Douluo Dalu Chapter 241-250


Chapter 241

Mercy to one’s enemy was cruelty to oneself. There were still another six challenges after this, so Tang San naturally wouldn’t give up this chance. White light spread out underneath him, instantly enveloping the entire Seahorse Sacred Pillar platform area. This was the start of the Deathgod Domain’s Asura Hell.

Seahorse Douluo only felt his whole body grow cold, and saw Tang San’s silhouette disappear from in front of him. His surroundings became a blood red world, mournful screams echoed in his ears, ice-cold, nearly tangible killing intent assaulted him from all directions, and he couldn’t keep his heartfelt timidity from emerging.

Domain. Seahorse Douluo didn’t start attacking like Tang San had, and in one move, met Tang San’s Deathgod Domain. Adding on his previous momentary absent-mindedness, he’d immediately became passive.

However, as a Title Douluo, he of course wouldn’t collapse after such a minor hitch. He wasn’t flustered because the world around him had changed, and with a shake, he revealed his spirit avatar.

Seahorse Douluo’s body instantly fused with his white bone armor, transforming him into a three meter long giant seahorse. With a shake, a bizarre circular ripple spread out from him, while at the same time his sixth spirit ring brightened.

The ripple was light blue, and densely covered a five meter diameter range around him. It unexpectedly forced out the Asura Hell’s killing intent. Even though it couldn’t break the Asura Hell, nor influence Tang San, the Deathgod Domain’s influence on him was still minimized.

The layer of ripples spread out and covered Seahorse Douluo’s body like a shield, similar to Tang San’s Vast Sea Barrier, except Seahorse Douluo’s ripple-shield was exclusively used for defense.

At that moment, the scenery in front of Seahorse Douluo suddenly changed. The severe killing intent from before disappeared, and in its place was a golden blue world. The moment the blood-red colour changed to golden-blue, he caught sight of Tang San. Taking one step forward with his left leg, a plain and unceremonious punch was blasted straight towards Tang San.

The Tang San he saw had not only turned completely golden blue, but moreover had had eight dazzling golden lances that were like spider legs appear.

After incarnating as a Seahorse, he had two short arms, somewhat different from a Seahorse itself. However, this plain and unceremonious punch still lit up his fifth spirit ring.

A series of explosive cracks echoed through the air, as if the atmosphere was enduring enormous pressure. And within the sea behind Tang San, an enormous wave soared up, condensing into a giant fist in midair which shot straight for Tang San’s back, forming a pincer attack with Seahorse Douluo’s punch.

Everyone watching the fight from the shore felt their hearts tighten a bit. Being familiar with Tang San, they of course knew that Tang San had switched domains, and that Seahorse Douluo had seized the moment in- between the two great domains to launch an attack. To be able to stay clear headed enough to seize this opportunity, while under the influence of the Deathgod Domain, clearly showed his battle strength.

However, Seahorse Douluo’s attack was still within Tang San’s expectations. The enormous pressure in front of and behind him, as well as his whole body being in a ‘locked’ condition, such that he couldn’t even use teleportation. This was the strength of a Title Douluo. However, Tang San still was

Amidst a loud explosion, Tang San’s body didn’t move a bit. Today’s first Invincible Golden Body launched. Over seventy two hours, or three days, he had altogether nine chances to use Invincible Golden Body. In order to finish the present battle as quickly as possible, Tang San didn’t hesitate to use the first one.

The pincer attack from both in front and behind could undoubtedly bring out the attack’s greatest power, but when confronted with Tang San’s Invincible Golden Body, it was still ineffective. It was so ineffective that, because it had attacked from both the front and rear, it didn’t even push him away.

Tang San of course had his reasons for choosing to take this punch head on. Only like this, did he have absolute certainty of again pulling Seahorse Douluo into his Blue Silver Domain. He’d already noticed that Seahorse Douluo had no domain of his own, so a battle within his domains was undoubtedly more advantageous to him. Moreover, using his body to take Seahorse Douluo’s attack also gave him time to do some other things.

The attack was ineffective, causing Seahorse Douluo to be shocked. All he saw was Tang San’s right arm flash red, and his body instantly be completely covered in golden light. What kind of defensive strength was this? His spirit power was obviously higher, so how could his attack have been ineffective?

While he was still surprised, Tang San’s figure had already disappeared from in front of him. The Blue Silver Domain’s Boundless Nature finished. Even though there were no plants on the platform, with Tang San’s present strength of spiritual force, while there weren’t any on the platform, that didn’t mean that there weren’t on the shore. His domain instantly crossed the sea within the sea, and swiftly drew from the plants on the shore to display the power of his Blue Silver Domain.

At the same time, countless golden threads had appeared within this Blue Silver Domain, which swiftly encircled Seahorse Douluo. This was what Tang San had done while he was taking the attack just now. The Eight Spider Lances naturally wouldn’t appear for nothing, as the fusion ability of his external spirit bone and the domain, Devouring Golden Threads, launched.

Seahorse Douluo was unconcerned at the start, but as the Devouring Golden Threads fell on the ripple-shield he’d opened before, he became shocked. The ripple shield’s energy was actually frantically draining away due to the effect of the threads. Along with Tang San entering the eightieth rank, while within the Blue Silver Domain, his Devouring Golden Threads no longer needed to touch the body to devour—anything in the domain that didn’t have the Blue Silver Domain’s own energy would be swallowed up, and then filtered through the Eight Spider Lances to become part of Tang San’s spirit power.

Weakening the other side and strengthening oneself, this was where the Blue Silver Domain was most tyrannical. At the same time, it was one of Tang San’s aces for victory.

The Deathgod Domain wasn’t bad, but it exhausted an enormous amount of spirit power. When the opponent had no domain, the Blue Silver Domain was undoubtedly the best choice.

The ripple-shield’s range extended out a full five meters, so it naturally suffered from even more Devouring Golden Threads. Sensing the threads’ effect, Seahorse Douluo couldn’t help being shocked. Such a terrifying domain. No wonder his fifth trial was to challenge the seven sacred pillar Douluo.

Helplessly, Seahorse Douluo could only pull his sixth spirit ability’s ripple-shield back, as close to his body as he could, reducing the area of contact with the Devouring Golden Threads as much as possible. At the same time he punched out once again, this time striking towards the sky. However, he received yet another shock.

Indeed, the Devouring Golden Threads were sent flying from his punch, but they didn’t break, as if they basically hadn’t received any force at all. And, a small part of the energy from his punch was absorbed by the Devouring Golden Threads.

They could absorb too? Seahorse Douluo finally sensed danger. He understood that, if this went on, Tang San wouldn’t even need to attack him. As long as he maintained the domain, absorbing his spirit power, he would lose.

As one of the seven sacred pillar protectors, a formidable Title Douluo, he naturally wouldn’t concede like this. White light flashed in his eyes, and Seahorse Douluo stopped caring about the Devouring Golden Threads. Breathing in deeply, he crossed all ten of his fingers, and raised his hands to his chest with his palms down. At the same time, his ninth spirit ring brightened.

Spirit masters without a domain were at an extreme disadvantage against spirit masters who had one. What Seahorse Douluo was going to do now was to rely on his spirit power being higher than Tang San’s, and launch his strongest attack. Even if he couldn’t beat Tang San, he’d still consume as much of his spirit power as possible. This was his duty as an examiner. He wouldn’t throw the game because he knew Tang San—because he knew Tang San’s identity.

Although Seahorse Douluo’s ninth spirit ring was still the black colour that represented the ten thousand year level, in fact, this black spirit ring had still surpassed eighty thousand years of cultivation. Back then, he’d suffered untold hardships in the ocean in order to find a suitable spirit beast.

Now his ninth spirit ring flashed, the black ring of light rapidly expanding, as it formed a circular black screen that revolved around him, and enormous energy fluctuations frantically rushed out, causing the surrounding atmosphere to violently distort.

Dai Mubai and the others observing the battle clearly saw the entire sea within the sea boiling, and without the obstruction of the Seahorse Pillar’s light this time, the sea actually rose perfectly straight for a hundred meters,

while that clear seawater was moreover instantly dyed black, its violent heaving distributing endless energy.

The Shrek Five Devil’s expressions changed simultaneously, this was a Title Douluo’s ninth spirit ability? Such tremendous power. Even when compared to the all out eruption of a hundred thousand year spirit beast, it wasn’t inferior. While Seahorse Douluo was completely suppressed by Tang San’s domain, therefore he’d launched his most powerful attack. His thinking was very straightforward and direct, but also very effective.

I can’t see through your domain? You’re going to drain my energy? Then fine. I’ll bring out all of my energy for you to swallow. I don’t need to find you. With this comprehensive-attack ninth spirit ability, detonate with all the force of my strength fused with the sea within the sea. It will attack both you and your domain, and even if this will exhaust most of my energy, you won’t be feeling well either.

Undoubtedly, Seahorse Douluo’s choice was extremely correct. As a Title Douluo, his spirit power was above Tang San’s, so picking an all out collision was advantageous for him. Even weakened by the domain, he still had his more than ninety ranked spirit power.

Seahorse Douluo’s black ninth spirit ring represented an ability called Tornado Giant Wave Nirvana Fist. Spirit power spread out, drawing all of the surrounding water element in to form a giant whirlpool, producing an area attack. Located at the heart of the sea within the sea, this was undoubtedly the ideal location for the Tornado Giant Wave Nirvana Fist. The waves overflowing into the sky had already begun to rotate, and Seahorse Douluo’s spirit power swiftly charged up. The moment he finished charged up, would be the perfect moment for this frightening ninth spirit ability to take the stage.

At this moment, Tang San’s figure appeared. Within the golden blue domain, his golden blue figure seemed a bit unclear. Gracefully rotating in the sky, his left leg kicked out.

The moment his leg was above his head, his left leg chopped down—it no longer seemed like a leg, but rather like an enormous battle axe cutting

through the sky as it descended. In that moment, the image of the Evil Spirit Orca King smashing his giant tail against the surface of the sea seemed to appear behind him.

Described as a red light, it was like a sparkling and translucent fan- shaped afterimage in the air. Strangely, Tang San’s target wasn’t Seahorse Douluo, but rather that black light he’d released, that circular black screen from the ninth spirit ring.

This black light screen was a defense that activated when Seahorse Douluo used his ninth spirit ability, and its defensive capabilities were even higher than his sixth spirit ability ripple-barrier.

As Tang San’s attack fell from the sky, all of the Devouring Golden Threads instantly gathered together, condensing into two parts, and attacking from two sides, the devouring ability activating fully.

In this way, the black light screen whose energy was being rapidly absorbed under the golden threads’ draining, dulled slightly in the middle. And it was at this moment that Tang San’s left leg fell from the sky.

Hundred thousand year evil spirit left leg bone’s ability, Orca Evil Spirit Axe. Tang San altogether had five spirit bones, and only the newest of these, the evil spirit left leg bone, could be said to be completely offensive. As a hundred thousand year spirit bone, its offensive power could be imagined. It had two attack abilities, one being a ranged attack, and the other being the Orca Evil Spirit Axe that Tang San had just now used, which focused the strength of the entire body into the left leg, amplified it with the spirit bone, and formed an axe edge as thin as a cicada’s wing, which shot out in a straight line.

Even Xiao Bai was at a disadvantage against Tang San’s Orca Evil Spirit Axe with all her strength—this showed just how frightening this spirit bone ability was. When a hundred thousand year spirit bone or spirit ring’s effects could be completely used for offense, it was extremely frightening.

A soft tearing sound echoed, as red light swept past, and the black light of the circle protecting Seahorse Douluo suddenly grew denser. In the next

moment, a large gap was shown between the two streams of Devouring Golden Threads.

Red light appeared again. This time it wasn’t the light of a spirit bone, but rather of Tang San’s eighth spirit ring. That rippling red light that had once trapped Dai Mubai and Ma Hongjun spread out with this eighth spirit ring, quietly flowed into the gap in the black light screen, and enveloped Seahorse Douluo.

Tang San’s eighth spirit ring’s ability, Blue Silver Orca Devil’s Absorption, started.

As a hundred thousand year spirit ring, Tang San’s eighth spirit ring had two abilities, the second of which was Blue Silver Orca Devil’s Absorption. Its features were: Physical defense is ineffective; if the physical body touched its red ripples, regardless of their physical strength, they’d be forcibly stunned for three seconds. Energy could block it, but if it touched any released spirit ability energy attacks, the releaser’s spirit power will be consumed at triple the attack’s normal rate.

This was an extremely potent crowd control ability amongst all control type abilities. Being forcibly stunned for three seconds was something even Title Douluo level powers would tremble at. Because this stun ability was absolute. It would take effect as long as it touched one’s physical body. It couldn’t be counteracted by any abilities or internal spirit power.

Even with an energy shield defense, after coming in contact with the Blue Silver Orca Devil’s Absorption, one’s spirit power would be swiftly consumed. Confronting such a spirit ability, and choosing to defend, wouldn’t work, but not defending would mean being stunned. This was where high level control type spirit masters gave other kinds of spirit masters the largest headache.

Right now, Seahorse Douluo’s surrounding energy defense had already been broken by Tang San’s Orca Evil Spirit Axe, and the red light ripples of Blue Silver Orca Devil’s Absorption naturally latched onto him without any politeness. The forcible stun took effect.

The simple word ‘forcible’, for Seahorse Douluo, could be read as ‘destruction’. If it was an ordinary stun ability, right now it’d be ineffective on Seahorse Douluo. While using an exceedingly powerful ability like his ninth spirit ability, Seahorse Douluo’s body was in a kind of oppressive state. Let alone the defensive screen around him, even without it, he’d still be very difficult to interrupt. Otherwise, how could his ninth spirit ability be worthy of being called a Title Douluo’s ultimate attack?

However, no matter how powerful the ninth spirit ability, it still couldn’t endure Tang San’s freakish hundred thousand year spirit ability. The instant stun immediately made Seahorse Douluo unable to continue controlling the tremendous spirit power he’d gathered.

Amidst an explosive sound that made the entire Seagod Island shudder, the already condensed giant whirlpool in the sea within the sea shattered explosively. Giant waves splashed onto everyone on the shore, making them all like drowned chickens.

Seahorse Douluo’s ninth spirit ability had unexpectedly been forcibly interrupted by Tang San like this. Most dreadful was that, although most of the energy from his ninth spirit ability that he’d gathered had been released outside, there was still a part that had been stored within his body, which had been used to connect with and control the ability. Without Seahorse Douluo’s control, this portion of spirit power abruptly created a backlash.

With a muffled groan, blood spurted frantically from Seahorse Douluo’s mouth, and even his nose and ears overflowed with blood. He stumbled backwards several steps, until he hit the Seahorse Sacred Pillar, and managed to regain his balance.

The Blue Silver Domain’s Boundless Nature quietly disappeared, and Tang San reappeared before Seahorse Douluo. He didn’t keep attacking, as his Boundless level spiritual force could scan Seahorse Douluo’s physical condition, and Tang San of course wouldn’t throw stones down the well after this Title Douluo, as they’d always had good relations with each other. If it weren’t for Oscar still having to challenge him later, Tang San wouldn’t have even let this Title Douluo suffer injuries this severe.

Victory, I defeated a Sea Douluo. No matter how staunch his willpower was, Tang San couldn’t help being inwardly excited at the moment. This was the first time that he’d defeated a Title Douluo level power one on one! Even though this victory could be attributed to all of his various monstrous and powerful abilities, without a doubt, he’d relied on his own strength to defeat his opponent. The fifth trial was one seventh complete.

“Senior, you let me win.” Tang San bowed slightly to Seahorse Douluo.

The three second stun had already passed, and Seahorse Douluo stood there unsteadily, secretly sighing, and bowed in return, “No need to be polite. Many thanks for starting off leniently.” During the three second stun, when the backlash from his ninth spirit ability’s energy had appeared, Tang San could have killed him if he’d wanted too. But he didn’t suffer any follow up attacks, thus it was clear that Tang San was holding back. Even if he still had the strength to fight, he wouldn’t quibble over justifications.

A line of blue light flashed, and another silhouette appeared next to Tang San, Xiao Wu. Xiao Wu’s trial was to accompany Tang San throughout the Seagod Nine Trials, and Tang San of course wouldn’t forget her when passing a test.

At the start of his and Seahorse Douluo’s battle, he’d taken Xiao Wu out from the Wishful Hundred Treasures Purse, and had, at the same time, let her soul return to her body, before enveloping her in the Vast Sea Barrier, achieving a camouflage effect. Like this, not only could he let Xiao Wu accompany him through the trial in a relatively safe manner, but at the same time Xiao Wu could also launch surprise attacks from the side at any time in order to help Tang San pass the trial.

There had clearly been no need for Xiao Wu to get involved in the confrontation with Seahorse Douluo. Moreover, Tang San was also certain that if Xiao Wu had interfered, the completion level of his trial would decrease. In their original plan, he’d have the help of his friends in the later tests, so Tang San would of course complete the trials that he could on his own.

Raising his hand, Seahorse Douluo turned to face the Seahorse Sacred Pillar, and using the forefinger of his right hand, drew a difficult to portray pattern on the sacred pillar. As the last stroke was finished, the pattern blossomed with dazzling golden light, suddenly shining on the golden trident brand on Tang San’s forehead. Reflected in the two crossing rays of light, a message had appeared in Tang San’s mind, ‘Seahorse Sacred Pillar Challenge Passed’.

A ray of bright red light appeared on Xiao Wu’s forehead at the same time, before flashing and disappearing.

Up in the air, of the seven rays of golden light, the one belonging to the Seahorse Sacred Pillar suddenly extinguished. But the golden ball of light in the sky still didn’t weaken, only lacking one of the surrounding golden flames. This was an indicator for time passing.

Done conceding, Seahorse Douluo turned and looked towards Tang San, his gaze sweeping over the golden trident brand on his forehead, “The next challenges will be even more difficult. I hope that you’ll be more careful. You should already possess the ability of the Seagod’s Light. Even though the Seagod’s Light has no attack power by itself, it can still deter sea spirit beasts. At the same time, its deterrence won’t only work on them.”

Seeing the deep meaning in Seahorse Douluo’s eyes, Tang San instantly understood, and said gratefully, “Many thanks for senior’s advice. If you’re in any way offended later senior, please excuse it.”

Seahorse Douluo stared blankly. Right at that moment, two figures moved across the lake, “We’re Oscar and Ning Rongrong, senior please instruct us……”

Seahorse Douluo then understood what Tang San meant. He could only helplessly shake his head, laughing in spite of himself, “It doesn’t matter, such tactics are allowed. Only, don’t think that I’ll give up that easily. If you want to defeat me, you’ll still have to bring out your strength. Then, let’s begin.”

Tang San retreated to the shore, no longer watching the Seahorse Sacred Pillar battle. Eating a big recovery sausage, he directly sat down cross- legged to rest, as he recovered his spirit power and mental strength.

His challenge to Seahorse Douluo hadn’t used much time, but had actually consumed a considerable amount of energy. Fighting a Title Douluo was easier said than done. Tang San also understood that although Seahorse Douluo had used his full strength in the fight, he hadn’t fought with his life on the line. Otherwise, it would’ve been impossible for him to win so easily. Formulating mobile battle tactics as well as using a few formidable spirit abilities in conjunction had exhausted Tang San a lot too. Fortunately he’d had the Devouring Golden Threads for support, which had let him absorb a lot of Seahorse Douluo’s spirit power. His exhaustion was within permissible range.

Oscar and Ning Rongrong joined hands to challenge Seahorse Douluo in a battle without much suspense. Seriously injured in his battle with Tang San, and with his spirit power substantially consumed, it was difficult for Seahorse Douluo to even maintain his spirit avatar, so how could he defeat Oscar who was using the clone mirror sausage to copy one hundred percent of Ma Hongjun’s spirit abilities, as well as the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda buff from Ning Rongrong? The battle was very direct. Oscar chose the tactic of using large scale spirit attack abilities to collide with Seahorse Douluo. Even though it was a bit mean in some sense, it was undoubtedly the most effective way. After only three rounds, Seahorse Douluo could no longer hold out.

Ning Rongrong’s eighty percent all-round boost even made Oscar’s spirit power a bit higher than Tang San. Even if he didn’t have Tang San’s endless frightening abilities, the frontal spirit ability collision still forced Seahorse Douluo to admit defeat.

However, just as the Shrek Seven Devils judged before, after Oscar won with a shortcut, his reward was no longer one rank of spirit power, but rather half a rank, making him a bit gloomy. But this was already the best result. If he had confronted Seahorse Douluo in top condition, Oscar knew it would be very difficult for him to succeed.

Before leaving, Oscar left behind ten large recovery sausages for Seahorse Douluo, and after apologizing once again, everyone set off, leaving for their second destination.

This next fight was the true start of the battle. Because, according to everyone’s plan, Tang San’s challenges would be in between each time Dai Mubai and the others, like this he could rest for even longer, thereby maintaining his top condition. Consequently, their next choice was the Sea’s Lance Sacred Pillar, also where Dai Mubai had to accept his challenge. He would face Sealance Douluo.

Before setting out, everyone had carefully studied the map of Seagod Island, the second battle choice, Sea’s Lance Sacred Pillar, wasn’t only because Dai Mubai was the strongest apart from Tang San, but at the same time also because Sea’s Lance Sacred Pillar was at just the right distance.

Two hours later, the Shrek Seven Devils plus Bai Chenxiang reached their destination. The Sea’s Lance Sacred Pillar’s sea within the sea.

As the yellow and purple clothes spirit masters keeping watch by the sea within the sea saw the brands on everyone’s foreheads, they didn’t stop them, and very quickly brought them to the sea.

Judging by eye, this sea within the sea seemed about the same size as by the previous Seahorse Sacred Pillar, only its shape was different. At the center of the sea within the sea was a round platform, and at the center of the platform was erected a pillar at least a third higher than the Seahorse Sacred Pillar, with golden light soaring up. Just looking at the shape of this sacred pillar gave an impression of threatening sharpness. The entire sacred pillar was like a giant lance sticking up, golden light shot from the tip, and fine magic lines alternately hidden and visible under the golden light was magically obscure.

Below the sacred pillar, one person sat cross legged against it. Faint golden hair draped across his shoulders, both eyes closed. Even though the ravages of time had left some marks on his face, one could still tell that this Sea’s Lance Sacred Pillar protector Title Douluo was an outstandingly beautiful man when he was young.

Dai Mubai looked face to face with Tang San, “We’ll go.” Tang San’s trial had a time limit. He wanted to save Tang San as much time as possible.

“Go for it.” Everyone called out simultaneously. Oscar slipped a handful of sausages to Dai Mubai. He was the first to pass the trial, also in order to be able to support the others better.

Tang San didn’t say more, directly sitting down crosslegged, continuing to recover the spirit power exhausted in the first battle. The others also all took after him to sit down, cultivating, maintaining their peak condition. Only Oscar who had already passed the fifth trial observed the battle in front of the Sea’s Lance Sacred Pillar.

Dai Mubai brought Ning Rongrong over with a few leaps, using the force from striking the surface of the sea with his toes, to land on the Sea’s Lance Sacred Pillar platform. Just at the same time the two of them landed on the platform, a sharp aura immediately assaulted them. It was as if they didn’t confront a person, but rather a spear that could overcome any defense.

Ning Rongrong shifted her feet, swiftly dodging behind Dai Mubai. Not only did she release her spirit, she even instantly used her Nine Treasure Avatar. Illusory images drifted out, and the skull bone ability Fantasy Space spread out, enveloping the platform.

This was what everyone had planned in advance. The Sealance Douluo Dai Mubai confronted was very possible the seven sacred pillar Douluo second only to Seadragon Douluo. Some clues for this could be seen from him being a tool spirit master. It was more difficult for tool spirit masters to cultivate to Title Douluo than beast spirit masters, but at the same time, tool spirit master Title Douluo would ordinarily be stronger than beast spirit master Title Douluo.

“Hou——” Dai Mubai roared, his evil eyes radiating sudden light. His body abruptly expanded, the first, third, fifth, seventh, actually releasing four spirit abilities. With a sway of his body, within Ning Rongrong’s Fantasy Space, he incarnated as a more than seven meter long, brilliantly golden fierce tiger. With the four great boost abilities, Dai Mubai’s current

physical condition was already at its peak. His hind legs used force, and he brazenly lunged.

This sacred pillar platform wasn’t particularly large, a diameter of just around twenty meters. Dai Mubai’s body was more than seven meters long, and he practically just changed form as his ejected sharp blade claws already reached Sealance Douluo. At the same time, strength, defense, and attack boost, three great buffing abilities caught up to him from behind, completing the boost.

Dai Mubai’s spirit power was after all already close to eightieth rank, further adding Ning Rongrong’s buffs, his spirit power intensity absolutely wouldn’t be lower than Title Douluo, and this lunge even more exploded from his tyrannical body.

Sealance Douluo was already floating in the air when Dai Mubai released his spirit avatar. As he sensed the aura of Dai Mubai’s attack, he couldn’t keep his eyes from displaying a trace of shock.

His eyes were blue, as if untainted by a hint of emotion. If you had Dai Mubai compare it to someone, then this Sealance Douluo’s expression was extremely similar to the Breaking Clan chief Yang Wudi.

Meeting Dai Mubai’s tiger claws was a golden lance. This lance didn’t have all the magic patterns the Sea’s Lance Sacred Pillar did, but was as smooth as a mirror, without any decoration, seeming so simple and direct. But its two yellow, two purple, and five black spirit rings showed its true strength.

The third spirit rong brightened from the spear, and the spear shadow split into three, two of which thrust towards Dai Mubai’s two tiger claws, while the third stabbed straight towards Dai Mubai’s white tiger throat.

These three lances were incomparably fast, Dai Mubai didn’t even clearly see Sealance Douluo’s hands move. The three scarcely scattered attacks descended simultaneously. The attacks were extremely condensed, like three sharp needles. Even before the attacks arrived, a bone piercing chill already made the giant tiger’s hackles rise.

Dai Mubai wasn’t easy to deal with either. His forward momentum was unchanged, as both tiger claws suddenly criss crossed, bringing lines of spear sharp golden light.

Ear piercing cracks echoed continuously, and a series of sparks erupted between the lance and white tiger. Dai Mubai’s body stalled, falling to the ground. And Sealance Douluo was knocked away, striking the Sea’s Lance Sacred Pillar not far behind him before he regained his balance. The golden lance in his hands flickered with light, and his face turned the color of blood. Three breaths later he had recovered to normal.

Clearly, in this first exchange, Dai Mubai had taken the advantage.

There really was a large gap in spirit power between both sides, seventy ninth rank confronting an opponent of at least ninetieth rank. But don’t forget that just as Dai Mubai lunged, he had completely started the four great boost abilities, and behind him he also had Ning Rongrong’s three boost abilities. Attack power, defensive power as well as strength were amplified by eighty percent. Under the numerous support abilities, his total attack power just exceeded Sealance Douluo’s third spirit ability.

Chapter 242

This battle was destined to be a contest of force from the start.

As Sealance Douluo saw Dai Mubai and Ning Rongrong’s age, he originally felt a bit contemptuous, even when Dai Mubai released the White Tiger Avatar, revealing his seventh ring, his thoughts didn’t change. After all, the gap between a Title Douluo and a Spirit Sage was really too wide.

But as they truly collided, he learned that these two youngsters weren’t as easy to deal with as he imagined.

Dai Mubai’s attack went smoothly, and he also equally sensed Sealance Douluo’s contempt for him, but he grew happy rather than angry. Just as he landed, his foreclaws violently struck the Sea’s Lance Sacred Pillar platform once, propelling his enormous body once again into the air, tackling towards Sealance Douluo like a bolt of lightning.

This time his tiger claws were gathered at his chest, his whole body radiating golden light, and along with his charge, several dozen meters above him, countless white meteors fell from the sky, focused on Sealance Douluo. It was White Tiger Meteor Shower.

His goal was very simple, not giving Sealance Douluo time to catch his breath, he would exploit the bit of initiative he had at the start to forcefully suppress the opponent until he won. This was undoubtedly his best choice at present.

Dai Mubai’s White Tiger Avatar’s strongest capability was undoubtedly the melee, but his small number of attack abilities also possessed considerable might. Especially with Ning Rongrong’s support, his power could be displayed to its greatest degree.

At the same time as the White Tiger Meteor Shower emerged, another line of boost light reached him, Ning Rongrong’s third spirit ability, spirit power boost. Although this was just the third spirit ability, each of Ning Rongrong’s spirit abilities boosted eighty percent. As the world’s number one support spirit, the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda was an extremely abnormal existence in itself.

“Good——” Sealance Douluo shouted, his back was against the Sea’s Lance Sacred Pillar, unable to retreat. Seeing Dai Mubai transformed into the white tiger attacking him from all directions with the meteor shower in midair, he gripped the lance in both hands, suddenly sticking it into the ground in front of him. Immediately after, his seventh spirit ring flared with light. In just a split second, his whole body actually transformed into a golden liquid that merged into that spear.

These were circumstances Dai Mubai had never seen, even Tang San hadn’t seen it. The spirit master’s body blending into the tool spirit, this was a true union between man and spear.

Due to the advantage from the first attack, just before Sealance Douluo’s body merged into the lance, Dai Mubai had already lunged. Tiger claws striking from his chest, an ear piercing sonorous sound erupted, continuously striking countless spark from that Sea’s Lance. The White Tiger Meteor shower in midair also unerringly struck the lance.

However, bizarrely, no matter how violently Dai Mubai attacked, all his attacks seemed to fall on indestructible metal. Apart from those flying sparks, it basically didn’t seem like any of the attacks hit Sealance Douluo. The White Tiger Meteor Shower also only seemed to splash out white light on the lance, without any sense of a proper result appearing.

What was going on here?

“Mubai, careful.” From the side came a loud shout. By the voice, i

Dai Mubai and the others had an almost blind trust in Tang San. The giant white tiger’s body swiftly retreated almost without hesitation. Practically the instant he withdrew, that golden lance stuck in the platform abruptly shot up, countless golden lights exploding out like fine rain, like a sunburst, distributing countless golden lights.

Each golden trace caused a series of explosions in the air, almost instantly filling the entire Sea’s Lance Sacred Pillar platform with golden light. Vaguely, one could see a black ring of light spreading out.

Dai Mubai’s huge body swiftly retreated in front of Ning Rongrong. He couldn’t retreat any further, because Ning Rongrong was behind him. If they entered the water, they would only be in even more danger. Fighting on this platform they still had some odds of success.

The giant tiger gaped wide, a surging white light jetting out, not dispersing, but rather condensing into a white shield of light in front of Dai Mubai, blocking the full power erupting from that golden lance. Having used the spirit abilities for so many years, how could they not change a bit? This shield of light was a clever use of the White Tiger Light Wave while in White Tiger Avatar state.

The golden light stabbed at the white light shield, instantly causing countless ripples, like rain falling on a calm lake. By constantly spitting out the White Tiger Light Wave, and with Ning Rongrong’s further all out boost behind him, this just helped him block that explosion of golden light.

