Douluo Dalu Chapter 201-210


Chapter 201

In essence, it could be considered to be a domain ability. Even if it could not grow like other domain abilities, its effect was still rather terrifying especially in group fights where communication was even more important.

From the start of the fight till now, honestly speaking, the Shrek Six Devils very slightly uncoordinated, asafter all they had not worked together for so many years and were still lacking Xiao Wu and were unfamiliar which each other’s new abilities. Also, even if they still had good mutual understanding, it was not as perfect as it was five years ago.

After forming this mental network, the situation started to improve, all of them without restraint transmitted all their abilities to Tang San’s mind, where he quickly could make the best decisions on how each of them should act and use their spirit abilities.

This method of thought transfer was so much faster than words that once Ning Rongrong used this ability, the Shrek Six Devil truly combined into one entity.

The word ‘kill’( 杀) which was capable of tearing apart space quietly faded away, as the Sword Doulou’s words quietly resounded from all directions: “In the face of absolute strength, all abilities are but illusions. Watch closely.”

In everyone’s perception, after that huge blade in the air swept by horizontally, appeared a huge five meter projection which looked just like the Sword Douluo Chen Xin. Wielding his sword with one hand,simply moving as if following the will of the world, in this moment the Seven Kill

Sword seemed to have taken control of all the power in its surroundings, regardless of whether it was Tang San’s Deathgod Domain, Blue Silver Domain or Ning Rongrong Fantasy Space were all torn apart, as the surrounding once again became clear.

The huge sword in Chen Xin’s hands was not directed at them, but rather the sky. With a flick of his wrist, the six swords quickly moved together to create a word ‘kill’ (杀) which was ten-times larger than the previous one in
mid-air. The pressure from that dense black character was enough to send
all the Shrek Six Devils to the ground, even their combined strength was not enough to stand up to this oppressive force.

Chen Xin’s voice sounded by their ears, “Once your spirit power pasts rank ninety-five, you will experience a qualitative change, each time it rises the spirit will evolve once. Once you reach this realm, you will no longer rely on spirit abilities but rather start to merge with your spirit.

Back then that person from Spirit Hall managed to block all nine consecutive ‘Kill’(杀) characters from my father by virtue of his complete fusion with his spirit and then using the Angelic spirit force to heavily
injure my father’s innards ultimately resulting in his death. Although
abilities are important, raising your spirit power is more fundamental, without a large power to back it, even the best spirit abilities and spirit bones will not be to do anything.

The lights converged back together as the image of the Sword Douluo and the character ‘kill” both faded away, however the words he said were left deeply imprinted in the minds of these Shrek Six Devils.

The most severely affected was Tang San, the murderous intent in that huge ‘kill’ character left him with a bizarre feeling as the killing intent was completely different than that in his Deathgod Domain. The killing intent from his Deathgod Domain was filled with violence, bloodlust and was cold while the killing intent from the Sword Douluo gave off a majestic feeling. As he thought he somewhat managed to get an understanding of it b

The six of them knelt on the ground with one leg, none of them speaking a word, their spirits withdrawn, in deep thought.

Without doubt, each and every one of the Shrek Seven Devils were talented geniuses. The Sword Douluo did not say much but to them, in the face of tremendous pressure while facing death evoked various feelings which were very important to them and what they needed most right now was this.

Grandmaster softly told the stunned Bai Chenxiang beside him: “Let’s go, they won’t be up till at least evening.” Grandmaster was very satisfied by today’s results. Ever since they had won the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament five years ago, he had been wanting to find a chance to knock them down a notch. It’s just that they all went their separate ways and he had no chance to get them together.

The Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament without a doubt made the Shrek Seven Devils famous. But at the sametime it made them overconfident, especially Tang San. Although on the surface Tang San seemed the same as before, but as his strength continually rose, and as he obtained various powerful abilities, his confidence too had become slightly overinflated. Other people may not notice but Grandmaster certainly would. Before they headed off somewhere as dangerous as Sea God Island, Grandmaster thought it would be necessary to jolt these kids a little, let them grow in the face of pressure and at the same time recognise the true gap they had between them and those who were truly powerful.

Outside Shrek Academy.

Sword Douluo gracefully landed, his originally calm expression now had a bitter smile. In his heart he secretly wished that hopefully those kids were not too badly traumatised. This was Grandmaster’s request, which he had fulfilled. But, at the same time, he had come to experience the true level which the Shrek Seven Devils had currently reached.

On the surface, it seemed like an easy victory for him, but in reality, only he knew the truth.

Why did he transform into a sword? Seeing his clothes would be enough to explain. The offensive power of Ma Hongjun who was boosted by Ning Rongrong was just too frightening, especially the temperature of the phoenix flame, far exceeded what Chen Xin had imagined. Although it was still not enough to harm him, but the hem of his clothes had already been completely charred, half his robe had been reduced to ashes, making him look quite embarrassing. This was also why he did not stay after the exchange and the reason behind his immediate departure.

When he transformed into a sword and used the phantom blade, it was actually the ability he awakened after reaching rank ninety-seven and the effect of his ninth spirit ring. People who were not of equal level could not see which spirit ring he had used anyway.

As a result, that one sword had completely shocked the Shrek Six Devils. The attack power he used in that instant, could be considered at the peak of the present age.

Seeing himself left with only half his robe, Chen Xin could not help but smile, “When I was as old as them, I certainly did not have their strength. I hope that everything goes well during their trip in Sea God Island.”

Three days quickly passed, the exchange with the Sword Douluo had left a greater impact on them than Grandmaster imagined, for these three days none of the six of them left their rooms, they did not go through any combat training or interaction, they just quietly sat in their wooden cabin cultivating. Only when Ning Fengzhi sent someone to find Tang San, did this silent cultivation phase end.

Grandmaster brought the disciple from the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School to the wooden cabin. “Tang San, you come out for a while.”

His voice not only startled Tang San awake, but also the other Shrek Seven members who were cultivating. Suddenly there was a loud clear phoenix cry, even Grandmaster who was outside could suddenly feel the air become hot. Following shortly, a scarlet red figure burst through the roof into the sky, razing the wooden cabin into the ground in an instant.

A huge pair of flame wings fanned out, sending him straight up a hundred meters before stopping when all of a sudden a huge ring of fire blossomed in the sky spreading a hundred meters in diameter before fading away.

“Damn fatty, you are responsible for building the next house.”

Dai Mubai, Oscar, Tang San, Xiao Wu, Ning Rongrong and Zhu Zhuqing almost simultaneously walked out of the house. Tang San held onto Xiao Wu’s hand, although she was just as lost as before, somehow ever since she and Tang San were engaged, she just did not feel as empty anymore.

The one who spoke was Dai Mubai and although it sounded like he was scolding Fatty, everyone’s faces were filled with laughter, obviously Ma Hongjun had broken through.

Perhaps it was because amongst them, other than the soulless Xiao Wu, only Ma Hongjun had not reached the Spirit Emperor level yet, or perhaps the Sword Douluo’s impact on him was too huge which stimulated his Phoenix Spirit’s strength.

“Too kind, too kind. How good would it be if I could break through a level every time I break a hut.” Fatty excitedly descended from the skies laughing out loud, not hiding his self-satisfaction in the least.

“Damn Fatty, don’t get too full of yourself, don’t forget you are still the weakest.” muttered Bai Chenxiang who was beside Grandmaster.

These few days the Shrek Six Devils have been very zombie-like, and she had been the one to take care of their meals, making her feel extremely worried, if not for Grandmaster comforting her and telling her that this was normal, she probably would have ran off to Grandpa for help. Seeing everyone become lively again, and Ma Hongjun even breaking through, for some unknown reason she felt really happy. Was she feeling happy because Ma Hongjun got stronger? Perhaps even she herself didn’t know.

Hearing Bai Chenxiang’s words. Ma Hongjun’s joy was instantly deflated, “Xiangxiang, can’t you praise me a little? I am already at the

fifty-ninth rank, soon I will be able to break through the sixtieth rank, in the future I will definitely not be the weakest.”

While saying that, he glanced mischievously at Oscar. As an auxiliary food systems spiritmaster, even if he was a greater genius, he would not be able to cultivate faster than a battle-type spiritmaster like him. In the past five years, for him to be able to breakthrough the sixties he had given up just too much while fatty had been lazing about a bit too much.

“What are you looking at? Damn Fatty, why don’t we have a little contest, lets see whose rank increases more during our trip at Sea God Island,” Oscar would not admit defeat this easily, after obtaining his sixth spirit ring and that Mirror-image spirit bone, his confidence had greatly risen.

Ma Hongjun without backing down said: “Come on if you dare, since you think you are so good then let’s make a bet. If I win then you let me give Rongrong a kiss, and if you win then i’ll let you kiss me once, how about it?”

“Ptui——” With a swing of his leg Oscar gave Fatty a kick on his butt. Ning Rongrong gritted her teeth and glared at him, if she was a battle-type spirit master, she would have herself came and taught this loose-mouthed person a lesson.

Bai Chenxiang not giving up an opportunity to poke fun at Fatty said,
“See, your true nature is out. I knew you are a no good person afterall.”

“I……” Fatty had no trouble talking back to other people, but once he saw Bai Chenxiang he become at a loss of words.

Grandmaster smiled calmly: “These few days you all should have some good results. No need to tell me, just go and carefully examine these sensations. I suggested for you all go to Sea God Island in hopes that you can experience more of such things. To constantly grow under pressure, let the pressure become motivation, but at the same time you must wield it carefully and not let it be too excessive. From the Sword Douluo, you all should have realised the gap between yourselves and those who are truly

strong. I hope that after you all come back from Sea God Island, this gap would have become smaller.”

“Yes——” The Shrek Six Devils replied in unison.

Only now did Grandmaster turn to face Tang San, saying: “Little San, School master Ning has sent someone to bring you to the palace. Hurry up now, I have already prepared some necessities for you all so, you all can leave tomorrow morning.”

“Yes Teacher.” Tang San spoke his consent and went along with the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School member to the palace, handing Xiao Wu over for Zhu Zhuqing and Ning Rongrong to take care of.

Within these three days, although only Ma Hongjun managed to breakthrough to the next rank, Tang San too had benefitted from it. He was a smart person, he knew clearly that after facing such a huge pressure, it would be very difficult to look over at all his flaws and try to get some understanding from it. As such, he wholeheartedly went to study the huge “Kill” character he faced previously. During these few days, he managed to get some understanding on it and he also realised that his own Death God Domain still had a lot of room for improvement.

In terms of power and utility, Tang San’s current Blue Silver Domain vastly outclassed his Death God Domain. Not only did it improve his mental surveillance, it also greatly boosted the abilities involving his blue silver emperor. He also understood that although the Blue Silver Domain was good, it was also limited. The difference in effect in a place where there was Blue Silver Grass and one without was just too big. This lack of certainty would be a problem when he faced a strong opponent.

Just like when he faced Qian Renxue in the skies, the Blue Silver Domain was greatly restricted. If the fight was in the forest, Tang San would not have had so much trouble, and even if his victory was not certain, at least he would still have had the chance to win without using the spirit ring endowed onto him by Xiao Wu.

In terms of being restricted, the Death God Domain would come out ahead of the Blue Silver Domain. It’s boost and it’s effect was certain and could be controlled. Only by strengthening his Death God Domain, could he fight without having to go all out in any situation.

As such, Tang San already set his mind to finding ways to improve the potency of his Death God Domain. One was by increasing his Spirit Power and quickly reaching the level to release his true spirit, allowing a domain’s full effect to be shown. The other was to improve his innate understanding of the Death God Domain.

The Death God domain was not without its own side-effects. Tang San had always realised that after using it he would be disrupted by the bloodthirst, and his violent tendencies would rise. But after facing the pressure from the Sword Douluo, Tang San realised that there was another way to use the Death God domain. If he could successfully change it, then from then on, after he used his domain he would no longer have to waste more energy trying to control his emotions. Thus not needing to waste any of his mental energy on it making the domain more effective.

Heaven Dou Empire Palace had already returned back to normal, on the surface it did not even seem like any crisis involving the royal family had happened.

Upon reaching the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School Tang San saw Ning Fengzhi.

“Uncle Ning.” Tang San respectfully greeted Ning Fengzhi, although he was now a sect leader as well, he never spared any courtesy towards Ning Fengzhi. Disregarding matters involving Ning Rongrong, over these few years, Ning Fengzhi help towards the Shrek Seven Devils will always be remembered. What’s more, without his and his clan’s help, the establishment of the Tang Sect would also not be this successful.

Ning Fengzhi smilingly criticised: “There are no outsiders here, why are you still so formal? Didn’t I already tell you many times before, right now you are the Tang Sect leader, you need to take note of your own status.”

Tang San too replied with a smile: “Regardless of background, you are still my Uncle Ning.”

With a laugh Ning Fengzhi replied: “Little San, this time I came to bring you to see His Majesty.”

“Oh?” On the way here, Tang San had still been contemplating on the problem regarding his Death God Domain, and did not think about the reason Ning Fengzhi was seeking him. “Visit His Majesty? Is it about us going to Sea God Island?”

Ning Fengzhi nodded his head: “You all will be gone for who knows how long. Perhaps, His Majesty may not last even until you all return. Since the Tang Sect in the future also needs the support of the Heaven Dou Empire it would be better for you to settle some things with His Majesty first.”

Tang San emotions stirred, instantly he realised Ning Fengzhi’s purpose. He could not help but scold himself inwardly, these days there were just too many things that he needed to do, but to forget something this important was no good.

“I understand. Thank you Uncle Ning.” Tang San sincerely replied.

As Ning Fengzhi took the lead he patted Tang San’s shoulder saying: “When you all go to Sea God Island, help take good care of my Rongrong and Oscar, that is the greatest way to repay your gratitude. When you all come back, you all will have truly become major players in our fight against Spirit Hall. But, you need to remember, life is more important than strength. If it comes to it, even if you have to give up your objectives you have to at least come back alive.”

Tang San knew that Ning Fengzhi truly did care about them so he hurriedly nodded his head in consent.

The security in the Heaven Dou Empire Palace was even tighter than before. The two thousand spirit masters loyal to the royal family resided in

the palace, staying in close proximity to Emperor Xue Ye was at least two hundred patrolling spirit masters.

Ning Fengzhi brought Tang San to seek an audience with Emperor Xue Ye, very quickly they were let through to enter the grounds.

In the chambers was not only the Emperor Xue Ye, but also two other people Tang San recognised. Firstly was prince Xue Xing and the new Crown Prince, the Fourth Prince Xue Beng.

Prince Xue Xing had a proud look, his original arrogant and domineering attitude was long gone, only now did Tang San feel that he rather resembled Emperor Xue Ye.

Prince Xue Beng had changed even more, respectfully standing by Emperor Xue Ye’s side, his foppishness nowhere to be found.

Seeing this sight, Tang San inwardly sighed, Qian Renxue really disguised herself as Xue Qinghe well, but didn’t this Fourth Prince Xue Beng and prince Xue Xing hide it even better? Regardless of the process, they were the final victors. Without question, Xue Beng was Emperor Xue Ye’s sole successor. After Emperor Xue Ye passed away, he would become this Heaven Dou Empire’s new master.

Emperor Xue Ye still looked energetic with his rosy and healthy complexion, without knowing prior, one would easily assume he was healthy. In actuality he was constantly fighting for his life.

“Paying our respects to His Majesty.” Ning Fengzhi and Tang San both paid their respects to Emperor Xue Ye.

Emperor Xue Ye smilingly said: “You two Clan leaders both dispense with the courtesies, take a seat.”

Tang San carefully observed this Emperor, using his spiritual force to investigate, he could clearly see tell that Emperor Xue Ye was lacking both vital energy and blood, and had erratic short breathing.

“Sect Leader Tang, I heard from School Leader Ning that you will be heading on a long journey?” Emperor Xue Ye asked Tang San with a smile.

Tang San nodded his head. Saying: “I was just planning to report this matter to you. The Tang Sect has just officially went on the right track, in the short term Spirit Hall should not move again. I intend to use this time to travel a little and find an opportunity to increase my strength.”

Emperor Xue Ye said: “This is good, but does Sect Leader Tang know how long you will be gone?”

Tang San inwardly smiled wryly, but on the surface he indifferently said: “Perhaps about three to five years, I am also unable to give a more specific prediction.”

Emperor Xue Ye nodded, looking at the Prince standing beside him,
“Xue Beng, didn’t you say you have something to tell Sect Leader Tang?”

Xue Beng hurriedly acknowledged and walked from Emperor Xue Ye’s side till he reached a few steps before Tang San. Just as Tang San was confused as to what he was going to do, this newly crowned prince suddenly fell to his knees with a bang, and paid his respects to Tang San.

Tang San jumped from shock, his suddenly reaction lifted his chair up a meter away along with him as he hurried to the Prince’s side to help him up.

“Your highness, why do you do this?”

Xue Beng was unwilling to get up regardless of what was said, devotedly said: “Sect Leader Tang, please accept this kowtow of mine. If not, I Xue Beng cannot be at ease for this life of mine. At the start in order to protect myself, I had aggravated Sect Leader Tang multiple times. However, Sect Leader Tang still saved my father’s life during times of crisis. Regardless of being a son or a servant, I have to kowtow to you for my father and myself.”

Tang San naturally could not accept such a kowtow, as he moved to the side, pushed his arm against Xue Beng’s shoulder to prevent him from kowtowing to him. Looking to Emperor Xue Ye, he difficulty said: “Your Majesty, His Highness The Royal Prince he… …”

Emperor Xue Ye spoke with a sigh: “This is something that he should do. These years have been hard on him, it is also my fault that I did not realise that Qinghe was an imposter. I had four sons, yet three of them have already been murdered by Spirit Hall. All that is left is this Xue Beng. Sect Leader Tang, I hope that you allow Xue Beng to pay his respects to you as his teacher. In the future, I will be relying on you. So, by reason and by feelings, this kowtow should be accepted by you.”

Take me as his teacher? Tang San inwardly thought, Xue Beng is even older than me, what does this kowtow even amount to? Emperor Xue Ye is indeed planning matters for after his passing. But, how should he deal with this right now?

At this moment, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School School Leader Ning Fengzhi beside him spoke: “Sect Leader Tang, just accept the Prince’s sincerity.”

Hearing even Ning Fengzhi say this, Tang San had no choice but to let go of Xue Beng’s shoulder, allowing him to kowtow three times before quickly helping him up. Not sure if it was Xue Beng being a good actor or if it was his actual personality, Tang San could see only sincerity in his eyes.

Actually, Xue Beng sincerely thanked Tang San, if not for him saving His Majesty, getting rid of Qian Renxue and coming with Ning Fengzhi and the Shrek Academy to help. After Qian Renxue ascended the throne, the first person she would kill was prince Xue Xing then next would definitely be him, such was the idea behind getting rid of the weeds at the roots. At that point, the Heaven Dou Empire would truly no longer have even one true inheritor of the royal bloodline in its descendants anymore. Only with Tang San’s help did the tides turn and allow him to take up the position of Crown Prince, cementing his position as the next Emperor. What did their previous feud amount to? Xue Beng could only wholeheartedly thank Tang San.

Looking at it from another angle, the Tang Sect was currently rapidly developing, because of the situation in the Heaven Dou Empire had stabilised, and the Tang Sect hidden weapons had been shown to the empire. Emperor Xue Ye and Xue Beng both know the future importance of the Tang Sect to Heaven Dou Empire. The opportunity in front of them could be said to be of utmost value to the empire.

If it was only to give thanks, Tang San would definitely never accept this kowtow, Xue Beng was after all the future emperor, this kowtow could be draw disgrace in the future. However things were different if it was to take him as a teacher, a disciple kowtowing to the teacher would always be acceptable.

“Teacher.” Xue Beng respectfully said to Tang San.

Without waiting for Tang San to speak, Emperor Xue Ye already spoke:
“Sect Leader Tang is to receive the royal decree.”

“Tang San present.” Just as Tang San was going to kneel down, Xue Beng held him up, as he was surprised by the act, he could already hear Emperor Xue Ye saying: “I decree that Tang San, as the crown prince’s Imperial Tutor[1], from today onwards, there is no need to pay homage. You shall be crowned prince[2]. Royal name: Lan Hao[3]. Within the Empire, you shall be considered as an official of three ranks higher[4].”

Emperor Xue Ye really went all out! Was Tang San’s first reaction, he who was of common birth, even if he had obtained a title when won the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament previously it would at most be a count. But now, he had jumped so many ranks and had become a prince, which was not something that could be obtained just for saving Emperor Xue Ye’s life. King Lan Hao, this was clearly a title derived from his twin spirit spirits.

A servant carried a tray before him: the tray was covered with a red cloth, covering something underneath it.

Emperor Xue Ye smilingly said: “King Lan Hao, why don’t you have a look at what’s beneath. From now on it will represent your status.”

With some doubt Tang San removed the red cloth. In an instant, the royal chambers were shrouded with a brilliant lustre.

Under the cloth was a palm-sized bizarre object: it had a triangular body crystal blue in colour, seemingly carved whole from sapphire. A constant sapphire lustre burst out along with the strange energy fluctuations coming from it. On this blue triangle were many ripple like lines which did not seemed carved on, rather it felt as if it was alive, pulsing with blue slight, it covered the entire chamber with its lustre.

“Your Majesty, this is… …” Tang San looked towards Emperor Xue Ye, his gaze sweeping past Ning Fengzhi, clearly seeing the envious look coming from his face. Just what on earth was this thing that even the richest Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School School Leader would envy?

Emperor Xue Ye lightly smiled, his heart bitter: if not for the empire already reaching such dire straits, why on earth would he give away a national treasure like this. Tang San was still young; his saving of him, or even his strength, were not what the emperor saw in him. Even if he was even stronger, he was but one person. The thing that truly made Emperor Xue Ye make this decision was none other than the Tang Sect Hidden Weapons.

If to say, in the future Tang San became an undisputed absolute power among Spirit Masters, then the Tang Sect Hidden Weapons could also be called unrivaled. With such special weapons, the Heaven Dou Empire would then truly become able to face Spirit Hall head-on. After witnessing the strength of these hidden weapons, Emperor Xue Ye had already decided to give his full support to the Tang Sect’s production of them. As Tang San was the leader of the Tang Sect, and he had even saved his life, along with the huge potential support he could bring. Recruiting Tang San was a necessity: in Emperor Xue Ye’s heart, Tang San right now was already more important than Ning Fengzhi.

“This object is called the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud. In a certain sense, it can be considered a spirit tool. In the future it will represent King Lan Hao. In itself it has many uses: if you inject it with some of your spirit

power after you go back you will understand. I hope it will be useful to King Lan Hao when you are on your trip.”

Tang San’s observation skills were superb, so even if Emperor Xue Ye revealed his heartache in parting with this Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud for just a moment, he clearly saw it.

“Many thanks to His Majesty.” It was not that he wanted this gift, rather he had no choice but to accept it. Although he had not fully understood the emperor’s intention he knew that, if he did not accept this, it would be akin to rejecting Emperor Xue Ye’s token of friendship. This was the idea of forcing his hand which the emperor probably was trying to do.

When he was leaving, Xue Beng personally brought Tang San and Ning Fengzhi out; even after Ning Fengzhi returned to the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, Xue Beng still accompanied him to the palace entrance.

“Teacher, have a safe trip.” Xue Beng sincerely said. These words spoken by him were extremely natural, and although he was older than Tang San by many years, he still held Tang San in high regard. When Tang San was fifteen years old, he had managed to lead the Shrek Seven Devils to win the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament. And now when he was barely twenty, he already established the Tang Sect.

Tang San nodded his head towards Xue Beng: at least the negative feelings towards him no longer existed. He was just somewhat not used to his current attitude towards him. He could not help but be happy by today’s outcome, since the father-son duo had invested so heavily on him.

“Your Highness, while I am gone for this period, the Tang Sect will be in your care.”

Xue Beng’s eyes revealed a trace of joy, as only now did he truly feel that Tang San had recognized him, so he hurriedly replied: “Teacher, don’t worry. I am your disciple, Tang Sect matters are my matters, in the future don’t address me as Your Highness anymore: even after I ascend the throne, just call my by my name. I will always be your disciple.”

Tang San had nothing to say: comparing respectfulness, Xue Beng was much more respectful to him than Xue Qinghe was to Ning Fengzhi. But then again, he was not the emperor yet, and so this was not the right time to make judgement yet.

After parting with Xue Beng, Tang San directly headed back to Shrek Academy. They were already going to head off the next day. Sea God Island, just what kind of a place are you?

After returning to the Shrek Academy courtyard, he noticed that the wooden huts were silent. Using his mental power to survey the place, he noticed that everyone was cultivating, while Xiao Wu was in Ning Rongrong’s room, using Ning Rongrong thighs as a pillow to sleep on. Xiao Wu right now could truly be considered the Sleeping Beauty. Everyday, she would spend two thirds of the time sleeping.

It was also fortunate that Ning Rongrong and Zhu Zhuqing were around. Tang San no longer had to face that torment at night. Although he was already engaged with Xiao Wu, he had long ago already decided that unless Xiao Wu truly reincarnated he would not be too affectionate towards her. This was his love for Xiao Wu and also his respect towards Xiao Wu.

Without disrupting anyone, Tang San returned to his own room. To him, these titles, the Prince’s Tutor, King Lan Hao all had no meaning. However the one thing that piqued his interest was the blue coloured triangle which even he could not figure out. Once he returned to his room, he took out this Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud and prepared to investigate it further.

Chapter 202

The azure triangular object had just appeared when it completely rendered Tang San’s room ocean blue. The soft blue light undulations were so beautiful, even with his willpower Tang San still couldn't help being dazzled.

Both hands clasping this Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud, Tang San couldn't help feeling doubtful, thinking to himself: “Just what use does this thing have?”. He was in no rush to infuse it with spirit power, but rather he carefully looked at this peculiar thing shifting between light and shadow. Moreover, he cautiously released his spiritual force, exploring within.

However, as soon as a trace of Tang San’s spiritual force was infused within the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud, he abruptly felt an indescribable, enormous force suddenly repel it. His whole body immediately fell backward holding the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud. His mind was a blank space. In his final moments of awareness he felt something smash against his head.

If Tang san’s spiritual force could be called formidable, then the spiritual attributed energy his spiritual force encountered within the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud was boundless. That basically wasn't a quantity that could be resisted. Fortunately he had only infused spiritual force for a very short time. Further adding to that was his own extremely stable spiritual force and the help of the mind condensing skull bone: otherwise the counter attack from the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud just now would have been enough to injure his soul.

The thing that smashed against Tang San’s head was precisely the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud. The sharp corner struck a small hole on Tang San’s forehead. That it could strike open the degree of durability of Tang San’s skin showed just how sharp that corner was. Of course, when it smashed against Tang San it irradiated peculiar blue light making Tang San’s defense lose effect. This way it could successfully split his skin.

Blood flowing, that Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud spun once, sticking flat to the wound on Tang San’s forehead, as if alive. And as Tang San’s blood constantly flowed into it, the originally blue undulations of light gradually turned red.

Right now Tang San’s Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone’s healing ability was unable to show even the slightest result under the effect of the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud. The wound didn’t show the slightest intent of knitting together, only constantly pouring out blood into it.

Before long, a trace of faint blue light drifted out from the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud, condensing into an exceptionally faint image. A flat, aged voice echoed: “I don’t know how long it’s been before I could finally find someone with tasty blood. At last I’ve found a physique that can endure the vast sea force.”

With a flash, the blue light once again infused into the triangular Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud, and the light on the triangular thing also suddenly vanished, separating from the wound on Tang San’s forehead. Spinning once, it first bounced on Tang San’s shoulder, then tumbled down along his arm to land in his palm. The triangle had now once again returned to blue, and only in the center flashed a trace of red light.

Without the restraint of the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud, the wound on Tang San’s forehead quickly closed, but he still remained unconscious.

While he was unconscious, Tang San’s world of consciousness seemed to feel something pulling at his body and soul; the enormous pulling force left him basically unable to move his body.

Gradually, that pull grew weaker and weaker, as if everything around grew fainter. It was also at this moment that a kind of peculiar fo

Gradually, Tang San’s consciousness remained hazy, not knowing how much time had passed, but as he returned to his senses, the color of the sky outside was unexpectedly already black. And he wasn’t alone in the room. The Shrek Six Devils were all gathered next to him and, besides Xiao Wu, who was vacantly sitting down holding his hand, the other five all had anxious expressions.

“Eh? Everyone’s here.” Tang San rubbed his temple, and slowly sat up.

Seeing him conscious, everyone heaved a sigh of relief, and Dai Mubai spoke in a low voice: “Little San, how are you? If you hadn’t woken up, we would have gone to get Grandmaster, Dean Flender and the others.”

Oscar said: “We examined your body and found that you were a bit anemic: what happened?”

Hearing him say this, Tang San also felt a bit weak. Such a feeling was the same he felt after an injury had been healed by his Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone.

Tang San’s gaze fell on his right hand. He discovered that the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud was quietly laying on his palm but, strangely, the original bright luster had disappeared. Even though it was still clear blue, it was just like a common gem.

“It made me unconscious. Thinking about it, such a tiny thing can unexpectedly contain such enormous power.” Tang San held up the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud in front of everyone, simply telling them about everything that happened since he left for the imperial palace.

Listening to him, Ning Rongrong said: “With that said, this should be a good thing. Everyone told you to infuse it with spirit power, but you used spiritual force. Only, wouldn’t this be the imperial family……”

Even though she didn’t continue, everyone still understood what she was implying.

Dai Mubai snatched the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud from Tang San’s hand: “We won’t know till we try.” As he spoke, he poured his spirit power into it without the slightest hesitation.

“Mubai——” Tang San somewhat anxiously called out. When he wanted to take back the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud, Dai Mubai’s spirit power was already infused within it. He knew that Dai Mubai was rushing to try it from fear it was dangerous.

Nothing dangerous happened, or rather, nothing happened at all.

The spirit power Dai Mubai infused within the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud disappeared unseen like a clay ox in the sea, and the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud itself showed no change, only flickering with a trace of blue light and then returning to normal, without any fierce changes.

“Boss Dai, what did you find?” Ma Hongjun asked.

Dai Mubai scratched his head, “There was really nothing to find. Just that the spirit power I infused it with is gone.” Hand flicking, the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud returned to Tang San’s hand.

Tang San’s eyes flashed, speaking in a low voice: “Mubai, don’t do that again.”

Mubai smiled calmly, saying: “We’re brothers, don’t talk nonsense.”

Seeing the smile on his face, Tang San couldn’t keep his expression from softening, helplessly shaking his head.

His gaze turned to the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud: “I’ll try.”

While speaking, he cautiously infused it with a trace of spirit power. With his previous lesson, this time he was even more careful, infusing only a tiny amount.

Strangely the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud, that was completely inert when Dai Mubai tried, finally changed appearance in Tang San’s hand. After he infused it with that trace of spirit power, blue light abruptly blossomed, and that blue triangular object seemed to come alive, with an intense gem-like light play, returning once more to the dazzling appearance it had when Tang San just got it. Blue light rippled and undulated within the room like waves, line after line of strange patterns appearing on its surface. Tang San could clearly sense the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud’s thirst for his spirit power, and subconsciously increased his output.

