Douluo Dalu Chapter 171-180


Chapter 171

The formidable effect of the hundred thousand year spirit bone undoubtedly manifested here. Even though teleportation movement would consume a certain amount of spirit power, when used with the spirit bone, Tang San’s teleportation didn’t need time to charge.

Tian Ya sensed an oppressive power descend on him, and even though E Kao didn’t have Tian Ya’s speed, his reaction wasn’t any slower, dropping and rolling in place, he was already flipping over and away. Even though his head and face were filthy with grime, at least Tang San’s hammer swing at empty air.

Despite not hitting either of them, E Kao and Tian Ya’s faces were both deathly pale.

Neither understood why this youth in front of them, without even a spirit ring, could fully use a frightful ability like teleportation, and still that hammer with those formidable spirit power fluctuations gave them even more of an irresistible impression.

They were basically without a way to fight. They weren’t without large scale attack abilities, but under the constantly increasing effect of the Deathgod Domain, their originally frail fighting spirit had already completely collapsed.

“Bu Le, retreat. For a nobleman to take revenge, ten years isn’t too long.” E Kao shouted somewhat mournfully.

However, even if Bu Le wanted to retreat now, it wasn’t that easy.

The giant covers Bu Le threw out descended towards the top of Ma Hongjun’s head. Back then, he originally used these covers to block Ma Hongjun’s phoenix flames, afterwards trapping him, giving him a beating. But Ma Hongjun hadn’t been that little fatty for a long time now. Over so many years of practical learning, under the help of the Cockscomb Phoenix Sunflower, and the true awakening of his phoenix, how could that sticky phoenix flame be blocked by common spirits?

Firelight abruptly flashing, Ma Hongjun met Bu Le’s two covers without dodging or sidestepping. Bu Le’s spirit was called Heavenly Gauze Twin Covers. It was a kind of strangely shaped spirit. Perhaps it was because this fellow’s disposition was too lewd, but this spirit was basically evolved from certain female essentials.

It was in itself exceptionally durable, especially under the amplification of spirit power, and its uses were diverse. Among control type Spirit Masters, it was also considered a kind of marvel.

Unfortunately, what he met today was Ma Hongjun with completely awakened phoenix flames.

Pink light flashed. Ma Hongjun was already covered by the two overlaid Heavenly Gauze Covers, and Bu Le immediately exulted. His third spirit ring brightening, the Heavenly Gauze Cover immediately constricted. He was also charging in Ma Hongjun’s direction with extreme speed.

‘Damn fatty, this time you’re dead. The first thing I’ll do is remove that toy of yours, and have you also feel the pain of not being able to be a man.’

However, before he could approach, suddenly, a violent scorching hot feeling abruptly rose in his heart. Immediately after, this scorching heat rushed up his throat, and with a vomiting sound, Bu Le spit out a mouthful of blood, his steps forward immediately slowing.

He looked on, overwhelmed with shock, as his Heavenly Gauze Twin Covers unexpectedly turned fiery red, tongue after tongue of flame starting to penetrate them, a red hot feeling constantly at tacking his body and mind.

The spirit and Spirit Master were one integral whole. As the spirit suffered damage, the Spirit Master would also suffer a certain amount of the attack. Bu Le’s spirit was also only this Heavenly Gauze Twin Cover, not as inexhaustible as Tang San’s Blue Silver Emperor. While turning pale with fright, his mind had also awakened from fury somewhat, and he hurriedly withdrew his Heavenly Gauze Twin Covers without the slightest hesitation.

With a cry, a pair of enormous phoenix wings dazzlingly unfolded. The enormous phoenix wings extended behind Ma Hongjun’s back, and even though he himself was chubby, these phoenix wings at least were dazzlingly beautiful, the touching beauty and that scorching hot flame making the surrounding soldiers, as well as the Strength Clan’s clansmen, filled with a shocking feeling.

Those four Strength Clan clansmen had originally only taken Ma Hongjun for Tang San’s attendant, and Ma Hongjun this little Fatty was also comparatively easy going, never paying much attention to things like status, and didn’t explain anything on his behalf. As he now spread his phoenix wings, using his third spirit ability, Phoenix Ascension, these Strength Clan members learned just how powerful he actually was. But the force from this spirit already made these equally leveled Spirit Masters feel formidable pressure, let alone Bu Le currently confronting Fatty.

The Heavenly Gauze Twin Covers Bu Le withdrew were already damaged. Watching Ma Hongjun unfold the phoenix wings, he knew he might not be able to get a good outcome today. E Kao and Yian Ya’s voices echoed at this moment, however, how would retreating be that easy?

Ma Hongjun grinned, “My turn.” The immense Phoenix Ascension wings behind him flapped, suddenly bringing his plump figure flying, shooting straight for Bu Le. Along with his increase in spirit power, the time that Phoenix Ascension could suspend him in the air was growing longer and longer. Even though it wouldn’t seem fast, the phoenix flames

bursting from Ma Hongjun rigidly targeted Bu Le, leaving Bu Le with no choice but to focus on confronting him.

If Bu Le wanted to retreat now, how could his speed match up to Ma Hongjun in the air? If he was caught from behind, his outcome would be even more miserable.

Helplessly, Bu Le could only hold his still scalding Heavenly Gauze Twin Covers in front of his chest with both hands, his expression grieving and indignant. Of course, it really was difficult for people to sympathize with the grief on that vulgar face.

“Bu Le——” E Kao threw himself in Bu Le’s direction without the slightest hesitation, and Tian Yu also equally moved. They both saw that Bu Le was unable to resist. If Ma Hongjun got in close, he would definitely die.

“Your opponent is me.” Tang San’s third hammer blow struck down, the hammer slightly askew. After evolution, the Clear Sky Hammer was even more overbearing than before, and under the complementing effect of the Deathgod Domain, was swinging three successive swings of the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method. even though Tang San was constantly teleporting, this still didn’t influence the overlaying force of the hammer.

Tian Ya and E kao’s eyes were already somewhat red, “I’ll fight you.”

E Kao’s sixth spirit ring suddenly brightened, that was also a ten thousand year spirit ring, the swan wings instantly turning black, his whole body rotating, amidst surging black light, a powerful and sharp energy pulse erupted from the wings, meeting Tang San’s Clear Sky hammer.

“Swan Asura Blade.”

No matter what was said, he was still a Spirit Emperor over sixtieth rank. Even if he couldn’t defeat Tang San, his full strength attack was still fairly dreadful.

Tian Ya also took advantage of this moment to leap up, swiftly moving in front of Bu Le, the broken blade in his hand held high, his six spirit rings

simultaneously releasing dazzling light. His broken blade unexpectedly started to grow, turning four chi long in the blink of an eye. Swinging the long blade in the air, several hundred blade lights converged into a barrier in the air, blocking Ma Hongjun’s charge attack. It was Tian Ya’s sixth spirit ring, Broken Blade Hundred Chop.

With an explosive sound, Tang San was thrown flying under the effect of the tremendous impact, his whole body spinning three times in midair before falling to the ground.

But E Kao was equally sorry, despite Tang San’s Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method only having the force of three swings, Tang San’s spirit power was higher than his, and the Clear Sky Hammer weight eight hundred jin. Therefore, even without the amplification of spirit abilities, the attack power of Tang San’s hammerblow was considerably frightful.

As a chief of tool spirits, what kind of might did the Clear Sky Hammer have? E Kao only felt his arms about to break, his internal organs as if on fire, his calfs already sunken into the ground.

Tang San was also surprised, since he hadn’t expected the cowardly E Kao and Tian Ya to actually instantly erupt with such power. E Kao’s Swan Asura Blade had extremely potent attack power, even though he had the Clear Sky Hammer for blocking, the ice cold blade energy had still cut his right shoulder. Fortunately he had reacted extremely quickly, and he wasn’t seriously injured.

This one blade was undoubtedly Tang San’s wake up call, and also made him blame himself. Clearly his strength was above the opponent’s, but he was still injured, this only pointed to one problem, that he had carelessly underestimated him. E Kao absolutely wasn’t powerful in the Spirit Emperor level, but he had still underestimated him, leading to him almost being seriously hurt.

At the same time as Tang San and E Kao separated on their side, Ma Hongjun’s side had also reached a result. A cloud of dense flame erupted in mid air, turning into countless fiery red balls of fiery red light that blasted out, several hundred balls of flame seeming like dazzling fireworks, but

each ball contained tremendous explosive force and incomparably scorching hot phoenix flame.

Confronted with that Broken Blade Tian Ya’s sixth spirit ability, Fatty also finally used his fifth, Phoenix Meteor Shower[1].

Even Tang San didn’t dare meet this spirit ability of Fatty’s. When the spirit ability launched, half the sky had already turned scarlet. The spirit’s own advantage became more and more clear along with spirit power rising. As one of the most formidable beast spirits, Ma Hongjun’s Fire Phoenix constantly rose to higher levels. Even though this was only a fifth spirit ability, it was still Fatty’s one ten thousand year spirit ability. Unexpectedly it was hardly at a disadvantage when it came into contact with Broken Blade Tian Ya’s sixth spirit ability.

Tai Tan shouted to those soldiers watching the fight, “If you don’t want to die, run farther!”

The soldiers were long since scared stupid by such a vast scene, but reacted once they heard Tai Tan’s lion like roar. One by one they frantically ran away while crying for their dad and shouting for their mom.

Just at the same time as they began to escape, the two great spirit abilities also smashed together.

A series of explosive bursts resounded in the air, one phoenix meteor after another striking into Tian Ya’s blade light. Both sides shattered simultaneously, collided again, shattered again.

In terms of spirit power, naturally Broken Blade Tian Ya had some advantage as a Spirit Emperor, but could his spirit compare to Ma Hongjun’s? Amidst a succession of violent collisions, the broken blade in Tian Ya’s hand became extremely scalding, the tremendous pressure hitting him head on leaving him less and less able to breathe. His Broken Blade Hundred Chops were already gradually retreating, soon about to be unable to withstand the Phoenix Meteor Shower.

That Ma Hongjun could skip a level to fight him, besides his spirit and spirit abilities, don’t forget that he still had a spirit bone. Just the overall added attribute upgrade this spirit bone gave him was already enough to make up for the not very large difference in spirit power between him and Tian Ya. Under such circumstances, how could Tian Ya block his offensive?

Bu Le’s face had already become extremely unsightly. The Heavenly Gauze Twin Covers spread out, blocking in front of him and Tian Ya. Ma Hongjun’s tyrannical Phoenix Meteor Shower was already something he couldn’t get involved in with his strength, what he could do was only help him and Tian Ya defend as far as possible.

Finally, along with an ear piercing shattering sound, Tian Ya blood madly spurted from Tian Ya’s mouth, his Broken Blade also finally turning back into a broken blade. The spirit being injured directly injured him.

But right now, Ma Hongjun’s Phoenix Meteor Shower still had at least fifty or sixty balls left.

E Kao’s qi and blood roiled. Even though he saw what was happening, it was already too late for him to save them. Unable to hold back the great anxiety in his heart, he couldn’t help spitting out a mouthful of blood.

However, what nobody expected was that Fatty’s final several dozen phoenix meteors didn’t land, but rather suddenly changed direction, arcing towards the sky, gradually growing fainter in the air.

The eyes of the originally standing before certain death Tian Ya and Bu Le were brimming with disbelief. On the other side, E Kao was also already stupefied.

However, equally shocked was also Tang San. He wasn’t amazed that Fatty would hold back at the last moment, but rather because of the injury on his shoulder.

The original wound made him feel a stab of pain, however, as he turned his head to look at the wound, he saw a layer of faint golden light flickering over it. Immediately afterward, his right leg grew warm. As that golden

light disappeared, the wound on his shoulder had unexpectedly recovered completely. If not for the torn clothes on his shoulder, there wouldn’t even be a way of telling there had been any damage.

Just in this split second, Tang San finally felt effect of the other ability of his Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone. His memories couldn’t help returning to the scene when he destroyed his right leg in order to forcefully extract the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone by suicide, the hot itch that spread throughout his body from his wounds, that seemed to be the joint effect of the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone and his blood. Just that at the time the only thing on his mind was Xiao Wu, and so he hadn’t paid attention. Now that he remembered it, he finally understood just what the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone’s second ability was.

As the heir to the blood of the Blue Silver Emperor, after obtaining the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone, the effect of this hundred thousand year spirit bone should be even stronger than Xiao Wu’s to Tang San. Only now did Tang San finally understand where its power lay.

The Phoenix Ascension behind Ma Hongjun’s back was still outstretched. By now he had already landed in front of Tian Ya and Bu Le, his face revealing a smile, “I really didn’t expect you to still have some feelings of camaraderie while looking so vulgar.”

The big cigar at the corner of Tian Ya’s mouth was already missing. He spoke with a hoarse voice: “Why didn’t you kill us?”

Ma Hongjun pursed his lips, “You want to die? The matter between me and Bu Le was already settled back then. He beat me, I roasted him there. There’s no hatred between us. Why would I kill him? What relation does your robbery here have with us? I don’t like killing people, alright? Just hurry up and fuck off, get out of the way so we can pass.”

Bu Le looked somewhat lifelessly at Ma Hongjun. Clearly, he hadn’t thought that Ma Hongjun would say something like this. For a moment, even though the light of hatred in his eyes didn’t decrease, it still wasn’t as venomous as before. Looking at those Phoenix Ascension wings behind Fatty’s back, there even seemed to be something in his eyes.

E Kao quickly walked over next to the two, pulling their clothes, Bu Le and Tian Ya simultaneously got up. Without saying anything else, Bu Le waved to the distant soldiers, “Let them pass.”

How would the soldiers dare be neglectful, that they had the courage to be impudent before was because of Bu Le and the other Spirit Masters supporting them. Seeing the ones they counted on all unable to resist, they hastily moved the barrier aside, opening the road.

Tang San walked over to Ma Hongjun. Without saying anything further, even though the four Strength Clan members were somewhat dissatisfied, the expression in Tai Tan’s eyes still hinted they return to the carriages.

Ma Hongjun grinned at Bu Le, saying: “You can find me in Heaven Dou City later. I’ll keep you company anytime.”

Bu Le looked face to face with Tian Ya, then suddenly said to Ma Hongjun: “Little Fatty, I have something to say to you.”

Ma Hongjun stared blankly, “If there’s something then say it.”

Bu Le sighed, suddenly reaching out to hold the arm of Tian Ya next to him,

“Actually, I don’t really hate you either. When you just burned my darling treasure, I was simply in such pain I wished I was dead. But later, as my injuries healed, I suddenly discovered that being a woman is quite good.” As he spoke, he deliberately leaned his head against Tian Ya’s shoulder, his expression charming.

Of course, a person with such a vulgar appearance as his, exuding a charming feeling, one could imagine what kind of feeling that was.

In particular, the expression in Bu Le’s eyes was still from time to time aimed at Ma Hongjun’s lower body, his butt twisting a few times, his tongue licking his lips, as if hungering for something.

Bleargh—— Fatty finally couldn’t bear it, directly vomiting. Even though Tang San’s fortitude was a bit stronger, he also immediately moved back towards the carriage.

Ma Hongjun almost fell over himself running, yelling while running back to the carriage, “Quick, quickly leave, I can’t stand it.”

Watching the two carriages speed off, Bu Le then released Tian Ya’s arm, snorting,

“Damn Fatty, if I can’t beat you, I’ll nauseate you to death. Humph humph, you’re still soft.”

The corners of Tian Ya’s mouth twitched, “The problem is, you didn’t just nauseate him. I’m equally sick.”



The carriages rushed ten kilometers without Ma Hongjun calming down, from time to time leaning out the carriage window to vomit. He vowed never to see those three people again in his life.

Tang San was a bit better. After he and Tai Tan began to discuss hidden weapons again, the churning feeling in his stomach gradually settled.

Rising Dragon City was situated in the north of Star Luo Empire, less than two hundred li from the common border of the two great empires, it was truly a frontier city.

Rising Dragon City in itself wasn’t directly under the administration of the Star Luo imperial family, but rather the territory within the borders of a subordinate kingdom. Because of trade, this not at all large city was still flourishing, visitors coming and going endlessly.

Kingdoms and duchies, on the surface these powers belonged to the two great empires, but in truth they hadn’t been under imperial control for a long time, and moreover still controlled a lot of economically strategic

towns, and behind them was the secret backing of Spirit Hall, competing with the empires as equals. Even though conflicts weren’t common, along with imperial authority gradually being undermined, especially after the recent destruction of the two great sects, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School and the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan, the kingdoms and duchies had also acted increasingly aggressive. Some had even started to openly expand their territory. Even though the scope wasn’t large, it could already reveal a great many problems.

But extraordinarily, the two great empires completely disregarded their restless stirring. Everything seemed very calm, even to the extent that there were no signs of military movement. Perhaps it was because those kingdoms and duchies lacked confidence, but the silence of the two great empires instead frightened them, and for the moment they didn’t dare be too unbridled.

The Strength Clan’s two carriages entered Rising Dragon City after passing a simple inspection at the gate. Of course, the taxes for foreign merchants entering the city were indispensable. The people were counted accordingly, but most astonishing was that even the horses counted as people. Each person was one gold spirit coin, the carriages three spirit coins, and further adding eight healthy horses, they had to pay tens of spirit coins.

Even though everyone were Spirit Masters, they didn’t belong to Spirit Hall, and in order to avoid trouble, they might as well pay and smoothly enter the town.

“Elder, what are our arrangements?” Tang San asked Tai Tan. These days he and Tai Tan had always been talking hidden weapons, to the extent that they hadn’t even thought to talk about the four clan gathering.

Tai Tan carefully gathered up the blueprints in the carriage and placed them in his spirit tool, “We’ll head directly to the Defense Clan’s place. Since they’re the hosts, naturally they’ll stand for the arrangements. Actually, each gathering is only everyone meeting again after a long time, chatting about what’s happened recently, looking out for each other. There are no fixed procedures.”

Tang San nodded at that. Softly caressing Xiao Wu’s soft fur, his face revealed a somewhat pondering expression. Having arrived in Rising Dragon City, he should start to consider how to confront the four single attribute clans.

Tai Tan didn’t disturb him either, he sat in the carriage resting with his eyes closed. After their exchange on this whole journey, if he only appreciated Tang San before, then now there was already a bit of admiration.

Tai Tan thought of himself as already being a peak level character in the forging world, but when talking with Tang San he would frequently sigh in admiration because of his intricate way of thinking and those elaborate hidden weapon designs. From his point of view, Tang San not only remembered the hidden weapons plans, but moreover had an extremely deep understanding of them. When the two disagreed, after careful analysis, it would frequently be Tai Tan compromising, and not this youngster.

In this period of exchange, Tai Tan grew increasingly convinced that his choice was correct. He understood that the Clear Sky Clan had perhaps produced another alarmingly talented genius. To the extent that he was even more talented than the one who had been called the Continent’s youngest Title Douluo, Tang Hao.

Even if Tai Tan was rough on the outside, his mind was meticulous enough, otherwise he couldn’t have had such a deep understanding of his forging art. He could of course guess Tang San’s objective in coming along on this trip. Originally he wasn’t a bit optimistic, but through his exchange with Tan San, he discovered the unique charm of this youth. Just as expected of a control type Spirit Master, he could frequently very easily control the overall situation. He basically wasn’t like a barely twenty youth.

The more one was polished on the grindstone, the sharper one got, perhaps this was related to his experiences. After enduring immeasurable pain and expending immeasurable effort, he had his present talent. That wasn’t something that could be obtained by just relying on talent.

Rising Dragon City was far smaller than Heaven Dou City, and the two carriages pulled by eight horses very soon reached their destination.

The carriages stopped outside of a large house. When Tang San stepped down from the carriage and looked towards the great gate of this courtyard, his face couldn’t help revealing a smiling expression. This unexpectedly seemed quite similar to the Strength Clan’s mansion, just that the inscribed board above the gate had the word ‘Defense’.

Tai Tan smiled: “Our four clans’ buildings were designed by the Defense Clan. That’s why they’re very similar. Even though the construction seems quite crude overall, inside are actually concealed a lot of mechanisms suitable for defending. The Defense Clan’s position in the construction field isn’t a bit lower than our Strength Clan in forging. It’s said that this Rising Dragon City lord’s mansion was also remodelled by them. It’s also because of that project that they could lay their foundation here.”

When the two carriages stopped, two robust men were already running out from the great gate. Compared to the Strength Clan clansmen, they seemed a bit shorter, but gave people an even more massive impression.

One robust man hastily saluted deferentially, “Hello, respected clan chief Tai Tan, the Strength Clan is welcome to our clan.”

Tai Tan waved his hand, laughing out loud, “No need to be polite. Isn’t the old rhino at the clan?”

The two Defense Clan big guys responsible for greeting smiled wryly at each other, secretly thinking, ‘perhaps nobody other than you dares nickname our clan chief ‘old rhino’.’

Even though they silently cursed in their hearts, they didn’t dare show it on their faces, one of them saying: “The clan chief is here, just waiting for all the seniors to arrive. We sent someone to report as soon as we saw the Strength Clan’s carriages.”

Before he had finished, a deep voice echoed from within the Defense Clan’s mansion, “You old orangutan. I could hear that loud windpipe of yours without even leaving the house. You actually dare call me names, haha.”

Hearing this voice, Tai Tan immediately laughed heartily without restraint, “Dissatisfied, huh, if you’ve got the skill we’ll compare strength. After you beat me, I won’t call you old rhino. How about it?”

Between the wide open gates, an old man half a head shorter than Tai Tan walked out. This person’s face was like a heavy date, steel needle like short hair already grizzled, his face ruddy, a pair of bell sized eyes bright and full of expression, extremely broad shoulders. Even though the robes he wore were very spacious, his build filled with incomparable power and grandeur was still visible in his movements. If Tai Tan was like a towering mountain, then he was like a wide and solid fortress.

When the two old men saw each other, they spread their arms practically simultaneously, their solid chests firmly knocking together, issuing a loud thump. That noise was so loud it made Tang San jump, showing just how much effort they put into it.

Tai Long standing next to Tang San said in a low voice: “It’s custom. Among the four single attribute clans, us and the Defense Clan have the best relationship. Grandpa and grandpa Niu are best friends, they grew up together. They’re like this every time they meet.”

Sure enough, after their violent collision, the two men tightly embraced each other, laughing loudly simultaneously. Judging by the veins on the terrifying muscles of Tai Tan’s arms, they didn’t seem to just be hugging.

“You old orangutan, you’ve grown a bit stronger again! Only, even if I’m not stronger than you, don’t even think about snapping these old bones.”

Tai Tan snapped: “Who doesn’t know how thick your skin is? Tai Long, come here. Greet your grandpa Niu Gao[2].”

Tai Long hurriedly strode forward, deferentially saluting the Defense Clan chief, “Hello, grandpa Niu.”

Niu Gao grabbed Tai Long’s arm, “What greetings, we’re all one family, why so many customs? En, Tai Long, you’re quite robust, you have the bearing of your grandpa back then. Last time it was your dad and grandpa who came. I think that your future accomplishments will surpass your father’s. Tai Tan that kid is still a bit petite.”

Hearing this, Tang San couldn’t help inwardly wiping his sweat. Someone built like Tai Nuo was still considered petite? Then there was no justice!

Tai Tan didn’t introduce Tang San to Niu Gao, this was by Tang San’s own request. His identity as a child of the Clear Sky Clan could very easily cause trouble, he had to first observe the circumstances, then choose how to confront the other three single category clans.

Tai Tan said: “Let’s go. We still haven’t gone inside. Don’t tell me we have to drink the wind here!”

Niu Gao grinned, “Think I’ve forgotten in the excitement of seeing you? Let’s go, come inside. I’ve prepared you the liquor you like best, tonight us brothers won’t return without getting drunk, if you don’t dare, you’re a soft egg.”

“Dog farts, when wasn’t it you who got so drunk you crawled back. Come, I’m afraid you won’t succeed. Eh, right, old rhino, those two fellows aren’t here?”

Niu Gao said: “Not yet, you’re the first. You’re so energetic every time.
There’s still another two days till the gathering.”

Tai Tan laughed out loud, saying: “Doesn’t matter, we’ll drink heartily first. Best is if all the wine is finished when they arrive, let them drink water.”

Tang San always observed coolly as he followed the two clan chiefs with Tai Long and Ma Hongjun. The four Strength Clan disciples as well as the two disciples acting as coachmen followed behind them.

Through observation, Tang San discovered that this Defense Clan chief Niu Gao really had a very good relationship with Tai Tan. If he was approached through this relationship, it should be a bit easier. He just didn’t know how to move this old man.

Just as Tai Tan said, the Defense Clan’s architecture was almost exactly the same as the Strength Clan, giving a familiar feeling on entering.

The old brothers Tai Tan and Niu Gao walked arm in arm, their cheerful laughter almost never stopping. Only when they reached a wide hall did they separate as host and guest. Of course, both Tai Tan and Niu Gao sat in the seat of honor.

Tai Long didn’t sit in the place of the first guest, but rather left this seat for Tang San, he and Ma Hongjun sitting below. This action immediately drew Niu Gao’s attention. People capable of becoming clan chief didn’t just possess great strength. Niu Gao’s character was somewhat similar to Tai Tan. Seeing Tai Long’s actions, he couldn’t help asking Tai Tan: “Old orangutan, you didn’t introduce us, who is this young man who’s as pretty as a lady? Eh, and that fatty. This doesn’t seem like the style of your Strength Clan!”

Hearing Niu Gao’s interrogation, Tai Tan couldn’t help looking at Tang San, inwardly pondering deeply a moment, then saying: “These two are my grandson’s friends from school. I brought them to have a look this time.”

“En?” Hearing this, Niu Gao’s gaze instead grew even more questioning. In fact, the gathering of the four single attribute clans was an extremely secret affair, how could outsiders be allowed to casually participate? Judging by the expression with which Tai Long looked at Tang San, he clearly saw a respectful mood. How would that happen with youngsters of the same age?

Niu Gao wasn’t a person to mince words, snapping: “Old orangutan, don’t tell me you still have to hide things from a brother? Just who is this kid? Why would you bring him to the gathering?”

Hearing Niu Gao ask this, Tang San knew that if he didn’t stand up now, even if his identity was revealed in the future, he would inevitably receive Niu Gao’s contempt. Confronting such an outspoken senior Spirit Master, it would be better to get it done with at once.

Immediately, Tang San stood up, saluting slightly to Niu Gao, “Senior Niu Gao, hello. Myself am Tang San.”

Niu Gao stared blankly, “Your surname is Tang?”

Tang San didn’t hide it, “My father is Tang Hao.”

“What?” Hearing this, Niu Gao couldn’t stay seated, fiercely shooting up to his feet, his original smile immediately turning gloomy. Turning his head he looked at Tai Tan to the side, “Old orangutan, what’s the meaning of this? Don’t tell me the Clear Sky School hasn’t caused us enough harm? If not for that Tang Hao, how would we have fallen to this state?”

Tai Tan’s brows creased slightly, “Old rhino, calm down a bit. Don’t tell me that Spirit Hall would have let the Clear Sky School off without my master’s matters back then? I hate the Clear Sky School just as much as you do for treating us subsidiary clans as disposable. But how is this related to Tang San? With your age, can’t you settle down a bit?”
[1] Phoenix Meteor Shower - (凤凰流星⾬)
[2] Niu Gao - (⽜皋) “Bovine Marsh”

Chapter 172

Niu Gao’s expression was still very unsightly, glaring at Tai Tan: “Old orangutan, if someone else had brought him, I would’ve kicked him out long ago. Have him hurry up and leave, I don’t want to see anyone related to the Clear Sky School. Otherwise, don’t blame me for not sparing your feelings.”

Tai Tan was also somewhat angry, he regarded Tang San extremely highly, even to the extent that he had entrusted the Strength Clan’s future to him. Shooting to his feet, he said angrily: “Then fine, we’ll go together. Our Strength Clan doesn’t need to take part in the gathering this time. Young master, we’re leaving.”

Finished speaking, he headed towards the exit in big strides.

Niu Gao hadn’t thought Tai Tan’s reaction would actually be so fierce, and his face immediately changed. He and Tai Tan had been brothers for many years, so he naturally knew this old fellow wasn’t one to make decisions lightly. However, his words were already spoken, and as a clan chief, if he were to take it back now he wouldn’t be left with any face.

“Senior Tai Tan, wait a moment.” Tang San pulled Tai Tan’s arm. If they truly left, perhaps there wouldn’t be any leeway to change the situation. He of course wouldn’t call Tai Tan ‘elder’ in front of outsiders.

Tai Tan looked at Tang San, and Tang San nodded at him, afterwards turned to face Niu Gao, giving him a deep bow, “Senior Niu Gao, I

apologize to you for the Clear Sky School and my father causing the four single category clans trouble back then. I know that such an apology can’t mean anything. Following senior Tai Tan this time was in the hopes of finding a way to make it up to the four clans.”

Niu Gao glared at Tang San, “Your Clear Sky School has lifted the seal?”

Tang San shook his head, “I only represent myself and my father. Not the Clear Sky School. The sect is still sealed.”

Niu Gao snorted coldly, “No matter whether the Clear Sky School has lifted the seal or not, there’s not a copper spirit coin of responsibility towards our Defense Clan. We’ve done very well, we have no use for any of your compensation. Nor is it something a kid still smelling of his mother’s milk can repay.”

Hearing Niu Gao’s words, Tang San instead of getting angry, smiled. He had already heard some margins for redemption in the meaning behind the counterparts words. Of course, this margin wasn’t something Niu Gao had set aside for him, but rather for Tai Tan’s sake.
Right now, Tai Tan had also turned around, standing next to Tang San. Confronted with Niu Gao’s angry glare, Tang San seemed very leisurely.
Embracing Xiao Wu, his graceful character not the slightest flustered. In fact, Niu Gao was also a Spirit Douluo level power, and even if he didn’t purposefully release his strength to pressure Tang San, his own aura as well as the aggression saved up over decades as clan chief wasn’t something an ordinary person could endure.

“Senior Niu Gao, of course I can’t swear that I can do anything for the four clans. You won’t believe empty promises, and even I feel that’s unconvincing. However, I hope you can give me one chance. Let me stay here to participate in the gathering. I don’t want the Defense Clan to regard me as an enemy.”

Niu Gao suddenly smiled, but his smile was even more frightening than his chill just now. A tyrannical pressure suddenly burst from him, oppressing Tang San just like a raging wave.

“Give you a chance? Back when the Clear Sky School declared themselves sealed, did they give us four clans any chances? Back when your father fought Spirit Hall, did he think of our interests? Why would I give you a chance? Fuck off, get out of here, otherwise don’t blame an old man for being blunt.”

An angry light flashed in Tai Tan’s eyes, about to erupt, but was forcefully stopped by Tang San, “Senior Tai Tan, let me deal with it on my own.”

Tang San’s goal was to establish the Tang Sect in another world, to let the Tang Sect grow and develop on this Douluo Continent. If he couldn’t even deal with this, how could he run a sect?

Confronting the immense pressure released by Niu Gao, Tang San advanced rather than retreat, taking a step forward. A faint white light appeared from his body, but the white light wasn’t extroverted, but rather gathered close around him. When the formidable pressure Niu Gao released fell on him, a bizarre scene appeared. That immense pressure was unexpectedly cut in two by Tang San’s body, slipping past on either side of him, unable to affect him in any way.

Who was Tang San? As early as when his strength was still low and confronted the three board members of the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy, he had forcefully overcome their pressure, let alone the current him. That white light was undoubtedly the Deathgod Domain inscribed on his Clear Sky Hammer, and the effect that appeared now was the evolved effect of the Deathgod Domain —— Deathgod Assault.

Just like the group binding after the Blue Silver Domain evolved, Deathgod Assault was also the result of the domain evolving along with Tang San’s strength. The evolved Blue Silver Domain’s ability Blue Silver Ranged Binding was a large scale control ability, superior in large areas. And the Deathgod Domain’s evolved ability Deathgod Assault was

completely used on a single target. Right now Tang San had focused the Deathgod Domain within himself, and that Deathgod Assault turned his body into a sharp blade, immediately causing a tyrannical cutting effect on that incorporeal pressure.

In the Spirit Master world, strength could always be said to solve a great many things. When Niu Gao felt the pressure he released unexpectedly cut apart like that, he also couldn’t help being shocked, his gaze at Tang San immediately changing.

Somewhat stunned looking at Tang San, Niu Gao said: “Worthy of being Tang Hao’s son, you can actually block my pressure. How old are you?”

Tang San smiled calmly, “Almost twenty one.”

