Douluo Dalu Chapter 211-220


Chapter 211

Very quickly, Tang San calmed down, while a trace of a smile could be seen on his face. Even such an act could bring him immense pain, but how could he hold back. Because, he had already ascertained that he is still in fact alive, and more importantly Xiao Wu’s spirit was still fine, sleeping in his spirit ring and spirit bone. However, the spirit power in his body… ...

It was something that Tang San felt was ridiculous, he only now realised that the intense physical pain he was experiencing, was actually all brought to him by his spirit power. Whatsmore, it was not because of a sudden loss in Spirit Power, but rather there was way too much Spirit Power within him. So much so that each of his meridians was so filled that it was unable to flow giving him the same feeling as all his blood vessels being clogged. This feeling of pain was due to the swelling of his meridians. He could already be considered fortunate that under these conditions, his body had not burst apart, this could really be considered the fortunate part of his misfortunes.

Around him was only the sound of rushing water constantly crashing against the shore and at the same time washing his body. Tang San definitely knew that cultivating under these circumstances was definitely not safe. But right now, he had no way to change his condition, just those simple movements from just now cause him almost enough pain to pass out, let alone if he wanted to walk. If it was only pain, then perhaps he could still withstand it, however if the meridians inside him burst because of his own movements, then that would be big trouble for him.

As the incidents before he fainted started to resurface, Tang San gradually recalled what happened causing the meridians to swell so much

within him, it was definitely because he excessively tried to absorb the energy within the Deep Sea Demonic Whale. That things strength was immense, however its defense was only so-so. It was pierced and drained by his Eight Spider Lances.

In actuality, he had no idea of knowing that it was not that the whale’s defence was average, rather he place that he had choose to attack was where the Deep Sea Demonic Whale had been injured. Under normal situations, if other organisms tried to attack the Deep Sea Demonic Whale, before they even reached it, they would have already been reduced to powder under its fierce attacks. Tang San managed to reach the Deep Sea Demonic Whale only because he had the ability to teleport and his Invincible Golden Body.

After the Eight Spider Lances’ second evolution, its sharpness had risen many times, and its penetrating power was many times stronger than what Tang San had himself believed, in addition to him happening to pierce into the weakest spot of the Deep Sea Demonic Whale, it barely allowed him to be able to penetrate its skin and absorb.

How did I actually survive? The Deep Sea Demonic Whale’s rage was something that Tang San could clearly remember, he absolutely didn’t believe that big fellow would let him off for no reason. What's more, when the torrent of water fell on him, he was already certain that he was going to die.

Forget it, regardless, it’s enough to just be alive. The feeling of survival was really refreshing. Although his body was not in good shape, it was still better than being dead.

Tang San was a smart person, he would not relentlessly pursue questions which had no way to obtain an answer for. After taking a deep breath, he began to cultivate. This breath immediately wrecked his body with pain like a sudden flood, causing him to almost immediately give up. But he gritted his teeth and continued. His mental energy was pretty hollow, but still barely enough for him to use. Before cultivating, he carefully inspected his own body

He discovered, when he was absorbing strength from the Deep Sea Demonic Whale, he had overdone it which resulted in his body becoming all swelled up. And at this point in time, although his body had returned to normal, the energy he had swallowed was unabated, being forcefully compressed by his own body without even a shred of it leaking out.

No wonder it was so painful, thought Tang San as he bitterly smiled on the inside. At that point in time he had only intended to hurt the Deep Sea Demonic Whale as much as he could. Who would have imagined that he would end up like this. If he knew he would survive then he should have absorbed less back then.

Absorbing energy did not mean that it could be used directly by him. That was impossible. In the past, Tang San had also killed with the Eight Spider Lances, he had also felt the absorption from it before.

The energy absorbed from people also varied, different people or spirit beasts all gave him a different absorbed energy. When compared to the Spiritual Power within himself, this absorbed energy felt crude and impure. Normally, Tang San would use his Mysterious Heaven Skill to purify these energies, releasing the impurities directly in the next attacks, leaving only a little purified energy to bolster his body and Spirit Power. Even so, the boost was very small.

What could be easily resolved previously, however, was not applicable to Tang San presently. This was because what was usually absorbed in the past was energy transformed from his foe’s vitality. Compared to the energy in Tang San’s body, it was negligible. But now, the energy Tang San had absorbed originated from the Deep Sea Demonic Whale, a terrifying hundred thousand year spirit beast with all its vitality and strength. At that level, there wasn’t a single spot in its body that was devoid of huge spirit power.

Thus, it resulted in the scenario by which the energy Tang San had absorbed in his body was greater than that of his own spirit power, suppressing his Mysterious Heaven skill such that it couldn’t initiate at all. Otherwise, the Mysterious Heaven skill would have assimilated this energy. After compression, the absorbed energy became seemingly solid, clogged in

Tang San’s meridian. It was fortunate that blood could still barely flow, or else Tang San would never regain consciousness.

Realising the predicament of his body, Tang San couldn’t help but be dumbfounded. What could he actually do? The suppressed Mysterious Heaven skill could not circulate at all, forget about cultivation, he could not even expel the energy out of his body. Currently, his body was like an inflated balloon. If a perforation appeared, not only would the energy be discharged, but also his blood and lifeforce.

Sitting silently in the seawater, Tang San gradually recovered his mental strength. Just as his was pondering, his right arm gave off a warm feeling, and a stream of telepathy surfaced in his mind.

Xiao Wu’s soul remained within the hundred thousand year spirit ring and spirit bone, and could not communicate directly with Tang San. Only when fused with her physical body could she temporarily converse normally with tang San. Still, she was presently a part of Tang san’s body, thus could clearly feel his body’s condition. Although it was not truly an interaction, she could still transmit a vague thought.

With Tang San awake, Xiao Wu’s soul sleeping within Tang San’s spirit ring and spirit bone also regained consciousness. Having felt the situation Tang San’s body was in, she was greatly shocked as well, yet more of it was excitement. After all, Tang San was still alive, and her soul still existed. This made Xiao Wu’s will active, and through the spirit bone she possessed, she conveyed her thoughts to Tang San.

Sensing the will arising from his right arm, Tang San’s heart leapt. Given his intelligence, he immediately understood Xiao Wu’s intention.

“That won’t do,” Tang San replied immediately. “It’s too risky to direct this crude and solid spirit energy into your spirit bone. Any mishaps and it will affect and your soul.”

Xiao Wu’s intention was simple. Since Tang San’s body could not expel the energy, the only alternative was to store it in an appropriate location,

leaving a small amount in his body. As such, he could utilise his own spirit power to gradually purify this impure spirit energy, and resolve his crisis.

“You say I’m stupid?” Tang San felt Xiao Wu’s second message. He realised immediately, however, and a flash of hope appeared in his eyes. “Right! I cannot direct the energy into your spirit bone, but I have other spirit bones!”

There were four pieces of spirit bones in Tang San’s body: wisdom skull, hundred thousand year Blue Silver Emperor Right Leg Bone, hundred thousand year Xiao Wu’s right leg bone, and the eight spider lances on his back.

With a simple analysis, Tang San knew where to temporarily store the impure energy. Xiao Wu’s spirit bone was out, Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone harboured a sliver of his mother’s spirit power, he naturally would not risk it. As for the wisdom skull, it was located in his head, if the energy leaked and penetrated the brain, he might not die, but would certainly become an idiot. After the simple comparison, the only place to fulfil this mission was the eight spider lances on his back.

Turning his mental strength to his back, Tang San found out that the eight spider lances which were extensively damaged, had regenerated. This was not only Blue Silver Emperor’s ability, but also a trait of the eight spider lances itself. Spirit bones, as long as it wasn’t thoroughly destroyed, when damaged, it will regenerate. Of course, its recovery depended on the supply of spirit energy from the spirit master.

The eight spider lances definitely required a significant amount of energy to regenerate. Usually, it would result in a period of weakness for Tang San, but not now at all. The amount of energy in him was worrying. Eight spider lances had finished its recovery, but the amount of energy in Tang San was still unbelievable.

Tang San had always been meticulous in his tasks. Having figured out the method, he did not begin cultivating immediately, but rather carefully channeled his mental energy to activate the Vast Sea Shroud between his eyebrows, releasing its Vast Sea Barrier.

Blue light enveloped him, looking from outside, Tang San’s body suddenly disappeared from the beach, not even seawater could touch him. However, after using the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud, Tang San became aware of a problem. The Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud that used to be lustrous had become exceptionally dull. While it could still maintain the effect of the Vast Sea Barrier, he could not feel the mysterious energy that made his soul shudder.

Was the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud weakened? Or rather, the energy within it had fallen. This meant...

Tang San thought of a possibility, seeing that faint layer of blue light. His heart leapt. Could the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud have saved his life? A moment later, he dismissed the possibility. Although the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud was good, how could it compare to the Deep Sea Demonic Whale. Furthermore, without his control, how could the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud utilise its powers?

Not giving the matter a further thought, Tang San began his cultivation.

To begin with, Tang San cautiously released his eight spider lances. It was an absolutely painful process. Even a minor movement would result in intense pain, not to mention that he was releasing his spirit bone. As the eight spider lances extended from his back, Tang San nearly fainted. Unable to bear with the excruciating pain, he gritted his teeth, enduring with raw will.

Sweat poured like rain, and his utterly tattered shirt was drenched. The intense pain was akin to him being roasted over flames. The bloated spirit power in his body was disturbed as a result of his movement, and his meridians experienced the pain of spirit power threatening to burst.

Just releasing the eight spider lances took his an hour, by then the torn clothes on Tang San were totally soaked, not by seawater, but his sweat.

Gritting his teeth, Tang San’s eyes shone with resilience. He was aware that the longer he remained in this situation, the more disadvantageous to his body it would be. He had to resolve this quick.

The eight spider lances extended fully and horizontally behind his back. Tang San began trying, bit by bit, sending the impure spirit power towards the eight spider lances on his back.

Compared to the earlier process, this was even more painful. It was akin to there being a piece of metal within the meridians. Currently, he was trying to move that piece of metal. The sensation of having a metal fragment gnaw on one’s meridians needs no further explanation.

Time passed second by second. Tang San’s consciousness was already becoming fuzzy. Excruciating pain also made his entire body numb, moreover his body was severely overtaxed to begin with. He could not bear with this for much longer.

What he was going through, even a titled douluo would not be able to stand it. This showed Tang San’s perseverance, and his body that had been enhanced by two immortal herbs, Blue Silver Emperor; Xiao Wu’s spirit bone, and the waterfall training. Even in this excruciatingly painful process, his body did not break apart, but held on.

With the entry of energy, each of the eight spider lances gradually straightened, and its red colour became mixed with blue. The blue colour naturally stemmed from the Deep Sea Demonic Whale’s energy.

When the final spider lance was bloated with impure energy, Tang San could hang on no further, and his body collapsed. He had tolerated the debilitating and gut wrenching pain for too long.

With this collapse, Tang San slipped into coma for three whole days. Without food and water for such a long duration, only a strong body like his could endure.

When he next regained consciousness, he realised the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud enveloping his body had disappeared. Also, he was no longer on the beach, but a rundown bed.

His lips were cracked, and he could not open his eyes due to exhaustion.
In his groggy state, he could hear a conversation.

“Brother, heed your elder brother’s words. That person must have been attacked by a spirit beast while out at sea, thus the reason for the state of his body. What point is there in saving him? If Purple Pearl’s men learn of this, we might even get into trouble. In my opinion, why not we take his pretty belt and pouch, then throw him back to the beach. He can be left for dead.”

“Brother, how can you say this? This is a human life!

“Good, good, very good, you just continue being the spineless person you are. I am going to go drink. But you be careful, don’t let the purple pearl people find out.”

The cool and bright voice impatiently said: “I got it already, you can just go.”

And so their conversation ended, accompanied only by the sound of footsteps, leaving only one person left in the room.

Listening to these voices, Tang San gradually woke up, he only felt that his eyelids were still heavy, although he was already awake, he found it hard to keep both his eyes open. Ever since he had arrived in this world, this was the first time he found himself in this situation. The feeling of weakness was not something nice.

Tang San understood, the reason he was so weak, was firstly because he had not eaten or drank anything for many days, another was that when he had excessively drained using the Eight Spider Lances, his energy, mental consumption was too great and the bodily pain was just too intense for him to bear. As such even his perverse constitution was not enough to bear this much torture.

His physical weakness resulted in him not being able to do anything although his consciousness had returned, his mental power was just as weak as his body, that day’s exhaustion was just too great and the pain that he endured was just too great, it was an indescribable suffering, even when he thought about it now, he was still fearful, if he had to do it all over again, he was unsure if he would be able to.

Currently, his body’s weakness is at a frightening degree, there was not any mental energy he could use let alone his spiritual energy, he could only quietly lay here, and allow his body to slowly recover.

It was at this moment, Tang San felt a strong arm under his neck. With some force, the arm lifted his back up slightly, soon after, there were two extra pillows behind him propping him up.

“I take it that you are awake. It is really hard to imagine what actually caused your current condition. In such a state of weakness yet still alive. If I am not wrong, you should have not have eaten in about ten days or so. Your body was also heavily injured. Even my medical skills are insufficient to determine what has happened. Since you are awake, let me feed you some things, afterwards i will give you some medicine to help you recover more quickly. Hopefully your strong life force will help pull you through. Because, I hope the people I rescue live.”

He knows I am awake? Tang San was inwardly surprised. But from the other party’s speech, he could tell that the person was extremely caring.

A warm object approached his mouth, Tang San did his best to open his mouth, and a spoonful of warm gruel entered his mouth, this spoonful was just right, and not at all too much.

Barely, he was able to swallow it. Tang San could clearly feel a warm feeling pass down through his esophagus into his stomach and then spread throughout his body. His originally extremely weak body, through this warm spoonful of gruel, instantly felt much better. Every single meridian in his body felt as if they were awakened by this warmth.

After eating a bowl of gruel, although Tang San desired for more, this person did not feed him.

“You have not eaten in a long time, so you should not eat too much immediately. Or else, there would be detrimental effects on the body. This much is enough for now. Let me feed you some mild medicine, it might taste bad, but you must still eat it, it is good for your body.”

The warm spoon once again approached his mouth, this time filled with a thick medicine’s smell, after taking a spoonful, Tang San felt completely at ease. Given his knowledge towards medicine, even if he was in this state, he was still able to determine what exactly was inside this medicine that was prepared. Just as the person said, this was an extremely mild medicine, and is extremely beneficial to his recovery.

After finishing his medicine, Tang San gradually became at ease, and his body was warm, ever since that day’s exchange with the Deep Sea Demonic Whale, this was the first time he felt so comfortable, under this warm embrace, he fell asleep.

When Tang San once again realised he was awake, his bodily condition had greatly improved. His mental energy had recovered about twenty percent, and his physical condition had improved slightly. After excessive use, his Blue Silver Emperor Right Leg Spirit Bone’s effect had greatly weakened. But after consuming some food and medicine, his weakened body recovered its luster, this time when he woke up, he could feel his more energy in his body, and only the meridians attached to the Eight Spider Lances on his back were in pain, other parts of him no longer felt as much pain, this time at least it was bearable.

Lightly breathing, his mental energy fused with his Mysterious Heaven Technique, allowing him to once again see his body’s condition.

The amount of energy the Eight Spier Lances could accommodate was much more than he had initially thought, that day, when he had put all the absorbed energy he could into the Eight Spider Lance, all the way until he had fainted, the lances had only reached about sixty percent in capacity. As such Tang San’s condition was much better as the absorbed energy was no longer more than the capacity of his Mysterious Heaven Skill.

Of course, this was only if his Mysterious Heaven Skill was in perfect condition, in actuality, along with his weakened physical state, the Mysterious Heaven Skill was also significantly weakened, all this needed time to recover. But at the very least he was now on the path to recovery.

Carefully, he activated his Mysterious Heaven Skill, at a pace less than one tenth of his original pace, ignoring all of the absorbed energy he only circulated his Mysterious Heaven Skill’s qi.

Tang San certainly was not an impatient person, furthermore he was also an extremely clever person. In his current situation, it could be said that none of the most critical issues had been dealt with. As such, he could not excessively worry and rush, else the effects on him would be detrimental.

What felt like one cycle’s worth of practice used two wholes hours of work, but in this one day, he managed to regain control of his whole body. The Mysterious Heaven Skill too began to reoccupy most of his body.

Tang San did not rush to digest the different energy he absorbed, rather he focused on using his Mysterious Heaven Skill and his Blue Silver Emperor Right Leg Spirit Bone to recover his meridians.

Actually, even after experience immense pressure, not a single one of his meridians burst, if they had he would have been screwed. Still, his meridians all had signs of experiencing significant trauma. Under the effects of both the Mysterious Heaven Skill and Blue Silver Emperor Right Leg Spirit bone, Tang San’s meridians started to recover their flexibility and toughness.

Only after completely mending his meridians, did Tang San once more go into slumber. His mental power was still far from being fully recovered. And sleeping happened to be his best method of recovering Metal Power at the moment.

After an unknown amount of time, the sounds of footsteps woke Tang San up, he had already recovered a good amount of his perception.

“Already awake? You are recovering at a really frightening pace, you should be a pretty strong Spirit Master. I have no idea what your spirit must be, such that you can have such an astounding life force and vitality. Compared to yesterday, your condition has already significantly improved. If you can, please open your eyes for me.”

Slowly his eyes opened, initially, his eyesight was still slightly blurry, but with Tang San’s Purple Demon Eyes, in an instant his vision recovered.

He realised that he had been lying in a small wooden hut, the hut was not too big, only a few square meters wide. There was also barely any furniture in the hut, making it feel like it belonged to a simple fisherman living near the coast. In front of his bed stood an average looking youth. Although he looked simple, Tang San felt he was nothing but simple. Because, his face was completely calm, with not an ounce of emotion showing. He seemed slightly older than Tang San himself, calming watching Tang San, just like his expression his voice had no fluctuation in emotion.

“Thank you for saving my life.” After not speaking for many days, Tang San’s voice sounded hoarse.

The youth took note of Tang San’s eyes, revealing a sliver of surprise, “Seeing your pupils, your body must have recovered even faster than I had predicted. Even the most powerful Aquatic Spirit is probably no match for your resilience.”

Tang San bitterly smiled as he said: “No, actually my body is far from recovered. Only I practice a special eye technique, as such my eyes seem more energetic than a normal person’s. May I know the name of this benefactor?”

The youth indifferently said: “ I am Ji Xiang[1]. You can call me this, I am no benefactor, you saved yourself. Without your own recovery power, even if I was a better doctor, I would have no way to help you. Whatsmore, your condition is something I have never seen before, even if I wanted to help you, I wouldn’t know where to start from.”

Tang San smilingly said: “You are a good person. Regardless, you are the person who brought me back here. I owe you a life.”

Ji Xiang indifferently smiled, saying: “Many people owe me a life. You are not the first, probably also not the last. Enough, since you just woke up, you should not speak too much, let me bring you some food.”

It was porridge one again, but significantly thicker than before, this time Ji Xiang did not restrict the amount Tang San ate, in addition to some fish floss, Tang San voraciously ate three bowl before stopping.

Only after finishing did Tang San realise, that he was already in a fresh set of clothes, although there were a few patches, the clothes were very clean.

“Ji Xiang, can you give me my belt and pouch?”

Hearing Tang San say these, Ji Xiang forehead let out a faint sense of disdain, but without comments, he pulled out a cloth bag from the side of a desk, taking out the Twenty Four Moonlight Bridges and the Wishful Treasures Purse.

Tang San knows that he may have misunderstood his intentions, without explaining, after receiving the two spirit tools, he forcefully drew some Spirit Power, reaching into the Wishful Hundred Treasures Purse, he pulled out a Dragon Zoysia Leaf.

Seeing Tang San take out that curly green leaf, Ji Xiang somewhat taken aback asked, “That is the Dragon Zoysia Leaf? You are going to eat it?”

Tang San nodded his head, “The conditions here are not suitable for preparing medicine, so I can only eat it like this.” After bringing the leaf to his mouth, he chewed and swallowed it. This herb was exceptionally good at strengthening foundations, and was extremely good for his condition.

The disdain on Ji Xiang’s face is long gone, he understood that the reason Tang San wanted his spirit tools back was not because he was afraid Ji Xiang took his stuff, rather because he wanted to eat the Dragon Zoysia Leaf to recover his body. “It would appear you do not need me to concoct your medicines for you. Do you know about medicine?”

Tang San nodded his head saying: “I have some knowledge in medicine, but I am more well versed in poison. I cannot be considered good at medicine.”

“Oh, you should rest.” Ji Xiang nodded towards Tang San, not waiting for his reply, he turned around and left.

Seeing his back, Tang San had a weird feeling, Tang San had a good impression on this youth, but from his gaze and expression, he could guess that his personality was definitely due to some incident in the past. But he should be a very pure person, if not he would not have so easily revealed his emotions on his face.

Dropping this, he once again focused on recovering his strength. As he wondered how the others were doing, he felt an anxiousness creep over him. Quickly he took a deep breath and stabilized his emotions. Sitting cross legged, he resumed his cultivation.

After repairing his meridians which he roused previously, his physical condition had indeed improved significantly, at this point in time cultivating the Mysterious Heaven Skill would no longer be as difficult as before.

During the cultivation process, each time the Mysterious Heaven Skill circulated, his physical condition would improve, and the absorbed energy would be partially digested, filtered through the Mysterious Heaven Skill, Tang San would assimilate the absorbed energy into the Mysterious Heaven Skill, while the impurities would be expelled through his breathing.

At the start, it was like the dripping of water into a bucket, an extremely slow process. The energy coming from the Deep Sea Demonic Whale was not something that could be so easily absorbed. But as time passed, Tang San’s Mysterious Heaven Energy became more and more vigorous and the absorbed energy supply became smaller and smaller, as the cultivation progressed, the process became smoother and smoother.

This time for cultivation, Tang San used a total of three whole days, during which Ji Xiang visited several times, each time seeing him cultivating thus leaving him alone.

Three days later, Tang San once again opened his eyes, the weakness in his eyes completely vanished, replaced with vigor.

Using three whole days, Tang San finally managed to rid his body of the amalgamate of absorbed energy, clearing out the impediments in his meridians. What surprised him was that the size of his meridians nearly doubled and his Spirit Power greatly increased. Originally he was at the sixty-sixth rank, now he was already at the sixty-seventh rank nearing the boundary of the sixty-eighth rank. According to his calculations, once he manage to assimilate all the absorbed energy in the Eight Spider Lances, he should be able to break through to the sixty-eighth rank.

The reason he had been able to so quickly jump two ranks was not only because he disregarded everything and drained energy from the Deep Sea Demonic whale, it was also the pressure Tang San faced from the Deep Sea Demonic Whale which helped to stimulate his own potential. Grandmaster once mentioned, on the verge of life and death was where Spirit Masters had the best opportunity to power up. Of course one had to pass the crisis otherwise it would be for naught.

This saying also meant that in order to obtain the largest benefit, the risks were also the largest. Tang San somehow managing to barely survive was a blessing in disguise, after the sixtieth rank, jumping up a rank requires an extremely large amount of Spirit Power. This experience should have at least saved him a year’s worth of struggles.

However, if given the choice, Tang San would certainly not want to do this again. He did not believe that he would be so lucky as to survive another encounter with something as horrifying as the Deep Sea Demonic Whale.

Lightly getting off the bed, although he had not had any physical activity in awhile, he had been cultivating his whole body, so although he was slightly dizzy, the feeling he felt the most was his hungar.

Inside his Twenty-four Moonlight Bridges there was quite a lot of food, without bothering about others, he sat by the desk in the hut and started to replenish the nutrients he lost. After his body recovered, the next step for him was to come up with a plan to find his companions.

Chapter 212

After eating, Tang San stretched before walking out the wood cabin.

Just as he exited the cabin, he could see fifty six people walking in his direction. These people all seemed fairly tall, their garments all adorned purple, with somewhat fierce expressions, two of them even had bloodstains on their clothes.

“Kid, who are you? Where is doctor Ji Xiang?” Very quickly they had arrived nearby, one of the tall men fiercely staring at Tang San,sizing him up.

After leaving the log cabin, Tang San realised that the cabin was located not far from the beach, and it also happened to be the only log cabin here. Ahead of it was a beach, whereas behind it was a large forest. Except that it was currently late autumn so the green in the woods had mostly faded.

“Doctor Ji Xiang is not in.” Seeing these people, he was once again reminded of the conversation Dr. Ji Xiang had with another person the time he first woke up, resulting in the words Purple Pearl arising in Tang San’s mind. Could it be, this is actually the Purple Pearl Island Haider spoke of? He had actually unexpectedly arrived at the pirate’s nest.

However, at the moment Tang San had already practically fully recovered, protecting himself would definitely not be a problem. Compared to the Deep Sea Demonic Whale, how could these pirates even be worth considering.

“Not in? Where did he go?” That burly pirate fiercely stared at Tang San revealing his impatience.

Tang San shook his head, saying: “I too have no idea.” Although he was currently wearing the coarse cotton shirt, his handsome face was partially obscured by his grown out beard, but his elegant disposition was something that could not be hidden.

The pirate carefully looked at Tang San before clearing his throat. “Brat, where are you from? Are you a spy?” While saying so, he extended his arm to grab Tang San’s collar.

At this point, a cold voice could be heard, “If you want me to save your friend then stay your hand.”

The pirate somewhat skillfully stopped his hand just in front of Tang San’s chest. Turning around, he saw Ji Xiang walking over while holding a small fishing basket.

Ji Xiang was shorter than Tang San, but had really wide shoulders, coldly his gaze swept past those pirates, indifferently he said: “Bring the injured person forward. You come help assist me.” This last sentence was directed towards Tang San.

Help assist him? Tang San did not refuse, he was smart so he could immediately tell that Ji Xiang did this to help him establish a legitimate identity. Although he didn’t need to, he still walked in.

Two injured pirates were placed onto the bed where Tang San was previously resting on. Of these two pirates, one had an injury on his chest, the other on his thigh, both were flesh wounds but were still fairly serious. Especially the one with the injured thigh, the main artery had already been cut apart. If not for the rope tightly constricting the blood flow, he most likely would have already died to blood loss.

The other’s pirate’s wound looked scarier, with the hilt of a dagger sticking out his right chest. Fortunately, at least it did not penetrate through the whole body.

Ji Xiang simple washed his wounds before walking towards the pirate with the thigh wound. Pulling out a wooden box from below the bed, he opened it and handed it it Tang San.

“Whatever I ask for, you just hand it to me.”

Tang San nodded his head.

In Ji Xiang’s hands was a bundle of cloth, openi

Tang San could tell that Ji Xiang was currently stemming the blood flow to this pirate’s leg. Although Tang San did not recognise those acupuncture points, he could see the points all correctly help to stem the bloodflow. After completing this, he carefully loosened the rope tightly bound to that pirate’s thigh.

With a pssht sound, some fresh blood spurted out from the wound, of the seven acupuncture needles Ji Xiang inserted, three had been shot back out.

Ji Xiang’s expression changed. He understood that this person’s thigh had been bound for too long, and the blood pressure had become too high. Under these circumstances, he wanted to re-tie the rope and re-insert the acupuncture needles after the blood pressure had been released. However, a long arm found its way over, only seeing a flash, that hand hand already tapped a few acupuncture points on the pirate’s thigh. The blood flowing out of the wound instantly ceasing.

Ji Xiang’s eyes widened, turning his head to look at Tang San, Tang San just smilingly nodded at him.

Ji Xiang’s following treatment procedure let tang San broaden his horizons. He used slender hair-like needles to suture the cut artery, then joining the muscle and skin together as well, each stitch extremely precise. Which can only be described as having a godly technique.

Tang San could tell, that small needle was Ji Xian’s Spirit Tool, however, he had not the slightest bit of Spirit Power.

Innate zero Spirit Power, trash amongst trash. No matter the spirit tool, a person with zero innate Spirit Power was someone who could never increase his Spirit Power through cultivation. No wonder his expression was so dull, zero Innate Spirit power and his Innate Full Spirit Power were two extremes, when he was young, he definitely was looked down upon.

However, Ji Xiang’s medical skills was the most superb Tang San had seen since he came to this world. The other pirate’s treatment was even more of an eye-opener for Tang San. Ji Xiang operated on him, structuring his lungs in one go, taking only two hours for the entire procedure.

After the surgery was complete, Ji Xiang revealed a satisfied expression.
As if treating people was his favourite thing to do.

The originally haughty pirates standing by the side, did not even dare to act proud, their gaze towards Ji Xiang and Tang San now was one filled with respect. Even the pirate who previously wanted to act against Tang San not had a look of gratitude on his face.

After the surgery was complete, Ji Xiang stood up and said a few words to those pirates: “For the one with the leg injury, you can carry him away. However, the other one will have to stay here for observation. After operating his chest, it is easy for it to be infected, I still need to mix some medicine for him.” His operation today was much more relaxing that usual, because of Tang San. Tang San stopping the blood flow with his acupuncture techniques had allowed him to work without having to use his acupuncture needles further, saving him time and effort.

“Dr. Ji Xiang, thank you for saving my younger brother.” The burly pirate fell on his knees with a thud, heavily kowtowing thrice to Ji Xiang. Apparently, the one stabbed in the chest was his younger brother.

Ji Xiang did not did not hold back, “If you want to thank me, then the next time you come back, help me gather some medicinal herbs.”

“Definitely, definitely.” The burly pirate stood up, no longer having that fierce attitude towards Tang San. “Brother, I apologise for what happened

earlier. My younger brother was injured and I was impatient. time if we have the chance, let me treat you to a drink.”

Tang San was momentarily stunned, the impression left on him by Haider’s gang was not good, but this pirate’s actions was surprisingly forthright instead.

After they all already left, Ji Xiang was silently tidying up the room while chatting with Tang San: “You should have been able to tell that they were pirates. But pirates are still human, also not all of them are vile people. This is also the reason I am willing to stay behind here.”

Tang San replied: “Is this Purple Pearl Island?”

Ji Xiang nodded. “You know about the Purple Pearl?’

Tang San bitterly smiled, saying: “My companions and I ended up falling into the ocean due to the Purple Pearl pirates. If not for you saving me, I would probably already be dead.”

Hearing Tang San’s words, Ji Xiang slowly straightened his back, seeing Tang San’s expression turn strange he asked, “That should mean you were an aristocrat? The Purple Pearl only targets aristocrats, normal fishermen only have to pay a small sea tax and they would be fine.”

Tang San smilingly said: “It is as you said, pirates are not all bad people, could it be aristocrats are all bad people?”

Ji Xiang was stunned, looking at Tang San, he could not come up with a way to reply him.

Tang San turned around and looked outside, “In this world, the victors are king, while the losers are bandits. The difference between good people and bad ones is also the same. Can you update me on the situation here?”

Ji Xiang no longer tidied up the room, instead he walk to Tang San’s back, for some unknown reason he felt that there was a strange charm

coming from this revived person. An irresistible charm, every word that he said seemed to follow a unique melody.

“Perhaps you are right, there may be good people amongst the aristocrats. These years, the purple pearl have been robbing from the rich and giving to the poor. While struggling to survive, they also share the wealth they stone with the vast majority of poor fishing villages. This is the reason I choose to stay behind. I am the Purple Pearl Pirate group’s only doctor.”

Tang San turned around, looking at Ji Xiang up close. Without continuing on the previous conversation, he asked: “Are you willing to learn the technique I used to stop his blood flow?”

Ji Xiang was briefly stunned, his calm demeanor suddenly become dim, “I cannot learn it, your method requires spirit power, if I had spirit power, even just using my needles, I can do the same thing to stem the blood flow.”

