Douluo Dalu Chapter 161-170


Chapter 161

Among the opponents, all the Spirit Masters that could fly were agility attack types, and four out of five of those were gone, at most only one Spirit Master could fly. The attack range of Spirit Masters was limited, as long as they could escape into the air, he and Xiao Wu very possibly might escape the encirclement.

The Deathgod Domain adhered to the Clear Sky Hammer, and erupting at this moment, cooperating with the aggression of the Clear Sky Hammer, one move broke the opponents’ targeting. At the same time, under the influence of the Deathgod Domain, Tang San’s fighting spirit once again rose to the peak, and the pursuing opponents would also suffer the influence of the domain.

At this moment, all of Tang San’s potential burst forth. He knew that what was most dangerous to him right now was when they were still within fifty meters from the ground after the leap. At this range, he would inevitably have to endure the collective attacks of the opponents. If he couldn’t endure, then, that was his and Xiao Wu’s time of death.

Therefore, in the split second he leapt, he grabbed Xiao Wu under her arms and fiercely threw her up. No matter what attacks he endured, he would never let Xiao Wu endure them with him.

The Spirit Sages naturally reacted very quickly. Even if Tang San used all his strength it was still impossible to instantly separate from their attack range, let alone when he briefly stalled after throwing Xiao Wu . The

powerful pushing force born from the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone sent him chasing after Xiao Wu in the air. Simultaneously Tang San forcefully blasted downward with both hands holding the hammer.
At this moment, he used practically all the strength he could muster. Eight Spirit Sages plus one Yan, how could they let Tang San and Xiao
Wu easily escape while surrounding them? Their auras suddenly locking on, naturally led to them wildly attacking.

That single remaining agility attack type spirit master had already flown up high, charging from the side. Of other eight, eight spirit abilities erupted simultaneously.

So many had died from Spirit Hall this time, if Tang San escaped, their guilt would be difficult to escape. Further adding the terrifying feeling Tang San gave them, now they even more went all out. In a moment, the core of everyone’s attacks focused on Tang San. Moreover, besides Yan whose strength wasn’t enough, they were all using Spirit Avatar.

Spirit Avatar undoubtedly enormously increased spirit power consumption, but at the same time it also increased the Spirit Sages’ strength to the limit. At this level, their attack patterns instead became simple. Seven Spirit Sages simultaneously attacked upwards, their concentrated attack power all being their purest spirit power attacks.

But even though the attack methods were the same, they each had different spirits. The spirit power ripples of the attacks would naturally differ a bit. Some were overbearing, some gentle, some surreptitious, and some ice cold or red hot. In an instant, seven extremely powerful spirit powers simultaneously attacked upwards, directly at Tang San.

These seven remaining Spirit Sages were all power attack types. Their most formidable feature was attack. With the force of seven such focused Spirit Avatars attacking one opponent, even if a Title Douluo could resist, it still wouldn’t be so easy. Let alone the already considerably exhausted Tang San.

“No—— Ge——” Xiao Wu’s calm was finally broken. The instant she was thrown into the air by Tang San, she already sensed things were unreassuring. Watching herself instantly becoming distant from Tang San, she was unable to do anything. She could only watch those countless dazzling lights engulf Tang San.

Tang San naturally knew Xiao Wu’s character, so when he threw her, he had already pinched her numbing acupuncture point, making her unable to use Teleportation to return to support him.

Confronting the attacks below, right now Tang San became exceptionally calm. Even the Deathgod Domain was unable to influence his present mood.

The Deathgod and Blue Silver Domains simultaneously opened up to the greatest degree, intense white light releasing, weakening the strength of these Spirit Sages as far as possible. At the same time, the Clear Sky Hammer blasted out and withdrew, Blue Silver Emperor madly surging out.

Tang San grabbed his knees with both hands, curling his body into a ball, the Eight Spider Lances on his back folding, like a shield behind him. The madly surging out Blue Silver Emperor swiftly formed a large cocoon around him, and his entire body flickered with blue golden luster.

Tang San’s reaction speed could be said to be at the peak. In front of a mortal threat, he finally broke through. The spirit power within his body abruptly sharply increased. Breaking through the bottleneck between the fifty ninth and sixtieth ranks in one move. This abruptly increasing spirit power undoubtedly added weight to his side of the balance.

Hong, the opponents’ attack first came into contact with that Clear Sky Hammer attack.

Without a doubt, the Clear Sky Hammer was one of the most formidable spirits in the present world. However, Tang San’s Clear Sky Hammer still wasn’t powerful enough. Without even one spirit ring, further adding his present spirit power level, it basically wasn’t enough to display the Clear

Sky Hammer’s true strength. In the instant of contact, it was immediately smashed by the Spriti Sage’s powerful attack.

Tang San never thought to use that Clear Sky Hammer attack to block the enemy attack, what he wanted was leverage.

Indeed, before those seven lights swallowed his body, the collision of the Clear Sky Hammer bombardment and the opponents’ caused an opposite force, and he was once again pushed higher up.

The more distant the attack, the more the attack power would weaken. Just at this moment, even if he could only weaken the enemy attack just a little, to Tang San, the odds of survival would also increase somewhat.


Just the first Spirit Avatar spirit power attack, and the Blue Silver Emperor surrounding Tang San was already completely shattered. The attack power the Spirit Avatar could raise, no matter how, it was still beyond what he could resist at this level.

“Don’t——” In the air, Xiao Wu, watching Tang San be violently bombarded just like a small boat in a great wave, teardrops uncontrollably flowed from her eyes. But, that moment Tang San threw her away, he had used the majority of his spirit power on her, and she was still flying towards the sky.


The second attack fell on the Eight Spider Lances Tang San had meticulously arranged behind his back. With an ear piercing rupturing sound, the Eight Spider Lances cracked all over, and Tang San was also unable to continue curling up, a thick blood mist spurting from his mouth, turning the air a faint red.


The third attack fell on Tang San’s back almost immediately after the second. This time, even the Eight Spider Lances that had passed through countless baptisms, was also finally unable to endure. Instantly shattering. Turning into countless blue and gold fragments whirling in the air. Another mouthful of blood mist spurted from Tang San’s mouth. His face had already become white as a sheet of paper.

At this moment, there were no more forces that could protect him. Under the combined Spirit Avatar eruption of the seven Spirit Sages standing on the blue silver grass on the ground, it was impossible for even close combat to achieve anything. And Tang San himself, all he could accomplish was to draw out the Clear Sky Hammer.

The fourth attack, was a completely deep green seeming attack.

But the moment this attack approached, in midair, Tang San made a seemingly inconceivable action. Forcefully reversing himself in the air, his right leg lashed towards that deep green light like a whip.

Even those Spirit Hall people, also couldn’t understand why he would do so. To Tang San, the best situation was naturally to use the Clear Sky Hammer to block, even if he couldn’t completely resist, he could still as far as possible reduce the attack he received. In fact, under the effect of Spirit Avatar, these spirit power attacks made it so that agility attack type Spirit Sage flying in the air didn’t dare approach.



“Aaaa——” An ear piercing shriek came from Xiao Wu’s mouth. What flowed from her eyes was no longer tears, but blood. It was also at this moment that she forcefully broke open the numbing acupuncture point Tang San sealed.

Tang San’s right leg had disappeared, completely turning to nothing. But he himself was still dreadfully calm, at the same time as his mouth once again spit blood, his right hand dipped, spirit power madly rushing out of

his body, and within that blood mist his right leg had turned into, he grabbed a blue crystalline leg bone.

Rotating sharply, he basically didn’t pay any attention to the three attacks that were still continuing behind him, exerting himself to fling that right leg bone in Xiao Wu’s direction.

“Xiao Wu, the leg bone can fly, quickly go——” Tang San’s voice was already completely hoarse, as if torn apart. He completely poured his last strength into this throw.

As early as the instant they leapt up, Tang San had already planned everything. He basically hadn’t thought about leaving together with Xiao Wu. With spirit power largely consumed, confronting too many enemies more powerful than him, retreating intact was just lunatic ravings.

Shooting into the air, he used himself as Xiao Wu’s shield, throwing her away. When he was unable to endure the enemy attacks, he used his right leg as the price to block, simultaneously using the same method Tang San used to strip his connection with the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone.

Tang San wasn’t a Title Douluo, so he naturally didn’t have the price to pay to voluntarily strip spirit bones. At this moment, what he paid, was his life.

At the same time as his right hand grabbed into the blood mist, his left hand already held an Eight Spider Lance splinter, resolutely piercing it into his heart. Only when paying with his life, could he forcefully strip the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone from his body.

Throwing out that Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone with his final vitality, when he had shouted those words, purple black blood wildly bubbled from Tang San’s mouth.

But, he smiled. What his face displayed, was only a smiling expression.

What he didn’t want to die at the hands of the enemies, the one he said he would protect, was Xiao Wu. He knew that with what he did, receiving his

Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone in the air, Xiao Wu could inevitably escape into the sky.

The Sand Launching Shadow on his chest fired, shooting countless slender needles towards the not distant agility attack type Spirit Master. Even at this final moment, Tang San would still help Xiao Wu by delaying the enemies as far as possible, to ensure her safety.

On the ground, two silhouettes arrived at high speed. The moment they arrived was just as those seven lights soared up, chasing after Tang San.

The pupils of Xie Yue’s eyes contracted, and arriving together with him, Hu Liena was already completely lifeless.

She watched Tang San’s body shatter by light after light, watched him kill himself to get the bone, watched him shout the name of his most beloved, throwing a hope for life to his love, Hu Liena’s vision became hazy, her body limp, collapsing in Xie Yue’s arms.

In Xiao Wu’s eyes.

The Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone flew towards her, Tang San’s left hand resolutely stabbing an Eight Spider Lances splinter into his own heart, the remaining three powerful attacks about to engulf his body. He was paying with his life to give her the chance to survive.

At this moment she completely understood that everything was planned by Tang San. Her and his hearts seemed to connect.

‘Ge, I’m sorry. This time, I can’t let your plan succeed.’

Xiao Wu’s eyes had already become blood red, like Tang San’s back when he couldn’t find her. Looking at Tang San’s already broken, and about to be swallowed body, she suddenly raised her head in midair.

“Aaaa————” An incomparably sharp lamenting cry burst from Xiao Wu’s throat. That sharp voice seemed to make the entire Star Dou Great Forest shudder.

Glaring red light abruptly spread from the space between Xiao Wu’s eyebrows, a circle of red light spreading out in a flash. Where that red light passed, everything was rendered the color of blood. Everything, at this moment, became still.

…… Hou——
Light simultaneously burst from the Titan Giant Ape and the Sky Blue Bull Python, two clouds of dense blood mist simultaneously spouting from their throats. In that instant, Ghost and Chrysanthemum Douluo’s combined spirit fusion ability was no longer able to seal them. The gold and silver light shattered like glass.

With muffled groans, Yue Guan and Gui Mei simultaneously spit blood and separated, falling heavily on the shore. If the Titan Giant Ape and Sky Blue Bull Python wanted to kill them right now, it would be as easy as lifting a hand or moving a foot.

But, the two great forest kinds didn’t do so. From their mouths echoed sorrowful roars like a landslide or tsunami, and they simultaneously charged madly in one direction. Where they passed, the vegetation turned to broken pieces.


Sunset Forest, the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well.

Tang Hao sat quietly on the ground. In front of him, the verdant and lush blue silver emperor had already grown several times larger, each blade of grass swaying softly.

The Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well was one of the treasure bowls with the best features of Heaven and earth, this was a paradise for plants. The blue silver emperor’s growth speed here could only be described as terrifying. Even more when she still had been nourished by her son’s blood.

Even though she couldn’t speak, her consciousness was slowly recovering along with her growth.

Suddenly, Tang Hao’s closed eyes abruptly opened, and the blue silver emperor in front of him also swayed violently, countless blades of grass swiftly twisting around Tang Hao’s hands.

Tang Hao’s complexion immediately turned pale, “Ah Yin. You, did you also feel it?”

The blue silver emperor shuddered violently, each blade of grass constantly trembling as if saying something.

Tang Hao’s eyes were filled with disbelief, “No, wouldn’t, our little San is so outstanding, how would he, how would he meet a life crisis……”

Even if Tang Hao no longer was the Clear Sky Douluo, his previous cultivation made his spiritual force extremely sensitive. The connection of blood allowed him to clearly sense the constantly fading life signs in the distance.


Suddenly, Tang Hao’s expression changed, and the blue silver emperor no longer trembled. Tang Hao’s eyes opened wide, gazing into the distance,

“This, what’s this…… How would, little San, don’t tell me, don’t tell me you’ve met the same fate as your dad.”

Tang Hao’s lips shuddered. His son might not need to die, but, could it be that he would now still have to face the same living being worse than death feelings he once did?


Stillness, everything in that red light had turned completely still. Even the spirit power attacks the Spirit Sages released had stagnated in midair.

The only thing that could move, was the center of that red light.

Xiao Wu had turned completely red. That was a crystalline and piercing deep red. The clothes she wore had already completely turned to ash, exposing her perfect body. Sparkling and translucent like ruby.

No one could see her, because at this moment, the things that had stopped included the consciousnesses of the surrounding people.

This was the power belonging to a hundred thousand year spirit beast, especially when she had ignited her life energy.

With a casual move, that Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone had fallen into her grasp. Quietly descending in front of Tang San, big drops of blood tears softly fell on Tang San’s chest.

Softly holding Tang San, Xiao Wu’s voice whispered by his ear, “Ge, you really are really, really foolish. Don’t tell me that I could still live alone when you died? I don’t want you to die, I want you to live. I truly hoped I could live together with you, just like before. But, we can’t. When I’m not here, you must take good care of yourself, otherwise my heart will break.”

Intense light sparkling, light abruptly flashed on Xiao Wu’s face, holding Tang San’s body to slowly fall to the ground. The Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone in her hand once again stuck into the socket of Tang San’s broken leg.

Right now, that blood red gaze was filled with tenderness, the only thing in her eyes the man in her embrace.

Lowering her head, softly, softly kissing his lips, she gripped Tang San’s right hand, pulling out that broken Eight Spider Lances stabbed into his heart. Since everything was still, no blood flowed out.

A red flame began to burn on Xiao Wu’s body. That wasn’t fire, but rather an extremely peculiar blood flame. And what it burned was Xiao Wu’s blood, her life, and still her hundred thousand years of cultivation.

Just like Tang San’s mother Ah Yin, in order to save her lover, she made the same choice.

The blood flame grew more and more flourishing, gradually turning from red to deep red, and Xiao Wu’s body also gradually faded in this process, like a red crystal growing more and more transparent.

The immense red circle that had spread out gradually contracted, revolving around Xiao Wu, and around her man.

At this moment, the stillness caused by that immense red magnetic field gradually weakened. The first to recover was the consciousnesses of all the people in range.

Looking at that blood red brilliance, all the Spirit Hall experts were stupefied. The splendor Xiao Wu’s body released was too intense, up until they were basically unable to clearly see her appearance. But in their hearts, they could already imagine what she was doing right now.

Hundred thousand year cultivation, that was a hundred thousand years of cultivation.

Hu Liena awoke from unconsciousness. Under the effect of her skull spirit bone, her eyesight was a lot better than others. And what she saw was also just Xiao Wu’s eyes, attentively gazing at Tang San.

What eyes were those, even though they released blood red light, the concentrated love in the depths of those eyes was like it could burn your soul.

Purple black blood constantly bubbled from the wound on Tang San’s chest. That was the venom of the Eight Spider Lances, and elsewhere, the injuries were recovering at an astonishing speed, enveloped in that deep red blood flame. Especially the already missing right leg, was unexpectedly gradually growing back around the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone.

It seemed as if a miracle was occurring before the eyes of these Spirit Hall experts.

Tang San’s expression had vitality again. What he saw was only that pair of eyes, that pair of beautiful eyes brimming with love and sorrow.

‘No, don’t, Xiao Wu, why didn’t you leave……’

Tang San wanted to struggle. Endless pain flooded his eyes. He of course understood what Xiao Wu was doing, and he understood even clearer the consequences. But, he couldn’t stop it. He was basically unable to move. He could only watch everything in front of him develop in the direction he feared the most.

Why would it be like this, why would it be like this? Even though Tang San’s calculation abilities were very strong, at this moment, everything before his eyes completely exceeded the range of his calculations. The plan that should originally have used his life as period hadn’t ended his life, and the person he wanted to protect the most, was instead here…...

Immersed in the blood flame Xiao Wu emitted, Tang San’s whole body constantly felt itchy. As if he was having an out of body experience, while his heart was filled with defiance, he was unable to change anything that happened, and could only quietly watch Xiao Wu’s body gradually fade in front of him.

Xiao Wu could no longer speak by now, because her vitality was already completely being used to feed this blood flame. But her blood colored beautiful eyes still seemed to tell Tang San about the love in her heart.

Even Tang San didn’t know that the method Xiao Wu used right now was different from the one his mother used back then. What Xiao Wu used was a kind of even more overbearing method, but this overbearingness was only directed at her herself. This method was called Sacrifice.

Offering herself as sacrifice for Tang San. Tang San was after all not like Tang Hao back then, he still didn’t approach Title Douluo strength, and it was impossible for him to absorb a hundred thousand year spirit ring. It was considering this bit, that Xiao Wu would ignite her own vitality like this to accomplish this scene.

Sacrifice, not only did it sacrifice her life, at the same time it also sacrificed her soul. In order to let Tang San successfully absorb her spirit ring, Xiao Wu was completely blending her own soul into the spirit ring throughout the entire sacrificial process, giving herself completely to Tang San.

With such a sacrifice, no matter what Tang San’s strength was, whether he had reached the required level for the spirit ring or not, this hundred thousand year spirit ring would definitely successfully fuse with him. As long as his level reached the corresponding level, afterwards he could continue upgrading it.

But the outcome for Xiao Wu, would be that she could never be reincarnated again. Even Tang San’s mother left behind that trace of life, giving her the chance to recover.

Hu Liena had gone stupid. She suddenly discovered that, compared to Xiao Wu, she was so insignificant. Right now who Tang San was was no longer important to her. She completely saw what true love was.

He for her, could give his life, dying to give the spirit bone. She for him, could sacrifice her life, sacrificing her spirit ring.
What love was it that could let them pay like this? No wonder he turned a blind eye to her charm. Even when she enticed him in the Hell Road he remained unmoved. Originally, in his heart, there was already such a perfect lover.

Hu Liena knew that she couldn’t compare to Xiao Wu no matter what. Closing her eyes, she couldn’t bear to watch. The most tender parts of her heart were constantly torn by intense pain.

Lowering her head again, Xiao Wu’s already transparent lips once again met Tang San’s. Tang San could only feel a faint warmth, but no sense of touch. A blood red circle leapt up and quietly revolved rhythmically around them, and the spirit power within Tang San’s body was recovering, growing at a frightful speed.

On the surface of his skin, blue, gold, red, three colors of light constantly glittered in turn, the Eight Spider Lances behind his back unexpectedly growing bit by bit, just like that already reformed right leg. Even the fatal wound on his chest had completely healed. Tang San’s heart began to throb forcefully.

Two tremendous silhouettes appeared at the edge of the forest, but even they were unable to approach the range of that bloody light.

They were Xiao Wu’s best comrades. They naturally saw what Xiao Wu was doing.

The Titan Giant Ape roared up at the sky, a tremendous shock wave suddenly breaking out from his body, a wide expanse of forest turning to broken fragments by his violent aura.

The bull headed serpent bodied Sky Blue Bull Python unreconciled watched attentively, “Xiao Wu, is it really worth it?”

Perhaps sensing these auras, lips parting, Xiao Wu slowly inclined her head. Looking at Da Ming and Er Ming, she used her gaze brimming with smiles and tenderness to tell them, that this was worth everything. It was also at that momentary gaze, that scene after scene of her previous experiences were branded into their minds through her spirit.

Lowering her head, nestling against his chest, Xiao Wu’s body gradually faded, faded…...

The surging blood flame ring abruptly contracted. In an instant, Tang San’s surroundings erupted in a chain of cracks. Just at the same time as Xiao Wu’s body gradually disappeared, his original five spirit rings suddenly appeared, and that blood colored sixth spirit ring condensed around him.

At the same time, a bloody light shone on his left arm, the light of a red arm bone flashing and disappearing.

Just at this moment, Xiao Wu’s already extremely thin body abruptly condensed, becoming a ball of red light. The brilliance slowly dulled, the surface colors stripping of layer by layer, an only palm sized white little rabbit lay quietly on Tang San’s chest, her aura disappearing trace by trace.

“Xiao—— Wu——” A mournful, seemingly inhuman, roar erupted from Tang San’s throat. This moment, any evolution of strength was already meaningless to him, his heart trembling, he had already forgotten Xiao Wu’s executioners around him. Looking at Xiao Wu’s final trace of aura dissipating, that empty soul- and lifeless tiny body, Tang San’s heart collapsed.


Equally lamenting howls came from the two forest kings, with their formidable aura scattering the Spirit Hall experts like an autumn wind through fallen leaves, they charged forward almost madly.

Suddenly, Tang San’s gaze focused, because he saw something else, a flower, a large dazzling flower.

At the same time Xiao Wu’s rabbit form, tumbled from Tang San’s body.

Almost instantly, Tang San carefully held the little rabbit Xiao Wu had become with one hand, his other hand swiftly grabbing that dazzling Yearning Heartbroken Red, cautiously and solemnly delivering its petals to the side of Xiao Wu’s mouth. Softly pushing open her now three lips, he let one petal inside.

A fantastic scene appeared, in Xiao Wu’s mouth, that more solid than iron petal immediately melted to liquid, flowing into the mouth of the dying little rabbit.

The Yearning Heartbroken Red was picked by Xiao Wu, and even if she had already lost her human shape, even if her life and soul were already stripped away, her aura, and only her aura, could thaw this immortal treasure among immortal treasures.

Looking at this scene, a shred of hope rose through Tang San’s despair. Slowly turning that Yearning Heartbroken Red stalk, he held petal after petal to Xiao Wu’s mouth.

Whether the Titan Giant Ape or the Sky Blue Bull Python, right now they cautiously gathered their enormous heads at Tang San’s side. Even though they didn’t know what Tang San was doing, they had often sensed the Yearning Heartbroken Red’s aura at Xiao Wu’s side.

They both understood Sacrifice, and they also both understood its consequences. But deep in their hearts still remained a trace of hope, even so much that they couldn’t manage to go avenge Xiao Wu, only waiting for that uncertain miracle.

The miracle really did happen.

Along with petal after petal of the Yearning Heartbroken Red turning to liquid and flowing into Xiao Wu, a layer of faint golden red light began to appear around it, the originally already completely exhausted vitality actually recovering at astonishing speed.

Xiao Wu’s only palm sized body after her death, grew with astonishing speed. Rendered in that golden red light, her dull fur recovered its luster, sparkling and translucent as if crystal.

The closed eyes gradually opened. Along with the vitality recovering, Xiao Wu’s body constantly produced an enormous aura of life, her burned vitality and broken body swiftly mending.

The Yearning Heartbroken Red had the effect of life and death, flesh and white bone. It was picked by Xiao Wu, and further adding that Xiao Wu being on the brink of death was completely for love, she and this immortal herb immediately reached perfect attunement, forcibly pulling her back from the brink of death.

Xiao Wu’s body grew until it was more than a chi[1] long then stopped. The Yearning Heartbroken Red was very quickly finished. Tang San’s heart

shuddered. Watching Xiao Wu’s vitality recover, his deathly still heart once again recovered some energy.

“Xiao Wu, Xiao Wu, can you hear me?”

Rabbit form Xiao Wu was naturally unable to answer him, those rabbit eyes with their new luster gradually closed, falling deep asleep.

Softly pulling her into his embrace, Tang San was foolish. Foolishly sitting there motionless. He knew that the Yearning Heartbroken Red had already begun to display its effect, but for the results to completely display still needed some time.

He sat there holding Xiao Wu, motionless as if dull witted.

The Titan Giant Ape and the Sky Blue Bull Python also accompanied him to sit. Whether Xiao Wu could completely absorb the effect of the Yearning Heartbroken Red and wake up to normal, was the miracle they waited for.

The Spirit Hall experts stealthily withdrew. Xiao Wu was already dead, who would still dare provoke those two Star Dou Great Forest kings? But what they didn’t know was that a seed of hatred had already germinated in Tang San’s heart.

One day passed, two days passed, ……, seven days in succession, whether swept by wind or rain, Tang San foolishly sat in place. Foolishly looking at Xiao Wu in his arms, using his body to shelter her from the elements.

Xiao Wu’s body constantly flickered with red gold light, her fur became more and more beautiful. Each faint flicker of light affected Tang San, Da Ming and Er Ming’s hearts. They were all waiting, waiting for her to wake up. How Tang San wanted to again hear her call him big brother, call out his name.

Sitting for seven days, Tang San’s consciousness was already somewhat fuzzy, but he still persevered in sitting there. As if he moved even a little,

Xiao Wu would suffer harm.

Suddenly, a slight squirming roused the lifeless Tang San. Seven days had passed, and Xiao Wu finally moved in his embrace.

The red gold light no longer flickered. Covered by fur as lustrous white as jade, long rabbit ears laying over her back, those red rabbit eyes slowly opened.

Tang San could clearly sense the formidable vitality distributed from Xiao Wu’s body, let alone a common rabbit, the vitality she exuded right now wasn’t less than that of the enormous Titan Giant Ape Er Ming.

Xiao Wu didn’t die.

Excitement and happiness filled Tang San’s heart like a gushing spring.

But just at this moment, Tang San looked at Xiao Wu’s eyes. Those eyes were empty, all intelligence lost, a pair of empty eyes without any signs of life.

“Why is it like this?” Tang San’s hoarse voice muttered. He didn’t know if he asked Xiao Wu, or the Heavens.

At this moment, his consciousness seemed to completely collapse. His vision going dark, he fell backwards with Xiao Wu in his arms.

Real title: The Same Fate, Tang San’s Hundred Thousand Year Spirit Ring

[1] 1尺 = ⅓ m

Chapter 162

As Tang San saw Xiao Wu’s Soft Bone Rabbit empty eyes, he knew Xiao Wu hadn’t recovered. The eyes were devoid of intelligence. Having lost her intelligence, she wasn’t his Xiao Wu. In the extreme grief, Tang San’s body chose to protect itself, making his weary mind completely lose consciousness.

Even unconscious, Tang San still wasn’t calm. All kinds of illusions constantly appeared in his dreamscape. He dreamt of his father, his mother, he dreamt of Xiao Wu gradually growing distant. His whole body seemed to be in a dry hot smelting furnace, making him unable to throw off these painful feelings.

He didn’t know how much time passed before his consciousness gradually recovered. Tang San only felt something fuzzy stuck to his cheek, and slowly opened his eyes.

The first thing he saw was something white, soft sparkling white fur sticking close to his face. Coming awake, Tang San somewhat shuddering raised his hand, gently caressing that soft white fur. Teardrops rushed out uncontrollably.

“Xiao Wu……”

Sticking close to his face, what would it be other than Xiao Wu’s rabbit form?

The rabbit’s big eyes blinked at Tang San, still so empty and soulless. Even though the vitality it now possessed wasn’t inferior to a ten thousand year spirit beast, it would seem that it didn’t have any of the aura of a ten thousand year spirit beast.

“Why? Why is it like this?” Tang San foolishly clasped it in his hand. Strangely, this filled with vitality rabbit didn’t resist at all, apparently feeling that being near Tang San was very comfortable.

“Because she gave her everything for you.” A deep and gloomy voice echoed. Tang San sharply turned his head to see, only to find that the speaker was that mountain sized Titan Giant Ape.

Now Tang San discovered that he had already been returned to the side of the little lake at the heart of the forest at some point. There was no sign of the Sky Blue Bull Python, only the Titan Giant Ape sat not far from him.

Fiercely shooting up from the ground, Tang San suddenly discovered his body was somewhat uncontrollable, unexpectedly leaping seven or eight meters high. Fortunately his control capability was astonishing, and he cautiously stabilized himself on the ground.

His heart was always affected by Xiao Wu, and he basically hadn’t gone over the effects of Xiao Wu bestowing his sixth spirit ring. A hundred thousand year spirit ring, that might be the most precious thing in the Spirit Master world. Naturally it didn’t just bring him back from the dead. Under the effects of Xiao Wu’s spirit ring, Tang San’s entire strength had once again made a qualitative leap.

If he could choose, Tang San would definitely choose to be dead rather than have this kind of strength. But, could he choose? No.

At that time, his choice to commit suicide wasn’t only in order to give Xiao Wu his Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone, helping her escape. At the same time it was because he was afraid she would take the same choice his mother did for his father. That’s why, after throwing Xiao Wu, he killed himself with speed even a thunderbolt wouldn’t catch up to.

But, the plans of Heaven supercedes those of man. Just like the appearance of that Man Faced Demon Spider. When Xiao Wu watched his body being broken apart, she forcefully broke through the blocked numbing acupuncture point, and saved him at the border of imminent peril. And even invested much, much more.

“What use is crying. If you truly are a man, then help her come to life.” The Titan Giant Ape Er Ming’s deep voice reached Tang San’s ears once again.

Tang San’s whole body shook, staring wide eyed at Er Ming, asking with a trembling voice: “You, you have a way to save Xiao Wu?”

Er Ming looked coldly at him, “Not me, but you. Xiao Wu died for you, so only you can bring her back to life. Do you know why she changed like this? Not recovering her intelligence even under that tremendous vitality.”

Tang San vacantly shook his head, his eyes filled with earnest request. he knew that the Titan Giant Ape and the Sky Blue Bull Python were basically spirit beasts on the same level as Xiao Wu, and they of course knew the circumstances of spirit beasts on their level most clearly. The flame of hope in his heart gradually rose, and Tang San looked at this mountainous Titan Giant Ape in front of him with eyes filled with expectation.

Er Ming gave a human like sigh, “In order to save you, Xiao Wu used the most overbearing Sacrifice ability. But this overbearingness was only directed at her. For you, she sacrificed her life, and simultaneously also sacrificed her soul. Because only like this could you be pulled back from the border of death, could you be allowed to absorb her spirit ring and spirit bone without any conflict.”

“Sacrifice?” The trembling in Tang San’s heart grew more and more violent. He could completely imagine Xiao Wu resolving to do this basically without any hesitation.

Er Ming said in a low voice: “Your strength is still far from enough to absorb a hundred thousand year spirit ring. Therefore, Xiao Wu could

only choose this kind of Sacrifice method, attaching her own soul to the spirit ring, and within the spirit bone. This is the same as her voluntarily using herself to become your ability. There’s basically no need for you to meticulously absorb and fuse it, it will naturally blend into your body. It’s completely her unilateral devotion. And just because of this, it’s troublesome. What you hold is only the body Xiao Wu left behind, it’s also her original body. Even though you saved her physical form with that flower, having lost her soul and hundred thousand year spirit ring, she still can’t come back to life.”

“Then what’s to be done? How can she be saved?” Tang San eagerly asked. He vaguely heard from the meaning of Er Ming’s words that even though it was difficult, there was still a way.

