the trident towards her, but on the contrary stabbed it into the ground in front of him, and at the same time he used Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, shifting behind it in a flash.

If Bibi Dong was determined to cut off Tang San’s arms, then her body would inevitably knock against the Seagod Trident. As for what effect that would have, Bibi Dong didn’t know, and she absolutely didn’t want to know.

The golden rhombic gem suddenly flared with light on the Seagod Trident, intense golden light instantly isolating Tang San from Bibi Dong’s Death Domain.

Just as Tang San grasped the Seagod Trident and prepared to again escape with teleportation, suddenly, he discovered that he couldn’t move. Without any warning, his whole body was paralyzed, as if petrified. What shocked him the most was that the energy that made him unable to move didn’t come from Bibi Dong, but rather that golden light scattered by the Seagod Trident.

This change completely exceeded Tang San’s calculations. It felt like when he brought Xiao Wu to escape last time in Star Dou Great Forest and met the Man Faced Demon Spider, trapping him and Xiao Wu. Could it be this Star Dou Great Forest was his nemesis?

Before Tang San could think further, in just this moment, a bizarre change occurred. Tang San originally wanted to draw support from the

Seagod Trident’s fully erupting with evil breaking light to temporarily block Bibi Dong, then before he teleported, give her a Purple God Light and seriously injure her mental world with his not weaker than hers mental strength, keeping her from using True World again, and then again use teleportation to pull open the distance and hide with the Vast Sea Barrier, then smoothly escape.

But, that rhombic Seagod’s Heart on the Seagod Trident released light more intense than Tang San anticipated, not only fixing Tang San in place, but simultaneously that intense light also made Bibi Dong give a cry of surprise, giving her no choice but rely on the strength of her lower limbs to shoot back. At the same time that green eye on her forehead also closed, again turning into a spiderweb pattern, transforming into a green light shield, just managing to resist that extremely intense Seagod’s Light. But even so, her green shield was quickly melting.

The other four Title Douluo catching up were also all scared stupid by the dazzling golden light from the Seagod Trident. They also couldn’t keep their steps from slowing.

Tang San’s entire body had now turned completely golden, golden misty brilliance soaring from him like flame. Behind him, an enormous golden silhouette slowly appeared, light and shadow played, three times Tang San’s height, one could vaguely see a golden armored human. At the same time the splendorous golden light was filled with endless restoring force, enveloping the full body armor besides the face, and the face was completely illusory and couldn’t be clearly seen.

“This is……” Bibi Dong’s heart suddenly sank, an formidable pressure appearing in her heart without reason. Right now, she couldn’t spare any attention for the business with the two spirit beasts. The golden flame that suddenly appeared on Tang San made her for the first time feel a threat to her life.

Even though Tang San’s body was completely immobile, his mental strength wasn’t restrained, and through these senses he could also see the strange sight of himself. This wasn’t the first time these circumstances

appeared, last time was when he drew the Seagod Trident. Only this time, the silhouette behind him was even more clear.

At this moment, that golden silhouetted behind Tang San suddenly took a step forward, passing through Tang San, arriving in front of him. With a soft wave of its right hand, that one hundred eight thousand jin heavy Seagod Trident fell into its giant palm. With a shake of its hand, the trident was immediately also rendered in that golden flame, and moreover grew to three times its size, matching that golden silhouette.

A deep and resounding bold voice, filled with dignity, echoed in Tang San’s mind, “I moved unhindered in the Douluo water world for more than a millennium, obtaining the Seagod’s seat. Creating the Golden Thirteen Halberds[1], sweeping unequalled across the seas. Now I impart to you the first three, I will only use them once. First form, Unfixed Storm[2].”

As the voice reverberated in Tang San’s mind, that golden figure took another step forward. As this step fell, everything in the surroundings instantly became brilliantly golden. Even all the plants seemed like forged from gold, that was a golden light mist. The Seagod Trident rose in the hand of that figure, dexterously sweeping out, bringing one dazzlingly beautiful golden ring of light after another, each golden ring seemed disorderly and messy, but they moved towards and enveloped Bibi Dong as if they had eyes.

Within this golden mis, Bibi Dong discovered to her shock that her Death Domain had completely lost effect, and basically couldn’t be released outside. At the same time, her mental strength was also pushed back by a formidable pressure until it couldn’t stretch beyond her body. She could only use her eyes to observe her surroundings.

Watching those rings of golden light head on, cold light burned in Bibi Dong’s eyes. Her red sixth spirit ring flashed, and the dim green light instantly turned emerald, making her malicious looking spirit avatar form turn the color of jade. The two jade like giant sickled rose simultaneously, and a speck of green light spread out in a flash, becoming a bright sharp

edge, slanted, criss crossed chopping out, an immense forked ripple shot straight for that golden figure.

As that jade like ripple of light met with the golden rings released from the Seagod Trident, there was unexpectedly no collision, they only passed through each other. The golden light still headed towards Bibi Dong and the other four, while that jade colored light also cut straight at the golden figure.

Absolutely don’t underestimate this faint light. As a hundred thousand year spirit ability, with the backing of Bibi Dong’s ninety nine ranks of spirit power, how could its power be ordinary? This hundred thousand year sixth spirit ability was named Everlasting Wound, physical defenses were ineffective against it, and energy defenses reduced fifty percent. If it hit, the wound would spread endlessly, and could only be resisted with spirit power, until the spirit power was exhausted and you died. No matter where it hit, it was fatal. It was one of Bibi Dong’s most powerful single target attacks.

The other four Title Douluo weren’t staying idle either. Confronting that golden light, in their spirit avatar forms, they all took out at least their eighth spirit abilities and attacked. But their attacks were just like Bibi Dong’s Everlasting Wound, they couldn’t counteract the golden light, and rather directly shot at the golden figure.

At this moment, that deep voice again echoed in Tang San’s mind: “Unfixed Storm, attack and defense united, the only restraining ability of the Golden Thirteen Halberds, and also the strongest restraining ability. If the target is hit, no matter how strong, for eight seconds they cannot move.”

The Seagod Trident seemed to come alive in the hands of that golden figure. As the Everlasting Wound reached it, it nimbly produced yet another golden ring of light. The light mainly emanated from the trident’s blades, and within the ring appeared a faintly golden barrier, and just like a stain washed in seawater, Bibi Dong’s powerful ability was unexpectedly directly erased. Yes, it felt like it was erased.

, the Seagod Trident drew another four rings of light, easily erasing the other four Title Douluo’s attacks.

Tang Sans eyes opened wide, using all his mental power, wholeheartedly sensing each move that golden figure made, and moreover deeply sensing the energy waves within. As that golden shadow relied on the Seagod Trident to easily block the attacks of five Title Douluo, he finally understood why this Unfixed Storm was said to be attack and defense united.

Seeing her attack unexpectedly being ineffective, and that illusory golden ring already in front of her, Bibi Dong couldn’t help changing expression. In that instant she made her response. Advancing instead of retreating, she instead charged towards that golden light, and at the same time, her body changed in a way that left Tang San dumbstruck.

The originally dark green body emanating green mist, instantly turned purple, and her whole form also changed. Changing from the Soul Eating Spider Emperor Avatar to Death Spider Emperor Avatar, and the seven spirit rings naturally also became nine.

Tang San’s shock at this scene was obvious. In this world, there were only two known twin spirit masters, one was him, and the other was Bibi Dong. This was naturally also the first Time Tang San saw the real applications of twin spirits in battle. Bibi Dong actually succeeded in spirit avatar change, completely exceeding the common sense of spirit use.

Under ordinary circumstances, she should first have withdrawn the Soul Eating Spider Emperor Avatar, and then changed spirits, and then launched the Death Spider Emperor Avatar. But she directly omitted the middle steps, completing the switch. Like this, she could switch over to using the Death Spider Emperor abilities without pause.

Tang San didn’t know how Bibi Dong did it, but also having twin spirits, since Bibi Dong could do it, then in theory, it should be possible for him too.

Along with the spirit avatar changing, Bibi Dong’s ninth spirit ring flared, and her entire body was covered with a layer of bizarre purple magic lines. And the next moment, those golden rings of light enveloped her and the other four Title Douluo.

The four Title Douluo were completely frozen, and Bibi Dong also directly fell from the air, each of their expressions turning dull, their auras completely suppressed. Even though their spirits and spirit rings remained, they were still motionless and couldn’t even struggle. Each person was enveloped by a golden misty halo.

Tang San drew a cold breath, such a powerful control ability. To be able to simultaneously seal four Title Douluo plus a peak Douluo, the Seagod Trident’s true ability, the Golden Thirteen Halberds, were unexpectedly so powerful. According to what the voice in his mind said, these five people would actually be locked in place for eight seconds. In a life and death battle, eight seconds was far too much, whether escaping or launching attacks, it would undoubtedly give the absolute initiative. There was also no need to doubt the effect of this ability when working together with others. Even more so when this Unfixed Storm combined attack and defense, the opponents basically couldn’t defend against those rings of light, they could only dodge. And he could also rely on the Seagod Trident to dissolve the enemy’s attacks. It could simply be described as a divine ability. Even a hundred thousand year ninth spirit ability might only reach this level.

Just as Tang San was feeling shocked, that golden figure moved again,
“Golden Thirteen Halberds, second form, Millennial Space.”

The golden figure leapt up, turning into countless golden lights, as dazzling as golden clouds of light. The golden clouds directly enveloped the five people, the majority surrounding Bibi Dong, with unprecedented size.

“Group attack ability.” Tang San immediately thought of these words. Large quantities of information constantly entered his mind through his mental power, and he did his utmost to memorize it, for fear of missing anything.

With a loud explosion, that wide expanse of golden clouds detonated practically simultaneously, enveloping the five like a flood of mercury. In that violent explosion ,each of them suffered a powerful attack, and the four Title Douluo madly vomited blood, thrown high into the air by that golden cloud explosion, falling far away. If they weren’t dead they’d still be seriously injured.

Purple magic lines roamed all over Bibi Dong’s body right now, forming a layer of purple defence. But as that enormous golden cloud detonated with a heaven shaking explosion, she was still equally thrown out. Her expression wasn’t visible under her spirit avatar, but from the large amounts of purple liquid the Death Spider Emperor spit out, she was clearly injured.

“Unfortunately, not enough energy.” The dignified voice was regretful, even though this one attack had seriously injured five powerful Title Douluo at once, he was still very dissatisfied. But, his voice at once grew stronger, “Golden Thirteen Halberds, third form, One Goes Without Return.”

But seeing that golden figure instantly spin once in midair, the Seagod Trident in its hand also shooting out a half illusory golden light, as if cutting open the sky, the light containing an illusory distortion already reached Bibi Dong.

This attack was somewhat similar to the all out strike Tang San used before. But without a doubt, it was way more powerful. At least five times that of Tang San’s attack. And Bibi Dong was currently still within the eight second restraint of the Unfixed Storm, basically unable to move.

With an explosive pop, under the brilliantly golden Seagod Trident, Bibi Dong’s body actually burst into countless fragments, spraying in all directions. The intense golden light shot straight ahead for a kilometer, and where it passed, everything turned to golden specks of light and disappeared. Seeing a single attack like this left Tang San stupefied.

The golden light vanished, and the golden trident once again returned to Tang San’s grasp, turning back to black. The dignified voice became fuzzy, “Hold well these first three forms, do not fear for self-defense, meeting god level opponents, Unfixed Storm’s restraint will be curtailed, but will be no less than three seconds. Remember, remember.”

“Then when can I learn the next ten forms?” Tang San shouted inwardly.

“Do not be greedy, the day you become Seagod, is the moment to learn the Golden Thirteen Halberds. That person hasn’t died, she possesses abilities making her body undying, unless you inherit the seat of a god, you can never kill her. But she is also infected by my golden divine power, she will need at least an hour to be as before after recovering. You can leave now. Remember, don’t disgrace my Golden Thirteen Halberds……”

[1] Golden Thirteen Halberds - ( ⻩⾦⼗三戟) The last character used alone means halberd, but is also a component of trident which translates as “three pronged halberd”.
[2] Unfixed Storm - (⽆定⻛波) “Without set wind and waves”

Chapter 263

That dignified voice in Tang San’s mind was already faint by the end, but Tang San still felt deeply respectful. He didn’t need to ask to understand that, whether that golden figure or this voice, both came from the true Seagod. Perhaps it could be called the Seagod’s brand on this world. He’d also finally for the first time peeked at the door to divine skills.

At the same time as Tang San regained control over his body, the four seriously injured Title Douluo were just crawling up from the ground, their faces overwhelmed with shock. And in the air, the purple fragments Bibi Dong had transformed into were swiftly circling and gathering, actually stitched together by lines of purple light. At the same time these fragments were also surrounded by a ring a bizarre purple light.

Tang San fully believed the Seagod, and since the Seagod said he couldn’t kill Bibi Dong before becoming a god, then he certainly didn’t stand a chance. Without any hesitation, with his mental strength almost completely exhausted, he managed to raise a wisp of energy to urge the Vast Sea Barrier’s stealth, quietly vanishing in the depths of the forest. And those four rising Title Douluo didn’t dare pursue. They were already truly terrified by the Golden Thirteen Halberds true divine ability.

It was also no wonder they were this way. Seriously injuring five Title Douluo with one strike, including the Spirit Empire’s Empress, the peak level Bibi Dong. How could they not fear such strength? The Seagod Trident in Tang San’s hand was too shocking.

The purple magic lines grew more and more intense, and the shattered Death Spider Emperor form slowly came together, once again returning to its condition before breaking. Only, the purple magic lines on her body had faint traces of gold. Having just restored her form, Bibi Dong immediately withdrew her spirit avatar, transforming into her real body, and even withdrawing her spirit.

With a retching sound, she vomited a mouthful of gold flecked blood, her body trembling violently, her eyes filled with unwillingness, “This person, is my greatest obstacle to unifying the Continent.”

Finished speaking, she directly sat down on the ground, assuming a bizarre posture with both hands as she entered cultivation.

ly Bibi Dong had used the Death Spider Emperor’s ninth spirit ability, called Undying Body. Ordinary spirit masters definitely wouldn’t absorb a support ability for their strongest ninth spirit ability, but Bibi Dong possessed twin spirits, she naturally wouldn’t be afraid. Her ninth spirit ability came from the same spirit beast as her spirit, a hundred thousand year Death Spider Emperor. Back when she killed this spirit beast, she spent a full year to complete her purpose, obtaining this spirit ring and the Death Spider Emperor’s spirit bone. Of the two abilities this hundred thousand year spirit ring gave her, one was the life saving support ability she just used, Undying Body. Even if her body was smashed and scattered by the enemy’s attack, it could still reform. One step further than Tang San’s Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone.

When Bibi Dong clearly sensed the threat the golden trident constituted to her life, she quickly switched over to her Death Spider Emperor spirit, and then used this life saving ninth spirit ability. No matter how powerful the enemy’s attack was, it still wasn’t enough to kill her. But, the Seagod’s golden divine power wasn’t that easily resolved. Even though she relied on Undying Body to block the majority, she was still inv

In such circumstances, let alone mentally searching for Tang San and the others, even defending herself was a problem. The four Spirit Empire elders quickly guarded around her. Of course, deep in their hearts, even Chrysanthemum Douluo who wished he could cut Tang San’s corpse into

ten thousand pieces didn’t dare pursue. Everyone only had one life, and having strenuously cultivated to the Title Douluo level, where would they be willing to take risks? At the same time, the strength Tang San displayed gave them a powerless feeling. What kind of enemy was it who possessed such a degree of power, even seriously injuring the lord Supreme Pontiff.

But in fact, the ability Tang San had of course wasn’t enough to accomplish this. Just like he didn’t understand Bibi Dong’s abilities, Bibi Dong and these Title Douluo were the same towards his abilities, and especially ignorant of the Seagod Trident. In such circumstances they were caught unprepared, plus that the true Seagod brand showed its strength, thus beating them back in one go. If the true Seagod was here, that second Millennial Space was enough to take their lives, even directly injuring Bibi Dong. After all, rank ninety nine peak Douluo might just be one step short of gods, but their strength were as different as heaven and earth. Moreover, the present Bibi Dong also wasn’t the complete Bibi Dong. A portion of her strength was used elsewhere, and couldn’t be transferred. The use over there was even more important than the two Forest Kings’ spirit rings.

When Tang San escaped, he was already overdrawn. The Seagod Trident’s consumption of mental strength and spirit power really was too large, even if the last attack had relied on the Seagod brand’s own energy, Tang San had already used it three times before. Although he wasn’t a dried out lamp, he was still out of strength. Maintaining the Vast Sea Barrier was difficult.

Drawn by his soul, very soon Tang San sensed Xiao Wu’s anxious soul waves, and quickly approached. His estimation of Bibi Dong’s and the Title Douluos’ circumstances was the same as the facts. Within at least an hour, they absolutely wouldn’t dare leave Bibi Dong to pursue. This gave him plenty of time.

Xiao Wu and the others hadn’t run very far, five li from the site of the previous battle. As Tang San arrived, Xiao Wu was crying bitterly.

“Da Ming, Er Ming, you have to hold on, you can’t die! Ge is coming. He’s a poison expert, he can definitely save you.” While crying, Xiao Wu constantly poured her soul force into the two great divine beasts.

But, whether Da Ming or Er Ming, the light in their eyes was still growing duller and duller, they were already unable to move again.

“Xiao Wu, stop wasting your strength. We can’t hold out. That person’s spirit has the strongest poison of this era. The Death Spider Emperor’s poison is basically unsolvable. Besides, the poison hasn’t just entered our organs, it’s also corroded our souls. Don’t cry, we’re already happy that you and Tang San could save us from being killed by the enemies. We’ve both lived for a hundred thousand years, dying now isn’t too early. Not dying by the hands of the enemy, not becoming her spirit rings, we’re satisfied.” Da Ming’s eyes were now almost closed, even the strength to lift his eyelids was almost gone.

While they were talking, Tang San had arrived and removed the Vast Sea Barrier.

Seeing Tang San, Xiao Wu was like she had caught a life saving straw, hurriedly pulling him: “Ge, hurry up and save them. Da Ming and Er Ming will die.”

Tang San was shocked, not caring about his own weakness, he hurriedly came closer and pulled out two antidotes he’d refined himself back when and gave them to the two spirit beasts. At the same time he used his remaining spirit power to hasten it.

“Tang San, don’t waste your strength. Even if a god came, he still couldn’t save us. Our bodies are built differently from you humans. You came just in time. Before we die, there’s still time to thank you. Thank you for not letting us die in that person’s hands.”

Tang San hurriedly comforted: “Da Ming, you’ll be alright. I will definitely think of a way to bring you back.”

Suddenly, Da Ming’s eyes opened sharply. His eyes unexpectedly again possessed an intense luster, as if he’d instantly recovered his vitality.

“Tang San, listen to me.” Along with his mind recovering, Da Ming’s voice grew forceful. Seeing this, Tang San’s expression was tragic. He

could see how deep the poison was, and Da Ming was now truly a lamp running on its last fuel, the sudden recovery was the last flash!

“I don’t have much time.” Da Ming looked at Tang San, then at Xiao Wu. to him the equally at his last gasp Er Ming also opened his eyes, but his originally yellow eyes had now become murky.

“Tang San, we know the state of our bodies. This body has already been completely corroded, unless you can now take out the same kind of medicinal herb as saved Xiao Wu last time, there is no chance for us. I don’t have much time, let me finish.”

The herb Da Ming meant was of course the Yearning Heartbroken Red. Where would Tang San find that? Even if he could, it was already too late. The restrictions to consuming it was also so severe.

Tang San sadly watched Da Ming and nodded. Xiao Wu fiercely threw herself forward, hugging Da Ming’s thick neck and weeping bitterly.

A lazy light flickered in Da Ming’s eyes, “Tang San. To be honest, at the start, I didn’t like you. In the past, Xiao Wu was always together with us, us three were together for close to a hundred thousand years. No matter what she did, me and Er Ming always supported her, even when she finally decided to become human. When you appeared, we discovered that Xiao Wu’s heart was already set on you, do you understand that feeling? Just like your sister following someone else. But, after the events last time, we both understood that you truly love Xiao Wu. In order to save Xiao Wu, you would rather give up your own life, Xiao Wu didn’t choose wrong. You are the best home for her. This time, we are truly happy that you returned together. Seeing that Xiao Wu can already attach her soul to her body, I understand, these years, you’ve always untiringly worked for her resurrection. Xiao Wu truly has insight, finding you, I am happy for her. I will leave, but, I still have a final wish. I hope you can help me achieve it, can you?”

Tang San nodded firmly, getting straight to the point: “Tell me. No matter what it is, I promise.” No matter anything else, he would complete Da Ming’s final wish just for his and Er Ming’s affection.

Da Ming nodded to Tang San, gratified: “Thank you, Tang San. Today might be the day I’m the most thankful. Xiao Wu, don’t feel sad. You are like us, we’ve all lived a hundred thousand years. You have Tang San, evolving as a human, you have a new hope. But we’ve lived in this big forest for a hundred thousand years, we no longer have anything keeping us in this world. In some sense, Dying can be considered the end, but also a new beginning.”

“Tang San, me and Er Ming have seen through life and death, dying isn’t frightening to us. We are already satisfied with not dying in humiliation by the hands of the enemy. My only remaining wish, is Xiao Wu. My final desire, my wish in the final moments of my life, is to see Xiao Wu being resurrected with my own eyes.”

Tang San looked distracted, he hadn’t thought Da Ming would actually raise such a request. Sadly he said: “I’m sorry, Da Ming, it’s still impossible. I still don’t have the strength of a Title Douluo. I may have to disappoint you.”

Da Ming’s gaze suddenly became severe, his burning eyes fixed on Tang San, “If course I can sense it, your current spirit power is rank eighty five, right? Isn’t that just five ranks short? I and Er Ming will give you these ranks. But. After having these five ranks, you must resurrect Xiao Wu. Can you do it?”

Tang San was shocked, “Da Ming, you’re……”

Xiao Wu sharply raised her head, tightly holding on to Da Ming’s neck,
“Don’t, Da Ming, Er Ming, you can’t do this.”

The always silent Er Ming suddenly opened his mouth. At this moment, his eyes were also bright, just like Da Ming he had entered the final flash of radiance before death, and equally stared at Tang San with burning eyes, “Xiao Wu, if you don’t want our deaths to be without any value, don’t stop us. Me and Da Ming thought it through just now. Since we will die, why not give our deaths meaning. If we can help you resurrect, our deaths will also be worth it. Bsides, after we become Tang San’s spirit

rings, we can still watch over you. Tang San, do you agree? We three are men. For Xiao Wu, wouldn’t you want to pay together with us?”

Da Ming and Er Ming both knew how large the harm to Tang San would be in order to resurrect Xiao Wu. They knew they were dying, and hoped to force Tang San to resurrect Xiao Wu together with them in their last moments.

They had seen Tang San’s strength. Resurrecting Xiao Wu meant giving up on the last ten ranks of spirit power, forever unable to become a true power. This part would be even worse than death to a talented Spirit Master. That’s why they worried that Tang San would finally let Xiao Wu stay in her current condition, and not help her truly resurrect.

Sensing the two great divine beasts’ gazes, Tang San’s eyes grew equally bright, cold light flickering, “Da Ming, Er Ming. What are you worried about? Even if you’ve been together with Xiao Wu for a hundred thousand years, while me and her have only been together for ten odd years, my feelings for Xiao Wu absolutely aren’t shallower than yours. I originally brought Xiao Wu back to the Star Dou Great Forest this time in order to resurrect her. More words are useless, watch.”

While speaking, Tang San suddenly patted Xiao Wu next to him with one palm. Xiao Wu was now completely lifeless, she could never imagine Tang San would attack her. Before she could react, Tang San’s palm hit her forehead, and she fell limply to the ground with a groan. Red light overflowed from her body, struggling and unwilling to return to Tang San.

“What are you doing?” Da Ming and Er Ming shouted simultaneously.
But they couldn’t move a bit now, and could only watch Tang San act.

Due to his lacking mental strength, Tang San’s Seagod’s Light was very faint, but as that golden light appeared, it immediately bound Xiao Wu’s soul, pulling her into his body.

His gaze sweeping Da Ming and Er Ming, the corner of Tang San’s mouth twitched. Suddenly, his left hand flipped the Seagod Trident, the main blade stabbing straight at his right arm. The Seagod Trident was a true

divine tool, and even his incomparably durable physical body couldn’t block it. Blood splashed, and he immediately severed his right arm.

Tang San’s complexion instantly paled, but he still didn’t even grunt, his gaze still ice cold. With a flip of his foot, the right arm flew into the air, and at the same time his left arm poked continuously, sealing the blood vessels of his right shoulder.

Watching this, Da Ming and Er Ming’s originally severe gazes completely changed. Tang San didn’t explain anything to them, using actions to prove his determination. First pulling Xiao Wu’s soul back into his body, and then immediately severing his right arm.

Tang San’s right arm was where Xiao Wu’s spirit bone was, and as a not yet rank ninety spirit master, only death would separate the spirit bone. Put a different way, when the spirit bone left his body, he would die. Tang San even used the Seagod Trident out of fear he couldn’t sever his arm, that was the strength of his determination.

Tang San stabbed the Seagod Trident in the ground next to him, his left arm catching his falling right arm. With a sudden tremble, he broke down the surrounding flesh, extracting Xiao Wu’s spirit bone within. Before the gazes of the two great divine beasts, he coldly said: “I don’t have much time either, this is a man’s determination.”

Da Ming and Er Ming looked at each other. Right now, not only were they nearing death, Tang San was as well. As long as his spirit power couldn’t reach rank ninety, and break his connection with the spirit bone, he would die.

“I’m sorry.” Da Ming and Er Ming spoke simultaneously, their severe expressions already softened. Even though they were a lot bigger than Tang San, at this moment, in their hearts Tang San was now standing far higher than them. Especially that madness of sparing nothing for Xiao Wu, made the two even more feel ashamed. They asked themselves, if it wasn’t because their lives were ending, they absolutely couldn’t do the same as Tang San. Yes, he was a true man.

Two heaven-drowning roars resounded. Two balls of blazing red light ignited in the Star Dou Great Forest. The glaring red light was released simultaneously from between the eyebrows of the two great divine beasts, and everything in the range of that red light turned completely static.

