Douluo Dalu Chapter 251-260


Chapter 251

Upon watching how the plants on Seagod Mountain grew at an insane pace and swarmed after Seagod Hall, as Guardian Douluos who tasked themselves in protecting Seagod Island, there was no way they could just watch.

In mid-air, Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi was finally able to halt the advance of the Blue Silver Dominant Emperor Spear before it fell on Seagod Hall. With the blast of a punch, a powerful collision was made. A massive wave of sound threatened to deafen everyone as a ring of red colored wave spread out from where the Blue Silver Dominant Emperor Spear exploded.

Even with Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi’s power, she also stopped in mid-air as she let out a fistful of faint blue waves and blocked the shockwaves caused by the spear’s explosion. Before Blue Silver Tyrant Emperor Spear was about to be hit by Bo Saixi’s attack, Tang San already cut off the link between him and it, while Bo Saixi discovered that this spear of his appeared to be fearsome and second to none, but in reality, the spear body had some spirit power. Right when she was going to face it head on, it was already decelerating, plus the severing of the link with Tang San, it caused the fearsome focal penetrating power to fail in being brought out completely. Even so, its attack power made Bo Saixi shiver in her heart.

“Don’t block those plants!” Bo Saixi seemed to have realized something. She stopped in mid-air for a bit, and blocked the dispersed shockwaves from Blue Silver Dominant Emperor Spear, which needed an

instant of soul power to some degree. And it was this slight duration of time which heralded the time of the plants’ arrival at the front of Seagod Hall.

Bo Saixi’s caution was still late by a step. Protecting Seagod Island and Seagod himself had long become a directive that was deeply rooted in the minds of Seagod seven sacred pillars’ Guardian Douluos. Facing the intensity of the plants, how could they just do nothing? The seven of them almost moved at the same time and strong spirit powers burst out in order to stop the plants that were coming from all direction. They even used their own spirit avatar states in order to halt the creeping.

Tang San’s forehead flashed as the golden trident brand was flickering.
The thing he wanted to have had come.

“Due to the Seagod seven sacred pillars’ Guardian Douluos taking part of the sixth trial, the difficulty of the trial has been increased, and the limitations were broken. Special permission to grant the trial participants to leave the testing grounds is in effect. Leaving the Seagod Island perimeter will count as passing the trial.”

It wasn’t just Tang San who received the notification. Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi and the seven Guardian Douluos also received the same notification. They were stunned, yet Bo Saixi’s brows moved tighter. A red figure flew down to the bottom of Seagod Mountain in unprecedented speeds.

Indeed, all of this was in Tang San’s calculations. When he saw the seven sacred pillars Guardian Douluos stood in front of Seagod Hall, the plan was already being executed. Blue Silver Dominant Emperor Spear truly was an attack which had all of his strength. Without doing so, it wouldn’t be able to restrain Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi. When it came to attacking head on, this strongest spirit skill of Tang San would have no effect whatsoever. But if the target became Seagod Hall instead, then Bo Saixi could do nothing but to protect it. No matter how powerful her strength, Tang San believed that it wouldn’t be possible for her to use a large area spirit skill to block his Blue Silver Dom

And it was at this time that Seagod Mountain’s plants were urged by Tang San to attack the Seagod Hall. Tang San thought about this as soon as

three days ago, when he requested Bo Saixi to hold the challenge at the bottom of Seagod Mountain. The reason he wanted to fight here was not because he wished to use blue silver domain to tussle with Bo Saixi. When he reached the same stage as Bo Saixi, Tang San’s current domain power would not have any effect on her. The reason he chose here was not because there were trees, but because of Seagod Hall.

Attacking Seagod Hall would result in Bo Saixi’s rescue, and the appearance of the seven sacred pillars Guardian Douluos gave Tang San a pleasant surprise. He had already calculated that when he attacked Seagod Hall, the Guardian Douluos would never stay still. With Bo Saixi restrained, they would surely give it their all to halt the plants’ attacks.

In reality, whether it was Blue Silver Dominant Emperor Spear or the plants, Tang San wouldn’t actually attack Seagod Hall seriously. He was too smart for that. He knew it clearly that if he really attacked Seagod Hall, then the Guardian Douluos and Bo Saixi would then receive orders to attack him. What good would come from encroaching upon Seagod’s pride? Hence all of his attacks had reservations. Whether the spear or the array of plants brought forth with blue silver domain, they would only reach before Seagod Hall instead of actually leading to destruction.

The seven sacred pillar Guardian Douluos had fallen for it, and at the same time, the result was also exactly as Tang San predicted. Now that Tang San was in a bitter resistance under Bo Saixi’s attacks, the blocking of his attacks from the Guardian Douluos meant that they had taken part of the trial. Considering the strength of the Shrek Six, if they took the trial while under Bo Saixi and the seven sacred pillars Guardian Douluos’ attacks, they wouldn’t have even 1/10000th chance of succeeding. Seagod was fair, and so, the trial would naturally change again. If the sixth trial could have its difficulty bumped up because of shortcutting in the fifth trial, then surely Seagod would have something to say if the sixth trial were to have its difficulty increased by a large margin.

It was exactly because of this that the current situation happened. When Tang San had to avoid Bo Saixi’s soul power and spirit power fused search earlier, he had already retreated to the bottom of Seagod Mountain. By ‘leaving Seagod Island perimeter’, it meant that once he entered the ring

shaped sea, this incredibly difficult sixth trial would be passed and he didn’t have to care about the burning joss stick.

However, looking at the ring shaped sea that was about a home stretch away, Tang San didn’t retreat but charged ahead instead. Just when he charged ahead, a red glow had zipped past his previous location and slammed the beach at the bottom of Seagod Mountain heavily.

In that terrifying boom, the beach surfaced a hundred metres diameter, ten metres deep crater. The seawater from the ring shaped sea even started filling it. Bo Saixi had already appeared in that location. If Tang San retreated earlier, then he would’ve been hit directly by that one punch from Bo Saixi.

Right now, Tang San suddenly vaulted from Seagod Mountain. Instead of avoiding, he lunged directly at Bo Saixi with the glow of his eighth spirit ring. Rings of red waves spread out one after another towards Bo Saixi. This was his eighth spirit skill, Blue Silver Orca Slash. A forced three second dizziness.

And at the same time, Tang San spinned in mid-air for a single rotation and his left leg swung down instantly. It carried a crescent-like halo that fell from the skies, straight towards Bo Saixi’s head.

This time, even Bo Saixi herself felt astonished. ‘Tang San used all his effort and wisdom to create this extremely advantageous chance, so logically speaking, no matter if he were cloaked or teleported, he would surely escape from my attack range. But why did he choose to attack head on instead? Could it be that he thought his attacks could fight me off to enable him his entry to the ring shaped sea? How can that be?’ Bo Saixi didn’t think any further. Facing Tang San’s double hard hitters, her left foot stepped on the ground lightly, and a huge wave rose from beneath. It wasn’t a real wave, but one that was simply formed from energy. Tang San’s powerful crowd suppressing eighth spirit skill was actually shattered by this energy wave, and didn’t even land on Bo Saixi.

Bo Saixi’s wave was a complete fusion of her spirit power, and this time she completed the fusing process at the same time as when she released her

soul power. This was the Seagod Douluo’s true strength.

At the same time, Tang San’s left leg brought down his Orca Evil Axe from the sky to Bo Saixi’s head. Hundred thousand year spirit bone skill was not a slouch. The huge wave that shattered the Blue Silver Orca Slash was cut open by it. The incandescent red glowing axe was striking down like a bolt of lightning.

Facing Tang San’s attack, Bo Saixi didn’t even move. She just made a simple movement. Her right hand turned around and the palm became like a blade, straight towards Tang San’s left leg. That palm seemed so light, but for Tang San who had once been slapped straight into the bottom of the sea would surely know how powerful this was. But he still persisted in kicking down.


No matter how good the hundred thousand year spirit bone skill was, it was an ironclad fact that the difference between the soul power of both sides was so far away. Bo Saixi didn’t even flinch, but Tang San tumbled away diagonally like a bombshell. So fast, that it was faster than the speed of Bai Chenxiang’s power from the mirror image sausage he used.

With the slap that sent Tang San flying, Bo Saixi suddenly realized something and murmured ‘Oh crap’. When she slapped on Tang San’s Orca Evil Axe, she clearly felt Tang San deploying Golden Invincibility again. And now, he had already flew out for very far.

“Thank you for the lift, senior~~~!” Tang San’s voice came from the air. Just when Bo Saixi wanted to give chase, two golden beams fell from the skies, forcing her to face them. A collision on the spirit level took place once more, and the result wasn’t that different from before. Tang San was now even bleeding from his eyes, nostrils, ears and mouth, but he couldn’t hold back his laughter.

Bo saixi didn’t chase anymore, and dispelled the shockwaves of spirit power. She let out a small sigh and murmured to herself, “It seems like the heavens willed this outcome. This kid is indeed a talent blessed by the

above. Such an ordeal has been overcome by his own power. How can I ever refuse Lord Seagod’s will?”

In mid-air, the trident brand on Tang San’s forehead let out a golden light for the sixth time. The light then shattered and its fragments entered his own body. Then a notification came, “With wisdom and strength, you survived Seagod Douluo and the seven sacred pillars’ Guardian Douluos’ attacks, completing the sixth trial with additional credit. Affinity with Seagod increased by 20 percent, to a total of 70 percent.”

Escaping Seagod Island’s perimeter didn’t mean one had to enter the ring shaped sea. The perimeter meant the range of the island’s projected range. The reason Tang San attacked Bo Saixi was of course not for having the attack to land, but for Bo Saixi’s fearsome counterattack. Using his Golden Invincibility to protect himself, and his calculation of angles, that powerful shockwave managed to send him away diagonally. By the time Bo Saixi thought about reacting, Tang San had already left Seagod Island’s projected range. The Purple Magic Eyes were the icing on the cake, crushing the last chance Bo Saixi had in stopping him.

Seagod Island’s plants returned to normal without blue silver domain’s support, and they gradually retreated. The seven Guardian Douluos who knew they committed a wrong had flown to Bo Saixi and knelt down on one knee.

“Your Highness, we have erred. Please punish us.”

Bo Saixi shook her head and spoke calmly, “It was the will of the heavens. You can’t be blamed. He’s just too smart. Get up.”

Tang San was falling from the sky in almost complete vertical straightness, and crashed into the ring shaped sea with a splash. From the extremely intense battle to the relaxing state right now, he only felt that his limbs and bones had become scattered. Especially the shock to his brain caused by two spirit power collisions, which gave him a head-splitting pain as his aura was fluctuating unstably.

The buoyancy of the seawater lifted him to the surface, and as he laid still on the seawater, Tang San greedily breathed in the salty fresh air.

The trial was finally cleared. Even though Seagod Douluo’s strength had been far more terrifying than his imagination, he still passed the sixth trial and obtained up to 20 percent of affinity with Seagod as a reward. Although he depended on his own wisdom to succeed, in the entire process, his soul power, spirit power and mental strength had all been exhausted to the highest extent. With his strength as Spirit Douluo, he felt his entire body going sore and soft, unable to work up even a bit of effort as fatigue and injury had spread throughout his body. But his mind was amazingly relaxed.

How Tang San could pass this trial could definitely not be described with a word ‘lucky’. From the beginning when he let his companions escape, to battling against Bo Saixi with wits, and until the final moment when desperately searched for a way to clear the trial, all of them could be said to be the perfect combination of his strength and wisdom.

A dense power came from under the seawater, which Tang San did not resist and let it push him towards the bottom of Seagod Mountain. He only crawled up when his body made contact with the beach, and he walked up the shore with difficulty.

Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi and the Seagod seven sacred pillars’ Guardian Douluos were all standing there, staring at him silently.

Undoubtedly, this was Tang San being very discomposed right now, but in the eyes of the eight powerful people of Seagod Island, he seemed to have become someone else. In Seagod Nine Trials, the sixth trial was the most important, and also one of life and death. Passing this trial meant that Tang San’s standing on Seagod Island had been raised to another level directly. It was at least to the same standing as the seven sacred pillars’ Guardian Douluos.

“Thank you for showing mercy, senior.” Tang San bowed down slightly towards Bo Saixi.

Bo Saixi waved her right hand slightly and a gentle force seized Tang San’s body, making him unable to bow, “I didn’t show you any mercy, so you didn’t have to be like this. You should’ve guessed that I was going to kill you, right.”

Tang San smiled bitterly, “To be more precise, it’s killing me justifiably, huh.”

Bo Saixi’s eyes flickered, and the sharp aura made Tang San blew hot air from his nostrils. He took a couple of steps back and stood upright, but he didn’t mind the situation and even smiled at Bo Saixi, “Now you don’t want to kill me anymore. Does that make you fierce outside gentle inside?”

Bo saixi looked at Tang San and spoke serenely, “Many years ago, I thought that your great grandfather and Qian Daoliu are my greatest rivals in life. Whether it’s them or me, we were all gifted. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to train until Pinnacle Douluo stage. When I first met you, I was somewhat surprised, but I saw that you had good talents, even though at most you would just reached the same level as us. While you have two innate battle spirits, when you reach our point, having two battle spirits wouldn’t bring you many benefits. If they’re poorly managed, they would even be a huge danger. I didn’t understand why Lord Seagod chose you. From how I saw it, you getting the Top Class Eight Trials would be the greatest honor. But you received Seagod Nine Trials instead. I don’t know how many years it has been since I felt jealousy in my head. But now that I look at it, Lord Seagod wasn’t wrong in choosing you. You may be on the same level as us in terms of training talent, but you have many traits which we don’t possess. Perhaps this is why Lord Seagod chose you.”

Tang San saw how Bo Saixi’s eyes were letting out traces of sadness, and said, “Do you know, senior? What I felt when I received Seagod Nine Trials wasn’t excitement, but crisis. It wasn’t coming from the trials themselves. Because I know that since they’re trials, then they would surely be completed within our capacities. It was only a matter of whether or not we would be able to make use of our abilities. From the actual situations of the trials, especially in the previous three trials, I can say

they’re meant to temper and improve us. Seizing every opportunity without letting one go is our greatest treasure. And the facts proved that my judgement was correct. My sense of crisis came from Seagod Island. It’s easy to imagine that Seagod Nine Trials which even you never got, would bring me tremendous benefits. But at the same time, behind the tremendous benefits, there would lie huge risks. If my estimation is correct, when I really complete Seagod Nine Trials, then there will be a certain loss for you. You will find it very hard to accept such a loss.”

“Humans are selfish, and even you who are infinitely close to gods, are just as selfish. But you are Seagod Island’s hierophant, and I took Seagod Nine Trials, so you can’t kill me. You can even say that no one on this island can do it. You want to wipe me out, who’s a threat to you? Then you can only do it in the trials, as justifiably as expected.”

“There’s also another thing I guessed as well. Sea Horse Douluo once said that if Black Class Trials cannot be passed, then the outcome can only be death. But I can tell you’re a kind person. If I die here today, and my partners cannot complete their Sixth Trial because of your attacks, you wouldn’t let them die. Although I don’t know what you would do, with your authority as the hierophant, you should be able to pardon them from death. When the sixth trial began, me letting them leave first was more about being afraid of having them caught in the crossfire. They’re my siblings, and if I were to face a life threatening d anger, they would never hesitate to rescue me. Your strength was just too powerful, so I chose to face your trial alone. I think this should be my one and only crisis on Seagod Island. After clearing this trial, you should have no other chances to justify killing me, and naturally you would’ve given up on killing me.”

The seven sacred pillars’ Guardian Douluos who stood behind Bo Saixi went wide-eyed and open-mouthed after hearing what Tang San said. His analysis could be said as mostly baseless, but they could feel that Seagod Douluo, hierophant Bo Saixi, who trained to the stage of becoming an embodiment of heaven, was actually releasing unstable soul power waves. It was apparent how much Tang San’s words affected her.

A deep sigh came out of Bo Saixi’s mouth, “I didn’t expect you to be this smart with such a sharp judgement. While your guess isn’t completely correct, it’s not that far off the mark. Regardless, I must congratulate you on succeeding in passing the sixth trial. You’re right in that after passing the sixth trial, I already have no chances in killing you. But I must remind you. Your crisis isn’t over just yet. Because unless you complete all nine of the trials, you run the risk of being taken over. As long as you have even one trial that’s not passed, you will die for sure.”

Tang San nodded, “Thank you very much for your reminder. I think my partners should also receive their notifications right now. I still have to trouble you for this, senior; Please don’t tell them what was spoken, and don’t tell them about my trial’s exact conditions.”

Bo Saixi looked at Tang San deeply, and the seven sacred pillars’ Guardian Douluos had newer respects towards him in their eyes. “You are an almost perfect group leader. Not only can you lead your partners to the most proper path, you can also shoulder the burden when facing dangers. Very well. I’ll promise you that. You only have seven days at most to recompose yourself. When you feel like your body has fully recovered, bring Ning Rongrong and Xiao Wu up the mountain and find me in Seagod Hall for your seventh trial.”

After saying this, Bo Saixi slowly turned around to Seagod Hall’s direction. In this moment, she appeared to be somewhat older. After stopping for a moment, she took the stairs to Seagod Mountain instead of flying. Step by step she walked up. The seven sacred pillars’ Guardian Douluos were close behind.

Seeing them walk further and further away, Tang San let out a long sigh of relief and sat immediately on the ground. Now he was truly relaxing and muttered to himself, “My gamble really got it right. So close, so close….”

Actually, Tang San himself wasn’t sure if Bo Saixi wouldn’t kill him. Before the sixth trial started, everything was only his speculation, and when the fighting started, Bo Saixi’s determined killing intent released through her spirit power almost made Tang San lose all of his wits, but it was also because of that, his potential was stimulated beyond the limits, and he was

able to perform so well. But even after passing the sixth trial, he didn’t feel like he would survive at all. Only heaven knew whether Bo Saixi would oppose Seagod’s will to kill Tang San. He knew his own ability very clearly, and he also understood that he would have the chance to surpass her in the future. Now would be the best time to kill him. Seagod was an illusionary and intangible existence, and if Bo Saixi were to oppose his will as the hierophant, the outcome would be uncertain. What’s certain was that he would die. The reality proved that Bo Saixi was just as he guessed, kind in nature, and had a deeper respect towards Seagod than he imagined. Until they left, Tang San’s crisis coming from the sixth trial would be truly over.

Feeling discomfort, Tang San chose to just lay down on the beach. The softness of the sands was as comfortable as a cushion. Ever since arriving at Seagod Island, this was the first time he felt this relaxed. He was the true brains of Shrek Seven. In the usual days, even in between trainings, the companions could rest with relaxation, but he couldn’t, for he had to worry about lots of things about the trials that they had to face. Now, everything was getting better. Except for him, Xiao Wu and Ning Rongrong, the other four companions had passed their trials. At the same time, their strength could also be raised to more than level 80 and have eighth spirit rings, making the overall strength of Shrek Seven step into Spirit Douluo stage. Tang San believed that as long as they didn’t run into a powerful Pinnacle Douluo like Bo Saixi, then under his control, they would be able to face a great number of possible dangers, and also have a strength to fight with Spirit Hall.

“Brother San, are you alright?” Zhu Zhuqing and Bai Chenxiang ran over. In the view in their eyes earlier, they only saw Tang San talking with Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi while he lowered his own voice on purpose so that they wouldn’t be able to hear it. Looking at how Tang San laid down on the beach, the two girls quickly ran up to him.

Tang San wouldn’t get up as he was very fatigued, “Don’t worry, I’m fine. Everyone passed the sixth trial, so I just want to sleep for a while. Zhuqing, when Mubai and others come back, just let them absorb all of their bestowed spirit rings, and let Rongrong hurry up and rest. Senior Bo Saixi said that our seventh trial will take place in seven days.”

After talking, Tang San couldn’t hold back his fatigue, and just slept groggily.

He only felt that he slept exceptionally well. No one disturbed him from start to finish. Although sleeping wasn’t the best way to restore spirit power, it was definitely a good way to restore spiritual force.

Tang San felt that he slept for two days and two nights, and he woke up once it was the noon of the third day.

He opened his eyes in a blur. Maybe it was because he slept for too long. Tang San felt that his head was somewhat heavy, but the head-splitting pain before he slept was now gone. His spirit power had also been completely restored.

There seemed to be something cushioning his head. Soft and full of bounciness. When he was trying to raise his head, he bumped into a pair of even softer peaks.

“Ge, you’re awake.” There’s only one person in Shrek Seven who used ‘Ge’ to call Tang San. He would know wtihout even looking. Connecting what he touched and the voice together, it wasn’t hard for him to know just what he bumped into. Tang San was a bona fide virgin, but being with Dai Mubai, Oscar and Ma Hongjun for this long, he would know some of the matters between men and women.

“Xiao Wu, how are you outside?” He was naturally referring to Xiao Wu’s soul.

Xiao Wu was bending over to look at Tang San with a lowered head. Now she had the embarrassment of Tang San bumping into ‘a certain spot’ of hers, and straightened herself before helping Tang San up.

“You slept so long so I came out and get some air. There are no beds and pillows here. I’m being here with you so you can sleep a little better.” No questions asked, the cushioning that Tang San felt which were so comfortable would be Xiao Wu’s toned thighs.

“Little San has woken up!” It wasn’t clear who shouted it. In just a rush, everyone circled him without a single member short. However, the way they looked at Tang San felt a little strange to him. In those eyes, they were filled with rage and dissatisfaction.

“What’s up with all of you?” Tang San asked in confusion.

The usually candid Oscar was actually being fierce, “Little San, since you’re awake, it’s time for us to settle our scores.”

“Scores? What scores?” Tang San asked with curled brows. Oscar spoke, “The score of not trusting your partners.”
Tang San smiled bitterly, “Little Ao, do you have a fever or something?
How can you say such a nonsense? What’s the start of your claim?”

Oscar spoke with displeasure, “Alright, Little San, don’t fool around with us. We’re not as smart as you, but we’re not stupid either. Hearing what Zhuqing and Xiang Xiang described of your fight with Bo Saixi, we’re still not clear. Are we still your siblings? Admit it, were you going to face Bo Saixi alone since the very start of the plan?”

Tang San was speechless for a moment. Bo Saixi promised him to keep it a secret, but his partners had seen through it all, which made him feel helpless. At this point he could only play dumb.

“Little Ao, what are you saying? Who do you take me for? Although I think my talents are good enough, I’m not self important to the point of thinking I could fight against a Pinnacle Douluo. You think I wanted to face Bo Saixi alone, don’t you! Don’t you forget, my trials are Seagod Nine Trials. When we were all running, Bo Saixi was locked onto me like she was making me her target. I wanted to get the hell away if only I even could! Once being locked on by that strength of hers, if not for my Golden Invincibility, you would be able to see me.”

Zhu Zhuqing spoke as if being completely in the know about things,
“Seagod Douluo’s strength was too scary.” She saw with her own eyes

how Bo Saixi’s slap sent Tang San into the ring shaped sea and bevelled it. That was simply a power of the skies and lands.

“Really, Little San? You’re not covering things up, are you?” Dai Mubai also opened his mouth.

Tang San spoke matter of factly, “Boss Dai, you still don’t know me? When did I tell lies before? For the sixth trial that couldn’t surely be passed with all of us working together, had turned into something that was heaped onto me alone. If I chose to face her alone, it would be like quenching thirst with poisoned wine. Speaking of which, luck played a very large factor this time. If the seven sacred pillars’ Guardian Douluos weren’t there to get used by me, then we might’ve really failed. I can almost be sure that Bo Saixi would’ve easily caught you if she took care of me.”

Dai Mubai nodded, and said, “Very well. We’ll believe in you for now. But you must remember, LIttle San. We siblings are one. If there’s any danger, it’s not your own affair. If you really intend sacrifice your safety to bring us ours, then we’re not going to be siblings any longer. Do you understand?”

Tang San replied earnestly, “We’re all siblings who can leave our backs to each other. I understand what you mean, Oh, that’s right. Rongrong, Xiao Wu, what are the contents of our seventh trial? Senior Bo Saixi said she would let take the trial in seven days.” He finally managed to blur his way across and switched topics. He didn’t want to keep talking about it, because if a hole in his argument popped up, his partners wouldn’t let him go.

Xiao Wu spoke calmly, “Don’t ask me. My trial is just to follow you. I don’t have notifications.”

Ning Rongrong spoke curiously, “Brother San, I also want to ask you about that. My seventh trial’s contents notification is to assist Tang San in completing the seventh trial. Take a look.”

Upon hearing what they said, Tang San himself also got curious. He used spirit focus on his trident brand. As everyone watched, Tang San raised his head and spoke in a deep voice, “Seagod Seventh Trial, Divine Tool, Unsheathe, Seagod’s Trident”

Chapter 252

Hearing what Tang San had said about the seventh trial’s contents, everyone quieted down as their eyes were watching him with great disbelief. ‘Pull out the divine instrument, Seagod’s Trident’. Though they were just a few words, what could they mean?

Ma Hongjun spoke out everyone’s doubts, “Brother San, this Seagod Nine Trials of yours, they’re not really meant for becoming Seagod, right? This divine instrument means a weapon that gods use?”

Even though Tang San had guessed some things, when things came to a head, he still couldn’t help his heart from beating in an insane way. It was no wonder that back then, those sacred pillars’ Guardian Douluos and Bo Saixi said that after the sixth trial, the trials would be different. It seemed that his speculation was correct.

In times like these, Dai Mubai as the group’s big brother displayed his fortitude, “Let’s not think too much about it and wait until Little San attempts the seventh trial for real. No matter what, this trial is very important.”

Oscar spoke, “The most important thing right now is, does the trident belong to Tang San after it’s pulled out, or is it just a trial? According to what we know on Seagod Island, the Seagod’s Trident should be a genuine divine instrument. If we can get our hands on that, what more can we fear about Spirit Hall?”

Tang San said, “Mubai is right. Regardless of the meaning in this trial, I’ll only know it if I pass it. Let’s not work up our expectations, or the disappointment will be greater if the guess is wrong.”

Oscar lowered his voice and spoke, “Four out of seven of us had completed our trials. When Little San completes his seventh trial, Rongrong will also complete it. Should we consider how to leave this place? Tell us about what you felt when you fought against Bo Saixi that day, Little San. Zhuqing was just watching. They say watchers are more clear about what happens, but she couldn’t really feel it herself so she couldn’t get Bo Saixi’s true strength. Do you feel that once you finish the nine trials, we can get out of here with the seven of us?”

Looking at Oscar’s sneaky look, everyone couldn’t help but let out a smile, however Tang San was somewhat stern and replied bluntly, “Before we came here, I guessed that it still wouldn’t be enough. Even though I always thought of Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi’s strength as being very high, when I faced her for real, I understood the vast difference between us and her, and how terrifying a level 99 Pinnacle Douluo’s strength can really be. From how I see it, she’s not that much different from a god. Even if we train to be above Title Douluos in strength, if we do it with brute force, it would still be impossible.”

The last sentence was spoken like slicing a hammered nail.

Everyone looked at each other. Ma Hongjun couldn’t help blurting, “It can’t be, right? No matter how great, she’s just a single person. If you reach Title Douluo in terms of strength, you’re still afraid of losing against her with so many hundred thousand year spirit rings?”

Tang San sighed, “You don’t understand. Even I can’t tell how much stronger I’ll be when I reach Title Douluo in terms of strength. But I can tell you this for sure. With my strength right now, if I go against her head on, with just a bump, she can easily turn me into bits and pieces. I could pass the sixth trial completely due to calculation and luck

When he was talking, Tang San’s mind kept on flashing back to how Bo Saixi was like she could control the clouds and rain with her attacks on him.

Such a light attack without the use of battle spirit, could beat him to the point of unable to fight back. If it weren’t for his insane Golden Invincibility skill, that slap would’ve robbed his life. In front of her strength, even if his body were made of metal, it would’ve been slapped into pieces as well.

Tang San understood that since Dai Mubai, Oscar and Ma Hongjun reached Spirit Douluo stage, they were getting overconfident, so he had to remind them himself.

Indeed, upon hearing Tang San’s words, everyone’s faces became heavy. After consecutive rewards, Dai Mubai whose spirit power had reached level 83 spoke, “Might makes right. No time to waste. Let’s all start training. Little San, you gotta pull out that Seagod’s Trident!”

Tang San rested for three whole days again, not just to let his body and spirit return to the best condition, but also to fix his own thoughts after coming to Seagod Island. At the sixth morning after the completion of the sixth trial, he took Ning Rongrong and Xiao Wu to climb the stairs leading to Seagod Hall.

When they walked the 1001 steps and arrived at the front of the grandiose Seagod Hall, the seven sacred pillars’ Guardian Douluos were already standing there in wait, as if they expected that the three would arrive this day.

Sea Dragon Douluo stood in the middle, while the other six were standing at both sides. Tang San stopped his footsteps with the ladies in front of Sea Dragon Douluo, and he bowed slightly, “Greetings to seniors.”

Sea Dragon Douluo moved away slightly without accepting Tang San’s formalities. His eyes full of complicated emotions as he looked at them, “Follow me, you three.”

After speaking, he led the way into Seagod Hall.

They had been at Seagod Island for four years, but this was the first time Tang San and others had been this close to Seagod Hall. The gigantic pillar

in front of Seagod Hall was sculpted with various designs. Some were sea spirit beasts which Tang San had seen before, yet even more were creatures they had never seen, which he guessed to be from the sea.

Inside Seagod Hall, the insides were dark. The entire building didn’t have a single window, so it wouldn’t have light from the outside. The interior seemed very spacious and no architecture could be seen. The entire building could be described as archaic, as well as simple. Tang San never imagined that inside the dignified Seagod Hall, there weren’t any decorations, and it was this dark.

In just a few steps forward, Sea Dragon Douluo stopped. He greeted to within, “My Lady, Tang San, Ning Rongrong and Xiao Wu have been brought here.”

“En. You may leave.” Bo Saixi’s voice came from within.

“Yes.” Sea Dragon Douluo bowed at within and then made his way, leaving through the side past Tang San. He left after bowing slightly towards Tang San.

Without Sea Dragon Douluo’s tall figure in the way, Tang San could now see the scene inside the great building. Inside this Seagod Hall, there were no other architectures than eight platforms. The outer seven formed a circle, and every platform’s shape was different. They matched the appearance of the sacred pillar platforms like they were miniatures. Only there were no sacred pillars to match them.