The Titan Giant Ape Er Ming said: “If that flower didn’t forcibly return Xiao Wu’s vitality, there wouldn’t be a chance. But right now there still is. As long as you can do it, you can restore Xiao Wu, even so much that her cultivation will increase significantly.”

“No matter how it’s done, even if it’s over mountains of daggers, under seas of flame, I will still definitely do it.”

Er Ming looked at Tang San and nodded, some appreciation and praise flickering in his large yellow crystal eyes, sighing inwardly, ‘Ah, Xiao Wu, you really didn’t misjudge the person, this man really is worthy of your investment.’

If it wasn’t for Xiao Wu having set aside that spiritual imprint for Da Ming and Er Ming about what Tang San did before, seeing Xiao Wu sacrifice herself for Tang San, Da Ming and Er Ming would have killed him long ago. Let alone talking nonsense with him here. Towards humans, they were originally filled with a hostile attitude.

But along with the current exchange, Er Ming felt the profound feelings Tang San had for Xiao Wu, and his impression also improved greatly. At least he wouldn’t blame him for Xiao Wu’s sacrifice.

“You were unconscious for altogether three days. In these three days, me and big brother have carefully pondered it. There’s only one way to save Xiao Wu. This means requires fulfilling altogether three conditions. First, you must find three medicinal herbs.”

“What three?” Tang San questioned impatiently. The Titan Giant Ape said:
“These three medicines are Sacred Soul Grass used to rouse the soul, and it must have already grown for at least ten thousand years. The second is the most precious ten thousand year ninth grade Ginseng King to change the body and reconstruct human form. The third is a treasure to help Xiao Wu’s body and soul unite, it must be an internal dan of an ancient spiritual beast.”

With each medicament the Titan Giant Ape Er Ming mentioned, Tang San’s face grew bitter. In fact, he had seized no few heavenly material panacea from the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well back then. Even though the immortal grade herbs among them were for the most part used up, the remainder still didn’t lack valuable objects.

But these three things the Titan Giant Ape Er Ming mention, they were all of that immortal grade level. Like the ten thousand year ninth grade Ginseng King, this thing was top quality. Obtaining a ten thousand year Ginseng King wasn’t difficult, Tang San had them in the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse, but a ten thousand year ninth grade Ginseng King wasn’t so easy.

Speaking of Ginseng King grade, every ten thousand years was one grade. What was called ten thousand year ninth grade in other words referred to a close to hundred thousand year level Ginseng King. If it truly grew to a hundred thousand years, then it could also break the sky and ascend. Finding this kind of Ginseng King was easier said than done.

Approaching a hundred thousand years of cultivation, in this world it was undoubtedly already on the super spirit beast level. Even if Tang San really could find it, he still might not be its opponent.

As for that ten thousand year Sacred Soul Grass, Tang San hadn’t even heard of it. As for that final ancient spiritual internal dan, he on the contrary had some ideas.

Seeing the serious expression on Tang San’s face, Titan Giant Ape Er Ming said:

“We also know the degree of difficulty in finding these three things. Me and big brother can help you deal with the Sacred Soul Grass, even though it’s also very rare in this vast Star Dou Great Forest, it can still be found. But for the other two, you can only rely on yourself. According to what I know, a ten thousand year ninth grade Ginseng King will constantly change where it grows. Me and big brother encountered one once, according to its present cultivation, it’s quite possible it’s in the north. You can go look for it in some well known northern great forests. As for the ancient spiritual internal dan, you can only search for it on your own.”

Tang San held Xiao Wu with one hand, his other hand stroking his Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges, taking out a red gold small pearl from inside.

“Brother ape. Do you think this internal dan will work?”

While speaking, he held the golden red pearl in the palm of his hand high.

Even though this pearl was very small, it was brimming with lively energy fluctuation. Most peculiar was that these lively energies wouldn’t distribute from within it, only accumulating inside. With each rhythmic energy motion, the pearl would shine, but the light would swiftly vanish again.

“This is……”

Er Ming somewhat astounded looked at the dan pearl in Tang San’s hand, his yellow crystal big eyes brimming with disbelief.

He originally believed that this ancient spiritual internal dan would be the most difficult to find. After all, he still knew ten thousand year ninth grade Ginseng King really existed, but he was basically unable to be certain whether ancient spiritual creatures existed. But judging by the aura fluctuations of the pearl in front of him, it was clearly an internal dan. Moreover, the bloodline aura hidden within the energy it contained wasn’t something any current spirit beast on the present Continent possessed.

“This is the internal dan of a Ten Headed Ardent Yang Serpent, I killed it back when I left Slaughter City through the Hell Road. Can it be used?”

Tang San asked expectantly. Er Ming nodded,
“No problem. The bloodline of this internal dan belongs to ancient spiritual creatures. Then of all the three things, we only lack the ten thousand year ninth grade Ginseng King.”

Tang San nodded: “I’ll find it. No matter what, I’ll definitely bring it back.”

Er Ming said with a somewhat wry smile: “Remember, it must be a living specimen. If the ten thousand year ninth grade Ginseng King loses its vitality, it won’t be effective.”

“Living?” Tang San looked dumbstruck at Er Ming.

Er Ming said: “The ten thousand year ninth grade Ginseng King’s medicinal effect is formidable, we don’t need all of it, it’s enough to use its ginseng tassel. But it must be a living specimen. Therefore, you have to bring a ten thousand year ninth grade Ginseng King here. Only, you don’t need to worry about this right now, because you still have to reach other requirements.”

The three treasures were just the first condition. Tang San’s heart was already somewhat  prepared.  No  matter how  difficult,  for  Xiao  Wu, he

wouldn’t shrink back.

Er Ming said: “The second condition you have to reach is to improve your own cultivation to the Title Douluo level. You should be aware that your Title Douluo are equal to our hundred thousand year spirit beasts. Therefore, only at this level will you have the ability to save Xiao Wu.”

Ninetieth rank and up was Title Douluo. Tang San was now sixtieth rank, and very many Spirit Masters were never able to climb to that highest peak of the Spirit Master world in their lifetime. But Tang San believed that, with his aptitude, he could completely accomplish it. Only, this life would inevitably take a bit long.

Er Ming continued: “The third requirement is actually also the final step. After you possess the strength of a Title Douluo and moreover all these three things, you can return here and me and big brother will help you restore Xiao Wu. However, in the resurrection process, you must still pay a very large price, that is the third condition.”

“Xiao Wu’s death was in order to sacrifice her own ability for you. In order to resurrect her, you have to return the things she gave you, whether the spirit ring or the spirit bone. At the same time, there’s still an even more pitiless condition. You must completely assign your own Title Douluo nine spirit rings to Xiao Wu. Such equivalent to a hundred thousand years of cultivation can wake her cultivation. Your spirit ring she fused with, and your spirit bone will again return to her body. Further adding the effect of the three great treasures, Xiao Wu can be restored, and her strength will also substantially increase, restoring her proper hundred thousand year spirit beast strength. At that time, she will actually also be truly human.”

When Er ming said this, he carefully observed Tang San’s facial expression. Even though he already had some appreciation for Tang San, due to lacking any trust in humans, he would still examine Tang San.

He indeed caught a change in expression from Tang San’s face, but astonishing him was that Tang San’s expression unexpectedly became as if relieved from a burden.

Tang San looked at Xiao Wu’s fuzzy body in his embrace, muttering to himself: “Don’t worry, Xiao Wu, I’ll definitely bring you back to life. I’ll cultivate hard, fight to reach the Title Douluo level soon. Grab a ten thousand year ninth grade Ginseng Ging. When that time comes, we can be together again.”

“Hey. Did you hear the third condition I stated?” Er Ming couldn’t help asking.

Tang San raised his head to look at him, “I heard it. Isn’t it just to give all my spirit rings to Xiao Wu, and the spirit bone?”

Er Ming was flabbergasted: “Don’t you know what result that will have for you? This is equivalent to shifting your own spirit to Xiao Wu. You’ll lose your spirit and all spirit rings, years of cultivation ruined in one morning.”

Tang San looked at Er Ming, his gaze clear and free from impurities, countering: “Is this very important?”

Er Ming was dumbfounded, “Isn’t it? You’re a Spirit Master.” Regarding Spirit Masters, and especially the later Title Douluo level Spirit Masters, what did losing their spirit and spirit rings mean? Even more when he still had to return a spirit bone. Years of cultivation ruined at once.

Tang San’s expression seemed very relaxed, “Nothing is more important than Xiao Wu’s resurrection. First let alone that I still have another spirit, so what if I didn’t? Thank you, brother ape. Within twenty years, I’ll definitely resurrect Xiao Wu here.”

His tone was very calm, but the resolve within that calm made even the Titan Giant Ape, this king of the forest, startled. What a man was this! Was he really human?

Tang San held Xiao Wu in front of him, kissing her spotless crystalline white fur, “Brother ape, I’ll leave.”

A yellow light flashed in Er Ming’s eyes, “Are you bringing Xiao Wu?”

Tang San nodded, “I won’t part with her again, ever, until I die.”

Er Ming’s eyes displayed a hesitant light. He originally wanted to have Xiao Wu stay here, protected by him and Da Ming. But judging by the complete conviction of this man, he would use his life to protect Xiao Wu.

Recalling the appearance of Xiao Wu quietly contemplating here every day over the past five years, Er Ming knew that if Xiao Wu was still aware, she would also wish to be together with Tang San.

Er Ming’s gaze couldn’t help falling on the surface of the lake. Just at this time, a deep voice rose from below the water, “Let him bring Xiao Wu. Tang San, remember, if one day you feel you can’t protect Xiao Wu, return here. Me and Er Ming are both Xiao Wu’s best brothers, and also yours.”

With a deep breath, Tang San shook off the teardrops, slowly bowing towards the lake, then again to Er ming, “Thank you. I’ll leave the Sacred Soul Grass to you.”

Carefully holding Xiao Wu, stretching his legs, he entered the forest without turning his head.

Er Ming’s gaze followed Tang San’s back as he disappeared in the forest. Fiercely blasting a punch at the empty air, the air immediately erupted with a breaking sound like a sorrowful roar.

“It’s my fault, I couldn’t protect Xiao Wu.” This forest king’s eyes were brimming with a ruthless mood.

An immense crashing sound resounded from the water, as an immense bull’s head rose from the center of the lake, “Perhaps, all this is the will of Heaven. Tang San, this youth gives an impression that makes even me tremble. Even though he didn’t say so, the hatred in his heart might be able to destroy a great many things. His feelings for Xiao Wu are beyond my understanding, but I believe that he will definitely protect her. He’s an intelligent person, he won’t make the same mistake twice.”

Er Ming fell disappointed to the ground, “I hope so. Xiao Wu really is foolish, and this Tang San is very foolish too. But, his foolishness is rather admirable.”

Stepping into the great forest, while Tang San cautiously held Xiao Wu in his arms, the expression in his eyes gradually grew severe. The crystal clear blue in his eyes seemed to condense like ice, an ice cold killing intent spreading out. Despite not releasing the Deathgod Domain, the air around him grew harsh.

The only thing that didn’t suffer from the killing intent, was perhaps that warm embrace. Because Xiao Wu was there.

An ice cold aura filled the air, and released simultaneously was that blue gleaming brilliance. Different from the full of life aura it had before, this time, that blue light seemed to contain endless killing intent, as if transmitting an order to hunt and kill.

The same Blue Silver Domain caused somewhat different effects under different moods. The affected blue silver grass was no longer filled with respect and reverence. Right now they were like soldiers led by the Blue Silver Domain, an equally austere aura releasing along with the Blue Silver Domain, each strand of blue silver grass like a soldier under Tang San’s command. Swiftly gathering all kinds of information, it was transmitted to Tang San’s mind.

Tang San had never been a person to act on his anger, however, Xiao Wu’s death agitated him immensely. It also ignited the flames of true slaughter intent in his heart. He would retaliate, and this retaliation would start from the Man Faced Demon Spider that put him at an impasse here in the Star Dou Great Forest.

Lowering his head, he stared at the sound asleep little rabbit in his arms. Tang San softly said: “Xiao Wu, don’t worry, I won’t let off any man or beast related to harming you. I’ll have them repay tenfold or a hundredfold what they owe.”

The Blue Silver Emperor had a powerful ability for memory, and especially that poison remaining still remaining on the Man Faced Demon Spider from Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances.

With Xiao Wu incarnated as Tang San’s sixth spirit ring, and still that hundred thousand year level fourth spirit bone, Tang San’s strength could undergo a Heaven and earth revolving change.

Under the ordinary circumstances, it wasn’t easy even for Title Douluo to possess a spirit bone. Let alone a sixtieth ranked Spirit Emperor like him. Twin spirits as well as four great spirit bones, the current Tang San’s full strength wasn’t inferior to an eightieth ranked Spirit Douluo.

Under the effect of Xiao Wu’s hundred thousand year spirit ring, Tang San’s spirit power had directly climbed from the sixtieth rank to the sixty fifth rank, stepping across one level, he had not only obtained a spirit ability, but his own attributes had also obtained all round growth. The surface of his skin showed a healthy faintly red color, and the muscles, bones and vessels all over his body had undergone a new rebirth.

The fourth spirit bone Xiao Wu had bestowed him made this growth reach an even more frightful degree.

In fact, Xiao Wu’s previous incarnation was a hundred thousand year spirit beasts, and the effect was the greatest when the same spirit beast’s spirit ring and spirit bone affected the same Spirit Master, and it was this kind of maximum growth that Tang San possessed.

Spirit power rising five ranks, by far couldn’t compare to the degree of growth from these two greatest treasures of Spirit Masters. Even Tang San’s Clear Sky Hammer had been changed by the influence of these great best quality treasures, doubling in size from its original one chi length, and its original black color still held a layer of faint red light.

The change of the Blue Silver Emperor was even more distinct, because that hundred thousand year spirit ring affected it directly. The originally blue Blue Silver Emperor heavy sword had a golden line, but now there were two kinds of colors within it. Besides that golden line, there was still a

red line. When Tang San infused it with substantial spirit power, the Blue Silver Emperor would a pure gold luster. Even the simplest Binding ability would have strength clearly surpassing the previous fourth spirit ability, Blue Silver Prison. After the twice awakened Blue Silver Grass had been supplemented with this super spirit ring, it had finally evolved to a state that wasn’t inferior to super spirits like the Clear Sky Hammer.

Tang San’s spiritual force had equally progressed. In order to allow him to smoothly fuse with the spirit ring and spirit bone, Xiao Wu had completely offered her own soul into it. This had led to an enormous stimulating effect on Tang San’s spiritual force, and in the several days he was unconscious, besides his body truly combining with the spirit ring and spirit bone, his mental area had also received even greater development, his spiritual force fully rising close to fifty percent.

The key reason why the hundred thousand year spirit ring was known as the number one treasure of the Spirit Master world, was its all round growth effect. Even if Xiao Wu’s body wasn’t any particularly formidable spirit beast, after cultivating to a hundred thousand years, the spirit ring she produced still possessed frightening effects.

Under the effect of the Blue Silver Domain, Tang San’s spiritual force scanning range of the outside world rose more and more. Relying on his memory and hatred of the counterpart as guide, he calmly searched for traces of that Man Faced Demon Spider.

Regarded as a wicked butcher, right now the Man Faced Demon Spider had unexpectedly become his prey.

Compared to back when he came to search for Xiao Wu, that grace Tang San carried had faded a lot, in its place was even more ice cold. Despite this ice chill being largely accumulated inside, it was like his heart had frozen over, making the light flickering in his eyes even more aptly described as unfeeling.

One spirit beast after another gradually appeared within the controlling range of Tang San’s Blue Silver Domain. Each spirit beast underwent

stringent inspection by the blue silver grass. The blue silver grass legion wouldn’t mistake any details.

Those Spirit Hall people had certainly already left the Star Dou Great Forest. Tang San also knew that with his current strength, finding them for revenge wasn’t realistic. But he had already made a firm resolution, no matter how difficult it was, in this life, his goal was to thoroughly root out Spirit Hall from this Continent.

Due to the substantial growth of his spiritual force, the area Tang San could sense grew even larger. In order to examine even further, he might as well narrow the width of the scan to two meters. With the spiritual force was even more condensed, the examining distance was even greater. As for the range he examined, he would slowly turn around, searching as if scanning.

Work didn’t defeat resolute people, truly formidable spirit beast gathering places were so small, back then that Man Faced Demon Spider suffered Tang San’s poison, and it very quickly appeared in tang San’s Blue Silver Domain probes.

This Man Faced Demon Spider really had cultivated past thirty thousand years. In the entire Star Dou Great Forest, it was also the single most formidable Man Faced Demon Spider. In ordinary circumstances, even forty or fifty thousand year cultivation spirit beasts wouldn’t easily provoke this toxic creature.

The solid carapace covering its body was like the best armor, and each spider leg its best weapon. Further adding the poison and some special abilities, it was absolutely the true wicked butcher of this great forest. As long as it didn’t provoke anyone on the level of super spirit beasts like the Titan Giant Ape, even if it couldn’t win, it could still escape. In terms of speed, the Man Faced Demon Spider was never below any spirit beast. Especially in such a complex place as this forest.

Several days ago, as it discovered Tang San and Xiao Wu’s aura, it was paying attention to them. What truly attracted it was still the aura Xiao Wu emitted. Spirit beasts were far more sensitive to aura than humans, and it

immediately found that Xiao Wu was actually a hundred thousand year spirit beast that had chosen to change shape.

To a spirit beast like it, a human shape hundred thousand year spirit beast was no doubt the best tonic. If it could eat one, its cultivation could rise by ten thousand years, and there would still be a lot of other benefits.

Therefore it hid nearby, waiting for a chance.

It finally took the opportunity, and moreover the timing it looked for was just right. Unfortunately, it ran into Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances. Even though it could have continued attacking back then, certainly killing Tang San and Xiao Wu, the ice and fire poisons contained in Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances still filled it with dread. Especially when they punctured the spider legs it was most confident in, this Man Faced Demon Spider was scared away.

That it could live until today, possess its current cultivation, was largely related to its caution. It never provoked creatures it couldn’t afford to, and even when hunting spirit beasts, it would only choose targets weaker than itself. There was nothing more important than preserving its life.

However, it was precisely because of its obstruction that Tang San and Xiao Wu completely fell into an impasse, just causing the later troubles. How would Tang San let it get away?

Locking onto this creature’s position, Tang San immediately moved, shooting up, using Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track to move through the dense forest as if walking on flat ground. His Blue Silver Domain was rigidly fixed on the opponent, and he quickly pulled close the distance.

Spirit beasts with cultivation past ten thousand years already possessed fairly high intelligence, further adding their level of sensitivity, when this Man Faced Demon Spider was targeted by Tang San’s Blue Silver Domain, it’s whole body immediately shivered. Shooting out without the slightest hesitation, it swiftly ran away into the distance.

From the faintly discernable aura that targeted it, it felt an intense fear. Its giant legs moved swiftly, bringing it dashing into the distance with incomparable speed.

Tang San naturally also sensed the movements of the Man Faced Demon Spider, but he didn’t have the slightest intent of giving up. Launching the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone ability, he changed to flying forward. He didn’t fly high, because that would very possibly lead to encountering spirit beast attacks, but he employed the flying within the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track.

Relying on his profound spiritual force to examine the situation as he flew, he successfully traveled through the forest at high speed. The originally increasing distance immediately shrank again.

Even though the Man Faced Demon Spider was fast, how would Tang San be slow? Urged by the formidable killing intent in his heart, he broke out with his full potential.

Because of flying hurriedly, the vessels operating within him, the remaining effects of the hundred thousand year spirit ring within him was absorbed one step closer. Two yellow, one purple, two black, one red, six dazzling spirit rings surrounded Tang San.

Tang San didn’t only chase, at the same time the Blue Silver Domain effects emerged completely. The more powerful he was himself, the more powerful the effects of the two great domains he possessed. Under the effect of the Blue Silver Domain, that Man Faced Demon Spider’s escape route was no longer so smooth.

Strand after strand of blue silver grass like vines grew into heavy barrier after heavy barrier in the direction it was running. Even though it was impossible for these common blue silver grass to block a formidable spirit beast like a ten thousand year Man Faced Demon Spider after a brief evolution, with their obstruction, this Man Faced Demon Spider’s running speed naturally decreased substantially. The distance between it and Tang San fell sharply.

After obtaining Xiao Wu’s hundred thousand year spirit ring, Tang San discovered that his Blue Silver Domain had another capability. That was to use abilities with all the blue silver grass within the range controlled by the domain. Even though he could only use the lowest level Binding ability, don’t forget that Tang San’s Blue Silver Domain could now cover and extremely terrifying area.

If a magnificent army of thousands of horses and men fought him within this great forest, he could still instantly launch Binding with all the blue silver grass. All he would consume was a bit of spiritual force. Unrelated to his spirit power.

This Man Faced Demon Spider became Tang San’s first experimental subject. While the madly growing enormous blue silver grass obstructed its path forward, it frantically launched one Binding ability after another. The closer Tang San got to it, the more frantic the blue silver grass reacted.

In other words, the closer to the center of the Blue Silver Domain, the more distinct the effect of the domain, the more powerful these common blue silver grass were after growing.

Chapter 163

For instance, for the blue silver grass within one hundred meters of Tang San, he could rely on Blue Silver Domain to completely give them the durability of Blue Silver Emperor, to the extent that its shape was even exactly the same.

Fighting in the forest with this Blue Silver Emperor he possessed, even disregarding spirit bones, it would still be impossible for equally ranked Spirit Masters to win.

Finally, the Man Faced Demon Spider’s enormous body was already in sight ahead. Tang San faced the sky and issued a mournful howl, all his hatred seeming to burst forth in this one moment. At the same time as he howled, he also temporarily placed Xiao Wu’s body in the capable of holding living things Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse. He didn’t want Xiao Wu to see his vicious side, even if she was currently unconscious.

Amidst the frantic roar, white light like sharp awls surged from Tang San, directly thrusting at that Man Faced Demon Spider like a giant white spear.

The Deathgod Domain erupted. Just like the Blue Silver Domain’s evolution, under the effect of a hundred thousand year spirit ring, Tang San’s Deathgod Domain had also advanced. What he used right now was the ability the Deathgod Domain had gained after evolving, Slaughter Assault[1].

Slaughter Assault’s effect: Releases the Deathgod Domain straight in one direction, after locking on to the target, while Tang San was in combat with this target, his speed would increase by one hundred percent, his attack power increase by thirty percent. This boost was effective on any attack Tang San launched, including spirit abilities.

If the Blue Silver Domain’s progress could be said to be purely about control power, then the Deathgod Domain after advancing pointed at destructive power.

The white light targeted that Man Faced Demon Spider’s body in a flash without the least suspense, and Tang San’s already extreme speed accelerated once again. He shot at that enormous Man Faced Demon Spider just like an artillery shell.

Right now, all the blue silver grass within one hundred meters had completely turned a dazzling golden color, countless Binding abilities frantically superimposing on that Man Faced Demon Spider.

Even though throwing off such Blue Silver Emperor wasn’t too difficult for the ten thousand year Man Faced Demon Spider, the Blue Silver Emperor it confronted was really far too numerous.

Faced with close to unlimited Binding, the Man Faced Demon Spider couldn’t display its speed advantage, it could only quietly watch Tang San charge towards it. Now it understood that running wouldn’t work. In order to survive, only destroying this pursuing enemy would work.

A rich gray light suddenly erupted from this Man Faced Demon Spider, and a strange scene took place. Its originally incomparably enormous body expanded once again, its main body expanding to more than seven meters in diameter in a flash, just like an enormous millstone. Each giant leg also grew countless barbs, as if inlayed with countless daggers.

Layer after layer of grey streams spiraled around its body, all its carapace at least doubling in thickness.

When confronting life threatening danger, this Man Faced Demon Spider planned to go all out. The ability it used now was the same as human Spirit Masters’ Spirit Avatar.

Only Spirit Avatar was an ability to Spirit Masters, and the strength the Man Faced Demon Spider erupted with now required burning its cultivation. This ability was called Spider God Possession, and with each second it maintained this state, it would burn one year of its cultivation. If it always fought like this, before too long, it would collapse. Therefore, it had to use a blitzkrieg strategy.

After Blue Silver Emperor once again twisted around its enormous body, it would immediately emit thick smoke. After the Man Faced Demon Spider fully used the Spider God Possession, its strength became extremely frightening. Spider legs moving quickly, it directly pulled apart the swiftly corroding Blue Silver Emperor. Its hind legs forcefully supporting on the ground, its enormous body rose to meet Tang San.

The formidable pressure made Tang San’s heart shiver. After using the Spider God Possession, even though the strength of the Man Faced Spider in front of him couldn’t compare to the Titan Giant Ape or the Sky Blue Bull Python, the aura it released was approaching that kind of power. Tang San knew that he couldn’t stiffly collide head on.

A strand of Blue Silver Emperor flew out from the sound, twisting around Tang San’s waist, forcefully pulling him away, instantly avoiding the impending collision.

With a pu sound, an enormous spiderweb shot from the Man Faced Spider’s mouth, directly covering Tang San’s direction. This frightful spiderweb was also completely grey, and the range it covered unexpectedly reached more than a hundred meters.

A halo of pink light abruptly erupted from Tang San’s right arm. At the same time as the red light flashed, Tang San’s bones quickly issued a series of cracks. The next moment, his body quietly disappeared from its place, and with a flash, he appeared in the air above the Man Faced Demon

Spider. His right arm was also simultaneously enveloped in Blue Silver Emperor, turned pure gold, the fifth spirit right flaring.

That’s right, the spirit bone Xiao Wu left Tang San contained a teleportation ability.

Different from the Teleportation Xiao Wu originally used, this spirit bone’s teleportation ability had a one hundred meter range. Moreover, it didn’t need any buffer time, instead usable continuously. With each use, it would consume one percent of Tang San’s spirit power as price.

The Man Faced Spider suddenly discovered Tang San had disappeared, and after it was distracted a moment, Tang San’s aura appeared once again. It immediately faced upward, the small eyes on its abdomen attentively watching Tang San, at the same time the two eight meter long front legs directly pierced straight at Tang San’s abdomen.

Hong—— Pure gold light abruptly erupted, Blue Silver Emperor’s fifth spirit ability, Blue Silver Overlord Spear, erupted.

Under the amplification of the Blue Silver Domain as well as the thirty percent boost of the Deathgod Domain, when the pure gold Blue Silver Overlord Spear abruptly left Tang San’s arm, it erupted with an astonishing blood flame behind it, completely warping the surrounding air, it even tore open a minute black crack in space, frantically swallowing everything in its surroundings.

Along with cultivating to the Spirit Emperor level, and the hundred thousand year spirit ring’s boost to his body, the Blue Silver Overlord Spear no longer needed as much time to charge. Among all capabilities he currently possessed, this was also the one with the most formidable attack power.

With ten thousand year cultivation, the Man Faced Demon Spider was extremely sensitive. Discovering it couldn’t dodge, it almost immediately leaned over, not agreeing to expose the vital locations of its eyes.

Tang San originally didn’t plan on attacking its vitals either. This fifth spirit ring the Blue Silver King helped Tang San condense possessed an effect equivalent to an ability produced by a fifty thousand year spirit beast. Let alone when Tang San now possessed so many boosts. The attack power displayed by his Blue Silver Overlord Spear wasn’t inferior to a seventieth ranked Spirit Sage’s attack after using Spirit Avatar, at the same time, due to its focused nature, the pure might of the attack was even greater than what a Spirit Sage had with Spirit Avatar.

Amidst the loud explosion, pure gold light abruptly erupted. The Man Faced Demon Spider’s enormous body after using Spider God Possession was directly blasted flying. As that enormous body fell, it was instantly covered by the surrounding vegetation.

Even if it wanted to hide its vitals again, it was still unable to oppose absolute force. The Man Faced Demon Spider also couldn’t have expected Tang San’s attack power to actually be so great.

Widespread cracks had appeared on its most solid back carapace, its whole body completely turned over in midair, and it was also already in a stunned state.

Even though the additional stun effect of the Blue Silver Overlord Spear didn’t last long, to a control type Spirit Master specializing in optimal timing like Tang San, this was already enough.

A blood colored light flashing at the corners of his eyes, the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone pushing out, at the same time as that Man Faced Demon Spider was blasted flying, Tang San also charged tightly after.

Spreading his limbs, Tang San’s compared to the Man Faced Demon Spider completely unproportional body shot directly at its abdomen, and simultaneously, the Eight Spider Lances abruptly unfolded from his back.

Different from the changes in the Blue Silver Emperor, this evolvable external spirit bone Eight Spider Lances had been almost completely reconstructed by Xiao Wu’s power, and right now the numerous barbs on

the tips of the lances had completely turned a terrifying blood color, as if they could drip blood at any moment.

The overall volume hadn’t increased again with the evolution, but it was no longer as sparkling as translucent, having rather turned turbid, brimming with killing intent.

Tang San directly threw himself in front of that Man Faced Demon Spider’s body, several dozen strands of Blue Silver Emperor bursting out, unexpectedly Binding his body together with that Man Faced Demon Spider, the Eight Spider Lances abruptly thrust out, exploiting this extremely brief moment to resolutely thrust into the Man Faced Demon Spider’s eyes.

It wasn’t that the Man Faced Demon Spider was weak, it was really because the suddenness of Tang San’s Teleportation was too powerful. Further adding that peerlessly tyrannical Blue Silver Overlord Spear, this created the present situation.

Even though the Man Faced Demon Spider’s body was durable, its eyes were still its greatest weak point. Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances resolutely thrust into its eyes, purple blood instantly splashing out.

An extremely sharp lamenting cry burst from the mouth of that ten thousand year Man Faced Demon Spider, its eight immense eight meter spider legs withdrawing simultaneously, resolutely thrusting at Tang San.

If this thrust went true, let alone a Tang San, even ten of him wouldn’t be lucky enough to escape. This was the counter attack of the Man Faced Demon Spider at death’s door.

However, pink light once again flashed from Tang San’s right arm. This time, it wasn’t Teleportation. That pink light instantly turned into a barrier of light, covering all of Tang San, and also covering the Eight Spider Lances.

With a loud sonorous sound, Tang San only rocked once, the ten thousand year Man Faced Demon Spider’s terrifying spider lanced

unexpectedly unable to do any harm to him. But his own Eight Spider Lances had already begun to drain frantically.

The hundred thousand year spirit bone’s additional spirit ability number two, Invincible Golden Body. Effective for three seconds.

The Soft Bone Demon Rabbit right arm bone Xiao Wu bestowed on Tang San didn’t have one ability, but two. Besides Teleportation, there was still Invincible Golden Body.

These two abilities both belonged to Xiao Wu, and even Tang San didn’t know why the hundred thousand year spirit bone would hold two abilities. What he could understand the least was, both being hundred thousand year spirit bones, why his Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone only gave one flying ability.

Even though the Invincible Golden Body only worked for three seconds, this was already sufficient for Tang San. The blood colored Eight Spider Lances’ powerful drain ability collapsed the ten thousand year Man Faced Demon Spider’s defenses in a split second.

It was invaded by extreme toxin and frantic draining. Tang San could clearly feel eight streams of ice cold energy follow along the Eight Spider Lances into him, directly condensing at his back. But the ten thousand year Man Faced Demon Spider below him shuddered violently, its bulky spider legs without a chance for a second thrust.