Sacrifice, yes, it was Sacrifice. This was the method Da Ming meant when he said he and Er Ming would make Tang San directly enter rank ninety. The growth from the sacrifice of two overlords of the Star Dou Great Forest, two hundred thousand year spirit beasts. Enough to directly let Tang San’s spirit power jump five ranks, rising to rank ninety.

“Tang San, we will leave Xiao Wu to you.” Da Ming and Er Ming’s voices echoed simultaneously in Tang San’s heart. Tang San’s cold gaze grew burning hot, and in the instant that red light spread, two hot tears hung fixed on his face. He of course knew what the two great divine beasts had decided, both he and Xiao Wu knew. But like the two spirit beasts said, they didn’t want their deaths to be without value. Helping Xiao Wu resurrect was their last wish.

Red flames began to burn Da Ming and Er Ming. That wasn’t fire, but rather an extremely special blood flame. And within it burned their blood, life, as well as a hundred thousand years of cultivation.

This was the second time Tang San had received a hundred thousand year spirit beast’s sacrifice, and even though a long time had passed, when he received Da Ming and Er Ming’s sacrifice, he still couldn’t help recalling everything that happened with Xiao Wu back then.

Tang San could no longer budge within the red light, but he used his soul to tell them: “Da Ming, Er Ming, don’t worry. I will definitely resurrect Xiao Wu, and guard her with my life. At the same time, I will definitely help you take revenge, to kill Bibi Dong, to destroy the Spirit Empire.”

Da Ming and Er Ming’s bodies were already gradually fading. Hearing what Tang San said, the two forest kings’ eyes revealed satisfaction. They of course understood, this was a man’s oath. Tang San definitely wouldn’t spare any effort to complete it.

The blood flame grew more and more flourishing. Gradually it turned from red to deep red, and Da Ming and Er Ming also gradually faded in this process, like red crystals growing more and more transparent.

Da Ming’s body faded first, all the red expanding into a giant ring that slowly contracted, revolving around and slowly merging into Tang San’s body. Immersed in the blood flame from the two great divine beasts, Tang San’s whole body constantly itched, the near death feeling completely obliterated. The spirit power within him, in chaos from the severed arm and previously exhausted from the fight with Bibi Dong, now grew geometrically, charging at one bottleneck after another at a mad pace.

But Tang San wasn’t the slightest excited over his rising spirit power, his heart was instead filled with grief. His rising strength came from Da Ming and Er Ming’s sacrifice. If he had a choice, he would wish his strength never rose in this way.

Da Ming, Er Ming, leave at peace, I will definitely avenge you. Spirit Empire, the hatred between us has another cause.

Finally, Da Ming’s light completely faded, and a red arm bone flew uncontrollably towards Tang San’s severed shoulder, forcefully stabbing into the wound.

Da Ming’s last voice echoed in Tang San’s heart, “You are the best human I have seen. Actually, both me and Er Ming like Xiao Wu, only since we are brothers we never wanted to hurt each other, to your benefit. Tang San, I’ll repay you with my spirit bone and spirit ring, perhaps, you won’t have to lose ranks. Therefore, I won’t owe you. Don’t forget your promise, protect Xiao Wu for us. The moment you severed your arm, I took you as a brother……”

“Da Ming……” Tang San’s tears finally fell. Da Ming’s voice faded and disappeared, and his enormous body turned into a small cyan snake that fell to the ground. The cyan light gradually faded, turning a dull gray.

And at this moment, Tang San’s Blue Silver Emperor showed itself, and at the same time appeared yellow, yellow, purple, black, red, red, red, red,

eight spirit rings. Along with Da Ming’s energy turning into a giant blood red ring slowly revolving in the sky, it converged around Tang San, finally occupying the last position.

Yes, under Da Ming and Er Ming’s combined sacrifice, Tang San’s spirit power had finally attacked the rank ninety bottleneck, promoting to the Title Douluo level. The spirit ring from Da Ming’s sacrifice also became his ninth spirit ring. Emperor of the forest, hundred thousand year Sky Blue Bull Python ninth spirit ring.

At the same time, along with that blood red right arm bone stabbing into Tang San’s shoulder, Tang San’s Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone violently undulated with energy, one blue ray of light after another surging, crystal blue light constantly revolving around the wound. Flesh and arteries began to wiggle around that red arm bone, growing at a pace visible to the naked eye.

Title Douluo level spirit power made the Blue Silver Emperor right arm bone’s Wildfire Burns Without End, Spring Wind Breathes Life Again ability to completely erupt. A hundred thousand year spirit bone’s ability required Title Douluo level spirit power to completely erupt.

Da Ming could be called the number one power of the Star Dou Great Forest. Even though he and Xiao Wu equally had lived a hundred thousand years, but as imagined, his spirit ring and spirit bone quality were absolutely above Xiao Wu’s. This was also why he said he wouldn’t owe Tang San. Even if Tang San lost a spirit bone and a full spirit ring, his and Er Ming’s two spirit bone and two hundred thousand year spirit rings could absolutely make up the difference. After all, lost spirit rings could be hunted again, but finding two hundred thousand year spirit rings and bones wasn’t so easy. When he saw Tang San’s four hundred thousand years spirit rings, Da Ming already understood that Tang San absolutely wouldn’t need to give Xiao Wu all his spirit power to resurrect her.

Er Ming’s red flame was still burning, only already a lot dimmer than before. The spirit power the sacrifice could reward was already completely infused into Tang San. If it wasn’t for him and Da Ming being so powerful,

it absolutely wouldn’t have been possible to help Tang San rise five ranks of spirit power and break through the most difficult rank ninety bottleneck.

Seeing Tang San’s right arm bone grow back, the ninth spirit ring also completely fusing with the Blue Silver Emperor, Er Ming’s deep voice echoed, “My turn. Tang San, please don’t tell Xiao Wu me and big brother liked her. We don’t want her to suffer. Let her always be glad, let her be happy. I believe, you can do it. If one day you truly break through rank one hundred and become a god, you will have the ability to condense our souls, and release us for a short time from the spirit rings and spirit bones. At that time, we will meet Xiao Wu again. Also, your current spirit ring quality is too high, definitely don’t lose it to Xiao Wu. That will have the opposite reaction. Actually, big brother was wrong. We still owe you. If you didn’t rescue us today, we wouldn’t even have the chance for this sacrifice. Put the abilities we give you to good use. Love Xiao Wu well, I wish you two happiness.”

The blood flame ring once again expanded, seeing Da Ming’s big gentle eyes, Tang San clenched his teeth.

The blood colored ring of light landed on Tang San. Immediately, the Blue Silver Emperor disappeared, the nine spirit rings around him also vanishing. In its place, that black Clear Sky Hammer appeared out of nowhere in front of Tang San, floating quietly.

The Clear Sky Hammer’s dark golden pattern flowed like mercury, as if it knew it would possess its first spirit ring, and looked forward to it with excitement.

The blood colored flame vanished, turning into an enormous spirit ring enveloping Tang San and Er Ming. As that ring contracted so it revolved only around Tang San, Da Ming’s body was already gone. The last of the red light froze on the Clear Sky Hammer, the bloody light making the originally already heavy presence of the Clear Sky Hammer grow even more domineering. The Deathgod Domain inscribed on the Clear Sky Hammer this moment burst forth with white radiance, letting the bloody color of this first spirit ring permeate within, adding a bit of a bloody luster to the white light of the domain.

Da Ming became the last spirit ring of Tang San’s Blue Silver Emperor, and Er Ming became the first spirit ring of Tang San’s Clear Sky Hammer. If a hundred thousand year spirit ring was appropriate in the ninth position, then Er Ming’s hundred thousand year spirit ring becoming the first on the Clear Sky Hammer was unprecedented.

This year Tang San was only just twenty five. Not only had he set the record for the youngest Title Douluo in history, at the same time, he also a terrifying record of having a spirit’s first spirit ring being hundred thousand year. Even though it might not never be repeated, it was absolutely unmatched in history.

At the same time, Da Ming and Er Ming had given thought to Tang San’s capabilities. Da Ming’s physical form was long and thin, somewhat similar to Tang San’s Blue Silver Emperor strands, and naturally most suited being the Blue Silver Emperor’s spirit ring. And Er Ming was focused on force and violence, just in keeping with the Clear Sky Hammer’s requirements. Tang San had never given any spirit rings to the Clear Sky Hammer, and even he himself had never expected that the first would actually be this powerful.

But, all this wasn’t finished. Along with the Clear Sky Hammer’s first spirit ring appearing, a scarlet spirit bone grew transparent and disappeared in front of Tang San. That was a left arm bone. Even though a hundred thousand year’s spirit beast poured his soul into the spirit ring and spirit bone, equally, they decided the forms of the spirit bones formed from their sacrificial energy. The left arm bone and right arm bone matched, and at the same time Tang San’s Clear Sky Hammer came from his left hand, so consequently Er Ming chose for his spirit bone form to be Tang San’s left arm.

The scarlet spirit bone instantly disappeared, but different from Da Ming’s gentle endless spirit power, the split second Er Ming’s spirit bone merged with Tang San’s left arm, Tang San’s whole body produced an impression of explosive power. Even though the left arm didn’t seem to change on the surface, Tang San felt as if his left arm was expanding unhindered, a forceful feeling filling his arm, the vessels beneath the skin constantly wiggling. At the same time, these two hundred thousand year

spirit rings and spirit bones merging with him made all of Tang San’s bones crackle.

Whether spirit ring or spirit bone, both would increase the attributes of the user’s body, and a hundred thousand year spirit ring and hundred thousand year spirit bone were undoubtedly even more outstanding. Tang San originally already had eight formidable spirit rings, and his body had also passed the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well’s forging, his innate attributes were already quite formidable, surpassing that of ordinary Title Douluo. Now, joined with another two great spirit rings and bones, immediately gave a feeling of his body bursting.

All attributes related to strength rose explosively, and Tang San’s skin also became blood red. The meridians within his body pulsed explosively, his blood circulation speed tripling from before, even his mental strength moved rhythmically.

That the human body could absorb energy was of course a wonderful matter, it could make one’s physical qualities strengthen comprehensively. But if the energy absorbed was too great, especially if it was absorbed in one go, if it surpassed the limits of the body, the result would absolutely be appallingly miserable, meridians bursting to become crippled, and even explode and die.

This was also why, back when they discovered Tang San had twin spirits, both Grandmaster and Tang San’s father Tang Hao warned him not to lightly add spirit rings to his second spirit.

Tang San himself hadn’t expected that just absorbing the first spirit ring of his second spirit would produce such a burden. But in fact, these circumstances didn’t actually appear because his body couldn’t bear it. On the contrary, it happened because Tang San’s physical endurance was too powerful.

Chapter 264

TL by Bagelson

Even though Tang San had just added his first spirit ring to the Clear Sky Hammer, if his circumstances were those of an ordinary spirit master, he would just now discover the reason why the body couldn’t endure the strengthening.

Ordinary Title Douluo, even with an ideal spirit ring configuration, had nine rings of: yellow, yellow, purple, purple, black, black, black, black, black. It was practically impossible for hundred thousand year spirit bones to appear. They might have two spirit bones, and that alone would be quite astonishing.

But Tang San? Tang San now had a full spirit ring configuration on his first spirit Blue Silver Emperor of: yellow, yellow, purple, black, red, red, red, red, red. The first three spirit rings were normal, but from the fourth ring onwards, he was a completely level surpassing existence. Moreover, there were even five hundred thousand year spirit rings.

According to the total spirit ring cultivation age limits, one Title Douluo with an ideal configuration absolutely wouldn’t have a total spirit ring cultivation age past two hundred thousand years, even surpassing a hundred fifty thousand years was rare.

But Tang San? His nine spirit rings total cultivation age was absolutely past five hundred thousand years, more than two point five times that of an ordinary spirit master. Even more, his second spirit’s first spirit ring was a hundred thousand year level, adding another hundred thousand years of

cultivation. His total spirit ring cultivation age was triple that of common Title Douluo, higher than six hundred thousand years!

This still wasn’t enough, don’t forget that Tang San already possessed as many as six spirit bones. The external spirit bone Eight Spider Lances was just in the process of evolving along with Tang San’s cultivation breaking through the Title Douluo level. After it finished, it could also reach the level of a hundred thousand year spirit bone.

Besides this extra spirit bone, Tang San still possessed the hundred thousand year level Sky Blue Bull Python right arm bone, the Titan Giant Ape left arm bone, the Evil Spirit Orca left leg bone, and the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone. A total of four hundred thousand year spirit bones. The only one that wasn’t at that level was the mind condensing wisdom skull bone that in itself was produced by a more than fifty thousand year spirit beast, plus, after fusing with the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud, who dared say its effect was any less than the four hundred thousand year spirit bones? In combat, its effect would on the contrary be ranked first.

Under such circumstances, Tang San’s physical attribute growth surpassed ordinary Title Douluo by more than twice as much, and that his body could support this already proved his formidable power.

To others, these circumstances might be fatal, but before leaving Seagod Island, Tang San had already found a way to resolve it.

After having accepted the two forest kings’ sacrifice, his mental strength and spirit power had recovered to their peak condition, affecting the Seagod’s Light to scatter, directly infusing in the Seagod Trident’s Seagod’s Heart next to him. Immediately, brilliant light blossomed, completely enveloping Tang San.

Bo Saixi was right, humans had limits to physical strengthening, the body had an upper bound in what it could endure. But having drawn the Seagod Trident, after experiencing the first seven of the Seagod Nine Trials, Tang San could be said to already have set one foot into the realm of divinity. Even though his current cultivation was far from enough, the god&rsqu

Under the illumination of the Seagod’s Light, Tang San immediately felt as if he had entered a giant smelting furnace. The red light from the two great divine beasts’ sacrifice had disappeared, but his body emitted an even more intense golden flame.

The hottest parts of his body were where the six spirit bones were. Vaguely, he could see the blood vessels, muscles, and even bones squirming quickly at these positions.

Violent pain constantly assaulted Tang San’s brain. Even though the Seagod’s Light was scorching hot, it was a lot more comfortable than the previous swelling pain, making Tang San feel as if he was soaking in a high temperature hot spring. The temperature might be high, but it could be endured.

Tang San’s bones constantly issued toothache-inducing snapping sounds, his tendons and muscles releasing even more cracking. Soon the surface of his body bulged with muscles, becoming a terrifying muscle man. But very soon, illuminated by the golden light of the Seagod Trident, those swelling muscles again gradually calmed down, returning to Tang San’s original appearance, robust but not exaggerated.

His bronze skin was washed with a faint golden color, not a metallic luster, but rather a sacred color.

Tang San suddenly had an epiphany. He discovered that, after he had reached the limits of what he could endure, illuminated by the Seagod’s Light, he seemed to have completely transformed. Without need to ask, he could feel how his body had become immensely resilient.

The two spirits completely withdrew into Tang San’s body, and he again returned to his original appearance, only his clothes were long since completely obliterated by the berserk energies, and all that remained was faintly golden skin.

The Seagod Trident automatically fell into Tang San’s right hand, and a blending feeling spread through his whole body. He deeply felt how his affinity with the trident had increased another step.

All this should have been perfect, but, after it was all over, Tang San’s deep eyes only held sorrow. Again stabbing the now dark Seagod Trident into the ground, taking Xiao Wu’s spirit bone that had been replaced in his left arm, and embracing Xiao Wu who was lying on the ground, he knelt with both knees, and bowed to the Sky Blue Bull Python and Titan Giant Ape that had already returned to their original forms.

He knelt thrice and knocked his head against the ground nine times.

Tang San’s eyes flashed with a resplendent ice cold light, “Brothers, you won’t have died in vain. I will first resurrect Xiao Wu, and then avenge you. The spirits of heroes do not leave, once I’ve formally inherited the place of the Seagod, I will definitely bring you out to meet with Xiao Wu again.”

Finished paying his respects, Tang San placed Xiao Wu on the ground, and then gingerly picked up Da Ming and Er Ming’s bodies and placed them in his Wishful Hundred Treasures Purse, resisting the threatening tears. He had not yet completed Da Ming and Er Ming’s last wish, so Tang San felt he still wasn’t qualified to cry.

Even though the process of absorbing spirit rings through Sacrifice was very fast, from start to finish it had still taken almost an hour. Elsewhere, Bibi Dong might come looking at any time. This wasn’t a place that matched Xiao Wu’s dreams, so therefore he had to leave, and find an undisturbed location to resurrect Xiao Wu.

Placing the sleeping Xiao Wu into the Wishful Hundred Treasures Purse, raising the Seagod Trident, Tang San faced Bibi Dong’s direction and looked deeply, “Bibi Dong. We will meet again.”

He instantly soared upwards. Breaking through nine rings, now rank ninety one formidable spirit power poured out, and as Tang San leapt up his mental strength spread out, isolating all mental probes from the outside world, and left into the distance.

He had to leave this place, leave the Star Dou Great Forest. In Tang San’s heart, Xiao Wu’s life was far more precious than his. He finally had the

opportunity to resurrect her, and he absolutely wouldn’t let anything go wrong. A portion of the Star Dou Great Forest was within the Spirit Empire. As empress, Bibi Dong might at any moment dispatch an army of spirit masters to search for him. This undoubtedly wasn’t a safe place to resurrect Xiao Wu. Therefore, he thought of another place. There, he had practically absolute confidence in helping Xiao Wu resurrect without being disturbed.

Almost at the same time as Tang San left, elsewhere, Bibi Dong also ended her cultivation, opening her eyes.

Compared to her fury in the battle with Tang San before, she was now a lot calmer, gazing in one direction, speaking in a low voice: “Did you all feel that?”

The four Title Douluo looked at each other, all nodding silently.

Bibi Dong stood, her expression so grave it looked like her face might drip water, “Good, very good, stealing the spirit beasts necessary for my ambition, and even absorbing their spirit rings right in front of me. Tang San, you haven’t disappointed me. The speed of your growth far surpasses my expectations.”

To the side, Chrysanthemum Douluo Yue Guan couldn’t help crying out,
“Your Majesty, you’re saying, that person is Tang San?”

Bibi Dong gave cold laugh, “Who else? He might not have expected that his identity would be revealed just because he absorbed the two spirit beasts’ spirit rings here. Only, I find it very strange, why wouldn’t those two forest kings even resist? How could he absorb two hundred thousand year spirit rings so quickly? His presence is already gone. He should have really run away.”

Yue Guan blurted out: “Your Majesty, I don’t quite understand your meaning.”

Bibi Dong swept him with a cold gaze. Ghost Douluo was dead, so without a doubt, Chrysanthemum Douluo’s value had dropped considerably,

and right now she was also furious. If the Spirit Empire hadn’t just needed people, she really would have torn this idiot to shreds.

“Do I even need to explain it? To be able to have the strength to contend with so many of us is admittedly related with the special effects of that trident, but how could he toy with you and block me without the strength of a Title Douluo? To be able to absorb two hundred thousand year spirit rings even as a Title Douluo, besides having twin spirits, can you think of any other explanation? On the entire Continent, besides me, the only other person with twin spirits is Tang San.”

Yue Guan couldn’t help saying: “Coulnd’t others have helped him, and they absorbed the two spirit beasts’ rings? How old is Tang San now, not even thirty! How could he be a Title Douluo?” Having met Tang San not just once, he really couldn’t believe Tang San actually had Title Douluo level strength.

Bibi Dong couldn’t stand it, with a sharp wave of her hand, Yue Gian’s body was instantly blasted away, “Idiot, back then, how many of you believed he could lead the Shrek Academy’s team to defeat our Spirit Hall’s Golden Generation? How many of you could have imagined that hundred thousand year spirit beast girlfriend sacrificing herself for him? Geniuses are those who do what others can’t. This person will inevitably become our most difficult opponent. More so than anyone. I didn’t expect him to be even harder to deal with than his father Tang Hao.”

The other three Title Douluo looked at Bibi Dong on the verge of erupting, and kept quiet out of fear.

All kinds of thoughts constantly echoed in Bibi Dong’s ming. Just go back like this? No, she couldn’t leave like this. The purpose of this trip still wasn’t reached. If a dreadful threat like Tang San hadn’t appeared, maybe she could still have looked for another chance to search for a hundred thousand year spirit beast, but now she clearly didn’t have the time. She had to reach the peak, and even more take that final step. Turning, Bibi Dong gazed towards the depths of the Star Dou Great Forest, her eyes flickering with cold light.

Tang San of course wouldn’t give Bibi Dong another chance to find him. Leaving Star Dou Great Forest, he immediately flew into the sky, rushing in one direction.

He had finally reached the Title Douluo realm all spirit masters dreamed of, but Tang San’s face always remained frosty. Even though spirit power was endlessly generated within him, more than twice as much as with eight spirit rings, pushing him to fly like a phantom through the air, and the spirit power moreover recovered faster than flying consumed, all this still didn’t make him feel excited. In his mind always echoed Da Ming and Er Ming’s words, and the scene of their blood red figures slowly fading.

Xiao Wu was still unconscious, and Tang San had also suppressed her soul without letting it awaken. But reality nevertheless had to be confronted, Da Ming and Er Ming’s deaths would undoubtedly be a huge blow to her.

But no matter what, he first had to resurrect Xiao Wu. Hatred had to be avenged, but not now. Even though Tang San believed that now that he had reached Title Douluo level strength, plus the Seagod Trident, he already had the power to fight Bibi Dong, but there was still a clear gap, and he moreover had to return Xiao Wu’s spirit ring. Without a full complement of rings, and with large numbers of powers next to Bibi Dong, vengeance was still far away.

Flying without rest, supported by his formidable spirit power, Tang San flew for a full two days before finally reaching his goal. This was a place Bibi Dong wouldn’t find, because this was not only within the borders of the Heaven Dou Empire, but also extremely hidden.

Still a large forest, on the surface it might not be much different from the Star Dou Great Forest, but if you looked carefully, the Star Dou Great Forest counted as a tropical rainforest, while here were more northern trees and plants. The only part that was the same was that this forest was covered with blue silver grass.

Without pause, Tang San entered the forest, following a familiar path. He was even more familiar with this place than Star Dou Great Forest. If that

forest was his tragedy, then here was his paradise.

Here he had obtained large amounts of immortal grade medicinal herbs, helping the Shrek Seven Devils gain the strength to fight the Spirit Hall Golden Generation. Here, he had been able to lay a firm foundation to his cultivation after ice and fire refined his body like metal. This was also the place his mother was swiftly recovering, nourished by the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well. Perhaps his parents could be reunited within his father’s lifetime. Indeed, this place was the Sunset Forest, once Dugu Bo’s cultivation ground, and also where Tang San’s parents lived in seclusion.

The Sunset Forest was the place Tang San had chosen to resurrect Xiao Wu. There was no need to worry about spirit beasts bothering him near the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, and it was practically cut off from the rest of the world. And this was where Tang San’s parents were. Having been gone for almost five years, and finally returned to the Continent, how could he not first come see his parents? This was undoubtedly the best choice for resurrecting Xiao Wu.

Tang San very soon arrived at that familiar mountain. Looking at it, nothing seemed to have changed. Tang San had used the Vast Sea Barrier the whole way, and hadn’t been blocked by any spirit beasts, smoothly reaching the foot of the mountain. Basically without need for the Eight Spider Lances, Tang San directly relied on the ability from his mother’s spirit bone to instantly reach the mountaintop.

Looking down from the peak, he could clearly see how all kinds of plants already densely covered the basin surrounding the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, and even though it still couldn’t compare to the place Tang San once “looted”, without any immortal treasures, large amounts of high level medicinal plants still grew densely, and becoming a precious treasure of heaven and earth was just a matter of time.

Tang San’s gaze didn’t linger on these herbs, directly looking at the edge of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well. With just a glance, he found what he was looking for.

An enormous blue silver emperor, occupying several dozen square meters, each leaf two chi wide, with a clearly golden pattern twinkling in the sunlight. Even though the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well was the host here, without a doubt, in terms of visual appearance, that immense blue silver emperor was the center of this valley.

At the same time as Tang San saw her, the blue silver emperor’s leaves also moved, rising in the wind as if sensing something. to the blue silver emperor, a tall aged figure shot up. Even though he only had one arm and one leg, the power of his presence was still choking.

“Who?” The shout shook the valley, and two ice cold eyes directly gazed at where Tang San was.

In two days of flight, Tang San’s heart had amassed a deep mass of anger. Finally seeing his parents again, he couldn’t help feeling excited. Howling towards the sky and throwing himself down, as if he wanted to express the depression from Da Ming and Er Ming’s deaths.

Hearing this howl, Tang Hao’s expression instantly changed. That howl like the cry of a heavenly dragon needed terrifying strength. Even in his flourishing stage he could have done no better. But, his ugly expression quickly changed yet again, first to surprise, then to ecstasy. And the giant blue silver emperor next to him was already dancing in the wind, fluttering with excitement.

“Little San, it’s little San.” Tang San’s mother Ah Yin’s voice drifted out from the center of that blue silver emperor, and blue golden light blossomed from every leaf, condensing into a faint figure in the air, maybe around thirty, stunningly beautiful, gazing dazedly at the figure falling from the sky. Her voice was choked with emotion, only this energy form couldn’t shed tears.

“Little San, it really is little San.” Tang Hao had already clearly seen Tang San, and Tang San had naturally also seen his father.

In five years apart, Tang San discovered to his astonishment that his father not only hadn’t aged, but on the contrary seemed much younger. The

once messy grizzled hair was now neatly combed, and most of it had turned back to black, the wrinkles on his face were also far fewer, and his muddy eyes had become bright and cheerful. Even in his excitement, every motion showed a grave presence.

“Dad——, mom——” Tang San landed five meters away from Tang Hao and Ah Yin. Falling from the air, he landed directly on his knees, tearfully bowing to his parents.

When together with his companions, Tang San was always the most intelligent one, the one who controlled the situation, the strongest. But, his heart still had a weak side, he was after all human! He could only hide his longing for his parents deep in his heart, but now that he finally saw them again, how could he not be excited? Plus Da Ming and Er Ming’s deaths influencing his mood, this moment he wept bitterly as if letting it all out. Like a hurt child seeing his parents.

