Douluo Dalu Chapter 181-190


Chapter 181

Tang San, Xiao Wu and Ma Hongjun had only just returned to Shrek Academy when they ran into the troublemaking Four Element Academies. At a glance, there were actually a lot of people they recognized.

They included the former Godwind Academy team captain Feng Xiaotian, Blazing Academy’s team captain Huo Wushuang and vice captain Huo Wu, Skywater Academy team captain Shui Bing’er, and the Dolphin Spirit Master she could cooperate with for a spirit fusion ability, Shui Yue’er. There was also the Thunderclap Academy team captain, the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan’s Yu Tianxin.

And in charge of the the Shrek Academy side were the three relatively high level teachers Shao Xin, Lu Jibin, and Li Yusong[1]. Their expressions weren’t too good, clearly they had gotten the worst of their exchange with the Four Element Academies.

Ma Hongjun, Tang San and Xiao Wu’s appearance immediately attracted the attention of the Four Element Academies crowd on the other side. Ma Hongjun laughed out loud, saying: “I was just wondering who it was, so it’s old friends. Why? Your loss against us back then wasn’t convincing, so you came specially for a fight today?”

Feng Xiaotian was clearly the head of the Four Element Academies delegation. When he saw Ma Hongjun he immediately showed a smile, “Long time no see, Ma Hongjun. Oh, Xiao Wu is here too. Where’s the rest of you?”

Seeing Ma Hongjun and Tang San return, Shao Xin and the other teachers immediately heaved a sigh of relief. They didn’t know about Xiao Wu, so her appearance didn’t cause them any astonishment.

Huo Wu’s gaze fell on Xiao Wu. Seeing Xiao Wu holding Tang San’s hand, she couldn’t help but frown. She didn’t recognize Tang San after his transformation, so inwardly her first thought was that Xiao Wu had fallen for someone else.

Ma Hongjun snorted unhappily, “Feng Xiaotian, talk less nonsense. What have so many of you come to do at our Shrek Academy today? If it’s for a fight, us brothers will welcome you, just step up.”

Feng Xiaotian didn’t get angry because of Ma Hongjun’s provocation, still smiling he said: “Our Four Element Academies have accepted the invitation of the Heaven Dou imperial family to move to Heaven Dou City. Everyone’s friends, so we’re not here for any fight today. Even though we’re somewhat unconvinced by our loss back at the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament, we still wouldn’t come quarreling. It’s just that your Shrek Academy students insisted on believeing we were here to fight. Nothing I could do.”

“If you aren’t here to pick a fight, then why barge into our Academy, and even injuring the students on duty at the gate.” Someone in the Shrek Academy student crowd shouted.

Feng Xiaotian frowned, saying: “That’s only a misunderstanding, just some of our little juniors who were impulsive.”

“Misunderstanding? Then if we gave your students a beating, would that also count as a misunderstanding?” The crowd parted for two people walking hand in hand. Oscar and Ning Rongrong had just gotten the news, and immediately rushed over.

When Fatty saw that the two of them had also come, he was imme diately happy. The speaker was Oscar.

Huo Wu snorted coldly, “If you’re unconvinced, then we’ll call the Shrek Seven Devils for a round. Whoever loses will apologize to the counterpart.”

When Feng Xiaotian saw Oscar he immediately shivered. Oscar’s appearance hadn’t changed, but that vicious knife scar on his face and his overall temperament had undergone a heaven and earth revolving change. Once he had been the most unassuming of the Shrek Seven Devils, but now Feng Xiaotian felt an intense threat from him. Oscar’s aura absolutely wasn’t something that could be gained from cultivation.

Oscar was just about to agree when he suddenly felt Ning Rongrong tighten her grip on his hand. When he turned his head towards her, she had already released her grip on his hand and fiercely thrown herself forward.

“Xiao Wu——” Shouting excitedly, Ning Rongrong flew forward like a swallow, fiercely embracing Xiao Wu, tears rising in her eyes.

The vacant eyed Xiao Wu was first alarmed by this hug, panic in her eyes. But her mood calmed very quickly, and she subconsciously raised her hands, returning Ning Rongrong’s hug. Her big eyes blinking, her expression revealed some familiarity.

Oscar now also saw Xiao Wu, and hurried over with big strides. Looking at Tang San with astonishment, he spoke softly: “Little San, what’s going on? Xiao Wu is?”

Tang San used a voice only the few of them could hear: “I obtained a heavenly material and earthly treasure by coincidence. After feeding it to Xiao Wu, her body was restored to human form. She should be completely separated from her animal form. Only, just her body. She still has no soul, only some instinctual reactions.”

When Ning Rongrong heard this, her tears immediately flowed from her eyes. Looking at Tang San, she said: “Third brother, don’t feel sad. This is a good start. Since her body can recover, her soul will definitely too.”

Tang San nodded resolutely, “I have no doubt about that. Alright, let’s deal with the problem in front of us first, don’t let outsiders joke about us.”

Ning Rongrong’s reaction clearly astonished the Four Element Academies people. Huo Wu couldn’t help saying: “What? Are you Shrek Seven Devils afraid of fighting?”

Oscar snorted coldly, “You say how you want to fight, and we’ll accept.”

Feng Xiaotian smiled: “I’m delighted. It seems your Shrek Seven Devils aren’t complete. Dai Mubai, Tang San, and Zhu Zhuqing aren’t here. We won’t take advantage of you. We’ll also use four people to fight you. What do you say?”

Oscar looked at Tang San, giving him an inquiring look.

Tang San shook his head to him, saying: “Three people. Xiao Wu needs someone to look after her.”

Oscar turned to Feng Xiaotian: “We’ll make it three against three.”

Feng Xiaotian looked at Xiao Wu, and also discovered something was wrong with her. The current Xiao Wu was undoubtedly even more beautiful than five years ago, but her empty eyes as well as Ning Rongrong’s previous reaction, told Feng Xiaotian that she was somewhat abnormal.

Turning his head to consult the Four Element Academy group, Feng Xiaotian, Huo Wu, and Huo Wushang walked out. Actually, in terms of strength, Shui Bing’er and Shui Yue’er’s spirit fusion ability, Drifting Ice and Snow, was a bit more powerful than the Huo siblings, but they couldn’t cooperate with the strongest Feng Xiaotian. Therefore, they chose such a combination.

Tang San rubbed Xiao Wu’s head, whispering: “Xiao Wu, you stay with Rongrong, I’ll be right back. Alright?”

As he spoke, he tried releasing Xiao Wu’s hand, placing it in Ning Rongrong’s grip. Xiao Wu naturally couldn’t answer him, and at the beginning she was somewhat hesitant, but when Ning Rongrong held her hand and looked at her with teary eyes, her somewhat restless mood calmed. Clearly, she subconsciously wanted to be close to Ning Rongrong.

Tang San heaved a sigh of relief, nodding to Ma Hongjun and Oscar,
“Let’s go.”

The six people faced each other in the middle of the space. Huo Wu looked at Tang San, immediately showing an expression of loathing, “We want to fight your Shrek Seven Devils, not some hired help.”

Even Tang San didn’t understand. Huo Wu’s expression was actually aimed at him. Seeing him and Xiao Wu together, Huo Wu secretly grew indignant on Tang San’s behalf.

Ma Hongjun laughed out loud, saying: “Didn’t you come to challenge our Shrek Academy? You’ll clearly see whether there’s hired help in a moment.”

Tang San looked at Feng Xiaotian, and their gazes collided in the air. Feng Xiaotian couldn’t help being astonished, because what he saw was Tang San’s blue eyes without a hint of wavering. It seemed as if the handsome youth in front of him didn’t have a shred of spirit power.

Tang San calmly said: “Brother Feng, long time no see. Since everyone’s come to my Shrek Academy this time, it shouldn’t be shooting in the dark. Before we begin, won’t you first explain it?”

Feng Xiaotian shocked said: “You know me? Sir is…..” In his impression, how could there be a person with Tang San’s appearance?

Tang San smiled slightly, “We haven’t met for five years, the changes really are large. No wonder everyone doesn’t recognize me. I’m Tang San.”

“What? You’re Tang San?” Huo Wu looked at him with shock, her eyes wide.

Tang San nodded to Huo Wu, “By chance, my appearance changed a bit, it’s no wonder everyone doesn’t recognize me. “With the Tang Sect about to be established, even if Tang San wouldn’t go announce his identity to the world, he had still decided he wouldn’t hide anything. The current relationship between the two great empires and Spirit Hall was delicate, and the two great imperial cities was where the imperial families held the most sway. Here, even Spirit Hall couldn’t easily be rash. Even if Spirit Hall’s people learned he was here now, as long as he didn’t leave Heaven Dou City, his safety could basically still be guaranteed. Moving against him absolutely wasn’t so easy.

Feng Xiaotian, Huo Wu, and Huo Wushuang looked at each other. With their experience they really couldn’t understand how someone’s appearance and temperament would change so much, but neither Oscar nor Ma Hongjun was refuting him, so clearly he was telling the truth.

Feng Xiaotian’s expression very quickly returned to normal, “We now all hold office at our respective academies. Since everyone are friends, I won’t hide it from you. This time the Four Element Academies have obtained the guarantee of the Heaven Dou imperial government, and decided to move to Heaven Dou City. Even if we’re not completely optimistic about the difference in strength between the two great empires and Spirit Hall, if the Spirit Master world really only had one giant, it wouldn’t be a good thing for us Spirit Masters, even more with the recent example of the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon clan. Our Four Element Academies are like siblings, that’s why we decided to join together to move into Heaven Dou City. And Shrek Academy is reputed as the number one academy in Heaven Dou. We’re a bit envious of your reputation, and we’re also very fond of your place here. This place is so large, so we want to move in as well. This time we came to negotiate. Just that dean Flender, Grandmaster and the others aren’t here. But exchanging pointers with you is pretty good too.

Ma Hongjun snorted, saying: “What you say might sound pleasant, but isn’t it just coming to occupy our space? Wishing is fine, but with us here,

don’t wish for too much. Of course, if you want to be annexed by our Shrek Academy, we won’t have any objections.”

“Damned Fatty, you’re farting.” Huo Wu’s fiery temper hadn’t changed a bit. Hearing Ma Hongjun’s words, she immediately grew angry.

Ma Hongjun disdainfully raised his head, “If you don’t accept it, come at me.”

Huo Wu was just about to flare up, but was stopped by Feng Xiaotian’s hand, and only snorted resentfully.

Feng Xiaotian said: “Five years have passed. Tang San, I also want to see how much progress you’ve made. Come, how about we exchange pointers?”

Tang San’s heart twitched, saying: “Wait a moment. Brother Feng, the Four Element Academies sent you to negotiate, does that mean that you can act on behalf of the Four Element Academies?”

The so far silent to the side Huo Wushiang said: “After the Four Element Academies decided to merge, because of Xiaotian’s outstanding talent, he was made vice dean as an exception to the rules. He has the authority to represent the academies in the negotiations.

Tang San nodded, looking at Feng Xiaotian with a smile: “Then how about this. If we win the fight today, then the Four Element Academies may no longer make plans on our Academy. Of course, as long as you remain in Heaven Dou City due to opposing Spirit Hall, we’ll still be allies.”

The smile on Feng Xiaotian’s face disappeared, his gaze suddenly turning strict, “In other words, you’re very confident in yourself?”

Tang San sighed, making it clear, “Brother Feng, if you don’t dare accept my challenge today, then, you’ll never be able to surpass me in your whole life.”

Feng Xiaotian knew Tang San was right. He had already lost to Tang San, and if he hesitated because of the academies today and didn’t accept Tang San’s challenge, then, when he met Tang San again in the future, he would have an even harder time to resist.

Seeing Feng Xiaotian’s hesitant appearance, Tang San suddenly smiled. His smile was very gentle, but filled with confidence, “This might be better. I alone will learn from the three of you. If I lose, I’ll accept any penalty. If I win, then please have the Four Element Academies retreat in regards to Shrek Academy in the future.”

This time, not only were the Huo siblings angry, even the always even tempered Feng Xiaotian couldn’t stand it.

Huo Wu angrily said: “Well said, Tang San. In the five years since we met, you’ve actually become so arrogant. Xiaotian, agree to it. I want to see what kind skill he has to face the three of us at once. Tang San, you’ll accept any penalty if you lose, you said so yourself. Even if I have you become my slave?”

Tang San said calmly: “As long as you have the skill to beat me.”

Oscar frowned. Even he thought Tang San was a bit excessive. Feng Xiaotian’s trio were after all people with outstanding strength in their generation. Even if they couldn’t compare to Spirit Hall’s Golden Generation, they still had the chance to become Title Douluo. Especially Feng Xiaotian. Back then he had been no small trouble for Tang San. The three had also cooperated for years. With Tang San’s strength alone, could he really contend with them?

But Ma Hongjun’s way of thinking was completely different from Oscar’s. Having personally seen Tang San defeat the eighty second ranked pure attack type Spirit Douluo Yang Wudi, he had profoundly experienced just how frightening Tang San had become. Even though these three were strong, they perhaps still couldn’t compare to Tang San in spirit power. Even if they cooperated, it would still be very difficult to threaten Tang San.

Feng Xiaotian shouted loudly, “Fine, since it’s like this, we’ll bet on this fight. Tang San, if you lose I won’t bother you. Just make a great effort for the strength of our Four Element Academies in the future.”

Oscar still wanted to say something, but was pulled back by Ma Hongjun. Everyone had been brothers for many years, and Oscar understood a great many things from Ma Hongjun’s expression. The worry in his heart also dropped considerably.

Even though it was three against one, Feng Xiaotian still didn’t dare underestimate Tang San. Back then in the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament, Tang San had created too many miracles. He didn’t want the three of them to become the target of another of Tang San’s miracles.

Feng Xiaotian gave a long somewhat sharp whistle, a layer of faint cyan light surging from within his body. His body clearly changed along with the cyan light rushing out, his muscles and bones swelling up with the sound of popping bones, his stature clearly growing enormous. His long hair was also rendered cyan, and astonishingly, on his left shoulder, grew a wolf head representative of his spirit.

The cyan wolf head’s gaze was ice cold as it stared at Tang San, constantly releasing trace after trace of chill. That was his spirit, Stormwind Double Headed Wolf.

At this moment, Tang San immediately understood why the Four Element Academies would choose Feng Xiaotian as vice dean. Because, around him, appeared a neat six spirit rings. Spirit Emperor, he was unexpectedly also a Spirit Emperor.

In fact, back when Feng Xiaotian participated in the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament, he was already twenty four years old. Spirit Masters grew fastest before twenty, but even being past that, he had unexpectedly risen to the sixtieth rank in a few short years, that showed how much effort he had invested. Even if his spirit power level had been higher than Tang San and the others’ back then, in fact, the difficulty to advance was also higher than for the Shrek Seven Devils.

Tang San was also a Spirit Emperor, and moreover already had extremely formidable spiritual force. He could clearly sense that Feng Xiaotian should have only just obtained the spirit ring to advance. But even so, to be able to reach this level at the age of twenty nine, he was quite amazing.

Huo Wu looked at the astonishment in Tang San’s eyes, and couldn’t help feeling pleased. Together with her big brother Huo Wushuang, she also released her spirit.

Two yellow, two purple, one black, the levels of the two siblings were exactly the same. They were both fiftieth ranked Spirit Kings. A strong fire element aura rushed out, the intense heat stirring the atmosphere revealing their formidable strength.

Feng Xiaotian saluted Tang San slightly, “Sixty first level agility attack type Spirit Emperor.”

Huo Wu proudly said: “Fifty fourth ranked control type Spirit King.” She wasn’t pride for herself, but for Feng Xiaotian. In these years, the gap between her and Feng Xiaotian had already pulled open. She was always together with Feng Xiaotian, and clearly also knew how painstakingly Feng Xiaotian had cultivated. In order to cultivate, Feng Xiaotian had lived for more than two years in a valley where hurricanes formed every day, enduring the frightful hurricane stormwinds each day. In order to have his present success, he had invested enormous effort.

Huo Wushuang said: “Fifty third ranked agility attack type Spirit King.”

Watching the three opponents in front of him, the astonishment in Tang San’s eyes gradually faded, replaced by serenity. Even if he didn’t know just how Feng Xiaotian had cultivated, he could also imagine that each Spirit Master had their own fortunes. Feng Xiaotian had inevitably also paid enormous effort to have the accomplishments he did today. But, could Tang San have paid any less than him? No, of course not.

Huo Wu looked somewhat resentfully at Tang San, “What? Are you planning to concede now? Still not revealing your spirit.”

Tang San glanced at her. Honestly, he wasn’t too fond of Huo Wu’s character, she was too forceful and overbearing, but he had to admit that she was better being true to her nature than a great many hypocrites.

Raising his right hand, his spirit suddenly releasing. Sooner or later people would know about it, and in front of the crowd of Shrek Academy students, Tang San had decided as early as when he agreed to confront the three that he wouldn’t hide his hundred thousand year spirit ring any longer. Xiao Wu’s resurrection had also softened those harsh thorns in his heart somewhat. If he should confront someone he would, pressure was equally a kind of driving force. He wouldn’t stupidly go look for Spirit Hall right now, but neither did he plan to hide anything. If he was suppressed by Spirit Hall even here in Heaven Dou City, then he would never have any chance to confront them.

Of course, it wouldn’t be so easy for Spirit Hall to grasp his whereabouts. After reporting to Flender, Grandmaster and the others over here, Tang San and the others would immediately secretly enter the Strength Clan, that is, their Tang Sect. That was their true hiding place, and everything about the Tang Sect was what had to be kept secret the most right now.

The crystalline Blue Silver Grass seemed even more dazzling under the noonday sun, the close to transparent spirit radiating countless dazzling lights, those six spirit rings signifying strength appearing in an instant, yellow, purple, black and red complementing each other, making Tang San seem like a deity descended from the heavens.

Feng Xiaotian and the others’ eyes were dazzled by the light. As they saw the color of Tang San’s sixth spirit ring, their expressions grew marvellous, and the surrounding spectating students and teachers also instantly grew completely silent.

“Sixty sixth rank, control type Spirit Emperor. Please.” Tang San’s deep voice roused the three opponents across from him. At this moment, they truly understood why Tang San unexpectedly had the courage to fight the three of them simultaneously. Strength, absolute strength.

“This, this is impossible.” Huo Wu looked at Tang San, not daring to believe her eyes. She had always believed that, after five years of effort, at least Feng Xiaotian would be able to pull open the distance from Tang San. After all, Tang San’s spirit was only Blue Silver Grass. But at this moment, she found that while there was indeed a distance, the one pulling ahead wasn’t them.

After five years, today Tang San used his strength to show them that the championship the Shrek Seven Devils obtained in the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament back then was fame naturally following merit.

Tang San faintly swept his gaze across Xiao Wu. Actually, even if Xiao Wu hadn’t sacrificed herself, his strength would still be above Feng Xiaotian’s. He had endured much in these five years, but he had also obtained the corresponding awards.

“Please.” Tang San made a second inviting gesture. The blue silver grass surrounding him fluctuated slightly, his palm waving a bit, and countless blue silver grass milled towards the trio.

Feng Xiaotian was first to react, instantly accelerating and dashing straight at Tang San, cyan light leaving a long shadow behind him, his speed incomparably fast.

Wolf claws popping out of both hands swung along with his first spirit ring glittering, and several dozen sharp wind blades seemed to instantly erupt and spin out in all directions, forcefully blocking the Blue Silver Grass in front of Tang San.

In the five years since they met, Feng Xiaotian’s strength really had progressed a lot. It was the same first spirit ability, but the power it produced was entirely different.

Only, Feng Xiaotian’s wind blades still just relied on force of impact to move away Tang San’s Blue Silver Emperor, unable to harm them. The Blue Silver Emperor scattered in all directions immediately covered an even larger area, and seemed even more dazzling in the sunlight.

Huo Wu and Huo Wushuang move simultaneously, Huo Wushuang giving an explosive shout. His attack power increasing overall after Fire Dragon Spirit Body Enhancement. Charging straight at Tang San with large steps, roaring, tyrannical flames already condensing on his fists covered with dragon scales. He hadn’t forgotten that Tang San’s Blue Silver Emperor was immune to fire, and therefore he didn’t issue is flame externally, but rather condensed it within his fists, giving his fists even greater burst power.

A flame shadow rose behind Huo Wu, flames like specks of starlight starting to condense above her head. They had always cultivated together over these years, and knew each other extremely well, basically able to grasp the intervals between each spirit ability without communicating, without revealing any gaps.

Tang San didn’t use any spirit abilities, just taking one step sideways, several dozen strands of Blue Silver Emperor swinging, sealing Feng Xiaotian’s steps forward. Even with Feng Xiaotian’s strength, he would inevitably be stopped for a moment before the Blue Silver Emperor, and Tang San exploited this moment to instantly accelerate, both fists rising simultaneously, directly meeting Huo Wushuang. A control type Spirit Master unexpectedly wanted to go fist against fist, colliding head on with power attack type Huo Wushuang.

Huo Wushuang naturally wouldn’t retreat. With an explosive shout, his fire element infused fists struck straight at Tang San. The instant their fists collided, there was an explosive sound.

Huo Wushuang thought inwardly, ‘Even if you’re stronger than me, you’ll still never be able to compete with me where you’re the weakest and I’m the strongest.’

But, when the four fists collided, Huo Wushuang’s expression immediately changed. He clearly felt that Tang San’s fists were as solid as iron, so solid that the effect of the flames erupting from his fists completely disappeared. An immense pressure came from straight ahead. Both his fists ached simultaneously. Immediately afterward, his body flew backward uncontrollably.

And at the same time, Tang San’s fourth spirit ring abruptly flashed, Blue Silver Prison appearing. Just one Blue Silver Prison, but its target was the one who had now pushed away the Blue Silver Emperor to swiftly charge towards him, Feng Xiaotian.

Abruptly trapped, Feng Xiaotian scratched at the Blue Silver Emperor with all the strength of his wolf claws, but he discovered to his shock that, while it was the same Blue Silver prison, the durability of the Blue Silver Emperor facing him was an unknown amount more durable than the previous Blue Silver Grass. Cutting with all his might, he actually only left behind a shallow mark.

Tang San basically didn’t even glance in Feng Xiaotian’s direction. Staggering one step, he was already pursuing the backwards tumbling Huo Wushuang. His right shoulder lowering forward, he directly struck Huo Wushuang’s chest. At the same time, two strands of Blue Silver Grass twisted around Huo Wushuang’s waist, forcefully pulling towards him.

Huo Wushuang was after all the former Blazing Academy team captain, and naturally he wasn’t so easy to deal with. But both his arms ached, and he couldn’t block with his full power. With a loud shout, his third and fourth spirit ring brightened one after another, surging fire element explosive force blasting out with him as the center, at the same time, claws grew from his hands, and his body grew larger once again, the scales erupting with golden red light, his whole body flourishing with power.

This third spirit of his, similar to Dai Mubai’s White Tiger Vajra Transformation, instantly increased his power to its peak.

With a pu sound, a circle of strong firelight appeared in front of Tang San, his advance changing to shooting backwards. That was Huo Wu’s Defying Flame Ring. And now Feng Xiaotian’s fourth spirit ability also abruptly erupted, three one and a half chi long sharp blades ejecting from between the knuckles on either hand, an illusory wolf image appearing behind him. Spreading his hands out to either side, three meter long cyan lines of light shooting from the six sharp blades, finally tearing the Blue Silver Prison in front of him.

In fact, this fourth spirit ability of his erupted completely, but Tang San’s Blue Silver Prison was originally a crowd control spirit ability. Forcing him to use the attack of his fourth spirit ability against only one, showed just how terrifying the durability of the Blue Silver Emperor was.

Only, Tang San had in the end still been launched back by Huo Wu’s Defying Flame Ring, and Feng Xiaotian’s trio gathered together again. Feng Xiaotian took advantage of his fourth spirit ability still not having ended, putting his palms together over his head, intense cyan light leaving the claws, chopping straight at Tang San. The instant the cyan light chopped out, the air surrounding Tang San distorted violently, blocking his ability to block to the sides and forcing him to take it head on.

Cold light flashed in Tang San’s eyes, an aggressive thought born in his heart, what about taking it on? Ice cold killing intent abruptly turned substantial, surging white light fusing into extremely violent aura and surging out, in a split second turning into a white point and meeting Feng Xiaotian’s fourth spirit ability straight on.

Feng Xiaotian hadn’t seen any of Tang San’s spirit rings light up, and just as he was wondering where this ability came from, that white light and the cyan light he chopped out came into contact, but unexpectedly didn’t cause any collision, but rather pierced straight through and had already reached him in an instant.

In shock, Feng Xiaotian couldn’t mind his spirit power, his whole body once again exploding with cyan light, hurriedly blocking for all his life. But, that white light quietly rushed inside, directly shocking his body.

The Deathgod Domain’s evolved ability, Deathgod Assault, this was in itself an ability similar to a spiritual attack, and naturally wouldn’t conflict with his energy attack. But since Feng Xiaotian wasn’t sufficiently prepared for the Deathgod Assault, he instantly seemed to have fallen into an ice house. Within that insane and ruthless killing intent, he only felt as if his body was a tiny boat that could collapse at any moment. Spirit power madly flooding his body, fighting spirit falling in a straight line, he retreated a few steps with a pale complexion. And because of having lost his control, that line of cyan light disappeared before even reaching Tang San.

Lifting the siege by attacking the source, Tang San used one of the simplest methods to dissolve Feng Xiaotian’s attack.

“Xiaotian, are you alright?” Huo Wu held Feng Xiaotian’s shoulder with one hand, infusing her own spirit power within him. They had always been together in these years, and their relationship had long ago been confirmed, they just hadn’t married yet.

Hearing Huo Wu’s voice, Feng Xiaotian’s immediately roused his mind, keeping his fighting spirit from collapsing, sharply biting his tongue and gathering his thoughts. Loosing a long breath, his face revealed fear, “So fearsome.”

Three against one, but so far in the fight, it was the side with more people who were at a disadvantage. Feng Xiaotian’s trio couldn’t help being somewhat disappointed at this. But, they were still outstanding team battle Spirit Masters since long ago, and naturally wouldn’t be defeated like this. Expressions growing serious, Huo Wu nodded to Feng Xiaotian, pressing on towards Tang San together with Huo Wushuang, and Feng Xiaotian’s second and third spirit rings flashed simultaneously.

A pair of giant cyan wings extended from Feng Xiaotian’s back, and at the same time, a cyan illusion condensed behind him, that was the likeness of the Stormwind Double Headed Wolf. Set off by that huge dazzling image, Feng Xiaotian soared up, drawing support from the wind and, with just one flap of his wings, he shot towards the sky, rising at least fifty meters.

Watching this familiar scene, Tang San couldn’t help displaying a faint smile at the corners of his mouth. Back then, hadn’t Feng Xiaotian gotten the worst of it under his hands using just this ability? Why, did he want to use old skills to repeat old results?

Huo Wushuang had already charged, and countless condensed flame meteors also flew towards Tang San just like chasing the moon along with Huo Wu’s fifth spirit ring brightening. Her flame meteors seemed a bit similar to Ma Hongjun’s fifth spirit ability, just a lot fewer. But this spirit ability still couldn’t be underestimated, because each flame meteor shooting

forward contained extremely potent explosive force. Even without considering the flame element, they were still enough to cause a frightening attack.

Huo Wushuang’s fifth spirit ring also brightened. Roaring, a five meter long huge fire dragon rose around him, circling around him and charging at Tang San.

[1] Three of the teachers at the original Shrek Academy.

Chapter 182

Good fellows, both of them had released their fifth Spirit Ability, so were they going to settle the outcome? No, Tang San realized their purpose immediately. The reason why Huo Wushuang and his sister spared their Spirit Power to attack wasn’t that they wanted to defeat him but to make time for Feng Xiaotian in the midair.

Although back then Feng Xiaotian’s Stormwind Demon Wolf’s Thirty Six Successive chops lost to Tang San’s Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer, his Stormwind Demon Wolf’s Thirty Six Successive Chops were still quite strong. And Tang San wasn’t confronting only him, so given Feng Xiaotian sufficient time to store his attack power while Tang San was blocked by Huo Wu and Huo Wushuang and couldn’t use the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer, then Feng Xiaotian would have confidence to defeat Tang San. These tactics had been practiced many times, and because Tang San was unexpectedly powerful, they finally used it.

What reached Tang San first were the five flame meteors. Tang San’s body flickered, walking the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Steps, with an abrupt exploding of Deathgod Domain, an overpowering killing aura broke through the targeting from Huo Wu by sheer force. At the same time moving through the gaps between the five flame meteors, his right hand swung, and a dark green light ball flew to the sky. His third Spirit Ability, Spider Web Restraint was released, which pursued Feng Xiaotian who was soaring to the high sky.

But at this moment, the second wave of flame meteors had already came in front of Tang San along with Huo Wushuang.

The light in Tang San’s eyes condensed a little, and his body stepped back rapidly. Meanwhile, with the fifth Spirit Ring flashing, his right arm overflowed with golden light.

The Shrek students who were watching the battle naturally wouldn’t forget the deep impression made by Blue Silver Overlord Lance back then, so each of them held their breath and watched attentively.

The three meters golden long lance appeared on Tang San’s right arm. The flame meteors were fast, but actually couldn’t catch up with his body. With the help of the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone, Tang San’s speed had even competed with Pure Speed Clan, so the speed he could reach was consequently unbelievable for Huo Wu’s trio.

Feng Xiaotian in midair had already started his Stormwind Demon Wolf’s Thirty Six Successive chops, but seeing the Spider Restraint flying towards him, his body abruptly circled,

sharp wings swinging out, attempting to cut it apart.

However, he once again experienced the durability of the evolved Blue Silver Emperor. With the attack power of Feng Xiaotian’s Stormwind Demon Wolf’s Thirty Six Successive chops, perhaps it could barely cut normal Blue Silver Emperor. But don’t forget, Blue Silver Emperor’s tenacity would be enhanced by a hundred percent in the Spider Web Restraint. So this chop of his unexpectedly didn’t cut it. On the contrary, the Blue Silver Emperor relied on his force and twisted around him, interrupting his self-created spirit ability instantly.

Feng Xiaotian gave an unreconciled roar, in fact, there was poison on the Spider Web Restraint. If he was actually restrained by it, there was no need for him to continue this battle. Helplessly, he couldn’t help but stop his Stormwind Demon Wolf’s Thirty Six Successive chops. The fifth Spirit

Ring on his body exploding abruptly, a layer of strong cyan light sprang out from his body, transforming into countless extremely sharp wind blades, which were nearly substantial, and then transformed in to a dazzling tornado, crushing the Spiderweb Restraint surrounding him.

Storm wind Demon Wolf’s fifth Spirit Ability, Tornado Blade[1].

Huo Wushuang had already gotten impatient because of Tang San’s endless retreating. Stopping abruptly, he swung his arms in a circle and pushed fiercely. The transformed fire dragon around his body from his attack-defense integrating fifth Spirit Ability flew out with a roar and pursued Tang San directly, with an amazing explosive force. It not only approached to Tang San’s body rapidly, but the Deathgod Domain was even unable to keep it from to locking onto Tang San.

Huo Wu also promptly coordinated with her brother, controlling the rest of the flame meteors to attack Tang San from the other sides. Now that he couldn’t be locked on to, she used her spiritual force to control them, which also made a great difference. The brother and sister pair had immediately put Tang San in a difficult situation.

But that golden light was released at the same moment. Tang San’s fifth Spirit Ability, Blue Silver Overlord Lance erupted.

The golden light flashed and faded, while the dragon froze in midair. No matter how Huo Wushuang controlled it, it could not move at all, whereas the golden light through it draw an arc in the sky and ran into Feng Xiaotian, who had just stabilized himself and begun to release his Stormwind Demon Wolf’s Thirty Six Successive chops again. Although the golden light had been diminished by half by the fire dragon, that extremely sharp aura and unstoppable momentum still brought a suffocating feeling to Feng Xiaotian.

His Demon Wolf’s Thirty Six Successive chops had just gone through one round, thus couldn’t withstand such attack as he thought. So he couldn’t help but stop for a second time, releasing the fifth Spirit Ability

again, relying on the skillfully control of Tornado Blade to impact wave after wave. Flying backward swiftly in the air, he finally barely dispelled the remnant threat of the Blue Silver Overlord Lance.