On the shore, Tang San’s expression had become serious. Through his spiritual force probe as well as his own judgement, he could see that the attack just now was Sealance Douluo’s eighth spirit ability. His seventh spirit ability made his body blend into the lance like water, and the eighth spirit ability seemed to be able to use the lance to temporarily block the enemy’s attack, and possibly even reflect the energy of the opponent’s attack. If Dai Mubai hadn’t retreated fast enough and been hit head on by that exploding lance, the outcome might have already been settled. In order

to regain the initiative, Sealance Douluo had revealed his power in their second exchange.

Such a powerful tool spirit avatar. As Grandmaster’s disciple, Tang San had never heard from Grandmaster that tool spirit masters could use their spirit avatar to merge into their tool spirit. In the spirit master world, tool Spirit Sages and higher level tool spirit masters were basically a lot fewer than beast Spirit Sages and higher beast spirit masters. Could this special case be specific to sea spirit masters?

Tang San didn’t dare be certain, but he could be sure that after the union of body and tool, this Sealance Douluo’s strength was absolutely even more formidable than ordinary tool spirit avatars. Without the body, Dai Mubai had lost his point of attack, and could only treat the opponent’s golden lance as his target. But judging by the circumstances just now, the golden lance not only had frightful defensive strength, but moreover endless might in this kind of tool spirit avatar form.

The sputtering ripples very soon disappeared. By dodging the golden lance’s frontal attack, as well as with Ning Rongrong’s support, Dai Mubai had relied on White Tiger Light Wave to block that slender as fine rain golden light.

The golden lance had now shot into the air, sweeping past the Sea’s Lance Sacred Pillar Platform, falling towards the sea within the sea as if out of control.

Hesitating over the unclear circumstances, Dai Mubai didn’t pursue immediately. Ning Rongrong threw out a big recovery sausage into his white tiger maw, then also ate one herself. The two simultaneously adjusted their spirit power condition.

Just at this moment, the golden lance hit the surface of the sea. To be precise, it should be called lashed the surface of the sea. Amidst an explosive crack, a crystalline screen of water was thrown up by the golden lance. The lance whipped sideways, and countless droplets turned into specks of light, cutting through the air straight at Dai Mubai and Ning Rongrong with ear piercing sounds. At the same time, the golden lance

spun once in midair, pointing downward, then thrust towards the sea within the sea.

“Block it, don’t let it into the water.” Tang San’s voice echoed once again. This time it was no longer a hasty shout. Through observation, the had already discovered some clues. Forcing his voice into a line, the sound entered Dai Mubai’s ear.

Hearing Tang San’s warning, Dai Mubai immediately understood. That attack from Sealance Douluo merged with the spear before had to have exhausted him a great deal, but as a Sea Douluo, he could undoubtedly display his greatest strength within the ocean. Whipping out these droplets was more in order to stall them. He didn’t have enough time to consider why Sealance Douluo didn’t directly enter the water, and instead first launched an attack to stop them, missing the opportunity. His enormous body was already lunging.

This moment clearly revealed Dai Mubai’s power. He didn’t dodge the droplet attack, using his forepaws to shield his eyes, his huge body forcefully pounced, straight for that golden lance.

The facts once again proved Tang San’s conjecture, as the lance tip was about to enter the water, the lance suddenly paused. The lance tip trembled, turning into countless lance shadows, stirring up the water below, instantly rendering it golden. It was like a whale inhaling, pulling up the seawater to merge into the lance. And that golden lance quickly expanded in the process.

“This is an internally accumulating domain, he’s swallowing the seawater and absorbing its energy to strengthen himself. Attack quickly, don’t give him the chance.”

Tang San’s warning echoed once again, but Dai Mubai had already crashed into the water screen. Originally, he only needed to revert to his original form, and thus the attack he needed to endure would reduce a lot. But like that, the fine droplets would very possibly sweep past him to attack Ning Rongrong. Therefore, Dai Mubai would rather endure more, and would also just endure the full attack.

In this moment, Dai Mubai revealed his characteristics as an attack type spirit master. Under the buffs of White Tiger Barrier, White Tiger Vajra Transformation, White Tiger Devilgod Form, and White Tiger Avatar, his defensive power had already reached a frightening degree. Further adding Ning Rongrong’s eighty percent defense buff, Dai Mubai’s huge body was as solid as a fortress.

The Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda’s boosts were proportional. The stronger the subject, the more enormous the overall energy would be. Dai Mubai’s defensive strength was naturally scary.

The striking water droplets immediately caused a burst of pain, but Dai Mubai clearly felt that it just struck his fur. He of course wouldn’t take such a hit without retaliating. One White Tiger Light Wave spat out, transforming into a white pillar of light that struck the side of the golden lance.

Sealance Douluo hadn’t expected Dai Mubai to actually be this valiant, charging up to meet his attack head on instead of following common sense to stay on the ground and defend with abilities. In the White Tiger Light Wave explosion, the lance’s absorption was immediately interrupted, the somewhat larger lance flying off in the air, tumbling towards the distance.

Dai Mubai snorted coldly, his whole body releasing golden light, shedding a layer of fur. That was the injuries he’d received from the water droplets before, but it was just fur.

“Retreat, defend and counterattack from the sacred pillar platform. As long as the lance doesn’t absorb water, don’t be in a hurry to attack.” Tang San said calmly.

The golden lance was now flying parallel to the surface of the sea, the tip pointing towards Dai Mubai. Just as he was expecting Dai Mubai to pursue and attack and preparing to pull him to the surface of the sea, then attacking with his full strength, he was shocked to discover that Dai Mubai didn’t pounce. Even though that giant body reached the water, forepaws struck the surface, and that giant body unexpectedly flipped back, landing firmly on the Sea’s Lance Sacred Pillar platform. And at the same time, the the

illusory bright mist spread out, completely enveloping the sacred pillar. Dai Mubai and Ning Rongrong immediately disappeared from Sealance Douluo’s line of sight.

Even with Sealance Douluo’s formidable strength, he couldn’t help feeling gloomy over the present circumstances. It was as if this challenger saw through everything he thought, and basically wasn’t taken in. Not only did they stop his powerful charging ability, but moreover guarded extremely tightly, without exposing the slightest gap. Making him even more helpless was that he couldn’t use the strength of the Sea’s Lance Sacred Pillar in the challenge. The sacred pillar platform was actually turned into the opponent's nest. Really depressing.

How could he know that, even if it was impossible for Dai Mubai to understand him, the cool-eyed bystander Tang San was equivalent to Dai Mubai’s brain. His analysis and battlefield control abilities were originally powerful, and now as a detached bystander, not just analysing the situation, with his spiritual force even higher than Sealance Douluo, how could Dai Mubai make a mistake? What Sealance Douluo now faces could be said to be Tang San’s brain plus Dai Mubai and Ning Rongrong’s united strength.

The golden lance flew into the distance, and once again absorbed water. From the Sea’s Lance Sacred Pillar platform a ray of white light instantly shot out.

With Dai Mubai’s spirit power, plus the Spirit Avatar state as well as Ning Rongrong’s boost, even a hundred meters counted for nothing. He just needed to compress the White Tiger Light Wave to strike as small an area as possible, and the attack range would naturally rise as a result. Even though its power wasn’t enough to harm Sealance Douluo, influencing his water absorbing ability wasn’t a problem.

Dense mist drifted around the sacred pillar platform. It seemed as if the scales of victory had already started to tilt in Dai Mubai and Ning Rongrong’s direction. The two did after all have their feet firmly planted on the platform, and even if Tang San didn’t know what the spirit power consumption of Sealance Douluo’s spirit avatar form was, since it was a spirit avatar form, it wouldn’t be small, at least no lower than that of Dai

Mubai and Ning Rongrong. The higher the level of the spirit master, the greater the power of the spirit avatar. The spirit consumption would also rise accordingly. Under such circumstances, Sealance Douluo’s spirit power recovery rate would be at a disadvantage while he floated above the sea within the sea. Dai Mubai and Ning Rongrong would have a lot better recover with their feet firmly on the ground.

Furthermore, while shrouded by Ning Rongrong’s Fantasy Space, even if the two of them now removed their spirit avatar states, Sealance Douluo wouldn’t be able to discover it. The Fantasy Space could not only confuse the enemy when they were enveloped, but at the same time also had the effect of isolating the outside world. This was an ability the majority of domains possessed. Specializing in hallucinatory effects, the Fantasy Space was even more powerful in this respect.

Sealance Douluo had clearly also discovered this point. The golden lance no longer hung in the air, light flashing, it directly thrust into the sea within the sea.

Tang San’s heart shivered. His spiritual force intensity increased once again, closely targeting that golden lance’s movements within the sea. Sealance Douluo definitely wouldn't do something for no reason. Falling into the sea, he either wanted to use the ocean as a screen to restore his original form and recover spirit power, or he was using some attack that combined with the sea. Even though he certainly couldn’t use that seawater absorption like on the surface, Sealance Douluo’s strength would undoubtedly rise considerably if he joined with the sea.

“Careful, remove the avatar, dive into the water along the right edge of the sacred pillar platform.” Tang San’s urgent voice suddenly echoed in Dai Mubai and Ning Rongrong’s ears. Even if the Fantasy Space could isolate spiritual force, it wasn’t effective enough to stop Tang San. Partly because he was exceedingly familiar with Ning Rongrong’s strenght, and partly because his spiritual force had reached a truly frightening level, at a level no lower than that of Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi, and was further the holder of twin domains. Ning Rongrong’s Fantasy Space was also a spirit bone induced domain rather than an innate domain, and it was naturally difficult to stop him.

At the same time as Tang San’s voice reached them, suddenly, on the left side of the sea within the sea, a wide are a of the sea turned golden. Immediately after, the golden spear brought a five meter in diameter giant pillar of water to shoot towards the sky. The water pillar was completely rendered golden, and the golden lance spurring it on even more shone like the sun. On it appeared a black spirit ring, and through his spiritual force, Tang San clearly discovered that this spirit ring was Sealance Douluo’s ninth spirit ring.

On seeing this, Tang San was even more certain of his judgement, and urgently sent a “hurry” to Dai Mubai and Ning Rongrong.

Hong—— The golden pillar of water exploded in the air, falling over a wide area as golden rain. That golden rain seemed to drift, not particularly fast, as if it had no offensive strength. However, it still covered every corner of the Sea’s Lance Sacred Pillar platform.

The Fantasy space was an illusion type domain, and was naturally unable to stop this rain of light from falling. At the same time as the golden rain fell on the platform, the golden lance rapidly expanded, countless magic lines appearing on the glossy lance, unexpectedly identical to the pattern on the Sea’s Lance Sacred Pillar. An enormous energy wave made the sea below the lance split open where it pointed. The terrifying energy wave even caused several dozen distorted black flashes of lightning appear around the lance.

Without a doubt, the golden lance’s attack was definitely earth shattering. This was the most terrifying ninth spirit ability, and the reason was very simple. Because this ninth spirit ability was a single target attack. When the enormous energy wave condensed into one point and erupted, among the Shrek Seven Devils, even the most formidable Hell White Tiger would inevitably be injured if it took it on, let alone the present Dai Mubai and Ning Rongrong.

However, having instantly condensed all its energy like this, the golden lance still didn’t thrust out, just hanging there in midair as if waiting for something. But, the signal it waited for never arrived.

Originally, when Sealance Douluo had just started to attack, Tang San had seen through his goal. The stream of water Sealance Douluo caused really didn’t have any attack power, the reason why the pillar of water turned gold was because the water was infused the Sealance Douluo’s spiritual force. After turning into rain, each drop held his spiritual force. He really couldn’t prove the Fantasy Space, so he thought of using this kind of method. As long as this golden rain fell on Dai Mubai and Ning Rongrong, Sealance Douluo would immediately discover their position through his spiritual force. His ninth spirit ability attack speed was fast enough to match teleportation, dodging it was simply impossible. Otherwise this wouldn’t have been a single target attack ninth spirit ability.

However, Sealance Douluo had that rain filled with spiritual force fall on the sacred pillar platform, but he still didn’t get the result he wanted. The information his spiritual force gave him was that the Sea’s Lance Sacred Pillar platform was completely empty, without finding the slightest trace of Dai Mubai and Ning Rongrong.

Tang San relied on his Boundless spiritual force probe and Purple Demon Eye’s sharp observation as well as formidable judgement to completely grasp Sealance Douluo’s thinking. Right now Dai Mubai and Ning Rongrong were in the water on the other side of the sacred pillar platform. As that fine rain fell into the sea, the drops would immediately assimilate with the seawater, and even stronger Title Douluo couldn’t sense anything under such circumstances. There really wasn’t anyone on the sacred pillar platform, so where could Sealance Douluo aim his attack?

The feeling of having power but nowhere to release it made Sealance Douluo feel like spitting blood. In fact, the spirit power required to condense the ninth spirit ability was an astronomical figure. If he didn’t release it, more than half the stored up energy would be consumed. He had spent a lot of spirit power before, and moreover incarnated as the golden lance. When he fully used that spirit avatar before, on the surface it might seem like Dai Mubai’s torrential attacks didn’t cause any damage, but in fact, how could he not have been affected by Dai Mubai’s violent attacks in that state? Even though he had relied on his condition at that time to reverse

the situation and take the initiative, he couldn’t damage Dai Mubai like imagined.

Being injured, consumption always greater than the opponent, if it went on, he would only be at a disadvantage. This was also why Sealance Douluo was anxious for a decisive battle with Dai Mubai. If he didn’t quickly defeat the opponent, he wouldn’t be able to hold up under the exhaustion.

Tang San’s judgement was correct. Sealance Douluo’s strength really was in the top three of the seven Seagod sacred pillar protectors. But Tang San had missed one point. Among all the seven sacred pillar Douluo, Sealance Douluo’s Sea’s Lance Spirit was the one closest to land spirit master tool spirits. It didn’t completely rely on the strength of the sea. In this respect, he actually wasn’t better off than the weaker Seahorse Douluo.

Sealance Douluo’s abilities were widely known for their attack power, an offensive pushing forward, powerful breakthrough strength was his signature. If he was to display his might, let alone Dai Mubai and Ning Rongrong, even if Oscar was added they wouldn’t be his opponents. If someone on Seagod Island was to be able to block his formidable attack spirit abilities head on, maybe only Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi could do it.

However, he had underestimated the enemy somewhat. Seeing Dai Mubai’s only seven rings, just at the start he still hadn’t minded, but very soon had to rely on his spirit avatar to suppress Dai Mubai’s torrential offensive. Once he had released his spirit avatar and wanted to trade damage with the opponent, he again didn’t get his way. The flaws behind his high attack power were gradually exposed. That was helplessness against illusion type domains, as well as the high consumption of high attack power.

Under Tang San’s guidance, right now Sealance Douluo’s spirit power exhaustion had already reached a quite frightening level. The condensed but unable to be released ninth spirit ability faded, the ocean sighed, no matter what it couldn’t show off. A single target attack required locking on the target, if it couldn’t, he had no way of displaying its might.

The Fantasy Space still covered the sacred pillar platform without scattering. Even though the platform wasn’t very large, neither did it count as small. Sealance Douluo understood that if he had nowhere to launch his attack, he would only exhaust himself faster. He also didn’t consider that the two opponents could have entered the sea. The lance circled around the sacred pillar platform.

But Ning Rongrong had expanded the Fantasy Space to the surface of the sea, and when the golden lance searched the sea, the two quickly vaulted onto the platform. When the golden lance relied on its spiritual force combined with seawater to probe with rain, they entered the sea. Relying on Tang San’s advance directions, the two dodged Sealance Douluo’s threat to them with more fright than harm. And Sealance Douluo’s spirit power was also constantly consumed like this.

Finally, Sealance Douluo helplessly removed his ninth spirit ability, he could only let the spirit power be exhausted.

“Come out, fight with strength if you dare.” Sealance Douluo’s angry voice covered the sea within the sea.

Dai Mubai was always extremely valiant, but just as he was about to respond, Tang San’s simple but forceful voice reached him, “Mind games. Pay no attention.”

Light flashed as the golden lance thrust towards the Sea’s Lance Sacred Pillar platform. In order to have a direct battle, helplessly, Sealance Douluo could only enter the Fantasy Space. Even though fighting in the other side’s domain was extremely disadvantageous, if he didn’t, then this grand Title Douluo, one of the seven sacred pillar protectors, would be defeated by spirit power exhaustion. His plentiful battle experience let him make the most correct decision. Right now he was completely suppressed by Dai Mubai and Ning Rongrong with Tang San’s spiritual force support, he had to enter a direct contact battle as fast as possible.

The instant the lance thrust into the Fantasy Space, even from outside, countless golden lights could instantly be seen issued from inside. This was also something Sealance Douluo couldn’t help, entering a space he couldn’t

clearly probe, if he didn’t do this, it was possible he would immediately be injured. It was necessary to issue this attack in order to protect himself, and at the same time also estimate Dai Mubai and Ning Rongrong’s position.

Sealance Douluo possessed plenty of battle experience. Through all kinds of previous circumstances, he had already discovered the situation wasn’t reassuring. He had been completely led by the nose through the entire battle, unable to show his dominance, and also had his weaknesses completely exploited by the opponents. Most hateful was that each time he issued an attack it was as if they had predicted it in advance, choosing the most correct way to respond, sufficiently exploiting their advantages. He faintly felt that this level of response wasn’t something that could be explained with experience, there was definitely some reason. Only, he could never have expected that his present circumstances was actually because the enemy’s comrades had a person whose spiritual force had already reached a level far above his own.

All the golden light swept out of the mist, still without giving Sealance Douluo any response. All the painful feelings from the start of the battle until now suddenly erupted, a difficult to inhibit anger spreading through his mind. The lance pulled up, swiftly arriving at the side of the Sea’s Lance Sacred Pillar. With a flash of golden light, an illusory figure left the lance. But just at this moment, Sealance Douluo’s heart had an unprecedented fearful feeling. Enormous pressure, that made it difficult for even a power on his level to continue.

A giant silhouette showed its true form in the fog, frightful golden light brimming with a tyrannical aura erupted before his eyes, six golden lights converged in the air to form a giant “kill” character[1], but strangely, at the same time as this attack appeared, it didn’t actually target Sealance Douluo’s body. In other words, Sealance Douluo could completely deal with it by dodging. However, would he dodge? The answer was of course negative.

Behind Sealance Douluo was the Sea’s Lance Sacred Pillar. As the sacred pillar’s protector, maybe even instinctually, for fear of the sacred pillar being harmed and the Seagod’s dignity being impinged, he absolutely couldn’t dodge. The only way was to block. And the opponent didn’t target

him, using all the targeting energy for attack power. The all stakes energy attack instantly erupted.

Originally, this was Sealance Douluo’s plan to lure out the enemy. You can predict what I will do? Fine, then I’ll let you predict it. When the golden lance returned to the Sea’s Lance Sacred Pillar, his body would leave the lance, as if he no longer had the spirit power to keep supporting the spirit avatar. This separation was also completely real. He knew that if he didn’t truly separate, he wouldn’t be able to deceive the opponent. However, even if the opponent had even more powerful battle prediction, they still couldn’t predict his special ability. That was an ability from Sealance Douluo’s single spirit bone. It was also because of this spirit bone that he had the ability to incarnate as the spear in spirit avatar. It was something he got back when he obtained his seventh spirit ring. The spirit bone gave mixing, and restoration. In other words, no matter the circumstances, he could overdraw his spirit bone energy to swiftly return to his special spirit avatar form.

With a sway of the spear, leaving the spirit avatar, when the opponent’s attack descended, restore it again. If the opponent didn’t attack, then he might as well rest on the sacred pillar platform. After all, his spirit power far surpassed the opponents, as long as he had time to breathe, he wouldn’t lose out. It might even be two birds with one stone.

However, Sealance Douluo hadn’t expected that, while the opponent really did launch an attack, the attack was different from what he had imagined on one point. To be precise, it was far, far more powerful than he had imagined.

A trace of doubt swiftly spread through Sealance Douluo’s mind. That spirit master with the White Tiger Spirit only had seven spirit rings, so right now his highest attack ability should be his sixth spirit ability, because his seventh spirit ability was his spirit avatar. But, why did this one attack not seem any weaker than when he himself launched his eighth spirit ability with full strength? Moreover, that kind of unremitting forward momentum, all its energy completely erupting, also didn’t target him, but somewhere he absolutely didn’t dare dodge. Wasn’t all this too weird?

Only, he didn’t have time to think about why. Confronting that frightening attack he could still only block. The restoration ability instantly launched, and the just separated body was forcefully pulled back in by this spirit bone ability, as the lance briefly transformed into countless images to meet Dai Mubai’s attack.

Sealance Douluo believed that even if the opponent’s attack was powerful, it would at most injure him, but it absolutely couldn’t defeat him. This was a special spirit avatar that possessed incomparably impact resistance. And since the opponent staked it all on one throw like this, they would definitely expose an enormous gap. That moment was when he would counterattack. As for the other support type spirit master, they basically had no attack power. As long as this power attack type spirit master was dealt with, the other could be dealt with casually, the domain couldn’t stop him.

[1] Kill - (杀)

Chapter 243

(TL by Armored Raven)

Right when everything seemed to go along with the follow-ups of Sealance Douluo’s golden spear thrust, an indescribable fear suddenly surged into his heart. By the time he reacted, everything was too late. The attack which even he thought he could not block without preparing himself, vanished suddenly without any signs. Right at this moment, a golden ‘KILL’ appeared on the side of his golden spear without a hint of imposing manner.

On the shore, Tang San’s eyes finally let out a trace of smile and he said faintly, “Entering the opponent’s domain of unknown element is your entire battle’s greatest failure.”

”Entering the opponent’s domain of unknown element is your entire battle’s greatest failure”

Obviously, his words were meant for Sealance Douluo. Right when Sealance Douluo barged into Ning Rongrong’s Fantasy Space, Tang San’s spirit power also flew in, and sensed the changes energy to the greatest degree. Indeed, Sealance Douluo’s judgement was correct. Although Tang San could determine his direction through spiritual force, he could not determine his spirit bone ability. But, when Sealance Douluo without hesitation chose to separate his body near the sacred pillar after launching an attack, Tang San deduced that he must’ve had some scheme.

It seemed that he intended to use the sacred pillar as a cover for his separation, but with his strength as Title Douluo, it was clear that he was

still far from where he couldn’t hold up his spirit avatar transformation, and doing this was moreover extremely dangerous. But Sealance Douluo also forgot that he was inside Ning Rongrong’s Fantasy Space.

Although Fantasy Space wasn’t an innate domain so it couldn’t be compared to Tang San’s two great domains, as a spirit bone domain, its use did not simply end at letting the opponent become unable to search with spirit power. Fantasy Space had but one utility, and that was confusion. Sealance Douluo had exactly made the worst possible judgement under this domain’s effect.

The pressure from Dai Mubai’s attack wasn’t a mistake. It was a force brought on by a true attack. But the pressure was displaced under the effect of the phantasmal domain. The force and the actual attack were effectively separated. The force and the presence came from one direction, while the actual attack came from another. Because the force came straight towards the direction of Sealance Douluo and the sacred pillar, it completely matched the cunning of the opponent earlier so Sealance Douluo didn’t harbor any suspicions. All of this was within Tang San’s control. No matter what tricks you may use, if not on Dai Mubai himself, then what effect would they have? Dai Mubai’s attack was launched from the side. Even Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi would have a traumatic impact if it was taken completely without defense.

Because, before the attack was launched, what Tang San ordered Dai Mubai into his ears were: Pink stimulating sausage, limit break dark green sausage, erect golden fly, take them all. Full force with White Tiger transformation, added with Ning Rongrong’s complete support, one could picture the attack power.

If not for this, then how else would Sealance Douluo sense that Dai Mubai’s attack power didn’t pale in comparison to his eighth spirit skill? One should know that he was an existence liek a purely offensive spirit master!


Shattered golden light exploded from the Fantasy Space, and at the sa

Dai Mubai and Ning Rongrong stood completely wet on the platform of Sea’s Lance Sacred Pillar. Opposite of where they were, Sealance Douluo who separated from his spear was panting with deep heavy breaths. He didn’t fall down on the ground because he barely supported himself with his hand grabbing on the cracked spear, but the clothes on his body were stained red by blood.

Tang San’s words could be heard in his head. He mustered his strength and turned his head to face him, “It was you?”

Tang San nodded and spoke respectfully, “Senior’s strength was truly powerful. If faced head on, Mubai and Rongrong together would definitely not be a match for you. Senior has an incomparably powerful offensive strength. Although senior lost this battle, it was under the teamwork of four of us.”

Although Oscar didn’t act, his three sausages gave Dai Mubai a further buff, making the White Tiger Annihilating Drive’s power multiply by an extra amount. Otherwise, Sealance Douluo who was one with his spear would not be taken down so easily.

Sealance Douluo could not help from panting in large breaths, and each time he panted, his lips would leak blood. He was visibly and heavily wounded. He looked at Tang San unacceptably and asked, “How? How could you predict all of my attacks?” The battle just now where he felt like he was led around by the nose, was one which he found hard to forget for life.

Tang San made a calm smile, “I’m a control type spirit master. As for the reason why, you will soon understand.”

At this moment, Ning Rongrong and Dai Mubai’s foreheads underwent a change. Fragmented black light merged into Dai Mubai’s forehead, while Ning Rongrong’s red seven-pointed star shot out a red light on Dai Mubai, then retreated back into the body. It was a sign that the completion of the fifth trial had just reached 50 percent.

Tiger roaring exploded fresh out of Dai Mubai’s mouth. Although he borrowed Tang San and Oscar’s powers with Ning Rongrong in this battle, he was facing Sealance Douluo with just the two of them, and they had faced him at his top condition. As the one with the fiercest attack power among the seven sacred pillar protectors, the reward he offered was definitely not scanty. Dai Mubai’s spirit energy didn’t just raise by half a level like Oscar’s, but a whole level. With this, it would also help him reach the point of level 80. It was no wonder he could let out such an excited roar.

Sealance Douluo now felt that his loss wasn’t too unreasonable. From the angle of a fighting spirit, his Sea’s Lance wasn’t second to Dai Mubai’s White Tiger. But no one would think that the guy who appeared to be White Tiger Spirit’s possessor was now at a point where he would about to reach a stage beyond 80 levels. Although he lost this battle against the opponent’s control, it was the same as losing to his own underestimation. If he were to attack hard from the start, then things might’ve turned out differently.

Dai Mubai and Ning Rongrong bowed slightly to Sealance Douluo at the same time. White Tiger took Nine-Treasure Glazed Tile and soared by using the sea’s surface to return to their companions.

Just when they reached the shore, Tang San’s shoulder shook and released faint energy waves which surrounded his body. In just an eye- blinking effort, he reached the Sea’s Lance Sacred Pillar platform. This time he released Xiao Wu from his Wishful Hundred Treasures Purse directly, and he didn’t even use Vast Sea Barrier to cloak her. In Sealance Douluo’s current state, if he couldn’t protect Xiao Wu then he wouldn’t be Tang San.

“Although I didn’t want to challenge senior under such circumstances, I have no other option in order to complete the fifth trial. Please understand.”

Sealance Douluo now knew what Tang San meant earlier. Even though he was now heavily injured, he didn’t show any trace of admitting his loss when seeing Tang San’s golden trident brand on the forehead. Taking in a deep breath and swallowing his own blood forcefully, he worked himself up and raised the spear horizontally in his hand.

“Come. Let me see if you have the qualifications to accept the glory of the Seagod Nine Trials.” Sealance Douluo was obviously not as conversation friendly as Seahorse Douluo. He looked at Tang San in the eye with jealousy and disdain. Jealousy was due to Tang San’s Seagod Nine Trials of course, while disdain was more because of Tang San’s choice to take this challenge now of all times.

Blue and gold light flowed, and blue light which looked like waved surged out of Tang San’s body. Eight spirit rings came out in a neat fashion. When Sealance Douluo saw the three rings that symbolized the highest class of red, he was completely stunned. Now he truly understood that Tang San absolutely did not count on luck to take the Seagod Nine Trials. Although the opponent had one less spirit ring than his own and there was a sizeable difference between their spirit power, but would he be able to win against this guy in front of him who had three Hundred Thousand Year spirit rings while in top condition? Perhaps only that freak Sea Dragon would have the chance.

Tang San raised his right hand to press on his own golden trident brand. At that instant, the spirit power took shape and blue light spread out, carrying not only the magnificence of Seagod’s light, but also the intimidating waves of his own spirit.

All the seawater near the Sea’s Lance Sacred Pillar calmed instantaneously. As still as a blue mirror. The golden light which pierced the sky from the top of the pillar was then dimming until it vanished.

Sealance Douluo swayed and took two steps back, stabilizing his own body with the spear in his hand again.

Tang San didn’t actually use spirit shock to attack him, but it was just an instant release of spirit aura. It was already enough to make this Title Douluo unable to stand firmly.

The golden trident brand shone brightly this time. Even without Sealance Douluo’s approval, the Sea’s Lance Sacred Pillar’s brand lit up, and its light was fused together with the one from Tang San’s golden trident brand. The

notification moved inside his mind, “Spear of the Sea’s Sacred Pillar, trial passed.”

Xiao Wu’s forehead also flashed a red light.

“Senior, are you satisfied with my answer now?” Tang San looked at Sealance Douluo peaceful eyes.

The corners of the lips turned bitterly. If there was a trace of luck in the heart earlier, then right now, Sealance Douluo didn’t have any thoughts left. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to win against the youngster in front of him no matter what.

Looking at Sealance Douluo’s lifeless look, Tang San didn’t disturb him and left behind a restoration sausage. He took Xiao Wu and flew, meeting up with his companions to head towards the location of the next sacred pillar.

Some time after they left, Sealance Douluo sat collapsed on the ground, but the jealousy and disdain in his eyes were completely gone. What remained was just respect, as if he was regretting his arrogance earlier while he prayed to the sacred pillar before him.

The Shrek Seven Devils heard Dai Mubai before long, “Rongrong, up.”

Dai Mubai didn’t revert from his spirit form, but called out to Ning Rongrong instead. He got down, hinting for her to get on his back.

Ning Rongrong was startled, “Boss, what are you doing?”

Dai Mubai chuckled, “My test was over so there’s nothing for me next. I wasn’t too spent earlier. But you still have two tough battles to assist in. How are you fine with not recovering your spirit power quickly? You and Little Ao get up. I’ll bring you. This will save Little San some time while also letting you recover more spirit power. Just keep up the good work. Although the fifth trial is an individual test, but we can still make use of group strength. Only with this, things won’t be so difficult.”

Ma Hongjun called it quits, “Boss Dai, why don’tcha let me up too? I’m slow too! And I wanna save my stamina too in order to take part in the later trials.”

“Pssh. Stop dreaming, damn fatty.” Dai Mubai spoke rudely, “You’re a Spirit Saint so if you think taking a little more walk counts as consumption, then all these years were wasted on you. You wanna take advantage of me? No dice. My Zhuqing would suit the spot much better.”

Oscar glanced at Ma Hongjun a little gleefully. He got up on White Tiger’s back without reservations. The more he looked at that expression, the merrier he felt. He grabbed Ning Rongrong and let her sit in front of him.

“Little San, you wanna come up and rest too?” Dai Mubai asked Tang San.