“Don’t cry, child. Don’t cry.” The faint Ah Yin made an embracing motion, but her illusory form couldn’t leave the range of the blue silver emperor. She could only urge those wide grass leaves to encircle Tang San, holding him tightly, giving him the warmth of her soul.

Raising his head with eyes hazy from tears, this was the first time Tang San saw his mother’s appearance. Even though she was just an image, he still watched carefully. In his last life, he had once imagined many kinds of appearances for his mother, and in this world he had still never seen his mother. Now, he finally saw her face. Tang San couldn’t be more excited, and his tears uncontrollably moistened the leaves of blue silver emperor.

Tang Hao equally excited quickly hopped forward, reaching Tang San, his lips trembling, “Good, good child, it’s good that you’re back. You’ve been gone for five years this time, do you know how much we’ve missed you?”

“Child is unfilial.” Tang San’s voice was already hoarse from crying, the pent up frustrations he kept in his heart had been completely let out.

Ah Yin’s leaves encircling Tang San helped him up, only she didn’t dare touch the Seagod Trident he held. A tiny leaf softly wiped the tears on Tang San’s face, “Child, go ahead and cry, let it all out. You’re back with your mom and dad, our whole family is reunited, no matter what has happened, it’s all in the past.”

While speaking, Ah Yin released her leaves, and Tang San immediately opened his arms and gave his father a big hug. Tang Hao’s patted Tang San’s back with his single arm, equally tearful.

To be able to spend peaceful days with his wife had always been Tang Hao’s dearest wish, but after Tang San left, Tang Hao had discovered that his son held an equally dear place in his heart.

Ever since he was a child, he could never have said he took care of Tang San, instead it was the very sensible Tang San who always looked after him. After calming down and being together with his wife, Tang Hao would frequently recall Tang San’s childhood, and besides guilt, he also felt intense paternal love. Even though husband and wife were reunited, father and son were separated. After paying with two limbs, even though Tang Hao resigned himself to not owing the Clear Sky School anything, he had also lost the power to move unhindered in the world, and could no longer protect his son. Ah Yin had missed Tang San even more. Pity the hearts of the world’s parents, the parents’ feelings for their children is the most selfless, and also the grandest. Finally seeing their now even more heroic son, whether Tang Hao or Ah Yin, both were deeply moved.

In this atmosphere the family of three said nothing else for a full hour, but their hearts were tightly linked together.

Tang San gradually calmed down. He was after all not an ordinary person. Stabbing the Seagod Trident in the ground next to him, he turned to his parents: ”Dad, mom, I still have something important to do. Once I’ve finished, I’ll tell you about the journey.”

Tang Hao wiped the tears from his face, looking somewhat doubtfully at Tang San, “You still have to go do something?”

Tang San hurriedly said: “Dad, I’m not leaving, I can do it here. I want, to resurrect Xiao Wu.” As he said the last four words, Tang San’s voice resounded with unhesitating resolve. Hearing it, Tang Hao and Ah Yin were shocked.

“Little San, you……” Tang Hao looked at his son with disbelief. Before Tang San left for Seagod Island, he had already heard Tang San explain the conditions for resurrecting Xiao Wu. Even though Tang San’s previous howl had told him some things, he still found it very difficult to believe. In fact, back then he was already the youngest Title Douluo, but now his son had done it at more than ten years younger than him.

Tang San extended his right hand. Blue light flashed, and immediately, the surroundings were awash in a misty blue splendor. His mother Ah Yin’s blue silver emperor immediately responded, the same blood causing an intense resonance. Equally golden blue light spread from his mother, and the light Tang San released grew even more intense, provoking the surrounding blue silver grass in the valley to grow violently, and even Ah Yin’s body was excitedly moving rhythmically from this vast Blue Silver Emperor aura, the golden light blossoming from each leaf becoming especially intense. The grass itself also became crystalline blue.

Under Tang Hao and Ah Yin’s dumbstruck gazes, nine spirit rings in succession rose around Tang San. When Tang Hao saw that the last five of the rings were all red, he couldn’t help feeling being lifeless.

“Little San, your spirit rings, this is……” It was Ah Yin who spoke up. Once a hundred thousand year spirit beast, she already possessed an implacable hatred for those spirit masters who hunted the already highly intelligent hundred thousand year spirit beasts. She didn’t dare believe that her son could possess so many hundred thousand year spirit rings. With the way Xiao Wu was hurt, how could her son still go hunt them?

With Tang San’s intelligence, he understood her meaning with one look at his mother’s expression. He hastily explained: “Mom, don’t misunderstand. Of my hundred thousand year spirit rings, one his from killing a wicked hundred thousand year Evil Spirit Orca King in the ocean, the others don’t come from hunting spirit beasts.”

Resurrecting Xiao Wu was an important factor, but Tang San also absolutely didn’t want his mother to misunderstand, and simply related how he got his spirit rings. Regarding his experiences on Seagod Island, he only lightly described it as gaining experience in a few sentences, he didn’t want his parents to worry for him.

Hearing Tang San’s explanation, even Tang Hao couldn’t help feeling admiration, “Little San, you truly are blessed by the heavens. You’ve already thought it through, you want to resurrect Xiao Wu? Have you prepared everything?”

Tang San nodded resolutely, “Dad, I’ve already thought it through very clearly. Even when resurrecting Xiao Wu won’t give me too much damage, even if I lost all my strength, I still wouldn’t hesitate. Just like you and mom, I also equally love Xiao Wu. Until death.”

Tang Hao sighed, then smiled wryly: “You really are my son, even as infatuated as your old man.”

Ah Yin burst into giggles: “Are you boasting?” Only, her face very quickly grew serious, gazing at her son: “Little San, are you sure of the outcome?”

Tang San nodded, “Everything is ready. I brought Xiao Wu here to have the largest chance of success. Dad, mom, don’t worry. I absolutely won’t let Xiao Wu continue to suffer.”

Ah Yin and Tang Hao glanced at each other. From their hearts, they of course didn’t want their son to take risks, but they also knew that he was determined to resurrect Xiao Wu, and having equally experienced countless hardships, they could naturally understand Tang San’s thinking. In such circumstances they couldn’t hold back their son, they could only encourage him, and pray that everything would go smoothly.

Tang Hao patted Tang San’s shoulder: “With major concerns, don’t be overhasty. First settle your mood, then reach your best condition with cultivation. Me and your mom will watch over you, don’t worry about anything outside.”

Seeing the encouragement and support in his father’s eyes, Tang San nodded forcefully, once again hugging his father hard, then sat down cross legged, starting to operate his Mysterious Heaven Skill.

When Tang San broke through to nine rings, his Mysterious Heaven Skill inner strength had also reached completion, the ninth tier realm. In the Tang Sect in his previous life, even the strongest elders hadn’t cultivated to this stage. Right now Tang San’s inner strength had already become what Daoists called True Gang Divine Force. As he exercised it, his spirit withdrew, and a faint white mist slowly began to seep from every one of Tang San’s pores, wrapping him up inside. In a while, all that could be seen was white mist, not even Tang San’s shape was visible.

Tang Hao and Ah Yin watched intensely from the side. Tang Hao had also step by step cultivated to the Title Douluo level back then, but it was the first time he had seen anyone with Tang San’s circumstances. Nothing like this had happened to him. That white mist seemed weak, but Tang Hao could sense that it contained an intense resilience, protecting Tang San.

After reaching nine rings, this was still Tang San’s first time cultivating. The Mysterious Heaven Skill, like water forming its own canal, accompanied Tang San’s urging of his inner strength to formally enter the ninth tier. Gradually, the white mist surrounding Tang San slowly rose into the air, condensing into three enormous lotuses. It was the level of Three Flowers Gathering Above, Five Energies Governing The Elements.

Breathing in and out evenly, it was like clouds drawn down from the sky, the spiritual influence of heaven and earth, and even the energies of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well imperceptibly merged with that white mist, and then rushed into Tang San’s body as he inhaled and exhaled.

Tang San himself sensed another scene. He clearly felt that both Mysterious Jade Hand and Controlling Crane Catching Dragon had already entered completion at the ninth stage along with his Mysterious Heaven Skill. He understood that he could also finally freely use the two top ranked ultimate Tang Sect hidden weapons techniques.

He had already cultivated the Tang Sect martial arts to great heights. If he was placed in his old world, it was enough to dazzle the jianghu.

Only, in this world, Tang San’s cultivation clearly still hadn’t reached the limit. He now had rank ninety one spirit power, there were still even more difficult roads waiting for him. Only, even so, after the Mysterious Heaven Skill reached completion, it assisted his body to automatically absorb the essence of heaven and earth. Not only did his recovery in battle strengthen one step further, at the same time it also substantially increased his cultivation speed. It was an enormous advantage compared to common Title Douluo.

Gradually, the white mist covered a larger and larger area, that was because it absorbed more and more of the essence of the world. Finally, as that white mist was absorbed by Tang San like a whale breathing in water, his cultivation finished. The originally barely consumed spirit power was again restored to its peak, even so much that he made considerable progress. His mental strength had also already condensed, stabilizing his raging mind.

The time to resurrect Xiao Wu, had finally come.

Chapter 265

As Tang San opened his eyes, Tang Hao and Ah Yin clearly a faint jewel light in their son’s eyes, and a faint golden luster appeared on his skin, his spirit, energy and soul had already reached a frightening degree.

Tang San stood. After first bowing to his parents, he retreated around fifty meters to a wide open space in the basin. Cautiously, carefully, he brought out Xiao Wu’s body from the Wishful Hundred Treasures Purse, laying her flat on the ground in front of him.

Tang San was extremely cautious about what should have been a very simple process. To him, this moment was far too important. Xiao Wu’s resurrection was a more serious matter than his own life!

Raising his head to the sky, Tang San spoke silently within his heart: Da Ming, Er Ming, do you know, resurrecting Xiao Wu is your last wish, but it is my only wish. Xiao Wu’s resurrection is equal to my existence. I don’t need to promise you anything, if Xiao Wu can’t be resurrected, there would be no meaning in my life. There is nobody I love more than her. From the moment I saw Xiao Wu, she was my destined lover.


“Hello everyone, I’m called Xiao Wu, the ‘wu’ of ‘dance’.” “My spirit is a rabbit. A very cute little white rabbit. Yours?”

“Ge, can’t you help me comb my hair? It’s a bit tangled.” “This comb’s wood is very good!”
“My mother gave it to me, she made it herself. It’s carved from first rate sandalwood. Even if it doesn’t have any decorations, it’s the last thing mom left me.”

“Xiao Wu, you really are so beautiful.” “Ge, help me comb my hair.”

“Ge, you really are so stupid, don’t tell me I could live on alone if you died? I don’t want you to die, I want you to live. I really wish I could live together with you. Just like before. But, we can’t. When I’m not here, you have to properly take care of yourself, or my heart will break.”


Scene after scene like this, constantly flashed through Tang San’s mind. Seeing Xiao Wu laying on the ground with a serene expression, he felt as if his heart was cut by knives.

“Xiao Wu, we will finally be together again. I will definitely help you resurrect. I won’t let you stay like this. I will forever keep you by my side, until one day, we pass from old age.”

Suddenly drawing a deep breath, flinging away the tears from his eyes, Tang San’s right hand tightly grasped the Seagod Trident next to him, his left hand fishing out that replaced Xiao Wu spirit bone from the Wishful Hundred Treasures Purse.

A crystalline red color spread over the spirit bone, the tantalizing aura of a hundred thousand year spirit bone spreading. Along with the Blue Silver Emperor being released, one spirit ring after another rose around Tang San.

The formidable Mysterious Heaven Skill frantically operated at unprecedented speed under Tang San’s urging, and a clearly visible golden blue stream of air revolved around Tang San. His nine spirit rings flared at almost the same instant, making his body like a brilliant star.

To the side, Tang Hao’s fists were already tightly clenched, and Ah Yin’s every blue silver emperor leaf was trembling.


Ah Yin suddenly startled discovered that she was actually growing wildly when illuminated by this golden light. The connection of their souls let her deeply feel how powerful her son was right now. The blue silver emperor aura they shared had become the best channel connecting her to the Seagod’s Light, and that enormous divine presence flowed into her without reservations, making her cultivation frantically climb several times faster.

Tang San twitched violently, and immediately, his nine spirit rings flew up at the same time, drifting in the air above him. The pain of instantly losing his spirit rings made Tang San spit up a mouthful of blood, but his gaze was even more fervent.

Tang San naturally hadn’t forgotten what Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi said. Nobody could tell just how many spirit rings were needed to resurrect Xiao Wu. Tang San wouldn’t allow for any flaws or variables to exist, therefore, he completely shook off all the nine spirit rings of his Blue Silver Emperor. The pain of that instant made even his incomparably durable body produce a dense cloud of blood.

Enormous spirit power followed as Xiao Wu’s spirit bone in his hand entered the air, fusing together with Tang San’s sixth spirit ring. Red light blossomed in the air, and that sixth spirit ring separated from his spirit ring lineup under the control of Tang San’s boundless mental strength, glittering red light spread scattered everywhere, then slowly started to condense under the shine of the divine light the Seagod Trident released.

A red silhouette gradually formed, Xiao Wu’s transparent red body appearing in the air. She couldn’t speak, or even open her mouth, but this

was her soul, and that soul’s aura was filled with sadness and worry, her crystalline eyes watching Tang San as if telling him something.

Tang San didn’t pull back, resolutely looking that figure in the eyes, pausing with each syllable, he almost howled: “Re——sur——rect——! My—— be——lov——ed——!”

The shroud of Seagod’s Light covering the sky and earth suddenly condensed, becoming an immense golden pillar of light, completely enveloping Xiao Wu’s soul and body. Immediately, motioned by Tang San, his first four spirit rings flew out simultaneously, circling around Xiao Wu’s soul, protecting her, floating towards the body illuminated in golden light.

Vast mental strength erupted like a flash flood and poured into the Seagod Trident, changing into purest Seagod’s power and scattering. Within that golden light, Xiao Wu’s soul figure gave Tang San a last loving gaze, then, that red silhouette completely merged with her body.

Yellow, yellow, purple, black, four spirit rings in sequence, one by one slowly blended into Xiao Wu’s body. With each spirit ring, Xiao Wu’s body would flash with a ray of red light.

The Seagod’s Light grew even more intense, a soul attached to a body and a soul merged with a body were two completely different concepts.

Whether Xiao Wu’s body reconstructed with the Yearning Heartbroken Red and the Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng could completely fuse with her soul, whether the outside spirit rings could support a complete recovery, those were the important parts of the resurrection. Tang San released his mental strength without regard for the consequences. His seventh spirit ring was also moved over, floating just above Xiao Wu. If he discovered her body could continue absorbing spirit ring energy, Tang San absolutely wouldn’t hesitate.

His fifth spirit ring was considered the evolution of the Blue Silver Emperor, it didn’t suit Xiao Wu, but this seventh spirit ring was his god bestowed spirit ring, its attributes absolutely wouldn’t clash with Xiao Wu.

Layer after layer of intense red light wrapped up Xiao Wu like a cocoon, Tang San’s mental strength densely covered every corner of this space, meticulously sensing the changes in Xiao Wu’s soul and body.

The merging process was very slow, but it constantly progressed. Without experiencing it firsthand, one couldn’t understand just how difficult it was. This time, Tang San was profoundly aware that if he had finally helped Xiao Wu’s soul and physical body merge using the Ten Headed Fierce Yang Serpent neidan from back then, the failure rate would have been at least fifty percent.

But the Seagod’s Light was undoubtedly the purest divine power. Under its light, all rejections were completely dispelled, and even if the merging process was slow, it proceeded without any problems.

Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi was right, after Xiao Wu absorbed her own spirit ring and spirit bone, plus Tang San’s four spirit rings as well, her body was already completely full. Her body originally held a monumental energy from the two great immortal herbs she had eaten, plus the saved up rewards from the Seagod Island. Now with such immense energy and soul power from the outside, if any more was transmitted, it would absolutely be dangerous.

After discovering this, Tang San relieved drew back his fifth, seventh, eighth and ninth spirit rings from the air. Even though they were only four, these four were all hundred thousand year level spirit rings! If you only looked on the surface, then now he was a Spirit Ancestor with all hundred thousand year spirit rings. Only, this was also certainly the most powerful spirit ancestor in the history of the Douluo Continent.

After his strength rose to the Title Douluo level, and the originally five spirit bones turned to six, Tang San discovered that it was a lot easier to borrow the Seagod Trident’s divine power than when he fought Bibi Dong. If he had spent all his mental strength without regard for the consequences then like he was doing now, he might have been unable to endure it. But now he was doing it skilfully and easily.

It wasn’t that his mental strength had grown a lot. Even though it had become stronger, his mental strength progress was definitely much less than his spirit power. After all, his mental strength had risen to the peak Douluo level as soon as his Purple Demon Eye advanced to the Boundless realm. In order to substantially advance it further he would have to inherit divinity. But now the divine force he could borrow from the Seagod Trident was a ratio of how much mental strength he could infuse it with and transform into divine power.

If he previously input ten units of mental strength and only received one unit of Seagod divine power before, then, now ten units of mental strength changed into fully three units of Seagod divine power. It was under such circumstances that Tang San comprehensively supported Xiao Wu’s soul and body merging without feeling particularly strained. At least, right now when his mind was extremely stimulated, he didn’t feel like it was anything. Even if he did, he directly ignored it.

After an unknown amount of time, along with a buzzing sound, the red light Xiao Wu’s body had released was absorbed like rivers running into the sea. Only that red dot on her forehead representing the Seagod Island’s first grade test flickered. Her soul and body had finally completed the entire merging process.

If this alone couldn’t make Tang San feel relieved, then, the next prompt echoing in his mind made his excitement rise to a peak.

“Seagod’s eighth trial, resurrecting partner, mission complete. Eight trial fifty percent complete. It is required to keep raising strength, absorbing spirit rings, spirit bones, to complete the trial.”

Tang San firmly believed that gods wouldn’t lie. Yes, Xiao Wu was resurrected, Xiao Wu was finally resurrected under his untiring efforts.

With a thump, the Seagod Trident Tang San held fell to the ground. At this moment, he felt violent pain in every part of his body, felt his mind as weak as if his brain had been scooped out. But, did that matter? No, not at all. If Xiao Wu was resurrected, then what was this pain?

The golden divine light slowly disappeared, and Tang San also collapsed as it vanished, falling next to Xiao Wu. Even so, the instant before he lost consciousness, he still didn’t forget to tightly grip Xiao Wu’s warm little hand.

In order to perfectly resurrect Xiao Wu, Tang San had released his mental strength without minding overdrawing, adding in his deep nervousness, and even more importantly the serious injuries he had suffered from giving up the spirit rings, even he fell unconscious.

Originally he didn’t have to bear such great pain, but to strip off one's own spirit rings, it was necessary to be a person with great strength, if he didn’t have the Seagod’s Light as support, Tang San not only couldn’t have regained his stripped spirit rings through hunting, even the Blue Silver Emperor spirit would be crippled. Even with the Seagod’s Light, in order to perfectly resurrect Xiao Wu he had stripped all his nine spirit rings in one go, and the pain from this was as fearsome as being flayed and having his tendons torn out.

But at that time Tang San hadn’t even looked distracted, really because his mind was too focused. Those nine spirit rings were naturally enormously powerful, especially the five hundred thousand year spirit rings. But, the stronger the spirit ring, the greater the influence from stripping it. One might say that this forceful removal had already injured his vitality, and even regaining four hundred thousand year spirit rings afterwards couldn’t avert it.

This was also when his body had passed one strengthening by the Seagod’s Light, plus the foundation of his six great spirit bones to protect him. Otherwise, stripping his spirit rings like this would have directly harmed his foundation, and he would never have recovered.

After an unknown amount of time, when Tang San awoke from unconsciousness, it was already dark all around. Violent pain came from all his bones and muscles. That kind of convulsive pain was basically unbearable, and Tang San couldn’t help giving a low moan.

“Ah, little San is awake.” His mothers voice echoed by his hears.

When Tang San wanted to open his eyes, he discovered his eyelids were too heavy. But he still managed to call out: “Xiao Wu, how is Xiao Wu?”

Before he had finished speaking, Tang San’s senses had already recovered somewhat, and he discovered his body was surrounded by warmth, as if he lay in a soft embrace.

“Ge, I’m here, don’t move.” A voice like heavenly music echoed in Tang San’s ears. Even though his physical condition was extremely bad right now, that voice was like a powerful stimulant, prompting Tang San to directly open his eyes.

The moon was bright but stars sparse, and the surrounding light was extremely dim, but Tang San still saw, right next to him, a face so delicate it might break from a puff of wind.

She seemed even more beautiful than before. In the moonlight, her skin glistened with the luster of white jade, her long scorpion braid hung down her side, and a pair of wet dark eyes watched him anxiously. Within those eyes was no longer vacancy or blankness, but only endlessly deep emotions.

“Xiao Wu, Xiao Wu…...” Tears flowed fiercely from Tang San’s eyes, even he himself had forgotten how long it had been. Ever since Xiao Wu sacrificed herself for him, he had never been truly happy. Seeing the real, living Xiao Wu in front of him, Tang San’s throat closed as if choking on something. He had a thousand things he wanted to say, but right now he couldn’t finish one sentence.

“Ge, you’re so stupid. Da Ming and Er Ming, they……” Big tears tumbled from Xiao Wu’s eyes. ly Tang San was always unconscious, and after she woke up she was always looking after him without minding anything else. Now Tang San was awake, and she couldn’t hold back the tears of grief. In order to resurrect her, the two most important partners in her life had sacrificed themselves, and her beloved had also grievously injured himself.

“Xiao Wu, don’t cry. Da Ming and Er ming wouldn’t want to see you grieve over them so. Once I’ve become the Seagod, I’ll definitely summon

their souls to see you again.” Having spoken thus, Tang San’s excitement over finally having resurrected Xiao Wu became too much for his body. He went limp, unconscious again. Only, this time he was satisfied. Xiao Wu was finally resurrected, his greatest desire was already achieved.

Tang Hao’s distinctive deep voice rang out, “Little San is right. The departed are already gone, the living are still alive. He’s stronger than me, he’s resurrected you in just a few years. Child, treasure the people before you. Don’t be sad and grieving. The past has already passed, you both should face a new life.”

Xiao Wu raised her head to look at Tang Hao with eyes hazy with tears, and nodded softly, “Thank you, uncle.”

Tang Ha smiled slightly: “When you came here with him last time, that’s not what you called me.”

Xiao Wu blushed, she hadn’t expected someone as dignified as Tang Hao to tease her, and the pain in her heart immediately eased a bit. She stammered: “Dad.”

Tang Hao rubbed Xiao Wu’s head. Looking at his son in her arms, he said: “Little San’s vitality is seriously harmed. But his body is strong, he will improve with rest.”

Xiao Wu silently hung her head, softly caressing Tang San’s face, “Dad, I will look after him well.”

When Tang San woke up again, it was already the next day. In one day’s time, the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone’s Wildfire Burns Without End, The Spring Wind Blows New Life ability had already more than half restored him. Even though he still felt pain all over, and his brain was still dizzy, Tang San was already in much better spirits.

His senses restored, Tang San immediately felt his whole body relax. He discovered he was still in Xiao Wu’s arms, but his clothes had been changed, without any of the blood from Xiao Wu’s resurrection left. Xiao Wu’s head hung, asleep.

Tang San didn’t move, afraid of waking her up. Clearly, Xiao Wu had looked after him the whole time, and was already completely exhausted.

Slowly drawing a deep breath, Tang San roused his mind and sensed the changes in his body. Only if his body recovered would Xiao Wu be relieved.

As his mind gradually grew clearer, Tang San discovered that his meridians and bones hadn’t changed noticeably, but his spirit power had suffered a certain fluctuation and was in chaos inside him. What had suffered the most was instead his mental strength. His mind was in complete disorder. Spirit ring abilities were controlled with mental strength, and could be said to be directly linked with the mind. Forcefully stripping away fice spirit rings was naturally grievously harmful to Tang San’s mental strength.

Only, fortunately he still had that Seagod’s trident brand. Even though his mental strength was a mess, it still hovered around his evolved mind condensing wisdom skull bone, as if attracted by the Seagod’s Light. Even though his mind seemed to have fragmented, it didn’t leave his control.

Closing his eyes and operating the Purple Demon Eye cultivation technique, Tang San began to mend his mental world. That his body had only suffered this much from resurrecting Xiao Wu was already a pleasant surprise to Tang San. At the same time, he couldn’t help being filled with gratitude for the Seagod’s power. If not for the Seagod’s Light, it would absolutely have been impossible to resurrect Xiao Wu this smoothly, and also impossible to only temporarily give up spirit rings.

He might not be the only candidate for becoming a god, but there might not be anyone else that dared strip away their spirit rings like him. Before he had absorbed spirit rings again, Tang San didn’t dare be sure whether he could recover the Blue Silver Emperor’s various abilities. But without a doubt, his spirit power hadn’t weakened, it was still at the ninety first rank. It was just relatively weak and needed time to recover. Moreover, even if the Blue Silver Emperor couldn’t recover, it didn’t matter. Each of the remaining four hundred thousand year spirit rings had two abilities, just these were stronger than ordinary Title Douluo. Besides, the Blue Silver

Emperor’s damage wouldn’t influence him absorbing spirit rings into his Clear Sky Hammer. Undoubtedly a manifestation of the advantage of twin spirits.

His condition examined, and Xiao Wu also being resurrected, Tang San calmed down and began to restore his mental strength. Through the little bit of mental strength he could control, he cautiously roused the Seagod’s Light, and then with the Purple Demon Eye cultivation technique through the Seagod’s Light, gathered and slowly fused the fragments of his mental strength.

When he first got the Seagod’s Light he felt this ability was chicken ribs, as if the most it could do was scare those sea spirit beasts and sea spirit masters. But as time passed, Tang San discovered more and more of its marvelous uses. In some sense it was even more important than the Seagod Trident. After all, with his current capabilities, the Seagod Trident also needed the Seagod’s Light to produce its true power.

Tang San used a full three days to completely restore his mental strength, and his body had also recovered on its own accord over the same time, returning to its original condition. Besides missing a few spirit rings and abilities, nothing much had changed. And from a wider perspective, his abilities really hadn’t decreased. Xiao Wu’s spirit bone had been replaced by two even stronger spirit bones, and five spirit rings had been traded for two hundred thousand year spirit rings. Overall, his abilities were even stronger than before.