In the center of the seven platforms, there was a giant platform. One could see from the two platforms at the front, that the platform at the center had three levels, and was taller than the seven outer platforms by several metres. The entire platform was round, and the surface area was smaller the higher the level went. Because of the darkness inside the building, only a long pole could vaguely be made out at the center of the topmost platform. It was an irregular, top heavy, cone shaped and wholly black object.

Bo Saixi was sitting at the center of the first level with feet crossed and her palms facing up. Each of her hands were making a mystical gesture

with both eyes closed. If it weren’t for Tang San’s exceptional eyesight, he wouldn’t be able to discern all of those.

“Tang San, come forth.” Bo Saixi’s voice rang out in this spacious Seagod Hall.

“Yes.” Tang San responded. He walked up in large steps and looked at Bo Saixi calmly, his mind as calm as an ancient well. If Bo Saixi wanted to deal with him, it would be just a simple matter like the raising of her hand. Since he came here, he wouldn’t have anything to worry about. But Tang San didn’t like the feeling of having his fate being in someone’s hands.

Walking through the outer platforms, Tang San brought Ning Rongrong and Xiao Wu to five metres in front of Bo Saixi.

“Greetings, senior.” The three bowed down.

Bo Saixi received their greetings, and Tang San discovered that this time she appeared different from the look she had in the sixth trial days ago. If one could say that Bo Saixi was like a deep ocean back then, now she would be like a benevolent elder. Even though she appeared to be young, noble and beautiful, her weary eyes were filled with benevolence. If she could be referred to as an insurmountable mountain the last time, then now, she gave Tang San the feeling of being like a master.

Bo Saixi smiled peacefully, “Before you take the seventh trial, allow me to tell you about the ocean. Do you know how large it is?”

Tang San shook his head cluelessly. This question was out of his range of knowledge.

Bo Saixi spoke, “The area of the ocean is four times that of land. In other words, it is about as large as four Douluo Continents. In the vast and deep waters, there live far more creatures than those on land. If these creatures lose their bounds and keep waging wars, then they would be more chaotic than the wars on land.”

“Many, many years ago, the sea was that chaotic. Just as they say ‘Chaos creates heroes’, a stunning talent appeared among the crowds of sea spirit masters. He used his own power, and his lifetime of effort, travelled throughout every corner of the great ocean while holding a trident. He used his powerful strength and incomparable charisma to conquer one tribe after another. After 1001 years, he finally united the seas, and was revered as Seagod by all of the sea tribes, creating an undying legend.”

“If sea spirit masters are humans as well, then can humans live up to a thousand years, senior?” Tang San asked.

Bo Saixi smiled, “Call me Great Priestess. Ordinary humans can’t live that long of course, but when people’s strength reach past Titled Douluo stage, they can have around 300 years of lifespan. After that, every level adds another hundred years. In other words, at my level, one can live for up to a thousand years. Lord Seagod back then used his level 99 strength to conquer the seas. At this point, I can’t afford not to mention your great grandfather. Other than Lord Seagod, he is the one I’m most impressed by.”

“Great grandfather? But, your strength….”

Bo Saixi laughed self-deprecatively, “What? You think that I reached level 99 completely due to my own strength? No, you’re wrong. I don’t have that ability. I’m only more than a hundred years old this year. How could I train up to level 99? Don’t think that just because you have broken through level 80, your future is now smoother. When the spirit power exceeds level 95, according to ordinary training, it takes basically a hundred years to raise into another level. Unless there are special occurences, then if you want to raise to level 97, you need more than 200 years of time. But this isn’t the hardest thing. Your continent’s spirit masters should have more than a few experts among them, but I can be sure than other than Qian Daoliu and your great grandfather, there’s no one who can go past level 97. That is the absolute bottleneck. In calculations under normal circumstances, it’s impossible for humans to train to level 99. Because getting to level 98 needs 300 years’, and to get to level 99, you need 600 years of arduous sleepless training. Both me and

Qian Daoliu had gotten to this point today because of our seniors. Only your great grandfather was the same as Lord Seagod of that time. He relied completely on his own strength to train until level 99. I don’t know how he and Lord Seagod did it, but he was 3 years earlier than when Lord Seagod reached his level 99. He’s also the only one with any hope of becoming a god through his strength.”

To Tang San, what Bo Saixi was saying was like secrets within secrets.
He didn’t butt in and just listened quietly.

Bo Saixi continued, “Back then, when I passed Top Class Eight Trials, I received Lord Seagod’s bestowed honor, and became Great Priestess. And my strength was mostly given to me by Lord Seagod, so that I could train until level 99 in just 50 years. Qian Daoliu’s circumstances were similar to mine. Only he got the gift from the god of angels. You can say that the difference in strength between the three of us isn’t much. But on a level of fairness, then the strongest would be your great grandfather. Because his strength was completely from his own. However, a competition between us will never be fair. He’s no match for me in the sea, on land he is stronger, and in the skies, Qian Daoliu has the advantage.”

“Then, do you know where my great grandfather is?” Tang San asked hastily.

Bo Saixi sighed and shook her head, “When we parted that back then, I haven’t seen him for many years. He once said to me when he left, that if one day, he could reach level 100 and become a real god, then he would come find me.” Now, Tang San could see that there’s a faint blush on Bo Saixi’s face.

“Senior, you….”

Bo Saixi’s eyes quickly became more frank, and she smiled, “You’re his descendant, so it’s nothing if I tell you this. That time, your great grandmother had already passed away, and both he and Qian Daoliu once sought after me. I refused them. I told them that, whoever could reach level 100, I would accept his feelings.”

Tang San sighed deeply, “Senior, you like my great grandfather, don’t you?”

Bo Saixi was startled, “How did you guess it?”

Tang Said said, “You said it just now. In the three of you, my great grandfather has the highest hope of reaching level 100 and become a god. Adding how you and Qian Daoliu were both gifted by your seniors, then it’s very likely that you and Qian Daoliu will never have hope of reaching level 100. Didn’t your request mean that you refused Qian Daoliu? You could only refuse one of the two, so surely, the one you like is my great grandfather.”

Upon hearing Tang San’s words, Bo Saixi seemed to be frozen in thought, and Tang San also stared with wide eyes in shock. Because he could see that Bo Saixi’s infinitely magical hands were slightly trembling right now. When her emotions could be out of control despite having such strength, one could tell how conflicted her feelings were.

After a while, Bo Saixi spoke again, “Tang Chen, oh Tang Chen, if you were as half as smart as your great grandson, I wouldn’t have waited in my lonesome for this many years…. Even Qian Daoliu knew I was rejecting him when he heard what I said, and he left silently. But your great grantfather, he took my words literally, and he left his oath of never coming back without becoming a god. He left in search of a way to become a god.”

Bo Saixi didn’t shed tears, but right here and now, Tang San could feel a deep sadness from her voice. This wait lasted for many tens of years! The Seagod Douluo, so strong in front of his eyes, was actually more pitiful than his own parents in terms of love. His mother had turned into Blue SIlver Emperor, but she could still be with his father and love each other with all their hearts. But great grandfather couldn’t understand her feelings. The two of them were obviously loving each other, but because of Bo Saixi’s reservation and his great grandfather’s persistence, they couldn’t walk together in the end.

Ning Rongrong and Xiao Wu looked at each other in the eyes behind Tang San, and both of them could feel that, compared to Bo Saixi, they were in a more blissful spot.

“Senior, I think that, great grandfather wasn’t really lacking in smarts. If he wasn’t wise enough, then how could the old him have used his own power to train until level 99? Perhaps it was because he persisted too much in training, and neglected the meaning behind your words. Both you and him are proud people. After leaving here, perhaps he understood, but he made such a strongly worded oath. It was due to his pride as a man so….”

Bo Saixi waved, “You don’t need to speak for him. Everything’s too late now. Even if he’s back, what more could it have achieved? With your appearance here, all of this had been meaningless to me.”

Tang San was startled. This time he himself couldn’t make out the meaning behind Bo Saixi’s words.

Bo Saixi spoke, “Back to the main point. Even with Lord Seagod’s strength, he would also need a thousand years’ time to reach level 100. Do you know why?”

Tang San shook his head.

Bo Saixi spoke, “It’s because of the rules. Lord Seagod said that in our world, there are its own set of rules. The strength of level 99 is the upper limit set by the rules. Reaching this level, you shouldn’t think about advancing. To break this level is also the same as breaking the rules. To be above the rules is also what it means to be God. That is already not something that can be achieved with personal strength. What Lord Seagod used was the faith of thousands upon thousands of sea spirit beasts and sea spirit masters to break through, so it needed that many years. As Seagod’s believer, and Qian Daoliu being the believer of seraphim, we already had no right to accept faith, and naturally can’t become gods. Only when the power of faith reaches a certain threshold can there be a chance to break through.

This is also why your great grandfather has a chance to become a god. But in reality, how narrow is this chance? Of course, there’s another shortcut to become a god, and that is to receive the approval of the senior god and inherit the existing godhood. Gods can’t die, but after becoming a god, one can only exist in this world for a hundred years. After that, they must leave here. To where, I don’t know. Before they leave however, they always leave a part of their divine thoughts behind. Because their godhoods are still present and remain in our world, when someone receives their complete approval, and after a certain method, a godhood can be inherited and then the renewed possibility to become a god. There are only two ways for reaching level 100 and become a god. Relatively speaking, the second one is much easier. And you, who received Seagod Nine Trials, are that chosen one. You are the one chosen by Lord Seagod. The time when you pass the Seagod Nine Trials, will be the time when you take over Seagod’s place, become the next generation Seagod, to rule over the ocean’s thousands and thousands of it children!”

At the last sentence, Bo Saixi was emotionally shaken, and her volume became higher, which reverberated throughout Seagod Hall.

Ning Rongrong and Xiao Wu were both stunned. They had never heard anything like what Bo Saixi spoke of. Xiao Wu was covering her own mouth in shock. She couldn’t imagine that her own lover was actually the chosen one.

Bo Saixi’s excited voice faded away after a while of echoing inside the building. Her sitting self was now standing.

“Tang San, I’m now telling you all this because you had passed the former six trials of Seagod Nine Trials, which were also the basic trials among them. From here on, you have to face the real trials from god. These final three trials might be easier than before, or much harder than reaching the skies. It depends on your luck. What is stuck upside down in this Seagod platform is the weapon which accompanied Lord Seagod in his life, and also where part of Seagod’s power resides. Pulling it out will be your seventh trial. You will truly take the first step into becoming Seagod once you have its complete approval. My only hint for you will be one word: faith. Lord Seagod’s edict said that only those chosen by him

who use persistence and faith can have a chance in pulling out this Seagod’s Trident. Pull it out, and all three of you will pass the seventh trial. Otherwise, I will not be able to control your outcome.”

Without Bo Saixi’s explanation, Tang San knew what that outcome would mean. Bo Saixi already brought out Seagod Island’s secrets on a silver platter. With this trial, the ones who would know such secrets would be the new Seagod and his companions. If it couldn’t be passed, then dead people would naturally be unable to let those secrets out.

Raising his head, Tang San’s eyes were fixed on the long black pole in the center of Seagod platform. It was no wonder if seemed to be like a pole. It was the Seagod’s Trident stuck upside down. This was its handle.

Bo Saixi was now standing at the side, looking at Tang San with eyes full of encouragement.

Tang San walked towards the platform step by step while his eyes focused on the trident, with Ning Rongrong to his left and Xiao Wu to his right, following closely.

Here, there wasn’t any pressure, but Tang San’s steps were very heavy. His eyes didn’t leave the trident. He was moving slowly because he was putting all his spirit focus on that trident.

Using spirit power to feel it, Tang San discovered that Seagod’s Trident was like a block of dead metal without life, but the feeling of its weight was very obvious. He found out that this trident’s stabbing point wasn’t just Seagod platform’s center. It was also the center of Seagod Hall and the whole of Seagod Mountain. It was as if the entire mountain existed because of it.

Stepping up to the third level, he was finally facing this weapon left behind by Seagod. The bare handle was about ten feet long, and as thick as a child’s arm. The blackness of it carried no light. He could only vaguely make out a layer of thin wave lines.

“Both of you, stop.” Tang San spoke deeply.

Xiao Wu and Ning Rongrong stopped simultaneously. Meanwhile, Ning Rongrong unleashed her own battle spirit ‘Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda’, and entered Nine Jewel Avatar state without hesitation. Six 80% buffs were cast on Tang San at the same time.

Upon receiving Ning Rongrong’s buffs, Tang San felt that his various elements were climbing, while the spirit focus reached its peak at this moment. With a loud shout and a large step forward, he had come before Seagod’s Trident with both hands raised, grabbing on the handle of the Seagod’s Trident.

A jolting feeling spread throughout Tang San’s body. The heaviness that he felt was now totally in his hands. The wave lines of Seagod’s Trident seemed to match with his palm prints completely. What surprised him was that it seemed to have flowing blood vessels.


The battle spirit ‘Blue Silver Emperor’ was released, and in that instant, Tang San had completely unleashed his battle spirit avatar state, but he didn’t release his domain. This was Seagod’s weapon. If any domain were to cover it, then there might be opposite effects. But the golden trident brand on his forehead was shining. A ray of Seagod’s Light was shining on the handle of the trident in front of him.


At that instant when Seagod’s Light fell upon the handle, Tang San could only feel two scorching sets of heat enter his body and they engulfed him immediately. The trident in his hands seemed to tremble, and a wave of extreme excitement surged up from within. This was followed by a faint golden glow spreading from Tang San’s hands, turning the originally pitch black handle into an expansion of golden life-riddled wave lines.

The scorching heat inside Tang San then flowed back, and instantly, Tang San just felt that his hands weren’t holding a long handle made of metal any longer, but molten lava. The high temperature made him scream, but his hands were still firmly holding on to the handle. Now, Tang San had a

feeling that if he let go now, then he would never have the right to hold this handle again.

He couldn’t use Mysterious Jade Hands. A special presence from Seagod’s Trident flowed into Tang San’s palms, forcing it to be unusable. The melting hot waves kept sending tremblings that make Tang San painful beyond dying. Trails of blood had flowed from his palms, which seeped into the golden waves on the handle.

Ever since Tang San was trained by Ice And Fire Eyes, he had not experienced such heat for a long time. But now, he felt such a sensation again. His supposedly temperature resistant body was actually useless against the temperature of the trident.

Tang San gritted his teeth, and both of his arms exerted strength of up to level 84, bursting out completely. Audible cracking of his bones accompanied the process.

Seagod’s Trident moved. Tang San clearly felt it moving. Although the movement was that subtle, it was slowly moving upwards under his full effort.

Tang San’s spirit power had merged completely with the trident brand on his forehead, turning into Seagod’s Light that entered the handle of the trident. Because he felt that the more he put in Seagod’s Light, the more the trident seemed to become lighter. Now he understood another use of Seagod’s Light, and that was its effect in the seventh trial. Apparently, the greater his affinity with Seagod in the previous six trials, the stronger the Seagod’s Light he had would become, and the easier it became when he was pulling out the trident.

Could Tang San pull out Seagod’s Trident, pass the seventh trial successfully and become the owner it? Please read the next volume, ‘Seagod’s Trident’.

Chapter 253

The Seagod’s Light of up to 70% potency had achieved a great effect. It seemed that the handle was slowly moving upwards under Tang San’s efforts, as the blood from his palms covered more of the wave lines on it, which combined into a golden red light. Tang San could gradually see where the handle and the head were connected. It was a ring shaped intersect, tightly bonded together. The closer to the head of the trident, the thicker it seemed.

As the intersect slowly came up, the triangular edges of the trident’s head appeared. Each side had a crescent shaped brand. Now, Tang San’s blood had spread to cover the crescent shaped brands. From the current position, it could be seen that the further the trident was pulled up, the heavier it felt to Tang San’s hands. In just a short time, he actually began to have a sense of weakness. At the same time, he also felt that his palms were still bleeding, while the blood was also being absorbed greedily by the waves in the handle.

Gritting his teeth, Tang San’s feet went firm. Two of the hundred thousand year spirit bones gave him a great assistance. As a piercing sound of friction came out, the trident was slowly rising. The triangular edges had extended outward for about three inches. The angular and heavy head of the trident was truly coming out.

A trident would naturally have three parts for its head. The left and right parts were thinner compared to the central part, which was exceptionally broader. It felt like it was a sword. Beneath the trident and where it was

connected to, there was a large diamond shaped hole, like it was missing something. At here, the trident’s head was out by one third.

As the blood continued to flow from Tang San’s palms, the lines on Seagod’s Trident had been wholly awakened. Although the brightness wasn’t great, the golden brands became more radiant than the pitch blackness earlier. With the blood flowing down to the head of the trident, the golden glow continued to spread, and the crescent brands below the head of the trident were radiating furiously. It felt as if the golden glow was surging the Seagod platform like an erupting volcano. It made Tang San appear to be coated in gold.

But Tang San discovered that the trident was becoming increasingly heavier. No matter how much strength he poured into his hands, they couldn’t lift it up to halfway. The blood loss was increasing, and it was surely not a good sign. Suddenly, his mind seemed to have something flashing by as a peculiar thought made Tang San lower his head. The Seagod’s Light that came from his forehead’s dark golden trident brand gradually moved down from the handle down to the diamond shaped hole exposed at the floor which was on the trident.

WOOOM—— In this instant, it was as if the air had been frozen. A ring of powerful golden light burst out from the head of the trident. Tang San and the Seagod’s Trident seemed to have communicated, and the same golden lines found on the trident was bursting from him as well. Xiao Wu and Ning Rongrong themselves were blown away by the massive power and fell down the Seagod platform.

Under the platform, Bo Saixi reached her arms out in time and caught them.

The two ladies spat out a mouthful of blood almost at the same time, but Ning Rongrong didn’t give up buffing Tang San even slightly. The Nine Jeweled Lapis Pagoda’s radiance became even greater instead as it was supporting Tang San with all its power.

Xiao Wu looked at Tang San anxiously as she hated this. Why couldn’t

Just then, the Seagod’s Light that came from Tang San’s forehead suddenly turned blue in color, like a vast sea. Bits of golden glow gradually vanished in the blue until the light became such a simple color completely.

A blue tetrahedron slowly flew out of Tang San’s forehead while rotating around. It approached the diamond shaped hope on the head of the trident. It was none other than Vast Sea Veil.

Not even Tang San himself understood why it would turn out like this, because he didn’t even let use of Vast Sea Veil’s power. It totally came out of him on its own. But a powerful excitement was felt from it, like it was at this moment, it became just like when Tian Dou Empire’s treasure came to life.

An amazing scene soon happened as Vast Sea Veil flew to three inches before the diamond shaped hole on the trident. It stopped and its light spinned while the original size of the tetrahedron became double the size in an instant, like two of them attached together, and thus the form also changed. It actually turned into a deep blue diamond cut jewel whose size matched perfectly with the hole under the trident. Powerful blue light then overshadowed the golden glow. Tang San could also clearly feel that his soul power, spirit power, Seagod’s Light and vitality, were fading away rapidly. A powerful sense of weakness assaulted his brain ceaselessly, which even Ning Rongrong’s support from behind could not stop him from somewhat feeling that he could not hold this sensation back.

(How could this be? Can it be, that Vast Sea Veil…..). Even with Tang San’s wisdom, he could not expect that this scene before him would happen. But at this moment, his mind was being enlightened in a vague way.

Ever since he got Vast Sea Veil, his own body had been changing subtly, especially when the blazing heat from the spirit bones were caused by him. Ever since coming here, he originally should’ve only gotten Top Class Eight Trials at most, according to Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi, but finally it was Seagod Nine Trials instead. Could it be that all of this was caused by Vast Sea Veil?

Tian Dou Empire could not possibly know such a secret. Otherwise, they wouldn’t gift it away no matter how important they took themselves for. If all of his treatments on Seagod Island were caused by this little Vast Sea Veil, then all the explanations would make sense.

The long lasting confusion inside Tang San’s heart was dispelled by the changes of Vast Sea Veil in this moment. If the previous six trials were largely dependant on his own strength and wisdom, then the seventh trial right now and the appearance of Seagod Nine Trials could only be explained by luck.

Perhaps, a person’s achievements are obtained through diligence for 99%, but that 1% of luck and coincidence are sometimes more important than the 99% of effort. The arrival of chance. Seize it, and you will succeed. Otherwise you will fall for life.

Unquestionably, Tang San was someone who could seize the chances. Even though he had worn out and he bled too much, he still had no intention of giving up. He knew that if Vast Sea Veil didn’t show up, even Bo Saixi’s strength would not be able to pull out Seagod’s Trident. This was his own chance, not just to survive, but also to reach the strength of gods. How could he give up?

With a light ‘ding’, the diamond formed Vast Sea Veil finally branded itself into the diamond shaped hole at the trident. Ear piercing grinding sounds came with the bursting of a torrent of energies. The entire building was engulfed in an instant.

The pitch black interior seemed to have been lit up by the golden light. Whether they were the floors or the ceilings, the walls or the platforms around the Seagod platform, they were all baptised by the golden brands. What appeared to be an old and simple hall was completely covered in gold in this moment. The massive amount of it made this place look so luxurious. A rush of never before felt sacred air came from the location of the trident, which turned into a gigantic pillar of light that soared skyward, to the top of the hall.

“AAAAAAHHHH!” Tang San howled towards the air angrily. Because of overexertion, the muscles on his back and his arms ruptured almost simultaneously. But finally, the trident which symbolized the divine rights of Seagod, had also loosened. So very slowly, it left the floor.

On Tang San’s raised head, the dark golden trident brand turned into bright gold once more. The powerful divine light and the light that was released by Seagod’s Trident were combining.

The trident’s main blade which appeared to be a longsword slowly rose upwards at the companionship of the side blades. Tang San’s blood seemed like it cleansed the blackness and dirt on them, making the trident release eye catching golden rays like a pouring of water. A sound like a dragon’s roar kept coming from the trident itself.

Seagod platform was trembling furiously. The entire Seagod Hall was shaking, as well as the whole Seagod Mountain.

Standing at the bottom of the mountain, Dai Mubai, Oscar, Ma Hongjun, Zhu Zhuqing, Bai Chenxiang were staring wide eyed at the top of Seagod Mountain.

Now in the sky, dark clouds had formed tightly, which darkened the rays of light on the whole of Seagod Island. But just then, Seagod Hall itself glowed. It released a powerful golden light that broke the darkness and illuminated Seagod Mountain, while seemingly brightening the entire Seagod Island as well. A thick pillar of golden light surged the skies, piercing the dark clouds.

At the same time, Seagod Island’s seven sacred pillars were also lighting up. Seven pillars of golden light in uneven thickness rose from different directions, which looked to merge with the pillar of golden light from Seagod Hall.

The light lasted the whole of ten seconds before dimming. The dark clouds in the sky were completely turned into golden clouds by the light from the pillars earlier. The merged golden light slowly changed shape in mid-air into a humanoid. One could vaguely see that the humanoid was

illusionary, wearing golden armor, with deep blue hair draped on the shoulders, while the armor seemed to have covered every part of his body. Most importantly, in the hand of the humanoid projection, it was the exact same golden trident from before which looked like it could pierce the skies and rend the earth.

The seven sacred pillars Guardian Douluos who were standing in front of Seagod Hall were looking at the sky. They knelt on the ground almost simultaneously, and a burning light from their devout eyes came out as they worshipped the projection in the sky.

The same situation was happening everywhere on Seagod Island where there were people. The inhabitants of the island did not hesitate to walk out of their rooms upon watching the image in the sky. They knelt at spacious spots and worshipped at the giant projection

The prestige of Seagod could be seen from a thousand miles away. In the sea, it was as if all living beings felt the presence of the golden projection. At this moment, the ocean suddenly became still, waves had stopped, the countless animals in the sea stopped swimming. They unconsciously turned to Seagod Island’s direction and worshipped while trembling with congratulations. Even the Deep Sea Whale King who was about to turn into a dragon had opened the eyes and the large single eye. They displayed only surprise and dissatisfaction.

Thousands of small golden rays appeared from all over. Some of these rays came from Seagod Island, but even more came from the ocean. If Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi saw this scene, she would surely understand that this was what she meant by the power of faith. The faith towards Seagod from the creatures of the ocean.

Sustaining the rays of faith, the giant projection in the sky slowly became more and more vivid, like it was real. Dai Mubai and four others suddenly discovered in shock, that the Seagod covered in the golden armor had such a surprisingly familiar face.

“Little San. That…. That is Little San.” Indeed, that clear face was the exact same as Tang San’s, only the expression was that of unoffendable

divine dignity.

Inside Seagod Hall and on Seagod platform, Tang San’s right hand had been raised high. The Seagod’s Trident, over twenty feet long and shining in infinite golden light, was now in the grip of his right palm.

Now, the blackness of the trident had completely vanished, leaving only brilliant golden rays. Every golden wave was clear, all the way to the tip. The main blade of the trident, two feet long and half foot wide, the Vast Sea Veil which turned into a diamond shaped gemstone was affixed to under its middle. Now, it completely changed from the original blue to gold, becoming one with Seagod’s Trident like a golden crystal.

The side blades next to the main blade were shining with the same waves of golden light as the main. The outer sides of the side blades had hooking tips on them. The sharpness of the trident blades could not be seen, because they were all superimposed by the golden light.

That’s right. Tang San succeeded. He managed to pull out Seagod’s Trident and pass the seventh trial. Golden light came out of his forehead and shattered into pieces. At the same time, Ning Rongrong and Xiao Wu’s foreheads also released red light which broke into pieces.

Xiao Wu received the notification, “Being present in the completion of the seventh trial, the rewards are stacked.”

Ning Rongrong’s was different from hers. This was her final trial, and her notification was even longer, “Top Class Seven Trials, final trial completed. With superior supporting abilities, you helped companions overcome one ordeal after another. Displaying surprising talent and outstanding buffing powers. With the completion of all seven trials, Seagod Island Red Class privileges received. Granting vice hierophant authorizations. Rewarding three spirit power levels. All spirit rings increase their power by five thousand years. Due to the bottleneck after finishing the trials, a special reward of a bestowed spirit ring is given. Top Class Seven Trials rewarding a single bestowed spirit ring.”

Upon hearing the notification, even Ning Rongrong herself couldn’t believe it. She only took one more trial compared to Dai Mubai and others, but with this trial, she actually gained higher rewards compared to them. There were even two bestowed spirit rings. What a notion! Now she was already level 70 and needed just two more spirit rings. As with the increase of the spirit rings’ years, her own withstandability would surely increase greatly. The two bestowed spirit rings would both have a chance to surpass hundred thousand years spirit rings!

Ning Rongrong then released her seven spirit rings without retracting her Nine Jeweled Lapis Pagoda. The previous colors were purple, purple, purple purple, black, black, black. But after the rewards of this final trial, her spirit ring colors had changed again, into purple, purple, black, black, black, black, black. Two one thousand years spirit rings and five ten thousand years spirit rings. Now she finally understood why Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi’s spirit rings were eight blacks and one red. It was because of Top Class Trials’ rewards! Bo Saixi’s Top Class Eight Trials’ rewards would surely have higher increase of years on the spirit rings compared to Ning Rongrong herself, thus explaining the amazing sight of having all spirit rings being above ten thousand years.

Tang San was now completely drenched in the golden light. The Seagod’s Trident in his hand seemed to be only several hundreds of kilos heavy, which wasn’t much heavier than the smithing hammer he used back then. But now, Tang San was already unable to move while raising the trident high. He stood there like a man of blood. Almost every muscle burst open because of overexertion, so he could only maintain that posture as he stood.

Just before he completely slipped into coma, he vaguely heard the notification in his mind, “Seagod Seventh Trial, pull out the divine instrument, Seagod’s Trident, was passed. Rewarding Seagod affinity by fifteen percent, to a total affinity of 85 percent. You received Seagod’s Trident’s approval, and the usage rights of Seagod’s Trident.”

Outside the Seagod Hall, the gigantic golden projection suddenly shrunk. After absorbing countless worshipping power, it turned into beam which poured through the top of Seagod Hall, straight into the Seagod’s Trident in

Tang San’s hand. It was also at this time that Tang San could no longer hold on. He collapsed with a thump and passed out.

With his collapse, the light inside the building suddenly dimmed a lot. Especially the trident itself. In almost what was an instant, it turned back into the pitch black state before it was pulled out. A majority of it was sitting on top of him and the tail end of the handle crashed at Seagod platform. The loud sound trembled the whole of Seagod Hall.

“Brother San!” “Ge

Ning Rongrong and Xiao Wu who responded in time, leapt towards him almost simultaneously. Xiao Wu went to hold Tang San while Ning Rongrong gripped the icy cold Seagod’s Trident in an attempt to put it away. But the trident which was crushing Tang San couldn’t budge for one bit.

It should be noted that after Ning Rongrong received her reward of spirit power levels, should she absorb what would be a level 82 spirit ring, it would be level 80 in power even without absorbing. Even though she was a support type spirit master, the physical strength of a level 80 spirit master would be considerably impressive. With full strength, the power would not be less than a thousand kilos. But the Seagod’s Trident wasn’t budging, giving Ning Rongrong the feeling that it wasn’t a weapon, but more like an unmovable mountain. This situation proved that this thing before her would weigh up to at least several dozens of tons.

But what weirded her out was that this trident had only pressed down on Tang San’s broken flesh slightly. If it were really more than dozens of tons, how would it be so? Without the power to resist, Tang San would’ve been crushed to death.

“Allow me.” Bo Saixi’s peaceful voice came out. When Ning Rongrong raised her head to look at her, she noticed that Bo Saixi knelt down beside her. To her, Bo Saixi’s strength was insurmountable. Just taking up the trident from Tang San would be as easy as grabbing air.

But Bo Saixi didn’t just kneel down next to Tang San, but also carrying a heavy expression. Both her hands grabbed on the trident, and with the waves of vast soul power, she even released her own battle spirit. Eight blacks and one red, nine spirit rings came out simultaneously. In order to take the Seagod’s Trident, she appeared to be giving it her all.

“RISE------” Bo Saixi growled in a low voice. It was clear that the massive soul power coming through her hands had wrapped around Seagod’s Trident. Just like this, it wasn’t lifted in an instant, but leaving Tang San himself extremely slowly. Bo Saixi’s expression tightened, and some veins could even be seen on her forehead. She really used all her strength.

Watching this, Ning Rongrong immediately unleashed her Nine Jewelled Lapis Pagoda and released a strength buff and a soul power buff without hesitation. Two beams of colorful light were shot at Bo Saixi.

