Douluo Dalu Chapter 21-30


Chapter 21

Shrek Seven Devils will finally appear on stage. Perhaps everyone will to some extent not understand their circumstances. But in fact, in ancient China, men at twelve years old would very often visit prostitutes. Especially young men from rich households. This is Douluo Dalu, everyone like this certain person develops comparatively early. Hey hey, tomorrow’s update he formally enters the stage.[1]

Early morning.

Tang San very early was already up, every day cultivating Purple Demon Eye already became a matter he must do. And this morning particularly he still had several important matters he must quickly see to.

Leaving his and Oscar’s dorm, outside the day still had not brightened, in the course of one night’s rest, Tang San’s internal strength had already recovered, in accordance with Oscar’s directions, he quickly reached that open space where Zhao Wuji held his examination yesterday, tidying up his hidden weapons.

These hidden weapons were not easy to create, and he could not lightly discard them. Especially that Tense Back Flower Adornment Crossbow’s bolt and Powder Shooting Shadow’s poison’s manufacture was even more painstaking, time consumption was not short.

Fortunately, the hidden weapons used yesterday were basically all there, relying on Purple Demon Eye’s acute vision, he very quickly found these hidden weapons one by one, returning them to their proper places.

Over several years in Nuoding City, Tang San since long ago would amply arm himself, and when yesterday fighting Zhao Wuji, was the first time he fully put to use his whole strength using hidden weapons.

Right now, while collecting hidden weapons, Tang San meanwhile reflected on the gains and losses in this fight yesterday. Zhao Wuji’s defensive power indeed was too astonishing. Fortunately his speed was not fast, also did not use his full power, otherwise he basically at once would have had no chance. Dealing with such a power, how should he go about it? if hereafter again confronting this kind of enemy, what method could he use to gain victory?

All kinds of thoughts continuously flashed through Tang San’s mind, he understood, his hidden weapons cultivation still was insufficiently pure, these could not be progressed in one or two days. In Mysterious Heaven Treasure Record’s Hidden Weapon Hundred Separation the very top ranked hidden weapons practically all required formidable internal strength support. If wanting to handle powers on levels like this Zhao Wuji. Then with his current level of strength, he only had one way: making powerful mechanism type hidden weapons. For example, Tang Sect’s three greatest most terrifying mechanical type hidden weapons, Buddha Fury Tang Lotus, Torrential Pear Blossom and Peacock Plume.

However, these three kinds of hidden weapons manufacturing was actually too challenging, any one type dealing with materials requirements that were all harsh to the extreme. In his current circumstances, they were basically impossible to make. And also, these three kinds of hidden weapons although Tang San had manufactured them all before, having not a little experience. But letting him again manufacture, any one type required consuming at least one year’s time. This was still assuming the materials were found without a hitch.

With a disappointed sigh, Tang San helplessly shook his head. To his current circumstances, making these three kinds of hidden weapons equally

was not realistic. Apparently, only could work hard at cultivation, striving to gradually promote the strength of the hidden weapons. Simultaneously, he also must better his equipment even more. Looking for an opportunity, first allocating some poison again. Only having Datura Snake Venom was too singular.

After gathering his hidden weapons, Tang San jumped up on a rooftop, to the East gradually appeared purple qi cultivation.

Pressure equally was a driving force, going through that battle yesterday, he already faintly had the feeling his spirit power had broken through the twenty ninth rank to enter the thirtieth rank. If only he was able to enter the thirtieth rank, over a certain period of time cultivating thirtieth rank spirit power to its peak, at once he could go hunt his third spirit beast, adding one spirit ring. At that time, his actual strength also would have a qualitative leap.

As the sun rose, Tang San returned to the dorm. Currently, Oscar still hugged his quilt sound asleep, in early morning Tang San had woken him to ask about yesterday’s exam place he only still sleeping drooled.

“Little Ao, wake up.”

Tang San pushed Oscar.

“Wha, let me sleep a moment.”

Oscar said in his sleep. Tang San frowned, saying:
“Quickly come. It’s already not early. Don’t you know a day is measured from morning?”

Oscar somewhat helplessly opened his eyes, looking at Tang San,

“Me and you cannot be alike, you are Battle Spirit Masters. I am a Tool Spirit Master, and even food system. I don’t need your kind of

troublesome cultivation. Dage, I’ll trouble you not to disturb me, let me sleep a moment.”

Tang San helplessly said:

“Then you first tell me what place Xiao Wu stays at, I want to go see she’s well.

Oscar said:

“You leave our dorm to the left, roughly thirty metres, that side has a wooden house, it’s where Xiao Wu and Ning Rongrong stay. Only, I must remind you. The Academy has clear-cut rules, male students cannot casually disturb the female students. Otherwise, the school rules can be very severe. Our Shrek Academy in this village occupies one third of the area, the other side is for the villagers to live. Ordinarily as much as possible don’t go over there.

Shrek Academy indeed did not have any money, the entire Academy rented a third of this village’s area simply to exist. The so called school buildings were all previously the villagers’ wooden houses, that’s all. Fortunately Suotuo City was comparatively near, so shopping could be considered comparatively convenient.

Tang San again left the dorm, right now he was already somewhat hungry, but compared to Xiao Wu, this issue naturally must be placed second to resolve.

Very quickly, Tang San reached Xiao Wu and Ning Rongrong’s dorm, but directly entering? If it only was Xiao Wu it would not matter, the two had lived in the same dorm for such a long time, both were siblings, but having an additional girl was somewhat inconvenient.

Tang San hesitated a moment, still without entering, outside softly called:

“Xiao Wu, Xiao Wu……”

Without waiting too long, the door opened, Xiao Wu walked out from inside, she still wore clothing like yesterday’s, apart from slightly pale complexion, looked to already be without anything left unsettled.

Seeing her appear, Tang San immediately let out a breath,

“Xiao Wu, are you a bit better?”

Xiao Wu gestured to Tang San to keep silent,

“Rongrong is still cultivating, don’t disturb her. We can go aside to talk.”

For some reason, Tang San felt today’s Xiao Wu’s expression looked somewhat different. As to where a change had actually occurred, he himself also could not say.

Originally, Xiao Wu already woke up from unconsciousness in the middle of the night, Ning Rongrong feared something might be wrong with her, and continuously kept watch at her side. Waiting until she woke up, afterwards telling her about what happened yesterday.

Tang San rubbed Xiao Wu’s head, saying:

“Yesterday all was my fault, not protecting you well.”

Xiao Wu shook her head, sticking out her cute pink little tongue,

“It’s that difficult to deal with teacher, how could I blame you. Here truly is different from Nuoding. Apparently everyone is very powerful. Fortunately, no Spirit Douluo level power appeared.”

Tang San somewhat curious said:

“How do you know there is no Spirit Douluo level Spirit Master in the Academy? Teacher Zhao only was vice chairman, perhaps, the dean is Spirit Douluo level?”

Xiao Wu was stunned a moment, somewhat glossing over it said:

“I’m guessing. After all, how would a Spirit Douluo possibly appear at such a small tranquil place.”

Tang San did not doubt it, also without asking more, pulled Xiao Wu’s soft hand, saying:

“Let’s go find something to eat. Probably you also are hungry.” “Good, I am.”
Xiao Wu nodded, right now she already again recovered that past lively appearance, taking the initiative to drag Tang San’s arm.

The two newcomers, yesterday also all because of passing out from the fight, did not find out a bit regarding Shrek Academy. Helplessly, they could only look for where kitchen smoke rose, trying to find a place with food.

The village was not at all large, walking, they unwittingly already walked out of Shrek Academy’s limits.

Shrek Academy’s side was very peaceful, but the villagers on the other side were already bustling, working at sunrise, this was common peasants’ custom. They needed to plow the fields to support their families. As the Academy’s breakfast was at some unknown place, Tang San already decided to first go to the village to buy a bit of food to allay his and Xiao Wu’s hunger.

The two just planned to find a peasant family to buy food from, seeing not far ahead two people one man and one woman argue about something.

Those young man and woman looked to be not old, the girl appeared fourteen or fifteen years old, ordinary appearance, but full of youthful vigour, wearing plain peasant clothing, should be a village girl from the village.

The youngster she was arguing with looked to be even a bit younger, age seemingly not far from Tang San and Xiao Wu, build not tall, although the entire person was chubby, he gave people a kind of sturdy feeling. Short hair, small eyes, face healthy and plump, looking like also had somewhat cute feeling. Most interesting was, on his lip was two small moustaches, apparently just having started growing, looking like more like two rat whiskers.

The young lady looked at the little fatty, eyes revealing a somewhat fearful expression,

“Ma Hongjun[2], you hereafter mustn’t come look for me again. I can’t be together with you.”

The little fatty said in an affected manner of speaking:

“Cui Hua[3], am I not good to you? Why must we break up.”

Tang San and Xiao Wu shared a look, the pair both seeing a smiling expression in the other’s eyes, this child still indeed had puppy love, so young speaking about breaking up and so on. The pair could not help but pause their steps, looking engrossed to the side.

Cui Hua’s face suddenly reddened,

“You are very good to me, but I really can’t endure you. We are unsuitable, you still will find other people. And also, I compared to you am several years older. Please, hereafter do not again look for me.”

The little fatty Ma Hongjun angrily said:

“What calling me unbearable. I truly do not understand what you these women think. Breaking up will still do, first come with me again, I will break up with you. Otherwise, no way.”

While speaking, the little fatty raised his hand to pull that young lady Cui Hua.

Cui Hua like a panicked little rabbit hastily backed away, but that little fatty’s speed was very quick, still grabbed her hand.

Cui Hua pleading said:

“No, you mustn’t. Let me go. In the end aren’t you a man, ah?” Xiao Wu did not continue watching, jumping out with one step, “Stop.”
The little fatty and Cui Hua were simultaneously startled, looking at her. Fatty’s little eyes blinked, mouse whiskers on the lip trembling several times, in the little eyes a splendid light released,

“A fine beautiful girl. Why, you want to replace her as my girlfriend?
Done, no problem. I approve.” “Farting[4].”
Xiao Wu was angry,  one foot kicked at  the hand holding Cui  Hua, kicking his hand open,

“You little hoodlum. So young not following good examples. In the full light of day, and you still think you can snatch a daughter?”

Hearing Xiao Wu say this, the little fatty's expression immediately dropped,

“This is my matter, you stop meddling in other peoples’ business. Since you are not demanding to be my woman, fuck off.”


Xiao Wu looked about to punch him, but Tang San appeared in front of her.

“You are called Ma Hongjun, right. Please don’t again provoke this young woman.”

Having had yesterdays lesson, Tang San could not wish to let Xiao Wu randomly fight. And also he also vaguely saw, this little fatty before his eyes did not at all appear simple.

Ma Hongjun snorted disdainfully,

“What creature do you count as, also dare manage I your father’s[5] business. Looking for unhappiness?”

Tang San’s expression dropped,

“You are whose father?”

Ma Hongjun’s rat whiskers moved,

“Who is meddling, I am who’s father.”

Tang San moved, were his temper again better he still could not let people insult him like this, using Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, one foot kicking the little fatty in the stomach. This kick of his contained power yet did not release it, control unusually clever, if the little fatty only was an ordinary person, at most he still would only kick him to fall over. If he had some special capability, then, the power of this kick of Tang San’s still could burst forth at any time.

Indeed like Tang San guessed, the little fatty was not at all so simple, seeing Tang San’s kick coming, without the slightest hesitation came to meet it, both fists set up before his body, blocking towards Tang San’s kick, on the body glittered faint purple light, clearly spirit power fluctuations.

Tang San’s kick suddenly halted in midair, changing from a kick to a stomp, stomping at the fatty’s abdomen.

The fatty’s adaptability speed was also very quick, both set up fists simultaneously swinging down, smashing at Tang San’s foot.

With a muffled peng sound, Tang San withdrew his leg, fatty also receiving the kick fell back several steps. The two people unexpectedly were matched with not much difference. Fatty’s spirit power seemed to only be a little bit short of Tang San’s, that’s all.

Fatty was stunned a moment,

“Originally you also are a Spirit Master, no wonder you dare to meddle in others business. I’ll let you increase your knowledge, what is called strength.”

While speaking, fatty shouted,

“Phoenix Body Enhancement.”

Hearing this one word Phoenix, Tang San and Xiao Wu’s hearts simultaneously shivered, among Beast Spirits, several kinds were especially powerful, among these one kind was the Phoenix. Phoenix was also called Seven Color Bird. Phoenix Spirit could not only make the host able to fly, but also still bestowed attacks with powerful fire attributes. Among power battle type spirits it was top class.

Purple light rushed out from the little fatty’s body, his short hair abruptly became long, moreover gathering in the center, turning into a kind of mohican style. Wings did not appear, but that purple radiance appeared outside the body, immediately releasing an intense heat. Two yellow spirit rings simultaneously appeared from under his feet, on the bare thick and solid outer arms spread long feathers. Both hands also taking the shape of claws.

Seeing his appearance, Xiao Wu burst into giggles,

“Such a plump Phoenix? However I look I feel he’s like a free-range chicken.”

Ma Hongjun’s current appearance indeed looked rather hilarious, plump body, wearing long red and purple feathers on his arms, erect hair, if

speaking of him as a Phoenix, maybe truly nobody would be convinced, even more resembling a fat hen.

Ma Hongjun like being rubbed the wrong way, was angry and agitated,

“You say who is a free-range chicken?”

Raising both hands, on his body the first spirit ring abruptly shone, suddenly spreading his mouth, a thin red and purple flame spouted out in Xiao Wu’s direction.

High heat made the air distort, the purple and red flame it appeared was not at all wild, jetting out in the air like a string of fire.


Tang San’s right hand waved, a blue long vine rolled around Xiao Wu’s soft and slender waist, pulling her horizontally to his side, staying out of Ma Hongjun’s flame jet.

But Ma Hongjun clearly did not intend to let them off like that, the flame in his mouth maintained a five metre combustion length without going out, coming sideways towards Xiao Wu’s body, just as if it was a five metres long fire weapon.

Tang San pulled Xiao Wu’s hand to retreat at flying speed, simultaneously several Blue Silver Grass already rapidly spread out from him. By means of the brief observation, he already discovered, that flame of Ma Hongjun’s should be unusually high temperature, but had a weak point, its attacking distance only was five metres. Only must restrict his movements, dealing with him would not at all be challenging.

As expected, just as Ma Hongjun thought to pursue and attack, he only felt underfoot a deadlock, both legs already firmly twisted around by Blue Silver Grass, a burst of intense stinging pain from his legs, immediately followed by a burst of paralysed feeling.

Ma Hongjun was startled, bowing his head to see the twisting Blue Silver Grass. Immediately without the slightest hesitation starting his second spirit ring ability.

With a peng sound, fierce purple flame abruptly ignited from his body, Ma Hongjun’s plump body like that erupted in a flash, abruptly spreading outward, as the Blue Silver Grass binding his body came into contact with that purple flame, it immediately combusted violently, in an eyeblink becoming ashes.

Seeing this scene, Tang San could not help but be shocked, he clearly felt, Ma Hongjun’s spirit was apparently precisely his spirit’s natural enemy.

Although Blue Silver Grass under the the two spirit rings’ effect became extremely tough, as a plant, at least right now, fire still was extremely fearsome.

Ma Hongjun with the whole body burning with purple flame appeared increasingly mighty, in his eyes erupted an angry flame, with big strides rushing straight towards Tang San and Xiao Wu, in his mouth the spouting flame, was like a fire spirit incarnate.

“My turn.”

No longer held by Tang San, Xiao Wu already leapt out. Fluffy ears trembling slightly at her rapid movement, whole body flourishing with red light, spirit power completely released.

Tang San’s both hands’ ten fingers slightly moved rhythmically once, in his hands already fastened a number of hidden weapons, both eyes with a purple lustre, in a short time of discovering Xiao Wu meeting danger, then he immediately would act without the slightest hesitation.

Although the spirit of this fatty before him was very strong, by previously coming into contact Tang San knew, his spirit power was still a bit short of his own. Impossible to like Zhao Wuji obstruct his hidden weapons.

Ma Hongjun saw Xiao Wu coming at him, exactly what he wanted, with no trace of politeness a mouthful of flaming wire spouted out, the flaming wire in the air cutting out a circle, blocking off Xiao Wu’s path forward.

Ma Hongjun thought to himself, ‘dead girl, dare to call me a free-range chicken, not changing your complexion a bit, or I your father am not called Evil Fire Phoenix[6]. However, her long outstanding beauty, still is must not burn it spoiled as well.’ While thinking, his flame jet became a little bit weaker, enough to injure, but unlikely to be fatal.

As the purple flame temperature dropped, Xiao Wu naturally felt it, ‘is this Fatty starting of leniently? Fine, then I will also be a bit soft to you.’

Ma Hongjun believed Xiao Wu must be injured when his first spirit ring ability Phoenix Fire Wire[7] hit, but suddenly, in midair Xiao Wu’s body in a flash curled up, simultaneously twisting once in the air light as a feather, flexible body seemingly already breaking through the limits of the human body, threading past a small crack in his flaming wire block. Body once again extending, already reaching Ma Hongjun’s side.

Xiao Wu had what strength? Tang San under circumstances where not employing hidden weapons at most could only ensure a draw with her, that’s all, he still could not let her near his body.

Although Ma Hongjun’s second spirit ring ability Bathing Fire Phoenix[8] was an omnidirectional defensive and offensive ability. Xiao Wu was already covered by her own spirit power, for a short time withstanding it was by no means an issue.

As Tang San watched Xiao Wu reach Ma Hongjun’s side, the hidden weapons in his hands were already returned to Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges, this fight was already without any suspense.

Sure enough, Xiao Wu did not give Ma Hongjun any opportunity to respond, figure flipping she already reached his back, both hands bracing,

both feet in a flash swinging up, directly pressing on either side of Ma Hongjun’s neck, the first spirit ring ability Waist Bow[9], launched.

Xiao Wu’s entire body at once was like an arcing bow, the first spirit ring’s light in a flash covering her whole body, immediately following, her body like a full moon bow suddenly emitting force, abruptly threw Ma Hongjun’s body.

Waist Bow’s spirit ability effect: Momentarily boost one’s waist strength by one hundred percent, increasing the body’s toughness by fifty percent. After ten ranked spirit power, each additional rank, increases the effect when using Waist Bow by one percent.

In other words, right now after Xiao Wu launched Waist Bow, she was able to increase waist strength one hundred nineteen percent. Momentarily erupting flexibility sufficient to throw any physical strength type opponent under fiftieth ranked spirit power. Of course, although Waist Bow was good, the prerequisite was to necessarily get close to the enemy to be able to bring out its effect. Otherwise, only having waist strength was useless. Very difficult to imagine, Xiao Wu’s waist still inferior to Ma Hongjun thigh in thickness was capable of emitting this kind of immense power.

Considering Ma Hongjun’s reduced own flame, Xiao Wu could also be considered as starting off leniently, certainly did not directly smash Ma Hongjun’s body towards the ground, but threw him into the air, giving him control of his body for the remaining time.

However, she clearly was overestimating Ma Hongjun’s own body’s control, this fatty in midair hands dancing and feet tripping flipped several times, finally still dropping to the ground on his ass, falling confused.

“Don’t fight, please don’t fight.”

To the side Cui Hua the young woman suddenly opened her mouth, with quick steps running towards Ma Hongjun. The flame on Ma Hongjun’s body had also been extinguished by being thrown down, his entire person faint with blurring vision with difficulty crawling up from the ground.

Xui Hua helped Ma Hongjun pat the soil from his body,

“How are you?”

Ma Hongjun with a snort, said.

“Still unable to die. Little rabbit, come again.”

Xiao Wu suddenly leapt in place, with two suu suu sounds, throwing out the shoes on her feet. Although her spirit power held back the majority of Ma Hongjun’s second spirit ability Bathing Fire Phoenix effect, pressing on Ma Hongjun’s neck with her feet her shoes still were affected by that purple and red flame.

Making Xiao Wu somewhat shocked was, that purple red flame unexpectedly had a kind of sticky feeling, after contact it unexpectedly would not stop burning. Not able to put it down, she could only throw out her shoes, with a pair of bare fair little feet standing in place.

“Miss Cui Hua, you are?”

Xiao Wu looked at Cui Hua appearing deeply concerned with Ma Hongjun, and could not help but be somewhat unable to make sense of the matter. Was not this fatty previously bullying her? Why now again…...

Cui Hua imploring said:

“You don’t fight. Actually, Hongjun is a good man, only we are unsuitable, that’s all. Therefore I could only break up with him. You go, I will speak clearly with him.”

Ma Hongjun angrily said:

“You do not meddle in my affairs, get lost.”

Speaking, he pushed away Cui Hua and once again rushed towards Xiao Wu, only since he was worried to injure Cui Hua, he did not once again use the second spirit ring ability.

Just at this time, an astonished voice rose,

“Tang San, Fatty, what are you up to?”

Tang San and Ma Hongjun simultaneously turned to look in the direction of the voice, only saw a wearing white clothes, hair combed exceedingly neatly Dai Mubai just walking in their direction.

Xiao Wu snorted,

“How is it? You ask him. That fatty in broad daylight bullied a girl, we seeing it only went, had to teach him a lesson.”

The stern Dai Mubai couldn’t help but laughing,

“Xiao Wu, I think you are misunderstanding. Miss Cui Hua, you also can’t endure him?”

Cui Hua blushed, nodding, turning to escape. This time, Ma Hongjun also did not again stop her, only had a crumbling expression.

Tang San walked to Dai Mubai’s side, unconvinced asking:

“In the end what is going on here?”

Dai Mubai looked towards Fatty, saying:

“Will you say it yourself, or should I do it for you?”

Ma Hongjun shot Dai Mubai a glance, lowering his head saying:

“You say it.”

Dai Mubai laughed out loud,

“What? Stiff Fatty you also can be embarrassed? Fine, I will tell them for you.”

Speaking, he turned to Tang San and Xiao Wu, saying:

“Remember I previously told you, the Academy including me altogether only has three students?”

Tang San immediately understood,

“You are saying, he is……”

Dai Mubai said with a nod:

“Yes, Fatty is that third person. Also was before you the last person to enter the Academy. The matter just now although you without personally seeing, still could guess. Actually, this also cannot be blamed on Fatty, you can only blame his that free-range chicken spirit.”

“Farting, your spirit can be free-range chicken, I your father’s spirit is Phoenix. Even if I your father’s ancestors all had Chicken, mine still is Phoenix. Haven’t you heard, a grass nest can also have a Golden Phoenix?”

Ma Hongjun snappily said.

The smiling expression on Dai Mubai’s face reduced,

“Phoenix, fine, it counts as Phoenix. Tang San this spirit of Fatty’s is very monstrous. The Dean said, his spirit is a variant spirit.”

“Variant spirit? Which spirits gave rise to this variation?”

Tang San questioned closely. Regarding variant spirits, he had heard Grandmaster speak at length. When spirits vary, there only were two kinds of circumstances, one kind was becoming extremely formidable, the other kind of circumstance was was crippling. Grandmaster himself received a bitter variation. But before him this Ma Hongjun’s spirit, clearly was classified as the positive variation type.

Dai Mubai said:

“I’m not the one to talk to, including to Ma Hongjun himself it’s all currently unknown. In that village, all people’s spirits are basically a type

of poultry without attack power. I still do not know what’s going on, but three years ago the Dean after discovering him in the village brought him back. His age should with you be about the same.”

“As a result of spirit variation, Fatty possesses a very powerful fire capability, this kind of flame also is exceptionally monstrous, not only is it extremely high temperature, but it also has very powerful adhering properties, very difficult to extinguish. The Dean said, his spirit variation later, truly has the possibility of become a Phoenix. But, this spirit of his also has an immense defect, although variation brought large spirit power, simultaneously it also created a certain effect in his body. Making him regarding male-female relations that respect’s capability become extremely vigorous, and also with appetite impulses that are ten-fold that of an ordinary person. If only suppressed and not conducted, then, at any time it’s possible this Evil Fire Phoenix would explode and die.”

Ma Hongjun hastily added,

“Evil Fire does not stop raising pressure, ah!”

[1] This is an Author’s note from RAW. Included for completeness.
[2] (⻢红俊) “Horse Red Handsome”
[3] (翠花) “Jade Flower”
[4] Breaking wind and talking nonsense are natural synonyms. While feces is only vulgar, it can actually have uses. Farts are entirely without merit.

[5] He refers to himself as (⽼⼦), an excessively arrogant way to refer to oneself. Something like “I’m your daddy” baked into a formal personal pronoun.
[6] (邪⽕凤凰)
[7] (凤凰⽕线)

[8] (浴⽕凤凰)
[9] (腰⼸)

Chapter 22

Tang San and Xiao Wu were both somewhat dazed, the expression in the pair’s eyes became extremely strange. Although Tang San knew a lot about variant spirits, it was still the first time hearing about a spirit like this. If this Fatty’s age was not much different from theirs, he should be just twelve years old. It was shocking to believe a twelve year old youngster required finding women to not let his spirit backlash.

Dai Mubai went on:

“Therefore, this fellow will frequently burn with desire, without venting it, he would long ago have died. Even though his spirit is very powerful, his burning lust is not so good for cultivation.”

Xiao Wu frowning said:

“But, he still can’t harm girls. That is the conduct of hoodlums.”

Ma Hongjun angrily said:

“What do you call harm, we naturally are mutually consenting, although I’m fat my appetite is a bit powerful. But I have never before forced anyone, we both are mutually consenting, I can’t be a hoodlum.”

Tang San looked towards Dai Mubai. Dai Mubai nodded, saying:

“This really is so, Fatty never forces others. Just now that Miss Cui Hua also really was his girlfriend.”

Xiao Wu was shocked,

“Not forcing others? Then why are others asking to break up with him?”

Fatty’s face blushed, Dai Mubai’s expression also became awkward. Dai Mubai coughed, embarrassed saying:
“Because, this fellow’s Evil Fire pressure repeats too much. To endure him three or four times every day is not something an ordinary girl can accomplish. In the year since coming to the academy, he has already changed several girlfriends, and every time without exception the end result is that they dumped him. Were it not for his Spirit Master rank, perhaps finding girlfriends would be entirely too strenuous. To mention, in that respect’s capability, maybe still truly without several people that can compare to this Fatty. That Evil Fire Fowl nickname of his comes exactly from this.

Ma Hongjun snappily corrected:

“It’s Evil Fire Phoenix.”

Tang San dumbstruck said:

“Indeed worthy of being called ‘monster academy’. It unexpectedly even has this kind of variant spirit.”

Xiao Wu with somewhat reddened face, lightly spit,

“Truly, there are all kinds of people.”

Ma Hongjun glared at Dai Mubia, saying:

“Must I be like you and little Ao, with girly faces, I can simultaneously date multiple girls, how about that? No need to be humble, don’t think I

don’t know how you arrange to meet with three different girls in one day.”

Dai Mubai’s evil eyes glinted, somewhat hurriedly glancing behind him, lowering his voice, saying:

“Fatty, food can be eaten indiscriminately, but words can’t be said irresponsibly. Keep your voice down.”

Ma Hongjun smiled darkly, saying:

“You are not as always not believing shame is opposite of honor? What was it today? Took the wrong medicine?”

Dai Mubai glared at him,

“Less nonsense, some words cannot be said irresponsibly. Undermine my reputation again, and you can’t blame me for being impolite.”

Tang San could not help but say:

“Ma Hongjun, since you don’t have a girlfriend right now, what will you do? Halt cultivation?”

Ma Hongjun shrugged, saying:

“What can I do? Living is more important, I’ll ask the dean to see what methods he has.”

Xiao Wu said:

“Where in the Academy is some place to eat, I’m starving to death.”

Dai Mubai said:

“Follow me.”

The four again returned within the Shrek Academy limits, Dai Mubai brought them to the Academy dining hall.

The so called dining hall, in reality only was an agreement with this village, nothing more, they hired several villagers to be in charge of everyone’s meals. Although the light breakfast was simple, it won out in quantity, eating one’s fill was no problem.

When they reached the dining hall, Ning Rongrong and the ice cold young lady, Zhu Zhuqing, had already arrived. Zhu Zhuqing looked apart from a somewhat pale complexion, apparently already without anything unsettled.

Perhaps it was because of acting together yesterday, the two girls looked at Tang San and Xiao Wu, both nodding at them. Zhu Zhuqing was still a bit cold, but Ning Rongrong’s expression clearly had an intimate meaning, smiling face exposing two dimples, looking exceptionally pleasant.

Ma Hongjun’s eyes somewhat stared at the pair, not at all concealing a gulp.

Dai Mubai elbowed him once, saying in a low voice:

“You’re obvious, best suppress the Evil Fire.”

Ma Hongjun angrily said:

“Why? Do you have to start. I say, boss Dai, even if you are the boss, you nevertheless must leave your younger brothers a little soup to drink.”

Dai Mubai again hit him once, furtively glancing at Zhu Zhuqing, Zhu Zhuqing apparently did not pay any attention to their side, slowly eating breakfast, still with an ice cold expression.

Xiao Wu sat down near Ning Rongrong, with a low laugh speaking with her about something, from Ning Rongrong looking at Ma Hongjun with a somewhat flabbergasted expression, Ma Hongjun knew they were talking about him. He immediately sat down in despair, venting on the breakfast at the table.

Dai Mubai coughed, saying:

“Little Ao, this fellow is sleeping in. He’s always so idle. Besides little Ao, I see everyone is present, from now on everyone must live and study together for a time, so let’s get to know each other. I’ll give you introductions, this Fatty is our Academy’s other student, called Ma Hongjun, spirit is free-, eh, no, Phoenix.”

On hearing the word Phoenix, Zhu Zhuqing raised her head, but was only glancing at Ma Hongjun, that’s all, as her gaze flitted across Dai Mubai, it seemed to increase the chill even more.

Ma Hongjun said:

“That’s right, boss Dai, I heard one of the newly arrived students let teacher Zhao eat a big loss yesterday, who was it?”

Dai Mubai said:

“You just now already crossed hands with him. However, you are lucky, to not recieve the same treatment as teacher Zhao.”

Ma Hongjun somewhat unable to imagine it looked at Tang San,

“No way, although your spirit power is a bit stronger than mine, it did not seem too much higher, it shouldn’t reach thirtieth rank. How is it possible for teacher Zhao to get the worst of it, he’s a seventy sixth rank Spirit Sage, I don’t believe it.”

Tang San with a slight smile said:

“It was only luck, that’s all.”

The strength was his own, he did not need to convince others of anything.

Dai Mubai introduced the four new students’ names and spirits to Ma Hongjun. As for Tang San’s true strength he did not explain too much, merely hinting to Ma Hongjun that it was best not to provoke him.

Introductions complete, Dai Mubai went on:

“Everyone must hereafter live and cultivate together. Formal titles aren’t necessary. Including to you four new arrivals, the Academy altogether just has seven students, that’s all. Little Ao and Fatty both call me boss Dai because I’m a bit older than the both of them. You calling me Mubai is alright, with Hongjun directly call him Fatty, Oscar that fellow, you can call him little Ao or maybe Big Sausage Uncle will do. Tang San, can I call you little San from now on?”

Tang San nodded, indicating he had no objection. Regarding this Shrek Academy, although he still had not had much contact, he already had some sense of belonging. Dai Mubai, Oscar, Ma Hongjun, these three students each had their peculiarities but none provoked his dislike.

Not waiting for Oscar to speak himself, Ning Rongrong straightforward quickly said:

“Calling me Rongrong is alright. My close family and friends all call me like that.”

Her smiling expression always on her face, simple words, virtually pulled close the distance with everyone.

Xiao Wu’s address naturally need not change, and as Dai Mubai’s gaze turned to Zhu Zhuqing, Zhu Zhuqing stood up,

“I’ve eaten my fill.”

Finished speaking, she turned and left for outside.

Ma Hongjun somewhat astonished said towards Dai Mubai:

“Boss Dai, aren’t you known as among women as not particularly unfavorable, and a reputed lady killer? How is this newly arrived pretty girl not even willing to as much as look at you?”

Dai Mubai laughed wryly, shaking his head, and did not further explain.

Tang San said to Dai Mubai:

“Mubai, we all are newly arrived, give us an explanation on the Academy’s rules and classes.”

Dai Mubai managed to pull back his thoughts from Zhu Zhuqing, saying:

“The Academy doesn’t have any particular rules. Simply said, just don’t rape or pillage, but they encourage fights and encourage gambling.”

Tang San’s face revealed a smile, the Monster Academy sure enough was worthy of being a Monster Academy, including teaching methods everything was substantially different from Nuoding Academy.

Dai Mubai explained:

“The teachers believe that fighting is the best shortcut to becoming proficient with one’s spirit, so to strengthen combat experience is extremely important. But gambling is a mind’s game, regarding strengthening mental qualities, to increase one’s power of perception and judgement all have very great benefits. Of course, everything must stop before going too far. Simply put, if when fighting you don’t kill people and when gambling you do not lose your pants it’s no problem.”

“As for arranging classes, I don’t know about later, because the time when our classes appeared would always change; after all we only have so many many people that the teachers’ quantity are even more than us students. Therefore, the Academy would according to our circumstances adjust the courses separately. But today’s courses I can be sure on, the most important one is receiving money. The Academy tuition is one hundred gold coins every year. To all you Spirit Grandmaster level Spirit Masters, this should be without any issues.”

Listening to Dai Mubai’s words up to here, Xiao Wu couldn’t help but interpose:

“Boss Dai, yesterday you said the school was very poor. But why is the Academy poor? We met several teachers with more than sixtieth rank, even over seventieth rank. According to level, the stipend they are capable of receiving from Spirit Hall receive in itself is an astronomical figure, supporting such a small Academy should not count as anything.”

According to Xiao Wu’s speculation, Spirit Masters’ stipend was every month one gold coin, Spirit Grandmasters’ was ten gold coins, reaching Spirit Elder should be a hundred gold coins, Spirit Ancestor was one thousand, Spirit King ten thousand, Spirit emperor should be a hundred thousand gold spirit coins every month. Let alone that Zhao Wuji they confronted yesterday, that Spirit Sage existence was one million gold coins every month, even thinking of it was a scary number.

Dai Mubai shook his head, saying:

“If it was like you said, the Academy of course need not worry about any income issues. But reality really isn’t like this. The stipend from Spirit Hall is all funds allocated by the Empire, issued in its place by Spirit Hall. The stipend is only given up to Spirit Elder level, every month drawing one hundred gold coins, like me right now. But after surpassing the Spirit Elder level, not only does the subsidy not increase, but will even disappear. In other words, including Spirit Ancestor, Spirit Ancestor or higher Spirit Masters, are unable to receive any stipend from Spirit Hall. Every month when you go to Spirit Hall to draw the stipend, all will have a spirit power test. That is to ensure your spirit power does not exceed the fortieth rank: when you exceed fortieth rank the stipend immediately stops being provided.”

