Douluo Dalu Chapter 231-240


Chapter 231

“Xiao Bai? Even Xiao Baibai? The ‘bai’ as in ‘idiot’[1]. It really is an appropriate name.” Oscar couldn’t help saying in a low voice.

Dai Mubai saw Xiao Wu with an ill expression, her eyes still with an ice cold light. Coughing slightly, he pulled Zhu Zhuqing over to one side. Fatty and Oscar also immediately retreated, Oscar pulling Ning Rongrong, Fatty calling out to Bai Chenxiang in the sky. In Tang San’s eyes, this group of treasonous fellows had swiftly retreated to the side, only leaving behind Tang San and Xiao Wu standing there.

Xiao Wu currently didn’t seem like a beauty, but rather like a volcano that could explode at any time. Tang San’s spiritual force was formidable, and he could clearly sense Xiao Wu on the verge of erupting. Heart twitching, he imitated the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King Xiao Bai’s previous tone: “My mistake, I apologize. I’m sorry, Xiao Wu. You know, I…….”

Xiao Wu suddenly returned to her senses. Seeing Tang San’s apologetically smiling appearance, she couldn’t keep her expression tight, and burst into giggles.

Seeing her laughing, Tang San’s heart immediately relaxed. Laughing was good. He hurriedly stepped forward to hold her hand.

Xiao Wu took a step back, avoiding his hand. Her smile vanished, once again transforming into an ice cold expression, “Don’t touch me. Did you

forget what I said to you last time?”

Tang San smiled: “Xiao Wu, don’t be like that, don’t I know I did wrong? It’s not that I didn’t want to let you bear it together with me, it’s just that in those circumstances, I was nervous! Nervous, so I……” At this point, even he himself couldn’t keep explaining. The facts were there, and Tang San was never good at sweet words. He could only look awkwardly at Xiao Wu.

Xiao Wu suddenly stepped forward, grabbing Tang San’s right adm and bringing it to her mouth, then bit down hard on his forearm.

Tang San grimaced from the pain, but didn’t dare make sound, obediently letting Xiao Wu bite and also controlling his spirit power to not react.

Just like Tang San didn’t know how to explain it to Xiao Wu, even though Xiao Wu was angry, she didn’t know how to punish Tang San. Tang San didn’t let her appear in the midst of danger in order to protect her. Therefore, she also could only use a method like this to show her displeasure with him.

When Xiao Wu let go, Tang San hastily put away his grimace, looking at Xiao Wu as if it was nothing, asking with concern, “Xiao Wu, are your teeth alright?”

Xiao Wu stared blankly. Seeing Tang San’s fawning appearance, she finally couldn’t help laughing again, throwing herself into his arms and forcefully beating his chest, “Big idiot, damn you. I’m ignoring you.”

Tang San dim-wittedly let Xiao Wu beat him, his heart relaxing. Each time he faced Xiao Wu, no matter how intelligent he was in a fight, his mind turned to porridge.

“I’m going back.” Xiao Wu seemed tired of beating him, and bit Tang San’s chest again. In a flash of red light, hse returned within him. Xiao Wu’s body naturally also returned to its previous vacant appearance.

Tang San held Xiao Wu’s body, secretly heaving a sigh of relief and rubbing his chest. Looking at the vacant Xiao Wu in his arms, his hea

Softly kissing her forehead, holding her tightly, he secretly swore that, once they were finished with the trials on the Seagod’s Island, no matter what, he would resurrect Xiao Wu first. Seventy sixth rank. There were still another fourteen ranks to restoring Xiao Wu.

“Coaxed her?” Ma Hongjun stuck his head out from behind.

Tang San turned around to look. The five devils and Bai Chenxiang were already gathered, each and every one with looking like they were holding back laughter, apparently in need of a spanking. He snapped: “You treasonous fellows.”

Dai Mubai coughed once: “Little San, you can’t blame us for this. Yes. Xiao Wu has managed to return to her body to be affectionate with you, we can’t go interrupting you!”

Oscar immediately displayed his formidable ability to change the topic, “Little San, that little idiot just now said you were the lord Seagod’s chosen person, what did that mean? Have you thought about it?"

His subject change was extremely successful, Tang San’s expression immediately brightened, lowering his voice: “I still can’t be sure of the true answer, but from the name of my trials, as well as what that Xiao Bai said, I believe the trials we face should be even more difficult than originally. As for that Seagod, whether it exists or not, even though I can’t guess why it would treat me so, it shouldn’t be maliciously. That can be proven by that golden light protecting me just now. Since he has no ill intention, and the enormous help these trials are to increase our strength, we don’t need to think too much about it right now. It’s enough as long as we do our best to increase our strength. Once we leave this place, our goal is the eightieth rank. When we return to the mainland then, we’ll at least have the strength to defend ourselves, and won’t have to worry about fighting Spirit Hall powers.”

Dai Mubai asked: “Then what do we do next?”

Tang San said without the slightest hesitation: “Besides Fatty continuing to work hard to attack the seventieth rank, the rest of us will constantly go into the water, and try to fight there. The drag of the seawater is quite large, and further adding the strange energy, it’s also a kind of pressure to us. Moreover, constantly trying to break through the blockade led by the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King, fighting it, our fighting strength in the ocean will constantly rise. Even Xiao Bai herself said that she won’t attack us directly. Under such circumstances, don’t you think she’s the best sparring partner for us? Let’s not think about how to pass the test, first practice how to fight under water while she blocks, that’s equal to learning how to fight in an environment like a domain.”

Zhu Zhuqing said: “That’s right, if we can all cooperate in the sea, then wouldn’t that make our teamwork on land even faster, and even more invulnerable?”

Ma Hongjun said: “Third brother, how about I go train together with you. Anyway, there’s no suitable spirit beast here to become my spirit ring, I won’t be able to break through even if I cultivate to the seventieth rank.”

Tang San said: “Who said there’s no suitable spirit beast so you can’t have a seventh spirit ring? Don’t mind anything else right now. Cultivate assiduously and break through the bottleneck, at that time I’ll have ways for you to obtain a seventh spirit ring.”

“Ah?” Ma Hongjun looked distracted, but he didn’t ask anything else, directly choosing to trust in Tang San. Actually, not just him, the other six of the Shrek Seven Devils all had a close to blind faith in Tang San. Tang San would never speak without thinking, and his character was absolutely completely trustworthy.

Zhu Zhuqing said: “Third brother, when do we start?”

Dai Mubai laughed out loud: “Why ask that? Time is tight and the mission urgent. Something like finding a hundred thousand year spirit beast isn’t easy. Further one that won’t attack directly. Naturally we’ll recover our spirit power, and start right away.”

Everyone smiled at each other, agreeing by chance to sit down crosslegged and start cultivating, recovering the spirit power they expended before. Oscar even more put his energy into starting to remake his clone mirror sausages.

Tang San still didn’t teach his internal respiration method to the others, because the spirit power cultivation techniques of this world had major differences with his Mysterious Heaven Skill. He had studied with Grandmaster for so many years, and naturally knew this bit. It was very difficult for everyone’s spirit power to conduct internal respiration like him. But each person’s spirit was different, and they also had different methods.

Starting from this day, the ring sea that had surrounded and protected Seagod mountain for countless years grew lively. Every day there were violent fluctuations like great waves and stormy seas, from time to time came bursts of intense light, and whirlpools constantly appeared in the seawater.

Something like swimming ability had very many techniques, but just like cultivating spirit power, there weren’t any big shortcuts, only practice making perfect. Even though the Shrek Seven Devils party were all non swimmers, along with playing in the water every day, as well as their formidable strength, they very soon grew accustomed. Their swimming ability grew stronger almost every day. Even though they still couldn’t be described as fish in water, at least they wouldn’t be too hindered in the sea.

Even Xiao Wu returned to her body for a time every day to go into the water with everyone. Making everyone else envious was that the Devil Spirit Great White Shark Xiao Bai would never attack Xiao Wu, so much so that she would even take care to avoid Xiao Wu when launching attacks.

What Xiao Bai said after that battle really wasn’t empty words. The true significance of its strength could be displayed in the ocean. A hundred thousand year sea spirit beast in the sea was a terrifying existence. Tang San could be sure that even four or five Title Douluo might not be her opponent in the sea. Fortunately, she really did start off leniently. Even though everyone were frequently beaten until they were covered with cuts and

bruises, Xiao Bai would only drive them out of the ring sea and then stop attacking. Moreover, she never harmed them in any true sense.

Through constant battle in the sea, everyone clearly understood that their opponent was not only the sea spirit beasts. It was also the ring sea. Under Xiao Bai’s control, each drop of seawater became their enemy, rejecting them. Besides Xiao Wu, Xiao Bai’s attacks to Tang San were the gentlest, perhaps because she was apologetic over the mistake that day. But she absolutely wouldn’t throw the game. To her, she was the everyone’s second trial examiner, and this authority and duty was assigned by the Seagod. No matter how powerful she was, she absolutely didn’t dare show private considerations.

However, as the days went by, as everyone were trampled by Xiao Bai in the ring sea each day, they gradually also started to feel trampled. Everyone admired Xiao Bai’s strength, but Xiao Bai was also very curious about them. In her eyes, after these land spirit masters gradually adapted to fighting in the ocean, they also gradually revealed how extraordinary they were. Even though they were still far from her opponents, if she wanted to rout these people on dry land, she would also have to pay a considerable price, possible even her life. Of course, that was under circumstances where Tang San’s Blue Silver Emperor spirit abilities could be used. As examiner, she of course knew how Tang San was restrained. He couldn’t use two hundred thousand year spirit abilities, and two great domains were unable to show their full strength, such restrictions were quite severe.

In the blink of an eye, three months had passed. Half a year since the start of the second trial.

“Aaaah——, Xiao Bai, be a bit gentle! Girls should be gentle!” Oscar was sent out of the ring sea by a deep current, falling firmly on the beach. The sudden ache all over his body almost made him unconscious, and he couldn’t help grumbling loudly.

However, immediately after him, Tang San, Dai Mubai, Zhu Zhuqing, Ning Rongrong and Xiao Wu were also sent out of the ring sea one after another. Any one as bad as the next, all cutting sorry figures.

Xiao Bai’s shark head stretched out of the water, spitting out human words at Oscar: “Little Ao, big sister here is already very gentle. If I wasn’t, I’d already have beaten your butt into eight pieces. Ah, Rongrong! I really don’t know what part about this fellow you like. He’s so vulgar. And what Erect Golden Fly, are all males among you humans this obscene[2]? I’d best introduce you to a handsome sea Spirit Master. A lot purer than him.”

“......” Ning Rongrong looked speechlessly at Oscar, her eyes brimming with smiles. Due to her being a support Spirit Master, Xiao Bai was quite considerate to her. Even when incarnating as a human woman, Xiao Bai still didn’t have the the property of human women to be jealous of others’ beautiful features, and on the contrary was quite close to the three girls of the seven devils. Of the three women, only Xiao Wu refused her affection, due to her almost killing Tang San. Even though Zhu Zhuqing was cold and detached, she would still occasionally exchange a few words with her in the gaps between battles. Instead it was Ning Rongrong who had the best relationship with Xiao Bai, and they became good friends when not fighting.

Oscar flew into rage from embarrassment and crawled up from the sand, “Xiao Bai, you can’t slander me. A pure and honest good man like me, and you actually call me obscene? Call me vulgar? Can I decide something like spirit abilities? This is innate.”

“You’re pure and clean?” Xiao Bai’s big eyes revealed intense contempt, “Come on. The spirit is born from the heart, you’re obscene to the bone, otherwise how would your spirit be so obscene? I see your eyes aren’t any good things. The next time I’ll beat you a bit harder. How can the gap between you and Dai Mubai be so large even with the same spirit?”

“Even if you beat people, don’t slap their face. Xiao Bai, you’re slapping face here, the two of us can’t coexist.” Oscar jumped up and down on the beach. However, his current spirit power was already close to exhausted, and charging out wouldn’t be any use. The others all looked at him with laughing expressions. They didn’t know what was going on either,

but Oscar seemed like he and Xiao Bai were natural enemies. Each time everyone were blasted out, Xiao Bai couldn’t help taunting him.

Xiao Bai gave Oscar a provoking look, “Come! Come on! This old woman will was clean and wait for you. Scared of you, ah! Just being scared of you is no good. However, little Ao, let me warn you, men can’t be no good.”

“You……” Little Ao was so speechless with anger, but no matter how he hit, the always resourceful him was still helpless after meeting Xiao Bai.

“I’m ignoring you. This old woman will wait for you all in the sea. Hurry up and recover. You can’t let me wait for too long.” Finished speaking, Xiao Bai turned, returning to the depths of the ring sea. When she left, she still didn’t forget to raise her giant tail to splash Oscar tumbling.

“Xiao Bai, this daddy’ll fight it you with you.” Oscar was unbearably deflated. He wanted to charge into the sea, but Ning Rongrong hurriedly grabbed his waist, stopping him.

“Little Ao, what’s up with you and Xiao Bai? How come she targets you like that? You didn’t peep at her bathing?” Dai Mubai said with schadenfreude from the side.

Oscar was livid: “How would I know? Every time that fellow attacks it seems to be targeting me, and every time I’m the first to be beaten out, the one who falls the heaviest. Don’t tell me handsome guys aren’t popular now?”

“Little Ao, don’t be that narcissistic, alright?” Dai Mubai laughed out loud, “Rongrong, you’ve gotta be careful. As they say, the fiercer the hatred, the deeper the love. Maybe Xiao Bai fancies your little Ao, and deliberately targets him for that reason. Girls do quite like his peach blossom eyes.”

Ning Rongrong snorted, saying: “And your dual pupil eyes haven’t attracted girls? I trust our little Ao.”

Listening to Ning Rongrong, Oscar’s previous anger was completely swept away, and he looked immensely self satisfied at Dai Mubai. However, Ning Rongrong’s next words almost made him fall over.

“How could Xiao Bai fancy him, eh?” Ning Rongrong giggled.

“I……” Oscar was extremely depressed, but as he with evil shape and evil form was about to settle accounts with Ning Rongrong, she’d already taken a step away.

Just as Oscar said, Xiao Bai really did target him, showing him some extra ‘consideration’ with each attack. However, it was also just because of this that the original food system Spirit Master’s combat ability was soaring. Even though he still couldn’t compare with a true power attack type Spirit Master like Dai Mubai, he still had some ways to employ Dai Mubai’s spirit abilities with considerable force. If it wasn’t for his physical strength being a lot weaker than Dai Mubai, as well as having lower cultivation, he might truly have been able to catch up.

However, without the assistance of the Seagod’s Light, even though everyone fought assiduously day after day, their spirit power promotion speed had clearly slowed down. Half a year had passed, but they all stilled kept their previous ranks, only approaching the rank breakthrough. It showed just how difficult cultivation was after spirit power reached the seventieth rank. Spirit Masters above the Spirit Sage realm normally advanced one rank every few years. They all confronted such pressure every day, so they would advance comparatively quickly.

Just as everyone prepared to start recovering their spirit power through cultivating, suddenly, a resonant phoenix howl rose from behind them without the slightest warning. The atmosphere near the sea instantly heated up, warm invasive currents rising to fill the air, even bringing a somewhat smoky scent.

Pleasant surprise appeared on everyone’s faces simultaneously. They all turned to look, only to find an orange flame brimming with aggressiveness soar up, transforming into a giant phoenix that flew towards the horizon.

Set off by that enormous phoenix flame, a chubby silhouette slowly walked out.

His pace was steady and forceful, the aggressiveness of a leader manifesting without doubt. That really wasn’t the aura of an emperor, but rather the aggressiveness of being placed above all living things. The terrifying aura of the king of a hundred birds.

When the equally flight type Spirit Master Bai Chenxiang saw that slowly walking silhouette, she couldn’t keep her knees from shaking, a difficult to suppress trembling feeling filling her whole body. That was the fear of higher level spirits of the same type. Even if the Needle-Tailed Swift was also quite a good spirit, it was still far off when compared to the king of a hundred birds.

Gradually, Ma Hongjun’s face appeared in everyone’s view. His eyes were already completely replaced with the radiance of flame, and orange flames rose and fell all over his body, just like the god of fire descended on the world. Nowhere was a trace of his ordinarily vulgar appearance. Contrasted by the flame he looked quite tall, so much that even the other of the seven devils could feel the pressure he brought.

Everyone knew that, undergoing tireless cultivation, Fatty had also finally reached that important pass, successfully breaking through the seventieth rank bottleneck, entering an all new realm.

The flames gradually faded, but it felt like Fatty’s temperament had undergone considerable changes after breaking through. The grandeur of the Phoenix was expressed in all his gestures.

Walking straight up to everyone, Fatty halted and looked at them; “I succeeded.” He had a faint smile on his face. That noble aura of a leader gave Bai Chenxiang a feeling of her pulse speeding up. She suddenly felt that her grandfather’s choice on her behalf was a bit reasonable.

Oscar’s recent depression still hadn’t completely disappeared. Looking at Fatty’s appearance he snapped: “Damn Fatty, will you die if you don’t act cool?”

The noble smile on Ma Hongjun’s face went rigid, the next moment his former nobility vanished completely as if smashed, “Fack me, little Ao, you noticed?”

Oscar looked distracted a moment, but immediately reacted, “Fuck me, you really were acting! Boss Dai, I’m not one to be belligerent! However, this Fatty is acting cool like this in front of all of us, can we tolerate it?”

Dai Mubai grinned sinisterly, “Of course we can’t. Beat him up.”
Speaking, two rotten youths lunged practically simultaneously.

“Don’t!” Fatty cried miserably, crouching on the ground with both hands behind his head. He didn’t resist, letting the lunging Dai Mubai and Oscar thump him. Tang San only smiled, without participating. Someone always had to stay calm, and Tang San played the role of official.

Actually, Dai Mubai and Oscar didn’t wallow Ma Hongjun more than a few times, then helped him up.

“Alright! Fatty, you’ve caught up this quickly.” Oscar laughed out loud.

Fatty’s self-satisfaction reappeared, “But of course. Ah’m the descendant of the Phoenix.”

Ning Rongrong burst into giggles: “If the Phoenix saw how fat you are, it might even spontaneously combust.”

Fatty snorted, saying: “Your little Ao is the most handsome, got it. Third brother, I broke through. How can I get the seventh spirit ring?” As a Spirit Master, who didn’t want to possess their own transformative seventh spirit ring? Fatty was no exception either, his small eyes brimming with the light of hope.

Tang San smiled slightly: “We can’t do without you. Catch.” With a flick of his wrist, a fiery light floated out, directly towards Fatty.

Fatty reached out, and grabbed it. As that fiery light entered his hand, immediately, a strange feeling filled his whole body. He couldn’t help being

somewhat astounded, “Third brother, isn’t this that Ten Headed Fierce Yang Serpent’s neidan?”

Tang San nodded: “That’s right, that’s it. The Ten Headed Fierce Yang Serpent is a snake type chief. Even though it’s not a bird, it also isn’t a spirit beast, but rather an ancient mythical beast. But it also has the fire attribute, and moreover a yang fire attribute, the same as your phoenix flame. I once talked it over with Teacher. It’s certain that this Ten Headed Fierce Yang Serpent neidan contains the overwhelming majority of the Ten Headed Fierce Yang Serpent’s capability, and also possesses an effect similar to a spirit ring. Consume it and use the phoenix flame to digest it, and it will naturally become your seventh spirit ring. The Ten Headed Fierce Yang Serpent is a tyrant among snakes, but the phoenix is its nemesis. Even if its flame is overbearing, it shouldn’t be a problem for your phoenix flame to digest it. The Ten Headed Fierce Yang Serpent I killed absolutely wouldn’t be inferior to any ten thousand year spirit beast. It’s quite suitable for your seventh spirit ring. Moreover, with its identity as an ancient mythical beast, there should also be some special benefits to it becoming your seventh spirit ring. I can’t tell what the concrete details are, we’ll have to wait and see until after you’ve absorbed it. Begin now, all of us will guard you.”

Ma Hongjun looked over the Ten Headed Fierce Yang Serpent neidan in his hand, then looked at Tang San again, unable to keep his eyes from reddening a bit, “No. Third brother, I can’t take this, it’s too precious.” Even though he didn’t know what creature the Ten Headed Fierce Yang Serpent was, as the holder of the phoenix flame, he could sense the immense fire attribute energy the neidan in his hand contained, as well as an aura that made his heart thump. He understood that it would be extremely difficult for him to find anything better than this as his seventh spirit ring. With the quality of this Ten Headed Fierce Yang Serpent neidan, it wouldn’t even be an injustice to use it for his eighth spirit ring.

Tang San frowned, “Fatty, what did you call me?”

Ma Hongjun looked distracted a moment: “I called you third brother!”

Tang San angrily said: “Then what are you still blabbering about? This thing is something I kept to give to you.”

Ma Hongjun looked foolishly at Tang San, without uttering a word for a long time. Suddenly, he fiercely clapped his mouth, “Right, what am I blabbering for? Third brother. Hereafter this Fatty’s pork is yours.” Speaking, he swallowed the neidan in his hand.

Tang San’s expression eased, “I don’t want your pork, I only want my fourth little brother. Quickly sit down and absorb it. Even if the phoenix flame can restrain the Ten Headed Fierce Yang Serpent’s flame, this snake’s flame is extremely potent, you must be careful, you can’t be careless.”

Ma Hongjun rubbed his face, flicking off something moist, then really didn’t say anything further, immediately sitting down and starting to cultivate. But from how tightly his fists were clenched as he sat could be seen how his emotions surged right now.

Dai Mubai walked up next to Tang San, grabbing his shoulder. Oscar walked over from the other side, hooking his other shoulder. Even though neither of them said anything, the girls to the side could feel the four men in front of them being pervaded with that kind of affection between men.

The orange red flame that had just stopped burning soared up again, and even Fatty’s skin turned orange in an instant, his fleshy face showing an extremely painful expression, even his seated body became a bit unsteady.

Tang San’s heart chilled, immediately realizing that he had still underestimated the Ten Headed Fierce Yang Serpent neidan’s potency. That time he killed the Ten Headed Fierce Yang Serpent there was a certain element of luck involved. Hurriedly shrugging off Dai Mubai and Oscar’s hands, in a flash, he appeared behind Ma Hongjun, speaking in a low voice: “You can’t do anything. Your spirit power all have characteristics and aren’t suited to helping Fatty. Me alone is sufficient. Little Ao, give me one limit surpassing dark green sausage, one stimulating pink sausage, one big recovery sausage. Rongrong, boost my spirit power and Fatty’s attributes. Quickly.”

Tang San’s words were as rapid as popping beans. This time they revealed their true teamwork. When Tang San finished speaking, three sausages were already flying towards him from Oscar, and Ning Rongrong’s Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda was already released.

Sitting down crosslegged behind Fatty, Tang San drew a deep breath, eating the three sausages without the slightest hesitation, and also not minding the limit surpassing dark green sausage’s side effects. Both hands instantly turned jade white, pressing on Fatty’s back simultaneously.

They had just battled Xiao Bai, and their spirit power was close to exhausted. Otherwise Tang San wouldn’t have needed the help of little Ao’s three sausages. There could be no hesitation at this moment. Tang San clearly understood that the very start of absorbing the Ten Headed Fierce Yang Serpent neidan was the most dangerous. If problems appeared, Fatty would be in trouble.

The fair and gentle Mysterious Heaven Skill inner strength directly poured into Fatty’s body. After infusing the spirit power, Tang San didn’t fuse it with Fatty’s phoenix spirit power to help him guide it, but rather stuck close to the spirit power to lay down defenses in his meridians.

He had no understanding of Fatty’s spirit power circulation path. If rashly helped Fatty lose control, he would instead easily cause the opposite reaction. His current method was instead the best defense for Fatty.

Ning Rongrong’s boost also made a timely arrival, bestowing Tang San with spirit power boost, and Fatty with attribute boost. At the same time, the phoenix flame blazed, forcefully withstanding the frightening erupting force of the Ten Headed Fierce Yang Serpent neidan.

Tang San could clearly sense that, even though the color of the Ten Headed Fierce Yang Serpentneidan’s erupting fire attribute energy was the same as the phoenix flame, it was even more explosive. Only its attribute was innately suppressed by the phoenix flame, and thus didn’t fully erupt. But even so, it was still extremely dangerous. However, Fatty’s ability to endure exceeded Tang San’s imagination. Although the Ten Headed Fierce Yang Serpent neidan’s energy barged through his body, Fatty’s phoenix

flame constantly transformed into a shield and resisted without cowering back.

Tang San secretly praised him, saying in a low voice: “No need to mind your meridians, melt it.”

With Tang San as support, Fatty no longer needed to use a portion of his spirit power to guard his defenses. All the phoenix flame focused together in an instant, launching a counterattack towards the Ten Headed Fierce Yang Serpent neidan energy. In an instant, the overbearing energy of two auras brimming with equal masculinity underwent a death struggle within Fatty’s body. The intense collisions made Fatty’s body constantly erupt with balls of blazing flame.

The hearts of everyone watching alongside were now in their throats. Tang San’s clothes were already burnt black, and the hair that had grown out again since absorbing his seventh spirit ring was again turned to coke by the flame erupting from within Fatty. But Tang San’s body still didn’t seem to have suffered any damage. Both his hands were still lustrous white as jade, constantly pouring the his spirit power amplified by the three sausages and Ning Rongrong’s boost into Fatty.

In fact, Tang San had undergone the refinement of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well. His body was originally immune to both water and fire, only his water immunity referred to cold, and so it should more accurately be called immunity to both cold and heat. Even though his clothes and hair had suffered calamitously right now, his body hadn’t received any true damage. After all, no matter how powerful the phoenix flame, it was still only a human force, while the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well’s cold and heat were forces of heaven and earth. There was still a gap between them. Only, right now Tang San’s appearance seemed quite scary, like he had turned completely to charcoal.

Now the others truly understood Tang San’s meaning. Not only weren’t they suited to helping Fatty, Tang San hadn’t even mentioned the even more important part, because none of them could resist the sustained broiling of the phoenix flame!

Each of their hearts was touched. From selflessly providing immortal herbs, to now not sparing himself to help Ma Hongjun absorb the seventh spirit ring, they had all seen everything Tang San had done. Even the seven devils’ boss Dai Mubai had no feelings of jealousy towards Tang San. In his heart, the words ‘Tang San’ had only one meaning. Brother. True brother, eternal brother. Brother for a lifetime.

Chapter 232

Sitting upright behind Ma Hongjun, with the stimulation of the three great sausages, Tang San’s Mysterious Heaven Skill inner strength rotated as fast as it had in the pressure of the Seagod’s Light, underwent the restoration of the eight extraordinary meridians, and then flowed into Ma Hongjun.

With free rein to contest the Ten Headed Fierce Yang Serpent neidan with all his strength, Fatty very soon displayed the restraining ability of the phoenix flame to the ten headed fierce yang serpent flame, gradually blocking the initial burst of the neidan, and his expression also calmed.

The purity of the Mysterious Heaven Skill inner strength became the best protection, without causing the slightest conflict with ma Hongjun’s own spirit power. With the clever control of Tang San’s formidable spiritual force there were no mistakes, making that ten headed fierce yang serpent’s explosive energy unable to harm him.

The spirit power output finally couldn’t keep up with the exhaustion, the three great sausages’ effect gradually faded, and an intense feeling of weakness attacked Tang San’s whole body. But Tang San sat there without even showing a change in expression, and Dai Mubai and the others basically couldn’t see any hints from his scorched outside. None of them knew how long Tang San could hold out, nor what degree Fatty absorbing the ten headed fierce yang serpent neidan could reach. All they could do was wait, an almost painful waiting.

The orange phoenix flame grew more and more intense, and the orange color on Fatty’s skin disappeared and appeared intermittently. Gradually, his hair had completely become golden red, and this time, the hair color no longer changed. What astonished everyone the most was that Fatty’s originally plump body actually constantly shrank as time went by, and his skin also subsequently contracted, as if that feverish flame was refining the fat within his body. Indescribably bizarre.

Finally Tang San’s hands, the only thing white left on his body, left Fatty’s back. Dai Mubai and Oscar hastily rushed over from either side, each lending him an arm. Oscar ate a recently just made Golden Fly without hesitation, then immediately produced a few big recovery sausages and stuffed them into Tang San’s mouth.

Large recovery sausages made after using the Spirit Avatar Erect Gold Fly had recovery capability a well as strength replenishing effects considerably more potent than ordinary.

After Tang San ate the sausages, the two helped him sit to the side, gasping great mouthfuls of air. Even his breath was so hot, and this was with his heat and cold twin immunities body. Anyone else would have truly been roasted to coke long since.

The time of an incense stick burning passed, and Tang San slowly came around. Due to the endurance of his body, the side effects of the limit surpassing dark green sausage were limited to him. Only the current feeling of emptiness within him was uncomfortable.

“Don’t worry, everyone. Fatty’s spirit power has already completely suppressed the ten headed fierce yang serpent neidan’s energy. Abosrbing completely is only a matter of time.”

Zhu Zhuqing fetched water from the seaside, and helped Tang San wipe the soot from his face. The hair pitiful Tang San had grown for half a year had disappeared again, and his face was like golden paper, so weak it seemed he might collapse at any time.

Tang San said: “Rongrong, you can stop boosting Fatty. Nobody approach him, it’s fine to l

“Alright. Third brother, you hurry up and rest.”

Tang San nodded with difficulty, explaining everything. Then he closed his eyes and started to cultivate.

Tang San’s body required a full twenty four hours to completely recover, that was already quite significant for a body like his. But as he woke up, Fatty still hadn’t finished absorbing the ten headed   fierce   yang serpent neidan. The only change was that the orange flame around him had dimmed a lot.

There was another person on the beach. Xiao Bai in human form looked curiously at Fatty, and in her moving grey blue eyes could be seen a faintly fearful impression. As if fearful because of Fatty’s aura.

Watching Fatty in cultivation, then again looking over to Xiao Bai whom he was deeply grateful to, Tang San felt a burst of regret. Actually, at first he didn’t want to use the ten headed fierce yang serpentneidan for Fatty, because back then Titan Giant Ape Er Ming had told him there were altogether three conditions to resurrect Xiao Wu, the soul awakening Sacred Spirit Grass, the body human transforming precious ten thousand year ginseng king, as well as a mythical beast neidan to help Xiao Wu’s soul and body unite.

In fact, among these three treasures, the Sacred Spirit Grass and ten thousand year ninth grade Ginseng King were no longer necessary. Along with the immortal grade among immortal grade Yearning Heartbroken Red as well as the Water Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng that wasn’t inferior to a ten thousand year ninth grade ginseng king being completely absorbed by Xiao Wu, her soul had long ago already been thoroughly awoken, and her body had also completed the process of rebirth and human transformation. The only thing necessary for the future resurrection was a mythical beast neidan to help unite her soul and body.

Before coming to Seagod Island, for the sake of Xiao Wu’s resurrection, Tang San had always regarded the ten headed fierce yang serpent neidan as more important than his life. However, after passing the Seagod’s first trial, he had discovered a secret. Another way to unite Xiao Wu’s body and soul, that was absolutely more reliable than using the ten headed fierce yang serpent neidan.

This method was something Tang San discovered when bringing Xiao Wu along to break through the Seagod’s first trial. At that time, after Xiao Wu’s soul returned to her body, because Tang San was already unable to completely resist the pressure, a measure of pressure had fallen on Xiao Wu. That time, through the connection of the spirit ring, spirit bone and Xiao Wu’s soul, Tang San discovered that a special change had appeared in Xiao Wu’s body. That enormous pressure had firmly pressed her soul into her body, so much so that it had even showed signs of severing her connection with Tang San.