Tang San lightly smiled, saying something that made Ji Xiang unable to keep his calm, “What if I can allow you to have Spirit Power?”

“Wha-what did you say?” the shocked Ji Xiang stared at Tang San, even if he was a calm person, he was after all just a seventeen year old youth. Since the time he was a child, because of the fact that he had no Spirit Power, he had to experience a lot of pain and grievances. Oh how he longed to have Spirit Power! Even though he had medical skills others could not even hope to attain, he very clearly knew that if he had Spirit Power, he would once more be able to make a breakthrough in his medical skills. Whatsmore, the fact that having Spirit Power was something he had been dreaming off since he was a child.

Tang San said: “I have a special cultivation technique, although it may not completely be suited for you. At the very least, I believe that it will allow you to become a Spirit Master.”

Although Ji Xing is considerably more mature than others the same age, but after hearing Tang San’s words, he was unable to contain his

excitement. This calm eyes letting out a hint of longing.

Tang San said after pondering: “I can teach you that acupuncture technique as repayment for saving my life. However, the cultivation technique belongs to the Tang Sect. I don’t have the right to privately teach it to you. Ji Xiang, are you willing to accept me as your master?”

Ji Xiang was stunned once more, take him as teacher? Tang San’s words were very straightforward, in Tang San’s eyes also did not have any hint of ulterior motive. After hesitating for a while, he asked: “If you are really able to make me a Spirit Master, I agree. Only, I am already seventeen, can I really become a Spirit Master?” regardless, this was perhaps his only chance at becoming a Spirit Master in this life.

Tang San calmly smiled, “I am eighty percent sure, are you willing to give it a try?”

Ji Xiang took a deep breath before falling to his knees in front of Tang San, forcefully, he kowtowed thrice, “Master.” He did not want to give up this opportunity, although he knew that after taking Tang San as master. From now on he would have to follow his instructions. However if he gave up on this chance, then he would regret it for the rest of his life.

After accepting Ji Xiang’s kowtows, he helped him up from the floor. “Admittedly you are slightly old, but if you were to work hard, you will still become accomplished. Here swallow this.”

Reaching into his Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse, he withdrew a completely golden ginseng and gave it to Ji Xiang. As a doctor, Ji Xiang naturally recognized it, surprised he said. “Ten Thousand Year Old Emperor Ginseng?”

Tang San nodded his head, saying: “Time is pressing, and I have other things I need to do, so I don’t have the time to refine this into a pill. Let me help you prepare a strong cultivation base, alongside its strengthening qualities, it will help you cultivate in the future with half the effort and double the results.”

At this point, Ji Xiang no longer doubted Tang San’s words. The Ten Thousand Year Old Emperor Ginseng was not something that people were able to so easily take out. It was a priceless treasure!

In Tang San’s eyes, the value of the Ten Thousand Year Old Emperor Ginseng was limited, and had practically no use for him. Compared to the Blood Crystal Dragon Ginseng and the Ten Thousand Year Old Ninth Grade Ginseng King, this Ten Thousand Year Old Emperor Ginseng was far too inferior. But for someone like Ji Xiang, it was perfectly suitable for him.

Ji Xiang ate it extremely carefully, using his nails he punctured the surface of the ginseng, then gently sucking it from that hole. Quickly, all that remained of the Ten Thousand Year Old Emperor Ginseng was its exterior husk, the essence inside all absorbed into Ji Xiang. Ji Xiang carefully put away the surplus husk, after all it could still be refined into many valuable medicines.

“Sit.” Tang San pressed down Ji Xiang’s shoulder. Although the Ten Thousand Year Old Emperor Ginseng was not a divine herb, it was still not something normal people could absorb. Normal people after eating it would not be over nourished and their blood vessels would burst killing them. Of course, Ji Xiang did not think that Tang San was after his life, afterall who would use this kind of priceless herb to kill a simple doctor like himself.

In the time it took for him to sit down, Ji Xiang’s face already turned completely red, clearly the Ten Thousand Year Old Emperor Ginseng’s effects were horrifying.

Similarly, Tand San sat cross-legged behind Ji Xiang, “Defend the dantian. Try to feel the spirit power I am channeling in your body, remember the path it takes.”

While saying that, he pressed both his palms on Ji Xiang’s back, Ji Xiang could feel a clear energy current flooding into his body. The Ten Thousand Year Old Emperor Ginseng’s extremely hot sensation immediately felt more affable.

Under the guidance of Tang San’s Mysterious Heaven Skill. The Ten Thousand Year Old Emperor Ginseng’s essence was completely absorbed, and was circulating along with the Mysterious Heaven Skill.

A drop of water shall be returned with a gushing spring[1]. As gratitude for saving his life, Tang San had already decided to take Ji Xiang as his disciple, truly he had no other motive. Only wishing to repay his debt of having his life saved. He was ready to teach his Mysterious Heaven Skill for the first time. If not for this reason, he would not have needed to have Ji Xiang take him as his master. Tang Sect teachings could never be leaked out, that was an ideal long since ingrained in Tang San’s heart.

As such, Tang San currently helping Ji Xiang circulate his qi was not for something as simple as helping him absorb the medicinal properties of the herb. He actually had three objectives, the first was to help him absorb the medicine, and help him solidify his cultivation. The second was to allow Ji Xiang to feel the Mysterious Heaven Skill’s circulation path, then let him practice according to this method. The third point was to draw support from the medicine to help Ji Xiang clear his eight extraordinary meridians. This way, he could alleviate the detriments for starting his cultivation at such an age.

As a person practiced in the field of medicine, when he felt his first meridian clear, he understood Tang San’s intention. After all even with the help of the Ten Thousand Year Old Emperor Ginseng, to clear the meridians of someone else also required large amounts of Spirit Power. When Tang San was helping him clear his meridians, Ji Xiang’s heart had finally truly accepted Tang San as a teacher.

After the first meridian was opened, Ji Xiang felt the internal qi flowing within him grow significantly, the speed which Tang San circulated his Mysterious Heaven Skill also increasing. Just as he thought it was going to end, Tang San already started attacking the second meridian.

Teacher’s Spirit Power was so powerful? Ji Xiang steadily guarded his heart, while he was memorising the route of circulation for the Mysterious Heaven Skill, he all the while was shocked. Although when he rescued Tang San, Tang San was dishevelled and dirty but he looked no more than

twenty or so years old. This was also the reason he hesitated when Tang San wanted to take him as his disciple. To him, Tang San was at most a Spirit Elder, most likely just a Spirit Grandmaster. However, currently Tang San’s spirit power felt like the ocean waves, endlessly flowing. The Spirit Power never weakening the slightest, each circulation just right. Precisely within the acceptable amounts for his body. With regards to the control of Spirit Power, it was simply amazing. This refreshing Spirit Power flowing through his meridians gave him an inexplicable comfort.

Time passed second by second, minute by minute. Tang San was surrounded by thick steam, his body had just recovered, so the huge expenditure of spirit power along with the precise control put a fairly huge strain on his body. But his eight meridians were long since cleared, so his Spirit Power recovery rate was much higher than normal Spirit Masters. Having just recently recovered, helping Ji Xiang clear his meridians was just like helping himself cultivate. His meridians were also being restored as he unceasingly circulated the Mysterious Heaven Skill.

Finally, the last meridian was cleared. Tang San executed thirteen consecutive palm strikes on Ji Xiang’s back. A low but majestic voice resounded by Ji Xiang’s ears, “Don’t make any complaints and practice according to the path I showed you just now.”

Ji Xian indeed did not make any noise, the Ten Thousand Year Old Emperor Ginseng and the cleared meridians had an amplifying effect, allowing him to become completely able to control Spirit Power to start cultivating. That fleeting wonderful feeling made it such that even if he could give up now, he wouldn’t be willing to.

Tang San too re-entered a state of cultivation. Having to recover the Spirit Power he had expended, also allowed him to start to clear the absorbed energy in the Eight Spider Lances before other complications could occur.

A whole day passed like this, only on the morning of the second day, did moans from the bed startle the two of them awake.

Tang San slowly opened his eyes, while Ji Xiang had already finished and gotten up, respectfully he stood beside Tang San, “Master.” He definitely understood the amount of help Tang Sang gave him. At this point in time, he was able to clearly feel the world surrounding him feel different. Everything appearing more vibrant, his eyes clearer than ever before, the comfort within his body bringing to a never before level of euphoria.

Tang San smilingly said: “Actually you are very talented. After I cleared your meridians, your training will be much easier. However, if you want to achieve greatness you still have to work hard. Even if you were more talented, if you don’t work hard you would never amount to much.”

“Understood.” Ji Xiang honestly agreed.

“He should need to change his medicine.” Tang San pointed at the injured person, Ji Xiang hurriedly nodded, honestly speaking yesterday’s incident already made him forget about this person before him.

After changing his medicine and feeding him some food. Ji Xiang went to prepare some food for Tang San and himself, the master disciple duo eating and chatting at the same time.

“Master, what level of spirit master are you? The Purple Pearl Pirate Group has many Spirit Masters. But, the feeling you give off is very different from them.” Ji Xiang completely lost his indifferent attitude towards Tang San leaving him only with respect and reverence.

To be able to help someone with zero innate spirit power become a Spirit Master, such an amazing ability was something he at least had never heard of.

Tang San smilingly said: “Eventually you will know. Why don’t you tell me about your current condition now instead. How does it feel? You memorised the circulating route right?”

Ji Xiang nodded his head, saying: “I have remembered it, but no matter how i cultivate, my spirit power does not feel to have increased the slightest, is it because I have been cultivating for too short a period?”

Tang San laughingly said: “It would be strange if you could feel your cultivation rise further. Did you not know that after reaching a certain level of cultivation Spirit Masters require a Spirit Ring before they can continue to cultivate?”

Ji Xiang’s originally stable hand trembled and he fishing basket he held in his hands fell onto the table, “Yo-you are saying……”

Tang San nodded his head, saying: “If after eating a Ten Thousand Year Old Emperor Ginseng, and after I helped you clear your eight meridians, it was still insufficient to help fill you up with Spirit Power then wouldn’t my effort yesterday be all for naught? Now you need to obtain your first Spirit Ring before you can continue to cultivate. If my guess is correct, your current Spirit Rank is at least of the fifteenth rank. Of course, you will need to obtain a Spirit Ring before it can manifest.”

Ji Xiang stared at Tang San a good long while before he spoke, “Master, you are too amazing. I had never heard of someone with innate zero spirit power being able to cultivate.”

Tang San bitterly smiled: “This technique is special, only people who have some innate spirit power or people who started when they are young are able to cultivate it. However, I don’t have that many Ten Thousand Year Old Emperor Ginsengs, so just treat yourself as an exceptional case.”

Ji Xiang spoke his heartfelt words: “Thank you, Master.”

Tang San hesitated before asking: “Ji Xiang, are you familiar with the Purple Pearl pirate group’s leader?”

Ji Xiang nodded his head, saying: “I guess it can be considered familiar. I am the only doctor here and have treated many pirates before. So i could be said to be familiar with them. Master, do you want to see this Purple Pearl leader?”

Tang San nodded his head, “This time when I came out to sea I was in a group of eight, however because we ran into a powerful Oceanic Spirit

Beast we got separated. If it is possible, I am thinking of asking the Purple Pearl Pirate Group to help me search for them, I am willing to pay a high price. Consider it something like hiring them.”

Ji Xing thought for awhile before saying: “It should be possible. I will bring you to see them. However, it would be better if you first washed up.”

After a simple washing up, Tang San changed into one of his own white long gowns, combed his hair and shaved off his beard, revealing his original look which would even daze other males. Tang San’s appearance and disposition, was something the pirates here cannot compare to. In particular his calm elegant demeanor, made it hard for other to not feel inferior to him.

Walking out of the wooden hut, Ji Xiang brought Tang San towards the interior of Purple Pearl Island. While walking Ji Xiang asked: “Master, Purple Pearl Island has over three thousand pirates, of which about one thousand five hundred of them have fighting capabilities, including about two hundred spirit masters, of which the strongest is the leader of the purple Pearl, a sixty eighth rank Spirit Emperor. They have about 40 boats in total, the largest ship the Purple Pearl can hold about five hundred pirates. It is the leader’s personal regiment and is quite famous in the waters here.”

After having fully recovered, Tang San was worried about the safety of his fellow companions, firstly, none of them could swim. In the vast ocean, given their strength as Spirit Masters, staying alive should not be a problem, but if they were to run into ocean Spirit Beats then they would be in trouble. Before they lost consciousness, he clearly remembered Dai Mu Bai and Zhu Zhu Qing was seriously injured. As for the rest of them, only fatty had some combat powers.

Tang San had decided, after meeting the Purple Pearl Pirate Group’s leader, regardless of the price he had to pay, he needed their help. Over ten days had passed, all he could do was to pray that the others were safe.

After passing through a dense forest, large houses appeared before him. From the look of things, this seemed to be a fairly large village. The houses were all made of wood. Surrounded by the dense wood, it was a very good

choice of location to build. Typhoons were common near the seas so the trees made good cover, helping reduce the amount of force the village had to withstand.

The entire village did not have any protective measures, but since Ji Xiang has already brought him here, it resulted in him being unable to not let out a puzzled mumble, “What is going on? What celebrations are going on? Normally only during the new years do the houses all hang out the purple lanterns.”

Only now did Tang San realise, by the doors of every single house were two purple lanterns, just that it was daytime and the lanterns were not lit yet.

Regarding this, Tang San would not care, he only cared whether he was able to convince the Purple Pearl Pirates to help him search for his comrades.

As the two of them prepared to enter the village, they were greeted by a burly pirate which happened to also be the one they had previously met. Upon seeing Ji Xiang and Tang San, he was pleasantly surprised and rushed forth to receive them.

“Doctor Ji Xiang, how are you? Is my younger brother doing fine?”

Ji Xiang replied: “He is fine, after using the medicine, there were no negative reactions, his condition is also stable. However, he still needs rest, in about two more days you should be able to go pick him up and bring him back home.”

The burly pirate heaved a sigh of relief as he said: “That’s good, I must really thank you, if not for you, I would have lost a younger brother, I really don’t know how I can thank you. Don't worry, the medicines you want, I promise I will bring it back for you the next time I go out to sea. This time what did you come for?”

Ji Xiang replied: “We are here to see the leader. Oh that’s right, why are all the purple lanterns out? What's the joyous occasion today?

The burly pirate smacked his forehead, smiling he said: “Ah my bad, I was busy with the matters regarding my younger brother yesterday that I forgot to tell you about today. Today is a joyous day for the leader! Tonight we will be holding a joyous celebration.”

Ji Xiang was stunned as his complexion turned strange, “Leader is going to get married? Who dares?”

The burly pirate jumped as he hurriedly signaled for him to keep quiet, “Shhh, don’t let the leader hear what you said, or else it would be troublesome. It’s not getting married, it’s being married. Our leader……” saying till here, he suddenly awkwardly coughed, seeing people passing through not far away, he hurriedly said: “‘ll go to divine doctor’s place to see my little brother, you will understand after you see the leader.”

After hearing Ji Xiang and the pirate’s conversation, Tang San could not help but furrow his brows, if the Purple Pearl Pirate Captain was going to get married, then would he still be willing to go help him rescue people?

After walking into the village, all the way along the path, regardless of who it was almost all of them would come up to pay their greetings, showing that although Ji Xiang was young he clearly did not have a simple status in this Purple Pearl Pirate Group. And the people who received his kindness was not few.

After walking to the center of the village, Ji Xiang pointed towards an extraordinarily tall wooden house: “That is the group leader’s residence.”

Tang San looked towards the direction Ji Xiang’s finger pointed at, in the next moment, he froze as he stopped his footsteps. Ji Xiang could clearly hear the sounds of crackling coming from behind him. As he turned around to look, he discovered that Tang San’s eyes both emitted a purple gold radiance, an intense killing aura also coalesced fully in the air three feet within him. The overbearing and tyrannical pressure almost mad Ji Xiang collapse there, uncontrollably he walked a few steps back.

Amazed, Ji Xiang followed the trajectory Tang San’s eyes gazed, seeing that inside the wooden hut, there were six people being tied to the people,

their appearances unclear but from how ruined their clothes were, they clearly were in bad shape.

Ji Xiang could not clearly see, but Tang San could, these six people, were precisely the missing comrades he was looking for. Dai Mu Bai, Zhu Zhu Qing, Oscar, Ning Rong Rong, Ma Hong Jun and the last Bai Chen xiang, missing only Xiao Wu, the six of them bound to large shackles on a wooden stake, their auras weak, and in terrible physical state.

Seeing this, how could Tang San not get angry? A low roar emerged from Tang San’s mouth eventually reverberating to the heavens. The unrestricted tyrannical energy surging out from him, his clothes shatter in the back as the Eight Spider Lances burst forth.

Jji Xiang felt that Tang San suddenly changed into a different person, over bearing, evil and murderous. Without asking he could guess that those six people bound were people related to master. Quickly he said, “Master, you-”

The Eight Spider Lances stabbing into the ground, without waiting for Ji Xiang to finish his speech, Tang San had already rushed forward like a cannon, bringing that roar with him to the wooden hut.

Hearing Tang San’s voice, the six people bundled to the stake raised their heads, their spirit partially restored a ray of hope appearing in their tears as they fell.

With a flash of light, Tang San practically instantly arrived by their sides, the Eight Spider Lances fiercely stabbing into the chains shattering them causing the Shrek Five devils and Bai Chen Xiang to fall to the ground panting for breath.

Tang San struck the wall in front of the house a single time, the strength of the strike shook the wall directly shattering it into pieces and sent them flying.

From his roar till he destroyed the wall with his fist, only an extremely short time had passed, but Tang San’s anger had reached its limit, regardless

of how much this Ji Xiang had praised the Purple Pearl Pirate Group, having injured his companions. They were definitely his enemy.

Fromt he busted wall, Tang San saw another thing that only made his rage soar. Wearing a long purple gown, with a medium build was sitting back towards them, and in his embrace the constantly struggling person wearing the Wishful Eight Treasures Soft Armour, Xiao Wu.

Chapter 213

(TL by Bagelson)

Abruptly seeing a purple robed person in the wooden house holding a struggling Xiao Wu, the raging fury in Tang San’s eyes became ice cold red light, “Die.” Suddenly sweeping forward, the Eight Spider Lances on his back extended. Even though he didn’t release any spirit abilities, this moment his speed rose to the peak with his Blue Silver Emperor Right Leg Bone, directly charging at that purple figure.

Not actually using spirit abilities was because Tang San was afraid of hurting Xiao Wu, but the fury in his heart was already at its limit. No matter what, he had to dismember this person who dared touch Xiao Wu.

That purple robed person also reacted very quickly to the noise. At the same time as Tang San thrust forward, his body swiftly twisted like a swimming fish. With just one dodge, he brought Xiao Wu to slip five meters away, just evading Tang San’s thrust.

But who was Tang San? In his extreme anger, his full potential was already roused. The bottom right Eight Spider Lance heavily whipped the ground, the lowest left stuck into the ground to act as support, making him spin a large circuit in midair, letting him once again reach the purple robed person without the slightest loss of momentum.

The Eight Spider Lances thrust straight towards the opponent’s body.
This time, Tang San was using his full strength, as fast as lightning.

Even though that purple robed person was also a Spirit Master, in such a short time, Tang San basically didn’t give him the chance to react. The Eight Spider Lances were already in front of him.

Facing a life or death crisis, that purple robed person did something that left Tang San a bit puzzled. He suddenly pushed, sending Xiao Wu’s body away to land on a bed to the side. Himself without enough time to dodge, he suddenly raised his right leg and kicked straight at Tang San’s chest, textbook forcing the enemy to save himself first.

Unfortunately, even though his reactions were fast, it was still a bit lacking compared to Tang San. That kick seemed like it would force the enemy to guard, and it was moreover a very long leg, but unfortunately, Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances were even longer, how could that leg measure up to three meters?

Just as at least four Eight Spider Lances were about to skewer that purple robed person’s body, Tang San also finally saw his appearance. With this one look at the counterpart, the red in his eyes couldn’t help dulling a bit, the attack also slowing by half a beat.

Appearing in front of him wasn’t any boorish man or ferocious pirate, but rather a well proportioned woman.[1] Seemingly twenty seven or eight, extremely beautiful, high nose, big eyes, short purple hair that looked neat and orderly, flourishing with heroic spirit. Right now a pair of beautiful purple eyes were looking at Tang San, filled with shock.

Woman? This was Purple Pearl? It was because of these two realizations that Tang San’s movements slowed. That Purple Pearl also really was outstanding, suddenly sensing the opponent’s bitterly desperate aura, as the forward attack slowed, she drew on the momentum of the right leg kick to spin a full turn in midair. In the middle of the flip, she shed her robe and threw it at Tang San, using this momentum to retreat.

Discovering the opponent was a woman, the grievance in Tang San’s heart was immediately alleviated a lot, and didn’t keep pursuing her. In a flash, he reached Xiao Wu’s side, he pulled her lovely body into his embrace with one hand, throwing out a robe from

Xiao Wu’s soulless body originally seemed a bit flustered, and abruptly sensing Tang San’s aura, she couldn’t help uttering a moan, holding tightly to Tang San’s waist and refusing to let go, her chest heaving violently. Clearly she had suffered no small shock.

Tang San temporarily let off the opponent, but the opponent had no intention of letting him off.

As captain of the Purple Pearl pirate fleet, Purple Pearl could also be considered having moved unhindered through this part of the sea for more than a decade. Had she ever been in such a difficult situation? Having almost met her destiny at Tang San’s attack, this corgeous captain immediately grew furious.

“Who? You dare act like this in my Purple Pearl pirate group?” From Purple Pearl’s angle, she could only see Tang San’s long blue hair, the hair hiding his face, and Tang San had lowered his head to look at Xiao Wu. Only those barbed, vicious Eight Spider Lances on his back secretly shocked captain Purple Pearl. Subconsciously she urged her spirit power, releasing her spirit.

Sensing the fright Xiao Wu had endured, Tang San’s fury exploded once again. Thinking of his comrades being imprisoned outside, he slowly raised his head, his voice cold: “I’ve come to kill you. Not just you, I will not leave even a chicken or dog alive among your Purple Pearl pirates.”

When Purple Pearl saw Tang San raise his head, she also couldn’t help staring for a moment. In her eyes Tang San’s forehead was rounded, nose straight and jaw square, a handsome face filled with ice cold killing intent, purple golden light pulsing in a pair of blue eyes. But this aura brimming with killing intent had a somewhat graceful temperament, each movement seemed elegantly casual. Ever since she was born, this was the first time Purple Pearl had seen someone like this.

Of course, Purple Pearl’s immunity to handsome men was also far stronger than ordinary women. Her sexual orientation originally wasn’t ordinary, or she wouldn’t have wanted to marry a woman.

“I want to see just how you’ll destroy our Purple Pearl pirates. Get out of here.” As she spoke, Purple Pearl retreated explosively, already dodging out of the wooden house. Tang San felt a burst of fright, he was afraid the opponent would take it out on the other Shrek five devils. Carrying Xiao Wu he also couldn’t easily use teleportation. Right foot stomping on the ground, he hurriedly chased after.

Purple Pearl didn’t have any intent of troubling the Shrek five devils or Bai Chenxiang, she stopped at the end of the open space in front of the wooden house. By now, her spirit was already released, her body distorting slightly, her whole person seeming to soften, a deathly still aura filling her eyes, her skin covered with a layer of gray blue little scales.

Serpent. Seeing her physical changes, Tang San’s first guessed that her spirit was certainly related to serpents. However, not common serpents, it should be a sea serpent spirit.

Two yellow, two purple, two black, six ideal spirit rings appeared around Purple Pearl. Even though Tang San guessed that this Purple Pearl was a bit older than she seemed on the surface, from her spirit rings and the sixty eighth rank spirit power Ji Xiang mentioned, this woman’s strength really was out of the ordinary.

But so what? Sea serpents were very poisonous? They were still snakes. Tang San’s figure flashed, handing over Xiao Wu to Ning Rongrong who was still collapsed on the ground, unable to sit up. With a flash, he was already in front of Purple Pearl. Textbook first catching the king to capture thieves. There were several thousand enemies here, and even more two hundred Spirit Masters. Relying on just his own strength it might not be possible to charge out. As long as he caught Purple Pearl, it would be a lot easier to open a way.

In midair, Tang San’s Blue Silver Emperor spirit abruptly burst out. Six spirit rings practically shot out from within him. Yellow, yellow, purple, black, black, red, the terrifying spirit ring colors made Purple Pearl’s heart tremble. The next instant, a circle of white light abruptly burst from Tang San.

When confronting the enemy, Tang San would never hold back. As he approached, he released his Deathgod Domain.

Ever since gaining some comprehension of the Deathgod Domain under Sword Douluo’s pressure, the might of this domain had also become even greater, mainly reflected in control. Within the its range, Tang San was now able to at will focus or scatter the effect of the Deathgod Domain. Now confronting only one opponent, he naturally condensed all his murderous spirit on Purple Pearl. Deathgod Assault instantly erupted.

Purple Pearl only felt her whole body abruptly grow cold, an incomparable ice cold aura breaking into her mind like a sharp dagger, but this power was somehow incorporeal. As her body grew cold, fear welled up involuntarily, and she subconsciously retreated, fighting spirit diminishing. Deathgod Domain’s weakening effect instantly appeared, and moreover, along with the might of the Deathgod Domain growing stronger, the ice cold killing intent also made Purple Pearl’s body react a lot slower. Of her original strength, she actually couldn’t display more than seventy percent.

Yellow green light appeared out of nowhere, taking the form of a great net in midair and enveloping the slowed Purple Pearl. Just as Purple Pearl wanted to take advantage of her spirits special nature to dodge, suddenly, sixteen strands of blue silver emperor rushed out of the ground, turning into a cage and rigidly containing her within. Under the large net, inside the cage, Purple Pearl was shocked to discover that she basically had no way to dodge, and forcibly blocking wasn’t her forte.

Glittering golden light appeared on Tang San’s right arm. After the two great restraint abilities contained the opponent, the golden light of the Blue Silver Overlord Spear spread along his arm, directly touching Purple Pearl’s ample chest. And by now, the tremendous noise here had attracted large numbers of pirates to converge here.

“Master, don’t.”

“Third brother, don’t kill her.”

Two voices echoed practically simultaneously, and Tang San’s Blue Silver Overlord Spear halted just in the deep ravine between Purple Pearl’s breasts, the spear sharp aura preventing Purple Pearl from even speaking.

Indeed, Purple Pearl’s strength was indeed quite good. In the Spirit Emperor level she also counted as an expert. However, she had encountered Tang San, a man who dared skip levels to challenge Spirit Douluo.

If it was in the sea, perhaps Purple Pearl could rely on the nature as sea Spirit Master to contend with Tang San, but here on land, even though their spirit power levels were similar, in strength and combat experience, how could Purple Pearl be Tang San’s opponent? Starting from the moment Tang San broke the wall with, her imposing manner was already completely at a disadvantage. And now was even more hopeless.

The one shouting master was naturally Ju Xiang, rushing over with an anxious expression.

A strand of Blue Silver Emperor floated up, twisting around Ji Xiang. Pulling him over next to him, the light in Tang San’s eyes radiated power, sweeping his gaze across the wantonly cursing pirates all around, coldly saying: “Whoever speaks rudely again, or takes one step forward, don’t blame me for being impolite.”

The pirates immediately quieted down, looking at Tang San one by one, their gazes filled with anger.

This was still the first time Ji Xiang had seen Tang San’s strength. Seeing Tang San’s six spirit rings, especially the red one, it was difficult to describe his shock. As far as he knew, even though Purple Pearl wasn’t completely overwhelming, she was still strongest on the island. Purple Pearl’s real age was thirty five, clearly a lot older than Tang San, but in just this short order, the powerful purple Pearl was already broken in the hands of his equally Spirit Emperor ranked master. Besides worry, Ji Xiang was also a bit proud.

“Master, don’t attack, captain Purple Pearl isn’t a bad person.” Ji Xiang anxiously said to Tang San.

Tang San gazed at Ji Xiang, then again looking at his comrades, “These are the comrades I was looking for, she isn’t a bad person? Don’t tell me you didn’t see the circumstances of my friends just now? She, a woman, wants to take a wife? The one she wanted to marry is your master’s wife.”

“Third brother, don’t attack, he’s right, this captain isn’t bad.” This time the voice didn’t come from Ji Xiang, but rather from the ground, just strenuously sitting up, Ma Hongjun.

“Eh?” Tang San looked somewhat shocked at Ma Hongjun. Right now Xiao Wu was dully sitting there, besides Ma Hongjun, the others all seemed to be unconscious.

Seven strands of Blue Silver Emperor stretched out simultaneously, each wrapping around one of the seven, bringing them over to his side.

“Fatty, what’s going on here?” Tang San looked at the pale and faintly blue Ma Hongjun, his brows creasing. Through his Blue Silver Emperor, he could clearly sense that, besides Xiao Wu, each of them was very weak. Ma Hongjun was a bit better, he could still manage to stay conscious. The six weak people all had one thing in common, their bodies were cold as ice.

Ma Hongjun managed to look at Tang San, forcing out: “The captain tied us up outside in order to let the sun shine on us, we have to stand on both feet to leech the cold poison from the heart.” Finished saying this, Ma Hongjun’s head fell askew, also unconscious.

Tang San couldn’t help feeling a burst of doubt, withdrawing the Blue Silver Overlord Spear on his arm. In a low voice he asked Purple Pearl: “You really did it in order to help them?”

“Help farts, I’m torturing them. If you have the skill then kill me, go on! Attack. If you don’t dare you’re a turtle bastard. Come on!” Tang San’s oppression gone, Purple Pearls couldn’t keep from cursing with her bellyful of choked back anger. As a pirate fleet captain, her forceful explosion made the surrounding pirates’ expressions look a bit strange.

As she spoke, the no longer suppressed Purple Pearl still planned on releasing her spirit abilities to make a fight of it.

In terms of appearance, Purple Pearl was definitely second to none on this island, but her explosive temper was also equally second to none. Her subordinates always trembled with fear around her, who dared provoke her?

Tang San was also cursed by her like this, only, having heard what ma Hongjun had to said, his mood had already cooled down a lot. Having experienced such winds and waves, now being sure his lover and comrades were fine, that wise and farsighted calm Tang San returned again.

The Blue Silver Overlord Spear rose again, that spear sharp aura forcefully interrupting Purple Pearl’s attempts to release her spirit abilities. Of course, Purple Pearl couldn’t say anything else. Even though she told Tang San to attack, she still didn’t have the courage to actually go up against that spear sharp Blue Silver Overlord Spear.

His ears pure and peaceful, Tang San turned his gaze to the surrounding pirates, “Who can tell me how my comrades ended up here, and what happened next? I’ll count to three, and if nobody answers, I will kill your captain.”

The ice cold Deathgod Domain spread once again. Of course, this time it wasn’t in order to attack, but rather to use the Deathgod Domain’s overwhelming murderous aura to tell the surrounding pirates that he wasn’t joking.

Before Tang San could start counting, an aged pirate already stepped forward, eagerly saying: “Don’t attack, I know what’s going on here.”

Tang San gazed coldly at him, and this elderly pirate didn’t dare be neglectful, recounting what had happened.

Originally, after everyone had been knocked flying by the Deep Sea Demon Whale that day, they’d fallen into the ocean far away. Even though the Deep Sea Demon Whale couldn’t pursue, they were still knocked unconscious. Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing were also injured.