Ning Rongrong’s expression changed, subconsciously retreating a step, her beautiful eyes revealing overwhelming shock; because she discovered that this tiny triangular thing unexpectedly gave her an urge to prostrate herself.

That was her spirit trembling. With her first rate Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda, to actually have such an urge to kneel, just what was this thing?

Ning Rongrong’s Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda wasn’t just a support type spirit. If it was classified, it would also be top tier among treasure class spirits. This was also an important reason why she could find such top tier ores in Gengxin City.

But the feeling this Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud gave her now was extremely astonishing. If the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda could be described as a pagoda within the world of treasures, then this Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud before her was like an immense mountain.

Right now everyone was drawn in by the dazzling light of the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud, and nobody noticed Ning Rongrong’s reaction.

Along with Tang San’s spirit power continuously pouring inside, the blue light grew richer and richer. Within the radiating light, that azure triangular object slowly floated up from his palm. It stopped when it hovered in front of him, and slowly rotated uncontrollably.

Just as Tang San wondered why, suddenly, he saw a smear of red light within the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud. Immediately afterward, a stream of blue light shot into the space between his eyebrows. Tang San only felt his whole body tremble, as an enormous amount of information rushed into his brain through the spiritual link.

The scene before his eyes changed, and Tang San’s soul and consciousness were both submerged in a fantastic world: an endless jade ocean and a blue sky. Below his feet was the surging sea, and above his head was a cloudless blue sky. That kind of feeling penetrating his body and mind produced in him an endless thirst. The previous weak feeling was completely obliterated in this instant.

Trace after trace of distinct information was transmitted into his brain, each piece exceptionally clear. The triangular Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud constantly transformed amidst this information, revealing all kinds of clever uses. The methods to use it were also effortlessly imprinted in Tang San’s mind, existing eternally along with his spirit without need to memorize.

The other Shrek Seven Devils all nervously watched Tang San. Along with a line of blue light streaming into the point between Tang San’s eyebrows from the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud, Tang San’s body trembled slightly before returning to normal. But immediately afterward, his whole body was enveloped in a layer of dazzling blue light, and also slowly floated off the floor, just like the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud itself.

Left hand rising naturally and gracefully, that Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud lightly fell into Tang San’s palm, spinning and rotating. With each turn, the blue light around Tang San would become a bit more intense. Most flourishing with light was his head, back, right leg and right arm. These four locations were precisely where he possessed spirit bones.

Among the Six Shrek Devils, besides Xiao Wu who blankly looked at Tang San, the other five subconsciously formed a circle with Tang San in the middle. They could sense that Tang San was just undergoing a bizarre change, and even though they didn’t know what, they could sense that it really wasn’t harmful, but rather a kind of beneficial change.

Circle after circle of blue light constantly congealed around Tang San, rendering his whole body blue. Blue light pulsed within Tang San’s eyes, but differently from the light usually shot by Purple Demon Eye this light seemed sparkling and crystalline, immediately spreading across his whole body.

Time passed second by second. As Tang San awoke from that mysterious world, it felt like only a short time had passed, but the light shooting through the windows from outside told him it was already daytime. Unconsciously, a night had actually passed.

Softly floating to the ground, he looked at the deeply concerned gazes of his companions. Tang San couldn’t help sighing: “This time, the gift the Heaven Dou Empire gave me is even too heavy.”

Ma Hongjun couldn’t help asking: “Third brother, just what is this thing?”

Tang San hugged Xiao Wu who was sleeping not far from him, saying:
“Let’s go, I’ll give you a demonstration outside.”

Xiao Wu opened her sleep-drunk eyes. When she saw that she was held by Tang San, she nestled her head against his chest and went back to sleep.

Leaving the log cabin for the courtyard outside, Tang San’s eyes flashed with blue light. That Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud flew up unsupported, floating in front of him and moving forward as he did. Unexpectedly there was no need to hold it with his hand.

Standing still, Tang San said: “Even though I don’t know why Mubai’s spirit power didn’t work, by now I should have grasped how to use it. Calling it a divine tool absolutely isn’t any exaggeration. If the Eight Treasure Wishful Soft Armor senior Lou Gao forged can be called a divine tool, then this thing should be a divine tool of divine tools. Watch.”

While speaking, the blue light in Tang San’s eyes abruptly intensified. In the spot between his eyebrows, a gentle blue triangular pattern appeared. The Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud flew up, rising to a height of five meters in the

blink of an eye. Under everyone’s astonished gaze it swiftly expanded, growing a hundredfold in a flash. It dropped from the sky with a flash of blue light, enveloping all the Shrek Seven Devils within.

The surroundings became a blue world, but they could still clearly see everything outside, just like everyone was enveloped in a triangular barrier.

Tang San said: “This is its first function, and also the most useful one. After forming this barrier, it’s like a room that can protect us inside. At the same time, after shrouding us, it’s invisible, to the extent it isn’t even tangible. Not only can it hide our bodies, it can completely hide our auras. With this, we can release it to protect ourselves in any danger zones.”

While speaking, Tang San waved his left hand. The blue light disappeared, the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud again returning to his palm. Tang San’s left hand rose once again, and it spun out once again, flying towards Dai Mubai.

Dai Mubai suddenly felt an indescribable danger, subconsciously swiftly retreating. But, only sensing a flash of blue before his eyes, that Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud expanded, enveloping his body within. However, this time it wasn’t as large as before, the space within only large enough to hold him. Making Dai Mubai even more shocked was that he was completely unable to move.

Blue light flickering, the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud returned once again. This time it directly turned into a ray of blue light and vanished between Tang San’s eyebrows, merging into his head.

“This is its second use. The first ability is called Vast Sea Protective Barrier, the second is called Cosmic Stasis Barrier. There’s also a third ability called Vast Sea Wild Wave, and a fourth ability called Cosmic Magic Breaker. They’re both used for attack. I can feel that this thing is quite powerful, and its might is directly proportional to my spirit power. Among them, the one that consumes the least spirit power is the Vast Sea Protective Barrier. As long as I spend a tenth of my spirit power, it can be activated for twenty hours. Only if the enemy can find it, and break through its defenses, can they harm us. The Cosmic Stasis Barrier can be

calculated with the opponent’s spiritual force. I can stop any enemy with spiritual force less than three times my own. It can’t harm the opponent, but we can still take the chance to leave. The Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud will return to me even from a thousand li. As for how powerful those two attack abilities are, I don’t know either. But they shouldn’t be weak. Because any one attack requires me to expend all my spirit power. Strangely, it can attack no matter how much spirit power I have, but it will still absorb all the spirit power, and the attack power will increase accordingly. The Vast Sea Wild Wave is a group attack ability, while the Cosmic Magic Breaker is a single target attack.”

Listening to Tang San’s detailed explanation, Dai Mubai couldn’t help saying: “Fuck, Heaven Dou Empire actually has such a good thing. If this counts as a spirit tool, then it really is on the divine tool level. With this, wouldn’t we have the power to protect ourselves anywhere?”

Tang San said: “Even the best things have their limits. However, with it we at least don’t have to worry about keeping watch when resting in the wilderness. However, since everyone hasn’t slept for a night, I think we shouldn’t leave today. It’d be better to set out tomorrow.”

Dai Mubai said: “Not a problem, we’ll leave today. Don’t delay. Grandmaster found us a large carriage, everyone can rest there. We’re all Spirit Masters, what’s a little lack of sleep?”

Everyone nodded slightly. It seemed they were all a bit impatient.

Tang San could completely understand everyone’s present mood. With that single fight against Sword Douluo, the understanding the pressure gave them made them all deeply aware of the importance of battle and pressure to the improvement of strength. Now they also had the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud, so the level of danger of the Sea God Island had greatly decreased.

“Fine. Then we’ll set off at once.”

Grandmaster had long ago prepared the carriage for them. It wasn’t just the Shrek Academy teachers who came to see them off, Ning Fengzhi, Sword Douluo, Bone Douluo, and the Tang Sect elders were all invited by

Grandmaster, personally loading the Shrek Seven Devils and Bai Chenxiang onto the carriage. Everything they needed was already stored away in everyone’s spirit tools.

When the time to leave finally came, it was difficult to avoid some reluctance to part. Even Grandmaster warned Tang San again and again. And practically everything everyone told them was about paying the most attention to their own safety.

Parting was always sad, and on this trip they didn’t even know how long they would be gone. Bai Chenxiang cried in her grandfather’s arms for a long time, but Bai He brought her over to Ma Hongjun, repeatedly warning him to properly protect her. Ma Hongjun agreed seriously, and right now Bai Chenxiang had no way of arguing with her grandfather. Ever since childhood, this was still her first time leaving home. Even though she was always very excited before, when it really came time to leave, the reluctance in her heart still turned to sadness.

Equally teary was Ning Rongrong, looking at her father’s already graying hair, she managed only with difficulty to get on the carriage under Ning Fengzhi’s consolation.

The carriage was pulled by four strong horses, and Ning Fengzhi had supplied a sect disciple as coachman, driving them out from Heaven Dou City.

Following the departing carriage with his eyes, Ning Fengzhi couldn’t help the light in his eyes dimming a bit. Everyone’s heart seemed to be leaving along with the Shrek Seven Devils.

Very soon, the carriage left Heaven Dou City’s western gate, following the official road straight to the west. Grandmaster had drawn a detailed map for Tang San: they had to ride the carriage to the western edge of the continent, to the sea within the borders of Heaven Dou Empire, then embark a ship in order to travel to their destination. According to Grandmaster’s calculations, it would take them around two months to arrive.

The carriage was very spacious, even seating a dozen people wouldn’t be a problem. Last night, besides Xiao Wu and Bai Chenxiang, the others hadn’t slept. Along with the melancholy of departure gradually fading, tiredness rose.

Dai Mubai leaned against the side of the carriage, sleeping, Zhu Zhuqing nestled against his chest. Tang San held Xiao Wu, letting her head lean on his shoulder, also asleep.

Ning Rongrong held Oscar’s arm, using his shoulder as pillow. Among the three couples here, they were actually the least intimate. Oscar sat there looking very well behaved, leaning half conscious on Ning Rongrong’s head.

Within the carriage, the only one that couldn’t sleep was Bai Chenxiang. A great many things constantly spun through her mind. Being the first time leaving home, she was worried about it, missing her family, and also a bit nervous and considerably excited. She had also slept very well last night, so how could she sleep now? She sat alone thinking about all the things on her mind.

However, even if she didn’t sleep, the one next to her didn’t have to stay awake.

The others all slept very sweetly, but when this giant fellow fell asleep, he unconsciously started snoring. At the start Bai Chenxiang could still endure it, but this guy was snoring louder and louder. His chubby body swayed slightly with the motion of the carriage, and from time to time leaned against her.

Bai Chenxiang pushed Fatty, pushing away the head that was about to lean on her shoulder. But in a moment, snoring thunderously, he came leaning back again.

It wasn’t that Bai Chenxiang didn’t think about changing places, but even though the carriage was large, there still wasn’t any room to spare. There were two couches, one on either side of the carriage. Dai Mubai, Zhu Zhuqing, Ning Rongrong and Oscar were on one. Ning Rongrong and Zhu

Zhuqing were both half leaning over, occupying all the space there. And on their side, Xiao Wu’s long legs spread out over the couch, occupying a lot of space. Fatty sat improperly and crooked, and if Bai Chenxiang wanted to change place, she had to move to his other side.

Bai Chenxiang couldn’t help feeling a bit regretful. Was it a mistake going adventuring together with the Shrek Seven Devils this time? Everyone else were in couples, the only ones still single were her and that vulgar Fatty. It’s not that she hadn’t thought about cultivating feelings between her and Fatty either, after all, her grandfather had already agreed to marriage, and the one Bai Chenxiang listened to the most in the clan was Bai He.

However, each time she looked at Fatty’s flabby body, there was no favorable impression. Hearing him snore now was even more loathsome.

Just at this moment, with a thump, the carriage seemed to strike a small rock, the whole carriage bouncing up. The others were all leaning against each other and were unaffected, but the already sleeping Ma Hongjun sat with nowhere to lean on left or right. With this jolt, his large body immediately pressed in Bai Chenxiang’s direction.

“You……” Bai Chenxiang forcefully pushed up Fatty. She didn’t dare be loud for fear she’d wake the others, and could only brace against him and call him to quickly wake up.

Bai Chenxiang was a pure speed Spirit Master, and as such, besides her speed and flight, she was no different from ordinary girls in other areas. And Ma Hongjun’s weight had long since surpassed a hundred kg[1], and with the shaking carriage she soon couldn’t hold out. She couldn’t just get out of the way either, if she dodged, Ma Hongjun would press on Xiao Wu’s legs.

What could be done? Bai Chenxiang was a bit anxious. Just at this moment, she saw Ma Hongjun’s flabby arm dangling in front of her. Her heart twitched, and she bit down on him through his clothes.

Ma Hongjun immediately came to and shivered from the pain, coming awake from his sleep. Seeing Bai Chenxiang push against him he immediately understood, and hurriedly say up, in a low voice saying: “Sorry, sorry.”

Bai Chenxiang’s eyebrows straightened, using all her strength to pinch the flesh at Fatty’s waist. Of course, she didn’t grab that much, using her fingernails to pinch a bit of flesh and twisting three hundred sixty degrees.

Fatty abruptly ached, opening his mouth to cry out. Bai Chenxiang leapt up, hastily covering his mouth with her hands, not letting him make noise.

Once Fatty’s expression gradually returned to normal, she let go, patting her high mountain peaks chest, glaring rebukingly at Fatty.

Bai Chenxiang was without a doubt very beautiful, and her rebuking appearance was even more adorable. There still remained a bit of the warmth of her hands on Fatty’s face and lips, and he almost subconsciously made a somewhat lewd gesture, sticking out his tongue and licking his lips.

Bai Chenxiang stared dumbfounded. She suddenly felt that she was like a lamb before a big lecherous wolf. She was extremely clear on Fatty’s strength, could it be this Fatty would…...

Thinking of this, she hurriedly stuck to Xiao Wu’s side, somewhat alarmed looking at Ma Hongjun.

Ma Hongjun couldn’t help staring distractedly when he saw her expression, touching his round face, he thought, am I that dreadful? In his heart he couldn’t help feeling a stab of pain, Bai Chenxiang’s alarmed expression had hurt his self esteem, a faint cold intent flashed past the corners of his eyes. He no longer looked at Bai Chenxiang, but shifted to sit against the other corner of the carriage, leaning against the corner and once again closing his eyes. In his heart he thought, what’s so extraordinary, I’m a bit plump, a bit ugly. If you don’t want me that’s fine, Fatty won’t pursue you hereafter. Third brother was right, a twisted melon doesn’t grow sweet. I don’t believe I can’t find a pretty girl later.

Seeing Fatty sleeping on the other side, leaving behind an enormous space for her, Bai Chenxiang couldn’t help breathing a sigh of relief. However, just what expression did he have just now? She’d never seen him show such an expression in front of her before! Seeing Fatty leaning there, Bai Chenxiang couldn’t help being a bit disgusted.

In order to reach their destination as fast as possible, they didn’t rest in any of the towns they passed, only when the horses were tired would they rest a while, their living quarters were out in the fields.

As night descended, the Shrek Seven Devils awakened one after another. They didn’t plan to travel in the evening. After all, with the carriage shaking, cultivation was twice the effort for half the result. They couldn’t skimp on their routine nightly cultivation, and the horses also needed enough time to rest.

Tang San took out drinking water and food from Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges. It was autumn now, and the air already had a bit of chill. Dai Mubai used his tiger claws to cut up a large pile of firewood in short order, and Ma Hongjun’s phoenix flame swept past, creating a bonfire.

The girls took out water kettles, boiling water on the flames and roasting some rations. Everyone sat in a circle around the bonfire.

Tang San very quickly discovered something amiss with Ma Hongjun. If it was before, he would definitely sit next to Bai Chenxiang without the slightest hesitation, but now he sat on the other side, staring into the bonfire without so much as a glance at Bai Chenxiang.

Lightly holding Fatty’s shoulders, Tang San asked in a low voice: “What’s up? Why let Xiangxiang sit alone? Not going to keep her company?”

Ma Hongjun curled his lips, lowering his head and saying indifferently: “She thinks of me as a scourge, should I be going to provoke her dislike? Afterwards she is she, I am me. Fatty’s face may be thick, but it’s not limitless. I won’t harass her again.”

Tang San looked distracted, this was clearly Fatty and Bai Chenxiang falling out at some time. Fatty’s words clearly held resentment.

Even if Ma Hongjun’s voice was soft, everyone present except for Bai Chenxiang and the soulless Xiao Wu were Spirit Emperor level experts, and naturally heard it clearly.

Ning Rongring stifled a giggle, Oscar looked somewhat sympathetically at Ma Hongjun. Wasn’t he now much like he once was?

Dai Mubai frowned, raising his head to look at Bai Chenxiang, about to say something but hastily stopped by Zhu Zhuqing. Zhu Zhuqing didn’t need to ask to know what Dai Mubai was going to say. As the eldest of the Shrek Seven Devils, he was very protective of his brothers. Don’t judge by how he usually joked with Fatty, if Fatty really had something going on, this big brother absolutely wouldn’t be ambiguous. Right now Fatty’s mood was bad, and if he was allowed to speak up, maybe he would tell Bai Chenxiang: “What do you take yourself for, our Fatty doesn’t have any bad points”, and so on. And so Zhu Zhuqing hastily stopped him.

Just what is called one object being beaten by another, even though Dai Mubai was powerful, Zhu Zhuqing perfectly restrained him. She said a few sentences next to his ear, and Dai Mubai’s expression eased.

Tang San naturally wouldn’t be as impetious as Dai Mubai, patting Fatty’s shoulder, he said: “Discouraged so soon? That’s not your style!”

Now Oscar also walked over, sitting on Fatty’s other side, handing over one of his recovery sausages: “Fatty, this is a journey, how can you cause disagreements right at the start.”

Fatty seemed to vent by fiercely biting Oscar’s sausage in half, Oscar watching couldn’t keep his back from shivering, “Fuck me, what grievances does my sausage have with you!”

Ma Hongjun smiled wryly: “Alright, no need to mention it. I’ll think of something myself. Anyway, I’m a fucking brothel phoenix. Once we reach

a town, I’ll go vent. Little Ao, are you saying I’m foolish? Don’t play some upright gentleman!”

“Eh……” Oscar was speechless. Ordinarily he would already have shot Fatty a some derisive words, seeing that depressed expression again, but right now he couldn’t. Raising his head to look at Tang San, Tang San shook his head to him with a smile. Even though Tang San had some understanding of feelings, his insight still wasn’t any better than an ordinary person. From Ma Hongjun’s behaviour, he could clearly feel that Fatty truly liked Bai Chenxiang. He was no longer the kind of person driven to women by lust. His current appearance should be caused by worry.

When talking about things like feelings, what others said was useless, you had to depend on yourself to sort them out.

Chapter 203

Right at that moment, Bai Chenxiang brought over a plate of roasted rations, first offering them to Tang San. Tang San took some, then gestured at Ma Hongjun next to him.

Bai Chenxiang was an intelligent young lady, even though she hadn’t heard what Fatty said just now, she could still vaguely feel that something was amiss, and very casually walked over and sat down next to him, holding the rations in her hands in front of him.

The piping hot food made Ma Hongjun stare blankly a moment, turning his head to look at Bai Chenxiang. Bai Chenxiang placed all the food she held in his hands, then stood and walked away to the corner furthest away from the bonfire, sitting there hugging her knees, her chin placed on her knees, staring blankly.

The place she sat was away from the Shrek Seven Devils’ circle, alone by herself.

Ma Hongjun subconsciously turned to look at Bai Chenxiang. As he saw her sitting there alone, his just hardened heart softened again, and in a low voice he asked Tang San next to him: “Third brother, hasn’t she eaten?”
Tang San shrugged, saying: “I don’t know, go ask her yourself.” “I……” Fatty hesitated a moment. Looking at Tang San, who was
feeding Xiao Wu, he suddenly stood and began walking towards Bai Chenxiang.

Just at this moment, suddenly, Bai Chenxiang issued a shrill cry, leaping up like an arrow. In her panic she couldn’t pay any attention to whether there were any obstacles, and just charged straight into Ma Hongjun’s chest.

“Careful.” Seeing Bai Chenxiang about to run into him, Fatty also couldn’t mind the things in his hands, and hurriedly threw the food aside, using his fat body to meet Bai Chenxiang.

Bai Chenxiang only felt as if she had run into a soft cushion. Even though she wasn’t hurt, in alarm, she had already rebounded. Just at that moment, a pair of strong arms encircled her slender waist and back, again drawing her into a very flexible and soft cushion.

“What is it?” Ma Hongjun asked, his little eyes flashing with light as he looked in the direction Bai Chenxiang came from. Chilling murderous intent radiated from him, along with him bracing his fat, but Bai Chenxiang still felt as if she was surrounded by a barrier in his arms - somehow comfortable - and her panic immediately subsided somewhat.

“There’s, there’s a mouse……” Bai Chenxiang said somewhat stammeringly.

“Mo-mouse?” Ma Hongjun’s eyes widened, his killing intent instantly vanishing like it had never existed. He was somewhat speechless, but he was very quickly attracted to the girl in his embrace. This was a kind of comfort he had never felt before. He had held a lot of women, but never one who had given him such a feeling.

Soft and fresh, a maiden’s slight fragrance was most attractive to people. Lowering his head to look at the girl who was like a little lamb in his arms, his heart shuddered, and his breathing immediately grew hoarse.

The other Shrek Seven Devils had only gotten up at Bai Chenxiang’s cry of alarm, but now they sat back down with considerable tactfulness, basically not looking in their direction.

“Ah!” Bai Chenxiang cried out, struggling in Fatty’s arms. The instant Fatty was roused from the beautiful feeling and subconsciously let go, Bai

Chenxiang knelt on the ground, going to pick up the food that had fallen on the ground. He clearly sensed that Bai Chenxiang’s soft little ears were already red, and was l

The unhappiness from earlier in the day was now completely vanished, Fatty laughed foolishly, muttering to himself: “So even a mouse could seem so cute to me.”

Bai Chenxiang clearly went rigid for a moment, raising her hand to forcefully pinch the flesh on Fatty’s waist, slightly lifting her head, “fiercely” glaring at Fatty. Foisting the food she had picked up on him, she turned and ran towards the bonfire.

Even if Fatty was even more stupid, right now even he knew what he should do. Hastily grabbing the food and groveling as he ran over, he sat next to Bai Chenxiang without a trace of politeness. Peeling off the dusty outer layer of the rations to eat himself, he handed the still warm center to Bai Chenxiang.

Even though Bai Chenxiang didn’t say anything, she still didn’t refuse, receiving the food and eating it bit by bit. The vicinity of the bonfire once again turned harmonious, en, very harmonious.

It was a night without events, and the next morning, at the first glimmer of dawn, everyone set out on the road. The atmosphere was also similar to last night, quite harmonious. Ma Hongjun still sat in the corner, giving Bai Chenxiang even more space, but he clearly wasn’t in a huff again. Bai Chenxiang didn’t seem any different from before but, if one carefully observed, one could discover that she avoided looking at Fatty as much as she could.

Besides occasionally dismounting to stretch or rest the horses, during the next several days everyone was hurrying on the way, stopping to truly rest only a while each night.

After ten days, they had already entered the western frontier of the Heaven Dou Empire. The carriage had also reached a town, where they traded for new horses that could bring them to the seaside.

“There’s a village ahead. Sect master Tang, won’t we rest a while?” The Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School disciple coachman had long ago been repeatedly warned that it wasn’t Ning Rongrong who was in charge here, and that he would instead listen to Tang San’s instructions for everything.

Tang San said: “Then we’ll rest a while.” It was now already afternoon, and with the weather gradually turning cold, the horses were exhausted. Even though they had rested at lunch, they still had to rest once before the evening meal to maintain their speed.

The carriage continued forward for a while, then stopped. Just as all the Shrek Seven Devils believed they had arrived and were about to get off, soft knocking came from outside. The Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School coachman said: “Sect master Tang, something seems wrong. We’re about to reach a village, but it’s too quiet, there’s nobody in the fields outside.”

Everyone looked at each other, and Dai Mubai said: “Let’s go take a look.” Everyone got off the carriage one after another, looking ahead.

Roughly half a li[1] from them was a small mountain village. The village didn’t seem large, around a hundred households. Around the village was a wide expanse of fields, and, just as the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School disciple had said, the village was unusually quiet, with nobody in sight within the fields.

Tang San’s eyes focused, as when relying on Purple Demon Eye, his eyesight was naturally better than the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School disciple, and the two hundred and fifty meters distance instantly zoomed in. “It’s not right, the village seems to have been destroyed, a lot of the farm houses are damaged,seemingly by blunt weapons. There’s traces of blood as well. The bloodstains still aren’t dry, so it should’ve been recent.

That Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School disciple looked dumbstruck at Tang San. Inwardly he thought,he can see at this distance? Aren’t you acting? But the other Shrek Seven Devils had no intention of doubting it.

Bai Chenxiang said: “Third brother, I’ll go take a look.”

Tang San nodded. Bai Chenxiang might not match up in battle, but in speed, even the agility attack type Zhu Zhuqing might not be stronger than her. She could also fly, so safety wasn’t an issue.

With a flash of white shadow, Bai Chenxiang had already left. Unfurling a pair of wings in midair, and in a moment she was like a white dot high up.

Through the fight between the Seven Devils and Sword Douluo, she had deeply understood the difference between herself and these talents of the young generation. This time the Seven Devils were going out to see, but she nevertheless displayed her own capability, performing the scouting work she was suited to.

It was still the first time Dai Mubai and the others saw Bai Chenxiang use her spirit, and Zhu Zhuqing sighed: “Such speed. Worthy of being a Pure Speed Clan Spirit Master. If her spirit power rises a bit higher, we might not even catch her shadow.”

Tang San smiled: “We’ll wait here a while.”

Bai Chenxiang came flying back before long, her speed in no way inferior to when she left. They could practically still only see a white dot in the sky, and the next moment, she was already landing in front of everyone.

As she landed, the Shrek Seven Devils discovered that Bai Chenxiang’s expression was extremely unsightly. White as a sheet of paper. Her chest was constantly heaving, as if holding something back.

Ma Hongjun was just about to step forward and ask, when Bai Chenxiang leapt towards a tree nearby, and vomited.

The Shrek Seven Devils looked at each other, and Oscar couldn’t help saying: “Fatty, did you do something outrageous to her? A good young lady like Xiangxiang, you have to take responsibility!”

Ma Hongjun rolled his eyes, “Your face is outrageous, I didn’t even touch her little hand.” While speaking, he was already running over, softly

patting Bai Chenxiang’s back, softly infusing his own spirit power, easing her somewhat.

Dai Mubai said in a low voice: “There might be trouble, she definitely saw something frightening or nauseating.”

Bai Chenxiang had thrown up practically everything in her stomach, gradually slowing, helped back in front of everyone by Fatty.

Tang San’s eyes flashed, asking: “Xiangxiang, just what did you see?”

Bai Chenxiang’s eyes revealed intense alarm, “Corpses, corpses everywhere. The earth is entirely dyed red with blood just behind the village. At least a hundred corpses. They died miserably, killed by a group of strangely dressed people, who are bringing their corpses into the back of the mountain. A lot of them are dribbling organs, and those strangely dressed people are even carrying childrens’ corpses by skewering them on pikes, I could smell the blood even at high altitude. Too miserable, really too miserable. It seems only some young women are alive. Bleagh…….” At this point, she couldn’t help vomiting again.

In all her life, she had never seen such carnage!

Hearing her say this, everyone’s expressions couldn’t help falling, and as Dai Mubai and Tang San looked at each other, Tang San said: “Rongrong, Zhuqing, you stay here, help me look after Xiao Wu for the moment. Little Ao, you protect them. Mubai, Fatty, we’re going.

While speaking, Tang San raised his left hand, blue light flashing in his eyes, as the triangular Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud spun out from from between his eyebrows. Infusing it with a stream of rich spirit power, blue light abruptly blossomed, enveloping everyone apart from Dai Mubai, Ma Hongjun, and himself.

The Shrek Seven Devils had been cooperating for a long time. Ning Rongrong took Xiao Wu’s hand from Tang San, and everyone gathered by the carriage. Oscar said: “Be careful.” While speaking, he flicked his right

hand, reciting spirit incantations in a low voice, handing more than ten large recovery sausages and small detoxifying sausages to Ma Hongjun.

Tang San’s trio moved off in the direction of the village. Where they previously were the carriage, and everyone near it, had already disappeared, as the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud’s Vast Sea Protective Barrier defense and camouflage activated. This thing was practically miraculous within its effective range. As long as Tang San left a trace of spiritual force on it, he could still withdraw it from a hundred li away. Moreover, with the mental connection, he didn’t have to worry about losing it either.

The three comprehensively launched their speed, very quickly circumventing the village. Immediately, they also smelled that intense blood stink. Even though they still hadn’t seen any signs of people, from the blood red ground they could see what a bitter massacre had occurred here before. There were even organs still left on the ground, distributing a nauseating smell.

Tang San and Dai Mubai were still well, but Fatty’s expression turned somewhat unsightly. Tang San was after all tempered in Slaughter City: he had seen too many massacres there. And Dai Mubai was Star Luo Empire’s crown prince, naturally he wasn’t unaccustomed to such bloody things. Even though Fatty had seen dead people, it was still his first time experiencing such a dense blood stench.

Dai Mubai’s nose twitched slightly, pointing to the left side, saying:
“They should have gone that way. Like bandits. Let’s go.”

The three set out once again, ice chill spreading from their eyes.

Not far ahead was a winding mountain range. The mountains here weren’t high, and moreover were very suited to cultivating plants; mountain forests grew everywhere. Pursuing those targets was too simple, you just needed to follow the blood on the ground and it was basically impossible to lose them. The three entered the mountain forest, and very soon caught up to their targets.

In the distance, the three could already see a dense mass of silhouettes. Tang San exercised his Purple Demon Eye to look, seeing that it was actually a dense mass of corpses on the ground. Wails could constantly be heard.

Dai Mubai would charge forward, but Tang San stopped him: “First observe, then we act.” Years of tempering had already let him learn caution.

The three followed the mountain forest to the side, gradually clearly seeing those bandits. Rather than calling them bandits, it felt like they weren’t like humans.

There was approximately three hundred bandits: each one had an extremely majestic build, more than two meters tall, with solid physique. Most peculiar was that they all had grey hair, with dense hair all over their bodies, seeming like savages. Their lips protruded, exposing canines more than twice the size of normal people, their faces painted with dazzling colors.

Seeing the opponents, Dai Mubai’s evil eyes gradually sharpened, whispering to Tang San and Ma Hongjun: “It’s Wolftaken. I didn’t expect there to be Wolftaken in Heaven Dou Empire.”