Niu Gao’s expression changed again, clearly amazed by Tang San’s age. His gaze turned towards Tai Long to the side, and discovered that Tai Long was just now looking at him, the expression in his eyes still with something of looking at a good show. Somewhat in a rage from humiliation he said: “Fine, if you want to stay it’s possible. Right here, as long as nothing is damaged, if you can persevere against me for the time of one stick of incense, I’ll let you stay to participate in the gathering. I’ll explain it to the two other sides.”

“Are you serious?” The one to speak up wasn’t Tang San, but rather Tai Tan. Right now, his face was already covered with a smile.

When Niu Gao saw Tai Tan’s smile, he suddenly had a feeling of the hairs all over his body standing up, somewhat resentfully saying to him: “I, old Niu, am still a clan chief, don’t tell me I’d speak without thinking?”

Tai Tan grinned, saying: “Good, very good. It seems there’s no need to leave today. We can still finish off this old fellow’s wine tonight.”

Niu Gao snorted angrily, “Old orangutan, are you so confident in this little fellow? My spirit power has advanced in these two years, even if I still can’t compare to you, I’m still at the eighty fourth rank. How old is he? I say it’s one stick of incense.”

Tai Tan smiled mysteriously, saying: “You try it and you’ll know. I guarantee you won’t know if you don’t try. One try will frighten you out of your skin. Old rhino, don’t blame your big brother for not warning you. There’s none in the young generation of the Clear Sky School that can stand next to Tang San, his talent isn’t inferior in any way to his father. He’s a leading figure of the present Clear Sky School third generation. A strong contender for the next Clear Sky School master.”

Hearing Tai Tan’s words, Niu Gao’s expression immediately grew serious. Other things didn’t matter, but Tai Tan saying he was more talented than Tang Hao, that made his spirit droop. He and Tai Tan were close as brothers, and Tai Tan himself wouldn’t lie to him. Moreover, within Tai Tan’s words, there was unexpectedly still a faintly warning feeling. It seemed to warn him not to keel over.

Just at this moment, Tang San spoke, “Senior Niu Gao, you are the close brother of senior Tai Tan, naturally you’re also my senior. How about this. We’ll make our competition a bit simpler. Neither of us will use spirit abilities, but we can gather spirit force. We’ll each strike the opponent three times. The other side can’t dodge, only block. If, after three strikes, junior can still keep standing here, the senior please let junior stay here to participate in the gathering, how about it?”

Hearing Tang San say this, let alone Niu Gao being stunned, even Tai Tan widened his eyes in shock. Naturally not because Tang San gave himself an easy way to win, but rather because the conditions he raised were too favorable to Defense Clan chief Niu Gao.

The Defense Clan, like the Strength Clan, as a single attribute clan, they wholeheartedly spent all their efforts on defense. Their defensive power was tyrannical, something no Spirit Masters on the same level could compare to. Even the famed Elephant Clan School didn’t dare say they surpassed the Defense Clan in defense.

Without using spirit abilities, not allowed to dodge, enduring three of the opponent’s attacks. This was clearly a method that allowed the Defense Clan’s defensive power to be displayed to its greatest degree. Not to mention level ground, it already let Niu Gao hold an invincible position.

And as a Spirit Douluo level power, even if Niu Gao didn’t use spirit abilities, his pure spirit power bombardment was already quite powerful.

Tai Tan somewhat anxiously gave Tang San a meaningful look, but Tang San didn’t seem to see it. Still attentively watching Niu Gao with a graceful expression, waiting for his reply.

Niu Gao glared at Tang San, not recovering for a long time as he couldn’t think why Tang San would propose terms so favorable to him. Clearly, this youth in front of him wasn’t planning on leaving, then that could only prove that he had complete confidence in himself.

“Kid, you’re very brassy?” Niu Gao said coldly.

Tang San shook his head with a smile, saying: “I wouldn’t dare. How could junior dare be arrogant in front of two seniors? I just don’t want to harm the friendliness. Senior, please begin.” Finished speaking, he returned Xiao Wu from his arms to the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse.

Niu Gao walked in front of Tang San with large strides, halting, “The method you’ve proposed already leaves me at a very large advantage, how could I go first. Kid, you begin.”

Tang San wasn’t polite about it, “Then fine, senior be careful.” As he spoke, he took a very simple step forward, one fist striking at Niu Gao’s chest. His movements were extremely direct, but astonishing Niu Gao was that he unexpectedly didn’t feel a trace of spirit power from Tang San’s punch.

After a thump sound, Tang San’s fist withdrew. Niu Gao stared blankly since he basically didn’t feel any attack power, and couldn’t help getting angry, “Kid, are you playing with me?”

Tang San shook his head with a smile, “I wouldn’t dare. It’s just that honorable senior’s defensive power is number one on the Continent. What need is there for me to make a fool of myself? Junior’s attack won’t affect senior anyway, so it would be better if I put all my effort into

defending against senior’s attack. Like this there’s an even greater chance I will stay behind.”

Tang San’s neither light nor heavy flattery immediately eased Niu Gao’s expression, “Then you take my first punch.”

Niu Gao wouldn’t be polite, if he couldn’t beat down a barely twenty years old junior in three punches, he would absolutely lose face. But he would still give something in return for Tang San’s kind intentions, therefore, this first punch only used thirty percent force.

Absolutely don’t look down on thirty percent of the strength of a Spirit Douluo. Even if Niu Gao’s strength wasn’t as tyrannical as Tai Tan, as a defense type Spirit Master, his strength absolutely wasn’t weak. Further adding his spirit power, this thirty percent strength attack was still equivalent to a common sixtieth ranked Spirit Master’s full strength attack.

Tang San really didn’t dodge, nor did he use his spirit, directly accepting this punch on his chest without flinching.

With a thump, Tang San fell backwards in response.

Just then Niu Gao secretly thought this youngster really was arrogant, unable to take one of his thirty percent strength punches. Only, he shouldn’t be able to either. At his age, to be able to be a fortieth rank Spirit Master was pretty good. This method he had chosen really was disadvantageous to him.

However, before the thought had faded from Niu Gao’s mind, his eyes widened once again.

After Tang San’s upper body leaned back forty five degrees, he swung back up. Immediately afterward, his body swayed violently with his waist as axis, constantly moving up and down just like waves billowing. But he didn’t fall, he didn’t even retreat half a step.

This scene went on for the space of several breaths, before Tang San’s body stabilized, his face not even red, his breath not hurried, looking

towards Niu Gao, he smiled: “Many thanks for senior being lenient.”

“Lenient?” Thirty percent strength really was considered being lenient, but Niu Gao still hadn’t expected Tang San to be able to keep standing. The reason he didn’t fully use spirit power to attack was out of fear he’d beat Tang San to death, provoking the Strength Clan and, more importantly, he didn’t want to embarass his old brother Tai Tan.

However, he absolutely hadn’t expected that, after enduring his thirty percent strength punch, without using spirit power, this youth before him would actually look as if nothing had happened, as if his punch just now hadn’t even hit him.

Of course Niu Gao’s punch hit the target. However, Tang San ingeniously dispersed the majority of it. Tang San’s swaying really wasn’t completely caused by the opponent’s force, but rather him using his Controlling Crane Catching Dragon skill on himself. Each time he swayed, some of the force of the opponent’s attack at his chest dispersed. In the end, he didn’t actually have to endure any violent attack. His skill in using four liang to push a thousand jin really could be called brilliant. But for the people of this world it was very difficult to understand that he had displayed this consummate skill.

Tang San spread a smile towards Niu Gao, “Senior, junior’s second punch will come. Be careful. This time junior will use strength.” While speaking, Tang San punched again.

Niu Gao basically didn’t plan on blocking, he didn’t believe Tang San’s attack could have any effect on him. In his eyes, Tang San’s fist was even more showy this time, striking light as a feather towards his chest. Right now, all the thoughts in his mind were on how much strength to use for the next punch in order to knock down Tang San, but not cause him too much harm.

Just when Tang San’s fist was several cun from Niu Gao’s chest, suddenly, a rich white light burst from his body. That wasn’t the release of a spirit, even less a spirit ability, but rather the blessed domain inscribed on his Clear Sky Hammer.

The white light instantly rushed from all over Tang San’s body to gather on his right hand, the Deathgod Domain’s evolved ability Deathgod Assault condensing on his fist in an instant. Just relying on these few cun of distance, Tang San’s fist abruptly accelerated, bombarding Niu Gao’s chest with speed difficult to discern with the naked eye. Strangely, as this punch struck Niu Gao’s chest, it didn’t make any sound.

The excessive modesty was only to make the opponent underestimate him. When he returned from the Clear Sky School, Tang San had already understood that this was a world where you had to speak with strength. The one with the strongest fist was the one with the loudest voice. If he didn’t reveal his strength, others would only have a low opinion of him here.

His not using any force in his first punch was naturally not for the reason he said, but rather to make Niu Gao despise him. But this second punch used his real skill. Deathgod Domain’s evolved ability Deathgod Assault, and further adding the instantly erupting short range power, already used his full strength. If anyone could see it, they would discover that after his right hand was wrapped up in the Deathgod Domain, it had completely turned a jade color. The extroverted force of the Controlling Crane Catching Dragon erupted completely. He had already warned Niu Gao when he punched the second time, as for whether Niu Gao would really listen, that wasn’t his problem.

Tang San moved very quickly, from the Deathgod Domain condensing to the short range force erupting, only an instant passed. With the single attribute of defense, Niu Gao wasn’t specialized in reaction. Suddenly feeling a chill approaching his chest, Tang San’s fist was already planted in his stomach.

When Tang San’s fist made contact, Tang San’s face flushed red, but very quickly recovered to normal.

But Niu Gao’s expression gradually changed from lifeless to groteseque. Suddenly, his face changed greatly, and immediately afterward, step, step, step, retreated three paces. Standing firm, opening his mouth, a white mist flowed out.

“Good kid.”

Niu Gao was now both alarmed and furious. He had secretly sneered at that lightning bolt like attack of Tang San’s even when it hit his chest, ‘want to use a method like that? Can you imagine   this   old   man’s defense?’ Without even using his spirit, the durability of Niu Gao’s skin wasn’t any less than a real rhinoceros’.

However, as the fist reached him, he discovered it wasn’t that simple. First, Tang San’s punch just struck a great acupuncture point on his chest, and moreover the spirit power erupting over the short range completely condensed together. But most dreadful was still that concentrated Deathgod Assault. The instantly erupting killing intent wasn’t something that could be blocked with physical defense.

Niu Gao only felt a great force reach him, he actually blocked that force, but the chill brought within the force pierced his chest like a steel needle, immediately numbing his whole body. That cold air unexpectedly forced him to gasp for breath, and even his heart seemed agitated to the point of bursting. Fortunately his strength was tyrannical, and his defense powerful beyond powerful, with a heart far stronger than an ordinary person’s. He then straightened with difficulty, opening his mouth to spit out white mist. That was the killing intent produced by Tang San’s Deathgod Domain.

Watching Niu Gao successively retreat three steps, Tai Tan was also unable to conceal his shock. He was very clear on how powerful Niu Gao’s defense was, he himself might not be able to injure that old man at all in a frontal confrontation even going all out. But he had retreated under Tang San’s one punch. Just how had Tang San done it?

His heart still cold, a meaning from the depths of his heart made Niu Gao shiver. That ice cold and cruel killing intent had baptised him. Even though the attack power was great, he could still withstand it, but that frightful killing intent made him completely believe in Tai Tan’s previous words. Tang San really was even more outstanding than Tang Hao. He was sure that Tang Hao, at Tang San’s age, didn’t have such strength. But that icy cold overbearing killing intent was exactly the same.

After Tai Tan’s initial shock, he burst into laughter. Looking at Niu Gao’s shriveled appearance after Tang San’s attack made him indescribably happy. He hadn’t seen his brother so embarrassed in a long time.

Actually, right now Tang San was also greatly startled. He had already been mentally prepared for Niu Gao’s defense, but as this punch directly bombarded Niu Gao’s chest, he still discovered that Niu Gao’s defensive power wasn’t as simple as he imagined.

First of all, his fist striking Niu Gao’s chest hadn’t felt the acupuncture point in his attack. Niu Gao’s thick skin and muscles were just as tough as bullhide, and besides being extremely tough, there was also a kind of extraordinary elasticity. Just from this one punch, the rebound force made his wrist ache. Besides the Deathgod Assault, the short range produced spirit power was completely blocked by the skin.

Even if it was only a single attribute, just how frightening this pure attribute was could only be truly understood through experience.

Niu Gao glared resolutely at Tai Tan, his face already turned red as pork liver, “Good kid, I won’t be polite with the second punch either.” Suddenly shouting loudly, the entire hall trembled, left foot taking one step forward, right fist directly striking at Tang San. And his original plan to use fifty percent spirit power had already turned to seventy percent. Niu Gao meant to win with this punch. Being forced to retreat three steps by a youngster several decades his junior, to a grandmaster of defense like him, this was simply an extraordinary humiliation.

Hong—— A violent blast rose at Tang San’s chest, and Tai Tan’s smiling expression immediately vanished.

Tang San’s upper body was blown back so he faced upward, his feet also staggering backward. But the instant Niu Gao’s fist struck his body, one blue and one white, two colored lights instantly erupted.

Niu Gao felt his whole body turn cold, his heart contracting once, the force of this fist immediately weakening somewhat, and the feeling of his fist striking Tang San also startled him. As a grandmaster of defense, he

clearly felt Tang San’s body brimming with an elastic feeling, with a peculiar resilience contained within the elasticity. As his fist struck, even though Tang San seemed blown back and swiftly retreating, Niu Gao discovered that, in fact, his power basically didn’t completely affect this youth’s body.

His body still swaying violently, at the same time, a burst of cracking sounds could be heard from Tang San’s bones, the white light he released vanished, but the blue light held a faint golden red color.

After directly retreating more than ten steps, Tang San managed to stand firm. But he wasn’t as easy going as before, his complexion seeming somewhat pale, his chest also heaving slightly. However, he still didn’t fall. Under the seventy percent strike of a Spirit Douluo, he could still stand. This already proved a great many things.

While striking Tang San, Niu Gao regretted it a little. If Tang San really had an accident, there would be a great deal of trouble. Even if he didn’t use spirit abilities, he still had complete faith in his strength and spirit power. However, Tang San still stood after retreating more than ten steps.

Simply moving his body, that blue and gold light slowly fading, Tang San’s pale face unexpectedly turned healthy again, spreading a smile at Niu Gao, “Senior, such powerful spirit power.”

Niu Gao stupidly looked at him,

“Kid, isn’t your spirit a cockroach? Even among my Defense Clan’s disciple, there’s none under the age of forty that can block my punch to this degree.”

Tang San’s smile didn’t change. In terms of defensive strength, how could he be lacking? He knew clearly from experience what kind of painful upgrades his defensive strength had undergone.

First of all were his six spirit rings, skipping levels to absorb already from his third spirit ring. Enduring the tremendous pain at that time was a feat of heroism. With the circumstances of skipping a level to absorb it, at

the same time as his strength rose, the attributes transformed by his spirit rings were far more powerful than those of Spirit Masters of equal level.

, taking the two great Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass and Infernal Precious Apricot immortal herbs, forging his body in the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, further adding the transformation of the Blue Silver Emperor’s second awakening, Xiao Wu’s sacrificed hundred thousand year spirit ring transforming his body, as well as the amplified attributes of those four heavenly blessed spirit bones. All these elements superimposed over each other, producing the terrifying defensive power Tang San now possessed. Among equally leveled Spirit Masters, his defense could absolutely be regarded as the strongest. Perhaps one might say that, of Spirit Masters under the seventieth rank, three wasn’t anyone who could compete with him in defensive power, not even the Defense Clan.

When he still didn’t possess Xiao Wu’s spirit ring and spirit bone, he could already endure the attacks of Spirit Sages without dying, finally when his right leg broke it was due to him taking the initiative to reduce his defense, deliberately sacrificing himself to save Xiao Wu.

Tang San shook his head to Niu Gao with a smile, “Junior comes from the Clear Sky School. How could I possess a cockroach spirit?”

When Tai Tan saw Tang San was alright, he also loosed a long breath, laughing out loud: “I think like this. Two punches each, if it goes on like this, friendliness will be injured. I don’t want either of you to suffer any injuries. Old rhino, you’re already so old, can’t you calm down a bit? It’s better than being that competitive.”

Niu Gao snapped: “Bullshit. Can he injure me? I admit that this kid really is pretty good, your evaluation of him isn’t any exaggeration. However, with his present strength it’s still impossible for him to injure me.”

Tai Tan pursed his lips, “Impossible? Before his second attack just now, could you imagine he’d push you back three steps? Didn’t you still retreat? How do you know he doesn’t have some unique skill for the third blow? To let you old brat suffer a major loss.”

Niu Gao grew angrier, “No matter what’s said this old man is still a Spirit Douluo, if that happens, there’s no need for me to go out in public any more. Old orangutan, you still underestimate me too much. Fine, Tang San, as long as your third punch can make me retreat further than you just did, not only can you stay, but hereafter my Defense Clan won’t be your enemy any longer, the matters from those days struck.”

Tang San exulted, he had finally found a way to resolve this hatred.
Hastily he said: “Then it’s settled.”

Niu Gao spread his feet, both hands behind his back, proudly saying:

To the side, Tai Tan snickered inwardly, “Niu Gao, ah, Niu Gao. For so many years, you’re still so easy to rile up. Not as steady as me. Perhaps this time you really will suffer a loss. You’ve separated from the Clear Sky School for too long, you’ve even forgotten about the Clear Sky School’s formidable ability. Tang San could make you retreat three steps just now, then, now he can just have you retreat further than he did.”

Tang San was an intelligent person, and absolutely wouldn’t let Tai Tan down. Taking a stance five steps away from Niu Gao, he drew a deep breath, spirit power swelling all over his body. Mysterious Heaven Skill accelerating made him seem to immediately flourish with imposing manner.

Niu Gao was closest to him, and naturally felt it the deepest. The spirit power Tang San released shocked him, that was spirit power over the sixtieth rank! Could it be that this youth in front of him actually already possessed strength exceeding the sixtieth rank? No, that was impossible. Absolutely impossible.

However, even if he didn’t believe it, the facts were already before his eyes.

Tang San slowly raised his right arm. This time, he didn’t use Deathgod Domain, his right fist slowly turning a lustrous jade color under the effect of Mysterious Heaven Skill. In order not to injure himself from the

countershock of striking the opponent, he was already using Mysterious Jade Hand to the limit.

“Kid, what are you stalling for? Come.” Niu Gao shouted. This time, he wasn’t the slightest bit careless. His face concerned, spirit power covered his whole body, his defensive strength reaching a peak. This was already the most powerful defense he could muster without using his spirit and spirit abilities.

Tang San moved, toes pointing to the ground, using his calfs to generate force, he suddenly half turned, his right arm swinging out. Only, this punch of his didn’t strike Niu Gao, but rather hit empty air.

Tang San’s movements were very fast, a second punch immediately following behind the first, the imposing manner instantly superimposing over each other. Amidst the compressed spirit power, white light could already be glimpsed.

Seeing this second punch, Niu Gao’s expression had changed. In his mind he also finally thought of that name. Yes, this kid came from the Clear Sky SChool, how couldn’t he know this ability? Only, right now he didn’t use the hammer, but rather his hand, how much of its power could he display?

That’s right, what Tang San was using was the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method. Using his fist as hammer was originally seen very rarely. Since the Clear Sky Hammer was a spirit, it could be used at any time. But even though he lost the amplification of the Clear Sky Hammer when using his fist, the efficacy of the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method didn’t decrease.

Tang San’s hard training under the waterfall wasn’t in vain. How many years did a person have in their lives? That was at least one percent of his lifetime he had spent completely immersed in uncomplicated hammer method. Using it again now was like driving a cart on a familiar road, without the least delay.

Tang San quickly rotated with his left foot as axis. Nobody had stated you couldn’t store strength before the attack, just that the method Tang San used to store strength made Niu Gao’s complete confidence start to show cracks.

The Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method was split into several levels, the simplest was nine swings, followed by eighteen swings, thirty six swings, sixty four swings and, most powerful, eighty one swings.

In a fight against ordinary Spirit Masters, it would be very difficult for this hammer method to show its effect, only when meeting abilities like Feng Xiaotian’s Stormwind Demon Wolf Thirty Six Successive Chops last time could it collide.

But now he had ample time to store strength. Niu Gao only prayed to himself, hoping Tang San’s Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method wasn’t trained higher than the sixty fourth swing level. Even if his defensive power was strong, if he truly faced the superimposed blast of those eighty one swings, he wouldn’t have any certainty either. Let alone when Tang San’s spirit power was so much stronger than he had anticipated.

Spinning like a top, each of Tang San’s punches blasted out very rhythmically. In the center of his fast rotation, his left foot never left that spot. Making Niu Gao most nervous was that the spirit power Tang San released didn’t give him any pressure, but was rather completely contained within that circle of rotation.

The white light gradually grew richer, wrapping up Tang San’s swiftly spinning body, making people unable to see his figure. As Spirit Douluo, whether Tai Tan or Niu Gao, both could feel the constantly rising terrifying force within that white ball of light.

Chapter 173

When Tang San practiced under the waterfall, he had stood on a smooth round rock, an extreme tempering of his balance, now was the first time he had fully used it outside, spirit power surged within him, giving him a kind of carefree and uninhibited feeling.

Finally, nine by nine, the last of eighty one hammer blows swung out. Rich white light instantly grew, not only Tang San’s attack power, but at the same time also the Deathgod Domain he released. In order to force this Defense Clan to submit, he could spare no effort.

Tai Tan shouted: “Old rhino, use your spirit!”

Right now Niu Gao didn’t care about face either. After all, compared to face, life was more important. His originally broad body swiftly expanded, his skin instantly turning black, an extremely thick keratin layer abruptly emerging, his first, second, and third, the three spirit rings that required least spirit power and released the fastest instantly flaring with radiance. It truly made Niu Gao’s imposing build turn into a defensive rampart.


After fully storing force, the Disorder Splitting WInd Hammer Method was terrifying. Even though it lacked the backing of the Clear Sky hammer, the spirit power of the final of these overlapping eighty one strikes, instantly erupted with attack power that left people speechless.

The force erupting from that punch was just as overbearing as the roar of a dragon or tiger. The frightening force that once made a two hundred meters tall waterfall reverse its current emerged once again. The vast spirit power suddenly engulfed that imposing figure, tyrannical burst strength instantly exploding.

Amidst an explosion, Niu Gao’s huge body shot out like an artillery shell. With the influence of the Deathgod Domain, Tang San’s attack power had risen somewhat further, and Niu Gao’s defense dropped a bit. With one lowering and one rising, the result of the attack grew even more frightening.

That mountain like body instantly flew out, blasting the wall of the great hall perfectly straight, leaving a human shaped hole.

It had to be said, the Defense Clan’s constructions was quite sturdy. Even though the entire hall shook, in the end nothing collapsed.

Tang San’s rotation had already halted, his chest constantly heaving. Without the support of the Clear Sky Hammer, the might of this Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method had weakened a lot, and it furthermore greatly increased his exhaustion. The full eighty one swings unexpectedly reduced his spirit power by more than fifty percent.

Tai Tan stepped up behind Tang San with large strides, one hand falling on his shoulder, infusing his spirit power. Even though the profound spirit power couldn’t restore him, it could help him control his breathing.

Urgent footsteps echoed from outside. ly Niu Gao was just happily engrossed in chatting with Tai Tan, to the extent he had even forgotten to serve tea. But when such a loud disturbance occurred here, the entire Defense Clan was alarmed.

With flapping sounds, more than twenty people rushed in from outside, each and everyone imposing. The person in the lead looked eight parts similar to Niu Gao, just that he was a lot younger. On entering the hall he looked at Tai Tan.

“So uncle Tai is here. Yi, you’re here, then why isn’t my dad h ere? What was that noise just now?” While the big guy deferentially saluted Tai Tan, he asked somewhat puzzled.

Tai Tan glanced at Tang San, his expression turning extremely odd. They had come as guests, but had blasted the host through the wall. Of course he wasn’t concerned for Niu Gao. If Tang San had used the Clear Sky Hammer, perhaps he really could have injured him, but with an empty fist, even the eighty one swing Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method couldn’t cause any true harm to Niu Gao with his spirit released.

Tai Long said in a low voice next to Tang San’s ear: “He’s called Niu Ben[1], he’s grandpa Niu Gao’s eldest son, a good friend of my dad. His talent is a lot better than my dad’s, his spirit power cultivation should be about the same as young master.”

Before Tai Tan could reply, the host returned. At the hole, Niu Gao crawled inside with his head and face filthy. His jacket was already torn, his spirit withdrawn, but his dusty figure and that monstrous expression had people holding their sides from laughter.

Niu Ben and the Defense Clan clansmen looked dumbstruck a old Niu Gao, each and everyone staring blankly. Niu Ben even rubbed his eyes hard, making sure he wasn’t hallucinating.

“Uncle Tai Tan, this is your fault. How could you bully my dad!” Niu Ben forced back a smile, speaking to Tai Tan. Because of his relationship with Tai Nuo, and further how Tai Tan had seen him grow up, they were always very close. That’s why he wasn’t too worried.

Tai Tan laughed heartily, saying: “Who asked your dad to insist on competing? Wasn’t this sorted out by me? Never mind, never mind, us two old fellows casually exchanged pointers a bit. You didn’t see when your uncle was losing. You can’t be partial towards your dad!”

Niu Gao shot Tai Tan a glare. Tai Tan was clearly covering for him. In a rage from humiliation, this rage was vented on his son, “Bastards, who

asked you to come in here? Didn’t you see me and Tai Tan were talking about old times? Get lost, fuck off from here.”

Niu Ben was still a man in his fifties, but there was no anger from being cursed at by Niu Gao. In the Defense Clan, Niu Gao was an absolute authority. This was also why Niu Ben wanted to laugh when he saw his father in such a sorry state.

“Fine, fine, don’t get angry dad. I’m fucking off. You old brothers go on….. talking. I’ll prepare you food and drink.” Finished speaking, Niu Ben hastily waved his hand, leading the Defense Clan members in a kind of retreat.

Tai Tan sighed: “Niu Ben that kid is a lot stronger than my Tai Nuo. Dealing with more and more business. And still without inheriting your stinking personality. Pretty good, pretty good.”

“Pretty good my farts.” Niu Gao’s expression was now unwilling. Furiously walking over, he patted the dust from himself. Even if he was unwilling, he still had to face Tang San.

“Kid, you won. Just now I used my spirit, no need to punch you a third time. This old man keeps his promises. From here on, our Defense Clan won’t have any enmity towards your father and you.”

Seeing Niu Gao gnashing his teeth, Tang San couldn’t help smiling. He of course noticed that there was no intention of easing the tension with the Clear Sky School in Niu Gao’s words. But he didn’t mind. Even if the Clear Sky School was his sect, they really owed these subsidiary clans too much. That wasn’t something that could be resolved in a little while or by a simple contest. It could only be slowly worked out.

“It was senior who was careless, allowing junior to pull a trick. In an ordinary battle, how could junior have the time to store so much force.”

Niu Gao snorted, “Fine, a loss is a loss. Don’t tell me this old man is a person who still wouldn’t admit defeat? You can stay this time.”

Tai Tan grinned: “By the way you look, it doesn’t look like you’re admitting it. Are you ending it like this? Your most powerful defense lost to a youngster. Won’t you show it?”

Niu Gao said angrily: “Show what? Don’t tell me you want to have me bring the Defense Clan to serve him?”

Tai Tan smiled: “No need for that. However, recently me and young master have been preparing to establish a sect called Tang Sect, are you interested in joining? Since the contradiction between you and master and young master is resolved, there shouldn’t be any obstacles.”

Niu Gao pulled out a chair and sat down, “Give me a break. I knew you didn’t have any good intentions with bringing this kid. Old orangutan, I think you’re an old fool. Haven’t you had enough of the Clear Sky School? Are you planning on letting us experience another calamity?”

Tai Tan helplessly shook his head, “Let it be. It can’t be explained in a short time. I say, Niu Gao, Niu Gao, you’re still too neglectful of this old brother. Shouldn’t tea be served first? Also, what does your appearance look like to your clansmen? Go change clothes quickly.”

Niu Gao somewhat resentfully shot Tai Tan a glare, “This isn’t because of your provocations. I’ll go change clothes.” Finished speaking, he then left in large strides.

Watching Niu Gao’s disappearing back, Tai Tan said to Tang San: “Young master, you really shock me! That’s really like you, hitting the old rhino in the area he’s most skilled. No wonder you wanted to come with me, it seems you’ve thought up countermeasures well in advance. But the old rhino is a stubborn one, he won’t compromise so easily.”

Tang San sighed lightly, saying: “Actually, I don’t want to compromise with senior Niu Gao about anything. I just wanted to dissolve the hatred from back then. We were once one family after all, the present appearance of the four single attribute clans were all caused by the Clear Sky School being closed. I only want to do something for the four clans. There’s no need for you to pressure senior Niu Gao into joining our Tang

Sect. As long as they no longer hold grudges against my father, I’m content.”

The son repays the debts of the father, right now Tang San had just begun to settle his father’s debts. He only wanted to be able to dissolve old hatred on behalf of his father in the future, then destroy the true enemy.

The two had just exchanged these simple words, as Niu Gao returned from outside. Standing in the doorway he said to Tang San: “Kid, what’s your spirit power rank?”

Looking at the gloomy faced straightforward old man, Tang San replied respectfully: “Junior’s spirit power is sixty sixth rank. Control type Spirit Emperor.”

Niu Gao stared blankly a moment, “Control type? When did the Clear Sky Hammer become a control type spirit?”

Tai Tan laughed: “Hurry up and change your clothes. We’ll talk when you’re back, this isn’t something that can be explained in a couple of sentences.”

Niu Gao somewhat puzzled glanced at Tai Tan, then turned and left again. As he walked, he still mumbled to himself, “Sixty sixth rank, twenty one years old sixty sixth rank. Is that still human?”

Not long after Niu Gao left, subordinates brought fragrant tea. Clearly it was his instructions when he first left. There were also Defense Clan clansmen who started to repair the hole Niu Gao had made in the wall from outside.

Tai Tan sipped the tea, saying to Tang San: “Young master, you should have seen it too. Me and Niu Gao’s relationship is extremely good. We have a friendship for life. Honestly speaking, I want Niu Gao to bring the Defense Clan into the Tang Sect, not only for you, young master, but even more for my own selfishness. I’m old, I really hope I can live together with my brother of so many years. Everyone looks out for each other, as partners. I will persuade him as much as possible. Even if Niu Gao is

straightforward, he absolutely isn’t stupid. I think he’ll understand. If he wants to lead the Defense Clan to the Tang Sect, I hope young master can give an old man some face.”

Tang San smiled: “If it’s really like that, it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for! With the Defense Clan’s construction arts and your forging arts, wouldn’t that turn our Tang Sect into a copper wall and iron bastion?”

Niu Gao wasn’t gone for long, in a while he had already changed into clean clothes and returned. On entering, his first words were still to Tang San, “Kid, you really are sixty sixth rank?”

Tang San nodded.

Niu Gao walked over and sat next to Tai Tan, his eyes revealing a somewhat pondering light. Tai Tan didn’t disturb him, letting him think.

Twenty one years old, sixty sixth rank, powerful defensive strength, absolutely not below Defense Clan members of the same level. And the Clear Sky School’s child. When did they ever lack attack power? What Niu Gao first thought of was Tang San’s future prospects. No need to doubt, before he was out of his twenties, Tang San would definitely become a peak expert. And moreover an extremely powerful kind.

Even Title Douluo would have no small gap in strength. Like when Tang Hao was at the peak of his strength, simultaneously taking on three ordinary Title Douluo wouldn’t be any problem. He alone would make Spirit Hall leap like chickens or dogs. Niu Gao understood that if he offended such a promising Spirit Master, it absolutely wouldn’t be beneficial to the Defense Clan’s future.

The Defense Clan really were skilled in building, the hole in the wall was already sealed in such a short time.

Tai Tan said: “Old rhino, I know you’ve figured something out. Don’t think more. I’ll settle your confidence. Let the servants withdraw.”

Even though Niu Gao didn’t know what Tai Tan wanted to do, but he still did as requested.

Tai Tan also waved a hand to his own clansmen and, besides Tai Long and Ma Hongjun, had the others first wait outside the hall.

Niu Gao looked somewhat puzzled at Tai Tan, “Old orangutan, what are you being so secretive about?”