Once they woke up, they’d already been scattered by the sea. Not one of them could swim, but some could fly. Once the relatively healthy Ma Hongjun woke up, he immediately took to the air and started searching for the others. With great difficulty he found them, and everyone gathered together, managing to stay afloat by taking out some buoyant items. Ma Hongjun’s spirit power was also largely exhausted because of the search. Everyone’s condition was severely lacking, and it was Xiao Wu, having eaten the Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng and Yearning Heartbroken Red whose condition was the best.

Time passed day by day, and even though they carried food in their spirit tools, drifting in sea water day after day, being unable to swim but having to wrestle with the waves all day, they basically had no chance to rest, and they also had to look after the injured Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing. Everyone’s condition worsened by the day, and they could only hope to run into a fishing boat.

Because of the attack that day and losing Tang San who had the Dragon Abyss Boat, they were unable to save themselves.

By the tenth day, even with their Spirit Master physique they couldn’t persevere, but they had the misfortune of meeting a spirit beast. A ten thousand year level spirit beast.

If it was on land and at full health, even Oscar could rely on the clone mirror image sausage to deal with a ten thousand year spirit beast. But, this was the ocean, and every one of them was so weak. Even though they ultimately managed to cooperate and kill that spirit beast, they were still injured. Not long after, everyone discovered that the ten thousand year spirit beast was venomous, and they were all infected by a kind of special cold poison. Even Ma Hongjun’s phoenix flames couldn’t dissolve the cold poison.

Oscar’s little sausages could only retard its progress, but not remove the poison. Among the seven, only the one they always protected, Xiao Wu, was alright.

Just at this extremely critical moment, they met the Purple Pearl. The pirates on the Purple Pearl saved them, and brought them back to Purple Pearl island. After inspection, these pirates, familiar with the sea, discovered that everyone had a kind of special cold poison. Such a poison couldn’t be treated by medicine, but it also wouldn’t kill people. That ten thousand year spirit beast they had met was the same as Purple Pearl’s spirit, called Sea Viper, but Purple Pearl couldn’t detoxify them either, they had to endure under the sun for three days and the toxin would automatically break down. Moreover, in these three days they couldn’t eat anything, only drink a bit of water, then stand up, and the cold poison would be forced into the ground by the sun. This was also why everyone were so weak.

Soaking in the sea for so long, and then not being able to eat anything, it would be a wonder if their bodies were well.

As for Xiao Wu, because she wasn’t poisoned, she recovered very quickly, and Purple Pearl with a somewhat skewed sexual orientation fancied her at first glance. Even though Purple Pearl’s natural instincts weren’t bad, she still had no immunity to Xiao Wu’s beauty, and decided to marry Xiao Wu before the others recovered, and by then the rice would already be cooked.

“Cooking rice?” Tang San shot Purple Pearl a disdainful glance, “You have that ability?”

Purple Pearl wanted to speak up, but the tyrannical aura of the Blue Silver Overlord Spear didn’t give her the chance.

“A tiny cold poison, and it still needs the sun to expel?” Tang San snorted disdainfully, stretching a hand into the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse. Under Ji Xiang’s astonished gaze, he pulled out a completely reddish gold pearl.

Urging his spirit power, infusing it, golden red brilliance immediately flourished, just like a small sun held in his palm.

At the same time as he infused the pearl with spirit power, Tang San also withdrew his Blue Silver Overlord Spear. Purple Pearl was just about to start cursing, but suddenly her whole body trembled, limply falling to the ground with a pale face. Enveloped by that golden red light, her eyes were filled with horror.

Within that golden red radiance was a particular aura, making Purple Pearl basically unable to even speak. What made her most horrified was that pain seemed to come from the depths of her soul.

Tang San shot Purple Pearl a cold glance, then no longer looked at her. Blue Silver Emperor shifting, he first of all pulled Zhu Zhuqing up in front of him. Lightly grabbing her chin, he put the glittering pearl in his hand into Zhu Zhuqing’s mouth, his voice mixed with spirit power resounding in her ear, “Keep it, don’t swallow it.”

Only when Zhu Zhuqing closed her little mouth did that terrifying aura disappear, and Purple Pearl heaved an enormous sigh of relief. Just when she was about to start cursing once again, Tang San used one sentence to shut her up.

“Keep cursing, and not even chickens or dogs will be left alive here. Do you think someone here has the ability to stop me?” While speaking, the ice cold Deathgod Domain spread once again, suddenly piercing into Purple Pearl’s eyes along with the Purple God Light in his eyes. This wasn’t an attack, it was soul-deep terror.

The timing Tang San chose was undoubtedly just right. After that feeling of horror just now and her helplessness before Tang San’s attacks, Purple Pearl basically had a heartfelt fear towards him. Further adding the soul terror, this moment, this female pirate leader ultimately didn’t dare curse.

His gaze shifted to the old pirate who spoke just now, “Bring out a basin of water.” At the same time as he spoke, a Blue Silver Emperor swung out, taking advantage of the moment Purple Pearl was suppressed by the Purple God Light to poke her a few times, sealing both her spirit power and also her muting acupoint.

Purple Pearl now reacted, opening her mouth to curse, but discovered that she was unable to make a sound. This phenomenon overwhelmingly awed the surrounding pirates, and some originally restless Spirit Masters immediately quieted down.

Tang San didn’t look at them again, raising his hand to Zhu Zhuqing’s back, gentle Mysterious Heaven Skill infusing into her body.

By now, Zhu Zhuqing’s skin already radiated a faint golden red brilliance, trace after trace of blue black aura constantly spreading from her body into the surroundings, her pale face also gradually growing rosy.

The pearl Tang San took out was precisely the neidan he took from the Ten Headed Ardent Yang Serpent he met on the Hell Road. He didn’t know the characteristics of the poison within his freinds, or why not even Fatty’s Phoenix Flame couldn’t resist it, but no matter what, this cold poison game from a snake type spirit beast. With the Ten Headed Ardent Yang Serpent’s position as overlord of snakes, plus its innate pure yang characteristic, it could still be controlled.

Facts also proved Tang San correct. In a while, the cold poison within Zhu Zhuqing was already expelled, and she weakly opened her eyes.

Tang San held his hand by her mouth, and Zhu Zhuqing spit out the burning pearl, weakly calling out, “Third brother……”

Tang San put a Dragon Zoysia Leaf into Zhu Zhuqing’s mouth, “Chew it slowly and swallow. Don’t say anything, it’s important to rest properly first.”

Zhu Zhuqing nodded slightly. With Tang San here, she naturally wouldn’t worry about anything. Sitting crosslegged with Tang San’s assistance, she slowly chewed the Dragon Zoysia Leaf in her mouth and entered a cultivation state.

Tang San naturally had reason to detoxify Zhu Zhuqing’s poison first. Zhu Zhuqing and Dai Mubai were seriously injured that day, and after so long, their physical conditions were definitely the worst. And Zhu Zhuqing

was also a girl, her physical qualities naturally couldn’t compare to Dai Mubai. Therefore, she was the first to be rescued.

was Dai Mubai, Bai Chenxiang, Ning Rongrong, Oscar and Ma Hongjun. After each time using the Ten Headed Ardent Yang Serpent neidan, Tang San washed it and again infused it with spirit power to expedite its effect, then placed it in his comrades mouths one by one, helping them expel the cold poison.

When all this was finished, Tang San heaved a sigh of relief, and at the same time a layer of cold sweat rose on his back. His comrades’ condition was even worse than he expected, the torment they had suffered in these more than ten days wasn’t a bit less than his. If they were really allowed to detoxify the poison under the sun, another three days of bitterness, perhaps their vitality would have been permanently injured. Even if they were saved, the progress of their strength in the future might have been substantially hindered.

Having dealt with his friends, Tang San drew Xiao Wu in front of Purple Pearl.

After Purple Pearls muting accupoint was sealed by Tang San, she couldn’t curse no matter how she wished to, and her hate for Tang San could be said to have reached an extreme. Seeing him walking over, her eyes immediately shot flames, exerting herself to stand up in the Blue Silver Prison, forcefully grabbing the blue silver emperor bars, glowering at Tang San.

That elderly pirate said in the distance: “Lord Spirit Emperor, your comrades have already been cured, can’t you release our captain? We never held any bad intentions towards your comrades, this is just a misunderstanding!”

Tang San calmly said: “Release her? Can you guarantee we won’t be torn to shreds by the pirates here? I’ve just insulted your captain.”

The elderly pirate was just about to promise, but seeing Tang San’s crystal clear and dignified gaze, his half-hearted words immediately came

to a stop. For a moment he stood there in a daze.

Tang San said: “Seeing as you really don’t have much hostility, I won’t kill your captain. However, the reason we ended up in this state was also because of your Purple Pearl pirate group. You should know Haider, it was because we rode his Seadevil that we were harmed, and ended up like this. I’m not worried about telling you that it was Haider who brought us to the Demon Whale territory, rousing the Demon Whale to attack us. We could still survive in front of that hundred thousand year level Deep Sea Demon Whale, let alone your place here. Even though I won’t kill your captain, I still won’t easily release her. As guarantee for me and my companions’ safety, I will prevail upon your captain for these few days. Have your people make a large pot of gruel, and deliver some other food. Don’t think of using poison, I have Ji Xiang here. As long as you do as I say, once my friends have recovered, we will leave, and I will naturally release your captain.”

The old pirate was just about to speak up, but Tang San added: “Don’t try to haggle with me, you aren’t qualified. Unless you don’t care about her life.”

A strand of Blue Silver Emperor swing out, winding around Purple Pearl. Tearing away the Blue Silver Prison, Tang San relied on the Blue Silver Emperor to pull Purple Pearl up next to him.

The pirates looked at each other, for the moment there really was no way. They could only do as Tang San said. The old pirate said: “We’ll do as you say, but please follow your promise, don’t harm our captain.”

Tang San said calmly: “At least at present I don’t have a reason to kill her, I hope you don’t give me one.”

The Blue Silver Emperor shifted, and strand after strand snaked underneath everyone sitting. Under Tang San’s careful control, he brought everyone back to Purple Pearl’s house.

Even though one wall of this rather large house was broken, there was enough space for everyone to rest inside.

Tang San poked another few of Purple Pearl’s accupoints, then put her in a corner. Holding Xiao Wu, he softly caressed her long soft hair, comforting her panicked mood. He secretly heaved a sigh of relief, at least half the crisis had passed.

Ji Xian quietly watched from Tang San’s side from start to finish. Seeing Tang San use his own strength to awe the entire Purple Pearl pirate fleet singlehandedly, in his heart, this master’s abilities rose to unprecedented heights.

“Ji Xiang.”

Hearing Tang San calling for him, Ji Xiang hastily walked up to Tang San, deferentially saying: “Master.”

There was a gentleness in Tang San’s eyes. His gracefulness had reappeared, nothing like the one who had just terrified the group of pirates, “I hope you understand my methods. This is the Purple Pearl pirate fleet’s place, and I didn’t have any choice just now. I know you’re very attached to this place. I promise you not to hurt anyone as long as I can help it.”

Hearing Tang San say so, Ji Xiang clearly felt as if relieved of a burden, forcefully nodding, “Master, thank you. Actually, even though captain Purple Pearl is ill mannered, she’s excellent to people. She frequently brings everyone on the Purple Pearl to help poor fishing villages. I know the Haider you mentioned, he relied on bringing a lot of Spirit Masters to join the pirate gang back then, and his position in the group wasn’t low, so he was always very arrogant. Offending you this time was his bad luck.”

Tang San smiled slightly, saying: “It’s good as long as you understand. As for this captain Purple Pearl, I’ll let her keep quiet for a few days. I’ll see if I want to hear her curse then.”

Ji Xiang glanced at the indignant but unable to vent Purple Pearl in the corner, and couldn’t help showing a smile, “Captain Purple Pearl might not have ever suffered a loss like this. Everyone among the pirates have

had a taste of her temper, I didn’t expect she’d be taught a lesson by master. The method you used to keep her from speaking, isn’t it one of those accupoint sealing methods you mentioned?”

Tang San nodded, saying: “That’s right. The human body has a lot of accupoints, there are large ones, small ones, numbing ones, killing ones. Striking different accupoints with different strength will cause special effects. Later I’ll draw you a diagram, but keep these in mind first. Even though you can’t increase your internal strength due to lacking a spirit ring, you still have to persist in cultivation. Familiarise yourself with the circulation path of the Mysterious Heaven Skill.”


Before long, the food Tang San asked for had arrived. Even though he knew they wouldn’t dare play any tricks, Tang San still used silver needles to test each of the dishes for poison, then gave it to everyone to eat.

[1] “So”, you ask, “shouldn’t Tang San have realized from previous conversations?” The author’s intent was possibly to make the reader assume she was a man (though that’s doubtful, since he used “she” often enough in the text), but at least it should have been plausible for it to escape Tang San’s notice. It’s really difficult to get that to work out in translation. “She” and “he” are pronounced the same in Chinese, meaning Tang San wouldn’t have any way of knowing just from conversation. Tried reflecting that here, though it required some contortionist translations.

Chapter 214

(TL by Bagelson)

Ji Xiang was currently shouldering an important mission. He took the initiative to ask to help Tang San feed all the Shrek Seven Devils. Tang San held them up, he fed them, letting everyone eat a bowl of gruel. Just like when he brought back Tang San before, everyone still weren’t suited to eating too much.

After everyone finished eating, Tang San also ate a bit. Xiao Wu slept in the only bed in the room. Tang San walked over to Purple Pearl.

“Want to eat something? I’ll release you temporarily, but please keep your mouth in order. I’m Tang San, you can call me by my name. If you agree, blink once.”

Hearing Tang San’s words, Purple Pearl blinked once as expected.

Tang San didn’t touch Purple Pearl, she was after all a woman. Blue Silver Emperor stretched out, opening Purple Pearl’s numbing and muting acupoints.

Acupoints unblocked, Purple Pearl’s body softened, almost falling to the ground. Pushing herself up, she glared hatefully at Tang San, “Do you know sorcery?”

Tang San smiled faintly, saying: “You should understand that this is a kind of skill.”

Purple Pearl snorted coldly, and didn’t keep speaking, instead walking over to the remaining food with large steps. Heedless of the food already being cold, she ate with large gulps. Her table manners were unsightly, comparable to Ma Hongjun before. She didn’t even seem like a woman. Tang San frowned as he watched.

In just a short while, Purple Pearl finished the food like wind scattering clouds. Without even glancing at Tang San, she stalked back to sit in her corner, closing her eyes and falling asleep.

The corners of Tang San’s mouth revealed a trace of a smile. He could tell that this captain really was very depressed. He didn’t say anything either, his gaze slightly sweeping outside, and a few pirates sticking their heads out quickly hid. He seemed like he didn’t see anything, sitting cross legged in the center of the room with his eyes closed to cultivate.

The seabreeze brushed the trees on the island, generating rustling sounds. Winter was already approaching, and there were few leaves in the forest. Only, the temperature at sea was a bit higher than inland, and the ocean climate meant it wasn’t too cold here.

The night gradually deepened. Tang San quietly cultivated, and the Shrek Six Devils were all deep asleep. This room lacking a wall on one side seemed very quiet.

Just at this moment, leaning in the corner, Purple Pearl quietly opened her eyes. Looking at Tang San, her eyes expressed ferocity, and she pulled a grimace in his direction. Looking all around, she quietly shifted her body. She didn’t move far, only one meter or so, where there was a table. Purple Pearl directly crawled under the table, stretching her hand to softly push under the table. The floor beneath the table immediately flipped over, and she instantly disappeared. The whole process unexpectedly didn’t cause any noise.

“No need to watch. Keep cultivating.” A few seconds after Purple Pearl disappeared, Tang San’s faint voice echoed.

Ji Xiang opened his eyes, looking puzzled at Tang San, “Master, you let her leave on purpose?”

Tang San smiled calmly, saying: “Do you believe she could leave otherwise? Very soon she will be able to feel her strength recover. In half an hour, she will definitely bring a large number of pirates to storm this place. Do y

Ji Xiang looked at Tang San, his eyes filled with doubt.

Tang San smiled: “I only want to tell her that, no matter what she does, there’s basically no way for her to constitute a threat to me. I let her go for this reason. It will take at least five days for my comrades to heal. I don’t want to be on guard against these pirates all day long, so it would be better to convince them once.”

Ji Xiang seemed to understand somewhat, blinking, he asked Tang San: “Master, your sixth spirit ring really is of the hundred thousand year level?”

Tang San’s brows wrinkled, but he still nodded softly, “Later master will let you see another type of our sect’s secret skills. Your spirit is a Needle, it’s quite suited to this kind of skill.”

Just as Tang San said, in less than half an hour, the outside was already growing noisy. Purple Pearl’s arrogant voice resounded, “Surround it, don’t let even a housefly get out. Fucker, that bastard, if I don’t make him drink two basins of foot bath water, he won’t know how fearsome Purple Pearl is!”

Hearing Purple Pearl’s voice, Tang San couldn’t help smiling, but he remained as motionless as a mountain. Ji Xiang always sat to the side watching Tang San. Tang San’s calm gave people a sense of relief, as if he didn’t need to have the slightest concern about whatever was happening outside. Tang San seemed like a solid rampart that could protect them all.

“Tang San, you son of a bitch, get out her. Fuck, in all my years I’ve never been so humiliated. I want to see how you alone will face thousands

of us. I won’t push you, just drink two basins of my foot washing water and I’ll let you go. Of course, that little girl has to stay to be my wife.”

By now, Purple Pearl’s house was already surrounded by densely packed pirates, torches held high for illumination, leaving the village brightly lit. Practically all the spirit masters were concentrated in the inner circle, each and every one cautiously watching the wooden house.

That old pirate who talked to Tang San in daytime now stood next to Purple Pearl, talking to her in a low voice: “Captain, that person isn’t easy to deal with. I think we should let it be. Anyway, they’ll just rest here and then leave. Since you’ve already escaped, as long as they don’t do anything to jeopardize us Purple Pearl pirates, it’s best not to antagonize them.”

“Bullshit.” Because of Purple Pearl’s anger, her extremely ample chest heaved forcefully, “When have I ever been this angry, I said I’d have him drink two basins of foot washing water, so I’ll definitely have him drink it. Tang San, you son of a bitch, get the fuck out here.”

Just at this moment, a graceful voice disseminated from the house, “Purple Pearl, have you heard that expression? The sins of Heaven can be forgiven, the sins of oneself, cannot.”

Purple Pearl stared blankly a moment, “At a fucking time like this, and you’re still playing with words. Kid, you listen to me. I won’t bother your companions, but I’ll have you account for what you did today. There’s thousands of us here, if each of us spits once, we could drown you.”

Distantly, she could see the circumstances in the room through the broken wall. Tang San all along sat in the same place, without a bit of alarm over her presence outside, to the extent that he even sat there with his eyes closed. Even though she wouldn’t admit it herself, Tang San’s manner secretly made even her enchanted.

The pirates closed in step by step, pushing in towards the wooden house. But Tang San’s display during the day still had a tremendous awing effect, and even though they constantly pushed forward, they didn’t dare rush. The

stronger the spirit master, the better they understood the strength Tang San displayed when he contained Purple Pearl. Especially that hundred thousand year spirit ring had an enormous force of impact to these pirate spirit masters. Who knew how frightful the abilities of that sixth spirit ability was?

Slowly getting up, Tang San patted Ji Xiang’s shoulder, “Do your best to experience my skills. No need to try to see it clearly, for this consummate skill you first of all need to view the general situation. As for everything else, it can all be cultivated after hand.”

Faint light flickered, and Tang San’s face displayed a faint smile. His comrades were all well, and moreover gathered together again, so by now his mood had already completely recovered to normal, he naturally didn’t have any killing intent towards the pirates outside.

The moment Tang San appeared in the doorway, all the pirates subconsciously halted, each and everyone nervously watching at Tang San. The spirit master pirates all released their spirits without a moment of hesitation, but they were still showing signs of trembling with fear.

As captain, Purple Pearl immediately discovered the issue with her subordinates, and angrily said: “You cowards, we have more than two hundred spirit masters, he’s alone. If we each throw out one spirit ability, we can still dismember that kid’s corpse in ten thousand pieces. What are you afraid of?”

Tang San smiled calmly, saying: “Captain Purple Pearl. How about we make a bet?”

Purple Pearl looked distracted a moment, “Bet? Kid, you like betting too?” Hearing this word, Purple Pearl’s eyes were radiant. Ordinarily, gambling could be called the greatest pleasure of pirates. Even though both sides were currently hostile, Tang San’s mention of betting was still attractive enough.

Tang San hadn’t thought Purple Pearl would react like this, but this was even better for his plans, “Presumably you aren’t quite convinced of my

capturing you today.”

Purple Pearl furiously said: “What dogfart capturing? That was a sneak attack, if not for that, could you have caught me?”

Tang San didn’t pay any attention to her fury, “Since it’s like that, if we fight one on one, are you sure of beating me?”

Purple Pearl was immediately at a loss, but argued strenuously: “Why would I fight you one on one? This is my domain. As long as I give the order, you will be torn to pieces alive.”

Tang San said: “Then we’ll bet. For the time of one stick of incense, I won’t use any spirit abilities, and you can have any comrades help you. In this time, I will capture you again, and moreover return to the house. If I succeed, it’s my win. If I can’t catch you, it’s my loss.”

Purple Pearl stared blankly a moment, then entered a state of anger close to berserk, “Son of a bitch, are you dreaming? You want to catch me without using spirit abilities? Come on, I’ll bet with you. What are we betting?”

Tang San said: “If I win, you will recognize me as your master, and listen to any of my orders. If I lose, you assign the punishment.”

Purple Pearl sized up Tang San a few times. Being capable of becoming the ruler of a gang, she absolutely wasn’t an impulsive person. Even if her temper was a bit violent, at her core she was meticulous. But she wouldn’t believe that Tang San could catch her among an army of ten thousand without really using spirit abilities.

“Fine, we’ll bet on it. If you lose, I won’t bother you. Drink two basins of my foot washing water, and crawl under my legs. Then I’ll let you go.” While speaking, she gracelessly raised her left leg, pointing underneath.

Tang San’s expression didn’t change, “Wait until you defeat me.” Tang san flicked his wrist while speaking, already holding a stock of incense.

Fingers twirling, the stick flew out, passing through a pirate’s torch, then travelling in an arc and lightly pinning onto the wall of a wooden house.

This trick immediately awed the heartily laughing pirates. Letting a stick of incense ignite by passing through a fire wasn’t difficult, the difficult part lay in making it fly in an arc, and moreover making it stick on the wall with its weak body. What kind of clever soft force could achieve this?

When Ji Xiang inside the house saw this move his eyes immediately brightened, vaguely already understanding what secret skill Tang San wanted to teach him.

“The incense is already burning. Purple Pearl, I will begin.” Tang San wasn’t anxious to start, instead first warning Purple Pearl. This time he would convince her in heart and by word.

Purple Pearl saw that calm gaze in Tang San’s eyes, without any emotion, and secretly shivered in her heart. At the same time as she released her spirit, she slid, slipping into the crowd. I can’t defeat you, but don’t tell me I can’t hide? Besides, you’re not using your spirit. If all I have to do is dodge and not get caught, then how will you make me recognize you as master? With such thoughts, the bet between Purple Pearl and Tang San officially began.

Purple Pearl’s subordinates were all quite clever. Seeing the captain swiftly retreat, the pirates immediately formed a human wall. Tang San never said they couldn’t attack, so these pirates naturally didn’t hesitate to launch their own spirit abilities. Not looking for achievements, just avoiding mistakes. Each and every one naturally started their defensive abilities, hoping to block Tang San. Not attacking was the intelligent choice, because they didn’t want to infuriate Tang San. Even the captain couldn’t defeat this kid, let alone these universally twenty or thirty ranked spirit masters.

Unfortunately, Tang San basically had no intention of relying on movement to catch Purple Pearl. Both his hands brushed the Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges at his waist, a sparkling radiance already floating in the air.

In the firelight, those crystalline lights immediately flew up, rushing into the pirate group with sharp whistling sounds.

This was the Tang Sect hidden weapons technique Goddess Scattering Flowers.

Goddess Scattering Flowers was in itself a fairly common technique among Tang Sect hidden weapons, but it was a foundation for a large number of hidden weapons techniques, like Tang Sect’s fourth ranked Thousand And One Nights, which was based on Goddess Scattering Flowers. Having been immersed in hidden weapons for so many years, Tang San was naturally so familiar with this Goddess Scattering Flowers technique that he couldn’t be more familiar. All the hidden weapons he threw were needle types, and each needle scattered as if it had grown eyes. In one move Tang San used no less than fifty silver needles.

In practically the blink of an eye, the pirates in front of him collapsed like cut wheat. The collapsed pirates, without exception, were all Spirit Masters.

Watching their comrades fall, the next line of pirates immediately looked distracted. They basically hadn’t even seen how Tang San did it. Immediately afterward, Tang San’s second wave of silver needles appeared.

The forte of Tang Sect disciples was chaotic group fights, especially after reaching grandmaster level, as long as they had enough hidden weapons, they basically didn’t fear enemy numbers.

These pirates had no mortal enmity, and even more wouldn’t go threaten everyone in the house, so Tang San would naturally hold back. At the same time as the second wave of silver needles shot out, he himself also floated forward, rushing among the pirates alone.

Due to silver needles, large numbers of pirates fell to the ground. None of these collapsed Spirit Masters were above fortieth rank. For fortieth rank and below Spirit Masters, Tang San’s silver needles were enough to break their defensive spirit abilities.

Purple Pearl had now already dodged into the pirate group, and still hadn’t discovered what happened outside, but she still heard the cries of alarm. Just as she wondered what had happened, suddenly, a warm feeling rushed into her body. At the same time she vaguely saw a faint blue light from the ground.

Purple Pearl Island also possessed blue silver grass, just not all that much. Relying on the guidance of the Blue Silver Domain, let alone a few thousand, even among tens of thousands, Tang San would still easily be able to locate Purple Pearl.

Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step launched. The pirates had already begun to attack Tang San, but he seemed to have grown a thousand arms, each time he raised his hands pirates would collapse. Those nearby with sealed acupoints, some more distant greeted by hidden weapons.

Among these pirates, there were also dozens of fortieth rank or above Spirit Masters, who started encircling Tang San. Unfortunately, faced with the marvellous Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step, even the pure speed Bai Chenxiang had no way to deal with it, let alone these sea Spirit Masters who could only reveal their full strength in the ocean.

With the strength of one person, moving unhindered among thousands of pirates, yet nobody could bar Tang San’s path, his white shadow could be seen weaving unhindered back and forth through the pirates, large numbers of pirates constantly collapsing. The hidden weapons gradually did not only stick to silver needles, Tang San after all had a limited amount. Various kinds of hidden weapons started to appear, but these hidden weapons didn’t reveal any killing power, guided by Tang San’s ten dextrous fingers, they found the pirates’ acupoints.

Purple Pearl finally discovered what was going on, and she also saw Tang San only a few dozen meters away. Seeing numerous group members collapsing, her mind had already turned blank.

Was, was he still human? She clearly saw that Tang San complied with his promise, and didn’t use any spirit abilities, so much that he hadn’t even

released that blue golden spirit. But even like this, nobody could block his path forward.

The incense had already burned by half. But there were already several hundred pirates on the ground. In the eyes of the pirates, Tang San’s completely emotionless gaze was half like the descent of a death god.

Suddenly, Tang San’s gaze met Purple Pearl’s. Purple Pearl saw the faint smile on his face, it didn’t hold any contempt, but was full of confidence, absolute confidence.

Completely suppressed by such imposing manner, Purple Pearl couldn’t even display seventy percent of her strength. All she wanted to do now was run, run to the ocean as fast as possible. She believed that, as a landlubber Spirit Master, Tang San wouldn’t have any way of catching her in the sea.

At this moment, Purple Pearl couldn’t help somewhat hate that she had placed this village at the center of the island. If it was at the seaside, maybe she could already have rushed into the sea.

The only thing she was still grateful for, was that she could see that Tang San’ hadn’t killed anyone, those collapsed pirates had just temporarily lost the ability to move.

“Block him, block him for me!” Purple Pearl shouted loudly, her fourth spirit ring abruptly brightening, suddenly crawling on the ground, the dark grey scales all over her body became even darker, she swiftly moved in the direction of the sea, leaving behind a faint afterimage.

Tang San’s heart shivered. Through the Blue Silver Domain, he clearly felt Purple Pearl now moving forward with extreme speed. When passing through her subordinates, her speed wasn’t influenced at all. This spirit ability should be mainly for dodging attacks. According to her present speed, even though the pirates blocking him were insignificant, they were still numerous, and by the time he caught up to Purple Pearl, time would have run out, or she would have escaped into the ocean.

Just as Purple Pearl surmised, if she really entered the ocean, Tang San would have no way of dealing with her.

A loud resonant cry issued from Tang San’s mouth. No longer hiding his strength, an instant movement, and Tang San appeared fifty meters away. He started using teleportation. Each time Tang San flashed through the pirate crowd, there would inevitably be a batch of pirates collapsing to the ground. The distance to Purple Pearl grew closer and closer.

Purple Pearl did her utmost to escape, and soon, the shore was already in sight. However, at the same time she also felt an aura quickly approaching behind her.

A flash of light, and Tang San appeared in front of Purple Pearl out of nowhere, watching her with a smile.

Purple Pearl suddenly stopped, “You’re shameless.”

Tang San calmly said: “Not at all, I only said I wouldn’t use spirit abilities, I never said anything about spirit bone abilities. You should have seen very clearly that I didn’t even release my spirit. No need to stall for time, it’s useless. Concede.”

“Drop dead.” Purple Pearl’s dark gray scales brightened, an immense coiling image appearing behind her back. That illusion gradually took shape, and moreover quickly split, unexpectedly separating into nine more than ten meter long giant serpents, pouncing at Tang San.

Sixth spirit ability? Tang San’s gaze still didn’t change, he could sense that Purple Pearl was now just making a show of strength. She basically didn’t have the determination to bet her life. At the same time as she released the spirit ability, this lord captain used the cover of the illusion to quietly crawl sideways, heading directly for the sea. Her sixth spirit ability was more to confuse Tang San, to block him.

Of course, the might of this sixth spirit ability was still quite fearsome. Tang San believed that if this spirit ability was used at sea, its strength would definitely be even greater.

The nine giant serpents simultaneously rammed Tang San. Tang San opened his arms, his eyes closed, receiving the attack of the nine giant serpents as if enjoying it.

All the pirates that could still move saw this scene clearly, Tang San’s body brightened with a golden light, and the nine giant serpents that abruptly struck his body were smashed to fragments, basically not causing Tang San any harm. And at this moment, a blue light shot out from between Tang San’s eyebrows, catching up to Purple Pearl in the blink of an eye. The blue light flashed and stilled, and Purple Pearl was no longer able to move a single step. It was the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud’s additional ability, Cosmic Stasis Barrier. Tang San firmly believed that Purple Pearl, with spirit power level roughly equal to his own, absolutely wouldn’t be able to break through the Cosmic Stasis Barrier. And at this moment, Purple Pearl was only one step away from the sea.

Quiet, several thousand assembled pirates were quiet. Tang San waved his left hand, and that Cosmic Stasis Barrier enveloping Purple Pearl flew back. A bizarre scene played out. That pyramidal light barrier shrunk in midair, and by the time it reached Tang San’s left hand, it was only thirty centimeters high, resting in Tang San’s palm. And inside, Purple Pearl had also shrunken, sitting there with a disappointed expression.

Turning around, Tang San walked step by step in the direction of the pirate village, and the at least two thousand pirates still able to move quietly opened up a passage. Blankly staring at Tang San walking past in front of them, not one dared to block him. Each time Tang San’s toes touched the ground, he would slide forward several dozen meters, floating in the air like an immortal.

