Douluo Dalu Chapter 191-200


Chapter 191

When Snake Lance Douluo turned and pounced, his aura had already completely changed to target Yang Wudi. With the difference in spirit power level, he could completely change his target as he wished. As he targeted Yang Wudi, he immediately discovered that this person’s body seemed full of weak points. Moreover, these weren’t deliberately exposed, but rather true weak points. As if wherever he thrust his Snake Lance, he could immediately give him a thousand cuts and a hundred holes.

This was also fact. Even after Yang Wudi thrust out that spear, Snake Lance Douluo still felt the same. However, he still couldn’t use his Snake Lance to give his opponent a mortal blow, because he clearly sensed that if his Snake Lance landed on the opponent, then, that dark spear in his hand held enough force to pierce through him.

The second spirit ring flickering on the dark spear bloomed with light. It was only a simple ability, called “Pierce”. It increased penetration power by one hundred percent. Yang Wudi was still a Spirit Douluo level power, and every one of his spirit rings were all focused on offense. Even this Title Douluo in front of him wasn’t his equal in pure offense. It clearly showed how powerful Yang Wudi’s offense was.

That spear, brimming with bitter desperation, rigidly met that Snake Lance Douluo’s nine shadows and fused into one, and the purple Snake Lance could only meet Yang Wudi’s Soul Breaking Spear from the front.

“HE——” Yang Wudi suddenly shouted loudly in the instant the Soul Breaking Spear and Snake Lance came into contact, his first spirit ability

also simultaneously flashing. It was the spirit ability that had given Tang San enormous trouble, “Shock”.

The slightly trembling spear point was just pressing against the center of the Snake Lance’s fork. The two great spirit abilities “Pierce” and “Shock” were erupting with the full force of Yang Wudi’s purely offensive spirit power. And just at this moment, the white light of Tang San’s Deathgod Domain also abruptly flourished, following Yang Wudi’s body to completely cover his spear.

Ding—— Weng——

Two different sounds echoed one after another. The first sound was the shuddering after the collision of spear and lance. The second sound was the ringing of the Snake Lance.

Regardless of whether it was Xue Qinghe, Porcupinefish Douluo, or Snake Lance Douluo, before the start of this battle, none of them had anticipated a scene like this.

With a muffled grunt, Snake Lance Douluo flew backwards, the Snake Lance in his hands trembling so violently he almost dropped it. His whole body faced upwards, spitting out a mouthful of blood, retreating until he stood next to Xue Qinghe before regaining his balance. His face turned deathly white, he had unexpectedly suffered heavy injuries from Yang Wudi’s spear.

Underestimating Yang Wudi was his biggest mistake. He could never have dreamed that a Spirit Douluo, with such a large difference in level, could actually produce such a spear. Even more baffling was that only Yang Wudi’s first and second spirit abilities were amplifying his spear, whereas he had already released the Snake Lance’s third spirit ability at the time of the collision, but had still ended up like this.

How could Snake Lance Douluo know that Yang Wudi was actually the chief of the Breaking Clan. He had all his life researched how to make his attacks even stronger, and even Title Douluo might suffer when comparing attacks. This was also why Tang San was ori

Even more so when Yang Wudi now wasn’t using only his own strength, but was also within Tang San’s Deathgod Domain. As early as in his fight with Yang Wudi, Tang San had already noticed that, if his Deathgod Domain and Yang Wudi’s power were merged, they could undergo a qualitative leap.

Yang Wudi’s spirit battle style imposing manner, an imposing manner pressing forward fearlessly and an uncompromising attack power. Whether it was the Deathgod Domain’s boost to imposing manner or attack power, both brought out the best in each other with him. The rise of the enormous murderous spirit spread into Yang Wudi’s heart, immediately bringing his attack power to an unprecedented level. Even among Title Douluo, perhaps only Sword Douluo Chen Xin and Title Douluo with the Clear Sky Hammer might be qualified to compete with him head on in attack power.

Yang Wudi’s true attack power was all on the Soul Breaking Spear. Even though spirit abilities were important, compared to normal Spirit Masters, he relied very little on them. Further adding the flash of Tang San’s Deathgod Domain’s evolved ability Deathgod Assault in the moment the spear and lance collided, both strengthening their side and weakening the opponent, it immediately caused an incomparable effect. That’s why Snake Lance Douluo instantly suffered a large loss in the collision between both sides.

Xue Qinghe’s expression immediately turned unsightly, his brows creasing. Snake Lance Douluo’s pale face also turned a bit green, and anyone familiar with him knew that this Title Douluo was already extremely angry.

Yang Wudi’s movements didn’t pause. Having forced back Snake Lance Douluo with one spear, he turned, right foot planted heavily on the ground, the Soul Breaking Spear swinging around, already aimed at Porcupinefish Douluo. Borrowing the force from forcing off Snake Lance Douluo, Yang Wudi’s imposing manner flourished even further. In a battle like this, he grew braver the more he fought, especially when he was holding the advantage, his attack power would only constantly rise. He followed Tang San’s suggestion to stay defensive, but to a pure attack Spirit Master like him, attack was the best defense.

Right now, Dugu Bo was just confronting that Porcupinefish Douluo, and neither acted rashly without forethought. Dugu Bo’s breath of poison gas had been inhaled by the Porcupinefish Douluo, and he immediately understood that this Porcupinefish Douluo was someone Xue Qinghe had found specially to deal with him. Very clearly, the opponent possessed the ability to swallow poison and turn it into his own attack power. In other words, the more Dugu Bo used poison gas or venom, the more potent the poison adhering to the opponent’s spines would be.

And so, Dugu Bo didn’t act blindly without thinking, and that Porcupinefish Douluo also completely locked all impetuousness inside him and didn’t attack impatiently, because he clearly knew that in a confrontation of Title Douluo, even if he was stronger than Dugu Bo, he still might not end up victorious. The counterattack of a Title Douluo near death really was too frightening. So he waited, waited for his compatriot to finish Yang Wudi and Tang San, then join hands with him to destroy Dugu Bo. This way they didn’t only have greater chances of winning, but also wouldn’t easily take losses.

Dugu Bo didn’t move because he was thinking about countermeasures. He clearly understood that, among Title Douluo, besides being good at poison, he was the weakest of them all. He basically couldn’t defeat this Porcupinefish Douluo through a head on confrontation, so how should he go about it?

The two were both waiting, but the results were entirely different than what they were waiting for. Porcupinefish Douluo looked incredulously at Snake Lance Douluo being forced back by Yang Wudi’s spear, while Dugu Bo was overjoyed. How could he let such a chance slip by? With a shake, he released his Spirit Avatar.

An ear-piercing long whistle emerged from his mouth, jadeite-like green light bursting from his body, his seventh spirit ring flashed, his tall thin body constantly transforming within that jade green light, shooting towards the sky. With emerald green rhombic scales, like sheet after sheet of inlaid jadeite, Dugu Bo’s human figure had disappeared, now transformed into a giant dark green serpent. More than thirty meters long, as thick as a barrel. More than half of its body standing upright, surrounded by a dense green

mist. The enormous body half turned, that gigantic serpent tail whipping out towards Porcupinefish Douluo from another direction, forming a pincer attack with Yang Wudi.

And at this moment, standing behind Yang Wudi and Dugu Bo, Tang San smiled. He wasn’t smiling because of the circumstances before him, but because of his luck.

Indeed, the two Title Douluo that Xue Qinghe had contracted were enough to finish Dugu Bo. However, Yang Wudi’s existence, simultaneously restrained these two Spirit Masters. Yang Wudi alone of of course wasn’t enough, he was after all still only a Spirit Douluo. But, Yang Wudi plus himself, that, wouldn’t be far from a Title Douluo in strength.

The now extremely ugly due to his spirit body enhancement Porcupinefish Douluo suddenly whistled sharply. Despite being attacked from two sides, he still reacted quickly, his spherical body suddenly contracting, his fifth spirit ring immediately blossoming with purple light, and his contracted body instantly expanded again like lightning. The close to one hundred venomous spines covering his body ejected simultaneously, shooting towards both Yang Wudi and Dugu Bo.

These detachable spines didn’t only carry Dugu Bo’s Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor poison, but simultaneously also had the Porcupinefish Spirit Master’s own poison. That powerful ejaculation force also reached a frightening level. Taking advantage of this chance, he also quickly retreated in order to once again join up with the Snake Lance Spirit Master.

Dugu Bo clearly had no way to dodge with that enormous body, nor did he plan to dodge. The giant serpent tail swept forward again, bringing a dark green whirlwind to block in front of him.

Yang Wudi’s offensive nature was still so frightening. The Soul Breaking Spear didn’t even slow down, man and spear as one, his fifth spirit ring brightening, black flame covered his whole body, his toes struck the ground, and he unexpectedly completely wove through those poison spines.

At the same time as Porcupinefish Douluo retreated, he revealed a sneer. Were his poison spines that easy to dodge? Suddenly, more than half of the poison spines in the air exploded, turning into fragments that scattered over a wide area. But the range they covered was still controlled extremely cleverly, not affecting those Spirit Masters pretending to be guards all around.

Yang Wudi’s flaw immediately revealed itself. As a pure attack type Spirit Master, he immediately seemed deficient when meeting such a changeable attack. Nor did he have any thoughts of retreat, only that black flame on his body grew even stronger, and his attack power also rose to an even more frightening degree. Using offense to confront offense was his best choice under circumstances like these. He would rather take injuries himself, as long as his attack could also strike the opponent.

But at this time, a rotating yellow-green ball of light suddenly appeared in front of Yang Wudi. It wasn’t travelling towards him, but rather passed below him, moving in an arc and rotating, flying forward alongside him. Just when Porcupinefish Duluo’s poison spines and poison spine fragments were about to hit Yang Wudi, that yellow-green ball of light abruptly opened up, turning into a giant net. With its violent rotation it was just like a shield, blocking all the attacks. It was Tang San’s Blue Silver Emperor third spirit ability, Spiderweb Restraint.

The power of spirit abilities was fixed, but the techniques that could be used depended on the mind of the Spirit Master himself. And in this respect, Tang San was undoubtedly quite revolutionary.

The spiderweb deformed from the powerful strikes of the poison spines, contracting towards Yang Wudi. But those poison spines and fragments shot too quickly, and all stuck to the spiderweb.

Tang San of course wouldn’t let the spiderweb trap Yang Wudi. Under the control of his spiritual force, the spiderweb contracted in a flash, wrapping up those poison spines and curling into a large ball. The place it curled up was exactly at the tip of Yang Wudi’s Soul Breaking Spear.

The Soul Breaking Spear struck the sphere of curled up spiderweb and, without pause, kept thrusting forward. The first spirit ring released, the spear tip jolting, and the spiderweb ball shot out, crashing towards the Porcupinefish Spirit Master. And Yang Wudi’s Soulbreaking Spear abruptly expanded, the seventh spirit ring now brightening.

In the area of continuously promoting attack power, Yang Wudi could absolutely be in the top three of the Spirit Master world, and that was when including all the Title Douluo.

Blue golden splendor simultaneously rose from the ground, sixteen strands of Blue Silver Emperor instantly becoming a prison cage to envelop Porcupinefish Douluo. Even though a prison of such a level was basically nothing to a power of the Title Douluo level, it was still enough if it was only to delay him for a second. After all, even Title Douluo had to break out of it by attacking. And in a situation like the one before him now, this brief moment was enough to change the outcome.

On the other side, Dugu Bo also relied on the powerful defense of his Spirit Avatar body to resist the poison spine attack. Even though Porcupinefish Douluo’s poison spine attack was powerful, faced with the formidable defensive scales of Dugu Bo’s Spirit Avatar, as well as Dugu Bo also being a poison expert, he could only slow him down. With Dugu Bo now incarnated as the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor already in the middle of his attack, even though he was slowed, he was still too close, and too powerful, he was definitely faster than Snake Lance Douluo entering the battle.

Amidst the effect of Yang Wudi’s attack built up by Tang San, Porcupinefish Douluo was already in a difficult situation.

Under such circumstances, he revealed the power of a Title Douluo. Confronting the restraints all around, Yang Wudi’s powerful attack as well as the onrushing Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor, Porcupinefish Douluo made the most correct choice. His body already expanded, his seventh spirit ring abruptly flourished with light. In just an instant, his whole body swelled up once again, growing exponentially compared to before. Amidst this process, he directly ignored the restraints of the Blue Silver Prison,

forcibly bursting that blue golden cage open. Just before Yang Wudi’s Soulbreaking Spear could strike, his whole body had already turned into a ten meter diameter sphere. Moreover, the lost spines also regrew, the tip of each spine as vicious looking as Eight Spider Lances, close to three meters long.

Black flame fluttering out, Yang Wudi’s Soulbreaking Spear thrust out with peak momentum, severe imposing manner completely poured into this one spear. No matter how the opponent transformed, the Soulbreaking Spear never changed, still the peak of desperation.

And just at this moment, Snake Lance Douluo on the other side also reacted correspondingly. Being injured by a Spirit Douluo like Yang Wudi was an extraordinary humiliation to him, and so the target of his attack was naturally Yang Wudi. The Snake Lance left his hand, flying straight for Yang Wudi like a bolt of lightning under the effect of his fifth spirit ring. That was attacking the enemy to lift the siege.

Snake Lance Douluo’s calculation of position were extremely precise. If Yang Wudi’s spear struck Porcupinefish Douluo, then his Snake Lance would also inevitably run Yang Wudi through. Even though he wasn’t a pure attack Spirit Master like Yang Wudi, as a Title Douluo, if this all in one throw Snake Lance really struck Yang Wudi, he would certainly be out of luck.

Would Yang Wudi dodge? No, of course not. He would never let his own momentum drop, and his peak momentum Soulbreaking Spear with the amplifying effect of Tang San’s Deathgod Domain still trust at the abruptly expanded Porcupinefish Douluo as if he didn’t sense the Snake Lance approach.

With a soft pop, as if something ruptured, Porcupinefish Douluo’s extremely inflated body was just like a popped balloon, his ten meter diameter spherical body flew out, turning several irregular arcs in the air before falling in the distance.

When the Soulbreaking Spear struck Porcupinefish Douluo’s body, Yang Wudi felt that something was wrong, as if the opponent deliberately let him

puncture it. Even though the black flame successfully entered the opponent’s body, Yang Wudi still felt that his black flame didn’t cause much damage. This was unexpectedly Porcupinefish Douluo taking the initiative to escape the battle, and not being sent flying by his attack.

Just at this moment, Tang San’s silhouette abruptly appeared next to Yang Wudi, golden light shielding him, blocking Snake Lance Douluo’s Snake Lance from the front.

The Snake Lance shot out with a loud sound. Even Title Douluo were unable to cause him any harm within the three seconds of Invincible Golden Body. Of course, Tang San’s use of Invincible Golden Body was limited. Along with advancing his understanding of the spirit ring and spirit bone Xiao Wu gave him, Tang San had already discovered that Xiao Wu’s Sudden Death Eight Stage Drop within his sixth spirit ability could only be used once a day, and this Invincible Golden Body could at most only be used three times in a day. Unlike the Teleportation that could be used repeatedly.

Porcupinefish Douluo recovered his appearance from before using Spirit Avatar and landed next to Xue Qinghe, and because he didn’t dare fight alone due to his previous injuries, Snake Lance Douluo also caught his Snake Lance in midair, shot back, and landed on Xue Qinghe’s other side.

In the brief exchange, against Xue Qinghe’s expectations, his side of two Title Douluo had unexpectedly been completely at a disadvantage.

Snake Lance Douluo’s injuries weren’t light. Porcupinefish Douluo’s body also gave off black smoke, his fierce loathing expression even uglier. Even though he relied on the special ability of Spirit Avatar to escape the battlefield, Yang Wudi’s potential attack power really was too great. The black flame as well as its own attack power contained within that one spear caused enormous damage to his internal organs, his injuries even more serious than Snake Lance Douluo’s.

This was admittedly due Tang San’s trio’s own strength, but it was also because of these two Title Douluo underestimating the enemy. Even if Dugu Bo was also a Title Douluo, they looked down on a Spirit Master of

the same level who used poison. Tang San and Yang Wudi were even more directly disregarded, thus leading to this series of successive strikes.

Frowning slightly, Xue Qinghe raised a hand and stopped the two Title Douluo from throwing themselves into the fight yet again. Looking at Tang San’s trio, his eyes unexpectedly revealed some admiration, “Good, very good. Worthy of Tang Hao’s son. I have not asked for this Spirit Douluo’s noble name. Such formidable attack power. I fear there is nobody in the Spirit Douluo level who can surpass it.” If it hadn’t been for Yang Wudi’s powerful offense, the two Title Douluo underestimating them still wouldn’t have changed anything. On the surface it seemed that Porcupinefish Douluo and Snake Lance Douluo had actually been defeated by this Spirit Douluo, but Tang San and Dugu Bo had an even more impeding effect.

Yang Wudi raised the Soulbreaking Spear in his hand, speaking with a stiff expression: “Yang Wudi.”

Standing on Xue Qinghe’s left side, Snake Lance Douluo’s expression changed, “Might that be Yang Wudi of the Breaking Clan?”

Yang Wudi proudly said: “That’s right.” Having just repelled two Title Douluo in succession, right now his imposing manner had already reached its peak, and it was under such conditions that his spirit could display its greatest effect. Even if he were to face a Title Douluo in single combat right now, he still wouldn’t lose in imposing manner. The strongest point of the pure offense Soulbreaking Spear was that it wouldn’t be overwhelmed by any opponent’s imposing manner, even Title Douluo level pressure wasn’t able to influence his display.

Xue Qinghe suddenly understood: “So that’s how it is. The Breaking Clan of the Clear Sky School. No wonder you would help Tang San.”

Yang Wudi snorted coldly, “My Breaking Clan hasn’t been associated with the Clear Sky School for a long time. The one I’m helping is Tang San, unrelated to the Clear Sky School.” His hatred for the Clear Sky School wouldn’t change because of him being related to Tang San.

Xue Qinghe smiled mildly, “Tang San, you’ve given me yet another surprise. It seems that the intelligence I had was still incomplete. You can always create miracles. However, do you believe you can still escape today? You have no army to help you. Within my Heaven Dou imperial palace, you couldn’t fly off even if you grew wings. Wouldn’t it be better for us to discuss terms?”

“Discuss what terms?” Tang San asked indifferently.

What he hoped for the most was to stall for time, naturally he wasn’t in any hurry to fight. Even if those two Title Douluo were both injured, even bugs would still show signs of life after being stepped on a hundred times, let alone powers at this level. If they did their utmost, the force they could explode with wasn’t something they could block. With this chance, Yang Wudi and Dugu Bo could also rest a bit to recover what they had spent before.

Xue Qinghe smiled unhurriedly, saying: “I have no need to hide it from you. The circumstances within Heaven Dou City are currently already completely within my control. Right, I’m collaborating with Spirit Hall. Moreover, this time I’ve had three thousand Spirit Hall Spirit Masters infiltrate Heaven Dou City. The imperial family has altogether four thousand Spirit Masters, and two thousand of those are at your Grandmaster’s place for training, the other two thousand are guarding the imperial palace. As crown prince, they will naturally follow my dispatches. In other words, I control a total of five thousand Spirit Masters. I think, the reason you fired the signal was undoubtedly to request help from two sides. One is the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School within the imperial palace, the other is Shrek Academy’s Grandmaster. Among the three thousand Spirit Masters I’ve transferred from Spirit Hall this time, there are four Spirit Hall elders. Besides these two, there are still two currently bringing three thousand Spirit Masters, including those two thousand Spirit Masters within the palace, to encircle the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School. It’s impossible for them to help you.”

“As for Grandmaster’s side, not long ago I sent a letter to the leader of the imperial family Spirit Masters currently training there, telling him that Shrek Academy might revolt, and to have him maintain strict

surveillance. Even if Grandmaster has prestige among those Spirit Masters, it’s still impossible to dispatch the imperial family’s Spirit Masters to attack the imperial palace. And these Spirit Masters will moreover control those students in Shrek Academy. At the same time, for insurance, I’ve also dispatched one thousand Spirit Hall Spirit Masters to monitor Shrek Academy. Even if something changes, they can still instantly stop them. It’s impossible for those academy students to break past this rampart.”

At this point, Xue Qinghe gave a light laugh, “Even though I was originally planning to hold off a few months before moving, and we’ve now shifted it ahead a bit, how would all these years of planning be something you alone could spoil? Within this palace is still the one thousand Spirit Masters I control personally, as well as my personal guard controlling the situation. If my imperial father dies from the poison, I will logically succeed the throne. At that time, not only will those two thousand Spirit Masters in Shrek Academy listen to my orders, at the same time the entire Heaven Dou City army will be under my command. I am the new lord of Heaven Dou Empire. Years of accumulated experience isn’t something you can destroy. Persevering will only let you lose your precious lives in vain.”

At this point, Xue Qinghe took a step forward, his smile even more intense, that kind of feeling of planning in advance illustrating his formidable confidence.

“Don’t keep struggling, no matter what your goal is, first you have to stay alive. Right? Even if you don’t do it for yourself, you should still think of Xiao Wu who gave her life for you. Even if I don’t know just how you resurrected Xiao Wu, I can see that she’s still abnormal. Honestly, I’m a bit jealous. You could get a hundred thousand year spirit ring. However, I’m even more interested in standing in the same camp as you. You should have seen that I am a person who reaches my goals by any means. I can even put aside the hatred of killing my father. Tang San, swear allegiance to me, you can raise your conditions. As long as you help me sincerely, I can even make you below only one person in Heaven Dou Empire, and above millions. I think favorably of your talent, your

potential. From senior Yang Wudi being here, I can see that you no longer have any relationship with the Clear Sky School. The Clear Sky School is a turtle with its head in its shell, they will naturally not stick it out for your sake. Swear allegiance to me. That is your best choice for the future.”

Watching Xue Qinghe display such puzzling sincerity, Tang San nodded slowly, “Even though I quite loathe you, I have to admit that you’re right. If I choose to swear allegiance to you, my future development will undoubtedly be a gallop across flat country. However, my conditions aren’t something you can agree to.”

Xue Qinghe smiled slightly, saying: “That’s not certain. You still underestimate what I can endure. Maybe, I can agree to it?”

Light flashed in Tang San’s eyes, “I have two conditions. Since you already know about Xiao Wu, you naturally also understand that I will definitely avenge Xiao Wu in the future. My first condition, is to kill all the people who surrounded me and Xiao Wu in Star Dou Great Forest, including Chrysanthemum Douluo and Ghost Douluo. Can you agree?”

Xue Qinghe’s brows wrinkled slightly, unexpectedly not refuting Tang San, but rather pondering on it, as if carefully considering pros and cons. After a long time, he slowly nodded, “Even though this condition is quite difficult, I can agree to it. But the premise is that your own strength first reaches the Title Douluo Level, then I can agree to it. Because only by becoming a Title Douluo can you give me benefits surpassing that of those two elders. As for the others, I recall that Hu Liena didn’t attack you. Apart from her, the others are no problem.”

Tang San carefully studied the expressions of the two Title Douluo next to Xue Qinghe. Hearing Xue Qinghe’s words, even though these two Title Douluo had somewhat unsightly expressions, even with their status as Spirit Hall elders, they unexpectedly didn’t refute Xue Qinghe. Just this bit showed that Xue Qinghe had a very high status in Spirit Hall.

But when Xue Qinghe was considering Tang San’s conditions, he was really considering Tang San’s potential. He was a person who put benefit

above all, and in his heart Tang San’s value was higher than that of two senior Title Douluo. He talked about agreeing in the future, and at that time Chrysanthemum Douluo and Ghost Douluo would already be old, with almost no more value to extract from them. Trading them for Tang San was clearly worth it.

Seeing Tang San’s somewhat astonished gaze, Xue Qinghe smiled slightly: “Tang San, this is enough to prove my sincerity. I certainly am not any good person, but I will definitely accomplish what I promise.”

Tang San nodded, saying: “I believe you. It’s true that nasty people are cuter than hypocrites.”

Xue QInghe revealed a cheerful expression; “That means you agree?” If he had to say who within Heaven Dou City he regarded as most important, it wouldn’t be Tang San in front of him, nor Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master Ning Fengzhi, but rather Shrek Academy’s Grandmaster. Even though Tang San’s potential was immense, he was after all only one person. But Grandmaster could cultivate powerful Spirit Masters by the tens of thousands. And Tang San was Grandmaster’s only disciple. If he agreed to defect, then Grandmaster would naturally be no problem.

Thus, the value of one Tang San was actually just too great. Besides Grandmaster, there was still the Shrek Academy. Xue Qinghe very clearly understood Tang San’s position among the Shrek Seven Devils, as well as in the Shrek Academy.

Tang San shook his head, “No, I still haven’t agreed. I just said I have two conditions. That just now was only the first.”

Xue Qinghe smiled slightly, saying: “Then speak. I can even agree to sacrifice two Title Douluo, is there still something I couldn’t? The Heaven Dou Empire spans half the Continent. With Spirit Hall’s support, it’s very possible that the future will only hold one Empire.”

Hearing Xue Qinghe say this, Tang San couldn’t keep a chill from his heart, immediately aware of Spirit Hall’s plans. Even if he currently still didn’t understand why Xue Qinghe could possess such a lofty position and

unconditional support within Spirit Hall, he could imagine that, if Spirit Hall supported him like this, with the backing of all of Spirit Hall, Star Luo Empire absolutely couldn’t compete with Heaven Dou Empire. And at that time, Spirit Hall would unify the Continent through Heaven Dou Empire. This was clearly easiest to accept for the common people.”

Starting from when Spirit Hall spared no effort to destroy the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan and wound the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, the entire enormous plan was already set in motion. With the destruction of two great sects, not only did Spirit Hall’s dominant position in the Spirit Master world become even more distinct, it was also equivalent to sweeping aside Heaven Dou Empire’s walls. The Clear Sky School was sealed, no longer a problem. Even if they reopened their gates again, they would only have their directly related disciples, lacking in quantity. And with the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School and the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan in ruins, besides Spirit Hall, the faction with greatest spirit master strength within the Heaven Dou Empire was the Heaven Dou imperial family. Thus, first of all, the Heaven Dou Empire side would have no defenses.

Chapter 192

At the thought, Tang San felt enlightened suddenly, and everything before his eyes became clear. He reflected deeply, if Xue Qinghe successfully gained the throne of Heaven Dou Empire, then what Spirit Hall would do later was to assist Xue Qinghe to unify the whole Heaven Dou Empire within its border and absorb those kingdoms and duchies. After unifying the whole empire, with the support of Spirit Hall, he would just need a groundless reason to wage war of unification against Star Luo Empire.

By then, they could say it was Heaven Dou Empire that unified the continent, they could also say that it was the Spirit Hall that unified it. Sure enough a good strategy!

Xue Qinghe seeing Tang San saying nothing, thinking that he had already been moved by him, continued, “Tang San, if you are not happy with my poisoning my father, that’s not a problem. Although I put my interest first, I still wouldn’t go that far. I’m not afraid to tell you, my original name is not Xue Qinghe, neither am I the son of Xue Ye. In fact, your father is my enemy since he killed my real father. I can even forgive this kind of vendetta, so don’t tell me this can’t this prove my sincerity?”

Now that Xue Qinghe had said this, Tang San would merely have two choices: the first was to comply, and the second was to risk his life. Since Xue Qinghe had said his biggest secret, obviously he hadn’t intended to let off the three before his eyes. Whether to kill or subjugate, no third way out. In order to get Tang San’s trust, he couldn’t consider too much.

Sure enough, Xue Qinghe’s words made Tang San surprised again, and his previous puzzlement also became clear, “You are the child of Spirit Hall’s former Supreme Pontiff?”

As Xue Qinghe said, his father was his enemy who had killed his father, and in terms of the status he showed in Spirit Hall, a core of Spirit Halls’ whole scheme, Tang San guessed his real identity immediately.

Xue Qinghe smiled proudly, “Tang San, I have already removed all the doubts in your heart for you, so tell me your second condition. I think, whether in Spirit Hall or in Heaven Dou Empire, my status will be enough to achieve any wish of yours.”

Tang San breathed deeply, gave a look to Dugu Bo who had recovered his human appearance, and then looked at Yang Wudi who was standing as straight as a javelin, nodded, “My first requirement is to avenge Xiao Wu. And the second is to avenge my parents. My mother died for saving my father and my father was also   exiled   by   his   family   for   Spirit Hall and spent the later half of his life in the sadness of missing my mother. As long as you avenge this vendetta for me, it’s nothing of being used by you.”

Having heard Tang San’s word, Xue Qinghe’s face turned as grey as iron. If the first Tang San’s first condition could be called achievable, then the second would be impossible. To avenge this vendetta was to destroy the whole Spirit Hall. How could it be possible?

“Are you making fun of me?” Xue Qinghe’s fists had already tightened subconsciously.

Tang San said calmly, “I’m just stating facts. Unfortunately it’s impossible for you. Your highness, crownprince. You are a very clever person, but also a naive person. Not all people put their interests first like you. Whether it’s my parents’ matter or Xiao Wu’s matter, how could I compromise with you? Spirit Hall is the enemy of my lifetime. Bet

The last words were said resolutely by Tang San. They belonged to his old world. Hearing these words, by his side, whether Dugu Bo or Yang

Wudi, both increased their momentum violently. And at the same moment, behind his back, Eight Spider Lances with ferocious bloody light had already burst from his body. His answer toward Xue Qinghe, could be suitably summarized in four words.


Because of anger, blue veins on Xue Qinghe’s neck pulsed fiercely, and his mind was also filled with the wrath which was like terrifying waves and rendered a layer of blue air on his face.

A thread of light burst out from his body abruptly, a pure golden light, instantly spreading from his forehead to his whole body.

Spirit rings appeared on his body one after another. Two yellow, two purple, three black, a total of seven spirit rings. And then his head was also surrounded by a layer of pure golden light, when his clothes behind his back cracked. Two pairs of white wings unfolded from his back, and his body slowly floatedin midair as if free of the control of gravity, stopping at one-third meter from the ground.

Washed in the intense golden light, Xue Qinghe’s eyes also became golden. A huge silhouette whose face couldn’t be recognized appeared behind him, and the only difference between him and the golden phantom was the   number   of   wings:   the   number   of   wings   behind   the golden silhouette were six.

Both Dugu Bo and Yang Wudi’s pupils shrunk a little, and Dugu Bo couldn’t help asking Tang San deeply, “What’s this spirit?”

As Grandmaster’s student, Tang San might be one of the people who knew all kinds spirits best in the spirit masters’ world, so he of course knew what Xue Qinghe’s spirit was. He said with a serious face, “This is a legendary     spirit,     also     the     top     spirit.     My     teacher     said that Seraphim[1] symbolize aspokesperson of god. People who have this spirit will not only have innately full spirit power but eveninnately rank twenty, so they can immediately obtain their second spirit ring once they have the first one. Xue Qinghe is just more than thirty years old, and less

than thirty five, but he is already over rank seventy. I’m afraid he is actually the strongest one in the golden generation.”

Both Snake Lance Douluo and Porcupinefish Douluo had been injured, but in terms of their overall strength, they could still keep in a tie. But once Xue Qinghe who had the super spirit Seraphim was added, the situation would be entirely different. Xue Qinghe was not like the normal spirit masters around them. Tang San could be nearly certain that the Xue Qinghe’s strength was   absolutely   above   him.   Considering   his identity as young master of Spirit Hall, how could he lack all kinds of top quality spirit master treasures? With his super spirit, because of his unknown strength, it seemed to Tang San that he was even more dangerous than those two title Douluo. With the cooperation of two title Douluo, there seemed to be no chance to win.