In such a situation, such circumstances were undoubtedly absolutely dangerous. If the soul link was severed, Xiao Wu’s soul would scatter like ash, because her soul was joined as a whole with Tang San’s spirit ring and spirit bone. However, if it was after the spirit ring and bone returned to Xiao Wu, and then underwent such pressure again?

This was a question that appeared in Tang San’s heart at the time. Bringing this question, he had carefully researched for a very long time, but still couldn’t affirm his speculation. Only after the start of the second trial, when Tang San accidentally communicated with Xiao Bai, did he connect it clearly.

Due to the equally hundred thousand year spirit beast, Tang San carefully researched possible methods for Xiao Wu’s resurrection after fighting Xiao Bai. And shockingly, the conditions for resurrection Xiao Bai gave were completely different from Da Ming and Er Ming. She only said one thing: As long as you are willing, once you possess nine spirit rings and bestow your spirit ability on her in reverse through the Seagod’s light, the chances of resurrection are one hundred percent.

Tang San hurried to explain the method Da Ming and Er Ming spoke of back then. After Xiao Bai listened, she scoffed. When she’d also seen the ten headed fierce yang serpent neidan Tang San brought out, she directly admonished him that, if he used it to help unite Xiao Wu’s body and soul, she would definitely die. Indeed, mythical beast neidan really could help her, but that also depended on the attributes. The ten headed fierce yang serpent neidan’s property was too explosive, and when Xiao Wu was in the process of harmonizing with her body, her soul was in an extremely weak state. Nobody could help her at that time, and unless her soul could endure the baptism of the ten headed fierce yang serpent neidan energy, her soul would disperse.

Hearing these words, Tang San had been covered with cold sweat, and hastily asked Xiao Bai for advice as well as described the circumstances when he passed the first trial.

Xiao Bai informed Tang San that the lord Seagod’s abilities were limitless, and the Seagod’s Light protecting Seagod Island was only an imitation of the lord Seagod’s barrier ability. It really wasn’t the true Seagod’s Light. Such pressure really might facilitate the fusion of Xiao Wu’s soul with her body, but it wasn’t stable. Moreover, right now Tang San and Xiao Wu were also unable to resist such pressure. The Seagod’s Light she spoke of was the true Seagod’s Light. Radiance only the Seagod could posses. It was also the light that emitted from the trident brand on Tang San’s forehead the day she wanted to kill him. Under the effect of such light, the mild Seagod force could help Xiao Wu softly complete the fusion.

When Tang San asked Xiao Bai how he could rouse the Seagod’s Light again, Xiao Bai looked speechlessly at him, then told him that on the entire Seagod Island, the only person who could fully use the true Seagod’s Light wasn’t the grand priest, Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi, but rather Tang San himself. As for when he could produce it, that would depend on when Tang San’s Seagod Affinity score could surpass thirty percent.

As Xiao Bai finished speaking, the trident brand on Tang San’s forehead flashed once again. This time Xiao Bai didn’t have time to finish speaking

before she was whipped back into the sea by a line of golden light. Clearly, the force contained in that brand was aimed at her blabbing too much.

It was also because of this that Tang San was for the first time brimming with anticipation for the five percent Seagod Affinity he received, and also why he was grateful to Xiao Bai. And the ten headed fierce yang serpent neidan naturally no longer had to be saved for Xiao Wu, and could be used for best effect. Without Xiao Wu as reason, Tang San naturally wouldn’t be stingy, so it directly became Ma Hongjun’s seventh spirit ring’s cultivation.

Forcefully stretching his body, Tang San’s bones all popped, rousing everyone who were keeping watch.

Ning Rongrong bounced over to Tang San, “Third brother, you’re away.
How do you feel? Are you well?”

Tang San nodded: “Don’t worry, I’m fine. Fatty’s circumstances still seem stable. You all keep watching him. Xiao Bai, I’ll wash in the sea, so don’t attack me.”

Xiao Bai looked at his miserable appearance and nodded, the corners of her eyes revealing a strange light. As a hundred thousand year spirit beast, how couldn’t she be aware of what happened on the shore? Especially the kind of aura Fatty erupted with after taking the ten headed fierce yang serpentneidan that made even her feel fearful, made her even more vigilant. That’s why she rushed over several times to take a look.

The circumstances of Tang San not sparing anything to endure the phoenix flame in order to support Fatty were completely seen by her, and now seeing Tang San awake, Xiao Bai thought to herself, was this human cameraderie? So humans weren’t only selfish.

Tang San thoroughly washed up and changed into fresh clothes. Besides his hair and eyebrows having to take some time to regrow again, his body was completely recovered.

However, at this time nobody had a mind to cultivate, everyone were looking forward to Ma Hongjuns breakthrough. Besides Xiao Wu, he was the last to reach the seventieth rank of spirit power. Everyone weren’t looking forward to any formidable strength he would have after passing it, but rather looking forward to him safely absorbing the spirit ring.

This wait lasted a full three days. Everyone took turns cultivating spirit power and guarding. Waiting for Fatty to wake up from cultivation.

Watching Ma Hongjun in cultivation state, the most shocked was still Bai Chenxiang. Three days time passed. Fatty’s appearance had already transformed into a different person. The fat all over his body was gone, and under the oversized clothes could be sensed his sturdy muscles.

Along with the fat vanishing from his face, his tightly closed eyes no longer seemed so small, everything seemed a lot more harmonious. Even though it was impossible for him to compete with Tang San, Oscar and Dai Mubai in terms of appearance, right now, with his appearance and the special temperament granted him by the phoenix spirit, he actually seemed quite attractive.

After three days.

Nightfall. Just as everyone were preparing to allay their hunger with oscar’s big sausage, suddenly, an astonishing feeling appeared in each of their hearts. Everyone’s gazes practically instantly focused on Ma Hongjun.

The orange flame that had gone missing from Fatty’s skin appeared once again, sparkling and translucent with a few wisps of red blood. Fatty’s whole body trembled slightly, and the next moment, he was completely enveloped in flame. The soaring phoenix flame instantly covered the sky. With the enormous flame shooting up, a resonant phoenix cry burst out.

Dazzling phoenix flame cut open the night sky, illuminating practically the entire Seagod Mountain. As it rose, the flame gradually subsided, until it revealed a giant shape.

A fiery red giant bird soared in midair, dazzling fiery red tail feathers, perfect figure, nothing lacking to manifest the majesty of the king among birds. Most peculiar was that this giant fire phoenix actually had seven heads. Ordinary creatures having seven heads might seem frightening, but this fire phoenix’ heads seemed extraordinarily harmonious, beautiful.

Tang San swung his fist hard, “Success!”

Loud and resonant phoenix cries continuously circled in the sky, this moment was the first time Dai Mubai felt that Fatty’s strength had caught up to his. Even so much that he had already been surpassed in some areas. Soaring beyond the horizon, he truly possessed a super spirit.

With a splash, Xiao Bai didn’t know why she had come ashore, but looking somewhat alarmed at the seven headed fire phoenix in the sky, her eyes revealed a bewildered and indeterminate expression.

That didn’t mean she feared Ma Hongjun incarnated as the fire phoenix, but rather because the fire phoenix’ aura was practically the nemesis of all snakes, insects and fish. Fatty had just completed the spirit avatar fusion, and that split second eruption of most primal phoenix force frightened any creature it suppressed.

Xiao Bai knew that when these dry land humans attacked her next, blocking would more difficult.

Half a year had gone by. Xiao Bai personally saw the frightening development speed of the Shrek Seven Devils. Honestly, she was secretly a bit jealous. Humans were the souls of all living things, and their cultivation speed was something other creatures were unable to match. In a short half year, they had already made such an enormous breakthrough. Now blocking their assault was already becoming more and more difficult. When she couldn’t use her most potent attacks, blocking these fellows would not only rely on her domain ability, but moreover also required the cooperation of the other sea spirit beasts in the ring sea. Only like this could they blast them back on land one by one.

But in all their previous attacks, this Fatty had never participated. Now that another fighter with strength not inferior to Dai Mubai had appeared, she might have to go all out in order to block them. They truly were worthy of being the lord Seagod’s chosen!

The phoenix cry echoing in the heavens gradually came to a rest. Fatty circled a lap around Seagod Island, then slowly descended, angling towards the shore. The seven headed phoenix still hadn’t landed when intense heat already roasted the ground burning hot. Fortunately Fatty restrained his spirit power when he really landed, and so avoided causing any damage.

The giant phoenix wings disappeared, and Fatty turned back to human form at the same time as he had his feet firmly planted on the ground. This time he wasn’t as disgraceful as with the sixth spirit ring, completely naked. Even if he removed the Spirit Avatar, his whole body was still covered in a layer of fiery red feathers, sheltering his skin and important places.

The current Ma Hongjun seemed like a well proportioned youth, a head of short red hair in a mohican style, set off by the bright fiery red plumage, his whole body seemed extremely vigorous, and still had a somewhat noble compelling feeling. Even just standing there he gave people a kind of intangible pressure.

Ma Hongjun released the fiery red light with eyes filled with disbelief, demonstratively looking at his hands, then again looking at his clearly thinned down several sizes body, so much so that he even stupidly slapped the muscles of his chest a few times, standing there numbly, for a moment speechless. His flames now also slowly stopped burning.

“Fatty, what are you looking at? Even if you can’t compare with me, I have to admit you’re a lot more handsome than before!” Oscar grinned.

“I really lost weight, I really lost weight? Heavens! Earth! I’m not dreaming! Wahaha…….” Fatty shouted extremely exaggeratedly, excitement showing in his speech, proudly laughing out loud.

Bai Chenxiang couldn’t help being dumbfounded looking at him. This fellow really had thinned down, but his character was still the same as

before, without the slightest change.

Looking at Ma Hongjun, Tang San’s eyes also equally revealed excitement. Fatty had succeeded. He had also finally stepped into the Spirit Sage realm. In this one year and more, Fatty had obtained the best reward for his effort, and at the same time the ten headed fierce   yang serpent neidan had also found its best home. Tang San couldn’t help secretly feeling gratified.

“Third brother.” Fatty shouted, fiercely dashing towards Tang San and forcefully giving him a bearhug.

Tang San somewhat helplessly let him hug him, “Pay attention to your state of mind, don’t let out flames. Fatty, you owe me a new set of clothes.”

Ma Hongjun raised his head, looking at Tang San’s polished head, speechless for a moment, “Third brother, your hair and eyebrows……”

Dai Mubai grinned from the side, speaking in a low voice: “Not just that, I expect even the down[1]……”

The rims of Ma Hongjun’s eyes clearly reddened. He of course clearly knew about Tang San supporting him from behind, and now seeing Tang San’s bald head naturally brought to mind what happened before. Biting his lip, he resisted speaking any words of thanks, only forcefully hugging Tang San again.

Ning Rongrong patted her forehead, speaking in a low voice: “If Xiao Wu saw this, there might be a misunderstanding. Fatty, I’ll take responsibility to inform you that third brother doesn’t swing that way.”

Ma Hongjun raised his head to look at her, “Rongrong, don’t call me Fatty again in the future. Your fourth brother is no longer fat. I’m a standardized handsome guy. Ah. My Xiangxiang?”

Releasing Tang San, his gaze very quickly found Bai Chenxiang standing to the side, and he immediately ran towards her with arms spread wide,

“Xiangxiang, did you see, I’m thin. This time I can suit you. We can date.”

Bai Chenxiang snapped: “It’s easier to change mountains and rivers than to alter your character. Who would date you.” While speaking, she quickly retreated two steps, dodging Ma Hongjun’s bearhug.

Ma Hongjun didn’t force it either, losing weight had filled him with confidence. Laughing loudly, he said: “Doesn’t matter, I can wait. I’ll tell you every day, Chenxiang, go out with me.”

Bai Chenxiang looked at him speechless, but a stubborn warmth lingered in her heart. She rolled her eyes at him, “Cultivate properly first. Once you’ve passed all the trials, I’ll consider giving you a chance.”

Ma Hongjun stared wide eyed, “Really?” This was the first time he had directly heard Bai Chenxiang say she was willing to go out with him. For a moment, he was immediately overjoyed, turning his head to everyone behind him: “Let’s go, let’s go, we’ll break through the trial. Let’s go now.”

“Come, little Fatty, big sister will properly look after you.” Xiao Bai said maliciously to Fatty. Fatty’s phoenix flame that made her restless simultaneously also woke her competitive spirit.

Tang San said: “Xiao Bai, then I’ll trouble you to carefully look after Fatty for a while.” Ma Hongjun still didn’t have any experience of training in the water, and really needed Xiao Bai’s “consideration” to increase his marine fighting abilities better.

“Let’s go, we’ll enter the water.” Dai Mubai roared, pulling Zhu Zhuqing, calling out to everyone and directly charging into the ring sea. With Fatty promoted to Spirit Sage level, he was immediately more confident.

Red light flashed, and Xiao Wu’s soul returned to her body. Led by Tang San, seven people turned into seven silhouettes, practically simultaneously throwing themselves into the ring sea. And Xiao Bai also smiled delicately

at them starting to act simultaneously, then flipped into the ring sea, instantly resuming her Devil Spirit Great White Shark King form and brazenly charging up to meet everyone.

Five minutes later…...

Peng—— A red silhouette smashed heavily onto the beach. Oscar was finally no longer the first to be thrown out. In a daze, Fatty vomited out big mouthfuls of seawater, with an appearance more miserable than miserable.

Indeed, right now Fatty’s strength had made a qualitative leap, but he still couldn’t really fight the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King Xiao Bai in the ring sea. Suddenly entering underwater combat, it’d be a strange if he could adapt. This was the ring sea, not the spirit arena he could evaporate by half. Unable to adapt to underwater combat, he was practically instantly sent out by Xiao Bai’s “meticulous” consideration.

Fatty’s overwhelming excitement cooled off. He understood that in order to pass this second trial, he still needed some time to learn. However, no matter what, the current he was also considered having stepped into the ranks of experts. He believed that, relying on the burst power of his phoenix spirit, as long as he familiarized himself with marine combat, he could definitely break through this trial together with everyone.

Five months later…...

The Shrek Seven Devils quietly stood below the Seagod Mountain before the ring sea, the roiling water seemed to be calling out for them. Through that azure seawater, they could could clearly see that, within that two hundred meter wide stretch of seawater, headed by the giant Devil Spirit Great White Shark King Xiao Bai, close to a thousand sea spirit beasts floating in the water, quietly watching in their direction.

Another year had passed quickly. Even the youngest Zhu Zhuqing had already passed her twenty second birthday. Indeed, in this second year, the Shrek Seven Devils’ spirit power promotion speed wasn’t as fast as in the first year, but in this year their combat strength had undergone an enormous test in the ring sea. Constantly wearing in, making those five years of

separation a non issue. At this moment, even if the seven devils didn’t look, they could still clearly grasp the teamwork.

They had undergone their final seawater training three days ago. Since then, the seven devils had cultivated for three days, specially notifying Xiao Bai that, today, was the moment they attacked the second trial.

The Shrek Seven Devils’ current spirit power ranks was:

Evil Eye White Tiger Dai Mubai, seventy fourth rank power attack type battle Spirit Sage.

Big Sausage Uncle Oscar, seventy second rank food system tool Spirit Sage.

Thousand Hands Asura Tang San, seventy eighth rank control type Battle Spirit Master.

Evil Fire Phoenix Ma Hongjun, seventy second rank power attack type Battle Spirit Master.

Soft Bones Demon Rabbit Xiao Wu, spirit power unknown, physical endurance increased, water combat capability substantially increased.

Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Ning Rongrong, seventy second rank support system tool Spirit Sage.

Hell Civet Zhu Zhuqing, seventy third rank agility attack type Battle Spirit Master.

In terms of spirit power level, Tang San, Dai Mubai, Zhu Zhuqing, Ma Hongjun and Oscar had all risen two ranks. Ning Rongrong had improved one rank. Since the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda broke through the seventieth rank, the cultivation difficulty had clearly increased, that’s why she only advanced one and a bit ranks. Even so, Ning Rongrong was still very satisfied. She could deeply remember how difficult it had been for her father to break through each rank after seventy. Moreover, according to the circumstances of last trial, passing the second trial should possible increase

spirit power by one rank. To higher rank Spirit Masters, this was already quite a generous reward.

Tang San spoke in a low voice: “Everyone get ready.”

Amidst a flash of red light, Xiao Wu’s soul floated out from his body, returning to her own. However, ever since Xiao Wu’s sacrifice, her body had no longer manifested spirit rings, only her previous abilities could still be used.

Their spirit released practically simultaneously. Advancing two hundred meters through seawater, to the present swimming ability of the Shrek Seven Devils, was quite simple, but the opponents they had to face was anything but. Even if the ring sea didn’t seam wide, this constrained area actually limited their movement space. Confronting several hundred sea spirit beasts of all sorts of levels, their path forward would be practically completely sealed. And the greatest challenge blocking their way in this second trial was naturally the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King Xiao Bai. If they couldn’t pass Xiao Bai’s blockade, they wouldn’t be able to reach the other shore. Even though Xiao Bai wouldn’t attack them all out, she would still stop them from completing their trial with all her strength. With her in control, the sea spirit beasts in the ring sea was like an iron wall. In their previous eleven months of training, none of them had ever reached more than a hundred meters across the sea.

“Let’s go.” Tang San shouted deeply, and the seven launched simultaneously, diving into the sea like seven swimming fish.

In the ring sea, Xiao Bai had long since made her preparations. She understood from the imposing manner with which the Shrek Seven Devils courageously advanced that today’s battle wouldn’t be as simple as before, these inland humans would truly assault her second trial barrier.

The instant the seven devils leapt out, Ma Hongjun’s entire body erupted with golden red light, and his standard sized body instantly expanded, transforming into a seven headed phoenix with dazzlingly beautiful tail flames, diving straight into the ring sea.

At the same time, Tang San gripped Xiao Wu’s slender waist, while the other four ate a mushroom shaped sausage, their figures transforming in midair, instantly gathering behind Ma Hongjun and forming a straight line with Ma Hongjun charging furthest ahead.

Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda light sparkled, and spirit power, attribute and defense boosts all landed simultaneously on Ma Hongjun, making his phoenix flame even more resplendent.

Even though that ring sea water was filled with a kind of magic force, the instant Ma Hongjun incarnated as the seven headed phoenix broke into it, the seawater around him instantly vaporized, and moreover dispersed to either side by the tremendous energy erupting from his body.

The position Ma Hongjun chose was close under that restricting light barrier, and consequently, after the seawater was pushed away, there would be no water pushing down from above, actually creating a space free of water. The seawater vaporized as he hurriedly flew forward, leaving a channel behind him.

And the other six rushed into it in this instant. Tang San held Xiao Wu to fly, while behind the other four appeared translucent wings, they followed closely behind while sticking close to the surface of the light barrier.

Xiao Bai watching from the depths of the ring sea couldn’t help being distracted a moment. Due to inertia of thought, she originally thought the Shrek Seven Devils would dive into the sea as usual, and directly confront her and the other sea spirit beasts in combat while looking for a chance to break through. But she never thought the seven devils would actually use a clever plan like this.

Indeed, the Shrek Seven Devils were quite good at swimming now, but no matter how good they were in the water, it was still impossible to directly challenge sea spirit beasts. Even faster movement wouldn’t be faster than flying. And right now, through the flying mushroom sausage as well as Fatty’s red hot phoenix flame opening the way, once the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King Xiao Bai reacted, they had already penetrated sixty meters into the ring sea, and moreover because of the sea spirit beast

formation being spread out all around in the seawater, they actually hadn’t met any hindrance.

White light erupted from Tang San, turning into an oval halo of light, just in time to shroud all seven on their side, while the light furthest ahead formed a point that increased Ma Hongjun’s forward charge yet again, it was the Deathgod Domain’s evolved ability, Deathgod Assault.

At the same time, intense killing intent abruptly spread out through the Deathgod Domain, making those spirit beasts closest to them and first to react delay from alarm, not daring to get too close.

Soon, the Shrek Seven Devils’ straight line formation would break through the seventy meter line. In fact, with the atmosphere from Ning Rongrong now boosting Ma Hongjun, they wouldn’t be influenced by the seawater at all, and Fatty whose burst power was originally incomparable could naturally charge with even more flourishing force.

Xiao Bai was a bit angry, thinking, these humans really are sly, they actually want to use a method like this to pass the trial?

Chapter 233

Phoenix Domain

Intense blue gray light suddenly erupted from its body, and the surrounding seawater churned in practically an instant, the immense light blending into the entire ring sea. The momentum of Ma Hongjun’s charge was immediately slowed by the light in the water in that moment.

Devil Shark Domain, the domain of the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King Xiao Bai. If it was launched, the seawater within its range could be controlled like a part of her body. And the immensity of the energy it contained, plus the mutual restraint of fire and water, naturally slowed Fatty’s forward momentum.

Even though the phoenix flame’s intensity was more pure than Xiao Bai’s energy, the gap in strength between them was enough to offset the attribute difference between fire and water. Even under Ning Rongrong’s boost, Fatty still couldn’t change the circumstances.

At the same time as the domain erupted, Xiao Bai’s enormous body swayed in the water, conducting all the spirit beasts to charge towards the Shrek Seven Devils from below, and at the same time used the domain to control the seawater to squeeze in close. She absolutely didn’t believe Ma Hongjun could contend with the ocean her domain controlled with his strength alone.

Indeed, it was of course impossible for Ma Hongjun alone to contend with the hundred thousand year power Devil Spirit Great White Shark King, but he wasn’t alone!

Golden light erupted, and the last among the seven devils suddenly accelerated, sweeping past the leading people and reaching Ma Hongjun’s side, equally exploding with golden red light, equally transforming into a giant phoenix. Even if his luster couldn’t compare to Fatty, and also only had one phoenix head, the instant rise in phoenix flame still helped Fatty withstand the immense pressure coming through the seawater, and the originally delayed speed increased once again, opening up the water forward. They had already passed the eighty meter mark of the ring sea.

This was…… Xiao Bai’s eyes grew wide. She discovered that she had once again made the mistake of inertial thinking.

The one suddenly releasing phoenix flames was exactly Oscar. In the past he had always used clone mirror sausages made from Dai Mubai’s blood, but this time he nevertheless chose to eat one made from Ma Hongjun’s blood. Before entering the water, he had already eaten his seventh spirit ability, Erect Gold Fly. Now further relying on the effect of the Clone Mirror Sausage, the phoenix flame he released wasn’t any weaker than Ma Hongjun’s, only its attribute was a bit inferior due to only having one head.

At the same time as Oscar charged, Ning Rongrong’s three boosts equally shot out through her heart separation control, falling on Oscar. Relying on the two’s explosive phoenix flames, they stubbornly blocked the erupting energy of Xiao Bai’s domain. Even if their speed forward still wasn’t as fast as at the beginning, they also didn’t stop.

And at the same moment, Ma Hongjun did something that made Xiao Bai extremely angry, and also extremely astonished. Transformed into Spirit Avatar, his seven phoenix heads rose simultaneously, and seven golden red rings of light were released into the air and fused together, suddenly spreading out.

This fused golden red ring of light didn’t completely change the seawater below him, but it still turned the water in range golden red, just like lava close beneath. This scene had just appeared when the seven devils’ speed forward increased once again, and in practically a moment they had approached the hundred meter mark they had nev

Domain, this was the power of a domain. The pupils of Xiao Bai’s eyes suddenly contracted. This fellow actually dares use a domain to fight me in my own domain? And moreover, he never used this domain before!

Indeed, the ring of light Ma Hongjun’s seven headed phoenix released was his domain. Ordinary Spirit Masters could only awaken domains when they reached the Title Douluo level. This was the greatest benefit the ten headed fierce yang serpent gave him, called Seven Headed Fire Phoenix. The domain fully unfolded. Within range, any non-living matter was assimilated by the phoenix flame. When Ma Hongjun used the domain in Spirit Avatar state, within the domain, his phoenix flame’s fire attribute rose by fifty percent, and unless the domain was broken, he possessed an undying body within its range, and could be reborn from the rest of the phoenix flame at any time.

That he possessed the domain was something Ma Hongjun had only secretly informed Tang San after he obtained the seventh spirit ring, he hadn’t even told his other companions. He looked straightforward on the surface, but was actually inwardly extremely meticulous. The trials they experienced were so difficult, and revealing his newly obtained ability could let them win through by a surprise move. It was exactly because of this that Tang San had formulated the current strategy over the last three days.

The Seven Headed Fire Phoenix Domain appeared, and its first effect was to completely block those sea spirit beasts outside, the terrifying flame aura forcing them to stay away, not daring to charge.

Due to this second trial being conducted by the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King Xiao Bai, there actually wasn’t any other formidable sea spirit beasts in the ring sea. This might be a kind of balance for the trial. And in fact, Xiao Bai alone was scary enough. Even though she wouldn’t use fatal attacks in the ring sea, her strength was enough to block the equivalent of several Title Douluo level sea Spirit Masters. Passing was easier said than done. Especially when all of Tang San’s spirit abilities as well as Ning Rongrong’s seventh spirit ability were sealed.

Faced with the obstruction of the domain Xiao Bai released, Fatty released his the domain he received from the seventh spirit ring for the first time. Seven Headed Fire Phoenix.

The reason the seven devils could currently advance swiftly was naturally also because of Ma Hongjun’s domain. Within the range of the Seven Headed Fire Phoenix domain, the sea became fire attributed, and even though it wasn’t true lava, it was still absolutely out of Xiao Bai’s control. Xiao Bai was even more exceptionally angry from Fatty daring to use a fire attributed domain to contend against her within the ring sea. In fact, releasing mutually restricting domains in such an environment had extremely frightening spirit power consumption. Ma Hongjun absolutely couldn’t persist for long.

But the Shrek Seven Devils never fought alone. Oscar had long since made sausages, and Ning Rongrong’s Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda boosted, both allowing Fatty’s ability to show its fullest effect. At the same time as he released his domain, he had already eaten a stimulating pink sausage. Even more importantly, he also has Tang San planning strategies.

For one year’s time, the Shrek Seven Devils had almost always spent their time contending against Xiao Bai. They could be said to have a perfectly clear understanding of Xiao Bai’s strength. Under such circumstances, how could Tang San fail to make accurate calculations? He’d long since planned for the worst. That they could currently charge up to a hundred meters was already beyond his expectations.

Weng—— The ring sea vibrated violently. In Xiao Bai’s anger, blue crystalline ripples spread from her forehead, directly chasing the Shrek Seven Devils. And simultaneously, the blue grey light erupting from her body grew explosively stronger, all the water in the entire ring sea condensing as if solid. Rather than carefully targeting the Shrek Seven Devils, even the other sea spirit beasts in the water were unable to move in this seawater trap.

That’s right, Tang San’s domains had evolved abilities, and the hundred thousand year sea spirit beast Xiao Bai equally had her evolved ability. The blue grey light emanating from her was precisely her Devil Shark Domain

evolved ability, Solidification. This was also the strongest method Xiao Bai used to stop the Shrek Seven Devils.

The blue ripples she released from her head weren’t just the domain ability, but rather the special mental attack that once almost ended Tang San, called Despair Light Wave. If enemies were enveloped by the light wave, they would be unable to move, and moreover, all their spirit abilities would be briefly sealed, like fish on the chopping board, ready for Xiao Bai to butcher them.

At the same time as she released the two formidable abilities, Xiao Bai’s enormous body also moved. In practically a flash she had already charged over to the Shrek Seven Devils. The position she chose was extremely clever, not facing Ma Hongjun and Oscar head on, but rather the person boosting them from the middle position, Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Ning Rongrong.

Ning Rongrong was undoubtedly the weakest among the seven devils, but her strength was also the most irreplaceable. With her boosts, everyone’s strength could comprehensively rise by at least fifty percent. For some special capabilities she could even boost them by a frightening eighty percent intensity.

This wasn’t the time to play around. Xiao Bai’s extremely plentiful battle experience made her choose the most optimum target for attack.

From strengthening the domain, to releasing the Despair Light Wave, and again to moving to attack, the three different actions could be said instantly erupt with her hundred thousand year spirit beast formidable strength. Without such strength, how could she always have kept the Shrek Seven Devils from reaching a hundred meters.

However, the seven devils Xiao Bai confronted this time were clearly different from before.

The seawater suddenly solidifying indeed did make everyone slow down, but it didn’t completely halt them like she imagined.

Even though releasing the Seven Headed Phoenix Domain in the sea was enormously exhausting to Fatty, the result was extremely valiant. Even faced with Xiao Bai’s evolved domain ability, that lava-like domain still kept pushing forward.

And the moment Xiao Bai’s Despair Light Wave charged, she also suffered the seven devils’ attack. The person who launched their attack was no other than the soul of the Shrek Seven Devils, the undisputed leader, with all spirit ring abilities completely sealed, Tang San.

Two beams of deeply purple golden rays of light shot towards Xiao Bai, those rays just passed through the Despair Light Wave and bombarded straight towards Xiao Bai’s forehead.

When she just saw those purple golden rays, Xiao Bai was unconcerned. With a body with a hundred thousand years of cultivation, she basically didn’t need to mind some attacks. However, she very quickly discovered her mistake. Because that purple golden light didn’t seem to suffer any of the seawater’s refraction, on the contrary, as the light came closer and closer to her, she could clearly feel her senses that could originally encompass the entire ring sea grow sluggish.

Spiritual attack? Even a quite high level spiritual attack. Xiao Bai finally made the correct judgement in the next moment. Even though she was arrogant, she absolutely wasn’t a fool. Her spiritual force was very formidable, and she understood clearly the terrifying aftereffects of some spiritual attacks. Especially this charged up dense spiritual attack Tang San launched made her feel an even greater sense of danger.

Of course, Xiao Bai wasn’t afraid that Tang San’s Purple God Light could harm her, while using the Despair Light Wave, it was practically impossible for Tang San to injure her in a spiritual force clash. However, she clearly knew that, even if Tang San couldn’t harm her, even a strategy that would harm him by one thousand and her by eight hundred would be enough to make her briefly dizzy. Even if Tang San would injure himself even more severely, her being dizzy would mean her domain would temporarily disappear. Dizziness also meant delay. Relying on Ma Hongjun and Oscar to now open up the path forward, they could quickly advance. If

her domain didn't block them, just one or two seconds or dizziness would very possibly be enough to let these fellows break through the blockade and charge to the other shore.

Xiao Bai of course wouldn’t let the Shrek Seven Devils pass this trial so smoothly. If she did, she’d lose her job. Helplessly, she could only give up on using the Despair Light Wave to restrain them, and again beat out an impulse in the ring sea. Under her perfect control, the Despair Light Wave suddenly contracted, pressuring towards Tang San’s Purple God Light. At the same time it turned into a point attack, a targeted strike on Tang San.

Now, Xiao Bai’s impulse, without slowing down, charged into Ma Hongjun’s Seven Headed Fire Phoenix Domain. She clearly saw the corners of Tang San’s mouth seem to show a faint smile.

What was he smiling about? This thought had only just appeared in Xiao Bai’s mind, when she immediately discovered her mistake, and a heartfelt panicked feeling filled her whole body. She seemed to lose her connection with the ring sea that was previously completely under her control, and the surrounding incomparably got aura made her mind shudder uncontrollably. Not only did her momentum forward abruptly come to a halt, but the Despir Light Wave was influenced by Tang San’s single target attack and weakened considerably.

With a soft rippling sound, Tang San gave a muffled groan in the sea, blood flowing from all seven apertures simultaneously, flowing out like little snakes, he turned pale, and temporarily lost his eyesight. Xiao Bai’s spiritual force was after all far too much stronger than his, and even though it was considerably weakened by simultaneously entering his and Ma Hongjun’s domain, it still put Tang San at a disadvantage.

