Douluo Dalu Chapter 221-230


Chapter 221

Being born of the Speed Clan, what Bai Chenxiang did best was speed. But after stepping into the Seagod’s Light, her expression instantly changed. With just this one step, she already had a feeling of being unable to move. The tidal like pressure repelled her body, and faint golden mist began to rise under her feet.

No wonder, no wonder they would be on the point of dying after climbing a few dozen steps. It seems even ten steps would be very difficult for me. No, no way, I can’t fall even further behind. We’re all the same age, how come they can’t do it, but I can’t?

Clenching her teeth, Bai Chenxiang’s eyes revealed a resolute light, and she began to climb.

Tang San saw Bai Chenxiang with difficulty stabilize her pace, and he revealed something of a gratified expression, ‘I hope she can have some harvest here.’

Raising his right arm and slowly pouring his spiritual force inside, Tang San called out to Xiao Wu’s soul sleeping in the right arm spirit bone.

This was the first time he took the initiative to call out to Xiao Wu’s soul, formerly he was always afraid that Xiao Wu’s soul appearing would hurt her, but this time was different. If he didn’t effectively communicate with Xiao Wu, then bringing her body up the mountain could very easily cause irretrievable harm.

Blue Silver Emperor released, Xiao Wu’s soul sleeping within the spirit ring and spirit bone was slowly released under Tang San’s guidance. Xiao Wu’s supple body twitched faintly in his embrace, and her originally vacant eyes shone with dazzling vigor.

“Ge——” A soft cry deeply touched the softest part of Tang San’s heart. Forcefully resisting kissing her, Tang San said: “Xiao Wu, we’re already on Seagod Island. Could you feel everything that happened to us before?”

Beyond Tang San’s expectations, after Xiao Wu called out for him once, her expression suddenly changed, covered with a layer of cold frost. Throwing off Tang San’s arms, she turned her head and didn’t look at him.

Ever since Tang San and Xiao Wu met, this was the first time something like this had happened. Tang San couldn’t help being mystified.

“Xiao Wu, what is it?”

Xiao Wu gave a snort, still without paying attention to Tang San, but rather directly walking towards those stone stairs. Clearly, even though her soul was hidden in Tang San’s spirit ring and spirit bone, she was still aware of the outside world, and also understood the reason Tang San called her out.

Seeing Xiao Wu begin climbing the stairs, Tang San scratched his head. Intelligent as he was, he still didn’t understand why Xiao Wu would suddenly ignore him, and moreover seem so angry. The two had known each other for so many years, and Xiao Wu had never been angry at him, where did this come from?

Not daring to be neglectful, Tang San hastily chased after, following Xiao Wu up the stairs.

The second time he was immersed in the Seagod’s Light, Tang San felt different yet again. With last time’s experience, he discovered that his body’s ability to endure seemed to have risen somewhat. Especially the first few steps, even though the pressure was still there, it didn’t seem so frightening.

“Xiao Wu, don’t ignore me! Just what is it?” While Tang San climbed upward, he anxiously asked in a low voice despite the fact that speaking would i

Xiao Wu now already stood on the third step. After shooting Tang San a harsh glare, Xiao Wu visibly pouted a bit, then kept climbing.

Golden mist filled the air, and as they climbed the pressure grew heavier. The Mysterious Heaven Skill within Tang San’s body also began to circulate faster. Making him a bit astonished was that Xiao Wu’s climbing speed was unexpectedly very fast, continuing upward without the slightest hesitation. In a moment’s work, the two had caught up to Bai Chenxiang.

Bai Chenxiang’s movements had already become very slow. Standing on the fourteenth step, it was very difficult for her to step forward. Her face deep red, her four spirit rings constantly flashing. Her body twisted slightly, as if looking for a gap in the pressure. A layer of watery mist mixed into that golden light mist spiralling around her, clearly she had already reached her limit.

This was the gap in strength. Physique, spirit, spirit power, spirit bones, all parts added together made up an impassable gulf between her and the Shrek Seven Devils. But she still didn’t give up, still clenching her teeth and enduring.

Tang San suddenly thought of something, and when passing Bai Chenxiang, he told her: “Don’t force it too hard, you absolutely can’t get rebounded into the range of the ring sea by the Seagod’s Light. You don’t have the trial light protection, so you’ll be targetted by the sea spirit beasts within the ring sea.”

Astounding Tang San was that after Bai Chenxiang kept enduring for a long time, she actually finally stepped onto the fifteenth step. But her body was already shuddering and wavering. Her deep red charming face showed an exultant expression. Only she herself knew that she had already broken through her limits with this one step. She clearly felt the spirit power that hadn’t advanced for a long time suddenly break through, rising to the forty sixth rank.

She didn’t force it further, she didn’t dare try it with Tang San’s warning.
Learning from his previous example, she slowly retreated back down.

In the while Tang San talked to Bai Chenxiang, Xiao Wu had already kept climbing, reaching the twentieth step. Tang San was shocked to discover that Xiao Wu’s current climbing speed was actually a bit faster than the first time he entered the Seagod’s Light.

What was going on? Could it be that Xiao Wu’s strength already surpassed his? No, it wouldn’t. Tang San still clearly remembered that when Xiao Wu sacrificed herself for him, her spirit power level had been roughly between the sixty first and sixty second rank. She couldn’t cultivate since then, so how could she be even stronger than him?

Accelerating, blending his inner force, Tang San chased after Xiao Wu. In front of the formidable pressure of the Seagod’s Light, the spirit power he had recovered to optimum just now began to rapidly be consumed again. But this time Tang San had learned his lesson. In order to conserve spirit power, he used his Deathgod Domain and Blue Silver Domain when he stood on the twentieth step. It really was as he expected, under the effect of the two great domains the pressure reduced considerably, and climbing from step twenty to thirty was clearly much faster than last time, and he naturally also consumed a lot less spirit power. The domains consumed spirit power and spiritual force, but due to being innate domains they didn’t actually consume much, at least much less than the Seagod’s Light caused.

But even so, Tang San still only caught up to Xiao Wu at the thirty fifth step.

Xiao Wu’s steps had also grown difficult, each step extremely slow. Tang San clearly remembered that when Dai Mubai climbed the first time, he’d reached the thirty fifth step. And now, Xiao Wu already stood on the thirty sixth.

What was going on? Xiao Wu’s strength already surpassed Mubai? Tang San was inwardly alarmed, his spirit power control slackened, and he immediately felt the pressure he bore increase greatly, his pace forward also

subsequently slowing. Fortunately it was still only on the thirty fifth step, and he hastily put his mind in order, following Xiao Wu forward.

He could actually move a bit faster than Xiao Wu by now, but he still chose not to, only guarding at her side. He didn’t want Xiao Wu to have any accident. Following her, if anything happened, he could react immediately.

What astounded Tang San was that, even though Xiao Wu’s progress was difficult and slow, she had already climbed forty steps.

This was her first climb, and she also didn’t use any abilities! How could it be like this? In fact, after the pressure reached the limits of what the human body could endure, even one step forward was extremely difficult. Wasn’t it impossible for Xiao Wu’s body to be stronger than Dai Mubai?

Puzzled, Tang San wanted to warn Xiao Wu not to force it, but after reaching the fortieth step, the pressure he endured was also extremely immense, and he basically couldn’t utter a word to warn her, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to move forward.

However, the shock Xiao Wu gave him still hadn’t finished. Her body began to twist slightly, it seemed as if changing due to being unable to bear the pressure, but Tang San very quickly discovered that this wasn’t the case. Xiao Wu’s squirming kept to a fixed rhythm, as if the pressure of the Seagod’s Light would slip past her with each twist, and she also kept the momentum to move forward.

Simultaneously, Xiao Wu’s fair skin began to shine golden red. Seeing this golden red color, Tang San immediately realized something. He understood how Xiao Wu could keep climbing the steps at his pace.

That’s right, Xiao Wu had sacrificed her soul for him, but her physical body had also later eaten two immortal grade herbs.

If the Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng could be called just medicine, then the Yearning Heartbroken Red was the top quality of top quality. Among the medicaments Tang San brought back from the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well back then, this was the monarch of the most precious immortal grade,

the Yearning Heartbroken Red. After Xiao Wu got this herb and didn’t eat it because she pitied it, it led to her spirit power always being lower than the others’.

Later she sacrificed herself for Tang San, and on the verge of dying, Tan San helped her eat this immortal grade herb, thereby resurrecting Xiao Wu’s physical body. Afterwards taking the Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng, besides its own effects on Xiao Wu, its greatest benefit was to fully reveal the medicinal effects of the Yearning Heartbroken Red within Xiao Wu’s body. In the days since, the reason Xiao Wu had been so sleepy was perhaps because she was absorbing the medicine while sleeping. Her spirit power had not only grown, but perhaps even grown at a terrifying rate, not even less than his. Those were two great immortal treasures! Even including the Yearning Heartbroken Red that could according to legend help someone cultivate a vajra unbreaking body. No wonder Xiao Wu had such endurance, and her spirit power had also clearly risen. This was the actual reason.

The reddish golden light floating up from her body should be the efficacy of the Yearning Heartbroken Red. He just didn’t know whether her body had already reched the condition of vajra unbreaking.

Figuring out the key details, Tang San was immediately joyous. Catching up next to Xiao Wu, the two kept going forward.

That bizarre rhythmic squirming of Xiao Wu’s seemed very effective. Even though it didn’t surpass Tang San’s domains, it still strengthened her ability to endure the pressure considerably. Since the Yearning Heartbroken Red’s tendon washing and marrow exchanging improvements, her body had equally reached a machine-like toughness. As she walked forward step by step, she had slowly reached the fiftieth step.

Setting foot on the fiftieth step, Xiao Wu finally halted, her face displaying a somewhat painful expression. She didn’t keep advancing, but rather began to slowly retreat. Tang San also didn’t try to go forward, but rather poured his remaining spirit power into his two great domains, extending the range to cover Xiao Wu, accompanying her to descend together.

With the support of Tang San’s two great domains, Xiao Wu’s tightly knit brows smoothed out. Glancing at Tang San, she accelerated her pace. Very soon, the two had reached the foot of the mountain.

Bai Chenxiang, her whole body soaked with sweat, had already sat to the side and started to cultivate. As Tang San came down, he immediately supported Xiao Wu. Since he hadn’t attacked his limits this time, he still had a lot of spirit power remaining, and his condition was still pretty good.

“Xiao Wu, what is it? Are you alright?”

Xiao Wu slowly shook her head, “My body still didn’t reach the limit, but my soul can’t quite take it. If it’s with the support of your domains, I think reaching the sixtieth step shouldn’t be much of a problem. Therefore, if you just bring my physical body, there’s no need to think of my endurance before sixty steps. Actually, I could probably still go even higher. The Yearning Heartbroken Red’s transformation of the body is shocking. When I inspected myself just now, I could see my meridians, blood, bones, they seemed to all have turned golden. They’re not just solid, they’re also astoundingly flexible. This might be related to my original soft skill cultivation.”

Tang San nodded, saying: “Quickly return into me. You absolutely can’t damage your soul.”

Even though Xiao Wu was leaning against Tang San’s shoulder, her eyes still lost their tenderness, “So what if I’m damaged? Will you worry about me? Then what about you?”

“Me?” Tang San looked distracted. Seeing Xiao Wu angry, he couldn’t help being frightened into silence.

Xiao Wu angrily said: “Tang San, remember this, the next time you’re in danger and forcefully block my soul, I won’t care about you again.”

Seeing Xiao Wu’s eyes filled with displeasure, Tang San understood where her anger came from. That day when confronting the Deep Sea Demon Whale’s last attack, in order to protect everyone, Tang San had

prepared a suicide attack. Moreover, in order to keep Xiao Wu’s soul from being harmed, he had forcefully kept her soul within the spirit ring and bone, not letting her come out. Like this, even if Tang San died himself, Xiao Wu’s soul could still exist within the spirit bone, and there would still be hope for her survival.

“So you were angry about that……” Tang San wanted to explain, but however intelligent he was, right now he didn’t know what to say.

Xiao Wu opened her mouth wide, and forcefully bit down on his shoulder, making Tang San grimace with pain. “Ge, from now on let me out to climb the stairs with you every day. The feeling of that pressure just now seemed like it had a tempering effect to my body and soul. If I guess correctly, after my soul is tempered, it should be able to fuse with my body for longer. I’ll go back first. Don’t forget what I said, humph, another mistake, and I’ll……”

After the last, her gaze finally grew gentle, her moving expression almost drawing out Tang San’s soul as well. Amidst red light rushing out, Xiao Wu’s supple body softened, her soul once again returning to the spirit ring and spirit bone in Tang San’s body.

With Xiao Wu’s soul back, Tang San also couldn’t help slowly exhaling. He discovered that Xiao Wu being angry with him had even greater impact than the Seagod’s Light at the fifty fifth step.

Just at this moment, Tang San heard deliberately restrained snickering behind him. When he turned his head to look, apart from Bai Chenxiang, his comrades had already woken up from cultivation, all looking at him with laughing expressions, not   one   of   them   without   meanings of schadenfreude.

The ones laughing the most fiercely among them was naturally the three terrible friends Dai Mubai, Oscar and Ma Hongjun.

Tang San somewhat angry from embarrassment said: “What are you laughing at?”

Dai Mubai coughed once, and said: “Little San, it’s like this. Actually, being henpecked is also a kind of happiness. We’re all men, I understand you.”

Tang San snapped: “In other words, you’re very afraid of Zhuqing?”

Dai Mubai straightened his chest, saying: “How would I? Would I be henpecked?” While speaking, he swept the already turning hostile Hell Civet next to him with a glance, hastily adding, “We’re mutually respectful as husband and wife.”

Oscar laughed out loud, saying: “Alright, boss Dai, don’t explain it. Any of us brothers know about you and Zhuqing. Only, I just didn’t expect the always so strict little San to also have such a weak side, haha, hahahaha.”

“Little Ao.” Tang San’s expression suddenly grew calm. Oscar looked distracted a moment, “What?”
Tang San only kneaded his hands, issuing bone cracking sounds, “Even though you have the clone mirror sausage now and can use any of our abilities, you were after all still a food system Spirit Master before, your combat strength still needs raising. Come, let me help you properly level up your combat experience. I think, the pressure I can give you will definitely have major benefits to your strength.”

Seeing Tang San’s honorable appearance, the smile on Oscar’s face instantly froze, “Little San, don’t be like this, you’re using your position for bullying here. Rongrong, save me.” While speaking, he dodged behind Ning Rongrong with invertebrate speed.

But unexpectedly, Ning Rongrong still nodded with deep consideration, saying: “I feel third brother is right! Your real combat abilities really need raising.”

Oscar’s eyes rolled, saying with an ingratiating spile: “Then you can give me a boost, right?”

Before Ning Rongrong spoke up, Tang San already said: “She can.

Oscar immediately leapt out from behind Ning Rongrong, “Little San, then we’ll start right now. We’ll fight for three minutes.”

Tang San glanced at him, “Your imposing manner is leaking even before the battle. Three minutes is enough.”

Of course he saw what Oscar was thinking, this fellow had clearly seen him climb to the fiftieth step just now, his spirit power substantially diminished. And he himself also had the boost of Ning Rongrong’s Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda, and thought himself certain of victory. However, just as Tang San said, he was a food system Spirit Master before. How could his combat ability compare to Tang San?

Three minutes later…...

“Aaah…… Little San, I hate you, this is naked retaliation, abusing authority for private vengeance……”

Oscar’s current appearance was sorrier than sorry. In the three minute battle just now, he had immediately eaten a clone mirror sausage with Tang San’s blood, and even more immediately cloned himself. His original body used the Blue Silver Emperor spirit, while the clone used the Clear Sky Hammer, and Ning Rongrong’s boost also fell on both simultaneously.

But even so, the result was still a miserable defeat.

The only thing the clone mirror sausage couldn’t duplicate was the abilities of spirit bones. Tang San only used very simple means to thoroughly smash Oscar’s main and clone bodies.

Teleportation plus Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track plus grappling expertise, Tang San’s martial arts weren’t within the range of spirit abilities, and naturally couldn’t be cloned either. Under the howling wind and torrential rain of Tang San’s indeterminately flickering attacks, Oscar only

just managed to struggle on a while in the beginning by relying on the fourth spirit ability, then was instantly defeated.

Of course, Tang San wouldn’t attack him too fiercely, just sturdily throwing him around a few times. The thrown around Oscar felt his body about to come apart.

Seeing Oscar’s unconvinced expression, Tang San grinned, saying:
“Nothing to do about it, the henpecked are all strong.”

Oscar looked helplessly at Tang San. Crawling up from the ground, he had a bitter expression: “There really isn’t the slightest gap, it seems my actual combat experience won’t cut it. Only, the crucial part is that those spirit bone abilities of yours are too abnormal. Teleportation is just shameless! And that absolute defense too. Too abnormal.”

Tang San said: “Abilities are one thing, the person using them another. How about we go again, and I don’t use teleportation or invincible golden body?”

Seeing the craftly light in Tang San’s eyes, Oscar shivered, “Let it be, don’t try to bait me. I won’t give you the chance to bully me. We’ll talk after I’ve practiced properly. My real combat experience really has to be reinforced, otherwise how will I protect Rongrong?”

Tang San of course had some intent of using his position for vengeance, after all, when a man was called henpecked, and it was also true, he couldn’t help being a bit angry from embarrassment. But at the same time he also wanted to warn Oscar, being from the food system, in order to display formidable strength in combat, he had to invest even more effort in cultivation and combat.

“Fatty, what are you hiding for?” Dai Mubai stretched out a hand, pulling out Ma Hongjun from behind him.

Ma Hongjun smiled with embarrassment, looking at Tang San: “Third brother, I saw nothing just now. I don’t need to fight.” While speaking, he

still took a look at Bai Chenxiang cultivating to the side, as if afraid she would see his deflated appearance right now.
Seeing Fatty’s comical expression, everyone couldn’t help laughing. Tang San sat his butt on the ground, saying: “Who would fight you?
Didn’t you see me coming down the mountain just now? And fighting little Ao on top of that, my spirit power is cleaned out.”

Hearing this, Oscar immediately egged on from the side, “Fatty, this could be a rare chance for you to bully little San! Go, fight him.”

Ma Hongjun immediately said with righteous indignation: “Third brother, I’m not someone to stir up trouble. Look at little Ao actually stirring up our relationship as brothers. If I were you, I couldn’t stand it. Nevermind, a brother will help look out for you, I’ll properly give him some combat lessons later.”

Oscar looked dumbstruck at Fatty, “Fuck me, Fatty, when did you become such a chicken? Still accusing others of stirring up trouble.”

Ma Hongjun grinned, saying: “Intelligent people know to stand with the strong. Of course I’m on third brother’s side. If you think third brother really is out of spirit power, how about you step up? If I ended up like you, I’d be an idiot.”


Oscar looked speechless at Ma Hongjun. He raised his foot to kick him, but was nimbly dodged by Fatty.

Helplessly, his troublemaking defeated, Oscar threw out two big recovery sausaged to Tang San, coughing once, his face serious. Speaking of, he himself had a handsome appearance, as long as he didn’t smile he really looked like a gentleman, “Don’t be noisy. Come, let’s talk about everyone’s experience climbing the stairs.”

Everyone looked laughing at Oscar changing the topic, but nobody exposed him now. Tang San asked: “How many steps did you all climb when I was cultivating before?”

Oscar blushed, saying: “I used the clone mirror sausage, and just about managed twenty seven. Fatty thirty, Rongrong was the most miserable, just twenty steps before giving up. Zhuqing reached thirty two steps. Speaking of, me and Rongrong completely got the worst of this Seagod’s Light. We’re originally not considered combat system Spirit Masters. Even if we don’t lack spirit power, and our physical attributes grew a bit when we got spirit rings, we’re still too far behind you battle Spirit Masters. It’s mainly shown in the level of physical endurance and support spirit abilities. Without the support of spirit abilities, we’re simply unable to move a step. I’m still alright, I have the clone mirror sausage, but using your abilities is extremely difficult for Rongrong. Her body is the weakest, even if she boosts herself with the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda, she still can’t turn her body powerful. Moreover, she also has to climb a lot higher than us. One hundred thirty six steps, in just one year, might be……”

By now Oscar was no longer changing the subject, his eyes expression concern that was difficult to hide.

Tang San also hadn’t thought Ning Rongrong could actually only climb twenty steps. Oscar was right, he and Ning Rongrong had special circumstances because of being support system Spirit Masters. Their spirit amplification of their bodies was far from as powerful as that of battle Spirit Masters. Naturally climbing the stairs was also a lot more strenuous than for others.

“I’ve endured the pressure of the Seagod’s Light two times in a row, so I’ve sensed some of the changes within it. It seems that this trial is very difficult for each of us to complete. However, there are also gaps within it. The trials bestowed by the Seagod wouldn’t be impassable. If my calculations are correct, even now it’s possible to help one person complete this trial.”

Tang San’s words immediately astonished everyone, they didn’t understand where Tang San’s confidence came from.

Tang San continued: “When me and Xiao Wu climbed the stairs just now, I used the power of the domains to help her down. My domains were equally effective on her. And in the previous experiments, I discovered that even though the Seagod’s Light is formidable, it can’t block auxiliary spirit abilities and personal boost spirit abilities. We’re not taking this trial every man for himself, don’t forget that we are one.”

Ning Rongrong said: “Third brother, what you’re think is, if we focus our strength on one person, then we can help him complete this trial?”

Tang San nodded, saying: “Exactly. Even though not all of us have abilities that can help others, Little Ao’s sausages, your Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda support abilities, my Deathgod and Blue Silver Domains, they can still boost our comrades. Especially someone like Dai Mubai who has three body reinforcement abilities. Adding us three for support, I believe we can help him pass.”

Dai Mubai’s evil eyes flashed with light, fiercely leaping up from the ground, “So that’s it, then what are we waiting for, let’s try it now.”

Tang San said: “No, don’t be in a rush. Even though I’m seventy percent certain we can help you pass, we absolutely can’t do it now. Moreover, not only can’t you be the first person to pass, you even have to be last, passing together with me. As for the exact sequence, I still need to think about it.”

Ma Hongjun said: “Third brother, why can’t we help boss Dai pass the trial first? Won’t we be a lot more relaxed for each person to pass?”

Tang San glanced at him, lowering his voice: “I don’t want any of us to feel relaxed in advance. I’ve thought about it carefully, judging by how Seahorse Douluo looked at you getting black level trials, these black level trials are extremely difficult. Moreover, there are clearly missions impossible for us to completed at this level. They give each sea Spirit Master ten years to complete one trial, but we only have one year.

However, would the Seagod really give us trials that are impossible to complete? The answer is inevitably a no. Consequently, within each test there is definitely some secret that can help us pass. And this secret is exactly the same as our first trial, traverse[1], Seagod’s Light.”

“Regardless of whether the Seagod is a true god, judging from the circumstances of this Seagod Island, he’s definitely an existence with unimaginable power. Since it’s like that, why would he give us the chance to cheat the Seagod’s Light? Since the Seagod’s Light could give us trials according to our capabilities at the Seahorse Sacred Pillar, then it’s impossible it didn’t know we could help each other. What we can think of, as a god, he naturally wouldn’t overlook. Therefore, the holes here are actually bait for us. If we can’t endure this bait, the second trial might be our death.”

At this moment, even Dai Mubai couldn’t quite understand, “Little San, isn’t that a bit too exaggerated?”

Tang San smiled calmly, saying: “No. Boss, let me finish. What I said absolutely isn’t exaggerated, and I’m even ninety percent sure I can prove it. Let me ask, before when cultivating after climbing, did you feel your cultivation speed clearly increase, and your body also reacting?”

Everyone nodded one after another, similar things had happened to them too.

Tang San said: “That’s right. The Seagod’s Light gives us enormous pressure, pressure that will substantially consume our spirit power. Under such pressure, our cultivation speed will give twice the effect for half the work. At the same time, it will also constantly strengthen the ability of our bodies to resist pressure. Then, after we complete the trial, will the Seagod’s Light still block us from climbing to the Seagod’s Hall? The answer is equally negatory. In other words, as long as we complete the first trial, we will lose the pressure from the Seagod’s Light. Therefore I can tell everyone with certainty, the meaning of “overcome, Seagod’s Light” as the first trial isn’t to bother us, but rather to give us a chance to increase our strength. Only by as far as possible increasing our strength through the Seagod’s light in this first year will we have a chance to pass

the later tests. Therefore, not only can’t we complete the trial ahead of time, we still have to delay the completion until the final day. We have to maximize the benefits of the Seagod’s Light.”

Pa pa pa, just as everyone were contemplating Tang San’s explanation, clapping sounds reached them. They didn’t know when, but that red silhouette had appeared once again, only this time, she appeared at the flight of stairs leading to the Seagod’s Hall.

Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi slowly walked down, her noble face filled with admiration. That applause came just from her soft as scallions white hands.

Chapter 222

Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi looked at Tang San, filled with admiration, “Very good, worthy of being the examinee for the Seagod nine tests. Figuring out the true secret of the Seagod’s Light so early, you’re not a waste of the lord Seagod bestowing you the higher trials.”

Hearing the praise of the highest authority on Seagod Island, everyone immediately understood that Tang San’s theory was completely correct.

“I don’t dare accept senior’s praise. But I believe that we can definitely pass the lord Seagod’s trials.” Tang San neither servile nor overbearing tone was brimming with resolve.

Bo Saixi nodded to him, saying: “Only you yourselves can help you, this is the only time I will give you hints. Of course, if you hadn’t already figured it out, I wouldn’t have confirmed anything. Each of the later trials will be more difficult than the last. You need to invest even more.”

“Mant thanks, senior. Only, could I trouble senior for something?”
Tang San asked Bo Saixi.

“Speak. As long as it isn’t related to the tests you need to take, I will satisfy you as far as possible.” Bo Saixi’s gaze swept, and the Shrek Seven Devils discovered for the first time that a noble aura could also bring people pressure. To them, the Seagod Douluo in front of them was no different from the ocean, both were impenetrably deep.

Tang San said: “I hope you can have people bring us some food and drinking water. Best quite a lot of water, as you see.” While he spoke, he pointed to himself, then to each of the others in turn. Everyone’s clothes could only be described as a miserable sight. The Seagod Island’s four seasons were like spring, substantially different from outside. When they climbed the steps through the Seagod’s Light, each one of their clothes was soaked through with sweat. Even though they all had spare clothes, if they didn’t have enough water to bathe and wash, they well might start smelling before long.”

“If we just have enough food and fresh water, we can always stay here to cultivate, to avoid wasting any of our year’s time.”

Bo Saixi looked somewhat astounded at Tang San, and said: “You’re preparing to stay here constantly?”

Tang San directly decided for everyone, “Each part of this year, each second, is extremely important to us. Senior, please help us accomplish it.”

Bo Saixi smiled slightly, and said: “Fine. I will instruct people to prepare it for you. Oh, right, the salinity of this ring sea is very low, and moreover completely clean. It can certainly be used for washing.”

Tang San exulted. Without need for him to say anything, everyone saluted Bo Saixi simultaneously.

Bo Saixi’s gaze swept past Tang San to fall on Ma Hongjun, “Coming here was actually for him.”

Ma Hongjun looked distracted a moment, pointing to his nose: “For me? This……” Nobody knew what this Fatty was thinking, but he blurted out: “Senior, you really are very beautiful only, I already have someone in mind.”

Even a power like the Seagod Douluo stared blankly at his words. Immediately afterward, a slight blush floated onto Bo Saixi’s noble face,

“Fat child, what nonsense are you talking about, I’m far older than your great grandmother, you’re looking for a beat

Before the Shrek Seven Devils reacted, Bo Saixi waved her right hand again, and Fatty’s body flew out of the ring sea, again falling in front of her, unexpectedly without a fraction of a mistake.

“Mind filled with fancy, let you soak in seawater to wake up.”

This was still the first time everyone saw Bo Saixi use her full strength. What shocked them was that from Fatty being thrown off up until he was back, they actually hadn’t sensed a trace of spirit power. Was this the strength of a ninety ninth ranked power?

Ma Hongjun had just carelessly swallowed a large mouthful of water. He spoke with a bitter face: “Senior grandma, my mistake. Treat what I just said as nonsense.” Fatty might seem simple and honest on the outside, but he was actually really intelligent. Confronting an opponent he couldn’t defeat, he wouldn’t force it.

Bo Saixi naturally wouldn’t keep arguing with him, smiling slightly she said: “There’s never been anyone who dared talk like that to me on Seagod Island, it’s a fresh experience. Little Fatty, I’ll give you an opportunity. Sit.”

Ma Hongjun looked distracted a moment, then glanced questioningly at Tang San. Tang San hastily nodded to him, indicating he do as she said. Ridiculous, if Bo Saixi wanted to deal with them, a casual wave of her hand could turn them to ash. Why would she deceive them?

Ma Hongjun then sat down, but his secretive look was still caught by Bo Saixi. Gazing deeply at Tang San, she raised her right hand, and with a flick of her wrist, a golden pearl appeared in her palm.

That golden pearl looked as if sculpted from the most precious golden crystal, translucent without the slightest flaw, and most peculiar was that, within this pearl, there was a faint golden mist constantly pulsing. Just like

the golden mist that appeared around Tang San and the others under the pressure of the Seagod’s Light.

With a golden flash, that golden pearl had flown out, slowly reaching the top of Ma Hongjun’s head. Bo Saixi flicked her fingers, and with a rippling sound, that pearl shattered on top of Fatty’s head. Instantly, a rich golden mist poured out and enveloped his body.

Bo Saixi’s voice echoed in everyone’s ears, “Each examinee bestowed with a black or higher level Seagod’s Trial can have one chance for a god bestowed spirit ring the first time they reach a bottleneck. Without need to kill spirit beasts, the god bestowed spirit ring will assign a spirit ring with the ability you most need and of the highest level you can bear. Each person only get one chance. Little Fatty, sense it carefully, use your greatest willpower to endure the baptism of the god bestowed spirit ring, then you can obtain the greatest benefits.”

God bestowed spirit ring?

It was four simple words, but it made the Shrek Seven Devils’ gazes completely lifeless, even Tang San was no exception.

In Tang San’s mind, he’d always thought a god was a powerful person, or you might say a powerful Spirit Master. In this world, how could there be something like a god? However, when Bo Saixi took out that god bestowed spirit ring for ma Hongjun, he was a bit at a loss. Was this a level humans could reach? The most suitable spirit ring. Then didn’t that mean that, when receiving this god bestowed spirit ring, the greater the strength the greater the benefits? How did Bo Saixi know Fatty had already reached the sixtieth rank? She should have sensed it when Fatty attacked the Seagod’s Light. But no matter how it was put, this god bestowed spirit ring was a huge advantage for them. They were after all dry land Spirit Masters, and this was the ocean, there might not be sea spirit beasts that suited each of them. Only unfortunately, everyone only had one chance.