Tang San’s eyes had already completely turned blood red, the frightful killing intent released with the Deathgod Domain laying out a faint layer of frost within one hundred meters.

“Xiao Wu, did you see? I’ve already begun retaliating. As long as they harmed you, no matter who, there will be only one ending.”

The Spider God Possession affected Man Faced Demon Spider’s body gradually shrank, very quickly recovering to its previous appearance. The energy frantically rushing into Tang San’s body condensed at his back, without entering his body. This was completely different from when he

drained the Spirit Hall experts before. Tang San understood that this might be because the target was the same kind of spirit beast as the one that produced the Eight Spider Lances.

The Man Faced Demon Spider beneath him gradually shriveled up, even that solid carapace slowly softened. Suddenly, Tang San felt his back heat up, an extremely scorching sensation entering his body through his back, immediately giving his whole body a relaxed feeling.

Immediately afterward, the heat began to withdraw, quickly condensing at his chest and abdomen. Tang San clearly felt something solid spread from his back, folding around and gathering at his chest.

Variation? Eight Spider Lances had mutated? Tang San was inwardly alarmed, subconsciously looking at his chest. The clothes he wore had already turned to ashes by that constantly spreading bloody color. Even the Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges and Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse were completely covered by that bloody color.

Each Eight Spider Lance had shrunk somewhat, going from the original four meters to about three, but its color was no longer turbid, once again turned sparkling and crystalline, regaining that tint from when Xiao Wu sacrificed herself.

Must peculiar was that along with the forerunner of the spreading blood color, bloody light began to ripple like water. Very soon, his chest, stomach and back were completely enveloped, appearing as a layer of bloody red plate armor. The silhouette of each armor plate was completely the same as Tang San’s muscles, the whole armor seemingly having a ruby texture. This red armor only spread upwards to his neck, and down to his waist, without spreading towards the four limbs. Moreover, Tang San could clearly feel that even though the plate armor on his back was just as thick as on his chest, it was still much more resilient.

What was going on here? Eight Spider Lances’ evolution?

Yes, Tang San guessed correctly, this time the Eight Spider Lances had not only evolved, but moreover made a qualitative leap.

The first man Faced Demon Spider had assigned Tang San the external spirit bone Eight Spider Lances, the second Man Faced Demon Spider supplied it with even more energy. Along with the constant progress of Tang San’s strength, the Eight Spider Lances and also constantly progressed, bit by bit revealing the formidable force of the external spirit bone. Draining the extremely high cultivation of this third Man Faced Demon Spider today, and even draining it while in the Spider God Possession state, it immediately caused a different change.

Even if the Man Faced Demon Spider’s might still couldn’t compare to hundred thousand year spirit beasts under the Spider God Possession, its aura was already similar, and the chance of producing a spirit bone was thereby greatly increased. After its painful death by being drained by the Eight Spider Lances, it had caused something similar to the Eight Spider Lances Tang San originally obtained from that first Man Faced Demon Spider, equivalent to the appearance of yet another external spirit bone.

However, the external spirit bone that appeared this time was swallowed by the external spirit bone Tang San already had, the two spirit bones fusing into one, causing a special fusion effect. It was also just because of this that Tang San’s original Eight Spider Lances made a qualitative leap, appearing as this solid armor.

One formidable energy after another constantly transmitted from his back into the hundred bones of the four limbs, simulating his body. Tang San discovered that his spirit power once again rose a large chunk, from sixty fifth rank entering the sixty sixth rank. After passing the sixtieth rank, each rank of progress required tremendous spirit power, it clearly showed how large the effect of the Eight Spider Lances’ current evolution was.

Just when Tang San thought everything was finished, suddenly, his head, right arm and right leg immediately showed changes.

At his head, a refreshing stream spread downwards, in a flash connecting with the fiery hot ruby armor at his chest, the right leg producing an extremely gentle aura, also equally connecting with that ruby armor. The aura transmitted by the right arm was the most monstrous, Tang San unexpectedly sensed a tender love from that aura.

A clear cold blue color emerged from the space between Tang San’s eyebrows, and immediately afterward, a spot of blue light burst open, an ice cold feeling covering Tang San’s entire head and neck in the blink of an eye.

A complete helmet appeared over Tang San’s head. The helmet was very simple, all blue, and on the back altogether nine pole arm shaped metal protrusions stood out, extremely aggressive. On the forehead, a ball of illusory blue light condensed, releasing a faint splendor. The ice cold current connected with the fiery hot armor on his chest, and the color immediately changed, as if polluted, Tang San’s helmet also turned a ruby color. Where it connected to the armor on his chest, there wasn’t the slightest crack.

The same circumstances also appeared with his right arm and right leg. Pink armor began to spread on his right arm, layers of armor just like fish scale spreading. When it connected with the chest armor, it also turned red.

The right leg armor was the most peculiar. Along with ring after ring of blue silver grass coiling, pure gold colored light spread. On the outside of his calf there was still a one chi long wing-like metal spike.

All the armor connected together, finally forming a dazzling blood colored ruby suit, only Tang San’s left arm and left leg were still exposed.

Instantly, Tang San felt as if something within his body shattered, and also as if something had fused together. Mysterious Heaven Skill operated within his body with astonishing speed. Incomparably enormous energy constantly dashed in his surroundings. When this energy revolved around his chest, left leg, and right leg, it clearly slowed. But even so, Tang San could still sense his abilities seem to obtain a terrifying amplifying effect.

Just what was going on here? Tang San didn’t know, he only felt that all his spirit abilities quietly appeared within his heart, like a tree formed from abilities, with a thought, abilities would immediately appear. All spirit abilities seemed to no longer need buffer times, even that sixth spirit ability he just received.

At the same time, the effect of these abilities also increased by ten percent, and the spirit power consumption required reduced by ten percent.

However, making him feel somewhat unwell was that the armor that seemed to become the same color, gave him completely different feelings. The Eight Spider Lances armor was burning hot, the helmet was ice cold, the right arm was gentle, the right leg was kindly. The four different feelings were very uncoordinated. It seemed as if they might collapse at any time.

Disappear. With a thought from Tang San, the head, right arm and right leg armor disappeared first. Immediately afterward, the armor on his chest also slid to his back like red blood, following the Eight Spider Lances into the eight ribs at his back.

Different from the past was that after the Eight Spider Lances withdrew into his body with this bizarre armor, that scorching feeling didn’t disappear with that, but rather instantly spread through his whole body, gradually vanishing. And the spirit power within Tang San’s body also instantly dropped by a third.

This really was a grotesque ability, Tang San’s eyes revealed a deeply pondering expression. One hand clapping the Man Faced Demon Spider’s body beneath him, he shot up.

Even though he didn’t know what changes this new ability would bring him, he faintly sensed that he already seemed to have grasped something, only right now it was still unclear. Even though this ability had brought no small boost previously, it was extremely unstable, and would also require large amounts of spirit power. It wasn’t at all useful to the current him. But that it wasn’t useful to him right now didn’t mean it wouldn’t become better later. Tang San immediately decided to ask his Teacher for help with this question. After all, in Spirit Master research, Grandmaster was an absolute authority.

Changing his clothes, Tang San then took out Xiao Wu from the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse. Xiao Wu was already awake, both red little eyes blinking, nestling against Tang San’s chest, revealing an intimate aura. Even

though she didn’t have any awareness, Tang San’s aura still gave her body a familiar feeling.

Touching Xiao Wu’s glossy fur, then kissing her head again, Tang San shot out once again, towards the outside of the Star Dou Great Forest.

In the process of leaving the forest, Tang San had already made a plan. Along with the ten thousand year Man Faced Demon Spider being hunted down by him, his heart had also gradually calmed. He knew that sadness was of no use, what was most important to him was how he could quickly grow stronger, help Xiao Wu resurrect as early as possible.

Leaving to find Spirit Hall for revenge right now clearly wasn’t realistic, it was basically impossible to contend with Spirit Hall with his current strength. However, that didn’t mean he couldn’t strike at Spirit Hall. If he couldn’t do it in the open, then don’t say he couldn’t do it in secret? Of course, before moving, he had to spend some time to prepare. Only with sufficient preparations would his attack on Spirit Hall become heavier.

Therefore, after leaving Star Dou Great Forest, Tang San headed straight for Heaven Dou City. He had to first go find his Teacher, and at the same time, only in Shrek Academy could he advance his preparations in peace.


Heaven Dou City. Shrek Academy, dean’s office.

Flender’s brows were tightly creased, Liu Erlong was just standing in front of his desk, looking at him imploringly.

Flender smiled wryly: “Erlong, there’s nothing I can do either. Don’t you know Xiao Gang’s personality? Your words can’t move him, what use am I going to be? You also know that Xiao Gang’s greatest dream was to one day obtain the sect’s approval. This is also the greatest reason why he always worked with spirit research for so many years. The Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan’s massacre, really is too great a blow to Xiao Gang. What he’s doing right now is all venting. If you really have him calm

down, I’m afraid his heart will be even more tortured, even less able to bear.”

The rims of Liu Erlong’s eyes were slightly red, “But, now he’s like this, I’m afraid his body will collapse before long. Training those Spirit Masters every day without rest, neglecting sleep and spirit research, even I can only occasionally persuade him to eat a bit and rest a while. If this goes on, he……”

Flender pondered, and said: “It really won’t do. You use the strategy of injuring yourself to gain the enemy’s confidence. Perhaps it’ll be effective. Oh, right, how’s the gathering of your Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan’s outside surviving members going?”

Liu Erlong smiled wryly: “Only less than a hundred. And they’re almost all of the young generation. The strongest are only fiftieth rank. Right now I’m the strongest Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon family member.”

Flender sighed, “Spirit Hall really is too vicious. Without warning, moving with the weight of thunder. Most dreadful is that your sect actually didn’t receive any news in advance. If my guess is correct, Spirit Hall definitely gathered all participating Spirit Masters in advance to look over them together. Completely sealing the information. Then won by a surprise move. Otherwise, the price they would have had to pay would have been even greater.”

A resentful light flashing in her eyes, Liu Erlong tightly clenched her fist, the sound of bones creaking, “Spirit Hall, fiercely done, Spirit Hall. Bibi Dong. You slut, I definitely won’t ever let you live in peace.”

Flender said: “It would be good if little San was here. He was raised by Xiao Gang, if he was here, Xiao Gang’s mood might be pacified a bit.”

Liu Erlong smiled wryly: “What use is saying this? It seems I really will have to injure myself to gain the enemy’s confidence. I no longer have a family, I can’t lose Xiao Gang as well. Flender, what does the Empire say?”

Flender said: “Just discussed it with the Star Luo Empire’s side. With Mubai and Zhuqing helping, and adding the two great empires’ common interests, mutual cooperation isn’t any difficult matter. But the power Spirit Hall holds right now is too dreadful. Even though they currently still don’t dare publicly challenge the empires, the Spirit Masters they hold as well as the military forces of the duchies and kingdoms is already enough to rival the two empires. If war really starts, it’ll be disastrous for the whole Continent.”

Liu Erlong nodded, “We’re vulnerable right now, especially in terms of Spirit Masters. We basically can’t compare to the strength of Spirit Hall. That Xiao Gang is neglecting sleep and forgetting food right now is also just because of this. Unfortunately, if the Clear Sky School was still here, with them to guide us, we wouldn’t be so passive either.”

Flender’s eyes revealed a trace of sorrow, “I really hope war won’t break out. Bibi Dong really is insane. Just what does she want to accomplish?”


Supreme Pontiff Palace. Hong——
Hu Liena’s body flew through the air, striking the wall of the official business hall and slowly sliding down. On her gorgeous face was a red bloody hand print. A trickle of blood flowed from the corner of her mouth.

Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong slowly withdrew her right hand, cold light blossoming in her eyes, “Can’t even differentiate between enemies and friends, you’re lucky you’re the Sacred maiden I chose. Go face the wall in the rear palace, don’t come out without my orders.”

“Yes, Your Holiness.” Hu Liena’s voice was somewhat indistinct due to her injured face, and she clambered up with difficulty. But in her eyes wasn’t the slightest bit of bitterness, still a faint blankness. Even though they had already returned to Supreme Pontiff Palace, in her mind still spun Tang San and Xiao Wu looking at each other at the end. She knew that she

would never be able to forget any part of the scene that happened there that day.

On returning to Supreme Pontiff Palace, despite the objections of the two Title Douluo and Xie Yue and Yan, Hu Liena had taken the initiative to beg forgiveness from Bibi Dong, resulting in the previous scene.

“Your Holiness, calm down .” Chrysanthemum Douluo and Ghost Douluo bowed simultaneously.

Ghost Douluo was still a vague shadow, and Chrysanthemum Douluo’s face appeared very pale. After using the spirit fusion ability that day, their bodies had been seriously injured, and they still hadn’t recovered yet.

“Calm down?”

Cold light glittered in Bibi Dong’s eyes, “Elders, how would you have me calm down? Hu Liena made a mistake, and you? As senior elders of Spirit Hall, Title Douluo, you still let a twenty year old kid outsmart you, and still ultimately led to the hundred thousand year spirit beast dying by Sacrifice. Very well done!”

Chrysanthemum Douluo and Ghost Douluo’s expressions changed simultaneously, from Bibi Dong’s words they heard an intense killing intent.

Cold light flashed in Bibi Dong’s eyes, and under her gaze, Chrysanthemum and Ghost Douluo were already soaked in sweat. With their strength, they were unexpectedly unable raise a trace of resistance.

“Withdraw.” Bibi Dong somewhat twitching waved her hand, the killing intent in her eyes vanishing. According to her character, killing them would be very normal. But she couldn’t do so. Spirit Hall had just begun operations, it was time to use people. These two elders were both considered loyal to her, and both were also Title Douluo and members of the Elder Council. Really dealing with them would inevitably influence Spirit Hall’s later operations.

The two Title Douluo clearly loosed a breath, hurriedly saluting Bibi Dong for the favor of not blaming them, then quickly left the great hall.

Watching their disappearing backs, Bibi Don’g eyes flashed with austere light, “Titan Giant Ape, and still that Sky Blue Bull Python creature. Fine, you’ve destroyed my happy occasion, wait until I have the time and I’ll come for your spirit rings.”


Dressed in plain and simple clothes, holding a little rabbit with sparkling and crystalline fur, Tang San strolled into Heaven Dou City.

Even though his clothes weren’t conspicuous, that blue hair and handsome appearance still easily attracted attention.

Tang San walked forward, basically without watching the road, only looking at Xiao Wu in his arms, one hand feeding her a carrot.

Restored to her original form, what Xiao Wu most liked to eat was carrots. Tang San had bought them in bulk and deposited them in the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse.

Even though she no longer had any awareness, as long as he held her fuzzy body, Tang San’s heart could calm, at least he wouldn’t suffer excessively. The hope for Xiao Wu’s resurrection could be said to be an important reason for how he could endure.

Tang San swore that he wouldn’t let Xiao Wu be separated from him no matter what. Whether it was when eating or sleeping, in these days after leaving Star Dou Great Forest, he always had Xiao Wu beside him. In the eyes of others, a grown man hugging a little rabbit was very strange. What man would raise a rabbit as a pet? But Tang San didn’t hold her as a pet, but as his lover!

On the road from Star Dou Great Forest to Heaven Dou City, Tang San had carefully reflected on his future plans. In order to shake Spirit Hall, first of all he had to increase his strength and influence. Tang San wasn’t too

interested in influence, but strength was crucial. He wasn’t a common Spirit Master, he was from Tang Sect. He possessed Tang Sect’s poison and hidden weapons refining methods. Just relying on this was enough to have Spirit Hall greatly lose out.

But right now the hidden weapons he originally refined were already largely used up. Therefore, after returning to Heaven Dou City, he decided to first go find his Teacher for consultation. Afterwards he’d begin closed door bitter cultivation, and at the same time forge more hidden weapons.

Once he had saved a certain amount of strength, he’d begin moving on Spirit Hall.

As for the ten thousand year ninth grade Ginseng King, Tang San wasn’t in a hurry. He clearly understood that with his current strength, even if he found it he might not be able to bring it back. He could only wait until he was strong enough, then go look for it.

Just as he walked down the street, suddenly, hurried hoof noise came from up ahead. Even though Tang San didn’t look at the road, he had his formidable spiritual force as eyes, and he naturally wouldn’t collide with anyone while walking, but the ten riders galloping head on already took up the whole road. Dashing, dust flying, the pedestrians walking on the road dispersed in a hurry, in an instant the wide avenue was in a panic like scared chickens and dogs.

[1] Slaughter Assault - (杀戮突击)

Chapter 164

Tang San didn’t dodge. After the matter with Xiao Wu, his attitude had undergone a Heaven and earth revolving change, the original gentle ease disappearing long ago, only an intense stubbornness remaining. Tang San was unwilling to think of even those things he learned back in the Moon Pavilion. Now, besides Xiao Wu, the only thing he longed for was to increase his strength.

“Get out of the way, are you blind?” The leading horseman saw Tang San walking forward with his head bowed, and curse furiously. The horsewhip in his hand rose, and the instant he approached, overbearingly whipped towards Tang San. He was very confident in his strength, he only needed this whip to certainly sent Tang San flying, making him unlikely to hinder their way forward.

Just at this moment, Tang San’s gaze slowly rose from Xiao Wu, and along with his head rising, a clearly visible white light abruptly spread out from his body.

In an instant, the air seemed frozen, a pinnacle chill suddenly releasing within the range of that white light.

Amidst calls of lament, more than ten very carefully chosen warhorses almost simultaneously fell paralysed to the ground, spitting out white froth. Under the effect of their inertia, they directly went straight to knock against Tang San.


Exhaling, Tang San’s left hand grabbed the horsewhip lashing towards him, his right hand making a fist, suddenly striking out.

A white light completely different from the one that spread out before condensed on Tang San’s fist, this punch seemed gentle, but it contained explosive force.

With an explosive sound, the first warhorse halted under Tang San’s fist, the solid horse head smashed to pieces, the whole horse’s body instantly squeezed, unreasoning force penetrating its body. And the horses behind and to its side also came to a halt under the explosive force of this one punch. The more than ten mounted horsemen were thrown off practically simultaneously.

What Tang San released first was his Deathgod Domain, and then stored up strength with his fist. But he still acted with propriety, while he injured the horses he didn’t harm the people. Only that horse was directly killed.

Left hand pulling the horsewhip, the master of that blasted dead horse was directly pulled from the saddle by Tang San.

When the force on Tang San’s fist erupted, there were already cries of alarm all around. The eyes of the commoners there for the spectacle mostly held pleasure, but even more people had fearful moods. Because these horsemen all wore the clothes of the imperial forbidden guard regiment. The imperial forbidden regiment was the Heaven Dou Empire’s most core soldiers, each passed very careful selection. Junior captain level or higher were all Spirit Masters. To the Heaven Dou Empire that lacked Spirit Masters, this was absolutely the elite of the elite.

That imperial forbidden guard Tang San pulled down still wanted to resist, but with only a shake of the whip by Tang San, a surging force passed through it, and he fell limply to the ground.

A crowd of imperial forbidden guards fell into confusion. One among them fiercely crawled up from the ground, “Bastard. Kill him for me.” As

he spoke, strong spirit power fluctuations burst from the speaker, Spirit Body Enhancement.

Looking at this person, Tang San couldn’t help being somewhat stunned. He was the only one among the knights not wearing forbidden guard armor. Apparently magnificently dressed, approximately thirty years old or so. This was someone Tang San recognized, back when they left for the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy, they had gotten into a fight with this person. It was Heaven Dou Empire’s fourth prince, Xue Beng.

It had been many years since he’d seen him. Even though he had aged a lot, that pompous appearance hadn’t waned in the slightest. Looking at his clamoring appearance, Tang San inwardly felt loathing. With the same father, how could the sons be so different? Compared to Xue Qinghe, he really was far too lacking.

Two yellow and two purple, altogether four spirit rings appeared around Xue Beng. Born of the imperial family, his spirit rings were naturally an optimal configuration. Only fortieth rank at thirty years of age, even if he cultivated assiduously later, in his life, it would still be impossible for him to reach the Title Douluo level.

Tang San softly caressed Xiao Wu’s fur in his arms, no longer looking at these people, as if they were basically unrelated to him.

The imperial forbidden guards swiftly crawled up from the ground, encircling Xue Beng, then cautiously staring at Tang San, their expressions nervous.

Even if Tang San didn’t fully use his spirit, from the explosive punch just now, as well as that vast killing intent still making them tremble, these imperial forbidden guards accustomed to being arrogant still didn’t dare act blindly. None of them wished for the same fate as that warhorse.

Able to become imperial forbidden guards, they were all true battlefield veterans. The feeling Tang San gave them was like like someone who had crawled out from a mountain of corpses, that deathly still ice cold murderous spirit wasn’t something ordinary people could produce.

“Do it, you trash.” Xue Beng clamored loudly, and these imperial forbidden guards unexpectedly without one Spirit Master, slowly encircled Tang San at his orders.

Tang San strolled forward, and those imperial forbidden guards surrounding him swiftly recoiled in answer to his footsteps, not one with the courage to attack Tang San. They weren’t even Spirit Masters, and after suffering the Deathgod Domain, their hearts were already filled with shadow.

Xue Beng was just about to move, launching spirit abilities at Tang San, when suddenly, a large hand fell on his shoulder, forcibly restraining his spirit power.

“Don’t do it if you don’t want to die. Leave it to me.” A deep aged voice echoed by Xue Beng’s ear. Hearing this voice, Xue Beng’s taut body visibly relaxed.

And at this moment, Tang San’s disregarding everything footsteps suddenly paused, once again raising his head, something within his ice cold eyes.

An old man had appeared at Xue Beng’s side at some unknown time. Long green robes, disheveled grizzled hair, just standing at Xue Beng’s side, the atmosphere had become entirely different. The intense pressure gave even Tang San a feeling of being unable to breathe.

The green robed old man stared coldly at Tang San, but the astonishment within his eyes couldn’t be concealed.

The aura this youth released before was clearly a domain type of power, and the spirit power contained in that punch was also quite considerable. In his impression, this wasn’t something someone so young could possess. Even that little freak he had considered a friend couldn’t possible be so outstanding. Especially when he still held a rabbit, making a somewhat strange appearance.

Tang San placed Xiao Wu on his left shoulder, simultaneously raising both his hands.

In the heart of his right palm, glittering with blue light, a blood red and resplendent gold double veined Blue Silver Emperor quietly came out.

In his left palm black light gathered, inscribed with the lines of the Deathgod Domain, two chi[1] long, the cylindrical Clear Sky Hammer appeared from nothingness.

Without using spirit power, only simultaneously revealing two types of spirits, this was the greatest degree to which Tang San could simultaneously use his two spirits. When the two spirits appeared simultaneously, he couldn’t use any spirit abilities, even unable to bring out the might of the spirit. It was only a kind of demonstration.

When the green robed elder saw Tang San raise his hands, his surroundings erupted with green light, but as he saw the two kinds of separately appearing spirits in Tang San’s hands, the pupils of his eyes contracted violently, incredulously looking at the youth in front of him.

“Old freak, long time no see.” Tang San sighed lightly.

Appearing at Xue Beng’s side, was precisely the Poison Douluo, Dugu Bo.

Dugu Bo looked at Tang San with shock on his face, “You, you’re……”

Tang San smiled wryly: “Is this still not enough to prove who I am?”

Suddenly, Dugu Bo’s face abruptly turned cold, the once vanished green light appearing once again. Silhouette flashing, he charged in Tang San’s direction.

As a Title Douluo, the pressure he gave Tang San was obvious. Simultaneously withdrawing the twin spirits, Tang San swiftly retreated a step. Flicking his right wrist, a golden red pearl appeared in his palm.

Others might not react to the appearance of this pearl, even the commoners in the distance didn’t. However, with the appearance of this pearl, Dugu Bo was like he had seen a ghost. Retreating like a flash of lightning, at least twice as fast as when he charged forward. The green light around him weakened substantially, and his face displayed a horrified expression.

What Tang San pulled out, was naturally that Ten Headed Ardent Yang Serpent neidan. This neidan could not only receive any snake venom, but simultaneously had an extremely powerful restraining effect on all kinds of serpents. Even if Dugu Bo’s spirit was the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor, he still suffered enormous influence in front of the antedeluvian mythical beast Ten Headed Ardent Yang Serpent’s neidan. This sudden change left Dugu Bo without any choice but to retreat.

Trembling from his very soul, even as a Title Douluo he was still terrified. His gaze at Tang San immediately changed a lot.

Actually, Tang San didn’t really need to pull out the Ten Headed Ardent Yang Serpent’s neidan, even though it was still impossible for him to beat Dugu Bo with his present strength, resisting for a little while still wasn’t any problem. But he had the original form Xiao Wu on his shoulder. He didn’t want Xiao Wu to suffer any harm.

“You……” Looking bewildered at Tang San, the expression in Dugu Bo’s eyes flickered.

Judging by the spirits, that was the Clear Sky Hammer without a doubt, and that glittering with peculiar light Blue Silver Grass also seemed to be one of the twin spirits. But Tang San’s appearance had really changed too much, and even his temperament had undergone fundamental changes. He had planned to first capture Tang San then slowly ask him afterwards.

Patting his Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse,

“Old freak, we’ll find somewhere to chat.”

While speaking, Tang San flicked his hand and withdrew the neidan.

Dugu Bo nodded, clapping Xue Beng’s shoulder, “You deal with this place.” Finished speaking, he walked into the distance with large strides.

Tang San’s feet slid, passing Xue Beng, he reached Dugu Bo’s side, Xiao Wu again returned to his embrace.

Dugu Bo shifted a meter sideways, keeping his distance from Tang San. That Ten Headed Ardent Yang Serpent neidan from before really left him somewhat apprehensive.

Tang San couldn’t help laughing: “Old freak, when did you become so timid?”

Dugu Bo’s aged face reddened, “Give me a break, even if everything points to you being little freak, how could little freak have grown into your appearance.”

Pointing to a tea house ahead, Tang San said:

“Let’s go, we’ll talk there.”

On the other side, Xue Beng’s gloomy face revealed a somewhat peculiar vigor, his brows wrinkling slightly, as if thinking of something. Waving his hand, he had the imperial forbidden guards swiftly put the scene in order, his whole aura seeming somewhat different.

Entering the tea house, Tang San asked for a private room, and poured two cups of fragrant tea.

“What’s going on? Little freak, how come you look like this?” When Tang San pointed out the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse at his waist, Dugu Bo was already convinced to some extent, recognizing him. Twin spirits, and still knowing the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse was given by him, even the other Shrek Seven Devils might not know it clearly. He already had some trust towards Tang San.

Tang San carefully placed Xiao Wu on his thighs, glancing at Dugu Bo, he said: “Your hair has already changed to its true color, the remaining

poison within your body should also have almost dissolved. Congratulations.”

While listening, Dugu Bo’s face relaxed a lot, “It seems, you really are little freak. However, how did you turn out so handsome? Teach me, perhaps I can still recover the spirit of my youth.”

Tang San smiled wryly: “How would it be that easy, this is the changes caused by my spirit’s second awakening, inheriting my mother’s part of my genes.”

Immediately, he recounted everything that had happened since he left with his father almost without holding anything back, he didn’t even omit the events in Slaughter City, up until what happened in Star Dou Great Forest.

When Tang San spoke of Xiao Wu sacrificing herself to save him, his gaze was completely focused on Xiao Wu, his sorrowful expression unspeakably tender.

Dugu Bo listened dumbstruck to everything he said, “Little freak, you really were a freak from the start. You actually have the bloodline of spirit beasts.”

Tang San’s expression sank, “Old freak, even though my mom was born a spirit beast, when she had me, she was already human. If not for Spirit Hall, our family wouldn’t have changed to this, and mom wouldn’t have returned to a Blue Silver Emperor again. I just didn’t expect that I would encounter the same thing my parents did. Me and Spirit Hall, it absolutely won’t be left at that.”

Dugu Bo looked at Tang San in front of him, unable to hold back a burst of sorrow within his heart. Among his peers, Tang San really was an outstanding figure, possessing things countless Spirit Masters yearned for even in their dreams. But in reality, everything he had paid and endured was equally far beyond what ordinary Spirit Masters experienced!

Difficult cultivation, his parents’ tragedy, his lover’s tragic death as sacrifice, all this had fallen on these only twenty year old shoulders. That he could stand straight was already unusual. Extraordinary people had to go through extraordinary events.

“Little freak, what are your plans? Retaliating against Spirit Hall?”
Dugu Bo asked.

Tang San laughed coldly, “Not right now. I still haven’t lost all sense of reason. With my Spirit Emperor power, how could I rock Spirit Hall’s foundations? My dad was too rushed back then. I won’t make the same mistake. I won’t stir things up. Once I move, I’ll definitely leave Spirit Hall grievously injured. Until they’re thoroughly rooted out. I’m twenty this year, I have plenty of time, when I feel I have saved up enough strength, I’ll move on Spirit hall. Old freak, what about you, why are you together with someone like Xue Beng? With your brains, it’s not like you couldn’t see Xue Beng and prince Xue Xing’s position back then in the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy. Are people like that worthy of your protection?”

Dugu Bo looked deeply at Tang San,

“Little Freak, you’re still too young. Some things aren’t as simple as they seem on the surface. Very often you will have to look carefully to see the truth of things through the surface.”

Tang San was startled, “You’re saying there’s some problem with Xue Qinghe?”

Dugu Bo nodded silently, “Do you know why Xue Beng is such a dandy? That’s actually something Xue Qinghe forced him to. The present Heaven Dou Emperor Xue Ye originally had four sons. Xie Qinghe was the oldest, Xue Beng was the youngest. Originally, the most outstanding child of the imperial family wasn’t Xue Qinghe, but rather emperor Xue Ye’s second son. That was an alarmingly talented youngster. Perhaps he couldn’t compare to you in Spirit Master cultivation, but in intelligence and wisdom, he was still above you. But when he was twelve, he died prematurely. At that time, as the elder brother, Xue Qinghe was fourteen.

The next year, emperor Xue Ye’s third son, a son extremely gifted in Spirit Master cultivation, died prematurely at eleven. Therefore, of emperor Xue Ye’s originally four sons, only two survive.”

A chill bubbling up in his heart, Tang San looked at Dugu Bo, unable to keep his heart from fluttering, “Don’t tell me Xue Qinghe had something to do with the death of the two princes?”

Dugu Bo said indifferently, “No one can be certain, because there’s no proof. Only, two days before the second prince’s death, emperor Xue Ye had just convened some ministers to discuss the position of crown prince. Almost all the ministers were inclined towards the second prince.”

Tang San’s eyes displayed a trace of introspective light, “Wouldn’t it be the actions of someone backing Xue Qinghe?”

Dugu Bo shook his head,

“That’s impossible. At that time the four princes all lived in the inner palace, the second prince died from poison, and all the food and drink passed stringent inspections on that day. There absolutely wasn’t any chance to add poison. Only people on the inside had any opportunity. It was basically impossible for outsiders to approach. The chamberlains and maids minding the prince were all the trusted aides of emperor Xue Ye. After the event, this became a case without clues. But when the third prince died the next year, the circumstances were almost exactly the same. At that time the fourth prince Xue Beng was still only seven.”