Xiao Bai’s enormous body also paused because of the spiritual force shock. However, this was also a feeling that roused her. The Devil Shark Domain that had just relaxed was reinforced again. The aura within the Seven Headed Phoenix Domain made her extremely uncomfortable, but even so, she still didn’t immediately withdraw. With a shake, her shark tail whipped straight towards Ning Rongrong. This attack was not only incomparably fast, but furthermore extremely powerful. If she was directly

hit, Ning Rongrong would immediately lose her ability to fight. But the seven devils undoubtedly couldn’t give up on her, otherwise it would be impossible for Ning Rongrong to successfully cross the sea with her strength alone. Xiao Bai was attacking the one person the enemies had to save, it was the best way to break the seven devils’ chance to pass.

However, her shark tail attack came unfulfilled. Because, a fiery red silhouette abruptly charged up, and just as the shark tail swung, it forcefully grabbed on. ……

“Little Ao, as you and Fatty open up the path, after Fatty releases his domain, Xiao Bai will definitely get embarrassed into a rage and launch an attack. And her target will definitely be Rongrong. Your clone body will be put in use at this point. If I guess correctly, in order for Xiao Bai to not truly harm Rongrong, she definitely won’t use energy attacks, but rather use her valiant body. The shark tail is the most likely. At this time, you use your clone body to stop her.” ……

As the clone body held tightly to Xiao Bai’s shark tail and brazenly self detonated, Oscar couldn’t keep Tang San’s plan from echoing in his mind. When he saw Xiao Bai swing her shark tail, he couldn’t help feeling like prostrating himself in admiration for Tang San’s foresight.

The clone body Oscar made from the clone mirror sausage possessed eighty percent of his ability, and in his present state, he had a hundred percent of Ma Hongjun’s spirit power. Even though the clone body wouldn’t get Ning Rongrong’s Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda boost, the might of the body brimming with phoenix flame suddenly exploding was terrifying. Especially as that phoenix flame contained a naturally restraining effect to Xiao Bai.

With a loud explosion, the surrounding seawater vaporized. The shark tail Xiao Bai swung out was blasted back, and even though she wasn’t truly harmed, the scorching phoenix flame entered her body, and she felt no better than if she was set on fire.

Anger filled Xiao Bai’s body and heart. Held back in all respects, the strength that was completely above the Shrek Seven Devils was completely

unable to come out at all, so how could she not be angry?

With this brief delay, the Shrek Seven Devils were already more than halfway, having reached one hundred thirty meters. The closer they got to shore, the larger the variables would be, this bit was something Xiao Bai of course understood. However, under such circumstances, her body still halted a moment.

Grey blue light burst from the tip of her nose to cover her whole body. She had numerous comprehensive attack methods that could stop the Shrek Seven Devils, but those attacks were too powerful. One mistake and it would take their lives. Therefore, she had no choice but to use other methods.

As that grey blue light spread, Xiao Bai’s body suddenly grew crystalline. Her white skin turned completely transparent blue grey, and the surrounding seawater suddenly halted under the influence of a peculiar aura. The Devil Shark Domain’s third evolution completed, this time it wasn’t just solidifying, but rather truly turning substantial. To be precise, it should be called the Devil Shark Domain’s third evolved ability, Crystallization.

The entire ring sea was like an enormous blue gem. Besides Xiao Bai, anyone trying to break through would be hindered by water as hard as crystal. If it was in the seawater, Xiao Bai could rely on this third evolution to completely annihilate groups of enemies. All that was needed was a simple squeeze. Even if the Shrek Seven Devils had now set up a channel of air, moving forward was extremely difficult, they had to break the crystal to advance. And being able to move freely within the domain, she could completely treat these fellows as sitting ducks. Even to the extent that she could use the changes in the domain to move the pocket of air with the people inside back to the shores of the Seagod Mountain.

Lights flashing before his eyes, even if his mind felt like a pincushion, when Tang San saw everything before them he grew happy rather than alarmed. I’ve been waiting for your domain’s third evolution. Such a form had been seen in their previous fights, and by exploiting all kinds of coercion he had finally forced Xiao Bai to use it.

“Fatty, little Ao, rest. Mubai, Zhuqing, begin. Rongrong, boost me.” A series of calm declarations came from Tang San’s mouth.

Indeed, the ring sea crystallizing had indeed made it very even more difficult for the Shrek Seven Devils to advance, but at the same time they also lacked the threat of being submerged in water.

Even though everyone had conducted combat with Xiao Bai in the sea for the past year, that didn’t mean they would do the same when they finally tried to pass. As land Spirit Masters, no matter how they refined their marine combat cultivation, it was still only with their feet firmly planted on the ground that they could exert their greatest strength. Furthermore, in the whole process of cultivating with Xiao Bay, in order to forge themselves even better, the seven devil had always held back a bit.

The light from Ma Hongjun and Oscar faded simultaneously, and the two no longer charged forward, and after returning to their original forms they immediately ate several of Oscar’s big recovery sausages. In fact, Oscar was currently still under the influence of the Erect Gold Fly. The big recovery sausages he made were a lot more effective than ordinarily.

At the same time, Ning Rongrong stopped her boost to them. Golden light flashed in her hand. Even though she was a bit unwilling, she still ate three Erect Gold Flies in succession. That was equal to the effect of three of Oscar’s Spirit Avatars! Perhaps only a food system Spirit Master’s spirit avatar could be used in this way. With each Erect Gold Fly Ning Rongrong ate, a line of resplendent light would issue from her Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda. With the bright light as foundation, each would contain a gold hazy speck of light. All three lines of light simultaneously fell on Tang San.

White light condensed, no longer spreading to their companions, but focused only on him. Xiao Wu leapt aside, watching Tang San a bit nervously.

The Clear Sky Hammer entering his hand, Tang San began to dance while bathed in Ning Rongrong’s three resplendent lights. The tips of his left foot’s toes stuck to the ground, his body instantly spinning half a turn, the Clear Sky Hammer quietly swung out, black light flashed, unexpectedly

without the slightest wave of spirit power. Even more frightening, at Tang San’s turn, with the tips of his toes as center, countless fine cracks began to spread out in all directions through the crystallized and extremely solid seawater.

And on the other end, Xiao Bai confronted her biggest problem since she met the Shrek Seven Devils.

White and black fused together in that not very large space. The next instant, an incomparably dazzling light abruptly burst out. Even though that bright light was unable to break through the protective barrier formed from Seagod’s power at her forehead, within the crystallized ring sea, with them as center, the deep blue seawater turned to powder and began to swiftly melt.

The light constantly spread, the pressure so enormous even Xiao Bai had no time to mind them. She could clearly see Tang San’s motions on the other side, but was basically couldn’t afford the distraction of stopping him. It was a long time since she had experienced a choking feeling like the one exploding from the black and white blended light in front. The incomparable pressure actually made this Devil Spirit Great White Shark King shiver, forcing her to back up to store up strength.

The pupils of her eyes contracting, Xiao Bai clearly saw that, at the same time as that black and white light gradually fused, a fifteen meter long, eight meter high giant winged tiger, glittering all over with black illusory magic lines, appear in front of her.

Each magic line on its body distributed an aura so frightening it was difficult to describe, and in its surroundings, both the air as well as the seawater in Xiao Bai’s Devil Shark Domain distorted slightly, the giant
‘king’ ( 王) character on its forehead was even more like a strange eye, radiating endless darkness.

This, what was this? Xiao Bai looked foolishly at this incomparably immense black striped white tiger, and for a moment a feeling close to inferiority arose in her heart.

However, she was after all a hundred thousand year spirit beast, one of the tyrants of the vast oceans. After being briefly startled, she very quickly returned to her senses. Whatever this was, it was nothing to fear in her domain.

Along with the grey blue light suddenly rising, the smashed domain began to reform, squeezing towards that giant white tiger. Due to this enormous white tiger pressuring her head on, she currently couldn’t spare the power to control Tang San and the others.

This giant white tiger was naturally Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing using Spirit Avatar to form the Hell White Tiger, and it was also the true meaning of the Hell White Tiger. This was their true strength, the killing weapon of the Shrek Seven Devils. This one move had always been saved for now, prepared to pass the trial. Nevermind that Xiao Bai hadn’t seen it, even the Shrek Seven Devils, even Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing themselves didn’t know what frightening degree of power the Hell White Tiger could reach in this condition.

Humph—— A deep muffled snort came from the Hell White Tiger. The next moment, one of its foreclaws already swatted out, and instantly, deep black light spread out in a ring. Where it passed, the crystallized water beneath it actually turned back to water. Its enormous body pounced straight towards Xiao Bai. The momentum of this leap was world shaking. Xiao Bai only felt like she was locked in place by this giant white tiger, everything in her surroundings dulled, and seemed to become unreal. Her mind couldn’t completely spread out even when drawing support from the domain.

An incomparably immense pressure made Xiao Bai choke. In a crisis, she could no longer pay mind to the restriction of not truly harming the seven devils. Her body swung in the sea, and ray after ray of blue grey light condensed around her, several dozen lines of blue grey light exploding out like sharp teeth. It was Devil Shark’s Teeth.

However, the same ability, against different opponents, would produce different results. This ability that had once almost ended Tang San’s life, in front of the Hell White Tiger, did nothing.

Confronting the Devil Shark’s Teeth attack, the entire Hell White Tiger suddenly grew illusory. , its two forepaws crossed and slapped out, basically without any intent of dodging, stiffly colliding head on.

Berserk energy constantly exploded in the sea. At the heart of the collision, all kinds of crystalline shards splashed out. The final result left everyone taken aback.

Xiao Bai’s giant body was directly slapped back by the Hell White Tiger, flying back several dozen meters, tumbling in the seawater. Since her body wouldn’t be influenced by the crystallized seawater, a lot of the momentum was dispersed, but even so, Xiao Bai was dazed by this one slap. But she also knew that the Hell White Tiger’s slap was going easy on her, because when she was hit, it still didn’t eject its claws. Otherwise, a few deep wounds would have been left on her body.

This, how was this possible? To Xiao Bai, everything that happened was too difficult to believe. As a hundred thousand year spirit beast, a respected overlord of the sea, she was actually beaten off by land Spirit Masters, and was almost injured to boot.

The Hell White Tiger attentively watched Xiao Bai, roaring once, but didn’t pursue, only using its enormous body to block the other five of the Shrek Seven Devils, its concise gaze locked on Xiao Bai with an extremely formidable pressure.

Back then, in the Star Dou Great Forest, Ghost Douluo and Chrysanthemum Douluo had relied on their spirit fusion ability to trap two of the continent’s first rate hundred thousand year spirit beasts, the Titan Giant Ape and Sky Blue Bull Serpent. With their Title Douluo level this was all they could accomplish. In the ocean, Devil Spirit Great White Shark King Xiao Bai’s strength absolutely wouldn’t be worse than the Sky Blue Bull Serpent and Titan Giant Ape. Even if Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing used the spirit fusion ability, with their Spirit Avatar strength, they still shouldn’t have the strength to beat back Xiao Bai in her domain.

That was also fact, it was impossible for Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing to compete with Xiao Bai, not even as the Hell White Tiger. This was the sea,

Xiao Bai’s world. The reason they could beat back Xiao Bai in one hit and seemed to gain the conclusive advantage, was actually all the result of all sorts of factors coming together in Tang San’s plan.

In order to break through, the Shrek Seven Devils had actually already begun to prepare as early as half a month ago. Recovering in the last three days was just to draw up the final details and recover to their peak condition. Oscar naturally wouldn’t prepare Erect Gold Flies only for Tang San and Ning Rongrong.

Neither Dai Mubai or Zhu Zhuqing had acted since entering the ring sea, and that was for the sake of this attack. For this strike, they had not only used the spirit fusion ability, but equally each eaten three sausages in advance, they just did so very secretly and weren’t noticed by Xiao Bai.

The three sausages they ate were the stimulating pink sausage, limit surpassing dark green sausage, as well as erect gold fly.

Whether the stimulating pink sausage or limit surpassing dark green sausage, both were optimum sausages produced by Oscar under the effect of Erect Gold Fly. Thus, in the attack just now, the Hell White Tiger that originally had the strength of an ordinary Title Douluo, erupted with close to two hundred percent strength. Condensing all strength on this one attack, on the surface it seemed like they had easily broken Xiao Bai’s Devil Shark’s Teeth, and moreover sent her flying. Judging by the situation, they completely held the advantage.

But doing this only had one purpose, to screen Tang San behind them. This was also why the one Ning Rongrong boosted wasn’t them, but rather targeted Tang San.

Xiao Bai was a bit timid. For so many years, in this great sea, besides that particularly formidable Deep Sea Devil Whale King, there had never been a creature that made her feel so powerless. Confronting the Hell White Tiger built as large as her, her confidence gradually collapsed. And what she hadn’t seen was that, behind the Hell White Tiger’s giant body, Tang San’s Clear Sky Hammer was just swinging like a spinning wheel, and the superimposed strength from each of his swings was completely frozen in

his surroundings, without a drop leaking. After Ning Rongrong ate the Erect Gold Fly, the suddenly one hundred fifty percent improved boost ability was completely used on Tang San.

Starting from when Ma Hongjun split open the sea, the Shrek Seven Devils’ goal wasn’t only to swiftly move forward, even more important was to let Ning Rongrong’s boost ability display completely. Without the separation of the seawater, the effect of the three great boost abilities Ning Rongrong currently overlayed on Tang San was eighty percent plus forty percent, altogether one hundred twenty percent more. Further adding the constantly layering of Tang San’s Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method, the surroundings of that black Clear Sky Hammer was already covered with line after line of frightening black lightning, extremely unstable. Even when simultaneously releasing the two great domains, even Tang San wasn’t quite able to endure this frightening energy.

Roar—— The Hell White Tiger issued a threatening growl in Xiao Bai’s direction. The blood and qi within Xiao Bai’s body was still roiling, the place where she was previously struck still aching dully. She wanted to charge forward, but seeing the Hell White Tiger’s enormous tiger paws, she was still a bit hesitant.

Chapter 234

It was because of such hesitation that Xiao Bai removed the domain before she attacked again, and let other spirit beasts retreat rapidly -- the process of a releasing and a retrieving wasted several seconds of time.

However, Xiao Bai suddenly found that the huge white tiger in front of her seemed to be somewhat different, as if its body wasn’t as concrete as before. Even though the energy around it looked still formidable, the body itself was transforming into a transparent form.

Xiao Bai had been cultivating in the sea for over a hundred thousand years after all, in a flash, she woke up immediately.

She was taken in! They should have had nothing but the force of one blow! Having realized that, she threw herself on the Hell White Tiger immediately. However, it was still too late. The instant she moved, Tang San’s Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer had already completed nine by nine times which concentrated into one.

A kind of peculiar silence swept over the ring form sea: the moving body of Xiao Bai paused suddenly; the huge Hell White Tiger split off and turned into the two of Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing.

A silver light flashed on the corner of Xiao Wu’s mouth -- a silver sausage entering her stomach. Then a blue golden splendor burst out and turned into six ropes, wrapping around the other six people’s bodies. Meanwhile, Ma Hongjun restrained his phoenix flame, while Oscar took his silver sausage, on whose bodies white splendor rose up.


Finally, the Clear Sky Hammer exploded, black light surrounded by countless snake-like lightning bolts, like a huge dragon in furious billows. Even though the crystallized seawater was already very hard, confronting the roaring black dragon, it crumbled to dust immediately. The intense black light broke through the constraints of the domain, penetrated and flew out of the ring form sea from the other side. Cracking sounds spread out, and the ring form sea seemed to rupture -- countless cracks scattering with astonishing speed.

Relying on his own spirit power, Oscar and Ning Rongrong’s powerful auxiliary spirit abilities and Clear Sky Clan’s formidable hammer skill, Tang San smashed a way out of difficulty.

Xiao Bai felt nothing but an irresistible huge force bursting out, not aimed at her but at her domain. Even if her domain was already at the third stage, at that moment, she still found herself losing every connection with the sea except the darkness before her eyes.

Domains were connected with owners. Since her domain was broken, Xiao Bai inevitably suffered huge impact. Blood was spat out from her huge mouth, dyeing the broken sea water with red. She fainted completely. It wasn’t long, but it was enough for the Shrek Seven Devils.

Nowadays on earth, what was the fastest spirit? Undoubtedly, it was Needle-Tailed Swift, which belonged to the Speed Clan of Tang Sect. Although the spirit power of Bai Chenxiang was just rank fifty, and her spirit abilities were merely four, her speed outmatched everyone in the Shrek Seven Devils. The sausages Ma Hongjun and Oscar had taken was mixed with Bai Chenxiang’s blood, made by Oscar after taking the Erect Gold Fly.

White swings spread out behind their backs. Although it looked a little discordant, it was the fastest way they could adopt at this very moment.

After taking the sausage made of Tang San’s blood, Xiao Wu became a bridge to connect everybody with the blue silver emperor. While Ma

Hongjun and Oscar, who were least exhausted, served as the best boosters, took Tang San, Ning Rongrong, Zhu Zhuq

Seven silhouettes dashed out of ring form sea in disorder. The instant they flew out, the ring form sea behind them collapsed with a loud crash, amidst terrifying waves and deafening explosive sounds.

Lying on the beach, everyone was gasping deeply. In order to break through the blocking of Xiao Bai, they tried their best. Perfect plans, from lure to deceit, a variety of abilities that Xiao Bai had never seen before, all became their magic weapons, which led them to victory.

With a splashing sound, the huge head of Xiao Bai broke the sea surface, when the light curtain on the sea was already dying down.

Staring at the seven humans who were lying on the beach and gasping excitedly, Xiao Bai couldn't help saying angrily. “Cunning guys. You’d better pray that you won’t meet me again in the later tests, or I promise you will be in an embarrassing situation. ”

Oscar got up off the beach, laughed and wove his hand -- a string of big sausages was thrown to Xiao Bai, “Let's put the matter aside for the time being. Take them first.”

Xiao Bai caught the sausage and took them. Seeing Oscar’s smile, she didn’t know why the anger in her mind calmed down a little.

Tang San also got up, standing next to Oscar, “Xiao Bai, sorry, we were forced to harm you.”

Xiao Bai snorted twice, but feeling the benefit the Recovery Large Sausages brought to her wound, the corner of her mouth quivered a little -- she wanted to scold them again but stopped.

The other people also got up successively, came next to Tang San and Oscar. Looking at each other, they suddenly bowed to Xiao Bai in the ring form sea simultaneously, till ninety degree.

“Thank you, Xiao Bai.”

When they straightened their backs, Xiao Bai could see the sincere smiles on their faces.

They...Are they thanking me from their heart? Xiao Bai looked at these humans. An emotion that had never existed before was streaming through her heart.

“I don’t want to talk to you boring guys any more. I’m leaving. The later tests won’t be easier either. Take care of yourself.” The voice of Xiao Bai resounded above the sea surface, when she had already turned back and swum into the ring form sea. Her body wiggled several times and disappeared as quickly as an arrow.

Seeing the leaving view of Xiao Bai’s back, Shrek Seven Devils felt somewhat lost. In the last year, Xiao Bai had been nominally testing them but actually accompanying them on their cultivation. Without Xiao Bai, their cooperation and battle skills in the sea wouldn’t have been growing this rapidly. For them, Xiao Bai was not only a teacher but also a friend. Therefore, they were sincerely thanking Xiao Bai for her help.

At this time, seven rays of light appeared on Seven Shrek Devils’ forehead simultaneously. The one on Tang San’s forehead was the golden trident mark, which projected the second light screen of Sea God Nine Tests, broke immediately, transformed into light spots and blended into his body. The screens Ning Rongrong and Xiao Wu projected were blood color and the other four were black.

“Skillfully integrating companions’ abilities, giving play to a more powerful strength, and breaking through the defense of hundred thousand year Devil Spirit Great White Shark King. Seagod’s Second Trial, Pass. Sea God Affinity increased by five percent. Total affinity: ten percent.”

Mild golden light swept through the whole body, but this time it was different from the first test. Although Tang San felt his spirit power hadn’t recovered, his spiritual world injured by Xiao Bai became clear and bright

suddenly, even more smooth than before. His spiritual force increased visibly and his entire body was bathed in a layer of blue splendor, which permeated his skin gradually.

That was by no means the light of Blue Silver Emperor. It was full of water attribute aura.

The others got the same rewards as in the first test and their spirit power increased by a rank. Besides that, Ning Rongrong additionally got all her spirit rings increase by five hundred years cultivation, and thus her first spirit ring became purple. What Xiao Wu got was still a simple “Rewards superimposed”.

The instant the second test rewards appeared, the third test had already showed up in everyone’s mind.
“Tidal Body Refining? What’s that mean?” Oscar asked in perplexity. Tang San said, “It seems that our third tests are the same, I have Tidal
Body Refining too. But like the first trial, Seagod’s Light, I have Twofold Tidal Body Refining.”

“You will know the meaning of Tidal Body Refining soon. Follow me.” A leisurely voice came. Unconsciously, the noble Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi in red had already appeared next to them, looking at the seven people before her eyes, she showed visible praise in her eyes. It was obvious that she was delighted with the result that Shrek Seven Devils had all passed the second test.

After saying that, Bo Saixi turned and walked to the opposite direction of Seagod Mountain. Her speed wasn’t fast, but every step of her was so smooth that when the Shrek Seven Devils woke up, they had to make their best in order to catch up her, among whom Ning Rongrong had to depend on the help of companions. While Bai Chenxiang who had just flew over even had no time to ask, catching up the others quickly. Xiao Wu’s soul returned from her body and was brought by Tang San.

It was totally four hours since Bo Saixi left. In terms of her speed, although she had controlled her speed deliberately, the length of the road they had traveled in four hours was also considerable.

Through the forest, over the hill, they had also seen many other inner seas within Seagod Island. Seven people followed Bo Saixi closely, and nearly passed all kind of terrain within the island.

When everybody felt difficult to keep their speed because of the high speed, suddenly, a booming sound came. Although they hadn’t seen what that was, the tremendous roaring sound became more and more formidable, as deafening as the rolling thunder.

Bo Saixi floated up and flew to a hundreds-meter mountain peak before them, which was entirely black and thoroughly made of rocks – not even a blade of grass grew there.

The height of hundreds of meters made no difference to Shrek Seven Devils. Soon, they were also on the top of the mountain.

But when they saw the scene before their eyes, their heart were deeply shocked.

What was before their eyes was a valley concave into the Seagod Island, and the outside of it was the vast sea stretching to the horizon. The valley sank from shore into the island for hundreds of meters. Black rocks occupied all the ground, of whom the hardness could be easily felt by just walking on it.

Still, these weren’t what made Shrek Seven Devils astonished. Though the sea was vast, they had seen it before. What really made them astonished was the grand sight how furious waves hit the concave shore.

Strangely, no matter how quiet the seawater outside of the valley was, the instant they entered the valley, they would become mad waves as high as hundreds of meters, and strongly slapped the rocks beneath Shrek Seven Devils’ feet. The tremendous majesty of nature made everyone keep quiet – compared with the sea, how small they were.

“This is the place for your third test, named Furious Waves Strait. It’s one of the extraordinary sights on Seagod Island. Even sea spirit beasts like Devil Spirit Great White Shark won’t come here. Do you know why this valley exists?”

Dai Mubai asked with hesitation, “Wasn’t this formed by washing waves?”

Bo Saixi replied indifferently, “You are right. This valley was formed by waves. Under continuous impacts, rocks are compressed. If there is a chance, you can have a try. Because of the impact in the long term, rocks here are not only as hard as refined steels, but also rendered with high density, which is nearly on a par with silver.”

Tang San asked, ”So actually, our tasks are…”

The instant he opened his mouth, Bo Saixi rose her hands, and suddenly, a ring of sea blue light spread out from her body – nine spirit rings appeared clearly. What made Shrek Seven Devils frightened was that the former eight rings of Bo Saixi were black and the last one was red.

Eight ten thousand years spirit rings and a hundred thousand spirit ring? Despite looking at it, they hadn’t even heard of such situation. Although the Shrek Seven Devils had already been estimating the strength of Bo Saixi, the moment they saw such formidable spirit rings collection on Bo Saixi’s body, they were still unprecedentedly shocked and frightened deeply.

How did she make it? Did she also have two spirits and she was using her second spirit?

No, not that. Tang San rejected this speculation quickly, since behind Bo Saixi’s back, there had already emerged a huge phantom. They couldn’t recognize what that was, but the dignified aura and the stories about Bo Saixi they had heared, all made them understand that, the Seagod Douluo’s spirit was the Sea God. With her loyalty to Sea God and the identity of spokesman of Sea God, how could she have a second spirit?

Blue light shone, but brought no pressure to anyone. The blue light which was as soft as if containing no spirit power wasn’t a spirit ability of Bo Saixi. It seemed that for people who had reached such rank, whether using spirit abilities or not was no longer the key of battle.

Blue light dropped in the valley. Soon, it spread to every corner of the it, when a strange scene appeared.

The valley which was full of furious billows before suddenly became quiet. It became quiet so suddenly that these huge waves seemed to be pushed down by Bo Saixi’s blue light through sheer force, which seemed to have little spirit power

What a formidable strength! Relying on one’s own force, fighting against nature, and getting the upper hand. Although this was the first time Shrek Seven Devils saw Bo Saixi’s true strength, they still had a brand new awareness about rank ninety ninety peak douluo. If common title douluos were mighty, their mighty were still human force, whereas what ninety ninety peak douluos had were already non-human force, but part of the power of nature.

Blue light grew abruptly. Being next to Bo Saixi, Tang San could clearly see that a layer of intense blue light lighted up in Bo Saixi’s eyes. Soon, above the quiet sea surface held down by the light, seven grey pillars rose up slowly. Their speed grew so quickly that Shrek Seven Devils noticed them immediately.

On the top of every pillars, there were horizontally placed thin pillars, which were fused with the thick pillars. They looked like a circle of crosses. On each of them there were five grey rings in total.

If other people saw that, they must suppose them to be stone pillars since these crosses really looked like grey stones. But Tang San gained an insight into them by using his Purple Demon Eyes.

“Deep Sea Sunken Silver, these are Deep Sea Sunken Silver.” Considering Tang San’s firmness of will, he couldn’t help but exclaim in alarm. No one knew more about the rarity of Deep Sea Sunken Silver than

him. In fact, the material of making Torrential Pear Blossom Needle exactly required the silver origin of Deep Sea Sunken Silver, which could be absolutely refined from Deep Sea Sunken Silver. Seeing the one meter diameter seven pillars soaring to about fifty meters height, Tang San was deeply shocked – how many Deep Sea Sunken Silver it would require to build this! Actually, equal volume of Deep Sea Sunken Silver was much heavier than gold, thus it might be hundreds thousands kilograms of these seven huge pillars. While Tang San was calculating, they had already soared up from the sea by the unknown energy of Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi.

“Here, is the place for your third test. I will wait here all the time for your test. If anyone who can’t endure, just open your mouth and seek help. Black five tests candidates need to persist for three hours on the Sunken Silver pillars; six tests candidates for four hours, seven tests candidates for five hours, as to you…” The sight of Bo Saixi fell over Tang San, saying slowly, “Seagod nine tests candidate, twelve hours. In the initial stage of testing, you can shorten the time a little. Nevertheless from now on, in the next three hundred and sixty five days, the average time of your testing must be what I have said, otherwise you won’t pass.”

It was now when everybody realized what the third test was. It was actually letting them endure the impact of the waves and furious billows, which was the so called Tidal Body Refining.

“Then let's begin. Don’t push yourself too much, everyone. Thank you, senior.” Tang San said loudly. Since they came here, they had no other choices but finish tests grant by Sea God, which was also the pressure they had been expected.

Blue lights transformed into seven threads, and fell over on seven people’s bodies. At the next minute, in the shining light, Shrek Seven Devils just felt their body became light a little and then floated to Sunken Silver pillars respectively.

Seven Sunken Silver pillars were located according to a triangle – there was one pillar furthest in front, and then two, four… Seven in total.

Without doubt, Tang San landed before the first pillar. Then a silver light lighted up on it, and Tang San just felt his body was wrapped, and glued on the cross of the Sunken Silver pillar. Five Sunken Silver rings on it fastened his body on the neck, waist, feet and wrists, keeping him tightly on the Sunken Silver pillar.

The other six people’s situations were the same as Tang San’s. Behind his back, there were exactly Xiao Wu and Ning Rongrong and the four after them were Dai Mubai, Zhu Zhuqing, Oscar and Ma Hongjun.

Right after Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi Retracted her hand, blue light faded away gradually, then a strange stress pervaded Shrek Seven Devils’ hearts quickly. Now their spirit power had already been consumed more than half, therefore when they recalled the scene of furious billows hitting shore, they were still somewhat nervous.

Without Bo Saixi’s energy restriction, the water beneath everyone’s feet began to surge. Fifty meters was a really high height, but with the waves surging, the water beneath them was also coming closer and closer to them. The sound of waves hitting the rocks also came.

Soon, a huge wave had already gone up to the same level as theirs and then blew to them. In a huge sound, the first wave slapped on Tang San’s body and then slapped on Xiao Wu, Ning Rongrong and other four people behind them.

With billowy momentum, waves hit the seven people strongly, whereas this gave them a kind of weird feeling – the waves didn’t possess strong impact they had expected. It was strong though, they could endure absolutely. With the fastening of Sunken Silver rings, they didn’t need to fear being washed away by sea water and the Sunken Silver pillars were also absolutely firm under the impact of sea water.

Could it be that the third test was easier than the former two tests? The same doubt appeared simultaneously in Shrek Seven Devils’ hearts, nevertheless their doubt only continued no more than a stick of incense, then their complexion began to change.

Sure, the first group of impact of waves wasn’t that strong. However, what they were going to face was impacts that never stopped.

Before the first group of waves had gone away, the second group of waves had already rushed over. Although the waves soared to a hundred meter high and then hit down strongly, for their bodies of spirit sage, it brought little discomfort to them. But after more than ten hits, they had to use their spirit power to withstand it. Because of the continuous impact, their bodies had already showed sense of numbness. It wasn’t pain, but it was numb, from their vessels, flesh, bones and every other part of their bodies.

The furious waves were just like a power with powerful spirit power and his constant energy form attacks. Every attack would cover their whole body. Therefore in the next quarter of an hour, everyone of them would bear hundreds of attacks. Numbness was transforming into pain gradually, nevertheless because of the excessive exhaustion before, their spirit power wasn’t enough to protect their bodies, thus they had to endure the impact by sheer force.

Among the seven, Tang San, Xiao Wu and Dai Mubai were in better condition since their bodies’ strength were better than other people. Especially for Tang San and Xiao Wu, without using spirit abilities, their bodies were the strongest. After going through countless trainings, Tang San’s body had already reached an extent of formidable toughness. In terms of Xiao Wu, she was not only cultivated from hundred thousand spirit beast, but also remoulded by the Yearning Heartbroken Red, whose function was making body invulnerable. Therefore although Xiao Wu’s soul wasn’t controlling her body, the toughness of her body was inferior only to Tang San’s. Therefore even Dai Mubai couldn’t surpass her without using spirit abilities, let alone that she had a Wishful Eight Treasure Soft Armour which could protect her body.

The one who was in the worst condition was Ning Rongrong. Among seven Sunken Silver pillars, the more in front one was, the larger impact they would suffer. After Tang San in the first place, there were Ning Rongrong and Xiao Wu. In terms of their body condition, Ning Rongrong was much worse than Xiao Wu. If she hadn’t gained the benefit of the stress

of Seagod light in the first test, she could have fallen unconscious in hundreds of impact of waves. Even though the toughness of her body was much higher than ordinary auxiliary system spirit masters, she still felt limp and numb from head to foot -- ineffably painful.