Tang San shook his head and smiled, “I’ll pass. Even if it’s walking, my spirit power will recover slowly as well. destination, Sea’s Illusion Sacred Pillar.”

Sea’s Illusion Sacred Pillar only had Tang San’s own test. Tang San had his own thoughts about choosing it as the third test. Due to his companions’ help, his fifth trial’s difficulty was considerably lowered. But during the battle at the Spear of the Sea Sacred Pillar earlier, Tang San had an inspiration. He realized that his spiritual force was more useful than expected after rising to the Boundless level. He must put it into good use. In the next test, the Title Douluos he must truly face was just three, and those were Sea Illusion Douluo, Seastar Douluo and Sea Dragon Douluo. If these three were defeated, then the fifth trial would be passed. With the fighting style of borrowing the support of companions, Zhu Zhuqing and Ma Hongjun’s upcoming test shouldn’t be too difficult.

From challenging the fifth trial until now, the amount of time passed wasn’t even more than 4 hours. A large part of it was used on travel. The time spent on actual battling wasn’t that much. The time spent on the first obstacle was especially little.

So far, The Shrek Seven Devils’ spirit power levels were as follows:

Evil Eyed White Tiger Dai Mubai, level 80 power attack type Battle Spirit Saint.
Big Sausage Uncle Oscar, level 77 food system Tool Spirit Saint. Thousand Handed Asura Tang San, level 84 control type Battle Spirit

Evil Flame Phoenix Ma Hongjun, level 77 power attack Battle Spirit Saint.

Soft Bones Demon Rabbit Xiao Wu, spirit power unknown, body resistance increased, water battle ability increased greatly.

Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Ning Rongrong, level 77 support type Tool Spirit Saint.

Hell Civet Zhu Zhuqing, level 78 agility attack type Battle Spirit Saint.

Among the seven, although Oscar passed the fifth trial with just half a level reward, he trained for some time while at level 76, and reached level 77 with this half level reward. The lowest of the Shrek Seven was also level
77. Besides Tang San and Dai Mubai who reached the stage of Spirit Douluo, the other five were also heading towards that stage as well.

In just a few years’ time, they withstood that much pain and trained in unbearably harsh conditions, but the results were just as great. Already from common 60 to 70 levels of strength, to the point of almost 80. For ordinary spirit masters, it would be a process that could only be done in several decades.

Due to Dai Mubai’s spirit avatar helping them rush, everyone’s travelling speed hastened a lot. In just more than an hour, they reached the next destination. The sea within the sea of the Sea’s Illusion Sacred Pillar.

As if expecting their arrival, when everyone came, there were yellow and purple dressed class sea spirit masters waiting outside the edges of the sea

within the sea’s forest, leading them to the seaside.

Sea’s Illusion Sacred Pillar was different from the pillars they saw before at Sea’s Lance and Seahorse. While the two pillars were different, the sacred pillar before them was remarkably unique in form.

Illusionary blue light and shadow was drifted in the middle of the sea. Faint light illuminating the sea, it looked like everything was just a cloudy haze. Under the effect of this blue smoke, it was impossible to make out what was at the center of the sea, so it was naturally just as hard to make out the basic appearance of the sacred pillar and its platform. The golden light of the other pillars that were combined in the sky came from the blue smoke.

It was a given that the guardian Douluo couldn’t be seen when the pillar and its platform were unseen. For the Shrek Seven Devils, this was even more like an unknown opponent.

Unknown things were often the scariest. Tang San knew that right when he truly got here, the reason why Dai Mubai and others’ trials did not include this Douluo, was not because the Douluo’s strength wasn’t enough. It was very likely that his strength was too powerful.

“What to do, Little San?” Dai Mubai turned into human form. His spirit power consumption was extremely huge, but eating Oscar’s restoration sausage made him feel not as weakened. After all his fifth trial was already completed.

Not waiting for Tang San’s reply, Oscar followed up, “To us, perhaps this Sea Illusion Douluo is the strongest. But to Little San, perhaps it’s the easiest? The mist of light before us is similar to Rongrong’s Fantasy Domain, but it counts as innate domain. However, you forgot Boss Dai, that Tang San’s purple spirit eye is the bane of all illusionary domains. We can imagine that this Sea Illusion Douluo’s strength is mainly in domains. If the domain is ineffective, he won’t be stronger than Seahorse Douluo. Little San’s victory is assured.”

Ma Hongjun snickered, “Great! Little Ao, you know how to analyze too.”

Oscar spoke gleefully, “Of course. Hearing Tang San’s analysis every time would be educating. You think I’m you, you pig brain!”

“Who’re you calling pig brain?” Ma Hongjun spoke angrily. Oscar snickered, “Who asks me is who.”
“You…..” Ma Hongjun wanted to continue but he was interrupted by Dai Mubai. “Alright, now’s not the time for playing. Don’t influence Little San.”

Oscar passed a few more sausages to Tang San again, “Don’t save them.
I still have spares. No problem.”

Tang San nodded and took a deep breath, then adjusted his own condition. Leaping up, he went towards the blue colored smoke in flight. In mid-air, he already released his own blue silver spirit. Eight spirit rings around his body, he barged into the opponent’s domain.

Oscar’s analysis sounded reasonable, but Tang San understood that in reality, this challenge wasn’t as easy as Oscar made it out to be. Oscar’s analysis had missed a point, and that was the level of Sea Illusion Douluo. Title Douluo class domain wasn’t something that could be compared to the spirit avatar level. Innate domains would be used to the greatest effect by the level of Title Douluos, thus Tang San himself couldn’t be sure if he could use his purple spirit eye to break the Sea Illusion Douluo’s domain skill. But just like the previous battle where Dai Mubai and Ning Rongrong used Fantasy Space to win against their opponent, in order to challenge Sea Illusion Douluo, he must enter the domain. Otherwise, it would be a waste a time.

Entering the smoke, Tang San felt immediate changes. This didn’t seem to be a mist that lingered in the air, but was like an ocean. Deep into it, Tang San even felt that his speed was slowing down as the binding of the

surroundings was even more like being in under ocean as breathing felt extremely difficult. The domain’s effect already took hold.

In order to hurry his way here, Tang San put Xiao Wu into his storage. When the test began, he naturally let Xiao Wu out again. But just like the time when he faced Sealance Douluo, he also didn’t use the Vast Sea Barrier to cloak her. He just wrapped around her slender waist and floated there quietly.

Tang San didn’t use his purple demon eye to break the domain in haste.
He just spread out his own spiritual force like a giant net inside the smoke.

When the spiritual force entered the smoke, Tang San immediately felt a massive pressure. Compared to detection in the air, the smoke in front of him posed more than ten times the resistance. The spiritual force spreading was slow, and the things detected were in a great blur.

Meanwhile, Tang San’s spiritual force was like it attracted the keys of the smoke. With the prodding of the spiritual force, the blue mist around him moved faster. Tang San only felt that the scenery in front of him changed as all the smoke disappeared, yet below his feet it felt like there was a solid ground. He was then in a large forest.

A red light flashed, Xiao Wu’s soul had returned to her body. Looking around, she spoke in shock, “Is….. Isn’t this the Star Dou Great Forest?”

Tang San was shaken, “Are you sure?’

Xiao Wu nodded and said, “Of course. I lived for many years in Star Dou Great Forest, and I knew every grass and wood clearly.

But this isn’t just Star Dou Great Forest, and it’s…… “

Just when she said that, figures of people appeared suddenly, and it was nine of them in amazing speed. They surrounded Tang San and Xiao Wu in almost an instant.

The first one’s entire body was in roiling flames. His appearance was so familiar to Tang San and Xiao Wu.

He was one of the three in the Spirit Hall’s golden generation. Coming with him, were eight powerful Spirit Saints who had seven spirit rings each.

“Run! Why aren’t you running?” He stared at Tang San’s face fiercely as he growled.

Tang San and Xiao Wu were stunned. This scene was all too familiar to them. Wasn’t this the very scene where Tang San was caught up while he had to rescue Xiao Wu inside Star Dou Great Forest? Because of the people in front of them, Tang San attempted to use his life to let Xiao Wu escape, but she sacrificed herself to save him instead, thus becoming Tang San’s spirit ring and spirit bone.

Even if he were to be turned to ashes, Tang San would never forget that scene carving on his bones and etched on his heart. His dull eyes turned colder and colder, uncontrollable killing intent surged like a raging torrent. Even when Tang San was calm and wise, when this scene played out before him once more, his world in his mind was going insane.

Xiao Wu shivered, for she clearly felt that Tang San was letting out an indescribably terrifying aura.

“Ge, don’t be rash. This is an illusion.” In comparison, Xiao Wu was much calmer.

But for Tang San, so what if it was an illusion? Xiao Wu was his sore spot. Moreover, this scene before him was one he regretted for the rest of his life. If not because of being attacked by eight Spirit Saints, why else would Xiao Wu sacrifice herself? If not because of Yearning Heartbroken Red holding Xiao Wu’s life force in place, then he and Xiao Wu would truly have been eternally separated.

Bone piercing killing intent poured out from Tang San’s heart like a torrent. The temperature around the realm plummeted rapidly as Tang San’s eyes slowly turned blood red in color. He even pulled Xiao Wu into this

embrace in a crude manner, holding her slender figure tightly. His lips clenched into a straight line. No one can hurt my XIao Wu again. Not even in illusion.

In the next moment, Tang San moved. His whole being lunged out like a whirlwind. His speed was so frightening, as the Eight Spider Lances broke out of his back, he went so fast he tore off the skin of his own back, spraying blood all over. But this didn’t matter for Tang San. He wanted to tear everything in front of him apart.

The eight Spirit Saints attacked Tang San almost at the same time, but in just an instant, their eyes lost Tang San’s figure. He passed through their front in the flash of red light. Of the attacks made by eight Spirit Saints, six of them were evaded while two of them landed on Tang San’s back.

The force of the attacks were actually the exact same as the situation back then, but Tang San remained on the ground and even maintained a stance.

The next moment, sounds of shattering were made as he turned into dozens of fragments which flew in many directions. Behind his corpse, Tang San’s left leg carried a blood colored aftershadow. Just a shine, he used his Hundred Thousand Year evil left leg spirit bone skill ‘Orca Fang Buster’ to cut apart the corpse.

Without stopping, Tang San moved again. In this moment, his speed even exceeded that of same level agility attack type Spirit Masters. He didn’t even seem to feel the attacks of the two Spirit Sages that hit him before. The Eight Spider Lances braced against the ground, and he shot forward.

Countless Blue Silver Emperors surged out from the ground, Ten Thousand Year Spirit Skill, Blue Silver Prison, activated.

The current Blue Silver Prison wasn’t the same as the Blue Silver Prison back then. Under the effects of a level 84 Tang San’s spirit power, every Blue Silver Emperor was so durable even spirit avatar Spirit Sages would not be able to guarantee an instant escape.

, a circle of red light surrounded Tang San as it burst out, causing the air around to stop completely before turning into a solid crystal, locking everything in place. The eight Spirit Saints were stuck in a struggling state as they were locked inside the crystal body made of frozen air.

“DIE.” Tang San growled with near insanity and an explosive sound came as it shattered.

The bodies inside the crystal were shattered along with the crystal, turning into countless chunks of flesh which blew up in mid-air, dyeing this originally green forest red in almost an instant.

Tang San’s eighth spirit ability’s first technique, crowd restraining certain kill move, Blue Silver, Evil Spirit, Mirror’s Destruction.

Even when he faced Xiao Bai, he didn’t use this technique all the way as he just used the mirror part of it to lock Xiao Bai’s movement in seawater. This eighth spirit skill’s first technique could temporarily turn air, water, or any matter into a mirror-like crystal. Shatter the crystal body, and everything within the area of effect would shatter and perish. Unless the opponent was already strong enough to withstand the frightening tearing force of this technique, then otherwise, death would be guaranteed. It was an extremely brutal technique which resembled Evil Orca King’s style in a great way.

Though it was all an illusion before his eyes, but, even if the lives of the eight Spirit Saints were exchanged, the result wouldn’t change. They would still be torn to pieces all the same.

The mad attack demonstrated Tang San’s true strength, and just like then, Xiao Wu buried her head into Tang San’s embrace. Feeling Tang San’s cold, brutal and terrifying killing intent only made her feel warm. She didn’t remind her man that this was an illusion again. Because she knew Tang San’s state of mind right now, that if he didn’t vent, then it would be worse for him. At the same time she believed that her man would take control of this situation completely.

Feeling the shattering of surroundings, Tang San’s chest throbbed heavily. Using his spirit bone skill and eighth spirit skill consecutively was a pretty large consumption for him. The consumption which Hundred Thousand Year spirit ring skill could pose was undoubtedly terrifying.

Along with all the shattering, the scenery changed again. This time, Tang San and Xiao Wu seemed to become bystanders, and appearing before them was a scene which raised the killing intent from his calm yet again.

In their eyes, there was another Tang San and Xiao Wu, who appeared to be much greener than they were now. The nine people who were shredded were once again in the scene.

The Xiao Wu in the scene was in mid-air, with a sharp sad ear piercing scream, “AAAAAAHHH——” from her mouth. Her eyes were no longer shedding tears, but blood.

The Tang San in the scene had lost his right leg, which disappeared in the air completely. But he himself was scarily calm. When he was spitting out blood, his right hand seized the shimmering blue leg bone from the mist of blood that came from his missing leg, while his spirit power was pouring out uncontrollably.

Turning around fiercely, he didn’t even look at the three attacks that came from behind, and threw the leg bone straight at Xiao Wu in great force.

“Xiao Wu, spirit bone skill flight, RUN——” The Tang San in the scene had completely lost his voice, like it was torn apart. He put every ounce of strength in himself and put it all into this throw. At the same time, his left hand grabbed a fragment of the Eight Spider Spear, and stabbed it deep into his own heart.

Wasn’t this scene exactly the one where Tang San sacrificed himself in order to save Xiao Wu?

Looking at this scene as an outsider, Xiao Wu’s body couldn’t help but tremble. That moment when she was about to lose Tang San had once again

spread throughout her body. Unable to control her own tears, she cried out while locking her hands on Tang San’s body.

The scene did not end, and everything resumed. Xiao Wu in this scene let out an unbearably sharp cry, “AAAAAAAHHH————”. The sharpness of the cry was like it could shake the entire Star Dou Great Forest.

Chapter 244

(TL by Armored Raven)

Glaring red light suddenly shot out from the forehead of Xiao Wu in the scene, turning into a circle and spread out. Wherever the red light reached, everything turned red, and everything stayed still at this moment.

Watching this part, Tang San’s body was also trembling. Feeling Xiao Wu who was convulsign in his embrace, the golden trident brand on his forehead let out a golden light. He screamed with all of his might, “EEEE--

When the trident brand’s light came out, Tang San’s eyes shot two beams of terrifying red light simultaneously, merging with that blue light. In just an instant, everything around the scene melted away like ice and snow. Blue and red, two lights mixing with each other, turning into a single dual colored halo which widened and swept everything clean. The scenery turned into blue mist, and the blue mist turned into clean air. Everything vanished.

When everything became clear again, Tang San and Xiao Wu stood on a hexagon platform. At its center was a pillar about 15 metres tall, straightened with six sides. The brand on it was illusionary and uncertain, giving away that it was Sea’s Illusion Sacred Pillar.

In front of the sacred pillar, stood an astonished middle aged man who appeared to be in his fifties with rather handsome looks, but now his face was pale. On his body were two yellow, two purple, five black, nine neatly arranged spirit rings. Wearing a black long garb, he had a light belt floating

around him like a snake. It was evidently his battle spirit, which was extremely unique.

Tang San of course wouldn’t know that Sea Illusion Douluo’s spirit was a type of extremely mythical and rare sea spirit beast called Illusionary Snake, which was between beast spirit and tool spirit, so what was on Sea Illusion Douluo was not something extra, but projected on him.

But all this did not matter to Tang San anymore. All his eyes could see were red.

Sea Illusion Douluo was shocked to the core. He clearly saw that in his domain, he took complete control of Tang San and Xiao Wu’s emotions, so if things developed from there, these two trial takers would surely lose. But now, the dual colored halo which Tang San projected, not only destroyed the illusion, but also his entire domain, and inflicted a powerful mental shock towards him. It was to the point that even he as a Title Douluo class individual would not be able to catch a breath.

Tang San’s initial judgement was correct in that Sea Illusion Douluo was one of the two out of seven sacred pillar protectors who had domains, and his strength was ranked second, greater than Sealance Douluo. And his strength was in his own domain. Comparing the domains which Tang San had seen before with the Douluo’s, they were like child’s play. Sea Illusion Douluo’s domain illusion could become a real situation instead of mere confusion. The attacks taken in the illusion were totally real, which was like a brand new world was created. Once lost or gravely injured inside the illusion without any recovery, then death in reality would ensue, making it very oppressive. Even the strongest of the pillar protectors, Sea Dragon Douluo, would not want to spar with him.

Holding Xiao Wu tightly, Tang San’s cold and bloody red eyed stare was cast on Sea Illusion Douluo, “You shouldn’t have used that scene to provoke me. No one can harm my Xiao Wu. Not even on a mental level.”

Tang San’s voice which was filled with invasiveness and dense murderous tone sounded extremely ear piercing. Sea Illusion Douluo spat col

Tang San spoke no further. He used action to reply to Sea Illusion Douluo. Blinding white flash instantly enveloped the Sea Illusion Sacred Pillar.

Sea Illusion Douluo only felt that all his surroundings had already been turned into the color of blood. Tangible killing intent was blasted at him like sharpened blades. Ear deafening screams were drowning him from multiple directions.

A domain? Sea Illusion Douluo thought with a fright. Now, his own domain was destroyed by Tang San’s seagod’s light and purple demon eye, and could not be used for a while. As a domain expert like him, he knew what to make of his power. His body shook and it swiftly rotated and fused with the Illusionary Snake, releasing his own spirit avatar.

The great illusionary snake was up to ten metres long with nine spirit rings shining in turns. When it was the sixth spirit ring’s turn, black light was unleashed and coated his illusory body in black. The way he wriggled and moved made it look like he was oozing out killing intent. His surroundings were distorted from his movement. Cracks after cracks were fusing together like a spatial fissure was being made.

Sea Illusion Douluo had his own ways of dealing with domains as a watchman who used them. The sixth spirit skill before him was called Illusion Breaker, which specialized in breaking through various kinds of illusionary and domain powers. With the strength as Title Douluo, unless the opponent also had Title Douluo class domain and moreover whose overall strength was above his, it would be very difficult to restrain Sea Illusion Douluo.

But right when he thought that he might be able to break free of the Deathgod Domain, a powerful wave of blue light appeared before him in a sudden fashion. It made his heart chill while in the domain. The saturation of the cold air took away his strength. Facing that blue light, he had no option but to stop his movements. With a low grunt, the snake eyes let loose two beams of brilliant blue light.

Sea Illusion Douluo had decided that if he were to break through Tang San’s domain, he would immediately vault into the center of the sea, waiting for his own domain to be restored. It should be noted that his domain could even use seawater to create illusions. The reason he didn’t do so earlier was because he didn’t think that Tang San had what it took to withstand his most powerful domain skill. But now things were different. Facing an opponent with a domain as well, he had to respond with greatest force.

Unfortunately, he already had no chances.

BOOM——, fierce collision erupted, and the nearby Asura Hell’s blood color darkened even further. Sea Illusion Douluo could only feel that his brain was pounded by a heavy hammer. His Illusionary Snake spirit avatar form spasmed greatly inside the Deathgod Domain. With each spasm, the body would shrink slightly. The deep pain coming from the mental world made him moan out uncontrollably.

With the shrinking of the body, the spirit avatar was undone and the real body was shown.

Even Tang San himself didn’t think that the Purple God Light was so powerful after reaching the Boundless level. Confronting a Title Douluo who specialized in using spiritual force joined with a domain to attack, even though the Deathgod Domain was used to weaken him and his mind was impacted so he couldn’t use his domain, from being able to directly break open the opponent’s spirit avatar, the power of the Purple God Light could be seen.

In fact, Tang San’s spirit power was the strongest type out of his powers so far. In his rage, the spirit power released an even greater lethal force. Sea Illusion Douluo didn’t know that Tang San’s spirit power had reached such a terrifying state and chose to face it head on, so the loss was inevitable.

Tang San wouldn’t give his opponents any chances. This was an edict from Tang Sect in his previous life, which was also one he upheld after coming to this world. Especially when he confirmed that the opponent was his enemy.

Now the eighth spirit ring’s light spread out once more. Within this blood colored Deathgod Domain, the energy which became one with the domain seemed to converge on Sea Illusion Douluo in an instant.

Eighth spirit ring second skill, active control technique, Blue Silver Orca Devil’s Absorption, release.

Skull-splitting headache and head bleeding (from eyes, nostrils, ears and mouth) inflicted Sea Illusion Douluo had no way to resist it whatsoever. His entire being was trapped in three seconds of dizziness. When the eighth spirit skill was activated, Tang San teleported to mid-air. Left leg turned into a red light which looked like a scythe of death, and like it was meant to split skies and shatter earth, swinged straight down. It was none other than Evil Left Leg Bone’s Orca Evil Spirit Axe.

The pain that the illusion brought, Xiao Wu’s sadness, became powerful catalysts. As soon as Sea Illusion Douluo’s illusion was broken, Tang San’s mind was full of killing intent. Even though the opponent in front of him was one of the seven sacred pillars’ Guardian Douluos, he didn’t care in the slightest. Xiao Wu’s sacrifice was his heart’s lifelong pain. There was no way he could be calm in this situation.

The stronger the mind’s killing intent, the more horrifying the Deathgod Domain’s power. Tang San’s left leg could be said to have his entire strength within it. How could Sea Illusion Douluo, who wasn’t famous as such for defense, protect himself against this strike when in a state of dizziness? Tang San’s attack wasn’t even inferior to Title Douluos. Especially when it was full of rage and abandon.

Just when Sea Illusion Douluo was about to take the hatred-filled Orca Evil Spirit Axe strike, Tang San suddenly felt his body tighten and his whole being was restrained. The Evil Left Leg Bone’s power dropped massively, and his body was lit in gold like it was being chained by the light.

In a large explosion, Sea Illusion Douluo was blown away hard and slammed heavily against the Sea’s Illusion Sacred Pillar before bouncing

back and hitting the ground. Now he went straight into unconsciousness for a long time. His blood even stained the magic pattern on the pillar red.

Touching down on the ground, Tang San looked at Xiao Wu in front of him in a daze, who squeezed him tightly and locked his limbs. It was Xiao Wu’s fifth spirit skill back then, the Soft Bone Lock.

“Xiao Wu, why?” Tang San looked at his lover incomprehensibly.

“Ge, you can’t kill him. I can understand your feelings. But this is Seagod Island. We can’t kill people. If you kill him, how can we survive on the island? Ge, calm down. Don’t do such a silly thing!”

In order to stop Tang San, Xiao Wu used all her strength. Even though her body was quite durable, Tang San’s strike just now used too much power, to the point that even Xiao Wu was affected from stopping him. A trail of blood came down from her lips.

Watching Xiao Wu’s blood coming from the lips, Tang San was scared straight and put a restoration sausage into her mouth hurriedly. He asked urgently, “Xiao Wu, how are you now? It’s all my fault that I hurt you.

You get down first and let me look at your wounds. I’ll listen to whatever you say. I won’t kill him.” Compared to Xiao Wu, what would Sea Illusion Douluo’s life matter?

Xiao Wu relaxed when she saw Tang San calm down. She stood on the ground after disengaging her lock, “Ge, I’m fine. I’m not as frail as before.” Xiao Wu smiled at Tang San while chewing down the restoration sausage. Tang San calmed down only after using his spirit power to check her body and found no pressing issues with it.

The Sea’s Illusion Sacred Pillar’s brand enveloped the two of them at the same time. They had finally defeated the third Title Douluo. But this obstacle didn’t cost as little as planned. Whether it was spirit power or spiritual force, Tang San’s consumption was far greater than when facing Seahorse Douluo. After calming down now, he felt a tinge of weakness.

Using spirit bone skills twice, using eighth spirit skill twice, and on top of that, using Purple God Light twice plus the effects of the illusion, easily made Tang San display a look of fatigue.

Fearing that he himself would once again have murderous thoughts, Tang San didn’t lay his eyes on Sea Illusion Douluo again. He took Xiao Wu and got up on shore to rendezvous with their companions. He knew he must take a rest. It was fortunate that the time spent before was little. He greeted everyone, ate a large restoration sausage and sat with his feet crossed to meditate.

Meanwhile, Ning Rongrong, Oscar, Zhu Zhuqing and Ma Hongjun were also in a state of meditation as Dai Mubai was watching over them.

The yellow garbed and purple garbed sea spirit masters who were protecting the Sea Illusion Sacred Pillar could not help but look at Tang San with fear in their eyes. They could observe the battle between Tang San and Sea Illusion Douluo in the Deathgod Domain without being in it. When they saw how violent Tang San appeared with the final leg strike that carried such terrifying strength, their hearts beat cold. Only after Tang San entered meditation did a few of them they rush towards and bring Sea Illusion Douluo back to Sea Illusion City to heal his injuries.

Tang San opened his eyes after meditating for a whole four hours. He advanced towards the next destination guided by Bai Chenxiang.

Meanwhile, almost 10 hours had passed since they started the fifth trial. The lights in the sky had decreased by almost one seventh. This was the trial’s time. From what can be seen, the fifth trial was going smoothly.

The one to be tested next was Ma Hongjun. Fatty had complete confidence in himself as he had every reason to believe that the opponent he had to face next was definitely not stronger than Sealance Douluo who Dai Mubai faced. Though he regarded his own strength to be less than that of Dai Mubai’s, he was still above in burst power. Dai Mubai could pass his own test comparatively easily, so Fatty wouldn’t be a problem.

And his point was indeed proven when Ma Hongjun and Ning Rongrong faced Sea Ghost Douluo who had a Devil Ray spirit, in which Tang San’s spirit detection and strategy, Oscar’s buffing sausages, plus a meal’s work, led them to victory. Tang San and Xiao Wu’s turn after that, was over without a hitch in the test of the fourth Title Douluo.

Sea Ghost Douluo left people the deepest impression, and that was his peerlessly ugly face, fitting for his name.

, it was Tang San’s turn alone to face Sea Star Douluo. When they arrived at Sea Star Sacred Pillar, the overall challenge time had just passed 14 hours.

Tang San knew that for him, this would surely be an ugly battle. Probably even more than the previous two. Sea Star Douluo’s strength might not be that of Sealance Douluo’s and Sea Illusion Douluo’s, but it was just in relative terms. How were there weaklings among Title Douluos? The reason Tang San thought of this battle to be of great difficulty was simple. It was because he determined that that Sea Star Douluo’s spirit type would be the same as his own, control type.

Seastar Sacred Pillar’s platform was like a gigantic Sea Star lying on the seabed. The right angled five pointed star form was well made, and the tall sacred pillar itself was like a pentagon. The brand on it was even a star in shape, like it was a shining star in the sky itself.

On top of the platform there was a strange person, clad in similar black garb, but appearing somewhat worn and torn. The most surprising part was his

fearsome long hair that was draped all the way to the ground, Xiao Wu’s hair was the longest Tang San had ever seen. But this strange person before him had hair that was even longer than Xiao Wu’s, and might have to be around three metres in length.

After resting, Tang San’s mental state had somewhat recovered, and his emotions went from rage at Sea Illusion Douluo’s place, to calm.

He faced the Sea Star Sacred Pillar in a distance and bowed down, “Please, Senior. Humble Tang San taking Seagod Nine Trial’s fifth trial, I’ve come to challenge.”

The strange person on the platform glanced at Tang San and waved.

Tang San now vaulted and flew towards the sacred pillar. While in mid- air, a blue light was released and a mirage behind him appeared for a split second. It was the activation of the Vast Sea Barrier ability. Xiao Wu hiding behind him pulled by a blue silver grass. Because Xiao Wu’s strength was improved, her soul became more durable. The duration which it could combine with the body was increased to four hours and not limited to a single time. There would be no problems if the time spent were not to exceed four hours. In previous battles, whenever Tang San didn’t face opponents alone, her soul would only appear momentarily. By now it was just a little under an hour. Hiding in Tang San’s back, she would fight with him silently.

Right when Tang San was about to touchdown on the platform, the weird Sea Star Douluo suddenly shined, and nine well matched spirit rings had come out. The Douluo’s body also showed an extremely bizarre change. If Sea Ghost Douluo’s looks were peerlessly ugly, then Sea Star Douluo would be especially disgusting.

His limbs extended instantly and transformed into gigantic feelers. Every feeler had countless white round suckers. While the limbs were his four feelers, the fifth was actually his long hair. His messy looking long hair tangled instantly and turned into something a tentacle. He appeared to be as freakish as how much one wanted him to be.

Five tentacles lashed out almost simultaneously towards Tang San in mid-air, this Sea Star Douluo wasn’t a bit concerned with his status as a Title Douluo, and actually launched a surprise attack. Of course, to him, this was tactics, and it was a helpless move.

Although Sea Star Douluo didn’t know what happened in Tang San and others’ challenges, but evidently, four of his partners were defeated as the seven lights in the sky had disappeared by four. And among the four, there

would surely be a powerful attacker like Sea Spear Douluo, or a domain user just like Sea Illusion Douluo. Sea Star Douluo thought that his strength could not be like those two. How could he be careless against Tang San? In order to get ahead, he chose to just make preemptive attacks.

What happened also proved his point. When he saw Tang San releasing spirit power, there were actually three Hundred Thousand Year class spirit rings. He couldn’t help but lose his breath. He was very clear that the youngster before him would have an extremely terrifying strength after having such fearsome spirit ring classes. What are three Hundred Thousand Year spirit rings? He would like to have three Hundred Thousand Year spirit bones as well! The three spirit bones which added to Tang San’s attributes would be enough to close their gap in class.

Facing Sea Star Douluo’s five gigantic tentacles, Tang San released his spirit while also doing so with five Blue Silver Emperors, the latter of which were surrounding Sea Star Douluo’s tentacles. He must try and test the tentacles’ power. In some meaning, Sea Star Douluo’s power and those of his own were somewhat alike as Control Types, and the best way to fight against high level Control types was to fight control with control, so Tang San could feel the difficulty of this battle.

The five Blue Silver Emperor swiftly tangled with the five tentacles. When they touched, both Tang San and Sea Star Douluo felt their hearts shake.

Tang San clearly felt that even though his Blue Silver Emperor tangled with Sea Star Douluo’s tentacles, they were immediately wrapped up by the thick tentacles. The little white suckers on the tentacles were stuck on the Blue Silver Emperor. It was actually an ability Tang San was very familiar with when the powerful suction force could be felt through the grasses. It was devourment. A devouring through battle spirits.

What Sea Star Douluo was surprised about was the blue silver grass’ trait. His tentacles’ suckers had firmly latched onto the smooth surfaces of the grasses, but then he immediately felt that these grasses were filled with massive life force. When his third spirit skill ‘Devourment’ was activated,

the blue silver grasses themselves were seemingly sealed off. No matter what, the devouring effect could not take place.