“Due to his grief, emperor Xue Ye sent prince Xue Xing to investigate the matter. The results of prince Xue Xing’s investigation were very strange. From the clues, he discovered that the two princes were killed by exactly the same poison. But it wasn’t a poison drug, but were rather poisoned by a Spirit Master’s spirit.”

Tang San frowned: “That still can’t prove a relation to crown prince Xue Qinghe!”

Dugu Bo gave a cold laugh, “Without evidence, go look for who benefits the most. The second and third princes died young, the fourth prince was underage. Who obtained the most benefit? If outsiders did it to strike at the Heaven Dou imperial family, why leave behind the eldest son? In fact, even though Xue Qinghe’s innate talent wasn’t equal to the second prince, he was still quite intelligent. The reason why Xue Beng turned to this appearance was because he didn’t want to die. Back then prince Xue Xing personally instructed him in a unique skill that could save his life.”

“As the reigning monarch’s younger brother, prince Xue Xing absolutely isn’t as simple as the face you see. Originally he did me a life saving favor, that’s why I know so much behind the scenes information. Over these years, crown prince Xue Qinghe has obtained the support of more and more chancellors. Emperor Xue Ye also trusts him extremely much, leaving even more affairs for him to handle. But emperor Xue Ye’s body is steadily deteriorating. Not long ago, prince Xue Xing suddenly discovered that emperor Xue Ye is suffering from a slow acting poison, and found me to diagnose it. I discovered that what emperor Xue Ye suffered is a kind of mixed poison, the poison is ordinarily introduced through food, and comes from a kind of spice. In the imperial palace, ordinarily only one person uses this spice. That’s Xue Qinghe.”

“This mixed poison is extremely surreptitious. If it was me from before, I still wouldn’t have been able to discover it. It’s thanks to the knowledge of those mixed poisons I got from you. Through various clues I discovered, I then associated it with the events back then. Do you still believe Xue Qinghe would be clean?”

Listening to Dugu Bo, Tang San’s expression immediately grew serious. This was the first time he encountered people using something like mixed poison in this world, and it was furthermore used on the emperor. Dugu Bo’s Title was Poison. That he was unable to discover this poison with his previous abilities clearly showed how much thought the poisoner had put into it.

Recalling Xue Qinghe’s modest and respectful appearance, even though Tang San in his heart wasn’t willing to believe it, Dugu Bo’s words still made his impression of Xue Qinghe change to some extent. But as is said,

take what you hear to be false, only believe it when you see it, he would still have to find the concrete details from his own later observations.

“Then why are you following Xue Beng? You’re not afraid it will make Xue Qinghe act against him? Moreover, no matter what is said, this is still the internal affairs of their imperial family. Don’t tell me you want to help Xue Beng take his place?”

Dugu Bo gave a cold snort, “Xue Beng that kid isn’t simple either, he’s an extremely clever person. Only he’s always hidden himself very deep. You see that he presently has no more than forty something ranks spirit power. Actually, that isn’t because he hasn’t had the chance to cultivate even higher, but rather him deliberately not putting effort into cultivating, letting his spirit power stagnate. This matter relating Xue Qinghe and the mixed poison, I’ve only told prince Xue Xing. Right now even emperor Xue Ye is kept in the dark. Only I made him an antidote that can slowly dissolve the poison. I only told emperor Xue Ye that he had been poisoned, and had him continue acting as if he was, so don’t tell anyone about it. I don’t want to get involved with the matters of the imperial family, but if you want to deal with Spirit Hall later, then you should hope that Heaven Dou Empire has a stable ruling class. You returned from Star Dou Great Forest just now, so you still might not know of the two major things that happened.”

“What major things?” Tang San asked doubtfully.

Dugu Bo lowered his voice: “The Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School and the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan were ambushed. Because the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School discovered it in time, they responded appropriately. They paid with the lives of more than two thirds of their disciples and retreated into Heaven Dou City. The Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan has already been wiped from this world. A total massacre. Only some children not in the sect at the time managed to survive.”

“What?” Tang San shot to his feet, involuntarily crying out in alarm. However, even when losing his self control like this, he still didn’t forget to lift Xiao Wu.

“How is that possible? The Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School and the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan are two of the three upper sects. Even Spirit Hall wouldn’t be able to extinguish them so easily?”

Dugu Bo sighed, his eyes revealing a meaning of the fox grieving for the death of the hare, “Facts are facts. Two great sects are finished. Even if the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School wasn’t completely extinguished, it still greatly lost strength. The two great Title Douluo were seriously injured simultaneously, and of them, the Sword Douluo had his strength greatly reduced from the heavy injuries. Think, capable of mobilizing several tens of thousands of Spirit Masters to besiege and annihilate two great sects practically simultaneously, who has that kind of power?”

Tang San looked somewhat dully at Dugu Bo, muttering: “Fiercely done, Spirit Hall.”

Dugu Bo smiled wryly: “Through these events I learned that I’ve originally always underestimated Spirit Hall. They can actually possess such tremendous strength. By the descriptions from the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, when they launched the attack, the counterpart had mobilized four Title Douluo. And the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan was attacked almost at the same time. Extinguishing the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan without three or four Title Douluo is impossible. But there’s absolutely no evidence of the Spirit Hall Supreme Pontiff being present, and you say Ghost Douluo and Chrysanthemum Douluo were in Star Dou Great Forest. This means that Spirit Hall itself actually possesses the strength of more than ten Title Douluo.”

Tang San’s eyes suddenly displayed a trace of alarm, “The Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan was destroyed, then Teacher……”

Dugu Bo said: “Grandmaster is alright. Right now he’s already formed an alliance with the Heaven Dou imperial family, and is just painstakingly training the empire’s Spirit Masters. The destruction of two of the three upper sects rocks the balance of the two great empires. Spirit Hall’s actions this time can be said to have caused intense panic in both empires. It’s impossible for them not to deal with Spirit Hall. If you can draw on their power to deal with Spirit Hall, wouldn’t that be half the

work for twice the effect? That’s why, get to the bottom of this matter with Xue Qinghe as soon as possible.”

Tang San didn’t sit back down, “Old freak, you research the imperial family side some more. I have to go see Teacher at Shrek Academy. With his clan destroyed, even if Teacher’s natural disposition is staunch, I’m still afraid he’s unable to stand such a heavy blow. I’ll go see him at once.”

Dugu Bo nodded, “Go. Take care to hide yourself. Right now you’ve made an enemy of Spirit Hall. Especially destroying their good occasion this time as well, plus killing so many of their experts. They absolutely won’t let that rest. Don’t go strutting on the streets afterwards. Even if this is the capital of Heaven Dou Empire, Spirit Hall’s influence still isn’t weak.”

“I will.” Finished saying this, Tang San hurriedly left the tea house, heading straight for Shrek Academy.

After this exchange with Dugu Bo, the confusion caused by the matters with Xiao Wu settled again. Everything was a lot more complex than he had imagined. This left Tang San with no other choice than to reconsider his plans.

Holding Xiao Wu, Tang San used the fastest possible speed to reach Shrek Academy while not attracting attention. Grandmaster was like a second father to him. One might say that without Grandmaster, he wouldn’t be who he was today. Tang San could imagine Grandmaster’s pain over his family being destroyed.

When he reached Shrek Academy’s gate, the students on duty this time didn’t block him. The frightening display of the Shrek Seven Devils in the Academy that time left an extremely profound impression on all the students.


Grandmaster’s face was a lot more rigid than before, coldly watching the students doing their utmost to run in front of him. The chill on his face seemed like it could make the air solidify.

These of course weren’t common students, but the young Spirit Masters with promising potential sent over by the imperial family. The reason why there were no Spirit Masters among those imperial forbidden guards Xue Beng had along, was because the majority of the Spirit Masters were already here, conducting unified training under Grandmaster.

Heaven Dou Empire possessed a lot of Spirit Masters, but the ones truly grasped in the imperial family’s hand weren’t many. Including the Spirit Masters from the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, there were altogether less than five thousand. And the powers among them were just a handful. In the area of Spirit Masters, Heaven Dou Empire was far from able to compare to Spirit Hall.

Of course, if war truly started, Heaven Dou Empire could still dispatch some Spirit Masters from other regions. However, their overall strength was comparatively low. It was also due to the lack of Spirit Masters that the two great empires had no choice but to patiently endure against Spirit Hall. On a true battlefield, Spirit Masters facing one hundred alone wasn’t empty talk. Among the several tens of thousands of Spirit Masters controlled by Spirit Hall, there were powers like clouds, and they also had the backing of those duchies and kingdoms. Even if the two great empires joined hands, they still wouldn’t dare speak of certain victory. Even more, on the surface the conflict still wasn’t completely roused, therefore they could only endure silently, storing their strength.

Grandmaster had split more than four thousand Spirit Masters into twenty teams for training. Even though Shrek Academy was a bit small, this could still be considered the most suitable place in Heaven Dou City. Not only were all kinds of facilities completely allocated, three were still numerous mimicry environments for Spirit Master cultivation.

The twenty groups Grandmaster had sorted them into were separated according to cultivation direction. Among them, the most numerous were

power attack and agility attack type Spirit Masters. Added together they accounted for sixty percent of all the Spirit Masters or so.

Right now Grandmaster was just training a team of power attack type Spirit Masters. Before ordinary special training, terrifying hell model physical strength type drills were naturally unavoidable.

Zhao Wuji stood to one side, his Gravity Control open, completely falling on the more than two hundred Spirit Masters currently running, making the weight each person carried extremely well distributed. Under the tiger like glare of Liu Erlong, these Spirit Masters could only train honestly.

Not long ago, because of Grandmaster neglecting sleep and work, Liu Erlong had suddenly fallen ill. This had made Grandmaster rest a while because he had to look after her. But Liu Erlong couldn’t keep pretending forever. Helplessly, she could only accompany Grandmaster to train these students together, helping share some of his burden so he could relax a bit.

She also knew that Grandmaster’s exhaustion came even more from the heart. She equally endured that kind of pain. Even though the two weren’t husband and wife in truth, their hearts were still as one. Tortured by this kind of pain, she had also almost collapsed. She also wanted to take revenge, but after constantly obtaining reports from Heaven Dou Empire about Spirit Hall’s strength, even her fiery temper had to grow colder and colder.

Just at this time, suddenly, a somewhat irritable voice echoed, “I won’t do it. This isn’t something humans can endure.”

One Spirit Master currently in training suddenly halted, quickly stepping out of the area of Zhao Wuji’s Gravity Control, sitting his butt on the ground and gasping for big mouthfuls of breath.

The training Grandmaster gave these Spirit Masters really was very tough. Because they were all already twenty or thirty years old, their training capacity was thirty percent higher than the Shrek Seven Devils back then. These Spirit Masters’ training was too difficult for words.

With someone taking the lead, among the more than two hundred Spirit Masters there was immediately a lot who halted, their clothes long since drenched in sweat, violently gasping for breath as soon as they stopped. One expectant gaze after another turned to Grandmaster.

Grandmaster looked at those students taking the lead to move away, coldly saying: “Who said this couldn’t be endured?”

That Spirit Master looked thirty years old or so, build robustly, a power attack type, spirit power at the forty eighth rank. Among Spirit Masters of the same age, that was considered quite good.

As a Spirit Master, always living like a prince, the focal point no matter where, when had he ever suffered like this? Shooting a glance at Grandmaster, he gasped: “Got skill…… got skill…… you come and…… try it?”

“Right, this isn’t training for humans, if it goes on, we’ll all collapse.” With someone taking the lead, the resentful voices immediately spread, the halted Spirit Masters whispering among themselves, looking at Grandmaster with gazes filled with resentment and even hatred.

Liu Erlong snorted furiously, stepping in front of that Spirit Master in a few steps, pulling him up from the ground, “Line up, continue training, otherwise, I’ll give you training alone.”

Looking at a violent mother dragon like Liu Erlong, the robust Spirit Master’s eyes held some fear, but he still defiantely said: “We’re not your oxen. At worst I’ll quit. I don’t want to die here. Grandmaster is also only a Grandmaster of theory, if he can’t do it, why have us do it? Even Title Douluo might not be able to endure this kind of torment without using spirit power.”

[1] 2尺 = ⅔ m

Chapter 165

“You……” Liu Erlong was somewhat temperamental, and these days she was especially twitchy, and having heard what was said was immediately angry, raising her right hand, tyrannical spirit power fluctuations immediately suppressed the Spirit Master in front of her.

“Stop.” Grandmaster shouted, blocking Liu Erlong’s actions.

Slowly walking over in front of that Spirit Master, Grandmaster nodded to him, “Fine, I’ll train with you. As long as I still haven’t fallen, you can’t halt either.”

Hearing this, Liu Erlong couldn’t help being anxious, “Xiao Gang, don’t be impulsive, remember your age, and moreover, you haven’t been resting these days, how can you play around like this.”

The corner of that rebelling Spirit Master’s mouth twitched, saying in a low voice: “I knew he couldn’t. Just abuses us.”

Grandmaster looked towards Liu Erlong with a gloomy gaze, “Erlong, you continue supervising from the side, I’ll accompany them for training.” Even though his intonation was very flat, his tone was unquestionable. Even a powerful woman like Liu Erlong unexpectedly didn’t dare prevent him at this moment.

“When there are matters for a disciple to handle, Teacher, let me train with them. I also want to take a look at how strong so-called impossible

training is.”

Hearing this voice, Grandmaster’s ice cold expression finally changed a lot. Astonished turning his head, looking in the direction the voice came from, he found Tang San carrying a white rabbit, walking over with large strides, very quickly reaching him.

“You’re back.” Looking at his disciple, Grandmaster couldn’t help all sorts of feelings welling up. Even to the extent that he didn’t notice Xiao Wu in his arms.

Tang San nodded to Grandmaster, then turned to that robust Spirit Master, saying: “I’ll represent Grandmaster to train with you. I’ll do twice the training you do. No one has ever researched the extent of human limits. I’m Grandmaster’s disciple, so I’ll prove Grandmaster’s theory to you.”

The robust Spirit Master said somewhat disdainfully: “You can talk big when you don’t know how we’ve trained. I want to see your double training.”

Tang San stroked Xiao Wu in his embrace, walking over to Liu Erlong, handing her over, “Teacher Erlong, I’ll trouble you to help me hold her. This is Xiao Wu.”

Liu Erlong stared blankly. Taking Xiao Wu from Tang San, for a moment she didn’t understand what he was saying.

Tang San turned and walked over to that robust Spirit Master, looking straight at him face to face, “If I do it, apologize to Teacher.”

While speaking, he walked to the center of the field with large strides, then turned to Grandmaster, “Teacher, please guide me.”

Tang San’s appearance finally made Grandmaster’s gaze soften somewhat. Nodding, Grandmaster said: “You will run laps under Zhao Wuji’s Gravity Control. Gravity is tripled. Twenty laps. You may not use spirit power or spirit abilities.”

The place where Zhao Wuji was the center of this practice field, relying on his Spirit Douluo strength, he could just spread his Gravity Control over the surrounding field.

Tang San nodded to Zhao Wuji, “Teacher Zhao, I’ll trouble you. Give me six times gravity.”

Zhao Wuji smiled faintly, nodding to Tang San. Even though his gravity strengthening ability wasn’t true gravity control, unable to weaken gravity, his present strength was still enough to strengthen gravity by ten times.

The light of the third spirit ring brightened, six times gravity directly falling on Tang San.

Tang San felt himself sink. His gaze turned to those halted students,
“Please inspect for me.” As his words fell he was already running.

Tang San didn’t run very fast, but the length of every step was practically equal, moving forward at an even speed. Very soon he came running up the outer ring.

Those students weren’t too convinced Tang San really was enduring six times gravity right now, and subconsciously approached him. As Tang San passed by them, they immediately felt a formidable pressure, almost falling paralyzed to the ground from the weight. Then they were certain Zhao Wuji wasn’t throwing the game for Tang San.

Of course, this couldn’t make them give up on inspecting. Each Spirit Master carefully observed Tang San. If he used spirit power, there would naturally be spirit power fluctuations, and they could instantly spot it.

However, they very soon discovered that not only didn’t Tang San use spirit power, his running speed also started to accelerate.

Tang San was no longer the Tang San from back then. Two hundred years, one thousand year, two ten thousand year, one hundred thousand year, six spirit rings had a frightful growth effect on his body. Let alone when he still had the baptism of two great immortal herbs, and the attribute

growth of four spirit rings. The power of his physical body wasn’t something a human could compare to, not even the Motionless Bright king Zhao Wuji.

Very soon, ten laps had passed, and Tang San was going faster and faster, the expression in his eyes without changing in the slightest, his breathing even. His complexion was level, just as if nothing was going on.

“Teacher Zhao, apply your strongest gravity.” Tang San yelled to Zhao Wuji when he started his eleventh lap.

Zhao Wuji secretly laughed, a little monster really was a little monster. With him taking Grandmaster’s fights, this time there was a good show to see. While his heart thought so, his mouth warned: “The strongest gravity is ten times, be careful.” Rather than saying this was his reminder to Tang San, it would be better to say he was telling those dumbstruck students.

Gravity increased once again, but Tang San didn’t slow at all, the only change was that his face was a lot more flushed.

These Heaven Dou imperial family Spirit Masters were all new transfers, and they hadn’t seen the the Shrek Five Devils fight Zhao Wuji and Flender last time, so they naturally didn’t recognize Tang San. Watching Tang San unexpectedly madly rush around under such terrifying gravity while relying only on his physical strength, everyone were instantly dumbfounded. The mouth of that robust Spirit Master that previously provoked Grandmaster hung open even further, looking at him with incredulity.

Twenty laps finished very quickly. Tang San once again returned to the center of the field, saluting to Grandmaster, “Teacher, what’s next?”

Grandmaster waved his hand to Tang San, indicating he come over. Tang San very quickly reached Grandmaster, and right now, only a faint sheen of sweat was visible on his forehead.

His eyes displaying a gratified expression, Grandmaster turned to the previously yelling robust Spirit Master, “Now you tell me, twenty laps in triple gravity, is that an impossible task for humans?”

The robust Spirit Master stupidly looked at Tang San, “You, are you really human?”

At these words, even Grandmaster and Liu Erlong’s faces couldn’t help displaying a slight smile.

Liu Erlong kicked over that robust Spirit Master with one foot, “Less nonsense, return to your position. Everyone who stopped right now, start over with your laps. Begin. Whoever causes trouble again, don’t blame me for being blunt.”

That robust Spirit Master even leaned over to run back to his unit, but still couldn’t help turning his head to look at Tang San,

“Brother, what rank is your spirit power now? Was your physical strength trained by Grandmaster?”

Tang San nodded to him, “I cultivated under Grandmaster’s instructions from childhood, right now I’m sixty sixth rank.”

Putong—— The robust Spirit Master’s legs softened, falling to the ground.

“Ho-, how much?” His voice trembled somewhat.

Tang San calmly said: “Sixty sixth rank. I’m twenty one this year. Satisfied? You still haven’t apologized to Teacher.” While speaking, a formidable pressure abruptly radiated from him, instantly spreading over the whole field, giving each training Spirit Master a feeling of being unable to breathe.

These Spirit Masters were for the most part at the fortieth or fiftieth level of spirit power. Capable of making them feel such pressure, only sixtieth rank Spirit Masters and above could manage it. Therefore, even though Tang San didn’t release his spirit rings, these Spirit Masters were already convinced beyond a doubt of what he said.

All the Heaven Dou Empire affiliated Spirit Masters were stupefied. When the robust Spirit Master looked at Grandmaster again, his expression had undergone a heaven and earth revolving change, deferentially bowing deeply to Grandmaster, “I’m sorry. Grandmaster, just now I offended you. I accept my punishment.”

Grandmaster evenly said: “Another ten laps.”

The robust Spirit Master’s body trembled, but he still quickly returned to the squad, running with the other Spirit Masters under Zhao Wuji’s gravity control.

Grandmaster sighed lightly, clapping Tang San’s shoulder, “If all of them were as obedient as you all were back then, Heaven Dou Empire would inevitably be able to compete with Spirit Hall one day.”

“Little San, you said this is Xiao Wu? How is that possible?” Liu Erlong looked doubtfully at Tang San.

Tang San hurriedly moved over to Liu Erlong, pulling back Xiao Wu do his embrace. He discovered that even when Xiao Wu had turned into a rabbit, leaving her for even such a short while, his heart felt a bit restless.

“Teacher, teacher Erlong, let’s find somewhere quiet to talk.”

Seeing Tang San’s darkening expression, Grandmaster and Liu Erlong knew that something had definitely happened.

The couple didn’t say anything else, bringing Tang San into the forest to the side.

“Little San, speak.” Grandmaster nodded to Tang San.

Tang San stroked Xiao Wu in his arms, his with great difficulty calmed heart dashing once again. Grandmaster was his family, seeing Grandmaster, all the defensive walls in his heart collapsed. The rims of his eyes reddening, he said: “Teacher, you might have guessed it at the end of the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament, but Xiao

Wu isn’t human. But rather a hundred thousand year spirit beast. It’s also just because of this that Bibi Dong originally wanted to attack her back then. It was my father who appeared timely and brought us away.”

The pupils of Liu Erlong’s eyes suddenly contracted, “You’re not telling me, that this little rabbit you’re holding really is Xiao Wu.”

Tang San nodded, then immediately recounted in detail the events since leaving the Academy and entering the Star Dou Great Forest.

As he spoke of how Xiao Wu sacrificed herself to save him, he was already sobbing uncontrollably.

“. it’s all my fault, I didn’t protect Xiao Wu.”

Holding Xiao Wu, Tang San knelt on the ground in front of Liu Erlong with a putong sound.

Grandmaster’s body trembled slightly, and Liu Erlong was equally sobbing voicelessly, both hands firmly grasping Tang San’s shoulders, “Spirit Hall, Bibi Dong, I’ll kill you.”

In a violent rage, Liu Erlong turned and walked away.

Tang San hurriedly took a step forward, catching Liu Erlong’s arm,
“Teacher Erlong, don’t be impulsive.”

Liu Erlong fiercely threw off Tang San’s hand, “Impulsive? Why can’t I be impulsive? Tang San, if you’re still a man, follow me to Spirit Hall. Even if I die, I’ll still turn the sky and earth upside down.”

“Enough.” Grandmaster exploded, shouting at the furious Liu Erlong, “What use is doing that? You’ll only sacrifice yourself in vain. It’s already happened, don’t tell me you’ll also bring little San to die with you?”

Staring at Grandmaster, Liu Erlong’s lips trembled. Finally, she threw herself into Grandmaster’s embrace, crying bitterly. Her clan was destroyed, her clansmen massacred, even the goddaughter who was the only one she had entrusted her heart to had been turned into this by Spirit Hall. The grief

and indignation within her heart had already reached a peak. If she didn’t cry, she might directly go insane.

Grandmaster pulled Liu Erlong in tight, looking at the tearful Tang San, “Alright, men, men of character, may bleed but not cry. Spirit Hall owes us a debt. There will be one day when it’s repaid a hundredfold. What happened to Xiao Wu can’t be blamed on you. You couldn’t have done any better. What you will do right now is to increase your strength as quickly as possible, the sooner you reach the Title Douluo Level, the sooner you can help her resurrect. Understand?”

Tang San wiped his tears, heavily nodding to Grandmaster.

Grandmaster said: “First calm down your heart. As for Spirit Hall’s sea of blood and depth of hatred, we’ll take our time to make plans. “ Just as he said this, Grandmaster’s body suddenly went swayed. Liu Erlong in his arms was in close contact, and reacted immediately, hurriedly pulling Grandmaster in close, but discovered his complexion was already pale, he had unexpectedly already passed out.

“Teacher, what’s going on?” Tang San jumped from fright, hurriedly stepping forward and helping Grandmaster lay down on the ground.

Liu Erlong said with teary eyes: “Ever since the clan was destroyed, he’s always made himself work stressfully. Hasn’t given himself a chance to catch his breath. You also brought this bad news about Xiao Wu, and he also relaxed a bit when he saw you. His body is finally unable to hold up, Little San, if you were a few days late, I don’t know what would have happened to him.”

Tang San took out a Dragon Zoysia Leaf from the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse and stuffed it into Grandmaster’s mouth, pressing on Grandmaster’s chest with both hands, slowly massaging.

His spirit power was the Mysterious Heaven Skill, the most orthodox sect inner skill. Under his meticulous control, a gentle inner force twined into Grandmaster’s chest and stomach, urging the Dragon Zoysia Leaf’s medicinal effect to enter his blood, helping him bank up his vitality.

The circumstances of Grandmaster’s body were still pretty good, having eaten that Purple Zoysia Tang San gave him back then. Now with Tang San’s Dragon Zoysia Leaf added to the Mysterious Heaven Skill, in a while of work, he could be heard breathing deeply, slowly waking up.

“Phew——” Slowly opening his eyes, Grandmaster saw Tang San and Liu Erlong’s worried expressions, and strongly roused himself, “I’m alright.”

Tang San sternly said: “Teacher, you can’t go on like this. If your body collapses, then who will lead us against Spirit Hall later? You’re mentally overdrawn, you have to rest more. Don’t say anything. I’ll have you rest properly for a while even if I have to tie you up. Leave training those Spirit Masters to teacher Zhao and teacher Erlong.”

Seeing Tang San and Liu Erlong’s gazes, Grandmaster finally surrendered, irresistible painful tears flowing. Closing his eyes, he nodded silently.

Men’s lives would always be more wearing than women. That men didn’t cry wasn’t because they didn’t hurt, but because men had to be strong. Suppressing everything in their hearts no matter what. Just because of this, men would never live as long as women.

Tang San brought back Grandmaster to his room on his back, guarding at his side while he slept, then left the room. He had a great many things to say to Grandmaster, but now clearly wasn’t the time. He’d wait for Grandmaster’s body to recover.

Seeing that Grandmaster had agreed to rest properly, Liu Erlong also heaved a sigh of relief. She couldn’t bear the tiredness of several days either, and fell asleep next to Grandmaster.

Closing their door, besides their room, Tang San directly went to the dean’s office to find Flender, telling him about what happened to Xiao Wu.

Finished listening to Tang San’s story, even though Flender wasn’t as impulsive as Liu Erlong, he still angry enough to make corpses jump,

calming down after a long time.

“Little San, what are you preparing to do now?” Flender asked.

Tang San said: “First I plan to cultivate a while, and also make some useful hidden weapons.”

Flender nodded, saying: “Right now Rongrong and Ma Hongjun are both cultivating in the Academy. You can stay together. Mubai and Zhuqing returned to the Star Luo Empire. Come find me if you need anything. Right now the Heaven Dou Empire is supporting us with their full strength. Resources are no problem.”

Tang San nodded, saying: “Then I’ll trouble you.”

Flender looked at Xiao Wu in Tang San’s embrace, his eyes brimming with sadness,

“What trouble? You little monsters were all fostered by my hands. I haven’t married in all my life, you’re like my own children. Seeing Xiao Wu like this, I really wish I could go kill my way through Spirit Hall with Liu Erlong. Fine. Don’t talk about it. You’re tired from travelling, go rest first. Rongrong and Ma Hongjun are both staying in that forest cottage you cultivated in. There’s plenty of space, you go there too. Rongrong’s mood hasn’t been good recently either, the casualties of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School directly related disciples were disastrous. Ai, why do you children run into such trouble……”

Three monsters met again, but it was difficult to be happy. Tang San found a place to stay in the forest cottage. After learning about Xiao Wu, it was difficult for Ning Rongrong and ma Hongjun to avoid grief. Everyone’s hatred for Spirit Hall had imperceptibly already reached a peak.


Three days later.

Tang San sat cross legged in his room, Xiao Wu placed next to him. Bizarrely, even turned back into her original form and with her mind lost, even if Tang San didn’t pay attention to her, Xiao Wu still scampered around within a five meter range of him.

Tang San had always cultivated in the past three days, stabilizing the advancements Xiao Wu’s hundred thousand year spirit ring as well as Eight Spider Lances’ evolution brought his body.

Tang San discovered that even though his spirit power rose more than six ranks this time, because it rose so quickly, his foundation was somewhat unsteady. For a very long time hereafter, he had to cultivate in order to stabilize his spirit power. Finally above the sixtieth rank, the speed of of Spirit Masters’ improvement would clearly drop. Even these geniuses were no exception. Tang San also understood that he couldn’t rush, otherwise he’d only reach the opposite result. Therefore, he steadfastly cultivated.

He knew that, compared to his father, he was still considered lucky. At least Xiao Wu still had the hope to resurrect, and could also always stay with him. As long as he wasn’t cultivating, Tang San would carry Xiao Wu outside, breathing in the fresh air, bathing in the sunlight. Telling Xiao Wu about what was on his mind.

His skill circulation perfected, a great heaven circuit closed, his Mysterious Heaven Skill had also stabilized somewhat. With Mysterious Heaven Skill breaking through the sixth tier, that is, after the sixtieth rank spirit power, he could already manifest internal strength externally. In Tang San’s previous world, this was also known as protective big dipper qi. This was also a reason why he had to stabilize his internal strength. Otherwise, the protective big dipper qi would have gaps, and couldn’t be used for comprehensive defense.

Exhaling a white energy left his mouth, revolving around Tang San quivering with a tiny cry just like a dragon. After connecting the eight extraordinary meridians, his Mysterious Heaven Skill had entered another level of cultivation. With the experience from his last world, further adding the instructions of Grandmaster in this life, Tang San clearly understood that cultivation relied mainly on stability.

Expression shifting slightly, Tang San stood up and pulled open the door. Grandmaster quietly stood in the doorway to his room. After these few days of rest, Grandmaster’s expression already seemed a lot better, only the ice chill in his eyes showed no intent of dissipating, on the contrary growing even denser.

“Teacher.” Tang San hurriedly let Grandmaster into the room. He knew that Grandmaster definitely hadn’t come here just now, only he hadn’t knocked in so as not to disturb his cultivation. Even though this was only a tiny detail, it still showed how much concern Grandmaster showed for him.

Grandmaster looked at his beloved disciple, his face displaying a rare smile, “I’m already fine. Little San, first let me see that spirit bone armor you mentioned.” He had worked with researching spirits for more than half his life, even though he fainted, he had still recorded Tang San’s words in his heart, and was extremely mindful about these unusual circumstances.

Tang San naturally knew Grandmaster’s temperament, and also didn’t say anything. Removing his clothes, placing Xiao Wu aside on the bed, he immediately circulated spirit power, releasing his twice evolved Eight Spider Lances.

As the blood red Eight Spider Lances broke out of Tang San’s back, Grandmaster couldn’t help drawing a cold breath. A dense blood reeking aura radiated from those curtailed to three meters long blood red Eight Spider Lances, filling the entire room with a ruthless energy. Even Tang San’s eyes turned blood colored.

Strangely, this time the armor from last time didn’t appear. Tang San only felt a wave of heat on his back, but after the burning feeling covered his back it no longer spread, lacking the protection of his front from last time, and the other three spirit bones didn’t react either.