Tang San was bearing the waves in the front, nevertheless for him, hundreds of impact wasn’t so serious. Although it was much harder than the waterfall at that time, his body was also hair-raisingly tough. While he was bearing the waves, he could also pay close attention to his friends’ situation. When he noticed Ning Rongrong’s situation, he opened his Blue Silver Domain, and separated a part to Ning Rongrong.

Being stimulated by Blue Silver Domain, the vitality of Ning Rongrong herself was recovering quickly, and her defense was also enhanced a little, thus she could support herself narrowly.

Soon, they found another problem that in the third test, any kind of auxiliary spirit ability was invalid.

After the second test, the seal of spirit abilities of Tang San and Ning Rongrong was broken, but now Ning Rongrong still couldn’t use her Nine Treasure Glazed Tile. This wasn’t because of seal but that the endless waves wouldn’t allow her to use her Nine Treasure Glazed Tile. In spite of Oscar, since his hands were fastened, even if he could produce sausages, he had no way to eat them.

At the same time, Dai Mubai, Zhu Zhuqing and Ma Hongjun all found any of their amplifying abilities went invalid, such as White Tiger Vajra Transformation and Bathing Fire Phoenix – none of these were available, therefore they had to withstand the impact of waves by sheer force.

To Shrek Seven Devils, the seven Sunken Silver pillars were just like anvils using for forging while their bodies were the metal being forged, and the endless waves were striking of hammer.

Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi crossed her legs and sat on the top of the mountain, looking at them. From that day, the Shrek Seven Devils would suffer painful experience for three hundred and sixty five days.

At the beginning, even for Tang San whose body was the toughest, he could only persist six hours, before his body was already so numb that he couldn’t even sense anything. And the other people saved by Bo Saixi were also weakly lying there, lacking strength to move even a little.

Following the feeling of numbness, the feeling of pain -- as if being penetrated by thousands of needles -- put them to the limit, which lasted for more than a dozen hours in total before they recovered and started cultivating.

It was not until now, after trying, did they understand that the third test which seemed easier than the first and the second test was actually much more painful.

If say the first test was to test their spirit power and the second test was to test their actual combat ability in the sea, then the third test was to strengthen their bodies. And without exception, all of these tests were testing their perseverance. Just, the formidability of the third test brought them a brand new awareness.

, the Shrek Seven Devils started their three hundred and sixty five days which for them were no better than to die. Ning Rongrong was the one who suffered the most. Although Oscar would give her a large number of sausages to eat, with even Erect Gold Fly in order to increase her body resistance, yet every time after testing, Ning Rongrong still felt extremely painful.

Still, she persisted. At the beginning, she couldn’t persist for even half an hour, but it prolonged to one hours, two hours, three hours and four hours. Till the end of the third month, Ning Rongrong finally could persist for five hours narrowly, nevertheless she still need to bear more in order to make up what she left in the prior three months.

In the initial month, even the toughest Tang San couldn’t help cursing the Sea God unspokenly when he felt unbearably painful. The test was just too abnormal. Enduring the torment of incomparable pain, they felt that they were no better than in the hell. However, as time went by, after another one

month, they found that under endless impact of waves, their breath could change with the fluctuation of waves, and their bodies had become tougher.

Such situation became more and more visible. After three months, they even found that when they were bearing the impact of waves, they not only felt little pain, but also felt comfortable. Of course, such feeling would change into unbearable feeling again as impacts accumulated, nonetheless the improvement of their bodies made them persist by gritting their teeth.

As is the saying goes, no pain no gain, without such kind of torment, how could their strength improve so rapidly?

Seagod Douluo just sat on the top of the mountain and gave them necessary rescue. No one had seen her leave, but everyday she would bring a lavish feast for the Shrek Seven Devils to eat. Bai Chenxiang completely became a logistics worker. When Shrek Seven Devils were rolling on the ground due to pain, she would attend them. And when their clothes wore out, she would sew them up.

After six months there, an incredible scene appeared. When Dai Mubai unconsciously waved his fist, he surprisedly found that it was actually followed by a kind of roaring sound like the sea. And it seemed that his body movement also became similar to sea waves. His spirit power increased, nevertheless he found it wasn’t simply the improvement of spirit power that merited. Since his body strength was enhanced geometrically, when spirit power combined with it, he could give play to more powerful attacks.

The second surprise was found by Tang San. When he touched Xiao Wu that had no soul, her skin fluctuated spontaneously, as if it was neutralizing his force like the sea waves.

Through trying, they found that this happened to everyone of them. Improvement of body force and neutralizing ability of skin, were undoubtedly all from the terrifying waves.

It was now when they felt the happy after suffering. Moreover, Tang San, Dai Mubai and Ma Hongjun whose bodies were stronger had already been

increasing their cultivating time in sea waves.

In the last three months, Tang San would even endure for over twelve hours, till he got exhausted. After he went ashore, he would cultivate about three hours before he went in waves again.

Today was the first day of the last month of Furious Billows Impasse. Tang San arrived at Sunken Silver pillar familiarly. Now he could restrict the waves and get to his own place by his own force without Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi’s help.

With Sunken Silver rings fastening his body and limbs, he breathed deeply, when the first group of huge waves was blowing to him. With loud sounds resounding, a comfortable sense came from every corner of his body, which was really cosy. Mysterious Heaven Skill within his body worked with the hitting waves – skin, muscles, vessels, even bones would rhythm slightly.

Chapter 235

The way his body followed the swelling seas made Tang San feel as if his body had fully blended into the ocean. Without using spirit abilities, even without using spirit power protection, he could still clearly feel his body in the process of unloading the force. The waves were just like an enormous force attacking, and his whole body kept exactly the same frequency as this force, merging into it. Thus, the attack his body had to endure would decrease considerably.

This natural reaction was like a skill given him by the waves, it was like this when facing the charging waves, and it would naturally also be the same when facing other energy form strikes.

Passing each day in such pain that they wished they would die, undoubtedly pushed the potential of the Shrek Seven Devils one step further, and forced them to cultivate spirit power with all their might even when not enduring the attack of the waves, to recover the harm they’d suffered as quickly as possible. Spirit power was no longer just an energy that existed within them, beaten by the waves, it merged into their meridians, muscles, and bones. A body refining method like this was definitely extremely overbearing, it would definitely be impossible to resist without great willpower and considerable strength. But if they persevered, the benefits to the body would also be equally substantial.

Tang San’s spirit power was now already at the seventy ninth rank, having already reached it by the fifth month of tidal body refining. He was

currently attacking his eighth bottleneck. The realm of Spirit Douluo was already beckoning to him.

Hong hong—— Giant waves bombarded Tang San almost without respite, but feeling the Mysterious Heaven Skill fluctuating within his body each time a giant wave washed over him, Tang San gradually had a kind of clear inspiration. It seemed as if he was no longer human, but rather a part of this furious wave, a portion of Heaven and Earth. His whole body was already completely blended into this marvellous sensation.

The feeling of surging waves attacking him disappeared, and he seemed to transform into the waves, his senses strengthening severalfold, so much so that even the motion of each droplet within the waves was grasped in his mental world.

At this moment it was just sunrise, a smear of marble white appearing on the distant horizon. Raising his head with familiarity, gazing at that purple flash on the horizon, Tang San’s eyes suddenly brightened. An unprecedented feeling filled his whole body, explosions resounding in his mind. In that instant, he no longer felt his own body, but all of Seagod Island seemed to be within his field of view. Everything of everything around him turned completely clear.

Whether the state of his comrades, the attack of the waves, or little details on Seagod Island, right now it was before him regardless of big or small, imprinted on his mind. Tang San’s blue eyes turned completely purple golden. That light, seemingly even deeper than the ocean, shot towards the horizon that merged water and sky.

Suddenly, Tang San discovered that the purple energy that had just disappeared again grew stronger from the horizon, connecting with his eyes, he and that purple energy were like the supports of a bridge, connecting, releasing.

The scenery before his eyes changed yet again. No longer only limited to Seagod Island, but rather apparently covering the whole ocean. In his eyes, the seawater unexpectedly had five gorgeous colors, there was faint shallow

blue, deep black, and also crystalline clear blue. And even the smallest variations in these colors were unable t

Between his eyebrows, just above the golden trident brand, a blue speck of light quietly grew. The triangular Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud shot out, floating in front of Tang San. All the sparkling and translucent light seemed to merge together with that Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud in this moment, and Tang San’s senses grew stronger yet again. He unconsciously closed his eyes, but that moving scene still appeared in his mind. Even without the need to see with his eyes, he could still clearly grasp any change in the ocean.

The purple golden color retreated from his eyes, returning to blue. But this time, it was a blue as deep as the night sky. The color deepened, and even Tang San’s short hair turned dark blue. A difficult to describe energy fluctuation burst out with his head as center, forming a dazzling ring of light that spread outward.

Even Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi sitting crosslegged on the reef couldn’t help being moved. Floating up, she attentively watched the halo Tang San released with bright eyes, until it disappeared in the distance.

Tang San’s head suddenly grew transparent, and within could vaguely be seen a glittering skull. The Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud quietly grew smaller in front of him, and in a moment’s work, it had become the size of a chicken egg, then again charged towards Tang San’s head, piercing inside along the trident brand.

A raging roar erupted from Tang San’s mouth as the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud entered him. In that instant, the originally incomparably raging waves suddenly quieted down without the slightest warning. But the next instant, incomparably enormous explosive sounds abruptly erupted, and the waves no longer came from in front, but rather swept up from below. Soaring up amidst Tang San’s roar, rushing into the air as if hiding the sky, erupting with countless sparkling splashes.

One roar was actually like this. The six people behind Tang San were already staring dumbfounded, they had absolutely no idea what was

happening with Tang San.

The golden trident brand brightened at this moment, a square screen of light gushed out from Tang San’s forehead and shattered with a resounding crack, turning into specks of light that merged back into his body.

In the depths of his mind, that familiar voice resounded for the first time, “Surpassed trial expectations, spiritual awakening, accepted the influence of that vast consciousness, skull spirit bone forcefully evolved, not shattering with special energy infusion. Third trial, Tidal Body Refining, completed above quota, Seagod Affinity increased fifteen percent, overall affinity at twenty five percent.”

On the first day of the twelfth month of the third trial, Tidal Body Refining, Tang San suddenly completed the trial.

There was another person whose forehead spat out a screen of light along with him, Xiao Wu. The blood colored light screen shattered, turning into specks of light that merged into Xiao Wu’s body. She still obtained the notice of rewards superimposing. Xiao Wu’s trial was very simple, that was accompanying. Accompanying Tang San to pass all trials. As long as Tang San was next to her as he passed the trials, she would naturally also pass hers.

The rumbling waves began to strike once again, but this time it was already as different as black and white to Tang San. Before those waves attacked him, they would unexpectedly be pushed aside by an intangible force, basically without falling on him. The same circumstances also appeared for Xiao Wu. Clearly, after passing this Tidal Body Refining Trial, the Raging Waves Impasse would no longer be able to cause them any harm.

Slowly opening his eyes, Tang San’s irises had already completely turned dark blue. The world before his eyes was different, everything and everything had a feeling of being extremely layered. That wasn’t just from sight, but even more from spiritual force. As if his spiritual force had already become one with the ocean, the same feeling as when he used the

Blue Silver Domain in the forest. Only the present feeling was even more clear than when using Blue Silver Domain.

Even someone like Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi didn’t know what had happened to Tang San, but Tang San himself knew. The reason why he could pass the trial in advance really wasn’t because he had already reached the time required for being battered by the waves, but rather because after the Purple Demon Eye he took from the Tang Sect had been cultivated for so many years, it had reached the final boundary.

The four great boundaries of the Purple Demon Eye were: Survey, Detailed, Mustard Seed, Boundless. Since Tang San received the wisdom condensing skull bone, the Purple Demon Eye had automatically risen to the Mustard Seed boundary. But from then on, even though he still insisted on cultivating every day, the Purple Demon Eye no longer showed any signs of improving in the slightest.

But Tang San’s years of effort hadn’t been in vain, at this moment he understood why the Purple Demon Eye had never been able to advance. The cause was very simple, it was that wisdom condensing skull bone that helped him cultivate to the Mustard Seed realm. Even though the wisdom condensing skull bone helped him raise the Purple Demon Eye, fact was that this skull itself prevented the Purple Demon Eye from continuing to advance. The purple qi Tang San absorbed every day was restricted within the skull and unable to be released, thus being constantly compressed.

But just today, inadvertently, a peculiar inspiration was born in Tang San’s heart from the pounding waves, that inspiration not only let his Mysterious Heaven Skill rise another level, at it simultaneously also caused the purple qi compressed in the skull bone to erupt.

Regardless of any cultivation, after reaching a certain boundary, it wasn’t something that could be advanced relying only on effort, a moment of inspiration was even more important. In the sudden process of awakening, the Purple Demon Eye had finally stepped across from Mustard Seed to Boundless, reaching an all new realm.

Inspiration was something very mysterious. Even Tang San himself absolutely couldn’t replicate this experience. But the result for him was still an incomparably pleasant surprise. Purple Demon Eye rose to the Boundless realm, and Tang San’s spiritual force rose exponentially. If his spiritual force was like a spiderweb before, then his current spiritual force was like an impenetrable torrent of mercury. He also finally understood that, after Purple Demon Eye was cultivated to its highest level, it was no longer a case of seeing with the naked eye, but rather with the mind’s eye. No illusions could make you lose your mind’s eye. Tang San was convinced that, even if he again met with Qian Renxue’s Angelic Domain, he would still be able to clearly see everything in that golden light. After the Purple Demon Eye reached the Boundless realm, there was no longer any energy or object that could block his mind’s eye.

This inspiration was extremely important to Tang San. He hadn’t endured one year of being battered by waves in vain. The final evolution of Purple Demon Eye and the special awakening of Mysterious Heaven Skill circulation made him coincidentally break through the eightieth rank bottleneck.

Of course, Tang San was also lucky. After the Purple Demon Eye rose to the Boundless realm, the spiritual force in his mind plus the Purple Demon Eye’s was no longer something that the mind condensing skull bone could repress. This led to the mind condensing skull bone suddenly fracturing. This was also why Tang San heard that dignified voice say it was forcefully evolved.

Ordinarily, the power of spirit bones was locked at the instant the spirit beast died. Only external spirit bones possessed the chance to evolve. This was also the reason why the value of external spirit bones was second only to hundred thousand year spirit bones.

Even though Tang San’s mind condensing skull bone was pretty good, it was still impossible for it to evolve. Consequently, its only fate when Tang San’s spiritual force exploded was to break. Spiritual force suddenly promoting and the skull spirit bone suddenly shattering might not actually take Tang San’s life, but it would inevitably cause him extremely serious wounds, even to the extent of brain damage. But just at this moment, that

mysterious Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud appeared, automatically turning into a peculiar energy that merged with Tang San’s breaking skull bone, completing this forceful evolution. The quality of the spirit bone also subsequently rose. But Tang San vaguely sensed that his skull spirit bone really wasn’t a hundred thousand year spirit bone, but neither was it any weaker than one. After that moment of fusion, the skull reformed, and all the abilities possessed by the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud consequently also blended into Tang San’s skull bone. Even his Purple God Light seemed to have undergone some transformation. What pleasant advantages this newly formed Vast Sea Skull Bone could give Tang San was something he had to slowly ascertain in later battles and cultivation.

With a clanging sound, the five sunken silver bands holding Tang San opened simultaneously. The muscles on his back contracted unconsciously, sucking him against the sunken silver pillar. At the same time he threw out a Blue Silver Emperor without the slightest hesitation, twisting around Xiao Wu rolling in the waves. His heel tapped against the pillar, and he leapt up, bringing Xiao Wu to soar towards the shore.

Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi watched Tang San arrive in front of her, and her face revealed a knowing smile, “Congratulations. Even though I don’t know just what happened to you, or how you achieved it at this age, I can be certain that your spiritual force has already risen to the same level as mine. No?”

Tang San looked somewhat lifelessly at Bo Saixi, because the voice he heard didn’t come from Bo Saixi’s mouth, but rather from within his mind. This was…… telepathy?

“Yes, this is telepathy. You only need to focus your mind to sense my thoughts. Of course, this is something that will only be usable among Spirit Masters with the same level of spiritual force as us. If you don’t want to make your own thoughts know, you can use spiritual force to seal you mind. Thus nobody will be able to examine your thoughts again.”

The same mental boundary as Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi? Even if the Purple Demon Eye had advanced to the final Boundless level, Tang San was still shocked because of what Bo Saixi said. Vaguely, he felt as if he

had opened a special door. What existed behind this door was something that still needed constant exploration.

“Thank you, senior.” Tang San bowed in hearfelt salute to Bo Saixi.

Bo Saixi smiled slightly, “It’s nothing, it’s my duty. According to the present circumstances, there shouldn’t be a problem for your partners to pass this third trial. Since you’ve already completed it, then next it will be up to you to look after them. I should return to Seagod Hall.”

“Yes.” Tang San answered deferentially, “Senior, I’ve always had a question. May I ask for your guidance?”

Bo Saixi’s expression shifted: “Speak.”

Tang San said resolutely: “What I want to ask is, just what is Seagod Affinity degree?”

Bo Saixi’s calm eyes erupted with dazzling splendor. If it was the previous Tang San, he might not even been able to endure this gaze, but the present he faced it calmly. His deep blue eyes, like whirlpools, accepted the light thrown out by Bo Saixi.

“I’m also unable to give you answers regarding Seagod Affinity. But what I can tell you is that you really can’t possess one hundred percent Seagod Affinity by completing the Seagod’s nine trials. But a hundred percent affinity score, not just me, every person on Seagod Island is looking forward to it. What is your current Affinity score?”

Tang San said: “Twenty five percent.”

Bo Saixi was secretly shocked, “Twenty five? Then that means, after you completed the trial just now, you received a very high affinity score?”

Tang San said: “The first and second trials were both five percent, but just now was fifteen.”

Bo Saixi drew a deep breath, as if calming her racing heart, “Very good, twenty five percent. Keep working hard. I believe you will succeed. Since

the lord Seagod gave you the Seagod’s nine trials, it means you have the chance to gain one hundred percent affinity.”

Finished saying this, Bo Saixi didn’t wait for Tang San to speak up again.
Floating up, she turned into a red cloud and disappeared without a trace.

“Seagod Affinity score.” Tang San mumbled quietly, his gaze once again shooting towards the boundless ocean. In his incisive mental world, his thoughts revolved at high speed. From what Devil Spirit Great White Shark King Xiao Bai as well as Bo Saixi said, he already understood a great many things. Even if he still couldn’t be completely certain, if this was true, then it would undoubtedly be an exceptional opportunity for him.

The last month passed. As everyone finished the third trial and stood on the mountain reef, everyone felt as if a lifetime had gone by. The ones among them that felt it most deeply were undoubtedly the ones who had endured most bitterly, Ning Rongrong and Oscar.

Ning Rongrong had clearly thinned a size, and her originally fair skin had turned a healthy wheat color, her graceful and noble temperament replaced by a thriving heroic vigor. She no longer had a trace of that support type Spirit Master feeling, and rather seemed like a battle Spirit Master.

Oscar’s situation was hardly any better than hers. His skin was tanned, hair and beard both tangled, looking just like a savage, but his eyes were a lot sharper than before. The feeling Tang San had experienced of his body turning into force was something each of them had experienced to varying degrees. And even though everyone had been in such pain that they’d rather die throughout the duration of this year, the benefits they had obtained were undoubtedly also enormous. Even so, if they could choose to come anew, perhaps none of them would be willing. Even decades later, whenever they recalled this experience of Tidal Body Refining, they still couldn’t help trembling, enough to compare with Grandmaster’s original hell training.

Along with the screen of light from Ning Rongrong’s forehead shattering, the third trial, Tidal Body Refining was complete.

“I can’t go on. We really have to rest a while.” Oscar plopped to the ground. His body currently wasn’t completely tired out, but his mind was already at its limit. Not just him, besides Tang San and Xiao Wu, each of them felt the same. Each and every one collapsed to the ground in disorder, so much that they didn’t even want to see what the fourth trial was.

Indeed, starting from the day they arrived at Seagod Island, all the way until now, a full three years had already gone by. Even though in these three years, each of them had made qualitative leaps in strength, they had also endured inhuman suffering. Everything they had gone through in the past three years was even more than they had endured in the more than twenty years before that. Gains had to be paid for. Three years had gone by, and the torment their bodies and hearts had endured had also finally erupted. If they didn’t recuperate, with Oscar and Ning Rongrong’s weak bodies as support Spirit Masters, they might even go insane.

Watching his comrades’ tired expressions, Tang San said: “This time we’ll make some time to rest. Everyone really are too tired. I just looked at the subject for the fourth trial. If everyone's’ are the same as mine, then, it won’t be as painful as the last three.”

These words immediately evoked the interest of the others. Dai Mubai, using Zhu Zhuqing’s thighs as a pillow, looked at Tang San, “Little San, what’s your fourth trial? Wait and I’ll look at mine.”

Tang San said: “My fourth trial is, Apex Shark Whale Battle, helping the Devil Spirit Great White Shark flock to kill the Evil Spirit Orca King from the Evil Spirit Orca Pack.”

“Eh…….” Dai Mubai crawled wearily from the ground, “Mine is Shark Whale Battle. Help the Devil Spirit Great White Shark Flock. Kill at least ten Evil Spirit Orcas.”

Oscar raised his hand: “Ten for me too.”

Zhu Zhuqing said: “I’m to kill eight Evil Spirit Orcas.”

Ma Hongjun said: “I’m the same as boss Dai and little Ao.”

Ning Rongrong’s expression was a bit strange, “My mission is different from yours. It’s not to kill Evil Spirit Orcas. It’s to guarantee the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King doesn’t die.”

Everyone looked at each other, and Oscar smiled: “Looking at this, and according to having one year to complete the mission, it wouldn’t be a problem for us to rest for half a year?”

Tang San nodded with a slight smile, “It seems so. We might as well return to Seahorse City to rest properly. Once everyone feels your condition is more or less adjusted, we’ll go look for Xiao Bai. I guess these so-called Evil Spirit Orcas should be Xiao Bai and the others’ mortal enemies. This fourth trial is a chance for us to repay Xiao Bai!”

Ma Hongjun grinned: “Excellent. I haven’t killed living things for quite a while, my hands are all itchy. This time we can finally fight for real, it certainly feels good. I wonder if there’s some kind of reward for killing some Evil Spirit Orcas above the quota!”

Dai Mubai’s eyes brightened: “There’s a real chance for that. Once we’ve completed our missions, it’ll be up to our own skill. Fatty, how about we compare who can kill a few more later on?”

Ma Hongjun somewhat resentfully said: “Boss Dai, I’ve told you so many times, don’t keep calling me Fatty. I’m already slim now. I won’t oppose it if you want to call me lady-killer, but the word Fatty is completely unrelated to me.”

Even though he had already lost weight, his comrades were still used to calling him Fatty, causing Ma Hongjun to frequently have to correct them.

“Is none of you a bit worried about the difficulty of the trial?” Bai Chenxiang couldn’t help asking from the side.

Ma Hongjun laid there immensely self satisfied: “If you endured the suffering of the Tidal Body Refining, you would understand that there’s nothing more frightening than that. When facing Evil Spirit Orcas, you’d only die at worst, that’d still feel far better than the pain worse than death

of the Tidal Body Refining. Even more so when we’re hardly a sole army going to battle, we still have Xiao Bai’s lot. With third brother’s strength completely recovered, what do we still have to fear? What I’m currently most thirsty for is battle.”

Even though they hadn’t even seen what the Evil Spirit Orcas looked like, it could be assumed that they wouldn’t be much stronger than the Devil Spirit Great White Sharks. They should both be first rate sea spirit beasts. At least from the surface of the trial, this test shouldn’t be as difficult as the first three. For the Shrek Seven Devils, what was most important right now was recovery.

After resting on the shore for a full two days, the seven devils plus Bai Chenxiang set out back to Seahorse City. When they returned, Seahorse Douluo wasn’t there, but the purple clothed sea Spirit Masters received them enthusiastically, their original residence was preserved.

Everyone relaxed in different ways. For instance, Fatty liked bothering Bai Chenxiang, teasing her. Even if Fatty still hadn’t completely passed all the trials, Bai Chenxiang currently didn’t reject him as much. Between laughter and quarreling, their emotions warmed imperceptibly.

And Oscar and Ning Rongrong seemed to relax a bit. Ning Rongrong pulled little Ao to stroll in Seahorse City, eating some of the local specialities there, using the things brought in their spirit tools to trade for some local goods.

The sea Spirit Masters in Seahorse City were completely straightforward, and interacting was effortless. Especially when those sea Spirit Masters saw the brands on their foreheads, they would be extremely respectful.

Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing did just the opposite. These two always stayed in the hotel, and whether what they were up to was something inappropriate for children, the others never learned. After all, who dared go peep at boss Dai’s private affairs? And Zhu Zhuqing’s explanation was, in order to keep Dai Mubai from going out and attracting flowers, causing widespread disasters for sea Spirit Master girls, it was preferable to stay at home.

Tang San and Xiao Wu were yet another scene. After returning to Seahorse City, Tang San went straight into closed door state, and Xiao Wu was the same. Because he knew that he was different from his companions. Each trial he had to confront was the most difficult. Even more when he wanted to resurrect Xiao Wu as soon as possible, he absolutely couldn’t delay. Even though his spirit power was now already rank eighty and needed a spirit ring to keep advancing, constant cultivation would still save up effect. Besides, because of inspiration promoting the Purple Demon Eye, as well as merging all the different attributes of the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud into the skull bone, Tang San needed to familiarize himself with it all. In order to become an outstanding team core, he first of all had to understand his own strength. Even if the fourth trial might not seem so difficult, Tang San still knew that these trials would never be simple. Passing absolutely wouldn’t be easy. Especially when he had to kill a target like the Evil Spirit Orca King. Judging by Xiao Bai’s strength, this Evil Spirit Orca King was bound to be a hundred thousand year level spirit beast.

Tang San also vaguely felt that this hundred thousand year spirit beast seemed to be something the Seagod secretly arranged for him. Because, what he currently lacked, wasn’t it a spirit ring? At the same time he could also be certain that this Evil Spirit Orca King should be even stronger than Xiao Bai, otherwise the trial wouldn’t have him help Xiao Bai. Rongrong’s trial was even to safeguard Xiao Bai’s life.

Xiao Wu would release her soul every day to accompany Tang San to cultivate for a time, returning to Tang San’s body when she felt the strength of her soul starting to wear.

Passing the constant tempering of the third trial, Xiao Wu’s soul was a lot more condensed than at the start, and could also stay in her body longer. Especially after Tang San’s Purple Demon Eye rose to the Boundless realm, Tang San clearly discovered that the strength of Xiao Wu’s soul had also risen qualitatively, influenced by his qualitative change in spiritual force. By now, Xiao Wu could stay in her body for two hours in a day without risking harm, and was moreover no longer limited to once. As long as the time didn’t surpass two hours, she wouldn’t be injured.

Xiao Wu’s soul growing stronger undoubtedly had enormous benefit for her future resurrection. Tang San now thirsted to complete the fourth trial, because as long as he could pass, his Seagod Affinity could rise by at least five percent, and back then Xiao Bai said that, as long as his Seagod Affinity score reached thirty percent, he could voluntarily release the Seagod’s light to help Xiao Wu’s soul fuse with her body. With this Seagod’s Light, all that remained was for him to cultivate to the Title Douluo realm. To Tang San, what was more important than Xiao Wu’s resurrection?

This time, the Shrek Seven Devils could be said to have completely rested up. What surprised everyone was that, in these three month long period of rest, their cultivation speed actually wasn’t slow at all. It seemed to be because of their always taut minds and bodies relaxing, the benefit of sorrow turning to joy.

At present, the spirit power of the Shrek Seven Devils was:

Evil Eye White Tiger Dai Mubai, seventy eighth rank power attack type battle Spirit Sage. Including the two ranks from passing the second and third trials, plus more than a year of cultivation, Dai Mubai had advanced altogether four ranks of spirit power.

Big Sausage Uncle Oscar, seventy fifth ranked food type utility Spirit Sage. Food type spirits were after all difficult to cultivate, to raise three ranks in more than a year, even though two ranks came from rewards, still made Oscar very satisfied.

Thousand Hands Asura Tang San, eightieth ranked control type battle Spirit Sage. Due to Tang San not being rewarded with a rank with each trial, his comrades’ spirit power was gradually catching up.

Evil Fire Phoenix Ma Hongjun, seventy sixth ranked power attack type battle Spirit Sage. Relying on the benefits of the ten headed fierce yang serpent neidan, plus the superiority of the Phoenix spirit, he had finally surpassed Oscar, no longer the weakest in spirit power among the seven devils.

Soft Bones Demon Rabbit Xiao Wu, spirit power unclear, body strength increased, trial rewards superimposed.

Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Ning Rongrong, seventy sixth rank support type utility Spirit Sage.

Hell Civet Zhu Zhuqing, seventy seventh rank agility attack type battle Spirit Sage. At present her spirit power was second only to Tang San and Dai Mubai.

Three months rest let the Shrek Seven Devils return to peak condition, whether mentally or physically. Without outside pressure, they understood that even with another half year of bitter cultivation, it might be very difficult for their spirit power to rise further. Thus, it would be better to complete the mission ahead of time. They’d already been away for no short time, and they still didn’t know the difficulty of the trials coming later on. After talking it over, they decided to find the Devil Spirit Great White Shark flock, and complete the fourth trial, Shark Whale Battle.

Readying the essentials, the seven devils prepared to set out. Originally Ma Hongjun didn’t agree to let Bai Chenxiang come along. After all, facing formidable sea spirit beasts was extremely dangerous. But no matter what was said Bai Chenxiang insisted. The reason she gave was that she wanted to be a scout, explaining that she would be unlikely to be in danger at high altitude.

Helplessly, Ma Hongjun could only agree.

Even though Seagod Island was large, with everyone’s strength they very soon reached the outermost edges of the island.

Setting foot on that soft silvery beach, everyone couldn’t help sharing knowing smiles. Three years ago, when they landed here with nervous hearts, which of them could have thought that in just three years, they would all have gone from sixty something ranked strength to presently being more than seventy fifth ranked on average, truly reaching the degree of Spirit Master experts? Tang San had even reached a frightening eighty

ranks. In fact, this year he was still only twenty four. In the whole history of the Spirit Master world, his should be the most powerful on record.

Chapter 236

Overlooking the sea, Oscar said: “How do we find Xiao Bai? Don’t tell me we go in the sea? If by some chance she isn’t here, what do we do if we run into her offspring, and they attack when they don’t recognize us?”

Tang San smiled slightly, “Don’t worry, I have ways. Fatty, you and me go.” Speaking, he didn’t release his spirit, but rather directly used the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone flight ability to rise into the air.

Ma Hongjun didn’t dare be slow, starting Phoenix Ascension, his wings flapped lightly, and he followed Tang San to soar in the air. Along with his strength increasing, he no longer needed to worry about his Phoenix Ascension flight ability, even without the Spirit Avatar, this third spirit ability was still enough to support him for regular flight.

“Release your spirit avatar and domain. Fire and water oppose each other, and Xiao Bai is also very familiar with your aura. As long as she’s in the nearby sea, she’ll definitely be able to sense it. I’ll help you expand your domain area.”

“Fine.” Ever since taking the ten headed fierce yang serpent neidan, even though Ma Hongjun didn’t mention it, he took Tang San’s word as law. In his eyes, Tang San wasn’t just a brother, at the same time he was also a benefactor. The Cockscomb Phoenix Sunflower had neutralized his evil fire, making him truly possess a fire phoenix spirit. The ten headed fierce yang serpent neidan had even more pushed his strength to another level, especially when he got the domain ability it was possible for Title

Douluo to possess. These were favors he would never dare forget. He knew that Tang San didn’t like him keeping track of this, and so he hid it in his heart. Fatty had inwardly long since decided that, no matter where Tang San was in the future, that was where he would would be. What Tang San asked him to do, he would do.