Tang San’s spirit was Blue Silver Emperor, but it wasn’t the Blue Silver Emperor, but himself who possessed the essence devouring ability, so he wouldn’t fall for such an attack. He forcefully sealed off the opponent’s devouring effect by using his spiritual force and the Blue Silver Domain.

Sea Star Douluo’s limbs moved and pulled the airborne Tang San straight towards the platform with great force. His ‘five limbs’ power was so shocking, not even Tang San could counter it.

Nothing good would come out of being pulled by the opponent, so Tang San used his seventh spirit skill directly Blue Silver Avatar.

In reality, in a fight with a Title Douluo, spirit form transformations were mandatory. The deciding factors would commonly be a fight between seventh spirit skills and beyond.

Sea Star Douluo’s movements weren’t even a little slower than Tang San’s. He took the higher ground after launching the first preemptive attack and he had no intention of letting Tang San break free. When Tang San unleashed his spirit form transformation, Sea Star Douluo also unleashed his own spirit form transformation. His whole body became extremely flexible, turning into a giant brown colored Sea Star which crawled along the sacred pillar platform. The strength of his five limbs increased even further.

Tang San let the other party pull him was only for controlling his own posture in the air so that he wouldn’t be pulled over completely. At the same time, he raised his right arm and blue golden rays started to solidify around there in a frantic pace. A giant spear started to form in Tang San’s grasp.

With the rise of his strength and limits, Tang San could discover that his fifth spirit skill Blue Silver Overlord Spear was increasingly different. Though its power didn’t have a remarkable growth, Tang San always had a kind of illusion whenever he used it right after using Blue Silver

Transformation. It seemed that this was the skill with the greatest attack power among others. Only he had not yet developed it to its full potential. From the method of attack, he could tell that, if the attack energies were identical, then in Tang San’s single target attacks, while Orca Evil Spirit Axe was a linear attack as well, only Blue Silver Overlord Javelin was a focal point attack.

Right now, facing Sea Star Douluo’s massive body, Tang San chose to break through with a focal point. Blue Silver Overlord Spear’s energies were rising frantically. The light of the fifth spirit ring was flowing rapidly, and unnoticeably, this black spirit ring had a trace of red shade.

The attack was not yet unleashed, the sharp aura was already pointing at Sea Star Douluo’s spirit form’s center, causing the latter’s skin to cramp up. But, at this moment, Sea Star Douluo’s spirit form’s already gigantic body suddenly expanded to several tens of times larger in size. So large

, the body’s diameter had exceeded fifteen meters. Even the sacred pillar platform could not fully support it and thus it slipped down to the sea. Massive pulling force caused Tang San to lose further control. The enlarged suckers’ devouring power had also increased by several times. Tang San couldn’t hold them back and his body’s spirit power started to leak out through the blue silver grasses.

Mercury colored spiritual force coated Sea Star Douluo’s massive body, yet Tang San had a shocking discovery, that he couldn’t pinpoint Sea Star Douluo’s weakness even after a detailed scanning with his spirit power. In other words, Sea Star Douluo’s body had no practical weak points. Even its dead center was just slightly more important in comparison.

The Blue Silver Overlord Spear which took form would not go away so blue golden light shot forth. But to Tang San’s shock yet again, despite the speed of the Javelin’s launch, Sea Star Douluo’s massive body shifted slightly and swept with a thick tentacle that was devouring the blue silver grass, blocking the path of travel in that very instant.

Of course, it wasn’t enough to affect the power of the spear, however that massive feeler was not only rigid, but also constantly wriggling.

With a ‘POOF’, the Blue Silver Overlord Spear pierced through the feeler, but it couldn’t hit its mark. What made Tang San unable to comprehend the most was that after piercing through the gigantic feeler and drew brown colored sticky fluids, he also lost the link with the spear.

Meanwhile, Sea Star Douluo’s nine spirit rings were on the underside of the center of the body. One ring within another, the lower ranked rings were positioned more outwardly than the others. With the piercing caused by Blue Silver Overlord Spear, his body’s fifth spirit ring shined, forming a light which covered the pierced feeler. The wound on the feeler was clearly being healed at a rapid pace, the process was finished in the blink of an eye.

And in this process, Tang San’s body was tangled while he was being pulled by his own Blue Silver Emperor as it moved. All five giant tentacles were wrapped around him and every sucker was enlarged like different white round shields pressing on him. Sea Star Douluo’s spirit avatar form was also wriggling rapidly like he was going to devour Tang San this way.

A thick white mist was blasted out by the suckers. Tang San could only see vaguely, that when the toxic mist was being released, Sea Star Douluo’s second spirit ring was glowing.

He also uses poison? Tang San deduced after inhaling it slightly. It was an extremely corrosive tranquilizing toxic fluid that was turned to mist before attacking. Once stuck with it, the body would not only enter a state of paralysis, but also being corroded rapidly.

Tang San also discovered at the same time that Sea Star Douluo’s suckers were releasing mental waves. In other words, every single one of the suckers were like his eyes. It was no wonder Sea Star Douluo could make such accurate judgements.

Tang San did not struggle fiercely while being pulled because he wanted to be familiar with his opponent’s attacking style, for it was the only way to secure victory. But from the looks of things, Sea Star Douluo was harder to deal with than expected. Super powerful recovering ability, flexible fighting style. This Sea Star Douluo wouldn’t do things the hard way with his opponents, but instead used a persistent way of fighting to cut the strength

down. Through devouring his opponent's’ energy, he could strengthen himself. As a Title Douluo of this strength, using this fighting style was extremely brilliant without a doubt.

Tang San har just about seen all that he had to see so he waited no further in launching his own direct attack. From the golden trident brand, the seagod’s light spread out. While Sea Star Douluo’s eyes were many in his spirit form, when Tang San used the seagod’s light, the amount of force he had to withstand was much greater than the opponents which Tang San faced.

The massive spirit avatar was convulsing fiercely. The devouring strength of the suckers were lost momentarily and even the toxic mist became disrupted.

Tang San glared coldly and thought, ‘Alright, you wanna fight in control?
Then let’s see who’s better in control.’

The fourth spirit ring flashed, and Blue Silver Emperor’s fourth spirit skill, Blue Silver Prison’s evolved skill, Blue Silver Thrust Formation was activated.

Countless beams of blue and golden light rained down from the sacred pillar platform and even surged from the seawater, piercing Sea Star Douluo’s massive body, but it was indeed thick in skin and flesh. When Blue Silver Spikes were sent, it was like they struck hardened leather and merely managed to lift the body, though few did manage to pierce into the body. Most of them were countered by the numerous suckers and was then latched on to.

However, Tang San’s attack did not end there. His second spirit ring glowed as well. Don’t you want to devour? Then I’ll let you devour all you want.

Countless blue golden rays of light emanated rapidly from Sea Star Douluo’s massive body, which meant that Tang San’s second spirit skill’s parasitic effect was activated. In what seemed to be a swift moment, Sea Star Douluo’s body was covered in blue silver grass’ vines. His suckers

were keeping the grasses in place, but likewise, the spikes from below and the grass which grew from the parasitic vines were wrapped around the body persistently.

Sea Star Douluo was both excited and confused. He was excited that in total contact, his devouring power would have the greatest effect. If he sucked Tang San’s spirit power dry, then this battle would be over and he wouldn’t have to continue on. What he was confused about, was that he didn’t understand why Tang San would choose to use his spirit form to engage in such close contact while the latter knew of his own devouring power. Was he looking to die? But, for someone who had passed four sacred pillars, how could he be this stupid?

Chapter 245

(TL by Armored Raven)

In full contact, Tang San clearly felt his own soul power being drawn away several times more severely, and in just a blink of an eye, he felt it plummeting. But his face had a trace of smile, for the real surprise was now here.

Blue golden light spanned out and massive life force spread out instantly, engulfing not only the sacred pillar platform and the sea, but also the wide forest along the coastline. The massive life force instantly flooded and became Boundless Nature.

Eight golden spears were released from Tang San’s back with countless golden threads nimbly combined with the numerous Blue Silver Emperor. It was Blue Silver Domain’s evolved skill ‘Boundless Nature’ and Eight Spider Lances, both of which came out the same time as the domain itself as a combined skill after consuming the golden threads.

Blue Silver Domain was Blue Silver Emperor’s innate domain. Boosted by the spirit’s own innate domain, the Blue Silver Emperor themselves were thickened in an instant. The soul power that was flowing away stopped suddenly, with every blade of the grass stopping the drain like stingy nobles fighting for their money. When the golden threads were affixed to the Blue Silver Emperor, the draining of the soul power stopped entirely. The battle has become a close fought wrestling.

The devouring golden threads could not devour the opponent’s power, and Sea Star Douluo could not devour Tang San’s soul power through them

as well.

Sea Star Douluo’s devouring power should not be underestimated. Though it was his third spirit skill, it was in fact the innate skill of his battle spirit, plus he also had a spirit bone which had the exact effect. Once this devouring ability was deployed, it would not pale in comparison to his eighth spirit skill. Even Sea Illusion and Sealance Douluos would suffer a sure defeat if they were to be grabbed like this now.

Tang San’s devouring golden threads seemed to have an impressive devouring effect, but if compared to Sea Star Douluo’s skill at it, they still had a ways off. However, blue silver domain’s buff and weakening effect closed this gap. Under the pressure of the domain and seagod’s light, the golden threads on the grasses would barely manage to break even. The situation started to change however, when Sea Star Douluo went all out with his devouring. The scales were starting to tip towards Sea Star Douluo. Even so, now would be where he was surprised the most. He couldn’t anticipate that this young individual who got the prestige of Seagod Nine Trials would have such powerful devouring ability. Tang San dared to use this method to compete with him.

The massive body convulsed as Sea Star Douluo’s ninth spirit ring finally shined. Although Blue Silver Emperor wrapped around the body, it couldn’t completely cover every part of it. The blades of grass that were sucked in had completely turned blue. In the sea, columns of seawater were released like arrows and then sucked in by Sea Star Douluo’s suckers. Tang San then discovered that Sea Star Douluo could use the suckers to filter the seawater and use the energies within to add to his own. Furthermore, the body started becoming slicker while all the suckers were moving irregularly. The devouring continued, but Tang San’s golden threads were getting less able to capture Sea Star Douluo’s body, while the latter’s devouring power became increasingly powerful.

Several blue halos kept coming from Sea Star Douluo’s body, and as the suckers turned blue in color, his body had also started becoming solid. In the center of the sea, tenta

This was Sea Star Douluo’s ninth spirit skill, Thousand Touches Ten Thousand Suctions. Devouring any form of energy within the tentacles’ reach, even the domain energies were not exceptions. The energies were then infused to his own, recovering lost energy. Seawater was no doubt his greatest buff. In places which had seawater, the skill’s power would increase by 30 percent. It was an absolutely terrifying ninth spirit skill.

The best way to counter this ninth skill was in distance. Using distance instead of close contact to attack him. Not being in the range of his devourment, wait until his skill power would run out, then move in for the kill. Sea Star Doulou clearly knew the shortcomings of this spirit skill, therefore, whenever he would deploy this skill, the condition would be that the opponent was already in his devouring range and was already being devoured. Under his ninth spirit skill, the most powerful thing that could be used would also be an ultimate melee skill. Facing Tang San’s Boundless Nature and golden threads’ devourment, the cautious Sea Star Douluo used his strongest skill without hesitation, to prevent further complications.

Even the usually calm Tang San wouldn’t anticipate that Sea Star Douluo’s ninth spirit skill would be this insane, which completely abandoned attack power and focused on devouring. It could be said that it would be extremely difficult for flightless spirit masters to come out after entering his area of attack. Because if all forms of your attacks could be devoured of their energies and added to his, then the majority of the attack power would be devoured first, and adding the thickness of his flesh and powerful restorative ability into the equation, even if you had a greater strength, being tangled to death would not be a strange matter.

With no other ideas, Tang San made an instant judgement. Even if he should use his strongest attack now, he wouldn’t be able to break free. Using teleportation to leave the battlefield was also out of question, since that would mean giving up all of the Blue Silver Emperor. With great loss of soul power and the main body itself, a continued battle would spell his own defeat. Therefore, he only had one option left, and that was to keep on countering devourment with devourment.

Upon eating stimulant pink sausage, the Blue Silver Emperor glowed intensely after stimulation. At the same time, Tang San ate an erect golden

fly. Facing such a freakish opponent, he was forced to give his next action some extra insurance.

The eighth spirit ring glowed and dark red waves came out like a torrent, covering every part of Sea Star Douluo’s body in an instant. The convulsion just now stopped momentarily, but the ninth spirit skill had no signs of disappearing.

Blue Silver Emperor’s eighth spirit skill first technique, Blue Silver Orca’s Devil Absorption was activated. Forced initiative, absolute effective technique. Three seconds long dizziness befell on Sea Star Douluo, making his movements stop temporarily. But Tang San’s Blue Silver Emperor and Sea Star Douluo’s tentacles were tangled, and with the suckers, he could never use these three seconds to break free.

And Tang San had no such intention, as he braced himself and slammed towards Sea Star Douluo like a shooting star towards the moon. Xiao Wu’s figure appeared from behind him for this attack as Tang San couldn’t use the Vast Sea Barrier to hide her any further. The Blue Silver Emperor around Xiao Wu’s waist was released, which flung her through the gap of Sea Star Douluo’s tentacles and into the air. Sea Star Douluo was still dizzy so he couldn’t obstruct her.

With a ‘POOF’, Tang San lat the center of Sea Star Douluo’s position and didn’t touch make close bodily contact. Even so, he could feel the pressure from those giant suckers under him. Eight Spider Lances stabbed fiercely into Sea Star Douluo’s body and a bright golden glow shot out.

Sea Star Douluo’s ninth spirit skill was for devouring, and likewise, Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances were his strongest spirit bone that was used for devouring. As an externally attached spirit bone, up until now, besides the golden threads and for direct attacks, Eight Spider Lances could be said to have just one devouring skill. The majority of the toxins it had was due to Tang San’s consumption of two extreme enchanted herbs.

This was Tang San’s all or nothing gamble. Under the effects of erect golden fly, Eight Spider Lances’ devouring power was ramped up to 150 percent.

Fearsome devouring power burst forth in an instant. Though three seconds were short, for Tang San it was enough. In the first second, he landed on Sea Star Douluo’s body, then in the next two seconds, he could clearly see that Sea Star Douluo’s body was drying up rapidly under the fearsome devouring effect of the Eight Spider Lances. Tang San used all of his energy for devouring, and Eight Spider Lance’s toxins made quick way into Sea Star Douluo’s body.

Back when he was facing Deep Sea Demon Whale, Tang San also used Eight Spider Lances to inflict great damage. Now that his strength was two spirit rings greater, and after eating the erect golden fly, the lances’ devouring power had a considerable increase. The lances couldn’t compare with Sea Star Douluo when it came to wide area devourment, but it was another story if it was a small area instead. Unless Sea Star Douluo’s suckers could be stacked together, then they couldn’t be compared to the lances.

In just two short seconds, Tang San devoured as much spirit power from the dizzy Sea Star Douluo as the amount he spent using Blue Silver Orca Devil’s Absorption, while the toxins managed to enter Sea Star Douluo’s body as well. He knew that Sea Star Douluo had the ability to use poison, so his poison resistance would be considerable, on top of being a Title Douluo. Even if the Eight Spider Lances had toxins, they wouldn’t just take his life right off. That’s why Tang San attacked in such a way without reservations.

With the Eight Spider Lances’ point of entry as the focus, the gigantic starfish was becoming dry from the middle while convulsing. When Sea Star Douluo came to consciousness after dizziness, he was taken by complete surprise. Spirit power and life force were fading away rapidly from eight wounds, while extreme cold and heat, polarizing sensations that could turn anyone insane with pain, were spreading inside the body, paralyzing his ‘five limbs’ for a moment. The spirit power’s flow slowed down, while keeping up the ninth spirit skill became difficult.

When he felt that the Eight Spider Lances could bring such terrifying sensations after piercing his body, Sea Star Douluo panicked. He struggled with all his might, intending to knock Tang San away with his movements.

But, Tang San stuck on him firmly like a festering maggot as the limbs were fastened onto the body by the Blue Silver Emperor. The more the struggle, the faster the loss of soul power and life force.

In exact opposite, as the devouring dragged on, Tang San’s blue golden light became brighter. After taking in massive amounts of energy, the earlier losses were rapidly compensated. Even the devouring golden threads could gradually suppress the powerless tentacles. Facing the opponent that could counter he himself in a certain caliber, Tang San chose the most proper fighting style, and finally got the lead after using Eight Spider Lances which evolved several times, taking full and firm control of the entire situation.

Sea Star Douluo’s body gradually became half scorching hot, and half freezing cold. His defenses and self recovery were powerful, but he was completely helpless upon facing such fearsome toxins. He could only delay the speed of the spread, but he couldn’t stop the devouring of his energies. At this point the battle’s outcome was decided. Xiao Wu descended slowly from mid-air, and Tang San even used a Blue Silver Emperor to wrap around her waist, supporting her descent. Now he didn’t even let Xiao Wu’s soul enter her body. It was better to have options when there were still two more challenges ahead.

The Eight Spider Lances under the effects of erect golden fly was too terrifying, to the point that Sea Star Douluo’s ninth spirit skill broke down. The tentacles in the sea fell down quickly and the suckers’ color were fading. Even his own body was shrinking rapidly as he condensed his energies to halt the advance of the devouring and toxins.

“Admit defeat, senior.” After saying that, Tang San suddenly stopped the devouring and didn’t keep it up. Because he clearly felt Sea Star Douluo’s heartbeats. Finding the opponent’s heart meant that Sea Star Douluo had no more strength to protect himself. If this went on, there would be an irreversible damage.

“I lost.” A somewhat weak voice came. Though Sea Star Douluo wasn’t happy, he was also not too upset. After all, four other partners before him also suffered similar fates.

The Eight Spider Lances didn’t leave Sea Star Douluo’s body, but quickly took back the ice and flame toxins while returning the life force that was taken instead. Of course, Tang San wouldn’t return the spirit power that was taken since Sea Star Douluo could always get it back through meditation, and Tang San needed it to compensate for what he used in this trial.

With an ripping sound, the Eight Spider Lances left Sea Star Douluo’s body, and the massive starfish of a body quickly shrinked back to human form, which was the weird man seen at the beginning.

“That power you used on me was from an external spirit bone?” Sea Star Douluo’s voice was very hoarse, and sounded very uncomfortable.

Grabbing Xiao Wu, Tang San nodded, “It was my external spirit bone, Eight Spider Lances.”

With a sigh, Sea Star Douluo muttered, “No wonder! My most deft devouring skill lost to yours. My defeat is without objections. You won.” Tang San already showed him mercy and didn’t bring him real harm, so he wouldn’t find any issue in all of this. While he said that, his left hand extended in length and smacked on the sacred pillar. Just then, star shaped slivers of light flowed out of the pillar and landed on Tang San and Xiao Wu. The test of the fifth sacred pillar was finally passed.

After thanking Sea Star Douluo, Tang San carried Xiao Wu on his back and returned to the coast without rest, and hurried to the next stop after rendezvous with their companions. up, they had to face the last couple of challenges, which would undoubtedly be the hardest among all seven. Tang San had to face the most powerful of sacred pillar guardians, the Sea Dragon Douluo at the very end, and Zhu Zhuqing in Black Class Fifth Trial had to undergo her own final test as well. For the last test, she had to face what was considerably harder than other Black Class tests. After passing it, she would be regarded as having the seagod’s approval and become one of Seagod Island’s members. The prestige would also be the same as Guardian Douluos of the seven sacred pillars.

When traversing the forest, Tang San spoke to Zhu Zhuqing, “Zhuqing, don’t force yourself in the next challenge. If things don’t go well, then admit defeat to conserve your strength. After I defeat the Sea Witch, you will be able to win after trying again as well.”

Zhu Zhuqing knew of Tang San’s good intentions of course. She looked at the nodding Dai Mubai and let out a smile with her cold face, “Thank you, San Ge, but I believe I can succeed. You’ve done so much for us in the earlier tests. It is appropriate that I repay you. Don’t forget, besides you and Mubai, my spirit power is the highest.”

Zhu Zhuqing’s current spirit power was level 78. As Dai Mubai managed to make it past level 80, the next one to break through the stage of Spirit Douluo would be her. As the team’s genuine agility attack spirit master, she wouldn’t give in that easily. Perhaps she didn’t have Dai Mubai’s resilient body, or Ma Hongjun’s fearsome burst of strength, but she had the speed they didn’t have.

Tang San wouldn’t dampen Zhu Zhuqing’s confidence. He looked at Rongrong and said, “How about you, Rongrong? Can you still hold up?”

Ning Rongrong also took part in three challenges. She seemed to just support others behind them, but in fact, her consumption of spirit power was the greatest except for Tang San. For the victory of companions, she had to give it her all. With Oscar’s sausages as guarantee, every time Tang San fought alone he could rest for a time. But she wasn’t like Tang San who had cleared his eight extraordinary meridians and could recover spirit power anytime anywhere, so her state was far from the one before. Still, she nodded, for only the final battle was left. After assisting Zhu Zhuqing, she would also complete her own fifth trial.

Tang San didn’t say anything else and everyone rushed on. Dai Mubai rested after the two battles earlier and recovered his spirit power after Oscar’s sausage. He engaged his White Tiger transformation and took Ning Rongrong, Oscar and Zhu Zhuqing on their way. When they arrived at the sixth sacred pillar, the Sea Witch Sacred Pillar, the golden light in the sky showed that the time had passed the 16th hour. From how it looked, there

was still enough time, while Tang San still had 56 hours to complete the later challenges.

Tang San couldn’t rest, for the outcome of this battle was very important. It concerned whether Zhu Zhuqing could pass all of her tests and offer further consultation. His soul power had recovered up to 80 percent after all the devouring earlier, but the fatigue he experienced in the previous five battles was far from soothed. Every battle was about facing Title Douluo class powerful opponents, and the Sea Illusion Douluo battle was especially taxing. Even with Boundless level spiritual force, he still felt fatigued. Fortunately there was plenty of time. Until the sixth battle was over, he would have enough time to rest.

The Sea Witch Sacred Pillar’s platform had an incredibly simple form, as it was just a square. But the pillar itself at the center of the platform was different from the others. Rather than a pillar, it should be called a statue. The exterior was like an ivory color. A statue of a maiden, kneeling on top of the platform with both hands clasped together before the chest, facing the Seagod Hall in prayers. Although it was a statue, the devout look on the face was vivid and lifelike.

At the edge of the platform, a young girl sat there. What was surprising was that she had a large fishtail. A beautiful arc extended to the waist. Her fishtail was hitting the surface of the sea light, and the upper body was clad in a black shirt without covering the midriff. She had large sky colored eyes, and rather than the ocean, her face would be like the beauty of the blue sky, as her lips formed a constant smile while the fishtail slapped continuously on the seawater with glee. Feeling the arrival of the Shrek Seven Devils, she raised her head and looked towards the coastside. “Are you here to challenge me?” Her voice came like it had the ringing of bells. The pleasant sounding voice couldn’t raise any hostilities in anyone.

The young girl appeared to be so, but everyone knew that as the Guardian Douluo of the sacred pillar, Sea Witch Pillar, her actual age wouldn’t be much less than those of other Guardian Douluos.

Tang San bowed down and said, “We’ve come to ask senior’s guidance.
Please be lenient.”

“Okay. I’ll start off easy.” This surprised everyone, as this Sea Witch Douluo actually nodded and consented, while no ulterior movements could be seen from her look of naivete. The Shrek Seven Devils all thought, ‘Is she really this young?’

“What are you weirded out about? No need to feel that way. I’m not a human, but part of the mermaid race. Half human half sea spirit beast I suppose. We mermaid females will never get old. I’m not a monster. Heehee.” Sea Witch Douluo giggled as she explained. After hearing what she said, while everyone didn’t pay it much attention, Tang San’s expression changed drastically, “Mind reading?”

Sea Witch Douluo was also surprised when looking at Tang San, “Yeah! You actually saw through my innate ability. Looks like you’re strong! This is bad, this is bad, I might lose today. Why can’t I see through your heart?” Her beautiful expression was centered by curiosity, and she soon saw Tang San’s golden trident brand on his forehead, which caught her off guard, “I see, you’re that human who had the honor of getting the Seagod Nine Trials! With the protection of seagod’s light, no wonder I can’t see through you. You’re all very bad, you want to beat me by relaying. How can you stand for it?”

Looking at Sea Witch’s joking nature, the Shrek Seven Devils were speechless, and the one struck the most was Dai Mubai. This Sea Witch no doubt had a great charm to her. He would rather struggle against Sealance Douluo and not willing to face such an opponent. Fortunately, this challenge was to be taken by Zhu Zhuqing, a female.

“This is our test. It doesn’t matter whether we can stand for it or otherwise.” Zhu Zhuqing’s cold voice broke Sea Witch’s voice. Taking Ning Rongrong and soaring through the surface of the sea, they landed before the sacred pillar after a few jumps.

Sea Witch didn’t have the slightest intention of attacking them and just stared with wide eyed curiosity, “You’re beautiful, you two big sisters. It’s my first time seeing girls as beautiful as I am.” This wasn’t self exaggeration. In terms of looks, she really was on the same level as Zhu

Zhuqing and Ning Rongrong, even more when the two women didn’t have the grace of the sea.

Zhu Zhuqing shielded Rongrong behind her. While unleashing her own spirit Ning Rongrong couldn’t help but ask, “Big sister? Let me ask senior, what age are you now?”

Sea Witch Douluo twiddled her fingers naively as the long fishtail raised from the seawater, landing on the platform before turning into a pair of legs with a black long skirt covering them. “I can’t remember. Something like 96 or 97? Wah, big sis, your expression is so unpleasant! I’m not saying you’re old since we mermaids have five times the lifespan of you humans. According to your calculations, I’m not even twenty. Calling you big sisters should be appropriate right. Look, this statue was my ancestor. When we leave seawater, we turn into human in appearance but only for a short amount of time, otherwise we die. My grandpa is now the chief of mermaids. He said I have exceptional talent just once in ten thousand years, so he sent me to guard this sacred pillar. But it’s so boring here. I don’t like this monotonous life, but I can’t leave here. You two big sisters, since you’re so beautiful, let’s not fight like we’re killing each other ok? I’ll blow you a tune. When it’s over, you’ll pass. How’s that?’

Her left hand moved a bit, and a black short flute appeared in her grasp.
She spinned it around and took it to her lips with both hands.

“Don’t let her blow it and attack immediately. Rongrong, no domain.
Attack in full force!” Tang San didn’t use telepathy, but screamed it out.

Zhu Zhuqing and Ning Rongrong had their hostilities lowered by Sea Witch’s words, but Tang San’s voice was like an absolute command for them. Almost on a reflex, Zhu Zhuqing kicked out and turned into a series of afterimages to attack Sea Witch. Ning Rongrong’s Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda also appeared and the first buff on Zhu Zhuqing was agility. Zhu Zhuqing’s body became illusory for a moment. Razor sharp cat claws were set to grab on Sea Witch’s wrists and black flute.

Sea Witch’s brows curled as the light of her surroundings became a mirage. Nine neatly positioned spirit rings appeared around the black flute.

The second spirit ring glowed, and in the mirage, her figure became wavy. Although she couldn’t completely avoid Zhu Zhuqing’s rapid attacks, the black flute in her hand resisted three blows, repelling Zhu Zhuqing’s cat claws. She glared at Tang San at the coast, “You are a bad person. Not even a single tender thought for the fairer sex. So mean. My flute’s tune is very good you know.”

Although she said that, Zhu Zhuqing and Ning Rongrong’s expressions had darkened. When the nine spirit rings appeared on the black flute, they knew they fell for a trap just now. If they really let Sea Witch play a tune, no one could tell what would happen next.

Sea Witch didn’t seem to mind being caught on one bit. Her figure slipped off while evading and blocking Zhu Zhuqing’s attacks at the same time. She spoke a little urgently, “Big sisters, don’t listen to that bad person. Just listen to my tune. It’s very nice.”

Zhu Zhuqing didn’t pay her attention, but her mind was gradually being filled. This Sea Witch didn’t use a lot to block against her attacks, and she appeared to be a Tool Spirit Master. The difficulty of this challenge would be worryingly great.

Under Zhu Zhuqing’s hail of attacks, Sea Witch was somehow displeased and curled her lips, “This big sis, how can you be like this? You’re a girl. Why are you so rude like those guys. But, I won’t blame you still. Have a tune.”

While saying that, Sea Witch’s body slipped in a flash, avoided Zhu Zhuqing’s cat claws, vaulted backwards and fell towards the sea.

Zhu Zhuqing wouldn’t let her opponent off easily, so she chased fiercely. Third spirit skill Hell Execution erupted in an instant. Using Ning Rongrong’s speed and attack buff, even when this was just her third spirit skill, for swift attack spirit masters, having this speed would also mean greater increase of attack power.

Black figure in the air chased Sea Witch in the middle of backflipping, but everyone on the coast heard the bell-ringing voice, “Big sis, you fell for


A circle of bizarre waves expanded from Sea Witch, covering Zhu Zhuqing and herself then actually shut off Ning Rongrong’s buffs by force. Sea Witch shifted in the air by three feet horizontally and dodged Zhu Zhuqing’s pounce. As soon as the toes landed on the seawater’s surface, the two legs turned back into a fishtail. With a twist, the large fishtail smashed against the falling Zhu Zhuqing.

At this point, Dai Mubai was very worried. He could tell that Sea Witch’s attack and explosive force weren’t that great, but her skills were variable and numerous. Complimenting her mind reading and looks which people would easily fall for, she had firmly controlled Zhu Zhuqing and Ning Rongrong.

Just then, Zhu Zhuqing suddenly disappeared as Sea Witch swam towards the air with waves of distortion behind the fishtail. Her clear eyes had traces of fear, showing that she didn’t understand why this would happen. Zhu Zhuqing’s mind could understand the mind reading, but everything before her was happening too quick.

Of course Zhu Zhuqing wouldn’t disappear for real, because when the fishtail slammed her, her body was split up. That’s right. It separated into dozens of figures scattered in mid-air. Every figure was seemingly real, and using the seawater’s surface, they charged at Sea Witch at the same time. What she used was her own fourth spirit skill, Hell Shadow Doppelgänger. Just then, Ning Rongrong at the coast side didn’t apply buffs in a hurry, but flashed away and hid behind the sacred pillar.

The situation had changed, and Sea Witch’s adapting speed was incredibly quick. Facing multi directional attacks, her body suddenly sped up, heading downwards instead of evading. With a plop, she disappeared into the seawater.

Zhu Zhuqing’s thoughts were surely affected by mind reading, but Tang San’s telepathy managed to let her make a difference. From Tang San’s voice to Zhu Zhuqing’s Hell Shadow Doppelgänger, it was just a blink of an eye but Sea Witch couldn’t sense anything for just a short moment.

“Rongrong, be careful!” Zhu Zhuqing screamed while heading towards the sacred pillar from mid-air.