In the meantime, the fire dragon frozen in front of Tang San transformed into a spatter of fire rain with the explosion of plenty of flame meteors and fiercely explosive sounds. But their original attack target, Tang San, disappeared.

Tang San just disappeared before Huo Wushuang, but never lost his trace in Huo Wu’s eyes. Because the moment he appeared again, it was exactly the place between Huo Wushuang and Huo Wu, just one step away.

Seeing Tang San suddenly grow lager before her eyes, Huo Wu was shocked and released her Defying Flame Ring without hesitation. She didn’t have the confidence to collide head on with Tang San.

With the release of Defying Flame Ring, Tang San disappeared again. No matter how fast Huo Wu’s third Spirit Ability was, it couldn’t be faster than Tang San’s teleporting.

This time, when Tang San appeared, he was already behind Huo Wu. Crystalline and thick Blue Silver Emperor twisted around the body of this woman Spirit King. Sharp thorns pierced through the defense of clothes and penetrated into the skin of Huo Wu, who had just released the Defying Flame Ring, and was lacking spirit power.

A fierce sense of numbness suddenly coursed through her body. With her physical strength, how could she get rid of the Blue Silver Emperors?

Huo Wushuang had now already reacted, and Feng Xiaotian in the air was also depressed to an extreme extent, disregarding storing strength and pouncing down, chopping at Tang San with his sharp wings,

With just one simple action, Tang San had ended Feng Xiaotian’s self- created Spirit Ability once again. Blue Silver Emperors swinging, he smashed Huo Wu who had been bundled up substantially like a meteor hammer at Feng Xiaotian directly. Never doubt Tang San’s accuracy,

wielding Huo Wu as a big hidden weapon, his hidden weapon skill wouldn’t change a bit.

Splendid blue golden light burst from the ground, and Huo Wushuang who was running into Tang San was stopped suddenly by the swallowing of blue golden light.

Blue Silver Emperor’s fourth mutated Spirit Ability of Blue Silver Prison, Blue Silver Assault Array was released.

The next moment, Tang San had already come in front of Huo Wushuang, still using his teleportation. Blue Silver Emperors and those six splendid Spirit Rings disappeared, as replacement, the Clear Sky Hammer smashed down.

Huo Wushuang had lost his presence of mind the moment Huo Wu was caught, infusing all of the armor spirit power into his hands and transformed them into attack power. Although the time of dizziness was very short, the moment he woke up, what he saw was just a Clear Sky Hammer growing larger in his field of view.

The Spirit King with One-Horned Tyrant Dragon Spirit could just made a stuffy hum and then was smashed directly unconscious by Tang San’s hammer. That was because Tang San showed mercy, if this hammer struck people of Spirit Hall, it could be absolutely deadly.

Feng Xiaotian felt like he could spit blood. He asked himself, his Demon Wolf’s Thirty Six Successive chops had evolved to fifty four chops in the past five years, which had tremendous power. But no matter how powerful an Ability it was, it should be available first. Tang San interrupted his charging forcefully again and again, and forced him to use the fifth Spirit Ability twice which consumed a large amount of spirit power. Although he caught Huo Wu now, he could only blankly watch Huo Wushuang get smashed unconscious by Tang San’s hammer.

Purple golden light exploded from Tang San’s eyes abruptly, Feng Xiaotian tried to dodge in shock, but the light grazed his body.

Flame of light died away from Tang San’s eyes slowly, and his stable voice came, “Still want to continue? Or do you want to compete with my Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer?”
Feng Xiaotian dropped from the sky, looking at Huo Wu in his arms on whom Blue Silver Emperors had already disappeared even before Tang San smashed Huo Wushuang down. His heart was overflowing with bitterness. For what had he worked in the past five years? Wasn’t it for catching up with the one before his eyes? To demonstrate that he was stronger than him and marry her grandly? However, the day after five years, the one who lost was still him. The gap wasn’t only not narrowed by his hard work, but had on the contrary grown larger.

Although Huo Wu’s face was filled with reluctance, she knew Tang San had already showed mercy just now. She didn’t know what the purple golden light grazed Feng Xiaotian was, but that overwhelming fluctuation of spiritual force was sensed by her clearly. Whether on her or on Feng Xiaotian, it wouldn’t be comfortable. Especially for herself, the dizziness of her body hadn’t recovered till now.

Ma Hongjun laughed loudly, and shouted, “Long live Shrek!
Shrek always wins!”

His voice woke those intoxicated students who were watching the battle, and suddenly, a hail of "long live Shrek", "Shrek always wins" burst out abruptly and spread to every corner of the campus.

Tang San had already been in a state where he could not be moved by honour or disgrace, grabbing up Huo Wushuang on the ground, clapping hand on his shoulder, using Mysterious Heaven Skill to activate the movement of his blood and qi within his body, Huo Wushuang finally woke up. Looking at Tang San, his face couldn’t help going red. Even though he was unreconciled, he knew that they lost the battle and knew how thoroughly they lost. That was three to one!

Seeing Huo Wushuang stand stably, Tang San walked over to Feng Xiaotian and Huo Wu whose faces were full of depression, a branch of Blue

Silver Emperor lowering forward and touching Huo Wu’s arm to retrieve anesthesia toxin infused into her body.

Huo Wu’s physical resistance was originally very high, so with Tang San’s help the numbness disappeared immediately.

Those originally arrogant students of Four Elements Academies now bowed their heads.

Feng Xiaotian sighed, “It seems that I wouldn’t surpass you in my lifetime.”

Tang San turned his head to look at Xiao Wu who was frightened by the sudden shouting, sighing slightly, “If Xiao Wu could recover to normal, what about my losing all of the spirit power? Surely the strength of spirit master is important, but to me, she is more important.”

Seeing the desolate emotion and sorrow flitting across the bottom of his eyes, Feng Xiaotian’s heart was touched, and subconsciously looked at Huo Wu next to him. Yes, he had already had the most precious thing, why be depressed for losing?

Huo Wu couldn’t help asking, “What’s the matter with Xiao Wu? She looks a little abnormal.”

Tang San didn’t answer her question, “Brother Feng, how about finding a place to talk?”

Feng Xiaotian nodded, said, “The same intention. Huo Wu, you bring Wushuang and the others back, I will talk to Tang San.”

Huo Wu said somewhat stubbornly, “No, I will listen too. Let big brother bring them back.”

Feng Xiaotian could never do anything against Huo Wu, looking at Tang San helplessly, while Tang San said calmly, “Then come together.”

Huo Wushuang took the students from Four Elements Academies with their tails to leave, several teachers of Shrek of course wouldn’t let pass the

chance of educating students. Of course, this wasn’t something that Tang San had to pay attention to.

The Shrek five devils took Feng Xiaotian and Huo Wu to the cabin where they lived, and Tang San held Xiao Wu’s hand again, and her previous anxiety disappeared entirely at his touch.

Huo Wu looked at Xiao Wu now and then, but in her eyes, Xiao Wu had no response to this. Seemed to never see her. Huo Wu’s curiosity had always been strong and she wanted to ask, but was stopped by Feng Xiaotian with a look.

Back at the cabin, finding the biggest room, they took seats respectively. They had no hatred originally. Tang San had also just defeated them, so Oscar, Ma Hongjun and Ning Rongrong naturally wouldn’t have too much hostility to them any longer. Feng Xiaotian said to Tang San on sitting, “Tang San, believe it or not, us starting a fight with your academy’s students was not our provocation on purpose. Maybe your Shrek Academy’s title as No.1 Academy in the world is too resounding, so your students are a bit arrogant.”

Oscar aside said, “That still wouldn’t have developed into what it did. If I’m not wrong, you were deliberately provoking with students of Four Elements Academies to bait us out.”

Feng Xiaotian looked at Oscar surprised, and thought inwardly: it seemed that the brilliance of Shrek Seven Devils had been overshadowed by Tang San, but Oscar seemed not ordinary as well. Not only the aura on his body, but also his meticulous mind.

So Feng Xiaotian put his cards on the table, “Yes, I had this idea. We haven’t seen you for years, so I wanted to see how your strength improved first. Secondly. I also wanted to be introduced to your Academy. Since Dean Flender wasn’t here, you guys have the right to speak.”

Ning Rongrong said, “Wanted to be introduced to grab our campus?”

Feng Xiaotian smiled embarrassed, “Of course not. To be frank, we actually want your Academies’ campus. But not the meaning of grabbing. We just hope to discuss with your Academy whether we could have a piece of place. We are willing to pay. Buying some ready mimicry cultivating areas in passing. You know, since the Academies have moved, many things need to start afresh. And Shrek Academy is already steady in the Heaven Dou city, as the saying goes, great trees are good for shade, if you are willing to help a little, we will be more easily settled.”

Ma Hongjun said unhappily, “So why don't you go to Heaven Dou Imperial Academy? Their place is not small either, and their facilities aren’t fewer than us. Don’t you know spirit masters of Heaven Dou Imperial Household are receiving training here sometimes? Although our place are large, if you four academies move in together, there would be no place to live.”

Huo Wu curled her lips, said, “Heaven Dou Imperial Academy? Do you look up to them? We’re afraid that our students’ ethos will be affected by those fops. It is because we think highly of your Shrek Academy that we wanted to cooperate with you.”

Tang San who hadn’t said a word since he entered the cabin opened his mouth finally, when Xiao Wu was nestling on his shoulder and holding his big hand, whose quiet and beautiful appearance even made Huo Wu feel jealous inwardly.

“Brother Feng, you still didn’t tell the truth. If I’m not wrong. The Four Elements Academies’ condition isn’t good in fact. If you don’t tell us the specific problem you face honestly. I think we couldn’t help you either.”

Feng Xiaotian’s face turned slightly. How smart Tang San was, just one sentence, but it hit where it hurt.

Forcing a smile helplessly, “Tang San, Tang San, dealing with you is really a pain. You really want us to take off our last piece of cloth?”

Tang San smiled slightly, “I just want to know the practical condition and then talk to Dean Flender. If not necessary, I don’t think you Four Elements Academies would merge together, let alone move into Heaven Dou City.”

Feng Xiaotian nodded, “Well. There is no need to hide any more. Yes, you are right. Four Elements Academies’ condition isn’t very good right now. In Heaven Dou Empire, we Four Elements Academies are always the top in Senior spirit master world, even though your Shrek Academy stepped in unexpectedly, you couldn’t affect our status in our own cities. But the sudden action of Spirit Hall changed the situation thoroughly. The first one to be hit was Thunderclap Academy. The doom of Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan directly resulted in their loss of background. A number of students even died in that battle. Though some of them survived, as long as they were not Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan’s people, they would leave Thunderclap Academy immediately and made a clean break with it. Therefore, the whole Thunderclap Academy is nearly deserted. The rest aren’t more than one-fifth of its original number, not more than a hundred.”

Saying that, a kind of sympathetic expression appeared on his face, “It might seem like Spirit Hall had restrained itself since its proposal of reelection of the Seven Clans. But actually, their destroying of two large clans with great momentum shocked the whole spirit master world. Every clan is desperately absorbing its surrounding clans, so are we. And we also received a formal invitation from the Spirit Hall.”

Huo Wu became obviously agitated, “Bullshit invitation, those sanctimonious bastards of Spirit Hall. How could they require us Four Elements Academies to serve as their subordinate academy? It’s obviously annexing us.”

Feng Xiaotian said with a chill face, “They had gone beyond our limit, so of course we wouldn’t accept. However, just on the next day we refused them, the same situation as Thunderclap Academy happened. A large number of students and teachers claimed to leave our academy. Though less than Thunderclap Academy, still more than two-thirds of our faculty and students left. Then the Heaven Dou Imperial Household invited us,

we couldn’t help but move into Heaven Dou City and reintegrate into one academy, which is called Four Elements Academy. Now the rest of the students are mostly without any background, or involved in any clans not opposite to the Spirit Hall. It is Spirit Hall that pushed us to the Heaven Dou Empire.”

Tang San reflected on it, said, “So how many students and teachers are in your four academies?”

Feng Xiaotian gave a forced smile, “About six hundred in all. So there is no need for you to worry that we will occupy too much place here. We just want to find a place to survive and contribute to the war against Spirit Hall. Four Elements Academies have been built up for many years, so we have some savings. As long as your Shrek Academy agrees, reconstructing teaching buildings, dormitories, or even expanding the campus will be invested money and time by us. Additionally, since we live together, we cannot only exchange pointers, but also help each other.”

Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Clan also suffered a great deal from it, seeing the doleful look of Feng Xiaotian, Ning Rongrong nodded unconsciously, “Helping each other is nice, Spirit Hall is our common enemy after all.”

Oscar pulled Ning Rongrong clothes slightly, suggesting she not to talk too much. After all, Four Elements Academies’ moving into Shrek Academy’s campus involved a lot of things. Though Shrek Seven Devils were not management of the academy, Ning Rongrong was the inheritor of Seven Treasures Glazed Tile. Her words carried great weight.

Feng Xiaotian said, “Then we’ll trouble you.”

Tang San smiled calmly, said, “Brother Feng, if what you said were true, combining together for us isn’t bad. But, you are a guest after all, and it seems that you don’t want to abandon your dominant status as far as your display is concerned. Therefore I’m afraid there will be conflict between us. After all, you have a large number of students. To be honest, your strength is above Shrek Academy. It all sounds good right now, but who can say in the future. I think, you should understand my meaning. ”

Feng Xiaotian pretended not to understand, said, “We will restrain our students to never have any conflict with your students. Moreover, it has been recognized by the Heaven Dou Imperial Household. Just need moving into now.”

Tang San smiled slightly, “Since it is so, I think there is nothing to talk between us. Go back please. Shrek Academy is private property, even the Heaven Dou Imperial Household cannot deprive it for no reason. Moreover, I think uncle Ning has his Majesty’s ear so I don’t think his Majesty would let you move into Shrek Academy directly. But if you really think so, then I have nothing to say. You can have a try.”

Everything is pleasant to hear now, but what if you turn from a guest into a host in the future, will there be a real fight? Let alone, Shrek Academy is originally private property, even we are in the same stance, but how could it be possible to move into without any pay?

Tang San absolutely had the right to talk in Shrek Academy. Dai Mubai wasn’t here now, so he was obviously the leader of Shrek Seven Devils. Even if Dai Mubai was here, his words still carried the most weight in the Shrek Seven Devils. Especially when he was Grandmaster’s direct disciple, Liu Erlong was the wife of Grandmaster, and Ma Hongjun was the direct disciple of Flender. Ning Rongrong could absolutely affect Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Clan’s attitude, so while the Shrek five devils didn’t seem to hold have any post in the academy, but actually their influence could make a difference in Shrek Academy and even in Heaven Dou Imperial Household’s attitude.

“You…” Huo Wu rose up with a fierce slapping on the table, pointing at Tang San, about to erupt, but was stopped by Feng Xiaotian who stood up hurriedly.

“Huo Wu, calm, keep calm. Aren’t we discussing?” Feng Xiaotian seemed to be accustomed to persuading Huo Wu. Seeing his obsequious smile, Tang San couldn’t help feeling funny. Although Huo Wu’s personality was straightforward, she could be completely controlled by a smart guy like Feng Xiaotian. Maybe, this was so-called “everything is weak to something”.

Saying this, Feng Xiaotian looked at Tang San with a regretful expression, said, “So, our differences are so great. We’d better wait for your Dean’s return. I think we can find a win-win solution eventually. I hope we can sit under the same roof next time.”

Tang San stood up with Xiao Wu’s hand and made a gesture of farewell. While Feng Xiaotian led Huo Wu whose eyes was filled with fire, leaving after saying farewell to everyone.

Ning Rongrong wrinkled her pretty brow, said, “Third brother, it doesn’t seem good to refuse them like this. Four Elements Academies look so pitiful in deed, and we also have the same enemy.”

Tang San smiled slightly, said, “Rongrong, don’t you think they came here too coincidentally?”

Oscar rubbed Ning Rongrong’s head, saying pamperingly, “Silly girl. That Four Elements Academies chose this time, wasn’t it bullying when we don’t have enough people? I believe they had already asked around in advance and discovered that the dean wasn’t here, and not us either. That was a deliberate show of force. They wanted to overwhelm us with real strength, they also wanted to show Heaven Dou Imperial Household that they are more important than our Shrek Academy, so they could occupy our place more easily. But it was blocked by little San. They couldn’t defeat us, so they started to use tactics of sympathy. His words were probably not false, but as the saying goes, a mere verbal statement is no guarantee, it’s easier to invite the devil than to drive it away, once they move into our academy, it wouldn’t be easy to drive them away.”

Ning Rongrong gawked at Oscar, said, “So there are so many reasons here? Little Ao, I didn’t realize, you are the same as Third brother, full of cunning.”

Oscar raised his hand and touched the scar on his face, forcing a smile, “If I couldn’t think a bit when meeting things, I’m afraid I couldn’t come back to see you.”

Ning Rongrong’s complexion softened immediately, held Oscar’s hand in her own, though saying nothing, her sweet and helpless look made Tang San and Ma Hongjun can’t help laughing. Oscar as well, but his laugh was more complacent.

Ma Hongjun asked, “So what shall we do? Wait for the teachers to come back before making a decision?”

Tang San smiled calmly, said, “Of course they won’t give up. Now that they came once, there will certainly be a second time. Maybe Four Elements Academies will be our ally in the future, but as far as this situation is concerned, we must get the dominant status. No need to worry about these sort of things. After Dean Flender comes back, heh heh… ”

Ma Hongjun, Oscar and Ningrong surely knew what Tang San was thinking about. With Flender’s stingy personality, even if Four Element could finally move in, they would be stripped of a layer of skin. When it came to cunning, blackness and putting money above all, who could be equal to their grand dean, Four Eyed Owl Flender?

Ning Rongrong looked at Xiao Wu whose eyes were blank, “Third brother, what’s the matter with Xiao Wu?”

Tang San put his arm around Xiao Wu’s supple waist, and narrated the experience in the trip simply. He had nothing to hide from his friends, so he also gave his simple analysis of Xiao Wu’s present condition.

Having heard Tang San’s analysis, Ning Rongrong said, “So that is to say, if we want Xiao Wu to truly resurrect, third brother must pay your own spirit? And it should be a rank ninety spirit. This is… ”

Tang San smiled slightly, “Compared with Xiao Wu, what does this matter? If not for her, I’m already dead. My life, my soul, all of mine are hers.”

Tang San’s words were very natural, without fervent passion, as if something that couldn’t be more normal. But the more he was like this, the

more depressed Ning Rongrong, Ma Hongjun and Oscar felt inwardly.

Ning Rongrong’s eyes reddened slightly, seeing Tang San and Xiao Wu, wanting to say something, but seemed to feel a lump in her throat, and couldn’t say anything. She had also been parted with Oscar for five years, but compared to Tang San and Xiao Wu, they were much happier. At least they met again after a long separation and could be with each other truly. But for Tang San and Xiao Wu, how much suffering they should endure? Only they Shrek Seven Devils truly knew how many sad stories were behind Tang San’s strong talent and strength. Parents, lover, all made him suffer too much, too much…

Tang San smiled slightly, said, “Don't be like that, Xiao Wu’s body has recovered, so everyone should be happy for us. Little Ao, during the days we left, wasn’t there any change in Heaven Dou City?”

Oscar restrained his emotion and grasped Ning Rongrong’s hand tightly, said, “Heaven Dou City looks tranquil on the surface, but according to uncle Ning’s words, the situation in Imperial Household is very strained. Emperor Xue Ye is suffering a serious disease, which made all of the imperial physicians feel helpless. Perhaps, everything will change before long.”

A slight smile showed on Tang San’s face, of course he knew this situation. Moreover, emperor Xue Ye’s illness had been nonlethal for a long time; with Poison Douluo, that mixed poison should be almost cured. The reason why news spread out was to eliminate destabilizing factors in the imperial palace thoroughly. And Tang San had talked with Ning Fengzhi about that.

Last time when Tang San was talking to Ning Fengzhi, he had suggested that before Heaven Dou Imperial Household stabilized itself, he wouldn’t cooperate with Imperial Household on his own. Because he wouldn’t know whether he was helping the enemy or himself. The big premise of cooperating with Imperial Household was that no problem existed in Imperial Household.

Ning Rongrong said, “My father has sent the second support of our Tang Sect to me. You really didn’t go in vain this time, so there are more than a thousand spirit masters more in our Tang Sect at once. It seems that it would surpass our Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Clan’s soon.”

Tang San shook his head, said, “No, Tang Sect won’t absorb people casually. The four pure attribute clans are our base now. Unless it’s an absolutely incredible spirit master, we will never let them in. Moreover, all the things should be dealt with a low profile. Apart from people of our Tang Sect and uncle Ning, nobody knows Tang Sect is ours. No matter what we do outside, we need a secret harbour. I have discussed with Senior Tai Tan on the way back. We should hang the board of Strength Clan temporarily as Tang Sect’s board.”

Oscar agreed, “Caution is a ship that sails for ten thousand years. Little San, when should we move in?”

Tang San smiled slightly, said, “Four Elements Academies appeared, so we should at least wait for the teachers’ return before leaving. Shrek Academy is our family, so we can’t let people drop in to bully us.”

Ning Rongrong laughed, said, “That is easy, when I invite grandfather Gu soon, see who dare make trouble for us. Third brother, you just went out for a long time, but Oscar and me are bored to death. So let’s just move in quickly. Besides, the construction of Tang Sect will require money.”

Tang San couldn’t help laughing, “You are so impatient, our little God of Wealth.” The protocol between him and Ning Fengzhi was very clear: the finances of the Tang Sect should be in charge of by Ning Rongrong. After all, Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Clan wouldn’t give money for nothing, but if controlled by Ning Rongrong, Ning Fengzhi would be naturally not be worried.
[1] Tornado Blade - (⻰卷⻛刃)

Chapter 183

Ning Rongrong said: “I’ve been cultivating at home every day for all these years, I’m already bored to death. I’ll regret it if you leave.”

Tang San smiled: “Isn’t that a chance to make a world for you two alone? Don’t tell me you’ve been suffering now.” While speaking, he smiling winked at Oscar.

Oscar grinned, and Ning Rongrong’s charming face turned red, pinching Oscar hard, “Laugh, you laugh. Humph humph, if not for you, I would’ve gone to play with third brother.”

Oscar was still smiling, and still smiling very proudly, he didn’t seem in pain from Ning Rongrong’s forceful pinching.

From the side, Ma Hongjun suddenly cried out, “Ah, little Ao, Rongrong is breaking your arm.”

“Ah!” Ning Rongrong was alarmed, hastily looking at Oscar’s arm, but instead of signs of breaking, it was just a bit red.

Looking at her nervous expression, Tang San, Ma Hongjun and Oscar couldn’t help laughing. For a moment, the atmosphere in the wooden house turned extremely relaxed.

Ning Rongrong hit Oscar’s shoulder hard, embarrassed lowering her head. Oscar caught her hand and held it close, his smile recovering some of its previous vulgarity.

Tang San said: “However, Rongrong, if you really do ask senor Bone Douluo to watch over the Academy, then we really will go out on a trip again. And this time, we can’t do without you, the Tang Sect’s god of wealth.”

“Eh?” Hearing this, Ning Rongrong’s eyes immediately brightened, looking at Tang San with flickering light in her big eyes, “Third brother, where are you going to play?”

Oscar raised his hand to knock the top of her head, “Silly girl, all you know is playing, don’t tell me you don’t need to cultivate?”

Ning Rongrong snorted, “If third brother said it, then it’s definitely proper business. We’ll go by carriage, we can cultivate there! Besides, Grandmaster said that always worrying about cultivating will instead be harmful to spirit power progress. Suitable relaxation is also necessary.”

Tang San smiled: “It really is proper business. Our Tang Sect’s hidden weapon manufacturing requires large quantities of metal. The Strength Clan doesn’t lack common metals, but we have to go out to buy uncommon ones. I heard elder Tai Tan say that the capital of metal, Gengxin City, has all kinds of metal for sale, a lot of uncommon metals too. Elder Niu Gao is enough to start constructing the plans for the Tang Sects, so we and elder Niu Gao will make a trip to Gengxin City and have a look at whether we can dredge up some treasures. At least we’ll buy back some common metals for forging hidden weapons. We have to manufacture a batch of finished goods in the next year. Once the Seven Great Sects re-election assembly starts, perhaps that will have some effect. If we let Spirit Hall successfully hold this assembly, the two great empires will become too passive. We have to help the two great empires attract as many spirit masters as possible at the assembly.”

On Tang San’s mention of Spirit Hall, Ning Rongrong’s expression immediately turned hateful,

“No matter what, we’ll manufacture them some trouble this time. Ruin their assembly.”

While speaking, she suddenly stood, and Tang San stunned said:
“Rongrong, what are you doing?”

Ning Rong rong giggled, saying: “Naturally I’m going back for reinforcements! We’ll go out when grandpa Gu comes!”

Tang San smiled: “You’re unexpectedly impatient.”

Oscar also stood, saying: “I’ll accompany her.”

Tang San originally planned to allocate some of the money from the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School to construct the Tang Sect, but let it be on second thought. Anyway, he himself had put aside some fairly impressive savings over these years, enough to build the Tang Sect. The Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s money would be spent on buying metal, that was where it was needed the most.

Perhaps it was because she hadn’t gone out for too long, but Ning Rongrong’s efficiency was extreme. When she returned from the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School that evening, she actually directly brought Bone Douluo back with her. Ning Fengzhi didn’t come personally, only let Ning Rongrong tell Tang San that everything on the Imperial Family side was under control. Only emperor Xue Ye’s poison still hadn’t been dissolved, but Poison Douluo was expending all his efforts to detoxify it.

At the same time, learning Tang San would go to buy metals Ning Fengzhi also specially gave Ning Rongrong a sum of money. Adding the sum from before, the overall sum reached five hundred thousand gold spirit coins. It clearly showed that the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s reputation as the richest sect absolutely wasn’t undeserved. In fact, a condition of Tang San and Ning Fengzhi’s agreement was that the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School would have priority on the hidden weapons the Tang Sect produced. Moreover, a full eighty percent of the price would be deducted from this advance payment.

However, they still couldn’t set off immediately. Tang San and the others had just returned, travel worn and fatigued. They needed some rest and readjustment, and the plans on the Tang Sect’s side still needed adjustment.

One week later, after everything was properly arranged, everyone set off under Tai Tan’s directions for the main headquarters of the continental smith association, Gengxin City.

As they were about to leave the Tang Sect, Tai Tan couldn’t help laughing out loud. There were still those two special carriages, each handled by a Strength Clan clansman. Everyone split into the two carriages. Tang San, Xiao Wu and Tai Tan was in one. Ning Rongrong, Oscar and Ma Hongjun the other.

“It’s really good to have old rhino here, leaving the whole mess for him to deal with, I can be all arm-flinging shopkeeper. Young master, did you see the old rhino’s face when we left just now? Thinking of that indignant expression, I just want to laugh.”

Tang San smiled slightly, pulling Xiao Wu closer against his chest, “With senior Niu Gao in charge of building the Tang Sect, you can be at ease! If it was anyone else, maybe you’d hate to leave it to him.”

Tai Tan nodded earnestly, saying: “That’s so. Old rhino isn’t just my brother, in the construction field, perhaps you couldn’t find anyone stronger than him in the entire continent. This time we’re buying large quantities of the surrounding properties, the Tang Sect is expanding to more than twice the size of our Strength Clan mansion. With old rhino here, once we get back, it might be close to finished.”

Tang San smiled: “It might be impossible to build slowly. With the strength of the Strength Clan people, as well as the craftsmanship of the Defense Clan, how couldn’t it be fast? On the subject, actually seeing senior Niu Gao’s artistry in construction, he is indeed worthy of being called a construction grandmaster.”

Thinking of the construction plans he had seen in these few days, Tang San couldn’t keep his heart from twitching. How was that building a mansion? Clearly it was a fortress! Of course, the expenses were corresponding. After Tang San made clear he would support it financially, Niu Gao’s plans had undergone a series of changes. The required building materials had also undergone large changes. When Tang San imagined it

now, he rather felt terrified. Simply put, even the doors of each room were wood paneled iron plates. As for the mansion courtyard walls, they were going to be fifteen meters high. That height was enough to rival the imperial palace.

Tang San of course wasn’t concerned the government would make trouble. The day before yesterday he had specially gone to the Moon Pavilion to see his aunt Tang Yuehua. For some official matters, directly having his aunt’s help in clearing obstacles naturally wouldn’t be problematic. That he didn’t directly let Ning Fengzhi help was because he didn’t want information about the Tang Sect to leak from the imperial family side.

From the moment he convinced the four single attribute clans, the Tang Sect had already stepped onto the road of forming. Before the seven great sects re-election assembly that Spirit Hall organized started, was the most important time for the Tang Sect’s development.

Xiao Wu leaned on Tang San’s shoulder, quietly waiting. Her eyes were still empty. Since meeting Ning Rongrong, Tang San could finally heave a sigh of relief. When Xiao Wu and Ning Rongrong were together, she wouldn’t particularly stick to him. But making him not know whether to laugh or cry was that, at night, this would immediately change. No matter what was said, the soulless Xiao Wu didn’t want to sleep with Ning Rongrong. Under Oscar and Ma Hongjun’s disdainful gazes on several occasions, Tang San still had to achingly and happily sleep together with her. However, this also advanced Tang San’s cultivation. Being together with a lover who preferred being naked every day, how would he dare sleep? He just cultivated every night as Xiao Wu slept. And his thighs had also become Xiao Wu’s preferred pillow.

Gengxin City was within the borders of Star Luo Empire, by coincidence in an entirely different direction than Rising Dragon City. Rising Dragon City was southeast from Heaven Dou Empire, and Gengxin City was within the borders of Star Luo City to the southwest, close to the interior region of Star Luo Empire. This journey wasn’t short, travelling at top speed the whole way, they had used close to a month when they arrived at Gengxin City.

Gengxin City was one of Star Luo Empire’s main cities, but it absolutely didn’t count as any famous place. The area belonging to the city only included a lower river. The Douluo Continent was a spirit master world. As a city of metal, it was normal that it wasn’t valued. The status of smiths was the same as ordinary people. The smith association might have some influence in this city, but Spirit Hall was a spirit master organization and could influence the situation in the whole continent. This showed how huge the difference was between smiths and spirit masters.

Tai Tan told Tang San that the greater the smith, the larger the chance it was a spirit master. Because spirit masters’ strength far surpassed that of ordinary people and could forge more elaborately. Of course this wasn’t absolute. There were still some smithing geniuses that could still have enormous accomplishments in the smith world without the aid of spirits.

Distantly, Gengxin City was already in view, and everyone left the carriages. As far as could be seen, they could see those tall city walls. Gengxin City’s walls seemed entirely iron gray, as if forged from metal. Even though they still hadn’t entered the city, they could vaguely feel some of the metallic atmosphere of Gengxin City.

Ning Rongrong somewhat excitedly pulled Xiao Wu’s hand, “Finally here, sitting in the carriage the whole way has made my bones go soft.” No matter how comfortable the Strength Clan’s carriages, sitting in one for a month might still be boring. However, this journey couldn’t be said to be completely without rewards. Ma Hongjun had really begun to work hard, perhaps it was because of what Tang San said to him, but on the road he had put his effort into cultivating and his spirit power had risen from fifty seventh rank to fifty eighth. The distance to the critical point of rank sixty was one step closer.

Flender once told Ma Hongjun that when his spirit power reached the seventieth rank, and he could use Spirit Avatar, he would ender a whole new realm. Only at that time could his Phoenix spirit reveal its true power. And Ma Hongjun was now also advancing in this direction. After all, besides Xiao Wu, he was the only one of the Shrek Seven Devils who still hadn’t broken through the sixtieth rank.

Oscar grinned, saying to Ning Rongrong: “How about I give you a massage tonight?”

Ning Rongrong’s face turned red, sticking out her tongue at him, “Yeah right, who knows whether you have good intentions.”

Ma Hongjun to the side said with schadenfreude: “Big Sausage Uncle’s heart, is known by all!”

Oscar snorted, deliberately raising his head: “Fatty, you’re so jealous.
Barefaced envy.”

Ma Hongjun curled his lips, “Jealous your face, I also have a girlfriend.
Once we get back I’ll let you see how beautiful my girlfriend is.”

Oscar somewhat shocked said: “You have a girlfriend? Which family’s miss would be so blind!”

Ma Hongjun grew angry, “Little Ao, fight me.”