Tang San looked doubtfully at Dai Mubai, and Dai Mubai whispered: “Wolftaken can be said to be people, yet they’re not really people. They’re a kind of fusion of humans and the Storm Devil Wolf spirit beast. The Four Element Academies Feng Xiaotian’s spirit, the Double Hedaed Storm Wolf, is a powerful variation of the Storm Devil Wolf. Only, the spirit doesn’t possess the instincts of the Storm Devil Wolf. The Storm Devil Wolf’s nature is exceptionally evil, it can mate with almost any creature with a body similar to it, and it most likes human women. After mating with human women, they will give birth to special people like these Wolftaken. You might call them half human, half wolf monsters. Wolftaken naturally possess the Storm Devil Wolf’s physique, speed, and some innate abilities. At the same time they also possess some human intelligence. Extremely bloodthirsty. Humans in areas with Wolftaken will be extremely miserable. These Wolftaken don’t just kill, they eat the corpses afterward. The women will be temporarily left alive: if they never

get pregnant, they will be eaten as well. This is why they brought those villager corpses.”

Tang San and Ma Hongjun drew a cold breath, but their heavy killing intent also immediately grew even stronger.

Dai Mubai whispered: “These Wolftaken aren’t easy to deal with: five hundred can defeat a ten thousand man regular army. Wolftaken are extremely strong, and can control the power of wind to a certain degree, equivalent to low level spirit beasts. Each Wolftaken’s strength is no less than a twenty or thirtieth ranked Spirit Master. Moreover, they’re naturally vicious, if attacked they won’t stop until they’re dead. Extremely difficult to deal with indeed. Fortunately little San is cautious, otherwise if we charged up to confront them we would be besieged.”

Ma Hongjun couldn’t help saying: “Then what do we do? Leave it like this?”

Dai Mubai snorted coldly: “In our Star Luo Empire, there were once a few tribes of Wolftaken running all over the place, with disastrous consequences. Since we’ve run into them, how can we let it be. Little San, you plan it. No matter what we will end these Wolftaken. We can’t defeat them in a frontal confrontation, but there will inevitably be a way.”

Tang San squinted. If Hu Liena who once left Slaughter City together with him was here, she would immediately recognize this as the expression Tang San had before each slaughter.

The sound of ripping silk came from Tang San’s back, the blood red Eight Spider Lances breaking out, gradually unfolding behind him.

“Assassination. If we don’t kill all of them, we won’t leave. Creatures like these shouldn’t exist on the Continent. Follow me.” While speaking, a blue light came from under Tang San’s feet, swiftly spreading into the surroundings. This was a mountain forest, and naturally there was bound to be a plant like the Blue Silver Grass with its exuberant vitality. Tang San’s spiritual force swiftly spread through the Blue Silver Domain.

Dai Mubai and Ma Hongjun both felt a bizarre scene play out before them, all their surroundings seemed to become clear, as the Blue Silver Domain not only gave them astonishing vitality, but also connected with their spiritual force. Of course, this was different from the mutual connection of Ning Rongrong’s Fantasy Space, it only let Tang San unilaterally order them. But what Tang San passed on to them was the locations of those Wolftaken he had scouted after the Blue Silver Domain amplified his spiritual force.

Tang San raised his hand and pointed forward. His body leaned forward, only half a chi or so between his stomach and the ground, completely using Eight Spider Lances to support his body, swiftly advancing.

Ma Hongjun and Dai Mubai also accelerated simultaneously, following right behind him. The three sneaked up behind those Wolftaken like this.

Very quickly, they were already behind the front lines of the Wolftaken army they had pursued. Relying on Blue Silver Domain to hide their presence, even though those Wolftaken had a powerful sense of smell, they were unable to detect them. Even more so with the screen of the smell of those villager corpses.

The closer they were, the better Tang San and the others could see how miserably those villagers had died. While walking through the forest those Wolftaken tore up some of the corpses and ate the pieces.

When they were only twenty meters away or so, Tang San stopped. The effect of the Blue Silver Domain was amply revealed. Without need to talk, he transmitted to Ma Hongjun and Dai Mubai’s spiritual force, targeting the last three Wolftaken. Tang San pointed to himself, then pointed to the Wolftaken in the center. Dai Mubai and Ma Hongjun simultaneously nodded, expressing their understanding. Three people quietly leapt up, like three shadow hunters hidden among the trees.

Eight Spider Lances sprang up, Tang San quietly rose like a Man Faced Demon Spider, huddling up in the air, Eight Spider Lances also withdrawing to his side, as far as possible eliminating the sound of cutting through the air. When he arrived behind that Wolftaken carrying corpses,

eight blood red lances abruptly extended, one bulky Blue Silver Emperor whipping out from his hand, just in time to cover the Wolftaken’s mouth. With a soft popping sound, the Eight Spider Lances pierced the Wolftaken.

The Wolftaken went rigid, wanting to shout, but the Blue Silver Emperor stuffed into its mouth abruptly grew thicker, one sharp thorn after another piercing it. Let alone screaming, it couldn’t even open its mouth. The Eight Spider Lances flashed with bloody light, and the Wolftaken immediately shriveled up, gradually growing limp.

Tang San held the corpses with his right hand, simultaneously lowering the villager and Wolftaken bodies to the ground. Raising a hand to close the eyes of the villager bodies, he inwardly said: Don’t worry, I will definitely take revenge on your behalf.

At the same time as Tang San acted, Dai Mubai and Ma Hongjun also moved up on either side. Dai Mubai’s actions were the most directly effective, releasing his spirit at the same time as he leapt up; when he, his physique even more powerful than a Wolftaken, landed behind his opponent, the result was already settled.

One bulky tiger paw covered the back of the Wolftaken’s head, one covering its mouth. Between the two hands, the Wolftaken’s solid neck twisted like soft noodles, its entire head twisting one hundred eighty degrees, it got turned to face Dai Mubai.

The last thing that Wolftaken saw, was Dai Mubai’s double pupiled evil eyes radiating dense killing intent.

Ma Hongjun’s killing speed wasn’t a bit slower than Tang San and Dai Mubai. In order to prevent the atmosphere heating up and revealing them, he didn’t use his spirit. His fat body nimbly sneaked up behind that Wolftaken, his right arm abruptly growing deep red, his sleeve instantly turning to ash. His right hand directly pressed on the top of the Wolftaken’s head, his flame right arm spirit bone ability erupting inside.

Smoke rose from the Wolftaken’s eyes, nose, mouth and ears, its body gradually falling limp to the ground, its brain already cooked to ash.

The three let go of the corpses practically simultaneously. Glancing at each other, they kept moving. On the way, they left behind one Wolftaken corpse after another using the same methods. In short order they had already eliminated more than twenty Wolftaken, and without being discovered by the ones in front.

Just as they quietly advanced on their eighth group of Wolftaken, one of their targets suddenly stopped, turning and pulling open its trousers to urinate, just in time to see Dai Mubai leaping forward.

Dai Mubai reacted extremely quickly, his tiger paw suddenly stretching forward, grabbing the Wolftaken’s throat and crushing it. But his target still issued a muffled grunt in the instant before he reached it.

Three corpses collapsed again, but this time, they also alarmed the Wolftaken ahead. Immediately, wolf howls echoed through the forest, a hundred or more Wolftaken turning and rushing back.

“Retreat.” Tang San shouted deeply. The Blue Silver Grass on the ground suddenly grew frantically, twisting around the ten Wolftaken closest to them. His hands seemed to flicker like illusions, ten bright lights flashed, and those Wolftaken whose legs had been bound howled in pain, covering their eyes and rolling on the ground. Their right eyes were hit by a three cun[2] long bone spike, penetrating into the brain. Once they hit the ground they were already dead.

The three charged back simultaneously, but blue light also rushed up in front of them, several dozen wind blades sweeping towards them, cutting everything where they stood before into pieces. That was the Wolftaken’s innate ability.

Neither Ma Hongjun nor Dai Mubai specialized in speed, but they had Tang San on their side. Two Blue Silver Emperor twisted around their waists, and along with the Eight Spider Lances burst retreat, Tang San pulled the two of them to swiftly leap back more than a hundred meters.

When the Wolftaken discovered their companions were killed, each and every one’s eyes grew blood red, and they stood on all fours, madly

charging over. They were incomparably fast, completely displaying their wolf characteristics. Three cun long claws ejected from their hands and feet, their sturdy muscles letting them leap through the forest as if flying.

These Wolftaken were intelligent: they not only chased head on, but large numbers of Wolftaken also circled around the sides, preparing to cut off Tang San and the others’ escape route.

“Little San, let’s take them on.” Dai Mubai roared. Confronting a large number of Wolftaken, his killing intent was already completely aroused: tigers being chased by wolves was not something he could stand.

Tang San simply judged the situation, and their retreat screeched to a halt. A ring of white light suddenly blossomed from below his feet. It was the release of the Deathgod Domain.

At the same time, the blue light he released also abruptly grew stronger. In the forest, the blue silver grass seemed to come alive. Centered around Tang San, within a range of a hundred meters, all the blue silver grass began to grow frantically, doing their utmost to twist around those Wolftaken, the Blue Silver Domain’s evolved Binding ability starting within its range.

Dai Mubai and Ma Hongjun were simultaneously thrown out by Tang San, both falling where the Wolftaken had gathered the most densely, and he himself instantly shot out, Eight Spider Lances stretching out in the air, straight into a nearby group of Wolftaken.

Like a tiger entering a wolf pack, Dai Mubai’s first and third spirit rings activated simultaneously. Under the effect of White Tiger barrier and White Tiger Vajra Transformation, his body grew to more than two and a half meters, his hair turning completely golden, sharp tiger claws ejecting, starting a head on raw battle with the Wolftaken.

One Wolftaken straight ahead who had not yet been bound by the blue silver domain binding leapt towards him. Dai Mubai roared, meeting it from the front, raising the tiger claws of both hands high above his head, golden light flashing in a crosswise slash. With a fluttering sound, there was abruptly a cloud of blood mist in the air, as that Wolftaken was immediately

cut into pieces by the sharp tiger claws. And under the powerful charge attacks of the Wolftaken, Dai Mubai didn’t retreat half a step.

Ma Hongjun no longer had to hide his spirit, red hot flame erupting. Under the effect of Bathing Fire Phoenix, Phoenix Fire Wire was already turning a Wolftaken just ahead into ashes. Phoenix Ascension launched, and with a turn of his fat body, he relied on the enormous wings of flame to cover the surrounding seven or eight Wolftaken in stubbornly adhering golden phoenix flame.

Tang San’s expression was as undisturbed as a dried out well, cutting into the Wolftaken group. These Wolftaken really were powerful, even though their legs were bound, they still didn’t forget to attack with wind blades, and simultaneously swung their wolf claws to sever the blue silver grass binding them.

With a popping sound, one of Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances pierced a Wolftaken body, simultaneously turning in midair, a jade colored hand directly grabbing a wolf claw swung at him. Ear piercing bone cracks resounded from the wolf claw, and one Eight Spider Lance also thrust into that Wolftaken’s ribs.

The blood thirsty Eight Spider Lances grew even more gaudily red. With each Wolftaken killed, it would extract the Wolftaken’s vitality and draw it into Tang San’s body, making Tang San’s killing intent even more flourishing.

The Eight Spider Lances revealed their frightening killing power at this moment. Let alone being skewered, even those of the Wolftaken thats just got barely cut would in short order fall limply to the ground from the poison.

The Wolftakens’ wind blade attacks couldn’t cause much trouble for the three. After all, their attacks were still a bit lacking. Dai Mubai relied on his body, enhanced by White Tiger Vajra Transformation, to stiffly resist. Ma Hongjun used the red hot flame of Bathing Fire Phoenix and Phoenix Ascension to dissolve the energy of the attacks. And Tang San relied on his

incomparably marvellous Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step to slip through the cracks between the wind blades.

As Dai Mubai massacred the innumerable Wolftaken around him, when he occasionally glanced at Tang San, he couldn’t help drawing a cold breath.

There was unexpectedly more Wolftaken fallen near Tang San than him and Ma Hongjun combined. The current Tang San didn’t only have the Eight Spider Lances, both his arms also flashed like the hands of a death god. His movements basically couldn’t be seen clearly, but frightening bright lights constantly sprinkled from his hands, all hitting the Wolftaken’s eyes, throats, temples, hearts, or the vitals further down. Just in this short time, more than forty Wolftaken had fallen around him. Constantly changing position just like a mirage, in Dai Mubai’s eyes, right now he was like a hell Asura. Of the more than three hundred Wolftaken, right now more than a third had already died under their hands.

But there still remained more than two hundred, that by now had completely surrounded the three. The effect of the Blue Silver Domain Binding gradually disappeared. Those Wolftaken who had struggled free of their bindings basically didn’t even pause over the death of their comrades, instead attacking with increasing ferocity. The blood made their already excited eyes turn completely blood red.

The reason why Tang San and the others had chosen to fight in close combat really wasn’t because they could injure and kill the opponents faster that way: on the contrary, Ma Hongjun and Dai Mubai’s large scale killing abilities would substantially exhaust their spirit power. Even if hand to hand fighting was a bit dangerous, the spirit power consumption was laughable. As for their physical strength, they had undergone Grandmaster’s hell training, and with the effects of the immortal treasure herbs they had once taken and the attribute upgrades of spirit rings and spirit bones, under these circumstances, even if they killed every single Wolftaken they wouldn’t run out of physical strength.

“Mubai, look out!” Tang San’s shout resounded in Dai Mubai’s ears. Even though he was going all out slaughtering, he still didn’t neglect what

was going on around him. Blue Silver Domain constantly imparted every single detail of the battlefield into his mind. Only, in this crazed battle, he couldn’t manage to share the Blue Silver Domain with his companions.

Just on Dai Mubai’s side an especially large, cyan furred Wolftaken quietly leapt forward. It didn’t make a sound. It seemed even more like a wolf, a faint blue light gushing around it, it was this blue light’s control over the air and its presence that kept Dai Mubai from discovering it.

At the same time as this cyan Wolftaken appeared, behind Tang San and Ma Hongjun two more quietly appeared and leapt towards each one of them.

Chapter 204

Once the Cyan Wolftaken appeared, those normal grey Wolftaken not only did not stop their attack, rather they became even more ferocious, which helped Tang San take notice of them. In this chaotic environment, if not for his Blue Silver Domain, it would really have been hard to notice their existence.

Dai Mubai suddenly turned his body, releasing a burst of his White TigerLight Wave which happened to meet with one of those Cyan Wolftaken’ surprise attack.

Those Cyan Wolftaken were much bigger than the normal Wolftaken, yet were still very agile. When facing Dai Mubai’s attack one very quickly lowered his body, releasing an illusory light: it was as if it was sliding along the ground as it evaded Dai Mubai’s attack.

When its body once again rose, it was already in front of Dai Mubai. Its two front claws swung at him in an upward movement, releasing a green crescent-shaped blade of light as if trying to disembowel Dai Mubai.

Ma Hongjun and Tang San also faced the simultaneous attack: the Cyan Wolftaken attacking Ma Hongjun charged directly at him as he picked up speed, practically transforming itself into a green after-image. The timing of the attack was brilliant, just as Ma Hongjun unleashed the phoenix flames in his wings to attack two of the ordinary Wolftaken he revealed several weaknesses. Desperately, Ma Hongjun could only withdraw his wings with his hands, thrusting them in front of him as he received this blow.

Strangely, as the Cyan Wolftaken was about to collide with the Phoenix Wings, it seemed to defy all law as it stopped mid air, and the giant Wolftakensuddenly arched backwards. As if transforming into a bow pulled taut like a full moon, its two front paws crossed above its head causing an explosion of green light which transformed into a two meter long blade of light furiously charging towards Ma Hongjun.

The Cyan Wolftaken attacking Tang San was the biggest of them, and was significantly larger than the other two, with its eyes completely green. Silently pouncing towards Tang San’s back, it was the first amongst the three to attack, which was why Tang San only had time to alert Dai Mubai and not Ma Hongjun.

Under its sprint, the cold green forest glow coming from it seemed to render its whole body transparent. Its method of attack was also different from the other two, rather than slashing out with blades of light from its claws, it opened its mouth about three meters away from Tang San and spat out a ball of green light which instantly enveloped Tang San’s body.

The moment it started moving, Tang San had already realised. However, the pressure from the full frontal assault from the other wolves was too large, as they were all manically lunging at him without fear of death.

A glint of coldness flashed on Tang San’s face. With both hands folded in front of him, just as the attack from the back was about to reach him, he had already disappeared into thin air. The green ball of light passed through where he was before and collided with two other Wolftaken instead. On those wolves there was all of a sudden another layer of green as they violently convulsed and coughed out blood, and not just blood but rather their innards: from the looks of it they would live no more. Their sturdy bodies were actually instantly destroyed by that green ball.

When Tang San reappeared, it was just above the head of this huge Cyan Wolftaken. Like the saying goes, friendship cannot stand always on one side, Tang San’s body quietly descended and his Eight Spider Lances stabbed towards the Cyan Wolftaken, thirsting for its blood.


And this was only because his body was already extra sturdy, and was somewhat protected by his Eight Spider Lances: if it was any other normal spiritmaster, taking a blow like that would have sent him half to death.

Tang San inwardly cursed himself for being careless: as he was tumbling in the air, he once again activated his teleport ability, dodging the dozens of green Wind Blades sent his way by the Cyan Wolftaken, and fell to one side. These Wind Blades released by the Cyan Wolftaken was not as simple as that of the other normal Wolftaken.

The Wind Blades released by the other Wolftaken were no more than a foot long with a width not exceeding three inches. However, in the case of this Cyan Wolftaken, the Wind Blades released were in terms of thickness already over a foot thick, their length over a meter, and the accompanying power was also on a completely different level, whistling through the air as it cut into shreds all the the plants and vegetation it flew across.

The situation at Tang San’s side was not good, but the same could be said for Dai Mubai and Ma Hongjun. Dai Mubai, after releasing his White Tiger Flash, never expected that the enemy he had already locked onto would evade his attack from below, and at this point in time he had already shifted his focus back onto another normal Wolftaken, tearing open its chest with a palm strike.

Facing the upwards slicing blade of light from his opponent, he could only choose to try and block it head on, his two tiger palms striking out against the attack of the Cyan Wolftaken.

In a bang, the Cyan Wolftaken was sent flying back, but Dai Mubai also did not come off scot-free. He was in a bad shape as his skin was ripped apart by the green Wind Blade. Even with his White Tiger Barrier and White Tiger Vajra Shelter, his internal organs were still injured by the invasion of that sharp energy, the pain giving him no choice but to fully release his Spirit Power.

He could clearly tell that although this Cyan Wolftaken’s spirit power was inferior to his, it was close to his when he was at the fifties rank. However, the main problem was that he did not understand its abilities at

all, and what’s more he was being surrounded by so many normal Wolftaken, forcing him to participate in this bitter struggle.

On the other side, Ma Hongjun’s situation was equally dire. The Cyan Wolftaken that had attacked him released even more power: with a ear- piercing screech, Fatty’s phoenix wings were sliced half-way through, although some of his phoenix flames stuck onto his opponent’s front legs, he still took some internal damage from the attack in addition to the pain coming from his arms which felt as if they were broken.

The three Cyan Wolftaken sneak attack was undoubtedly successful, even Tang San and Dai Mubai who knew about it took some injuries, while Ma Hongjun had it even worse off.

The Cyan Wolftaken which was tagged by the phoenix flame reacted very quickly, as its paws flashed with a sharp glint. Immediately, it had cut off the fur caught ablaze by the flame: astonishingly, its blood was also green.

The three Cyan Wolftaken naturally had no intention of letting the Tang San trio off. Currently they had formed an encirclement around them along with the other normal Wolftaken, that were not crazily attacking them like before: rather they were feinting and only occasionally sneaking in an attack, while the three Cyan Wolftaken focused fully on attacking the Tang San trio.

Dai Mubai’s character usually made him stronger as he fought with stronger people. After being successfully hit by the opponent’s sneak attack, he angrily cursed: “Fuck, when I am not showing my power as a tiger, you take me for a sick cat!”

In his rage, his whole body emitted a golden glow as he charged directly towards the Cyan Wolftaken, his two tiger claws shining with a golden light, releasing a foot long golden blade from each claw.

Those Cyan Wolftaken seemed to be without a shred of fear. With speed far outmatching Dai Mubai’s they entangled him. In terms of strength, Dai Mubai was by far above these Cyan Wolftaken. But after the exertion from

earlier, his Spirit Power had waned: with so many normal Wolftaken encircling them, he also had no choice but to keep some strength in reserve for them. As a result the gap between them had been significantly closed.

Even so, Dai Mubai’s strength was not something that those Cyan Wolftaken could match. In a few exchanges, they had already been forced back by his Tiger Claws, which left many deep scratches on them.

But what depressed Dai Mubai the most was how tricky these Cyan Wolftaken were: on many occasions, just as he thought he would be able to disembowel them, their green bodies would glow slightly. This would then nullify most of his attack or even allow them to completely avoid it.

Ma Hongjun was not as active in attacking, as he was injured from the previous strike, and not lightly. Not only were his internal organs damaged, but his arms had also been deeply cut and badly mutilated. Although he tried to used his phoenix wing attacks again, he was forced back by the opponents nimble strikes.

Ma Hongjun’s explosive power was undoubtedly very strong but, currently, he was being completely suppressed by his opponents speed, and looked to be in a precarious situation.

The Cyan Wolftaken attacking Tang San was the most tyrannical amongst them, and was also the largest; its spirit power was also no less than Tang San’s. However, it was fast beyond measure, and its ability to appear illusory was much better than that of the other two Cyan Wolftaken. Although it still could not be compared to Tang San’s Nothingness skill, it still allowed it to be able to evade most of the attacks it faced.

Noticing that things were not going so well on Ma Hongjun’s side, Tang San knew that they could delay no more and had to swiftly end this fight. These Cyan Wolftaken were by no means weak, but they still were not something he thought much of. Compared to all the powerful people from Spirit Hall he had faced, how could these crude lifeforms even be compared to them?

His body flashed once more in the air as he activated his teleportation ability, but this time Tang San used it to open up a distance between them. This was the moment to show off the power of the core of the Shrek Seven Devil. The place he had appeared at was near the middle of where Ma Hongjun and Dai Mubai were fighting, equally distanced from both of them.

His fourth spirit ring shone as black light burst forth, activating his ten- thousand year Spirit Ability, Blue Silver Prison.

Under the effects of the Blue Silver Domain, each of the abilities of the Blue Silver Emperor gained an immeasurable boost. Between the flashes of light, the opponents Ma Hongjun and Dai Mubai were facing became trapped in a huge Blue Silver Prison. Although they had the ability to appear illusory, it was not enough for them to breakthrough these restraints. What’s more, to play it safe, Tang San had also used his upgraded Death God Domain ability, Death God Assault, together with the Blue Silver Prison.

A cold frightening gaze shot forth from his spirit into these two Cyan Wolftaken, making them slightly more sluggish and making it even more impossible to escape his Blue Silver Prison.

Dai Mubai and Ma Hongjun had worked together with Tang San for so long: when Tang San appeared between them, they had already started to gather their powers, and once they had seen their opponents get trapped in that sturdy Blue Silver Prison, they both simultaneously released their strongest attacks.

White Tiger Meteor Shower descended from the skies, piercing through the gaps left in the Blue Silver Emperor, flying towards the Cyan Wolftaken inside, while Ma Hongjun released the pent up frustration. Earlier, while he was retreating, he had actually been gathering his power waiting for the chance to land a single killing blow on his opponent, but his opponent had been too fast, which gave him no chance to hit. That is why he had been constantly retreating.

At this time the Cyan Wolftaken had been successfully trapped in Tang San’s Blue Silver Prison, what reason was there to hold back anymore? Releasing his attack even before Dai Mubai, his bloodied right arm shot straight towards the ground below the Blue Silver Emperor.

Because of the presence of a Spirit Bone, his right arm was much sturdier than the left, and so it was less seriously damaged. His fourth Spirit Ability, Phoenix Cry Sky Strike, activated. When the distorted light along with the earth shaking force appeared under the Cyan Wolftaken’s feet, its fate was already sealed.

At this time, the surrounding normal Wolftaken could also sense the situation going downhill: immediately they crazily charged towards Dai Mubai, Ma Hongjun and Tang San in an attempt to interrupt Ma Hongjun and Dai Mubai’s attack.

But, since Tang San had already started to move, how could he give them that chance?

Woosh--- The Blue Silver Domain’s power was beautifully displayed, and the Blue Silver Prison variant ability Blue Silver Thrust activated.

Countless strands of Blue Silver Grass thrusted out, stabbing into the skies. Although the Wolftaken had a sturdy body, under the effects of this Ten-Thousand Year Spirit Ability, especially since it covered a huge area of effect, they had no chance to evade.

Although Blue Silver Thrust was not enough to really kill them, many had their legs and bodies pierced through, thoroughly injuring all the normal Wolftaken and also stunning them all. Of course there were also about seven or eight of the Wolftaken which had bad luck and had multiple weak spots pierced such as the … … in their lower regions, and so were instantly killed. Although some lived, the suffering they were going through was much worse than being dead.

Tang San had attacked without warning, and everything just happened so fast that, when the strongest Cyan Wolftaken noticed something was wrong,

the other two Cyan Wolftaken had already taken Dai Mubai and Ma Hongjun’s attacks.

“Aooo” The strongest Cyan Wolftaken let out a howl towards the skies. Rather than trying to save its comrades, it dashed straight towards Tang San, its whole body exuding a dreamlike glow, leaving a long trail of light behind it.

Although Tang San was fully displaying his powers, he didn’t forget about his own opponent: from the start till now, he had already decided that he had to defeat these three Cyan Wolftaken. Only after they were defeated, would today’s fight here be over.

As a result, after consecutively using his fourth Spirit Ability twice, his gaze had landed on that strongest Cyan Wolftaken. Seeing it rushing over, Tang San’s eyes instantly turned clear blue.

Activating his Purple God Light, a violet light shot out.

The Cyan Wolftaken’s illusory ability was able to negate a large portion of physical attacks: however, Tang San’s Purple God Light was a completely mental attack. How could it be able to evade this? Even if it was even faster, it couldn’t be faster than light. In its rage, this Cyan Wolftaken charged in in a straight line, and so its sturdy body collided head on with the Purple God Light.

Following a loud bang, the Cyan Wolftaken let out a shrill scream. However it was not actually killed by the Purple God Light, due to its body’s frightening durability and also its unusually strong mental power. After being hit by the Purple God Light, blood spurted out from its nose and mouth and it became temporarily stunned: however, its muscles were still wildly pulsing, just like a spirit ability Tang San had previously seen
- Bloodlust.

No longer holding back, Tang San’s eyes shone with a fierce glare. This Cyan Wolftaken was already so ferocious normally, if it were to be under the Bloodlust effect, then it would be difficult for the three of them to retreat. Although they had the upper hand at the moment, the three of them

had exchanged a large portion of their Spirit Power for this situation. If they were not able to destroy the enemy in one fell swoop they would have to bear the consequences of using up such a large portion of their Spirit Power.

Tang San’s hands moved, as he spread out his arms. At the same time a jade colour appeared between his hands as he pulled out an object shining with a crystalline brilliance from his waist. At this point in time, no one was able to clearly see how his hands were moving anymore. It was as if he grew a thousand arms, and all that could be seen by his side was an afterimage of arms.

Sparkling lights flew out from Tang San’s body: sharp ones, prickly ones, ribbed ones, curved ones, hooked ones, needle-like ones. Countless hidden weapons exploded forth in all directions from him.

Flying straight, diagonally, curved or even into each other, it looked as if in an instant a dazzling flower appeared in front of Tang San, those countless hidden weapons rattling as they activated in the air.

Each one of those hidden weapons seemed to have a pair of eyes, casually flying past all the plants on the forest, each one carrying a white plume behind them as their brilliant luster seemed to light up the whole forest.

Although the Purple God Light hit the Cyan Wolftaken, it was not enough to hold him for long: just before the Purple God Light hit, it had felt something was amiss, and being the smart Cyan Wolftaken Leader it was, it had activated its Bloodlust ability.

After the Bloodlust ability was activated, it moved to kill only according to instincts, with no need for much considerations. That is why although it was injured by the Purple God light, it believed that it would be able to crush Tang San’s trio under the Bloodlust effect.

But just as it restarted moving and the illusory glow covered its body, countless hidden weapons had already covered the skied like a large ball, trapping it completely within with no room to dodge whatsoever. The white

plume on each hidden weapon originated from Tang San’s Mysterious Heaven Skill’s internal strength.

After releasing these hidden weapons, rather than looking exhausted, his face shone with excitement, softly saying to himself: “To die from the fourth ranked Tang Sect Hidden Weapon Technique, One Thousand And One Nights, you can already count yourself lucky. This is no longer hidden weapons, this is loneliness, the loneliness of death.”

The hidden weapons reached their destination just as Tang San uttered his final word.

All of them brilliantly landed on target, with each and everyone of them showing a different effect: the piercing weapons ruthlessly penetrating his enemies, the explosive ones loudly exploding, the poisonous ones poisoning them, while those with edges sliced them cleanly. Regardless of which kind of hidden weapon they were, don’t forget they all originated from the Tang Sect.

One Thousand And One Nights, the ranked fourth technique amongst the delivery of hidden weapons. Surpassing it was only the legendary three. The reason it was number four was not because it lacked power: in terms of skill required, the Thousand and One Nights was the hardest to execute.

The number of hidden weapons Tang San had launched was precisely one thousand and one, each one also carrying some of his Mysterious Heaven Skill internal energy. Once launched, unless one had the ability to teleport, none would be able to dodge this attack.

When executing this One Thousand And One Nights hidden weapon technique, the user must first use the Mysterious Heaven Technique to jolt his innards and raise his Spirit Power by threefold. Also the Mysterious Heaven Technique has to be above the sixth level in order to use this technique. What’s more, after using this technique, the user will be weakened for three days before he recovers.

It had not been long since Tang San had mastered the One Thousand And One Nights. This technique was a combination of various other hidden

weapon throwing techniques, which only when mastered could be used in this way. When one first started, he would have to practice throwing with three hidden weapons, individually controlling them to fly straight, diagonally and in an arc, before moving on to work with six objects… twelve objects… all the way till one thousand and one, and only then it could be said that the technique had been mastered.

Once used, this technique was sufficient to destroy anybody up to thirty percent stronger than the user. The all-round attack combined with the specialised Tang Sect hidden weapons was impossible to block. In the history of the Tang Sect, there had yet to be anyone who lived after facing this technique.

Of course, the One Thousand And One Nights was not without its flaws, the first being the sheer quantity of hidden weapons required, the second the difficulty in mastering and practicing the technique, and third and last was the excessive drain on the user. This technique was specially used to deal with targets who were extremely fast and could not be normally targeted. Afterall, if you were to shoot in all directions, how could your attack be dodged?

It was precisely because of these weaknesses that it was ranked fourth, behind Yama’s invitation. But it is without doubt that in Tang San’s previous world the people able to use the One Thousand And One Nights were also inevitably able to use the other few pinnacle hidden weapons.

Tang San’s Purple God Light was not only used to attack the Cyan Wolftaken, at the same time it was used to buy time for him to prepare his hidden weapons. After already consecutively using twice his ten thousand year spirit ability, if he wanted to display more abilities, in this situation the best choice would be his hidden weapons.

Of course, he had not originally wanted to showcase his newly mastered One Thousand And One Nights ability: it was only after seeing the Cyan Wolftaken go into the Bloodlust state that he decided to use it.