Chapter 246

“Heehee, you’re late.” Sea Witch already soared from the other side of the sacred pillar. The black flute in her hand glowed in black light and its holes shot out seven rays, binding Ning Rongrong before the flute’s third spirit ring glowed next.

However, Sea Witch just sensed that something wasn’t right when she attacked, because her mind reading was supposed to be constant. She was used to getting her opponents’ movements from constant mind reading. Unless the opponent’s spirit force was equal to or higher than her own, then the success rate of mind reading would be extremely high. But just now she managed to read Ning Rongrong for a moment, and suddenly she couldn’t get the thoughts. It was like Ning Rongrong was enveloped by a special form of energy, protecting her mental world.

What was the meaning of this?

Without a question, this was Tang San’s handiwork. At the next moment, Ning Rongrong’s mouth let out a clear phoenix cry. Scorching flames erupted from her body, turning her into a majestic flaming phoenix to ram against Sea Witch’s attack.

Indeed, Sea Witch was a Title Douluo and Ning Rongrong wasn’t even level 80. The skills which the latter could use were only at 80 percent of the originals’ strength. But Sea Witch’s disadvantage was that she relied on mind reading and underestimated Ning Rongrong too much. She didn’t want to hurt Rongrong as well. Thus when she used the her third spirit skill,

the speed of it was delayed as she just wanted to catch Rongrong and make sure there would be no support. What she thought was that a support type spirit master couldn’t possibly defend against her. But what appeared before her instead was a blazing phoenix flame.

Who specified that Ning Rongrong could only support her own companions in battles? Oscar of the Shrek Seven was no less effective as a support compared to her. His mirror image sausages made anything possible. Otherwise, when everyone challenged Title Douluos, except for Tang San, who would dare say they alone could protect Ning Rongrong properly?

The reason Tang San used spirit power to shield Ning Rongrong was because she hid behind the Sea Witch Sacred Pillar before eating the mirror image sausage made with Ma Hongjun’s blood, causing her battle spirit to become phoenix temporarily. Meanwhile, she unleashed the phoenix avatar right away like she had no hesitations in vaporizing the seven beams of black light from Sea Witch. At the same time, she rammed into the dumbstruck Sea Witch.

Phoenix Cloudbreaker was executed even though Ning Rongrong couldn’t generate a burst of force that matched with Ma Hongjun’s own, but the technique itself could be used. When both of Ning Rongrong and Sea Witch made contact, Ning Rongrong used Ma Hongjun’s strongest single target attack skill right away. Even though the skill’s power was just 80 percent, when Phoenix Avatar was put up, it would still be considerably fearsome. Especially so when the distance between both of them was so close. Sea Witch absolutely had no way of avoiding it.

Meanwhile, Zhu Zhuqing who was just screaming, had turned into a black shadow which moved stealthily, and in mid-air, her body had completely transformed into a nimble black cat. Hell Transformation was more akin to a cloud of smoke which almost glided along the sea’s surface.

With a muffled grunt, Sea Witch could only use her black flute to block her front, but in her haste, she couldn’t even use skills to protect herself. Being rammed by the phoenix fo

Just then, Zhu Zhuqing arrived. Her body became shadows again, but instead of dispersed formations, they were afterimages which connected together. This was her fifth spirit skill, Hell Connected Shadows. The attack power of every afterimage would be weaker than the last by 10 percent. With a total of nine afterimages, the individual power count wouldn’t be a big deal, but when connected together, it was an extremely frightening skill which sufficiently displayed the terrifying offensive power of agility attack type spirit masters.

Sea Witch’s mind was now in a mess. She used to calculate others, but not being calculated by opponents like in the present, which made her very dissatisfied. But what would come from dissatisfaction? Blazing heat was spreading in the body and agonizing pain spread throughout. As someone whose nature was weak against flaming phoenixes, in three seconds after being hit by Phoenix Cloudbreaker, she couldn’t use any skills whatsoever. And three seconds was enough for Zhu Zhuqing to execute more than three attacks.

Even as a Title Douluo, without being in spirit avatar state, the outcome of bearing Zhu Zhuqing’s class of attacks for three times was imaginable, which meant heavy injuries if not death. Sea Witch couldn’t use all of her strength. Wanting to play with her opponents, but being played in their palms instead, she lost all of her winning chances.

The greatest advantage would often be the greatest disadvantage as well. Sea Witch’s enticing ability was extremely powerful and she could even read minds, making her an opponent’s nightmare. But likewise, she was too confident about this part of herself, to the point that she wouldn’t waste spirit power to attack after charming an opponent. Grasping this part allowed Tang San to create the current situation, capping the deal with his touch. ‘Aren’t you good at swaying others? Then I’m gonna sway you back, to the point that I won’t let you have the chance to use skills.’

Ning Rongrong’s attack made the opponent unable to act, and Zhu Zhuqing’s next attacks gave Sea Witch a destructive blow. Even when resisting she would suffer heavy trauma while unable to use skills.

“I admit defeat!” Sea Witch screamed. On Sea Witch Sacred Pillar, a golden light beamed on her. Then, Zhu Zhuqing missed her while Sea Witch herself appeared at the bottom of the sacred pillar with a pale look on her face and abject fear.

Without hesitation, two branded waves were shot out and landed on Ning Rongrong and Zhu Zhuqing. She was clever. Since she knew she wasn’t their match, why let herself be damaged heavily? She just admitted defeat and used the sacred pillar’s power to avoid Zhu Zhuqing’s attack.

Though this wasn’t Shrek Seven’s first time seeing the power of the sacred pillars, it was their first time seeing it in the middle of a fight. Needless to say, if Title Douluos were using the powers from the sacred pillars from the start, then they would have no chances whatsoever.

The light of the red seven pointed star on Ning Rongrong’s forehead flashed greatly and the phoenix flames dispersed quickly, while landing safely on the platform. She just passed all four battles she took part in and completed Seagod’s Fifth Trial. Even though in the first battle, Tang San defeated Seahorse Douluo who Oscar finally won against with her support, she gave it her all in the three battles after that, especially during the one against Sea Lance Douluo and this one. She achieved a great result.

“Using strength and wisdom, domain and spirit skills. Helping others to pass their tests. Top class seven trials, fifth trial passed. Rewarding all the spirit rings levels to raise by a thousand years, and spirit power to raise by one level.”

Ning Rongrong’s own seven spirit rings appeared simultaneously, and with a shine of light, her spirit rings now appeared to be incredibly balanced; Four purples and three blacks. Spirit power was raised to level 78 after the trial’s reward. With the rise of her spirit skills’ quality, her buffing time was increased once more and her own element raised.

Unlike Ning Rongrong, Zhu Zhuqing’s hovered in mid-air after taking the brand. Illusionary black light didn’t enter her body after shattering. Countless black spots came from her body and combined into one with the

fragments. On her forehead, the black five pointed star released haloes which absorbed the black lights.

Illusions were starting to appear behind Zhu Zhuqing. From the moment of the first trial, to Seagod’s light, then breakthrough of the ring-shaped sea’s lockdown, and the third to fifth trials all flashed back. A majestic voice rang, and this time, it wasn’t her alone who could hear it. Everyone nearby could clearly hear that deep voice.

“Fifth trial, challenge, Title Douluo, complete. Black Class Five Trials completed. With exceptional determination and ceaseless diligence, you surpassed difficult obstacles and passed all the tests. Special reward, Seagod Island Black Class privileges, spirit power increase by two levels, one god bestowed spirit ring.”

The black lights all turned into a compressed black shine in front of Zhu Zhuqing and her forehead’s brand slowly disappeared. When the black shine turned completely solid, the bestowed spirit ring which once appeared in Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi’s hand was right here in front of her.

Zhu Zhuqing was shocked at the bestowed spirit ring in front of her. She was very happy and spoke with some disbelief, “Didn’t senior Bo Saixi said that Black Class Trials only give one bestowed spirit ring? This is….”

Sea Witch pouted somewhat, “You’re lucky. Black Class Trials’ final reward giving you a spirit level increase aside, another level increase was thrown in as an overall reward. On top of that, you’ll also get a support skill. When your spirit power hits a limit point and you need a spirit ring, then the rewarded skill automatically becomes a bestowed spirit ring. That’s why you have a second bestowed spirit ring. With it, you’ll have a spirit skill that suits you the most and one you can withstand the greatest. So fortunate. Why wasn’t I that lucky back then?”

Zhu Zhuqing’s spirit level was at level 78 before she took the fifth trial. Increasing two levels, reaching the level 80 bottleneck, she got the second bestowed spirit ring as a reward in the process.

Ning Rongrong who was happy after getting her reward as well, spoke beside Zhu Zhuqing, “You’re lucky indeed, Zhuqing. Hurry and absorb it at the coast. With this you’ll be reaching Spirit Douluo one step ahead of Dai Mubai. Haha, Boss Dai is gonna be frustrated this time. Sea Witch, I’m really sorry for that just now. I hope I didn’t hurt you.”

Sea Witch grumped, “I didn’t really mean to attack you, but you’re so vicious. But, I can’t entirely fault you for it, since it’s that mean guy’s fault. Hey mean guy, don’t you wanna challenge me? Come on then. I’m gonna let you know what I’m made of. As for her, there’s no need to get to the coast so just do it here. It’s the safest where there’s sacred pillar’s protection.”

While she spoke, Sea Witch pressed on the sacred pillar lightly, and a golden beam of light covered Zhu Zhuqing’s body. Under the cover of the holy radiance, Zhu Zhuqing watched the coast reluctantly. She sat down with her knees put together after Tang San nodded, absorbing her eighth spirit ring.

Ma Hongjun bumped Dai Mubai next to him and grinned, “Boss Dai, Zhuqing’s gonna be Spirit Douluo earlier than you. What are your thoughts?”

Dai Mubai spat out, “That’s my wife. Of course I’m happy that her strength is increased. Our Six Trials also offer the Black Class Five Trials’ final reward. When I pass the next one, I’ll get a bestowed spirit ring as well and reach Spirit Douluo stage.”

Ma Hongjun spoke, “I’m also level 78 now. Seems like after completing Black Class Six Trials, the overall reward is not gonna be lower than Five Trials, so I’m gonna be a Spirit Douluo like you too. Haha, Boss Dai, I’m gonna catch up to you too!”

While they were talking, Tang San already soared while holding Xiao Wu, and landed on the sacred pillar’s platform. The mean guy that Sea Witch referred to was obviously him.

Sea Witch stared at Tang San fiercely, “You wanna challenge too right.
Then come. I won’t show you any mercy.”

“Oh? You knew?” Tang San looked at her like he was surprised.

Sea Witch grumped, “Seagod’s Seven Sacred Pillars’ Guardian Douluos are vitally connected. We naturally have our way of conversing. Lord Seagod’s chosen one actually resorts to trickery. Just you wait. There will be suffering for you.”

Tang San replied, “How about this. You just focus on me. I’ll listen to your tune once. If your tune can’t defeat me, then let me pass.”

Sea Witch was startled, “You wanna listen to my Sea Calming Divine Song? Not gonna attack me while I’m weakened?”

Tang San smiled, “What’s a single tune from you? I’ve never seen a Title Douluo who uses soundwaves to attack opponents. I’ll think of it as broadening my horizons. Since you’re already injured, I still have an upper hand.”

Sea Witch looked at Xiao Wu next to Tang San and stopped playing cute.
She smiled coldly, “Great! Since you want to listen, I’ll oblige.”

Ning Rongrong who was still on the platform couldn’t help but voicing her concerns in low voice, “San Ge, you still have challenges ahead. Are you….”

Tang San smiled at her while nodding, “It’s fine. I really want to see what senior Sea Witch’s flute is all about. Rongrong, you get to the coast first.”

After listening to what he said, Ning Rongrong placed confidence in her San Ge. She nodded and grew a pair of transparent wings after eating flying mushroom sausage, heading to the coast. Tang San held Xiao Wu and placed her down not far from Zhu Zhuqing, then walked to the edge of the platform. He gestured for Sea Witch to begin.

Sea Witch glared fiercely before hitting the waters, her legs once again turned into a fishtail. She swam against the waves and stopped just after several tens of metres away.

Her expression turned serious, Sea Witch instinctively knew that this young man in her eyes was stronger than the rest of the Shrek Seven. Although it could be said that he used clever tricks in the previous five tests, he also used true strength to defeat Seahorse, Sea Illusion and Sea Star Douluos. Sea Witch Douluo didn’t think of herself being stronger than Sea Illusion Douluo. Plus she was injured. How could she not give it her all?

Holding the flute horizontally in front of her chest, the black seventh spirit ring glowed. Her seventh spirit skill’s spirit avatar was incredibly unique. The black flute unleashed a light that enveloped the flute and Sea Witch herself. This was followed by the black light surging towards the sky, and Sea Witch herself actually increased in size for several times, along with the flute. As her own being increased in size however, the whole look appeared to be more transparent.

Sea Witch stopped enlarging after her height reached more than ten metres. Her giant fishtail created waves on the sea. After increasing in size, Sea Witch’s figure was more striking and every detail of her expressions was gentle and beautiful.

Tang San couldn’t help but nodding in secret upon seeing this. Spirit masters of the sea were truly similar yet different in some ways compared to spirit masters of the land. This was the first time he saw such a special spirit avatar. Although he still couldn’t understand the principles behind it, he thought it wouldn’t pale in comparison to Sea Lance Douluo and his spirit avatar transformation.

Without looking any further, Tang San placed his palms and fingers on his knees as he sat with his feet crossed together. His eyes closed firmly like he was one with heaven and earth at the moment, silent like a statue.

Humm——, the sound rang in Tang San’s ears. Sea Witch was doing what she just said, allowing only Tang San to hear this and not having Xiao

Wu and Zhu Zhuqing become affected, while neither were the others of the Shrek Seven on the coast.

Hearing the first sound of the flute, Tang San shook visibly, but he quickly regained posture as a layer of faint blue light came from his forehead which covered him whole.

Sea Witch didn’t look at Tang San any further, and put all her concentration into playing her black flute. The sounds of it were like cries and reprisals.

The sea became still as every wave were frozen by the sound of her flute. Only the black waves came from Sea Witch herself. They were accompanied by her ninth spirit ring.

Sea Witch’s ninth spirit skill, Sea Calming Divine Song. Huge area attack skill. Using the sounds of the flute, it would cause listeners unable to raise any resistance, disappearing into the sound of the flute. Because the skill travelled using sound, the attack range could be huge without influencing its effects.

Sea Calming Divine Song was a mental attack, which also meant that among the sacred pillar Guardian Douluos, it was the strongest large area attack skill. Only when using it, the player of the tune was comparably weak, and before using it, Sea Witch must undergo a short warm up time. In other words, in order to truly utilize this skill, she must not be interrupted by her opponent before she would play. She would need someone to protect her.

At first, when Evil Spirit Orcas hunted down the Great White Spirit Sharks to Seagod Island, Sea Witch once used this tune to repel the former. The terror of this tune was imaginable.

Tang San didn’t stop shaking under the tune, but no matter how much he shook, he didn’t fall. He also didn’t release his domain and just listened quietly. Only the golden trident brand kept releasing the blue light that covered him.

At the coastside, Dai Mubai, Oscar, Ning Rongrong, and Ma Hongjun were watching Tang San nervously. Tang San mustn't lose, or it would mean that after 72 hours had passed, he must start over from the beginning. Not only would he have to face all the seven sacred pillars’ Sea Douluos, but also after having all of his techniques seen. If they were to be challenged again, the difficulty would only be greater.

They couldn’t understand why Tang San would let Sea Witch play out her Sea Calming Divine Song. He actually didn’t, because before that, when Zhu Zhuqing and Ning Rongrong made their last attack under his instructions which forced Sea Witch to admit defeat, he felt his spirit power undergo a sudden mutation.

The spirit power that was always in control suddenly tremored. Tang San thought that it was because because he didn’t filter out the energy he absorbed from Sea Star Douluo completely just now, but soon he discovered that the cause was himself. Because the problem lied in the conflict between his Blue Silver Emperor battle spirit and Mysterious Heaven Skill Inner Power.

Blue Silver Emperor seemed to have taken specific stimulation as its exclusive aura was rampaging inside Tang San’s body, while Mysterious Heaven Skill Inner Power protected his body naturally, prompting this battle with the aura. The two energies originally united in one place were in dischord, and Tang San’s body became a battlefield. The condition became stable just now when he landed on the sacred pillar platform. In secret, there seemed to be a specific thought that led him to tell Sea Witch to listen to her tune. Even Tang San didn’t clearly understand why he would choose to challenge her without resting first. While having made this decision, the Seagod’s Trident Brand was secretly releasing special spirit waves that affected his own decisions.

When Sea Calming Divine Song started playing, Tang San already had no other options. When he was using his own mind power to resist the sound of the flute head on, he suddenly discovered that upon hearing the first tune, his body’s conflicting powers had calmed down somewhat. This discovery cause Tang San’s power to go blank instead of keeping the balance, and this caused him to shake fiercely.

As the tune continued on, Tang San discovered that not only it couldn’t hurt him, but also like a huge furnace, helping his own body’s two boiling energies to start the fusion process once again. He would love the Sea Calming Divine Comedy to drag out longer so that it could help him finish this fusion process.

Meanwhile, his body’s five spots where he had spirit bones were starting to go hot again. The condition which he was supposed to have overcome upon having spirit avatar was happening again, and this time, the heat was far greater than before. What Tang San felt was not pain, but a comforting scalding instead.

In all the five spirit bones, the one with the highest temperature was Vast Sea Veil’s skull, and the golden trident brand was even closer to a burning red branding steel. Upon closer inspection, one could see that Tang San’s surrounding air was slightly distorted. That was due to his body releasing the heat.

Tang San could clearly feel that his body was undergoing an incredibly bizarre event. He couldn’t say what it was, but he was sure that it wasn’t a bad thing. Because, that comforting feeling became increasingly obvious and his senses started becoming clearer. Although his eyes were shut, the surroundings were in his grasp. He even saw the drops of sweat dripping down Sea Witch’s forehead.

The more Tang San was enjoying it, the more anxious Sea Witch became. Ning Rongrong may have hurt her, but her spirit power wasn’t affected. The deployed ninth spirit skill wouldn’t be worse than doing it at her top condition. She thought that Tang San choosing to listen to Sea Calming Divine Song would like committing suicide.

As the flute was played, Tang San looked like he was on a small boat on a sea that could be capsized anytime, but the Sea Calming Divine Song came at him like tall waves, yet couldn’t flip the boat over. What confused Sea Witch the most, was that Tang San became more and more stable as he was sitting there. He was like an unshakable hill, as no matter how much he was shaken, it would be a waste of effort. ‘A powerful wide area attack

ninth spirit skill had no effect on this person? Even if he has seagod’s light, it shouldn’t be enough to immunize him from my tune!’

Long periods of using the ninth spirit skill would mean an incredibly large consumption from the self. Although Sea Witch used spirit power to pull it off, activating spirit avatar and ninth spirit skill would need massive amounts of it. The power of the skill wasn’t affected by her injuries but the spirit power itself was affected. She might’ve went with full strength, but as time went on, the sounds of her flute gradually became disorderly.

Sea Witch was unhappy, just like when Sea Lance Douluo lost to Tang San. But seeing was believing. What would being unhappy bring? The result would still not change.

The sounds of the flute suddenly stopped. The black waves disappeared, and Sea Witch reverted back to her original size. Her face went pale as she slipped into the waves that flowed again. She moved her fishtail and swam towards the coast slowly.

Right then, in all of a sudden, Tang San suddenly burst in an eye catching golden light. In that golden light, there were countless blue lights. , blue golden flames surged the skies like an instantly lit bonfire. The height of it even surpassed the height of the sacred pillar.

In the sound of a giant explosion, Sea Witch Sacred Pillar’s surroundings boiled instantly and all the nearby seawater rose up to several tens of metres tall before landing heavily. Even Sea Witch herself could feel the shock of that absurd force. The blue golden flames of light turned into a halo and spread out, and an eerie scene took place. Wherever the halo reached, the coastside plants were instantly turned blue and gold in color. , some plants started growing like crazy, no matter what they were. In a few blinks of an eye, they all grew to three times their original sizes.

The people reached by the halo, besides Zhu Zhuqing who was under the sacred pillar’s protection, all clearly felt a massive indescribable life force flowing into them and they felt like they were restored to peak condition.

Even the somewhat depleted Sea Witch, upon being passed by the blue golden halo, also lost the feeling of weakness.

‘What…. What is this?’ Everyone had the same question in their minds.
And Tang San started showing vivid spirit rings.
“Look! San Ge’s fifth spirit ring!” Ning Rongrong yelled in surprise. Tang San’s eight spirit rings’ colors were originally: yellow, yellow,
purple, black, black, red, red, red.

But right now, his fifth spirit ring, the black one, suddenly showed a strange change. In the surge of the blue golden halo, the fifth spirit ring which had the Blue Silver Emperor Javelin skill started to let out a layer of red light from the original black. The color of red slowly and surely crept along, until the whole spirit ring was covered.


“Great king, we should be thankful to you. Because of your appearance, our greater drive for life was aroused. The spirit ring which you now obtain, is the coalescence that I made according to your withstandable limits. In human terms, this spirit ring of yours is roughly equal to what twenty five thousand year spirit beasts can bring. It didn’t come from another world, but from yourself. It will strengthen and evolve according to your body’s withstandable power. Every time you are in the the world of your children, it will change itself according to your body.”


A benevolent voice ringed in Tang San’s mind. It was Blue Silver King talking to him when he got the fifth spirit ring.

Indeed. As Tang San’s body’s withstandable power changed, his fifth spirit ring could already change, but the sixth spirit ring was at a hundred thousand years in level, so the evolving process was suppressed. Unless Tang San’s fifth spirit ring could evolve to the same level as the sixth, then this evolving process could not be finished.

Tang San might’ve been able to withstand the shock of hundred thousand year spirit rings when absorbing the seventh spirit ring, but in reality, it was a limit breaking absorption, not his body’s true achievement of withstanding. When Tang San absorbed the Evil Spirit Orca King’s spirit ring, he had sufficient withstandability by then and the conditions for its evolution was reached, but the fifth spirit ring which was dormant for many years needed a powerful stimulus.

This time, he challenged several Seagod Seven Sacred Pillars’ Guardian Douluos. The powerful stimulus and strong emotional waves succeeded in becoming the flammable fuse and set off the prologue to its evolution. Especially when he absorbed Sea Star Douluo’s massive energies and life force, the fifth spirit ring’s Blue Silver Emperor was completely awakened for its evolution, and now the aura in Tang San’s body and Black Sky Inner Power were rejecting each other.

With the help of Sea Calming Divine Song, Tang San’s fifth spirit ring finally completed this arduous evolving process. Surpassing the limits, and enter the stage of hundred thousand years.

This was Tang San’s fourth hundred thousand year spirit ring, and also the most unique in everyone’s eyes. The evolution of the spirit ring itself had surpassed everyone’s range of knowledge. This happened when Tang San completed the challenge of the sixth Title Douluo.

Golden brand printed on Tang San’s body from behind, and the Sea Witch Sacred Pillar test was passed. Sea Witch who climbed up the platform just then had no disgust in her face, and only respect was left. She prayed towards the Seagod Hall in the same posture as the sacred pillar (statue) itself, with eyes closed and her mouth uttering a prayer.

Blue golden lights slowly faded away, and Tang San looked at his own fifth spirit ring with equal surprise. As the spirit ring evolved, his own element once again made a huge increase. The light he radiated stimulated the rapid growth of coastside plants, and these plants’ life force flowed back to his body little by little. The spirit power he used earlier was restored instantly at this moment.

Tang San lowered his head to Sea Witch slightly, “Pardon us for asking you to protect Zhu Zhuqing absorbing her bestowed spirit ring. We would like to continue on with the Fifth Trial’s challenges now.”

Sea Witch nodded slowly, “I await your completion of the Nine Trials, my lord.”

Upon hearing ‘my lord’, Tang San’s mind had a slightly bizarre feeling, like it seemed as if he could control everything. He took up Xiao Wu, greeted Sea Witch, and returned to the coastside.

Zhu Zhuqing had Sea Witch’s protection, so absorbing the bestowed spirit ring wasn’t an issue. , Tang San had to go to take on his final Title Douluo challenge, Sea Dragon Sacred Pillar. The opponent he had to face was also the only one whose strength was at level 95 out of the seven sacred pillar Guardian Douluos. The strongest of the seven.

Chapter 247

The Seagod seven sacred pillars were scattered evenly around Seagod Island, and Sea Dragon Sacred Pillar was close to the middle of the island, relatively close to Seagod Mountain. From this could be seen the Sea Dragon Sacred Pillar among the seven sacred pillars.

Bai Chenxiang descended from the sky, flying above everyone, “The Sea Dragon Sacred Pillar is another five hundred meters ahead. Brother San, you all go first, I’ll go back and look in on sister Zhuqing. Once she’s finished absorbing the god bestowed spirit ring, I’ll bring her to find you.”

Tang San said: “Then we’ll trouble you. Fatty, do you want to go with her?”

Before Ma Hongjun could answer, Bai Chenxiang already shook her head: “No, he’s too slow. I’ll go.” Finished speaking, in a flash, she was already several hundred meters away, really incomparably fast.

Ma Hongjun looked somewhat helplessly in the direction Bai Chenxiang escaped, sighing: “Bitter fate! How come this girl still seems neither close nor distant.”

Ning Rongrong smiled: “Hasty men don’t get to eat hot tofu, take your time. Xiangxiang is already a lot better to you than before. At least I’ve seen her secretly glancing at you from the side several times. Even if I can’t say she’s full of tender feelings, at least it counts as paying

attention. It’s always a lot better than before when she didn’t even want to look at you. You were given a chance, you have to grab it.”

Ma Hongjun exulted: “Really? She’s peeping at me?”

Ning Rongrong burst into giggles: “Of course it’s real. Especially after you got your seventh spirit ring and became leaner, she’s been glancing at you thirty percent more. It has to be said that, even if the thin you isn’t very handsome, at least you count as a normal person. One would estimate it’s reluctant feelings. Acceptable.”

Ma Hongjun snapped: “Why? Wasn’t I a normal person before? What’s bad a about a bit of fat. At least I’m not like certain people, going around shouting, erect, erect, gold fly!” For the last bit, he imitated certain people to make a few vulgar gestures.

“Yelling your face. Damn Fatty, did I provoke you?” Oscar snapped. “Fine, as you wish. Later once Xiangxiang returns, I’ll properly go with her to investigate some matters related to unsuppressable evil fire.”

“Eh. Second brother, my mistake.” Ma Hongjun knew he’d forgotten himself, and his noisy laughter instantly disappeared, changing with astonishing speed, looking pleadingly at Oscar, with a lot of ‘what you want I’ll do for you’ meaning.

“Go, go. Don’t look at me with that kind of nauseating expression. Ge isn’t interested in you.” Oscar kicked at Ma Hongjun. Just when Ma Hongjun wanted to say something else, he restrained his voice, his expression also returning to normal. Because, they had now already left the forest, again seeing that familiar scene of a sea within the sea.

Compared to the six previous sea within the seas they’d seen, this one was clearly a bit larger, the water so crystal clear you could see the bottom, so clear you could see the tiny organisms living in the water. There didn’t seem to be any sea spirit beasts here. The entire sea within the sea was circular, all kinds of plants around the shores, blu

The sacred pillar platform in the middle seemed to echo the sea within the sea, equally round, about thirty meters across. The sacred pillar in the middle rose twenty meters high, just as blue as the surrounding seawater, and with fine carved scales all over, a giant blue dragon was coiled around the pillar.

Just on the edge of that platform stood a barechested man. He was more than two meters tall, right now with his back to the Shrek Seven Devils, his whole body was like an inverted triangle, with wide shoulders and muscles like sculpted granite. A head of deep blue semi long hair just reached his shoulders, curling naturally. And on his solid back was a blue pattern of a giant dragon. Looking at its shape, it was almost identical to the sea the one coiled on the Sea Dragon Sacred Pillar. From behind there was no way to tell his age. Without a doubt, he was the guardian here, the strongest of the Seagod seven sacred pillar protector Douluo, Sea Dragon Douluo.

Right now, even though that golden light released into the sky was still there, the only one supporting it was this Sea Dragon Sacred Pillar. The light streamed from the top of the round pillar, the golden light reflecting in the water, gleaming and crystalline.

Just at this moment, Seadragon Douluo standing on the edge of thesacred pillar platform slowly turned around. Appearing in front of everyone was a simple face, seemingly only thirty something years old, with solid pectoral and abdominal muscles, glinting with a healthy bronze light like armor, and the equally deep blue eyes weren’t looking at Tang San and the others, but at the sky.

“You came even faster than i imagined. Less than a third of the time has passed.”

From the start of the challenge until now it had already been more than eighteen hours, from earliest until now at night, when only that golden ball in the sky still shone, without giving the slightest feeling of darkness. That light condensed from the seven pillars was like a second sun above Seagod Island.

Tang San didn’tfly over immediately, but rather brought Xiao Wu over to sit by the shore, closing his eyes and sitting there breathing quietly. Even though he only looked with his eyes, he knew that this battle would be extremely difficult for him. Even though the spirit power and mental strength he had consumed had been practically recovered in the last battle, he still had to maintain his peak condition to confront this ninety fifth rank Title Douluo. He still deeply remembered what Sword Douluo told him. After spirit power reached ninety fifth rank, it entered another level. Ninety fifth rank Title Douluo was a qualitative leap compared to ninety fourth rank Title Douluo.

Sea Dragon Douluo looked towards Tang San sitting crosslegged, still without any expression on his simple face. He also sat on that sacred pillar platform, closing his eyes. As he sat, Dai Mubai, Oscar and the others immediately discovered that this Sea Dragon Douluo seemed to fade away, his aura disappearing, as if his whole being had melted into a unified whole with his surroundings, without any separation. As if he himself was that blue dragon coiled around the Sea Dragon Sacred Pillar.

Besides Tang San, the others had already finished their fifth trials, so everyone also sat down, quietly waiting for this battle to approach. They had of course also seen that this Sea Dragon Douluo was formidable, but they still had even more faith in Tang San’s strength. Especially when Tang San’s fifth spirit ring had just evolved to the hundred thousand year level. Even though there was a gap in spirit power, four hundred thousand year spirit rings was already enough to make up for this deficiency. The outcome could only truly be determined through battle.

Tang San sat for a full two hours. Facing the last battle, he didn’t have any impatience. Once he again opened his eyes, that pair of eyes even deeper blue than Sea Dragon Douluo’s, were filled with a dreadful calm.

Pulling over Xiao Wu sitting next to him, Tang San drew her into his arms, softly kissing her forehead. Holding her hand and leaping up, the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone flying ability activated, soaring towards the Sea Dragon Sacred Pillar platform.

As if pulled by the aura, when Tang San opened his eyes, Sea Dragon Douluo equally opened his eyes, floating up and gazing at Tang San’s pair floating over. He held no contempt for Tang San, nor did he consider rushing to attack, letting Tang San smoothly bring Xiao Wu to land on the platform.