Oscar grinned, “Come! I’m afraid you can’t do it. Big brother has a lot of mirror image sausages. I might not be unable to defeat you. Don’t forget that I still have Rongrong’s Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda. Don’t tell me us husband and wife can’t defeat you alone? Little San is definitely neutral.”

“Who’s husband and wife with you? Did I marry you?” Ning Rongrong snapped.

Oscar, immensely pleased with himself, said: “That’s a matter of due course. My father in law doesn’t oppose it. Can you still escape the palm of my hand? Beauty, you’re regretting it too late.”

Tang San laughed out loud, “Little Ao, your strength in flirting seems to have returned.” Looking at them laughing and joking, Tang San felt a burst of warmth in his heart, as if they had returned to those carefree and worriless days of cultivation of five or six years ago. Only, Xiao Wu next to him was…...

Oscar smiled, “I don’t believe anyone would go along with this Fatty.
Little San, you’re always together with him, is he lying?”

Before Tang San opened his mouth, Ma Hongjun was already rushing to say: “What lying. Once we return this time I’ll let you see my girlfriend. She’s called Bai Chenxiang, this name is pleasant. You’ll die of envy.”

Oscar showed a prideful appearance, his nostrils turning to the sky, “Envy your farts. Bro has Rongrong, don’t tell me I’d still look at another woman? Besides my Rongrong, other women are just smoke to my eyes.”

This time Ning Rongrong had no retorts, snickering looking at Oscar and Ma Hongjun bickering, anyone could see the satisfaction in her eyes.

Tai Tan sighed: “Being together with youngsters like you, I feel like I’ve grown a lot younger myself. Youth truly is good! When I was your age, I was even more frivolous than you.”

Ning Rongrong giggled: “Our grand elder feels he’s old? You’re not the slightest bit old! A mature man like you, is even more charming.”

Tai Tan laughed despite himself: “Girl, you really can talk. If I were fifty years younger, maybe I’d fight little Ao. It’s no wonder someone like Bone Douluo would pamper you so desperately. You really are a little fairy.”

Ning Rongrong smiled: “This is the might of beauty, defeating both young and old. Little Ao, what are you looking at me for, not satisfied?”

Oscar snorted, “What use is not being satisfied. Anyway, my looks are ruined now, nobody would want me besides you.”

Hearing the words “ruined looks”, Ning Rongrong’s expression immediately turned gentle, “I’m sorry, I wasn’t deliberately provoking you. Little Ao, don’t be angry.”

Oscar smiled slightly, his eyes revealing some melancholy. Sighing, he held Ning Rongrong’s shoulders, softly saying: “Of course I won’t. In all

my life I will only love you.”

While he spoke, he was exchanging proud glances with Ma Hongjun and Tang San to the side. This wasn’t the first time he had used this move. But it was one hundred percent effective. The scar on his face that had once made him feel inferior was now a killing weapon that could touch the softest place in Ning Rongrong’s heart. Of course, Oscar’s tenderness wasn’t just a show. He most liked Ning Rongrong’s appearance like a little bird relying on people.

Ma Hongjun swiftly ran over to Tang San, “No good, third brother, I can’t stand it. These two are always so nauseatingly corny. I’ll go lie down in the carriage first. Call me when we’ve entered the city.”

Everyone smoothly entered Gengxin City. The metallic atmosphere that hit their faces just inside the gate immediately gave them a kind of different sensation. After entering the city, everyone got off the carriages once again, full of interest and excitement looking around at the unique style of this city.

Tai Tan clearly grew excited, pointing to the surrounding buildings and giving everyone introductions.

“Gengxin City is the place with the most smith shops, only in this town will smiths be valued. It’s said that there are more than a thousand such shops in Gengxin City. smiths are even more numerous. A lot of smiths from other cities come here to take smith exams. If they can pass the high level smith exams, they can stay in the city. One might say that this is the paradise of smiths.”

“Even if smiths aren’t valued in the two great empires, the army’s weapons and equipment, farm tools, buildings, furniture, all require the participation of smiths. The higher level the smith, the more expensive his work.”

Ma Hongjun astonished asked: “Elder Tai Tan, what, smiths are also split into levels?”

Tai Tan nodded, saying: “It’s not as detailed as you spirit masters. Generally speaking, smiths are split into seven grades. From lowest to highest, they’re: junior smith, intermediary smith, advanced smith, master smith, grandmaster smith, smith scholar, and divine craftsman.”

Ma Hongjun asked closer: “Then what level of smith are you?”

Oscar to the side interjected: “Idiot. No point asking. Elder Tai Tan is the vice president of the smith association, of course he’s a divine craftsman.”

Tai Tan laughed out loud, a tacit agreement.

Tang San said: “Elder, how many divine craftsman level smiths are there on the Continent?”

Tai Tan’s expression changed slightly, sighing: “Three. Me, your father, as well as the smith association president.

Hearing Tai Tan mention his father, Tang San couldn’t keep his heart from contracting. Thinking of his father’s ruined limbs, he felt a burst of heartache. But right now he really had far too many things to do. If he wanted to go see his father, he couldn’t set out immediately. Tang San secretly decided that, once Spirit Hall’s seven sects re-election assembly ended, he would definitely return to the Ice Fire Yin Yang Well to see his parents. He didn’t know to where his mother had evolved there.

Tai Tan patted Tang San’s shoulder, “Don’t think too much about it. Master has a good son like you to inherit his legacy, he can live in seclusion at ease. Young master. Bring me to see him when there’s a chance.”

Tang San nodded softly.

Just at this moment, everyone suddenly heard a loud and clear voice hawking from further ahead, “Walking past or walking by, don’t miss it, the current blacksmith association president, divine craftsman king Lou

Gao’s[1] second generation disciple’s personally crafted Glorious Bright Silver Armor, only one set. Preferential price.”

“Lou Gao?” Tai Tan said a bit doubtfully: “Old Lou’s second generation disciple has to hawk his wares at the side of the street? Oh, Lou Gao is the president of the smith’s association, calling him the divine craftsman king isn’t wrong. Your father has retired, and in forging we struggle for victory. I’m better at refining metal, he’s better at elaborate work. Speaking of, this time I was planning on getting a few of his disciples. Among those hidden weapons of yours, some of the especially elaborate work will be even more fluent for his branch of smiths to make. Let’s go, we’ll take a look.”

By now the source of the hawking was already surrounded by a lot of people. Tang San and the others squeezed their way through, then saw the circumstances within.

That was a seemingly very ordinary smith’s shop, just now hawking. A bare chested bronze skinned muscular middle aged big man, seemingly in his fourth decade, sat there in front of the door, his eyes calmly closed, with the appearance of an able person. Just next to him was arranged a suit of armor.

The suit of armor was entirely bright silver colored, shining and dazzling in the sunlight, with gorgeous craftsmanship. It could be seen that each chunk had undergone special polishing. It even had a huge transparent crystal inlaid on the heart guarding mirror[2], reflecting the sunlight to set off the armor itself.

Tai Tan only gave that armor a glance, his brows wrinkling, then said one disdainful word, “Trash.”

Let alone Tai Tan, even Tang San who was far from him in terms of forging could see that this suit of armor was all flower and no fruit. Even though it seemed very pretty, with Tang San’s eyesight, his Purple Demon Eye having already reached the Detailed level, he could clearly make out the material and methods this armor had been created with.

Those sheet after sheet of silver armor leaves were actually made by polishing steel, but each armor leaf was very thin, clearly without any defensive power. But the weight was correspondingly not very high, perhaps that was the only advantage of this suit of armor. If you wore this armor, its only effect might be for decoration. As for using it on the battlefield, don’t even think about it. The weakest infantryman could break it with one chop.

Even though Tai Tan was in his eighth decade, as the Strength Clan’s chief, he absolutely had lung power. Even though he only proclaimed it as trash in his normal voice, the people all around still heard it. That middle aged robust man hawking it was naturally no exception.

Just exerting himself to call out, his gaze immediately fell on Tai Tan,
“Old fellow, what did you call trash?”

With Tai Tan’s status, he coldly said: “I said that armor is trash. The smith who forged it is too.”

This time, his voice was a bit higher. That middle aged man sitting upright in the blacksmith shop door had already opened his eyes, looking at Tai Tan with a condescending gaze.

That hawking middle aged robust man had already stepped over in front of Tai Tan with large strides, “Old fellow. Don’t you understand forging? By your appearance you’re a stranger to this town, don’t talk drivel when you don’t understand. My teacher is the current smith’s association president senior Lou Gao’s direct disciple. You dare say the armor my teacher forged is trash? That’s an insult to our divine craftsman branch. If you don’t make your words clear today, don’t think about leaving.”

Tai Tan snorted disdainfully, “You want me to say it clearly. Fine, then I’ll let you hear it properly. Let alone this teacher of yours, even if Lou Gao was here, claiming this armor was created by him, I’d equally proclaim it as trash.”

At these words, the surroundings were immediately in an uproar. There was no lack of smiths among the crowd watching the scene, and also some

with extraordinary strength. They of course saw that this armor was all flower but no fruit, but the hawker’s sentence about Lou Gao’s second generation disciple still dominated everyone present. Lou Gao’s status here in Gengxin City was equivalent to Bibi Dong in Spirit Hall.

Nobody had any objections to Tai Tan criticising this armor, but when he talked about directly criticising divine craftsman Lou Gao, the surrounding smiths couldn’t ignore it. The noise instantly grew louder, and even included some curses.

Tang San frowned, just pulling Xiao Wu in front of him. Both his hands encircled her waist, letting her comfortably lean against his chest. Incorporeal spirit power naturally released, isolating her from the surrounding crowd. He wouldn’t let anyone touch Xiao Wu.

Tai Tan took two steps forward. Even though he hadn’t released the pressure of his spirit power and the Spirit Douluo level, his tall stature and the dignity formed over many years as clan chief still made that hawking middle aged big man retreat a few steps.

Tai Tan walked over to that armor and turned around, looking at the surrounding crowd, “You don’t accept it? Fine, then I’ll let you hear it. This armor is made with the interlocking chains method. If you look carefully, the size of each armor plate is slightly different. On the surface it might seem very bright and neat, but in fact, the quality itself is very meager. Bright Silver Armor? This is made from silver plated polished steel, not much stronger than wet paper.”

Hearing him say this, that calm and easy going middle aged man couldn’t take it sitting. Shooting to his feet, he angrily said: “This suit of armor is originally for decorative use. Not for the battlefield. Making each armor leaf so thin shows skill. Like this the weight is low, wearing it won’t be tiring. Ornamental, do you understand the word ornamental?”

Tai Tan said coldly: “Then what do you say about the different armor plate sizes?”

The middle aged man strongly argued: “That’s called asymmetrical harmony. It’s taught by my grand master divine craftsman Lou Gao. What do you know.”

Tai Tan laughed out loud, “Good, such an asymmetrical harmony. If that old fellow Lou Gao was here, I don’t know if you’d make him so angry he’d spit blood, whether his current reputation has already been just about ruined by someone like you. Glorious Bright Silver Armor, Lou Gao really did create such an armor. Only, this imitation of yours is still too shoddy.”

While speaking, he raised his hand and pulled that suit of armor from its stand, turning it over to the back. That middle aged man didn’t have time to stop him.

If the surface of the armor was as shiny as a mirror, then the back was crude as hemp. Tai Tan casually shook his hand, and there were already armor plates falling to the ground.

With a cold snort, Tai Tan casually threw that suit of armor in front of the dumbstruck middle aged man, “Calling you trash is a bit generous. Teach you to behave, Lou Gao’s Glorious Silver Armor leaves used pure silver undergoing refinement, made from silver essence. Even though each plate was also very thin, the defensive power was quite powerful. Even though it was ornamental, it was still practical to use. Don’t drag his name around to swindle people in the future. Otherwise, there’s no need for you to stay in Gengxin City.”

“You, you……” That middle aged man purported to be Lou Gao’s second generation disciple’s face had already turned blue, and the din from the surrounding spectating civilians and smiths was a lot lower. “I’ll fight you.”

The middle aged man pulled out an ox ear knife from behind his back with a trembling hand, throwing himself straight at Tai Tan.

With Tai Tan’s strength, having him fight at close quarters would be a joke. Without turning his head, his right foot stomped hard on the ground.

Immediately followed by a deep rumble. Intense shockwaves immediately threw that middle aged man to the ground. The surrounding crowd felt a burst of shaking under their feet, but they weren’t struck.

“Who’s causing trouble here?” Just at this moment, the watching crowd suddenly parted, a group of soldiers in non-standard Star Luo Empire equipment striding inside.

Common infantry at most had only leather armor, but these Gengxin City soldiers could count as a pavilion by water, unexpectedly outfitted with light metal armor. Altogether more than ten people, led by a man around thirty years old or so. His armor was clearly a bit thicker, and his hand supported the hilt of a long sword at his waist as he strode in.

When that middle aged man who had been shocked into confusion by Tai Tan’s stomp saw these soldiers, his mind immediately roused, rolling and crawling over in front of that leader, “Brother in law, it’s him, I was just selling my latest work, and this old fellow came to cause trouble. He’s obviously an outsider. Not only did he criticise my newly crafted armor, he even insulted divine craftsman Lou Gao. Quick, arrest him.”

Tai Tan gave a cold laugh, “No wonder you would dare exploit Lou Gao’s name, you actually have a bit of backing.”
The captain’s face chilled, sharply swinging his hand, “Take him away.” “Stop.” Before the soldiers could move, a loud shout suddenly resounded
from the crowd. The crowd parted, and a sixty year old elder quickly stepped inside. The old man seemed very strong and healthy, his pace vigorous and full of strength. But he had an alarmed expression.

Seeing this old man, that captain’s expression immediately changed, softly saying: “Master smith Ren Yuan[3]. Please don’t block us from carrying out justice. Otherwise, even with your status as master smith, you still won’t be pardoned.”

That master smith called Ren Yuan didn’t seem to have heard him, rushing over to Tai Tan, staring wide eyed and carefully watching Tai Tan’s

flat face, “You, you’re……”

Tai Tan’s brows wrinkled, “I seem to have met you. At that time you should have been an apprentice under Lou Gao. Now it seems you’re a master smith. Pretty good, pretty good.”

Old Ren Yuan immediately shivered, kneeling on the ground with a putong sound,

“It’s really you, lord Tai Tan.”

Seeing Ren Yuan’s action, that captain’s face immediately stiffened, and the surrounding civilians and smiths were in an uproar. In fact, as a master smith, Ren Yuan was famous in this neighbourhood. But right now he was kneeling on the ground in front of this old man.

Tai Tan pulled him back up, “Don’t be like this, what does this look like.”

The captain came closer, tentatively asking, “Mater smith Ren Yuan, this is?”

Ren Yuan sharply turned around, his expression immediately turning cold, “You really are an idiot brat, you actually dare arrest lord Tai Tan, Even if your father, grandmaster Si Di[4] was here, even he would deferentially kowtow to lord Tai Tan. You kids go back and take your family’s punishment. Let me tell you, lord Tai Tan is the vice president of our smith’s association. Just like lord Lou Gao, he’s one of the three divine craftsmen in the present world.”


Ren Yuan’s words immediately made the surrounding spectators explode. If it was any other town, perhaps it might be nothing. But don’t forget that this was the capital of metal, the holy land of smiths. The meaning contained in the words “divine craftsman” was paramount to the people of Gengxin City.

The captain’s expression immediately turned deathly pale, subconsciously retreating a few steps, his feet softened and he immediately fell to the ground.

Ma Hongjun came closer to Tang San, softly saying: “I didn’t expect that senior Tai Tan would actually have such a status here in the capital of metal.”

Oscar sighed even further: “I’m afraid being low key might be damn difficult this time.”

Looking at the excited appearances of the surrounding crowd, Tai Tan somewhat helplessly told Ren Yuan: “Have everyone disperse, what does it look like always being surrounded here. Is this fellow really Lou Gao’s disciple?” Speaking, he pointed to that middle aged man.

Ren Yuan said disdainfully: “He’s only a distant relative of grandmaster Si Di. Oh, grandmaster Si Di is lord Lou Gao’s chief disciple. That’s why this fellow cheats people by bragging with the name of a second generation disciple. We don’t bother dealing with him out of consideration to grandmaster Si Di’s position.”
[1] Lou Gao - (楼⾼) “Stories Tall”
[2] Heart guarding mirror - a decorated plate on the middle of the chest and back on some Chinese armors.

[3] Ren Yuan - (任怨) “Assigning Blame” - by chance also the pen name of the author of Immortal Executioner.

[4] Si Di - (思迪) “Think Enlightened”

Chapter 184

Under the help of this master blacksmith Ren Yuan, all the problems instantly vanished, the soldier captain had also left in disgrace. While the crowd had dispersed, the people were still unwilling to go too far away, instead they respectfully observed Tai Tan from a distance, the fiery light in their eyes seemingly wanting to consume Tai Tan.

Tai Tan embarrassed walked back to Tang San’s side saying: “Young Master, I have been too reckless.”

When Ren Yuan who was beside them heard this, his legs went limp and almost fell flat on the ground. Yo-young master…? This lord divine craftsman actually went and called this young man who barely looked 20 years old young master. Heavens! What on earth was going on here? Seeing Tang San holding onto the stunning Xiao Wu, with a expression clear as sky, Ren Yuan could not help but feel ashamed. He had never seen such a handsome youth and such an extremely beautiful young woman.

Acting as if not noticing Ren Yuan watching him with a monstrous gaze, Tang San looked towards Tai Tan and said: “Since we are going to see the Divine Craftsman Lou Gao anyway, doing it slightly earlier is of no harm.”

Tai Tan naturally knew that everybody in the area were looking at them and thus told Tang San: “Young Master, it would be better if we board the carriage for now. After we meet with Lou Gao, let me accompany you and take you around Geng Xin.”

The group once again got back on their carriages, Ren Yuan also had the fortune of riding in the same carriage as Tai Tan as they headed towards the central district of Gengxin City.

Even though Ren Yuan really wanted to ask Tai Tan about Tang San’s identity, because he knew he had a humble identity he decided that not asking was for the best. While directing the carriages forward, he could not help but constantly look back at Tang San who only held Xiao Wu’s hand while resting with his eyes closed.

Gen Xin city itself was not very big, and before long they had already reached the heart of the city where the carriages stopped.

Ren Yuan glanced out the carriage window before announcing: “Everybody, we have arrived, let's get off here.” then jumping off the carriage, furthermore taking the initiative to hold open the carriage curtains.

Tai Tan, Tang San and Xiao Wu got off in order, while Oscar, Ning Rongrong and Ma Hongjun also got off the rear carriage.

As everyone got off their carriage, they could not help but look up.

The carriages had stopped in front of a tall building, if you raised your head to look, you could see that this building would be at least 30 meters high and spanned a wide area. For a building to occupy such a large space in the heart of the city district, you could tell it was of great importance to the city. The overall look of the building was similar to the large fighting arena in Suo Tuo city, and on the upper region of the building hung a dark iron plaque with no words on it, only the convex pattern of a hammer and a chisel.

Without even having to ask, Tang San and gang already knew where they were without a doubt. This was the blacksmith association’s headquarters.

This large building looked a little crude, with practically no decor on it, there was not even a single guard standing at the gates. But the amount of people going in and out was an endless stream, with three huge doors open, and you could eas ily see the bustling crowd inside.

Tai Tan introduced the placed to them: “This place is divided into five different levels, the first is where they do their general trading. Smiths proud of their work or people who found or are seeking some metal would come here, and of course there are specialised traders trafficking various metals as well. The second floor is for the trade of more precious goods or rare goods. The third floor is the blacksmith registration district, its is where they carry out the blacksmith rating assessment. The fourth floor is the VIP area and also the auction area, periodically some particularly rare and valuable items will be put up there for auction. Lastly the fifth floor is the blacksmith association’s work area. Ren Yuan, there has not been much change to what I just said right? I have not been back here in a long time afterall.”

Ren Yuan smiled and quickly said: “No change, no change, this has been the ground rules of the blacksmith association for many years already. Would you all be heading directly to the fifth floor to see the president?”

Tai Tan chuckled while saying: “Since we are already here, how can we not go see an old friend first. Young master, let us be off.”

The group walked into the blacksmith association, the first floor was a wide noisy hall which was completely open to everybody, excluding the supporting pillars, it was all a large open space, only furthest out by the walls was there a sales counter, behind which was stocked with a large variety of blacksmithing goods.

Without needing Tai Tan to first speak, Ren Yuan introduced: “This first level is divided into two different sections, the left is for blacksmiths to sell their creations and the right is for the trading of metal. The association will charge a five percent fee here. Thus all the blacksmiths who come here have some identity to them and they can come from all over the county. Why not go have a look and see if anything catches your eye.”

Tang San nodded his head and carefully observed the place for the moment. If it was as Ren Yuan said, although there were many people in the hall there were only a few blacksmiths, most of the people looked like

customers. Some were busy looking around, others were discussing prices of items, it was a really lively sight to see.

Ren Yuan continued saying: “Comparatively, things in the federation will be priced slightly higher than the goods outside but here, there is a guarantee on the quality of all the items, only after they have been properly evaluated will they be put out for sale. Outside, you can also get a lot of goods but if you do not know your stuff you might be deceived like what happened just now.”

While speaking, Ren Yuan brought the group to the stairs at the side of the hall. By the stairs there were two guards standing by, but the clansman Tai Tan brought with the group just waved something in front of the guards and they stood down.

When they entered the second floor, the atmosphere abruptly changed, it was not as high as the first nor was it as open. The first impression it gave off was peaceful, none of the noise found on the first floor could be heard here. This area was divided to look like a local shopping district with 2 rows of shops divided by a five meter wide sidewalk, in this large area there must be at least a few hundred shops.

Ren Yuan said: “This is the expensive trading area. To be able to set up shop here, one must have some kind of a background, here is also divided into two areas, the produce area and the metal area. There are generally a lot of good things here but the prices are also relatively higher. If you are interested you can try to sell here too.” His detailed introductions to these areas were not for Tai Tan but rather for Tang San, who seemed very interested about the area.

Tang San who only took cursory glances at the goods on sale could also see that they were all of better quality than those on the counter downstairs.

After bringing the group to the stairs leading to the third floor Ren Yuan stopped and humbly said: “I can only send you all until here.”

Tai Tan nodded to him before saying: “You have been helpful, thanks.”

In between the second and third floor, similarly there were two guards, but compared to the guards downstairs there was a clear difference. Due to Tang San’s amazing spiritual perception he could tell the guards below had only about rank 30 or so spirit power but these two had to at least have rank fifty of spirit power. Seeing the party approach them, they didn't speak a word but only just raised their hands and calmly looked at them.

The two clan members that Tai Tan brought along hurriedly walked forward, and this time Tang San finally saw clearly that they took out a golden token. Waving it in front of those guards.

The two guards’ expressions immediately changed and they hurriedly stepped aside, their manners extremely respectful.

Tai Tan also deliberately took half a step back behind Tang San and Xiao Wu before saying: “Young master, please.”

The areas within the third and fourth floors were concealed behind large doors making it impossible to see without going in the respective areas. Between these floors there were also two guards standing by the stairs. Tang San was shocked by the guards between these floors they themselves were enough to be a threat to the group, although they had not released any of their spirit force, Tang San could feel that they easily exceeded the 70 rank, spirit saints. Truly worthy of being the blacksmith association headquarters, that they could use spirit saint level powers as guards showed how much they valued the fourth floor.

Upon seeing Tai Tan, the guards were momentarily stunned before the on on the left said: “Long time no see! Vice-Chairman Tai Tan, what brings you here today?”

Tai Tan laughingly replied: “Haha, indeed it has been a long time, I see you two are still here guarding Lou Gao’s stairs! Young master, let me introduce them to you, these two are spirit saints and also elders in the blacksmith association. They have been voluntarily staying here for many years already. Speaking of, their own skills are only second to divine craftsman, both scholar level blacksmiths. The only reason they are willing to stand guard here is because they are Lou Gao’s disciples, in

total Lou Gao has 4 disciples who take turns to stand guard here. The one on the left is called Si Long[1], while the one on the right is called Si Yu[2]. The kid who tried to find trouble with us earlier was the child of one of the other two disciples, Si Di.”

Tang San nodded to the two guards Si Long and Si Yu, what surprised them was the fact that Tai Tan called Tang San young master. Si Long hurriedly said: “Uncle Tai Tan, let me bring you all upstairs first, teacher is currently in the smithy. Recently he seemed to have picked up something from god knows where and has been spending most of his time researching it. If it was anybody else, he probably would not be willing to even meet with them.”

Tai Tan laughed, “Fine, I want to see just what he’s researching.”

Between the fourth and fifth floors there were no guards, only a large door which Tang San could not recognise what it was made of, only guessing that it was probably an alloy door comprised of many different metals.

Si Long walked up to the metal door and started lightly tapping on the door rhythmically. Watching his movements, Tang San cannot help but narrow his eyes, with the assistance of spirit power he could see that each time Si Long tapped the door it was in a different place with slightly different force used each time, the door would also produce a slightly different mechanical noise each time.

After the thirty-sixth tap, the metal door slid open with a scratching sound, revealing a passage upstairs.

Tai Tan looked at the two clansman he brought and said: “You two just wait here first.” Saying so, he and Tang San went up together along with Si Long to the highest floor in the association headquarters, the fifth floor.

Upon reaching the fifth floor, they could hear the high pitched ringing of metal striking metal. Tai Tan told Tang San softly: “Actually, this fifth floor is the blacksmith association’s own private smithy, every blacksmith of the scholar level or above have their own private area here. Back in the days i

also had one, but as i do not stay here anymore, nor do i come back here to smith, I returned my area to the association.”

Outside the door of each room there was a simple number starting from the outermost side to the innermost area, there were a total of thirty six chambers, but there were only four or five which had any sound coming from them. Clearly, over these years where people did not respect blacksmiths as much, the number of sholar level blacksmiths had become pitifully few.

Si Long brought them to the innermost door before respectfully raising his hand and knocking on the door.

From within the chamber, an agitated hoarse voice could be heard:
“Didn't I already say, no one is allowed to bother me.”

Si Long hurriedly said: “ Teacher, it is me. Sorry to disturb you but, vice-president Tai Tan has come, I had no choice but to inform you. Please forgive me for this.”

After Si Long’s statement, that agitated voice disappeared and not long after a series of mechanical sounds could be heard followed by the door sliding open exposing the bright room inside. The strange thing was that there were no windows in the smithing chamber yet it was so bright. It seemed that on the roof inside hung a magic lamp, it was quite the luxury.

The person who opened the door was a fat old man about 1.6 meters in height. From the looks of it his waistline was probably also reaching 1.6 meters… protruding ears, small eyes and an unkempt beard, one could only guess how many days it had been since he last washed up. His clothes were baggy and his face was covered in some metal powder like things.

“Tai Tan, you old thing is still alive?” were the first words this fat old man said when the doors opened.

Tai Tan replied: “Haha, Lou Gao, if a fatty like you who is older than me is still alive, how can i possibly die?”

Sure enough, this fat old man must be the blacksmith association’s president. Divine Craftsman Lou Gao. In all honesty, from his looks he did not look anything like a divine craftsman, but rather more like an agreeable fat old man.

“Well it’s good that you are here today! Quickly come in, I have something good to show you. I have been trying to figure this out for many days already, the person who came up with this must have been a genius.” While speaking, he did not even notice the people behind Tai Tan, and immediately dragged him in with his sleeves.

Tai Tan was slightly taken aback, and hastily followed him in. He was a family patriarch, standing over two meters tall with an extremely robust body yet was so easily pulled in by this just 1.6 meter old man, with an incomparably large waistline, to see something strange.

The Shrek five devils who came followed Tai Tan into the large chamber.
Si Long didn’t enter, quietly retreating. He still had his own post to keep.

The inside of the chamber was really messy although it was over five hundred square meters big, with all sorts of metals all over the place. In the corner, a black lustrous furnace which gave him chills caught the attention of Tang San.

Using his purple demon eye to look at it, Tang San suddenly gasped. It would appear that the furnace was made out of profound iron, furthermore it was not just profound iron, but a few other metals forming a special alloy.

In the front of the whole room was a circular platform, this platform looked like a large metal pilar. Only a meter tall yet looking very solid, the Shrek five devils present, other than Xiao Wu, were all secretly thinking that that thing could not possibly be solid.

Lou Gao brought Tai Tan to the circular platform, their bodies blocking the Shrek five’s line of sight only letting them hear Lou Gao triumphantly saying to Tai Tan: “Let me show this to you! Never seen it before right? This is something i spent a lot of money to get! With this, perhaps our blacksmiths’ status can make a comeback! But while I was trying to take

it apart, i accidentally broke a part and so now it cannot be properly used again. I was just thinking of how I can fix this thing, such a pain it is... the person who made this is really a genius. If I was not wrong, the reason i broke it was because it had a protective device within it, when i tried to dismantle it it broke by itself. Eh, Tai Tan this thing is so amazing you are at a loss of words?”

While listening to Lou Gao’s words, the Shrek five devils also circled around to see what Lou Gao was showing off, looking at each other they realised why Tai Tan did not speak and only had a strange expression on his face.

In Lou Gao’s hands was a 1 chi long black box with a simple looking design. Other people may not know what this things was, but how could the Shrek seven devils not know. Tang San was, after all, its maker! Thats right, the thing in Lou Gao’s hands was the Godly Zhuge Crossbow.

Tang San could not help but ask: “Senior Lou Gao, where did you get this Godly Zhuge Crossbow from?” He clearly remembered not giving this crossbow to any outsiders, so how on earth did it end up in Lou Gao’s hands? In this world there should only be one person able to manufacture this item.

Lou Gao glanced at Tang San and said: “Who the hell is this brat, don’t you know that kids should not interrupt when adults are speaking? Eh wait, what did you say? You know what is this thing?”

Tang San smiled and said: “The genius make you spoke about, I am afraid that that would be me. So of course i recognise that thing.”

Lou Gao lifted his head to look at Tai Tan, who had a faint smile on his head and nodded at Lou Gao.

“That’s great!” Lou Gao loudly shouted shocking everybody, especially Xiao Wu who immediately leapt into Tang San’s embrace. This fat divine craftsman also rushed towards Tang San.

Tang San quickly used his Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track to bring himself and Xiao Wu a few steps back. “Senior Lou Gao, what are you trying to do?”

Lou Gao failing to pounce onto Tang San also froze a moment. “Brat why are you trying to hide? Quick, hurry up and tell me how you made this thing, and how to restore it. Also how you developed it. If you help me answer these questions, I will directly promote you to a scholar class blacksmith.”

Tang San gently petted Xiao Wu’s back to comfort the frightened her, Ning Rongrong also timely came and took Xiao Wu from Tang San.

Tang San walked up to the cylindrical stage and had a look at the Godly Zhuge Crossbow before he wrinkled his brow suddenly. “Rongrong, this is a Godly Zhuge Crossbow I sold to the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School, how did it end up out of the clan?”

Lou Gao was taken aback and said: “What Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School, I bought this from Spirit Hall, there are still a few more over there. If not for my fame, they would not have even sold it to me. If i am not mistaken they are also studying this thing.”

Hearing what Lou Gao said, Tand San understood. It was certain that the crossbow in front of him was made for the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School, but after Spirit Hall’s raid on the clan, they used the crossbow on the Spirit Hall members to great effectiveness, so after they killed many Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School members, it was natural that they would have obtained a few of these crossbows. After all, amongst all the weapons made for the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School only the Godly Zhuge Crossbow was not equipped on their body and was the most easily obtained by the enemy. Thus this was no wonder.

As for the reason Lou Gao damaged the crossbow when trying to dismantle it was not because his skill was inferior to Tai Tan, but rather it was due to all the Godly Zhuge Crossbows he made for others to have an additional hidden mechanism to self destruct to avoid others being able to produce them as well. When somebody tried to open these crossbows, the

mechanism would come into contact with the inside machinery and damage the key components preventing any others from learning how it worked. The crossbow that he originally showed Tai Tan did not have these mechanism to prevent tampering as it was for his own personal use and making it without the device was much easier and cheaper. Seeing Tang San not say a word but rather just looking at the Godly Zhuge Crossbow in his hands, he could not help but feel anxious. Afterall, regarding matters on smithing, he was even more passionate than Tai Tan, thus he could not help but ask: “How on earth did you make this? You better tell me!”