Faint golden light filled his whole body. Right now Tang San was already sitting cross legged by the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, looking as if he was cast in gold, glinting like jewelry.

Tang Hao sat nearby watching his son. Xiao Wu sat next to Tang Hao, her beautiful eyes filled with deep concern. Tang San’s mother Ah Yin’s blue silver emperor body, ever since it was subjected to the Seagod’s Light illumination that day, had grown another third in a short few days.

Tang San’s Blue Silver Emperor was inherited from his mother, their blood interlinked. To an ordinary spirit master that Seagod’s Light would

only feel bright and warm. If it was evil spirits, they would suffer a powerful attack. But to the constantly growing Ah Yin, it was a like a plant in sunlight. Adding in the connection between Tang San and her, she had obtained the greatest benefits from the Seagod’s Light. Originally the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well treasure ground had been speeding up her cultivation, and after being illuminated by this divine light, Ah Yin’s cultivation had already formally entered the ten thousand year level. To recover to this stage within a few years, reaching the Blue Silver King level, was close to inconcievable.

Only, this was also related to Ah Yin’s history. She had originally cultivated to a hundred thousand year spirit beast, and hadn’t restarted from the lowest level blue silver grass. With the blood of the blue silver emperor, she was naturally familiar with the Blue Silver Emperor’s cultivation methods, and could advance with the simplest and most effective methods. Further being nourished by her son’s blood, plus the assistance of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well and Seagod’s Light, she could recover this quickly. The illusory figure she could condense was already much clearer than when Tang San came here.

Golden light blossomed three times, and withdrew three times, then finally returned to the Seagod Trident brand on Tang San’s forehead, the faint golden light quietly disappearing from all over him. When Tang San opened his eyes, a gem-like light reappeared in his eyes, already back to the appearance he had when he came to the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well.

“Dad, mom, Xiao Wu.” Tang San looked at his parents and lover, that kind of satisfying feeling made him even more excited than his mental strength recovering.

“Ge——” The rims of Xiao Wu’s eyes reddened again, not minding that Tang Hao and Ah Yin were still right next to her, she fiercely lunged, throwing herself into Tang San’s arms.

Tang Hao turned around with a smile, and Ah Yin’s silhouette also smiling melted back into her main body. They knew that lovers who could finally be together again would definitely have a lot to say.

Tightly holding each other, listening to each others’ heartbeat, whether Tang San or Xiao Wu, their hearts were filled to the limit. For fear of losing the other, neither spoke, just holding each other tightly, as if they would merge together.

Even though it didn’t feel much different from when Xiao Wu was attached to her body before, at that time she still wasn’t truly alive! At this moment, with the real living Xiao Wu in his arms, Tang San felt as if each cell was cheering jubilantly.

“Xiao Wu, I love you.” Tang San whispered with an almost trembling voice next to Xiao Wu’s ear.

Xiao Wu went a bit rigid, sharply raising her head to look at Tang San. Four eyes met, endless deep emotion congealed. Whether for Tang San or Xiao Wu, this was the day they had waited for far too long.

“Ge…… I love you too.”

Again holding each other closely, their feelings rose once again, and on the middle finger of their left and right hand, the rings made from the Blue Silver Emperor’s threads sparkled. That was their engagement token, and at this moment, they truly felt that they possessed each other.

After so many tribulations, they could finally be together again, but it was also because of so many experiences that their feelings for each other would grow so profound.

Softly kissing Xiao Wu’s forehead, Tang San softly said: “Little Wu, will you marry me? I’m finally entitled to ask you.”

“I will, I will…….” Xiao Wu agreed without hesitation, her voice already choked, her eyes already filled with tears, but no longer tears of grief.

Tang San said gently: “Once we’ve returned to Heaven Dou City and reported to Teacher, I will formally marry you. I will definitely give you a grand wedding, to let the entire world know that you are my wife. Your

happiness is the greatest blessing of my life, I will love you all my life, and beyond. Even when the seas run dry and the rocks go soft, until the end of time, I will still never leave you.”

Xiao Wu, choked with emotion, nodded hard. She couldn’t say a word.
She had never been as happy as now.

Tang San raised his head and looked at his not distant father smiling at him and Xiao Wu, and pulled Xiao Wu’s hand: “Before we leave for Heaven Dou City, there are still a few things to do.”

Xiao Wu nestled her head against Tang San’s chest, speaking softly: “NO matter what you do, I will follow by your side.”

Tang San brought Xiao Wu over to his mother’s enormous Blue Silver Emperor, “The first thing is to let mom and dad be as happy as us.”

Two giant Blue Silver Emperor leaves curled up, circling Tang San and Xiao Wu. Dense motherly love rippled out from the leaves, “Children, it’s been hard on you. No matter what has passed, you can finally be together. Cherish each other. Me and your dad will be happiest as long as you are happy.”

Tang San immediately shook his head: “No, mom, I will let you and dad truly be together like me and Xiao Wu. You’ve suffered more than us. I didn’t have the strength to help you before, to show my filial respect. But now that I’m back, I also believe I have that strength.”

What Tang San said next completely shocked Tang Hao and Ah Yin, “Dad, I will help restore your right arm and left leg. Mom, I will let you resurrect like Xiao Wu. Even if I’m not absolutely sure of success, my methods definitely won’t harm you.”

Even the experienced Tang Hao whose mood was long since as calm as water, couldn’t keep his expression from changing on hearing this, fiercely leaping over in front of Tang San, grabbing Tang San’s shoulder with his one hand, excited: “Little San, what did you say? You can bring your mom back to life?”

Tang Hao wasn’t concerned with his own body, but when he heard his son say he could restore Ah Yin’s form, this news really was too exciting. Tang Hao and Ah Yin’s feelings were different from Tang San and Xiao Wu. Besides that never shrinking deep love, there were also a bunch of complex feelings mixed up within. Back then Ah Yin sacrificed herself to save him, leaving their son without a mother, and Tang Hao’s guilt towards them was obvious. If someone now told him they could trade his life for Ah Yin’s resurrection, Tang Hao absolutely wouldn’t hesitate.

Originally he had thought he would never see Ah Yin again in his lifetime. The Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well gave him the chance, allowing him to communicate with Ah Yin again, just that was enough to make Tang Hao ecstatic.

If someone else told him they could resurrect Ah Yin, Tang Hao might still have hesitated. This was too important to him, so he absolutely wouldn’t try it without one hundred percent certainty, he never wanted Ah Yin to suffer any harm again. But this came from the mouth of his son, how could he not believe it? Setting aside their family relationship, just Tang San using the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well to speed up Ah Yin’s recovery gave Tang Hao a miraculously deep trust.

Hearing what Tang San said, Ah Yin was equally excited. She’d always buried the distress over seeing her husband’s lost limbs deep in her heart. She clearly understood that Tang Hao had removed his spirit bones in order to cast away everything else to stay with her. But Ah Yin also understood that Tang Hao still had far too many things he couldn’t let go of. If she could resurrect, if Tang Hao’s arm and leg could be restored, everything would doubtless be perfect.

But, was this really possible? One was missing an arm and a leg, one was a Blue Silver Emperor that had just cultivated to the ten thousand year level. Could Tang San really return them to their peak?

Chapter 266

Seeing his parents’ both surprised and disbelieving expressions, Tang San sternly said: “Dad, mom, listen. I originally didn’t dare be certain either, but resurrecting Xiao Wu has let me realize a lot of the mysteries of spirit cultivation, and even spirit beast cultivation. If I’m not mistaken, dad, in the years you’ve kept mom company, you’ve definitely eaten a lot of medicinal ingredients.”

Tang Hao nodded: “Those were all found for me by your mother, with the effect of banking up my fundamentals. Adding in that my physical condition was originally quite good, even the injuries from severing an arm and a leg have already completely healed, and my spirit power has returned to rank seventy nine.”

Tang San said: “Back then, in order to repay the sect, you severed to limbs, and released the sludge in your blood, and at the same time also returned those two spirit bones. Your spirit power was also forcibly reduced by twenty ranks due to losing the spirit bones. But in fact, you still have your ninth spirit ring, just that you can’t use your last two spirit rings due to the lack of spirit power to support them, right?”

Tang Hao said: “That’s right. But, can severed limbs even be restored?”

Tang San said confidently: “Why not? The Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone ability mom gave me, Wildifre Burns Without End, The Spring Wind Breathes New Life, even though it can’t bring the dead to life or grow flesh from just bone, it’s still enough to regrow severed limbs. After

my spirit power reached rank ninety, this spirit bone ability can be fully used. With my mental strength, it’s completely possible to not just use this ability on myself, but also on others. As long as we bring back those two spirit bones you contracted with, I’m at least eighty percent sure I can regrow your limbs. At that time, with an intact body, you can recover to your peak before long through cultivation. After all, even though a portion of your spirit power is lost, the painstaking cultivation back then wouldn’t be wasted. After your limbs are restored and meridians whole, I think, within one year, you could still be the Clear Sky Douluo who made Spirit Hall lose their gall at the sound of the wind.”

Tang San’s words undoubtedly lit a flame of hope in Tang Hao’s heart, but his shiny gaze very soon dulled. Shaking his head, he sighed: “Little San, did you forget? I returned those two spirit bones to atone for my sins. Putting aside that it would be impossible for the sect to return them to me, even you can’t gain their true approval right now.”

Tang San gave a cold snort, “Dad, back then when you killed the Spirit Hall people to save mother, did you do anything wrong? That tragedy was because they coveted mother’s spirit ring. Spirit Hall then took their anger out on you, but the sect not only didn’t come to your aid, instead gutlessly choosing to retreat. Who was right and wrong? I’m a junior, I can’t criticize grandfather’s decision. Only, can our Clear Sky School really escape calamity by blindly withdrawing? I’ve never thought you did anything wrong back then. If those sect elders won’t give us their approval, then I’ll just beat it out of them.”

Always in the past, due to his father’s matters and his own encounter with the Clear Sky School, Tang San had never had any good impression of them. Otherwise he wouldn’t have established the Tang Sect alone. When faced with diff

Tang San didn’t have enough strength before, and could only endure. But now he had already become a Title Douluo, and also grasped a divine tool like the Seagod Trident. He’d already endured long enough. Those two spirit bones should belong to his father, and his father should at least be an elder within the sect. What his father had lost, he had to return for him.

Seeing his son radiate aggressiveness, though Tang Hao’s face was calm, the gratitude in his eyes was clear to see.

“You’re becoming more and more like me back then. Only, back then I was just impulsive, while you’ve been clever since you were a child. But, little San, whether me or you, we’re both born of the Clear Sky School, our Clear Sky Hammers are inherited from the sect, no matter when, we absolutely can’t betray the sect. This is the bottom line, understand?”

Tang San watched his father with a burning gaze, his eyes expressing respect, “Dad, I understand your meaning. I’m not talking about betraying the sect, I know you wouldn’t want to see that. Therefore, I will accompany you to return justly and fairly, and have every person in the sect acknowledge your position. Look, what’s this?”

While speaking, Tang San’s palm brushed the Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges, and in his palm appeared a small golden hammer, a black gem inlaid on either end.

Seeing this hammer, Tang Hao couldn’t keep his eyes from shining, suddenly growing excited, he suddenly grabbed the hammer from Tang San’s hand, “Little San, hurry up and tell me, where did you get it?”

Tang San said: “Great grandfather gave it to me. Great grandfather not only gave me this token, but at the same time also the authority that comes with it. I told great grandfather about everything that’s happened in detail, and great grandfather didn’t blame you, even he said you were right. What did you do wrong?”

“Grandfather really didn’t blame me?” Tang Hao asked in a trembling voice. This kind of iron man’s mood surged to rapidly, clearly showing how important he regarded the sect.

Tang San nodded firmly, “Dad, great grandfather said it himself.”

Tang Hao tightly held that golden hammer, his eyes suddenly shining with unprecedented light. He roared towards the sky, the intensity making even Tang San take a step back. This roar seemed to contain all the

resentment held in Tang Hao’s heart. Tang San saw correctly. Ah Yin was undoubtedly number one in Tang Hao’s heart, but, his loyalty to the sect that had raised him from childhood and given him the name Clear Sky had never waned. The previous sect master was his father, and whether his father had done right or wrong, Tang Hao had never returned to argue it. But at this moment, the strongest of the Clear Sky School, his grandfather had confirmed he didn’t make a mistake. To Tang Hao, this approval was even more important than the return of his strength.

Back then he had become dispirited, but now listening to Tang San, the flames of hope reignited within him. He seemed to again see those glories when he represented the Clear Sky School.

Tang San said: “Dad, once I’ve helped mom recover her human form, we’ll return to the Clear Sky School. To get everything you deserve.”

Tang Hao returned to his senses, returning that golden little hammer back to Tang San, “This is the authority your great grandfather gave you, you have to care for it well. Little San, you’re really sure you can restore your mom’s shape? There’s absolutely no danger?”

Tang San said: “Don’t worry, even if I’m not absolutely sure of success, my methods will be beneficial to mom. Even if I can’t restore mom right now, I can definitely enormously cut down the time required.”

“Little San.” The whole time listening silently to her husband and son, Ah Yin spoke up.

Illusory light sparkled, her beautiful face filled with motherly tenderness, “You can help me recover, but, mom has a request. When you help me recover, there absolutely can’t be any harm to you. Otherwise, I’d prefer to continue like this forever. While your father has kept me company here these years, he has told me everything about how you’ve grown up. You are a good sensible child. Did you know, both your father and me feel that we deeply owe you. We brought you into this world, but we’ve never fulfilled our duties as parents. You didn’t even have a happy childhood. Mom is already very sorry. If you let yourself be harmed when helping me, mom would never be able to forgive myself.”

“No. mom, don’t say anything.” Tang San fell to his knees in front of his mother, “Yes, when I was small, I was envious when I saw the other children who had mothers. I thirsted for your love. But it’s not your fault you couldn’t be with me and dad! Parents never owe their children, no matter when or how. That you brought me into this world is already the biggest, biggest favor, one I’ll never be able to repay in my life. Without you, there would be no me. My life was given by you. There are no other debts beside that. Mom, don’t worry. Helping you recover won’t harm me. I still have to properly show my filial respect to you both afterwards. And I still have Xiao Wu to take care of. How could I not treasure myself? Our family can finally be happy together. I don’t want to put a time limit on this.”

Listening to Tang San, Ah Yin really want to cry, but she couldn’t produce tears yet. Tang Hao helped Tang San up, “Don’t talk like that, you’ll make us hurt even more.”

Tang San nodded, raising his head to look at his mother, “Then I’ll begin now. Mom, you just have to open your mind wide, sense the energy I transmit to you and blend it with all the energy around you.”

While he spoke, blue golden light flashed. Tang San released his Blue Silver Emperor, and at the same time also released his Blue Silver Domain.

The blood red seventh spirit ring flashed. To be precise, this was now the second of Tang San’s currently four spirit rings. The golden blue color spread all over his body, and Tang San entered his spirit avatar state. In that instant, under the effect of the Blue Silver Avatar, the Blue Silver Domain expanded exponentially, quickly spreading out and enveloping his parents and Xiao Wu, enveloping the entire Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well basin, then crossing the mountain walls, spreading out into the Sunset Forest beyond.

On his forehead, the Seagod trident brand flashed, his boundless mental strength completely blending into the Blue Silver Domain, strand after strand of golden blue Blue Silver Emperor issuing from Tang San and quietly twisting around Ah Yin’s leaves. Each of Ah Yin’s broad leaves was tightly wound around by one of Tang San’s Blue Silver Emperor.

Tang San flew up, hovering just above his mother, the strands of Blue Silver Emperor like a bridge connecting the two of them together.

Ah Yin softly cried out: “Little San, your Blue Silver Domain is already at the peak level?”

Tang San nodded lightly in the air, “Mom, pay attention to absorbing the energy I send you.”

The Blue Silver Domain suddenly changed, the previous golden blue suddenly turning completely ocean blue. In just this instant, the parts of the Sunset Forest enveloped by the Blue Silver Domain had turned into a blue ocean.

Within the forest, each blue silver grass gently swayed along with a special rhythm, scattering faint traces of gentle golden light that merged into that blue world, and then gathered towards the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well at the heart of the forest. To be precise, it condensed towards the emperor of this blue silver world, Tang San.

Blue Silver Domain, final evolved ability, All River Run Into The Sea, launched.

Along with his strength rising to the Title Douluo level, Tang San’s Blue Silver Domain had also evolved once again. If the spirit avatar was where a domain displayed its true strength, then, the strength of Title Douluo was the essential factor for a domain to reveal its highest level.

Rich blue light gently poured into Ah Yin through where the Blue Silver Emperor connected her with Tang San. After passing Tang San’s gathering and filtering, this energy had already become the purest Blue Silver Emperor energy. Their similar blood let mother and son share energy without any obstruction.

The Blue Silver Domain’s All Rivers Run Into The Sea, effects: anywhere with blue silver grass, the domain can change the vitality of the blue silver grass into any form of energy the Blue Silver Emperor requires, and add it to oneself. As long as there is still blue silver grass, the Blue

Silver Emperor’s energy will never wane. This energy can change into vitality, but also spirit power or mental power. This ultimate domain effect can undoubtedly place the Blue Silver Emperor in an invincible position when fighting opponents of equal level in a forest.

And at this moment, Tang San was drawing support from this ability to transform the energy of all the blue silver grass in the forest into Blue Silver Emperor energy, then using himself as intermediary to transfer it to his mother, raising her cultivation.

Such a method could also only be used between mother and son, and also required Tang San to take the leading position, unless Ah Yin’s strength one day surpassed his.

In the Sunset Forest, all the spirit beasts restlessly hid in their nests, the infinite energy waves making them not dare move. With the enormous energy spreading through the entire forest, the lowest level blue silver grass for the first time became the masters of the great forest. Summoned by the Blue Silver Emperor, they released the breath of their life without reservation.

Nourished by that blue light, Ah Yin’s body grew exponentially. Each leaf began to grow as transparent as sapphire, the golden veins on top also becoming increasingly large. She could clearly feel her cultivation grow at an unprecedented rate.

Ah Yin originally had a hundred thousand years of experience with cultivating, and naturally knew what to do with this perfectly suitable energy, and could also do it appropriately. Only, her heart was somewhat restless.

She of course understood the Blue Silver Domain’s All Rivers Run Into The Sea ability, she had possessed it herself back before she decided to take human form. She absolutely didn’t want to see her people consume too much of their vitality in order to resurrect her. But the leader was Tang San, she could only passively accept it, and she was even more unwilling to harm her son’s heart.

Tang San seemed to understand his mother’s heart. What he did next let Ah Yin put her heart at rest.

His right hand moved. That dark Seagod Trident stabbed into the earth fell into Tang San’s palm, the Seagod’s Light once again becoming the bridge between Tang San and this golden trident. Dazzling golden light rose towards the sky, the divine aura representing the Seagod’s strength spreading out along with the Blue Silver Domain. Like a vast ocean restoring life to all living things spread to each corner of the Blue Silver Domain, enveloping the entire Sunset Forest. The vitality of the blue silver grass already withering from releasing too much of their life force was reignited within the Seagod’s power assigned to the Seagod Trident. And Tang San’s Blue Silver Domain had now become completely golden. To be precise, what he used now should be called the Seagod Blue Silver Domain.

A domain like this might not have any true use in battle, but it had enormous benefits to the blue silver grass that absorbed the energy.

The Seagod’s Light alone could swiftly recover Ah Yin’s cultivation, let alone when it was conducted into the Blue Silver Emperor energy like this. This was also Tang San’s trump card for resurrecting his mother. It was because of the existence of the Seagod Trident that he didn’t need to worry about the Blue Silver Domain’s All Rivers Run Into The Sea harming the blue silver grass here. It was also just because of the Seagod’s divine power that he was even more certain of being able to help his mother recover her human form.

Sensing the effect the Seagod’s Light had on all the blue silver grass, Ah Yin was relieved, and put all her heart and all her mind into absorbing the pure energy her son passed to her.

The Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well basin wa originally a place that gathered the spiritual influence of heaven and earth. Ah Yin had been nourished here for five years, and her root as Blue Silver Emperor had already reawakened. The major difference between plant type spirit beasts and animal spirit beasts was vitality. Even forest kings as strong as Da Ming and Er Ming couldn’t compare to the Blue Silver Emperor in vitality. This was also how

Ah Yin could leave behind a seed after sacrificing herself, while Xiao Wu, Da Ming and Er Ming had immediately faced death.

Tang San using his own blood to draw out his mother’s roots here back then and an important effect on Ah Yin’s rebirth. Just because he had taken the Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass and Infernal Delicate Apricot, his blood had brought Ah Yin the greatest benefits by the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, and she could absorb the spiritual influence of heaven and earth released by the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well without worrying. Even without Tang San’s present help, she could have returned to her previous condition within a hundred years. Now with Tang San drawing in all the blue silver grass energy in the Sunset Forest enormously accelerated her recovery.

In fact, what Tang San did now was equivalent to Tang San pouring the cultivation of all the blue silver grass in the Sunset Forest into his mother’s body. And he didn’t want to kill the chicken for the eggs either. His Blue Silver Domain cooperated with the Seagod’s Light, enormously increasing the cultivation of each blue silver grass in the forest. And what Tang San absorbed from them was just a portion of their cultivation.

The cultivation of a single blue silver grass of course didn’t count as anything, but the cultivation of ten million blue silver grass added together was vast.

Ah Yin grew with a speed distinguishable to the naked eye. Soon, the enormous leaves had grown to encompass every part of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well basin. Tang San also constantly released strand after strand of Blue Silver Emperor to connect with it.

Tang Hao and Xiao Wu watched nervously from the side. They could both sense Ah Yin’s energy swiftly rising, and Tang Hao now also understood why his son could say with certainty that, even if he didn’t succeed in resurrecting Ah Yin, all this would definitely only be beneficial to his mother. He drew this kind of blue silver grass energy into her body, increasing her cultivation, even if Ah Yin couldn’t recover her human form, the recovery time would still be enormously curtailed.

Tang San’s Seagod’s Light held up for a full two hours. After the strength flagged and the blue light vanished, Tang San fell from the sky, sitting crosslegged next to his mother, directly entering cultivation. His mental strength was almost completely exhausted, but not yet overdrawn.

Ah Yin had undergone enormous changes in these two hours. The Blue Silver Emperor main stem had grown by several dozen times, and each leaf spread through the valley. Along with Tang San entering cultivation, her aura also grew silent. Even though the energy she received didn’t require any melding to become hers, she still had to adjust to her new state.

In just a couple of hours, Ah Yin’s cultivation had increased by more than twenty thousand years. The blue silver grass made up for quality with quantity, and Tang San’s unprecedented hub like transmission, relying on the Blue Silver Domain’s ultimate ability with the with the Seagod’s divine power to condense the golden light, it had completely reached the effect Tang San wanted.

Tang San used a full two days to recover his mental strength. Over the next ten days, he repeatedly used the same method four times to condense Blue Silver Emperor energy for his mother. With the help of the Seagod’s Light, the blue silver grass in the Sunset Forest offered up inexhaustible energy. Until the Blue Silver Emperor energy Ah Yin had was completely equal to Tang San’s level, and couldn’t be transmitted any longer.

After finishing the last energy transmission, Tang San once again entered cultivation. Right now Ah Yin had already undergone heaven and earth revolving changes. The enormous leaves no longer spread out, but were instead completely gathered together, each leaf not only possessing enormous Blue Silver Emperor energy, but also a portion of the aura of the Seagod’s Light. The leaves had now turned completely golden, forming a ten meter wide cocoon. Piercing golden light flared, Ah Yin’s body containing enormous energy fluctuations.

Having experienced similar circumstances, Xiao Wu told Tang Hao that these were signs of a spirit beast reaching a hundred thousand years. When Ah Yin broke out of her cocoon, she would again have returned to the hundred thousand year level. At the same time, while in this cocoon formed

from her own body and energy, she also had the chance to make a choice. Either become human, or stay as a formidable hundred thousand year spirit beast. There was no doubt as to how Ah Yin would choose. She had already experienced cultivating as a human, and even Xiao Wu couldn’t tell what she would be like after breaking out. After all, it was the first time she had seen anyone like Ah Yin, who had twice cultivated to hundred thousand years.

Tang San awakened from cultivation after two days. In these dozen days, he had constantly used up and restored his mental strength, and it felt as if his mental strength had become even a bit more solid.

The golden cocoon still flashed with faint light, nobody knew how long this evolution would take. Tang Hao sat waiting in front of the cocoon, his eyes from time to time glistening with anxiety. Even though he’d already waited for so long, and by all reason his wife should have a chance to very soon recover to her former state, the more this was the case, the more intense his impatience grew. Watching that golden cocoon, he couldn’t wait to see his beloved wife again.

As soon as Tang San opened his yes, he saw Xiao Wu sitting close by. Her big black eyes blinked and looked at him, her long eyelashes curling, her long hair falling down her shoulders to the ground, like a black waterfall.

“Xiao Wu.” If his parents hadn’t been here, Tang San would have wanted to directly show his affection.

Xiao Wu happily said: “Ge, you’re awake.” It had been almost a month since they came here. In the gaps between where Tang San helped his mother recover, he and Xiao Wu had buried Da Ming and Er Ming’s bodies on the other side of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well. Even though she knew it was impossible, Xiao Wu secretly still hoped the spiritual influence here could give the two forest kings a slim chance for resurrection.

After talking to Tang San and his parents, Xiao Wu’s mood was already much better. Even though the pain in her heart still remained, she didn’t want Tang San to see her unhappy.

Xiao Wu cutely jumped into Tang San’s arms, her long black hair hiding the two like a veil. Xiao Wu softly said: “Ge, do you know when mom can wake up?”

Tang San shook his head: “Even you don’t know, and I know even less. But since there’s enough energy and mom has already experienced breaking through a hundred thousand years, it shouldn’t be too long.”

Xiao Wu said: “Ge, let’s go for a walk, ok? There’s a lot of spirit beasts in this Sunset Forest, maybe we can find some that suits you. Your Blue Silver Emperor really is bald and ugly with four spirit rings left.”