Four wings behind Xue Qinghe unfolded, and his body floated in midair, two golden eyes watched Tang San without any emotion, “Tang San, you will pay for what you have said. You should know, with you knowing my secret, I won’t let you off. Again, I’ll give you a last chance. To swear allegiance, or to be destroyed?”

Eight Spider Lances behind Tang San’s back lifted him up, and kept him looking at Xue Qinghe horizontally, “I will also answer you again. Fight

Xue Qinghe smiled coldly, “Well, so I give you this chance. Let me experience personally, what extent your strength can reach now.”

Just after the word settled, a trail of golden flame was dragged behind Xue Qinghe’s back and his whole body flew quickly to Tang San like a meteor to strike the moon. Although his speed could not compete with Speed Clan, in the course of his flying, Tang San could clearly sense that he had become unreal. The space around his body seemed to warp slightly so his spiritual force could not pinpoint his accurate location. Splendid golden light, with the gorgeous golden silhouette behind him blossomed simultaneously. A burst of powerful pressure full of sacred aura hit Tang San.

The   instant   Xue   Qinghe   mobilized,   Snake    Lance    Douluo and Porcupinefish Douluo also released his spirit ability. Both of the two title Douluo used their seventh spirit ability without any hesitation, Spirit Avatar.

Snake Lance Douluo pushed the Snake Lance towards the sky, then the spear glistening cyan and purple light actually transformed into a light that covered his body backwards. Immediately, Snake Lance Douluo disappeared. An ugly cyan and purple huge snake appeared in the midair, which was different from the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor of Dugu Bo, and was ten meters long, with hexagon scales opening fully standing from his body like thousands of sharp knifes.

Seeing the Spirit Avatar of Snake Lance Douluo, Tang San immediately recalled a kind of spirit variation,tool spirit avatar beast soul transformation. This special kind of spirit avatar possessed both the beast transformation boost of a beast spirit avatar, and the characteristic durability and strength of a tool spirit avatar. Such a spirit avatar was top quality, but would only possibly appear in circumstances of seventh spirit rings of a few special spirit beasts,   as   well   as   superb   luck.   So   now,   this   was the true strength ofSnake Lance Douluo before their eyes.

And on the other side, the Porcupinefish Douluo also transformed into a huge spined ball in ten meters diameter. And the injury from before had also recovered thoroughly. Spinning in the midair rapidly, he flew directly in Dugu Bo’s direction, two title Douluo displayed their full strength.

This time, Tang San had no ability to assist Dugu Bo and Yang Wudi. He couldn’t target Xue Qinghe, but Xue Qinghe had already targeted him. Layer after layer of golden loops with strange but dulcet sounds covered Tang San directly and no one could recognize which spirit ability was used by Xue Qinghe because of the golden light that surrounded him.

At the same time, to Tang San’s surprise, this golden light was not only released on Xue Qinghe’s body, but also on Snake Lance Douluo and Porcupinefish Douluo’s body, thus nearly everything around them was becoming somewhat golden and hazy.

Although he hadn’t sensed the effect of this golden light, he could be certain that, this golden light was has the same ability as his Deathgod Domain and   Blue   Silver   Domain.Right,   this   was   Xue Qinghe’sinnate domain, the special ability of the super spirit Seraphim.

Facing the threat brought by Xue Qinghe, Tang San’s body leaned forward abruptly, and eight spider lances were inserted into the ground. Now he was fully facing the ground, as if crawling on the ground. The next moment, Eight Spider Lances bent backwards and sprang up rapidly, pushing Tang San’s body soaring to the sky. Simultaneously, countless Blue Silver Emperors spread out during his soaring, blossoming into a huge screen of blue golden splendor, and twisted to Xue Qinghe directly.

Since Xue Qinghe’s mind was all locked on Tang San, now that Tang San sprang up, under the drawing of the momentum, Xue Qinghe also changed dashing down into soaring up, catching up with Tang San.

Tang San had his reason to change the battlefield to the sky. Every field has its range, whether his Deathgod Domain, Bluesilver Domain or Xue Qinghe’s Angelic Domain. Tang San asked himself, in terms of his strength now, the boost that his domains certainly wouldn’t work better than Xue Qinghe’sAngelic Domain to help their companions. Therefore, he needed to get Xue Qinghe to the sky so neither of their domains would have an effect on their battle companions. Snake Lance Douluo andPorcupinefish Douluo were originally injured after all. As far as Dugu Bo and Yang Wudi’s strengths were concerned, at least they wouldn’t wouldn’t be at a disadvantage for a while, and as a result, there would be opportunity for their side.

Xue Qinghe was also an intelligent person, so he of course understood Tang San’s aims, but he stillchased after him. He had an absolute confidence in himself. Although he thought highly of Tang San’s potential, Tang San was more than ten years younger than him, and his own talent was also no worse than Tang San. The gap of ten years, was not that easy to offset merely relying on hard work. As long as he killed Tang San, Dugu Bo and Yang Wudi were nothing at all. Also, he wanted to test his real strength by defeating Tang San. Having endured for years, and hiding his true

strength by Spirit Hall’s secret methods, the scheme finally came to the point to carry out. He felt impatient to display his real strength.

Golden rings of light spread abruptly, forming ripple after ripple of splendid halos and pushed away Tang San’s descending Blue Silver Emperors. Xue Qinghe cut into frontally, with four wings spread behind his back, and shot towards Tang San like a golden meteor.

Seeing the growing golden color before him, Tang San didn’t feel any fear, just moving directly towards him and releasing his ability of the left leg bone of Blue Silver Emperors, Flight.

In Xue Qinghe’s information about Tang San, there was little documentation about his ability to fly, which just gave a simple description of Eight Spider Lances’ jump ability. So seeing Tang flying towards him, he couldn’t help feeling somewhat surprised.

The first spirit ring flashed, the golden halo on his body immediately converged on his right fist. And a punch was abruptly swung at Tang San. The congealed golden light looked like a big round shield,smashing into Tang San’s body.

Tang San breathed deeply, and both his hands changed into jade color. The Mysterious Heaven Skill was operating rapidly within his body, with blue golden light flame and profuse spirit power emitting from the hands. Controlling Crane Catching Dragon burst out, without using spirit abilities, just facing the golden light shield released by Xue Qinghe.

With   a    hong    sound,    two    silhouettes    separated    quickly    after a brief collision.

Xue Qinghe’s charge halted, swaying in midair, while Tang San was struck backwards and flew for at least thirty meters before he managed to control his body, qi and blood roiling within him.

Via this direct collision, Tang San immediately sensed that Xue Qinghe’s spirit power was extremely special. The instant he collided with him, a kind of warm sense entered into his body from the opponent’sspirit power, and

his Mysterious Heaven Skill force actually seemed to have a sign to melt under the warm sense full of sacred aura, being repressed so that it could not show its full effect. Clearly, the super spirit Seraphim not only had an innate domain, but its spirit power also had a special attribute, and Xue Qinghe’s first spirit ability was just to concentrate this   special attribute spirit power.

Xue Qinghe had   another   kind   of   impression.   Even   though   he had struck Tang San away, he also felt that Tang San’s spirit power was honest and mild, like the vast energy between heaven and earth, especially the moment they hit together, it produced a kind of special shocking force, forcibly breaking apart his attack that was originally like a vast river. It seemed like Tang San got the absolute worst of this collision, but in fact he didn’t suffer any actual injury. Especially his hands seemed sculpted by jade, and were extraordinarily hard, as if they could tear apart his energy attacks with pure physical strength.

A thin light flashed, a somewhat chilling expression appeared on Tang San’s face. Xue Qinghe was even stronger than he thought. He could cope with normal Spirit Douluos frontally, but facing Xue Qinghe, a Spirit Sage who was only more than rank seventy, he had no certainty.

The fight on the ground also began. Yang Wudi and Dugu Bo changed their places mutually, and released their spirit avatar simultaneously. Yang Wudi faced Porcupinefish Doluo while Dugu Bo faced the snake incarnated from Snake Lance Douluo.

Cyan Purple Double Headed Snake faced the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor which was even larger than he, while the Soulbreaking Lance with intensified black flame faced the huge spined ball.

The fight between Dugu Bo and Snake Lance Douluo was all physical. Although the avatar of Dugu Bo, the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor, had a larger size, the moment they hit together, he lost out.

Two tongues of the Cyan Purple Double Headed Giant Snake sprung from its mouths like two sharp swords, leaving two deep injuries on the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor’s body. The emerald green scales of the

Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor couldn’t impede its tongues which even sharper than swords. The Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor’s mouth had already bitten at   the   opponent’s   body,   but   just   left   a   layer   of trail and couldn’t hurt the Cyan Purple Double Headed Huge Snake. Even the extreme toxin of the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor merely produced a slight corrosive effect on its skin. The hardness of Snake Lance Douluo’s Spirit Avatar was actually even above the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor.

Whether the Snake Lance Douluo or Porcupinefish Douluo, they were specially arranged by Xue Qingheto deal with Dugu Bo, so they naturally had extremely strong defence to his toxin. However, it was not an easy job for Cyan Purple Double Headed Huge Snake to defeat the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor in a short time. He was injured from before after all. After realizing his spirit was restrained, Dugu Bo changed his attack into continuously spitting venom and poisonous mist to deal with the opponent, while his body circled round into a snake form when he could use his hardest head to collide with the opponent.

On the other side, the capability and strength of Porcupinefish Douluo were far above Yang Wudi, but Yang Wudi’s attack was just too sharp. And he had to devour toxin spouted by Dugu Bo, in case it would hurt the other spirit masters on the side. The huge spined ball he incarnated into collided with Breaking Soul Lance continuously, which also resulted in a tie. In this level of fight, both of them wouldn’t easily put all their eggs in one basket, If they use the last spirit ability to hit the opponent, they would both be injured. Therefore, under the condition that they had sufficient spirit power, this gradually became a protracted war.

Even though the two confronting each other in midair were the weakest in spirit power, their fight was undoubtedly the key point of this battle. If Tang San won, even though they were in the imperial palace, they would have opportunity to escape. But if Xue Qinghe won, without question, all three of them would die because of the secrets they had heard.

Eight Spider Lances spread out from his back, Tang San breathed deeply, relying on the mighty killing aura of Deathgod Domain to forcefully drive away the special purifying melting effect of the angelic spirit power within his body.

What was strange, Tang San’s direct and mild Mysterious Heaven Skill could do nothing to the angelic spirit power’s purification. But the moment Deathgod Domain appeared, it seemed to just restrain Angel’s spirit power, immediately making the sticky effect of purification disappear entirely. Tang San quickly understood, the spirit power of angel should be pure sacred energy, while his Deathgod Domain had a kind of forceful killing aura which was diametrically opposite. If angel spirit power was said to be just, then his Deathgod Domain was evil, justice and evil unable to coexist, restricting each other mutually was the natural consequence. Just like his Deathgod Domain also couldn’t affect the sacred aura of the opponent, the opponent’s purification effect of Angelic Domain couldn’t affect him either.

Xue Qinghe smiled coolly, “What a Deathgod Domain. What Hu Liena uses is actually the same as you. Maybe you have noticed, your Deathgod Domain contradicts my Angelic Domain mutually. Unfortunately, what you can’t know, is that the true awakening of innate domains is only after possessing the seventh spirit ability, Spirit Avatar. Without Spirit Avatar, your innate domain can just have some supporting effect. Only with the Spirit Avatar, can domains’ effect be displayed fully. Even though your domain is at the same class as mine, the gap in rank cannot be offset. Let me show you, the true might of the Angelic Domain.”

Saying this, the seventh spirit ring on his body flashed with a dense black color. Black and golden, two completely different lights mixed together, and then the black spirit ring seemed to be assimilated, transforming into golden in the process of being released.

Crystalline golden light, the phantom behind Xue Qinghe’s back moved forward quietly, while Xue Qinghe himself overlapped with the phantom quickly. Including his skin and hair, were all rendered purely golden. The clothes on his body disappeared in the purification of that golden light. Splendid golden light flame packed his whole body, just like an immortal. Even the other six spirit rings on his body were rendered golden at that moment.

On the two pairs of pure white wings behind Xue Qinghe’s back, the golden color spread from the root, then to the tip of each feather. With a

cracking sound, a pair of wings unfolded again behind his back. The original features of Seraphim disappeared entirely in the seventh spirit ability   Spirit   Avatar’s   effect.   Then   Xue    Qinghe’s    imposing manner suddenly swelled, as if to cover the sky and earth. After releasing his Spirit Avatar, the pressure he brought to Tang San was absolutely no less than a title Douluo.

According to Grandmaster’s Ten Core Competences, the intensification of Spirit Avatar was a direct ratio of spirit’s own quality. That is, the higher the quality of spirit, the more intensification it would have after releasing one’s Spirit Avatar. Therefore the higher the spirit was, the more meaningful to have seventh spirit ability, since only after having Spirit Avatar could the real might of spirit be displayed.

In Tang San’s past battles, the most powerful Spirit Avatar he came across was undoubtedly the Clear Sky Hammer. But that Elder of Clear Sky Clan just used forty percent of his real strength, which wasn’t the full might of the Clear Sky Hammer’s Spirit Avatar. Nevertheless back then Tang Hao forced more than five title Douluos of Spirit Hall to face the opponent simultaneously by his own force, which demonstrated the might of that spirit. But the quality of the Seraphim spirit before his eyes was absolutely no lower than Clear Sky Hammer, so the amplification was undoubtedly extremely dreadful.

Xue Qinghe stretched his arms out to either side, like a cross hanging in midair, raising his head, with a dulcet whistle from his mouth, suddenly, the golden light on his body spread out with a speed that was difficult to perceive with the naked eye. In just an eyeblink, it had already covered a range ofseveral thousand square meters in the sky. Tang San   was   directly   covered   in,   and    everything    around    him suddenly turned golden, secretly shocking Tang San. But at this moment, he knew he couldn’t panic. Thisshould be the true effect of Angelic Domain in Spirit Avatar, the real Angelic Domain Xue Qinghe spoke of.

Within the golden light, Tang San first felt a strong pressure from all directions. His senses were restrictedto a narrow range,   such   that even his spiritual force probes could only cover five meters around him. His

entire being seemed to be brought to another world, whose ruler, was Xue Qinghe.

The sensation of spirit power melting appeared again, forcing Tang San to have to release his Deathgod Domain immediately.

The Deathgod Domain and Angelc Domain mutually restrained each other, so who could overwhelm the opponent depended on their respective strength. Obviously, in terms of domain, Tang San now couldn’t compete with Xue Qinghe in any case. The Deathgod Domain was restricted to Tang San’s skin by the powerful sacred aura, and narrowly maintained his spirit power free from purification. But it’s intensifying effect had already disappeared thoroughly.

Tang San’s eyes lighting, through the Purple Demon Eye, his spiritual force released without holding back. The effect of the mind condensing wisdom skull bone displayed at this moment. After Tang San fully used Purple Demon Eye, the scope that his spiritual force could detect amplified from five meters to about fifty miters, and Purple Demon Eye also helped him   detect   narrowly   around    his    body    in    a    hundred meters,barely recognizing objects.

“Feel the gap between us. Tang San, this is my domain, I’m the ruler here. Having come here, even title Douluo can only guarantee they can withdraw in one piece. All of you, is already completely under my control. To be frank, I really do admire you. Your future accomplishments won’t be below mine. Therefore, I’m willing to give you another last chance. I really don’t have the heart to smother a genius like you. Only geniuses like us, will understand how grand each other are, don't you think?”

Hearing Xue Qinghe’s voice, Tang San tried his best to sense his exact location, but it was futile. The effect of the Angelic Domain before him was too powerful. Although he could use his spirit bones and Purple Demon Eye to try to enhance his sensory ability, compared usual, it was still greatly impaired. Especially the golden light with a sacred aura which the domain teemed with, made him consume his spirit power and spiritual force rapidly in order to support the Deathgod Domain. If he could not break this domain,

then Xue Qinghe even didn’t need to attack, just keep controlling him like this, and Tang San would lose and die due to exhausting his spirit power.

Of course, Tang San also knew, Xue Qinghe who had released Spirit Avatar and Angelic Domain was also consuming his spirit power very rapidly. He wouldn’t compete with him in attrition.

“I’ve already answered you. The outcome still isn’t settled, if you have the capability, you can just kill me.” Saying that, Eight Spider Lances behind Tang San’s back bent slightly, protecting his back, the fifth and sixth spirit rings lighting simultaneously.

Blue golden light concentrated on his right arm, a three meter Blue Silver Overlord Spear connected with his arm, and meanwhile, all of Tang San became unreal, exactly the effect of the hundred-thousand-year sixth spirit ring’s spirit ability, Nothingness.

If rank of spirit power could be said to be Xue Qinghe’s advantage, then the hundred thousand year spirit ability was Tang San’s advantage.

“Hundred    thousand    year    spirit    ability?    Let    me     see, how much of its effect your hundred thousand year spirit ability can produce in my Angelic Domain.”

Suddenly, around Tang San’s body, the golden light of Angelic Domain instantly grew denser, as if bogging him down in a golden quagmire, slowing his movements.

At a slight spiritual force fluctuation, Tang San reacted nearly in the first second. Eight Spider Lances protecting his body, and Blue Silver Overlord Lance by right side of his body was thrust forward, not releasing it, but serving as weapon to thrust into the direction he had perceived.

A strong golden silhouette flew above Tang San’s body, and Tang San astonished discovered, whether his Eight Spider Lances or Blue Silver Overlord Lance, neither had struck the opponent’s body. Moreover, the golden silhouette that flew above him brought to him a kind of dizzy feeling. Even though he was in the state of Nothingness, his spirit

power and spiritual force still decreased a great deal. In fact, in the state of Nothingness, Tang San was immune to physical attack, and any form of energy attack, including spiritual force, would be decreased by fifty percent. The attack   Xue   Qinghe   released   was   actually   similar   to his Nothingness, but where Tang San’s Nothingness laid particular stress on defence, whereas Xue Qinghe’s unreal silhouette stressed attack.

“Yi. Truly deserving to be called a hundred thousand year spirit ring, it really has some special ways. Even my second evolved spirit ability, Angelic Descent cannot defeat you. It seems I have to be a bitjealous of you. However, this is not enough.”

The golden light on his right arm restrained, having found that Blue Silver Overlord Lance made no effect in this situation, Tang San immediately withdrew the spirit ability that consumed a large amount of his spirit power, and gathered his spirit power inwardly.

Spiritual force fluctuations appeared again, this time much faster than before. With the experience of the last time, Tan San finally caught that silhouette relying on his Purple Demon Eye. As is he judged before, in his own domain, Xue Qinghe had already transformed into phantom and ran into him. What was different was that there was a long sword in his hand this time, completely made of golden flame, without a substantial body, making Tang San’s heart shake, and carried a formidable energy fluctuation.

This was a pure energy form attack, so even though the state of Nothingness enhanced his resistance by fifty percent, Tang San absolutely didn’t dare collide head on with him.

What made Tang San suffer was that he couldn’t see which spirit ring was released on the opponent’s body at all. That is, he had no idea which ability he should use in response.

The timing Xue Qinghe chose was undoubtedly extremely well chosen, just after Tang San retrieved Blue Silver Overlord Lance, and too late to release it again. Eight Spider Lances was a physical attack, with which it was very difficult to block such pure energy form attack. In addition to that, the Angelic Domain amplified him by thirty percent. Even though he

couldn’t weaken Tang San by thirty percentbecause of Tang San’s Deathgod Domain, this was already sufficient. His power was fundamentally above Tang San’s.

Within such a true domain, both Tan San’s sense and reaction had become much slower. If Xue Qinghe’s first attack was a probe, then this attack, was a heavy strike he prepared for Tang San, also a strike toestablish his superiority. Even if it couldn’t defeat Tang San in one strike, it would at least injure him heavily.

Chapter 193

Taking a deep breath, in face of Xue Qinghe’s Holy Sword that dazzled a golden radiance, Tang San forcefully endured with the pain in his heart. As a control system spirit master, all along it had been him who directed the tempo of his opponents in battles. Right now however, he was the one being wholly controlled, and this caused him a sense of frustration. Despite this, he understood that if he allowed negative thoughts to surface, he would undoubted be defeated in this battle to the death.

Within the dense Angelic Domain, Tan San had nowhere to hide. At the moment when the sword of light brimming with holy energy landed on his body, he made a decision that even Xue Qinghe did not expect.

Tang San withdrew the aura around his body, and even the Blue Silver Emperor spirit along with it. At the same time, a layer of golden light floated out of his body, that was the second Invincible Golden Body skill that he could use today.

Gripping his Holy Sword, Xue Qinghe pierced through Tang San’s body in a blow, but due to the effect of Invincible Golden Body, Tang San was unharmed. Actually, Tan San could had used teleportation to avoid this attack. However, being in Xue Qinghe’s domain, Tan San did not know the extent of his teleportation ability. Innately, he felt that teleportation’s effect within this Angelic Domain would not be great. In this gamble of life and death, to prevent unnecessary risks, Tang San still used his Invincible Golden Body’s absolute defence instead.

The moment when a golden light enveloped his body, Tan San basically ignored Xue Qinghe and the fact that the latter went through his body, the

Clear Sky Hammer already in his grasp. Simultaneously rotating his body in mid-air, the Clear Sky Hammer was thrown out from this golden world. A ray of grey light rippled with great spirit energy, that was the Disorderly Wind Splitting Method.

For Tan San who once trained bitterly under the waterfall, as dense as the golden light of the Angelic Domain might be, it was still insufficient to affect him executing the Disorderly Wind Splitting Method. Furthermore, with the Deathgod Domain engraved on his Clear Sky Hammer, only when using the Clear Sky Hammer would the might of the Deathgod Domain be fully displayed, just as how Blue Silver Domain would enhance Blue Silver Emperor to the greatest extent.

Itself emitting a dense black light, the Clear Sky Hammer was surrounded by an even stronger layer of white. With the motion of a single strike, this golden-coloured domain shook violently. At the same time, Tang San felt the pressure on his body weakened. Ever since the mastery of the Disorderly Wind Splitting Method this was the first time the hammer’s force had completely disappeared. As the two forces blended, the Deathgod Domain’s killing aura had risen by a bit. Although he had used the Clear Sky clan’s secret technique previously, he had not used it in a live battle before.

Despite the Clear Sky Hammer being without a single spirit ring, its inherent quality along with Tang San’s sixty-sixth ranked spirit power and being engraved with Deathgod Domain, the strike had an extremely great effect. Deathgod Domain’s killing intent infused with the domineering aura of the Clear Sky Hammer complemented each other, even without manifesting its spirit avatar, the Clear Sky Hammer ensured Tang San’s ability to survive within the Angelic Domain.

Passing through Tang San’s body, Xue Qinghe immediately felt something was off. Following the violent tremble of the Angelic Domain, the latter realised that Tang San’s Deathgod Domain innately enhanced the natural might of the Clear Sky Hammer. Spirit complemented by domain, only two hammer strikes was needed to destabilised his

With regards to the abilities of Clear Sky Hammer, Spirit Hall had naturally conducted detailed research, the Disorderly Wind Splitting Method was not excluded. Without doubt, the technique was mighty, but Spirit Hall’s research also unveiled that it required continuous accumulation to be executed to the greatest effect. In front of a living target, besides coincidence, who would provide such an opportunity?

Consequently, Xue Qinghe did not pay much attention to Tang San’s usage of Disorderly Wind Splitting Method. He felt it only right that Tang San was forced to use the technique to counter his Angelic Domain.But, without the protection of the hundred thousand year spirit ring’s ability, how can you still block my attacks? The number of times you can use that absolute defense is definitely limited. I want to see just how many times you can still block.

These thoughts passed Xue Qinghe’s mind in a flash. Within the Angelic Domain, he moved like a fish in water, body gliding freely. Pointing his Holy Sword forward, he flew in Tang San’s direction. Holy Sword was his fifth spirit ring ability, conjured from holy flame. Not only did it have extremely high attack power, but also enhanced the purifying effect of his spirit power by three hundred percent. An ordinary spirit master, when struck, would have his spirit power greatly diminished in addition to the physically injury. Severe injury was inevitable, if not death.

Presently, this was not the situation as Tang San faced off with Xue Qinghe. Every strike of the Clear Sky Hammer in his grasp caused his swinging speed to increase. In a moment, five strikes were executed. As the Clear Sky Hammer accumulated more and more energy, the effect of Deathgod Domain rose. The white light guarding his body expanded outwards, and Tang San felt the pressure brought by the Angelic Domain wane.

Following the exchange of techniques, Tang San’s spiritual sense naturally sharpened. When Xue Qinghe turned to face him, Holy Sword in hand, Tang San realised it the first moment, the Clear Sky Hammer in his grasp with no intent to stop.

Dazzling golden light approached his body immediately, concurrently, Tang San swung his sixth hammer swing. The timing Xue Qinghe picked was without doubt precise; when his Holy Sword arrived, the Clear Sky Hammer was swung behind Tang San’s body and could not make it in time to the front. Despite this short instant, Xue Qinghe’s proficiency enabled him to stab Tang San and at the same time withdraw safely.

But was Tang San so easily beaten? No, certainly not. He would had died countless times before if he was so easy to defeat.

The moment when the Holy Sword reached him, Tang San’s body suddenly and bizarrely retreated by a meter.

This one meter was not to be underestimated. Xue Qinghe’s attack was entirely focused on the position where Tang San was before. This lead to a loss in peak strength of Xue Qinghe’s Holy Sword’s single strike. In addition, the distance of a meter enabled Tang Sang to swing his Clear Sky Hammer from the back towards his front, colliding with the the Holy Sword that dazzled with golden flames.

A loud rumble resounded, abruptly stirring up strong waves of air. Despite the accumulated strength of six swings, despite his best effort to put himself in a favourable position, despite the might of the Clear Sky Hammer’s might engraved with the Deathgod Domain, the one to be blasted out by the impact was still Tang San.

This was the effect of a domain. Manifesting his spirit avatar within his Angelic Domain, Xue Qinghe’s overall strength rose by thirty percent.Besides this, the Holy Sword was his fifth spirit ability, and adding that there was a gulf between Tang San’s spirit power and his, even though it his strike was one with the strength of sixth hammer swings, the one to lose out was still Tang San.

However, what Xue Qinghe did not know was that Tang San’s strike was just a probe.

Tang San was sent flying by the impact, but the golden light of the Holy Sword failed to penetrate his defense. While his body fell back, he was still

able to maintain his posture in mid-air and continuously swung the Clear Sky Hammer. Every swing exuded a black and white radiance that weakened the golden flames of the Holy Sword. As such, even though blood seeped from his mouth as he retreated, he was not truly harmed.

Due to Tang San’s sudden retreat by one meter, Xue Qinghe was slightly stunned as he could not understand how Tang San managed it. Within his domain, he was the overlord. The moment Tang San was trapped inside, Xue Qi He could freely control his domain to restrict Tang San’s movement to the center of the domain. Thus, regardless of how Tan San moved, even if he had teleported, he would still remain at the same spot. This was also one of the mysteries of the domain, but just before, Tang San actually retreated by a step. This simply could not be done with the current level of his Deathgod Domain.

Little did Xue Qinghe know the effort Tang San made in order to retreat by that one step. That simple step was only created by fusing the the Deathgod Domain engraved on the Clear Sky Hammer, Blue Silver Emperor’s right leg bone’s inherent strength and Xiao Wu’s spirit bone’s teleportation ability. Three skills merged as one, only then did it momentarily surpass the effect of the domain, making that one meter retreat possible.

The strength of a domain is great, but also had its limit. Using his three techniques, Tang San overcame this limit momentarily to step back by one meter. Yet, all he could do was only move within a meter. The combined strength of three abilities could only help him do this much.

Colliding with Xue Qinghe, the power accumulated by six swings dissipated, but while he was sent flying, the Clear Sky Hammer in Tang San’s grasp did not cease and the Disorderly Wind Splitting Method began to charge.

The reason he was sent flying was due to Xue Qinghe’s own strength. Even though Tang San’s body was restricted to the center of the domain, the Holy Sword belonged to Xu Qinghe who was overlord of the domain. As such, when its power erupted, when Tang San was enveloped by its golden flame, he was free from restriction to the center and was thus sent flying

backwards. But it was still impossible for him to take this chance to escape from the domain. When the golden flames disappeared, he went back to the center once again, where Xue Qinghe was awaiting him.

Until now, Xue Qinghe did not believe that Tang San had the strength to resist him within his own domain. The eventual outcome would not change either, he absolutely did not believe that Tang San was able to adapt to the various changes within his domain in such a short time. Even if he could adapt, he would not be able to reverse the effects brought by the domain.

The moment those golden flames around Tang San disappeared, he was forcefully dragged back to the center position, and Xue Qinghe’s Holy Sword swung down at an angle. He was not in a hurry to destroy Tang San, he sought a perfect victory and took advantage of the domain’s reduction on Tang San’ speed. He would not give Tang San any chance to fight back.

As of now, Tang San’s Disorderly Wind Splitting Method had reached its fourth swing. The instant when the Clear Sky Hammer was about to collide with the Holy Sword, Tang San suddenly made a weird choice. He did not let the Clear Sky Hammer collide with the Holy Sword, his body miraculously retreating by a meter again. Simultaneously bending his body while swinging the Clear Sky Hammer, it dodged the Holy Sword’s strike.

At the same time, his Clear Sky Hammer swiftly made two more swings, accumulating six swing strength once again. Strangely, Tang San did not use the Clear Sky Hammer to strike Xue Qinghe who had an opening, but swung towards nothingness.

Tang San once again shocked Xue Qinghe, the latter never thought that an opponent would be able to dodge his attacks within his domain. However, his reaction was extremely quick, just as Tang San swung his seventh swing, the Holy Sword shone brilliantly and grew by two chi, at the same time drawing two arcs of light, sealing almost all possible escape routes for Tang San.

You don’t want to face me head on? Then I shall just do that. Use my spirit power to overpower you.

Xue Qinghe’s way of thinking was undoubtedly valid. However, he could not see through the technique Tang San currently executed. Suddenly, Tang San swayed like a ghost. Although Xue Qinghe made two strikes that followed each other closely, it was still two discrete attacks.

Tan San’s body shimmered like an illusion, and exploited the gap between the two strikes to escape, along with his Clear Sky Hammer that gradually gathered power. The present him gave Xue Qinghe the impression that he was dancing in his Angelic Domain. The Clear Sky Hammer did not waver because of his movement, maintaining a wondrous and steady swinging motion.

When Tang San escaped from Xue Qinghe’s attack, his Clear Sky Hammer had already swung eleven times. The accumulated black and white light becoming more and more dense. What shocked Xue Qinghe the most was Tang San’s movement range had expanded from one meter to one and a half. That is why he was able to calmly evade Xue Qinghe’s attack with that dancing motion.

What Tang San had just executed, could be said he trump card ability, the first time he had used it against a foe. He had named it Disorderly Wind Splitting Dance.

The flaw of the Disorderly Wind Splitting Method was apparent. Tang San had immersed himself in this technique for a long time, training bitterly under the guidance of his father. Naturally, he knew this flaw restricted the might of this powerful technique. While cultivating under the waterfall, he began experimenting how to overcome this situation, that is how to complete the eighty-one swings of the Disorderly Wind Splitting Method while facing an opponent.

After countless trials, he manage to find a possibility - by merging his Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track and Disorderly Wind Splitting Method, thus creating a spirit technique belonging to him alone.

Borrowing the elusiveness of Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, coupled with the might of the Clear Sky Hammer, if the execution was successful, it would undoubtedly be a powerful self-created spirit technique. However, to

combine two skills belonging to completely different categories, how could it be easy? When Tang San began experimenting, he had failed countless times, with the critical problem being tempo.

Each technique totally differed in rhythm from the other. Disorderly Wind Splitting Method had its own tempo, requiring continuous swinging for the accumulation of energy. Its tempo gradually quickened, this was an indisputable fact. Otherwise the might of the technique cannot be displayed.