“Welcome to the Sea Dragon Sacred Pillar.” Sea Dragon Douluo’s calm voice echoed. His voice was simple and deep, giving a humming expression, sounding less like he was talking himself, and more like it was a resonance from the sea within the sea.

“Hello, Sea Dragon Douluo.” Tang San held Xiao Wu and bowed slightly to Sea Dragon Douluo.

Sea Dragon Douluo leaned over slightly, not accepting his bow. “I’m not qualified to accept your courtesy. Tang San, do you know why your fifth trial is to challenge all the seven Title Douluo?”

Tang San frowned,

“I don’t. This is the lord Seagod’s decree.”

Sea Dragon Douluo noded, “That’s right, this is indeed the lord Seagod’s decree. But at the same time, it is also the process for you to gain the approval of the seven sacred pillar protector Douluo. I’m already aware of how you passed the previous tests. Even though you did very well, it’s still wrong.”

Light shifted in Tang San’s eyes, sighing softly, “Yes, my mistake. I shouldn’t have drawn support from my comrades. Perhaps it was all the Title Douluo seniors’ reputation that influenced my confidence.”

Sea Dragon Douluo said calmly: “Among the six you faced before, you only gained Seahorse, Sea’s Illusion, Sea Star, and Sea Witch’s recognition. Not in the battles with Sealance and Sea Ghost. This is not the meaning of the fifth trial. However, this won’t influence your present fifth trial. I am the final examiner of the fifth trial. Let us begin now.”

“Senior, please.” The light in Tang San’s eyes instantly sharpened, Sea Dragon Douluo’s words didn’t influence his mind. After two hours of recuperation, by now he was already fully prepared. Completely in peak condition. Regardless of whether he had obtained the approval of all the Sea Douluo, at least he would finish the Seagod fifth trial before anything else, at worst the final reward would be a bit weaker.

Golden blue light instantly spread from his body, followed by two yellow, one purple, one black, four red, eight spirit rings appearing, strand after strand of Blue Silver Emperor drifting around him, one among them twisting around Xiao Wu’s waist. At the same time, with a red flash of light, Xiao Wu’s soul entered her body. This was already the final battle, there was no need to keep saving Xiao Wu’s time.

Xiao Wu and Tang San had cooperated for a long time. With a flash, she already hid behind Tang San.

Seeing Tang San release his spirit, Sea Dragon Douluo also began to change. The sea dragon tattoo on his back brightened, intense blue light instantly enveloping his body, berserk energy waves rushing out. In that instant, giant waves rolled out in the seawater from the sacred pillar platform.

On his bare upper body, the skin was swiftly covered with blue scales. The scales were round, each one with a bulging protrusion. Very soon, all of Sea Dragon Douluo’s bare skin was covered with scales. His originally imposing body also expanded a bit, a deep blue crystal appearing like an eye on his chest. Vaguely, an immense blue dragon image appeared behind him.

Without a doubt, this Sea Dragon Douluo was definitely a power attack type battle spirit master. Among the Shrek Seven Devils, Dai Mubai’s strength was the most similar.

Ring after ring of deep blue ripples spread out from Sea Dragon Douluo’s body, nine rings rose from underfoot to cover him, two yellow, two purple, five black, seemingly no difference from the other Sea Douluo. It was the

most ideal spirit ring configuration for a Title Douluo, disregarding hundred thousand year spirit rings.

Sea Dragon Douluo’s arms were especially thick and solid, sharp dragon claws condensing like five short spears. Judging by the spirit’s energy fluctuations, the Sea Dragon Spirit that Sea Dragon Douluo possessed absolutely wasn’t of lower quality than the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan’s Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Spirit. Just that his capabilities were water, rather than lightning.

Blue light blossomed from under Tang San. Even though he didn’t use his seventh spirit ability Blue Silver Avatar at once, he still directly started the Blue Silver Domain. Confronting a ninety fifth ranked power attack type Title Douluo with a first rate spirit, a frontal confrontation was clearly unwise. But Boundless Nature and Eight Spider Lances’ combined Devouring Golden Threads were clearly the best method to confront Sea Dragon Douluo.

The Blue Silver Domain’s range was enormous, especially after Tang San’s fifth spirit ring evolved. He clearly sensed that his Blue Silver Emperor had also subsequently evolved. With a thought, the Blue Silver Domain had already covered the entire sea.

Sea Dragon Douluo wasn’t alarmed because Tang San released the domain, nor did he launch any attack. He still stood there silently, ignoring the layer after layer of tree images appearing around him,

“Tang San, among the Seagod Seven Sacred Pillar protector Douluo, only I and Sea Illusion possess domains. I know you have two domains, this is something I’ve never even heard of, and on that I have no opinion. However, in front of me, no matter how many domains you have, they are all useless. Because, my domain is called Devilbreaker, and it has only one effect. That is, to break all domain abilities.”

As he spoke, a bizarre blue ripple spread out from that eye-like crystal on his chest, and a strange scene appeared. Tang San didn’t feel any attack, but his Blue Silver Domain quietly disappeared in that ripplin blue wave,

Boundless Nature’s illusion obliterated completely in the blink of an eye, exposing the true scene of the Sea Dragon Sacred Pillar platform.

Devilbreaker Domain? Tang San drew a deep breath. The world was vast, there really was nothing that was too strange. Even a peculiar domain like this that could break all other domains existed. Even though it held no strengthening effect to oneself, and wasn’t even a bit helpful against opponents that had no domains, all powers with domains would be severely restrained. And like him with two domains, it was a complete tragedy. Having lost his domains, Tang San’s strength could be said to have dropped a major step. Not only couldn’t he use the boost and weakening effects, he also lost the use of a lot of applicable tactics. Confronting a power like Sea Dragon Douluo while only being able to fight head on, absolutely wasn’t a comfortable thought.

Watching the Blue Silver Domain melt away, Sea dragon Douluo’s eyes flashed, “Take care.”

With a thump, Sea Dragon Douluo’s right leg heavily swept the ground, launching him like a cannonball towards Tang San. At the same time as he used force, one could clearly see how his scales all stood up, like sharp sawteeth, intense blue light blossoming explosively, fusing together with the effect released from his first spirit ring, dyeing every part of his body blue. He leaned forward, almost parallel with the ground as he charged, keeping a perfectly streamlined profile, his right claw sweeping towards Tang San’s chest.

With Sea Dragon Douluo’s attack, Tang San’s eyes also brightened equally, a formidable opponent arousing his intense fighting spirit. Neither dodging nor avoiding, he used Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step, his body swaying, his right hand making a slight twisting motion in the air and slapping at Sea Dragon Douluo’s claw from the side.

In that instant, Tang San’s right hand turned completely jade white. Without using any spirit abilities, this seemingly light palm condensed numerous Tang Sect secret skills.

With a clapping sound, Tang San swept past next to Sea Dragon Douluo. Sea Dragon Douluo swayed once, his left hand slapping the sacred pillar platform, making him flip over, and another claw swept out, scratching towards Tang San.

Still flickering like an illusion, Tang San bent back slightly, his equally flickering jade hands matched Sea Dragon Douluo’s hands, leveraging the force, he unloaded Sea Dragon Douluo’s tyrannical strength, equally destroying his balance.

“Good.” Sea Dragon Douluo roared with excitement, his body spinning around and around, already changed position with Tang San.

Two simple exchanges, and clearly neither side had used their full strength, but they’d also both sensed the opponent’s power. Tang San clearly discovered that Sea Dragon Douluo’s claws held held a frightful power, not only exceptionally sharp, but also extremely heavy. When they came into contact, he would immediately feel a mountainous pressure hit him, on top of which was a spirit power wave filled with destructiveness. If he really was hit head on, even a small mountain might not be able to resist collapsing.

And Sea Dragon Douluo on his side had another feeling. In his eyes, Tang San gracefully changed his stance, coming into contact two times in succession, both just colliding with the force he used. His hands were steady and solid, and moreover had a kind of special energy, the force he exerted had actually disappeared unseen like a clay ox in the ocean, and his body had also changed direction, pulled by his own force. Extremely peculiar.

He had no way of knowing that Tang San preciously used the Tang Sect secret skill Ghost Perplexing Shadow Step to make him untargetable, and then used Mysterious Jade Hand so he wouldn’t be injured in the exchange. That bizarre energy was the Controlling Crane Catching Dragon’s technique. But die to Sea Dragon Douluo’s erect scales, as well as his berserk energy, Tang San didn’t dare forcefully counterattack, it was just a probe. In terms of strength and spirit power, Tang San clearly wasn’t his opponent. But in terms of diverting and calculating force, let alone Sea

Dragon Douluo, even Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi might not be stronger than him. Along with his strenght growing, Tang San’s Controlling Crane Catching Dragon had grown increasingly skilful. If something could be settled with just spirit abilities, he wouldn’t easily use Tang Sect secret skills, these skills not part of this world were the Tang Sect’s greatest aces.

“Again.” Seeing that Tang San didn’t actually use any abilities, Sea Dragon Douluo didn’t launch any of his own. Spreading his claws, he was about to lunge again.

“Wait a moment.” Tang San suddenly shouted, making a stopping gesture.

With Sea Dragon Douluo’s formidable strength, he could revoke his strenght as well as exert it. Floating back down to the ground, he said astonished: “What?”

Tang San said calmly: “Senior, I have a proposal. Let us use a special method to conduct this battle, how about it?”

“Special method? I’m listening.” Excited light pulsed in Sea Dragon Douluo’s eyes, clearly it was because his previous exchange with Tang San had ignited his fighting spirit.

Tang San said: “Even though my two domains are restrained by senior and can’t be used, I have altogether five spirit bones. Four among them are on the hundred thousand year level. In terms of spirit abilities, I absolutely won’t lose out. Senior said before that I took shortcuts in the previous battles. Then, this time I hope to be able to fight fairly with senior. Neither of us will really use any spirit ring or spirit bone abilities, only relying on our spirits to fight and determine the outcome, what does senior say?”

Sea Dragon Douluo looked distracted a moment. Looking over Tang San, looking over Xiao Wu dodging aside, “Including her?” His character seemed straightforward, but he was in no way impulsive. Tang San could pass six precious sacred pillars to come here. It absolutely wasn’t just shortcuts. His strength was also extremely astonishing. Moreover, after

Xiao Wu’s soul returned to her body just now, Sea Dragon Douluo immediately discovered that this stunning young woman equally posed a threat to him. In a one versus two without using spirit abilities, he was definitely at a disadvantage.

Tang San firmly shook his head: “Of course not. Even if senior’s age is far higher than mine, this is a fair confrontation between men. It’s you and me.”

“Fine, then let’s use only spirits to fight.” Sea Dragon Douluo no longer hesitated, directly agreeing to Tang San’s proposal. Tang San’s four hundred thousand year spirit rings were arranged clearly in front of him. This youth possessed four hundred thousand year spirit bones among a total of five spirit bones, and that he wasn’t inferior in terms of skill, and had endless variations, had been clearly demonstrated in the previous sacred pillar battles. Even though he didn’t know what his reason was for now fighting with him without spirit abilities. No matter what was said, it wouldn’t be a loss for him. He was still a senior, and naturally he would be embarrassed if he didn’t agree.

Hearing Sea Dragon Douluo agree, Tang San revealed a faint smile, thinking to himself, it’s good that you agreed, I was only afraid you wouldn’t.

Sea Dragon Douluo’s thinking was correct, when not using spirit ring or spirit bone abilities he wouldn’t be at a disadvantage. Tang San also understood this bit. However, without the two great domains for support, he had no certainty of being able to defeat Sea Dragon Douluo. This was the sea within the sea, not just dry land. One could imagine how terrifying Sea Dragon Douluo’s strength would be after he used spirit avatar. Without help from the domains, how would he resist the opponent’s unknown ninth spirit ability? The more complex the battle, the more numerous the chances for defeat. Rather than that, it would be better to simplify the situation. In a pure punch out, Tang San also had his advantages.

The golden blue light vanished, even those eight gorgeous spirit rings disappeared simultaneously. Seeing Tang San withdraw his spirit, Sea Dragon Douluo couldn’t help being distracted. This fight was supposed to

be without spirit abilities, not without spirits! What was this kid putting away his spirit for?

Tang San very quickly gave the answer. While indicating Xiao Wu to step aside, he simultaneously raised his left hand. In a surge of black light, a black hammer quietly appeared in his palm. The Clear Sky Hammer.

In a situation without using spirit power, what spirit was more suited to a punc out than the Clear Sky Hammer? As the world’s most forceful, most destructive formidable spirit, the Clear Sky Hammer finally once again went on stage in Tang San’s hand.

Along with Tang San’s constant improvements in strength, especially after his spirit power broke through the Spirit Avatar level, even without spirit rings, the Clear Sky Hammer had also changed somewhat. The shaft was now one and a half meters long, covered with a spiral pattern that made holding it even more stable. The head was especially enormous, a cylinder shape with a cross section diameter of a third of a meter, and two thirds of a meter long. On top was carved a complex pattern of magic lines, at the same time the imprint of the Deathgod Domain.

Due to the Clear Sky Hammer being his spirit, Tang San couldn’t really feel its true weight, but according to his estimate, the current Clear Sky Hammer weighed no less than a ton. Weight was originally one of the Clear Sky Hammer’s most dreadful properties. If it was after Tang San added spirit rings, its weight would rise to an even more terrifying degree. According to what Tang San knew, the Clear Sky School master Tang Xiao’s Clear Sky Hammer absolutely weighed more than five tons. Even without using spirit abilities, just using spirit power with each swing, there was no need to doubt its destructive power. This was also why the Clear Sky School painstakingly researched created spirit abilities for the Clear Sky Hammer, an important reason it could become the world’s foremost spirit master sect.

As a sea spirit master, Sea Dragon Douluo didn’t know anything about the Clear Sky Hammer. But he watched a spirit tool suddenly appear in Tang San’s hand, and even more withdrew his Blue Silver Emperor, he couldn’t help being shocked, looking doubtfully at Tang San, “This is……”

Tang San firmly said: “This is junior’s twin spirit. Senior please advise.”

“Twin spirits?” Sea Dragon Douluo slighlty changed color. Even though he didn’t know the Clear Sky Hammer, he had still heard of twin spirits. Only it was his first time seeing one. Even though the Clear Sky Hammer didn’t have any spirit rings, Sea Dragon Douluo had a faint feeling of being tricked. But he was after all the head of the seven sacred pillar protector Douluo, words said were like water spilt, how could he take it back?

“Come.” With a deep shout, Sea Dragon Douluo raised his dragon claws to Tang San.

Tang San’s left hand grasped the Clear Sky Hammer, taking the initiative to launch an attack. Taking three quick steps forward, the Clear Sky Hammer swung upwards from below with momentum enough to set the sky ablaze, going straight for Sea Dragon Douluo’s chest.

Sea Dragon Douluo neither retreated nor dodged. WIth a deep roar, two dragon claws smashed down as one. He would test just what was so peculiar about Tang San’s twin spirit.

Hong—— This was a collision without any technique.

Tang San’s Clear Sky Hammer was smashed down, forcing him to stumble a couple steps forward, and Sea Dragon Douluo’s two dragon claws were simultaneously bashed up, his body swaying, also retreating a step. Due to his face being covered by scales, there was no way to see his expression, but from the expression of his eyes one could tell how shocked he was right now.

Sea Dragon Douluo clearly felt his hands transformed into dragon claws go numb, from that pitch black hammer came an impact force that was difficult to describe. Even though he didn’t use his full strength, this exchange immediately brought him the discovery that, while not using spirit abilities, his spirit seemed to be restrained by this seemingly unremarkable black hammer.

In terms of power attack, what was stronger than the Clear Sky Hammer? In terms of violent force, what could compare to this number one sect’s spirit?

Following the momentum forward, Tang San didn’t halt. Stepping off with the toes of his left foot, his whole body spun rapidly, and the Clear Sky Hammer once again swung out. But making Sea Dragon Douluo confused was that this swing wasn’t aimed at him, but rather swung at empty air, and moreover his whole body seemed to be forcefully spun a turn by the Clear Sky Hammer’s momentum, sending out yet another swing, advancing like a whirlwind, forging towards him.

Created spirit ability? Sea Dragon Douluo’s battle experience really was too rich, even when he’d only seen two swings, he immediately identified it. His eyes displayed a cold glint as he crouched back slightly.You have a created spirit ability, don’t say I don’t?

Intense blue light erupted from every scale on Sea Dragon Douluo’s body. That wasn’t a spirit ability, but his incomparably tyrannical spirit power. That dragon illusion behind him suddenly grew distinct, and as he moved, a low dragon song slowly echoed from the surface of the sea.

Sea Dragon Douluo suddenly faced upwards and roared, the resonant dragon cry resonating with the low sound from the seawater. In that instant, it seemed as if all the water element between heaven and earth condensed within his body. Taking one heavy step forward, confronting Tang San’s Clear Sky Hammer, Sea Dragon Douluo brazenly went to meet it, left leg forward, his whole body flew up, dragon claw forming a fist as he rotated violently in midair, without the slightest thought to defense, his whole body was covered in intense deep blue spirit power, striking towards Tang San like a shooting star.

What Tang San used was of course Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method, but it wasn’t the original one, but rather one that had undergone his own personal improvements. A Disorder Splitting Wind Dance combined with Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step. As his strength rose, this Disorder Splitting Wind Dance could be used however he wished. While Sea Dragon Douluo charged up strength, he had already swung sixteen times. Seeing the

opponent attack him, immense energy locking down a large area, the seventeenth hammer swung out, meeting it directly.


The moment hammer and fist collided, everything seemed to stand still. The next moment, Dai Mubai and the others on the shore without exception covered their ears. An intense shockwave exploded from the Sea Dragon Sacred Pillar platform, and all the seawater within several dozen meters sank by ten meters, enormous waves surged towards the sky, heavily striking towards the shore. Xiao Wu also dodged behind the Sea Dragon Sacred Pillar, thereby avoiding this terrifying blast wave.

Smashed scales fluttered in the air, turning into sparkling specks of blue light. At the same time flying off, was scarlet blood.

The two people at the heart of the collision flew away like artillery shells, thrown more than fifty meters away before dropping into the sea within the sea.

In order to defeat the opponent, even though Tang San and Sea Dragon Douluo couldn’t use spirit abilities, in that one strike before, both sides had used their full spirit power.

The one ton Clear Sky Hammer plus the superimposed spirit power of seventeen swings, its destructive power was obvious.

The created spirit ability Sea Dragon Douluo used was called Lifegiving Skill, while not using any defense, raised attack power by two hundred percent. In fact, he was a ninety fifth rank Title Douluo! Instantly raising his attack power by two hundred percent, that was somewhat terrifying.

It was these two kinds of outrageous attacks that collided.

Tang San’s clothes all burst open under the violent impact, exposing solid muscle, all his bones making popping sounds like fried beans. Blood madly spurted out as he was blasted into the air.

On the other side, Sea Dragon Douluo using the Lifegiving Skill wasn’t feeling any better. The scales on both his arms flew in all directions, and he equally splashed out blood. As he flew out, he equally spit blood.

In a contest of force, both sides suffered.

Absolutely don’t believe that Sea Dragon Douluo after using Sea Dragon body enhancement wouldn’t hold an advantage when both sides were injured like this. Even though Tang San couldn’t use spirit body enhancement, he was as one with the Clear Sky Hammer, and the Clear Sky Hammer had endured the overwhelming majority of the opponent’s attack power. Moreover, Tang San possessed five spirit bones, and after having four hundred thousand year spirit rings, his physical power wouldn’t be below that of Sea Dragon body enhanced Sea Dragon Douluo, and might even be even more formidable.

Soaking in ice cold sea water, even though the Clear Sky Hammer’s weight didn’t affect Tang San, it was extremely effective on the seawater. The one ton clear sky hammer directly pulled Tang San to the bottom of the sea.

Chapter 248

(TL by Armored Raven)

The intense shock made Tang San’s organs feel like they were burning, but his consciousness was still very clear right then. He understood that he still had it better from the collision earlier. His father once said to him, ‘Clear Sky Hammer is the bane of all attack type battle spirits. No matter how powerful the attack type spirit is, the destructive power of Clear Sky Hammer itself will deal a heavy blow to the opponent.’ Moreover, when he swinged the Clear Sky Hammer to create a maelstrom, he also used Clear Sky Nine Finals’ ‘Shock’ character art, and in head-on conditions, would no doubt create the greatest effect. Without the Clear Sky Hammer, why else would Tang San give up his various wonderful spirit skills?

Sea Dragon Douluo’s sacrificial skill was incomparably powerful, but when his body and the Clear Sky Hammer met, and when the attack power of both parties had very little difference, Tang San definitely had it easier. Sea Dragon Douluo’s damages would definitely be greater than his own. More importantly, Tang San’s restorative power was immense. Even without using Oscar’s restoration sausage, it would definitely be faster than Sea Dragon Douluo’s own.

But Tang San wasn’t excited about it. The reason was simple. Because, he was in the sea and not the sacred pillar platform. Indeed, he got the upper hand from the strike just now, but his current position was several tens of metres away from the sacred pillar platform. What he could think of, Sea Dragon Douluo could also think of as well. In the sea was the opponent’s best time to attack. Only by returning to the platform could he overturn the flow of battle.

This challenge was different from the previous ones. The course of battle was simplified, but much more perilous than others before. Even a slight mistake would lead to downfall. After all, without being able to use spirit rings and spirit bone skills, whether it was Tang San or Sea Dragon Douluo, their bodies would be more fragile compared to usual fighting conditions. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be spraying blood from their mouths due to the collision earlier.

Therefore, Tang San immediately retracted his Clear Sky Hammer when his body was starting to sink rapidly, and simultaneously released Blue Silver Emperor. Using only the base battle spirit, he didn’t break the rules.

In contrast to Clear Sky Hammer, the release of several tens of Blue Silver Emperor increased Tang San’s buoyancy as both his hands moved like they were pushing downwards. Although he couldn’t use Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone’s flying technique, he could still rise to the surface of the sea very quickly.

But just then, Tang San’s expanding spirit power clearly captured a dark blue figure coming after him in frightening speeds. It went past Sea Dragon Sacred Pillar and closed in with such speed.

So fast. Tang San’s expression became serious. He knew from simple calculation that Sea Dragon Douluo would be in front of him when he couldn’t get to the surface. In this great sea, his speed was greatly limited, while Sea Dragon Douluo would have some buffs as a sea Douluo. The latter’s attack power would even be increased under the effects of the sea.

Sea Dragon Douluo was also unhappy now. He could feel that his arms almost broke from that earlier strike while the scales of his arms were all shattered. Although they were restored through battle spirit, his arms still shuddered intensely. The oppressive force coming from Clear Sky Hammer had seeped into his body entirely. While Tang Sa

Thus, while Tang San felt danger, Sea Dragon Douluo ignored his own injuries and immediately sped up in the water. Seawater would only become his thrust and not his drag. Very soon, he could see Tang San’s figure when using Blue Silver Emperor to get to the surface.

‘What a great opportunity.’ Sea Dragon Douluo feared Clear Sky Hammer to an extent, but not afraid of Blue SIlver Emperor. Furthermore, being in the water while unable to use spirit skills, what strength could Tang San muster?

In such a time, the one year training which Tang San underwent with Xiao Bai to polish maritime battle abilities during the second trial took crucial effect. Feeling Sea Dragon Douluo’s approach, he immediately gave his response. He immediately retracted his Blue Silver Emperor while his distance between him and the surface were just two metres away. At the same time, he took up Clear Sky Hammer in his hand again. Without stopping for a single second, Tang San’s left arm swinged and Clear Sky Hammer launched from his hand, straight towards the charging Sea Dragon Douluo.

In just an instant after taking up the Clear Sky Hammer, the frightening weight dragged Tang San down by three meters. After throwing it away, Tang San turned upwards without hesitation and swam to the surface quickly.

Sea Dragon Douluo couldn’t help but snicker at Tang San’s action. ‘You think you can stop me from attacking you that way? I’m not going to collide with you. Unable to use spirit skills, that hammer of yours can’t track me, can it.’

Thinking till here, Sea Dragon Douluo swayed his body slightly and his scales opened and closed again, diving down rapidly to let the Clear Sky Hammer slip past. , with just a little force, he would be able to catch up to the surfacing Tang San. By then, the two of them would be like fish knife and fish meat.

But something outside of Sea Dragon Douluo’s calculations happened. Tang San didn’t even turn his head, yet his left hand formed a claw and swiped back. With what seemed like just a slight swaying, Sea Dragon Douluo felt a tremendous pressure from the top of his head right when he was charging. When he raised his head, he could only see that the flashing dark golden lined black hammer had already arrived in front of him.

‘This can happen too?!’ The range was too close, Clear Sky Hammer’s descent was also too quick, which made Sea Dragon Douluo give up chasing after Tang San without a choice. Both claws raised, he faced the hammer.

A lasting ‘BANG’ was heard. Clear Sky Hammer was heavy and it carried Tang San’s spirit power, but it couldn’t compare with the level 95 Sea Dragon Douluo. The more than 2000 kg Clear Sky Hammer was actually blasted upwards like it was going to fly out of the water surface.

But, Clear Sky Hammer’s weight wasn’t completely ineffective. Although it couldn’t harm Sea Dragon Douluo in this situation, its weight and the burst of force generated from mutual collision also sunk him, delaying him for at least a second.

Right now, Tang San had already surfaced. With a wave of his left hand, the Clear Sky Hammer which Sea Dragon Douluo blasted away disappeared in mid-air and once again appeared in his left hand. He threw it again without stopping for a bit, and at the same time, he pushed on the surface of the seawater heavily and soared from the sea.

Sea Dragon Douluo didn’t dodge this time. The scene of the Clear Sky Hammer going after him was too amazing. He faced it head on and thought he could strike it skyward again, but it suddenly disappeared. The seawater formed a sinkhole from the sudden powerful strike of his spirit power. Now Sea Dragon Douluo was under Tang San. The sinkhole turned into rising waves, which happened to push Tang San up into the air right when he was starting to fall.

Sea Dragon Douluo was unhappy. He couldn’t imagine that Tang San would actually use such a battle spirit switching method to avoid his pursuit, no matter what. But now he was at the seawater’s surface. He could still make it. Likewise he pushed on the seawater and chased after Tang San’s figure.

When Clear Sky Hammer disappeared in the water, Tang San already switched to his Blue Silver Emperor. A single grass was thrown and turned

into a blue and golden streak of light that went for several tens of metres in distance, which wrapped around the Sea Dragon sacred pillar.

When Tang San finished doing this, Sea Dragon Douluo was already chasing him from the water. Under the control of his spirit power, a wave pushed him towards Tang San as both dragon claws flickered with light. Tang San clearly felt that even if his Mysterious Jade Hands were to meet with the shining blue dragon claws, it wouldn’t do him any good.

With the Blue Silver Emperor wrapped around the sacred pillar, Tang San yanked with great strength, causing his sinking self to be propelled horizontally towards the sacred pillar. But Sea Dragon Douluo’s speed was faster than him. With the sea under the control of Sea Dragon Douluo’s spirit power, another wave rose up to push him in his charge towards Tang San, which actually made him faster than the speed of Tang San using Blue Silver Emperor to pull himself. He could see those sharp dragon claws getting closer and closer. It seemed that Tang San couldn’t escape from Sea Dragon Douluo’s pursuit no matter what.

If it were just Sea Dragon Douluo himself chasing after him, Tang San would still have chances. After all, he could face his opponent in the air head on and use his powers to return to the sacred pillar platform. But what came with Sea Dragon Douluo at the same time was a huge wave. Once brought into the sea again by this wave, Sea Dragon Douluo would definitely not give Tang San any chances. Sea Dragon Douluo understood this point, and so did Tang San.

In such times, Tang San displayed his shocking judgement and fighting wisdom. He faced the pursuit without a hint of panic. His left hand flashed black, the Blue Silver Emperor connecting him and Sea Dragon sacred pillar had vanished, and turned into Clear Sky Hammer.

Clear Sky Hammer’s weight was not felt by Tang San, but it still existed. With its appearance, Tang San himself dropped towards the surface of the sea, as senselessly as going to quench his thirst with poison.

But Tang San didn’t actually use the hammer in his hand to face the opponent, but threw it once again towards Sea Dragon Douluo. Because he

himself was brought down by the hammer towards the surface of the water, the sufficient momentum needed to bring him towards the sacred pillar platform was lost. But Tang San seemed as if he didn’t mind it and let himself fall in an arc while he adjusted himself to face Sea Dragon Douluo.

Sea Dragon Douluo let out a cold smile, “Again?” he bared his dragon claws to block against Clear Sky Hammer.

An amazing scene played out again. The Clear Sky Hammer which was about to collide against Sea Dragon Douluo’s claws suddenly dropped downwards and avoided them, then it was swinged upwards abruptly, slamming towards Sea Dragon Douluo’s chest. The change of the situation was one third faster than in the seawater.

This surprised Sea Dragon Douluo greatly. He might be boasting a powerful battle spirit, but Clear Sky Hammer left an impression that was too deep and he didn’t dare letting his fearsome hammer fall on him. The dragon claws were moved downward in a hurry, but Clear Sky Hammer went down again, and this time it made a large arc upwards and struck down, changing the target to Sea Dragon Douluo’s head.

Now, Tang San who was falling into the sea, was moving both his hands ceaselessly, like grabbing and letting go, seemingly like controlling Clear Sky Hammer with a single thread, making it perform amazing changes.

Indeed, it was Controlling Crane Catching Dragon, one of Tang Sect’s Ultimate Teachings.

In the seawater, Tang San used Controlling Crane Catching Dragon to alter Clear Sky Hammer’s directions in order to give himself time to come out of the water. The second strike he made before he got out of the water was actually using Sea Dragon Douluo’s train of thoughts. His Controlling Crane Catching Dragon was powerful, but he was already in the air while Clear Sky Hammer was in the seawater. He couldn’t control it while the mediums were different. Only Sea Dragon Douluo’s awareness to the first strike made him resort to this.

And now, in the air, Tang San’s Controlling Crane Catching Dragon was like fish in the water. Clear Sky Hammer under his precise control with Mysterious Heaven Power’s support, turned into Clear Sky Flying Hammer. Constantly changing harassments, but not fighting the opponent head on, it was just for the sake of buying time.

Tang San knew clearly that once Clear Sky Hammer and the opponent’s powerful dragon claws met, it would immediately be sent flying and Sea Dragon Douluo would surely catch up to him. But Clear Sky Hammer’s attack power was fearsome. If it were to land on Sea Dragon Douluo’s other locations, he wouldn’t be able to withstand it. Therefore, he had to avoid Sea Dragon Douluo’s dragon claws and constantly change the attack directions. With such, Sea Dragon Douluo’s speed of pursuit might look as fast as before but was actually slower due to Clear Sky Hammer’s restriction.

Using this short work, Tang San controlled the hammer with his left hand while his right hand moved behind him and shot out a golden light for more than 20 metres long, latching onto Sea Dragon sacred pillar’s giant dragon sculpture scales accurately. Tang San let out his strength again, pulling his falling self towards the platform in renewed velocity.