As the Seven Headed Fire Phoenix appeared in the sky, even the sun paled. Dazzling tail flames made the sky shimmer with orange red radiance. As Ma Hongjun controlled his spirit avatar to float in midair, his Seven Headed Phoenix Domain began to spread.

Circle after circle of orange red light swiftly spread out, scorching hot explosive aura descended from above, making not only the air temperature rise, but at the same time washing everything in the surroundings, revealing the dignity of the Phoenix.

Just at this moment, Tang San’s eyes brightened, two lines of deep blue light quietly shot out. The two rays of light joined together in midair, and directly fell on the spot between Fatty’s eyebrows. In an instant, the domain emanating from Fatty that could only cover three hundred meters in diameter became one thousand meters. And that golden red light also became even more intense, just like a giant barrier of light appeared in the air above the sea near Seagod Island. Terrifying pressure made the almost still water begin the tremble. On the surface, sea spirit beasts had already begun to stick their heads up, but on seeing that terrifying presence in the air, they didn’t dare have the slightest thought of attacking.

What Tang San helped Ma Hongjun was his spiritual force, which had reached the highest level just like the Purple Demon Eye. Using that boundless force, gently infused into Ma Hongjun’s spiritual world, provoked his spiritual force to instantly rise for a short while, frantically absorbing the fire element in the air and transforming it into the spreading phoenix power. This process was simple to describe, but was in fact quite difficu

Along with Fatty’s domain spreading, before long, white triangular fins began to appear on the surface of the gradually boiling sea. As the ocean calmed once again, at least several dozen Devil Spirit Great White Sharks

showed their backs. As the guardians of the Seagod Island, how could they not react to a sudden provocation from the sky?

Before Tang San and Ma Hongjun could speak up, the closest thirty Devil Spirit Great White Sharks raised their heads simultaneously, emanating circular light waves, simultaneously rushing towards Tang San and Ma Hongjun. Just like how Xiao Bai once used the Despair Light Wave.

Even though these Devil Spirit Great White Sharks by far couldn’t compare to Xiao Bai, right now they still won out in quantity. Launching a coordinated attack in unison, the large scale Devil Spirit Light Wave targeted Tang San and ma Hongjun. Even though Fatty was in Spirit Avatar state, he still felt a burst of trembles. After all, these Devil Spirit Great White Sharks in front of them might all be of the ten thousand year level!

Tang San still didn’t mind. Silently watching the light waves rising below, he raised his right hand and pressed at the space between his eyebrows. Instantly, with his head as center, intense deep blue light suddenly spread out, just like an ocean wave rolling out. On meeting this blue energy, all the light waves immediately melted quietly into nothing. Both were spiritual energy attacks, but there was no kind of collision between both sides, it felt as if the Devil Spirit Great White Shark group’s Despair Light Wave was swallowed by the blue light Tang San released.

“We are Xiao Bai’s friends, we have no bad intentions, we just need to find Xiao Bai. I’ll trouble you all to notify her.”

Tang San didn’t speak these words out loud, but rather transmitted it through the wave like blue light he released. A situation that was previously unimaginable was now something he could easily resolve.

In these days of research, Tang San discovered that his spiritual force really had risen to a brand new level. He couldn’t say just what this level meant, but he also discovered a lot of clever uses. For example communicating with those of the same level, just like he did with Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi. There was also the present way of transmitting his thoughts via his spiritual force to those with vastly lower spiritual abilities.

This wasn’t communicating, but rather unilaterally imposing his thoughts on the counterparts’ minds. Of course, such an imposition could naturally easily transform into an attack. If the previous Purple God Light could be described as a single target attack, then the current Boundless level Purple God Light could conduct area attacks, and moreover with even more power than the previous single target attack.

Tang San was still getting the hang of even more clever uses of spiritual force, but he already believed that the Purple God Light rising to the Boundless level brought him advantages that absolutely weren’t inferior to Spirit Avatar.

The blue light he released wasn’t simply the Purple Demon Eye from before, at the same time it fused the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud’s Vast Sea Violent Wave ability. After the mind condensing wisdom skull bone fused with the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud, it was equivalent to merging his Purple God Light with the four original abilities of the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud. That was also the reason why Tang San didn’t dare be certain of his skull bone’s present level. After all, even hundred thousand year spirit bones couldn’t possess more than two abilities. But now he really did possess four such abilities, and that still didn’t count the clever uses of his spiritual force after it advanced.

Sensing the message Tang San transmitted, the Devil Spirit Great White Shark’s in the sea were a bit restless. Even if the spiritual force Tang San impressed on their minds didn’t bring much pressure, it still broke through their mental defenses. All the Devil Spirit Great White Sharks gave up on attacking and submerged in the sea.

“It’s done.” Tang San called out to ma Hongjun, indicating he withdraw his Spirit Avatar.

Fatty returned to his original form, employing Phoenix Ascension to hover next to Tang San as he looked at this third brother with a somewhat strange gaze.

“What? Don’t recognize me? Why are you looking at me like that?”
Tang San somewhat laughing looked at Fatty.

Ma Hongjun sighed disappointedly: “Third brother, you’re giving me a more and more impenetrable feeling. Just how strong are you really?”

Tang San laughed out loud: “What are you doing wondering about that? No matter how strong I am, you’re still always my good brother! That just now was just a way to release spiritual force. Using the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud.”

Ma Hongjun smiled: “Anyway, afterwards I’ll be following you. The stronger you are the better. Gives your little brother some face too. Haha.”

Just as the two were chatting, the sea below them heaved once again, and Xiao Bai’s familiar silhouette appeared before them all.

The giant shark head broke the surface, and looked somewhat bewildered at Tang San. The information she had gotten from her kin was unbelievable. When she watched him now, nothing seemed different about Tang San! Could it be that, in the altogether one year and change they hadn’t met, this fellow had yet another good fortune?

“Xiao Baibai.” Ma Hongjun called out with a somewhat bantering tone.

Xiao Bai snapped: “You call me Xiao Baibai? That name is exclusively for the lord Seagod’s use. You human’s can’t use it. What are you looking for me for?”

Oscar said from the shore: “Xiao Bai, don’t go asking questions when you know the answer. Don’t tell me you don’t know our fourth trial is related to you?”

Hearing the words ‘fourth trial’, Xiao Bai’s eyes clearly grew a bit more serious, and she replied: “You’ve already finished preparing?”

Tang San and Ma Hongjun floated down, landing on the beach. Xiao Bai also flew out of the seawater, transforming into human form in front of everyone.

Tang San said: “We only have one year to pass the rial. Even if we keep cultivating, it’ll still be very difficult for us to make any major breakthroughs in that time. So we plan to finish the mission a bit early.”

Xiao Bai’s elegant brows wrinkled. Under the sunshine, her body reflected a grey blue light, “The Evil Spirit Orca’s aren’t that easy to deal with. They're not as well spoken as me, they’re all extremely savage fellows of the ocean. Besides the Deep Sea Demon Whale King who can awe them somewhat, those bastards have always been rampaging without fear in the sea.”

Dai Mubai said: “Then what level of strength do these Evil Spirit Orcas have? Our mission must be completed. I assume the bastards you mention and your Devil Spirit Great White Shark clan don’t have a very good relationship.”

“Good? Of course it’s very good.” Xiao Bai gnashed her teeth: “My little brother died in the jaws of the Evil Spirit Orca King. If I had the strength, I would long ago have eradicated that stain on the ocean. There are levels among us sea spirit beasts too. Generally speaking, we Devil Spirit Great White Sharks, Deep Sea Demon Whales and Evil Spirit Orcas are all considered at the top of the marine food chain. But in fact, there’s also a certain gap between the three of us. The Deep Sea Demon Whales are undoubtedly the strongest, but this clan is also quite rare. Moreover, they all live alone. Moreover, the Deep Sea Demon Whales are completely lazy, ordinarily they’ll only open those idiotically giant mouths and wait for food to deliver itself. And besides the Deep Sea Demon Whales, the strongest would be the Evil Spirit Orcas. Even though I don’t want to admit it, those stains on the sea are a bit stronger than us.”

At this point, Xiao Bai’s eyes displayed an intense loathing, “The Evil Spirit Orcas are a kind of sea spirit beasts extremely addicted to killing. Even the Deep Sea Demon Whale King won’t lightly provoke them. Because the Evil Spirit Orcas are flock spirit beasts, and because they have practically no natural predators, the have quite considerable numbers. These stains on the sea are absolutely unrestrained in the ocean, they’ll constantly kill even if they don’t need food, when they encounter any creatures they’ll tear them to pieces without a trace of

politeness. Any sea spirit beast is brimming with hatred of them. Just that they’re so strong that nobody dares step up and challenge them. There’s an Evil Spirit Orca flock about five hundred li from here. They’re our old enemies. There’s a holy war between our two clans every few decades or centuries.”

Seeing that the subject of Evil Spirit Orcas was clearly a bit taboo to Xiao Bai, Zhu Zhuqing couldn’t help asking: “You lost?”

Xiao Bai nodded unwillingly, “We’re at a disadvantage each time. If it wasn’t because they don’t dare approach Seagod Island, for fear of drawing the lord Seagod’s wrath, even our clan might have already ceased to exist.”

Tang San said: “Since we’ll have to confront them, Xiao Bai, give us a detailed description of the Evil Spirit Orcas.”

Xiao Bai said: “Adult Evil Spirit Orcas are twenty to twenty five meters long. They have robust bodies, sharp teeth, as well as formidable abilities of all kinds. One Evil Spirit Orca is enough to fight two of our clansmen to a standstill. These savages never leave survivors. As long as they hold the advantage, they’re bound to tear the opponent to shreds. The Evil Spirit Orca flock has around three hundred overall, approximately two hundred adults. About the same as us. To us, the only thing worth being happy about might be that their fertility isn’t equal to ours. Otherwise, their numbers would be even scarier. One might say that, if we’re speaking about the area led by the Evil Spirit Orca King, then this clan is already qualified to challenge the Deep Sea Demon Whale King. Or course, that might also lead to their clan being exterminated, so they’ve never dared directly enter the Deep Sea Demon Whale King’s domain.”

The Shrek Seven Devils looked at each other, and Oscar swallowed: “Then, that means our fourth task of helping you exterminate the Evil Spirit Orca flock, is equivalent to taking on half a Deep Sea Demon Whale attack?”

Xiao Bai snorted disdainfully: “Why? Scared? If you’re scared you can not go.”

Little Ao imitated her appearance to snort as well, “I actually want to not go, but if I don’t, my black level six tests trial will have my life. Besides, so what if it’s a hundred Evil Spirit Orcas? How do you know we won’t win?”

Xiao Bai’s expression seemed extraordinarily serious, “I don’t care about whether you have courage or strength. I’m worried about my kin. It’s after decades of recovery that my clan has managed to reach its present state. Just in case you aren’t strong enough, and can’t exterminate the Evil Spirit Orca flock, then my kin will pay with our lives.”

Listening to Xiao Bai, the Shrek Seven devils all grew silent. When it involved the lives of Xiao Bai’s kin, they had no choice but to be careful. However, the trial was before them, could they really not go?

After a long time, it was still Tang San who spoke up, “Xiao Bai, I can’t guarantee your kin won’t be harmed. But I can promise you, if this operation fails, then we will definitely die in front of you. Please believe me, we won’t treat our own lives as a joke. Even if you were our second trial examiner, you should understand that we regard you as a friend. Your kin are all naturally also our friends. I can only say, we will make all effort to reduce the casualties of your clan. If you really aren’t willing to participate in this fight, then we’ll trouble you to see us there, and we’ll confront them on our own.”

Xiao Bai was silent, watching Tang San with a burning gaze, “Can we not go? This isn’t just your trial, it’s also the lord Seagod’s mission to us. Exterminate the Evil Spirit Orca flock for the peace of our home sea. As servants of the lord Seagod, we are duty bound. Since you say you’ve already prepared, we’ll set off.”

While speaking, Xiao Bai turned to the sea, gaped and issued a bizarre humming sound. Just at the start the sound was very weak, but as time passed, the sound gradually grew greater, so much that it even suppressed the sound of the waves.

The water in front of Seagod Island boiled, and strong white figures began to reveal their triangular fins on the surface, arrayed in a neat formation. A picture of two hundred devil spirit great white sharks in formation formed. These great white sharks were all more than fifteen meters long, and each emanated powerful energy fluctuations. Hidden under the seawater, they were like an army at the ready.

The sound Xiao Bai was making came to an end. Turning, she once again looked at Tang San, “Tang San, I know you will experience the Seagod nine trials. Otherwise a trial like this absolutely wouldn’t appear. Before leaving, I have something I hope you can promise me.”

Tang San said without the slightest hesitation: “Speak. As long as I can do it, I absolutely won’t decline.”

Xiao Bai’s expression grew a bit gentler, but her eyes were still completely serious, “If I can’t return alive this time, then there are still more than a hundred of my clan’s juvenile devil spirit great white sharks in this area, I hope you can help look after them. Can you?”

Tang San’s heart shook, not because of Xiao Bai’s conditions, but rather because of Xiao Bai’s lonely tone. Clearly, she wasn’t optimistic about the coming battle.

“Xiao Bai, don’t be pessimistic. We will definitely win, definitely return alive. Not just us, but you and your kin. Those juvenile devil spirit great white sharks will still wait for your protection. You might not know, but Rongrong’s fourth mission is to guarantee your survival. If you die, it would be the same as our missions failing.”

Xiao Bai was distracted, looking astonished at Ning Rongrong. Muttering to herself: “So, the lord Seagod didn’t abandon his servants. Don’t tell me we really won’t need to die?”

Oscar gathered by Xiao Bai, “It seems you’re quite afraid of that Evil Spirit Orca King, weren’t you always very arrogant? You’re both hundred thousand year spirit beasts, how can the gap be that big?”

“Bullshit, who’d be afraid of that bastard?” Xiao Bai’s tone was angry, and with one slap she sent Oscar flying to one side, saying. “Let’s go.” Speaking, she leapt up, diving into the ocean and returning to her original form.

Oscar rolled to a stop on the ground. He pleasantly discovered that, even though Xiao Bai’s slap hadn’t used any force, there wasn’t any of the pain that still should have appeared. His bones and flesh had automatically unloaded the force when he was slapped. It might look like a miserable situation, but it actually didn’t even hurt.

The Shrek Seven Devils leapt up simultaneously, and under Xiao Bai’s directions they mounted seven especially large devil spirit great white sharks. Xiao Bai went first, fiercely leaping forwards. Two hundred devil spirit great white sharks followed closely behind, bringing the Shrek Seven Devils directly for the deep sea.

Tang San held Xiao Wu close as he stood on the back of a devil spirit great white shark. With his present strength, even though the sharks’ backs were extremely slippery, he still wouldn’t fall. Even though Oscar and Ning Rongrong were in difficult straits, relying on the Spriit Sage level body control as well as their strengthened physiques, even if they couldn’t stand on the sharks like Tang San did, they could still ride on their backs and keep stable by grabbing their dorsal fins.

In the true ocean, the Shrek Seven Devils directly experienced the powerful side of the devil spirit great white sharks. Braving the wind and the waves, their speed forward was something no boat could compare to. The whistling sea breeze cut at them like knives, and the surrounding seawater turned into a blue haze as it constantly swept past on either side. That kind of feeling could be called extremely provoking, and extremely thrilling.

Even Bai Chenxiang flying in the air, widely known for her speed, also had to use her second spirit ability to not fall behind.

This was the embodiment of the devil spirit great white sharks’ true strength. In the ring sea, because it was too small, Xiao Bai had never

revealed her true strength. However, discovering it made even the Shrek Seven Devils alert. Such powerful devil spirit great white sharks still feared their targets, the evil spirit orcas, this clearly showed the difficulty of their fourth trial.

The devil spirit great white sharks moved forward, and Tang San didn’t stay idle either. With the devil spirit great white sharks for transportation, he could also wholeheartedly consider tactics.

Without a doubt, the Evil Spirit Orcas were extremely powerful, so much so that it was even double that of the devil spirit great white shark flock. Could the seven of them really deal with more than a hundred of the apex spirit beasts of the ocean? Xiao Bai clearly couldn’t defeat the Evil Spirit Orca King. Even the ordinary evil spirit orcas already made them overextended, let alone speaking of helping Xiao Bai.

With both sides’ strength in mind, even if Tang San was confident in himself, he absolutely wouldn’t go meet force with force.

Intelligence was also equally a part of strength. One could imagine, since the evil spirit orca flock was this powerful, then they would inevitably have traits of arrogance and overconfidence. Even if they ultimately won a frontal confrontation, the devil spirit great white shark flock would also take disastrous losses. That wasn’t something Tang San wished to see. Xiao Bai’s sorrowful expression was always deeply branded in his mind. Since that was the case, he wanted to think of some other way.

Five hundred li wasn’t close, but with the astonishingly fast devil spirit great white sharks way of travel, it still wouldn’t be more than a couple of hours. At Tang San’s request, Xiao Bai commanded her clan to stop when they were fifty li away.

Tang San let out the Dragon Abyss Boat, giving the Shrek Seven Devils somewhere to stand. He also called over Xiao Bai. Even always curious about new things as she was, right now she still didn’t have the heart to appreciate the boat, only quietly sitting there contemplating.

Tang San said: “Xiao Bai, are you still worried?”

Xiao Bai rolled her eyes at him, as if saying, if your clan was about to be trapped in danger, don’t tell me you wouldn’t be worried?

Tang San smiled slightly: “Right now I have a method that might minimize our losses. I don’t know if you’re willing to try it?”

Xiao Bai’s eyes brightened, “Method? What method? Tell me. The devil spirit orcas have a kind of ripple scanning method. As long as creatures with energy appear within ten li, they won’t be able to hide, and will immediately suffer devastating attacks. If you want to use some little tricks to deal with them, give up on the idea immediately. If it was that easy, we would have gotten rid of them long ago.”

Light flashed in Tang San’s eyes: “Scanning abilities are unrelated to my plan. I only ask you, do the evil spirit orcas fear poison?”

Xiao Bai looked distracted, “Poison? Medical poison? That’s right, we sea spirit beasts have abilities to resist poison. But don’t forget how large our bodies are. Adding on formidable spirit power, even if we ate a large amount of poison we could rely on our natural immunity to resist it. The poison of poisonous serpents can be said to be the strongest in the sea. But both we and the evil spirit orcas can use them as food. What poison do you have that’s stronger than poisonous serpents? Besides, if you spread the poison in the sea, with the evil spirit orcas’ vigilance, they’d very quickly discover it, only making them even more savage.”

Tang San smiled calmly: “Don’t mind that. I only ask you, do you dare go into danger with me, you and me?”

Xiao Bai frowned, “You and me? You’re not planning on having us two go attack the evil spirit orcas?”

Tang San said: “Of course it’s not attack, it’s to raid. Don’t tell me you don’t know about something called assassination?”

Xiao Bai looked at Tang San, “I don’t understand, what way do you have to approach the evil spirit orca flock without being discovered.”

Tang San smiled slightly, “Then watch.” Pointing to his forehead, in an instant, he disappeared without warning right before Xiao Bai’s eyes.

Xiao Bai opened her eyes wide, her formidable spiritual force suddenly spreading out to examine the place Tang San was. But she was shocked to discover that Tang San seemed to actually have truly disappeared. Her spiritual force spread to an area several hundred meters in diameter without discovering a trace of Tang San. So much that she even raised her hand and waved it where Tang San stood before, but still didn’t touch anything substantial.

“Tang San is?” Xiao Bai looked to Oscar.

Oscar spread his hands, “How should I know? Didn’t you say he had no way to approach the evil spirit orcas without being discovered?”

Xiao Bai excitedly said: “I believe it, how could I still not believe it? Hurry up and come out, tell me your plan. As long as we can annihilate those stains on the sea, I’ll dare anything.”

Faint blue light flashed, and Tang San’s silhouette reappeared in sight, still standing where he was before, so much so that he hadn’t even changed his posture, as if he’d never moved.

“Tang San, how did you do it?” Xiao Bai asked excitedly.

Tang San smiled: “This is an ability of mine. Capable of hiding us. I’ll need you as my mount, that way I can come and go without leaving a trace. You’re right, I don’t have any certainty of being able to poison the evil spirit orcas, however, how can I understand the level of their immunity without trying? Besides, poison is only the first present I’ve prepared for them.”

Xiao Bai laughed out loud, “Since that’s the case, what are we still waiting for?”

Tang San waved to Oscar, and simultaneously placed Xiao Wu into his Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse.

Oscar got the meaning and threw over a length of sausages, all pink and dark green. As for Xiao Wu, that was something Tang San couldn’t help. If he was going to take risks, Xiao Wu had already threatened him via his soul that he had to take her along. Tang San had made a supreme effort to oppose, and finally the two had reached a compromise, Xiao Wu would be in the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse, that could also be considered following at his side.

Dai Mubai said: “Doesn’t the devil spirit orcas’ scanning ability only reach ten li? Then shouldn’t we move forward a bit, at least to twenty li away from them. That way we could support you better.”

Tang San and Xiao Bai shook their heads practically simultaneously, and Tang San said. “Even if the evil spirit orcas’ sensing range is limited, we absolutely can’t be careless. Just in case we let them discover our main army and come to attack, forcing us into a frontal confrontation, we couldn’t bear the losses. You wait here for my signal. Hold back the troops unless I signal. Xiao Bai, let’s go.”

Xiao Bai couldn’t wait any longer, and with a leap dove into the ocean transforming into her original form. Tang San floated over, the tips of his toes poking her head. The immense white silhouette instantly accelerated, heading straight out.

Tang San used spirit power to block the oncoming wind, and asked Xiao Bai: “Can you sense the precise location of the evil spirit orca flock? Would they be constantly changing location?”

Xiao Bai said: “Don’t worry, if I didn’t have even this ability, I wouldn’t be suited to leading the tribe. As long as we’re within fifty li of them, I can catch their scent. In terms of sense of smell, there are no spirit beasts in the ocean that can compare to us devil spirit great white sharks.”

Without being held back by her clansmen, Xiao Bai’s speed rose to the limit, even when Tang San used Boundless eye to sense the changes in the surroundings, he still couldn’t completely grasp the changes in the surrounding seawater. Such an absolute speed in the sea wasn’t any slower than the needle tailed swift flying in the sky.

In practically just a few breaths, Xiao Bai’s speed gradually dropped, her voice clearly lowered, “We’re already less than twenty li or so away from them. I propose we don’t approach further. Even though that Evil Spirit Orca King is repulsive, he really is powerful. I’m afraid it might discover my spiritual fluctuations if we approach.”

Tang San nodded. “Fine, then here is fine. Let’s dive.” While speaking, he pointed to his forehead, and blue light quietly appeared, enveloping him and Xiao Bai, and they noiselessly entered the sea.

As Xiao Bai was truly enveloped in this Vast Sea Barrier light, her heart suddenly shuddered. That energy fluctuation was so familiar. After sensing this familiar aura, her originally hesitant heart no longer wavered, on the contrary becoming incomparably stable. She brought Tang San to swiftly dive into the ocean.

After the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud fused with Tang San’s mind condensing wisdom skull bone, Tang San had discovered that when he used this ability, it no longer restricted movement, and he wouldn’t be revealed even when in motion. But there were still limits, he couldn’t use any abilities, if he did, the hiding effect would immediately disappear.

Chapter 237

However, with the Vast Sea Barrier, he basically didn’t need to worry about breathing underwater. The Vast Sea Barrier only enveloped his and Xiao Bai’s skin, and with his Boundless spiritual force control, it wouldn’t influence Xiao Bai’s movements in the slightest. In order to reduce the drag force, Tang San leaned against Xiao Bai’s back, using one hand on Xiao Bai’s dorsal fin to stabilize himself.

One man and one shark stealthily moved towards the formidable opponents in such a manner. Whether Tang San or Xiao Bai, right now their hearts were filled with nervousness. But besides nervousness, there was still some excitement.

Xiao Bai grew stealthier the deeper they went. Relying on the sharp senses of a hundred thousand year spirit best, she discovered that the Vast Sea Barrier Tang San released could not only hide them visually, but also completely suppressed their auras within the barrier, without leaking. But even so, she remained completely cautious.

The sea was very deep in this area. Gradually, Tang San began to feel a formidable pressure. However, with that year of cultivation in the Seagod’s Light, had long since given him a formidable resistance to pressure. His spirit power adjusted automatically under the pressure, and his vast spiritual force also subsequently fluctuated, adjusting the Vast Sea Barrier so it wouldn’t be so exhausting.

“We’re here.” Xiao Bai’s voice was low. Slightly raising her head, she indicated the waters ahead.

By now, Xiao Bai had already brought Tang San at least five hundred meters deep, and the immense water pressure made the Vast Sea Barrier constantly ripple.

Closing his eyes and concentrating, gentle spiritual fluctuations quietly spread out. Xiao Bai was shocked to discover that when the spiritual energy Tang San released left his body, it instantly melded with the surrounding seawater, and even someone with her capabilities couldn’t feel anything. That spiritual fluctuations actually really became a part of the sea. This already exceeded Xiao Bai’s experience.

As far as she knew, any spiritual energy attack had a form that could be traced, and even spiritual force probes should have spiritual fluctuations. But when she concentrated her whole attention on the spiritual force Tang San released, she still ended up with nothing. The seawater above her head was still calm, without any movement.

Xiao Bai had forgotten one thing, her experience really was correct. Any spiritual force release would leave a trace that could be followed, but in order to track someone’s spiritual force, first of all the gap to your own spiritual force couldn’t be too large. Of course, this couldn’t be blamed on her. How could she knew that her spiritual power was actually at a lower level than that of Tang San?

Tang San lay prostrate on Xiao Bai’s back, one hand grabbing her dorsal fin, the other hand pushing on her back. A gentle spiritual fluctuation quietly transmitted. Xiao Bai was first distracted, but sensing that the fluctuation held no malice, she hesitantly used her own spiritual force to connect with it.

As the two spiritual energies touched, Xiao Bai only felt her spiritual world suddenly flash, countless clear scenes appearing in her mind.

This, this was? Spiritual scan transmission? Xiao Bai was gobsmacked. She realized what level Tang San’s spiritual force had reached. With her

ability, of course she could also perceive everything in her surroundings with spiritual scanning, but right now she still didn’t

Xiao Bai finally understood. Being able to reach this level of scanning only meant one thing, that Tang San’s spiritual force had already surpassed all the evil spirit orcas, including the evil spirit orca king.

Tang San had no idea what Xiao Bai was thinking. He only transmitted his wholehearted spiritual force scan. Just as Xiao Bai felt, right now his spiritual force was already perfectly melded with the seawater. The seawater became the best concealment. Unless it was someone with as formidable spiritual force as Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi, they absolutely wouldn’t be able to find a single clue from the seawater. The evil spirit orcas above naturally wouldn’t be able to either.

Through the spiritual force scan, Tang San saw the appearance of the evil spirit orcas for the first time. They were consistently built more than twice as large as the devil spirit great white sharks, their bodies extremely robust, without the sleek aesthetic of the devil spirit great white sharks, but looking filled with power. Their whole bodies were grey and black. Their heads especially enormous. When they occasionally opened their mouths, they revealed frightening giant teeth like swords. Deep red eyes were filled with a violent aura. In this sea region, besides these evil spirit orcas, there unexpectedly were no other living creatures in the ocean. That showed of tyrannical they were.

It seemed that there were around two or three hundred of these evil spirit orcas, and the majority were adults. One especially enormous fellow, more than thirty meters long, floated in the center of the whole flock. Grey black skin glinted with metallic lustre. No need to ask, this was naturally the Evil Spirit Orca King. It was also the ultimate target of Tang San’s fourth trial.

These evil spirit orcas cruised within a range of more than then thousand meters square. No creatures in the sea would intrude into their area of influence. To hunt food they would have to go even further out. Right now these evil spirit orcas looked like they had already eaten their fill. There were some that floated motionless, seemingly resting.

“Let’s go. Move a bit slowly, don’t cause too much movement in the water.” Tang San instructed Xiao Bai.

Xiao Bai felt very strange right now. With Tang San’s spiritual force probe, she basically didn’t need to see with her eyes, she could move forward with the guidance of Tang San’s spiritual force. Even if the Vast Sea Barrier helped them hide, so much that it had the effect of nothingness, their volume still existed. If they moved quickly they would still cause movement in the water, therefore Tang San warned her in advance.

Xiao Bai was after all a hundred thousand year spirit beast. Clearly understanding Tang San’s intent, they slowly started moving forward with a soft sway of her body.

Very soon, they had already arrived at a depth of two hundred meters or so, and Tang San once again directed Xiao Bai to stop.

From the Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges, Tang San brushed out the Godly Zhuge Crossbow. Extracting its crossbow bolts one by one, he also took out a bottle from the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse the length of an arm and the thickness of a thigh. The material of the bottle was quite special, seemingly like jade, but with a faint white shimmer.

Tang San had gone through a lot of trouble to make this bottle. The jade bottle had two layers, the outermost was   filled   with   the   cold extreme yin spring, causing the appearance of the white shimmer, and also felt extremely icy to the touch. While the inner layer was filled with the red hot yang spring.

The Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well. Blessed by the Heavens, two existences in one well, yin and yang mutually subduing each other, and thus the hottest and coldest thing under the heavens. Seizing the fortune of Heaven and earth, swallowing the best features of the sun and the moon. In terms of potency of attributes, there was nothing that could match. Tang San had practiced the cold and hot immunity within it.

In order to be able to bring the spring water out of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, he had gone through great trouble to find a block of warm jade,

and purchased it for a high price. Then he had found a highly skilled craftsman to carve this double layered jade container. He had further filled it with both kinds of yin and yang spring water at the same time, causing its cold and heat to balance, and not corrode the warm jade. Then he was able to bring it out of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well.

Warm jade was innately moderate, and was the best utensil for holding both kinds of spring water together.

Cautiously uncorking it, Tang San raised one hand and absorbed, causing one drop of red hot yang liquid to fall into his palm, and then swiftly put the lid on the bottle. Winding the mechanism of the crossbow in his hand, he loaded the back half of a crossbow bolt into the machine, then pulled open the hollow interior of the bolt. Drawing a deep breath, Tang San’s movements instantly grew illusory. In practically half an eyeblink he had instantly completed several actions.

Pouring the red hot yang liquid into the arrowhead, swiftly closing it up, loading it into the crossbow, and immediately fired it.

It wasn’t by choice he moved fast, but the red hot yang liquid really was too terrifyingly hot. Even if the crossbow bolt was made from iron essence, it could still only hold up for a moment under the red hotyang liquid’s corrosion.

With the powerful propulsive force of the Godly Zhuge Crossbow, the crossbow bolt broke through the water. With Tang San’s Boundless level spiritual force guidance, it was naturally impossible to miss. With a pu sound, it hit the abdomen of an evil spirit orca.

Even though the Godly Zhuge Crossbow was fierce, the evil spirit orca’s skin was still even more durable. Under ordinary circumstances, let alone at a hundred meters distance, even firing the Godly Zhuge Crossbow’s sixteen bolts from just ten meters distance wouldn’t be enough to penetrate the evil spirit orca.

However, there are exceptions to everything. This crossbow bolt quietly pierced into that evil spirit orca’s abdomen.

Ever since Tang San’s spiritual force had risen, his calculation ability had also strengthened geometrically. It really was impossible for that crossbow bolt to pierce that evil spirit orca’s tough skin, but the instant the bolt made contact, was also the moment the red hot yang liquid melted the arrowhead. Incomparably hotyang liquid, propelled forward with the crossbow bolt, easily melted that evil spirit orca’s hide, directly stabbing into its body. There was no blood. With the intense heat of the yang liquid, just as the crossbow bolt entered the evil spirit orca’s body, the wound was already bound shut.