This time even Tang San couldn’t help but be curious,

“Why would it be like this? The higher the Spirit Master’s strength, ordinarily the more valuable the talent.”

Dai Mubai said.

“But, this must start with reality. Although Spirit Master is a noble vocation, genuine Spirit Masters’ quantity is not much. But it still is

considered a not too small community. You should also consider, if according to the stipend’s scaling provided, on reaching Spirit Sage level drawing a stipend that was a million gold spirit coins every month, in one year it’s twelve million gold spirit coins. What kind of enormous sum is that? Let alone other places, if our Academy’s teachers drew their stipend according to their strength, if it all was provided by the Empire, our Academy’s teachers income in one year would overtake one tenth of Suotuo City’s population’s income. What kind of enormous number is that? But in the entire Empire, although the quantity of high level Spirit Masters is few, drawing this kind of stipend it would also be sufficient to drag down the entire Empire.”

“Consequently, the Empire stipulates that the stipend is only provided to encourage and assist lower level spirit masters to advance cultivation, to as quickly as possible promote strength. But reaching past fortieth rank, even if it was a fairly formidable Spirit Master, they would have to choose to swear fealty to the Empire or join the army. Like that, the Empire can issue corresponding remuneration. Of course, Spirit Masters also have authority to choose freely, throwing in with certain clans one can receive considerable income.”

Dai Mubai’s face revealed a respectful expression.

“But all the teachers at our Academy do not want to rely on any strength beneath Spirit Master. In other words, before the Academy was established. They were all travelling alone to help others, they enjoy having freedom, loathe any restrictions, even disdain Imperial nobility as beneath contempt, you think, under these circumstances, they would have some income?”

Xiao Wu asked:

“Why don’t they want to take the nobility offered by the Empire? It seems nobility should have a certain income. I remember that above thirtieth rank, one can at once receive the Imperial title of baron, and after the fortieth rank viscount, and it stops there again.”

Ning Rongrong replied to her question in place of Dai Mubai.

“By accepting Imperial appointment you also have the obligation to vow commitment to the Empire. When a war occurs under the Empire’s banner, as Imperial nobility, you must comply with the Empire’s orders to leave for the battlefield. Although a noble’s position is good, they are equally tightly restricted. Most formidable Spirit Masters will not accept a noble rank, as they do not want to casually give their lives for power.”

At this time, they suddenly heard a dang dang dang sound from outside. Dai Mubai hurriedly stood up, saying:
“This is the sound of the Dean gathering us. Fatty, you bring them to the big grounds, I’ll call Zhuqing.”

With that, he left the dining hall with quick steps.

Ma Hongjun looked at his back, mumbling to himself:

“Boss Dai has seemingly become a little different, I have never seen him care about a woman like this before.”

Ning Rongrong giggled, saying:

“You are just how old, still going ‘women women’.”

Ma Hongjun snorted, proudly saying:

“Although my age is not large, how can I not still have had women.
Quickly leave, the dean is not be fond of others arriving late.”

Saying this, his body even shivered, he clearly having had the worst of it before.

As the four reached the big grounds, the sleepy eyed hazy looking Oscar had already arrived, eating one of his produced sausages in his hand.

Oscar’s appearance had an enormous change. Mainly that on his face the beard had ceased to be.

When seeing him, Tang San almost didn’t recognize him. By shaving off his beard, Oscar completely changed appearance.

ly Ma Hongjun once already said Dai Mubai and Oscar both had girly faces. Those clearly were words of envy, and right now Tang San just understood what Ma Hongjun envied them for.

Dai Mubai was already exceptionally handsome, especially with that pair of magnetic double pupil eyes. But with regard to appearance alone, he still was not equal to Oscar without a full beard across his face.

Deep set peach blossom eyes, gave people a kind of abstruse feeling, face like pale jade, handsome and harmonious, moderately thick eyebrows, on his face a frivolous smile. He looked somewhat like he was a distinguished and elegant noble son. Of course, even if he still was a handsome noble son, that appearance still would not be particularly impressive while nibbling on a sausage like that.

“Your beard?

Tang San walked over to stand next to Oscar, unable to help but indicate his face.

Oscar smiled in greeting, quickly finishing the sausage in his hand, in a low voice saying:

“Are there not newly arrived beautiful women, if I haven’t prepared myself, how can I make them pay attention, ah, in this respect you are inexperienced. Boss Dai clearly looked that ice cold girl, Xiao Wu is yours, Fatty with that Evil Fire can’t attract girls, therefore, my target is Ning Rongrong. You wouldn’t fight me over it, right.”

Tang San clapped his forehead,

“May I ask, how old are you this year?”

Oscar said without the slightest hesitation:

“Fourteen years old, why? When my father was fourteen years old, he had me.”

Tang San suddenly realized, if he wanted to test his mental capabilities then coming to Shrek Academy clearly wasn’t a bad choice. Let alone the teachers, these students were all monsters. Even if it was himself, had he not also read hidden weapons secret lore not belonging to this world?

Dai Mubai brought Zhu Zhuqing rushing over as well, Zhu Zhuqing clearly maintained a certain distance from him, and Dai Muba’s expression was clearly very unsightly.

Oscar smiling with schadenfreude said:

“Apparently, boss Dai was also rebuffed, he that playboy is at a disadvantage, this time he was even beaten.”

While they spoke, a middle aged man walked out on the grounds from another direction.

Seeing this person, Tang San and Xiao Wu were clearly distracted. He looked to be around fifty year’s old, built thick and strong, face characteristically long, chin somewhat prominent, cheek bones very wide, flat face, furthermore a bit aquiline nose, if insisting on using some kind of thing to describe him, then, only could say his face somewhat resembled the sole of a shoe. Although his eyes were closed, he seemed to have a bit crafty feeling. On his face he wore a pair of black rimmed crystal glasses, the frames a kind of rigid squares.

Xiao Wu astonished said:

“Isn’t this that profiteering uncle?”

Oscar surprised said:

“What profiteering uncle? This is our Academy’s Dean, Shrek Academy’s founder, Four Eyed Owl Flender. A seventy eighth ranked

Spirit Sage, compared to Zhao Wuji he’s even more fierce, and he also possesses a flying type Beast Spirit. Among Battle Spirit Masters, this is considered quite rare, Fatty is his first disciple.”

Xiao Wu muttered:

“Fortunately is only seventy eighth rank. Truly did not expect that ‘only accepting monsters, not accepting ordinary people’ quote to have come from his mouth. Big Sausage Uncle, our Academy has no Spirit Douluo level Spirit Masters?”

Oscar shook his head,

“Please call me Sausage Monopoly Oscar, you consider Spirit Douluo as a dish to be bought? Wherever you are on the entire Continent, Spirit Douluo or higher ranked powers still do not reach a hundred, with all the Empire and Imperial subordinate kingdoms added up. As for Title Douluo, with the two Empires added together, there are still only ten or so, that’s all. How could they be so easy to meet.”

Xiao Wu loosed a breath,

“That’s good.”

Tang San looked at Xiao Wu,

“Xiao Wu, what happened?”

Xiao Wu shook her head, somewhat glossing over it said:

“Nothing. Little San, you tell me whether this profiteering uncle will still remember us?”

Tang San said with a wry smile:

“It has just been two days, he shouldn’t be able to forget. However, since he is the dean, it should be unlikely he would bother you just for

offending him.”

Oscar smiled darkly, saying in a low voice:

“In this you are wrong. Our dean Flender is famous for holding grudges. Of course, his biggest merit is protecting.”

While walking up Flender’s gaze suddenly floated in their direction, just right to pause on Oscar, in his eyes flashing a pondering light.

Oscar turned pale at once,

“Shit, what I said might have been heard. This is too wretched.”

Flender walked up before the altogether seven students, stopping. That somewhat magentic hoarse voice of his resounded,

“This year really isn’t bad, we have gotten four little monsters. I, Shrek Academy’s dean Flender, will represent the Academy to welcome you here. In a moment, you will each hand over a hundred gold coins to teacher Li[1] in charge of finances over there. Mubai.”


Dai Mubai stepped forward, apparently very respectful towards Flender, even a bit of admiration.

Flender said:

“For your newly arrived four junior brothers and sisters, later tell them about the Academy’s regulations. After that each should return to rest and as far as possible recover your peak level states. Today’s first class will begin in the evening. Oscar, you and Ning Ronrong are exceptions. You two follow me.

Oscar’s expression immediately broke down, heart unreconciled and not willing to salute before Flender. As he looked at Ning Rongrong walk by his side, his expression turned a bit better.

Flender waved his hand, saying:

“You others can go rest. Remember, before the sky is dark, let yourselves reach peak condition, don’t blame me for not reminding you. The Academy’s curriculum is different from other places, you will even face mortal danger.”

Zhu Zhuqing left before anyone’s head could turn, and Dai Mubai this time did not catch up. Ma Hongjun even left a bit faster, in a flash one could not even see his shadow.

Tang San was in no rush to leave, he thought to see how this dean before him would teach. Oscar and Ning Rongrong’s spirits both were auxiliary types, this should be the reason they did not participate in evening class. But what made Tang San very baffled was, why must education be conducted in the evening?

As Tang San did not leave, Xiao Wu naturally also was in no hurry to leave, standing at Tang San’s side calmly watching.

Flender paid them no attention, towards Oscar and Ning Rongrong saying:

“Everyone has their own ways to cultivate. As spirits are different, cultivation methods are also as different as can be. On Douluo Continent, there are practically no completely equal spirits, therefore, the Academy’s instruction to you is not at all about how to cultivate spirits, but about how to use spirits, about how to fight in the future, to allow you to even better assist your comrades in arms.”

Tang San felt Flender’s words were somewhat familiar, and attentively mulling it over, Grandmaster seemed to also have said something similar. Only what Grandmaster said was even more detailed than Flender, that’s all.

Oscar apparently already heard similar words, noncommittally lowering his head, but Ning Rongrong nodded considering deeply.

Flender continued:

“You two are both auxiliary type Spirit Masters, one is attribute addition, the other is a food system spirit. Spirit masters like you, whether on the battlefield or in peacetime, both need companions to protect you by your side, otherwise, you will find it very difficult to survive. Oscar, tell me, as an auxiliary type Spirit Master, what capacity on the battlefield even better keeps you from danger.”

Oscar without the slightest hesitation said:

“As far as possible hiding behind the companions on one’s side, exploiting the surroundings and if possible exploiting the terrain and buildings to evade danger. As far as possible keeping away from dangerous areas.”

Flender nodded, saying:

“Quite right. But you have not mentioned one point. As an auxiliary type Spirit Master, running away is a necessary quality to possess, so an auxiliary type Spirit Master who is unable to flee is not a good Spirit Master. But what is needed to escape? The requirement is physical strength. Since as Spirit Masters you have your spirit power for assistance, your bodies inner qualities will be a bit stronger than ordinary people’s. But, it’s possible that when confronting the enemy the other side is a Battle Spirit Master. Consequently, as an auxiliary type Spirit Master, you equally need to carry out physical strength exercises. In a key moment, maybe running one more step will let you survive.”

Oscar understood Flender very well, and hearing this Dean before him speaking grandiosely, in his heart he secretly laughed bitterly. Once it was finished, today was only running.

Sure enough, after Flender’s lengthy exposition, he nodded towards Oscar and Ning Rongrong, saying:

“Your class today, is carrying out physical strength drills. Starting from now, run twenty laps around the entire village, if by the lunch you still have not returned, you need not eat it. You can use your spirits to for assistance. Right now, set out, Oscar is in charge of leading.”


Ning Rongrong replied, running off without the slightest hesitation, Oscar with some hidden bitterness looked towards Tang San waiting by the side, then followed after.

Although the village where Shrek Academy was located was not large, Oscar understood that when Flender indicated the entire village, he included the village’s fields. One lap was a distance of at least three kilometres or more. Twenty laps, that was equivalent to a terrifying number.

Currently they possessed more than twentieth ranked spirit power, but completing this course before noon still was a matter that would put an auxiliary type Spirit Master in such pain as to not want to live. For more than twentieth ranked Battle Spirit Masters, running this kind of distance still wouldn’t be easy.

Watching Oscar and Ning Rongrong run off, Flender pointed at Tang San, saying:

“You follow me alone.”

Tang San nodded, simultaneously waving his hand at Xiao Wu wanting to follow behind him. Just so following Flender’s large strides inside the Academy.

Flender’s office was also his residence, not far next to the small grounds where Tang San and Zhao Wuji fought yesterday. The inside of the room was arranged very simply, there were only some necessary things, nothing more.

Flender sat down behind his desk, looking at Tang San, in his eyes suddenly revealing a complex light,

“Grandmaster is still well?”

Tang San nodded, saying:

“Grandmaster is very well.”

Flender looked at him somewhat astonished,

“You are his student? No wonder, no wonder he even gave you this belt. That day seeing you wear this belt, in addition to your age, I knew you must be coming to my Shrek Academy. Only I didn’t expect you to unexpectedly be his disciple. Originally, he once told me, inevitably one day he would foster a genius Spirit Master to shock the Continent. Apparently, he picked you.”

Tang San raised his hand to touch Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges, handing over a letter to Flender before him,

“First off, Teacher asked me to after enrolling via the the Academy exam, deliver this letter to the dean.”

Hearing Tang San’s words, in Flender’s eyes flashed a trace of sorrow, but still had a smiling expression,

“He still is so obstinate. This is just his style. This fellow finally thinks of contacting me?”

While speaking, he slowly opened the envelope, taking out a pure white letter from within. Tang San could not help but see that when Flender’s hands tore open the letter, they were trembling slightly.

What was written in the letter Tang San did not know, he could only see Flender’s continuously transforming expression.

Flender was occasionally happy, occasionally angry, four different types of human emotions practically all appeared on his face.

“Fine, fine you old fellow. You old bastard, what do you insist on proving? With what proof? Don’t tell me you don’t know, in reality……”

Flender seemed to become somewhat erratic, Tang San was unable to make sense of the words on his lips.

Suddenly, he sharply raised his head, staring fixedly at Tang San,

“Since you are his proof, absolutely don’t let him down. You leave, quickly go prepare for the evening class. That will not be at all relaxing.”

Tang San had completed the task Grandmaster gave him. Although this dean Flender gave him a very strange feeling, he was also in no mood to reflect on these. Going through the fight with Zhao Wuji, Tang San discovered his own very many weak points, having time he might as well go cultivate.

Leaving aside Tang San a person voluntarily cultivating, the two Oscar and Ning Rongrong were currently in the middle of running outside the Academy.

“Oscar, how far is still left on this lap?”

Ning Rongrong’s sounded somewhat helpless.

When just starting, she was still full of confidence, even though she was an auxiliary type Spirit Master, at home her father also always required her to exercise her body, saying practically the same things as Flender before. Therefore, her body was not at all lacking, although she could not compare to a Battle Spirit Master, exercising for a long time not only had given her a healthy physique, but she was also especially expert in running.

Only, since leaving the Academy until now, Ning Rongrong under Oscar’s guidance unexpectedly had not finished one lap, the time that passed was already not short. Continuing at this speed, let alone noon, whether the evening meal could be eaten was the question. Even more, physical strength was continuously dropping, it would basically be impossible to continuously maintain this pace.

Oscar said with a wry smile:

“When leaving I said that this basically is not a task possible to complete. But you still don’t be worried, do we two auxiliary type Spirit

Masters together still fear going hungry? Whether we would eat a bit……”

Ning Rongrong glanced at him, although still young, that gentle and charming expression she wore was rather graceful.

Oscar’s bones went somewhat weak from her look, smiling cheerfully, appearing to show off said in a low voice:

“I your father have a big fresh sausage.”

In a flash of light, a savory sausage already appeared in his hand, passing it to Ning Rongrong.

“My sausage, the first spirit ring ability is recovery. Not only can it boost healing of injuries, it also has a recovery effect on physical strength. Eat a bit. Having my sausage support, let alone running twenty laps, even running two hundred laps, we still need not to worry about food problems.”

Ning Rongrong somewhat strangely looked at Oscar, suddenly speaking an extremely intrepid line,

“I your mother also has two generous buns. Eat your size.”

Finished speaking, Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda floated up in the air, quickly adding assistance, abruptly increasing their forward running speed.


Oscar’s was completely stunned a moment, let alone him, even if it was Tang San or Dai Mubai here, hearing Ning Rongrong this kind of graceful girl unexpectedly say this line, perhaps they also would be unable to imagine it. They could not know at all what kind of character Ning Rongrong was at Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School. And Ning Rongrong herself was finally unable to hold back, revealing a bit of her true nature.


Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School. Official hall.

In the north side of the main hall, facing south the master seat was a rosewood carved great chair, on the back of the chair set an enormous jade stone. The jade stone was dark green, emitting a faint warm and moist air, a best quality warm jade.

In the rosewood carved great chair one man sat upright. This man’s face was like fair jade, nose straight and mouth square, appearance refined and gentle, wearing a pure white robe without a speck of dust. Appearing approximately forty years old, with a gentle gaze, he looked like an ordinary person. A soft black hair was scattered over his shoulders and back, all looked subconscious, without any artifice. Currently, he looked at the person kneeling below him, a youngster wearing white sturdy clothing.

“Returning to report to school master, young miss already reached Shrek Academy, and furthermore successfully passed the entrance exam.”

The youngster said respectfully.

The middle aged man nodded, the expression on his face revealing helplessness,

“This little devil going to temper herself is good, otherwise Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School would be turned upside down by her. What are Shrek Academy’s circumstances?”
[1] (李⽼师) “Teacher Plum”

Chapter 23

“Please forgive me school master, inside Shrek Academy is at least one Spirit Sage and numerous Spirit Emperor level powers, I was unable to enter to examine. However, I already handed over the letter with Your explanation to Shrek Academy’s teacher, who confirmed they would leave it in their dean’s hand.”

The middle aged man’s face revealed a smile,

“Flender, ah, Flender, you truly are a reasonable person. I would go have a look at what kind of education you can give my daughter. Perhaps just by leaving the family that little she-devil will become a bit sensible. Fine, you withdraw.”

“Yes, school master.”

The youth quickly withdrew.

A bold powerful voice echoed within the hall, the voice seemed to come from all directions, shaking the hall slightly,

“Feng-Zhi, are you so relieved to let Rongrong go outside by herself? Don’t tell me that Shrek Academy’s teaching could be better than ours? Out of the question, I would go bring Rongrong back. She cannot feel at ease outside.”

Along with the appearance of the voice, a hair and beard all white, but face tender like a baby’s walked out from the back of the hall, with a big

whoosh was beside the chair where school master Ning Feng-Zhi[1] was sitting.

Ning Feng-Zhi showed a helpless expression,

“Uncle Jian[2], between You and uncle Long[3], I also cannot let this girl remain within the school. You really are too doting, this girl already cannot be disciplined at home. Let her go outside to receive instruction and maybe she will change somewhat.”

Uncle Jian dissatisfied said:

“Who says we coddle Rongrong. You have only seen the side of Rongrong who ordinarily likes to play a bit noisily, you have not at all seen her cute side. You have many sons, but of daughters only the one. Are you still truly willing to part with her.”

Ning Feng-Zhi resolutely said:

“Uncle Jian, this time no matter what you say, I will not go to find her. Neither can You and uncle Long leave. You do not need to worry about Rongrong’s safety at at all, that Shrek Academy’s dean was originally the first spear[4] of the Golden Iron Triangle. It’s impossible for him not to recognize our Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School’s spirit. Having him to protect, Rongrong will not have problems.”

Uncle Jian snorted in a spitting rage,

“If Rongrong has problems we will hold you to account. My body is a bit tight, I will go find that old bone Long for some exercise.”

Let alone Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School, even if it was in the entire Douluo Continent daring to speak to Ning Feng-Zhi like this, there would not be even a few people. But this old man before him clearly was one among them. Although on the surface Ning Feng-Zhi looked forty years old, in fact, his age long ago already surpassed sixty years old. Ning Rongrong was his youngest child, and also his only daughter.


At nightfall, Shrek Academy’s dean, Four Eyed Owl Flender stood on the large grounds, looking at all seven students before him.

Dai Mubai, Tang San, Xiao Wu, Ma Hongjun as well as ice cold neatly settled Zhu Zhuqing had all already made good preparations for the evening class, each and everyone practically trembling with excitement.

However, Flender’s attention was not at all on them, but looking at the additional two students.

“Oscar, you two finished running twenty laps?”

Flender’s gaze had a kind of penetrating feeling, making people not dare look face to face with him.

For some reason, all day Tang San had not seen the Academy’s other teachers appear, including Zhao Wuji. Apparently the entire Academy only had them seven students and this Dean.

Oscar coughed, nodding, said:

“Dean, I finished running.”

Flender snorted coldly,

“I asked you two, not you.”

Oscar turned his head to look at Ning Rongrong, Ning Rongrong was also looking at him, the pair of big beautiful eyes filled with an innocent expression.

Oscar clenched his teeth, nodding, said:

“Yes, we both finished running.”

Flender smiled, if letting Tang San evaluate his smile, then, using the word ‘sinister’ was the only fitting one.

“Very good, Oscar, I did not expect you to have a such a spirit of camaraderie. You come over here.”

Flender indicated the spot before him.

Oscar’s face revealed a wry smile, but he did not again look at Ning Rongrong, with large strides walking up to stand before Flender.

Flender slowly raised his right hand, light as a feather clapping Oscar’s shoulder,

“I greatly appreciate your spirit of camaraderie, this being the case, you go run another twenty laps, let me have a look at just how deep your friendly affection actually is. Not finished running, you need not eat. I already sealed your spirit power, you need not try in vain to remove it. Go.”

Oscar without saying anything, only nodded in silence, turning around and running towards the outside.

Flender’s gaze returned to Dai Mubai, Tang San and the others,

“Do you understand why I must act like this? Why I must have him continue running?”

Dai Mubai and Ma Hongjun were very familiar with Flender’s temper and were not uttering a word. Zhu Zhuqing’s natural disposition was ice cold, only indifferently looking at him. But Tang San and Xiao Wu subconsciously nodded. They indeed did not understand why Flender must act like this.

On Flender’s face as before hung that smiling expression making people shiver all over,

“Because he lied. Even though he was lying for the sake of camaraderie or perhaps some other purpose, he still lied. You all still are children, lies are the worst moral character. I hope you understand.”

Speaking, his gaze from Tang San’s five turned to one innocent expression, looking at that lovely pitiful Ning Rongrong,

“Tell me, have you finished my arranged course from this morning?”

Ning Rongrong honestly shook her head, saying:

“I haven’t. The distance is too long, I’m also hungry, can’t persevere.”

Flender slightly smiled, saying:

“Therefore, you alone ran to Suotuo City, furthermore gorged yourself on a meal, and still walked around at Suotuo City’s commerce streets, just a moment ago returning to find Oscar, right or wrong?”

Ning Rongrong glared at him with that pair of beautiful eyes,

“You spied on me?”

Flender’s expression immediately turned cold,

“As dean, I must be in charge of each of the Academy’s students. If speaking of Oscar’s lying as something he does because he does not have the heart to let you receive punishment, they are still pardonable words. Then your violation is a crime that cannot be forgiven. Leaving the Academy without permission, failing to follow the Academy’s directives, having a senior lie for you. Any one of them is not a violation an excellent Spirit Master should commit. If this was on the battlefield, there is only one outcome for you, that is punishment by martial law, death, nothing more.”

Ning Rongrong frowned, the gentle and soft expression on her face gradually fading, corners of her mouth slightly rose, unexpectedly revealing a somewhat contemptuous and disdainful expression,

“This is no battlefield, just an Academy, nothing more.”

Flender nodded, saying.

“That’s right, this is only an Academy, but this is my Shrek Academy. Right now, I give you two roads to choose from. First, pack up your things and leave immediately. You cannot join as a member. Second road, like I proved, you have the qualifications to stay here, if you still have the resolve to no longer offend the regulations in the future.”

Ning Rongrong smiled, even though she was only twelve years old, one had no choice but to concede, her smile truly was lovely, very beautiful. That harmless smiling expression somewhat gave people palpitations.

“Flender, who do you think you are? Merely a minor Spirit Sage, that’s all.”

At these words, Tang San and Xiao Wu and the others without exception turned pale, they had not expected, that tender and soft feeling one little girl, would unexpectedly say words like these. But right now, Ning Rongrong’s facial expression was already without that kind of gentleness, and turned disdainful, full of that kind of haughty feeling.
Flender had not gotten angry because of her words, faintly smiling, said: “That’s right, I am only a minor Spirit Sage, that’s all, but to the current
you, the difference from me still is way too far. Even if you are this generations most gifted individual at Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School, in the end you are only a Spirit Grandmaster, that’s all. Between you and me there is still is an insurmountable gulf. Since you do not see it like this, please leave - Shrek Academy does not welcome a student like you who cannot behave herself.

Ning Rongrong sneered,

“Want to hurry me off? Not so easy, since I’ve come I do not plan to leave prematurely. Flender, I advise you to control me less. Otherwise, consequences will not be such that they can be assumed by you.”

Flender smiled slightly,

“If I feared some consequences, I would not have this Academy. This is my domain, I have the final say. Mubai.”


Dai Mubai stepped forward, currently his gaze at Ning Rongrong was disbelieving. He vaguely understood that for the current Ning Rongrong these were her true colors, but yesterday’s her was still concealed too well.

Flender said:

“You go take this miss Ning Rongrong’s things from her room, afterward see her off from here. If she resists, I permit you to use any means.”

“Flender, you dare.”

Ning Rongrong delicately shouted, both hands akimbo, this twelve years old little girl showed extremely intrepid atmosphere.

“In all my life, you still are the first person who dares treat me like this.”

Flender’s smile clouded,

“That your dad hated you discipline you, is not representative of what I also hate to do, you cannot be my daughter. Also are not my baby. In my eyes, any one student here are all more powerful than you. Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda Spirit indeed is the single most powerful existence among auxiliary type spirits, it’s a pity, you will only let it be humiliated.”

“That’s drivel.”

Ning Rongrong in anger with chest heaving fiercely, always in the past, she knew she was Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School’s most outstanding child of this generation. She had many elder brothers, but not one could like her break through twentieth rank level before twelve years of age. Including her father, Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School’s school master, all said she

was first in several hundred years with the opportunity to take Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda and become an Eight Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda sect genius. Right now Flender just said not one point about her was good, haughty as she was how could she possibly bear it.

“Drivel? Then you tell me, compared to who present are you more powerful?”

Flender disdainfully said. Ning Rongrong said:
“I am an auxiliary type Spirit Master, of course I can’t compare with those Battle Spirit Masters in power. But my effect on the battlefield is bigger than theirs. With my assistance, one Spirit Master team’s power as a whole will substantially upgrade.”

Flender shook his finger and Ning Rongrong,

“No, you’re mistaken. Each person present will have a more powerful effect on the battlefield than you. Because on the battlefield they all have a chance of surviving, but you do not. With your disposition, if you went on the battlefield you could only be cannon fodder, nothing more.

“Impossible. Our Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School’s Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda Spirit is the first under heaven, nobody can compare. Why am I different from them?”

Flender coldly said:

“Because of your heart. Because of your fickleness and impatience, you hold yourself too high. Even if it was your father, he still would not believe he was first under heaven. If he was not accompanied by outstanding companions, even a common Spirit Master would be capable of killing him. But with your disposition, you believe you are able to find companions that will completely give you their backs?”

Ning Rongrong was dumbstruck a moment, Although because she was spoiled from childhood her disposition was somewhat eccentric, she still was exceptionally intelligent, although Flender’s words sounded bad, she already understood Flender’s meaning, for a moment somewhat not knowing how to dispute.

Flender unhurriedly walked up before Dai Mubai and the others, because of his confronting Ning Rongrong with words, Dai Mubai had not at all gone to fetch Ning Rongrong’s things.

Flender indicated Dai Mubai, saying:

“He this year is fifteen years old, spirit White Tiger, fighting type Spirit Master. Innate double pupils. Thirty seventh rank. Possesses two hundred year spirit rings and one thousand year spirit ring. Since the beginning of Shrek Academy’s history he is the youngest student to reach thirtieth ranked Spirit Elder. When he achieved Spirit Elder, he was only thirteen years old. You ask yourself if you are able to at thirteen years old break through the thirtieth rank bottleneck?”

“If speaking of someone able to surpass Mubai, then it still absolutely isn’t you. Tang San and Xiao Wu at age twelve have already reached twenty ninth ranked Spirit Grandmaster level. They just might have the possibility to surpass Mubai’s. You were present for Tang San’s fight with Zhao Wuji, you should very clearly understand the difference between a Spirit Grandmaster and a Spirit Sage. Even though Zhao Wuji didn’t use his full power, the fighting strength which Tang San displayed, I think you saw very clearly. Talking about talent, they both must be more powerful than you.”

Ning Rongrong was still unable to retort. What Flender said was very true, Dai Mubai, Tang San, Xiao Wu. In spirit power the all excelled over her.

Flender turned to Ma Hongjun and Zhu Zhuqing.

“Ma Hongjun. His age is similar to Tang San, Xiao Wu and yours. Entering Shrek Academy at eleven years old, even if his spirit has defects, the variant spirit he possesses is a gifted and capable top notch Beast Spirit, only speaking with regard to spirits, even on the entire Continent there still would not be many people capable of comparing to him. His spirit power also similarly not weaker than yours, this is his mental and physical efforts used to make up for his spirit’s defective circumstances.

“Zhu Zhuqing, her spirit power is comparable to yours. But she and you are different, she has a resolute and stubborn heart, Zhu Zhuqing, you tell me, for what purpose did you come to Shrek Academy?”

Zhu Zhuqing’s ice cold voice answered without the slightest hesitation:

“To let me become even more powerful.”

Flender said:

“How will you act with regard to the Academy’s arranged classes?”

Zhu Zhuqing said.

“As long as my strength development is favorable, I will carry them out without the slightest hesitation.”

Flender indifferently said:

“Ning Rongrong, did you hear it all? You ask yourself, to which of them do you compare? Here, you yourself already are the least existence. What qualifications do you still have for pride? I dare say, as long as you leave my place, after twenty years, everyone’s accomplishments will be much bigger than yours.”

Ning Rongrong was not resigned, she truly was not resigned,

“There still is Oscar. Am I not more powerful compared to him, he also is an auxiliary type Spirit Master, and only a minor food system Spirit Master, that’s all, he will never be above me.”

Flender shook his head, saying:

“No, you’re mistaken, if you think like this, then are gravely mistaken. Oscar’s gift, still is even above Mubai, otherwise, why would I permit him to enter the Academy. Ning Rongrong, I only ask you one question, have you seen an innate full spirit power food system spirit?”

Ning Rongrong’s blossoming countenance lost color,

“No. This is impossible, how can auxiliary type spirits have innate full spirit power?”

In the Spirit Master realm, although innate full spirit power was rare, it was also not unknown, but auxiliary type spirits never appeared. The reason why Ning Rongrong believed her gift was differently endowed, exceeded talent, was because her spirit when awakening reached the ninth rank level. The distance to innate full spirit power was only one step away, this already was the best quality existence among auxiliary type spirits.

She had not expected, that a bit handsome but with such vulgar spirit incantations Big Sausage Uncle Oscar unexpectedly would have innate full spirit power.

Flender coldly said:

“Oscar is an existence unprecedented in history. His future accomplishments are boundless, it’s even possible to replace your Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School’s position among auxiliary type Spirit Masters. You may not believe what I say, but I can certainly tell you, this is very possible future.”

Ning Rongrong stood there despondently, from childhood until now, she grew up among people cherishing her. Added to her own talent itself, they were even more more extremely doting, she all along believed that she was the most remarkable. The most gifted. Even if her current strength still was insufficiently powerful, that was just because of her age.

When she saw Tang San fight Zhao Wuji, Ning Rongrong was already shaken, but in her subconscious there still was an open divide between her and Tang San, after all everyone’s spirit cultivation took different routes.

But, right now Flender’s every sentence were like sharp swords piercing her heart, in her heart her most proud things were thoroughly crushed.

Ning Rongrong’s expression looked somewhat pale, suddenly sobbing, she turned around and ran towards her dormitory.

Flender’s expression revealed a proud of himself smiling expression, in his heart secretly saying, ‘if I could not even deal with a twelve years old little girl indefinitely, I would not deserve the Golden Iron Triangle name.’

Dai Mubai looked at Flender’s smiling expression, probing asking:

“Dean, must I still go help her pack up her things?”

Flender stared at him, saying:

“Do you really think this girl will leave? Although Ning Rongrong is a bit spoiled, her nature isn’t bad, let her think clearly herself. You go call back Oscar, say I excuse his punishment, let him go comfort Ning Rongrong.”


Dai Mubai agreed, turning to go find Oscar, right now, in his heart towards Flender could not help but admire even more.

Dai Mubai also came from an aristocratic family, of course he also knew Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School’s terrifying position on the Continent, the entire Douluo Continent’s Title Douluo added up only were ten or so. The Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School possessing two of them, strength like this, even if it was the two great Empires’ royal families meeting Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School’s school master, they still would be courteous. But Flender unexpectedly did not submit to force, in this way daring to

reprimand Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School’s most favored little princess. This could not be be explained by simply calling it courage.

In fact, Dai Mubai also somewhere knew the mind of this Dean’s before him, guessing Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School’s school master had delivered a letter, a letter that could be regarded as an imperial sword[5], otherwise could Flender truly be so without a trace of worry?

Xiao Wu quietly stuck out her tongue. She also didn’t expect Ning Rongrong’s nature to unexpectedly be like this, yesterday when she and Ning Rongrong were together, all along she felt very familiar with her, right now she just discovered that Ning Rongrong’s original nature unexpectedly was even bossier than her own.

Flender held both hands behind his back,

“Well, time to begin, you have also seen Ning Rongrong and Oscar’s results. If you want to remain here to cultivate, you will follow the Academy’s regulations. To get better every lesson, my word here is law, next you will start Shrek’s first class. Each of you all will independently accomplish your own course, do not blame me for not stating in advance, if you do insufficiently well, then, to not die you must shed a layer of skin.”

Dai Mubai very quickly returned, nodding to Flender, indicating he already had Oscar comfort Ning Rongrong.

Flender waved his hand, saying:

“To start off, keep up with me.”

Finished speaking, just seemed his toes pointed to the ground, leaping up light as a feather, advancing towards the outside of the Academy.

Everyone hurried to keep up.

Flender all along maintained a fast pace, currently observing the gap in strength between the five students.

Following precisely behind Flender’s back, was spirit power most profound Evil Eye White Tiger Dai Mubai. Behind Dai Mubai was not at all Tang San, but Zhu Zhuqing.

Tang San’s Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track was exquisite when it came to accelerating in a straight line, but on the contrary not equal to Zhu Zhuqing as an agility attack system Spirit Master. Therefore he and Xiao Wu were lined up side by side in third place. Ma Hongjun last, but also not falling behind much compared to Tang San.