On the other hand, Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track moved in accordance to the opponent’s movement, thus was unpredictable in nature. Moreover focusing spirit energy on the Clear Sky Hammer used the calves to generate force, to create this merged technique was as insurmountable as the heavens.

Tang San had originally given up on creating this spirit technique. Until Xiao Wu sacrificed herself to save him, after he obtained Xiao Wu’s spirit rings and soft bone that he discovered this technique accidentally while cultivating.

The first point to note was that Disorderly Wind Splitting Dance could only be executed in mid-air, as only then could the legs remain unaffected when exerting during a hammer strike. This originally was nearly impossible to achieve. But with Blue Silver Emperor’s right leg bone enhancing Tan San’s leg strength and enabling him to fly, he could accomplish this.

With regards to the more important question of rhythm, Xiao Wu’s spirit bone’s teleportation ability overcame this. Whenever problems arose with the tempo, Tang San could rely on teleportation to readjust his posture to continue the execution of Disorderly Wind Splitting Method. By concurrently using teleportation with Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, it was naturally sufficient to avoid the opponent’s attack.

Notwithstanding the fact that being in the Angelic Domain prevented him from distancing himself from his foe using teleportation, he was still able to utilise the short distance of two meters to execute Ghost Shadow Perplexing

Track, thus displaying Disorderly Wind Splitting Dance’s might to the fullest.

Xue Qinghe had high innate talent, and moreover possessed the mighty Seraphim spirit. However he had all along been undercover in Heaven Dou Imperial Family and had to conceal his abilities as much as he could. Consequently, although his spirit rank was high, in terms of combat experience, he was still lacking compared to Tang San. In the face of these unexpected turn of events, confusion took root in his heart.

In his haste, his Holy Sword swung uninhibitedly in exasperation to disrupt Tang San’s accumulation of Disorderly Wind Splitting Method. But he was disappointed quickly. Even though this was his domain, the innate clash between Deathgod Domain and Angelic Domain had reduced his domain’s effect on Tang San to the lowest. Once and again, Tang San’s Disorderly Wind Splitting Method dodged his attacks, accumulating strength with each successive swing. When Xue Qinghe cleared his mind, Tang San had already swung more than thirty-six times.

The jet-black Clear Sky Hammer exuded a faint layer of gold pattern with the accumulation of spirit energy and the engraved Deathgod Domain gave off a white radiance. This caused Tang San’s mobility range to expand.

The great volume of spirit energy gathered on the hammer made even Xue Qinghe shocked. After thirty-six swings, he felt that he was beginning to be subdued by the vast spirit pressure. Even with the thirty percent boost from his Angelic Domain, he dared not engage it recklessly. A wave of regret swept over Xue Qinghe, even though Tang San’s Disorderly Wind Splitting Method was mighty, within his domain, he could have disrupted it if he had acted aptly earlier.

Withdrawing the Holy Sword with haste, Xue Qinghe’s body was quickly engulfed in a golden colour, giving Tang San free rein to swing his hammer.

At this moment however, a sense of dread rose in Tang San. He knew that Xue Qinghe’s mind had cleared, he was now at a crucial juncture of breaking his opponent’s domain.

What Tang San could not see was Xue Qinghe, hidden in the center of the domain, his sixth spirit ring gradually shining. The six wings on his back madly absorbing the energy within the domain, streaks of golden lightning traced this body relentlessly like snakes.

Taking a deep breath, Xue Qinghe exhaled forcefully. A piercing and shrill whistled emitted from this mouth. At that moment, without warning, fiery golden flames thrusted out from his pair of eyes, extending over a meter. That was his sixth spirit ring ability, a mental attack, Angel’s Howl.

Angel’s Howl, utilising the angelic spirit power’s special transforming ability, instantaneously converted fifty percent of spirit power into a mental attack, encompassing a wide range. When struck, the victim would receive great mental trauma. If one’s mental strength was less than half of the user, his soul would immediately shatter, with death following a head implosion. If one’s mental strength was more than half, it would result in mental damage, causing a stunning effect. The duration of stun depended on the differences in mental strength of the user and target.

Indeed, the technique was an overbearing one that could be said to defy the heavens. Directly striking a foe’s soul. That was the manifestation of the might of the super battle spirit Seraphim.

Presently, while Xue Qinghe was gathering energy, Tang San hastily swung the Clear Sky Hammer, accumulating sixty swings. The moment Angel’s Howl effect of vertigo kicked in, he certainly would be unable to control his Clear Sky Hammer. Then, Xue Qinghe didn’t even need to strike, the Clear Sky Hammer’s accumulated energy would rip Tang Sang to pieces when uncontrolled. After rousing from his confusion, Xue Qinghe undoubtedly thought of the best solution.

However, Tang San’s Disorderly Wind Splitting Method had yet to be disrupted. He couldn’t allow himself to be defeated by Xue Qinghe.

For the third time, Invincible Golden Body protected Tang San. While Angel’s Howl was a heaven-defying technique, a spirit ability coming from a hundred thousand year spirit bone was even more so. With the last Invincible Golden Body he could utilise in a day, for the first time Tang San

directed the flow of the battle. The final ten or so swings completed just as he blocked Angel’s Howl. Black and white, two streaks of light revolved around each other like dragons. When the nine by nine eighty one swings were completed, Deathgod Domain’s evolved ability killing intent initiated. At this instant, Tang San elevated his domain’s effect to unprecedented heights.

Immense energy rippled out, causing the fighters on ground to pause. The three Title Douluo and one Spirit Douluo did not utilise their final spirit ring technique in battle. They wouldn’t lightly determine the eventual outcome of the battle, both sides awaiting the mid-air battle to conclude, confident that their respective youths will emerge victorious.

When that golden domain spread in the air, Snake Lance Douluo and Porcupinefish Douluo’s confidence swelled to the limit, making them even less inclined to go all out against the opponents. Their strength excelled over the other side, and carefully stalling, both sides had kept a careful balance.

But the tremendous energy fluctuations in the sky alarmed both sides, and they swiftly retreated almost like empty shadows, pulling open the distance between each other.

At this moment, in mid-air, one black and one white, two entangled rays of light shot forth towards the sky, breaking the restraint of the golden colour in an instant. Vast energy ripples resulted in a loud aerial explosion, just as if there was a thunderstorm.

With a cracking sound, the golden colour shattered into large fragments and crumbled further, before dissolving into innumerable specks of fine golden lights and fading away in mid-air. The dazzling sky returned to its original colours.

Two shadows appeared in mid-air at the same time. Xue Qinghe extended the two pairs of wings that just recovered on his back to stabilise his body. Thick blood flowed from his nostrils like two red miniature snakes, while purplish-black blood seeped from the corner of his mouth. Eyes dim, he

dared not open his mouth to breathe in fear of spilling all the blood in his body.

The strike condensed from eighty one hammer swings not only enhanced the Deathgod Domain and destroyed his Angelic Domain, at the same time it shattered his spirit avatar, causing him severe injury he never experienced before.

However, Tang San on the other hand was no better off than him. His face was as pale as sheet, coughing out mouthfuls of bright red blood. The Clear Sky Hammer in his hand had disappeared, and his body violently trembled.

Although he had at last broken Xue Qinghe’s Angelic Domain, at the same time he exhausted his spirit energy. Unable to sustain the eight spider lances on his back, he withdrew it into his body.

During the short battle between them, every response Tang San had made was absolutely right. However, there was still a huge gulf between Xue Qinghe’s strength and his. As much as he had taken advantage of Xue Qinghe’s mistakes, in the process of breaking the Angelic Domain, he still depleted a large amount of spirit energy, whether it was the execution of Disorderly Wind Splitting Dance or the imperceptible consumption within the opponent’s domain, his body is now fully emptied of spirit energy. As of now, although Xue Qinghe’s injuries were worse, his situation is the more dire of the two. He could only force himself to use the last bit of spirit energy to control his Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone’s flying to slowly descend to the ground.

Glancing at each other, Snake Lance and Porcupinefish the two title douluos could see the dread in the other’s eyes. How could they not know the might of Xue Qinghe’s Angelic Domain even if others did not? Even if they utilised their spirit avatars while in the domain, to break out of it was not an easy task. But a Spirit Emperor youth managed to accomplish this feat. Not only breaking out of the domain’s restrain, but also injuring Xue Qinghe heavily.

Now, they realised why Xue Qinghe treated Tan San with importance. Tang San’s potential and strength far exceeded that of spirit masters of the same rank.

With a “wah” sound, Xue Qinghe could no longer endure and spat a mouthful of blood, the wings on his back losing their radiance. Taking a deep breath, his sight was fixed on Tang San who was slowly descending, not with fury or hatred in his eyes, but a tinge of praise.

His situation was not optimistic, but he knew how Tang San was faring at the same time. Hastily adjusting his bodily qi, he looked at Tang San and spoke. “Tang San, you really give me surprises one after another. I really could not bear to kill you. Without an opponent such as you, I think the rate of my improvement would slow drastically. As of now, other than big sister, you are the only one worthy to be my life-long opponent.”

Tang San did not speak, but raised his head and straightened his back, looking coldly at Xue Qinghe. Mysterious Heaven Skill circulated rapidly to restore spirit energy, enabling him to recover much faster than any other spirit master in this world.

The reason he did not sustain severe harm when the domain broke, one was because he was the attacker, the other, because of the toughness of his body. In terms of bodies, even a title douluo may not match up to him.

With a sweeping gaze to the front, Tang San thought to himself that what is to come should be coming.

At this instant, Porcupinefish Douluo who was retreating shook, a jade green tipped sharp spine piercing the air towards Tan San, who no longer have the strength to dodge, and even less use Golden Invincible Body.

Dugu Bo and Yang Wudi were both too far away, unable to save Tang San in time. The timing and method of attack that Porcupinefish Douluo chose was underhanded to the extreme

“Bastard.” With a flash, a golden light shot out and a muffled collision was heard. Although it was unable to smash the sharp spine, the impact

caused the attack to veer and fly past Tang San’s side instead.

Xue Qinghe, who previously was unruffled even during the intense exchange with Tang San, blew his top at last. Due to exertion, he spat out another mouthful of blood, gazing at Porcupinefish Douluo with anger. “Who allowed you to strike?”

Porcupinefish Douluo was stunned.. “Young master, I..”

Xue Qinghe’s eyes seemed to spit fire as he stared furiously at Porcupinefish Douluo and Snake Lance douluo. “Ci Xue[1], She Long[2], you two listen. Even if Tang San is to die, it will be by my hand. A fair showdown is the final respect I will give him. If you both attack again, don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

Two great title douluos, in face of Xue Qinghe’s fury, actually felt fear and retreated by a step, deferentially saying: “Yes.”

Hearing this, Tan San can’t help but slightly feel astonished. Unable to hold back, he spoke. “I did not expect you to have an honourable side.”

Touching the blood stains on the corner of his mouth, Xue Qinghe’s angry face gradually revealed a faint smile. “Everyone’s heart harbours a form of justice and evil belonging only to oneself. In this pragmatic world, the one who stands victorious, is righteous, is it not? By killing you today, I can completely send dispatches to denounce you as emperor Xue Ye’s poisoners in all of Heaven Dou Empire. To speak of righteousness, what can compare to my Seraphim? I know, in your heart, I am a despicable and evil existence. But why don’t you think, if I’m totally useless, would I have been able to come this far?”

As he spoke, he raised his right arm, a strong golden light amassed in his palm. Although the gathering was slow, to Tang San, it was equivalent to reaper’s scythe. Although his spirit energy recovered quickly, he could feel that the moment it was generated, it immediately disappeared. Only now did he realise that although he had broke Xue Qinghe’s Angelic Domain, the instant it was shattered, a portion of its purifying ability was injected

into his body. Even if he required insignificant spirit energy to teleport, it was still impossible without a bit of spirit power.

Chapter 194

Golden light concentrated on Xue Qinghe’s hands, and meanwhile, Tang San was affected by the purification of Angel Domain therefore he felt difficult even to gather a thread of spirit power.

“Tang San, goodbye. Let me end your life on my own. This will be the last thing that I can do for you. Don’t worry, I will give you a lavish funeral, and also remember you forever. Before you die, let you see my true feature. I believe, you will die without anything to regret.”

Saying that, Xue Qinghe raised and put his hand into the clothes before his chest. Turning his hand over, and lifting fast, a bizarre mask which connected with the deep neck had already been removed.

Although he was in an edge of life and death, when Tang San saw Xue Qinghe’s true feature, his pupil still shrunk involuntarily a great deal because of surprise. Now, Xue Qinghe displayed before his eyes had a figure of a man though, her face had already changed into a pretty face with coldly beauty.

From outside, she seemed to have an appearance slightly more than twenty, snow white skin, dignified phoenix eyes. Compared with the originally amiable appearance of Xue Qinghe, she was much more distinct. Straight bridge of the nose, slightly slender phoenix eyes, a face with somewhat stateliness. At a glance, she was not as beautiful as Ning Rongrong or Xiao Wu, but the dignity in her coldness, Tang San had only seen a similar one on Bibi Dong’s face. The Supreme Pontiff descendant who had been impersonating prince Xue Qinghe for a long time, was actually not a male. How couldn’t Tan San feel surprised?

The golden light in Xue Qinghe’s hands became more and more profuse. Seeing Tang San, her eyes expressed a somewhat complicated emotion, of which regret was the most, regret that such a talent would be destroyed in her hands.

“My original name is Qian Renxue[1]. Tang San, dying by my hands, you won’t be a lost ghost.” Saying that, she raised her right hand and then chopped in a slow speed, very slow. Her eyes focusing on Tang San all the time, under the threat of death, she believed this would bring to Tang San the biggest psychological stress. No matter what, there was still a thread of final hope in her heart. In her view, as long as he was human, he would be afraid of death.

Tang San smiled calmly, ”No matter if you are man or woman. For me, your identity didn’t make any sense. Now that you come from Spirit Hall, you will be my enemy. No wonder you would be so impetuous to say your own secret, behind your firmness is a trace of gentleness, you’re a woman.”

At the same moment, there came a loud shout from far away in palace,
“Who are you, you dare trespass in the palace?”

Qian Renxue’s face changed a little, and the light in her eyes was finally replaced by sharpness, demonstrating her resolute and killing side entirely. Her right hand accelerated abruptly, and a three meters wide huge light blade fell from the sky, chopping to Tang San. Having decided to destroy Tang San, this attack of hers was the strongest she could use.

The moment Qian Renxue chopped this attack, suddenly, a blue golden light on Tang San’s body which belonged to Blue Silver Emperor flashed and passed, and a red ring of light also lit up in that moment, an unreal but graceful silhouette emerged and blocked in front of Tang San.

Floating long hair, snowy white skin, wasn’t that Xiao Wu in the soul state?

Facing the splendid golden light chop of Xue Qinghe, her face ch

Therefore, although she released the sixth spirit ability by sheer force relying on her soul power, her current form couldn't block this attack for Tang San.

At that moment, a miracle happened. Xiao Wu’s eyes lit up abruptly, and gorgeous pink splendor made her eyes as bright and beautiful as gems.

Under the pull of the pink light, a silhouette flew out from Tang San’s waist and immediately merged with Xiao Wu in midair.

Turning back, pouncing, opening her arms, and throwing her long hair on Tang San’s shoulders, she then threw her whole body into Tang San’s arms, using her body to protect Tang San. And simultaneously, the golden light blade fell down from mid air.

That silhouette appearing suddenly from Tang San’s waist, was naturally Xiao Wu’s real body. And at that moment, Xiao Wu’s real body and soul actually combined together.

Tang San could feel clearly that Xiao Wu’s body wasn’t empty any more, and was filled with fervent emotion that made both his body and heart shake fiercely. Xiao Wu, this was a real Xiao Wu.

Tang San wanted to move, wanted to turn his body, to block that golden blade, but he couldn’t make it at all. There was not a single shred of spirit power within his body. The purifying energy infused into his veins couldn’t hurt him, but every time he managed to concentrate a little spirit power, it would be offset by the purifying energy within his body. So how could he compete with Xiao Wu in terms of his strength now?

Flickering with pale pink light, Xiao Wu’s eyes was deeply watching Tang San. Hugging his body tightly, in her eyes, there was only Tang San’s being, as if the golden light blade chopping on her back abruptly wasn’t there at all.

“Xiao Wu——” Seeing the golden light fall on Xiao Wu’s body, a sharp pain crept into Tang San’s mind, and then their bodies were lifted simultaneously by the powerful force.

A thread of delight appeared on Xiao Wu’s pretty face, she had protected the man she loved again, looking at Tang San’s eyes tenderly which had already turned red, “Ge——”

A soft call, that was nevertheless a shock to Tang San’s soul. After months, when he again heard Xiao Wu’s call, all of the redness in his eyes faded away, saying tremblingly, “Xiao Wu, my Xiao Wu…”

With a thread of sweet smile, Xiao Wu loosed her arms around Tang San eventually, jumping fleetingly, as if having no weight, and then shot towards Qian Renxue who was dropping slowly. There was a huge fissure on the clothes behind her back, uncovering the white armor in it, exactly the god-class Eight Treasure Wishful Soft Armor.

After Qian Renxue was heavily injured, her attack couldn’t surpass even the extent of rank sixty, therefore, the light blade of her merely pushed Tang San and Xiao Wu’s bodies, but couldn’t hurt Xiao Wu’s real body. Xiao Wu relying on the summoning of her soul, temporarily combined her soul and body together which accorded perfectly, thus she could save Tang San with her real body.

Xiao Wu pounced swiftly towards Qian Renxue, the tenderness in her eyes gone, replaced by chillingcold. Her body broke through the air and turned successively in midair several times. In practically just a few eye blinks, she had reached Qian Renxue.

The two women’s eyes met, of which Qian Renxue’s were shocked since she knew with certainty thatXiao Wu had sacrificed herself to save Tang San, and she couldn’t figure out how Xiao Wu would appear before her in person.

There existed only killing intention in Xiao Wu’s eyes, opening her arms, a layer of strong pink lightcovered her whole body.

Qian Renxue was trying to focus strength to attack Xiao Wu when a slight pain assaulted her chest. The moment her angel spirit power stagnated a little, Xiao Wu had already reached her.

Xiao Wu’s arms twisted around Qian Renxue’s arms which were pushing back at her as nimble as snakes, her slender waist swaying, her whole body had captured Qian Renxue’s body in an instant of grappling, and her whole being had twisted completely around Qian Renxue.

Qian Renxue’s body was completely rigid under Xiao Wu’s grappling. Xiao Wu’s body was even more pliable and tough after the reconstructing of two top grade immortal herbs. Suddenly, Qian Renxue’s body had already been thrown abruptly by Xiao Wu, and since it was in midair, what Xiao Wu had released was not the Instant Kill Eight Stage Drop. After possessing her real body, she had already temporarily broken away from the range Tang San’s spirit ability.

At a glance, Xiao Wu and Qian Renxue’s bodies seemed to form a huge wheel, spinning rapidly and continuously in midair, emitting pink and golden light now and then, of which pink was the core while golden was the outside. Everyone could sense the increasingly powerful fluctuation of energy contained within it.

Both Porcupinefish Douluo and Snake   Lance   Douluo’s   faces turned. After they gave each other a look, Porcupinefish Douluo pounced forward abruptly, his huge body swelled again in the state of Spirit Avatar, and the ninth spirit ring on his body finally lit up. Under the state where Qian Renxue was facing a life crisis, the two title Douluo couldn’t hold themselves back any more. They were going to show their strongest strength.

Black flame on Yang Wudi’s body rose up abruptly when his eighth spirit ring lit too. On the other side, Dugu Bo’s ninth spirit ability also lit up simultaneously, Jade Phosphor Serpent’s body had already turned transparent, as if really carved of green jade.

In the sky, in the light wheel, golden light was continuously flashing fiercely. Obviously, Qian Renxue was trying to escape in a variety of ways, but now matter how hard she worked, under the condition of her heavy injuries, she couldn't get free of Xiao Wu’s soft skill. The only thing she

could do was to accompany Xiao Wu’s body to spin rapidly and then flew to the ground.

Snake Lance Douluo returned to human form, the Snake Lance shaking in his hand, extending immediately, becoming longer slashed at the light wheel in midair. In order to save Qian Renxue, he couldn’t think too much of Porcupinefish Douluo being besieged.

The moment when the Snake Lance was going to slashed down on the light wheel, it stopped in midair, and then a golden silhouette was thrown out like a meteor, running directly at Snake Lance Douluo with incomparably forceful momentum.

The light in Snake Lance Douluos eyes concentrated a little, the Snake Lance in his hand trembling, he was attempting to catch Qian Renxue’s body through his control of Snake Lance against impact force. However, the moment his Snake Lance collided with the golden light, his face turned fiercely, since the impulse of that golden meteor was much more violent than he had judged.

But he was a Title Douluo after all, so the Snake Lance in his hand sent out cloud after cloud of lights to neutralize the violent impulse with as soft a force as possible.


A loud boom echoed from behind Snake Lance Douluo, then a fierce cracking sound gave a shiver toSnake Lance Douluo’s mind, whose strength of his hands to control loosed a little immediately. Under the tremendous impact, he moved backward rapidly with the golden meteor, stepping more than ten paces before narrowly catching his balance. For the purpose of blocking that fierce impulse, it was hard to avoid using too much strength.

The golden light stopped, with a wah sound, Qian Renxue vomited a mouthful of fresh blood on Snake Lance Douluo’s chest. The instant before she fell unconscious, she couldn’t help giving a look in Tang San’s direction. Even though her eyes were already hazy, unwillingness still

teemed within them. Then her body softened and collapsed into Snake Lance Douluo’s arms, unconscious.

On the other side, Porcupinefish Douluo was not that lucky. His strength was above Dugu Bo a little, and his spirit was also restricting Dugu Bo’s, however, Yang Wudi’s spirit restricted his. Even though Yang Wudi was just a Spirit Douluo, his attack power was absolutely Title Douluo class.

Facing the strongest attacks of the two, Porcupinefish Douluo’s outcome was imaginable. His swelling body broke again, and this time Dugu Bo seized the chance to cut in, the formidable corrosive ability of his ninth spirit ability with a strong green light devoured the lower half of Porcupinefish Douluo’s Spirit Avatar body directly.

Dugu Bo and Yang Wudi vomited blood simultaneously, but Porcupinefish Douluo was thrown next toSnake Lance’s body like a broken jute bag, having returned half to real body, bathed in blood, life or death unknown. And because of the emission of spirit power made by the collision of their full strength before, no less than half of the hundred spirit masters around had lost their lives, involved in their top class spirit abilities.

Not daring to stop, choking back physical injuries, Dugu Bo and Yang Wudi came to either side of Tang San, protecting him from the left and right.

Xiao Wu fell down from the sky, and once again threw herself into Tang San’s arms. A resonance from their very souls made both of them tremble a little.

This time, Xiao Wu didn't open her mouth, softly touching Tang San’s lips with her own. The next moment, her body softened and fell into Tang San’s arms, her soul again transforming into a pink light and blending into Tang San’s body.

Feeling Xiao Wu’s body limp for lack of soul, an intense sadness rose up from his heart. If not for Spirit Hall, how could Xiao Wu suffer so bitterly?

Holding up Qian Renxue with one arm, Snake Lance Douluo shouted angrily, “Kill them.” The rest of the dozens of spirit masters of Spirit Hall was comparatively higher in rank. Hearing his order, they released their spirits and besieged Tang San’s trio from all directions.

Now, all of Tang San and the others were already arrows at the end of their flight, especially Tang San himself, who had already completely lost fighting capacity.

At this moment of crisis, suddenly, three silhouettes dropped from the sky, forming a triangle around the Tang San’s trio, just including the three of them.



Three intense golden lights rose up from the three towards the sky, spreading everywhere, and formed a golden triangle with the three as corners. Within the innermost part, there was a golden halo, around which were assorted intricate lines.

The new arrivals were no strangers, but the Golden Triangle, formed by Flender in the lead, with Grandmaster and Liu Erlong.

The Flender’s trio were pervaded with a layer of glistening golden color. Flender and Liu Erlong closed their eyes slowly, and the light in Grandmaster’s eyes clearly grew brighter, stabbing at the dozens of spirit masters who were rushing towards them, like two sharp swords.

A degree of integration no less than ninety nine percent made the light produced by the Spirit Fusion Ability of their spirits more and more dazzling. With the three of them as corners, an intense triangular light pillar soared immediately to the sky.

By now, the spirit masters from Spirit Hall had begun to attack them crazily. But under the protection of that golden light, their attack had no effect at all. When the Golden Iron Triangle was releasing their Spirit

Fusion Ability, a protective golden light would produce a kind of effect similar to Tang San’s InvincibleGolden Body.

Grandmaster’s eyes filled with deathly chill suddenly shone with dazzling brilliance, raising his right hand slowly, toward the center of the golden triangle formed by the three of them.

“Luo Sanpao.” With a deep sound which sounded like the roar of dragon, the chubby Luo Sanpao appeared out of nowhere and landed at the center of the golden triangle. In an instant, light halos sprang up from them three respectively and simultaneously.

Grandmaster had four, while Flender and Liu Erlong both had eight. Twenty rings of light in all actually floated out from their bodies to Sanpao in the center of the golden halo.

Huge pressure not only forced those normal spirit masters to tumble back rapidly, but also made Snake Lance Douluo’s face change drastically. He could clearly sense that the golden light had already surpassed the pressure he could produce in his full state. Making a prompt decision, he snatched up Porcupinefish Douluo with the other hand, holding Qian Renxue and leaped up, and taking advantage of the cover of those normal spirit masters, disappearing in the distance in a few bounds.

Grandmaster’s trio’s altogether twenty spirit rings simultaneously fell on Luo Sanpao, who went from seemingly extremely cute to seeming to suffer extreme pain. With an intense dragon roar, the twenty spirit rings on its chubby body began to swell violently, and then began to rise up slowly under the light released by Golden Triangle.

Luo Sanpao’s body was growing at an amazing speed, and blocks of    rhombic     scales     appeared     on     his     chubby     body,     lumps of massive muscles bulging. A huge body kept growing, two twisted horns grew from the top of the head, and blue purple light surged around its body continuously, which were graduallyrendered gold by the Golden Triangle.

In just the time of several breaths, Luo Sanpao’s body had already expanded to the extent of nearly thirty meters, scales splitting open on his

back, and a pair of huge dragon wings spreading out. Without assistance of the golden light, it still could float in midair. The original eyes revealing simple and cute temperament now radiated extreme prestige, having become golden like its body.

Luo Sanpao at this moment, was not that pig-dog-like animal, but a huge golden dragon with awe-inspiring and dazzling appearance.

Four claws under its belly, and thick dragon scales covering its whole body, golden dragon eyes were filled with dignified aura, which spread with powerful dragon prestige, making the spirit masters of Spirit Hall not dare move forward any more and step back in panic.

Streaks of golden electric ray surrounded   Luo   Sanpao,   who was radiating light from its whole body and floating there, like a golden sun.

Although Tang San’s body was weak, his spirit was still really sober, putting the unconscious Xiao Wu carefully into his Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse, shouting deeply, “Quick, protect Emperor Xue Ye,the emperor can’t die.”

When Snake Lance Douluo brought Qian Renxue and Porcupinefish Douluo to leave in another direction, he breathed a sigh of relief inwardly. Clearly, he was somewhat panicked. He didn’t return to the resting palace, for fear of being killed by the unfathomable Golden Iron Triangle. But he didn’t know that the biggest weakness of Golden Iron Triangle spirit fusion ability was its attack range. Once incarnated into the Golden Saint Dragon, Luo Sanpao could only attack within a certain range.

The next stage of the fight held no suspense. Having added twenty spirit rings and mutated, Luo Sanpao could only be described as terrifying, so even Dugu Bo who had once fought against it relying on Jade Phosphor Serpent was drastically surprised. Not until now had he realized Golden Iron Triangle had evolved to such an extent. Even the highest level Title Douluo would find it difficult to defeat them.

Since Grandmaster and Liu Erlong had established their relationship, Golden Iron Triangle walked together again. Over the years, even if the Shrek Seven Devils had been growing, they were also stepping forward. Although    much    slower     than     Shrek     Seven     Devils,     don’t forget that Grandmaster’s strength was poor before.

With the ninth grade Purple Zoysia provided by Tang San, Grandmaster had solved the problem of cultivation upper limit, and after Grandmaster broke through rank thirty, his spirit power was continuously progressing and had already reached more than rank forty, and also had two more spirit rings. Flender and Liu Erlong had advanced to Spirit Douluo level powers, and so their trinity Spirit Fusion Ability made a qualitative leap.

The most formidable point of a Spirit Fusion Ability was in the effect it displayed after fusing the spirit abilities of each Spirit Master. In other words, when releasing a Spirit Fusion Ability, no matter which spirit master involved enhanced their strength, the power of the Spirit Fusion Ability would improve. So this was why the more   people   involved,   the more powerful the Spirit Fusion Ability would be.

Therefore, the might of Luo Sanpao could now only be described as terrifying. For those spirit masters who hadn’t surpassed rank sixty and were shocked by the highest level spirit abilities, how could they withstand the attack of Luo Sanpao? Just after several Holy Breaths, there were plenty of corpses, andless than one third ran fast enough to escape.

In order to control the situation of Emperor Xue Ye, Qian Renxue had dispelled all of the guards before. Tang San had no time to talk with Grandmaster, with help of Dugu Bo and Yang Wudi, they broke into the resting palace as fast as possible.

When they were standing by Emperor Xue Ye, Tang San breathed a sigh of relief, at least Emperor Xue Ye was still alive.

The emperor who had originally ruled a huge empire was at his last gasp now. Maids by his bed shed tears anxiously, if the emperor died, they would be buried with him.

Dugu Bo   pushed   aside   the   maids   somewhat   rudely.   He   had been treating Emperor Xue Ye’s poison all the time, so he was naturally familiar with his condition. Moving close to him, he turned over Emperor Xue Ye’s eyelids and saw that his eyes had already completely rolled back, and his face was as black as ink.

Dugu Bo said deeply, “The poison is active. I don’t know if it was that girl called Qian Renxue who gave him the poison. But he won’t last long. At most the time of a stick of incense. ”

Both Tang San and Yang Wudi were masters of using poison, and they were watching the condition of Emperor Xue Ye attentively. Obviously, his condition was extremely terrible. Even now he was on the verge of death, and could die at any time.

Tang San judged attentively, and he found that the medicine he had now would be difficult to make a difference, since the extent Emperor Xue Ye was poisoned was too deep.

Just when he was reflecting how to help Emperor Xue Ye struggle on at death’s door, or at least die deal with the situation once he died, he suddenly heard a slight expression of surprise from Yang Wudi.

There was a silver needle in Yang Wudi’s hand somehow, which was not a pure silver needle, but looked made of a special metal, glistening silver light mixed with bits and pieces of purple color.

Pinching the silver needle in hand, and muttering slightly, Yang Wudi flicked his wrist and thrust the silver needle into Emperor Xue Ye’s key vein, with such skill that the silver needle inserted into Emperor’s wrist vein through his wrist.

Both Tang San and Dugu Bo didn’t open their mouth. They had no choice, they had to anchor their hope on Yang Wudi.

After three seconds, Yang Wudi flicked his finger slightly, and that silver needle leaped out from Emperor Xue Ye’s wrist vein. When the silver

needle dropped to the ground, Tang San couldn’t help drawing in his breath: on the slender silver needle, there were actually seven different colors.

“Actually made from seven poisonous materials. No wonder even old freak can’t solve it. Elder Yang Wudi, do you know this kind of poison? As long as we find its recipe, there will be an opportunity to save Emperor Xue Ye.”