Tai Tan smiled calmly, saying: “I just don’t want you to complain later. I’ll let you know too that your big brother absolutely doesn’t make decisions easily. Young master, let him see your spirit.”

Tang San met Tai Tan’s gaze, both their eyes revealing a tacit understanding. Standing up, light flashed in Tang San’s eyes, raising his left hand, black light surged inside, the Clear Sky hammer already appearing in his grasp.

Niu Gao looked doubtfully at Tang San, saying to Tai Tan: “Old orangutan, don’t tell me I haven’t seen the Clear Sky Hammer before? Yi, kid, why don’t you have any spirit rings?”

Tang San smiled slightly, “Junior’s Clear Sky Hammer really doesn’t have spirit rings.”

Tai Tan said: “Don’t worry, watch slowly.”

Tang San turned over his left hand, the Clear Sky Hammer withdrawn. Immediately afterward, amidst a layer of blue radiance, he raised his right hand, blue golden Blue Silver Emperor scattering from the light condensed within him, an aura full of vitality immediately filling the hall.

The instant the Blue Silver Emperor emerged, Niu Gao had suddenly shot to his feet. Because he saw those six glittering spirit rings around Tang San.

None white, the lowest was yellow, yellow, purple black, Niu Gao was very familiar with these three colors. As a Spirit Douluo, he naturally

possessed spirit rings of these three colors. However, as he saw that final mysterious dark red, his brain had sunk into white blankness.

“No need for surprise. The young master isn’t short of miracles. Did you see? The first time I saw it, my expression was a lot better than yours.” Tai Tan said with feeling.

Tang San hadn’t hidden anything from Tai Tan, this old man who supported him wholeheartedly, had already seen Tang San’s frightful hundred thousand year spirit ring on the road. At that time his expression was almost identical to Niu Gao’s right now. Tang San didn’t say anything, but by his sorrowful expression when he looked at his hundred thousand year spirit ring, Tai Tan didn’t ask anything. He understood that this was Tang San’s trust in him, and also accorded him trust in return.

Swallowing forcefully, Niu Gao mumbled: “Hundred thousand year, this really is a hundred thousand year spirit ring…… No wonder, no wonder your defensive strength is so powerful. Only, at your level, how could you absorb a hundred thousand year spirit ring?”

Each time he looked at that red spirit ring, Tang San couldn’t keep from remembering that scene of Xiao Wu sacrificing herself. The expression in his eyes immediately turned sad, he pulled Xiao Wu from the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse, “I’m sorry, senior. I don’t want to answer your question. If I could choose, I would prefer not to have this spirit ring.” While speaking, he slowly withdrew his spirit.

Tai Tan signaled Niu Gao with his eyes, hinting he shouldn’t keep asking. Niu Gao drew a deep breath. Suddenly, his expression changed greatly, as if thinking of something, his voice trembled somewhat: “Wait a minute, you, you have two spirits?”

Sitting to the side, Ma Hongjun was already somewhat impatient, “My bro has twin spirits! What’s strange about this.”

Niu Gao stared wide eyed, “Little fatty, you really speak casually. How many twin spirits have you seen?”

“Eh…… This……” Ma Hongjun couldn’t answer immediately.

Niu Gao gasped hoarsely for a few breaths, after a long time looking at Tai Tan again, “Old brother, you bringing him this time, is to force me to gamble!”

Tai Tan sighed, saying: “I’m not forcing you. How to decide is up to you. I only hope that we brothers can be together in our remaining years, just like before. Matching our strength every day, drinking together. You should know I’m not a negligent person. Naturally I have reasons for my decisions.”

Niu Gao lowered his voice: “But, you should also know that the two great Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School and Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan have been destroyed. There’s no need to ask to know who did it. Before long, I’m afraid our Spirit Master world will be reshuffled again. I have to consider my clansmen. Here, the worst choice is to adhere to Spirit Hall. I have to consider the continuation of the whole clan.”

Tai Tan said: “Our sect isn’t a Spirit Master sect in the traditional sense. Simply said, we’re more like a business. Just a business with formidable military strength.”

Niu Gao stared blankly, “Business? I don’t understand.”

Tang San smiled: “There’s always a need for income to provide for the members of the sect. Our Tang Sect’s first client is the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School. It’s also a long term client. I think the next client will be the Heaven Dou imperial family. Besides Spirit Hall, we’ll do business with anyone.”

Just at this moment, Niu Ben came in from outside. Afraid to draw his father’s anger, he specially knocked on the door as he entered, “Dad, uncle Tai Tan, the food is ready, do you want to eat while chatting?”

Niu Gao nodded, saying to Tai Tan: “Let’s go, we’ll eat while talking.”

Hearing talk of food, Ma Hongjun immediately grew excited. He was hungry since earlier, and couldn’t help asking Niu Ben: “Is there meat? I want a big, big piece.”

Niu Ben laughed out loud, “Little fatty, if our Defense Clan lacks anything, it isn’t meat. Even if our spirit is the Plate Armored Giant Rhinoceros, we’re all carnivorous. There’s enough.”

At the table, Tang San immediately understood what Niu Ben meant about being carnivorous. The whole three meter diameter large table was piled up with meat dishes, not a vegetable dish in sight.

There was even more three jars of wine, ten jin size, holding alcohol. Drinking in big gulps, eating big mouthfuls of meat, perhaps this was the nature of those with outspoken characters.

Tang San never thought he was a small eater, but seeing this table he knew what was called being a minor magician in the presence of great ones. Let alone, Niu Ben, Tai Long and the others, the appetite of the two clan chiefs was astonishing. Great chunks of meat were swallowed as if there was no need to chew. They drank one jin of wine in one gulp. Moreover, they were on their second bowl of wine before Tang San saw his first.

“Kid, come, drink!” Niu Gao handed wine to Tang San.

Tang San immediately smiled wryly, “Senior, you drink. If I finish such a large cup of wine, I’m afraid I won’t be able to sit at the table.”

Niu Gao frowned, “Why can’t youngsters drink? When I was your age, I drank huge volumes.”

Tang San smiled: “You still have huge volumes now. Since it’s senior’s invitation, I’ll accompany you for a cup.” Speaking, he drained the cup in front of him until it was basically empty. When drinking, he was using Mysterious Heaven Skill to protect his throat, swiftly letting that wine flow into his stomach, basically without tasting it.

Niu Gao also drank in big mouthfuls, laughing loudly, “Right, this is the heroic spirit youths should have.”

Tang San had never had so much wine, and also drank very rarely. Right now he only felt a burning sensation in his stomach, scalding his face deep read, speechless.

Just when Tang San secretly regretted being so impulsive, suddenly, the Mysterious Heaven Skill circulated within him, an ice cold feeling merging into the blazing heat. The flow of his blood seemed to speed up, that scorching sensation very quickly turning into a warm current. Not only did the painful feeling disappear, he on the contrary had a refreshing feeling of his blood vessels being unimpeded.

Because he only drank low strength wine when he drank before, this was actually his first time drinking such strong wine. It was also the first time he felt the effects of high strength wine.

In fact, there was a very close relationship between capacity for wine and the condition of the body, and Tang San’s physical condition could be said to be so good it couldn’t be better. Having passed countless times of forging, his body had an extremely powerful ability to absorb wine. Especially the baptism to his energy channels of the Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass and Infernal Precious Apricot. Even though he couldn’t be said to be immune to poison, absorbing a bit of strong drink wasn’t a problem.

Strong drink could improve blood circulation, and a bit of wine was advantageous to the body. Tang San’s physical absorption ability could completely absorb this much wine.

Niu Gao watched Tang San empty the cup, his face already deep red, and immediately understood that this youngster wasn’t any big drinker. That he could happily drink such a large cup, and even not say anything, that gave him face. In his heart he could help having a bit of favorable opinion towards Tang San.

Loosing a long breath, Tang San slowly passed his breath, saying to Niu Gao: “Senior, junior really has a low capacity for drinking. I’m afraid I

can only accompany you for this one cup.”

Niu Gao laughed loudly, saying: “Good. This old man won’t force you, I’ve finally regained my face at the wine table. You little fellow really is strong, this is the first time I’ve lost since settling in Rising Dragon City.”

Tang San knew he still had some bad feelings about him winning before, and smiled: “Actually it was only junior using some tricks. In true defensive strength, how could junior compare to senior?”

To the side, Niu Ben heard something a bit odd, but his questions were stopped by a look from Tai Tan.

Niu Gao said: “A loss is a loss. There’s no need for you to gild an old man’s face. It seems I really am old.”

Tang San said: “Junior isn’t being modest. In fact, junior took a very large advantage. It might seem that junior’s proposal not to use spirit was disadvantageous to myself, but in fact, it was to blunt senior. Even if junior used spirit abilities, it would absolutely be impossible to compare to senior in defensive strength. Moreover, the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer method could only display it’s power in circumstances where it can store power like that. Junior was using my own strengths to attack senior’s weaknesses, then luckily obtained senior’s approval. If senior had used your full strength once, junior would have been unable to resist. Rather than saying it was junior’s win, it would be better to call it senior’s consideration for the younger generation.”

Hearing Tang San say this, Niu Gao blinked, his originally depressed mood easing a lot. Smiling, he said: “Good kid, you can actually talk. I don’t recall a child of the Clear Sky School that could talk like you before.”

This moment, Niu Ben could no longer restrain himself, his expression changing, “Dad, he’s from the Clear Sky School? You……”

“Shut up.” Niu Gao shot his son a glare, “Even if he’s from the Clear Sky School, I’ve already promised him that our grievances with the Clear

Sky School will no longer be related to him. He was brought by your uncle Tai Tan, hereafter he’s a friend of our Defense Clan.”

Niu Ben was in a daze as he heard his father’s words. He knew how deep his father’s complaints of the Clear Sky School were. That this youth in front of him could actually make his father give up on his grudges now definitely wasn’t just because Tai Tanhad stepped in.

Niu Gao drank another cup with Tai Tan, then asked: “Old Tai Tan, carefully tell me about that Tang Sect.”

Tai Tan nodded, saying: “This Tang Sect of ours is established in the mansion of my Strength Clan. It’s mainly to manufacture a kind of special weapon called hidden weapons, selling them and using them to increase our own strength. Our Strength Clan is well known for forging. Young master brought some exceptionally good designs. If they could be mass produced, they could be enormously dangerous to low level Spirit Masters. If we succeed, then our forging world won’t be as lowly as it is now. Dealt with appropriately, even Spirit Hall could be threatened.”

“Special weapons capable of threatening Spirit Masters?” Niu Gao looked at Tai Tan not quite daring to believe it. He didn’t doubt Tai Tan, he believed this brother of his wouldn’t shoot without aim. But reason made it difficult to accept this as fact.

Tang San pulled out the Godly Zhuge Crossbow from his chest. Seeing once is better than hearing a hundred times, more talk wouldn’t display the strength of Tang Sect hidden weapons.

Under everyone’s attentive gazes, with a series of sonorous noises, Tang San had wound the Godly Zhuge Crossbow’s mechanism.

“Senior, could I ask you to block with your spirit? Like that you should be able to best feel its power.”

Watching the small black box in Tang San’s hand, Niu Gao grew even a bit more doubtful of what Tai Tan said. Could such a small thing deal with Spirit Masters?

Tai Tan said: “Old rhino, absolutely don’t underestimate this thing. Within a certain range, it’s killing power is quite considerable. I tried it once. It really makes you gasp. Very difficult for Spirit Masters under the fortieth rank to resist, and even past the fortieth rank, without using defensive abilities in advance, getting killed wouldn’t be any surprise. You know the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School. They were attacked at the same time as the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan. That in the end they could save the majority of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s direct descendants wasn’t because their attackers started of leniently, nor was it because they had less experts than the contingent aimed at the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan. It was because these Godly Zhuge Crossbow hidden weapons had an important effect. It was by relying on more than a hundred of such hidden weapons that they blocked the raiders’ tidal attack.”

Niu Gao was shocked, “Really?”

Tai Tan pointed to the Godly Zhuge Crossbow in Tang San’s hand, “You try and you’ll know.”

Niu Gao no longer hesitated, immediately releasing his spirit, his pitiful jacked once again bursting from the defensive power. His first, second, and third spirit rings flashed simultaneously, his whole body covered densely with a layer of horn plates just like plate armor.

“Come, kid. My current defensive strength counts as that of a fiftieth ranked Spirit Master going all out.”

“Senior, be careful.” Tang San shouted, pushing the trigger button on the Godly Zhuge Crossbow.

At such close range, practically nobody saw the Godly Zhuge Crossbow firing. There was only a flash of shadow, before a series of popping noises sounded at Niu Gao’s chest.

Sixteen crossbow bolts rebounded without exception. Tang San reached out, using Controlling Crane Catching Dragon to pull them into his grasp.

Everyone’s eyes all fell on Niu Gao’s chest, finding sixteen neat white scars on that solid plate armor, each mark half a cun deep or so.

Tang San couldn’t help sighing in admiration: “Senior, good defense.”

Niu Gao grinned, using his hand to rub the scars on his chest, the plate armor healing at a miraculous speed, “It smarts. Old orangutan, you didn’t exaggerate. If this was a Spirit Master under fortieth rank, he absolutely couldn’t resist. Such a small thing, how can it have such great power? Really difficult to believe! Once your Tang Sect is established, sell me a batch as well. Our Defense Clan has always lacked attack power. This toy is pretty good.”

Tai Tan laughed loudly, “That’s still just a common thing, there are even more formidable ones. With true top quality hidden weapons, even Spirit Sages might not be able to resist. You can buy if you can, I’ll give you the manufacturing price. Young master, what’s our manufacturing price for the Godly Zhuge Crossbow?”

Tang San pondered, then said: “Consider it sixty gold spirit coins.”

“So expensive?” Niu Gao stared wide eyed at Tang San. In fact, the entire building planning and construction business of his clan only had a few hundred gold spirit coins in income each month. Not every clan was as wealthy as the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School.

The price Tang San mentioned really didn’t count as high either. The Godly Zhuge Crossbow’s real manufacturing price was around thirty gold spirit coins, but to that was added the labour cost and the price of poison for the bolts, making sixty gold spirit coins the real manufacturing price.

Back when Tang San sold to the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, a full set was five hundred gold spirit coins. Among this set of hidden weapons, chief was the Godly Zhuge Crossbow. There were still Sleeve Darts, Sand Projecting Shadow, Tight Back Lowering Head Crossbow and so on. The complete manufacturing price didn’t surpass two hundred gold spirit coins.

Tang San laughed loudly, saying: “This Godly Zhuge Crossbow is made from refined iron, requiring extremely high skill. The crossbow bolts are dipped in poison, if not for the horn plates on your chest, perhaps you would already be poisoned. I’ll trouble you to go carefully wash it off later. The manufacturing cost for each Godly Zhuge Crossbow really is sixty gold spirit coins. If it was on the market, it would be roughly over one hundred fifty gold spirit coins.”

Niu Gao looked over Tang San, then again looked at Tai Tan, “Isn’t that robbery? Our Defense Clan’s income in one month is only a few of these toys.”

Tai Tan looked at Niu Gao with meaning in his eyes, “That’s why I say that our Tang Sect’s road of money is immeasurable! Since it wouldn’t appear at the heart of conflict, there can be a certain profit. In the relative safety of Heaven Dou City, quietly watching the world changing outside.”
[1] Niu Ben - (⽜奔) “Bovine Rush”

Chapter 174

Niu Gao looked unhappily at Tai Tan, “Fine, don’t tempt me. I still have to think it over carefully. As for that, even though this thing of yours is attractive, it’s still not that powerful. After all, we rely on defensive power to protect ourselves. However, to the Speed Clan, this thing is quite useful!”

“Eh?” Niu Gao’s words were like a meticulous jab at Tang San. Tang San was intelligent, and immediately understood his meaning. The Speed Clan’s main ability was speed, there was no need to doubt their superiority in speed. But at the same time, because of the single attribute, even if they had speed, they really were rather weak in other areas. With speed, they could dodge instead of block, but what about attacking? Even though speed and force were directly related, the boost to attack power was still limited.

If the Speed Clan’s speed was matched with the attack power of hidden weapons, it would undoubtedly substantially increase their overall strength. Moreover, among all the four single attribute clans, it was the Speed Clan whose fortunes were worst. Niu Gao’s meaning seemed to be, rather than roping in their Defense Clan, it would be better to make plans for the Speed Clan.

Just when Tang San was pondering the deep meaning within Niu Gao’s words, a Defense Clan clansman hastily entered from outside, quickly stepping over to Niu Gao, leaning over to whisper a few words by his ear.

Hearing his words, Niu Gao couldn’t keep his expression fro changing, “What did they come to do? Old orangutan, the Elephant Armored School’s people came.”

Tai Tan frowned, “Who?”

Niu Gao stood, saying: “Heavenly Elephant Huyan Zhen came personally. I have to give him some face.”

Tai Tan said: “Then fine. I’ll go with you to take a look.” With the two both getting up, the younger generation naturally followed. Tang San wasn’t conceited about his own position, following the two clan chiefs alongside Tai Long and Ma Hongjun.”

Just at the courtyard, everyone’s gazes were immediately drawn to those five enormous bodies. The leader was past his seventh decade, and at a visual estimate, he was at least two and a half meters tall. He stood there like a mountain of meat. Dark skin, a pair of large eyes like copper bells. His dark skin seemed to have a particular luster. This was the Elephant Armored School master, Heavenly Elephant Huyan Zhen.

The four people following behind Huyan Zhen also seemed past sixty, their builds only slightly inferior to Huyan Zhen. Each and every one were reserved, and the five people standing there were like five large mountains, their might impressive.

Huyan Zhen was clearly familiar with Niu Gao from before, and seeing Niu Gao lead everyone out, he immediately laughed loudly, stepping forward to meet them with large strides, “Brother Niu, we haven’t met for some time. How is it, have you been well?”

Niu Gao returned the politeness with a somewhat skin deep smile, “Thanks to luck, my body is still healthy. I don’t know for what errand the noble Heavenly Elephant graces us with his presence?”

Huyan Zhen laughed loudly, saying: “Brother Niu, this definitely isn’t right, don’t tell me you won’t invite a brother to sit and chat? Oh, this old

brother’s stature is so robust, I don’t know who he is?” His gaze fell on Tai Tan.

Niu Gao said calmly: “Thi s is my big brother Tai Tan. We’ll go speak in the drawing room.”

Huyan Zhen’s eyes displayed a trace of astonishment, “So it’s the Strength Clan’s boss, old brother Tai Tan. Just in time, this saves me another trip to Heaven Dou City.”

Tang San coolly watched from the side, inwardly he had some speculations as to the reasons for Huyan Zhen’s visit.

Entering the drawing room, everyone separately sat as hosts and guests. Tang San very naturally stood behind Tai Tan, without sitting down. In front of the Elephant Armored School, he still didn’t want to reveal his identity. Consequently, only the two clan chiefs and that Heavenly Elephant were qualified to sit in the drawing room.

Niu Gao ordered people to serve tea. With difficulty squeezing out a smile, he asked Heavenly Elephant Huyan Zhen: “Brother Huyan, say it straight. Everyone are aching to get on with it. You wouldn’t visit the temple without cause!”

“Fine, let’s get on with it.” Huyan Zhen wasn’t particularly polite either. Even though Tai Tan’s appearance ruined his plans to some extent, that still couldn’t block him from reaching his purpose.

“You old brothers should have heard it. The Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan was destroyed, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School seriously injured. The three upper sects of the seven great sects only exist in name. And the current Spirit Hall Supreme Pontiff has already issued a decree, to hold an assembly to select a new seven great sects in one year.”

Niu Gao said: “How is that related to us? My tiny Defense Clan naturally doesn’t have the strength to go fight over this.”

Huyan Zhen laughed loudly, saying: “Don’t hide it old brother, little brother has some plans for this reselection assembly. What I’m talking about this time, is to seize a position among the three upper sects. That’s the reason for this visit, I hope to obtain big brother’s support! If our Elephant Armored School joined hands with your Defense Clan, in the Spirit Master world, who could contend with us? At least it would be an invincible position. At that time, at Spirit Hall, our position would naturally also rise like the boat with the tide, becoming the overlords of a faction wouldn’t be a problem. As long as brother agrees, the position of Elephant Armored School’s vice school master is yours. Little brother would be on an equal footing with you, how about it?”

The more he heard Huyan Zhen say, the gloomier Niu Gao’s expression became. What he said might sound grand, but the implication was that he would annex the Defense Clan. This was already offending Niu Gao’s bottom line.

“Old brother Huyan, don’t tell me you’ve forgotten who originally forced us to become like stray dogs? Almost didn’t leave us with room to stand?”

Huyan Zhen said: “Brother Niu, that’s already so many years in the past, as they say, there are no eternal enemies, only eternal interests. Don’t tell me you can’t clearly see Spirit Hall’s strength? In the present world, who can contend with Spirit Hall? With your strength as well as the Defense Clan’s features, as long as we walk the same road, the Defense Clan’s prospects are boundless! You can raise any conditions, as long as little brother can satisfy them, I definitely won’t decline, and even if I can’t satisfy them, there’s still Spirit Hall.”

Niu Gao’s temper finally couldn’t be suppressed, fiercely slapping the table, standing up, angrily saying: “Huyan Zhen, when did you become such a loyal dog to Spirit Hall? If you want to lick Spirit Hall’s ass, that’s your matter, don’t bring me into it. Our Defense Clan doesn’t have the slightest interest.”

Niu Gao’s fury first made Huyan Zhen stare blankly, then his face immediately changed. No matter what was said, he was still one of the

seven great sect masters, being cursed at by Niu Gao like this, where did he still have any face left? While standing up, forceful light flashed in his eyes, “Niu Gao, I called you big brother out of respect, that’s giving you face. Don’t tell me you didn’t see the fall of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School and the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan? Do you believe your Defense Clan is stronger than them?”

Niu Gao’s voice was called: “Better a broken jade than an intact roof tile. Even if the Clear Sky School let our four single attribute clans down back then, no matter what is said, we still relied on the Clear Sky School to grow. We separated from them, but it’s still impossible to cooperate with Spirit Hall. I, Niu Gao, won’t be the dog of Spirit Hall. If you have the skill, you come destroy us, but don’t mouthfart in front of me.”

Huyan Zhen’s face fell like water, a pair of big eyes glinting ominously,
“Saying so, you won’t give me face?”

Niu Gao snorted coldly, imposing manner flourishing all over his body. Equally Spirit Douluo, even if his strength was inferior to Huyan Zhen, in terms of defense, he was even above Diamond Mammoth Spirit Huyan Zhen, only his attack fell far short.

Tai Tan also slowly stood up to the side, equally overbearing imposing manner erupting from him. In spirit power, he wasn’t inferior to Huyan Zhen. Just that his spirit’s innate talents were lacking.

In front of the simultaneous pressure of two great Spirit Douluo, even Huyan Zhen’s imposing body couldn’t help swaying a moment. Those four old men who came with him quickly stood behind him, instantly, heavy imposing manner immediately counterattacked. Those four elders were unexpectedly all Spirit Sage level experts, each with strength surpassing the seventieth rank.

Niu Gao disdainfully curled his lip, “Huyan Zhen. If you want to deal with me, I advise you to first bring along the Elephant Armored School’s army, relying on the few of you, still seems insufficient.”

Huyan Zhen was inwardly gloomy. Before coming, he by far hadn’t expected Great Strength God Tai Tan to be here, otherwise he and the subordinates he brought would have been enough to suppress the Defense Clan. Even though their imposing manner wasn’t weaker than Niu Gao’s side, this was still the Defense Clan’s territory, and it would be very difficult to get the outcome he desired.

Malicious light flashing in his eyes, Huyan Zhen coldly said: “Fine. Niu Gao, our blue mountains don’t change. As green water flows, I’m sure we’ll meet again. I hope you’ll still be able to speak to me with such confidence when we meet next.”

Finished speaking, Huyan Zhen turned and brought his four clansmen away.

Along with the departure of the Elephant Armored School’s five people, Niu Gao and Tai Tan’s chilling demeanors gradually faded. Niu Gao’s face had already turned extremely unsightly. Fiercely swinging a hand, with a loud explosion, the wooden table next to him turned to splinters.

“I’ve always hidden in such a remote place as Rising Dragon City, but they still won’t let us off. Those Spirit Hall bastards, what are they all up to?”

Tang San spoke up, “It’s deterrence. Every person with eyes knows who was behind what happened to the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School and the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan. But, who can do anything about them? Spirit Hall also paid an enormous price to attack these two great sects, and from their point of view, there actually aren’t that many advantages. But what’s important is the deterring effect. The Clear Sky School is sealed, the other two of the upper three sects destroyed. Spirit Hall’s intention is to tell everyone that there is none who can oppose them. Even if doing so raises the vigilance of the two great empires. However, Spirit Hall’s own strength has also already matured. With so many kingdoms and duchies as their puppets, they wouldn’t even fear an actual war. Under the effect of such deterrence, some small sects that originally intended to keep watch and wait basically don’t have any choice, and can only attach themselves to Spirit Hall to exist. Like this, as

long as Spirit Hall’s seven great sects reselection assembly ends smoothly in one year, the seven great sects will all be under their control. Then, the Continent will perhaps really be the world of Spirit Hall in the future.”

Tang San’s current mood was very calm, clearly analysing the situation, “How many are like senior Niu, fearless of force? Very, very few. When the seven great sect struggle ends, Spirit Hall will no longer be low key, they’re bound to stand in front to challenge the two great empires. Even to the extent that they will take the initiative to invade. With the number of powers held by Spirit Hall, if there’s war, the two great empires will inevitably be at a disadvantage.”

Saying so, Tang San changed the subject, “I want to establish the Tang Sect, besides my own selfish motives, is in the hopes of as far as possible stopping such a situation from appearing. Even though there are a lot of high level Spirit Masters in the world, the absolute majority are still low level Spirit Masters. Spirit Hall controls tens of thousands of low level Spirit Masters, so the greatest threat to the two great empires is as a mob. That’s an almost unparallelled army. You’ve seen our Tang Sect’s hidden weapons. If we mass produced them, providing enough to the two imperial governments, at least the two great empires would still have the strength to fight on the true battlefield. Spirit Hall is after all a religious organisation, and the two great empires haven’t existed for just a day or two. Who will win and who will lose is still very difficult to tell. Even though I know senior can’t forget about the Clear Sky School abandoning you back then, you can’t deny the Clear Sky School’s reputation as first under heaven. If there’s a deadlock between Spirit Hall and the two great empires, do you believe the Clear Sky School wouldn’t use such an opportunity?”

“I can tell you a secret. The Clear Sky School’s twenty year seal hasn’t been wasted. Even if there aren’t a lot of people, they’re all experts. There are more than six powers of the Title Douluo level. You should understand the meaning of Title Douluo with the Clear Sky Hammer spirit. As for who can obtain the final victory with the Continent in chaos, I believe the Clear Sky School’s existence will be an enormous influence. If our plan can succeed, then our Tang Sect’s influence absolutely won’t

be less than the Clear Sky School. I can guarantee senior in advance, the Tang Sect will never be incorporated into the Clear Sky School. Tang Sect is Tang Sect. Independent of any Spirit Master groups. We only gather together, produce hidden weapons. A group defending our autonomy. So much that we won’t even be a Spirit Master sect. Senior Niu Gao, junior sincerely invites you to join the Tang Sect. The Tang Sect absolutely won’t restrict the Defense Clan, all the Defense Clan clansmen will still be under your control. If the time comes that you believe the Tang Sect doesn’t suit you, then you can lead the Defense Clan to depart at any time.”

“I won’t hide it from you, right now only the Strength Clan has joined the Tang Sect, as well as me, Fatty as well as two other comrades. Even if you can’t trust me, don’t tell me you can’t trust senior Tai Tan?”

Just when Tang San started to speak, his words had drawn Niu Gao’s interest. Thoroughly analysing, using true words as invitation, without many promises, but each of his words sounded very true to Niu Gao’s ears.

This was all the capability Tang San had learned from his aunt in the Moon Pavilion. That year might have seemed a waste, but in fact, Tang San had learned a lot of principles for dealing with people from there. Tang Yue- Hua always said that strength wasn’t everything in the current world. Wielding existing strength, and further adding the ability to handle people, that was a true power.

Tai Tan also listened carefully to Tang San’s words, the smile on his face gradually growing stronger. He was of course very familiar with Niu Gao’s character, and Tang San’s choice of timing to speak was just perfect. Even though Niu Gao had shown a strong front to Huyan Zhen, that was only because Hyan Zhen had offended his bottom line. As a clan chief, would he really not care about the survival of the clan? The answer was inevitably negative.

Niu Gao’s expression was somewhat uncertain, studying Tang San for a long time without speaking. Right now not just they were in the great hall. Ma Hongjun, Tai long, Niu Ben were also here. Niu Ben now understood Tang San’s true purpose in coming here. Hearing him speak, he also

simultaneously sank into contemplation, clearly weighing the pros and cons.

Tai Tan patted Niu Gao’s shoulder, “Before coming here, I already had Tai Nuo start buying up some surrounding properties. Preparing to expand the mansion. I remember in those days I still had your help when building the mansion, this time I will perhaps still have to trouble you. Us brothers have always been separated in two different empires these years, I truly cherish the memories of those days when we every day drank wine and ate meat. I’m not urging you to join the Tang Sect because of that, only, old rhino, do you want to make this gamble along with me? If our gamble fails, big brother can absolutely tell you, my Strength Clan will definitely be ruined before your Defense Clan.”

Niu Gao looked at Tai Tan, their eyes meeting, and he sharply waved his hand, “Spirit Hall’s bullying is intolerable, fine, old orangutan, I’ll follow you for this bet. Tang San, remember your words today, no matter what happens in the future, us and the Clear Sky School will never have any relation again. This is our bottom line. As long as what you do is to everyone’s benefit, my Defense Clan will support you unconditionally.”

Tang San wore a smile, watching Niu Gao with a steadfast gaze, without saying anything, only forcefully nodding to him.

Tai Tan laughed out loud, spreading both arms to Niu Gao, “My good brother, welcome to the Tang Sect.”

Niu Gao also smiled simultaneously, forcefully hugging Tai Tan, “Let’s go, we’ll continue drinking. Just now we let that old brat Huyan Zhen bother us, we can’t let that ruin our mood.”

Once again seated at the table, the atmosphere had clearly changed. The slight hostility hidden in Niu Gao’s gaze as he looked at Tang San had vanished completely. He was always an optimistic person. Since it was already decided, he wouldn’t regret it.

The wine made three rounds, and Tai Tan slightly intoxicated said: “Old rhino, do you know why I promised young master to establish this Tang

Sect with him?”

“Why?” Niu Gao’s capacity for wine was about the same as Tai Tan’s.
Tai Tan was somewhat drunk, naturally he wasn’t much better of.

Tai Tan said: “Besides those hidden weapons making my heart beat, even more important is the young master. Young master’s twenty, how can he possess his present accomplishments? Now I can tell you too. Five years ago. Do you know about the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament?”

Niu Gao said: “I seem to have heard of it. Our clan also have some children that followed some academy to participate, their achievement wasn’t up to much.”

Tai Tan laughed out loud, saying: “In this you aren’t my equal. Tai Long, this brat, was a member of the final champion team.”

“What did you say?” Niu Gao was inwardly alarmed, even his tipsy feeling retreating a bit, looking at Tai Tan; “This brat was so outstanding?” The status of the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament was fairly high in the Spirit Master world. It was the best stage for the young generation of Spirit Masters to reveal themselves. Each academy member that could obtain an outstanding achievement were all targets that great sects tripped over each other to recruit.

Niu Ben forcefully clapped Tai Long’s shoulder, “All right, kid! Uncle didn’t see you were so tremendous. I heard that the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament that time was the most epic in the last several decades. The level of the competing Spirit Masters were all considerably high. Especially Spirit Hall, who sent that trio of youths called the Golden Generation to lead their team. But in the end they were defeated by a dark horse. I didn’t expect you would be a member of that team. let me think, ah, right, it was called something like Shrek Academy, yes?”

Tai Long somewhat embarrassed said: “Uncle Niu Ben, don’t exaggerate. Even if I counted as a member of the team, I was only a

substitute. In the last key competition, I didn’t take the field. The reason our team could defeat Spirit Hall’s Golden Generation, is all young master’s contribution. Young master was not only the vice captain, but also the soul of the team. In the final battle, it was he who single handedly blocked the spirit fusion ability of the Golden Generation siblings, creating the conditions for victory. Finally pulling strongly against the tide, making us the champions. At that time young master’s spirit power was forty something ranked, Spirit Hall’s Golden Generation all over fiftieth ranked.”