All the way, Flender did not say anything, Tang San’s group also did not utter a word, in their minds still recalling the previous conversation between Flender and Ning Rongrong.

Very quickly, Tang San discovered Flender’s destination, was exactly Suotuo City.

From Shrek Academy to Suotuo City was not at all far, when soon about to reach Suotuo City’s south gate, Flender’s speed slowed, letting the five students all catch up.

Suotuo City located in Balak Kingdom’s interior would not suffer any external threat, therefore this city gate stood open the whole day. The six people smoothly entered within the city walls.

Even though by now the sky had already darkened, Suotuo City seemed to have just woken up, bustling even more than in the daytime. On both sides of the street, the shops were all brightly lit, some peddlers only who only appeared at night one by one found their customary places selling some snacks or maybe small trinkets and such things.

Although Tang San and Xiao Wu lived in Suotuo City for two days, they had not gone out in the evening, Tang San was tolerant, but Xiao Wu exhilarated looked everywhere, on seeing some interesting thing, quietly

moved closer to look more. If not for Tang San pulling her along, maybe she would already have wandered off.

Zhu Zhuqing still had an ice cold expression, it seemed as if nothing external had any relation to her, gaze all along staying on Flender in front of her, not a little bit influenced by the outside world.

Behind Dai Mubai’s eyelids showed his calm side, appearance seemingly exactly the same as Zhu Zhuqing, only his face lacked that austerity, everything appearing very natural.

But Ma Hongjun’s eyes were a little insufficient for his use, although not like Xiao Wu interested in anything, his eyes were whirling, his targets were all the most characteristic women on the streets.

Over six years old, under sixty, Ma Hongjun’s eyes seemingly let none slip him by, when seeing some ample figure, he immediately swallowed, fortunately he was last in line, and the others did not discover his current appearance.

Flender suddenly stopped walking, looking at the sky, thinking out loud:

“There still is some time. Follow me.”

Speaking, Flender brought the five to enter an unremarkable tea shop on the side of the street. The six sat down around a round table and Flender asked for six cups of their cheapest tea.

Xiao Wu looked at that full of tea suds tea before her and directly scowled,

“Dean, our first class wouldn’t be here, right.”

Flender said.

“Of course not, the place for your first class, is there.”

While speaking, he pointed towards the outside.

Following the direction of his finger, Tang San saw, not far from the tea shop, was a wide and tall building. From their angle, they could only see that building was nearly a hundred metres tall, incomparably enormous, in the dark of night, appeared extremely profound. From in that immense building, faint light twinkled.

Dai Mubai’s expression changed, in a low voice saying:

“Dean, making them go there on their first day?”

The dean indifferently said:

“Remember, you are all monsters, not ordinary people. Since you are monsters, you will have monstrous cultivation methods.

Speaking up to here, he paused, dropping his voice:

“Your spirits are all different, so each of you also has your own cultivation methods. What the Academy can instruct you in is how to use your spirits even better, help you obtain even better spirit rings, possess even more battle experience, to as far as possible develop your own potential. The remainder is knowledge about all aspects of spirits, as well as the circumstances of Spirit Masters on the Continent. Among these things you need to learn, the most important is combat experience.

“With equal level strength, the amount of battle experience is key to deciding victory or defeat. Only by repeated combat are you able to as far as possible promote your capability to adapt in combat. Therefore, your first class, is fighting. And that place, is your classroom.”

Dai Mubai and Ma Hongjun looked at each other, Ma Hongjun did not dare utter a word, in Dai Mubai’s evil eyes just expressed helplessness, they clearly both knew what place that was. But Tang San, Xiao Wu as well as ice cold Zhu Zhuqing, all showed puzzled expressions.

Flender said:

“Buildings similar to this one can only be possessed by Lord City level cities. Its scale can even be said to be a sign of a city’s and nation’s wealth and power. Buildings like these are known as Great Spirit Arenas[6]. Furthermore they will use the name of the city it’s located in. Thus, before you, is known as Suotuo Great Spirit Arena.”

“What is called a Great Spirit Arena is a place for battling with spirits, in other words a place for Spirit Masters to fight. Whether it’s Heaven Dou Empire or Star Luo Empire, both have places like this, Spirit Arenas decide a nation’s prosperity.”

Tang San frowning said:

“Dean, aren’t Spirit Masters the noblest vocation? Why would there still be places like this Great Spirit Arena, like some kind of monkeys on show competing with spirits before spectators?”

Flender shook his head, saying.

“No, you’re mistaken, although I also do not like places like this Great Spirit Arena, I have no choice but to admit that the Great Spirit Arenas is an important place that absolutely reflects the value of Spirit Masters. Your thinking is too simple. Great Spirit Arenas are part of a complete system, but can also be said to be a special power. It was founded by all the seven most famous Spirit Master clans on all the Continent, not belonging to either great Empire or to Spirit Hall. It can be said to be a third power, extremely wealthy, Spirit Masters making their names in Great Spirit Arenas become dazzling celebrities of entire nations, not only can one obtain immense benefits, and can also obtain maximum prestige, but also, Great Spirit Arenas are a relatively fair place, here, even if you’ve killed some great clan’s disciple, you still need not worry about reprisals, this is its fairness.”

Saying this, in Flender’s eyes glittered a dazzling radiance,

“The spirit’s level is a mark of whether a Spirit Master is strong or weak. Spirit rings are even more the best method to express this. But, this is not at all representative of a Spirit Master’s genuine capabilities, only a title obtained by one’s effort from within Great Spirit Arena is exactly the best reflection of one’s strength.”

“Any level Spirit Master after entering the Great Spirit Arena, are all only represented by the two words ‘spirit fights’, after obtaining the first victory, will receive a badge. Afterwards, every victory obtained, will accumulate a certain amount of points. When accumulated points reach a certain degree, the badge’s rank will upgrade. This badge is the Great Spirit Arena’s token, but also is commonly possessed by Lord Cities on the whole Continent. The higher the badge’s rank the more benefits. I will not explain in detail. The badge’s rank is differentiated according to mineral quality, the lowest is iron badge, which also is for iron spirit fights, upwards in order is copper, silver, gold, amethyst, sapphire, ruby, diamond. Altogether eight ranks.”

Speaking here, Flender’s gaze swept across the five people in front of him,

“Your assignment is to, before graduation, hold a silver fighting spirit badge, understood?”

“Do not think that obtaining a silver fighting spirit badge is an easy matter, Mubai and Hongjun already participated here for more than a year of combat. Mubai. You tell those three, what the requirements are for promoting a badge here, also your accomplishments.”

While speaking, Flender drank a mouthful of the shoddy tea before him. He already established Shrek Academy twenty years ago, and naturally knew the easiest way to make students accept instruction: that was to rouse their interest. Regardless of the matter, if having interest that one word as precondition, then, that was half the work.

Able to be chosen for Shrek Academy they undoubtedly were monstrous children. These perhaps said to be monsters, perhaps said to be genius

students, were fundamentally impossible to instruct using ordinary teaching methods.

Dai Mubai said.

“I was twenty ninth ranked at the time I started in the Suotuo Great Spirit Arena games. I have altogether participated in fifty six fights, current fight record is twenty nine wins and twenty seven losses, currently accumulated points are two. To promote from iron spirit fights to copper spirit fights, you need to accumulate one hundred points, each obtained victory will give one point. But, if losing a fight, you will also correspondingly lose one point. If continuous number of victories exceed five, then, for each successive victory, the points directly increase by ten, when successive victories exceed ten, winning again gives a hundred points. Even if points reaches successful advancement to copper spirit fights, as long as points drop below one hundred, this will also cancel copper spirit fight qualifications. Promoting copper spirit fights to silver spirit fights requires one thousand points, fighting in copper spirit fights. Every one victory will gain ten points. Losing one fight will also deduct ten points. Points obtained in successive victories scale like with iron spirit fights.”

Regarding Dai Mubai’s strength, Tang San still somewhat understood, hearing his words, not just secretly shocked,

“Mubai, with your strength just twenty nine wins, twenty seven losses? How is this possible, your spirit should be a very formidable existence among beast spirits.”

Dai Mubai said with a wry smile:

“Nothing is impossible. Great Spirit Arena cannot be such a good place to mix, the games here have three kinds of styles, one kind is called contest, and is of an exchanging pointers nature, also with the regulations is which I just now mentioned. Carried out divided according to rank, in other words it’s carried out in subgroups by spirit ring numbers. When you have one spirit ring, then, you only can participate in group one games. When I was twenty ninth rank I had four successive victories, and

was about to receive ten points for successive victories, my strength also promoted to thirtieth rank, obtaining third spirit ring, then afterwards I had ten consecutive defeats. Points became negative. Equival with third spirit ring, the thirtieth ranked me, dealing with thirty eighth or ninth ranked opponents how would victory be possible. If wanting to obtain consecutive victories here, then only participate in games while you are twenty ninth ranked, after thirtieth rank, halt participation, and after reaching thirty seventh rank again enter games. This is possible, but our goal is real combat, so naturally we can’t do like that, so my fight record naturally also has some discrepancy. My points still are not as high as Fatty’s.”

Ma Hongjun spoke up:

“Up till now I have thirty three fights with twenty one wins, twelve losses, nine points.”

Flender glanced at the sky outside,

“Nearly time, we will leave first, I will tell you the rest of the circumstances at the scene one by one.”

Leaving a tip, the party of six left the tea shop, walking towards Suotuo Great Spirit Arena.

Coming closer, Great Spirit Arena produced an shaking feeling even more amazing. When Tang San and Xiao Wu just arrived in Suotuo City, they had not at all gone to this side of Suotuo City. Therefore they had not at all discovered that Suotuo City unexpectedly also had an imposing building such as this.
[1] ( 宁 ⻛ 致 ) Literally “Peaceful Wind Delicate” which can mean
“Peaceful Grace”.

[2] (剑叔) “Sword Uncle”
[3] (⻰叔) “Dragon Uncle”

[4] (第⼀尖锋) More literally “the first spearhead”.
[5] The imperial sword gives the bearer arbitrary powers.
[6] (⼤⽃魂场) Literally “Big Fighting Spirit Field”

Chapter 24

Suotuo Great Spirit Arena was entirely oval, its height reaching one hundred twenty metres, the interior divided into one Lord Spirit Arena and twenty four Spirit Arenas, able to simultaneously hold six thousand spectators, among these were one hundred VIP boxes. This was not only an area for Spirit Masters to exchange pointers, but also a place for powers to display their own strengths.

While walking towards Suotuo Great Spirit Arena, Flender told Tang San’s party about some remaining simple circumstances of the Spirit Arena.

Here, fight spirits were divided into three categories, one kind was contests, which was mutually exchanging pointers, where fierce killing techniques were forbidden. Another kind was life or death fights, used for settling disputes that could not be mediated. The last kind were betting fights. With the Great Spirit Arena as referee, in betting fights both sides sent out equal numbers of Spirit Masters to compete, the ultimate victor received the balance of the bet. Betting fights in the first place were life or death fights. Many frequently when irreconcilable conflicts appeared between nobles or schools, they would use this kind of way.

But the matches’ appearance also had three kinds, one against one, two against two and group fights. Among them, in team fights the number of people on both sides followed regulations, according to the Great Spirit Arena’s customs, ordinarily restricted within seven to ten people.

Entering the Great Spirit Arena, the first thing reflected in one’s eyes was a huge stele, on it was carved densely packed names. Flender told them that these names, were all those who had died in spirit fights.

Fighting spirit registration was carried out here extremely simply, the only requirement was to fill out a form including name and surname, age, birthplace and spirit, and one could receive the first iron spirit fight badge, of course, registering required everyone to pay ten gold coins as registration fee.

Simultaneously, they also carried out a spirit test similar to Spirit Hall, making certain of each person’s rank. Dai Mubai told everyone, every time before participating in fighting spirit, everyone must first carry out spirit power test to determine the match opponent.

Flender naturally would not excuse them, Tang San, Xiao Wu and Zhu Zhuqing each completed their registration.

Giving Tang San a profound impression was, when they registered, the staff member responsible for registration did not at all ridicule them or display any surprised expression because of their young age, all along having an appearance of doing official business according to official principles, and the handling speed was also extremely fast. From these simple details he could see that this Great Spirit Arena was absolutely not an ordinary place.

After registration, about to undergo spirit fight sorting, Flender brought them to the contest type spirit fight area, and after simply instructing Dai Mubai with several sentences, he went inside the Spirit Arena without consulting anyone.

Dai Mubai told Tang San and the others that at Great Spirit Arena, only under circumstances with successive victories exceeding five fights, the fighting spirit badge reaching a certain rank, or extremely high Spirit Master level, could one compete in the Lord Spirit Arena. Novices like them could only fight at the Spirit Arenas. Winning one iron spirit fight one could obtain ten gold coins as award money, whil e losing had no award money.

Very quickly, the five people already finished sorting, because they had come together, they would all fight at at the contest area of Spirit Arena fourteen. Only Dai Mubai’s opponent was Spirit Elder rank, Tang San’s four’s opponents were all Spirit Grandmaster level, that’s all.

The entire Great Spirit Arena gave Tang San a kind of dazzling feeling. Here, the various kinds of space allocation was extremely detailed. Speaking of the twenty four arenas, each Spirit Arena was also subdivided into different areas, comprised of the two types contest area and life or death area, each type was further subdivided into three kinds of styles, one against one, two against two and group battle. Therefore, one Spirit Arena had six separate elevated rings. As for betting fights, according to what Dai Mubai said, regardless of what rank, all betting fights were conducted at the Lord Spirit Arena.

The Great Spirit Arena’s operation mode had long ago already reached an unusually coordinated degree, for different spirit fight areas the ticket prices were also different, like the one against one contest area where Tang San’s group would participate, the ticket price was least expensive, and the spectators also were the fewest.

Spirit Masters participating in spirit fights were gathered in an arranged expansive hall to rest, waiting for their turn.

In the rest area, Tang San’s group’s arrival immediately aroused the other Spirit Masters’ attention, after all, their age truly was too young. But, although these Spirit Masters revealed astonished expressions, there was nobody who made fun of them, each person meditating, as far as possible letting them maintain peak condition, waiting for the fighting spirits to begin.

Xiao Wu sat next to Tang San, in a low voice saying:

“Ge, I just now asked Dai Mubai, although every Spirit Master only can participate in one contest per day, they can simultaneously participate in different categories, we both are twenty ninth ranked, at this level, it should not be difficult to win, so it would be better for us to also join the

two against two spirit fights, also good way to early get a few more of the required points, how about it?”

Tang San smiled slightly, saying:

“No problem, in any case we have come to improve our combat experience, more fighting experience is always good.”

Immediately, he himself and Xiao Wu’s thoughts were informed to Dai Mubai. Dai Mubai naturally would not oppose, but as he was reminded by them, his gaze fell on Zhu Zhuqing. Unfortunately, their spirits were not the same stage so it was impossible to form a team for two against two spirit fights, so he could only give it up.

Dai Mubai said:

“Little San, you bring Xiao Wu to register on the two against two side, this side’s battles should still be a moment.”

Tang San nodded. Before coming in, he had already seen the two against two sign up area. Immediately, he brought Xiao Wu and for the time being leaving the one against one spirit fight area, proceeding to the two against two spirit fight area sign up.

“Sign up fee is ten gold coins, winning one fight altogether nets you ten gold coins.”

The staff member efficiently collected the Tang San pair’s expenses. Because they had already registered for their rank, they only needed to show their iron fighting spirit badges without needing to fill out another form.

“Please submit your combination name.”

Combination name? Tang San and Xiao Wu met each other’s eyes. Only now did they learn that in two against two and group battles, everyone must

submit their combination name to help the Spirit Arena presenter announce them.

Tang San considered, then said:

“We’re called San-Wu Combination[1].”

He separately chose his and Xiao Wu’s name, anyway this importance was not something that held great importance.

“Good, Three-Five Combination[2] is now registered.”

On Tang San and Xiao Wu’s badges another three words were carved, on it was carved the three words ‘Three Five Combination’. Only, ‘Wu’ was carved as ‘Five’.

“Hey, this word is wrong, it’s Wu, not Five.”

Xiao Wu resentfully said.

The staff member said cold as ice:

“Who asked you to not speak clearly. If you want to alter the combination name, you must re-register for iron spirit fight badges to be able to change it. At the same time, any already obtained accomplishments will be completely erased.”

While Xiao Wu was getting ready to erupt, Dai Mubai’s voice was suddenly heard,

“Xiao Wu, your one against one spirit fight is beginning. Hurry over.”

Tang San clapped Xiao Wu’s shoulder, saying:

“Let it be, Three Five Combination is just Three Five Combination, in the end it’s only a name, nothing more.”

Xiao Wu pulled a face at that staff member, then ran towards the one against one spirit fight area.

The one on one spirit fight area was drawn up according to lots drawn in advance. While other Spirit Masters were in the middle of spirit fights, the waiting Spirit Masters could opt to watch the battle or opt to rest. Each area in the Spirit Arena had special places for competing Spirit Masters to watch the battle. The distance to the fighting spirits platform was very close.

Xiao Wu was the first of the five people to go on stage, and Tang San and the others naturally chose to watch the battle. Led by a staff member, they reached the spectating area below the platform, next to the fighting platform was a special area where you were just able to get a full view of the platform.

Even though it was a Spirit Arena platform, the area still wasn’t small, its diameter reaching twenty metres, possessing sufficient area to let Spirit Masters display their strength. Unfortunately, at this Spirit Arena fourteen one against one spirit fight ring the quantity of audience was not much, approximately only seating one fifth or so.

On the spirit fight stage, in the middle stood a middle aged person wearing a swallow-tailed coat, in a distinct voice, he said clearly:

“, carrying out our Spirit Arena fourteen’s first one against one spirit fight, appearing, are two Spirit Grandmasters. They are respectively, with Beast Spirit Jade Rabbit[3] Battle Spirit Grandmaster Xiao Wu, facing off against the with already two successive wins Beast Spirit Iron Horned Bull Battle Spirit Grandmaster Qing Bao[4]. Will Qing Bao after all be able to continue to his glorious third successive win, or will the newcomer Battle Spirit Grandmaster Xiao Wu grasp victory, let us wipe our eyes and wait. , we invite the two Spirit Grandmaster’s on stage.”

The spectators in the stands made very few shouts, occasionally several people shouted Qing Bao’s name. The majority did not appear not particularly interested.

A person with tall and robust stature very quickly arrived on the stage, this person’s height was an astonishing two metres or so, broad shoulders and wide back, whole body covered by a layer of granite like muscle, tanned skin stretched tightly over tendons that covered his bare upper body

like blue-green little snakes. Eyes glittering ominously like a copper bell, at the same time as taking the stage, he looked upward and issued an ear- splitting roar, releasing a valiant vigor.

One need not even ask, this was a physical strength type Battle Spirit Master, the same category as Motionless Bright King Zhao Wuji.

Ma Hongjun sat next to Tang San, in a low voice saying:

“This big fellow looks strong for sure, will your Xiao Wu be alright?”

Tang San smiled calmly, saying:

“You wait and see. Xiao Wu’s spirit ability comparatively fears physical strength type Spirit Masters, but that is only in circumstances where the other side’s physical strength far outclasses hers. At equal levels, physical strength type Battle Spirit Masters facing her, will only be……”

He did not finish his last line, a face childishly excited Xiao Wu already finally hopped on to the stage. White tight clothes, pink trousers, figure clearly still not particularly developed, a beautiful little face brimming with childishness, immediately attracted the attention of many spectators.

“How old is this little miss? What did the announcer say? Said she was a Spirit Grandmaster? That’s impossible.”

Similar doubting voices were continuously heard in the stands. The spectators always sympathised with the weaker side, and adding to Xiao Wu’s outward appearance being much better than the opposing side’s Iron Horned Bull Spirit Master, immediately received the favor of the majority of those watching the battle.

Qing Bao on seeing Xiao Wu was stunned a moment, speaking in a low and muffled voice:

“Little miss, haven’t you come to the wrong place? This is not where you should be, immediately go back home.”

Xiao Wu wore a slight smile, although she was only twelve years old, that small face of hers revealing a slight smile harmless to humans and animals was very destructive, especially when speaking of Qing Bao’s kind of physical strength type simple minded fellow, it was even easier to arouse his protective instincts.

“Little sister, step down. It would be no good if by chance you met with injury, you consider, you’re so frail.”

Qing Bao was somewhat awkward. Simple-mindedly asking Xiao Wu to concede.

Xiao Wu’s refined eyebrows wrinkled minutely, slim waist twisting,

“Why are you speaking so much nonsense? Hurry up and use your spirit, don’t blame me for not warning you.”

Seeing Qing Bao still wanted to say something, Xiao Wu whose character could never be considered gentle couldn’t help it, with a big stride forward, leapt up in Qing Bao’s direction.

Xiao Wu’s speed was very quick, in the blink of an eye moving more than ten metres, long legs softly leaping, sending her body off the floor, one leg kicking towards Qing Bao’s neck.

Defense was one of physical strength type Spirit Masters’ most formidable capabilities, seeing Xiao Wu light as a feather kicking towards him, the straightforward Qing Bao did not dodge at all, with his speed basically not open to dodging, in his heart thinking, ‘this little miss is not sensible, so young yet running to participate in spirit fights, let her hit a few times, wait until she’s tired, and she’ll naturally go down at once.’

However, Qing Bao only had time to form this idea in his heart, the next moment this spirit fight already ended.

The strength of Xiao Wu’s kick at Qing Bao’s thick and solid neck was more gentle than Qing Bao had imagined, after this kick of hers, the tips of her feet did not bounce away, instead sticking to Qing Bao’s neck, and at the same time her other leg also rose, stepping on Qing Bao’s substantial chest.

Pink light quickly bubbled out, two bright full moon yellow rings of light appeared on Xiao Wu’s body, this moment, the spirit rings she used was proof to the spectators of her Spirit Grandmaster rank.

Among Spirit Masters in the stands, as Tang San saw Xiao Wu’s right foot accurately stick to Qing Bao’s neck, the corners of his mouth showed a slight smile, lightly saying the word,


Xiao Wu’s first spirit ring ability, Waist Bow, activated.

Qing Bao only felt an energy simultaneously reach him from his chest and neck, his entire body following Xiao Wu’s flip, already like a soaring cloud thrown into the air.

Immediately following, after Xiao Wu touched the ground she took a one step run up, leaping up to meet Qing Bao’s falling body in the air, both legs accurately grabbing his waist, her slender waist twisting, body rotating once in midair, a return drop making Qing Bao’s body fall obliquely, shooting under the protective rope on the side of the ring, falling directly below the platform, producing a muffled peng sound.

The entire Spirit Arena fourteen’s one against one spirit fighting ring’s surroundings became quiet, not only the spectators, even that previous announcer already had his mouth wide open.

Who could have expected that this spirit fight would have ended so quickly, and the winning side unexpectedly was that little miss looking only ten something years old. The entire process was not only quick, but also Xiao Wu’s figure using the Waist Bow on her enormous opponent looked so

graceful, the reckless bull-like Qing Bao did not even have time to use his spirit before the spirit fight already ended.

Because of Qing Bao’s politeness, Xiao Wu’s attack on him had not used all her spirit power, adding that his own defensive power wasn’t bad, currently he already crawled up from on the ground shaking and swaying.

“Little sister, you truly are ferocious. I have lost.”

Qing Bao was a guileless person, but not at all foolish. In the split second Xiao Wu used strength, he already felt that Xiao Wu’s spirit power was far superior to his, Qing Bao’s own spirit power was twenty fifth rank. Under this gap in spirit power, adding to this little miss’ skill also being so strange, he knew that even if he used his full power, it would still be impossible to win.

Xiao Wu snappily said:

“What ‘little sister, little sister’, call me Xiao Wu Jie. Don’t you know who is more capable?”

“Eh, Xiao Wu Jie.”

Qing Bao very honestly called her, leaving with face blushing.

Among the Spirit Masters watching the stage, Tang San hearing Xiao Wu’s words couldn’t help smiling, this girl, the enthusiastic big sister leader also came out.

Hong——, at this moment cheering abruptly resounded, a beautiful little miss who was also so ferocious immediately attracted the eyes of all people. For a moment there was thunderous applause.

Xiao Wu smiled and giggling waved her hand towards the stands.

By now the announcer also reacted, with quick steps reaching the spirit fighting stage, in a loud voice declaring,

“Battle Spirit Grandmaster Xiao Wu’s victory, fight record, one victory zero losses. Qing Bao’s fight record is twenty one wins and fourteen losses. Grandmaster Xiao Wu, after leaving the stage please go register accumulated points.”

The competition pace was carried out very quickly, perhaps it was because of the brief brilliance in Xiao Wu’s display in the fight with Qing Bao, the spectators in the stand by now also had become interested.

But what Tang San’s waiting group didn’t expect was, the second spirit fight’s Spirit Masters unexpectedly were a Shrek Academy internal battle. The two sides up to fight were respectively Tang San and Zhu Zhuqing.

Zhu Zhuqing only gave Tang San a glance and went to the spirit fight passage, when Tang San just prepared to catch up, Dai Mubai grabbed his shoulder.

Dai Mubai’s face revealed some awkwardness, in a low voice saying:

“Little brother, start off a bit easy.”

Tang San smiled slightly, nodding once to him, then ascended the stage by the spirit fight passage.

Again two students were facing off, and also competing in this was a beautiful lady who in appearance was not inferior to Xiao Wu. Before the spirit fight had even started, the spectators already burst into cheers.

The announcer simply introduced both sides names and spirits, indicating to the pair that the spirit fight could begin.


Tang San politely made a courteous gesture to Zhu Zhuqing. Zhu Zhuqing coldly said:
“Please go all out, let me see my gap with you.”

She was present at the fight between Tang San and Zhao Wuji, and naturally understood it was impossible for her to match Tang San. But what she even more wanted to know was, as Spirit Grandmasters alike, how big the gap between her and Tang San actually was.

Different from the previous fight, as this spirit fight was about to start the battle’s two sides both released their spirits. Zhu Zhuqing’s pair of eyes changed simultaneously, left eye dark green, right eye clear blue, a pair of cute cat ears stood up slightly, both hands’ ten fingers lightly flicking, spike like claws sprang from the tips. Body crouching forward, coldly staring at Tang San like he was her prey. Two yellow spirit rings at the same time appeared on her body, an ice cold and piercing atmosphere giving people a somewhat suffocating feeling.

Equally colored spirit rings also appeared on Tang San’s body, blue and black long vines extended along the ground, moving rhythmically like blue and black giant snakes, covering more than ten metres in diameter around Tang San’s body, seemingly occupying half the spirit fighting platform’s area.

Tang San looked at Zhu Zhuqing with a calm expression. He was not a bit hurried, even though the two sides competition had not even started, Tang San knew he had already obtained victory.

As a control system Battle Spirit Master, he in himself would restrain Zhu Zhuqing’s agility attack system, especially in the ring where Zhu Zhuqing’s quickness was unable to fully be displayed. This fight held no suspense from the beginning.

Watching the blue silver grass spreading in her direction, Zhu Zhuqing knew she could not keep waiting. Body suddenly shooting up, even leaving a series of phantoms, pouncing at Tang San from the front.

Right now, the entire audience clearly saw, as Zhu Zhuqing rushed within the range of the Blue Silver Grass, in all directions the Blue Silver Grass

simultaneously stood up, just like an enormous cage, enveloping Tang San and Zhu Zhuqing within.

Zhu Zhuqing’s first spirit ring shone up practically at the same time as Tang San’s.

Hell Rush Stab[5] activated, in midair, Zhu Zhuqing’s sharp claws suddenly extended, her body quickly became indistinct, speed doubling in a flash, obliquely leaping in Tang San’s direction.

Seeing her approach, Tang San only did one simple movement. Stepping aside.

Currently, his eyes were already covered with a purple layer, perhaps to other peoples’ eyes Zhu Zhuqing’s silhouette was very difficult to distinguish, but he who had continuously trained in hidden weapons, relying on Purple Demon Eye, how would he not be able to see clearly?

While using Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track to escape danger, bringing Tang San’s body away from Zhu Zhuqing’s attack range, the sharp claws pierced the air, practically sticking to Tang San’s body as she streaked past. In the next moment, Zhu Zhuqing had no chance to launch her second spirit ring ability. The Blue Silver Grass already waiting for her took advantage of her neutralized attack to crowd around her in an instant.

Blue Silver Grass first spirit ring ability, Binding, activated.

Numerous Blue Silver Grass bundled robustly around Zhu Zhuqing’s body. They were after all on the same side, so Tang San did not activate Blue Silver Grass’ venomous thorns and only tied down Zhu Zhuqing, that’s all. But the first spirit ring’s supplementary paralysis was still reducing Zhu Zhuqing’s spirit power fluctuations, their battle also ended within this brief moment of time.

“Control system restrains agility attack system, your attack was insufficient to cut open my spirit’s control capabilities.”

Tang San with a mild expression released Blue Silver Grass.

Zhu Zhuqing was still that cold, but Tang San knew she herself also understood, only she didn’t expect Tang San would win this easily. Right now she already was completely clear about the reason Tang San was able to tangle with Zhao Wuji for so long, was certainly not only because of the exquisite hidden weapons. His grasp of timing in battle was equally valiant, facing him she basically didn’t have the slightest chance.

“I lose.”

Leaving behind those two simple words, she immediately turned and stepped off the stage, just as quickly as she came.

Of course, this was not at all to say Tang San necessarily was stronger than Zhu Zhuqing, agility attack system Spirit Masters should hide in darkness, attacking, assassinating and scouting, these were their strongest skills. This kind of frontal ring fight, to agility attack system Spirit Masters, in itself was not fair. If this was a in a complex terrain, for Tang San to prevail over Zhu Zhuqing absolutely would not be this easy.

When Tang San walked out the Spirit Master passage, Xiao Wu was waiting for him there, and after simply registering accumulated points, the two did not again return to the Spirit Master stands. They still had the two against two spirit fight to go through.

The drawing of lots was already finished. After Tang San had asked, he and Xiao Wu still had two matches before their battle so the two also did not go look at the battles, after all, although the preceding fights were quick, they still consumed some amount of spirit power, and they simply rested at the preparation area.

The two against two spirit fights were apparently much longer than one against one, and when it was their turn to go up, the two’s spirit power had already recovered to optimum condition.

Following the Spirit Masters passage to reach the spirit fighting ring, Tang San first simply observed his surroundings once.

On this two against two side the audience filled at least half the seats, the popularity was a bit better than the one against one side. Their opponents already waited for them on the spirit fighting platform.

The two against two spirit fight’s ring compared to one against one was twice as big, after all, the number of Spirit Masters was twice as many, so they also required an even larger space.

Currently, the ring’s announcer was declaring the Spirit Master combinations.

“......, two against two fifth match, Iron Blood[6] Combination facing off against Three Five Combination.”

Just on the platform, Xiao Wu could not help but mumble to herself:

“How is it again physical strength type Battle Spirit Masters, there’s not a bit of novelty.”

Tang San and Xiao Wu’s opponents were two eighteen or nineteen years old youths, both were fierce and majestic, appearance extremely alike, statures robust to a degree no less than that previous Iron Horned Bull Spirit Master. Although they were not bare chested, their uncovered thick and solid arms still could reveal their physical strength.

As the Iron Blood Combination unexpectedly saw two children on stage, both somewhat disbelieving rubbed their eyes. The announcer was also stunned a moment, but the spirit fight still must continue, and able to stand here they clearly possessed the corresponding spirit rank.

“Apparently, our Three Five Combination still truly are promising youths. Competition start.”

The Iron Blood brother pair’s astonishment only appeared on their faces for a very brief time, they very quickly recovered to normal, not advancing but retreating, simultaneously steadily taking a step backwards. Even more simultaneously produced a low roar, the two people moving as neatly as one.

Intense gray light rushed out from their hands, identical weapons simultaneously appeared in their grasps.

Seeing these weapons, Tang San could not help but be distracted a moment, the weapons appearing in the Iron Blood Combination’s hands he indeed knew too well, like what he frequently used as a blacksmith, Forging Hammers.

Of course, the ones in the Iron Blood brothers’ hands were somewhat different from the forging hammer he ordinarily used, not only was the bulk even bigger, but the forging hammer also had some detailed pattern, each had two yellow hundred year spirit beast rings of light moving rhythmically over him.

Tool Spirit Battle Spirit Masters. Although they similarly were physical strength type Battle Spirit Masters, Tang San and Xiao Wu immediately decided that facing these two opponents were entirely different from Xiao Wu’s previous one against one spirit fight opponent. Most importantly, the combat experience of these two before them clearly was extremely rich, not at all relaxing their guard just because they were young.

The left man said:

“I’m Tie Long[7].”

The right man said:

“I’m Tie Hu[8].”

The shouted loudly in unison,

“Take care.”

Although Tool Spirits would not alter the Spirit Master’s appearance, the two majestically large men simultaneously roared loudly, still brimming with valiant pressure. They took practically identical steps, like the sound of

thunder dashing in Tang San and Xiao Wu’s direction. The Iron Hammers in their hands already raised high.

Xiao Wu’s toes lightly pointed to the ground, body light as a feather soaring up, Tang San’s right arm supporting her toes, Xiao Wu’s one foot stepping on Tang San’s right shoulder, taking a Golden Rooster Stands On One Leg[9] posture.

The two had been together for many years, and cooperated through mutual understanding, while ascending Tang San’s shoulder, Xiao Wu already completed her Rabbit Spirit Body Enhancement, sharp gaze staring fixedly at the two rapidly approaching opponents. Once the other party showed a weak point, then, she would in a moment pounce down from up high to launch her Soft Skill.

Blue and black Blue Silver Grass rushed out, changing into countless vines meeting the Iron Blood Combination brother pair’s onrush. Under circumstances where rank was not much different, when Blue Silver Grass tangled the them the other side basically would not have a chance to struggle free. This was a control system spirit’s domain.

The Tie family brothers were not a bit hurried, seeing several tens of Blue Silver Grass come head on, the two immediately swung the Iron Hammers in their hands. The immense hammers were as light in their hands as if empty, unexpectedly their swings became a defensive screen.

Tang San by observing them discovered that the Tie brothers’ hammer method unexpectedly was somewhat similar to his Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method, merely the rhythm didn’t have the harmony of the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method, the generated force also was not equally fierce as that of Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method, but their speed was even faster than his Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method. [10]

Tie Long and Tie Hu’s first spirit rings simultaneously shone, and as Blue Silver Grass entered the range of their hammers, when wanting to break through and launch the Binding ability, it was immediately swept away by

their hammers, besides the hammers’ own force they still had a kind of unusual shaking power that stirred up the Blue Silver Grass.

Shaking, was the Tie family brothers’ first spirit ring ability. In effect blocking the Blue Silver Grass’ control.