The blurry tint of the golden light mist gradually enveloped Ma Hongjun. Circles of light began to appear around him, and Tang San could only just

manage to see through that golden misty splendor. It seemed like Ma Hongjun had a painful expression.

If this golden light could give him a spirit ring, then his current expression was completely normal. Back then when Tang San first skipped a level to obtain a spirit ring, his expression was even more painful than this. Thinking of this, Tang San thought of that time Xiao Wu went missing, it was precisely because of Xiao Wu that his heart could become so resolute, that he could endure the pain of skipping a level to absorb the Man Faced Demon Spider spirit ring. It was also from then on that he truly became powerful.

Fatty gradually began to tremble, the extent of his shaking growing larger and larger, an unhealthy flush appeared on the surface of his skin, one could imagine just how terrible the pain he currently endured was.

With a pu sound, a golden red raging flame soared up behind him, instantly turning into a giant phoenix shape, swaying behind Ma Hongjun.

Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi was constantly paying attention to Ma Hongjun’s expression. When Tang San occasionally cast a sidelong glance at her, he could see some praise in her eyes. Clearly, the pain Fatty was currently enduring should already be the limit. Tang San inwardly cheered Fatty on. With the experience of a level skipping spirit ring absorption, he knew that every second Fatty held out, the effects of the spirit ring he acquired would be boosted by a fraction.

Ma Hongjun really did endure tremendous pain. His willpower was originally the worst of everyone, but ever since the Shrek Seven Devils reunited, he was the only one who hadn’t reached sixtieth ranked Spirit Emperor. Even though he didn’t say it, but Fatty was also inwardly competitive. Even Oscar with the most disadvantaged spirit had broken sixty ranks, reaching the Spirit Emperor level, so how could he lag behind with the first rate Fire Phoenix spirit?

If he was just cultivating by himself, reaching his current level at his age could already be described as a genius. But that was no match when each person next to him was a genius among geniuses. Or maybe monsters

among monsters. Together with Tang San and the others, it was impossible not to be under pressure. Fatty didn’t want to fall behind either.

Even more so with the factor of Bai Chenxiang. Even though Bai Chenxiang kissed him to complete her trial, Fatty’s heart had grown even more determined to pursue her. That kiss had let him deeply understand the fact that innocence was king. In front of Bai Chenxiang, how could he easily compromise with pain? Who knew when she would suddenly wake up from cultivation?

Right now, Ma Hongjun truly experienced why Tang San would say the Seagod’s Light was an opportunity for them. The key part of the Seagod’s trials. Even though he had only endured the pressure of the Seagod’s Light once, when confronting this pain, even Fatty himself was astounded at his endurance. It seemed to be because of undergoing the pressure of the Seagod’s Light yesterday that his endurance had elevated.

Just because of a multitude of such causes, Fatty was dithering on the edge of collapse. Stimulated by the violent pain, a layer of bloody grease even appeared on his skin.

Just at this moment, Tang San waved his hand to the others, drawing everyone’s attention, and then again pointing to the stairs leading to the Seagod’s Hall. There was no telling how long it would take Fatty to absorb the spirit ring, but with Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi here, this could be said to be the safest place. Rather than staying here to watch, it would be better grasp every moment to cultivate.

Tang San’s proposal immediately drew everyone’s response, walking towards the stairs together. Bo Saixi didn’t glance at them, but the corner of her mouth revealed a slight smile.

Tang San said: “We’ll test our own limits. Before climbing, use all support abilities, then endure the pressure of the Seagod’s Light. Like this we can climb as many steps as possible. Don’t help each other, only climb with your own abilities. See what our current limits are. When we feel we can’t hold out, immediately back down. Don’t withdraw too fast, feel your body relaxing as the pressure drops. This is a triangular training method

(should actually be pyramid training[1], only Tang San doesn’t know about Pyramids in the book…)[2], from lowest to highest, then again from highest to lowest. This should give the best results. After coming down, don’t rush to start cultivating. I still have another thought, we can try it once.”

The wisdom Tang San displayed had long since gained the approval of the others, and they instantly released their spirits. Since he had already climbed with Xiao Wu once previous, Tang San let her cultivate in the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse. Even though he had consumed a lot of spirit power before, through the rest he had just now, he had still recovered a bit. Adding to what he had left before, his strength should also be around seventy percent.

After Dai Mubai directly released his White Tiger Barrier, White Tiger Vajra Transformation, and White Tiger Devilgod Form, he fearlessly stepped into the Seagod’s Light in front of him.

Oscar at a mirror clone sausage with a drop of Dai Mubai’s blood, and equally released the same three abilities. Even though he could only use them at around eighty percent of Dai Mubai’s strength, that was still a lot more than climbing on his own. Oscar also had his own advantages, he could constantly eat big recovery sausages to restore his stamina and spirit power as he climbed, and boost himself with the stimulating pink sausage. However, even this wasn’t his limit. He still had another even more useful boost ability, his fifth spirit ability. It was also his first ten thousand year spirit ring ability, and even the other Shrek Seven Devils hadn’t seen it.

Oscar was also very intelligent, and like Tang San and Ning Rongrong, he possessed a skull spirit bone, increasing the speed of his thoughts beyond that of an ordinary person. The reason why he didn’t suggest using it now was in the hopes he could give his comrades even more momentum to cultivate. Just like Tang San said, they’d attack the trial at the final moment. At that time, if he revealed the power of his fifth spirit ability, it would undoubtedly give everyone double insurance.

Tang San formed the first line to start climbing together with Dai Mubai and Oscar, and he also didn’t hesitate to release his twin domains once

again, simultaneously releasing the Eight Spider Lances, reaching his peak condition.

Ning Rongrong and Zhu Zhuqing followed behind them. Black light surged over Zhu Zhuqing, her sixth spirit ring quietly appearing. Even under direct sunshine, right now her whole body seemed like hidden in darkness. This was Zhu Zhuqing’s sixth spirit ability, Hell Body.

Hell Body. Ability esoterics: Increase dodge chance by fifty percent, increase resistance by twenty percent. Increase attack piercing effect by thirty percent.

This was the only support ability among Zhu Zhuqing’s six spirit abilities. She was an agility attack type Spirit Master, widely known for speed and offense, unlike power attack type Spirit Masters like Dai Mubai and Ma Hongjun who prioritized unreasonably powerful bodies. To be able to have a support ability like this was already quite good. This Hell Body might not be useful for others, but to Zhu Zhuqing, fifty percent dodge chance and twenty percent resistance gave her even more survivability in battle. And the thirty percent piercing effect made her attacks even more frightening.

Currently, she used that twenty percent resistance boost of this ability. As for whether the dodge chance boost could ward off the pressure of the Seagod’s Light, she didn’t even consider it.

But Ning Rongrong seemed extremely extravagant. Force boost, agility boost, spirit power boost, defense boost, she directly released the four boost abilities most useful for resisting the Seagod’s Light on herself. Then she walked forward with Zhu Zhuqing.

Just as Tang San expected, after using all sorts of support effects beforehand, everyone’s resistance of the Seagod’s Light rose considerably. Further adding his own previous experience, Tang San, Dai Mubai and Oscar walking furthest ahead climbed the first twenty steps like ordinary people climbing mountains, keeping a pretty good pace.

Past twenty steps, the gap in strength began to show. Tang San and Dai Mubai climbed with constant speed, but Oscar fell behind. Even if using Dai Mubai’s three great support abilities undoubtedly made his physical condition reach an unprecedented level, he could in the end only use eighty percent of their strength, and the condition of his body also couldn’t compare to Dai Mubai.

However, even so, Zhu Zhuqing following behind couldn’t catch up to Oscar either. This clearly showed how dreadful the White Tiger spirit’s three great support abilities were. At the same time, Oscar’s circumstances also revealed his important effect among the Shrek Seven Devils. As long as they had his clone mirror sausage, any one of the seven could possess Dai Mubai’s three great support abilities at any time. This was also an important reason why Tang San was sure everyone could smoothly pass the trial of the Seagod’s Light.

As Ning Rongrong reached the twentieth step that was her limit last time, she had already clearly slowed down. Even though she boosted herself from the start, there was still a large gap between her and the others in terms of physical strength. If she hadn’t eaten an immortal grade herb back then, it would be impossible for her to climb this mountain with the physique of a support system Spirit Master.

Ultimately, Ning Rongrong reached the twenty sixth step, then started to descend. Even though it was only six more steps, this still showed that Tang San’s proposal was correct.

And right now, Tang San and Dai Mubai had already passed forty steps, Oscar had also climbed thirty three. At this time, Zhu Zhuqing had caught up and kept pace with him.

Very soon, the two of them also reached their limit. Oscar, relying on Dai Mubai’s Evil Eye White Tiger spirit’s three great support abilities finally only fell behind Zhu Zhuqing by one step, stopping at thirty eight. And Zhu Zhuqing using Hell Body also climbed thirty nine. Due to the considerable spirit power exhaustion, they didn’t dare delay either, and slowly backed down.

But Dai Mubai and Tang San were still constantly continuing forward. Golden light pulsed in Dai Mubai’s evil eyes. Among the Shrek Seven Devils, his body could be said to be second only to Tang San. Under the effect of the three great support abilities, he was like a devil god among tigers, his powerful body forcefully splitting open the heavy obstructions in front of him, continuing forward.

Peng—— One foot landing on the forty fifth step, Dai Mubai’s movements clearly halted. His limit was just about reached, and his breathing was clearly coarse. Tang San next to him subsequently stopped, without continuing forward, but rather maintaining even breathing, adjusting the Mysterious Heaven Skill within his body.

Under the effect of the enormous outside pressure, Tang San discovered that his Mysterious Heaven Skill’s movement speed was clearly faster than when he cultivated on his own. This wasn’t just because he was urging it to move faster, but also because his body instinctively drew on the Mysterious Heaven Skill to recover under the tremendous pressure. His bones, muscles and meridians needed enough nourishment to do everything they could to resist the pressure, and his inner strength was clearly the key to driving the nutrients to where they were needed.

If they stripped naked right now, one would be able to clearly see Dai Mubai’s muscles knotted like steel cords, forcefully resisting the pressure. But Tang San’s muscles, tendons and veins would be constantly pulsing, contracting under the pressure, then swiftly rebounding, constantly repeating force diverting motions. Just like Tang San once used the Blue Silver Emperor to unload the pressure of Spirit Douluo powers.

Peng—— Another muffled thump, and Dai Mubai barely managed to set foot on the forty sixth step. This time, he could clearly feel the kind of difficult to continue feeling he had the first time he climbed. He managed to give Tang San a look, then started to withdraw from the step he set foot on, slowly walking down.

Astounding Dai Mubai somewhat was that Tang San didn’t keep charging forward again, but rather retreated down with him. Dai Mubai had used practically his full force in this dash, and even though the pressure

constantly fell as he retreated, he still felt his body close to exhaustion. Just when he felt he might be thrown out again, a cool aura spread from underfoot to his whole body, a stream filled with vitality undulating through him. At the same time, a strong hand caught his shoulder, stabilizing him with a gentle force.

Dai Mubai turned his head to look at Tang San, the two brothers smiled at each other, then kept retreating.

Reaching the foot of the mountain, five people were once again soaked with sweat, in a worse than sorry state, but that kind of feeling of going from extreme suffering to extreme relaxation was refreshing to the bottom of the heart.

Just when Tang San was about to say something to his comrades, a burst of violent energy fluctuations came from Ma Hongjun’s side, drawing the attention of the unbearably exhausted people.

The golden splendor around Ma Hongjun had already transformed, turning into circles of black light revolving around him. Even though Tang San and the others were several dozen meters away, they could still feel how powerful the unrestrained spirit power fluctuations around him were. Each infusion of spirit power transformed Ma Hongjun minutely. The painful expression had already disappeared, his calm eyes forming a clear contrast to the sweat pouring down his cheeks.

Finally, those circles of black light condensed together, becoming an enormous black ring of light being slowly pulled into his body. His original five spirit rings now also blossomed with brilliant light. The final moment approached.

A loud and resonant phoenix cry suddenly resounded, the enormous fire phoenix silhouette behind Ma Hongjun seemed to condense, becoming a true phoenix, it was just that phoenix cry resounding at the nine heavens and soaring to the sky, golden red flame almost enveloping Ma Hongjun’s whole body. That phoenix flame image in the sky constantly shrank, finally reducing into a fire phoenix with a wingspan around three meters, flying a circle in the air.

Where the fire phoenix passed, ripples of distortion were left behind in the air. It suddenly dove from the air, landing more than thirty meters behind Ma Hongjun, then again abruptly charging forward, entering Ma Hongjun’s body from behind. In that instant, Ma Hongjun’s clothes suddenly turned to ash, his whole back covered by that charging fire phoenix. The flames shrank, slowly sinking into his back like a tattoo.

Fatty opened his eyes in the same instant that fire phoenix pattern disappeared into his back. That instant, his eyes turned completely golden red, violent phoenix flame bursting out from his whole body and soaring high into the air around him, reaching ten meters high before slowly fading.

Ma Hongjun gave a long whistle, all his fat bizarrely contracting somewhat, his whole body shrinking a size. Even though he was still fat, everyone could feel the explosive might of the energy contained within Fatty.

It was done. Two yellow, two purple, two black, six spirit rings were neatly arrayed around Ma Hongjun, and along with the flame gradually disappearing, he had finally obtained his sixth spirit ring.

The golden red light cascading from his eyes gradually faded, replaced by a difficult to inhibit excitement. Fatty turned to Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi and hastily saluted, “Many thanks for senior’s assistance.”

Bo Saixi didn’t answer him, already turning to leave once the flame disappeared, step by step walking towards the Seagod’s Hall. As if she stepped on clouds, her body ascended, and her voice also seemed to echo from all directions, “The next time someone reaches a bottleneck, I will appear again.”

Light flashed, and Bo Saixi’s silhouette was gone without a trace.

Fatty raised his head, somewhat mystified looking in the direction Bo Saixi disappeared, mumbling: “Why would this senior ignore me?”

Dai Mubai fought his weak body, laughing out loud: “Fatty, pretty good capital!”

Ma Hongjun went expressionless for a moment. He discovered that Ning Rongrong and Zhu Zhuqing for some reason had already turned their heads. Tang San, Oscar and Dai Mubai were looking at him as if smiling yet not smiling. Subconsciously looking himself over, he immediately yelped, discovering that he was completely naked, and hastily covered his vitals with both hands, dashing over behind a large tree. In his heart he was thanking his luck that Bai Chenxiang was still cultivating and didn’t see him embarrassed.

Oscar laughed out loud, saying: “What are you running for? Don’t worry, we’re not interested in your shining white big butt.”

Dai Mubai supported himself on Tang San’s shoulder, saying: “Little San, I can’t go on, I’m so weak. I’ll start cultivating.”

Tagn San said: “Don’t rush, I have an idea. What would the effect be if we cultivated within the Seagod’s Light? Have you thought about it?”

Zhu Zhuqing and Ning Rongrong turned around. Even though they were also weak, it wasn’t as clear as the side effects from Dai Mubai’s three great abilities. They looked at Tang San with eyes full of astonishment.

Oscar smiled wryly: “Little San, you really have more and more ideas!
This time we’ll be tortured again.”

Tang San said: “Cultivating within the Seagod’s Light, we can endure outside pressure at all times. Moreover, I discovered that within the pressure of the Seagod’s Light, our spirit power movement speed will be a lot faster than ordinarily. Just like using spirit abilities. Like this, if everything goes smoothly, we will cultivate spirit power a lot faster.”

Dai Mubai said: “Alright, we’ll try. Cultivating on which step would be best?”

Tang San muttered to himself and said: “Start from the first step. Test if there really is an effect, then we’ll go higher. We’ll get fat if we eat everything in one gulp.”

“Third brother, you can’t be like that! Even if I’m a bit fat, you can’t put me up as a bad example.” Ma Hongjun leapt out, having already changed clothes, just in time to hear what Tang San said last.

Tang San laughed out loud, saying: “Fatty, what’s your sixth spirit ring ability?”

At Tang San’s question, Fatty immediately grew proud, “It’s a pure long range attack ability, called Phoenix Cloud Piercing Strike. Even though I don’t know how strong it is, I can feel that the god bestowed spirit ring is equivalent to at least a forty thousand year or more spirit beast formed spirit ring. This power, heh heh.”

Tang San said: “You just spent a lot of effort, cultivate in the Seagod’s Light with us. We’ll see if it’s effective. Stop immediately if there are any adverse effects.”

Before starting, Tang San infused the remainder of his spirit power into Oscar, letting him manufacture a few big recovery sausages, making everyone’s spirit power recover somewhat. Then they once again entered the Seagod’s Light.

The stairs leading to the Seagod’s Hall were more than ten meters wide, plenty for six people to sit. Tang San at the same time also took out Xiao Wu from the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse, placing her next to him. Just like Xiao Wu said herself, her current body basically wouldn’t be harmed under this pressure.

Even though it was only the first step, the omnipresent pressure of the Seagod’s Light still squeezed everyone’s bodies. Slowly sitting down, everyone started to gather spirit power according to their cultivation methods.

As soon as they started cultivating, they discovered what Tang San spoke of. Under the outside pressure of the Seagod’s Light, their spirit power circulation speed clearly improved, so much so that it was faster than their ordinary cultivation speed even without a need to consciously control it. It

seemed the same as spirit power automatically circulating with outside stimulation.

Very soon, everyone excitedly discoverd that, cultivating on this first step, their spirit power recovery speed was higher than cultivating outside. Gradually, they entered a cultivation state, simultaneously becoming aware that this first trial, Overcome, Seagod’s Light, might be a rare opportunity of their whole lives.


Spirit Hall, Douluo Palace.

Douluo Palace was located at the peak of Spirit Hall’s sacred mountain. It had near absolute authority. Compared to Supreme Pontiff Palace, Douluo Palace was a bit smaller, but all the priests here had Douluo titles.

Within Douluo Palace were no gorgeous furnishings, it was all built from simple and unadorned rock. But if you looked carefully, you would find a very faint golden luster on the simple rock. Touching it with your hand, you would feel a strange energy fluctuating in your palm.

Apart from the direction of the entrance, on the other three walls of Douluo Palace were enshrined one glorious golden board after another. Each board was half a meter high, one chi wide, on each was inscribed three or four characters. There were boards attached to the walls as far as the eye could see, altogether more than several hundred. Each of these boards represented a Title Douluo that had received their title here since the founding of Douluo Palace.

Chapter 223

Within the Douluo Temple stood a tall statue, towering about ten meters high and completely shining gold. With three pairs of wings unfurled from its back, in its hands was a giant golden sword pointing at the skies. The strangest thing about it was, surrounding the sword was a faint golden mist.

In the Spirit Hall’s Elder’s Temple, there was a similar statute, if the two had to be compared then the only difference would have to be, the soul.

Thats right, although the statue in the Elder’s Temple was similarly huge, but it was lacking the spirit. This gigantic statue here gave off the feeling of power, the surrounding several hundred title douluo’s golden title tablets were all silently sleeping under its suppression.

This place was the Spirit Masters’ Supreme Temple, every Spirit Master took pride in being able to enter the Douluo Temple, because it signified that they had reached the Title Douluo level. And also because only when they achieved their title could they enter this place.

The Douluo Temple was actually not certain to have been built by Spirit Hall, according to the legends, Douluo Temple had appeared long before the Spirit Hall had even been established, the original Spirit Hall had been organised in dedication to the Douluo Temple and were originally comprised of the powerful members of the Douluo Temple.

The Douluo Temple had a Temple Master who was the person who respected the Douluo Temple the most, he was the one who worshipped the Douluo’s golden title tablets, and was the person who would preside over the title endowment ceremony of all new Title Douluo.

At this moment, in front of this giant statue in the Douluo Temple, knelt a person silently. She was not a Title Douluo here to receive a title, and neither was she the Temple Master of this Douluo Temple. She had another identity and it was because of this identity she was able to stay here, kneeling symbolically in-front of the huge six-winged Seraphim statue.

Her wavy hair by her back reaching to the ground while her hands were interlocked in a strange posture by her chest, with her thumbs interlocked and index finger pointing at each other while the other six fingers were pointing out to the sides, making it look like of a Six-Winged Seraphim with its wings outstretched.

A delicate haze filled with respect covered her body while her eyes were closed, gave off a faint glow.

This person was precisely the person who had lost to Tang San at the Heaven Dou Empire Palace, resulting in her plan spanning over ten years to fail and was the daughter of the Spirit Hall Supreme Pontiff.

In this place, she had already been kneeling for a hundred and eight days, without food or water.

“Has your heart calmed down?” A dignified yet calm voice resonated from within the Douluo Temple.

Qian Renxue who seemed to have transformed into a statue herself, did not speak and remained silently kneeling there as usual, maintaining her original posture.

With a golden flash of light, a figure had suddenly appeared in-between her and the giant statue, as his figure became clearer, the surrounding golden glow too became stronger. Especially for the giant Six-Winged Seraphim statue, as the giant sword started spurting out even more golden light. Causing an indescribable sacred atmosphere to be formed.

The person who had appeared in front of Qian Renxue was the Spirit Hall High Priest, the Temple Master of the Douluo Temple, Qian Daoliu. One of the three ranked ninety-nine Title Douluo in the world.

“Open your eyes.”

As the golden haze moved, Qian Renxue’s body was lifted up by that golden haze. This golden light had not transformed but in the presence of Qian Renxue, gradually nine golden panels appeared.

Seeing these nine panels of light, Qian Daoliu’s eyes revealed a few flashes of light. “Angel’s nine tests, nine tests…… the nine tests that countless generations of Temple Masters have been waiting for has finally appeared.”

As if with great difficulty, Qian Renxue opened her eyes as she looked at her Grandfather confused.

Within Qian Daoliu’s eyes was a soft light, “I was about seventy before I had your father, and your father was about fifty before he had you. The person that many generations of Temple Masters have been waiting for is actually you. Little Xue, Grandpa is proud of you.”

Qian Renxue dazedly stared at Qian Daoliu, “Grandpa, I don’t understand what you mean.” perhaps because she has not opened her mouth for a long time, her voice sounded a little hoarse.

Qian Daoliu lightly smiled, saying: “If the number of panels in front of you is eight, then you would be the next Douluo Temple’s Temple Master. However, there are nine light panels in front of you right now. Don’t ask why, but when the time comes I will tell you more. From now on, for a long time to come, you will have to complete the Angel’s nine tests. Grandpa will accompany you all the way.”


The Supreme Pontiff Palace, in the Supreme Pontiff’s private chamber.

The Bibi Dong who was sitting cross legged suddenly opened her eyes, if anybody saw her right now, they would definitely be shocked. Bibi Dong’s both eyes were red as blood, the colour was so fresh that it seemed like blood was practically dripping blood. On the fingers of both her hands were

nails as long as five inches that were completely black, a stark contrast to her pale white skin.

Her originally noble complexion now looked horrifyingly distorted, and there were bloodstains. Behind her, an indistinct black shadow had appeared.

With her eyes opened, Bibi Dong took a deep breath, the black-purple light started to move and the changes to her body started to fade away, revealing her original appearance. Leaving her looking only slightly paler than usual.

“Qian Daoliu, you are really very clever. In order for me to not devour the descendants of your Angelic clan you actually chose my daughter.” A chain of explosive sounds roared out around Bibi Dong’s body.

While lightly getting up, there was a golden flash of light, and Bibi Dong was already dressed in the robes of the Supreme Pontiff, from the looks of it, she had already returned to being that dignified decisive Supreme Pontiff.

“So what if you let little Xue inherit your position? There will be a day when I destroy your Angelic Foundation. Qian Daoliu, you have underestimated me. Ever since the time I devoured your son’s body and soul and changed my cultivation to that of the Rakshasa, you have not been able to see through my cultivation. The final step, that final step that you have never managed to take, in no more than ten years, I am certain to be able to surmount. When that time comes, no one will be able to stop me from doing what I want. You son ruined me, and so I shall destroy everything of your Angelic Clan.”

“HAHA, HAHAHAHAHA……” A horrific owl like laughter resounded throughout the entire chamber. The giant black phantom which had previously disappeared, once more appeared behind Bibi Dong, intermittently disappearing and reappearing.


One month later.

With a ripping sound echoing loudly as his expanding muscles ripped open his clothes, Dai Mubai roared. Soaring up into the skies, his incredibly robust muscular body could be seen. His body while under the tremendous pressure of the Sea God’s Light shot up towards the sky. However, the current him was no longer the Dai Mubai who couldn’t control the rebound from the Sea God’s Light. His body flipped twice in the air, as he calmly landed on the floor with a golden flash.

A month’s time had passed, the Shrek Seven Devils have been cultivating here for the entire month.

But to them, this month felt as if it had just flashed by. Currently, their spot of cultivation was the tenth step of the Sea God’s steps, where they cultivated while constantly pressured from all sides.

Today, after a month had passed, although the Sea God’s Light was still considered to be pressure for them, it had also quickly become their greatest enjoyment. How so? If everyday they could cultivate and feel a significant progress in their SPirit Power, even if the pressure was greater, how could they not enjoy the sense of satisfaction and feeling of strength every day?

Other than Tang San, Ma Hongjun and Xiao Wu who was unable to cultivate, the rest all had an increase in their Spirit Power by a rank. That also included Bai Chenxiang who had increased by a rank when they first came, currently she was already of the forty-eighth rank.

The results of cultivation in the Sea God’s Light was significant, The immense pressure became the best catalyst for their cultivation, within this sea god’s light, even when sleeping, the Spirit Power in their bodies would also be circulating. Whatsmore, would the Shrek Seven Devils waste this perfectly good opportunity? In the month of hard work, while under the feeling of of constant improvement, not one of them complained. With tenacious determination, their strength constantly improved.

Also, they realised that they were gradually getting used to the pressure of the Sea God’s Light. The amount of steps they could take on the stairs

had risen as well. Right now Dai Mubai could already walk up to the sixtieth step with his own power. While Tang San is going all out, he could actually reach till close to the eightieth step.

To them, the most effective way to reach their physical limits is to climb up their limit then climbing back down and cultivating. Everyday they could only do so thrice, but the result of these three sessions was their Spirit Power growing by leaps and bounds. Otherwise, they would not have been able to achieve such a large improvement in these three months.

While cultivating in the Sea God’s Light, it was as if the Shrek Seven Devils have returned to the time when they first went to Shrek Academy and they had their high-speed cultivation period. According to their current cultivation pace, during this year of the first Sea God’s Test, all of them should be able to improve by six to seven ranks and perhaps even more.

Tang San’s cultivation was without doubt the most diligent, because he had the motivation that the others did not have. This motivation did not originate from the Sea God’s Nine Tests, rather it was from Xiao Wu. In order to revive Xiao Wu earlier, he was not willing to cut himself even half a moment of slack.

Other than time spent eating and washing himself up, he spent the rest of his time on cultivation, working tirelessly to raise his Spirit Power. Although this one month was not enough for him to break through the sixty-ninth rank, but, his constant hard work and his eight cleared meridians already let him know he has reached the bottleneck, in at most another five days, he would be able to make another breakthrough.

One year, the Sea God’s Light only gave them a year’s worth of time, in this one year, just how much they could improve would depend on how much they gave. To not make the most of this one year’s time they had, how could they be worthy of the arrangement Lord Sea God had bestowed onto them.

Every morning, there would be specific Oceanic Spirit Masters to send them food and then quietly leave. There would not be anyone else appearing to disturb them. It could be said that in this past month, the Shrek

Seven Devils and Bai Chenxiang had soaked the first fifty steps with their sweat. Other than Bai Chenxiang who could barely reach the nineteenth step. The Shrek Seven Devils all could reach past the fiftieth step, of which the one with the most obvious improvement was the one with the weakest physical body, Ning Rongrong.

Under the pressure of the Sea God’s Light, her body’s resistance had greatly improved everyday. Right now, after she had released her Spirit, on her body a faint layer of glow could be seen emanating from her body.

Time passed quickly during their frenzied cultivation. And so two months had passed once more. Bai Chenxiang had too managed to breakthrough to the fiftieth rank. Although she was unable to get a God Bestowed Spirit Ring, Tang San had told her that the results of her continued cultivation would naturally appear after she got the ring so there is no need to rush to find a Spirit Ring now and she just had to continue to work hard and cultivate.

And it was also as this last day of the third month passed here, the Tang San who was sitting cross-legged on the twentieth step suddenly opened his eyes, a crystal golden-blue light suddenly surrounded his body and in combination with the golden Sea God’s Light shone together. An incomparably strong feeling shocked awake the other people who were in the midst of their cultivation.

When their eyes landed on Tang San, they were shocked to realise that Tang San’s body seemed to be releasing a special kind of light, tens of strands of his Blue Silver Emperor which seemed to have been cut out of crystal started to spread out from his body, neatly arranging themselves into a spiral. Around Tang San, the two coloured lights, blue and gold intertwined. Slowly floating up, Tang San’s skin had transformed completely blue.

“Tang San, you……” Dai Mubai looked at Tang San with his eyes wide.

Tang San did not reply, but the light his body was giving out became more and more eye catching, a shattering sound resounded as he was sent flying into the sky under the effects of the Sea God’s Light. In an instant,

tens of thousands of strands of Blue Silver Emperor suddenly shot out from his body like strands of blue light, with Tang San as their origin, a golden blue sun releasing an intense eye catching radiance.

Three months of tireless training in the Sea God’s Light had brought to Tang San something he had needed to most, that's right, he had broken through, he had finally broken through the most crucial bottleneck of any spirit master.

A quantitative change had finally triggered a qualitative change, the six Spirit Rings were no longer sufficient to contain the Spirit Power Tang San was releasing. He had finally broken through the seventieth rank bottleneck, and reached a new summit.

With his head raised, the golden mark of the trident on his forehead suddenly glowed, each of the hundred meter long strands of Blue Spirit Emperor started dancing in the air. Under the sunlight, the many strands acted like they were protecting their Blue Silver Emperor. It was also at this moment that the Six Spirit Rings surrounding Tang San’s body suddenly turned golden-blue, powerfully fluctuating.

As if being beckoned, on Sea God’s Island, all the plants under the protection of Sea God’s Light started to lightly sway, especially the Blue SIlver Grass on the ground, every strand started to leak out that same golden blue glow, as if paying respects to their emperor.

The golden trident mark was like a beacon, the cloudlike red figure once more appeared in front of the group without warning.

Sea God Douluo Bo Saixi, silently appeared in mid-air, standing atop the air without a trace of Spirit Power leaking out from her, facing the Tang San who released an innumerable amount of strands of Blue SIlver Emperor. Her dignified face revealing a slight noble smile. With a wave of her hand, a golden bead appeared and flew and landed directly on the golden trident Mark on Tang San’s forehead.

As if flipping a switch, when the golden ball of light landed on the trident on Tang San’s forehead, the Blue Silver Emperor surrounding him retracted

back into his body as strands of light. While, Tang San remained sitting cross-legged in the air, slowly descended back onto the ground.