The Nine Jewelled Lapis Pagoda immediately showed its worth as the number one support type battle spirit in the world. Upon receiving Ning Rongrong’s two buffing lights, Bo Saixi’s expression became a lot peaceful, and she swiftly lifted the trident to put it next to Tang San lightly. She turned back to Ning Rongrong with some praise in her eyes.

“Senior, is this trident really so heavy?” Ning Rongrong couldn’t help but ask.

Bo Saixi replied, “Leave that for after saving Tang San.”

Without the pressure of the trident, Tang San was already in Xiao Wu’s embrace. Looking at how there’s nowhere on Tang San that was unscathed, her tears were pouring from her eye sockets as she kept on giving him her own spirit power.

Tang San’s right leg emanated a blue golden light that slowly covered his entire being. Blue Silver Emperor’s right leg spirit bone passive skill ‘Unending Wildfire, Relit With Spring Winds’ activated by itself, but the speed of healing was very slow, which displayed the severe damages on Tang San’s body.

Bo Saixi put one hand on Tang San’s chest and spirit power engulfed his body almost instantly. Her face then became extra heavy.

“His condition is very bad. Spirit bone’s power may help him recover his flesh, but he just lost too much blood and it must be replenished. Otherwise, his life is in danger. Normal people would find it hard to survive after just the loss of one third of blood. I’m afraid his blood loss through his hands and the bursting of his muscles would exceed 60%.”

Xiao Wu spoke without hesitation, “Senior, I will give him my blood.”

Bo Saixi glanced at Xiao Wu and patted her head with a kind look, “You’re such a silly child. Having a beautiful life partner like you is Tang San’s biggest fortune in his life.”

Xiao Wu shook her head and choked, “No. Meeting him is my life’s greatest fortune instead. Senior, what should I do?”

Bo Saixi looked intently at Xiao Wu, “Give me your right hand.”

Xiao Wu raised her right hand upon the words. Bo Saixi flicked her fingers, and a wound appeared on Xiao Wu’s wrist. Blood came out through it.

Bo Saixi muttered, “Let’s hope your blood doesn’t conflict with his own.”

Xiao Wu spoke determinedly, “He absorbed my spirit ring and spirit bone so he had combined with my blood. It won’t reject. Senior, save him, quick!”

Bo Saixi nodded and lifted Xiao Wu’s right hand. Xiao Wu’s blood converged into a red glob in mid-air. Bo Saixi’s divine light in her eyes released a layer of pristine blue light which enveloped Tang San. No one knew how she did it, but with the infusion of this blue light, the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone’s restoration speed had an obvious increase. As Bo Saixi pointed around with her right hand, trails of blood then split from the glob, flowing into the many spots where Tang San’s skin was damaged. The

blood became like a bridge between Tang San and Xiao Wu which kept sending Xiao Wu’s blood to him.

Tang San was like a sheet of golden paper as he gradually regained his complexion, while Xiao Wu’s beautiful face became more and more pale. But her eyes were glad. Bo Saixi used her search to determine Tang San’s physical condition and spirit sharing with Xiao Wu. She could clearly feel that Tang San was recovering at a frightening pace. It was obviously Tang San’s own blood taking effect.

After using up to about 50 minutes of time, Bo Saixi exhaled deeply. With a flick of her right hand, the wound on Xiao Wu’s wrist was sealed, stopping the outward flow of blood. She also poked on Tang San’s body a few times. Under the blue golden light’s spread, his skin’s wounds had all healed up.

“Senior, don’t stop! He still hasn’t recovered! I still have a lot of blood. Please keep transfusing it.” Xiao Wu held back her powerful sense of frailty while speaking urgently to Bo Saixi.

Bo Saixi frowned, “You silly girl. You had already given him one third of your blood. If this keeps up, even you will not be able to hold up. Don’t forget that your soul is just an attachment right now, and not really in your own true body. Even if you were once a hundred thousand year spirit beast, you can’t sustain such a blood consumption.”

Xiao Wu spoke without a care, “As long as he can be saved, you don’t need to care about me.”

Bo Saixi spoke slightly angrily, “If you don’t care about yourself this much, will he be happy when he wakes up? Besides, you already don’t have to worry about him. If someone else were to have his injuries, it would be fatal. But his survivability is too great, surpassing even me. With your blood just now, plus his own recovery, there are already no problems. Give him three days of rest at most, with that strong body of his, he will return. You on the other hand, your soul is out for too long from what I see. Time to go back.”

Upon hearing Bo Saixi saying that Tang San was out of danger, Xiao Wu relaxed herself. She swayed around and almost fainted. Ning Rongrong quickly put a restoration sausage into her mouth.

Xiao Wu forced herself to swallow it and said, “Senior, Rongrong, when he wakes up, please don’t tell him that I gave him my blood, or else he’ll be hard on himself.”

Ning Rongrong’s eye sockets went red, “Xiao Wu, you…..”

Xiao Wu begged sadly, “Rongrong, I’m begging you. I don’t want him to suffer. I’m going to be alright anyway. Promise me, don’t tell him ok?”

What else could Ning Rongrong say? She simply nodded, but her heart couldn’t help but respect Xiao Wu, while deeply moved by the love between Xiao Wu and Tang San at the same time. (No wonder Brother San would give everything for Xiao Wu. Between them, it’s so…..)

Xiao Wu’s eyes then turned to Bo Saixi. Bo Saixi sighed, “With a wife like this, what more can the husband ask for. You should hurry back to your body. I will keep it a secret for you. Maybe it’s a good thing that you give him your blood.”

Xiao Wu finally relaxed completely. With a flash of red light, her soul returned Tang San’s body, hiding within his spirit bone and spirit ring, falling into deep sleep immediately. Her body also laid limp in Ning Rongrong’s lap, passing out.

Tang San’s coma this time lasted for a whole day’s time before he woke up from it. Bo Saixi’s judgement concerning his physical condition was correct. The damage he took wasn’t just skin and muscles. Because he overexerted, which damaged even his organs, bones and veins, he would need a long time to recover indeed.

What Bo Saixi didn’t know was that Xiao Wu once ate Crystal Blood Dragon and the deity item of all deity items, ‘Red Intestine Severer of Reminiscence’, so there was no way it could be compared to normal red blood. A whole one third of it was transfused into Tang San. Although most

of the medicinal potency was absorbed by Xiao Wu, what was left in the blood alone had greatly increased Tang San’s recovering speed. That ‘Red Intestine Severer of Reminiscence’ could bring the dead back to life and give flesh to skeletons!

Waking up from deep sleep, Tang San only felt sore and powerless all over. He was slowly coming to, feeling the cold stone floor as his thoughts slowly returned.

The interior of Seagod Hall was already not the darkness when he first came. The ceiling was filled with marvellous faint golden waves. Although the lights weren’t strong, they could barely light up the building’s interior. These waves spread all the way down the walls, and Tang San could also feel his surroundings having the same light.

The sense of powerlessness was surely caused by the side effects of Blue Silver Emperor right leg spirit bone’s ‘Unending Wildfire, Relit With Spring Winds’. After all, he sustained severe damages earlier. But, being able to pass the seventh trial, he was still very excited. Especially when he could clearly remember what he heard before he passed out. The most important sentence was that he received the approval of Seagod’s Trident and he obtained its usage rights. For Tang San, this was no doubt a stimulant.

“Get up if you’re awake.” Bo Saixi’s voice echoed around.

Tang San sat up and just saw Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi was sitting not far away in front of him. Between them was the Seagod’s Trident which almost took his life. More than 20 feet long gigantic trident was still carrying a powerful sense of weight.

Tang San then discovered after sitting up, that all over the Seagod Hall, there were faint golden waves, including Seagod platform below him and the other platforms around it. They made this simple interior look incredibly magnificent.

“Congratulations, Tang San. Having passed Seagod Seventh Trial, you had begun to truly receive Lord Seagod’s approval.” Bo Saixi smiled at

him as she spoke.

Tang San sighed and said, “Senior, I understand now. I could receive Seagod Nine Trials and the approval of Seagod’s Trident, all because of Vast Sea Veil, isn’t it. You should know this as well. But why didn’t you take it from me? I believe you would have a way.”

Bo Saixi shook her head slightly and said, “No, you are Lord Seagod’s chosen one. How can you be replaced by anyone else? I didn’t have the power to take the heart of Seagod from you as well. It chose you. This wasn’t just luck, but also you fitting Lord Seagod’s requirements. It’s also a fact no one can change.”

Seagod’s heart? Tang San’s eyes were looking at the diamond shaped gem in the head of the trident. Now, as the trident became black again, the gem also became transparent as well. Not even a trace of the dignity during when the trident was being pulled out could be seen.

“Seagod’s heart? This is Vast Sea Veil’s true name, isn’t it.”

Bo Saixi spoke as she held her own chin, “Indeed. Seagod’s heart is not just the core of Seagod’s Trident. It is also the core of Lord Seagod’s inheritance. Since the day you obtained it and received its approval, Lord Seagod’s trials for you had already started. From the heart of Lord Seagod, I saw many things. It didn’t just save you once. For an example you know of, do you still remember the Whale King you met when you were on your way here?”

Chapter 254

(TL: Armored Raven & Bagelson)

Tang San’s heart shook, “Of course I remember. It nearly took my life.”

Bo Saixi spoke deeply, “Not nearly. It was supposed to kill you. If not for the power within Seagod’s heart scaring him away, you would’ve died right then. Compared to Xiao Bai, Deep Sea Demon Whale King is much more powerful. You can say that it’s the strongest spirit beast in this day and age, land or sea. Even I don’t have the confidence to win against it for sure. If we have to measure with human strength, it should also be a level 99 Titled Douluo. It even surpassed the lifespan of hundred thousand year spirit beasts, and only one step away from becoming a dragon. If it succeeds, then it will be second only to humans.”

“Becoming a dragon? Whales can also become dragons?” Tang San asked curiously.

Bo Saixi spoke calmly, “Never assume that the dragons I refer to are the same as the dragons you know of. If it succeeds, then it will be a true sea dragon. Do you know how many years of training it takes? For a spirit beast, it needs entirely one million years, while having to overcome nine calamities during the period. It’s much more difficult compared to spirit masters’ training to become gods.”

“What?!” Tang San was shocked out of composure, “You mean, that Deep Sea Demon Whale had trained for nearly one million years?”

Bo Saixi shook her head, “That’s not the case. That fellow trained for about three hundred thousand years, but with his devouring of other sea spirit beasts, and its own special skills, it has already overcome eight calamities, which is equivalent to a million years of training. Other than fear towards Lord Seagod, it’s the true dominator of the seas.”

Tang San listened to what Bo Saixi said about Deep Sea Demon Whale’s situation. He couldn’t help but ask in shock, “There’s still a theory about one million year spirit beast?”

Bo Saixi spoke, “The so-called one million year spirit beast, is actually spirit beasts becoming gods, which is much harder than spirit masters training to become gods. Even hundred thousand year spirit beasts training to take human forms is much easier than that. It’s not only tedious, but also those nine calamities are almost insurmountable. No one knows how this Deep Sea Demon Whale King can overcome eight calamities. If it can overcome another one, then it will very likely become an unprecedented one million year spirit beast, towering above other spirit beasts. If the lands are still lacking a god before that happens, I’m afraid the entire continent will be in peril. I don’t mind telling you this in advance, that your Seagod Nine Trials’ final trial is split into two parts. One of them is to strike down Deep Sea Demon Whale King. Only by killing him, can you completely fulfill the right to inherit Lord Seagod’s position.”

Tang San didn’t bother covering up his bitter smile, “Strike down Deep Sea Demon Whale King. Isn’t that the same as defeating an opponent the same level as you? And he’s inside the ocean to begin with….”

Bo Saixi smiled, “Spirit beasts are not human, after all. Besides, have you forgotten about this thing?” While saying that, Bo Saixi’s finger pointed at the pitch black Seagod’s Trident in front of him.

Tang San’s eyes brightened, “Senior, I’ve been meaning to ask you. After I passed the seventh trial, I received a notification, ‘Obtained Se

Bo Saixi smiled, “It’s not something I can tell you. Seagod’s Trident is Lord Seagod’s weapon. How can it be something I know about? As for its

power, it’s something you need to look for on your own. But don’t forget that it’s a true divine instrument. At the same time, when you take the ninth trial, it will surely not have just have this kind of strength. Look at your eighth trial’s goal and I will briefly introduce you to this trident.”

Tang San nodded after hearing what she said and focused his spirit. After he pulled out Seagod’s Trident, his forehead’s brand had become flat and smooth. Using spirit sense, the brand felt somewhat phantasmal, but as the affinity with Seagod increased, he discovered that his spirit power had increased subtly. It had become one with Seagod’s Light.

“Seagod Nine Trials, Eighth Trial. Conditions of completion: Increase battle spirit level to nine rings stage, gather all spirit bones, revive accompanying trial examinee. Time limit, five years. Only after completing the eighth trial, can you return to Seagod Hall and accept the final trial.”

After sensing the conditions of his eighth trial, Tang San couldn’t help his eye sockets from leaking tears. Nine rings. He was getting closer and closer to nine rings, and finally able to revive Xiao Wu. This had nothing to do with Seagod Nine Trials. This was what he had hoped to do all along!.

“Are you thinking that the eighth trial is a little too easy?” Bo Saixi asked flatly.

Tang San looked at her and said, “Compared to the seven trials earlier, this one’s difficult part should be at reviving Xiao Wu, right. With my current condition, reaching Titled Douluo stage in five years is somewhat difficult, but definitely not too much. I’m confident about this. The catch is that after reviving Xiao Wu, my spirit power will drop by ten levels as the spirit bones and spirit rings leave me. This way, I might never be able to recover such a strength.”

Bo Saixi’s eyes shined as she stared at Tang San with a burning gaze, “You still have time to regret this. As long as you don’t revive Xiao Wu and let her maintain this current state, I can even help you pass the eighth trial and head straight to the ninth. Maybe the affinity with Seagod will be affected somewhat, but not in a major way for sure. Don’t forget

that if you revive Xiao Wu, not only will your spirit power drop, you will also lose a spirit bone. Even though you now have five spirit bones, but you actually only have four. The external one doesn’t count. Finding two more spirit bones in five years isn’t an easy task. If it’s three, then it’s even harder. I am certain that if you revive her, then you will never have the chance to pass the eighth trial, not to mention inheriting Lord Seagod’s position after the ninth trial.”

Tang San looked at Bo Saixi, his eyes gradually becoming colder.

Bo Saixi spoke, “After coming this far and paying a huge price, don’t you want to become a true god? This is the only chance in your life. After you revive Xiao Wu, you will always be just a Spirit Douluo in your life. Even if you have hundred thousand year spirit rings, without being above level 90, you will never become powerful. Never to reach my level, not to mention surpassing me.”

“Speak no further!” Tang San interrupted Bo Saixi, “I respect you, senior, so I don’t want to speak insulting words. But I can tell you that to me, there’s nothing more important than reviving Xiao Wu right now. Even if I can’t become a god and can’t reach Titled Douluo stage, or even lose my life, I don’t care. But I still have to thank Seagod’s magnanimity. This eighth trial gave me five years of time, after all. I am satisfied for being able to be with Xiao Wu for five years. I love the complete Xiao Wu, not her shell. If I cannot revive her, I will not close my eyes when I die.”

While saying that, Tang San stood up and faced Bo Saixi with a grave expression, “Lastly senior, I have a request. Please don’t tell my partners the contents of my eighth trial, especially Xiao Wu. I sealed her external awareness just now. This is between us, and I don’t want anyone mixing in.”

Finished speaking, Tang San didn’t even go to grab the Seagod Trident stuck in the floor. With his back perfectly straight, he walked outside in big strides. “Halt.” Bo Saixi snapped.

Tang San subconsciously paused, speaking without turning his head:
“Does senior have any instructions?”

Bo Saixi’s voice was partly laughing, “What if I said I had a way to let you revive Xiao Wu, and at the same time not lose any of your spirit power? Or influence your future cultivation? Do you want to know it?”

Tang San was dumbstruck, struck by sudden understanding. He turned sharply to look towards Bo Saixi.

Bo Saixi’s eyes were filled with a satisfied smiling expression;

“Xiao Wu’s blood wasn’t spilled in vain. You’re quite good, really worthy of what she did.”

Tang San didn’t comprehend Bo Saixi’s words, but believed she was talking about Xiao Wu sacrificing herself for him. He smiled wryly: “Senior, you were testing me?”

Bo Saixi’s face suddenly grew flat: “Only, you have one bad point.” “Oh?” Tang San scowled.
Bo Saixi said sternly: “Didn’t I tell you to call me High Priest, and not senior?” As she spoke, she couldn’t keep from laughing. She was obviously in a good mood.

Bo Saixi was indeed testing Tang San. Even if the Seagod Nine Trials tested Tang San in all respects, the matter of Xiao Wu giving her blood for Tang San had still touched her very deeply. Her love had a tragic end, and she didn’t want to see that girl Xiao Wu finally end up like her. That’s why she tested him.

But in order to resurrect Xiao Wu, Tang San hadn’t hesitated in the slightest to give up on becoming god, so much so that he had even given up on his own future. As the genius of his generation of the spirit master world, that he could do this already proved far more. How could Bo Saixi’s mood not be good? Seeing Bo Saixi’s smiling expression, Tang San also understood he was duped. Originally, with his intelligence he shouldn’t have been unable to see Bo Saixi’s intent, but concern clouds the mind, especially in regards to Xiao Wu’s resurrection.

Bo Saixi smiled softly: “Poor Seagod Trident! Having just found a new master it was ruthlessly abandoned. A grand divine tool is so unwanted.”

Tang San said awkwardly: “Senior, my mistake, I wasn’t deliberately abandoning it, I……”

Bo Saixi clearly didn’t intent to keep teasing Tang San: “I understand your meaning, no need to explain. I basically understand you and Xiao Wu’s circumstances. In order to resurrect Xiao Wu, all you now lack is ninetieth rank spirit power. After you reach rank ninety, and infuse all spirit rings into Xiao Wu’s body, then return that spirit bone to her, you can complete this resurrection under the Seagod’s Light. After it’s finished, your losses will be your right arm and right arm spirit bone, as well as all your spirit rings. If I’m right, this should be your previous thinking.”

Tang San nodded.

Bo Saixi said: “The facts already differ from the circumstances of your plan. Do you know why you can extract spirit bones without dying after rank ninety, but still lose ten ranks of spirit power? The reason is quite simple. Breaking through rank ninety, to be precise, the spirit master is no longer categorized as human. Title Douluo with strength far surpassing that of ordinary humans naturally won’t die so easily. But pulling out spirit bones is bound to ruin your constitution, especially mutilating your limbs will leak spirit power, leak vitality, immediately leaving behind irreparable damage. That’s why spirit power would fall ten ranks. Actually, this isn’t all of it. Only the spirit bones of the four limbs can be extracted, the skull and torso spirit bones can’t be removed before death. There’s no need for me to explain the reasoning for this.”

“Your current circumstances are quite special, they can’t be described with common sense. Resurrecting Xiao Wu actually doesn’t require all your spirit rings. Because Xiao Wu sacrificed herself for you, all of her quintessence was concentrated within the spirit ring and spirit bone, even adding the soul, fusing together with your body. Resurrecting her will require returning these to her. But if you truly give all your spirit rings to

Xiao Wu, then, it will on the contrary be harmful to her. Because Xiao Wu basically can’t accept your current spirit rings.”

“First disregarding what your ninth spirit ring will be, among your first eight spirit rings, two are hundred year, one thousand year, one ten thousand year, and the remaining four are all hundred thousand year level. But when Xiao Wu sacrificed herself for you she was just sixtieth rank. Even if her body has been transformed and is extremely durable, it still doesn’t have the spirit power foundation to accept your spirit rings. You transferring all of them only leaves two possibilities, one is wasting them, and the other is that she explodes and dies. You’re intelligent, recall what happened when you absorbed a hundred thousand year spirit ring, and you’ll understand.”

Tang San said impatiently. “Then how can I resurrect Xiao Wu appropriately?”

Bo Saixi said: “I’ve carefully inspected Xiao Wu’s body these two days, and judging by her present circumstances, when you resurrect her, I propose you just infuse completely her with your first four spirit rings, then skip the fifth spirit ring, adding the sixth spirit ring Xiao Wu gave you. That sixth spirit ring is actually condensed from all her previous abilities, and your first four spirit rings can very easily have a guiding effect. Even though your fifth spirit ring is in between, don’t give it to her, because that spirit ring is fused together with your spirit. If it leaves, not only will it cause you enormous injuries, it would even lead to death. Moreover, it’s also impossible for her to receive it. That spirit ring requires the support blood.”

Tang San said with some concern: “Is that enough? I fear…….”

Bo Saixi waved her hand: “No need to fear anything. Don’t tell me you think the Seagod’s Light is useless? Relying on the Seagod’s Light, it’s actually enough to just to resurrect her with that sixth spirit ring, it just can’t guarantee she will reach her best condition before sacrificing herself. Your Seagod Affinity should already be more than eighty percent, then I can tell you with certainty, within your Seagod’s Light there is an ability, Healing. It can heal all internal and external wounds, consuming

your spiritual force according to different injury conditions. It’s especially effective on mental wounds.”

“The question of the spirit rings required for Xiao Wu’s resurrection is already settled. is the spirit bone. That spirit bone of hers is something you have to return. But I found that your right leg bone has a very formidable ability, physical regeneration, even severed limbs should grow back, right?”

Tang San nodded: “Probably. If not for it, I would be dead long ago. It’s the spirit bone my mother left me.”

Bo Saixi looked somewhat curiously at Tang San, but didn’t ask further, continuing the subject of Xiao Wu’s resurrection, “Since that’s the case, you have the ability to escape that spirit power loss. The preconditions are that, before you resurrect Xiao Wu, you find one more right arm spirit bone. After you sever your right arm and return the spirit bone to Xiao Wu, immediately install this new spirit bone in your right arm, then immediately rely on your right leg bone’s regeneration ability to regrow your right arm. The more powerful a spirit bone you can find, the less spirit power you will lose. It also won’t harm your vitality or influence your future cultivation.”

Tang San conscientiously reflected on every word Bo Saixi said. Related to Xiao Wu’s resurrection, he absolutely couldn’t tolerate the slightest carelessness. After careful consideration, he could be certain that everything Bo Saixi said was reasonable. Even if problems appeared, they would only be problems with him, without influencing Xiao Wu’s resurrection. She was quite right, if he rashly placed hundred thousand year spirit rings into Xiao Wu, she would very possibly be in danger due to being unable to endure.

After figuring these things out, Tang San said gratefully: “Many thanks for High Priest’s help.”

Bo Saixi smiled lightly: “No need to thank me. I also hope you, the future lord Seagod, can truly complete the Seagod’s inheritance. Remember, find replacements for the five spirit rings you give Xiao Wu as soon as possible. Moreover, among the spirit rings you find, besides the

sixth, the first four have to be of the same race as the spirit beasts you killed before. Then they can be perfectly absorbed. After all, your spirit already has some memories. If you change them for other types of spirit rings, there’s bound to be conflicts. Of course, the spirit ring cultivation age depends on your own skill. It’s impossible for all to be hundred thousand year, but you can manage all ten thousand year, right?”

All ten thousand year? Tang San’s heart immediately grew scorching hot, what Bo Saixi said sounded like resurrecting Xiao Wu not only wasn’t bad for him, but on the contrary changed into a good thing?

Before Tang San could speak up, Bo Saixi continued: “There’s one more thing you have to keep in mind, it’s your eighth trial. Raising your spirit to the nine ring level doesn’t just mean one spirit, it’s all your spirits. You’re different from ordinary spirit masters, you possess two spirits. Therefore, after resurrecting Xiao Wu, you will also have to find spirit rings to amplify your hammer as soon as possible. When you return, you must have twin nine ring spirits. This corresponds to the requirements for the eighth trial and counts as passing. Understand? Five years’ time seems long, but you have to obtain three spirit bones, and more than ten spirit rings. This isn’t a simple mission!”

“Many thanks for High Priest’s warning. Five years should be enough.” Tang San replied confidently. Only, he quickly frowned, thinking of one extremely important question, “Senior, I have twin spirits, but the human body has limits. Each spirit ring will boost my body somewhat, and even though I’ve used some immortal herbs and my body is somewhat stronger than most spirit masters, I’m afraid after giving the Clear Sky Hammer high level spirit rings, my body will……”

Bo Saixi gave a laugh, “If this problem concerned someone else’s body, it really would require attention. But you’re already different, don’t forget that you’re the Seagod’s successor. The moment you pulled out the Seagod Trident, in some sense, you were no longer human. But rather someone one step into godhood. The Seagod’s Light can’t just help you resurrect Xiao Wu. It equally imperceptibly influences and changes your body. This bit is something you should have sensed from the Seagod’s Heart. So, don’t worry, go absorb spirit rings without hesitating, the

stronger the better. Twin spirits might be your blessed advantage, even the lord Seagod didn’t have such an ability back then. Each spirit ring you absorb will raise your spirit power somewhat. With your current spirit power, your Clear Sky Hammer can already absorb another eight spirit rings of at least the ten thousand year level. Once these eight spirit rings have been absorbed, even if you don’t cultivate, I think your spirit power should still be close to rank ninety.”

Becoming the Seagod successor unexpectedly solved even this problem. Tang San couldn’t help being wild with joy. Even though the Blue Silver Emperor’s control power was formidable, beneath the surface Tang San had always felt that he lacked attack power. Leaving the Clear Sky Hammer unused, without daring to add spirit rings. Now was different, adding spirit rings to the Clear Sky Hammer not only wouldn’t influence his body, but with his present spirit power level and physical endurance, even the highest limit of hundred thousand year spirit rings could be absorbed. Waiting until the Title Douluo level was meaningless. And if he could reach eight spirit rings with the Clear Sky Hammer, then, not only the problem of raising spirit power, if he could also at any time switch over from control type Spirit Douluo to power attack type Spirit Douluo, his strength would also rise substantially, and there would also be innumerable permutations of tactics.

Bo Saixi smiled: “If I may give you a suggestion; your ninth trial will be to kill the Deep Sea Demon Whale King. Then don’t waste it. Let him become the last spirit ring of your hammer. He will also give you a spirit bone. Hundred thousand year spirit bones have a property you might not know of. Whoever kills it, it will give a spirit bone that the killer doesn’t have. This is also one of the reasons hundred thousand year spirit beasts are so valued by spirit masters. In other words, no matter what the last spirit bone you lack is, as long as you successfully kill the Deep Sea Demon Whale King, you will have gathered all spirit bones. The quality of the spirit ring and bone it gives you will be an enormous advantage in accepting the last inheritance.”

Tang San’s heart twitched, “High Priest, by what you say, I can leave Seagod Island to complete the eighth trial?”

Bo Saixi said: “The rules of Seagod Island affects spirit masters that have passed the trials. And you’re not just a spirit master, you’re also the Seagod’s successor. After you pulled out the Seagod Trident, one might say you’re already half a Seagod. Naturally the rules don’t apply.”

Tang San exulted, “Then can I bring my comrades?”

Bo Saixi said calmly: “You still haven’t completely understood your Seagod’s Light! Within the range of the Seagod’s Light, the might of the Seagod is revealed. Under its shelter, the Seagod’s laws naturally won’t descend. Of course, your Seagod Nine Trial excluded.”

“I understand.” Tang San drew a deep breath, his face showing unconcealable excitement. They’d been here for more than four years, but could finally leave. Indeed, sea spirit beasts didn’t completely suit his Blue Silver Emperor and Clear Sky Hammer. But returning to dry land, he could find the spirit beasts that suited him the most. That was especially the case for the spirit rings he had to give up to resurrect Xiao Wu.

Bo Saixi’s gaze showed a bit of kindness, “Rest a few days on the island before leaving. Oh, right, I’ll share what I know of some of the circumstances of the Seagod Trident with you. Pay attention.”

“First of all, only your hands can hold the Seagod Trident, it can’t be left in any spirit tools. If you try it, the spirit tool will break. , you must pay attention to the Seagod Trident’s weight. When you hold it in your hand, it will weigh one hundred eight jin, however, when you let it go, the weight will no longer be one hundred eight jin, but rather……”

At this point, Bo Saixi paused, the said gently, “But rather one hundred eight thousand jin.”

“What?” Tang San was shocked, “One hundred eight thousand jin?”

Bo Saixi nodded affirmation: “That’s right. It’s one hundred eight thousand jin. I don’t know what it’s made of either, but I can be sure that without its approval, it would be very difficult to use without god level strength. Consequently, you must be careful when carrying it. If it’s not

somewhere that can stand the weight, you absolutely can’t put it down. Best is if it doesn’t leave your body, then it’ll just be one hundred eight jin, and not that terrifying one hundred eight thousand weight.”

“Then that means, when I use it to attack, it will also give the effect of one hundred eight thousandjin?” Tang San asked.

Bo Saixi smiled slightly, “This is the might of a divine instrument, even back when your great grandfather cultivated to ninety nine rank spirit power, his Clear Sky Hammer was still only eighteen thousand jin. There is no stronghold the Trident cannot overcome in the Seagod’s hand. Even the Angel God’s Holy Sword is just thirty six thousand jin.”

Tang San again stepped up to Bo Saixi, stooping to pick up the Seagod Trident. He really found it difficult to imagine that what weighed a hundred something jin in his hand possessed all the power of more than a hundred thousand. It was terrifying even without adding any abilities. Even a major city’s thick walls couldn’t stand up to even one strike.

“When you want to use it, you must awaken it with the Seagod’s Light. Until you truly become the Seagod and can unleash its might permanently. As for its other abilities, you’ll have to figure it out on your own.”

“Thank you, High Priest.” Holding the Seagod Trident firmly, even though it was completely black, it still gave Tang San a kind of completely harmonized feeling.

Bo Saixi smiled: “I’ve given you the warnings I can. You can go, and can leave Seagod Island at any time. I’ll wait here for your return. I hope to soon see you inherit the position of Seagod. Oh, right, also, when you return, you have to bring back those seven friends of yours as well. You’ll need their help when you inherit the position of Seagod.”

Tang San gripped the Trident, deferentially bowing deeply to Bo Saixi. Then he retreated from the Seagod dais, until he had passed the seven platforms, then turned and left.