Speaking of that battle back then, Tai Long couldn’t help revealing an intense worship in his eyes. He had personally seen the entire fight, and even now he couldn’t forget Tang San’s heroism on the field.

Ma Hongjun wasn’t as calm as Tang San. Grinning, he said: “I was also in the main force! Tai Long, why don’t you praise me.”

Tai Long laughed out loud, saying: “Yes, Fatty was also in the main force. He was also stronger than me. Your spirit is the phoenix.”

When father and son Niu Gao and Niu Ben heard Tai Long’s words, they couldn’t keep their expressions from changing somewhat. Tai Tan smiled: “Now you understand my meaning. Young master’s excellence even makes Spirit Hall jealous. His future prospects are boundless.”

Niu Gao frowned, saying: “The win will definitely break the tallest tree, don’t tell me Spirit Hall wouldn’t have such thoughts?”

Tai Tan grinned: “No need to worry about that. First not speaking about whether Spirit Hall could find young master, along with young master’s strength rising, he had one spirit awaken a second time, leading to huge changes in his appearance and demeanor. People who knew him before don’t recognize him when face to face. Moreover, in Heaven Dou City, even if someone wished young master harm, that still wouldn’t be so easy. Our Tang Sect is established in secret, and also won’t go join the struggles between Spirit Master sects, we’re only secretly building our strength.”

Niu Gao said:

“No matter what is said, afterwards we’re also a grasshopper on a string. After this gathering is over, I’ll go eat your food and drink your wine. Humph humph.”

Tai Tan smiled: “As you wish, there’s enough. Anyway, hereafter the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School will support the Tang Sect financially. With the skill you eat until they’re poor. Their sect is broken, but their wealth hasn’t waned. That is indeed the richest sect under heaven.”

Niu Gao stared blankly a moment, “I feel more and more like this Tang Sect of ours has some prospects. Since it’s like this, it would be better if we also pulled the Speed Clan along. Their days have been very sad. Always receiving our material assistance. Since the finances aren’t a problem, and Tang San can even talk me into it, I think the old whitebird wouldn’t be much of a problem.”

Tai Tan smiled: “That fellow most dislikes other people calling him old bird, be careful about his temper! Only, we can consider how to lure him. The two of us are both in the Tang Sect, with him it’ll be even more lively.”

The two wicked old men immediately began to excitedly talk in low voices. Tang San could naturally hear what they said, and for a moment he couldn’t help feeling a chill down his back. So when people got old, they wouldn’t be disturbed by sinister thoughts. Of course, their purpose was still benevolent.

Judging by how it had gone so far, everything was better than anticipated. Only one area made somewhat worried, the Breaking Clan. Judging by how Tai Tan and Niu Gao hadn’t mentioned them at all, clearly that wasn’t an easily convinced clansman. Due to losing more than half the clan from Spirit Hall’s attack, their hatred for the Clear Sky Clan was naturally the strongest. Moreover, they were also the one clan of the four single attribute clans that made the best living. What ways could move them in the end?


evening, still one day from the time of the four single attribute clan gathering, the Speed Clan arrived.

The Speed Clan fully brought more than ten people. Niu Gai and Tai Tan went out to meet them together, and Tang San, Ma Hongjun and Tai Long also followed behind.

Counting carefully, Tang San discovered that the Speed Clan had brought altogether twelve people, the old man leading them was slim, but seemed extremely well proportioned. His long hair hung across his back, but it was already snow white. If not for his face being as rosy as an infant’s, he would seem even older than Tai Tan and Niu Gao. But Tang San knew that he was really a year younger than Niu Gao. His spirit power was also around the eighty first or eight second rank. That was also the Speed Clan’s clan chief, Bai He[1].

Actually, the Speed Clan’s spirit wasn’t a crane, crane’s didn’t fly fast. The reason why they walked the road of speed was also greatly related to their spirit. Because the Speed Clan’s spirit was a bird with the fastest flight speed, called the Needle-Tailed Swift[2]. It was possessing such a spirit that led the Speed Clan down their cultivation route.

Following next to Bai He was a young woman about the same age as Tang San and Ma Hongjun. The young woman was tall and well proportioned, extremely beautiful. Even if she was a bit thin, her appearance was only slightly inferior to Xiao Wu, Zhu Zhuqing and the others. The expression in her eyes seemed somewhat proud, holding Bai He’s arm, her beautiful eyes looked around hopefully, seemingly very interested in everything around her.

Ma Hongjun took one look at this young woman, and his eyes immediately straightened. He never had any resistance to beautiful women. Secretly swallowing, he stared fixedly at her without blinking, as if about to eat her.

The young woman very soon sensed Ma Hongjun’s gaze, shooting him a look. Turning her head, her beautiful eyes just fell on Tang San. However, what she looked at wasn’t Tang San’s handsome appearance, but rather

Xiao Wu in his arms. Xiao Wu’s fur shone like silver, even starting to turn gold at the roots, further with the power she spread, her chubby body seeming extremely cute, she was a fatal killing blow at least to young women.

“Haha, old orangutan, I knew you’d definitely be here long ago. It really is so.” Bai He laughed loudly and went to greet them, the three elders forcefully hugging.

However, Bai He clearly felt that Tai Tan and Niu Gao’s expressions were somewhat awkward. It seemed as if they meticulously kept their distance, and when hugging he didn’t get the feeling they were honestly happy.

Niu Gao looked at the young woman next to Bai He, “Xiangxiang came too. Let’s go, we’ll speak inside.”

Bai He’s subordinates naturally had the Defense Clan’s people’s arrangements, and he brought the charming young woman to follow Tai Tan and Niu Gao into the drawing room with doubts in his heart.

“Tea.” Niu Gao shouted, his expression appearing a bit more unsightly.
To the side, Tai Tan also hung his head without speaking.

Bai He frowned, “What’s up with you two old fellows? Such anxious expressions.”

Niu Gao smiled bitterly: “You only just arrived, we shouldn’t speak to you about it. But you also know I can’t keep words to myself. Old whitebird, in the future we might not be able to help you again.”

Bai He’s heart shivered, him bringing so many people this time wasn’t just for prestige. The Speed Clan’s days really weren’t easy. The entire clan, from clan chief Bai He and down, everyone were proud, they always believed their Swift Spirit was extremely noble. That’s why they never agreed to join any sect. Coming this time, he originally planned to accept some assistance of the other three clans, supporting his clan. This had also become a tradition among the four clans.

“What’s happened?” Bai He’s heart steadied a bit, and asked.

Niu Gao sighed, saying: “You know the Elephant Armored School.
Yesterday Huyan Zhen that fellow came. He came to enlist my clan.”

Bai He said: “On behalf of Spirit hall?” Right now he couldn’t even pay attention to Niu Gao calling him that name he disliked.

Noi Gao nodded wordlessly.

Bai He’s brows wrinkled, “Old rhino, you wouldn’t have agreed?”

Niu Gao snorted coldly, “How would that be possible? Even if my Defense Clan was destroyed, I still wouldn’t be Spirit Hall’s dog. Only, I refused them, I’m afraid the Elephant Armored School will retaliate. As for when, nobody can say. Therefore, I’ve decided to migrate the clan. Leave for Heaven Dou City, mixing with old orangutan. You also know, going to the old orangutan’s place, reopening business there, raising income, it’ll take time. Even the Strength Clan’s support is like a cup of water on a burning cart of firewood for our two clans. Not enough. Therefore, this time, I’m afraid we won’t be able to support you.”

Bai He’s expression clearly seemed a bit artificial. Shaking his head, he said: “It doesn’t matter. Over these years, without your support, I’m afraid our Speed Clan would long since have ceased to exist. Now that your Defense Clan is in difficulties, I’m already very sorry I can’t help. How can I still ask for resources. I’ll think of a way myself.”

The atmosphere in the drawing room became somewhat depressed, the three clan chiefs didn’t speak up again. Niu Gao and Tai Tan glanced at each other and both saw the smile at the corners of each others’ eyes, and hastily rearranged their own facial expressions.

After a long silence, Tai Tan said to Bai He: “Old whitebird, I’ll introduce you.” It was Tang San’s turn.

Bai He looked somewhat blankly at Tai Tan. Tai Tan indicated Tang San to the side, saying: “This little brother is a swiftly rising genius of a

generation in the world of forging. He’s made some hidden weapons, I’ve taken a look, and they seem very suitable for your Speed Clan. I let him follow me so you could take a look. Little San.”

Tang San petted the already fast asleep Xiao Wu, first putting her inside the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse, then once again pulled out the heroic workhorse Godly Zhuge Crossbow from his chest, walking over and handing it to Bai He with both hands.

Bai He took it with several questions, and the eyes of the young woman at his side were immediately filled with curiosity as she looked at the unassuming black box.

Tang San didn’t wait for him to ask, taking the initiative to say: “This thing is called Godly Zhuge Crossbow, forty eight crossbow bolts are hidden inside, including the crossbow bolts, all of it is made from refined iron. Each time the mechanism on top is wound, it can instantly shoot sixteen crossbow bolts from the holes in front, tyrannically powerful. It can break defensive spirit abilities of the fortieth rank and below, and the crossbow bolts are furthermore poisoned. If used to sneak attack before the opponent raises his defense, even fiftieth and sixtieth level Spirit Masters will find it very difficult to escape. If matched with your noble clan’s speed, it’s might can inevitably increase enormously.”

Bai He was shocked, “You’re saying this thing can break defensive spirit abilities of the fortieth rank and below? You’re certain?”

Sitting at the head, Niu Gao said: “I already tried it last night. What he says isn’t a bit exaggerated. I heard that this thing is still only the basic version Godly Zhuge Crossbow, and it can still be provided with even stronger crossbow bolts. What do you think of that?”
[1] Bai He - (⽩鹤) “White Crane”, thus all the references to white birds.
[2] Needle-Tailed Swift - ( 尖 尾 ⾬ 燕 ) literally “needle tailed rain swallow” or white-throated needle tail, while other raptors might beat them in diving speed, the needle-tailed swift holds the record in vertical flight.

Chapter 175


Tang San said: “The improved Godly Zhuge Crossbow, since the crossbow bolts aren’t the same, will also have different power. The most powerful can threaten a sixtieth rank Spirit Master going all out on defense. The most ordinary is still a level of power above this basic one. Enough to make forty fifth ranked Spirit Masters hateful. Split into twelve types of crossbow bolts, they’re each Bone Piercing Bolts, Thunderflame Bolts, Armor Breaking Bolts, Edge Cracking Bolts, Devil Suppressing Bolts, Overlord Bolts, Deep Yin Bolts, Dragon Cutting Bolts, Extinguishing Lust Bolts, Dragon Beard Bolts, Meteor Destruction Bolts and Seven Killing Bolts. The most difficult to deal with among them are the Meteor Destruction Bolts and the Seven Killing Bolts. Just that since these crossbow bolts require extremely fine craftsmanship and uncommon materials, the cost is high.”

While speaking, Tang San took back the Godly Zhuge Crossbow, swiftly winding the mechanism, “Senior please watch.” While speaking, Tang San raised his hand and fired. Along with a series of sonorous cracks, sixteen streaks of shadow entered the ground in an instant. Bai He didn’t clearly see how they shot, but the granite floor already had sixteen small holes.

Bai He couldn’t help asking: “How large is the killing range for this thing?”

Tang San said: “The greatest killing power is guaranteed within fifty meters, further than that, the power gradually weakens.”

Drawing a deep breath, Bai He was unable to conceal the excitement revealed by his eyes, “Good, I’ll buy this thing. How much? I want two hundred.”

Tang San smiled slightly, “Not expensive, one hundred fifty gold spirit coins.”

Bai He pondered, then said, “Can’t you make it a bit cheaper?” Even though his character wasn’t willing to haggle, one hundred fifty gold spirit coins wasn’t a small sum to the entire Speed Clan.

Bai He never allowed his junior clansmen to go draw the Spirit Hall stipend. The level of poverty for the whole clan ranked among the top in the Spirit Master world.

Tang San pondered, then said: “Since you’re friends with senior Tai Tan, I’ll give you a favorable price. One hundred twenty gold spirit coins. I can’t go lower.”

Bai He, slightly relieved, said: “Good, then I’ll buy.” While speaking, swiping the spirit tool bracelet on his wrist, he took out a pouch of precious and heavy gold spirit coins.

“Here is one hundred gold spirit coins. I’ll give you the remaining twenty after the Breaking Clan has arrived.”

Tang San didn’t accept it, somewhat awkwardly saying: “Senior, you seem to have misunderstood. The one hundred twenty gold spirit coins I mentioned was for one. If you want two hundred Godly Zhuge Crossbows, then the price should be twenty four thousand gold spirit coins.”

“What did you say?” Bai He shot to his feet. His face was already deep red. Originally he had suffered because of the poverty of his clan, but now hearing Tang San mention such an astronomical sum, the pride in his heart immediately turned into anger, “Are you playing with me?” An almost severe pressure immediately gushe d out from within his body. Even if he cultivated in the direction of speed, no matter what was said, he was still a Spirit Douluo level power.

The young woman sitting by Bai He’s side also stood up with him, glaring at Tang San: “Why don’t you go robbing?”

Tang San smiled calmly, as if he didn’t feel the pressure Bai He released. Equally being Spirit Douluo, the pressure Bai He gave him was a lot less than Niu Gao, “Be calm, senior. When our Tang Sect does business, it’s absolutely without cheating either old nor young. One hundred twenty gold spirit coins is cheap rather than expensive. When I sell to the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, the price is closer to one hundred eighty gold spirit coin for one. You already have completely favorable treatment. Don’t forget that my Godly Zhuge Crossbow is made from refined iron, according to the price you wish for, wouldn’t that be less than one gold spirit coin for each Godly Zhuge Crossbow? The manufacturing cost for the refined iron is more than this. Even more so the craftsmanship and technique, I dare say it’s unique and unmatched on the Douluo Continent. Before senior gets angry, please think clearly.”

While speaking, Tang San raised a foot and lightly stomped on the ground. Faint white light stealthily rushed from him. Bai He clearly felt the pressure he released being forcefully cut apart. And on the ground, sixteen black shadows shot up, caught in Tang San’s hand, then slowly and calmly returned the sixteen crossbow bolts to the Godly Zhuge Crossbow.

Tai Tan said: “Bai He, I can prove this on his behalf. Selling this Godly Zhuge Crossbow for one hundred twenty gold spirit coins absolutely isn’t expensive. As far as I know, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School is the Tang Sect’s long term client. This price for you is already very low. My meaning is, if you’re interested, you can buy one for self protection.”

Bai He disappointedly sat back in his seat, “This thing is good, but what use is only one?” Just as Niu Gao said, the greatest problem perplexing the Speed Clan was attack power. If they had sufficiently formidable attack power, then even going to specially hunt spirit beasts was enough to support the clan. The appearance of the Godly Zhuge Crossbow undoubtedly made Bai He’s eyes brighten, but, to him, this price really was a bit too difficult to accept.

Tang San smiled slightly, saying: “Senior Bai he, trading can’t become charity. Since today is our first meeting, I’ll present this Godly Zhuge Crossbow to you as a gift.” While speaking, he once again held the Godly Zhuge Crossbow in front of Bai He.

Bai He snorted, “You want to give it to me? No unjustly deserved rewards. I can’t take it.” In his heart, one hundred twenty gold spirit coins was no small figure. Accepting the help of the four single attribute clans was one thing, accepting the gifts of other people was definitely something else. If he wasn’t so proud, the Speed Clan wouldn’t have reached its current state.

Tang San said: “Then how about this. This young lady should be senior’s granddaughter. Junior has always been extremely interested in speed. I don’t know whether me and this young miss could compete in speed. If I win, senior gives me the one hundred gold spirit coins you hold. If I lose, this Godly Zhuge Crossbow will be regarded as the stakes for senior. How about it?”

Hearing this, Bai He’s heart immediately thumped. Speed was the greatest advantage of their clan. Even if the aura Tang San revealed just now wasn’t weak, he still absolutely didn’t believe his granddaughter would lose to him. Moreover, he assumed that Tang San himself was planning to give this thing to him, and this was just finding a justification. Even though Bai He had a very proper face, the lure of the Godly Zhuge Crossbow was just too large. He couldn’t help subconsciously looking to his granddaughter.

That beautiful young woman directly leapt up from her chair, in practically an a flash, she stood at the center of the hall, “Fine, I’ll compete with you.”

Tang San put the Godly Zhuge Crossbow aside, strolling over in front of that young woman. Right now, looking face to face, he couldn’t help praising her inwardly. This young woman really was beautiful. Especially her harmonized figure. Only, he still only appreciated her. In his heart, besides Xiao Wu, there was no longer room for a second woman.

The young woman haughtily faced up, looking at the half a head taller than her Tang San, “How do you want to compete?”

Tang San smiled slightly, saying: “I have always admired the speed of the Speed Clan, we’ll do it according to nimbleness. We’ll be within this drawing room. As long as you can touch me anywhere, it will be your win. The time is one stick of incense. Conversely, I win.”

The young woman said without the slightest hesitation: “Fine, then light the incense.”

Tang San’s Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges had everything. Casually stroking it, pulling out one stick of incense, he threw it to Ma Hongjun. Ma Hongjun flicked it with a finger, immediately lighting the incense, holding it in his hand.

“Tang Sect’s Tang San, please guide me.” Tang San gracefully made an inviting gesture, immediately focusing his entire attention.

The young woman disdainfully curled her lip. She didn’t believe Tang San could compare to her in speed, “Speed Clan’s Bai Chenxiang[1]. I will begin?”


Tang San’s words had just fallen when Bai Chenxiang was already in motion. Even with Tang San’s eyesight, he only caught a smear of shadow in front, before Bai Chenxiang had already reached him.

However, he was also long since prepared. At the same time as he said ‘please’, his feet shifted slightly, moving half a chi to the left.

Bai Chenxiang was strangely fast, but exactly because she was fast, her momentum was naturally also powerful. Immediately charging past Tang San’s side, she missed him by a hair’s breadth.

Right now, azure color already burst from his eyes within a purple golden luster. His back was also cold. The Speed Clan’s speed was even scarier

than he had imagined. He didn’t dare be careless, directly using Purple Demon Eye, his spiritual force also spreading out.

Bai Chenxiang charged and leapt dexterously, the tips of her toes lightly poking a pillar within the drawing room, using even greater speed than before to return. One charge and one return, added together, took only the blink of an eye.

Tang San was now extremely careful, Purple Demon Eye targeting Bai Chenxiang, using Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step, his whole body immediately turning illusory.

Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step absolutely wasn’t the fastest of footwork, but it was absolutely the most profoundly nimble. Even if Bai Chenxiang was fast, Tang San’s movements were still always outside of her expectations, and she struck empty air again.

Bai Chenxiang naturally wouldn’t give up, chasing Tang San with all her strength. Tang San just didn’t look at her, relying on spiritual force to track her, minding his own business and using Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step within a narrow range. The reason why he reacted as he did today, was his previous consultation with Tai Tan and Niu Gao. The most crucial of this was whether he could convince the other party.

Speed was where the Speed Clan was best, and just like Tang San defeated Niu Gao in defense, if he could defeat the Speed Clan in speed, everything would become a lot easier.

The choice to compete within the drawing room was also considered Tang San’s painstaking efforts. Bai Chenxiang in front of him wasn’t difficult to deal with, the difficult one was the Speed Clan chief, Bai He. Tang San knew that even if he added his Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone, it was still impossible for him to compete with Bai He in straight line speed. Therefore, he could only choose agility. There were no Spirit Masters faster than the Speed Clan in a straight line, but linear speed and flexibility, after all, didn’t completely overlap. Tang San would exploit his Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step to conquer the other side.

Just at the start, Bai He’s expression was still completely relaxed, but along with Tang San successively dodging Bai Chenxiang several times, his face gradually fell.

Even though Bai Chenxiang still hadn’t used her spirit yet, in fact, speed was still something every Speed Clan member had in their bones, they were extremely fast even without the aid of spirits.

The burn speed of the incense was a bit faster than ordinarily, this was of course the effect of Ma Hongjun’s phoenix flame, just that nobody paid attention to him right now. Even if the incense burned even faster right now, the Speed Clan’s speed was still enough to carry out multiple lunges in this time.

Bai He gradually saw some clues. Tang San really wasn’t faster than his granddaughter, but that footwork of his was mysterious, and he could always dodge Bai Chenxiang’s lunges at the edge of danger just by relying on this profound footwork.

The stick of incense had already burned close to half, and Bai Chenxiang was still unable to deal with Tang San without using her spirit. With a low shout, the hair on her head grew, her arms stretched out, her spirit releasing in a moment.

Two yellow, two purple, four spirit rings appeared around her tall delicate body. Twenty years old, fortieth ranked Spirit Ancestor, her strength was quite uncommon. Moreover, she still had an ideal spirit ring configuration. Even though this girl wasn’t old, she was still the pride of Bai He’s Speed Clan. Bai He firmly believed that his granddaughter would have a chance to attack the Title Douluo level in the future.

Abruptly putting her spirit to use, Bai Chenxiang shot out like lightning, both feet gathering as if stuck together, each of her two arms turned into wings, flapping once, and along with her third spirit ring flaring, she flew in the air. Her speed suddenly increased, and she lunged towards Tang San.

This third spirit ring was undoubtedly her spirit ability. Under the effect of the flying ability, some tables and chairs and other small objects on the

floor could no longer block her. Further adding the increase in speed, the pressure she gave Tang San instantly increased substantially.

Immediately afterward, Bai Chenxiang’s first spirit ring was also used. Behind her four broken shadows appeared simultaneously, and they were moreover extremely distinct shadows. Looking exactly like her, as she flew horizontally, it seemed as if five Bai Chenxiangs charged Tang San simultaneously. The area covered immediately increased substantially. Despite being fully aware that four of those five were illusions, such a sudden appearance would still very easily cause optical illusions.

Unfortunately, Bai Chenxiang had encountered Tang San. The light of the Purple Demon Light pulsed, and practically none of the shadows had any meaning against his powerful eyesight. Tang San’s pace suddenly accelerated, the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone displaying its effect. Even though Tang San didn’t use speed boost abilities, along with his spirit power infusing, his speed still rose, dodging between the illusions in the drawing room just like smoke.

Despite Bai Chenxiang’s flight speed being incomparably fast with her spirit released, and moreover with her extremely agile lunges in the air, she was still unable to catch Tang San’s silhouette. The two chased and dodged like this, and time unceasingly drained away.

Bai Chenxiang was filled with an unreconciled feeling. She could clearly see that even after Tang San accelerated, his speed still couldn’t compare to her. But that strange footwork caused great problems for her judgement, it always seemed like she would catch him, but he still dodged as if he anticipated it.

Right now, besides Bai He, everyone watching the fight, even Tai Tan and Niu Gao, were also stunned. Six silhouettes constantly flickered within the hall, and it was already very difficult to clearly see the movements of both sides. Especially Bai Chenxiang. Her movements were too fast. It seemed she lunged directly, but suddenly turned nimbly, her body would twist beautifully in midair, instantly changing direction. But Tang San’s reaction couldn’t be called slow either, no matter how fast Bai Chenxiang’s

Needle-Tailed Swift flying speed was, he could always dodge in time, not letting Bai Chenxiang touch him.

Bai He’s brows wrinkled sharply. he knew that his granddaughter was already using her full strength, and that their side had lost this battle. Bai Chenxiang’s fourth spirit ability was only advantageous in straight line flight, no use in such a narrow space. It seemed that if it continued, it was impossible for his granddaughter to catch that youth called Tang San no matter what. Lowering his head, he looked somewhat grudgingly at the coin purse in his hand, inwardly thinking, ‘don’t tell me Heaven really wants wants to set itself against my Speed Clan?’ People can’t be greedy? With greed, even this final bit of coin couldn’t be preserved. In the next days, how would the Speed Clan continue? Would they really have to go seek shelter from a sect? Even if they wanted to find shelter, in the present world, the upper three sects no longer existed, when all was said and done, how many sects still had enough strength to stay unrelated to Spirit Hall?

“Time.” Ma Hongjun shouted, the incense in his hand finally ended.

The two figures suddenly halted. Tang San still had a smile, his graceful temperament unvarying, leisurely straightening the clothes that were in disorder from the fast movements.

Bai Chenxiang couldn’t be as leisurely as him. Because of her gasping for breath, her small chest heaved, glaring fiercely at Fatty, “Shameless, how could one stick of incense be so short?”

Ma Hongjun grinned, “With another stick of incense, you still couldn’t have touched one hair on my third brother’s head! The result would still be the same.”

Bai Chenxiang still wanted to say something else, but was stopped by Bai He. With movements nobody saw clearly, he had already arrived next to Bai Chenxiang. He threw the purse of gold spirit coins in his hand to Tang San,” He’s right. You couldn’t touch Tang San. We’ve lost. If you agree to bet you must accept to lose.”

Tang San caught the coins, but didn’t put it away, “Miss Bai, you let me win.”

Bai Chenxiang looked at Tang San with an unreconciled expression, “What let you win, if you have the skill, we’ll compete in long distance speed.”

Tang San smiled, and Bai He shouted: “Enough. If people compete in speed with our Speed Clan, they should naturally choose the manner. It’s your own cultivation that’s imperfect, and you still dare show off? Defeat isn’t dreadful, but you have to find the cause for your defeat.”

Bai Chenxiang felt somewhat wronged, but was clearly very fearful of her grandfather. She fiercely glared at Tang San, then furiously walked towards her own previous seat. When she passed by Ma Hongjun, she ‘very carelessly’ stepped on Ma Hongjun’s foot, eliciting a grimace of pain, but no complaints. This fellow was always extremely forgiving towards beautiful women.

Bai He looked at Tang San, “Your footwork is very marvellous. We are convinced in heart and word of our loss.”

Tang San bowed slightly, saying: “It’s junior’s tricks. In pure speed, nobody can compare to your noble clan.”

Bai He’s eyes displayed a trace of darkness, “What use is that? Of the four single attribute clans, our Speed Clan is the most useless.”

Tang San said: “You can’t say that, it’s just that your noble clan doesn’t have a suitable space to use. Senior, it would be better if we competed again. You’ve also seen that our Tang Sect has enough hidden weapons to arm your clan. Moreover, we aren’t a Spirit Master sect in the traditional sense. If senior loses, I hope senior can join the Tang Sect. The Tang Sect will completely provide your noble clan with equipment as well as all necessary resources. Furthermore, we won’t issue any requests in the forms of commands to your noble clan. What do you think?”

The light in Bai He’s eyes suddenly grew almost severe, just like two sharp blades thrusting straight at Tang San’s eyes. But, he still confronted Purple Demon Eye. Wouldn’t making anything out from Tang San’s eyes be easier said than done?

“Young man, you’ve got a big appetite!” Bai He said coldly.

Niu Gao sitting in the main seat snorted disdainfully, “Just you alone still dare compete with old whitebird in speed. Young people being a bit proud is nothing, but if it comes to arrogance, you can only suffer the painful consequences.”

Tang San smile was as light as a breeze, “From the start, junior didn’t think about winning. I only want to try it once. Just like the possibility of the Speed Clan joining our Tang Sect is extremely small. Senior Bai He, if I lose, we’ll provide your noble clan with a full complement of hidden weapons. Everyone will have equipment worth five hundred gold spirit coins. Including one Godly Zhuge Crossbow, two Silent Sleeve Darts, one Tight Back Head Bowed Crossbow, one Sand Projecting Shadow, as well as two Leg Crossbows.”

Hearing Tang San’s words, even Tai Tan and Niu Gao couldn’t help secretly being speechless. Niu Gao’s words were clearly a concealed provocation, but they originally hadn’t even planned for Tang San to actually win against Bai He in a competition of speed. If Tang San lost, since everyone were friends, they could pull close the relationship between both sides by relying on the attraction of the Tang Sect hidden weapons. But they hadn’t expected Tang San to actually toss out such large bait. If they lost here, the price would be a bit much. The Speed Clan still had more than two hundred people, a full set of five hundred gold spirit coins of equipment was definitely a hundred thousand gold spirit coins. Even to some Spirit Master sects with notable strength, this didn’t count as a small sum.

It was naturally impossible for Tang San to be sure he could win, but he still wanted to bet. Admittedly he hoped to even more directly obtained the backing of the Speed Clan, but at the same time it was also to reveal his strength one step further in front of these clan elders, to obtain even better

approval. Besides, there were still a lot of secret skills Tang San hadn’t used in his previous fight with Bai Chenxiang. Facing Bai He, had at least fifty percent certainty in his success.

Even if he lost, as long as they could pull the Speed Clan into the Tang Sect later on, these hundred thousand gold spirit coins in equipment still wouldn’t be a loss. Equipping their own side, wasn’t that very regular?

“Fatty. You come act as target, alright?” Tang San looked at Ma Hongjun.

Ma Hongjun directly jumped up,

“No problem! Come.” He was just looking for an opportunity to show off in front of the beautiful woman. Eager to take on this task, he walked over to stand ten meters in front of Tang San.

“Third brother, wait for me to prepare. Those hidden weapons of yours aren’t so easy to block.” While speaking, Fatty immediately released his spirit.

Along with his spirit releasing, Ma Hongjun’s body immediately straightened somewhat, his hair gathering into a mohican, turning scarlet, his bare limbs displaying dazzlingly beautiful feathers, and his whole body seemed to thin a bit. What drew most attention was naturally those five spirit rings of his.

Two yellow, two purple, one black. Five rings altogether.

Even Niu Gao was secretly startled. Originally he hadn’t paid this always smiling and giggling Fatty much attention, he hadn’t expected him to actually also be a Spirit King level Spirit Master. From how he called Tang San third brother, he was clearly even a bit younger than Tang San.

The grandfather and granddaughter Bai He and Bai Chenxiang thought even more deeply. First putting aside Ma Hongjun’s spirit rings, when he released his spirit, both of them simultaneously felt an indescribable

pressure hitting them. That was a feeling that made their souls tremble, an innate fear of their spirits.

How was it possible? Their always proud expressions immediately changed greatly.

Ma Hongjun somewhat boastfully said: “Junior is Ma Hongjun. Fifty seventh ranked power attack type Spirit King. Spirit, Fire Phoenix.”

As he spoke, his second and third spirit rings flashed simultaneously. Red hot flame suddenly soared from his body, the temperature in the entire drawing room suddenly rising sharply, a pair of wings of flame extended from his back, immediately making this originally harmless seeming Fatty filled with an oppressive might.

“Third brother, come.” Ma Hongjun shouted to Tang San.

Tang San took out one hidden weapon after another from his Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges, at once wearing them over his clothes. With his present strength, he wouldn’t ordinarily wear these hidden weapons, non mechanical hidden weapons were enough for him to use. In order to display them now, his actions weren’t slow, at once installing the hidden weapons he mentioned just now, besides the Godly Zhuge Crossbow.

Raising both hands, Tang San said: “Silent Sleeve Dart.” Each of his arms shot a dark shadow, flashing past, reaching Ma Hongjun in the blink of an eye.

The flame on Ma Hongjun’s body suddenly burned brighter. He had already prepared in advance, Phoenix Firewire shooting out, turning into a sheet of flame under his clever control and the amplification of two great spirit abilities, blocking the two sleeve darts with tyrannical impact force.

Immediately afterward, another two volleys, four sleeve darts also silently shot out. All blocked by Ma Hongjun. With a series of jingling sounds, six cooked deep red sleeve darts fell to the ground and Ma Hongjun also retreated half a step to dissolve the impact force.

Tang San pushed on his stomach, “Sand Projecting Shadow, shoots poison mist.” With a puffing sound, countless flying needles shot out along with poison mist. His movements didn’t stop, legst shifting slightly, relying on muscular contractions, the crossbow mechanisms on his legs fired simultaneously.

Ma Hongjun’s both hands swiftly drew a circle in front of his chest, spirit power jetting out. In front of the red hot phoenix flames, the poison mist naturally lost its effect, and concentrated popping sounds echoed continuously. Ma Hongjun retreated several steps in succession, and when confronted with the leg crossbows, he already had some difficulty warding them off.

Just when he had when difficulty blocked this round of hidden weapon attacks, Tang San bowed his head sharply, and with a sonorous crossbow crack, the most formidable Tight Back Head Bowed Crossbow abruptly fired, the bulky crossbow bolt shooting straight for Ma Hongjun’s chest.