With a clang, the golden pearl shattered, a rich golden liquid flowed all over Tang San, covering all parts of his body, obscuring his figure. Only the trident mark on his forehead remained glowing as obviously as before.

At the moment the golden pearl shattered, one blue and one white ring of light simultaneously appeared on Tang San’s body. The two rings of light only spread out about a meter from him before stopping, filled with powerful life force and an incomparable killing intent, just like when he was climbing the Sea God’s Steps, Tang San directly released both his domains the Blue Silver, and Death God domains. He wanted to accept this God Bestowed Spirit Ring in his best condition.

In this world, Spirit Beasts were numerous in number, most of which would ferociously kill humans. Because of Spirit Masters, the number of high ranked spirit beasts were few in number. However, if they did not do so, when the number of powerful Spirit Beasts reached a certain level, they would start to leave their territories and attack the human lands. As such the Spirit Masters and Spirit Beasts formed some sort of equilibrium on this continent.

Even if there were more Spirit Beasts, the number of them able to become a Hundred Thousand Year Old Spirit Beast was still as rare as a phoenix feather. Tang San’s luck was already not bad, including Xiao Wu, he had already met four such Hundred Thousand Year Old Spirit Beasts. Xiao Wu, Da Ming, Er Ming and the Deep Sea Demonic Whale which left him almost dead. While his mother and also Xiao Wu’s mother had long since perished in the hands of Spirit Hall.

From Ma Hongjun obtaining the Spirit Ring previously, Tang San had already set a goal in his mind. Xiao Wu giving him a Hundred Thousand Year Old Spirit Ring could be considered an accident. But this God Bestowed Spirit Ring was something he could control, as such he had long since decided that when he broke through the seventieth rank and obtained this God Bestowed Spirit Ring, he only had one goal. Which was to use his

full strength and try to obtain a Hundred Thousand Year Spirit Ring for himself.

Hundred Thousand Year Old Spirit Beasts were just too few in number. And they were all also so strong, to obtain Hundred Thousand Year Spirit Rings from hunting them would be a tall order. Thus this God Bestowed Spirit Ring was a good chance for Tang San. As a Spirit Master, being able to obtain a Hundred Thousand Year Spirit Ring would allow his strength to greatly surpass anyone of the same rank. In particular, what Tang San was about to obtain was his seventh Spirit Ring.

To an ordinary Spirit Master, the seventh Spirit Ring would be a qualitative improvement, after obtaining the Seventh Spirit Ring, they would be able to release the Spirit’s True Form. And unleash the Spirit’s true power. To Tang San, this Spirit Ring significance is completely different. This is because, he also has two domains.

After battling Qian Renxue, Tang San understood the importance the seventh Spirit Ring had for his domains. Only after being able to control the Spirit Avatar could the true power in the Domains be drawn out. And the quality of the seventh Spirit Ring would also determine the strength of the domains.

Just because he had planned in advance, as such, when he was about to break through to the seventieth rank, before the Sea God Douluo Bo Saixi appeared to bestow the Spirit Ring, Tang San would release his full power. To him, the test of the God Bestowed Spirit Ring was much harder than the double traversal of the Sea God’s Light.

When the two domains appeared, the golden light surrounding Tang San instantly became thicker, instantly expanding to envelop the domain he was releasing as well. In the golden glow, you could now faintly see a trace of golden thread condense and squeeze around Tang San’s body.

Seeing this sight, the other Shrek Seven Devils were not too surprised, but Ma Hongjun who had once undergone the test of the God Bestowed Spirit Ring gasped, because he realized that Tang San had accepted the God Bestowed Spirit Ring now. While he was obtaining his sixth Spirit Ring,

only when he went all in at the end did this golden thread appear, and then he finally obtained a forty thousand or so year old Spirit Ring, if Tang San was starting from there, then what would his end point be?

Ever since the Shrek Seven Devils had come here, this was the first time they voluntarily took a break. Tang San was the strongest amongst the Shrek Seven Devils, seeing Tang San about to absorb his seventh Spirit Ring, how could his companions not pay their attention to him. Other than taking care of his safety, and other than Ma Hongjun who already got his Spirit Ring and Xiao Wu who could not cultivate. The remaining four of them were all going to face the same test as Tang San, their God Bestowed Spirit Ring was also that crucial seventh Spirit Ring. Tang San who was currently absorbing the ring, could also act as experience for them when they have to absorb theirs.

The goal that the Shrek Seven Devils have set while training for one year in this Sea God’s Light was to breakthrough the seventieth rank. Only after obtaining their Spirit Avatars would they have the confidence to face the harder tests to come.

Tang San’s expression was calm, once the golden thread appeared, his back bulged as he unhesitatingly released his Eight Spider Lances. At the same time, his right arm, right leg and head started to release a dim glow as well, with the stimulation of Spirit Power, the four great Spirit Bones started to play its part.

Tang San naturally had an aim in doing so, immediately releasing his full power without restraint would allow him to avoid having to do so under the restraint of the God Bestowed Spirit Ring endowment process and actually conserve power while being to endure more.

Instantly having his full power released would also increase the difficulty of the test, immediately taking the test at a higher level would also shorten the time it took for Tang San to take the test, and the time he had to suffer would reduce.

Indeed, after his four Spirit Bones were activated, the golden air around him completely transformed. ly only about ten percent of the golden light

had transformed into the thread, this time the air had completely vanished and all the golden light had transformed into circular gold thread. As if knitting itself, it constantly circled Tang San.

The Focusing Wisdom Skull Bone made Tang San’s Mental Power completely condense in his mind, for the first time it had completely condensed together allowing him to become more resilient.

The Blue Silver Emperor’s Right Leg Bone’s regeneration ability was activated, under the pressure of the God Bestowed Spirit Ring, as Tang San’s body was starting to crumble, it was able to completely recover it.

Although Xiao Wu’s Spirit Bone’s Invincible Golden Body was not activated, but, being a Hundred Thousand Year Old Spirit Bone, in addition to the Eight Spider Lances, allowed Tang San’s physical endurance to grow to a horrifying level.

Under the combined effects of these four Spirit Bones, continuously withstanding wave after wave of pressure from the God Bestowed Spirit Ring.

Second by second, minute by minute time passed. In a flash an hour had passed. Tang San’s forehead was already densely covered with beads of sweat. What was most shocking about it was that these beads of sweat were all actually golden.

At the moment the golden light surrounding Tang San’s body once more made a change, the strands of golden threads began to condense together into golden rings of light, in total there were nine of them. At first they expanded around Tang San, before contracting and fiercely crashed into Tang San’s body. Repeating this process non-stop.

Each time the golden light were to collide with Tang San’s body, it would cause his body to tremble and more beads of sweat would appear on his forehead. From the Eight Spider Lances which were constantly trembling on his back, you could see that the pressure Tang San was facing was extremely large.

A Hundred Thousand Year Old Spirit Ring was something that only Spirit Douluos could endure as they were advancing to the Title Douluo Level. Tang San right now was only a Spirit Emperor on the way to being a Spirit Sage.

However, hailed as the Shrek Academy’s number one genius, who had led the Shrek Seven Devils to beat the Golden Generation of the Spirit Hall to become the champions of the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament. How could he be an average person?

He had four Spirit Bones which normal Spirit Masters did not have, he also obtained the sacrifice of a Hundred Thousand Year Old Spirit Beast, and had also consumed three divine medicines and obtained a body invincible to fire and ice. In terms of his physical condition, he had definitely transcended the tenacity of even a Title Douluo. Although his Spirit Power was incomparable to them, but, under such conditions, he certainly had the qualifications to absorb a Hundred Thousand Year Old Spirit Ring. All that remained is just his determination and willpower.

And was Tang San’s determination and willpower lacking? Even he was not sure. When accepting the test of the God Bestowed Spirit Ring, his mind was clear. Where only two words remained. These two words was his greatest source of determination, his most staunch source of willpower.

Xiao Wu

It was those two words which represented the name of his lover, it also represented all that Tang San could think about. On the virtue of these two words alone, all the distractions in his mind could be eliminated. As if the pain that his physical body was enduring was not even landing on his body.

In this particular mood, the wave after wave colliding with his body eventually was on the verge of collapse, yet still unable to move his unbreakable faith. For Xiao Wu, he must endure.

Fresh red drops of blood started to seep out from Tang San’s skin. Different from the fine beads of blood released by Ma Hongjun previously, the blood flowing out from Tang San was a constant stream, staining his

clothes red, and even staining the ground beneath him red. Even his seven orifices were bleeding.

Tang San’s body seemed like it was about to give way at any moment, yet, his will was not the slightest bit shaken.

As long as his belief has not changed, the God Bestowed Spirit Ring’s test would not stop.

“Third brother.” Ning Rongrong could not help but call out, her tears uncontrollably rolling out, in her heart’s impulse, she wanted to rush ahead and stop Tang San from continuing.

She was not the only one in tears, Zhu Zhuqing and Bai Chenxiang were too also wordlessly tearing. The mentally more fragile Bai Chenxiang lied in Ma Hongjun’s arms unable to watch any further.

Oscar determinedly held onto Ning Rongrong’s arms, not letting her rush forward. Only saying one sentence, “Believe in little San.”

At the moment, Oscar’s words did not have his usual joking tone. He could also see how dangerous a position Tang San was currently in.

In Dai Mubai’s eyes was only sincere admiration. As the leader of the Shrek Seven Devils, holding back his passion in his heart, his unyielding personality was definitely not a match for Tang San, That’s why he had also been hardworking cultivating so that one day he could surpass Tang San once more to become the strongest amongst the Shrek Seven Devils.

But at this moment, seeing Tang San covered in fresh blood, Dai Mubai knew that even if he spent his whole life, he did not have the chance of surpassing Tang San anymore. Tang San’s strength did not come from his luck, rather it came from his dedication and tireless effort. Behind his vast strength was a past of innumerable suffering, only after paying with blood and sweat did he manage to reach where he is.

None of the Shrek Seven Devils lacked the one percent needed for success, talent. But if anyone among them truly had the other ninety nine

percent of effort, then, that was only Tang San.

Only with this complete hundred percent did it allow Tang San to reach his current strength, completely above his peers of the same age. If the other six Shrek Devils were to evaluate Tang San, they would only have one word to describe him: perfect. A perfection that only belonged to Tang San.

Sea God Douluo Bo Saixi’s was currently also frowning, she had already raised her hand three times, and also put it down three times. As the High Priest of the Sea God Island, she was the most fervent believer of the Sea God and also the most powerful. She had not experienced such a mix of emotions in over fifty years.

She was the one controlling the God Bestowed Spirit Ring, and was the one clearest about Tang San’s physical condition. And could most clearly feel Tang San teetering on the edge of collapse. Each time she could feel Tang San about to collapse, she wanted to stop him but would only realise the power of Tang San’s will which managed to maintain Tang San’s physical body from collapse.

After which, he once more fell on the brink of collapse yet somehow manage to sustain himself. Even with such a Spirit Master like Bo Saixi who stood at the peak, she was unable to determine just what kind of power is keeping Tang San afloat.

Indeed, he was someone chosen by the Sea God’s nine tests. Thats right! Only someone the Sea God selected would have this kind of perseverance. Not to mention back when Bo Saixi was that age, let alone now, she was certain that her perseverance would be inferior to Tang San.

Perseverance and determination were the largest factors for success. Finally, when Bo Saixi could not help but raise her hand for the fourth time as she prepared to stop the God Bestowed Spirit Ring’s test. In that instant, the blood emerging from Tang San’s body practically all erupted out.

Fallen apart? Bo Saixi was alarmed, but her hand was still stopped mid- air.

Because, the fresh red blood that was spurting out of Tang San instantly dyed the nine golden rings attacking Tang San’s body, in the next instant they had all turned red. The nine rings returned to become a single ring. They had transformed into a large blood red glowing ring floating around Tang San.

And at this point in time, Tang San only had one feeling in his mind, his body had finally fallen apart, and was transformed into dust filling up the air. But this feeling of destruction also brought him a never before experience pleasure. In the next instant, all he could feel was a sea of red. As if he had sunken into a blood red world.

Chapter 224

Bo Saixi managed to pull back her right hand. Her heart twitched uncontrollably a few times. Turning around, she looked towards the Seagod’s Hall at the peak of the towering mountain, talking to herself in a peculiar tone of voice: “He, succeeded.”

A red silhouette soared up, and nobody saw, at the corners of Bo Saixi’s eyes, currently fell a tear as sparkling and translucent as a pearl.

None of the Shrek Seven Devils disturbed Tang San, and Tang San also sat there crosslegged and motionless, as if he’d turned into an ancient fossil. And the current Tang San was awash in blood, his whole body like a blood red sculpture.

Dai Mubai, Oscar, Ma Hongjun, Zhu Zhuqing, Ning Rongrong, the five of their gazes brightened one by one. The sight of Tang San enduring the god bestowing spirit ring process had infected each of them. Nobody even spoke. Ning Rongrong pulled Xiao Wu’s hand, and the six of them together walked over to the stairs to the Seagod’s Hall, climbing directly to the twenty fifth step and sitting down. Tang San had already broken through his limits, so where were their limits? Even Bai Chenxiang directly walked to the tenth step and sat down.

At the foot of the sacred mountain, everything returned to serenity. Six people cultivating ceaselessly, Xiao Wu passively enduring the pressure, as well as the blood red statue, the motionless Tang San.

Tang San sat like this for a full one hundred days. As he was absolutely motionless for one month, the scarlet blood had also turned violet black, forming a stiff scab on the surface of his skin. If not for sensing his faint but steady heartbeat, as well as what Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi said before leaving, perhaps everyone would have believed Tang San had become an eternal sculpture.

One hundred days, one hundred days without motion. As the final day arrived, tearing and smashing sounds roused everyone from their cultivation.

One crack after another began to form on the stiff scab around over Tang San, this was the source of the sounds.

Seven silhouettes flew up, at just this moment, they had no thoughts for cultivation. After one hundred days of strenuous waiting, the person they waited for had finally come.

More and more shattered. Gradually, that dark purple scab began to fall off in pieces, exposing skin faintly flickering with blue golden radiance within. Startling everyone somewhat was that, as all of it fell off, even Tang San’s hair fell off along with the scabs coagulated around it.

“En——” A soft groan echoed, and Tang San’s already naked skin began to shine with a faint blue golden color. Immediately afterward, the blue golden color grew more and more distinct, light radiating out, each blue golden ray seemed to expel the filth on his body.

With a popping sound, at this instant, time seemed to stand still, and the remaining filth on Tang San’s body shot off in an instant, exposing his close to perfect body. Intense blue golden splendor seemed to turn him into a second sun, enough to compare to the scorching sun in the sky. With such intense glare and violent energy fluctuations, everyone retreated one after another.

Amidst that blue golden radiance, the figure seated upright on the ground slowly rose. Both arms stretched sharply to either side, and sonorous bone

cracking sounds could be heard. That’s right, sonorous, as if his whole body stretched outwards.
When he had stretched to his limit, instantly, a dragon cry like long how On the ground was a thick mat of softly swaying blue silver emperor, the
surrounding plants were all like cut from sapphire and bathed in golden sunshine, filled with an illusory tint.

Before they could react, suddenly, the surrounding scenery changed. The original radiance and aura of boundless vitality disappeared without any warning. In its place was an extremely cold world of white mist. Countless harsh auras cruised like sharp blades in their surroundings, giving them a feeling as if their bodies might be torn asunder at any moment.

Most frightening was a heartfelt shiver, the feeling of terror almost instantly giving them a feeling of being oppressed by a strange energy. Even moving just a bit was extremely difficult. If they hadn’t endured the pressure of the Seagod’s Light for a long time, the horror of this world filled with murderous intent might have driven them crazy.

Fortunately, this kind of frightful feeling didn’t continue for too long. Just as everyone felt their hearts about to burst, their bodies relaxed, and that aura like an Asura hell instantly disappeared. Their surroundings also returned to the scenery they were familiar with. They were still at the foot of the Seagod Mountain, and before them was still that ring shaped sea.

The feeling of being liberated from great weight made each of them breathe roughly, gasping for big mouthfuls of breath, subconsciously retreating with eyes filled with overwhelming shock. On the contrary Xiao Wu still stood there blankly, without doing anything. Without a soul, she didn’t seem to have felt the frighteningly enormous pressure the others did just now.

But in fact, the reason she didn’t arrive at that realm of suffering before really wasn’t because she had no soul, that scene just now absolutely wasn’t a pure spiritual attack. The reason Xiao Wu didn’t suffer any harm was mainly because her soul was within the body of the person who launched

that frightening scene before. With metaphysical and physical deeply bonded to each other, naturally she wouldn’t come to any harm.

The blue golden radiance gradually faded, and as everyone managed to compose themselves, they could clearly see a human figure flickering within the light. Very soon, all the light was absorbed into that person, exposing his true form.

Everyone breathed a huge sigh of relief, looking at that appearing figure with weird expressions, smiles soon becoming apparent.

Standing there was Tang San, his body already covered in a clean robe, hiding his body, and not ending up naked after absorbing the spirit ring like Ma Hongjun. The flickering of his silhouette in the light before was actually him getting dressed.

Only, his current appearance was even more ridiculous than Ma Hongjun’s back then. His head was glossy and smooth without a single hair, to the extent that it even reflected the sunlight. Not even his eyebrows remained. Even though he was still handsome, his deep blue eyes even more clear than before, his current bald look still made the Shrek Five Devils and Bai Chenxiang quickly recover from their previous fright.

The skin Tang San currently revealed all had a dense layer of faintly golden light, but what had changed most distinctly apart from his hair and eyebrows, would be the Eight Spider Lances on his back.

The Eight Spider Lances hadn’t changed in size, and were still as crystalline as before, but their overall coloration had undergone a heaven and earth revolving transformation. The originally filled with frightening feeling blood red had completely turned into a hallowed golden color. Unfolding behind Tang San, they were like eight gloriously golden arms. Golden light glinted, and faintly, a disc of golden light was set off the Eight Spider Lances from behind.

In practice, this was already the Eight Spider Lances’ third evolution. From getting it until Tang San killed the second Man Faced Demon Spider and obtained Xiao Wu’s hundred thousand year spirit ring, then again to

now. This external spirit bone not only didn’t turn more sinister, but on the contrary became more and more dazzling.

“Little San, you, hahahaha……” Dai Mubai was the first who couldn’t help it, immediately bursting into laughter. When he started, the others couldn’t hold back either.

Tang San had just woken up, and his consciousness was still a bit fuzzy,
“What are you laughing at?”

Ning Rongrong giggled: “Third brother, your hair and eyebrows……”

Oscar and Ma Hongjun looked at each other, and they couldn’t help smiling wickedly. Hair and eyebrows were gone, then the hair in other places…… heh heh.

Tang San looked distracted, immediately raising a hand to feel his scalp, then discovered the source of everyone’s hilarity. Bowing his head to look at the scabs fallen all around him, he couldn’t help showing a wry smile.

However, right now his heart was still incomparably carefree. A refreshing feeling exuded from every pore. Basically without even using his eyes to see, all the surrounding scenery appeared like a three dimensional image in his mind. He could even clearly sense the variations of the intensity of the sunshine in the air.

That was a marvellous feeling of controlling everything. The Mysterious Heaven Skill inner strength within his body had completely changed from white to gold, and poured through his meridians like quicksilver. As his consciousness grew clearer and clearer, even more pleasant surprises appeared constantly. It seemed his spiritual force had reached the same level as his Purple Demon Eye. That kind of observation down to minute details could discover even the smallest changes within him.

But even if he now could control everything within himself, he still didn’t know just what level he had reached.

Practically subconsciously, Tang San released his Blue Silver Emperor. Instantly, several dozen strands of clear blue Blue Silver Emperor shot out from his body. At this moment, there was no golden lines within the Blue Silver Emperor, but, each strand was wrapped up in a faint golden light.

Along with him releasing his spirit, seven spirit rings rose in succession from below Tang San’s feet, filling his surroundings.

Yellow, yellow, purple, black, black, red, red. The seven orderly spirit rings gave people an incomparably moving feeling. In that instant, Tang San only felt as if he could hear the throbbing voices of all the plants on Seagod Mountain, and each of those Blue Silver Emperor were like his own arms. He was confident that these Blue Silver Emperor could absolutely complete even the most complex motions.

He hadn’t endured that pain like being torn apart in vain. That scarlet red like blood spirit ring in the seventh position was the best repayment.

Dai Mubai, Oscar, Ning Rongrong, Zhu Zhuqing, Ma Hongjun, Bai Chenxiang, right now they had all stopped laughing. Seeing that seventh ring around Tang San, with the red of a hundred thousand year level, they couldn’t utter a single word.

If one spoke of Tang San’s sixth spirit ring being of the hundred thousand year level being because special circumstances led to Xiao Wu’s sacrifice, then that real seventh spirit ring of his was something brought to him by his utterly fearless perseverance and incomparable will.

Because of this seventh spirit ring, all the pain Tang San had suffered, the price he had paid, was absolutely even greater than absorbing a real hundred thousand year spirit ring. Even with four spirit bones, with his current strength he still shouldn’t have been able to absorb a hundred thousand year spirit ring. That was an absolute gap. But he had still done it.

To Spirit Masters, the seventh spirit ring was the most important leap, and Tang San had used a perfect hundred thousand year level to continue declaring his strength. If twin spirits was an innate talent, then his seventh spirit ring was a flower blossoming from struggle.

Tang San slowly raised his right hand, and that latest to appear seventh spirit ring slowly rose, drawn by his palm. It expanded as it rose, and in a flash it had turned into a blood red barrier enveloping Tang San completely.

Red light quietly permeated him, and Tang San’s body instantly changed, fusing into that red light. His whole body seemed to become translucent, the surface of his skin rippling with the same clear blue luster as the Blue Silver Emperor, and he also had that golden light brimming with the aura of nature.

It seemed as if he was now a man shaped Blue Silver Emperor. This was Tang San’s seventh spirit ability, Blue Silver Avatar.
With the effects of Blue Silver Avatar, all abilities that used Blue Silver Emperor were amplified by a hundred percent, and any strand of blue silver grass could become Tang San’s true body. In other words, unless all the Blue Silver Emperor were completely destroyed, Tang San could instantly make his body appear anywhere there was Blue Silver Emperor within range to avoid attacks.

Spreading both arms, the eyes of Tang San’s Blue Silver Avatar form abruptly turned golden. Then next instant, with him as the center, a blue golden luster abruptly spread from his feet, enveloping a hundred meter range in practically just an instant.

This one hundred meter range might not feel very large, but within this range, everything turned golden blue. Including the bodies of the other Shrek Seven Devils.

Everyone clearly felt an incomparably immense breath of life fill their surroundings, unspeakably comforting. However, they also instantly discovered that their movements began to slow, and everything around them turned so indistinct. And in this instant, the Eight Spider Lances behind Tang San’s back blossomed with golden light, one golden ray of light after another starting to fill this golden world.

The golden threads of light couldn’t be dodged. Everyone just felt their bodies tighten slightly, and immediately afterward, it was as if their spirit power had found a drain, slowly flowing out along those threads of light.

They wanted to break free, but those threads of light were like bone maggots, always glued to their bodies. And the threads of light draining their spirit power grew even brighter, finally converging on the Eight Spider Lances, then flowed into Tang San.

Images of trees appeared one after another, covering Tang San’s silhouette. All the plants on Seagod Mountain within range now also all turned blue golden, dense images of trees appearing in the surroundings along with countless vines spreading out. Just at this moment, even the sunlight couldn’t enter the golden blue world. The immense aura of life covered each person, and the branches of the trees grew frantically, leaves quickly spreading, and their targets were the Shrek Seven Devils. In just these few eyeblinks, everyone felt like they were already surrounded.

A pressure like panic appeared in their hearts, coerced by this pressure, everyone released their spirits one after another.

But even Fatty’s red hot phoenix flame only gave this blue golden world a bit more golden splendor. Everyone discovered that their spirits were all suppressed by that breath of life.

“This is the true form of my Blue Silver Domain under the effect of my seventh spirit ability, Blue Silver Avatar. It’s also the Blue Silver Domain’s third evolved ability, Boundless Nature[1]. Secondary effects, assimilation, suppression. Within the domain, I can change everything as I wish. The assimilation ability refers to assimilating all the surrounding plants, with the Blue Silver Domain burning the flames of their life for its own use. The more plants there are nearby, the stronger Boundless Nature is. These plants can all launch attacks as I desire. The suppression ability suppresses the attributes of your spirits by ten percent, and all released spirit power will be suppressed by ten percent. The longer you stay in the domain, the greater the suppression effect will be.”

“Then what’s with those golden threads extracting our spirit power?” Hearing Tang San’s voice echo from all around, everyone’s fear immediately disappeared. Dai Mubai immediately voiced a question.

Tang San’s voice echoed once again, “That’s the automatic energy saving produced after the evolutions of the domain and Eight Spider Lances. Originally Boundless Nature’s third ability was to gradually extract your vitality and pour it into the plants. But with the Eight Spider Lances joining in, it got a long distance drain effect. Those unbreakable threads are the extension of the Eight Spider Lances’ drain ability. It will constantly draw out your spirit power and vitality. The vitality is assigned to the plants within the domain, but the spirit power is filtered through the Eight Spider Lances for my use.”

Dai Mubai’s eyes widened, “Fuck me, even filtering? Your domain ability is too abnormal.”

The blue light suddenly faded, the sky reappearing. Tang San still stood where he was before, and both his Eight Spider Lances and seven spirit rings were already withdrawn.

He had revealed his new abilities to his comrades so they could cooperate even better in the future, so they wouldn’t be startled. And a Spirit Master revealing his spirit abilities for others to see was originally one of the most intimate shows of affection.

Nevermind that the other Shrek Seven Devils all thought that Tang San’s new abilities were abnormal, even Tang San himself felt that these abilities were frightening.

Especially the ability after fusing the Blue Silver Domain and Eight Spider Lances. Long distance drain. And it was moreover draining that ignored attacks and defenses, this was too scary. At the same time Tang San discovered that, after the Eight Spider Lances evolved, the original drain ability had gained an automatic filter, energy absorbed from the outside world would be filtered and merged into Tang San’s body where it was needed.

Like this, fighting within the Blue Silver Domain’s latest third evolved Boundless Nature, the enemies would be constantly weakened, and Tang San could possess even longer battle endurance through this indefensible drain ability.

Tang San vaguely felt that, along with his strength growing, the external spirit bone Eight Spider Lances evolved ability now showed its true appearance. That was something the other spirit bones didn’t have, even the hundred thousand year spirit bones.

Just viewing the level of the domain, Tang San’s Blue Silver Domain already massively surpassed the Angelic Domain Qian Renxue once used. The Angel Domain’s abilities mainly strengthened herself and suppressed the opponent. That angel force could also only affect the opponent’s spirit power.

If the Angelic Domain transforming the opponent’s spirit power was one effect, then Tang San’s Blue Silver Domain’s drain ability had two effects. The Angelic Domain harmed others without benefit to oneself, but the Blue Silver Domain harmed others for his benefit. The gap between them was quite large.

In terms of the level of spirits, even though the Blue Silver Emperor could be said to be a peak existence among plant type spirits, there was still a gap to a super spirit like the Seraphim. There were two reasons Tang San’s Blue Silver Domain effects could surpass Qian Renxue’s Angelic Domain, one was the fusion effect of the evolved Eight Spider Lances with the domain. The other was because Tang San’s seventh spirit ring was of the hundred thousand year level. The amplification effect naturally wasn’t something ten thousand year spirit rings could compare to.

For this seventh spirit ring, Tang San had spent a hundred days time. But this was completely worth it. A hundred thousand year spirit ring at the seventh position was already a comprehensive leap for his strength. With all the spirit bones and spirit abilities he currently possessed, he would no longer be without the strength to resist when confronting Title Douluo. That was still without counting the effects of the Deathgod Domain after it was amplified by the seventh spirit ring, as well as Tang San’s seventh spirit ring

having a second spirit ability due to being of the hundred thousand year level.

Somewhat awkwardly rubbing his bald head, Tang San asked: “How long was I in a trance?”

By now, the others had already gathered around, and besides Xiao Wu’s still cavernous eyes, the others all had expressions of wonder and envy.

Oscar said: “You really can sleep! This time it took a hundred days. You really are something. If it was us, no matter how persistent we were, our bodies still couldn’t absorb the energy of that hundred thousand year spirit ring. I also want a seventh spirit ring. Ah! Ah! Ah!” This fellow hardly concealed his envy.

Tang San stared blankly a moment, “What did you say? A hundred days? I’ve been in a trance for one hundred days?”

Seeing his comrades nod one after another, Tang San still almost didn’t dare believe it. To him, it had only seemed like, after the pain, warmth had spread through his body and gradually scattered. He had awoken after just this process. But that simple process had still taken him a hundred days of trance.

He showed a trace of a wry smile, “I didn’t think it would take so long.
My Seagod’s Light!”

Dai Mubai’s eyes revealed an intense disdain, “You clearly just know to talk without action, isn’t a hundred thousand year spirit ring enough? Your new abilities are already abnormal enough. If it was me, I’d even trade it for a year’s time. Speaking of, generally this kind of level skipping spirit ring absorption will raise your spirit power. Fatty went up one rank last time, he’s almost at the same level as little Ao and the others. What’s your current level of spirit power?”

Tang San observed his body, his wry smile instantly turning to pleasant surprise, “Is this alright too? It seems to have risen a lot……”

Ning Rongrong curiously asked: “How much is a lot?”

Tang San said: “It seems to be at seventy four and a half ranks.

Silence, dreadful silence. As Tang San spoke, he only felt like everyone wanted to eat him.

Dai Mubai said with a mournful expression: “Heaven has no justice, Heaven really has no justice. Me training bitterly for three months still can’t compare to little San absorbing a spirit ring……”

Tang San laughed out loud, seeing the smile and frustration at the corners of Dai Mubai’s eyes. Grabbing his shoulders, he said: “Boss Dai, don’t worry! Don’t forget that you still haven’t absorbed the god bestowed spirit ring. I was just a bit lucky.”

Dai Mubai sighed, “Little San, that really isn’t a matter of luck! Only, we haven’t been idle in these three months either. The Seagod’s Light really is a treasure for cultivation, my spirit power is already close to sixty eight ranks. I estimate I should break through within ten days. Little Ao is sixty four, Fatty is sixty four, only Fatty should be about to break through to sixty five. Rongrong is already sixty five. Zhu Zhuqing as well. You’re right, we all have a chance for a god bestowed spirit ring. Then we also have to work hard. To us, this is a lifetime opportunity. In this year with the Seagod’s Light, we have to fight to reach the seventieth rank. With the qualitative change of the Spirit Avatar, the other trials will be a lot easier.”

“Rumble.” When Dai Mubai issued his declaration with a righteous expression, Tang San’s stomach made a quiet noise.