Yang Wudi’s face turned somewhat weird, and the silver needle in his hand was even trembling slightly. Looking at Tang San, he said briefly, “We shall bring him back. I can solve this poison, but I need time.”

Tang San exulted, looking at Dugu Bo, “Old freak, how long can you keep him alive using poison to combat poison?”

Dugu Bo muttered deeply, “No problem for twenty four hours. However, if we can’t save him within this time, he will no doubt die, even immortals couldn’t help him.”

Tang San said without the slightest hesitation: “Do it.”

Dugu Bo nodded, cutting his finger with a fingernail, compelled by a layer of green light, a drop of venom as black as ink slowly poured out from his fingertip.

He didn’t let Emperor Xue Ye take it directly, but rather used his other hand which was free to smackEmperor Xue Ye’s body rapidly.

Tang San didn’t ask Yang Wudi more, just nodded to him, “Elder Yang, I’ll leave Emperor Xue Ye to you and old freak.” By now, the effect of purification within his body had finally disappeared. Although he was still exhausted, it was enough for him to walk.

The Golden Iron Triangle had withdrawn the Spirit Fusion Ability, guarding outside the palace gate. Tang San walked over to them, “Dean Flender. What’s the situation outside? How about the academy?”

He didn’t ask Grandmaster, but Flender, which was a respect to Flender, since he was the leader of Golden Iron Triangle after all.

Flender said deeply, “We took advantage of the confusion to slip inside. Seeing your distress signal, we knew something had happened. We first settled those Heaven Dou imperial family Spirit Masters in the Academy, but we still had to leave some people there. Then we circled around a large number of enemies guarding the academy and hurried here. When we came, we just saw a lot of spirit masters were attacking the palace and were blocked out by the army of the Palace Guard Arm. There seemed to be people from the Strength Clan among them. It was then we took the advantage of the disorderliness made by them and entered. However, before our entering, we already saw spirit masters from palacecoming out to support. ”

Light in Tang San eyes flickered slightly, after a simple reflecting, said, “We must leave here as quickly as possible. Before Emperor Xue Ye wakes up, we will have no chance. Those spirit masters who attacked the imperial household might come from our Tang Sect, which was a point Qian Renxue overlooked. I just hadn’t thought that the Imperial Household would defend such cautiously. If you hadn’t arrived in time, I’m afraid our situation would be really bad. Qian Renxue is Xue Qinghe, that woman before. Don’t know how she managed to always disguise herself as Xue Qinghe. She is also the daughter of Spirit Hall’s previous Supreme Pontiff.”

With merely several simple words, Tang San had already explained the situation clearly.

Grandmaster said, “Go back to the academy first. Only with the support of Emperor Xue Ye can wecounterattack. The defense of the imperial palace is strict, we’d better hurry up, or your Tang Sect will lose a great deal.”

On saying that, a white silhouette flew over with an extremely high speed. Seeing that silhouette, Tang San hastily gestured for Liu Erlong aside him hurriedly to make a signal. A cloud of flame draw attention of that

white silhouette, who floated down and landed, the patriarch of the Speed Clan, Bai He.

Seeing Tang San was well, Bai He immediately breathed a sigh of relief,
“Sect master, are you alright? What’s going on here?”

Seeing Bai He, Tang San was also very glad, said immediately, “Granduncle, don’t ask what’s going on right now. Please send the disciples of Tang Sect a message immediately. Tell them to retreat not go back to the sect, but go to Shrek Academy directly. We will get together with you at once.”

Bai He could see the anxiety in Tang San’s eyes, so after nodding slightly to Grandmaster and the others, he soared towards the sky and disappeared like cloud and smoke, inwardly surprising Grandmaster’s trio.

Liu Erlong praised, “What a fast speed. We can fly too, but really slower compared with him.”

Grandmaster said, “Maybe he hasn’t showed his real speed yet. If I’m not wrong, this is the patriarch of the Speed Clan. It’s said that if he flies with his full strength, he can cross the whole continent in three days. He is the fastest spirit master in the world today, no one can compare.”

Through the explanation of Grandmaster, Flender and Liu Erlong finally understood how formidable Bai He’s speed was.

“Little freak, I’m fine on this end. What’s next?”

Tang San turned his head, seeing Dugu Bo walking over carrying Emperor Xue Ye on his back with Yang Wudi. Without hesitation, Tang San said immediately, “Break through at once, go back to the academy. Dean Flender, Grandmaster, we’ll trouble you.”

The group all left the resting palace, and ran in a direction lead by Dugu Bo. Without waiting for the help of Golden Iron Triangle, Yang Wudi rushed ahead, while Dugu Bo and Tang San stayed in the middle, and

Golden Iron Triangle guarding the rear. Dugu Bo not only carried Emperor Xue Ye, but also needed to assist Tang San move forward. Although his spirit power had been consumed a great deal, his speed wasn’t decreased.

On leaving the resting palace, they came across the Imperial Guard Army. Right now, time was most important. Yang Wudi’s Breaking Soul Lance couldn’t be more suitable to strike ahead serving as a sharp impact, wherever the Soulbreaking Spear went, everything was swept aside. The six rushed out practically without slowing down.

By now, the whole palace was in a mess. Tang San and Qian Renxue’s fight in the sky before disturbed the whole palace, and with the attack from outside, the Imperial Guard Army in the palace was undoubtedly immediately thrown into chaos. And what was most notable was undoubtedly the thousand of spirit masters from Tang Sect who attracted a great number of imperial guards.

Among   the   six,   only   Tang    San    had    no    fighting    capacity, and of the other five, even Grandmaster was more than rank forty. With another three Spirit Douluo and a Title Douluo, how could the soldiers of the Imperial Guard Army block them? Breaking through in a fast speed, they pulled away out of the palace.


Snake Lance Douluo couldn’t pay any attention to saving Porcupinefish Douluo who was at his last gasp,instead pressing both hands on Qian Renxue’s back, helping cure her.

Qian Renxue’s spirit was mighty after all, so not long after, she gradually woke up. Her angelic spirit power was purifying for others, but for herself, it had an extremely strong healing effect. However, when she woke up now, she had to ignore curing herself immediately, rather forcing herself to stand. SeeingSnake Lance Douluo, she asked anxiously, “Emperor Xue Ye?”

Hearing Qian Renxue’s question, Snake Lance Doluo also sobered, his expression immediately changing.

Chapter 195

Seeing such an expression on his face, Qian Renxue’s originally calm expression immediately became cold as ice. But, at this time she was not willing to put the blame on the Snake Lance Douluo rather, she hurriedly said: “Uncle She, hurry, forget about me, just gather all our people and blockade the palace, don’t let them escape with emperor Xue Ye. “

Snake Lance Douluo hesitatingly asked: “Then what about the thing with the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan?”

Qian Renxue flatly replied: “Don’t bother with so much, once we can get out hands on emperor Xue Ye or confirm his death, then we will have our chance. Xue Qinghe must inherit the throne or else we would have failed.”

The Spirit Hall still had two other Title Douluo stationed in the palace, as long as they took control of the large number of spirit masters to blockade the palace, it would be impossible for Tang San to escape the palace grounds. The only thing that the Snake Lance Douluo didn’t dare tell Qian Renxue was how much time had passed since she passed out.

Snake Lance Douluo nodded his head and flew away in the blink of an eye, leaving Qian Renxue behind. Seeing his disappearing figure, Qian Renxue collapsed on the floor as if having lost all of her strength, murmuring: “I hope we can still make it. Tang San ah Tang San, are you really going to be the bane of my existence? When victory is already in the grasp of my hands you still managed to cause me so much trouble.”

After resting for awhile, colours gradually returned to Qian Renxue’s face. Seeing the Porcupinefish Douluo dyed red by blood lying beside her, she barely got herself together and once again put on the mask of Xue Qinghe. Gathering up her remaining angelic spirit force, she focused it on the Porcupine fish Douluo and herself, slowly trying to treat their injuries.

After an hour, under the effects of her Angel spirit Qian Renxue, she had already recovered by more than fifty percent and the Porcupine fish Douluo had also woken up. Just as she wanted to go back to the imperial chambers, Snake Lance Douluo returned.

“Uncle She, how was it?” Qian Renxue anxiously asked.

She Long replied with an ashen expression: “Tang San managed to escape with emperor Xue Ye. But, we have controlled the situation in the palace, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan still has not noticed our movements and are still trapped within their compounds and have not escaped.”

Qian Renxue staggered a moment, the glow in her eyes fading. “It’s over, it’s all over, just one loss and we lost everything.”

Snake Lance Douluo could not hold back and said: “Young master, the palace is still within our grasp, and what’s more, Xue Ye is already certainly going to die of the poison. As long as we publicly declare the passing of the emperor and succeed the throne it is still not too late! “

Qian Renxue bitterly smiled: “You underestimate Tang San too much, how would he possibly give me the chance? Tang San and Dugu Bo are both people well versed in the use of poison, especially the Title Douluo Dugu Bo, after all he already managed to save Xue Ye’s life several times from the poison so far. Even if they really could not cure him, they will certainly at least be able to sober him up and get him to alert the masses. The fact that they brought Xue Ye away proves exactly that, they are probably confident of being able to cure Xue Ye. Don’t forget, inside Shrek Academy, there are still about a thousand students and two thousand spirit masters from the royal family. With these three thousand people and Xue Ye Qing, when they once agai

She Long ground his teeth before saying: “Young master, why not let the few of us old people go test out the waters. No bloodletting. After all, we still have three Title Douluo level fighters, we just need to see if we can pick off Xue Ye which would give us complete control over the situation here.”

Qian Renxue shook her head: “Uncle She, it’s already too late, during normal times this would not be much of a problem. But now after Tang San has rescued Xue Ye, don’t you reckon that he would be well protected? Go spread my orders, mobilise all the people from the Spirit Hall and the two thousand Spirit Masters in the palace, tonight we shall move against the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan. Even though we may have lost today, let's just use the two thousand spirit masters as cannon fodder and annihilate them. We can’t let them live as they will certainly be like nurturing a tiger, even more trouble in the future.”

From Qian Renxue’s words, She Long noticed with dismay that she was going to give up her plan after so many years, “Young master, you have already laid low in the Heaven Dou Empire palace for so many years, are you really just going to give it all up like this?”

Qian Renxue drew a deep breath, she had been hiding for twenty years! Although she had maintained herself well, her age was not far off from Xue Qinghe. A maiden’s best ten years were all wasted while undercover, she had to use a special transformation technique every day to transform her physique to appear as a male. Failing just like this, how could she possibly resign to this fact like this? However, although Qian Renxue was a female, she was filled with dignity and pride, she knew clearly the current situation. As much as she did not want to admit to it, but this time it was her loss, her loss to Tang San.

“When there is a problem, we need to make decisions swiftly and decisively. Uncle She just go and relay my orders. After we crush the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan, we will immediately leave the city. We will still have many opportunities after today.” Clenching her teeth, Qian Renxue glanced in the direction of Shrek Academy, deeply sucking in this air that was not at all clean, her mind filled with thoughts of that handsome lifelong rival.


After leaving the palace, Tang San suddenly realised something before turning to ask Flender behind him: “Headmaster Flender, how many people are standing guard outside the academy? Are they people from the Heaven Dou imperial family? Or are they from the Spirit Hall?”

Flender replied: “They shouldn’t be Heaven Dou imperial family’s people. We specially had those imperial family Spirit Masters training at the Academy verify them. It’s not their people. About a thousand or so.”

Tang San’s pupils slightly shrank, “Qian Renxue indeed did not lie to me. Elder Yang Wudi, could you can Old Freak head back to the Tang Sect and immediately start treatment on Emperor Xue Ye. Headmaster Flender, Grandmaster and Teacher Erlong you three head back to the academy and gather some stronger spirit masters, I will bring some people from the Tang Sect to the academy and we can then do a two- pronged attack on the Spirit Hall people there.”

Actually, Yang Wudi alone was enough to bring Emperor Xue Ye back to the Tang Sect. However, Emperor Xue Ye was just too important a person that he wanted Dugu Bo around, so that unless they ran into more than two Title Douluo they should be fine.

Flender tightened his brows and said: “Tang San, is this not too risky? The students in the academy are not all very strong, adding the people from the four element schools and the teachers, we barely have about five hundred people.”

Tang San replied: “Qian Renxue had previously said, this time they brought a total of about three thousand people from spirit hall. Two thousand of them along with another two thousand from the imperial family are controlling the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan. The Title Douluo that they brought over other than the two we already dealt with are also both stationed there. In other words, the thousand or so spirit masters near our academy should have no one at the level of a Title Douluo, so this is actually a very good opportunity for us, the Tang Sect has about a thousand Spirit Masters led by the four Single Attribute

Clans, although each of the Single Attribute Clans has their own flaws, they complement each other well. What’s more, with three Spirit Doulos to lead them, our fighting strength will definitely not be inferior to theirs. We also have the strong teachers from the academy and you all who have fighting capabilities not any lower than a Title Douluo, defeating them is definitely not going to be a problem.”

Flender said: “Then why not just bring Emperor Xue Ye over as well. With him around, I am sure we will be able to convince those Spirit Masters from the imperial family’s side.”

Without waiting for Tang San to speak, Grandmaster already rebutted Flender’s idea, “That would be impossible, look at emperor’s condition right now, seeing him poisoned like this would most likely give them the wrong idea.”

Tang San eyes flashed with hesitation and after a pause he sighed, “Forget it, let’s just let them go. We should just head back to the academy together. Getting those spirit masters out of there should be enough, after all we still need to consider the damage the Tang Sect members will sustain, its too bad our hidden weapons are not ready yet.”

Hearing his words, the group all lightly nodded, with the exception of Yang Wudi, but even so, in his eyes there was a little something extra when he looked at Tang San.

However, some things are just destined. When they arrived at the Shrek Academy, the place had already become a battlefield, and the shocking thing was that there were over three thousand Spirit Masters there of which none were the students from Shrek academy.

Brilliant strands of light permeated the battlefield going through both parties, one side was suffering utter defeat with barely a hundred spirit masters left standing while being attacked by the other party whose ranks were still filled with about two thousand spirit masters.

The party with barely a hundred spirit masters remaining was the Spirit Hall side. In the middle of the battlefield leading the charge on the other

side were two large built spirit masters with eight spirit rings shining brightly from their bodies, mowing through the Spirit Hall group like a bulldozer.

The spirit master on the left did not bother at all about defence and let all the opponent's attack hit him, while his partner similarly let out wave after wave of attacks, amongst the several hundred spirit masters, only five or six were barely able to resist them.

Yet, the spirit masters on this side formed a near-perfect formation with groups of four. Of which one would dart in and out disrupting enemy formations while another focuses entirely on defense and the remaining two would attack forcing the enemy to retreat while leaving many corpses behind. The enemy had just no chance to hurt them due to the extremely strong defence put up by the one focused on defence, as long as they were not more than ten grades higher, the enemy had no chance of even harming them.

These constantly advancing spirit masters all come from the Tang Sect, and were the people from the four Single Attribute clans. They had come here under Bai He’s orders. Once they arrived they ran into the thousand or so spirit masters from Spirit Hall and while they were deliberating whether to attack all of a sudden two thousand or so spirit masters appeared on the other side. Once Tai Tan saw the spirit abilities they used, he immediately gave to order to attack because, the other people who were concurrently attacking the spirit masters from the Spirit Halls were emitting a dazzling rainbow of lights which belonged to the one and only strongest auxiliary support tool spirit clan, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan.

Although they did not understand why there were so many Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan spirit masters here, seeing this Tang San could not give up the opportunity in front of his eyes, without saying anything else, Grandmaster, Flender and Liu Er Long flew into the fray, while Yang Wudi returned back into the Tang Sect camp and commanded his Breaking Clan members, leaving Dugu Bo to protect Tang San and Emperor Xue Ye who was barely holding on.

The transformed San Pao once again appeared, under the support of twenty spirit rings he released a never-before seen skill and completely tore apart the last defensive line of the Spirit Hall camp.

With his golden scales releasing a dazzling brilliance similar to the sun, Luo San Pao opened his jaws and sucked as if he was a huge whale greedily devouring the air around him causing his abdomen to suddenly swell up. In just an instant he had expanded just like the Porcupine Fish Douluo and became a giant ball, if he was here, even he would pale in comparison to San Pao.

Although it had transformed into a ball, it did not look at all stupid as it flew in a arc in the air, aligning its huge butt with the remaining spirit masters from the Spirit Hall side.

BOOM! Tang San stared with his mouth agape at the huge noxious golden yellow mist which suddenly erupted forth from Luo San Pao’s butt. The air vibrated like thunder for three hundred meters from Luo San Pao stunning all the spirit masters caught in the cloud. Wherever the mist went, the spirit masters all collapsed like wheat during harvest.

“This is the true breaking wind like striking thunder, shaking the heavens and splitting the earth Luo San Pao!” Tang San could still deeply remember what Grandmaster Cursed many years ago. The Luo San Pao now resembling a golden dragon could truly release the terrifying might of its fart.

The remaining fight did not have any suspense anymore, the Spirit Hall’s thousand or so spirit masters were utterly defeated. Perhaps because of the pent up resentment from the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan after the fight was over, the amount of spirit masters left alive from the Spirit Hall side were less than thirty percent and were all taken as prisoners. While the remaining who had died were treated as returning part of the debt for the massacre at the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan.

At the end of the fight, the four Tang Sect elders returned to Tang San’s side, with a slight bow, “Sect leader.” Regardless of whether it was Yang

Wudi who was the last to join it or the other three, there was a hard to conceal exhilaration on their faces.

How many years had it been? Ever since the Clear Sky Clan had shut its doors, causing the four Single Attribute Clans to suffer oppression in the spirit master world, the one who forced the Clear Sky Clan into hiding was after all Spirit Hall. After today’s fight and being given the chance to wipe out the opponent, they could finally feel at ease for a while.

Tang San smilingly said: “I must thank you elders for your hard work, how are the casualties on our side?”

Tai Tan said with a laugh: “Haha, we have very few casualties, most of which are just small injuries, we barely had any heavy injuries sustained. In all honesty we got it pretty easy. When we got here, the people from the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan were just starting their fight with the Spirit Hall people. Without asking we could somewhat guess what was going on, they took the main attacker’s role while we only impeded the Spirit Hall’s people and prevented their escape. In addition we had old Rhino and his people whose skins are hard as a concrete wall, so unless we utterly lost the engagement, our losses would never be too big.”

It was as he said, between the four clans, the Speed Clan played the role of harassing the enemy, while the Defense Clan focused on defense, finally the Strength Clan and the Breaking Clan focused on offense which completed this beautiful formation. In addition, the four Single Attribute Clan patriarchs were already experienced fighters, seeing the resentful Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan going all out to kill, they also had ordered their men to focus on protecting themselves more than trying to kill the enemy. As such, it was natural that the losses sustained were lower.

Bai He slightly ashamed said: “Sect Leader we await your punishment, this time we did not manage to preemptively predict the Spirit Hall, it was our mistake.”

Tang San shook his head with a smile: “Uncle, how can I blame you all? You all had just barely entered this Heaven Dou Empire, and if I am not wrong, these spirit masters from the Spirit Hall came through secret

channels and were probably here even before you all arrived in Heaven Dou Empire.”

Bai He nodded and said: “This kind of mistake will never happen again.” His voice filled with determination.

At this moment, there was also five people who were heading their way, leading them was the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan leader Ning Fengzhi, behind him was the Bone Douluo Gu Rong and the Sword Douluo Chen Xin who had lost his right arm and some of his fighting powers, finally behind them was Oscar and Ning Rongrong.

In this fight, the losses suffered by the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan was also not very big, with the presence of Ning Fengzhi and the two Title Douluo, how could that rag-tag group of spirit masters contend with the number two clan in the continent?

“Uncle Ning” Tang San who had already somewhat recovered quickly went up to greet Ning Fengzhi.

Ning Fengzhi smiled and said: “Tang Sect Leader, many thanks for your assistance which allowed us to easily destroy them.” Although it was a simple statement, this showed that the Tang Sect and Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan were seen as equals. This simple act not only showed his attitude but also told the elders of Tang Sect and the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan their relationship of which neither were dominating the other.

At this time Ning Rongrong had also dragged Oscar to the front: “Haha, Third Brother, you didn’t see this coming right?”

Tang San replied: “I certainly didn’t, I heard from the Qian Renxue disguised as Xue Qinghe that you all were trapped in the palace by two thousand spirit masters from the imperial family and another two thousand by the Spirit Hall. How did… ”

Ning Fengzhi said with a sigh: “We learnt our lesson from the previous incident, how can we still be careless, a wily hare needs three burrows. After establishing our clan in the palace, we had secretly created an

escape route which only his majesty knew about. Once we found out we were being cornered, we only left a few disciples to distract them while we made our immediate escape. While we were preparing to head to Shrek Academy we ran into these Spirit Hall people so we took action against them.”

When the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan was first destroyed, the large number of disciple’s lives being lost was Ning Fengzhi’s greatest regret, so being as wise as he was, how could he let the tragedy repeat itself?

“Tang Sect Leader, you mentioned earlier that Qian Renxue is disguised as Xue Qinghe? How on earth did that happen? I could guess that this incident was related to Xue Qinghe, but I do not know the details.”

Tang San told everyone here the whole incident of how Yang Wudi, Dugu Bo and himself entered the palace to try and treat the emperor but ended up encountering Qian Renxue and the two Title Douluo.

After hearing his words, Ning Fengzhi’s face was covered with shock, “Xue Qinghe was an imposter? No wonder he was able to take action against the emperor. What’s more she was actually a girl? This Qian Renxue’s disguise was very deep. As her teacher for so many years, I did not once find out. The Spirit Hall really put in a lot of effort this time.”

Tang San said: “Uncle Ning, let us first head into the academy. Treating the emperor is more important, as long as we can treat him then we will be able to talk over of the two thousand spirit masters in the academy, if we add the spirit masters from the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan and the Tang Sect, we would be able to fight against Spirit Hall. So for now we just need to take control of the situation.”

Ning Fengzhi nodded in agreement. Without wasting anymore time, they lead the spirit masters taken captive back to Shrek Academy.

Dugu Bo and Yang Wudi together worked to dispel the poison within emperor Xue Ye. Ning Fengzhi, Flender and Grandmaster discussed their counter attack plans while Tang San went to find a quiet place to recuperate.

Within the whole Shrek Academy grounds including all the students from the two great schools already had a total exceeding six thousand spirit masters. But even now they couldn’t openly take action, if they were to counter attack now it they would have to face the imperial army and would only create even more chaos. As long as emperor Xue Ye did not die everything would be fine. That was why all they could do now was to wait.

During this period of waiting, Tang San fully demonstrated his superb recovery speed, his injuries had all been healed by the time he returned thanks to the Blue Silver Emperor Spirit Bone in his Left Leg, all that he need to recover was his spirit power which was recovered fully after four hours of training. Now all that was left is the mental fatigue which remained. The recovery speed of the Seraphim Spirit and Qian Renxue could not even hold a candle to Tang San.

“Still not done yet?” Tang San arrived outside the room Yang Wudi and Dugu Bo were using to treat emperor Xue Ye. At this time, everyone important were also gathered here.

Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan Clan leader Ning Fengzhi, Bone Douluo, Sword Douluo, Tang Sect’s four elders and the Golden Iron Triangle were all standing guard here. Even if it was Spirit Hall’s Bibi Dong, it would be impossible for the her to kill the emperor in this situation.

Ning Fengzhi gave Tang San a pat on the shoulder: “Just keep waiting, not having any bad news can also be considered good news. I believe that his majesty will definitely be fine. As long as he is okay, then this time our battle with the Spirit Hall will be our victory, what’s more, we managed to get rid of this tumour Qian Renxue. However, the empire and Spirit Hall’s conflict is gradually surfacing after this, the situation will only get worse. By the way how strong was Qian Renxue?”

Tang San without any hesitation replied: “She is strong, very strong. She had been infiltrating the Heaven Dou Empire for over ten years patiently waiting like a viper who can go long periods of time without eating to stalk a prey, but once it moves it moves with a huge irresistible force. Spirit Hall’s actions this time can be said to have caught us by surprise,

the fact that we managed to even save his majesty can already be considered fortunate. She is already so strong furthermore she also acts very decisively, if not for the activation of the hundred thousand year spirit ring Xiao Wu gave me then the one who would have lost is me. Her Six-winged Angel spirit is just too terrifying.”

Ning Fengzhi stared at Tang San with astonishment “Seraphim Spirit?”

Tang San nodded his head: “It is a very strong spirit but, because it is so rare, even Grandmaster did not have much research about it. In addition to that, Qian Renxue’s spirit comes with a domain ability, the Angelic Domain which is able to purify her spirit power and the spirit power of her opponents, reducing their strength while increasing her own. If just the Seraphim Spirit is able to make her this strong, then unless I train my Twin-Spirits to a certain level I would not be able to beat her in the future. On the surface it would seem that she as a Spirit Sage had a higher level of cultivation than me but, I have four pieces of spirit bones of which two are from a hundred thousand year spirit beast and under these conditions i barely won. This really does show just how strong her Spirit is.”

Ning Fengzhi’s expression became serious all of a sudden, “The previous Spirit Hall Supreme Pontiff also had a Seraphim as his spirit and Qian Renxue inherited this spirit of his. But, when I was still tutoring her, her spirit was definitely the Heaven Dou imperial family’s Swan, and what’s more, I could tell for sure that she only had five spirit rings. So what on earth is going on? Could she possibly also be a Twin Spirits user?”

“She used a disguise.” said Grandmaster from the side, “There would not be any Twin Spirits Spirit Master who would so wastefully train their spirits. The Swan and the Angel spirit already share some similarities[1], the difference lies only in the number of wings. If Qian Renxue was able to disguise herself as Xue Qinghe, she would have had prepared herself well with other things as well. Xiao San, when you said she did not have any spirit bones, you were wrong. I estimate that she would have at least one spirit bone and it is one nearly a hundred thousand years old. This spirit bone should be the one that gives her her ability to disguise herself. But because you mentioned that she still needed a mask it would mean

that the spirit bone isn’t a hundred thousand year one, if not, she would not need to use a mask like that and would be able to completely manipulate her physique to her wish.”

Ning Fengzhi who was surprised asked: “There is such an ability? If it was used to commit murder, wouldn’t that be quite terrible?”

Grandmaster nodded seriously, “This Qian Renxue is indeed scary, School Leader Ning, does the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School have any information regarding this? If she is a descendant from the previous Supreme Pontiff, you ought to have some records of this right?”

Ning Fengzhi thought for awhile before saying: “To my memory there was one record regarding the previous Pontiff mentioning a daughter who passed away. Based on the time of the record, Qin Renxue can be estimated to be about twenty-nine years old. I guess the prince must have met his demise fairly early since she had been acting as the prince for over ten years. To be able to reach over rank seventy at the age of twenty nine she really is not any less a genius compared to Tang San. Grandmaster, I still don’t understand, how come I have never heard of this special disguising spirit bone you spoke about?”

Grandmaster’s expression became even more stiff as he said: “Even this I only know because Bibi Dong told me about it. She mentioned previously to me that within the Spirit Hall was a set of six spirit bones that could only be used by someone with the Seraphim spirit had been passed down for a thousand years. Each piece was a ninety-nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine year old spirit bone which was only a slight bit away from a hundred thousand year old spirit bone. If someone was able to use the whole set of six spirit bones, they would release power equivalent to a hundred thousand year old set of spirit bones and become a god-like existence. This six piece set is called the Angelic Armament.”

Since this was never mentioned to the surprised Tang San before, Tang San asked: “Grandmaster, could there be some difficulty in using this set of spirit bones?”

Grandmaster nodded his head saying: “The conditions required to use this set of spirit bones is very high, not only does the spirit master have to posses the Six-winged Angel spirit, he also requires enough talent to be recognised by the spirit bones, based on my judgement the previous Supreme Pontiff who died by your father’s hands faced this problem with his strength. Although he had the Seraphim spirit, when he faced your father he had at most only just became a Title Douluo or was just a Spirit Doulou. What’s more the Angelic domain you spoke of was also neutralised by your father’s Deathgod domain. Also I can confirm that he had no more than three pieces of the spirit bone set, in fact it could very well have only been one or two. In terms of latent talent and guidance, this Qian Renxue is certainly superior to the previous Supreme Pontiff. I can also confirm that when this set of six spirit bones are acquired, it would create a spirit bone armour like the one that appeared on you previously and once that happens the power released will be something we cannot even imagine, she will probably become equal to a god.”

Tang San said: “That Qian Renxue is indeed talented and also perceptive. Once she gets the full set of spirit bones and starts working together with Bibi Dong then won’t we be…”

Grandmaster shook his head, “Wanting to get the full Divine Angelic Armament is not that simple, basically, in order to absorb the last spirit bone, you will need to reach a spirit rank of one hundred.”

Ning Fengzhi once again shocked asked: “Spirit Rank one hundred? That certainly is a strict requirement. This is only something that exists in legends throughout the whole history of spirit masters. After reaching rank ninety going up each additional rank is extremely difficult, the difficulty once again increases steeply after rank ninety-five, I can only imagine how hard it will be to to breakthrough rank ninety-nine.”

“But I know.” The low voice which spoke these three words instantly caught everyone’s attention, these words were spoken by non-other than Chen Xin the one-armed Sword Douluo.

Seeing this Sword Douluo, a feeling of wonder arose in Tang San, Chen Xin seemed to have become more silent than before, it was as if he had

disappeared into the shapeless dust in the air which only served to deepen the strange feelings Tang San had. Although it would seem that he had lost his most valuable right hand as a swordsman, Tang San could not feel that his strength had fallen.

When he had first started interacting with the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, grandmaster had told him that this Sword Doulou was the most frightening person in the whole sect. Even if he did not have Ning Fengzhi’s boosting, his strength was already very frightening and he was the Spirit Master with the strongest attacking power. His unique spirit the Judgement Sword[2] was one of the few which could be compared to the Clear Sky Hammer. What’s more he had already reached rank ninety-six and it can be said that only because he, the Bone Douluo and Ning Fengzhi together stood against four other Title Douluos that the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School could avoid a fate like the Blue Lightning Dragon Clan.

Although Ning Fengzhi could boost up to the horrifying amount of one hundred percent, this was only on paper, realistically even when boosted, a single Title Douluo would still have a very hard time against two Title Douluos. Especially since the opponents could choose to focus on Ning Fengzhi to break the support chain, but even so, Sword Douluo and Bone Douluo managed to defeat four strong Title Douluos, proving that the two of them each had to be significantly stronger than any of the four other Title Douluos.

Thus, when Chen Xin spoke those three words, none who were present doubted him after all, amongst the people present, he was the only one who had surpassed the ninety-fifth rank.

Chapter 196

Chen Xin’s gaze swept over everybody, “Spirit power surpassing rank ninety five, can be regarded as a watershed for Title Douluos. Between rank ninety one to ninety five, even though the gaps of spirit power are not little, they can still be made up for by relying on the quality of spirit, spirit bones and spirit abilities. However, if one of two Title Douluo at war has surpassed rank ninety five, then the situation will change. Rank ninety six Title Douluo’s spirit power is stronger than rank ninety five Title Douluo by twenty percent.”

Grandmaster’s eyes flashed, light of excitement and fervency suddenly appearing. Having studied spirits for a lifetime, experience from top level powers among spirit masters such as Sword Douluo couldn’t be more important.

“However, when rank ninety six’s spirit power is stronger than rank ninety five by twenty percent, that cannot be made up by the quality of spirit, spirit bones or normal spirit abilities. Unless the two participants spirit abilites have essential gaps, rank ninety six Title Douluo should totally overwhelm Title Douluos who are below rank ninety five. Then, how about the gap between rank ninety seven Title Douluo and rank ninety six Title Douluo?”

Sword Douluo Chen Xin looked at Ning Fengzhi, who nodded to him.