As he reached the door of the Seagod Hall, Bo Saixi’s faint voice echoed behind him, “If you meet your grandfather in these five years, have him come see me.” Her voice was filled with melancholy. Tang San turned, nodding sharply to Bo Saixi, then left Seagod Hall.

Warm sunlight bathed his body, wrapping Tang San’s weakened body in warmth. Even though the light was a lot more intense than inside the hall, Tang San still adapted very quickly, his Purple Demon Eye originally didn’t fear strong light.

“Our respects, lord.” Seven voices spoke in unison.

Tang San turned his head to look. The seven Seagod Sacred Pillar Guardian Douluo knelt on one knee at the same time, saluting him.

Tang San knew that what they saluted was even more the Seagod Trident in his hand. Their gazes were focused on the dark stave, their expressions reverent.

“No need for all seniors to be like this, Tang San can’t accept it.” Tang San took a few steps away, counting as half accepting their salute.

“Yes, seven seniors, don’t be like this. Little San isn’t the Seagod yet.” Dai Mubai and the other six devils plus Bai Chenxiang all waited outside as well. Xiao Wu appeared to have already returned to normal, of course, soulless normal. Having taken the Yearning Heartbroken Red, her body’s recovery ability was certainly formidable.

Seadragon Douluo said sternly: “Lord Tang San has already formally accepted the position as the lord Seagod’s successor, and at the same time also obtained the Seagod Trident’s approval. The Seagod rules the oceans, we must naturally pay our respects as the lord Seagod’s subordinates.”

Tang San smiled and walked forward, right hand holding the Trident, speaking cordially: “We will leave Seagod Island immediately. In these few years we’ve accepted the trials on Seagod Island, we’ve been indebted all seniors’ care. Especially Seahorse Douluo has given us even more

assistance. Regardless of whether I inherit the position as Seagod, in the eyes of Tang San, you are all my seniors.”

Before Seadragon Douluo’s seven sacred pillar guardian Douluo could change expression, on the Shrek Seven Devil side, Ma Hongjun already cried out: “Third brother, you’re saying we’re leaving Seagod Island?”

Tang San nodded. “I’ve already negotiated with the High Priest. My eight trial will also be completed on the mainland. Of course we’re leaving. Only, once the eighth trial is complete, we must still return for the ninth trial. If nobody has anything to prepare, we’ll set off immediately.”

Hearing Tang San say this, everyone couldn’t help beaming with joy. No matter how beautiful the Seagod Island’s scenery, living here for several years while painstakingly cultivating, everyone were long since weary, and this place also didn’t have that kind of free and leisurely feeling. Besides Xiao Wu and Bai Chenxiang, everyone’s strength had broken through eightieth rank, and they also hoped to return to the mainland to measure their strength against Spirit Hall. They could finally leave, and moreover with Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi’s consent, so how could they not be happy?

Oscar laughed out loud: “What’s there to prepare? We’ll leave now. I don’t know how the continent has changed in the more than four years we’ve been gone.”

Tang San turned to the Seven Seagod Sacred Pillar Guardian Douluo: “Then we’ll take our leave from all seniors here. We will definitely return within five years.”

The Seven Seagod Sacred Pillar Guardian Douluo followed them the whole way down Seagod Mountain, then followed them with their eyes.

Tang San grasped the Seagod Trident in his right hand, his left hand holding Xiao Wu, and flew furthest ahead. Very soon they’d crossed the Ring Sea, and everyone turned in the direction they came.

While walking, Ning Rongrong asked Tang San: “Third brother, are your injuries already all well? No need to rest a while?”

Tang San said: “It’s nothing, my spirit power and spiritual force will recover just as well on the road. I don’t know why, but even though I didn’t feel anything before, after the High Priest allowed us to leave, I’ve had an urge to hurry home. I don’t know how the Heaven Dou Empire is doing, or what Spirit Hall has been up to these years. Or how the teachers and the rest of Shrek Academy are.”

Chapter 255

(TL by Bagelson & Armored Raven)

Dai Mubai said: “Worrying about it is useless, we’ll know once we return.”

Tang San asked: “Boss, aren’t you returning to look at Star Luo Empire first?”

Dai Mubai shook his head, grinning: “To tell you the truth, when I brought Zhuqing away, I wasn’t planning on returning again. Even if my big brother has always thought unfavorably of me, no matter what he’s still my brother, and his wife’s also Zhuqing’s big sister. I don’t want to experience the feeling of kindred butchering each other again. I might as well go missing, and let my big brother inherit the title. Little San, you’ve also seen the circumstances of Heaven Dou Empire, being a monarch isn’t that easy. Let alone dealing with ten thousand affairs, there’s also countless pressures to undertake. I could never be as leisurely and relaxed as now. Even though Zhuqing always said I never improved, in fact, I like the feeling of being with my brothers like this. Me and Zhuqing talked it over, and finally might as well not go back. Leave everything for after big brother becomes emperor. We won’t go back, so they’ll naturally think we’re already dead. So what if they discover us later? With my present strength, even if the imperial family wants do anything against us they might not be able to.”

Tang San somewhat astonished looked at Dai Mubai, saying helplessly:
“I don’t know how many people want to become the ruler of a nation, but

you toss it away like worn out shoes. Boss, perhaps only you can regard authority so lightly.”

Oscar smiled: “Boss, I admire you. You put it succinctly, how could we be so leisurely and relaxed as emperor? You don’t need to go back, I’m simply even happier than knowing we can safely leave Seagod Island. Afterwards we brothers don’t need to part again, us Shrek Seven Devils will always be together. Once little San resurrects Xiao Wu, and we’ve all eliminated Spirit Hall, we can tour all over the continent together, wouldn’t that be nice?”

Zhu Zhuqing smiled: “We thought so. Rather than pursuing authority, it would be better to pursue the summit of spirit masters. We can’t compare to third brother, but with our present circumstances, reaching the Title Douluo level wouldn’t be a problem. My biggest dream as a child was to become a female Douluo.”

Ma Hongjuns gaze was always curiously fixed on the Seagod Trident in Tang San’s right hand. Now he couldn’t help speaking up: “Third brother, your trident is all black. It doesn’t look like anything! I still thought this thing should be dazzling. Can’t you let me take a look?”

Tang San smiled slightly, turning the trident horizontally in his hand, holding it out to Ma Hongjun.

Ma Hongjun reached out and wanted to grab the trident, but discovered Tang San didn’t show any sign of letting go. He couldn’t help glancing at him, thinking, don’t tell me it’s because it’s a divine instrument, third brother doesn’t want to let me look at it? No way! Third brother never thought of worldly possessions as important.

Tang San saw Fatty’s inwardly doubt, “It’s not that I won’t let you hold it, it’s that I’m worried you can’t. This trident is very heavy.”

Ma Hongjun said somewhat doubtfully: “Third brother, you’re underestimating me too much. I’m still eighty first rank.

Tang San halted, smiling: “Fine, then try it.” While speaking, he bent his waist, placing the trident flat on the ground, then made an inviting gesture to Ma Hongjun. Without Tang San’s hold, the Seagod Trident’s wight immediately emerged. Even though Tang San had placed it on a rock, the rock immediately sank into the ground, only half of it still remaining visible.

“It looks quite heavy! I’ll try.” Fatty stepped up with daredevil spirit, both hands grabbing the trident. With a sudden exertion, he wanted to raise it from the ground.

The one hundred eight thousand jin heavy trident naturally didn’t budge a hair. No matter how Fatty exerted himself, he couldn’t move it in the slightest.

“Really is heavy.” Fatty straightened his waist, giving a loud shout, releasing his spirit and grabbing the trident again.

The result was of course no different. Even though he had reached rank eighty one spirit power, it was impossible for his strength to reach one hundred eight thousand jin.

Dai Mubai and Oscar were both a bit eager to give it a try, but Oscar was stopped by a glance from Ning Rongrong. She had personally seen Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi use all her strength and just managed to move the trident. These guys lacked far, far too much to compare to Bo Saixi, so how could they move the trident?

Dai Mubai just wanted to try it as well, but Tang San stopped him. He didn’t want to see his elder brother make a fool of himself. Fatty was younger, and also the first to try, so that was still fine, but Dai Mubai was after all everyone’s boss, so if Tang San still didn’t explain the circumstances of the trident, he’d be letting his brother down.

“No need to try. In my hands the Seagod Trident weighs one hundred eight jin, but to others, it will be a thousand times that, reaching one hundred eight thousand. If you want to move it, you’ll at least need ninety

fifth rank spirit power to make it possible. And only boss Dai would have a chance with physical strength.

, Tang San went over Bo Saixi’s introduction of the Seagod Trident, hardly hiding anything.

Listening to him, everyone looked at each other, then spit out the same word in unison, “Freak.”

Actually, didn’t Tang San feel the same when he learned about the Seagod Trident’s weight? What he was thinking about now was how he could make it his weapon in the future, how to use it. The Tang Sect had no polarm skills.

Very soon, everyone arrived at the shore. Tang San found a gray cloth in his Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges, and wrapped it around the Seagod Trident. After all, even though the trident was completely black, its shape really was too garish. In the realm of the ocean, who didn’t know the Seagod used a trident for a weapon? Even if they didn’t suspect the weapon in Tang San’s hand was a divine instrument, it wouldn’t be any good thing if they thought he was faking it.

Without need for Tang San’s prompting, Ma Hongjun had already taken charge of the situation, releasing his Phoenix spirit to summon Xiao Bai.

Xiao Bai arrived even faster than they expected. In just a moment, it appeared in their view with ten Devil Spirit Great White Sharks. Gray blue light flashed, and Xiao Bai’s human form walked up on the beach.

Even though they had already seen her transform into a human many times, when they saw her slender beautiful form again, Dai Mubai, Oscar and Ma Hongjun still couldn’t help secretly swallowing. Only their hearts now now had a place they belonged, and they wouldn’t show it too clearly, to keep the lionesses from roaring.

“Lord Tang San, was the manifestation in the sky a few days ago related to you?” Xiao Bai had just come ashore when she impatiently asked.

Tang San nodded: “Xiao Bai, this time we came to say goodbye. I already cleared the seventh trial, so we’re leaving. The High Priest said that we just need to use the Seagod’s Light for shelter, and we won’t be restrained by the laws of Seagod Island.”

Tang San still hadn’t finished before Xiao Bai’s gaze became burning hot, falling to one knee, “My respects, lord. Congratulations lord on drawing the Seagod Trident.”

Tang San left Xiao Wu to Ning Rongrong, then hurriedly stepped forward to pull up Xiao Bai, “Xiao Bai, don’t be like this, we’re friends since long ago.”

Xiao Bai firmly said: “No, Tang San, it’s different. To us ocean creatures, the lord Seagod is paramount. You’re his successor, the future ruler of the oceans. Even if you currently still haven’t passed all the Seagod Nine Trials, I believe that you will definitely succeed. At that time, you will be the joint ruler of the oceans. Naturally also our master.”

Tang San smiled: “Since I’m your master, then I order you that there is no need for you to salute me hereafter. Can we always associate as friends?”

Xiao Bai’s eyes immediately brightened, “Lord, you’ve got a golden mouth and jade tongue. Then we’ll leave it at that. Heheh.”

Oscar gathered over to the side: “Xiao Bai, was this premeditated?”

Xiao Bai snorted, “Premeditated your face. Since you want to go, I’ll give you a lift. It’s faster this way. We are familiar with these waters, so wherever you want to go, it saves a lot of time by the sea.”

Tang San spoke, “We want to return to Heaven Dou Empire’s Heaven Dou City. Can it be reached from the sea as well?”

Xiao Bai replied, “We can send you to the closest place, which can save at least half of the journey’s time. Since you have Little Ao’s sausages as

food, let’s take off now. It should take about three days time of cruising on the sea.”

Everyone took the offer and got on the backs of Xiao Bai’s tribe mates. This wasn’t the first time they rode sharks. With the Great White Spirit Sharks’ speed, the time it took to return would naturally shorten by a large margin. Under Xiao Bai’s serious request, Tang San could only bring Xiao Wu along with him to Xiao Bai’s back. According to Xiao Bai, being able to carry Seagod’s heir and the Seagod’s Trident around made her the luckiest of all sea spirit beasts. Of course, the trident must be in Tang San’s hand, or else she too wouldn’t be able to withstand that horrifying weight.

Basking in the Seagod’s Light, the Great White Spirit Sharks began their voyage, finally leaving Seagod Island after four years of training.

Due to the long duration cruising, everyone sat on the backs of the Great White Spirit Sharks. With their physical qualities, the long duration cruising didn’t mean anything. Tang San held Xiao Wu with one hand, and Seagod’s Trident with another. An unspeakable joy was in his mind as he felt the sea breeze.

It was already more than four years since they left the continent. On the way back, the Shrek Seven all had an urgent desire to return home.

Smelling Xiao Wu’s faint fragrance, Tang San couldn’t help but think about his disciple Ji Xiang. Ji Xiang had great medical skills. Tang San also thought about bringing him back to the continent together, but after deep consideration, Tang San still put away that thought. When the eight of them left Tian Dou City, Douluo Continent was already in turmoil. After four years, Spirit Hall would definitely not stand still, and the continent’s circumstances were hard to speculate. Ji Xiang was kind in nature and pure like a piece of paper. Letting him get stained by the world’s filth and darkness was not a good thing. Spirit Hall’s forces were massive, and even if the strength of the eight of them had definitely soared, Tang San was still unconfident that they would be able to go head to head against Spirit Hall. Letting Ji Xiang stay on Purple Pearl Island and have him become a doctor would let him have a somewhat dull life, but at least it would be a peaceful and happy one.

Tang San only had more than level 60 soul power when he arrived at Seagod Island, but when he left, everyone in Shrek Seven was at the level 80 notch besides Xiao Wu whose soul power was unclear. After the fight against Bo Saixi and the overexertion from the pulling of Seagod’s Trident, Tang San’s soul power had become extremely close to level 85. Breaking through would simply be in within a few days.

Other than Tang San, Dai Mubai’s soul power was the highest, which reached level 83, just a single level of difference. Other than him, the next highest would be Ning Rongrong. After the fifth trial involving Titled Douluos, her soul power went from level 77 to 78. After the sixth trial, it reached level 79. Finally, after the end of Top Class Seven Trials, she was rewarded three levels of increase. She not only broke through with her bestowed spirit ring to level 81, but also reached level 83, coming to a draw with Dai Mubai.

From this, one could tell that the higher rank the trials, the greater the rewards would be. Ning Rongrong was merely a support type spirit master, but could catch up to Dai Mubai’s soul power. The benefits could be discerned from this, especially when her spirit rings showed surprising power changes. Other than the first two spirit rings, they had all turned into rings above ten thousand years. A noteworthy point was that when Tang San was unconscious, Ning Rongrong used the bestowed spirit ring after her spirit rings improved her physical properties upon powering up, to finally break through the hundred thousand years limit, obtaining her first hundred thousand year spirit ring. If one was to look at it from the angle of spirit rings and soul power, she was now the strongest among Shrek Seven other than Tang San. Disregarding her level 83 power, there were frightening spirit ring ranks of two purples, five blacks, and one red

Ning Rongrong didn’t disappoint her partners upon having the eighth spirit ring. Her eighth spirit ring not only had two powerful supporting powers, but also cause all her buffing skills’ effects to increase to 90 percent, increasing the Shrek Seven’s strength explosively.

After Ning Rongrong, Oscar and Ma Hongjun had a single trial more than Zhu Zhuqing, which let them catch up to Phantom Nether Cat, and the three of them were now at level 81.

Of course, the one with the largest gains was still Tang San. Even though Seagod Nine Trials didn’t give him any spirit power rewards, his power was still the highest among everyone, and the greatest gains were no doubt the trident and Seagod’s Light. Plus his Purple Magic Eyes had reached the Vast Sea level and he got two hundred thousand year spirit rings, a hundred thousand year spirit bone, and the evolution of his fifth spirit ring. He only had a strength of level 85, but even if he were to go up against a level 95 Title Douluo, he would have a way to fight and have even greater odds of winning.

If it could be said that Shrek Seven were simply outstanding figures among young spirit masters, then now, they could be counted as a powerful group which could match up to many of their peers combined. As everyone rose to Spirit Douluo stage, Tang San with his two domain skills, Ning Rongrong’s 90 percent buffs, Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing’s battle spirit fusion skill, Oscar’s powerful buffing sausages, and Ma Hongjun with his seven headed flame phoenix, had no doubt become a near perfect group of powers. Even if they were to face Title Douluo of same quantities, they would definitely be able to fight back.

Now, the only thing left was Xiao Wu’s resurrection. Tang San could clearly feel that with Xiao Wu having the same Top Class Seven Trials as Ning Rongrong, her final rewards would definitely not be worse than Ning Rongrong. Perhaps they would even surpass Ning Rongrong due to stacking. Tang San decided that after returning to the continent, he would hurry and look for suitable spirit rings to add to his Clear Sky Hammer, increasing his own soul power in the process. When the hammer finished absorbing the spirit rings, he would also revive Xiao Wu by then. As for the events that took place in the continent, they would have to wait after Xiao Wu’s resurrection. Using Clear Sky Hammer with eight rings as an insurance, his own Blue Silver Emperor being weakened by five rings wouldn’t matter. Simply finding other suitable ones would do. The power of Clear Sky Hammer with eight rings, would definitely not be weaker than Blue Silver Emperor. After all, Tang San planned to give the hammer at least rings that were higher than ten thousand years in rank.

Settling his thoughts, Tang San held Xiao Wu’s hand tightly. Her waist was still slim and more flexible than before. He was satisfied when he kissed her hair. Xiao Wu was his most precious honey.

The speed of the Great White Spirit Sharks in the sea was terrifying indeed, especially under Xiao Bai’s lead. As the ruler of the sharks, Xiao Bai was one of the overlords of the sea. Although they had left own fiefs and kept crossing over the fiefs of other sea spirit beasts, none the sea spirit beasts fail to get out of the way as they feared angering the overlords of the sea.

After the rushing of three days under the sea breeze, a black horizon finally appeared a distance away in the sights of the Shrek Seven. At this moment, everyone cheered. They finally returned after leaving the continent for four years.

Tang San and others set foot on the continent once more. Before Xiao Bai left, he used the sea chart to verify their location and then parted ways. Xiao Bai told Tang San that if they wanted to go back, just release the light of Seagod’s Trident, and she would be able to sense it and come within three days.

After Xiao Bai circled in the sea three times, she left leading her tribe mates, eventually disappearing into the horizon.

Setting foot on the continent again was something everyone was excited about, no doubt. But Xiao Bai’s departure also left them with a forlorn feeling. After all, they also lived on Seagod Island for four years. For normal people, how many ‘four years’ are there?

Dai Mubai stood next to Tang San, “Little San, what’s our plan?”

Tang San said, “Let’s go back to Heaven Dou City first. We left for so long after all. But I will not stay there for too long. I want to bring Xiao Wu to look for suitable spirit beasts to hunt and take their spirit rings. I will use the time to get past Title Douluo stage by putting spirit rings into the Clear Sky Hammer, to increase its power quickly and make it easier to revive Xiao Wu.”

Dai Mubai said: “In that case, you might as well not delay, but just directly bring Xiao Wu to hunt spirit beasts. With your present strength, you wouldn’t even need to fear meeting hundred thousand year spirit beasts. We’ll go back to Heaven Dou City to wait for you first, I don’t know what the circumstances are over there.”

Tang San said: “That’s fine too.” Speaking, he unfolded the map, and everyone gathered round.

Pointing on the map, Tang San said: “This is our position, Xiao Bai was right, with their escort we’ve cut down at least half the journey, it’s straight east from here. It’s about ten days journey to Star Dou Great Forest, there’s lots of spirit beasts living there, so I’m planning to bring Xiao Wu there. If it goes smoothly, I believe that in one year at the least, two years at most, I can resurret Xiao Wu. Afterwards I’ll converge with everyone at Heaven Dou City. You head northeast from here, you’ll find the way after you’re on the official road, I estimate you can return to Heaven Dou City in around twenty days.”

Ma Hongjun grinned: “Third brother, my brother. I won’t be polite with you. Xiangxiang is young, and homesick from being away for so many years. I won’t keep you company.”

Bai Chenxiang hit him lightly, her face red. Indeed, as a girl, she hadn’t experienced the wind and rain like the Shrek Seven Devils. After so long, how couldn’t she miss home?

Tang San smiled: “Don’t you believe in my strength? No need to keep me company, you all go back. Teacher presumably needs help there. Fatty, after going back, you’re in charge of supervising the Tang Sect. Hurry up and organize your martial hall at the same time. With your present strength, nobody would refuse you as hall master. Rongrong, little Ao, after you get back, tell uncle Ning that if he can, find a place for the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School next to our Tang Sect. Watch out for each other.”

Ning Rongrong and little Ao nodded. They both knew that because of what happened back then, emperor Xue Ye should have doubts about Ning

Fengzhi. Emperor Xue Ye should have passed away in these years, and they didn’t know the sect’s circumstances. Consequently they were also anxious to get back, and didn’t propose going to Star Dou Great Forest with Tang San.

Dai Mubai said: “Me and Zhuqing will go to the Academy. You don’t need to worry with us there. Even though it’s been four years, the Heaven Dou and Star Luo great empires are after all deeply rooted, Spirit Hall dealing with them isn’t just a morning’s work. Heaven Dou City is the capital as well, it wouldn’t have changed too much. That kid Xue Beng schemes deeply, he’s a clever guy, he’s bound to rule wisely when facing a threat like Spirit Hall. Don’t worry, don’t you have five years for your eighth trial, finish it as quickly as possible. Later we’ll go kill that hundred thousand year Deep Sea Demon Whale together, taking revenge and wiping out all grudges. Then once you’ve inherited the position of Seagod, we’ll put our cards on the table with Spirit Hall.”

Tang San nodded, “Then take care as you go, hide as much as possible. Even if we’ve been gone for a few years, Spirit Hall is bound to have warrants of arrest out for us. Be careful on the road.”

Dao Mubai waved his fist with complete confidence, “Those Spirit Hall bastards, if one comes we’ll kill one, if two comes then two. As long as we’re not completely out of luck and surrounded by Spirit Hall elders, what can they do against me?” They’d already challenged Title Douluo without Spirit Douluo strength, let alone when they were now all on Spirit Douluo level, and also without restraints. Even lacking one Tang San, with the five devils’ strength, two or three Title Douluo didn’t count.

Tang San temporarily left Xiao Wu to Ning Rongrong, and took two steps forward. Reaching out with his left arm he hugged Dai Mubai, his left hand holding the Seagod Trident.

Dai Mubai said in Tang San’s ear: “Little San, once we meet again, I want to see a complete Xiao Wu!”

Tang San clapped Dai Mubai’s back, “Don’t worry, boss, you definitely will.”

Releasing his arm, he also separately hugged Oscar and Ma Hongjun once. They had been partners for so many years, even if they wouldn’t part for too long this time, the feeling of leaving wasn’t wonderful.

“Third brother, you can’t discriminate!” Ning Rongrong gave Xiao Wu to Zhu Zhuqing, taking the initiative to step forward spreading her arms, giving Tang San a big bearhug.

Tang San smiled: “Shouldn’t I be afraid certain people will be jealous?”

Oscar to the side crooked his head: “It’s nothing, who asked us to be brothers, I’m temporarily blinded. En, Rongrong, that should do it, I’ll really become jealous.”

Ning Rongrong paid no attention to Oscar, looking at Tang San with red rimmed eyes: “Third brother, look after yourself on the way, take care of Xiao Wu. We’re all praying for her.”

“I will. Unless I die, nobody can harm her again. I will take care of her.”

Ning Rongrong let go and took Xiao Wu from Zhu Zhuqing. She turned her head, but tears still fell. She’d just left, when Zhu Zhuqing stepped up, equally hugging Tang San hard, “Third brother, we’ll all miss you. Come back soon.”

Tang San smiled and nodded, rubbing the head of this youngest seven devil, “If boss Dai bullies you after you get back, go find Rongrong and have her help you. She can definitely beat the teeth out of him.”

The corners of Zhu Zhuqing’s eyes were originally already red. Hearing what Tang San said, she couldn’t help giggling. Wiping the tears from her eyes, she still nodded cutely.

Dai Mubai smiled wryly: “It’d be nice if she doesn’t bully me. Me bully her? I don’t have the skill.”

Indeed, Zhu Zhuqing and Dai Mubai really showed that everything could be bested. That overbearing Dai Mubai couldn’t raise any temper when facing Zhu Zhuqing.

“Third brother, can I hug you too?” Bai Chenxiang’s voice was timid.

Tang San took the initiative to spread his arms, smiling: “Of course you can. You’re my little cousin! Even if Fatty sometimes is a bit jumpy, a bit lazy, he sincerely likes you. I also believe that he will focus wholeheartedly on you hereafter. Only that guy is the kind who’ll take the roof off if he doesn’t get a beating every three days, so you can’t give him too much face. Just go ahead and beat him. Also, keep him close.” While speaking, he hugged Bai Chenxiang.

When Ma Hongjun heard the first half of what Tang San said he was originally extremely proud, but once it got to the latter half, he couldn’t help making a bitter face. He wanted to argue, but saw the warning glance Tang San shot him, clearly warning him not to bully Bai Chenxiang, and that he wasn’t allowed to go sleep around anymore.

Dai Mubai rubbed his fist, grinning: “Leave that damned Fatty to me. If he has any errant behaviour or bullies Xiangxiang, as the elder brother, I’ll sort him out.”

The girls all had red rimmed eyes. Tang San didn’t let Xiao Wu’s soul out, since he was afraid her soul would go unstable from emotions.

Dai Mubai clapped Tang San’s shoulder hard, and said to everyone: “Let’s hurry up and go. If it goes on like this, we won’t be able to part. A temporary separation is the beginning of meeting next time. Go, go.” Speaking, he pulled along Zhu Zhuqing and led the way northeast. Zhu Zhuqing clearly saw that Dai Mubai’s eyes were also a bit red.

“Everyone take care.” Tang San struck the Seagod Trident on the ground, the one hundred eight thousand jin weight making the ground shudder. Taking Xiao Wu from Ning Rongrong’s embrace, he no longer paused, but leapt up and headed east.

Dai Mubai halted, turning his head to look along with Zhu Zhuqing. Everyone watched Tang San and Xiao Wu disappear, then gradually returned to their senses, quietly leaving with the sadness of farewell.

Tang San brought Xiao Wu along for a full two hours before his mood gradually restored. Looking at Xiao Wu in his arms with a lifeless look in her eyes, firm conviction replaced sadness. No matter how, this time he had to completely resurrect Xiao Wu. This place was remote, so he might as well not travel on foot. The Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone flight ability launched, and he brought Xiao Wu up to fly through the air, meeting the morning sun.

The Shrek Seven Devils had once again set foot on Douluo Continent. It seemed, the beacons had lit once again.

After flying for close to four hours, Tang San distantly saw the wide official road. Opening up the map to take a look, this was within the borders of a subordinate kingdom on the edge of Heaven Dou Empire, Häagen- Dazs[1]. This kingdom was in the northwest of Heaven Dou Empire, sharing part of its border with Star Luo Empire. By following the official road from here, passing through Häagen-Dazs Kingdom and then Balack Kingdom, you could reach Star Dou Great Forest. And around two hundred li east from here was one of the Häagen-Dazs kingdom’s strategic points, West Lu City.

Days of travel plus previously passing the Seagod sixth and seventh trials, Tang San was a bit weary. Even if his spirit power had already recovered, he still decided to bring Xiao Wu to rest a while in West Lu City. After he’d again travel by flight for Star Luo Great Forest. Travelling by air was at least twice as fast as on foot, he could reach his destination in at most five days.

Two hundred li was to Tang San a very short distance since long ago. He brought Xiao Wu the whole way to around ten li away from West Lu City before landing. Due to his and Xiao Wu’s appearance really being too conspicuous, he took out two veiled bamboo hats from Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges, and they each wore one.

Arriving outside West Lu City, this place was considered a main city, but slightly smaller than an ordinary main city. Outside the gates were roughly twenty soldiers inspecting the travellers. It seemed the inspection was quite strict. Each and every one of the soldiers looked ferocious, lined up in a neat formation, without the slightest show of slacking due to only guarding the gates.

What made Tang San most curious was these soldiers’ uniform. Each soldier had the two characters for ‘Spirit’ in yellow on the left side of their chest. It also seemed like their equipment was quite good, each soldier wearing leather armor. Quite rare for soldiers patrolling a city gate.

What was the meaning of this? Why did the soldiers wear the spirit mark?

Tang San wondered, only, judging by these circumstances he clearly couldn’t pass through the gate with Xiao Wu. First let alone that he didn’t want to show his or Xiao Wu’s appearance to these soldiers, he absolutely couldn’t let them inspect the Seagod Trident. Juding by the rigorous inspection, entering the city armed clearly wasn’t easy. And the trident was so enormous.

Thinking of this, the Seagod Trident brand on Tang San’s forehead flashed once, and enveloped by pale blue light, he and Xiao Wu quietly disappeared.

Even though the Vast Sea Ocean Shroud had turned back into the Seagod’s Heart and completely merged with the Seagod Trident, after experimentation, Tang San had discovered that as long as he held the Seagod Trident, he could still use the original Vast Sea Ocean Shroud abilities, as if those four abilities had all been branded on his skull bone.

Relying on the Vast Sea Ocean Shroud’s stealth ability, Tang San brought Xiao Wu to fly high, passing above the city walls and landing in West lu City. Finding a remote unobserved corner, he showed himself again.

[1] Häagen-Dazs - (哈根达斯) Seriously.

Chapter 256

(TL by Bagelson & Armored Raven)

Red light flashed, and Xiao Wu’s soul merged into her body, her beautiful eyes regaining their clarity. It was Tang San who woke her.

“Ge, where’s this?” Xiao Wu couldn’t help looking around.

Tang San lowered his voice: “We’ve already returned to the continent, and I decided to bring you to Star Dou Great Forest a while, give the Clear Sky Hammer spirit rings. This is Häagen-Dazs Kingdom’s West Lu City. When I was outside of the city just now I felt something was wrong, the soldiers by the gate all wore the letters “spirit”, I don’t know what it means. Let’s go look around.”

Entering the city, he couldn’t always be hugging Xiao Wu, or people would easily get suspicious. After Xiao Wu’s soul returned to her body, he only needed to hold her hand.