Indeed, it was Tang San’s Flying Divine Claw. When he fell into the seawater and put away Clear Sky Hammer to release Blue Silver Emperor, he took out his 24 Moonlit Bridges and placed it around his right arm. The yanking of the Blue Silver Emperor was to close his distance to the sacred pillar and get into Flying Divine Claw’s capture range. He needed Clear Sky Hammer to hold Sea Dragon Douluo back, so he couldn’t switch to Blue Silver Emperor. Flying Divine Claw, which Tang San never used for a lot as a Tang Sect Hidden Weapon, played a large role at this moment.

Flying Divine Claw, after several improvements by Tang San, had its effective range increased to 30 metres. By controlling it through the mechanisms locked on his arm and shot using a machine, it was a cord type hidden weapon in Tang Sect’s mechanical hidden weapons. It could be used to attack as well as difficult terrain traversal, especially in climbing. In Tang San’s previous life, Tang Sect’s Flying Divine Claw was the best weapon used for scaling fortress walls.

Now, Tang San was using Flying Divine Claw to turn the situation around. Although Flying Divine Claw’s grabbing strength couldn’t puncture the sacred pillar, latching onto the scales of the dragon sculpture posed no problems. How could it go wrong in Tang San’s eyes?

Seeing Tang San getting closer and closer to the sacred pillar, Sea Dragon Douluo felt very impatient. He knew that once Tang San landed on the platform, Tang San would never give him any chances to force him into the water, and this battle would be over. The injuries that the collisions gave him were already paining him, and the chances became slimmer by the second. Tang San’s Clear Sky Hammer was being controlled by a seemingly marvellous technique, leaving him no other option than to break his focus. Trying to catch up to Tang San again in speed was harder than before.

Just then, Sea Dragon Douluo displayed his strong side. When Clear Sky Hammer changed directions again and aimed towards the belly, he didn’t dodge it. He let the hammer slam against his belly while his dragon claws clapped backwards, hitting hard on the huge wave he brought up like his whole self was shot out like a cannon ball towards Tang San. This would be the decisive move.

BANG-------, Sea Dragon Douluo was launched into the air for several metres by the impact of Clear Sky Hammer, but he also achieved his goal as the waters he pushed made him gain terrifying speeds in a short time. The hammer that fell behind him wasn’t chasing him anymore. Because he was constantly chasing, the distance from Tang San was just ten metres, while Tang San was still 10 metres away from the coastside. This was the deciding range, and Sea Dragon Douluo calculated accurately that even if Tang San were to retract his Clear Sky Hammer and throw it again, it would definitely not be faster than his own speed. He could surely pull Tang San back into seawater before the latter could reach the coastside.

Tang San’s spiritual force was stronger than Sea Dragon Douluo’s. How could he not discern what the opponent could? If he couldn’t make it in time with Clear Sky Hammer, then don’t use it.

No longer controlling Clear Sky Hammer, his left hand swiped across his waist and countless metal flickers like blooming flowers were appearing

before Tang San. He even had the time to greet Sea Dragon Douluo, “Bone Piercing Needles, armor breaking and poisonous.”

Under the power of level 84 spirit power, several tens of hidden weapons sealed Sea Dragon Douluo’s advance. Every hidden weapon had an ear- piercing howl. Tang San didn’t deceive Sea Dragon Douluo, for every single one of these hidden weapons of his was capable of breaking through constitutions, and there were even a couple of Cluster Soul Stealer Projectiles. Back then, Poison Douluo used this this to retreat from opponents much stronger than him.

Tang San’s current spirit power and strength were even greater than Poison Douluo’s. When these hidden weapons were displayed like a peacock opening its tail, the outcome of this battle was decided.

Feeling the maniac thrusting force, Sea Dragon Douluo’s irises’ glow finally dimmed. His fifth spirit ring swiftly formed a shield in front of him as a clattering of smashing sounds took place with the mystical changes of his scales.

Sparks flew as focused collision sounds erupted between Tang San and Sea Dragon Douluo. Using the fifth spirit skill ‘Divine Dragon Mail’, Sea Dragon Douluo blocked Tang San’s hidden weapons completely, but just then, Tang San also managed to land on the Sea Dragon sacred pillar platform.

With feet on solid ground, Tang San couldn’t hold back another mouthful of blood which he spat out. Panting heavily with a few steps back, he arrived next to Xiao Wu. His right hand shivering and Flying Divine Claw was retracted, returning to the arm’s mechanism quickly.

Dragon scales returned to the body as Sea Dragon Douluo also landed on the platform with the push of the waves, both eyes having lost their focus. The dragon scales slowly faded from him, showing his usual hardy but currently paled face.

Straightening his waist, Tang San’s chest was heaving but his eyes were still as they met with Sea Dragon Douluo’s own without retreat. The

process of returning to the platform from the sea was but a few breaths’ time, but in such a short time, one could say Tang San did everything he could. Without using spirit skills, he exerted all of his latent strengths. It looked simple, but in fact it taxed him much greater than any of the previous battles, especially the heart. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have to use Cluster Soul Stealer Projectiles as consumables.

“You won.” Sea Dragon Douluo’s expression calmed down gradually as he spoke to Tang San. In order to defend against Tang San’s hidden weapons, he used spirit skills, so the outcome of the fight was decided. If it he was still unwilling earlier, then looking at Tang San retract his Flying Divine Claw and the Clear Sky Hammer that appeared in his left hand again, Sea Dragon Douluo understood that he lost without unfairness.

Tang San said, “Thanks to senior’s allowance. If spirit skills were used, the odds of victory would be unclear.”

Sea Dragon Douluo shook his head, “Even if we used spirit skills, the battle between you and me would split for 60 to 40. Though you haven’t reached Title Douluo stage, your four hundred thousand year spirit rings and five spirit bones would pose a huge threat to me. Hundred thousand year spirit rings and spirit bones have two skills each. With many skills at your disposal, it wouldn’t be a simple matter of winning against you. What’s more important is your brain, which can calculate the control of powers and battle. No doubt this would let you use various skills at their best conditions, completely closing the gap between our spirit powers. A loss is a loss, nothing to be displeased about. Your numerous self-developed skills have opened my eyes. But can you tell me the method you used to control that battle spirit? What self-styled spirit skill was it?

Tang San spoke, “It’s called Controlling Crane Catching Dragon. It’s a method of using spirit power. Trained to the extreme will let you control objects in a certain range like what I just did. It can be applied widely in practical battles. The last attack I made against you was hidden weapons, like a form of weapons. I still took a shortcut in this battle, because I wasn’t confident I could withstand your ninth spirit skill. The difference between our spirit powers is great. Using skills and other means to make up is not an easy thing.”

Sea Dragon Douluo nodded and said nothing. He raised his head and looked at the golden light in the sky, patting his hand on the sacred pillar. In an instant, the dragon sculpture of the sacred pillar seemed to come alive, with golden dragon shaped energy spinning out with a dragon’s roar, crashing towards Tang San through his chest. At the same time, the dragon shaped energy let out a ray of golden light which landed on Xiao Wu’s forehead. Challenge, Title Douluo. Sea Dragon sacred pillar, passed.

The red light on Xiao Wu’s forehead glowed. It shot out a red veil of light and entered her body after shattering. The familiar and dull voice rang out again, Challenge, Title Douluo, passing by companionship, rewards superimposed.

It was soon followed by Tang San’s trident brand flashing eye-catching colors after being infused with the golden dragon shaped energy. He only felt that he was filled with power. The injuries he sustained from the battle against Sea Dragon Douluo were healed instantly and his spirit power also recovered to the best state. The dignified and deep voice sounded.

“Fifth trial, challenge, Title Douluo, all tests were passed. Due to opportunism in the process of the challenge, not all seven sacred pillars Guardian Douluos approved. Hence, the rewards were lowered. Can only offer basic reward, affinity with Seagod increase by five percent. Time used in finishing the trial was 22 hours. Not even one third of the total time. Rewards multiplied by three. Seagod affinity increase by 15 percent, total affinity, 50 percent. Due to receiving high rewards because of opportunism, sixth trial has changed, difficulty increased.”

In the air, the golden light which lost the support of the the lights of seven sacred pillars turned into a pillar of golden light and beamed down on Tang San. Warm and hot sensation surged from all directions like silk strands seeping into his body, like it was a subtle transformation.

Tang San himself didn’t think that after taking shortcuts through the fifth trial, he could still get 15 percent Seagod affinity as a reward, which made him incredibly happy. He clearly sensed that the seagod trident brand became boiling hot on his forehead right now, and an incredible energy wave was spreading in his body. The fifth spirit ring evolveing earlier

caused five of his spirit bones to heat up again so Tang San tried to use his spirit power to feel the changes to them but couldn’t sense anything special. It seemed as if the affinity with Seagod was subtly changing something.

In Sea Dragon Douluo and Xiao Wu’s eyes, the seagod trident brand on Tang San’s forehead showed some small changes, from the original bright gold to dark gold, while the brand itself had an additional intricate branding. Because the brand was small to begin with, if not inspected clearly, the brandings would be hard to notice. It became smoother than before. The seagod trident brand right now seemed to protrude from Tang San’s forehead a little more.

The golden light faded and everything returned to normal. The fully replenished Tang San felt like he could challenge the seven sacred pillar Douluos all over again without a problem. He unconsciously balled up his fists, feeling his spirit power move inside him and rise in secret.

In just 22 hours of work, after experiencing seven battles, they weren’t battles which had all of his efforts put in, but the pressure from facing the seven Title Douluos still made him experience growth. He was one step closer towards level 85 spirit power.

Sea Dragon Douluo saluted to Tang San slightly, “Congratulations, my lord, in passing the fifth trial and having more than 50 percent affinity with Seagod.”

Tang San was surprised, “Senior, you know of the percentage of my affinity with Seagod?”

Sea Dragon Douluo replied, “Because of the changes to your brand. It could only be like this when it’s more than 50 percent. I can’t say much about it, but I can tell my lord, that if you wish to truly sense its wonders, then work hard at the last four trials and raise it to 100 percent. Only then, you can truly understand its meaning.”

“Thank you for your reminder.”

Just then, everyone at the coastline leapt up simultaneously, and after using the seawater for a few jumps, they landed the platform. Their faces were all lifeless, like they had encountered something terrible.

“What’s wrong with you?” Tang San asked in confusion.

Dai Mubai spoke bitterly, “Little San, you just hurry and look at the contents of the sixth trial. Before you cleared your trial, our sixth trial’s contents didn’t show up as well. But just now we all got our notifications at the same time. The difficulty got bumped up.”

“No need. Let me tell you myself.” A gentle and noble voice came from behind. Tang San turned around and only saw the red clad Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi who arrived behind him since who knew when. Sea Dragon Douluo retreated to the side with formality.

“Good day, senior.” Tang San greeted formally in a hurry.

Bo Saixi’s face let out a trace of faint smile, “I also didn’t think that you could actually get to this point so fast. But what’s come should come. You surely got the notice, that the sixth trial’s contents had its difficulty increased because of your shortcuts in the fifth trial.”

Tang San’s chest tightened, “Senior, the only one who took it easy in the fifth trial was me. It has nothing to do with my partners. Increasing the difficulty should only be just about me alone.”

Bo Saixi shook her head, “Lord Seagod was absolutely fair. During Oscar’s exam, can you say he took the test in fair terms? Even Dai Mubai and two others, if not for your spirit power search and secret reminders and strategies, how could they pass so easily? And, besides Oscar, the three others got their respective rewards.”

Tang San was speechless for a moment. Looking at it this way, it was true that everyone took shortcuts in the fifth trial. He already understood that the reason why the previous trials didn’t show indications that they were using workarounds in the trials was because those trials themselves were like group tests. Everyone helping each other and using skills were displays of

wisdom, and also part of the tests. But the fifth trial’s tests were individual strength. Working around in them and mixing with the strengths of others would let them be judged as being opportunistic.

“Then senior, what are our sixth trial’s contents?” Tang San didn’t check as Bo Saixi was in front of him, and he already said that he would inquire directly out of respect for this Pinnacle Douluo.

Bo Saixi let out a small sigh, “Originally, your sixth trial is to withstand the combined attacks of Seagod seven sacred pillar’s Douluos for a joss stick’s time. But now, because the difficulty was increased, it’s changed.”

After hearing what Bo Saixi said, Tang San’s expression changed greatly. Lasting for a joss stick’s time under the attacks of seven sacred pillar Guardian Douluos was already insane enough for a trial. One should know that Tang San might be able to face a single of them, but when all seven of them teamed up and support each other, it would be like when Shrek Seven were together. Their strength would be multiplied by several times. Forget about a single joss stick’s time. Whether they could stand up to a single wave of attacks was hard to guess. More importantly, of the Shrek Seven, Zhu Zhuqing only passed Black Class’ Five Trials and completed all of her tests so she couldn’t participate in the sixth trial.

Lacking one member, Shrek Seven’s strength would decrease greatly as they couldn’t even use the current most powerful spirit fusion technique ‘Phantom Nether White Tiger’. Under this condition, six people holding up for a single joss stick would be harder than before. Sea Dragon Douluo’s Demon Buster Domain was not a slouch. Without Tang San’s two domains as guarantee, a single joss stick would be like a nightmare for them.

But hearing what Bo Saixi meant, the difficulty rise after the sixth trial wouldn’t stop there. What would it be when it would be harder than facing Seagod’s seven sacred pillars’ Guardian Douluos? Would there really be any chance of passing the sixth trial?

“Then senior, our sixth trial’s contents….?” Tang San was visibly strained when asking the question. He finally understood why his companions’ faces were unpleasant.

Bo Saixi smiled slightly and said, “Your sixth trial is still about withstanding up to a single joss stick’s time. But, the one attacking you isn’t Sea Dragon and the others. It’s me.”

Chapter 249

When Tang San heard what Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi had said, he suddenly felt that the world inside his mind had been turned upside down; as if countless energies were bombarding it to the point of total emptiness before his eyes. He stood there idly, and was completely unable to say a word.

The inspector of the sixth trial had actually changed from the Seagod seven sacred pillars’ Guardian Douluos... into Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi? To him, this news was just too shocking. The faces of his companions were unsightly, but they weren’t as knowledgeable about Pinnacle Douluos as Tang San.

Who was Bo Saixi? She was once one of the three strongest powers in the world, and on Seagod Island, even if Tang San’s great grandfather, or Spirit Hall’s Great Priest Qian Daoliu, were to come, neither would be able to win against her. It could be said that while on Seagod Island, Bo Saixi was currently the number one person in the world of spirit masters—a true champion.

If the Shrek Seven had all reached the Title Douluo class, perhaps Tang San would have some small amount of confidence towards challenging her. But when the only one who had an eighth spirit ring was him, how could this battle truly be fought?

Obviously, Bo Saixi was just a single person, but she would be much more terrifying than the Seagod seven sacred pillars’ Guardian Douluos. It

wasn’t hard to imagine how things would unfold should she used her full strength. Forget about Tang San himself and the other five. Even the seven sacred pillar guardians together wouldn’t be able to hold her! To them, a level 99 Title Douluo wouldn’t be too different from a god. Don’t talk about a single joss stick of time; whether or not they could withstand a single attack from Bo Saixi was a huge problem within itself. One would be afraid that if she just made a simple attack, the six of the Shrek Seven Devils would be obliterated.

The face of Sea Dragon Douluo at the side also became extremely weird. He also knew of Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi’s strength. To last a single joss stick’s time under her attacks, how could this trial even be passed? If it were the seven Guardian Douluos themselves then there would be some slight chances. Provided that Bo Saixi didn’t borrow Seagod Hall’s power. On Seagod Island, Bo Saixi’s title as the world’s number one power was definitely not a baseless boast.

“Senior, is this real? Why giving us a mission that’s impossible to complete?” Tang San’s eyes flared with anger. He wouldn’t retreat, but could this trial really be passed?

Bo Saixi smiled slightly, “Hold on for a moment. I haven’t finished speaking. In the process of the trial, I cannot use the power of the sea and Seagod Hall to attack you. I cannot use the power of domains. Just my first six spirit skills. At the same time, if there is still one of you standing out of six after a joss stick finished burning, then you’ll pass. But you only have one chance. Due to your fifth trial’s difficulty drop, you only have three days to recover yourselves. After three days, you will immediately take my test.”

After hearing Bo Saixi’s explanation, some color then returned to Tang San’s face. Indeed, if they faced Seagod Douluo at her full strength, they would absolutely not have any chances, but with these conditions, they wouldn’t be in a complete disadvantage. Not being able to use the seventh, eighth and ninth spirit skills meant that Bo Saixi couldn’t use spirit transformation’s three strongest spirit skills, and thus the stren

Tang San twisted his brains and thought quickly. Now, Dai Mubai behind him asked Bo Saixi, “Then senior, can Zhuqing participate in the battle with us after those three days?”

Bo Saixi smiled calmly, “Sure. But those conditions imposed on me earlier would be cancelled. Take your pick.”

“Urgh…. Forget it.” Even without a thought, with Zhu Zhuqing as an addition, even Phantom Nether White Tiger would definitely not be a match for the powers which Seagod Douluo would otherwise be restricted in their use.

Tang San moaned, “I have one last request, senior. Can you let us choose the location of the challenge?”

Bo Saixi smiled slightly and said, “You can choose anywhere within Seagod Island.”

Tang San replied without hesitation, “Then we choose the bottom of Seagod Mountain. We await senior’s advice in three days.”

Bo Saixi smiled as she held her chin, “After three days, I’ll wait for you Seagod Mountain.” Red colored figure floated and then disappeared like red clouds without any additional movements.

Bo Saixi had left, but the Shrek Six Devils didn’t even feel relaxed. They just passed the fifth trial and yet they had to face such a difficult sixth trial after three days. Of course they wouldn’t think that Bo Saixi could be dealt with just because she would only use her former six spirit skills. One should know that her spirit power was level 99. No matter her battle experience, usage and control of skills, or her spirit power which far outclassed theirs, she wasn’t someone they could deal with easily.

Sea Dragon Douluo who stood at the side smiled helplessly, “I really don’t know if I should congratulate you or feel worried for you. Being able to receive Lady Bo Saixi’s guidance would no doubt be a boon for your future training. You should all know by now that in us seven Seagod seven sacred pillars Guardian Douluos, other than me whose battle spirit

wasn’t bad, the others would only be slightly above average at most. The reason why we could become Title Douluos was actually because we received Lady Bo Saixi’s guidance. You can say that without Lady Bo Saixi, there wouldn’t be us of today. But in our eyes, Lady Bo Saixi is unpredictable, and the real vast sea. With her at Seagod Island, no matter if it’s powerful hundred thousand year spirit beasts or land spirit masters, none dared to encroach on Lord Seagod’s pride, and thus our blessed land can be protected. All of you should be mentally prepared. Lady Bo Saixi just needed to use half her spirit power, and I couldn’t take any of her spirit skills.”

The Shrek Six Devils were already dejected. When they heard what Sea Dragon Douluo said, they just glanced at each other, and other than Tang San, their souls had all but completely left them.

“Thank you for your reminder, senior. There is still three days’s time left, and we will plan well. Farewell.”

After leaving Sea Dragon sacred pillar platform, everyone returned to the forest outside the Sea Witch sacred pillar to rest while waiting for Zhu Zhuqing to absorb the bestowed spirit ring. After Tang San picked the spot of resting, he immediately sat down with knees crossed and didn’t speak a single word. Everyone who knew him would understand that this was his habit of entering deep thought. No one disturbed him as they just quietly sat down to train. The battle after the three days would be the finish line of this trial for Oscar, Dai Mubai and Ma Hongjun. The outcome of the trial was at this point. If they were to fail, then according to Sea Horse Douluo, the result would be…...

And thus, it could be said that Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi would be the key to the survival of the six. She said that they only had one chance, so there was no room for carelessness. Since this trial was given, then it at least proved that should they pull it off flawlessly, they would still have a chance to complete the trial.

What Tang San thought about was every single word that Bo Saixi just said, again and again and put together with Shrek Six’s own strength in precise calculations. Bo Saixi’s strength could be said to be unknown to

them. Thus Tang San’s calculations could only include how he should make use of all of his own to the best of ways. Achieving the best effects, using the rules, six against one. This isn’t opportunism, but wisdom.

Zhu Zhuqing finished the absorption of her bestowed spirit ring after two days, thus became the second of the Shrek Seven to reach Spirit Douluo status after Tang San. She also obtained a very powerful single target attack technique, which greatly increased her own strength. Unfortunately, her technique couldn’t be used in the sixth trial at the next day.

When Zhu Zhuqing finished absorbing the bestowed spirit ring, Tang San also stopped thinking. The final day was the time he arranged strategies and practice them.

A single joss stick’s time isn’t short. If it burned normally, at most it would take an hour’s work. For someone like Bo Saixi who’s at the pinnacle, an hour was enough for her to do a lot of things.

How to utilize Shrek Six’s own strength to last for a single joss stick’s time in all sorts of ways, was what Tang San had been thinking about in the past two days. In the final day, he wanted to discuss with his companions and pile up their thoughts, for a singular plan was surely unfeasible. Only with multiple preparations would there be a slightly greater chance.

The sixth trial hasn’t begun but the pressure was already on. Facing the moment of life or death, everyone’s brains became more active and their potentials were also being stimulated subtly.

“If it doesn’t work, then I’ll let Xiao Bai take me out to the sea once and simply find a ten thousand year spirit beast to increase my strength to Spirit Douluo stage. With one more spirit ring, our total strength would increase slightly.” Dai Mubai spoke decisively.

“No.” Tang San immediately objected his suggestion, “The sixth trial may be perilous, but we also can’t gamble with your future. You should understand that for a spirit master, the eighth and ninth spirit skills has considerable importance. It’s a direct contrast of strength in similar level confrontations.” If the sixth trial were passed, Dai Mubai would surely get

additional bestowed spirit rings as a reward, and then he would have the eighth spirit ring which suited him the most. How would it be the same as simply finding a ten thousand year spirit beast?

Dai Mubai curled his brows, “But if we can’t pass the sixth trial and perish here, what use would it be in talking about this? In the seven of us, I’m the oldest. If I can let everyone overcome this ordeal by increasing my strength, then it’s definitely worth it. And isn’t your eighth spirit ring a sea spirit beast? It’s also good! That isn’t saying sea spirit beasts don’t fit us. It just depends on what type it is. I’ve thought about this very clearly in these two days. If the bestowed spirit ring isn’t going to need me breaking my limits to absorb it, then the time in this final day is already enough for it. So don’t stop me, Little San. Let me go for everyone’s survival. It’s all for that.”

Dai Mubai had stood up as he said that, and he turned around to leave. Tang San kicked up fiercely and grabbed his shoulder, “You can’t, boss! You….”

Everyone else also stood up. Besides Zhu Zhuqing, Oscar, Ning Rongrong and Ma Hongjun all blocked Dai Mubai’s way. Dai Mubai tapped on the hand that was grabbing on his shoulder, “Little San, Little Ao, Rongrong, Fatty, don’t you all stop me now. As the group’s boss, and the only one currently facing the bottleneck, this choice was made to ensure we can all live on. No matter how good the spirit skill, if people are dead then what’s the use? At the same time I’m doing this for Zhuqing as well. I don’t want her to become a widow before she even gets married to me. Compared to death, what’s it matter if the spirit skill ends up a little worse? Furthermore, Xiao Bai is a hundred thousand year spirit beast. As the overlord of the sea, you think she can’t find me a suitable spirit ring? Under these circumstances, we can leave Seagod Island anytime we wish, yet with the restraints of the trial, we will just die if we don’t participate in time. I’ll ask you all then. If it’s your own spirit powers reaching the bottleneck, will you make the same choice? If you are sure of your answers, then don’t stop me. We are one. I’m your big brother and no one can die. We have trained so hard on Seagod Island till this day, for what? It’s for wiping out the Spirit Hall when we return to the continent!”

Upon speaking to this point, Dai Mubai’s eyes were flickering with majesty. An incomparable dominance and being the big brother of the group made Tang San and others stop getting in his way.

Zhu Zhuqing smiled a little. Her beautiful eyes didn’t contain the slightest worry, but they were filled with pride for his own man. “I’ll go with you.” She went and pulled Dai Mubai’s hand as she said that. The two of them floated and disappeared in the depths of the woods.

“It’s nothing. Boss Dai should go if he has to. After all, if the trial is passed and our levels are enough, give me a bestowed spirit ring to save it for him. Let him use it as his ninth spirit ring.” Ma Hongjun swung down his fist powerfully.

Oscar’s eyes went wide in a stare, “Dammit you fatty, how can you say what I wanted to say? You’re the fourth, and I’m your second brother. These matters aren’t up to you. Tell you what. Don’t cut my cue until it’s your turn.”

Tang San sighed slightly, “It’s nothing. This is everyone’s matter. Not something that can be taken by a single person. When we come across a more suitable spirit bone then we prioritize on letting Boss Dai choose it. If it doesn’t fit him then we’ll think up a way to switch a more suitable one. As for other ways to make up, they’ll all have to wait until we pass all the trials. Well, let prepare for the battle tomorrow. Mubai made such a great sacrifice for us, so we have to give it our all.”

In just a moment’s time, Zhu Zhuqing returned. She told everyone helplessly that because of having completed all the trials, she can’t leave Seagod Island. Xiao Bai said to her that although everyone’s relationship was good, she also can’t disobey Lord Seagod’s will. If Zhu Zhuqing insisted on leaving the island then she would be attacked by every Great White Spirit Sharks and incur the pursuit of the seven sacred pillars’ Guardian Douluos. She could only return without a choice.

Early morning, when the first glow of the morning sun hit the Seagod Island, it landed on Seagod Hall which stood monumentally on the peak of

Seagod Mountain. The sacred golden colors covered the entire mountain, making all the plants around here seemingly let out a strong drive for life.

The ring shaped sea was still clear, but it wasn’t still. Seven water lines charged straight from the coast side towards Seagod Mountain. Seven people were standing on top of them without any visible movements, yet their figures were traversing the ring shaped sea in a shocking speed.

Upon closer inspection, under the feet of the seven, each of them were standing on a giant white shark. These were the lords of the sea, Great White Spirit Sharks.

Xiao Bai was noted that today the Shrek Seven would have to challenge against Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi, so she led six of her clansmen to bring them on their way. Of course, in her words, this might be the last time. While she didn’t give everyone encouragement, in her eyes, the Shrek Seven still had a lot of it.

“I’m going back now. If you are still alive after this, remember to tell me about it as the seaside.” Xiao Bai looked at everyone deeply and left with the six of her clansmen.

Looking at Xiao Bai’s fading figure, Shrek Seven’s eyes became extra firm. Bai Chenxiang descended from the skies and landed next to them.

Dai Mubai smiled towards Zhu Zhuqing, “Honey, give me a little stimulation will you?”

Zhu Zhuqing blushed out, but amazingly she didn’t retort. She went up to him and wrapped her hands around his thick neck, locking her hips with his. Her usually cold self actually displayed such a passionate side out of the blue, like ice has become water, melting Dai Mubai along completely.

Oscar immediately turned and looked at Ning Rongrong amorously,
“Honey, I want it too.”

Ning Rongrong gave him a slap out of displeasure, “Want your face! Wait until after this trial. If the last one standing is you, I will consider

giving you a reward.”

Oscar spoke helplessly, “It’s not fair. Look at Zhuqing and Mubai….”

Ning Rongrong grumped, “Zhuqing doesn’t need to participate, while I still do. If you mess up my concentration and doom everyone, will the responsibility be on you?”

“Urg….., then forget it. I’ll hold myself back.”

When Zhu Zhuqing kissed Dai Mubai, Ma Hongjun’s eyes then landed on Bai Chenxiang, “Xiangxiang, look…., this….”

Bai Chenxiang’s face then had a shyness to it while she approached next to him slowly. Right when Fatty was excited about whether or not there would be a rosy scene coming up, Bai Chenxiang stopped and spoke in a low voice, “After you pass this trial, I’ll let you kiss me. Okay?”

“Yeah, of course…..” After hearing what Bai Chenxiang said, Fatty’s voice trembled. It wasn’t because of excitement, but because in his fit of happiness, Fatty felt that the phoenix flames were burning at that instant. It was like a beastly blood was boiling all over his body.

Xiao Wu arrived next to Tang San nimbly and didn’t say anything more. She just held his hand. For this sixth trial, Xiao Wu’s soul had already returned to her body back at the coast. The duration of her soul habitation was enough to last her through this trial.

Tang San pat on Xiao Wu’s head and then touched on the neat scorpion tail. He kissed her forehead and instructed in a low voice, “Don’t be impulsive and just do things according to plan. Just remember that if you run into problems again, what you take, I will take it harder.”

Xiao Wu seemed remarkably well mannered and nodded, “I know.” She suddenly stood on her toes and kissed on Tang San’s lips. In her giggle she held onto Tang San’s waist and rested her head on his warm chest, enjoying this last moment of peace before the battle.

“Are you all ready?” A voice like lofty clouds and clear winds came by, and the faces of the Shrek Seven became heavy. They formed a horizontal file, while Bai Chenxiang also stood next to Ma Hongjun, looking at the direction of Seagod Mountain.

Red colored figure came from the sky, and no one knew how she appeared like always. Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi had already landed before them. Compared to usual, her face was now having more smiles yet more strictness to it as she looked at Shrek Seven. Her eyes looked from Tang San’s face to Bai Chenxiang’s.

“All of you have only one chance, and I will not go easy. If you can’t pass my trial, then you should be very clear what punishment Lord Seagod will give you, right?”

Right when Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi said that, everyone instantly felt the air became heavy and their hearts seized up. The intense pressure felt like it was making them unable to breathe.

Right now, Tang San suddenly stepped forward and raised his chest with a loud voice, “We’re ready, and we will pass your trial!” His voice was full of tremors coming from his soul, like a pendulum which broke through Bo Saixi’s pressure, giving his companions’ eyes their firmness.

Bo Saixi replied calmly, “Good. Then unrelated people can just watch at the side. The trial will begin soon.” She waved her sleeve, and Zhu Zhuqing and Bai Chenxiang only felt a massive irresistible energy coming from all sides and their bodies tightened. The next moment, they already flew like on the clouds, landing directly on the stairs leading to Seagod Hall. The height was over fifty steps.

Bo Saixi’s flipped her wrists like when she took out other items before, and amazingly a joss stick appeared. Even Tang San’s Purple Magic Eye couldn’t see how she did it. It was like the object appeared directly from her hands.

“Senior, I’ll light it up for you.” Ma Hongjun spoke suddenly, while he spat out lightly a seemingly insignificant thread of fire towards the joss

stick above Bo Saixi’s hands.

Bo Saixi smiled and let the phoenix flame land on the tip of the joss stick, “Then I’m not gonna hold back.”

Upon watching how the joss stick was successfully lit, the worries were rising like smoke, But Ma Hongjun’s expression then took a turn and spoke in a suspecting tone, “Senior, there’s something wrong with your joss stick! Don’t tell me it’s gonna burn longer than normal ones. If that’s the case then it’s not fair to us!”

Bo Saixi glared at him for a bit. Ma Hongjun only felt that his own soul was like it had been seen through. He erred on the side of caution and subconsciously took a step backwards.