Dai Mubai was speechless for a spell, “The food delivered this morning is over there. You just woke up, rest for today. Too far is as bad as not enough. Let’s go, we’ll continue cultivating. We’ll definitely pull closer the gap to little San.”

After a hundred days without eating, completely relying on energy to sustain himself, Tang San was ravenous. His comrades threw themselves

back into training, and he gorged himself without politeness. With the strength of his internal organs, he basically didn’t have to worry about any adverse effects from eating or drinking excessively.

Giant overlord crab, delicious lobster flesh, fish roe and black bread, plus Seagod Island’s special local vegetables and fruit. In one sitting he cleanly swept away the great meal for everyone for today. Only when he had finished eating did Tang San discover he had eaten everyone else’s food. Fortunately he still had inventory in his Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges, he could only let everyone eat rations today.

By now Dai Mubai and the others had already started cultivating within the Seagod’s Light. Tang San discovered that in three months time, his comrades were by now already cultivating on the thirty fifth step. Even Bai Chenxiang had already advanced to the twentieth step.

The qualitative leap in strength filled Tang San’s heart with satisfaction and confidence. He quietly told himself that the distance to Xiao Wu’s resurrection was one step closer.

Without excessive rest, Tang San directly threw himself into cultivation. Due to entering the realm of Spirit Avatar, he directly raised his cultivation position ot the fiftieth step. He was confident that he could completely cultivate at this position.

Of course, before he started cultivating, he first wanted to examine how far his strength had risen, to take a look at just how many steps he had advanced along this challenging road. It was also good preparation for finally passing.

After Tang San first set foot into the Seagod’s Light, he halted, an astonished expression appearing on his face. Because he discovered that the original pressure from the Seagod’s Light seemed to have completely disappeared. Setting foot on the first step seemed no different from outside.

What was going one? Could the pressure from the Seagod’s Light have disappeared? No, impossible. His comrades were still cultivating, that proved there was no problem with the Seagod’s Light.

With a suspicious bearing, Tang San kept climbing.

Tang San climbed the whole way to the twentieth step before he felt a trace of pressure, and he immediately relaxed. It wasn’t that the pressure was gone, but rather that his ability to endure the pressure had leapt forward.

In fact, after the ordeal of the god bestowed spirit ring, Tang San’s body had broken through the limit once again, and his ability to contend with pressure had risen in a sharp line. It was naturally very difficult for the Seagod’s Light’s close pressure to affect him. Since the pressure could be ignored, Tang San hadn’t felt anything.

Climbing onwards, Tang San very soon passed fifty steps. Here he discovered that this position didn’t suit his cultivation, because the pressure still wasn’t enough. It still couldn’t give him the pressure he felt where he cultivated before breaking through the seventieth rank.

Without releasing the two great domains, had his body having just recovered, Tang San still had to hold back on this climb. He had after all just recovered, and he couldn’t attack his limit in one go. With the backing of the two great domains, his retreat would be a lot easier.

Continuing to climb upwards, very soon Tang San reached his previous climbing limit, standing on the eightieth step. Arriving here he could again feel that omnipresent squeezing pressure. Drawing a deep breath, Tang San advanced. When he had climbed all the way to the hundredth step, his pace forward slowed somewhat.

Tang San discovered that after climbing a hundred steps, the pressure clearly rose a level. It was like his own qualitative leap of strength. Coming here, the Seagod’s Light pressure also made a qualitative leap. This discovery made him realize that the greatest difficulty of Dai Mubai and the others’ black level trials might be the last eight steps.

Absolutely don’t look down on these last few steps. Due to the qualitative leap in pressure, each step would require investing a far higher price than the previous steps. Even more, in the previous climb, they would

be bound to have consumed a lot of spirit power. Under the steep rise in pressure, completing this last climb really wasn’t an easy matter.

Steadily continuing climbing upwards, his body’s powerful ability to resist pressure gradually appeared. The trident brand on Tang San’s forehead released brilliant golden light, and with each step forward, he felt the joy of conquering within his heart.

One hundred eight, the step required to pass the black level trials very soon lay below Tang San’s feet. In fact, right now Tang San wasn’t just a common Spirit Sage. With four great spirit bones and two hundred thousand year spirit rings, the power of his physique already surpassed that of ordinary Title Douluo. Even so, after he reached the one hundred eighth step, he also clearly felt the weight of his body, and each step further became a challenge.

Drawing a cold breath, Tang San looked up. Under the influence of the golden mist surrounding his body, the scenery beyond was a bit hazy. His standard for passing wasn’t just a hundred eight, but rather three hundred thirty three. With his present circumstances, starting with the two great domains released from the very beginning, the highest level he could climb might not surpass one hundred fifty steps, not even half the distance to pass the trial. Could he really reach the three hundred thirty third step and pass even with his comrades’ support abilities? A major question mark appeared in Tang San’s heart.

There was already less than half a year left. Even though cultivating in the Seagod’s Light was a lot faster than outside, Tang San still wasn’t arrogant enough to believe he could make another qualitative leap in that time. It seemed that in order to pass his first trial: Overcome, Twofold, Seagod’s Light, absolutely wouldn’t be easy. He still had an even longer road to walk.

Without climbing further, the surrounding immense pressure already forced the spirit power within Tang San’s body to move with unprecedented speed. He still needed time to put his just recently recovered body in order, and Tang San absolutely wouldn’t spoil things on impulse. He still didn’t open his domains, but slowly retreated from the one hundred eighth step.

When he had retreated to eighty steps, he halted, hesitating slightly. According to the previous feeling of cultivation in the pressure, the seventieth step seemed quite suitable for his present cultivation. But Tang San clearly understood that, cultivating there, he couldn’t advance his resistance ability enough to pass the Seagod’s first trial in half a year.

Taking advantage of still having a lot of spirit power remaining, fiercely clenching his teeth, Tang San sat down on the eightieth step.

Chapter 225

(TL by PiggyBottle)

Half a year later, at the foot of the Sea God Mountain.

The Shrek Seven Devils were standing in a neat row, silently watching the white figure climbing up the Sea God’s Steps with great difficulty.

Today was the last day of the time they had to finish the Sea God’s first test. Without leaving any leeway, they only had one chance to clear it now. Regardless of whether it was Tang San or his companions, none of them dared to say with certainty that they would be able to clear this test. As such, they had decided to do this last-ditch attempt to breakthrough. Only with no other way back would they be able to maximise their true potential.

A year had passed and the Shrek Seven Devils’ appearances had all changed greatly, in each of their eyes was a newfound determination which they did not have before.

Facing such pressure and constantly cultivating until now resulted in their body and Spirit Power greatly improving. In this month, Dai Mubai too went through the qualitative transformation, with the help of the God Bestowed Spirit Ring, he too had broken through the seventieth rank bottleneck and reached the same Spirit Sage level as Tang San. The others too each had different levels of improvement.

The current Spirit Ranks of the Shrek Seven Devils were as such:

Evil Eyed White Tiger Dai Mubai, rank seventy-one power attack-system Spirit Sage.

Big Sausage Uncle Oscar, rank sixty-eight auxiliary food-system Spirit Emperor.

Thousand Hand Asura Tang San, rank seventy six control-system Spirit Sage.

Evil Fire Phoenix Ma Hongjun, rank sixty-eight power attack-system Spirit Emperor.

Soft Bones Demon Rabbit Xiao Wu, unknown spirit rank. Physical resistance greatly improved.

Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Ning Rongrong, rank sixty-nine auxiliary support-system Spirit Emperor.

Hell Civet Zhu Zhuqing, rank sixty-nine agility attack-systems Spirit Emperor.

A year of bitter training in the Sea God’s Light resulted in each of them growing greatly and their Spirit Powers improving by at least seven ranks. Their level of training here was something that was practically impossible to obtain.

At the same time, they had put forth huge amounts of effort this year, practically training without rest. Even so, they still did not manage to reach their goal of their training. Other than Tang San and Dai Mubai, the rest of them still had not managed to breakthrough the seventieth rank to achieve that qualitative change in spirit power. However, even so they believed that they definitely had the capability to complete this first test.

Currently, the person standing on the steps was precisely Bai Chenxiang. Before the Shrek Seven Devils officially started taking the first test, Bai Chenxiang was testing the extent of her progress.

Although she had long since reached the fiftieth rank of Spirit Power, she had not had the opportunity to absorb a Spirit Ring to progress further. But over these days of bitter training, Bai Chenxiang’s body’s resistance had also greatly improved. Tang San believed that once she obtained her fifth Spirit Ring, her Spirit Power would definitely leap ahead. As for what rank it would reach, Tang San was unable to guess. But Tang San was certain that over the past year, Bai Chenxiang’s silent effort was definitely not less than the seven of them. Or perhaps under the influence of the Shrek Seven Devils, Bai Chenxiang had a new understanding towards cultivation. She was no longer the princess of the

“Fatty, what level do you think Xiangxiang will reach?” Oscar tapped the Ma Hongjun who was completely engrossed in watching Bai Chenxiang standing beside him.

Ma Hongjun shook his head saying: “I don’t know, I too have not seen her go all out while climbing those steps. However, I am certain the results of this one year's training was not little. Not only in terms of physical and Spirit Power, the training of her heart is more important. This one year of training in the Sea God’s Light, regardless of whether it’s her or us, our attitude towards adversity is definitely different from before. Without fear, without backing down, we will only go to conquer it.”

Hearing Fatty’s words, Oscar felt as if it was his first time meeting him, he stared at him shocked, “I never imagined! Fatty, when did your words start becoming so philosophical?”

Ma Hongjun’s eyes did not leave the climbing Bai Chenxiang, he only snorted: “Don’t worship brother. Brother is but a legend.”

“Legend your face, Xiangxiang seems to be reaching a bottleneck.”

Indeed, Bai Chenxiang was currently standing on the fifty-seventh step, this was a level that she had never previously reached. Her climb had been without any help and was by completely her own power. Her body trembling as she advanced, each step seeming to be extremely difficult.

But the current Bai Chenxiang did not have any intention of giving up, gritting her teeth with her body slanted forward, she circulated her spirit power, folding back the wings that appeared after releasing her spirit, reducing the resistance she faced as much as possible, she continued her climb.

Fifty-eight, fifty-nine, sixty. Advancing these three more steps actually took the time required to burn one full stick of incense. Surrounding her body was no longer that golden shred of light, it was now a thick mist created by her own perspiration.

This was her last chance to advance here, Bai Chenxiang was definitely not going to give up, however her body had already reached its limit, on this sixtieth step, she lifted her feet time after time, and each time she had to put it down again.

No, I must advance, even just one step is fine. Bai Chenxiang shouted desperately in her mind.

She did not have the perverse talent of the Shrek Seven Devils, but during these days she spent with them, her heart was sufficiently affected by them, especially Tang San’s unwavering determination while accepting the God Bestowed Spirit Ring deeply affected her. It allowed her to understand just how important hard work was to become a truly powerful Spirit Master.

From the sixtieth to the sixty-first step was just one step, but to Bai Chenxiang it was a spiritual breakthrough. Her strength was insufficient, but she was definitely not going to give up.

Ma Hongjun who was watching from below unknowingly clentched his firsts, Xiangxiang keep it up, you can do it, you definitely can do it.

For the ninth time, Bai Chenxiang lifted her right leg, this time she did not put it down, rather moving it forward with great effort. It felt as if there was an insurmountable force holding her back, even advancing by a bit came with tremendous difficulty.

A faint red colour too started to appear on her white clothes, under this immense pressure, her sweat glands started to release blood, showing just how much she was overexerting, but it was precisely because of this that her lifted left foot continued to advance forward, forward…...

“Xiangxiang, just give up already.” Ma Hongjun could no longer withstand this torment as he fiercely stepped forward and shouted.

“No——” Bai Chenxiang cried out loud. A bloody mist bursting forth from her body the instant before she set foot on the sixty-first step.

Bang, that white figure stained red with blood was shot into the skies, after reaching the sixty-first step, Bai Chenxiang was no longer able to withstand the Sea God’s Light’s immense pressure and was shot out.

A phoenix cry filled with sadness cried out in practically the same moment as a golden red figure rushed into the skies. Suddenly catching that broken-winged swift. Tightly holding her as as they descended, without being able to hold back further the two tears that rolled down his fat face. For the first time he roared towards the woman that he loved.

“Stupid, why must you force yourself so.”

Within Ma Hongjun’s warm embrace, Bai Chenxiang’s body seemed to go limp, without a shred of strength but her face still revealed a fine smile, “I, I don't want to fall too far behind you all…… you must also, work hard.” Only managing to say so much, before fainting away in the next instant.

At this moment, a light suddenly appeared in the direction of the Sea God’s Temple as a purple glow descended from the skies, until it landed on Bai Chenxiang’s forehead.

The yellow dot from having originally passed the trials appeared.
Illuminated by that purple light, the yellow gradually turned purple.

“Your determination and your effort is not something that can be considered to be of just the yellow test level, Lord Sea God had made an

exception and bestowed upon you the purple level authority. The test clearance level is considered to be of the purple level.

Sea God Douluo Bo Saixi’s voice faintly appeared, although the distance from the foot of the mountain to the Sea God’s Temple was several hundred meters, her voice felt as if it was spoken next to their ears.

Bai Chenxiang had managed to obtain the Sea God’s approval from her determination, in the process of being upgraded to completing the Yellow Single Test to the Purple Single Test. The Spirit Power from her body had also undergone some change. However, the specific benefits would still only appear after she obtained her next Spirit Ring. At the same time, by passing the Purple Single Test, while crossing the ring sea she would not be attacked and she would also obtain the authority to ascent the Sea God’s Mountain.

Seeing the heartached fatty embracing Bai Chenxiang. Tang San, Dai Mubai, Oscar, Ning Rongrong and Zhu Zhuqing’s gazes all focused in the sky. Tang San slowly rasied his clenched right first, looking at his companions, he shouted: “It’s our turn now, Oscar you go first, Dai Mubai goes second, Zhu Zhuqing third, Fatty fourth, Ning Rongrong fifth and I will go last. Let’s start.”

The order Tang San said was also made after deep consideration. Oscar was the first to go because he had to supply the rest of them with recovery sausages, as for the required Mirror Image Sausages, it had been prepared long ago. Since Dai Mubai required the least help, while he was advancing, Oscar could take the opportunity to rest before making sausages for the group. Each person’s advance required Ning Rongrong’s assistance, as such Ning Rongrong went second to last, so that after the people before her finished the test, she could wait till she fully recovered before attempting her own test. As for Tang San being the last, it was because his test was the hardest and that he required all his companions’ assistance. Ning Rongrong’s Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda had a limited supporting range, as such if she was unable to clear the test she would be unable to support Tang San all the way to the three hundred and thirty-third step. Finally the other most important reason was that each of the rest of them too required the assistance of his two great domains.

Oscar stretched a little before throwing a confident gaze at the group before walking towards the steps.

“Little Ao, remember, when you are taking another Mirror Image Sausage at the midpoint make sure to take it early. Don’t stop advancing. My domains and Rongrong’s Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda’s light will accompany you all the way, good luck.”

Oscar forcefully nodded before taking out a Mirror Image Sausage and eating it. Accompanying the sounds of cracking bones, Oscar’s muscles instantly expanded, his gaze suddenly sharpening.

What he ate was naturally the Mirror Image Sausages formed from Dai Mubai’s fresh blood. As it took effect, he quickly activated Dai Mubai’s three main support abilities, White Tiger Barrier, White Tiger Vajra Transformation, White Tiger Devilgod Transformation.

Shrouded by an intense golden glow, Oscar started his ascent. When he took his first step, from the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda in Ning Rongrong’s Hand light shot forth, strength, agility, spirit power and defense, these four main attribute boosts simultaneously landed on Oscar’s body, instantly strengthening the golden glow on his body. Also at the same time, one blue and one white light extended from below Tang San’s feet and enveloped Oscar and himself within it, completing the maximum boosting effect.

Oscar only felt that he had entered a sparking blue and white world, without any pause he started his climb.

The Evil Eyed White Tiger’s three great support abilities, Ning Rongrong’s Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda’s four-way support in addition to Tang San’s two post seventh spirit ring’s dual domains, under this collection of support skills, Oscar climbed as if he was flying up the steps.

For the first fifty steps, he barely expended any effort, Tang San had been following him from the start. The closer he was the stronger the effects of his domains. In order to give Oscar the best support, he did not hesitate in

spending more Spirit Power to help support his climb. However, to the current Tang San, even climbing all the way to the hundred and eighth step was already nothing much to him.

After passing the fiftieth level, Oscar gradually slowed down. His pace became a stable pace, his determination not wavering the slightest as he continued climbing. He knew that, for himself, the true test only started now.

Sixty, seventy, eighty, the following three steps were also unable to have any restraining effects on him. On the eightieth, the Mirror Image Sausage’s three minute duration was more than half over, so Oscar quickly produced his second Mirror Image Sausage and ate it.

Here, his climb obviously became more difficult, with each step, his body would slightly tremble. However his pace was still relatively consistent, only at the ninetieth step did Oscar make his first pause.

The overwhelming pressure coupled with the messy lights surrounding him caused his sweat to fall like rain, thankfully the Blue Silver Domain constantly replenished his body’s vitality, while the Death God Domain gave him an incomparable confidence, allowing him to continue his climb.

The people watching by the foot of the hill all had their fists clenched, they all knew that the final most critical time was approaching. Although there was only eighteen steps left, to Oscar these last eighteen steps was harder than the previous ninety levels combined. In everyone’s hearts they were silently counting Oscar steps.

Ninety-one. Ninety-two, ninety-three. Ninety-four, ninety-five, ninety- six, ninety-seven, ninety-eight, ninety-nine.

At the ninety-ninth step was Oscar’s second time stopping, this time he had stopped for a longer time than before, at the same time he also consumed the third Mirror Image Sausage he prepared, because another three minutes had already passed.

Stopping at the ninety-ninth step was part of the strategy Tang San had prepared for his companions, because upon reaching the hundredth step, the pressure would steeply increase. To reprepare at the ninety-ninth step before continuing to advance would help increase their chances.

Tang San stood by Oscar’s side, to him, under the effects of his two great domains, even at this step he did not feel much pressure. Seeing the drenched Oscar, Tang San shot him a questioning look.

Oscar did not dare to make a too large reply, afraid that even wasting the slightest bit of spirit power could result in failure, he only blinked towards Tang San, putting forth a confident gaze.

“Go.” Tang San spoke before Oscar made his hundredth step.

Stepping onto the hundredth step, Oscar instantly felt the pressure crash onto him like a landslide, making his firm steps slide slightly backwards. However, he still managed to stabilize himself with some difficulty. But at this moment, Oscar realised, let alone moving onwards, even something simple as raising his feet was something he could not do. The scene that happened on Bai Chenxiang previously similarly started appearing on his body, on the surface of his body, beads of blood gradually started to appear.

At this moment, Tang San’s eyes suddenly lit up, Oscar felt his body’s surrounding suddenly turned blue, following it a dense flow of vitality flowed into his body, at the same time, he saw the Eight Spider Lances appear behind Tang San’s back. A strand of golden light floated over from the Eight Spider Lances enveloping both Tang San and his body. The instant that golden light covered him, Oscar felt his body lighten. The pressure preventing him from moving instantly reduced by several levels, and the spirit power he was rapidly consuming seemed to become supplemented.

This was…...

Oscar looked towards Tang San with shock, this feeling was something he had previously felt when Tang San entered the Spirit Sage realm and was

demonstrating his domains’ ability. Only that time he was draining Spirit Power, whereas now he was actually injecting it.

Tang San used the Blue Silver Domain and the Eight Spider Lance’s ability concurrently to inject his own Spirit Power into Oscar. Although the volume was not very large, under this scenario, to oscar it was as timely as a wagonload of charcoal in winter.

Furthermore, since Tang San’s Spirit power was more vast than Oscar, the spirit power Oscar received naturally felt more significant.

Finally, Oscar made the advancing step, his body trembling as he moved. With each stop he took, the gold light surrounding him would flicker as Spirit Power constantly flowed into his body. That pure vitality from the Blue Silver Domain released via the Eight Spider Lances was suitable for direct use by any kind of Spirit Master.

A hundred and six, a hundred and seven. Finally reaching the last step, Oscar took a deep breath. At this instant, an indescribable and incomparable belief overwhelmed his entire body, Practically nothing was going to stop him from making this one last step. Oscar’s eyes shined like the stars as he exerted his full strength to make this last step.

One hundred and eight, finally Oscar managed to stop onto the hundred and eighth step. In an instant, the pressure receded like the tides, a sudden relaxing made him feel as if he was flying. The blue light and the white light and the gold mist instantly disappeared like melting snow. A newfound sense of carefree took over his body. Along with the fanfare from his companions below, in his ears he heard a ding.

From the black hexagram on his forehead, a black smoke floated in front of him to for a black screen. In an instant, along with a ding, that black screen shattered into pieces before re-entering Oscar’s forehead.

A feeling of awakening overwhelmed him, oscar could feel his rapidly diminishing Spirit Power stir as a surge of power grew within him. A unique voice resounded out deep in his mind.

Black six tests, the first test, traversal of the Sea God’s Light, passed.
Spirit Power risen by one rank.

From sixty eight to sixty nine, Oscar’s Spirit Power instant jumped by a single rank to the sixty-ninth rank.

As he was going to voice his thanks to Tang San, he realised that Tang san had already headed back down after withdrawing his domains. He did not see the appearance of the dense layer of sweat on his forehead. After reaching past level hundred, having to support Oscar as well required quite some exertion on Tang San’s part.

According to plan, Oscar immediately sat down to recover, he knew that his companions all still needed his help, and he had to quickly replenish his Spirit Power.

After going down the mountain, Tang San briefly adjusted himself before immediately nodding towards Dai Mubai.

A tiger’s roar resounded from the foot of the Sea God’s Mountain, the one with the power of the true Evil Eyed Tiger Dai Mubai finally started ascending. Similarly Tang San assisted with his dual domains while Ning Rongrong helped boost the four attributes. But Dai Mubai’s appearance while climbing was different from Oscar. Firstly because he could use his seventh spirit ability, the White Tiger Avatar.

His white fur was accompanied by black stripes, the current Dai Mubai had transformed into an over five meter long giant white tiger. Similar to his original body, this white tiger too had twin pupils. Seven spirit rings floated around his body. Although Dai Mubai did not obtain a hundred thousand year old Spirit Ring like Tang San, Dai Mubai too put in a lot of effort in obtaining this outstanding seventh Spirit Ring.

When releasing the Spirit Avatar, three other lights instantly shined from his body, the three great support abilities White Tiger Barrier, White Tiger Vajra Transformation, White Tiger Devilgod Transformation simultaneously activating. Including the Spirit Avatar, these four abilities had already increased his physical strength to a horrifying realm. Amongst

ranked seventy first attack-system Spirit Masters, Dai Mubai would definitely be considered in the foremost few. The tiger is the king of beasts, although its attacking abilities was not much, but the improvement in physical abilities made up for it, but it was also because of this that Dai Mubai’s physical attacks carried a terrifying amount of power. Even Tang San would definitely not want to fight against him.

The white fur under the effects of the supporting abilities transformed into a brilliant gold, the gigantic White Tiger Avatar was filled with an explosive amount of destructive Spirit Power, under the support of Tang San and Ning Rongrong, Dai Mubai dashed headfirst into the Sea God’s Light, beginning his rapid ascent.

His ascending speed was much faster than Oscar, the huge White Tiger Avatar not only did not stop during the climb, it even seemed to accelerate. In what felt like only a few breaths of time, Dai Mubai had already reached the fiftieth step.

Until the ninetieth step he did not show any signs of stopping and just continued his ascent. With the advantage of the Spirit Avatar, how could Oscar’s mimicked power be compared to Dai Mubai’s true power.

On the hundredth step, Dai Mubai paused for the first time, this was also the only time he stopped throughout the test. With a deafening tiger’s roar, his tiger paws firmly lifted and fell. In one breath, he had completed the last eight steps. Without having to run into an as dire situation as Oscar.

The black light spewed forth from Dai Mubai’s forehead, shining strongly like the time with Oscar, a black light appeared and shattered before once more entering Dai Mubai’s body.

A strong golden light exploded from Dai Mubai’s body, the White Tiger Avatar rose up and while under the golden light’s embrace once more reverted to a human shape, a similar single rank increment brought his spirit power to the seventy-second rank.

The following tests were also smooth-sailing, whether it was Zhu Zhuqing or Ma Hongjun, their physical abilities all surpassed Oscar. With

the help of his Mirror Image Sausages and his Huge Recovery Sausages, and Tang San and Ning Rongrong’s support. The two of them smoothly completed the test, Zhu Zhuqing even directly broke through reaching the seventieth rank of Spirit Power.

However, for some unknown reason, this time the Sea God Douluo Bo Saixi did not appear when Zhu Zhuqing broke through.

Of the seven, four had already passed. Leaving only Ning Rong, Tang San and Xiao Wu. The Shrek Seven Devils with the harder tests were also precisely these three people.

Ning Rongrong’s body was not Oscar’s match, she also did not have any Spirit Bones, Oscar’s Mirror Image Sausages effect on her was also only seventy percent whereas when used on himself was eighty percent. More importantly, she even had to reach all the way up till the hundred and thirty- sixth step and not just the hundred and eighth step.

Tang San had experienced the difficulty of going up to the hundred and thirty sixth step, upon reaching the hundred and thirtieth step was another steep increase in pressure, given Ning Rongrong’s current strength, it was something impossible to pass.

Ning Rongrong’s disadvantage was not limited to the Mirror Image Sausages and her own weaker physical capabilities, the main one was actually the fact that her own Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda Spirit was unable to affect itself. In other words she could not boost her own attributes. Although they had come up with a workaround by letting oscar eat a Mirror Image Sausage made with Ning Rongrong’s blood to boost her, the effect was only seventy percent of the original. Under these circumstances, let alone a hundred and thirty six steps, even a hundred and eight steps was already practically impossible.

After preparing for two whole hours, Tang San and Ning Rongrong simultaneously opened their eyes, Ning Rongrong looked at Tang San with worry. “Third brother, if we do it like this, the strain on you is too high. You. ”

Tang San waved his hand not wanting her to speak further, “We have already previously discussed this, didn’t we? Only after you all passed can I fully focus on passing myself. Moreover, when I am tackling the test I still need your support.”

Oscar who had already recovered part of his Spirit Power said: “Rongrong, little San is right, just listen to him. If not you won’t have a chance. You see, even I am not jealous.”

Tang San snappily glared at him saying: “What jealous. I am only treating Rongrong like a sister.”

Ning Rongrong too glared at Oscar, “That’s right, next time you try to bully me, I will have Third Brother beat you up.”

Oscar looked at the two of them, temporarily at a loss of words, he wouldn’t truly get jealous like this, they all understood perfectly well that in Tang San’s heart the only lover that would fit was Xiao Wu.

“Let’s start” Tang San nodded towards Oscar. Oscar instant withdrew his smiling demeanor and produced a Mirror Image Sausage. Ning Rongrong too took one out as they simultaneously ate it.

The one that Ning Rongrong consumed was naturally the one with Dai Mubai’s blood in it, while the one Oscar consumed was the one with Ning Rongrong’s blood.

The Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda appeared in Oscar’s hands, his Mirror Image Sausage was unable to create the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda. Ning Rongrong instantly released Dai Mubai’s three support abilities and followed behind Tang San.

Half kneeling, Tang San carried Ning Rongrong on his back, a light flashed from his eyes as his two domains were released, dashing into the area of the Sea God’s Light.

They had already previously discussed, if they wanted Ning Rongrong to clear this test, she would definitely need external assist, and Tang San was

undoubtedly the most suitable one. With his help, reaching the hundred and thirty-sixth step would no longer be an impossibility to Ning Rongrong.

Because Ning Rongrong used Oscar’s Mirror Image Sausage, she had lost the ability to support Tang San’s attributes and could only lie on Tang San’s back, borrowing Dai Mubai’s abilities to protect herself, after all her physical state was the weakest amongst them. In order to minimise Tang San’s exertion, she had to release her own power to her limit.

Tang San’s speed of ascent was very fast, his steps not pausing the slightest, reaching the hundredth step in practically an instant. At this point, his footsteps stopped. Not for himself, rather for Ning Rongrong.

Although Ning Rongrong had not lost her spirit like Xiao Wu, bringing her as he traveled the Sea God’s Light was actually harder than with Xiao Wu. Because Ning Rongrong’s actual body was so much weaker than Xiao Wu’s actual body. Tang San could already clearly feel that Ning Rongrong who was on his back was already panting with great difficulty, her sweat already drenching his back. But even so, Ning Rongrong had not made any complaints.

Although Ning Rongrong did not speak, Tang San could not not notice, he knew that even under his dual domains and Oscar mimicking the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda’s boosting effect, Ning Rongrong’s body was still unable to bear the huge pressure. This was also after constantly training in the Sea God’s Light and her body had already greatly improved. If not, when Tang San the instant Tang San stepped onto the hundred step, would also be the instant Ning Rongrong’s body fell apart.

Taking a deep breath, the blue glow on Tang San’s body strengthened, the strand of gold which previously assisted Oscar once more made its appearance, even more tightly bringing Ning Rongrong’s body to his.

However, compared to when he was supporting Oscar, Tang San had to sacrifice more to support Ning Rongrong, after all, since she was on his back, he could not release his Eight Spider Lances. As such this transferring golden thread was directly released from his Blue Silver Emperor and his

Blue Silver Domain. Increasing the Spirit Power consumption by several times.

If Ning Rongrong was hugged by Tang San, of course this would not be a problem, however that was impossible. Not because she was going to be Oscar’s wife, rather because the strength of the Sea God Light’s pressure was the greatest from the front. As a result, Tang San could only choose to sacrifice a little more Spirit Power to protect her.

As the supporting golden thread appeared, Ning Rongrong’s breathing has instantly lightened, whereas Tang San had to not only use Spirit Power to help her negate the oncoming force, he also had to bear his Spirit Power being absorbed. It should also be known the right now he did not have the support of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda, and did not have Dai Mubai’s supporting Spirit Abilities. He carried the burden all on himself.

Chapter 226

Sensing that Ning Rongrong could endure it, Tang San continued forward, very quickly charging past the one hundred eight steps point.

At the same time, the circumstances of Ning Rongrong’s body also really was cause for concern. Even though she clenched her teeth to bitterly keep from making a sound, her body still trembled constantly under the pressure. Leaning against Tang San’s back, how couldn’t he feel it?

Without the slightest hesitation, Tang San constantly increased the pace of the draining golden threads, and at the same time also released the energy of the domains as far as possible, protecting her.

But even so, when Tang San climbed a hundred twenty steps Ning Rongrong’s body was still somewhat unable to endure. Tang San clearly felt warm liquid flow from Ning Rongrong’s mouth, falling on his back.

This couldn’t go on. There was still the final leap in pressure of the last three steps after one hundred thirty three. She absolutely couldn’t hold up. Even though Tang San had completely calculated the difficulties, the strength of Ning Rongrong’s body was still a bit less than he had expected.