“Third brother, do you want me dead!” The red light on Ma Hongjun’s right arm rose sharply, the flame wings on his back abruptly expanding. With a loud explosion, his fist blasted out, relying on the flame right arm’s added Phoenix Burst Attack ability to just manage to block this attack.

Tang San’s entire chain of attacks was as fluent as moving clouds and flowing water. All the Spirit Masters here were experts, and could naturally sense how frightening the attack power of the hidden weapons were. Of course, they also sensed ma Hongjun’s formidable strength. He seemed to be blocking in a fluster, but very clearly, these hidden weapons still weren’t enough to threaten him.

Tang San then said to Bai He: “Senior, the full set of equipment I mentioned is all here. This is the full deployment of five hundred gold spirit coins. Of course, these still don’t count as my Tang Sect’s most tremendous hidden weapons. Only sect disciples have the right to use those most powerful ones. Please forgive junior for being unable to provide them. You’ve seen he might of these hidden weapons. I think that if the Speed Clan’s clansmen were equipped with them, it would definitely have a pretty good effect. Do you wish to bet with junior on this?”

Bai He’s expression changed continuously. Ma Hongjun had now already withdrawn his spirit, and the pressure naturally also vanished. Tang San and Ma Hongjun’s team gave him a very great shock. Even more important was these hidden weapons, making even a proud person like him unable to keep from being greedy. He really couldn’t refuse the stakes Tang San had raised, and Bai He sincerely believed that this youth in front of him couldn’t escape him in a bout of speed. No matter how miraculous his footwork was, before absolute speed, its effect was still limited.

Thinking about this, Bai He lowered his voice: “Fine, I’ll bet on this fight with you. If I lose, then, I’ll lead the Speed Clan to join your Tang Sect. You were brought by Tai Tan, I believe there shouldn’t be any relation between you and Spirit Hall. I’ll first declare that if this Tang Sect of yours and Spirit Hall has any relationship in the future, I’ll immediately lead my clan to leave.”

Tang San said coldly: “There’s only one possible relationship between Tang Sect and Spirit Hall, and that’s their destruction. Senior, we’ll begin. Within the time of one stick of incense, the conditions are the same.” While speaking, he once again threw a stick of incense to Ma Hongjun.

Bai He dodged ten meters away from Tang San, and just the instant Ma Hongjun lit the incense, he was already moving. With the fate of his clansmen in the balance, he had no choice but to do his utmost.

With this move by Bai He, Tang San learned what pure speed was. Even his Purple Demon Eye only caught a white shadow flash in front of him, before Bai He’s hand was already before his eyes. In this moment, Tang San couldn’t rely on Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step to dodge.

Too fast, he really arrived too quickly. Since Tang San obtained Purple Demon Eye, this was the first time he felt his eyesight couldn’t keep up with the opponent’s movements.

Of course, he still wasn’t caught by Bai He. Bai He’s hand only grabbed the afterimage left behind by Tang San.

“Teleportation?” Bai He’s shocked voice echoed. Tang San was already on the other side of the room, pink light flickering on his left arm. (Author’s note: In some places there was an error. Xiao Wu’s spirit bone is in Tang San’s left arm. I confirm it here. Everyone please excuse the error. Hereafter it’s the left arm.)

Bai He stood in Tang San’s previous location and looked at him, “No wonder you’re so confident, you had the guarantee of such an ability. I want to see how many times this teleportation of yours can work. Take care.” While speaking, Bai He suddenly radiated light, his spirit releasing.

Two yellow, three purple, three black. Eight spirit rings appeared simultaneously. The split second his spirit was released, Tang San’s spiritual force fluctuated slightly, and he teleported a second time without the slightest hesitation. This time, he couldn’t even see Bai He move. The next moment, Bai He’s hand already flitted past where he stood before.

So fast. Tang San felt cold all over. Worthy of being a single attribute spirit cultivator, this speed could no longer be described as astonishing, it was simply universally shocking.

Without any hesitation, Tang San was already using teleportation once again. This time his body appeared at the doorway.

Bai He disappeared, in the whole room one could only see a faint mirage. He didn’t use any spirit ability, only spirit amplified pure speed. Wherever Tang San appeared with teleportation, Bai He’s hand would inevitably appear the next instant. Tang San was forced to constantly teleport to avoid Bai He’s pursuit and attack. And after each time he teleported, he only had a moment to pause. The Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track he previously used against Bai Chenxiang was unexpectedly completely useless.

This was Spirit Douluo level Speed Clan speed! Tang San constantly changed direction, making himself move irregularly as far as possible. Purple Demon Eye and his spiritual force were used to their limit, and even then he could only barely keep up with Bai He’s silhouette.
[1] Bai Chenxiang - (⽩沉⾹) “White Agarwood”

Chapter 176

In fact, Tang San was admittedly startled, and Bai He wasn’t any less astonished than him. Tang San currently hadn’t used his spirit, and further adding the disjointed use of teleportation, how couldn’t Bai He be shocked? He already understood that Tang San’s teleportation didn’t come from spirit ring abilities, the source was inevitably a spirit bone. A youngster with a spirit bone, and one with a top quality discontinuous teleportation ability. Bai He only hoped that he could exhaust Tang San’s spirit power through his relentless pursuit, leaving him unable to continue supporting the spirit bone ability.

The incense still burned very quickly. As the two shadows constantly flashed, in a moment one quarter had already burned. In this short time, Tang San had already teleported close to a hundred times, showing how fast Bai He’s pursuit was.

Bai He was disappointed, Tang San was still constantly teleporting, without the slightest signs of spirit power exhaustion. He had no idea that Tang San’s teleportation was used with a hundred thousand year level spirit bone. Hundred thousand year spirit bones and spirit rings didn’t consume large amounts of spirit power to produce powerful spirit abilities, but rather consumed tiny amounts of spirit power to produce formidable effects. This was the greatest advantage of hundred thousand year level spirit rings and spirit bones. This was also why it was known as the most precious treasure of the spirit master world.

Suddenly, Bai He abruptly stopped, two lines of clear light igniting in his eyes, his seventh spirit ring starting to brighten.

Under the effect of that black spirit ring, one could clearly see Bai He’s body release layer after layer of peculiar luster. Immediately afterward, his body floated in midair, his arms really changing into wings, and both legs gathering into feathers. In just a moment, this Speed Clan chief had already turned into a needle tailed swift only one meter long, with a wingspan of one meter fifty or so.

The seventh spirit ability, Spirit Avatar.

Seeing Bai He’s Spirit Avatar, after Tang San equally halted, his expression became somewhat ugly. Bai He was even more difficult to handle than he imagined. Generally speaking, releasing Spirit Avatar would make one’s body even larger, the huge body supporting even more spirit power. But Bai He’s Spirit Avatar made his body smaller, that didn’t mean that his spirit power decreased, but rather that it was forcefully compressed. Thus, the speed he could erupt with could perhaps only be described as terrifying.

Making the pupils of Tang San’s eyes contract even more was that, after Bai He used Spirit Avatar to float in the air, the final one of the eight spirit rings revolving around him also lit up. For the sake of his clansmen, this pure speed type formidable Spirit Douluo would go all out.

Along with that final spirit ring flashing, in that instant, the one needle tailed swift floating in midair turned into five. The same kind of doppelgänger ability, but as the eighth spirit ability, it wouldn’t be that simple. After Bai He’s eighth spirit ability was used, each doppelgänger would possess equal speed and defense as the main body. Of course, among Spirit Masters of equal level, that defense could be directly neglected.

But even more important was that, including the original body, all five bodies could be said to each be real, and could also be said to each be fake. In other words, under his direct control, he could make any one doppelg änger become the main body, and could also make any one main body become a doppelgänger.

To the Speed Clan whose offensive and defensive power couldn’t be regarded as high, this ability could be considered a supreme escape skill. Even for the most formidable Title Douluo in the present world, it was still impossible to stop all five doppelgängers when confronting a Spirit Master with Bai He’s speed. And as long as just one doppelgänger escaped, he could also escape far away in a flash.

Of course, to the Speed Clan, possessing these five doppelgängers, they could perform their most expert scouting while completely unrestrained. As long as they left behind one doppelgänger in safety, the other doppelgängers could go examine even the most dangerous places. This eighth spirit ability might not seem powerful, but it was supremely useful.

Silhouettes flashing, the five needle tailed swifts instantly dispersed, that terrifying speed almost no different from the teleportation Tang San used. To be able to use movement speed that gave people the illusion of teleportation clearly showed how terrifying Bai He now was in speed.

Tang San also couldn’t help associate this with the overall strength of Tai Tan and Niu Gao. What degree their strength and defense had reached.

Only, right now he basically didn’t think about that too much. Because, the pressure he endured suddenly rose sharply.

At this moment, Tang San didn’t dare hide any strength. Besides his eyes being filled with purple gold color, one blue and one white rings of light simultaneously spread from below his feet, enveloping the entire hall in a flash.

Making the opponent slow down was equal to speeding up himself. Under the effect of the Deathgod Domain, even a Spirit Douluo would be weakened somewhat. Especially a pure speed type Spirit Master disregarding attack and defense like Bai He. And the Blue Silver Domain undoubtedly made Tang San’s spiritual force reach an even greater level, improving his control of everything in the surroundings.

With the domains released at full strength, Tang San immediately gave people a different kind of feeling, ice cold, ruthless, an ominous aura spread

along with the Deathgod Domain, making everyone present shiver. And when enveloped by the Blue Silver Domain, they also sensed a breath of vitality in the midst of that chilling feeling. These two kinds of auras that shouldn’t exist together still appeared simultaneously so bizarrely. How couldn’t it make people feel strange?

Making everyone, including Bai He, feel even more astonished, was still the release of Tang San’s spirit.

Without a doubt, what Tang San released was his Blue Silver Emperor. Two yellow, one purple, two black, one red, the instant the six glittering spirit rings appeared, the drawing room atmosphere seemed to freeze.

ly just defeated by Tang San, Bai Chenxiang no longer had any unreconciliation in her eyes, all replaced by an incredible radiance. She finally understood that she really wasn’t wronged. He was actually a six spirit ring Spirit Emperor.

Rubbing her eyes hard, Bai Chenxiang thought she had made a mistake. Because among those six glittering spirit rings, the last one was actually red. That bewitching red light even concealed Tang San’s fourth spirit ring already being black. In the entire drawing room, there was no longer anything that could compete with the shine of that red ring.

Incarnated as a needle tailed swift, Bai He also simultaneously stared blankly. As a Spirit Master, how couldn’t he know what the red color represented? But his first feeling was the same as his granddaughter’s, how was it possible? How could a hundred thousand year spirit ring appear on such a youth, and even the sixth spirit ring at that.

Tang San’s face revealed a tint of divine light, his spiritual force completely targeting those five needle tailed swifts. With his experience, of course he wouldn’t believe that these five needle tailed swifts were fake. He could clearly feel those five close to identical auras. The combined probing of his spiritual force with his Blue Silver Domain wouldn’t be wrong. Therefore, in the following contest, what he would face was five supremely fast flying pure speed opponents.

More than half of the incense had already burned. Bai He very quickly recovered from the brief shock, no matter how strong this youth in front of him was, first of all he had to defeat him.

The five needle tailed swifts moved simultaneously, five silhouettes turning into five lines in a flash, crossing the hall. In just that instant, the needle tailed swifts flying one meter above the ground controlled the overwhelming majority of the drawing room.

Tang San practically fought to be first to use teleportation. The moment his spiritual force sensed the opponent’s spirit power fluctuations, he had already dodged. He knew that from this moment on, he would no longer have any chance to catch his breath with his teleportation, he had to dodge continuously, only then did he have a chance to dodge the pursuit.

But, Tang San still underestimated Bai He’s current speed. The five needle tailed swifts each controlled five areas of the drawing room, and when Tang San emerged from teleportation, he could practically see the beak of a needle tailed swift appear in front of him.

Tang San used spiritual force to target Bai He, but at the Spirit Douluo level, how could Bai He not also target him? As long as Tang San appeared, Bai He would naturally appear in front of him, drawn there by spiritual force. The speed was enough to match his teleportation.

Fortunately Tang San reacted very quickly, and the moment he dodged he already reacted, sharply throwing back his upper body, making an iron panel bridge movement[1], and he also teleported once again in the middle of this motion, escaping Bai He’s attacks again and again.

However, to Tang San, this was only just the beginning. There was still an even greater challenge waiting for him.

Bai He’s speed erupted completely, the pure speed making any technique pale. When Tang San appeared once again, he flipped sideways without the slightest hesitation, then instantly teleported to dodge Bai He’s attack. What Bai He caught was unexpectedly that instant between two teleportations, when he still hadn’t teleported.

Bai He’s heart settled down now. From the development of the situation, Tang San already had difficulties to dodge. But Tang San’s next teleportation was still beyond Bai He’s expectations.

When Tang San appeared again, he was in midair. Most strangely was that one of Bai He’s needle tailed swifts could only pass by him under his feet.

There were no problems with Bai He’s preparations, even if he teleported into the air, before he teleported next time his body would still fall a bit. However, Tang San didn’t fall, instead rising slightly in the air. This made Bai He’s lunge completely ineffective.

But it was also at this moment that Bai He clearly saw Tang San’s sixth spirit ring, that hundred thousand year red spirit ring, brighten. The sixth spirit ability Tang San had never used, finally emerged before everyone.

A faint illusion appeared in front of him. Even though the silhouette was illusory, it still didn’t detract from her beauty in the slightest.

Jet black bright and beautiful long hair arranged in a scorpion braid that hung down to her calves, a pair of expressive big eyes holding a faint sadness and satisfaction, touching figure, long and slender legs, each part of her seemed so perfect. Even the beautiful Bai Chenxiang couldn’t help staring stupidly when this figure appeared in front of Tang San.

It was also the moment she appeared that the space around Tang San suddenly distorted somewhat, making Bai He’s incarnated needle tailed swift seem to pass through a mirage, without touching Tang San.

Seeing this beautiful figure, Tang San couldn’t keep himself from staring lifelessly. The slightly reddened eyes, slightly trembling body, revealed that he was currently unable to control his mood.

Yes, that illusory silhouette was Xiao Wu! Her faint figure turned lightly in midair, facing Tang San. One soft and tender little hand rose, landing on Tang San’s face.

There was no feeling of substantial touch, nor could she speak, but a collision coming from the soul made Tang San’s tears flow uncontrollably. At this moment he had even forgotten he was in a match with Bai He. To him, besides this delicate face, nothing else was important.

Red light revolved around the two. Needle tailed swifts swept past several times in succession. When passing through only the light wavered, and they were unable to touch Tang San.

He of course couldn’t say that Tang San was breaking the rules. True, the spirit ability Tang San was using now really wasn’t competing in speed, but Bai He’s eighth spirit ability, Speed Doppelgänger, wasn’t that also not speed?

This moment, even though Tang San didn’t say a word, and that touching silhouette in front of him also didn’t move, just gently caressed his face, the atmosphere between them still washed across the drawing room, infecting everyone.

Cautiously raising both hands, Tang San embraced the illusion in front of him. This sixth spirit ability really wasn’t used by him. Before this, he had also had some degree of understanding regarding the sixth spirit ability, but he really didn’t completely understand what its effect was. He hadn’t been willing to use the sixth spirit ability since he didn’t want to feel that heart rending pain again when he did. However, he had never expected that this sixth spirit ability would actually be used automatically when he needed it the most, and moreover that he would see that captivating beauty.

That wasn’t just a little bit of emotion, at this moment, Tang San’s heart was filled, without a trace of space. In all his life, he had never longed for anything like right now, longed for the figure in his arms to truly be in his embrace.

Tang San also became somewhat transparent under the influence of that red light. This was one of the forms of his sixth spirit ability, Nothingness.

Nothingness, immunity to all physical attacks not energy form, weakening any energy attacks by fifty percent. This might seem like it was

only a support ability, however, the ability of immunity to all physical attacks was tyrannical. It was under the effect of this ability that all Bai He could do was pass through him. There was only nothingness.

Four eyes met. The emotions in Tang San’s heart were still like a rollercoaster, if he knew earlier that using this spirit ability would let him see Xiao Wu again, then he’d definitely use it every day, meeting his lover every day. Even if he could only see her, he’d still be satisfied.

Even if this was only an illusion of Xiao Wu, from those touching eyes, he still saw Xiao Wu’s feelings, finally felt Xiao Wu’s thoughts and love for him. The connection of souls let him clearly sense that his Xiao Wu wasn’t dead. She still lived, and was moreover attached to him.

Xiao Wu used her hand to softly wipe Tang San’s tears, but, she was only an illusion, how could she erase those tears? In her eyes was reluctance to part and longing, sadness and joy, all of it profoundly affecting Tang San right now.

Suddenly, Tang San’s heart twitched. Because through releasing the spirit ability he suddenly sensed some characteristics of the spirit ability. He discovered that Xiao Wu’s soul really was within this sixth spirit ability, and moreover that using this spirit ability practically didn’t consume any of his spirit power. Only, Xiao Wu couldn’t appear for too long. It didn’t consume his spirit power, it consumed the strength of Xiao Wu’s soul as price. If Xiao Wu’s soul was consumed excessively, then she would truly die. In other words, in order to keep Xiao Wu from harm, every time he used this sixth spirit ability, he had to keep it as brief as possible. Only then could he ensure Xiao Wu’s safety to the greatest extent. His desire to always keep her at his side through using the spirit ability wasn’t realistic.

“Senior Bai He, I concede.” Tang San softly pulled Xiao Wu close, floating to the ground. At his resolutely stubborn gaze, Xiao Wu looked at him somewhat helplessly, then reluctantly again merged with that dazzling red spirit ring again. Even if they couldn’t talk, they could still feel each other’s feelings through their soul connection. Tang San didn’t know how long Xiao Wu could stay outside with the power of her soul each time, but he wouldn’t take any risks. He had already made a firm resolution to never

use this sixth spirit ability, never let any possibility of harm come to Xiao Wu.

Compared to Xiao Wu, how was subduing the Speed Clan at all important?

Five shadows merged together, and Bai He looked puzzled at Tang San,
“Why would you concede? I still haven’t touched you.”

Tang San shook his head, “No. I’ve lost, using my sixth spirit ability is no longer competing with you in speed.” He of course wouldn’t say that he had decided this because of Xiao Wu. And at this moment, his heart was also completely soaked in the feelings after meeting Xiao Wu again. He no longer cared about anything else going on.

Bai He sighed, “No, you didn’t lose. My eighth spirit ability wasn’t a pure speed increase either. Since I used doppelgängers to strengthen my speed and the area I controlled, naturally you could also avoid being touched by me. This is fair. If it went on, I would have lost. Even if I don’t understand the effects of that spirit ability of yours.”

Niu Gao stood, laughing loudly: “Alright. There’s no need for you to be modest with each other, I think this is just fine. Old whitebird, you didn’t lose, Tang San, you didn’t lose either. This contest is just making friends. Unable to determine victory or defeat. This is always fine. To everyone’s delight and satisfaction. Go go go, we’ll go drink. That broken spear, old Yang, might arrive tomorrow, today we’ll drink to our satisfaction.”

Whether in age, status, or level, Bai He wasn’t willing to take an advantage from Tang San, and he could also accept Niu Gao’s words. But, his heart was still heavy. Tang San had only revealed his speed, but with his strength he could naturally see that Tang San absolutely wasn’t an agility attack type spirit master. A Spirit Emperor that wasn’t an agility attack type could compete with a pure speed Spirit Douluo like him for so long. If he really had to describe him, then this youth in front of him could only be described as a monster.

Moreover, even though this contest ended in a draw, those one hundred gold spirit coins he lost before was real. Once the gathering ended and he returned like this, perhaps the Speed Clan would starve.

Everyone walked towards the dining hall together. On the way, Bai Chenxiang lagged behind, giving Fatty a kick.

Not only didn’t Ma Hongjun get angry, he instead was enormously pleasantly surprised, hurriedly looking at Bai Chenxiang with a flattering expression, speaking in a low voice: “Beauty, something on your mind?”

Bai Chenxiang asked in a low voice: “That, that Tang San is your friend?”

Ma Hongjun nodded, proudly saying: “We’re best brothers. He’s our Tang Sect master, I’m the vice master. Heh heh.”

Bai Chenxiang didn’t doubt Ma Hongjun’s claim of being vice sect master, Fatty had also displayed his strength before, especially that formidable phoenix spirit left her with an extremely deep impression. Fatty’s show was successful.

“Then what’s up with that sixth spirit ring? Is it really a hundred thousand year spirit ring? But, why did it transform into a woman? Moreover, it seemed like my grandfather couldn’t do anything to him then.”

Ma Hongjun’s complexion changed slightly. He still knew what was appropriate. Tang San’s sixth spirit ring wasn’t just his secret, but also an eternal pain in his heart. No use telling others. Even though Fatty liked beauties, he absolutely knew what was appropriate, and wouldn’t say what he shouldn’t.

He helplessly shook his head, “Beauty, don’t ask about it. See for yourself. I can only say that third brother is the most outstanding Spirit Master I have ever seen. In my eyes, even those Title Douluo aren’t equal to him. I believe that, one day, third brother will stand at the summit of this world.”

Bai Chenxiang somewhat discontentedly kicked Fatty again, “What a vice sect master. Doesn’t even dare say this. I think you’re his servant.”

Fatty’s expression recovered, “Believe what you wish. How could you understand me and third brother’s relationship.” Finished speaking, he suddenly sped up, no longer paying attention to Bai Chenxiang.

Bai Chenxiang looked distracted a moment. She was very confident in her charm, and she had seen Fatty’s filthy intentions toward her. But right now already walking in front, the heavy set Fatty seemed somewhat different. Even though he was fat, when he was decent, he would naturally distribute an unusual aggressiveness. Could that be the aura of the king of hundred birds, the Phoenix?

Fatty of course didn’t know what Bai Chenxiang was thinking, but he could be sure that he might not have a chance with this beauty. Even if he liked beauties, chasing women was like changing clothes, while brothers were like hands and feet. Of course, Xiao Wu, Ning Rongrong and Zhu Zhuqing weren’t just women in his eyes, but also brothers.

Once again seated at the wine table, Tang San discovered that Bai He’s capacity for wine couldn’t compare to Tai Tan and Niu Gao, and didn’t use a large bowl. Even though the wine and food was good, from the moment they were seated, he had a brooding appearance, and would look at him from time to time.

By now Tang San’s heartfelt emotions were gradually calming, and his mood also gradually grew excited. At least he could be sure that Xiao Wu really hadn’t died, and also that she was always together with him. As inseparable as milk and water mixed together. This was enough. As long as she still lived, still truly existed, he would definitely resurrect her.

“Senior Bai He, my salutations.” Tang San raised his wine cup, hinting to Bai He.

Under Niu Gao’s seating arrangement, Bai He sat with Tai Tan on his left, and Tang San on his right.

Drinking a cup with Tang San, Bai He sighed, saying: “In the present world, there really is a new generation to replace the old. Youths like you really reflect that people like us are already old. Hereafter, the Spirit Master world is the world of youngsters like you.”

Tang San smiled slightly, saying: “Senior, I won’t hide it from you. My father’s name is Tang Hao.”

Bai He abruptly went rigid. Sharply raising his head, his gaze at Tang San suddenly grew severe. Tang San still had an expression of joyful and calm grace. Bai He’s change in mood didn’t have cause any reaction in him.

Bai He’s gaze once again turned to Niu Gao and Tai Tan, “You knew, right?”

Niu Gao nodded, “Tai Tan brought him. At first, I reacted the same as you. Only, even though this kid comes from the Clear Sky Clan he only represents himself, not the Clear Sky School. Moreover, his Tang Sect will never merge into the Clear Sky School, and will exist alone. I’ll tell you honestly, me and old orangutan have already decided to lead our clansmen to join the Tang Sect. You’ve seen the Tang Sect hidden weapons, that’s the main operations for the Tang Sect in the future. Old orangutan is in charge of manufacturing, I’m in charge of building the sect. How about it? Old whitebird, bring your Speed Clan over too. If Tang San was lacking, we wouldn’t agree either, if there are any doubts, we can give up at any time. What conditions are more generous than that? This sect is basically our own. Besides, what I said just now really wasn’t cheating you. Yesterday Huyan Zhen brought his Elephant Armored School people over, my Defense Clan can’t continue. It was his arrival that let me make a firm decision. We’re still alive and can get food for our clans. But, do you want to see the four single attribute clans decline? To tell the truth, our four single attribute clans aren’t suited to existing alone. Our superiorities and weak points are too obvious. This Tang Sect is equivalent to our four clans joining together again, and sect master Tang San is our glue.”

When Bai He heard Niu Gao’s words, he couldn’t keep his eyebrows from shooting up, “Excellent, you old bastards, deliberately not giving me

anything just now was in order to cheat me.”

Niu Gao and Tai Tan couldn’t help laughing. Tai Tan said: “Someone as arrogant as you, if we didn’t knock you down a peg, how could you accept it so easily? Old whitebird, haven’t we old brothers not lived together for so many years? I’m very familiar with young master’s character, you’ve seen his talent. I believe you’ve also discovered that young master’s spirit isn’t the Clear Sky Hammer? It’s not that he didn’t inherit the bloodline of the Clear Sky School, but rather because young master has twin spirits. As long as we assist him properly, the young master will definitely lead our Tang Sect to strike our own claim on the Spirit Master world in the future. Spirit Hall is admittedly strong, but as long as we lean back on the two great empires, there’s basically no need to fear them. Come, old whitebird, doesn’t your Speed Clan thirst for power? With our Tang Sect hidden weapons as guarantee, do you still fear your strength not increasing. The hidden weapons you’ve seen today are only the foundation, we’ll still make even more formidable hidden weapons later.”

Bai He found it somewhat difficult to digest this rapid assault of information. Suddenly getting rid of the wine in front of him, looking over Niu Gao, again looking over Tai Tan, for a moment the expression in his eyes was still somewhat hesitant.

It wasn’t that he didn’t trust Niu Gao and Tai Tan, they were all old brothers. Even if they cheated him before, it was with good intentions. But, he still had no choice but to consider some other elements.

“About this, does old Yang know?” Bai He asked in a low voice.

Niu Gao and Tai Tan looked at each other. Tai Tan said: “Not yet, when the old goat comes, we’ll fight to win him over as well. But with his character, it really won’t be easy. No matter how it’s put, young master is still from the Clear Sky School. The old goat’s complaints to the Clear Sky School are too deep. I fear he’ll be difficult to persuade.”

Bai He sighed, saying: “I understand, you both have good intentions too. My Speed Clan also really has some hard times. But, you don’t know the favors old goat has done for me over the years. Their Breaking Clan’s

income is the best, and the old goat has always supported me, letting me retain this final shred of dignity. If old goat and his clan doesn’t join, I can’t do it alone.”

Among the four chiefs of the single attribute clans, Tai Tan and Niu Gao had the best relationship, but Bai He and the Breaking Clan’s chief were even closer. But the Breaking Clan’s chief was reclusive, not to the liking of Tai Tan and Niu Gao, so while their relationship was tolerable, it wasn’t too familiar.

Hearing Bai He say this, the two old clan chiefs both frowned. They could understand how Bai He felt, but if they gave up like this they really would feel a bit unreconciled. Bai He was clearly empted. The Tang Sect hidden weapons had a large attractive force to him, and there were still these old brothers of his.

At this moment, Tang San spoke up, “Senior Bai He, you’re saying that, if the Breaking Clan agrees to join our Tang Sect, you will also bring the Speed Clan to join?”

Bai He shot Tang San a glance, and after thinking deeply, said: “If you can persuade the Breaking Clan, what can I still say? Don’t say our Speed Clan could still fly alone? Only, youngster, don’t say I didn’t warn you. The old goat isn’t so easily persuaded as old orangutan and old rhino. I know him the best, and he’s not only antisocial, but obstinate and self-opinionated. If not for this, perhaps the Breaking Clan’s losses wouldn’t have been so large back then. If you want to convince him, it absolutely won’t be easy!”

Tang San pondered, then said: “Leave it to me. I’ll do my utmost to convince the Breaking Clan to join. If I really succeed, the four single attribute clans can join together again.”

Among the four single attribute clans, through Tai Tan’s introduction, Tang San regarded the Strength Clan and Breaking Clan as the most important. The Strength Clan’s forging, the Breaking Clan’s medicine, they were both the supports the Tang Sect needed the most. Therefore, he was

determined to win over the Breaking Clan. He also wanted to subdue the group with the greatest hatred for the Clear Sky Clan.

Tai Tan and Niu Gao didn’t know why Tang San was so confident, they both knew that the old goat couldn’t be conquered by force.

Starting to speak, Tang San again simply introduced Bai He to the future development plans of the Tang Sect, and also introduced some Tang Sect hidden weapon characteristics in detail, making Bai He’s understanding of the Tang Sect a lot deeper. In time, Tang San hinted, he wanted to pass on the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step he used to dodge Bai Chenxiang to the Speed Clan, improving Bai He’s mood a lot. All that remained was worries about the Breaking Clan. On the surface it seemed like he was already inclined to join the Tang Sect.

Even though the Speed Clan didn’t have the foundation of the Mysterious Heaven Skill, their superiority in speed really was too clear. Tang San would only need to teach them some techniques of the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step to have an effect.

Once the wine made three rounds, and five flavors of dishes, everyone brought their own different moods back to rest in their rooms. Just before leaving the dining hall, Bai He called out to Tang San.

“Sect master Tang, may I ask, how old are you this year?”

Tang San stared blankly a moment, “Junior is twenty.”

Bai He looked deeply at him, nodded, then brought a shocked granddaughter away.

[1] A Matrix dodge

Chapter 177

Ma Hongjun moved up next to Tang San, whispering: “Third brother, it seems we really are scary people at our age! This won’t do, I’ll immediately go cultivate to the sixtieth rank, the feel of seeing six spirit rings is different from five. That Bai Chenxiang really looks pretty good, tell me, after I become the vice sect master, will there be some secret rules for chances on her?”

Tang San glanced at Ma Hongjun, patting his shoulder, “Fatty, if you want to truly gain someone’s love, you have to start with investing your own love. Even though you might not get the corresponding return on your investment, if you don’t invest anything at all, you definitely won’t get any returns. If you want to truly pursue someone, you have to bring out a bit of sincerity.”

Ma Hongjun really hadn’t thought that Tang San would actually lecture him on relationships, when it came to women, he had a lot more experience.

Tang San really was only moved by Xiao Wu alone, but what he knew about relationships really was more than Ma Hongjun. Ma Hongjun regarded women with desire, while Tang San had pure love. It was just because he saw Xiao Wu again today that he spoke some of his thoughts to Ma Hongjun.

An eventless night.

Early morning, Tang San still woke from cultivation before dawn. Lowering his head to look at Xiao Wu lying next to him, sleeping soundly, her plump body like a white little ball. It seemed as if the golden color at the roots of her fur had grown stronger. When looking at it suddenly, it seemed to give a feeling of gold and silver splendor.

Softly stroking Xiao Wu’s fur, Tang San stood, opening the window and letting the fresh and clean air stream into the room.

He didn’t look at Xiao Wu again, because he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to keep himself from summoning Xiao Wu from his spirit ring again. Carefully placing Xiao Wu in the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse, he then moved onto the roof, conducting his daily routine of cultivating Purple Demon Eye.

The distant east gradually revealed a smear of marble white, the familiar purple qi pulsing along with Tang San’s breathing. Ever since Tang San absorbed that mind condensing wisdom skull bone, his Purple Demon Eye had reached a bottleneck. Even though Tang San was still constantly cultivating it, he still didn’t feel a bit of progress. But Tang San still didn’t stop. Cultivating Purple Demon Eye had long since become a part of his life, and absorbing that purple qi also had benefits for his Mysterious Heaven Skill.

With his spirit power stabilized at the sixty sixth rank, even though Tang San always cultivated painstakingly, it was all to stabilize his spirit power, without accelerating his pace in breaking through. He knew that being at his current level at his age was already remarkable, and he definitely couldn’t forge ahead blindly, if not for him then for Xiao Wu.

“To possess great strength certainly isn’t just a matter of luck. Sect master Tang, you are the most hard working youth I have seen.”

Tang San turned his head to the side with some surprise, to find Bai He standing on a rooftop about twenty meters away, just now stretching. Worthy of being the Speed Clan’s chief, while his spiritual force wasn’t released to examine his surroundings, he had still arrived without Tang San hearing a sound.

“ Clan chief Bai He is polite. Junior is just accustomed to cultivating every morning.”