Xiao Wu raised the veil of the bamboo hat, looking deeply at Tang San. Even though he didn’t say it, how could she not understand the reason he would bring her to Star Dou Great Forest alone? She understood that it was impossible for her to change Tang San’s mind. Holding his left hand, she said: “We’ll go investigate. With the “spirit” characters, it should likely be related to Spirit Hall.”

Tang San nodded: “We’re of the same mind. The kingdoms and duchies that are part of the two great empires have always had an ambiguous relationship with Spirit Hall, as Spirit Hall’s loyal supporters. It’s also

just because of Spirit Hall that the two empires have never dared do anything against the kingdoms and duchies without thinking about it first. It seems like, in the four years we were gone, a lot has happened on the continent!”

As the two spoke, they had left the corner and reached the streets. The city streets seemed about the same as always, densely lined with shops on both sides. Overall, this West Lu City seemed prosperous. The pedestrians walked quite fast, clearly influenced by the pace of life.

Xiao Wu lowered her voice: “Ge, where do we go to ask around?”

Cold light flashed in Tang San’s eyes, “Naturally we’ll go to the Main Spirit Hall here. West Lu City is Häagen-Dazs Kingdom’s capital, it should have a Main Spirit Hall. Who would know what’s happened more clearly than those Spirit Hall spirit masters?”

Tang San decided to go to Spirit Hall to investigate the changes on the Continent, and Xiao Wu naturally wouldn’t object. Tang San’s gaze swept, just finding a man in his forties walking past in front of them. The man’s clothes were average, unable to tell if he was rich or poor. Tang San took the initiative to go up to meet him, barring his way.

“Big brother, could I trouble you with some questions?” Tang San raised the veil of his bamboo hat, and asked politely.

The middle aged man was startled by being blocked, and looked somewhat alertly at him, especially as he saw that more than three meter long package in Tang San’s hand,

“What do you want to ask?”

Tang San said: “We’re from the countryside. Myself and my wife are spirit masters, we heard we can get money after examining at Spirit Hall. Could you tell me where West Lu City’s Main Spirit Hall is?”

Listening to Tang San, the middle aged man’s expression instantly grew a bit strange, but on account of Tang San’s spirit master status, he was still


“What?” Tang San was shocked. “No Spirit Hall? Don’t tell me Spiri Hall has been destroyed?”

The middle aged man’s expression changed, making a hushing gesture, speaking urgently: “Lord spirit master, you can’t say that! It’s my fault, I didn’t say it clearly. On the Continent there is now no longer a Spirit Hall, only the Spirit Empire.”

Listening to him, Tang San instantly understood. In the four years he had been gone, the Continent had definitely undergone great upheaval. He hurriedly said: “Big brother, can’t you tell us just what’s happened? Consider this small token your reward.” While speaking, he pulled out two silver spirit coins and handed them over. It wasn’t that he was stingy, but more money would instead easily cause trouble.

Seeing the mone Tang San passed him, the middle aged man’s eyebrows immediately rose in delight, and he walked together with Tang San and Xiao Wu, smiling: “Even though the nations have changed, fortunately this money still hasn’t. Then I won’t stand on ceremony. You asked the right person. As for Spirit Hall’s Changes, that’s a great event of the spirit master world that began more than three years ago, with the reselection assembly of the seven great sects.”

Originally, not long after Tang San and the others left back then, Spirit Hall had taken charge of convening a seven great sects reselection assembly, producing a new seven great sects. Without exception, these seven great sects were all the most fanatic followers of Spirit Hall. Basically no contenders could be found within the two great empires. Even if the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School still had the strength to compete, out of safety considerations, it still didn’t participate in the assembly.

Thus, after the seven great sects were chosen, Spirit Hall’s popularity instantly reached its peak. , the seven great sects simultaneously wrote a petition, suggesting for all the world’s spirit masters to commonly honor Spirit Hall, asking Spirit Hall to even better control spirit masters.

Three months later, Spirit Hall declared the foundation of a country, naming it Spirit Empire, closing all the Spirit Hall’s originally within the two great empires, recalling the spirit masters. And the Spirit Empire’s territory was all the kingdoms and duchies originally part of the two great empires, completely severing the contact between the two great empires with its sudden appearance. With the ten combined kingdoms and duchies, the Spirit Empire’s total area wasn’t inferior to any one of the two great empires after the split.

Judging by their location, the Spirit Empire was clearly at a disadvantage, with Heaven Dou Empire in the north, and Star Luo Empire in the south, However, ever since the creation of the Spirit Empire, it had instead expanded in both directions. Over a few years, it already held the area of each of the two original great empires. Moreover, this was when the three armies still hadn’t met.

From the look of overall strength, Spirit Empire was put together with more than a dozen smaller countries. The total military headcount could not compare with the two large empires and the command would not be totally unified, but the spirit masters under Spirit Empire’s control was too powerful. In a war, spirit masters would cause more destruction than any military could. A troop of a thousand spirit masters was enough to contend with tens of thousands of soldiers.

At the same time, Spirit Empire gave orders to enlist the entire continent’s spirit masters. Anyone who didn’t enlist would be seen as heretics. Adding the influence of the new seven great sects, Spirit Hall practically controlled the power more than 70% of the continents’ spirit masters. With powerhouses like clouds, Titled Douluos exceeded ten in number. This forced the two large empires to save their strength, and no clash was dared. Otherwise, if their armies collapsed, there would be no chance whatsoever.

Spirit Hall Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong, became the first empress of Spirit Empire, ruling it as a woman. After expanding outward temporarily, she began to form the empire and eliminated the opposition while training troops. Many years of Spirit Hall’s saved up resources became the solid backbone of the empire’s development. In just a few years’ time, Spirit

Empire became Heaven Dou and Star Luo empires’ powerful rival empire, and in terms of strength it surpassed any one empire. The border troops stationed within exceeded twenty thousand spirit masters, led by Elder Hall’s Title Douluos themselves.

Just because it temporarily stopped expanding didn’t mean Spirit Empire was satisfied. Once Bibi Dong took complete control of the lesser kingdoms and duchies’ powers and reorganized, a great war would be inevitable.

From the beginning, Spirit Empire had the upper hand after its foundation, mainly because of the original headcount of Spirit Hall of up to tens of thousands of spirit masters. The former top three sects would originally be able to barely fight against Spirit Hall, but Clear Sky School went into seclusion, the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon clan was completely destroyed, and Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School also lost a great deal of strength, so they could not be able to form enough strength to fight directly.

The more powerful the spirit master, the more terrifying one could be in war. A Title Douluo class powerhouse would match against thousands of soldiers and horses. Of course, it wasn’t that the two large empires didn’t have a fighting chance. They had been around for many years, so they had a larger number of well trained troops. If it were to be a desperate struggle, even Spirit Empire would sustain crippling losses. This was also why Bibi Dong didn’t hurry and expand. She wanted to solidify the internal workings first and then wage war under absolutely favorable conditions.

After parting with the middle aged man, Tang San entered a state of deep thought. Although he had guessed that the continent would surely have huge changes after these years, he didn’t expect that the situation had deteriorated this much. Bibi Dong chose to found a nation with brute force, which seemed rash, but it also let Spirit Hall have an actual army and enormous territory. For so many years, Spirit Hall had always been a sanctuary in the eyes of spirit masters. Spirit masters who could truly refuse the enlistment of Spirit Hall and stay in the two large empires would definitely be few in number. With so many powerful members in Spirit Empire, simply an assassination of the two empires’ higher ups would be something unbearable.

If not for reviving Xiao Wu, Tang San really wanted to hurry and return to Heaven Dou City and check out the situation there. The most important thing was Tang Sect’s state of development. With the vast gap between the number of spirit masters, Tang Sect’s hidden weapons would have an indisputable effect in war. Only in using large quantities of highly destructive hidden weapons could there be a chance to fight against Spirit Hall’s spirit master troops.

There was also something else Tang San had to do. He had already almost completed the conditions the elders raised back when he left the Clear Sky School. His strength had reached the eightieth rank, he possessed at least one hundred thousand year spirit ring, now he just had to kill a Spirit Hall Title Douluo to be qualified to return to the Clear Sky School, and pay his respects to his grandfather. The Clear Sky School didn’t have enough spirit masters to change the balance between the two great empires and Spirit Hall, but the meaning of their name as the number one spirit master sect back then couldn’t be doubted. The Clear Sky School moreover had altogether six Title Douluo. If they left the mountain, they could definitely have a huge effect.

“Ge, why don’t we also return to Heaven Dou City.” With Xiao Wu’s intelligence, as well as having followed Tang San for so long, she naturally understood everything he was thinking. The present circumstances were bad, and the Tang Sect needed Tang San to return to take charge.

“No.” Tang San forcefully shook his head, “Only if we first resurrect you can we return. Even if the circumstances are bad, Mubai and the others have already returned to Heaven Dou City. With them there, there won’t be a problem with the Tang Sect. Before you are truly resurrected, how can I put all my energy into opposing Spirit Hall? Don’t worry, Spirit Hall won’t take any major actions for a while. The two great empires are closely dependant on each other right now, if Spirit Hall attacks one of them, the other absolutely won’t stand aside. Thus, Spirit Hall’s mercenaries have no choice but to move cautiously. For now it’s enough that Mubai and the others bring back the news that we’re safe. I think our Tang Sect will definitely have developed quite far in more than four years. Heaven Dou Empire is also bound to have secretly saved up a number of

hidden weapons. Even if the war truly comes, it won’t be that easy for Spirit Hall to take the empire.”

Xiao Wu leaned against Tang San’s chest, whispering: “Ge, I know you want my best, but, if something happens to you because of me, I……”

Tang San put his forefinger on her lips, not letting her continue. “Xiao Wu, I’ve never been an ambitious person, nor have I ever wanted to go change anything about the Continent. I oppose Spirit Hall because of hatred. My parents’ hatred, as well as your hatred. As far as I’m concerned, resurrecting you is the only major task right now, not dealing with Spirit Hall. Since you’re worried, then we’ll cause this so called Spirit Empire a bit of chaos. Didn’t that uncle just now say that, besides West Lu City’s original city guard, there was also a spirit master regiment sent by Spirit Hall, and its commander, along with the city guard, holds the authority within the city? No question about it, this is Spirit Hall’s method to monitor the kingdoms and duchies. West Lu City is the strategic city of Häagen-Dazs Kingdom, so Spirit Hall absolutely wouldn’t have sent less than fifty spirit masters, and the leader should also be at least a Spirit Sage level power. Tell me, if I had these spirit masters disappear, what would Spirit Hall think of West Lu City, and even of Häagen-Dazs Kingdom? Perhaps one city won’t count as anything, but next we’re crossing the entire kingdom, if the same thing happened in ten cities at the same time, how would Spirit Hall treat Häagen-Dazs?”

Xiao Wu stared blankly, “Ge, your meaning?”

A baleful look flashed in Tang San’s eyes, “All Spirit Hall accomplices, kill without pardon.”

At nightfall, a black silhouette slowly appeared outside the West Lu City spirit master regimental residence. A large deep blue cloak hid his figure, all that could be seen was that this person held a four meter long giant weapon, dark green, without any luster.

It was precisely Tang San. He and Xiao Wu had settled down and rested for a few hours in the city, waiting for the depth of night, then quietly left the inn. Tang San knew Xiao Wu didn’t like massacres, and so he’d placed

her body into the Wishful Hundred Treasures Purse. The cloth covering the Seagod Trident was already removed, and he’d specially bought a large mantle to hide himself, then came here.

Tang San himself wasn’t someone who liked killing, but regarding Spirit Hall, he would never be merciful. The enemies of his parents, even more with Xiao Wu’s grudge. He would never forget the deep bitterness in his father’s eyes, and even less the despair in Xiao Wu’s eyes when she sacrificed herself for him. No matter how powerful Spirit Hall was, they were all the enemies of his lifetime.

His left hand pressed on the golden trident brand on his forehead, keeping its light from shining when he released his spiritual force, his boundless mental power rushing out like the vast ocean. After coming outside, it again spread out like a tiny trickle, forming an enormous mental web in just the time of a breath. Not only did it envelop the spirit master regimental compound in front of him, it covered everything within several thousand square meters surrounding it.

Countless pieces of information quickly rushed back into Tang San’s brain via his spiritual force. If Tang San wanted to scout in such detail before leaving for Seagod Island, he would not only have to use the Blue Silver Domain and the strength of the plants, but would also have to take care not to be discovered. But now he basically didn’t need to worry about that, unless there was a power here whose spiritual force reached the level of Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi, and was a cut above his own, this wouldn’t draw anyone’s attention. Just like an eagle looking down from high above, easily grasping the slightest movement.

Now it was deep at night, and roughly thirty soldiers patrolled around the spirit master compound, and inside the station were roughly fifty soldiers, and thirty of forty servants. The number of spirit masters was close to what Tang San expected, more than eighty.

Distinguishing these people wasn’t a problem. The soldiers’ auras were rather calm, the servants walked a bit heavily, and the spirit masters’ released some lingering spirit power fluctuations with every breath and motion.

Tang San naturally didn’t plan to kill everyone here. His targets were only the spirit masters. He naturally wouldn’t massacre those soldiers and servants.

Without being anxious to enter the station, Tang San quietly circled the outside. Very soon his spiritual force guided him to the soldiers patrolling and guarding the place. Blue Silver Emperor quietly shot out from the ground, and before the soldiers could react, each and every one was already tightly bound. The Blue Silver Emperor suddenly shook, infusing spirit power, and the thirty soldiers noiselessly went limp under the spirit power fluctuations the Blue Silver Emperor released. Dealing with these common guards really was too simple to Tang San. They basically wouldn’t know how they ended up unconscious.

Pulled by the Blue Silver Emperor, Tang San very quickly dragged them over to a quiet alley. They wouldn’t wake up for a few hours.

Having dealt with the issues outside, Tang San quietly climbed into the station. The fifty soldiers inside were split into five squads, each patrolling in five different directions. Each squad was led by a spirit master around rank forty. It was a quite tight defense.

If Tang San wanted to deal with all the spirit masters here, he only needed to find a suitable place to release his eighth spirit ability, Blue Silver Evil Spirit Mirror’s Annihilation, and it would be settled in an instant. Through his previous scouting, he discovered that among all the spirit masters stationed here, only one had strength at the Spirit Sage level, the remainder were all spirit masters at rank sixty or below, basically unable to threaten him at all.

However, Tang San really wouldn’t do that. If he relied on his formidable spirit power to deal with all the spirit masters here, then the servants and soldiers wouldn’t have any chance to survive either. He didn’t want to kill indiscriminately, this was one reason. THe other reason was that if he only used one spirit ability, then the Spirit Empire could later very easily discover that only one formidable spirit master had come here. For Tang San to produce chaos, he naturally didn’t want their investigation to reach a result like that.

Just at this moment, a squad of soldiers turned to head in Tang San’s direction. Tang San bent low, immediately concealing himself among some plants next to him. His Blue Silver Emperor was a plant type spirit, so his ability to hide among plants could now be called flawless. Even if a Title Douluo used spiritual force or maybe aura to search for him, they still absolutely wouldn’t find a trace.

Walking furthest ahead was a spirit master, with both hands behind his back. He had an arrogant expression, as if he didn’t notice the soldiers behind him. The soldiers in turn followed cautiously behind, not daring to be the slightest bit careless. Spirit masters really did act powerful in front of ordinary people.

A branch quietly appeared in the squad, and one soldier immediately stumbled over it, knocking against the soldier in front of him.

“Ouch, what are you doing?” The soldier who had been knocked against couldn’t help crying out.

“Bastard, what’s the noise?” The spirit master walking in front turned his head sharply and rebuked them angrily.

“Lo-, lord. He knocked against me……” The soldier who cried out hastily explained. However, the next moment the pupils of his eyes suddenly grew large, startled looking behind that spirit master along with the other soldiers.

Rank forty already awarded the title of Spirit Ancestor, and corresponded to quite considerable strength. Seeing the alarm in the soldiers’ eyes, that Spirit Empire Spirit Sage immediately reacted. He didn’t turn his head as well, but dashed forward at the same time as he released his spirit, preparing to dodge any attack coming from behind and then launch a counter attack.

It couldn’t be said he reacted slowly, but unfortunately, he’d met an opponent he basically couldn’t fight.

One Blue Silver Emperor twisted tightly around his neck, ice cold spiritual force stabbing straight into his brain, severing his connection with his spirit, forcefully interrupting the half completed spirit release. His throat was sealed, unable to even breathe, and he naturally couldn’t cry the alarm. At the same time, an intense shocking force came from below the feet of the soldiers, making them all go limp, falling unconscious to the ground.

To Spirit Empire spirit masters, Tang San absolutely wouldn’t be lenient. These were all his enemies. One less meant the Spirit Empire would lose a portion of their strength. Sharp thorns ejected from the Blue Silver Emperor twisting around that spirit master, stabbing deeply into his throat. Potent poison rushed straight into his brain from the Blue Silver Emperor’s thorns, quietly taking away his life.

Those ten soldiers hadn’t collapsed from Tang San’s spirit ability, but rather the Seagod Trident. Tang San only tapped the Trident on the ground, sending shocking force out in a straight line controlled by his spirit power in a ten meter range, knocking them unconscious as it passed.

Blue Silver Emperor flickered, and altogether eleven people were quietly pulled into the plants. One of the five patrolling squads was settled in an instant.

Very quickly, Tang San found the other four patrolling squads, and used different methods to deal with them all; using Blue Silver Emperor to directly paralyse them, using spirit power to directly knock them unconscious, or using the Clear Sky Hammer to crush the leading spirit master. He gave the patrolling soldiers the feeling they all encountered different opponents, and basically didn’t give them the chance to see him clearly.

Tang San used less than half the time of a stick of incense to deal with these problems without alarming the spirit masters in the station.

Ice cold killing intent began to glitter in his eyes, the true assassination started from here. Colding the trident, Tang San quietly slipped into the station.

He didn’t release his Blue Silver Emperor again. Seagod Trident in his right hand, he released the Clear Sky Hammer in his left. Hammer in left and polearm in right, he pulled on a long since prepared mask. At the same time as he stepped inside, the spiritual force he originally used for scouting suddenly spread out, an intense mental shock instantly appearing within the walls of this spirit master regimental station.

Muffled grunts and cries of alarm rose and fell. The mental shock Tang San sent out wasn’t at full intensity, but it was already enough for ordinary people. The servants fell unconscious without exception. In the entire station, only those suddenly awakened spirit masters still remained, and some Spirit Empire spirit masters who had been cultivating even had their spirit power interrupted, and fell over in pain inside their rooms.

“Who?” An angry voice called.

Tang San no longer hid himself, and two spirit masters directly ahead had already discovered him, quickly releasing their spirits and charging towards Tang San. Since there was no light of spirit rings coming from Tang San, the two spirit masters didn’t even pay attention to the two weapons he was holding.

With a cold snort, Tang San’s full killing intent radiated in all directions. His left hand threw out the Clear Sky Hammer, directly attacking the two in front. He basically didn’t even need to consider what abilities these two spirit masters had, because their spirit power wasn’t even at rank fifty. In front of absolute strength, no matter how wonderful their spirit abilities, they were completely useless. They couldn’t even stand up to just Tang San’s physical strength, let alone with that world dominating Clear Sky Hammer. Even the leader of the Seagod Seven Sacred Pillar guardian Douluo, Seadragon Douluo, had taken a loss against Tang San’s Clear Sky Hammer, let alone these people.

The outcome was without the slightest suspense. With a light pull of Controlling Crane Catching Dragon, the several thousand jin heavy Clear Sky Hammer struck the chests of the two spirit masters in succession. It wasn’t that they didn’t think to stop it, but rather that the spirit abilities they released did nothing to stop it.

At this moment, even more spirit masters also rushed out from all directions. Spirit masters after all had formidable strength, and even though the fight here was brief, the two spirit masters’ shouts had already exposed Tang San’s position.

Quietly teleporting, Tang San appeared somewhere else. Behind him, at least seven or eight single target spirit abilities struck. Amidst the loud sound, one house turned into ruins. Tang San only used the simplest methods to attack the opponents. The Clear Sky Hammer flew out, against its terrifying force plus the control of Controlling Crane Catching Dragon, these universally rank forty or fifty spirit masters were like a flock of sheep. They couldn’t even catch Tang San’s shadow. They only saw the large hammer spiral out in attack. With each touch, it was sure to take away the life of one Spirit Empire spirit master. All kinds of abilities sparkled, but against the incomparably heavy Clear Sky Hammer, these abilities were only as useful as fireworks, flashing and then fading.

Strangely, each time the Clear Sky Hammer killed one person, the Deathgod Domain pattern inscribed on its surface would flash with blood red light, and the fiendish energy it carried would increase somewhat. Red and black light flickered, seemingly able to easily split open the defenses of the opponents trying to use energy type spirit abilities to stop it.

Even Tang San himself hadn’t thought all this would be so easy. In his expectations, with close to a hundred spirit masters here, he would at least have to spend some effort to kill them all without letting any escape. But not one of these spirit masters could take an attack from the Clear Sky Hammer. Before Tang San switched attack methods, more than half were already dead.

This of course wasn’t because the enemies were too weak, but rather because Tang San was too strong.

Last time he fought Spirit Hall was more than four years ago, and at that time he had only had rank sixty something spirit power. If he had confronted this many spirit masters, it would of course have been impossible to win easily. But now, not only had his spirit power reached a frightening rank eighty five, he also possessed one more hundred thousand

year spirit bone, and three major hundred thousand year spirit rings. Just the spirit bone and rings alone had already strengthened his physical strength to an extremely frightening degree. Tang San’s body already surpassed that rank ninety five Seadragon Douluo. His overall strength had even more reached the level of a ninety fifth rank Title Douluo, and that was without considering the Seagod Trident in his hand.

In front of such strength, these low level spirit masters were like bugs to him. Killing them really was as easy as picking something out of his pocket. This was the absolute suppression of high level spirit masters to low level spirit masters.

Just as Tang San was considering changing his attack method, suddenly, with a loud sonorous sound, his constantly killing Clear Sky Hammer was washed up in a great force, spiralling once in the air.

The corner of Tang San’s mouth showed a trace of a grim smile, finally a bit interesting.

An extremely large spirit master stood in the courtyard, and shouted loudly, “Everyone form up on me.”

Only thirty something spirit masters remained now. The Clear Sky Hammer had only left behind corpses, not even one opponent was injured. These spirit masters gathered in a rush, standing behind that tall spirit master in his sixties, their minds now stabilizing a bit. The Clear Sky Flying Hammer killing them just now had chilled their courage.

The large spirit master shouted deeply: “Which Clear Sky School friend is it, please show yourself.”

Tang San withdrew the Clear Sky Hammer, slowly walking out from behind the ruins. Due to the size of the cloak, not only was his body hidden, while his head was bent, there was no way for them to see his face.

“When did the Clear Sky School become this sneaky?” The large spirit master looked somewhat bewildered at Tang San. He held a battle axe in his right hand, his spirit, the Blood Devil Axe, he was that only Spirit Sage

level power Tang San had sensed in the compound. Only Tang San hadn’t thought this opponent was actually a Tool Spirit Sage. His strength was quite something.

However, the Blood Devil Axe Spirit Sage’s heart was currently even more shocked. Even though he had just blocked the Clear Sky Hammer once, the right hand holding the Blood Devil Axe was still convulsing, the skin between thumb and forefinger split. Clearly, the opponent before him absolutely didn’t have spirit power below his own. Even if he recognized that his Blood Devil Axe was quite a good tool spirit, and his strength was top notch on the Spirit Sage level, confronting an enemy with spirit power not lower than his own, and holding the world’s number one sect’s trump spirit Clear Sky Hammer, he didn’t have much confidence.

“It’s not being sneaky, it’s because you don’t have any need to know who I am. Because, you will very soon be dead.” Tang San’s voice was very calm, a trace of mental waves mixed into it, making the opponents unable to tell his age from his voice.

The Blood Devil Axe Spirit Sage gave a cold snort, “I didn’t expect the Clear Sky Sect would actually reemerge. However, do you think your Clear Sky School can compete with our empire? Keep acting like a turtle pulling its head in and you might be able to struggle on, but dare return to the spirit master world, and you’ll end up the same as the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan.”

The Spirit Empire was already established and formally become hostile with the two great empires, so Spirit Hall naturally didn’t need need to act in secret like before. Of course, by their justifications, the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan was undoubtedly an extremely evil existence, and had been justly eliminated by the Spirit Empire. History would forever be written by the winners, and even if the Spirit Empire still hadn’t become the final victor, they had already begun to distort the past with all their efforts.

Chapter 257

Tang San said indifferently: “I don’t know what will happen to the Clear Sky School in the future, but I can be certain, this day next year will be the anniversary of your deaths.”

Blood Devil Axe Spirit Sage roared furiously: “Say that after you’ve defeated me! Hear my command, everyone leave immediately, report the Clear Sky School’s reappearance to the city master, go.”

At the same time as he roared, he was already lunging straight at Tang San, the Blood Devil Axe in his hand glittering with light, a black seventh spirit ring becoming an enormous black light and entering the axe with a flash. In that instant, the Blood Devil Axe in his hand suddenly expanded, becoming the size of a cartwheel in the blink of an eye, chopping towards Tang San with an intense blood reeking aura, like a red bolt of lightning appearing in midair.

With their leader’s orders, those low level spirit masters turned and ran. These people also counted as quick witted, no two escaped in the same way, and rather headed in different directions, with the agility attack spirit masters running furthest ahead. The compound wasn’t small, but they still only needed a few breaths of time to escape with their speed. If several dozen spirit masters escaped at the same time, into the winding streets outside, even with Tang San’s strength it would be a lot of trouble to kill them all.

The spirit avatar state Blood Devil Axe was undoubtedly extremely powerful, this was a Spirit Emperor upper range Spirit Sage doing his all, all in order to give his comrades the chance to escape, and at the same time also personally try the feeling of contesting with a Clear Sky School power. He firmly believed that as long as the opponent wasn’t far more powerful than him, even if he couldn’t win, he’d still have the chance to escape. After all, at the Spirit Sage level, if you focused on running, you would be extremely difficult to intercept.

But confronted with that Blood Devil Axe falling like red lightning, Tang San only used one very simple gesture to dissolve the opponent’s all out attack. Raising his right hand, the dark green Seagod Trident rose with power to sear the Heavens. He didn’t even use any spirit power.

A loud clang echoed. The red light shattered in that instant, and the Seagod Trident didn’t even tremble. Only the magic lines on its surface rippled with a faint dull golden color. But that spirit avatar state Blood Devil Axe was shattered into splinters.

With the spirit shattering, the spirit master who possessed it naturally wouldn’t be feeling good. Blood Devil Axe Spirit Sage vomited blood, thrown several dozen meters into the air. When the Clear Sky Hammer smashed into his back, shattering all his bones into inch-sized pieces, he still couldn’t understand how he was defeated so miserably. He hadn’t even glanced one of the opponent’s spirit rings. A spirit avatar attack facing a casual swing of a polearm, was somehow completely crushed.

Let alone that he was surprised, Tang San who was using the Seagod Trident for the first time also stared blankly, so much so that he even let the fastest of the Spirit Empire spirit masters reach the compound wall.

Originally Tang San only wanted to use the Seagod Trident to ward off the opponent’s attack, and then win with the Clear Sky Hammer. With the trident’s one hundred eight thousand weight, even if the opponent was using spirit avatar he still likely couldn’t harm him. But who would have thought that, on meeting the Seagod Trident, that Blood Devil Axe ac

This was the true power of a divine tool? Worthy of the weapon the Seagod once used! Just the physical destructive power alone had already reached such a frightening degree. With it, the attack power Tang San lacked before was completely complemented, and the spirit power savings was difficult to estimate.

The outcome of their confrontation was settled as soon as they met. If someone with Blood Devil Axe Spirit Sage’s strength couldn’t stop Tang San for an instant, how could Tang San give those other Spirit Hall spirit masters the chance to run?

With a pop, blue light flashed and vanished from Tang San’s forehead. In answer, a ray of blue light also flitted across that rhombic gem on the Seagod Trident.

In that instant, all the escaping spirit masters felt their bodies slow down, as if they were dumped into a stormy sea. Enormous energy pressed their mental worlds. Starting from the weakest, one spirit master after another went limp on the ground. They weren’t dead, but their spirits were broken, turning them into imbeciles.

Tang San’s control over spiritual force could be called meticulous. He didn’t kill any more, but what was the difference between killing these people and turning them into idiots? Spirit Hall’s spirit masters had been acting oppressively for so many years, especially inside the city, getting used to being arrogant and despotic, harming countless ordinary people. Ending up like this was fully deserved.

In the darkness, everything became quiet again. What Tang San used was strictly speaking one of the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud’s four abilities, now also branded onto his skull bone, the Vast Sea Wild Wave. A group mental attack ability. Even though the single target attack power couldn’t compare to the Purple Demon Eye, it won out in attack range. These spirit masters under rank sixty had no hope to resist.

Covering the Seagod Trident with a cloth again, Tang San strolled out of the spirit master encampment. What happened here would be discovered, so how could he wait for those unconscious soldiers to wake up again.

Tang San first found a night open public bath to wash. Even though he wasn’t stained with any blood, but that imperceptible smell of blood was something Xiao Wu couldn’t stand. He washed himself, changed his clothes, then hid himself and flew off, leaving the city. Once the sky turned bright, he had already brought Xiao Wu to the next city in the Spirit Empire’s Häagen-Dazs province.

West Lu City, early morning, before the sky was bright, all the high levels and nobles in the city were in an uproar. In the city guard spirit master encampment, of more than eighty spirit masters, forty six had met a violent death, and thirty seven had become idiots. The dead even included the Spirit Empire’s commander in West Lu City, Blood Axe Spirit Saint. For a moment, West Lu City was on the brink of panic. The city lord instantly ordered the city sealed, immediately sending people to report to Spirit Empire’s capital, Spirit City.

Of course, that city lord also understood that sealing the city was basically useless. How could the soldiers and officers under his command resist people with the strength to kill more than eighty spirit master? All he could do was pray that those killers wouldn’t come looking for him.

The Spirit Empire had their own communication methods. The news had already reached Spirit City in just one day’s time.

Hu Liena sat upright in the Supreme Pontiff’s official business hall, Yan and Xie Yue on either side of her. Reading the dispatch in front of her, she couldn’t help frowning.