Tang San somewhat astonished poured his spirit power into the Eight Spider Lances, but the Eight Spider Lances only grew a deeper blood color, without any changes appearing.

“Teacher, last time wasn’t like this.” Tang San spoke somewhat anxiously. He didn’t want Grandmaster to think his words before were unfounded.

Grandmaster’s eyes revealed a somewhat pondering light, “Don’t move.” Finished speaking, he quickly stepped around behind Tang San, carefully observing the Eight Spider Lances.

He naturally couldn’t see his own back, but Grandmaster clearly saw a layer of fiery red plate armor covering his entire back. The design was completely the same as the muscles it covered, like a part of his body, along with the movements of Tang San’s upper body, the armor also shifted with the muscles. This was also why Tang San only felt a hot feeling and nothing else. This armor appearing on his back was unexpectedly completely a part of his body.

Done looking at the armor on his back, Grandmaster also carefully observed the changes in Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances. The Eight Spider Lances were rendered with a layer of cun deep blood colored light, the wicked blood reeking aura extremely strong. When observing carefully, one could even catch some monstrous aura within.

Grandmaster moved around in front of Tang San again, saying:
“Describe what you sensed back then again in detail.”

Tang San nodded, saying: “Back then I only felt the Eight Spider Lances had changed, completely turned blood red, and at the same time, my back was very hot, a scorching feeling passing from my back around to my chest. After that I finally saw the blood colored armor appearing. Just when I thought the Eight Spider Lances had mutated, my three other spirit bones also all changed. The armor that spread linked up. Only each spirit bone was different according to their attributes, and also gave me different feelings. Only when they combined with the Eight Spider Lances armor on my chest, did they also turn to blood red armor. It felt, besides strengthening my defensive power, all my abilities were also released together, and each ability had a certain amplifying effect, and the spirit power consumption also dropped drastically.”

“At the time I felt as if something shattered within me, and also as if something fused together. But each spirit bone gave a different feeling, making me very uncomfortable. Only the increase in strength was certain. At the same time as all my past spirit abilities didn’t decline, the spirit power consumed by the spirit abilities dropped by ten percent. The power also rose ten percent. Under that amplification, my overall strength increase a lot.”

A pleasantly surprised expression was now in Grandmasters eyes, he suddenly clapped his hands, “I understand. It seems my conjecture was right. Even though it’s only an embryonic form, it’s very possible you will obtain that kind of unique ability.”

Tang San looked at Grandmaster without understanding, “Teacher, what ability are you talking about?”

Grandmaster lowered his voice: “I’m talking about a spirit bone fusion ability.”

“Spirit bone fusion ability? Teacher, you’ve never mentioned it to me before.” This was still the first time Tang San heard this word, he only knew about spirit fusion abilities, and had never heard mention of some spirit bone fusion ability.

Grandmaster sighed, saying: “I never mentioned it to you before because I didn’t believe you would have the chance to come into contact with a spirit bone fusion ability in your lifetime. I didn’t expect that with your profound talent, you could actually come into contact with such an eccentric field.”

Tang San couldn’t help asking: “Teacher, just what are spirit bone fusion abilities?”

Grandmaster said: “This is an almost unattainable area, according to what I know, there is currently only one person in the present Spirit Master world that might be able to obtain such an ability. What is called spirit bone fusion abilities, are additional abilities caused after the fusion of spirit bones. Generally speaking, such abilities are all extremely

formidable, their boost to oneself no less than that of two Spirit Masters joining hands to use a spirit fusion ability. Moreover, because it’s produced by the spirit bones themselves, it’s capable of reaching a seventy percent degree of fusion.”

Tang San said: “Then it shouldn’t be some ability caused by two spirit bones. Otherwise you wouldn’t talk about it as being so rare.”

Grandmaster nodded: “Of course it’s not that simple. To have such a spirit bone fusion ability to appear is practically harder than reaching the sky. Spirit fusion abilities only rely on the matching between spirits, but spirit bone fusion abilities rely on the attributes of the spirit bones and still, to a very large degree, luck. The greatest challenge caused by spirit bone fusion abilities is, in order to produce such an ability, you first have to gather a complete set of six spirit bones. Afterwards there’s a one in thousand chance of a spirit bone fusion ability appearing.”

Listening to Grandmaster say this, Tang San thoroughly understood the difficulty of producing this ability, and for a moment he couldn’t help shocked saying: “Then you’re saying the armor that appeared was a spirit bone fusion ability? But, including the Eight Spider Lances, right now I only have four spirit bones!”

Hearing Tang San say this, Grandmaster couldn’t help smiling wryly, “Don’t tell me you’re still not satisfied? Still? Don’t you know that even a Title Douluo level power might not be able to possess one spirit bone, and a kid like you has four, two of them still being from hundred thousand year spirit beasts, it could even be called a profound blessing.”

Tang San smiled mockingly: “It’s possible my luck is comparatively good. You understand, if I could, I wouldn’t want to have those two hundred thousand year spirit bones.”

Compared to spirit bones, his mother and Xiao Wu were more important. If he could choose, Tang San definitely wouldn’t hesitate to have his mother and Xiao Wu alive.

Grandmaster said: “There’s still another extremely harsh condition for spirit bones to appear, that is, the six spirit bones must all come from the same kind of spirit beast. Imagine, spirit bones in themselves are so difficult to find, and moreover to have one kind of spirit beast produce spirit bones for different positions, what are the odds? In the history I know, only Spirit Hall possesses such an inherited set of spirit bones. But I’ve never heard of anyone who could fuse with all six of them. Bibi Dong is regarded as a genius, and also has twin spirits. The one person I mentioned that might possible have a spirit bone fusion ability, is her.”

Hearing Grandmaster mention Bibi Dong, Tang San’s face couldn’t help revealing an intense hatred. It was on the orders of this woman that Xiao Wu became like this. The destruction of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School and the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan were perhaps also inextricably linked to her.

Grandmaster looked deeply at Tang San, “What happened to you is very like the foreshadowing of a spirit bone fusion ability. The reason why it didn’t appear again is because your spirit bones are incomplete, and you yourself furthermore doesn’t have the capability to use this kind of ability.”

Tang San frowned: “But, my spirit bones really aren’t produced by the same kind of spirit beast, how could a spirit bone fusion ability appear?”

Grandmaster said: “This is just what I was coming to next. If I’m not mistaken, the reason why something like this would appear, is because of your Eight Spider Lances. The six spirit bones required for a spirit bone fusion ability are the most orthodox six spirit bones. And the spirit bone fusion ability precursor that appeared for you now is caused by the external spirit bone not counted among the six. In other words, the Eight Spider Lances has become the catalyst to cause such an ability. As an external spirit bone, it will grow and evolve several times along with your strength increasing, especially this time, successively provoked by Xiao Wu’s hundred thousand year spirit ring as well as the energy of a several tens of thousands of year cultivation Man Faced Demon Spider, it made a qualitative leap, and this leap also gave it an ability, like a bridge helping

all your spirit bones connect. However, even I don’t know what degree this ability can reach.”

“You said that when that armor appeared, the different feelings each spirit bone gave you made you feel extremely uncomfortable. This is because your spirit bones really aren’t produced by the same spirit beast. Even though the Eight Spider Lances connected them, in itself it’s still incapable of connecting these spirit bones. It’s impossible in the future as well. After all, even if it evolves again, at most it can only be equal to a hundred thousand year spirit bone. Consequently, whether a true spirit bone fusion ability appears hereafter, depends on the spirit bones you obtain in the future, especially whether the spirit bones can change.”

Having heard Grandmaster’s explanation, Tang San understood the circumstances of his body. Even though what Grandmaster said was only conjecture, Tang San understood very clearly that his Teacher wouldn’t shoot without aim. If even he didn’t know, then there might not be anyone in the Spirit Master world that knew what was going on.

Grandmaster said in a low voice: “Don’t waste any energy into researching this. Researching spirit bone fusion abilities is my matter. What you need to do is continue cultivating assiduously. After all, to you, even though this ability is pretty good, it’s far too vague. The possibility that it can become something you truly can use isn’t large. To you, it’s more crucial to increase your own strength, but cultivation must be stable. The speed of your progress is already fast enough. You have to make your foundation even firmer to continue charging ahead.”

Chapter 166

“Yes.” Tang San held the same view as Grandmaster, and hurriedly agreed.
Withdrawing the Eight Spider Lances, Tang San put his jacket back on. Grandmaster sighed, “Little San, don’t feel too sad about Xiao Wu.
Since there’s a possibility she can resurrect, we’ll always have a chance. Having returned, what are you planning to do?”

Tang San pondered, and said: “Teacher, at present it seems that Spirit Hall is perhaps mainly conspiring to rule the Continent, increasing the authority of their word one step further. Erasing everything that might influence their voice. Whether you or me, it’s impossible to turn everything around by relying only on our own strength. You’ve chosen to adhere to Heaven Dou Empire. But I don’t want to do that.”

“Eh? Then what are you thinking?” This time Grandmaster had come in order to have a proper chat with Tang San. He originally planned to ask Tang San support the Heaven Dou Empire like him. After all, the influence of a great empire was formidable enough. As long as it was used appropriately, it would be a shortcut to contending against Spirit Hall.

Tang San’s brows wrinkled slightly, saying: “Teacher, drawing on Heaven Dou Empire’s strength is admittedly a feasible method. But I believe that the inside circumstances of the imperial family are too complex, I don’t have the time or the desire to get involved in such

complex struggles. That would influence my cultivation and future path too much. Before coming to the Academy, I met senior Dugu Bo. His words gave me a very deep impression. You be careful too……”

Immediately, Tang San gave Grandmaster a detailed account of what Dugu Bo told him.

“...... senior Dugu Bo also might not know the full story. I don’t believe that Xue Beng would be better than Xue Qinghe. The relationships within are too complex. I fear we’ll toil for a long time, and finally not even reach our goal, but instead get implicated. Rather than this, I’d be better off developing my own strength. Perhaps I won’t be able to deal with Spirit Hall in one or two days, but it’s still very easy to find Spirit Hall some trouble.”

Hearing Tang San speak, Grandmaster’s face had already fallen. These days, he was also always soaked in hatred, and his choice to walk closer together with the Heaven Dou Empire practically hadn’t passed mature reflection. After now hearing his disciple say this, he also gradually came to himself.

“Like this it seems that this Xue Qinghe is rather complex. Not just us, perhaps even school master Ning is also in the dark. Only, where did you say he got that mixed poison from? Don’t tell me there’s a poison Spirit Master more difficult to deal with than the Poison Douluo?”

Tang San shook his head, saying: “I don’t know either. But if I were to guess, there might still be Spirit Masters with more powerful poisons than Poison Douluo, but such an outstanding Spirit Master wouldn’t appear on the Continent. If it’s in Xue Qinghe’s service, that can only prove one thing, that there’s inevitably a formidable power backing this Spirit Master. Judging by senior Dugu’s diagnosis of emperor Xue Ye, it’s impossible for this backing power to be the Heaven Dou Empire itself. Then, that only leaves outsiders.”

Grandmaster’s expression changed, “You’re thinking, it might be Star Luo Empire?”

Tang San shook his head,

“No. I most fear that the power behind it is Spirit Hall.”

The atmosphere in the room abruptly turned silent, Grandmaster and Tang San both sank into a brief reflection. Having heard Tang San’s simple analysis, Grandmaster’s heart suddenly felt very heavy. If it was really as Tang San said, then, what was the meaning in him training these Spirit Masters these days?

“Teacher, I’m thinking like this. I’m preparing to establish a sect. But I want to slowly develop it while relying on one faction. Like this, I’ll have enough time to adjust to changes, and the strength I possess will also be considered my own. No matter how to deal with Spirit Hall later, with a sect to rely on, it can be poured into attack, or guard a retreat. It’ll be a lot more relaxed.”

Grandmaster said: “You’re thinking of having me help you?”

Tang San shook his head, saying: “At present emperor Xue Ye trusts you a lot, you can’t leave. Even if the Heaven Dou imperial family’s inside circumstances are tangled and complex, we can’t completely give up on them. If it stabilizes, I think a battle between Spirit Hall and Heaven Dou Empire is unavoidable. They’re using you to train their Spirit Masters, why can’t we use them to deal with Spirit Hall?”

The corners of Grandmaster’s eyes suddenly revealed a gratified light,

“Little San, you really have grown up. It seems you no longer need your teacher’s directions in very many matters. You can do very well on your own. Explain your plans in detail. If it can help you, your teacher definitely won’t spare his strength.”

Tang San smiled slightly. In these days he’d gone over the plan in his mind again, and already had a rough idea.

Compressing sound to a string, Tang San began to relate his plans in detail to Grandmaster. The master and disciple stayed in the room for a full

four hours. When Grandmaster left Tang San’s room, the chill in his eyes had already weakened a lot, and besides gratification, the smile on his rigid face didn’t disappear even when he left.

Having consulted with his teacher, Tang San’s plans had become even more complete. Seeing off Grandmaster, he directly went into the courtyard, spreading his spiritual force, exploring Ning Rongrong and Ma Hongjun’s cultivation rooms.

Ma Hongjun seemed to have just finished cultivating. Tang San’s spiritual fluctuations condensed, touching his spiritual force, calling him out. But Ning Rongrong was still cultivating. In these past days, the blow she had suffered wasn’t small. Her heart always longed for Oscar, and with the major events of her sects, she had stayed here in the Academy largely to relieve her boredom, keeping herself from thinking about the matters on the sect’s side.

Originally, as the sect’s successor, she shouldn’t run away like this. However, right now even the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s sect was destroyed. Ning Fengzhi, in extreme fury, was even a bit downhearted. He had a daughter like Rongrong, naturally he didn’t want her to be sad because of her clansmen. Therefore, he also had her stay cultivating in Shrek Academy.

“Third brother, what did you call me for?” Fatty stretched his body forcefully, his little eyes crammed in by the fat on his face until they almost couldn’t be seen, but occasionally they would still display a radiant light.

Ma Hongjun could be said to be the most simple minded of the Shrek Seven Devils, but he was also the happiest one. The carefree feeling left him without doubts.

There was no skirting the issue between brothers. Tang San looked at Ma Hongjun, saying: “Fatty, I want to found a sect, I hope you can help me.”

Ma Hongjun stared blankly, “Found a sect? Third brother, you’re not joking?”

Light flashed in Tang San’s eyes, “Isn’t Spirit Hall hosting the seven great sect martial competition in one year? Then we’ll properly stir up trouble.”

Fatty grinned, “Stir it up, I like it. Maybe, in that seven great sects contest, my martial prowess can attract some unaware girls to throw themselves at me.”

Tang San snapped: “Does your brain have anything other than women?”

Fatty smiled wryly: “I don’t know either! But as a child I was influenced by that evil fire, I got accustomed to the smell of women. If I go a few days without touching women now, my heart will itch. You six are all in couples, only I’m alone. If I didn’t find some fun, wouldn’t that bore me to death.”

Hearing Fatty mention couples, Tang San’s expression immediately darkened somewhat, looking at Xiao Wu in his embrace without speaking.

Ma Hongjun naturally saw Tang San’s dark mood, and hurriedly said: “Look at me opening my mouth, saying what shouldn’t be said. Third brother, don’t mind me. What sect do you want to make? I’ll definitely help you. As my brother, is there a need to ask me for help? First tell me the name of the sect, I’ll help you plan, we have to think of a flashy name.”

The light in Tang San’s eyes rose sharply, “I’ve already decided on the sect’s name. It’s called: Tang Sect.”

“Tang Sect? Why does that sound a bit strange?” Ma Hongjun looked puzzled at Tang San.

Tang San drew a deep breath. ‘Tang Sect, my home of almost thirty years, I can only use this way to cherish you.’

After coming to this world, even when he was very young, Tang San had dreamed of being able to establish the Tang Sect. To develop and carry

forward the Tang Sect on this Douluo Continent. Right now, he had begun to achieve this wish, but it was impossible to make it as simple as in his childhood dreams.

Ma Hongjun said: “Third brother, aren’t you with the Clear Sky School? If you found a sect on your own, wouldn’t that be a complaint to your Clear Sky School?”

Tang San smiled calmly, “The Clear Sky School is already sealed, even if I’ve already recognized my ancestors and clan, the Tang Sect doesn’t conflict with the Clear Sky School. They can hereafter have a mutually beneficial relationship. As for what comes later, it will depend on what our Tang Sect can grow into.”

Ma Hongjun laughed out loud, saying: “Third brother. Now I discover that you really are an idealist. Anyway, I’ll follow you to do it. Right now the Tang Sect only has the two of us, you’re the sect master, then I’m the vice sect master, right?”

Tang San laughed despite himself: “The sect still hasn’t been founded, but you’re actually thinking about positions. I’ve already thought of the way the sect will be established. I’ve begun to arrange matters in the past few days. You want to be the vice sect master, then you’re the vice sect master. I’ll go out first, I’ve got something to do. If Rongrong wakes up from cultivating, have her wait for me, I have something to talk to her about.”

Before Ma Hongjun could reply, Ning Rongrong’s voice already spread from the room, “Third brother, if there’s something to say, say it now. I’m done cultivating.”

Opening the door, Ning Rongrong walked out from the room. The previously always lively and vivacious her was no somewhat steady, her charming face even somewhat changed.

Looking at Xiao Wu in Tang San’s arms with a soft gaze, Ning Rongrong as far as possible kept her somber mood from infecting Tang San.

Tang San said: “Rongrong, what are the circumstances of your Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School right now?”

Ning Rongrong sighed, saying: “What could it be like? When we just came to Heaven Dou City, we first stayed at the Academy for a while. Then dad brought the clansmen to the imperial palace at the invitation of emperor Xue Ye. Emperor Xue Ye specially opened up an area within the palace grounds for us.”

Tang San said: “I’d like to see uncle Ning face to face, but not in the Heaven Dou palace, the people there are talkative. I have things to discuss with uncle. Rongrong, can you ask uncle Ning to make a trip here?”

In terms of status, it should naturally be Tang San visiting, but Ning Rongrong saw from Tang San’s serious expression that her third brother definitely wanted to talk to her father about something important. She immediately nodded without the slightest hesitation: “Alright, I’ll go find father. How about tonight, is that alright?”

Tang San smiled:

“No problem. Then I’ll trouble you. Only, besides uncle Ning, don’t let anyone know I’ve returned. Especially those Heaven Dou imperial family people. Tell uncle Ning what I said before, he’ll understand my difficulties.”

Ning Rongrong smiled widely, “What trouble. Do we still need to talk like that? Don’t worry, dad will definitely want to see you. Without meeting for five years, if I didn’t say anything, he definitely wouldn’t recognize you.”

Ma Hongjun to the side couldn’t help laughing: “Your description is too vague, if other people heard it, they’d think you had some special relationship.”

Ning Rongrong shot him a glare, saying: “Damn Fatty, don’t talk drivel in front of Xiao Wu. I’m leaving.”

Tang San said: “We’ll go together. I also want to go out a while.” His desire to establish the Tang Sect wasn’t a sudden thought, but had rather passed mature reflection. One sect, could never be just him and Ma Hongjun.

Leaving the Shrek Academy, Ning Rongrong said goodbye to Tang San with a smile, then left towards the imperial palace.

Just when Tang San prepared to leave for his own destination, suddenly, his spiritual sense pulsed once, a feeling of being spied on sharply raising his alertness.

Even if he wasn’t using the Blue Silver Domain, along with the growth of his spiritual force, even when Tang San didn’t control it in detail, there would still be a spiritual force field in his surroundings. This range wasn’t large, but if there were spiritual pulses clearly directed at him, he could sense them immediately.

This was the gate of the Shrek Academy, Tang San naturally didn’t fear anything. His gaze freezing, an ice cold murderous spirit suddenly spread from him, thrusting in the direction of that spy.

Turning a corner, a completely grey clothed figure walked out. This person expressed an unfathomable aura, without using his Deathgod Domain, Tang San was astonished to discover that he unexpectedly couldn’t target this person.

This person’s aura gave him an impression somewhat like a spirit douluo. Even though it was far from the strength of a Spirit Douluo, his energy fluctuations made Tang San’s heart shiver, the corners of his eyes immediately flourishing with killing intent.

The experts Ghost Douluo and Chrysanthemum douluo brought to hunt Xiao Wu were all one of the enemies Tang San had to kill, and now finding someone with an aura somewhat similar to Spirit Douluo spying on him immediately ignited the flames of vengeance within Tang San’s heart.

The grey clothed person wasn’t only wearing grey, on his head was also a conical bamboo hat, from which hung a chi long cloth, concealing the face.

“Who are you?” Tang San asked coldly.

An equally cold killing intent spread out from the counterpart, ice cold, reeking of blood, even if it wasn’t as strong as Tang San’s Deathgod Domain, Tang San could still judge just from the counterparts killing intent that this person in front of him definitely wasn’t a common scholarly Spirit Master, but rather someone who had passed a true baptism of blood. Moreover, the counterpart was clearly filled with hostility towards him.

Someone sent by Spirit Hall? This was Tang San’s first thought. Raising his foot, walking towards the counterpart step by step. With each step, the pressure he radiated grew a bit stronger. He still didn’t want to easily use his spirit, after all, that red hundred thousand year spirit ring really was too conspicuous.

In order to avoid unnecessary crisis befalling Xiao Wu, Tang San placed her into his Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse. His killing aura rose once again. If he confirmed the opponent was from Spirit Hall, he definitely wouldn’t hold back.

The grey clothed person’s both hands were suddenly behind his back, a slight sonorous sound echoing from behind.

Hearing this voice, Tang San couldn’t help staring blankly, because this voice was extremely familiar. His mind twitching, his steps halted. Watching the counterpart closely, he asked once again: “Who are you?”

The grey clothed person didn’t cower back in the slightest in front of the pressure Tang San released, nor did any clear mood fluctuations appear, this proved that his spirit power level wasn’t much lower than Tang San’s.

Seeing him stretch one hand under his veil, Tang San with Purple Demon Eye managed to just see something silvery flash in the counterpart’s palm.

“Just who are you? Why are you together with Ning Rongrong?” A somewhat hoarse voice echoed from under the veil.

Hearing this voice, Tang San immediately felt somewhat familiar, the killing intent in his mind dropping somewhat, “What relationship I have with Rongrong, how is it related to you?”

“Rongrong? An intimate appellation!” The grey clothed person’s voice abruptly turned menacing, that hand behind him suddenly throwing out, amidst resounding noise, a series of broken shadows shot straight for Tang San.

As early as when the slight sounds appeared before, Tang San was already prepared. Left hand waving slightly, more than ten tiny flashes shot like lightning from his fingertips.

A series of ear piercing colliding sounds accompanied a series of sparks in the air. Even though the sixteen flying needles Tang San launched couldn’t knock away the opponent’s attack, it was still enough to make them change trajectory, shooting off in all directions. In using hidden weapons, perhaps no one in the Douluo Continent could compare to him.

Just at the same time, blue light rushed out, Tang San finally couldn’t help moving. Blue Silver Emperor agitatedly came out, countless Blue Silver Emperors discharging from his body with countless red and golden colored lights, swiftly moving at the opponent.

With Tang San’s strength and battle methods, he originally wouldn’t use a method like this to attack the opponent, but the opponent launching an attack on him made him change his mind, but a lot of his killing intent had already disappeared.

The location of the Shrek Academy wasn’t any flourishing district, and right now it was morning, there were no people on the road, only the students on duty at the Shrek Academy gate saw this scene.

Two yellow, one purple, two black, one red, six spirit rings calmly appeared around Tang San. Especially that last strangely blood red ring of

light almost made people choke. With the appearance of the six spirit rings, the pressure Tang San emitted was immediately entirely different.

That grey clothed person’s aura clearly slowed, two yellow, two purple, two black, equally six spirit rings appeared around him. A lump of silvery light exploded from his head, and with a shake, unexpectedly transformed into an exactly identical figure.

Doppelgänger? Tang San was inwardly alarmed, the Blue Silver Emperor he released immediately spreading all around, a blue light halo releasing from him, Blue Silver Domain already fully in use.

Under the effect of the Blue Silver Domain, the ends of all the Blue Silver Emperors stood upright, swiftly enveloping that grey clothed man within their range like a Blue Silver Emperor forest.

“From where did you get your Godly Zhuge Crossbow?” “Why do you have the Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges?”
The two spoke up practically simultaneously. Only Tang San’s voice was filled with astonishment, but the counterpart’s voice held more killing intent.

Glancing at the opponent’s hands, those were two already swollen large hands, fluctuations of tyrannical force radiating from within.

Tang San couldn’t help scratching his head somewhat. He had only given Godly Zhuge Crossbows to the Shrek Seven Devils and the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School people. Judging by the fluctuations of power from the opponent, he wasn’t like that person in his memories, could it be a Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School person? That still didn’t necessitate such great hostility because Ning Rongrong was together with him.

Tang San flicked his wrist, his own Godly Zhuge Crossbow falling into his hand, “Whether the Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges or the Godly Zhuge Crossbow, these are all my things. Why couldn’t I have them?”

The grey clothed person’s mood clearly grew agitated, “Farts, those are little San’s.”

Light flashed in Tang San’s eyes, saying with shock: “Oscar, is it really you?”

Hearing Tang San call his name, Oscar clearly looked distracted, his voice somewhat strange: “You, you recognize me?”

Tang San swiftly withdrew his spirit, angrily saying: “Bullshit, you attacked me with the Godly Zhuge Crossbow I made, you also say the Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges is mine, playing around with being so mysterious, who else could it be. You really have returned alive.”

Oscar also stared blankly. This youth in front of him, whether in appearance or temperament, didn’t have the slightest resemblance to the previous Tang San, but the excitement no displayed in his eyes really wasn’t fake. Returning from experiencing the bitter cold of the north for five years, he had matured a lot compared to before. Not easily daring to believe it was Tang San, he swiftly retreated two steps, saying in a low voice: “Don’t come over.”

Tang San halted, snapping: “Little Ao, you still don’t believe me? Let’s go, follow me to see Teacher. With Teacher as proof, you’ll believe it. Since you’ve returned, what are you doing like an evil spirit like this? Do you know how much Rongrong has missed you?”

“I……” Oscar hesitated somewhat, “You really are Tang San?”

Tang San stared speechlessly at him, “Let’s go, we’ll find somewhere to talk. I’ll explain it for you.” Finished speaking, he was going to walk into the Academy.

“Hold on, I can’t go to the Academy. We’ll find someplace outside to chat.” Oscar hastily blocked Tang San. While speaking, he withdrew his doppelgänger, both hands also recovered to normal. Even if he couldn’t believe this youth in front of him was Tang San, judging by how Tang San came out from the Shrek Academy, and still that excited expression just

now, it still made the hostility in his heart gradually fade. Of course, his guard still didn’t relax.

Tang San stared blankly, but didn’t ask further, “Then let’s go.”

Leading the way, Tang San brought Oscar to the tea house closest to the Academy. He originally had something to do, but compared to Oscar’s return, the importance of that was far less. Whether his voice or all kinds of signs, all made clear that this grey clothed person was Oscar, but Tang San vaguely felt that something was amiss with the present Oscar, but as for what the concrete issue was, he didn’t understand either.

When the two were seated in a private room, Tang San said to Oscar: “Take off your hat. You’re a grown man, don’t tell me you’re still shy?” He also wanted to first make sure that this person in front of him was Oscar, otherwise how could he speak of his experiences?

Oscar was vigilant towards Tang San, and Tang San was also equally vigilant towards him. Visible in how Tang San didn’t take out Xiao Wu.

“First let me see your Clear Sky Hammer. In addition, tell me what you once gave me to eat.“ Oscar said in a low voice.

Tang San raised his left hand without the slightest hesitation, the Clear Sky Hammer quietly appearing in his grasp. Under his meticulous control, it didn’t distribute any of its overbearing aura. At the same time, he said to Oscar: “Back then I fed you a Six Petal Immortal Orchid, by now it should be more or less absorbed. Actually, how many people our age can reach six spirit rings? Little Ao, you know, everyone’s missed you very much, for you, Rongrong has suffered a lot these years.”

“Little San, it’s really you?” When the four words ‘Six Petal Immortal Orchid’ appeared from Tang San’s mouth, Oscar already believed. This secret was only known by them Shrek Seven Devils and Grandmaster.

Raising his right hand, Oscar took off his bamboo hat.

Oscar appeared before Tang San. The full beard across his face almost hid his appearance. His hair was also disheveled. The only facial features of his that could be clearly seen might have been his slightly changed peach blossom eyes. At the side of his left eye, a scar stretched from the corner of his eye all the way down into his beard.

Their eyes met, agitated and excited moods visible. Getting up almost simultaneously, they have each other a forceful bear hug.

Tang San raised his hand to pound Oscar’s chest, “Since you’ve returned, why didn’t you enter the Academy? You should know about what’s happened to the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School. Your hostility towards me was because you saw me walking together with Rongrong, jealous?”

Oscar didn’t conceal it, nodding silently, raising his hand to point at the scar on his face, “I look like this, how can I still see Rongrong. I’m already satisfied with being able to see her from the dark.”

“You won’t go see Rongrong because of that scar?” Tang San’s intonation rose somewhat.

Oscar didn’t reply, once again sitting back in his seat.

“Oscar. You bastard. Who do you take Rongrong for? Do you know how she’s missed you? Do you think Rongrong would dislike you because of your face?” Grabbing Oscar’s collar, Tang San forcefully pulled him up.

Oscar didn’t quite dare look straight at Tang San’s gaze, sadly saying: “Little San, you don’t understand, Rongrong is even more beautiful than five years ago, I’m not suited for her. Looking like this, how would you have me go find her?”

Slowly releasing his grip on Oscar’s collar, pushing him back in his seat, Tang San slowly walked back to his seat and sat down. He understood that Oscar always felt a bit inferior to Rongrong. Oscar came from a common family, and Ning Rongrong was the direct successor of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, their statuses could be said to be poles apart. Moreover,

Oscar was still a food system Spirit Master. It was difficult to avoid feelings of inferiority. Otherwise Oscar wouldn’t have chosen to leave back then, going out to learn on his own.

Tang San’s sudden calm left Oscar somewhat uncomfortable. Looking at him sitting in front of him, Oscar wanted to say something, but still didn’t speak up.

He had already returned several days ago. First he had gone to the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, and as a result found that place deserted. When asking about he had learned of what happened to the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School. At that time Oscar’s heart had been extremely anxious, fearing that Ning Rongrong had been harmed, after asking around more, he had chased her to Heaven Dou City. Near Shrek Academy he had heard Ning Rongrong was alright, and always waited for her at the Academy gate.

Today his wait finally came to an end. When he saw Ning Rongrong again, his heart seemed to leap out of his throat, but, very quickly that excited mood turned into pain. Watching Ning Rongrong leave the Academy together with an extremely handsome youth, again thinking of the scar on his face, he felt as if strangled with distress. Naturally an intense hostility had risen towards Tang San. Now he knew his misunderstanding, but he still didn’t have the courage to go see Ning Rongrong.

In five years, Tang San had become handsome, but he had become disfigured. How could he confront the woman he loved with these feelings of inferiority?

Sitting on the other side, Tang San took out Xiao Wu from the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse. On leaving the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse, that crystalline white furred little rabbit immediately rubbed against Tang San’s injuries.