The two people, one left and one right, swinging their Iron Hammers and tightly defending their bodies within, simultaneously quickly pressed forward, and would soon reach before Tang San and Xiao Wu.


Tang San shouted loudly, shaking his shoulder, already sending Xiao Wu’s body into the air, leaping towards the Tie family brothers’ backs. Eyes taking on a purple lustre, both his hands simultaneously lifted.

Internal strength pouring into both hands, white jade like palms practically simultaneously swatting at the Tie brothers, Tang San’s own feet swiftly sliding forward like wiping grease, both hands circling, not at all colliding forcefully with those two Iron Hammers, rather pulling from the side, light as a feather pushing at the Iron Hammers’ sides, lightly sending them in between, making a small crack appear in the Tie brothers’ unity. Tang San also took advantage of this moment’s opportunity to swiftly bore through this small crack.

The Iron Hammers whistled, brushing the front of Tang San’s jacket with a fluttering sound, but without striking him.

Controlling Crane Catching Dragon’s use for controlling hidden weapons was admittedly outstanding, but used as an internal strength kind of method its effect was equally maximized. What Tang San used just now was exactly the Four Liang Deflecting A Thousand Jin[11] secret.

As a result of Controlling Crane Catching Dragon leading down and pouncing forward, the Tie family brothers concentrated defense immediately showed a small hole, Tang San’s Blue Silver Grass did not stay idle and took advantage of this opportunity to dash in.

But the Tie family brothers proved themselves to have ample fighting experience, turning at lightning speed, once again Blue Silver Grass was swept away.

Tool Spirits, to earn the one word ‘Tool’, it was unable to improve the capabilities of the host itself, but in its additional capabilities were extremely powerful. The effect of the first spirit ring on the Iron Hammers shaking even did not need the Iron Hammers to come directly in contact with Blue Silver Grass, if the Blue Silver Grass only one chi intruded within their range, it would immediately be swept away, unable to accomplish the binding effect.

As Tang San bored between the two’s unity, was also just the moment when Xiao Wu dropped from the air, once again standing on Tang San’s shoulder, movements exactly the same as before.

“Little San, finish them.”

Xiao Wu giggled. She had fought more with Tang San’s Blue Silver Grass than anyone, and naturally knew Tang San’s spirits secrets.

When Xiao Wu started to talk, on Tang San’s body the second spirit ring abruptly flared.

The hammer waving Tie family brothers’ bodies simultaneously went rigid, a blue and black vine beginning to grow on their bodies. Precisely Blue Silver Grass second ability, Parasite.

Unmistakably, their hammer method indeed protected them very tightly, but still not to the extent that dust could not enter. The Blue Silver Grass spirit under Tang San’s control continuously scattered seeds in the air, especially when Tang San previously used Controlling Crane Catching Dragon to make the Tie family brothers momentarily expose a hole in their defense, even more were quietly entering inside. Although the Parasite Blue Silver Grass seeds on their bodies were not at all very many, as long as it restricted them for a short time, the Blue Silver Grass outside would naturally also be able to succeed with the Binding ability.

Feeling the Parasite Blue Silver Grass bring paralysis and seeing the numerous Blue Silver Grass around pounce at them, the Tie brothers met each other’s eyes, once again roaring loudly. Taking advantage of the Parasite Blue Silver Grass not yet having completely restricted their movements, whirling their hammers with both hands, rapidly swinging one turn, their second spirit rings simultaneously shining, they unexpectedly threw out the two enormous Iron Hammers, respectively smashing at Tang San and Xiao Wu.

The Iron Hammers made ear-splitting piercing sounds in the air, even the air unexpectedly distorted slightly. Under a gray light cover, the two Iron Hammers bulk suddenly doubled, even without getting close one was already able to feel the additional frightful attack power within them.

The Tie brothers’ second spirit ring ability, All In One Throw[12].

Tang San in his heart secretly said ‘not good’, firstly sending Xiao Wu into the air, himself also using Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track to get out of the way to the side at lightning speed.
[1] San Wu Zuhe (三舞组合)
[2] San Wu Zuhe (三五组合) They are homophones.
[3] (⽟兔) A.k.a the moon rabbit.
[4] (庆宝) “Celebrate Treasure”

[5] (幽冥突刺) Or “Hell Thrust” or “Hell Rush Pierce” or “Hell Rush Assassinate” or several other possibilities.
[6] Tie xue (铁⾎)
[7] (铁⻰) “Iron Dragon”
[8] (铁虎) “Iron Tiger”

[9] Tai Chi stance (image)

[10] Did I mention it was the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method?

[11] (四两拨千⽄) A common saying in Chinese martial arts about using a small force to lead a large force.

[12] (孤注⼀掷) A less literal translation might be “to bet everything on one toss [of the dice]”, it’s an idiom with the same meaning as putting all
one’s eggs in the same basket. But that doesn’t seem like a good technique name.

Chapter 25

The Tool Spirits’ second spirit ring ability, and moreover a full strength attack, although Tang San thought he had slightly more spirit power than the Tie family brothers, facing their all out full strength final attack he still dared not take it lightly.

But, circumstances arose making Tang San turn pale with fright, as those two hammers whistling out in midair unexpectedly suddenly separated, one pursuing Xiao Wu’s soaring figure, one arcing to strike at him. The Tie family brothers second spirit ring ability unexpectedly had a pursuing effect.

Right now, the Tie family brothers’ bodies were already tightly bound by Blue Silver Grass, the sharp thorns piercing their bodies, poison setting in, and in a moment were unable to move further. But in their eyes glinted a hopeful light, hoping that final attack would be able to give results, if it was only able to knock down Tang San the Binding on them would also be easily dissolved.

What’s to be done? Between instants, Tang San already made a decision. A Blue Silver Grass without thorns soared into the air, accurately binding Xiao Wu’s slender waist, and with an effort obliquely throwing her away.

In that way Tang San determined that although the Tie family brothers’ iron hammer were able to pursue the opponent, they were still only capable of doing so under a certain angle, not at all unlimited pursuit. He threw

Xiao Wu in the reverse direction facing the Iron Hammer, and as expected breaking her away from the Iron Hammer’s All In One Throw attack range.

But, since Tang San used all his effort on Xiao Wu, he himself was already without time to adapt, and the other Iron Hammer already reached him at the same time as he threw Xiao Wu.

In a crisis, Tang Sect martial skills could act without restraint, seeing the iron hammers already come at him, intense wind enveloped his body. Tang San’s both palms exerted Mysterious Jade Hand, body spinning rapidly, swatting with full internal strength Controlling Crane Catching Dragon, practically in a split second turning his palms. Seven successive palm strikes practically simultaneously clapped on the iron hammer head.

Under the effect of Tang San’s Mysterious Heaven Skill internal strength using Controlling Crane Catching Dragon the iron hammer was finally brought to diverge one chi, and although Tang San’s body was flung away in response, in the end he was not struck from the front.

With a loud hong sound, the iron hammer fell to the floor, Tang San’s body rolled in midair, still without landing, he already coughed up a mouthful of blood.

In midair Xiao Wu seeing Tang San injured enough to spit blood was immediately enraged,

“Scoundrels, you court death.”

Both hands simultaneously rising, without any sound of the air splitting, four shadows sharply shot from her sleeves, aiming for Tie Long and Tie Hu. The shadows’ targets were all the pair’s eyes.

Although Xiao Wu couldn’t learn Tang Sect hidden weapons, there were still many mechanism type hidden weapons. She practically wore a similar collection as what Tang San had. Right now in anger, and unable to consider the consequences, directly used the Silent Sleeve Dart.

As a mechanism made by Tang San, this Silent Sleeve Dart’s penetrating power was extremely strong, although Tie Long and Tie Hu had r obust bodies, if their eyes were hit, then let alone simply blinding, the Sleeve Dart’s formidable power was sufficient to bore into their brains.

And at this moment Tie Long and Tie Hu were already completely restricted in Tang San’s Blue Silver Grass, and after using All In One Throw their spirit power was greatly reduced, the paralysing poison taking the opportunity to spread. Wanting to move a finger or toe was already an extravagant hope, let alone dodging Xiao Wu’s Sleeve Darts. Before the darts had even reached them, they brought a strong wind that already numbed their eyes, under the great shock secretly crying out in their hearts ‘this life ends’.

“Xiao Wu, don’t.”

Tang San swiftly shouted, right hand in a flash throwing from his waist, four cold lights flying obliquely.

Dingdingdingding sounds echoed lightly, the four Sleeve Darts practically only one cun from Tie Long and Tie Hu’s eyes were knocked flying.

Originally, when Tang San narrowly escaped danger, he drew out and threw four Willow Leaf Throwing Knives from Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges. Although throwing needles were very fast, their weight was too different from the Sleeve Darts, insufficient to obstruct the Sleeve Darts’ attack, but throwing knives were much heavier than the throwing needles.

However, this was fortunately Tang San with Purple Demon Eye, the astonishing eyesight in addition to his extraordinary understanding of the speed of the Sleeve Darts he had made himself, otherwise, still could not save the Tie brothers.

Xiao Wu flipped in midair and landed on the ground,

“Little San, what are you doing?”

Right now, her charming little face was flushed with anger, fiercely glaring at the two Tie brothers.

Tang San shook his head at Xiao Wu,

“Even if they are enemies they must be saved, my injuries are not serious.”

Gaze switching towards the already pale Tie Long and Tie Hu,

“You two, this spirit fight should be our win.”

Tie Long and Tie Hu still could speak somewhat, and hurriedly nodded, Tie Long saying:

“Many thanks for the favor of our lives little brother. We concede.”

Tang San withdrew the Blue Silver Grass, inhaling a deep breath, within his body enduring unceasing burning pain. Fortunately, he had not been struck head on by the other side’s attack, and adding Mysterious Heaven Skill belonging to the genuine first class of internal strength, regarding defense it was extraordinarily good, cultivating for many years was equivalent to constant warm support of the internal organs, he only needed to harmonise his breath for a time after returning and this would not be of any consequence.

As Tang San and Xiao Wu walked out from the two against two spirit fight area, Dai Mubai’s group had also already finished their spirit fights, today could be said to be to everyone’s delight and satisfaction: apart from Zhu Zhuqing’s defeat by Tang San, the others all obtained spirit fight victories. Thanks to two spirit fights, Tang San and Xiao Wu each obtained two points and twenty gold coins in winnings.

“The dean?”

Tang San asked Dai Mubai. Dang Mubai helplessly said.

“Heaven knows where he want, he made clear that after we finished the spirit fights we are to go back first.”

While the five walked out from the spirit fights, they could again and again hear the sounds of acclaim. In todays spirit fights, although they could not be said to have profited much, Tang San still felt he had profited not little from this kind of lethal combat.

Especially the one battle with the Tie brothers let him see Tool Spirits’ formidable power. Every kind of spirit all had its own characteristics, as long as it was used appropriately, all could reach maximum effect.

Talking about strength, he and Xiao Wu were clearly above the opponents, but because they somewhat underestimated the enemy they almost suffered defeat. In Tang San’s mind he couldn’t help but remember what Grandmaster once said, ‘in battles between Spirit Masters, one first of all must feel clearly the opponents ability, if unable to do so, then, everything must be treated in the most cautious manner.’ Even if it was the lowest ranked Spirit Master, they might still possess a deadly spirit ability.

“You return first. Just now the dean said to have me go to his shop.”

Ma Hongjun suddenly said. In the pair of small eyes flickered a somewhat excited light.

Dai Mubai’s face showed an expression like a smile yet not a smile,

“Then we will return first, you take it a bit easy.” “Boss Dai, aren’t you coming?”
“I’m not, don’t speak nonsense, quickly leave.”

Dai Mubai snappily glared at him, out of the corners of his eyes glancing at Zhu Zhuqing.

Fatty’s reaction was clearly somewhat slow, without making out the meaning in Dai Mubai’s eyes, his plump face blushing somewhat because of excitement,

“Come on, let’s go together. Did you not say women women are a natural resource of population?”

Dai Mubai was finally unable to show restraint,

“Quickly get lost. My taste is not as lacking as yours.”

Ma Hongjun snorted somewhat discontentedly, but confronting the flickering fury in Dai Mubai’s evil eyes, he opened his mouth, in the end he did not dare confront this Evil Eye White Tiger with words, and turned around and left.

“Boss Dai, what is that lewd Fatty going to do?”

Xiao Wu asked.

Dai Mubai laughed out loud, saying:

“You all say he is lewd, what can he do, Evil Fire can’t be suppressed constantly.”

Xiao Wu snapped:

“Again going to harm girls? I truly wonder whether that spirit transformation of his isn’t related to his natural disposition.”

Dai Mubai said:

“Harming is out of the question, don’t you know this world has a kind of places called brothels?”

Tang San somewhat not daring to believe said:

“You are saying, the dean will bring Ma Hongjun to go to that kind of place?”

He had heard of brothels in his past life, and naturally knew what places those were.

Dai Mubai said:

“This also is a matter that can’t be helped. Ma Hongjun’s spirit apart from that defect is among one of the most powerful among Beast Spirits, he is also considered to be the dean’s direct disciple, he can’t have him give up cultivation forever or see his body burst and die.”

Zhu Zhuqing made a rare comment,

“Men all are filthy.”

Xiao Wu giggled, saying:

“Little sister Zhuqing, your attack must not be too wide, oh, Tang San is certainly very neat. By no means like those kinds of Dai Mubai and Ma Hongjun.”

Dai Mubai snappily said:

“Fine, your Tang little San is clear as ice and clean as jade, we are all filthy, alright. Compared to Fatty my tastes are much better.”

Xiao Wu immediately assumed a mimicking appearance, watching Dai Mubai in a burst of angry suffering helplessly shake his head. As he furtively glanced at Zhu Zhuqing, he discovered Zhu Zhuqing was already looking at him, only the light in her eyes seemed even more ice cold. The young miss snorted, suddenly walking up in front of Dai Mubai,

“Your tastes are better than whose?”

Dai Mubai stared blankly a moment, not knowing how he should respond,

“Zhuqing, I……”

He currently already became aware that his words were mistaken, if tastes were better than Fatty, didn’t that say he just faced a different kind of women from that particular occupation? Whether senior or junior, whether

phoenix in grass nest or courtesan, what was the difference between anyone dealing with the industry?

Zhu Zhuqing’s eyes suddenly brimmed with disdain and contempt,

“You are fifteen years old? You make me sick.”

Saying so, she turned around and left.
Ever since Zhu Zhuqing arrived at Shrek Academy, Dai Mubai had continuously repressed himself, tolerating her. Right now, the always cold and arrogant him could no longer suppress his innermost fury,

“You stop right there.”

Zhu Zhuqing did not pay him any attention, and not only didn’t stop walking, on the contrary increased her pace.


Dai Mubai fiercely raised his right hand, intense white light in the centre of his palm. He had never had a good temperament, or rather, his temperament was more irritable than that of any other person. However, in the end he still endured it, the white light in his palm did not flash, his mouth issuing a tiger-like hissing gasp, then just followed behind Zhu Zhuqing back towards the Academy.

Xiao Wu blinked, in a low voice asking Tang San:

“What’s going on with them?”

Tang San shook his head,

“I also don’t know. From what I saw on that day with the enrollment, Dai Mubai should be not familiar with Zhu Zhuqing from before. But he seems a bit different towards Zhu Zhuqing. Could it truly only be because of the possibility of their spirits being compatible stirring the

harmonisation ability? Forget about it, we still shouldn’t poke around in other peoples’ personal matters.”

Xiao Wu raised her hand and touched Tang San’s stomach, Tang San was startled by her,

“What are you doing?”

Xiao Wu’s eyes were slightly red rimmed,

“Does it still hurt? All because of me, you were injured.”

Tang San at this came to himself, she was pointing to his injury. Faintly smiling he shook his head,

“No matter, as big brother I can’t be so frail, let’s go, we’ll quickly catch up, they are both almost out of sight.”

As they returned to the Shrek Academy, outside the Academy gate they were astonished to find two people.

Tonight’s moonlight was very good. With the aid of moonlight, they immediately recognized Oscar and Ning Rongrong waiting for them here.

Ning Rongrong’s mood looked to already have returned to normal, on her beautiful little cheeks once again hung a smiling expression, sitting on the big stone above the Academy gate, swinging her legs, with a somewhat thoughtful expression.

But Oscar’s expression just seemed somewhat unsightly, brows slightly wrinkled, from time to time furtively glancing at Ning Rongrong, the expression in his eyes revealing a somewhat reluctant light.

Zhu Zhuqing as if she did not see the two people, immediately entered the Academy, and without turning her head headed directly towards her dorm.

Dai Mubai frowned, the chill in his evil eyes even more powerful.

“What are you doing here?”

Light flickered in Dai Mubai’s evil eyes, coldly speaking. Ning Rongrong hopped down from the overhead stone,
“Waiting for you of course. How come you return so late? And the dean and Fatty?”

Dai Mubai coldly replied,

“They are occupied. Have you figured it out? Staying or leaving?”

Ning Rongrong without the slightest hesitation said:

“Of course it’s staying, this place is too interesting. How could I stay away. What’s with your expression, are you a jiangshi[1]? Were you beaten by Zhuqing there? Haha, Oscar said you are some expert level lover, can’t even handle a young miss.”

Ning Rongrong did not again cover up her liberated nature. From childhood she had been highly intelligent, and saw very many things from Dai Mubai’s expression, not in the least hesitating to make fun of him.

Dai Mubai’s evil eyes held a cold light,

“Ning Rongrong. Don’t provoke my patience. This is Shrek Academy, not your home, other people may fear you at Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School, but I Dai Mubai don’t. Provoking me, take care I don’t rape and kill you, then do it all over.”

Ning Rongrong giggled, saying:

“I’m really scared, ah!”

Deliberately sticking out her still developing little chest.

“Come on, let me see how you rape me.”


Dai Mubai in the end was unable to suppress his fury, ‘if the White Tiger does not reveal its power, you will truly consider me a sick cat.’ Intensely angry power abruptly surged out, spirit power erupting in a flash, Ning Rongrong’s body practically in a split second was thrown away by the shock.

Oscar in a rush advanced a step, about to catch Ning Rongrong, but himself fell butt first on the ground from the impulse.


Tang San took an obstructing step in front of Ning Rongrong, both hands held at either side, using Controlling Crane Catching Dragon energy, sending out Dai Mubai’s spirit power to either side.

“Everyone are fellow students. Let it be.”

Even though Dai Mubai only released spirit power, without launching any attack, the shock to Tang San who was already internally injured made his blood and breath roil. In his heart secretly shocked, this perhaps was Dai Mubai’s genuine power, thirty seventh ranked spirit power indeed was much more powerful than his own.

Ning Rongrong from childhood till now, at what time had she been humiliated like this, she had not expected Dai Mubai to actually truly dare touch her. Although she had not truly been injured, the soreness over her entire body still told her this was entirely real, for a moment tears surrounded the edges of her eyes, rigidly staring speechless at Dai Mubai.

Dai Mubai looked at Tang San in the way before him, and slowly spit out a mouthful of turbid qi, the spirit power on his body restraining within,

“Fine, little San, I’ll let you save face.”

His evil eyes shot Ning Rongrong a cold glance,

“You remember my words well, this isn’t your home, don’t provoke me again, otherwise, I won’t consider your status.”

Leaving these words behind, he started off with big strides, heading straight inside the Academy.

“Tang San.”

Ning Rongrong wiping the tears from her eyes, suddenly called out Tang San’s name loudly.

Tang San suppressed the discomfort within his body, turning to look at her.

Ning Rongrong ferociously said:

“I’ll hire you to kill him, use those unusual weapons of yours to kill him. As long as you do it, afterwards you are our Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School’s honored guest, I’ll give you money, ten thousand gold spirit coins, how about it? Furthermore afterwards the unconditional backing of Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School.”

If the person now standing there was an ordinary Spirit Master, they would certainly be sorely tempted. Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School’s backing, the meaning of these several words had what kind of significance. As one of this world’s seven great families, the power which Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School possessed was hard to imagine. Any Spirit Master with their backing could rise high on Douluo Continent. Especially to the kind of genius like Tang San, having the backing of this kind of tremendous influence, one obtained incalculable advantages.

Tang San unhurriedly walked in front of Ning Rongrong, looking deeply at her,

“Ning Rongrong, in this world, there are some things that money and influence cannot buy. This Academy, is still only an Academy. We are all students. If you continue to have this kind of attitude and the feeling of

being up high brought by the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School, then, I urge you to still leave this place.”

“You……, don’t you know how powerful our Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School is?”

Ning Rongrong was unwilling to look at him.

Tang San calmly smiled, as a person of two lives, how could he not be able to figure out this twelve years old girl before him,

“What do I know? What don’t I know? Does this have any relation to you? Xiao Wu, let’s go.”

With a somewhat regretful shake of the head, Tang San and Xiao Wu also walked into the Academy.

Looking at their departing silhouettes, Ning Rongrong’s entire person was rigid, if speaking of Dai Mubai’s strength making her angry, then, the pitying expression in Tang San’s eyes as he left provoked her even more.

From childhood until now, she had all along grown up in the cupped palms of Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School’s bigshots, the thinking in her heart had long ago formed, but today, one after another receiving three powerful provocations, made her suddenly question, ‘why are they all like this to me? Am I actually in the wrong?’


How could Ning Rongrong want to be convinced the mistake was hers, turning around to look towards just now crawling from the ground to stand up Oscar.

“Don’t you want to help me?”

Oscar’s peach blossom eyes revealed a faint disappointment,

“When I first saw you, you made me feel like a celestial being. I believe that after you grow up, you will certainly be a stunning beauty. And also,

I was most fond of the gentleness you showed at that time. Therefore, I decide to pursue you regardless, even if I only come from a common family and you are a child of Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School, I still did not care. But, I discovered I was wrong. Moreover outrageously wrong.”

“Wrong? Why?”

Ning Rongrong looked at him without understanding. Oscar smiled faintly,
“Because you are not at all my type. You can’t make me ignore the entire forest for that tree. I can’t match up to Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School’s little princess. How could I help you even if I wanted to? What person do you take me for? Your servant, nothing more. Sorry, I still do better on my own. I think, at Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School you would have very many people wanting to help you, need not run short of someone like me.”

He already knew clearly, before the others’ return, Oscar already deeply sensed Ning Rongrong’s flawed nature. Even though they all still were young, Oscar also had more than one girlfriend. Including Tang San, of all the new students who still did not know that Oscar, apart from that unusual spirit of his, his mind just was even more frightening.

As an intelligent person, when fully aware of the matter how would he choose? Facing the difficult path? No, he was not that stubborn, at times giving up just was the best alternative.

Watching Oscar also head inside the Academy, Ning Rongrong not resigned shouted:

“Do you not like me? Even you aren’t willing to support me?”

Oscar halted, without turning his head,

“What Tang San said just now was right, if you still have this kind of attitude and disposition, leave this place. This truly does not suit you. Only, with you like this, the word ‘friend’ will forever be an extravagant hope for you.”

Oscar had left. Loneliness, helplessness, frustration, pain, every kind of feeling continuously shocked Ning Rongrong’s only twelve year old heart, teardrops silently falling, she suddenly discovered, perhaps she truly was in the wrong. Had she had friends? Those other children her age at the School, on seeing her would bow and scrape, or hide in the distance. Behind her back they called her the little she-devil.

Friends, only was an extravagant hope? No, no, no, Ning Rongrong suddenly felt a kind of powerful panic inundate her heart. This one night, to her, inevitable was a sleepless night.

Very many years later, as Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Ning Rongrong recalled the matters of her youth, she told her children, she once had a night, in all her life the most painful night, that caused the most significant change in her life.

Early morning.

Tang San awoke clearheaded to undergo cultivation, every morning cultivating Purple Demon Eye had already formed a part of his biological clock.

Today Oscar hadn’t gone back to sleep but was instead cultivating, only he still hadn’t awoken, Tang San softly and quietly left the dorm, moving onto the rooftop, beginning his necessary daily cultivation.

After one night’s rest, the internal injuries he sustained yesterday were already mostly well, and although his internal organs still ached somewhat dully, already it could not be considered serious, another one or two days and he would completely recover.

While cultivating Purple Demon Eye, in Tang San’s mind appeared the events of yesterday’s fight with the two brothers Tie Long and Tie Hu. Especially the two brothers’ final attack.

Spirits leaving the hand, pursuing the opponent to attack, focusing full power into one hit. Their spirit power was obviously lower than his, but could make him sustain injuries, if he had been struck head on, he might still have suffered heavy injuries. Even if that was the Tie brothers’ spirit ability, with this technique it didn’t seem too difficult to accomplish. He similarly also had a Hammer, if this kind of attack method also could be used with his Hammer, what effect might it have?

Although Tang San’s Hammer did not come from his spirit, he could be certain that his Hammer compared the the Tie brothers’ hammers was much heavier. As for pursuing the enemy, from a certain point of view, relying on Controlling Crane Catching Dragon could achieve it, similar to issuing his own Hammer like a hidden weapon.

Unfortunately, two kinds of spirits could not be used at the same time, otherwise using Blue Silver Grass Binding on the shaft of the Hammer, would that not become a Meteor Hammer?

Thinking of this, Tang San decided to find some time to test whether his Hammer could be used like this, what capacity, how to throw the hammer, using what technique, these all required practical experimentation to find out, simultaneously it must also be practiced many times. Right now of course wouldn’t do, that black hammer consumed tremendous spirit power, right now his injuries still had not recovered. Hastily exercising might on the contrary easily injure him further.

After concluding Purple Demon Eye cultivation, Tang San also did some simple hidden weapon drills until going for breakfast. He rose the earliest, and as he finished eating breakfast, Dai Mubai arrived at the dining hall with a gloomy expression. Seeing Tang San he only nodded, and said nothing further.

Just after Dai Mubai, Xiao Wu appeared third, after that just Zhu Zhuqing and Ma Hongjun. Tang San expressed to Xiao Wu that there was

already nothing the matter with him, and Xiao Wu reassured sat down to eat.

Ma Hongjun had a lively energy and bright appearance, as if he had lost several jin of weight. Although Fatty was straightforward, he could still read body language, seeing Dai Mubai’s gloomy appearance, also dared not say anything, hurriedly eating breakfast.

As for Oscar and Ning Rongrong, neither arrived at the dining hall.

“Fatty, you went out last night.”

Watching him finish breakfast, Dai Mubai suddenly spoke up. Ma Hongjun nodded, in a low voice saying:
“Yesterday the Evil Fire more or less emptied out, I should not have to go out for these two days.”

Dai Mubai said:

“That’s good. Tonight you stay at the dorms, I will go out to find those twins from last time.”

Fatty’s eyes shone,

“Boss Dai, you eat meat, haven’t I any soup to drink?”

Dai Mubai snapped:

“For This kind of matter must be enjoy mutually, vigorously swinging hips isn’t sweet.”

As he said this, he also deliberately looked at Zhu Zhuqing.

Zhu Zhuqing did not have any reaction, as if she basically had not heard their words, this ice cold young miss only drank the rice soup in front of her.

The intangible conflict didn’t continue, as the start of class bell rang, everyone hurriedly finished breakfast, arriving at the big grounds.

Neither the dean or any teachers had arrived, but on the field there was already one person, Ning Rongrong. Still no sign of Oscar.

Her fair and beautiful little cheeks looked wan and sallow, eyes reddened, spirit seeming very downcast.

For class today they still had the dean Flender. Tang San’s group had waited for no less than a quarter hour before this Dean came strolling along.

Flenders gaze first fell on Ning Rongrong, but he did not say anything to her,

“Today is your second class. What about Oscar? Did he sleep in again?”

Tang San hurriedly said:

“When I left this morning he was still cultivating, perhaps his mediation couldn’t be broken in time.”

Flender frowned,

“For today’s class we can’t start without him. Tang San, you go call him over.”

Tang San was just about to return to the dorms when he saw Oscar hurriedly come running from the dorm. However, on his face was no panic from arriving late, instead brimming with excitement.

“Oscar, do you want to run laps again?”

Dean Flender glared at him. Oscar hastily shook his head,

“No, Dean please listen to my explanation. I broke through, I reached thirtieth rank.”


Not only Flender, everyone’s astonished gazes turned to him simultaneously, including Ning Rongrong.

Oscar’s age was one year younger than Dai Mubai, he was still only fourteen years old, fourteen years old attaining thirtieth ranked spirit power, this already was equivalent to a shocking number, even more significant was, Oscar had a food system spirit, belonging to the most difficult to cultivate category of spirits. From some kind of meaning, his thirtieth rank compared to a Battle Spirit Master’s thirtieth rank was much more challenging. But for each level a food system Spirit Master promoted, the food’s auxiliary effect would strengthen enormously.

On the Douluo Continent, thirtieth ranked or higher food system Spirit Masters already were comparatively rare, if joining the army, all could enjoy the pay of a thousand man commander, or even higher. Fortieth ranked or over were even less common. Fiftieth ranked or higher food system Spirit Masters were even more like phoenix feathers and unicorn horns, and sixtieth ranked or higher food system Spirit Masters practically did not appear, even if there were, they would also be cultivated once in many years by the great clans or Spirit Hall.

If a Spirit Grandmaster level food system Spirit Master could be said to produce food for a hundred people to consume, then, one Spirit Elder, even if it was a Spirit Elder just broken through thirtieth rank, was also sufficient to supply food for five hundred people or more. Along with rank going up, this figure would still continuously rise. At the same time, attaining thirtieth rank also meant a food system Spirit Master would be capable of producing an additional third kind of attribute food. Regarding assisting a team, it would enormously upgrade.

Flender’s eyes distinctly shone,

“Good, good, good, Oscar, you haven’t let me down. You are among the current students the second to reach thirtieth rank. I congratulate you on behalf of the Academy.”

Right now, even Dai Mubai’s expression was no longer gloomy, walking up to Oscar’s side and clapping his shoulder,

“Little Ao, congratulations. Although you are a little bit slower than me in reaching thirtieth rank, as a food system Spirit Master, you already appear to be a more outstanding genius than me. Don’t tell me, being jilted can to help a Spirit Master in a spirit break through?”

Little Ao somewhat awkwardly glared at Dai Mubai, again looking at the red eyed Ning Rongrong, saying with a wry smile:

“Always without any attachment, how can you speak about being jilted.
Don’t tease me.”

Tang San, Xiao Wu and Ma Hongjun stepped forward one after another to express their congratulations. Ning Rongrong stood in her place, looking at Oscar with a somewhat complex expression in her eyes, but Zhu Zhuqing kept her head lowered, not knowing quite what to think.

“Right, today’s class will begin now.”

Flender’s voice pulled everyone back from congratulating little Ao.

“Today’s class is very simple. Oscar, you have today’s leading role. Today’s course, is for each of you apart from Oscar, must eat at least one of the sausages produced by Oscar’s spirit power.”


Xiao Wu cried out in alarm on hearing Flender’s words.

“Dean, what class is this?”

Flender grandiosely said.

“This is called adaptability training. I ask you, is life or reputation more important? When you can only pick one of them, which will you choose? Although Oscar’s spirit incantations are a bit vulgar, as I said yesterday, he is an innate full spirit power food system Spirit Master, extremely gifted. The sausages he makes are the best food system spirit I have ever seen. While at the Academy, he is one of you, you will learn together, if you are unable to reach a rapport with him, you will waste your best auxiliary companion.”

“At the same time, this is also to train your attitudes, if even this bit is impossible for you, in the future how will you survive in the Spirit Master realm? In order to survive, by fair means or foul, let alone eating one sausage, when in a life and death situation, even if it is a rat, cockroach or earthworm all must be eaten.”

Hearing Flender’s last words, the three girls present simultaneously paled, becoming distinctly unsightly. Especially Ning Rongrong already had a desire to throw up.

“This class is compulsory for everyone. Otherwise, you need not remain here. Don’t doubt my decision, the first day each of you arrived, someone told you that Shrek Academy’s education is for monsters, not ordinary people. Oscar, begin.”
[1] (僵⼫) A Chinese zombie, or hopping corpse.

Chapter 26

Flender stood there with a cold face, a completely impartial and incorruptible appearance, his expression telling the students, do not think to bluff through it.

In Oscar’s heart a laugh had long ago blossomed, the expression in his eyes clearly revealing a vulgar light, particularly paying attention to Ning Rongrong.

If one could say, right now he truly thought to kiss Flender several times, in his heart secretly saying, ‘dean, I love you.’ Flender doing this was not only to let everyone engender a feeling of identifying with him, for Oscar himself, his heart also had a kind of extreme satisfaction.

‘Ning Rongrong eating my sausage’, this thought alone made Oscar somewhat excited.

Oscar simultaneously extended both his hands, and with a dark smile, read aloud his spirit incantations.

“I your father have a big sausage.” “I your father have a little sausage.”
One thick and one thin, two sausages with distinctly different flavors appeared separately in Oscar’s palms. With a dark smile, saying:

“Who is first?”

Dai Mubai and Ma Hongjun had previously undergone a similar course, although their hearts remained somewhat shadowed, to some extent they could still repress it. As the two prepared to step forward, thinking it better to just get it over with and complete today’s class, one person rushed first.

“I’ll go.”

Accompanying the sharp and clear voice, Ning Rongrong walked in front of Oscar with big strides, both hands reaching out, separately grabbing his big sausage and little sausage.

Who would have thought Ning Rongrong unexpectedly would take the lead. Dai Mubai and Ma Hongjun halted on the verge of stepping out. They both wanted to see whether Ning Rongrong would eat Oscar’s spirit transformed sausage.

Ning Rongrong’s expression was very serene, only her eyes brimming with reluctance betraying her heart. After all she was still only a little miss, how could she possibly completely cover up her mood.

Yes, going through that one night, she still decided to stay. Without any compromise, she wanted to prove she could give it all for the people at Shrek Academy to see. Prove it how? That was by surpassing all the students, and gain even stronger spirit power than them.

Oscar promoting to thirtieth rank, was equivalent to one step further aggravating Ning Rongrong’s heart, that’s why she was the first to walk out.

Seeing Ning Rongrong’s expression face to face, Oscar suddenly felt a chill.

Ning Rongrong grabbing the big sausage and fiercely biting off a mouthful, that appearance, truly was rather ferocious. Seeing her expression, Oscar clearly felt his body tingle, subconsciously retreating a step.

Ning Rongrong completely gulped down Oscars big sausage and little sausage.

When just starting, she was still holding an idea of facing death with equanimity, but after swallowing the fresh sausage and cured sausage, she discovered that the flavour of these two kinds of Oscar’s materialized food spirit unexpectedly were exceptionally good.

Especially that big fresh sausage, after it entered the belly it immediately spread a warm feeling throughout the whole body, after one night without sleep, she who was originally already very tired clearly felt her spirits rouse, a feeling as if the body was brimming with strength.