Tang San returned from his thoughts and said: “This thing is for certain made by me, it was originally made for the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School. As to why it ended up in the hands of Spirit Hall, it would have to be related to the attack by Spirit Hall.”

Lou Gao impatiently urged: “I don’t care who is related to who or what. I only want to know why this thing is broken. Boy did you do something to tamper with it?”

Tang San spoke with an indifferent smile: “This Godly Zhuge Crossbow is of my design, in order to prevent others from imitating it, i have installed something within it such that once it is open it would be damaged and quite a few new parts would be required to fix it.”

Lou Gao’s eyes lit up: “No problem, no problem. I have all sorts of metals here, whatever you need you just name it and i can give it to you. If you want to make it yourself it is also fine, this place of mine is pretty well equipped.”

Tang San shook his head and said: “Senior, this time I would have to disappoint you. This time I cannot help you reassemble this Godly Zhuge Crossbow.”

Lou Gao’s eyes suddenly flared up: “Why!? You little brat, you must be Tai Tan’s disciple right? Don't you know who I am? I am the Blacksmith Association president. Didn’t i already tell you? If you just help me fix this, I will confer the title of scholar class smith to you without any other tests.”

Tang San smilingly said: “Senior, what use is the title of smith scholar to me? You are a divine craftsman, if i were to repair this in front of you then wouldn’t you be able to see the secret mechanisms within this object? This is a secret for my Tang Sect, someone not from the Tang Sect cannot be allowed to know about it. Even amongst the Tang Sect disciples, only the core few members are allowed to know the specific production process. If it were to be let out, in the future us Tang Sect members would have lost our secrets and become obsolete.”

“Tang Sect? What is the Tang Sect? You are a very arrogant little brat! Tai Tan, shouldn’t you discipline your guys better?” Lou Gao was anxious to find out how the crossbow worked and could not help but take a glance at Tai Tan.

Tai Tan helplessly spread his hands and said: “I also have no idea. The person in front of you is not my disciple, rather he is the sect leader of our Tang Sect. I am already part of Tang Sect, and one of the elders at that. You who are trying to steal our Tang Sect secrets, if the sect leader does not want to find trouble with you you should already be happy, how can you expect us to tell you how this Godly Zhuge Crossbow is made?”

Lou Gao blinked and said: “Tai Tan why did you join some random Tang Sect! Even if your family has declined and you no longer are a patriarch, you can always come back here to the blacksmith association! Tai Tan why don’t you tell us how well big brother here treated you in the past?”

Tai Tan chuckled and said: “Back then you really were quite good to me when i first came to the association, eventually you became the president and me the vice.”

Lou Gao Slapped his thighs and exclaimed: “That’s right! We have been such good brothers for so long. Now that big brother has some problems, how can you not help out? Hurry up and tell me how this is made already. You are also a blacksmith, you should be able to tell how important this is. If we can build it, then the Spirit Hall will also come bringing us business as well.”

Tai Tan sighed and said: “Big brother, of course i know how important this is! But because of that, all the more i cannot tell you. I cannot go against these clan regulations. Actually if it was you instead of me, you would also certainly join the Tang Sect. This Godly Zhuge Crossbow is good but, in our Tang Sect, it is just an ordinary hidden weapon. Yes these things are what we called hidden weapons. I too was attracted to it which is why i joined the Tang Sect, to non-disciples, we cannot disclose its secrets.”

Hearing Tai Tan’s words, Lou Gao said something that shocked everyone: “Then this is simple! Just let me join this Tang Sect. Given my skill in smithing, joining the core disciples should be no problem! So just hurry up and tell me already.”

Tai Tan had a cunning smile on his lip while Tang San quickly said: “Senior!? You really want to join Tang Sect? But you are the president of the Blacksmith Association!”

Lou Gao absently-mindedly said: “Ah this position as the president, I am already bored of it. After seeing this wonderful Godly Zhuge Crossbow, I felt something i have not felt in many years. This youthful impulsive feeling washed over me just like when i was first learning how to smith. Now you can tell me how is thing is made already right?”

Oscar who was standing by the side said: “After joining the Tang Sect, you will be a disciple of Tang Sect, from then on will be in the service of the Tang Sect. You can never spread the Tang Sect secrets outside of the clan. Naturally this also means you can not tell them to blacksmiths outside of the Tang Sect.”

Lou Gao somewhat taken aback said: “You guys are all so troublesome. Restricting this and that. Don’t you know how bad the blacksmiths have it right now? Outside of Gengxin City we are all considered the lowest, everyone tries to bully us! And do you know why? It's all because we have no status at all! Boy, since you can come up with all these things aren’t you also a blacksmith? Don’t you want to seek more benefits to us blacksmiths in the industry?”

Looking at the sincere and eager Lou Gao, Tang San’s brain was also furiously working. He knew that this was definitely a great opportunity for him, and if he grasped it well, it would have an immeasurable impact on the future of the Tang Sect. He quickly glanced at Tai Tan who was also looking at him with an ardent look.

Taking a deep breath to calm himself down, Tang San told Lou Gao: “Senior, you are the president of your blacksmith association, I feel that it would be better if you did not join us. I cannot possibly accept a figure such as yourself. But you are right, I can also be considered a blacksmith, even more so I am the son of a blacksmith. For the benefit of the blacksmithing industry i would have to refuse. When I established the Tang Sect, I have considered the impact it can have on the blacksmithing industry. However, also for my sake, if i were to teach all the blacksmiths my art, how can the Tang Sect still survive? I know that the life of a blacksmith is not easy. How about this? Why not let the Tang Sect and the Blacksmith Association work together? Let the Tang Sect officially hire some skilled blacksmiths to help smith the parts for these hidden weapons. This way as the Tang Sect hidden weapons prosper, the blacksmith’s status will also rise. In the future I can also give some methods to make relatively simpler hidden weapons which the blacksmith association can use and make. Of course this will not include the Godly Zhuge Crossbow you have right now. Such large and powerful hidden weapons needs to be carefully controlled by our Tang clansmen.”

Listening to Tang San’s words, Lou Gao frowned and eyes gradually calmed down as well. “Boy, are you the leader or are you actually a businessman? So no matter what, you are unwilling to hand over the manufacturing process of this Godly Zhuge Crossbow to me? How about if I get something to trade for it?”

Tang San smiled and replied: “I will not trade it away.”

Lou Gao complained: “You don’t even know what I am going to offer yet you already say no?”

Tang San nodded and said:” No matter what it is, i will not agree to the trade.” The Godly Zhuge Crossbow was going to be one of the core Tang

Sect hidden weapons in the future, if the production methods were to be leaked, what's more to the blacksmith institute, then the Tang Sect will not be the only Tang Sect.

Lou Gao furiously banged the table with his hands, the loud sound could be heard throughout every corner of the blacksmith institute. “Boy, today you have come together with Tai Tan, I believe that you have come to buy things, do you believe that if i wanted to I could let you become unable to buy anything here? I could stop everyone here from selling you anything.”

Tang San seriously nodded and said: “I believe senior is definitely able to do so, but this is not enough to threaten me. It is not as if only Gengxin City has the various metals that I need. We have come from Heaven Dou Empire and already come a long way and we will still be heading onwards even further, it's also not as if we are going to be procure all our resources from Gengxin City exclusively in the future anyway.”

Seeing this twenty or sold year old youth unwilling to yield at all, Lou Gao also had no other way. He strode to the door, opened the gates and shouted: “Si Long, get over here!”

In a few breaths, Si Long had quickly rushed over to Lou Gao respectfully asking: “Teacher, did you call for me?”

Lou Gao grunted and said: “From today on, you are the new president of the Blacksmith Association. I am tired already, I will be going travelling from now on. If anything happens in the future don’t come and find me anymore, of course, you should not try and come after me as well.”

“Ah, teacher you must be joking right?” Si Long said, stunned by Lou Gao’s sudden words.

“Does it look like I am joking? I shall leave my works here for the four of you brothers. time when I am no longer at the blacksmith association, you all have to work together to run this association. I am already old anyway, it is about time i retire as well. If in case something really large

should ever happen that you cannot handle, then send someone to go find Tai Tan in the Heaven Dou Empire, he is the vice-president and a divine craftsman as well anyway.”
[1] Si Long - (思⻰) “Thinking Dragon”
[2] Si Yu - (思⾬) “Thinking Rain”

Chapter 185

The five Shrek devils looked dumbstruck at Lou Gao, this was perhaps the fastest hand-over ceremony in history. Tai Tan couldn’t help saying: “Lou Gao, you aren’t serious.”

Lou Gao snorted derisively, “How do you catch the cub without entering the tiger’s lair? I insist on joining the Tang Sect. Brat, do you dare?”

Tang San smiled slightly, saying: “I dare, of course I dare. If senior wants to join the Tang Sect, then hereafter you are the same as senior Tai Tan, a Tang Sect elder.”

Lou Gao said: “Then can’t I learn the production method for the Godly Zhuge Crossbow? Don’t worry, I won’t spread it.”

Tang San shook his head, a smile on his face: “The Godly Zhuge Crossbow is just the simplest of the Tang Sect’s hidden weapons, how could that suit senior’s name as a divine craftsman? Only the sect’s finest hidden weapons will be left to senior for manufacture, just in keeping with senior’s status.”

Hearing this, Lou Gao’s eyebrows immediately rose in delight, “True. What finest hidden weapons are there? Are they better than this Godly Zhuge Crossbow?”

Tang San sternly said: “Of course, moreover, these finest hidden weapons are all enough to threaten the lives of Title Douluo. If they can be made, then you will found a tradition of the blacksmith world. These exceptional hidden weapons will all be carved with your name.”

Originally Lou Gao decided to join the Tang Sect partly in a fit of pique, even if he was obsessed with forging, he absolutely wasn’t as straightforward as he seemed on the surface. ‘When in the Tang Sect I won’t divulge it, but don’t tell me I can’t leave after I’ve learned it?’ This was Lou Gao’s plan. But, right now he was already completely drawn in by Tang San. How could he know that his flickering Gaze was neatly caught by Tang San’s Purple Demon Eye when he decided to join. Even if Tang San didn’t know his concrete plans, he still guessed that his decision to join the Tang Sect wasn’t completely sincere.

Tang San pulled out a blueprint from the Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges and handed it to Lou Gao, then without a word or hesitation taking the Godly Zhuge Crossbow from the table and putting it away in his Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges.

“Senior, take a look at this design first. I believe you absolutely wouldn’t pass it on to others. This blueprint is of a unique hidden weapon. Look it over in detail. This time we really did come to buy a batch of metal, as the former president and current sect elder, shouldn’t you give us a favorable price?”

Lou Gao’s gaze was now already completely focused on that blueprint, “Alright. Alright, Si Long, I leave it to you. Waive the service charge for anything they buy within the association. If it’s something from our association members, tell those fellows to drop it to eighty percent.”

“Yes, teacher.” With Lou Gao’s status in Gengzxin City, who wouldn’t curry favor with him? Selling at eighty percent was nothing.

Tang San told Lou Gao: “Senior, then we’ll leave first. When we’re returning to the Tang Sect, I’ll call on you again.”

Lou Gao waved his hand, saying: “Alright, you leave first. Oh, right, the auction is tomorrow night. There should be a lot of good things. Tai Tan, you’re familiar with the auction, you go by yourselves later.”

While speaking, Lou Gao w as already carefully looking at the blueprint under the light of the spirit tool lamp. In his eyes, besides this drawing, there was no longer anything else. With his experience as divine craftsman, just a glance was enough to attract him to the hidden weapon described on the blueprint. Just like Tang San said, the thing illustrated in this design was far, far more exquisite than the Godly Zhuge Crossbow.

Out of Lou Gao’s smithy, Oscar couldn’t help gathering next to Tang San, asking in a low voice: “What blueprint did you give Lou Gao? Aren’t you afraid he’ll really leak it? He is after all the blacksmith association president.”

Tang San smiled slightly, saying: “Doesn’t matter, and I’m not afraid of it leaking out. That’s only one third of the plans for the Torrential Pear Blossom Needle. It has no real importance.”

Indeed, speaking of hidden weapons, the difference between the Godly Zhuge Crossbow and the Torrential Pear Blossom Needle was far too great. But, in a practical sense, the craftsmanship was even more important for the manufacture of the Godly Zhuge Crossbow than the Torrential Pear Blossom Needle. How would the Torrential Pear Blossom Needle be so easy to make? If it was, it wouldn’t have been lost to the Tang Sect in Tang San’s previous world for so many years. First let alone the issue of craftsmanship, only the source silver of that deep sea sunken silver was a huge problem. Even if Lou Gao could find deep sea sunken silver source silver, how much could he find? And how many Torrential Pear Blossom Needles could he make then? Even if he actually succeeded, a few Torrential Pear Blossom Needles basically wouldn’t have any major effect on the Douluo Continent, But, mass produced Godly Zhuge Crossbows could.

This was an important reason Tang San left the most difficult to produce hidden weapons to Lou Gao. Besides, he firmly believed that, with the attraction of the Torrential Pear Blossom Needle, Lou Gao really wouldn’t

have the presence of mind to figure this out. After all, he really was obsessed with the art of forging. Moreover, what Tang San gave him now was only one third of the designs. Lou Gao really was a bit sly, but if put to use, he would also be a huge help to the Tang Sect. The Peacock Plume, Torrential Pear Blossom Needle and Buddha Fury Tang Lotus Tang San worried about could be made. Even though he himself had experience, he also had to cultivate and couldn’t spend all his time on forging. And even though Tai Tan had the skill, he alone was still too few, let alone when he still had to supervise the overall situation. Now having a blacksmith association president, a divine craftsman, the circumstances were completely different. Tang San had already started to plot on how to use this fatty who wanted to steal the Tang Sect hidden weapon essentials.

Si Long didn’t know for what his teacher had decided to pass on his position, but as Lou Gao’s chief disciple, he was extremely efficient, and showed nothing on the surface.

“Vice president Tai Tan, it’s no longer early, I’d like to invite everyone to eat lunch first. How about choosing metals afterwards?”

Tai Tan laughed out loud, saying: “You’re still so sensible, that old fellow Lou Gao doesn’t care about anything besides forging. Over these years, you’ve been handling a lot of the association’s affairs. That Lou Gao, really, he still has you continue your guard mission like this.”

Si Long smiled: “This is voluntary. If everything wasn’t done according to the rules, our blacksmith association’s VIP auction wouldn’t be able to reach its present condition either. Speaking honestly, the blacksmith association’s main source of income all comes from the auction.”

Tai Tan nodded, saying: “I understand that, who asked our blacksmith association not to be appreciated. Let’s do it like this, here is a list of items, you ask the people below to procure them. I trust you.”

While speaking, Tai Tan took out a long ago prepared shopping list from his spirit tool and handed it over to Si Long. Indeed, as the blacksmith association’s new president, if he wasn’t worthy of trust, then nobody was.

Si Long took the list, his eyes widening with just a glance at it, drawing a cold breath, “Vice president Tai Tan, I’m not mistaken, right?” The first item on the list was: iron essence, ten tons.

“I’ve never even heard of anyone buying iron essence in tons. No wonder you’d come from so far away to Gengxin City for purchasing. I’m afraid that there’s no place in the entire continent besides our Gengxin City that might have this much iron essence.”

Tai Tan laughed out loud, saying: “Just don’t forget our discount.”

Si Long wiped his suddenly sweat soaked forehead, “Speaking honestly, vice president Tai Tan, you should know the market price as well. If we really uniformly sell at eighty percent as teacher said, I’m afraid that the blacksmith association’s subordinate shops will all go bankrupt. How about this, I’ll give you ninety percent. This is already our manufacturing cost.”

Tai Tan looked at Tang San, and Tang San smiled slightly: “At that, we can’t let you work in vain. No need for a discount, I heard elder Tai Tan say that all kinds of metals are cheapest in Gengxin City. One kilogram of iron essence for one gold spirit coin. We’ll do it according to the market price. However, I hope you can gather all the metals we need in the shortest possible time.”

Tang San was no profiteer. Compared to an immediate profit right in front of him, he regarded long term cooperation as more important.

Si Long secretly heaved a sigh of relief, “How would I have such nerve. Say ninety five percent. A big client like you will always have some preferential treatment. Don’t worry, even though these metals are precious, they will all be prepared. They can all be collected within three days. Only, how do you plan to transport them?”

Tang San said: “We’ll use spirit tools. If our own spirit tools are insufficient, we’ll purchase two high capacity ones in Gengxin City. That should be good enough. Cash on delivery.”

This procurement trip was mainly about iron essence, but there was still pure silver, tungsten steel, profound iron, black gold, cold iron, gold essence, and so on. Tang San had calculated carefully. These metals were enough for the Tang Sect’s use for two years. As long as everything went smoothly, it would be enough to produce one batch of useful hidden weapons. Not only could they satisfy the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s requests and equip the Tang Sect itself, they could even stock up. As for who they would sell to, that would depend on the situation. Anyway, this was a piece of business with stable income and no loss.”

Si Long secretly calculated the total price of the metals. Even with his new position as president, he still couldn’t help his pulse accelerating, this was a huge sum! Just the association’s commission alone would be a considerable wealth. Even more when they could prioritize the association’s own shops.

He also saw that, within this party, Tang San was the true leader, and hurriedly gave an unreserved agreement. Such a big client, even without the relationship with Tai Tan, would still be valued by the blacksmith’s association. In fact, this piece of business would involve a frightening sum of more than two hundred thousand gold spirit coins. To a slump industry like smithing, this was already an astronomical figure. It was equivalent to the entire income for one year of business for the blacksmith association.

Leaving the blacksmith association, a smiling Si Long brought everyone to a restaurant not far away. Even if the outside world didn’t know he was about to succeed the position as association president, with his status as smith scholar, he was still one of the most respected guests here.

Entering the restaurant, the owner who originally stood behind a counter immediately came out, respectfully standing to the side, “Great scholar Si Long, you’ve come. Please.”

Si Long wasn’t so polite when confronting outsiders, with an indifferent expression: “The old place.”

That proprietor’s expression immediately grew embarrassed, “I-, I’m sorry, great scholar Si Long, let me arrange a different place for you.

That room has already been reserved by others today.”

Si Long’s brows wrinkled, “Manager, I want to entertain important customers today. Won’t you give me that much face?”

The owner’s forehead already showed a sheen of sweat, “I don’t dare, I don’t dare, only, only……”

Si Long coldly said: “Only what?”

The boss lowered his voice: “I really can’t afford to offend the person who reserved that room. Gran scholar Si Long, please understand. It’s the Lord Spirit Hall’s people.”

Gengxing City was considered one of the lord cities within Star Luo Empire, therefore Spirit Hall naturally also had a Lord Spirit Hall here. Spirit Hall’s influence was enormous in the entire continent, they were in cities of almost every level.

Hearing it was the Lord Spirit Hall’s people, Si Long couldn’t keep his expression from growing somewhat ugly, but he still endured and looked at Tai Tan and the others next to him, without any resentful expression. Then he asked that boss: “Fine, manager, I won’t make things difficult for you, find us another room.”

As if having received a great amnesty, that boss hurriedly smiled and nodded repeatedly, “Please, grand scholar Si Long, noble customers, today really is my fault, please blame me.” This boss clearly was very conscientious. Further adding his humble appearance, even Si Long found it difficult to rebuke him.

But even if Tang San and the others didn’t plan to make trouble, that didn’t mean others wouldn’t.

Just when the party was preparing to follow the boss upstairs, an eccentric voice came from behind them, “Who is this? So it’s great scholar Si Long! We’ll let you have this place!”

Everyone turned around to look. Among seven or eight Spirit Hall attendant uniformed people walking over, the man in the lead was roughly the same age as Si Long, his hair already grizzled, aquiline nose, small eyes, big mouth, his face as ugly as an air dried tangerine, and a disdainful expression. And the people behind him were each and everyone as if they hated they couldn’t overlook the sky, an arrogant aura overflowing in words and manners. No need to ask, Tang San still knew that these people were bound to be from Gengxin City’s Lord Hall.

Si Long’s expression dropped, “Bishop Meyers[1], what do you mean by that?”

The elder leading the Spirit Hall party, Meyers, showed a trace of a cold smile at the corners of his mouth, strolling forward, “Oh, nothing at all. We’ve all known each other for so many years, I just want to express my respect. You are a great scholar level smith. Do you all know what a great scholar level smith is?” The last question was directed at the Spirit Hall crowd behind him.

These fellows cooperated very well, immediately someone replied: “Still a blacksmith.”

Meyers laughed out loud, saying: “That’s right, still a blacksmith. Pitiful, even with more than seventieth ranked cultivation, you’re still a worthless tool spirit master. Si Long, it’s not impossible for me to let you have the room. As long as you persuade president Lou Gao to have your blacksmith’s association join our Spirit Hall. Wouldn’t that be a lot better for future development?”

Si Long’s face was already ashen with anger. Indeed, he really was a Spirit Sage level spirit master, but as a tool spirit master, he was like little Ao back then, without any attack power.

“Meyers, don’t forget, this is Gengxin City.” Si Long spoke through clenched teeth.

Mayers laughed coldly, “What about it? Let alone you, even Gengxin City’s lord has to be polite when meeting me. Fuck off. Good dogs don’t

stand in the way.” While speaking, he waved his hand. Immediately, a great force sent Si Long tumbling to the side.

However, Si Long very quickly found his balance, helped by Oscar. Si Long’s tumble naturally exposed Tang San and the others behind him, and Meyers immediately looked distracted. Not because he recognized them, but rather because his eyes fell on the two women among them.

Ning Rongrong with skin so smooth it seemed it might drip with water, Xiao Wu as pure as a lily, two great beauties appeared before him, and he couldn’t help being dazzled. Even as the master of Gengxin City’s Lord Spirit Hall, he could also be considered as having seen no few beautiful women, but beauty such as was before him now he had never seen, let alone come into contact with at close distance.

Swallowing visibly to everyone’s naked eyes, Meyers’ expression immediately changed. The ice cold appearance from just now turned kindly, and added to his age, he really seemed a bit sanctimonious.

“Si Long, from where did you kidnap these two young ladies? En, really beautiful.” While speaking, he directly turned and walked towards Ning Rongrong and Xiao Wu.

Perhaps sensing the counterpart’s bad intentions, Xiao Wu subconsciously pulled back into Tang San’s embrace. Standing next to Tang San, Ma Hongjun was just about to move, but was held back by Tang San. But Tai Tan had already stepped forward to meet him, snorting angrily, hardly concealing the unreasoning spirit power fluctuations he released. Immediately, tremendous pressure abruptly blossomed like a tidal wave.

Meyers just preparing to raise his hand to touch Xiao Wu, only felt his chest tighten, and was uncontrollably forced back several steps, his face immediately growing alarmed. Looking at the tall Tai Tan and the imposing manner he released, he couldn’t keep his complexion from changing.

Spirit Hall could even be said to have influence overflowing Heaven, Meyers really hadn’t exaggerated, even Gengxin City’s lord had to show some consideration for him. The grandeur of a spirit master, and further

adding the influence of Spirit Hall, he could even be called a local tyrant in Gengxin City. But, ultimately, he was still a spirit master. In the world of spirit masters, strength was the capital to speak. After feeling Tai Tan’s Heaven imposing manner, his completely frivolous expression immediately turned serious. The subordinates behind him could stand it even less and retreated one after the other before Tai Tan’s pressure, their faces turning pale one by one.

Meyers himself was a sixty something ranked Spirit Emperor, but he clearly felt that the old man in front of him wasn’t someone he could contend with, that tyrannical aura was at least two levels higher than his own. In other words, this old man should be a Spirit Douluo level power. In Spirit Hall, this would be strength equivalent to at least a cardinal. Even if they had the numerical advantage, facing a power like this they still wouldn’t be able to take the consequences.

“Your are?” Meyers looked at Tai Tan with bewilderment and uncertainty.

Before Tai Tan could speak up, Tang San suddenly flicked one hand, a warrant tile flying out at Meyers.

Meyers subconsciously raised his hand to catch it. This time, his face turned deathly pale, his whole body trembling, the warrant tile sliding from his hand.

However, the familiar designs on that warrant tile were already deeply engraved in his mind.

Tang San’s indifferent voice echoed, “I’m not in the mood to have my meal disturbed, so hurry up and fuck off.”

Meyers, as if he had received a general pardon, hurriedly stooped and picked up the warrant tile, deferentially handing it back to Tang San. Afterwards he signaled his subordinates, and unexpectedly lay down directly on the ground and humped his way outside[2]. At this time, for the sake of survival, he couldn’t pay any attention to face.

Seeing their elder do that, even though these spirit masters didn’t know what was going on, they weren’t idiots and knew that today they had kicked an iron plate, one by one following Meyers’ example and “fucking off”.

Tang San’s warrant tile was naturally the one Tang Hao once gave to Grandmaster. After Tang San returned to Shrek Academy this time, Grandmaster had passed it on to him. Even though they were absolutely opposed to Spirit Hall, this warrant tile was still enormously effective. It was no wonder Meyers would be afraid, the warrant tile represented an elder level status. And Spirit Hall’s elders, which one wasn’t a Title Douluo? Further adding the pressure Tai Tan released before, an issue with his judgement immediately appeared. He knew the authority of the assembly of elders, that was an organization with the highest influence that even the Supreme Pontiff had to fear to some extent. Seeing that Tang San let him off lightly, he immediately fucked off. Once outside, he immediately ran off like a wisp of smoke, to the extent that he didn’t even dare look at the restaurant again.

Now, the entire restaurant was silent. Whether it was Si Long, the restaurant boss, or the customers, they all looked at Tang San as if they were seeing a monster. Tai Tan turned around and said to the restaurant boss: “Still not leading the way?”

The restaurant boss then came to himself, his appearance immediately turning even more humble, “Noble customers, please, please.” Of course, the place where they ate turned into that room Si Long wanted from the start. Basically before Si Long could order dishes, the boss swiftly withdrew to arrange it.

The boss just left when Si Long’s expression couldn’t help sinking, looking at Tang San, “You’re Spirit Hall’s people?” As Lou Gao’s disciple, and a blacksmith association grand scholar level character, he naturally also recognized the the tile Tang San took out.

Before Tang San spoke up, Tai Tan already took the initiative to say: “Don’t worry, you brat. There’s no relationship between us and Spirit Hall. If I had to say there was a relation, then it’s absolutely a hostile one.

I’ll introduce you and you’ll understand. This is miss Rongrong, from the Seven Treasure Glaze Tile School.”

Ning Rongrong had naturally also noticed that the blacksmith association and Spirit Hall’s relationship was an inharmonious one. Words could never explain as much as actions. Raising her right hand, along with a flash of gem like light, her Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda appeared above her palm with dazzling luster.

Si Long didn’t pay attention to the treasure pagoda over her hand having nine levels, because he was already stupefied by those six dazzling spirit rings.

How old was Ning Rongrong? Among the Shrek Seven Devils, she was only a bit older than Zhu Zhuqing. Moreover, she had grown conspicuously small, nowhere did she seem like she was twenty. But on the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda in her hand, those six dazzling spirit rings were distinct.

Ning Rongrong supplied what Tai Tan had held back, “My father is Ning Fengzhi.”

Si Long drew a deep breath, and couldn’t help viewing the people in front of him in a new light. He now understood why these people could prepare to buy so much metal without haggling over the price. The Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School might be the richest sect in the spirit master world! Even Spirit Hall might envy their wealth.

Simultaneously, his gaze towards Tang San also changed somewhat. Clearly, in this party, Tang San was the leader. To get the Strength Clan to follow, to get the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master’s darling daughter to follow, what kind of status did a youth like that hold?

However, experienced in the ways of the world, he didn’t ask anything further. Only nodding silently, his whole body relaxed.

Ma Hongjun somewhat discontentedly asked Tang San: “Third brother, why didn’t you let me teach those bastards a lesson just now? Didn’t you see how arrogant they were? Really ought to be put down.”

Tang San shook his head to Ma Hongjun, indifferently saying: “We can’t cause trouble for the blacksmith association. If you attacked, Spirit Hall would ascribe this debt to the association. When that time came, the association would be in trouble. I still want to keep cooperating with the blacksmith association, I can’t be that negligent.”

Oscar didn’t speak up, because he knew that Tang San absolutely wasn’t someone good at tolerating people, especially when that Meyers seemed like he wanted to defile Xiao Wu. Xiao Wu was Tang San’s taboo. He seemed calm right now, but what was hiding beneath that surface?

Listening to Tang San, Si Long’s gaze at him could no longer be described as just startled, it was even a bit reverent. Without a question, what Tang San said was correct. If they had really attacked just now, then Spirit Hall, who had always looked at the blacksmith association like a tiger watching its prey, would definitely swiftly and mercilessly retaliate against the association. Spirit Hall had always been looking for the chance, after all, this was Gengxin City, where the blacksmith association was deeply rooted. If Spirit Hall wanted to attack them without justification, that wouldn’t be so easy.

“Thank you, young friend. I still haven’t asked, what is young friend’s noble name?” Si Long said gratefully.

Tang San said: “I’m Tang San. Senior Si Long, can you tell us about the blacksmith association’s current relationship with Spirit Hall?”

Hearing Tang San mention Spirit Hall once again, Si Long couldn’t keep a chill from flashing through his eyes, “What relationship? To Spirit Hall it seems like our blacksmith association is chicken ribs, tasteless as animal feed, discarding it is unfortunate, that’s why they’ve never touched us. You’ve also seen how I and the junior disciples guard above the third floor of the association. Actually, with our status as spirit masters, that kind of guard is more of a symbolic gesture, expressing our respect to all visitors. But, now this guard has really changed into a defense against the outside. Recently, people have come one after another to cause trouble at the association. And they’re all Spirit Hall’s people. Me, at the Spirit Sage level, the most I can do is give them a bit of

pressure, I’d be revealed if I tried fighting. That’s also why that Meyers just now was so arrogant towards me even his spirit power is lower than mine. It’s because last time Spirit Hall’s people came causing trouble, they injured me. They now know that we’re all just tool spirit masters. This has always been giving us a headache.”

“Actually, from what Spirit Hall itself says, they have no interest in our blacksmith association, after all, the difference between blacksmiths and spirit masters really is too great. Incorporating the blacksmith association is basically the idea of that bastard Meyers, he’s planning to get some extra income from us. After all, the total income of the blacksmith association in Gengxin City is quite considerable.”

Listening to Si Long, Tang San had a basic understanding of the relationship between the blacksmith association and Spirit Hall. Grasping Xiao Wu’s delicate hand, he smiled and said: “Then, where is the Lord Spirit Hall of Gengxin City located?”

Si Long suddenly discovered that, when Tang San asked this question, his eyes clearly displayed an ice cold killing intent. And as that killing intent flashed past, even with his level he couldn’t keep from shivering.

“Young friend Tang San, you’re……”

Tang San was still smiling, “I’m just casually asking. After we’ve eaten, I’d like to trouble president Si Long to prepare the things we need as soon as possible. Oh, right, tomorrow we will also participate in the blacksmith association’s auction. I’d still like to trouble you to arrange it.”

Si Long nodded, and said: “That’s no problem. You are our big customers. The Lord Spirit Hall is in the eastern part of the city. It’s a very distinct building, built even more splendid than the city lord’s mansion. The Lord Spirit Hall here has approximately forty spirit masters. Among them, Meyers’ level is the highest, roughly at the sixty third to sixty sixth rank. Among the others, there are also four above the fiftieth rank. The remainder are all common spirit masters below the fiftieth rank. The overwhelming majority are all at the twentieth and

thirtieth rank. After all, this isn’t any important city. The allocation of members for the Lord Spirit Hall isn’t so generous.”

Tang San and Si Long looked eye to eye and, with mutual understanding, neither continued on the subject. But Tang San was still very satisfied with Si Long’s detailed description of the composition of Spirit Hall’s strength. This Spirit Sage level tool spirit master wasn’t the slightest bit slow!

The rest of the meal was extremely harmonious with the restaurant boss’ meticulous care, taking out practically the finest ingredients, carefully prepared by the best chef. Even if it wasn’t delicacies, it was still good value.

After the meal, even though the restaurant boss repeatedly expressed there was no need to pay, Si Long still paid five gold spirit coins. Even though that was still just the production cost, it was still enough to prove the difference between the blacksmith association and Spirit Hall. In fact, Meyers had never paid for his meal.

Si Long directly arranged a good residence for Tang San’s party, then went to take care of the metals they needed.