Softly touching Xiao Wu’s long ears, Tang San held her in his arms, faintly saying: “At least you can still silently watch your lover from a distance, but, my Xiao Wu doesn’t even have a human form anymore. You might be feeling emotional, but, even if I were even sadder, right now I still can’t see my Xiao Wu again.”

Tang San’s gaze was very calm, but from his words, Oscar could could clearly sense that profound sadness.

“Little San, what do you mean?” Oscar looked frightened at the white rabbit in Tang San’s embrace.

Tang San raised his head, looking straight at his peach blossom eyes,
“I’m telling you, it’s Xiao Wu. My Xiao Wu.”

Oscar was dumbfounded, “This, what’s going on?”

Tang San’s faced displayed a trace of bitterness,

“What use is being handsome? If I could choose, I’d rather be hideous than to let Xiao Wu suffer any harm. But now, even if I paid everything, it’s still impossible for her to be alive. That day, after me and Xiao Wu were saved by father, ……”

Oscar quietly listened to Tang San’s account of these few years, Tang San spoke of his crippled father, his dead mother, and still Xiao Wu sacrificing herself to save him. All of this, everything in Tang San’s calm narration, touched Oscar’s heart.

Oscar had originally believed he had suffered in these few years, but compared to Tang San in front of him, he suddenly felt that the hardships he had endured didn’t count for anything.

Just as Tang San said, no matter how it was put, right now Ning Rongrong was at least alive and could be seen. But Xiao Wu was only a soulless rabbit.

“...... and now you know where my hundred thousand year spirit ring came from. If I had the choice, I’d only want my Xiao Wu. That said, I only want to tell you one thing, treasure the people before you. If you really lose them one day, there won’t be enough time for regret.”

Oscar’s peach blossom eyes had long ago reddened, “Little San, I’m sorry. I didn’t know, you and Xiao Wu actually……”

Tang San waved his hand, interrupting Oscar, “Don’t apologize to me. You should go talk to Rongrong. Yes, perhaps you didn’t have the power to protect her before. But she still wished even more for you to be at her side. Now is Rongrong’s weakest time, since you’ve already returned, if you still don’t protect her, then, you really might lose her forever, understand?”

“I understand. Little San, it’s my wrong. Let’s go, I’ll follow you back right now. No matter what comes after, whether school master Ning agrees to let Rongrong be together with me, I won’t leave her again. Even if I can only guard at her side, my heart will still be content.”

Speaking, Oscar shot to his feet, the light in his peach blossom eyes no longer slack.

Tang San’s face revealed a trace of a gratified smile. Softly caressing Xiao Wu’s fur, in his heart thinking, ‘Xiao Wu, you see? Rongrong and little Ao can be together, be happy for them with me. We’ll always be together. No matter what price must be paid. I guarantee it.’

Without realizing it before, Oscar’s heart had always been tormented by pain. Now coming to a realization, he was impatient to see Rongrong, grabbing the bamboo hat from the table and walking outside.

Chapter 167

The two left the tea house. Oscar was back, and Tang San wasn’t in the mood to go deal with his business, so he might as well go back to the Academy with him. He didn’t want there to be any accidents with Oscar and Ning Rongrong’s reunion, especially when Ning Rongrong very possibly might bring Ning Fengzhi.

Leaving the tea house, Oscar wore his bamboo hat again. Tang San knew that he was still very mindful of his ruined appearance. Without saying anything further, the two very quickly returned to Shrek Academy. Just when they prepared to enter the Academy, Oscar went dumbfounded, his steps halting, looking motionless in one direction.

“Third brother, I’m back. I moved quickly.” Ning Rongrong was pulling Ning Fengzhi’s hand, also walking in the direction of the Academy. Bone Douluo followed quietly behind them. Even in this Heaven Dou City, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School still didn’t dare relax the guard on the sect master a bit.

Five years had passed, and Tang San discovered that Ning Fengzhi had aged, the hair at his temples already grizzled, the space between his eyebrows also having lost its previous light, only his manner was even more solemn, his aura reserved. The smile always on his face had turned apathetic.

Seeing Tang San, Ning Fengzhi also stared blankly a moment. Even though Ning Rongrong had already told him Tang San’s appearance had

changed very much, he still hadn’t expected Tang San’s changes in appearance and temperament to be so large. Just as Ning Rongrong said before, if the two ran into each other, he definitely wouldn’t have recognized Tang San.

Very quickly, both sides came together. Ning Fengzhi looked Tang San up and down, smiling: “Truly difficult to believe! Changes in the spirit would thoroughly alter a person. Little San, you’ve shown me another miracle.”

Tang San bowed in salute, “Hello, uncle Ning. Long time no see.” Oscar next to him also saluted, but didn’t speak up.

Ning Fengzhi’s gaze fell on Oscar, “Who is this?” With outsiders present, he naturally wouldn’t say much to Tang San.

Tang San raised his hand and clapped Oscar’s shoulder, but didn’t say anything. Some things he had to confront on his own.

Tang San clearly felt Oscar’s body being somewhat rigid under his palm, and secretly sighed, but he still fiercely pushed down the thought to mediate, only silently waiting for him to react.

Heart struggling, Oscar finally drummed up his courage, strenuously raising his hand, grabbing his bamboo hat and slowly pulling it down.

When Tang San clapped Oscar’s shoulder, Ning Rongrong’s expression had already become somewhat strange. For some reason, the beating of her heart suddenly accelerated. Unblinking looking at that gradually descending bamboo hat.

As the bamboo hat was finally unable to hide his appearance, Ning Rongrong’s expression turned deathly pale, her whole body completely frozen. The rims of her eyes instantly reddening, a watery mist filled her eyes.

Oscar’s eyes were equally red, with some difficulty speaking up in that hoarse voice, “Sect master Ning, Rongrong, I’m back.”

“Waaah——” Ning Rongrong burst into tears, fiercely throwing herself at Oscar, both hands forcefully pounding his chest. But not a single word came out.

Looking at the unmasked Oscar, Ning Fengzhi was unable to hide his shock, especially as he saw that long scar on Oscar’s face, he couldn’t keep from displaying a deep ruefulness. Just like Tang San not saying a word, only silently standing there looking at these lovers who hadn’t met for five years.

Oscar let Ning Rongrong beat his chest, without doing anything, only letting the tears flowing from the corners of his eyes wetting the full beard across his face.

The sound of Ning Rongrong’s weeping didn’t reduce a bit, but she seemed to have tired of beating, suddenly opening her arms, tightly holding onto Oscar’s waist, letting her soft body fit closely to his, as if she wanted to blend into him.

The flames of his heart overflowing, at this moment, Oscar wasn’t able to care about anything in the surroundings either, tightly pulling Ning Rongrong to his chest. Holding his lover with his whole body trembling. As if embracing heaven and earth. At this moment, whether in his eyes or his heart, there wasn’t the shadow of anyone else.

“Sect master.” Gu Rong stood quietly at ning Fengzhi’s side, a somewhat beseeching light in his eyes.

Ning Fengzhi sighed lightly, and nodded to him.

With the eye of a bystander, Tang San naturally saw this, and his face couldn’t help smiling somewhat. Lowering his head, he kissed the forehead of the little rabbit in his arms.

Ning Fengzhi said to Tang San: “They haven’t seen each other for so long, they definitely have a lot to speak of. Little San, bring me to have a seat. Didn’t you have something to say to me?”

Tang San nodded, and leading the way, he brought Ning Fengzhi and Bone Douluo into Shrek Academy. Oscar and Ning Rongrong weren’t the slightest bit aware of their departure. They were already completely immersed in the joy and excitement of meeting again.

Walking on the small road into the Shrek Academy, Ning Fengzhi said: “Little San, I heard about your matters from Rongrong, sorrowful. I believe you can definitely resurrect Xiao Wu.”

Tang San nodded, “Thank you, uncle Ning. I’ll definitely do all I can.”

Ning Fengzhi suddenly asked: “Little San, what do you think of Oscar and Rongrong’s matters?”

Tang San pondered, then replied to Ning Fengzhi most succinctly, “I believe Oscar will guard Rongrong with his life.”

Ning Fengzhi sighed lightly, “I understand. Each of you Shrek Seven Devils is a heaven warping genius.”

Tang San smiled: “Thank you for your praise. Uncle Ning, this time I had Rongrong invite you because I have an important matter I would like to consult with you on. I only want your Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School to know about this, without making it known to the Heaven Dou Empire. Is it possible?”

If it was a common young Spirit Master, Ning Fengzhi might not even pay any attention to him. Even if the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School was destroyed, no matter how it was said he was still once the sect master of one of the three upper sects. Tang San’s words were equivalent to making conditions.

Regarding Tang San, Ning Fengzhi of course wouldn’t brush his sleeves and leave. On the contrary, he attached extreme importance to Tang San’s words. Because, even without considering the Clear Sky School behind Tang San, only Tang San himself, still had enough capital for him to be important.

Guiding the Shrek Seven Devils against outstanding heroes, taking the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament championship, creating so many outstandingly elaborate hidden weapons. If not for Tang San’s hidden weapons, maybe the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School would have left the stage like the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan. Even though Ning Fengzhi didn’t say it out loud, he had always recorded this debt in his heart.

Ning Fengzhi said sternly just as if confronting a collaborative partner of equal status: “Even if I don’t know why you have to keep the Heaven Dou Empire outside, I can promise you. At the same time I also look forward to collaborating with you. If you have something to say, just speak.”

A faint blue light spread from Tang San’s eyes. The range the blue light covered wasn’t large, only him, Ning Fengzhi and the Bone Douluo were enveloped. This faint light couldn’t be discovered without observing carefully, and moved along with the three of them.

“Domain?” Ning Fengzhi and Gu Rong were simultaneously gobsmacked. Even though their spirit research wasn’t as profound as Grandmaster’s, they still clearly recognized this energy radiating from Tang San. That was a special power that might appear on Title Douluo! Among the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s two Title Douluo, even Bone Douluo didn’t have a domain, only the seriously injured Sword Douluo did. In the battle that day, it was Sword Douluo with the assistance of Ning Fengzhi who greatly expended the power of his soul, fighting off the opponents, then pulling strongly against the crazy tide until he collapsed, saving the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School from destruction.

Now, sensing the aura of a domain from Tang San, how couldn’t it shock these two Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School seniors?

Tang San didn’t hide it either, “This is the ability that appeared after my Blue Silver Grass’ second awakening to Blue Silver Emperor. I’m using it to isolate sound, outsiders won’t hear our conversation.”

Ning Fengzhi somewhat gasping in surprise said: “Little San, each time I see you, you’ll give me some massive shock. It seems this time is no


Tang San smiled slightly, saying: “If nothing unexpected happens, this is still only the beginning.” Releasing the Blue Silver Domain wasn’t only in order to block their voices, he was also imperceptibly revealing his own strength to Ning Fengzhi, because the cooperation he wanted with Ning Fengzhi was really a discussion of equal parties. He had to fight for an even more advantageous position for himself.

Truthfully, Tang San didn’t want to collaborate with anyone to found the Tang Sect, however, from a realistic point of view, that was impossible. He was a barely twenty years old young Spirit Master, his clan sealed away. If he didn’t have the backing of any strength, only relying on his own meager savings, he couldn’t do anything. Therefore he had to draw support from outside. Of course, Tang San’s choices could naturally all be trusted unconditionally. Otherwise he also wouldn’t have Ning Rongrong go find Ning Fengzhi to avoid the Heaven Dou imperial family from learning about it.

Ning Fengzhi engrossed said: “Let me hear it, I believe you can definitely leave me pleasantly surprised.”

Tang San smiled faintly, then started to give an account of his plans while making use of the Blue Silver Domain’s sound cancellation.

When he just started, Ning Fengzhi still listened with a smile. Gradually, Ning Fengzhi’s expression grew serious, nodding repeatedly at Tang San’s words, from time to time raising some questions, which Tang San answered one by one.

To the side, Bone Douluo’s face was alarmed as he listened to their conversation, his gaze at Tang San turning monstrous.

Tang San didn’t stop walking as he talked, returning to their residence, he also called out Ma Hongjun, discussing with Ning Fengzhi and Gu Rong behind closed doors.


The sound of weeping came to a rest, Ning Rongrong leaned against Oscar’s chest slightly panting.

Without meeting for five years, Oscar’s body wasn’t as young and immature, already twenty two, he seemed fairly mature with that full beard across his face. Sensing that aura specific to an adult man, Ning Rongrong closed her eyes, tightly pulling on his waist, as if afraid everything was just a dream and, as long as she opened her eyes, she would wake from it.

Oscar also held Ning Rongrong, neither of the couple willing to say a word, just quietly holding each other, sensing each other’s hearts beat.

Five years, after a whole five years, the lovers finally reunited, no matter what taboo Oscar held in his heart before, at this moment were thrown to the back of his head. He would rather hold Ning Rongrong like this forever than let go again.

They didn’t know how much time passed in this kind of atmosphere, until Ning Rongrong softly moved because her body was somewhat stiff, making their connected hearts tremble simultaneously.

“Rongrong.” Gently caressing that soft long hair, Oscar softly called out.

“En.” Ning Rongrong quietly answered. Gradually raising her head, looking at Oscar’s peach blossom eyes filled with tender light, she couldn’t keep from displaying a sweet smile.

“You’re even more beautiful, but I’m disfigured.” Oscar said somewhat ruefully.

Ning Rongrong had naturally seen the scar on his face. Raising her hand, caressing the scar, she shook her head, “No. You’ve become more mature. Compared to before, you’re more secure now.”

Oscar smiled wryly: “It seems my fears really were groundless. Little San was right, why would you care about my appearance? Rongrong, you know, in these five years there’s never been a moment I didn’t miss you. Whenever I met formidable enemies, met impassable ravines, as long as

your face appeared in my heart, I would be filled with courage. No matter how difficult, I withstood it all. My efforts weren’t wasted. This time I won’t separate from you again no matter what. I believe I can definitely conquer sect master Ning, have him look favourably on you and me.”

“En.” With the man she loved at her side, Ning Rongrong was indescribably meek, nodding softly. Again tightening her arms around Oscar’s waist.

“Yi? Where did little San and sect master Ning go?” Oscar noticed only the two of them were left here, and still those not distant Academy gate guard students peeping in their direction.

“Ah?” Ning Rongrong raised her head, somewhat vacantly looking around their completely empty surroundings, her face immediately blushed deep red, beating Oscar’s chest again, “It’s your fault! They, they’ll definitely laugh at me.”

Oscar smiled slightly, Ning Rongrong’s approval now filling him with confidence, “Then let them laugh. Rongrong, we’ll go inside as well. I’ll beseech sect master Ning about us.”

Ning Rongrong nodded, taking the initiative to pull Oscar’s hand, leaning on his arm, the two entered the Academy like this.

As they returned to the forest residence, it had in fact already been more than two hours. The two entered the courtyard just in time to see Ning Fengzhi and Bone Douluo walking out accompanied by Tang San and ma Hongjun.

“Uncle Ning, then we’re agreed. For a very long time hereafter, the Tang Sect will rely on uncle’s support.” Tang San said with a smile.

Ning Fengzhi clapped his shoulder, saying with a mild expression: “Even though brother Tang Hao has gone to live in seclusion, he’ll definitely be very gratified with a son like you. For the matters we talked about today it can’t be said who is supporting who. From the view of the sect, this is all mutually beneficial to us. Don’t worry, only the few of us will know about

this. I’ll deal with the imperial family side. I’ve already been careless once, almost destroying the sect. There won’t be a second time. After you’ve chosen the address for the Tang Sect, let Rongrong notify me. I’ll secretly deliver the things you need. If there’s anything, pass it through Rongrong. We can’t meet too often to avoid drawing attention.”

Tang San nodded: “I understand, don’t worry. Rongrong’s back.”

Everyone’s gazes turned to Oscar and Ning Rongrong who had just entered the courtyard. Ning Rongrong was immediately too shy to raise her head, but still clung tightly to Oscar’s hand.

Oscar bowed twice, deferentially saluting Ning Fengzhi, “Sect master Ning, hello.”

Ning Fengzhi looked over his daughter, again looked over Oscar, then sighed, saying: “You silly brat, why would you leave so stubbornly back then? Do you know what Rongrong has gone through in these years? Even though the sect has the sect’s rules, don’t tell me I couldn’t consider my daughter’s happiness as sect master?”

Oscar’s heart delighted, “Then that means, you approve of me and Rongrong?”

Ning Fengzhi’s face displayed a bitter smile, “Even the sect’s location has been destroyed, what use are the former rules? You kids settle your own matters. I will only give you one word of warning. Always remember, I, Ning Fengzhi, in all my life, only have the one daughter Rongrong. Understand?”

Oscar’s heart shivered, resolutely saying: “Sect master Ning, don’t worry, I now have the strength to protect Rongrong. Anyone who wants to harm Rongrong, will definitely first have to step across my corpse.”

To the side, Ma Hongjun stared wide eyes at Oscar. He had already heard about Oscar’s return from Tang San, and even though Oscar’s appearance wasn’t as thoroughly changed as Tang San’s, that steadfast expression on his face now was still a huge change from before.

“Sect master Ning, if little Ao isn’t good to Rongrong, we won’t let him off.”

Oscar looked face to face with Ma Hongjun. Even though the two of them hadn’t spoken to each other, the intangible feelings between brothers still instantly warmed the air.

To the side, Bone Douluo suddenly spoke up, “Oscar, you say you already have the strength to protect Rongrong. I want to know what this strength is. Rongrong is an auxiliary type Spirit Master, if the people closest to her can’t protect her, honestly speaking, I still can’t be at ease. Rongrong is the little princess of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, I’ve always regarded her as a granddaughter. You’ve left for five years. Let us see your results.”

Hearing Bone Douluo’s words, Ning Fengzhi also nodded slightly. They had heard what Oscar said when he left. They also believed that, if he hadn’t gained some success, Oscar wouldn’t easily return. They all wanted to know just how a food system Spirit Master would protect an auxiliary type Spirit Master.

Oscar nodded, he originally hadn’t thought to use only his and Rongrong’s feelings to conquer Ning Fengzhi.

Comfortingly squeezing Ning Rongrong’s hand, taking a few steps forward, he could clearly feel the deeply concerned gaze of Rongrong on his back, and a heroic spirit immediately rushed into his heart.

“Little San, lend me a drop of your blood.” Oscar said to Tang San.

Tang San didn’t ask why, the thumb of his right hand cutting the middle finger, flicking the finger, a drop of blood slowly flew towards Oscar.

Tang San’s hidden weapons techniques were powerful, that drop of blood flew very slowly, giving Oscar enough time to react, and as the blood reached him it moved even slower.

Seeing this scene made Ning Fengzhi and Gu Rong secretly nod. They grew even a bit more confident in what Tang San had told them before.

Oscar smiled slightly. His whole body erupting with spirit power, instantly, six peak configuration spirit rings simultaneously appeared around him.

Seeing these six spirit rings, Ning Fengzhi and Gu Rong couldn’t help secretly nodding again. No matter what was said, Oscar hadn’t wasted these years. His spirit power level wasn’t lower than the other Shrek Seven Devils. When thinking that these children were all still only twenty, they also couldn’t help being somewhat jealous.

If it was said five years ago that, in terms of true strength, Spirit Hall’s Golden Generation still had the ability to suppress the Shrek Seven Devils, then today, five years later, it was already pretty good if Spirit Hall’s Golden Generation could stand on the same level. Don’t forget that the Golden Generation were a lot older than the Shrek Seven Devils.

“I, your father, has a mirror sausage.”

Oscar moved very quickly, his sixth spirit ring suddenly flashing, a ring of black light bubbling out of his palm. That drop of blood immediately fell into it. Immediately afterwards, intense spirit power fluctuations surged from his palm. The sixth spirit ring also constantly expanded and contracted.

Right now, everyone’s gazes all fell on his hand, amidst those intense spirit power fluctuations, a silvery sausage slowly appeared.

Suddenly, Oscar’s face revealed a painful expression, his originally fully confident eyes turning somewhat shocked. Immediately afterward, the silvery sausage in his palm changed, the originally one silvery sausage suddenly splitting into another smaller one, simultaneously appearing in the center of his palm. And Oscar discovered that his spirit power didn’t decrease by one third like when he made mirror sausages before, but rather by half.

After one large and one small silvery sausage appeared, Oscar loosed a breath, somewhat helplessly looking at Tang San, saying: “Little San, your blood really is a bit too potent.”

Tang San associated this with when he saw Oscar eat that silvery light before, and in his heart he guessed some things about this sixth spirit ability of his. Smiling: “Then you hurry up and show us what this sixth spirit ability of yours is.”

Oscar laughed out loud, saying: “Revealing the effects will require an opponent. Nevermind you, Fatty, come, us brothers haven’t met for so long, let’s talk with our hands first, affectionately.”

Ma Hongjun pointed to his own nose, “Little Ao, did you make a mistake? You want to spar with me?”

Oscar nodded without the slightest hesitation, making an inviting gesture to Ma Hongjun.

Ma Hongjun looked at Tang San, who gave him an affirming look. And on the other side, Ning Fengzhi and Gu Rong’s expressions both grew full of interest.

A food system Spirit Master challenging a power attack type Spirit Master, even though the spirits of both sides differed by a level, Ma Hongjun was still a Spirit King. Don’t forget that the spirit of this Spirit king was the Fire Phoenix. If not for him not being as hardworking at cultivation as Tang San and Ning Rongrong, by now he should also be at the sixtieth rank or so. In terms of burst power, he definitely ranked among the top of the Shrek Seven Devils.

Ma Hongjun strolled over to stand ten meters in front of Oscar, pinching his fingers, issuing a burst of bone cracking kaka sounds, looking at Ning Rongrong with a rotten smile,

“Don’t worry, Rongrong, I’ll start off leniently.”

Oscar snapped: “Come. I don’t need your leniency.” While speaking, he put the silvery sausage in his hand into his mouth. Among all his six spirit abilities, only this sixth spirit ability wouldn’t lose effectiveness because he ate it himself.

Ma Hongjun’s chubby body flashed slightly, scarlet red flames abruptly soaring, the surrounding atmosphere immediately distorting, surging heat radiating, that rich flame seeming to form the image of a fire phoenix behind him.

What nobody had expected was that the first to move would be Oscar. With a silver flash of light in his eyes, before Fatty reacted, ten mixed blue, gold and red colored Blue Silver Emperors suddenly shot from the ground, instantly completing a Blue Silver prison, enveloping Fatty’s whole furiously burning body.

Ma Hongjun was gobsmacked, the next moment, Oscar’s right arm was already raised, flashing golden light mixed with a smear of red began to swiftly condense on his right arm.

“This is……” Ning Fengzhi stared wide eyed.

Oscar’s expression was as free of ripples as a dried out well, but the spirit power he released seemed extremely strong.

From the energy radiating from Oscar’s arm, Ma Hongjun finally sensed a crisis. No longer daring to take it, the flames all over his body suddenly intensified, the two formidable amplifying abilities Bathing Fire Phoenix and Phoenix Ascension simultaneously erupting.

However, the Blue Silver prison trapping him still remained unmoved before such heat, enveloping him extremely solidly.

Oscar’s clone mirror sausage was drawn from Tang San’s blood. Even though he had paid even more spirit power to manufacture it, this sausage still duplicated Tang San’s strength. Even so much that it included the fire and ice immunity within the blood. Even the phoenix flames were unable to melt that Blue Silver Emperor.

However, Ma Hongjun hadn’t cultivated in vain over these years either. Clearly drawing a deep breath, Fatty immediately swelled up, the flames in his surroundings visibly dulling. A condensed until solid flame abruptly spit from his mouth. Rather than calling it a fire wire, it would be better to call it a sharp arrow out of flame condensed until solid.

With an explosion, the compressed Phoenix Fire Wire heavily bombarded the surface of the Blue Silver Prison. The tyrannical explosive force immediately blasted open a crack.

Even if Oscar had now duplicated Tang San’s spirit abilities, he had also consumed fifty percent of his spirit power when he used his sixth spirit ability before. Further supporting Tang San’s fifth spirit ability, the Blue Silver Overlord Spear, immediately produced a feeling somewhat his of strength being unequal to his will. Inwardly he couldn’t help smiling wryly, but he still had no choice but to continue pouring spirit power into his right arm.

Ma Hongjun successively spit out three Phoenix Fire Wires on the Blue Silver Prison before finally blowing open this solid barrier. The enormous wings of flame behind him unfurled, throwing himself at Oscar, his fourth spirit ring simultaneously shining, his tyrannical follow up control ability reinforced with burst strength, Phoenix Heaven Cry Strike, launched.

First putting aside whether Oscar had the speed to dodge the Phoenix Ascension, even if he could, next, Ma Hongjun could inevitably display his potent burst strength. Under constantly unleashed attacks like waves beating the shore, still unfamiliar with Tang San’s spirit abilities, spirit power also largely consumed, it would be very difficult for Oscar to hold out.

Just at this moment, silvery light flashed once again in Oscar’s eyes. Everyone felt a flash before their eyes, and the originally one Oscar had turned into two. From the hands of this second Oscar, countless Blue Silver Emperor flew directly to block Ma Hongjun.

Mirror Doppelgänger, the ability of the mirror skull bone. After launching the effects of the mirror skull bone, Oscar’s mirror sausage

duplication effect grew by ten percent, in other words, the originally seventy percent spirit ability duplication effect grew to eighty percent. At the same time, it made an exactly identical clone of him, this clone possessed eighty percent of the main body’s power, and lasted for one minute.

These were all the benefits accorded to Oscar by that twenty thousand year cultivation Mirror Image Beast, that ten percent amplification was the special result of absorbing both the spirit ring and spirit bone of the same spirit beast.

Suddenly faced with one more Oscar, Ma Hongjun was immediately somewhat unprepared. Even though under his tyrannical burst strength, that twenty percent weaker body was unable to harm him, it was still enough to block him. Amidst a loud explosion, the Phoenix Cry Sky Strike landed on the doppelgänger. And immediately, Oscar’s long prepared Blue Silver Overlord Spear was also finally completed.

The doppelgänger was defeated by the Phoenix Cry Sky Strike without the slightest suspense, but that pure gold Blue Silver Overlord Spear was already in front of Fatty.

Ma Hongjun’s had plentiful combat experience, a lot more than Oscar who had only just touched on close combat recently, and wasn’t the slightest bit frantic in a crisis, right arm lifting, rich flames shot out, becoming a three meter long fire phoenix, meeting the Blue Silver Overlord Spear’s attack from the front.

This was the ability of the immolation flame right arm bone awarded to ma Hongjun after the conclusion of the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament, Phoenix Burst Strike. After combining the spirit bone and his spirit, this ability had formed. And the instantly erupting tyrannical burst attribute flame attack was powerful, in no way inferior to the final strike of the Phoenix Cry Sky Strike. It also consumed very little spirit power. It might be called Ma Hongjun’s secret weapon. It was also after possessing this spirit bone that his phoenix flames gained the explosive attribute, giving him no small advantage against flame immune characteristics like Tang San’s.


A violent explosion suddenly erupted, intense spirit power fluctuations soaring in all directions, Bone Douluo’s figure flashed, already guarding in front of Ning Rongrong and Ning Fengzhi. And Tang San swiftly retreated a few steps.

The intense spirit power pulses made the log house behind them tremble, fortunately the two controlled the collision of their abilities into the air as much as possible, avoiding any irreversible results.

Ma Hongjun was right now in the stun effect added to the Blue Silver Overlord Spear, but Oscar wasn’t feeling any better. He wasn’t Tang San, and even though the Blue Silver Emperor had the fire immunity, he himself didn’t. Further adding the large amount of spirit power consumed by the doppelgänger breaking, right now he was unable to mount any pursuit. If the fight continued, the victor would inevitably be Ma Hongjun.

Of course, this wasn’t to say that Oscar’s spirit ability was weak, but rather due to him creating the clone mirror sausage on the scene, instead of making it in advance, that led to his spirit power being insufficient, unable to support more spirit abilities, and he was also unfamiliar with using Tang San’s spirit abilities.

However, Oscar clearly didn’t want to concede at this point, his right hand extending, black light rushed out, Tang San’s Clear Sky Hammer astonishingly appearing in his grasp. Unfortunately, his wrist dropped, the Clear Sky Hammer falling to the ground and disappearing.

Under the influence of Xiao Wu’s spirit bone, after Tang San’s Clear Sky Hammer evolved, it’s weight had already reached a terrifying eight hundred jin[1], that wasn’t something the present Oscar could move. He only cloned Tang San’s spirit abilities, not Tang San’s physique.

Ma Hongjun now also recovered from the stunned condition, clearly seeing the appearance of the Clear Sky Hammer in Oscar’s hand falling to the ground, he couldn’t help saying: “Fuck me, little Ao, when did you get even both of third brother’s spirits?”

Oscar smiled wryly: “I can use them temporarily. I’m still not practiced. Moreover, I consumed too much spirit power before.”

To the side, ning Fengzhi had already recovered from the shock, “Just hold on here. Oscar, can’t you explain the effects of this sixth spirit ability for us? Also, if I’m not mistaken, you should also possess a spirit bone.”

Ning Fengzhi was after all the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master, he had already seen a great many things from this battle between Oscar and Ma Hongjun. Ma Hongjun wasn’t just some common Spirit king, with his strength, ordinary Spirit Emperors wouldn’t be his opponents either. Oscar clearly wasn’t practiced with the spirit abilities he copied, and had still consumed a substantial amount of spirit power with the clone ability, but even so, still wasn’t at a disadvantage while contending against Ma Hongjun for a while. For a food system Spirit Master, this was already extremely stunning.
[1] 800⽄ = 400 kg

Chapter 168

Oscar didn’t hide it either, in his heart, Ning Fengzhi was his future father in law.

“My sixth spirit ability comes from a twenty thousand year Mirror Image Beast, the effect is duplication. As long as I have a drop of blood from a Spirit Master, I can create a clone mirror sausage through my spirit ability. After anyone uses it, they will possess the spirit abilities of the blood donor Spirit Master at seventy percent strength for three minutes. If the user’s spirit power level isn’t equal to the donor’s, then, they can only duplicate the spirit abilities up to that level. In other words, if little San was seventieth rank, and I sixtieth rank, then I could only duplicate the spirit abilities within the first sixty ranks, and not use the seventieth spirit ability, Spirit Avatar. You’re right, I already have a spirit bone, my luck was good, this spirit bone is also from that Mirror Image Beast, the ability is Mirror Doppelgänger, the Doppelgänger will possess eighty percent of my strength when I use it. At the same time, this spirit bone will increase the effect of the clone mirror sausage for me by ten percent, raising the strength of the cloned abilities from seventy to eighty percent.”

Whether Ning Fengzhi, Gu Rong, or Tang San, Ma Hongjun and Ning Rongrong, everyone listened very earnestly. Hearing Oscar’s explanation, Ning Fengzhi exhaled slowly,

“Luck will always befall those prepared, this isn’t as simple as a matter of luck. In these five years, you’ve actually invested more than I could

imagine. Oscar, now I’ll give you a choice. Little San told me that he’s preparing to establish a sect called Tang Sect. But I don’t want you to enter this sect, but return with me to the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School. The Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School needs your talent. As long as you return with me, I’ll agree to you and Rongrong.”