Xie Yue said in a low voice: “According to the report, the people we sent to West Lu City should have been ambushed, then completely annihilated. Moreover, the ambushers should all be experts, the majority of them were killed with blunt weapons. I know Blood Devil Axe Spirit Sage Stanford, rank seventy four. Tool spirit sage, quite considerable strength. One on one, I couldn’t defeat him. He actually died with every bone in his body broken, he should have been hit by a powerful spirit ability attack. Those people who turned into idiots should have suffered a mental type spirit ability attack.”

Yan slammed the table, saying angrily: “It’s definitely Heaven Dou Empire’s people. They’ve got some guts. They actually dare ambush us. The loss of more than eighty spirit masters isn’t a small number.”

Xie Yue shook his head: “It’s still too early to say. Even if those subordinate provinces have all acknowledged the empire, they were after all kingdoms and duchies before, it’s not out of the question for them to move. Every nation has a group of experts. Of course, this possibility would be quite low. It would be very difficult for even Title Douluo to kill so many of our people undetected, the enemy wouldn’t consist of a small number. Only attacking simultaneously from multiple directions could achieve this kind of result.”

Hu Liena’s brows tightened, “It’s very difficult to judge the circumstances based only on this one document. It seems it’s necessary to make a trip. Her Majesty isn’t present, with something of this scale, if it can’t be handled appropriately, we won’t be able to account for it.”

Yan immediately said: “Nana, let me go. I’ll bring a squad of elites. I can definitely catch the trail of those people. If it was Heaven Dou Empire, then once Her Majesty returns, isn’t that an even better justification to go to war?”

Hu Liena shook her head. “No, I won’t be reassured if you alone go. Since they dare do this, there’s definitely some plot. I’ll go personally. Big brother, you and Yan take charge here.”

Xie Yue said: “Sister, before Her Majesty left she put the empire’s affairs in your hands, how can you leave that easily?”

Yan immediately said: “Yes. Nana, you can’t go. I’d be better.”

Hu Liena shook her head, her beautiful eyes showing her resolve: “Listen to me, right now the empire is already on the right track, developing more and more prosperously with each day, and there are no enemies that would dare invade our Spirit City, nor anything major going on. But the occurrence in West Lu City is similar to the destruction of the Gengxin City Hall more than four years ago. It’s very difficult to tell

who’s behind it. I received Her Majesty’s trust, I have to take a look at this personally to be at ease.”

After Spirit Hall founded a nation, Hu Liena’s status also rose like a boat with the tide. The title of Holy Maiden didn’t change, becoming the Spirit Empire Holy Maiden, her authority second only to Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong, with the right to deploy the Spirit Empire’s armies and imperial spirit masters apart from Elder Hall. As time passed, her strength had also come to surpass Xie Yue and Yan by far, becoming the one of the Golden Generation most hopeful to break through rank seventy before age thirty. Even though Yan had always pursued her, Hu Liena had never feigned interest in that regard, putting her all into helping Bibi Dong establish the empire, as well as develop it, deeply earning Bibi Dong’s confidence. When she had made a decision, even Xie Yue couldn’t easily oppose.

“Nana, then won’t you please invite two elders to accompany you? The opponent isn’t weak, you can’t be in any danger.” Xie Yue spoke with some concern.

Hu Liena shook her head: “No need, Her Majesty already brought six elders away, there needs to be a few elders left to oversee Spirit City. Even if the enemy won’t likely attack here, the capital is the foundation of the empire, it can’t be allowed to be shaken. You deal with everyday affairs, and if a powerful enemy invades, ask the elders to act. As for me, you don’t have to worry. I’ll bring a Nirvana Squad with me. That’s enough to deal with any circumstances.”

Xie Yue smiled: “That’s good. But be careful on the road anyway. Don’t let those provincial officials know who you are before you reach West Lu City. In the off chance they’re plotting something, you’ll still be safe.”

Hu Liena nodded: “I’ll leave the imperial capital to you. I’ll leave immediately. If I hurry, I can reach West Lu City in four or five days.” Done speaking, she stood and left with large strides.

Watching Hu Liena’s disappearing back, Yan couldn’t help sighing:
“Nana looks more and more like a leader, only……”

Xie Yue shot him a glance, “Only what? Only she’s still rejecting your love?”

Yan smiled bitterly: “Tell me Xie Yue, we grew up together, so why doesn’t Nana like me? I remember when we were small, she was still very good to me! Isn’t it because of that Tang San?”

Xie Yue said helplessly: “Don’t ask me, I don’t know either. Only, I often see Nana look like something’s weighing on her. Don’t think too much about it, give up if there’s no hope. Speaking of. You’re also close to thirty, you should find a partner. Don’t get held up because of Nana.”

Yan said hatefully: “It’s  definitely  because  of  that Tang  San.  That bastard pretending to be some Tang Yin, deceiving Nana’s feelings. Don’t let me see him again, or I’ll rip his corpse into ten thousand pieces.”

Cold light flashed in Xie Yue’s eyes, “Tang San really is difficult to deal with. Even though I’m confident in you, if it really came to a one on one against him, do you have any certainty? Don’t forget how many people he finished back then when you had him surrounded. Each one had strength beyond his. This guy is too dreadful. Especially when that spirit beast lover of his sacrificed herself for him, he’s carried a bone deep hatred for us for a long time. Only, strangely, for these past few years, we’ve spent enormous manpower to track him down, but never found a clue. It’s a lot like he disappeared into nothingness.”

Thinking of Tang San’s strength in the Star Dou Great Forest back then, Yan couldn’t help being a bit disappointed, “I really don’t know how that guy cultivated. Even when younger than us, his spirit power wasn’t lower than ours. But scariest were all those tricks he had. Anyway, nevermind him. Xie Yue, Nana wouldn’t be in danger when she’s gone?”

Xie Yue smiled: “She’s bringing a Nirvana squad, what danger could she be in? Those are Her Majesty’s personally trained experts. They’re the strength our Spirit Hall has saved for decades. There are altogether five Nirvana squads, each led by five Spirit Douluo level powers, with another twenty Spirit Sage level experts. As long as it’s not at least three Title Douluo, there won’t be a problem. And they’ve also trained together

for so many years, they’re extremely well coordinated. With these experts along, who could still touch Nana?”

Yan said: “True, I’m worried for nothing. Only, I’m still concerned! To tell the truth, there really isn’t any other woman in my heart besides Nana. I believe I will definitely move her one day.”

Xie Yue and Yan’s confidence in the Nirvana squad was shaken over the next couple of days. In a short two days, the received five urgent reports in succession of the guarding spirit master regiments in five cities suffering devastating attacks one after another. There were unexpectedly no conscious survivors. Adding West Lu City from before, more than five hundred spirit masters guarding six strategic towns were either dead or idiots. The dead also had nothing in common with each other, the most miserable spirit master regiment died smashed to pieces. The loss of more than five hundred spirit masters, even the Spirit Empire which controlled the vast majority of spirit masters couldn’t take it!

But Xie Yue and Yan unfortunately could do nothing about it, they didn’t have the authority to deploy the Nirvana squads. Helplessly, they could only send one order after another for all cities and garrisoned Spirit Empire spirit masters to be alert, and prepare to respond to enemy attack at any time. After this, all they could do was wait for news from Hu Liena or for Bibi Dong to return.


Sitting cross legged on a hill, Tang San inhaled and exhaled the purple qi. Even though his Purple Demon Eye had already been cultivated to the Boundless level, he still didn’t abandon a cultivation habit formed over so many years.

The fresh and clean air seemed to carry away the bloody smell from his mouth and nose, and especially the sweet fragrance from the plants on the hill calmed his heart.

The constant killing wasn’t anything to Tang San’s strength, the Deathgod Domain had even improved somewhat, his spirit power was also

only a narrow line away from rank eighty five. However, the constant slaughter also seemed to bring him back to that time in Slaughter City, and that bloody feeling made it very difficult to calm down. Tang San knew that he couldn’t keep going like this, otherwise he’d very easily lose his heart to the influence of the killing intent.

With killing several hundred Spirit Hall spirit masters in six towns in succession, his goal could also be considered reached. Due to the slaughter over these few days, he’d never dared let Xiao Wu out. As long as her soul wasn’t back in her body, he’d have her sleep in the Wishful Hundred Treasures Purse.

After finishing cultivation, Tang San stretched his whole body. Spirit power flowed like mercury into his limbs and bones, unspeakably comfortable, and he picked up the Seagod Trident from the ground. He was growing more and more fond of this divine instrument. He didn’t even need to release it’s true light, just that terrifying weight was enough to deal with a lot of problems. In these days of slaughter, Tang San hadn’t once released his Blue Silver Emperor spirit, just relying on spirit bone abilities and the Clear Sky Hammer and Seagod Trident to easily annihilate those guarding spirit master regiments.

He was actually secretly looking forward to meeting a somewhat powerful opponent, preferably a Spirit Empire Title Douluo. Like that, he could not only test the Seagod Trident’s true power once, but could at the same time also complete the five Clear Sky School elders’ last task.

Only, Title Douluo weren’t something you’d find lying about everywhere. In six cities, he had only met two Spirit Sages. He was currently a hundred li away from the city where he’d slaughtered last night, not far from the official road. Tang San had already decided not to keep killing and bring Xiao Wu to hurry to Star Dou Great Forest, completing his most important task.

Taking a look at the cloth wrapped Seagod Trident in his hand, the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone exerted itself, pushing Tang San to soar up high, flying in the direction of Star Dou Great Forest. By his calculations, he could arrive in at most three days.

Tang San had been flying for a couple of hours when the sky suddenly changed. The sky that had been sunny and cloudless in the morning was gradually shrouded in clouds. A large expanse of clouds appeared in sight, blocking the warmth of the sunlight, cooling the air.

It was currently early autumn on the Continent, and the air temperature was still quite high. Travelling on a cloudy day like this would be a lot more comfortable than under the scorching sun. Tang San might as well use his full spirit power, and advance quickly.

Just at this moment, suddenly, Tang San’s pulse accelerated a few beats without reason, a throbbing feeling coming from his left hand.

What was going on? Tang San was alarmed, and hurriedly looked at his left hand. Immediately, he saw strands of black energy circle around his left hand, like silken threads, emanating slightly shuddering.

Hurriedly pulling up his sleeve, Tang San discovered that the same was the case for his entire left arm, spreading the whole way to his shoulder. The black energy contained an aura he was very familiar with, his second spirit, the Clear Sky Hammer. But, he didn’t trigger it, and he wasn’t cultivating either, so how could something like this suddenly appear?

Tang San had never been careless. Aware that there was a problem with the Clear Sky Hammer, he landed immediately.

The Clear Sky Hammer still didn’t have any spirit rings. Even though it had enormous potential, it still couldn’t compare to the eight ring Blue Silver Emperor. Tang San believed that even if it had some problem, he could still deal with it. Immediately, urged by his thoughts, he released the Clear Sky Hammer.

Black light flashed, and the Clear Sky Hammer appearing in Tang San’s hand throbbed once, transmitting a kind of excited feeling to Tang San. It was the excitement of bloodthirst. The Deathgod Domain pattern inscribed on the hammer had now turned completely blood red, clearly visible even in daylight, and moreover gradually emerging on the surface of the Clear Sky Hammer.

Bloodthirst, slaughter, terror, all kinds of negative feelings constantly spread from the blood colored pattern. Ever since obtaining the Deathgod Domain, this was the first time Tang San felt the Deathgod Domain react like this on its own. Generally speaking, this sensation should be felt by the enemies enveloped in the Deathgod Domain.

Tang San’s spiritual force was enormous, so he naturally wouldn’t be influenced by the Clear Sky Hammer’s aura. But he was very curious. Even though he had killed a lot of people before, by all reason, even if it had changed somewhat it should still be the Clear Sky Hammer, but it seemed like the problem was with the Deathgod Domain inscribed on the hammer. What was going on?

However, this couldn’t continue. Who knew what would happen if he was imperceptibly influenced by it. Immediately, Tang San used the most dependable method to deal with it. Golden light blossomed from between his eyebrows, glorious golden Seagod’s Light spreading out, enveloping the Clear Sky Hammer.

It really was as Tang San expected, even though the Seagod’s Light had no offensive power, it still stemmed from the Seagod’s aura, and under its influence, the Clear Sky Hammer’s Deathgod Domain instantly settled down. The changes on the hammer quickly calmed down, and Tang San felt the slightly irascible influence even he had suffered subsequently calm down. Tang San once again deeply experienced how the seemingly mediocre Seagod’s Light actually possessed nearly omnipotent capabilities. Even though it didn’t count as powerful, it had endless marvellous uses.

Just as he prepared to recall the Seagod’s Light and take a look at whether the Clear Sky Hammer would keep changing, suddenly, through the Seagod’s Light’s scan, Tang San discovered that the Deathgod Domain carved on the Clear Sky Hammer seemed to maintain a subtle spiritual force connection with the outside world.

If not for the Seagod’s Light, even Tang San’s boundless level spiritual force couldn’t have sensed its existence, but now he had still clearly discovered it. This trace of spiritual force was faintly discernable,

containing exactly the same negative aura as the Deathgod Domain. This was also how it could elude Tang San.

This was…...

Tang San didn’t use the Seagod’s Light to sever this connection, but rather attentively tried to sense it. Very soon, he discovered the effect of this trace of spiritual force. That was, locating.

Indeed, someone actually used spiritual force to locate his Clear Sky Hammer. No, to be precise, it should be to locate the Deathgod Domain carved on it. Even if the Clear Sky Hammer was still within Tang San’s body before, it still always maintained this kind of locating effect. And the reason the Clear Sky Hammer changed seemed to be because the source of the spiritual force locating the Deathgod Domain was already very close to him.

Tang San of course had no idea what was going on, he couldn’t understand how this could occur. But to him, being located with spiritual force wasn’t a good thing. Even if he didn’t sense it before, since he had now discovered it, he would of course deal with the problem as soon as possible.

Without alarming that trace of spiritual force, Tang San very quickly used the Seagod’s Light to follow the trail, sensing the direction of that mental connection, then again soared into the sky. Holding the Clear Sky Hammer and Seagod Trident, he hurriedly flew towards that mental connection.

His heart filled with the desire to kill. Tang San had already decided that, no matter who it was that was targeting him like this, he definitely had to get rid of them. The secret existence of an enemy able to locate him was a mortal threat.

Accelerating with his full strength, Tang San’s spiritual force also firmly monitored that trace of mental fluctuations on the Deathgod Domain. Very soon, he discovered his choice was correct. That mental fluctuation was constantly growing stronger as he flew, and even suppressed by the Seagod’s Light, the Deathgod Domain on the Clear Sky Hammer was

growing more and more excited. It wasn’t the feeling of backlash, but rather the excitement of finding kin.

Could it be Hu Liena? Tang San thought of a possibility. Back then, he and Hu Liena had obtained the Deathgod Domain at the same time, and only she possessed the same type of domain as he did. No, impossible. Hu Liena’s spiritual force couldn’t be this strong. Even though the spiritual force attached to his Deathgod Domain was extremely faint, it was as persistent as a bone maggot, that was impossible to achieve without a high mental level. By a conservative estimate, it should be a Title Douluo level power. Even if Hu Liena was quite talented, it was impossible for her to reach that kind of level in a short few years.

Moreover, as Tang San flew he had a kind of feeling like that trace of spiritual force connected to his Deathgod Domain hadn’t always been there, but rather something hidden in the Deathgod Domain that automatically activated as that source came within a certain distance of him. If that was the explanation then it was reasonable. Otherwise, if the spiritual force could have tracked his Deathgod Domain the whole way to Seagod Island, wouldn’t that be truly godly?

Just as he was thinking, the Deathgod Domain pattern on the Clear Sky Hammer suddenly flared with light, unexpectedly breaking through the restraints of the Seagod’s Light in an instant. White light glittered, and the Deathgod Domain actually automatically released without Tang San’s prompting, the enormous killing intent about to lash back at Tang San. Only, Tang San’s spiritual force really was too formidable, pale blue light spread out, boundless level spiritual force instantly counter attacking and taking back control over the Deathgod Domain.

Tang San discovered that his Deathgod Domain had become unprecedentedly powerful, formidable killing intent constantly rising, as if it would crush all things in the world. At the same time, that strand of mental connection from before suddenly became intense, doing its all to attack Tang San’s spiritual force, trying to take control of the Deathgod Domain.

Tang San laughed coldly, throwing off the cloth covering the Seagod Trident with a shake of his hand. Hovering in the air, he turned the head of the polearm to softly touch the Deathgod Domain pattern on the Clear Sky Hammer. At the same time, a ray of Seagod’s Light fell directly on that rhombic gem on the Seagod Trident.

Golden light just barely glittered once, light flitting across the Seagod Trident, a speck of golden light pouring into the Deathgod Domain pattern from the tip of the trident’s central blade. That quickly strengthening mental fluctuation was instantly forcefully severed.

The Seagod Trident contained a portion of the Seagod’s divine power. With this method, Tang San not only severed the other side’s connection with his Deathgod Domain, but moreover also cleanly wiped away the backdoor through which it was established. Similar circumstances would never occur again.

The reason Tang San did so really wasn’t because he was going to let them go, but rather because the spiritual force he scattered had already targeted the opponent’s position, there was no need for this mental fluctuation connection on the Seagod Domain. Looking down, the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone launched its full strength, sending Tang San streaking downwards at an angle like a shooting star.

Very clearly, the person capable of targeting his Deathgod Domain was full of malice. Even though Tang San had already thoroughly dealt with the problem with the Deathgod Domain, he absolutely didn’t want to leave this kind of hidden enemy.

Tang San very soon approached his goal. Surprising him was that his spiritual force unexpectedly couldn’t reach inside that area. An intense aura of slaughter created a kind of special barrier, giving his spiritual force a feeling of chaos after entering. He could only vaguely sense an enormous killing intent and a blood red color.

Floating down into a forest, before he had set foot on the ground, Tang San already caught an intense bloody smell. Startled, he saw two corpses hanging in the trees not far away, their bodies so broken it was hard to tell

they were human, and more like two lumps of ground meat. Giving him a strange feeling was that, even though there was a reek of blood in the air so intense it made people want to vomit, there wasn’t a single drop of blood to be seen. Those two corpses were all dead grey bone and flesh, without a trace of blood remaining.

Skilled experts are bold, and the scene didn’t intimidate Tang San, on the contrary affirming his conviction to find out more. From the tattered clothes of those two corpses he could tell that they should have been together. From the clothes, and also from the grain of the muscles, even though they were already ragged, his spiritual force examination could still determine that they were different from ordinary people. They should have been quite powerful spirit masters.

Inside the forest were marks of a violent struggle, the surrounding plants seriously damaged, and moreover with a lot of traces of corrosion. Raising the Seagod Trident in his hand, Tang San kept moving in the direction he determined with his spiritual force before.

Very soon he saw a few more corpses exactly the same as before, not one hadn’t died extremely miserably. A few corpses didn’t even have internal organs left. It was very difficult to believe that this was caused by humans, and seemed even more like the doings of savage spirit beasts. Could it be there was some formidable and vicious spirit beast here?

Speeding up, in the forest he constantly discovered one corpse after another. Finally, when Tang San saw the twenty third corpse, something different appeared ahead. A large expanse of red blood mist enveloped the forest in front, the sounds of violent spirit power collisions constantly echoing from within.

Chapter 258

That’s right, it was blood mist, exactly the same nauseating blood reek as when he entered the forest before.

A miserable shriek echoed, clearly someone else had suffered. Immediately after, a cry of alarm Tang San was somewhat familiar with echoed from within the blood mist.

Even though he hadn’t heard this voice for many years now, Tang San still instantly recognized the owner, Hu Liena? Was it really her? What was she doing here?

This red blood mist was something similar to a domain, and Tang San naturally wouldn’t intrude rashly. That dense slaughter aura was somewhat similar to his Deathgod Domain, but even more wicked, and that stench of blood itself was intensely corrosive, and all the plants near the edge of the blood mist were being violently corroded.

With a cold snort, a circle of blue light spread out from Tang San. His Blue Silver Emperor launched, at at the same time, he also released his Blue Silver Domain. As the ruler of plants, how could Tang San stand still and watch so many plants suffer?

The blue light spread rapidly, not only covering the entire range of the blood mist, but also enveloping all the forest he passed through before. A surging vitality was aroused almost instantly, and prompted by the Blue Silver Emperor’s aura, the large forest made its counter attack. All the

plants began to grow madly, the blood mist’s corrosive poison and the flourishing vitality of the plants weaving together. Each plant emanated a golden blue light at the same time as they grew, blocking the invasion of that bloody light.

Meanwhile, that surging vitality began to collide with the bloody aura, constantly filtering the harmful toxin. The blue ring of light filled with a breath of life began to spread through the forest, and with the support of Tang San’s Blue Silver Domain, these plants issued an incomparably enormous aura of vitality.

Life and death were two kinds of extremes to begin with, and the sudden explosion of life naturally influenced that blood colored death energy. Very soon, the scene in front of Tang San began to grow clear. Even though the bloody light was still there, the mist blocking his view began to gradually fade.

Several hundred meters ahead of him in the forest, there were now still three silhouettes constantly colliding, attacking each other. In a corner lay one shattered corpse. Strangely, that corpse was constantly releasing bloody mist, as if its blood was evaporating.

One of the three fighting was Hu Liena. Currently, her six spirit rings were constantly flashing, and each time that enormous foxtail behind her swung, it brought forth a surging energy. She emanated a ring of white light, enveloping her and another old man, blocking the invasion of the bloody light. But constantly assailing them was a red silhouette. When he laid eyes on it, Tang San couldn’t help being shocked, inwardly shouting. So it was him.

Blood colored robe, high necked cape, pale features. Tang San knew this person. It was astonishingly the ruler of Slaughter City he and Hu Liena met back then, the Slaughter King.

Compared to back then, the Slaughter Kung had undergone very large changes. His pale skin showed very faint blood lines, and on his forehead was a magic mark in the shape of a sword. Behind him a pair of enormous blood red wings were spread, integrating both attack and defense, as they

could be used to attack, but also worked as two enormous shields. He was terrifyingly fast, and Hu Liena and that other old man forced into the flickering light were already in danger.

That old man fighting a

“You finally came? I’ve been waiting for a long time. In order to wait for you, I’ve let them live for this long.” The Slaughter King’s voice didn’t hold a trace of humanity, only endless ice cold and evil.

The blood red silhouette swept past, and that eight ring old man screamed, his whole body seemed to be inked with the color of blood, and then exploded with a loud sound, ending up the same as all the corpses Tang San saw before. The blood within his body rushed out, constantly blending into the bloody light the Slaughter King radiated. But when he moved the red light could only suppress Hu Liena’s Deathgod Domain to reach that eight ring old man, and couldn’t harm Hu Liena.

“Tang San?” When Hu Liena saw Tang San appear, for some reason, her heart relaxed. Even though that strange bloody light couldn’t kill her, one of the Slaughter King’s wings flapped, smashing her flying out to crash through two large trees.

When the blood color descended once again, Hu Liena’s body was already missing, a strand of Blue Silver Emperor twisted around her waist and brought her over to Tang San.

If it could be said that Tang San still held a good opinion of anyone in Spirit Hall, then that might be Hu Liena. Tang San had always remembered how they collaborated to pass the Hell Road back then, and even when Xiao Wu was ambushed in Star Dou Great Forest later, Hu Liena hadn’t stood against him.

Catching Hu Liena’s shoulder with his left hand, a mellow and rich Mysterious Heaven Skill was infused into her body.

Hu Liena belched, vomiting up a mouthful of blood. Her face had become deathly pale, but she still just about managed to breathe.

“What’s going on here?” Tang San asked in a low voice.

Hu Liena leaned on Tang San’s shoulder, gasping for breath: “I don’t know either. This monster suddenly appeared, attacking me and my people. His bloody light is weird. Inside its range, besides me who has the Deathgod Domain, the others couldn’t use any spirit abilities. Of the more than twenty people I brought, there were five powers at the Spirit Douluo level, and the remainder were Spirit Sages. But, weakened in his strange bloody light, he was constantly killing them. This freak is too terrifying. He said he came to find us for revenge.”

Listening to her, Tang San finally understood where that trace of mental targeting came from. It wasn’t Hu Liena, but rather this Slaughter King.

“Revenge? You two lowly creatures destroyed Slaughter City, even if your corpses were cut into ten thousand pieces it wouldn’t make up for Slaughter City’s losses. Tell me. Just which of you put poison in the grand blood river. Just what poison was it, take out the antidote and I’ll give you a quick death.”

The Slaughter King walked step by step towards Tang San and Hu Liena. He walked very slowly, but with each step forward he brought an immense pressure, making it difficult to breathe.

Confronting the Slaughter King, Tang San’s expression was as always. When he passed the first trial, in the Seagod’s Light, the pressure he faced was ten times, a hundred times greater than this, but he still successfully passed. No need to mention this situation.

Tang San calmly asked back: “Slaughter City was destroyed?”

The Slaughter King’s ice cold blood red eyes were filled with hatred, “It was you, it was you who destroyed my Slaughter City. Making my people die miserably from the backlash of the great blood river. It was you, wasn’t it, it was you……”

Tang San smiled, “If it was destroyed then good. I didn’t waste an immortal herb for nothing. That’s right, I’m the poisoner, I’m the one

who poisoned the blood river. Actually, that doesn’t count as a poison. That was a Snow Colored Swan Kiss, it only has one result, to cause excitement. The Bloody Mary in Slaughter City contained a slow poison that could let people grow even stronger through slaughter, and could also imperceptibly alter their minds and bodies. Therefore, I added such an immortal herb to that blood river, making that slow acting poison show its effect a thousand times faster. It seems my medical estimation was extraordinarily correct, I’m very honored to be able to become the destroyer of Slaughter City.”

“Bastard, the antidote?” The Slaughter King was already almost unable to hold back, but in order to get the antidote, he still managed to endure his urges, and didn’t charge up and attack Tang San.

“Tell me your symptoms first?” Tang San asked calmly.

The Slaughter King roared impatiently: “I’m so hot, the important blood inside me is constantly evaporating, no matter how much blood I drink I can’t stop it. But I’ve also become even stronger, my body seems to be changing. But, I can’t control it. Antidote, give me the antidote.”

“Antidote? There is no antidote. What antidote would a beneficial immortal herb have? Truly a pity, why didn’t you perish along with that depraved world of yours? A degenerate kingdom like Slaughter City should never have existed in this world. Destroying it is meting out justice on Heaven’s behalf. Perfect. You’re here today too, then let’s finish it. Once I’ve wiped you from this world too, that degenerate realm will also have truly disappeared.”

“Bastard, I’ll kill you!” Even had the Slaughter King been an idiot, he would now still have understood that Tang San was playing with him. The bloody light suddenly flourished, and with a flash he had already arrived in front of Tang San. Two blood red long nails thrust at Tang San’s chest like claws. At the same time, his dense bloody light also rose, rushing towards Tang San.

“Hurry up and use the Deathgod Domain, otherwise you can’t use abilities, you’ll be killed instantly.” Hu Liena spoke anxiously, Doing her

utmost to start her Deathgod Domain to protect her and Tang San. But at this time, Tang San threw her away, sending her flying several dozen meters away.

Intense blue light suddenly exploded from Tang San. In that instant, his body was like a ball of blue light. , tyrannical blue light instantly blossomed, and Tang San turned completely golden blue.

Blue Silver Avatar launched, and at the same time the Blue Silver Domain’s evolved ability Boundless Nature also launched.

The potent bloody light the Slaughter King released couldn’t only be stopped by the Deathgod Domain, but rather required domain abilities to resist, because that bloody light was in itself originally a kind of domain ability.

And through observing the previous battle between him and Hu Liena before, Tang San understood that even though the Deathgod Domain could guarantee Hu Liena could use spirit abilities, very clearly, the white light the Deathgod Domain released couldn’t completely block the Slaughter King’s red light. That was a suppression in domains. In other words, the Slaughter King’s domain was of a common origin as the Deathgod Domain, but it was above the Deathgod Domain, and so restrained it.

Just because of this, Tang San didn’t use the Deathgod Domain, and chose his Blue Silver Domain. This was the forest, the best battlefield for the Blue Silver Domain.

The surrounding world suddenly turned golden blue. Hu Liena closely followed Tang San with her eyes, and as she saw eight spirit rings extending from Tang San, she turned completely lifeless.

They hadn’t met in close to five years, he, he had actually become so powerful? Eight spirit rings, Spirit Douluo level strength. Four hundred thousand year spirit rings. Was this really a level humans could reach? Tang San’s current circumstances already far exceeded Hu Liena’s understanding.

As those red and blue lights started to violently collide in midair, fighting to control the empty space, the Slaughter King’s movements clearly became a beat slower when attacking Tang San, and Tang San swayed with his upper body, whis whole body releasing a blue mist.

Confronting the opponent’s attack, Tang San didn’t dodge. Or you might say, he basically didn’t think about dodging. Holding the Seagod Trident horizontally, he directly blocked the Slaughter King’s attack.

A loud explosive sound echoed. The Seagod Trident suddenly issued a ringing sound, and the Slaughter King pulled back as if electrocuted, his blood red eyes brimming with disbelief. The intense shocking force made both his hands tremble.

Tang San was equally surprised, he could feel the shock transmitted from the trident. Ever since obtaining this divine tool, this was the first time someone had caused this kind of slight tremble in the Seagod Trident with a frontal attack. Such strength. It seemed this Slaughter King’s strength wasn’t less than Seadragon Douluo. Only, how come he didn’t show any spirit rings?

The Slaughter King roared unwillingly, raising both hands on either side, one blood red ring of light after another rippling out from within him, the intense bloody light not only filled with the aura of corrosion, but also possessing a special energy fluctuation.

Instantly, sounds of compressed blasts constantly erupted from where the Blue Silver Domain and that red light touched. Tang San’s expression changed. Even though this was a forest, with a huge supporting effect to his Blue Silver Domain, he was shocked to discover that his domain actually couldn’t resist.

The Slaughter King cackled with laughter, “How about it, how’s the taste of my Slaughter Domain? Compared to the Deathgod Domain you got, my Slaughter Domain is the strongest domain in Slaughter City, and it’s also a reduced version of the ability ban effect in Slaughter City. Do you think your plant attribute domain can resist? Slaughter Domain. It’s the world’s most potent domain. The ability ban attribute is established

absolutely. You better use your Deathgod Domain, otherwise your spirit ring abilities will be completely useless.”