Tang San’s heart twitched: “Xiao Wu, I still haven’t asked you. What level is your spirit power now? Even though your body and soul were separated these past years, you did still take two great immortal grade herbs. Especially that Yearning Heartbroken Red was enormously effective. Even if your cultivation isn’t more than mine, relying on this immortal herb your physical toughness isn’t less than mine.”

Xiao Wu smiled slightly: “I don’t know what rank my spirit power is either, I’m at a bottleneck right now, the seventieth rank bottleneck. When I went from hundred thousand year spirit beast cultivation to human, the first six spirit rings didn’t require hunting spirit beasts, but by the seventieth rank I really am human. And with the effect of those two immortal grade herbs, I’ve become human a bit early. Now I also need to hunt spirit beasts for spirit rings. I feel like my spirit power shouldn’t stop at rank seventy, but I can’t tell how much more either.”

Tang San pulled Xiao Wu up, skilfully pulling out a sandalwood comb from his Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges, speaking to her while combing her jet black hair: “Then we’ll go strolling in the Sunset Forest. With your current physical condition, absorbing a hundred thousand year spirit ring might be a bit dangerous, and finding one isn’t to likely either. But, fifty or sixty thousand year spirit beasts’ spirit rings shouldn’t be a problem. Once you have a spirit avatar, your defensive abilities will be even stronger. Unfortunately, I don’t have any god bestowed spirit rings on hand.”

Xiao Wu said: “Since my soul and body were separated I only have one trial, and all the rewards are superimposed. I can get them once you’ve completed the Seagod Nine Trials. Right now you still lack more than ten spirit rings and a spirit bone for the eighth trial. Mom is just evolving, let’s go search here. If there are any suitable spirit rings, we can finish the eighth trial sooner.”

Tang San rubbed Xiao Wu’s head. He of course knew that Xiao Wu was saying this because he had lost five spirit rings to resurrect her. As a former spirit beast she least liked seeing spirit masters hunt spirit beasts.

While combing Xiao Wu’s hair, Tang San said to her: “Xiao Wu, I promise you that all the spirit beasts I kill will be those especially wicked ones, the kind that take the initiative to attack me, and I absolutely won’t kill more than needed, ok?”

Xiao Wu nodded slightly. Her back was to Tang San, but the rims of her eyes were already red. Da Ming and Er Ming were dead. In this world Tang San was her only family. Tang San’s thoughts for her, his love for her, imperceptibly dissolved the grief in her heart.

After a while, a neat scorpion braid was already completed. Even tied up in a braid, Xiao Wu’s hair almost reached the ground.

Xiao Wu’s eyes were no longer red. Turning around she smiled sweetly at Tang San, “Let’s tell dad and go.”

Tang San nodded. Leading along Xiao Wu’s soft little hand they went up to Tang Hao. Tang Hao’s gaze was always fixed on the giant golden cocoon, “I heard you talking. Go, pay attention to your safety.”

Tang San promised, and pulled out the nearby Seagod Trident. Saying godby to his father, they flew up and over the mountaintop, arriving in the Sunset Forest.

Their feet planted firmly on the ground, the two held hands and walked into the forest. Tang San wasn’t in any hurry to hunt spirit beasts, this was

his first time walking with Xiao Wu in the woods after her resurrection, and he didn’t want to break this pleasurable mood by killing.

Xiao Wu’s heart was interlinked with Tang San, gently following him.
Their figures slowly entered the dense forest.

Before they had gone far, Xiao Wu suddenly halted and looked at Tang San, softly calling out: “Ge.”

“En?” Tang San also halted, looking at her.

“Kiss me, ok?” Xiao Wu’s face was red, but she still shyly spoke.

Tang San only felt hot blood rush to the top of his head, his gaze so hot his eyes almost spit flames. There were no parents here, and the feelings held in his heart could no longer be restrained. Almost roughly pulling Xiao Wu into his embrace, his invading lips constantly fell on Xiao Wu’s forehead, the hair by her temples, brushing her face like a soft breeze, and finally, stopped on her tender pink lips.

A warm sensation as soft as silk, a fragrance like a quiet orchid, seemed to instantly swallow Tang San’s soul. Xiao Wu’s arms twisted around Tang San’s neck responding somewhat unskillfully. This moment, tears rolled down both their faces practically simultaneously. They had experienced so many storms, separated by life and death, but they could finally be together.

This kiss seemed like it would last until the end of time, until the seas ran dry and the rock went soft. Neither wanted to separate.

This was still a pure kiss, without involving any lust, only a dense, almost substantial love.

An unknown amount of time later, suddenly, a connection with his soul roused Tang San from the love, pulling Xiao Wu’s soft body to swiftly move sideways. A smear of black light flitted past where he stood before, and at the same time that black light spread out, chasing after Tang San and Xiao Wu.

Those were sharp black needles, with a rich dark aura. Tang San brought Xiao Wu to quickly change places in midair several times, but they still chased after without giving up. The tyrannical energy fluctuations made the air crackle, and where it passed, an acrid smell rose from the ground.

This was…… The Pit Demon Spider’s Piercing Needle ability?

Confronting this kind of attack, Tang San didn’t know if he should laugh or cry, but at the same time also felt angry at him and Xiao Wu being interrupted.

After he and Xiao Wu entered the forest, because they were lost in love, they hadn’t showed their presence, their auras reserved, and had instead provoked a spirit beast attack. This eyeless fellow was still a Pit Demon Spider with quite the cultivation. There was no reason not to accept a gift delivered, and even Xiao Wu’s face now flashed with anger. Provoking Xiao Wu’s anger only had one result. Having just advanced to Thousand Hands Douluo, Tang San would directly transform into Thousand Hands Asura.

Chapter 267

Just as Tang San and Xiao Wu were deep in emotions, they were interrupted by a sudden attack, and that Piercing Needle attack even chased them as persistently as bone maggots. It seemed it wouldn’t give up unless it succeeded.

With a cold snort, Tang San spun in midair, the Seagod Trident thrusting straight at the pursuing attack.

With a pop, that needle was smashed without any suspense. Tang San then landed with Xiao Wu, the golden trident heavily hitting the ground. That was a hundred eight thousand jin weight, and the earth trembled with a deafening sound. Basically without even needing to look, Tang San’s mental power had already located the Pit Demon Spider the moment it launched its attack. Tyrannical energy fluctuations instantly erupted, and with an explosive sound, an enormous black shadow was blasted out of the earth by the golden trident’s absolute power.

Just like Tang San expected, that was a Pit Demon Spider, and an especially enormous one, more than five meters long, several times larger than ordinary. Its jet black carapace glistened with grey patterns, and its abdomen where it stored spider silk and energy was extremely swollen. Small eyes sparkling with dull blue light stared at Tang San and Xiao Wu in shock. Clearly, it had now also realized it had run into an iron wall.

Only, this Pit Demon Spider reacted incredibly quickly. Its body was still paralyzed by being blasted out of hiding, but it was already forcefully

turning, its rear swinging, and a large a large sparkling golden light flew to envelop Tang San and Xiao Wu. This was the Pit Demon Spider’s secret skill, Spiderweb Prison.

Different from that thousand year Pit Demon Spider whose spirit ring Tang San once absorbed, the spiderweb this Pit Demon Spider launched was crystalline yellow colored, translucent and bright. Launching in an instant, it actually gave people a feeling of hiding the sky and covering the earth, clearly showing that it could envelop an enormous range.

Just from this point, Tang San judged that this Pit Demon Spider absolutely wasn’t just a simple ten thousand year level. Even though it couldn’t possibly be a hundred thousand year spirit beast, neither was it on the level of the last one he saw. It should be Pit Demon Spider with more than fifty thousand years of cultivation. Its Spiderweb Prison was at least five times stronger than the previous Pit Demon Spider.

Sensing the Pit Demon Spider’s strength, Tang San was happy rather than alarmed. Among the spirit beasts of the present age, hundred thousand year level spirit beasts were extremely rare. Besides the ones that were already dead or had changed to human form like Xiao Wu and his mother, the two hundred thousand year spirit beasts Tang San knew of were the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King Xiao Bai, as well as the Deep Sea Demon Whale King. He had never expected himself to have large numbers of hundred thousand year spirit rings, but before coming back this time he had set his goal on ten thousand year spirit beasts, using ten thousand year spirit rings to supplement himself. In such circumstances, the higher the cultivation of the ten thousand year spirit beasts, the better. And of the five spirit rings he had given to save Xiao Wu, besides Xiao Wu’s own, the other four spirit rings had to come from the same kind of spirit beasts as before. When a Pit Demon Spider with such high cultivation appeared in front of him now, it was naturally the ideal chance to replenish his fourth spirit ring. How could Tang San let such a good opportunity pass him by?

He didn’t leave Xiao Wu behind, she was safest next to him. Facing the gol

Intense red light burst from Tang San’s left leg. The red light sparkled, a heaven shaking hatchet blade swept out. WIth a piercing sound, that extremely durable crystalline spiderweb split in half, the two pieces flying far away.

Even though this Pit Demon Spider’s ability was powerful, what it now faced was the hundred thousand year Evil Spirit left leg bone ability Tang San got from the Evil Spirit Orca King, the Orca Demon Hatchet. A formidable straight line killing ability. How could it escape? Tang San now had the strength to alone kill a hundred thousand year spirit beast, this fifty thousand year Pit Spider Emperor was basically nothing to him.

The Pit Spider Emperor shrieked. As early as when Tang San used the Seagod Trident to blast it out of the ground, it knew it had met an enemy it couldn’t match. After reaching the ten thousand year level in cultivation, spirit beasts possessed quite high intelligence, even more so for a Pit Spider Emperor with fifty thousand years. As soon as it launched that Spiderweb Prison, it immediately turned to run, about to escape into the forest. But, could it really successfully escape from Tang San?

Seeing that Pit Spider Emperor’s fat body turn to run, Tang San couldn’t help not knowing whether to laugh or cry. Want to run? It might not be that easy.

Pale blue light haze spread from between his eyebrows, his boundless mental strength already spreading out in all directions. The Pit Demon Spider was just fleeing with all it strength, when suddenly, it was shocked to find those two humans had at some point already appeared to block its path. A burst of incomparably powerful mental strength covered its body, the powerful mental intimidation immediately clearly reducing the Pit Demon Spider’s speed.

It wasn’t a spirit beast good at speed to begin with, and seeing Tang San and Xiao Wu in front of it, it immediately turned to escape in a different direction. At the same time, black light rushed out to cover a large area, the ground instantly covered with countless pitch black spikes. This was an area type spike formation, just like Tang San’s former fourth spirit ability

Blue Silver Prison’s evolved ability, only this fifty thousand year Pit Demon Spider’s attack was even more powerful.

Tang San gave a cold snort, releasing Xiao Wu with his left hand, his palm tightened into a fist, intense red light bursting out. With him as center, the earth suddenly cracked, and those black spikes were smashed in waves before they could even reach him and Xiao Wu, turning into dust and returning to the ground. And the Pit Demon Spider’s body also heavily fell as if smashed by something, sharply hitting the ground, half it’s body buried.

What Tang San used was one of the two great ability from the Titan Giant Ape left arm bone, Gravity Mire. Effect: within a certain range, instantly increase or decrease gravity. The level of increase or decrease varies depending on the spirit power the user invests.

This ability was crystallised from Titan Giant Ape Er Ming’s gravity control domain. Even though it couldn’t control as a large range like Er Ming could, the gravitational effect within the range of the ability was even stronger than Er Ming’s domain. Those thorns were pulverized by the sudden gravity, and the Pit Demon Spider was also forcefully pressed into the ground by the sudden twentyfold increase in gravity.

Suddenly struggling up from the soil, the Pit Demon Spider didn’t keep running, instead sharply turning back, glaring at Tang San and Xiao Wu. It knew that if it couldn’t vanquish these two enemies, it would have no chance of escape. Only by going all out would it stand a chance.

Tang San stared at it with a provocational expression, not launching any attacks either. He wasn’t worried about killing this Pit Demon Spider. His experience from hunting spirit beasts in the past told him that the greater the unwillingness of the spirit beast when it died, the better the effects of the spirit ring it produced. Just like back when he killed the first Man Faced Demon Spider, it was after it died with extreme anger that it gave Tang San the external spirit bone Eight Spider Lances. The rate at which fifty thousand year spirit beasts produced spirit bones was even higher than common spirit beasts, and even though Tang San might not use it, he still had comrades, and Xiao Wu also needed spirit bones. This Pit Demon

Spider was already like meat on the chopping board, of course he wasn’t anxious. He had to infuriate the enemy and kill it when it was the most frantic, then he would reap the greatest rewards.

Whether the Pit Spider Emperor or the Man Faced Demon Spider, they were both considered extremely vicious spirit beasts, specializing in killing spirit masters and weak spirit beasts, swallowing their energy to strengthen themselves. Xiao Wu wouldn’t pity such spirit beasts.

Zhizhi, the Pit Demon Spider furiously called out. Suddenly, its whole body once again drilled into the ground, leaving an extremely astonishing scene in front of Tang San and Xiao Wu. That enormous five meter Pit Spider Emperor actually disappeared underground in an instant, and most astonishing was that the place where it dug barely changed, only leaving some marks of flipped over soil.

With a soft puffing sound, large amounts of soil suddenly shot up in the surrounding area, even shooting out countless underground plants. And next, Tang San suddenly lost his mental lock on the Pit Spider Emperor.

Yi? What happened? Tang San looked around somewhat astounded. Just as the soil boiled, that Pit Spider Emperor seemed to completely disappear from his mental web, not even leaving a clue behind.

Xiao Wu asked: “Ge, what is it?”

Tang San smiled slightly: “This Pit Spider Emperor’s cultivation is over fifty thousand years, it really is different from a ten thousand year Pit Demon Spider. It should have some evolved ability I don’t know about. My mental strength can’t sense it’s presence at all. Really fascinating!”

Xiao Wu looked distracted, “Even your mental strength can’t sense it?
Then wouldn’t its ability be about the same as your Vast Sea Barrier?”

Hearing Xiao Wu say this, light flashed in Tang San’s mind. Right! Only abilities like the Vast Sea Barrier could escape his detection. He bent and kissed Xiao Wu’s soft face, “Wife, fortunately you’re clever.”

Xiao Wu blushed, “Who’s your wife, I still haven’t married you.”

Tang San overbearingly pulled her in close, “What difference does it make? In my heart, you’re already my wife.”

There might not be many in the entire spirit master world who could chat and laugh like this when facing a fifty thousand year level spirit beast. With Xiao Wu’s reminder, Tang San had already made an accurate assessment. That Pit Spider Emperor should be using a camouflage ability, and moreover, this ability could still isolate it from mental searches. Only, its ability clearly couldn’t compare to his Seagod’s Heart’s Vast Sea Barrier, and with the power of his mental strength, since he couldn’t find it right now, it was very possibly keeping immobile.

The sudden rush of soul before could also be explained. It should be done by that Pit Spider Emperor to confuse him after it moved underground, using energy to shoot up the earth in order to keep him from discovering its position. As long as it waited for him and Xiao Wu to leave, it could naturally escape, dodging his pursuit. High level spirit beasts really were clever. Unfortunately, it had run into him.

Smiling faintly, Tang San thought, Pit Spider Emperor, oh Pit Spider Emperor, with your giant body, even if you don’t move, don’t tell me I can’t find you? If I couldn’t even deal with a spirit beast like you, how can I take revenge on the Spirit Empire?

Just as Tang San prepared to use methods to flush out the Pit Spider Emperor, suddenly, his expression changed, whispering: “Someone’s coming. Eight, all spirit masters. Four are at least Spirit Sage level. One should be Spirit Douluo level. It should be a small party specially hunting spirit beasts.”

With her man to rely on, Xiao Wu wasn’t inclined to exercise her brain,
“Then what do we do?”

Tang San smiled slightly: “Let’s take a look first, quietly see what happens.”

While the two discussed, in another direction, eight figures swiftly moved towards them. Among the eight, four wore tight white clothes, three wore yellow robes, and one of them wore the standard black robes of a Spirit Douluo. Tang San had previously seen the teachers of the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy wear such clothes, with the noble black robes embroidered with golden thread. Only, Tang San’s gaze very soon turned cold. He might not think anything of spirit beast hunting teams, but, on the left shoulders of these eight suddenly appearing people were embroidered two simple golden characters. Spirit. And between the two characters was also a golden sword.

Tang San was only too familiar with this symbol, it was the mark of the Spirit Empire. That golden sword should represent the sacred sword of the Seraphim spirit. After he fought Qian Renxue, Rang San had understood why the most important position on the Spirit Hall warrant tile held this sword symbol.

Clearly, these eight were spirit masters from the Spirit Empire. Only, this was within the borders of the Heaven Dou Empire, but they actually dared come hunt spirit beasts in the Sunset Forest, they sure had some guts! They were clearly confident in their strength.

These people were uniformly over fifty years of age, those four white dressed spirit masters should be sixtieth ranked Spirit Emperor,s the three yellow dressed spirit masters were Spirit Sages, and in black was without a doubt Spirit Hall’s Spirit Douluo. This Spirit Douluo was over seventy, with dark skin, and a gloomy light in his vulture eyes. Just as they appeared, his gaze fell on Tang San and Xiao Wu.

The black clothed old man saw how young Tang San and Xiao Wu were, and he raised his head with an arrogant expression, waving his hand to his companions.

In the spirit master world, strength was the foundation for everything. As a Spirit Douluo level power, disdaining someone as young as Tang San and Xiao Wu was entirely normal.

One white dressed Spirit Emperor walked towards Tang San and Xiao Wu. Seeing Xiao Wu’s stunning appearance, an expression of greed flashed through his eyes, and he swallowed to himself.

He was the youngest of these spirit masters, fifty five this year, and a spirit master’s body was much stronger than an ordinary person’s, enjoying women when seventy or eighty wasn’t a problem. It was still the first time he had seen such a fresh and stunning girl, and being accustomed to bossing people around in the Spirit Empire, how could he not be tempted?

“Hey, you two, get over here.” Swaggeringly stopping thirty meters away from Tang San and Xiao Wu, he waved his hands at them like summoning servants, then pointed in front of him. His manners were as arrogant as could be.

The corners of Xiao Wu’s mouth twitched, not even glancing at this white clothed Spirit Emperor, leaning into Tang San’s chest she even closed her yes.

Actually, these spirit masters were also too unlucky. To the spirit masters of the Spirit Empire, the Star Dou Great Forest was their main territory for hunting spirit beasts, that was the place that produced the most spirit beasts in the entire Continent. But in order not to be influenced while hunting the Titan Giant Ape and Sky Blue Bull Python, when Bibi Dong left for the Star Dou Great Forest she had left orders prohibiting any Spirit Hall spirit masters from entering, temporarily banning spirit beast hunting there.

In the Spirit Empire, who dared disobey the Empress’ decree? But, as a spirit master’s level reached its peak and they needed a spirit ring to rise to the next level, how many could hold back? That was also an important reason why Grandmaster’s theory that delaying getting spirit rings wouldn’t influence the rise in spirit power.

Seven of these people had all come out in order to hunt spirit beasts since they had reached a bottleneck. Even though the Sunset Forest was small, it specially produced high level spirit beasts. These seven people added together also counted as quite a formidable power. They couldn’t hold back the impulse to increase their strength, and thus had quietly infiltrated the

borders of the Heaven Dou Empire under the lead of that Spirit Douluo, specially picking remote paths, and had not long ago entered the Sunset Forest.

Right now, among these seven only that Spirit Douluo still hadn’t obtained the spirit ring he needed. Even though he still wore the clothing of a Spirit Douluo, his spirit power had in fact already broken through rank ninety, just lacking a spirit ring to be able to break through to the Title Douluo level. He was naturally extremely picky about his last spirit ring, and had no results after such a long search. Just before this, the powerful energy fluctuations from when Tang San struck the ground with the Seagod Trident had drawn their attention. That Spirit Douluo old man naturally thought some powerful spirit beast had appeared, and so they rushed here.

If they had left a bit later, they would immediately have been on alert when they saw Tang San, because even though Bibi Dong didn’t return to Spirit Hall, she still sent a Title Douluo to command all of the Spirit Empire to arrest a spirit master carrying a trident. But now these Spirit Hall experts were ignorant of everything, and seeing that Tang San and Xiao Wu were so young, they basically didn’t think of being alert.

In their minds, even if these two youths had strength comparable to Spirit Hall’s Golden Generation back then, at their age, they could at most be past rank fifty. To be able to wander this Sunset Forest was already quite good, but how could they compete with their team led by an almost Title Douluo power?

Hearing the other side’s interrogation, Tang San was suddenly in a joking mood. Pulling Xiao Wu close, he assumed a nervous expression, “Uncle, what do you want? I urge you to leave immediately. Just now we saw a Pit Spider Emperor with at least fifty thousand years of cultivation near here. If we hadn’t been lucky, we would already be its lunch. It’s too dangerous here, hurry up and leave.”

Hearing the words Pit Spider Emperor, that black clothed old man’s eyes brightened. The best spirit rings for the ninth spirit ring required to advance to Title Douluo were produced by fifty thousand year or higher spirit beasts. Even though fifty thousand year spirit beasts and up were much more

common than hundred thousand year spirit beasts, finding one in accordance with one’s own attributes was rare. And a spirit beast like the Pit Spider Emperor was useful to him.

The white clothed Spirit Emperor shouting at Tang San and Xiao Wu snorted, then again pointed in front of him, “I told you to come over, didn’t you hear? Hurry up and get over here. Don’t force me. Otherwise I won’t be this polite.”

Tang San scowled: “Who are you? I’m warning you kindly, why be so overbearing?”

That white clothed Spirit Emperor was just about to get angry when he was stopped by the black clothed old man, “Alright, sixth, come back.” While speaking, he suddenly flashed, already appearing ten meters away from Tang San and Xiao Wu. With his hands behind his back, he smiled arrogantly, “Little brother, don’t mind. He was also speaking for your own good. There’s no lack of strong spirit beasts in the Sunset Forest, it’s a very dangerous place for you. Where did you see that Pit Spider Emperor? Which direction did it go in? Tell me. If we catch it, there will be benefits for you.”

Tang San said amazed: “Grandpa, you’re strong enough to deal with the Pit Spider Emperor? Excellent. Then after you catch it, can’t you bring us out of this Sunset Forest? We were originally strolling in the outskirts, looking for a low level spirit beast that suits me, but we ran into a ten thousand year level Salamander Serpent, and got lost when we ran in a panic, ending up here who knows how. Now we can’t even find the directions. I see that you’re a formidable spirit master, we’ll trouble you for help.”

Listening to Tang San, Xiao Wu squirmed even deeper into his embrace. Of course not because she was afraid, but rather because she was worried she would laugh if she looked at the others. It was the first time she had seen Tang San so mischievous. Of course, she also understood that this was because Tang San was a lot more relaxed after she was revived, and then ended up in this joking mood. Of course she wouldn’t ruin his fun, and happily watched the show from within his embrace.

The black clothed old man said somewhat impatiently: “We can, as long as you help us find the Pit Spider Emperor, bringing you out of here is a trifle.”

Tang San nodded: “It was just now, we saw the Pit Spider Emperor was here, so we hid nearby. Look, there’s still signs of the ground being disturbed over there.”

The black clothed old man felt a chill. Fifty thousand year level spirit beasts were still threats to him. He turned and warned: “Everyone be careful, Pit Demon Spiders are experts at attacking from hiding. Gather up and release your spirits. Prepare for battle.”

“Yes.” The seven spirit masters agreed in chorus, and released their spirits at the same time.

Tang San sighed secretly. It had to be said that Spirit Empire trained spirit masters really were uniform. These spirit masters’ strength was quite original, each one with calm bearing. Even though their eyes were cold, and they were completely arrogant, in the end they had deep strength.

Seeing the seven spirit masters produce one dazzling spirit ring after another, Tang San cried out, “Heavens! So many spirit rings, I haven’t seen this many in my whole life.”

Indeed, four Spirit Emperors plus three Spirit Sages was more than forty spirit rings, released at the same time they were really quite astonishing.

A trace of disdain flashed through the black clothed old man’s eyes, and he spoke indifferently: “Sicne you’re also spirit masters, release your spirit rings as well. Don’t blame me for not warning you. The attacks of the Pit Spider Emperor are like fifteen tons of thunder. When that time comes, I might not be able to protect you.”

Tang San scratched his head: “Nevermind, we’d better not release ours.
Our level is low, releasing them is no use.”

Cold light flashed in the old man’s eyes, reproving: “No nonsense. Since I told you to release them, then release them.” Spirit Douluo level pressure arose involuntarily, “scaring” Tang San into retreating a few steps with Xiao Wu before catching his balance, his face pale.

If the other Shrek Seven Devils saw this scene, they would definitely howl with laughter. Tang San’s acting was too lifelike, if people didn’t know him, they absolutely wouldn’t see through it. He relied on his formidable mental strength to perfectly conceal his and Xiao Wu’s auras.

“Fine. Fine, I’ll release my spirit. Grandpa, can’t you hold my weapon for me? I have to circulate spirit power to release my spirit.”

The black clothed old man scowled, thinking, are these two complete rookies? They even have to operate spirit power to release their spirits? Even Spirit Grandmasters with a bit of understanding wouldn’t need to do that. He couldn’t help feeling even more scornful.

Only, when his gaze fell on the black Seagod Trident, he still couldn’t help staring blankly. Even though the Seagod Trident wasn’t infused with Seagod’s Light and was completely black, seemingly unremarkable, when looking at it close up he could still see those simple patterns inscribed on it, especially the bizarre shape of the three big blades and the heavy feeling it gave was very attractive to spirit masters.

Even though the black clothed old man was a bit disdainful of spirit masters carrying weapons, because his gaze was drawn to the Seagod Trident, he still reached out to hold it. Tang San’s acting was quite something. Right now the old man didn’t have a trace of vigilance. Of course, besides his acting, Tang San and Xiao Wu’s ages were too confusing.

Tang San singlehandedly held the Seagod Trident in front of the black clothed old man, the shaft inclined, until that black clothed old man grabbed it, then let go.

As the black clothed old man grabbed the shaft, he suddenly had a peculiar feeling, and couldn’t help being astounded. Just as he was about to

take a closer look at this weapon, Tang San let go.