Being hit by the crossbow bolt, that evil spirit orca’s giant body first paused a moment. Then immediately after, it suddenly raged. That degree of madness made even Xiao Bai jump. Tang San’s spiritual force guided her to quickly dive, and moreover constantly transmitted into her mind the results of the spiritual force probe.

In Tang San’s spiritual force survey, that evil spirit orca hit by the crossbow bolt madly churned the seawater, the energy contained within its body constantly erupting uncontrollably. There were two evil spirit orcas who discovered something was unusual and came over to investigate, but were met by its maddened all out attack, and one of them even had half its head bit off by it, directly dying a violent death. A vast expanse of seawater was colored red by its blood, immediately drawing the attention of the whole flock of orcas. The atmosphere in the sea instantly grew nervous.

The evil spirit orca hit by the crossbow bolt didn’t struggle for too long. Very soon after biting its comrade to death, its struggle began to grow weaker, flipping belly up and floating towards the surface, its survival unknown. Strangely, from the moment it was hit by the crossbow bolt until it died, not a drop of blood left its body. The blood coloring the seawater red all came from the orca it bit to death.

The evil spirit orcas themselves were extremely bloodthirsty, and the scent of blood seemed to arouse their vicious instincts. For a moment, the energy fluctuations within the seawater instantly stirred. Until a deep voice passed through the water like a seismic wave, and these evil spirit orcas settled down.

The Evil Spirit Orca King moved, and reached the side of the evil spirit orca killed by the crossbow bolt with practically just a swing of its body. By now, that evil spirit orca was already floating on the sea surface.

Seeing all this, Xiao Bai was inwardly shocked to the extreme. She had of course seen Tang San shoot that crossbow bolt, but just that the crossbow bolt could pierce that evil spirit orca alone had astonished her. That tiny crossbow bolt and that evil spirit orca’s giant body basically weren’t on the same scale. But it was that one tiny crossbow bolt that not only took that evil spirit orca’s life, but even caused it to bite another to death.

Poison, she thought of this word. Feeling Tang San laying prostrate on her back, she couldn’t help her whole body shivering. Just what kind of extreme poison was this terrifying? She also couldn’t help secretly being happy that, when she was the second trial examiner, the trial had fortunately included not harming any sea spirit beast. Otherwise, if she was infected by such a poison, perhaps even…...

The red hot yang spring, was the most yang object under the sky. Sea spirit beasts were largely water attributed, many related to yin. Even though it was only a drop of red hot yang liquid that entered that evil spirit orca, that terrifying eruption of heat had instantly scorched that evil spirit orca’s internal organs. Its muscles and blood vessels had subsequently also turned to coal. That was the reason it didn’t bleed.

Before Xiao Bai could grow even more shocked, Tang San indicated she swim to the side. With the scene just now, Xiao Bai undoubtedly had an all new understanding of Tang San’s abilities, and hurriedly swam away according to his instructions. Since Tang San previously used the Godly Zhuge Crossbow instead of any abilities, he and Xiao Bai still weren’t revealed.

All the evil spirit orcas gathered at the sea surface, the Evil Spirit Orca King’s deep red eyes filled with a frightening aura. Suddenly gaping in a deep roar, several water blades with a deep red aura instantly shrieked out and hit hit that dead evil spirit orca.

The more than twenty meter giant body was instantly cut into several chunks, exposing its charred black insides.

Seeing this, the Evil Spirit Orca King’s pupils instantly contracted, the seawater around its body rushing up, wanting to find some clue from this evil spirit orca’s corpse. However, the red hot yang liquid had not only melted the organs of the evil spirit orca, but simultaneously also most of the crossbow bolt. The remaining bit really was too small in comparison to the evil spirit orca’s giant body. Even if the Evil Spirit Orca King was even more powerful, it still might not find any clues.

But when the Evil Spirit Orca King’s fury burned, suddenly, there was another commotion among the gathered Evil Spirit Orcas, the same circumstances as before appearing once again. One especially large Evil Spirit Orca fiercely leapt out of the water, energy frantically erupting within its body, setting off an enormous energy wave. Due to all the evil spirit orcas being gathered together, its eruption immediately knocked against a few clan members next to it.

The Evil Spirit Orca King reacted extremely quickly, and moreover he absolutely wouldn’t be lenient. Using flexibility completely disproportional to its size it sharply turned, its giant whale tail slapping the surface of the water, causing an incomparably enormous deep red water blade to ruthlessly attack that evil spirit orca, instantly cutting it into two halves.

Its internal organs were equally charred black. Another evil spirit orca was eliminated.

Hou—— A wrathful great roar erupted from the Evil Spirit Orca King’s mouth, the surging soundwave making the ocean in a range of several ten thousand meters vibrate. Similar roars also issued from the mouths of the other evil spirit orcas. For a moment, intense energy fluctuations almost completely locked up the sea within range. The seawater grew thick almost like gelatin, intense spiritual fluctuations penetrating the sea directly to the seabed.

“The Evil Spirit Orca King is telling his clansmen to find the enemy with all their strength. It’s extremely angry. Already on the edge of

madness. What do we do?” Xiao Bai explained the meaning of the Evil Spirit Orca King’s roar to Tang San, her words filled with schadenfreude.

Tang San calmly said: “We’ll bide our time, they won’t find anything. They can’t keep releasing spiritual force like this indefinitely. We’ll never tire faster than them. Assassination requires patience.”

Under cover of the Vast Sea Barrier, using only the Godly Zhuge Crossbow to attack, Tang San’s plan was extremely strict. He basically wouldn’t give the opponents the opportunity to discover him. How could he otherwise lightly put himself at risk?

Just as Tang San said, even if all the evil spirit orcas were already moving, to the enemies hiding on the bottom of the sea, even if they turned over the entire ocean it would still be impossible to find a clue. In their search, the evil spirit orca closest to them almost brushed against Xiao Bai as it swam past, still without discovering them. Tang San wasn’t a bit concerned. He was as calm as an ancient iceberg. He absolutely wouldn’t easily move at this time, mystery would often cause the opponent to panic.

The evil spirit orcas’ spiritual probing continued for an hour. In this time, the Evil Spirit Orca King’s energy would from time to time sweep through the water, but even as the tyrants of the sea, they still tired with time. Constantly using spiritual force to scan the sea was in itself considerably exhausting, and ending up with nothing after an hour, no matter how angry the Evil Spirit Orca King was, it still had no choice but to order its clansmen to stop.

But the instant they just stopped searching, the third suddenly insane evil spirit orca appeared. Even though the kin by its side reacted very quickly, another evil spirit orca still had its tail bitten off.

Instantly, the just calmed evil spirit orca flock once again grew jittery. As the tyrants of the sea, they absolutely didn’t fear the frontal attack of any enemy, they even had the courage to fight the Deep Sea Demon Whale King. However, in the present situation this flock of sea tyrants still couldn’t help starting to grow panicked. An unknown enemy was the most

frightening, and seeing their kin suddenly go insane and die miserably without any warning, how could these evil spirit orcas not be fearful?

This time, without need for the Evil Spirit Orca King’s instruction, all the evil spirit orcas started madly searching for the unknown enemy within the sea, untiringly releasing their spiritual force in order to find the slightest clue. But their true enemy had now once again dived deeper in the sea, wearing cold smiles as they withdrew their spiritual force to quietly rest, waiting for the next moment to act.

Tang San had brought Xiao Bai here not only to kill as many opponents as possible, and weaken the evil spirit orca flock’s strength, but at the same time also wear down their willpower, exhausting their energy. Just what is called, first a burst of energy, next waning, third exhaustion, when they are tired and I rested, thus I win. No matter how excessive the energy of the Evil Spirit Orcas it would still have an end. In their panic, whether mental or physical strength would soon be exhausted. And each time they rested, Tang San immediately launched a quiet attack, ending the life of an Evil Spirit Orca and causing the panic to spread once again.

Over a few rounds, seven Evil Spirit Orcas had one after another died under Tang San’s Godly Zhuge Crossbow, and even the number of Evil Spirit Orcas injured by the mad rages had reached two digits.

To the overall clan, this work of one after another didn’t amount to even a tenth of the whole clan dead or injured, and still wasn’t enough to influence the clan’s strength. But it was the mental blow these enormous deep sea creatures suffered that was incomparable.

After each attack Tang San launched he would withdraw his spiritual force and rest on Xiao Bai’s back. Xiao Bai even more basically didn’t do anything tiring. But the evil spirit orca flock was already completely in a kind of panicked and exhausted state. The Evil Spirit Orca King several times launched maddened attacks in the sea, trying to force out the unknown enemy. Its strength also really shocked Tang San, but the only effect was to waste strength in vain.

As the eighth evil spirit orca died under Tang San’s Godly Zhuge Crossbow, the Evil Spirit Orca King finally shrank back, passing down orders for the entire flock to swiftly swim in one direction, migrating at top speed, preparing abandoning the territory they had lived in for untold years.

To the evil spirit orcas, changing location wasn’t any problem, and continuing to stay here they could only see their kin die tragically for unknown reasons. Even someone as arrogant as the Evil Spirit Orca King had no choice but to make some plans.

“These guys want to run.” Xiao Bai told Tang San a bit excitedly.

Tang San gave a cold snort, “Run? These evil spirit orcas may be big, but can their speed compare to your devil spirit great white sharks?”

Xiao Bai said proudly: “Of course not. In the sea, in terms of long distance movement, there are no sea spirit beasts that can compare to us. The evil spirit orcas might be a bit stronger in terms of attack power, but they won’t do for speed. Otherwise, why wouldn’t they have annihilated us earlier?”

Tang San said coldly: “Since that’s the case, let’s continue growing the panic in their hearts. We’ll pursue.”

The ambush battle turned into a pursuit battle. Just before they started, Tang San had Xiao Bai float to the surface, and shot a signal flare. This was the signal to pursue. He and Dai Mubai had agreed in advance, a green signal was for pursuit. After Xiao Bai left behind her scent in the water, she once again entered the Vast Sea Barrier with Tang San, and they chased straigth after the evil spirit orca flock ahead.

The evil spirit orcas naturally also saw the dazzling light of the signal. But since they had always lived within the ocean, how could they know what this strange scene signified? The Evil Spirit Orca King was of a mind to go back and investigate, but he and his clansmen were all exhausted from Tang San’s previous sneak attacks, and would rather run straight ahead than turn around again.

Xiao Bai didn’t exaggerate, the devil spirit great white sharks really were faster than the evil spirit orca flock, especially as Tang San rode on the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King. Very soon, they had caught up to the rear of the evil spirit orca flock. This time, Tang San attacked even more absolutely unrestrained. With the previous experience, in a moment of work three evil spirit orcas died under his Godly Zhuge Crossbow. Even though there was no collateral damage since they attacked the evil spirit orcas in the back, each dead evil spirit orca would weaken the counterparts overall strength by a certain amount. With their tails under attack, the evil spirit orcas had no choice but to distractedly release their spiritual force to search the surroundings, or maybe constantly launch all manner of attacks at the ocean.

Like this, even though they were running, they would still grow even more exhausted.

Xiao Bai had never before felt as satisfied as today. Pursuing never lost in speed, and seeing those stains on the sea one by one lost their lives, her heart was filled with unprecedented confidence. SHe secretly thought that this was an opportunity bestowed by the lord Seagod, she absolutely couldn’t give up on such a good occasion. This time she definitely had to thoroughly annihilate these evil spirit orcas.

Gradually, the crossbow bolts Tang San had at hand grew fewer, and the number of stealth killed evil spirit orcas also grew larger. The feeling of panic never left these giant sea spirit beasts.

“It should be time for the main attack.” After Tang San shot the forty eighth crossbow bolt, he finally put away that jade jar containing the divine water of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well. He only had those forty eight crossbow bolts on him, and the evil spirit orcas had also suffered seventy casualties from these forty eight bolts. Close to a quarter of their overall numbers. Moreover, Tang San’s targets were all adult evil spirit orcas.

A red signal flare shot to teh sky. THe main attack signal was finally issued. Xiao Bai suddenly brought Tang San back around, retreating like a bolt of lightning.

The Devil Spirit Great White Shark Flock had always followed in the distance. Don’t mind that they couldn’t control the distance, don’t forget that they possessed a power the evil spirit orcas did not: that was scouting.

Transformed into a needle-tailed swift, Bai Chenxiang had always been high in the air. Relying on her astonishing eyesight to locate the evil spirit orca flock, she had constantly relayed the information back to the devil spirit great white sharks.

Even if the leaders Tang San and Xiao Bai weren’t present, Dai Mubai, Oscar and the others were highly intelligent. Hearing Bai Chenxiang report that the numbers of evil spirit orcas were constantly shrinking, they understood that Tang San’s sneak attack absolutely was successful. The green signal wasn’t to let them attack, and so they had commanded the devil spirit great white shark flock to follow at a distance of several dozen li. WIth Bai Chenxiang guiding them, they didn’t have to worry about losing the trail.

On the way, the devil spirit great white sharks constantly saw one evil spirit orca corpse after another floating in the sea, and the originally low morale constantly rose. With the appearance of the so far unseen red signal, Dai Mubai immediately gave the order to charge.

Very soon, Xiao Bai brought Tang San to converge with the devil spirit great white shark flock. Tang San stood up once again. This time he was standing on Xiao Bai’s back. The devil spirit great white sharks used their full speed, and chased after the evil spirit orca flock like two hundred white water arrows.

As they approached within a range of ten li of the evil spirit rocas, the evil Spirit Orca King also finally discovered the state in their rear. Sending out a mental probe, he just encountered the spiritual fluctuations exploding from Xiao Bai. The two collided together, and the fury the Evil Spirit Orca King had repressed for half a day erupted completely. Brazenly turning around, it brought its clansmen to aggressively meet the charge.

“Hou——” A water arrow shot out from behind the Evil Spirit Orca King. Amidst roars, a deep coarse voice held fury to overflow the sky, “You

killed my kin?”

Xiao Bai proudly said: “That’s right, it was us. Xie Hu[1], do you still remember what you said to me when you killed my little brother? Today your debt of blood will be repaid in blood. You bastard stains on the sea, we will destroy you on behalf of the lord Seagod.”

“Seagod? He hasn’t been seen for tens of thousands of years. You little fish are overestimating your capabilities if you want to defy me. How your little brother died back then, is how I will kill you today.”

On mention of her little brother, XIao Bai’s eyes immediately grew deep read, and she brought her clansmen to charge forward with a roar.

At the same time as Xiao Bai shot forward, Tang San stepped off her back, soaring upwards until he was in midair, his calm gaze falling on everyone present. He told his companions: “First complete your missions. Rongrong, you boost Xiao Bai.”

Hong—— The two great tribes of the ocean ruthlessly collided together. Just what is called ‘eyes growing red when meeting your nemesis’. The devil spirit great white sharks had been bullied by the evil spirit orcas for untold years. Now they completely erupted with one hundred twenty percent battle power. By contrast, even though the evil spirit orcas still instantly burst with great battle strength, they were already completely exhausted from before, and it was basically impossible for them to use their true strength. Even so, as the two sides collided, the entire sea region was instantly dyed red with blood.

Racial battles would never end without death, just like the devil spirit great white sharks had been waiting for their chance, the evil spirit orcas had also always waited for the opportunity to put an end to these sea spirit beasts powerful enough to challenge them for the title of tyrant of the sea.

“Asura, Hell.” An ice cold voice erupted in the air, and a circle of white light suddenly spread out with Tang San as the center. In an instant, his whole body turned completely golden blue. Two yellow, one purple, two black, and two red, seven spirit rings flashed simultaneously. His seventh

spirit ability Blue Silver Avatar was already released, and he simultaneously also used the Deathgod Domain’s Asura Hell.”

The originally bloody world was instantly enveloped by an intangible ice chill and fear, scenes of mountains of corpses and seas of blood seemed to flash through the minds of all living things. But the difference was that the devil spirit great white sharks’ side felt like their killing intent had risen without limit, and their whole bodies brimmed with a frantic battle lust. But on the opposite side, the evil spirit orcas who had previously always been in a panicked state, the instant they were enveloped by the Asura Hell, their battle lust immediately dropped substantially. Their already tired bodies grew even more unable to exhibit their strength, and they were forced back step by step by the attacks of the devil spirit great white sharks. Their own attributes were also constantly being weakened within the Asura Hell. Each time they collided with an opponent, they felt as if some of their courage disappeared.

If the Blue Silver Domain’s Boundless Nature could be said to give Tang San infinite battle endurance, then this Deathgod Domain’s Asura Hell could was the perfect domain to weaken the enemy. The Deathgod Domain didn’t weaken the opponent’s spirit power, but rather their mental strength. If individuals with weak willpower or insufficient strength were trapped in this domain, they would immediately grow insane from the fear. Moreover, the domain’s sustained effect would constantly have a weakening result. Even if the opponent had extremely valiant willpower, they would still constantly be influenced.

Conversely, amplified by the Asura Hell, the devil spirit great white sharks would feel like Asura death gods, attack speed, attack power, as well as battle lust would constantly rise. If it went on like this, the tired evil spirit orca floc would gradually grow unable to resist, and more and more would be torn to shreds by the devil spirit great white sharks.

Chapter 238

The other Shrek Seven Devils naturally wouldn’t stay idle either. In order to complete the mission as soon as possible, Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing directly used the spirit avatar form Hell White Tiger. The Hell White Tiger had two wings on its back, and in the spirit avatar state, the Hell White Tiger not only could attack from the air, but moreover didn’t lose out to the Evil Spirit Orcas below in size.

Even Xiao Bai would be at a disadvantage against the Hell White Tiger, let alone these exhausted Evil Spirit Orcas. For a moment, flesh and blood splashed out wherever the Hell White Tiger passed. A great many Evil Spirit Orcas hadn’t even used any abilities before they were those giant tiger claws had reached their head, dying with their brains bursting out.

Ma Hongjun unfolded an offensive on his own. His strength naturally couldn’t compare to the Hell White Tiger, but water and fire mutually restrained each other, and his Phoenix flame was further the natural enemy of these fish. After transforming into the Seven Headed Fire Phoenix, his Phoenix Domain gathered around him, causing the capability of the flame to erupt to its peak, constantly swooping down from the air. Even though a single dive might not be able to kill an Evil Spirit Orca, each one would still have some rewards. Cooperating with the Devil Spirit Great White Sharks, his mission number was still constantly rising.

Among the seven devils, if you had to say who was the most wretched, that was undoubtedly Oscar. He also knew the principle of fire suppressing water, and Fatty could moreover freely move in the air with spirit avatar.

Consequently, the clone mirror sausage he ate was made from Ma Hongjun’s blood. Transforming into a single headed Fire Phoenix, he circled in the air. He didn’t collide with the enemy head on the way Dai Mubai, Zhu Zhuqing and Ma Hongjun did, but rather specially picked up the leaks. As soon as he saw an Evil Spirit Orca wounded and close to death, he immediately dove down and ended its life. Even though this was a bit wretched, his mission score still didn’t fall behind.

If the Devil Spirit Great White Sharks and Evil Spirit Orcas could be described as colliding armies, then the Shrek Seven Devils were undoubtedly the generals leading the Devil Spirit Great White Shark forces. With them in the lead, helped by Tang San’s Deathgod Domain, for a moment they swept everything before them. The number of Evil Spirit Orca casualties was constantly climbing. Blood splashed, and immense energy fluctuations constantly erupted from the sea.

Tang San didn’t stay idle in the air either. As the soul of the Shrek Seven Devils, everything he did now was to control the overall situation. In the spirit avatar state, there was always a Blue Silver Overlord Spear condensed on his right hand. When there were Devil Spirit Great White Sharks in danger over there, his attack would immediately descend. Relying on his terrifying spiritual force, there was nothing about the Blue Silver Overlord Spear’s attack path that wasn’t under control. With Tang San’s hidden weapons skills, one might say that the spear never missed, and moreover always found the Evil Spirit Orcas’ vitals.

As the battle just began, the Evil Spirit Orca King was still full of confidence. After all, the Devil Spirit Great White Sharks had never had the strength to resist when they’d suppressed them before. But as he violently collided with Xiao Bai, after launching his attack, the Evil Spirit Orca King began to discover something was wrong.

Xiao Bai who should have been suppressed by him in all aspects was unexpectedly evenly matched with him. On

What made the Evil Spirit Orca King most furious was the surrounding Deathgod Domain’s Asura Hell effect. No matter how, he still couldn’t display his full strength. Tied up with Xiao Bai’s attacks, even if he wanted

to go help his clansmen it was impossible. He could only watch with open eyes as his clansmen constantly died.

The Evil Spirit Orca King understood that if it went on like this, the might really be completely wiped out today. Even though Xiao Bai was strong, he could still block her. But his clansmen were already less and less able to endure. The number of casualties was far greater than for the Devil Spirit Great White Sharks.

To be able to cultivate to the hundred thousand year level, the Evil Spirit Orca King naturally wasn’t an idiot. He understood that the key was Tang San hovering in the air spreading the domains. The fighting strength of the clansmen within the enormous range of the domain was weakened by at least ten percent, but strengthened the Devil Spirit Great White Sharks by more than ten percent. The result of this was that his clansmen were actually unable to defeat the Devil Spirit Great White Sharks even when they were equal in number.

Thinking of this, Evil Spirit Orca King’s enormous body rolled sharply in the water. Immediately after, he shot out as if fired from a bow, tanking one of Xiao Bai’s Devil Shark’s Teeth and suffering dozens of wounds. But he had also already charged up power, and an iron gray pillar of water the thickness of a barrel shot out from his blowhole, directly at Tang San in the sky.

“Careful.” Xiao Bai snarled. Leaping up, she heavily rammed the Evil Spirit Orca King, sending it flying. Then once again transformed into a violent woman, attacking fiercely.

In midair, Tang San’s attention was always highly focused, as if he was already aware the Evil Spirit Orca King would launch an attack at him. Facing the iron grey pillar of water targeting him, Tang San didn’t dodge. Gathering the forefinger and middle finger of his right hand, he softly pressed the golden trident brand on his forehead, then once again tossed downwards.

A crystalline blue triangle flew out with his cutting gesture. The triangle expanded in the air, and in the blink of an eye its sides were already a meter

long, emanating deep blue and meeting that grey blue jet of water head on.

The Evil Spirit Orca King’s attack could be said to be his all out effort, in order to finish Tang San in one shot and free his clan from the Asura Hell, otherwise he wouldn’t have tanked several of Xiao Bai’s attacks in order to charge power.

Would Tang San dare stiffly block a hundred thousand year spirit beast’s full strength attack? The answer was yes. That deep blue triangle attacked the iron grey water jet from the front.

Incomparably enormous energy fluctuations erupted in midair. The deep blue triangle spun, just like the Vast Sea Ocean Shroud. But even though that explosive iron grey jet of water was powerful, one could clearly see how the energy within it was separated out by the Vast Sea Ocean Shroud, a gray aura scattered in all directions, and countless blue specks of light were forcefully absorbed by the Vast Sea Ocean Shroud.

What Tang San threw out of course wouldn’t be the Vast Sea Ocean Shroud itself, but rather the Vast Sea Ocean Shroud’s ability, Cosmic Devilbreaker. After the skull evolved, this ability had become powered purely by the mind. Indeed, Tang San’s spirit power by far couldn’t compare to the hundred thousand year Evil Spirit Orca King, but his spiritual force was already on the same level as Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi. The Vast Sea Ocean Shroud was only effective on energy attacks. Funnily enough, in order to pursue attack power, the iron grey jet of water the Evil Spirit Orca King spit out wasn’t actually water, but rather his purified energy. Naturally it was stiffly blocked by the Vast Sea Ocean Shroud.

Tang San had long since made preparations, even if the Vast Sea Ocean Shroud couldn’t block it, he still had Invincible Golden Body as backup. Naturally there wouldn’t be any problem.

Red light flickered, after blocking this attack, Xiao Wu also crawled out from Tang San’s Hundred Treasure Purse, her soul returning to her body. Tang San circled her waist with one hand, and wouldn’t let her fall. Her trial was to accompany Tang San to complete his missions, so staying in the

Hundred Treasure Purse naturally wouldn’t do. Now that the situation was already in order, Tang San naturally brought her out.

With great difficulty once again warding of Xiao Bai’s attack, the Evil Spirit Orca King’s heart sank to the bottom. Watching that sparkling blue triangle return to Tang San’s forehead, he roared, “It’s really the Sea… ”

Before he could finish, Xiao Bai had already pounced once again, fiercely tearing off a huge chunk of flesh from his belly in one bite.

Tang San coldly swept the Evil Spirit Orca King with a glance, and threw out a Blue Silver Overlord Spear with his right hand, penetrating deeply into the head of an Evil Spirit Orca that had almost bitten a Devil Spirit Great White Shark. His spiritual force strengthened once again, and the Asura Hell’s tyrannical suppressive effect rose further.

There was no longer any suspense in the battle between the Evil Spirit Orcas and Devil Spirit Great White Sharks. Relying on the terrifying power of the Hell White Tiger, in just a while, the Evil Spirit Orcas that had died by Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing’s hands numbered more than thirty. Fatty had also reaped thirteen. Even Oscar had already finished his mission.

Ning Rongrong stood leisurely on the back of a Devil Spirit Great White Shark that still hadn’t gone into battle, constantly pouring line after line of boost abilities into Xiao Bai. The light of the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda covered her whole body, she had clearly already used the seventh spirit ability spirit avatar. In her present state, boosting only Xiao Bai, she could hold out for an hour without problem. The Nine Treasure Avatar’s greatest benefit was was to lengthen the boosting time. At leisure, she could still occasionally temporarily free her hands to boost some Devil Spirit Great White Sharks who were at a disadvantage, letting them reverse the situation.

The numbers of Evil Spirit Orcas was growing fewer and fewer. At the start only the adult Evil Spirit Orcas had gone into battle, but later the ones with lower cultivation had also joined in. The Devil Spirit Great White Sharks already held an overwhelming advantage.

The Evil Spirit Orcas all clearly understood that it was impossible for them to compete with the Devil Spirit Great White Sharks in terms of speed, they only had some chance in a melee. Therefore there basically was no chance for them to retreat. But unfortunately they were enveloped in Tang San’s terrifying Deathgod Domain. Battle spirit lowered considerably, unable to use their strength, and further adding the Shrek Seven Devils’ highly explosive attacks, how could they still resist.

A giant flame silhouette suddenly exploded from the Seven Headed Fire Phoenix, causing intense phoenix flames to fall from the sky, heavily bombarding the back of an especially enormous Evil Spirit Orca. Amidst the explosive blast, that Evil Spirit Orca’s whole body trembled as a large scorched black pit opened in its back. That was the Phoenix Cloud Piercing Strike when Ma Hongjun in spirit avatar state used the Phoenix Domain to amplify his strength.

This one attack completely destroyed this Evil Spirit Orca with at least twenty thousand years of cultivation in one hit. Ma Hongjun then also transformed into his human form. The spirit avatar consumed an enormous amount of spirit power, and he couldn’t quite endure the uninterrupted fighting. Floating in midair, he ate a few large recovery sausages to replenish his strength.

Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing also rested in the back. Having equally finished their missions, everyone’s mood relaxed.

As the numbers of both sides changed, the battle grew even more unbalanced, the remaining Evil Spirit Orcas were besieged by at least three or four Devil Spirit Great White Sharks, and basically stood no chance. There was no longer need for the Shrek Seven Devils’ assistance, so the people who had already completed their missions could relax.

Just at this moment, suddenly, a special energy fluctuation erupted from the middle of the battle, and Xiao Bai who had originally been gradually suppressing the Evil Spirit Orca King was suddenly shot out with enormous force.

The Evil Spirit Orca King’s immense body floated on the surface of the sea, without pursuing Xiao Bai, and the original metallic sheen of his skin was replaced by a dull gray. Incomparably immense energy fluctuations seemed to blockade the entire sea area. A situation similar to Xiao Bai’s third stage domain solidifying the sea appeared, making the movement speed of both Evil Spirit Orcas and Devil Spirit Great White Sharks lower.

“Not good.” Xiao Bai cried out in alarm, once again charging forward. However, the Evil Spirit Orca King was surrounded by a peculiar intangible force that shot her out once again. At this moment, even its blood red eyes had turned ash grey, and the space around it began to distort violently.

“It’s going to explode, quickly stop him!” Xiao Bai yelled in fright.

Nobody present knew what would happen if a hundred thousand year spirit beast self detonated, but they could all imagine it. A spirit beast with hundred thousand year cultivation simultaneously exploding with its stored up energy and soul would be a terrifying force. If it really happened, there might not be many present who could survive.

Nobody had expected the Evil Spirit Orca King to be this ruthless in its final moments, to thoroughly extinguish himself from this world in order to bring the Devil Spirit Great White Sharks and the Shrek Seven Devils down with him.

All the Evil Spirit Orcas showed their unreasoning power in this moment. Not only didn’t they show the slightest thought of retreat, but on the contrary launched their final attacks. Each Evil Spirit Orca frantically attacked the surrounding Devil Spirit Great White sharks, at the price of their vitality. Not in order to kill their opponents, but just to tie up these mortal enemies and keep them from leaving the battlefield.

The golden blue silhouette floated over above the Evil Spirit Orca King’s enormous body. Ice cold eyes held no trace of emotion. In his palm once again appeared that jar of Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well water that had killed dozens of Evil Spirit Orcas.

What Tang San thought of right now wasn’t the previous battle, but rather when he almost died miserably from the immense attack of the Deep Sea Demon Whale. If he could have thought of taking out this jade jar, the circumstances might have been completely different.

“Die together.” The Evil Spirit Orca King roared in a deep voice. His body began to swiftly expand, clearly igniting all the energy within its body.

“Self detonating won’t be that easy.” Tang San naturally didn’t think he was capable of breaking the intangible barrier that even Xiao Bai couldn’t touch. What he did was very simple. Opening the jade jar, the two colored spring water poured out.

Ear piercing cracking sounds came from ten meters above the Evil Spirit Orca king, and a huge cloud of white mist rose. The originally intangible barrier turned visible, only only half of it remained, solidified with cold frost. The other half had quietly melted away.

The extremely cold yin water and blazing hot yang water’s abilities didn’t only affect substantial objects, they were equally effective on energy. How could it otherwise be known as the most extreme cold and heat between Heaven and earth.

The red spring water, under Tang San’s control, accurately dripped on the Evil Spirit Orca King’s back and flowed in through the breathing hole.

If the Evil Spirit Orca King was in its normal condition, he would have at least a hundred different methods to dodge or use instant energy eruptions to blow off the spring water. But right now he was about to self detonate, and was basically immobile. Its immense body also only relied on the self detonation process to release the intangible barrier. That was a shield that even the hundred thousand year sea spirit beast Xiao Bai was helpless against. How could he have imagined the enemy would actually have a way like this to break it?

His just violently expanding body abruptly stopped. Tang San also stopped tipping over the jade jar, cautiously stoppering it again.

The previous forty crossbow bolts had only used forty drops of hot yang water, less than a tenth of the jar. But right now, for fear the Evil Spirit Orca King wouldn’t die, Tang San fully poured out close to half the yin yang spring water in the jade jar.

Indeed, the yin yang well water mutually restrained each other, however, this Evil Spirit Orca King hadn’t taken the two great immortal herbs Tang San had, the Infernal Apricot and the Octagonal Ice Grass, and the spring water moreover directly entered its body.