Sighing deeply, Tang San made his only possible choice. The golden blue light abruptly intensified. Ning Rongrong only felt a formidable abundant aura of life pour into her body like a spring. Just at this moment, everything around turned golden blue, including Tang San himself. It was Tang San releasing his Blue Silver Avatar.

Instantly, an almost substantial Blue Silver Domain wrapped up Tang San and Ning Rongrong in a golden blue sphere. Even though this increased the area of the pressure Tang San had to endure, it simultaneously protected Ning Rongrong as far as possible.

With the pressure suddenly lightening, Ning Rongrong’s heart still sank. She of course knew how much spirit power the Spirit Avatar consumed for a Spirit Sage. Let alone when Tang San had previously already spent a lot of spirit power to help the others pass, that absolutely wasn’t something that could be recovered by a couple of hours of rest. Her third brother endured so much for her sake. He still had to bring Xiao Wu to climb three hundred thirty three steps together! The pressure at one hundred something steps was so frightening, then the pressure past three hundred could well be imagined. Even if his spirit power had already reached the seventy sixth rank, it was still a heavenly moat.

This time, Tang San didn’t pause again, directly charging forward, heading straight for the one hundred thirty six step point.

The instant they reached the one hundred thirty sixth step, Ning Rongrong suddenly shuddered, a red light shooting out from her forehead like a bolt of lightning, actually breaking through the Blue Silver Domain protecting them. Tang San grunted, swiftly removing his Blue Silver Avatar and letting down Ning Rongrong.

However, like this the pressure he endured became even greater. Without the protection of the Blue Silver Avatar, the pressure here at one hundred thirty six steps was immense even for him. Especially when he had previously relied on the draining golden threads to pass his spirit power to Ning Rongrong.

Complexion slightly pale, seeing the intense red light rising around Ning Rongrong, Tang San no longer stayed and swiftly retreated down the mountain.

Encircled by red light, the strange red seven pointed star on Ning Rongrong’s forehead radiated dazzling splendor, layer after layer of red

light sweeping down, jubilantly circling around her. A red light screen shot ou

A voice echoed in Ning Rongrong’s mind: Peak level seven tests first trial, Overcome, Strengthen, Seagod’s Light, passed. Spirit power increase one rank. Possessed spirit ring abilities’ power increased by five hundred years.

ly Oscar, Dai Mubai and the others had also heard their rewards like Ning Rongrong, but none above them had their spirit ring abilities strengthened by five hundred years. This was clearly the benefits of this peak level trial.

It might seem that spirit ability effects increasing by five hundred years might not be all the much, but Ning Rongrong now already possessed six spirit rings, that was an overall increase of three thousand years.

To her later spirit abilities, this five hundred year boost naturally wasn’t anything, but this had a significant effect to her first few abilities. Especially the first and second.

Her first spirit ability was just from a hundred year spirit ring, now it had suddenly risen to more than six hundred years. And her second spirit ring also grew from five hundred years to a millennia, making Ning Rongrong’s second spirit ring transform from yellow to purple. Even though the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda wouldn’t be influenced by spirit ring quality, the stronger the spirit ring, the less spirit power the spirit abilities consumed. After these six spirit rings grew by five hundred years, when Ning Rongrong fully used her spirit abilities, her own consumption would lower a bit, and her support endurance would naturally also grow stronger. And Ning Rongrong’s spirit ring colors had also transformed, yellow, purple, purple, purple, black, black.

Descending the stairs, Tang San didn’t pause, immediately entering cultivation. He didn’t have much time, he only had one chance to pass the first trial. Overcome, Twofold, Seagod’s Light. It absolutely wasn’t child’s play. It was also impossible for his comrades to help him the way he helped them. He could rely only on himself. Let alone when he still had to bring Xiao Wu when climbing.

Nobody went to disturb Tang San. Ning Rongrong also didn’t have time to get excited over her spirit power breaking through the seventieth rank, and swiftly descended the stairs without the pressure of the Seagod’s Light, to sit together with Oscar to start cultivating, recovering her spirit power. The last to attack the stairs, Tang San, would need their help.

In order for the two of them to successfully pass the trial, Tang San had spent a lot of effort. Everyone were comrades, and they wouldn’t speak of gratitude, but they would also assist with all their strength as Tang San attacked the trial.

Tang San’s cultivation lasted a full six hours. When he awakened, the sky was already dark. Barely four hours remained to the end of this final day.

In six hours of cultivation, Tang San had not only recovered his spirit power as far as possible, but at the same time also adjusted his condition to its peak.

Opening his eyes, he attentively watched the long flight of stairs in front of him. There were no distractions in Tang San’s heart, he had no way back. He could only make an all-out effort to attack.

Before today, the highest Tang San had reached was the two hundredth step, and yesterday he had also cultivated at the one hundred fiftieth step. Even though his spirit power had only risen by two ranks in the last half year, these two ranks really were quite difficult for him. After all, his spirit power had already passed the seventieth rank. Each level that followed would require more and more. However, this half year had also compacted his Spirit Sage realm physique.

The Seagod’s Light didn’t have any sudden leaps in intensity after the one hundred thirty sixth step, only steadily increasing in pressure. But even so, once at the two hundredth step, the pressure was still twice that of the one hundred thirty sixth step. The pressure at three hundred thirty three steps could be imagined. But Tang San also guessed that, since the one hundred eighth and one hundred thirty sixth steps increased in pressure, then there was no reason it wouldn’t rise by the three hundred thirty three

steps he needed to pass. One could imagine how immense the pressure would be after he reached three hundred steps.

Seeing Tang San awaken from cultivation, his comrades all surrounded him. Bai Chenxiang had also awakened by now, and the others had also all recovered. Everyones’ gazes focused on Tang San.

Dai Mubai’s forceful tiger palms grabbed Tang San’s shoulders, “Little San, you can do it.”

Oscar lowered his voice: “I will support you. Little San, you will definitely pass.”

Fatty stepped forward and gave Tang San a big hug, “Third brother, I believe in you.”

Ning Rongrong stepped up to Tang San with a smile, softly hugging him, “Third brother, the light of the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda won’t be extinguished before you stand on the three hundred thirty third step.” Even though she smiled as she spoke, everyone heard the do-or-die resolve in her voice. She didn’t mention what would happen to her if Tang San couldn’t pass.

Zhu Zhuqing equally stepped forward, hugging Tang San; “Third brother, for Xiao Wu.”

The last to step forward was Bai Chenxiang. She also equally wanted to embrace Tang San, but was in the end too shy. After all, she wasn’t as close to Tang San as Ning Rongrong or Zhu Zhuqing.

“Third brother, I know you want to play matchmaker for me and Fatty.
I promise, if you safely pass the trial, I’ll give him a chance.”

Each of his comrades’ words raised a warm current in Tang San’s heart. Comforting heat flowed through each meridian, with incomparable fighting spirit gently ignited by these feelings. His eyes revealed unprecedented resolve, his comrades’ warnings thoroughly roused Tang San’s condition, his three vital energies climbing to a peak in an instant.

Taking Xiao Wu’s hand and looking around at his comrades, Tang San spoke in a low and firm voice: “I won’t fail.”

Stepping up to the stairs, Tang San pulled Xiao Wu close and kissed her forehead, then turned her around and stood quietly behind her, unbraiding her hair.

The sandalwood comb had at some point appeared in Tang San’s hand, and he slowly combed together Xiao Wu’s long hair. The jet black hair turned supple and smooth in Tang San’s hands. He didn’t let a single strand off as he intently combed her hair together.

Right now, whether Tang San combing hair or Xiao Wu standing in front of him, both were very quiet. Their comrades all stood behind them, but nobody disturbed them.

Quietly watching Tang San comb Xiao Wu’s hair, Oscar subconsciously embraced the already teary Ning Rongrong, and Zhu Zhuqing also sank into Dai Mubai’s arms. Only when Fatty went to hold Bai Chenxiang, she slapped his hand away. However, Bai Chenxiang herself took the initiative to grip his fleshy palm.

Tang San’s hairdressing had levelled up considerably. Xiao Wu’s hair became extremely neat, and a scorpion braid gradually formed under Tang San’s deft hands. Starting from the back of her head, until it was finished.

Disregarding their comrades’ looks, after Tang San tied the final knot, he pulled Xiao Wu into a tight embrace from behind, all kinds of scenes from the past constantly flashing through his mind. Yes, for Xiao Wu, he absolutely couldn’t fail.

Silhouette changing, Xiao Wu was already carried on Tang San’s back.
The next moment golden blue light abruptly emanated from Tang San.

After careful reflection, Tang San didn’t chose to use Dao Mubai’s spirit ability. After all, the cloned White Tiger Spirit Avatar couldn’t compare to the effects of his own Blue Silver Avatar, and even though the White Tiger spirit was a bit stronger overall, Tang San was even more skilful in his use

of the Blue Silver spirit. Moreover, the White Tiger spirit could after all only be used to seventy percent effect, it on the contrary wasn’t any more effective than his own spirit.

Releasing the Blue Silver Avatar turned Tang San entirely golden blue, several strands of Blue Silver Emperor floating in the air and tightly binding Xiao Wu to Tang San’s back, and moreover binding every inch below her neck. Like this he could minimize the outside pressure to her.

Blue light rising from below his feet, in the Blue Silver Avatar condition, Tang San launched the Blue Silver Domain. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to release the Deathgod Domain at the same time, but rather that he could only completely use one domain in Blue Silver Avatar. If he used two domains, it would on the contrary reverse the effect. Consequently, he had decided earlier to alternate the use of the two great domains, using the most suitable domain in the most suitable situation.

Three big recovery sausages flew in front of Tang San, who ate them without the slightest hesitation. Four bright rays of light rose behind him at the same time, the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda launching. At the same time Tang San also lit up, and started to climb.

When Tang San started climbing, everyone saw Tang San’s full strength for the first time. In just a flash, he had already carried Xiao Wu to shoot upward like a blue ray of light. In practically just a few eyeblinks, he had already climbed a hundred steps.

Nobody dared be neglectful, swiftly chasing after. Including Bai Chenxiang, they no longer needed to endure the pressure of the Seagod’s Light, and could once again climb without restraint.

Tang San maintained a shocking speed as he swiftly climbed within the Seagod’s Light. Moreover, his climbing method was a bit special. He didn’t directly advance head on, but rather moved forward at an angle. As he climbed, he suddenly passed from the left side to the right side over ten steps, then again suddenly moved to the left side in a few steps. Looking at it, it was a kind of serpentine pattern.

This was the comprehension Tang San gained from that time Xiao Wu climbed. Advancing in a curve could reduce the pressure as far as possible, saving him some physical strength and spirit power.

Past two hundred steps, Tang San’s speed immediately dropped. With the amplification of Ning Rongrong’s Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda, at this moment he felt full of spirit power to the point of bursting. Every spot on his body was brimming with power. Even though the pressure constantly assaulting him from the front was so formidable, it still couldn’t overwhelm him in the slightest. It seemed as if it could only be conquered step by step.

Tang San had already launched the Blue Silver Domain’s third evolution Boundless Nature, but only revolving around him and Xiao Wu, guarding Xiao Wu together with the Blue Silver Emperor. Under Tang San’s careful protection, even though they had now reached two hundred steps, Xiao Wu still didn’t suffer any pressure.

The other Shrek Seven Devils had already caught up by now, following close behind Tang San. Two hundred steps, their hearts all rose to their throats. In fact, just like when he carried ning Rongrong before, Tang San couldn’t use the Eight Spider Lances at the same time as he carried Xiao Wu.

Passing two hundred ten steps, Tang San secretly exclaimed in admiration. The Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda was worthy of being the the present day’s number one support spirit. Under Ning Rongrong’s assistance, even his present spirit power operation speed could stay level with the consumption. In other words, right now he was still in peak condition.

Two hundred twenty steps smoothly passed by. Even though the pressure was enormous, it still couldn’t stop Tang San’s progress.

However, these circumstances suddenly changed after he took another two steps.

As Tang San set one foot on the two hundred twenty second step, he suddenly felt the pressure around him undergo an unprecedented

transformation. If the previous pressure could be said to squeeze a person into a ball, constantly enduring the ball’s elasticity, then what he faced right now was an iron ball, and the tangible pressure had to be shattered to forge forward.

What was going on? The sudden magnification in consumption made Tang San’s body tighten. Not only did his speed drop visibly, his spirit power consumption also multiplied exponentially. The golden mist rising around him had already turned into a barrier of light enveloping him and Xiao Wu.

From the foot of Seagod Mountain to the Seagod’s Hall were altogether one thousand one steps. Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi stood quietly before the Seagod’s Hall, looking quietly into the horizon.

A soft sigh echoed around her, “It’s definitely very painful. This is the test I faced back then. The condition to pass the peak level eight tests is two hundred twenty eight steps. And starting from two hundred twenty two steps, those last six steps were like a trial of hell for me, I can’t forget it even today. Tang San, the road you have to climb is still extremely difficult. However, since the lord Seagod chose you, I believe. You can definitely succeed.”

Tang San naturally didn’t hear Seagod Douluo’s voice. The sudden spike in difficulty made his spirit power start to quickly drain away. But he didn’t pause, he didn’t dare pause. He knew that to him, this Seagod nine tests first trial, started now.

Walking forward with difficulty, two hundred thirty, two hundred forty, two hundred fifty. Thirty steps were conquered in succession under Tang San’s feet. But now, a dense mist rose from his body. Strangely, just as that water mist emerged from within him, it immediately transformed into bright crystalline droplets and finally shattered into dust.

Reaching the two hundred sixtieth step, Tang San paused for the first time. The considerable spirit power consumption made his meridians and bones issue pained sounds that only he could hear.

Oscar timely handed over a few large recovery sausages, and Ning Rongrong’s boost also grew stronger, improving the halted Tang San’s mind somewhat. At this moment, he still had two more sausages in his hand. One of them was pink, radiating a charming tint. And the other was completely deep green. This deep green sausage was the only one Oscar couldn’t use himself, and also the fifth spirit ability he had never revealed in front of the others.

Setting out again, the climb became increasingly difficult. Even Tang San’s Blue Silver Domain with the support of his Blue Silver Avatar began to tremble violently, and the pressure that could originally be kept outside began to infiltrate the sphere in traces. Not only did it constrict Tang San, it also began to cause pressure to Xiao Wu.

Xiao Wu quietly leaned on Tang San’s back. Even though the outside pressure invaded, she was still wrapped up in the Blue Silver Emperor, helping her block the overwhelming majority. The remaining fractions were resisted by the Eight Treasure Wishful Soft Armor. Under Tang San’s strict protection, the pressure Xiao Wu’s body endured was still actually insignificant.

At two hundred seventy steps, Tang San stopped for a second time. Sparkling and translucent sweat drops constantly shattered around him. His spirit power consumption had already reached a frightening level, and supporting his Spirit Avatar was also growing more and more difficult.

There were still sixty three steps to go! For Xiao Wu, suddenly shouting in his heart, Tang San started walking once again, the obsession in his heart starting to show its effect. For a split second, his speed was even a bit faster than before, going from two hundred seventy to two hundred eighty steps in one breath.

Switch over to Deathgod Domain? No, it still wasn’t time, Tang San didn’t do that. The Deathgod Domain would make it a bit easier for Tang San to split open the pressure in front of him, but at the same time it had no ability to help Tang San recover spirit power. In other words, if he switched over to the Deathgod Domain, he had to climb to the goal in one go.

Otherwise, as long as he paused for a single step, he would immediately collapse.

Setting foot on the two hundred eighty first step, Tang San nodded forcefully to Oscar next to him. Even though making this motion was very difficult, he had to give Oscar a clear signal.

Oscar handed over two long since prepared sausages long since prepared in his hand. One red, one dark green, simultaneously fell into Tang San’s mouth. Practically without chewing, Tang San swallowed them.

These two sausages Tang San ate were precisely Oscar’s fourth spirit ability, Stimulating Pink Sausage, as well as Tang San’s fifth spirit ability, Limit Surpassing Dark Green Sausage.

The effect of the limit surpassing dark green sausage: instantly increasing spirit power thirty percent, duration three minutes. The price is being weak for three days after using it, injuring vitality. At the same time, it can be used at most once in a month. Can’t be used by sausage maker Oscar.

The effect of strengthening spirit power by thirty percent was extremely overbearing, but this limit surpassing dark green sausage was for last ditch use, it absolutely couldn’t be eaten lightly. If it was eaten to many times, the body would be in danger of collapsing. Consequently, in the previous climbing process, nobody ate Oscar’s fifth sausage while they felt sure of passing.

But Tang San right now had no choice but to erupt ahead of plan. Otherwise, if his spirit power was further consumed, he would certainly be unable to pass the trial.

If it was just him alone, Tang San could still risk it. But he also carried Xiao Wu. In order to protect Xiao Wu, he couldn’t consider anything else. As long as he could endure, he wouldn’t let Xiao Wu feel pressure.

Under the effect of the two great sausages, a surging heat instantly rose in his dantian. His originally swiftly draining spirit power swelled up like a

volcanic eruption, not only making Tang San feel lighter, but also making him feel excited.

Without directly starting to climb, two rays of golden purple light shot out from Tang San’s eyes. The next moment, the originally only one meter or so diameter Blue Silver Domain under his feet abruptly erupted. In practically just an instant, it had covered the entire Seagod Mountain.

Even though Seagod Mountain was bathed in the Seagod’s Light, besides this stairway to the mountaintop, the whole mountain was practically covered in plants. All softs of plants made the whole Seagod mountain seem especially beautiful. And right now Tang San’s abrupt eruption used the Blue Silver Domain’s Boundless Nature to cover the entire Seagod Mountain.

Even though the Seagod’s Light was formidable, it was still unable to block domain and support type abilities. In an instant, the Seagod Mountain’s faint golden light turned completely golden blue.

The others didn’t have the terrifying pressure of the Seagod’s Light. The surroundings suddenly turned golden blue, but they could still clearly see the circumstances around Tang San. A palpitating feeling spread through their bodies. They discovered that Tang San’s Blue Silver Domain’s Boundless Nature really wasn’t aimed at him or the Seagod’s Light, but rather targeted all the plants on Seagod Mountain.

Even though Seagod Mountain wasn’t considered very tall, there was still a considerable amount of plants covering the mountain. To be able to cover all of it in the power of the domain clearly showed how frightening Tang San’s eruption of spirit power was.

Tang San’s original strength wasn’t enough to make Boundless Nature cover this kind of range, but under the effect of Ning Rongrong’s Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda and Oscar’s two great amplifying sausages, his instantly erupting domain ability had reached its target of enveloping Seagod Mountain.

Without stepping forward, this moment, the golden blue light covering Tang San grew unprecedentedly intense, one golden blue string after another rushed out from all directions, towards Tang San, converging on him.

That came from the plants of Seagod Mountain. Each plant seemed to have practiced with Tang San, under the formidable influence of the Blue Silver Domain, they not only declared their allegiance to Tang San, but at the same time the Blue Silver Domain’s Boundless Nature also roused their potential, and Tang San absorbed this energy through the domain.

The plants of Seagod Mountain were covered in the Seagod’s Light all year round, and they contained more energy than ordinary plants. Of course, any one of these plants wasn’t much before the Shrek Seven Devils, even more when Tang San only extracted a tenth of their energy. A tenth of their energy wouldn’t influence their growth and reproduction, and with the excitement of the Blue Silver Domain, they would instead grow even more healthily. Some might even have a chance to become plant type spirit beasts.

However, Tang San wasn’t absorbing just one plant, but rather all the plants on the mountain. As one tenth of the energy of countless plants converged on Tang San through the Blue Silver Domain, this energy was terrifying.

Tang San swelled up as if inflated, his whole body brimming with frightening power. If it was any other energy, the chaos might have already caused his body to directly explode. But such pure plant energy only had the intent to kneel before the Blue Silver Emperor, there basically wouldn’t be any backlash. Led by the aura at the heart of the Blue Silver Emperor, not only did it swiftly replenish Tang San’s consumed spirit power, at the same time it also restored the Mysterious Heaven Skill consumed under the pressure of the Seagod’s Light.

This was the special effect of different domains in different places.

The effect of Qian Renxue’s Angelic Domain was clearer the higher in the sky it was, the Seagod Douluo’s Seagod Domain was unparallelled in

the great seas. And in places with large quantities of plants, Tang San’s Blue Silver Domain was undoubtedly the most tyrannical.

Of course, Tang San’s present circumstances were still extremely dangerous. Due to his body inflating, his defensive power had shrunk to a dangerous degree. And the spirit power converging on him from the plants already surpassed his own spirit power by far, if he couldn’t control it, he would immediately capsize.

Moving forward once again, Tang San began extremely carefully. He knew that his condition couldn’t last. Even disregarding the duration of Oscar’s two sausages, if the external and internal pressure of his body was maintained for long, he would also suffer incurable harm.

Two hundred ninety, three hundred. Supported by the Blue Silver Domain’s Boundless Nature, Tang San finally climbed past three hundred steps. It was also the instant he set foot on the three hundredth step that Tang San opened his mouth wide, spitting out a golden blue mist.

That wasn’t anything he wanted to do himself, but rather because the pressure brought by the Seagod’s Light after three hundred steps wasn’t as simple as just tangibility, but rather rose to an incomparably terrifying pressure. The gravity in his surroundings also tripled in an instant. Under such enormous squeezing, Tang San had no choice but to open his mouth and spit out a mouthful of the plant energy within his body. Otherwise, he would have imploded.

Within that golden blue mist was still a rich blood reeking aura. The seven apertures of Tang San’s head was also simultaneously touched by a bloody mist. The condition of his body fell in a straight line.

However, Tang San’s feet still didn’t stop, but on the contrary accelerated. He swiftly advanced five steps.

The final moment approached. Tang San knew that if he couldn’t get there in one move, then he would never have another chance to climb up. And the Blue Silver Domain he released was now also swiftly contracting. The energy already wasn’t enough to support releasing it over a wide area.

The consumption of the energy from the plants also rose in a sharp line. Even Tang San himself didn’t know how long he could hold out.

“You can do it, little San (third brother).” Everyone accompanying Tang San to climb the whole way shouted practically as one voice. They of course also saw how terrifying the pressure Tang San now endured was, and also knew even more that this was his only chance.

Ning Rongrong fiercely spit out a mouthful of blood that fell on her Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda. Instantly, the originally four rays of amplifying light suddenly intensified. What she spit out was a mouthful of her heart's blood, the effect of which could increase her boost by ten percent. But it would be followed by severely injuring her strength. But at this moment, Ning Rongrong couldn’t mind anything else.

It was as if the whole Seagod Mountain shuddered with each heavy step forward, three hundred six, three hundred seven …… three hundred twenty one, three hundred twenty two, three hundred twenty three…...

Only ten steps remained to the goal.

The scenery before Tang San’s eyes had already grown hazy, the Blue Silver Domain was also already once again back to a one meter diameter range around him. There were ten steps in front of him, but they had turned into a heavenly moat. The weight of his body, within that solidified pressure, it was already extremely difficult for Tang San to even breathe. One red strand after another constantly seeped out from his skin, turning into red solid forms like specks of stars in the air, then being crushed to dust.

Having climbed to here, Tang San’s body was already completely lacking. Confronting the last ten steps, his raised left foot was raised motionless in the air, no matter what was said he couldn’t place it on the stone step in front of him.

Just at this moment, warm energy flowed from behind Tang San, the power of a soul quietly awakening. Xiao Wu who had always been quietly

leaning against Tang San’s back once again regained the life in her eyes, with the brilliance of a star.

Chapter 227

227 - Tang San’s Trump Card, Evolved Deathgod Domain Ability (TL by Bagelson)
When Tang San reached the last ten steps he had to climb in the Seagod’s Light, spent as a dried up lamp, Xiao Wu on his back recovered her vigor.

Even if Tang San wanted to suppress Xiao Wu’s soul, it was basically impossible right now. Just maintaining his Mysterious Heaven Skill was already a problem, he had no strength left to consider Xiao Wu. Moreover, Xiao Wu’s soul returned to her body with speed like a thunderbolt, refusing to listen.

Vigor reappearing in her eyes, Xiao Wu’s expression still seemed quite calm. Her body slid quietly, actually slipping free of the Blue Silver Emperor binding her body like a fish swimming. In fact, even if Tang San was currently completely deficient of spirit power, accomplishing this bit was still extremely difficult. But Xiao Wu separated from it and stuck close to Tang San as if she wasn’t obstructed at all.

She was now still within the range of the Blue Silver Domain. Under the immense pressure from the outside world, the Blue Silver Domain was no longer able to completely block the pressure on Xiao Wu’s behalf. A rich rosy red flush appearing on her skin, Xiao Wu’s both palms twisted around Tang San’s neck from behind.

Invincible Golden Body launched, Xiao Wu’s fourth spirit ability. As her soul returned to her body, her original spirit abilities could be used

temporarily, to the extent that she could even use Tang San’s spirit ring’s hundred thousand year abilities. Golden light covered not only her, but at the same time also washed over Tang San, making it questionable whether it was Xiao Wu or Tang San who launched this spirit ability.

At the same time as the Invincible Golden Body launched, Xiao Wu’s body abruptly grew illusory, once again using spirit abilities. Moreover, this time she directly used two. Nothingness, Instant Kill Eigth Stage Drop.

Both hands twisted around Tang San’s neck, Xiao Wu bent her right knee, sticking it to Tang San’s waist, then directly flipped him up. Even though the influence of the Invincible Golden Body couldn’t ignore the pressure, it was at least enough to survive unharmed within the pressure for three seconds.

Hong—— Under the others’ dumbstruck gazes, Xiao Wu forcibly smashed Tang San’s body down between the three hundred twenty fourth and three hundred twenty fifth steps. And Xiao Wu herself also exploited this instant Waist Bow force to abruptly shoot forward, still staying within the range of Tang San’s Blue Silver Domain.

The tips of her toes hooked. Intense red light spread across both of them, and the Instant Kill Eight Stage Drop attack unfolded.

Hong, hong, hong, hong, hong, hong——

In less than three seconds of work, Tang San had been thrown to the ground by Xiao Wu several times in succession, and with each throw, the two of them would be carried forward at least one step by that frightful shock force. As the seventh attack finished, Xiao Wu and Tang San had already reached the three hundred thirty first step.

If the other Shrek Seven Devils didn’t understand what Xiao Wu wanted to do at the start, then now they saw it in absolute clarity. Under the effect of Invincible Golden Body, Tang San naturally wouldn’t be harmed. And Xiao Wu always launched the attacks within the range of the Blue Silver Domain, and while she herself was in a Nothingness state the influence of the outside pressure on her would be a lot smaller than T

By the rules of the Seagod’s Light, any attack spirit abilities would be reflected. But Xiao Wu’s attacks weren’t aimed at the Seagod’s Light, and was moreover a throwing ability. Acting on Tang San, they naturally wouldn’t suffer that frightening Seagod’s Light rebound. It was relying on such a peculiar method that Xiao Wu delivered Tang San and herself to the three hundred thirty first step. The distance to the final goal was only two steps.

But it was also at this time that Tang San’s Blue Silver Domain effect disappeared…...

The frightful pressure seeming to hide the sky and cover the earth squeezed the two of them simultaneously. Let alone Xiao Wu, when confronted with such pressure, without the protection of the domain, even Tang San would be shot out into the ring sea by the Seagod’s Light.

But the instant the Blue Silver Domain appeared, the last stage of Xiao Wu’s Instant Kill Eight Stage Drop was already launching. It was as if she basically hadn’t even noticed that Tang San’s Blue Silver Domain had disappeared. Her whole body erupted with red light, her imposing manner promoting to the peak, grabbing Tang San with both her hands at his chest and waist, then forcefully throwing him towards the three hundred thirty third step.

At such a moment, Xiao Wu didn’t have even a trace of hesitation. Of course she knew she would only have one chance at this instant. Either she used the momentum of throwing Tang San to push herself to the three hundred thirty third step, or she threw Tang San there. There was no third option. And she practically instinctively reacted to choose the latter. She clearly understood that the moment she three Tang San to the three hundred thirty third step, was also the moment she was rejected by the Seagod’s Light. Without passing the Overcome, Twofold, Seagod’s Light together with Tang San, her first trial would be considered a failure. The only consequence would be death.

Confronting the moment of life and death, Xiao Wu once again chose to sacrifice herself to defend Tang San.

As this happened, Tang San, being thrown to the three hundred thirty third step by Xiao Wu, would complete his first Seagod trial. It was also at this moment that Tang San, always being heavily thrown around in Xiao Wu’s hands, suddenly changed.

Crystalline bright white light abruptly rolled out from Tang San’s body. Indeed, it was like it rolled out to fill the air. In that instant it enveloped him, and also simultaneously enveloped Xiao Wu.

Xiao Wu only felt her surroundings suddenly chill, her whole body instantly bound by a difficult to describe frightening feeling. All the scenery around her instantly changed. It was no longer green hills and clear water, but rather a sinister Asura world. Desolate chill wind, terrifying and overbearing slaughter flavor, as well as countless howls and shrieks of lamentation instantly engulfed her mind. Her soul had temporarily returned to her original body, and really wasn’t stable. Further adding the enormous pressure of the Seagod’s Light, in front of such suddenly appearing energy, she couldn’t even accomplish any resistance. Her hands grabbing Tang San went rigid, and Tang San about to be thrown to the three hundred thirty third step fell on the three hundred thirty second.

And the next instant, the terrifying Seagod’s Light energy instantly erupted. Xiao Wu was once again unable to control her body, and was about to be shot off like an artillery shell.

But just at this moment, that terrifying white light suddenly spread out, two sparkling and translucent golden blue rays of light twisting around her waist.

Those golden blue rays of light suddenly tightened, issuing a series of cracking sounds, and Xiao Wu saw it had reached its limit.

Different from the golden blue color when using the Blue Silver Domain, right now Tang San’s whole body was covered in white, a white without the slightest vitality. There was only endless killing intent and desire for murder. It was like this white world, filled with a terrifying ice cold.

The surrounding white suddenly shifted, spinning with incomparable speed. And all that white light also instantly merged into this rotation like a sharp blade. An ear piercing whistle as frightening as if it came from Hell. The boundless killing intent merged together with the white light within that frightening whirl, as if cutting everything in the surroundings.

That originally so frightening pressure from the Seagod’s Light suddenly disappeared. The golden blue light beams pulled, throwing Xiao Wu into an ice cold embrace. An ice cold voice echoed by her ear, “If you died, would there be any meaning even if I passed all the Seagod nine trials?”

The pressure of the Seagod’s Light seemed to be completely cut apart in this instant, and as it happened, what was severed only turned into a part of that white light. Most peculiar was that the frighteningly rotating white light actually didn’t trigger the Seagod’s Light’s rebound attack. Or perhaps, the Seagod’s Light couldn’t react.

A shattering sound came from behind Tang San’s back. Held tightly in Tang San’s arms, Xiao Wu could barely manage to see through the corners of her eyes, behind Tang San were countless golden fragments. And the two of them spun among these fragments, stepping across the final step.