The residence was located on the other side of the blacksmith association, specially used by the association to receive guests, they offered their own inn. Even if it wasn’t considered luxurious, it was absolutely clean. For everyone’s stay, Si Long specially ordered for the highest floor of the inn to be sealed off, and had everyone stay there.

Si Long had just stepped away when Ma Hongjun couldn’t help it any longer. He had naturally also seen something from Tang San and Si Long’s conversation, and now impatiently asked: “Third brother, aren’t we going to teach those Spirit Hall fellows a lesson? They actually dared insult Xiao Wu and Rongrong, I get angry just remembering it. For all these years, when have we brothers ever put up with such anger?”

Nobody was an outsider, so Tang San didn’t need to conceal anything, “Spirit Hall owes us so much, it should be about time for them to pay some interest.”

Ma Hongjun exulted, “Then when do we move?”

Tang San had clearly already thought it over, “After the auction ends tomorrow night. A moonless, windy, killing night.”

Tang San’s choice of time had clearly undergone reflection. Si Long needed three days to prepare, in other words, the necessary metals would be collected the day after tomorrow. And they could still try their luck in the auction tomorrow night. No matter how Spirit Hall wanted to retaliate, the day after tomorrow they would still be gone from here.

Tai Tan clenched his fist, his knuckles making cracking sounds; “I’ve long wanted to make some trouble for Spirit Hall. This isn’t our place either, putting them in order is fine too.”

Tang San looked at Xiao Wu’s empty eyes next to him, and he couldn’t keep the scene of Xiao Wu being surrounded by those Spirit Hall experts from appearing in his mind once again. The scene of Xiao Wu sacrificing herself to save him. The intense stabs of pain within him turned into killing intent that constantly eroded his heart.

Elder Tai Tan, you can’t appear tomorrow. You’re too obvious, and we can’t let any rumors leak. Fatty, tomorrow you and I go. Just us two.”

Tai Tan hesitated a moment, then said: “Young master, there are after all several dozen spirit masters over there. You two, isn’t that a bit few?”

Tang San shook his head, “Two people is enough. One to kill, one to burn.”

[1] Meyers - (迈尔斯)

[2] (滚 gun) means to “get lost” or “fuck off”, but also means “to roll”, and in the RAW Meyers accordingly rolled out of there. That works terribly when translated.

Chapter 186

Other than Xiao Wu, the people present who heard this, for some unknown reason felt a chill run down their spine. Tang San’s flat demeanor suddenly became scary.

And so the day quickly passed. Tang San accompanied Xiao Wu in his room, taking the time while Xiao Wu slept to cultivate. While the other three, Oscar, Ning Rongrong and Ma Hongjun went to walk around Gengxin City

On the evening of the second day, Si Long came.

At this time, Oscar and company had yet to return, only Tang San, Xiao Wu, Tai Tan and the two clansmen the brought were present at the hostel.

Tang San brought Xiao Wu to meet Si Long in Tai Tan’s room.

Si Long said: “The various metals that you need have been mostly prepared. Because some of the metals you wanted are so rare, I spent most of these two days searching all the association stores before I could finally get the amount you needed together. All that is lacking is the last bit of profound iron which will be delivered to us tomorrow morning.”

Tang San smilingly said: “President, you have worked hard.”

Si Long said with a laugh: “It was nothing, rather, I am hoping that you will come back several more times in the future.”

Tai Tan asked: “What about Lou Gao that old guy? What has he been doing these two days?”

On mention of Lou Gao, a wry smile appeared on Si Longs face. “Vice president Tai Tan. My uncle Tai Tan. What on earth did you give him! These two days, teacher was sleeplessly trying to figure out was was on the paper you gave him that he did not even eat his meals. Sometimes trying to make it by himself. He is crazily obsessed with that thing.”

Tang San and Tai Tan exchanged looks at each other, before uncontrollably bursting out into laughter. Originally when Tai Tan first saw the diagrams for the Torrential Pear Blossom Needle he was also like this. Except, when Tang San showed Tai Tan the diagram it was the complete one which could still be visualised. However, when Lou Gao saw the diagram which was only a third of the full thing, there were many sections that were mysterious yet more difficult to fully understand.

Tai Tan said: “No worries. You just let him look at it all he wants. Tomorrow we will be leaving Gengxin city. At that time, we will bring him away directly. Don’t worry, I will go and remind him tonight, since he still has to publicly announce your succession as the association president.”

As before Si Long was still slightly worried. “Uncle Tai Tan, it would still be better to address you as such.[1] Truthfully speaking, teacher leaving alone,Iam still a little worried about him” He was going to succeed as president soon, that’s why he did not want to use the title ‘Vice- President’ to address Tai Tan.

Tai Tan smiled in spite of himself: “Why? Are you scared that we will harm him? But, right now even if we decide not to allow him to come with us, I fear that he would just cry and wail with us all the way to Heaven Dou Empire. I know how attractive that thing is. Just be at ease, Lou Gao will be fine if he comes with us. Perhaps even, in just a few years, this blacksmithing association would grow more prosperous. When that time comes you too will find out the reason why Lou Gao so desperately wants to come with us.”

Si Long’s eyes let out pensive look, and after thinking for a bit

said: “A few fellow disciples of Lou Gao and myself have discussed about this matter. Since there are four of us disciples of Lou Gao, we have decided that it would be good if two of us went along with him. Among the four of us, other than Si Di who is still a grandmaster smith, the rest of us are smiths scholars. So we have decided on the two smith scholars Si Yu and Si Kai to travel with you all to Heaven Dou Empire. Incidentally, they can help take care of teacher, teacher is after all getting late on years.”

On hearing these words, Tang San and Tai Tan couldn’t help but feel delighted. Smith scholars were not that easy to come by. Tang San had previously heard from Tai Tan, those who are at the smith scholar level, were only a sliver apart from divine smiths in terms of skill. To Tang San, the value of having two smith scholars was something that couldn’t be measured by money. To add a Lou Gao on top of that, to Tang San the importance of these three people was even greater than all the metal they come here to purchase combined.

Tang San spoke without any hesitation: “Then it is decided. President Si Long, please be at ease, we will certainly take good care of senior Lou Gao and your two juniors. It is just as elder Tai Tan said, perhaps before too long, the smithing profession would once again thrive on the continent.”

While they were having their conversation, Ning Rongrong’s lively voice came from outside, “We are back.” Without knocking, Ning Rongrong happily opened the door, only after seeing that Si Long was also around did her jovial expression die down a bit. Oscar and Ma Hongjun followed behind her into the room as well.

Tang San smilingly said: “How was the harvest for you three?”

Ning Rongrong giggled: “Hehe, not bad, not bad, the trip can still be considered to be fruitful.” while saying that, with a flick of her wrist and a glimmer of light from her bracelet spirit tool, a piece of ore the size of a human head appeared on the table.

Upon seeing the piece of ore, Tang San, Tai Tan and Si Long’s pupils simultaneously shrank.

That was a somewhat murky piece of crystal, if it was only seen as a crystal, it would seem to be of a very low grade. It was not very transparent, slightly yellowish, with a very impure coloration.

However, within this piece of crystal was a large piece of something shimmering golden.

“Plate Crystal Gold.” Tang San, Tai Tan and Si Long uttered simultaneously.

The three of their eyes met, their gazes equally full of surprise.

Ning Rongrong giggled: “Hehe, this thing cost me quite a large sum. Third Brother, I heard you say something about this before, I did not mistakenly buy this right?”

Tang San remained silent for a while, when compared to the rutilated crystal he originally bought from Flender, this one was even purer and had much more gold within it. Although the expenditure of his Dragon Beard Needles was low, in order for the future production of the Peacock Plume and various other hidden weapons, the value of this rutilated crystal was just too high. “That is right, this is indeed Plate Crystal Gold. Rongrong, how much did you buy it for? Will you resell it to me?”

Ning Rongrong burst out laughing, Ma Hongjun who was standing by the side couldn’t hold back anymore and said: “What resell it to you! Rongrong only spent one gold coin on it, the shop owner even stared at us like we were idiots for a long time.”

“One gold coin?” Si Long exclaimed, with a bitter smile: “Why don’t I ever run into such good things. I will pay you a thousand gold coins. Will you sell it to me?”

Ning Rongrong said: “Hehe, such good profits! Just a single resale and I get back a thousand times in value. But, if you want it you better ask third brother. This thing is already his.”

With a searing gaze Si Long looked at Tang San, but all he saw was Tang San’s blue eyes which felt as deep as the oceans. Tang San apologetically said: “I must apologise, President Si Long, this piece of Plate Crystal Gold is equally important to me.”

Si Long thoughtfully asked: “Are you going to use it to make accessories?”

With a flick of Tang San’s wrist, all of a sudden there was a small gold bean the size of a grain of rice on his hand. “In my hands, it is not an accessory, but a weapon to kill.”

As his words fell, he flicked his finger, Tang San’s actions could be clearly seen by everyone but these same people could feel an unparalleled strength stemming out from those actions.

Without a single sound, all the audience could see was a flash of gold, and within the crystal appeared an extra golden line.

Since the time he met Tang San, this was the first time Tang San showed off his skills in front of Si Long, and Si Long could only feel a chill grow within his heart, without knowing why, this young man in his eyes gave him a very dangerous feeling, which even exceeded the pressure Tai Tan gives him.

“Third brother, how did you do that? can you teach it to me?” Ning Rongrong said as she widened her eyes and excitedly looked at Tang San.

Tang San impatiently said: “If you want to learn this skill. You will have to give up your spirit. Furthermore you will have to train this for over ten years. Does this really look that fun to play with? Can you just imagine what it would feel if this was shot into a human body?”

Tai Tan’s eyes brightened, “This must be the Dragon Beard Needles right?”

Tang San smilingly replied. “With this piece of Plate Crystal Gold, I can make over a thousand Dragon Beard Needles.”

After seeing Tang San’s performance, Si Long cannot bring himself to even speak about wanting to buy this piece of Plate Crystal Gold, this piece of Plate Crystal Gold would be so much more useful in Tang San’s hands than in his own.

Tang San spoke to Ning Rongrong: “Rongrong, what other nice things did you bring back? It would really seem that you have pretty good luck!”

Ning Rongrong said: “I also managed to get a few other things, but I myself am not too sure as to what they are.”

While saying that, she shook her bracelet and a chain of objects appeared before them.

The first thing Tang San noticed was a jet black piece of ore, on the surface of the ore was a hint of cold air, it otherwise looked just like a jet black piece of iron ore. Of the things that Ning Rongrong took out, this was the largest, about a meter in diameter, but what was most shocking was its weight, upon landing on the floor, the whole building shook a little.

The trio who knew their stuff Tang San, Tai Tan and Si Long were once again surprised. Tai Tan was the first to take a step forward. Upon arriving in front of this large black ore, he took his hand and touched the surface of the rock, “The temperature is not right, this cannot be normal iron ore.”

Si Long eyes flashed with a unique luster, with a slight pleading look and looked towards Ning Rongrong: “Miss Ning, can you let me try and identify what kind of ore this is?”

Ning Rongrong said: “Hehe, of course. This ore was chosen by me from a place where they sold iron ore at the price of refined iron. Priced according to volume, which roughly amounted to also about one gold coin.”

Oscar continued by saying: “It was actually less than one gold coin, so they also threw in that thing over there which was also very heavy.” while he was saying this, he pointed at something beside the jet black ore which was only about a third the size of the jet black ore. What he pointed at was a piece of ore which was completely grey with a slight metallic sheen looking like a rather ordinary piece of stone.

Si Long slowly raised his right hand, a small golden spot appearing in the center of his palm, followed by a golden flash and the appearance of a small golden chisel out of thin air. One white, two yellow, three purple, one black, seven rings quietly appeared on this small chisel, looking much smaller than the spirit rings Tang San and company had seen on other spirit masters so far.

From the viewpoint of spirit ring configuration, Si Long’s was apparently not very optimal. As a spirit sage, he only had one ten-thousand year spirit ring. However, his strange spirit tool had attracted everyone’s attention.

Tai Tan spoke in a low voice: “Si Long’s spirit tool is a diamond chisel, it is best used for the prospecting of various kinds of ores and the creation of delicate objects. With at least mastering eighty percent of Lou Gao’s teachings, he has a high status in the smithing industry.”

As a spirit sage, although he had no talent in fighting and even people ranked lower than him could bully him, but the moment his diamond chisel appeared in his hands, his entire temperament drastically changed.

At this moment, Tang San could feel that the Si Long in front of him was as focused as Yang Wudi while holding his Soul Breaking Spear.

With a golden flash, the group did not even see the first few spirit rings on the Diamond Chisel light up, the Diamond Chisel tip was already resting on the jet black ore.

With a clear ring, the jet black ore suddenly erupted with a crisp crackling noise, in an instant a golden light had spread throughout the ore from the point of contact with the chisel. It was as if a golden mesh was

wrapped around the entire ore before it seeping into the ore. Yes, that was a seeping feeling.

The crisp cracking continued to resound, smoke slowly burst out of the surface of the ore. Under Si Long’s chisel’s constant tapping, the outer surface of the ore slowly crumbled away. Following that, a heavy cold air spread outwards, dropping the temperature of the room instantly.

With a wave of Tai Tan’s hand, he used his spirit force to sweep open the outer layer of the broken ore, exposing equally jet black coloured metal ore inside.

Although it was also black, it was without a hint of impurities inside. Using his Purple Demon Eyes, the density of the metal could be determined, even though his Purple Demon Eyes was already at the detail level, it was very hard for him to even find a flaw within it. The blackness was deep as if it was the void, even if a normal person without any understanding of metal were to look at it they would be able to tell that this was not some simple iron.

The golden light receded as Si Long already banished his spirit tool. His gazed dazedly while speaking in a hard to understand tone: “Refined Heart Chilling Iron, it really is refined Heart Chilling Iron… and such a large chunk at that.”

Ning Rongrong blinked her large innocent beautiful eyes. “President Si Long, this seems like something pretty good, do you plan to buy this from me?

Si Long watched Ning Rongrong expression suddenly become strange, “Miss Ning, Heart Chilling Iron is the hardest metal on the Continent. It is not that I do not want to buy this from you, rather I am unable to afford it. Its price is 10 times that of Profound iron. Even if you let me go and try, I probably cannot even find five kilograms in Gengxin City. This piece of yours is easily over a hundred kilograms, its value is simple astronomical.”

At this point he suddenly stopped and muttered instead: “Miss Ning, can you please tell me, where did you manage to find these things?”

Ning Rongrong smiled without saying anything, Oscar who could stand it no further, smilingly said: “Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School is not just the world’s best auxiliary support clan. At the same time, spirit masters with the seven treasure glazed pagoda spirit have a strong ability to evaluate treasures. Ning Rongrong’s treasure evaluation abilities are even greater than that of Schoolmaster Ning.”

If it was the finding of only one top grade ore, it could perhaps be attributed to luck, in Ning Rongrong’s case, it could obviously be seen that this was not something so simple. She didn’t even know what it was that she was buying, but could generally feel the value of the things that she bought.

Tang San was deeply shocked, he too knew about this Heart Chilling Iron Si Long mentioned, in the previous world it was known as Frost Iron ore. Moreover, towards this metal, Tang San had many feelings remaining towards it. After all, he had previously personally used it to create the one and only peerless hidden weapon, the Buddha Fury Tang Lotus. Heart Chilling Iron was one of the most important materials required as it was one of the three great core materials to create the Buddha Fury Tang Lotus .

Ning Rongrong’s gaze shifted to the next piece of unassuming grey rock, before uttering the line that caught everyone’s attention.

“I feel that, this rock’s value is even higher than the other things here.”

“What?” Si Long unhesitatingly practically jumped towards the rock. At least the previous Heart Chilling Iron had some semblance of being special, but this piece of metal had nothing that could make him feel was any special.

Tang San and Tai Tan both also rushed forward, all of a sudden, Tang San’s body jolted upright, “It can’t be such a huge coincidence right?”

He raised his hands slowly stroking the ore that was only a third the size of the Heart Chilling Iron. His eyes suddenly blazed, his spirit force surging, and within a black flash appeared the Clear Sky Hammer in his hands.

Standing straight, Tang San asked the rest to step back, Si Long’s gaze firmly fixed on his Clear Sky Hammer, at this moment he suddenly understood the significance behind Tai Tan’s attitude towards Tang San.

With his left foot pointing forwards, his Mysterious Heaven Skill surging within himself, with a woosh, the piece of ore was lifted up, using his left toe as an axis, Tang San spun around once. While spinning, he wound up like a bow being pulled into the shape of a moon. When the grey ore rose to its highest point,Tang San’s body also momentarily paused, and in the next moment, the arrow was let loose.


The Clear Sky Hammer flew outwards in a black flash which collided with the grey ore, in the next few moments, all they could hear was a ringing in their ears. That grey ore was not even cracked by the blow from the Clear Sky Hammer, instead it flew out over the walls and disappeared along with Tang San’s body.

Before the ringing stopped, Tang San had already appeared back in the room with the grey ore in his embrace.

After being hit by that blow from Tang San, this piece of grey ore did not even suffer from a single crack or even a dent on its surface. It had appeared as if nothing had happened to it at all.

Tai Tan and Si Long simultaneously rushed over, Si Longs Diamond Chisel once again appeared, with permission from Tang San, the Diamond Chisel once again tapped onto the grey stone. With a clear ring a silver luster appeared where Si Long tapped it with the chisel, but it had disappeared once Si Long lifted the chisel.

“What kind of metal is this? I have never seen it before. It is extremely resilient. If the Heart Chilling Iron was the hardest metal, then this is definitely going to be the toughest metal. For it to be more valuable than the Heart Chilling Iron. How-, how can that be possible? I have been smithing my whole life, and I have never even seen a metal like this!”

Tang San looked towards Ning Rongrong and said: “This time you really picked up some great treasures. This piece of metal, even I have never seen it before. But, if I guess correctly, it should be the ore of the Deep Sea Sunken Silver.

Si Long still did not know what the Deep Sea Sunken Silver was for, but Tai Tan understood, a great joy after a great shock, “This means that the Torrential Pear Blossom Needles can be…”

Tang San Bitterly smiled: “Thats hard to say, at the very least, if it was either you or me, or even Master Lou Gao cannot successfully forge this Deep Sea Sunken Silver ore. It is simply just too resilient. As far as I know Deep Sea Sunken Silver cannot be melted down by any flame. If we wanted to forge with it, the only way is to hammer it into shape. Unfortunately none of us here has this capability.

After thinking for a while Tai Tan said: “I am afraid that probably only the Master could do something like this.”

Hearing Tai Tan speak of his father, Tang San’s eyes flashed with a hint of light, “That’s it, perhaps I really would have a way. But, this matter will have to wait.”

Saying that, his body flashed once and all the things that Ning Rongrong bought back had disappeared. All of which had been kept into his Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges.

Tang San's heart inadvertently started to race. Because, he finally had the chance to once again create the ultimate hidden weapons he spent the whole of his previous lifetime making. The Peacock Plume, Torrential Pear Blossom Needle, Buddha Fury Tang Lotus. Will we finally meet again in this world? If these three kinds of hidden weapons can be produced. Then even if we face off with the real fighters from Spirit Hall, what is there to be afraid of?

Si Long constantly took deep breaths, not allowing his heart to give rise to evil. The impact of seeing all these things just now was just too great. Heart Chilling iron, Deep Sea Immersed Silver, these treasure were all things that you could only dream of having. They were as precious as hundred-thousand year old spirit rings. Never even seeing such treasures after being in Gengxin City for so many years, when compared to these people who have just been here for a few days. A pain that cannot be described by words emerged in his heart. Si Long suddenly felt envious of his teacher, at least his teacher could walk away and leave everything behind as he wished. As a top-class blacksmith, a divine craftsman, being able to use the best materials in the world to forge. Ah what a wonderful feeling it must be.

Although Tang Hao had once said. To forge divine artifacts out of scrap iron is what makes a real divine craftsman, but if a divine craftsman were to forge with divine materials, what miracles would happen then?

After calming himself down with much difficulty, Si Long asked the rest of them: “I have come to invite you all to join in tonight’s auction. I have already prepared everything. Would all of you please follow me along? As far as I know, there should be quite a few rare goods up for auction. There will be completed goods and also metal.”

Tang San had been silently watching Si Long since earlier, from Si Longs eyes he could see a huge amount of longing and even a little greed, but not any evil. And at this point the president’s eyes had once again cleared up. As a top-grade blacksmith, to be able to do something like this was testament to his good character. No wonder Lou Gao choose to hand over the Blacksmith Association to him.


Once again they returned to the Blacksmith Association, the hall on the first floor was much emptier compared to the other day. Perhaps because it is already very late.

WIthout directly entering the auction hall on the fourth floor, they first went to the third floor, where the area was used for the testing of blacksmiths. Si Long brought everybody to a room and gave each of them a large black cloak which even covered their faces, exposing only the nose, mouth and eyes in order to protect their identities. After all the auction was a very private affair where many buyers and sellers did not wish to disclose their identities.

Once again heading to the fourth floor, Tang San saw many people wearing similar outfits as them as they slowly walked into the auction halls. No one spoke a word, everything was very peaceful. This seemed to be the part of the rules of the association.

“Hold on.” Just as he was about to enter the auction, a huge black ball- like person suddenly appeared beside him.

Tang San’s heart moved and he instantly knew who this completely wrapped in black man was. It was none other than the Blacksmith Association President, Divine craftsman Lou Gao.

Lou Gao’s figure was just too amazing, with only one look, it would look just like a round ball. At this time, he looked up towards Tang San with his bloodshot eyes. It was just as Si Long said, for the past two days, he clearly did not have much rest and was wholly obsessed with the diagram of the Torrential Pear Blossom Needles.

“I will go in with you all.” Lou Gao deliberately spoke in a low voice, before walking into the auction before them.

The group followed behind him, entering into a world of blackness.

The whole auction hall was very dark, with only dim lights on the floor to guide the way. With the guidance of Lou Gao and Si Long, they quickly reached the seats in the front row. It felt as like the layout of the place was similar to that of a large theater.

Tang San’s vision was naturally unaffected by the darkness. The semicircle shaped auction room had about 200 seats, in the front was a large rectangular stage, naturally that was where the goods for auction would be showcased. At the moment, about half the seats in the auction hall were already filled, with a constant stream of bidders still walking in. However, the auction hall was extremely quiet, even the occasional chatter was done softly.

Lou Gao brought everyone to the front most row to sit, where he sat beside Tang San who was sitting beside Xiao Wu.

Immediately after sitting down, he whispered into Tang San’s ears:
“Brat, I want the complete diagram.”

Tang San lightly smiled saying: “That is no problem, after we return back to the Tang Sect, senior will naturally see it. In the future, there will be many more waiting for senior to make.”

Lou Gao thought for awhile and said: “That’s enough, you don't have to act dumb with me. I can already tell, the thing you shown me on the diagram cannot possibly be made in large quantities. But if even one can be produced, then it would already be a frightening divine item. I am prepared to use some Heart Chilling Iron to smith it, what do you think? About two kilograms of it should be enough right?

Hearing Lou Gao’s words, Tang San cannot help but feel impressed, nothing less from a Divine Smith, only after looking at the Torrential Pear Blossom Needle diagram which was incomplete for two days, he could already see the importance of the materials needed for making it.

Tang San shook his head saying: “Heart Chilling Iron is not good enough, although it may be hard, it is not resilient enough, during production it will not be able to take the stress and collapse. Don’t worry,

we have already prepared the right metals. It’s just that that metal requires a certain person to work on it. Once we return to the Tang Sect, I will tell you about it one by one.”

Lou Gao turned stiffed for a long while before finally saying to Tang San: “Brat, for me to join your Tang Sect, I do not want any reward, but I do have a request.”

“Do say.”

Lou Gao deeply said: “I request, as long as it is made by me, I want my name to be engraved on it.”

Tang San nodded his head saying: “Of course. But similarly, the Tang Sect name will be engraved on it. After all, the diagram was supplied by me, don’t you agree?”

Lou Gao too nodded, his bloodshot eyes filled with a strong luster, “Perhaps, this is another way to change the status of blacksmiths. I shall make several heirloom treasure and show those Spirit Hall bastards, we blacksmiths can also reach the same heights as them.”

Tang San earnestly replied: “I believe that you will definitely do so.”

With regard to the old man beside him, a shred of respect rose in his heart, Lou Gao’s obsessiveness with smithing, his willingness to go all out just to raise the status of blacksmiths, all was worthy of respect. His joining will certainly allow the Tang Sect hidden weapons reach a new height.

At this time Tang San did not know that, it was precisely because of this simple conversation with Lou Gao, thousands of years later, Tang Sect hidden weapons bearing Lou Gaos emblem would be the only ones that could match those with Tang San’s emblem as priceless treasures.

The place in front of them suddenly lit up, causing many of the audience to be unadapted to it. On the stage was a beam of light, in that beam stood an old man of about 50 years old, wearing a formal outfit.

“Welcome all the honorable guests gathered here today. I am Si Di. Today’s auction will be starting soon, so please all be seated. Although everyone who is entering today’s auction should be old faces, I must still repeat these basic rules. During the bidding process, please raise the sign beside you, at the same time calling out your bid. Although I know this is not possible, but I do hope that everyone here be satisfied by the bidding outcome.”

A calm and peaceful introduction it was, the fifty odd year old on stage was Lou Gao’s youngest disciple Si Di, and also the only one amongst the four who was not yet a smith scholar. Of course, he was also the father of the soldier captain from that day.

The blacksmith association members pushed an object covered with a large red cloth up stage. From the looks of it, the object on stage was rather heavy since even four people pushing it required some effort.

“Now we will start our first auction of the day, this is a piece of special metal. Its purity is above ninety percent. It weighs two hundred and thirty one kilograms. Without saying much more, let me present you with this piece of profound iron. in so many years, this is the first time I am seeing such a large piece of profound iron. I am sure all of you here know, by just adding small amounts of profound iron into other common metals would produce a large increase in quality of the final product. For such a large piece of profound which is also so high grade, it can no longer be sold at the normal unit price, as such it is the first thing being auctioned today. The starting price is twenty thousand gold coins, with a minimum increment of a hundred gold coins. Let the bidding begin.”

While saying that, Si Di took off the red cloth revealing the profound iron inside.

Two hundred and thirty one kilograms of profound iron, even Tang San could feel affected, it was as Si Di mentioned, such a large piece of profound iron was rare, and what’s more it was of such good quality. Using such profound iron to create alloys could allow a large improvements in the strength of other metals. It was definitely something you could never have too much of.

When Si Di officially announced the auction, Tang San could immediately feel Ning Rongrong glancing over at him.

Tang San slightly moved, nodded his head.

Bidding had already started, and all that could be heard was bids being called out non stop.

“Twenty three thousand gold coins.” A loud voice suddenly pushing the prices far ahead, suppressing all the previous bids.

Si Di smilingly said: “Number 132 bids twenty three thousand gold coins, is there any other bidders? Good, number 164 bids twenty three thousand five hundred gold coins……”

Prices continued to rise, yet Ning Rongrong’s hands did not move, Tang San also laid back in his seat, something as good as profound iron, who would ever have too much? Hoarding it now would allow more production in the future. If a little profound iron could be added into the Godly Zhuge Crossbows, not only would the mechanisms be able to bear more load, the penetrating power would also greatly increase. If they had enough profound iron, then the larger Godly Zhuge Crossbow Tai Tan spoke of making would become a possibility.

Very quickly, the price of this piece of profound iron had already risen to twenty five thousand gold coins.

[1] (TLN: This is as he still regards Tai Tan as above himself in superiority, so if he continues using the title Vice-President technically it would put himself above Tai Tan)

Chapter 187

Generally speaking, the first item selected for the auction would be high quality, and moreover one that would easily attract people's attention, because that could set the tone for the remaining auction. If the first item went for a high bid, the later items would naturally also easily go higher.

“Thirty thousand.” The first time Ning Rongrong spoke up, was enough to awe everyone present. Immediately, the auction turned absolutely silent. Si Di on the stage was also briefly stunned. From the stage, he could naturally clearly see the visitors in the first row, how could he not recognize Lou Gao’s particular build? And Ning Rongrong sat next to Lou Gao.

Si Di immediately caught on, and didn’t deliberately stall like he usually would, but rather quickly said: “Customer number eight has bid thirty thousand gold spirit coins. Thirty thousand going once, thirty thousand going twice, thirty thousand…..” Just as he was about to declare the deal for this piece of profound iron, suddenly, a voice echoed from the back.

“Forty thousand.”

Hearing this voice, Tang San immediately frowned, he basically didn’t need to look to hear who this person was. No stranger, but exactly that Gengxin City Lord Spirit Hall master from yesterday, bishop Meyers.

Yesterday, after Meyers ‘fucked off’, running back to the Lord Hall pissing his pants in terror, it seemed to him that he might be out of luck. Showing that kind of side of him to a Spirit Hall elder level power, the

punishment would definitely come soon after. Such thoughts made him wait for a whole day, trembling and witless. But nothing happened.

Meyers heart then relaxed, secretly thinking that, it seemed the elder was just passing through. Perhaps the elder was here to discuss annexing the blacksmith association? That he didn’t come to find him proved that the elder didn’t intend to rebuke him. Thinking of this, he immediately thought somewhat wrong, and today prepared to come participate in the auction. First to see whether the elder was still here, and second also to cause some trouble for the blacksmith association in passing. No matter from what view he considered it, he didn’t believe a Spirit Hall elder would really stand on the association’s side. He just didn’t anticipate that the elder was basically fake.

Faintly flickering with light, Tang San’s expression was ice cold. He didn’t make a sound, only waving his hand to Ning Rongrong.

Ning Rongrong was a bit surprised, but as Tang San wanted, she didn’t bid again.

Meyers’ bid became the final price, forty thousand gold spirit coins. Even though this profound iron was worth far more than that in Tang San’s eyes, in fact, to blacksmiths and ironworkers who were never valued on the Douluo Continent, this price was already sky high.

The auction continued. Even though the first item went for a high price, the last two bids were a bit abrupt. Not only couldn’t it improve the atmosphere, on the contrary it gave a somewhat suppressed feeling. The next several items were all finished products, only some weapons and such, and basically didn’t reach a very high price.

The fifth item was finally another chunk of uncommon metal, its price no longer under the profound iron. Its value wasn’t below that of the precious profound iron, and its weight also reached more than fifty kilograms. The appearance of the refined gold undoubtedly made the auction enter another high mark. n

Under Tang San’s direction, Ning Rongrong acted once again. When the price rose above twenty thousand gold spirit coins, Meyers’ loathsome voice appeared anew.

“Thirty thousand gold spirit coins.”

Low comments began to echo within the auction. The same number twice making high bids for rare metals would naturally draw people’s attention.

Ning Rongrong’s eyes revealed a bit of anger, and was just about to raise the sign when she was again barred by Tang San. Tang San’s lips moved, and a string of words reached Ning Rongrong’s ear. He only spoke one sentence, but Ning Rongrong’s mood very quickly settled down. This refined gold was also won by Meyers for thirty thousand gold spirit coins.

Meyers was secretly pleased with himself. Having suppressed the auction twice, after the auction ended he had ways to torment the blacksmith association. For example, using Spirit Hall’s name as guarantee to pay in installment, but always delaying it after getting possession of the items, relying on delaying Spirit Hall’s compromise with himself. He had a belly full of similar rotten ideas.

, for a few items that weren’t particularly heavy, or some not so valuable metals, Ning Rongrong successfully won the bids. Tang San’s meaning was very clear, as long as they were precious rare metals, they would bid for and win all of them.

Ning Rongrong also proceeded according to his intent. Very soon, Ning Rongrong and Meyers had become the focus of the entire auction, being the most frequent bidders.

Moreover, any time Meyers bid, Ning Rongrong would without exception keep silent, basically not fighting him. This made Meyers a bit baffled, but he also didn’t care. He was specially finding the most expensive items to bid for.

Finally, it was time for the last item. This time it was a small trolley being pushed out, covered by red cloth, enveloping what seemed to be two people. It was of course impossible for the blacksmith association to auction slaves, and this item immediately drew everyone’s attention.

After the item was arranged properly, Si Di drew a deep breath. He of course felt that the auction today was strange, but the auction had to go on, this related to the reputation of the association.

“The next item is the final one of today’s auction, and also the finale. I think that I only need to use one sentence to explain its value. This is in fact two single items. Their maker is my teacher, the blacksmith association president, divine craftsman Lou Gao.”