After mastering this technique, this was the first time Tang San actually used it. The internal energy generated from his Mysterious Heaven Skill

jolting himself had to be quickly released in a few seconds or else it would lose its effect. Tang San had experienced using these secret techniques to synchronise with his spirit abilities, but it had always turned out poorly. Although the extra spirit energy there was when using spirit abilities was good, the sudden, explosive increase in spirit energy made Tang San lose control of the spirit ability, resulting in it being worse than normal. What's more, that secret technique was specially made for the One Thousand And One Nights technique. So when using this technique, all went smoothly. This was Tang San’s first time using the ranked four technique of the Tang Sect. Now, amongst the hundreds of Tang Sect techniques and hidden weapons, he had only not used the first two before.

Bloodlust caused the blood in Cyan Wolftaken to surge; yet at this point in time, he could only spurt a rain of blood from the innumerable number of wounds on its body. In the face of the One Thousand And One Nights, all that awaited it was death. Practically its entire body was covered by the lonely death brought to it by the One Thousand And One Nights.

A fierce roar also came from his two sides as Dai Mubai and Ma Hongjun finished their attacks. As the Blue Silver Prison opened, the Wolftaken Dai Mubai faced had been bombarded into a bloody pulp, while Ma Hongjun’s opponent had been thoroughly roasted into charcoal.

In so many years, Ma Hongjun had never been injured to this degree: the pain coming from his body made him really mad. That’s why, after the Phoenix Cry Sky Strike was over, he immediately followed up with his fifth spirit ability as well.

Phoenix Meteor Shower.

Ma Hongjun’s Phoenix Meteor Shower was vastly different from Dai Mubai’s White Tiger Meteor Shower. Firstly, as one was a Ten-thousand Year Spirit Ability and the other was only a Thousand Year Spirit Ability, naturally there was a difference in attack power.

Fatty’s Phoenix Meteor Shower also had a very big area of effect, and what’s more each of the meteors carried his Phoenix Flame’s offensive power, naturally making it even more horrifying.

Hearing a loud cry, these Wolftaken tangled by the Blue Silver Thrust became bathed by the Phoenix Meteor Shower. What good outcome could one still expect for them?

After this round of attacks, the living Wolftaken were less than a third of the original, all of which were already quite heavily injured.

Tang San would not give them the chance to escape, although he was already starting to show signs of going into a weakened state. He still once again used the Blue Silver Domain’s evolved Binding ability, trapping these remaining injured wolves. The following events transformed into a one sided massacre.

The one doing the massacre was not Tang San nor was it Dai Mubai, rather it was Fatty, whose eyes were red with flames of anger, crazily charging out, fighting with those Wolftaken for their lives.

Only after the fight was over did Tang San and Dai Mubai see that the wound on Fatty’s left arm was bone deep. Standing there, panting, he ate two of of Oscar’s recovery sausages, with his whole upper body covered in blood after he incinerated the last Wolftaken.

In fact, all three of them could be considered to be covered in blood: of course most of it belonged to the enemy. At this point, Tang San’s weakness could already be seen as he fell onto the ground panting. Amongst the three of them, the person in the best state was Dai Mubai, although he looked just as exhausted as his comrades.

Dai Mubai did not rest and went to check the corpses of the remaining wolves, making sure that they would not be ambushed by those playing dead as they left.

However, there were definitely no Wolftaken who survived: with attacks as fierce as theirs, these Wolftaken naturally had no chance to survive. Especially that Cyan Wolftaken which attacked Tang San. If they were to be classified according to spirit ranks, that one had to have at least twenty thousand years of cultivation, its level of cunning was not something a ten thousand year old beast could match.

After checking, Dai Mubai Finally returned to sit at Tang San’s side: other than those confirmed to be dead, he made sure to trample on all the other bodies making sure of their demise.

Ma Hongjun had also walked back to Tang San’s side. The three of them sat there with their backs to each other, slowly eating Oscar’s Recover Sausages to recover strength.

Dai Mubai bitterly smiled: “Who knew that this fight would be so difficult.”

Tang San replied: “I had underestimated them, I didn’t expect that amongst the Wolftaken such powerful green ones existed. If I guess correctly, they should be variants amongst the Wolftaken, much stronger than the normal Wolftaken in all attributes.”

Dai Mubai nodded, speaking with a tinge of fearfulness: “Thankfully you reacted quickly and did not allow them to reveal their full power, or else we would really have been in trouble. Little San, the hidden weapons you used really left me speechless, can I learn those things?”

Tang San nodded with certainty towards Dai Mubai, smilingly he said: “Learning is not impossible, but you would have to start learning as a child. If you want to start now, you would have to give up your current spirit and start again from scratch, and after practicing for dozens of years it should do the trick.”

Dai Mubai said: “Haha, then forget it. Fatty, how are you feeling now?”

Ma Hongjun had already calmed down, and bitterly said: “I’m okay. Little Ao’s Recovery Sausages certainly have improved. My injuries are mostly recovering, but i am still unable to lift up my left arm. It will probably be a while until it heals.”

Dai Mubai said: “You guys just rest here first, I’ll go take a look at the village and at the same time see if there are any other Wolftaken around.”

Tang San nodded towards Dai Mubai. Although he was currently in a weakened state, together with Ma Hongjun they should have no trouble keeping themselves alive. After all, even for someone practicing the Mysterious Heaven Skill in the other world, who else had Oscar’s Recovery Sausages to recover with? After eating a few of them, Tang San already felt his weakened condition improving a lot. Probably he would not need three days before he recovered fully.

Not long after, Dai Mubai returned with an ashed face.

“F***, these Wolftaken are so inhumane, even the women and children were killed.”

“What?” Tang San and Ma Hongjun replied equally shocked.

Dai Mubai said: “It should be the wolves we killed earlier that killed those people. Who would have thought that because of us…” As he said this, his tiger eyes let out a painful glow: it was because he had wanted to fight head on with them, along with the pressure brought by Tang San, that these wolves had first finished off the women and children. In this forest, other than the three of them, there were no other living people left.

Although they had exterminated the Wolftaken, they had not managed to save the villagers. This left a heavy feeling on his heart.

Tang San stood up and patted Dai Mubai on his shoulder: “Boss, don’t think about it too much, at least we already avenged their deaths.”

Dai Mubai stood there silently, as Tang San went ahead to the side of the Cyan Wolftaken Leader, one by one retrieving the hidden weapons from its body. Although there were a few single-use hidden weapons, most of them were reusable. Since they were heading to Sea God Island, these hidden weapons were extremely precious to Tang San, once used they would be gone.

Just as he was removing a Willow Knife from the corpse, he suddenly noticed the place the knife had pierced gave off a cyan lustre, and no blood flowed out from that area.

“Oh, what is this?” The Willow Knife in Tang San’s hand moved, cutting open the thigh of the Cyan Wolftaken, revealing a bright cyan glow within.

The cyan glow also got Dai Mubai and Ma Hongjun’s attention, as the two of them came over. The three of them looked at each other for sometime, with mixed emotions.

That green object was actually a Spirit Bone, a Right-Leg Spirit Bone. It was giving off a cyan glow and a fairly strong feeling.

Dai Mubai spoke towards Tang San: “Little San, do you think this is its own Spirit Bone or do you think it got it from hunting Spirit Beasts?”

Chapter 205

“This is hard to say.” Tang San replied with a wry smile. “It’s my first encounter with a lifeform like theWolftaken. Nevermind that, the spirit bone belongs to us now. If my guess is correct, the strength of the three Cyan Wolftaken should have been similar, but the possession of the spirit bone made this one stronger than the other two. Mubai, this spirit bone should go to you. Among us Seven Devils, you are the only one without a spirit bone.”

Dai Mubai was stunned: “But there is Xiao Wu.”

Tang San’s eyes dimmed: “Xiao Wu does not need a spirit bone at the moment. Boss, there’s no need to stand on ceremony. You are our big brother, and all along you gave in and took care of us. Now that all of us have a spirit bone, you should have a piece of your own too. By improving your strength, it will make our trip to sea god island somewhat safer. If I’m not mistaken, this spirit bone might bestow two possible abilities. The first would be the illusory technique that weakens physical attacks that the Wolftaken used, the second the Bloodlust technique he displayed at the end. No matter which it is, both are very useful to you. Besides, this spirit bone will greatly enhance your speed and bodily attributes.”

Dai Mubai received the cyan spirit bone. He was not an emotional person: without hesitation, he pressed the spirit bone’s aura into his right leg and sat cross-legged, absorbing the spirit bone’s abilities.

About two hours later, Dai Mubai recovered from his meditative state. By now, the wounds Ma Hongjun had sustained had healed, except the one on

his left arm. Tang San felt somewhat weak, but walking wasn’t an issue for him.

“How is it, boss?” Ma Hongjun asked with curiosity.

Dai Mubai’s countenance had obviously improved. Initially, he was depressed by the death of the villagers, and despite Tang San’s counsel he was not able to get over it. Having just absorbed the spirit bone, his mood had now greatly improved. Although the death of the villagers still haunted him, he looked better on the surface at the very least.

“Little San was right. The spirit bone gave me the Bloodlust ability, and it’s a frightening one. The spirit bone’s name is Bloodlust Craze Hurricane Right Leg. I feel that my body is now much lighter. The technique Bloodlust Craze allows me to enter into a crazed state, enhancing attack, defense and speed by a hundred percent, but prevents me from using spirit abilities. However, I’m unsure if I can maintain my consciousness within the state.”

“It’s best not to use the spirit bone technique for now” Tang San said with a thought “It may lead to undesirable consequences in the case you lose your mind when using the technique. Wait until we obtain a head spirit bone. It will improve your mental prowess, and perhaps then you will be able to control your Bloodlust Craze.”

When it came to spirits, Tang San, who was Grandmaster’s protégé, was naturally the most experienced amongst them. Giving him a nod, Dai Mubai turned to look around at the surrounding corpses and said, “Let’s gather the corpses. It’s time we returned, lest the rest become anxious.”

The dead bodies of the Wolftaken and villagers were grouped separately.

“I apologize for being unable to rescue all of you, but we have avenged your deaths. Please rest in peace.” Tang San said with a soft sigh. Without a word, the three of them bowed to the villagers who had died terribly.

When they left, phoenix flames rose within the forest. Under M

Under Tang San’s mental directions, the trio quickly reached where the rest were waiting for them.

With a wave of his right hand, Tang San withdrew the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud. The rest had grown anxious while waiting. Zhu Zhuqing threw herself at Dai Mubai right away.

Although she did not utter a word, the worry in her eyes could not be hid.

Stroking Zhu Zhuqing’s head, Dai Mubai said “It’s okay, I’m fine, the blood on us belongs to our enemies. Only Fatty was slightly injured. Our luck was pretty good, we got our hands on a piece of spirit bone.” With this, he gave a brief picture of what had happened. Upon learning of the Wolftaken’s ruthlessness, everyone wore a look of fury. Bai Chexiang nodded in agreement, as she had witnessed the misfortune of the villagers.

Xiao Wu had already hid herself behind Ning Rongrong, and although her gaze was blank, the expression on her face was that of horror.

Suddenly, Tang San recalled the previous occasion when Xiao Wu refused to go near him after his killings. Inwardly sighing, he said: “Oscar, the water we brought along is with you. Bring some over. We will wash our bodies.”

Within the forest by the road, it took more than ten water pouches to rid the trio of the bloodstains on their bodies. Changing into a fresh set of clothes, they rejoined the rest. Ma Hongjun’s face was pale, his substantial loss of blood showing its effect. Even with Oscar’s recovery sausages, it would take some time to replenish the lost blood.

Watching Fatty’s unsteady steps, Bai Chenxiang hurried forth to support him. Fatty’s left arm drooped by his side as he got on the carriage in a dizzy state.

After Tang San and Dai Mubai boarded the carriage, Tan San explained Xiao Wu’s condition and swopped positions to allow Xiao Wu to sit leaning against Ning Rongrong. He, Dai Mubai and Ma Hongjun sat at the exterior.

Despite this, Tang San could see that Xiao Wu still trembled, obviously affected by the killing intent they gave off.

If it was only Tang San, he would certainly choose to walk beside the carriage. However’s Fatty’s injuries were not minor, how could he make his own brother walk for the request of his lover?

His emotions lightly stirring, Tang San already thought of a solution, with a burst of blue light, the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud once again made its appearance, the blue light burst forth, enveloping Xiao Wu, Ning Rongrong and Oscar within it. Immediately, the three of them vanished from within the carriage. Using the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud, they could easily separate each other.

Indeed, the Xiao Wu within the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud gradually was able to calm down, leaning on Ning Rongrong, she went to sleep.

Bai Chenxiang carefully lifted up Fatty’s sleeves, and could not help but gasp, originally she wanted to scream but somehow she managed to hold it in. However, she was unable to conceal the fear in her eyes, which turned red as tears flowed down her face.

On Ma Hongjun’s left arm was a five-inch long open wound that was already revealing the bone beneath. Whatsmore this wound had already been treated by Tang San to help quench the bleeding, if not, he would have bleed out long ago.

Bai Chenxiang was just thinking of helping him wrap up his wound before Tang San stopped her, saying: “You cannot directly wrap it up, the wound is too large, it would make it too hard to heal that way. You need to first suture the wound. Xiangxiang, currently I am weakened and my hands are not too steady, can you do it?”

Bai Chenxiang glanced at Tang San before nodding affirmatively. “I can do it.”

Tang San smiled comfortingly, as they spent more time together, slowly Bai Chenxiang’s good points were emerging. Although she was slightly

haughty, she was actually very kind. But after she had acknowledged the Shrek Seven Devils, other than to Ma Hongjun, she treated all of them very respectfully. At this time, she was also showing off her courage.

Taking the thread and needle Tang San handed her, she took a deep breath as she brought Ma Hongjun’s left arm into her embrace. Facing Dai Mubai opposite her she said: “Big Brother Dai, can you help me hold him down, I am scared he will move about too much from the pain.”

Along with a nod of his head, Dai Mubai lifted his arm and pressed it down on Ma Hongjun’s shoulder.

Bai Chenxiang shut her eyes and took a deep breath before opening them again, a determined glare appearing in her eyes. Putting his left arm under her left armpit, tucking both her knees together clamping his fat arm in place between them.

Tang San nodded towards Dai Mubai, Dai Mubai exerted some force in his right arm, releasing his spirit power, stabilising Fatty’s body in place.

Bai Chenxiang once again took a deep breath, left hand holding on to the wound, right hand starting to suture with the needle.

With the first needle, Fatty’s body began to shake violently. Although he was presently unconscious due to the substantial blood loss, his body involuntarily convulsed.

Under Dai Mubai’s strength, his body naturally could not move. But Dai Mubai did not hold down the whole of Ma Hongjun’s body, his injured left arm was pressed down by Bai Chenxiang.

Bai Chenxiang’s strength paled to that of Dai Mubai, and could not compare to that of Ma Hongjun’s. Even though the left arm was injured, under pain it couldn’t help but move.

Gritting her teeth, Bai Chenxiang sandwiched Fatty’s palm with her knees, and wrapped his left arm under hers. Working the needles, she speedily sutured the wound on his arm. Her techniques were extraordinarily

steady, and the spacing between each suture was almost equal. Quickly, the flesh split open by the Cyan Wolftaken was stitched together.

A soft pop sound went off, and a stream of green smoke rose from where Bai Chenxiang’s knee were. Although Ma Hongjun was in semi-conscious state, under intense pain he subconsciously released some of his flames.

Tang San was shocked. Despite his fatigued body, he still had mental prowess. “Fatty, withdraw your strength,” Tang San hurriedly growled. The voice was transmitted to Ma Hongjun’s ears and its mental strength caused him to shiver. Only then did the flames of his hand disappear.

Although deep furrows showed on Bai Chenxiang’s brows, and sweat poured down her face, her hands were stable, and her needlework never once ceased. This earned her the party’s admiration. Still pressing down on Fatty’s arm firmly, not once did she look at her knee that was held by Fatty’s hand.

Whether it was Dai Mubai, Tang San, Zhu Zhuqing, or Ning Rongrong and Oscar who were enveloped by the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud, their gaze towards Bai Chenxiang were somewhat special.

The fact that Tang San allowed Bai Chenxiang to join in their plans this time, everyone knew it was to create an opportunity for Fatty. Thus, no one objected. However, given the length of time the Shrek Seven Devils knew each other, the sudden entry of a stranger, although she was not ostracised, didn’t mean that she had their recognition.

Having witnessed how Bai Chenxiang stitched Ma Hongjun’s wound, the way they viewed her was somewhat special now

Calm, enduring, suffering for the sake of companions. Bai Chenxiang’s actions had won the the approval of the Shrek Seven Devils. Dai Mubai reacted the most strongly, his evil eye revealed a light of approval.

Taking notice of what is happening, Tang San could not hold back his smile. He was not unwilling to help Bai Chenxiang control Ma Hongjun,

but he chose not to do so. As the team’s mind and soul, he had to lead not only during battle.

At last, Bai Chenxiang completed the stitching procedure. The gaping wound on Ma Hongjun’s left arm was fully closed. With the constitution of a spirit master, all he needed now to recover back to normal was to rest.

Bai Chenxiang exhaled deeply, and released her knees that were clenching Ma Hongjun. Her inner thighs were already scorched black, and her dress revealed two holes. However, she smiled faintly while exhaling. With Dai Mubai’s assistance, the both of them carried Fatty to a corner of the carriage to let him sleep undisturbed. Only then did she feel that her body was already weak, and her limbs shivered uncontrollably.

Tang San took two small vials from his Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse in silence, and passed them to Bai Chenxiang. “Apply the white one on his wound, and the red one on your knees, it is to resolve the fire poison. Then, apply the white bottle’s contents on the outside to stimulate tissue regeneration.”

Bai Chenxiang handed over the needle to Tang San and took the vials. She applied the medicine on Ma Hongjun and tore a piece from her dress to wrap around his arm, before treating her own burns.

Looking at Tang San, Dai Mubai pointed at Bai Chenxiang and gave a thumbs up. Tang San smiled faintly in response.

The carriage pressed forth. Fatty slept for half a day before he woke at dusk after the party found a resting spot. After eating some of Oscar’s recovery sausages, his condition improved greatly.

“Eh, Xiangxiang, why are you walking so strangely?” Ma Hongjun curiously asked the burnt Bai Chenxiang. She had currently already changed into another long dress.

The other Shrek Seven members were all lightly smiling, but none of them helped clarify his question.

Bai Chenxiang paused for a while, her face blushing, making her seem even more beautiful under the flame’s light. Lowering her head, she gently shook it, not explaining anymore.

Ma Hongjun felt that something was wrong, and could not help but ask Dai Mubai who was not far from him: “Boss Dai, why are you smiling at me like that? What on earth happened to Xiangxiang.”

Dai Mubai snorted before ferociously saying: “Stupid Fatty, I don’t know where your damned luck comes from, this time you really got something good. If you don’t treat Xiangxiang well in the future, don’t blame me for being discourteous.” While saying this, he brandished his large fists at Ma Hongjun.

Bai Chenxiang’s face immediately got redder, softly saying: “Actually, t- there is nothing much between us.”

Dai Mubai laughed knowingly, “That’s right! There is nothing going on between you two, I never said so in the first place!”

“I… …” feeling very embarrassed, Bai Chenxiang was at a loss of words, a cool hand suddenly grasped hers, without knowing when Zhu Zhuqing had already reached her side. “Xiangxiang, just ignore them. Other than third brother, there is nothing good about these guys anyway.”

Oscar smiled wryly saying: “Zhuqing, this is a blatant over-generalised attack! I admit your family’s Boss Dai is nothing good, Fatty is also not much. But don’t you insult me like that, I am very pure okay? As pure as a small white flower.”

Zhu Zhuqing coldly snorted, “You pure? Why don’t you recite out your chant for your first Spirit Ability to Xiangxiang?”

“Uh… …” While using his Spirit ability, Oscar very softly recited his chant, not letting the people around him hear, after being exposed by Zhu Zhuqing like that, he was left speechless.

Bai Chenxiang lifted her head and looked at the Hell Civet who was prettier than her standing next to her. Without knowing when, she already felt a shred of warmth from the group, this was the first time she felt that, she had become part of this Shrek Seven Devils’ group. Although she still did not want to have anything between her and Fatty, this feeling of integration left her feeling very comfortable and somewhat satisfied.

As night advanced, the group all sat around a bonfire, shrouded by Tang San’s Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud resulting in none of them having to stay up to guard the camp.

The Mysterious Heaven Technique gently circulating in his body, coursing through his meridians. In order to recover from the state of weakness, cultivation was the best way.

However, these days while cultivating, Tang San noticed a problem. After obtaining the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud, he would frequently realise that this body had undergone some changes.

These changes mainly occurred on his four Spirit Bones, normally he would not feel much. But, each time he used his Spirit Power, or used his Spirit Ability, this feeling would become more obvious.

These four spirit bones would emanate warmth filled with energy. Tang San could also vaguely feel that they had undergone some changes. He had also tried to test out these Spirit Bone’s abilities, yet he could not feel anything different. These abilities were just like before, not any stronger nor were they any weaker. What's more, the warmth he felt was only comfortable and did not cause him any pain.

Currently, after having entered the state of cultivation, that warm feeling was back again. This time, perhaps because he was in a weakened state, the heat coming from the four spirit bones seemed to be much intenser than before.

The Spirit Bones in his head, right arm, right leg and back, concurrently became hotter, causing his whole body to become fiery hot. However,

what’s strange was, Tang San’s Mysterious Heaven Skill was unaffected by this scalding heat and was helping him cultivate as usual.

The Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud surrounded all of them silently, the only pity was that at this moment, outside the triangle glow making them fully invisible, a faint blue specter appeared behind them.

This blue specter appeared outside the area of the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud, just like a tuft of light blue smoke. Extremely faint in colour, not giving out any radiance. In this quiet night, unless one was carefully looking for it, it would be hard to even notice its presence.

However, if not for the interference of this Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud, you would be able to notice, the glow from Tang San’s head, right arm, right leg and back was eerily similar to this blue specter.

This hot feeling lasted a long time before fading away, but once the scalding feeling disappeared, Tang San could feel an indescribable comfort in his body, greatly improving his state of weakness. His Mysterious Heaven Skill also started to feel smoother, vaguely he could also feel his Spirit Power improving moving towards the peak of the sixty-sixth rank.

Opening his eyes, he could see the sky already start to turn a deep blue as dawn approached. Looking around him, he could see the rest of them still deep in cultivation while Xiao Wu was sweetly sleeping on Ning Rongrong’s lap.

What on earth was going on with him? Tang San looked towards the blue shroud, certain that the changes to his body were brought forth by the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud. However, even after following Grandmaster for so many years learning about spirit, he was still unable to find an answer to his current condition.

Spirit Bones giving off heat, what on earth was going on here? Tang San had no idea, at least he still had no idea so far. However, he was pretty certain that this Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud had become linked to him. Ever since that day he directed his Spirit Power at it, he was able to use its abilities, however after each use, it would enter into his body, making him

unable to restore their individuality as it seemed to have integrated itself into his body and spirit, becoming a part of him.

What’s more, this Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud had fused with Tang San even more so than his Spirit Bones. Those spirit bones had only physically fused with Tang San, while this thing had fused with him spiritually as well. Whenever he thought about this, he got a strange feeling that this Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud might have become part of him.

At daybreak, after Tang San finished his routine Purple Demon Eye’s training, he woke everyone for breakfast before they continued on their journey.

Long journeys were usually pretty tiring, but it was nothing much for Spirit Masters, by the time their carriage brought them to the western boundary of the Heaven Dou Empire, Ma Hongjun had already fully recovered.

Tang San took out the map in the carriage which everyone crowded around. Pointing at the map, Tang San said: “We are about to reach this place. The Vast Sea city, the only coastal city in the western part of Heaven Dou Empire. Since we are heading to Sea God Island, we have no choice but to take a boat from this town. After setting off, I estimate it would take us about ten days to reach Sea God island.”

Ning Rongrong asked: “Then should we have Ning Tian wait for us there at Vast Sea City, or should we have him return first?” Ning Tian was the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School disciple controlling the carriage.

Tang San said: “We have no idea how long we will spend there at Sea God Island, so it is better to have him go back first. When we are done, we can just rent a carriage from Vast Sea City, or just walk back.”

Vast Sea City, the largest city in the Western Heaven Dou Empire province, also the largest coastal city in the entire Douluo Continent.

This huge city was built by the sea; more accurately, it was built on the mountains by the sea, completely unshaken by the rise and fall of the tides.

Its walls were comparable to those in the capital, before you even reached the city, you could already taste the saltiness of the air.

At this moment, they had already reached the city gates and gotten off the carriage due to checks.

Zhu Zhuqing frowned and said: “What is this taste, it’s really weird.”

The city guards had no choice but to swallow their drool from seeing these four beauties escorted by Tang San, Dai Mubai and Oscar who gave off an extraordinary aura. One of them politely asked: “Is this your first time here? What you are all tasting is the taste of the sea. This Vast Sea City is built just beside the large sea. When the wind blows, this salty air would be blown over.”

At this moment they realised that the inspections were complete, the things they were carrying were all in their spirit tools and as such naturally nothing much would be checked. After thanking the guards, they did not reboard the carriage and just walked into the city.

Passing through the city walls, they entered the Vast Sea City, and the salty taste in the air got even stronger. The Shrek Seven Devils realised that the people in this Vast Sea City were different from those in the outer cities. Here, most of them were shorter and had darker skin.

Once they entered the city, they caught the notice of the Vast Sea City people. Mainly because the four ladies with them were just too beautiful.

Zhu Zhuqing’s cold expression coupled with her flaming hot figure. Ning Rongrong’s elegant feel, and tender jade-white skin. Bai Chenxiang’s tender and pleasant, seeming as pure as a lotus. And also Xiao Wu’s slender curves, empty expression, her scorpion braids hanging in front of her, quietly leaning on Tang San’s shoulder with Tang San hugging on her waist, a beautiful face coupled with a perfect body, in addition to her weak expression after losing her soul she was ranked the best amongst the four.

Though their styles were different, any one of them was already extremely stunning. Even if only one of them appeared, she would already

be able to catch the people’s attention, let alone if the four of them appeared together. Practically all the people there would turn their heads to look.

Tang San bitterly smiled: “This will not do, Zhuqing, Rongrong, Xiangxiang why don’t you all go in the carriage along with Xiao Wu.”

Ning Rongrong said while laughing: “Haha. just let them look all they want, what’s the big deal?”

Tang San shook his head and said,: “Our destination is Sea God Island, let’s not complicate things. Although this place is pretty remote, it is not definitely free from Spirit Hall’s influence. We still need to stay undercover and not let too many people know our plans, especially Spirit Hall.”

After the four girls boarded the carriage, the results were much better. Although Tang San, Dai Mubai and Oscar were all handsome guys, but as guys they were much less eye catching than those girls, and naturally the crowd following them became smaller.

After some simple discussion, they decided to stay in the Vast Sea City for two days, firstly to recover from fatigue and tidy themselves up. Secondly to prepare for their journey over the sea.

They settled down in a normal inn in the city. Ning Tian originally was preparing to head back, but Tang San had him rest in town for a day as well. Afterall, rest is important after such a long journey.

After renting the rooms, there was a small episode, Dai Mubai straightforwardly requested to share a room with Zhu Zhuqing, clearly he was up to no good, as for Zhu Zhuqing, although her face was red, she did not reject him. Oscar also took the chance to try to get into the same room as Ning Rongrong only to get kicked out by a red-faced Ning Rongrong. Simply because she wanted to sleep together with Xiao Wu.

After this, a problem arose. Dai Mubai was sharing a room with Zhu Zhuqing, Xiao Wu and Ning Rongrong shared another, Tang San and Oscar also had no problem sharing a room. But then there was a problem with the

remaining with Ma Hongjun and Bai Chenxiang. With this arrangement, the two of them would have to share the last room. Notwithstanding Bai Chenxiang’s disagreement, Fatty also disagreed to this.

During the journey, as he was getting better, he found out who had helped stitched him up, and that he had burnt that person’s knees. Afterall, Dai Mubai had described the incident very detailedly to him. From then on, Ma Hongjun’s attitude towards Bai Chenxiang had a large change. Initially he had pursued Bai Chenxiang without shame, but slowly his enthusiasm towards her became restrained without much hope in his heart. But after Fatty found out it was Bai Chenxiang who helped him with his wound, he had undergone a complete awakening. If he continued to pursue her like Dai Mubai, then if he still failed to marry her in this life his life would have been lived in vain. As such, after he recovered, he not only recovered his previous enthusiasm, his skin seemed to have become even thicker. Regardless of whether Bai Chenxiang called him fat or a pervert, he acted as if he did not hear any of it. Just like a giant fly, he circled around Bai Chenxiang all day everyday. He had decided that no matter what, during this trip to Sea God Island, he would make her his wife.

“Sigh, never mind, since I am a upright young man, Xiangxiang, I am okay with it. Just endure it for awhile and it will be over. Since I am tolerant, let’s just share a room together.”

If one had not previously known him, seeing Ma Hongjun’s sorrowful sigh, you would think that he was greatly aggrieved. However, of the Shrek Seven Devils, which of them did not know what he was really thinking?

Bai Chenxiang had an extremely cute expression, with her eyes open wide like an almond, staring at Ma Hongjun: “You… You….” Fuming till she was at a loss of words.

Oscar naturally would not give up this opportunity, immediately rushed forward, by Bai Chenxiang’s side saying: “I’ll say it for you. I have seen many shameless people, but none as shameless as you, Fatty. Right?”

Bai Chenxiang nodded her head hatefully saying: “That’s right.”

Ma Hongjun continued his act, righteously saying: “What shameless? Am I not an upright young man? Afterall I am at least two hundred jin of fat, with me around, you will definitely feel safe! Imagine having to hire a bodyguard as outstanding as me, how much would it cost? Whatsmore, I am free, so don’t worry, even if you harass me at night, I will endure it. It’s not my fault our relationship is so good, so just don’t worry and harass me all you want at night.”

Seeing, Fatty’s wretched smile, the group could not help but instantly burst out laughing.

Bai Chenxiang angrily stared at Fatty, but all of a sudden her anger was gone, to the group’s surprise she let out a sweet smile, and walked towards Ma Hongjun.

Ma Hongjun too was surprised, seeing the anger suddenly disappearing from the love of his life and giving him such a beautiful expression. Never had he seen Bai Chenxiang smile at him like this! Not able to take it anymore, he backed away saying: “Y-you, what’s wrong with you?”

Bai Chenxiang smiled lightly, making her look even prettier, “Why are you backing away? Am I that scary? Didn’t you want to sleep with me? Are you scared now?”

Fatty blinked his eyes before quickly standing upright saying: “Who is scared, Xiangxiang let’s go back to our room.”

What they didn’t expect was, Bai Chenxiang actually willingly nodded her head saying: “Let’s go then!”

“Huh?” This time the whole Shrek Seven Devils were surprised. Even if they had not seen through Bai Chenxiang and Fatty’s relationship, they had not expected it to so fast already… ...

Ma Hongjun swallowed his saliva, although he was certainly tempted to be able to sleep with Bai Chenxiang in the same room. But for some reason, seeing Bai Chenxiang smile like that, he felt a chill run down his spine.

Ma Hongjun asked curiously, “Xiangxiang, you really are going to sleep with me?”