That white light was doubtlessly Tang San’s Deathgod Domain. Always bearing patiently until the final moment, Tang San used its true power.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to use it before, but rather that this evolved Deathgod Domain consumed a horrifying amount of spirit power. Having already been severely exhausted, using it, Tang San could only persist for a very short moment. If he used it ahead of time, it would be no more use than quenching thirst with poison.

The white world Xiao Wu felt was precisely the Deathgod Domain’s evolved ability, Asura Hell[1]. Just like the Blue Silver Domain’s evolved ability Boundless Nature, under the effect of Spirit Avatar, Tang San’s Asura Hell wasn’t as simple as the original Deathgod Domain.

Even though Asura Hell and Boundless Nature were equally domains, their focus differed enormously. Possessing the draining golden threads

ability, Boundless Nature focused more on amplification, confusing and weakening the opponent. But the Deathgod Domain’s Asura Hell only focused on one kind of ability, destruction. Destruction of everything within the domain. Killing intent would turn truly substantial within Asura Hell, transforming into a frightening attack. Even the Seagod’s Light’s enormous power would be cut to pieces within the suddenly unfolding Asura Hell.

That rapidly rotating terrifying white light filled with sharp whistles was the ability that arose after Asura Hell evolved —— Asura Revolving Circular Killing Formation. The pinnacle of the art of slaughter.

In order to fully use his final trump card, in order to ensure Xiao Wu completed the trial at the same time as him, the instant Tang San was about to be thrown to the three hundred thirty third step, he released the Deathgod Domain’s Asura Hell, and simultaneously also released his Eight Spider Lances. That final push was not only the Asura Revolving Circular Killing Formation, but also came at the cost of shattering the Eight Spider Lances. It was also the power of the Eight Spider Lances that allowed Tang San to fully use the Asura Revolving Circle Killing Formation.

After all, the Deathgod Domain was the innate domain of the Clear Sky Hammer, and its power would be decreased substantially when uses with the Blue Silver Emperor’s Spirit Avatar. But just like the effect of fusing with the Blue Silver Domain, the Eight Spider Lances also evolved to completely fuse with the Deathgod Domain. Under the influence of Asura Hell, the Eight Spider Lances transformed into Asura Lances, becoming Tang San’s most powerful weapons. Tang San sacrificed the eight Asura Lances and exploited the energy of their destruction to guide his last spirit power to arouse the Asura Revolving Circle Killing Formation, simultaneously pushing him and Xiao Wu to the three hundred thirty third step. And right now his back, where Xiao Wu couldn’t see, was already completely mangled and mutilated, the shattered fragments of the Asura Lances exposing the white bones.

All pressure melted away like ice and snow the instant they set foot on the three hundred thirty third step. And Tang San’s body also fell limp in Xiao Wu’s embrace, warm blood almost instantly dying the stairs red beneath him.

“Ge, ge, don’t scare me…….” Xiao Wu’s voice trembled. At the same time as the pressure disappeared, Tang San’s arms wrapped tightly around her also went limp. The eyes originally filled with deathly stillness and killing intent instantly turned grey, his whole body seeming to instantly lose all vitality and soul. Completely hanging on Xiao Wu.

Even so, a faint mild smile still hung on Tang San’s face, his rough voice brimming with affection echoing by Xiao Wu’s ear, “The….. sacrifice….. that time…… gave me……. a lifetime of regret…… I said…… I would….. protect you. As long as…… I’m…… still…… not dead. This…… time……. I did it……. How could I……. let…….. you……. sacrifice for…… me……. again….. eh? ……. Silly, don’t……. cry…….”

The instant Tang San lost the ability to support himself and collapsed in Xiao Wu’s arms, a ray of red light shot out from Xiao Wu’s brow, flashing and disappearing. At the same instant, seven lines of clearly visible golden light converged in the air, completely illuminating the night sky like daylight. They gathered above everyone, then suddenly, converged into one abundant stream and fell, enveloping Tang San and Xiao Wu.

Enveloped in that golden light, Tang San’s limp body hanging in Xiao Wu’s arms slowly stood straight. His eyes closed tightly, and the golden trident on his forehead blossomed with resplendent light. That golden light spread down from Tang San’s forehead like threads and strands, flowing into his whole body. Where it passed, Tang San’s skin seemed to tremble, and the horrifying wounds on his back healed with speed visible to the naked eye. A golden light screen shattered in front of Tang San, turning into specks of golden light that flowed into Tang San’s body at the same time as the light flowing from the golden trident.

A deep dignified voice echoed in his mind: “Overcome, Twofold, Seagod’s Light, trial passed. Refusing to abandon comrades in the face of danger, self sacrifice in the face of desperate straits. Unwavering, unswerving without losing farsightedness. First trial complete, Seagod affinity raised five percent, presently at five percent overall.” Nobody noticed that, at this moment, a trace of strange blue light flashed between Tang San’s eyebrows.

An itchy feeling throughout his whole body almost made Tang San moan. To him, this feeling wasn’t great, but the golden light merging into his body seemed to rouse all the abilities in his body. All damage quickly recovered, the sensation of imminent collapse quickly retreating, and everything around seemed to grow clearer.

Xiao Wu’s body was shot away by the golden light. The red dot of light on her forehead flashed continuously. There was no scene of a screen of light shattering like for the others, but a dignified voice also echoed in the depths of her soul.

“Never leaving, never abandoning. Able to sacrifice oneself for one's lover. Perfect accompaniment. Peak level one trial one ninth complete, superimposing reward.”

The golden light over Tang San continued for a full hour. When the sky darkened once again, his wounds were already completely healed, and even his spirit power had recovered to its peak. That golden trident on his forehead subsequently dulled, returning to its brand shape.

“Xiao Wu.” After Tang San’s gaze recovered its spirit, his first action was to pull Xiao Wu into his arms. Holding her tightly, refusing to relax no matter what was said. When Xiao Wu fully used Nothingness and Instant Kill Eight Stage Drop, Tang San had once again deeply felt that he would lose her. Even though he could reverse the crisis this time, that kind of feeling had still shaken even the heart that hadn’t swayed during the limit ordeal of the God Bestowed Spirit Ring.

Xiao Wu didn’t speak, only closely hung on Tang San’s neck. The feelings between her and Tang San no longer needed to be conveyed with words. They would both pay everything for the other, truly everything.

Only once Xiao Wu’s soul had again returned within Tang San, her body softly sleeping in Tang San’s embrace, did he gradually return to his senses. Turning his head, he looked at his smiling companions.

Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi had already arrived next to them at some point. Seeing Tang San awaken from his deep emotions, she said with a smile:

“Congratulations on passing the first trial. However, even more difficult trials still await you. No matter black or peak level trials, you must never forget the importance of the team. Another two people will accept the God Bestowed Spirit Ring. When you have finished absorbing the spirit ring, it will be time to begin the second trial. It’s still a one year time limit.”

Two specks of golden light flew out from Bo Saixi’s hand, and Ning Rongrong and Zhu Zhuqing who had both reached the seventieth rank sat down. Golden light mist filled their bodies, the spirit ring trial beginning.

Pulling the sleeping Xiao Wu close, Tang San said: “Senior, may I ask a question?”

Bo Saixi nodded to Tang San, “Ask.”

Tang San said: “This God Bestowed Spirit Ring, is it your power, or the power of the Seagod?”

Bo Saixi calmly said: “Of course it’s the lord Seagod’s power. This is a miracle. Whenever a black level examinee appears, the lord Seagod will grant one chance for a god bestowed spirit ring. Besides an act of god, who could bestow spirit rings? I’m human, not a god.”

Looking deeply at Bo Saixi, Tang San nodded, saying: “Many thanks senior, I understand.”

Having clarified his doubt, Tang San very unceremoniously sat down on the ground, using his thighs as Xiao Wu’s pillow. Even though his body had already recovered, his taut mind relaxed with the completion of the first trial. One year of seemingly unceasing cultivation, even though his strength swiftly advanced, at the same time it also kept his mind under constant strain. If he didn’t relax now, his heart might truly collapse.

Dai Mubai said: “Senior, can we take a look in the Seagod’s Hall?”

Bo Saixi shot him a glance, “It still isn’t time. There will be a chance for you to worship the lord Seagod. If you insist on entering the Seagod’s Hall right now, it’s not like there isn’t a chance. As long as you can defeat

me. En, I’ll tell you now. If you can defeat me, besides Tang San’s Seagod nine trials where only the first six can be completed, the rest of all your other trials can be considered completed. I don’t mind if you try. I will face you with all my strength. However, I won’t start off leniently.” For some reason, hearing the lure in her voice, the Shrek Seven Devils all shivered in their souls.

Defeating Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi? Even though everyone’s strength had progressed rapidly in the last year, they still wouldn’t be so arrogant as to think they could defeat this peak existence among Title Douluo. That was a ninety ninth ranked super power!

His butt dropping to the ground, only a wry smile remained on Dai Mubai’s face. Oscar, Ma Hongjun and Bai Chenxiang also sat down one after another. Their experiences in this year had really been too exhausting. Cultivating without any buffer time had stretched their bodies and minds to the limit.

Six hours later, as the sky gradually brightened and a marble white smear rose on the eastern horizon, Ning Rongrong and Zhu Zhuqing finally absorbed to the limit of what they could bear, finishing the god bestowed spirit ring trial.

Just as the two absorbed their spirit rings and entered cultivation to recover, the just brightening sky abruptly darkened. Besides Bai Chenxiang, the brands on each of the Shrek Seven Devils brightened simultaneously.

Black clouds gathered densely in the sky. Above Seagod Mountain was abundant momentum for mountain rain. On the once again darkening sacred mountain, that Seagod’s Light became especially clear. But the ring shaped sea outside the mountain began to boil violently.

Waves rose, one bizarre energy fluctuation after another moving in the ring sea. On the horizon, seven lines of golden light once again cut open the sky and converged. This time the position they converged was the peak of the Seagod’s Hall. The golden light gathered for a very short time, flashing and disappearing. But as that golden light scattered, to the eyes of the Shrek Seven Devils, the ring sea was covered in a golden barrier of light.

This barrier was only ten meters or so from the surface of the ring sea, just like when they arrived at the Seahorse Sacred Pillar. It seemed to block the rage of the waves. This golden light spread the whole way to the shores of the ring shaped sea.

At the same moment, a brand new screen appeared in the minds of all the Shrek Seven Devils. Their second trial was starting.

When the ring shaped sea roiled, Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi’s figure had already disappeared. None of the Shrek Seven Devils had noticed her leave.

Dai Mubai said in a low voice: “Second trial, Break Through, Ring Blockade. Conditions to pass, pass through the ring sea blockade and reach the other shore, without killing any sea spirit beast.”

Oscar and Ma Hongjun looked face to face, both nodding. Clearly they had received the same trial. Without need to ask, Zhu Zhuqing and Ning Rongrong’s trials weren’t much different, only because of Ning Rongrong’s peak level trial, her difficulty was a bit higher.

Tang San’s face carried a slightly wry smile. Seeing his comrades’ attentive gazes at him, he said: “My trial is the same as yours, with the caveat that I can’t use any spirit ring abilities.”

“That……” Dai Mubai and Oscar frowned practically simultaneously. If Tang San couldn’t use spirit abilities, that meant his strength was enormously restricted. Most crucial was that his two great domains couldn’t be amplified by Spirit Avatar. Spirit Avatar was equivalent to Tang San’s seventh spirit ability, so it would naturally be restricted. Even though the domains could still be used, it was without the Spirit Avatar amplification. The domains wouldn’t be able to display their true power. They of course wouldn’t think that passing through this ring sea would be as simple as when they landed on the Seahorse Sacred Pillar. No need to ask, waiting for them in that ring sea, besides violent waves, would be unknown amounts of powerful spirit beasts. And nobody knew how to swim. That golden light barrier also restricted flight. Just how difficult this trial was could only be known after going deep into the ring sea.

“This trial really is simple!” Ma Hongjun leaned smiling on the stone steps, without any nervousness.

“Simple?” Tang San, Dai Mubai and Oscar couldn’t help looking towards him.

Fatty grinned, saying: “Of course it’s simple, did you forget how we landed on Seagod Island? Third brother still has that Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud! That’s not a spirit ability. We’ll stealthily run the blockade again. No difficulty.”

Hearing Fatty speak, Dai Mubai and Oscar couldn’t keep their eyes from brightening. Right! How could they have forgotten a treasure like the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud.

Only, they very soon grew disappointed, because Tang San’s expression didn’t relax because of what Ma Hongjun said.

Sure enough, Tang San immediately broke everyone’s expectations, helplessly saying: “I just tried it, the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud seems to be restricted by some strange force, I can’t summon it. It seems that we can only rely on our own strength for this trial. It would be nice if the spirit beasts in this ring sea aren’t too powerful.”

Oscar said: “Maybe not. Our mission is to break through the ring sea’s blockade, reaching the other side counts as passing. This trial isn’t that difficult. The distance across the water is just a few hundred meters, with our strength, crossing without killing spirit beasts has a very high probability of success. And there are only two powers that can stop us in this ring sea. One is the sea itself. And the other is naturally the spirit beasts. No need to kill, it’s fine as long as we dodge. Like this, it won’t matter how strong the spirit beasts blocking us are.”

Tang San said: “We still have to face another problem, the ring sea has now already sealed our way out, and at the same time it naturally seals the way in. Starting from today, we won’t have any food resupply. Moreover, we can’t kill the creatures in the ring sea to make up for it.”

Dai Mubai was eager to give it a try: “It would be better to let me give it a try first, take a look at just how powerful the spirit beasts in this ring sea really are.”

Tang San hastily blocked him: “No. The circumstances are still unclear, we can’t move rashly. Rongrong and Zhuqing are still cultivating too. There’s still a year’s time, the we don’t have to worry about food either, we just won’t have any delicacies. Right now little Ao and Fatty’s spirit power is also at the sixty ninth rank. Within one year they can also break through to the seventieth rank. Even though Fatty has already had his got bestowed spirit ring quota, little Ao still hasn’t. A food system Spirit Master will be a terrifying existence at the Spirit Sage level. I believe that little Ao’s Spirit Avatar will definitely surprise us. It won’t be too late to try the second trial once we have this guarantee. I don’t know what surprises Rongrong’s seventh spirit ability Spirit Avatar can give us either.”

Ning Rongrong and Zhu Zhuqing spent another two hours before waking up from cultivation. Certainly, the two both had another black spirit ring.

Because the two women had endured the trial of the god bestowed spirit ring, they were still a bit weak after waking up, even after two hours of recuperation, but their minds still seemed extremely excited. The seventh spirit ring, to any Spirit Master, was extremely important. It could also be called a watershed for Spirit Masters. Past the seventieth rank you could be considered having stepped into the ranks of powers.

Dai Mubai and Oscar stepped forward to support them. Before anyone could ask, Ning Rongrong already took the lead to speak up: “My god bestowed spirit ring is equivalent to a spirit beast between forty and fifty thousand years, the seventh spirit ability is Nine Treasure Avatar. Besides making all my spirit ability amplification levels reach eighty percent, in the Nine Treasure Avatar State, the spirit power consumed by all boost abilities is reduced by half. Moreover, I believe that the Nine Treasure Avatar condition will let me multitask a lot more smoothly.”

Oscar looked distracted while supporting her, “Worthy of being a first rate spirit, the Spirit Avatar effect really is abnormal! Reducing spirit

power consumption by half, doesn’t that mean you can boost us for twice as long?”

Ning Rongrong nodded: “Exactly. Only, for now I can’t use Nine Treasure Avatar.”

Oscar looked distracted, “Why?”

Ning Rongrong smiled wryly: “The peak level second trial, Break Through, Ring Blockade. The seventh spirit ability is sealed. Look.” While speaking, she released her Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda. As that sparkling and translucent resplendent pagoda appeared in her palm, everyone immediately saw the difference. Among the seven spirit rings circling the pagoda, the last black one that should be a black ten thousand year spirit ring was now grey.

Everyone couldn’t help frowning, and Tang San sighed: “My circumstances are the same as Rongrong, only all my spirit rings are sealed.” He also released his Blue Silver Emperor. Hilariously, only ten odd strands of Blue Silver Emperor shot out, and the originally dazzling seven spirit rings were now already completely grey. They were clearly unusable.

“Yi, Rongrong, how did your second spirit ring turn purple?” Zhu Zhuqing originally wanted to explain the circumstances of her seventh spirit ability, but Ning Rongrong’s spirit ring colors made her seem to discover a new world. Actually, this was already the case when Ning Rongrong helped Tang San pass his trial, only at that time everyone’s attention was focused on Tang San, basically without any thought to this. Nobody had never imagined Ning Rongrong’s second spirit ring would change color either. That’s why it was like this.

Ning Rongrong giggled, saying: “Passing the first trial, besides spirit power rising one rank, my six spirit rings also all received five hundred years of cultivation. The second spirit ring was originally from a five hundred year or so spirit beast, with another five hundred it turned into a thousand year spirit ring. That’s why.”

Fatty couldn’t help saying: “As expected, the greater the difficulty of the trial, the greater the rewards! Third brother, what about you? You have Seagod nine trials, the first trial was also so difficult, you should have two ranks of spirit power. Go on and say it.”

Tang San then thought of the dignified voice that appeared in the back of his head when he passed the trial, and shook his head: “There’s no spirit power reward, it seems it only rewarded something called Seagod Affinity, five percent. Altogether only these five percent, I don’t know what use it is.”

“Seagod affinity?” Hearing these words, everyone were a bit puzzled.

Tang San casually said: “Doesn’t matter what the rewards are, since coming here, our strength has made a qualitative leap. This is already the best reward.”

Dai Mubai said: “Agreed, we also face the danger of losing our lives at all times. But we will definitely crash our way through the challenges, completing all the trials here. Zhuqing, what’s your seventh spirit ring?”

Zhu Zhuqing said: “My seventh spirit ring can be used, my second trial is only Break Through, Ring Blockade. The seventh spirit ability, Civet Avatar, can incarnate as the Hell Civet, speed increases fifty percent. In the Civet Avatar state, all spirit abilities are boosted by fifty percent, mainly in terms of attack power.”

This was clearly the proper results of a normal Spirit Avatar. Even though it wasn’t extraordinary, it was still a substantial leap in strength.

[1] Asura Hell - (修罗地狱)

Chapter 228

Tang San looked at his companions: “Having finally passed the first trial, no matter how difficult the second, we should all properly rest a bit now. This year has been too exhausting. We’ll rest for three days, adjust your conditions properly, we’ll start cultivating again afterwards. For the next period of time, our main cultivation direction will change from spirit power to ability use and cooperation. After all, everyone’s spirit power has increased substantially, and we also have some even more powerful spirit abilities. Everyone’s seen the difficulty of the first trial, the second won’t be any easier. We need to not only grasp our own abilities, but also our comrades’. Only by improving our teamwork as far as possible will we have better certainty for the second trial.”

Dai Mubai nodded: “I have no objections, let’s do it like that. We can finally relax a bit. Haha. Rest, rest, come, Zhuqing, we’ll find somewhere to sleep a while……”

Zhu Zhuqing shot him an angry glare, her whole face flushed red.

Before Oscar had opened his mouth, Ning Rongrong was already glaring unhappily at him, and he could only swallow back what he had been about to say.

Just as everyone were preparing to disband to rest, Fatty suddenly leapt up, “Hang on, hang on, don’t rest yet. Big brothers, big sister, little sisters, you have to stand witness for your brother!” While speaking, he turned to

Bai Chenxiang, his face all smiles, only small cracks left behind by the fat crowding in his eyes.

Bai Chenxiang looked at him mystified, “Damn Fatty, what are you on about?”

Ma Hongjun’s smile instantly froze, his little eyes opening wide once again, “Damn, did you forget? What you said when third brother passed the first test?”

Everyone then understood Fatty’s meaning. Bai Chenxiang said that if Tang San safely passed the first test, she would give Fatty a chance. The others had forgotten about it, but how could Fatty forget?

Bai Chenxiang then reacted, so Fatty was thinking about that. Feeling everyone’s eyes gather on her, she confidently said: “I said it. Third brother passed the first trial sagely, I will give you a chance. I’m giving you a chance now! Whether you can move me depends on your own skill!”

Fatty looked distracted a moment. He discovered that Bai Chenxiang’s promise wasn’t all that advantageous to him, and mumbled: “It’s not accept me! Just giving me a chance?”

Bai Chenxiang giggled, sticking her tongue out at him, “Giving you a chance is pretty good already, you don’t know how to be content.”

Ning Rongrong chimed in: “Yeah, Fatty, for you to chase after Xiangxiang, the most important thing is to loose weight first. Look at you, fat all over. As it happens, right now we don’t have any supply chain. Work hard to lower your weight.”

Fatty said indignantly: “Aren’t I just a bit meaty? Fine. I’ll lose weight.
Xiangxiang, you have to give me the chance!”

For the next three whole days, none of the Shrek Seven Devils cultivated again. Their minds were already close to collapse from the long time under strain, and three days to relax was absolutely necessary.

According to Tang San’s proposal, they wouldn’t lightly charge at the second trial before Oscar and Ma Hongjun had reach

Without the pressure of the Seagod’s Light, their cultivation speed of course dropped substantially, and even more so when they had all already achieved quite formidable strength. Even each rank they promoted became extremely difficult. Especially Tang San, who had already reached rank seventy six, clearly felt that even though his spirit power promotion speed wasn’t slow while he cultivated, the distance to the next pass was still indefinitely far away. He didn’t know when he could reach the seventy seventh rank.

Even if Oscar played around every day, he was undoubtedly the most diligent out of everyone. No matter how many years had passed, he would never forget his promise to Ning Rongrong back then. He would rely on his own strength to protect his beloved. The clone mirror sausage undoubtedly gave him this capability, but it was still far from enough. Everything Tang San said had roused him a great deal. A food system Spirit Master able to cultivate to the seventieth rank was as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns in the Spirit Master world. But it was also because of the difficulty in cultivating that, after reaching the seventieth rank, a food system Spirit Master’s ability would undergo a qualitative leap. This could already be seen in Ning Rongrong’s Nine Treasure Avatar, that was able to reduce all spirit power expenditure by fifty percent! If his own seventh spirit ability could also cause a similar effect, then not only could the boost for his comrades continue for longer, his own use of the clone mirror sausage would also be extended. Then he could naturally protect his beloved even better, and help his comrades pass the next trials.

Consequently, after the three days were over, Oscar immediately took the initiative to throw himself into cultivation, not cultivating any less than when they were in the Seagod’s Light before.

Fatty saw Oscar was like this, and naturally couldn’t easily embarrass himself by relaxing either. Having with great effort almost caught up to everyone in spirit power, he couldn’t let himself off now.

However, their effort in this also somewhat ruined Tang San’s original plans. Losing Fatty and Oscar to join in, everyone naturally lacked something in teamwork training. Howevery, they also understood Fatty and Oscar’s anxiety to attack the seventieth rank. Tang San, Dai Mubai, Zhu Zhuqing and Ning Rongrong trained by themselves. In the end, the combined strength of the four of them was already quite frightful.

Ning Rongrong still mainly trained her heart separation control ability. Over these years of effort her heart separation control had constantly risen from the original three aperture governing heart, to successively reach the realm of four aperture constant heart, and five aperture scattered heart. The further ahead this heart separation control ability was, the more difficult it was to cultivate, no easier than a created spirit ability. At present Ning Rongrong’s goal was to cultivate to the six aperture wishful heart. Even though her current spirit power wasn’t inferior to that of her father, there was still a considerable gap to Ning Fengzhi in ability application and control. In fact, Ning Fengzhi’s heart separation control ability was already cultivated to the peak seven aperture detailed heart, controlling all of his boosts as easily as moving a finger. Ning Rongrong still needed a very long time and effort to match up to her father in skill use maturity.

Tang San currently couldn’t even use spirit abilities, he could only use his most basic skills and spirit bone abilities to train with everyone. Even though he was unable to employ spirit abilities, Tang San’s selfmade spirit abilities could be said to be more and more numerous, whether Tang Sect’s Controlling Crane Catching Dragon, Tang Sect hidden weapons or Clear Sky Hammer Method, they were all quite formidable abilities, and further adding his spirit bone abilities, he was currently far more powerful than ordinary Spirit Sages, even without Blue Silver Emperor spirit abilities.

Tang San had complete confidence that, as long as his spirit abilities were restored, he would absolutely have the strength to fight an ordinary Title Douluo. Two one hundred thousand year spirit rings and two hundred thousand year spirit bones weren’t a joking matter. Even more when he also had that constantly evolving external spirit bone, Eight Spider Lances.

And Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing’s leap in strength wasn’t any less than Tang San’s. This of course wasn’t in terms of their own spirit power

promotion, but rather in their frightening spirit fusion ability. When both their strength reached the Spirit Avatar level, the spirit fusion ability Hell White Tiger naturally also advanced another level. Tang San reached the conclusion that, even if he was in his strongest condition with full access to all his spirit abilities, it was still impossible for him to fight the Hell White Tiger head on. This showed what kind of level this spirit fusion ability had already reached.

The strength of such a team was naturally extremely astonishing, especially when the Hell White Tiger received the support of the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda. Tang San was sure that even a ninety fifth ranked power would find it very difficult to confront it head on. Only, even though the burst strength of the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda amplified Hell White Tiger was formidable, it still consumed Ning Rongrong’s spirit power at a frightening rate. Even when using Nine Treasure Avatar, she could still only keep it up for thirty seconds. After entering the Spirit Avatar realm, the Hell White Tiger’s might really was too terrifying.

Time passed day by day. Even if the ring sea surrounded them was covered with a feeling of mortal danger, none of them was affected at all, spending every day on all kinds of cultivation exercises. Their trip to Seagod Island was originally a rare cultivation journey for the Shrek Seven Devils. Everyone gathering together to compare notes with each other, to boost each other, was far faster than cultivating individually. As for the question of meals, even though it was a bit painful to everyone, that still wasn’t any major issue. The food system Spirit Master Oscar was here. Let alone eight people, with his current spirit power, he could have easily dealt with it even if there were eight hundred. He could almost instantly produce more than a thousand of his big recovery sausages. Further adding Tang San using the Blue Silver Domain to search Seagod Mountain for edible plants and fruits, eating their fill was easily managed.

Oscar’s spirit power had after all always been ahead of Ma Hongjun in the past, and having previously gotten one rank from passing the test, his distance to promoting originally wasn’t far. Consequently, three months

later he took the lead to break into the realm of the seventieth rank. Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi naturally also descended once again.

Seeing the honorable Seagod Douluo arrive, Oscar couldn’t hold back a burst of intense excitement at the corners of his eyes, madly roaring within his heart. Seventieth rank, I’ve also reached the seventieth rank. Who said food system Spirit Masters can’t be formidable? I’m twenty four this year, but I’ve already reached the Spirit Sage level. Rongrong, don’t worry, hereafter I will definitely have the ability to protect you.

Bo Saixi smiled slightly, and, apart from Xiao Wu, the Shrek Seven Devils received their final god bestowed spirit ring. Enveloped in golden light, as the scar faced Oscar sat, he unexpectedly gave off a kind of extremely resolute feeling. And Oscar also used his own actions to prove to everyone that, even if he really wasn’t a battle type Spirit Master, he still had a resolute will that wasn’t inferior to anyone. The time he persisted in the god bestowed spirit ring trial was longer than for Zhu Zhuqing, Ning Rongrong and Ma Hongjun.

As Ning Rongrong saw the appearance of Oscar seemingly about to collapse at any moment within the golden light, her tears fell uncontrollably. She understood that Oscar being this persistent, this dedicated, was all for her. As a food system Spirit Master, originally it should have been enough for him to simply be protected by his comrades. But for her, as the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School heir, he had to endure far too much more than ordinary food system Spirit Masters.

In the whole process of absorbing the god bestowed spirit ring, Oscar spent a full day’s time. Even if it wasn’t as enormous an attack as when Tang San absorbed the hundred thousand year spirit ring, the pressure he endured was still quite frightening. After finishing the absorption, he still spent a full three days before he had completely recovered. Ning Rongrong stayed on guard by his side throughout these three days, not moving half a step away from him.

The feeling of being without sunlight really was very uncomfortable. Without the warm nourishment of sunlight, moods would very easily be constrained.

Ever since the start of the second trial, the Shrek Seven Devils hadn’t seen the sunlight again. The sky was always covered densely with clouds, and the waters of the ring sea never stopped churning.

With difficulty swallowing Oscar’s sausage, even someone with as fearsome a will as Tang San couldn’t help frowning. Ask yourself, how would eating the exact same sausage for every meal every day taste? Only Oscar himself ate with relish, not showing any signs of growing sick of it.

“I say, little Ao, you’ve already had the seventh spirit ability for more than half a month. Why don’t you give us a demonstration of its power!” While Dai Mubai bitterly chewed a large recovery sausage, he spoke to Oscar.

Hearing this, Oscar’s face instantly changed, and he raised his head to look at the sky, “The weather is pretty good today!”

Fatty walked over from the side, “Your face is pretty good, don’t change the subject. You’ve been the same ever since you got the seventh spirit ring, you won’t say anything no matter how I ask. You even keep it secret from your own brothers! Don’t tell me, your seventh spirit ability isn’t strong enough? Don’t worry, nobody will make fun of you. Lacking a bit is just lacking a bit.”

Oscar glared unhappily at Fatty, “Your face is lacking, would my seventh spirit ability be lacking? That effect would scare you to death.Humph, humph.”

Ma Hongjun said with schadenfreude: “Then whip it out for everyone to see! So many days, and you haven’t even told Rongrong. There’s definitely a problem with your spirit ability. Haha, my guess is, think about it, third brother’s Spirit Avatar transforms into the Blue Silver Emperor, and he turns completely golden blue, practically like a part of the Blue Silver Emperor. Boss Dai’s Spirit Avatar transforms him into the White Tiger, and Zhuqing transforms into a Hell Civet. With your sausage spirit, don’t tell me, your seventh spirit ability turns you into a giant sausage?”

Oscar’s face stiffened, “Damned Fatty, get lost, I’m not telling you. You think I’m as vulgar as you!”

Ma Hongjun didn’t get a bit angry, imitating Oscar’s voice and shouting: “I, your father, have a big sausage, I don’t know who has a spirit incantation like that. I’m vulgar? In vulgarity, nobody can compete with you!”

Hearing Fatty’s analysis, Ning Rongrong holding Oscar’s big hand also went a bit rigid, looking at Oscar, she said in a low voice: “Damned little Ao, Fatty wouldn’t have guessed right? Does your seventh spirit ring really turn you into a giant sausage? I, I, I……”

“No, don’t listen to his drivel.” Oscar hastily reassured.

Ning Rongrong said curiously: “Then what is it? You won’t even tell me. Even an ugly wife has to see her parents in law. Everyone has to work together in the future, don’t tell me you can keep not using the important seventh spirit ability? Everyone will know about it sooner or later.”