After its enormous body paused for a moment, suddenly, with a ripping sound, it was like a balloon being popped. A chaotic energy jetted out from the hole on its back, sending Tang San just above flying, only with difficulty managing to regain his balance. But the Evil Spirit Orca King’s expanding body also began to quickly shrink, soon shriveling. The strangest part was that only half his body was wizened, the other half was frozen as hard as steel from the extreme cold yin water. His originally incomparably tyrannical aura scattered like vapor, leaving no trace behind. The ocean tyrant of a generation, the hundred thousand year spirit beast Evil Spirit Orca King died from the two divine waters produced by the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well.

Speaking of, this also counted as his bad luck. If he hadn’t used something like self detonation, Tang San also wouldn’t have had the chance pour the spring water on him. If he hadn’t been a whale, and had that enormous blow hole on his back, Tang San would also have been unable to let the spring water enter it to show its effect. If it had been Da Ming or Er Ming infected by the spring water, as long as they immediately cut off that portion of skin, with the powerful resistance of hundred thousand year spirit beasts they would only have taken some injuries. This Evil Spirit Orca King could be said to have been killed by Tang San’s schemes, and he could also have been said to have been killed by the attributes of his own body. Even his final wish of self detonating to annihilate the enemy came to nothing.

Without the leadership of the Evil Spirit Orca King, the remaining Evil Spirit Orcas basically couldn’t resist much. In front of Xiao Bay, they had even less of a chance to self detonate. With the Shrek Seven Devils having caught their breath and helping the Devil Spirit Great White Sharks work

with a common purpose, very soon, they had swept away all remaining Evil Spirit Orcas, drawing a perfect period to this scene.

Delightfully familiar screens of light appeared once again. In Dao Mubai, Oscar, Ma Hongjun, Zhu Zhuqing, and Ning Rongrong’s minds appeared the same words.

“Fourth test, Shark Whale Battle, completed. Due to special circumstances reducing the difficulty of the trial, rewards are reduced by half. Devil Spirit Great White Shark casualties less than ten percent, rewards multiplied by two. Award. Spirit power increased one rank.” This time, Ning Rongrong’s reward of five hundred years of spirit ring cultivation didn’t reappear.

Xiao Wu’s rewards were still superimposed. But as the golden light screen shot out from Tang San’s forehead, he obtained an Outstanding evaluation.

An ancient dignity hovered in Tang San’s mind, “Taking the victory with wisdom, reducing losses to the minimum, alone killing more than fifty Evil Spirit Orcas, personally killing the Evil Spirit Orca King. Equally stressing wisdom and strength, the fourth trial is completed above quota. Seagod affinity score increased ten percent. Overall score thirty five percent.”

The golden trident brand brightened, changing from its previous dark introverted appearance, flashing with gaudy light, like stars on Tang San’s forehead. At the same time, Tang San also felt like a great door appear in his mental world. Using spiritual force to push it open, he would immediately enter a world of gold.

Subconsciously, he projected his spiritual force to pour into this all new world. Immediately, the golden trident brand on Tang San’s forehead glared with golden light, illuminating the blood colored seawater, and also shining on all the Devil Spirit Great White Sharks.

The Shrek Seven Devils didn’t feel anything special, just that the golden light was warm and extremely comfortable, with a somewhat dignified


However, each of the Devil Spirit Great White Sharks began to tremble. Even Xiao Bai was no exception. Heartfelt fear and respect made them all lower their arrogant heads, circling around Tang San to quietly worship.

The Seagod’s Light. This was the Seagod’s Light. Tang San inwardly exulted, feeling that golden light without offensive or defensive abilities bathe his whole body, he was even more excited than when the Purple Devil Eye upgraded to the Boundless realm. Because, this golden light meant that Xiao Wu was one step closer to resurrection. Right now he only still lacked the strength to rise to the Title Douluo level.

Withdrawing the spiritual force he had infused into the golden trident brand, the Seagod’s Light immediately vanished. But the golden trident brand on Tang San’s forehead was still shining, an important difference compared to before.

Without the illumination of the Seagod’s Light, the Devil Spirit Great White Sharks clearly calmed down. This made Tang San discover another effect of the Seagod’s Light. Deterrence. Strictly speaking, it should be deterrence to sea spirit beasts.

Oscar mumbled a bit resentfully: “We all completed the mission above quota. How come the mission difficulty lowered?”

Dai Mubai snapped: “You still don’t figure it lowered? Think about it, how did our fourth test differ from the previous three? If we didn’t have little San going first to tire out those Evil Spirit Orcas and kill a bunch of them, could we have finished the trial so easily? It’s pretty good to get the whole reward. That’s one spirit power rank! At our current level, you might not be able to raise it with a year of bitter cultivation.”

“Lord Tang San, thank you.” Xiao Bai raised her head from the water, her eyes expressing sincere gratitude. She turned her gaze to the others, “And thank you.”

Even she herself didn’t know how many years she and her clansmen had lived under the shadow of the Evil Spirit Orcas, didn’t know how many of her kin had died in the racial wars with them. Today it was settled, and their casualties wasn’t even ten percent. To her, this was like a dream. It also strengthened her belief in the Seagod even more.

Tang San said stunned: “Xiao Bai, why do you call me that?”

Xiao Bai smiled wryly: “Lord, do you believe just anyone can possess the Seagod’s Light? I won’t say more. Only, right now you’d best hurry up and take that bastard’s spirit ring. With its cultivation, even if its attributes aren’t completely lined up with your spirit, it should still result in a quite powerful spirit ability. No matter what, he was still an existence among sea spirit beasts second only to the Deep Sea Demon Whale King.”

At Xiao Bai’s reminder, Tang San recalled that his spirit power had already reached the eightieth rank, and wasn’t the Evil Spirit Orca King he had just killed an extraordinary choice? He didn’t need to be polite with his comrades either, besides him here, the others didn’t have the ability to absorb a hundred thousand year spirit ring, nor had they reached the spirit power cultivation bottleneck.

“Not just me. Xiangxiang, you come down too. There’s plenty of Devil Spirit Orcas close to death here. You can also pick one that suits your current level and kill it for its spirit ring. Even if the Evil Spirit Orcas aren’t flying type spirit beasts, its scouting ability and spirit ring quality should still be quite good. You pick and absorb one at your limit. Your current spirit power shouldn’t be just at the fiftieth rank, so when choosing, pick one with cultivation a bit higher. Xiao Bai, I’ll trouble you to let your clansmen help her ascertain an Evil Spirit Orca’s precise cultivation age.”

“Thank you, third brother.” Bai Chenxiang fell from the sky. Her spirit power had reached the fiftieth rank a very long time ago, and even though she had always cultivated very hard, she never had a fifth spirit ring to increase her strength, and now she had all these ten thousand year level Evil Spirit Orcas. Those near death had already lost the strength to resist, and she could naturally find one with the most ideal age to absorb. Just like

Xiao Bai said, the Evil Spirit Orcas’ spirit ring quality was enough to make up what it lacked in attributes. On this point they were quite good for Tang San as well as Bai Chenxiang.

Xiao Bai let a comparatively large Devil Spirit Great White Shark temporarily serve as Bai Chenxiang’s mount, helping her choose, and staying while she absorbed the spirit ring. And she herself personally served as Tang San’s mount.

Tang San originally planned to absorb the Evil Spirit Orca King’s spirit ring aboard the Dragon Abyss Boat, but Xiao Bai told him that the Evil Spirit Orca King’s energy was extremely overbearing. It would very easily leak out, destroying the hull and influencing Tang San absorbing it. Tang San then no longer declined, sitting on Xiao Bai’s back and began the absorption process.

Deep red light rushed out, entering Tang San’s body in practically an instant. As Tang San truly began to absorb the Evil Spirit Orca King’s spirit ring, he she understood why Xiao Bai would call its spirit ring energy overbearing.

Even though Tang San’s seventh spirit ring was also hundred thousand years, that was enduring the test of the God Bestowed Spirit Ring. In other words, if he hadn’t been able to endure the pain at that time, he could have easily settled for second best at any time, and taken a ten thousand year spirit ring.

But the current situation was different. From the start of the process, he no longer had any chances to change his mind. The extremely overbearing energy of the hundred thousand year spirit ring directly shot into Tang San. In that instant’s eruption, if Tang San’s body hadn’t already undergone its thousand forgings, he might really have been destroyed at once.

Even with his powerful endurance, the attack still made him bleed from his seven apertures, and his whole body trembled violently.

In fact, the Evil Spirit Orca King was killed by Tang San using the Ice and Fire divine spring, and moreover failed in self detonation. The hatred

towards Tang San of the soul contained in the spirit ring could be well imagined. The instant before his death, he had also understood the reason his clansmen had died before. One might say it held extreme grievance. Under such circumstances, how could it not attack fiercely when Tang San began to absorb its spirit ring?

Tang San discovered something was wrong from the start. The Evil Spirit Orca King’s spirit ring energy really was too overbearing. Even though the God Bestowed Spirit Ring back then had also put him under immense pressure, and almost collapsed, that was after all something that rose gradually, slowly strengthening along with his endurance. His spirit ring had risen ten ranks since then, but Tang San still had to confront the complete eruption of a hundred thousand year spirit ring packed with grievance and hatred. After just a few breaths, he almost couldn’t hold out.

Carrying Tang San’s weight, Xiao Bai immediately discovered a problem with Tang San. The energy that couldn’t be digested spilled out from Tang San, and poured into her.

Xiao Bai hastily condensed her spiritual force, yelling: “Use the Seagod’s Light!”

Xiao Bai’s voice made Tang San wake up like being anointed with cream. Right! Even if the Evil Spirit Orca King was even more powerful, it was still a sea spirit beast. The Seagod’s Light could threaten sea spirit beasts, and naturally it would also be effective on his spirit ring energy. The Seagod’s Light was after all in itself a special energy form.

His spiritual force rushed into his golden trident brand without hesitation. Instantly, intense golden light poured out, enveloping all of Tang San’s body, as if he was plated in a layer of golden liquid.

With the appearance of the Seagod’s Light, the previously still extremely overbearing Evil Spirit Orca King spirit ring’s energy was like a flame doused in water, like ice on burning coal, and the pressure immediately reduced by a lot. The ruthless aura melted like ice and snow before the dignified Seagod’s Light.

With the Evil Spirit Orca King’s ruthless energy suppressed by the Seagod’s Light, Tang San could also finally slow his breathing, swiftly adjusting his Mysterious Heaven Skill inner force, he didn’t resist that Evil Spirit Orca King spirit ring’s formidable energy from the front, but rather but rather used the wave unloading force method he learned in the third trial to resist.

As the immense spirit ring energy launched its attack, while Tang San’s inner force offloaded the force, it absorbed the energy contained in that immense spirit power in bits and pieces in the process. After all, he was no longer at the seventieth rank like back when he risked absorbing the God Bestowed Spirit Ring. The eightieth rank made Tang San’s overall strength much more powerful than at that time, and after stabilizing the situation, the spirit ring absorption became a lot smoother. Even if the Evil Spirit Orca King’s spirit ring energy was still a very large threat to Tang San, along with the along with the constant force unloading and absorption, the strength difference between the two sides began to gradually tilt.

Seeing Tang San’s circumstances stabilize, everyone heaved a sigh of relief. Xiao Bai even used her domain to let Tang San absorb the spirit ring energy in an absolutely stable condition, freezing all the seawater around her, letting Tang San on her back sit as if on dry land.

Tang San with his whole body enveloped in Seagod’s Light was like a sun in the ocean, golden light radiated, his aura gradually grew even, and that constantly rushing out red energy also gradually calmed.

An hour later, Bai Chenxiang became the first to complete her absorption. A black fifth spirit ring joined her spirit ring formation. What made her indescribably pleasantly surprised was that, after obtaining the spirit ring, her spirit power directly climbed from fiftieth rank to fifty fifth. In fact, this year she was still only twenty years old. Reaching fifty fifth rank strength at such an age, let alone the Speed Clan, it was impressive in the whole spirit master world. Without considering the circumstances of the spirit’s own abilities, her present spirit power level was already equal to Spirit Hall’s golden generation back then.

However, making everyone somewhat regretful was that even searching all the Evil Spirit Orca corpses they still didn’t find a single spirit bone. This showed of low the rate of producing spirit bones was. Of course, their search didn’t include the Evil Spirit Orca King’s corpse near Tang San. A hundred thousand year spirit beast always produced a spirit bone, but this spirit bone also definitely belonged to Tang San.

They had waited for a long time, but the Shrek Seven Devils were still excited. This time, Tang San reaching eightieth rank in spirit power made the whole absorption process a lot easier. Drawing on the suppressing ability of the Seagod’s Light, after three days and three nights of great effort, he finally completed the whole process.

As that deep red light completely vanished, a dark red spirit bone broke out from the Evil Spirit orca King’s body, slowly floating over in front of Tang San.

That was a leg type spirit bone. Looking carefully, it was a left leg bone, precisely one of the spirit bones Tang San needed.

Chapter 239

(TL by Armored Raven)

The Evil Spirit Orca King’s dark red spirit bone was translucent. Seemingly made of amber, it seemed to have a dark red liquid churning within. It wasn’t radiating light, but rather it seemed to be instead engulfing the light from its surroundings. When the bone reached the position of the ankle, it had looks that were closer to that of an orca’s tailfin, rather than that of a human foot.

The golden trident brand on Tang San’s forehead suddenly unleashed a golden flash, which shone upon the Evil Spirit Orca King’s spirit bone.

The spirit bone, which seemed capable of engulfing the light of its surroundings, failed to drown out the light that symbolized the dignity of the seagod.

It struggled as it shuddered. It seemed as if it wanted to break free. However, basked within the seagod’s light, how could it have a chance to do so? It could only move closer to Tang San at a snail’s pace, guided by the golden light.

With a faint ‘DING’, Tang San’s spirit power erupted. Yellow, yellow, purple, black, black, red, red, red, eight spirit rings appeared simultaneously, and within the eight rings, there were three that could be classified as Hundred Thousand Year spirit rings in rank.

Hundred Thousand Year spirit rings were regarded as priceless treasures in the eyes of spirit masters, yet right now, Tang San possessed three by

himself. This was a terrifying spirit ring configuration! Even a Title Douluo would tremble before such a configuration.

At this moment, it was as if Tang San had become the center of the ocean, and as he released the light of the seagod, the indescribable magnificence once again made the Devil Spirit Great White Sharks lower their heads—even the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King Xiao Bai below Tang San was no exception.

This was a hundred thousand year old spirit bone. The spirit bone struggled futilely, but the light of the seagod didn’t give it any chance to escape. Tang San’s eyes slowly opened, and at that moment, everyone could see an enchanting golden light in his eyes.

He rose from Xiao Bai’s back, and his right foot stepped out abruptly. With a single step, he walked out upon the void above the surface of the sea just like that. The light of the seagod wrapped around him once more. He hadn’t used the silver blue spirit bone’s ability of flight, yet he’d still levitated—this was the performance of one whose spirit power had reached a certain stage.

As his right leg stepped forward, his left leg kicked out like lightning, straight towards the spirit bone. Even the Shrek Seven Devils could only see a blurring motion from Tang San’s leg. At the same time as he kicked out, Tang San’s newly obtained spirit ring released a bloody red right. The light focused on the left leg spirit bone. It was only a flash of movement. When Tang San retracted his left leg, the spirit bone that had been floating in mid-air was already gone.

BOOM——, the seagod’s light vanished. A vast amount of bloody red light lit up the skies, and a howl erupted from Tang San’s mouth, straight towards the clouds. The sea water under him rippled violently, which in turn spread out. Peculiarly, wherever the ripples reached, the originally heaving waves of the sea would calm down temporarily. It was like the calm surface of a lake.

With this, although the pressure from the spirit power still had a ways to go compared to the raging torrents of Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi’s spirit

power, Tang San’s streng

His scream lasted for seemingly forever, before slowly stopping. Tang San’s body slowly released miasma. At the same time, his body’s vitality, vigor, and spirit were one with the scream.

Dai Mubai couldn’t help but feel sentimental as he watched Tang San. He’d thought that, by getting recommendations from his black level six exams, his spirit power would catch up to Tang San’s. But from the looks of things, he feared that he’d never have the chance to catch up to Tang San again, as whether it was spirit power, spirit rings, or spirit bones, Tang San had already surpassed them in every way. Strangely, Dai Mubai didn’t harbor any jealousy towards Tang San; he only had envy, for he knew that Tang San’s power had come from efforts several times stronger than theirs.

Tang San’s glow faded along with his long howl, and he floated back down to Xiao Bai’s back again. Now he looked like he’d become energized, both of his eyes returning to their dark blue color, the magnificent golden radiance dissipating. Only the golden trident brand on his forehead left an indistinguishable impression.

“I’ve kept you waiting, everyone.” Taking in a deep breath, the first thing that entered Tang San’s eyes was Xiao Wu, who was leaning on Ning Rongrong’s shoulder. Feeling excited, he felt like he was getting closer to Xiao Wu’s resurrection. ‘Xiao Wu, you’re about to return to my side for real’, he thought.

Ning Rongrong spoke, “Ge, you’re not even 24 years old. Compared to you, Spirit Hall’s golden generation or whatever are just trash.”

Tang San smiled and said, “They’re not our opponents. It’s the entirety of Spirit Hall that are.”

Dai Mubai said, “Little San, what level has your spirit power reached?
A Hundred Thousand Year spirit ring should’ve let you raise it.”

Tang San nodded. “I’ve already reached level 83, and am nearing level 84.”

Dai Mubai, Oscar, and Ma Hongjun all looked each other in the eyes without speaking a word. Level 83... this number that had once been regarded by everyone as untouchable, had actually appeared in Tang San right now. How could they not be agitated?

Tang San continued, “Boss, you should also have reached level 79 with the fourth trial’s reward, right? Keep it up, and you’ll reach level 80 soon.”

Dai Mubai said, “Well, we’ll have to pass our fifth trial first. You should check out what yours is. You haven’t seen it yet, right? I’m afraid that this time, our on-the-spot trials are a bit different.”

When Tang San heard the reminder, he immediately focused his spirit power into the golden trident brand. The contents of the fifth trial instantly appeared in his mind. Even though his power had improved by leaps and bounds, he couldn’t help but stare at everyone speechlessly, a dumbstruck expression on his face, as the contents of his trial were presented.

When Oscar saw the dumbstruck Tang San, he asked, “Little San, what does your trial exam consist of?”

Tang San looked at his friends with a wry smile, and told them the contents of his exam clearly, “Seagod’s Nine Trials, Fifth Trial. Challenge: Sacred Pillar Protector. Countdown starts upon challenging the first protector. Must finish all challenges within 72 hours. Cleared upon defeating all seven sacred pillar protectors.”

72 hours, which meant three days. Everyone spoke unanimously, “Defeat seven Title Douluos within three days?”

Tang San had been speechless for a moment when he got his exam as well. “Perhaps it’s like this, if we consider the fact that the fourth trial was related to group strength, then the fifth trial should be about individual strength. What are the contents of your trials?”

Dai Mubai let out a sigh. “I thought that our fifth trials were twisted enough, but compared to your fifth trial, it’s nothing. The fifth trial, with

an intent towards testing individual strength, has Zhuqing, Little Ao, Fatty, and I. Each of us have to defeat a Title Douluo, while Rongrong has to participate in all four of our battles separately, in order to give us buffs. Therefore, all four of us must pass our trials’, so that she can pass as well.”

Tang San muttered, “Is there a limit to the amount of times you can try?”

Dai Mubai shook his head, “No, it should be the same as our previous exams. If we succeed at our trials within one year, we’ll pass. Although, the difference in our spirit ranks and a Title Douluo’s is extreme. But, with the best spirit ring configuration, and Rongrong’s buffs, I think that with enough preparation, even Little Ao can pass with a few more tries.”

Tang San shook his head and said, “I’m afraid it’s not as simple as you think. You’ve probably forgotten, but we won’t be challenging just any Title Douluos. They’re Sea Douluos as well.”

When they heard what Tang San said, everyone’s face changed color. Indeed, when they’d thought about the fifth trial’s Title Douluos before, they’d forgotten an extremely important point. As they thought of the locations that the seven sacred pillars occupied, they realized that they’d undoubtedly be the most strategically advantageous locations for the Sea Douluos. To battle them where they had the most benefit—it’d be incredibly difficult.

Tang San said, Don’t get too worried everyone. We still have time, so let’s plan carefully after we get back. Great work, Xiao Bai. Let’s head back.”

Waves of spirit energy spread out from Xiao Bai to the surrounding Great White Spirit Sharks swiftly. Under Xiao Bai’s guidance, they returned to where they’d come from as fast as the wind.

Meanwhile, the Shrek Seven Devils hadn’t just passed the fourth trial. They’d also obtained the Great White Spirit Sharks’ friendship, in the truest sense of the word, and with their help, they quickly wiped out the Orcas. No

matter if they were Xiao Bai, or were her clanspeople, they were all excited, and got more intimate with the Shrek Seven Devils.

Seawater flowed under him as Tang San closed his eyes. He felt his strength change again as his spirit energy coursed through his body. His spirit level had gone past 80 levels, and had entered the realm of Spirit Douluos. He had three large Hundred Thousand Year spirit rings, and five spirit bones. Tang San felt confident about his upcoming fifth exam. Even though his opponents would be Sea Douluos, he was sure that he had enough prowess to overcome this challenge. This fifth trial was no doubt the most fitting test for his newfound powers.

“Tang San, do you need my help?” Xiao Bai’s voice came from underneath him. At Xiao Bai’s insistence, she became Tang San and Xiao Wu’s seat on the way back, which didn’t affect the quick travel in any way.

“Help?” Tang San looked confusedly at Xiao Bai underneath him, “You’re saying that you’ll help us undergo actual combat training like in the second trial?”

Xiao Bai spoke, “Back then, when you were in the second trial, I received the trial’s regulations, so I couldn’t attack you. But now, I can control the amount of power I release. Don’t forget that I’m a sea spirit beast, and I have a good deal of understanding towards the Sea Douluos of the seven sacred pillars. Theoretically, I can emulate their different levels of strength so that you can train. This way, when you battle them for real, you’ll have it easier.”

Tang San replied happily, “That’s great. Thanks a lot, Xiao Bai.”

Xiao Bai said, “Don’t thank me in a hurry. I have to make something clear. You can’t use that mystical bottle against me.”

“Mystical bottle?” Tang San stared blankly, not quite aware what Xiao Bai was referring to.

Xiao Bai replied hurriedly, “It’s that bottle you killed evil orcas with. It’s too terrifying. I don’t want to become a sacrifice to it.”

Once he’d heard what she had to say, Tang San understood what Xiao Bai was worrying about. He chuckled, “Relax. How could I use that against you? You’re our friend. Besides, that thing might look mystical, but it’s just a matter of me using it correctly. If prepared, even a normal Ten Thousand Year sea spirit beast wouldn’t necessarily fall victim to it, let alone a strong one like you.”

Soon, escorted by the Great White Spirit Sharks, everyone returned to Seagod Island. The fourth exam could be said to have used the least amount of everyone’s time, and it was one that everyone had had the easiest time with. Everyone had had various amounts of gains, and the thing with the greatest cause for celebration was everyone’s rising spirit power levels. Tang San had even gotten his eighth spirit ring.

Things gone on for a while at sea. It felt wonderful when they stepped onto solid land once more. The promise between Xiao Bai and everyone was that, three days later, after she lead her own clan into the sea to deal with the aftermath, she’d train with everyone. After all, they’d also received casualties from this battle.

A blue sea and silver sands. Gazing at the beautiful scenery where the sky and the water meet, the seven devils sat upon the soft beach and meditated for three months. They’d taken just a few days to complete the fourth trial, therefore everyone’s mood was great. Even if the fifth trial would be more difficult, they’d already built up enough confidence after going through so much.

Tang San should’ve been the one most excited, but when he looked at Xiao Wu on his shoulder, he couldn’t make himself. The day that Xiao Wu would be resurrected was approaching, but the closer that got, the greater that his heart’s anxiety grew. With every day that Xiao Wu hadn’t resurrected, he wouldn’t be at ease. ……

BOOM——. Golden explosions turned into countless rays of light that peppered the skies, and six massive golden wings spread outwards from her back, with a burst gold from her body. The rays of light flowed through the wings on her back instantaneously, like rivers flowing into a sea, as they turned into solid energy.

Floating in mid-air, Qian Renxue closed her eyes and put both palms together in front of her chest. A sacred aura enveloped her already noble presence, giving her a lofty impression.

Qian Daoliu stood quietly at a distance, watching his granddaughter who was substituting the sunlight, with eyes full of satisfaction.

Qian Renxue opened her eyes. Her pupils had turned completely golden. On her forehead, there was a mystical golden flame brand that was pulsing.

“Grandpa, I passed the fifth exam. My angelic affinity has risen to 40 percent.”

Qian Daoliu smiled, “Your foundations run deep. That’s why you’ve been able to pass five exams in just a few years. The sixth exam will still be easy, but the last three will be harder than ‘hard’ can express. You should be mentally prepared.”

Qian Renxue’s eyes glimmered with determination, “No matter how hard it might be, I’ll make it. Now I just want to know what my sixth exam consists of. When I pass this exam, I’ll worry about the final three.”

Qian Daoliu’s eyes shone, “Very good. No arrogance or impatience. The appearance of these nine exams wasn’t only due to luck. It not only means that you have frightening talent and mentality, but also that the seraphim senses mortal danger. Only when you reach 100 percent affinity with the seraphim will you have the power to destroy your enemies and uphold angelic glory. Your sixth exam is to last the time it takes for a stick of incense to burn under my attacks. The time limit, one year.”

Regardless of how resolute Qian Renxue’s eyes were, when she heard what Qian Daoliu said, even her radiant face changed color.

Qian Daoliu didn’t give her any further explanation. Golden flames instantly rose from beneath his feet. Nine dazzling rings followed the large golden wings that spread from his back. With his right hand raised, the center of his palm seemed to have a golden eye. An incandescent light burst

forth. The next moment, Qian Renxue’s body was blown a hundred meters away by a strong pillar of light, and had blood pouring out profusely.

“Remember. I will show no mercy. If you can’t withstand this, recover and try again.”


At Supreme Pontiff Hall, Bibi Dong stood atop a large balcony. From here, she could overlook the 270 degree scenery under the mountain. The only thing that she couldn’t see was Douluo Hall, which stood higher behind.

As if sensing something, her eyes suddenly turned a purplish-black color. What originally had been a noble and holy air was seemingly destroyed by this purplish-black light. Her eyes swept in all directions, before her head was raised slowly. A magic brand slowly appeared on her forehead. Her originally peerless face instantly turned vicious.

Turning quickly, the door behind her opened without even being touched by the wind. Before she entered the door, one could vaguely see her body expand to a terrifying height of five meters, and her lower body get even more massive. Unleashing an utterly terrifying purplish-black aura, she released spirit rings which were different than the nine she’d show before others. Currently she was showing six black and one red. Seven abstruse spirit rings.


Fifteen meters above the aquamarine seawater, a slender figure tumbled through the air. Under him, a large white figure soundlessly changed shape. A massive shark tail over two meters wide swung up, as if launched from a great bow. At that instant, a greyish-blue light with the same form as the shark tail shot out and expanded in the sky, straight towards the tumbling figure.

When the figure that was tumbling in midair was about to get caught by the light of the shark tail, a strong red light suddenly burst forth from the

figure’s left leg as he curled up his whole body. Immediately after that, his left leg shot out like a whip.

WOO——, a low pitched yet fierce roar actually came from his leg, and, like a razor, a dark red light shot out like a giant battle axe falling from the skies. It crashed into the greyish-blue light of the shark tail, like the sky falling.


An unparalleled loud explosion took place in mid-air…… The two massive energies burst into a force that could create giant waves, which rose up more than thirty meters high. When the waves receded, the sea already had a new giant whirlpool, whose diameter was up to twenty meters.

The white figure was pulled from the sea by the great force, and flipped around in the air, before crashing into the seas again. Judging by its shape, it should be none other than the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King Xiao Bai.

Yet the tiny figure in mid-air kept raising its altitude, its left leg consecutively sending out waves of red light, like sharp daggers meant to cut apart the massive shockwave. His body then squeezed through a small crack in the shockwave like a swimming fish.

Slamming out from the opposite direction.

It was clear now that the figure in the air was actually completely blue and gold colored, and in the counterattack, countless blue and gold beams burst out with his body’s two yellow, one purple, two black, and three red spirit rings, which were enough prove his identity as Tang San.

Tang San’s bright eighth spirit ring shone suddenly, causing his body and the beams of blue and gold to turn red. With the rotations of his body, every beam carried a red tint, and as the curtain of beams spread out, they swiftly covered the range of seawater within a hundred meters.

A strange sight appeared. The seawater actually froze when enveloped in the red beam curtain, separating it from the seawater outside, down to a depth of more than a hundred meters, surrounding Xiao Bai who’d crashed into the water inside. And in this instant, the red tinted seawater froze up. It turned jewel-like with extreme clarity, and colorful reflections like that of a mirror. Tang San’s surrounding beams then rotated around him, forming a blood colored wheel in the air, contrasting him.

Faintly smiling, Tang San looked at the giant frozen red crystal, and took no further action. He just waited silently, like he could see the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King Xiao Bai locked within the frozen water, like it was something weird.

Time passed for almost half a stick of incense to burn. A series of explosions happened within the red crystal, cracks spreading from within. Within the time of three deep breaths, a ‘PENG’ rang out, and the giant red crystal shattered into a diamond-like dust. Xiao Bai also managed to struggle free, flipping into the seawater. Instantly accelerating, she leapt several hundred meters, then looked up at Tang San in mid-air.

“Enough, I’m not gonna fight with you, you freak, anymore.” Xiao Bai’s voice of discontent came from far away.

Tang San turned to where she’d moved, withdrew the blood red light wheel surrounding him and the blue and silver, and then smiled, “How come?”

Xiao Bai fumed, “I really don’t know whether letting you take the Orca King’s spirit ring and spirit bone was a good thing or a bad thing. Its abilities counter me exactly. Although your spirit energy still can’t compare to mine, these techniques are just too annoying. Can’t you use something else?”

Tang San let out a laugh, “Xiao Bai, during battles, of course we have to use the most effective techniques!”

Xiao Bai murmured, “I admit it, you’re a real freak. Fine. Three Hundred Thousand Year spirit rings, and three out five of your spirit bones are also Hundred Thousand Year ones. Adding the might of the Seagod’s light, even with the great sea, I’d have a hard time winning against you. I’m afraid I’m already out of your league on land, so I seriously think that you can complete your mission now. Three days is a short time, but at your level of freakishness, it’s not impossible to win against those seven fellows. I’m not gonna train with you, because if you weren’t holding back, I wouldn’t be able to come back in one piece.”

Tang San looked at Xiao Bai’s defeated face and consoled her, “Alright, then I won’t look for you to train with. But you shouldn’t feel bad. After all, you didn’t lose to me, but rather your natural predator!”

“Ptooie, ptooie, ptooie. Just scram, I’m not gonna play with you.” After saying that, Xiao Bai left downheartedly, and went deep into the sea in a few strokes.

Watching her terrifying speed, Tang San sighed in his mind. Xiao Bai was indeed the overlord of the sea. He noted that he could now suppress her in terms of powers. But in actuality, if it were a matter of life and death, she just had to rely on speed in the sea, and fight a moving battle until his spirit power ran out. At that point, how would he be able to win against her? The sea was her best battlefield!

Flying to the shore, Tang San saw his companions gazing at him helplessly. He scratched his head somewhat embarrassed, “I didn’t mean to anger Xiao Bai, but she said that we should be able to complete the mission now.”

Dai Mubai, Oscar, Ma Hongjun, Ning Rongrong, and Zhu Zhuqing looked at Tang San’s awkward state, and all unanimously said, “Freak.”

“Urk…..” Tang San was stunned for a bit, but quickly replaced his expression with a slightly evil smile.