These words immediately caused an uproar. In fact, ever since Lou Gao became a divine craftsman, he had very rarely produced goods. Even if made, they wouldn’t be auctioned. Now that two of Lou Gao’s works unexpectedly appeared, the passion stirred up was obvious. Even Meyers was distracted. Everyone knew that Lou Gao’s works were absolute treasures.

Si Di saw that the auction was already stirred up, and said with a slight smile: “Fine, next we’ll auction the first one.” As he spoke, he pulled the red cloth off the somewhat taller of the figures.

That was of course not a person, but rather a wooden mannequin. That wasn’t important, what was important was the item the mannequin was wearing.

That was a set of full body armor. Or one might say that it couldn’t be described as armor, because it actually seemed like a set of thin clothing.

Its whole body appeared deep blue, glittering with a faint metallic luster, the detailed texture seeming even more like clothes. That faint glinting could even be differentiated by those very far away. The whole design had no prominent features, seeming no more than underclothes.

Si Di looked with a somewhat infatuated gaze at these clothes. Drawing a deep breath, he said: “My teacher named it Eight Treasure Wishful Soft Armor. Its resilient enough to withstand the sixt spirit ability of a power attack spirit master. Most miraculous is that, even though it’s only made from metal, it’s extremely flexible, and will expand even along with a beast Spirit Master doubling in size while wearing it, providing the same defensive effect. This Eight Treasure Wishful Soft Armor is made from eight different metals fused according special methods into a special stretchable memory metal thread. In the present age, only our teacher, divine craftsman Lou Gao has the ability to refine such metal. Having this soft armor is equivalent to having your own second life. I don’t want to introduce it further, I use my life, spirit, and everything, to guarantee to all honored guests that this is absolutely a creation on the divine tool level. Divine craftsman Lou Gao researched this metal for a full ten years, and searched for numerous rare metals and countless experiments to produce it. The starting price is two hundred fifty thousand gold spirit coins. Everyone can start bidding now.”

Tang San looked at Lou Gao next to him. Lou Gao was already resting with closed eyes, as if this item had no relation to him.

Stretchable memory metal, elastic metal. This was simply a miracle. Even with Tang San’s comprehension of forging, he was still unable to understand just how Lou Gao had done it. And Tai Tan, equally a divine craftsman, muttered with an admiring expression: “He actually successfully researched it. It seems I’m no longer his equal.”

“Five hundred thousand gold spirit coins. And I’ll give the same for the other one. Altogether one million gold spirit coins. I think there’s no need to continue the auction.” Meyers didn’t wait for anyone else to bid this time, and directly sealed the price.

One million gold spirit coins, that was absolutely a truly astronomical sum in a very real sense. Everyone present grew quiet, and Meyers face beneath the black mask brimmed with pride. He had already thought it through. After the auction ended, he would return to gather people at the Lord Spirit Hall in the name of fund raising, the bring all his subordinates with masks to steal it. Originally he only planned to cause a disturbance, but

the appearance of these two divine tool level armors moved him completely. He had already thought about it. Without a doubt, the other set was for a woman, and he was preparing to offer it to Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong. And as for that male set, of course that would stay with him. He believed he could definitely hide it. With this suit of armor, his strength would undoubtedly rise by a large chunk. Without the need to worry about defense, one could naturally attack without the slightest misgivings. And with offering tribute upwards, perhaps he could earn a promotion and leave this common city.

Lou Gao slowly raised his head, and Tang San sitting next to him clearly sensed anger from this divine craftsman. From the start of the auction until now, anyone could understand that Meyers’ completely unreasonable bidding was in order to cause trouble. The other goods didn’t matter, but these two sets of armors on stage were the result of Lou Gao’s heart’s blood. How could he tolerate such blasphemy?

The auction still had to continue, but nobody could compete with Meyers’ last bid. A figure like one million gold spirit coins wouldn’t easily appear even in the top auction halls of the Continent, let alone a completely unimportant auction like the blacksmith association. The customers here were all only metal traders, and no real rich existences. It was also because it was impossible to meet strong bidders that Meyers dared be so absolutely unrestrained. Ultimately, it was still as said, the blacksmith industry really was too low on the Douluo Continent.

Si Di kept a smile on his face with difficulty, declaring the success of Meyers’ bid, and simultaneously the end of the auction.

Lou Gao was first to stand, heading out with large strides. Oscar accompanied Ning Rongrong to pay for the things they had won. Tang San silently led Xiao Wu and the others to leave behind Lou Gao.

Back at Lou Gao’s forge, Lou Gao’s complexion was already very unsightly. Before long, his youngest disciple Si Di walked in with an indignant expression.

“It’s too bullying. Teacher. That bidder was Meyers. That fellow said he’d return to gather money and already left.” Si Di’s face was deep red from anger, clearly his fury was at a peak. But mixed in amidst the anger, there was also a trace of helplessness. Even if Meyers was deliberately causing trouble, what could they do? The blacksmith association and Spirit Hall were basically incomparable.

Lou Gao’s face was already ashen, “Put away those Yin Yang Eight Treasure Wishful Soft Armors, and don’t take them out for auction again. Spirit Hall, well Spirit Hall…..”

After Si Di’s anger, his face also held a faint concern, “Teacher, before Meyers left he told us to prepare to hand the things over to him, he’d come take them with the money in a little while. I’m afraid he won’t easily let off the two divine tools you forged. Won’t we think of countermeasures?”

Lou Gao fiercely smacked a table, “What? He’s a tiny bishop, don’t tell me he dares rob it forcefully?”

Tang San spoke up, calmly saying: “That isn’t improbable. Don’t tell me you’re not aware of Spirit Hall’s position on the Continent?”

Tai Tan clapped lou Gao’s shoulder, “Don’t worry, old friend. With us here, we won’t let them snatch your treasures. I still haven’t had time to congratulate you on developing such a metal.”

Lou Gao’s eyes revealed a trace of grief, “What use is that? We’re still at the mercy of others. What Tang San said is right, I’m afraid Meyers will take it by force. Tai Tan, I know your strength, but even if you can help me block it once, you can’t stay at the blacksmith association forever. Even if you did, the gap between us and Spirit Hall is still impassable.”

Tang San said: “Senior, leave this to me. At least regarding those two divine tools of yours and Spirit Hall, this is just Gengxin City’s Lord Spirit Hall.”

The pupils of Lou Gao’s eyes contracted slightly, “Kid, what do you mean?”

Tang San smiled slightly, but the icy chill that smile contained made Lou Gao shiver all over, “Senior is joining Tang Sect, so consider this a reciprocal gift of greeting from Tang Sect.” At this point he paused slightly, and the chill radiating from him clearly grew more intense, the ice cold, almost tangible killing intent filling the entire forge. Tang San spit out seven syllables one by one, “Moon——less—— win——dy—— kill—— ing—— night——”

Si Di still wasn’t familiar with Tang San and the others, but now hearing Tang San speak such words in this atmosphere of killing intent, he immediately felt shocked and cold. For some reason, even though this person was so young, the feeling his words brimmed with made people believe.

The expression in Lou Gao’s eyes also turned severe. Even if he didn’t have any fighting strength, he was still a Spirit Sage level power. Facing Tang San’s killing intent, he only felt his blood boiling, “Good, you help me get rid of them, and I’ll sell you the items they won for at the initial bidding price.”

Tang San’s eyes flashed, “Including those two divine tools?”

Lou Gao’s eyes revealed a trace of hesitation, but he still nodded: “Including those. At least if you get them, I can still see them frequently. I also believe that you will put the things I made to their proper use.”

Ma Hongjun grinned, saying: “Old Lou, I still believe you shouldn’t charge, and give them to us for free.”

Lou Gao glared sharply at Fatty, “Bullshit, do you think our blacksmith association is a charity?”

At this time, Ning Rongrong and Oscar had also returned, just in time to hear what Tang San said just now. Neither of them said anything, this was something they had already planned in advance. Ning Rongrong took Xiao

Wu’s hand from Tang San, and Oscar took out more than ten sausages of varying kinds and handed them to Tang San.

Tang San laughed out loud, saying: “It’s been quite a while since I had your big sausage. Little Ao, isn’t there any use for us common Spirit Masters to eat your clone mirror sausage?”

Oscar shook his head, saying: “I haven’t tried it either, but it should presumably be useful. As for how much effect it can display, I’m not clear on either. It’s possible it will conflict with your own spirit rings. That’s why I won’t propose that you use it. We’ll experiment once we get back.”

Tang San nodded, some plans already in his heart. Each Spirit Master’s spirit had their own characteristics, and with different characteristics, the direction they were good at was naturally also different. The appearance of Oscar’s clone mirror sausage, undoubtedly broke the rules that Spirit Masters could only rely on their own spirits. If, when fighting the enemy, they could use spirit abilities the enemy didn’t expect when least expected, they could catch the opponent off guard even if they weren’t strong. However, this could only be tested once they had returned.

Watching Tang San and Ma Hongjun leave, Lou Gao couldn’t help doubtfully ask Tai Tan: “Aren’t you going with them?”

Tai Tan smiled: “Old friend, you understand too little about the young master. In terms of spirit power, I really am a lot higher than young master. But speaking of overall strength, young master is still above me, and in terms of killing techniques, it’s even harder for me to keep up. You wait for the news.”

Lou Gao was shocked. He suddenly discovered that, in his heart, that youth called Tang San was already enveloped with a dense sheen of mystery.

Outside, Ma Hongjun immediately gathered next to Tang San, speaking in a low voice: “Third brother, should I give you a black cloth to cover your face?”

Tang San shot him a glance, “Fatty, your preparations are quite comprehensive!”

Ma Hongjun grinned, “I’ve wandered outside for so many years, how could I travel without preparations? Inevitably there will be some times you can’t show your face, say the word.”

Tang San said with a smiled yet not a smile: “When imitating the dog to steal chickens[1]? Or when going to release your evil fire?”

“Eh……” Fatty looked somewhat awkwardly at Tang San, “Third brother, how can you always guess right? Let me have some secrets, alright?”

Tang San snapped: “It’s easier to change the mountains and rivers than someone’s character, wouldn’t I know you? This time we aren’t going to play dogs, showing faces doesn’t matter. As long as we have anyone who sees us depart this world, is there any need to fear our identities leaking?”

Only Ma Hongjun could hear Tang San’s voice, but at this moment, he could hear a great many things from Tang San’s calm words. Recalling the cold fluctuation in Tang San’s calm eyes that day Meyers wanted to take liberties with Xiao Wu, Fatty secretly heaved a long sight. Spirit Hall really was out of luck. Even directly offending third brother was less of a provocation than harming Xiao Wu. As one of the Shrek Seven Devils, how could he not know that Xiao Wu was Tang San’s taboo.

Because Xiao Wu sacrificed herself and died due to Spirit Hall’s actions, only resurrecting with great difficulty, then again taken liberties with by a Spirit Hall bishop here, it’d be a wonder if Tang San could still hold back his rage.

Dense night mist filled the air, hiding the bright moonlight. The air was a bit cold, and also somewhat quiet. Two silhouettes walked forward in such a quiet night.

Tang San suddenly halted, “It seems we won’t need to go to them.”

Ma Hongjun immediately caught on. The two moved sideways and hid in the darkness.

Before long, clamor gradually came through from the distance. A group of several dozen people were just walking in their direction. In the lead was the person who had taken liberties with Xiao Wu that day, Meyers, and the people behind him were also all Spirit Masters in Spirit Hall clothing.

Tang San stood quietly in the corner, his right hand pressing down on Fatty’s shoulder, transmitting words: “The Spirit Masters of Gengxin City’s Lord Spirit Hall should all be here. For divine tools, the whole nest came out in force. You head directly to the Lord Spirit Hall, set fire to it from the outside. If you encounter Spirit Masters as long as they aren’t strong, kill without pardon. If you don’t, burn their old den.”

Fatty looked at the constantly approaching Spirit Hall Spirit Masters, speaking softly: “Then these people…..”

The corners of Tang San’s mouth revealed a malicious smile, “Leave them to me.”

Ma Hongjun didn’t say anything, looking at those Spirit Masters with a bit of pity in his gaze, then turned and quietly disappeared in the darkness.

“Lord bishop, won’t there be trouble if we rob the blacksmith association now? After all, the blacksmith association’s status is still very high in Gengxin City.” One Spirit Master said with some concern.

Meyers snorted coldly, “You don’t know farts, what trouble could there be? Who would take a trash organization like the blacksmith association seriously? Don’t forget that we belong to the sacred Spirit Hall. The ruler of the world, Spirit Hall. Everything we do is for the benefit of Spirit Hall. The blacksmith association refuses to become part of our Spirit Hall, so they must be taught a lesson. Relying on their few low level Spirit Masters, and low level Spirit Masters with very common spirits at that, how can they resist us? The status of us Spirit Masters cannot be compared to any other vocation, all other occupations should exist to

serve us Spirit Masters. For the blacksmith association to give us their things is their honor.”

Just as he said this, Meyers’ vulgar expression suddenly froze. Not just him, all the Spirit Masters present suddenly felt a shiver from the depth of their souls. This moment, they suddenly discovered that they seemed to be completely cut off from the outside world, isolated by that intense chill. Shivers coming from the weakest parts of their hearts made each person’s eyes reveal a trace of alarm.


A blood curdling scream came from the rear of the group. Everyone jumped like startled rabbits, swiftly turning around. One of the less powerful Spirit Masters was already slowly sagging to the ground, his eyes filled with extreme alarm, both his hands covering his throat, scarlet constantly blood pouring between his fingers like tiny serpents. A seven cun[2] willow leaf dagger, thin as a cicada’s wing, could clearly be seen piercing his adam’s apple.

The atmosphere seemed to grow even more quiet, and even colder. Meyers, showing a strong front, loudly shouted, “Who? Get out here! Everyone release your spirits, be careful.”

At his warning, these Spirit Masters, who had never stood on a true battlefield, came to their senses, and almost flustered released their spirits. For a moment, dazzling bright light shone, and the appearance of spirit rings drove off the fear in their hearts. Gathered together, it seemed as if even that bone deep chill had already faded a lot.

But just at this moment, someone cried out, “On that side.”

Along with the shout, everyone’s gazes turned towards the darkness in that direction, a shadow gradually growing distinct. His pace was so natural, the distance covered by each step astonishingly even.

In the dark and windy night, it was very difficult to see his appearance, and only from his physique was it clear he was a man.

Without need for Meyers’ command, practically everyone began to release their spirit abilities in the direction of that shadowy silhouette, like hiding the sky and covering the earth. Of course, these Spirit Masters didn’t release their most powerful spirit abilities, because they still had to keep in mind to preserve their lives. Humans are selfish, and especially Spirit Masters who lived like princes like them were even more reluctant to be the next victim.

However, at the same time as their attack erupted, that silhouette suddenly disappeared. Without any warning, he just disappeared. Where he were erupted the violent explosions of the Gengxin City Lord Spirit Hall Spirit Masters’ attacks. Some of the weaker Spirit Masters didn’t even discover that the silhouette was gone, and were still immensely pleased with themselves for hitting the target.

A clear and cold shadow lengthened on the ground under the brilliance of the Spirit Hall Spirit Masters’ spirit rings. A Spirit Grandmaster in the back row suddenly felt a slight numbing sensation, and immediately afterward he saw a sharp conical object sticking out through his chest. He wanted to scream, but discovered that he was already unable to utter a sound.

It wasn’t painful, only endlessly numbing, so numbing he couldn’t make a sound even with his mouth wide open. Before falling into darkness, he finally felt his all being sucked in by something, swallowed.

Not one person fell over, but two. That slender shadow stood behind them, two of the Eight Spider Lances that had at some point appeared outside his body sticking out, skewering their bodies. The defensive capabilities of their spirits basically amounted to nothing. Before the Eight Spider Lances, how could they escape?

Sonorous cracking sounds exploded along with Tang San’s right hand rising, and when numerous Spirit Masters turned around to look, mournful screams once again filled the night. At least four Spirit Masters lost their lives under the fearsome sharp death sprayed out by the Godly Zhuge Crossbow. Two dried out corpses simultaneously flew from the Eight Spider Lances, blocking the attacks of the fastest to react Spirit King level Spirit Masters, that slender shadow once again fading away.

If the death of the first person alarmed these Gengxin City Lord Spirit Hall Spirit Masters, then these following six deaths made them completely sink into terror. As if an intangible vicious maelstrom revolved around them, unceasingly swallowing their souls.

Seven people had collapsed like that, seven Spirit Masters. Even if they were only the weakest Spirit Masters among them, they were still Spirit Masters! They had already fallen to the ice cold ground without the slightest sign of resistance, and nobody had clearly seen what happened. To these Spirit Masters, used to living like kings, what kind of terror was this?

The more it was like this, the clearer the chill around them seemed. That ice cold and ruthless aura filling their surroundings made the weakest parts of these Spirit Masters’ hearts grow larger. If their own strength could be split into ten parts, then right now they were using twelve parts in order to save their lives, and even Meyers was no exception.

“Everyone stand in a circle back to back.” Meyers still had some leadership ability, and under his directions, the now less than thirty remaining Spirit Masters quickly formed a circle, nervously gathering together. The light of the spirit rings became even brighter, they were already urging all their spirit power to the peak in order to save their lives.

The two Spirit Kings next to Meyers were brothers, both raising their hands simultaneously, their second spirit abilities lit up, two brilliant golden lights soaring towards the sky, rising twenty meters upward or so before abruptly exploding open. Along with the golden light spreading, the original darkness was immediately illuminated, as if in daytime.

“Over there.” In the suddenly illuminated night, that silhouette was finally revealed to the eyes of these Spirit Masters.

Blue hair, purple eyes, eight strange long lances extended on either side, in the golden light, he was constantly radiating an ice cold aura.

When the Gengxin City Lord Spirit Hall Spirit Masters finally found the target, they also saw those simultaneously glinting six spirit rings.

Exposed to the opponents’ gazes, Tang San no longer had to hold back on using Blue Silver Emperor in order to hide himself.

The brightening light was that black fourth spirit ring, and along with that deep black light came completely contrary white light abruptly erupting from beneath Tang San’s feet.

Tang San spared no effort for this attack. All his spirit power was completely focused on the eruption of this fourth spirit ability. And that also meant that the white light of his Deathgod Domain was released as a direct result of the evolved Deathgod Assault.

At the same time as the white light erupted was blue light. If the white light was described as a triangular attack, then the blue light spread in a semicircle. Just as he became visible in front of the numerous people, and as the enemies became entranced by that red spirit ring, Tang San’s complete strength was already blossoming.

Erupting from below their feet without the slightest warning, the Blue Silver Emperor fourth spirit ability Blue Silver Prison variant ability, Blue Silver Thrust Array, blossomed. Under the all out control of Tang San’s formidable spiritual force, his all out spirit power attack was completely focused on the circle where those Spirit Masters were concentrated, so much so that there wasn’t even a strand of Blue Silver Emperor outside.

Ear piercing collisions suddenly resounded as the Blue Silver Emperor collided with the Spirit Masters’ defenses. Spirit Masters with strength below the fortieth rank were almost instantly skewered by that terrifying Blue Silver Emperor.

It wasn’t really because the Blue Silver Thrust Array had reached such power, but rather because of the combined weakening and strengthening effects.

The Blue Silver Domain’s strengthening of the Blue Silver Thrust Array, and the Deathgod Domain’s weakening of the opponents, displayed the power of this spirit ability to its extreme. The Deathgod Assault Array made all the Spirit Masters, including Meyers, lose their senses, their defensive

power greatly diminishing. Under such circumstances, the Blue Silver Thrust Array that could originally only kill thirtieth rank Spirit Masters, completely skewered Spirit Masters at the fortieth rank and below.

As early as before everything was began, Tang San had already eaten a big recovery sausage and a stimulating pink sausage. His purpose was of course not to constantly kill those weak Spirit Masters, but rather to exterminate everyone before him.

The combined effects of the Blue Silver Thrust Array and the Deathgod Domain stunned each Spirit Master present for at least three seconds. Of course, this only applied to those Spirit Masters that hadn’t already died under the terrifying killing power of the Blue Silver Thrust Array. And the Spirit Masters still alive, numbered only six. Including Spirit Emperor level Meyers and five Spirit Kings.

[1] Imitating the dog to steal chickens - Having an affair.
[2] 7⼨ = 23 cm

Chapter 188

Without hesitating on the use of his teleportation, Tang San had already appeared in front of two spirit kings who were standing together, his eight spider lances piercing through their stunned forms like it was paper. Their vitality was also drained away the moment their body got pierced. As such, the large amount of spirit power Tang San had expended was quickly recovered. During such opportunities when Tang San could fully utilise the draining abilities of his eight spider lances like this, Tang San had very strong combat endurance. He did not even need to use the highly poisonous venom on the eight spider lances, all he had to do was drain and he would suck dry all who had been pierced.

And during this process, Tang San had only used two seconds.

To save time, while Tang San’s eight spider lances were still carrying the two corpses, he had already teleported in front of yet another spirit king and repeated the same stabbing process without any pause. By the time he was done, there were only three spirit masters from Geng Xin city’s Spirit Hall branch still alive, by the time Meyers and his companions came to their senses, they already did not care about the carnage around them, and were practically ready to burst out their strongest spirit abilities at any time.

Perhaps to protect their lives, the spirit power they released was enough to suddenly break the Death God Domain. In a life threatening situation, they had managed to unleash their maximum potential.

Tang San dropped the three dry corpses on the spider lances in front of him, instead of retreating like his opponents would expect, he instead rushed forward to meet the full frontal assault of two Spirit Kings and a Spirit Emperor head-on.

A golden light enveloped Tang San’s body, rendering his opponents’ attacks ineffective like a clay ox dissolving in the ocean, his cold blue gaze reflecting the fear in their eyes.

Three opponents, in three different directions, after withstanding their combined attacks, Tang San had already appeared in front of another Spirit King.

The three seconds of invincibility given by the invincible golden body was enough for Tang San to do many things, while the three of them were stunned by how Tang San was unharmed by their combined spirit attacks, his eight spider lances had already pierced that spirit king’s chest.

A purple coloured light also shot out of Tang San’s eyes, and the last Spirit King’s head exploded into a rain of blood. The timing he chose to release the Purple God Light was just when their spirit abilities had ended, how could he have possibly blocked it?

Meyers was going insane, be it the terrifying lethality of the attacks, the blood red sixth spirit ring or the fact that he managed to withstand three of their all out attacks unharmed, had already made the fear in his heart reach the maximum level. When a person reaches this level of fear, it can no longer be called fear but madness, true madness.

But, Tang San did not even give him a chance to go mad.

The instant Invincible Golden Body ended, Tang San once again disappeared using his frightening teleport ability. Both were Spirit Emperors, but how could Meyers even come close to comparing with him? Even Spirit Douluo level elites might have a hard time fighting Tang San head-on. Even though Tang San had already exhausted more than eighty percent of his spirit power, the final result of this battle still wouldn’t change.

This time, after teleporting, Tang San did not appear behind his opponent’s back, rather he choose to appear right in front of Meyers, choosing to release his second spirit ring ability, Parasite, which consumed only a little spirit power. Calming down Meyers who was going insane, the Eight Spider Lances on Tang San’s back exploited this moment of restraint to rest on his body.

Without stabbing through, without draining, only lightly scratching his skin, releasing the deadly poison, in an instant Meyers was paralysed stiff.

“This...this is...elder’s... de…...cision?” Meyer asked while stuttering. Up till now, he had thought that Tai Tan was a spirit hall elder, and Tang San was his subordinate.

Tang San laughed, a cold laughter, surrounded by this ring of corpses, his smiling appearance, akin to a death god, made Meyers lose all hope of surviving.

“This is my own decision, this is the interest I am collecting from Spirit Hall. When you tried to take liberties with my Xiao Wu, your fate was already sealed.”

Psssh——. A rain of blood erupted, without absorbing, by only stabbing through, the eight thick spider lances instantaneously tore through the human body violently, a sight reminiscent of when Tang San was still within Slaughter City. All the pain suppressed within his heart let out with this slaughter today. He never could forget the feeling of powerlessness when Xiao Wu sacrificed her life to save him. Tang San vowed to be able to control life, to control his life, to control the lives of others.

Baptised by the killings in Slaughter City, the sight of a couple of corpses here had no effect on Tang San. Throwing Meyer’s mangled corpse on the floor, he silently went to collect the hidden weapons he had used on these spirit masters. And just now, in the distance, rose the expected raging flames.

After eating a large recovery sausage. Looking at the flames in the distance, the violence in his heart too gradually melted away, although the

forces of the Spirit Hall were immense, at the same time the ground they had to govern was vast. Although directly engaging them was still impossible, striking their flanks was possible. Given Tang San’s strength, as long as it was not an elite with extremely high restraining capabilities, even if he could not win he could still at least guarantee his survival.

After learning about his parents grudge, he had already started to lay down plans to eat away at the Spirit Hall. Today was the start, and it was only a start. His parents’ vengeance, Xiao Wu’s vengeance and also Clear Sky School’s vengeance, he would slowly but surely repay it all to the Spirit Hall.

Loud footsteps came from a distance, although the disturbance here was minimal, the dazzling lights still easily attracted attention within Geng Xin City. Stepping past the bloody floor, Tang San gradually melded into the darkness.


The very next morning, a piece of news spread explosively throughout the streets of Geng Xin city. The Spirit Hall branch in Geng Xin city had been burnt to ashes the previous night. Including Meyers, a total of thirty four spirit masters lay dead on the streets of Geng Xin City, each with uniques causes of death, dying that street a sea of red.

What a powerful existence the Spirit Hall was! It was one that even the two great empires had to show consideration for. The officials in the city also did not dare to offend them but, for it to have been completely demolished along with over thirty spirit masters in a city like Geng Xin city. Not just the hall but also the members, for such a thing, it has never ever occurred before in the continent let alone in a city like Geng Xin.

The atmosphere in Geng Xin city suddenly became very tense and severe, officials started carrying out strict investigation, the city gates were closed, not letting anyone in or out. Door to door searches started to look for the perpetrators.

Of course, everyone knew that this was just for show. After all, how could the perpetrators who easily wiped out over thirty members of the Spirit Hall be so easily caught. All that the officials could realistically do was to report the incident to Spirit Hall and wait for them to come and resolve the incident.

Within the city populace, the majority of the commoners were clapping their hands in cheer. Given Meyer’s personality, there was a large number of people who were oppressed by him and the Spirit Hall Branch. The Lord Spirit Hall in Geng Xin city being razed was applauded almost all over the city.

Without anyone’s notice, the main gates that had been closed since dawn, had already opened and two carriages had also silently left. Given Lou Gao’s status, who would be able to stop him from leaving the city? What’s more, last night, the Blacksmith Association had already officially announced that Si Long would be taking over as the president.

On the trip back, the Shrek five rode in one carriage, while the two Divine Craftsmen, obsessed with hidden weapons, rode in the other. Meanwhile, Si Yu and Si Kai, these two Smith Scholars did not come with Lou Gao to the Tang Sect. Si Long who had just taken over as the Blacksmith Association president still required their help. Hence, they had previously arranged with Tang San to wait after things have settled down in the Blacksmith Association before catching up at Tang Sect after a month.

Ma Hongjun complained: “Third brother, yesterday I got so much good loot from the Spirit Hall Branch, why did you make me hand them over to the Blacksmith Association? That was quite a large sum of wealth you know!”

After the Spirit Hall Branch was razed, Ma Hongjun couldn't possibly come back empty handed, he instead brought back a shockingly large amount of treasures.

Tang San smilingly spoke: “Those were all obtained from the blood and sweat of the residents in Geng Xin city, it’s not good to hold on to them. Handing them over to the Blacksmith Association and letting them

gradually return it to the people would be better. Then the Blacksmith Association would also receive the gratitude of the people. The things in the auction yesterday, including those two divine artifacts, have already been given to us at half the price, is it not already enough? The harvest from this trip have already exceeded my expectations, we should not be too greedy, don’t you agree?”

While saying that, Tang San gaze tinged with a slight bit of worry fell upon Xiao Wu.

Currently, the situation in the horse carriage was slightly strange, the Xiao Wu who was normally glued to Tang San instead sat by Ning Rongrong, sleeping sweetly on Ning Rongrong’s thighs.

Last night, after Tang San came back. No matter what, Xiao Wu was unwilling to go near him, rather she looked at Tang San with a fearful look. No matter how hard Tang San tried, Xiao Wu did not want to even go close to him. Only after a sleepless night, all the way till dawn, did Xiao Wu gradually calm down.

Tang San could also guess, Xiao Wu who had lost her spirit, was probably avoiding him due to the heavy smell of blood he had on him. Although she had no intention to, her senses were keen as usual and even up till now, she was unwilling to be near him. This morning, before the sun even rose, after the group finished packing their goods onto the horse carriage did Xiao Wu curl up by Ning Rongrong and slept.

Hearing what Tang San said, Ma Hongjun scratched his head and agreed: “That is true, even if I spent that money, I would not feel too good about it. But, what do we do if we run into such a thing in the future? We cannot possibly just give it to the local governors, not every place is like Geng Xin city.

Tang San thought for a while before saying: “Then we will play it by ear, handing it over to the local governors should be unlikely, after all, that would just be returning the things to the hands of Spirit Hall.”

Oscar who was sitting beside Tang San said: “How I envy Xiao Wu, she can sleep so sweetly without having to worry about anything”

Ma Hongjun looked at Oscar with contempt: “You are just jealous that Xiao Wu can lay down on Ning Rongrong’s lap. Hehe.”

Oscar righteously rebutted: “What is there to be jealous about? Is not as if your big brother has never laid there before. Eh......” After saying this did he realise he made a mistake, Ning Rongrong was glaring at him with a murderous look in her eyes.

Seeing them like this, Tang San could not help but smile. After last night’s slaughtering, his heart originally still had some violent intentions lurking inside, but now with his companions sitting beside him relaxed like this like this they had subsided. Although after his experience in Slaughter City he was rehabilitated by Yue Hua, his murderous aura had not truly disappeared. This was also something that could never disappear, otherwise, his Death God Domain would also lose its effect

After fiercely pinching Oscar’s soft waist, Ning Rongrong stared at fatty. “Stupid fatty, you dare make fun of us? You better forget about trying to find a wife. Do you think the girls you try to court would more easily trust me or you?”

Ma Hongjun widened his eyes: “Rongrong, you cannot be like this! You all are already paired up, this big brother finally has a target in mind.”

Ning Rongrong with a hmph, lifted her head and did not look at him.

Ma Hongjun coughed dryly twice. “Okay, okay, I won’t tease you anymore next time. Let’s change the topic. Hehe, Rongrong, the two divine artifacts you kept away yesterday. Take them out and let us all have a look! Let us see just how strong it really is.”

Upon saying this, even Tang San’s interest was roused. After they had came back last night, Lou Gao kept his words and handed over everything that Meyers won in the auction. Furthermore, as Ma Hongjun took back a large fortune from the Spirit Hall, these goods were sold at half-price to the

Tang Sect. Of course this included the two sets of Wishful Eight Treasure Soft Armour hailed as divine artifacts.

Ning Rongrong nodded, her hand flashed and the two sets of Wishful Eight Treasure Soft Armours appeared in her hands.

The male version of the armour had already been shown on yesterday’s auction, it was blue, while the other female version was white.

The two sets of soft armour did not have any decorations on them, and at the same time did not feel too heavy when it was being held on the hands. Ning Rongrong immediately handed them over to Tang San.

After receiving these two sets of armour, he held up the male set and lightly pulled at it. The soft armour immediately opened up and stretched itself, and when he let go it immediately reverted to its original form. Extremely elastic!

With a long breath, Tang San commended: “How marvelous! It is hard to imagine how Senior Lou Gao came up with how to make this.”

Oscar reminded Tang San: “You should be calling him Elder Lou Gao now, after all he is now also part of the Tang Sect.”

Tang San told the Ma Hongjun beside him: “Try using your phoenix fire on it for a bit.”

While saying that, he held out the blue male version of the armour in front of Ma Hongjun.

Ma Hongjun nodded. With his current strength, he could make use of his phoenix flame without having to fully release his spirit power. A small bundle of orange flames emerged on his fingertips as he put them onto the armour.

Ma Hongjun’s phoenix fire had strong adhesive properties, and even though the quantity was small, it was enough to greatly increase the temperature inside the carriage.