“Are you saying a qualified joss stick is one that can be turned to ashes instantly by your phoenix flames?” Bo Saixi laughed while she didn’t stick the joss stick at the side. She just held it with her left hand and blew the tip with her breath, “You all be careful now.”

With the first trick having failed, Shrek Six’s minds instantly became tense. They didn’t count on the first trick to work, but just to delay a bit of time. For them, it would be advantageous for the joss stick to burn a little more.

“Run!” Tang San shouted, and at that instant, the Shrek Six moved. When Bo Saixi was watching with a somewhat confused look, the six actually shifted their figures and each of their backs were forming faint white wings, giving them fast flight which was like a smoky haze. The directions they flew to were all different. In just a moment, they had already crossed the ring shaped sea at several hundreds of metres away, and their speeds were showing signs of increase.

The sixth trial was about lasting through Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi’s attacks for an hour, but it wasn’t said that it had to involve a direct struggle. This was what Tang San discerned from the contents. Therefore, when Ma Hongjun was distracting Bo Saixi, they had eaten mirror image sausages. Bo Saixi couldn’t possibly know what the sausages’ effects were, but she

also had no way of knowing that the effects turned out to be Sharp-tailed Rain Swallow battle spirit which came from Bai Chenxiang’s blood.

Bai Chenxiang only had five spirit rings while any of the Shrek Seven had seven and more. Using the mirror image sausages that had Bai Chenxiang’s blood was equal to using their own spirit powers when they were level 70s and 80s but only at fifth spirit ring’s degree, without even a spirit avatar transformation. However, this was no longer important to the Shrek Six. What’s more important was how they could last for an hour under Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi’s attacks, not the means.

Tang San accurately calculated that after Bai Chenxiang broke through five spirit rings, her speed could increase again, even when considering Zhu Zhuqing who reached her eighth spirit ring. The agility could not be compared, but the point was that Zhu Zhuqing could not fly as her speed was only on the ground. Bai Chenxiang’s speed could be used to fly like birds.

Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi said it herself that day, that she would not use the powers of the sea and domains. This way, she couldn’t use the ring shaped sea’s waters to suppress everyone. With the flight of Bai Chenxiang’s battle spirit, and in different directions, even if Bo Saixi wanted to attack, she could only do it on a single target. Attacking would cost time, and it was not an exception for a powerhouse like her. She wanted to eliminate them one at a time, but under the frantic escape of the Sharp-tailed Rain Swallow battle spirit, the loss of time would naturally be quick.

The abilities of Bai Chenxiang’s fifth spirit skill were simple. The first one was increasing speed, the second one was increasing speed, and the third one, was still increasing speed, and until the fourth one would be evasion. The fifth spirit ring from Evil Orca then gave her a search wave disruption ability.

This fifth spirit skill could commence in area search and have the results of it fed back to herself, while disrupting every spirit power search from others at the same time. The disruption power was decided by how great the user’s spirit power was. If Bai Chenxiang were to use it, she wouldn’t be

able to disrupt any single one of Shrek Seven, not to mention Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi. However, when Tang San and the others used this skill at the same time, the disruptive power reached an extremely terrifying extent.

No one dared to have any reservations when it came to Bo Saixi. When they were flying, they already ate stimulant pink sausages and they almost simultaneously deployed Bai Chenxiang’s fifth spirit skill and went full throttle to fly out irregularly while releasing strong search disrupting waves.

The only visible things in mid-air were rings of grey waves colliding each other and covered the entire space. Especially Tang San’s released waves which carried a layer of blue glow, like they had eyes which went straight towards Bo Saixi.

Facing such a development, Bo Saixi couldn’t help but feeling a bit startled. She didn’t think that Shrek Seven would actually use such a way to counter her. According to her original assumption, she thought that Tang San would use the location of the trial, the bottom of Seagod Mountain, to use the myriad of plants on it to deploy his blue silver domain in order to achieve the best effect.

Tang San and seven others had come to Seagod Island for nearly four years. Bo Saixi was watching them, especially Tang San in his Seagod Nine Trials. For all of Tang San’s various abilities, she also knew them clearly. But the battle against Sea Dragon Douluo three days ago surprised her once more. Especially the final hidden weapon Tang San used, which was very marvellous. In a battle of same strengths, it definitely had the ability to turn everything around. But overall, Tang San’s strongest means were still the two domains and his own various skills in fighting, also the synergy with his companions and accurate calculation. Unexpectedly, Tang San actually came up with such a dispersal tactic today. Although it appeared to be somewhat helter skelter, the effect was spot on. Even Bo Saixi couldn’t help but praising it in her heart.

A faint smile appeared on the corners of Bo Saixi’s lips, “Alright, I’ll play with you.” Faint blue glow appeared on her body, which immediately blocked the disruption waves whenever they touched her. In a flicker, she flew. Without chasing after anyone, she went straight towards the sky like

she was climbing it. The speed of it was faster than the speed of the escaping Shrek Six. In a blink of an eye, she reached the altitude of several hundreds of metres.

This was followed by Bo Saixi’s self embrace. She rotated once, and in that instant, a blue turbulence was formed from her, expanding rapidly around her body. With a shake of her shoulders and the tremble of her arms, the blue light’s expansion increased by several times. It appeared to be a gigantic whirlpool in mid-air, which somewhat resembled a hurricane on the surface, but it was definitely not a power of wind. Because within it were complete waves of water element.

With Tang San as the lead, the disruption waves from everyone had indeed disrupted even Bo Saixi’s spirit waves, making her unable to lock on to everyone. But was it really effective?

Indeed. Bo Saixi said it herself that she wouldn’t use the sea’s power. But Seagod Island was a sea island after all, and in here, the water element energy molecules were more abundant than on land.

The frantically flying Tang San suddenly felt a powerful pulling force from behind. His originally forward charging self was slowed instantly as the speed of flight dropped dramatically. It was like his own self was tied by a rope, pulling him backwards.

In surprise, Tang San looked back and saw Bo Saixi in mid-air embracing herself and the conditions of his companions. His heart immediately sank.

Tang San was no doubt the strongest of the Shrek Seven. If he could feel how great he was being held back by the pulling force, then it would be much more worse for others.

The ones who felt it the strongest were Oscar and Ning Rongrong. Although they used the mirror image sausages made with Bai Chenxiang’s blood, they were still support type spirit masters. The spirit power may be strong, but under the fearsome pulling force, the struggling appeared to be so powerless. They watched as they could no longer fly forward, and they were quickly pulled backwards.

Ma Hongjun and Dai Mubai could at least stabilize their own selves. While flying forward had become very difficult, they could at least make sure that they wouldn’t be pulled backwards. Xiao Wu’s condition couldn’t be compared to theirs. She wasn’t being pulled backwards rapidly like Ning Rongrong and Oscar, but she was slowly going backwards.

Bo Saixi’s method of dealing with the escaping Shrek Six was very simple. ‘Didn’t you just seal my spirit search? Very well then. I’ll just use an omni-directional attack to deal with you.’ Although the Six were very dispersed, to the Seagod Douluo whose spirit power was as vast as the sea, this bit of distance wasn’t even enough to escape from her grasp.

Chapter 250

‘What to do?’ Tang San’s brain was turning quickly. Before truly facing against Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi, none could ever determine the extent of her strength. But right at the start, she gave everyone a rude awakening. One should know that even now, Bo Saixi didn’t even use her battle spirit. In other words, this gigantic whirlpool she just released wasn’t a spirit ring or a spirit bone skill, but something released directly from her spirit power. This easily held onto a spirit douluo, four spirit saints and a Xiao Wu whose spirit power was unknown.

Ning Rongrong and Oscar had already been pulled closer and closer to Bo Saixi. At this time, Tang San’s decisiveness was shown. He went back selflessly and used Bo Saixi’s pulling force to do so.

Tang San understood very clearly that in the Shrek Seven, Oscar and Ning Rongrong’s battle strengths were the lowest, but they must definitely not lack these two. Without their support, the overall strength of the Seven would decrease by a huge standing. At this point he couldn’t care much more. No matter what, he must definitely not let the two of them fall into Bo Saixi’s hands. If that were to happen, then with Bo Saixi’s strength, the four others would be easily destroyed.

Without switching back to his battle spirit, Tang San depended on Needle-tailed Swift battle spirit to fly. In mid-air, his legs glowed in deep blue light, yet his eyes actually turned gold. Meanwhile, the Seagod trident brand on his forehead shot out an intense blue light, which went straight towards Bo Saixi without losing focus. It was Seagod’s Light.

Tang San would never make his moves without a reason. The pressure caused by Seagod’s Light was one that could deter all marine creatures and sea spirit masters. Even though Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi was powerful, she wasn’t Seagod, but just the high priest of Seagod Island, and also amongst the ranks of sea spirit masters.

As expected, when Seagod’s Light landed on Bo Saixi, her expression changed slightly. Tang San clearly felt the pulling force on everyone was cut down by half. Right at this moment, two beams of radiant gold light was released from Tang San’s eyes. Make no mistake, they were truly gold instead of the usual purple. The light was very thin, which seemed like it was woven from a few strands wrapped together, but facing these particular thin strands of golden light, Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi’s expression became unprecedentedly serious.

Facing Bo Saixi, Tang San had no reservations. Or it could also be said that in front of Bo Saixi’s pressure, his own potential was stimulated to the extreme. This strike could be said to be the peak state of his purple magic eyes after reaching Boundless stage. All of the spirit power was compressed into those two little golden beams without even the slightest outgoing loss, to the point that no one could observe how powerful they actually were from the looks of things.

But what no one would feel, Bo Saixi who reached the same level of spirit power could feel it very clearly. To her, Tang San’s strength wasn’t anything noteworthy, but Tang San’s vast sea spirit power would pose a threat to her. Tang San only had this level of spirit power for a short time and used it in a very elementary way so it couldn’t be compared to her level of control, but it was still the same stage of energy, so she could not afford to be careless in response.

Bo Saixi’s hands then clasped together and a red brand appeared on her forehead. The look of the brand was actually the same as the golden

A dark red light beamed on her palms, and then suddenly burst forth, like a blade of light, slashing towards Tang San’s golden lights from his eyes.

Right now, the intensity of the purple magic eyes was displayed. They were the same as giving Tang San a way to release spirit power and turning into an attack. Without the purple magic eyes, Tang San’s release of spirit power could only be in a large area instead of being focused like this. Bo Saixi obviously didn’t have such a power, but she could use her palms to gather her spirit power and then attack, with brilliant skill. Yet even so, the concentration of her spirit power wasn’t as great as Tang San’s purple magic eyes.

Dark red and bright gold, two colors of light collided in mid-air. To put it more accurately, it was a soundless and lifeless collision. The five others of Shrek only felt their bodies becoming lightened, as the earlier pulling force had vanished in an instant. Everyone already planned for this. They didn’t even eye the battlefield and accelerated again towards their own separate directions.

With both hands closed on each other, the joss stick in Bo Saixi’s hand had become sandwiched between her palms, which seemed weird as it made her look like she was going to offer prayers. When the two spirit powers collided, Tang San shuddered fiercely, while Bo Saixi simply drifted backwards to more than a thousand metres in the blink of an eye. It became apparent how the force of this soundless clash was so terrifying.

Tang San’s face became deathly pale in an instant as blood came out of his nostrils and ears at the same time, like a beaten snake. He was indeed stronger than Bo Saixi when it came to spirit power concentration, but when it came to overall spirit power strength, he was still inferior in comparison. Both sides reached a tie under the clash of spirit powers, yet now, Bo Saixi displayed her stronger side. Although both sides matched evenly when attacking each other using spirit powers, since the sustained force would be the same, right now, their reactions to it were not. She just moved backwards, yet she didn’t bleed like Tang San, whose spirit power experienced a huge shock.

Everything blurred for a moment in Tang San’s eyes. He struggled to get to a normal state, and now, his brain became extra clear and found out the gap between himself and Bo Saixi immediately.

Indeed, on a spiritual level, he might’ve reached the same stage as Bo Saixi, but when it came to the use of spirit power, the two of them were not on the same level. Bo Saixi’s control over spirit power was too great. After the attacks collided, she used a direct and special controlling force to mitigate the shock after the collision.

It should be known that spirit power could not compare with soul power. If it was soul power, Tang San had countless ways to dispel shockwaves as well. But to treat spirit power as soul power and use it to mitigate the shock, forget about doing; Tang San didn’t even think about it. Bo Saixi was no doubt using her own actions to school him deeply. However, this lesson was tremendously painful.

Right now, Tang San only felt that his head was so painful it was about to split, as spirit power was rumbling unchecked in his brain. The energy of Seagod’s Light could help him contain the energies, but they still gave him a huge pain. He could definitely not use purple magic eyes again in a short time even if he wanted to. Meanwhile, Bo Saixi had recovered and she was charging straight towards Tang San. It seemed that she thought clearly to defeat Tang San first, and then capture the others. After all, Tang San’s spirit power was the only one that could pose a threat to her in the Shrek Six.

When facing Bo Saixi, let’s not talk about if she was spreading energy to threaten others. But when watching this Seagod Douluo, it would make even Tang San’s heart produce a massive pressure. ‘Pinnacle Douluo’s strength was already at this level of power, that I’m far from her match even without her use of battle spirit? Are we going to lose this way?’

If it were an ordinary person instead, perhaps they would’ve relented by now, maybe even losing the confidence in fighting back. But Tang San wouldn’t. The stronger pressure he faced, he greater his rebound. He bit the tip of his tongue sharply and used the stinging pain it brought to focus some of his spirit, forcing the discomfort of his brain down. Without retreating, he charged towards Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi.

Looking at Tang San’s persistence in his eyes, Bo Saixi couldn’t help but nodding to herself. A lack of strength could be compensated through

training, but if one lost confidence, determination and fortitude, then one couldn’t possibly be at the top even after hard work. Tang San had no doubt possessed such qualities.

However, admiring Tang San didn’t mean she would show any mercy. With a light slap towards Tang San, it seemed that it didn’t carry even a slight wave of energy.

Tang San’s eyes flickered. When he faced Bo Saixi, he disengaged the mirror image sausage’s effect and unleashed his Blue Silver Emperor while releasing his seventh spirit skill ‘Blue Silver Avatar and sixth spirit skill ‘Void’. Using two skills at the same time, Tang San’s appearance instantly appeared to be phantasmal. The blue golden light made it appear especially dazzling under the morning sun.

With a flash, Tang San’s disappeared at the spot. Xiao Wu’s spirit bone skill ‘Teleportation’ was activated. When he appeared, he was behind Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi and punched without hesitation. He didn’t use abilities for this attack, not because of how powerful this fist was, but because of how using fists would grant him the fastest responses so that there wouldn’t be delays that usually come after using skills.

Meanwhile, seven people were standing in front of Seagod Hall quietly. They were watching this battle in the mid-air. Standing here was a proof of their identities. These seven people were none other than Seagod seven sacred pillars’ Guardian Douluos.

Sea Star Douluo sighed, “For how many years had no one dared to attack Lady Bo Saixi. Sea Dragon, do you dare?”

Sea Dragon Douluo was flabbergasted and then shook his head helplessly, “I don’t. Facing Her Highness, I couldn’t even form any thoughts of attacking. I think you should be the same as well. Her Highness had already become the second god in our hearts after Lord Seagod.”

The incomparably ugly Sea Devil spoke, “Yeah! This kid has courage. He even dared to attack when facing Her Higness. And he just used that

spirit shock to make her flinch back. It’s enough for him to be proud from this alone. The last time someone made her move backwards, it was that something called Clear Sky Sect’s master, Tang something, right?”

Sea Horse Douluo added, “That person was Tang San’s great grandfather. Didn’t you notice, Sea Dragon? The hammer that Tang San used against you that day was just like that person’s. Only Tang San’s hammer didn’t have spirit rings.”

Sea Dragon Douluo sighed, “This kid really has a bright future ahead of him! If he can really put nine spirit rings into both of his battle spirits, then perhaps he can really have the strength to challenge Her Highness’ strength.”

Sea Witch said, “I don’t know about that. But I wonder, will he have the conditions to defeat Lady Bo Saixi at the final trial of Seagod Nine Trials?”

Sea Dragon frowned, “Don’t talk nonsense. None of us have seen the final trial. The first six trials have precedents, but as for the contents of the last three trials, I’m afraid perhaps even Lady Bo Saixi can only know it by the time it really appears. But I truly wish to see that day come. I really want to see what the strength beyond Lady Bo Saixi is like.”

When they spoke to this point, Tang San’s fist had already reached Bo Saixi’s back. While the attack was a fist, from the teleportation to this punch, Tang San can be said to be doing it more than his standards in front of a huge pressure. Like clouds and rain, his spirit power burst out the instant the fist was closing in on Bo Saixi, with no loss of the power and straight into her back.

Bo Saixi didn’t turn around and her long red skirt moved slightly. It was like the air was lifting it within and Tang San’s fist just landed on that red skirt.

Tang San then clearly felt that at the tip of his fist, there was an irresistible massive energy that surged up, and it made him spin in a circle, leaving him with no chance to use the next teleportation. His entire being

had been thrown away. In that instant, Tang San was locked down by a vast soul power. In the next moment, Bo Saixi had already appeared before him.

This was the first time Tang San saw Bo Saixi’s eyes so clearly. They looked so clear, it’s hard for anyone to think that she was actually an elder who was already more than a hundred years old. With just a simple press of her hand on Tang San’s chest, she stopped his tumbling motion.

It was also at this moment that Tang San emitted a strong golden light, because when Bo Saixi’s right hand pressed on his chest, he still felt a heart-exploding pain while being in the state of Blue Silver Transformation and Void. As soon as he stopped, Tang San immediately used his first Golden Invincibility for the day without hesitation.

Undoubtedly, he made the right choice, as the next moment, he was already crashing down like a meteor falling from the sky. The speed was so quick it made a sharp whistling sound.

BOOSH——. He crashed directly into the sea without even raising waves. Tang San only felt his entire body tightened as he went below a hundred metres in seawater, caught in the sands beneath the seabed while still going down rapidly. It was already darkness in front of his eyes. As the descent went on, the pressure around him felt greater and greater.

It resulted in this from just a single blow, which Tang San dared not imagine. If he wasn’t in Spirit Avatar, then his body would’ve been shattered under Bo Saixi’s attack. She wasn’t in her own Spirit Avatar to begin with, but she was this terrifying already. As someone who’s already at the stage of Title Douluo in terms of strength, Tang San didn’t even have the slightest chance in fighting back in the face of Bo Saixi’s might.

Now Tang San truly understood why Spirit Hall’s Great Priest Qian Daoliu gave heavy orders not to allow the Spirit Hall to invade Seagod Island. Indeed, if you were to face such a strength like Bo Saixi’s, what use would it be if you were to throw more Title Douluos at her? It should be known that Bo Saixi could still use the power of the sea and Seagod Hall. In here, she wouldn’t be that different from god.

Tang San was unable to breathe, but he reacted before his movement stopped. A faint blue light emanated from his forehead and he disappeared. At the same time, his whole presence was gone from the spot.

With three seconds of Golden Invincibility’s protection, Tang San wasn’t injured from Bo Saixi’s attack. He also made the most appropriate response by striking out with both his hands, and the seawater and sands all turned into crystallites in a red light. In these crystallites, Tang San slipped around like a swimming fish while hidden in Vast Sea Veil’s protection, and quickly rolled out towards a single direction.

BOOM—— Another sound of fierce explosion. The crystallized seawater and sands all turned into diamond dust. Tang San’s reaction might have been quick, but it would still be dragged down. Fortunately the defensive effect of the Vast Sea Veil and the toughness of his own being let simply fly out from this force instead of being turned to dust like those crystallites.

Floating in mid-air, Bo Saixi frowned. Before this trial started, she hadn’t told Tang San that he was different from the others. For them, she could not employ lethal force, and would even use her authority as the great priestess to pardon them from the outcome of not being able to pass the Black Class Trials. But the same couldn’t be said for Tang San, for if he couldn’t pass this trial then he would die for sure. It was because he knew too much of Seagod’s secrets.

And that’s why Bo Saixi would not show him mercy. Tang San’s partners had fled and left him alone, which would prove to be extremely disadvantageous for him. Tang San’s trial was Seagod Class, which was doubtlessly harder than others by far. According to the standards of the trial, Bo Saixi would naturally have to take care of him first. That press and the fist seemed to have bevelled the ring shaped sea for a hundred metres, and for her, it seemed to be like she just did a very simple thing.

But she still frowned, and the reason was simple. She lost track of Tang San’s presence. Tang San’s spirit power was at the same stage as hers. With the protection of Vast Sea Veil which could also cloak him and hide his presence, Bo Saixi being unable to find him was also natural. But Tang San

had one thing he didn’t know, which was that while being in the location of the trial, Bo Saixi could use the aura generated from the trial to estimate his general location and body condition. Obviously, Tang San didn’t die, and was still in the ring shaped sea.

In front of Seagod Hall, the seven Guardian Douluos were now as silent as frozen cicadas. They haven’t witnessed Bo Saixi’s strength for many years. Watching that noble and elegant Lady Bo Saixi unleash such terrifying destructive force with elegant movements made all of their faces pale.

Sea Dragon Douluo immediately retracted his statement of being able to hold Bo Saixi back for a joss stick’s time with the seven of them in his heart. Until now, they still hadn’t seen Bo Saixi unleash her battle spirit! With just soul power, such a terrifying strength could be unleashed. What would it be if battle spirit were added to the mix? Using ‘unimaginable’ to describe it was the most fitting.

Tang San however had no such feelings, because he wasn’t even contemplating about this. Right now he was thinking about how to protect himself by surviving under Bo Saixi’s attacks. According to the calculation of time, it was only a few minutes from start till now. That joss stick’s burning point would definitely not be past one sixth.

Tang San didn’t dare to unleash his spirit power. Bo Saixi wasn’t like Seagod’s seven sacred pillars’ Guardian Douluos who were unable to sense his spirit waves. Being in the same stage, Bo Saixi would naturally search for Tang San’s exact location with gusto. But once Tang San’s spirit power would be used to counter the search, though that would be mutual locating on purpose, how would he be able to face Bo Saixi’s attacks?

Blue Silver Emperor right leg spirit bone’s flying skill was activated. Tang San skidded along the seawater in high speed, and using the cloaking ability of Vast Sea Veil, even when creasing across, the seawater wouldn’t show any waves.

Bo Saixi was using the connection of the trial to find Tang San’s location, but it was constantly changing as he was moving irregularly.

Right when Bo Saixi was ready to attack the sea directly, she was shocked to discover that Tang San was already out of the sea and his presence was no longer there. It was then at Seagod Mountain. Bo Saixi couldn’t help but frown again.

Bo Saixi could unleash large area attacks without reservations anywhere else, but the same couldn’t be said for Seagod Mountain. That was the sanctuary of Seagod, and there was Seagod Hall. If it were to be attacked, she would never dare to receive Seagod’s wrath.

Tang San was evidently clear about this point when he flew to the mountain. Using the time of Bo Saixi’s hesitation, he also got to catch a breath. With his mental tracking, he knew that his companions would be scattered around Seagod Island by now. Bo Saixi would never find it easy to catch them. Now he just had to survive.

While he thought about it, Tang San started climbing the mountain in high speed. He didn’t dare to fly, because he feared that he would immediately be hit by Bo Saixi’s omnidirectional attacks as soon as he left the mountain. His spirit power could still not be released, but he could feel that Bo Saixi’s spirit power was coming after him. It was obvious she had a way to find his general location.

Eight Spider Lances were deployed from the back, and Tang San travelled in the woods of Seagod Mountain quickly towards the top of the it. Seagod Mountain was just several hundreds of metres in height. Now, without the obstruction of Seagod’s Light from before, in just a few blinks of eyes, Tang San neared the top of the mountain.

Bo Saixi then hit a realization and knew what Tang San was up to. Her eyes once again shined in praise. Watching that burning joss stick, she flashed and floated down in front of Seagod Hall.

Bo Saixi arrived suddenly, which scared the seven Guardian Douluos. They quickly got out of the way and showed the empty spot of land in front of Seagod Hall. Right then, a wave of incomparably stern presence was released from Bo Saixi herself. Under the cover of the massive blue light, a gigantic golden illusion was gradually projected behind her like a human

figure. The stern presence was coming from that. Although the face wasn’t clear, it could still be seen vaguely. The illusionary figure was holding a gigantic trident.

Indeed, this was Bo Saixi’s battle spirit, Seagod. Due to Tang San’s cunning, she was finally forced to release her battle spirit. Eight black and one red, nine spirit rings lined up neatly on Bo Saixi. She didn’t display any changes due to the appearance of her spirit rings, and she seemed to be the same old her. Just with extra nine spirit rings around, that’s all.

Bo Saixi’s hands were locked together before her chest, and the third spirit ring glowed. This was followed by a spreading of blue light like flowing waters. The spread was actually like mercury, moving out to all of the surroundings. When touching plants and rocks, the blue light would disperse on its own, but it didn’t miss any single crack of Seagod Mountain.

Now, Tang San was already nearing the peak. When he looked at the blue light coming from Bo Saixi, his mind was stunned. It wasn’t because of how powerful the blue light was, but because of how it was completely one with her spirit power. The fusion of them was harmonious. In other words, every bit of her soul power also had a bit of spirit power. This blue energy completely had dual elements. With how massive Bo Saixi’s spirit power was and a search was done with soul power in a mix, even when Tang San had Vast Sea Veil’s cover, he would be discovered immediately if he made contact with it. Yet if he wanted to fly out of the mountain, then Bo Saixi would immediately give him a large area attack, leaving him with no means to escape.

Although he finally forced Bo Saixi to use her battle spirit, Tang San’s plans were undoubtedly ruined. Right now, his situation became even more passive than before.

Just then, a scene suddenly showed in Tang San’s eyes. Before this, when he led the Shrek group and received the trophy of being the champion group of the entire continent’s high class spirit master schools, due to Xiao Wu’s identity leak and was about to be hit by Spirit Hall, Tang San’s father Tang Hao appeared and used his attack to attract the attention of Spirit Hall

experts, bringing Tang San and Xiao Wu away. ‘That’s right, the Seagod Hall!’

Tang San’s plan was to retreat into Seagod Hall when climbing the mountain. There, Bo Saixi would surely be limited in her movements. Using his other abilities, there would be greater chances. Evidently, Bo Saixi also knew about this, and that was why she got in front of Seagod Hall to release her battle spirit. It was to prevent Tang San from grabbing this chance.

‘Since you’re not letting me in, then I’ll just attack.’ When thinking about this, Tang San retreated in haste with Vast Sea Veil while focusing his soul power. He raised his right arm and a thick concentration of Blue Silver Emperor formed quickly.

His fifth spirit ring glowed, and blue golden light mixed with that red spirit ring’s energy waves, Tang San’s right arm was covered in a blood colored glow.

The fifth spirit skill ‘Blue Silver Overlord Spear’ had evolved to one hundred and fifty thousand years level, and the name also changed, into ‘Blue Silver Tyrant Emperor Spear’. It was a single target, hundred thousand year spirit ability, and was a focal point attack. From the looks of things, it was Tang San’s fifth spirit skill, but compared to other hundred thousand years level spirit attacks, this was one with the highest attack power of all Tang San’s spirit skills.

The Vast Sea Veil would only disappear when releasing mixed traces, yet wouldn’t when focusing energy. When he saw that he was about to retreat to the bottom of the mountain, Tang San didn’t hide, but advanced, while blue silver domain was released instantly. He also ate an erect gold fly at the same time.

The blue silver domain was released while in spirit avatar state, entering Boundless Nature domain. Under the pressure of Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi, Tang San’s potential was surely pushed to the limits. The entire process flowed like a seamless work without stopping. One should know that he was now deploying both his domain and one hundred and fifty thousand

year spirit skill at the same time. The consumption of soul power and the use of spirit power were all a massive burden, especially he was still spiritually damaged. It was more than his usual load.

The difference between Blue Silver Dominant Emperor Spear and the usual Blue Silver Overlord Spear was that it’s no longer shining gold, but bloody red all over. In the bloody redness there was a gold colored brand which appeared to be dazzling. The energies all around the surroundings of the spear were frozen and wouldn’t flow out. When the red light burst forth from Tang San’s hand, it shot directly towards the sky. The speed of it was so fast that Tang San and Bo Saixi’s spirit powers would never capture it in time.

At the same time, Tang San’s blue silver domain was pushed to the extreme. In his brain, the spiritual collision had calmed down, and it was now completely in charge of the domain’s functions. Meanwhile, Tang San slammed his fists into his own chest, and with a ‘wah!’, he coughed out a mouthful of heated blood, which then splashed right on his domain.

What Tang San had was Blue Silver Emperor’s blood. Even though his blood had extreme ice and fire energies, under the effects of blue silver domain, the blood’s energies were released completely as if the two energies were filtered out by force, making the Blue Silver Emperor blood spread throughout Seagod Mountain with the domain.

The plants on Seagod Mountain appeared to thrive at an insane rate under the effects of Boundless Life Domain. If one were to look from a distance, it would appear as if Seagod Mountain was instantly bloating in size right now.

Bo Saixi had to concern herself about avoiding damage to Seagod Mountain, but Tang San had none of it. In order to protect his own life right now, he could resort to any means possible.

And it had to be right now that Bo Saixi couldn’t care about stopping Tang San. Even when his location was detected, she couldn’t launch attacks against him. The reason was simple; The Blue Silver Dominant Emperor Spear had formed a perfect parabola in mid-air with the speed of a bolt of

lightning, straight towards the top of Seagod Hall. The speed of it was so fast, even Bo Saixi would find it extremely difficult to do so. After all, it was a hundred thousand year spirit skill! Even with Seagod Hall’s own defensive power, as Seagod Island’s hierophant, she would never take the risk. Even this good tempered Bo Saixi couldn’t help but cursing Tang San in her mind right now. ‘He dares to attack Seagod Hall in order to delay my attacks against him? This kid really has the gall!’

Now when Bo Saixi flew up in order to block the falling spear, the plants on Seagod Mountain all swarmed upwards with Tang San’s reckless urging. They rose up like swarms of bees, rapidly covering Seagod Hall without acknowledging the seven sacred pillars’ Guardian Douluos. The swarm appeared to be so crooked and vile, it seemed poised to crush Seagod Hall into bits and pieces.

It should be known that although this was Seagod Mountain, plants were not sea spirit masters or sea spirit beasts. They wouldn’t obey Seagod’s commands. Blue Silver Emperor on the other hand didn’t have as high a standing as Seagod when in the world of plants, but there weren’t a lot of other echelons which were above them. Under the effects of Tang San’s Blue Silver Emperor blood combined with blue silver domain, it would be strange if the plants weren’t in such a frenzy. Especially when Tang San seemed to use his own blood to nourish these plants. When he didn’t extract a sliver of their life force, but used his own massive lifeforce to infuse them, how could these plants not go insane? Their simplistic lives executed Tang San’s commands without error. Facing these plants’ frenzied attack, the seven sacred pillars’ Guardian Douluos didn’t hesitate to meet it head on, so they couldn’t see that Tang San’s lips had formed a faint smile. From the start of the trial until now, he was finally on the active side of things.
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