In front of absolute strength, they could only keep quiet. Resolute people nodded slightly, shocked to discover that in less time than it took a stick of incense to burn, there were actually more than five hundred pirates on the ground unable to move, and they included a hundred relatively weaker Spirit Masters.

What kind of strength was this!

In the daytime, Tang San had once threateningly told Purple Pearl with killing everything down to the chickens and dogs here. At that time the pirates had only treated it as bluster, but at this moment, the strength Tang San had displayed made them tremble from their souls. If this man wanted to kill people, who could stop him? Maybe he couldn’t kill everyone in an instant, but if given enough time, this could absolutely be accomplished.

As Tang San returned to the wooden house, that stick of incense was just burning to an end, still not extinguished.

When Ji Xiang saw Purple Pearl inside that blue pyramid in Tang San’s hand, his pupils contracted. Even though he hadn’t seen how Tang San accomplished it in the end, he was already completely convinced by Tang San’s strength.

At the same level, without using his spirit, catching someone and coming back from among thousands of pirates as easy as reaching into his pocket, and still leaving hundreds of pirates without the strength to move. What kind of strength was this? If this teacher of his truly began a slaughter, then how many people here could survive?

With a flick of his wrist, Tang San withdrew his Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud. Purple Pearl’s body spun once in midair, growing larger, and by the time she hit the ground she was already restored to her original size.

“You lose.” Tang San’s voice was still calm, as if this victory was inevitable.

Slowly standing up, Purple Pearl’s eyes revealed a difficult to express mood. This time, she no longer cursed, only looking at Tang San, her expression somewhat strange. After a long time she still didn’t speak a word. And behind her, all the pirates watching Tang San had nothing but fear in their eyes.

Tang San called over Ji Xiang, telling him: “I sealed the acupoints of the people on the ground, you go remove it for each of them, use the Mysterious Heaven Skill you just learned, concentrating it in your palm, then smack this place on their chest. Control your strength properly, use

about a tenth of your current spirit power. Take back the silver needles or other hidden weapons piercing them, they will all be at their shoulders. Go.” Tang San softly poked a position on Ji Xiang’s chest, telling him the location of the acupoint.

“Yes, teacher.” Ji Xiang knew that this was a training his master had for him, and quickly left.

Ji Xiang hurriedly walked away, and Tang San’s gaze turned back to Purple Pearl. He didn’t rush her, only looked at her calmly.

Purple Pearl fiercely clenched her teeth, “A loss is a loss, I admit it.” Speaking, she kneeled in front of Tang San with a thump, loudly calling out: “Master, hereafter I am yours.”

Tang San’s originally calm expression showed a fraction of shock, helplessly shaking his head.

Purple Pearl then turned around, “Fuck, what are you still standing around for, I’m kneeling, and you’re still standing? He’s my master, hereafter he’s also the master of our Purple Pearl pirates.”

The pirates now returned to themselves. Immediately, the crowd grew shorter, “Master——” Their shouting wasn’t force, on the contrary it had a feeling of cheerfully submitting. Tang San had relied on his own strength to convince these pirates. Even though they might not be loyal to him, they absolutely admired Tang San’s strength.

“All rise. It’s late, go home and rest.” Tang San waved his hand, turning and walking into the wooden house.

Purple Pearl looked distracted a moment. First to stand, she called out:
“Master, is this it? You’re not planning on having me do something?”

Tang San halted, turning his head to her, “What do you want to do? We have no past hatred. Go rest. “Finished speaking, he walked into the house once again.

Purple Pearl unexpectedly revealed a shy expression; “Master, I suddenly find myself starting to like men. You don’t want sexual services?”

Just stepping into the room, Tang San staggered, his rear view also seeming a bit rigid at this words. Seeing this appearance, Purple Pearl couldn’t help laughing heartily without any misgivings. Being suppressed by Tang San for a day and a night, she finally had her revenge. At least in her opinion.

Ji Xiang was busy opening pirate acupoints for a whole night. Due to having to operate his Mysterious Heaven Skill each time he did, even though he ran out of spirit power several times and had to rest and recover, his control of the Mysterious Heaven Skill also increased a lot.

The more pirate acupoints he unsealed, the deeper Ji Xiang’s veneration of Tang San became. So many pirates collapsed in just the time of one stick of incense, and every single pirate had been attacked in the same place. Even though Ji Xiang didn’t look at those who had their acupoints pressed, he believed that those pirates had definitely been struck in the shoulder.

As Ji Xiang dragged his weary body back to the wooden house with an excited mind, the Shrek Six Devils and Bai Chenxiang were already awake.

With a new lease of life after calamity, everyone couldn’t help sighing as they saw Tang San once again, recounting what had happened once again.

After Ji Xiang entered, he sat honestly to the side. Tang San glanced at him saying: “Don’t sleep, cultivate according to the method I taught you. It will be beneficial to use this method in place of sleep in the future.

“Yes, master.” Ji Xiang took everything Tang San said at his word. Hastily sitting cross legged, he began to cultivate according to the Mysterious Heaven Skill circulation route he remembered. According to Grandmaster’s Ten Great Core Competences, even without obtaining a spirit ring, spirit power would still constantly grow through cultivation. He just had to wait until after getting a spirit ring before it showed.

“Little San, you took a disciple?” Dai Mubai was just sitting, somewhat astonished looking at Tang San.

Everyone of the Shrek Seven Devils had quite resilient bodies, having eaten the immortal grade herbs Tang San gave them back then. After a night of rest, even though they still hadn’t recovered, they still wouldn’t be that weak. Only Bai Chenxiang’s circumstances were a bit worse, her body wasn’t at the level of the Shrek Seven Devils, and still needed some time to recover.

Tang San said: “Fortunately Ji Xiang saved me. Otherwise, you might not have seen me again. To tell the truth, I don’t know how I escaped the Deep Sea Demon Whale. When I fell unconscious, I already felt my body being crushed by the falling seawater. That I could survive this time can only be described as luck. At least on the surface I’ve captured the Purple Pearl pirates here. Once you’re well, we’ll leave for Seagod island. I trust Purple Pearl should know the way.”

“Master, you’re going to Seagod Island?” Ji Xiang, just entering cultivation state, suddenly opened his eyes, looking at Tang San with astonishment.

Tang San nodded, “You know the circumstances of Seagod Island?”

Ji Xiang’s expression revealed a trace of sadness, softly saying:
“Actually, I come from there.”

Chapter 215

(TL by PiggyBottle)

“Oh? You were from Sea God Island?” Hearing Ji Xiang’s words, Tang San couldn’t help but look at him in shock.

Nodding his head, Ji Xiang said “I was born in Sea God Island and lived there until I was ten years old. My parents were also from Sea God Island, but they didn’t know why I was born with zero innate spirit power. For those who live on Sea God Island, at the age of eighteen they are required to undergo a trial. Only those who pass the trial can stay and worship the Sea God, while those who fail will be sent away. For me who had innate zero spirit power, I had no chance of succeeding. Thus, my parents sent me here and requested Captain Purple Pearl to take care of me. As I couldn’t train my spirit, since young I learnt some medical skills from the folks of Sea God Island. After coming here, I became their resident doctor. My cousin was also sent here with me, his situation is not unlike mine.”

Tang San would never have guessed that his disciple actually came from Sea God Island. Regardless, this was a piece of good news to him. After the encounter with the Deep Sea Demonic Whale, whether it was Tang San or the others of the seven devils, they had become wary of the sea. It was to their benefit to learn more about a power such as Sea God Island before heading there.

Seeing everyone’s gaze fall onto him, without waiting for Tang San to ask, Ji Xiang took the initiative to say: “Master, seniors. Sea God Island is a special place. Can I ask what you are all heading there for?”

Tang San replied: “We are heading there this time to train ourselves. As we were told by our elders, Sea God Island is an extremely dangerous place where there are many strong Oceanic Spirit Masters and Oceanic Spirit Beasts. As you can tell, amongst people of the same age, our Spirit Ranks are slightly higher. At this level, if we wanted to improve ourselves it is not easy. My teacher had carefully tested out many different training methods and realised that the best way to improve one’s strength is through near-death encounters. As such this time our trip to Sea God Island is to train and improve ourselves.”

Ji Xiang looked at Tang San then the others, in his heart he secretly thought, Master your spirit ranks are not just slightly higher but rather horrifyingly high.

Although he had not seen the strength of the other members of the Shrek Seven Devils, for them to be able to travel with Tang San, they definitely would not be much weaker.

“Master, if you wish to head to the Sea God Island to train yourselves, then i recommend you all to turn back now.” Ji Xiang sincerely spoke, his face revealing a hint of panic.

Tang San calmly asked: “Why is that?”

Ji Xiang said: “Because, when outsiders arrive there, there can only be two outcomes, either get kicked out or get trapped inside forever.”

Tang San nodded his head. Saying: “I heard about it before, can you tell me more about the origin of this saying?”

Ji Xiang replied: “Sea God island is a special place for Spirit Masters, you can also consider it the domain of the Oceanic Spirit Masters. The Oceanic Spirit Masters are very different from land Spirit Masters, only in the vast ocean can they fully bring out their powers. It can be said that the whole ocean is their domain. In there, equally ranked land Spirit Masters will never be able to defeat an oceanic Spirit Master. Just as the land Spirit Masters have faith in Spirit Hall, the oceanic Spirit Masters also have their own faith, b

Ji Xiang’s words had roused the interest of everyone there, no one interrupted him, they all only listened intently.

“Every Oceanic Spirit Master believes in the existence of the Sea God. The ancestor of all Oceanic Spirit Masters and the one who controls the oceans. And it is precisely because of the blessing bestowed by the Sea God that the Oceanic Spirit Masters are able to have their strength and the ability to control the oceans. Perhaps, to land Spirit Masters Spirit Hall is not their faith, but to all Oceanic Spirit Masters, they have absolute faith in the Sea God. No one there would dare be blasphemous to the Sea god.”

“And Sea God Island is a sacred place for Oceanic Spirit Masters and is where they worship the Sea God. Those with great merit have become the messengers for the Sea God and lead the strongest Spirit Masters on the Island. Any who enter the Island will have to undergo a test, this test is not by the Spirit Masters who govern the island but rather it is given by the lord Sea God.”

Hearing till here, Dai Mubai could not hold himself back and asked: “Does the Sea God really exist? Then does that mean that gods really exist on this world?”

Ji Xiang seriously affirmed: “Yes, definitely, the Sea God definitely exists. Most of the Spirit Masters on the Sea God Island have personally seen the manifestation of the Sea God.’

Oscar said: “Then the test you were speaking about, is it given by this manifestation?”

Ji Xiang replied: “Not really, that is merely a method the Sea God uses to communicate, the test will be given through the Grand Worshipper who is known as the right-hand man of the Sea God, having the duty to protect the authority of the Sea God and exercising rights of the Sea God.”

Tang San said: “In that case, doesn’t the test still comes from a person instead.”

Ji Xiang’s expression grew strange, “Master, this is something I am unable to explain. Only after experiencing the test can one understand the situation. To each individual the tests are different. Some people’s tests are easy, for example going to the ocean and collecting a shell, while for others it may be extremely difficult such as having to withstand the attack of the Grand Worshipper. Each test is different person to person, generally speaking though it should be related to the overall strength of each individual.”

“All the Oceanic Spirit Masters on Sea God island will have to undergo a test when they are eighteen. If they pass the test, they can stay on the island to attend the Sea God, if not they will be forced to leave the island. If the test is too hard, sometimes they might even lose their lives. While outsiders who enter, regardless of age will have to take the test. If they fail, they will be evicted immediately, and if they succeed they will have to remain permanently on the Sea God Island. As long as one passes the test regardless of whether you are an outsider or a native Oceanic Spirit Master, you will not be permitted to leave the island unless you wish to invoke the wrath of the Sea God.”

“I would suggest you all not go there, because the tests towards outsiders especially those land Spirit Masters are exceptionally tough. It will very easily result in your deaths. Even if you do pass it, you will be trapped there forever. The Sea God Island is the sacred land of the Oceanic Spirit Masters, it definitely is not a place suitable for training.”

Tang San faintly smiled, saying: “We have already considered that. To us, entering the Sea God Island and taking the test is also a sort of training. Whether we can leave the island or not is also another kind of training. If we are unable to leave the island with our own strength, then it would mean that we have failed our training. Ji Xiang, I understand your good intentions, but this trip to the Sea God Islands is something me definitely need to do.”

Ji Xiang seeing the calm and determined look in Tang San’s eyes, could not hold back his worry, “But, masters. You just do not know how difficult the Sea God Island test is. No mentioning the Land Spirit Masters, many non-native Oceanic Spirit Masters have also come to take the test only to

die. I lived on the Sea God Island for over ten years, and never have I even heard of a single land Spirit Master managing to become a member of the Sea God Island. The strength of the Grand Worshiper is not something you can imagine.”

Tang San lightly smiled once more, saying: “I understand what you are trying to say. But, if I were to back down every time I have to face something tough, then I will never be able to become a truly strong Spirit Master. From how I see it, I think the Sea God you speak of really exists. I believe that when an individual achieves a strength that no one else can even hope to achieve, then he can definitely be called a god. I reckon that this Sea God you speak of is an Oceanic Spirit Master than had managed to breakthrough the pinnacle and gained the ability to borrow the power of the entire ocean. Such a person would indeed be impossible to be overcome by anybody else in the world, giving him the title of Sea God. As a Spirit Master, this would also be one of my goals. I have decided, in three days, we will head towards the Sea God Island.”

Ji Xiang did not say more, although he had not spent much time together With Tang San, he knew that this master of his, once he decided on something, he would not easily change his mind.

The three days quickly passed, and the Shrek Seven Devils had mostly recovered their health and peak condition, Bai Chenxiang’s physical condition had too mostly recovered.

The sea breeze blew alongside the sun beams illuminating the ocean surface creating a dancing myriad of colours.

A relatively large boat navigated the surface of the oceans, with its mast up adorned with a huge purple sail. This was the famous Purple Pearl Ship in this region of the waters. The private ship of the Purple Pearl Pirate Group’s leader.

The Shrek Seven Devils stood on the deck of the ship looking into the distance, after experiencing an encounter with the Deep Sea Demonic Whale, they finally once more headed towards Sea God Island. Although

the previous encounter cut it close, the pressure from the attacks of the Deep Sea Demonic Whale had given them quite some growth.

In these days, Tang San had managed to assimilate all of the absorbed energy in the Eight Spider Lances, and as predicted, he had reached the sixty-eighth rank.

As for the rest of the Shrek Seven Devils, other than Xiao Wu, they all had also risen about half a rank, the most significantly affected was still fatty.

After Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing were grievously hurt and Tang San’s whereabouts were unknown, these people all relied on him for protection. The ten days struggling out at sea helped Fatty to breakthrough and reach the sixtieth rank, with a spirit ring he too would be able to enter the ranks of a Spirit Emperor.

“My ship is really fast so it will take us at most two days before we arrive near Sea God Island.” Purple Pearls said while standing beside Tang San. After hearing that Tang San and company wanted to head towards Sea God Island she immediately volunteered to send them over. Naturally, when she volunteered Tang San could see her face happily enjoying the misfortune Tang San and company would face, as she knew the situation at Sea God Island.

“But, my master, I cannot send you all the way to Sea God Island, I can only stop at a nearby island before sending you on your way. Near the Sea God Island is many powerful Oceanic Spirit Beasts, if a ship were to approach they will definitely face a terrible end. Moreover, i don’t dare infringe on the Sea God’s dignity.”

Tang San glanced at Purple Pearl, “Sending us nearby is enough, as long as we can see the Sea God Island, then your mission is complete.”

Seeing Tang San’s calm expression, Purple Pearl could not help but feel disgruntled. She truly respected Tang San’s strength so she did not dare speak much more. She had also considered having a bout with Tang San in the ocean, but after remembering the blue light from the other day, she

vanquished this thought from her mind. This man was indeed someone she could not deal with.

Without wasting time, in these few days Tang San had handed down to Ji Xiang the methods to train the Mysterious Heaven Skill and its key points, the positions of the human acupunctural points, the techniques to control the Tang Sect Hidden Weapons as well as his Mysterious Jade Hand, the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, the Controlling Crane Catching Dragon and even the Purple Demon Eye skill.

Ji Xiang had an extremely good memory so although time was short and he did not fully understand these skills yet, memorising them down first was no problem for him. At the same time, he also urged Purple Pearl to take good care of Ji Xiang and help him hunt Spirit beasts to increasing his strength after he leaves.

Xiao Wu leaned in Tang San’s embrace, her large beautiful eyes blinking occasionally as she gazed at the vast ocean. Even Zhu Zhuqing and Ning Rongrong were slightly envious of her, having lost her soul she naturally did not have any misgivings, so intimately in her lover’s embrace while carefreely enjoying the sea breeze.

The following two days of sailing went by smoothly, on this boat ride, Purple Pearl very detailedly explained the various Oceanic Spirit Beast Territories that one had to look out for. Especially those of the Hundred Thousand Year Old Spirit Beasts which they even had to detour around. Although surviving them was simple for someone of Purple Pearl’s caliber her ship would be unable to withstand its attacks.

According to Purple Pearl, in the ocean the number of Spirit Beasts were something that no one knew, but for Hundred Thousand Year Old Spirit Beasts she knew of at least three of which the Deep Sea Demonic Whale was the most formidable. Besides it was another Oceanic Spirit Beast in the distant seas, and the other one was one which resided in the waters near the Sea God Island. According to legends, it was apparently the mount of the Sea God previously, with strength only second the the Deep Sea Demonic Whale and was also one of the overlords of the sea.

In the distance by the horizon a small black dot appeared. Purple Pearl stood by the bow watching, once she saw the black dot she immediately asked her crew to stop the ship.

The Shrek Seven devils knew that they would soon arrive at their destination and were all already prepared.

Purple Pearl came to Tang San’s side saying: “Master, we can only send you up to here. Any further and it will be the territory of the Sea God Island. If any ships enter the area, they would be attacked by the Hundred Thousand Year Old Spirit Beast protecting the area. Do take care when you all approach it later. The Spirit Beast protecting the island is pretty terrifying, and its attack power is especially powerful, even the Deep Sea Demonic Whale is wary of it.”

Ma Hongjun said from the side: “Purple Pearl, you keep speaking about this protective spirit beast, what exactly is it?”

Purple Pearl said: “The protector spirit beast is a shark that had been cultivating for a hundred thousand years, and it is the fiercest variant, the Demonic Great White Shark. It has been known as the hunter of the seas, its strength is its attack power which makes it the spirit beast with the strongest attack. Even a ten thousand year old Demonic Great White Shark’s attack power could match up to an ordinary Hundred Thousand Year Old Spirit Beast. Its body may not be as big as the Deep Sea Demonic whale and only about twenty meters or so long, but its speed is incomparable to the Deep Sea Demonic Whale. It would be impossible for its target to escape. Whatsmore, after it claimed its territory here, there have been no less than a hundred Demonic Great White Sharks there creating an all encompassing net.

After hearing Purple Pearl’s words, Tang San could not help but say: “From my knowledge, about twenty years ago there should have been a group of land spirit masters arriving at Sea God Island and attacked. Apparently they were annihilated while fighting the Oceanic Spirit Masters at Sea God Island. But, there were no mentions of them being attacked before reaching the island itself.”

Purple Pearl blinked, “Master, you even know about that incident? I had heard from a senior that it was actually because the Demonic Great White Sharks have a large appetite, and the number of lifeforms in the waters here is too few. As such, every half a month the Hundred Thousand Year Old island protector will lead them out to hunt for about three days or so. The incident twenty years ago should have been due to coincidence on their part, as they fortunately came when the shark was out hunting.”

Tang San replied: “I see, I wonder if we will be as lucky today.”

Purple Pearl said while shrugging: “I too have no idea, no one knows the patterns of that great white shark, if someone did try to learn them, they probably would all have died.”

Ma Hongjun laughingly said: “Aren’t you just hoping that we all get eaten by the Demonic Great White Shark?”

Purple Pearl stared at him, saying: “What? Damn fatty, picking a fight!” Other than being restrained towards Tang San, she was still very crude towards others.

Ma Hongjun said: “Why would I want to fight you? You are my third brother’s servant, hearing you call him master sounds pretty good.”

“You……” Becoming Tang San’s servant was something that actually depressed Purple Pearl fairly. Seeing Fatty taking pleasure in her misfortune made her rage on the verge of exploding.

Without waiting for Purple Pearl to explode. Tang San pressed down on her shoulder, “That’s enough, stop fighting. Purple Pearl, we are leaving, just give us a lifeboat and you can go back.”

Purple Pearl was momentarily stunned, “Aren’t you all going to wait and observe things a while?”

Tang San shook his head, saying: “You said it yourself, no one would be able to predict the Demonic Great White Shark’s patterns. We will


Hearing that Tang San and company were leaving, Purple Pearl’s expression changed slightly, deeply looking at Tang San, she said: “Master, if you really do run into the Demonic Great White Sharks, don’t harm even a single one of them, even the weakest smallest one. If not you will be attacked by all of them. If you want to enter Sea God Island, the best method is to wait. Although the Demonic Great White Shark’s feeding habits cannot be ascertained, I am sure of one thing. Every night, at midnight their activity is the least, if you sail then, your chances would be slightly better.

Tang San nodded towards Purple Pearl, saying: “I understand. Thank you for taking care of us these few days at Purple Pearl Island. The bet the other day was just a figure of speech, you don’t have to be too serious about it. When I leave this time, I don’t even know if I can make it back. Although you are a pirate group’s leader, I hope that you will check properly the people you are acting against. Those who are not seeking to die, leave them an escape route. Launch the lifeboat.”

“Hm.” Purple Pearl quietly nodded her head. Seeing this man more than a decade younger than her, a strange feeling surfaced inside her. After acknowledging Tang San as her master, her normally hot temperament had actually been voluntarily restrained by her. She did not know why either, only that when she was standing beside this young man or when she saw his eyes, her imposing mannerisms would fade.

And it was precisely this young man’s appearance that helped let her realise, that she actually once more developed an interest in men. What's more, she was certain, the one that she fell in love with was precisely this young man ten years younger than her. Although he already had a wife, Purple Pearl could not help but fall for him. But of course, she knew it was impossible for anything to come out of it.

They were already going to split up, and as Tang San already said, it was impossible to know if they would even be able to meet again in the future. An inexplicable sense of loneliness and forlorn quickly surfaced in Purple Pearl’s heart.

These few days while calling Tang San master, she had been inwardly cursing in her heart. Yet when they were about to separate and she would be free from her misery, she was somewhat unwilling.

After the lifeboat was detached, the shrek seven devils one by one jumped into this life boat that could easily accommodate more than ten people, Tang San too walked to the bow of the ship.

Ji Xiang and Purple Pearl escorted him off, with his eyes red Ji Xiang said, “Master, take care.”

Tang San patted his shoulder: “Good men bleed but not cry, the next time we meet, teacher will want to see the results of your cultivation.”

Ji Xiang wanted to speak but something seemed stuck in his throat leaving him only able to nod while trying his best to hold in his tears.

Tang San then nodded towards Purple Pearl before picking up Xiao Wu and jumped down onto the lifeboat.

Seeing Tang San land on the lifeboat, Purple Pearl turned around and raised her hand, shouting: “Weigh anchor, return.”

The Purple Pearl turned, its bow turning back towards the direction it came from, and this was when Purple Pearl could no longer hold back her feelings. Rushing back towards the bow, she shouted towards the lifeboat in the distance, “Master, one must always honor his bet, I am willing to acknowledge you as my master, you will always be my master. I will be waiting for you at Purple Pearl Island. You all better fucking come back alive!”

With tears in her eyes, she saw Tang San’s smile, and his waving hands and his firm resolute look.

“Ji Xiang, they will come back alive, won't they?” Purple Pearl turned to face the young man beside her who too could not hold back his tears.

Ji Xiang practically used all his force to nod his head, “Definitely.”

After seeing the Purple Pearl disappear into the distance, Tang San turned back around to see everyone staring at him strangely.

“What are you all staring at?” Tand San asked full of doubt.

Dai Mubai patted Tang San’s shoulder, “Tang San you are pretty good, her fierceness is indeed not bad, although she is a bit old, she is still pretty well maintained.”

Tang San discourteously smacked Dai Mubai’s hand off, “Mubai, as the boss you should already know I have Xiao Wu and will only have Xiao Wu.”

Holding the dazed Xiao Wu, the toughness in Tang San’s eyes melting, as Ma Hongjun and Oscar prepared to continue poking fun at Tang San.

Zhu Zhuqing pouted, “Do you think third brother is the same as you?
Third brother is a good man.”

“Urh……, Zhuqing, can you not keep jabbing me with your elbow like that!” Dai Mubai bitterly laughed, “Even the ocean cannot wash me clean.”

Zhu Zhuqing rolled her eyes. “I wonder who had so many indecent conquests at those places.”

“I……” Dai Mubai while dejected saw Ma Hongjun laughing at him from one side, immediately lashed out saying: “Darn fatty, what are you laughing at, your indecent history……” as he said these words he saw Ma Hongjun glaring daggers at him, as such, he laughed and stopped half-way.

Bai Chenxiang suspiciously looked at Dai Mubai then back to Ma Hongjun, “What indecent history does he have.”

Dai Mubai looked at the fatty angrily staring at him before coughing and awkwardly saying: “Nothing much, nothing much, it’s just things from when he was young and wild. You should just ask him yourself.”

In the past half a month while Tang San’s whereabouts were unknown, with Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing grievously wounded, Ma Hongjun became the strongest fighter in the group. Especially while they were drifting in the sea, Fatty single handedly took the oars and was especially protective towards Bai Chenxiang. People’s memories on the verge of death were the most vivid, so how could Bai Chenxiang not remain moved. In addition, the rest of them were all couples, in her heart, fatty was also one of men she could rely on. As such her relationship with fatty had improved greatly.

Seeing Bai Chenxiang’s gaze shift towards him, Ma Hongjun quickly withdrew his stare and turned to Tang San, asking: “Third bro, Purple Pearl mentioned that there were demonic Great White Sharks in the area, how are we going to get through it? If there are a few hundred of those strong Spirit Beasts then it would really be hard for us to cross this area.”

Tang San naturally knew Ma Hongjun was just trying to change the subject, and he was definitely not going to expose his good brother, so he hurriedly replied: “First we don’t have to rush, this should be time for us to try out our Abyssal Dragon Ship.

While saying that, he reached into his Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges, the Abyssal Dragon Ship he originally bought at the auction appearing in his hands. After infusing it with spirit power, it transformed into a ray of light and drifted onto the surface of the ocean. Its hull rapidly expanding, in an instant it had transformed into a twelve meter long ship.

The abyssal Dragon Ship was glistening as if it had been carved out of a piece of crystal, its surface giving off a faint white luster as it landed into the ocean without a sound. Its front part looking like the head of a dragon while its rear portion was like a fish, on both sides were wings designed like a fin. The ship was milky white as if carved from a piece of jade, while the strangest thing with this ship was that it was completely sealed, with just a hatch open on top revealing twelve seats within. Inside was the handles of oars by all the seats except for the four in the front and back.

The wing like oars were also very special, the general design was understood by Tang San who made secret weapons as one which was meant

to reduce water resistance. Following Tang San’s lead, the group one-by- one jumped into the ship, however the ship did not shake the slightest and was extremely stable. Tang San already understood how to use the ship by activating it using his Spirit Power earlier. The eight of them sitting at the eight places with oars. Tang San lifted his hand and pressed it against a crystal ball about the size of a head and infused it with spirit power, immediately the hatch above them closed and completely sealed off all outside air and sound.

About half of the Abyssal Dragon Ship had been submerged into the water, if they lowered their head they could actually see the strange aquatic world below them. From inside the ship they were able to see all three hundred and sixty degrees around them with not a single blindspot. After standing up to stretch, he reseated himself on the seat by the crystal ball, this was the rudder of the Abyssal Dragon Ship, the ship's movements can all be controlled from there.

Tang San said: “let's first try and steer this ship.” While saying that, he merged his mental power with the Abyssal Dragon Ship, and with the assistance of his Spirit Power, the ship started to submerge into the ocean. Following Tang San’s instructions, other than Xiao Wu the remaining six of them touched the paddles beside them and the fin like wings started to move.

With a whoosh, the Abyssal Dragon Ship shot through the water, with them only touching the paddles, the ship already shot forth about twenty meters or so. Only the amount of force each of them used different resulting in the ship not travelling straight. However due to an oceanic force the ship slowly turned back to their original direction as everyone’s eyes brightened.

“It’s fast.”

“It was really worth the money spent.”

The speed of the Abyssal Dragon Ship exceeded everyone’s expectations, they could clearly feel that the power they put into the oars was not much, but it had actually swung so powerfully.

After Tang San thought deeply awhile he said: “Three times, I don’t know what special method it used but this spirit tool can triple the amount of spirit power used to move the wings. Also, as we advance the tail like section at the back will swing along thrusting us further. I checked just now, the tail segment is controlled from where I am, the more Spirit Power infused into it the stronger the thrust, it should be the same as the oars there, the more force you use the faster it will move.

They were all still young, and were naturally curious about new things. Under the guidance of Tang San, they began to practice using the Abyssal Dragon Ship.

It was as Tang San said, when they supplied more spirit power into the oar handles, the abyssal Dragon Ship’s speed would reach a horrifying level. The first time they tried, due to differences in spirit power released they actually ended up turning over, but after a few rotations thanks to the oceanic force they would return back on course which was very strange.

The Shrek Seven Devils had been together many years, as such they had some experience working together and after two hours they already managed to master how to stably control the Abyssal Dragon Ship. The twelve meter long Abyssal Dragon Ship under the united control of the group swap in the oceans like a sea monster.

Seeing the various sights in the ocean, the group became mesmerised, especially the girls.

Without truly entering the ocean, one would never understand the kind of sights there. Inside the clear blue waters were various colourful stones, coral and fish and some unnamable organisms creating a colourful and enchanting sight.

The waters here cannot be considered deep, it was only about two hundred meters deep or so. Beneath the surface the reef varied bumpily like a mountain range. After two hours, Tang San made the Abyssal Dragon Ship surface.

Chapter 216

There was a white stone strip in the front of the Abyssal Dragon Boat. When the Abyssal Dragon Boat was above water, the rock strip was white, and if it was under water, it would immediately turn blue, starting to turn red as time passed. When it was completely red, that meant there wasn’t enough air in the boat, and they had to surface to breathe.

Breathing in the humid sea air, Ning Rongrong sighed: “Let alone ten thousand gold spirit coins, this Abyssal Dragon Boat is worth even a hundred thousand. Besides not having any offensive or defensive abilities, it’s practically perfect. If I’d known earlier it was this useful, why would we have bothered chartering a ship?”

Tang San smiled slightly, saying: “We still needed sea charts. The charts we have on hand now are the crystallisation of years of drafting by the Purple Pearl pirates. We didn’t have anything this good back when we went to sea.”

Dai Mubai said: “Little San, this Abyssal Dragon Boat is astonishingly fast, can’t we rely on this speed to directly charge to Seagod Island?”

Tang San shook his head: “I’m afraid not. No matter how fast the Abyssal Dragon Boat is, it’s still a ship. It can’t compete with creatures native to the sea, let alone so many demonic great white sharks. If we’re surrounded in the deep, no matter how deep we are, we’ll lose any chance of surviving.”

Dai Mubai frowned: “Then what? Don’t tell me we’ll always be waiting like this? That’s no way to do it.”