“Rank ninety seven Title Douluo’s spirit power is stronger than rank ninety six Title Douluo by another twenty percent.”

Hearing this, even the powers present couldn’t help drawing a breath.

Bone Douluo forced a smile, “Therefore, for all these years, I’ve always been suppressed by this fellow. I’ve reached rank ninety five for ten years, but still made no progress at all.”

Looking at his partner, there was a thread of slight smile appearing on Chen Xin’s face, “After rank ninety five, every improvement of a rank won’t be merely accumulation of spirit power, but comprehension as well. Moreover, since everyone has a different spirit from others, what they should comprehend will also be different. No one can provide experience to help others improve. Your spirit power accumulation is already enough, just lacking the last point of sudden enlightenment.”

Gu Rong gave a sigh, “Ninety nine percent hard work plus one percent talent equal success. Still, what’s more important, is the one percent. In terms of comprehension, I’m inferior to you.”

Chen Xin said, “Because you are not as single-minded as me.”

Tang San was listening quietly aside, and this conversation between powers would bring his cultivation great benefits in the future.

Grandmaster was reflecting and said, “So that is to say, a rank ninety seven Title Douluo is stronger than a rank ninety five Title Douluo to an extent of about fifty percent. And according to the contrast of strength, a rank ninety seven Title Douluo can cope with two rank ninety five Title Douluo simultaneously?”

A thread of approving light appeared in Chen Xin’s eyes. What he was expressing, was exactly this idea, “In spite of the mutual restriction of spirits and spirit abilities, considering spirit power exclusively, it is true. Over rank ninety five, gaps of a rank will be the same as the gap between heaven and earth. The gap between rank ninety seven and rank ninety eight of the spirit power has originally reached thirty percent, while the gap between ninety eight and ninety nine even reaches the forty percent. In other words, a rank ninety nine Title Douluo can cope with at least four Title Douluos below rank ninety five.”

Grandmaster nod

Ning Fengzhi smiled, “Grandmaster deserves his name. Therefore, among powers of the Title Douluo level, there are about twenty Title Douluos known while the numbers of those who are hiding in the mountains or wilderness are unknown. First rate innate talent plus postnatal hard work, will have the chance to reach the power of the Title Douluo level as long as one is alive. However, in order to reach over rank ninety five, only with top talent, or by being uniquely gifted can one make it. Uncle Chen Xin said sudden comprehension is the most important. In the young generation, I have only seen the Shrek Seven Devils and Golden Generation of Spirit Hall possess such talent. If that Qian Renxue really has the Seraphim spirit, then she also possesses such talent.”

Suddenly, Tang San opened his mouth, “Senior Chen Xin. Then what is the gap between rank ninety nine and one hundred?”

Chen Xin’s sight fell on Tang San, meeting his clear blue eyes, “I don’t know. Maybe there had been such legendary power in the spirit master world, but they have never left behind their experiences.”

Saying that, a trace of yearning and thirst appeared in his calm eyes, “My father, cultivated to Title Douluo at the age of sixty eight, and then used ten years to reach rank ninety five. Then after another ten years, he reached rank ninety six, when he was already eighty eight years old. It was not until one the age of one hundred years that he broke through rank ninety seven. In that year, he met the last opponent of his lifetime, and regretfully lost. The gaps after rank ninety five I said before was exactly brought to me by my father. He talked to me for an hour, then suddenly passed away. Before he died, he told me his opponent was a rank ninety nine Title Douluo, who in his generation was known as the power with the best talent. After that rank ninety nine Title Douluo defeated my father, my father was told that he had already been trying hard for thirty years. This ninety ninth rank Title Douluo predicted that the gap in spirit power between hundredth and ninety ninth rank would surpass a hundred percent. Furthermore, that there is a possiblility of a tenth spirit ring.”

This was trading life for information, everyone turned completely silent. Among the Spirit Masters present, besides Grandmaster, even the weakest,

the Shrek Seven Devils, were still around the sixtieth rank. As a Spirit Master, who didn’t want to have the chance to climb to the peak some day? Through Sword Douluo’s words, they learned how difficult it was.

“That year, I was seventy two, I had already reached the ninety second rank. Since then, twenty four years have passed, now I’m ninety six years old. If the Title Douluo who defeated my father is still alive, I don’t know whether he’s broken through the final bottleneck.”

Grandmaster said: “The lifespan of ordinary people is roughly sixty to eighty years. If a Spirit Master has no accidents, it’s not difficult to live to a hundred. Especially high level Spirit Masters. Once at the Title Douluo level, extending your life for another twenty years isn’t a problem. That Spirit Master is ninety ninth ranked, it’s very possible he’s still alive.”

Chen Xin sighed, saying: “Unfortunately, even if he’s still alive, I’ll never have the chance to challenge him in my lifetime.”

Ning Rongrong somewhat baffled said: “Sword grandpa, don’t you hate that person?”

Chen Xin shook his head, saying: “My father passed away with a smile on his face. I once hated him, but after truly surpassing the ninety fifth rank, I understand. Once finally at this level, to be able battle an opponent even stronger than yourself is the greatest fortune.”

Tang San said: “Senior Chen Xin. If I’m not mistaken, even though you’ve lost an arm, your level has still risen somewhat. Why wouldn’t you have a chance?”

Chen Xin’s eyes suddenly erupted with pure light, and everyone present shivered. He looked deeply at Tang San, “Good. Good. Really a heroic youth. However, what I said wasn’t false. With my arm lost, even if I gained some comprehension, my vitality is already injured, and it’’ll be difficult to advance at all in the future. I will never be able to surpass my father……”

Everyone present were intelligent people, and they couldn’t help being shocked by the implication of what Chen Xin told Tang San. This Sword Douluo had actually made another breakthrough, reaching a frightening ninety seventh rank.

A feverish look flashed through Tang San’s eyes, “Senior Chen Xin, do you know where that person is?”

Chen Xin’s gaze swept across everyone, “In those days, when my father challenged him, he was the chief priest of Spirit Hall’s Elder palace, the previous master of Elder Palace, the pride of a generation in Spirit hall, a spiritual leader in the true sense. When Bibi Dong claimed her position, if not for his support, with Bibi Dong still so far from the Title Douluo level, how could she convince the people?”

The air seemed to turn thick. Each person’s pupils seemed to contract. Even Ning Fengzhi who learned about this long ago, unconsciously had a serious expression. Tang San now knew that within Spirit Hall that he viewed as his greatest enemy, there actually still hid such opponents. That was after all a formidable existence that had ruled the Spirit Master world for a thousand years!

Just at this moment, the door opened, an intense medicinal fragrance spreading out from inside, drawing everyone’s attention.

Dugu Bo was first to leave the room. He seemed somewhat exhausted, but seeing everyone’s hopeful gazes, he slowly nodded.

Yang Wudi also left the room after Dugu Bo, his face extremely pale. He had previously fought a great battle, then again spent all his strength to treat poison for several hours, even this Medicine Hall master was extremely exhausted. He said to Tang San: “Sect master. I’d like to exchange a few words.”

Tang San inwardly smiled wryly. Even if you want to speak to me alone, then at least find a good chance. Now in front of Ning Fengzhi, how could he listen to the news alone?

“Elder Yang, there are no outsiders here, if there’s something to say, then say it.”

Yang Wudi looked slightly distracted, then became aware that his choice of location wasn’t the best. But he still nodded, saying: “I’ve already helped emperor Xue Ye to thoroughly dispel the poison. However, because he was poisoned for too long, his organs have suffered very serious damage. I’ve used some supporting medicines, but it can only help him live for another two to five years.”

Ning Fengzhi frowned, sighing lightly, “It’s good you could save his life. Two to five years. Ai. It seems the empire will have to look for a new successor. Does his Majesty know?”

Yang Wudi shook his head, “I haven’t told him. He’s already sleeping now. With the support of my medicine, he should be like a normal person by tomorrow, at most a bit weak.”

Even though Ning Fengzhi was inwardly anxious, being worried right now was useless. Without emperor Xue Ye, they were basically unable to counter attack the imperial palace. Right now there was no need to fear the situation changing. After all, there were so many Spirit Masters gathered here. Unless Qian Renxue could transfer ten thousand Spirit Masters within a day, there was no need to worry about the defenses here. And ten thousand Spirit Masters was an enormous number, the imperial ministers were no idiots. To whom the deer would fall was still in the air. Heaven Dou Empire wasn’t a Spirit Master sect, it had a deep foundation, the savings of a great empire absolutely couldn’t be swallowed easily. This was also why Spirit hall used a way like having Qian Renxue pose as Xue Qinghe, rather than a forceful attack.

Tang San said: “Elder, old freak. It’s been exhausting for you. First rest a while.”

Yang Wudi and Dugu Bo went to rest, and Ning Fengzhi and Tang San both sank into quiet contemplation. If emperor Xue Ye could wake up right now to return to the Heaven Dou imperial palace together with them, the situation would naturally be in their hands. But if time dragged out, Qian

Renxue could cause all sorts of possible changes while posing as crown prince.

Drawing a deep breath, Ning Fengzhi suddenly raised his head, “Sect master Tang, come with me.” While speaking, he walked towards the rome where emperor Xue Ye was recovering from the poison.

Tang San hurried to catch up. Ning Fengzhi swung his hand in passing, closing the door behind them, directly reaching the side of the bed.

The darkness on emperor Xue Ye’s face had already faded away, in its place was a paleness like snow, his appearance withered and haggard. He looked like a candle dying in the wind, completely contrary to his vigorous appearance from a few years ago.

Ning Fengzhi looked at Tang San next to him, “Little San. Tell me what we should do now. Either continue waiting, or think of another way.” Now facing Tang San alone, he returned to his previous form of address.

Tang San calmly said: “Qian Renxue is intelligent. Presumably they will very quickly discover that something is wrong within the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School. When that time comes they will immediately attack. Qian Renxue will also exploit her status as crown prince the act. However, she will realize that it isn’t too likely that Spirit Hall will transfer tens of thousands of Spirit Masters within a short time. Even in all of Spirit hall, there are only several tens of thousands of Spirit Masters. They lost a lot in the previous attacks on your sect and the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan. This time they’ve sent three thousand Spirit Masters as well as four Title Douluo, that’s already a considerable investment. By my estimates, Qian Renxue shouldn’t try to forcefully confront us. She has two choices, one is to think of a way to assassinate his Majesty, that way she still has a chance to take the throne. Only, to confront our five thousand Spirit Masters for a real battle, either the fish dying or the net splitting, even if we win, it’ll be a bitter victory.”

Ning Fengzhi listened conscientiously to Tang San, “Then what’s the other option?”

Tang San said: “Destruction. Causing as much destruction to Heaven Dou City as possible. Especially the imperial palace. With Heaven Dou Empire’s vitality injured, Spirit Hall will have a chance in the future. After all, Spirit Hall now already holds an absolute dominance on the entire Continent. Being defeated now doesn’t mean there won’t be opportunities later. If I was Qian Renxue, I would definitely pick this second option. And if you and the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School disciples didn’t leave the imperial palace, I’m afraid you would face their most destructive attack.”

Ning Fengzhi looked satisfied at Tang San, his face revealing a trace of a smile, “Little San. After Rongrong inherits the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, you have to help her a lot.”

Tang San nodded, “I’ve always regarded Rongrong as a little sister. Even more when Oscar is by her side. Little Ao isn’t any less wise than I am. With Rongrong’s Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School will be bound to become the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile School in her hands in the future.”

Ning Fengzhi smiled: “If that day really comes, it will be thanks to you.
Fine. Little San, go outside. I want to accompany his Majesty alone.”

Tang San stared blankly a moment, his gaze at Ning Fengzhi suddenly turning strange.

Ning Fengzhi helplessly shook his head, “Silly kid. Sometimes, being too clever isn’t a good thing. Go.”

There was something in Tang San’s eyes as he looked at the unwavering light in Ning Fengzhi’s gaze. Finally turning to leave, he left with a somewhat difficult pace.

After an hour, the door opened once again. Ning Fengzhi informed everyone that emperor Xue Ye was already awake, and had passed down a decree to summon the Heaven Dou City guard commander here. Ning Fengzhi sent Bone Douluo personally. Emperor Xue Ye currently had

nothing on hand, and naturally couldn’t write any edicts. Therefore, this method for ‘inviting’ was a bit simple and direct.

Another hour passed, and after emperor Xue Ye had seen the city guard commanders, he immediately gave a series of orders, and the atmosphere within Heaven Dou City abruptly grew tense.

Now, emperor Xue Ye had also called in the commander of the two thousand Spirit Masters training at Shrek Academy. So far, the more than seven thousand Spirit Masters within Shrek Academy were all gathered together. Among Shrek Academy and the Four Element Academies, less than a hundred teachers could be mobilized to fight. As for the two thousand students, all the powers unanimusly agreed not to let them participate in the coming operation. These young Spirit Masters were all the future of the Spirit Master world, and also the future of Heaven Dou Empire, they couldn’t be lost.

After Bone Douluo who Ning Fengzhi had sent to order the city guard commanders to take charge of the general situation returned, he brought everyone into the room to pay their respects to emperor Xue Ye.

Emperor Xue Ye was by now already sitting up. Not only was the paleness Tang San saw before gone, his complexion was even rosy, like a robust man in his prime.

Everyone simultaneously bowed in salute. With their status in the Spirit Master world, kowtowing was impossible.

Emperor Xue Ye’s eyes revealed a trace of disappointment, “I thank you all for coming to my aid. Now isn’t the time to speak, once I’ve flattened the rebellion, I’ll thank you one by one. School master Ning, we’ll set out.”

Ning Fengzhi nodded, stepping forward to help emperor Xue Ye off the bed, leaving the room without paying attention to everyone’s somewhat vacant stares.

The Tang Sect, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, the imperial family, three factions of Spirit Masters were already prepared an immense Spirit Master force of more than five thousand majestically left the Shrek Academy, heading straight towards the imperial palace. By now the city guard army was already dispatched, blockading Heaven Dou City’s four gates, and also sending fifty thousand guards to surround the imperial palace.

The city defense army was now standing opposite the guards of the imperial palace, neither side yielding, neither stepping aside. But the orders emperor Xue Ye gave was only to surround the imperial palace. Right now, with the emperor appearing in person, everything would naturally resolve itself. At the same time, the hundred officials also arrived outside the imperial palace, having been notified by the city guards.

The imperial guards didn’t dare be neglectful, hastily opening the great gates to the palace, greeting emperor Xue Ye’s return to the palace. Under the emperor’s series of commands, the guards cooperated with the five thousand Spirit Masters he brought back to start searching the imperial palace, in order to capture Qian Renxue.

Tang San and Ning Fengzhi had side by side reached the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School courtyard within the imperial palace, already scouting carefully for an hour. All kinds of signs had already made clear that Qian Renxue and the two thousand Spirit Masters she had brought into the palace were inside the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s courtyard.

Ning Fengzhi’s expression was very unsightly. In order to fool people, even though the ones he had left behind in the school were all Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School outer sect disciples, there was still more than a hundred. No need to ask, these hundred Spirit Masters had certainly died tragically in enemy hands.

“Attack.” Ning Fengzhi shouted loudly, then soared towards the courtyard wall with Bone Douluo and Sword Douluo. The Golden Iron Triangle and the Tang Sect force also charged simultaneously. Such powers charged forward, already completely surrounding the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School Spirit Masters and soaring up. Several hundred flying

tipe Spirit Masters even flew directly towards the sky, especially the disciples of Tang Sect’s Speed Hall, who swiftly grasped the best positions to scout.

However, all of this was useless. After everyone entered the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, what they saw wasn’t two thousand enemies, but more than two thousand corpses. The corpses of two thousand Spirit Masters affiliated with the Heaven Dou imperial family, defending the imperial palace.

Ning Fengzhi staggered, regaining his balance with Bone Douluo’s help. For a moment his eyes were red. Of these more than two thousand corpses on the ground, besides the hundred Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School outer sect disciples, the rest were imperial household Spirit Masters, the majority nurtured by him. It might even be called the core strength of the Heaven Dou empire. In fact, the Heaven Dou imperial family only controlled less than five thousand Spirit Masters! Having lost close to half like this, the gap in strength with Spirit Hall had undoubtedly grown even more immense.

Carefully inspecting these corpses, it wasn’t difficult to discover that the majority of these Spirit Masters were killed through a sneak attack. No need to ask, everyone could understand Qian Renxue’s way of handling things.

On the shadowed wall of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, large letters were written in blood, “Tang San, you win this time. We will meet again.” It was signed with a lifelike blood image of an angel, six bloody wings stretching out, as if a declaration of war towards Tang San.

Had they really won? Tang San’s expression was as cold as frost. In a strategical sense, this time they had ruined Qian Renxue’s years of planning, and undoubtedly gained the victory. But, all they had wiped out was a thousand Spirit Hall Spirit Master, while the Heaven Dou Empire had paid more than twice that. The gap in quantity of Spirit Masters kept opening wider.

Having examined the circumstances within the sect, Sword Douluo returned to Ning Fengzhi’s side, “School master, they escaped the imperial

palace through our tunnel.”

Ning Fengzhi breathed a few mouthfuls of the blood reeking air, clenching his teeth, “Clean up the scene.”

Against everyone’s expectations, it was emperor Xue Ye who was calm. After learning about these circumstances, this monarch didn’t show any expression, only ordering these dead Spirit Masters to be buried deeply, not even taking any action against the Heaven Dou City Spirit Temple.


“Young master, your decision was correct. Only, I don’t understand how they could restore emperor Xue Ye so quickly. Do you have a guess?” Snake Lance Douluo She Long said with a sigh.

Qian Renxue had by now already recovered her original appearance, her slender body covered in light yellow robes, her complexion back to normal, “I didn’t expect them to be able to return to the imperial palace so quickly either. I just planned for the worst case. I wouldn’t gamble on being in an advantageous position.”

The still pale Porcupinefish Douluo, not yet recovered from his serious injuries, sighed from the side, “Young master. The events this time, how will we explain to the Supreme Pontiff after returning?”

Qian Renxue shot him a glance, “Everything is on me. This battle has only just begun. If the enemies can’t withstand a single blow, then what’s the point?” A severe gaze flashed across her eyes. Tang San, I will return to Spirit Hall and try to absorb the second piece of the Angelic Armament. When we meet next, I wonder if you can still escape my hand.

Thinking of this, she couldn’t help turning her head to gaze at Heaven Dou City. Having lived here for so many years, everything that should have been hers was lost. Even though she redeemed some losses in the end, injuring the Heaven Dou Empire, she was still defeated strategically. But if you were to investigate the responsibility for all this, it wouldn’t just be on her. According to her original plan, she would have accepted the Heaven

Dou throne by following the rules. Were it not for Bibi Dong insisting on shifting the plans ahead, how would she have aroused the poison within emperor Xue Ye’s body so early? There was basically no way to expose her identity. Patience, resolve, these had always been Qian Renxue’s greatest traits.

…… Five days later, Heaven Dou City had already regained its calm. The common people only felt that the atmosphere had been a bit tense in the city for the last few days, but this was now already restored to normal. But the higher echelons of the Heaven Dou Empire knew that the struggle between the empire and Spirit Hall had now begun in a real sense. From these events onward, there would no longer be any chance for reconciliation between the two sides.

All of Heaven Dou City was relaxed outside but tight inside. Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master Ning Fengzhi was finally pushed to the front of the stage by emperor Xue Ye, appointing him as imperial master of state. Together with Grandmaster, they controlled all the Spirit Masters within the borders of the empire. The two thousand imperial household Spirit Masters that were originally training at Shrek Academy also returned to the imperial palace. Grandmaster subsequently also entered the imperial palace, training the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School disciples along with Ning Fengzhi and these imperial household Spirit Masters.

Heaven Dou imperial palace.

Tang San brought Xiao Wu to sit opposite Grandmaster. This was Grandmaster’s residence within the imperial palace.

“Little San, what are you planning next?” Grandmaster asked.

Tang San said: “The malignant tumour within the Heaven Dou imperial family has already been excised. Emperor Xue Ye has already expressed that he will support us developing the Tang Sect with all his strength. The Tang Sect can be considered having stepped onto the right track. The next stage is to mass produce all kinds of hidden weapons. I’m preparing to first make a trip back to the Clear Sky School. Partly to report the circumstances on this side, and partly to send divine craftsman

Lou Gao there, asking my uncle to help him forge a formidable hidden weapon.”

“And then?” Grandmaster lookad at his beloved disciple, a gentle expression on his stiff face.

Tang San said: “Through my battle with Qian Renxue this time, I discovered a lot of places I’m lacking. Especially in attack power. Even if I have a lot of ways to attack, my power is still insufficient. When fighting an opponent on Qian Renxue’s level, I can see how lacking I am. I want to stay at the Clear Sky School to cultivate for a while. The Clear Sky Hammer is mainly about offense, so I’ll take a look at whether I can learn some things to use with it. Otherwise, I won’t have a bit of confidence when I face Qian Renxue again.”

Grandmaster shook his head, “A trip back to the Clear Sky School is neccessary, but I won’t approve of you staying there to cultivate.”

Tang San didn’t ask why, because he absolutely trusted his teacher’s decision.

Grandmaster continued: “The Clear Sky Hammer really is formidable. However, don’t forget that to fully use the Clear Sky Hammer, to display its strength, first you must have spirit abilities that belong to the Clear Sky Hammer. You have twin spirits, and before your Blue Silver Emperor has reached nine rings, giving spirit rings to the Clear Sky Hammer will diminish its future potential. And without the spirit abilities from the spirit rings, the room for your growth will be extremely limited.”

At this point, Grandmaster was somewhat unable to continue.

“Teacher, do you have some proposal? I’ll listen to you.” Tang San said without the slightest hesitation.

Grandmaster sighed, “I do have a proposal. Only, I don’t want to have you take chances. That is in the end too dangerous.”

Tang San’s eyes brightened. He was now already sixty sixth rank, and could clearly feel his cultivation speed constantly falling. Maintaining the kind of progress speed he had before was practically impossible. Nobody understood his current circumstances better than Grandmaster. Even if Grandmaster said it was dangerous, Tang San understood that this might be a shortcut to swiftly advance.

“Teacher, no matter what, defending myself still isn’t a problem. Right now Spirit Hall’s power is growing, and I feel more and more that my abilities are insufficient. There’s also the Angelic Armament you mentioned as well as the priests of Spirit Hall’s Elder Palace. If I don’t increase my strength a bit earlier, how can we contend with Spirit Hall? Besides, you once taught me that the greater the pressure I face, the easier it is to arouse my potential. Comprehending the essence of battle is still faster than cultivating on my own.”

Grandmaster smiled somewhat helplessly: “I knew you’d say that. Fine. Then I’ll tell you. Even if your current spirit power is sixty sixth rank, many of those ranks come from the spirit ring Xiao Wu gave you. To the extent that all your cultivation for a long time would be used to stabilize these spirit power ranks, and this will lead to your cultivation speed falling. Just cultivating painstakingly isn’t much use to you. If you want to completely fuse with this spirit power as soon as possible, you will have to do it through constant battle. The best way is through the formidable danger of life and death crisis. Like this, not only will your fighting skills increase one step further, your spirit power advancement speed will also increase. I’ve carefully researched Oscar’s condition in these past days. As a food system Spirit Master, his advancement speed in these five years hasn’t been any slower than yours, and that’s because he constantly confronted mortal danger. Such immense pressure left him no choice but to advance. Without a doubt, even if his choice was dangerous, it was extremely proper. And even if your foundation has been laid firmly in these five years, your tempering in this aspect has still been insufficient. The kind of slaughter in Slaughter City will only increase your offense and murderous heart. It’s not the kind of place that can constantly give you pressure. Therefore, I propose for you to go to a place that can give you such pressure.”

Tang San puzzled asked: “Just what place is it?”

Grandmaster pondered, then said: “It might be called a spirit beast forest. However, that place is different from any spirit beast forest you know. Because, it’s an island, where a lot of peculiar spirit beasts live. And also a lot of peculiar Spirit Masters. This place is something only very few people in the Spirit Master world know about.”

Island? Tang San focused on listening to Grandmaster’s story.

Grandmaster continued: “I’ll describe it simply, and you’ll know just how dangerous it is. Spirit Hall once sent two thousand Spirit Masters to this island, in an attempt to incorporate the Spirit Masters there. The result was still that most didn’t return, less than a hundred people could return alive. They also lost two Title Douluo there. Spirit Hall calls that place Devil Island, but I know it’s true name, it should be called Sea God Island.”

Chapter 197

Grandmaster said: “Spirit Hall calls that place Devil Island[1], but I know it’s true name, Sea God Island[2]. The Spirit Masters living there call themselves Children of the Sea.”

“Ever since returning in defeat that time, Spirit Hall has never dared have designs on that place. If I’m not mistaken, on that island should be at least one most powerful Spirit Master, just the peak Title Douluo Sword Douluo spoke of, powers above the ninety fifth rank. Even ninety ninth ranked Title Douluo. Otherwise, how could Spirit Hall not retaliate after suffering such a large loss? Another reason is that the people living on Sea God Island won’t leave the island.”

Tang San curious said: “There’s actually such a bizarre place in the Spirit Master world, how come I’ve never heard of it before?”

Grandmaster sighed, saying: “If possible, I wouldn’t want you to ever come into contact with the Spirit Masters there. ly I never thought you would, so naturally I didn’t tell you.”

Tang San asked: “Then have you gone to Sea God Island?”

Grandmaster nodded, “I went once. The time Spirit Hall attacked Sea God Island. At that time I was together with Bibi Dong, heard about such a mysterious place and went with them. There I learned that the Spirit Master world still has such a group of mysterious Spirit Masters nobody has heard about. Not only are they mysterious, but extremely powerful. Spirit Masters like us are extremely unsuited to dealing with them.”

“The reason why Sea God Island is known as Devil Island to Spirit Hall is because of the battle that time. But in fact, even though Sea God Island’s Spirit Masters are very difficult to deal with, they really aren’t people addicted to killing. They have all stayed there for generations, calling themselves the Children of the Sea, also known as Sea Spirit Masters. The spirits they possess are also quite bizarre, for the most part related to aquatic creatures. Therefore, their spirit abilities also have substantial differences from ours. Sea God Island is located in the great ocean to the west of the Continent. There, these Spirit Masters with water creature type spirits can undoubtedly display their greatest degree of strength. There are also numerous bizarre spirit beasts on the Sea God Island. Consequently, I think that place can be considered a special spirit beast forest.”

Tang San asked: “How many Sea Spirit Masters are there?”

Grandmaster said: “Every human living on Sea God Island is a Spirit Master. By a conservative estimate, there are at least two thousand, or even more. The reason I estimate there is a peak ranked Title Douluo there, is because the few Title Douluo that Spirit Hall killed mentioned a lord Sea God. Judging by their expressions and tones, they really weren’t praying to some god, but rather addressing a person, a person with paramount power on Sea God Island. And those Sea Spirit Masters already had Title Douluo level strength. To be able to make them so respectful, it would naturally be someone with peak Douluo strength, maybe even a unique ninety ninth rank Douluo.”

Having heard Grandmaster’s account, in Tang San’s mind was already drawn a simple outline of the Sea God Island, “Teacher, you mean to let me go to Sea God Island for experience?”

Grandmaster nodded, “Sea God Island. It’s undoubtedly a place brimming with all kinds of danger. However, it’s also full of opportunities. Sea Spirit Masters aren’t fond of killing, as long as outsiders who go there can pass their test, t

Tang San hesitated slightly, then said: “Teacher, the seven sect reselection assembly will begin in half a year’s time. If I go now, I’m

afraid I won’t be able to participate. If everything proceeds as Spirit Hall wants, then it will be even more difficult to confront them later.”

Grandmaster smiled calmly, saying: “Do you believe that we can stop Spirit Hall from accomplishing their goals in the seven sect reselection assembly by relying on our current strength? That’s basically impossible. Spirit Hall will enter a flourishing stage for at least the next five years. However, they still won’t lightly attack the two great empires. Spirit Hall destroying our Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan and Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School is actually a bit hasty. Spirit Hall admittedly holds an absolute advantage in terms of Spirit Masters, but the strength of those kingdoms and duchies they control is still unable to compete with the two great empires. If Heaven Dou Empire and Star Luo Empire watch out for each other, even Spirit Hall won’t dare act without thinking. Otherwise, if a war breaks out, I’m afraid the population of the Continent will fall by an order of magnitude. If it falls to the chaos of war, not only won’t Spirit Hall obtain any substantial benefits, but will instead incur the hatred of the populace. So, by my estimate, after Spirit Hall has established their supremacy in the Spirit Master world one step further through the seven sect reselection assembly, they will accelerate the development of those kingdoms and duchies to increase their strength, progressively nibbling away at the two great empires, and not focusing on destructive attacks. The two great empires have been deep rooted on the Continent for a long time, completely nibbling them away isn’t something done in an afternoon. At the same time, the two great empires will focus their governance under the pressure. Even though Spirit hall holds the overall advantage, to eat two great empires is still an endless process. This time we’ve already stopped all pretense of cordiality with Spirit Hall, and your defeating Qian Renxue should also be something they will attach importance to. For you to leave to increase your strength for a time, is the best choice. An attack with accumulated strength, will be most effective.”

Listening to Grandmaster’s analysis, Tang San couldn’t help nodding repeatedly. Even though he was intelligent, how could his insight into continental politics be as incisive as Grandmaster? While secretly admiring Grandmaster, he revealed an expression of sudden understanding.

Grandmaster’s words gave him a feeling of a wide panorama suddenly opening up.

Grandmaster sighed, then said: “What I’m most worried about is whether you can safely return from Sea God Island. Before truly facing them, you won’t understand just how dreadful the Spirit Masters there are. Their sea spirits are for the most part water attributed, with innumerable bizarre abilities.”

Tang San by now had a reasoning in his mind, “Teacher, let me go. If I can’t pass the test of this experience, how can I confront Spirit Hall? I will definitely turn the pressure to momentum, to increase my strength even faster. Once I return, it will be time for us to start moving. Tang Sect’s hidden weapon manufacturing requires time, and I’m not much help by myself. I believe I will definitely be able to return from Sea God Island.”

Grandmaster smiled, he had already guessed Tang San’s decision, “It’s not you, it’s you all. Don’t tell me you’d be willing to leave Xiao Wu behind? Bring her. It’s not just you who needs experience, there’s also the rest of you Shrek Seven Devils. They all face similar bottlenecks as you, all of you will have to pay some to advance your strength. Moreover, with all of you together, you will be able to look out for each other.”

“Seven Devils?” Tang San stared blankly a moment, puzzled looking at Grandmaster.

Grandmaster smiled slightly, “I’ve already discussed with Flender. Ma Hongjun is no problem. As for school master Ning, I talked to him yesterday. Even if he’s somewhat hesitant, I believe I can move him. When you left for Gengxin City last time, I sent out a letter. I believe it should already have reached Mubai and Zhuqing. This is a difficult experience, or you might call it an opportunity. If it’s not you Seven Devils moving together, how could I be at ease?”

Seeing at Grandmaster’s gentle gaze, Tang San’s eyes gradually grew hazy. He knew that his teacher had long ago considered his future way for advancement, and that he had always silently done a lot for him. A few

years had passed, and the hair at Grandmaster’s temples was already somewhat gray. In Tang San’s heart, Grandmaster’s place was no lower than that of Tang Hao, he had even paid much, much more than Tang Hao had for him…...

“Go. Aren’t you going to return to the Clear Sky School as well? Once you’re back from the Clear Sky School, Mubai and the others should also be about ready. I still have some work to do on school master Ning’s side. You seven are our future trump card for contending against Spirit hall. I believe you will definitely return from a rewarding journey to Sea God Island this time.”