“Dad——” Ning Rongrong protested resentfully.

Ning Fengzhi’s expression immediately turned solemn,

“Girl, this relates to the prosperity of the sect. Before, Oscar didn’t have the strength to protect you, but since he does now, I’ll cultivate him even better. Have him enter the sect, work for the sect, this will reduce the resistance to the two of you by a lot.”

Hearing Ning Fengzhi’s words, Oscar couldn’t help looking distracted. He was also an intelligent person. He understood clearly that Ning Fengzhi was having him choose between his feelings for his brother Tang San and for Ning Rongrong.

Just at this moment, Tang San’s tiny voice echoed by Oscar’s ear, “Hurry up and agree with uncle ning, this is your best chance. You’ve been out learning from experience for five years, what was all these years of effort for? Even if you’re at the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, we’ll still be brothers.”

Oscar looked in Tang San’s direction, saw the meaningful look Tang San gave him. He knew that Tang San had just now compressed his voice to a string to remind him, the reason he didn’t speak openly, was because he hoped he could easier obtain Ning Fengzhi’s approval.

Turning his head, his gaze fell on Ning Rongrong’s face. Ning Rongrong’s expression was clearly somewhat complex, also somewhat perplexed. She of course hoped to be together with Oscar, but she also didn’t want the feelings between the two of them to affect the relationship of the Shrek Seven Devils.

Oscar’s gaze finally returned to Ning Fengzhi, gently shaking his head,

“I’m sorry, sect master Ning, I can’t agree to your request.” “Little Ao——” Tang San anxiously called out.
Oscar raised his hand at Tang San, blocking him from speaking further, saying to Ning Fengzhi: “Uncle ning, I love Rongrong, I want to love her with my all. But, Tang San is my brother. Even if he’s a heaven warping genius, I admit I’m not his equal, right now is when he needs my assistance the most, when he needs brothers the most. Whether for vengeance against Spirit Hall, or to resurrect Xiao Wu, none are easy matters. If I chose to leave him for Rongrong now, I’m afraid I couldn’t forgive myself in all my life. But at the same time I don’t want to give up on Rongrong, I will definitely use my own way to move you, there will definitely be a day when you agree to let me and Rongrong be together.”

Ning Fengzhi watched Oscar with a strict gaze. Oscar’s calmly returned his gaze. Having said his peace, his heart was entirely free from worry. Brothers and lovers were equally important, he absolutely wouldn’t give up on any one of them.

Gradually, Ning Fengzhi’s gaze softened, smiling faintly, “Oscar, even though your answer is very cunning, I have no choice but to admit that this is the most perfect answer I could hope for. A man who gave up his comrades for women, wouldn’t be worthy of trust. You’ve already moved me. Properly help little San. I hope to see the glory of you Shrek Seven Devils again.”

Oscar looked dumbstruck at Ning Fengzhi, then understood. What he said just now was only a test for him.

“Sect master Ning, then you agree to me and Rongrong?”

Ning Fengzhi’s brows wrinkled slightly, “You’re still calling me sect master Ning?”

It might be from excitement, but Oscar’s response was also a bit quick, blurting out, “Father in law.”

Seeing Oscar’s excited appearance, Ning Fengzhi laughed in spite of himself, “That’s also a bit too early. Call me like little San does.”

Oscar somewhat awkwardly scratched his head, then called him uncle Ning. When he called him father in law, Ning Rongrong had already turned around and run away from embarrassment. She and Oscar had already obtained her father’s approval, there wasn’t anything else to worry about.

Ning Fengzhi didn’t let Tang San and the others see him off, and directly disappeared from the forest with Gu Rong, Oscar still with a foolishly giggling appearance.

“Fine, if you smile more your mouth will reach your ears.” Ma Hongjun said, not without jealousy.

Oscar returned to his senses. Five years had passed, and he hadn’t felt so relaxed in a very long time. Grinning, he said: “You’re jealous. Ge can finally be together with Rongrong openly. Tonight I’m buying, we’re not coming back before we’re drunk. Oh, right, call dean Flender, Grandmaster, teacher Erlong, teacher Zhao Wuji and the others. I haven’t seen them for five years, I’ve really missed them.”

At nightfall, Tang San quietly lay on his bed, his face expressing a slight smile.

He was reluctant to disperse his tipsiness with inner strength. This night, five of the Shrek Seven Devils had met again, and everyone had a lot of wine. Oscar also told a lot of his stories. Since he had returned safely, everyone were extremely excited.

However, after the excitement, carrying Xiao Wu back to the room, Tang San still couldn’t help being despondent. He wished Oscar and Ning Rongrong all the best, but the more he saw those lovers finding a way to be together, the more he would think of Xiao Wu’s appearance when she sacrificed herself for him.

Sticking his face to Xiao Wu’s soft fur, smelling her faint fragrance, Tang San’s heart shuddered violently.

Rabbit form Xiao Wu rubbed against his head. Enjoying the feeling of pressing close to Tang San. This night, extraordinarily didn’t cultivate, in his dreams he only combed the hair of that long scorpion braided young woman.

The next morning, Tang San left the Shrek Academy. Today he would complete what he put off with Oscar’s return yesterday. Since he’d resolved to do it, he’d grasp time and go get it done.

Outside of the Shrek Academy, Tang San always walked towards the south part of Heaven Dou City. He didn’t worry about being recognized. After all, even if it was Spirit Hall, there were only a handful of people who had seen his new appearance. Even drawings wouldn’t have passed to Heaven Dou City so quickly.

South district. Tang San halted in front of a mansion.

Judging by the exterior, this mansion occupied an enormous area, with thick and solid walls more than four meters high. In fact, even nobles wouldn’t be allowed to raise such tall walls.

The mansion gate house was even more than six meters tall. Somewhat hilariously, in front of this mansion gate towered two stone statues, and these two stone statues were in the shape of orangutans, just like small versions of the Titan Giant Ape Er Ming.

In front of the large gate stood two tall and robust men. They were both more than two meters tall, and the black skin tight clothing they wore didn’t hide their sturdy muscles in the least. They stood there just like two door gods[1], valiantly and spiritedly overlooking the pedestrians coming and going on the street.

Above this mansion gate hung an inscribed board, with only one word, Strength.

This was also the first time Tang San came here. Stepping forward with large strides, he stopped in front of the mansion gate.

“I’ll trouble the two of you to inform senior Tai Tan, that an old friend is visiting.”

The two big men looked expressionlessly at Tang San, sizing him up a few times, one of them spoke in a deep voice: “Wait a moment.” Finished speaking, he turned around and entered the gate.

When he pushed open the gate, Tang San saw that the gate was at least two chi thick, extremely massive. He couldn’t help being secretly speechless. Truly worthy of being the Strength Clan, without enough strength, perhaps even opening the gate would be impossible.

Right, the place Tang San had found was just the Strength Clan with the Great Strength Orangutan spirit. Once one of the four great subsidiary clans of the Clear Sky School, also the clan directly subordinate to Tang Hao back then.

Before the start of the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament, the Great Strength God Tai Tan had once invited Tang San to visit the Strength Clan, but at that time Tang San was busy cultivating, and never had time to visit. He was preparing to establish the Tang Sect, he had to possess power of his own. The Strength Clan was undoubtedly one of the choices best deserving of his trust.

The Strength Clan clansmen had simple characters, best at using force, if used appropriately, they would inevitably be an enormous help. In the plans Tang San had drawn up for himself, at present he first had to do two things. One was to obtain the support of the Strength Clan, the other, was to find a place to establish his Tang Sect.

Even though the Shrek Academy’s area wasn’t small, that was after all the Academy, and there were moreover numerous informers for the Heaven Dou imperial family. Tang San couldn’t occupy the Academy to develop his Tang Sect. Therefore, he had to find a place that suited developing the Tang Sect.

In these past years, Tang San had also put aside some savings, and for the moment he wouldn’t face any economic crisis. Moreover, yesterday he had

also obtained the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master Ning Fengzi’s support. Even though the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School grounds were destroyed, because they repelled the enemies at that time, the wealth they had stored for many years wasn’t shaken, and with their backing, Tang San didn’t have any concern about resources.

In a moment, the Strength Clan mansion door once again swung open, a middle aged man walking out from inside.

The greatest characteristic of the Strength Clan was a large build, and this middle aged man was no exception. Tang San hadn’t seen him before. When this person came out and saw Tang San, his expression immediately revealed some doubt.

“Little fellow, for what are you looking for our clan chief?”

Tang San had long ago anticipated this. Seeing the clan’s chief of course wouldn’t be so easy, and he had naturally prepared. Flipping his left hand, black light gathered. The Clear Sky Hammer appeared in his grasp out of nowhere.

This time, Tang San didn’t suppress the aura of the Clear Sky Hammer in the slightest. Immediately, an overbearing energy filled the air, massive energy fluctuations under his control filling the area within several meters of the door.

“Does uncle recognize my spirit?”

“Clear Sky Hammer?” The middle aged man was gobsmacked. Even though Tang San’s Clear Sky Hammer didn’t reveal any spirit rings, that was still the Clear Sky hammer! The expression on his face immediately turned nervous, “Little brother. Please enter.”

Even though they had separated from the Clear Sky School due to Tang Hao’s matters, the Strength Clan was after all once a vassal of the Clear Sky School. On seeing the Clear Sky Hammer, this middle aged man didn’t dare be neglectful, hastily inviting Tang San inside.

“Little brother, did you come from the Clear Sky School?” While the middle aged man drew Tang San inside, he probingly asked.

“Tang San said: “More or less. Is senior Tai Tan in the clan?”

The middle aged man hastily said: “The chief is here. I’ll trouble you to wait in the business hall. I’ll ask the clan chief to come over.”

Entering the mansion, Tang San immediately had a feeling of a wide panorama opening up. This mansion was even bigger than he imagined. Even though it wasn’t as vast as the Shrek Academy with a forest in the city, it was still at least half the size of the Shrek Academy. It gave people a feeling of a vast atmosphere. All areas seemed lofty and straightforward.

Tang San sat down in the business hall, waiting quietly. He hadn’t left Xiao Wu at the Academy, but rather carried her along in the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse. He came early in the morning, and rabbit form Xiao Wu was still asleep.

Before he had waited long, Tang San’s keen spiritual force already caught the sound of urgent footsteps hurrying over. That middle aged man brought three people inside.

Seeing these three, Tang San couldn’t help being cheerful. The Strength Clan’s main line grandfather to grandson were all present. Spirit hale and hearty Great Strength God Tai Tan, also his son Tai Nuo and Tang San’s classmate Tai Long, all followed the middle aged man into the official business hall.

Entering the door, Tai Tan’s trio’s gazes immediately focused on Tang San. Tai Tan immediately asked the middle aged man next to him: “Tai Xing. This is the person you said was from the sect?”

Tai Xing hurriedly nodded, saying: “Chief, just now this little brother already showed his Clear Sky Hammer, even though there were no spirit rings, the Clear Sky Hammer’s aura can’t be faked.”

Tai Tan’s trio naturally didn’t recognize Tang San either, sizing him up and down a few times, Tai Tan said in a deep voice: “Wasn’t the sect sealed long ago? Kid, where did you come from?”

Tang San smiled slightly, saying: “Senior Tai Tan, you’re still so healthy. I’m Tang San.”

He didn’t plan to tangle much on the topic of identity. Both hands simultaneously rising, Blue Silver Emperor and the Clear Sky Hammer separately appearing in his palms.

“You’re Tang San?” Seeing the two simultaneously appearing spirits, the trio were all in a daze.

Tang San smiled wryly: “Changing appearance really is no good. So many old friends don’t recognize me. But spirits can’t be faked. How many people on the Continent with twin spirits, let alone when the twin spirits include the Clear Sky Hammer. To make a long story short, because my Blue Silver Grass awakened a second time, it led to my appearance changing. Senior Tai Tan, senior Tai Nuo, Tai Long, long time no see.”

What Tang San said was true, other things might be faked, but not twin spirits. Tai Tan immediately grew excited, “Young master, it’s actually really you. You’ve really changed a lot, I didn’t recognize you.”

Tai Long rubbed his eyes, staring at Tang San, “Young master, it’s really you?”

Tang San smiled: “If you wish, you can still follow me in the future.”

Tai Tan stepped in front of Tang San with large strides, impatiently saying: “Young master, last time I heard Tai Long say after the end of the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament, that the master brought you away. Master? Is he still well?”

Mentioning his father, the expression in Tang San’s eyes couldn’t help dulling somewhat, “Father has already decided to retire.”

“Retire? Master is still in the prime of his life, why would he retire? I heard this kid Tai Long talk about the master showing his power before the Supreme Pontiff Palace, unfortunately I wasn’t there to see it. Don’t tell me, was it Spirit Hall forcing master to hide? Or the sect?”

Tang San shook his head, saying: “Neither, it’s father’s own decision.” Immediately, he simply explained the five years of training his father had put him through, as well as his father making good towards the sect.

When Tai Tan heard Tang San say Tang Hao had crippled two of his own limbs to return the spirit bones, he couldn’t hold back his old tears, extremely moved.

“Master, oh, master, why would there be a need for this? So what even if they weren’t returned? The one at fault back then wasn’t you, if someone is to blame, it’s only that Spirit Hall! For so many years, this old servant has always waited for you to return, but you stil……”

Tang San could very clearly comprehend the mood of this old man, “Senior Tai Tan. Don’t feel sad. To father, perhaps this is also a kind of relief. Right now he’s guarding at mother’s side. He’s no longer disturbed by the outside world, he can live in peace, it’s all well. Coming to find you this time is because I have something to consult with you.”

Tai Tan with difficulty restrained his emotions, “Young master speak if something is on your mind, as long as this old man can do it, I won’t decline.”

Tai Tan could be said to have watched Tang Hao grow up. When Tang Hao became an adult, he had lead the Strength Clan to vow loyalty to Tang hao. Now Tang Hao had gone into seclusion, but Tang San was still here. From Tang San in front of him, he saw something of Tang Hao’s shadow from those days.

Tang San sternly said: “I’m preparing to establish a sect, called the Tang Sect. I hope I could obtain the backing of you and the Strength Clan.”

hearing this, Tai Tan couldn’t help staring blankly a moment, “Young master, you want to establish a sect? Then the Clear Sky School, is it completely……”

“No.” Tang San of course knew the meaning in Tai Tan’s words, “I’ve already returned to the Clear Sky School, I’ve also formally recognized my ancestors and clan. I’ve agreed to three things with the sect elders, as long as they are completed, the sect hopes to open again. At the same time, they will also allow me and my father to pay our respects to grandfather.”

Hearing this, Tai Tan immediately grew excited, “Young master, you’re saying, those stubborn irresolute old men allowed you to return to the sect? The Clear Sky School will break the seal?”

Tang San nodded slightly, “The elders gave me ten years. Within ten years, as long as I can possess a hundred thousand year spirit ring, spirit power above the eightieth rank, as well as personally kill a Spirit Hall Title Douluo, they will break the sect’s seal, again have the Clear Sky School face the world.”

Furious light flashed in Tai Tan’s eyes, “I knew those old bastards wouldn’t speak so softly. Are these conditions something humans can accomplish? If we hadn’t already separated from the sect, this old man would definitely return for a chat.”

Coughing sounds came from behind him, and Tai Tan annoyed turned his head. He found the offender was his grandson Tai Long, “Little bastard, what are you coughing about?”

Tai Long lowered his voice: “Grandpa, these conditions might be impossible for others, but young master is a heaven warping genius, it might not be impossible for him.”

Tai Tan stared blankly a moment, then again turned to look at Tang San, then recalled that five years ago Tang San had led the Shrek Seven Devils to defeat outstanding powers, obtaining the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament championship at the age of fifteen.

“Young master, may I ask, what level is your present spirit power?” Tai Tan was always a very straightforward person, when he thought of something he’d say it.

Tang San didn’t hide it, “After my Blue Silver Grass’ second awakening, right now I’m at the sixty sixth rank.”

“Oh, sixty sixth rank. Still quite fast!” Tai Tan muttered, behind him the father and son Tai Nuo and Tai Long were already staring wide eyed.

“Hold on, wait a minute, young master, what did you say? What level?” Even though Tai Tan was aging, his mind was hale and hearty, now that he also reacted, he looked at Tang San with disbelief.

Tang San repeated: “Right now I’m already at the sixty sixth rank spirit power.”

Tai Tan drew a cold breath, “Heavens! Even master, when he was at your age, he absolutely didn’t have your strength! Young master, it seems our branch finally has the chance to rise to power. This is truly excellent.”

In fact, his grandson Tai Long was already considered talented within the clan, back when he followed Tang San to fight in the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament, he had obtained a large amount of combat experience. In these years his progress had also been very fast, but his spirit power had still only just reached the forty eighth rank, still a certain distance from fifty. But Tang San’s spirit power had already reached a shocking sixty six ranks. Even in Spirit Hall’s Golden Generation, none could compare to him right now.

“Young master, just now you mentioned establishing a Tang Sect? Since the Clear Sky Sect elders have already allowed you to return, why do you still want to establish your own sect?”

Tang San said: “Ten years time isn’t short, if I only cultivate on my own, in ten years, at most I’ll only be an outstanding Spirit Master. When the Clear Sky School returns again, it will still be a rootless duckweed, how

could it contend with the enormously powerful Spirit Hall? Therefore, I plan to establish a foundation once again. Using the Tang Sect to establish the foundation of my own power in these years. Like this, whether the Clear Sky School returns, or we deal with Spirit Hall, at least we have our own strength. Everything will be a lot easier.”

“So it’s like this, young master really stands tall and sees far. There’s no problem on my end. Since our Strength Clan swore loyalty to master, master’s will has always been our mission. After so many years in hibernation, it should be time to get out and exercise a bit. Whatever requests young master has, speak without reserve. This old man will definitely support it with all my might.”

Looking at the expression of grand ambition on Tai Tan’s face, Tang San couldn’t help showing a smile. Even though he’d already anticipated he would have some gain on this trip, Tai Tan’s support was even more direct than he had imagined. This Strength Clan was different from the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School. The Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s support for him was largely due to mutual benefit, but Tai Tan’s present declaration was to tell him about the Strength Clan’s unconditional support.

Tang San smiled slightly, saying: “Senior Tai Tan, then I’ll be blunt. From today on, you are the chief elder of my Tang Sect. At present, I have two issues that urgently need settling. First, is choosing a location for our Tang Sect, finding a suitable place to strike a foundation. Everything must be done low key. My present way of thinking is inside Heaven Dou City, this is after all the capital of the Heaven Dou Empire, even if Spirit Hall wants to harm us in the future, if they want to attack inside the city, they still have to first think it over carefully.”

Tai Tan laughed out loud, saying: “What choosing location, I am the young master’s, just my mansion is good, turn around and I’ll have people change the sign, afterwards our Strength Clan’s two hundred lives will belong to young master. If you want to remodel something, I’ll support it with all my strength. In these years, we’ve also put aside some savings.”

Tang San’s eyes revealed a pleasant surprise. The Strength Clan’s location was in the south of Heaven Dou City, even though the area it covered was large, it still wasn’t conspicuous, and most important, Spirit Hall’s Heaven Dou City temple was in the north of the city, naturally they wouldn’t pay too much attention here. The Strength Clan had run their business in this mansion for many years, the area it covered was extremely wide. As the foundation for the Tang Sect, it was naturally only too suitable.

“Senior Tai Tan, then for me to refuse would be impolite.” Tang San wasn’t polite with Tai Tan. He believed that as long as he could establish the Tang Sect, develop the Tang Sect’s secret lore, he would definitely repay the Strength Clan with interest.

“Young master, you’re still calling me senior Tai Tan? Call me elder from now, I’m presently a Tang Sect elder. Oh, right, I should also address you as sect master. Haha.” Seeing Tang San again, even though Tai Tan was forthright, he really wasn’t as boorish as he seemed on the surface. If Tang San was only a Tang Hao’s son and a junior without experience or skill, he absolutely wouldn’t support him like this. From Tang San’s eyes, he saw the drive of Tang Hao in those days, but even more intense, and still his deep hatred for Spirit Hall. Let alone when Tang San was still such a profoundly gifted genius. Tai Tan believed that backing the young master would be bound to carry the Strength Clan forward. Even if the Clear Sky School returned in the future, their position would still be entirely different from before.

Hearing Tai Tan’s words, Tang San also smiled, saying: “Second, I want a group of blacksmiths, they have to be worthy of trust, moreover blacksmiths with top rate forging skill. The more the better.”

Hearing Tang San’s second issue, the expression in the eyes of Tai Tan’s trio all turned strange. Tai Tain said with a wry smile: “Young master, don’t tell me you don’t know what our Strength Clan does?”

Tang San was distracted, he really didn’t know what the Strength Clan’s business was, and for a moment he was immediately somewhat embarrassed.

Tai Tan of course wouldn’t let Tang San stay embarrassed, hurriedly saying: “Our Strength Clan relies on ironworking to make our living. Originally, master still learned his craftmanship from me. Of course, we aren’t blacksmiths in the traditional sense, only creating some top quality weapons and ornaments to sell to the nobility. The wealth I spoke of was also saved up like this. Originally, before we separated from the Clear Sky School, one third of the Clear Sky School’s income came from the work of our clan. The reason I chose to vow loyalty to master was that the master was the only one in the Clear Sky School who didn’t look down on forging techniques. As for forging skill, if this old man resigned himself to being number two in the world, then nobody would dare call themselves number one. Even your father also lacks a bit in heat control. Just that he has the Clear Sky Hammer, and his spirit power also surpasses mine, therefore he might be above me in terms of finished goods.”

Hearing Tai Tan say this, Tang San was immediately dumbfounded, with a feeling of travelling far in a search only to find it easily. The Strength Clan was unexpectedly famous for forging. Excellent blacksmiths was what he needed the most, he didn’t expect to find them so easily.

“Elder, this is the best news I’ve heard since my return. I’m truly ashamed, I didn’t even know the Strength Clan was a forging clan.” Tang San’s excitement showed in his words.

Tai Tan somewhat puzzled said: “Sect master, what do you want outstanding blacksmiths for? Don’t tell me it’s to create protective gear? However, at your level, the effect of external things is already very small. After all, us blacksmiths researching forging techniques have always been the the pettiest and lowest on the Continent.”

Tang San smiled slightly, saying: “Maybe before, but that absolutely won’t be the case in the future. Elder, look at this.” While speaking, Tang San drew out his Godly Zhuge Crossbow from his chest, handing it to Tai Tan.

Tai Tan took the Godly Zhuge Crossbow, and behind him Tai Nuo couldn’t help saying: “Young master, I seem to have seen you use this thing. Back then you used it to defeat me.”

Tang San nodded, saying: “This thing is called Godly Zhuge Crossbow, inside it hides forty eight crossbow bolts, it has to be tightened before use, it releases sixteen crossbow bolts each time, its attack power can break the defenses of Spirit Masters under the fortieth rank, it shoots extremely quickly.”

Tai Tan turned it over and looked it over carefully, muttering: “This is made from refined iron, by the texture of this refined iron, it should be forged with the Clear Sky School’s Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method, the quality is homogenous, extremely tough, truly quite good.”

While speaking, his rough fingers suddenly rubbed the Godly Zhuge Crossbow. Suddenly, Tang San sensed a flash in Tai Tan’s eyes, and immediately afterwards, a series of mechanical chafing noises echoed rhythmically. He watched dumbstruck as Tai Tan unexpectedly already disassembled the Godly Zhuge Crossbow, completely turning it into its composite components.

In fact, making the Godly Zhuge Crossbow wasn’t easy, its artistry was extremely excellent, containing at least three secret latches. If someone vainly tried to disassemble it, the crossbow mechanism would self destruct, the method to making it wouldn’t easily be found by others. But those three secret latches seemed completely useless before Tai Tan, the whole crossbow was disassembled, without causing any damage to the components.

“Careful elder, the crossbow bolts are poisoned.” Tang San warned,

Tai Tan grinned, waving his hand in front of Tang San. Tang San then discovered that Tai Tan’s palm had completely turned iron gray, with a faint metallic sheen.

“Our Strength Clan has a kind of special palm technique, called Wrought Iron Hand. After practicing it, using heavy forging hammers, the palm won’t be so easily worn, at the same time it can insulate the majority of poisons.”

Tang San was stunned, wasn’t this Wrought Iron hand different tunes with equal skill as his own Mysterious Jade Hand? Only, he very quickly discovered the differences between them.

The Strength Clan’s Wrought Iron Hand was defensive layer on the palm, unlike the all round defense of his Mysterious Jade Hand. From this bit, the Wrought Iron Palm was still one chip inferior. As for the true difference between the two sides, he would still have to study carefully to know.

“The design of this thing really is intricate, how come I didn’t think to forge a weapon like this?” Tai Tan looked at each of the Godly Zhuge Crossbow’s components with a gasp of admiration, “In a limited space, installing so many exquisite components, the material is also refined iron, no wonder it can display such power. Young master, are you preparing to mass produce such weapons?”

Tang San nodded, saying: “This is only one of them. Ordinarily, it would be impossible for us to contend with Spirit Hall. But, if the Heaven Dou and Star Luo Empire armies could have a unit armed with things similar to this, or even weapons even more powerful, the advantage of Spirit Masters wouldn’t be so clear. Further adding their sudden nature, it’s bound to make Spirit Hall eat a great loss.”

[1] Door gods -

Chapter 169

Hearing Tang San say this, Tai Tan’s eyes immediately brightened, “Good plan, really good plan. In terms of Spirit Masters, no matter how hard we try, we still can’t catch up to Spirit Hall. If we can use equipment to close the gap between ordinary people and Spirit Masters, then, Spirit Masters won’t have such an unconditional advantage. Especially low level Spirit Masters, when confronting troops with large scale deployment of such killing weapons, they’ll definitely be miserable. Young master, was this thing invented by you or master?”

Regarding Tai Tan’s question, Tang San had long ago already thought of an answer. “I accidentally obtained a secret book. Weapons like these are collectively called hidden weapons. Their greatest characteristic is suddenness. As an example, the Godly Zhuge Crossbow is only rated as mid level among them. But the more powerful the hidden weapon, the more complicated the manufacturing. I’m establishing the Tang Sect with the plan to develop hidden weapons with hidden weapons as capital and using Heaven Dou Empire as trade partner. I think they’ll definitely be exceptionally interested in our equipment.”

Tai Tan smiled. His big hands blurred in front of him, and those scattered components magically reassembled, at such speed that it was at least ten times that of Tang San’s own assembling speed. In just the time of a few breaths, the Godly Zhuge Crossbow was already in its previous condition, the degree of skill making Tang San gasp in amazement.

“It seems young master’s sect not only won’t have me spend money, but on the contrary profit enormously. No wonder you would say ironworkers wouldn’t continue being so lowly. This is a turning point for the entire industry!”

If Tai Tan’s decision to support Tang San earlier could more importantly be described to be due to the relationship with Tang Hao and Tang San’s potential, then right now his support was completely sincere, his gaze at Tang San even brimming with admiration. Carrying forward the blacksmith industry was the life long cherished wish of great strength god Tai Tan; he was even more excited than Tang San. If not for his son and grandson being here, he wouldn’t even be able to keep from dancing and clapping his hands.

Tang San pondered, then said: “We have to conduct all this in secrecy. For the moment our path can’t cross the Heaven Dou Empire. As for the manufacture of hidden weapons, I’ll move over as soon as possible. Afterwards we’ll begin the operations of the Tang Sect. I’ve already reached an agreement with school master Ning of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, he will support the Tang Sect with a large amount of financial resources. In return we are required to manufacture hidden weapons, therefore, there’s no need to worry about funding. But some rare metals we will have to gather on our own. Our Tang Sect hidden weapons absolutely aren’t only aimed at those low level Spirit Masters. We want to let Title Douluo level opponents tremble in fear, this is my true goal.”

Tai Tan grinned, saying: “There’s no need for young master to worry about this. I still have the position as vice president of the continental blacksmith association. Buying uncommon metals won’t be a problem. We just need some time. In a few days, once the Tang Sect has settled, I’ll personally go to Gengxin City[1]. That’s the location of the blacksmith association's headquarters, and has the greatest metals exchange. From there, we should be able to get a lot of good things. We might even hire a group of ironworkers. How about this? Young master, once I’ve dealt with an i mportant matter, we’ll carry out allround modifications here. Since we’re doing it, we’ll go all out.”

Hearing Tai Tan’s words, Tang San first of all felt at ease. Establishing a sect absolutely wasn’t a simple matter, but with the backing of Tai Tan’s Strength Clan, as well as Tai Tan’s forging skill, everything down the line would be a lot easier.

“Elder, at that time I’ll make the trip to Gengxin City with you. I also want to see the grace of this city of metals.”

Tai Tan nodded, saying: “Young master, today you came just in time. If you came tomorrow instead, I’m afraid you wouldn’t have seen this old man.”

“Eh? Elder is going out on a journey?” Tang San puzzled asked. Tai Tan sighed lightly, saying:
“Now that you mention it, this is still related to the Clear Sky School. Originally, before the Clear Sky School was sealed, when it was the number one sect under Heaven, there were large amounts of subordinate Spirit Master factions under it, most of all our four great single attribute clans. Apart from my Strength Clan, there was also the Defense Clan[2], the Speed Clan[3], as well as the Breaking Clan[4]. Along with the later accidents of the Clear Sky School, the sect declared itself sealed, and we also withdrew from the Clear Sky School in succession. But our four great single category clans always looked out for each other, consequently, every two years, we’ll all gather for a meeting. This year is the time of the meeting. Spirit Hall has recently been active, and will again choose seven great sects in one year, hence our gathering this time is absolutely necessary. I’ll be setting out to participate in this gathering tomorrow. I’ll be gone for at least a month. Young master please don’t blame me. The Tang Sect is in its early stage of development. I’ll leave behind Tai Nuo to work with you. If you have any thoughts, just let him carry it out.”

Tang San’s heart twitched, “Elder, if I wanted to go along with you, I don’t know whether it would be inconvenient. I understand that the four great single category clans had no choice but to separate from the Clear Sky School back then. These years because of the conflict between the

Clear Sky School and Spirit Hall back then, perhaps it might be unwanted. But I want to try to get into contact with them. Perhaps……”

Tai Nuo waved his hand, smiling wryly: “Young master, you coming with me isn’t any problem. Only, the other three clan chiefs have even deeper resentment for the Clear Sky School, and moreover, they’re all extremely stubborn contemporaries. These years haven’t been as simple as unwanted; it’s us practically not daring to reveal our faces due to being pushed aside. Even if the Clear Sky School broke the seal, they still wouldn’t serve the sect again. If you hope to gain their support, I’m afraid it might be wasting your breath.”

To the side, Tai Nuo interjected: “Their resentment towards the Clear Sky School is deep, especially the Breaking Clan. Because of their relationship with the Clear Sky School, they were once attacked by Spirit Hall, with almost half their clansmen injured. Even now their strength hasn’t recovered. But at that time the Clear Sky School was already sealed, preoccupied with self-defense, cold to everyone.”