Tang San pondered, and said: “We’ll just wait for nightfall. Only, we still have to make some experiments before then. If we succeed, landing on Seagod Island isn’t a problem.” While speaking, the space between his eyebrows brightened, the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud falling into his palm, glittering with blue light.

The Shrek Seven Devils were all intelligent, and seeing the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud their minds immediately shook. The experiment Tang San wanted to do was very simple. If the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud could hide the Abyssal Dragon Boat, then, in this sea, even hundred thousand year spirit beasts couldn’t threaten them.

Back when they encountered the Deep Sea Demon Whale, due to the hundred thousand year spirit beast appearing too suddenly, and moreover attacking the entire area, Tang San had no way of using the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud to protect everyone. But now was different. He had ample time to prepare. With the Abyssal Dragon Boat’s speed, as long as the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud’s hiding effect worked in the sea, then they could land on Sea God Island easily.

Closing the hatch once again, Tang San also simultaneously, released his Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud’s Vast Sea Barrier. Blue light flashed, enveloping the entire Abyssal Dragon Boat.

However, something unexpected happened.

With a feeling of the surroundings becoming empty, the Dragon Abyss Boat entered stealth mode. But what they didn’t know whether to laugh or cry about, was that within the range of the Vast Sea Ocean Shroud, there actually wasn’t a drop of water. The pyramidal blue light brought the Dragon Abyss Boat deeper and deeper into the ocean. Without any water, this Dragon Abyss Boat was unable to move forward a hair.

Tang San watched stunned as the vessel sank into the depths, then immediately reacted, “This Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud is water repellant.” While speaking he immediately withdrew the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud. Instan

Nobody knew whether to laugh or cry. Just now they were worrying whether the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud would have any effect under water, but now it seemed that this thing not only had effect, but even a bit excessive functionality.

Tang San sighed lightly, “Truly worthy of its Vast Sea name. Its defense can actually repel water.”

Dai Mubai smiled wryly: “This might be troublesome. Without the help of the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud, how will we land on Seagod Island?”

Hearing Dai Mubai’s words, Tang San still smiled, “Even if the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud can’t help the Dragon Abyss Boat move forward, we still have another way. Only, it still needs experimentation, as to whether the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud’s water repelling ability will be influenced by changes in water pressure.”

While speaking, under everyone’s puzzled gazes, Tang San once again released that precious ability of the spirit tool, the Vast Sea Barrier. Hidden by blue light, the Dragon Abyss Boat sank gently, slowly moving towards the bottom of the sea.

The further the vessel sank, the duller the light outside became. When its depth surpassed a hundred meters, the sea outside had already turned pitch black. Only the light blue radiance of the Vast Sea Barrier could illuminate the surroundings.

The Dragon Abyss Boat sank constantly. Tang San always watched the changes in the Vast Sea Barrier. According to the explanation of the auctioneer when they bought the Dragon Abyss Boat, it could endure the water pressure down to three hundred meters. Right now they were inside the Dragon Abyss Boat, so even if the Vast Sea Barrier couldn’t stand the pressure, their safety would still be guaranteed.

As the depth surpassed a hundred meters, Tang San suddenly sensed a change in the Vast Sea Barrier. His heart shivering, he immediately focused his attention, prepared to pour even more spirit power into it at a moment’s notice. However, astounding him, the Vast Sea Barrier wasn’t unable to

bear the pressure, but rather gradually grew brighter under the larger and larger water pressure.

Gathering the Purple God Light to watch carefully, Tang San discovered that, outside the Vast Sea Barrier, there were constantly extremely minute specks of blue light merging into it. Not only didn’t it damage the Vast Sea Barrier, instead it gave it a kind of solid feeling.

Ever since he was seriously injured in the fight with the Deep Sea Demon Whale last time, Tang San discovered that the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud’s light had faded a lot. But now here in the deep ocean, that light in the deep seemed to gradually restore it.

What was going on here? Could it be that the Vast Sea Barrier absorbed the power of the ocean?

Through careful observation, Tang San confirmed his estimate. What astonished him the most was that after this Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud absorbed the energy of the ocean through its own Vast Sea Barrier ability, his own body also began to change.

After his injuries last time, the scorching heat from his spirit bones had reduced a lot, but now with the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud absorbing the energy of the ocean, that scorching hot feeling began to return, and even grew even more intense. But that scorching heat didn’t make him feel unwell, on the contrary it made his body seem to become enriched. Even though the spirit power within him didn’t suffer any influence, Tang San felt his mind and qi become clear, his reaction and attention swiftly upgrading.

Tang San basically had no way of understanding the reasons for this. The Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud wasn’t one of his spirit bones, and even less one of his spirit abilities, but rather a spirit tool’s ability. How could spirit tools cause this kind of effect? Why could only his spirit power activate it, and after it absorbed the energy of the outside world it would also influence his body. This might not be explainable as mere “fate”?

He naturally didn’t know that ever since the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud absorbed a drop of his blood, it had already become a part of his body. Even though it wasn’t a spirit bone, it was still another kind of phenomenon.

The water in this area of the sea wasn’t deep. According to Tang San’s calculations, once the Dragon Abyss Boat had sunk roughly two hundred meters, it already struck the seabed.

Everywhere on the seafloor were beautiful corals, extremely gorgeous under the muted blue light of the Vast Sea Barrier. Of course, these were only the circumstances when viewed from inside the barrier, from the outside this area was still pitch black.

Smiling slightly, Tang San said: “It seems my new method should be feasible. Come on, let’s go outside.”

“Outside?” Everyone looked shocked at him, for a moment still unable to parse the meaning of what he said.

Tang San smiled slightly, “Of course we’re going outside, since the Vast Sea Barrier is water repellant, and moreover doesn’t fear the water pressure, even though we can’t move the Dragon Abyss Boat, why can’t we just walk?”

Ma Hongjun’s eyes opened wide, “Walking across the seabed? Does that work too?” Thinking normally, this was the ocean, and moreover the bottom of the ocean, how could they exist here? But thinking carefully about what Tang San said, it really was feasible.

Tang San smiled: “Why not? Isn’t walking on the bottom of the ocean quite interesting? Let alone when we still have the stealth ability of the Vast Sea Barrier, even if we didn’t, those Demon Spirit Great White Sharks wouldn’t come trouble us at the bottom of the ocean.”

While speaking, he had already opened the Dragon Abyss Boat’s hatch.
Holding Xiao Wu, he was the first to leap out.

Until they left the ship, and truly stood on those slippery and wet corals on the bottom of the ocean, everyone still didn’t dare believe that everything they saw was real.

Even though they couldn’t see very far, this dimly lit place really was the bottom of the ocean! When they just moved away from the Dragon Abyss Boat, including Tang San, everyone’s hearts held some apprehension. But after discovering they really could breathe here, and moreover didn’t touch a single drop of seawater, everyone still gradually relaxed.

Oscar said pensively: “Little San, since this Vast Sea Barrier can let us hide in the ocean, wouldn’t it be a lot easier to land on Seagod Island if we used it to hide while flying?”

Tang San shook his head: “No. I tried it once. If the Vast Sea Barrier is used while flying, the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud will quickly drain my spirit power. I don’t know why. Perhaps it’s because of the speed. That time flew for roughly the time of three breaths, and the Vast Sea Barrier swallowed close to half my spirit power. It’s basically impossible to support us that far. Even if I used it while walking on dry land, the spirit power consumption would still be enormous. Overall, this ability is most suited to stationary defense.”

Dai Mubai said: “Then can your spirit power hold up while we walk all the way to Seagod Island? In fact, since this is the ocean, if you can’t keep up when we’ve gone halfway, we might be done for even with the Dragon Abyss Boat. Because then we will be in the territory of the Devil Spirit Great White Sharks.”

Tang San looked at the blue light distributed outside the Vast Sea Barrier, “Before submerging, I didn’t have any certainty either. By my calculations, if I had your help, walking shouldn’t be a problem. But now I can tell you with certainty, we can absolutely easily land on Seagod Island. Because for some reason, in the depths of this ocean, the Vast Sea Cosmic Barrier is absorbing the energy of the sea, actually considerably reducing my own consumption. Bringing us to Seagod Island is absolutely no problem.”

Zhu Zhuqing said: “Then this means the Vast Sea Cosmic Barrier should be a spirit tool suited to use in the ocean?”

Tang San pondered, then said: “Very possible. There’s no time to lose, we’ll land on Seagod Island before anything else. Don’t walk too quickly, keep together, I’ll use the blue silver emperor to control our distance.”

Seven strands of Blue Silver Emperor flew out. Tang San directly tied Xiao Wu on his back, both hands pulling her slender legs close. The other six strands of Blue Silver Emperor each twisted around the other six. Withdrawing the Dragon Abyss Boat, he then urged the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud, and they began to walk forward on the seabed.

Walking on the bottom of the ocean was a lot harder than walking on dry land. The ground was uneven, giving people a feeling of a mountain range. Fortunately everyone were strong, and they could advance swiftly even when faced with extremely difficult terrain.

Tang San had already made certain their direction while they were sinking. This Seagod Island was a fairly large island, more than four times the area of Purple Pearl Island. As long as they headed in the right direction, they would definitely reach it.

Gradually, everyone felt the seabed rising. They knew that, having experienced numerous difficulties, they were finally about to step onto their goal. When the light around them gradually grew brighter as they approached the shore, Tang San walking furthest ahead suddenly halted, whispering: “Hold your breath.”

As everyone else also stopped at the same time, holding their breaths as Tang San said, an enormous white shadow quietly swept past twenty meters ahead, just like a specter in the sea, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

That was a more than ten meter long white shark, its whole body appearing perfectly streamlined, its white skin with a kind of faint luster, incomparably fast. Where it passed, the seawater seemed to ripple strangely.

The words Devil Spirit Great White Shark appeared almost simultaneously in everyone's minds. Their luck really didn’t count as good, the Devil Spirit Great White Sharks hadn’t gone out to hunt. Only fortunately they had the Vast Sea Barrier’s stealth ability to shelter them, and they didn’t truly come into conflict with such a powerful sea spirit beast.

Moving forward again, Tang San deliberately raised the pace. This was the ocean, and they moreover didn’t know quite what degree the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud’s stealth ability reached. The sooner they got out of the water, the safer they would be.

Finally, the ground under their feet gradually turned to sand, and their surroundings brightened. Everyone step by step left the sea.

As they saw the light of the sky, including Tang San, everyone couldn’t keep from cheering. The Shrek Seven Devils plus Bai Chenxiang, these eight youngsters without the ability to swim, had successfully crossed the ocean, arriving at their goal, Seagod Island.

Precisely because their journey wasn’t untroubled, at this moment they felt particularly accomplished. Everyone looked at each other, all seeing their faces brimming with excited smiles.

Tang San was the calmest one. Setting foot on Seagod Island, he immediately felt that this place was different. Nevermind the scenery, what struck him first was the temperature.

By all reason, now that it was already winter, even if the temperature at sea would be a bit higher than inland, it would still feel cold. But, after they set foot on Seagod Island, the first feeling was warmth, like spring.

As far as the eye could see, Seagod Island was completely green. This enormous island gave them a feeling like they had returned to the Douluo Continent. Wherever they looked, they basically couldn’t see the limits. The island was covered with plants, very many they couldn’t name.

The air held a blatant scent of the ocean, fresh, humid, refreshing, with the faint raucous of seabirds on the wind.

The beach glittered in the sunshine, pure white and exquisite specks of silvery light like tiny crystals. The first time here, the first one felt was pure calm, the sea and the sky of one color, gulls soaring above. The sky was dark dark blue, a lofty blue, pure blue, transparent blue. Like Tang San’s eyes, unspeakably moving.

Looking at this shocking scene, the excitemetn in everyone’s eyes was gradually replaced by wonder. Tang San softly held Xiao Wu to his chest, “Xiao Wu, this place is very beautiful. Once we’ve finished what we have to do, we’ll get dad and mom to spend their old age here, ok?”

The soulless Xiao Wu naturally wouldn’t answer him, but Tang San still seemed to see the harmonious scene of their family on this silver beach and jade sea.

On the verge of truly facing the Seagod Island’s challenges, after a brief excitement, everyone rested a while, replenishing their strength and recovering the previously consumed spirit power.

Very soon, Tang San tightly held Xiao Wu and opened his eyes, his gaze sweeping across his companions. What he saw was resolute gazes. To them, all of their previous experiences was only the prelude. This moment would count as the true beginning of their experience on Seagod Island.

Light flashed in Tang San’s eyes, the Vast Sea Barrier that had always protected them returning to the spot between his eyes. Viewed from outside, the eight of them seemed to appear on the beach out of nowhere, appearing along with the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud vanishing.

Without need for words, automatically forming up with a tacit understanding, Dai Mubai walked furthest ahead, Ma Hongjun last. On the sides were Oscar and Zhu Zhuqing, Tang San bringing Xiao Wu, Ning Rongrong and Bai Chenxiang in the middle. The hearts of the group of eight were now filled with courage, stepping across that soft as silk beach, heading towards the depths of Seagod Island.

Having faced so many twists and turns on the way here, they were already prepared for any challenge. That wasn’t just courage, but even more a kind of conviction.

The refreshing moist atmosphere was enchanting, but right now everyone’s minds were already on high tension. Just as Tang San was about to release his blue silver domain, a somewhat stunned voice came from the forest straight ahead.

“People?” Along with a low shout, seven or eight shadows suddenly leapt out from the trees, blocking everyone’s road forward. These people all had different appearances, but their clothes had a uniform characteristic, that was training gear, light yellow. The oldest was in his forties, the youngest was about the same age as Tang San and the others. Altogether eight people, forming a line blocking the Shrek Seven Devils and Bai Chenxiang’s path into the forest ahead.

Tang San had heard Ji Xiang speak of the color of the Seagod Island Spirit Masters’ clothing. The sea Spirit Masters of Seagod Island could be ranked by the color of their clothing, but this wasn’t a spirit power ranking, but rather through the difficulty of the Seagod trials they faced. The more difficult their trial was, the higher their status on Seagod Island, and the color of their clothes was thereby differentiated. From lowest to highest, they were arrayed according to the color of spirit rings.

These yellow clothed sea Spirit Masters in front of them were clearly second class spirit masters just higher than white clothed ones. Above them was still purple, black, and red. According to what Ji Xiang said, on the Seagod Island, only the high priest was entitled to wearing red. That was also the person Clear Sky School master Tang Xiao described to Tang San, the number one power on Seagod Island, possessing the Seagod spirit. Ji Xiang had lived on the island for more than ten years, but never seen that legendary high priest himself.

Eight versus eight, but these eight people looked at Tang San and the others with gazes filled with astonishment. They couldn’t imagine how people would suddenly show up here.

Halting, Dai Mubai said brightly: “We admire the fame of Seagod Island, and hope to pass the trials and join the island.”

The leader of the other eight, just that oldest middle aged man, looked Dai Mubai up and down a few times, then said with a frown: “You’re land Spirit Masters?”

Dai Mubai looked distracted a moment, “You can tell?”

The middle aged man said coldly: “You of course can’t sense it. But we sea Spirit Masters can still see it. Leave immediately. Seagod Island doesn’t welcome you. Even if I don’t know how you stepped onto our island, you can leave the way you came. Otherwise, don’t blame us for being impolite.”

Tang San stepped up next to Dai Mubai, frowning slightly: “Can’t Seagod Island be joined through passing the trials? Why do you keep people away?”

The middle aged man snorted coldly, “It seems you still have some understanding of Seagod Island. Me letting you leave is for your own good. Dry land Spirit Masters passing the trials to join our island is basically impossible. The lord Seagod’s trials for land Spirit Masters isn’t something you can pass. Leave if you don’t want to die. It’s good for the young to be brave, but if it’s only impulsiveness, you will still forfeit your lives.”

Tang San and Dai Mubai looked at each other. The two of them couldn’t help having a good opinion of this middle aged man. Tang San smiled slightly: “Senior, since we’ve come, we won’t easily leave. No matter what the trial, we wish to try it. As you said, impulsiveness is to forfeit our lives, but if we lose our courage, we’re still not suited to be Spirit Masters.”

Tang San spoke the last sentence as resolutely as slicing iron, his voice filled with something of a spiritual force shock. Among the people they were talking to, besides the middle aged man, the other seven sea Spirit Masters subconsciously retreated two steps. Seeing that divine light in Tang San’s eyes, they were even more astonished.

The middle aged man scowled, “I’ll give you one more chance. Leave, or take the lord Seagod’s trial? I want to warn you, if you accept the trial, there will be no chance to withdraw halfway. Even if you lose your life because of it. It seems your cultivation should be pretty good, however, the lord Seagod’s trials are unrelated to cultivation. A simple one might have you grab a grain of sand, but a difficult one might have you go challenge a hundred thousand year spirit beast. Are you really prepared?”

Beside Xiao Wu, the Shrek Seven Devils and Bai Chenxiang spoke practically with the same voice: “Yes, we accept the trial.”

The middle aged man looked deeply at them, muttering a few words to a young yellow clothed sea Spirit Master next to him. His way of speaking was very peculiar, as if a strange sound wave buzzing, making Tang San and the others unable to hear his voice.

That young yellow clothed sea Spirit Master agreed deferentially, and swiftly turned and left. The middle aged man said to the Shrek party: “I hope you don’t regret it. Follow me.”

Speaking, he brought those yellow clothed sea Spirit Masters and turned to walk into the forest.

The Shrek Seven Devils immediately returned to their previous formation, following behind these yellow clothed sea Spirit Masters, vigilantly entering the forest.

Who knew from when the trial would begin? Having already set foot on the island, no matter the circumstances, they would stay alert at all times.

If the air on the beach was described as moist and pure, then the air within the forest was filled with the freshness of nature. Breathing the air here seemed even better than in the Star Dou Great Forest.

The Shrek Seven Devils’ vigilance seemed unnecessary, advancing through the lush forest, they didn’t seem to encounter any situation. Leaving Tang San a bit pleasantly surprised was that, even on this Seagod Island, the ground in the forest was filled with Blue Silver Grass. However,

as he tried to connect with the Blue Silver Grass through the blue silver domain, his spiritual force seemed to discover a kind of peculiar energy pervading the forest. Even though he could connect with the Blue Silver Grass, he still couldn’t examine anything through the blue silver domain. As if this forest was protected by an incorporeal force.

The middle aged man walking ahead suddenly halted, turning, he looked at Tang San with a burning gaze, “Don’t try to use spiritual force to examine anything. This is Seagod Island, everything here is blessed by the lord Seagod.”

Tang San’s heart was shocked, this was just a yellow clothed level sea Spirit Master on Seagod Island, but he could actually sense his spiritual force probe? Or did it mean there was some special force here that let him sense him releasing his spiritual force?

The middle aged man kept leading them forward. Not long after, passing through the forest, the scene in front of them immediately shocked the Shrek Seven Devils.

Ji Xiang hadn’t clarified much about Seagod Island to Tang San, only simply mentioned the Sea Spirit Masters, because he was afraid of blaspheming the Seagod. Now, appearing in front of Tang San’s eight was actually a pool, a pool like a sea within a sea. Most strangely was that the inland pool that should have been flat, actually surged with large waves like the sea, without any wind.

All around the pool was dense forest. It appeared to be about five hundred meters in diameter, and at the center of the pool was a triangular platform, on which towered a bizarre obelisk. The obelisk was conical, with a bizarre relief carved on top, the whole column covered with countless inscriptions that seemed to be characters. Incorporeal strange energies emanated from the strange pillar.

With Purple Demon Eye, Tang San could clearly see a person sitting below the obelisk, eyes closed, back to the pillar, as if meditating. And this person’s clothes were black.

Coming here, the yellow clothed middle aged Spirit Master seemed quite reserved, while those young yellow clothed Spirit Masters also stood respectfully to the side, not even daring to be imposing.

“Welcome to the sea within the sea, Seahorse Sacred Pillar.” The yellow clothed middle aged man spoke in a particular tone: “The Seahorse Sacred Pillar is one of Seahod Island’s seven sacred pillars. The Seagod bestowed the seven sacred pillars with divine force, to spread divine decrees through the pillars. Any one sacred pillar can conduct the trials for outside Spirit Masters. You will get the topic for the lord Seagod’s trial here.”

Finished speaking, he turned towards the triangular platform in the sea within the sea, making a deferential ninety degree bow, and urging his spirit power to make his voice carry. This moment, this middle aged man released his spirit practically subconsciously.

Two yellow, three purple, one black, a quite good spirit ring configuration appeared around him. This middle aged man was actually a more than sixtieth ranked Spirit Emperor. Just yellow clothed and already a spirit emperor? The Shrek Seven Devils shivered inwardly at the same time.

“Reporting to lord Seahorse, outside land Spirit Masters have come to take the trial, please permit it.” Urged by his spirit power, the yellow clothed middle aged man’s voice traveled in a straight line, hiding the sound of the torrential waves of the sea within the sea.

That black clothed man sitting upright on the triangular platform by the Seahorse Sacred Pillar suddenly opened his eyes. From where he sat to the shore was more than two hundred meters, but the instant he looked over, the Shrek Seven Devils on the shore couldn’t help shivering. That grudging gaze was like two deep ponds, and even over such a distance, each of them still felt that black clothed man’s power.

Title Douluo, the two words representing the highest level of the Spirit Master world flashed through Tang San’s mind, making the judgement the instant he saw that black clothed man’s eyes. No mistake, that was the particular aura only Title Douluo possessed. This black clothed man was

also the first Title Douluo level sea Spirit Master they met since coming to the great sea.

A sonorous powerful voice echoed. Different from the yellow clothed man, this voice didn’t travel in a line, but seemed to mix with the sound of the water and the waves.

“Land Spirit Masters want to take the majestic Seagod’s trials? You will only be qualified by passing the sea within the sea to stand in front of the Seahorse Sacred Pillar.”

While speaking, behind the Seahorse Douluo brightened a blue dim light. Immediately afterward, the Seahorse Sacred Pillar behind him abruptly brightened, an azure light travelling from below to the top of the sacred pillar. With the top of the Seahorse Sacred Pillar, a blue ripple suddenly surged out, like a blue screen laying horizontally above the sea within the sea. Since the Seahorse Sacred Pillar was ten meters tall, this blue screen floating above the sea within the sea was also ten meters high. No need to ask, this ten meter height was the restriction for flight and spatial abilities.

Tang San’s brows wrinkled, looking towards the yellow clothed middle aged man who brought them here, “Senior, don’t tell me we have to also take a Title Douluo’s trial before accepting the lord Seagod’s trial? Don’t tell me you think we can fight a Title Douluo?”

The yellow clothed middle aged man hung his head, “Dry land Spirit Masters’ trials were different from sea Spirit Masters’ from the start. I don’t know how lord Seahorse is testing you, but I can be certain that everything lord Seahorse does is according to the decrees of the lord Seagod. You still have a chance to leave.”

Seeing the yellow clothed middle aged man’s calm appearance, Tang San understood. The first trial after coming to Seagod Island had already arrived. Just as he prepared to bring Xiao Wu to try crossing the sea, Dai Mubai stepped forward before he could, blocking Tang San behind him, “I’ll try.”

Tang San and Dai Mubai looked at each other. After Dai Mubai nodded faintly to him, he stepped onto the shore of the sea within the sea, stepping onto that equally silver glittering beach.

As the boss of the Shrek Seven Devils, Dai Mubai’s strength was second only to Tang San, and he was also the oldest. Letting him try it first, even if he failed, afterward Tang San could still assist and adapt. But if Tang San was first to fail, circumstances would be a lot more passive. Consequently, Dai Mubai was first to rise.

Dai Mubai clenched his fists, slowly raising them in front of him to the top of his head, at the same time also raising his head. Those yellow clothed sea Spirit Masters’ gazes unconsciously fell on him. They could all clearly feel an aura filled with intimidation emanate from Dai Mubai, the aura of the king.

Chapter 217

“Roar——” A sky shaking roar suddenly resounded from Dai Mubai’s throat, suddenly pulling back his tightly clenched fists, intense white light like flames soaring around him, and instantly also releasing his six spirit rings.

Muscles suddenly swelling, the surface of his skin suddenly revealing black and white striped fur, the tyrannical influence of the king among beasts abruptly exploded in all directions. Waves spread outward in the sand below his feet, and those evil eyes radiating domineering power made even the Seahorse Douluo more than two hundred meters away feel somewhat moved.

Seahorse Douluo waved his right hand, and the waves in front immediately churned, reaching ten meters high, unexpectedly directly sealing all avenues forward. The practically boiling seawater thundered with a heaven shaking power, but didn’t spill over the confines of the sea within the sea even a hair.

Facing such circumstances, Dai Mubai didn’t show a hint of fear. His third spirit ring abruptly flashed, fully using his thousand year spirit ring ability, White Tiger Vajra Transformation.

His originally already tall and sturdy body expanded once again, the white fur turning golden in a flash, the king character on his forehead becoming even more clear, as each muscle seemed to burst with explosive force.

Under the amplification of the White Tiger Vajra Transformation, Dai Mubai roared, intense golden light filling the air in front of him, White Tiger Light Wave shooting out and turning into an intense white light shooting directly at the waves.

Amidst the explosive noise, a large hole was unexpectedly blasted open through that wave. At the same time, Dai Mubai’s majestic body shot forward, charging straight at the waves with an incomparable aggressiveness.

Hong—— Thirty or so meters where the White Tiger Light Wave attacked completely burst open, those sky reaching waves splashing in all directions light flowers scattered by a goddess. But even more formidable waves met Dai Mubai, heavily striking his majestic body. It seemed like Dai Mubai’s golden light figure would be swallowed by those terrifying waves.

Zhu Zhuqing’s heart thumped, and she couldn’t help rushing a step forward, but was blocked by Tang San. Tang San said in a low voice: “It’s alright. Since boss Dai dares charge into the sea like this, naturally he has confidence. We’ll wait and see.”

Seeing Dai Mubai swallowed by the waves with much thunder but little rain, the yellow clothed sea Spirit Masters on the shore couldn’t help being stunned, in their hearts all thinking that land Spirit Masters were mediocre. Even though the sea within the sea wasn’t a true ocean, under Seahorse Douluo’s control, this place would be even more dangerous than the real ocean.

Just at this moment, suddenly, along with a rumble, a five meters or so long giant seahorse suddenly flew out of the ocean, turning in the air, emanating blue light.

“I understand.” Tang San’s eyes revealed a trace of admiring light, “Boss Dai is using the method we used to land on Seagod Island. He can’t swim, but with his strength, walking on the bottom of the sea for a short while isn’t a problem. This sea within the sea won’t be as deep as the real ocean, he can walk across the bottom by relying on White Tiger Barrier.

Tang San’s words just fell when, along with an explosion, one enormous Seahorse after another whirled out of the sea. Clearly, these were the

Before long, just five meters away from the Seahorse Sacred Pillar, the waves abruptly rolled back, an immense stream of water soaring up, fiercely striking the light screen overhead. That body glittering with golden light soared up within this wave. Drawing a deep breath, both hands swatting backward, using the impulse from striking the wave, he stably landed in front of Seahorse Douluo.

Seahorse Douluo’s eyes revealed a bit of praise, nodding to Dai Mubai, “Possessing tyrannical spirit power with the energy of the king, the king among beasts spirit, relying on the third spirit ability to break through my trial. Among land Spirit Masters, you can also be considered an outstanding figure at the spirit emperor level. Even more at such a young age. No wonder you would be confident in coming here. Fine, you are qualified to accept the trials of the lord Seagod.”

“Many thanks.” Dai Mubai replied with only two simple words. Finished speaking, he directly turned aside, looking at the others still on the shore. Using his gaze to transmit some kind of information. The others might not be able to see it, but he believed Tang San definitely could.

The praise in Seahorse Douluo’s eyes wasn’t just because of Dai Mubai’s strength, but rather because he still didn’t kill any sea spirit beasts in the sea. Tang San could guess Dai Mubai’s method for reaching the Seahorse Sacred Pillar, as the real controller here, how couldn’t he know?

Tang San really did see Dai Mubai’s gaze, and from within also understood what Dai Mubai wanted to tell them. Immediately he turned to the others, “Going over to the Seahorse Sacred Pillar actually isn’t Seahorse Douluo’s trial for us. Dai Mubai told us that it’s not completely difficult. Within this sea within the sea, there’s just seahorses with that kind of strength. Without even stronger sea spirit beasts. Zhuqing, you’re second.”

“Fine.” Zhu Zhuqing replied. She didn’t go through the motions of preparation like Dai Mubai did, her body soared as she released her spirit,

her first spirit ability Hell Rush Stab unleashing in midair, and she suddenly accelerated, heading straight for the waves.

Compared to Dai Mubai, she was even faster, moving forward unhindered like a specter. In a flash she had already soared more than ten meters, when she was only half a meter from to the light screen emanating from the Seahorse Sacred Pillar, she suddenly changed direction in midair and shot straight for the Seahorse Sacred Pillar.

The violent waves of course wouldn’t let her pass like that, and the surging sea charged towards Zhu Zhuqing. Her style when confronting the waves was completely different from Dai Mubai, just seeing purple light flash around her, equally releasing the radiance of her third spirit ability, a black empty shadow seemed to emanate from her body, quietly chopping at the wave. It was Zhu Zhuqing’s third spirit ability, Hell Chop.

The violent seawater, when on the verge of striking her body, swept past on either side of her, the Hell Chop directly cutting open the wave in front. By now, Zhu Zhuqing had already charged close to thirty meters.

Of course she wouldn’t pick the same style as Dai Mubai, submerging in the water. She didn’t have Dai Mubai’s tyrannical physique, but as an agility attack type Spirit Master, she had her own ways.

Just as she was about to fall into the wave, Hell Chop appeared once again, only this time it wasn’t aimed at splitting the wave ahead, but rather bizarrely cut out a triangle. When her momentum was on the verge of being exhausted, the tips of her toes touched the wave cut by her Hell Chop, her first spirit ability Hell Rush Stab launching once again, and she charged forward.

Even though the buoyancy of seawater is a lot higher than potable water, by how much? But this tiny difference in buoyancy was enough to carry Zhu Zhuqing. Hell Chop opened up the way, Hell Rush Stab carried her forward. The two spirit abilities merged together had a remarkable effect in passing this sea.

In a flash, after approximately ten accelerations, Zhu Zhuqing finally broke through the restrictions of the waves, in a flash, she landed noiselessly next to Dai Mubai, without being hit by a drop of water, without a red face, without hurried breathing, she withdrew her spirit, nodding slightly to Seahorse Douluo.

Seahorse Douluo’s originally tight face showed a hint of a smile, “Very good. I can describe your display as stunning. Agility attack type Spirit Master, cat type spirit, equally focused on speed and attack. Your strength might not be equal to his, but you did even better than him. It seems even younger than him. Six ring spirit emperor, apparently my understanding of land Spirit Masters really is a bit lacking. You are equally qualified to accept the lord Seagod’s trial.”

Zhu Zhuqing once again saluted Seahorse Douluo and walked over next to Dai Mubai, gripping his still wet big hand, standing there quietly. In their eyes wasn’t a trace of concern, because they believed in their comrades’ strength.


Little Ao, Rongrong, up to you.”

Oscar laughed out loud, saying: “No problem. Rongrong, let’s go.” Oscar swiftly ate one of the clone mirror sausages produced by his sixth spirit ability. With a flicker of silvery light, his eyes suddenly brightened, and another Oscar immediately appeared next to him.

He not only ate his sixth spirit ability, but also simultaneously used his spirit bone ability, Clone.

The clone Oscar that appeared stooped, carrying Ning Rongrong on his back and, led by Oscar’s main body, simultaneously dashed towards the sea within the sea.