Bringing Xiao Wu out of the imperial palace, Tang San was unable to control his heart for a long time. Everything that Grandmaster had silently done for him filled his heart. He naturally wouldn’t say anything, but he always recorded these feelings. In his heart, he had always had two fathers.

On the whole way from the imperial palace, all the imperial guards that saw Tang San would kneel with one knee and salute. Because at Tang San’s waist hung an only infant’s fist sized jade pendant. That jade pendant was also a seal, and it’s previous owner was Heaven Dou emperor Xue Ye.

Emperor Xue Ye had already retaken control over the government, and simultaneously announced fourth prince Xue Beng as crown prince successor. Prince Xue Xing was chief overseer over the imperial armed forces.

That day when emperor Xue Ye had awoken, Tang San had naturally guessed what was going on. The reason Ning Fengzhi asked him to leave the room that time was to protect him. Even if Tang San didn’t know just what Ning Fengzhi had done, he could completely imagine that this Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master had definitely used some special means to arouse emperor Xue Ye’s hidden life potential. Doing so could admittedly let this regent wake up as soon as possible to take control over the situation, but with his organs already failing, it would undoubtedly also shorten his lifespan even more. Emperor Xue Ye wouldn’t be unaware of this when he woke up, even if a regent like him didn’t realize it as soon as he woke up, he would definitely figure it out with time. Even if he currently

needed the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, who could speak for the future? This matter would definitely turn into a thorn between the imperial family and the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School.

Tang San quite admired Ning Fengzhi’s prompt decision making, and that he would ask him to step outside first showed his good will towards the Tang Sect. What he said that day about him looking after Ning Rongrong, was actually about looking after the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School. Whether Ning Fengzhi wanted to admit it or not, ever since the attack by Spirit Hall, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School had begun to decline, just like the Clear Sky School back then. It seemed this would happen to every great sect.

But the Tang Sect was different. Also a Spirit Master sect, the Tang Sect not only had an extremely close relationship with the Shrek Academy, and the events this time also had a decisive effect. One might say they saved emperor Xue Ye and the Heaven Dou imperial family. Even though emperor Xue Ye didn’t pass on any excessive rewards, he naturally wouldn’t forget this favor. Viewing it from another angle, compared to the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, such a young sect was easier to control for the Heaven Dou imperial family. As long as the Tang Sect made enough contributions to the empire, their position in Heaven Dou would be sure to be unshakeable.

With these deep thoughts, Tang San grew even thirstier for improving his own strength. No matter the Heaven Dou Empire’s bearing towards him in the future, without the foundation of formidable strength, all this was an illusion. And in order to deal with Spirit Hall, he equally needed to draw on the vast manpower and resources of the Heaven Dou empire. Since the Tang Sect had chosen to attach itself to the Heaven Dou empire, their future relationship would require sharing both peace and hardship.

As for the incumbent crown prince Xue Beng, Tang San was on the contrary not worried. Even after he took the throne after emperor Xue Ye passed away in the future, as long as he wasn’t an idiot, the structure wouldn’t change. Always suppressed by Qian Renxue posing as Xue Qinghe, but always able to stay alive, one could imagine how deep he had hidden. Even though such a person wasn’t easy to deal with, at least he

would be a qualified ruler. Even if the Heaven Dou Empire didn’t continue ten thousand steps down the road, secretly relocating the Tang Sect wasn’t anything difficult. Don’t forget that the Shrek Seven Devils’ boss, Evil Eye White Tiger Dai Mubai, was the crown prince of Star Luo empire.

On the way back to the sect, Tang San thought about many things. After one by one arranging all kinds of things in his heart, he felt even more deeply that Grandmaster stood tall and saw far. Him leaving for a while could not only ease the tensions between Heaven Dou Empire and Spirti Hall, but moreover also avert him becoming the target of numerous arrows if he stayed. Who could say whether Spirit Hall would send experts to assassinate him?

And right now Spirit Hall at least weren’t too clear about the Tang Sect he had established. As long as he left, it would be even easier for the Tang Sect to enter a phase of smooth development. With the backing of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School and the imperial family, him not being present was basically not a problem.

Having thought all this through, Tang San had also resolved to go on a journey for a while. Improving his strength and steadily developing the Tang Sect was the best choice. Extremism would only lead to ruin.

Even if the current Clear Sky School already possessed six Title Douluo level powers, after listening to what Sword Douluo Chen Xin said that day, Tang San truly understood why his grandfather would choose to retreat back then. At present the Clear Sky School might be said to possess the greatest strength in a hundred years, with six Title Douluo. But in fact, besides sect master Tang Xiao, the other five elders were only just Title Douluo. With their age it was basically impossible to attack the heights above the ninety fifth rank. Even Tang Xiao might not reach the ninety ninth rank within fifty years. How could this contend against Spirit Hall? Who knew how many exceptional powers hid within Spirit hall?

Unconsciously, Tang San had already led Xiao Wu back to the Tang Sect. Just as he entered the great gates, he heard someone screaming, “Aaa—— Sister Chenxiang, you can’t do this to me! Even if you don’t agree, you still can’t beat me, alright?”

“Pei, who’s youre sister Chenxiang? Why don’t you drop dead, you damned fatty, you have the impertinence to go talk drivel with grandpa, I won’t play with you.”

Seeing a round massive shadow thrown in his direction, Tang San couldn’t help but display a slight smile. Right hand waving and warding, he shifted the impulse of the object to the side. Before he had finished his movement, an incomparably swift white silhouette had already reached him, one foot kicking at that massive shadow.

“What are you singing about?” Tang San somewhat helplessly pulled Ma Hongjun aside, that plump figure was naturally this fatty. Ma Hongjun was intelligent and hastily dodged, hiding behind Tang San and Xiao Wu, furtively glancing at that white silhouette already standing in front of Tang San, Speed Hall master Bai He’s granddaughter Bai Chenxiang.

Bai Chenxiang crossed her arms at her waist with a seething appearance. Because of anger, her charming face had two smears of captivating red, like rouge, making her even more beautiful.

Seeing Fatty hide behind Tang San and Xiao Wu, she still didn’t agree to drop it, “Damned fatty, get out here. If you have the skill, don’t hide behind the sect master. Cousin, you have to be the judge for me. This damned fatty wants to kill me.”

Tang San laughed out loud, hastily saying: “Fine, fine, I’ll judge. Cool your temper first, then tell me what bloody atrocity Fatty has committed to make you so furious!”

Ma Hongjun swiftly stuck his head out, and was just about to speak up, but was forced back by Bai Chenxiang’s fierce glare. It was strange, really. Even though Ma Hongjun was ordinarily cheerful and easygoing, his heart was actually as hard as iron. Among the Shrek Seven Devils, he only feared Dai Mubai and Tang San. To outsiders, he wouldn’t agree to be at a disadvantage. But confronted with Bai Chenxiang’s pouting glare he was actually speechless, with an appearance of grabbing his ears and scratching his chin.

Bai Chenxiang pouted angrily: “This damned fatty actually went to my grandfather to propose marriage. And my grandfather actually agreed. And even wanted me to be nicer to him. Cousin, you have to judge on my behalf. This damned fatty clearly doesn’t have good intentions. I’d rather marry pigs or dogs than him.”

Listening to Bai Chenxiang, Tang San also couldn’t help staring blankly. Fatty going to Bai He to propose marriage was something he could understand, even if Fatty’s methods were a bit direct, but if he could have Bai He’s approval he could naturally do half the work for twice the effect. But what puzzled Tang San was why Bai He would agree. And agree without even consulting Bai Chenxiang. This was a bit strange.

In fact, even if Bai Chenxiang couldn’t compare to Xiao Wu, she was still an outstanding beauty, and her scope was naturally extremely high. Fatty’s figure wasn’t particularly pleasing either. Could it be because Fatty was a Tang Sect hall master? Impossible. Bai He was even previously the Speed Clan chief, and also his granduncle.

Seeing Bai Chenxiang close to tears, Tang San hastily said: “Chenxiang.
Did granduncle really agree to you two marrying?”

Bai Chenxiang nodded sharply, “I don’t know what potion this damned fatty poured into grandfather, but he actually really agreed. I went to argue with grandfather, and grandfather even said that he is a good person, and that getting along would become habit, and to think about his good points. What good points does this damned fatty have? Pork?”

Ma Hongjun couldn’t quite hold back, “Sister Chenxiang, you can’t say that! I have a lot of good points. Everyone praises me as a young gentleman untainted by even a speck of dust, an honest and reliable elegant youth.”

“Pei—— I think your cheek is three times thicker than the city walls. Absolutely shameless. I’ve   never   seen   anyone   as   shameless   as you. Humph, anyway, I’m not marrying you. Not even if grandfather agreed. At worst I’ll just run away.”

Tang San somewhat helplessly shook his head, saying: “Alright, sister Chenxiang, don’t be upset. I’ll go chat with granduncle. As long as you don’t want it, nobody will force you. Not Fatty either.”

Ma Hongjun looked at Tang San with wide eyes, “Third brother, isn’t your elbows turned the wrong way, I’ve finally managed to get elder Bai’s approval.”

Tang San shot Fatty a meaningful glance, “Feelings go two ways, don’t tell me you really want to force Chenxiang?”

Ma Hongjun stared blankly a moment. He and Tang San had been together for a long time, and seeing Tang San’s expression, he had nothing to say.

Bai Chenxiang clearly relaxed a lot, looking at Tang San and Xiao Wu next to him, then again fiercely glaring at Fatty, saying: “Cousin, I’ll ask for your help with this. No matter what, if you judge on my behalf, we can agree.”

Tang San nodded slightly, “Don’t worry, as I said, as long as you don’t want it, nobody will force you.”

Bai Chenxiang left happily. Tang San was the sect master of Tang Sect, his words naturally weighed very heavily.

Once Bai Chenxiang had bounced off, Ma Hongjun couldn’t help asking:
“Third brother, you’re……”

Tang San glanced at him, saying: “Forcefully twisted melons aren’t sweet. Even though your methods are direct, you can’t act be overeager, otherwise you’ll have the opposite result. Didn’t granduncle agree to you two? Thus, the only resistance to wooing Chenxiang is herself. I will help you, but whether you can gain her affection is still up to you.”

Fatty nodded forcefully, “Third brother, I’m sincere this time. I guarantee I’ll be good to her. I’ll listen to you, I will definitely move her with my sincerity.” Even though he said so, his expression was clearly a bit

disappointed. Evidently, even he himself wasn’t too optimistic. In terms of appearance, he really didn’t match Bai Chenxiang.

Tang San lowered his voice, speaking a few sentences next to Ma Hongjun’s ears. Ma Hongjun was stunned at first, but in a moment turned from grief to happiness, “Third brother, is that true?”

Tang San nodded, “Among us Shrek Seven Devils, just you still don’t have a place to return to. If I can help you I will. However, as I said, success still depends on you yourself. Keep in mind that true friends are revealed through trials and tribulations. Remember how little Ao got Rongrong’s affection? Take out your sincere feelings.”

Leaving behind the excitedly pondering Ma Hongjun, Tang San brought Xiao Wu back the the sect master’s mansion, and ordered sect disciples to call over the hall masters.

Before long, Speed Hall master bai He, Medicine Hall master yang Wudi, Defense Hall master Niu Gai, Strength Hall master Tai Tan, as well as Martial hall master Ma Hongjun and the equally ranked Ning Rongrong and Oscar all arrived in the sect master mansion’s discussion hall.

Tang San sat in the main seat, everyone else sitting after saluting him one by one. The sect had the rules of a sect, and this etiquette was something the four single attribute clan chiefs had demanded.

“Hall master Tai, what is elder Lou Gao busy with?” Tang San saw that Lou Gao didn’t come with Tai Tan, and asked him.

Tai Tan smiled wryly: “Lou Gao, that old fellow, he’s even more obsessed with forging than I am. These days he really doesn’t pay any attention to outside matters, supervising the Strength Hall disciples in forging all day. However, with his directions, I can also relax.”

Tang San nodded, then turned towards everyone, “At present our Tang Sect can be considered having stepped onto the right track. Before long, the first patch of hidden weapons will be complete. For the moment we have no plans to recruit disciples. Calling everyone over this time is

mainly to discuss something with you. I talked to Grandmaster today. At present us Shrek Seven Devils have all reached bottlenecks to some degree, and in order to keep progressing, we need to take alternative routes. I’m planning to temporarily leave the Tang Sect business to you elders, and go on a journey somewhere that suits cultivation for a while. Not only i will go. Rongrong, Oscar, and ma Hongjun will all go with me.”

Defense hall master Niu Gao said: “Putting effort into cultivating is a good thing. However, sect master, how long will you be gone?”

Tang San said: “I don’t know either. There are certain dangers where we’re going. It’s places that can give us pressure that are more advantageous to the advancement of our strength. As for how long before we can return, I can’t say. As for logistics, with both Rongrong and Oscar away with me, I’ll ask school master Ning and his Majesty to look after the Tang Sect.”

Hearing Tang San say he didn’t know how long he would be gone, the four elders were all a bit quiet. After a long time, Yang Wudi took the lead to speak up: “Sect master, you all go. Leave the Tang Sect to us. Where the Tang Sect is, we are.” He spoke like he did about his Soulbreaking Spear. Where the person was, the spear was, if the spear broke, the person died. Even if Yang Wudi wasn’t talkative, his words carried a great deal of weight.

Tai Tan said: “Sect master, we understand. You’re going to cultivate to grow stronger, to contend against Spirit Hall in the future. However, you can’t forget that, as the master of the Tang Sect, great responsibility lies with you. The Tang Sect can’t be a headless dragon for too long.”

Tang San nodded, paraphrasing what Grandmaster said about the current situation on the Continent, “I understand all of your concern. Elder Yang once confronted the enemies from Spirit Hall with me. I believe all of you understand the immense power that Spirit hall possesses. No matter what point of view, we are at an absolute disadvantage. The Tang Sect needs powers, and if we, the young generation, can’t grow quickly, we will be in an even more passive situation in the future. I’ve already thought it over

clearly, and I believe that no matter what dangers we face, we will definitely return safely.”

After thinking deeply for a moment, Tai Tan resolutely said: “Then good. Sect master, leave without worries. Leave the Tang Sect to us. We’ll combine the Medicine Hall’s medicaments and our Strength Hall’s hidden weapons like we discussed, making a batch of excellent hidden weapons. We’ll first equip the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, then ourselves. What we manufacture beyond that we’ll sell to the Heaven Dou imperial family. We’ll need a very long time to manufacture large quantities of hidden weapons. I believe that, once you return, our Tang Sect will truly be established.”

Tang San said: “I talked it over with Teacher. In the future our Tang Sect will only recruit disciples tested through the Shrek Academy, and with Teacher’s recommendation. Like this we can maintain the quality of our disciples. With Ma Hongjun away with me, Martial Hall will temporarily be left to uncle Niu Ben’s charge.”

Among the second generation of the four single attribute clans, Niu Ben was the most outstanding one.

The next discussion revolved around the future development direction of the Tang Sect and the surrounding details. Tang San wasn’t preparing to leave for just a short time, and before he left he had to clearly talk over his thoughts with the four elders, and guarantee that the Tang Sect would be healthy in this time.

Just as Grandmaster said, the Tang Sect had already stepped onto the right track. Whether the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School or the Heaven Dou imperial family, they would both unconditionally support the Tang Sect. How far the Tang Sect would go in the future, still depended on what accomplishments Tang San and the others could produce. A sect with a Title Douluo was entirely different from one without, and a sect with an exceptional Title Douluo was even more so. The Shrek Seven Devils all possessed enormous potential, and how to transform that potential into strength enough to contend with Spirit Hall was the biggest problem Tang San faced.

At nightfall, Tang San had already return to his house with a sleeping Xiao Wu in his arms, and was just about to start cultivating when he heard the sound of footsteps outside. A low voice asked, “Sect master, are you resting?”

Tang San left the bedroom, reaching the drawing room outside, “Elder Yang, come in.” He had long ago guessed that Yang Wudi would come find him, he just didn’t know when.

Yang Wudi pushed open the door and entered. His nature was always very direct, just like his Soulbreaking Spear, “Sect master, I have something to tell you.”

Tang San gestured him to sit, “Elder, please speak.”

Yang Wudi didn’t sit, standing there muttering to himself for a moment, then said: “Haven’t you found it very strange how I could cure emperor Xue Ye’s poison?”

Tang San said: “Presumably the poison is related to Medicine Hall. Or perhaps I should say to elder’s Breaking Clan. It doesn’t matter. If elder doesn’t want to speak, then don’t. I trust you.”

Yang Wudi shook his head, saying: “No, I have to tell you about this. I don’t want the Tang Sect’s future relationship with the Heaven Dou empire to be affected because of a Breaking Clan traitor.”

“Traitor?” Tang San’s heart twitched, already making a rough guess.

Yang Wudi’s eyes revealed a trace of frustration, the first time Tang San had seen such an expression from this staunch old man, “That’s right, emperor Xue Ye’s poison was made by our Medicine Hall. Or perhaps I should say it’s a taboo poison of the Breaking Clan, called Gorgeous Seven Colors[3]. Such a poison is made from seven originally harmless medicines mixed together. Its greatest feature is how it hides. Because the seven materials used to make it are harmless themselves, they can be successively introduced according to a certain prescription. Even the most cautious person will end up infected. Moreover, if the food is filled with the seven

kinds of materials, it will be immediately poisonous. Just at the beginning it’s not violent, but the poisoned will be in constant pain, Gorgeous Seven Colors will constantly erode the vitality of the victim, until their life ends.

Chapter 198

Tang San noticed that Yang Wudi’s tone of voice was very downcast. As he spoke his clothes shook, as if he was trying desperately to suppress his emotions.

“Because of the many ways you can mix it, a mixed poison is the hardest to get rid off, what’s more this specific poison was specially researched and concocted after many years of the Breaking Clan’s research. It is something that other people will never be able to purge, even if some godly medicinal herb was used it can only suppress the poison for a while and when it returns it would come back even worse. If not for Dugu Bo’s using poison to counteract poison, then even ten Emperor Xue Ye would have passed.”

“After we discovered this poison we felt that it was too tyrannical and so we treated it as one of our clan’s taboo drugs. That year when the Clear Sky School went into seclusion our four Single Attribute Clans had no choice but to break apart due to the attacks from the Spirit Hall. During the conflict, my only son died while my younger brother Yang Wushuang[1] was taken captive and was never heard from again. However, only my brother and I are able to concoct this poison which would mean that he is still alive and has become Spirit Hall’s lackey.”

After saying this Yang Wudi paused for a while, his eyes seemingly blazing with a black flame: “I would have rather he died than become a lackey of the Spirit Hall.”

Tang San lightly sighed, “Life is precious, perhaps he may have had certain difficulties. This matter is between the Clear Sky School and the

Spirit Hall, so Elder don’t worry about it too much.”

Yang Wudi remained silent for a moment as he looked at Tang San before saying: “Sect leader, if in the future we run into him, please let me personally kill him.” After saying this, the expression in his eyes became even colder as he gave Tang San a slight bow and walked away with large strides.

Seeing Yang Wudi’s solitary and cold back, Tang San inwardly sighed.

“Old Goat’s temper is as bad as ever, sigh-” The voice suddenly appearing beside Tang San gave him a shock. Concentrating his gaze, he swiftly retreated to the entrance of his bedroom where Xiao Wu was sleeping. As the other person had reached here without so stealthily without anyone noticing, Tang San hairs stood up as cold sweat dripped off him.

“It’s me.” With a flash there was already someone else standing beside Tang San, and that person was precisely the Speed Hall master Bai He.

After finding out the other party was a friend, Tang San could not help but breathe a sigh of relief, “Uncle don’t scare me like that. I wondered who could have the ability like that. Although I was not deliberately searching, I had extended my spiritual force over a hundred meter radius, the only person who could approach without my notice should only be you.”

Bai He smilingly said: “ Don’t over rely on your spiritual force, there are weaknesses to any kind of observation abilities and spiritual force too has it’s limits. Once my speed reached a certain level and with some techniques, unless you are actively searching, it would be very hard even for you to notice.”

Tang San smiled and said: “In the Spirit Master Realm, I am afraid that there are none that can match up to your speed. But what did you mean with what you said earlier? Yang Wudi, he… ”

Bai He said with a sigh: “The Breaking Clan was originally led by two patriarchs, Yang Wudi and Yang Wushuang, who depended greatly on each

other when they were young. Even when Yang Wus Tang San only silently nodded his head.
Bai He continued: “Originally I wanted to see you not regarding the old goat but rather Chenxiang. Didn’t she spout some nonsense to you today?”

Tang San shook his head as he said: “It cannot really be considered nonsense, I just don’t get it, how did fatty move you? Such that you are willing to marry your precious granddaughter to him. Or were you just playing with him?”

Bai He sighed again as he said, “How can I joke about such things? I seriously agreed to it, not because of his relationship with you but rather for the future of my Speed Clan. I only had one condition for Ma Hongjun, if in the future he and Chenxiang were to have children, one of the boys must take over as the patriarch of the Speed Clan and bear Chenxiang’s surname Bai.”

After hearing these words, Tang San instantly understood what was going on. It would appear that this uncle of his had already calculated this out. Although fatty had a slightly inferior appearance not matching Chenxiang, you cannot forget his spirit was that of a Phoenix, in terms of quality it could rival the Seraphim spirit. Even if there was a difference in quality it would only be a hair’s breadth of difference.

What’s more, the Phoenix was the king of birds: although the Speed Clan’s spirit, the Needle-tailed Swift, was fast, when compared to the Phoenix it was still too slow. Bai He was intending to use Ma Hongjun to improve the Speed Clan’s inherited spirits! No wonder he was willing to sacrifice Chenxiang’s happiness for it. What’s more there was no certainty that it was going to be sacrificed: with Tang San around, how could Ma Hongjun treat Bai Chenxiang badly? Bai He’s decision was only made after some careful considerations. Everyone has their own selfish desires, regarding this Tang San also had nothing more to say.

“So it is like this. As long as Fatty is okay with it then it’s fine with me as well. However, I am sure that you also want Chenxiang to be happy, right? When we go for our training this time, except for Fatty, we are all couples. So we’ll bring Chenxiang along. We can let the two of them get to know each other better. Fatty will also definitely take good care of her, what do you think?

You could hear Bai He’s rejoice in his voice as he bitterly smiled: “My only worry is that Chenxiang is unable to take it; since young she has been spoiled by me. But with regards to cultivation talent, she is pretty blessed as well.”

Tang San smilingly said: “Then that is settled.”

Bringing Bai Chenxiang along this training trip was what Tang San promised to Ma Hongjun previously. Feelings need to be developed over time, whether the two of them could produce feelings would depend on Ma Hongjun himself in the days to come. Although Bai Chenxiang was not strong at offense or defence, she was fast, and was definitely a qualified scouting Spirit Master. Under normal conditions, using her speed would be enough for her to protect herself.

Three days later, after Tang San settled all the matters in the Tang Sect, he brought Xiao Wu and divine craftsman Lou Gao and left Heaven Dou City. Before he went to the Sea God Island, he had to make a trip back to the Clear Sky School.

Spirit Hall, Supreme Pontiff Palace.

In the main discussion chamber it was as if the hall was covered in a layer of frost with only three people present. The person sitting on the Pontiff’s throne was none other than Bibi Dong, while the Spirit Master silently standing behind her was Hu Liena. The remaining person was blonde and now wearing women’s clothing, the valiant and formidable- looking Qian Renxue.

Qian Renxue stood about ten meters in front of Bibi Dong. The silence here had continued for a long time. Bibi Dong’s sharp glare had been resting upon Qian Renxue, who had also been glaring back at her. Although no words were exchanged, the pressure exuded by them made it hard for Hu Liena standing behind Bibi Dong to breathe.

“Liena, you go out first.” With a wave of her hand, something seemed to appear within her eyes, and then it was gone.

Hu Liena inwardly breathed a sigh of relief and respectfully acknowledged the instructions before quickly leaving the hall; only after leaving did she find out that her undergarment was already soaked with sweat.

She had been following Bibi Dong for many years, but never once did she meet someone who dared to glare at her like that. Who on earth was that woman? She did not seem much older than herself, yet she could carry herself in such an imposing manner. That kind of strong and dignified aura did not come from her spirit. Rather, it seemed to emanate from within.

After Hu Liena took her leave, the Spirit Hall’s Discussion Chamber had only Bibi Dong and Qian Renxue left within. Bibi Dong slowly got up and started walking step by step towards Qian Renxue, who had a physique very similar to her own.

Qian Renxue did not back down from Bibi Dong’s advance, rather her face remained indifferent as her gaze turned even sharper.

A complex expression flashed within Bibi Dong’s eyes as her body suddenly seemed to lose all its imposing manner, she sighed and said: “What’s done is done, we can always start over again. In the grand scheme of things we still hold the absolute advantage anyway.”

Qian Renxue coldly said: “I did not lose to Tang San, I only lost to you. If you were not in such an excessive hurry, why would i ever take the risk and bring forward my plans? Sis——ter——”. The last words were spoken practically while shouting as she purposely dragged her words laced with contempt.

“Sister?” Anger flashed within Bibi Dong’s eyes “Very well, remember that carefully, from now on you shall call me that.”

Qian Renxue coldly snorted, “No, I think i will just stick to calling you Supreme Pontiff. After all in this world I only have one relative, which is Grandpa. Other than Grandpa I will not address anyone else as a family member. Didn’t you also say so previously? My coming to this world was a mistake. He already died, you also had already got what you wanted. But, you better remember, you are you and I am myself. From now on, I shall move on my own: you manage your Spirit Hall and I will manage my Elder Hall and the Douluo Palace. You will have no right to deploy any of the elders in the Elder Hall.”

“What did you say?” Bibi Dong’s glare suddenly regained its sharpness. A sudden burst of pressure erupted through the hall blasting towards Qian Renxue, sending her a few steps back while trying to stabilize herself. Under the immense pressure of Bibi Dong, a stream of blood flowed out from the side of her lips, but the cold smile on her face did not fade in the slightest.

Seeing the blood flowing out of her lips, Bibi Dong was somewhat taken aback, causing her spirit power to fluctuate as she withdrew it.

“Just go, go and visit your Grandpa. If he agrees to it then I too have nothing to say about it.” At this point it felt as if Bibi Dong had suddenly aged ten years. Although Bibi Dong was over twenty years older than Qian Renxue, based on their looks the gap seemed much smaller.

Qian Renxue coldly swept her gaze past Bibi Dong as she turned and left without looking back. The doors to the chamber slammed shut with a loud bang, as if separating the two of them into different worlds.

Bibi Dong, as if having lost all her energy, collapsed onto her throne, tears streaking across her face without her control. Who would have imagined that this cold blooded Supreme Pontiff also had this weak side to her.

Elder Hall.

This was the largest piece of construction within the Supreme Pontiff Palace, and it also represented the strongest fighting force within spirit hall. Upon entering this tall dome-shaped building you would encounter a large hall nearly thirty meters high which was divided into three levels, each level consisting of ten rooms.

Other than due to certain special circumstances, to be admitted to this place required the condition of having a spirit rank of ninety or above, in other words having the strength of a Title Doulou or above. This was the true highest authority of Spirit Hall: even the Pontiff could be held back by this place. If the elders here were to work together, they could destroy a city in a day. This was in no way an exaggeration.

At this point in time, the Elder Hall was very quiet, and there was not even a servant around. When Qian Renxue walked into this hall she could feel goosebumps: within this hall was a huge golden construct, a statue of a Seraphim that stood ten meters tall. A man quietly stood in front of the statue with his back towards the door, looking at the statue.

From the back you could see that it was a man who was rather tall, without a particularly robust build, wearing a grey robe with his long black hair neatly combed behind him.

Standing there, he gave off a very bizarre feeling. Qian Renxue, who possessed the Seraphim spirit, could clearly feel that there was no distinction between the person standing there and that tall Seraphim statue. All the light coming in from the windows seemed to converge on this person, and although he was so simply dressed he still gave off a respectable feeling.

“Grandpa.” While standing by the door, she slumped onto the ground with a thump. Her originally cold gaze could no longer sustain itself, and her tears trickled down her cheeks.

The grey-robed man slowly turned around, the special aura he exuded suddenly becoming non-existent. On the surface he looked very handsome

and seemed only about thirty or forty years old, with a faint smile on his face. His peaceful and tranquil aura gave off a very comfortable feeling. Yet the strangest thing was that even if a Title Douluo was present, he would not be able to feel the slightest spirit power fluctuations within this man.

The grey-robed man took a slight step forward and in the next instant already appeared in front of Qian Renxue. His movements were not fast, but the moment he arrived Qian Renxue was already in his embrace as she loudly wailed.

Even the strongest person has his weak side: if Bibi Dong was no exception, how would Qian Renxue have been one? Acting as Xue Qinghe for ten years, the pressure she faced and the youth that she sacrificed, only she herself truly understood it.

“Did you already visit her?” The grey-robed man gently caressed Qian Renxue’s golden hair.

Qian Renxue only silently nodded her head.

The grey-robed man softly said: “Actually, she also has her pains. Afterall, in the first place, the one at fault was not her. Her feelings towards you are not as you imagined it to be.”

Qian Renxue lifted her head and looked at the only person she regarded as family, “Grandpa, don’t tell me even you don’t want to to help me?”

The grey-robed man lightly sighed: “It’s not that, rather I cannot help you; although she is slightly more radical, she has made no mistakes. What’s more she is also the Supreme Pontiff of Spirit Hall, and her influence in Spirit Hall has already surpassed mine.”

“What?” Qian Renxue was greatly shocked, such that even the tears in her eyes had stopped falling “Th-this cannot be.”

The grey robed man lightly smiled, dotingly said: “Little Xue, you must remember, in this world the strong consume the weak. Whoever is stronger will have more say, even us in Spirit Hall are no exception. Her

strength is already not inferior to mine, what’s more she is still so young. Perhaps, she will be the first in so many years to reach the another level. Not to mention that the first and second priests have both already given her their support, even I will also support her. She will be able to bring the Spirit Hall to greater heights: what you need to do is to properly help her rather than opposing her. Actually, your talent far surpasses your father, not only because of the Seraphim spirit he passed on to you but also because of the talent that came from Bibi Dong. After all, she is your mother.”

Qian Renxue stayed there in a daze without opening her mouth for a long time. The grey-robed man did not speak either, quietly standing there watching her, giving her time to think.

Qian Renxue currently had a pale face and an unstable gaze, but suddenly she sharply lifted her head and spoke towards the grey-robed man: “Grandpa, let me make you one last request.”

The grey-robed man frowned as he could sense that she was emotionally unstable at the moment, but he still nodded his head.

Qian Renxue’s gaze suddenly hardened as she spoke deeply: “I want to be the Spirit Hall’s Judgement Elder.”

The grey-robed man ask surprisedly: “Is it because of that young man who defeated you?” The Judgement Elder in the Elder Hall is second only to the priest. The priest isn’t allowed to take part in any of the Spirit Hall operations. While the Judgement Elder’s role is to take out any strong foes who oppose the Spirit Hall.”

Qian Renxue nodded her head: “From today on I will no longer meddle in the affairs of Spirit Hall. Also, she is not my mother; she never was, she still isn’t and she will never be. I will never forgive her. If not for you I fear I would have died in her hands a long time ago. I only have grandpa, I have no mother.”

Clear Sky School

The razor sharp, freezing mountain winds sliced across the hilltops. Tang San had to use his own body to shield Xiao Wu from these freezing winds. In front of him was the leader of the Clear Sky School, Howling Sky Doulou Tang Xiao, who stood with his hands behind him as he gazed at the mountains.

Gently holding Xiao Wu, Tang San said with his heartfelt feelings:
“Uncle, thank you.”

When he came to the Clear Sky School, things initially did not go so well: after the Clear Sky School went into seclusion they did not allow any outsiders to enter, so Tang San was not allowed to bring Xiao Wu and Lou Gao in until Tang Xiao managed convince the others to allow them in.