What dean Flender said was right, this fellow’s food system spirit indeed was remarkable.

Being born to Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School, Ning Rongrong naturally was familiar with food system spirits, and had also eaten them. But the food system spirits she previously ate did could not have such a rapid effect as Oscar’s big fresh sausage. Even if it was a more than fortieth ranked food system Spirit Master, they would still be unable to do even a bit of this. This was completely a question of innate talent.

Oscar’s big fresh sausage incidentally also was his first spirit ring effect, Recovery[1]. This kind of recovery had a comprehensive effect, apart from giving a satiated feeling, it still had effects on both treatment and restoration. The effect of Recovery was directly proportional to Oscar’s spirit power.

Oscar probing asked:

“Were you hungry?”

Ning Rongrong licked her pink lips, her face revealing a gentle smile,

“Your sausage, a bite felt pretty good.”

Oscar once again felt a tingle, Ning Rongrong’s smile felt a bit like a devil’s smile.

Ning Rongrong turned around, gaze sweeping across each student, finally stopping on Flender, she used action to prove she had remained by her own power.

Dai Mubai and Ma Hongjun one after another ate Oscar’s fresh and dried sausage, Tang San walked forward fourth, somewhat helplessly picking up Oscar’s for the fourth time transformed spirit.

A girl like Ning Rongrong could do it, so why would it be impossible for him? With this kind of attitude, Tang San gulped down Oscar’s fresh and dried sausage.

Very quickly, he also had the same feeling as Ning Rongrong, perhaps even more clearly, the sausage entering the stomach created a feeling of warmth circulating in the entire body, the ache in his internal organs unexpectedly fading away, his whole body feeling as if full of strength.

Somewhat amazed he looked at Oscar, Tang San’s perception of him clearly had changed a bit.

Right now, only Xiao Wu and Zhu Zhuqing still had not completed today’s class assignment.

Xiao Wu somewhat pleading looked at Tang San, seemingly saying, ‘can’t I not eat?’

Tang San smiled slightly, saying:

“It’s no big deal, the flavor is pretty good. Think of it as food you buy on the street.”

Xiao Wu extremely reluctantly stepped out fifth, practically with closed eyes eating the two things, afterwards covering her mouth, resisting the nausea and swallowing. Fortunately, after Oscar’s fresh sausage immediately transformed into that warmth spreading in the body, it didn’t leave any aftertaste. Despite this, Xiao Wu’s expression still appeared somewhat unsightly.

Right now, of all the students, only Zhu Zhuqing hadn’t completed the day’s assignment, everyone’s gazes also couldn’t help but gather on her.

Zhu Zhuqing’s little face changed between green and white, biting her lower lip, yet somehow could not make her feet step forward.

Dean Flender suddenly said:

“Zhu Zhuqing, if you want to one day be able to defeat Dai Mubai, and trample him underfoot, then you mustn’t hesitate now.”

Zhu Zhuqing stared blankly a moment, looking towards Flender. Flender’s face displayed a rare smile, nodding with eyes containing deep meaning.

Dai Mubai was first stunned, immediately following had a helpless face, at his side Fatty and Oscar already snickered.

What nobody had anticipated was, the expression in Zhu Zhuqing’s eyes suddenly firmed, with big strides walking up to Oscar, lightning quick grabbing the sausages in Oscar’s hands and in spite of everything eating them like that, her speed even a bit faster than Xiao Wu.

Dai Mubai’s look at her was a bit despondent,

“You truly want to beat me so much?”

Zhu Zhuqing firmly glared at him, but didn’t say anything. Flender nodded satisfied, saying:
“Good, you have all passed today’s lesson, you all must remember, when you are together in the future, Oscar is your logistics supply. Forget those nonsense spirit incantations, to save your lives and let yourselves become even more powerful, to display your entire strength, even surpassing your usual display, is the most important. Now, all of you return to prepare, you have one day’s time to adjust and rest. Early tomorrow you will all set out on a journey. Teacher Zhao Wuji will lead you to Star Dou Great Forest to help Oscar obtain his third spirit ring.

This is not only a matter for Oscar alone, it is also experience for all of you before encountering thousand year spirit beasts. Zhao Wuji will not lightly step in, everything depends on yourselves. Good, dismissed.”

After two days of classes, Tang San had found Shrek Academy’s teaching methods were exceptionally peculiar, without any of the orderly regulations of the previous Nuoding Academy, every day restricted to going to class and so on, rather using a bit special methods to improve their spirit use from even more significant real combat and learning through experience. This undoubtedly had much better effect than always being lectured on theoretical knowledge. And also, he could feel that dean Flender was not only teaching in line with the students’ abilities, instructing them on how to become outstanding Spirit Masters, but at the same time also teaching them the principles for conducting themselves.

Oscar clearly became very excited from reaching thirtieth rank, each full level a Spirit Masters’ spirit power advanced, this one rank’s spirit power did not need to depend on their cultivation further. On obtaining the spirit ring, the spirit ring’s additional energy would make up for what was lacking in this one rank and furthermore break through to the next stage. Circumstances like when Tang San obtained his first spirit ring and directly advanced to the thirteenth rank were extremely rare, that was because of his innate full spirit power, or perhaps to say it was because his Mysterious Heaven Skill had already cultivated up to the bottleneck.

Everyone returned to their dorms, even if they were all considered geniuses of their generation, including Ning Rongrong this arrogant woman, each of them knew the importance of their cultivation. Wanting to become formidable, apart from one percent talent, it still required ninety nine percent effort. Even if that one percent had been even more significant, how could they cut down on those ninety nine percent?

“Little San, tomorrow when we’ll leave for Star Dou Great Forest, say, what spirit ring should I get that’s even more suitable to upgrade my sausage auxiliary effects?”

Oscar did not need to cultivate again, currently he only had to wait for tomorrow to arrive, and on returning to the dorm couldn’t help but excitedly

ask Tang San.

Tang San said with a smile:

“This also depends on opportunity, spirit beasts come in fantastic oddities of every description, who can say how bad a spirit beast one may encounter. Your first two spirit rings are one for recovery, one for detoxification, this third spirit ring only has to again raise another kind of auxiliary effect, or strengthen the first two auxiliary effects, both are possible. Oscar, you should have gone to Star Dou Great Forest before, tell me something about what it’s like there.”

Oscar nodded, saying:

“Star Dou Great Forest is a good place, of course, it’s also an extremely dangerous place. It’s a spirit beast cradle, the most favourite place of powerful Spirit Masters. Of course, it’s also a place for Spirit Masters’ biggest injuries.”

Tang San said:

“Is it a captive spirit beast forest of our Heaven Dou Empire?”

Oscar said:

“Of course not. Those captive spirit beast forests count as farts, even thousand year spirit beasts are very difficult to encounter. Only Spirit Scholars and Spirit Masters kinds of levels would go there. Star Dou Great Forest one of our Douluo Continent’s most famous three great spirit beast habitats. The area is huge, practically equal to Balak Kingdom’s territory, spanning the border of Heaven Dou Empire and Star Luo Empire, within it, two fifth’s of the area are in our Heaven Dou Empire, the other three fifths are in Star Luo Empire. It’s an immense primeval forest, the forest’s interior terrain is complicated, with wetlands, swamps and so on. The spirit beasts there are also extremely terrifying, the closer to the center of the forest, the more powerful the spirit beasts. It

is said, inside are even hundred thousand year spirit beasts. Any Spirit Master, as long as he is powerful enough, with good luck, can find a most suitable spirit ring inside. My second spirit ring was obtained in Star Dou Great Forest.”

Tang San’s eyes shone,

“So it’s actually like this. I hope this time you can find an even better gain.”

Oscar laughed out loud,

“If it truly is like that, then afterwards there will be sufficient sausage for everyone to eat as they wish, what do you say my younger brother. Haha.”

Everyone did not have too many things they could prepare in one day, and early the second day, after eating breakfast, as everyone gathered on the grounds, Zhao Wuji was already there waiting for them.

Seeing Zhao Wuji, the students were all somewhat stunned, wanting to laugh but not daring to smile.

Zhao Wuji indeed looked in a sorry state, on his face at least three bluish black bruises had not yet faded, especially his left eye looked like a panda, making people unable to help laughing.

Of course, while ridiculous even Tang San’s seven students still couldn’t help but be shocked, how would Zhao Wuji become like this? Tang San remembered very clearly, although he that day somewhat inconvenienced Zhao Wuji, he had not managed to leave behind any bruises on his face. But Zhao Wuji’s face looked like it had been hit with something blunt, with his seventy sixth ranked strength, in addition to Vigorous Vajra Bear’s defensive power, who could injure him? Could it have been dean Flender? But, with the Owl Spirit Flender was an agility attack system Battle Spirit Master, wanting to hit Zhao Wuji like this still seemed impossible.

“What are you looking at, you little brats. Do you need a spanking.”

Hearing the words ‘little brats’, Xiao Wu was clearly somewhat reluctant, in a low voice saying:

“Why not say little blind bear?” Zhao Wuji’s eyes widened, “Xiao Wu, what did you say?”
Tang San moved a step sideways, waving his hand behind his back at Xiao Wu, while hiding her behind him, to restrain the passion in her speech.

Looking at Tang San, Zhao Wuji’s expression clearly expressed some awkwardness, and did not investigate Xiao Wu’s words, with a snort, saying:

“Fine, everyone set out. Mubai, you lead.”

Dai Mubai nodded once, his expression immediately becoming serious, saying to the others:

“Star Dou Great Forest can’t be a place for noisily playing around, there are numerous spirit beasts inside, and also extremely aggressive, towards us humans they don’t have any good impression. Everyone certainly must be careful, all right. Tang San, you go first, Oscar, Ning Rongrong, you two follow behind Tang San, Fatty, Xiao Wu, you two are on the left and right sides. I and Zhu Zhuqing are in the back. After entering the forest, we must even more maintain good order like this, staying alert at all times. Everyone set out.”

Regarding Dai Mubai’s arrangement, Tang San secretly admired it in his heart, worthy of the oldest and strongest of the students, his plan was perfect, with the two auxiliary system Spirit Masters protected in the center, in strength his own second only to his placed first in line, the strongest Dai Mubai himself following in the back, the rearguard was always even more important than the vanguard, after all, he still had the two Fatty and Xiao Wu on the left and right wings for reinforcement at any time, in the back Dai Mubai must be vigilant in even more directions.

Zhao Wuji was only an indifferent bystander to the side, without joining their formation, walking out from the Academy together with the seven students. Here of course was not any carriage, once out of the Academy, everyone set off at a run.

Not long after starting running, the students began to comprehend the importance of dean Flender’s second class.

Thanks to having yesterday’s experience and Flender’s criticism, everyone regarding Oscar’s sausage were already no longer so repelled.

Running continuously, even if it was the strongest Dai Mubai and Tang San, their physical strength was continuously depleted.

But supplied with Oscar’s sausage, they astonished discover, the strain from this bit of running basically could not be considered anything.

Every hour eating one of Oscar’s spirit transformed sausages, everyone could directly maintain abundant energy, even Ning Rongrong could with difficulty keep up with everyone’s pace.

Without true application, one would never understand the importance of Auxiliary Spirits, and because of Oscar’s sausage’s fantastic effect, everyone had a whole new level of respect for him. He received the best treatment, because they still had not entered the forest, the strongest Dai Mubai and Tang San took turns supporting Oscar’s arm, supporting part of his burden forward, letting him even easier recover spirit energy to continue the supporting work.

Ning Rongrong naturally did not have this treatment, she appeared very taciturn, all the way also didn’t use her Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda to assist everyone, entirely became very uncommunicative, since she didn’t refuse Oscar’s sausage, but also did not use her spirit, vaguely within, appeared to isolate herself outside the group.

Star Dou Great Forest was located southeast of Balak Kingdom, sharing a very short border with Balak Kingdom, but Suotuo City itself was also in

the southeast of the Kingdom, not far from Star Dou Great Forest, less than five hundred kilometres.

Therefore, this was naturally the optimal choice for Shrek Academy students to obtain spirit rings.

With the aid of Oscar’s sausages, barely using one days time, at nightfall, the Shrek Academy party had already run more than four hundred kilometres,

Seeing that they would be unable to reach the destination today, Zhao Wuji issued orders to rest. Since they had just reached a small town, if they continued further, whether there would be supply was hard to say.

Entering the small town, it was much more bustling than Tang San had imagined, the little town’s size was roughly three times that of the village where Shrek Academy was, apart from not having any walls, this unexpectedly seemed like a small market town, streets with a great number of shops, various stores with everything one could think of.

Tang San carefully observed once, the main business of the shops in this place unexpectedly seemed related to Spirit Masters, for example some shops specialized in selling weapons, selling armor, selling detoxifying or restorative medicine, even the clothes being sold all had a dozen pockets where it was possible to fit all sorts of junk, clothes suitable for use in Spirit Masters’ adventures.

Oscar sighing said:

“What is called ‘the mountain dweller lives off the mountain, the shore dweller lives off the sea,’[2] I’m afraid it’s for this reason. This little town clearly relies on Star Dou Great Forest to survive. Around Star Dou Forest, towns like this probably aren’t few.”

Tang San somewhat astonished said:

“But, the distance from here to Star Dou Great Forest is still more than a hundred kilometres, isn’t it a bit far?”

Oscar smiling said:

“You’re certainly used to going to the national captive spirit beast forest. Those captive spirit beasts are comparatively mild, not too eager to attack humanity. The kind of wild spirit beasts inhabiting Star Dou Great Forest are different. The spirit beasts are not only more ferocious, but some spirit beasts also go out of the forest into the surrounding area, if a town was too close to Star Dou Great Forest, it might be in trouble.”

Tang San smiled and nodded, in his heart secretly saying, ‘reading ten thousand books is not equal to travelling ten thousand li, indeed spoken true, when travelling one is able to learn more and more.’

By now, Zhao Wuji had indicated a very ordinary looking hotel ahead, saying:

“We will stay there. Rest one night and set out early tomorrow. You bear your own lodging and food costs.”

Shrek Academy was not prosperous in the first place, like Zhao Wuji and Flender they all had no income, their economic situation truly without anything to recommend it. But Tang San’s group still received their Spirit Hall stipends, naturally enough for paying every day.

The hotel was a small two storey building, the first floor was a simple dining hall, on the second floor were accommodations. Zhao Wuji rented a single room and went directly upstairs. Dai Mubai and everyone after simply talking it over, rented a four person room for the four boys and another three person room for the three girls.

“First eat then go up. Having eaten sausage for one day, I am nauseous.”

Ma Hongjun said what everyone thought, and including Zhu Zhuqing all nodded agreement. The seven found a table in a corner and sat down.

Tang San asked Dai Mubai:

“Won’t we call teacher Zhao to eat together?”

Dai Mubai shook his head, saying:

“No need, even if Teacher comes out he will not like us pay any money, he also would not accept any bit of charity from us, these are dean Flender’s regulations.”

Fatty said:

“Isn’t this just fine? Everything distinct and neat, I am most fond of that kind of not in the least artificial feeling Academy.”

Dai Mubai snapped:

“Damned Fatty, less nonsense, you order. You’ll eat the most.”

Ma Hongjun very cooperatively said:

“Then today isn’t by your invitation? Your stipend is the highest, you’re wealthy.”

Dai Mubai smiled slightly, saying:

“Entertaining guests is no problem, everyone studying at Shrek together is also destiny, I am the oldest,so this meal today is a welcome for Tang San’s group.”

Fatty laughed, the fatty little round face immediately jiggling,

“Good, very good. Rest at ease, boss Dai, I will not leave anything out for you.”

Very quickly, Fatty displayed to everyone Dai Mubai’s “will eat” assessment of him. Calling the waiter, quick as lightning he ordered more than ten dishes, very many dishes with names Tang San had never even heard of, but Fatty had a happy and excited appearance.

“Pretty good, pretty good, although this place isn’t big, things are wholly outstanding, I hope the flavor can also have an even better level.”

Dai Mubai helplessly said:

“This Fatty, besides the part of his stipend that is spent on women, the remainder is all food. I truly believe that if you were not a Spirit Master, you certainly would go become a cook.”

Although the seven people sat around a table, the mood could not at all be considered harmonious, with Zhu Zhuqing’s cold face and Ning Rongrong’s lowered head thinking of some worry. Fortunately they had Fatty here for comic relief, so the mood could not be considered too rigid.

In the dining hall right now already sat six or seven customers, at this moment, a party of eight suddenly walked in from outside, somewhat similar to Tang San’s group.

The leader was a looking like more than forty years old middle aged man. In appearance he was also considered handsome, with combed hair exceedingly bright, all over wearing a moon white Spirit Master gown even more exceptionally exquisite, embroidered with a silver colored design, twinkling radiantly as he moved.

Following behind the middle aged man were six male and one female youth, seemingly about twenty years old. Similarly clothed in moon white Spirit Master gowns, only without the preceding middle aged man’s silver thread embroidery. But whether it was the middle aged man or the youths following behind, on the left shoulder was a blue-green circular symbol, within the circle was embroidered similarly colored characters, Blue Sunshine[3].

From their attire one could clearly see that these people were Spirit Masters, Tang San’s party all wore what they wanted, looking no different from ordinary people, while these people showed off much more.

As the dining hall’s proprietor saw them enter, he hurriedly went to welcome them, nodding and bowing unable to be courteous enough, just as

what Oscar had said, this little town relied on Star Dou Great Forest to make a living, or to put it briefly, relied on Spirit Masters to make a living. Spirit Master was not only a noble vocation, it was also a wealthy vocation, the proprietor naturally dared not be careless.

“That chick’s height is pretty good, ah. Boss Dai, Those fellows should be from Blue Sunshine Academy.”

Fatty’s eyes stared unwavering at the girl among those eight people. It couldn’t be refuted that the girl indeed had somewhat good looks, also considered being over middle higher level. Although Xiao Wu, Zhao Zhuqing and Ningrongrong were beautiful, they were after all only about twelve years old, and compared to the already completely developed young lady, seemed younger and more immature. But to Fatty this juvenile, a bit maturer girl clearly held even more attraction, adding to his Evil Fire, naturally both eyes shone, resolutely watching the others constantly.

Dai Mubai curled his lip,

“Only the minor Blue Sunshine Academy, nothing more. Showing off their farts.”

Whether it was Fatty or Dai Mubai, neither deliberately lowered their voice. A Spirit Master’s hearing power naturally was a bit better than ordinary peoples, and even though within the dining hall was somewhat noisy, among those eight the middle aged man still cast his gaze their way, brows wrinkling minutely. As he saw at the Shrek Academy table merely was a group of children, his expression immediately became even more unsightly.

Oscar sitting next to Tang San, with a low laugh said:

“There’s a good show to see.”

Tang San somewhat puzzled gave him a look,

“What good show?”

Oscar said in a low voice:

“This is also part of our cultivation. Dean Flender said, Spirit Masters who dare not cause trouble are not good Spirit Masters.

Tang San couldn’t help but smile,

“Our Dean’s quoats added together can form a monstrous saying. Looking at their age, this Blue Sunshine Academy should be an advanced Spirit Master academy.”

By now the Blue Sunshine eight over there had already sat down, separated from the Shrek by two tables, from the corner of his eye Tang San saw that clearly a Spirit Master middle aged man muttered by the ear of a youth, very quickly, that youth rose from his seat, and facing Tang San’s group walked towards their table, according to his walking route, precisely coming towards Dai Mubai.

Dai Mubai’s evil eyes expressed a trace of disdain, Tang San saw, he naturally wouldn’t not know, but even facing him directly he did not look at the counterpart.

By now, the waiter just happened to serve their table’s first dish.

The Blue Sunshine Academy youth suddenly sped up his steps, amidst the waiter’s cry of alarm, just enough to bump into that waiter’s body, in a moment that dish came down towards Dai Mubai from overhead.

“Don’t waste food.”

Tang San spoke indifferently, left hand stretching out like lightning, steadying the waiter’s body, right hand extending, just right to catch the plate, using Controlling Crane Catching Dragon energy, distractedly absorbing the dish without sprinkling a bit, light as a feather releasing the plate on the table. At the same time, his left hand had already pulled the waiter aside.

The Blue Sunshine Academy youth stared blankly a moment, because of the waiter obstructing his view he did not clearly see Tang San’s movements, however, his face very quickly exposed a cunning smile,

“I truly am embarrassed.”

Saying so, he still walked forward, looking like he must pass Dai Mubai’s side, but one foot quietly swept across, directly kicking at a leg of Dai Mubai’s chair.

That was only a common wooden chair, that’s all, when kicked the chair leg would break, and Dai Mubai naturally could not sit steady. But the youth’s foot motion was also extremely covert, his upper body motionless, if not specially paying attention, one basically would be unable to see his movement.

At the same time as the youth kicked, Dai Mubai acted.

Did a tiger have a good temperament? The answer was of course not. These last few days enduring not a little anger from Zhu Zhuqing, Dai Mubai’s heart had long held in the rage. Confronted with the other party’s provocation, how would he let this kind of opportunity slip by.

With a muffled peng sound, the Blue Sunshine youth only felt as if his foot kicked an iron panel, the entire calf shaking and numb, immediately following, Dai Mubai already slapped out.

The youth’s complexion dropped greatly, raising both hands wanting to hold back Dai Mubai’s hand, but who could have expected that his hands would be shocked open by the added spirit power in Dai Mubai’s palm, and that one palm still solidly slapped his stomach.

The youth’s counted as having a large stature, but from Dai Mubai’s palm strike his entire body bent backwards, thrown flying like a completely weightless scarecrow, in succession knocking down two tables, flying towards the Blue Sunshine Academy group.

The Blue Sunshine Academy’s middle aged man hastily stood up, raising both hands, grabbing the youth’s shoulders and catching him. The youth’s complexion was pale, with retching sounds, spewing out a mouthful of blood, his entire body becoming completely listless.

Dai Mubai straightened, by means of previous palm’s motion stretching his waist,

“I truly am embarrassed, it was an accident.”

The Evil Eye White Tiger’s true colors showed, on his face was disdain and contempt, wearing intense aggressiveness. Let alone strangers, even if it was his people seeing him all felt somewhat at risk of a beating.

At the commotion within the dining hall, the diners near the two tables of Shrek Academy and Blue Sunshine Academy hastily got out of the way, so as to avoid disaster to the pond fish[4], but the majority of the people did not immediately leave the dining hall, rather looking at the scene with excitement. One must know, ordinarily wanting to see a confrontation between Spirit Masters one would have to go to a Great Spirit Arena, but that was considerably expensive, right now they could watch freely, ordinary people naturally would be excited at spirits. Let alone in this place, where Spirit Masters constantly appeared.

How could the Blue Sunshine Academy group still endure it, the remaining six Academy uniformed people stood up, glaring towards the Shrek Academy’s table. Wanting to rush over, they were stopped by that middle aged man.

The middle aged man continued helping the youth to sit on a chair, with a calm face shouting to Dai Mubai:

“What Academy do you children belong to?”

Light flickered in Dai Mubai’s double pupil evil eyes,

“Interrogating[5]? You don’t deserve it.”

Speaking, he again sat back down on his seat.

Fatty’s movements were very quick, especially when eating things, right now he had already started, while eating still said:

“En, the taste is okay, only lacking some heat. Passable food.”

That Blue Sunshine Academy teacher’s face was already ashen from anger,

“Fine you arrogant brats, instruct them for me.”

The Blue Sunshine Academy students moved at once after his words, besides the one injured by Dai Mubai and the female student, the other five immediately rushed towards Tang San’s group’s table.

“A fight? I like it.”

Xiao Wu excitedly hopped up from her seat, without the slightest hesitation going to meet them.

Xiao Wu had acted, so naturally Tang San would not stay idle, also standing up, both eyes already covered by a faint purple layer.

[1] (恢复) “to recover”

[2] Idiom: Make the best of local resources.

[3] Cang Hui (苍晖) “Deep Blue/Green Sunshine”

[4] Half of the idiom “A fire at the city gates, is also a disaster to the fish in the pond”, which means that innocent bystanders will get hurt. The logic is that even though the fish feel safe in the water while the city is burning, as the water is used to put out the fire the pond will dry up and the fish will die.

[5] ( 盘道么? ) RAW is “winding mountain road?” which makes no sense to me, so I will assume typo and use a homonym (盘倒)

Chapter 27

Neither side directly brought out their spirits, the opposing five youths saw that the person meeting them unexpectedly was a delicate and pretty little miss. Although she appeared young, at present Xiao Wu was already about one metre seventy tall, winking with adorable big eyes, advancing with an appearance harmless to men and beasts. They couldn’t help but immediately lose some of their anger.

Oscar standing next to Tang San, in a low voice said:

“Won’t you also catch up, don’t let Xiao Wu come to grief.”

Oscar had not seen Xiao Wu genuinely use her skill, and naturally did not know her true strength. But since the other side came from an advanced Spirit Master academy they should have at least twentieth ranked or higher spirit power level, and there were five of them.

Tang San did not step forward, slightly smiling, said:

“You too are deceived by Xiao Wu’s external appearance. These several fellows must have bad luck.”

After many years of continuous cultivation, Tang San’s Purple Demon Eye had already truly entered the detailed realm. His ability to see things naturally wasn’t merely like before.

Purple Demon Eye was divided into the four surveying, detailed, mustard seed and boundless stages, in the surveying realm one was able to

substantially improve vision power, and furthermore clearly grasp every existing detail.

After entering the detailed realm, according to what Tang San originally remembered of Mysterious Heaven Treasure Record’s accounts, Purple Demon Eye’s effect should be seeing even more clearly, and grasping even richer detail, but detail realm Purple Demon Eye could further grant a mental state where everything slowed down, allowing him to react in the shortest possible time.

After Tang San’s Purple Demon Eye genuinely entered the detailed realm, he discovered that in this world, Purple Demon Eye had some differences. Besides its original capabilities, he was also able to see Spirit Masters’ amount of spirit power.

But there was a condition, he could only see spirit power of spirit masters with spirit power lower than his. When stronger than his, Purple Demon Eye saw nothing..

Although he did not know how that came about, to Tang San, this undoubtedly was a considerably useful ability, at the least capable of helping him decide whether the opponent’s spirit power was stronger than his.

Right now, he relied on Purple Demon Eye to clearly see the other side’s Blue Sunshine Academy’s seven students. Besides that female student and that teacher who he was unable to see through, he was very clear about the other six students’ spirit power.

The spirit power of the youth who previously provoked and was beaten back by Dai Mubai was twenty seventh ranked, and of these five people in front of him right now none had surpassed twenty fifth rank.

Tang San only too thoroughly understood Xiao Wu’s real combat experience, she also had twenty ninth ranked spirit power, under circumstances without preparations, Tang San could be sure that it was impossible for Xiao Wu to come to grief, to say nothing of also having him at her side.

The five youths advancement halted, but this did not mean Xiao Wu would stop.

Xiao Wu blinked with her big eyes, saying with a smile:

“All of you big brothe rs, hello.”

The five youths were distracted simultaneously, unable to help looking at each other in dismay. Blocked by a little miss looking this adorable, their aggressive manner immediately went motionless, hesitating for a moment, not knowing what to do.

But as they looked at each other, Xiao Wu moved. Her feet seemingly slipping she completely tumbled forward at once, body toppling in the direction of a youth.

That youth subconsciously raised his hands thinking to support Xiao Wu, but suddenly saw a black shiny braid flying through the air. Before he even had time to react, his neck was already firmly bound by Xiao Wu’s scorpion braid. At just this moment Xiao Wu’s body also stopped tumbling, leaping up with body curling, jumping with her back to that student, both feet directly stomping towards the other party’s stomach.

With one’s neck bound it was easy to panic, and seeing Xiao Wu’s both feet stomp at him the youth hastily raised both hands to block. But how could he have expected Xiao Wu to not at all use her feet to attack, but only as a fulcrum. In practically only a split second, his entire body flew forward following Xiao Wu’s front handspring.

Originally even if it was Tang San, the first time he encountered Xiao Wu’s Soft Skill he got the worst of it, let alone these academics before him: advanced Spirit Master academy students without much combat experience.

Xiao Wu’s movements were extremely fast, and without stopping her feet for the slightest moment, drawing support from the previous hand flip momentum, while throwing one person both her feet fell onto another person.

By now, the four remaining youths still had not completely reacted, the youth confronting Xiao Wu’s second attack hastily held up both hands, thinking to block Xiao Wu’s attack, but was Xiao Wu’s soft skill so easy to resist?

Both his arms indeed blocked Xiao Wu’s feet, but this Blue Sunshine student was shocked to discover, Xiao Wu’s feet unexpectedly did not carry any strength, and soft like noodles both feet sliding, already boring through under his arms, accurately pressing at both sides of his neck, next, Xiao Wu’s front flip turned into a backflip, violating inertia, and a second person was also thrown.

All this happened in a flash, the diners all around saw the Blue Sunshine Academy five rushing forward, but unexpectedly in a moment a beautiful young miss efficiently threw two of them.

That Blue Sunshine Academy teacher seeing Xiao Wu’s attack methods was also stunned a moment, alarm mixing with anger, snarling:

“Idiots, use spirits.”

On the other side, Oscar exerted himself to rub his eyes, unable to help saying:

“Fuck me, so fierce. Luckily I haven’t offended your Xiao Wu.”

Tang San smiled slightly without speaking, by now, Dai Mubai once again stood up, in a low voice saying:

“Xiao Wu, come back. With us male students here, why use you schoolgirls to fight.”

Between flickers, Dai Mubai already reached Xiao Wu’s side. Xiao Wu turned her head to look towards Tang San, and as Tang San nodded towards her, she without attacking again walked back calmly.

Fatty Ma Hongjun in ate two mouthfuls in quick succession, and while chewing the food in his mouth, somewhat reluctantly walked out, standing

by Dai Mubai’s side. Kneading a pair of chubby hands, making cracking sounds.

Tang San walked up to meet Xiao Wu, and exchanged positions with her, standing at Dai Mubai’s other side.

Three juveniles against five youths, it looked like Tang San’s side appeared much weaker, but was their actual strength contrasted this way?

Xiao Wu previously did not use her spirit, therefore, although those two thrown fellows were confused and distracted, they were not genuinely injured. The five Blue Sunshine students again gathered together, fury already reaching a peak, practically without hesitation using their spirits.

How could they also want to believe that they with advanced Spirit Master academy student rank would be unable to beat these juveniles.

For a moment, all kinds of light flashed. The five youths spirit rings color were the same, all had one white and one yellow, representing one ten year spirit ring and one hundred year spirit ring.

The five were naturally without exception Battle Spirit Masters, comprised of two Tool Spirit Battle Spirit Masters and three Beast Spirit Battle Spirit Masters.

The two Tool Spirits respectively were Pike and Trident[1], the three Beast Spirits following were Deer, Sheep[2] and Horse. Judging by the spirits themselves, all could be considered powerful.

Seeing their opponents release their spirits, Dai Mubai’s evil eyes even held a bit more disdain,

“This is what’s called advanced spirit master academy disciples? And ten year spirit rings? Younger brothers, let them have a look at spirit rings.”

This among the Shrek Academy students oldest Evil Eye White Tiger never was a reasonable person, this bit, Tang San already discovered long

ago the first time they met. Unless you made him acknowledge you in strength, Dai Mubai’s arrogant manner would not vary.

“White Tiger, Body Enhancement.”

A layer of pale white light abruptly emerged from his body, Dai Mubai’s both arms simultaneously stretched to either side, chest sticking out, cracking sounds echoing from his whole skeleton, muscles abruptly swelling, the clothes he wore filling out.

Each muscle became extremely distinct under his clothes, even the air at his side seemed to already become wild.

The blonde hair in a moment became alternating black and white, white taking up the majority, several locks of black hair exceptionally distinct within.

On his forehead appeared four faint lines, three horizontal and one vertical, happening to form the character ‘king’[3].

His hands changed the most, growing to no less than twice their former size, white fur completely covering the backs of the hands, flicking between the ten fingers, short dagger-like talons continuously stretched out and withdrew from the palm.

Each of those talons was like the edge of a knife, length exceeding eight cun[4], shining with quiet cold.

Dai Mubai’s upper body slowly leaned forward, the four pupils of his evil eyes becoming a deep serene blue, emitting intangible ice cold murderous intent, brimming with tyrannical deterring force, under his feet, three brilliant rings of light rose successively, quietly ascending, two yellow and one purple, spirit rings wandering between, surging spirit power forming pressure like billows hitting the face.

Perhaps it was because of spirits mutually subduing each other, on the other side the three Beast Spirit Battle Spirit Masters couldn’t help but

tremble and recoil several steps at the same time as Dai Mubai completed his Spirit Body Enhancement.

Facing Tiger, how could Deer, Sheep and Horse not be afraid?

Especially that on Dai Mubai’s body representing a thousand year spirit ring, even more made the confronting five Blue Sunshine Academy students’ hearts shake greatly.

At the same time as Dai Mubai released his spirit, Tang San and Ma Hongjun also set free their strength.

“Phoenix, body enhancement.”

Red-purple light rushed out from within Fatty’s body, the short hair on his head abruptly becoming long and furthermore gathering to the center, becoming a mohican type hair style. Two yellow spirit rings simultaneously rose from under his feet, long feathers extending along his bare thick and solid arms. Both hands also took on the shape of claws.

Scorching air whirled around Fatty’s body, even though his height was not a little shorter than the opposing Blue Sunshine students, after that purple flame released from within his body, his imposing manner became completely different, matching Dai Mubai’s White Tiger Spirit, suppressing the other side with a kind of feeling like being unable to breathe easy.

Only Tang San’s spirit still could be considered calm, two like Ma Hongjun’s yellow spirit rings rose from under his feet, dense blue silver grass quietly released, centering on his body, slowly spreading.

Basically without needing to fight, after only Dai Mubai released three spirit rings, the opposing five Blue Sunshine students already lost heart. They understood clearly how large a gap came from the difference of one spirit ring’s strength, let alone when this person’s third spirit ring was on the thousand year level, how were they still capable of contending with that.

What brought these several Blue Sunshine Academy students hearts extremely out of balance was, these few juveniles looked much younger than them, but the strength they brought out was already above theirs.


That Blue Sunshine Academy’s teacher finally couldn’t help but stand forward, waving a hand towards his students,

“You withdraw.”

The students were in mental disequilibrium, and this teacher’s heart indeed was extremely shocked, he clearly recognized that the opposing three juveniles, whether it was this somewhat older in the middle or the two on either side looking like only twelve or thirteen years old, all could be said to be geniuses among geniuses. Especially this one in the middle, he looked at most seventeen years old, but already possessed three spirit rings, reaching Spirit Elder realm, this was an unprecedented matter to him. Especially that thousand year spirit ring, so dazzling to the eyes.

This teacher after all was already in his middle age, seeing Dai Mubai release his genuine strength, in his heart he already considered very many possibilities. Let alone speaking of his several students being able to match the opponent, even if they could prevail over the other side, he still would not let them fight. Somewhat inconveniently could not be provoked.