Black light simultaneously appeared on Oscar’s main body and the clone. His two bodies simultaneously used Hell Rush Stab. That’s right, the clone mirror sausage Oscar ate was made from a drop of Zhu Zhuqing’s blood.

However, his cloned ability had considerable flaws compared to when Zhu Zhuqing used it, and his body control naturally couldn’t compare to Zhu Zhuqing either.

However, don’t forget that Oscar wasn’t alone in stepping into the sea within the sea right now.

Gorgeous dazzling light flashed behind the back of Oscar’s clone, the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda appearing over Ning Rongrong’s palm. The first three floors of the pagoda blossomed with light simultaneously, and Ning Rongrong’s first spirit ability strength amplification, second spirit ability agility amplification, and third spirit ability spirit power amplification, simultaneously fell on Oscar.

Just what is called pure strength subdues ten schemes, while Oscar’s use of the Hell Civet’s abilities naturally didn’t compare to Zhu Zhuqing, right now he had Ning Rongrong’s seventy percent ability boost, capable of using eighty percent of Zhu Zhuqing’s abilities, while his spirit power, agility and strength all surpassed Zhu Zhuqing by far.

A Hell Chop equally shot out, even though Oscar’s application wasn’t as ingenious, the Hell Chop’s strength was substantially increased, and the gap cut in the seawater was even larger, enough to give him enough time to respond.

And the clone body’s ability changed along with the abilities of Oscar’s main body, therefore Ning Rongrong’s amplification to Oscar equally affected the clone. Even though the clone body only had seventy percent or so of Oscar’s strength, it didn’t have to launch the Hell Chop, just carrying Ning Rongrong to follow behind Oscar was enough.

An extraordinary scene appeared over the sea within the sea. One person ahead, black light continuously flickering in his hands, constantly leaping forward, two people behind, one carrying the other on his back, and in the hands of the person being carried a glorious pagoda shot out three radiant lines of light to the person in front, just like a bridge linking them together. As they arrived at the Seahorse Sacred Pillar, the time it took them was actually even shorter than Zhu Zhuqing.

Seeing Oscar and Ning Rongrong’s equally ideal spirit ring configuration of six spirit rings gradually vanish, Seahorse Douluo gradually stood, first looking at Ning Rongrong, “Your spirit is the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda?” Although it was in this ocean, he still knew the seven great sects of land Spirit Masters.

Ning Rongrong smiled slightly, neither servile nor overbearing saying: “Should be Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda. But junior really is from the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School.”

“Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda?” Seahorse Douluo’s eyes revealed a pensive light, “Good, a good Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda.”

Turning to Oscar, this Seahorse Douluo’s gaze grew a bit hesitant, “Very difficult to imagine. I actually can’t see what your spirit is. It seems you possess the same ability as that young miss, but I still know it isn’t. From how unfamiliar with the use of the ability you are, that really isn’t your original ability. Can you tell me what your spirit is?”

Oscar smiled slightly: “If I told you what my spirit is, would the lord Seagod’s trial be a bit easier?”

Seahorse Douluo smiled slightly, saying: “That isn’t up to me.”

Oscar looked at this Title Douluo level sea Spirit Master’s burning gaze, saying: “My spirit is Sausage, or to be precise, I’m a food system spirit emperor. As for why I could use that ability just now, I’m sure you can guess.”

Food system Spirit Master? Seahorse Douluo stared blankly a moment. Right now he felt a bit like the opponents who saw the Shrek Seven Devils participate back in the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament.

The first to arrive at the Seahorse Sacred Pillar, Dai Mubai, had actually already brought this Seahorse Douluo an enormous shock, but the next three were still equally alarming. What made him most shocked was the couple who just came here. One food system Spirit Master, one support

system Spirit Master. They could actually pass the trial of the waves, steadily reaching the Seahorse Sacred Pillar.

Especially crucial was that these Douluo Continent Spirit Masters were all so young, apparently just twenty years old. But these four in front of him were still all Spirit Emperors with ideal spirit ring configurations. Through these four, Seahorse Douluo already clearly recognized how the land spirit masters that came this time fitted together. In time, these youths’ future could only be described as limitless.

While Seahorse Douluo was thinking deeply on his side, on the shore an argument had risen.

“Xiangxiang, let me bring you.” Ma Hongjun persuaded.

Bai Chenxiang stubbornly shook her head, “No need, I can do it on my own. I can’t always cause all of you trouble.”

When Ma Hongjun wanted to speak again, Bai Chenxiang had still already thrown herself out without the slightest hesitation. Figure flashing, she spread nimble wings like a white shadow, flying straight for the sea within the sea.

Tang San signaled Ma Hongjun with his eyes, and Fatty hastily chased after. The Phoenix Spirit releasing, the third spirit ability Phoenix Ascension formed two giant wings of flame, dashing after Bai Chenxiang. If Bai Chenxiang met danger, he would also look after her from behind.

Their actions naturally drew Seahorse Douluo’s attention. As he saw Bai Chenxiang’s four spirit rings and Ma Hongjun’s five spirit rings, inwardly he couldn’t help sighing a bit. Finally some youngsters who weren’t at the Spirit Emperor level. Actually, even he didn’t understand why his mind, ordinarily calm as a dried out old well, would ripple like this over some kids.

However, Seahorse Douluo’s mind didn’t relax for long before his eyes again revealed astonishment.

Bai Chenxiang’s white silhouette bore through the waves like a wisp of smoke. Even if the waves were crowded close, they still rose and fell with the tide, and Bai Chenxiang seemed to see the eye of a needle that appeared along with the movement of the waves. Even in places that seemed devoid of any cracks, she could still easily find a few chinks to pass through. More than two hundred meter distance, in practically just a few eyeblinks, her white mist like silhouette already fell from the air, stably standing on the Seahorse Sacred Pillar platform. In terms of speed, even until now, Bai Chenxiang was number one.

Close behind Bai Chenxiang, Fatty moved forward even more directly. Without any dodging, he directly charged through the waves. Using both the two great spirit abilities Bathing Fire Phoenix and Phoenix Ascension, this time he had learned the lesson from last time at the Vast Sea Great Spirit Arena. When he knocked against the waves, he pulled in his wings as close as possible, using momentum to crash through. And once he appeared on the other side, the wings immediately unfolded, accelerating once again, charging at the next wave.

Large clouds of white steam rose in the air above the sea within the sea. Ma Hongjun used this direct, close to barbarian way to break through the obstruction of one wave after another, becoming the sixth to land on the Seahorse Sacred Pillar platform.

“If I’m not mistaken, you should be a pure speed type Spirit Master.”
Seahorse Douluo looked at Bai Chenxiang.

Bai CHenxiang nodded slowly.

Seahorse Douluo smiled, “Interesting, really interesting.” His gaze turned to Ma Hongjun who had just landed on the platform, equally unstained by half a drop of water, “High temperature flame, Phoenix spirit. Jost from the spirit, on dry land, you should be a top quality Spirit Master. Unfortunately, your spirit power still lags behind a bit.”

Ma Hongjun blushed. Even though he had also reached the sixtieth ranked, compared to the others, he really was behind.

Just at this moment, Tang San on the shore brough Xiao Wu to be the last to move.

Seahorse Douluo at first didn’t notice, however, the sea within the sea before them was under his control, and every soon he discovered something wrong. Subconsciously he turned to look, and was immediately stupefied.

Tang San’s right hand tightly held Xiao Wu’s slender waist to soar in the air. Xiao Wu seemed to be without perception of anything in the outside world, her long scorpion braid hanging across her chest, she nestled against Tang San’s shoulder with a vacant gaze in her beautiful eyes.

Blue hair, blue eyes, graceful temperament, handsome appearance. Soaring in the air, Tang San and Xiao Wu didn’t cause any smoke and fire, just like a pair of immortal companions.

About to be hit by a charging wave, in Tang San’s left hand appeared a black hammer, one and a half meters long, large hammerhead. With just a light shake of his wrist, without taking any stance, the giant wave before them scattered with an explosion, and be brought Xiao Wu to fly forward through the air. He wasn’t particularly fast, but he seemed so graceful and natural, as if the giant waves reaching towards the sky before him was just a simple matter.

Tang San’s Clear Sky Hammer was forged under the waterfall. No matter how large the waves, but they were still far from comparable to the several hundred meters tall waterfall, and his current spirit power was higher by far than at that time. Using the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone to fly, with the Clear Sky Hammer to open up the way, even though the waves surged, how could they stop his path forward?

Under the impact of the Clear Sky Hammer, rumbling sound spread rhythmically. Those giant waves seemed to open up a path to greet them, and in a flash, Tang San had already brought Xiao Wu as the last to land on the Seahorse Sacred Pillar platform.

If Oscar’s strength could be said to puzzle Seahorse Douluo, then Tang San before him was even more incomprehensible. From Tang San’s body,

he clearly didn’t see a spirit ring, so much that he couldn’t even sense what level he had reached from the spirit power he released, but he still moved forward so unhurriedly. In fact, the giant waves Seahorse Douluo raised, to land Spirit Masters, were extremely difficult to pass without at least fiftieth rank cultivation. Bai Chenxiang’s special circumstances couldn’t be seen just anywhere.

Looking Tang San up and down, Seahorse Douluo’s gaze suddenly turned cold, “According to the sequence just now is fine.” While speaking, his hands formed seals, and everyone felt an energy quietly disperse. That boiling sea immediately calmed down, and the light screen emanating from the top of the Seahorse Sacred Pillar also quietly dissipated.

Seeing Seahorse Douluo’s eyes hold such a cold gaze, Tang San was somewhat puzzled. When he looked at the other Shrek Seven Devils, everyone also revealed vacant expressions.

Dai Mubai’s evil eyes suddenly radiated light, as if thinking of something, saying to Seahorse Douluo: “Senior, there’s something I think I should first make clear. We’re not from Spirit Hall. You should also have seen that Rongrong’s spirit is the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda, she comes from the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School. Little San is from the Clear Sky School. Me and Zhuqing are from the Star Luo Imperial family. Xiangxiang is a disciple of the Clear Sky School’s subordinate Speed Clan. As for little Ao and Fatty, they’re free Spirit Masters.” When he spoke of each person, he pointed to them.

Hearing Dai Mubai’s words, Tang San was the first to come to a realization. As land Spirit Masters, and moreover all so young and this powerful, this Seahorse Douluo would very easily regard them as coming from Spirit Hall. And back then with Spirit Hall’s attack on Seagod Island, this Seahorse Douluo naturally wouldn’t have any good impression. Dai Mubai suddenly explaining everyone’s history was to negate Seahorse Douluo’s conjecture.

That wasn’t to say that Tang San’s ability to reflect wasn’t equal to Dai Mubai, but rather because Dai Mubai was the first to step onto the Seahorse Sacred Pillar platform, and clearly saw Seahorse Douluo’s gentle manner

towards everyone. But as the last one to reach the platform, Tang San’s line of sight was previously cut off by the raging waves, and naturally didn’t see what happened here, and was only vaguely able to see what happened.

Sure enough, along with Dai Mubai’s explanation, Seahorse Douluo’s expression relaxed, and he casually asked, “Since you’re from different backgrounds, from between the southern sky and the northern sea, how come you’re all gathered together?”

Tang San smiled: “Because we went to school together. You might not have heard of it, but we graduated from Shrek Academy.”

Oscar added: “We still once represented Shrek Academy to participate in the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament, and moreover took the ultimate victory.”

Seagod Douluo’s deep like the ocean gaze swept across everyone, “That is to say, your purpose in coming to Seagod Island isn’t so simple as just joining the island.”

Everyone’s heart’s chilled, subconsciously their gazes gathered on Tang San. In a few simple sentences, even though they’d made clear they weren’t related to Spirit Hall, their purpose in coming had still caught Seahorse Douluo’s doubt.

Tang San calmly said: “To learn through experience, that’s why we came. Senior, begin the lord Seagod’s trial for us. If we can pass it, it won’t be too late for you to investigate our goals.”

The unspoken meaning of his words was, if we can pass it, it won’t be too late to doubt our purposes. If we can’t pass it, we’d be directly banished from the island, and any goals would be impossible to achieve. Avoiding the important and focusing on the trivial in order to dispel Seahorse Douluo’s questions.

Seahorse Douluo slowly walked over to the Seahorse Sacred Pillar. Facing the sacred pillar, his eyes revealed a pious light, “One person step forward.”

The hearts of the Shrek Seven Devils tightened. They knew that the true trial was about to begin, but this was also what they were looking forward to. This trip to the Seagod Island, wasn’t it in order to progress their strength under pressure?

No need to speak, the first to step forward was Dai Mubai, standing one step behind Seahorse Douluo.

Seahorse Douluo slowly raised his hands, his face filled with a pious expression. Both hands held in front of his chest, his palms facing each other half a chi apart, faint blue light slowly appearing between his hands. Along with the blue light gradually growing stronger, Tang San suddenly had a kind of familiar feeling.

When the blue light filled the palms of Seahorse Douluo, rays of light suddenly blossomed, making the whole Seahorse Sacred Pillar platform filled with a clear blue light. Immediately afterward, light flashed below the Seahorse Sacred Pillar, a line of blue light spreading upward along the pillar pattern. In practically the blink of an eye, it climbed to the peak.

Seahorse Douluo turned, facing Dai Mubai, right hand pointing to him.

A light blue beam of light fell from the sky, enveloping Dai Mubai. Bathed in that beam of light, Dai Mubai was a bit bewildered. Clearly he didn’t feel anything.

The color of the light began to change, from blue turning white. Immediately afterward, it again changed from white to yellow, and practically without pause again changed to purple. The purple gradually deepened, this time the transformation speed was a bit slow, but it still kept changing.

Seeing the light around Dai Mubai change, Seahorse Douluo seemed a bit shocked. Before long, that purple light had already completely turned black, almost completely hiding Dai Mubai within the beam. And on the Seahorse Sacred Pillar behind Seahorse Douluo, the lowest part of the pattern also became black, and the color slowly started to clamber upward.

Tang San and the others didn’t notice, but those yellow clothed sea Spirit Masters who previously brought them here saw the Seahorse Sacred Pillar change, and each of their faces displayed overwhelming shock. Especially that middle aged Spirit Master, who even showed a bit of pity. Sighing softly, he said to himself: “Didn’t let them come take the trial, but unfortunately they wanted to. The lord Seagod’s trials for land Spirit Masters really are……”

The black lines of light directly clambered up to a third of the Seahorse Divine Pillar before stopping. But very soon, it once again kept spreading upward, this time climbing even faster, in a moment’s work, the black lines were already covering the whole Seahorse Sacred Pillar.

Immediately afterward, altogether six lines of black light shot out, simultaneously arriving in front of Dai Mubai, turning into six square light screens. On each light screen flickered some special golden characters. Among them, the light characters on the first screen were brilliant, while the other five were a lot duller.

The corner of Seahorse Douluo’s mouth rose slightly, affecting a wry smile: “Black level six tests. Two more tests than me back then. Lord Seagod, don’t tell me these people are sinners?”

The six light screens vanished, turning into six specks of black light that simultaneously entered Dai Mubai’s forehead. On his forehead appeared a black hexagram, its color like ink.

Dai Mubai seemed to sense something, the blankness in his eyes replaced by hidden depths. Without a word, he quickly retreated a few steps, sitting cross legged and closing his eyes, his brows wrinkling, apparently thinking about something.

The Seahorse Sacred Pillar’s light gradually faded, everything returning to normal. But Seahorse Douluo looked at Dai Mubai with a somewhat complex gaze, from Tang San’s point of view, this Seahorse Douluo seemed to be looking at a dead person.

Ma Hongjun couldn’t help asking: “Senior, what’s black level six tests?
Can you explain it?”

Seahorse Douluo nodded slowly, “The trials given by the lord Seagod are separated by level. At different levels, the difficulty will also be different. Just like the colors of spirit rings, from lowest to highest, they’re each white level trial, yellow level trial, purple level trial, black level trial and red peak trials. The lord Seagod will give different trials to different people. And the contents of the trial appeared in the light screen just now, visible to the examinee and examiner. I’m your examiner. Through different level trials, you will obtain corresponding authority on Seagod Island. The trials are not only according to the examinee’s strength, but at the same time also potential. This is the lord Seagod’s decree.”

“Among these, white trials and yellow trials will only have one trial. Passing it counts as succeeding. Starting at the purple trial, there will start appearing differentiations. Purple trials will have one to three tests. In other words, if the light shooting from the sacred pillar in front of you is one, then, you will experience one purple level trial. If there are three, then you will undergo three trials in order to pass. Naturally, the more trials there are, the greater the difficulty, and after passing the greater the authority. And finally at the black level trials, there will be at least four trials, at most six. That’s also the black level six tests I mentioned just now. Black level six tests, that can be said to be the most difficult of the black level trials. What I can tell you is that in the recent one hundred years, the black level trial has appeared altogether thirty one times, among those, seven passed, twenty four failed. I am one of those seven. The seven who passed are currently the Seagod Island’s seven sacred pillars’ protectors. And among the seven of us, only Seadragon Sacred Pillar’s guardian, Seadragon Douluo, passed the black level six tests. He is also the strongest among us, his spirit power has already broken through the ninety fifth rank.

Seahorse Douluo’s explanation was very detailed, but its purpose was only one, to tell these youngsters in front of him how difficult the black level six tests were. By passing it, you would have authority equal to the

sacred pillars protectors. If you failed, there would only be one conclusion, death.

The Shrek Seven Devils looked at each other for a moment, already without words.

Seahorse Douluo added: “By accepting the lord Seagod’s trial, then, it will begin immediately. The black level trial’s time limit for you land Spirit Masters is that you must pass one trial each year. After completing one, the next trial will begin. If you exceed the time limit, or try to run, then the Seagod seal that entered his forehead before will explode, erasing the examinee. The black level trials have never before had losers, only those who passed and the dead. Therefore, it’s also known as paradise and hell. I don’t know why the lord Seagod’s trials for you land Spirit Masters are so difficult either. You others still have time to regret. Otherwise, if there is another black level trial, you will also be like him. Seeing as you aren’t from spirit hall, I can honestly tell you that with his sixtieth ranked strength, there is basically no chance of him passing the black level six tests. He will definitely die.”

Chapter 218

Peak Seven Tests And Yellow One Test

Hearing Seahorse Douluo’s explanation, Tang San suddenly said: “Wait a moment. Senior, you said Mubai doesn’t have any chance of passing the trial, that his death is certain. Then, how could you pass the trial? As far as I know, the people on Seagod Island take the trials at eighteen, don’t tell me you were stronger than Mubai is now when you were eighteen?”

Seahorse Douluo shook his head, saying: “When I was eighteen I still hadn’t reached fortieth rank, quite a bit lower than he is now. But there’s one thing you have to understand. For the black level trials the lord Seagod gives us Seagod Island Spirit Masters, one must be completed every ten years. Even so, my black level for tests put me on the border of death several times. The final test I confronted, was to survive in the middle of a school of the island protecting divine beasts, the Devil Spirit Great White Sharks, for two hours.”

Everyone went silent, but Seahorse Douluo still didn’t find any fear or discouragement from any of their faces. Zhu Zhuqing was the second to step forward, standing just where Dai Mubai stood before, a cool and beautiful smile rippling past, “Senior, ask the lord Seagod to bestow me a trial.”

Seahorse Douluo frowned slightly, “You won’t reconsider?”

Zhu Zhuqing calmly said: “Senior, we came here in order to take the trials, if the trials were too simple, wouldn’t this trip be in vain? How can

there be propulsion without pressure? We’ve already done a lot of impossible things, what’s creating another miracle?”

Zhu Zhuqing used real action to show Seahorse Douluo her determination. Just like she said, they were here to learn from experience, they wouldn’t shrink back no matter how difficult this Seagod’s experience for them was.

“Fine. You kids really have drive. Very few can possess courage like yours.” This Title Douluo didn’t say anything else, blue light condensing once again. Amidst the flashing radiance of the Seahorse Sacred Pillar, another beam of light descended from the sky, enveloping Zhu Zhuqing.

Blue became white, and without the slightest pause turned yellow, purple. Just like Seahorse Douluo predicted, the purple gradually darkened, until it finally became black. Seeing those black devil lines on the Seahorse Divine Pillar slowly clamber up, Seahorse Douluo couldn’t help sighing deeply. Having once experienced the difficulty of the black level trials, he of course didn’t believe that these youths in front of him could pass it just by relying on courage, and in his heart he felt a rare bit of regret. But as the examiner, since the Shrek Seven Devils were this determined, he couldn’t anything.

The black pattern kept climbing, however, the black light Zhu Zhuqing caused didn’t climb as high as Dai Mubai’s, stopping approximately at the middle of the Seahorse Divine Pillar, then no longer rose. Five light screens suddenly appeared, and besides being one fewer than Dai Mubai’s, the circumstances were exactly the same.

Zhu Zhuqing equally closed her eyes, sitting down cross legged after the black light rushed into her forehead, slowly pondering. On her forehead appeared a black pentagram.

Black level five tests, second only to Dai Mubai’s black level six tests, the difficulty went without saying.

Oscar rushed to step forward before Ning Rongrong, standing in the corresponding position. Before Seahorse Douluo began praying to the Sagod, he asked: “Senior, I have a question. W

Seahorse Douluo said: “Obtaining rights on Seagod Island is the greatest benefit you can receive. If we’re talking about other benefits, then, your purpose of raising your strength faster under pressure would count.”

Oscar smiled and nodded, “Then, senior, please begin.”

According to Seahorse Douluo’s experience, even though this young Spirit Master in front of him had a somewhat strange spirit, and also definitely had spirit bones, as a food system Spirit Master, the trials he would face would definitely be a bit lower than the two preceding people. But after the magic lines clambered up, Seahorse Douluo still discovered his mistake. Finally appearing in front of Oscar was, just like Dai Mubai, actually also six black light screens. The highest trial of the black level, black level six tests.

The light fading, a black hexagram appeared on Oscar’s forehead. He didn’t enter contemplation like Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing did, but on the contrary somewhat excitedly opened his eyes, “Very good, I also have six trials. Haha.”

Seahorse Douluo looked distracted a moment, “You’re very happy to have black level six trials?” Even he felt that the lord Seagod’s trials for these youngsters was a bit too difficult. A food system Spirit Master also suffered black level six tests, then how could there be a chance to pass?

Oscar grinned, saying: “It seems the lord Seagod grants trials according to the examinee’s comprehensive quality, so if I also have black level six tests, then that proves my potential is the same as boss Dai’s, even one step higher than Zhuqing. Is that right?”

Seahorse Douluo watched as Oscar retreated to a side, and helplessly shook his head. He discovered that he truly didn’t understand the way these youngsters thought. Could it be he hadn’t explained it clearly? The result of failure was death!

His thoughts still hadn’t disappeared before Ning Rongrong walked up. Hearing what she mumbled to herself, Seahorse Doluo didn’t know whether

to laugh or cry.

“Beyond six tests, beyond six tests……” Before Ning Rongrong reached the Seahorse Sacred Pillar, she bowed slightly to it, “Revered lord Seagod, you have to let me surpass six tests!”

If two words could describe Seahorse Douluo’s current mood, then, choked speechless would be most suitable. Even if your spirit is the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda, you’re still a support type Spirit Master, you still want to surpass black level six tests? He gave up on arguing with Ning Rongrong, directly beginning Ning Rongrong’s trial.

But in fact, Seahorse Douluo was once again taken aback.

The Seagod’s light without hesitation stepped from white to yellow, from yellow to purple, swiftly entering the bizarre black world. The black magic lines climbed sharply upward, and as Seahorse Douluo stared as if his eyes would pop out, the black magic lines slowly passed the middle of the Seahorse Sacred Pillar, which already meant Ning Rongrong would undergo the difficulty of the black level six tests. However, that black magic line still didn’t stop, climbing towards the top. Very soon it reached the two thirds mark, which also represented the black level six tests position.

Heavens! I’ve gone insane. With so many years without the appearance of a black level trial, but in this moment, there were six. Seahorse Douluo’s lamented inwardly. But at this moment, that black magic line that seemed to have already stopped, suddenly moved up one step. Immediately afterward, the black washed magic line originally covering the Seahorse Sacred Pillar, instantly changed color, completely turning a dazzling crystalline red. A line of red light also subsequently soared upwards, piercing the sky.

That was a ray of light the color of blood, perfectly straight shooting towards the sky, making the clear blue sky flash with a bloody light.

On Seagod Island, several thousand pairs of eyes turned to the sky practically simultaneously. Among them, after six black clothed elders sitting equally in front of different obelisks saw this red light, their eyes

revealed an unstoppable intense radiance. Almost at the same time, they all exhaled the same words.

“Peak—— level—— seven—— trials——.”

Even at the center of Seagod Island, within a special shrine, a pair of eyes that had already been closed for ten years, also opened because of this red light. A faint astonishment and even more pleased meaning filled the face, and the body that hadn’t moved for ten years slowly stood.

The red light slowly faded, seven screens of red light one by one entering Ning Rongrong’s forehead, turning in a bizarre red heptagram, giving her originally extremely fair skin a faint red luster.

Seahorse Douluo was already completely lifeless. Red, that actually meant peak level red…… Different from the high mortality rate of the black, this peak level red appeared far, far too few times.

At Ning Rongrong’s laughter like silver bells, Seahorse Douluo came to himself, just in time to see Ning Rongrong joyfully self-satisfied make a face at Oscar. And Oscar’s expression was discouraged, as if in pain from having one fewer trials than Ning Rongrong, and being one overall level lower.

“Miss, may I ask for your full name?” Seahorse Douluo bowed slightly, saluting Ning Rongrong.

At the change in Seahorse Douluo’s manner, the Shrek Seven Devils couldn’t help looking distracted. By now, Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing had also opened their eyes.

As a Title Douluo, and also as one of the guardians of the Seagod’s seven sacred pillars, even though this Seahorse Douluo hadn’t been rude before, he’d still been indifferent, cold and aloof. He was only polite to the Shrek Seven Devils because of their talent. But the expression that now appeared on this Title Douluo’s face could even be described as deferential. Even though this deference was only aimed at Ning Rongrong alone, it still shocked the others. In fact, he was a Title Douluo!

“Senior, I’m called Ning Rongrong. This is?” Ning Rongrong said astonished.

Seahorse Douluo swallowed, “I’m very honored to be your examiner. Even though I don’t understand why the peak level trial would appear for you, but for a very long time in the future, if you have anything you need on the island, please come find me. I will help you deal with it as far as possible.”

Oscar blinked, and couldn’t help saying: “Senior, the difference here is a bit too much. Me and her are only one trial apart, how come the difference is this big? What’s the difference between six and seven tests?”

Seahorse Douluo didn’t glance at Oscar, the deference on his face growing a bit deeper, “Different from the black level trials, from the start of the first peak level trial, there has never been an instance of someone not passing. And the last time the peak level trial appeared, was the trial for the island’s high priest. As long as miss Ning Rongrong passes the peak level trial, she is the high priest’s successor. She is also the future ruler of Seagod Island.”

Hearing Seahorse Douluo’s explanation, everyone understood. Looking at each other, their gazes at ning Rongrong grew strange.

Tang San muttered: “Senior, don’t tell me the peak level seven tests is easier than the black level six tests?”

Seahorse Douluo shook his head: “Of course not, the peak level seven tests are a whole level higher than the black level six tests, however, every time the peak level trials appear, they all symbolize the appearance of someone capable of completing it, and moreover a formidable Spirit Master to inherit the position of priest. Even if it’s difficult it will definitely succeed.”

Ning Rongrong burst into giggles, slapping Oscar’s shoulder, “It doesn’t matter, you follow me in the future.”

Oscar indignantly said: “Unfair, too unfair. I want peak level seven tests too.”

Due to his change in manner towards Ning Rongrong, Seahorse Douluo’s manner towards the others also softened a lot, faintly telling Oscar: “There is only one chance to receive the Seagod’s light.”
Tang San said: “Senior, then we’ll continue. Xiangxiang, you go.” “Fine.” Bai Chenxiang stepped forward without the slightest hesitation,
standing next to Seahorse Douluo.

Right now, Seahorse Douluo’s mind was practically heaving, but he still showed the calm of a Title Douluo, inwardly thinking, even if it’s another black level six tests, I still won’t be shocked.

Under the charge of Seahorse Douluo, the Seagod’s light descended once again. Bathed in the beam of blue light, Bai Chenxiang’s radiance clearly changed slower than for Dai Mubai and the others. Blue slowly turned white, then again from white very slowly turned to yellow. The radiance also stopped at this yellow color. Flickering, one yellow light screen appeared in front of Bai Chenxiang.

Yellow level one test. Only yellow level one test. The Seagod’s light wouldn’t lie. Bai Chenxiang numbly felt that yellow light enter her body. In a disappointed mood, she truly understood just how large the difference between her and the Shrek Seven Devils was. Talent, potential, they were all too far apart. Under the light of the Seagod, she didn’t even reach the purple level trials.

However, after the yellow light entered her forehead and turned into a round yellow dot, Bai Chenxiang’s complexion changed once again, turning from her previous disappointment to shock. She stared in a daze at the Seahorse Sacred Pillar in front of her, as if she had discovered something incredulous.

The one most concerned about Bai Chenxiang was naturally Fatty, and seeing Bai Chenxiang’s expression as if she’d seen a ghost, he hastily

stepped forward to ask: “What? Xiangxiang, is the trial too difficult?”

Bai Chenxiang raised both hands to push at Fatty, a difficult to conceal blush rising on her face, and the unfathomably mystified Ma Hongjun was pushed two steps back. Bai Chenxiang instantly looked at Seahorse Douluo, asking with a somewhat strange expression: “Senior, if I can’t pass this trial, what will the consequences be?”

Seahorse Douluo said: “The yellow level trials are generally fairly simple, absolutely not difficult. If you can’t pass it within one month, you won’t be harmed, but you must leave Seagod Island, and may hereafter never set foot here again.” As the examiner, he knew the contents of Bai Chenxiang’s trial, and right now he also had an extremely odd expression, as if forcing back a smile.

Seeing Bai Chenxiang’s expression, Tang San also felt something was wrong, “Xiangxiang, what trial is so embarrassing?” In his impression, Bai Chenxiang wasn’t someone who would retreat from difficulties. Even more, if the yellow level trial was that difficult, wouldn’t the black level and peak level trials of their comrades be as difficult as climbing the sky?

Bai Chenxiang forcefully drew a few deep breaths, making her ample chest heave. Looking at Fatty to the side she couldn’t help secretly swallow, eyes blinking.

As if making some decision, and even more as if stepping onto her execution ground, Bai Chenxiang’s beautiful big eyes displayed an unhesitating resolve. She told Ma Hongjun: “Fatty, come here.”

Seeing Bai Chenxiang’s expression, Fatty also had no idea what she was doing, and probed: “Xiangxiang, are you alright?”

Bai Chenxiang angrily said: “Are you coming here or not?” Right now, her mood was quite unstable.

Ma Hongjun hurriedly took two steps forward, standing in front of Bai Chenxiang. Just as he was about to say something, Bai Chenxiang leapt at

his chest like a whirlwind, both arms circling his neck, puckering her fragrant lips, she somewhat obsessively kissed Fatty.

“This……” Tang San, Dai Mubai, Zhu Zhuqing, Oscar, and Ning Rongrong all stared wide eyed at the same time. They were currently unable to believe what was happening in front of them was real.

“Fuck me, too bold.” Oscar couldn’t help saying.

Ma Hongjun also stared blankly by Bai Chenxiang’s sudden kiss, he just felt Bai Chenxiang’s ice cold lips stick to his, somewhat shuddering and shaky, but it was this immature feeling that stupefied Fatty. He’d kissed a lot of women, but had never had such a soul stirring feeling.