Bai He had arrived already when Tang San was cultivating Purple Demon Eye, and even though he didn’t know what Tang San was cultivating, but he could see the purple golden beams of light shooting almost two chi from his eyes, and he could feel the intangible pressure even twenty meters away. Twenty years old, six spirit ring Spirit Emperor. Bai He had thought deeply last night, and Tang San’s display in the daytime was on his mind.

Bai He smiled faintly, with a flash already reaching Tang San, “Is your father still well?”

Tang San stared blankly a moment. He hadn’t expected Bai He to actually ask him about his father, didn’t they hate the Clear Sky School? What happened back then had been caused by his father.

He sighed lightly, “Not too good. In order to repay the Clear Sky School, to repay the wrongs he committed to the sect back then, he cut off two limbs to return the spirit bones to the sect.”

“Ah!” Bai He cried out, “He’s still so impetuous. It’s just because of those bad habits that……”

Looking at Tang San, he seemed to again see the high-spirited Tang Hao from back then. The clan chiefs of the four single attribute clans could be said to have watched Tang Hao grow up. Among them, Tang Hao and the Strength Clan chief Tai Tan were the closest. Besides cultivation, he had spent the majority of his time together with Tai Tan. Bothering him to learn forging. But besides Tai Tan, Bai He and Tang Hao were also fairly close.

“Little San. Can I call you that in private?” Bai He said in a low voice. Tang San nodded, “Of course you can, you’re senior.”
Bai He sighed lightly: “The old orangutan and old rhino, those fellows, already knew I would compromise. Those Tang Sect hidden weapons of

yours really are outstanding, but they’re still not the true reason for my compromise. Do you know why I want the Breaking Clan to agree to join your Tang Sect?”

Tang San looked somewhat startled at this proud elder, and shook his head.

Bai He said: “Because, in terms of family relations, you should call me granduncle. Your grandmother was my elder sister.”

“What?” Tang San was shocked, and his gaze at Bai He immediately changed a lot. His father had never said anything about the family relationships within the Clear Sky Clan, and he had no idea that clan chief Bai He in front of him was actually his relative.

Bai He’s eyes revealed a light of recollection, “My sister died early, at that time your father was still young. Tang Xiao and Tang Hao, we saw these children grow up. They were the pride of a generation of the Clear Sky School. Especially your father’s talent was unusual, his cultivation fast, leaving us subsidiary clan people not knowing how to evaluate it. When the Clear Sky School originally declared itself in seclusion, we subsidiary clans left voluntarily. But I have never blamed your father. I know that, even if he’s impulsive, he absolutely wouldn’t do something so impertinent out of impulse. There was inevitably some reason that led to him and Spirit Hall having such a profound hatred. Seeing Tang Hao have a son like you, I truly feel gratified. The Breaking Clan will definitely arrive this morning, but before they arrive, I’ll tell you something about Yang Wudi[1]. Eh, Yang Wudi is the Breaking Clan chief. He’s half a year older than me.”

Tang San focused his attention. He had long ago heard from Tai Tan that Bai He and Yang Wudi had a very good relationship.

Bai He said: “Yang Wudi has a great many shortcomings as a person, obstinate and self-opinionated, even prouder than me. His strength is the greatest among our four single attribute clans. Don’t look at his spirit power only being at roughly the same level as mine, in a true fight, I’m

afraid old orangutan and old rhino might not be his opponent. Because their defense still isn’t enough to resist Yang Wudi’s ‘Breaking’ word.”

“Besides cultivating, Yang Wudi only has one pleasure, and that’s the Breaking Clan’s inherited medicine compounding skills. He has a close to zealous interest when it comes to refining all kinds of medicines. Therefore, medicine can be said to be his only weak point. If you want to persuade him, appealing to strength or emotions is useless. Besides, right now there’s still no small gap between you and him in strength. Only in medicine might you be able to make him give in. Take this.”

While speaking, Bai He pulled out a case from his spirit tool and handed it to Tang San.

That was a pure white jade case, half a meter long, a third that in width, completely lustrous and glossy, carved from top quality sheep fat white jade.

“Granduncle, this is?” Because of Bai He’s relation to him, Tang San had already changed his form of address.

Bai He smiled slightly, saying: “This is something I got by accident. It’s also an heirloom of the Speed Clan. After I obtained it, I’ve always been hoarding it, most afraid that fellow Yang Wudi would see it. This time I have no choice but to take it out in order to persuade him. I think that, with it, you can at least improve that old fellow’s opinion of you a bit, giving us a much greater chance. Even if Yang Wudi is headstrong, he’ll still at least give the three of us old fellows’ some meager face.”

Tang San carefully opened the jade case. Immediately, a sweet scent wafted from the box, penetrating deep into the heart. Within that jade box quietly lay a one chi long ginseng.

Ginseng wasn’t enough to surprise Tang San. Even though this ginseng wasn’t small, that still wasn’t rare. What shocked Tang San was the color of this ginseng.

This was a blood red human shape, and moreover a sparkling and crystalline blood red. On the surface was a layer of protrusions that connected together, forming a peculiar design. This design was like a five clawed dragon flying to the ninth heaven.

Swallowing, when Tang San again raised his head to look at Bai He, Bai He was no longer visible, only his voice could be heard, “Don’t refuse. Little San, this counts as granduncle’s gift for meeting you for the first time. Granduncle will hereafter entrust you with the Speed Clan’s future. I believe you won’t let me down. You’re even more outstanding than your father.”

Tang San’s heart was bursting, absolutely not just a bit of excitement. This particular ginseng was something he didn’t even find back around the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well. He was very clear on just how immensely valuable this ginseng was. This was a Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng. If the Ten Thousand Year Ninth Grade Ginseng King was the emperor among ginseng, then the Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng was their empress.

There was a theory regarding the Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng, and that was that the Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng was naturally eighth grade, evolving over ten thousand years.

What was called a Ten Thousand Year Ninth Grade Ginseng King was really an immortal ginseng that had grown for more than ten thousand years, but when the Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng was just recently grown, it was already eighth grade, and it only needed ten thousand years of cultivation to turn into ninth grade. That clearly showed how precious it was. Tang San looked at the slender blood colored ginseng roots, he understood that this Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng he held was at least five thousand years old. Even though it was placed in the jade case, since the jade case had absorbed the essence of heaven and earth, it was still slowly growing. Compared to the Ten Thousand Year Ninth Grade Ginseng King he had to find, this Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng was really only half a grade away.

Such a precious item couldn’t be weighed with money. That Bai He hadn’t taken it out even when the Speed Clan was suffering, clearly showed

how much he valued it. But he had actually handed it over to him. It was no wonder his granduncle would be so confident in being able to move the Breaking Clan chief with this Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng. Also studying medicine, Tang San equally understood the effect of this thing.

In terms of efficacy, it was absolutely on the level of immortal treasures, even to the extent that it could compare to the Yearning Heartbroken Red Xiao Wu ate!

Just when Tang San stood on the roof, he didn’t know how long, but he suddenly felt a squirming at his waist. When he lowered his head to look, an adorable little nose was poking out from the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse, and moreover constantly shrugging. As it moved, it also revealed its whole head, a pair of red little eyes blinking and looking at the jade case in Tang San’s hands, its long neck stretching, gradually pulling out the rest of its body.

Tang San was shocked to see Xiao Wu show her head, this Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng’s scent really was potent, actually able to make even Xiao Wu show herself from her sleep in the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse. Moreover, looking at her drooling with desire, it seemed she was quite interested in this Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng.

In fact, there were a lot of medicinal herbs deposited in Tang San’s Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse, but Xiao Wu had never shown any interest. In order to keep her from eating something by mistake, Tang San had always followed her with a trace of his spiritual force when he put her inside the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse. If she wanted to eat, Tang San could react swiftly. But ever since Xiao Wu had turned into a rabbit, something like this had never happened.

But Xiao Wu had changed before his eyes, naked thirst in her little eyes. This was the first time Tang San had seen rabbit form Xiao Wu show such a mood.

Could she eat it? Tang San absolutely wasn’t reluctant to part with the Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng, he would definitely repay the Speed Clan what he owed Bai He. But could Xiao Wu’s rabbit body withstand the

medicinal efficacy of the Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng? In fact, the Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng was always known for its potency.

Just when Tang San was hesitating, suddenly, Xiao Wu fiercely exerted herself in the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse, unexpectedly leaping up with surprising speed.

his was the first time Tang San saw this always fond of sleeping rabbit move with such speed. Once he reacted, Xiao Wu had already taken a large bite out of that Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng.

Actually, having eaten the Yearning Heartbroken Red, this rabbit’s body was an unknown number of times more powerful than a normal rabbit, let alone when Xiao Wu had originally cultivated for a hundred thousand years! How could her physical body be matched by ordinary rabbits?

“Xiao Wu.” Tang San was anxious, hastily wanting to stop her. But at this moment he sensed a warmth on his body, his spirit unexpectedly revealing itself uncontrollably, his six spirit rings appearing simultaneously, the blood red spirit ring condensed by Xiao Wu releasing in a flash. That figure that had captivated Tang San yesterday appeared before him again.

The difference was that the illusion of Xiao Wu’s soul appeared forcefully, without any threat to Tang San, but rather because of that aura.

Tang San raised his head to look at Xiao Wu. He discovered that Xiao Wu’s eyes were unexpectedly filled with pleasant surprise.

“Xiao Wu, can your body withstand the Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng?” Tang San asked anxiously. Right now, Xiao Wu’s body was just swallowing the juices of that Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng with big mouthfuls.

The illusory Xiao Wu watched Tang San, pleasant surprise filling her eyes, nodding to Tang San without hesitation. Just this one simple motion immediately made her body somewhat more illusory.

Even though Xiao Wu’s soul was infused within this spirit ring, if she used her own soul to forcefully summon this illusion without the prompting of a spirit ability, it would greatly consume the power of her soul.

Sensing her soul dissipating, Xiao Wu hurriedly returned, her silhouette flashing, once again disappearing into Tang San’s spirit ring.

Tang San looked dumbstruck at the already having forcefully seized the position of his lower right arm, but sticking against him, head stretched into the jade case to unreservedly eat the Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng, Xiao Wu.

With the confirmation of Xiao Wu’s soul, he was already a lot more relieved. It may be assumed that with the transformation of the Yearning Heartbroken Red as well as a hundred thousand years of cultivation, the ability of Xiao Wu’s body to endure wouldn’t be lacking. Seeing her expression just now, this Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng should be greatly beneficial to her. Thus, there was even greater hope for Xiao Wu’s resurrection.

Thinking of this, Tang San immediately grew excited. He of course couldn’t keep lingering here, hastily leaping off the roof with steady balance, he returned to his room to watch Xiao Wu gorge herself.

Even though this Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng didn’t seem small, there was a large amount of juice inside, but with Xiao Wu’s vigorous sucking, after a moment’s work all that remained was a dried up husk. But Xiao Wu didn’t even let that off, eating even the shriveled ginseng husk.

Throughout the process, Tang San could already see changes in Xiao Wu. The gold in her fur spread with speed visible to the naked eye, and in a while, Xiao Wu had changed into a sparkling golden rabbit.

What Tang San found even more strange was that, as Xiao Wu ate that Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng, her body began to distribute a faint fragrance. Not the fragrance of the Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng, but rather a kind of fragrance that made people feel intoxicated.

The changes still didn’t stop there, after Xiao Wu’s fur had completely turned gold, the roots began to change again. By now she had already finished that Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng, and crawled into Tang San’s arms, closing her little eyes and falling asleep. Her fur also gradually changed from the gold just now into red.

What Tang San didn’t know was that the two immortal treasures, the Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng and the Yearning Heartbroken Red, had a complementary effect. That Xiao Wu originally didn’t eat the Yearning Heartbroken Red was partly because she liked the flower, and partly also because she didn’t have a Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng to go with it. This point even the Tang Sect had no accounts of.

Under the effect of the Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng, the medicinal power stored in Xiao Wu’s body from the Yearning Heartbroken Red had already been completely absorbed, this was the process of her fur turning gold, and the current change to red was due to absorbing the effects of the Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng.

Xiao Wu’s body was warm, and Tang San might as well place her on his bed, crouching in front of it to focus on watching her body change. As long as there was anything amiss, he would immediately think of a way to save her.

Before long, Xiao Wu’s body had turned completely blood red, curled up there she seemed like a sparkling ruby. Her entire body was crystal red, quite similar to the Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng in the jade case before.

Xiao Wu’s body hadn’t grown any larger from the medicinal effect, but Tang San quietly felt that refined fragrance grow a bit stronger. Looking at her quietly, Tang San’s nervousness surpassed his battle with Bai He yesterday. Xiao Wu could be said to be his most important treasure, and if anything happened to her, Tang San might collapse on the spot.

Bizarrely, after Xiao Wu’s body had turned completely red, it began to show a new change. This time the changes were even stranger. Still starting from the roots of the fur, that red color started to change again, turning

creamy white like an ordinary rabbit. Just even more supple, even more lustrous.

How come it changed and changed and changed back again? Tang San looked at this scene without understanding, everything he saw now already exceeded his knowledge of spirits. He knew that even if his teacher was here, he still might not be able to tell why.

Right now he could only constantly tell himself to accept Xiao Wu’s own choice. Her choice definitely wouldn’t be wrong.

It had already been an hour since Xiao Wu ate the Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng until she had turned white. Her whole body was white like pure and untainted snow, quietly lying there. And now Tang San also sensed the fluctuating energies at a certain distance from Xiao Wu start to calm, radiating from her whole body, but no longer transforming it like before.

Xiao Wu’s body alone was covered in a layer of white frost, stuck to her fur and wrapping her entire body.

Just at this moment, there was suddenly the sound of footsteps outside,

“Third brother, the Breaking Clan has arrived. Elder Tai Tan asked me to get you.”

Tang San clapped his forehead. He head even forgotten his proper business over Xiao Wu’s changes. He immediately stood, Xiao Wu was stabilized now, and he placed her in the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse, then pushed open the door and stepped outside.

Ma Hongjun waited in the doorway. On seeing Tang San, he couldn’t help saying: “Third brother, that Breaking Clan might not be easy to deal with! That clan chief seems quite troublesome, even when speaking he doesn’t say much, as if someone owes him money.”

Tang San smiled slightly, saying: “Don’t say that, we’ll go take a look first. We’ll always think of a way.”

The two brothers very soon reached the drawing room. Sure enough there was already one more old man inside, and behind him stood two youths, apparently around the same age as Tang San, Bai Chenxiang and the others. As soon as he entered, Tang San noticed that the gazes of these two youths would float over towards Bai Chenxiang from time to time, clearly they were a bit interested in this beautiful young woman.

Tang San’s attention didn’t linger on them, immediately staying on that old man. That elder was slim, built somewhat similar to Bai He, but one head taller than him. His hair also wasn’t as snow white as Bei He’s, but rather pitch black. His complexion was rosy, but his expression somewhat gloomy, cold eyes giving the feeling of a vulture. Bai He now sat next to him, speaking to him in a low voice. Clearly, this was the Breaking Clan’s chief, Yang Wudi.

Tang San and Ma Hongjun entered, and immediately became the focus of every gaze in the room.

Tai Tan stood up, smiling and walking over in front of Tang San, pulling his shoulder to face Yang Wudi, “Come, old goat, I’ll introduce you to my young friend.”

Yang Wudi stared, indifferently saying: “Old orangutan. Since when did you have such young friends?”

Tai Tang wasn’t offended by Yang Wudi’s cold tone, he was already accustomed to this old fellow’s manners, “Age doesn’t equal ambition. My young friend here isn’t some ordinary person. Old goat, you absolutely can’t underestimate him.”

Yang Wudi frowned, and said: “Old orangutan, this is the gathering of our four clans, I don’t want to see outsiders here. I still have some things to discuss with you.”

Tai Tan frowned, Yang Wudi’s mood didn’t seem too good today. Even if he was usually always moody, he still wouldn’t refuse to give him face like this.

“Old goat, don’t be so old fashioned. If he’s brought by old orangutan, he definitely isn’t some outsider.” Niu Gao couldn’t help speaking up.

Yang Wudi glanced at Niu Gao, “You’re the host, if you don’t mind, why should I care? Then let him stay.”

Tai Tan felt somewhat dull having his words choked back by Yang Wudi, and pulled Tang San to sit next to him. Niu Gao said to Yang Wudi: “Old goat, we’ve all come together, what’s up with you today? Your face looks darker than the bottom of a pot.”

Yang Wudi snorted coldly, “It’s those Spirit Hall bastards. Do you know about the three upper sects?”

The three chiefs glanced at each other, nodding simultaneously.

Yang Wudi said coldly: “Besides those Spirit Hall lunatics, who else would be able to do it. The upper three sects are broken, and Spirit Hall has convened a great reselection assembly. There’s one of the original four lower sects in our town. They shouldn’t know about our grudges with Spirit Hall, and unexpectedly came to find me, asking me to join their sect. Otherwise they’d raze my Breaking Clan to the ground. Old orangutan, old rhino, old whitebird, you’re like my brothers, we’ll join together, establish a sect, and properly fight it out with Spirit Hall. Let them learn that our four single attribute clans aren’t so easily bullied.”

The three chiefs looked dumbstruck at Yang Wudi, for a moment forgetting to speak. The depth of Yang Wudi’s grievances surpassed their expectations by far. Now it seemed like he was a volcano on the verge of erupting.

Yang Wudi looked at the three, “What? You scared? If our four clans join together, we’ll also have close to a thousand Spirit Masters. With our strength combined, we won’t be much less than any of the four lower sects. Don’t tell me we’ll struggle on at death’s door to survive? It’d be better to fight it out. There are people from the two great empires I do business with, and I’ve recently always had contact with the Star Luo Empire. If I establish a sect, it would be in Star Luo Empire’s capital.

There, Spirit Hall’s strength still isn’t too powerful. Existing shouldn’t be any major problem. Our Breaking Clan has also put aside some savings over the years, supporting the lives of all the clans isn’t a problem for the short term. And the Star Luo imperial family will also support us to some extent.”

Niu Gao couldn’t help saying: “Old goat, haven’t you suffered some loss? Ordinarily you wouldn’t be so impulsive.”

Yang Wudi’s expression turned even uglier, “A loss? If it just stopped at that. Those lower sect bastards have already prepared to attack our Breaking Clan. If I don’t have any plans when I return this time, you won’t see me next year.”

Tai Tan said: “Old goat, we seem to hold the same view without even talking it over. The day before yesterday the Elephant Armored School also came here to old rhino the day before yesterday. If we stay alone, it might be difficult to exist hereafter. However, I’m not optimistic about the Star Luo Empire side. We’re not familiar with the Star Luo Empire, and we don’t have people who have lived there long. I talked it over with old rhino and old whitebird, preparing to go to Heaven Dou City. No matter what is said, I’ve still done business there for twenty years, that can count as some foundation, giving everyone a place to stay.”

Yang Wudi frowned, “Going to your place? That’s not impossible. Only, our Breaking Clan’s business contacts are in the Star Luo Empire. If we went to the Heaven Dou Empire, we would have to start anew with everything. Relying on only the financial ability of your Strength Clan alone might not be enough to provide for everyone. Establishing a flourishing business network isn’t so easy.”

Tai Tan grinned, saying: “Don’t worry, providing for everyone isn’t a problem. We’re preparing to establish a sect called Tang Sect. In fact, I just wanted to introduce you to the sect master, but you didn’t pay attention.” While speaking, he pouted towards Tang San to the side.

Yang Wudi stared blankly, looking doubtfully at Tang San, “He’s the sect master? A kid still smelling of mother’s milk?”

Tai Tan said: “Is that impossible?”

Yang Wudi stood, glowering at Tai Tan, “Old orangutan, the flames are already burning my eyebrows here, and you’re still in the mood to crack jokes.”

Tai Tan’s expression dropped, he was just a bit unhappy about Yang Wudi verbally abusing him. In terms of spirit power and age, he was always the boss of the four single attribute clans, and now his anger surged, “Old goat, nobody’s cracking jokes here. Tang San isn’t just the sect master of our Tang Sect, but also master’s son.”

The pupils of Yang Wudi’s eyes suddenly contracted, “You’re saying, he’s Tang Hao’s son?”

Tai Tan snorted, but didn’t speak.

Yang Wudi glared fiercely at Tang San, then turned sharply and walked towards the exit. The two youths who had followed him hurried to catch up.

“Old goat, what are you doing?” Bai He hurriedly stepped forward to pull him back.

Yang Wudi didn’t turn his head: “You’ve all compromised with Clear Sky School, I have nothing else to say. There’s no place for me here, I’m leaving. Treat it as if I didn’t come today.”

Bai He hastily said: “Don’t be rash, listen to me. Do you only trust your old brothers so much?”

Yang Wudi had the best relationship with Bai He, and hearing this, his complexion eased somewhat, “To have me stay behind, first have that brat called Tang San fuck off. Also, don’t mention the Tang Sect in front of me again.”

Bai He’s complexion immediately grew unsightly, no matter what was said, Tang San was his grandnephew, and Yang Wudi wouldn’t even give him the chance to talk. His original plan seemed to have lost effect.

“Senior Yang Wudi, can you let junior say a few words.” Tang San stood from Tai Tan’s side and walked over.

Yang Wudi turned sharply, coldly looking at Tang San, dense killing intent suddenly releasing without the slightest cover, “I swore that the Clear Sky School would be my eternal enemy. Take the chance while I can still hold back to fuck off out of here, otherwise, don’t blame me for cutting your corpse into pieces.”

Tang San’s gaze abruptly turned cold, looking at Bai He next to Yang Wudi, “Granduncle, I’ll trouble you to step aside. I want to see how senior Yang Wudi can cut me to pieces.”

Tang San absolutely didn’t say this out of impulse. Confronting Yang Wudi, he understood that there was no sense in exchanging words. This person was headstrong to an unimaginable degree. If he didn’t suppress his anger, he wouldn’t even have the chance to speak.

Yang Wudi smiled rather than grow furious, “Good, good, good, even a kid still smelling of mother’s milk dares hoot at me. You’re Tang Hao’s son alright. Old whitebird, don’t accuse me of not giving you face, I’ll leave him with one breath left.”

Bai He looked somewhat anxiously at Tang San, but saw Tang San send him a relieved expression. In an instant, Tang San and Yang Wudi simultaneously radiated imposing manner.

Tai Tan and Niu Gao looked face to face, helplessly whispering: “Fighting, fighting, it’s more useful to speak with force with the old goat’s temper.”

Tang San coolly watched this slim elder in front of him, “Senior Yang Wudi, what shall we bet?”

When Bai He heard this to the side, his face immediately turned bizarre, and Bai Chenxiang used her hand to cover her mouth, keeping her laughter from escaping. They had already learned from Niu Gao that Tang San had bet with him on his first day here, and won. On the second day he had bet

with Bai He. And when confronting this Yang Wudi, he was unexpectedly still betting.

[1] Yang Wudi - (杨⽆敌) “Poplar Unequalled”, the word for poplar is also a homophone to the word for goat, thus his nickname.

Chapter 178

Hearing that Tang San was going to have a bet with Yang Wudi, every faces around turned somewhat weird.

However, although Tang San’s trick was trite, it was obviously useful, especially to assumptive and headstrong people like Yang Wudi, to whom his trick would make an extraordinary difference.

Yang Wudi humphed coldly, “Are you qualified to bet with me?”

Tang San smiled calmly, “Senior, don’t you dare?”

Yang Wudi said contemptuously, “Bet how many rounds you can persist in my hand?”

Tang San shaked his head, “No, I want to bet a battle. If I won, I want nothing but a promise of one thing, if I lose, you can do whatever you want.”

Yang Wudi thought his ears must have some problem because such a boy that looked no more than 20 years old wanted to have a battle with him, a level eighty two Spirit Douluo. That was really an unendurable scorn.

“Well, well, what a reckless cub. I’m wondering, what gives you the courage. Once you won, let alone one thing, ten things, one hundred things, my old life will be yours.”

Tang San smiled slightly. His trick worked, and the only thing left was a real battle. Stepping back swiftly for five paces and distancing Yang Wudi, he saluted Yang with a junior etiquette:

“Junior Tang San, Control System, level sixty six Spirit Emperor, please.”

Sixty six? A question mark crossed Yang’s mind but he said coldly at once, “Yang Wudi, Power Attack System, level eighty two Spirit Douluo.”

Spirits, were released simultaneously from their body.

Although Yang was called old goat, that did not necessarily mean his spirit was goat, but just a joke of four patriarchs many years ago. Now, his spirit appeared, which was a four meter long lance.

The long lance was thoroughly black, glistening freezing luster. The arm- like width pole was eight chi while the spearhead should be four Chi in length. Two yellow, two purple, four black, eight optimal spirit rings appeared simultaneously on the lance, moving up and down with the long lance and shining, blossomed incredibly gorgeous splendor suddenly.

Sure, the spirit of Breaking Clan was lance, Soulbreaking Spear.

With lance in hands, Yang did not attack instantly. As a senior and a Spirit Douluo, he was naturally waiting for Tang San to thoroughly release his spirit.

Tang San knew this, of course, so he released his spirit calmly.

With blue gold light glinting, a blue silver grass sprouted from his right hand and then six spirit rings which can totally symbolize his identity emerged, pulsed around his body up and down.

There had been nobody that would be unsurprised seeing Tang San’s hundred-thousand-year spirit ring, Yang Wudi was naturally not an exception. Seeing that cardinal splendor, his originally disdainful eyes became grave. Although the opponent was just a Spirit Emperor, the red

spirit ring presented on his body, which seemed impossible, the contempt in his mind diminished correspondingly.

“Isn't your spirit Clear Sky Hammer?” Seeing Tang San’s spirit rings, Yang’s voice was obviously not that rigid and superior as before. Facing a strong and outstanding spirit master like Tang San, change of his emotion stemmed from respect. n

Tang San smiled calmly, “Senior will see my Clear Sky Hammer.”

Saying that, Tang San leaned forward slightly and hunched his back, with a cracking sound, eight sanguineous spider lances appeared.

Confronting opponent as strong as Yang Wudi, Tang San didn't have full confidence to win in fact. The feature of Breaking Clan was to attack, overwhelmingly attack, destructively attack. Only by sparing no effort might Tang San win this battle. Therefore, Tang San used his eight spider lances at the beginning.

“This is...” Even Niu Gao and Bai He stared at Tang San, both of them were the first time to see Tang San’s ture strength.

Tang San didn’t hide, he had already regarded these people as Tang Sect’s staffs in the future. It doesn't make any sense to hide from them, or he wouldn’t casually expose his red spirit ring.

“This is my external spirit bone, eight spider lances.”

“External spirit bone” was such a shocking word to them. If say hundred-thousand-year-old spirit rings was accessible to some degree, seeking for hundred-thousand-year-old spirit beasts, external spirit bone was absolutely treasure that can be only found by accident. Without extraordinary luck, accessing an external spirit bone was all but impossible.

But Tang San found, the moment Yang Wudi gripped his black iron lance, the entire being became different. All the emotional perturbation

seemed disappeared thoroughly and all his essence, qi, and soul were infused into the lance. Neither Tang San’s red spirit ring or the eight spider lances would affect his emotion.

Having found this, Tang San’s face turned extremely serious. One can devote himself with a single mind to the spirit, seeing nothing but only a lance in his sight, such a state spelled much: the battle, was bound to be tough.

Yang Wudi looked at Tang San stolidly, “Are you ready?” For him, no matter who’s the opponent, his mind would not be affected, only with perpetual faith to win would he achieve a predominant momentum in the battle and use his most powerful “break”. If he want to be invulnerable and invincible, he must hypnotize himself at first.

“Please.”Tang San snapped deeply, moved his body, with countless blue silver emperors deluged around him.

The reason why he dare challenge Yang was that he knew Yang’s weakness. All the ability of Breaking Clan was to attack, therefore as a Control System spirit master, relying on his Control Abilities, he would get the upper hand; the key to win this battle was whether he could limit the opponent effectively, whether he could make full use of his Control Abilities and dispel Yang’s momentum.

“Hei.” Yang snapped abruptly, waved his lance forward, when the spearhead was pointed to Tang San, he had already blended into the lance. The strong momentum risen suddenly could be even more formidable than Tang San’s Slaughter Assault which had evolved from Deathgod Domain. A burst of incomparably sharp force thrusted into Tang San’s chest, and the body moved with his lance, without any unnecessary action, bumped into Tang San.

Blue silver emperors moved, and Tang San’s first spirit ring shone, blue silver emperor Binding launched. Blue silver emperor swarmed and twisted to Yang’s body.

Yang Wudi seemed didn’t see those blue silver emperor branches which were shining three colors of blue, red and gold light, didn’t change his action at all. And his eyes were also locked onto Tang San all the time, with an increasingly growing momentum.

Just in a minute, Tang San had fully recognized Yang Wudi’s monstrousness. Spirit ring shone on his body was also the first one, a burst of explosive force spurted from his body abruptly, shocked those blue silver emperors around away, which even could not accomplish their ability effect. Whereas the momentum of himself had reached the peak in the explosive shock and made Tang San feel clearly that, in the presence of the dread momentum, his body had became even slower, as if he had already been pierced by that formidable long lance in his conscious.


Yang’s body heavily ran into blue silver emperors that had suddenly risen and become blue silver Prison, shocking force hit blue silver emperors, making a series of teeth-edging sounds. In order to hold him back, Tang San had to use his fourth spirit ability. At the same time, his third spirit ability was released, a huge spider web, covered to Yang Wudi, who was trapped in the silver blue prison.

However, Tang San still underestimated the word “breaking” of Breaking Clan. Once Yang Wudi thrusted the lance, it was impossible to stop. Even if his body stopped, he still accomplished the attack. Slapping fiercely on the lance tail with his left hand, his body was still trapped in the blue silver prison, nevertheless the long lance accelerated abruptly and continued to run into Tang San’s chest. That unstoppable feeling, made everyone perceive a brumal smell.

What a ferocious lance.

Strong force brought horrific long lance, directly jacked up the spiderweb launched later, then pierced it, whose pearhead had already pointed to Tang San’s face.

At that moment, Tang San’s body had become extremely slow under the covering of that horrific momentum and even could not take a step, let alone a shunning.

The third spirit ring on the lance shone, bursted with a layer of black light, which was Yang Wudi’s third spirit ability, “explosion”.

His first spirit ability “shocking” could shock away restrictions that were not strong enough, while “explosion” could escalate the attack power to a more formidable level. Once stabbed the target, the spirit power would yield formidable explosive force, giving the lance stronger destructivity.

However, Yang Wudi’s attack didn’t go smoothly because Tang San’s body disappeared.

Hundred-thousand-year spirit bone ability, teleporting,launched.

At the next moment, Tang San had already appeared behind Yang Wudi, eight spider lances moved at the same time, thrust to Yang’s body in the blue silver prison. Bewitching red light penetrated into gaps upon the blue silver prison. Now, because of the unstoppable momentum before and the long lance hurled, Yang was in an all-out state where his defence was at the most weak point.

The opportunity Tang San grasped was undoubtedly very well. Whereas the weakness of Breaking Clan was such conspicuous that how couldn’t they find a method to make it up?

Yang Wudi didn’t even turn around, the Soulbreaking Spear reappeared in his hands, turning over the hands, backstabbed. The black spearhead thrust backward directly.

Although eight spider lances were long, they were on Tang San’s back, no matter how close the distances were in eight directions, they could not be closer than straight line distance between Tang San and Yang Wudi. If Tang San still wanted to use eight spider lances to thrust him, then, the one

that would be trusted, was him. Considering the destructivity attached to Yang Wudi’s Soulbreaking Spear, assuming that situation happened, this battle would be over, while whether Tang San’s eight spider lances would touch him was an unknown.

Just using two lances, Yang Wudi had make Tang San’s evaluation to him escalate a level, a stab forward, a stab backward, two ferocious lances revealed the horrific desire to attack perfectly. The same horrific smell of attck, Tang San had just felt exclusively on Sword Douluo Chen Xin. But don’t forget, Chen Xin was hailed as the title douluo who had the strongest attack damage.

Helplessly, Tang San had to change his action, leaned backward abruptly and kicked to the Soulbreaking Spear with right foot, simultaneously, with the action of leaning backward, four of his eight spider lances continued to move forward, thrust to Yang Wudi’s body. For bloodsucking and high poison of eight spider lances, as long as one of them stabbed, Tang San’s purpose would be achieve.

However, Yang Wudi’s next action made Tang San have to use teleportation again.