Tang San was secretly alarmed. It really was as the Slaughter King said, even though he still hadn’t come into contact with that bloody light, his body had already begun to separate from the spirit avatar state. The Blue Silver Domain could originally manage to compete with the opponent, but without the support of the Spirit Avatar it couldn’t sustain Boundless Nature, and was immediately forced back step by step, a formidable suppressing force coming head on.

But just at this moment, before the Slaughter King’s proud laughter ended, Tang San suddenly disappeared from his place.

The Slaughter King reacted very quickly, turning around practically subconsciously, the two giant wings swinging behind im like sharp blades. But, Tang San’s current position wasn’t behind him, but rather behind and above him.

Falling sideways, bringing up his left leg with a natural and fluent motion, it was also a red light filled with a wicked aura, falling from the sky like a giant hatchet. It was the Evil Spirit left left leg bone’s spirit ability, Orca Evil Spirit Hatchet.

Tang San was well aware that you couldn’t let the enemy lead you around by the nose in a fight. Even if the Deathgod Domain might let him use spirit ring abilities, the Deathgod Domain would be restrained by the enemy’s Slaughter Domain, that absolutely wasn’t a good thing for him. It would very possibly lead to him always being suppressed. Even though the Seagod Trident was formidable, the Slaughter King was incredibly fast, giving a feeling even more like an agility attack type spirit master. As long as he relied on speed for a roaming battle, it wouldn’t be easy for his Seagod Trident to show its power. Consequently, he chose to fight like this. After all, with five spirit bones, he had complete confidence.

Red light burst forth, the Blue Silver Domain was already completely shattered. Confronting Tang San’s attack, the Slaughter King snorted disdainfully, raising his left wing, he actually blocked Tang San’s extremely

powerful single target attack just like that, and moreover swept him away. Spinning twice in midair, he once again relied on teleportation, and just managed to dodge the Slaughter King’s pursuit.

Besides Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi, there had never been anyone that could catch Tang San’s attack this easily, especially an excessively powerful attack like the Orca Evil Spirit Hatchet.

“Gaga, attacking the Slaughter King with evil energy, I can only feel sorry for you. Kid, you’re already enveloped in my Slaughter Domain. If you give me the antidote now, I can still leave you with an intact corpse. This is your last chance.”

The Slaughter King didn’t pursue, but instead stared fixedly at Tang San, his eyes even more focused on the Seagod Trident in Tang San’s right hand. Clearly, he was extremely wary of this weapon.

Tang San had suffered two setbacks in succession, but his expression still didn’t change. Listening to the Slaughter King, he suddenly smiled, “By that, you shouldn’t be called Slaughter King, you should be called Evil King. You’re right, evil energy of course has to be resisted with the energy of justice. Do you really believe your Slaughter Domain is unparallelled? Unfortunately, your level is still far too lacking. Just let me use justice energy to to help purify you. You shouldn’t exist in this world.”

While speaking, Tang San raised the Seagod Trident, and the Seagod Trident brand on his forehead suddenly brightened. No matter how powerful this Slaughter Domain was, it still couldn’t stop him from using the ability that stemmed from gods, the Seagod’s Light.

Brilliant golden light turned into a pillar of light, shining perfectly straight down on that rhombic gem on the trident. Instantly, Boundless Nature burst forth. Intense light even more dazzling than the sun, rendered Tang San’s body completely golden.

At this moment, a dignified, divine aura filled the whole forest, and the previous wide expanse of vicious red light shattered.

What Tang san said about insufficient level, of course didn’t mean that the Slaughter King’s strength was below his, but rather that no matter how powerful the Slaughter Domain, it was still just a domain of the human world. But what this Seagod Trident possessed, was divine light.

Tang San had already started to figure out a way to defeat the Slaughter King since he saw him. Without a doubt, the ability the Slaughter King possessed was evil energy, and the Seagod’s divine power was definitely a just and honorable energy. Adding the difference in levels, this was why Tang San didn’t use his attack abilities all out before.

The divine power of the Seagod Trident spreading out immediately had an evil vanquishing effect, simply breaking through the Slaughter King’s Slaughter Domain, cleanly sweeping away the evil aura in the air.

At the same time, this was also the first time Tang San used the Seagod Trident’s power in a true sense. Through the connection of the Seagod’s Light, a torrent of information rushed madly into him from the Seagod Trident. Tang San was completely enveloped by the golden light of the trident, and his mind frantically absorbed the information reaching him. It was only at this moment that he truly understood how powerful the divine instrument he got from the seventh trial was.

Different from the mad rush of energy Tang San felt, as the Seagod Trident’s dark form turned golden, covered with a dazzling golden pattern, the golden light that dispersed with the rhombic Seagod’s Heart as center was calm.

The gentle golden light was filled with a radiant flavour, as if it would heal all pain, and also like it would awaken dormant life. However, this gentleness still held a stubborn attachment, to expel the darkness.

No matter how powerful the Slaughter Domain was before, even suppressing and forcing back Tang San’s Blue Silver Domain, at this moment, in front of a truly divine power, that wicked Slaughter Domain quickly melted like ice, broke like tile.

The Slaughter King was completely immersed within the Seagod Trident’s golden light, so much that he still maintained the previous stance with both arms spread, the two giant wings on his back unfolded, looking vicious and evil. Now, his body seemed to be frozen in place, even the malicious expression on his face was frozen. As if influenced by something.

Hu Liena had already crawled to her feet. Seeing this scene, she hurriedly covered her mouth. If the feeling the vicious and powerful Slaughter King gave her before was beyond terror, then the strength Tang San now revealed gave her heart a kind of fantastic and complex feeling.

It was happiness for Tang San’s strength, but at the same time also a deep grief over how formidable he was. She understood too well that the enmity between Tang San and the Spirit Empire couldn’t be settled. He would only be the empire’s enemy. Having an enemy like this clearly wasn’t a good thing for the empire. If he was still in his twenties, but already had the power to contend with Title Douluo level powers, then, in ten years, twenty years? What would he be like then?

Hu Liena’s mind was already in chaos, blankly watching Tang San, feeling that golden light warm her body and disperse the fear in her heart, she didn’t know how she would face Tang San.

The scene of the battle was a bit strange. Both sides stood there motionlessly. Tang San was suffering the enormous information attack from the Seagod Trident, and was unable to move for the moment. But the Seagod Trident also seemed to have merged together with him, plating his body with a bizarre defensive energy.

And the Slaughter King was frozen in the divine light the Seagod Trident radiated, clearly influenced by that evil vanquishing force. But his body was also just frozen there, without undergoing any significant change.

Time passed second by second. The golden light over Tang San’s body began to grow more and more intense, the Seagod Trident in his hand even more emitting ten thousand rays of light, each magic line on its surface becoming exceptionally distinct.

And at this moment, the Slaughter King also finally showed a change. Red light began to roam across that sword shaped blood colored magic line on his forehead, gradually growing from faint to more intense, a red faint luster appeared over his body, unexpectedly blocking the divine light of the Seagod Trident. And the Slaughter King’s pale complexion also began to change, gradually replaced by an unhealthy flush. The wings on his back broke into fragments, turned to ash and blown off by the Seagod’s Light. His hair also gradually went from red to black, the same change occurring in his eyes at the same time. All over his whole body, only one place remained red, only that magic mark on his forehead.

Tang San’s eyes gradually recovered their clarity, but after he woke up, his expression was shocked. Because he clearly sensed that, even though the Slaughter King in front of him had shed the bloody color, his wings shattered, the aura he radiated was still rising geometrically, as if it would continue without limit. The red light protecting his surroundings began to overflow outside, unexpectedly slowly pushing back the Seagod Trident’s golden light.

How was it possible, this was the Seagod Trident’s evil vanquishing light, even though he still wasn’t the true Seagod and couldn’t use its full power, this divine light was still a genuine divine force. It was unexpectedly unable to break the Slaughter King’s bizarre red light, this was just……

Using all his spiritual force to target the Slaughter King’s body from all directions, Tang San finally discovered a fundamental change in the Slaughter King’s basic nature. His killing intent was not only not weakened by the Seagod’s Light, but on the contrary rose geometrically along with his strength, however, his original wicked aura had disappeared completely. That red light was unexpectedly the purest killing intent, even more pure than his own Deathgod Domain.

It couldn’t continue. Tang San sensed an intense danger. The situation had exceeded his expectations for the first time. After the Slaughter King’s strength, originally not beneath Seadragon Douluo, rose severalfold like this, it wasn’t something he’d be able to resist.

Raising the head of the Seagod Trident to slowly point forward, until it was parallel with the ground, Tang San gave a loud shout, once again displaying the Blue Silver Avatar, eight rings circling around him, left foot heavily stepping forward, his whole body shooting towards the Slaughter King like an arrow, the trident’s long blades stabbing straight at the opponent’s chest.

Tang San’s spirit power pushed the, in his hands, only one hundred and eight jin Seagod Trident to a high velocity, but the trident’s actual weight was one hundred eight thousand jin. At the same time as Tang San operated the Seagod Trident, the pattern covering it rippled like water, from the end of the shaft to the tip of the central, longest blade, the tip of the blade radiated golden light like a small sun, energies combined into one, body and polearm uniting. Even though there was no technique to speak of, his spiritual force and the Seagod Trident’s aura had already completely targeted the enemy.

Rousing the Seagod Trident’s energy required the immense support of the Seagod’s Light and Tang San’s spirit power. Even with Tang San’s present strength, he could still only do it for a very short time. He wasn’t the Seagod, and using the Seagod Trident wasn’t easy. This kind of all out attack style was something he could only use three to five times at most right now. Now all his strength was thrown into the attack, in order to settle it in one stroke, completely eliminating the enemy. No matter how powerful the Slaughter King was, once he was run through by this truly divine weapon, he wouldn’t escape even if he was a god.

But in the instant Tang San launched the attack, the Slaughter King’s eyes suddenly brightened. His eyes were black, an incomparably deep black. His features also seemed to have changed. Even though he still looked middle aged, he’d become a lot more handsome, all the evil replaced by a healthy impression. The black hair behind his head moved without wind. Standing there, he no longer had the previous Slaughter King’s fleeting form, but was solid as a mountain.

Red light rushed out from the wide hands that were no longer claw shaped, without the slightest influence from the Seagod Trident’s targeting. In this moment, the imposing manner erupting from his body was already

formidable to an indescribable degree. The shadow of a giant hammer filled with infinite killing intent flashed behind his back. Strangely, after that giant hammer appeared, it very quickly transformed, in the blink of an eye the hammer seemed to have melted, transforming into a more than two meter long giant sword.

The Slaughter King held the sword with both hands, advancing rather than retreating, all the red light around him smelting into one whole, the heavy sword swung up from below with the power to scorch the Heavens, meeting Tang San’s Seagod Trident.

From Hu Liena’s perspective, all that could be seen was a dazzling golden light colliding with a gaudy bloody light.


Golden and bloody colors fused together for a moment, then instantly exploded. Hu Liena only felt an enormous energy hit her like an avalanche, all she could do was curl up as tightly as possible, surrounding herself with that giant fox tail. The next moment she was thrown out like a pebble, going far into the distance. Hu Liena completely lost consciousness while still in the air, but fortunately, she still released her Deathgod Domain at the same time as she was attacked, and so eliminated the worst outcome.

The energy fluctuations didn’t spread very far, only three hundred meters or so. However, within this range, all plants and rocks completely vanished. It wasn’t that they turned to ash, but that they disappeared into nothing.

On the ground appeared a three hundred meter diameter crater, more than a hundred meters deep.

A golden light shot out of the crater like a roving dragon. The golden rays of light dulled as it flew, and as it reached the highest point it was already completely black. But even so, when it landed next to the crater, it still once again caused a loud boom, sinking a whole ten meters into the ground before coming to a stop.

There was no dust cloud, the scene inside the hundred meter crater was perfectly clear. The golden figure had darkened, but that red radiance was still intense.

In the moment the Seagod Trident was knocked out, Tang San’s body was flung into the wall behind him. Even the solid rock couldn’t stop him, and he finally came to a rest in a hole five meters deep. But he still madly spurted blood, his five viscera and six bowels seeming to roul, his spirit power and spiritual force both suffering an unprecedented suppression.

If he had to describe the feeling of the collision, then it would be like that fight with Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi before he had gotten the Seagod Trident.

The feeling of the split second the Seagod Trident met the opponent’s heavy sword was clearly branded in Tang San’s mind. He hadn’t sensed any effect from the Seagod Trident’s weight, on the contrary the opponent’s explosive strength had far surpassed his. That blood red light of slaughter energy filled with the purest killing intent wasn’t in any way inferior to his own Seagod’s Light, so much so that his Seagod’s Light had even been comprehensively suppressed in the moment of the collision.

Chapter 259

His full strength attack was easily beaten by the opponent’s heaven scorching strike, and all that happened to the enemy was that he sank into the ground to his knees. That enormous pit was caused by the force of Tang San and the Slaugher King simultaneously warding off the explosive energy of the trident and long sword colliding.

In just a single exchange, Tang San was already completely defeated, so much that he even lost hold of the Seagod Trident. Ever since he started cultivating Spirit Power as a child, Tang San had never experienced such a crushing defeat. Even back when Xiao Wu sacrificed herself from him, he was surrounded and besieged by multiple enemies. But the Slaughter King was just one man, but had still defeated his divine tool.

Tang San was completely unable to understand how the Slaughter King, who had previously been within his calculations, had unexpectedly grown so powerful after being enveloped in the Seagod’s Light, so powerful he basically couldn’t contend against him.

It wasn’t just his spirit power that was powerful, there was also that sword in his hand. Because Tang San believed that even Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi couldn’t have blocked his previous all out attack this easily. But this Slaughter King was not only not weaker than Bo Saixi, that sword he held also didn’t seem to be inferior to his Seagod Trident. That’s why he was defeated so miserably.

Only, even though he was seriously injured, Tang San somehow felt that the opponent could obviously have used an even stronger attack, but the Slaughter King seemed to have finally held back, without letting that sword energy cut him. Otherwise, he might have already been beheaded.

Always the one who fully calculated the battles, Tang San’s mind was now in chaos. He could take the physical pain, but the heartfelt sense of defeat and inability to contend was extremely painful. He’d never felt like this, even against his most formidable opponents he’d still been able to think of the best way to deal with them. However, the Slaughter King’s suddenly exploding strength, as well as the current situation, made him feel despair.

There was already no meaning to regret. The only thought in Tang San’s mind right now was how to save Xiao Wu after he was killed. Perhaps he could somehow help Xiao Wu complete the resurrection inside the Wishful Hundred Treasures Purse while he got killed. After all, his true strength had long since reached the Title Douluo level.

Just as Tang San’s mind was in chaos, the Slaughter King’s voice echoed, “This is the Seagod’s strength, why do you have the Seagod Trident? Do you know Bo Saixi?”

His voice had undergone very large changes compared to before, no longer sharp or vicious. It had become heavy with age, and the voice that was originally unlike a middle aged man was that of a dignified elder.

En? Tang San was after all an intelligent person. Even though he had suffered an enormous blow, hearing the changes in the Slaughter King’s voice, his despairing heart was aflame with hope. Releasing his spirit power, he pushed himself free of the surrounding rock. When he stepped out into the deep pit, he once again spit out a mouthful of blood due to the exertion and his injuries. But he still immediately stood straight. He would never forget what his father once taught him.

The Slaughter King really was different from before. Even though his whole body was still sheathed in bloody light, his eyes had become especially bright. Gazing deeply at Tang San, the expression in his eyes wa

“You know senior Bo Saixi too?” Tang San asked doubtfully. He had no plans on running. The strength of the man in front of him wasn’t below Bo Saixi’s in the slightest, and that heavy sword in his hand was even more formidable than any weapon Bo Saixi had. It would be impossible to escape even with the Vast Sea Barrier’s hiding effect.

A deep grief flashed in the Slaughter King’s eyes, “Many years ago, even I don’t know how many. Is she still well?”

Tang San said faintly: “I don’t know if I should say how well she is. Just who are you?”

“Who am I? Who am I? Hahahahaha……” The Slaughter King suddenly faced towards the sky and laughed loudly. But within the laugher, his expression was still extremely suffering, two tears of blood flowing from the corners of his eyes.

“Did I win? Or lose? As far as I’m concerned, there’s no longer a meaning to anything. Was I wrong? Was I right? Decades like a dream. I fell to such sin. Asura, well done Asura. In the end I still couldn’t pass your trial. There’s no right or wrong, perhaps it’s time and fate.”

Wild energy fluctuations made everything in the surroundings tremble. The heavy sword in the Slaughter King’s hands also constantly overflowed with bloody light.

Tang San only stood there, quietly watching him. He vaguely understood that there was a major difference between this slaughter king and the completely blood colored one from before. Apparently, the current him was the original. But he still couldn’t guess what had happened.

After a very long time, the Slaughter King finally calmed down. The bloody tears stopped falling, and his eyes once again grew focused.

“Judging by the Seagod Trident you have, and that you have the Seagod’s Light capability, you should be the Seagod’s chosen.”

Tang San couldn’t easily hide it, and nodded.

The Slaughter King said faintly: “Unfortunately, you still aren’t the true Seagod, otherwise I would have been the one defeated just now. Man becoming god, I have been standing on this difficult step for decades, but still haven’t been able to take it, and it’s also eternally impossible for me to take it. Kid, thank you.”

“Thank me?” Tang San looked somewhat puzzled at the Slaughter King.

The Slaughter King said indifferently: “If not for your Seagod’s Light, it would have been impossible for my true nature to wake up. I would always have been that evil blood red lost self, controlled by evil. It was your Seagod’s Light that let me break free of that cage, and also accomplish this demigod form. Even if it’s already too late, to be able to feel god level strength, counts as half fulfilling my life’s wish.”

While he spoke, the red light in his hand vanished, and that heavy sword also turned into blood red streaks and gradually disappeared into his palm.

“Aren’t you very curious about how I could undergo such enormous changes before? It was you who saved me from that prison. It doesn’t matter if I tell you. In some sense, we’re actually the same kind.” The Slaughter King spoke calmly, his mood seemed to have already calmed down.

“Please speak, senior.” Tang San asked equally calmly.

The Slaughter King said: “The reason I say we are the same kind, is because we are both chosen by gods, just chosen by different ones. The one who chose you is the Seagod, the god of the oceans. And the one who chose me, is the god of evil, also known as the god of slaughter. And it’s true name is Asura.”

“Back then, because of a promise, I put all my effort into breaking through to become a god. But, becoming god is still far, far too difficult. Only the power of thousands of years of amassed belief can help a peak level power’s physical body become a god. Thousands of years really is far too long a time for me, who can be sure how long they can live? Seize

every minute. Therefore, I chose another path, to look to inherit a god’s position.”

“This world originally had a lot of gods, but only true main gods can leave behind their divine intent when they transcend this world, to look for their successor. Like the Seagod who chose you, and Spirit Hall’s God of Light. Finding the divine intent left behind by gods is so difficult, even if I back then was admittedly exceptionally talented it was still very difficult to find any clues. Until I reached Slaughter City, and finally found the breath of a god. That was Asura.”

“This world actually has two gods of evil. One is the god in charge of slaughter, Asura, and the other rules evil desire, Rakshasa. The city of depravity is the remnant they left behind in this world when they transcended. Asura and Rakshasa aren’t twin existences, but more like eternal enemies. Asura controls the purest slaughter energy, but what Rakshasa controls, is the power of evil. Only by mutually opposing each other will the world not fall into chaos. Back then I thought I found Asura’s divine seat, and I was immediately excited. Asura also approved of my strength and ability, and granted me Asura’s Trials. The first few were very easily completed, after all, back then I had already reached the pinnacle of human spirit masters. I still remember how excited I was then. Becoming god was a promise I’d made to someone, and only by succeeding would I be entitled to go find her, and could finally be together with her. But. In the next trials, I gradually lost myself. When I confronted the Blood Red Nine Headed Bat King, my heart was already corrupted by evil. The evil obsession flayed me open, and directly blocked my heart. My body became the Blood Red Nine Headed Bat King’s parasitic host, becoming the Slaughter King you saw before.”

“Only when I woke up just now did I understand that what I received back then wasn’t the pure Asura’s Trials. Rakshasas breath was mixed into that trial. Clearly, back when Rakshasa transcended, in order not to let his successor be thwarted by Asura again, specially interfered with Asura’s divine intent, and changed it into Slaughter City’s shape. What was originally a world of slaughter, became a place of depravity and evil. Asura’s divine intent was constantly corroded, polluted with countless

impurities. It’s also because of this that I was disturbed by Rakshasas divine intent and couldn’t complete Asura’s Trials, and completely fell to evil obsession, parasitised by the Blood Red Nine Headed Bat King.”

“Over the years, the Blood Red nine Headed Bat King has constantly been corrupting me, in order to truly take over my body and absorb all my energy. But my original heart still always existed, constantly fighting it for control over my body. Until just now when, with the help of your Seagod’s Light, I finally broke through the block, and used the sacred aura of the Seagod’s Light to expel the evil obsession Rakshasa left behind in Asura’s divine intent, thereby passing Asura’s eighth trial, earning the approval of the Sacred Asura Sword. Unfortunately, this is all already too late, already far too late……”

At this moment, Tang San suddenly spoke up, “Senior, the person you made a promise to, wouldn’t be senior Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi?”

The Slaughter King had been immersed in memories of his sufferings over these years, and now that he heard Tang San’s question he couldn’t help being distracted, “How did you know? Don’t tell me she mentioned it to you?”

The riddle in his heart finally undone, Tang San didn’t directly answer the Slaughter King, but rather raised his left hand, “Watch.”

Black light rushed out. In order not to arouse the Slaughter King’s vigilance, Tang San purposely slowed down the speed of spirit power condensation. Strand by strand, the black light gradually took shape in his left hand, until he firmly held the Clear Sky Hammer carved with the inscription of the Deathgod Domain.

The Slaughter King’s gaze was frozen, looking at the Clear Sky Hammer Tang San held. The bloody light fluctuated violently around him, making Tang San involuntarily retreat a few steps before catching his balance.

“You….. you’re…… Clear Sky……. School’s…… disciple……. You’re…….. whose……. son?” The Slaughter King’s voice shook, bloody

tears constantly flowing from his black eyes, making his face look a bit fierce.
Tang San said deferentially: “My father is Tang Hao. Senior, you……” “Tang Hao, so you’re Hao’er’s son. It really has been  long, even
Hao’er already has a son this big. Good, you’re very good. Very good…… Child, I’m called Tang Chen.”

As he spoke, black light rushed into his hand, and an immense sledgehammer completely covered with dark golden lines appeared in Tang Chen’s hand. Even though the shape of that hammer was enormously different from Tang San’s Clear Sky Hammer, the genuine Clear Sky Hammer’s aura was inimical. It was the Clear Sky School’s unique inherited spirit, and also the pinnacle form of a unique spirit.

Seeing that solid Clear Sky Hammer, Tang San didn’t hesitate, kneeling on the ground with a thump, bowing, choked with emotion: “Great grandfather.” Right now he was also extremely emotional, he had never expected the Slaughter King in that Slaughter City to actually be his great grandfather.

The despair and pain in his heart was now completely obliterated, a flash of understanding piercing through his doubts. Yes! His great grandfather also equally possessed a true divine tool, and his cultivation was far higher than his, what was disgraceful about being defeated by his own great grandfather? Being able to accidentally help his great grandfather return to his senses made Tang San wild with joy. In this time when strength was needed the most, if he could have his great grandfather to lead, not only wouldn’t there be any problem with the Clear Sky School’s reemergence, the two great empires’ spirit masters would also have a leading character. Who in the world could have the prestige of his great grandfather? As a former sect master of the world’s number one sect, a rank ninety nine, half god peak Douluo, what kind of formidable strength was that?

“Get up. Hurry up and get up. Good child, let great grandfather take a good look at you.” Tang Chent wanted to step forward and help Tang San up, but when the bloody light around him was in front of Tang San, a dense

grief flashed through his eyes, and he only stretched out his hands, without touching him.

Because Tang San’s head was lowered, he didn’t see the expression in Tang Chen’s eyes.

“Great grandfather, you have to give justice for my father!” Tang San bowed once again.

Tang Chen said astonished: “Get up first. Your father? What’s happened to Hao’er? He was the person most promising to inherit my legacy, don’t tell me he isn’t the Clear Sky School head now? I’ve been trapped in Slaughter City for decades, and I really don’t know what’s happened outside. I have a vague impression that your father’s aura appeared near me. Just what’s actually happened, tell me in detail.”

Tang San understood. What Tang Chen said about sensing his father’s aura should be when his father walked the Hell Road, and obtained the Deathgod Domain. Only unfortunately, great grandfather and great grandson didn’t recognize each other.

Immediately, he spoke of the Clear Sky School’s events over these years in detail, his father and mother’s love, Spirit Hall’s persecution, the sect’s banishment, the sect’s sealing, as well as the current Clear Sky School’s retreat, without missing any detail.

Tang Chen was Tang San’s great grandfather, the last last generation’s Tang sect master, his personal strength even above Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi, and had now even more inherited a portion of Asura’s divine power. Different from him, he possessed the support of rank ninety nine spirit power, possibly the number one spirit master alive. With his great grandfather’s support, Tang San firmly believed that, whether the Clear Sky School or the great powers of the era, none would be as difficult to face.

Listening to Tang San, Tang Chen’s expression grew uglier and uglier. Each time he changed expression, the atmosphere would make a sound as if shattering.

“Fine, well done Spirit Hall. Well done Qian Daoliu. Your grandfather, that idiot. What kind of method is silently enduring?” The bloody light surged, fluctuating chaotically. Tang San could vaguely see wisps of blood constantly flash beneath his great grandfather’s skin.

“Hao’er, Hao’er actually ended up like that. That child, how stupid!”
Tang Chen wept, but his tears were still the color of blood.

“Great grandfather, don’t be sad. What’s most important to us right now is how to let the Clear Sky School return to the spirit master world, and destroy Spirit Hall’s ambition, thoroughly rooting them out. The irreconcilable enemies of my parents, I can’t rest unless they’re annihilated completely.”

Tang Chen watched Tang San in a daze for a long time without saying anything. Tang San looked earnestly at him. In his mind, with his great grandfather aware of the events of the sect, he would definitely return to put things in order.

However, the light in Tang Chen’s eyes gradually dimmed. Sighing deeply, he shook his head, bitterly closing his eyes, “The sect’s circumstances are all my responsibility. But, I can’t return to the sect with you. Child, you’re in your twenties now. How many Seagod Trials have you passed?”

Tang San looked somewhat puzzled at Tang Chen, “Great grandfather, I’ve already passed the seventh trial.”

Tang Chen said: “In other words, once it’s time for the ninth trial, you will return to Seagod Island?”

Tang San nodded, “Yes.”

Tang Chen stretched his hand into his coat and fished out a small golden hammer. Each end of the little hammer was inlaid with a black gem, looking extremely refined, “Child, this is for you. It’s my token. It’s also the token of our Clear Sky School’s chief elder. With it, the elders will all listen to you, and you’ll be entitled to dismiss the sect master and decide

on all major matters of the sect. You’re still barely in your twenties, but you’ve actually reached eight rings, and even passed seven of the Seagod’s trials. Even though I was proud back then, I was still far behind you at your present age. Good child, I’m proud of you, and you’re also the pride of our Clear Sky School. I leave the future of the Clear Sky School to you. When you’re about to take the Seagod ninth trial and return to Seagod Island, I will be waiting for you there. I owe Bo Saixi far, far too much, I couldn’t complete my promise to her, but I’ll still go see her.”

Speaking, he tossed that small golden hammer to Tang San. Suddenly leaping up, he rose into the sky like a giant blood red bird, instantly turning into a blood red meteor and vanishing from Tang San’s sight.

Tang San dully watched the direction his great grandfather disappeared. How come his great grandfather just left like this? Could it be that Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi was even more important to him than the sect? No, definitely not. When he left, he clearly had a painful expression, clearly completely unwilling to let go of the sect. But he still left, this was just…...

Tang San thought about it, but still couldn’t figure out what was going un. But no matter what was said, his great grandfather’s appearance was a good thing. Even if the old man had gone to find Bo Saixi now, he would still return one day. Didn’t he say he would wait for him on Seagod Island?

Thinking about this, Tang San gradually calmed down. Putting that precious and heavy little golden hammer in the Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges, he leapt up, and landed where the Seagod Trident had fallen. Fully using Controlling Crane Catching Dragon, the trident was drawn out from the ground. Carefully wiping the dirt away, Tang San thought, ‘Oh, trident, it’s all my fault, I wasn’t strong enough for you, I’ll definitely hurry up and become the true Seagod, and let you shine with your proper splendor.’

Yi, what about Hu Liena? Tang San now recalled that Spirit Hall Holy Maiden. His spiritual force spread out like a web, leading him to wear Hu Liena fell.

Hu Liena was already unconscious, her clothes damaged in places and revealing the fair skin inside. Even though he had seen it once before, Tang San still couldn’t keep his heart from skipping a beat. Hu Liena was the most charming among all the women he had met. He didn’t touch her with his hands, a ray of Seagod’s Light instead shooting out from his forehead, falling on Hu Liena. Even though the Seagod’s Light didn’t have a direct healing technique, under his control it could stimulate a person’s potential, accelerating recovery. The more he used it, the more familiar Tang San became with the marvels of the Seagod Light.

Enveloped by golden light, Hu Liena gradually stirred. Her physical injuries weren’t too serious, before she was just knocked unconscious. With the aid of the Seagod’s Light, in just moments, she returned to consciousness.

Opening her eyes and first finding Tang San in front of her, Hu Liena heaved a long sigh of relief, “You killed him?” Her face was filled with excited happiness. When she’d struggled in the Slaughter Domain just before, seeing the subordinates by her side fall dead one by one, her heart was already filled with despair. While she was in despair, only one figure appeared in her mind, she’d extravagantly wished that, even if she just saw him again once before she died, she would still be satisfied. And just then, he really appeared, wreathed in divine golden light, like a deity descending. Compared to before, he was even more soldierly, and also had some mature charm. Raising his hand, he had stopped the enemy, saving her in her moment of deepest crisis. What could be more perfect than that? Even though Hu Liena had never imagined meeting again under such circumstances, with him appearing to save her once again, Hu Liena’s heart held only feelings of happiness and satisfaction. Even though she knew this man’s heart wasn’t set on her, that still wasn’t important right now.

Tang San nodded indifferently, “More or less.” Saying that he had killed the Slaughter King wasn’t incorrect.