The Seagod Trident that Tang San seemed to casually wave about, when it left his hand, instantly revealed its weight. The black clothed man was completely unprepared, and instantly felt that giant polearm give him a pressure like Mt. Tai pressing down on his head.

That basically wasn’t a power he could resist. The trident toppled, and he along with it. A hundred eight thousand jin fell fast. The black clothed old man turned pale with fright, but couldn’t even shout in alarm. Only, he was still worthy of being a power about to reach Title Douluo. At the moment of danger, even though he couldn’t release his spirit, he still reacted quite quickly, fiercely kicking the Seagod Trident, making it pause slightly. At the same time he pushed against it with all his strength, and even though he couldn’t possibly budge it, he used the opposing force to leap back and away.

Until now, Tang San still wore a faint smile. When the black clothed old man kicked the Seagod Trident, Tang San also kicked out. Only, he kicked the butt end of the trident. Consequently, at the same time as the black clothed old man leapt back, the Seagod Trident also shot out, catching up to him in an instant.

With a soft popping sound, blood sprayed out, the enormous blades completely running through the black clothed old man’s body, propelled by a hundred eight thousand jin weight. With a flash of black light, the four meter long polearm had shot through him and flew far away. Summoned by Tang San’s Controlling Crane Catching Dragon, it turned back around and again fell into Tang San’s hand.

A divine tool was indeed a divine tool, even piercing straight through a man’s body it wasn’t stained with a drop of blood.

The black clothed old man staggered back. Due to being run through too fast, he actually hadn’t collapsed. Only, in the middle of his chest was an enormous gaping hole.

“You, you……” Even now, he still didn’t dare believe it was real. Lifting his hand to point at Tang San, his eyes were filled with incredulity.

Tang San shook his head with a soft sigh, “A Spirit Douluo level spirit master, but actually still so stupid. I really didn’t expect killing a power of this level would be so easy, completely effortless. Didn’t even use spirit abilities.”

Vomiting blood, the black clothed old man’s eyes almost popped out. Dead but without closing his eyes, he toppled over. A near Title Douluo level power died in Tang San’s hands like this, without even releasing his spirit. How unjust.

Of course, this was also closely related with Tang San and Xiao Wu’s confusing natures. After all, who could imagine that these twenty something kids would have such strength. How could that Seagod Trident’s weight be scarier than that?

Everything really happened too fast. Even to the extent that the seven spirit masters following the black clothed man still hadn’t reacted. Even though they had released their spirits, their attention was all on the surroundings, guarding against the ambush of that Pit Demon Spider. At the scream, seeing the black clothed old man being pierced by the Seagod Trident, the seven simultaneously stared blankly.

Since he had already started, Tang San naturally wouldn’t give the enemies any chances. The black clothed old man wanted him to release his spirit before, and now, he directly released it. The four red spirit rings released with dazzling light at the same time were even more shocking. In the eyes of those Spirit Empire spirit masters, all this had long since exceeded the range of their understanding.

A red ripple suddenly spread out from Tang San, the third spirit ring around Tang San flaring up. Infused with that red ripple, the space rippled like water, freezing in that undulating ripple.

The seven spirit masters now reacted. In their eyes, Tang San was after all too young. Roaring furiously, each and every one lunged at Tang San,

wanting to use their spirit abilities. Unfortunately, the space influenced by that red ripple wouldn’t give them the chance.

And just at this moment, a faint presence appeared in Tang San’s mental search. The corner of Tang San’s mouth showed a cold smile, Pit Spider Emperor, you finally can’t help it.

Spirit beasts were much more sensitive to danger than humans. Sensing the energy wave Tang San released, the Pit Spider Emperor couldn’t endure it, quickly wanting to escape.

But, confronting the ranged attack of the ability released by what looked like Tang San’s third, but was in fact his eighth spirit ring, Blue Silver Orca Mirror’s Annihilation, how far could it run?

When the spirit ability had just started, all it did was make people feel slow, but the next moment, all the surroundings froze. Confronting such a powerful hundred thousand year spirit ability, unless it was someone with spirit power one grade higher than Tang San, or physically capable of withstanding the attack, they could only be eradicated.

Chapter 268

Everything turned quiet. Red radiated outward from Tang San, the air had completely transformed into faintly red crystal, sparkling with ten thousand rays of light from the sunshine sprinkling through the trees.

Not far away, an enormous silhouette slowly showed itself, its cold eyes still filled with an intense fear, wasn’t that the Pit Spider Emperor?

Tang San stabbed the trident into the ground, using his hand to cover XIao Wu’s eyes as a red gleam flashed through his eyes, “Break.”

A crisp cracking sound instantly brought music to mind, resonating in the dense Sunset Forest like a silver bottle breaking.

When a mirror broke, the image in the mirror would naturally also shatter. Seven Spirit Hall experts, including three Spirit Sages, instantly turned into bloody mist that dispersed in the air. They really weren’t weak, but they faced Thousand Hands Douluo Tang San. When a Title Douluo level power used a hundred thousand year spirit ability, even equal Title Douluo might not come out unscathed, let alone when there was such a huge gap in spirit power.

Erasing such a strong Spirit Empire spirit master squad was no difficulty to Tang San. After the exercise on Seagod Island, the current Tang San had truly transformed, becoming part of the peak powers on Douluo Continent.

The Pit Spider Emperor didn’t turn into dust. Of course that didn’t mean it’s strength was enough to answer Tang San’s hundred thousand year eighth spirit ability, but rather because it still couldn’t be allowed to shatter. Otherwise, how could Tang San absorb its spirit ring? Even so, this more than fifty thousand year Pit Demon Spider’s body had turned into lumps of broken flesh on the ground, without any signs of life. Disappointing to Tang San was that even though this Pit Spider Emperor had died in extreme fear, it didn’t leave behind any spirit bone. This showed how difficult it was to produce a spirit bone.

“Wait for me, Xiao Wu.” Tang San sat down crosslegged. His Boundless level mental strength of course didn’t need any effort, pulling gently with the spirit’s aura, a black halo flew out of the Pit Spider Emperor’s broken corpse, enveloping Tang San.

The Seagod Trident brad on his forehead brightened. Tang San wouldn’t take any chances. Because this spirit ring would take the place of his fourth spirit ring position, even though Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi said withcertainty there wouldn’t be any problems, it was the first time Tang San experienced this, and so he naturally cautiously released the Seagod’s Light, in order to prevent accidents. At the same time, his Blue Silver Domain also started, spreading out along with his mental strength. The Boundless Nature effect started. Right now, whether spirit beast or human, if they came within a kilometer of Tang San, they would immediately enter something like a maze, unable to reach him no matter what.

The whole spirit ring absorption was far faster than Tang San expected, and there were no mistakes in his handling either. With the help of the Seagod’s Light, his body was like a whale sucking in water, inhaling that Pit Spider Emperor spirit ring into his body, and the awe of the Seagod’s Light made that originally struggling spirit ring become incredibly docile. Tang San now didn’t have any problems with absorbing hundred thousand year spirit rings, and also had the backing of rank ninety one spirit power. The entire absorption process only took the time of half a stick of incense, before a deep black spirit ring had appeared around him,

As Tang San completed the absorption process, he was inwardly a bit puzzled. Because he clearly felt that his physical attributes had risen a bit

again. But, when he previously stripped his own spirit rings to help Xiao Wu resurrect before, he hadn’t felt his physical attributes weaken! Could it be that he could also have a second strengthening? Even though the lost five spirit rings effects only made up a very small portion, such a new strengthening was still too shocking.

Only, with Tang San’s intelligence, he didn’t have to ponder on it too long to find the cause. By all reason, when he poured spirit rings into Xiao Wu had already harmed his vitality, and not only should the increased attributes from the spirit rings have disappeared, they should also be much reduced from the injuries. But, Tang San possessed the heaven blessed Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone, and even though he was seriously injured, the powerful restorative ability Wildfire Burns Unending, The Spring Wind Breathes New Life not only restored his body over time, it actually also returned him to his previous peak condition. The negative side effects of losing the spirit rings were thus counteracted.

Bibi Dong’s Undying Body ability really was powerful, but it approached the subject from the angle of never dying, while Tang San’s Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone used mending. Even though it couldn’t keep Tang San from death, no matter how serious the injury, it could treat him as long as he still drew breath and the leg bone wasn’t gone. Perhaps it might be lower level than Bibi Dong’s Undying Body, but after Tang San could fully use this spirit bone ability after reaching the Title Douluo level, and apply the effect on others, the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone’s effect could even surpass Bibi Dong’s Death Spider Emperor ninth spirit ability.

“Ge, what is it? Is there a conflict?” Xiao Wu asked a bit impatiently. She might be even more concerned about Tang San’s spirit ring recovery than he was.

Tang San had shown outstanding talent ever since he first stepped into the spirit master world, the pride of a generation, and Xiao Wu absolutely didn’t want her beloved to lose his spirit ring abilities in order to save her. Especially after seeing Tang Hao’s heroic appearance even after his prime, this kind of feeling had grown even more intense.

Tang San smiled and pulled Xiao Wu’s soft body into his embrace, “Don’t worry, everything is ordinary. It seems I not only didn’t lose anything when resurrecting you, on the contrary there are rewards. Taking all spirit rings again will increase my strength further. Once all my spirit rings are restored, I’d have the strength to fight even if we ran into Bibi Dong again.”

Xiao Wu said: “Then let’s hurry up and look for spirit rings that fit you.”

Tang San nodded: “That’s easy. I think I could restore the Blue Silver Emperor’s spirit rings in at most three days. After reaching Title Douluo level strength, I truly understand how enormous an advantage twin spirits are. It’s not easy for Title Douluo to hunt hundred thousand year spirit beasts, after all, they’re too few. But killing the first quality spirit beast is still too simple. Even if ordinary Title Douluo can kill one it’s useless to them, their spirit rings are filled. But I’m different. Right now I still lack more than ten spirit rings, if I can kill spirit beasts on the same level of the Pit Spider Emperor, I will be a lot stronger than ordinary Title Douluo. Even more importantly, it’s far easier for me to find the spirit beasts I need in the forest than common spirit masters, the Blue Silver Domain can easily find them for me. Both saving time, and finding the best.”

Indeed, if it was under ordinary circumstances, finding a few spirit rings of the same type of high level spirit beasts might require a very long time, but the Blue Silver Domain had eyes everywhere in this Sunset Forest, making this process a lot easier.

Over the next three days, Tang San relied on the Blue Silver Domain and his boundless mental strength, and sure enough found the other four spirit rings he needed among the abundant spirit beasts in the Sunset Forest, making up the nine spirit rings of the Blue Silver Emperor, and the whole process was completely smooth. At the same time, he also helped Xiao Wu find a spirit ring that suited her.

Even though there weren’t a lot of spirit beasts with over fifty thousand years of cultivation, they absolutely weren’t as rare as hundred thousand

year spirit beasts. Only, after Tang San’s looting this time, almost half the fifty thousand year or higher spirit beasts in the Sunset Forest were eradicated. Besides recovering the nine rings of the Blue Silver Emperor, his Clear Sky Hammer also absorbed two spirit rings. All spirit rings were fifty thousand years or higher.

The reason why he didn’t add any more spirit rings to the Clear Sky Hammer really wasn’t because there were no more fifty thousand year spirit beasts in the Sunset Forest, but rather because there weren’t any that suited the Clear Sky Hammer. The Clear Sky Hammer was the strongest power attack type tool spirit, and also Tang San’s second spirit. Different from restoring the Blue Silver Emperor’s spirit rings, Tang San was extremely picky about each ring he added. Holding an attitude of rather going without than with a substandard choice, he absolutely wouldn’t act unless it was perfectly suitable.

Only, even so, after Tang San’s two great spirits possessed twelve spirit rings, his body had also changed once again. With the aid of the Seagod’s Light, the amplified attributes naturally wouldn’t constitute any threat to his body. That golden light on his skin grew even more distinct, at night it would even make Tang San shine on his own. Tang San discovered through internal inspection that his bones had begun to show a faint golden color. He vaguely felt that, whether it was his skin or bones turning golden, it was extremely similar to the Invincible Golden Body he had with Xiao Wu’s spirit bone.

Grandmaster once told him that the Invincible Golden Body also had limits, just that nobody had ever broken through this limit while facing Tang San. According to Tang San’s research, this limit might very well be the difference between rank ninety nine and rank one hundred. If it was rank one hundred, then the Invincible Golden Body’s “invincible” part might be useless.

But these changes to his body undoubtedly surprised Tang San. He vaguely felt that if his skin, bones, muscles and blood all turned the same golden color as Invincible Golden Body, then his body really could become invincible. Attacks under the level of gods completely ineffective.

At the same time, as his number of spirit rings grew, his spirit ring absorption speed also grew even faster. When he absorbed his twelfth spirit ring, he finished it in practically just a few breaths. Even though he never found a hundred thousand year existence in the Sunset Forest, Tang San was still satisfied. When his current spirit rings flashed, he might scare people flat.

The Blue Silver Emperor spirit ring arrangement was as follows: black, black, black, black, red, black, red, red, red. The spirit ring effect of this first spirit even surpassed that of Bibi Dong’s second.

Tang San still didn’t think he could defeat Bibi Dong, but blocking for a while shouldn’t be a problem. At least his current strength shouldn’t be less than rank ninety seven Sword Douluo Chen Xin. Of course, this was while including the Seagod Trident. After all, starting from rank ninety five, cultivation would double with each rank. That day he faced Bibi Dong and escaped in one piece, luck and Tang San’s special abilities as well as the domain effects of the two great beasts all played a major part.

Only, Tang San still deeply felt the difficulty of raising his spirit power after reaching rank ninety. He had absorbed seven fifty thousand year spirit rings in succession, but his spirit power had only risen less than two ranks. At present his spirit power was rank ninety two, close to rank ninety three. It felt as though, if he didn’t absorb hundred thousand year spirit rings, even if he filled the Clear Sky Hammer’s spirit rings, it would be pretty good if his spirit power could reach rank ninety four. It was no wonder Title Douluo frequently took ten years to rise one rank.

What pleased Tang San the most over these three days, was the harvest of spirit bones. The rate at which fifty thousand year spirit beasts produced spirit bones wasn’t low, and including the spirit beast for Xiao Wu’s spirit ring, altogether eight fifty thousand year spirit beasts produced two spirit bones. One of them was even a skull spirit bone that was extremely suited to Xiao Wu. Tang San immediately had her absorb it.

And after Xiao Wu absorbed the spirit ring and spirit bone, her true spirit power level was also revealed, reaching rank seventy six. When she hadn’t received the rewards of a first rate trial, her spirit power rising to such a

degree was in no way inferior to the Shrek Seven Devils. The current Xiao Wu had also finally risen to the Spirit Sage level. The spirit bone she absorbed was called the mind condensing charm skull. She got it from the sixty thousand year cultivation Three Eyed Charm Fox that produced her seventh spirit ring. After getting this spirit bone, Xiao Wu’s second spirit ability, Charm, was strengthened exponentially. Tang San once tried Xiao Wu’s charm attack with his mental strength held inside. He immediately judged that Xiao Wu’s charm effect was enough to influence all levels of spirit masters including Title Douluo, only the effect would be different with different levels of strength.

Moreover, this spirit bone not only evolved Xiao Wu’s second spirit ability, it also gave her a practical ability. Adding in her Teleportation and Invincible Golden Body abilities, her abilities on the battlefield even surpassed the other Shrek Seven Devils, second only to Tang San.

As for the other spirit bone, it didn’t suit either Tang San or Xiao Wu. Plus the one Tang San took from Ghost Douluo, he had now stored up two spirit bones. He was preparing to give both to his companions. One of two spirit bones suited Dai Mubai, and the other was even more suitble for Zhu Zhuqing. Even though spirit bones were good, they still had to be used by the people who needed them most for the best effect. As Grandmaster’s disciple, Tang San always remembered his teacher’s instructions.

“Xiao Wu, look.” Standing in the forest, Tang San smiled slightly to Xiao Wu and pointed at himself. He was just releasing his Blue Silver Emperor spirit, and those alternating red and black nine spirit rings gave people a powerful visual impact.

Just at this moment, a blue hazy radiance overflowed from within Tang San. Immediately after, a strange scene appeared. The nine spirit rings that could make any opponent feel fear suddenly changed. They changed color.

Blue light flowed, and all his spirit rings suddenly turned white. Under Xiao Wu’s astonished gaze, they again turned yellow. Then purple, and finally black.

The light appeared again. The nine spirit rings were suddenly one less, and then a second, a third, until all the nine spirit rings were completely gone. But right now Tang San had clearly released his Blue Silver Emperor spirit.

“Ge, how did you do it?” Xiao Wu looked astounded at Tang San. She discovered that even Tang San’s presence was quickly changing along with his spirit rings.

Withdrawing the spirit, Tang San smiled: “This is an understanding I gained while searching the Star Dou Great Forest using the Blue Silver Domain. After these days of research, it has finally basically been formed. It doesn’t count as a domain ability, but it’s still a useful little trick. It can show excellent results with my mental strength control. I call it Camouflage. Through a change in the Blue Silver Domain, I can camouflage my spirit rings, change their colors, or even make it seem like I don’t have any spirit rings. It’s perfect along with restraining my presence. My current spirit rings are too eye catching, it’s much better with this camouflage ability. Unless it’s a power at Bibi Dong’s level, even Title Douluo won’t see through me.”

Xiao Wu bounced into Tang San’s arms, her long slender legs wrapped around his waist, hanging on to his neck: “This ability is good, it can definitely avert a lot of trouble.”

Tang San lowered his head and kissed Xiao Wu on the lips. She flushed, but didn’t resist. The two had been stuck together like glue over these days, experiencing wind and rain had brought their hearts even closer. Besides not taking the last step, their degree of intimacy was no less than a married couple. Of course, that last step wasn’t because of Xiao Wu’s refusal, it was Tang San who took the initiative to keep it for their wedding night. He loved Xiao Wu so much, he didn’t want his beloved to feel any regret.

Just at this moment, suddenly, Tang San raised his head to look in the direction of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well. Xiao Wu turned at the same time, to see a golden beam of light soar towards the sky in that area. All the blue silver grass on the ground swayed softly at this moment, as if trembling with excitement.

“Mom succeeded.” Tang San cheered ecstatically. Without letting Xiao Wu down, he held on to her butt with his left hand, grabbing the Seagod Trident with the right, and soared up, flying straight towards the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, regardless of whether this was a spirit beast forest or not. In the air, his powerful mental pressure directly spread out, suppressing any spirit beasts in the Sunset Forest from even thinking about doing anything to them.

In the blink of an eye, they reached the mountain. And that golden light rising at the sky still didn’t halt.

An intense familiar feeling gave Tang San an impulse to charge straight into that golden light. That light wasn’t the power of bright light, but rather an incredibly immense aura of life, formed from star specks of golden light.

Just as Tang San arrived at the mountain top, before he could enter the valley, that immense golden pillar suddenly shattered, turning into specks of golden light scattering in the air and floating towards the Sunset Forest.

As those golden specks of light passed by Tang San, he clearly sensed a huge aura of life saturate his body. In his mind, his mother’s gentle voice echoed, “My people, I thank you for selflessly devoting yourselves, letting me receive rebirth. This light of life is my gift to you, I hope you will soon evolve.”

Xiao Wu didn’t hear the same voice, since she didn’t have any of the blood of the Blue Silver Emperor. But she was still attracted by the golden light covering the sky and the earth, and was dazzled.

Once Xiao Wu was back to herself, Tang San held her waist with one hand, and the two fell from the sky like a giant bird. In midair, they could already see that charming woman born by the side of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well.

Her body was completely enveloped in gentle light of life, dressed in a golden blue dress, her noble and elegant temperament setting off her unworldly countenance, her azure eyes as flawless as crystal. Golden

ribbons were arranged all over her dress, and a faint delicate fragrance hung in the air.

She looked to be in her thirties, her beautiful eyes gazing intently at that already lifeless figure in front of her. Her beauty was a clear cut contrast with that one armed and one legged man. But, her expression when she looked at him was filled with gentleness.

“Ah…… Yin.” Tang Hao called out her name almost bitterly, feelings of shame making him bow his head, not quite daring to look at that beatuiful appearance.

But at this moment, a gentle slender hand reached out to his stubbly face, raising his head again.

A familiar fragrance, a fragrance remembered from decades ago instantly filled Tang Hao’s heart, “Hao, you are always my Hao. These years, even if I temporarily lost my life to save you, I know your lot has been even more bitter than mine. We can finally be together, this time I won’t leave you again. No matter how you change, you are always my man. I love you, love you forever and ever.”

Ah Yin’s voice trembled, bringing choked sobs of emotion, tears rolling down her face like a snapped string of pearls.

Tang Hao finally faced Ah Yin again, watching her beautiful countenance even closer. Restraining the twenty five years of feelings in his heart from breaking out like a flash flood, he suddenly circled his wife with his one arm, pulling them tightly together, crying loudly.

In the spirit master world, Clear Sky Douluo was always a ferocious iron man, widely known for his unparallelled attacks. But now his bitterly weeping appearance was like that of a child. All the feelings had been constrained in his heart for twenty five years.

Xiao Wu sacrificed herself for Tang San, and Tang San was immediately enlightened by the two forest kings that there was a chance to resurrect her, but when Ah Yin sacrificed herself, all she left for Tang Hao was a Blue

Silver Emperor seed, and their newborn child. That was a heavy blow to Tang Hao.

His dearly beloved wife, the mother of their son, finally stood living in front of him. The gentle feelings long since coiled tightly in his heart, violently drained out.

Watching this scene, Xiao Wu also couldn’t help crying hiding in Tang San’s embrace. Tang San cried too, but he cried smiling. The whole family was finally reunited. For this moment, he had already waited far, far too long. He finally had a family, a family with both his parents, as well as his gentle and beautiful wife. He now felt like there was nothing else to strive for. Even the Seagod’s divine seat wasn’t enough to attract him.

Tang San pulled Xiao Wu in close, walking quietly. His parents definitely had a lot to speak about, it was better for them to properly get familiar. As a son, he of course had to give them space. A tenderness and happiness he had never had made Tang San increasingly excited.

This night, Tang San held Xiao Wu tightly as they slept. He didn’t cultivate, so much that he didn’t even reflect on any questions of cultivation or other things. In his mind, his heart, was only a dense warmth.

Early morning. Moist dew, the sounds of insects and birds. Tang San woke from deep sleep, Xiao Wu was still sleeping sweetly in his warm embrace, both arms still wrapped around his neck, her face filled with happiness.

Seeing her cute appearance, Tang San couldn’t help nibbling on the tip of her dainty nose. Xiao Wu’s nose twitched, and she opened eyes hazy with sleep.

Her big eyes blinked, her long eyelashes dancing. Seeing Tang San watch her so closely, she still couldn’t help sinking back into Tang San’s arms, “Ge, what are you looking at me like that for?”

Tang San whispered: “Xiao Wu, I’m afraid I might not have enough of looking at you for a lifetime. What should I do?”

Xiao Wu murmured: “Then I’ll let you look for two lifetimes, three lifetimes, forever, forever. As long as you don’t turn away, I will be your wife forever.”

Tang San didn’t say anything else, but answered Xiao Wu with a deep kiss that almost left her unable to breathe.

When Tang San and Xiao Wu returned to the valley, they found Tang Hao and Ah Yin sitting by the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well. Ah Yin leaned in Tang Hao’s arms, her hazy gaze watching the two colored mist rising from the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well.

The Tang Hao they saw now was like a different person. His originally somewhat grizzled hair had now actually turned completely black, more than half of the lines on his face gone. His clear eyes looked around brightly, occasionally even giving people a feeling of heart palpitations. He seemed ten years younger.

Ever since childhood, this was the first time Tang San had seen his father beam like this, and he couldn’t help calling out: “Dad, mom.”

Tang Hao and Ah Yin turned their heads to look at them at the same time. Tang Hao’s face showed a faint smile, but Ah Yin sharply stood, spreading her arms to her tall elated son, her voice trembling: “Little San, little San, come quickly, let mom take a good look at you.”

“Mom——” Tang San shouted from excitement, releasing Xiao Wu’s hand and stabbing the Seagod Trident into the ground, he suddenly dashed forward, falling to his knees in front of his mother.

Ah Yin held tightly to Tang San’s wide shoulders. Her son was very tall, chest high to her even when kneeling. This was the first time mother and child had embraced since his birth.

His mother’s embrace was warm and soft. That motherly presence made everything else in the world seem inconsequential. Mother and son held each other like this, crying.

Tang Hao’s eyes filled with emotion. Raising his head to look at the sky, he suddenly felt that Heaven wasn’t unkind to him. Even after so much pain, in the end his family could still be together again. This moment, he was like Tang San yesterday, everything seemed faded. Spreading his arms, he embraced his wife and son.

Xiao Wu stood nearby. Watching Tang San’s family embrace, she couldn’t help feeling a bit lost. Right now she missed her dead mother, and missed Da Ming and Er Ming.

Just at this moment, a golden ribbon circled her waist, and the next moment she was pulled into that warm motherly embrace.

“Child, don’t be sad. From now on I’m your mom. You will never be alone. You have little San, and me and your dad. We’re all your family.” Ah Yin softly caressed Xiao Wu’s head, speaking gently. Even though her voice was a bit choked from crying, to Xiao Wu’s ears this sounded like the world’s most touching voice.

Even though Erlong recognized her as her adopted daughter, Erlong’s fiery temper was very different from Xiao Wu’s mother. But Ah Yin now gave her an illusion like her mother really had been reborn. Equally gently and benevolently wrapping up her body, and also wrapping up her heart, this moment her lonely helplessness evaporated completely.


Embracing with tears of happiness, everyone’s hearts held different feelings. The one who felt it the deepest was Tang Hao. After fully a half stick of incense of time, he pulled up Tang San, “Fine, today is the happy day of your family’s reunion, we can’t all me crying.”

Ah Yin nodded, wiping the tears from Tang San and Xiao Wu’s faced,
“Your father is right. Today is a happy day, we should be excited.”

Tang San had now already returned to his senses, and asked Ah Yin: “Mom, how is your recover?” This was what concerned him the most. After all, his mother had cultivated to hundred thousand years twice, and

also drawn support from a lot of outside forces, he feared there would be a problem with his mother’s resurrection.