Chapter 206

Bai Chenxiang nodded softly, “As long as you dare come, why wouldn’t I?” While speaking, she unexpectedly took the initiative to stick close to Fatty.

If it was as usual, Ma Hongjun would definitely by disastrously excited. But when Bai Chenxiang came close, he immediately sensed something wrong. He tried to retreat, but discovered Bai Chenxiang followed closely, like a shadow. Bai Chenxiang of course wasn’t his opponent in strength but, when comparing speed, there was none present who could surpass her.

Ma Hongjun was already completely rigid: he already felt an extremely sharp dagger thrust into his jacket, sticking close to the inside of his thigh. The ice cold blade triggered a burst of spasms in his leg, but he didn’t dare flail around.

Bai Chenxiang looked up smiling at Fatty. Only Ma Hongjun could sense her movements: using her body to hide her hand, the other Shrek Seven Devils couldn’t see anything. Lowering her voice, her left hand fiercely pinched Fatty’s waist,

“Dare play the rogue again, and I’ll castrate you.”

Ma Hongjun had never expected Bai Chenxiang to actually be so violent.
Besides jerking his legs, what else could he do now?

If it was an enemy, he had all kinds of means to escape, but that would undoubtedly mean using the phoenix flame. Bai Chenxiang wasn’t an enemy, if he used phoenix flame he’d directly injure her. Moreover, he

couldn’t guarantee that the sharp blade at his crotch wouldn’t take something off in the process.

“Xiangxiang, my bad, I won’t dare to do that again.” Ma Hongjun was already crying. What was this! The person originally taking the chance to take some liberties, was confronted with bare faced threats.

The ice cold sensation disappeared. Bai Chenxiang knew to quit while she was ahead; no longer sticking close to Ma Hongjun, she raised her hand to slap Fatty’s protruding belly twice, saying sweetly: “Fatty, you’re unwilling to fight me, right? Even more unwilling to use phoenix flames on me?”

Ma Hongjun subconsciously nodded.

Bai Chenxiang was still smiling sweetly, “Then, with my speed, cutting you once shouldn’t be too difficult. If you feel you’re faster than me, then come to my room.” Her voice was very low, only Fatty could hear it. With this said, she called out to the others to return to the house.

Watching her departing back, Ma Hongjun’s face turned red, then white, his teeth itching with regret. But unfortunately he had no way to seize the young lady.

“Providence, providence!” Fatty faced upwards and sighed. Oscar smiled vulgarly: “Why don’t you catch up?”
Ma Hongjun’s legs were still trembling. He snapped: “Catch up to farts!
I don’t want to grow old childless.”

The final result was they had to rent another room. Having rested briefly at noon, Tang San called Oscar away, returning only in the evening.

After dinner, everyone gathered together.

Dai Mubai somewhat embarrassed scratched his head, “I slept a bit too much at noon.”

Oscar looked evilly at Zhu Zhuqing, and grinned: “Having endured so many days, we’re both men, I understand, I understand.”

Zhu Zhuqing snapped: “Damn little Ao. Your mouth is leaking. Just wait, when you marry Rongrong, I’ll pull her away to chat all night. See what you can do about that.”

Four tender fists swung simultaneously, Ning Rongrong and Zhu Zhuqing saying in different voices: “Fly together with your face.”

Bai Chenxiang softly asked Fatty: “I’ve never understood, what’s the meaning of this face you mention?”

After the events in the afternoon, Fatty was a lot more fearful of Bai Chenxiang, sincerely answering: “It’s equivalent to slapping your face. Anyway, it’s no words of praise.”

Oscar meanwhile blocked the attacks of the two women, but still didn’t forget to tell Bai Chenxiang: “You don’t understand. We’re all faceists. This is a necessary habitual expression.”[1]

Bai Chenxiang blinked with her big eyes, saying: “Then right now shouldn’t I tell you, your face is habitual?”

“Eh……” Oscar went lifeless, failing to block and was beaten off by Ning Rongrong and Zhu Zhuqing. He said with a wry smile: “Finished, finished, Xiangxiang is also led astray.”

Ning Rongrong snapped: “This isn’t something taught by you villains.
Our Xiangxiang is just defending herself.”

Tang San smiled: “Fine. Don’t be noisy. Let’s talk business.”

Everyone stopped being noisy, calming down. Tang San said: “Me and Little Ao went out a while. Bought some things for a sea voyage. We hired a ship in passing. We’ve already told the captain to prepare to go to sea. The captain said we’ll need a day of preparation. The morning after

tomorrow, we go to sea. There’s something I want to ask everyone, who here can swim?”

Hearing Tang San’s question, everyone couldn’t help staring blankly, one by one looking at each other, but none spoke up.

Tang San also looked distracted, smiling wryly: “None?”

Dai Mubai coughed once, saying: “I’m afraid not. We’re all non- swimmers. Only, with little Ao’s flying mushroom sausage, this shouldn’t be any problem.”

Tang San shook his head, saying: “No, it’s definitely a problem. Little Ao’s flying mushroom sausage can let us fly a short distance. The ocean is boundless, how could we casually fly out of it. Moreover, Grandmaster said that there are also spirit beasts in the sea. Even if we can fly, with nowhere to land, how do we deal with the attacks of spirit beasts at sea? It seems that before entering Sea God Island, we’ll first have to deal with the swimming issue.”

Ning Rongrong said: “Even if we start now there isn’t enough time!”

Tang San pondered, then said: “It seems to me that it’s necessary to buy a spirit tool suited for the sea. Like one that can turn into a boat. Adding Oscar’s flying mushroom sausage, we should be able to defend ourselves.”

Dai Mubai said: “We can only do so. This Vast Sea City isn’t small, there should be an auction house. We’ll go take a look.”

Tang San said. “Then let’s go. Preparing early is always better than late.”

Discussion over, everyone got moving. Asking at the hotel, sure enough, Vast Sea City also had an auction house. This was still a location the Shrek Seven Devils were extremely familiar with, the Great Spirit Arena. After learning this news, everyone talked it over, changing some plans for the night.

Grandmaster once said that sea spirit masters’ fighting style was very different from that of ordinary spirit masters. If they could meet some sea spirit masters at this Vast Sea City Great Spirit Arena, it would clearly be a great advantage to their landing on Sea God Island. Consequently, they decided to first go take a look at the Vast Sea Great Spirit Arena.

Of course, they couldn’t all fight, that would very easily draw attention and alert Spirit Hall. After all, Tang San’s spirit ring configuration was unique in the present Spirit Master world. Even if it was fighting in the Great Spirit Arena, they still had to hide somewhat. And that auction house was the same building as the great spirit arena, so they could observe sea spirit masters at the same time as they bought the things they needed.

The Vast Sea Great Spirit Arena’s scale could only be considered average in the eyes of the Shrek Seven Devils, but the degree of activity wasn’t inferior to any spirit arena they’d seen. There was still some time before the competitions started, but there was already a sea of people entering. The seating rates were extremely high, but Tang San and the others still spent a large sum on a VIP compartment that could seat everyone.

Once everyone were seated, their attention was immediately drawn to the scene inside the Vast Sea Great Spirit Arena.

“It really does stand out from the masses!” Tang San looked out at the spirit combat stage outside the one transparent glass wall in the booth, and couldn’t help being a bit startled.

They’d chosen a VIP booth in the two versus two battle area. The reason why they picked this place was because when they bought the ticket only this place still had tickets left. But inside this group of spirit battle arenas wasn’t like the enormous elevated stage in the Great Spirit Arenas they’d seen before, but rather a giant pool.

The pool was more than a hundred meters in diameter, the clear blue pool like a sapphire without a ripple. There were already spectators seated in the arena, and even though the VIP booth’s soundproofing was quite good, just watching the bustling crowd in the arena they could tell how passionate the atmosphere was.

Zhu Zhuqing picked up the prompt bade in the VIP booth, reading: “The spirit battle pool is circular, one hundred eight meters in diameter, ten meters deep. Participating spirit masters that separate from the range of the pool will be judged defeated. Conceding or losing the capability to fight is also defeat.”

Tang San said to Ma Hongjun next to him: “Fatty, you and Xiangxiang go down to sign up. Remember to wear masks. Participate in the two versus two competition.”

“No problem.” Fatty was excited, making a thumbs up to Tang San, his face exhilarated. He wouldn’t let a chance to show off in front of Bai Chenxiang pass.

Bai Chenxiang somewhat doubtfully looked at Tang San. Seeing Tang San nod to her, she also didn’t say anything, following Ma Hongjun away.

Ning Rongrong couldn’t help asking: “Third brother, why did you let Fatty go? This fellow seems like he’ll show off……”

Tang San smiled slightly, planning in advance saying: “It’s exactly to let him show off. Fatty is rank fifty nine, Xiangxiang is past forty. They will naturally participate in the fiftieth ranked two versus two competition. WIth Fatty’s strength, he’s absolutely outstanding among fiftieth ranked spirit masters. Even though Chenxiang can only do harassment, Fatty alone should still be able to deal with it. Even more importantly, they can both fly, they won’t be too hindered because the battlefield is water. Let’s have him show us the strength of sea spirit masters through real combat, that will give us a rather preferable result. At the same time, only one of us Shrek Seven Devils appearing shouldn’t draw attention, matched with Xiangxiang who isn’t a member of us seven, Spirit Hall won’t think we’ve come to Vast Sea City.”

Hearing Tang San’s explanation, Ning Rongrong burst into giggles,
“Third brother, your brain is still so meticulous.”

Tang San smiled: “Rongrong, can I take it you’re boasting about me?”

Ning Rongrong giggled, saying: “Of course, my third brother is the smartest.”

To the side Oscar somewhat discontentedly said: “Little San, don’t be like this, you’re not allowed to seduce my Rongrong.”

Tang San laughed out loud, “Seduce your face, you don’t trust Rongrong this far!”

Oscar indignantly said: “Repulsive faceist!”

The signup time passed quickly, followed by the drawing of lots. Unless there was an especially outstanding competitor that would directly have a fight arranged, ordinary competitors would chose their opponents by lottery. Beyond expectations, Ma Hongjun and Bai Chenxiang drew the first team.

The announcer’s voice passed into the VIP booth via a special channel, “Two versus two spirit fight, first round, Phoenix Fragrance Combination[2] versus Ocean Soul Brothers. , let us simply introduce both sides. As everyone knows, the Ocean Soul Brothers have already obtained four successive victories, only one more win, and they can the additional points for five successive wins. As Spirit King level powers, they will at once advance to gold spirit fighters. The importance of successive victory points is obviously important to them. Consequently, I can certainly conclude that the fifty eight ranked Ocean Soul Brothers will definitely give it their all.”

“ let us take a look at their opponents. Phoenix Fragrance Combination. A combination of two people, once called Phoenix, one called Fragrance. It’s the first time they participate in our Vast Sea Great Spirit Arena’s competitions. Phoenix is a fifty ninth ranked Spirit Master, Fragrance is forty fifth ranked. Honestly, I’m not very optimistic about this new combination. If they want to win against the formidable Ocean Soul Brothers, they will have to try hard. Alright, enough nonsense, two versus two spirit fights, first round, both sides please enter the arena.”

With the presenter stirring up the excitement, the audience’s mood was already sufficiently mobilized. In spirit arena competitions, one versus one

and teams both drew more people than two versus two. But today every seat was packed, the majority here to see those Ocean Soul Brothers.

The organizational committee clearly intended for the Ocean Soul Brothers to appear as the first fight, as for the Phoenix Fragrance Combination, that really was decided by lots. Of course, altogether only these two pairs would participate in two versus two for fiftieth ranked Spirit Masters. High level spirit masters very rarely appeared in the Great Spirit Arena, even more so in such a remote Vast Sea City.

On the left side from the VIP booth, one large and one small, two silhouettes simultaneously appeared at the passage. Both wore spirit arena standard masks. Seeing them appear, everyone in the VIP room couldn’t help laughing. They could tell these two were Ma Hongjun and Bai Chenxiang just from their body shape.

“Still Phoenix Fragrance Combination. Fatty really wants to glue gold to his face! That phoenix would be a brothel phoenix.” Oscar laughed.

Ning Rongrong punched his arm, “Watch your words, especially in front of Xiangxiang. Don’t leak Fatty’s old stories. Otherwise, Fatty will go against you with his life.”

Oscar smiled: “Don’t worry, as long as he doesn’t blurt it out, we won’t expose him. Even if I tease him every day, he’s my brother.” The simple ‘he’s my brother’ was enough to show the affection between the Shrek Seven Devils.

In the arena, Ma Hongjun walked forward with large strides, stretching both hands, waving vigorously towards the spectators all around. As a member of the Shrek Seven Devils, he had seen enough spectacle. What did any number of spectators count for. Fatty seemed calm, full of confidence.

Bai Chenxiang wasn’t as calm as him. The little girl was clearly a bit nervous, following close behind Ma Hongjun. The audience’s ear splitting roar left her mind blank, the hollow of her palms already covered with sweat. She clearly remembered, in the waiting room, the pitying expressions on the faces on those spirit masters preparing to fight when

they heard their opponent was the Ocean Soul Brothers. Clearly, their opponents were completely formidable. This was her first time in a spirit fight, so how couldn’t she be nervous when facing formidable opponents?

Ma Hongjun confidently walked up to the edge of the pool. Because Bai Chenxiang was nervous, she almost walked into him. Ma Hongjun turned around, very naturally holding Bai Chenxiang’s hand and pulling her up next to him, saying in a low voice: “Don’t be afraid, I’ll deal with everything.”

If it was normally, Bai Chenxiang would definitely have broken free of his hand, but under the circumstances before her, the panic and nervousness eased a lot as Ma Hongjun held her hand, and she subconsciously let him hold on.

Just at this moment, even louder cheers suddenly erupted. After a burst of clamor, on the other side of the pool from Ma Hongjun and Bai Chenxiang, two people walked out.

Those two seemed like forty something middle aged men. They didn’t wear masks like Ma Hongjun and Bai Chenxiang, and the two looked exactly the same. Built tall and sturdy, and on the right side of their necks, they had tattoos like fish gills.

Seeing these two appear, Tang San couldn’t help frowning in the VIP lounge, “Fatty might have met his match. These two spirit masters might not be too easy to deal with!”

Dai Mubai leaned back in the VIP lounge’s soft sofa, eating fruit Zhu Zhuqing held to his mouth: “No way. With Fatty’s strength and spirit, he still can’t beat spirit masters at the same level one versus two? Don’t forget that he still has the boost of the spirit bone. The power of the Phoenix spirit is also considerable.”

Tang San said: “Under normal circumstances, dealing with two spirit masters of the same level wouldn’t be a problem for Fatty, but the fighting environment here is different. When fighting in the pool, and the opponents being sea spirit masters, they have a natural advantage.

Moreover, these Ocean Soul Brothers are twins. They’re bound to have extremely good cooperation. Grandmaster once said that twins are most likely to possess the kind of ability you and Zhuqing have.”

Hearing Tang San say this, Dai Mubai couldn’t help sitting up straight, his eyes also serious, “You’re saying……”

Tang San nodded, saying: “I hope Fatty won’t lose too badly.”

Ma Hongjun naturally couldn’t hear Tang San’s analysis, right now he was full of confidence, wholeheartedly looking forward to showing off in front of his sweetheart. Originally he didn’t put the two opponents in his eyes, raising his right hand and pointing at the counterpart, hooking his forefinger at them, making an extremely provoking gesture.

This action immediately made the audience explode. For a moment, the curses became white noise, naturally they were all cursing Fatty for overestimating his abilities.

The Ocean Soul Brothers didn’t react to Ma Hongjun’s provocation, only their originally calm and collected gazes turning ice cold. The older brother was called Hai Bai, the younger Hai Gui, the characters for their names just making up the character for soul[3].

The announcer’s voice was shocked: “Ah, we saw it, Phoenix Fragrance Combination actually provoked the Ocean Soul Brothers. It seems we’ll have to pray for them. Both sides can release your spirits. Countdown from five. Five, four, three, two, one, begin.”

At the same time as the announcer counted down, both sides released their spirits. Ma Hongjun kneaded Bai Chenxiang’s little hand. Bai Chenxiang knowingly released her Needle Tailed Swift spirit, two yellow and two purple spirit rings alternately soaring up. In practically just the blink of an eye, she was already flying in the air above the pool. A pair of wings flapping behind her back, extremely fast, making the opposing brothers’ expression cold.

But just at this moment, Ma Hongjun also released his Phoenix spirit. Red hot phoenix flame soared towards the sky, reddish golden light washing the air around him, burning hot aura, dazzling light, immediately made the crowd silent.

However, the spectators were only silent for a moment. The next instant, the crowd turned into a sea of roaring laughter. The Vast Sea Great Spirit Arena actually had a fire type spirit master participating? Was it deliberate suicide?

The opposing Ocean Soul Brothers also simultaneously released their spirits. They naturally weren’t as ignorant as the crowd, Ma Hongjun had two yellow, two purple, one black, five ideal spirit rings. They instantly knew that their opponent today absolutely wasn’t ordinary.

These two brothers’ spirit rings were of the same color, both two yellow and three purple, still considered a quite good spirit ring configuration. Their spirits were also identical. The instant they were released, both of them had a layer of wave like blue light ripples, immediately afterwards, their neck tattoos actually came alive, truly transforming into giant gills. Their bodies swelled up, both legs gathering together, transforming into a giant tail fin, their skin turning black. The two brothers leapt up simultaneously, with aputong sound from the ground, and only from the ground, they dove into the giant pool, not making the slightest sound as they entered the water.

Most bizarre, after they entered the water, the entire spirit arena pool surface remained calm.

Ma Hongjun also leapt into the air at the same time as those two dove into the water. In this spirit arena they had to enter the range of the spirit arena pool. At the same time as he soared up, his third spirit aring abruptly shone, enormous phoenix wings suddenly unfolding from his back, supporting him to float in the air above the pool.

In fact, along with his spirit power rising, Fatty’s phoenix wings also became even more gorgeous than before. Each wing was three meters long,

and even though it was condensed from flame, the wings had not only flames, but still deep red feathers. The flame turned tangible.

No matter how Fatty showed off before, at the spirit he displayed now was extremely magnificent. Spectators familiar with spirit fighting immediately grew interested. Two flying spirit masters against two sea spirit masters. When all was said and done, who would win? No, it should be a question of how much trouble could these flying spirit masters bring the Ocean Soul Brothers? Even now, these common spectators didn’t believe Ma Hongjun and Bai Chenxiang could win this fight.

Ma Hongjun had just flown up above the pool when he attacked, apparently somewhat anxious to get started. Under the effect of Phoenix Ascension, he drew a deep breath floating in midair. Immediately afterward, an intense reddish gold flame jetted out from his mouth, targeting the pool below him.

A shocking scene appeared. With just a popping sound, the originally calm surface could no longer stay calm. Large clouds of steam rose, that phoenix flame unexpectedly sinking straight into the water.

Everyone watched dumbstruck. The flame didn’t stop burning when immersed in water, and in that clear water appeared a pillar of flame. The water around the flame pillar constantly churned, sending large amounts of steam into the air.

In the VIP lounge, Dai Mubai was already standing, shocked saying:
“What’s that damn Fatty doing?”

Tang San frowned, but very soon his brow smoothed. The corners of his mouth revealed a faint smile, “Clever.”

Large amounts of steam billowed up, but as long as it came near Ma Hongjun, it immediately disappeared. Fatty’s phoenix flame was only maintained in the water, it didn’t grow stronger, but neither did it weaken.

The announcer’s cry of alarm appeared once again, “Wah, what’s this flame type spirit master doing? Heavens, how come his flame doesn’t feat

water? Don’t tell me he’s going to evaporate the entire spirit arena pool?”

Fatty’s freakish actions naturally drew the attention of the Ocean Soul Brothers. Being in the water, they sensed it most clearly. Ma Hongjun’s phoenix flame entered the water, but they clearly understood, relying on just this spirit ability to evaporate all the water, that was impossible. In fact, this pool was more than a hundred meters in diameter, and ten meters deep, how much water was that! In order to maintain such a spirit arena pool, the Vast Sea Spirit Arena had spent vast manpower and resources.

However, at the same time they also discovered that, since Ma Hongjun’s phoenix flame entered the water, the originally cool water had begun to change. The water temperature unexpectedly began to slowly rise. Even though it rose very slowly, as sea spirit masters, their sensitivity still picked up on the changes.

The two brothers couldn’t help being shocked, just what kind of flame was this? To be able to make such a large body of water slowly heat up, what kind of terrifying level of heat did the flame itself reach? This couldn’t go on.

Hai Bai and Hai Gui launched attacks at Ma Hongjun practically simultaneously. Two clearly visible streams of water rose on either side of Ma Hongjun, turning into two giant water dragons, simultaneously striking at him.

Ma Hongjun gave a cold snort, “Minor tricks.” He was waiting for them to attack.

The Phoenix Fire Wire amplified by Phoenix Ascension heating the water was deliberate. Actually, doing this was considerably exhausting for his spirit power, and it was also basically impossible for him to heat this pool to any extreme degree. This much water wasn’t that easy to boil. He wanted to draw out the two sea spirit masters to attack him. Phoenix Ascension consumed a considerable amount of spirit power, especially when maintaining flight. If he couldn’t finish it quickly, this fight would definitely be a loss. And since the opponents attacked him in a panic, then, the chance for victory had come.

The giant phoenix wings suddenly retracted to his sides, then again flapped out, meeting those two charging water dragons. Instantly, the air exploded into two enormous clouds of steam, the two water dragons instantly vaporizing in the phoenix flame. The Phoenix Fire Wire Fatty had always been blasting into the pool simultaneously swung out, sweeping like a whip from the water towards the elder Ocean Soul Brother Hai Bai.

The phoenix flame attribute really was too terrifying, wherever it passed, the water boiled. Even though this was only a small part of the spirit arena pool, that white steam soared in an extremely imposing manner.

Before the Phoenix Fire Wire had even arrived, Hai Bai already felt the surrounding water temperature soar. With a flip of his tail fin, he immediately gained some distance. His speed under water was no less than an arrow, and left Ma Hongjun shocked. This Phoenix Fire Wire immediately lost its target.

Hai Gui quickly moved to his elder brother’s side. These twins’ minds were linked, and their third spirit rings brightened simultaneously.

Brilliant purple light colored the water around them. In that instant, the entire spirit arena’s water surface immediately fluctuated.

The Ocean Soul Brothers’ spirit was Seal, and these third spirit abilities was Raging Waves And Stormy Seas. As sea spirit masters, their fighting ability on land was very low, but in water, it was quite frightening.

Under the effect of their spirit ability, the entire spirit arena pool constantly surged up, wave after wave gradually rising. In a moment’s work, they were unexpectedly rising close to ten meters high, rushing straight towards Ma Hongjun. Even more frightening was that each wave was taller than the last. The waves were also faintly purple.

Ma Hongjun could actually completely rely on his flying ability to rise higher, avoiding these waves. He also saw that, with these two brothers infusing their spirit abilities, this wasn’t any ordinary water. But Fatty intended to show off in front of Bai Chenxiang, and naturally couldn’t just dodge.

The phoenix wings spread out, a loud and resonant phoenix cry emerging from Fatty’s mouth, and his figure could be seen, just keeping close to those waves, charging to meet them. At the same time as he flew, Fatty’s second spirit ring, Bathing Fire Phoenix, also launched.

Phoenix wings plus Ma Hongjun’s body, reached a frightening width of seven meters. Both sides directly launched a head-on confrontation.

Chi—— An ear piercing sound spread to everyone present. The crowd immediately held their breaths, their eyes wide, attentively watching the scene. In the end, would Ma Hongjun’s phoenix flame be eradicated by that wave after wave of Raging Waves And Stormy Seas, or could he rely on that intense phoenix flame to break the siege? With Fatty’s previous display, the head-on collision in front of them already drew a large question mark in the hearts of the spectators.

In the VIP booth, Tang San, Dai Mubai, Oscar and the others spoke one word in practically the same voice: “Idiot.”

Finally, the conclusion appeared. Surging reddish golden flame shot towards the sky, the wave was ultimately unable to quench the flames of the phoenix. Even though Ma Hongjun was stout, set off by the phoenix flames, right now he had the imposing manner of a monarch overlooking his domain.

Raging Waves And Stormy Seas quieted down. The Ocean Soul Brothers trembled in the water. Ma Hongjun overcame the waves, making the water temperature around them swiftly soar. Moreover, under the pull of the energies, a part of the flame strength had infected their bodies, unspeakably difficult to bear.

Two against one, the other side’s other Spirit Master still hadn’t attacked from high in the air. Taking such a great loss while confronting a Spirit Master of the same level, the Ocean Soul Brothers had never encountered such circumstances.

The two brothers looked face to face, both finally saw the anger in the other’s heart. Then their fifth spirit rings brightened.

And in midair, with the dazzlingly beautiful flame tail soaring up, Fatty was inwardly whining. Even though he’d won in the previous confrontation, it hadn’t been easy.

The formidable impact of Raging Waves And Stormy Seas made the qi and blood within his body roil. That was still the spirit ability launched by two spirit masters of the same level as him. Even though his Phoenix Spirit’s quality was higher than the opponents, simultaneously enduring the impact of two people was still hard to take. Even if the phoenix flames weren’t extinguished in water, that water and fire mutually suppressed each other still wouldn’t change. Fatty had again deliberately acted strong, both wings unfolding completely, enduring the attack of the waves to the greatest degree, so the spirit power consumption could be imagined. This was also why the three people in the VIP lounge had cursed him for an idiot.

Fatty’s current strength still couldn’t be completely adapted to fighting in the air. Phoenix Ascension’s spirit power consumption was large in itself, and he still exhausted himself one step further. On the surface he might seem to hold the advantage, but right now he was actually at a disadvantage. If his spirit power consumption reached a certain degree, then there would be no need to fall into the water. As long as his spirit power couldn’t maintain the phoenix wings, then this spirit fight would also be over.

The Ocean Soul Brothers clearly didn’t intend to let Ma Hongjun catch his breath. Even though they were internally affected by fire energy, by now it seemed to have already scattered on its own. Their strongest fifth spirit rings were already completely lit, and the water in the spirit arena pool undulated fiercely. Along with being colored by a purple ring of light, one purple water arrow after another shot up.

Chapter 207

The Ocean Soul Brother’s Fifth Spirit Ability, Demon Spirit Arrow Rain, launched.

Their fifth spirit ability came from killing a special type of aquatic spirit beast in the sea. This spirit beast didn’t live in the deep sea, and didn’t look for food in the sea either, but instead specialized in hunting birds near the shore. In order to obtain this spirit beast, the Ocean Soul Brothers had gone to a lot of trouble, even giving up on possibly obtaining ten thousand year old spirit rings. That was in order to deal with the natural predator of sea Spirit Masters — Spirit Masters in the air.

Devil Spirit Arrow Rain erupted, with each water arrow roughly a meter long, spindle shaped, the thickest middle part the size of a person’s arm, and moving so fast that it seemed like it would pierce the sky, as it issued a hair- raisingly sharp whistling sound. Countless water arrows shot up towards Ma Hongjun in the air.

These weren’t just common water arrows. Each water arrow held condensed spirit power, and under the effect of the water attribute spirits, this fifth spirit ability could be said to be mutually reinforced. Just like Tang San using Blue Silver Grass in a forest.

In the VIP booth, Tang San and the others were already standing. Tang San scowled, “Fatty might lose.” From circumstances and spirit power exhaustion, as well as in other respects, Fatty’s circumstances weren’t encouraging. Especially when their opponents had already begun to release spirit abilities as he rose into the air. Now he was a beat slow — he didn’t have enough time to use any more spirit abilities. Of course, if he was

cooperating with the Shrek Seven Devils right now, the result naturally wouldn’t be the same. Unfortunately, it was very difficult for the pure speed type Bai Chenxiang to help him.

However, just at this moment, Bai Chenxiang who had always hovered in the air, moved.

The white silhouette left a faint series of afterimages through the air. Bai Chenxiang could be seenturning, the wings on her back folding at her sides, only spreading slightly, as she threw herself towards the pool from up high in the air with incomparable speed.

“What’s Xiangxiang doing?” Dai Mubai said with shock. Everyone also couldn’t help being nervous. They were still very clear on Bai Chenxiang’s circumstances. Even one arrow of that Devil Spirit Arrow Rain that targeted her might cause her severe injuries.

However, Bai Chenxiang amply displayed her abilities for them. Her third spirit ring brightened, as that swiftly diving body nimbly swayed in midair, unexpectedly piercing through the rain of arrows, weaving through the gaps, and charged directly towards the water surface.

Ma Hongjun was also scared enough to jump when he saw Bai Chenxiang throw herself down in front of him, his heart rising into his throat. But faced with the large quantity of the Devil Spirit Arrow Rain, he couldn’t mind anything else. His phoenix wings unfolded, and combined with the amplification of Bathing Fire Phoenix, which allowed him to block the opponent’s attack from the front. At the same time, without sparing his spirit power, he began to prepare his fifth spirit ability, Phoenix Meteor Shower.

Bai Chenxiang’s dodging movements in the air were extremely graceful, like a constantly spiralling white line pouring down from above. She was actually constantly dodging those Devil Spirit Arrows. No matter how powerful the attack, it was still useless if it couldn’t touch Bai Chenxiang. In practically just the blink of an eye, Bai Chenxiang had already reached the water surface.

The Shrek S

The two brothers immediately reacted in shock, hurriedly focusing the Devil Spirit Arrow Rain that was targeting Ma Hongjun to a narrow range, concentrating it on where Bai Chenxiang was descending — trying to snipe her before she reached the water surface.

However, there was still a certain gap between their attack speed and Bai Chenxiang’s movements. Besides, Bai Chenxiang basically had no thoughts of attacking. The moment before she was about to hit the water, her delicate body turned, the wings on her back flapping once, as her momentum abruptly shifted, before she turned less than three meters from the surface. She cut a graceful arc, shooting back into the sky.

The wind pressure from the extreme momentum left a long ripple in the water, and the Devil Spirit Arrows targeting her naturally also hit nothing.

Ma Hongjun had relied on his body to endure the Devil Spirit Arrow Rain attack. The pressure was originally enormous, but with Bai Chenxiang’s charge and retreat, she had considerably drawn the Ocean Soul Brothers’ attention, leaving him to endure a lot less. Relying on Phoenix Ascension and Bathing Fire Phoenix, he forcefully took it head on. And at this moment, his fifth spirit ability, Phoenix Meteor Shower, launched.

Intensely hot flames condensed in the air, turning into a wide cloud of flame. And Ma Hongjun was the heart of this cloud. As the Ocean Soul Brothers forced back Bai Chenxiang, their Devil Spirit Arrow Rain ability was also close to exhausted. It was also at this moment that they felt an immense pressure from the sky.

Seeing the dull black light from Ma Hongjun’s fifth spirit ring, the brothers’ hearts immediately sank. How couldn’t they know the gap between a ten thousand year and a thousand year spirit ability? The brothers’ eyes displayed a resolute light, four hands joining, as their fifth spirit rings brightened again.

Phoenix flame meteors began to condense, each meteor the size of a lower millstone, and began to shoot straight for the pool, leaving behind a

trail of flame.

At the same time, the Ocean Soul Brothers revealed their superiority in water. Relying on the water of the spirit arena pool, their much more exhausted fifth spirit ability launched once again, Devil Spirit Arrow Rain shooting into the air once more.