After a moment, Fatty’s otherwise always brazen face unexpectedly blushed. At a loss, he spread his hands, wanting to embrace Bai Chenxiang, but still didn’t dare, nor did he dare respond with his lips in the slightest, afraid he would scare the figure leaning against his chest.

Dai Mubai whispered to Tang San: “When did Fatty get this shy? Look at him, doesn’t even dare hold her, how come he seems like a virgin when their relationship has progressed to this stage?”

Tang San smiled wryly: “How would I know? Boss Dai, I’m the real virgin.”

Dai Mubai stared looked shocked at Tang San, then again to Xiao Wu in his arms, “No way. Brother, how about big bro teaches you a couple of moves?”

Tang San shot him an angry glare, “Leave it, I can get by on my own.
With Xiao Wu not yet recovered, how can I desecrate her body?”

While they were talking, Fatty kept enjoying the situation on his side. He discovered that, as time went on, Bai Chenxiang’s lips gradually stopped trembling, the chill also turned warm, and even softer. He wanted to directly pull her tightly into his embrace and wantonly shower her with affection. But at this moment, Fatty’s mind was unprecedentedly clear. Vaguely, he

already understood what was going on. Therefore, he still didn’t move, only only letting Bai Chenxiang’s lips cover his. This kiss seemed even more like lips touching.

Time swiftly passed, and just as the others were preparing to give up on them and keep accepting the Seagod’s light, Fatty raised his hands, grabbing Bai Chenxiang’s shoulders and gradually pushing her off.

Bai Chenxiang’s face was already deep red with embarrassment. When Ma Hongjun grabbed her shoulders, her heart was beating frantically, but she never imagined that this Fatty not only wouldn’t move one step further, but on the contrary push her away. Could it be her kiss was so unattractive? This was my first kiss!

Fatty swept aside the somewhat messy hair on Bai Chenxiang’s forehead, “Good. Your trial is already completed. The yellow dot on your forehead is gone.”

Just as Fatty’s words fell, a yellow halo abruptly surged out from within Bai Chenxiang. Within the radiance, a strange triangular symbol drifted out from her back, again slowly branding her back. Bai Chenxiang clearly felt the surrounding seawater seem to become friendly, everything here becoming so comfortable.

The yellow light kept going for the time of half a stick of incense before gradually fading. Bai Chenxiang, under everyone’s amazed attention, mumbled: “My spirit power rose one rank.”

Hearing this, everyone couldn’t keep their eyes from brightening. Yellow trial completion could raise one rank of spirit power, then how immense would the benefits of the even higher black and peak level trials be?

However, before they could ponder further, they saw Ma Hongjun quickly take a few steps forward, falling to his knees before the Seahorse Sacred Pillar. As   everyone   watched   dumbstruck,   he   dong   dong dong knocked his head against the ground three times.

“Lord Seagod, hereafter I am your believer! Too grateful!”

Tang San and the others understood by now. Ning Rongrong pulled over Bai Chenxiang, “Xiangxiang, don’t tell me your trial was to kiss this Fatty?”

Bai Chenxiang nodded red faced, “Had to kiss for one stick of incense.”

Oscar burst into giggles, bumping Ning Rongrong, “Darling, I wonder if your trials have something similar. Someone with a yellow level trial had to kiss for the time of one stick of incense, then wouldn’t your peak level trial be……”

Seeing the lewd light in Oscar’s eyes, Ning Rongrong’s face instantly also reddened, forcefully pinching the soft meat at his waist, “Keep dreaming. This lord Seagod really seems like a joker!”

By now Fatty had already crawled up, rushing over to Bai Chenxiang, his face filled with grief. When Bai Chenxiang saw him she was first bashful, but when thinking of Fatty’s still quite considerate appearance before, she still didn’t have any major conflict with him. Looking at his expression, she couldn’t help asking: “What is it?”

Fatty said sadly: “Xiangxiang, you stole my kiss, so hereafter I am yours. You have to take responsibility!”

“You……” Bai Chenxiang then understood, this damned Fatty was actually just as bad as ever. Let alone her, the other Shrek Seven Devils all saw it.

Dai Mubai, Tang San, Oscar, practically simultaneously kicked Fatty’s butt,


“Aah——” Fatty   made   an   exaggerated   bitter   wail   and,   with a putong sound, fell into the sea within the sea. Fortunately the place this fellow landed was close to the shore, and with a few flops, crawled up drenched through, snapping: “Jealous, all nakedly jealous.”

However, as he saw Bai Chenxiang and everyone’s unimpressed expressions, he quickly shut his mouth, rushing over next to Seahorse Douluo, with an ingratiating smile: “Senior, please let the lord Seagod bestow me with a trial. Hereafter I am the lord Seagod’s faithful believer.”

Seahorse Douluo looked at Fatty’s vulgar expression, and inwardly thought, ‘the lord Seagod doesn’t want you!’ But according to the procedures, he still once again condensed his spirit power, starting to commune with the Seahorse Sacred Pillar.

As blue light shone on Ma Hongjun, this Fatty looked impatiently at the changes in the Seahorse Sacred Pillar in front of him. The magic lines appeared, and the light around Fatty changed very quickly, in just a few eyeblinks it had already changed to the black category. Seeing that black color climbing up, Fatty couldn’t help praying, ‘higher, a bit higher.’

Only, finally he was still fated to disappointed receive a black hexagram brand on his forehead. The same as Dai Mubai and Oscar, he also had black level six tests. Ultimately he didn’t reach the degree of Ning Rongrong’s peak level seven trials.

By now, among the eight, only Tang San and Xiao Wu still hadn’t received the the tests bestowed by the Seagod’s light. Tang San handed Xiao Wu to Ning Rongrong’s care, while he walked alone up to the Seahorse Divine Pillar, bowing slightly to Seahorse Douluo, “Senior, please.”

Among the eight, the one that interested Seahorse Douluo the most was also Tang San. Even now he didn’t know what level Tang San’s strength was. He didn’t talk either, immediately urging his spirit power and starting the day’s seventh Seagod’s light.

Blue illumination quietly immersed Tang San’s body, but strangely, after this blue light shrouded him it didn’t start quickly changing color like it did for the others, still remaining blue. But the light grew stronger and stronger.

It was the first time Seahorse Douluo had ever seen anything like it, and he didn’t understand why the blue light didn’t start changing either, even the weakest spirit master would still at least receive a white level trial, and the youngster in front of him clearly wasn’t lacking strength.

Just as everyone were quietly astounded at the Seagod’s light failing to change color, the blue light over Tang San transformed. It didn’t change color, but rather changed in number. The originally one beam of blue light suddenly split into two, the other light shifting sideways, just falling on Xiao Wu whose arm was being held by Ning Rongrong.

The blue light trembled slightly, shaking off Ning Rongrong, then brought Xiao Wu back to stand next to Tang San.

Such a bizarre scene immediately made Dai Mubai, Oscar and the others’ hearts leap up. Xiao Wu had already lost her soul, how could she pass a trial? Even the simplest white level trial would be extremely difficult for her to complete. Furthermore, why did the Seagod’s light suddenly split, and pull Xiao Wu over to accept a trial with Tang San?

Just at this moment, the blue light around Tang San still didn’t change, but the light around Xiao Wu began to quickly transform.

Blue turned to white, then again quickly changed to yellow, and further to purple without pause.

Right now, Tang San’s complexion had also changed. He wanted to throw off the blue light around him, but discovered that he couldn’t even move a finger. Even though he didn’t feel any pressure, illuminated by that blue light he still couldn’t do anything. He could only watch the vacant Xiao Wu stand next to him in the constantly changing light beam.

When black appeared, the Shrek Seven Devils’ complexions had all grown unsightly. None of them feared any difficult trials, but Xiao Wu was the exception. She had already lost her own soul! How could she accept the Seagod’s trial? Moreover, if a black level trial couldn’t be completed, it would only end in death.

The black magic lines on the Seahorse Sacred Pillar kept climbing. Dai Mubai and the other’s couldn’t help it, and thought to charge forward, but with a wave of Seahorse Douluo’s right hand, an azure barrier of light blocked their path forward. That wasn’t just Seahorse Douluo’s own strength, but also drew support from the Seagod’s power contained within the Seahorse Sacred Pillar. Let alone Dai Mubai and the others having far from enough strength, even if it was a Title Douluo here, they still wouldn’t easily be able to break down this barrier.

The black magic lines still kept climbing. Tang San’s anxiety was like his five organs burning, hut he was still unable to keep that black light from spreading.

Very soon, those black magic lines had already climbed to the same black level six tests position as Dai Mubai and Ma Hongjun and Oscar had. The Shrek Seven Devils, besides Tang San and Xiao Wu who couldn’t move, the others subconsciously clenched their fists.

However, their shock still hadn’t ended. The black light suddenly leapt up, again becoming that beautiful crystalline red. A line of red light also soared, piercing the sky.

That light the color of blood instantly rose up, making the quiet blue sky flash with bloody light.

Peak level seven tests, another peak level seven tests. Not only the Shrek Seven Devils were stunned, Seahorse Douluo was also gaping widely by now. How many years had it been since the appearance of the peak level seven tests? Today two appeared in one go. What was most difficult for him to understand was that this white-clothed, vacant faced young lady hadn’t said a thing since coming here. Her aura wasn’t weak, but her mind was so weak it was close to nonexistent. Judging by the expressions of the others, there was definitely something wrong with this girl. A person like this could also receive the peak level seven tests?

However, scenes that were even more shocking to Seahorse Douluo followed. WIth a flash of red light, a red light screen appeared in front of Xiao Wu. Unlike Ning Rongrong who had seven, just a single screen

appeared in front of her. One red. Light shone, and disappeared into Xiao Wu through her forehead, turning into a red dot and adding some luster to her complexion that could already outshine flowers.

Peak level one test? Seahorse Douluo stared stupidly at Xiao Wu. In his memory, peak level trials appeared very rarely to begin with, but never had there been just one trial. Moreover, even as the main examiner, he still couldn’t clearly see what Xiao Wu’s one trial was about. These eight foreign land spirit masters seemed to be synonomous with “overturning”.

The red light disappeared into Xiao Wu’s forehead, but the light beam didn’t vanish, only the red light on the Seahorse Sacred Pillar gradually faded. At this moment, the radiance around Tang San also began to change.

If the light could be said to change gradually when the others received the Seagod’s light, then, the light enveloping Tang San changed by leaps and bounds.

Blue, white, yellow, purple, these four colors flashed past as one, extremely fast, even so much that it gave people a kind of dazzling feeling. Even purple and black changed in just a split second. The next moment, the black magic lines climbed with astonishing speed, so fast that surpassed everyone else who had taken the trial.

“Heavens, don’t tell me it’s another peak level trial?” Seahorse Douluo was discovering that his heart couldn’t take this kind of provocation. As the protector of the Seahorse Sacred Pillar, let alone him, none of the seven great sacred pillars had ever faced a scene like this.

However, the shock didn’t lessen because of Seahorse Douluo’s changing mood, but on the contrary rose to an unprecedented peak.

Those black magic lines smoothly passed the two thirds point on the Seahorse Sacred Pillar, the black color turning blood red, blood colored magic lines abruptly appearing, and moreover, this time the blood colored lines not only leapt up from that point, but rather instantly shot to the peak, directly to the tip of the Seahorse Sacred Pillar.

A humming sound like a whimper of the sea echoed from the Seahorse Sacred Pillar, and immediately afterward, an enormous blood red beam of light, ten times that triggered by Xiao Wu and Ning Rongrong before, shot to the sky.

The sea within the sea churned. At this moment, giant waves up to hundred meters tall abruptly rose from the entire sea within the sea, rising perpendicular to the surface. Amidst the giant waves, intense blue light erupted.

The changes still hadn’t finished, the entire Seagod Island seemed to shudder along with the red pillar of light shooting up, and the Shrek Seven Devils immediately saw six equally enormous blood colored pillars of light shoot to the ski. The six beams of light converged to one point in the sky, and the next moment, the blood color faded, and from the point where they met, a dazzling golden beam of light fell from the sky.

Everyone and everything entered a state of absolute stillness in this moment, only that splendorous light fell, like the focus of the sea and heaven.

Chapter 219

Prior to this Tang San had also seen golden Spirit Power before, most clearly from the Six Winged-Seraphim Spirit of Qian Ren Xue. However, the feeling this golden light gave was completely different. This light was filled with a grand and majestic benevolence. In the moment that it appeared, the whole Seagod Island, regardless of whether it was the Shrek Seven Devils, the forest, the hills or the seas, everything had been completely bathed in this golden light. Even the Oceanic Spirit Masters, the members of the Shrek Seven Devils and even Bai Chenxiang, all of them were covered by this special gold light.

However, this golden light had one spot it did not reach, which was the spot under the Seahorse Sacred Pillar, where the slightly dazed Tang San stood.

Such a magnificent sight, was nothing less than a marvel of nature, could it be, that in this world there truly were gods? This was the question Tang San was contemplating in his heart.

That golden light beam gave him a very strange feeling, as if something in this body had been moved, following closely after, nine golden light screens appeared in the air in-front of him. The first one had the brightest shine whereas the other eight were slightly darker. Without allowing Tang San much time to think, these screens of light flew like golden shooting stars into his forehead directly.

Immediately, a huge amount of information poured directly into his head, these information were all blurred together of which only one portion could

be clearly deciphered. Tang San understood, this had to be also why Zhu Zhuqing and Dai Mubai had sat down to ponder earlier.

Instantly, in his mind which had been filled by that vast golden light, Tang San could feel a special kind of sobering energy fluctuations all throughout his body. It was as if he was immersed in some sort of cool liquid which gave him an immeasurable sense of comfort. Subconsciously, Tang San could feel that due to this golden light some subtle changes have occurred in his body. What exactly it was he could not tell, but that feeling was extremely mystical, as if his optimising his bodily functions, an unspeakable comfort.

Unconsciously he let out a mouthful of foul air. Appearing to be the foulness in his body after being purified by the golden light.

As the golden light slowly faded, starting from the skies and then the seas, it began to diminish from all directions. Where Tang San’s body was the final end point of the golden light. And the point where all the golden light converged was precisely his forehead. There, what remained was not a faint star mark, but rather the mark of a golden trident. The faint trident brought to Tang San a feeling of majesty and class. Although he was just standing there, the trident made him give off the feeling of overseeing all.

Slowly opening his eyes, Tang San realised that his originally clear blue eyes had become even clearer, lifting his hand, he subconsciously touched his forehead. Towards the completely dazed and statue-like Seahorse Douluo, Tang San asked: “Senior, if the red coloured one is the highest level test, then what kind of test is this golden one? And I think it seems that I need to actually pass nine tests in order to complete it.”

The Seahorse Douluo forcefully shook his head. Carefully he looked at Tang San, what he saw was the still shimmering golden mark of the trident. That’s right, this was really not a dream.

“That too I don’t know.” These five words seemed to have been spoken by the Seahorse Douluo with great difficulty.

Tang San looked at Seahorse Douluo with bewilderment, saying: “Then wha

Seahorse Douluo stared deeply at Tang San. “Why a top tier single test appeared, I also do not know. But I can tell you what this test of hers is. And although it is only one test, it definitely has the difficulty befitting a top tier test. And that is because her test is to stay by your side, as you complete your nine tests.”

After listening to the words of the Seahorse Douluo, Tang San gaze didn't waver, he did not think that the Seagod’s test would actually have such a development, but the Seahorse Douluo’s words were unable to help him relax much either. As long as he was able to help Xiao Wu, he could be at ease. At least it was still better than having Xiao Wu to face her test alone.

“What a pretty trident. Third brother, you have become more handsome.” Ning Rongrong could not help but praise.

As Tang San could not see his own appearance. “Trident? Are you saying that the mark that appeared on my forehead is different from you all?”

Ning Rongrong nodded, saying: “It’s different. On your forehead is a golden trident, and its very pretty. It looks rather high class actually.”

Tang San was somewhat speechless, yet with some hope in his heart he once more asked the Seahorse Douluo, “Senior, can you please try once more to recall what that golden light from before represented? Am I going to have to face nine top tier tests?”

Just as the Seahorse Douluo was about to speak, an extremely carefree voice came from the distance, this voice seemed to come from the divine realms itself, beautiful and divine yet also filled with benevolence.

“You don’t have to trouble him anymore. From the start of Seagod Island until now, this is the first time this situation had appeared. What you have to go through is not nine top tier tests. Rather it is nine Seagod tests.”

The voice approached, and as the last word entered the Shrek Seven Devil’s ears, from a distance a red spot of light gradually expanded, the group felt as if the space slightly distorted and in the next instant, by the Seahorse Sacred Pillar was an extra person.

Her height was about the same as Xiao Wu, her whole body covered by a bright red gown, her ocean blue hair loosely hanging behind her, although not as long as Xiao Wu’s, when let down was still nearing the surface of the ground. Her beautiful appearance looked no more than a thirty year old, her beauty mostly seemed to originate from her disposition, nobility, elegance and her warm gentleness. In her right hand was a three meter long scepter, this scepter was golden like the gold which appeared from the sky previously. On it were numerous carvings, and by its base was a spear like protrusion. Five inches below the speartip a golden gem was embedded.

If purely based on appearance, she was definitely an exquisite beauty, and her disposition was not something anyone could compare to. Even the Supreme Pontiff BiBi Dong could not match her.

The most shocking thing about her was still her eyes. Her clear blue eyes seemed deeper that the oceans, and within them seemed to encompass the experiences of the ancient. These pair of eyes, was it something a thirty or so year girl should have?

“Junior pays his respects to the high priest.” Seahorse Douluo bowed slightly as he payed his respects towards the lady in red, “This subordinate was unable to properly complete Lord Seagod’s instructions, please mete out your punishment, high priest.

The red garbed lady slightly smiled, and the waters in the oceans seemed to move with her smile.

“This is not your fault. This is also my first time seeing such a sight.” Her gaze shifted and everyone present felt as if she was staring at them. And her gaze finally stopped on Tang San, or perhaps more precisely the mark of the golden trident on his forehead.

“Young one. I have waited over a hundred years, until finally during my dying years I meet you. Can you tell me your story?”

As the one closest to her voice, Tang San could feel his heartbeat suddenly accelerate, however that was not due to her beauty, rather it is due to her voice which which seemed to come from the depths of the soul. Although she looked like a normal human girl, Tang San clearly understood, the one that stood before him now was the one who as famous as his great-grandfather, and the one who once defeated his great- grandfather as well as Spirit Hall’s high priest Qian Daoliu, this person was the Seagod Douluo, Bo Saixi.

Just as he had not expected the five lords under Bo Saixi to have become Seven, Tang San had not expected that this powerful person who reached rank ninety-nine was actually a lady, and one that seemed to have eternal youth and looked barely thirty. Her true age, at the very least would have to be over a hundred and twenty years old.

“Junior Tang San pays his respects to senior. My grandfather’s taboo name is Chen.” Tang San bowed over ninety-degrees, respectfully bowing towards this person in-front of him who represented the highest authority in the Seagod Island, the Seagod Douluo.

However, he had not imagined that the Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi’s figure would actually lightly flash and appear in front of him and not accept his respects.

“There is no need for this courtesy. You are Tang Chen’s great- grandson?” Bo Saixi’s voice sounded slightly surprised

Tang San respectfully spoke: “Indeed.”

Bo Saixi’s eyes revealed a glow with a trace of sadness. “Time truly passes quickly! Even his great-grandson is already so big. I never expected that the person I am waiting for is actually his great-grandson.”

Tang San did not speak, he only silently listened to Bo Saixi’s words, his strength could not even come close to matching this ranked ninety-nine

Seagod Douluo in front of him, but he could feel that, the Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi had no ill intentions towards him.

Bo Saixi quickly gathered herself, with both her eyes looking at Tang San, “Tang San, look at me.”

Tang San looked towards Bo Saixi’s eyes. His eyes clear, with not a hint of retreating, Bo Saixi solemnly said: “From now on, you must remember. On this Seagod Island, no one is qualified to receive your courtesy, that includes myself.”

“Ah?” Tang San looked at the Seagod Douluo with great surprise, he did not understand why this indisputably powerful person would say something like that to him.

Bo Saixi turned towards the Seahorse Douluo, “Ou Ya[1], pass on my orders. All the way until they have completed Lord Seagod’s tests these eight people are all VIPs of the island, no one is to cause trouble or neglect them, other than not being able to help them with their tests, help fulfil all their requests to the best of your ability. Let them reside in your Seahorse city. Also, help me tell the other six to gather at the Seagod Temple for a meeting.”

“Understood.” The Seahorse Douluo Ou Ya respectfully replied. Although he had not seen the high priest for ten years, on this Seagod Island, Bo Saixi was a supreme existence. Only if the Seagod himself personally appeared could she be second.

Bo Saixi’s gaze once more landed on Tang San, smilingly she nodded towards him, “Very good, very good, I believe that you will be able to pass Lord Seagod’s test. If there is anything you need you can request it from Ou Ya. Remember, for your Seagod’s Nine Tests, you must complete at least one a year, otherwise it is considered to have been failed.”

Tang San asked: “If i were to fail, and am unable to pass the test, will I end up the same as the other Black Tier tests participants and die?”

Bo Saixi’s expression changed and Tang San felt his vision blur as Bo Saixi suddenly appeared only a few centimeters away from him. Her originally warm eyes suddenly became cold, and an incomparable amount of pressure suddenly oppressed Tang San making it hard for him to even breathe.

“Tang San, remember this, never let the thought of failure even surface in your mind. I can tell you this, for your test, it involves the survival of Seagod Island, if you were to fail, the consequences is not something as simple as death, it would be much much worse than death.”

After these works were spoken, all they felt was a flash of red light and in the next moment, the Seagod Douluo who was originally standing in- front of Tang San had disappeared.

Dai Mubai, Ma Hong Jun, Oscar and the rest seemed to let out a breath at the same time, their faces were all pale and beads of sweat were on their faces.

“She is just too strong, even though that was just that one instant, it felt like my body was being squashed.” Oscar fearfully spoke.

Tang San did not speak, rather he engraved the words Bo Saixi spoke before she left deeply in his mind, carefully trying to understand the meaning behind her words. Realising that the reason that this Seagod Douluo appeared was because of his Seagod’s Nine Tests, which was enough to shock even her and even say that his test involved the whole Seagod Island, but just why was this so? In terms of strength, he was indeed slightly stronger than the rest of his companions, but this Seagod’s Test was obviously going to be significantly harder than the rest of theirs. Just why was this so? At this point in time, Tang San’s heart was filled with doubt.

At this moment, the Seahorse Douluo’s voice resounded, “Dear distinguished guests, please come with me.”

A rich blue light emanated from the Seahorse Douluo’s hand, with a light wave a strange scene appeared. The seawater in the sea suddenly rose and solidified in the air, in just a little while it had transformed into a bridge

which led not back where they came but rather deeper into the forests of Seagod Island.

Seahorse Douluo’s attitude was extremely respectful due to the words Seagod Douluo had spoken earlier. For a person with a title douluo’s strength to treat them with such respect made the Shrek Seven Devils feel unaccustomed and as such their gazed all landed on Tang San.

Tang San gathered his thoughts, he knew that this was not the time to think too much about these things, as such he returned a bow to the Seahorse Douluo as he said: “Sorry to trouble senior.”

When he stepped onto the sea water bridge, he was surprised to find that the bridge under his feet felt solid even though it was clear sea water. This sensation made all of their hearts fill with novelty and curiosity.

Upon reaching the shore, there were ten yellow-robed oceanic Spirit Masters respectfully standing in two rows, following the group's advance.

The Seahorse Douluo did not take the lead, rather, under his constant request, Tang San walked in front instead.

As the Seahorse Douluo walked, he smiled as he said: “Dear distinguished guests, I welcome you all to stay at Seagod Island, most likely you all will be staying here in the time to come. There are not many rules here in Seagod Island, after you all enter the Seahorse City, you all can decide when you want to begin your tests. Other than this young lady who has already completed her test, the rest of the distinguished guests will have to complete at least one test a year. As you all can feel when you accepted the tests, they have to be carried out in order. When one is complete, you will naturally know what the next one is. Until all of them are complete, if any of you have any needs just let us know, we will try our best to help fulfil them. There is one more thing you have to take note of, other than the forbidden central area in the Seagod Island, you are all free to roam the island as you please, also please do not try and hide the marks of your forehead, it is a symbol of your identities here.”

Tang San nodded his head, saying: “Thank you senior for your instructions, we will be under your care in the future.”

The Seahorse Douluo Ou Ya smilingly said: “Mister Tang is being too courteous. You are the distinguished guest of the High Priest, if there is anything you need just speak and it will be arranged.”

After advancing for an hour, as they left the forest what greeted their sights was actually a city.

This was a small city, with city walls of only five meters high. As they left the forests, due to being on higher ground, they were able to easily see the whole appearance of this small city. This city was by comparison much smaller to those in the Heaven Dou Empire. The most notable thing in this city was the large column in the city center. This column looked fairly similar to the Seahorse Sacred Pillar, only much larger and on the top of the building was a huge statue of a Seahorse.

The Seahorse Douluo Ou Ya said: “The Seagod island has in total seven Sacred Pillar cities. This is the Seahorse City I am in charge of. That building you all can see is the City Lord’s mansion. There are in total about one thousand people in Seahorse City, all of whom are the most loyal followers of Lord Seagod.”

Dai Mubai asked: “We have heard that there are about three thousand Oceanic Spirit Masters on the Seagod Island. If your Seahorse City already has one thousand people, then does it mean that the other cities have much less Oceanic Spirit Masters?”

The Seahorse Douluo smilingly replied: “That is not necessarily so. This so-called three thousand Oceanic Spirit Masters refer to the three thousand five hundred Seagod Fighters who protect Lord Seagod. Every city has five hundred of these Spirit Masters to protect them. But after these Seagod Fighters reach the age of seventy, they can retire. Also there are those who are younger than eighteen years old who have not undergone the Seagod’s tests and as such are also not part of the Seagod Fighters. Hence, every single city has about a thousand or so people. In fact the amount of people in this city of mine is considered to be few. The

largest Sea Dragon City already has over two thousand people. Dear distinguished guests, let us enter the city together.”

This was indeed a small city, the city gates had only the basic four. Although it was the city gates, it seemed more like the manor doors. As the group approached the city gates, there were two white and two yellow robed forming a total of four Oceanic Spirit Masters standing guard. Once the saw the black robed Seahorse Douluo appear, they immediately bowed respectfully and welcomed the group into the city.

However, although Seahorse City was indeed small, it could be considered to be very well equipped. The roads were although not very wide, they were extremely clean. The two rows of houses by the side were although not very big, they were made out of mostly wood and stone. And although there amounts of shops were not extremely numerous, they were still present.

Seeing the shops in this city, it was hard to imagine that this was actually on an island, it felt as if it was a normal inland city.

The Seahorse Douluo said: “Distinguished guests can reside at the City Lord’s Manor for now. I cannot be away from the Seahorse Sacred Pillar for too long so normally I would be cultivating by the pillar. The people here are able to be self sufficient, with some simple farming and with the resources of the ocean it is enough for us to survive. As such there is no need for money on Seagod Island, normally goods are exchanged through barter. Of course, we of the Seagod Island also have people who specifically work on our exports and would leave to trade with the nearby cities every now and then and also purchase whatever essential goods.”

Tang San said: “I heard that the Seagod Island Spirit Masters are not allowed to leave the Seagod Island.”

The Seahorse Douluo lightly smiled as he replied: “The Seagod Island fleet is not necessarily made up of Oceanic Spirit Masters from Seagod Island, but rather Oceanic Spirit Masters not part of Seagod Island, or even voluntary land Spirit Masters who failed the test. Every specified

period of time, they will come and deliver some commodities and trade for some resources of this island.”

Ma Hong Jun questioned: “This does not seem quite good. It’s too unstable, if those people decide to not deliver goods to Seagod Island, and since Seagod Island’s Spirit Masters cannot leave, wouldn’t things become troublesome?”

Seahorse Douluo looked at him briefly. “All the Oceanic Douluos are children of Lord Seagod, none of them would forsake us. The Seagod Island is the sacred ground of the Oceanic Douluos.”

Tang San lightly nodded his head, the situation regarding these Oceanic Spirit Masters was indeed different from the mainland. From the Purple Pearl Pirate Group it could already be seen, this Seagod Island had the absolute faith of the Oceanic Spirit Masters, unlike Spirit Hall which relied of power to rule. These Oceanic Spirit Masters were much more united which was also why Spirit Hall had been unable to stretch its influence to these Oceanic Spirit Masters. Of course, this was also related to why the Oceanic Spirit Masters did not bother with the matters of Spirit Hall, just as the land Spirit Masters were restricted at sea, these oceanic Spirit Masters were restricted on the land, and their strengths greatly reduced. As such these two sides had been at peace.

Upon walking into Seahorse City, Tang San’s group drew a lot of attention, but in the presence of the Seahorse Douluo, the Spirit Masters in the city did not dare approach them. Especially due to the disturbance in the skies over Seagod Island, and the visions they all saw in this Seahorse City, it was practically impossible for Tang San’s group to not raise attention, especially since the marks on their foreheads were so obvious. If you paid a little attention, you would be able to hear the voices of surprise from the residents of Seahorse Island.

The City Lord’s Manor was smaller than imagined, inside, other than the Seahorse Douluo Ou Ya, there were ten other Oceanic Spirit Masters who had passed the Purple Tier test and could be considered the core force in the Seahorse City. The City Lord’s Manor was divided into three levels. Under his insistence, the room originally belonging to the Seahorse Douluo was

given to Tang San. The third floor was although not small, but there was not many rooms, a single living room was already over two hundred square meters but there was only one bedroom. As such, the rest of the Shrek Seven Devils were arranged to stay in the Second level.

After the Seahorse Douluo settled down the group, he immediately left, obviously to go and pass on the High Priest Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi’s orders.

Ma Hong Jun sat on a sofa in the living room of the third floor, letting out a long breath he said, “It’s really not bad, I never thought that after coming here things would go so smoothly. Third brother, this is all thanks to your blessings!”

The group all sat down, before Tang San mused: “We have successfully entered Seagod Island, but this is only the start. The most important thing to us now is still whether we are able to complete these tests. At the moment only Xiangxiang has passed, and amongst the seven of us left the lowest level is the Black five tests. From the Seahorse Douluo reaction, the tests we are going to face are not going to be simple. We still have to think about the long term, but for now we need to deal with this first test. What are your first tests?”

Dai Mubai said deeply: “My first test is very strange, it is called Traversal. The light of Seagod. What about the rest of you?”

Zhu Zhuqing was stunned for a moment before saying: “Mine is the same as well, our first test is the same!”

Ma Hong Jun, Oscar and Ning Rongrong have not inspected what their first tests were and so immediately gathered their minds and used their mental energies to interact with the mark on their forehead before the contents of their first test slowly appeared in their minds.

“The same, mine is traversal of the Seagod’s light as well.”

What surprised all of them was that their first test was actually all the same, including the Ning Rongrong who had the Top Tier Seven Tests. It

was the same test of traversal of the Seagod’s light.

“Little San, what is your first test?”

Tang San’s eyes were slightly strange as he looked at Xiao Wu, slowly realising why Xiao Wu only had one test but yet the difficulty was just as high, “My test is traversal, twofold, of the Seagod’s light.”

The group exchanged glances at each other before looking at Tang San again, all of them at a loss of words.