Everyone’s stares were centered on the set of armour, under the burn of the phoenix flame, the glistening shiny surface did not change a single bit.

Tang San nodded his head, signaling to Ma Hongjun to stop, before telling the group: “Across the armour I could only feel a little bit of the warmth. This thing is very resistant to heat. When grandmaster Si Di said that it could resist the attack of any spiritmaster below level sixty, it should include all forms of direct attack. This is really a treasure you can never have too many of.”

While saying that, he handed the soft armour in his hand to Oscar: “Little Ao, you wear this male armour.”

Oscar also did not hold back and smilingly took over the Wishful Eight Treasure Soft Armour. Although he already had the Mirror Sausage and could gain some fighting abilities for a short time, he was still an auxiliary food system spirit master. This armour would be far more beneficial to him than to Tang San or Ma Hongjun.

Holding the other white set of armour, Tang San’s face gave off some hesitation. Looking at Ning Rongrong and the Xiao Wu sweetly sleeping on her lap, he could not make a decision.

Both Ning Rongrong and Xiao Wu did not have any defensive capabilities, but there was only one set of armour, who should he give it to? The money came from the Seven Treasure Tile Glazed Clan and almost all million of the gold coins they brought had been spent. But the Xiao Wu now was obviously more vulnerable than Ning Rongrong. Furthermore, based on his feelings, he would definitely favour Xiao Wu more, but because it was like this, he was unable to make a decision.

Ning Rongrong was smart and could tell what Tang San was troubled over, smiling she said: “Third brother, why don’t you just give it to me. When we stop for a break later I will put it on Xiao Wu, she is more suited for it. Didn’t senior Lou Gao also promise to custom make these armours for us? I can get one from him then.”

Tang San handed over the armour, with some gratitude spilling out from his eyes, yet he did not say a word of thanks. The Shrek Seven Devils had gone through life and death together, saying thanks now would just be hypocritical.

Xiao Wu did not go near Tang San for a whole three days. After three days, the situation slowly changed, the fear in her heart was gradually diminishing, while the bloody scent on Tang San also gradually subsided, only then did she once again approach Tan San’s side.

The white coloured female Wishful Eight Treasure Soft Armour had already been transferred onto Xiao Wu. Putting on this armour was slightly troublesome, naturally that meant that removing it was also not very easy. What’s more, it also stuck close to the skin, therefore at night, Tang San no longer had to face the torment of happiness and pain at the same time.

Although the Xiao Wu wearing the armour had equally enticing curves, it was still better than her appeal while while wearing nothing.

While they were about three days away from Heaven Dou Empire, Lou Gao took the initiative to seek Tang San to have a private talk. Ma Hongjun, Oscar and Ning Rongrong temporarily moved to the other carriage. Regarding Xiao Wu, Tang San was unwilling to let her leave. As Lou Gao also knew about Xiao Wu’s condition, he naturally did not mind as well.

“Elder Lou Gao, what do you seek me for?” Tang San looked at Lou Gao, from Lou Gao’s expression, he could see the fanaticism in his heart. This kind of fanaticism was something Tang San had experienced in his previous life. In this world, it had actually died down quite significantly, most probably because unlike in the previous world, he was not alone here.

Lou Gao pulled out the stack of diagrams from under his arm, these were the diagrams Tang San had given him after they left Geng Xin city, they were the full diagrams for the Torrential Pear Blossom Needles. These were what Tang San had managed to obtain by himself from deep within Tang Sect. Naturally these memories left a deep impression on him and thus the diagrams were also very detailed.

“Sect master, this old man has a request that I would like you to agree to.” Lou Gao said while intently looking at at Tang San

Tang San said: “You want to make the Torrential Pear Blossom Needles?”

Lou Gao furiously nodded his head, “Tai Tan and I have already thoroughly discussed, I am about sixty percent confident that I am able to craft this hidden weapon. Sect master, we also have the Deep Sea Sunken Silver right now. Won’t you just let me try? I believe that it would transcend all the things I have crafted in the past.”

Tang San sighed and said: “Senior, I understand how you feel right now. I also do not doubt your skill in the craft. But, there is a very troublesome problem right now, that is the problem with the Deep Sea Sunken Silver. With our abilities right now, it would be practically impossible to smith with it. Unless, you have some method?”

Upon speaking about this, Lou Gao was slightly disappointed, “No way, I have also already tried. That thing is just too resilient, even Tai Tan and my full strength could barely change its shape and would not be able to smith with it. But Tai Tan told me, you had a way, that is why I came to you! Sect master, you must know how I am feeling right now, please let me be in charge of this project.”

Tang San thought for a while before saying: “Fine then, after we return to the Tang Sect, let me send you someplace. Only the people there could have a chance of forging this. As far as I know, this Deep Sea Sunken Silver cannot be forged via flame, only beating it with monstrous strength will soften it. Only then can it be used for forging. But this softening is also only for a very brief period, in other words, you need someone strong enough to be able to constantly help you, only then can you successfully forge with it.

“It’s a pity your father…   If not, given his strength, it should naturally
be possible. Among the three of us Divine Craftsmen, your father is the one who can purify metals to the highest extent with his strength and thus became a Divine Craftsman. If he were to work together with us on this then our success rate would be over ninety percent. The Clear Sky

Hammer is indeed the most powerful and most destructive Spirit Tool, but also in my opinion, the most suitable for creating.”

Tang San thought about it for awhile before saying: “Leave this to me, I will certainly find you a suitable partner.”

Holding onto the diagrams tightly, Lou Gao’s eyes let out a feeling of longing.

In Tang San’s heart, Lou Gao’s importance to the Tang Sect was not any lower than Tai Tan. If Tai Tan was the one who could control the manufacture of all the hidden weapons in the Tang Sect, then Lou Gao would be the one who made the most sophisticated hidden weapons in the sect. With these two Divine Smiths present, then Tang San could focus more of his energies in training and handling the various affairs in the Sect, and not have to physically participate in the weapon making. To create the Torrential Pear Blossom Needles was also his wish, were Lou Gao successful in making it, it would no doubt make the Tang Sect a more formidable name.

Evening was the time night life in the Heaven Dou Empire truly started, the two horse carriage brought the Shrek five and the two Divine Craftsmen into the city. In order to come back quickly they constantly travelled through the day, only stopping to sleep at night, thus the trip was comparatively quicker compared to when they headed to Geng Xin city.

The horse carriages went straight back to the doorstep of the Tang Sect. The inscribed board on the Tang Sect still said Strength Clan, as if nothing had changed in this time. But after Tang San and the others stepped off the carriage, they saw that, in front of the gate, Defense Clan chief Niu Gao, Speed Clan chief Bai He, as well as Breaking Clan chief Yang Wudi, all stood waiting to receive them.

Tang San was slightly shocked that the three clan leaders, no, the three Elders came out to greet them and said: “How did you three elders know that I had returned?”

Bai He lightly smiled: “Sect master, don’t tell me you forgot what the special trait of our Speed Clan is?”

Only now did Tang San realise, “You all already had the Speed Clan clansmen start operating?”

Bai He smiled: “We cannot just sit inside the Tang Sect eating rice! After we settled down, I sent all of them out. Now all the key locations within Heaven Dou City are all monitored by our clansmen. Whatever happens within the city will also be immediately reported back to us. This is also good practice for our clansmen.”

Niu Gao also laughingly said: “What this clan, that clan, we are all Tang Sect members now. Sect master, don’t just stand here already, let’s all go in and take a look shall we? We can’t just let this old whitebird keep boasting here, you need to see what we have achieved together during this period. Our sect has basically become established already, the last bit of finishing touches just have to slowly be adjusted.”

Yang Wudi did not speak but only nodded towards Tang San. The four individual clans united under Tang Sect, Tang San first introduced these three clan patriarchs to Lou Gao, before returning back to Tang Sect surrounded by his own people.

While walking through the Tang Sect door, he was considering a problem, since the Tang Sect could be considered formally established already, there needed to be a change in the way they addressed each other. There could no longer be the individual clan factions, but rather unified titles and divisions. If not, how could it still be called Tang Sect? Slowly, a structure for the present Tang Sect began to take form in his mind.

Walking into the Tang Sect, he could feel the original Strength Clan was slightly different. The construction originally belonging to the strength clan was already slightly changed.

If it was somebody else, perhaps they might not notice, but Tang San was different, because whenever Tang San went somewhere new, his mental energies would always carefully inspect the surroundings. Furthermore, the

strength clan grounds was where the Tang Sect would be in the future, naturally he would even more carefully observe the place. At the moment, on the surface it seemed like nothing had changed, but compared to the place Tang San had in his memory it was different. After Niu Gao’s explanation did Tang San figure out why. The changes were made because of the Tang Sect hidden weapons. Other than the places that were reinforced, there were now a number of places that hidden weapons could be rigged.

For example, some bricks on the walls could be removed and hidden weapons can be launched in an instant.

Of course, this was only Tang San’s first impression upon walking through the doors. After walking to the main halls, he could truly appreciate the architectural skills of the great Defense Clan. The interior area of the main building had nearly doubled, many of the original buildings had also been transformed, and also many more different building had been added. How huge a project it must have been!

In this short period of time, not only did the Defense Clan complete the entire construction, but also all the new buildings did not clash at all with the style of the original Strength Clan. It completely did not give off even the slightest feeling of not belonging. All the buildings within the Tang Sect exuded a harmonious aura, even the difference between the new and old was barely visible. What kind of craftmanship was this? The Defense Clan’s achievements in architecture gave Tang San the same feeling of respect he had towards the Divine Smith Lou Gao.

Niu Gao spoke to Tang San in his booming voice: “Sect master, at the moment, our Tang Sect is divided into five districts, each of the four cardinal directions is for a clan, while the central area shall be the sect manor. At the moment, our Tang Sect has a total of one thousand and eighty seven spirit masters, and based on the current state of our construction, we can accommodate about another four hundred people comfortably, bringing our total to one thousand five hundred people. Also according to our new layout, the moment Tang Sect encounters enemy attack, all the spirit masters are able to take the shortest route to take up their combat positions. Unfortunately, you forbade me from carrying out

a large scale reconstruction of the outer walls, if not I would have made the Tang Sect a fortress-like compound.”

Tang San smilingly said: “Elder Niu Gao, you have already done an extremely good job. The Defense Clan is indeed the master of the construction industry. I really did not expect that you would be able to finish such a huge project in such a short amount of time.”

While saying that, the group had already arrived at the main manor hall, a huge plaque hung atop the doors of the main manor, engraved in gold were the words “Sect Master Manor”, the first thing they saw upon entering was a bright and spacious square courtyard. On both sides were some simple decorations with no other plants in the courtyard. Across this yard was the sect master’s meeting hall. This spacious hall could easily accommodate fifty people and not be crowded. Further behind was the sect master’s living quarters. Of course the specially designed room for Tang San originally belonged to Tai Tan, and after the redesigning, it had become the most well protected place in the whole Tang Sect, but, in accordance to Tang San’s wishes there were no excessive luxuries.

With everyone seated in the main meeting hall, Tang San sat in the main seat, towards the left were the four Single Attribute Clan patriarchs and the Divine Smith Lou Gao, whereas on the right were four of the Shrek Seven Devils. Since it was time for work, Tang San handed Xiao Wu over to Ning Rongrong to care for. Xiao Wu was also very docile, as long as it was with either Tang San or Ning Rongrong, she would not have any feelings of restlessness.

With a smile, Tang San said: “I never thought that, in this short a time, I would come back to so many surprises, our Tang Sect can finally be considered established. Because of the current state of the spirit master world, in order to avoid trouble, I would like to avoid spreading our name outside for now. Elder Niu Gao really gave me a big surprise, each of the four single attribute clans are the cornerstones of our Tang Sect’s foundation. After today, I will still rely on the combined efforts of you elders, to allow the Tang Sect to flourish.”

Niu Gao said with a laugh: “Sect master, everyone here is a part of Tang Sect, you don’t have to be so polite. If you need anything done, however you want to develop the Tang Sect, it's all up to you!”

Tang San nodded his head saying: “This time the trip I made with elder Tai Tan to Geng Xin city was extremely rewarding, not only did we did we manage to bring the Divine Craftsman Lou Gao back, we also procured many resources. But before we allocate anything, I have a proposal that I hope to discuss with you elders.”

After speaking to this point, Tang San paused for a bit. Although he still had nothing much to his name now, the strength he showed while he tried to win over the four single attribute clans had long since caused these patriarchs to acknowledge him. At this moment, everyone gazes were on him, quietly listening to his words.

“The four great single attribute clans, after joining the Tang Sect, shall become one entity, to prevent any conflicts between the clans, why don’t we change the titles to something unified, at the same time the four elders can also take up specific responsibilities. From now on, if there are any large decisions to make, then let us all discuss together before coming up with a consensus.”

Yang Wudi opened his mouth for the first time since he came back, “Sect master, please describe the specifics a bit.”

Tang San nodded: “My plan is like this. These four beside me are companions who have gone through thick and thin with me, and shall together with you elders work together on the future Tang Sect affairs. Let me introduce each of them to you. The first one to my right is the rank sixty one auxiliary food system Spirit Emperor Oscar. He shall be responsible for the logistics of the Tang Sect in the future.”

Oscar stood up and bowed with a smile on his face towards the four sect elders and Lou Gao.

Oscar was just as young, but there was not a shred of contempt in these elders hearts. After learning a lesson from Tang San, and his introduction of

Oscar, a flash of alarm could be seen these four elders’ eyes.

Chapter 189

In fact, even though Tang San’s spirit power was at the sixty sixth rank, he was after all a battle Spirit Master, and battle Spirit Masters advanced a bit easier than tool Spirit Masters. Among tool Spirit Masters, the most difficult to cultivate was food system tool Spirit Masters. With Oscar apparently twenty something years old still advancing past the sixtieth rank, to the Spirit Emperor level, it was obvious how talented he was. Consequently, the four clan chiefs returned the courtesy in turn.

Tang San’s second introduction was Ning Rongrong, “Ning Rongrong, sixty first rank auxiliary system tool Spirit Master. I think I only need to introduce her spirit for all clan chiefs to understand her somewhat. Rongrong is from the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, the present Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master senior Ning Fengzhi’s only daughter, and also the future successor of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School. Entering our Tang Sect, besides being in charge of future sect financial affairs, she also has the important responsibility of communicating with the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School. Everyone are on the same side here, so I won’t hide it, the Tang Sect’s establishment is vigorously backed by the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School. That’s how we possess sufficient funds.”

The Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, once second of the three upper sects, second only to the Clear Sky School, the four single attribute clan chiefs were of course very familiar with it. Just Ning Rongrong’s position as the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School heir was enough to make them not dare look down on her, and even more so when learning that ning

Rongrong was even a bit younger than Tang San, but had still already broken through the sixtieth rank. The Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School had never had anyone break through the eightieth rank, but even the seventy something ranked Ning Fengzhi was already the most formidable tool Spirit Master on the entire Continent. There was no need to doubt the ability the sixty one ranked Ning Rongrong represented.

Ning Rongrong equally got up to respectfully salute the four clan chiefs in greeting. As early as when she was beaten after entering Shrek Academy, her haughty manner had already disappeared. In these years she had concentrated even more on cultivation, and even if she was just turned twenty, she already had some of her father’s elegance.

Tang San’s gaze finally turned to Ma Hongjun, sitting closest to him on the right, “Ma Hongjun, fifty eighth ranked power attack type battle Spirit Master, spirit Fire Phoenix. He is also a bit younger than me, and fourth oldest among us Shrek Seven Devils. His spirit is certainly best in battle properties. For the moment I’ve decided to put him in charge of the Tang Sect’s later battle operations, specially choosing the disciples from the sect that are best at fighting to form the Martial Hall. In the future, the sect’s external operations will be handled by the Martial Hall.”

Tang San’s gaze finally fell on Xiao Wu, “I think I should also let all elders know about her. Xiao Wu was once a member of us Shrek Seven Devils, the fifth oldest. She was also my lover. But because of Spirit Hall’s persecution, her soul left her body. Even though she’s alive, she’s already lost her awareness. She only has a bit of instinct. I won’t hide it from you elders, Xiao Wu is the same as my mother, originally she wasn’t human, but a hundred thousand year spirit beast.”

At these words, the four clan chiefs as well as divine craftsman Lou Gao were simultaneously greatly alarmed, their gazes at Xiao Wu imme diately turning monstrous.

Tang San didn’t seem to notice the change in their expressions, continuing: “All you elders have seen my sixth spirit ring. The reason I can possess a hundred thousand year level spirit ring as my sixth, really isn’t due to my own ability, nor is it that I can break through the limits of

the Spirit Master world. It’s because of Xiao Wu. In order to save me, Xiao Wu chose to sacrifice herself, sacrificing her spirit ring for me. It’s also because of this that she changed into her current state. If it wasn’t because I had an immortal herb called the Yearning Heartbroken Red at the time, she would long ago have truly died.”

“Yearning Heartbroken Red?” Yang Wudi cried out.

Tang San nodded, “The Blood Crystal Dragon Ginseng gave me was eaten by Xiao Wu, before that she was the little rabbit I carried. It was with the aid of these two great immortal treasures that Xiao Wu separated from the beast form, becoming human. But she still has no consciousness or soul. Her soul has already fused together with my sixth spirit ring along with her sacrifice.”

Even though Tang San related it very calmly, the atmosphere in the Tang Sect sect master meeting hall still grew a bit somber. Looking at Xiao Wu, including Lou Gao, the eyes of the five elders all revealed some respect. Choosing to sacrifice herself for her lover. So what if she was a spirit beast? How many humans could do it? In their thoughts were only four words, humans inferior to beasts.

Drawing a deep breath, Tang San calmed his mood, turning to the five elders, “I plan to set up the four single attribute clans like this. Because we are in ourselves a sect, it’s not too appropriate to continue calling it as clans. I want to simply change the naming of the four single attribute clans. The Strength Clan will hereafter be called the Strength Hall, mainly in charge of the sect’s hidden weapons production. This is also the future main source of income. Elder Tai Tan will hold the concurrent post as hall master. The Defense Clan will hereafter change name to Defense Hall, in charge of the sect’s defense and all manner of construction obligations. Elder Niu Gao will hold concurrent post as hall master. The Speed Clan will change to Speed Hall, in charge of information gathering, investigation, and news. Elder Bai He holds concurrent post as hall master. The Breaking Clan will change name to Medicine Hall, in charge of sect defense along with the Defense Clan, but mainly refining medicine. Among these, the drugs will be split into healing and poison. I

will talk over the concrete details with elder Yang Wudi. Elder Yang Wudi holds concurrent post as Medicine Hall master.”

“This is all I can think of for the moment. At the same time, all elders present as well as I, Oscar, Ning Rongrong, and elder Lou Gao, altogether nine people will form Procedure Hall. We will commonly discuss all major sect events, and decide by vote. Each person has one vote. What do you elders think?”

The Shrek Seven Devils naturally wouldn’t object to Tang San’s proposal. Tang San had for the moment thought of these for the Tang Sect’s structure, the remainder was a matter for discussion.

As the head of the five elders, Tai Tan was first to speak up. His expression when looking at Tang San was clearly filled with praise, “I have no objections, sect master’s plans are very systematic. If I were to raise one opinion, I feel that, as sect master, your authority really is a bit too little. I propose that the sect master has two votes. Even if it’s adding one vote for miss Xiao Wu. At the same time, sect master possesses a veto power.”

Not only Tai Tan, the other elders also nodded simultaneously. Even if Tang San’s plans changed the names of the four single attribute clans, he divided the authority evenly, without monopolizing power. This bit made the elders exceedingly appreciative. But they were intelligent people, and also saw that the future accomplishments of the few Shrek Seven Devils in front of them was immeasurable. If they only coveted a bit of strength at present, then some day the future of the four single attribute clans might be affected. This was something they didn’t wish to see. Even more, as the sect master, Tang San should originally possess even more authority.

Lou Gao spoke up, “Sect master, now they all have duties, then what about me?”

Tang San said: “Senior Lou Gao, you should basically also be part of Strength Hall. However, I don’t want to give you a post there. Tai Tan is in charge of Tang Sect’s overall hidden weapon production, so I want you to be  in charge  of producing  the Tang  Sect’s most  advanced hidden

weapons. Once the blacksmith scholars Si Di and Si Kai arrive, it will be up to you and them to complete this responsibility. I will make blueprints for all the Tang Sect’s most advanced hidden weapons and materials and give them to you. I believe that, among the future hidden weapons the Tang Sect produces, each and every one with the characters Lou Gao will be on the divine tool level.”

Hearing that Tang San would offer him blueprints and materials, Lou Gao’s eyes immediately brightened, hurriedly saying: “Alright. Then it’s decided, I have no objections.”

The Tang Sect’s first high level conference ended smoothly, without any dissenting voices. The Tang Sect’s overall structure and labor division was already clarified, and this recently established sect immediately got to work.

The five elders left, leaving only the Shrek Five Devils in the meeting hall.

Oscar said: “Little San, isn’t it careless to leave me in charge of logistics? I don’t have any experience in that area.”

Tang San smiled slightly, saying: “This is originally a joint responsibility for you and Rongrong. Anyway, Rongrong is our god of wealth, so your logistics work will need her support. With your relationship, I don’t think there’s anyone more suited to hold this post. Don't tell me you don’t believe you have the ability? You might have a lot of work. Later you and Rongrong go to the warehouse together and take stock of the metals we got on our trip this time, then supply Strength Hall. Our development has to be accelerated. The distance to the day of the seven sect reselection assembly is getting closer and closer.”

Oscar laughed helplessly, “Fine. You’re pushing me beyond my ability. Oh, right, shouldn’t we go back the the Academy first? I don’t know how the thing with the four element academies turned out.”

Tang San nodded, saying: “We should make a trip back, Rongrong has been gone for so long and should go back to see uncle Ning. How about this, Little Ao, you and Rongrong go back to the Seven Treasure Glazed

Tile School, me and Fatty will visit the Academy. Teacher and the others should also have returned. After you’ve been to the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, return and meet up with us at the Academy.”

Even though the Tang Sect had just been established, they currently possessed the advantage of abundant resources. First of all was their location. Within Heaven Dou City, even if Spirit Hall discovered their existence, they would still be unable to easily move against them, at the same time the Tang Sect also had the backing of the Shrek Academy and the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, so much that even the Heaven Dou imperial family supported them. As long as they didn’t step on the wrong path, Tang San believed that he definitely could develop and advance the Tang Sect on the Douluo Continent.

The four left the Tang Sect almost simultaneously, hurrying in different directions. Tang San pulled Xiao Wu and went towards the Shrek Academy together with Ma Hongjun.

They had just left when, suddenly, they met a troop of around a hundred cavalry straight ahead, unexpectedly galloping down the street at high speed, just like last time when Tang San met fourth prince Xue Beng’s troop. Because he had Xiao Wu along, Tang San didn’t want to frighten her, and stepped out of the way to the side of the street with Fatty.

Even though that troop of cavalry was very fast, their horsemanship was exquisite, and they even had a somewhat severe aura.

Tang San’s heart twitched, vaguely sensing something wrong, but he was still unable to say why. Having left Heaven Dou City for a time, just now there also hadn’t been time to exchange information with elder Bai He. But his intuition was always very sharp. Reaching out to hold Xiao Wu’s slender waist, he said to Ma Hongjun: “Fatty, we’ll move a bit faster, something might be happening in Heaven Dou City.”

Ma Hongjun stared blankly, “It wouldn’t. Everything seems very normal to me! Besides, if something ha happened, why didn’t elder Bai He tell us just now?”

Tang San shook his head, saying: “I don’t know either, only, just now that troop of cavalry was a bit strange. There was no one among them dressed as a noble, still daring to rush down the street like that only has one other explanation, that they were carrying out a mission. But what urgent missions could there be in Heaven Dou City? Let’s first go take a look at the Academy. Any situation should be clear there.”

Very quickly, the three returned to the Shrek Academy. Entering the Academy, Tang San’s uneasy feeling from those soldiers before faded a lot. At least on the surface, it didn’t seem like anything had changed at the Academy. Everything seemed very ordinary. Right now it was already after class, and students came and went in a steady stream.

These students naturally knew Ma Hongjun and Tang San, and they could be seen stepping aside one by one, standing there and worshipfully watching them enter the Academy. Even if Tang San and Ma Hongjun were no longer considered members, their status in the Shrek Academy wasn’t any lower than that of the teachers, to the extent that they were even seen as the spiritual emblem of Shrek Academy.

At the school building, the three went directly to Flender’s office, and Ma Hongjun went up and knocked.

Flender’s familiar voice came from inside, “Enter.”

Fatty smiled at Tang San, making a gesture of everything as always and pushed open the door.

Flender leisurely leaned back in his office chair, and immediately smiled on seeing Ma Hongjun, “Hongjun, you’ve returned……”

He had only reached so far when he screeched to a stop, shooting out of his chair, his eyes filled with a startled light. Because he could now see Tang San and Xiao Wu following Ma Hongjun in.

Just as Tang San and Xiao Wu entered, there was already another familiar voice echoing from outside.

“Flender, you really don’t care about anything. Erlong said you’re refusing to work again?”

With a rigid face, a familiar figure entered the not yet closed door. Tang San had already respectfully turned around, “Teacher.”

The new arrival was Grandmaster, only, right now it was as if he hadn’t heard Tang San’s words, his expression hardly any different from Flender, staring fixedly at Xiao Wu next to Tang San, white dressed, scorpion braid hanging over her chest.

Ma Hongjun chuckled, “Very astonishing. Xiao Wu resurrected.”

“This, little San, what’s going on here?” Xiao Wu’s appearance already exceeded the limits of Grandmaster’s imagination. With his research into spirits and spirit beasts, he couldn’t understand how Xiao Wu could recover her human shape in such a short time.

Tang San glanced at Xiao Wu with a look full of tenderness, tightly pulling her waist close, simply explaining the matter of Xiao Wu’s resurrection.

Listening to Tang San’s account, whether it was Flender or Grandmaster, they both displayed knowing smiles.

“Excellent, her body has recovered, we can always think of a way for the rest.” Flender sighed.

Ma Hongjun said: “Teacher, has something major happened in Heaven Dou City in the time we’ve been gone?”

Flender looked distracted, “Nothing’s happened! Everything is normal. Eh. Oh, right, last time you dealt with the matter of the four element academies very well. Now they’ve already formally merged into our Shrek Academy. If it’s only in terms of the strength of the Academy, our Shrek Academy can absolutely count as number one on the Continent.”

“What?” This time, even Tang San was shocked, “The four element academies have merged into Shrek Academy?”

Flender chuckled, saying: “The four element academies are just stray dogs, don’t tell me they can hope to share our cup of soup in Heaven Dou City?”

Grandmaster snapped: “That’s also because they encountered an unscrupulous profiteer like you. With a shark like you going to set terms for the academies, how could we lose out?”

Flender proudly said: “That’s all thanks to Tang San and the others’ arrangements before leaving. The four element academies were finally scared by Bone Douluo and the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School. Besides, the second time they came, not only was Bone Douluo was here, but even Poison Douluo came. With two Title Douluo supervising, would they dare not compromise?”

Listening to Flender, Tang San’s heart twitched, “Senior Dugu came?”
He naturally wouldn’t address Dugu Bo as old freak to outsiders.

Flender said: “He was looking for you, seemed quite urgent. At that time I gave the four element academies an introduction to that honorary dean of ours. Speaking of, Poison Douluo might not be equal to Bone Douluo in terms of strength, but for deterrence, he’s far superior. His poison is a tyrannical ability that can silently annihilate countless opponents.”

The previously diluted sense of crisis once again appeared in Tang San’s heart. He didn’t get deeper into the immensely self satisfied Flender’s dealings with the four element academies, and questioned closer: “Dean Flender, senior Dugu didn’t say why he was looking for me?”

Flender shook his head: “He didn’t say, after I introduced him to the four element academies, he left in a hurry. His expression seemed a bit abnormal. As if he was troubled by something. It’s possible it was something about Spirit Hall.”

No, wrong. Tang San’s mind moved like lightning, immediately recalling the contents of his last discussion with Dugu Bo. At that time Dugu Bo had just treated emperor Xue Ye’s poison, and according to him, it was almost done. What matter could have him anxiously come looking for him?

With Dugu Bo’s strength, it was naturally impossible to be something related to power. Then, there was only one possibility.

After a simple analysis, Tang San’s estimation of Dugu Bo’s reason for finding him was more or less correct, and he also couldn’t help feeling somewhat anxious. For Tang Sect’s future development, it naturally wouldn’t do to only rely on the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School. Only by relying on the great tree of the Heaven Dou Empire could they develop to their fullest potential.

Grandmaster and Flender noticed Tang San’s silence, and didn’t disturb him. Along with the rise of the Shrek Seven Devils’ strength, their influence in the Spirit Master world also imperceptibly rose to a higher and higher degree. Especially now that Tang San had decided to establish the Tang Sect. Even if it was impossible to gain the approval of Spirit Hall, Flender and Grandmaster both understood that this exceptionally talented disciple had already stepped onto the Spirit Master world stage in a true sense. As long as everything went smoothly, Tang San and the Shrek Seven Devils would shine brightly in the Spirit Master world.

Tang San returned to himself, somewhat apologetically looking at Grandmaster and Flender, “I’m sorry, I spaced out.”

Grandmaster shook his head, saying: “Little San, how far has that Tang Sect of yours come?”

Tang San said: “Everything is already in order, we can start regular operations at once. We had a rich harvest on our trips to Rising Dragon City and Gengxin City. The four single attribute clans have now already joined the Tang Sect, giving the sect its embryonic form. is to operate the sect at full strength, manufacturing the first batch of hidden weapons. Once we have hidden weapons to a certain extent and in stock, the sect can be considered to stand firmly.”

Listening to Tang San, Flender and Grandmaster couldn’t help simultaneously being excited. They of course knew about the four single attribute clans. The previous Clear Sky School was a colossus in the Spirit Master world. As the Continent’s number one sect, the subordinates of the Clear Sky School, besides the directly related Spirit Masters, supported a total sum of more than four thousand Spirit Masters. The most famous among these were the four single attribute clans. In their most flourishing stage, they each had close to one thousand five hundred Spirit Masters. That was already a considerable number in the Spirit Master world. Moreover, even though each of the four single attribute clans had very large drawbacks, at the same time they also possessed extremely large accomplishments in their own spheres of influence. To use an appropriate term, their power was extremely frightening.

When the Clear Sky School’s old sect master chose not to confront Spirit Hall head on and retreat, even if it prevented calamity for the Clear Sky School, it still might not have been proper. Even though Spirit Hall’s power was enormous, the Clear Sky School’s overall strength wasn’t weak. Now that Tang San had taken in the four single attribute clans, as long as they were deployed appropriately, the Tang Sect would have future accomplishments.

Grandmaster said: “Even though the four single attribute clans haven’t existed in the Spirit Master world for very long, each of their strengths and skills will be extremely useful to the Tang Sect’s future. Little San, you have to treat them well.”

Tang San nodded, “Teacher, don’t worry. Today I’ve already made some simple arrangements for the Tang Sect’s structure…..”

, he went through the five Halls he had established in the Tang Sect today, as well a each of their roles.

“...... so at present the Tang Sect’s main strength is all used on building the sect, as well as producing hidden weapons. Even though the four single attribute clans are outstanding, they’re still not suited to becoming true warriors. Later the Martial Hall Fatty is responsible for will expand, absorbing some Spirit Masters with strength. At the same time, I also plan

to later establish a Punishment Hall, to deal with the Tang Sect’s internal matters.”

Flender smiled: “Little San, these five Halls of yours are all very characteristic. Then won’t Oscar and ning Rongrong establish a Hall?”

Tang San said: “For the moment there is no need. Little Ao, Rongrong, and Fatty, will all later be the Tang Sect’s vice sect masters. Finances and logistics are both fairly important. I’ve talked it over with Rongrong, and we’re planning to first transfer some personnel from the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School. Once everything is on track, we’ll replace them with our own people. Right now there’s no capital to establish a Hall.”

Flender said: “In the future, if there’s anything the Academy can help you with, just say it. Because of Spirit Hall, now there has also begun to appear problems with recruiting students. Spirit Hall has recently integrated a lot of advanced Spirit Master academies, leading to the majority of young spirit masters joining them. If not for our Shrek Academy still having some reputation, I’m afraid circumstances would’ve been even worse. After Spirit Masters graduate, they always need to find a way forward. I hope that your Tang Sect will be able to become this way in the future.”