“I am Blue Sunshine Academy’s external affairs department director Ye Zhi-Qiu[5]. May I ask, what school are you from?”

Seeing Ye Zhi-Qiu himself walk out before the three, releasing his spirit power before him without using his spirit to withstand the pressure, Dai Mubai’s heart secretly felt a chill. Under these kinds of circumstances, he could be certain that this middle aged person’s spirit power was far above his own.

“We are from Shrek Academy.”

Without waiting for Dai Mubai to speak up, Fatty already immensely proudly spoke. While speaking, his naked gaze resolutely stared at Blue Sunshine Academy’s one female student.

Yu Zhi-Qiu looked blank a moment. In his eyes revealed a thoughtful light, clearly, he was not familiar with Shrek Academy’s name.

“Shrek Academy? Seems I have not heard of it.”

Dai Mubai snorted coldly,

“You are indeed ignorant and inexperienced.”

Hearing the other party not at all being children of some school, Ye Zhi- Qiu in his heart loosed a breath, but at the same time also couldn’t help but feel somewhat powerless.

He always believed that Blue Sunshine Academy’s students were already very outstanding. This time’s plan to leave for Star Dou Great Forest was to assist one student having reached thirtieth rank to advance the third spirit ring. Also that was the female student who all along had not come out.

But before him these several juveniles provoked him greatly.

Ye Zhi-Qiu understood that these three juveniles indeed were entitled to disdain Blue Sunshine Academy.

But, possessing such strong spirit power so young, how had they after all practiced.

The were practically little monsters.

Of course, although in his heart he had been shaken the other side’s actual strength, if he cowered back so in front of this many diners, Blue Sunshine Academy would at once lose face.

The students were out of the question, he himself had to earn back Blue Sunshine Academy’s lost face.

Thinking of this, Ye Zhi-Qiu no longer hesitated, a light flickering within his eyes, he also released his spirit,

“Black Tortoise[6], Spirit Enhancement.”

Beast Spirit, Black Tortoise.

A black ripple released from within Ye Zhi-Qiu’s body, forcibly pushing back the pressure of Tang San, Dai Mubai and Fatty. His four limbs simultaneously contracted by one third, his back swelling, unexpectedly bearing a huge shell. Black light twinkled over his whole body, a full five spirit rings rising from below, spiralling above his body. The five spirit rings were one white, two yellow, two purple. This Blue Sunshine Academy external affairs department head unexpectedly was an over fiftieth ranked Spirit King level expert.

Even though Ye Zhi-Qiu’s spirit ring levels were not at all considered very strong, the more than fiftieth ranked spirit power exhibited there instantaneously suppressed the Shrek side.

Everyone in the entire dining hall cried out in surprise, after all, on the Continent a Spirit King was already a rare Spirit Master, their actual strength considerably formidable. In some kingdoms one could already possess viscount or even earl titles.

Dai Mubai’s expression changed, gaze floating over to Tang San beside him, Tang San and him shared a look, naturally understood his meaning. Slowly nodding to him once, both hands slowly rising, stroking Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges.

To handle an opponent with clearly greater spirit power, perhaps they could only use hidden weapons to ensuring a strike. The other side was not after all Zhao Wuji, and would not likely start off leniently.

Ye Zhi-Qiu’s speech was very pretty,

“You several children are not sensible, afterwards don’t talk drivel. Call out your Academy teacher.””

Fatty uncannily called out,

“At once pulling out your turtle head[7], and still want to see our teacher? We several are enough to deal with you.”

“All of you, all of you Spirit Master uncles, I beseech you, don’t fight inside my small shop, it’s a small business, a small business……”

The shop owner at this moment already had no choice but to run out: if he did not dissuade them, in the next moment perhaps the entire store would be baptized by the tempest.

Ye Zhi-Qiu possessed Black Tortoise Spirit, in all his life the most taboo word was ‘turtle head’[8].

Originally he only thought to frighten these several juveniles before him once then let it be, after all, he could not want to shoulder the accusation of the old taking unfair advantage of the young, to say nothing of how entirely unclear the strength was of the Academy behind these children.

But Fatty had offended his taboo, Ye Zhi-Qiu in his heart was angry, but contrary to his anger smiled,

“Fine, I will substitute for your teacher to educate you. We will go outside.”

Finished speaking, he turned and walked outside, behind him the black tortoise shell’s swaying appearance looking somewhat reidiculous, but the spirit power he released was considerably vigorous.

The Blue Sunshine Academy students also followed Ye Zhi-Qiu outside the hotel, Dai Mubai in a low voice said to Tang San:

“This old fellow is more than fiftieth ranked, but his spirit Black Tortoise is also a kind of considerably decent Beast Spirit. Later on we must be a bit careful, I previously stood up to his attack, but your movements are probably a bit faster. I fear my support won’t last too long.”

Tang San said:

“We will not necessarily lose. Although his spirit power is more formidable than ours, his spirit has flaws.”

By now, the other several people already came up around them, just in time to hear Tang San’s words.

Tang San said:

“His spirit is Black Tortoise, I can be certain that he is a defensive type Battle Spirit Master, of his active abilities and passive abilities, the overwhelming majority should be used for defense. Consequently, although his spirit is much more formidable than ours, the threat he is able to bring us with his attacks isn’t big. High spirit power without suitable means to attack can give us what threat? Therefore, to deal with him I propose two methods.”

Tang San was Grandmaster’s disciple, regarding spirit theory he knew much more than the others, with only one look at Ye Zhi-Qiu’s spirit, he had already made very many judgements.

“The first method, is to take advantage of our own speed to contend with him, he after all is a teacher, and his spirit power is also much higher than ours, so naturally he will not issue limits to our number of people. Therefore, I suggest to leave it to me, Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing to completely settle this task, because we three are the fastest.”

“While contending with him, we must launch our fastest speeds to be sure to not let his attacks hit. Afterward again looking for opportunity, looking for his weak points. Carrying out attacks. Only, Black Tortoise’s defense is very powerful so we might not be able to successfully attack him. As a result of having a carapace to protect his body, my Blue Silver Grass thorns and poison perhaps won’t have any effect on him. Consequently, I even more recommend the second method.”

“With the first kind of method the similarity is that it’s still us three pinning him down. Black Tortoise is affiliated with water[9], and it just so

happens that Fatty’s Phoenix flame mutually subdues it: water can subdue fire, but fire can also equally restrain water. Fatty’s flame is also so peculiar. Leaving you to surround him and start the attack, with Oscar’s Sausage support your attack duration would not have any problem. Our goal is attrition. Xiao Wu, you are in charge of support, alternately switching with us three in front, like this everyone can obtain replenishment from Oscar. Although our spirit power is inferior to his, we have little Ao and in addition a numerical advantage, exploiting his lack of methods of attack that are sufficient to threaten us.”

Listening to Tang San’s proposal, everyone couldn’t help but slap the table and shout with praise, not one person was unwilling.

“Tang San, what about me?”

Ning Rongrong’s refined eyebrows wrinkled slightly, looking at Tang San with wide eyes.

Tang San stared blankly a moment, the reason he had not included Ning Rongrong in the formation was actually because after learning of this girl’s unreasonable nature, he feared she would have the opposite reaction. Thinking it over, he said:

“Your spirit is special, engage according to the situation.”

Ning Rongrong clenched her teeth, sensing the others looked at her with a somewhat strange gaze, secretly releasing her ferocity in her heart. She knew that she seemed to already have been excluded from this group, this kind of feeling was absolutely hard to take for her.

Discussion over, everyone simultaneously walked outside, relying on Tang San’s original battle with Zhao Wuji, they were all very confident, and speaking of challenging powers to promote their own strength was clearly very advantageous.

Ning Rongrong walked last, suddenly, her ears picked up a low voice,

“If you want to make everyone acknowledge you, use action to prove that you are part of Shrek.”

When Ning Rongrong raised her head to look, it was just in time to see Oscar with his face already grown a full beard smiling towards her. For some reason, the rims of her eyes suddenly reddened, with an effort nodding to Oscar.

Very quickly everyone reached outside, perhaps it was because the five spirit rings over Ye Zhi-Qiu were too eye catching, but in this small town they had attracted very many onlookers.

While walking out into this small town, Ye Zhi-Qiu had calmed somewhat, watching the seven juveniles walk up, he said in a low voice:

“I will give you another opportunity, right now there is still time to admit your wrongs.”

Dai Mubai smiled nefariously,

“Wrongs? What is called wrong, what is called right? A big fist, is right. First defeat us then talk again.”

Finally this time Ye Zhi-Qiu could no longer not act, snorting angrily,

“All of you together, I will take the place of your academy to teach you manners.”

Fatty smiled darkly, saying:

“Remember, we’re not people, we’re monsters.”

Without waiting for Ye Zhi-Qiu to act, Dai Mubai already charged out, the second spirit ring on his body releasing light, intense white radiance condensing in a round ball already spitting out from his mouth, precisely Evil Eye White Tiger’s second spirit ring ability, White Tiger Fierce Light Wave.

At the same time as Dai Mubai spit out White Tiger Fierce Light Wave, Zhu Zhuqing’s body flashed diagonally, accelerating in a flash and moving around Ye Zhi-Qiu’s side, Tang San also acted at the same time, charging Ye Zhi-Qiu from the other side.

The long mohican hair on Fatty’s head trembled, the first spirit ring releasing light, spouting a red-purple Phoenix Fire Wire at Ye Zhi-Qiu.

The four practically indistinguishably struck one after another. Without the slightest amount of fear of the opponent being an over fiftieth ranked Spirit King.

Facing the fours’ simultaneous attacks, Ye Zhu-Qiu’s whole body flourished with black light. His mouth releasing a deep roar, on his body the first and second two spirit rings simultaneously shone, body rapidly rotating half a turn, revealing the tortoise shell on his back, at the same time, a black light like a river released ghastly cold air.

The battle had just begun, but Ye Zhi-Qiu at once used his two spirit ring abilities. One was Black Tortoise Protective Form[10], the other was Black Water Freezing[11]. His goal was very simple, sorting out these youngsters in the shortest time, giving them a profound lesson, since he used this tone, he had also manifested Blue Sunshine Academy’s actual strength.

Although the Shrek Academy students’ power was out of the ordinary, they were after all still young, their spirit power also had a very large gap with his. Ye Zhi-Qiu believed that relying on releasing his fifty third ranked spirit power’s Black Water Freezing, he would be able to directly freeze their whole bodies to a halt.

The White Tiger Fierce Light Wave exploded on Ye Zhi-Qiu’s back. Just like Tang San judged, Black Tortoise’s defensive power was ranked at the very front among Beast Spirits. His spirit power also exceeded Dai Mubai’s very much, so this one strike did not have any effect at all, Ye Zhi-Qiu’s body had not even moved.

By now, Tang San had already taken advantage of this to arrive next to Ye Zhi-Qiu, close to the opponent, he deeply felt an extremely cold air hit

his face, seemingly like the blood vessels in his whole body froze. Under the shivering cold in his heart, he hurriedly urged Mysterious Heaven Skill to rapidly work within his body, resisting the cold air, his charging figure coming to a sudden stop. But Blue Silver Grass Spirit swiftly dispersed, twining around Ye Zhi-Qiu from all four directions.

What is called ‘fire and water have no mercy’[12], whether it was freezing cold or burning heat, regarding plant system Spirits both had a certain restraining effect, Blue Silver Grass’ movement speed under the effect of Black Water Freezing clearly became somewhat sluggish.

Just at this moment, Fatty’s Phoenix Fire Wire had reached the tortoise shell on Ye Zhi-Qiu’s back.

Even though Fatty’s Phoenix flame’s had been weakened a fair bit by Black Water Freezing, similarly, following Phoenix Fire Wire’s arrival, Black Water Freezing’s chill had also reduced a lot.

Although the red-purple flame infecting the tortoise shell was unable to pierce through, it did not stop burning, adhering to it like it was viscous.

Ma Hongjun’s spirit was a variant and it naturally could not be considered ordinary fire, Ye Zhi-Qiu only felt a burning heat on his back and was immediately startled.

With the help of this instant’s opportunity, Blue Silver Grass already twined up, tightly adhering to his body, Zhu Zhuqing’s illusory silhouette quietly appeared in the dead angle at Ye Zhi-Qiu’s back, launching the first spirit ring ability Hell Rush Stab, directly targeting Ye Zhi-Qiu’s neck.

Suddenly, Ye Zhi-Qiu’s neck retracted, a strange scene appearing, his entire head unexpectedly withdrawing into his chest, just perfectly avoiding Zhu Zhuqing’s talons, on his body the third spirit ring shone, spouting out a mouthful of mist, covering the Phoenix flame on his back.

Even though the Phoenix flame burned very powerfully, Ye Zhi-Qiu’s Black Water was also not simple, his spirit power also by far exceeded Fatty’s, and the red-purple flames on the tortoise shell stopped burning.

Intense cold once again rose, and Tang San practically immediately withdrew his Blue Silver Grass. Otherwise the Blue Silver Grass would have frozen rigid, which would influence himself not a little. Zhu Zhuqing’s cat’s claws swatted once at the tortoise shell, borrowing power to soar out.

But in that brief moment of contact, Zhu Zhuqing’s hand already froze rigid.

This time, Dai Mubai by just arrived, without hesitation having started his White Tiger Protective Barrier, within the glittering light of the first spirit ring, a pair of huge tiger paws with sharp blades popping out, directly swatted at Ye Zhi-Qiu’s back.

Dai Mubai’s spirit power was the most powerful among the Shrek students, but the thirty seventh ranked spirit power attack still had a with a twenty something rank large gap, with two muffled sounds, Ye Zhi-Qiu’s body staggered once, stumbling two steps forward, but he very quickly half turned, head also extending from within the chest, mouth wide, a black cold stream spit directly towards Dai Mubai.

Third spirit ring ability, Black Water Surge[13].

The intense chill gave Dai Mubai’s body a burst of cold, although White Tiger Protective Barrier could isolate the chill, it still could not completely resist, after all the opponent’s spirit power was more than ten ranks stronger than his.

Just at this moment, the second red-purple flame appeared just right, blocking in front of Dai Mubai’s body, striking together with that black water.

Thick steam rising, although the flame was suppressed by the Black Water, Dai Mubai also took advantage of this opportunity to very quickly retreat.

The brief exchange put Tang San somewhat at a loss, ‘don’t tell me my judgement was wrong, and this Black Tortoise actually isn’t a defensive type spirit? No, impossible, how could Teacher’s many years of research be

mistaken. This Blue Sunshine Academy teacher’s spirit clearly hasn’t shown any variation. But this dense cold air spirit ability of his is very difficult to handle.’

Little did they imagine, while Tang San’s group was astonished, Ye Zhi- Qiu was even more amazed. Although the four juveniles’ coordinated attack did not injure him, it caused him some not inconsiderable inconvenience. Especially Ma Hongjun’s spouted Phoenix Fire Wire was deeply felt by Ye Zhi-Qiu, this kind of flame seemingly was precisely his bane. If it was not for that little Fatty’s spirit power being too low, his Black Water would absolutely be unable to resist this kind of eccentric flame.

And the spirit power added to Dai Mubai’s two palms just now swatting on his tortoise shell was vigorous and tyrannical, brimming with explosive strength, although he had the tortoise shell for protection, they still made the blood and breath in Ye Zhi-Qiu’s body roll. After all, Black Tortoise Protective Form was only his first spirit ring ability, and although Black Tortoise in itself excelled at defense, in the end the first spirit ring ability’s defensive strength was still very limited.

Most shocking Ye Zhi-Qiu, was the coordination between these four juveniles. Although their coordination in itself still was very raw and could not reach fully harmonised condition, between them they each possessed capabilities whose natures very strongly complemented each other. One storm infighter, one agility attack guerilla, one control system, furthermore one long range attacker, complementing one another, able to make their firepower reach the highest degree. What kind of existence was this Shrek Academy?

How could he know, looking at these seven juvenile boys and girls, they were already Shrek Academy’s entire student body.

Just at this moment, a lazy voice suddenly echoed, interrupting the fight,

“Late at night, yet you haven’t gone to bed, running out and getting up to what?”

Tang San looked blank a moment, already releasing both hands’ subconscious touch on Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges.

Just about to use his third spirit ring ability Dai Mubai hiccuped when he heard this voice and halted, withdrawing like flying, pulling open the distance with Ye Zhi-Qiu.

A large figure appeared in everyone’s field of view. The arrival, was Zhao Wuji.

“All of you go back to sleep.”

Zhao Wuji did not even look at the Blue Sunshine Academy’s side, with one wave of his hand ordering all the Shrek students back to the hotel.

This riled up, Ye Zhi-Qiu did not give up,

“Wait a moment.”

Zhao Wuji somewhat impatiently turned around,


Ye Zhi-Qiu coldly said:

“You are that Shrek-something Academy’s teacher, just now these several students of your academy insulted our Blue Sunshine Academy, shouldn’t you give us an explanation?”

“Explanation? What is there to explain? Isn’t Blue Sunshine Academy a trash institute? Their words can’t be regarded as an insult.”

What person was Zhao Wuji? Originally in the Spirit Master realm he was also outstandingly famous as a fiend in human form, although not the most powerful kind, he was still equivalent to a terrifying existence. Confronting a fifty something ranked Spirit Master, he naturally would not look clearly at the other party.

[1] ( 三股叉) “Three Part Pitchfork”, which differs slightly from the regular word for trident (三叉戟) “Three Pronged Halberd”, so it may be he just has a pitchfork.
[2] (⽺) Alternatively “Goat”.
[3] Wang (王)
[4] 8⼨ = 27 cm
[5] (叶知秋) “Page Know Autumn”

[6] Xuan gui (⽞⻳) Black Tortoise is one of the Four Heavenly Beasts, of which White Tiger is another.

[7] Fatty says Wang ba (王⼋) which has the meaning of “tortoise”, but also “cuckold” and “bastard”. This originated from the ancient curse Wang ba duan (忘⼋端) where wang means “forgotten” and ba duan are the eight basics of how to conduct oneself with integrity: filial piety, fraternal duty,
loyalty, trustworthiness, courtesy, righteousness, honesty, shame (“ 孝, 悌,忠,信,礼,义,廉,耻”), meaning a person who had forgotten integrity. At some point this was mixed together with the near homonym for tortoise. I don’t know an English analogue, so you get a poop joke instead.
[8] Wang ba (王⼋) again
[9] In Wu Xing, Five Phases Theory, the Water phase is associated with Black Tortoise. Also, it’s a tortoise.
[10] (⽞⻳护体)
[11] (⽞⽔冰封) “Black Water Ice Confer/Seal”
[12] Idiom: Forces of nature are outside of human control.

[13] (⽞⽔激荡)

Chapter 28

Whether it was him or Shrek Academy’s dean Flender, both were proud and aloof contemporaries. In this respect, Dai Mubai’s temper was most similar to theirs.


Ye Zhi-Qiu was indignant, and no longer arguing, with big strides walking in Zhao Wuji’s direction. Seeing his overbearing manner, he clearly was not prepared to leave the matter at that.

Zhao Wuji turned around, facing the seven juveniles already gathered at his side, saying:

“You really are rubbish, not even taking care of one old turtle head[1], once we’re back at the Academy I’ll sort you out again.”

Fatty good intentioned remarked:

“Teacher Zhao, that old turtle head has come.”

Zhao Wuji snorted coldly,

“You all trundle back to go to sleep.”

Leaving these words behind, at this he just turned around, facing Ye Zhi- Qiu just now coming close with the dense cold air.

“Everyone uses strength to speak.”

Zhao Wuji had an arrogant expression, and without using Spirit Body Enhancement, raised his right hand, striking towards Ye Zhi-Qiu.

Ye Zhi-Qiu by now had already been thoroughly infuriated, releasing Black Water Freezing’s full power, intense cold swept towards Zhao Wuji, at the same time turning his back, using the tortoise shell to resist Zhao Wuji’s palm. Thinking in his heart, ‘you are too arrogant, even if your spirit power was above mine, not even using spirit, I will have you eat a big loss.’

Unfortunately, it was not at all Zhao Wuji getting the worst of it.

The Black Water Freezing that before gave Tang San’s group not a little trouble reached Zhao Wuji’s body, and basically did not have any effect at all, and in the next second, Ye Zhi-Qiu’s body already flew like mounting the clouds and riding the mist by Zhao Wuji’s slap. On the tortoise shell appeared a wide crack, flying more than ten metres before heavily landing on the ground.

Zhao Wuji turned a disdainful look in Ye Zhi-Qiu’s direction. Then just turned to bring the Shrek students into the hotel. While walking he whispered,

“The feeling of thrashing people without using spirit as expected isn’t bad, no wonder……”

Earlier when Dai Mubai and the others provoked Blue Sunshine Academy, Zhao Wuji saw it from upstairs. He originally didn’t intend to take part, letting these children have some exercise in battle coordination. But later when he saw Tang San and Dai Mubai’s group attack Ye Zhi-Qiu from all directions, for some reason, he immediately recalled the scene not long ago of him being beaten, for a moment his hand itched, and he walked out without stopping. Only he didn’t expect to be so unable to refrain from hitting that old tortoise, sending him flying with a slap.

Of course, Zhao Wuji was not unaware of the true cause, the defense ability the other party used was the first spirit ring, the last two thousand

year spirit rings’ abilities both still had not been used. Only, sending Ye Zhi-Qiu flying with a slap. He did not have the mood to tangle with this kind of opponent whose strength was so much below his own. Right now, he felt like that person who stood before him that day.

Ye Zhi-Qiu with the support of several Blue Sunshine Academy students managed to crawl from the ground, opening his mouth to spit out a mouthful of blood, just like his back was weighed down by a big mountain, somewhat unable to breathe, in his heart also couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by shock.

Regarding his own defensive power he was only too clear, but the other side without even using his spirit, one off-handed slap could unexpectedly injure him. Even if the opponent was a strength type Spirit Master, this strength gap still could by no means be lower than fifteen ranks, or even higher.

As soon as he thought of the opponents Spirit Master level, Ye Zhi-Qiu couldn’t help but shiver, looking perniciously in the direction of the departing Shrek Academy group, then just bringing a cadre of crestfallen students to leave. Among them that female student before leaving, still specially looked towards Dai Mubai.

Oscar’s face was bearded and Tang San’s appearance could not be regarded as outstanding, so Dai Mubai’s evil eyes clearly possessed the most attractive force. As for Fatty, that was always a character directly overlooked by girls.

Of course, Dai Mubai did not pay her any attention, it could not be said that this White Tiger was particularly pure, indeed due to his arrogance, many beautiful women appeared, and his taste could by far not be compared to Fatty’s.

While walking back, Zhao Wuji cheerfully said:

“All of you. You truly make me lose face. Remember from this time, after we’ve returned I will give you special instruction.”

Tang San’s group looked at each other. But nobody retorted, on their faces instead hung somewhat smiling expressions, this Motionless Bright King clearly was protective, afraid they would have an accident, but was not willing to say so clearly.

Twenty or thirty ranked Spirit Masters fighting with a more than fiftieth ranked Spirit Master, and still not having to concede, already was quite good. How could that still count as losing face, to say nothing of the oldest among them being just fifteen years old.

Zhao Wuji’s gaze suddenly shifted to Ning Rongrong,

“Just now why did you not use your spirit to assist everyone?”

Ning Rongrong’s big eyes blinked, saying:

“That was not the right time. Without people knowing I was a Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School disciple, if I unleashed my spirit at a key moment, the effect could be even better. Even more of an unexpected nature.”

The others all turned to Ning Rongrong with unconvinced gazes, but Tang San nodded, saying:

“Acting when least expected, attacking when least prepared, will have even better results. If when Mubai used White Tiger Vajra Transformation his physical strength and speed increased by thirty percent, perhaps that Black Tortoise Spirit King would come to grief.”

Hearing Tang San’s words, Zhao Wuji nodded relieved, in a low voice saying:

“You must remember, ever since you seven entered Shrek Academy, you are one entity. You are all the Academy’s little monsters, when later going out, you can also be called Shrek Seven Devils[2]. You must mutually assist each other. With your gifts, if you also have good coordination, defeating Spirit Masters more powerful than you still won’t be any difficult matter.”

“Yes, teacher Zhao.”

Among the numerous ordinary peoples’ admiring expressions, the Shrek student party returned to the hotel.

The night was uneventful. Early morning the second day, with the sky just showing a glimmer of dawn, Zhao Wuji used his that resonant voice to call them all up.

Tang San was actually indifferent, he rose early every day, having long ago already acquired a good work and rest habit. But for the others, especially a sleep addict like Oscar, it was somewhat painful. To the extent that when eating breakfast, the majority were still in a hazy state.

The sun slowly rose from the East, gradually bringing that marble white color of the dawn, the sky gradually brightening.

Although Tang San would see this scene every day, regardless of how many times it was repeated, the feeling brought out by that kind of light still would make his heart shake. The sun’s light breaking up the darkness, heralding a new day approaching.

Leaving the little town, everyone accelerated forwards, the distance from here to Star Dou Great Forest was already very close, and everyone hurried on at full strength. Most excited naturally was Oscar on the verge of obtaining his third spirit ring, he dearly wanted to know, what strengthening effect his third spirit ring could produce in the end.

He knew, without need to remind him, Zhao Wuji certainly would bring everyone to at least hunt an ordinary thousand year spirit beast for him.

Star Dou Great Forest was situated on the south edge of Heaven Dou Empire, the forest spanning the two great empires. Since the spirit beasts here were numerous, this was also the region where the border between the two nations was least clear. From looking at a map, the larger part of Star Dou Great Forest’s area was within Star Luo Empire, but of course, Heaven Dou Empire had never recognized this point.

As one of the three big wild spirit beast habitats, this naturally was the place Spirit Masters most wished to be able to hunt, because every time coming here, meant they would advance.

Nobody could say clearly for just how many years Star Dou Great Forest had existed on Douluo Continent, but after entering the forest, that hiding the sky and covering the earth lushness was sufficient to tell people it was an ancient existence.

Distantly, Tang San vaguely sensed bursts of clear air caressing from ahead, that brought the scent of plants penetrating deeply in the heart, unspeakably comforting. With deep breaths of fresh and clean air, the whole body’s thirty six thousand pores seemed to completely stretch open, that kind of feeling was so relaxing it was hard to put into words.

Using Purple Demon Eye to focus in the far distance, what Tang San Saw, was a green ocean, vibrant green as far as the eye could see ahead, that kind of comforting clear air came from there.

Eventually, they came before Star Dou Great Forest, tall trees exceeding at least twenty metres, and this was still only the outermost parts. The dense forest was basically without paths, shadowed heavily by trees, unable to see the true scene within.

Arriving before the forest, the air became even more relaxing, seemingly like the temperature dropped a bit. The fresh and cool feeling continuously bringing a moist earth fragrance to stimulate everyone’s sense of smell.

“Everyone stop.”

Zhao Wuji spoke up.

Everyone halted their steps, the hundred li journey had already heated up their bodies, especially Oscar and Ning Rongrong, as Auxiliary Spirit Masters, while their bodies’ conditions still were pretty good, in the end they could not compare to Tang San and the others.

Oscar recited that vulgar incantation of his in a low voice, handing over a sausage to each person. After the breaking in over these few days, everyone already no longer felt disgusted by his sausage, at most only pretending not to hear when he recited his incantation, that’s all.

With the sausage in belly, releasing a warm flow, restoring everyone’s physical strength, everyone became in very high spirits.

Zhao Wuji looked solemnly at the seven students before him,

“You listen to me closely, Star Dou Great Forest can’t be the kind of place like national captive devil beast forests. The devil beasts here are all extremely dangerous, you may at any time be confronted by a thousand year, or even ten thousand year level devil beast attack. As a result, after entering the forest, none of you must leave more than twenty metres away from me. Ning Rongrong, Oscar, you two must follow me even closer. Without my order, none of you are allowed to rashly attack spirit beasts, do you understand?”


Oscar quickly recited spirit incantations, in a moment’s work, in his hand he held several fresh and dried sausages.

He gave everyone a fresh sausage and a dried sausage, saying:

“My sausage is able to maintain its freshness for twelve double hours in the air, in other words, it will have effect if eaten within twelve double hours. The fresh sausage recovers and treats in addition to allaying hunger, the dried sausage’s main effect is detoxification.”

Everyone accepted it one by one, carefully putting it away. They understood that Oscar was afraid that in a crisis there wouldn’t be time to give them sausage, and so just gave them some in advance.

Continually releasing spirit power made Oscar’s expression somewhat pale, fortunately with the full beard to cover it up it could not be considered obvious. The effect of his transformed sausage was very good on other people, but to himself it could only have one third of the effect, basically balancing his spirit power consumption. Consequently, after consuming spirit power he could only recover by meditation. Of course, the fresh sausage was still useful to allay his hunger.

Zhao Wuji looked at everyone, seeing the seven youngsters before him already were ready, then just waved his hand once,

“Set off.”

This time, Zhao Wuji let Dai Mubai and Tang San walk in front, he personally took the rear, as they took the first step into Star Dou Great Forest.

After entering Star Dou Great Forest, the most excited one was Xiao Wu, she did not seem to think this was any kind of dangerous place, bouncing and vivacious, unspeakably happy. Seeing it made Zhao Wuji scowl, but since Xiao Wu still did not overstep the restrictive range, he did not say anything.

The terrain within Star Dou Great Forest was extremely complex, there basically were no roads within the forest, so the work of making a path naturally fell on Dai Mubai.

Using Spirit Body Enhancement, the sharp blades on Dai Mubai’s tiger paws shot out, both paws swinging, cutting apart the brambles in front, without affecting everyone’s movement rate a bit.

Tang San followed just behind Dai Mubai, his vision and hearing both heightened to their keenest state, cautiously and solemnly observing the surroundings.

Grandmaster once talked to him about wild spirit beast lore. Wild spirit beasts were extremely aggressive, and because of people hunting to upgrade their strength they hated humans. Most dreadful was, among wild spirit

beasts, there were some that flocked together. In other words, it was very possible to meet a group of tyrannically strong wild spirit beasts. Under these kinds of circumstances, unless the Spirit Masters themselves were astonishingly strong, it would be very difficult to resist them.

Therefore, Grandmaster repeatedly urged that when entering wild spirit beasts’ territory, he must be extremely careful. He could not make any mistakes, otherwise, he very possibly would face disaster.

The reason why Grandmaster had Tang San come to study at Shrek Academy actually wasn’t at all to let him study various things; what Shrek could teach, how would Grandmaster be unable to teach it. But Grandmaster’s own strength nevertheless was a complication, although teaching Tang San was without any issues, Tang San would later in the end reach thirtieth rank. He would not be able to again assist Tang San in obtaining a spirit ring.

Thirtieth rank was capable of supporting a spirit ring of the thousand year level. Thousand year spirit beasts in national captive reserves were exceptionally rare, ones with good attributes were even rarer; only in wild spirit beast habitats was it possible to find something suitable. Consequently, the most important reason Grandmaster had Tang San go to Shrek Academy, was exactly to rely on the strength of Shrek Academy’s teachers to assist Tang San in finding a suitable spirit ring.

Very quickly, they came across spirit beasts, and it was also a pack of spirit beasts.

At Zhao Wuji’s painstakingly lowered voice, everyone halted. This group of spirit beasts was first discovered by Tang San, a group of Rodent Weasels[3]. This kind of spirit beast wasn’t large, and its attack power also wasn’t considered very powerful, but their teeth were extremely difficult to deal with, capable of piercing gold and iron.

Tang San’s one hand pulled on the shoulder of Dai Mubai hacking through the thorns in front, one hand waving behind him at everyone, indicating no danger. Relying on the experience Grandmaster imparted on

him, he saw with one glance that this group of twenty or thirty Rodent Weasels were only ten year spirit beasts, nothing more.

Rodent Weasels had a very sharp sense of smell, and at this kind of distance clearly had already discovered them, but did not show any reaction at all, clearly they had no interest towards them.

Tang San pointed to the side, and Dai Mubai understood tacitly, continuing cutting brambles and thorns towards the side, helping everyone move ahead.

While walking forward, Dai Mubai said in a low voice to Tang San,

“Why must we make a detour, just now those Rodent Weasels weren’t powerful, we could just kill them.”

Tang San with a slight smile said:

“They were no threat to us so there is no need to kill them. If all Spirit Masters were like this, after many years, could there still be spirit beasts in this forest? Let alone, my Teacher said, within wild spirit beast forest, even if meeting inferior spirit beasts one still can’t lower one’s guard, because if a battle occurs with them the scent of blood and noise very possibly will attract powerful spirit beasts. It’s good if we still are a bit careful.”

Dai Mubai cheerfully said:

“Your teacher certainly is an unusually formidable senior. This all is valuable experience.”

Tang San helplessly recalled Grandmaster, on his face could not help but display a bitter smile, ‘formidable’? Grandmaster did not seem to fit this word. This also was the biggest regret in all Grandmaster’s life.

Star Dou Great Forest really was too dense, describing it with the words ‘hiding the sky and covering the earth’ was not a bit an exaggeration, thinking to see sunshine within the forest was not likely.

Everyone moved forward for probably one double hour or so. By now it was already noon. In this time, they had also encountered not a few spirit beasts, but for the most part it was ten year and hundred years, and the most part they had avoided the spirit beasts they came across without any direct conflict. hen occasionally somewhat blindly courting death, Dai Mubai’s tiger paws directly settled the issue. Of course, he complied with Tang San’s suggestions and did not kill these spirit beasts, only driving them away or letting them off with bruises.

“Well, everyone rest a moment.”

Zhao Wuji’s voice made everyone’s continuously taut spirits relax, Dai Mubai cleared away the surrounding brambles with one swing, creating a nearly one hundred square metres open space. Everyone sat down leaning against trees, temporarily recovering.

Oscar naturally also contributed his sausage, this time everyone also were not in the mood to feel any taste or lack of taste, eating Oscar’s sausage, drinking water they had brought along, for the time being recovering.

Zhao Wuji passed down orders to rest for one double hour. This was still the outskirts of Star Dou Great Forest and not many high level spirit beasts would be seen, so it was still relatively safe. Their goal was to help Oscar hunt a suitable thousand year spirit beast, so they had to continue deeper inside. The further they went inside the more dangerous it would be, and resting time also would become even rarer. Consequently, adjusting to peak condition in the relatively safe area was absolutely necessary.

Xiao Wu leaned against Tang San’s shoulder. For some reason, she who was happy and excited when just entering the forest, after encountering the first spirit beasts, seemed listless, as if having some worry. Tang San also looked for an opportunity to ask her, but Xiao Wu always said nothing was the matter with her.

When everyone had rested roughly half a double hour, suddenly, Tang San and Zhao Wuji’s gazes simultaneously turned in one direction.