“I think it’s like this. My strength shouldn’t be worse than a normal Title Douluo’s. Since your fifth trial is to face them as opponents, and

Xiao Bai doesn’t want to train with us anymore, let me help cover up for your losses.”

While he was saying this, Tang San’s shoulders moved slightly. His bones made a series of cracking sounds. It wasn’t without rhythm, instead they were like the collisions of stones, like the pleasant sounds of a traditional dulcimer.

Along with Tang San constantly training his body, he’d gradually spread Mysterious Jade Hand’s skills throughout his body. Right now, he was displaying the fact that he’d trained his body to the point of his bones being like jade. This stage was what he’d achieved upon obtaining the eighth spirit ring, after getting past the 80th spirit rank. Although his bones couldn’t achieve the same durability as his Mysterious Jade Hand, he was already getting close, and he had a terrifying resistance towards impacts.

When he looked at Tang San’s evil smile, Dai Mubai also smiled and nodded, “That isn’t a bad idea. But, I have a question Little San.”

“What?” Tang San asked.

Dai Mubai pointed at himself, Oscar, and the others, “Do you intend to duel the five of us? Or are you letting us team up against you?”

Tang San was expressionless, “Boss Dai, is there any difference?”

Dai Mubai tilted his head, and purple light shot from his evil eyes, “It doesn’t seem like there’s any difference... so are we starting now?”

Tang San smiled a little and said, “That’s fine. Let’s do it.”

From this, it was Dai Mubai’s turn to be stunned, “Little San, you’re really going to fight all of us together?”

Tang San replied, “Is there a problem? Let’s begin.” As soon as he finished speaking, he didn’t give them a chance to speak again. Blueish- gold rays had already sprung forth.

Blue-Silver Domain’s Boundless Nature. Once activated, the surroundings would instantly turn into a blue and gold color. One should note that, although it was near the seaside, Seagod Island’s plants were still numerous. The Five Devils were almost surrounded by the shadows of the trees in an instant, as everything became like a mirage. Meanwhile, they could feel a sudden robbing of their life force from the nearby plants. The strength of Tang San’s domains had become even more freakish since he’d passed spirit level 80.

Dai Mubai shouted, “Assemble.”

But before his words had ended, a muffled moan came from beside him, surprising him. He turned his head to look.

The one who’d moaned was Oscar. No one knew when, but a blueish golden figure had appeared behind him. A powerful large blueish golden hand was clasping his cheeks, while another hand grasped Oscar’s hands. The clone mirror sausage that was near his mouth couldn’t be eaten.

“Sleep for a while.” Tang San’s voice rang next to Oscar’s ear. He wanted to resist, but even with more than 70 levels of spirit energy, if he couldn’t eat the clone mirror sausage, he was just a food spirit master with a somewhat buff body. No matter how well built his body was, who could match up to Tang San?

A gentle spirit stabbed into Oscar’s mind. His body fell limp in Tang San’s embrace.

Dai Mubai’s large fist landed at this moment. He didn’t take Oscar back, choosing to save him by slugging Tang San’s head, and attacking when the enemy was stuck defending. This was the best way to save Oscar.

Zhu Zhuqing turned into a phantom and jumped in from the side as well. Dark rays headed towards Tang San’s waist. One should know that Tang San’s five spirit bones were a skull, external spirit bone, right arm bone, and both leg bones. These five spots naturally had the highest defense, while a waist is a person’s center. Once the impact to the waist took place, it would achieve an effect of disorientation, after which Tang San’s strength would

greatly decrease. The Blue Silver Domain’s weakening effect would increase as time dragged on. If their full strength wasn’t used now, then they’d have an even harder time later.

Zhu Zhuqing and Dai Mubai’s attacks all landed on Tang San. They thought that Tang San would definitely be able to dodge, but this way, Oscar, who he’d just taken control of, would definitely be rescued. Thus, Tang San took the two’s attacks head on. However, whilst taking on the attacks, his body had an extra layer of golden light. It was Xiao Wu’s spirit bone ability, Invincible Golden Body taking effect.

Eardrum-piercing grinding sounds and low-pitched colliding sounds echoed. Tang San just shook his upper body, but at the same time, the unconscious Oscar was taken into his storage belt. Poor Oscar couldn’t even release his clone, before he was taken out of the battlefield completely.

In the next moment, Tang San’s body disappeared again, teleportating

“Fatty, protect Rongrong!” Dai Mubai shouted while shaking his body. His seventh spirit ring shone, releasing his spirit avatar, turning him into a giant white tiger. Together with Zhu Zhuqing, they lept straight towards Ma Hongjun and Ning Rongrong.

Meanwhile, Ning Rongrong had already completed her spirit avatar, and Ma Hongjun didn’t need Dai Mubai’s reminder to realize her importance. Ning Rongrong’s buffing ability was no doubt everyone’s trump card to defeating Tang San, as Oscar had lost to Tang San’s sneak attack. Ning Rongrong couldn’t be lost, while both Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing couldn’t be easily taken out by Tang San in a short time.

Ma Hongjun waited as Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing hurried to substitute him in protecting Ning Rongrong. This way he could also display his own spirit avatar, and thereby use his Phoenix Domain. His domain was different from Tang San’s. Tang San’s two great domains were innate domains, while Ma Hongjun’s Phoenix Territory actually came from the Ten-headed Ardent Yang Serpent’s neidan. Hence, he could only use it when in his spirit avatar state.

Fire is the bane of wood. Although Tang San’s Blue Silver Domain had fire immunity, Ma Hongjun was aware that if he could put up his Phoenix Territory, then he could at least guarantee that the Blue Silver Domain’s effects would be kept to a minimum for the four of them. Fighting against Tang San would be much easier as a result.

However, wishes are wishes, yet often can’t be realized. Indeed, the Shrek Five Devils’ strength were just as powerful. Dai Mubai was already close to level 80, but not only had Tang San’s spirit power gone up in just these few months from training with Xiao Bai, from past level 83 after obtaining his eighth spirit ring to breaking through into the eighty fourth rank, more importantly, as the soul of the team, his understanding of the others was far too deep.

The illusionary blueish-gold figure appeared once again, but didn’t attack Ning Rongrong, as Dai Mubai had predicted. He soundlessly appeared next to Zhu Zhuqing’s side.

Chapter 240

Zhu Zhuqing reacted quite quickly, after transforming into her spirit form Hell Civet, she had a reaction ability close to precognition. She swiftly rolled towards Dai Mubai’s side.

Dai Mubai didn’t react slowly either. On discovering Zhu Zhuqing was ambushed, his enormous White Tiger Avatar directly charged, he firmly believed that if Tang San was given a few more breaths of time, he he would have a chance to catch Zhu Zhuqing. Consequently, he unhesitatingly chose to merge with Zhu Zhuqing, launching the spirit fusion ability Hell White Tiger. This was an important weapon for them to defeat Tang San. After fusing, their attributes rose substantially, and naturally wouldn’t fear Tang San’s sneak attacks. Even Xiao Bai had no way to harm them in their Hell White Tiger state, let alone Tang San with spirit power still below Xiao Bai’s.

However, no matter how fast their reaction, they were still a beat slower than Tang San with the initiative. A blue light shot out from between Tang San’s eyebrows, deftly enveloping Zhu Zhuqing. Not only did it block her from rolling sideways, it also firmly confined her within. At the same time that triangular blue light also just blocked the several lines of light Ning Rongrong sent over to rescue. Dai Mubai’s enormous body knocked against it, but separated by that layer of blue light, not only was Zhu Zhu Zhuqing unable to start the spirit fusion ability with him, she was even knocked away by his collision.

This blue light was one of the previous Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud’s four great abilities, Vast Sea Stasis, now become Tang San’s head bone ability.

Watching Zhu Zhuqing enveloped in the Vast Sea Stasis field being knocked flying by Dai Mubai, Tang San gave a laugh, “Thanks, boss Dai.”

Light flashed. The surrounding blue golden forest changed irregularly, and the scene before the eyes of Dai Mubai’s quartet grew indistinct, making them unable to see each other.

Reddish golden light spread out in an instant, and the landscape that had just puzzled Dai Mubai grew clear again. It was the release of Ma Hongjun’s Phoenix Domain. Seeing Zhu Zhuqing attacked by Tang San, Ma Hongjun finally couldn’t hold back, transforming into the Seven Headed Fire Phoenix and releasing his domain. His domain was released just right, breaking open the illusion within a twenty meter range. Swiftly guarding Ning Rongrong and gathering together with Dai Mubai. But Zhu Zhuqing caught by the Vast Sea Stasis barrier was like a grey goose flying in the dark, completely unseen. Clearly Tang San had already brought her out of this twenty meter range while Fatty released the domain.

Tang San and Zhu Zhuqing one vs one. There was no need to wonder about the outcome.

Whether Dai Mubai, Ma Hongjun or Ning Rongrong, their hearts all sank. They had originally thought that no matter how strong Tang San was, if the five of them focused their strength, they would still definitely be able to beat him easily. With the five mutually adding their fighting strength, there was no doubt that they were stronger than Tang San alone. However, after the battle truly started, it had far exceeded their imagination.

The Blue Silver Domain their group had relied on in the past was turned against them, just that was painful, moreover Tang San’s innumerable succession of techniques gave them even more of a headache. In just a few eyeblinks, only three remained of the five.

All kinds of Ning Rongrong’s support abilities were quickly used on Ma Hongjun and Dai Mubai. Both were spirit masters with tremen

Elegant nine colored light spread from Ning Rongrong, filling a range of twenty meters, just enveloping the three of them within. They could see everything outside, but it wasn’t possible to see through this fantastical nine colored light mist from the outside. This was Ning Rongrong’s head bone subsidiary domain, Illusion Space.

The Illusion Space plus the Phoenix Domain could finally count as having counteracted the threat of the Blue Silver Domain. Of course, it was only within this twenty meter range.

“Boss, what do we do?” Ma Hongjun asked Dai Mubai softly.

Dai Mubai spoke in a low voice: “There’s no way to guard against all of little San’s abilities. If we want to defeat him, we first of all heave to break out of this Blue Silver Domain. With the help of so many plants, his domain will definitely last longer than us. Fatty, we’ll focus our attacks on one spot and see if we can’t split open little San’s domain. We have Rongrong’s full strength boost, our total spirit power should exceed little San. It should be possible to temporarily break through the domain. Once we’ve rushed out, we’ll attack with our full strength, we won’t give him the chance to release the domain. Rongrong, we break through the domain, you use Illusion Space to trap little San. Make him unable to communicate with the surrounding plants.”

Ning Rongrong smiled wryly: “Let’s try and see. The gap in spiritual force between me and Tang San is too wide. I might not be able to hold him.”

Dai Mubai was also a seasoned veteran, he knew well that he couldn’t despair at this time, or there would be no need to continue this battle. Drawing a deep breath, he shared a look with Ma Hongjun in Seven Headed Fire Phoenix form, and started to release his spirit power under Ning Rongrong’s full strength support.

“White Tiger, Annihilation—— Kill——” “Phoenix, Cloud—— Piercing—— Strike——”

Dai Mubai and Ma Hongjun had cooperated for years, and the two simultaneously launched their attacks directly at one point on the Blue Silver Domain’s Boundless Nature outside. With Ning Rongrong’s eighty percent boost ability, each of their attacks already surpassed Tang San. Even more when they purely attacked one point, plus each of their own boost abilities, even a ninety fifth ranked Title Douluo might not dare take it.

A strange scene appeared, just as their attacks left the twenty meter range of the Illusion Space and Phoenix Domain, suddenly, all the surrounding golden blue completely disappeared. Disappeared without any warning. Their incomparably overbearing attacks shot straight at the ocean, entering the sea in the blink of an eye, raising close to fifty meter high giant waves and surging steam.

“And Little San?” Dai Mubai was dumbfounded. Not only was there no collision between their attacks and the Blue Silver Domain, even after his and Ma Hongjun’s attacks hit the sea, the surrounding beach was as empty as nothing, where was there a trace of Tang San?

“Don’t tell me third brother escaped just before?” Ma Hongjun said somewhat incredulously.

“Escaped your face.” Ma Hongjun still hadn’t finished speaking before he already heard Tang San’s voice behind him. Ma Hongjun only felt his back tingle, the effect of Tang San’s amassed power. He urged his Seven Headed Fire Phoenix Avatar to dash forward to hide, practically without hesitation.

“Rongrong, keep little Ao company.” Tang San’s silhouette appeared next to Ning Rongrong, and before she could react, Tang San’s right hand was already pressed to her forehead. At the same time a mental attack shot out, and even with a certain amount of protection from Ning Rongrong’s Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda energy, compared to Tang San’s Boundless level spiritual force, she really was too far away. Groaning, she fell into Tang San’s arms.

From removing the Blue Silver Domain, and Ma Hongjun and Dai Mubai’s attacks killing empty air, to Tang San subduing ning Rongrong,

only two breaths of time had passed. Tang San’s Blue Silver Domain hadn’t collided with Dai Mubai and Ma Hongjun’s attacks, so he naturally wouldn’t suffer any attack. But having used their full strength to launch attacks, the two were in a state of old strength having left, and still not replaced with new strength. The will to turn and help Ning Rongrong was there, but the strength was not. Ma Hongjun was even scared off by Tang San and had flown off several dozen meters.

Ning Rongrong’s boost disappeared, and as Ma Hongjun and Dai Mubai rushed back, Tang San had already pulled her along and flown up. Back in midair he stuffed ning Rongrong into his Wishful Hundred Treasures Purse.

A hundred or more Blue Silver Emperor blossomed from Tang San, pursuing and attacking Ma Hongjun. Tang San gave a calm smile, his left leg whipping out, suddenly producing a razor blade of red light, forcibly sending Fatty in Spirit Avatar form spinning several turns in the air.

Without waiting for Dai Mubai to pounce, Tang San’s eighth spirit ring already flashed, the red wheel of light appeared again. But this time it didn’t solidify the sea or the air, but rather released circles of blood colored light, instantly enveloping Dai Mubai and Ma Hongjun.

The two were stunned in practically the same moment. This was the other ability of Tang San’s eighth spirit ring.

Turning around, Tang San threw himself towards the stunned Ma Hongjun. In midair, an enormous spiderweb already sprayed out, tangling around the Seven Headed Fire Phoenix. The fire immune Blue Silver Grass basically wouldn’t fear the scorching hot phoenix flame protecting him.

And at the same time another figure had already separated from Tang San, an illusory silhouette floating over behind Dai Mubai with a flicker, a long scorpion braid whipped out, tangling around Dai Mubai’s neck. The illusion tossed, and the next moment, Dai Mubai was already in the air. It was Tang San’s sixth spirit ability, Nothingness, Burst Kill Eight Stage Drop.

As Ma Hongjun awoke from unconsciousness, what he saw was eight dazzling golden lances pointing at eight vital spots on his body, and what he felt was a spiderweb closely restraining his body.

Dai Mubai was even more miserable than him, when he came to he only felt his surroundings flash past. His body was constantly flung around high and far. Of course, Xiao Wu’s soul form illusion wouldn’t really smash him on the ground, but at this moment he and Ma Hongjun both understood that they had already lost this fight. Lost it so thoroughly. Tang San didn’t even have Xiao Wu’s soul return to her body to fight, but still easily defeated them.

From start to finish, the whole battle had taken less than five minutes. As Dai Mubai and Ma Hongjun safely landed on the ground, the effects of all attacks removed, the two were already lifeless. An intense feeling of defeat filled their hearts, especially that feeling of clearly having strength but being unable to use it made them even more depressed.

Tang San didn’t speak, only fishing out Ning Rongrong, Zhu Zhuqing and Oscar from his Wishful Hundred Treasures Purse, then finally also brought out Xiao Wu, holding her close.

Ning Rongrong and Zhu Zhuqing were the same, after coming to they both stood there lifelessly, not uttering a word.

But as Oscar woke up, he couldn’t help saying: “Fuck me, little San, you’re too despicable. You actually sneak attacked me.”

Dai Mubai snapped: “Little Ao, is this your first day out? Will the enemy warn you ahead of time? Don’t forget that we were five against little San alone.”

Oscar paused, looking startled at these four companions with dejected expressions, and cried out: “You couldn’t have lost, right? With Rongrong’s powerful support, boss Dai’s powerful body, Fatty’s scarily explosive strength, and Zhuqing’s speed. You all together actually couldn’t defeat little San? Boss Dai, you and Zhuqing didn’t use the Hell White Tiger?”

Zhu Zhuqing sighed softly, “Third brother basically didn’t give us the chance to use it.”

Dai Mubai’s gaze changed somewhat. Looking at Tang San, he said in a low voice: “Little San, tell us, why?”

Tang San naturally understood what he wanted to ask, but didn’t directly speak. Rather his gaze swept past the five companions in front of him. Once everyone’s attention was on him, he calmly said: “The reason is very simple: because because you didn’t show your true strength against my attacks. I exploited my familiarity with everyone, each attack hitting where it hurt. If you could be a bit cautious and careful, I wouldn’t be able to defeat you so easily. Indeed, the five of you together are absolutely stronger than me. However, you’ve forgotten one thing. That is that one person will be more flexible than five people. My strength alone is higher than any one of you, if you are unable to effectively join together to resist me, then even if you’re somewhat prepared, you still won’t have much of a chance.”

Speaking, Tang San raised his hand to point at Oscar, “My first target was little Ao. Because I understand that, with inertia of thinking, you would inevitably believe that my first target would be Rongrong who has no fighting strength, and so you would pay even more attention to her. But you still neglected that Little Ao isn’t much stronger than Rongrong before he has eaten a clone mirror sausage. Little Ao, do you know what your mistake was? Even if you instantly ate your clone mirror sausage, you didn’t look for your comrades’ protection beforehand. When I instead had already used teleportation to attack you, you should have some contingency plan. If you had first used your spirit bone Clone ability to create a clone, and then eaten the clone mirror sausage, you would have had at least a fifty percent chance of escaping my attack.”

Oscar nodded, “It really was my mistake. I didn’t expect your first target would be me either. At that time I still wanted to eat a clone mirror sausage and go guard Rongrong.”

Tang San sternly said: “Since your sausage spirit rose to the seventieth rank, you already possess extremely potent fighting strength. You can

even clone a hundred percent of someone’s abilities to fight for ten minutes. However, there’s one point I have to warn you of. Your greatest weakness is in the brief time before you’ve eaten the clone mirror sausage. This time you were the weakest. In this respect, if you can think of some way to make up for it, it will make your weakness even smaller. Otherwise, as long as it’s an opponent somewhat familiar with your spirit, they will think of some way to not give you the chance to eat the clone mirror sausage.”

Oscar nodded in deep thought, hanging his head to contemplate, pondering a way to improve himself.

Tang San’s gaze next turned to Zhu Zhuqing and Dai Mubai, “You also equally made mistakes. After I dealt with little Ao, you wanted to return to help Rongrong. However, you forgot about one thing. Even if Rongrong’s boost ability is powerful, it still won’t immediately give you the strength to beat me. Among the five of you, the only one with the strength to instantly smash me is the Hell White Tiger. Therefore, from the start of the battle, you should have moved hand in hand, maintaining a physical link. Like that, even if I used the domain abilities, I still wouldn’t have been able to directly seal you. With the Hell White Tiger there, you had a chance to win. If you had held hands at that time, then my Cosmic Stasis Field could only have enveloped both of you, and with the Hell White Tiger’s strength you would also completely have been able to break out. Moreover, Zhuqing, you didn’t react fast enough. While in a spirit avatar state, as an agility type Spirit Master, there should never have been a moment when you stopped, you should have constantly been in high speed motion, exploiting everything in the surroundings, including your companions to shield your figure. The greatest characteristics of the agility attack type spirit master is formidable attack power and speed, but defensive strength is her weakness. If you let the opponent lock onto you, then if at that time I didn’t use the Vast Sea Stasis Field, but rather the Blue Silver Overlord Spear, you would very possibly already have been seriously injured.”

“Mubai, after Zhuqing was caught, your mind was a bit chaotic. To the extent that you again and again made mistakes in the following battle.

Even if you were deeply within my Blue Silver Domain Boundless Nature, relying on Rongrong’s domain was enough to protect you. Let alone with Fatty there. With these you still had a chance to stay on even footing. But you and Fatty launched all out attacks to break open my domain. Even if this really had a probability for success, don’t forget that I’m a control type spirit master, my control over my own abilities is considerable, that’s why I removed the domain at the same time as you attacked. If I wanted, I could completely have reinstated the domain when you had attacked. At that time, you would no longer have stood a chance.”

Listening to Tang San’s analysis, Dai Mubai sighed, “Little San, you’re right, the five of us made this and that mistake one after another. However, you also overlooked some things. It’s not about whether we could cooperate, but rather because we didn’t have you to command. It’s now I discover that we are so dependant on your commands. Without you to take command between us just now, we couldn’t even display fifty percent of our strength. But when you’re there, we can very possibly even show one hundred twenty percent strength.”

Tang San looked at Dai Mubai, his eyes revealing a pondering light. Indeed, everyone were always together, and his companions really did depend on him a lot. Moreover, as the team’s only control type spirit master, he had the effect of a mediator, an extremely important position.

Tang San smiled slightly: “Actually you don’t have to be discouraged. Just now was also because you were unprepared. If you’d prepared in advance, as long as you adopted a tactic stable guarding and countering, you would still have had a major chance to defeat me. The reason you had no way to catch me was because I have too many dodging abilities, whether teleportation, Invincible Golden Body or Blue Silver Barrier, they can all help me quickly leave the battlefield. And you had no abilities to control the initiative. Therefore, having me stay still is very difficult.”

Dai Mubai grinned: “If Xiao Wu had been on our side, you wouldn’t have stood a chance.”

Tang San looked somewhat dumbfounded at Dai Mubai, “Boss, you still want to make it six on one?”

Dai Mubai said grandiosely: “For a freak like you, six on one isn’t anything impossible. Your Invincible Golden Body only works three times. Just as you said, as long as we use tactics of stable defense and countering, taking turns to rest, it’s impossible for your domains to continue indefinitely. And your Vast Sea Stasis Field is useless to our Fatty. Our burst attack strength is formidable, and if you want to catch us, your spiritual force is also bound to take considerable blows. And you will definitely pause when launching abilities. As long as you give us one chance to let Xiao Wu approach you with teleportation, you’re a finished egg.”

Tang San scratched his head: “Indeed, Xiao Wu’s abilities counter me considerably. In some sense, Xiao Wu should be considered a close quarters power attack type battle spirit master. Or you might say a close quarters control type spirit master. Even if her abilities need proximity to show their full effect, at the same time her abilities will also be a lot stronger than our ordinary abilities. At least even I can’t take her Burst Kill Eight Stage Drop. However, Boss Dai, do you believe Xiao Wu would help you against me? Heh heh.”

Ning Rongrong said from the side: “This way is better. Third brother, from now on, you’re banned from using the dodgin abilities of teleportation, Invincible Golden Body, and hiding. You can only fight head on. I’ll help the four of them to fight you separately. Isn’t that our fifth trial?”

Oscar shook his hands, “Nevermind. Rongrong, we don’t stand a chance. Little San is a control type spirit master. In front of that Blue Silver Emperor even gods or devils can’t see through, none of us have the ability to protect you. Even if he didn’t use those dodging abilities, as long as as he first controls you, the rest of us basically won’t stand a chance. A control type spirit master on little San’s level is already beyond what agility attack type spirit masters can counter. Let alone the rest of us. I’d prefer to directly go confront a Sea Douluo than to practice with Tang San again. I’m afraid I’d lose my confidence. That guy is still best as our partner, having him as an opponent is too painful.”

Oscar’s declaration immediately gained Dai Mubai, Ma Hongjun and Zhu Zhuqing’s favor. Indeed, it seemed to them that Tang San was still best suited as a friend no matter when.

Tang San smiled slightly: “Since that’s the case, we’ll try to pass the trial. With our present strength, we should still have a considerable chance. Right, did your trials specify which Sea Douluo you had to face?”

Zhu Zhuqing said: “Seahorse Douluo once told us that the seven sacred pillars are each named Seahorse, Sea Devil, Sea’s Lance, Sea’s Fantasy, Sea Witch, Sea Star, and Sea Dragon. They each have a corresponding Title Douluo guarding them. So far we’ve only met Seahorse Douluo. But judging from what he told us then, the strongest among these seven should be Sea Dragon Douluo, who’s very possibly already reached the ninety fifth rank. My fifth trial examiner is Sea Witch Douluo, she might more precisely be called Sea Woman Douluo[1].”

Oscar said: “My examiner is better, an old acquaintance, Seahorse Douluo.”

Dai Mubai said: “My examiner is Sea’s Lance. Should be called Sealance Douluo.”

Ma Hongjun said: “My examiner is Sea Devil Douluo, I suppose the correct appellation is Sea Ghost Douluo[2].”

Tang San exhaled: “Fortunately your opponents don’t include Sea Dragon Douluo. Otherwise passing might have been difficult. According to the contrast in strength between us and these Sea Douluo, Sea Dragon Douluo is undoubtedly the strongest. And the reason Sea Star and Sea Fantasy Douluos didn’t appear among your examiners might very well be because they are the weakest of them all. Sea Horse Douluo outlined their strength. Sea Woman Douluo, Sea Ghost Douluo and Sea Lance Douluo grow stronger in that order. I currently have a method that might guarantee you pass. But the rewards from passing the trial might be reduced. Do you want to try?”

Dai Mubai said doubtfully: “You can guarantee we’ll pass?”

Tang San said: “Yes. My trial is to challenge the seven Title Douluo within three days, and completely defeat them all. But it didn’t say anything about the order. If I challenge your corresponding Title Douluo, and you moreover raise your challenges after I defeat them, it can practically guarantee you will pass. The strength of the Sea Douluo I’ve defeated is bound to be lowered.”

Ma Hongjun’s eyes opened wide, “Is that alright too?”

Tang San said: “There’s nothing not alright about it. Since the conditions of our trials doesn’t forbid us from doing so, then it’s rational. What do you think?”

Oscar scratched his head, “I really don’t have any certainty to pass by relying on the clone mirror sausage. I’ve thought it over, and little San is right, I have a considerable gap when reusing the clone mirror sausage. But confronting a power on the Title Douluo level, even with Rongrong’s boost, It’s still impossible for me to win within the time of one clone mirror sausage. When I take the second, too dangerous. If I can’t pass with the first, then figuring out what next is too difficult. Little San, please help me.”

Zhu Zhuqing suddenly said: “Third brother, if it’s as you say, then isn’t the reverse also possible? Leaving it to us to first challenge our Title Douluo, then for you to challenge them next, like this you can save your strength. After all, your trial is to defeat seven Title Douluo within three days!”

Tang San smiled and shook his head, “No need. Once you’ve all passed, I’ll wholeheartedly go to pass. Have faith in my strength.”

“No.” Dai Mubai said in a low voice: “Little San, Zhuqing is right. We can’t always rely on you. It really is difficult for little Ao to pass, he can use your help. But me, Zhuqing and Fatty can pass just fine on our own. I believe that of the seven sacred pillars, the strongest opponent is Sea Dragon Douluo. You have to conserve your strength as far as possible before facing him. Intersperse the three of us challenging Title Douluo in

your overall challenge time. Like this, you can also rest better. Trust us, we have the strength to rely on ourselves to complete the challenges.”

Tang San said hesitantly: “But, if I pass successfully, then I won’t be able to help you. Just in case……”

Dai Mubai said resolutely: “No just in case. If we always think of a way out whatever we do, it’ll be impossible for us to break through. Don’t forget that the one rank reward is very important to us. I can break through the eightieth rank. I don’t want to have to use even more time to break through because the reward is reduced. At the same time, this is also Zhuqing’s last trial. I think that if she can’t rely on her own strength to pass this last trial, her overall reward will definitely be reduced. Little San, don’t forget that we have confidence in ourselves. The fourth trial mainly relied on your strength, so let us help you for this one. We Shrek Seven Devils are always as one.”

“Fine, then it’s settled. We’ll rest one day, and start the challenges tomorrow.” Tang San didn’t decline again, he definitely wouldn’t dispel his comrades’ belief in certain victory.

The next day, early morning.

The sky held the first glimmers of dawn, but the Shrek Seven Devils group had already arrived at the familiar sea within the sea surrounding the Seahorse Sacred Pillar.

Because it was so early, the blue of the sky was still a bit dark, gradually rendered brighter by the sun slowly revealing itself in the east.

Seahore Douluo quietly sat straight backed below the Seahorse Sacred Pillar, just like the first time Tang San and the others saw him. Perhaps because he sensed their arrival, Seahorse Douluo slowly opened his eyes.

“More than three years since we met, but it seems everyone’s strength has grown a great deal. Coming today, would be for the fifth trial?” Seahorse douluo looked smiling at everyone on the shore. As his gaze fell on Tang San, he clearly revealed a look a respect.

Tang San nodded slightly: “That’s right, today is for the fifth trial, senior please impart your teachings.”

As his words fell, Tang San rose into the air, flying towards the triangular platform below the Seahorse Sacred Pillar.

Against Tang San’s expectations, Seahorse Douluo didn’t draw on the strength of the Seahorse Sacred Pillar’s strength to use the sea to attack him, and just accelerating once, he landed safely on the Seahorse Sacred Pillar platform.

Seahorse Douluo looked at Tang San landing in front of him, “You’re already prepared to begin the fifth trial?”

Tang San nodded: “Yes, I’m already prepared.”

Seahorse Douluo clearly knew the contents of Tang San’s trial, “After the examination begins, within the next seventy two hours, you must defeat us seven sacred pillar Douluo one by one. If you exceed the time or cannot completely defeat us all, it will be viewed as failing the trial. Within one year, you still have a chance to challenge again. In the process of the examination, we won’t draw on the Seagod’s strength of the sacred pillars. We will only rely on our own strength to conduct your examination.”

“Many thanks, senior.” Tang San bowed in salute to Seahorse Douluo. Seahorse Douluo leaned to the side, not receiving Tang San’s salute.
Extending his right hand, the Seahorse Sacred pillar flashed with light, a golden ray soaring up, overpowering the still oncoming dawn.

Immediately after, as if responding to the Seahorse Sacred Pillar’s golden light, golden light rose separately in six distant directions, converging together with the light from the Seahorse Sacred Pillar. The seven golden lights formed an immense ball of light in the sky, emanating several dozen concentrated golden flames.

Seahorse Douluo said: “These flames symbolize your trial time. When they are completely extinguished, it means the seventy two hours have have already passed, and at that time the trial will be failed. Please.”

Golden blue light suddenly flourished. At the same time as Tang San released the spirit Blue Silver Emperor, he also launched his seventh spirit ability, Blue Silver Avatar. Even though he had absolute confidence in himself, this was also his first time fighting a Title Douluo one on one. He absolutely wouldn’t be careless. This was the sea within the sea, it was a place most suited for sea spirit masters to show their strength. If he didn’t go all out, how could he guarantee victory?

At the same time as Tang San released his spirit, Seahorse Douluo also released his. In an instant, his whole body was enveloped in bizarre ash gray armor, and behind him appeared a giant seahorse image very similar to the one carved on top of the Seahorse Sacred Pillar. Two yellow, two purple, five black, nine spirit rings flashed simultaneously. Without a hundred thousand year spirit ring, this was already the most ideal spirit ring configuration. Capable of becoming one of the protectors of the Seagod’s seven sacred pillars, Seaghorse Douluo’s personal strength really wasn’t common.

However, as Seahorse Douluo saw the spirit rings Tang San released, he still couldn’t help being sluggish for a moment. Two yellow, one purple, two black, three red. Eight spirit rings flickered with dazzling light, not only were there two more than three years ago, but both of those two were hundred thousand year red spirit rings!
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