Tang Xiao looked at Tang San, and without holding back any of his acknowledgment said: “No, rather than saying that I helped you, you helped yourself. After leaving for such a short period of time you already managed to breakthrough and even fulfil one of the three conditions set by the elders by managing to get a hundred thousand year old spirit ring while still only a Spirit Emperor. Did you forget the looks the five elders had on their faces when they saw that red Spirit Ring?”

As he recalled the five elder’s dumbfounded look, Tang Xiao couldn’t help but let out a faint smile.

However, Tang San could not bring himself to do so: seeing Xiao Wu in his embrace, he could only feel his heart ache. Although he knew that Xiao Wu’s soul hidden in the Spirit Ring could reunite with her body for a short while everyday, Tang San was still unwilling to let Xiao Wu out so frivolously. Xiao Wu afterall gave up her life to save his, now that there was a chance for her revival, how could he take that risk?

“Uncle, Senior Lou Gao has come to trouble you, because only together with your Clear Sky Hammer can he complete his forging. Only after these few hidden weapons are complete can we have the capability to contend against Spirit Hall.”

Tang Xiao nodded his head saying: “I got it. Don’t tell the other school members anything regarding your Tang Sect to avoid misunderstandings. In the first place it was the Clear Sky School that let down the four Single Attribute Clans. In the future, when your sect prospers, it can also be considered a form of compensation for them.”

Tang San said: “Uncle, not long ago the Sword Douluo mentioned that Spirit Hall has a person who reached the ninety ninth rank, but he did not go much into the details; do you know more about this?”

Hearing Tang San’s words, Tang Xiao’s body shook slightly as his eyes let out an indeterminate light. Tang San could clearly see that Tang Xiao had unwittingly tightly clenched his fists.

“How could I not know? If not for him, do you think that our Clear Sky School would fear Spirit Hall? If not for him, who would dare say that they have the capability to defeat our Clear Sky School?”

Saying up till here, Tang Xiao’s breathing became very heavy, and didn’t calm for a long time.

“You should already know this. Since the Sword Douluo spoke of his existence, he must also have told you about the gaps between the Title Douluo. Our Clear Sky School also once had a Title Doulou of rank ninety nine: he and the grand priest from Spirit Hall were once known as the two peaks of the Spirit Master world, an insurmountable mountain for others.

He was my Grandfather, which means that he was your Great- Grandfather, Tang Chen[2]. At that time he was the Clear Sky Douluo. We were the strongest clan under the sun. While, at that time, the grand priest of Spirit Hall was the Judgement Elder and also Spirit Hall’s number one executioner, Qian Daoliu[3]. They repeatedly pitted their strength against each other and were about even with each other. Qian Daoliu’s spirit that time was the same as the Qian Renxue you mentioned, the Seraphim.”

“Then great-grandfather?” Tang San hesitatingly asked.

Tang Xiao bitterly smiled: “No idea. In terms of strength your great grandfather was a notch above Qian Daoliu, although the difference was slight. But in terms of spirit quality, the Seraphim spirit is definitely better than our Clear Sky Hammer, which is what allowed Qian Daoliu to contend against your great-grandfather even though he always had the lead in cultivation. However, about fifty years ago, your great-grandfather and Qian Daoliu had both already retired from view. As the older generations passed on, the amount of spirit masters who knew them gradually became lesser and lesser. Twenty years ago when your grandfather decided to seclude the clan, it was not because our Clear Sky School was afraid of Spirit Hall: it was just because your great- grandfather no longer was here. If not, even if there were even more strong people on the Spirit Hall side, we could still turn the tide. Even Qian Daoliu was never willing to lightly go to war with our Clear Sky School.”

“Great-grandfather left to someplace far? Whe did he go?”

Tang Xiao shook his head saying: “I don’t know, no one does. Before your great-grandfather left, he had a two hour discussion with your grandfather before disappearing like the wind. On your grandfather’s deathbed he had told me that your great grandfather had left to pursue the next level. Which would imply that he got even further than Qian Daoliu.”

Tang San heart shook, “Did he become a rank hundred god?”

Tang Xiao nodded his head, “No one knows what it is like after reaching the hundredth rank. He has already been gone for thirty years: other people may not know this, but if Spirit Hall were to attack us without him around, even our so-called Number one school will not have the ability to do anything against them. Which is why your grandfather decided to bring the clan into seclusion. We have waited for thirty years, yet your great-grandfather still has not returned, which means two possible things, either he managed to break through the hundredth rank and step into the next realm, or he failed when trying to break through the hundredth rank…”

Although Tang Xiao did not say it, Tang San understood what it meant to fail breaking through.

“Then is that Qian Daoliu still at Spirit Hall?” Tang San enquired.

Tang Xiao said with certainty: “Definitely. Did you know, when your great-grandfather left, he looked barely thirty years old, after reaching the ninety-ninth rank you could live normally for at least two hundred years. Your great-grandfather also previously mentioned that Qian Daoliu was a huge coward: even though he had a good spirit, he never dared risk his life to charge ahead. So so long as he lives, he will continue to remain within Spirit Hall; although he may no longer bother himself with Spirit Hall affairs, he is still there. What’s more, your father killed the previous Supreme Pontiff who was Qian Daoliu’s only son. For most normal matters he would probably not care, but when his only child was killed, how could he just sit around and wait?”

The Puzzled Tang San asked: “Then what is the meaning of going into seclusion? How does this stop Qian Daoliu from coming and taking his revenge?”

Tang Xiao said with a sigh: “This is what your great-grandfather left behind. The mountain we currently reside on is the place where Qian Daoliu had his last battle with your great-grandfather. When he lost, he promised your great-grandfather that from then on he and Spirit Hall would never set foot on this mountain again, unless the day comes where he could best your great-grandfather. This is the true meaning behind the Clear Sky School’s seclusion; if not, even if we went into hiding somewhere, Spirit Hall would have came to our doorsteps long ago.”

Tang San understood that if Tang Xiao was willing to tell him this, it meant that he had obtained the school’s acknowledgement after he came back and even managed to show that hundred thousand year old spirit ring in front of the elders.

“Uncle, it may be presumptuous of me to ask, but what rank spirit master are you now?”

Tang Xiao gently smiled and replied. “I am currently trying breaking through the ninety-seventh rank bottleneck. I don’t know if in my lifetime I would be able to reach grandfather’s strength. Actually, your father had the most hope of doing so, only he…” saying up till here, the luster in his eyes inadvertently dulled. For Tang Hao to have lost two limbs and given up two of his spirit bones, it meant he could no longer even dream to ever breakthrough that pinnacle.

Tang San’s eyes wavered, “After I go back, I will first visit mom and dad. Then I will be leaving for a period of time. Along with my companions we will go somewhere tough to train ourselves, and it is unlikely that we will make it back in the next few years.”

Tang Xiao was surprised, “You are going somewhere to train? The north?”

Tang San shook his head; after all there was nothing much that he needed to hide from Tang Xiao, “I am not sure if you heard of it, but it is some place called Sea God Island.”

“What?” Tang Xiao shouted from shock. “You are going to Sea God Island?”

Tang San looked at Tang Xiao astonishingly, “Uncle, you know that place?”

Tang Xiao bitterly smiled: “How could I possibly not know, your father and I once went there on your great-grandfather’s orders to deliver a letter to the head of Sea God Island, the Sea God Douluo Bo Saixi[4]. Tang San that is no place to go playing around!”

Having heard that Tang Xiao had once been there, Tang San felt exhilarated. After all, Grandmaster’s strength at that time was rather low; since his father and uncle had been there before, the things they saw there would definitely be different from the people from Spirit Hall.

“Uncle, why don’t you tell me more about the island?”

Tang Xiao seriously spoke: “Sea God Island. Even when your great- grandfather was present he would have to be careful because of the Sea God Douluo Bo Saixi. Bo Saixi’s strength was at the same level as your great-grandfather and Qian Daoliu: it is just because she has never once stepped out from the island that her name is not as well known. Back in the days when we still had a harmonious relationship with Spirit Hall, Qian Daoliu accompanied your great-grandfather to explore Sea God Island. There, they ran into Sea God Douluo Bo Saixi, who they fought for three days and three nights, causing landslides and tsunamis. And do you know the final result?”

Tang San, seeing the serious expression on Tang Xiao’s face, said speechless: “Don’t tell me great grandfather and Qian Daoliu lost.”

Tang Xiao forcefully nodded his head, “That’s right, both your great- grandfather and Qian Daoliu lost. Of course given their identities, they did not fight Bo Saixi together nor did they fight in tandem. But within three days, the two of them both fought Bo Saixi, and lost one sidedly at that.”

The surprised Tang San asked: “Didn’t you say that great-grandfather and Qian Daoliu were on the same level as Bo Saixi?”

Tang Xiao said with a sigh, “That place was Sea God island which was also the Sea God Douluo’s territory. When your great-grandfather sent your father and me to Sea God Island, he said that the Sea God Douluo’s strength was not a match for him, and was even slightly lower than Qian Daoliu. But within Sea God Island, as long as it was not a rank hundred power, no one would be able to defeat her. Because she was able to control the ocean with her power and rely on the strength of heavens and earth, your great-grandfather was no match for her”.

Tang San took a deep breath to conceal his surprise; Spirit Masters were after all still human, yet to be able to move even the oceans, what horrifying power she must have.

Tang San had never seen the ocean before, but he could imagine the blue expanse stretching where he could see no end. With his current strength,

forget the ocean, he could not even bend a small body of water to his will. Power, this was indeed true power.

Tang Xiao, seeing the shock in Tang San’s eyes, continued: “The Sea God Island is actually a very beautiful place. There are several thousand Spirit Masters living there under the Sea God Douluo who refer to themselves as the Children of the Sea, while the Sea God Douluo is the messenger of the oceans and her spirit is the Sea God itself. Otherwise, even if Bo Saixi broke through the hundredth rank, she would not be able to control the oceans! Your great-grandfather and Qian Daoliu both said that in the waters she was invincible.”

“The time when your father and I went to deliver letters we were still young and headstrong and had some conflict with the residents there. At the start we were still quite successful and you could say invincible. But then we ran into some setbacks; under Bo Saixi were five lords who were all of the Title Douluo level. At that time, only one of them came and with only using six spirit rings managed to capture us alive. These ocean spirit masters abilities were too different from ours and could generally borrow the powers of the ocean to attack. Luckily we were there as messengers. After Bo Saixi saw the letter from your great-grandfather she asked a few questions about his wellbeing and let us go.”

Tang San said: “Grandmaster said that once we reach Sea God Island, we will be put through a test, and once we pass the test we can become a part of Sea God Island. We just cannot leave, is that right?”

Tang Xiao said surprisedly: “Are you planning to take that test?”

Tang San nodded his head: “Since we are planning to stay on Sea God Island, we naturally have to take the test. I reckon that breaking out of the island and escape back will be the results of our training. As long as we are able to come back, it would show that we had a great boost to our strength. Under the pressure of Sea God Island, our training speed will be much faster, plus the experience of fighting these ocean spirit masters will be good.”

Chapter 199

Tang Xiao looked deeply at Tang San for a long time, then slowly said: “Good, good, good, you youngsters really have your own ways. This is something me and your father never thought of back then. You’re right, if you really can return from Sea God Island, you will have truly aroused your potential. Go, I’ll support you.”

Tang San cautiously said:   “Uncle, what do we need to pay attention to at Sea God Island?”

Tang Xiao lowered his voice: “Only one thing, don’t kill people at Sea God Island. In fact, the Sea Spirit Masters for the most part have a gentle temperament, even if they reject outsiders, it’s only to the point of driving them out. They won’t kill. But if you kill someone there first, that’s a different situation. The reprisal of the Sea Spirit Masters isn’t something you’re able to endure. Apart from this, be careful with sea spirit beasts. Even though sea spirit beasts are also predisposed towards moderation, there’s absolutely no shortage of vicious ones. Moreover, because it’s very difficult to estimate their level, you have to be prudent. Little San, follow me. Since the elders have already formally recognized your identity, it should also be time to impart some sect secret skills to you. This set of created spirit abilities is something begun by your great grandfather. Even if your Clear Sky Hammer still doesn’t have any spirit rings, with this you’ll still have another ability for protecting yourself.”

Ten days later. Sunset Forest.

Xiao Wu calmly leaned within Tang San’s embrace, letting the scenery fly past like lightning. She was unexpectedly sleeping very soundly, both

hands holding onto Tang San’s neck, her charming face stuck close to his chest. She seemed completely carried by Tang San, one of his hands supporting her shoulders, the other under her slender jade legs, her neatly combed scorpion braid wrapped around Xiao Wu herself.

The Eight Spider Lances spurred Tang San swiftly through this dense forest. Tang San’s memories of the surroundings here were really too profound. He could clearly make out the direction he was heading in without even using his eyes.

Having arrived in a place as full of Blue Silver Grass as this forest, Tang San was like a bird in the sky, a fish in the sea. If the great ocean could be called the paradise of Sea Spirit Masters, then the forest was absolutely Tang San’s domain. If he encountered Qian Renxue within the forest, Tang San was absolutely sure he could defeat her. Because this was his world.

Relying on the mental connection between the Blue Silver Domain and the surrounding Blue Silver Grass, Tang San could clearly differentiate the formidable spirit beasts around him, and could easily move past them, advancing smoothly, basically without encountering any trouble. Even if he did encounter some spirit beast on the road, Tang San relied on the effect of the Blue Silver Domain to make his aura identical to Blue Silver Grass, wrapping himself up in it without drawing the attention of any of those spirit beasts.

One leap of Eight Spider Lances would bring the two at least ten meters away. Tang San bowed his head to look at Xiao Wu in his arms, and he couldn’t keep from revealing a faint smile, “Silly girl, we’re going to see your parents in law. You might be the least nervous person in the world to face their in laws for the first time.”

His smile was filled with pampering love, his heart long since swollen full of tenderness. Even though he hadn’t left for long, Tang San increasingly missed his parents. He had already planned it out, once Spirit Hall was destroyed in the future

Under the effect of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, the time for his mother’s recovery would be substantially reduced, but even so, whether his

father could see her alive in his lifetime was unknown. But no matter what, he would accompany his father to wait. He believed his mother would definitely come back to life one day. At that time, finally, their family could truly reunite.

Eventually, that mountain came into view, and Tang San accelerated like an arrow returning home. The Eight Spider Lances abruptly bent, and when they shot out they he was pushed several dozen meters in the air. The Blue Silver Emperor Right Leg Bone Flying ability launched, and the moment the momentum from the Eight Spider Lances leap vanished, the flying ability began, bringing him shooting towards the peak like an arrow. Protected by Tang San’s Blue Silver Domain, whether the poison Dugu Bo once arranged or the atmosphere of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, neither could harm Xiao Wu.

In fact, even Xiao Wu’s own body was now also capable of completely blocking the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well. The two great immortal herbs didn’t just help her recover her human form.

The peculiar atmosphere caused by the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well shook Tang San’s mind. As far as the eye could see, the plants growing next to that extraordinary pond were even more lush.

A one-armed one-legged man just stood there, gentle eyes just gazing in their direction.

“Dad.” Tang San shouted, somewhat forgetting his appearance, rousing Xiao Wu in his embrace. The Eight Spider Lances on his back withdrew, and relying on the Blue Silver Emperor Right Leg Bone’s flying ability, Tang San turned into a meteor, dropping from the sky holding Xiao Wu, landing just in front of his father.

Tang Hao seemed no different from before, still with disheveled hair and beard, one arm and single leg. But the light in his eyes seemed a lot more gentle than when Tang San left.

Tang San’s gaze flitted past his father’s face, falling on his mother behind him. In the less than a year that he’d been gone, the Blue Silver Emperor

had already grown strong and healthy. The giant blades of grass were already close to a chi wide, and more than five meters long. The one golden vein on top had turned into three. At the same time as Tang San landed, practically all the blades waved, swiftly extending to him and Xiao Wu, gently winding around and wrapping them up.

Gentle and kindly maternal love filled Tang San and Xiao Wu for a moment. Tang San turned completely dumbfounded, tears flowing uncontrollably. But these were no longer tears of sorrow, but rather tears of joy.

Xiao Wu was also a bit stunned, blinking her big eyes, watching those wide blades of grass winding around her as well, her soulless eyes unexpectedly reddening gradually.

Tang San could clearly sense that his mother’s recovery speed was even faster than he had imagined, in just less than a year, he could feel that his mother’s current aura wasn’t much different from a plant type spirit beast of the several thousand years level. What made him most astonished was the intelligence the Blue Silver Emperor showed. Very clearly, his mother was conscious. Her soul still existed. These circumstances were completely opposite from Xiao Wu.

Judging by his mother’s current circumstances, Tang San immediately judged that his mother absolutely couldn’t recover this fast just from the effect of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well. Her body itself being a plant type hundred thousand year spirit beast, the seemingly rousing effect of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, as well as the his own blood as fertilizer back then. His mother grew with astonishing speed. If it continued at this rate, then there would be a year in his father’s life when the family could be reunited.

Tang Hao smiled, very gently, without a bit of the aggressiveness of the previous Clear Sky Douluo, as if washed clean, “Your mom is very happy you’ve returned. She’s welcoming you.”

“I know, I know.” Tang San’s said, his voice choked with emotion.

Tang Hao raised his remaining hand, wiping away the tears on Tang San’s cheek, “What are you crying for, you should be happy.”

Tang San hurriedly wiped his tears, nodding forcefully, “Yes, I should be happy. Dad, mom is recovering much faster than I imagined. I believe she will definitely return to her previous form.”

Tang Hao’s eyes shone, “I firmly believe so too. Little San, do you know? The time you’ve been gone has been the happiest time of my last twenty years. Seeing your mom constantly grow each day is what makes me the most satisfied. After so many years have passed, we can finally be together. Even though there should be no words of thanks between father and son, the place you found for your mom……”

At this point, he clapped Tang San’s shoulder hard. Father and son looked eye to eye, and there were no words.

The Blue Silver Emperor withdrew from Tang San and Xiao Wu, only leaving one strand behind, softly caressing Xiao Wu’s head, the leaf softly swaying. Tears kept falling from Xiao Wu’s eyes, and a sorrowful mood began to exude from the Blue Silver Emperor.

Tang San knew that his mom had already realized Xiao Wu’s situation.

Tang Hao and his wife had a close relationship, and his gaze immediately fell on Xiao Wu, sighing, “Not long ago, me and your mom both felt you were in danger. Xiao Wu……”

On mention of Xiao Wu, the tears Tang San had just stopped threatened to fall again. Pulling that tender body close, Tang San recounted what had happened since he left.

When Tang Hao heard that Xiao Wu had used Sacrifice for Tang San’s sake, his originally missing ruthlessness and aggressiveness appeared once again, clenching his fists tightly. And each leaf of Blue Silver Emperor shuddered fiercely, as if weeping soundlessly.

Tang San again spoke in detail of his later encounters, founding the Tang Sect, as well as everything that happened afterwards.

Having listened to Tang San, Tang Hao’s expression gradually relaxed. Looking at Tang San, then again looking at Xiao Wu in his arms, “In dealing with these events, you are stronger than I was. Treat the four single attribute clans well, back then it was I who implicated them. Little San, I’ll let you bear all the sins I’ve committed… ”

He didn’t continue speaking, but the guilt in his eyes made Tang San’s heart ache. Had his father really done something wrong? No, if it was him back then, he would definitely make the same choice.

“Dad, I’m your son, and you haven’t done anything wrong.” He spoke resolutely and decisively, without comforting. Just this sentence made Tang Hao’s expression relax a lot. His son could understand him, what was more important than that?

Tang San’s gaze turned to his mother, “Dad, mom, don’t worry, I’ll definitely resurrect Xiao Wu. However, I’m afraid I won’t be able to see you for a long time. Coming back this time, is also because I wanted to ask you to agree to something.”

Tang Hao stared blankly a moment, “What thing?”

Tang San looked at Xiao Wu next to him, his eyes soft, “Mine and Xiao Wu’s marriage. I want you to witness my engagement to Xiao Wu. Once she has recovered completely, we’ll immediately marry. I ask for your approval.” While speaking, he pulled Xiao Wu along to kneel in front of his parents.

Tang Hao looked somewhat astonished at his son, but his aged face very quickly filled with a smile, “Good, good, good. Xiao Wu is a good child. To marry a wife like this is your blessing. We approve, we approve.” Seeing at Xiao Wu’s vacant expression, Tang Hao couldn’t keep his eyes from moistening. Even though Tang San hadn’t described what happened to him and Xiao Wu in the Star Dou Great Forest very closely, how couldn’t he imagine the bitterness that had befallen these two children? He had also

gone through such experiences, and could now even more relate to the feelings between his son and Xiao Wu.

Two strands of Blue Silver Emperor quietly swept up, each pulling on Tang San and Xiao Wu’s hands, then folding their hands together, wrapping them up firmly. Gentle and kindly feelings once again filled Xiao Wu and Tang San’s vicinity, surrounding them.

Just at this moment, blue golden light flashed around Tang San, six spirit rings silently filling his surroundings. That dazzling red sixth spirit ring quietly flashed, a ling of red light sweeping out, disappearing into Xiao Wu, and her vacant eyes immediately regained their expression.

This time, Tang San didn’t suppress Xiao Wu’s soul from coming out.
The two looked eye to eye, simultaneously saluting Tang Hao and Ah Yin.

Tang Hao laughed out loud, his single hand folding over Tang San and Xiao Wu’s joined palms, pulling them up, “With such a daughter in law, what else could I ask for? Little San, in the future you must properly look after Xiao Wu. From now on she is your fiancée.”

Big teardrops rolled down Xiao Wu’s face. The soul temporarily returned to her body throbbed violently, softly calling out two words, “Dad——, mom——”

A strand of Blue Silver Emperor rose, trembling softly landing in front of them. With just the soft trembling of that wide Blue Silver Emperor leaf, a golden thread slowly fell off the leaf, twisting around Tang San and Xiao Wu’s fingers as if alive. Tang San’s was on his left middle finger, Xiao Wu’s on her right.

Golden light flashed, and with intense light and brimming with gentleness, the golden threads turned into golden rings, each covering their fingers.

Tang San and Xiao Wu looked shocked at those golden lights constantly giving them a wondrous feeling. Just at this instant, they suddenly had a

feeling of their minds connecting. It seemed as if their souls had been linked together by this fantastic golden thread, never to separate.

Tang Hao looked smiling at his son and daughter in law, “This is your mom’s wedding present for you. Dad doesn’t have anything to give you, but I will always wish you well here together with your mom. Xiao Wu, get well soon. We will both wait for the day you truly can become our daughter in law.”

Xiao Wu fiercely threw herself into Tang San’s embrace, holding him tightly, sobbing voicelessly.

Even though it still wasn’t perfect, he and she could finally be together properly. Those golden rings symbolized their feelings. At this moment, all the plants around the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well seemed to dance cheerfully, blessing these lovers.


Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School.

“School master, are you really going to agree to Rongrong going with Tang San and the others?” Bone Douluo frowned tightly.

Ning Fengzhi nodded, “Grandmaster is right. For us right now, it’s practically impossible to fight Spirit Hall, and it’s impossible for us to become the core of the opposition against Spirit Hall. But the Shrek Seven Devils are different. These seven children, including Rongrong, all have blessed talent. Only if they truly mature will we have the chance to oppose Spirit Hall’s power. If they always grow beneath our wings, they will be unable to soar to the ninth heaven. The Shrek Seven Devils complement each other, and their feelings surpass even siblings.”

Sword Douluo Chen Xin nodded, saying: “School master’s decision is correct. Rongrong is already at the sixtieth rank. Within the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, she also counts as a power. Even though her spirit has advanced to the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda, whether it can truly possess the strength of the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda is

still up to her. She already proved the school master’s decision was correct back when she cultivated at the Shrek Academy. These seven youths together, might very possibly become seven future miracles.”

Bone Douluo smiled wryly: “I don’t want to part with Rongrong! In our Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, only this one scion is entitled to inherit the future post as school master.”

Ning Fengzhi resolutely said: “Uncut jade won’t make a tool. I don’t want to part with my daughter either, but by keeping her here, won’t the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School fall? Even if I don’t want to admit it, we’re already declining. Heaven Dou Empire is already a bit wary of our existence. Whether the sect can be restored doesn’t lie with us, but rather with Rongrong. When the nine lights of the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda blooms, that is the moment when our Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School evolves, and steps back into the Spirit Master world.”


One man and one woman, two youths stood silently in front of Shrek Academy’s great gates. The two looked at each other, a difficult to conceal excitement revealed in their eyes.

“Mubai, I’ve always wanted to ask. How did you persuade your imperial father to let you bring me with you?” The young woman with angelic face and devilish figure spoke softly.

The youth smiled slightly, “I told my imperial father, that if I can’t return alive, the throne will be succeeded by my big brother. If I can return alive, then that will be the moment we can officially move against Spirit Hall. There are even deeper benefits to our Star Luo Empire and the imperial family. If not for my big brother, father wouldn’t let me leave. But now it’s different. Rather than say that he let me leave, it’s more accurate to say that he hopes I can return. Return after becoming strong.”

This young man and woman, if they weren’t Shrek Seven Devils boss Evil Eye White Tiger Dai Mubai and youngest Hell Civet Zhu Zhuqing,

then who?

After receiving Grandmaster’s letter, Dai Mubai had persuaded his father, Star Luo Empire’s current emperor, and brought Zhu Zhuqing to rush here day and night.

Listening to Dai Mubai, Zhu Zhuqing couldn’t help giggling, “You’re actually talking so pompously. Don’t I know you?”

Dai Mubai winked, his double pupiled evil eyes glinting, looking at Zhu Zhuqing’s expression like a smile yet not a smile, and helplessly said: “I knew I couldn’t hide it from you. Fine, I surrender. I admit that coming this time is even more for selfish motives. Don’t tell me you don’t want to meet everyone again? Us Shrek Seven Devils can travel together again. Fight together, grow together, how perfect is that! In those years together with everyone at Shrek Academy, even though we constantly fought, that time was still the happiest time of my life. Honestly, if it wasn’t for my own safety, I really wouldn’t care about fighting for the throne. The vicious intrigues of the imperial family doesn’t suit me. I’m more interested in laughing defying mountains and forests with my brothers. Grandmaster’s letter mentioned that fellow little Ao returned as well. Haha, I don’t know what level that fellow has cultivated his great sausage to. Only Xiao Wu……”

Grandmaster’s letter had simply recounted what had happened in this time, and so even though they weren’t there, they still had some understanding of everything that happened in the Heaven Dou Empire.

Zhu Zhuqing sighed, “It’s hard on third brother. However, I believe Xiao Wu will definitely resurrect. Even Heaven itself shouldn’t have the heart to break them apart.”

Dai Mubai rubbed Zhu ZHuqing’s head, “Come on, we’ll go inside. I don’t know if everyone’s here.”

Speaking of the devil, at this time Ma Hongjun, Ning Rongrong, and Oscar really were at the Shrek Academy. On the verge of leaving for Sea God Island, Grandmaster was just giving them pointers for cultivation. In

these past years, each of the Shrek Seven Devils had grown, and the one that had changed the most was Oscar. After Oscar gained the Mirror Image Skull Bone and the Great Mirror Image Sausage, the team’s overall strength had improved enormously. At the same time he could also become the link of the Shrek Seven Devils. As long as he prepared a bit in advance, everyone of the Shrek Seven Devils could use each other’s strength through the mirror image sausages. Even if it was impossible to use it to the same extent as Oscar, just one part was enough to change many things.

Sea God Island was an unknown world to the Shrek Seven Devils, and Grandmaster exploited this final time mainly to toughen Ning Rongrong and Oscar’s cooperation with the others. And Ma Hongjun was mainly improving his already extremely frightening burst attack power.

Besides the three of them Grandmaster this time also taught one more person.

“Damn Fatty, get away a bit. Are you deliberately getting in my way?”
Bai Chenxiang kicked Ma Hongjun’s butt, in a spitting rage.

Ning Rongrong and Oscar snickered to the side. Very clearly, they didn’t have any intent of speaking up. Seeing Bai Chenxiang purely oppress Ma Hongjun every day was easily very pleasurable. And the unfortunate Ma Hongjun didn’t dare offend them, for fear that they would mention his past indiscretions.

Ma Hongjun said wronged: “How would I suddenly block you? This is walking normally for me! Xiangxiang, you can’t accuse me wrongly. Say, why are you always kicking my butt, what if it breaks?”

Bai Chenxiang snapped: “Your butt is so fat, how could it break from some kicking? Thick skin and deep meat. Humph, you’re doing it on purpose. You’re fully aware how fast I am, but just now you were still in my way, how isn’t that deliberate?”

Ma Hongjun said wronged: “Isn’t this because I was worried you’re be injured? You don’t know, that fellow little Ao is terribly cunning. Just now he used the mirror image sausage made from third brother’s blood

again, and with Rongrong’s support. You were bravely charging past, and would very possibly be trapped.”

Bai Chenxiang looked very doubtfully at Ning Rongrong and Oscar,
“Sister Rongrong[1], is that true?”

Ning Rongrong bent over giggling, saying: “Xiangxiang, Fatty really wasn’t blocking you deliberately. Third brother’s spirit mainly relies on control power. Even though you’re fast, if you ran into third brother’s spirit ability great web, you shouldn’t think about escaping.”

The effects of the mirror image sausage Oscar just used still hadn’t disappeared. With a flick of his right hand, a ball of yellow green light flew out, abruptly spreading out in the air, flying straight at Ma Hongjun.

Fatty’s eyes shone, a line of golden red flame abruptly jetting from his mouth, immediately blocking the spread open spider web. Immediately afterwards, with a shake of his body, two giant phoenix wings abruptly unfolded from his back, he swept past, and that spider web instantly turned to ash, his whole body leaving behind a dazzling image of flame in the air. The Blue Silver Emperor Oscar used wasn’t after all the one Tang San used. Even though it was flame resistant, Oscar didn’t have that power in his blood, and his mirror image sausage used just a drop of Tang San’s blood. But meanwhile Fatty’s phoenix flame had already reached an extremely abnormal level, breaking the spiderweb restraint in one move.

Bai Chenxiang stuck out her tongue at the immensely self satisfied Ma Hongjun, disdainfully saying: “Since you like showing off, go make up a sideshow.”

Ma Hongjun couldn’t help himself, “Xiangxiang, don’t always needle me, alright? We’re training here, raising our strength, if you’re dissatisfied with me, why not wait until after getting back home?”

Bai Chenxiang’s eyes opened wide, “Damn Fatty, you’ve even learned to argue? I’ve told you so many times, don’t call me Xiangxiang. Also. what are you talking about back home? Are we family?”

Ning Rongrong whispered by Oscar’s ear: “Fatty’s really met his nemesis this time. This girl Xiangxiang’s little mouth really is sharp!”

Oscar lowered his voice: “What do you think about Xiangxiang? Does Fatty have a chance?”

Ning Rongrong said: “I don’t know if he does, it depends on Fatty’s own ability. Back when we just met, how could we know we would be together? However, I can be sure that Xiangxiang is very kind hearted. Even if she’s a bit wilful, she’s a lot better than I was.”

Oscar grinned, “Yeah! How can she compare to you? Back then you were the little she-devil of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, even Title Douluo like grandpa Gu and grandpa Sword were a bit afraid of you.”

Ning Rongrong gave him a rebuking glare, lightly pinching the soft meat at his waist, “You villain, keep teasing me and I’ll……”

Oscar lightly raised a hand to touch Ning Rongrong’s tender face, “You’ll what?”