Ah Yin said: “Even better than expected. Not only have I restored my human form, I’ve also restored my cultivation level from back then. It feels like my body is just like I remember it. My spirit power is just past rank seventy. Only, there are still certain differences. It might be because of the influence of your Blue Silver Domain awakening the Blue Silver Emperor blood in me, even though my current spirit power is just at the Spirit Sage level, my mental strength, and especially my blue silver grass affinity is almost the same as when I was a hundred thousand year spirit beast. But no matter what, those are all good things. With you and your father here, my seventy ranks of strength is enough.”

Tang San thought to himself that it was fortunate his mother didn’t have to start her human form from the beginning, otherwise, if she now had the appearance of a little girl, let alone whether his father could accept it, even he would feel quite strange.

Ah Yin said: “I’m already completely reborn. Little San, let’s go to the Clear Sky School.”

Tang San uf course understood why his mother was impatient, and immediately nodded his approval. On the contrary it was Tang Hao who shook his head: “Let’s not rush. It’s more important for our family to be together. Ah Yin, you’ve just been reborn, consolidate your cultivation first. Otherwise I’ll be worried.”

Ah Yin helplessly said: “Aren’t I already very well right now? Don’t worry, I will definitely treat myself well. For myself, and for you and our son and daughter in law.”

Under Tang Hao’s stubborn persistence, the four lived like a happy family in the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well valley for three days. Every day, Ah Yin and Xiao Wu were in charge of cooking, while Tang San and Tang Hao exchanged some cultivation understanding. When Tang Hao heard that Tang Xiao had passed on to Tang San the Clear Sky Nine Absolutes, letting him use them, and he gave pointers from the side. With his wife resurrected,

Tang Hao’s deathly still heart had also come back to new life. It seemed to him like he was growing younger with each day. He was simply a completely different person compared to back when he had just severed his limbs.

Of course, Tang Hao didn’t have the sever strictness he did when Tang San was a child. Seeing his son had grown up, his eyes were filled with smiles.

Three days passed without any problems with Ah Yin’s body. With Tang Hao urged by his wife, the family finally decided to leave the Sunset Forest, to go to the Clear Sky School.

The Sunset Forest bordered Heaven Dou City, not far from the Clear Sky School. In order to help his father quickly regenerate his arm and leg, Tang San didn’t turn around even when they passed by Heaven Dou City. The family of four went straight to the Clear Sky School. Tang San originally also wanted to go to the sect, the three requirements raised by the five elders were already completed. At the same time, the one forging the Tang Sect’s strongest mechanical type hidden weapons, Lou Gao, was still there.

Chapter 269

Back then, when Tang San delivered the divine craftsman Luo Gao to the Clear Sky School along with large amounts of precious metals, he also left the prescription for explosives there. He had already done the experiments, and explosives could completely be produced in this world. Consequently, divine craftsman Luo Gao would not only produce the Torrential Pear Blossom Needle, but at the same time also the Tang Sect’s strongest hidden weapon, the Buddha’s Fury Tang Lotus. This was the frightening weapon Tang San had invested his research into in his previous life.

Relatively speaking, the craftsmanship to make the Buddha’s Fury Tang Lotus was even more demanding than the Torrential Pear Blossom Needle, because mixing the explosives as well as forging the item itself was extremely difficult. But, Tang San after all had experience making the Buddha’s Fury Tang Lotus, therefore the blueprints he left Luo Gao were a lot more accurate, down to the last detail. Thus, from Luo Gao’s point of view, making the Torrential Pear Blossom Needle was actually a bit trickier.

Five years had gone by, and Tang San also didn’t dare be certain that Luo Gao could produce these two exceptional hidden weapons, but thinking of his uncle’s help, forging them shouldn’t have been any problem.

The Clear Sky School was located three hundred li east of Heaven Dou City. At a distance, Tang San’s family of four could already see chimney smoke rising from that little village in the mountains.

Even though Tang Hao originally gave Tang San the map to here, that map was given to him by Tang San’s aunt Tang Yuehua, he himself had never come here. Seeing this dilapidated little mountain village, Tang Hao’s eyes flashed with cold light.

Not so long ago, the Clear Sky School was still the world’s number one sect, now it was reduced to this, so much that it even used this broken down mountain village as it’s outer gate. As the Clear Sky School’s former strongest Title Douluo, Tang Hao’s current mood could well be imagined.

Only, his tightly clenched fist was grabbed by a pair of gentle hands. Tang Hao turned his head to look, only to find his wife just gently gazing at him. Ah Yin said gently: “Don’t overthink it. Since you and your sun have returned, the Clear Sky School will definitely rise to glory again.”

Seeing his wife, Tang Hao’s cold and stiff face softened, reversing to hrip Ah Yin’s hand, nodding: “Don’t worry, I’m fine. Only, after having been away from the sect for so many years, when I’m finally back I feel a bit frustrated.”

Tang San looked at his father’s ruined body, and couldn’t help saying: “Dad, if the Clear Sky School doesn’t agree to accomodate us, we’ll just leave once your spirit bones are returned.”

Tang Hao’s face grew flat, speaking in a low voice: “Shut your mouth. Little San, you have to remember, no matter how the sect treats us, we are children of the sect. The spirit we use is the Clear Sky Hammer passed down from the sect. No matter when, you are a child of the Clear Sky School.”

Even though Tang Hao only had one arm and one leg, when he was angry he was still dignified.

“Yes.” Tang San immediately agreed. Only, in his heart, there wasn’t a bit of good opinion towards the sect. Looking at the mountain behind the mountain village, he thought that if everything went smoothly it was fine. If those sect elders dared be unf

Just at this moment, Tang San suddenly saw his mother’s gaze, saw the support in her eyes.

Tang Hao had severed two limbs in order to repay the sect, but the Clear Sky School had never supported Tang Hao over the years. This not only lowered Ah Yin’s opinion of the Clear Sky School, it even involved some loathing. She naturally supported her son.

With his mother’s support, Tang San was immediately relieved. No matter how strongly attached to the sect his father was, his mother’s position was even higher in his heart. In the crucial moment, his mother would definitely have a vital effect.

While speaking, they had already arrived at the village gate. A few of the village men in front immediately saw them. Even though Tang San had come here before, the people in the village were only the outer disciples of the Clear Sky School. There weren’t a lot of people that had met him. Seeing four people arriving, someone immediately stepped up to bar them.

“Please leave, we don’t welcome outsiders here.” One villager said coldly.

Tang San frowned,   “Even the lines are exactly the same as last time, not a bit of creativity.” While speaking, he directly released his Clear Sky Hammer.

Even before the black light appeared, pressure like a black cloud overhead already surged from Tang San’s left hand. His Clear Sky Hammer was now no longer that ringless Clear Sky Hammer from back then. The enormous hammer even seemed a bit more powerful than the black Seagod Trident, and the volume of the hammerhead was a full size larger than before. The shaft had also extended to almost two meters. The current Clear Sky Hammer wasn’t the forging implement from before, but rather a true warhammer.

Deep golden patterns roamed across the surface of the black hammer, especially the inscribed Deathgod Domain gave it a blood red haze. Its

aggressiveness hid a tyrannical aura of death, spreading out almost substantial.

One red, two black, three spirit rings were arrayed around the Clear Sky Hammer, their light held back, but still filled with an intangible oppressive power.

The expressions of those few villagers blocking them simultaneously underwent huge changes, retreating in a panic, all the way to the village gate before they could catch their balance, watching that Clear Sky Hammer Tang San held, they were already shocked speechless.

Tang San spoke indifferently: “Quickly go report to the sect, tell them father and son Tang Hao and Tang San have returned with family.”

The few villagers looked at each other, then hurriedly ran for the village.

Tang Hao was now thoughtfully thinking about something, his brows tightly furrowed. Ah Yin stood calmly by his side, holding his single arm. From time to time she looked at her son, and whenever she saw that tall handsome figure, she couldn’t keep a smiling expression from her eyes. With such a son, what else could she want.

There would always be sect disciples stationed in this little village outpost. Because those villagers really were too shocked by Tang San’s Clear Sky Hammer, they even forgot to invite them into the village. Not long after, one person walked out surrounded by villagers.

This person wore familiar grey clothing. He was an acquaintance, the first time Tang San came to the Clear Sky School, he had greeted him together with Tang Long. Tang San still remembered that this was a third generation disciple a few years older than him called Tang Yu.

Tang Yu clearly heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Tang San, “It really is you! I thought those outer sect disciples were scaring me. Hello, Tang San, welcome back. How come I just heard them say second uncle was also coming back with you?”

Tang San’s eyes darkened. Tang yi clearly saw his father, and when he didn’t recognize his injured father, he couldn’t help feeling a bit more resentful to the Clear Sky School. He spoke in a low voice: “My father is here.”

Tang Yu was a Clear Sky School disciple, and naturally no ordinary person. He immediately sensed the change in Tang San’s expression, and shifted his gaze to Tang Hao. Even though he made great effort to control his mood, as he saw Tang Hao’s single arm and leg, he still couldn’t keep a trace of shock from showing. Only, he was still clever, and very quickly reacted. Hurriedly taking two steps forward, he bowed: “Junior is Tang Yu, greetings second uncle.”

Actually, Tang Hao really wasn’t the second oldest of the Clear Sky School’s second generation, only he and Tang Xiao were the children of the previous sect master’s first wife, and so the third generation addressed him as second uncle.

Tang Hao waved his hand: “No need for courtesy, I already didn’t count the Clear Sky School’s people among the sects’ sinners as early as twenty years ago.”

Tang San spoke in a low voice: “Big brother Tang Yu, I’ll trouble you to lead the way, we’re going up to the sect.”

Hearing Tang San say this, Tang Yu immediately showed a difficult expression, smiling wryly: “Brother, you going up to the sect is naturally no problem. Only, you also know that the sect is sealed right now, outsiders aren’t allowed. Also, second uncles status is sensitive right now. Don’t make it difficult for me.”

Tang San angrly said: “What outsiders? My father is the previous head’s son, titled Clear Sky, this is my mother and my wife, where are there outsiders?”

“This……” Tang Yu said awkwardly: “Tang San, I really can’t take charge of this. How about this, you come with me to the sect first and

explain the circumstances to the sect master and the elders. Then invite second uncle and your family up the mountain?”

Tang San’s heart moved, turning his gaze to his mother, and his expression immediately calmed down. Nodding to Tang Yu, he said: “That’s fine too. Then we’ll go first.”

Speaking, he stepped in front of his father, “Dad, let’s not make it difficult for him. He really can’t take charge. I’ll go up the mountain with him first, then come down to get you. Xiao Wu, you wait for me here too.”

Xiao Wu nodded cutely, and Tang San turned and left. Just as he turned around, his shoulder was grabbed by a strong large hand.

Tang San looked back, only to see his father stare at him with a burning gaze. Father and son looked at each other, and in that instant Tang San knew that his father already understood what he intended. He secretly sighed, it really was true that nobody understood a son better than his father! He had already concealed it, but his father still saw through him.

Tang Hao looked deeply at Tang San, “Little San, pay attention to propriety. Go. We’ll wait for you here.”

Tang San’s gaze showed a trace of astonishment. Even though his father admonished him, his words clearly held a special meaning, and didn’t completely oppose it. From this point he could see that his father was also dissatisfied with the sect. Of course, this was also because his father’s heart was with the sect, and was anxious to return to pay respect to his grandfather.

Nodding to his father, Tang San then turned and followed Tang Yu.

Passing through the village, they reached a steep rock wall. Tang Yu called out to Tang San, then leapt up, using depressions every ten meters as leverage, going towards the top.

Tang San smiled slightly. This time he didn’t follow the rules like last time. With a blur, he was already fluttering upwards in the air, reaching the

top in the blink of an eye. With his cultivation reaching rank ninety and entering the Title Douluo level, he could fully utilize the effects of the hundred thousand year spirit bone abilities. The Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone flight ability had already become a part of him, and he flew even faster than a bird with just a thought.

As Tang Yu crested the top and saw Tang San already standing there waiting for him, he couldn’t help rubbing his eyes. He hadn’t even noticed how Tang San got up there.

“Let’s hurry up a bit, so as not to keep father waiting.” Tang San nodded to Tang Yu, then reached out and grabbed his shoulder.

As a direct descendant of the Clear Sky School, Tang Yu naturally also possessed uncommon strength. He subconsciously pulled back, intending to dodge. But who knew that Tang San’s palm seemed to have a bizarre attractive force, Tang Yu only felt his shoulder go numb, and the automatically gathered spirit power in his body was actually restrained. The next moment, he cried out in alarm as he flew upwards into the mist.

Tang San directly brought him flying, and Tang Yu just felt the biting cold mountain wind brush past him, his ears filled with sharp whistling sounds. But strangely, he didn’t feel the slightest bit cold. Instead he was comfortably warm, as if soaked in warm water, incredibly comfortable.

Before Tang Yu could enjoy it too much, there was a shock beneath him as his feet were back on solid ground, and he simultaneously regained control of his body.

Tang San let go his left hand from his shoulder, smiling slightly: “Don’t hold it against me for offending, this was a bit faster.”

Tang Yu then discovered that he had already returned to the main peak of the Clear Sky School, and in just the time of a few breaths!

Helplessly shaking his head, Tang Yu’s gaze at Tang San immediately changed a lot, “Tang San, you’re even more terrifying now than last time you came back. Only, I somehow feel you’ve got bad intentions! Don’t

have this kind of mood in front of the elders. The elders aren’t in a great mood.”

Tang San smiled calmly: “Many thanks for the warning. I will keep it in mind.” He thought to himself, did it really show so clearly? Even Tang Yu saw that he had bad intentions? Only, bad intentions or not, it depended on the sect’s choice.

Tang Yu looked over that strange ancient Seagod Trident in Tang San’s hand, “Let’s go. We’ll go inside.”

The fortress like stone buildings once again appeared in front of Tang San. Seeing this scene, Tang San couldn’t help drawing a deep breath. Returning this time was for a number of matters. He managed with difficulty to suppress his mood, making himself as calm and gentle as possible. He of course also wanted everything to be settled peacefully. Like that his father would also be accepted by the sect even easier. No matter how it was put, his father’s feelings for the sect were still so deep.

When the two youths guarding the great gate saw Tang San, they couldn’t help showing shock. They had both seen Tang San, and back then Tang San had exhibited his power to the Clear Sky Sect, defeating the forty percent spirit power seventh elder, leaving these youths with a deep impression. Even though Tang Long and Tang Hu were always the leaders of the third generation, among these third and fourth generation disciples, Tang San was always known as the number one of the third generation.

Therefore, they didn’t have the slightest thought of blocking Tang San when they saw him, stepping aside with somewhat admiring gazes.

Entering the sect, Tang Yu said: “I’ll bring you to sit in the drawing room first, then I’ll immediately go inform the sect master.”

Tang San nodded: “Fine, then I’ll trouble you.”

Tang Yu laughed: “We’re brothers, don’t be polite. We all admire your strength! If there’s a chance, give me some pointers.”

Tang San smiled without speaking. Tang Yi brought him to take a seat in a drawing room, then immediately turned and went to report.

The drawing room was very large, enough for fifty people to talk business at the same time. Right now, Tang San’s thoughts couldn’t help being immersed in the grudges between his father and the sect.

The business back then really was a disaster his father brought to the sect, but this was also only from a particular angle. Had his father done wrong? Protecting his wife, what was wrong in that? It was Spirit Hall that took out its anger on the Clear Sky School. Back then Tang San originally thought that it was a disaster his father brought the sect, and also once believed his father was duty bound to accept it. But over these years, undergoing so many experiences and coming into contact with Spirit Hall, he already understood that even if not for what happened then, Spirit Hall still wouldn’t have let the Clear Sky School get away.

And at that time, the sect chose to withdraw rather than meet the attack. Clearly, Spirit Hall was extremely powerful, but according to what the single attribute four clan chiefs said, back then the Clear Sky School was also flourishing! If they could have joined forces with the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan and the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School back then, Spirit Hall might not have dared act. Even if they did, the result wouldn’t have been any worse than now.

Of the once top three of the seven great sects, now one was dead, one ruined, one hidden. The Clear Sky School really couldn’t escape responsibility. As the world’s number one sect, retreating the whole way only for the benefits of the sect itself, leaving Spirit Hall to expand even more unscrupulously, until today’s situation with the Spirit Empire turning their nose up at the Heaven Dou and Star Luo empires.

From this point of view, what had had his father really done wrong back then? The sect not only declared it cut relations with his father, it still ended it with hiding. Those elders even mistakenly put the blame on his father. Could they really blame his father? For twenty five years his fathers had always lived in depression, and finally even mutilated himself to repay the sect’s favor of raising him.

Thinking of this, Tang San couldn’t help clenching his fist. His father wasn’t wrong, the sect was. This thought spread uncontrollably in his mind.

Just as he was pondering, suddenly, a soft sound of surprise echoed, “It’s you, you’re back?”

Tang San raised his head to look, it was another familiar figure, one of the outstanding persons among the third generation disciples, Tang Long’s competitor for third generation chied, Tang Hu. He just stood outside the door looking at him.

They hadn’t met for several years, and Tang Hu’s presence had become even more stable, truly like a fierce tiger with reserved vigor. Every movement seemed extremely calm. Light pulsed in his eyes, astonishment only flashing past, but deep in his eyes there was clear hostility.

Tang San even now remembered his cute daughter Tiantian. Over the years, the back then thirteen or fourteen year old little girl should also have grown up into a young woman.

“Hello, big brother Tang Hu.” Tang San stood. Etiquette couldn’t be abandoned, Tang San still regarded familial duty extremely seriously.

Tang Hu entered the hall: “When did you get back?”

Tang San said: “Just arrived.”

Tang Hu nodded: “If there’s a chance, let’s compare notes.”

Tang San also didn’t decline, “Fine, I’ll be ready at any time.”

Tang Hu didn’t say anything else. Just when he prepared to leave, sounds of footsteps suddenly came from outside, and the present leader of the Clear Sky School, Tang Xiao entered accompanied by Tang Yi and Tang Long. Seeing Tang Hu here, Tang Xiao couldn’t help being a bit surprised, only, he didn’t pay attention to it now.

“Little San, you’re finally back.”

Tang San hurriedly stepped forward, falling to one knee, “Uncle, I’ve made you worry.”

Tang Xiao grabbed him and pulled him up, “We’re family, no need to be so polite. You’re back from Seagod Island?”

Hearing the words Seagod Island, whether Tang Long or Tang Hu, their eyes burst with light. These brothers looked at each other, their gazes colliding, neither yielding. Clearly, they hadn’t settled their competition in these years.

Tang San naturally didn’t need to hide it from Tang Xiao. Back then it was Tang Xiao who advised him to go to Seagod Island. “Yes, I just returned from Seagod Island. Uncle, why did you come over personally? Calling me there is fine.”

Tang Xiao laughed: “Can’t I be happy that you’re back? It’s good that you’ve returned, it’s good that you’ve returned.”

Tang San asked: “Uncle, this time I’ve returned in hopes of offering rits for my grandfather. My father came too.”

The originally still smiling Tang Xiao’s expression instantly froze, fiercely grabbing Tang San’s shoulders, “What did you say? Little Hao came back too?”

Tang Xiao’s expression was clearly excited, almost unable to control himself looking at Tang San, the rims of his eyes instantly reddening, his mood extremely unstable.

Tang San said: “Yes, uncle. Dad came back to the sect with me this time, hoping to be recognized back in the sect and offer rites for grandfather.”

Tang Xiao drew a deep breath, forcefully surpressing his mood, “Little San, do you still remember the requirements the elders raised for you back then?”

Tang San nodded: “Of course I do. Three requirements. First, cultivate to rank eighty or higher, possessing Spirit Douluo level strength, second, obtain a hundred thousand year spirit ring, third, kill a Spirit Hall Title Douluo.”

Tang Xiao said: “Then that means, you’ve already……”

Tang San nodded again: “Yes, uncle. My father is still waiting outside the mountain, can you gather the elders now? You also know that dad severed two limbs, I don’t want to keep him waiting for too long.”

Tang Xiao was a bit shellshocked by Tang San’s series of news, and Tang Long, Tang Hu and Tng Yu next to him looked even more startled at Tang San. By what Tang San said, he meant he already possessed Spirit Douluo level strength. How old was he? Twenty five, or twenty six? Already Spirit Douluo? This, how was this possible?

Tang Xiao looked Tang San over, and was shocked to discover that he actually couldn’t see through this nephew of his. He spoke in a hushed tone: “Little San, this isn’t a small matter. You also know how much your father’s business influenced the sect back then, an iron forged mistake, it’s no trifle! The ten years still haven’t finished, are you sure you’ve already finished the three requirements? Wouldn’t it be better for me to go see your father first?”

Tang San frowned, “Uncle, was it really my father’s mistake back then? Even if it wasn’t for that, don’t tell me Spirit Hall would let our Clear Sky School off?”

Tang Xiao looked distracted, anger immediately rising in his eyes, “Little San, do you know what you’re saying? Even though your father is my little brother, I still can’t protect him. If he hadn’t killed the Spirit Hall Supreme Pontiff back then, how would Spirit Hall have turned against us lightly? This has already passed judgement long ago, the order to expel your father was passed down by your grandfather. This is a matter of great concern. You’re only a third generation disciple, if you say that in front of the elders, even you might…….”

Tang San drew a deep breath, gazing at Tang Xiao: “I’m sorry, uncle, I was too impulsive. Only, I really have already completed the three requirements the elders gave me back then. I’ll still trouble you to convene the elders. They promised that if I could do these three things within ten years, not only would they let me offer rites to grandfather, they could also let my father return to offer rites.”

Relying on his boundless level mental strength, Tang San’s abilities in the mental aspect were above even this maybe rank ninety seven uncle of his. He could deeply sense how excited his uncle was now, that was absolutely sincere emotions.

Tang San once doubted even his uncle. After all, his father expelled from the sect, and his uncle was the one to benefit the most, and back then his uncle had also liked his mother, so he couldn’t rule out the possibility of jealous revenge. Even though he taught him the Clear Sky Nine Absolutes, Tang San still couldn’t completely remove his vigilance towards his uncle. Only, when he returned this time his thoughts had changed. A person could feign his mood, could feign his strength, and also feign his manners. But mental fluctuations couldn’t be faked. Even though it was impossible for Tang San to see into Tang Xiao’s heart, when he spoke, and especially when he heard his father returned, his mental fluctuations and mood were completely unanimous, extremely sincere. That was a feeling of dense affection within pain. He wanted to see his father, but also didn’t want to see his father return to the sect to be censured by the elders and sect disciples, that Tang San could understand. It was also just because of this that his doubts towards Tang Xiao were completely removed. His father’s business had better be made clear before the sect elders.

After Tang Xiao briefly muttered to himself, he slowly nodded, “Since that’s the case, then fine. Tang Long.”

“Here.” Tang Long hurriedly answered respectfully.

Tang Xiao said: “Pass on my command, convene the five elders in the drawing room to discuss affairs.”

“Yes.” Tang Long answered, and hurriedly turn to leave. Before he left, he still thought to shoot Tang San a glance, a somewhat admiring gaze. Even though Tang Long still hadn’t had time to talk to Tang San, he was still enormously shocked that Tang San had already reached rank eighty. Only, he believed that Tang San absolutely wouldn’t be joking around with something like that.

Before long, the five elders’ figures walked inside in a line. Just like back when Tang San once met the five elders, the second elder walked furthest ahead, and the seventh elder in the back. When they saw Tang San, they agreed by chance to reveal astonishment, looking at each other. Clearly, they had already guessed that Tang Xiao convening them would be related to Tang San.

The first four elders directly walked up to the top four seats in the hall and sat down, only the seventh elder who once fought with Tang San stepped directly up to him, looking him over a few times: “You’re back. What? Were those three requirements too hard? You still have a few years left, work hard. Don’t lose face for our Clear Sky School.”

Just at this moment, Tang San said something so universally shocking that even Tang Xiao and all the Clear Sky School elders’ expressions froze simultaneously.

“Does the Clear Sky School still have any face to lose?”

“What did you say?” The seventh elder closest to Tang San was instantly furious, a palm slapping towards Tang San’s face.

Tang San softly waved the Seagod Trident in his right hand, just blocking the seventh elder’s palm as it struck. A muffled thump echoed. Tang San didn’t move a hair, but the seventh elder’s palm was bounced back when it hit the shaft. Fortunately he didn’t use his full strength, or he might have had to take a few steps back to catch his balance.

“Little San, what nonsense are you saying?” Tang Xiao stepped up to Tang San in almost a single step. Even though he looked to be rebuking Tang San, he placed his body in between Tang San and the seventh elder.

Right now, the other four elders had also all seen this, and glared at Tang San with the second elder in the lead.

Tang San’s face was calm, speaking indifferently: “It’s not nonsense, it’s the truth. In the outside spirit master world, how many people still know of our Clear Sky School? If you mention the Clear Sky School, how would they evaluate it? Only as turtles pulling their heads inside their shell. Does the Clear Sky School still have any face?”

“Enough.” Tang Xiao roared, one palm slapping towards Tang San’s face. This time, Tang San didn’t dodge, nor made any movement to resist, stiffly accepting Tang Xiao’s slap.

Only, Tang Xiao’s slap only turned his face sideways. With the Seagod Trident as anchor, Tang San wasn’t moved away. Also, while Tang Xiao seemed furious, his slap only used ten percent strength.

A wisp of blood flowed from the corner of his mouth, but Tang San didn’t make a move to wipe it away, on the contrary raising his left hand and extending three fingers, “Today, I have altogether three matters here. The first, to prove to the elders that I have already completed the three requirements you raised to me back then. The second, to offer rites to grandfather together with my father. The third, and also the most important one, I will prove to my father that what happened back then isn’t on my father. At the same time, I will also have the two spirit bones my father repaid the sect with.”

“Impudent.” The good natured looking second elder finally spoke up, a severe powerful aura suddenly exploding from his body, suppressing Tang San from all directions. But shockingly, Tang San actually stood there confronting his pressure as if he didn’t even feel it.

“Tang San, where do you think this is? How are you qualified to speak to us like that? Seventh, grab him. Sect master, you too have seen his conduct, I will first question him on the sin of disrespecting his elders.”