Zhu Zhuqing said: “The first test, Traversal, of the Seagod’s light, the instructions are to head to the Forbidden core of the Seagod Island and climb to the hundred and eighth step. Then you will be deemed to have passed the test. You can quit midway and the time limit is one year.”

Tang San scratched his head, as calmly as usual, seeing the rest of the group look at him with envy, “The first test, Traversal, twice of the Seagod’s light, the instructions are to head to the Forbidden core of the Seagod Island and climb to the three hundred and thirty third steps. Then you will be deemed to have passed the test. You can quit midway and the time limit is one year.”

Ma Hong Jun asked stunned: “Isn't it supposed to be double? Why is yours actually triple the number of steps?”

Tang San bitterly smiled as he replied: “How would I know. However, this is not the time to discuss this. Since all our tests are about the same, we can make some simple guesses. From the name and contents, we can guess that the first test should be having us pass through some special defensive formation of the Seagod Island’s forbidden core. It should probably be something similar to the light we saw the Seahorse Douluo used to block the skies today. And this Seagod’s light from the Seagod Island’s Forbidden Core should be something surpassing even that. If we want to pass it, we probably would have to endure some great pressure.”

The group all nodded their heads, while Ning Rongrong bitterly said, “I actually thought that my test was the same as yours, but it is actually

different as well, what I need to traverse of the Seagod’s Light is actually up till the hundred and thirty sixth step. This should be the difference between the top tier and black tier test.:

Oscar held Ning Rongrong’s arms and said: “No problem, it’s only until the hundred and thirty sixth step anyway, I will accompany you all the way.”

Just as they were speaking, Tang San’s eyes suddenly flashed, “I suddenly thought of a problem. If the Seagod’s Light is used to prevent invaders from entering, and would give us pressure when we step onto the steps. Then would this pressure help stimulate our potentials? If it does, then this first test of ours would be a good thing for all of us.”

The Shrek Seven Devils are all smart people, as they exchanged glances, they instantly understood Tang San’s meaning, Oscar said: “After we’ve rested, we can go take a look. As it seems, one year might be too short. But from the Seahorse Douluo’s expression, it might not be simple as it seems to pass this test. So it is better that we make use of all the time we have to clear it.”

Tang San nodded his head, his gaze turned towards the Bai Chenxiang whose face was still red sitting in the corner, saying: “Xiangxiang, you have to come and advance together with us.”

Bai Chenxiang was thinking about her problems as she suddenly heard Tang San call her name, slightly startled she quickly replied with “Okay.”

Just as the group was talking, a purple robed Oceanic Spirit Master came to the third floor and told the group that lunch was ready and invited them to have their meals.

The place where they ate was the first floor, while the Seahorse Douluo had already left leaving the instructions to Tang San’s group that if there was anything they needed they could just directly request it from these purple robed Oceanic Spirit Masters.

Lunch was extremely sumptuous, and was much better than the food back at the Purple Pearl Pirate Group. With lobsters spanning two feet long, and king crabs with a diameter a foot long, in addition to various shellfish, fish and some vegetables forming their staple.

The food at the Purple Pearl Pirate Group was very normal, today they only had a simple breakfast before they painstakingly traveled to Seagod Island. Without holding back they all ate in big mouthfuls, only Tang San could still be considered fairly civilised, as he still had to take care of Xiao Wu.

Xiao Wu ate some of the greens before Tang San brought some of the lobster and crab meat to her mouth which she slowly ate. These seafood were all extremely fresh and delicious yet nutritious at the same time.

Tang San was the last to finish eating, seeing everyone’s satisfied expressions, he smilingly said: “It would seem that the treatment here is not bad! Should we go and check out the Seagod’s Light tomorrow or should we just go this afternoon?”

Dai Mubai said: “Let's go in the afternoon, what Oscar said earlier was right. We came here to train ourselves, we should not waste time. Since we just ate, after a two hour rest our body conditions should be more or less optimised, then we can go and have a look.”

The group all nodded their agreement, and went back to their individual rooms. Since they were leaving in just two hours time, Tang San did not hand Xiao Wu to Ning Rongrong and just brought her back to his room.

Supporting Xiao Wu to sit on the sofa, Tang San’s brows furrowed, in front of his companions he had not said this, but he was actually extremely worried for Xiao Wu’s condition. Xiao Wu’s Top Tier Single Test was to accompany him as he completed all his tests. This also meant that her test was linked to his own. If he had to face an enemy, he could still fight but he could still protect Xiao Wu while doing so. However, for this test of traversing the Seagod’s Light, how would he help her? Xiao Wu’s body was being unable to withstand the pressure and running into trouble was something he did not wish to have to face.

Holding Xiao Wu and letting her comfortably lean in his embrace, he kissed her smooth forehead as his gaze gradually turned determined. He would definitely not allow Xiao Wu to run into any danger, ‘let me bear everything this time’.

Two hours later.

The Shrek Seven Devils once more entered the Third Level, and at the same time brought over one of the purple robed Oceanic Spirit Masters.

“These distinguished guests wish to enter the Forbidden Grounds?” Hearing the group’s intention to head to the Seagod Island’s Forbidden Core, this over fifty year old purple robed Oceanic Spirit Master was extremely shocked.

Tang San said: “It is actually like this, we have accepted the Seagod’s tests and the first one is to traverse the Seagod’s Light. As such we have no choice but to trouble you and bring us to the Seagod Island’s Forbidden Core.”

Only now did the purple robed Oceanic Spirit Master understand, hurriedly he said: “All right then, then let me bring these distinguished guests ahead. May I ask if you all have any other needs?”

Tang San shook his head signifying that there were none.

Under this purple robed Oceanic Spirit Master’s lead, the group headed out of Seahorse City, directly out of the city area.

As they walked, Dai Mubai asked Tang San with some bewilderment: “Little San, is this not too easy? The place we want to go to is the forbidden grounds, why would this purple robed Oceanic Spirit Master simply bring us there without asking any more questions?”

Tang San replied: “Easy? The simplicity now would just show how difficult our test is going to be. If I am not wrong, this purple robed Oceanic Spirit Master being so willing to bring us to the forbidden grounds could be due to several things. Firstly, it is perhaps due to the marks on our

foreheads. If I am not wrong the Seagod’s tests all take into account the strength and potential of the one taking it, for us outsiders it should also be the same. Whatsmore the high level tests we have been given even surprised the Seagod Douluo. As such, they perhaps not have much doubts about us. In reality we are also not intending to bring harm to the Seagod Island anyway. Secondly, since we are heading to the forbidden grounds to perform the first test, this should imply that the Seagod Island’s Forbidden Core’s defences should be extremely shocking which should include this Seagod’s Light we have to withstand.

Chapter 220

(TL by Bagelson)

Tang San’s blue eyes glinted, “Mubai, I don’t know whether you’ve noticed, but when this purple clothed sea spirit master heard about our first trial, his eyes revealed a somewhat pitying light. You can imagine the dreadfulness of that Seagod’s Light.

Dai Mubai smiled in spite of himself: “Little San, amazing as always. How about this, afterwards you bring your Tang Sect to the Star Luo Empire. You can have any minister post you want, what do you think?”

Tang San smiled: “You want to lure me in? Aren’t you afraid the Heaven Dou Empire will fight you? Shifting the Tang Sect over to your Star Luo Empire isn’t any easy matter.” Before he left, in emperor Xue Ye gifting him the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud, as well as Xue Bing’s manner, one could faintly see the emperor’s meaning of support. No matter from which point of view, it was impossible for Tang San to leave the Heaven Dou Empire for Star Luo. He could not only consider himself, but also the reactions of the whole Tang Sect and the Heaven Dou Empire.

Dai Mubai sighed, saying: “It seems I can only lament that Shrek Academy wasn’t established in our Star Luo Empire.”

Away from Seahorse City, the purple clothed sea spirit master said to everyone: “The way from Seahorse City isn’t a short distance. All honored guests, should we move a bit quicker?”

Tang San asked: “How far is it from here?”

The purple clothed sea spirit master said: “The forbidden grounds is within the ring shaped sea at the center of Seagod Island. From here it’s about two hundred li.”

Hearing what he said, everyone had an understanding of the area of the Seagod Island. This immense island unexpectedly had a diameter of four hundred li. It clearly showed its size.

“Then we’ll hurry up, we’ll trouble you to lead the way.” Even though two hundred li wasn’t too far, it might still take at least a day. Only travelling at full speed could they reach it in a short time.

When the purple clothed sea spirit master asked, he had turned to Tang San, clearly because of that golden trident mark on Tang San’s forehead. With Tang San’s agreement, this spirit master immediately released his spirit. White, yellow, purple, purple, purple, black, black, an astonishing seven spirit rings appeared. He was unexpetedly a Spirit Sage level power.

After he released his spirit, his whole body was covered with fine scales, his whole body glinting. Since he didn’t make it clear, everyone didn’t know what spirit this was. After gesturing to everyone, this purple clothed spirit master abruptly accelerated, the way he moved extremely peculiar. His legs practically didn’t leave the ground, but the pace of his steps was extremely high, and he shot forward like an arrow.

Nobody dared be neglectful, also releasing their own spirits. Bai Chenxiang spread her wings, chasing after that purple clothed Spirit Sage in practically just a flash. The others weren’t slow either, simultaneously releasing their spirits and accelerating, dashing forward.

For a short time after the purple clothed sea spirit master sped up, he feared everyone wouldn’t be able to keep up, after all, even though Seahorse Douluo had told them these people were respected guests, they were still too young. But after he turned to look, he couldn’t help drawing a cool breath. No longer holding back, and accelerating wit

Very soon, the Shrek Seven Devils came to experience some of the difference between sea spirit masters and land spirit masters. Generally,

after spirit masters reached the Spirit Sage level, they would undergo a qualitative leap. This bit was the same for both sea spirit masters and land spirit masters. Consequently, as a Spirit Sage, this purple clothed sea spirit master definitely had much stronger spirit power than they did. However, as he accelerated at full force, let alone agility attack type Zhu Zhuqing and pure speed type Bai Chenxiang, even the others could very easily keep up. The strength sea spirit masters could display on dry land really couldn’t compare to land spirit masters. Only the ocean was their true stage.

As a result of such circumstances, everyone basically followed this purple clothed sea spirit master at full speed. To ordinary people, two hundred li might take two days on foot, and a full day even on horse. But to high level spirit masters travelling at full speed, it was just the work of a couple of hours[1]. They’d rested a couple of hours after lunch, and since it was now winter so it got dark early, consequently, as the sun set in the west and the horizon was lit by red clouds, the Shrek Seven Devils arrived at their destination.

Passing through another dense grove, as the purple clothed sea spirit master halted, the Shrek Seven Devils were already stupefied by the scene before them.

The gleaming reflection of the setting sun off clear and crystalline waves caused countless specks of light, and encircled by that ring shaped sea was a small island. The terrain on the island was very high, up to five hundred meters or so. Most astonishing was that the little island was enveloped by a layer of faint golden light. Even though it wasn’t intense, the Shrek Seven Devils still saw that it absolutely wasn’t the light of the setting sun, but rather the luster of that little island itself.

At the peak of the little island was a building as if sculpted from white jade, square, domed, from where they stood they could only make out that the outside was one giant white rock pillar after another. And the quality of all of it was sparkling and translucent, filled with a divine radiance.

“This is the forbidden ground?” Dai Mubai muttered.

The purple clothed sea spirit master’s eyes were filled with piety, “Yes, this is the forbidden ground of our Seagod Island, the revered lord Seagod’s Hall, it’s the only building at the peak of the Seagod’s Peak. It’s also the true Seagod’s Island, also known as the island within the island. Please look, in front of you is a flight of steps on the island. That is the place you must pass your trial. Altogether one thousand one steps. Only Seagod Island protectors who have passed the lord Seagod’s purple level trial or higher are entitled to enter the Seagod’s Hall to worship. Otherwise, they will be obstructed by the Seagod’s Light. If everyone wants to attempt to pass the trial, go right ahead. I will wait for you here. But please by no means cause a racket, so as not to disturb the lord Seagod.”

Everyone looked in the direction he indicated. Sure enough, a flight of stairs spread downwards from just in front of the Seagod’s Hall, shining under the light of the sunset. The white stone steps reflected the light, and looked just like jade the whole way up the Seagod mountain.

Looking face to face, the Shrek Seven Devils were just about to set out when that purple clothed sea spirit master hastily said as if recalling something: “Honored guests, when you begin your trial, if you can’t do it then don’t force it. As long as you retreat down the mountain, you naturally won’t be harmed. The Seagod’s Light might be the only one of your future trials that is without danger, so there’s no need to be too restrained.”

Tang San nodded with a smile: “Many thanks for your directions. Only, there’s no need to wait for us here. We don’t know how long it will take to pass this trial. We’ve brought rations.”

The purple clothed sea spirit master hesitated a moment, but still said: “Doesn’t matter. Everyone don’t mind me. Actually, to be able to be tried by the lord Seagod’s light is a good thing. Only black level trials will have this opportunity. Without the lord Seagod’s permission, us sea spirit masters who have already passed the trials can’t enter the range of the forbidden grounds.”

Hearing him say this, Tang San’s heart moved slightly, no longer saying anything else, he called out to his comrades, and held Xiao Wu’s slender waist, taking the lead to leap up, going straight for that ring shaped sea.

The sea ring was about two hundred meters wide, and the waves weren’t large. Rather than calling it a sea, it was more accurately a ring shaped lake. Of course, the water was still sea water, it was unknown how it entered the island.

This time it wasn’t Seahorse Douluo’s trial for them, so everyone had a much easier time reaching the Seagod mountain. Those who could fly flew, those who couldn’t only needed to rely on Oscar’s flying mushroom sausage to reach the other bank.

As everyone flew over the ring sea, they suddenly discovered that within its range, apart from Bai Chenxiang, everyone began to emit faint light.

Among them, Dai Mubai, Oscar, Zhu Zhuqing, Ma Hongjun emitted black light, while Ning Rongrong and Xiao Wu now had a red luster. And Tang San’s body had a faint golden light. The light was exactly the same as what their trials had finally stabilized on.

When such a light appeared on their bodies, the purple clothed Sea Spirit Master on the shore suddenly changed expression, calling out, “Not good.”

However, he was still too late. As the Shrek Seven Devils and Bai Chenxiang entered the range of the ring sea, suddenly, everyone simultaneously felt an indescribable pressure abruptly rush out from the ring sea below them. Immediately afterward, an enormous shadow broke the surface, directly targeting Bai Chenxiang.

That was a fish, about five meters long, teeth like long pikes in the front of its mouth, practically a third of the length of its body. After it suddenly leaped up from the water, its whole body glinted with black light, once again accelerating, charging at Bai Chenxiang like a black bolt of lightning.

Tang San and the others had never expected an attack like this, and Bai Chenxiang also flew furthest ahead, there wasn’t enough time to help her.

Fortunately Bai Chenxiang had followed the Shrek Seven Devils in this time, and had grown a lot no matter whether in knowledge or practical experience. Suddenly having a bad feeling, she abruptly swayed once in midair, forming a sharp corner, dodging the black lightning bolt attack by a narrow margin.

The Shrek Seven Devils had naturally also heard the purple clothed sea spirit master’s shout from the shore. At this time, they revealed their ability to react.

Tang San temporarily handed over Xiao Wu to Ning Rongrong’s care, and the next instant, he relied on teleportation to reach Bai Chenxiang. A Blue Silver Emperor flew out, wrapping around her waist, tying her up behind him. At the same time, a Spiderweb Restraint flew out, enveloping that sea spirit beast in midair. The others also swiftly followed. Dai Muba, Ma Hongjun and Zhu Zhuqing formed a triangular defensive formation around Oscar, Ning Rongrong and Xiao Wu.

That strange fish was absolutely slippery, even though Tang San had calculated very precisely, it still slightly twisted its body and suddenly changed direction in midair, turning into a black line and once again disappearing into the water. The surface once again became calm.

“What’s going on?” Ma Hongjun asked, both alarmed and angry. The purple clothed sea Spirit Master previously didn’t tell them there would be sea spirit beasts attacking them.

Tang San’s spiritual force extended, carefully sensing the aura within the ring sea, then again looking over the golden light surrounding him, his starry eyes glinting, “I understand. This light should be for protection, keeping the sea spirit beasts within this ring sea from attacking us. But Xiangxiang doesn’t have this mission, so the spirit beasts in the ring sea take her for an intruder, and attack her. Right now she’s within the protection of my light, and the sea spirit beasts below shouldn’t sense her aura, that’s why there’s no follow up attack. Let’s go quickly, we’ll reach the shore first.”

Everyone listened to Tang San’s explanation, nodded, and immediately sped up. In the time of a few breaths they had already successfully passed the two hundred meter ring sea and arrived at the other shore.

And on one shore the purple clothed sea Spirit Master looked distracted. ly he had really forgotten that among Tang San and the others was someone who wasn’t qualified for the trial of the Seagod’s light. But he still found it difficult to comprehend the circumstances he saw. In his understanding, it was impossible for even Spirit Masters qualified for the Seagod’s Light trial to use their own protective light to let others safely cross the ring sea! How come Tang San could do it?

Actually, he overlooked a problem. It was the first time the trident brand on Tang San’s forehead had appeared. How could the Seagod’s trial equal the black level trials?

Safely reaching the foot of the mountain, Tang San released the Blue Silver Emperor twisted around Bai Chenxiang.

“Thank you, third brother.” Bai Chenxiang looked at Tang San, secretly sighing inwardly. Deep in her heart, Tang San was the most perfect man. Only, over these days she had also heard Tang San and Xiao Wu’s story from the others, and naturally understood there would only be one person in his heart. Perhaps it was also for this reason that she was even more unwilling to accept Fatty.

“We’re on the same side, no need to be polite. Mubai, we’ll try first?”
Tang San said to Dai Mubai.

The steps to climb the Seagod Mountain was a few dozen meters away from them. The reason why Tang San called Dai Mubai and not just himself, was because his trial was after all different from the others’. Therefore, two people trying it out together was a better way to find the answer.

Just as they reached the foot of the mountain, they immediately felt a solemn and dignified atmosphere filling the surroundings. It seemed as if some special force was restraining them, and their minds felt heavy.

“Go.” Dai Mubai only spoke one word. The next moment, the two vaulted up, dashing towards the stairs.

Peng peng—— Two muffled thumps echoed practically simultaneously. Just as Dai Mubai and Tang San dashed up to the stairs, they seemed to knock into something, and instantly shot backwards, flying out more than ten meters. Fortunately the two didn’t charge too fiercely before, but even so, they still staggered and tumbled backwards, only managing to catch their balance with difficulty.

The two looked at each other, both seeing the overwhelmed expressions in the eyes of the other.

“What’s going on?” Everyone gathered around, and Oscar asked.

Dai Mubai said: “It was like knocking against an elastic wall. However much impulse I had was directly rebounded at me. Basically irresistible. Little San, how about you?”

Tang San nodded, saying: “The same for me. It seems that the start of the stairs is the range truly protected by the Seagod’s Light. Mubai, try shooting a White Tiger Light Wave at an angle. It’s fine if you use a little spirit power.”

Dai Mubai nodded and released his spirit right away. His second spirit ring flashed, his mouth opening wide, and a line of white light shot out at an angle.

A strange scene appeared. Everyone only saw a flash of faint golden light, and that White Tiger Light Wave Dai Mubai issued only paused slightly, then rebounded like a bolt of lightning, travelling even faster than when Dai Mubai shot it just now. Its target was straight at Dai Mubai himself.

Tang San seemed to have already anticipated this result. A punch blasting out with an explosive sound like a sonic boom of Mysterious Heaven Skill inner strength hitting the air, blocking the reflected White Tiger Light Wave.

“It seems my conjecture wasn’t wrong.” As Grandmaster’s disciple, Tang San was undoubtedly the one of everyone who understood the most about spirits, spirit abilities and similar. Through the collision and the way the White Tiger Light Wave reflected just now, he had already figured out a lot.

“This Seagod’s Light is a potent barrier. It should be able to reflect any physical or energy attacks. Moreover, it’s not just casually reflecting, but rather only reflecting at the person who launched the attack. Otherwise, because Dai Mubai’s White Tiger Light Wave shot out at an angle just now, it should have been reflected at an angle into empty air.”

Oscar also seemed to have caught on to something, “Like that, wouldn’t that be……”

Tang San nodded, affirming his thoughts, “That’s right, in other words, when we climb the stairs, we can’t use any abilities, otherwise we’ll immediately suffer backlash.”

Ma Hongjun couldn’t help saying: “Fuck me, this test really is abnormal. Physics and energy are both reflected, then how can we go up?”

Tang San lowered his voice: “It should be that we can only climb step by step while bearing the rebound. If our strength can’t endure, then we’ll be immediately rebounded. Even though we can’t use attack abilities, I think protective and amplifying abilities can still be used. Let’s go, we’ll try again.”

Standing before the stairs once again, Tang San was the first to walk forward, slowly raising his right foot, taking a step towards the first step.

When his foot just entered the range of the step, he immediately felt a formidable force appear in front of his leg, pushing powerfully to stop him from stepping forward.

Gathering Mysterious Heaven Skill within, Tang San’s slowly placed his foot on the step, and simultaneously brought his body to stand on the first


His judgement was completely correct. After he stood there completely, he immediately felt a tremendous pressure hiding the sky and covering the earth, forcefully squeezing his body, like the feeling of a squeezed balloon pushing against your fingers. A layer of faint golden mist appeared around him, and Tang San clearly felt his spirit power start to be swiftly consumed.

Withstanding the pressure, he again took his second step. Just like he anticipated, when he stepped onto the second step, the pressure increased again, about ten percent more than on the first step.

Drawing a deep breath, Tang San sped up, taking three steps in quick succession, reaching the fifth step.

Immediately, the sensation became clearer, the pressure rushing against him like an ocean tide. Tang San made some simple spirit power calculations, and was astonished to discover that just standing firm on this fifth step, would require a thirtieth rank Spirit Master to go all out with his full strength.

At this time, Dai Mubai also arrived next to him, enduring equal pressure. The two looked at each other, then continued forward. This time, they walked to the twenty steps position in one breath.

Sweat began to appear at their temples, the spirit power within their bodies being consumed at an astonishing rate. Dai Mubai was the first to react, his first spirit ability White Tiger Barrier, and third spirit ability White Tiger Vajra Transformation launching simultaneously. He started moving forward at a steady pace. Tang San also circulated even stronger spirit power and followed behind him.

But starting from the twentieth step, each step was so difficult.

When they stood on the thirtieth step, there were already droplets starting to hit the ground. That was sweat. The golden mist surrounding the two of them also clearly grew stronger. Their faces reddening, they were clearly already using all their spirit power.

“Roar——” Under the tremendous pressure, Dai Mubai roared, spreading his legs, both arms held out on either side in a ring shape, the fur on his body growing wildly his fifth spirit ring brightening. Circle after circle of golden light constantly rising from below his feet, and with each rising circle, Dai Mubai’s imposing manner would increase somewhat, a golden giant tiger silhouette appearing behind him. That was his fifth spirit ability, White Tiger Devilgod Form.

This moment embodied Tang San’s strength. Until now, he still hadn’t used any spirit ability, but he’d still advanced at the same pace as Dai Mubai.

This wasn’t just because Tang San’s spirit power was higher than Dai Mubai’s by four ranks. Even more important was that Tang San had three more spirit bones. Relying on the amplification of these three spirit bones to his body, he could endure even greater pressure.

Thirty one steps, thirty two steps, sweat ran like a gushing spring. The two of them clenched their teeth, and kept moving forward.

Thirty three, thirty four, thirty five, thirty six, thirty seven. Dai Mubai halted, his spirit power was already being consumed at a frightening rate. Just as he took his thirty eight step, the spirit power within his body was no longer able to fuel the simultaneous use of three great spirit abilities. He came to a halt, and the next moment, his whole body flew off, spinning. Under the immense pressure, he shot into the sky like a cannonball.

Putong—— Dai Mubai was directly thrown into the ring sea, and where he fell was unexpectedly almost seventy meters from the shore. It was clear what kind of pressure he had endured before.

A pink flying mushroom sausage promptly appeared by Dai Mubai. Eating the sausage, he managed to fly back to the shore. But his complexion was already pale. Oscar and the others clearly saw Dai Mubai’s legs actually tremble uncontrollably. He just sat straight on the ground, breathing deeply, “So difficult.”

Everyone revealed serious expressions. They understood that if it was them, it might be impossible to do better.

Eating one of Oscar’s big recovery sausages, Dai Mubai didn’t immediately start recovering his spirit power through cultivation, but rather looked towards the stairs. He wanted to see how far Tang San could reach.

Currently, Tang San already stood on the fortieth step. But it was also at this time that the clothes on Tang San’s back split open, blood red Eight Spider Lances breaking out. The lower four lances stuck to the ground, supporting his body. Arousing the external spirit bone undoubtedly raised the attributes of Tang San’s body, and brought an even denser golden mist. He still didn’t pause, and kept slowly climbing. Because Tang San knew that stopping would not only not give him time to recover, but on the contrary consume even more spirit power. It was a spurt of energy at the first drumbeat, declining at the next, and exhausted by the third.

At step forty five, Tang San’s legs felt as heavy as mountains. Just raising them was a tremendous effort. But he still didn’t give up, Mysterious Heaven Skill inner strength rushing up within his body like magma. The pressure he bore was already making his bones creak. But the more it was like this, the happier the expression in Tang San’s eyes grew. Of course, the other Shrek Seven Devils couldn’t see it.

A circle of faint blue light rose from below Tang San’s feet. Dai Mubai saw shocked, as the same time as that blue light appeared, Tang San actually accelerated sharply, climbing three steps in a spurt.

Indeed, that was the boost of the Blue SIlver Domain. With spirit power at the sixty eighth rank, Tang San finally revealed his strength. Forty nine, fifty. Tang San firmly took another two steps. But he now discovered that moving even an inch was extremely difficult.

Despite already having connected the eight extraordinary meridians, giving him spirit power recovery rate far exceeding that of others, he didn’t have the kind of powerful self boost abilities Dai Mubai had. Right now, the spirit power within his body was already being exhausted at a rate he couldn’t keep up with.

Another line of white light broke out. This time Tang San’s legs moved in succession, unexpectedly climbing another five steps. Deathgod Domain also appeared under the immense pressure.

When he used the Blue Silver Domain, Tang San clearly felt his body grow lighter, now that the Deathgod Domain appeared, he felt the same. It was drawing on the capability of the domains that he could keep climbing. However, when he stood on step fifty five, Tang San still halted. In the whole process of climbing before, even though he moved slowly, he’d still kept moving forward. But now, he was finally still.

Raising his right leg three times, he put it down three times. His whole body leaned forward. The Eight Spider Lances extended behind him began to tremble. Clearly, he couldn’t endure longer.

It wasn’t that Tang San didn’t want to use the formidable abilities Invincible Golden Body and Teleportation, but rather that he discovered that under this Seagod’s Light barrier, his teleportation directly failed, and the Invincible Golden Body could only block attacks, unable to let him take a step further under this frightful obstruction.

Finally, Tang San didn’t keep moving forward. But neither was he shot out like Dai Mubai was, but rather slowly, slowly, retreated step by step. With each step back, the pressure would lighten somewhat. After Tang San had retreated more than ten steps, he discovered that his body seemed a lot lighter. He didn’t dare stop, because the spirit power within his body was close to exhausted.

When he took the last ten steps down, Tang San moved very quickly. The instant he finally withdrew completely from the stairs, and the golden mist surrounding him dispersed, Tang San only felt as if all the pores of his body opened up. The next moment, he had an omnipresent feeling of weakness, and with aputong sound, he directly fell to sit on the ground.

“Everyone try it.” Leaving these words, Tang San managed to sit cross legged with difficulty, directly starting to meditate.

Grandmaster had one saying that Tang San remembered very clearly: pressure, it was the best catalyst for cultivation.

As he braved the formidable pressure of the Seagod’s Light to climb the stairs, this was the feeling that appeared in Tang San’s heart. Confronting the enormous pressure of the Seagod’s Light, he was happy rather than alarmed. Hadn’t they come to Seagod’s Island in search of just this kind of pressure? The spirit power in his body being exhausted still filled Tang San’s heart with a feeling of excitement. He knew that cultivating under these kinds of circumstances would have enormous benefits to him. It was the reason he immediately started cultivating.

Leaving that kind of immense pressure gave Tang San’s whole body a feeling as if ascending to immortality. Without the oppression of the Seagod’s Light, his body seemed to relax completely, every cell cheering jubilantly. Tang San had discovered that the pressure of the Seagod’s Light came completely from the front. To bring Xiao Wu through this trial, he had to let Xiao Wu conform to his body as closely as possible, and use spirit power to protect her. Of course, Tang San also knew that this would consume his spirit power even faster, and Xiao Wu’s body would also suffer a certain amount of pressure. To complete this trial would still take countless attempts and even greater strength.

When Tang San awoke from cultivation, he only felt the inner strength within his body so abundant it could burst out, immensely relaxing. Only the sweat soaking his clothes from the climb just now was a bit uncomfortable.

Xiao Wu was fast asleep leaning against Bai Chenxiang. Besides Bai Chenxiang, the others were currently also busy cultivating. From their somewhat sorry appearance could be seen that they’d already climbed the stairs leading to the Seagod’s Hall.

Standing, simply exercising his muscles and bones, his muscles tight but not losing flexibility, the weak feeling was completely swept away. On the contrary he was filled with a feeling of strength.

This kind of feeling had also appeared after Tang San recovered back when he cultivated under the waterfall. But it didn’t continue for too long, as he adapted to the intensity of the waterfall’s strike and his own strength grew. After one month of training, this kind of feeling had gradually waned. He clearly understood that, even though this kind of feeling didn’t mean his strength had directly increased, it meant that his body’s resistance had grown, and his spirit power cultivation speed would also be a lot faster than normal.

His goal was three hundred thirty three steps. It seemed that this could let him cultivate for a very long time. Thinking of this, Tang San’s eyes released a barely concealed light of excitement. This Seagod Island, coming here really was the right choice.

“Third brother, are you alright?” Bai Chenxiang said in a low voice.

Tang San smiled slightly, walking over to her, looking at Xiao Wu’s sleeping with a beautiful smile: “Why? You haven’t tried it?”

“Me?” Bai Chenxiang looked distracted, “But, I didn’t receive the same trial as you!” At this point, she couldn’t help looking a bit sad. Through the Seagod’s trials they’d gotten, she deeply understood how large the difference between her and the Shrek Seven Devils was. Her original pride from the Speed Clan was completely obliterated. Compared to the seven people in front of her, she really was too far behind.

Tang San sternly said: “That you haven’t gotten the trial doesn’t mean you can’t try it. Even though this Seagod’s Light will cause enormous pressure, the longer we can stand up to that kind of pressure, the greater the benefits for us Spirit Masters. Being under the effect of tremendous pressure without threat to your life has the greatest benefit to increasing spirit power. Xiangxiang, don’t give up this chance.”

“Fine, then I’ll try it too.” Seeing Tang San’s encouraging expression, Bau Chenxiang carefully handed Xiao Wu to Tang San, assuming the manner the Shrek Seven Devils had before as she walked towards the steps.

When Bai Chenxiang moved, Xiao Wu also woke up. Seeing that it was Tang San who held her, she nestled against his chest, and her face displayed a bit of satisfaction. Like a child, she grabbed Tang San’s lapels, as if afraid he would run.

Standing up holding Xiao Wu, Tang San looked after Bai Chenxiang. By now, she had already started climbing the stairs.

Being born of the Speed Clan, she was most focused on speed, but after taking the first step into the Seagod’s Light, Bai Chenxiang’s expression instantly changed.
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