Tang San nodded, but didn’t make any promises. The Tang Sect had only just set out, and while he of course hoped the Tang Sect could later absorb some outstanding Spirit Masters, at the same time he didn’t want both good and bad people to mix in with the Tang Sect. The concrete circumstances still depended on the later development of the Tang Sect, as well as the circumstances on the Shrek Academy’s side.

Grandmaster seemed to know what Tang San was thinking, and calmly said: “Little San, this time we led the students to hunt spirit beasts in the spirit beast forest, and there also emerged a batch of quite promising students. I will do some screening among them, and pick out some outstanding students to join the Tang Sect.

Tang San smiled wryly: “I’m afraid they won’t be willing when the time comes. After all, right now the Tang Sect has only just started out.”

Grandmaster’s face revealed a rare smile, “No, you’re wrong about that. You might not know the influence you have on the hearts of the students right now. After the few times you’ve displayed your strength, right now you’re practically an idol to the students in the Academy. When they hear they have a chance to become part of a sect established by you, practically every student in the Academy will sign up. The graduation exam is in half a month. At the same time there will be a test for them. When the time comes I will pick out a group of students with good strength and morals and send them to you. Young Spirit Masters are impulsive and hot- blooded. I believe you won’t let them down.”

Seeing the faint smile on Grandmaster’s face, Tang San’s heart warmed.
His Teacher had already prepared to help him.

“Teacher, thank you……”

Grandmaster smiled slightly, saying: “What thanks. You are my only disciple, I only wish for you to be even more outstanding. Reach Title Douluo soon, and let me see the true might of twin spirits, that is the best gratitude you can show me. I’m carefully researching your present circumstances. Among all Spirit Masters, you can be considered the most special case. Possessing a hundred thousand year spirit ring and four spirit bones at sixtieth rank. Also twin spirits. For your future development direction and your own circumstances, I’ve made some simple assessments regarding spirit power development and all kinds of attributes.

Speaking of spirits, Grandmaster’s mind clearly grew stimulated, “The greatest drawback of twin spirits is that the attribute upgrade from a quantity of spirit rings surpassing that of ordinary Spirit Masters will be too much for the body to handle. I once spoke to you about this issue for the Spirit Master world. Spirit Masters are human, and each person have their own endurance limits. The higher this limit is, the more attribute advancement they can endure. Of course, this also has an important relationship with the spirit rings and spirit bones obtained.”

“Spirit Hall’s current Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong also possesses twin spirits. Even if I don’t know how strong she is now, I’m certain she will inevitably already be cultivating both spirits simultaneously. With her

position in Spirit Hall, the added attributes from each of her spirit rings naturally won’t be lacking. But she still hasn’t reached her limit. I’ve always reflected on this problem over these years, why hasn’t Bibi Dong’s added attributes reached the limit? Her own attributes evolving is unrelated to any outside assistance. That goes even more for the body’s ability to withstand it. In other words, she definitely uses some method to share her the burden of her excessively advanced attributes. Thinking on it from this point of view, I found some small clues. But I’ve never dared be certain. Only last time when I heard you speak of your spirit bones forming an armor could I be more or less confident in my estimate. If I’m not mistaken, if you could possess a perfect configuration of spirit bones, you would immediately form that special spirit bone armor. And such an armor in itself will cause a certain variation. Not only can it protect the body, it will also cause the Spirit Master’s own endurance to rise dramatically.”

“At the same time, I’ve also carefully researched your present condition. You’re different from Bibi Dong. Your body can be said to have passed a thousand hammer blows, and a hundred refinements. Especially those immortal treasure herbs you took caused enormous changes to your body. For the present you, your physical endurance far surpasses that of ordinary people. Consequently, I believe that after your Blue Silver Emperor is cultivated to the Title Douluo level, even if you continue absorbing with the Clear Sky Hammer spirit, there shouldn’t be any problems at least within four spirit rings. And at that time, I hope you can already possess a full set of spirit bones. Then we can examine my hypothesis. If my conjecture is correct, then, you will very possibly become a twin spirit dual Douluo.”

Tang San listened carefully to Grandmaster, only speaking up once Grandmaster finished his account: “Teacher, then isn’t the Supreme Pontiff already a twin spirit dual Douluo now?”

Grandmaster shook his head, saying: “No, that shouldn’t be the case. Even if Bibi Dong is a genius, at the same time she is also a perfectionist. If I’m not mistaken, right now she should only be a single Title Douluo. Even I don’t know what her second spirit is, but from her actions against

Xiao Wu, she clearly hasn’t gathered all spirit rings for her second spirit yet. She is inevitably hoping to have even more powerful spirit rings to absorb. Of course, I can also be sure that, right now, she is absolutely the most powerful Supreme Pontiff in the history of Spirit Hall.”

Tang San’s impression of Bibi Dong had always been that appearance when the Shrek Seven Devils participated in the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament. When his father appeared that time, Bibi Dong didn’t display much power. It felt as if her strength wasn’t very different from Chrysanthemum Douluo and Ghost Douluo.

Seeing the expression of deep thought in Tang San’s eyes, Grandmaster lowered his voice: “Little San, you must remember what I say. You cannot for any reason underestimate Bibi Dong. Not even if you become a twin spirit dual Douluo in the future. I’m relatively familiar with Bibi Dong’s character. She’s not only someone who will do anything to achieve her goals, she’s also an extremely patient power. Otherwise she wouldn’t be the Supreme Pontiff right now. Even I didn’t know she actually had twin spirits before she succeeded as Supreme Pontiff.”

Just as the master and disciple pair were discussing twin spirits, suddenly, an impatient voice came from outside, “Has the little freak returned?”

“Is Tang San back? I don’t know! If he is, he should be with Flender.”
The replying voice belonged to Liu Erlong.

The office door opened, but before Liu Erlong could come inside, the Shrek Academy honorary dean, poison title Dugu Bo had already charged in like a whirlwind. With one look at Tang San, he immediately exulted.

“Little freak, I heard that Ning family girl say you were back. I came to find you immediately. Quickly come with me, there’s big trouble.”

While speaking, he directly pulled Tang San from the sofa, alarming Xiao Wu next to him who immediately tightly grabbed onto Tang San’s arm and hiding behind him.

Dugu Bo also looked distracted on noticing Xiao Wu, but he clearly had even more important things on his mind, “Quickly, quickly. You brat, you’ve been gone for so long. If you were even a bit later, I’m afraid there would’ve been major trouble. I can only count on you now.”

With Xiao Wu alarmed, Tang San couldn’t help frowning a bit, “Old freak, don’t be anxious, no matter how urgent it is it can still wait a while. Is it that emperor Xue Ye’s poison has resurged?”

Dugu Bo stared blankly, “How did you know?”

Tang San smiled wryly: “Besides poison, what else would you need my help for? Dean Flender mentioned you were looking for me, so I guessed.”

Dugu Bo looked at Grandmaster and Flender, revealing an extremely serious expression, “Little San, this time really is troublesome. Emperor Xue Ye is on the verge of death.”

“What?” Besides the soulless Xiao Wu, everyone in Flender’s office cried out simultaneously. Everyone were shocked by this sudden news.

Chapter 190

Dugu Bo’s words shocked everyone in the small office, excluding Xiao Wu.

Emperor Xue Ye was not going to make it? At this moment, the uneasiness in Tang San’s heart finally found its reason, he had finally understood why there was the feeling of an emergency in his heart. It was the atmosphere, those soldiers he met in Heaven Dou City were exuding an austere aura.

Being the emperor of one of the two great nations, if emperor Xue Ye were to pass away, then the all the Continent would undergo earthshaking amounts of change. This would also affect the secret coalition the Heaven Dou Empire and the Star Luo Empire with each other. And the one who would benefit from this the most was without a doubt Spirit Hall. If in such a crucial moment, the emperor of Heaven Dou Empire were to pass, the empire would fall into a power struggle and no doubt their efforts mounted against Spirit Hall with great difficulty would come to a standstill.

However, although a sense of danger abruptly emerged in Tang San’s heart, it too quickly subsided as he calmed down, “Old freak, what on earth is going on? Didn’t you previously tell me the poison within emperor Xue Ye has been successfully controlled already?”

Dugu Bo bitterly laughed: “The poison at that time was indeed successfully controlled by me. I used the poison of the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor to try to counter poison with poison, by allowing the two

poisons to neutralise each other then to use medicine to slowly deal with the lingering poison and side effects. But who would have known, the emperor whose condition had already stabilized, a month ago suddenly had a relapse, what’s more the reaction this time was much more violent. I carefully examined his blood, before I found out that the poison in his blood was constantly evolving and it was evolving at a very fast pace. Although I could use my Phosphorus Emperor Snake’s poison to counter the poison within his body, but after each time I had neutralised the poison, before too long a new kind of poison would appear. Each time the poison would become even stronger, I have already calculated, after the seventh time I use this method to neutralize the poison in emperor Xue Ye’s body, the poison will once again relapse and it would take his life, with no chance to rescue him then. That is why, unless there is no other way left I don’t even dare to try this method anymore.”

Dazzling brilliance burst out of Tang San’s eyes, “Then how many times have you used this method?”

With a solemn look, Dugu Bo said, “I have used it six times. I only use it when his body can no longer take the effects of the poison, but each time the time between the relapses also shortens.”

Tang San took a deep breath. “If I guess correctly. The poison Emperor Xue Ye is afflicted with is not a simple concocted poison, but a complex poison concocted by mixing many poisons. Such a poison would have an extremely potent effect with a myriad of symptoms, you can even say, everyone who knew how to mix poisons will also end up with different poisons. And amongst them, this kind of multi-poison mix is the hardest to deal with. If we want to purge this poison then we first need to find the source. The multi-poison mix is especially hard to identify, and if we cannot find it then we will not be able to find a remedy nor will we be able to treat it. This time there really is huge trouble.”

Dugu Bo anxiously said: “Enough, enough of this chit-chat, hurry and come with me to the Heaven Dou imperial palace. If even yo u don’t have a solution, then there will be a revolution in Heaven Dou Empire.”

Tang San as if suddenly remembering something said: “Hold on a moment, let us go pick someone up and bring him along with us. To identify a multi-poison mix, the more people we have the better.”

Dugu Bo was slightly shocked when he said: “What? You still know someone who is good with poisons?”

Tang San said: “Let’s go, I’ll explain on the way. Grandmaster, dean Flender, we shall take our leave first. Fatty you wait here for Rongrong and Oscar. If a revolution really occurs here in Heaven Dou Empire, then our plans would also have to change.”

Tang San brought Xiao Wu and Dugu Bo away from the Shrek Academy together. On the way back to the Tang Sect, Tang San told Dugu Bo about his establishment of the Tang Sect in brief. And the person he was going to find was without a doubt, the leader of the breaking clan, Yang Wudi. Although Tang San had not had have the chance to study things regarding herbs with this medicine master, since Yang Wudi was able to identify the Aromatic Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure and the Yearning Heartbroken Red these two divine herbs, Tang San could tell that in the field of medicine, Yang Wudi was actually superior to the Poison Douluo, and perhaps even not inferior to himself.

Although Dugu Bo was the poison Douluo, most of his poison originated from his Spirit, and not from his understanding of medicine like Tang San and Yang Wudi.

As time was of the essence and Ning Rongrong was not around. The three of them after returning to the Tang Sect, had no choice but to bring Xiao Wu along as well to the royal chambers. By his side was a Title Douluo, thus Tang San did not have to worry about the safety of Xiao Wu. Even if anything happened in the royal chambers, given the strength of the three of them, protecting Xiao Wu was no problem.

Dugu Bo and Yang Wudi had never met before. At first Dugu Bo even had some contempt towards Yang   Wudi,   but   on   the   way   to the royal chambers, while he was explaining the symptoms on emperor Xue

Ye, Yang Wudi raised many valuable points which made him no longer dare to look down on the Tang Sect Medicine Hall master.

As the Heaven Dou imperial palace came within sight, Dugu Bo told Tang San: “Little San, regardless of how things turn out this time, you can consider me a part of your Tang Sect, the position of your sect’s Medicine Hall master is not of interest to me, but I ought to qualify as a sect elder right?”

Tang San laughingly replied: “Of course you do. How can i possibly stop you? But, aren’t you the kind that likes to be free and unwilling to join any sect?”

Dugu Bo snorted. “Is this Tang Sect not yours? Could it be that you are still biased against me?” Speaking up to here, he lightly sighed, “It is true that i like to be free, but that is a matter of the past, I am already getting old. Wanting to enter back into the Spirit Hall is also pretty much impossible at this point. I’ll use your Tang Sect for my retirement. Anyway, it’s fine as long as you see to my food and drink. Call me if there’s any excitement like fighting and killing.”

Yang Wudi who was travelling with them had his usual cold look, but inwardly he was shocked, from the names that Tang San and Dugu Bo used to address each other, he could tell that their relationship was not simple. As a Title Douluo, Dugu Bo was speaking to Tang San as an equal and without the slightest bit of hypocrisy and surprisingly straight forward. For Yang Wudi, during his whole life, other than training, he would research medicines, and as such naturally heard about the great fame of the Poison Douluo. His original impression of Dugu Bo was that of a Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor, an extremely venomous snake. But from today’s observation, he did not even give off the slightest cold demeanor.

How could Yang Wudi know that his original impression of Dugu Bo is not wrong, but it was just that when Dugu Bo was with Tang San his character would greatly change. In these many years, it could be said that Tang San was his only friend, that's right, a friend that he could confide in and not a junior.

Tang San smilingly said: “You didn’t have to put it so bleakly, as long as you are willing, I can take care of you.” He didn’t say that Tang Sect would take care of Dugu Bo’s retirement as, after all, the Tang Sect belonged to him.

Dugu Bo laughed to cover up his emotions, but Yang Wudi quietly observing by the side could still see the gratitude deep in his eyes.

Upon entering the palace, with Dugu Bo’s presence, the four of them did not face any resistance. Dugu Bo was a distinguished guest of the Heaven Dou imperial family, and had great authority here. He brought the trio to the chambers of emperor Xue Ye. Only upon reaching here were they stopped.

Soldiers clad in black armour and wielding spears stood in everyone's way.

Dugu Bo took out his special golden VIP token, “Move aside, we have urgent matters to attend to with his majesty.”

The soldier captain coldly said: “The emperor is resting. Under the crown prince’s orders, none is allowed to enter. Anyone who disobeys will be killed without pardon.”

Dugu Bo froze for a moment, “Do you not see what is written on this golden tablet?” Written on the tablet were the two words, honorable guest . Representing that the holder was akin to Emperor Xue Ye’s personal guest.

The soldier captain’s looked like he was deeply contemplating yet did not show any signs of standing aside.

Tang San lips moved, directing his voice towards Dugu Bo, asking:
“Have you seen these soldiers before?”

Dugu Bo shook his head, “All of them are unfamiliar.”

Tang San heart trembled, “I fear things are taking a turn for the worst. If my judgement is correct, emperor Xue Ye was poisoned by Xue Qinghe, he probably got wind of you coming to find me, after al,l Xue Qinghe is

Uncle Ning’s disciple so he probably knows that I am good with poison. He definitely wants to avoid having the two of us treat emperor Xue Ye’s poison together.”

Dugu Bo frowned, “That can’t be right can it? After all, he is still Xue Ye’s son.”

Tang San coldly laughed, “If he still remembers emperor Xue Ye as his own father, then he would not have done this. Regardless of whether our guess is right or wrong, let’s first save emperor Xue Ye, if not, then our guess would not matter anyway.”

Dugu Bo somewhat taken aback, “You mean to?”

Tang San’s face revealed a hint of a smile, without answering Dugu Bo, he walked forward, withdrawing a golden tablet from his twenty-four moonlight bridges “Senior Dugu Bo’s tablet was not enough for us to enter, but what about this tablet of mine?”

The tablet that Tang San took out was the tablet that Xue Qinghe had previously given him, the design on the tablet was slightly different.

The soldier captain froze for a moment, looking at the golden tablet in Tang San’s hand in shock. When he had initially received the orders, it was to not allow Dugu Bo into the emperor’s chambers, but now, the person coming with him was holding onto the crown prince’s golden tablet. Just what was going on?

Tang San walked a few more steps, speaking in a serious tone: “The situation has changed, the crown prince changed his mind. Hurry up and let us in.”

These golden tablets were equivalent to their owners orders itself. With Tang San holding the prince’s golden tablet, although there was doubt in their hearts, the captain did not dare disobey and raised his hand to indicate to all the soldiers to let them pass.

With this move from the soldiers, Tang San and Dugu Bo’s expression greatly changed, they previously did not notice, but the spirit fluctuations released by these soldiers shocked them greatly. This was not a group of Heaven Dou Empire imperial guards, rather this was clearly a squadron comprised of spirit masters. There was a whole fifty spirit masters here, and from their spirit fluctuations they were all no less than rank fifty.

Tang San had some regret, he did not regret coming here with Dugu Bo, but rather, he regretted bringing Xiao Wu along. He could not bear to put Xiao Wu who had regained her human form into the Wishful Hundred Treasure’s Purse. But if the situation were to worsen, for Xiao Wu’s safety, this was all he could do.

Dugu Bo never expected that Tang San would be able to pull out such a tablet, but this was not the time to talk about it, so he and Yang Wudi hurried and followed Tang San to enter the emperor’s chambers.

At this moment, a leisurely and pleasant male voice rang out: “So Tang Yin is actually Tang San, to think i actually made a mistake when i was at the Moon Pavilion. Brother Tang San, I really never imagined that your appearance and temperament would change so much.”

“We pay our respects to your highness.” The surrounding soldiers all knelt down uniformly, while Tang San pulled Xiao Wu and slowly turned around.

Xue Qinghe only brought two people along, slowly walking in their direction. He looked just as handsome as before, and as sincere as before, still giving people the feeling of being very approachable. But for some reason, after meeting him today, Tang San could also feel some coldness from him.

Following behind Xue Qinghe were two old men, they were not dressed in royal garments but rather normal commoner clothes, from these two people, although Tang San could not see anything special, he could feel Dugu Bo beside him suddenly become tense.

What could cause the Title Douluo Dugu Bo beside him to show such a change? Tang San had already formed a judgement of the two old man’s abilities.

“Hello, your highness.” Tang San bowed slightly to Xue Qinghe.

Xue Qinghe walked to about five meters away from Tang San and company, sighing he said: “Brother Tang San, frankly speaking, I have not been so good recently, my father has been ill, there has been trouble inside and outside the palace. Uncle and fourth brother took this opportunity to make their moves. Ah… I have been very sad! Brother Tang San, what brings you here to visit father? Why didn’t you just come and tell me, it would have been so much easier for me to bring you in. Oh, thats right Xue Ke has missed you dearly, after you unfortunately disappeared. Xue Ke is my only sister you know, my dearest sister. Tang San, you better not let down her kindness!”

Tang San smiled indifferently, saying: “I thank your highness for your kind works. In my life I may come across many good things, but I can only take care of one. With Xiao Wu, I already do not have any more regrets. Your highness, senior Dugu Bo brought me here today is specifically to take a look at his majesty’s poison. Could you first let us go inside to treat his majesty?”

Xue Qinghe’s facial expression slightly changed, as he softly said: “Regarding my father, you don’t have to trouble yourself. Since you finally visited this palace, why not let us sit down and catch up.”

Tang San calmly looked at Xue Qinghe, suddenly sighing a long sigh, “It would seem that the people guarding here are all from the Spirit Hall. Your highness.”

This time, Xue Qinghe’s expression finally changed, “Tang San, what rubbish are you speaking of? This place is the Heaven Dou Empire’s palace, a forbidden place, how can people from Spirit Hall possibly be here?”

Tang San put Xiao Wu’s hand into the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse. Inserting a little spirit power into the purse, there was a flash and Xiao Wu disappeared. This was the greatest benefit of the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse, it could store living things. Although he did not like it, but in order to protect Xiao Wu, Tang San had no choice but to do this.

“Your highness, you made a few mistakes. In the Heaven Dou Empire there are quite many Spirit Masters. But, even so there are only a few Title Douluo. But given Emperor Xue Ye’s status, how could these Title Douluo be not protecting him but rather appear by your side, let alone two of them. Are these Title Douluos so cheap? To be able to dispatch two Title Douluos, in this continent there are only a few. Spirit Hall happens to be the strongest one capable of doing so. This is the first mistake.”

“Secondly, you changed all the guards here to spirit masters, is it really to protect his majesty? I don’t think so, you are just using them to prevent any other people from getting close. What’s more, all the spirit masters in the empire are being trained by my teacher. I just came from Shrek Academy, if the Heaven Dou Empire really needed dozens of spirit masters who were not at all weak to protect the palace, did you think teacher would not tell me?”

“Thirdly, when your highness saw me, you immediately knew that I was Tang San. Even though the tablet in my hand was yours, but i could also possibly have been given to me by someone else. That is why when you first saw me, you should have asked ‘Tang Ying, how did you get this tablet?’ and not immediately called my name. That is why i am certain, you have a relation with Spirit Hall, which is how you got hold of information about me, finding out that Tang Ying is actually Tang San, and not because you recognised me from the tablet in my hand.

“After saying so much, more simply put is the fact that you appeared heavily guarded inside the palace, while letting out so much cold killing intent, should be enough to prove that the one who poisoned the emperor is you. Even if it is just speculation, I believe that I am already pretty much on the dot. The only thing that i do not understand is, are you really so heartless? To do such a thing to your own father. The position of emperor sure is good, but he still is your father after all.”

After listening to Tang San make his second point, Xue Qinghe’s face was already pale, while listening to Tang San finish, he had actually calmed down.

*Clap Clap Clap* Xue Qinghe clapped his hands, “Very good, nothing less from one of the Shrek Seven Devils. From all these small clues you can guess so much. But how are you going to prove this guess?”

Tang San smiled, “Very simple, as long as you let me enter and have a look at his majesty. The truth will naturally reveal itself. But i am guessing that no matter what, you will not be willing to let me enter. His majesty has already been poisoned, as long as this time he dies from the poison, you will naturally be absolved of all the evidence, and the the position as the Heaven Dou Empire’s emperor. How would you possibly allow me to approach his majesty and allow the possibility of developments which ruin your plan?”

“Tang San, you know, you are even smarter than I thought.” Xue Qinghe’s eyes revealed a look of sincerity. “You guessed it right, this time I indeed borrowed the power of the Spirit Hall. But this was also because i had no other choice. Second Uncle and Fourth Brother were already eyeing the throne, if I did not do this, after father passed away, there would certainly be an internal power struggle, which I am certain we all do not want to see. Why don’t you stay with me in the kingdom, with your ability, you can be my right-hand man. Money, women, power, even if you want spirit rings or spirit bones, I can give all these to you. Your intellect is more frightening than your fighting powers, I need people like you to help me build Heaven Dou Empire.”

Tang San laughed, but you could see contempt in his smile, “Xue Qinghe, did you think that I would join forces with someone who tried to usurp the throne by killing his own father? If in order to fulfil your goal you can kill even your father, what is there that you cannot do? I really am very doubtful as to whether you really are emperor Xue Ye’s son in the end.”

Xue Qinghe did not get angry at Tang San’s words, rather his eyes revealed some regret, “Such a pity that a genius like you will have to be

killed here. Tang San, you are so smart, but did you not know that if you said everything about me out like this, there is no way I can let you go? Why do you want to go through all this trouble?”

Tang San smiled, with a fearless look said: “Your Highness, a person like you would naturally never understand why I would do something like this. Actually, in everyone’s heart there are many good things and many dirty secrets, you have them and so do I. But, in everyone’s hearts there are two monarchs managing them. And these two monarch’s names are Morality and Conscience. Only after passing through them will our hearts decide if we should carry out an action. Once these two monarchs in our hearts die, then the person can longer be considered a human, but rather just like you, a be-ast.”

Once he finished his words, an object was suddenly flung out behind Tang San’s back, all the way towards the sky. Suddenly releasing a radiant red light along with a sharp whistling sound.”

Xue Qinghe could no longer keep his calm, “Do it.”

Tang San’s voice at the same time reached Yang Wudi and Dugu Bo’s ears, “Defensive formation, stay close, wait for reinforcements.” The thing that he threw was his own special flare, produced by the Tang Sect. Although this world had not discovered explosives, but the explosive making process was already clearly known to Tang San. He had long since experimented with simple explosives, this flare was one of his test products. Back then, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School managed to avoid complete annihilation because of this.

The two old men standing behind Xue Qinghe flashed ahead, rushing quickly towards the Tang trio, one of them rushed directly towards Dugu Bo, the other towards Tang San. While charging, dazzling lights combined with a huge spirit force exploded from them as nine brilliant spirit rings appeared.

Earlier when he felt Dugu Bo stiffen up, he could already confirm that these two old men before him were both Title Douluo level people. They must certainly be elders from Spirit Hall, although this was not his first time

facing Title Douluos, facing the combined pressure from two Title Douluos still left tang San quite breathless.

The surrounding guards from the Spirit Hall did not join in the action, rather they quickly encircled the Tang San trio. After a certain level, if low level spirit masters were to join in they fray, they would only become hindrances to their side. To Xue Qinghe, having these two Title Douluo make their move was enough. The remaining spirit masters just had to stop Tang San from escaping.

This was the first time Tang San took part in a duel of such level, but his battle experience was just too rich, facing off against two Title Douluos, he wasn’t qualified to stand on the front line, and moreover as a control type spirit master, his forte lay in controlling the field. As such, he choose to retreat with his Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, retreating three steps like a mirage.

The two Title Douluo concurrently let out a slight expression of surprise, showing their surprise. For Tang San to take three steps back under the spirit force of two Title Douluos was not something simple to do. That pressure comparable to a tidal wave if not faced head-on, would overwhelm you in the process of retreating, greatly reducing your strength.

But Tang San was unaffected, in the process of retreating, the had already released his Deathgod Domain, cloaking himself, Dugu Bo and Yang Wudi in a white light, releasing them from the pressure and allowing him to use his Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track to retreat.

Dugu Bo and Yang Wudi’s actual battle experience was even greater, and did not need any verbal cues at all, once Tang San retreated, the two of them instantly felt the stimulation from the coldness of the Deathgod Domain, instantly stepped inwards in front of Tang San.

Although Tang San was retreating, but what he did was more than the comrades who stood in front of him, other than supporting his side with the Deathgod Domain, his mental powers were released to the surroundings. As a control type spirit master, he had to be able to grasp the actions of every other spirit master in his perception.

At the current time, although there are many enemies surrounding him, but the only ones that were a threat to him were the two Title Douluo’s standing in front of him

With the guidance of his mental power, Tang San’s vision seemed to have expanded into every corner of the place, and everything around him seemed to be moving in slow motion, with eighty percent of his mental power focused onto the two Title Douluos.

These two Title Douluo were at least about eighty years old, and were never met by Tang San before.

The old man on the left side was around two meters tall, his slender body as straight and sharp as a javelin. After releasing his spirit, his body didn’t change notably, but in his hand appeared a Snake Lance[1]. Close to seven meters long, curved, the point forked like a snake’s tongue, the whole lance completely purple. Two yellow, three purple, four black, an alarming nine spirit rings revolved around this Snake Lance. The impression this Title Douluo gave people was as if only that Snake Lance was shooting out, and not the person himself.

It was no longer a simple combination of man and spear but rather gave off a real sense of fusion. Without having to deliberately do anything special, the Snake Lance and his body had already reached a terrifying synergy. Tool Spirit Title Douluo, were usually even more frightening than beast spirit Title Douluo. Didn’t the Clear Sky Clan by virtue of the spirit tool become hailed as the number one sect in the world?

This Title Douluo was facing directly in front of Dugu Bo, did not directly send his Snake Lance out, but rather held along his body at a slant, creating a blur behind him. giving off the feeling of being very illusory.

The other Title Douluo had a more average build, not too fat or thin, with nothing special about him. But, after he released his spirit, his body swelled up like a balloon. With numerous purple spikes appearing all over his body, having the same spirit ring configuration as the previous Title Douluo.

None dared to look down or despise him because of his looks. After releasing his spirit, the greater the change on the body, the greater the synergy between the spirit and spirit master, which also represented a higher grade spirit.

Porcupinefish[2], this spirit master’s spirit is the extremely rare Porcupinefish, and moreover one that had been trained to the Title Douluo level.

Tang San could clearly remember, Grandmaster had told him about the existence of this special spirit master. The Porcupinefish was an animal which could be found only in the oceans, when it came into contact with danger, it would swell its body up and use the spikes on its body to protect itself. The Porcupinefish spirit master also had several abilities including the release of poisons, a strong body and the release of toxic spikes. The thing that Grandmaster had described, the Porcupinefish, was an extremely dangerous spirit, and if he were to ever encounter one, he had to be careful.

Using his mental power to make a simple judgement, Tang San could feel that these two title Douluo were both of higher rank that Dugu Bo. Naturally they also had higher combat power.

Dugu Bo finally moved, taking in a low breath, he released his spirit. Green scales covered his entire body, his whole person, including his head all turned into the same colour. Those scales which covered his whole body showed his strength as a Title Douluo.

Poof, a layer of dense green gas gushed out of Dugu Bo’s body, as if having eyes of its own ignored Tang San and Yang Yu Di as it spread out in all directions.

Even Tang San did not know that the Title Douluo standing beside him did not recognise the other two Title Douluos. Using poison to test waters had always been Du Go Bo’s way of fighting. The sudden release of poison was naturally not meant to directly injure the two Title Douluos but rather to just probe their anti-poison abilities as well as deal with the other weaker spirit masters around. The Poison Douluo’s poison was after all not something weak spirit masters could resist.

However, a strange scene appeared, the Snake Lance Douluo’s Snake lance which was originally pointing at Dugu Bo dropped to the floor, and his body which originally faced Dugu Bo changed directions, with a diagonal slash, the Snake Lance was once again pointing up but this time towards Yang WuDi.

While the Porcupinefish Douluo after expanding his body stabbed the floor with his spiky hand and crossed over the Snake Lance Douluo, taking in a breath of air, his third spirit ring shone and he sucked in all of the dark green gas released by Dugu Bo.

After the terrifying poison had been absorbed into his body, the Porcupinefish Douluo’s body exuded a green misty sheen, the originally purple spikes now had a layer of green in them, as if having transferred Du Go Bo’s poison onto them.

Xue Qinghe smilingly said towards Dugu Bo: “Poison Douluo, stop trying to resist, these two elders were specifically brought to deal with you. In front of them, your poison has no effect.”

Dugu Bo’s expression changed due to the words of Xue Qinghe, while the Snake Lance Douluo had already reached Yang Wudi. The Snake Lance transformed into nine shadows as it shot towards Yang Wudi. A black light, like that of a poison dragon flew out, Yang Wudi instead of retreating attacked. There was a flash in his eyes as his explosive spirit force burst forth. The opponent attacked nine times, but he only struck once, without caring at all for defence, the Soul Breaking Spear flew out with all his momentum, striking straight towards the Snake Lance Douluo.

Xue Qinghe had already guessed what he was going to do when he left the royal chambers, more specifically he already mostly guessed what Tang San and the others were going to do as well. The information he had far exceeded what Tang San had guessed. He was informed about even Tang San’s actions against the Lord Spirit Hall in Geng Xin city

And it was also precisely because Dugu Bo was going to find Tang San that Xue Qinghe decided to take such actions. Dugu Bo’s specialty was poisons, but as Grandmaster once said, there was not a single spirit master

who could be invincible to all enemies. This was due to different compatibilities between spirits. Xue Qinghe specifically brought these two Title Douluo, the Porcupinefish Douluo was brought specifically to deal with Dugu Bo, in addition, with the other Title Douluo and the large number of mid level Spirit Masters, how could it not be enough to deal with Tang San and Dugu Bo.

But, Xue Ye Qing, still miscalculated slightly, that is the existence of Yang Wudi. The strongest patriarch of the four single attribute clans.

[1] Snake Lance - ( 蛇 ⽭ ) Something like

[2] Porcupinefish - (刺豚) “Spiked suckling pig”, the word specifically really refers to the Slender-spined porcupine fish, Diodon nichthemerus, a member of the Porcupinefish family Didontidae, which are also called globefish or blowfish. Porcupinefish are closely related to the Pufferfish Tetraodontidae family, one of the differences being that Porcupinefish have external spines, whereas Pufferfish spines are only visible when it’s inflated.
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