The seventh elder roared, black light surging, the Clear Sky Hammer suddenly released. Just as he was about to move, Tang Xiao hurriedly

blocked in front of him, shouting: “Hold on!”

Tang San still seemed ungrateful, giving a cold laugh: “Want to fight me? Outside is fine.” While speaking, he pushed off the ground, flipping over with the golden trident in his hand, already leaving the room.

Tang Xiao felt anxious, “Little San, you……” Before he finished, the seventh elder behind him was already in pursuit. Helplessly, Tang Xiao could also only step out, and the other four elders also followed close behind with a dangerous light flickering in their eyes.

Tang San not only left the room, in a few leaps he had already left the sect, arriving at the flat open space before the main gate. The seventh elder was extremely fast, he caught up in just the blink of an eye.

“Kid, did you take the wrong medicine today?” The seventh elder shouted furiously.

Tang San still had some good opinion of this straightforward elder, but today he was here for justice for his father, and naturally wouldn’t relent. He spoke in a low voice: “Seventh elder, I respect you as elder. But if you are determined to fight, don’t blame this junior for being impolite.”

The seventh elder instead laughed with anger, “Good kid, I see you’ve grown your wings. I want to take a look at just how impolite you can be.”

Back then he lost to Tang San. Even though he only used forty percent of his spirit power, in his heart he was always unreconciled, Tang San was just a Spirit King back then. His palm still ached dully from the rebound when he slapped the Seagod Trident just now. In his burning anger, he had no intention of holding back, the Clear Sky Hammer in his hand held tyrannical imposing manner, smashing straight at Tang San’s head.

Tang San didn’t release his spirit. Facing the seventh elder’s Clear Sky Hammer, he retreated half a step, raising the Seagod Trident horizontally with both hands, shouting, “Start.”

The moment the hammer and polearm met was also when Howling Sky Douluo Tang Xiao and the other four elders caught up. Seeing the seventh elder with nine glittering spirit rings smashing his Clear Sky Hammer towards the spiritless Tang San with the pressure of Mt Tai, Tang Xiao couldn’t help turning pale with fright. But now it was too late for even him to save him. He bitterly closed his eyes. Facing such an attack from a Title Douluo, without even releasing his spirit, Tang Xiao didn’t think there could be a second result for Tang San.


A deafening explosion reverberated in the mountains. Cries of alarm came from behind Tang Xiao, and when he subconsciously opened his eyes, he was stupefied by what he saw.

Chapter 270

Tang San still stood there, without being smashed to a pulp like he imagined. But the seventh elder was instead blasted away, violently spinning several turns in midair before landing far away. Once his feet were on the ground, he still retreated several steps before forcefully catching his balance. His arms were clearly trembling.

The mountaintop was completely silent, save for the echoes of that explosion in the mountains.

Who could have imagined this result? Tang San stood tall on the mountaintop, the Seagod Trident in his hands, looking disdainfully at the world below.

The eyes of the four elders led by the second elder all opened wide. They were basically unable to believe this was real. Even if the seventh elder didn’t use any spirit abilities in that attack just now, as a Title Douluo, the weight of the Clear Sky Hammer already surpassed five thousand jin. Swung with such momentum, the power it held could be well imagined. By swinging it downwards he also held another major advantage. But Tang San still blocked his attack like that, and still forcibly blasted back the seventh elder. Of course, what was most incomprehensible was still Tang San’s physique without even releasing his spirit.

Tang San raised the Seagod Trident, heavily stamping the ground. Instantly, an explosive sound reverberated once again, and the entire Clear Sky School’s fortress shook under this one strike, one enormous crack after

another spreading out from below Tang San’s feet. Even a power like Tang Xiao felt his footing was a bit unstable.

The reason Tang San could block the seventh elder’s attack without releasing his spirit like this, was admittedly because of the Seagod Trident’s might, but it was equally also because his current body was already strong to an extremely terrifying degree. After obtaining the spirit rings and spirit bones of the Titan Giant Ape and the Sky Blue Bull Python, whether strength or physical toughness, Tang San could be said to have improved to a frightening level. Starting from when his skin turned gold, his body was no longer completely on a human level. As a result, even the seventh elder’s formidable strength couldn’t harm Tang San without actually using spirit abilities.

“Am I qualified to discuss with the elders now?” Tang San said flatly.

The second elder said sternly: “Tang San, have you returned to the sect in order to provoke it? Even if you have a bit of strength, what crime is it to disrespect the elders and protest the sect?”

Tang San said coldly: “I haven’t disrespected the elders, nor protested to you. I only want justice for my father. You were the first to attack, I only defended myself.”

“Good Tang San, I want to see just to what level you have cultivated.” Being beaten back once again, the seventh elder couldn’t keep the anger from attacking his heart. Only, after this collision, he had also sufficiently understood how difficult Tang San was to deal with, especially that trident he held. Black light surged, and the Clear Sky Hammer suddenly grew larger, separating both hands, he was already using his two spirit abilities, holding one spirit avatar state Clear Sky Hammer in each hand. He was about to launch his second attack.

Finally at this moment, even Tang Xiao was powerless to stop the elders. Tang San’s display was too arrogant. By now, the sound of the violent collision as well as Tang San shaking the ground had already alarmed the entire sect, and large numbers of Clear Sky School discipl

“Wait.” Tang San shouted, halting the seventh elder’s movements.

The second elder spoke in a deep voice: “What else do you have to say?”

Tang San said calmly: “All elders presumable already treat me as a rebel to the sect. If, in this battle, I win, I hope all elders and clansmen can hear my explanation for my father’s actions back then.”

The second elders said angrily: “Even if you beat seventh, you’re still not qualified. Seventh, grab him. Or do you want a third repetition?”

The seventh elder’s heart was now already aflame, his face couldn’t stand being beaten back by a twenty something third generation disciple twice in succession. With an angry roar, the Clear Sky Hammer Avatar in his left hand already flew towards Tang San.

Tang San still didn’t consider releasing his spirit. Holding the Seagod Trident in his left hand, he suddenly took a step forward. His left hand formed a fist, directly punching at that Clear Sky Avatar head on. A ball of yellow light condensed on his left fist, and around that yellow light, space seemed to form an enormous distorted whirlpool, as if the atmosphere was instantly compressed by this frightening light. Everyone felt the air around them grow heavy. The next moment, Tang San’s left fist already stiffly met the sevneth elder’s Clear Sky Avatar.

An enormous yellow pillar of light exploded from within Tang San’s left fist, suddenly colliding with the Clear Sky Avatar. An even more intense explosion than when hammer struck polearm before reverberated. The seventh elder’s expression changed, and the other Clear Sky Avatar in his hand also flew out.

The two hammers united, spitting out two strands of frightening black light, and then managed to just resist the pressure the weight of Mt Tai. Only, that dust yellow light still advanced step by step, forcing the seventh elder to retreat repeatedly. Whether because of shame or anger, or because of the enormous pressure he faced, his face was already gradually turning purple.

The other four elders’ expressions immediately grew even uglier. The Clear Sky School’s people also watched dumbstruck. Very clearly, Tang San didn’t use the capabilities of his spirits. This should probably be a spirit bone ability. But, what kind of terrifying strength could force back the seventh elder’s twin spirit avatar with just a spirit bone ability?

Oppressed the whole way, the seventh elder retreated more than thirty meters. Tang San sharply raised his left hand, and those two Clear Sky Avatars soared up along with the yellow light shooting from Tang San’s hand. A violent explosion resounded in midair, and the two spirit avatars actually lost the black light they were emanating and fell downwards. The seventh elder hastily recalled them, saving his Clear Sky Hammer from being broken.

It wasn’t that the Clear Sky Hammer was fragile, but rather that the attack Tang San issued was too strong. His left arm spirit bone was given by the Titan Giant Ape, called the Titan Giant Ape left arm bone. This spirit bone assigned him two great abilities, one of which was Gravity Control, and the other was the one he used now, Titan Firmament Cannon.

The Titan Firmament Cannon exploited the gravitational control to instantly compress the air into a terrifying energy, bestowing an attack launched with the full strength of the Titan Giant Ape. Its power was enough to match the ninth spirit ability of ordinary Title Douluo. Tang San was already holding back here, when his left hand launched this cannon, it finally erupted in midair. Otherwise, the seventh elder wouldn’t just have retreated thirty meters.

Being beaten back three times, without even using his spirit. This time, besides anger, the seventh elder couldn’t help feeling fear. This Tang San’s strength was already something he couldn’t comprehend. How?

Tang San gazed at Tang Xiao and the second elder, speaking flatly: “Defeating the seventh elder really can’t prove anything. Therefore, I wish to challenge all the five elders. If I defeat you, then, I should be entitled to speak.”

“Little San.” Even Tang Xiao, hearing Tang San say so couldn’t help being alarmed. Alone challenging the Clear Sky School’s five great elders, even as the strongest in the sect, he didn’t have absolute certainty to succeed. Even though the five elders had all reached Title Douluo strength late in life, and their spirit rings also weren’t extremely formidable, they were still Title Douluo, even more when they all had the Clear Sky Hammer. Tang San’s words really were too arrogant, it was simply a naked provocation to the five elders. The elders’ faces quickly turned white.

Tang San of course had his own reasons for doing this. He’d never been an impetuous person. The reason why he didn’t bring out his great grandfather’s token was because he knew that even with it in hand, without enough strength, would these elders listen to him? Would they return his father’s two spirit bones? That was of course impossible. Even though his uncle protected him, he could hear from his previous words that he also believed his father was wrong back then. Under such circumstances, Tang San had no choice but to use this kind of method.

In the spirit master world, strength was always king. Tang San would rely on his own strength to subdue all the disciples of the sect. Including his uncle Tang Xiao. Only this way could he make people believe what he said, and truly have a chance to give his father justice. Even if this was all accomplished with violence, it was also the method that saved the most time. Tang San had never planned on letting his father stay in the Clear Sky School, nor did he hope the Clear Sky School would help him in the future battle with the Spirit Empire. Consequently, he would reach his goals with the weight of thunder.

The second elder slowly walked forward, the other three elders following behind him. Each step he took seemed especially heavy, and as he walked forward, one spirit ring after another was released. Tang San challenged their authority, even though it was five against one absolutely wasn’t honorable, judging by the methods with which Tang San answered the seventh elder’s attacks, they really might not be the opponents if they fought alone. At this moment, these elders’ feelings were extremely complex. Not only had Tang San provoked their anger, they were even more astonished. Five years had passed, and even though they didn’t know

what Tang San had experienced, they could still clearly sense that Tang Hao’s son had transformed.

The seventh elder also returned to the elders’ formation, taking up the rear. Even though his complexion was ugly, his eyes were exceptionally dignified.

This battle was extremely important to the five elders. Even though they never thought they could lose, even winning was absolutely disgraceful. Tang San had the courage to challenge their authority, and dealing with Tang San was also a major headache. After all, as a disciple of the sect, the level of strength he possessed was of utmost importance to the entire Clear Sky School.

Facing the enormous pressure from the five elders simultaneously approaching, Tang San’s face also grew serious. Even though this time he only faced five Title Douluo, he understood that this battle absolutely wasn’t any easier than facing Bibi Dong’s six Title Douluo back then. Relying on the sect’s Clear Sky Hammer, these five elders were absolutely stronger than Bibi Dong’s six Title Douluo that day. Moreover, that day his goal was just to save the two forest kings, as long as he escaped he won. But what he had to do today was defeat the five elders.

Eyes radiant, Tang San finally released his spirit, the Blue Silver Emperor.

Instantly, a halo of golden blue light burst out from him, countless rays of golden blue light making the air twist. The Seagod Trident held in his right hand was completely bathed in that golden blue light. Even though he faced a torrent of pressure, he still didn’t have the slightest fear. One spirit ring after another rose from below, and with each spirit ring that appeared, his presence grew a bit thicker. Vaguely, he actually competed as an equal with the pressure of the five elders.

The five elders stopped practically simultaneously. Seeing Tang San’s spirit rings appear one after another, they were basically unable to hide the shock they felt.

Black, black, black, black, red, black, red, red, red. Nine spirit rings silently floated around Tang San.

At this moment, even though there were several hundred people in front of the Clear Sky School gate, the mountaintop was still completely silent.

Of the three requirements the five elders raised back then, the coloration of Tang San’s current spirit rings already answered at least two.

A full four hundred thousand year spirit rings sparkled with dazzling red light. Nine spirit rings meant Tang San had Title Douluo level strength just like them. Those all over ten thousand year level spirit rings told them how Tang San had become so strong. Even though Tang San still hadn’t taken out proof that he had killed a Spirit Hall Title Douluo, at this moment, whether Tang Xiao or the five elders, nobody here doubted that he had completed the three requirements from back then. And moreover absolutely completed them above quota.

The second elder looked shocked at Tang San, the anger in his eyes clearly reduced a lot, “How did you do it?”

Tang San answered very simply, “With difficulty.” Even though it was just two words, it made the hearts of all the Clear Sky School disciples on the mountain shiver simultaneously. How old was he? Just twenty. These nine spirit rings all over ten thousand years, didn’t just represent formidable strength, but at the same time also represented untold suffering.

The anxiety in Tang Xiao’s eyes was already completely obliterated, all that remained was intense excitement. In Tang San he seemed to see the unequalled sect master who led the Clear Sky School to move unhindered in the world back then, his grandfather Tang Chen. In Tang San, he also saw hope for the future of the Clear Sky School.

Tang San slowly raised the Seagod Trident in his hand, the brand on his forehead was already bright. The red seventh spirit ring flashed, and instantly, his whole body turned completely golden blue.

The second elder suddenly grew calm, speaking in a deep voice: “Right, with your present strength, you really are qualified to speak to the sect. I withdraw my previous remarks. But, your provocation to the authority of us five elders must still be punished. As long as you admit you were wrong now, we won’t be too harsh, and treat you leniently.”

Tang San slowly held up the trident, speaking flatly, “My father did nothing wrong back then. Nor did I do anything wrong. I really wasn’t challenging your authority as elders, but telling you, and every clansman, that everything our Clear Sky School has done for twenty years was really wrong.”

While speaking, a line of golden bright splendor shone from Tang San’s forehead on that Seagod’s Heart on the Seagod Trident. Instantly, the entire mountaintop brightened with ten thousand rays of golden light. The Seagod Trident finally blossomed with its proper radiance. The golden patterns seemed to come alive, golden light rippling like waves on the three large blades, glossy like mirrors. A terrifying aura abruptly exploded from Tang San, and a divine dignity suddenly pressed the imposing manner radiating from the five elders back into their bodies. At this moment, Tang San had already become the dazzling center of the mountaintop.

“The Seagod Trident, a hundred eight thousand jin heavy. Be careful, elders.” While speaking, abruptly, all the surroundings turned golden blue. The eyes of the five elders had also lost sight of Tang San.

“A domain. Be careful.” The second elder yelled. The five weren’t flustered, and formed a pentagonal formation back to back, their auras practically instantly melting together.

They all had Title Douluo level strength, they all possessed the same spirit, they had cultivated together for many years, and had long since already forged a combined attack technique. Even if they faced the strongest enemy in the world, they absolutely wouldn’t retreat.

“Hammer shakes the world.” The second elder shouted, and the five simultaneously raised their Clear Sky Hammers high. Instantly, five black

lines of light converged, shooting at the sky, unexpectedly instantly breaking through Tang San’s Blue Silver Domain and rising high in the air.

A multitude of golden threads appeared within the Blue Silver Domain, but they were unable to invade the five elders’ pentagonal formation. As that draining gold approached, it was peeled off by the shock of the black light. The Blue Silver Domain’s weakening effect also showed no results.

Just at this moment, the pulse pulse of the five elders accelerated. The originally blue world suddenly turned red, and Tang San also showed himself thirty meters away from them. The atmosphere was first sticky, and the next moment, the space around them froze. The air seemed to have become a faintly red crystal. And below Tang San’s feet, red magic patterns rippled one after another.

This was Tang San’s eighth spirit ability, Blue Silver Orca Mirror’s Annihilation.

Just as their bodies were about to be frozen, the five elders roared simultaneously. That black light shooting at the sky instantly reversed into a barrier, enveloping all of them completely. A resounding crack reverberated as the red color surrounding the barrier shattered, fine cracks seeming to spread far through the air.

Influenced by the energy, Tang San gave a low muffled grunt, retreating a step. Only, even though he suffered the spirit ability backlash, for the most part he was still unharmed. Having been transformed by so many spirit rings, spirit rings and the Seagod’s Light, his body really was too resilient, to the point that even the backlash from his eighth spirit ability could only slow his breath.

Tang San’s attack still wasn’t over. Yet another red ring of light rippled out, still with his eighth spirit ring flashing.

The second elder’s eyes focused: “Careful, the hundred thousand year spirit ring’s second spirit ability.” While speaking, his eight spirit ring grew dazzlingly bright, and the Clear Sky Hammer in his hand swung brazenly towards Tang San. Instantly, the just broken air turned completely black,

and immediately after, the second elder’s Clear Sky Hammer disappeared. That black color in the air condensed, completely turning into an energy form, but the Clear Sky Hammer the size of a small mountain smashed directly towards Tang San.

This ability was called Approaching Heaven Strike. Its attack power was even stronger than the second elder’s ninth spirit ability. Among all the five elders, this attack was also the strongest.

Approaching Heaven Strike’s most overbearing point lay in the fact that this ability couldn’t be dodged, only blocked. You would be targeted even with teleportation abilities.

But, the instant the Approaching Heaven Strike formed, the second elder suddenly saw two points of blue light. Two points of light shooting out from Tang San’s eyes.

Even though the giant hammer in the sky was large, at this moment, the second elder clearly felt as if his brain was smashed by an even bigger hammer. With a miserable scream, his body fell back uncontrollably, blood shooting out of his eyes, nose, mouth and ears. Not only did it break the five elders’ formation, even that completed Approaching Heaven Strike in the air was forcefully interrupted. And at this moment, the ripple originating from below Tang San’s feet had already reached the five elders.

With position second only to the second elder, the third elder instantly took over command, shouting, “Clear Sky Barrier!”

Four Clear Sky Hammers flew out simultaneously, the intense black light abruptly turning deep golden. The positions of the spirit rings that brightened on these four Clear Sky Hammers were different, the strongest was an eighth spirit ability, the weakest only a second spirit ability, but their effects were all the same. The already deep golden light covered the five elders practically instantly, giving people a feeling as if their bodies had melted together with the Clear Sky Hammers. Attacking them was equivalent to attacking their Clear Sky Hammers.

The red light spread, the Blue Silver Orca Devil’s Assimilation finally enveloping the five Clear Sky School elders, and they all without exception grew rigid, at the same time forcefully stunned for three seconds. But even though they were stunned, the feeling they gave off was like a steel rampart, basically not showing any gap. Any attack would be directly answered by their Clear Sky Hammers.

This was the power of the Clear Sky Hammer, how could the name of world’s number one spirit be undeserved?

Because of Tang San’s Clear Sky Domain, the five elders chose a tactic of defending and counterattacking. The Blue Silver Domain couldn’t affect them, and even though Tang San’s attacks came one after the other, and even relied on the Purple Demon Eye to interrupt the second elder’s attack, if this three second stun ran out, one could completely imagine how these five elders’ next counterattack would be like raging waves and storms, swallowing Tang San.

In terms of true strength, even though Tang San possessed numerous abilities, and even the Seagod Trident, in a contest of strength, he alone still couldn’t compare to the five Title Douluo, especially when these five were all Clear Sky School elders, possessing the world’s number one sect’s inherited spirit, the Clear Sky Hammer.

Tang San moved. He didn’t launch any attacks on the five elders, since he could clearly sense that no matter which spirit ability he attacked the five elders with, it would confront the unified defense of all five.

Three seconds passed very quickly, but besides attacking, there was still a lot Tang San could do.

The Seagod Trident quietly swept out, circles of golden light rippling out from the trident’s main blade. The rings were large and small, seemingly in disorder, but yet seeming as if they rippled into the air following some natural law. They pierced through the air, surrounding the five elders.

Just at this moment, behind Tang San appeared a giant golden figure. The intense light washed his body as if in gold. It was a divine and dignified

presence, even more filled with mystery and depth.

One by one, those golden rings of light cut through the air, then quietly fell, neatly enveloping the bodies of the five elders. Shocking the Clear Sky School people was that the five elders’ combined defense, Clear Sky Unity, didn’t do anything to stop it, and could only let the golden rings fall on them one after another.

Indeed, this was the first of the Seagod’s absolute skill, Golden Thirteen Halberds, Tang San had inherited, Unfixed Storm.

Once those rings of light, sparkling with golden ripples, had enveloped the five elders, the previous Blue Silver Orca Devil’s Assimilation effect disappeared. Even though the five elders came to their senses, in the next moment, they instantly felt that they were unable to budge a hair. Even though they still maintained the power of the Clear Sky Unity, this time, they clearly felt an intense sense of danger.

As a control type spirit master, Tang San would never be careful about battlefield control. The reason why he didn’t directly used Unfixed Storm was mainly because the Seagod’s memories told him back then that the success rate of Unfixed Storm was lower the stronger the opponent was. But at worst it would be fifty percent. Right now, confronting five Title Douluo with Clear Sky Hammers, even if Tang San had a seventy percent or more chance of completely locking them down, he still first used the Blue Silver Orca Devil’s Assimilation. Thus, how could the five stunned elders block the unified offense and defense of Unfixed Storm?

Eight seconds. This time, Tang San’s Unfixed Storm had an eight second duration on the elders.

Three seconds and eight seconds, that was two completely different concepts. In three seconds, a spirit master could at most complete one formidable attack. But eight seconds could let a spirit master easily complete two, even three abilities. In a fight with Title Douluo, the eight second Unfixed Storm basically already settled the outcome of the battle. How many people could have Bibi Dong’s Undying Body?

Right now, Tang San’s expression had also become serious. This was his first time using the three great divine abilities the Seagod bestowed him in battle. At the same time it was also his only chance of defeating the five elders.

The golden figure leapt up, turning into countless golden lights, overflowing the sky with polearm shadows, like dazzling clouds of golden light that directly enveloped the golden elders. This was the golden thirteen halberds’ third move, Millennial Space.

Back when the Seagod’s brand used this move, it couldn’t show it’s true effect due to lacking energy. When Tang San used it now, he immediately experienced how terrifying it was.

In practically an instant, more than half of his spirit power and mental strength drained away. Urged by the Seagod’s Light, it all flowed into the Seagod Trident.

On the mountaintop, everything then turned golden. Even the mist on the mountain seemed to become part of Tang San’s attack, turning into a large swath of golden light mist, rippling.

The Seagod Trident in Tang San’s hand then disappeared. That large swath of light mist flowed up to the five elders like mercury. All the golden clouds practically instantly exploded, violently colliding with the five elders’ Clear Sky Union.

The deadly explosion made the sky and earth tremble, all the Clear Sky School disciples quickly retreated under Tang Xiao’s command, but the Seagod’s power didn’t scatter, instead remaining completely focused on the five elders. The united defense formed by their Clear Sky Hammers tottered in the attack like assaulted by a storm.

The first crack appeared, and it was like an infection. Immediately, one crack after another quickly showed in that formidable defense in the violent golden cloud explosion, like an eggshell breaking.


With a final explosive crack, the five elders were thrown out simultaneously. Their combined defense was finally broken. In the end, the power of the Seagod Trident’s Millennial Space wasn’t something their passive defense could take. But that they could block for so long already marked them as a lot stronger than the Spirit Hall Title Douluo from back then. In fact, what Tang San now used was the complete edition Millennial Space. He just didn’t truly have the Seagod’s divine force right now. There was still a gap from when the Seagod used it.

The Seagod Trident reappeared in Tang San’s grasp. Only, he still didn’t continue using the Golden Thirteen Halberds’ third move, One Goes Without Return, and rather moved the trident to his left hand, his right hand storing strength and grabbing in the air towards the five elders.

After a full four seconds of storing power, an enormous cyan claw shape appeared in midair, unexpectedly grabbing the five scattered elders’ bodies together from where they had been thrown. The five were now still in that eight second restrained time from the Unfixed Storm, basically powerless to resist, they could only urge the spirit power within their bodies, but they still didn’t have the space to catch their breath from the Millennial Space’s explosion. Their united Clear Sky Defense could now only become single targeted.

After that giant cyan claw grabbed them, the five elders suddenly just felt a pain emerge from the depths of their souls. All their thoughts seemed to slow, and everything they saw seemed to become slow motion.

The differences between spirit ring and spirit bone abilities lay in the fact that spirit ring abilities were a new abilities formed from the killed spirit beast’s abilities combining with the spirit master’s spirit, while spirit bone abilities were the spirit beast’s strongest capability.

What Tang San used now was one of the Sky Blue Bull Python’s right arm bone abilities, Sky Blue Slowing God Claw. As the supplementary ability of the Sky Blue Bull Python’s right arm bone, when facing the Sky Blue Slowing God Claw, physical defense was ineffective. Targeting, pursuing, if hit, the grabbed person’s six senses and physical movements would all slow tenfold.

This ability was noiseless and traceless, without causing any energy fluctuations, it’s effects lay in restraint. Being grabbed by it, even the strongest experts, unless they had a way to instantly break it, there was no difference from death.

This was Tang San’s present understanding of this ability. As for further uses and effects, as well as practical applications, was something that still needed constant combat trials to comprehend.

The Sky Blue Bull Python and the Titan Giant Ape were worthy of being the strongest forest kings. Just the spirit bone abilities they gave Tang San were one control and one burst attack, endlessly formidable.

A spirit bone ability’s might not be equal to spirit ring abilities, but its greatest advantage was in spirit power consumption. Especially hundred thousand year spirit bones needed only a fifth of the spirit power of an equally leveled spirit ring ability. Otherwise, how could Tang San close to infinitely have used Xiao Wu’s spirit bone teleportation ability? Unfortunately, he no longer had it.

Breaking the Sky Blue Slowing God Claw wasn’t difficult, all that was required was using an at least eighth spirit ability energy attack and it would instantly collapse. Only, when it collapsed, any spirit abilities in contact with it would also disappear. But thee five elders were still being restrained, how could they break this spirit ability? The cyan light faded, and each of the five elders’ six senses and movements sank into a ten times slowed state.
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