Oscar looked at Fatty’s expression of schadenfreude, then again at the curious gazes of the others, and collapsed: “Fine, I’ll say it. Firmaments! Mother earth! Revered lord Seagod! Why do you play with me like this! Let me die!”

Rumble, as if in response to Oscar’s words, a thunderclap resounded in the sky, frightening Oscar to hurriedly shut up, not daring to keep whining.

Even Tang San couldn’t help saying: “Little Ao, don’t tell me your seventh spirit ability really is related to transforming you into a sausage?”

Oscar stood, his face indignant: “Even if it isn’t turning into a sausage, it’s still not much stronger. Don’t say anything for now, I’ll use my seventh spirit ability. You’re not allowed to laugh, or we’ll be enemies.”

Fatty standing in front of him immediately curbed his smile, “No problem, we absolutely won’t laugh. Hurry up and show it.”

Oscar looked somewhat unreassured at everyone. They nodded one after another, but there was already a trace of mirth rippling through their eyes.

Just as Oscar was preparing to start, he was interrupted by Ning Rongrong, “Hold on.” She quickly stood and ran over to Xiao Wu, pulling her into her arms before looking at Oscar, clearly looking for mental consolation.

Oscar fiercely clenched his teeth. Just as Ning Rongrong said, everyone would know sooner or later, it would be better if they knew in advance. If by some chance they lost control when he used his seventh spirit ability in the middle of a fight, wouldn’t that become a major mistake? Thinking of this, he finally no longer hesitated, releasing his seventh spirit ability.

Oscar widened his stance, crouching somewhat. Then drawing a deep breath, he stretched both arms straight out in front of his chest with fists tightened, palms down.

Yellow, yellow, purple, purple, black, black, black, seven ideal spirit rings quietly appeared around him. His spirit was already released. It would seem that nothing was currently any different with Oscar, so much so that his expression even had a somewhat hallowed feeling.

But the whole next spirit ability release process left his watching companions with eyes wide and mouths hanging open.

Suddenly withdrawing his level extended arms, both his fists also subsequently turned over to palms up, and gathered at his waist. At the same time as he withdrew his arms, he also made a vulgar back straightening motion.

“Firm and erect, firm and erect, Gold Fly[1].”

He made the first fist pumping and back straightening motion with each shout of “firm and erect”. When he shouted “Gold Fly”, he pulled his left fist back to his waist, but his right arm rose outstretched, right hand clenched in a fist, only one middle finger raised towards the heavens.

Seeing Oscar’s appearance, everyone finally understood why he always dawdled without letting them see his seventh spirit ability. If they had to describe this incantation in words, then they would say that there was no most vulgar, only more vulgar.

Ning Rongrong directly fell into the arms of the vacant Xiao Wu. The others all had extremely grotesque expressions. Their facial muscles all twitched, trying to hold back their laughter, but not quite succeeding.

A speck of golden light brightened at the tip of Oscar’s outstretched middle finger, and his seventh spirit ring subsequently flashed. In that moment, that golden light instantly spread to cover Oscar’s whole body, then again withdrew to the tip of his middle finger, gradually taking shape.

A soybean sized Gold Fly appeared there on the tip of his finger, and the golden light around Oscar also subsequently disappeared.

“Snrkt……” The first who couldn’t help laughing was Ma Hongjun, and immediately it was like a contagion. Besides Ning Rongrong who hid in Xiao Wu’s chest out of embarrassment and Xiao Wu herself, the others couldn’t help bursting into laughter.

“Fuck me, too vulgar. It really is too vulgar…… Gold Fly……”

“Even the Gold Fly appeared, and firm and erect……. I can’t take it……”

The ones laughing most violently were Ma Hongjun and Dai Mubai, because, among everyone, besides Oscar himself, only the two of them knew what “firm and erect Gold Fly” really was.

“You said you wouldn’t laugh, I’m gonna strangle you.” Oscar held the Gold Fly, and directly threw it towards Ma Hongjun. Ma Hongjun immediately turned and ran, his laughter showing no signs of stopping.

Tang San also laughed, only he was laughing because of Oscar’s vulgar motions, and now he couldn’t help asking Dai Mubai: “Boss, what’s that gold fly thing? How come I’ve never heard of it?”

Dai Mubai grinned: “Of course a virgin like you wouldn’t have heard of it. That’s something good! Didn’t you hear little Ao yelling, firm and erect, always firm and erect. That’s a good thing for a man!”

“It seems you’re very proud of not being a virgin! En?” In his unabating excitement, Dai Mubai was somewhat beside himself with mirth and had forgotten Zhu Zhuqing was standing right next to him. His ear smarted, grabbed firmly by Zhu Zhuqing, who glared at him with an ill intentioned gaze.

“Speak, what is that firm and erect gold fly thing?”

Dai Mubai swallowed, “I, I’m not familiar with it. Not familiar. Fatty is, ask him!”

Ma Hongjun was just running in their direction, and hearing what Dai Mubai said, he couldn’t help cursing, “Boss Dai, aren’t we brothers! How am I familiar, I’m not familiar either, heard about it, I’ve just heard about it.”

Tang San looked distracted a moment, “Just what thing is it?”

Dai Mubai laughed quietly: “Aphrodisiac, didn’t you hear? It’s a good thing that can let a man remain firm and erect. I’m dying from laughter, Oscar, that guy, his seventh spirit ability actually produces something like that, no wonder he wouldn’t let us know. And having to shout that spirit incantation out loud, I wonder, if his future father in law heard him, would he still let Rongrong marry him?”

Tang San’s expression froze a bit, “Aphro, aphrodisiac……” Even if he was a virgin, as a researcher of medicine, of course it was impossible for him not to know about aphrodisiacs.

Oscar had already stopped running, looking at everyone with a resentful expression, “You can’t keep your word. Fine, afterwards don’t hope for me to make Gold Flies for you to eat.”

Dai Mubai burst into laughter, “Don’t, we wouldn’t eat it if you gave it to us. Little Ao, your fame as the Big Sausage Uncle really follows merit! Not just all kinds of sausages, now you even have a Gold Fly to keep them firm and erect. Pretty good, this spirit ability for spirit avatar is quite sensible.”

Oscar’s face visibly changed from red to purple, with the appearance of being about to explode at any moment. Tang San hastily mediated: “Little Ao, explain the function of your seventh spirit ring. Even if the appearance is a bit strange, as a food type Spirit Avatar it definitely isn’t ordinary.”

Hearing Tang San say this, Oscar’s expression eased a bit, and he said proudly: “At least little San knows what’s what. Of course this is a good thing. Seventh spirit ability, Firm and Erect Gold Fly. It has two effects, if I eat it, my sausage making speed will increase by thirty percent, and the effects of all sausages will increase thirty percent. If it’s eaten by others, then the power of the next spirit ability they use will increase by fifty percent.”

The smiles on everyone’s faces instantly turned to astonishment as they heard Oscar’s explanation, looking at each other. Because they discovered that the effects of the mere food system Spirit Master Oscar’s seventh spirit ability, observed overall, actually wasn’t inferior to Ning Rongrong’s seventh spirit ability Nine Treasure Avatar in any respect.

Oscar’s sausage making speed could be well imagined after he had reached the seventieth ranked, especially the first four spirit abilities could be produced practically with the speed of the spirit incantation. He could even casually produce several in one go. Even the fifth spirit ability could be produced as fast as he could read the spirit incantation. But under the effect of the Firm and Erect Gold Fly his sausage making speed increased another thirty percent, this undoubtedly boosted everyone’s supply speed once again. Let alone the seven of them, even with a team of a hundred, Oscar could completely maintain the boost of the first five spirit abilities. Even more so when that Firm and Erect Gold Fly could increase the sausage effect by thirty percent. It was an absolute qualitative leap in overall boost capability from before.

Of course, what drew even more of their attention was that, if they ate this Gold Fly, then the next spirit ability they used would be fifty percent more powerful. This was a terrifying effect. Simply put, if Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing ate one of Oscar’s Firm and Erect Gold Flies simultaneously, and then used their Hell White Tiger, plus Ning Rongrong’s Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda boost, then for thirty seconds, even ninety seventh rank Sword Douluo Chen Xin wouldn’t hold an advantage. And confronting lower level opponents they could even instantly kill them.

At this moment everyone deeply understood why Tang San would speak of the importance of food system Spirit Masters who had reached the seventieth rank, why he would wait for Oscar to reach the Spirit Sage level before attempting the second trial.

Seeing everyone’s amazed expressions, Oscar was immensely pleased with himself: “Admire me. Ge’s seventh spirit ability is fierce. What if it’s a bit vulgar? It’s fine if it’s powerful. Moreover, if my clone mirror sausage is produced under the effects of the Firm and Erect Gold Fly, its duration will increase to ten minutes. If you eat it, the clone mirror sausage’s effect will reach ninety percent, and if I eat it, heh heh, it will go straight to one hundred percent. In other words, if I use little San’s blood to produce clone mirror sausages, then for ten minutes, I can use all of little San’s abilities, besides spirit bones and domains. As long as I learn to use them from little San, maybe I can become a Battle Spirit Master in the future too. Hahahaha……”

Even though Oscar’s self satisfied face looked in need of a spanking, the astonishing facts he announced left everyone stunned. One hundred percent clone ability for ten minutes. To Oscar, this was absolutely a leap in strength. And the clone mirror sausage he produced could let everyone use ninety percent of the others’ abilities. There was no need to doubt the overall boost in strength for the whole team.

Ning Rongrong had now also raised her head from Xiao Wu’s chest, and looked very helplessly at Oscar’s immensely proud appearance. But very soon her face returned to normal. Standing, she walked straight towards Oscar.

Seeing Ning Rongrong approach, Oscar showed off the Gold Fly in his palm, holding it up to Ning Rongrong, “Rongrong, look, such a beautiful Gold Fly! This is the first seventh spirit ability I made, it’s for you. It represents that you are my only one. Don’t worry, my seventh spirit ability also has the biggest advantage, to never lose effectiveness. As long as I produce it, it will exist always, until it’s used.”

Ning Rongrong took the Gold Fly Oscar handed over without batting an eye, her charming face even showing a trace of a smile, “Hey, little Ao, that you didn’t want to use the seventh spirit ability in front of us before, besides the spirit incantation being vulgar, isn’t it because you also know exactly what use a thing like the firm and erect gold fly is?”

Even if Oscar was a bit complacent at the moment, he still wouldn’t go so far as to completely forget himself. Seeing the ill intent in Ning Rongrong’s smile, he hastily withdrew his own smile and assumed an expression of righteousness, denying it flatly, “I don’t, of course I don’t. What is the firm and erect gold fly? How come I’ve never heard of it? What is that thing!”

Ning Rongrong smiled coldly at him, “Act, keep acting. Give me a proper explanation of just who used that firm and erect gold fly in the past.”

“Eh…… My darling Rongrong, absolutely don’t listen to slanderous rumors! I’m so proper, as clear as ice and clean as jade, how could I do something like this? When you met me I was fourteen, and I wasn’t as precocious as boss Dai. How could I know what something like the firm and erect gold fly is?”

“Fuck me, little Ao, if you’re explaining to Rongrong then explain, but how is that related to me? I can’t take it. Calling me precocious? When I knew you at twelve, you already had a full beard. I wonder who’s more precocious. Didn’t you always show off to me, talking about how big your sausage was? That you long since walked among ten thousand flowers.”

When Oscar heard this he immediately stomped his foot, “I walked among ten thousand flowers? That still can’t compare to your thousand

beheadings! You’re the famous unrivalled playboy Dai Mubai, how could I compare to you?”

Seeing the two of them mutually expose each other, Tang San was speechless. And right now Fatty showed his intelligence, absolutely not getting involved and quietly retreating next to Bai Chenxiang, putting on an abhorred expression to firmly show that he wasn’t related to these two fellows, absolutely not the same type.

Ning Rongrong and Zhu Zhuqing didn’t speak, only watching their men with cold smiles, listening to their mutual disclosure.

“Cough, cough, we should cultivate.” Fortunately Tang San was comparatively generous. He didn’t want for there to be internal disorder among the seven devils, and interrupted them before Dai Mubai and Oscar could expose any substantial gossip.

Oscar and Dai Mubai weren’t idiots either and, sensing the gazes like ice cold daggers next to them, immediately came to their senses. With a glance, they exchanged a signal. Being brothers for so many years, they immediately showed their perfect cooperation.

Dai Mubai sighed once: “Little San is right, we still have to cultivate. Little Ao, it was my fault just now, I shouldn’t have fabricated rumors. We’re brothers, we can’t influence our brotherly affection. I apologize.”

Oscar hastily put on an apologetic expression: “Boss Dai, it was my fault too. Actually, back then even if you drew the affection of a lot of girls, it was still passing among ten thousand flowers without touching. Because there was only one person in your pure mind. Didn’t you say that, for her, you wouldn’t even hesitate to give up your life. Even if you couldn’t pass your family’s test, you would rather die on your own and spare her. As long as she was happy, you would do anything.”

Dai Mubai gazed with deep emotion at Zhu Zhuqing next to him, saying: “Yes! Ever since we were small, there has only ever been one person in my heart. Aren’t you also the same, for your beloved you experienced a

lot of difficulties, obtaining the power to protect her. You even ruined your appearance for this. Compared to you, I’m still lacking!”

Tang San, Ma Hongjun and Bai Chenxiang looked dumbstruck at this transformation from hostility to brothers at the flip of a page, and Ma Hongjun couldn’t hold back, muttering to himself: “I can’t keep watching, I really can’t keep watching. These two guys are too wretched……”

Chapter 229

“I can’t keep watching, I really can’t keep watching. These two guys are too wretched……” Even if Ma Hongjun said so, he still didn’t dare go up and expose the pair, his own bad record was still a lot longer than those two vulgar fellows.

However, the expressions of the people involved, Zhu Zhuqing and Ning Rongrong, had already eased a lot. Ning Rongrong looked gently at her Oscar, and couldn’t help raising a hand to touch the scar on his face. Even though she was well aware that Oscar and Dai Mubai were covering for each other, Oscar going missing for five years was still her weak spot. Her heart grew especially soft when she saw the scar on his face.

The circumstances on Zhu Zhuqing’s side was about the same as hers, asking in a low voice: “You, you really told Oscar that, if we couldn’t pass the clan trials, you would…….”

Dai Mubai sighed, saying: “Back when you came to Shrek Academy, I understood your goal. You came to supervise me. Actually, how could I wish to involve you? I’d already thought it through back then. If I couldn’t pass the family trials in the future, I would bear it with my own strength, no matter what I would find a way to keep you out of it. As a man, how could I involve a woman? Afterwards, as we spent more and more time together, I still fell hopelessly in love with you. My heart began to grow selfish. I didn’t want to die, because wanted to spend each beautiful day of the future with you, to pass each spring, summer, autumn

and winter together. That’s why I began to cultivate seriously, not to survive, only to spend a bit more time together with you.”

Zhu Zhuqing’s eyes were a bit red. She also knew that Dai Mubai and Oscar were acting before, but she could deeply sense that what Dai Mubai said right now was completely from the heart.

The past wasn’t important, what was important was that this man loved only her, that was enough. What need was there to grab on to everything without letting go? Besides, whether Zhu Zhuqing or Ning Rongrong, they hadn’t been too serious. They just wanted to give their men a beating. Now the two of them had revealed the truth, they of course couldn’t continue with the beating.

Bai Chenxiang pinched the flesh at Fatty’s waist, “Look at them, they would pay so much for their lovers. You talk about them being weretched. Humph, I think you’re heart is the wretched one.”

“I……” Fatty was speechless, “Xiangxiang, believe me! For you, I would also pay everything.”

Hearing this, Bai Chenxiang couldn’t keep her expression from softening a bit. When facing danger, Fatty had stood in front of her without hesitating each time. It would be impossible for her not to be moved at all. Even though Fatty’s appearance couldn’t compare to Dai Mubai, Tang San and the others, still, there was no need to doubt the sense of security when together with this fellow.

Seeing Bai Chenxiang seemingly approving, Fatty immediately exulted, hastily saying sternly: “I’m going cultivating. I’ll also fight to reach the seventieth rank as soon as possible, and break through the Spirit Sage realm. Then I can protect you better.” Finished speaking, he directly walked off towards one side, giving Bai Chenxiang a view of his broad back.

Along with the two pairs of lovers finding mutual understanding, the atmosphere had calmed down. Even though

“Little San, can’t we try this second trial now?” Having coaxed Zhu Zhuqing, Dai Mubai asked Tang San.

Tang San said: “We can start trying. Before breaking through with all our strength, we have to make clear which sea spirit beasts in the ring sea can threaten us, and roughly what their levels are.” At this point, in his heart he couldn’t help being a bit worried. Secretly praying, he hoped his conjecture wouldn’t come true. Otherwise, this seemingly narrow ring sea would truly be an impassable gulf.

Dai Mubai said: “Then you make the plans. We’ll all listen to you.”

Tang San’s authority among the Shrek Seven Devils wasn’t just established on strength. His intelligence, fortitude, as well as comprehensive skills, had all earned him the admiration of his companions. Even someone as arrogant as Dai Mubai wouldn’t fight with him for leadership.

Tang San said: “I already have some plans. I’m preparing to walk a circuit of this ring sea. You watch carefully, take a look at what devil beasts are in the sea. Mubai, you and Zhuqing be ready to use the Hell White Tiger to support me at any time. Rongrong, you boost me. Little Ao, is that gold fly of yours useful for spirit bone abilities?”

Oscar shook his head. “No, it can only improve spirit ring abilities. Created spirit abilities, domains and spirit bone abilities aren’t included.”

Tang San said: “Then give me a stimulating pink sausage.”

Oscar said: “You don’t want to try my clone mirror sausage? Maybe even if your own spirit abilities can’t be used, you can use ours?”

Tang San smiled wryly: “No need to try. My spirit rings are all sealed, besides being able to use spirit power, I wouldn’t be able to use even your cloned abilities. Don’t worry. I have teleportation and Invincible Golden Body. Even if I can’t pass the trial, defending myself isn’t much of a problem. If I didn’t have the Invincible Golden Body for protection, I’d leave this scouting mission to boss Dai.”

Without the various Blue Silver Emperor abilities as well as the two great domains in the Spirit Avatar state, Tang San knew he was currently already weaker than Dai Mubai, Zhu Zhuqing and the others who had equally reached the seventieth rank. Of course, if all of Tang San’s innumerable created spirit abilities and his own potential erupted, it would still be hard to say who would win.

Dai Mubai said: “Then begin. Let us take a look at what thing is preventing us from leaving the Seagod Mountain.”

Tang San nodded, stepping off with the tips of his toes, he leapt up. His spirit power rising had also equally advanced his Tang Sect martial skills, and when he used Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step, he seemed to trail a line of afterimages. Most peculiar was that, while he seemed to move forward in a straight line, he gave people a kind of unfathomable feeling.

Tang San reached the edge of the ring sea in a few flashes. Suddenly releasing the Blue Silver Domain to strengthen his senses, he soared up simultaneously, going straight into the ring sea. The split second he leapt out, the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone’s flying ability initiated. Under the momentum of the deep Mysterious Heaven Skill, his body shot out like an artillery shell, straight over the ocean.


As Tang San had leapt less than five meters from the shure, the entire ring sea suddenly boiled, the originally already surging waves exploding in practically an instant, heavily bombarding the golden light screen ten meters above the surface. Bizarrely, this rising sea water didn’t splash out of the ring sea at all, neither attacking the ground outside the ring sea, nor the Seagod Mountain. Tang San was in this instant also completely enveloped in seawater, and what the Shrek Seven Devils could see was a world of deep blue water.

A bolt of resplendent light shot out from Ning Rongrong’s hand. Even though she couldn’t use her seventh spirit ability Nine Treasure Avatar, with the major increase in spirit power, her boosting speed was still a lot faster than before. Altogether six lines of light fell on Tang San in practically an

instant, unexpectedly neatly raising strength, agility, spirit power, defense, attack, and attributes, boring into the seawater without the slightest reservation and falling on Tang San.

After these six lines of brilliant light entered the seawater, Ning Rongrong’s expression instantly changed, speaking in a low voice: “My Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda boost is suffering some unclear interference from the seawater, the effect is reduced by thirty percent, the actual amplification for third brother is less than sixty percent.” In fact, her current boost should have reached eighty percent. After being weakened by thirty percent, the real boost was only fifty something percent.

The Blue Silver Domain light Tang San emitted illuminated his surroundings. Besides carrying out mental probes, it also let his comrades see the circumstances in the water from the Seagod Mountain.

His whole body instantly immersed in seawater, Tang San also immediately discovered the problem. Soaking in the seawater, there seemed to be a special energy in the water, slowing down his body, and accelerating his spirit power consumption. Even the Blue Silver Domain’s probing range was substantially reduced in the sea. Currents constantly buffeted Tang San, and further adding his considerable buoyancy in the seawater, it instantly put him off balance.

Fortunately Tang San had once cultivated beneath the waterfall, and still had some understanding of the nature of water. Otherwise, carried forward by the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone he might have immediately lost control of his body.

Even though Tang San’s control was formidable, it was still a bit difficult to adapt when suddenly drowned in water. This naturally wasn’t Tang San’s first time under water, but he clearly sensed that the seawater in the ring sea was out of the ordinary. Besides that somewhat restraining energy, the drag resistance was also extremely large. Most important was that Tang San didn’t know how he should move forward in the water. Even though the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone’s flying ability could push him forward, he still needed to adapt to the drag in the water to advance smoothly.

However, before Tang San could start getting used to it, he was already in danger. The arrow shaped fish that appeared and attacked Bai Chenxiang when they crossed to Seagod Mountain, appeared in all directions from Tang San. They were exceptionally fast in the water, even faster than when they leapt out of the water into the air back then. In practically an instant, there were already circle after circle of more than a hundred arrow shaped fish in his surroundings. Blue purple light revolved around them, rich spirit power fluctuations weaving a vast web in the seawater, sealing all avenues for Tang San to advance or retreat.

Tang San had faced innumerable crises, and suddenly being surrounded like this didn’t leave him flustered. He had confronted many situations more dangerous than this in the past. Even though he was extremely unsuited to the underwater environment, he could still make the most proper decision in the shortest time possible.

Holding one’s breath underwater wasn’t any problem for him with cultivation past the seventieth rank, Mysterious Heaven Skill inner strength circulated swiftly and unimpeded through his eight extraordinary meridians, forming a perfect internal respiration state. In such a state, Tang San could persevere for at least an hour before feeling choked.

However, at this moment Tang San also recognized the importance of the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud to him. If he had the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud now, he basically wouldn’t need to be this passive. Not only could he quickly sink into the water and not be influenced by the roaring sea and currents, at the same time he wouldn’t need to use internal respiration to resist drowning.

Moderating the energy eruption in the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone, black light flashed in his hand, and the glittering, faintly magic lined Clear Sky Hammer appeared in Tang San’s left palm. The Clear Sky Hammer that had accompanied Tang San along his rise in strength already weighed more than a thousand jin. Its sudden appearance in his hand instantly drew him to swiftly sink towards the bottom of the sea.

While Tang San didn’t make any move before, those arrow shaped fish spirit beasts had only encircled him. Now that he moved, those arrow

shaped fish instantly moved as well, charging at him simultaneously. In an instant, more than a hundred arrow shaped spirit beasts were like countless spirit power covered sharp arrows shot at Tang San. Judging by their attitude, they wouldn’t rest until Tang San was skewered.

The Shrek Seven Devils on the shore could clearly see that these arrow shaped fish completely turned the same kind of purple blue as their surroundings when they charged, like line after line of flowing light, extremely dazzling. And Tang San, completely underwater, basically couldn’t dodge this numerous arrow shaped fish in seawater with nothing to take cover behind. His Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step basically couldn’t show its advantages with the drag in the water.

The hearts of Dai Mubai and the others unconsciously clenched. They of course wouldn’t believe these arrow shaped fish were enough to harm Tang San. After breaking through to the Spirit Sage realm, Tang San’s current strength could only be described as terrifying. These arrow shaped fish seemed to be only thousand year level or so, and even though numerous, they still weren’t enough to threaten Tang San’s life. But what was important was that, in the course of this second trial, one important rule was that they couldn’t harm a single of the sea spirit beasts within the ring sea. This forbade Tang San with the Clear Sky Hammer in hand from killing them. And judging by the charging speed of these arrow shaped fish, even if Tang San didn’t launch any attack, as long as he let any of them attack him, there would be a tragic result. These arrow shaped fish attacks were clearly suicidal. What would Tang San do? What could he do?

Tang San very quickly provided the answer. The Clear Sky Hammer in his hand moved as light s nothing, sweeping from lower left to upper right, and at the same time his body spun once in the seawater, even the seawater with that drag resistance couldn’t influence his current speed.

Deep black light erupted from the Clear Sky Hammer. Even though the Clear Sky Hammer had no spirit rings, at this moment it still revealed the terrifying explosive might of a first rate tool spirit. Wherever the black light passed, the seawater bubbled violently. Everyone on the shore, already rushing over, clearly saw the seawater around Tang San distort fiercely, and all the arrow shaped fish charging towards him were swept off by a great

incorporeal force in the water, scattering in all directions. They charged quickly, but were washed away even faster. They dispersed like countless blue purple rays of light shot by Tang San. Tang San currently no longer sank, but rather floated evenly in the water. He was clearly relying on spirit power to control the weight of the Clear Sky Hammer.

However, the attack of the arrow shaped fish had only just begun. After being abruptly scattered, they very quickly balanced themselves in the ring sea, and once again charged towards Tang San. Only this time they didn’t charge simultaneously. The arrow shaped fish extremely intelligently arranged themselves into ten teams, charging towards Tang San in a close to seamless attack pattern. Each group of ten sea spirit beasts attacked, and after the first was scattered by the Clear Sky Hammer, the second immediately charged in. They seemed to have clearly identified that Tang San didn’t dare harm them, and each wave was more violent than the last, swifter than the last. Distorting halos of light constantly appeared in the stirred seawater.

Confronting the changing tactics of the arrow shaped fish spirit beasts, Tang San’s face was as undisturbed as an old well. The Clear Sky Hammer in his left hand swung up and down, and the force used each time he shocked away these arrow shaped fish was just perfect, not letting them charge near him, then again exploiting the deep current caused by the Clear Sky Hammer to jolt them away without harming them.

As time passed, Tang San’s body swiftly adapted to the pressure and drag force in the seawater, as well as that peculiar restraining energy. He was already a bit impatient with the arrow shaped fish constant attacks. After so many attempts, even if he still didn’t clearly understand the depth of these arrow shaped fish endurance, he still had his own ways.

The Clear Sky Hammer kept swinging, but the infused spirit power also began rising. The distance the arrow shaped fish spirit beasts were shocked back each time they charged grew longer and longer, and at the same time, their originally swift attacks also began to reduce along with Tang San using more force.

In fact, Tang San currently possessed Ning Rongrong’s six great support boosts. The intensity of his spirit power absolutely wasn’t any less than that of a Spirit Douluo level power, and the free flow of his eight extraordinary meridians made his strength recovery speed incomparably fast. The threat these arrow shaped fish provided grew more and more insufficient, what truly consumed his spirit power was this choking ocean. Even though internal respiration could let him endure for longer, at the same time it would also constantly increase his spirit power consumption as time passed.

Coldly snorting inwardly, he secretly thought, I won’t keep playing with you. Light flashed in his eyes, and his spirit power was reinforced once again. Simultaneously, the Clear Sky Hammer issued a strange rhythmic oscillation as it swung. Even everyone on the shore could clearly see how pure black light rippled out with each swing. When the arrow shaped fish spirit beasts once again charged towards him, with one touch with that black light, they swiftly shot back as if shocked by lightning, shuddering and convulsing, having lost all ability to move. They were unexpectedly shocked unconscious.

What Tang San used now was precisely the Jolt character of the Clear Sky School secret skill Tang Hao taught him, the Clear Sky Nine Absolutes. That really didn’t refer to nine kinds of abilities or styles, but rather to nine kinds of methods for the Clear Sky Hammer to exert force, each kind with its own characteristics. This was the true secret skill of the Clear Sky School. Compared to the somewhat chicken ribs Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method, the Clear Sky Nine Absolutes were truly formidable abilities for combat use. Originally, back when Tang San fought that Clear Sky School seventh elder, that seventh elder didn’t use the Clear Sky Nine Absolutes, or Tang San absolutely couldn’t have won.

Not everyone could inherit the nine absolutes even among the Clear Sky School’s directly descended disciples, it could only be taught after the unanimous approval of the school master and the elders. Just like the Tang Sect’s most profound hidden weapon skills back then.

After carefully examining the endurance of the arrow shaped fish spirit beasts, Tang San relied on the jolt word arts to defuse this continuous attack. Close to half of the more than hundred arrow shaped fish were

successively shocked unconscious, and the remaining didn’t dare charge again, only showing off their bravado nearby, constantly travelling back and forth and disturbing Tang San’s surroundings.

Tang San’s swimming ability really wasn’t up to much, but he had his own methods. A very simple method was to rely on spirit power control to balance himself in the water, then again using spirit power to propel himself forward. Even though this would cause considerable consumption for his spirit power, and wouldn’t be particularly fast either, it was the only method he could think of with his present capability.

Having forced back the arrow shaped fish, Tang San kept going deeper after stabilizing himself. Right now he had only entered twenty something meters into the ring sea, still very far from the opposite shore. Immediately, while familiarizing himself with moving in the sea, he cautiously observed his surroundings.

The two shores of the ring sea were just two hundred meters apart, and Tang San had now crossed a tenth of that, with one hundred eighty meters left to the other side. One hundred eighty meters. On dry land it was only an instant’s work for him, but even though he had routed the arrow shaped fish in front of him, the remaining distance clearly wasn’t so easily crossed.

With a flash, Tang San suddenly disappeared from his original position. As he reappeared once again, he had shifted five meters forward. Indeed, he used his teleportation ability from Xiao Wu’s spirit bone.

When Tang San reappeared in the sea, his face had turned somewhat ugly. He finally understood what that indescribable restricting energy in the sea did. If it was on land, Tang San’s teleportation could completely manage to teleport anywhere within a hundred meters, that was the limit of Xiao Wu’s spirit bone. And with the ring sea being only two hundred meters wide, under ordinary circumstances it would only require teleporting twice to land on the other shore. Tang San still hadn’t used this close to abnormal ability since coming here. But using it just now made him angry. It wasn’t that he didn’t use his full strength, but rather that while using his full strength he only managed to shift five meters. The one hundred meter teleportation ability was actually suppressed by twenty times. The restraint

of this seawater could well be imagined. Tang San understood that the restricting energy in the sea might be aimed at abilities like teleportation and acceleration, not giving the people on his side any chance for shortcuts.

At the same time as Tang San was inwardly disappointed after testing his teleportation, he suddenly discovered a strange fluctuation in his surroundings. That was a kind of energy pulse, but also like a voice. Where did voices come from in the sea?