However, this time was different compared to before. Ma Hongjun no longer passively took the beating. When he used Phoenix Meteor Shower, all of his spirit power was already poured into his two great supporting spirit abilities. To him, this attack would succeed, or he would die trying.

Phoenix, the king of birds, and the phoenix flames even more, were the pinnacle of fire. Even though the two sea Spirit Masters’ water attribute suppressed fire, there was a vast difference in quality between their water and the phoenix flames.

One flame meteor falling would frequently block several dozen Devil Spirit Arrows, and even then more flame meteors were already descending.

Ma Hongjun’s present spirit power still wasn’t enough to completely control this spirit ability. Therefore, even if the phoenix flame meteors falling towards the pool was a magnificent sight, it was only when the first flame meteor fell into the water that the spectators knew just how terrifying the fifth spirit ability that this Evil Fire Phoenix Ma Hongjun used was.

Just a single flame meteor entering the water brought an enormous plume of steam. The flame meteor suddenly spun in the water — when it suddenly erupted, launching a giant pillar of water. Just this one flame meteor made the spirit arena pool water level drop by more than half a chi. The water temperature also climbed with frightening speed.

The two fifty eight ranked Ocean Soul Brothers joining hands to launch the Devil Spirit Arrow Rain still weren’t enough to withstand the might of the Phoenix Meteor Shower. The countless water arrows shooting into the cluster of flame meteors could only postpone their fall, and that enormous fiery red light was constantly pressing downwards. There were none who could doubt the result of these flame meteors falling into the pool.

At this moment the spectators understood. Ma Hongjun’s provocation at the start wasn’t arrogance, but rather true strength.

The Ocean Soul Brothers’ expressions grew more and more unsightly. The enormous pressure left them unable to breathe, as several flame meteors that hit the water one after another had already brought the water temperature above their body temperature. If this went on, they basically wouldn’t be able to stay in the water, let alone block these hundreds of enormous flame spheres still ahead.

“Come!” Hai Bai shouted.

The Ocean Soul Brothers simultaneously drew a deep breath. The next moment, the two brothers spread their arms, embracing each other. Intense blue light suddenly erupted from their bodies, an incomparably intense aura erupting. The entire pool undulated just like when they had used their Raging Waves and Stormy Seas spirit ability. Intense blue light instantly dyed the water.

Pu—— Another flame meteor hit the water. However, this time that flame meteor was extinguished by the massive water pressure just as it hit the surface.

In midair, Ma Hongjun had already lost the effect of his Bathing Fire Phoenix. He didn’t have the spirit power to spare for his second spirit ability. The light of Phoenix Ascension had also dulled a lot, only managing to support him in the air with some difficulty.

Right now, Fatty’s wide open eyes saw the circumstances in the water. After the Ocean Soul Brothers embraced, an enormous blue light had swallowed their bodies. The next moment, an incomparably intense blue beam of light had shot towards the sky. It wasn’t attacking Ma Hongjun, only shooting into the air. However, the intense aura it contained shocked Ma Hongjun.

Could he really have such bad luck? Ma Hongjun laughed bitterly in his heart. Originally, he had only come to show off, yet why would he meet freaks like these? With his battle experience, how couldn’t he see that this

was what the rarest, and also most formidable of spirit master abilities, the spirit fusion ability?

One versus two, he didn’t fear. However, with these two using a spirit fusion ability, that wasn’t a question of one plus one — that was an exponential increase. Confronting these opponents, let alone winning, even Fatty defending himself was a problem.

The blue water in the pool seemed like it was pulled in by the blue light. As that enormous blue light shot towards the sky, an enormous imposing manner made Bai Chenxiang, who had returned into the air, basically unable to approach. Suppressed by the frightful aura, she could only keep flying higher. As stream after stream of water poured inside, it made that blue light start to rotate violently. In a moment, it had turned into a terrifying existence.

This was the Ocean Soul Brothers’ spirit fusion ability, Forbidden Water Tornado.

Appearing in front of Ma Hongjun was an enormous maelstrom disconnected from the ground. The water in the pool was unexpectedly completely drawn into the air. Even by thinking with his foot, he understood that these two brothers using their spirit fusion ability might be equivalent to a seventieth ranked spirit ability. One with a Spirit Avatar.

“Fatty.” Bai Chenxiang called from the air. Even though she didn’t say anything else, whether it was Ma Hongjun, or the Shrek Seven Devils, they all understood her meaning. When there was no chance, they needed to withdraw. This was just a spirit fight.

However, Ma Hongjun didn’t pay attention to Bai Chenxiang. His gaze was focused and serious. Drawing a deep breath, the phoenix wings behind his back suddenly stretched out, and immediately afterwards, he made a circle in the air. Along with the help of the influence of his phoenix wings, he barely even stinted his spirit power in order to affect the Phoenix Meteor Shower to bombard that giant maelstrom.

Actually, even without his control, that giant water tornado possessed extreme attractive force.

Detonations constantly resounded from the water tornado. Each flame meteor caused an enormous explosion. However, after each explosion, the splashing water would immediately return to the water tornado. The enormous maelstrom, slowly but inexorably shifted in Ma Hongjun’s direction.

Ma Hongjun’s phoenix wings almost couldn’t support his body, but he still raised his right arm. Intense reddish golden light immediately disintegrated his sleeve. He hadn’t given up. With a roar, his right fist swung out brazenly.

This punch wasn’t aimed at the water tornado, but rather towards the flame cloud of his own fifth spirit ability.

Amidst an explosive sound, the entire flame cloud abruptly detonated. Even more irregular flame meteors fell from the sky, all blasting towards the water tornado.

After Fatty blasted out this punch, he fell straight down with a waxen complexion.

Bai Chenxiang didn’t mind the enormous pressure that made her feel extremely unwell. Travelling in an arc as close as possible to the edge of the spirit arena, she chased after Ma Hongjun. Just as he was about to hit the ground, she managed to catch him.

In fact, there was no longer any water in the spirit arena pool. If he had truly hit the ground, even if he didn’t die, Fatty would still have lost a layer of skin.

Even though Bai Chenxiang didn’t have much in the way of attack and defense, she was still a Spirit Ancestor level Spirit Master, so the quality of her physique was still up to par. Relying on her powerful flight ability, she managed to endure Fatty’s weight. But she still couldn’t carry Fatty, and the two directly fell to the bottom of the pool.

But just at this moment, those countless flame meteors were also violently colliding against the water tornado. Countless explosions occurred, and water flew out, as the scene immediately entered its peak state.

The spectators were already crazed, but strangely, they weren’t cheering, all their energy focused on that final collision. This two versus two spirit fight today had given them too many surprises. They had never seen such a vast spirit ability confrontation.

Along with the sounds of explosions, the red color was gradually swallowed by blue. Even though that final attack was supplemented with Fatty’s flame right arm’s flame burst attack, what he confronted was still two sea Spirit Masters’ spirit fusion ability.

The enormous maelstrom had shrunk by half, as a vast amount of water had been evaporated by the flame meteors. But the remainder of the giant water tornado was still several dozen meters tall, spinning in a somewhat distorted manner.

“Are you ok?” Bai Chenxiang anxiously supported Fatty. Fatty’s complexion was too frightening, as his spirit power had been overdrawn. It had turned his plump face completely blue and white, while his fat constantly shivered.

However, even turned into this, Fatty still didn’t forget to take advantage of the situation to lean against Bai Chenxiang. His round face displayed a strange smile, squeezing out: “Don’t worship me, I’m just a legend. Break!”

As if waiting for Fatty to speak, that several dozen meters tall water tornado exploded, turning into countless waterfalls in the sky. Waves of water shot in every direction from the rotation, not only falling in the spirit arena pool, but practically into every corner of the two versus two spirit arena.

Instantly, the spectators cries of surprise rose, as they freely got a hot water shower. That’s right, hot water shower. Just a bit scalding. The water

temperature was at least sixty degrees, and this was still after cooling a bit as if flew through the air. The magnitude of the Phoenix Meteor Shower’s effect on water temperature was obvious.

The Ocean Soul Brothers fell into the spirit arena pool. The brothers’ spirit forms had already vanished, unconscious in the water. Their faces were both fiery red. Fortunately, the water tornado had washed into the pool first, and even though it was just one meter deep, it was still enough to cushion their fall, and the brothers had avoided breaking anything.

Bai Chenxiang was completely soaked in hot water. She couldn’t swim, and when that warm water fell, her heart rose into her throat. At this moment, with her speed, if she wanted to defend herself, she could definitely fly away. But, it was impossible to bring Ma Hongjun with her.

Would she leave? No. She stood in the water supporting Ma Hongjun. Even though her expression was a bit fearful, she still steadily supported the Fatty next to her. Suddenly closing her eyes, she buried her head under Fatty’s arm, enduring the falling screen of water.

The scalding water was very comfortable to Fatty, and that meter deep water was just enough to reach Bai Chenxiang’s stomach, not enough to drown her. The water temperature was a bit high, but Bai Chenxiang discovered that by leaning on Fatty, the surrounding heat seemed to be absorbed by him, and she wasn’t as influenced. Only, right now, their clothes were completely soaked, and sticking close together like this, some ambiguous things were even more ambiguous. Of course, right now Bai Chenxiang basically couldn’t pay attention to this. To her, everything that happened was like a rollercoaster, changing too quickly.

Fatty laughed out loud. Even though his complexion didn’t look good, soaked in the hot water, his spirit had clearly recovered somewhat. And those Ocean Soul Brothers were long since unconscious. This fight, with a bit of drama, was over.

The announcer was as soaked as a chicken in soup, but his lifeless posture still hadn’t changed. The corners of his mouth constantly moved. The Ocean Soul Brothers, had actually, actually lost? He always knew that

the Ocean Soul Brothers had had a spirit fusion ability, otherwise he wouldn’t have supported them like that. But they had already used their spirit fusion ability. Obviously they completely held the advantage. How could they lose?

He wasn’t the only one who didn’t understand. Even in the VIP lounge, the Shrek Seven Devils who were intimately familiar with Fatty didn’t understand. Everyone looked at each other. Dai Mubai couldn’t help asking Tang San: “How did he win? It couldn’t have been a fluke?”

Tang San’s eyes were now also wide. Even though he always planned ahead, even he was unable to foresee every detail, “Even though I don’t know just how Fatty did it, I’m sure this isn’t mere luck. I could see those Ocean Soul Brothers’ expression. Their complexion was fiery red, so clearly the fire energy invaded their bodies and injured their energy channels. If not aided in time, it might leave behind residual effects. Especially for sea Spirit Masters, the flame attribute is even more harmful. Only, how did Fatty break their spirit fusion ability? Let’s go, we’ll take a look.”

“Announcer, announcer?” Ma Hongjun called twice. Even though he was a bit out of breath, he was still very excited. Not only because of this match, but even more because of the soft body sticking close to him. Bai Chenxiang leaned into his chest like a little bird. Her clothes were completely soaked. The sensation of holding her was quite wonderful. Especially with steam rising, Bai Chenxiang’s hair was emitting a faint fragrance that made Fatty even more intoxicated.

The announcer finally managed to react. Hurriedly walking over from the side, hesitantly asking, “This Lord Spirit king, do you have any matters?”

Ma Hongjun snapped, “Matters our face, declare the results of the competition! They’re unconscious. We won, right?”

“Right, right.” The announcer then came to his senses, hurriedly raising the amplifying spirit tool in his hand to declare, “Competition end, Phoenix Fragrance team wins.”

Ma Hongjun said, “Then get a rope. And a few people. Get me out of here.” Let alone flying, right now it was impossible for him to even bring out his spirit.

When Fatty was laboriously pulled out by seven or eight staff members, even though his appearance was wretched, standing somewhat unsteady, the surrounding spectators still collectively stood, cheering and applauding enthusiastically. People all worshipped the strong. Ma Hongjun could defeat two sea Spirit Masters of the same level in this all water environment, that earned their admiration.

Bai Chenxiang had now already sobered up. Looking at Fatty self satisfiedly holding his hands at his waist she couldn’t help feeling that it was ridiculous. However, when Fatty had fallen into her arms before, what he said to her, still constantly replayed in her mind.

…… Don’t worship me, I’m just a legend…...

This damn Fatty, his face really was thick! Only, he still won. Bai Chenxiang pulled out outer clothing from her spirit tool to cover herself, hiding her supple curves. Fortunately she was wearing a mask, and didn’t expose her appearance. Otherwise the crowd would’ve gone even more crazy.

Standing behind Ma Hongjun, Bai Chenxiang suddenly discovered that the fat-that-was-like-a-city-wall figure in front of her really seemed capable of sheltering her from any storm.

Then the Ocean Soul Brothers were also pulled out. The two brothers were still unconscious. When they came up, the staff members discovered that they were frighteningly hot. Exchanging a few words with the announcer, the announcer hurriedly ran over to Ma Hongjun who was proudly waving to the audience, telling him in a low voice, “Noble lord Spirit King. The Ocean Soul Brothers are unconscious. Our medical personnel can’t do anything, I don’t know whether you……”

Fatty looked distracted a moment, then immediately understood, “No problem, I’ll take a look at them. Xiangxiang, help me over there.”

“En.” Bai Chenxiang replied, cleverly supporting Ma Hongjun to walk over. Even though Fatty was currently weak, his mind was still extremely excited. Especially the feeling of Bai Chenxiang’s arms — pleasurable.

Reaching the Ocean Soul Brothers, Ma Hongjun didn’t watch for long, directly using his right hand to press on the chests of the two brothers a few times. Strangely, that scorching heat that left the spirit arena medical staff with their hands tied, disappeared extremely quickly with a few presses from Ma Hongjun. The Ocean Soul Brothers’ body temperature very soon recovered to normal.

When Ma Hongjun stood back up, the two brothers could already open their eyes.

Ma Hongjun grinned at them, saying, “How embarrassing, brother used cheap tricks. In true strength, I’m not your equal. Xiangxiang, let’s go.”

Bai Hai and Bai Gui looked at Ma Hongjun slowly leaving, in their hearts both sighing. They weren’t in the habit of looking for excuses. A loss was a loss. Moreover, were the two of them really stronger than that Fatty? If they didn’t have the spirit fusion ability, if it wasn’t in the spirit arena pool, what chance would they have had? In this fight, from beginning to end, Bai Chenxiang had only drawn their attention once — she basically didn’t participate. The two brothers both understood that their loss wasn’t unjust.

When Fatty entered the contestants’ passage, the other Seven Devils were already waiting for them there. Oscar took over Fatty from Bai Chenxiang’s hands. Even though Ma Hongjun was a bit reluctant to part, it really was a bit difficult for Bai Chenxiang to support him, and he had no choice but to lean on Oscar’s shoulder.

Oscar laughed out loud, saying: “Alright, Fatty, you’ve got some skill, even winning this.”

Ma Hongjun said joyfully, self-satisfied, “Don’t worship me, I’m just a legend.”

Ning Rongrong giggled, saying, “Brother, I worship, you. Worship your face.”

Everyone immediately burst into laughter.

Oscar gave Fatty a few large recovery sausages, helping him restore his strength and spirit power. Without staying long, they very soon left the Vast Sea Great Spirit Arena. In order to avert being noticed by Spirit Hall’s people, they had no choice but to be a bit careful.

The auction house was next to the great spirit arena, or one might even say, the two were basically one. After spending ten gold spirit coins to buy badges, and another hundred as guarantee, they then entered the auction.

Oscar accompanied Fatty to the bathroom to change clothes. Bai Chenxiang also left to change clothes on her own.

When they entered the auction, it had already begun. The inside was painted dark, and the badges in their hands glowed fluorescently to help raise the price when bidding.

Everyone finally sat in one row. When Ma Hongjun’s butt hit the seat, he heaved an enormous sigh of relief. He was enormously exhausted. The feeling of spirit power overdraft wasn’t good.

Tang San specially sat next to Ma Hongjun. Right now the object on auction was an antique, and the Shrek Seven Devils naturally weren’t interested. Tang San raised one hand to push on Fatty’s belly, slowly infusing his Mysterious Heaven Skill.

With the support of the orthodox school’s inner strength, Fatty immediately felt a warmth in his belly, and along with the recovery sausages he ate before, the overdrawn feeling gradually disappeared, and he felt a lot better.

Tang San’s low voice reached Ma Hongjun’s ear, “Are you very pleased with today’s battle?”

Ma Hongjun looked distracted a moment. He’d heard that Tang San’s voice was a bit strict. Recalling the scene of his previous battle, he couldn’t help being a bit speechless with embarrassment.

Tang San said indifferently: “If this was a life and death struggle, you would already be dead. Fourth brother, your spirit integrates attack and defense. Formidable burst power. But at the same time, each spirit ability exhausts large amounts of spirit power. When fighting, any single bit of pointless exhaustion can lead to defeat. What does defeat mean? Being Infinitely closer to death. I can understand your wish to show off in front of Xiangxiang. However, don’t let there be a next time. I don’t want to bury your corpse.”

Hearing Tang San’s words, Ma Hongjun hastily said in a low voice: “Third brother, my mistake. I didn’t think the enemy would be that strong. Remembering it now, I know to be afraid. Being careless when facing unknown enemies is taboo. I understand. It won’t happen again.”

Among the Shrek Seven Devils, including Dai Mubai, they were all a bit reverent towards Tang San. Even though he was ranked third, that wasn’t in terms of strength. In regards to overall team effect, as well as his selfless help for his companions, he had earned everyone’s respect. One might say that right now he was not only the soul of the Shrek Seven Devils, but also their true leader. Ma Hongjun of course knew Tang San wanted the best for him, moreover, he had also told him in private after he had calmed down. That was giving him enough face.

Moreover, he knew even better that Tang San had always called on him when they needed to fight recently. Perhaps letting him go out to fight might not be because of his strength, but rather out of consideration. Right now he was fifty ninth rank, the one amongst everyone who most needed to raise his strength. And constantly facing the pressure of battle was clearly a very great help for him to break through. Even though Ma Hongjun was always jovial on the outside, in fact, he was also very intelligent. How could he not understand how much thought Tang San was giving to him? Even though he didn’t say it, he never forgot how good Tang San was to him. If not for Tang San giving him the Cockscomb Phoenix Sunflower back then, he would still be trapped in the shadow of the evil fire now.

Withdrawing his hand from Ma Hongjun’s stomach, he patted his leg, “If you understand, it’s okay. Tell me how you won today. Even I didn’t see it. According to the energy collision back then, you shouldn’t have been able to beat that spirit fusion ability.”

Hearing Tang San say this, Fatty couldn’t help being a bit proud of himself. Even Tang San hadn’t seen how he won, that was enough to be proud of.

“Actually, it’s very simple. When I passed through their water barrier at the start, even though it consumed a lot of spirit power due to spreading the wings, I also took advantage of the concealment of the water barrier, and Phoenix Ascension, to send out two flame energy streams using the flame right arm ability. In my recent cultivation, I discovered that there are a lot of ways to combine the flame burst attack with my own spirit abilities. This soft flame energy is one of them. Even though its power weakens a lot, it can’t be guarded against. Therefore, those Ocean Soul Brothers at most felt a burst of heat entering their bodies, then recovered very quickly. In fact, my phoenix flame had already entered their bodies. Once they finally launched the spirit fusion ability and comprehensively mobilized their spirit power, this flame energy naturally erupted. I ultimately couldn’t block their spirit fusion ability, but at that time they could no longer persist in maintaining it. So I won.”

Tang San looked distracted, “In other words, the reason why you passed through the water barrier with both wings was in order to draw their attention, thereby using the flame right arm to secretly gain the advantage. I accused you wrongly.”

Ma Hongjun somewhat awkwardly scratched his head, “Not that, I felt that was a quite handsome thing to do. I originally planned on settling everything in one move with Phoenix Meteor Shower. Even though those two sea Spirit Masters didn’t have weak spirit power, I completely restrained their spirits. If they didn’t use that spirit fusion ability, I should still have been able to win. Infusing them with that flame energy was just something I did in passing.”

That he could win this fight today, to Fatty, was still reliant on luck. Fortunately the auction hall was dark, and the others couldn’t see him blush right now.

Tang San smiled: “Then you’ll have to practice a few times later.”

Tang San and Ma Hongjun were both using sound compression to converse. Even though Ma Hongjun couldn’t do it as well as Tang San, he could still limit his voice to a certain range. So even though Bai Chenxiang on the other side knew that Fatty was talking, she couldn’t hear what he said.

The fight today let Bai Chenxiang see Fatty’s overall strength for the first time. The opponents used a spirit fusion ability! When she saw the water tornado forming, let alone victory, her first thought was whether the two of them could escape unharmed. But confronting such a powerful attack, Fatty didn’t seem the slightest bit flustered, meeting and overcoming the challenge, defeating the opponents in one move! No matter what means he used, each time Bai Chenxiang saw his phoenix wings spread open, she felt a sense of security.

Just at that time, the object in the auction changed. The announcer loudly said, “, the item we will auction is a spirit tool, most suitable for use in coastal areas, the Sea Conqueror named ‘Dragon Abyss Boat’.”

Chapter 208

The auctioneer’s words attracted Tang San’s attention. At this point, a female assistant from the auction house came in with a delicate tray padded with red cloth, on which there seemed to be a bizarre object.

The object had a shuttle-like appearance, with a dragon head at the front, four fin-like wings on both of its sides, and an erect fishtail at the rear. It was entirely milky white — as if carved from jade — and about one chi in length from head to tail. Even though the Shrek Seven Devils were in the farthest seats back, they could still sense the power fluctuations it released.

The auctioneer introduced aloud, “This spirit tool is the Dragon Abyss Boat, of which there is only one — which was handed down from remote ancient times. Its function is extremely distinctive: it shows its original appearance only if infused with Spirit Power by a Spirit Master. Twelve meters in length and two meters in diameter at the thickest part, it’s capable of holding twelve to fifteen passengers simultaneously. It can move up and down within the sea, working both on the sea when navigating, and under the sea when submerging. It is said to be able to submerge up to three hundred meters deep. With it, there’s no need to be afraid of any storm. Once the storm gets big, you can submerge into deep water. It can be described a blessed life-saving treasure boat. It can be very appropriate for both sightseeing and life-saving. Its original form is transparent, so you can see the scenery from every angle under the sea — it'sextremely miraculous. Also, it can resist attacks of hundred-year old spirit beasts’ Spirit Abilities. However, since there might exist some formidable sea spirit beasts within the deep sea, in case of danger, we don’t recommend going into the deep sea with it.”

After hearing the introduction of the auctioneer, Tang San couldn’t help but feel a favorable impression for this auction. Generally speaking, for the purpose of making good profit, auctions would praise the advantages of their goods as much as possible while skipping over disadvantages. But the auctioneer spoke clearly about both its advantages and its disadvantages. Being able to do this, could totally demonstrate its credibility.

“Ten thousands gold spirit coins is the base price, you distinguished guests can begin bidding.” The auctioneer stated the starting price.

Ten thousands gold coins was quite a large number, but compared to the value of the Dragon Abyss Boat, it was much less than it should’ve been. The Dragon Abyss Boat could submerge in water up to three hundred meters deep, so it was easy to see how good in quality it was, and that it really was a rare spirit power guided device.

However, after the auctioneer gave the base price, within the auction, not one bid was placed, and thesituation looked dismal at once.

That no one bid wasn’t because the Dragon Abyss Boat wasn’t any good, but because its function was just too trivial. In the shallow sea, normal boats could work well enough, and even a really nice pleasure-boat cost only one hundred gold coins. The Dragon Abyss Boat only had the extra function of being a submarine, but cost over a hundred times more. Even aristocrats wouldn’t be extravagant enough to buy it. The main reason was the danger in the sea. Even in a shallow sea area, there might exist thousand-year old spirit beasts. The defence of the Dragon Abyss Boat was really precarious. A trace of disappointment appeared in the auctioneer’s eyes; in fact, this wasn’t the first time that the Dragon Abyss Boat had been auctioned — it’d failed many times in the past. Whenever it was auctioned, the

In fact, there was another reason why the Dragon Abyss Boat couldn’t be sold, which was due to the location of Vast Sea City. Spirit masters living there were mostly sea-spirit masters, with the capability of manipulating waves and navigating smoothly. So why would they need the Dragon Abyss Boat?

“Would any of our distinguished guests like to make a bid?” The auctioneer asked habitually, thinking inwardly that today’s sale was going to be cancelled once again.

“Ten thousands gold coins.” A clear voice came from the back seats, immediately attracting the audience’s attention. However, the auction was so dark that all they could see was merely a lifted luminous sign.

The auctioneer’s eyes lit up, “Alright. Mr. No. 366 makes a bid for ten thousands gold spirit coins. Anyone else? Ten thousands gold spirit coins, going once. Ten thousands gold spirit coins, going twice. Ten thousands gold spirit, going three times — sold! ” Being unable to conceal the excitement and eagerness in his voice, he made the deal hurriedly — as if the bidder might go back on his word.

The auction proceeded on, item after item was presented, and everything was orderly. The bidder who had bought the Dragon Abyss Boat was exactly Tang San.

Sure, the Dragon Abyss Boat was trivial. But for them, it was extremely useful. Firstly, it was portable. Secondly, even though the Dragon Abyss Boat’s defence was weak, they could make up for it. Relying on their spirit power, they were able to adequately enhance the navigation power of the Dragon Abyss Boat. Additionally, with some other considerations from Tang San, they decided to buy it. Tang San, at least following his own opinion, believed that the Dragon Abyss Boat was absolutely worth it.

After the auction was finished, Ning Rongrong went to pay, and then brought back their goods. Because of the condition of Fatty’s body, they had no time to enjoy Vast Sea City’s night scenery, and hurried back to the hotel.

“Fatty, tell us, how did it feel to face those two sea spirit masters?” Dai Mubai asked curiously. Before resting, they still decided to learn more about Fatty’s experience.

Ma Hongjun said, ”They were pretty hard to deal with! If not for me being able to fly, and my phoenix fire restraining their water, I’m afraid I

would’ve lost today. Without these two abilities, even if I was facing only one person, I couldn’t’ve won. They were very good at taking advantage of water. They could easily use their spirit ability to control water and attack me. They looked no different from ordinary spirit abilities, but actually, when used with the water as a medium, it allowed for them to save a lot of spirit power. Of course, vice versa — without water, their strength will be greatly reduced. In general, if we encounter sea spirit masters on the sea, we’d better avoid them. It’s definitely not a wise thing to battle against them under the sea. If that happens, we’re bound to be bogged down into the worst possible disadvantage, since none of us understand the features of water well enough.”

Tang San nodded and said, ”Fatty’s right. Sea spirit masters might be even harder to deal with than we expected. Let me give you a simple comparison: Fighting with sea spirit masters that have a water attribute in the water, is no different from fighting with fatty in a volcanic vent. The power of water can enhance their capability geometrically. In terms of the fight today, assuming that the battlefield was changed to the sea, fatty would lose without doubt. I’m sure these sea spirit master’s fighting capacity is even more formidable in the sea. If fatty still fights against them in the same way, wanting to change the temperature of the sea, that would be a joke. Therefore, we should be even more careful on the sea this time.”

Everyone’s face began to become serious, nodding one after the other.

Tang San said to Bai Chenxiang, “Xiangxiang, we are going to set off tomorrow morning. We’ll have to trouble you at that point. During the ten-day voyage, I want you to keep reconnoitring in the sky to ensure our safety.”

“Ok.” Bai Chenxiang answered shortly. She could only feel excited if she was able to show her own value.

Tang San turned to Ning Rongrong,“ Rongrong, on the sea, our main sword is fatty. His phoenix flame can produce an effective restraint towards sea water — therefore, once we encounter any trouble, you should amplify fatty first, in order to ensure his attack output.”

Ning Rongrong said, “No problem.”

Then Tang San turned to look at Zhu Zhuqing and Dai Mubai again, “Boss, Zhuqing. If there are going to be battles on the sea, we three will form a team. I’ll use Blue Silver Emperor to get us together. I’ll further discuss our battle method later on.”

His sight finally landed on Oscar and Ma Hongjun, when Tang San said, “During this voyage, while on the sea, you two are the ones we can rely on most. Fatty, you are going to be the biggest attack output. During a battle, be sure to save your spirit power as much as possible — don’t strike before finding the best chance.”

“Little Ao. You need to make sure at least eight Swift Flight Mushroom Sausages are on hand at any time. None of us can swim well. With Swift Flight Mushroom Sausages, we can at least have temporary flight.”

“These are all the things that I can figure out for now. Anything else you guys want to add?” With the real voyage on the sea right around the corner, Tang San had obviously become more discreet. As the soul of the team, he had to plan it comprehensively.

Oscar said, “I’m alright here. I have prepared a number of Clone Mirror Large Sausages on the way. By then, with the help of Swift Flight Mushroom Sausages, at least it can guarantee us flying in the sky for some time. Besides, with the flying abilities of Little San, Xiangxiang, and fatty, we can make our flight time even longer. Still, there’s one thing I have to point out here. On the sea, our real strength cannot be fully exerted. If we encounter a sea spirit beast more than ten-thousand years old, what shall we do? Even on a ten-day long voyage at sea, I think it’s still very possible.”

Tang San nodded, saying, “I’ve thought about this point. If it’s merely a normal ten-thousand year-old spirit beast, it won’t threaten us too much. Besides, we have another way to save our lives. I’m going to perform a trial on the effects of the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud on the sea. If it can still keep us invisible, then the best parts of the Dragon Abyss Boat can be exerted.”

Hearing Tang San’s words, everyone felt enlightened for a moment. If the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud could help the Dragon Abyss Boat move invisibly, then, let alone ten-thousand years old spirit beasts, even hundred-thousand years spirit beasts wouldn’t be something to worry about. They had already experienced the advantages of Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud. As long as they were within the protection of the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud, there was no need to worry about safety. Even if someone passed by them, he wouldn’t notice their existence at all.

After using the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud, there would be a warped space around them, and everything covered by it would be just like vanished into thin air. So far at least, through the Seven Devils’ multiple trials, there had been no way to detect the location of the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud. But in terms of whether spirit masters who were more powerful than them could detect it, they couldn’t be sure yet.

Dai Mubai praised, “Little San, you surely are smart. I was wondering why you bought this thing. If it was merely for escaping, ten thousand gold spirit coins would be too extravagant. But if, as you said, the Dragon Abyss Boat works with the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud, then even if we don’t go to rent a boat, it’ll still be easy to get to Sea God Island.”

Tang San said, “At present, this is just an hypothesis. Whether it can be realized will be determined tomorrow. Chartering a boat is still necessary. None of us swim well, and with a large boat, we can also accommodate more in a faster manner. If there aren’t any other opinions we can have a rest. Fatty, especially you, be sure to recover your spirit power back.”

Ma Hongjun laughed, saying, “No problem.”

After a silent night, on the second day’s morning, the Shrek Seven Devils with Bai Chenxiang walked nearly across the entire city, leaving Vast Sea City from the west gate. They went along a wide road out of the city that was exclusively chiseled upon reefs, heading towards the wharf.

Anyone who wanted to go to the sea from the Vast Sea City wharf needed to go along this road, therefore, although building a road on the reef

was tough, the authorities of Vast Sea City spared no effort to build the road in a neat fashion.