Hacked the lance, following the momentum of backstab, Yang Wudi slapped the pikestaff with his left hand, didn’t turn around, huge spearhead suddenly chopped to Tang San’s chest like a heavy sword. The situation was incredibly similar to the one before, which seemed internecine, but Yang Wudi’s attack would still be faster than Tang San’s. Nevertheless now for Tang San, there existed no chance to dodge and thus the second teleportation was yielded.

This time Tang San appeared above Yang Wudi. Now, Yang didn’t eliminate blue silver prison around his body yet which hindered him. Tang San appeared above his body, scattering the Deathgod Domain from sky, pressed down with both hands, and eight spider lances thrust again. But this time, they aimed at Yang Wudi’s head. Eight spider lances aimed at the

same point, whether attack speed or threatening force, had been much stronger than before.

However, Yang Wudi’s movement was still simple: turned around, dragged back Soulbreaking Spear, and abruptly kicked his right foot upon the spearhead, then the huge Soulbreaking Spear span suddenly. This time, the fourth spirit ring on the Soulbreaking Spear also shone. The whole Soulbreaking Spear had already been rendered with black color entirely.

Blue silver prison didn’t make any difference in obstructing Yang, but cut into two pieces by spinning Soulbreaking Spear, while that long lance full of destructivity slashed directly to Tang San’s body.

What’s different from the situations before, was that Tang San’s movement was a little faster than Yang’s, his eight spider lances could certainly stab Yang first. However, it was just a little faster, in that moment, he couldn’t even use his teleportation. That is, surely he would stab the opponent or even kill him, nevertheless his body would be undoubtedly cut into two pieces by Yang Wudi’s formidable long lance.

What a nice substitute of defence with attack, Tang San didn’t shun this time, he wanted to have a try and know, how strong was Yang Wudi’s attack at earth.

Turning half of his body in the air, eight spider lances were thrown fiercely and bumped into Yang Wudi’s spinning Soulbreaking Spear.


A strident blare made the entire parlour tremble for a while, and Tang San’s deflected body was hit away like a cannonball.

Eight spider lances weren’t injured, but they even didn’t swing Soulbreaking Spear away. Had not Tang San used the force-borrowing skill, the lance had already been woven on his body.

“Heh--”, Yang Wudi snapped loudly, with his fifth spirit ring shone, in a minute, a loop of black fire rose around his body, the lance didn’t change, but slashed on the ground. The next moment, his entire body had already soared to the midair and catched up Tang San.

Hadn’t really touched the Soulbreaking Spear, one could never know how terrible the spirit was.

Just now in a simple touch, the conjunction of Tang San’s back and eight spider lances had already been numb. Surging blood made his corner of the mouth spill a silk of blood. What was his body like? Should he be injured in the first hit. Although Yang Wudi was a spirit douluo while he was just a spirit emperor, he had a body with four spirit bones that was to an extent far stronger than Yang Wudi’s. But even it was, facing the categorical attack damage, his was still injured.

Freezingly slaughterous smell of Deathgod Domain had been released, but facing the unstoppable Yang Wudi, Deathgod Domain even could not affect his momentum at all. Blue Silver Domain let injury in Tang San’s body recover well, but still could not hinder Yang Wudi who was approached rapidly.

Teleportation? No, no more escape. Because Tang San found, every time he shunned Yang Wudi’s attack, the momentum on Yang’s body would increase a little. As a pure attack spirit master originally, if let his momentum continue to upgrade, Tang San would have no opportunity to win. In terms of spirit power, Yang was much higher than him. More consumption would just lead to a more adverse situation.

So this time Tang San didn’t dodge, his whole body paused in the air, breathed deeply and turned around abruptly, eight spider lances behind his back was lifted. At the same time, the second spirit ability, Parasite, was released.

Having been covered by blue silver prison, there had already been seeds on Yang’s body, which also paused in the midair while rushing into Tang

San. But to Tang San’s shock, blue silver emperors that twisted his body just made him a little slower, black fire around Yang’s body unexpectedly destroyed his blue silver emperors at once. The black fire ramped and melt into the long lance, which got a three Chi spearhead made of fire instantly.

Turning around in the midair, two iron galls had already been thrown from his hand, which were rightly Cluster Life Taking Soul Chasing Ball, simultaneously, he imbued his body with Qi, put his body down abruptly and landed to the ground.

With a Pong sound, iron galls collided together, countless needles and poisonous fog ran into Yang Wudi.

Yang Wudi’s movement was still not fast, but still proficient, Soulbreaking Spear in hands trembled abruptly, swept an arch in midair. Fog survived, but all the needles were wrung into powder immediately.

Taking advantage of these two attack time, Tang San eventually landed. On his right arm, blue gold light concentrated abruptly, the fifth spirit ring on his body shone. When the gold light ramped to three meters long, it seemed like a bright golden spear.

He had to bet, unless he had a perfect tactics, he knew, it was impossible for him to defeat Yang. Now wonder Bai He said Yang Wudi was the one in them four who was the strongest. He had been in a state where all could be substituted with attack. Let alone Spirit Douluo, even Title Douluo wouldn’t necessarily get the upper hand with him.

In this kind of situation, what was needed was not headlong risk, but wisdom.

Yang Wudi landed too after two blocks, but his attack seemed didn’t stop at all. Stamped his left foot, his body flew up appressed to the ground, the long lance was still pointed forward and assaulted to Tang San directly. While Tang San’s right arm had already been lifted now.

The concentration of Blue Silver Overlord Spear had already finished, since he had got the sixth spirit ring, using his fifth spirit ring didn’t need too much time. With twinkle in his eyes, spirit power shaped up suddenly.

Golden light flashed from his arm evanescently, the fifth spirit ability, Blue Silver Overlord Spear, was released.

Yang Wudi was still simple, stabbed his long lance. Now matter what means the enemy in front of him took, for him, what met him would only be the lance.

But in this moment, suddenly, the earth shook. Yang Wudi could feel clearly that Tang San’s fourth spirit ring flashed furtively. Then, countless awls made of blue silver emperors surged out from the earth.

The first, fifth spirit ring on Yang Wudi’s body shone again, black fire with shocking effect appeared simultaneously, blue silver emperors were distrusted as easily as destroyed withered and rotten wood under the formidable attack damage. But Yang Wudi’s body was also retarded in the midair, keeping his long lance stretched forward, in a transient vertigo state of his whole being.

Blue silver emperor variation of the fourth spirit ability, Blue Silver Thrust Array, was launched.

Although blue silver thrust array wasn’t likely to bring any injury to Yang Wudi, the vertigo attached to it yielded sufficient effect.

The moment Yang Wudi was in vertigo, Blue Silver Overlord Spear had already come to his face.

Lance with lance, the difference was that Tang San was with all his strength while Yang Wudi was in a vertigo state now.

Two different lances, hit in the midair together.

Not because Tang San didn’t want to dodge Yang Yang Wudi’s Soulbreaking Spear and attack his body directly, but because there was a

formidable force on Yang Wudi’s lance and all the front attack would be drawn to it. Therefore only by colliding with his lance first would he have the opportunity to injure him.

What kind of effect would be yielded in the colliding with such two extremely powerful strength?

The answer was to be announced. The black broke through the gold light in the end, but Yang Wudi’s body stopped and swayed back for a step. The destructive power caused by the hit of two huge forces rose to the sky and a huge hole of five meters in diameter appeared in the roof of the parlour. What was uncanny was that there weren’t any sound or dust that could be perceived during the destruction of the roof.

From the beginning of the battle to now, it was the first time for Yang Wudi to stop, seeing Tang San meters away, there was something added to his eyes.

Tang San watched him all the time attentively, consumption of two mainly spirit abilities really wasn’t little, he also needed time to restore. Something in Yang Wudi’s eyes was recognized by him, which was excitement, because of the colliding with the Blue Silver Overlord Spear.

Via the detection of blue silver domain, Tang San could clearly know that, the colliding just now, because Yang Wudi was in vertigo and his Blue Silver Overlord Spear had such a formidable attack that even though Yang Wudi defended it, injured Yang Wudi. The injury was not really severe, but more than his injury before, and was hard to perceive at a glance.

The black color was rendered, and ramped from Soulbreaking Spear to Yang Wudi’s body, covered a man and a lance immediately with the seventh spirit ring shone its black light.

Tang San stared at him concretely, the seventh spirit ring finally was to come? For a spirit master over Spirit Sage, only using their seventh spirit ring demonstrates that they have used all their strength. What kind of effect

would be yielded when Yang Wudi, the patriarch of the Breaking Clan, used his seventh spirit ring?

Compared with beast spirits, tool spirits were relatively hard to improve. Therefore, in the late period, the force tool spirits were often more powerful than beast spirit. Avatar of tools was such situation. Powerful as beast avatar was, the effect of intensification were relatively inferior to tools.

Tang San had tried the tool avatar of Clear Sky Hammer in person, surely he knew how dread the power of tool avatar was. He knew, his Blue Silver Overlord Spear eventually compelled Yang Wudi to use his full strength, the decisive moment was to come.

Soulbreaking Spear didn’t change in shape largely like Clear Sky Hammer did when releasing tool avatar, it looked the same size as before. But the total Soulbreaking Spear was in a form of black fire entirely, and the body of Yang Wudi became black, the same color as Soulbreaking Spear, there wasn’t black fire on his body though.

He had combined his body with the lance, when Yang Wudi lifted the Soulbreaking Spear slowly, this was the only feeling of Tang San.

People who were watching the battle held their breath, and Niu Gao murmured, “Old goat really got angry, he’s going to take apart my house! Old orangutan, Can Tang San hold this?”

Tai Tan was also concentrated on the battle between them two now, “I don’t know, what’s the real strength of Tang San. I’m afraid only himself know this. Haven’t you see his hundred-thousand-year spirit ability was remained? ”

Separating his feet evenly, waving his right hand, blue silver emperor was restrained and all of his spirit rings disappeared. Raising his left hand aloft, Clear Sky Hammer appeared in his grasp out of air. The moment to confront Yang Wudi with all his strength, he should choose the second spirit which had no spirit ring.

Yang Wudi’s pupils shrank slightly, but this couldn’t affect his state now. Grand momentum made space around his body seemed to become black. Restrained spirit rings, he was in a state where he didn’t plan to use spirit abilities at all.

Suddenly, a bundle of arm-like black fire was gushed from the lance and dashed to Tang San.

Tang San’s eyes twinkled, with rightly gorgeous purple gold splendor. Two profound godly lights bursted out abruptly, gathered in one point, unexpectedly bombed to black fire released from Yang Wudi’s Soulbreaking Spear frontally.

In a huge sound, two dread spirit power hit together, and the lights didn’t disappear. Purple gold and black, two colors of light were hitting ,as they were, frontally. But the black fire advanced step by step to Tang San’s direction.

Tang San’s attempt failed, he originally planned to directly attack Yang’s body despite the gravitation yielded by the opponent’s lance. But the moment Purple God Light exploded, he found it impossible.

Named as Soulbreaking Spear, unexpectedly had an effect to deter the mind power. Not only can it draw physical attack but also mind attack. Therefore Purple Demon Eyes hit the tool avatar.

As far as Tang San’s mind power was concerned, it was absolutely not lower than Yang’s. But facing the pure attack spirit as Yang Wudi’s, purple demon eyes failed to withstand. Seeing the purple gold light recoiled back to his body with a palpable speed.

The last moment came, since, in this moment, Tang San’s purple demon eyes were drawn by Yang Wudi’s attack, in a freezing state of his mind power, it couldn’t be easy at all for him to use teleportation. Additionally, Yang Wudis momentum had reached the peak, how many times could he dodge? Escape all the time he was bound to lose. Moreover, Yang Wudi’s attack was so fast that using a teleportation to surprise attack him was undoubtedly a joke.

Tai Tan, Niu Gao and Bai He, three patriarchs had already stood up, seeing the Tang San in a absolutely adverse state, their heart were strained. The battle wasn’t that important to them in fact, even if Tang San lose, there would be leeway to turn. Especially for Bai He, who had gave his Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng to Tang San, thinking that once Tang San fully showed his strength to Yang Wudi, then giving him the Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng as bait, there still existed some possibility to make Yang Wudi compromise.

However, how could Bai He know, his treasure, Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng, was eaten by Xiao Wu just after it was given to Tang San. While Tang San’s plan was totally based on this battle, at least not lose, otherwise, the opportunity to subjugate the Breaking Clan would be very remote.

Flame in Yang Wudi’s eyes had reached the acme, entirely black long lance, releasing black color, showed the meaning “sharp” of the word “breaking” to the utmost. For the peculiarity of pure attack, he would not care who was the opponent in front of him in the battle at all, the only thought in his mind was to defeat the opponent. But with the inhibition of Purple God Light, Tang San’s mind power was suffering incessant oppression and diminishment, the gap between he and win was only one pace.

But at this minute, an unexpected situation happened.

The purple gold light that had been contradicting against the black fire disappeared suddenly without any sign. Yes, disappeared without any sign. No one could have anticipated such situation. Tang San should recalled the attack of Purple God Light.

All of these happened in a moment, the sudden outburst made Yang Wudi’s Soulbreaking Spear teemed with black fire, bombed into Tang San’s chest, simultaneously, himself was drawn with the Qi and blended into the lance, thrust directly into Tang San’s chest.

“No--” Tai Tan roared, dashed with a fierce stride, however, at this moment, even the fastest Bai He, could not stop what was going to happened.

The moment black fire approached his body, or more accurately, the moment Tang San recalled his Purple God Light, his body twisted weirdly, relying on the Slaughter Assualt that evolved from Deathgod Domain, he made a drift of his body by sheer force under Yang Wudi’s lock for half Chi, meanwhile, a layer of strange golden light covered his entire body.

The second ability of his left arm spirit bone of Jade Rabbit, Paragon Golden Body, was released.

Black fire bombed into the golden light in front of Tang San’s chest heavily, but in a absolutely invincible state, it didn’t bring any harm to Tang San, then, Yang Wudi’s Soulbreaking Spear thrusted into Tang San’s chest with formidable destructivity. Whereas, due to the defelction made by Tang San, the lance thrusted into Tang San’s right chest but not his heart.

There were three seconds of Paragon Golden Body, and now, one second passed.

Tang San’s face was very calm, facing the Soulbreaking Spear with formidable destructivity, he didn’t quail at all, seemed to never see the tool avatar that were trying to penetrate the Paragon Golden Body with powerful attack in front of his chest. At the second second of Paragon Golden Body, the Clear Sky Hammer in his hand had been woven to Yang Wudi’s shoulder.

Yang Wudi supported the spikestaff fiercely with his both hands, withstanding the smash of Clear Sky Hammer by sheer force. The Clear Sky Hammer rebounded, but the strong weight and attack still smashed Soulbreaking Spear to subside instantly, and eight spider lances in Tang San’s back thrust to Yang Wudi’s body simultaneously, the Clear Sky Hammer rebounded was also woven again at the third second. This time, Tang San infused all of his spirit power into the hammer and smashed, as a gamble.

This was the only and also the last opportunity for Tang San. Yang Wudi was undoubtedly strong in attack while weak in defense, Tang San used his own body as bait and support his most formidable attack, and then, used his strongest Clear Sky Hammer to bomb the opponent with all his strength.

Chapter 179

It wasn’t that Tang San didn’t want to use an even stronger Blue Silver Overlord Spear, but actually because he basically didn’t have time to condense one. Even if the required time had been curtailed a lot, his Invincible Golden Body only lasted for three seconds. He didn’t need to release spirit abilities, and the fairly considerable attack power of the Clear Sky Hammer was the best choice.

The Clear Sky Hammer flew out, the front suddenly flashing with white light, the Deathgod Domain already reaching its greatest power under Tang San’s suicidal attack.

Even though Yang Wudi’s attack brimmed with power, at this moment he still had to retreat. Perhaps the Clear Sky Hammer wasn’t enough to threaten his life, but those eight chilling Eight Spider Lances could. That was a kind of intuition, the intuition of a Spirit Douluo level expert.

Therefore Yang Wudi instantly made the best choice he could think of, his right palm sharply striking his Soulbreaking Spear, keeping his attack from weakening because of him separating from the spear, and he simultaneously flew backwards from the opposite force. Since the start of the battle, this was the first time Yang Wudi retreated. Of course, because he retreated, he successfully stayed out of the range of the Eight Spider Lances.

Both palms closing before his chest, Yang Wudi gathered all his strength to block the flying Clear Sky Hammer in the air.

Tool Spirit Avatars might be more powerful than Spirit Avatars, but they didn’t have the same benefits for the body. The amplifications were almost exclusively on the tool spirit, and having lost the Soulbreaking Spear, Yang Wudi now used his physical body to take the blow of the Clear Sky Hammer.

Ice cold ultimately piercing aura first invaded him, and Yang Wudi felt his whole body go cold. A chilling intent filled with ruthlessness entered his body, and without the Soulbreaking Spear at hand, he was unable to block this killing intent from spreading through him. And the next moment, the Clear Sky Hammer smashed heavily onto his palms.

Under the tremendous force, Yang Wudi’s palms directly struck his chest, and his whole body flew out with his chest tightening, blood madly spurting out. However, he could still be considered having managed to block Tang San’s all in one attack.

But it was also while Yang Wudi was seriously injured by the Clear Sky Hammer, that Tang San’s Invincible Golden Body ended.

The golden light vanished, and without the protection of the Invincible Golden Body, Tang San immediately felt the terrifying attack of the Soulbreaking Spear. With a pu sound, bloody light burst forth, and that thick Soulbreaking Spear penetrated the right side of Tang San’s chest, the terrifying four meter long spear actually completely skewering Tang San’s body and kept flying, entering the wall behind him and disappearing.

Tang San swayed once, his face instantly turning pale, and the Clear Sky Hammer also disappeared in midair.

“Young master.” Tai Tan rushed towards Tang San with big strides, but at this moment, two extremely rich lights simultaneously spread from Tang San.

Rich blue golden light rose from Tang San’s right leg, instantly covering Tang San’s entire body. And at the same time, red light suddenly erupted from Tang San’s left arm, and appearing along with it were also countless Blue Silver Emperor creepers.

Tang San hadn’t released his spirit. Choked with pain, he was basically unable to accomplish any of this. Because of the piercing wound on the right side of his chest, even breathing was an issue. But under these circumstances, his Blue Silver Emperor unexpectedly appeared on its own.

Six spirit rings reappeared, and that final one, the glittering, enchanting red hundred thousand year spirit ring abruptly flourished with splendor.

An illusory pink silhouette quietly emerged within that ring of light, and the next moment, she was already dashing at the backwards flying Yang Wudi.

Yes, that was Xiao Wu’s illusion. Despite Tang San always restraining himself from releasing this sixth spirit ring, when he suffered such a heavy injury, his depleted spiritual force was no longer able to suppress the impulses of Xiao Wu’s soul. Therefore, his sixth spirit ring Xiao Wu appeared.

In an instant, Tang San’s body subsequently turned illusory, and the blood immediately stopped spurting from his wounds within the nothingness.

Xiao Wu’s appearance in midair was no longer as tender and beautiful as when they confronted Bai He yesterday. Her charming face was demonic, and that illusory her was unexpectedly radiating an intense chill and desire for murder.

Flinging back her head, the long and slender jet black scorpion braid twisted around Yang Wudi’s neck. And Yang Wudi was still affected by the impulse of the Clear Sky Hammer attack, and a bit dizzy.

Xiao Wu stepped on his lower back with one foot, bending her upper body at her waist, pulling her head back and pushing forward with her leg, sending Yang Wudi flying up into the air. Watching this familiar scene, Tang San also felt incredulous. He finally understood the full capability of Xiao Wu and his sixth spirit ring. Nothingness plus the berserk close combat Eight Stage Drop.

The scorpion braid quietly separated, the illusorily beautiful Xiao Wu catching up to Yang Wudi in the air. Having become Tang San’s sixth spirit ability, not only had the power of Xiao Wu’s Eight Stage Drop not weakened, it had instead grown stronger. Yang Wudi was actually thrown up so forcefully by the previous throw that he heavily struck the ceiling and rebounded back down. And Xiao Wu caught up just as he rebounded.

The pink silhouette appeared where Yang Wudi would inevitably fall, both hands directly grabbing his waist, her slender waist bent as if broken, bringing Yang Wudi spinning backwards. Even if Yang Wudi wanted to resist now, the strike against the ceiling had prolonged his dizziness, and besides feeling the sky spinning and earth going round, he could only summon his Soulbreaking Spear again.

Xiao Wu spun a full two turns in midair with her hold on Yang Wudi’s clothes, and when she fell towards the ground, with rapid rotation from Waist Bow she brought Yang Wudi towards the ground with a hair-raising whistling sound. Yang Wudi wanted to use the Soulbreaking Spear to brace against the ground, but when spinning so fast, how could he see where the ground was?

The dumbstruck Tai Tan and others closed their eyes almost simultaneously. The strength of this killing throw, spinning high in the air and throwing to the ground, could be well imagined. Yang Wudi was really out of luck today, injuring Tang San had no doubt thoroughly infuriated Xiao Wu’s soul, making Xiao Wu incarnated as this sixth spirit ability thoroughly erupt. After becoming a spirit ability, Xiao Wu’s Eight Stage Drop had a supplemental stun effect with each throw, and consequently, as long as she could get a hold, it would be very difficult to dodge. And this spirit ability consumed next to nothing of Tang San’s spirit power, just a bit of Xiao Wu’s soul. After each time it was used, her soul strength would need twenty four hours of rest to recover completely. In other words, on the premise that Xiao Wu’s soul wasn’t harmed, Tang San could only use this ability once a day.

What Yang Wudi could do now was only to use his spirit power to cover his body, protecting himself within. But the next moment, the violent shock

scattered his spirit power to fragments. After all, this Breaking Clan chief wasn’t good at defense.

Hong—— Yang Wudi smashed heavily onto the ground. Xiao Wu swatted him flat against the floor, completely in a prostrating position. Yang Wudi gave a muffled grunt, his nose overflowing with blood, completely dizzy. The stun effect had arrived once again. However, this merely the beginning.

Xia Wu barely paused, both hands pushing on Yang Wudi’s waist to do a backflip, both feet directly pressing on either side of his head and throwing him forward. Her hands let go, but her feet could display even greater force. Yang Wudi’s body was driven by Xiao Wu’s feet, and along with another backflip, was once again smashed onto the ground.

Drawing on the counterforce from the second throw, Xiao Wu flipped over and back, smashing Yang Wudi back in his former place. Right now this Breaking Clan chief was like a burlap sack tossed around by Xiao Wu’s feet, altogether six times. Around the third, his bones began making creaking sounds with each smash.

Tai Tan, Niu Gao, Bai He, the three chiefs watched this scene and agreed by chance to swallow at the same time. They could completely imagine the force of impact Yang Wudi was suffering right now. Besides Niu Gao who still had some confidence in not being injured from being thrown around like that, even Tai Tan had to ask himself how he would fare.

Yang Wudi’s blood had already splattered over by their feet. Finally, when Xiao Wu once again tossed around Yang Wudi, she didn’t smash him straight into the ground, but rather threw him into midair. Six successive throws were finished, and plus that midair spinning instant kill throw, there had already been seven.

Xiao Wu leapt up once again, catching up to Yang Wudi in the air, both feet once again tightening on his neck.

“Xiao Wu, be lenient.” Tang San’s anxious shout saved Yang Wudi. When Xiao Wu looked at Tang San from the air, the baleful look in her eyes

immediately turned tender. The feet holding Yang Wudi’s neck like a vice released, right leg chopping down and directly smashing him into the ground, and she threw herself like a swallow into Tang San’s embrace.


Pitiful Yang Wudi smashed into the ground once again. Yang Wudi was now badly battered and bruised, if not for him constantly recreating protection with his more than eighty ranks of spirit power, Xiao Wu wouldn’t even have had to complete the Eight Stage Drop’s final terrifying one thousand eighty degree midair spin and instant kill drop. Even if he didn’t die he would still have lost half his life. In fact, after becoming a spirit ability, seventy percent of the attack power of Xiao Wu’s Eight Stage Drop was constantly stored up for the final throw. The previous seven throws were all just to break the opponent’s defense as far as possible.

The present scene had already by far exceeded the expectations of the spectators, Yang Wudi on the ground was completely unconscious, and that nearly mortally wounded Tang San stood there easily. If Yang Wudi being thrown around until he was unconscious was astonishing, then everything that happened with Tang San’s body was absolutely shocking.

After his body entered Nothingness his wounds no longer bled, and that blue golden light spreading from his right leg had enveloped his body and connected with the openings of the wounds. Immediately afterwards, under the stimulation of that light, the muscles around Tang San’s wounds had started to squirm and swiftly grow at a speed visible to the naked eye, unexpectedly healing his wounds in such a bizarre manner.

As Tang San shouted, blocking Xiao Wu’s final Eight Stage Drop, the wound on the right side of his chest had unexpectedly already completely healed, even the bones beneath the skin gradually bulging. Besides the holes in his clothes that couldn’t be repaired, by now he unexpectedly didn’t show any signs of having been wounded. As if that Soulbreaking Spear really hadn’t pierced his chest before.

The illusory Xiao Wu looked at Tang San with a somewhat rebuking expression, then again glanced at the healed wound on his chest. Raising

her right hand, she patted her own chest, heaving a sigh of relief, smiling sweetly at Tang San. Again raising her hand to point at the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse at Tang San’s waist, with a flash of her figure she then entered Tang San’s sixth spirit ring and disappeared unseen.

Tang San was injured so heavily, how could he recover so quickly?

The hundred thousand year spirit bone Xiao Wu had given Tang San possessed two potent abilities, Teleportation as well as Invincible Golden Body. But Tang San didn’t have just this one hundred thousand year spirit bone. The one he obtained first was his mother’s Blue Silver Emperor Right Leg Bone.

In fact, after Tang San’s mother had entered the mature stage before sacrificing herself to become Tang Hao’s spirit ring. How would the quality of her spirit bone be any less than Xiao Wu’s? This was the other ability hidden in the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone, besides flight.

This was the second ability of the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone that Tang San had discovered not long before. Otherwise, how would he have put himself in mortal danger in order to to subdue the Breaking Clan?

However, even Tang San himself didn’t know what level this Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone ability could reach at its best. But he could be sure that the Blue Silver Domain and a location with blue silver grass could be extremely advantageous to this ability.

Right now, even though he was still pale, and his vitality had suffered considerable harm, how could that compare to being pierced straight through? He just needed to rest a few days for his body to recover completely.

Yang Wudi’s two followers were already scrambling to reach him and help him up. Fortunately Yang Wudi’s spirit power was valiant. Even though he was confused and distracted by being thrown, and further adding the injuries from being struck by the Clear Sky Hammer before, at least there were no major problems with his bones, though internal injuries were difficult to avoid.

One of the two youths helped Yang Wudi back to his seat, while the other swiftly pulled out a porcelain bottle and poured out a few pills that he stuffed into Yang Wudi’s mouth, then took out fresh water from a spirit tool to wash it down.

Tang San believed that Xiao Wu’s gesture at his Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse before leaving was to have him eat some foundation building medicines, and when he saw Yang Wudi take some, he also subconsciously stretched his hand into the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse. There was still some Dragon Zoysia Leaf remaining, and eating one was enough to swiftly help his strength recover.

However, as Tang San’s hand stretched into the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse, his expression instantly turned bizarre, swiftly jerking his hand back out as if struck by an electric shock.

Tai Tan was already walking over to Tang San’s side with large strides. Niu Gao and Bai He had gathered by Yang Wudi, using spirit power to urge the medicinal effects. Tai Tan saw Tang San’s abrupt motion and hastily asked: “Young master, are you alright?”

Tang San nodded, saying to Tai Tan: “Senior, I’m a bit tired, I’ll return to rest first. Once senior Yang Wudi wakes up, I’ll trouble you to let him know I hope to properly discuss things with him in the afternoon.”

Seeing Tang San’s bale expression, Tai Tan hurriedly nodded, “I’ll see you back.”

Tang San shook his head: “No need. Senior Yang Wudi might have suffered internal injuries. You stay here. I’m alright. See.” Speaking, he pointed to where the injury had been on his chest.

The expression in Tai Tan’s eyes immediately turned grotesque. He could of course see that Tang San’s injuries miraculously healing wasn’t the effect of any spirit ability. If it wasn’t a spirit ability, then it was naturally a spirit bone. Spirit bone abilities were taboo for any Spirit Master to speak of, and even though he was inwardly extremely curious, he didn’t ask anything else.

Ma Hongjun wasn’t as scrupulous as Tai Tan, and when Tang San refused Tai Tan’s help, Fatty had already lent an arm to support Tang San, guarding his departure from the drawing room. With just one foot out the door, he couldn’t keep from asking Tang San: “Third brother, what’s going on with your wounds just now? You scared me to death.”

Tang San smiled slightly, using voice transfer to speak to Fatty: “That was a spirit bone ability, I call it: Wildfire Cannot Destroy the Grass,It Grows Again With the Spring Wind.”

The moment after Tang San and Ma Hongjun left, Yang Wudi vomited, spitting out a mouthful of purple black clotted blood, and awoke from unconsciousness with a long breath.

The medicaments refined by the Breaking Clan were quite good, and even though his internal organs still felt as if on fire and his whole body ached, he could finally be considered having stabilized his condition.

Having just opened his eyes, Yang Wudi first looked towards where Tang San stood before. Naturally all he could see was a pool of blood, and after discovering Tang San wasn’t here, he couldn’t keep his gaze from turning sluggish, looking in that direction in a daze without saying a word. But just how complex his current feelings were could be seen from his trembling hands.

Tai Tan, Niu Gao, and Bai He with tacit understanding didn’t go bother him. Bai He was still constantly infusing Yang Wudi with his spirit power, helping him sort out his disorderly breath.

After a long time, Yang Wudi’s sluggish gaze gradually dulled, resisting the aches in his body to stand, stopping Bai He from continuing to pour out spirit power. This moment he seemed to have aged ten years, his proud expression completely replaced by darkness.

Bai He couldn’t help speaking up, “Old goat, no need to be discouraged, if it was any of us, there wouldn’t be any difference in the result. Besides, you didn’t use your eighth spirit ability. It was because you held back that he got a chance.”

Yang Wudi waved his hand at Bai He, “No need to comfort me. A loss is a loss. Don’t tell me I wouldn’t admit it?” While speaking, he swiftly took out several medicine bottles from his spirit tool and handed them to Bai He.”

“Hold them for me. We have to see to that kid’s injuries immediately. Bring me to see him. Having been pierced by the Soulbreaking Spear, if he isn’t properly treated, there will be future complications.”

Bai He didn’t take the bottles Yang Wudi held out, the expressions of the three chiefs immediately turning strange.

Yang Wudi was alarmed, looking at Bai He: “Don’t tell me he died? But I clearly saw his right chest being pierced, as long as there wasn’t too much blood loss, it should still be possible to save him!”

Niu Gao smiled wryly: “That kids abilities are even greater than we imagined. By the time you were thrown down, his wounds had already automatically healed. If I’m not mistaken, he should have already anticipated those injuries long ago, and that’s why he confronted you head on.”

“Healed automatically?” Yang Wudi’s hand trembled once, the medicine bottles immediately tumbling to the ground. Fortunately Bai He reacted quickly, and caught them all with an easy move. Medicine couldn’t be wasted.

At the corners of Yang Wudi’s mouth was a trace of pain, “It seems I really lost thoroughly! How’s that kid?”

Tai Tan said: “Tang San didn’t say. He went to rest first. He only asked me to let you rest first, and that he wanted to properly chat with you in the afternoon.”

Yang Wudi smiled bitterly, “It seems I really should rest. Bitterly training attack all my life, but losing to a sixty something ranked youngster. Let’s go, bring me back to my room.”

The two Breaking Clan disciples hastily supported him from either side.
Walking away unsteadily, Niu Gao personally brought them to rest.

Tai Tan and Bai He looked at each other, and Bai He sighed: “This battle, it didn’t just break the old goat’s obstinacy, but also his confidence.”

Tai Tan nodded, “It was a heavy blow to him, but considering it from some angles, it might not necessarily be a bad thing. After all, the old goat’s attitude wasn’t good.”

Bai He revealed a trace of a smile,

“It seems our four single attributes will really be reunited as a sect this time. , we’ll see how that grandnephew of mine convinces Yang Wudi. I think he’s eloquent enough.”

Tai Tan said unhappily: “Old whitebird, I’ve discovered that, among us, you’re actually the most cunning one. Yesterday was all an act, in fact, you were willing as soon as you heard who Tang San was.”