Ning Rongrong blushed, and in her shyness didn’t think it through, blurting out: “I won’t let you touch.” Once she said it, she became aware that she’d misspoken, and her charming face instantly grew crimson. Oscar, joyfully satisfied, laughed loudly, “I’m so afraid.”

“You……” Ning Rongrong raised her foot to kick Oscar’s butt just like Bai Chenxiang did to Ma Hongjun, but that vulgar fellow Oscar deliberately stuck his butt out, his beak spouting, “So pleasurable, so pleasurable.” Even if Ning Rongrong was angry, she still couldn’t help laughing.

Bai Chenxiang stood off to the side glaring wide eyed at them. Ma Hongjun had at some point already snuck over next to her, saying in a low voice: “Have you ever seen such a vulgar, lowly fellow?”

Bai Chenxiang subconsciously nodded, and Ma Hongjun hastily said: “Among us Shrek Seven Devils, in terms of moral quality, my third brother is undoubtedly number one. However, I’m not far behind third brother either. We’re both good men with single-minded devotion. Even if little Ao is a bit lowly, his moral standing is still very good. You don’t know all that happened between him and Rongrong. The stories within can be considered winding and strange. Later, I’ll tell you the stories about us Shrek Seven Devils back then.”

“Fine!” Bai Chenxiang subconsciously agreed. She had also heard a lot of stories about the Shrek Seven Devils from the side, especially since coming to Shrek Academy. When the students here looked at Oscar, Ma Hongjun, Ning Rongrong and the others, the respect in their eyes couldn’t be concealed. Even the teachers here were polite to them. Bai Chenxiang had also heard about the Shrek Seven Devils defeating all the great academies back then, finally becoming the undisputed Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament champions. But her knowledge was only superficial.

When Ma Hongjun saw Bai Chenxiang agree, he couldn’t help getting beside himself with joy, “Then tonight I’ll come to your room, and tell you some old stories.”

“To my room?” Bai Chenxiang reacted now, slowly turning her head, looking at the very close to her, already showing signs of drooling, Ma Hongjun.

She smiled a beautiful smile, immediately as if a hundred flowers bloomed, and Ma Hongjun couldn’t help being somewhat stunned.

“Stinking rogue, damn lecher. In your dreams.” Abruptly exploding, Bai Chenxiang suddenly pinched Ma Hongjun’s ear, forcefully twisting it one hundred eighty degrees. The aching Ma Hongjun screamed, the beautiful thoughts in his heart dashed to pieces.

Oscar pulled Ning Rongrong close, sighing softly, “It seems Grandmaster’s proposal was correct. The pressure we currently face is too little. With everyone together we can all be happy each day, but

without pressure, our cultivation momentum is also substantially less than before. Ever since returning to see you, honestly speaking, my mind hasn’t been on cultivating, only thinking about accompanying you, being by your side, nothing more important.”

Ning Rongrong nodded, saying: “Me too. I hope that in our trip to Sea God Island this time, we can accelerate our growth under the pressure.”

Oscar smiled slightly, saying: “Actually, I know you wish even more for our current life. But, you’re the future Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School successor. I will do my utmost to help share your burdens. Moreover, this time us Shrek Seven Devils can also finally meet again. With everyone together, our cultivation will be happy no matter what pressure we face. We can all trust our backs to our comrades. That’s a lot happier than my time in the north.”

Ning Rongrong giggled, saying: “Yeah, we can be together again. Such a feeling really is good. Having gone through so much wind and rain, we’ve all grown up.”

“Oh! Rongrong’s grown up, haha. Little Ao, you lowly person, even you’re ready to come back! Do you know how many tears Rongrong’s shed for you?”

Oscar had just turned around when he was embraced by a majestic person. Of course, it was just an enthusiastic hug, but that force alone was enough to make his bones creak.

“Boss Dai, can’t you be a bit gentler?” Oscar looked with a wry smile at Dai Mubai who had already let go.

Four eyes met, and the two couldn’t help smiling. Among the Shrek Seven Devils, the first to meet were these two and Ma Hongjun. When they had gone flirting and chasing girls in those days, these two fellows had cooperated a lot. They just had different styles.

Dai Mubai forcefully clapped Oscar’s shoulder, “It’s good that you came back alive. Haha, you’re disfigured. Very good, I’m finally more

handsome than you.”

Oscar snorted, “Even then you’re still not the most handsome, don’t forget about little San.”

Dai Mubai grinned: “Who would compete with someone inhuman? I’m satisfied being more handsome than you.”

Zhu Zhuqing said a few sentences in a low voice next to Ning Rongrong’s ear, and Ning Rongrong’s face immediately turned crimson again, furtively glancing at Oscar, than softly nodding to Zhu Zhuqing.

Bai Chenxiang looked somewhat curiously at them. Even an outsider like her could feel the strong brotherly bonds in the simple exchange between Dai Mubai and Oscar.

Ma Hongjun said: “This fellow in need of glasses is the boss of our Shrek Seven Devils, Evil Eye White Tiger Dai Mubai. That beauty is the youngest among us, Hell Civet Zhu Zhuqing. Among us seven, boss Dai’s strength is second only to third brother. Only, if it’s him and Zhuqing together, even third brother would be a bit inferior.”

“Damn Fatty, who did you say has eye problems?”

Chapter 200

Dai Mubai’s hearing was very good, and with a shift of his feet he was already in front of Ma Hongjun. Looking at the delicate and pretty Bai Chenxiang next to him, he said in disbelief, “Fatty, your eyes are pretty good! From where…...” At this point, his mouth had already been covered by Ma Hongjun and he was dragged aside violently.

Seeing the imploring light in Fatty’s eyes, Dai Mubai couldn’t help getting more doubtful. He was originally going to say his eyes were good and ask from which place had he brought this girl here. With Ma Hongjun’s understanding of him, how could he let him to speak out about this?

Oscar and Ning Rongrong were snickering aside, and Ning Rongrong was explaining the relationship between Fatty and Bai Chengxiang to Zhu Zhuqing in a whisper.

Ma Hongjun compressed his voice into a thread anxiously, and said to Dai Mubai, ”Boss Dai, show mercywith your words. Your brother is serious this time. This girl is third brother’s cousin. She and me are pure in mind and body. I’m wooing her. By no means divulge what I did before, or I will be finished.”

How clever was Dai Mubai, he realized immediately, giving Ma Hongjun a knowing look and saying with laugh, “I was saying where does such a pretty girl come from, and it’s exactly little San’s cousin. Nice to meet you, I’m Dai Mubai.”

Dai Mubai’s appearance was not very handsome, but his innate evil eyes and temperament endowed him with a special charm, otherwise he couldn’t have wantonly wallowed among flowers without facing a single defeat back then. The intangible imposing manner his body radiated very easily gave people pressure.

Facing him, Bai Chenxiang wasn’t that casual, but said in somewhat a reserved manner, “Nice to meet you brother Dai, my name is Bai Chengxiang. You can call me Xiangxiang.”

Ma   Hongjun   suddenly   gave   a   weird    shriek,    “Xiangxiang, you’re seeing him for the first time and you allow him to call you Xiangxiang?”

Bai Chengxiang cast her eyes heavenward, saying, “Brother Dai is my cousin’s older brother, is there anything wrong?”

Ma Hongjun said sulkily, “Then how about me? Why don’t you allow me to use it?”

Bai Chengxiang hummed, “Because you are vulgar! That fat as well as a face of lust. Who would speak to you. Brother Dai shows he is a gentleman at a glance, how can he be the same as you?

“Him? Gentleman?” Ma Hongjun looked wide eyed at Bai Chengxiang, and then at Dai Mubai next to him, suddenly he couldn’t help but feel bitter in his mind. Nevertheless he couldn't say anything. Who asked him to have a criminal record from before? Now he couldn’t offend anyone any more.

Dai Mubai’s mood was diametrically opposite of Ma Hongjun’s, saying with a laugh, “Worthy of being little San’s cousin. You really can talk. Xiangxiang, you are not wrong. Among us, the most honorablegentleman is exactly me.”

“Cough cough……” Oscar who was coughing not far away, looked at Dai Mubai with a weird expression, very weird…

Zhu Zhuqing stood next to Ning Rongrong with a smi

Dai Mubai seemed not to care about others’ eyes being on him at all, saying, “Where is Little San? Wasn’t it said we’d go to Sea God Island?”

Ma Hongjun said, “Third Brother had gone out for several days.
It seemed to be some family matters. I expect he’ll return soon.”

Mentioning Tang San, the smile on Dai Mubai’s face faded gradually, “Just what is going on with Xiao Wu? Grandmaster mentioned this in the letter, but, I still can’t believe why a proper human would separate her body and soul?”

Hearing Dai Mubai mention this, a strong killing aura suddenly appeared in   Ma    Hongjun’s    eyes,    histemperament    making    a    world- shaking change. It was the first time Bai Chenxiang felt something like it from Ma Hongjun. She suddenly felt that the Fatty next to her was becoming dreadful. Especially the pressure from the king of a hundred birds Phoenix spirit, even made her mind tremble, and move aside for half step subconsciously. Now in her eyes, this fatty seemed to have become a lot taller, and wasn’t that laughing and vulgar guy any more.

“Wasn’t   it    those    bastards    of    Spirit    Hall?”    Ma    Hongjun said fiercely. Without any need to exaggerate, narrating the truth completely according to the facts was enough to fill the space in front of the cabin withausterity. Zhu Zhuqing’s eyes were even hazy with tears, and only gradually calmed down after being comforted by Ning Rongrong.

“Spirit—— Hall——.” Dai Mubai roared deeply, immense imposing manner exploding abruptly. The Shrek Seven Devils were already accustomed to him releasing his manner like this, and everyone’s strength was very close, so their reactions were not intense. But Bai Chenxiang could’t stand the pressure of White Tiger that had exploded drastically so close, her face losing color as she retreated, staggering.

Just the moment when she was to fall down, a stable and thick big hand grabbed her shoulder, a thread of spirit power with a somewhat scorching hot feeling penetrated into her body. Bai Chengxiang’s breath was stabilized suddenly, as if an intangible wall made of raging

flames materialized before her body, blocking out the surging momentum of Dai Mubai for her.

“It’s no use being angry. If you want to fight against Spirit Hall, you need to constantly improve your strength. Only when all of you seven have become a generation of Title Douluo, can it be possible to fight against powers of Spirit Hall.”

At a calm voice coming far from outside, everyone looked towards the direction of the voice, seeing two men walking over in their direction. The one who was talking, was Grandmaster. By his side, was Sword Douluo Chen Xin with only one arm left.

“Grandmaster.” Seeing Grandmaster, The Shrek Seven Devils as well as Bai Chenxiang, bowedsimultaneously in salute.

Grandmaster nodded slightly to Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing, nothing showing on his stiff face, “You have learned about what happened to little San and Xiao Wu. We can call Spirit Hall our common enemy. Over the years, each of you has improved to a different extent, and also gotten more powerful spirit abilities. Before going to Sea God Island, I hope you can complete a run-in process. You have after all parted forso many years, even if your cooperation is still there, if you don’t know each others’ new abilities, you will be unable to cooperate to the greatest possible extent.”

Everyone nodded simultaneously. To Grandmaster’s instruction, they had been always sincerely convinced.

Grandmaster’s gaze swept over over everyone from one to another, then said, “The run-in period starts from now on. Even though little San and Xiao Wu aren’t here, you five have gathered. In order to run in well with the fastest speed, you need pressure.”

Ma Hongjun said with some stammering, “Grandmaster, you, you’re not planning on letting senior Chen Xin be our pressure?” He knew profoundly, Sword Douluo Chen Xin was actually a rank ninety seven peak power! That wasn’t something even ordinary Title Douluo could easily

match up to. Especially when Sword Douluo Chen Xin also had the title of the continent’s number one attack Douluo.

They had all seen Yang Wudi’s attack power, against which even Tang San would get the worst of it. Yang Wudi was merely more than rank eighty, while the Sword Douluo who was similarly famous for attack actually had the mighty of rank ninety seven. The pressure was really a bit big……

Bai Chenxiang shot a somewhat scornful glance at Fatty, thinking inwardly, so fearful? It’s just in order to train you, not a real enemy. The bit of good impression Fatty helping blocking the pressure for her put forth was dispelled by sheer force by this chance. She didn’t want to believe she would have any feelings towards such a vulgar fatty.

Grandmaster’s expression grew chill, “You should feel lucky. Being able to invite Senior Sword Douluo to be the pressure of your run-in, can not only enormously accelerate the process, but may also stimulate the growth of your strength one step further, helping you to find where your strength is insufficient.”

Ning Rongrong giggled, “Grandpa Sword, you have to start off leniently!”

Sword Douluo’s face turned serious, “I’m your opponent now, Rongrong, I won’t be lenient. Moreover, Oscar, you should remember, if you can’t protect Rongrong well, then I won’t let her go with you to Sea God Island. Didn’t you say you would have the ability to protect Rongrong after coming back? Today I’m here to inspect it. I hope you weren’t just talking big.”

Hearing Sword Douluo’s word, the Shrek five devils’ complexions became grave immediately. They could sense deeply, Sword Douluo wasn’t joking, especially to Oscar, on whose face the laughing expression disappeared immediately, a kind of special deep imposing manner spreading out, without saying a word, just nodding towards Sword Douluo silently.

Grandmaster said to Bai Chengxiang, “Chenxiang, you don’t need to join in run-in, come over to me.”

“Eh.” Bai Chenxiang replied, somewhat disapproving walking over and standing next to Grandmaster. In her heart she felt a bit resentful, wasn’t it said I would go gain experience together with them? Then why not let me join in the running-in now? Even if my strength is lacking compared to them, it still isn’t that much. No matter what, I’m a four rings spirit Spirit Ancestor, so they look down upon me like that? With my speed, it shouldn’t be a problem for me to protect myself.

While she thought inwardly, Sword Douluo Chen Xin was already slowly walking forward, while Shrek five devils subconsciously moved back, and very naturally, Ning Rongrong and Oscar were behind; Dai Mubai was in the middle front; Ma Hongjun and Zhu Zhuqing on either side. Each of their faces appeared very serious.

Bai Chenxiang also noticed the difference. She discovered that the moment Sword Douluo stepped ahead for the first pace, the temperament of his whole being changed dramatically. What looked like a very normal old man before, now everything around him seemed to become sharp, even the air grew a bitdistorted. Just feeling a trace of sharp sense in this aura, she couldn’t help turning pale.

Only now did she understand how wrong she was, and why Grandmaster didn’t let her join the running-in before her eyes. Standing behind Sword Douluo, that sharp sense seemed to tear her bodyto pieces, so it could be imagined how terrible the feeling was to stand before him. No matter how fast her speed was, she was afraid that she would only have the destiny of being cut apart by that sharp aura.

In her heart, Bai Chenxiang had always been somewhat proud. She thought, relying on the speed of the Speed Clan, in the world, no one could hurt her. Only now when she felt the sense radiated by Sword Douluo did she realize the gap between Speed Clan and real powers. Let alone her, even if her grandfather was here, unfortunately, he couldn’t withstand that fierce and formidable sharp sense.

But the five before Sword Douluo were all confronting Sword Douluo without retreating, and that, to her eyes, vulgar Fatty even stood on the first line, faint light starting to shine from everyone.

Grandmaster let Bai Chenxiang move backward fast, to a comparatively more distant place, thoroughly getting away from the scope of Sword Douluo’s aura, and then watched the battlefield.

White light flashing brilliantly, rather than retreating, Dai Mubai advanced, brazenly taking a step forward. With a huge roar, his body rendered by the intense white light suddenly changed drastically, a huge phantom of a vicious White Tiger emerged behind his back.

His body swelling fiercely, powerful muscle popping and breaking open the clothes, with both black and white lines appearing simultaneously on the muscles, yellow, yellow, purple, purple, black, black, six spirit rings appeared on his body simultaneously. Suddenly, his momentum rose up vigorously. Evil Eyes White Tiger’s forceful aura immediately made his companions’ burden decrease by a large margin.

Grandmaster made a soft sound of surprise, “Good. Didn’t expect his spirit power had grown again, it should be rank sixty five.”

Bai Chenxiang suddenly felt her heart seem to skip a beat. Although her age was a little less than the Shrek Seven Devils, it was by very little. Compared with the youngest one in Shrek Seven Devils, Zhu Zhuqing, she was just a year younger than her. Even Dai Mubai before her eyes was three or four years older than her, she knew, the strength of rank sixty five couldn’t be reached by her in three or four years.

With Dai Mubai releasing his spirit, dazzling splendor also blossomed on the other four. There was respectively a faint phantom emerging behind each one’s back. The one behind Zhu Zhuqing was a black cat, whose cold and concise aura was much more skillful than Dai Mubai. But the spirit rings on her body was the same as Dai Mubai’s, giving a mysterious and dangerous feeling.

Ma Hongjun’s spirit was much more rampant, a scarlet phantom of a phoenix emerging behind his back. His spirit rings were one fewer than others, but the momentum was not a bit the worse. Scorching hot phoenix flame rose up to the sky, revolving around his body, blossoming with dazzling splendor.

The phantom behind Ning Rongrong’s back was exactly the same as one in her hand, the splendid NineTreasures Glazed Tile supported by her right hand, six spirit rings sparkling respectively, bright gem light setting her off as refined like an immortal.

The phantom behind Oscar was the strangest one, two blurry silver silhouettes, seeming to connect with each other tightly.

Five people, four spirit emperors and one spirit king, and they were so young. Bai Chenxiang already held her breath subconsciously, looking at the battle that was on the verge of unfolding.

At the same moment, a sudden clear voice came, “Wait a minute.”

Silhouettes flickering, there appeared two people in the ground. Both of them wore white clothes. The man held the woman’s hand, with a slight smile on his face.

“With senior Sword Douluo instructing us, how could I be absent?”

The people who came weren’t strangers, but exactly Tang San and Xiao Wu. Pale blue light filled the air around Tang San and Xiao Wu’s bodies, he softly gathered up Xiao Wu, with some reluctance in his eyes, he placed her in his Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse.

The moment Tang San appeared, the originally grave expressions of the Shrek Five Devils all relaxed a bit, each person simultaneously showing a slight smile. If they were called five young powers, then, with the joining of Tang San, they became a very powerful integral entity.

Dai Mubai laughed, “Little San, your timing is perfect. We’re seeking advice from Senior Sword Douluo together.”

Tang San nodded. With his intelligence, seeing Grandmaster not far from them, he had already guessed that Sword Douluo was invited to instruct them. In terms of Sword Douluo’s strength, it would be absolutely possible to bring them formidable pressure.

Tang San’s presence didn’t make Sword Douluo Chen Xin’s face change for a single bit, letting him rejoin the unit, stand behind Dai Mubai and transform the original three-two arranged formation into three-one-two. Then he said calmly, “I will begin.”

A sharp refined light flashed across Sword Douluo’s eyes abruptly, and the next moment, there was already a sword before his body, a clear blue long sword, as if carved out of crystal. The most strange thing was that, on the long sword, there were nine stars, which were in yellow, yellow, purple, purple, black, black, black, black, black colors.

Seeing the sword, the Shrek six devils couldn’t help looking at each other in alarm. To be able to separate the original appearance of spirit rings and infuse them into the spirit, it showed how deep the Sword Douluo’s cultivation was.

Chen Xin raised his hand slowly, his gaze didn’t go to Shrek six devils but totally fell over on his own sword.

“Sword length four chi three cun, three cun wide. Hilt length one chi and two cun. Named: Seven Kill[1].”

The instant Sword Douluo Chen Xin was going to grasp this Seven Kill Sword, light burst from Tang San’s eyes, shouting aloud, “Power attack.”

Meanwhile, one white and one blue, two layers of lights exploded out from within his body simultaneously,covering the whole ground at once. Chilling, ruthless Deathgod Domain and mild and full of vitality with intense spiritual fluctuation Blue Silver Domain blossomed simultaneously, covering the companions on his side, and also covering the Sword Douluo.

Tang San was the core of Shrek Seven Devils, and everyone trusted him extremely. The instant Tang San shouted, Dai Mubai was already charging

forward. He of course knew what kind of opponent he was facing. The first spirit ability White Tiger Barrier, the third spirit ability White Tiger Vajra Transformation exploded in a split second, and his whole body of white light abruptly turned golden, attacking withunstoppable momentum like a golden meteor.

Zhu Zhuqing’s launch was a little slower than Dai Mubai, her body transformed into a phantom, rounding behind Sword Douluo’s back, popping out sharp cat claws and charging forward close to the ground.

Bai Chenxiang who was also good at speed could clearly sense that, in speed, Zhu Zhuqing was absolutely no slower than her, and even faster. Don’t forget that Bai Chenxiang was Pure Speed System whereas Zhu Zhuqing was Agility Attack System. As an agility attack type Spirit Master, she possessedpowerful attack power that Bai Chenxiang didn’t have.

At the same moment the two took action, two wings of phoenix had unfolded behind Ma Hongjun’s back. Under the combined effect of Bathing Fire Phoenix and Phoenix Ascension, he pounced down from the sky, and every light around his body became twisted, obviously he was releasing his fourth spiritability Phoenix Cry Sky Strike.

Tang San raised his right arm, the fourth spirit ability Blue Silver Prison appeared around Sword Douluo’s body in three layers in succession, meanwhile, his right arm became entirely golden. The fifth spirit ability Blue Silver Overlord Spear was charging up. According to his calculation, the moment Dai Mubai and Sword Douluo collided together, his Blue Silver Overlord Spear would be ready to be released.

Facing such a top Title Douluo, they absolutely didn’t dare hold back any strength. And the intangible pressure brought to them by Sword Douluo was also the vital factor of forcing them to go all out.

Ning Rongrong even spared no effort   of   her   spirit   power. Her Distraction Control had been cultivated tothe Five Aperture Scattered Heart level, where she could simultaneously control five different amplification effects on different objects.

The higher the rank of spirit masters of Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Clan was, the more spirit rings they had, the more formidable the amplification effect would be. When Ning Rongrong was amplifying with her full strength, even if it still wasn’t equal to her father, the only difference was in the last rank.

Nine Treasures Glazed Pagoda’s was brilliantly colorful, line after line of light shimmered respectively, constantly infusing amplification into Shrek five devils’ body who were displaying their attacks.

What fell on Zhu Zhuqing’s body was agility amplification, attack amplification and spirit power amplification, the three major amplifying abilities, with a formidable seventy percent effect.

Even more lines of light fell on Dai Mubai, four: respectively amplification of strength, defence, attack and spirit power.

Whereas what Ma Hongjun bore was even more formidable. Ning Rongrong’s six amplification all simultaneously fell on him. As the one who had the best explosive force, he was the true main assault force, especially with the effect of attribute amplification, which made his phoenix flame even hotter, golden red flame condensing, as if alive.

Meanwhile the amplifications that fell on Tang San’s body was mainly on attack, so there were only two, spirit power amplification and attack amplification.

Spirit masters over rank sixty, with amplification on a variety of aspects by seventy percent, the strength they could erupt with, besides the factor of Spirit Avatar, each person was equivalent to a seven ring Spirit Sage.

Although they hadn’t been together for years, the instant the fight started, everyone had already showed their extreme teamwork. Dai Mubai cut in directly and attacked the front side. Zhu Zhuqing strucksuddenly from his back and mainly focused on the lower body. And Fatty fell from the sky. Further addingTang San’s Blue Silver Overlord Spear and Ning Rongrong’s instant powerful multiple attributes amplification, the explosive

power they expressed now could make even a normal Title Douluo pale in shock, only able to dodge.

However, who they were facing, was not normal Title Douluo.

The instant Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing’s attack fell over on Sword Douluo’s body, his right hand grasped the hilt of that nine stars Seven Kill Sword, and the instant he grasped the sword, what he felt most deeply was the distance of Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing who were very close to him

At that moment, Chen Xin seemed already not to be merely a person, but a hurricane, with momentum beyond description suddenly exploding out from his body. Dai Mubai who bore the brunt just felt as if he was hit by an extremely sharp and huge force, even the amplification of Deathgod Domain, Blue Silver Domain and Ning Rongrong’s Nine Treasures Glazed Title was not enough to endure it.

The originally already released spirit ability was actually interrupted by sheer force. Just the frontal formidable momentum actually made Dai Mubai stop abruptly in his charge.

It wasn’t that he wanted to stop, but that under the momentum like a violent storm, he had to stop.

Amidst a deep hum, there was already a trickle of blood spilling out of Dai Mubai’s mouth. Tumbling back for several paces out of control, even the multiple amplification on his body couldn’t help support himself, the imposing manner of the Sword Douluo was like a huge sword filled with essence hitting his body fiercely.

Zhu Zhuqing felt equally unwell. She was the closest to Sword Douluo’s body, so even though she wasn’t suffering the frontal momentum, the instant her claw swung out, she just felt as if covered by countless sharp blades, fierce pain came from every place of her body, and she subconsciously sprang back.

The instant Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing were held back, Ma Hongjun had already dropped from the sky. Scorching hot phoenix flame turned

his fat and big body into a meteor and smashed down. Twisting lightimmediately covered Sword Douluo, his right fist punched to the ground with all his strength. The fourth spirit ability, Phoenix Cry Sky Strike, was released.

The momentum that erupted the instant Sword Douluo grasped Seven Kill Sword simultaneously repelledDai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing, was also the moment for him to withdraw his imposing manner, and that’s the reason why Ma Hongjun still attacked him rather than stop and retreat. And when Ma Hongjun’s bodylanded, with right fist punching to the ground, an illusory golden light had already reached Sword Douluo, exactly Tang San’s Blue Silver Overlord Spear.

The timing Tang San chose to release the spirit ability was just right, if a little bit earlier, then it would penetrate Ma Hongjun’s body, while if a little bit later, then the Seven Kill Sword in Sword Douluo’s handwould chop down, leaving no opportunity for Ma Hongjun’s attack. If it was a real fight, with Sword Douluo’s strength, he would be killed easily without doubt.

When Tang San’s Blue Silver Overlord Spear arrived, it was exactly the moment Sword Douluo’s Seven Kill Sword was raising across, and the moment Ma Hongjun released his Phoenix Cry Sky Strike.

This area was the big forest in the backyard of the   Shrek Academy, which teemed with Blue Silver Grass,and the more Blue Silver Grasses there was, the more powerful Tang San’s Blue Silver Domain would bein its amplification effect. Under the amplification of the Nine Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda and his own Blue Silver Domain, the Blue Silver Overlord Spear released by him had already reached an unprecedented effect, where even with strength like Sword Douluo, he couldn’t ignore such a piercing attack.

Everyone just felt Sword Douluo’s wrist move a little, and then the Seven Kill Sword lit up, without any spiritability, just pointing the sword forward lightly, the clear blue blade had already blocked the way of Blue Silver Overlord Spear.

Weng——, the trembling hum even made Grandmaster and Bai Chenxiang far from here step back a pace. A strange scene appeared. The powerful Blue Silver Overlord Spear had actually been actually cut into two pieces by the sword, and   transformed   into   two   lines   of   golden light sliding past either side ofSword Douluo’s body.

Drawn by the momentum, Tang San’s whole body tumbled forward for a pace, and the radiance around him dimmed somewhat immediately.

But at the same moment, Sword Douluo’s body finally halted for a split second, and Ma Hongjun’s Phoenix Cry Sky Strike follow up restraining effect revealed itself. Facing the full strength burst out by Shrek Seven Devils, even with Sword Douluo’s strength, it was still impossible to completely dodge their attack without using powerful spirit abilities. Of course, this was also significantly related to the handling of time by Tang San.

Hong——, an intense white light suddenly burst from Dai Mubai’s body. The fourth spirit ability White Tiger Meteor Shower blossomed. Releasing it right as Fatty’s Phoenix Cry Sky Strike transformed into forceful flame pillar and rising to the sky, forming a two pronged attack, was originally one of the most adept attackmethods of Shrek Seven Devils back then.

And at this moment a strand of Blue Silver Emperor charged over next to Ma Hongjun’s body despite scorching hot phoenix flame and twisted around his thick waist.

Amidst a huge explosion, the powerful phoenix flame and White Tiger Meteor Shower attacked from both sides and completely concentrated on a single point. The next moment, Ma Hongjun’s body had already been immediately pulled back by Tang San, with Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing moving backward simultaneously.

The fire light suddenly faded, and everyone found in alarm that Sword Douluo Chen Xin who was originally “bathed” in the two powerful attacks of spirit abilities under two major amplifications had actually disappeared. What was left in his place was a huge Seven Kill Sword, two meters long and a half meter wide.

The sword was just inserted into the ground, identical to the Seven Kill Sword in Chen Xin’s hand before, just much bigger. It seemed that every attack before had made no difference to it.

Just when Tang San was drawing Ma Hongjun back, six lines of powerful sword lights in front of that giant sword in all wrote a big character of “kill[2]”, and each sword light was black.

That was not Sword Douluo’s real spirit power color, but rather another dimension exposed as the sword lights cut open space.

Ma Hongjun just felt his clothes behind his back were soaked by sweat.
If he was still at that place, the consequence might be him in pieces.

If everyone could be said to be thinking that the fight was just to exchange pointers at first, then, they had now completely understood that, what Sword Douluo Chen Xin had said was not fake. He really didn’t plan to hold back.

The suddenly rising pressure made the Shrek Seven Devils feel unable to breathe, especially the Ma Hongjun who had been all but cut into pieces, whose little eyes showed extraordinarily grave light.

Howl——, under the huge pressure, Dai Mubai gave a roar, separating his feet, and spreading his two arms aside his body, like a circle, the fur on his whole body grew crazily and the fifth spirit ring lit up. Round after round of intense golden light rose up from his feet, and after each rising golden circle, his aura would swell somewhat. Even the White Tiger phantom behind his back rose had already become golden.

Zhu Zhuqing’s voice came clearly, “This is Mubai’s fifth spirit ability, White Tiger Devilgod Transformation,its is similar to White Tiger Vajra Transformation, and their boosts can stack.”

Before she had finished speaking, that huge sword in the ground had already left the ground and the huge blade swung up, with intense blue light chopping down abruptly. A huge blue light blade ran into Dai Mubai like an amazing rainbow directly.

Undoubtedly, this giant sword was Sword Douluo Chen Xin’s Spirit Avatar. Although no one could understand why he could transform into sword from flesh, they knew that this sword, let alone them, probably couldn’t be blocked even by a normal Title Douluo.

“Mubai, continue.” Tang San’s calm voice came. The next moment, he was already in the air. Xiao Wu’s spirit bone ability, Teleportation, was released.

, Tang San’s whole body had already been covered by golden light, Invincible Golden Body was released.

A cracking sound which sounded like tearing of metal came from the sky. The amazing rainbow was blocked by Tang San’s body by sheer force, but just at the same moment, a layer of hazy mirage surged up from the behind the Shrek Seven Devils and immediately covered the whole battleground. Suddenly, everything became illusory and seemed like a hazy dreamland.

Under the thick cover of the shining light, everyone of Shrek six devils felt a kind of special mental feeling that everything before their eyes had become unreal, but they could still sense each other’s location and Sword Douluo’s clearly.

So where did the thick colorful light come from? It was exactly Ning Rongrong’s Nine Treasures GlazedTile Pagoda. Back then, Tang San gave the spirit bone from Shi Nian to Ning Rongrong, and she got this ability. The ability the Mirage Bone brought her was named Fantasy Space[3]. After it blended with her Nine Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda spirit, the effect of Fantasy Space had been much more powerful than what was used by Shi Nian. After all, Nine Treasures Glazed Title was the best auxiliary spirit in the world.

The effect of Fantasy Space, under the control of the user, could bring companions improvement of spiritual force by twenty percent, and also set up a spiritual web which would make each other connect their minds, not likely to get lost in the mirage. But to enemies, it would produce hallucinatory effects that not only caused a false of sense of

direction, but also weakened the enemies’ spiritual force continuously by the psychedelic effects.
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