The wharf here was a huge place. More than twenty piers that were several hundred meters long ran out into the sea. It was both the starting point and the terminal point of sea trade, as well as also a huge source of revenue for the entire Vast Sea City.

Although mighty spirit beasts were never lacking within the sea, there were also infinite treasures. Relying on the sea and living on sea, had become the invariable truth of Vast Sea City. So even though there were a number of people who’d lose their life within the sea spirit beasts’ mouths every year, the situation had never changed.

Near the sea, most of the soil would be saline — not suitable for growing crops — so only a variety of creatures in the sea could bring revenue to Vast Sea City. And it was alongside the sea that people could extract various resources from it.

Very quickly, Tang San found the ship he’d rented with Oscar the other day, which was a brand new sea ship, with an appearance that looked quite nice. The hull of the ship was painted a metallic grey, with only some red and white ornaments on the deck. It was said that painting hulls such was to avoid the attacks of spirit beasts.

The body of the ship was fifty meters in length, and more than twenty meters in width, which was not big among sea ships, but neither was it small. If someone looked at it carefully, he would find that, under the grey- colored paint of the hull, there was very thick iron armour protecting the ship’s body.

The reason why Tang San and Oscar chose this ship was that its defence was fairly good by itself. So even though chartering a ship was expensive, as long as they could arrive at Sea God Island safely, it would be worth it. As far as coming back was concerned, they could rely on their own ability.

“Welcome to the Sea Devil!” On board the deck, a middle-aged man looking in his fifties moved towards them, showing a welcoming gesture

while laughing.

Tang San introduced him to the others, saying, “This is the Captain of the Sea Devil, Mr. Haider.”

Haider smiled in a good demeanor, saying, “Welcome you beautiful ladies, and of course, handsome gentlemen. It seems that this voyage will be very charming. I’m very happy to serve you.” Saying that, his sight swept across everyone’s body, and when it passed across the four beautiful ladies, it didn’t stay too long.

Seeing this scene, Tang San’s pupils shrank slightly, saying nothing.

With the introduction of Haider, everyone learned that there were eight seamen within the entire Sea Devil. Apart from him as the Captain, there was a chief officer and six sailors.

The Sea Devil had three layers in total — two above deck and one beneath it. As people who’d spent money, Tang San and the Shrek Seven Devils would naturally live in the two layers above deck, while the crew lived beneath.

Living on the topmost layer and looking out, gave a unique, lingering charm. There were six rooms in total on this layer, which was absolutely sufficient for eight people to live in.

The strong smell of the sea started to hit their olfactory sense once they boarded the ship. The whistling sea breeze in the late autumn weather brought chills to them. Luckily, all of them were not ordinary people. With their strong body resistance, this cold wind could barely affect them.

“Weigh anchor and set off.” Everyone was there. With the order of Captain Haider, the Sea Devil set off.

Tang San exclusively copied a sea map for him, letting him head in the appointed direction.

Today’s weather was very nice. It was calm and tranquil on the sea, and the body of the Sea Devil wasn’t small. After weighing anchor, thanks to the hard work of sailors, they easily bore off the dock, heading into the sea. When the the Sea Devil entirely sailed into the sea, and parted from the range of dock, with the order of Captain Haider, the mainsail was set and adjusted, which pushed them towards the destination of their voyage.

The scenery of the sea couldn’t be replaced by any other view. If one hadn’t actually been to the sea, one might never feel that magnificent upsurging sense. Boundless ocean stretched to the horizon, where water and sky merged together. At this moment, the sun rose up slowly, shining on the sea as the waves glistened.

All of the Shrek Seven Devils were standing on the second layer of The Sea Devil, looking out at the charming scenery of the sea. Even Xiao Wu, revealed a somewhat bedazzled expression towards the sea in her blank eyes. Sea breeze struck at their bodies, albeit a little cold, yet seemed to strike within each one’s heart, making them somewhat excited with an indescribable carefree feeling.

This excited feeling lasted until noon.

Of course, lunch consisted mainly of seafood. A few simple sea fish, boiled in clean water with green vegetables bought in Vast Sea City, without any special garnish, still made everyone eat with relish. Especially since Captain Haider specially added several huge crabs, whose delicious taste could be rarely savored while inland, allowed the Shrek Seven Devils to satisfy a craving.

However, after lunch, only Tang San, Dai Mubai, Ma Hongjun and Bai Chenxiang could keep this mood.

After lunch, wind and waves started to surge, and the Sea Devil also fluctuated with the waves. At the beginning it was fine, but as time went by, Ning Rongrong, Zhu Zhuqing, Xiao Wu and Oscar began to show signs of seasickness.

Xiao Wu was better off, as she was directly put into Tang San’s Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse, but the three others, Ning Rongrong, Zhu Zhuqing, and Oscar, began to vomit tremendously, making the sailors burst out into laughter. Haider told them they’d get accustomed to it after vomiting several times.

Although Tang San, Dai Mubai, and Ma Hongjun also felt a little uncomfortable, their bodies were the best between the Seven Devils, allowing them to just about endure. As for Bai Chenxiang, once she felt uncomfortable, she would directly fly into the sky, not only to scout but also to avoid the feeling of being seasick.

After a day passed, all around them was boundless ocean, and any trace of land couldn’t be seen any more. After starting the voyage, they’d still felt much more comfortable than on land, but after a day, each of them had turned pale.

Occasionally, when it was calm, Tang San would take Xiao Wu out of the Wishful Hundred Treasures Purse to breathe the fresh air outside. But in the real sea, how long could it be calm? Nevertheless, Xiao Wu’s adaptive capacity was much better than he expected. After several times being seasick, her symptoms faded even faster than the rest of the Shrek Seven Devils.

But Oscar, Zhu Zhuqing, and Ning Rongrong, after this day, not to mention cultivation, they didn’t even dare to eat too much. It seemed that several times of vomiting made them look pale — and as if they would collapse at any time.

Still, they were, after all, spirit masters over rank sixty. After multiple times transforming their bodies, their adaptive ability was very strong, so they were able to adapt to the jolt on the sea gradually.

By noon the next day, the sea had finally recovered its calm. Under the light of the sun, the cabin was filled with warmth. Those who’d gotten seasick went to bed with just a little fish soup. As they’d had to adapt to voyage at sea, their bodies were also recovering.

Tang San was standing on the deck and looking into the distance. Direction could only be distinguished by the sun on the sea. He’d worked out that the direction the Sea Devil was proceeding in was right, and was in the process of approaching Sea God Island.

Haider came next to Tang San, saying with respect, “Esteemed sir Spirit Master, according to the route,and following the same pattern, we’ll arrive at our destination in eight days. Still, in about half a day from now, we’re going to enter the active area in which spirit beasts dwell. We’ll be counting on your support then.”

This captain had become much more respectful to them since he had seen Bai Chenxiang flying rapidly in the sky.

Tang San said calmly, “Captain Haider. You also sail far very often. Generally, if you do encounter powerful spirit beasts, how do you deal with them?”

Haider smiled slightly, saying, “Generally speaking, spirit beasts hardly attack ships. Only a small number of unruly spirit beasts will assault on their own. Therefore, as long as we don’t displease the spirit beasts within the sea, for the most part it’s alright. But if we really encounter those powerful and grumpy spirit beasts, we’ll have to accept the bad luck. After all, no matter how strong the ship is, it’s basically impossible to hold off those terrible beasts. Every year people die at sea — almost like sacrifices to the sea spirit beasts. But don’t worry, our ship was painted with a special medicine to drive away spirit beasts. They really hate this smell, and won't generally get close. Captains who dare to sail any far distance into the sea, all have a sea map in their brains. Relying on the sea map, we can guarantee our passengers’ safety.”

“Ah? What sea map?” Tang San asked curiously.

Haider said, “The sea map of how the powerful sea spirit beasts are distributed. Spirit beasts in the sea are similar to those on the continent, in some aspects. They also have their own territory. And their sense of territory is even stronger than continental spirit beasts. So as long as we don’t enter those really powerful sea spirit beasts’ territory, we won’t

irritate them and get into trouble.” Saying this, there was a tinge of pride on his face.

Tang San gave him a thoughtful look, saying, “It seems that Captain knows a lot about spirit beasts.”

Haider’s face turned slightly, saying, “When seeking survival on sea, it’s always better to know more. Thus we can live longer. Don't you think so?”

Tang San smiled, saying nothing any more, and turned his sight towards the sea once again.

Their time on the sea went by very fast, and the night approached very quickly. Today had been a nice day, and it was easy to see the stars and moon clearly overhead. The fine view of the bright moon rising from the sea made everyone enchanted.

By taking advantage of the day’s good weather, those who’d gotten seasick had already roughly recovered. They didn’t have the right mood to admire the beautiful scenery, and had gone to bed early.

Tang San held Xiao Wu and let her lie on his bed. The cabin wasn’t large. Other than the bed, there wasn’t very much room for moving around. Through the window, the enchanting moonlight could just be seen.

Although the sea breeze wasn’t strong, the temperature in the late night was still very low. Chilling air snuck into the cabin, preventing its temperature from growing high.

Tang San folded the thick cotton mattress into two layers, putting it on the inner part of the bed, and letting Xiao Wu feel softer and more comfortable while lying on it. The quilt also covered Xiao Wu’s body, while he slept on the outer part with clothes on, blocking the cold from the outside.

Although the condition was a little tough, Tang San really enjoyed the feeling. Being able to keep out wind and rain for his lover, to him, was a

kind of happiness.

Xiao Wu, leaning against Tang San’s shoulder, slept soundly, with her little hands on his chest. Her long eyelashes touched her eyelids, flickering slightly now and then. Seeing the moonlight from outside, and seeing the beauty in his arms, who was even more beautiful than moonlight, Tang San couldn’t help but feel dazzled.

Right when Tang San got somewhat sleepy, and his consciousness became hazy, he suddenly felt his spiritual power fluctuate a little. When he opened his eyes with alert, he saw a thread of red light sneak out of his body and infuse into Xiao Wu’s body quietly. And then the sleeping Xiao Wu opened her eyes.

Their eyes met. The beautiful big eyes of Xiao Wu had already recovered their colour, and as they looked at Tang San, they filled with bitterness.

Before Tang San could open his mouth, she had already hastened to say,
“Ge, why don’t you take care of yourself? ”

“I…” Seeing Xiao Wu’s eyes, Tang San’s heart had already been filled to the brim.

“Stand up, quickly.” Xiao Wu pushed Tang San lightly, letting him get up from the bed. She unfolded the mattress quickly, and pulled Tang San back to the bed, with a red blush flickering across her pretty face, as she covered their bodies with the quilt.

Tang San only felt a soft and tender body intrude into his arms, and two arms coil around his neck. A warm, hot and tender body, full of elasticity pressed against his body while softly wriggling. The wriggling feeling, nearly evoked the most primitive instinct of Tang San immediately.

Buried in Tang San’s chest, Xiao Wu said softly, “Ge. If you feel uncomfortable, come and take me. I’m yours all along. For a lifetime, only yours.”

Tang San stroked Xiao Wu’s black and shiny long hair slightly, whilst lowering his head and kissing her forehead, “No, I’m very greedy. Silly, I want you forever.”

Raising her head bashfully, unexpectedly, Xiao Wu found Tang San’s lips on her own. Lips met, and suddenly, both of their souls felt the most intimate crashing. Tang San sucked Xiao Wu’s soft lips greedily, holding her tender body tight, as if desiring to blend her body into his. Subconsciously, his big hands began to swim behind Xiao Wu’s back and hips. Within the quilt, and even within the whole cabin, the temperature was rising sharply.

Tang San’s soul was quivering, and Xiao Wu’s soul quivered even more fiercely. Suddenly, Tang San woke up. Every movement of him stopped. It wasn’t until now that he woke up with a start — when his two hands had respectively rested on a towering mountain peak and an unusually tall highland, unexpectedly. The touching sense, was still him touching, in spite of the layer of clothes and the Eight Treasure Wishful Soft Armor.

A layer of light pink had already covered Xiao Wu’s skin. Whispering lightly, her most pliable body twisted on Tang San again. Tang San dared not imagine what it’d be like if they were really doing it, and Xiao Wu adopted her soft ability even slightly, how wonderful that feeling would be.

“Ge, take me.” Xiao Wu whispered in a vague voice.

Tang San hurriedly bit the tip of his tongue, and the sharp pain made him sober up a lot. He was a veryfirm and persistent man all along, therefore only Xiao Wu could easily destroy his iron will. Under the stimulation of pain, Tang San choked back that wonderful feeling, and held up Xiao Wu and put his hands back on her waist, well-behaved.

“No, Xiao Wu, your soul is unstable, only able to return to your body temporarily. If I take you, I’m afraid your soul would be injured. You are mine forever, thus you can’t escape. After I help you recover thoroughly, even if you aren’t willing, I will also take you. But, not now. I won’t let you get hurt, even a little bit.”

Hearing Tang San’s words, Xiao Wu’s body stopped wiggling. When she raised her head, her eyes were already dimmed with tears.

“Ge, I beg you for one thing. Will you promise me?” Her voice was quivering, making Tang San’s heart quiver as well.

“Tell me.” Tang San said softly, lowering his head and kissing away the crystal tears on Xiao Wu’s pretty face.

“You should promise me first.”

Tang San’s heart moved a little, saying, “Okay. As long as it has nothing to do with your resurrection, everything is okay.”

“Ge…” Xiao Wu looked at Tang San sadly, “Why are you always this smart? Ge, I have never begged you for anything. Let me beg you, don’t let my soul return to body. Aren’t we fine now like this? In fact, my soul can already keep returning to my body once a day and meet you. For me, this is enough.”

Tang San said seriously, “But, it’s not enough for me. What I want is to live with you forever — with the complete Xiao Wu. Anything else is okay, except this. I must resurrect you.”

Xiao Wu hurried, “But, that will do great harm to you! All of the spirit abilities you acquired through your hard work will be lost, and your spirit power will never surpass rank ninety any more. I don’t want you to sacrifice that much for me.”

Kissing Xiao Wu’s forehead, Tang San sighed slightly, “Silly girl, that’s not fair. Why can you sacrifice yourself for me, but I can’t devote myself to you? Now then, there are only two possibilities before you. One, is to listen to my arrangement, and wait for your resurrection and behave well. You can cooperate with me and resurrect yourself successfully, and then we can be together happily. The alternative is very simple; I can promise you, I’ll immediately die in front of you.”

Tang San’s eyes were very calm, looking at Xiao Wu stably, “Xiao Wu, you should know, I’m not kidding you. Maybe, it’s not easy for others to kill me. But if I really want to die, no one can stop me. Listen to me, don’t discuss with me on this question any more. It can’t be discussed.”

“Ge…” Throwing herself into Tang San’s arms, Xiao Wu’s tears poured out, and couldn’t be stopped anymore. She knew Tang San wasn’t kidding. Although Tang San sometimes looked mild, once he had really decided something, he wouldn’t change his mind. In his personality, the resolute and strict aspect was absolutely the best of all the Shrek Seven Devils.

Chapter 209

Tang San did not violate Xiao Wu, he just held her close, letting her fall asleep in his embrace. The moment she had fallen asleep, her spirit had returned back into him. However, Tang San felt as if he was truly hugging Xiao Wu to sleep. That night he slept really well, and the cold air outside was completely unable to affect his warm heart. At the same time, his desire for power rekindled, as only after reaching rank ninety could he revive his lover.

Early in the morning, while the sea was still covered with a layer of mist, the crew had already awakened and the three seasick people were also already feeling much better. With their recovered health, their appetite improved as well.

Breakfast was black bread and fish soup with some smoked salmon and roe, a normal breakfast out at sea. It is worth mentioning that, due to the good price Tang San paid, the fish roe was actually black fish roe which was extraordinarily delicious. As you bit into the fish roe, it would release a fresh flavour into your mouth. Adding on the black bread, it truly became a delicacy.

It took some effort to prepare this breakfast, yet it was just wolfed down by the group in an instant.

Ma Hongjun bounced up saying: “Come, let’s go up to the deck for some fresh air. The weather is getting a little colder though, do you all want me to help warm you up?”

Oscar stood up as well after having his breakfast, filled with vitality. He shot Tang San a glance before saying, “Thanks Fatty, but we are not that weak yet, come, let us all go up to the deck for some air.”

While coming out of the cabin and onto the deck, the sun rising from the east gradually dispersed some of the sea mist.

Captain Haider came over with a few members of the crew laughingly asking: “Dear distinguished guests, was breakfast of your liking?”

Ma Hongjun stuck out his thumb, saying: “It was pretty good, especially the black fish roe sauce, it was really fresh!”

Haider proudly said: “That’s for sure, if this sauce was to  be sold inland, it would be worth more than its weight on gold. But, there are better things to come, and it is also about time anyway.”

As he said this, Ma Hongjun suddenly lost his step, shaking his head he murmured: “Why do I suddenly feel dizzy?”

Haider smilingly said: “Dizzy is right, how much did you eat just now?
Perfect, perfect.”

The Shrek Seven Devils faces suddenly changed, with the exception of Xiao Wu’s: starting from Ma Hongjun, then Dai Mubai, Tang San, Oscar, Ning Rongrong and Zhu Zhuqing and additionally Bai Chenxiang fell to the ground, leaving only Xiao Wu dazedly standing there.

Haider laughed to himself, pleased. “So what if you are Spirit Masters? On the sea, it is our domain. This time is not too bad, I don’t know what rich families these kids come from, but once we empty their spirit bags, we will be rich. Commander will surely reward us well. Do it, bundle them up first and tie up their limbs.”

The first-mate tapped Haider, pointing at Xiao Wu: “Why is there one of them still standing there? I am pretty sure she was eating just now too.”

Haider also went cold for a while. Looking at the dull-eyed and slightly dazed looked Xiao Wu, he could not help but frown.

At this point, a faint voice sounded, “She did not collapse because she is unable to act like us. Experiencing utter despair right after happiness is more exciting isn’t it?”

Along with the voice, the originally collapsed Shrek Seven Devils one by one

“Thi-this is impossible… …” Haider defeatedly cried out, “Our Five Herb Rooster Call Anesthetic is able to knock out a person for three days and three nights, yo-you… …”

Tang San looked at him pityingly. Too lazy to even bother explaining. Using poison against him, the Tang Sect Leader, was just like trying to show off in the face of an expert. Even if Tang San was not here, just using Little Ao’s detoxification sausages was more than enough to easily get rid of that bit of poison.

“Actually, on the first day we came out to sea, I had already took note of you all. You were just ship crew, yet you as the captain knew about us Spirit Masters all too well. I don’t know what method you all used to conceal your Spirit Power, but Spirit Masters and normal people are different. Your crew’s movement is too agile, and your strengths are all obviously more than that of a normal person. A crew made up of all Spirit Masters, we are actually still quite pleased about this.

Seeing Tang San’s seemingly dull yet profound eyes, Haider angrily said, “So what if you all seen through it? Out on the sea, so what if you are Spirit Masters? You landlubbers will just die here all the same. Do it, get rid of them, let them know our true power.”

As he said this, they no longer needed to conceal themselves. In an instant, with Haider in the front, these eight crew members released their Spirits.

Ring by ring their spirits shone. Captain Haider had five Spirit Rings shining on his body, while the first-mate had four spirit rings shining on him. Amongst the other six Spirit Masters, two had three Spirit Rings, while the remaining four had two Spirit Rings. Haider was very certain, so what if these youths were all Spirit Masters? If all else failed, he was certain that they would be able to take them down. This was the ocean, and being all sea Spirit Masters they had the advantage in the first place. What’s more, these youths in front of him looked no more than twenty or so years old, how strong could they be? At most they would be three ringed Spirit Elders. As a Spirit King, he was confident of being able to easily take down these youths.

Seeing them release their spirit rings, Tang San thoughtfully spoke: “These few days I have already carefully inspected. If you were really all Spirit Masters, then three of you would be enough to run this boat, the excess really had little use.”

While he was speaking, the opposing eight people had already rushed over. This was the ocean, and there was an abundance of water energy they could use. In the worst case, they could retreat into the sea. Of course that was only a last resort, the price of this boat was not low, and if not in a desperate situation they would be not willing to have to destroy the ship.

Ning Rongrong and Oscar stood there laughing. The moment they saw the Spirit Ranks of these crew members, they threw out any ideas they had of even attacking.

The people who attacked were only two of them, Tang San and Ma Hongjun.

A crystal blue light bathed the deck as strands of blue silver grass as tough as steel shot out, this was only the first Spirit Ability, binding.

Other than Captain Haider, the other seven crew members had their movements completely sealed by the shining blue light, such that they even had no way to activate their spirit abilities.

While Haider, without moving, maintained his previous pose with his hand extended, looking at Tang San as if seeing a freak. Yellow, yellow, purple, black, black, red. Six spirit rings silently floating around Tang San, each one of them as if mocking Haider.

In front of Tang San’s Blue Silver Emperor, even the Spirit Ancestor First Mate was completely entangled: Tang San was definitely not going to give them them the opportunity to escape into the waters and raze the boat. As a control type Spirit Master, and with his Spirit Power also completely outclassing these people’s, if he couldn’t do something as simple as this, then he could forget about being a Spirit Master.

Ma Hongjun walked up to them with a wide grin on his face, his body giving off the same beautiful glow of his spirit rings, tinged with a little of his flaming hot phoenix flame. Haider originally wanted to attack, but he found that he was completely unable to move his body. He only managed to see the fourth spirit ring on Tang San’s body flash once, and then around him, he could only see an incomparably hard golden blue cage appear. Ten- thousand year spirit ability, god it was actually a ten thousand year spirit ability!

For Haider who only had three yellow and two purple spirit rings, he had not a shred of fighting spirit left in him. He knew that today he had lost, and he had lost so very terribly. No wonder these people dared to go to that place, even though they were young. How could they posses just so much strength?

With two puffs sounding out, Ma Hongjun’s hands had separately landed on the heads of the First Mate and another crew member. Without any bloodshed, just some green smoke came out from the cages they were trapped in. Through the cries for mercy, Fatty’s heart remained hard as iron. Since Tang San said that only three people were needed for the ship, then they only needed three of them left.

Give mercy? When facing a group of pirates who wanted to rob and murder them, what mercy did they deserve? These pirates only deserved to die a horrible fate ten times worse.

As the Blue Silver Grass retreated, five corpses dropped out, flung into the ocean which would be their final resting place.

This bout was completely suspense-less, settled in just this short amount of time.

The other two crew members already lost control of their bowels, if not for the Blue Silver Emperor binding them, they would have already collapsed on the ground in fear. They had definitely killed before, but the fear of being killed is of a completely different level.

Tang San’s Blue Silver Emperor once again shot out, grabbing hold of these two crew members, he swung them into the ocean, as sea Spirit Masters, being dunked into the ocean would not kill them, and their bodies need to be cleaned of their filth.

Walking to the Haider who had not the slightest intention of resistance in the Blue Silver Prison, Tang San indifferently smiled. His eyes dazzlingly stared at Haider and, under his gaze, Haider could not help but feel himself fall into some kind of trance.

“I think we need to have a small chat now.” While saying that, two strands of Blue Silver Grass entered the cage and tapped on Haider’s chest area five times. Haider could only feel his body become numb, and in the next moment, the spirit power in his body seemed to be blocked by something, while the five spirit rings around him faded away.

Using acupuncture techniques to seal his opponent's Spirit Power was similar to the method of sealing internal energy in the previous world. For Haider, in this state, let alone stir up trouble, even jumping overboard would be impossible.

Doing away with the Blue Spirit Cage, Tang San’s handsome face let out an elegant smile, “Captain Haider, I am guessing you are pirates. Earlier you mentioned your commander, what is that all about? If you don’t want to end up like your five subordinates.”

Haider’s face was pale, his legs trembling, falling onto the ground, “Mercy, please have mercy! Whatever you want to know I will answer, as long as you don’t kill me.”

Tang San looked condescendingly at him saying: “That is fine, I don’t have many other requests. As long as you tell me where you come from, and safely send us to our destination then I will spare your life.

Haider let out a sigh of relief saying: “I’ll speak, great Spirit Emperor, this boat of ours hails from the Purple Pearl Pirate Group. Specially used for finding juicy sheep at the harbour, we will kill them on the seas then hand over the loot to our regiment.”

Tang San nodded his head, saying: “Say, what is the situation in the Purple Pearl Pirate Group. Where is your headquarters? How many people do you have, and who is your leader?”

Haider knew what would happen to him if he did not speak what he knew, so he very cooperatively replied: “Our Purple Pearl Pirate Group resides on the Purple Pearl Island, two days away by boat. In these ten years, under the leadership of master Purple Pearl, we have either assimilated or destroyed all the small pirate groups in this area, forming a rather large group. In total we have about three thousand people, of which over two hundred are spirit masters. My Sea Devil ship is also highly ranked in the group. This crew is all my own people, I was originally the leader of my own pirate group before we were taken in. Master Purple Pearl is a ranked seventy-three Spirit Sage and is really strong. She is about thirty-seven or thirty-eight years old but looks only about twenty or so, she is extremely pretty.”

Tang San frowned, “She is a lady?’

Haider nodded his head. “We live by plundering and collecting taxes in the ocean.”

Tang San asked: “Do Vast Sea City Officials not care about this?”

Haider curled his lips saying: “Even if they wanted to care, they couldn’t. Just the two hundred or so Spirit Masters will already make them think twice before entering the waters, let alone rashly pursue us. Also we have our ways of doing things, and not completely corner people, we just pillage their stuff, we don’t usually kill. And we only rob from nobles, they have the best things.”

Dai Mubai coldly smiled, saying: “Then that means that you regarded us as fat noble sheeps? Are nobles all bad people? Do they all deserve to die?”
“This……” Haider knew he had misspoken, his face slightly contorted. Tang San said: “You get up, we will not kill you. Send us to Sea God
Island, I am not interested in your band of pirates. No more tricks, I am sure you already feel that your Spirit Power has been sealed. I left some restrictions on your body: if you try something, you will suffer only one fate, one worse than death.” In those last four words, you could clearly feel his tone become colder. As he said that, the blue silver grass moved and those two crew members being washed in the ocean were brought back on the deck.

“Continue guiding the ship. Although I am not that good with ships, I still know the general direction. I trust that you are not stupid, if you want to live then just follow my instructions.”

“Yes, of course.” As if receiving amnesty, hurriedly rushed off with the two remaining crew members.

Dai Mubai’s eyes flashed coldly, “These pirates are all nothing good. It’s a pity that we have too few people, and I don’t really want to complicate this matter, if not, I would completely destroy them.”

Oscar laughingly said: “To think they actually tried to poison us, it’s really funny that they are throwing their lives away like that.”

Tang San replied: “These pirates are greedy and afraid of death, as long as we take note of them a little, then there should be nothing to worry

about. But from now on, when we sleep at night we will have to take turns standing guard, in case they try something fishy. Although we don’t need to worry about meeting a large pirate group. But since we are going to Sea God Island, it is better for us not to stir up too much trouble.”

The Sea Demon continued it’s sail as usual. However, the originally friendly atmosphere had completely vanished. Standing at the helm, in the control room, Haider’s servile look had gradually faded. He was certainly afraid of death, extremely afraid. Everything he had done earlier was out of his instinct to survive, but, after he had calmed down, fear could barely be seen on his face. The veins on his face throbbing like worms, his trembling hands tightly gripping onto the rudder. On the inside, he felt as if he was being bitten by thousands of snakes, a violent pain continuously haunting his heart.

Tang San’s judgement was right: in normal situations, in order to keep his life, Haider would certainly cooperate with them and send them to Sea God Island. However, it is impossible to guess what a person is thinking afterall. Tang San did not have the ability to see into the future, and what he did not know was that, among the five crew members that Ma Hongjun killed, the one who perished alongside the First Mate was Haider’s own son, his only son.

Haider’s eyes narrowed, his son was his only hope, since at his age wanting to advance further was practically impossible. Everything he had done these few years, it was mostly done for his son. He had already decided that, after saving some more money, he would sail the Sea Demon to the other side of the ocean, letting his son find himself a wife and live his life peacefully. But, the incident today had completely destroyed his plans: he had a son no more, neither did he have a future left.

Since you killed my son, I will bury you all along with him! At this point, Haider’s eyes were filled with a maniacal madness.

Gazing out at the boundless ocean, Haider’s pupils constricted. He did not lie to Tang San: in his mind, he certainly possessed a map of the ocean. However, in this map there was a taboo ground, which was where they were headed.

After another day of sailing, the Shrek Seven Devils got used to the turbulence of the seas. As the size of the crew diminished, they had to prepare their meals themselves. However due to Oscar being an Auxiliary Food System Spirit Master, they had no need to worry about not having enough food. Haider and the two remaining crew appeared very honest.

Tang San constantly carefully checked the rout. The general route was indeed correct, it was the same as the one that grandmaster had given him. As such, when night fell, he gradually became relieved .

In about seven more days, they would reach their destination. Sea God Island, just what kind of place was it? Without reaching it, one could only guess.

As the night progressed, Tang San, who was responsible for keeping watch, leaned against the side of the ship. The moon and stars were missing tonight. Even with his Purple Demon Eyes, it was hard to see far in this boundless ocean. However, Tang San really enjoyed the feeling of the sea breeze, the faint cold air accompanied by the salty taste of the sea brought him this undescribable comfort.

An oil lamp glowed in the control room where usually the First Mate would be steering the ship now. However, since there was no First Mate, Haider did not rest. The position that Tang San was standing in allowed him to see into the control room and see Haider at the helm, staring out dazedly into the darkness, not knowing what he was thinking.

Turning around, Tang San once again looked out towards the darkness, and for some unknown reason, suddenly felt himself getting cold. Given his strength, this was the first time he experienced something like this. This feeling of cold was not from outside his body but rather from the inside.

Tang San’s mental powers expanded, and he quickly pinpointed the location of this coldness. His left hand flashed and the Clear Sky Hammer appeared in his palms. Tang San was surprised to see that the Death God Domain engraved on the Clear Sky Hammer started to give out a brilliant white light.

In the silence of darkness, every texture became all the more clear, the dense cold seemingly starting a cold war against Tang San.

He could clearly feel that the feeling given to him by the Death God Domain was no good, it was some kind of a warning of substantial danger.

Is danger approaching? This is the first time that Tang San experienced something like this ever since he obtained the Death God Domain. Hurriedly turning around, he strode towards the control room with large strides.

“Captain Haider” Tang San knocked on the control room doors.

Haider opened the doors and respectfully asked: “Great Spirit Emperor, what is it that you ask of me?”

Tang San inquired: “Is our ship on the right course?”

Haider nodded his head saying: “Of course it is. We have followed the map that you gave us. This region of the ocean is called the Demonic Whale Depths, and is the deepest region nearby. Is it said that the depth of water here reaches over a thousand meters deep. That is why if a flying type Spirit Master were to look at it from above, he would see that the waters here have the darkest colour.”

“Demonic Whale Depths? Why is it called like this?” Tang San asked doubtfully.

Haider replied: “That is because, under this expanse of ocean lives a Demonic Whale which is what gives this place the name.”

“Demonic Whale? It is a Sea Spirit Beast?” Tang San’s heart jolted, as his gaze towards Haider sharpened.