Bai He laughed out loud, saying: “You’re just putting on an act. I’m very happy that my grandnephew is skilled, but at the start I didn’t know he was my grandnephew! I find that I’m already starting to look forward to the future of the Tang Sect. At least out Speed Clan won’t have to worry about our livelihood again.”

Ma Hongjun directly returned Tang San to his room, and left after making sure Tang San didn’t need anyone to protect him.

Tang San didn’t rush to cultivate, his current expression seemed very monstrous, lowering his head, he looked at the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse hanging at his waist without blinking.

At this moment, he couldn’t even manage to consider what he was going to tell Yang Wudi in the afternoon.

Tang San had a full grasp on the insides of the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse. Relying on his prestigious memory, he clearly knew the position of

each herb. Xiao Wu’s body was placed alone in a wide space.

However, just now when he was going to stretch his hand inside to grab a Dragon Zoysia Leaf, he suddenly discovered that he felt a peculiar softness. A softness that absolutely shouldn’t be in his Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse right now.

If he had to describe it, it would a a soft smoothness like recently peeled lychee, but not as icy cool, and rather soft and warm. What was it? Just what suddenly occupied this space in the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse?

Cautiously stretching his hand inside the purse, wanting to touch it again, Tang San discovered that the object he had previously touched wasn’t there. Everything seemed to be back to normal. Suddenly recalling Xiao Wu, he hurriedly pulled her out of the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse.

Rabbit form Xiao Wu was still curled up asleep, that frosty mist around her grown even richer. The tremendous energy fluctuations within her could even be clearly felt in the outside world. Yeah, after having eaten two first rate immortal treasure herbs, if not for a body that had once cultivated a hundred thousand years, perhaps she would have exploded long ago.

Looking at the sleeping Xiao Wu, Tang San inwardly had a sense of disappointment. Even he himself didn’t know just what he had been hoping for.

Tang San was indeed a bit tired. It was the first time he had experienced the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone’s Wildfire Cannot Destroy the Grass, It Grows Again With the Spring Wind ability. By now the place he was injured before only itched, but he still felt very tired. He had spared no effort in his battle against Yang Wudi, using most of his tricks. In the end it was still because of Xiao Wu displaying that extraordinary sixth spirit ability that it came to this result. Now physically and mentally exhausted, he hurriedly ate a Dragon Zoysia Leaf, immediately lying down to sleep. Intuition told him that what his body needed couldn’t be provided by cultivation. Only completely relaxed sleep could replenish his exhausted vitality and vigor.

Tang San’s decision was naturally correct. Even though his body was human, having obtained his mother’s spirit bone and spirit, a part of the Blue Silver Emperor’s immortal characteristics was already part of him. Only, now he still couldn’t completely unleash the power of the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone, and in the battle today there hadn’t been a lot of blue silver grass in the surroundings. That’s why he felt so tired.

Just as he was falling asleep, Tang San’s body began to radiate a faint blue light. This was a signal automatically issued by the Blue Silver Emperor. The Blue Silver Domain dispersed intangibly at its instinctive prompting. The size of this wasn’t large, just a kilometer or so. All the blue silver grass growing within this one kilometer range swiftly released their breath of vitality, pouring it into the body of their monarch. And they themselves also obtained the catalyst of the Blue Silver Emperor’s aura, giving them the chance of evolution.

It had been a very long time since he had slept this soundly, his consciousness completely submerged in his own mind, isolated from all awareness of the outside world. Tang San’s vitality recovered at an extremely astonishing speed. But he wasn’t the only one to change. Xiao Wu, fast asleep at his side, began to grow larger and larger at the same time as Tang San healed.

Mirages constantly appeared in the white mist enveloping her body, unclear due to the white mist cover. All that could be seen was that it was a humanoid shadow. Snow white skin, jet black hair.

The white mist constantly released, and the whole room gradually filled with a faint misty haze. Within the mist, that constantly flickering shadow gradually grew more real, and fused together with that softly sleeping rabbit, constantly extending its body. The whole room filled with a kind of elegant fragrance, and within that fragrance, Tang San slept even deeper.

In his hazy dreams, Tang San only felt as if something warm was pressed against his body, soft as cotton, surprisingly flexible, and as he turned over, he subconsciously pulled it close against his chest, continuing to sleep. In his dreams, he dreamt of Xiao Wu, dreamt of Xiao Wu returning to him once again, and they closely embraced each other.

He didn’t know how long it was before there was a knock outside the door.

“Third brother, are you alright?” Ma Hongjun’s loud voice echoed from outside.

The soundly sleeping Tang San was roused from his dreams, then discovered to his astonishment that it was already dark outside.

“Fatty, what time is it?” Tang San asked subconsciously. While he asked this, he suddenly felt that something was wrong, because his body felt very heavy when he tried to sit up, and his right arm was even a bit numb. Looking down at his chest with his hazy consciousness, in practically an instant, all his sleepiness retreated like the tide.

Ma Hongjun said outside the door: “It’s already evening. Third brother, come eat something. That Breaking Clan leader is still waiting for your conditions.”

Tang San then reacted, “Fatty, you go first. I, I ‘ll be there right away.”

Ma Hongjun heard that Tang San’s voice was somewhat strange, but he thought it was because of Tang San’s body being too exhausted from that previous battle, and didn’t particularly mind. Agreeing, he turned and left.

While Ma Hongjun left, Tang San pinched his thigh hard, his whole body trembled slightly.

It hurt a lot. This moment he completely confirmed that he wasn’t dreaming.

In Tang San’s embrace quietly lay a girl, a girl not wearing a thread of clothing.

Black hair like a waterfall covered almost her whole body, her naked skin all pressed against Tang San, nestling up against him like a kitten.

Tang San’s right arm was numb because she had used it as a pillow. Her head was buried against Tang San’s chest and her face couldn’t be seen, but

that skin, so soft it seemed it might break from the wind, was enough to drive any man insane.

Tang San could clearly feel his body temperature swiftly rising. He was a young and vigorous ordinary man, and still a virgin. Under such circumstances, instinctual reactions appeared almost instantly. This was also why his voice was a bit strange.

Tang San basically had no idea when this girl had appeared in his embrace, he really had slept too deeply. Could this be Niu Gao’s scheme? no, impossible. Clan chief Niu Gao wasn’t that kind of person. Besides, he had just been injured, how could Niu Gao arrange a woman for him? But, if it wasn’t his plan, how come she was in his room?

The moment before he fell asleep, Tang San had felt four Defense Clan clansmen guarding outside his door. Outsiders couldn’t easily enter with them there.

Intense urges constantly assaulted Tang San’s heart, and he immediately grew alert. He couldn’t let desire conquer reason. And he could even less let down Xiao Wu. He twitched his right arm without hesitation, trying to pull it back. But when he moved, the young woman in his arms seemed to wake up, slowly raising her head with a yawn.

The rubbing against Tang San’s body as she did was another intense stimulation, but when that young woman had completely raised her head and looked at Tang San with empty and clear eyes, Tang San no longer felt any stimulation, his entire mind turning completely blank.

That was a countenance as delicate as a fair, a pair of jet black big eyes with a hint of pink, peerlessly exquisite face without any makeup, but still so beautiful, and even more familiar.

“Xiao…… Wu……” His trembling voice a bit hoarse, in just an instant, Tang San’s eyes were already completely red, and moist.

Yes, that incomparably exquisite mien only belonged to the most beloved in his heart. Perhaps there might be another woman who could match her in

beauty, but in Tang San’s eyes, she was the only one for him, and nobody could compare.

The arms he originally wanted to let go with suddenly tightened, pulling that puzzled and helpless girl into his embrace, as if he wanted to merge together with her.

Even though he had already pinched himself hard, Tang San was still so afraid, afraid that this was a beautiful dream. Hugging the completely naked Xiao Wu, his heart didn’t hold a single wicked thought, only boundlessly intense love.

Xiao Wu’s gaze was still vacant and lifeless, but in Tang San’s fiery embrace, her white lotus like arms slowly rose, very naturally holding his neck, her facial expression partly reluctant to let go, but the expression in her eyes still so vacant.

“Xiao Wu…… Xiao Wu…… Do you know how much I’ve missed you? Why would you be so stupid, to sacrifice yourself for me. Don’t tell me you believe that, after losing you, I could still survive the longing? If not for the shred of hope for revival, I would already have followed you.”

Tang San’s voice was choked with emotion, tightly pulling his most beloved against his chest, the softest places in his heart constantly trembling. Smelling the sweet fragrance Xiao Wu exuded, an unprecedentedly joyful feeling filled every corner of his body. He would prefer time to forever stop at this moment, forever, forever…..

Chapter 180

“En——” Xiao Wu crooned in his arms with slight   pain, awakening Tang San who was thoroughly immersed in happiness and excitement. Not until now did he realize that he had embraced too hard, so he loosed his arms immediately and lowered his head to looked at Xiao Wu. He couldn’t look enough at that delicate face, even if he looked for a lifetime.

No expected call “Ge”, what Tang San saw, was merely blank eyes on her pretty face with slight attachment. Even though she didn’t wear a thread of clothing, she seemed undisturbed like a pale cloud or light breeze in the sky.

“Xiao Wu, sorry, I was too excited, did I hurt you?” Tang San apologized softly.

Xiao Wu still looked at him blankly, without saying a word, but nestled her head on his chest.

“Xiao Wu, what’s the matter with you?” His excitement had rapidly faded when seeing Xiao Wu’s blank eyes, and a ripple of freezing chill gradually rose in his mind.

Xiao Wu kept doing it without answering him, just nestling up to him, without a sound.

Now having woken from the excitement, Tang San looked at the bed; the rabbit had disappeared; there was only Xiao Wu on the bed except him. Yes, she was surely Xiao Wu. Tang San smelled the elegant fragrance Xiao Wu produced, which was exactly the same as the rabbit, then his brain operated rapidly and understood the situation before his eyes.

It seemed that Xiao Wu who was nestling up to him had really resurrected. Moreover, Tang San knew, it was quite likely that Xiao Wu had already become a true human being.

Both Yearning Heartbroken Red and Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng were godly and holy materials, which could be regarded as depriving the Heaven and Earth of their creative powers. With their effects, Xiao Wu had reverted to human appearance, her body was even catalyzed to mature period directly. That is, Xiao Wu was a substantial human female now.

However, Xiao Wu was not truly resurrected, only partly. She didn’t actually have her own soul, her existence was entirely given by two godly herbs. She only had the instinct of rabbits. Even if her body changed, her mind was no different from a rabbit as before. If he couldn’t accomplish the conditions given by Sky Blue Bull Python Da Ming, he was afraid that Xiao Wu wouldn’t resurrect entirely either. Even though she appeared alive before him now, she had only resurrected by one half.

What Xiao Wu needed was the return of the Spirit

Ring and Spirit Bone, with the Spirit Power of nine rings, to help her soul return to the body. He didn’t know whether the ten thousand year ninth grade Ginseng King was still needed, since Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng probably played a role that would had been played by it, so it made Xiao Wu incarnate as a human being. As far as medical effect was concerned, unless it was an entire ten thousand year ninth grade Ginseng King, it absolutely wouldn’t do better than Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng.

Softly caressing the silky black hair of Xiao Wu, a kind of sadness appeared in his eyes:

“I understand... You didn’t resurrect truly, but just recovered the body. However, Xiao Wu, it doesn’t matter. This is already a good start, at least I can see you in a human form from now on. I will cultivate harder, to endeavour to help your soul return earlier. OK? ”

Of course Xiao Wu couldn’t reply to him, and Tang San also didn’t dare look at her body because he was afraid of violating his perfect lover in his mind. He swore deeply that before Xiao Wu’s soul returned to her body, he wouldn’t do any excessively intimate thing to her. He loved her, loved all of her, and not only her body.

Swiftly taking out a garment from his Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges, he supported Xiao Wu and dressed her, and fastened the belt in case of exposure. Of course Tang San didn’t have underwear for girls, so these were all he could do.

Tang San’s garment on Xiao Wu looked a little baggy, but it set off her delicate and lovable face more.

“Come on, follow me, alright?” Hand in hand, Tang San stood up. Probably because of this, she stepped out with him, didn’t resist even though she only had instinct. Her pace wasn’t too fast, but very natural. She had once been human after all, the instinct of a human body still existed, even if she had lost her Spirit Power, Spirit Rings and Abilities.

When the guards of Defence Clan outside the room saw Xiao Wu in Tang San’s hand, all of them were stupefied. Not only was Xiao Wu beautiful, but also gave them a feeling of purity that they had never seen, innocent as if she had never touched the mundane world.

Tang San never cared about how others regarded him, just holding her hand forever, for him, was the biggest happiness.


The dining hall.

Bai He was sitting by Yang Wudi, talking about something.

“What? Say it again, what does it look like?” Yang Wudi glared at Bai He with astounded eyes and face. In terms of medicine, the Breaking Clan really had original and effective methods. Just this morning he had a bloody nose and a swollen face, but now, even though there were trace in his face, it was much better.

Except Tang San, everyone else was there. Bai He still decided to persuade Yang Wudi. Their relationship was better than others after all, and he was not fully confident in Tang San’s persuasion, so for the purpose of paving the way for his grandson, he decided to take the initiative.

The astounded face of Yang Wudi right now was rightly due to the description of the appearance of Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng by Bai He.

When Bai He described it once again, the dim eyes of Yang Wudi suddenly lit, “Well, you good old white bird. You had such good thing but actually didn’t show me earlier. Alright, I understand. Don’t say anything else, give me that and I’ll join the Tang Sect together with you.”

“Ah?” Bai He hadn’t expected Yang Wudi would actually agree so happily. He didn’t know too much about the Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng’s value, and just knew it was precious. But how could Yang Wudi who had studied medicine his whole life not know? With the Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng, he could make a crop of heavenly holy medicine. For Yang Wudi who was so crazy about medicine, nothing could be more attractive than this.

Moreover, Tang San defeated him today, and also stirred him up a lot, in addition three other clans of four pure attribute clans had already chosen the Tang Sect, he might as well go like the donkey down the slope and join.

Seeing Yang Wudi rub his hands with excitement, Bai He finally breathed a sigh of relief, and was wreathed in smiles. The four pure attribute clans could come together again, and he also didn’t offend his old fellow. Even at the cost of that valuable herb, to him, it was worthwhile.

Just at that moment, Tang San arrived with Xiao Wu.

Tang San went ahead, and Xiao Wu was behind him, led along by his hand. Apart from the four patriarchs, the people attending were Ma Hongjun, Tai Long, Niu Ben and Bai Chengxiang. When seeing Tang San came with a girl behind him, the two of them who reacted first were Ma Hongjun and Tai Long.

“Xiao Wu?” They exclaimed simultaneously   and   stood   up abruptly. Because of their abrupt movements, their chairs were knocked down behind them.

Dressed in Tang San’s long robe, her black beautiful hair hung across her shoulders and her body, if not rolled up with another hand, it would reach the ground. Although she was not as young as when they parted five years ago, her overall appearance didn’t change a lot. Ma Hongjun and Tai Long recognized her immediately.

All other males there, including four patriarchs over eighty, couldn’t help staring for a moment.

Bai He deemed that his granddaughter Bai Chengxiang’s appearance had already be unparalleled in the world, but when he saw Xiao Wu, he found Bai Chengxiang’s appearance had been eclipsed by Xiao Wu, whether in appearance or temperament.

Bai Chengxiang was herself dumbfounded, with a thoroughly shocked expression. For the past two days, Tang San had demonstrated his godly power, defeated Bai He and Yang Wudi one after the other, which impressed her very much. What girl does not want to be loved? Especially Tang San was such handsome and genteel. Unconsciously, a favorable impression of Tang San had already risen in her heart. But when now Tang

San came with a girl who was that beautiful, she suddenly felt a mixed feeling.

Women are sensitive. Almost at a glance, Bai Chengxiang recognized that the garment on Xiao Wu’s body was Tang San’s, so their relationship must be very intimate.

With Xiao Wu’s hand, Tang San let her sit down first and then sat by her.
Nodding his head, “I am sorry to have kept you waiting.”

Niu Gao looked at Xiao Wu, couldn’t help asking, “Tang San, She is?”

Tang San forced a smile but didn’t know how to explain. Xiao Wu’s hands were both in his, she moved her body slightly and nestled up to Tang San’s shoulder, whose action was so natural that everyone could see an attachment of her.

“I don’t know how to explain to you. But, Senior, she is Xiao Wu, my lover. She lost her consciousness because she saved me before, and she can’t greet Seniors, please excuse us.”

Tai Tan pulled at Niu Gao’s clothes, hinting him not to ask too much. Bai He was also curious, but he didn’t know more about Tang San, so he kept silent. But Yang Wudi frowned, “Lost her consciousness? Owing to injury of brain, being frightened or poison?”

Seeing Xiao Wu, he couldn’t help feeling his heart hammering. That was because Xiao Wu’s face was covered by her hair before, and she wore Tang San’s clothes, which looked very different from the Xiao Wu who attacked him. Especially Xiao Wu who was amazing in speed, fast as a phantom, consequently everyone there didn’t realize that she was the same person as one who nearly killed Yang Wudi from Tang San’s six spirit ring. But to Yang Wudi himself, he had a feeling, so he felt apprehension on seeing Xiao Wu.

Tang San shook his head, said, “Neither.”

Yang Wudi stared, said deeply, “Neither? You think I’m a fool? Her face is rosy, her forehead is light, obviously her blood and qi are vigorous, her vitality so strong it couldn’t be stronger. If not injured by brain collision, or maybe the residual effects of poison, then it’s from suffering fright. Besides these three causes, I can’t think of any other.”

Tang San said calmly, “Senior Yang Wudi, I guess you haven’t forgot our bet. Let us fulfill the agreement, alright?”

Tang Wudi’s face tuned chilly, “Of course, I honor my words, tell me your request.”

Tang San smiled slightly, said, “In fact, my request is very simple, just hope Senior would receive a gift from me.”

Yang Wudi was surprised, recalling Bai He’s word before, his face suddenly became much more mild, gave Bai He a look and finally said to Tang San, “Fine, give me.”

Now, Bai He was already full of smiles, and both Tai Tan and Niu Gao who had heard their talk before smiled too, it was time for the conclusion after the dust had settled. To them, Tang San raising such a request was obviously a very nice choice.

Tang San put his hand into the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse, when pulled his hand out, he was holding a big flower with its stem. Suddenly, a delicate fragrance radiated, the scent penetrating deep into the heart and pervading every corner of the dining room. Even Xiao Wu who was sitting by Tang San couldn’t help fixing her eyes on the flower with her blank but clear eyes.

That was a pale pink flower without leaves. The length of its stem was three chi and the diameter was two chi. Every petal of it looked as glittering and translucent as crystal.

Bai He, who had originally thought the matter was settled, when seeing that Tang San didn’t take out his Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng but took

out a big flower, turned pale suddenly, “Little San, where is the ginseng I gave you?”

Tang San forced a smile and said, “Granduncle, it’s not that I grudge to take it out, it’s just that it has been eaten by Xiao Wu.”

“What?” Looking at Tang San with stunned eyes, his face turned grey immediately. He knew Yang Wudi’s personality too well. If he could not keep his word, it was impossible for Yang to compromise, especially when he already had a prejudice against Tang San for his background of Clear Sky Sect. A situation built with great effort was ruined suddenly. Even faces of Ti Tan and Niu Gao was pale. If Yang Wudi couldn’t join Tang Sect, then Bai He and his Speed Clan wouldn’t either. That would be a great loss.

However, to their surprise, Yang Wudi kept his eyes on the flower in Tang San’s hands, sloly standing up and walking over to Tang San with large strides.

“You’re really giving it to me?” Yang Wudi’s voice was somewhat trembling from excitement and exhilaration.

Tang San said sincerely, “Spiritual things choose their owner. Following you, it can play a more important role. Junior has studied medicine slightly, I hope I will learn more from Senior’s instruction.”

Yang Wudi took the big flower carefully, and said without hesitation, “Good, this old fellow will follow you in future. Ah… Why didn’t you take it out at the beginning. Had you taken it out earlier, I wouldn’t have made a farce of myself in the battle with you. Only, say it first, your Tang Sect isn’t allowed to restrict me.”

Tang San smiled, “No problem. Junior invited Senior and Breaking Clan to join Tang Sect only to compare notes in medicine.”

Yang Wudi put his nose over the big flower and sniffed at it with all his strength, dancing with joy like a madman, “Haha, hahahahaha, I’ve been searching for it for a lifetime, I never thought I’d be getting it this way.

Aromatic silk beauty immortal treasure, with you, is there any poison I dare not make? Nor will there be any tragedies. Haha, excellent.”

Bai He was speechless, couldn’t help asking, “Don’t tell me this thing is more valuable than my ginseng?”

Yang Wudi guffawed, and his face wasn’t that stiff, “They shouldn’t be compared easily. In terms of value, maybe your Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng is more valuable. However, to me, the Aromatic silk beauty immortal treasure is more vital. With it, I needn’t be afraid of any medicine or poison when studying them. With it, I can try many material that I didn’t dare to try in the past. Moreover, its fragrance can also cause a lot of materials’ effects to mutate and improve their effect. For us Breaking Clan, this thing is a priceless treasure, even my life I won’t begrudge.”

Ti Tan smiled, “So that is to say, you agree to join Tang Sect?”

Yang Wudi looked at the Aromatic silk beauty immortal treasure in his hands as if intoxicated, “Agreed, agreed. Where did you get that much nonsense? Tomorrow morning, I’ll go back and bring my clansmen to bum meals off you. Haha, Aromatic silk beauty immortal treasure.”

Niu Gao grumbled, “Well, old goat is mad for the flower. Tang San, you are really are something.”

Ti Tan smiled, “Still calling him Tang San? We are members of Tang Sect now.”

Tang San said immediately, “Every Senior is my elder, and also elder in Tang Sect in the future. So it is time stop calling ma Tang San. My elders and elder friends call me little San, so Seniors please call me little San.”

Tang San’s words immediately won the good impression of the four patriarchs. They were all over eighty, especially that Bai He was Tang San’s granduncle, calling a twenty-year-old youth Sect Master would be somewhat weird.

Niu Gao smiled, “Fine, it’s settled. Tomorrow morning, we leave together. Old orangutan, I’ll direct bring my clansmen with you. Old goat and old whitebird, you go back and get things ready, then bring your clansman quickly. This time, we four pure attribute   clans   will gather again. Let’s see who dares bully us. Alright. You drink and I’ll ask the children to begin packing things up. Set off earlier, let the old bastard Huyan Zhen find us if he wants revenge.”

Not only for Tang San, but also for Tang Sect, this was a meaningful day. Xiao Wu half resurrected, no longer in a rabbit form. Four single attribute clans joined Tang Sect too. Everything was on track from this day.

However, ensuing trouble came too. Not because four pure attribute clans made any trouble for Tang San but because of Xiao Wu in a human appearance.

After dinner, when Tang San went back his room with Xiao Wu for a rest, Xiao Wu would hold his hand and went to bed freely. Then took off her clothes in a minute, exposing her snowy and flawless body. She would stick close to him and lie down and, under Tang San’s lifeless stare, close her eyes to sleep. Although she was already in human appearance now, her habit of sleeping  didn’t seem diminished.

Therefore, Tang San got a lot of fun. When Xiao Wu resurrected, his mind teemed with love and excitement, so he naturally ignored these details. But at that moment, Xiao Wu was truly naked, without any clothes before his eyes, as a true man, how could he keep impervious to this?

Even   though   Hu   Liena   was   under-dressed   before,    she    still wore something. But now Xiao Wu was displayed before his eyes without any veil. More important, his love was all on Xiao Wu. This stimulation, couldn’t be described verbally at all.

He dragged the quilt quickly and covered Xiao Wu’s body. Even though he avoided and didn’t want to touch her body, Xiao Wu moved closer to him on her own and wouldn’t stop before touching his body. Eventually, Xiao Wu used Tang San’s lap as pillow, which cost Tang San two hours to

manage to meditate and enter cultivation, enduring a suffering but happy night.

Niu Gao was a resolute man. After packing for a night and a morning, the Defence Clan was already ready for travel. In the early morning, Bai He departed with Yang Wudi. This was the most unrestful period of the Spirit Master world on the continent, now that decided to join Tang Sect, they should unite in Heaven Dou City as fast as possible.

After lunch, the party marched on their way in a grand procession. Tang San and Xiao Wu stepped into a carriage under the ambiguous gaze from Ma Hongjun. There were more than twenty carriages in all, which left Long Xing City surrounded by clansmen and headed directly for Heaven Dou City.

The return was much slower than coming, and took more than twenty days for them to go back Heaven Dou City. On their own turf, Tai Tan arranged the Defence Clan to live in his mansion immediately. For the three clans’ accommodations, Tai Tan would be very busy for a few days. Purchasing the surrounding homes also needed accelerating. After all, for two hundred people it was spacious, but for more than one thousand people it seemed too cramped. In spite of opening space for cultivation, forging, and pharmacy, the whole Strength Clan needed rearrangement and reconstruction. Of course, with the joining of the Defence Clan, it would be much easier. On their way back, Tai Tan had already been talking with Niu Gao about assorted design schemes and construction blueprint of Tang Sect. The rudimentary design scheme had been given to Tang San, but he thought he didn’t have this sort of talent, so he might as well leave it to the two patriarchs.

Tang San then brought Xiao Wu and Ma Hongjun back to Shrek Academy. In the past twenty days, he had already reached an understanding with Xiao Wu who had lost her soul. Xiao Wu was very attached to him, being around him all the time, and at least kept her hand in Tang San’s as body touch, or she would panic. In terms of food, Xiao Wu just ate some green vegetables, which seemed to differ little from the rabbit. Her time for sleep decreased gradually and became the same as a normal human. But to Tang San’s headache, Xiao Wu didn’t like wearing clothes.

For this, Tang San didn’t know how many suffering he had endured, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry over the fact that, after these twenty days’ suffering, his spiritual force seemed to have improve a bit.

On the road, Tang San asked women from the Defence Clan to buy some clothes for Xiao Wu, which were all white, Xiao Wu’s favourite color. Both outer clothes and underclothes, at least she wouldn’t be without anything again. For the purpose of making Xiao Wu more comfortable, Tang San learned how to braid hair carefully. Although not so proficient, the scorpion braid he plaited was not so bad. Otherwise, her long beautiful hair would trail on the ground. Tang San wasn’t willing to cut it.

“Third brother, shall we meet teachers and grand master first or go back to where we live first?” Entering the gate of academy, Ma Hongjun asked Tang San.

Tang San said, “We’d better meet teachers and tell them we are coming back, and also that Xiao Wu resurrected.”

Ma Hongjun said, “Fine then, they would be really happy if they knew Xiao Wu resurrected. We will move into the Tang Sect soon, elder Tai Tan said it would be about three months to construct the Tang Sect. Third brother, shouldn’t we relax ourselves and have some fun in these three months? Ha ha.”

Tang San gave him a sulky look, “Have fun? Sure, you cultivate your spirit power to rank sixty, then I will acompany you to the Spirit Beast Forest for fun. Apart from Xiao Wu, you are the only one who haven’t reach rank sixty. Don’t forget, your spirit isn’t innately weaker than others’. That your level didn’t reach, means you weren’t hardworking these years.”

When it came to his spirit power level, Ma Hongjun displayed an upset face immediately, “Hey, I’m different from you! You guys are couples, you don’t have any distractions. But I’m always single, it’s too easy to be distracted. In cities, seeing the bright lights, I just can’t hold myself.

Especially I don't have a handsome face like you guys, how could good girls like me? How about you figure out a method for me to get a Second Spirit Awakening, being half as handsome as you is enough. ”

Hearing Ma Hongjun’s words, Tang San didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry, but what he said was true, of the Shrek seven devils, he was the only bachelor,

“Alright, Fatty, don't be self-reproachful, never forget that you are the vice master of our Tang Sect. What’s inside is much more important than outer appearance, in the generation of young spirit masters, you are already very outstanding. If you cultivate harder and make yourself stronger, won’t you also have a wife?”

Ma Hongjun said, “Third brother, that is to say, if I cultivate harder, you will help me?”

Tang San nodded, “Of course, as long as I can.”

Ma Hongjun laughed, “It is a deal, I will cultivate harder from now on. When the Speed Clan moves in, please ask your granduncle to match Bai Chenxiang with me, alright? ”

Tang San laughed, “Fine, so you are waiting for me here? You have a crush on Bai Chenxiang. I’ll talk to my granduncle, no problem. But you should know Miss Bai’s status in my granduncle’s heart, her marriage will probably be decided by herself. Whether you can win her heart will depend on your own ability. I don’t have so much experience in this respect, so I can’t teach you. But you can ask little Oscar, wasn’t he known as romantic and dissolute guy?”

Ma Hongjun quirked his mouth, said, “Him? He can just brag with his mouth. Didn’t you see how he changed for Ning Rongrong? If he was dissolute enough, he wouldn’t be like that. I’d better not count on him, not boss Dai either, you see, he had a lot of trouble dealing with Zhu Zhuqing, I’m afraid he won’t touch that taboo.”

Tang San sighed, said, “You’re wrong in that, think about it, if little Oscar wasn’t that sincere, could he move Rongrong, move uncle Ning? In the past five years since he left, he has gone through so much suffering. The reason he can be with Rongrong now is all his own effort. If you want to gain something you must pay first. The only method I can teach you is to pay sincerely, to treat her with all your heart, whether you can succeed will depend on your own sincerity. I believe that the relationships between men and women isn’t decided by appearance only. Oh, right, for another thing, you should lose some weight. Maybe you will become handsome after that.”

“Er…lose weight, I’m afraid it’s too difficult.” Seeing that his waist was wider than his height, Fatty’s expression immediately broke down, “Ai, it’s already noon, the students should have finished their classes, why so few people here, where did they go?”

Tang San also found that there were a scant few people in the academy today, suspiciously few. They had already walked into the grounds, but seen nobody.

When they were talking, they went through the avenue and immediately realized why they hadn’t seen anyone on their way. Nearly all the students of Shrek Academy were clustered on the grounds in a huge circle, with shouts and cries coming now and then. Feeling the fluctuation of spirit power, Tang San found that there seemed to be spirit masters fighting there.

They walked to the edge, it was a large crowd, so they couldn’t see the situation in it at all. Ma Hongjun pulled over a student and asked, “What happened, why don't they go for lunch, what are they doing?”

That student was tiptoeing and watching, felt impatient of Ma Hongjun at first, but when he turned his head he saw a round face of the fatty and the impatience disappeared, said respectfully, “Senior! It’s so good that you came, someone is making trouble.”

“Making trouble? Is there anyone who dare make trouble for our Shrek Academy? They want to die? Who are they?” The fatty became angry on hearing this.

The student said, “It seem to be Godwind Academy and Blazing Academy, with Thunderclap Academy and Skywater Academy, which are called four elements academies. They say they are exchanging pointers with our academy but it’s obviously making trouble. They have a lot of people, more than thirty, and are fighting with our students.”

Tang San frowned, “Where are dean Flender and Grandmaster? Why so noisy here, isn’t anyone in charge?”

The student said indignantly, “They really came at a good time. Grandmaster   isn’t   here,   dean   Flender   and   vice    dean    Liu Erlong and Zhao Wuji accompanied a batch of thirty level students to hunt their spirit rings. All our elites aren’t here. Actually, we just talked it over and decided to have a competition with them, we just don’t like their arrogant air.”

Ma Hongjun laughed, said, “Third brother, let’s go see. These four academies are old friends. Now that they come, maybe there is some purpose, don’t tell me it’s Spirit Hall’s will?”

Tang San shook his head, said, “Maybe not, of the five elements academies, only Armored Elephant School is Spirit Hall’s dog. The other four clans are neutral, especially the Thunderclap Academy was supported by the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan. Now that the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan has been extinguished, they have no reason to collude with Spirit Hall. Let’s go, we’ll just take a look first.”

Fatty nodded his head, shouted, “Come on, let us in, let us in, experts are coming, watch me put them in order.”

After his shouting, others noticed and recognized him and Tang San, immediately making way for them. Tang San, Ma Hongjun and Xiao Wu easily came into the circle.

A battle had just finished, a student with a pale face of Shrek Academy retreated to the side, holding his chest, obviously defeated. The one who won was a young spirit master in red uniform. By his clothes, it seemed to be Blazing Academy’s student.

Inside the circle was a big open space. Walking there, both Tang San and Ma Hongjun’s eyes displayed somewhat weird light: there were real old friends here.

The Four Elements Academies’ uniforms made them and the Shrek students as distinct as the rivers Jing and Wei. More than ten people stood aside, among which several were Tang San’s acquaintances.
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