Zhao Wuji shouted in a loud voice:

“Get up, there is something approaching.”

Tang San and Dai Mubai with an unusual understanding took the lead in covering in front of Oscar and Ning Rongrong, Xiao Wu, Zhu Zhuqing and Fatty followed to guard the sides, in the first moments, they all released their spirits, including Zhao Wuji.

The rustling sounds went from small to large, even if it was the Auxiliary Spirit Masters Oscar and Ning Rongrong both could clearly sense that creature approaching at a very high speed.

“Zhu Zhuqing, take a look at what it is.”

Zhao Wuji ordered in a low voice.

Zhu Zhuqing still did not utter a word, quietly leaping up, cats claws extending on her hands, climbing a large tree as if walking on level ground to look in the direction of whence the sound came.

Cat’s vision was extremely outstanding, even at night was no exception, let alone now when the sun was still at its zenith.

Very quickly, Zhu Zhuqing’s clear and cold voice came from the tree,

“It looks like a flying serpent, only it doesn’t fly very high, it can only fly about three metres off the ground. On its head is a crest, it would appear still larger than its head, bright red like blood. Its tail is comparatively unusual, fan shaped.”

Zhao Wuji’s eyes shone,

“It’s a Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent[4], this kind of spirit beast is rare, the crest on top of its head has many fantastic effects, Oscar, you’ve been blessed. Unfortunately we don’t know how old this Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent is. Zhu Zhuqing, watch closely the direction it moves, as soon as it changes direction report to me.”

“Yes. It’s heading straight in our direction very quickly, only, its body does not seem to have very good balance.”

Tang San suddenly asked:

“How long is this Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent, what colors are its wings?”

Zhu Zhuqing said:

“The wings are pale red, its length is roughly between six and eight metres.”

Tang San at once made the calculations in his heart, speaking in a sure tone:

“This is a thousand year Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent: pale red wings are the symbol of its thousand year evolution, going by its height, six to eight metres, it should have cultivated between one thousand three hundred years to one thousand eight hundred years. Oscar, just suitable for you.”

“The Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent is in itself not venomous, it’s a rare formidable non-venomous snake. Attacking by winding around a person’s body making them choke, its attack method is very singular, but its surprisingly fast, and also stores every kind of nutrient in its crest, when in danger, it can grant a momentary speed boost effect. If you obtain this spirit ring, then, your next spirit ability should be related to speed. Whether it is an auxiliary speed boost, or gives you additional speed, both are pretty good options. Because Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent’s attack power is not at all very powerful and also singular, as a result thousand year or higher is very rare, this time your luck is pretty good.”

Oscar’s pair of peach blossom eyes immediately shone up,

“Tang San, you are a spirit realm encyclopedia, ah, tremendous, truly tremendous.”

Not only he, apart from Xiao Wu, even including Zhao Wuji, everyone looked at him with gazes that had somewhat changed. One must know, spirit beasts just like spirits came in fantastic oddities of every description, and their age and level was even harder to determine. Tang San had barely heard Zhu Zhuqing’s words and could still accurately determine the age and strength of the spirit beast they faced, as well as recount all the specific circumstances of this kind of spirit beast, it was clear how well he understood spirits. This was still impossible for Zhao Wuji.

Tang San smiled shyly, saying:

“This is all to Teacher’s credit.”

Rather than saying Tang San was an encyclopedia, Ii might be said Grandmaster was. Grandmaster had long ago reached the pinnacle of the spirit research field, and as his disciple, Tang San’s apart from his own strength not being weak, knew enough theory to become a teacher at any academy.

Zhao Wuji couldn’t help but ask:

“Since you are clear on this kind of spirit beast, then, what is the best method of catching this it?”

Tang San replied without the slightest hesitation:

“Any type of snake is afraid of aggressive birds, and especially afraid of long beaked crane type birds. Although there is no Crane Spirit among us, Fatty’s Phoenix is still considered the king of birds. The atmosphere of his spirit should be able to have a certain suppressive effect on this kind of Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent. The Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent is not particularly aggressive, so we need to be careful and must not let it escape.”

“It’s here.”

At that moment, Zhu Zhuqing’s voice came just in time, with a low shout. She unexpectedly dropped from the air, and without the slightest

amount of fear of a thousand year spirit beast opponent, sharp claws shining simultaneously with the first spirit ring, activated Hell Rush Stab.

That was a huge snake, its appearance resembled Zhu Zhuqing’s description, appearing six or seven metres long. On the top of its head was a bright red comb, looking somewhat odious. Its rapidly advancing body arriving just right to run into Zhu Zhuqing. Zhu Zhuqing’s Hell Rush Stab directly struck at the crest on its head.

The Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent reacted very quickly, even though it was charging forward at high speed, the snake still hurriedly inclined its head, so Zhu Zhuqing’s claw did not strike the crest, but struck on its body, emitting a muffled sound and making the Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent’s speed immediately drop somewhat.

The Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent seemed startled. The snake’s head askew, opening its mouth wide towards Zhu Zhuqing and spraying a seven colored thick fog. Simultaneously, the bright red crest on top of its head shone, and the speed that had just a moment ago been delayed increased once more.

Dai Mubai practically without taking the time to think called out loudly:


What is called concern in chaos, simultaneously alarmed and angry, he immediately activated his thousand year spirit ring ability, White Tiger Vajra Transformation.

Body suddenly enlarging, Dai Mubai charged fiercely in the direction of the Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent.

“Seven Treasure Words, second spoken: Speed.”

Ning Rongrong’s sharp and clear voice echoed at just this moment, Dai Mubai only felt his whole body lighten, speed once again increasing, by just a hair’s breadth blocking the abruptly hateful Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent.

With a loud peng sound, Dai Mubai with muffled snort fell back nearly ten metres. But the Phoenix Tail Crest Serpents charging figure also screeched to a sudden stop, enormous body twisting in midair, falling to the ground.

“Its seven colored fog is only to scare people, not poisonous.”

Tang San’s voice rose timely, and at the same time, on the ground long ago already prepared Blue Silver Grass abruptly rose, firmly tying the falling to the ground Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent’s body. Especially twining around her two wings, making it unable to once again take flight.

Fatty’s spirit released pressure at full strength, the Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent might finally have felt the Evil Fire Phoenix’ atmosphere, its body shuddering once. But, after all it was a thousand year spirit beast, and would not so easily resign itself to death. Although temporarily unable to fly, that had not completely affected its ability to move.

Tang San only abruptly felt the Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent’s body become slippery, not only were Blue Silver Grass’ sharp thorns unable to pierce its snake skin, instead letting it rapidly twist down and thread its way out of the Blue Silver Grass. Although it did not fly, its movement speed along the ground was still incomparably fast, between eyeblinks it was already ten metres away.

“Thinking to escape? Would that be so easy?”

Zhao Wuji’s deep voice echoed. Following this the third spirit ring over his body shone, the thousand year Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent suddenly stiffened at once, speed substantially dropping. Exactly Zhao Wuji’s third spirit ring ability, Gravity Increase[5].

Immediately following, on Zhao Wuji’s body the fourth and fifth two spirit rings simultaneously shone, his body abruptly leaping up. When he once again fell down, with the fourth spirit ring ability Position Trace’s[6] effect he had arrived before the Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent, simultaneously activating Gravity Crush.

No matter how slippery the Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent was, before Zhao Wuji’s tyrannical spirit power, it could no longer fully display it.

Dealing with the one thousand year spirit beast, to the Motionless Bright King it was like stretching out a hand and grabbing it. Appearing he not do anything, but in a moment erupting in strength secretly made all the students shiver in their hearts. Tang San also finally understood just how lucky he was that day he and Zhao Wuji fought. If Zhao Wuji on that day had used his spirit abilities in combination, then, he perhaps would not even have had the chance to use hidden weapons.

Zhao Wuji’s bear paw stretched out, already pinching the Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent’s head, lifting it before him, the other hand raising its comb and flicking it once. The Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent confronting the Vigorous Vajra Bear’s force, directly passed out from the flick. If it was not for Zhao Wuji needing to preserve its life, it would not even be up to enduring this one finger.

“It’s done.”

Everyone simultaneously cheered excitedly. Oscar was still just fourteen years old, that’s all, showing his excitement in his speech, running up to Zhao Wuji.

Xiao Wu standing next to Tang San lowered her head, her big eyes filled with a disturbed expression,

“Must we hunt and kill spirit beasts?”

Tang San sighed gently, saying:

“The weak are prey to the strong, this is the law of survival. If this snake was even stronger than us, do you think it would let food slip out of the side of its mouth?”

Xiao Wu did not say anything else, but she lowered her head all along, her complexion still somewhat pale.

Zhao Wuji pulled out a short blade from his belt and handed it to Oscar,

“Night is long and dreams are many[7], set about it. Thrust in under this point from under its comb to pierce its brain at once, and this spirit ring will be yours.”

Oscar excitedly took the short blade. Right now, this thousand year spirit beast before him was a lamb waiting for slaughter, on the verge of obtaining the third spirit ability, he was so excited even his hands trembled somewhat.

When Oscar was about to thrust in the knife, suddenly, a hoarse strict shout abruptly echoed,


Immediately following, two people leapt out from the direction the Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent had come flying, appearing before everyone.

These two people were one old and one young, both women. The elder looked sixty or seventy years old, a full head of white hair combed very neatly, although she was not young, her mind was extremely hale and hearty, although the wrinkles on her face were not few, it was rosy like a baby’s. A pair of eyes bright and shiny. Right hand holding a snake head walking stick three metres long, six spirit rings moving rhythmically up and down her body.

While her body did not show any changes, the spirit rings showed she already used her spirit, without need to ask, the walking stick in her hand should be her spirit.

Following at the old woman’s side, was a beautiful young lady, hair even with her ears, looking like sixteen or seventeen years old, wearing neat brilliant clothing, tightly covering her already very well developed figure, big dark brown eyes staring fixedly at that Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent in Zhao Wuji’s hand. She also held a snake head walking stick in her hand, but compared to the old woman’s it was a bit shorter, only two metres long, the spirit rings on her body were also only two hundred year’s.

The old woman and young girl’s appearance startled everyone, but as they saw the six spirit rings over the old woman’s body, at once they all relaxed their breaths. After all, those seven spirit rings over Zhao Wuji’s body could not be inferior, especially those several deep black ten thousand year spirit rings, baring their deterring force.

As Tang San and the others relaxed, the old woman’s expression changed somewhat.

ly she spoke loudly to prevent what she heard Zhao Wuji say to Oscar say, but coming close, she caught sight of Zhao Wuji’s seven spirit rings.

Spirit Sage, this was just the outskirts of Star Dou Great Forest, why would a Spirit Sage appear? The old woman’s heart immediately dropped, knowing today’s demand might not turn out well.

“What’s the matter?”

Zhao Wuji shot the old woman a glance, as his gaze fell on that snake head walking stick in her hand, in his heart he couldn’t help but recall a person, and his voice could not at all be considered too harsh, sounding instead somewhat gentle. This very understandably made Dai Mubai feel rather flabbergasted. The Motionless Bright King indeed never had a good face towards people that did not measure up to his strength, especially under circumstances like these where the other side clearly wanted the Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent.

The old woman coughed, making her facial expression soften,

“Greetings, respected Spirit Sage, can’t you give this Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent to this child.”

Zhao Wuji’s one hand pinched the Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent, making a meaningful expression towards Oscar, hinting he first wait a moment, turning to the old woman saying:


The old woman’s mind by now seemed to already have relaxed somewhat,

“Because we found this snake first, and moreover took the lead in hunting it. Otherwise, why would we still have continuously followed its trail until now?”

[1] Wang ba again, see last chapter’s footnotes.

[2] (史莱克七怪) “Shrek Seven Devils/Monsters/Freaks”; I went with Devils because it reads better.
[3] (啮⻮鼬) “Gnaw Tooth Weasel” if you look at individual characters
[4] (凤尾鸡冠蛇)
[5] (重⼒增强)
[6] (定位追踪)

[7] Rough translation of an idiom (夜⻓梦多): When waiting long you risk circumstances changing for the worse.

Chapter 29

Oscar somewhat couldn’t help himself,

“How can you prove you were first to hunt it? When we discovered it, we could not see a trace of you.”

The old woman smiled faintly, saying:

“Young man, no need to worry. Take a look at this Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent’s flank, there are two bruises. They are injuries caused by my walking stick, furthermore under the wings. Only carelessness let this slippery little fellow escape. This granddaughter just reached thirtieth rank and needs this spirit ring. You also saw that she has inherited my Tool Spirit Serpent Cane. High level serpent type spirits are even more suitable for her.”

Zhao Wuji lowered his head to look at the Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent in his hand. Sure enough like the old woman said, there were indeed those kinds of bruises. But if thinking to to have Zhao Wuji give up with only something like this, that was a fantasy story.

Listening Zhao Wuji smiled coldly,

“Senior, I have not yet consulted for your name?”

The old woman said:

“How embarrassing, this old woman is Chao Tian-Xiang[1]. Ignorant Spirit Master realm friends show respect, giving me the name Serpent Grandmother[2]. My husband is Meng Shu[3], known as the Dragon Duke[4]. This time coming to Star Dou Great Forest is in order to give our granddaughter a suitable third spirit ring. I see by the age of these children at your side that they are not too likely to be able to absorb a thousand year spirit ring. Even if the Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent’s spirit ring is a bit mild, it still isn’t one that can be absorbed by you.”

To Chao Tian-Xiang’s eyes, among these children before her, the oldest Dai Mubai still must be a bit younger than her granddaughter, and she also had confidence in her granddaughter’s strength, fundamentally unable to believe that these children before them were able to reach thirtieth rank before her granddaughter.

Hearing the old woman’s introduction, Zhao Wuji was startled.
Restraining Oscar at his side wanting to speak up, in a low voice he said:

“Could you be the Unrivalled Dragon Serpent’s[5] senior Serpent Grandmother?”

Chao Tian-Xiang smiled calmly,

“How embarrassing, just so. I have not yet consulted for Spirit Sage’s name?”

The expression on Zhao Wuji’s face changed slightly, he had heard of the name Unrivalled Dragon Serpent before. This husband and wife had started out long ago with strength out of the ordinary, especially the Dragon Duke Meng Shu. When he heard of him, that Dragon Duke was already at the Spirit Sage level. Even if he had by now already reached the Spirit Douluo realm he would still not feel surprised.

The Dragon Duke’s spirit was a Dragon Headed Cane,[6] with Serpent Grandmother’s Serpent Headed Cane[7] they brought out the best in each other, the husband and wife pair had an extremely overpowering spirit harmonization ability. Without Title Douluo strength it would be difficult to resist.

Zhao Wuji was only a Spirit Sage. Even if this Serpent Grandmother before him looked a bit weaker than him, it could be that the Dragon Duke would appear. A Dragon Duke was not something he could handle.

The Unrivalled Dragon Serpent relationship was superb, the husband and wife never separated. Serpent Grandmother being here, presumably meant Dragon Duke would also not be far away.

Zhao Wuji did not fail to consider killing this grandparent and grandchild to silence them, but while killing the younger was easy, wanting to kill Serpent Grandmother Chao Tian-Xiang certainly wouldn’t be easy.

Although he was one spirit ring stronger than her, if Chao Tian-Xiang insisted on fleeing, he basically would not have the chance to keep her; after all, Zhao Wuji was a physical strength type Spirit Master, not at all an expert in speed.

But if he let Serpent Grandmother escape, then, waiting for him was the Unrivalled Dragon Serpent’s inexhaustible hunt to kill.

“I am the humble Zhao Wuji.”

Immediately, the expression on Zhao Wuji’s face softened somewhat, announcing his name.

Chao Tian-Xiang’s expression also changed slightly,

“No wonder, I said how could one randomly come across such a young Spirit Sage. It was the formerly so famous in the Spirit Master realm Motionless Bright King.”

Zhao Wuji with a somewhat awkward smile thought in his heart, this renown of his in the Spirit Master Realm, probably only was infamy.

Zhao Wuji smiling said:

“You flatter me, in those days I was still considered notorious. However for these years living in seclusion, at an academy teaching students, this time I’ve brought these children to Star Dou Great Forest. One reason is

for one of them to gain a spirit ring, another is also bringing them out to see the world. I did not expect that we would come across senior.”

Chao Tian-Xiang also had not expected to be entangled with Zhao Wuji, and directly broached the subject:

“I am a bit older than you. I trust being a bit older, I can call you brother Zhao[8]. Brother Zhao, this thousand year Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent is extremely important to my granddaughter, she just now reached thirtieth rank, and required something that suits her spirit. This Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent was also previously first discovered by us. Moreover with its injuries, only because of carelessness, let it unexpectedly escape, is it possible to ask bother Zhao to make this easy, letting this spirit beast remain with us. This old woman will definitely engrave this situation in her heart, to reciprocate in the future.”

In his heart Zhao Wuji secretly laughed grimly, ‘thinking to make me give up on a thousand year spirit beast with some words. Even if you Unrivalled Dragon Serpent are difficult to deal with, I’m afraid it still can’t be that easy. Let alone when Dragon Duke still isn’t here.’

Chao Tian-Xiang wanted to immediately have back the Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent in Zhao Wuji’s hand, and Zhao Wuji also wanted to immediately settle the issue. He couldn’t want to wait until Dragon Duke arrived, at that time, the situation would not be something he was capable of controlling.

“Elder sister Chao, I’m afraid this matter isn’t so easily handled, ah!”

Zhao Wuji showed an embarrassed expression.

The young lady at Chao Tian-Xiang’s side couldn’t help but speak up,

“What ‘not so easily handled’, this thousand year Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent was clearly found by us first. If not for us already injuring it, could you have done it so easily? Give it to us at once, otherwise we’ll be blunt with you.”

While speaking, she already raised the Snake Head Cane in her hand.

Chao Tian-Xiang simultaneously wrinkled her brows, staring fixedly at Zhao Wuji and saying.

“Brother Zhao, then explain why you don’t want to return this Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent to us grandparent and grandchild?”

Zhao Wuji smiled slightly, saying:

“Elder sister Chao, your words are mistaken, within this Star Dou Great Forest, no spirit beasts are things with owners. Perhaps this thousand year Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent was found by you first, and moreover injured. But we were nevertheless last to catch it. You insist on saying it is your thing, this I’m afraid isn’t too fair. Although it is comparatively suitable to your grandchild, at the same time it is also very suitable to my student. This kind of relatively mild spirit beast is a great help to the spirit of this student of mine.”

Chao Tian-Xiang stared blankly a moment,

“You are saying, of these students, one has already attained thirtieth ranked Spirit Master?”

Zhao Wuji nodded.

Chao Tian-Xiang in her heart was alarmed, of these young boys and girls before her it would seem the oldest was still only fifteen or sixteen years old, and the majority still appeared twelve or thirteen years old. If saying someone among them had already reached thirtieth rank, then wouldn’t it be saying they were even more innately talented than her granddaughter?

Thinking of this, Chao Tian-Xiang’s face revealed an expression not daring to be confident, gaze directly falling on the one appearing to be oldest, the appearance brave and extraordinary Evil Eye White Tiger Dai Mubai.

Zhao Wuji said with a smile:

“If senior doesn’t believe it, how about this, I will have these children also reveal their spirits to let senior have a look. Shrek minions, use your spirits, brighten your spirit rings to show this senior Serpent Grandmother.”

At once under Zhao Wuji’s order, everyone released their spirit.

Among them, after Ning Rongrong, Oscar and Tang San’s spirits released, only spirit rings appeared over their bodies, their spirits were not something that could be seen by others.

Ning Rongrong’s Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda naturally had a way of hiding. Tang San did not want to let his Blue Silver Grass appear, but could directly let it crawl along the ground. As for Oscar’s Sausage, without spirit incantations it would not casually appear.

And because the other four had Beast Spirits, they all revealed their strength at once, simultaneously completing Spirit Body Enhancement.

Immediately, appearing before Serpent Grandmother was the shimmering radiance of all the seven young boys and girls spirit rings, each one had two signifying hundred year yellow spirit rings, Dai Mubai even had one more purple thousand year spirit ring.

This sight, could indeed shock Serpent Grandmother Chao Tian-Xiang’s heart.

‘How is this possible?’ This was Chao Tian-Xiang’s first thought.

Before her these varying between twelve to fifteen year old children, unexpectedly all already possessed Spirit Grandmaster level or more, that looking like oldest, unexpectedly already possessed three spirit rings. And also, each of their spirit rings quality was so good, not a single ten year spirit ring appeared.

What did this mean? If saying that there was a child with stronger gifts than her granddaughter, perhaps Chao Tian-Xiang could still accept it. But right now the strength these children displayed, judging by their age,

unexpectedly each exceeded her granddaughter. One might say that these seven young boys and girls, one had to describe them as genius talents, but, how could this many geniuses appear at once?

Seeing the astonished look in Chao Tian-Xiang’s eyes, Zhao Wuji couldn’t help but secretly feel a burst of pleasure in his heart. On his face appeared a smiling tiger kind of smile,

“Senior, do you see these students of mine?”

Chao Tian-Xiang drew in a deep breath, with difficulty calming her rushing heart, with a tight lipped smile saying:

“Of course. Worthy of being called the Motionless Bright King’s disciples, as expected they are heroic youngsters, ah! I do not know which of these children in the end reached thirtieth rank?”

Zhao Wuji clapped Oscar at his side,

“It’s this kid, he just now reached thirtieth rank. There is nothing to be done, I also have a hard life and can only bring them here.”

Chao Tian-Xiang looked towards Oscar, the expression on her face already appearing more and more unsightly. She was very clear on what a good spirit ring meant to a Spirit Master about to advance. Right now with the thousand year Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent in other peoples’ hands, if she wanted to let before her this Zhao Wuji spit it out, it could not be such an easy matter.

She had heard of long ago heard of this fellow’s infamy. If it was not the Unrivalled Dragon Serpent subduing him, perhaps this youngster would directly kill this grandparent and grandchild pair.

But, Chao Tian-Xiang clearly was not willing to give up. Eyes turning, already carefully calculating, one hand lightly stroking the hair on her head. Chao Tian-Xiang’s face revealed a smiling expression,

“Brother Zhao, in the present kind of circumstances, I see we both somewhat hate to part with this Thousand Year Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent. So it would be better to do it like this: we handle it according to the Spirit Master realm’s established customs, letting these two children decide on their own who this spirit ring belongs to. What do you think?”

“Oh? Spirit Master realm’s established customs? Please explain it clearly, senior.”

Zhao Wuji was not affected. He had never before considered himself a person of the Spirit Master realm and behaved only according to his own preferences, otherwise he would not have landed his infamy.

Chao Tian-Xiang said:

“It’s very simple, since they both need this spirit ring, and in the course of capturing this Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent, both sides also used strength. Since right now everyone is unwilling to give up their claim, then, we’ll use strength to decide who this Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent belongs to. Isn’t that most suitable? If this disciple of yours prevails over my granddaughter, this old woman will say nothing further, and we will leave immediately. And conversely, we would ask brother Zhao to give over this thousand year Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent.”

Zhao Wuji spread both hands, assuming a helpless appearance,

“I’m sorry. Big sister Chao, I fear I’m unable to go along with your wishes.”

Chao Tian-Xiang’s expression changed, slightly angrily saying:

“Zhao Wuji, I already conceded, what do you still want? Bullying me when my old fellow isn’t present? Humph!”

Zhao Wuji said with an apologetic smile:

“No, of course not, it’s like this, this disciple of mine isn’t a Battle Spirit Master, he is only an auxiliary system Spirit Master, that’s all. Even

more a food system Spirit Master. How could he compete against your granddaughter?”

Hearing Zhao Wuji’s words, Chao Tian-Xiang was shocked once again,

“What did you say? He is a food system Spirit Master?”

The words ‘food system Spirit Master’ made her immediately see Oscar in a new light.

Just like what Shrek Academy’s dean Flender said, as a food system Spirit Master, and with innate full spirit power, Oscar absolutely was a genius among geniuses. Perhaps in the entire Continent since the beginning of history, one still would not find a food system Spirit Master with cultivation faster than his.

Chao Tian-Xiang looked toward Oscar with a pleasant countenance,

“Young man, are you really a food system Spirit Master? From which school are you?”

Oscar shook his head, saying:

“I am not part of a school. The dean said that my spirit just became like this due to variation.”

Genius food system Spirit Master, without background, variation spirit, these several bits summed together made Chao Tian-Xiang’s heart tighten up. If her school was able to unearth an outstanding food system Spirit Master like this, then, in the future having him assist her granddaughter, wouldn’t it be too perfect?

However, without waiting for Chao Tian-Xiang to try to recruit him, another voice suddenly interjected.

“Teacher Zhao, it would be better to let me substitute for little Ao in this. I’m twenty ninth ranked, so it should not be considered taking unfair


The speaker was Tang San.

Tang San had already observed the Serpent Grandmother grandparent and granddaughter pair for quite a while, and this delay clearly was not a very good course. And he had also from listening to the dialogue between Serpent Grandmother and Zhao Wuji heard that the other side still had an even more difficult to handle person who had not yet arrived. Just in case that Dragon Duke also arrived here, perhaps words would no longer be on their side. Furthermore, he and Oscar were roommates. This way of fighting to obtain the spirit ring was also proposed by the other side, Tang San was very confident in his strength, and although Serpent Grandmother’s daughter’s spirit power was one step higher than his, Tang San did not believe the other side was capable of defeating him.

While speaking, Tang San already stepped forward to Oscar’s side.

Twenty ninth ranked. Serpent Grandmother’s heart abruptly contracted at once, secretly saying in her heart, ‘who are these children Zhao Wuji found, how is one after another so outstanding?’ This looked even younger, if it was at another place, he would still appear to just have graduated from junior spirit master academy. But standing here right now, saying he already possessed twenty ninth ranked strength, this actually was…...

Zhao Wuji looked at Tang San standing forward, in his eyes couldn’t help but reveal a praising light, saying towards Serpent Grandmother:

“Senior, what do you think? This disciple of mine is a Battle Spirit Master and able to satisfy the requirements of a fight, we’ll leave it to him to represent Oscar to fight. If he loses, this thousand year Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent belongs to senior, and vice versa. I ask senior to make allowances.”

Serpent Grandmother slowly nodded, if her granddaughter was even unable to prevail over a Spirit Master one rank below her, then, could she still say anything?

Oscar secretly raised a thumb towards Tang San, saying in a low voice:

“Good brother.”

Tang San smiled,

“We are roommates and friends, aren’t we? Be at ease, this spirit ring is definitely yours.”

While speaking, Tang San strode out, facing the young lady who had already walked out, the other people of both sides slowly drawing back, giving them enough space to fight.

“I’m called Tang San, spirit Blue Silver Grass. Twenty ninth ranked two ring Battle Spirit Grandmaster.”

The young lady coldly said:

“Meng Yiran[9], spirit Serpent Cane. Thirtieth ranked two ring Battle Spirit Grandmaster.”

Close up, Tang San discovered that this young lady called Meng Yiran was very beautiful. She was after all already sixteen years old, her figure’s development was already perfect. Compared to her, the Academy’s three girls still appeared a bit immature.

Meng Yiran’s pair of big brown eyes possessed long eyelashes, her height was not much different from Tang San’s, and extremely well proportioned, chest fully plump and round, slender waist turning somewhat like a snake. Although on her face was a lightly displeased and cold anger, this did not lower her charm a bit.

The breeze blew, in the forest the tree leaves rustled, sunshine giving off shadows from the uneven dancing trees. Tang San lifted his right hand, saying:


By now the rage inside Meng Yiran’s heart had already ignited into flame. Seeing her uncommon spirit ring unexpectedly run into a hiccup like this, how could she be at ease. She impatiently wanted to get rid of Tang San before her, in order to seize the thousand year Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent and absorb the spirit ring to advance.

In fact, although Dragon Duke Meng Shu also was in Star Dou Great Forest, he had previously separated from Serpent Grandmother and Meng Yiran to pursue another spirit beast, wanting to find him quickly wasn’t at all easy. Otherwise, if Dragon Duke was in the immediate vicinity, how would Serpent Grandmother Chao Tian-Xiang still say something like that.

Figure flashing, Meng Yiran already quickly reached before Tang San, the skull on the Serpent Cane swinging overhead straight at Tang San.

Meng Yiran looked like she only was a slender young lady, but the way she fought certainly wasn’t a girl’s style. Not only imposing and extremely harsh, the spirit power within also brimmed with a tyrannical atmosphere.

Watching the Serpent Cane descend, Tang San slid his feet, using Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track to rapidly retreat. Simultaneously, the first spirit ring over his body shone.

Blue Silver Grass’ first spirit ring ability, Binding, activated.

Thick blue and black Blue Silver Grass completely without warning rushed up from the ground, in a flash successfully binding around Meng Yiran trying to pursue and attack Tang San, from the sharp thorns protruding from Blue Silver Grass, paralysing poison immediately activated.

Tang San right now was only at a location three metres away from Meng Yiran, looking at Meng Yiran sturdily bound by his Blue Silver Grass. He couldn’t help but reveal a faint smile,

“I think, this contest can be considered over.”

Tang San was still very confident in Blue Silver Grass, if the opponent was more formidable than him, perhaps they would still have a chance to struggle free. But if an equally ranked opponent was bound by Blue Silver Grass, struggling free was practically impossible. After all, while everyone’s spirit power did not differ much, Blue Silver Grass’ own poison would also greatly lower people’s physical strength with full body paralysis, making it even more impossible to break free.

This was also where control system Spirit Masters had the advantage over equally ranked Spirit Masters, especially under circumstances where everyone’s rank wasn’t high, and their actually usable spirit abilities were few. Wanting to struggle free from a control system Spirit Master’s control ability became even more difficult, and possessing the two Datura Snake and Ghost Vine hundred year spirit rings Blue Silver Grass could not be so easy to escape. After all, there was nobody who possessed the kind of physical strength like Zhao Wuji.

Meng Yiran and her Serpent Head Cane were completely bound within Blue Silver Grass, but, she didn’t look like she had any intention of conceding.

With a cold snort, over Meng Yiran’s body the two spirit rings suddenly shone simultaneously.

Seeing the two spirit rings flare over her body, Tang San was immediately startled, one must know, that after being paralysed by Blue Silver Grass’ additional poison, it was impossible to continue mobilising spirit power, this was also an important reason for saying Blue Silver Grass’ current control capability was very powerful, but if Meng Yiran was able to urge two spirit rings here, then she certainly wasn’t poisoned.

At the same time as being secretly shocked, Tang San without the slightest hesitation again used Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, lightning quick retreating backward. While retreating, he also saw a strange scene.

Meng Yiran tangled up in Blue Silver Grass twisted like her body was without bones, body suddenly going soft, unexpectedly like smeared with

grease quietly sliding out from within Blue Silver Grass, the Serpent Head Cane in her hands directly smashing towards Tan San.

From the snake head at the tip of the Serpent Head Cane, a two chi[10] long tongue blade shot out, in a flash pulling close the distance to Tang San. The tongue blade flickered with a blue gleaming lustre, clearly it was highly poisonous.

Meng Yiran’s two spirit abilities activated simultaneously. The first spirit ring ability, Tongue Blade[11], and the second spirit ring ability, Serpent Body[12]. Relying on Serpent Body, she slipped out of Blue Silver Grass’ wrappings, and Tongue Blade then erupted with tyrannical attacking power, immediately reversing the situation.

However, the current Meng Yiran truly seemed to be in a somewhat sorry state. Although the sharp thorns on Blue Silver Grass were unable to cause a poison effect and were even unable to penetrate her incomparably slippery snake skin, her clothes were not under the ability’s effect.

Right now her clothes were already riddled with gaping tears, and through some suitably placed by holes one could even see within.

This was also why Meng Yiran immediately tried to kill Tang San after struggling free from Blue Silver Grass, by now she was already not just angry, but also embarrassed and resentful at the same time.

The spectating Dai Mubai murmured in a low voice:

“This Blue Silver Grass Undressing of Tang San’s truly is a skill. If it was used again just now, perhaps the opponent would concede immediately.”

Whether it was Dai Mubai or Ma Hongjun and Oscar, right now all eyes intently watching Meng Yiran’s ferocious appearance without blinking. It could be said Meng Yiran was an outstanding beauty, and currently the holes in her clothes she had even more of a kind of nebulous beauty, Dai Mubai and Oscar could still be considered somewhat restrained, but Ma

Hongjun this Fatty was already drooling, his abundant Evil Fire bubbling up.

Seeing Blue Silver Grass unable to display its effect, Tang San couldn’t help but frown slightly. The Tongue Blade was already in front of him, the approach of the suddenly increased the two chi length was extremely unexpected, and he could not keep dodging.

Leaning his body slightly, Tang San no longer retreated. Emitting force underfoot, he was practically sticking to the Tongue Blade as he reversed direction rushing forward, simultaneously his left hand using Controlling Crane strength to pull, right hand using Capturing Dragon strength to smash, his goal was precisely the underside of the Serpent Head Cane’s snake head, if this truly was a snake, then, Tang San’s target was this snake’s seventh cun[13].

By now, Tang San already understood how Meng Yiran could be immune to the poison on his Blue Silver Grass. Because this spirit of hers in itself involved venom, she naturally had an immunity to poison, and precisely because of this, she was able to successfully escape his Binding ability.

With a muffled peng sound, the Serpent Head Cane rose slightly. Meng Yiran’s spirit power was still more tyrannical than Tang San imagined. Although the Serpent Cane was jolted, Tang San had no opportunity to attack. Meng Yiran broke off to pull back the Serpent Cane, holding the Serpent Cane in both hands with a slight shake, the Serpent Cane changed into eight long shadows simultaneously aiming towards Tang San.

For these eight shadows were hard to tell apart truth or sham, bearing a surging tyrannical spirit power, they practically covered all the possible space where Tang San could dodge.

But at this moment, Tang San’s eyes suddenly shone, deep purple light flashing electrically, precisely Purple Demon Eye.

Seeing Tang San’s eyes suddenly turn purple, Meng Yiran couldn’t help but be slightly startled, her hands couldn’t help but slow.

The Serpent Head Cane’s eight shadows could all be said to be genuine, but could also be said to all be fake, continuously changing between true or false to be able to maintain their existence.

Perhaps if it was an expert like Zhao Wuji encountering this kind of attack, they could could only choose to stubbornly block without any other methods, but, before Tang San’s Purple Demon Eye, that incomparably fast Serpent Head Cane slowed down, and all trajectories were clearly projected in Tang San’s mind by Purple Demon Eye.

Tang San moved both hands, without the slighted hesitation simultaneously reaching forward, brimming with viscous spirit power that abruptly made the Serpent Head Cane sluggish. Immediately afterward, Tang San’s right hand stretched out like a lightning fast genius pen stroke, unexpectedly grabbing hold of the Serpent Head Cane, actually holding it in place, precisely in the seven cun spot he previously struck.