Hu Liena struggled to her feet. Suddenly discovering her tattered clothing, her face turned red. Hurriedly turning around, she quickly pulled out a robe from her personal spirit tool and covered herself.

“Thank you, you saved me yet again.” Hue Liena said somewhat bashfully.

Tang San smiled calmly, “It’s nothing, I just happened to be around. Besides, even if I didn’t meet him this time, he would still have come to find me.”

Turning back around, Hu Liena’s face was a bit flushed, speaking in a low voice: “Last time, last time in Star Dou Great Forest…..”

Tang San scowled, “No need to mention it, I will settle that debt with your Spirit Empire.”

Hu Liena sighed, “I know, it would be very difficult to resolve this hatred. But, Tang San, if one day you defeat our Spirit Empire, can’t you not kill my teacher? She’s actually also someone unfortunate.”

Tang San sneered, “Unfortunate? As Spirit Hall’s Supreme Pontiff, and now as Spirit Emperor, where do you say she’s unfortunate? Even if she really is, can she lay her own pain on everyone else? If she hadn’t sent you to Star Dou Forest, would we have fought? Would Xiao Wu be sacrificed because of your people? Don’t say anything, I know, you have good intentions. If that day really comes, I won’t kill you, but Bibi Dong must die. If you don’t wish to see that scene with your own eyes, then leave the Spirit Empire before that.”

Hu Liena looked lifelessly at Tang San, the rims of her eyes slightly red, “Tang San. Do you really believe the two empires have the strength to contend with the Spirit Empire? You’re the one who should leave. Haven’t you always been missing all these years? Why did you have to return to the Continent? I understand that you’re dedicated. But, our Spirit Empire really isn’t something you can fight alone. Although I don’t know how you reached this level of strength, but so what even if you become Title Douluo? You’re only one person, but you face the Spirit Empire’s tens of thousands of spirit masters, the spirit masters of the two great empires added together still isn’t a third of ours. As long as our empire finishes consolidating the provinces, the day the army is united, is

the moment the two great empires are destroyed. Don’t tell me you believe you can fight the entire Continent with your strength alone?”

Tang San said indifferently: “It’s meaningless for us to talk about this now. Since you’re fine, I’ll take my leave. The next time we meet, we might be enemies on the battlefield. Goodbye.”

Speaking, Tang San held the Seagod Trident, and turned to leave.

“Wait.” Hu Liena eagerly cried out, her beautiful eyes brimming with sadness. All these years had gone by, so why was she unable to accept Yan’s feelings? Even if she herself didn’t want to admit it, she understood very clearly that it was because of this man. For all her life she could never forget the experience of walking the Hell Road back then, and even less forget his aura.

Love was sometimes blind. She and Tang San had been together for a very, very short time, but the feelings carved in her bones was something Yan had never been able to give her from childhood until now. She’d also tried to forget him, but his voice and smile basically couldn’t be expelled from her heart. Now seeing the man of her heart treat her this coldly, how could she not suffer?

“What else is it?” Tang San replied without turning his head.

Hu Liena asked somewhat weakly: “Can’t you tell me, where are you going?”

Tang San said indifferently: “Why? Are you planning to send the Spirit Empire army after me?”

“You know I wouldn’t do that.” Hu Liena yelled somewhat agitated, tears already flowing uncontrollably. She couldn’t bear his accusations.

Tang San sharply turned his head, his eyes releasing a close to severe flash, “Hu Liena, keep in mind that we aren’t friends, but enemies. As long as you are still in the Spirit Empire, this relationship will not change. I didn’t save you today, I just defended myself. Everything that happened

to you and me before stops at this point, hereafter, we are only enemies.” While speaking, Tang San turned the Seagod Trident in his hand, the broad edges streaking out and immediately forming a deep furrow in the ground, separating the two.

Drawing a boundary in the earth, the trident seemed to have cut Hu Liena’s heart. Her face turned deathly pale, and she unconsciously staggered back a couple of steps, almost falling to the ground, her lips quivering, “You, you……”

Tang San didn’t look at her again, turning and leaping up, flying into the distance.

Just at this moment, Hu Liena suddenly exhausted her strength to shout, “Tang San, no matter where you go, absolutely don’t go to Star Dou Great Forest, my teacher brought six elders there to hunt spirit beasts!” No matter how he treated her, Hu Liena’s heart still only held that inseparable feeling.

Already high in the air, Tang San paused a moment, but he very soon accelerated once again, in the blink of an eye disappearing from Hu Liena’s view.

Hu Liena couldn’t hold up any longer, falling to the ground with a thump, spitting out a mouthful of blood, a grieving expression on her charming face.

Flying in the sky, Tang San’s heart wasn’t calm either. Hu Liena’s last words had shocked him. Bibi Dong had led six Spirit Empire elders for Star Dou Great Forest, there was no need to question her motive. Besides the kings of the forest, Titan Giant Ape Er Ming and Sky Blue Bill Python Da Ming, what else could make the Spirit Emperor lead six Title Douluo to attack? With a campaign with such a formidable lineup, it would be very difficult for even Da Ming and Er Ming to escape. Even if the Star Dou Great Forest was their domain, the troop the Spirit Empire sent was just too powerful.

As for Tang San’s attitude to Hu Liena, he had done it deliberately. Just as he said, he and Hu Liena could only be enemies. With his intelligence, how could he not understand how Hu Liena felt for him? But how could he accept it? His heart had long since not had the room for two women, even if his impression of Hu Liena was pretty good, he absolutely didn’t want to give her room to dream, and so he spoke so heartlessly. Dithering would instead lead to chaos, this was something Tang San deeply understood, and so he’d resolutely drawn a line between his and Hu Liena’s worlds, and also severed that good impression he had of her. Otherwise, should he not attack if he faced Hu Liena when he confronted the Spirit Empire later? Since it was impossible to be together, he might as well firmly settle the issue, in order to avoid being bothered again.

As he flew, Tang San brought Xiao Wu back out from the Wishful Hundred Treasures Purse, at the same time using his spiritual force to wake Xiao Wu’s soul from her sleep in the spirit ring and spirit bone, telling her what Hu Liena said just now.

Listening to Tang San’s explanation, Xiao Wu was immediately worried, “He, then let’s hurry. Da Ming and Er Ming are in danger. Bibi Dong is definitely hunting them for their spirit rings and bones. We have to hurry and save them.”

Chapter 260

Tang San said: “Xiao Wu, don’t worry, I’ll catch up as fast as possible, one day or so doesn’t matter. Da Ming and Er Ming are after all the rulers of Star Dou Great Forest, they have an absolute advantage in location. Also, they’re both highly intelligent, when they discover they can’t contend they will figure out a way to deal with it. Even though Bibi Dong’s people have great power, killing Da Ming and Er Ming quickly still won’t be easy. After we enter the forest, we’ll meet with them as soon as possible, and then focus on first escaping. A large scale primal forest like Star Dou Great Forest is the best place for my Blue Silver Domain, and with the Vast Sea Barrier, saving them shouldn’t be difficult.”

Xiao Wu nodded with red-rimmed eyes: “Ge, I’ve grown up with Da Ming and Er Ming from childhood, they’re like my brothers. I will definitely go save them. But the Spirit Empire is powerful. I don’t want to put you in danger again. I……”

Tang San kissed her forehead, “What idiocy are you saying, aren’t your brothers my brothers too? Originally, if not for Da Ming and Er Ming promptly rushing over, I would already be dead. I still hope for them to help me complete your resurrection. Don’t think too much, we can definitely save them.”

Xiao Wu nodded cutely, burying into Tang San’s arms, but her heart was already filled with worry. For some reason, she always had a bad premonition. As if something was going to happen.

One day later. As they travelled urgently, Tang San didn’t even rest, passing a full twenty four hours in rushed flight, they had finally reached

Star Dou Great Forest. Tang San’s body really was powerful, even though he deliberately didn’t rest, the injuries from his encounter with Tang Chen had basically already healed. His spirit power had also recovered to peak condition, and his Boundless mental power kept tiredness away even better.

Tang San brought Xiao Wu to land outside Star Dou Great Forest. It wasn’t that he couldn’t keep flying, just that there were numerous formidable spirit beasts in the forest, and when flying they would very easily be targeted by attacks, and using the Vast Sea Barrier consumed a lot of Tang San’s mental power. This time the opponent was extremely powerful, and Tang San would have to maintain his peak condition to rescue Da Ming and Er Ming.

Walking into the forest, Tang San halted. Xiao Wu’s soul returned to her body.

“You keep watch, I’ll look for tracks first.” Tang San sat down after sharing his thoughts with Xiao Wu. The Star Dou Great Forest was so big that just randomly searching would be fruitless. At moments like this, Tang San’s Blue Silver Domain could undoubtedly show it’s greatest effect.

The spirit beasts in the forest’s outskirts weren’t too powerful, Xiao Wu keeping watch plus the Blue Silver Domain’s own abilities was enough and spare to protect Tang San.

Sitting down cross-legged, Tang San laid the Seagod Trident across his knees. His eyes brightened simultaneously, shining like two sapphires, the Blue Silver Emperor’s eight spirit rings appeared at the same time a circular blue ripple expanding from his body, spreading out in a fan shape with a speed that was difficult to discern with the naked eye.

Each plant could transfer the Blue Silver Domain. As early as before he reached rank seventy, before his Blue Silver Domain had evolved, he could examine a vast area. Now relying on the Blue Silver Domai

Auras of jubilant vitality began to connect with Tang San one by one, the tremendous force of life constantly rushing towards him, instantly relieving the bit of tiredness after the journey. Even though his eyes were closed,

Tang San’s field of view spread close to infinitely with a thought. Each plant in the forest turned into his eyes.

He saw numerous spirit beasts with their own cultivation and shape, scenes of the strong preying on the weak. Of course, even more were one ancient plant after another. The thriving life force within the forest infected Tang San, giving him some new understanding of his Blue Silver Domain’s evolved ability, Boundless Nature.

Only, right now he didn’t have the time to study this deeper. All his energy was placed on searching. Along with his perception constantly spreading, more and more plants joined in the Blue Silver Domain. Each plant released a trace of vitality that poured into the domain. Even though the Blue Silver Domain was growing larger and larger, there were also more and more plants within it. Tang San’s mental strength not only didn’t decrease substantially, on the contrary it faintly tended to rise. And his Boundless level mental strength also swiftly analyzed the information brought by the numerous plants, not like before when too much information couldn’t be controlled, and the Domain could only cover a certain range.

However, no matter how powerful it still had limits. When Tang San’s perception spread more than halfway through the Star Dou Great Forest, even he couldn’t quite endure the excessive information. But by now his search also had results. In the information brought by the plants, he very soon found some clues to what he was looking for. Focusing his mental strength, he narrowed the search range. Like this, his Blue Silver Domain could reach even farther.

Even though XIao Wu was just sitting next to Tang San, she could still feel the flourishing will to live in the Blue Silver Domain he emanated. Provoked by this will to live, Xiao Wu was somewhat astonished to discover that her soul’s consumption in her body was reduced somewhat, and was also even more stable. Like this, she could stay in her body for even longer.

After a full hour of work, Tang San finally opened his eyes. But he didn’t withdraw his Blue Silver Domain, instead looking at Xiao Wu with a grim expression, speaking in a low voice: “Let’s hurry. Da Ming and Er Ming

are in a bad spot.” Finished speaking, he grabbed the trident with one hand, the other directly holding Xiao Wu’s slender waist. Releasing the Eight Spider Lances behind him, he leaned forward, and quickly moved forward through the Star Dou Great Forest, carried by eight resplendent spider lances.

Xiao Wu hurriedly asked: “Ge, did you find them? How are they now?”

Tang San said: “My mental strength search reached their general area, still very far from here. If we rush at top speed it will still take twelve hours to arrive. At present, Da Ming and Er Ming’s lives still shouldn’t be in danger. But they’re running, and Bibi Dong and her people should be close behind. Da Ming and Er Ming’s auras are very unstable, suddenly strong and suddenly weak. They should be injured, and very possibly seriously so. We have to rush to save them. Just now I used my mental strength to connect with them. Even though it was too far to truly communicate, I could still draw them to run in our direction. Like that we can converge a bit sooner. Don’t worry Xiao Wu. Heaven helps the worthy, they will definitely be alright.”

Even though he said so, Tang San’s heart was still extremely heavy. With Da Ming and Er Ming’s strength as the kings of the forest, the auras he detected were still so unstable, it showed how serious their injuries were. These two forest kings could rely on their gravity control domain and slow domain to escape, but they couldn’t pull open the distance to those powerful pursuers. Fully using a domain required the support of energy, and the two forest kings clearly hadn’t been tangling with those people for just a day or two. How long could they still hold out?

The trees in the Star Dou Great Forest grew extremely densely, and there was also a lot of underbrush. Flying inside the forest wasn’t realistic, but relying on the Eight Spider Lances terrain advantage, Tang San could be said to reach the pinnacle of his speed, constantly passing through the tiny openings in the foliage like a golden streak of light.

Xiao Wu saved her soul strength to be able to help Tang San in battle, and returned to Tang San’s body, letting him place her body in the Hundred

Treasure Purse. Like this Tang San could unhindered reach the greatest possible speed.

Time passed second by minute, and through the Blue SIlver Domain’s connection, Tang San could clearly sense himself constantly getting closer to the two forest kings. But their unstable auras were growing weaker and weaker. They had already come into contact with the powerful auras behind them several times, and each time they did, their auras would clearly weaken a bit.

Elsewhere in Star Dou Great Forest, the enormous Titan Giant Ape was madly rushing between the trees, the Sky Blue Bull Python curled around him with its head facing backwards, constantly releasing one cyan ring of light after another.

They were already dyed red with their own blood, and the injuries the Sky Blue Bull Python had suffered were especially severe. Of its originally more than thirty meter long body, the last seven or eight meters were already severed, and the wound was still constantly dripping stinking black blood. Its eyes had lost their former luster, and with each ring of light it released, his eyes would grow a bit duller. Even the rest of his body was covered in clusters of scars, surrounded by large amounts of black corruption. His body would occasionally release a few bursts of smoke, and where the smoke passed the plants would wither, clearly showing how terrible the poison afflicting him was.

The Titan Giant Ape’s circumstances were a bit better than the SKy Blue Bull Python. But his body still held several wounds, especially a large sword wound on his chest was so deep the bone showed, and one could even vaguely see his beating heart within. If this wound had reached a bit deeper, it might have already cut his heart.

Even though he was already completely weak, the eyes of the two giant spirit beasts were filled with rancor and unwillingness. This battle had already gone on for too long, they had been constantly fighting a running battle for the better part of a month.

Those humans attacking them really were too powerful, especially those two fellows who last time used their Spirit Fusion Ability to trap them. If not for them again using the same ability to to temporarily lock down the two spirit beasts, making them suffer serious injuries, it wouldn’t be so easily for these people to chase them. Da Ming’s severed tail and Er Ming’s chest wound were left from that time.

Beyond those two, there was also one female human who was especially powerful. Even Da Ming and Er Ming’s powerful bodies couldn’t block her attacks head on.

Fighting and running, if they hadn’t possessed domains that just slowed the opponent’s pursuit, if they weren’t exceptionally familiar with the Star Dou Great Forest, they might have already been killed.

Neither Da Ming or Er Ming had lower intelligence than humans, they of course knew what these humans were chasing them for. They were unwilling, absolutely unwilling to let them snatch away their spirit rings and bones. Even in death, they wouldn’t let them succeed. Therefore, even though the two great spirit beasts were growing weaker and weaker, they still ran as hard as they could, without a thought of giving up.

“Second, I almost can’t hold out, don’t care about me, run on your own. While the green hills last, there’ll be wood to burn. Didn’t we get a signal for aid. You hurry and meet with them. I’ll hold up these despicable humans. If they want my spirit ring and spirit bone, they’re dreaming. I’ll self destruct rather than give them any benefits.” The resentment in Da Ming’s eyes was already at its peak.

In terms of strength, Da Ming was above Er Ming. In the more than ten days of fighting, he had also suffered more enemy attacks, taken heavier injuries, especially the poison inside him was constantly eroding his body, his life rapidly fading.

“No. Big bro. As long as I still have one breath left, I won’t give up.” Er Ming roared. He fiercely stomped on the ground with both feet, and a circle of intense golden light spread out behind him, once again slowing the

enemies approaching behind them. The intense gravity within the range of the light even turned the plants to dust.

“Er Ming, let me down. Neither of us will survive like this. Hurry and go.” The Sky Blue Bull Python Da Ming struggled on Er Ming’s back, but his body was held tightly by Er Ming, and no matter what he couldn’t get free.

“Big bro, do you believe I could still survive? That poison has already invaded my heart.”

“What?” Da Ming was shocked. The bull head looked down, and then saw that the insides of the wound on Er Ming’s chest had also equally turned black.

Er Ming said bitterly: “Bg bro, you were right. Both of us can’t escape the clutches of those bastards, no matter what. But since they dare come, then they definitely have some way to prevent us from self destructing our spirit rings and spirit bones. We have to pull open the distance, with enough time we can do it.”

“This group of bastards.” Da Ming roared. Sharply turning his head back, an intense cyan light spat out. Amidst an explosive sound, an intense energy collision made everything behind them turn into dense mist, but Da Ming’s eyes became even darker.

Bibi Dong chased neither quickly nor slowly. If Tang San saw her, he would definitely be shocked to discover that Bibi Dong’s legs were gone, from her waist down was a giant spherical body, and from this spheroid grew eight coarse long legs, spurring her to walk as if flying. Those eight legs had a lot of similarities to Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances, only with large tufts of green fur, as well as sickening mucus constantly dripping to the ground with puffing sounds. Intensely corrosive. Bibi Dong was never willing to show her spirit in front of others before, just because her appearance after fully using it was too ugly. It wasn’t just her lower body that changed, the skin on her upper body was also covered with a purple black armor, and even her face was hidden by a carapace. Below both eyes grew another four little eyes. No matter how you looked at it, she looked

like a giant poisonous spider. This was Bibi Dong’s first spirit, Death Spider Emperor.

Yellow, purple, purple, black, black, black, black, black, red, nine spirit rings were neatly arranged around her. A super spirit ring arrangement, Title Douluo level power.

Bibi Dong wasn’t a bit anxious. Behind her followed five elders, including Chrysanthemum Douluo and Ghost Douluo. In the operation this time, she had brought altogether six Title Douluo level powers. Actually, she very clearly understood that just her strength alone was enough to kill those two great spirit beasts, but for the sake of insurance, this time the elite had moved out.

Everything proceeded according to her plan. Experiencing more than half a month of pursuit, the two forest kings running ahead were already close to dried up lamps.

Bibi Dong could completely erupt with her true strength to deal with them, but right now she wasn’t in a rush. Targeted by her special ability, these two forest kings basically didn’t have a chance to run. She fully understood the poison she had released, the faster Da Ming and Er Ming ran, the faster the poison would work. Before long, they would fall dead on their own.

These two were after all the kings of the forest, so Bibi Dong chose this method because she was afraid they would lash back when facing death. After all, of the six Title Douluo she had brought this time, one had already died from the two forest kings’ strength. The Spirit Empire was just in need of manpower, so Bibi Dong didn’t want to see any more losses.

Only, the two great spirit beasts were even more tenacious than she had imagined, and also possessed even stronger vitality than they had expected. They could block their pursuit while madly escaping even when they had suffered such serious injuries. Hundred thousand year spirit beasts were quite impressive.

Bibi Dong’s heart was now extremely excited. As long as she obtained the spirit rings and bones of these two hundred thousand year spirit beasts as well, she had absolute confidence in attacking the final step. The stronger the two forest kings in front of her were, the higher the quality of their spirit rings and spirit bones. And the more advantageous they would be for her to attack the final pass. Thinking of this, Bibi Dong’s mood improved a lot. Getting them now seemed like just a matter of time. Moreover, it wouldn’t take much more time.

She basically didn’t fear long nights or many dreams, unless the empire’s high priest Qian Daoliu was here, none could stop her. But, why would Qian Daoliu come here too? Besides him, even if the whole nest of the two great empires’ powers came out, they would still be unable to stop her from completing the hunt. The five Title Douluo behind her were enough to stop the attacks of any spirit master.

In order to prevent the two forest kings from lashing back at death’s door, Bibi Dong had even ordered the chase to slow down, always keeping a kilometer’s distance with the two forest kings. But her mental power was rigidly locked on them, easily following, quietly waiting for the poison she had poured into them to take effect.

As she watched, Da Ming and Er Ming’s groundspeed was already growing slower and slower. Er Ming had already begun to stagger, and the time he could maintain the domain energy behind him was also growing shorter.

Bibi Dong laughed coldly, talking to herself: “To be able to persist this long wasn’t easy. Collapse. Become my spirit rings and spirit bones, it’s your honor.”

“Your Majesty, do we launch another round of attacks?” Ghost Douluo whispered.

Bibi Dong waved her hand, “No need. You five disperse, the later it is the more alert we must be. I’m determined to have these two spirit rings. There can be no mistakes.”

“Yes.” The five Title Douluo quietly separated from Bibi Dong, forming a semicircular encirclement of the two great spirit beasts. All they had to do was maintain control, and wait for the spirit beasts to die from the poison. WIth the current condition of the forest kings, even if they joined hands it would be very difficult to attack any other Title Douluo. At the same time, these five Title Douluo also completely spread out their mental power, scattering their pressure around them, making any spirit beasts in the surroundings that might appear not dare approach. As long as they waited Bibi Dong to add a last attack to the dying spirit kings, this mission would be successfully completed. Even so much that Bibi Dong didn’t need to attack. As long as the two great spirit beasts died from the poison, the result would be the same.

Da Ming and Er Ming’s eyes began to show despair. They knew they couldn’t hold out. THey wanted to rise up and kill one more enemy, but, those Spirit Empire powers were each as slippery as ghosts. Just as they were about to attack, the enemy would immediately retreat, pulling open the distance and wait for them to retreat, when these enemies would again faintly maintain the encirclement.

The two forest kings’ speed could no longer compare to these Title Douluo level powers. They could only helplessly feel their bodies weaken bit by bit. They now also understood the enemy’s goal, these shameless humans would exhaist their life force, until they attacked at the last moment.

Bibi Dong looked like she was heedlessly following, but her mental power was always tightly watching the two great spirit beasts. If she wanted their spirit rings, then the last person to kill them had to be her. She had to guard against the two great divine beasts killing themselves or each other. Her spirit abilities were already prepared, she absolutely wouldn’t give them the chance.

Da Ming and Er Ming naturally also sensed Bibi Dong’s frightful mental power. Er Ming gradually came to a halt, and placed Da Ming from his back on the ground. Then he sat down. They weren’t prepared to keep moving. If they continued, they would only exhaust their vitality. By stopping, perhaps they could still hold back their fate.

Er Ming’s chest heaved violently. The poison had already entered his heart. If he didn’t possess such a powerful body, his life would already be long gone.

Da Ming and Er Ming looked at each other, Er Ming whispered: “Big bro, I’ll cover you. Perhaps she can kill one of us, but the other will definitely have a chance for suicide.”

Da Ming saw the despair and helplessness in Er Ming’s eyes. Suddenly, his eyes brightened a bit, “No, wait a bit longer. Perhaps, we still have a chance not to die by their hands.”

Just at this moment, before Da Ming had finished speaking, suddenly, a gaudy golden light brightened in the Star Dou Great Forest, whether it was Bibi Dong or the other Title Douluo, their eyes were all drawn to this suddenly appearing golden light.

The golden light appeared behind the indeterminately drifting Ghost Douluo. This line of golden light appeared without warning, like a golden pillar of light that came out of nowhere, directly enveloping Ghost Douluo.

Ghost Douluo screamed miserably, the black currents of energy surrounding him collapsing in an instant, exposing his true features. Violent pain made his whole body contort. Five meters in front of him, a figure quietly appeared.

A giant cloak hid this person’s figure, only in his right hand was a four meter black trident. That golden light shot from his forehead.

“Careful!” The appearance of his person suddenly made Bibi Dong feel intense danger, and she hurriedly ordered.

“Kill him!”

Bibi Dong herself didn’t act blindly without thinking, because she had to target the two great divine beasts in order to kill them personally. Compared to Ghost Douluo’s life, the two great divine beasts’ value was way higher.

As an agility attack type Title Douluo, Ghost Douluo’s reaction should have been extremely fast. But at this moment, he basically couldn’t produce any spirit ability. If that golden light had fallen on an ordinary person, they would only have felt comfortably warm, or even more than comfortable, even common illnesses would be cured. But, when it fell on Ghost Douluo, it was no less of a hell than magma, his whole body was as if it had been set aflame, the violent pain reaching into the depths of his soul.

Ghost Douluo’s spirit was extremely peculiar. He had once died in his childhood, but by chance, his soul was able to reattach to his body, thereby awakening his spirit, producing an extremely unusual spirit, that was Ghost. In some sense, his soul was his spirit, and he himself was a living dead.

What Ghost Douluo feared the most was the kind of sacred light like the Seraphim spirit released. That kind of light was the nemesis of his spirit. And the golden light he faced, was even more terrifying than the sacred light of the Seraphim he had once sensed. The divine power it contained precluded any chance of him breaking free, and he was even more unable to release any spirit ability. He did his utmost to urge his spirit power to endure, wanting to use Title Douluo level spirit power to break free. As long as he could break free, he would at most lose a few ranks of spirit power, but could stay alive. But, facing an immobile opponent, would the power in front of him releasing the golden light use only that golden radiance?

This suddenly appearing person was naturally Tang San. Actually, he had already arrived as early has half a stick of incense ago. But, he at the same time also felt a mental strength not much weaker than his own. Therefore, he didn’t dare directly hide, and rather hid with the power of the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud, thoroughly camouflaging his aura and accumulating his mental strength inside, thereby avoiding discovery.

When Tang San saw Bibi Dong, he was also quite shocked. But he calmed down very quickly, analyzing the current situation. As he saw Bibi Dong and her subordinate Title Douluo always keep a certain distance from the two great divine beasts, as well as the two great divine beasts’ weakening vitelity, Tang San understood Bibi Dong’s way of thinking. And

just at this moment, Bibi Dong’s subordinates spread out to keep the two great beasts from escaping, then giving Tang San his present chance.

Tang San clearly discovered that Bibi Dong’s mental strength was completely focused on Da Ming and Er Ming, and could give them a mental attack at any time, and then launch a destructive attack. Thus, as long as he was a bit careful with his mental power, it was impossible for Bibi Dong to discover it.

When picking the target to attack, Tang San considered all his abilities, and ultimately chose Ghost Douluo.

Tang San of course had his reasons for attacking Ghost Douluo. Among the five Title Douluo Bibi Dong brought, Tang San was only familiar with Ghost Douluo and Chrysanthemum Douluo, and had also seen a portion of their abilities. Taken alone, these two Title Douluo weren’t very strong, neither was a Title Douluo with peak level spirits. But their position in Spirit Hall was extremely high, and for a very simple reason, Because these two Title Douluo possessed a formidable Spirit Fusion Ability. If it launched, even rank ninety five or ninety six Ttile Douluo would find it very difficult to block. Last time it was because they trapped Da Ming and Er Ming that led to Xiao Wu finally having no choice but to sacrifice herself for Tang San.

If he could kill one if these two first, then, it would undoubtedly make these Spirit Hall powers lose an extremely powerful restraint ability, even so much that it might be the strongest restraint ability they had.

, after many times use, especially after the battle against the Slaughter King, Tang San’s understanding of the Seagod’s Light had deepened a lot. This seemingly gentle light had a formidable evil vanquishing power. Even when it wasn’t used with the Seagod Trident, it still had an extremely powerful effect on evil. Giving it the Seagod’s name wasn’t just a name. Ghost Douluo’s body was covered by a ghost dance, making it impossible to see his true features, dark and cold, clearly not a just way. The Seagod’s Light would extremely possibly have a certain restraining effect on him. In an ambush, it would very possible create an opportunity for Tang San to

instantly kill him. Even if he couldn’t kill him, with the help of the Seagod’s Light, Tang San still had a chance to seriously injure him.

Of course, there was another reason Tang San chose Ghost Douluo rather than Chrysanthemum Douluo. Chrysanthemum Douluo possessed the Odd Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum spirit, and had once tried to accept Dai Mubai as disciple. Even though Tang San didn’t have any good opinion of him, he loathed him far less than Ghost Douluo. With so many considerations, Ghost Douluo became Tang San’s first target of attack.

Relying on the Vast Sea Barrier to quietly hide behind Ghost Douluo, the Seagod’s Light exploded in an instant, with even better results than Tang San had anticipated. The other four Title Douluo all around instantly used their mental power to target him, and swiftly threw themselves in this direction, intensely pressuring Tang San, wanting to rely on their formidable auras to pressure Tang San into being unable to attack, and even quickly kill him while he was awed.

Unfortunately, even though four Title Douluo added together could bring Tang San a lot of pressure, compared to the Seagod’s first trial, this bit of pressure was far from enough to hinder Tang San. Relying on his Boundless level mental strength, Tang San straight up ignored them. The Title Douluo closest to Ghost Douluo’s position was three hundred meters away. Three hundred meters, to a Title Douluo, was of course close to nothing, it could be covered in practically just a couple of breaths. But to Tang San, this couple of breaths was already enough to finish a lot of things.

Seeing Ghost Douluo struggle in pain under the Seagod’s Light, Tang San inwardly exulted. He knew that he’d accidentally, unexpectedly found Ghost Douluo’s fatal weakness. Without any hesitation, the Seagod’s Light instantly changed direction, and the black trident stabbed out.

Ghost Douluo just felt his whole body relax, and that golden light that left him in so much pain turned away from him. But, before he could gather his strength to dodge, golden light flashed in front of him again, and light ten times more intense than before covered his body in an instant. The giant trident had already reached his chest.

Right now, all he could do was raise his hands and condense all his spirit power to try and block this attack. He understood that as long as he could escape this time, then, his comrades would rush over and tear this ambusher’s corpse into ten thousand pieces. But, this time he couldn’t block.

On the three great prongs of the Seagod Trident, the golden light moved just like waves. How was this true divine weapon something Ghost Douluo could block after just having been seriously injured by the Seagod’s Light? The sharp blade, blossomed with devil breaking power. Ghost Douluo only felt the spirit power he had condensed between his palms fly off, unexpectedly slipping past either side of the Seagod Trident. The next moment, an ice cold feeling hit his whole body, and that gaudy golden light rushed out through his back.
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