The next moment, Tang San immediately became aware that he had run into trouble. Because, the arrow shaped fish that were constantly circling around him even if they didn’t dare attack again, suddenly dispersed in all directions. These thousand year spirit beasts very loyally even brought away their unconscious comrades. For a moment, the sea near Tang San instantly turned quiet. In this instant a choking pressure also spread through Tang San’s whole body.

A giant shadow came from the distance. Before Tang San could even see it clearly, an irresistible enormous force came through the seawater. Tang San only had time to raise the Clear Sky Hammer to block, but not to do anything else, before he was struck flying by that surging current strike.

With a splash, Tang San left the water, shooting straight at the Seagod mountain. Even though the Seagod’s Light wouldn’t cause any pressure to anyone that had passed the first trial, its task to protect the Seagod Mountain still hadn’t disappeared. Tang San instinctively went limp, as if sinking into cotton. The next moment, he was as if embedded in the Seagod’s Light, and slowly slid down.

At this moment, Tagn San clearly felt his qi and blood surge violently, his whole body indescribably uncomfortable, as if every meridian was damaged.

The injuries weren’t serious, but Tang San felt like one of the arrow shaped fish before. He had jolted them away, and now he had also been jolted off by the sudden force, his whole body aching. Swiftly circulating spirit power, this numb feeling gradually faded.

Defeat wasn’t scary, and Tang San himself hadn’t thought he could directly pass the trial, he was just trying it out. But what depressed him was that he didn’t even know what thing had expelled him from the ring sea. The moment he suffered the ambush, his spread out Blue Silver Domain had turned chaotic.

“Little San, you’re alright.” Instantly rushing over, Dai Mubai grabbed Tang San and pulled him up.

“I’m alright. What was that just now? Did you get a look at it?” Tang San asked impatiently.

Hearing his question, the expressions of everyone coming over close behind Dai Mubai turned serious, and Dai Mubai’s expression was even extremely heavy.

Ma Hongjun said furiously: “Even if we expected this trial to be abnormal, I still didn’t think it would be to this degree. We watched carefully, and apart from those arrow shaped fish that attacked you at the start, we only saw one other type of sea spirit beast, that’s where the last attack came from. And there was only one.”

Dai Mubai took over: “It was a white shark. About twenty five meters long, but its enormous size still didn’t influence its agility. Incomparably fast. It only appeared for a few eyeblinks, we practically just had time to think about it before you had been blasted out of the sea by a blue light attack it made. Then it turned and left.”

Tang San drew a cold breath, “Devil Spirit Great White Shark? In this ring sea, there’s actually Devil Spirit Great White Sharks.”

Dai Mubai smiled wryly: “It’s not just as simple as a Devil Spirit Great White Shark. Remember what Purple Pearl said. She said that the waters outside Seagod Island have always been guarded by a hundred thousand year Devil Spirit Great White Shark around twenty five meters long. The Devil Spirit Great White Shark that appeared just now was definitely more than twenty meters long. Even if you can’t use spirit abilities right now, and are enormously restrained in the water, just now you were still

boosted by Rongrong. To be able to throw you out of the water with no ability to resist, that alone declares its identity.”

Listening to Dai Mubai’s explanation, Tang San’s dizzy mind instantly sobered up, the light in his eyes immediately turning a lot more solid, speaking in a low voice: “Don’t tell me, that attack just now actually came from the king of Devil Spirit Great White Sharks, that hundred thousand year Devil Spirit Great White Shark guarding Seagod Island? But, why would it come to the ring sea?”

Oscar said: “There are several inland seas on Seagod island, and none of them is desalinated potable water. One can imagine that the water of these seas also comes from the ocean outside. Therefore, there might be some passages beneath Seagod island connecting these seas. If that’s true, it wouldn’t be hard to explain how the Devil Spirit Great White Shak King can show up here. It’s definitely our trial that drew it to the ring sea, to stop us from completing our mission. However, looking at the ability it used to attack you just now, it seems it doesn’t mean to harm us, only to stop us from crossing the sea.”

Tang San nodded: “That seems to be the case, that’s the only rational explanation. Hundred thousand year spirit beast. The lord Seagod really thinks highly of us! Having us face the test of a hundred thousand year spirit beast in our second trial.”

Everyone smiled wryly at each other, and their expressions also became extremely ugly.

Zhu Zhuqing said: “I really hope that Devil Spirit Great White Shark doesn’t really launch any fatal attacks at us. Otherwise, there will be no possibility for us to cross this ring sea intact.”

Light flashed in Tang San’s mind, “Right! Even though the trial we accepted is difficult, it’s impossible to face a hundred thousand year spirit beast in the second trial. Even if this trial is difficult, there should still be some limits. The conditions for passing is only to cross the ring sea and reach the other side. It’s not to defeat the hundred thousand year Devil Spirit Great White Shark. Since it didn’t use any killing moves on me just

now, for the moment we can consider that this hundred thousand year Devil Spirit Great White Shark’s mission is only to stop us, not to annihilate us. Like this, we still have a considerable probability of passing the trial. Perhaps, this might also be a good chance to strengthen our combat ability.”

Ma Hongjun stared blankly: “Raise our combat ability? Third brother, you’re not thinking of having us go fight that Devil Spirit Great White Shark?”

Tang San grinned: “Can’t I? Confronting a hundred thousand year spirit beast while greatly restrained, and moreover unable to breathe, the pressure to us can be imagined. But this hundred thousand year spirit beast won’t truly harm us. Is there any better sparring partner than this? Not only can we practice swimming, our combat abilities will inevitably rise considerably. This is also the best training method for the next nine months. Of course, that’s under the premise that we make sure the Devil Spirit Great White Shark won’t really cause us substantive injuries.”

Oscar suddenly understood: “Looking at it like this, the Seagod’s trials is not only a trial, but at the same time also an opportunity for the examinees to cultivate. The trials we face are so difficult, but at the same time also the best method for us to cultivate. I approve of little San’s idea, the first Seagod’s Light trial forged our spirit power, this second ring shaped blockade trial is very possibly to refine our combat abilities. Moreover, it’s combat ability with the sea’s considerable resistance. It seems this time we’ll have the chance to learn to swim.”

Ma Hongjun swallowed, speaking with a bitter expression: “I hate water. I really hope that Devil Spirit Great White Shark King starts off a bit leniently.”

Dai Mubai grinned: “What are you scared of, how can you see the rainbow if you don’t struggle in wind and rain? Nobody succeeds casually. Let’s go, little San, this time I’ll go with you into the sea. Let’s take a look at whether this Devil Spirit Great White Shark will really harm us.”

Five minutes later. Hong, hong——
Two figures broke out of the boiling ring sea, heavily smashing into the Seagod’s Light before slowly sliding down.

Dai Mubai dizzily crawled to his feet, grimacing: “This Great White Shark King really doesn’t give any face! My bones are falling apart.”

Tang San said with a wry expression: “You’re fine. It was the first time for you, but the second time for me. But, this time we could still basically be sure that this Devil Spirit Great White Shark King doesn’t have any malice towards us. The attacks it uses, similar to the way I shocked the arrow shaped fish spirit beasts, is more like pranking.”

Chapter 230

Seeing Tang San and Dai Mubai’s miserable appearances, Oscar and Ma Hongjun were already laughing. The Shrek Seven Devils were absolutely elite among the elite of the young generation, and Tang San and Dai Mubai were again the strongest two. Seeing them turned into such sorry figures absolutely wasn’t easy. Unfortunately, there was no way out from the situation they faced. This was an absolute gap in strength.

In fact, a hundred thousand year spirit beast was far stronger than a common Title Douluo. Even the most common hundred thousand year spirit beast would be about the same as a ninety fifth rank Title Douluo, and this Devil Spirit Great White Shark absolutely didn’t seem like a common spirit beast. The ocean and forest also had differences. The forest had all kinds of plants as cover, and some small and weak spirit beasts could still stay out of the way of formidable ones. But there was no cover in the ocean, and only some spirit beasts specializing in hiding on the seabed had a chance to avoid attack. Therefore, the law of the jungle was even more true in the sea than the forest. To be able to cultivate to the hundred thousand year level in the ocean was naturally also several levels more difficult than cultivating in the forest. This was also the reason the Deep Sea Devil Whale Tang San and the others encountered before was so frightening.

The second time he entered the sea, Tang San clearly felt it more strongly than last time. He discovered that, as he entered the water, as he saw that enormous white shadow, all the surrounding seawater seemed to become a part of that Devil Spirit Great White Shark King. Him and Dai Mubai entering the seawater was equivalent to entering its domain, and were

ejected from the ring sea basically without the chance to resist. But the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King merely swung its tail in the water. Moreover, when it blasted them out of the ring sea, it seemed to be grinning in their direction, as if mocking them.

Just as Tang San and Dai Mubai smiled wryly at each other, in their hearts completely unable to imagine a way to break through in front of the Devil Spirit Great White Shark, suddenly, in the swelling seawater, the enormous white shadow swiftly moved in their direction. With its speed, it had reached the shore in basically just a few eyeblinks.

A feeling of danger instantly struck Tang San’s heart, and he shouted:

The Shrek Seven Devils had cooperated for so many years, and their movements were naturally well coordinated. In practically the first instant, each person had released their spirits, and Tang San even more swiftly teleported to Xiao Wu, pulling her into his embrace, prepared to put her into his Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse at any time. Dai Mubai, Ma Hongjun, Oscar, and Zhu Zhuqing were in front, guarding Ning Rongrong behind them, while Bai Chenxiang had soared up, flying in the air. She didn’t have much attack power, but she absolutely wouldn’t hold back the Shrek Seven Devils.

The white silhouette grew before everyone’s eyes, and before their astonished eyes, that giant Devil Spirit Great White Shark King actually leapt out of the water, soaring in midair, glaring grey blue light blossoming from its perfectly streamlined body. Bizarrely, its body actually swiftly shrank in the air. As everyone watched stunned, it very quickly transformed into a tall young woman before them.

Her height astonishingly seemed about the same as Tang San’s. An ordinary girl might very easily appear uncoordinated with such a height, but she appeared perfect. A white leather style attire drew the outline of a perfect body,

Seeing her, the four men present, besides Tang San, the eyes of Dai Mubai, Oscar and Ma Hongjun practically all brightened. The killing power

of such a characteristic foreign woman’s appearance was quite severe to men.

However, currently this Devil Spirit Great White Shark King turned woman wasn’t here to cheer them on. She landed on the ground after transforming, fixedly watching Xiao Wu, bizarre grey blue light constantly flashing in her eyes. Tang San could clearly feel a bizarre energy fluctuation from Xiao Wu’s body, and the appearance of this energy fluctuation clearly had a direct relationship with the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King.

“No soul? The aura is here.” The Devil Spirit Great White Shark King’s gaze shifted from Xiao Wu to Tang San, grey blue eyes suddenly emanating intense killing intent, the ice cold gaze piercing towards Tang San’s eyes like sharp blades.

Tang San’s Purple Demon Eye reacted purely instinctively with purple golden light, but even so he couldn’t help a muffled grunt, drawing Xiao Wu close and repeatedly retreating three steps to catch his balance. In his heart was overwhelming shock. In fact, his current spiritual force was already quite formidable, but this Devil Spirit Great White Shark King’s spiritual force gave him a feeling like the depth of the ocean, and her spiritual force was moreover the same as her main form, filled with unreasoning offensive power.

“Contemptible human. I will kill you.” The Devil Spirit Great White Shark King’s voice was somewhat stiff, but when her words fell, her body had already flashed, reaching Tang San in practically an instant, leaving a series of illusory grey blue afterimages.

Even though Tang San had already guessed the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King’s killing intent was aimed at him because of Xiao Wu, at this moment he basically had no chance to explain. He made two simple actions, first putting Xiao Wu into his Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse, secondly to teleport away. When he reappeared he was already standing together with his companions.

Dai Mubai roared, basically without hesitation, directly using his seventh spirit ability, White Tiger Avatar. Confronting a hundred thousand year

spirit beast turned human, he didn’t dare hold back in the slightest. As a power attack type Spirit Master, he had to stand furthest in front.

The formidable White Tiger’s three great boost abilities acting simultaneously, Dai Mubai brazenly met the pursuing Devil Spirit Great White Shark King’s charge.

At the same moment, red hot phoenix flames had soared up around Ma Hongjun. Both hands folded at his chest, an immense phoenix silhouette materialized behind him, and at the same time his sixth spirit ring also brightened.

Zhu Zhuqing incarnated as a black cat at the same time as Dai Mubai turned into the white tiger, equally employing her Spirit Avatar. Quietly leaping out from the side, her whole body was just like smoke, surreptitious yet brimming with a gloomy feeling.

Oscar directly ate a clone mirror sausage made from Dai Mubai’s blood. But he had only just received his seventh spirit ability, and this clone mirror sausage wasn’t made after using the seventh spirit ability, Erect Golden Fly, and consequently only had eighty percent efficiency. He still hadn’t broken through the seventieth rank when he made it, and therefore was unable to clone Dai Mubai’s spirit avatar, and could only release the three great support abilities and charge closely behind Dai Mubai.

Ning Rongrong blossomed with the most resplendant light. Besides the last spirit ring of the dazzling Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda being grey, the other six rings were all glittering. After breaking through rank seventy, even though she currently was unable to use her seventh spirit ability, her spirit power and boost spirit ability control capability had equally risen. Different rays of light flew in different directions, all sorts of boost abilities criss crossing and releasing, amply revealing her heart separation control ability, boosting her comrades to the greatest degree, with the greatest spirit power efficiency.

All this happened after Tang San dodged the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King’s first attack, as he returned to his comrades. When the Devil

Spirit Great White Shark King pursued, she was just met by the White Tiger Avatar Dai Mubai.

Giving a cold disdainful snort, the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King’s whole body flourished with grey blue light, body swinging, her right leg lashed out like a whip. In that instant, seven water-like ripples of grey blue light blades erupted, crisscrossing and flashing in midair, simultaneously cutting towards seven points on Dai Mubai’s body, with exquisite energy control that was simply astonishing to see.

However, Dai Mubai was no vegetarian either. Dazzling light flashed in his double tiger pupiled eyes. Not retreating a fraction when confronting the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King’s attack, his body suddenly rising up, two tiger palms swinging out alternately, ejected tiger claws equally cutting out seven golden light blades, and the positions also met the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King’s seven attacks.

Concentrated colliding sounds exploded in midair. Dai Mubai gave a muffled groan, his forward charge screeching to a halt, and the golden light he emanated also dulled a moment. But after just a split second it again erupted with even more dazzling brilliance. He unexpectedly forcefully withstood the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King’s attack.

With Dai Mubai’s spirit power, even while using Spirit Avatar, there was no small gap to the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King. But don’t forget that he also had Ning Rongrong’s support. This was on dry land, and Ning Rongrong’s unweakened eighty percent boost affected him completely, equivalent to giving him one hundred eighty percent attack power, defensive power, and spirit power. Even though it still wasn’t more than a Title Douluo, adding Dai Mubai’s own four great boost abilities, even ordinary Title Douluo would find it difficult to compare in such a frontal confrontation.

The attacks blocked by Dai Mubai, the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King couldn’t help pausing, grey blue eyes flashing with a trace of surprise. But her attack still didn’t stop, body swaying like whirlwind, kicking out once again. But this time she didn’t issue energy attacks, but rather physically kicked towards Dai Mubai’s body.

Dai Mubai roared, his enormous body leaping up, a pair of tiger palms crossing in front of his chest, still stiffly blocking. A power attack type Spirit Master’s style of most directly blocking the enemy.

Amidst a loud bang, Dai Mubai’s body was directly thrown out, rolling in midair and tumbling aside.

But at this moment, the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King’s body halted, both hands forming palms, one after another slapping out, a whirlpool-like grey blue light abruptly bursting out.

Her pause of course wasn’t to let Tang San off, but rather because she had no choice. Because in front of her a one meter wingspan red golden phoenix condensed from energy into substance charged straight at her.

Ma Hongjun’s sixth spirit ability, Phoenix Cloud Piercing Strike, was released at just the same moment Dai Mubai was blasted away. This attack could be said to condense all of Fatty’s strength. Moreover, apart from defensive power, it also underwent the other five boosts of the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda, including attribute boost.

Confronting the immense pressure brought by the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King, Fatty’s attack could even be said to surpass his level. That red gold phoenix, seemingly solid, contained terrifying might. Even a power as formidable as the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King had no choice but to treat it cautiously.

Grey blue and fiery red, the two colors suddenly collided in midair. The grey blue color cut the golden red phoenix like a meat grinder, and the two colored lights erupted with frightening energy fluctuations, ear piercing explosive sounds and dense mist constantly erupting.

Fire and water mutually restrained each other, so Fatty with the phoenix flame undoubtedly possessed the greatest killing power towards a sea spirit beast like the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King.

Seeing that swiftly shrinking golden red fire phoenix actually blocking the whirlpool, the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King cried out, both

hands flickering like illusions, that grey blue whirlpool instantly growing yet stronger. Amidst another explosion, terrifying energy fluctuations dispersed all around. The Phoenix Cloud Piercing Strike also finally dispersed.

But at this moment, a black illusory figure appeared behind the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King, altogether seven of them, each issuing a crescent moon like black chop, noiselessly, even without any energy fluctuations, simultaneously cutting towards the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King’s waist. Precisely Zhu Zhuqing’s attack.

Rich with actual combat ability, the timing she chose could even be called marvellous. Precisely after the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King had blocked Ma Hongjun’s attack, the moment her protective spirit energy relaxed a bit. The strongest capability of agility attack Spirit Masters was sneak attacks. This was an all out attack in a spirit avatar state, with piercing strength, Zhu Zhuqing revealed destructive power that was even greater than Ma Hongjun’s.

The fifth spirit ability, Hell Shadow, linked into the third spirit ability, Hell Chop, with seven chops united as one, the might was extremely terrifying.

At the exact same moment, Dai Mubai also returned, each golden strand of fur all over his body bursting with gaudy golden light. His enormous form transformed several times in midair, golden light intersecting and erupting, transforming into a giant ‘kill’ character in the air, sealing towards the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King’s body.

This was Dai Mubai’s sixth spirit ability, White Tiger Annihilation Kill. It was also the spirit ability with the most unreasoning attack power he possessed thus far.

It was also Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing who possessed the spirit fusion ability. With extremely tacit cooperation, as well as previously joining Ma Hongjun, they basically didn’t give the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King any chance for respite. And to the side, Oscar was also in position, equally using a White Tiger Annihilation Kill. Even though he lacked Dai Mubai’s

Spirit Avatar boost, and could only bring out eighty percent spirit power, Oscar’s attack wasn’t just one, but two, his clone skull bone equally erupted with an attack from another side, sealing the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King’s leeway to dodge to either side. In a moment, they made her confront simultaneous attacks from four directions.

The dark Clear Sky Hammer fell from the sky. Tang San had at some point already moved into the air, and the Clear Sky Hammer fell with the weighty force of the full urging of his spirit power. At the same instant, white light erupted from behind Tang San, enveloping him, and also enveloping his three comrades and the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King. It was the Deathgod Domain.

Even without the third evolved ability, Asura Hell Prison, the Deathgod Domain was still after all a domain type ability, weakening the enemy and reinforcing his side, in an instant it made the four peoples’ attack power rise yet another level.

Four people, attacks from five directions, Ning Rongrong’s all out support from behind, this combined assault was equal to the Shrek Seven Devils’ certain kill strike. If not for Tang San’s Blue Silver Emperor spirit abilities being restricted, the might of this attack would be even more frithegning. However, even so, perhaps even a Title Douluo might find it difficult to resist.

“Humph——” A furious snort burst from the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King’s mouth. Tang San and the four others simultaneously felt their pulse sway along with the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King’s snort. The Devil Spirit Great White Shark King made a very peculiar action, the tops of the left foot’s toes pointing to the ground, right foot rising, sticking to to left leg’s calf, while simultaneously encircling her chest with both hands, her whole body swiftly rotating. Her hair, like a waterfall reaching the ground, was thrown up, lashing towards everyone like whips. The whirlpool that previously blocked Ma Hongjun’s attack was now released from her whole body. Moreover, the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King’s body also emitted a layer of grey blue light, and everyone nearby sank into a world of grey blue.

A choking feeling assailed everyone. Each of them felt unbalanced, rather swaying slightly, and their previous all out attack grew somewhat deformed by this unbalance. Then they collided with the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King.

Explosive sounds like rain hitting palm leaves suddenly erupted, a clear cry resounding from the midst of the battle. The Devil Spirit Great White Shark King’s body abruptly expanded, actually transforming in an instant, forcefully expanding the Tang San and the others’ circle of densely crowded attacks. Tyrannical energy collided with Tang San, making Tang San even more fly directly high in the sky.

In her original form, the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King’s strength magnified. The giant fish tail lashed out, whipping Dai Mubai and Oscar, with force as terrifying as a landslide. And Zhu Zhuqing attacking from the back met the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King’s sharp teeth. Under frightening attack power, she was forced to swiftly retreat.

At the crucial moment, Oscar made the best choice, his clone body directly meeting the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King’s tail, while he and Dai Mubai swiftly pulled back.

With a puffing sound, Oscar’s clone body turned into smoke and disappeared without a trace, but he and Dai Mubai were also sent tumbling by the full force of the shark tail, only regaining their balance after several dozen meters, traces of blood flowing from the corners of their mouths.

The Devil Spirit Great White Shark King didn’t pursue them. Shark tail lashing out once again, but this time the target was the ground. With a loud explosion, a deep hole was opened in the beach. And using the momentum from this, she directly pursued Tang San in the air. At the same time, a peculiar energy fluctuation erupted from her head, transforming into rings of grey blue light that covered the horizon.

In that instant, Tang San only felt like his spiritual force was restrained within his head by an enormous force, unexpectedly unable to move outwards in the slightest. And without spiritual force to position himself, his teleportation was naturally also unusable. This Devil Spirit Great White

Shark King’s intelligence absolutely wasn’t inferior to that of humans, she wanted to force Tang San to confront her head on.

Tang San didn’t panic even when facing the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King’s giant body, faint golden light appearing on the surface of his body. When he collided with the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King, he clearly saw amazement reflected in its eyes, and immediately afterwards, she seemed to grow even more furious.

The grey blue light contracted, and in midair, after the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King blasted Tang San with Invincible Golden Body flying, she returned to human form. If it was her original form, her tremendous weight would have already pulled her to the ground, but back in human form, her weight wasn’t an issue. Even though she couldn’t fly, she still had her own means. Both hands pushing down at nothing, the air issued explosive noises like rolling thunder, unexpectedly pushing her to once again soar through the sky. At the same moment, line after line of grey blue light formed around her, the several dozen grey blue lights shaped like teeth were like Fatty’s attack before, even though they were formed from energy, they still had substance, and directly shot towards Tang San.

Shark’s Teeth, one of the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King’s strongest abilities. After the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King erupted with this attack, her body fell uncontrollably towards the ground. It could be seen from her heaving chest that the consumption from the previous series of collisions was also quite considerable for her. After all, enduring the simultaneous siege of six devils wasn’t that easy. This was on dry land, and not in the ocean, so there was a certain restraint to the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King’s body. She had already used her full strength to break the siege and attack Tang San.

Tang San discovered that his surroundings seemed frozen, the air as if boiling, delaying him. Even the Deathgod Domain and the Blue Silver Domain were unable to cut open this blockade, and those Shark’s Teeth weren’t a one off attack, it had layers of pursuit and attack, completely under the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King’s control. Clearly, she had already guessed that Tang San’s Invincible Golden Body had limited use

frequency, and would use this method to exhaust his remaining uses, finally still killing him with her Shark’s Teeth.

The terrifying attack of full Title Douluo strength had forced Tang San into a corner.

If Tang San still had the seven great Blue Silver Emperor spirit abilities, even when facing such an attack he would still have absolute confidence in defending himself. His two great domains’ third evolved abilities could also sever the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King’s restraint towards him as well. At most he would just be a bit injured. But while restrained he didn’t have this ability. Could it be that he would die in the hands of that hundred thousand year spirit beast like this?

In the depths of his mind, Xiao Wu’s soul throbbed restlessly, wanting to break out to fight alongside him. Even though Xiao Wu had warned him once, at this moment, how could Tang San release Xiao Wu? He absolutely didn’t want to see him suffer any harm.

Just at this moment of danger, something that surprised everyone occurred. The golden trident on Tang San’s forehead suddenly blossomed with dazzling light. An extremely immense golden trident image carved with intricate dazzling patterns appeared behind him, rippling with golden light, transforming into a dazzling ring of light that spread out. As the Shark’s Teeth filled with frightening attack power were enveloped in this golden light, they unexpectedly melted away as if ice and snow.

In that instant, everyone present felt a difficult to describe dignite. And Tang San was the center of this aura. Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing who had started spirit fusion when they saw Tang San in dire straits were interrupted, and Ma Hongjun who was flying to the rescue was also pushed back to the ground by that dignified aura.

And the previously furious Devil Spirit Great White Shark King suddenly grew lifeless, the instant her feet were firmly planted on the ground, she actually knelt with a putong sound, the fury in her eyes completely replaced by pious radiance.

The scene before their eyes was so shocking that everyone seemed to stop breathing, but as the person involved, Tang San’s expression was blank, he really didn’t feel that dignified aura. Only the pressure around him suddenly disappeared, the distorted air also returning to normal.

The golden light vanished, and the trident image behind Tang San quietly disappeared, as if it had never been there, and the trident brand on his forehead also returned to its original shape. At this moment, even the ring sea was quiet. Not only the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King knelt on the ground. On the top of Seagod Mountain, Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi also equally knelt in the temple, two tears rolling down her cheeks, her mouth murmuring something.

Tang San fell to the ground, and the six devils gathered together. The other five looked at Tang San with gazes as if seeing a monster, but Tang San was still at a loss, not understanding what had happened just now.

At this moment, the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King spoke up. The expression in her eyes was extremely moved, bowing in salute towards Tang San, “My mistake, revered lord Seagod, I shouldn’t have violated your decrees. Please pardon my blasphemy, I won’t dare do it again.”

Tang San’s mind now brightened, he clearly felt that the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King wasn’t bowing to him, but rather to the golden trident brand on his forehead. In his heart he seemed to have caught on to something, but right now he didn’t dare be certain. However, the crisis could also be said to have passed. It seemed the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King didn’t dare attack him again.

Having spoken, the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King looked around her, then looked up at the sky. Discovering nothing abnormal, she then heaved a sigh of relief. The way she looked all around was unexpectedly like she’d done a mischief, and the Shrek Seven Devils couldn’t help feeling like wanting to laugh when they saw it. Was this still the hundred thousand year spirit beast that had almost killed Tang San just now? How come she looked more like a little girl that had just made a mistake?

Patting her chest and heaving a long sigh, the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King stood, looking at Tang San with a cold snort, the killing intent that had just disappeared reappearing, “Don’t think I have no means to deal with you with the lord Seagod’s shelter. To dare take us hundred thousand year spirit beasts for spirit rings and spirit bones, and even enslave her body. Once you’ve finished all the trials, I’ll still find you to settle accounts.”

Tang San frowned, “I think, you might have misunderstood.” While speaking, he again released Xiao Wu from the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse. Faint red light flashed past. Even though he couldn’t use his spirit abilities, that didn’t stop Xiao Wu’s soul from appearing. Red light flashed, and the blankness in Xiao Wu’s eyes disappeared, her soul returning.

The Devil Spirit Great White Shark King clearly sensed the changed in Xiao Wu, and couldn’t help staring blankly, stupidly saying: “You, you’re still alive?”

Xiao Wu looked unimpressed at her, “You carelessly attacked without making clear the circumstances? THat’s right, he has my spirit ring and spirit bone, but I’m the one who sacrificed them for him. You’re a hundred thousand year spirit beast, you should understand just what that means.”

“You, what did you say? Sacrifice?” The Devil Spirit Great White Shark King’s eyes opened wide. With her understanding, she couldn’t imagine a hundred thousand year spirit beast actually sacrificing herself for a human.

Xiao Wu lowered her voice: “That’s right, sacrifice. Because my body took a special medicine it afterwards it stayed alive. Imagine you’re even a hundred thousand year spirit beast, but actually still so rash. If I hadn’t already chosen to reincarnate as a human, I’d definitely fight you.”

The Devil Spirit Great White Shark King blinked, her slender hands gathering her somewhat disorderly hair, muttering: “This…… don’t tell me I made a mistake? Really. Hey, why didn’t you say it earlier?” The last words were clearly to Tang San.

Seeing the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King’s reproachful expression, Tang San couldn’t help being a bit angry, “When did you give me the chance?”

The Devil Spirit Great White Shark King looked distracted, “Yeah. Seems I didn’t. I was rash. True, you are the lord Seagod’s chosen person, how would…..” Speaking up to here, she clearly saw the golden trident brand on Tang San’s forehead flash once, and hastily shut up in fright. Patting her towering chest, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, lord Seagod, I didn’t intentionally divulge it. My mistake.”

Her not explaining was still fine, this explanation undoubtedly gave Tang San a lot of useful information. Tang San’s eyes also couldn’t help glinting. His thoughts moved like lightning, and some incomprehensible matters seemed to link together in his mind.

Seeing the trident brand clearly show a tendency to grow in intensity, the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King hastily said: “My mistake, I apologize to you all. Treat what I just said as if you didn’t hear it. You absolutely didn’t hear it. Damn, damn, how could I make such a low level mistake. But, I won’t relax your second trial. In order to make it up for you, I can tell you that I will only stop you from passing the ring sea, but not directly attack you. My power is a lot greater in the sea than on dry land. Work hard. I’m leaving.”

Speaking, she turned her head and left towards the ring sea.

“Wait a moment.” Tang San quickly called out.

The Devil Spirit Great White Shark King looked distracted a moment,

Tang San said: “I have a question. You’re clearly in a hundred thousand year spirit beast form, but how can you transform into a human?”

“That?” The Devil Spriti Great White Shark King pointed to herself,
“Very simple. Haven’t you heard of mermaids? After we sea spirit beasts

have cultivated for a hundred thousand years, if we go onto land we will be weakened thirty percent, but we can also subsequently take human form. Of course, there’s a time restriction. If we don’t return to the water for two hours, our bodies will gradually weaken, until we die. Among hundred thousand year spirit beasts, we’re also a special case. I didn’t have the courage to cultivate human form. Moreover, I’m still guarding the Seagod Island. I’m leaving. Oh, right, I can tell you my name, I’m called Xiao Bai[1], previously the lord Seagod called me Xiao Baibai.”

Finished speaking, under everyone’s dumbstruck gazes, the Devil Spirit Great White Shark King Xiao Bai leapt up, entering the ring sea with a whooshing sound and transforming into her original form, reaching the depths of the sea in the blink of an eye.
[1] Xiao Bai - (⼩⽩) “Little White”
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