Meng Yiran only felt the Serpent Cane tighten in her hands, all the imaginary shadows disappearing completely. But, Meng Yiran’s attack hadn’t yet finished.

That sharp blade shooting out from within the Serpent Head Cane suddenly slid strangely, directly cutting towards Tang San’s right hand gripping the Cane, the thick sharp blade flickering with blue gleaming lustre, who knew, if this chopped down, then maybe…...

Meng Yiran’s reaction speed was extremely fast. Practically at the same time as Tang San grabbed the Serpent Head Cane, that sharp blade already struck. Under these kinds of circumstances, even if Tang San wanted to dodge it was already a bit too late. If he released the Serpent Cane held in his hand, Meng Yiran would inevitably drive the Serpent Cane to attack, and the target that sharp blade’s attack would also immediately change to Tang San’s body.

What is called ‘one cun longer is one cun stronger’, although Tang San’s Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track was subtle, under these kinds of

circumstances it was still practically impossible to dodge Meng Yiran’s attack.

At this, Xiao Wu watching the fight already cried out in alarm, stepping out about to rush in, but was discovered in time by Zhao Wuji and pulled back.

Zhao Wuji’s expression was equally gloomy, but if their side rashly intervened in this kind of impartial competition, it would violate the game’s rules. Furthermore, he believed Tang San would not be so easily defeated by the other side. Originally, this kid could rely on hidden weapons to make even him get the worst of it, currently that strongest attack method of his had not at all appeared.

Confronted by the cutting Tongue Blade, Tang San picked the simplest method to resolve it. At the same time it was also like a suicidal method.

His right hand did not let go, but he quickly raised his left hand, unexpectedly grabbing towards that Tongue Blade spit out by the Serpent Cane.

“Little San.”

Xiao Wu once again cried out, she had already closed her eyes in alarm, she did not want to see the scene of Tang San’s palm cut open.

But, was Tang San’s palm cut? Of course not.

With a light ding sound, Tang San’s left hand already firmly grasped that Tongue Blade. Currently, his two hands had both already become a sparkling and translucent jade color. Precisely Tang Sect secret lore Mysterious Jade Hand.

Mysterious Jade Hand, secret lore written down in Mysterious Heaven Treasure Record. Speaking of Tang Sect’s hidden weapon experts, Mysterious Jade Hand was one of the required courses.

In Tang San’s past life, apart from Tang Sect, the majority of people using hidden weapons, especially hidden weapons dipped in poison, all had to use deerskin gloves, so as not to injure their palms. If Tang Sect’s disciples were also like this, then wouldn’t they become a joke?

Mysterious Jade Hand, with the Mysterious Heaven Skill foundation, made the palm become tough and durable like cold jade, no kind of poison able to invade. With it, when Tang Sect disciples used hidden weapons they did not need any preparation, and even more need not worry about injuring themselves.

Of course, Mysterious Jade Hand was also limited, and when attacks exceeded its limit the palm still would be injured. Only, Tang San’s current Mysterious Jade Hand limit clearly could not be reached by Meng Yiran. If substituting Serpent Grandmother Chao Tian-Xiang’s Serpent Head Cane it might still be possible.

Tongue Blade in his hand, Tang San’s five fingers tightened. Of his two hands one grabbing the Serpent Cane, one grabbing the Tongue Blade. Closely grasping Meng Yiran’s Serpent Head Cane near the top in his hand, the two people each held one end of the Serpent Cane, immediately deadlocked.

The Tongue Blade could be said to be the Serpent Head Cane’s best feature, a lot of skill was needed to be able to use it. The Tongue Blade being held in Tang San’s hand was just like copper cast in iron: Meng Yiran several times used strength, but not only could she not wrest free the Serpent Cane, she could not even cut open Tang San’s palm that suddenly had become lustrous white like jade.

Meng Yiran’s strength was in this Serpent Cane, so naturally she couldn’t give up her weapon. Tang San of course also understood this fact, so this Serpent Cane became the crucial location for the two peoples’ fight.

Practically without the slightest hesitation, the two people simultaneously used their spirit power to attack the other side through the Serpent Cane.

Tang San’s spirit power was blue, Meng Yiran’s spirit power was gray, the two kinds of differently colored light simultaneously displayed on the Serpent Cane, abruptly erupting in a tyrannical collision.

Right now, no spirit abilities were of use, and the two’s spirit power was not much different. Confronting the other side attacking with spirit power was dangerous, already painful without advancing spirit power to attack the opponent.[14]

Tang San could of course unleash his hidden weapons, but he did not think to do so. If he confronted an opponent with similar strength and did not win with spirit and fighting skills, then why had he cultivated for so many years. Even though Blue Silver Grass Spirit’s control capability was restrained by the opponent, Tang San still had to prove that he was stronger than his opponent.

Thus, this fight between Tang San and Meng Yiran, at once became a battle of comparing spirit power.

Meng Yiran’s spirit power was fierce and tyrannical, and adding to the fury in her heart, on entering a deadlock with Tang San, immediately attacked like beating waves.

Tang San’s Mysterious Heaven Skill was a method of the core family in the original sect, its traits were tough flexibility and unending growth, Tang San knew the opponent’s spirit power was higher than his, therefore as meng Yiran was just about to unleash her attack, he did not counterattack, but withdrew his spirit power to the third of the Serpent Cane on his side, tenaciously digging in, with a ‘however you attack, I will not move from the high ground’ notion.

Seeing the situation of Tang San and Meng Yiran in the end compete with spirit power, Serpent Grandmother Chao Tian-Xiang and Zhao Wuji were both somewhat nervous. They understood that competing with spirit power was a kind of unusually dangerous method. With one mistake, it was possible to inflict heavy injuries. Subconsciously, the two both slowly approached the battlefield. When a problem appeared, they would immediately act to assist.

One minute and one second passed, whether it was Tang San or Meng Yiran, on their foreheads both were wet with perspiration. The two both already used their full strength.

Tang San’s advantage was Mysterious Heaven Skill’s toughness and unending growth, in this respect its fast recovery speed, but Meng Yiran’s advantage was having spirit power higher than Tang San, if the two both maintained equal guard, then, it was very possible to result in both sides suffering.

But, Meng Yiran was too shortsighted, in the initial rush of spirit power she attacked too wildly, to the extent that her spirit power consumption was greater than that of the passively defending Tang San.

On the surface, her grey spirit power occupied two thirds of the Serpent Cane’s area, but in fact, regarding spirit power she consumed even more.

As time passed, and as the consumption lengthened, Tang San’s counterattack gradually began. Blue spirit power gradually increased its hold on the Serpent Cane, and the strength ratio between the two gradually tilted.
[1] (朝天⾹) Alternatively Zhao Tian-Xiang. “Dynasty Sky Fragrance”.
[2] (蛇婆)

[3] (孟蜀)
[4] (⻰公)
[5] (盖世⻰蛇)
[6] (⻰头股拐杖)
[7] (蛇头拐杖)

[8] She uses the suffix lao di ( ⽼弟), which literally translates as “old [younger] brother”, and is an affectionate suffix for a somewhat younger adult man. English doesn’t have a good equivalent to my knowledge, and
“laodi” is no easier to keep track of than “Wuji”, so I’ll go with “brother”.

[9] (孟依然) “Meng As Before”

[10] 2尺 = ⅔ m
[11] (⾆刃) Or “Tongue Edge”.
[12] (蛇⾝)
[13] Refers to a Chinese idiomatic expression for “weak point”, which originates from a saying that a snake is most vulnerable seven cun from its head - supposedly because that’s where its heart is.

[14] This sentence is only so much gibberish to me, unless I assume typos. Let me know if you have a better translation (⾯对对⽅狂⻛暴⾬般地魂⼒冲击。已经腾不出⼿来再进⾏其他⽅式的⼲扰对⼿。)

Chapter 30

‘No, I can’t lose.’ Meng Yiran clenched her teeth and forcefully braced herself, watching Tang San’s spirit power come closer step by step, whatever was said she was still reluctant to give up. Once she lost, the thousand year Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent would belong to the other side.

From childhood until now, growing up she had always been spoiled by Dragon Duke and Serpent Grandmother, anything she wanted she had always gotten. Regarding the Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent, she was even more determined to win, even though she was gradually losing the advantage, she could still not agree to give up, continuously pressing her spirit power.

Meng Yiran’s perseverance secretly shocked Tang San. His Mysterious Heaven Skill’s recovery speed was clearly faster than anything in this world, by now he already held the victory, but Meng Yiran was still this stubbornly persistent.

A spirit power contest was like an internal strength contest, and Tang San thoroughly understood the consequences. If one party’s spirit power was exhausted, then the injuries suffered by the exhausted side were inevitably huge and irrevocable. It would at least cause serious injuries, with most of the whole body’s muscle and arteries breaking, if unlucky, even death. He and Meng Yiran did not share any profound hatred, from a certain point of view, he was even somewhat sympathetic to her. He did not want to injure the opponent, but having reached this moment, he already did not want to release and the other side was not able to release.

Serpent Grandmother Chao Tian-Xiang sighed, saying to Zhao Wuji:

“Forget about it, consider it our loss. Shall you and me act together?”

With Zhao Wuji on the side glaring like a tiger watching his prey, Chao Tian-Xiang naturally did not dare recklessly rush into action, right now in order to save her granddaughter she could only do it like this. After all, although the spirit ring was good, her granddaughter’s life was even more important.

Zhao Wuji of course cheerfully acted, immediately nodding agreement. At once, these two respectively possessing Spirit Sage and Spirit Emperor strength powers simultaneously moved out, reaching behind Tang San and Meng Yiran respectively, simultaneously using their spirit power.

“Let go.”

Zhao Wuji shouted in a deep voice. Thick spirit power poured into Tang San. Naturally Tang San had heard his and Chao Tian-Xiang’s dialogue, under the protection of Zhao Wuji’s spirit power he immediately released both hands, sending him back several steps.

On the other side, Chao Tian-Xiang also used her spirit power to protect Meng Yiran, moreover grabbing her body to keep her from continuing to attack.

Meng Yiran’s complexion was pale, and with retching sounds she belched up a mouthful of blood, listlessly collapsing to sit on the spot.

ly she was at a disadvantage, continuously bracing to resist being forced back by Tang San’s spirit power. Without the attack, her agitated capacity dissipated like discharging air from a ball, unable to keep from immediately sitting on the ground. Under Serpent Grandmother’s assistance she immediately entered a cultivation state to heal.

Oscar swiftly moved up to Tang San’s side. Handing over a long since prepared Recovery Sausage in his hand, with a wink saying:

“Brother, eat quickly. If big brother has success in the future , he will definitely never forget you.”

Tang San tiredly said:

“To one’s own, what is there to say.”

Immediately taking and eating the fresh sausage, without letting Zhao Wuji help him like Serpent Grandmother Chao Tian-Xiang helped Meng Yiran, he walked alone to sit and cultivate by himself. With the aid of Oscar’s fresh sausage, his recovery speed would not be too slow. Zhao Wuji was the Shrek Academy side’s only power. His strength still had to be maintained as much as possible, who knew whether that Dragon Duke would suddenly appear?

Zhao Wuji appeared very satisfied that Tang San refused his help, watching him walk aside he couldn’t help but reveal a smile.

Xiao Wu immediately stood next to where Tang San began cultivating to recover spirit power, Dai Mubai, Ning Rongrong, Zhu Zhuqing and Ma Hongjun also went over one after another, crowding around protectively with Tang San in the middle. Tang San defeating Meng Yiran for the sake of Oscar’s strength, somewhat moved them all. The distance between each other also appeared to pull a bit closer.

Zhao Wuji wore a smile as he looked towards Serpent Grandmother,

“Big sister Chao, what do you say?”

Serpent Grandmother calmly said:

“If you agree to a bet you must accept your loss, a loss is a loss. The thousand year Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent is yours. This old woman will remember this affair today.”

Zhao Wuji acting like he was unable to make sense of Chao Tian-Xiang’s threats, turned his head towards Oscar with a meaningful expression,

“Stinking brat, you still haven’t set to it.”

Oscar was overjoyed, having waited for this quarter of an hour was already waiting too long, with a hurried stride coming before Zhao Wuji, taking the short blade Zhao Wuji handed over. Without any trace of politeness he pierced the Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent’s vital point.

With Zhao Wuji’s spirit power to hold it down, although the Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent struggled violently after being pierced in the vital point, how could it struggle free. Vitality quickly draining away, in a moment of it was motionless.

Zhao Wuji checked that the Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent truly was without any life breath, then just tossed it aside.

Oscar sat down directly at the Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent’s side, lifting his hand to summon his big fresh sausage, under the shroud of mild pink light, he pulled the Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent’s spirit ring to enter his torso, starting to absorb the third spirit ring of his life.

Zhao Wuji did not relax at all just because Oscar started absorbing the Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent’s spirit ring, his gaze continuously watched Chao Tian-Xiang attentively. Although previously saying it was a bet, who could still be certain that this Serpent Grandmother would not suddenly renege on her word and launch an attack?

Although the Unrivalled Dragon Serpent’s renown wasn’t small, it still wasn’t particularly righteous. Even if it was a bit better than Zhao Wuji this Motionless Bright King, it was hardly by much.

Chao Tian-Xiang did not at any different, only silently assisting her granddaughter’s healing. As Zhao Wuji watched her attentively, she also equally vigilantly watched Zhao Wuji, the two silently confronting each other produced a tension between them.

Not long after, Chao Tian-Xiang stopped pressing her hands on Meng Yiran, pulling her granddaughter from the ground.

Although Meng Yiran’s complexion was still pale, her mind was apparently already a bit better, resolutely opening her eyes to look at the

sitting distantly and cultivating Tang San and Oscar absorbing the thousand year Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent’s spirit ring, again raising her head to look at her grandma,

“Grandma, you must stand in for me to do it, ah!”

Chao Tian-Xiang’s brows wrinkled,

“Come now, we already lost. Once we find your grandpa we will speak again.”

Her gaze shifted to Zhao Wuji,

“Motionless Bright King, blue hills never change, green water always flows[1], I’m sure we will meet again some day.”

She deliberately stressed the two words ‘some day’, a cold light in her eyes, she obviously had not kept any goodwill. Because Zhao Wuji might move, she did not even dare help her granddaughter recover to her best condition, only suppressing the injuries, after first leaving here it would still not be too late to conduct healing. Serpent Grandmother had plentiful experience, she would not give Zhao Wuji any opportunity to act.

Done speaking these words, Chao Tian-Xiang like this brought her granddaughter to leap away, without entering the forest depths disappearing out of sight.

Seeing the Serpent Grandmother grandparent and grandchild pair leave, Zhao Wuji also secretly let out a breath, in the end, from start to finish the Dragon Duke had not appeared.

At present the Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent had already been obtained, even if this husband and wife pair wanted revenge, they would still first have to consider whether it was worth it.

Once Oscar had finished absorbing the spirit ring, leaving this place even a bit earlier would be good.

If the situation changed for the worse and they again encountered this Unrivalled Dragon Serpent family, it would not go so well.

By now the color of the sky was already gradually darkening, within Star Dou Great Forest the air was moist, the rich plant fragrance making peoples’ whole body relax, if there were no longer spirit beasts here, then perhaps this might become a paradise for people.

Dai Mubai’s group of five waited at Tang San’s side, Zhao Wuji stood beside Oscar, as protectors of the two.

After probably half a double hour, the first to awaken was contrary to expectations Oscar absorbing the spirit ring.

Although Tang San ate the recovery sausage Oscar gave him, he did not like Meng Yiran have the assistance of Serpent Grandmother, instead having a bit longer cultivation time.

With a long breath, Oscar slowly opened his eyes, in a split second, a change suddenly appeared in that pink light over his body, becoming a beautiful pink[2], the entire person bathed in this layer of pink light.

Three spirit rings rose from below, besides the original two yellow spirit rings, another bright purple spirit ring manifested itself strongly. Oscar had finally broken through the Spirit Grandmaster phase, entering the Spirit Elder realm.

Thirty first ranked Spirit Elder food system Spirit Master Oscar.

“Congratulations, little Ao.”

Zhao Wuji said to him with smile.

After obtaining the third spiri ring, Oscar’s entire body had subtly changed, his stature seemed to have became a bit larger, the entire person looking even more vigorous, but the biggest change was that pair of peach blossom eyes of his. In his eyes unexpectedly flickered seven colored light,

resembling the energy previously released by the Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent as it threatened everyone.

Dai Mubai laughed straightforwardly,

“Little Ao, you are the second of us to break through thirtieth rank. Congratulations, congratulations. Quickly let us have a look at what your third spirit ring ability is.”

Oscar was obviously greatly excited on receiving the third spirit ring, however, hearing Dai Mubai mention his third spirit ring ability, his smile didn’t quite appear, embarrassed saying:

“Let it be, we’ll speak again when we’ve returned.”

Ma Hongjun said:

“Little Ao, what are you afraid of. Don’t tell me you’re still afraid we’ll make fun of you? Your third spirit ability’s spirit incantation couldn’t be even funnier than your previous two. Your brothers made a lot of effort for you, hurry up and show us the result.”

Oscar helplessly nodded,

“Only, promise, you definitely can’t laugh when you hear my spirit incantation.”

Everyone nodded simultaneously, on their faces already somewhat smiling expressions.

Oscar raised his right hand, eventually reciting his third spirit incantation,

“I your father have a mushroom sausage.”

Pu——, hearing his words, practically everyone simultaneously burst out laughing, besides Tang San who was still cultivating, even Zhao Wuji burst into loud laughter.

Oscar glared at everyone,

“Didn’t you promise not to laugh?”

These words instead had the opposite effect, everyone’s laughter became even more difficult to endure.

A strange sausage appeared in Oscar’s right palm. The sausage looked similar to his first spirit ring ability Recovery Sausage. At least the bulk looked the same. However, the top of the sausage sprouted outwards, creating an umbrella shaped mushroom head, also a bit similar to the crest of the phoenix tail crest serpent. This was possibly the origin of this mushroom-sausage.

Zhao Wuji was after all the teacher. The first to stop laughing, he looked at Oscar’s dismayed face:

“Little Ao, tell everyone what your mushroom sausage does, it’s a thousand year spirit ring ability, its effect couldn’t be too lacking.”

Oscar snorted with indignation and said,

“You guys laugh on. From now on, other than Tang San, I won’t give my mushroom sausages to anyone. Hmph.”

As he was spoke, he lifted the mushroom sausage in his hand, his facial expression vivid. Then said loudly in an arrogant tone:

“Mushroom sausage, third spirit ring ability. Effect: Soaring.”

All laughter suddenly ceased, everyone looking stunned at Oscar. And all of this was because of one simple words. Soaring.

Even if it was Ning Rongrong whose spirit possessed the reputation of the Continent’s number one Auxiliary Spirit, now already looked wide eyed at Oscar.

When Ning Rongrong first came to the Academy, the person she looked down on the most was Oscar, even though Oscar was the most handsome of

everyone. She always believed, Oscar without attack power and a mere sausage spirit had no future in front of him. Naturally, she treated him with scorn, so Oscar’s love proposal to her was thought of as just a joke.

But after she denied Oscar, after dean Flender vindicated Oscar, and after she tasted Oscar’s spirit sausage personally, Ning Rongrong’s impression of Oscar began to change.

A food system Spirit Master with innate full spirit power, reaching the Spirit Elder realm at the age of 14, obtaining a third spirit ring. This made even Ning Rongrong who always thought highly of herself to feel inferior To Oscar, she already had a whole new awareness. A food system Spirit Master that breaks through thirtieth rank was already rare enough, let alone one so young. If he could be brought to join the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School, the help he would bring to the clan would no doubt be huge. ‘If myself and him….’ Every time Ning Rongrong thought this, she would completely reject the notion. After all, deep in her heart she still couldn’t truly accept Oscar’s extremely vulgar spirit incantation.

But now, when she suddenly heard Oscar say that his third spirit ring ability was auxiliary Soaring, Ning Rongrong felt like her brain had been deep fried.

Among auxiliary system Spirit Masters, it wasn’t that no one had the ability to make others fly.

But that was extremely rare even among other support type spirit masters. Most importantly, the supporting ability flying appeared on at least the 6th spirit ability for every auxiliary system Spirit Master Ning Rongrong knew of.

But this was only Oscar’s third spirit ability! What did this mean? This meant that his future potential could only be described as unlimited.

Soaring, how could it be Soaring?

Ning Rongrong’s look towards Oscar was filled with complex emotions. Now, she finally realized. Among the students of Shrek Academy, she

might really be the worst one.

“*Cough*, *cough*”

Oscar, looking at everyone’s mouths wide open felt a secret pleasure.
Coughing twice, he said:

“En, I still haven’t finished explaining. My third spirit ring ability is: Soaring, for one minute.”


Other than Zhao Wuji who restrained himself, everyone else started cursing openly.

Dai Mubai growled:

“Little Ao. Do you want us to loosen up your skin? Talking with such a big pause.”

Oscar laughed slightly and said:

“Boss Dai, are you threatening me? What about Soaring for one minute huh? That’s still a rare ability!”

Dai Mubai smirked, saying:

“More like rare trash ability. What about flying one minute? You can’t even fly over a slightly wide river or cliff.”

The rainbow glow of Oscar’s peach blossom eyes seemed to grow even more distinct.

“Is it really like that? What if this Soaring for one minute, was according to the speed of the Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent?”


Dai Mubai said astounded.

“You’re saying. That after anyone eats your mushroom sausage, they can fly at the speed of a Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent for one minute? Is that even possible?”

Oscar arrogantly said: “How is that not possible? My third spirit ring comes from the Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent, so my spirit ability is naturally related to it. My feeling won’t be wrong. If you want to eat my mushroom sausages in the future, you better start begging me for it.”

Ning Rongrong who had just let out a breath was once again shocked by Oscar’s words. Even if was only one minute, with the speed of a phoenix tail crest serpent, how far could you fly? Possibly at least two kilometres or more.

Which meant that when danger appeared, you could in just a minute escape to over two kilometres away, even disregarding the shape of the terrain.

The power of this ability is definitely not lacking compared to pure flying abilities. One has to know, the usual support flying abilities allowed only slow flying speeds.

Zhao Wuji nodded satisfied, saying: “Good thing we didn’t waste our energy for nothing. Little Ao, your third spirit ring is exceptionally good. With your current spirit power, how many of these mushroom sausages can you make?”

Oscar thought for a bit and said : “This mushroom sausage uses a lot more spirit power than the first two types. With my current condition, I can make at most ten in one sitting. Afterwards, my spirit power will be completely exhausted. It will have to replenish fully before I can make more again.”

Looking at the students, Zhao Wuji said with satisfaction. “Ten sausages is enough. As your spirit power increases, this number will increase. Among the food system spirits, your sausages, from now on, can be categorized as highest grade. Good. Everyone prepare at once. Once little

San wakes up from cultivation, we will immediately leave this place and return to the Academy.”

While speaking, Zhao Wuji walked towards Tang San. Oscar has already finished absorbing his spirit ring, so he decided to let the other children first rest for a bit. He himself would protect Tang San so they can leave as fast as possible to dodge all possible trouble.

“Teacher Zhao, I’m afraid we can’t leave yet.” At that moment, the cultivating Tang San opened his eyes. While speaking, he looked at Zhao Wuji.

Zhao Wuji looked blankly, “Can't leave? Why? Little San, Star Dou Great Forest isn’t a playground, I’m the teacher, my word is final. Our mission has been completed. We must return to the academy as quickly as possible. Or else, if any of you get hurt, how am I going to answer to Flender when we’ve returned?”


Tang San started saying urgently, but he was interrupted by Zhao Wuji,

“No buts. Since you're awake, everyone doesn’t need to rest anymore. Tell me when we have left Star Dou Great Forest. Before the sky darkens completely, we should set out immediately.”

“Master Zhao, can’t you wait until I finish speaking?” Tang San stood up from the ground, looking helplessly at Zhao Wuji.

Zhao Wuji’s eyes flashed, but seemed to recall something, and the cold light in his eye faded away. In the past, if anyone defied his will, he would probably have slapped them with his giant bear paws already.

But for Tang San, he in the end didn’t dare to. Tang San’s hidden weapons admittedly gave him some apprehension, but more importantly, actually…...

Tang San didn’t wait for Zhao Wuji to open his mouth, and hastily said:

“I need a spirit ring as well, it would be better to immediately find a spirit beast, instead of coming here again soon.”

“Out of the question, didn’t you hear what I said?”

Zhao Wuji said without hesitation. Suddenly, his body stiffened. Opening his eyes wide open at Tang San, he said:

“What did you just say?”

Tang San repeated what he said seriously:

“I said: I need a spirit ring as well. After the fight with Meng Yiran just now, maybe it’s because of the pressure she gave me, my spirit power finally broke through thirtieth rank. Therefore, I need a spirit ring to advance. Master Zhao, is that possible?”

Zhao Wuji stared wide eyed at Tang San.

Oscar in the process of proudly gesticulating with the mushroom sausage relaxed his grip, the mushroom sausage dropping to the ground.

Dai Mubai’s Evil Eye twin pupils strangely fused into one. The Fatty Ma Hongjun’s mouth opened wide.
Zhu Zhuqing’s ice chill turned into shock.

Ning Rongrong’s gentle and charming face had two dimples. Xiao Wu excitedly held on to Tang San’s arm.
Each person used different actions to express their current astonishment.
There was only one reason. The current Tang San, was twelve years old.

A twelve years old Spirit Grandmaster, to common Spirit Masters, was perhaps already an inconceivable existence. But to the young boys and girls

present it would not feel strange at all, because each of them was one.

But, a twelve years old Spirit Elder, they had not even heard of.

Even if it was the currently most powerful, already possessing thirty seventh ranked spirit power Dai Mubai was also unable to imagine it, his at Shrek Academy recently set record was already broken by this person.

The fourteen years old Oscar became a Spirit Elder, and now, the twelve years old Tang San also entered this level.

Breaking through thirty first rank, meant reaching another phase among Spirit Masters, meant future prospects could not be measured. Obtaining the third spirit ring, one’s strength would at once take a qualitative leap. This was also the reason why Ning Rongrong regarding Oscar breaking through thirtieth rank would mind it so much.

Tang San, barely twelve years old Tang San, unexpectedly also entered this level, how could everyone present not also be shocked?

The only one without such amazement was Tang San himself. Actually, when he still had not left Nuoding Academy, he was already on the twenty ninth ranked level, and maintaining this level had also already persisted for too long, longer than any of his previously cultivated ranks. Today fighting with Meng Yiran had admittedly been an opportunity, but in fact, even without this fight, Tang San still would have broken through the twenty ninth rank restrictions in a short time, entering the thirtieth ranked level.

Zhao Wuji looked gravely at Tang San,

“Tell me, how old are you this year, you must be precise to the month.”

Tang San without the slightest hesitation said:

“Twelve years and seven months.”

Zhao Wuji nodded, gaze turning towards the others,

“You all see. Especially those of you who have not reached the thirtieth rank. You all see it. Tang San and you are equally old, but he is right now about to enter another phase. This is the result of great effort. Twelve years old and seven months, I think, this record will forever be preserved as Shrek Academy’s record. Forever.”

Tang San’s batch of students very possibly was Shrek Academy’s last, and although the other several were younger than Tang San, Zhao Wuji absolutely believed there was still no one who could enter the thirtieth ranked level earlier than Tang San.

Oscar said:

“Teacher Zhao, I don’t agree with you. Tang San able to break through thirtieth rank, this can’t be the result of effort.”

Zhao Wuji gave him a glare, “Then you tell me why this is?” Oscar grinned, saying:
“Since we are Shrek Students, if we say that we are monsters, then, he is a monster among monsters.”

Hearing Oscars words, Zhao Wuji smiled, the other students also smiled.
Even Zhu Zhuqing’s face wore a slight smiling expression.

“Ge, congratulations.”

Xiao Wu whispered next to Tang San’s ear, right now she still excitedly held on to Tang San’s right arm,

“But, I will overtake you as soon as possible.”

Regarding Xiao Wu’s words, Tang San did not doubt them, for these several years, although each time it was Tang San who took the lead in breaking through, the ordinarily not appearing very diligent Xiao Wu would always chase after him and in a short time reach the same level. Tang San

always believed that if Xiao Wu cultivated a bit seriously, her strength would certainly surpass his.

“Teacher Zhao, say, can we stay behind to look for a suitable spirit beast for me?”

Tang San probing asked. Zhao Wuji smiled faintly,
“Of course we can, this is what you deserve. We must not only find you a spirit beast for your third spirit ring, but must also on your behalf find a spirit beast that most suits you. Apparently, this time we must extend our time in Star Dou Great Forest for a bit.”

Oscar had obtained a third spirit ring, Tang San broke through twenty ninth rank to enter the thirtieth rank stage, it could be said to everyone’s delight and satisfaction. After all, receiving results like this on the first day of entering Star Dou Great Forest was already sufficient to satisfy everyone. Even if in itself strength did not advance any for the others, after entering this forest their knowledge had still increased greatly. The relationship between everyone also pulled closer in this kind of danger.

Zhao Wuji did not let anyone rest there, because he feared Dragon Duke would return with Serpent Grandmother to find them, although the possibility of this was very small, he still had no choice but to guard against it. That evening, he brought the seven Shrek Students to walk about ten li[3] in one direction, and after concealing all their traces, halted like this.

Zhao Wuji’s worries did not show any result. The night passed without incident. After resting for one night, everyone’s energy had recovered to peak condition.

Early the next day, they continued the process of searching for Spirit Beasts. Only this time the person getting a spirit beast was Tang San, and not Oscar.

Regarding what kind of spirit beast to pick for his third spirit ring, Grandmaster had long ago already helped Tang San plan it out well, therefore Tang San believed that finding a spirit beast for him should be even easier than finding Oscar’s. After all, in Grandmaster’s plan were several kinds of spirit beast, with some comparatively common. As long as the cultivation age was suitable it could become his spirit ring.

But things turned out contrary to what he expected, no less than two days passed, even though Zhao Wuji led them to seriously search, they did not find a suitable spirit beast for Tang San.

As a result of previously encountering the Serpent Grandmother Chao Tian-Xiang grandparent and grandchild pair, Zhao Wuji was somewhat wary of the consequences, adding to the danger within Star Dou Great Forest itself, making Zhao Wuji’s tactics while searching for spirit beasts somewhat conservative, without deeply penetrating Star Dou Great Forest, only bringing everyone to conduct the search in the outer parts.

Even though they several times encountered thousand year spirit beasts on the way, those several kinds of spirit beasts did not suit Tang San. The remainder were all some hundred year spirit beasts.

He also couldn’t blame Zhao Wuji’s conservative attitude in searching for spirit beasts, after all, he was only one teacher, while encountering low level spirit beasts everyone were naturally able to handle it, but when encountering a truly formidable spirit beast, Zhao Wuji could not be certain to protect everyone. These students all were Shrek Academy’s little monsters, among them several people were from even more remarkable backgrounds, Zhao Wuji did not dare take risks. If anyone became an issue, that was a fatal conclusion.

Two days time passed, even though no one regarded food supply as a problem, each day within the great forest with danger lurking on every side still strained everyone’s minds, making it even easier to feel exhausted.

However, entering within Star Dou Great Forest, also precisely because of the existence of this crisis, the coordination between the students gradually became connected on a deeper level. The four Tang San, Dai

Mubai, Xiao Wu and Ma Hongjun were in charge of fighting after they encountered spirit beasts. Zhu Zhuqing was responsible for advance scouting within a certain distance. Oscar and Ning Rongrong were support. Even if they were without Zhao Wuji’s assistance, as long as it was not a thousand year spirit beast, they would be unable to bring any threat to this little group.

The mutual understanding was a necessary capability to possess for continuously coordinated battles, this kind of dangerous environment clearly was the best tempering. Being able to enter Shrek Academy already proved these students were outstanding, monsters and geniuses, they successfully transformed pressure into power. Adding Zhao Wuji’s directions from the side, while their spirit power improvement speed did not have any change, but the imperceptible influence of fighting experience and composite strength continuously increased.

At nightfall it was finally was time to rest. They couldn’t light a fire within Star Dou Great Forest: although the majority of spirit beasts feared flame, there were also a small share of spirit beasts that were exceedingly fond of fire, and among this little share of spirit beasts, on the whole were some deadly existences.

Without needing Zhao Wuji’s direction, the male students were in charge of building tents, the female students were in charge of food. Of course, Oscar this fellow was an exception, immediately by Dai Mubai, Tang San and the others directed to enter the female student category.

The tents were not large, and naturally insufficient to let everyone lie down to sleep, but for everyone to sit and cultivate was nevertheless no problem. To them, at all times maintaining peak fighting condition was more important than sleeping.

Zhao Wuji as teacher, naturally took the work of night vigil.

Hurriedly eating supper, Zhao Wuji let everyone enter the tents to rest, but called Tang San before him.

“Little San, aren’t you anxious?”

Zhao Wuji looked at the youngster before him with a smiling expression. Tang San shook his head, saying:
“Searching for spirit beasts is a matter of luck. Hurrying is no use.
Teacher Zhao, you be at ease, I have patience.”

Zhao Wuji sighed lightly, saying: “Currently this Star Dou Great Forest has also started to become desolate. Many years ago, I still remember how this was a bustling scene. At that time, even if it was around the forest, everywhere could be seen thousand year level spirit beast existences. But now spirit beasts are much fewer. I don’t know if they all go to live inside the forest, or some other reason.”

Tang San said:

“Regardless of the reason, it still is us humans who caused it. Although spirit beasts are fierce, us humans are even more fierce than them. Isn’t that so?”

Zhao Wuji stared blankly, “Why do you say this?” Tang San said:
“Teacher once said, even though Spirit Masters are few, one spirit master from starting cultivation to maturing as a power is only several decades, that’s all. But over these several decades, one formidable Spirit Master needs at least six or more spirit rings. In other words, has to kill six or more spirit beasts. Among these would also include hundred year and thousand year, even ten thousand year levels. Spirit beast cultivation is much more difficult compared to us humans, otherwise they would also not be divided according to age. Even though they are numerous, under this kind of sustained massacre, the spirit beasts’ quantity will only continuously decrease, especially for formidable spirit beasts, even more each killed is one fewer. After many years, perhaps it will be difficult to see thousand year or higher existences.”

Zhao Wuji somewhat pondering said:

“Grandmaster is right. Only, which Spirit Master would think of this problem? Who doesn’t want to be able to let themselves become even more formidable? Even if Spirit Hall set restrictions, perhaps it would still be completely ineffective.”

[1] This seems to be a line from a poem called Parting ( 离别) by 9th century poet Bai Juyi (⽩居易).
[2] Originally the color was (粉⾊) and has now changed to (粉红⾊) or
“pink red”.
[3] 10⾥ = 5 km
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