Haider nodded his head, saying: “That is right, the Demonic Whale here is indeed a sea Spirit Beast. Not only that, it is also a relatively strong one, and is known as the Overlord of the Oceans. It should be a hundred thousand year old existence. However, it is generally lazy and only lurks

on the seafloor, as by opening its mouth it swallows enough sea creatures to keep it alive.”

Hundred Thousand Year Old Spirit Beast? Tang San’s heart suddenly skipped a beat, he could clearly feel that the sense of danger coming from the Clear Sky Hammer was growing stronger.

“Since you knew about the existence of this powerful Hundred Thousand Year Old Spirit Beast, then why didn’t you steer away?” Asked Tang San coldly, the Clear Sky Hammer already starting to emit a brilliant glow.

Haider purposely acted as in shock, reasoning: “Didn’t you say yourself we need to reach the Sea God Island as fast as possible? So I naturally didn’t make any detours. Oh, I also forgot to mention the whale’s left eye is blind, and during Spring and Autumn it will swim east, while during Summer and Winter it swims westwards. As a result, it can be safe to sail past the Demonic Whale Depths, as long as we sail along the side where the whale is blind, it would be hard to offend the whale. Whatsmore, i already told you it is pretty lazy, he won’t take the initiative to attack people who don’t enter its territory. It is Autumn now, and still quite a ways from Winter, so it should be heading East, with its blind side facing North, while our Sea Demon is just nicely south of its body.”

Seeing Haider’s smile slowly turning evil, Tang San knew that this was bad. Quickly grabbing control of the ship he steered them away.

Haider’s eyes filled with provocation as he smiled: “It’s too late, there is no time left. We have already entered the Demonic Whale Depths. Also we have just released some explosives used for bombing fish from the bridge of the ship. Listen, can’t you hear the sounds? Like this, even if the Demonic Whale had good temper, it should be enough to make it mad right? Oh I also forgot to mention, the Hundred Thousand Year Old Spirit Beasts in the ocean are many times more terrifying than those on land. It is said that because this Demonic Whale is too strong, that is why the Sea God blinded it in one eye.”

Indeed, as Haider mentioned, from under the surface of the ocean came several loud sounds. Waves also started surging out from the originally calm surface of the ocean.

Tang San stopped what he was doing, waving the Clear Sky Hammer towards Haider’s chest, pinning his body towards the wall of the control room, “Why did you do this? Are you not afraid of death? Speak! Is there anyway of remedying this?”

Haider laughed, laughing hysterically he said, “Remedy? The only remedy is your deaths. You killed my son, so now you all can go and join him. With my son dead, what use is there in living? This ship, the Sea Demon is my whole fortune. Come, kill me! Then I can go meet my son again. HAHA, HAHAHAHA.”

Seeing Haider, Tang San stared at him for a moment before his sharp gaze calmed down, he finally knew what he had done wrong. However, it was too late to try and remedy it. Putting away his Clear Sky Hammer, Tang San tapped Haider’s chest a few times, removing the restrictions put on him.

“I can understand your feelings as a father. However, have you ever thought about it? In your lifetime as a pirate, how many father’s sons have you killed? You say this Demonic Whale is about to arrive, I won’t kill you. If you have the ability then escape.” From Haider, he thought of his own father. Haider, given his greedy and timid personality, was willing to perish alongside his son’s enemies. A parent’s love is indeed incomparable.

Towards a pirate, Tang San would never give mercy. However, for a father seeking vengeance for his child, Tang San could not bring himself to kill. What he left Haider with was a chance to fend for himself.

Haider dazedly stared at Tang San walk out the door, and could not help but freeze for a moment. He never anticipated an outcome such as Tang San actually letting him off.

“Everyone, wake up! Hurry and come out now.” After quickly returning to the deck, Tang San shouted loudly while at the same time releasing his Spirit and his Eight Spider Lances. The eight blood red Spider Lances sunk deeply into the deck of ship, stabilizing him to react for any situation.

The night was dark, while the seas were desolate. However, all he could feel was the feeling of impending danger. Even now, Tang San as usual still did not lose his cool. With Oscar’s mushroom sausages, in addition to Ma Hongjun, Bai Chenxiang and his own ability to fly, as long as they quickly ascended and flew out of here, abandoning the Sea Demon, they should have little risk. When they re-entered the ocean, all they had to do would be to paddle their own paddle boats they had brought along. This was the best solution to this situation.

Tang San’s shout was infused with his mental power, even if the rest were in deep sleep or cultivating, they would be awakened by him, one by one they walked out.

As Tang San had to stand guard, and was unwilling to keep Xiao Wu in the Wishful Hundred Treasures Purse, he let had her sleep together with Ning Rongrong. Although Xiao Wu had woken up, when she came out with Ning Rongrong, she looked as bleary eyed as ever, leaning on her shoulder.

“Little Ao, flying mushroom sausages, give everyone one. Let’s go.” While saying that, Tang San went over to take over Xiao Wu. When everyone saw Tang San’s Eight Spier Lances they knew something big had happened, immediately waking up from their dazed state.

As Tang San instructed, Oscar started making Flying Mushroom Sausages. As he did so, the air around the ship started to distort. All of a sudden a shock wave came from under their feet along with a deafening sound wave, sending the eight of them in addition to the Sea Demon fiercely into the air.

The Sea Demon which was a rather large ship, and which was even reinforced with an armoured hull was actually torn to pieces from this large impact. Even Tang San who was attached to the ship’s deck was sent completely flying.

The most frightening thing was the strength of the shockwave, which stunned them as they were thrown a hundred meters into the air.

The originally calm waters suddenly became turbulent. A torrent of water fifteen meters in diameter shot up into the sky, completely ruining the Sea Demon.

Following the demise of the Sea Demon, a large island like body surfaced on the ocean. All the surrounding water giving off a dense blue luster, at this moment it looked as if the sky had become the ground as the sea transformed into a bright blue sky.

A low roar resounded, sending a powerful shockwave into the sky. Before recovering from the previous shockwave, they were even more heavily stunned by this second one.

The body which surfaced from the ocean spanned over two hundred meters in length, its whole body shining like a sapphire, with two huge eyes on its head. And as Haider said, its left eye was just a black hole, each eye having a diameter of nearly three meters. The only eye left stared at them coldly.

With what seemed like a simple swing of its body, a humongous tail raised from behind, and along with a blue light slapped the surface of the sea. Shooting out hundred millions of water droplets into the sky, each rushing forward like a speeding arrow.

In mid-air, a strange water curtain illuminated the horizon, and this water curtain covered the crushed Sea Demon and everyone that was in the air.

Compared to this the water arrows Ma Hongjun previously faced could be regarded as trash. The first thing they came into contact with was the debris of the ship, but if previously it could be considered debris, then now it could only be considered powder.

This was the power of a Hundred Thousand Year Old Spirit Beast, a power even more frightening than a Title Douluo. After provoking a Hundred Thousand Year Old Spirit Beast all that awaited was ruin.

Amongst the Shrek Seven Devils, the first to recover was Tang San. Not because he was the strongest, but rather because his mental power was stronger than the rest, the moment he had recovered was the moment the Hundred Thousand Year Old Spirit Beast slapped the surface of the ocean with its tail.

“Wake——up——.” Roared Tang San, as if a clap of thunder in mid air. He had clearly seen Haider and the other two crew members torn to shreds by the water torrent. Also, after seeing the terrible state of the ship, he knew profoundly that this water torrent was not something that he could resist at his level.

Due to his roar filled with spiritual force, other than Xiao Wu and Bai Chenxiang, the rest of them also recovered.

“Seven as one!” Tang San’s voice was almost hoarse from shouting these words.

Chapter 210

“Seven as one.” Tang San’s voice was almost hoarse from shouting these words. Blue Silver Emperor’s Right Leg Spirit Bone’s Ability was activated as he immediately shot forward.

If they hadn’t faced a Hundred Thousand Year Old Spirit Beast face to face previously, they would’ve never been able to imagine it’s horrifying strength. They had previously seen more than a single Hundred Thousand Year Old Spirit Beast — there was Da Ming, Er Ming, and also Xiao Wu, although they had never seen Xiao Wu’s Hundred Thousand Year Old Spirit Beast powers. No matter what, Xiao Wu was not originally a strong Spirit Beast. However, they had seen Da Ming and Er Ming’s strength with their own eyes. Two title Douluo’s Spirit Fusion Ability didn't even have the power to harm them.

When compared to then, the huge demonic whale below them gave them an even greater sense of danger. Haider was indeed telling the truth — this Hundred Thousand Year Old Spirit Beast’s strength, it was definitely superior to both Da Ming and Er Ming — it was truly the overlord of the oceans.

With a shout, seven strands of Blue Silver Emperor shot out from Tang San, firmly wrapping around his seven companions before throwing them behind him.

The Shrek Seven Devil had already been together for so many years. Although they were still a little muddle-headed, after hearing Tang San’s shout, their response was still as fast as ever.

Wings of flames extended behind Ma Hongjun. Balancing himself, he took the unconsciousness Bai Chenxiang into his arms. At this moment, he didn’t have a single lustful thought. Beating his wings while pulling Tang San’s Blue Silver Emperor along, the seven managed to maintain a single file formation.

Concurrently, Oscar produced a pair of flying sausages — one for himself and the the other for Dai Mubai. Imitating how Ma Hongjun was pulling the Blue Silver Emperor, he held Ni Rongrong in one arm, who was in turn hugging Xiao Wu tightly.

As of now, the seven were unable to reach the the person in front of them, and could only struggle to maintain a straight line. Despite doing so, they could clearly feel the great pressure which emanated from those seemingly mountain-crushing tidal waves. Such pressure was in fact comparable to, or even surpassed that displayed by, the sword douluo.

The vast expanse of blue was as though it had brought them into another realm, as it warped space — it was an incomparably powerful attack. They could be said to be a broken oar in the sea, that could capsize at any moment. What put them in greater danger, was that out of the seven, only Tang San could manifest his spirit. Although Ocar could utilise his too, he was only able to produce sausages. Even then, he had no opportunity to swallow a mirror sausage. The seven definitely had to release their battle spirit before the wall of water consumed them.

During such times, what mattered most, even more than team coordination, was the leader’s direction. Tang San, who was at the forefront, suddenly had a flash in his eyes. Sustaining the greatest pressure, also unveiled his greatest potential.

The six spirit rings surrounding Tan San were even more obvious in this situation, as they dazzled with captivating radiance. With the eight spider lance retracted and his right fist clenched, he raised his right arm in front of his chest and the light in his eyes shimmered. Giving a low growl, a layer of intense gold light radiated from his right arm. This was Xiao Wu’s Invincible Golden Body.

Only this time, the Invincible Golden Body not only encompassed his own body. Under his mental control, the

This change, although minor, is not to be underestimated. Tang San’s eyes immediately dimmed, and his mental prowess plunged. Only with this was his able to protect his companions behind him.

A sound similar to rain splattering on a banyan came before him. Invincible Golden Body’s absolute defense, with brute power, stopped the blue wave’s advance. Even so, the force generated was so intense that it threw the eight of them higher into the air. Unlike the original three seconds of invincibility, the golden glow on Tang San’s right arm disintegrated immediately upon impact with the wave.

After all, the shield wasn’t the authentic Invincible Golden Body. Tan San couldn’t fully manipulate it. Even so, it managed to defend against the fatal attack.

Taking advantage of the moment, Oscar speedily produced multiple flying sausages and distributed them to those who weren’t able to fly.

With this, the Deep Sea Demonic Whale became seemingly enraged. A mass of blue light, measuring over five meters in diameter, gathered in front of its hill-sized hump. The incomparable blue radiance only coalesced for a moment, before it was suddenly fired, speeding towards Tang San.

Tang San could clearly feel that this blue light was the underwater attack which had destroyed the Sea Demon. Compared to the light rain, this could be said to be the Deep Sea Demonic Whale’s true offense.

A sudden strangeness took hold of the dark of the night. Even though their bodies were in midair, all of them could clearly feel that they were as though underwater. The surrounding air began to ripple bizarrely, and an intangible resistance made them feel as though they were submerged in deep sea. However, this sea that consisted of air, had a far greater resistance that was impossible to struggle against.

Domain. Only a domain’s ability could control such a great region of the entire sky. This belonged to the hundred thousand year spirit beast, the Deep Sea Demonic Whale’s domain. While the shrek seven devils were able to fly now, they were unable to escape swiftly.

There was no possibility of avoiding, not even a chance for a breather, before the despairing blue light rising towards the heavens.

Just when Tan San was about to use Golden Invincible Body to defend again, two silhouettes appeared before him.

“Hell White Tiger.”

Like a tender swallow throwing itself on a bosom, Zhu Zhuqing found her way into Dai Mubai’s embrace. The next moment, a brilliant bright light illuminated the horizon. Under the white light’s radiance, Tang San felt his body grow light, and the pressure from the domain reduced drastically.

An immense white tiger with a body spanning over twenty meters, its wings flexing, received the huge blue light head on with its gigantic body. Its gigantic tiger eyes had a domineering aura, as it seemed to communicate to Tang San. ‘We are one, how can you suffer alone?’

Six pillars of lights immediately enveloped the giant tiger’s back. Ning Rongrong utilised her Nine Tier Glazed Pagoda without restraint. At the same time, a defense increase was augmented on everyone.

Enthralling silver light shot forth from the Hell White Tiger’s mouth. Hell White Tiger Pierce was currently the strongest attack they could use. Its might could compare to that of a fully released Spirit Douluo. Earlier, even Zhao Wuji’s eighth spirit ring could only just match it.

In the middle of the ocean however, the hundred thousand year Deep Sea Demonic Whale, measuring two hundred meters, left a lasting impression on the shrek seven devils. In face of absolute strength, everything else was fleeting.

The spirit fusion ability Hell White Tiger’s pinnacle strike, which was augmented in six attributes by Ning Rongrong’s utmost enhancement, in that instant, burst forward. The Hell White Tiger became comparable to the might of a title Douluo. Any spirit Douluo facing them at this instant would be utterly defeated, without exception.

But the Deep Sea Demonic Whale was not a title Douluo, just before the huge blue pillar of blue water struck the Hell White Tiger, an ominous premonition rose in Tang San’s mind.

“This is bad, everyone be careful.” As he spoke, his body had already flashed to the foremost position, before the gigantic head of the Evil Hell White Tiger. A strong golden light erupted once more, as Tang San used his body to block Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing’s front.

The next instant, the shrek seven devils felt as though their bodies were submerged in a blue-coloured world. Their sense of direction and control was gone. Thier surroundings seemed to become illusory. An overwhelming power made all of them feel a deep sense of helplessness. The dreadful aura caused their hearts to feel an intense fear for the first time.

Regardless of Tang San, or Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing who were in the form of Hell White Tiger, or the rest of the shrek seven devils behind them, they were all launched into the air like a cannon, and scattered in all directions.

It was Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing who were in the worst situation. Their Hell White Tiger was almost instantly disintegrated by the terrifying pillar of blue light. Fresh blood sprayed from their mouth as they retreated. If it wasn’t for Tang San blocking the center of the blue light beam, the two might have been annihilated under that blue light.

However, it was also because of the huge bulk of the Hell White Tiger, coupled with Tang San’s second Golden Invincible Body, that allowed them to barely defend against the attack. The rest sustained a huge impact, but not the explosiveness of the dreadful disintegrating ability.

Presently, the one in the best state was Tang San, Xiao Wu’s hundred thousand year spirit bone that bestowed his Golden Invincible Body ability was indeed abnormal. Even in the face of such a horrifying attack, only his body was launched high into air, yet he remained conscious.

At this critical juncture, his many years of battle experience and instincts allowed Tang San to clearly grasp the situation around him. Drawing a sudden deep breath, two vines of Blue Silver Emperor were thrown out, breaking its limit to extend over a hundred meters, coiling around Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing, both whom were already unconscious. Abruptly, the two bodies were thrown again, towards Oscar and Ma Hongjun not far away. With a furious yell “Take them, go now”.

Following that one unrivalled attack, the ripples in the air visibly weakened, and the restrictions on their bodies waned.

With those words, Tang San fearlessly plunged downwards, towards the depths where the Deep Sea Demonic Whale was. Violent gold light emanated from his eyes, purple gold light erupted. Its target - the remaining right eye of the Deep Sea Demonic Whale.

It wasn’t that Tang San didn’t want to escape. Given his strength and Deathgod domain’s sudden attack techniques, he had a definite opportunity to break free of the Deep Sea Demonic Whale’s domain and escape. However, he was sure that unless all of them were destroyed, the Deep Sea Demonic Whale would never let them off. The group could no longer could utilise a skill as strong as the Hell Evil White Tiger. Thus, if all were to escape, they would definitely be wiped out. As the soul of the seven devils, and one of the strongest, in such situation, he would not allow himself a second option. He’d sacrifice himself for his companions to escape. At this moment, he did not consider his own survival at all, but daringly gave the rest a chance to flee. These were his brothers, companions, and love. This is also the reason Tang San did not keep Xiao Wu in his Hundred Wishful Treasure Purse. He himself could die, but he could not bear to have Xiao Wu go with him, even if she only had a physical body left. As he dived, his mental strength was used to the utmost to suppress Xiao Wu’s soul in the sixth spirit ring. He would never allow her to return to her body to assist him.

A resounding boom occurred, as the purple demonic pupil’s light found its target on the right eye of the Deep Sea Demonic Whale, however, what it hit was merely a layer of blue light. One of Tang San’s most focused and powerful strikes, only managed to cause the Deep Sea Demonic Whale to blink its eye. Of course, it was this strike that truly enraged the Deep Sea Demonic Whale. Above the black pit along its back, a blue light coalesced once more. A terrifying mass of blue light appeared once again.

In mid air, Ma Hongjun caught Dai Mubai. Right now, both his arms were holding on to Dai Mubai and Bai Chenxiang respectively. “Third—— brother——”, he screamed.

“Little San.” Also yelling was Oscar. Two adult men, but tears presently seeped down their faces. However, they didn’t follow him, because Oscar had already caught Zhu Zhuqing. Ning Rongrong had Xiao Wu in her arms. Ma Hongjun also carried two. They could throw away their lives, but not that of their companions.

“Go.” With Dai Mubai unconscious and Tang San absent, Oscar became their lead. It was with his final and utmost effort that he shouted the order. Tang San gave them the only chance of surviving. Oscar’s rationality presided over his emotions. The lives of more companions forced him to make the right decision, yet also the most painful.

“Third… brother…” Tugged along by Oscar and with the help of his flying sausages, Ning Rongrong moved, but tears poured out uncontrollably.

The current Tang San had absolutely no fear, regardless of how strong the enemy was. When one casts aside life and death, they’re unaffected by emotions. Initiating teleportation, he jumped the longest distance in his life. In the instant of teleporting, he utilised the final Golden Invincible Body in his right arm bone. When his body next appeared, he was already on the massive blue back of the whale, to be exact, on the dark pit above which a terrifying energy coalesced, his body soaked in that blue light. With Invincible Golden Body, he could actually be at the center of that utterly destructive power.

Had Tang San lost it? No, he wasn’t insane. To fight for the chance for his companion's’ survival, he had to block this one attack of the Deep Sea Demonic Whale, otherwise the rest wouldn’t be able to flee. Thus, he chose the necessary path of death.

Eight spider lances infused with Invincible Golden Body’s radiance, ruthlessly pierced around the the black pit, its length just sufficient. Bright red spider lances brought Tang San body directly above the black pit’s center. Every single spider lances gave off an unprecedented red light.

Inject poison without restraint. Absorb without restraint. “Come, bastard.
Even if it means death, I will still take away a bit of your life force.”

Tang San’s eyes were no longer cold or murderous, but possessed an indescribable insanity. Being sure of his death, he ignored his body’s tolerance. Focusing the Mysterious Heaven skill on the eight spider lances, its absorption reached an unprecedented level.

Three seconds, Tang San knew he only had a miniscule span of three seconds of absorption time. How much he can absorb will determine if his companions can escape, if his Xiao Wu can escape.

The might of the Deep Sea Demonic Whale was immense, but it possessed an irremediable flaw, that was its huge body. If Tang San was to use the same technique on a hundred thousand year old spirit beasts as Da Ming and Er Ming, whose strength were inferior than that of the Deep Sea Demonic Whale, even if he utilised Golden Invincible Body, he would still be shrugged off. Although Invincible Golden Body could not be harmed by physical attacks, it was still subjected to physical forces. Just like how the Deep Sea Demonic Whale’s previous attacks could toss him into the air, it was because of the massive volume of water carried by the attack, and not because of the energy surge.

However, what that was gathering on the back of the Deep Sea Demonic Whale was only radiant blue light now. The water within its body was depleted by the two previous attack. Thus, although the energy contained inside the blue light was frightening, it could not throw Tang San off.

The eight spider lances weren’t merely deeply embedded in the flesh of the Deep Sea Demonic Whale, the barbs on each lance were fully extended as well, thoroughly fixing Tang San above the black pit.

The absorption ability of the eight spider lance was frightening, and combined with this final push from Tang San with all his might, the ability was maximised to its fullest extent.

If one was to observe carefully, one could clearly see that where the eight spider lances were embedded on the Deep Sea Demonic Whale’s back, the flesh had begun to shudder violently. Huge pulses of red light traced the eight spider lances into Tang San’s body, stimulating his veins and meridians.

Tang San’s body was indeed tough, having been transformed by a hundred thousand year spirit bone, and forged by two heavenly herbs. All these bestowed him an unimaginably strong physique, his veins were more resilient than Blue Silver Emperor — his body was tougher than iron.

Under the relentless absorption, Tang San’s body actually became inflated, somewhat similar to the pufferfish douluo he met previously, except his skin was totally blood red.

The Deep Sea Demonic Whale was truly enraged. How many years had it been? At least ten thousand years had passed since anyone had dared challenge its authority like this, inflicting such an injury. The intense pain originating from the neurotoxin, along with the insane absorption of life force, roused an unexplainable sense of fear in him. He could clearly feel the deranged aura coming from his back.

Although compared to him, that human’s strength was way too insignificant, but the madness he displayed, made even a super powerhouse like the Deep Sea Demonic Whale shudder.

When one is in fear, as long as he doesn’t shy away from it, he’ll usually be able to release his greatest strength. The Deep Sea Demonic Whale included. Above the sea, all light seemed to coagulate in a moment. The

motion of the sea seemed to cease. With the Deep Sea Demonic Whale as the epicenter, a ring of seemingly solid blue light rapidly emanated.

One second, just one second, and the half sphere had expanded to encompass a region ten miles in diameter. An explosion that made the sea roil sounded.

With this deafening explosion, it set Vast Sea City hundreds of miles away into a state of panic. With this deafening explosion, two islands not far away quaked, even causing minor fractures on the land itself.

Within ten squares miles, the sea seethed. Seawater sprayed hundreds of meters into the air. The blue crystal that coalesced from the light exploded in a flash. If an army was present, just this one blow would render tens of thousands of casualties. If a mountain was present, it would collapse while the earth split. But it was the sea, thus tidal waves surged into the sky.

Oscar, Ma Hongjun, and the rest felt a sudden force emerge from beneath, although they had already flown a great distance away. Under the force, their bodies were launched like cannonballs. In the flash of an eye, they disappeared as dots in the sky.

They were still fortunate, after all, this catastrophic strike was not targeted at them.

Three seconds, in Tang San’s calculations, this should be the last three seconds of his life, that incomparably huge life force entering his own body, allowed him to clearly feel his meridians expanding to their limit. This only made him wonder, if his two spirits had both absorbed spirit rings, would it feel the same as this?

Scene after scene flashed in Tang San’s mind; after coming to this world for twenty years, in these twenty years, if there was any regret, that would have to be not being able to bring Xiao wu back to life, not able to see his parents reunited, and not being able to see the destruction of the Spirit Hall.

The Blue Silver Emperor’s spirit bone in his right leg released a radiant blue light, spreading through every corner of his existence, making the

already tough meridians of his even tougher. Such that it became strong enough to withstand that immense absorbing flow without bursting.

But, this already didn’t matter. He could of course feel the shockwaves from outside, but the ocean’s waves naturally couldn’t affect him in that whale’s black hole. But by the time the thousands of tonnes of water condensed in the air collapsed onto him, his golden light had already faded away.

At this moment, Tang San’s body already looked like a ball. But even so, he still continued to absorb, he knew that after all, the more he absorbed, the more damage he did to the Deep Sea Demonic Whale, and the safer his companions would be.

The invincible golden body was no more, and in the next moment, without any suspense, Tang San’s body was enveloped by the golden light on the Deep Sea Demonic Whale’s back. The first thing to be injured was the Eight Spider Lances.

The blood red Eight Spider Lances which were constantly absorbing slowly turned more vicious, but at the same time, under the force of the blue light, started to fracture. Tang San’s ball-like body was also sent into the air, as it faced the impact of the thousands of tonnes of seawater.

Under the control of the Deep Sea Demonic Whale, the seawater was akin to a massive hammer being swung down. Rather than tearing Tang San’s body to shreds, it had chosen to use this method instead, to let this insignificant human experience a more painful death by crushing.

His body was in the air.

Tang San had already given up, he knew he couldn’t possibly resist the Deep Sea Demonic Whale after angering it like this. However, the Xiao Wu in his body did not give up. His sixth spirit shone brilliantly, releasing a dazzling red light which covered Tang San’s body, making his body seem ethereal. This was precisely the nothingness skill.

Under the effect of the nothingness skill, all physical attacks were rendered ineffective, and all energy attacks were halved.

The giant torrent descending onto him was a physical attack, although it too carried some energy based strength. At the same time as the nothingness ability activated, Tang San’s body was swallowed by the crashing waters.

Although the nothingness ability made him immune to physical attacks, the instant the water rushed over him, he was already knocked unconscious from the impact. In the moment before he fainted, all that remained in his mind was the image of that girl in her fluttering white dress and her cloud like black hair… ...

In the eyes of the Deep Sea Demonic Whale, Tang San’s existence was no more than an ant — but the fact that this ant in his eyes managed to injure him and also somehow manage to drain a large portion of his own energy, made this deep sea organism which had lived for so many years truly angry.

Seeing Tang San’s body swallowed by the ocean, the red glow in the Deep Sea Demonic Whale eye gradually faded. Swinging his body a little, he basked in the water falling from the sky. This water which was fatal to Tang San, was nothing to the whale.

His body once again started to move. Its lone eye looked in the direction the group was flying away in. After hurting its pride, they could also forget about living. That kind of small distance could be easily covered by it in an instant. In this ocean, other spirit beasts might think twice before entering other’s territory, but when did it ever care? In here, he was the true overlord. It could be said that, this place that Haider chose was the most dangerous place in the whole ocean

However, as the Deep Sea Demonic Whale got ready to turn around to hunt the Shrek Seven Devils who flew away, his body suddenly stopped, and he once more looked towards the sky with its lone eye, its body twitching slightly concerned, causing the air to fluctuate once again as it released its Ocean Domain once more.

Just above his head, in mid-air. The Tang San who should originally have been one with the sea was somehow still there, with a certain triangular shape enveloping him.

For some unknown reason, this blue triangle was extraordinarily eye catching. After seeing this triangle appear, even given the strength of the Deep Sea Demonic Whale, it went silent. From its lone eye an incomparable amount of hatred radiated. Yet even in the hatred, a trace of fear could also be seen.

The blue glow suddenly became stronger, as a beam of blue light shot out from the tip of the triangle. This blue beam suddenly expanded in the air, and in the time it took to blink an eye, it had become a virtual image over a hundred meters tall.

The image was very blurry, you could barely see a human shape. Looking through the figure, the original dark sky suddenly became very clear, each and every star could be seen shining brightly.

“Evil creature.” An old and vigorous voice resounded from the skies, although the sound’s origin could not be located, rather it felt as if it was pressing down from the heavens itself. The Ocean Domain had already vanished when the giant image appeared, becoming strands of blue light that were absorbed by the image, making it look even more realistic.

“Wuuuu-” The Deep Sea Demonic Whale let out a low call. Seeing that figure, it couldn’t help but slowly retreat, as the fierce tides and winds it had previously stirred up were so simply calmed down. If fact, it became as calm as a mirror, without even the trace of a ripple present.

“Did you forget the lesson I taught you twenty thousand years ago? Don’t tell me you want to lose your other eye as well?” The archaic voice once more sounded out. Although the air seemed calm, the Deep Sea Demonic Whale felt an incomparable pressure. This pressure did not originate from the skies, rather it felt like it came from the whole ocean, the ocean it originally could control at ease suddenly seemed like a frightening prison, tightly holding onto its body.

“Wuuuu-” The Deep Sea Demonic Whale once again let out an indignant roar. On its huge body, the lustrous blue light suddenly seemed to have some markings akin to scales start appearing, while the Deep Sea Demonic Whale’s body also started to change.

“What? Do you believe that completing the dragon transformation and breaking through the one hundred thousand year mark means you can violate my sovereignty?” The giant blue illusion slightly moved, and along with its movement, this whole area of the ocean seemed to tremble.

A giant twisting and squeezing sensation overwhelmed the Deep Sea Demonic whale which let out a cry of pain, the hatred in its lone eye quickly fading, leaving only fear.

“Seeing how hard it is for you to have cultivated for so many years, I will once again spare your life. Scram.” The hoarse voice spoke with unquestionable authority, as the ocean which was frozen in place, again regained its vitality.

The Deep Sea Demonic Whale very quickly submerged back into the depths of the ocean, releasing bubbles of relief from its mouth. The ocean too, finally truly regained its calm, leaving only the illusion standing there in midair with Tang San still unconscious inside the blue triangle.

“It's been twenty thousand years, I hope you will not disappoint me this time. After not seeing him for twenty thousand years, to think that brat actually managed to complete its dragon transformation. It’s a pity my own strength… …”

A lamenting voice sounded in mid-air as if talking to himself.

The image then converged back into the tip of the pyramid, pulling itself along as it flew forwards , far far away along the ocean.


After an unknown amount of time, Tang San finally awoke from his sleep. Jolted awake from his bodily pain, clearly able to feel each of his

meridians pulsing with pain akin to knives being stabbed into them. The pain which seemed to have come from the depths of his spirit made him unable to help but cry out in pain. Gradually he regained his awareness from the pain.

Huah——, the sounds of water surging stimulated his hearing, and soon after he felt cold water wash over him, and his breathing was cut off as water surged into his mouth when he cried of pain. The salty taste choking him suddenly helped him regain clarity.

Sitting up, coughing hard, forcing out the liquids in his throat, however, that brackish taste remained on his tastebuds leaving him with some strange discomfort.

This movement from him, cause more severe pains to wreck every nerve in his body. With a cry of pain he coughed out a mouthful of blood. Here, he noticed that the blood he spat out was actually purple.

Carefully breathing, while bearing the pain, only now did he inspect his surroundings.

He discovered, at the moment, that he was lying on a beach somewhere, that liquid which had entered his mouth was just seawater, no wonder it was so salty.

I’m still alive? Was Tang San’s first thought, his mind quickly regaining clarity. How am I still alive?

Tang San looked down on his body, not only was he alive, but even everything on his body was still present. Only that unbearable pain was still present on his body.

Immediately after, his next move was to feel his own spirit, of course, his objective was not to see if his spirit power was present, rather to check that spirit ring which was closely link to one of his spirit bones. Afterall, inside was where Xiao Wu’s spirit was supposed to be.
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