Tang San sighed. He knew that sealing the sect really was the Clear Sky School’s mistake. However, at that time the Clear Sky School faced an enormous crisis. His father and Spirit Hall were in conflict, and his grandfather the old sect master had passed away. His uncle hadn’t inherited the sect master position for long, and the inside circumstances of the sect were extremely unstable. In order to protect themselves, the sect was finally sealed. But that was to the bitterness of these adhering little clans. When Spirit Hall couldn’t find the Clear Sky Scet, they naturally vented their anger on them. He could imagine the difficulties they had gone through over the years, not only days of dodging to the east and hiding in the west, the circumstances like the Strength Clan’s might still be those best off.

“It’s the Clear Sky School that let them down. Elder Tai Tan, let me go with you. I should dissolve or at least try to dissolve it. Even if they won’t return to the Clear Sky School in the future, I still hope to do something for them, to as far as possible make up for the injuries they’ve suffered over these years. What do you think?”

Tai Tan looked at Tang San, somewhat astounded. His expression couldn’t help softening, “Compared to master in those days, young master doesn’t lack in drive, but you’re even more comprehensive than master was. With these words from young master, this old man will definitely do his utmost. Only, it’s better if young master doesn’t hold too much hope.”

How could it be proved impossible without trying? Tang San stood, saying: “Then we’ll do like this first. I’ll leave first, the matter of establishing the Tang Sect is postponed. I’ll come meet up with you tomorrow morning, then we’ll participate in the four single attribute clan meeting together.”

Tai Tan’s trio delivered Tang San straight to the door, then followed his departure with their eyes.

Tai Nuo looked at his father, then again at his son. He couldn’t help saying: “Young master’s conduct is steady, he really isn’t like a just twenty years old youth.”

Tai Tan smiled slightly, saying: “I really hope to see the Clear Sky School emerge thanks to young master. Young master establishing the Tang Sect is also a good thing, we won’t return to the Clear Sky School either, hereafter the Strength Clan is only part of the Tang Sect. Tai Long.”

“Grandpa.” Tai Long replied deferentially.

Tai Tan said: “Tomorrow you’ll also go participate in the gathering with young master. You have to follow next to young master, learn from young master. As long as you can learn from young master to some degree, later I can also be at ease in leaving the Strength Clan to you. You’re considered possessing rare talent in the clan, you can have some accomplishments in the future. See how much you can learn from young master. Tai Nuo, after we’ve left, the clan will be in your hands. While we’re away, you remodel the interior of the clan buildings, we’ll go back and talk over the initial remodelling procedures.”

“Yes, father.”

Returning to Shrek Academy, Tang San came straight to the residence, by now there was already the four of them living in the log cabin. Tang San naturally wouldn’t hide anything from Oscar and the others, and simply explained his plans and the Strength Clan’s support.

“Little Ao, you and Rongrong have finally reunited with great difficulty, you stay at the Academy. Fatty, you going with me tomorrow?”

Ma Hongjun grinned, saying: “Alright, staying idle is staying idle anyway. Besides, later I’m also a Tang Sect vice sect master.”

Ning Rongrong smiled: “Third brother, you can’t favor one and discriminate against another. You let Fatty be the vice sect master, I want to as well.”

Tang San somewhat helplessly said: “Do as you wish, as long as uncle Ning doesn’t object, I approve.”

Oscar said: “Little San, let’s all go with you tomorrow. Since you know the resentment between the four single attribute clans and Clear Sky School is very deep, just in case they’re unfavourable to you, it would be better for all of use to go together.”

Tang San shook his head, saying: “You stay. Even if the four single attribute clans had even deeper resentment, the Clear Sky School can still be said to be their birthplace, they won’t do anything to me. Moreover, this side still needs some preparatory work. Rongrong, I’ll trouble you to let uncle Ning know that I’ll hurry back, in one month at the earliest, two months at the latest.

Ning Rongrong nodded agreement, “Third brother, take care as you go.
Will you still bring Xiao Wu along?”

Tang San looked at Xiao Wu in his arms, nodded and said: “I won’t leave Xiao Wu again. Don’t worry, I have the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse, if I meet danger I’ll protect Xiao Wu first.”

Oscar pondered, saying: “The effect of my mirror sausage is limited for you, but if used, it’ll screen your own abilities. I’ll make you some. Little San, if you still have something to deal with on this side, just leave it to us. We’re brothers, you don’t need to be polite. Spirit Hall is our common enemy.”

After five years of learning from experience, Oscar was a lot more stable than before.

Tang San pondered, saying: “There’s nothing at the moment, you continue cultivating at the Academy. If you have time, you can go take a look at the auction house, bring back some rare metals. Find uncle Ning for the money. Uncle Ning will back us all out financially.”

After Tang San said goodbye to Grandmaster, Flender and the others, the next morning, he and Ma Hongjun came once again to the Strength Clan.

Tai Tan was ready since earlier, and after talking over the Strength Clan’s interior remodelling plans with Tang San, he left them for Tai Nuo to implement. The party then got under way.

Tai Tan didn’t bring a lot of people. Besides Tai Long, there were still four disciples from the same second generation as Tai Nuo. They were all over forty, Spirit Kings with spirit power over the fiftieth rank.

Tang San still held Xiao Wu to his chest. When there was no danger, he was reluctant to leave Xiao Wu alone in the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse. Even though Xiao Wu’s body had no awareness, it was still extremely cute, and also hated parting with Tang San. perhaps it was because the Yearning Heartbroken Red still hadn’t been completely assimilated, but what it liked the most was laying in Tang San’s arms, sleeping.

Eight people setting off couldn’t walk the whole way, so Tai Tan had specially transferred two carriages from the sect. He and Tai Long, Tang San and Ma Hongjun were in one, the four clansmen in the other.

Even though everyone’s statures were very imposing, the Strength Clan’s carriages were hardly small, pulled by four horses, four people sitting inside was still extremely spacious. As for food and drink, everyone carried spirit tools, so there was no need to take up space in the carriages.

Whether Ma Hongjun or Tang San, it wasn’t the first time using carriages, but sitting in this carriage was extremely smooth, padded with soft thick cushions. This was a clear and refreshing autumn day, the air outside cool and refreshing. Pulling open the curtains, a cool breeze swept by, exceptionally enjoyable.

Sitting in the carriage, Ma Hongjun couldn’t help sighing: “Elder, these carriages of yours really are comfortable, how come I don’t feel any bumps?”

Tai Tan said somewhat proudly: “This was made by us, the carriage’s base is made with refined iron, and below are sixteen thick springs that can filter out the bumps, most suitable for long journeys. Were it not for the cart itself being so heavy, it wouldn’t need to be pulled by four horses. The carters are also clan disciples.”

Tang San smiled: “Before I really had eyes but failed to recognize Mt Tai, I didn’t think you really were a grandmaster blacksmith. I haven’t had time to ask you, where are we meeting the other three clans this time?”

Tai Tan said: “This time the road won’t be short, we have to pass through half the Heaven Dou Empire, and enter the borders of Star Luo Empire, we’ll meet with them in Rising Dragon City not far from the border. The gathering will be hosted by the Defense Clan this time, they’re rooted in Rising Dragon City, apart from our Strength Clan, they’ve gotten along the best. Young master still doesn’t have an understanding of the four great clans. This journey will be leisurely, I’ll tell you about our four single attribute clans.

This was also what Tang San most wanted to know right now.
Immediately focusing, he listened to Tai Tan.

Tai Tan said: “The four single attribute clans really weren’t established at the same time. Considered subsidiary sects of the Clear Sky School, the first clan chiefs were all related outside relatives of the Clear Sky School. Like our Strength Clan, was considered established the earliest of the four clans, my great grandmother was considered a directly related disciple of the Clear Sky School, and my great grandfather’s strength was considerable, close to Title Douluo. He was himself interested in forging, and under the support of the Clear Sky School, established the Strength Clan, subordinate to the Clear Sky School. Afterwards it gradually became one of the important economic sources of the Clear Sky School. Any one clansman of the four single attribute clans isn’t very powerful, young master should also have seen that the only merit of our Strength Clan is great strength, when meeting Spirit Masters with controlling spirit abilities, we basically don’t have any means. This is also why Spirit Hall hardly cared about us. Frankly, the Strength Clan’s great strength and blocking characteristics are more or less the same as the Defense Clan, only we’re more partial to forceful attacks, while they’re more partial to tough skin and thick meat. In terms of defense, the Defense Clan absolutely isn’t inferior to the Elephant Armored School of the seven great sects, their spirit is the Plate Armored Giant Rhinoceros, just that their attack power can’t compare to the Elephant Armored School.”

“The other three were all established within a hundred years, their history isn’t as long as our Strength Clan, but each clan all has their own strength, thereby making up the deficiencies of the Clear Sky School. Like our Strength Clan is expert in forging, the Defense Clan is expert in construction. Originally, when the Clear Sky School grounds was being built, it was all done by the Defense Clan. And what the Speed Clan is good at is scouting, because they cultivate speed with all their heart and soul, they’re astonishingly quick, they can be said to be the best scouts. And the Breaking Clan relies mainly on attacking, they’re actually expert in making medicine.”

“At present, our Strength Clan has set roots in Heaven Dou City, considered the best adapted. Even though the losses of the Breaking Clan were disastrous back then, any country would welcome their medicine refining, therefore their circumstances are roughly the same as the

Defense Clan. Only the Speed Clan is currently the most miserable, they don’t want to join other Spirit Master clans, on their own they also don’t have any good trade skills. If not for our other three clans frequently supporting them, I’m afraid the Speed Clan would have waned even faster.”

Hearing Tai Tan say this, Tang San had an initial understanding of the four single attribute clans, secretly thinking that it was no wonder the Clear Sky School was number one under heaven back then, when these four subsidiary single attribute clans were already so outstanding. Unfortunately the sect was sealed too impetuously back then, without asking these talents to stay. Otherwise, it would be a lot easier for the Clear Sky School to rise again.

“Elder, you just said the Breaking Clan was experts in medicine, what medicines can they refine?” Tang San asked.

Tai Tan said: “I’m not to clear on the details either. It seems they’ll refine medicinal drugs, but will equally refine poisons. Among the four clans, the Breaking Clan could be said to be the most mysterious. Back when they originally attached themselves to the Clear Sky School, they were the ones most distantly related to the sect, and moreover kept their clan’s drugs confidential. The old sect master once got dissatisfied with them. But they were nevertheless most severely implicated with the sect. Could be said to be truly unfortunate.”

The corners of his mouth revealing a faint smile, Tang San secretly already had some plans.

“Elder, how many clansmen does the four clans have right now?”

Tai Tan said: “Our Strength Clan has more than two hundred directly related disciples, the total number of family members exceeding five hundred. Of the other three clans, the Defense Clan and the Agility Clan is more or less the same as us. The Breaking Clan’s directly related disciples should be just a hundred. Their vitality is far from recovered.”

Tang San said somewhat pondering: “That means the four single attribute clans added together has close to a thousand people.”

Tai Tan said: “Back when the Clear Sky School was like the sun at zenith, the directly related clansmen were still only three hundred, but the subsidiary Spirit Masters still numbered more than five thousand. They were also split into a number of small clans, and our four single category clans were the leaders among these clans. The Clear Sky Clan going into seclusion lead to the monkeys scattering when the tree falls. Only a tiny handful really stayed behind. Our four clans directly suffered Spirit Hall’s formidable pressure and couldn’t get the backing of any sect, compelling us to collapse and fall apart, those small clans scattered even faster, there were a lot of them who chose to accept being incorporated into Spirit Hall. You might say that even though the Clear Sky School and Spirit Hall didn’t have a true battle, the sect being sealed was already a major defeat. If not for being forced, who would want to give up on their homeland and separate from their sect?”

At the end, Tai Tan’s voice clearly grew heavy. One could imagine, when a former big player of the Spirit Master World fell from the heavens without even a fight, what kind of heavy blow it was to these subsidiary clans.

It was quiet in the carriage, but the atmosphere was somewhat heavy.

After a long time, Tai Tan spoke up once again, “Actually, I know the sect’s choice really was the smartest. The old sect master was dead. The new sect master had just taken the position. The master had also killed the Supreme Pontiff. There was already rigid hatred between our Clear Sky School and Spirit Hall. Spirit Hall even had enough reason to forcefully invade. Even if the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School and the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan wanted to help us, there would still be more than a seventy percent chance of the Clear Sky School being exterminated. And choosing to live in seclusion could undoubtedly preserve the Clear Sky School’s true strength. Even if the subsidiary clans scattered, the sect wouldn’t lose its own force. If the sect stood again in the future, still with the force to resist Spirit Hall, would there be any lack of Spirit Masters joining?”

This old man’s voice was filled with bleakness. He was secretly telling Tang San that common Spirit Masters and clans were only chess pieces for those great powers. When they had to be abandoned, they would be kicked and trampled. This was also an important reason they had such resentment towards the Clear Sky School.

Drawing a deep breath, Tang San didn’t know how he should comfort the old man, empty promises held no meaning.

“Young master. I have a request.” Tai Tan’s gaze suddenly grew fiery.

“Elder, speak.” Tang San hurriedly said.

Tai Tan lowered his voice: “If the Clear Sky School truly returns again, and you want to join with the Clear Sky School, please let me lead the Strength Clan to withdraw from Tang Sect.”

Tang San said resolutely without the slightest hesitation: “That won’t happen. Tang Sect is Tang Sect, Clear Sky School is Clear Sky School. Even if I’m a Clear Sky School descendant, I’ve always wanted to establish the Tang Sect as a Spirit Master Sect. Impossible to merge with the Clear Sky School.”

Hearing him say this, Tai Tan’s expression clearly relaxed somewhat,
“When young master says so, I’m relieved.”

Tang Sect was Tang Sect, those were all of Tang San’s memories of his last life, raising and developing the Tang Sect in another world was the only though he had when he just came to this world, how could he easily leave the Tang Sect to others? Let alone merging with the Clear Sky School, leaving authority to the Clear Sky School.

In order to keep Tai Tan from sinking into painful memories again, Tang San said: “Elder, you’re a leading scholar of the world of forging, the road is long, it would be better for us to discuss some hidden weapons.”

Hearing the words ‘hidden weapons’, Tai Tan’s spirit was immediately roused, gasping in praise: “Those blueprints young master found could be

said to be art surpassing nature, even though I can roughly understand them, if you had me design them, there would definitely be no designs.”

Tang San smiled slightly saying:

“Actually, there are still a lot of hidden weapons more tremendous than the Godly Zhuge Crossbow. Among them there’s one kind of hidden weapon that’s quite small, equally only one chi, but it’s cylindrical, if it could be made, by conservative estimates, it could at least split open the defense of Spirit Sage level Spirit Masters, including Spirit Avatar. Even if it was Title Douluo, if caught off guard, might still be seriously injured.”

Tai Tan’s eyes brightened, crying out: “There’s still such tremendous hidden weapons?”

Tang San nodded with certainty: “Just that manufacturing them is seriously difficulty. Not only are the material demands extremely high, but the manufacturing skill needs to be even more perfect, with just a hair fine error, it couldn’t be made.”

Tai Tan was the celebrity of a generation in the forging world. Hearing Tang San say this, he immediately had an itch that was difficult to scratch, “Young master, what’s this hidden weapon called, do you have the designs? I don’t dare speak of other things, but on the Continent, in terms of skill, if I can’t make it, perhaps no one can.”

Tang San said: “Back then I recorded all the plans in that secret book in my mind, I can easily give you an introduction. When this hidden weapon is fired, it’ll be like a peacock spreading its tail, gloriously brilliant, but while the eye is dazzled, it will take your life. Therefore it’s called Peacock Plume.”

Tai Tan sighed: “Good, good Peacock Plume, if it’s like you say, and we can make large quantities of Peacock Plume, how Spirit Hall will shiver.”

Tang San smiled wryly: “It’s not that easy. Even though the Peacock Plume’s power is out of the ordinary, not only are the demands for skill extremely difficult, but furthermore, the material demands are also

extremely high. Otherwise, how could it break Spirit Sage level defenses? Making the Peacock Plume requires profound iron. Only mechanical and spray hidden weapons made from profound iron can reach that kind of power.”

Tai Tan looked distracted a moment, “Profound iron? What metal is that? How come I haven’t heard of it?”

Tang San’s heart twitched, thinking to himself that what was called profound iron in his previous world might not be called the same in this world, “Profound iron is a kind of extremely rare metal, several times heavier than the same volume of ordinary iron, as long as a smidgen is included in hidden weapons they can become sharper. If weapons were made from pure profound iron, it could practically restrain any other metallic weapon.”

Tai Tan’s eyes revealed a trace of pondering light, “Don’t tell me what you call profound iron is black lined iron? Black lined iron seems to have roughly the same effects as the profound iron you speak of. It’s really also extremely rare. Its price a lot higher than gold, it’s always forged the king of metals.”

Hearing Tai Tan say this, Tang San immediately exulted. What he most feared was that this world didn’t have profound iron. That it was rare was very ordinary, but as long as it existed, there was the chance of creating the Peacock Plume.

Tang San smiled slightly, saying: “It seems that after this four great single attribute clan gathering, I really have to go with you to metal capital Gengxin City. I hope we can reap some harvest.”

Tai Tan’s interest was already completely drawn out by Tang San, “Young master, tell me quickly, what are the designs for this Peacock Plume?”

Tang San said:

“Peacock Plume, it’s one of the most formidable kinds of hidden weapons recorded in the secret book. It’s shape is cylindrical, one chi long, the cross section diameter three cun. Two buttons on top. The first button is used to wind the mechanism. The same principle as the Godly Zhuge Crossbow, they both fear the mechanism being wound for too long, leading to wear. Only winding the Peacock Plume’s mechanism is a lot more intricate than the Godly Zhuge Crossbow, it only needs one push to instantly complete the process. And the second button is used to shoot, difficult for supernatural beings to escape. The entire Peacock Plume has altogether three large sections. The plume, the internal mechanism, as well as the fitted hidden weapon. Among them, the most difficult to produce is the internal mechanism. It’s extremely complex. The Peacock Plume holds altogether three hundred sixty five hidden weapons, shot at once. If ejected, it can cover an area of several dozen square meters. The three hundred sixty five hidden weapons are divided into twelve types, due to volume, they’re all needle shaped hidden weapons. They’re each made from profound iron, still with some special qualities. The reason it uses profound iron, besides the hidden weapon’s own killing power, is because weight is also extremely important. Without a certain weight, after the hidden weapon erupts, its might will naturally be limited. After ejection, its might will be greatest within a thirty meter range, past thirty meters, its power will gradually drop, reaching fifty meters at most. The twelve hidden weapons included are each Bone Piercing Needles, Thunderflame needles, Armor Breaking Needles, Blade Splitting needles, Devil Subduing Needles, Overlord Needles, Deep Yin Needles, Dragon Breaking Needles, Lust Drowning Needles, Dragon Beard Needles, Meteor Extermination Needles and Seven Murder Needles.”

“These twelve types of needles practically include all the most representative and most powerful of needle type hidden weapons. Each kind is made in a different way, their style and materials used also all different. For example, the Bone Piercing Needle’s effect is mainly puncturing, the front thin and back round, made entirely from profound iron, there are eight grooves on the tiny needle. The distance between each must be exactly the same. Possesses extremely powerful puncturing capabilities. The Thunderflame Needle contains an explosive substance,

its outer shell is also made from profound iron, but the explosive substance within must be highly concentrated, the explosion can shatter the profound iron at impact, vastly increasing killing power. The Armor Breaking Needle’s effect is somewhat similar to the Bone Piercing Needle, but the Bone Piercing Needle is directed at protective spirit power, and the Armor Piercing Needle aims at physical defenses. Like the Elephant Armored School’s tough skin would be completely ineffectual against the Armor Breaking Needle. Others like the Deep Yin Needle are highly poisonous, the Dragon Breaking Needle momentarily paralyses the enemy, instantly increasing blood circulation speed tenfold. If they’re not given treatment, their heart will burst. The Dragon Beard needle is made from the hair gold of the best crystals, after entering the body it will instantly curl up, making the opponent prefer to die. As for the most powerful Meteor Extermination Needle and Seven Murder Needles, they can instantly take a life. If these twelve kinds of needles are instantly fired, unless the opponent’s defense is already at a level where the Peacock Plume’s twelve needles is unable to break through, as long as one hits, they will definitely die.”

Tang San’s account really was very plain, but it still made the listening Tai Tan’s scalp tingle. When Tang San began to talk about how the Peacock Plume could destroy Spirit Sages he still didn’t believe it, but after hearing Tang San describe these twelve kinds of needles, he suddenly felt that he previously might have been viewing the sky from the bottom of a well. If this hidden weapon really could be made, then, let alone Spirit Sages, even Spirit Douluo like him might be unable to block it.

“No wonder young master says making this hidden weapon is extremely difficult, this old man has truly had his eyes opened. Just making these twelve kinds of needles is already difficult beyond difficult, let alone making the Peacock Plume capable of holding them all. Making this thing would require extremely detailed plans. At the same time, all types of rare metals are equally indispensable. Even in the Strength Clan, perhaps only me and another two brothers have the skill to make it. Funny, just now I wanted to mass produce them. In order to produce immense power, one must pay an equally immense price!”

Tang San smiled slightly. In fact, if he was given enough time, this Peacock Plume could also be made. The Peacock Plume was originally ranked third of the Tang Sect’s three great lost mechanical hidden weapons kings, ranked second was the Torrential Pear Blossom needle, and ranked number one was the Buddha Fury Tang Lotus.

He could even research the production of the Buddha Fury Tang Lotus by himself, if he was given time, making the other two wouldn’t be impossible.

[1] Gengxin City - (庚⾟城) geng and xin refers to the seventh and eighth of the ten heavenly stems, and by extension are used to denote the seventh
and eighth items in lists, thus a translation might be GH City, or VII-VIII City, or 7-8 City.
[2] Defense Clan - (御之⼀族) or “Only Resistance Clan”
[3] Speed Clan - (敏之⼀族) or “Only Agility Clan”
[4] Breaking Clan - (破之⼀族) or “Only Splitting Clan”, the character refers to all sorts of things related to breaking things.

Chapter 170

But the Buddha Fury Tang Lotus and the other two great hidden weapons were somewhat different. The greatest difficulty of making the Buddha Fury Tang Lotus was the gunpowder recipe. It had to be concentrated in order to produce a sufficient effect. That instantly erupting power needed such capability. And among these three hidden weapons, the Peacock Plume had the highest demands regarding production, the kind with the most difficult requirements of skill. And the Torrential Pear Blossom Needle had the most pitiless material requirements. The three great hidden weapons could be called victors in their own arena. The ranking was established according to the power they produced. As for dodging these three great hidden weapons, that was of course impossible.

Tang San’s face revealed a faint smile, “When that moment comes I’ll trouble you elder. If the Peacock Plume can be successfully produced, even a small number will be equally capable of being a formidable deterrent. Unfortunately……”

Tai Tan asked: “Young master, what’s unfortunate?”

Tang San sighed, saying: “Unfortunately, there are still two kinds of hidden weapons that might not be made. If those two hidden weapons could be created, even Title Douluo would be killed or injured.”

“What? There are still such hidden weapons?” Tai Tan turned pale with fright, looking at Tang San, the expression in his eyes couldn’t help turning somewhat monstrous. If such hidden weapons really did exist, then what

would Spirit Masters still cultivate? Before such hidden weapons, wouldn’t that be certain death without reprieve?

Tang San said: “There are, but creating them is too difficult. They’re the most powerful single target attack Torrential Pear Blossom Needle, as well as the most powerful group damage Buddha Fury Tang Lotus. These are temporarily not within our considerations.”

Tai Tan puzzled asked: “Why? Don’t tell me making these two hidden weapons is even more difficult than the Peacock Plume you just mentioned?”

Tang San smiled wryly: “It’s not more troublesome than the Peacock plume. These three kinds are the top three mechanical type hidden weapons. The Peacock Plume is number three among them. The Torrential Pear Blossom Needle is second. The most powerful is the Buddha Fury Tang Lotus. But in terms of local attack power, the Buddha Fury Tang Lotus isn’t above the Torrential Pear Blossom Needle. I’ll just explain it simply, and you’ll understand why I say making these two kinds of hidden weapons is difficult. Like the Torrential Pear Blossom Needle, not only the main part, but the twenty seven Pear Blossom Needles it fires must all be made from the silver source of deep sea sunken silver. Deep sea sunken silver is a metal ten times more valuable than profound iron. As for its silver source, it practically doesn’t even exist, let alone speaking of buying it.”

Even in the legends of his previous world, there had only been one appearance of the Torrential Pear Blossom Needle, it was the material that prevented the manufacture of this super hidden weapon. If it was made from common materials, it couldn’t even be wound successfully. The greatest feature of the Torrential Pear Blossom Needle was that instantly erupting burst power. The firepower of the Godly Zhuge Crossbow was already very powerful, but if it was compared to the Torrential Pear Blossom Needle, it was like a firefly before the bright moon.

Tai Tan drew a cold breath once again, let alone seeing it, he hadn’t even heard o f something like deep sea sunken silver, and even less of silver source. For a moment, he couldn’t help being greatly disappointed. At the

same time his gaze at Tang San also grew somewhat admiring. At such a young age, not only was he accomplished as a Spirit Master, he was still so erudite.

Tang San smiled: “Elder, my plans are like this. To us at present, what’s most important is to make a hidden weapon that can contend against common Spirit Masters. Among these, most practical is to rely mainly on the Godly Zhuge Crossbow. With the support of enough metal, the Godly Zhuge Crossbow can be mass produced. Furthermore, the making the components isn’t all that difficult, all skilled blacksmiths can do it. But we have to keep the assembly techniques secret, they can only be known by you and a small number of Strength Clan clansmen to complete that final procedure. In the future, the Godly Zhuge Crossbow will become our most principally produced hidden weapon. , we’ll create some elaborate hidden weapons. Not only powerful, but also useful. As for high end hidden weapons, I’ll trouble you for that. We’ll research it carefully, as long as we can make a few within a short time we will. Not only can they be sold for a high price, at the same time they can be used to safeguard the sect. Among these we’ll rely mainly on the formidable Peacock Plume.”

Listening to Tang San, Tai Tan nodded again and again. Tang San’s vision was very practical, and he had also seen the Godly Zhuge Crossbow. Even though the artistry was notable, and the material was also the refined iron more costly than gold, to the Strength Clan, refining iron wasn’t any difficult matter. As for the Peacock Plume, Tai Tan was already somewhat obsessed thanks to Tang San’s introduction. If he didn’t have to participate in the approaching gathering, he really would like Tang San to immediately draw out the designs so he could start trying.

To a blacksmith, what could move his heart more than producing formidable weapons?

In the Douluo Continent, this world belonging to Spirit Masters, weapons had never been regarded as important. If he could change this through hidden weapons, then, just like Tang San said, the Strength Clan’s future was unlimited.

Impatiently, Tai Tan began to question Tang San for the concrete details of making the Peacock Plume. These manufacturing methods were already branded in Tang San’s mind, so he might as well give Tai Tan a detailed explanation in the carriage.

Pitifully, Ma Hongjun and Tai Long were directly driven by Tai Tan over to the other carriage, giving Tang San enough room to explain. They couldn’t understand what they were hearing anyways, so they could only be in the way here.

Once they reached a rest town on the way, Tai Tan impatiently went to buy pens and paper, without caring anything for master and servant relationships, had Tang San start drawing out the designs for him right in the carriage. He then began to ponder how to make it. He didn’t want to let even a bit of the details slip past.

Tang San was also extremely cooperative. Even if the carriage would shake a bit, with his strength, he naturally wouldn’t be influenced a bit. From Tai Tan, he seemed to see himself from his last life. Besides respect for his senior, the relationship between the two grew more and more familiar.

When the two nerds came together, time passed with lightning speed. When Tang San and Tai Tan’s research was in full swing, the destination of their journey, Rising Dragon City, was swiftly approaching.

“Grandpa.” Tai Long called out outside the carriage.

Tai Tan resentfully and angrily said: “Didn’t I say not to come bother us.”

Outside the carriage, Tai Long couldn’t help a wry smile. In close to half a month of travel, besides necessities, Tang San and Tai Tan hadn’t even stepped out of the carriage to eat. Even late at night, the two could still be heard loudly haranguing, even to the extent of argumentative tones. When faced with some key problem of manufacturing, neither old or young would agree to compromise. Tai Long thought to himself that, if someone didn’t

know better, they might think it was Tang San who was his grandfather’s grandson.

“Grandpa, we’ve already reached the imperial border, you have to come out. The border guards will inspect the carriages. I’ll have to trouble you and young master to leave the carriage a while.”

Tai Tan raised his head to look eye to eye with Tang San. Even though the two of them hadn’t rested much in these days, their minds were still better than anyone. In these more than ten days, whether Tai Tan or Tang San, both had been thrown into a kind of fanatical world. This was the first time Tang San had this kind of feeling since coming to this world, the once hard working researching, the once zealotry appearing once again. Even though the two were frequently at odds, often arguing, the counterpart’s unique point of view would give them both a kind of feeling of a wide panorama opening up. Their only current thought was regret for not having met earlier.

Tai Tan laughed out loud, saying: “I should step down to stretch a bit, these weary old bones can’t match up to you. Let’s go, little San, we’ll go out into the sun.”

Due to the two fiercely arguing the light of heaven and depth of the earth amidst their research, their terms of address had also subsequently changed. Tai Tan had at that time called Tang San ‘little brat’, and Tang San had without any trace of politeness also called him ‘old orangutan’. What they debated at that time was whether to use composite materials to make the Torrential Pear Blossom Needle.

Tang San’s point of view was that they couldn’t, Tai Tan’s was that they could. He had researched composite materials for many years, and was completely confident in them. However, the final winner of the debate had still been Tang San. After Tang San gave Tai Tan a detailed account of the forces the Torrential Pear Blossom Needle would have to bear when wound, Tai Tan had made careful calculations, discovering that his thoughts had been somewhat simple. It was also when he saw these equations that he truly came to understand just how frighteningly powerful the Torrential Pear Blossom Needle was.

Of course, he still wasn’t convinced, and Tai Tan’s final words at that time was that this thing wasn’t something that could be made by humans.

Opening the carriage door, warm sunshine fell on them. The Star Luo Empire was in the south of the Continent, and temperatures were a bit higher than in the northern Heaven Dou City. Stepping down from the carriage, Tang San and Tai Tan unconsciously made the same action, spreading their arms and exerting themselves to stretch.

By now, the two carriages had arrived at the frontier checkpoint. Blocking them was a small patrol unit of a hundred Heaven Dou Empire soldiers. Of course, these so called imperial soldiers didn’t really belong to the Heaven Dou Empire, but were rather directly subordinate to some subordinate kingdom. Only these days Tang San had always been shut in the carriage lost in research with Tai Tan, without paying any attention to the outside. He didn’t know where this was, or which kingdom those soldiers belonged to.

A few soldiers walked over, climbing over the carriage Tang San and Tai Tan sat in, starting to inspect it. They of course wouldn’t find anything. Tang San had long since placed all the plans in the Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges.

Softly caressing the fur of Xiao Wu in his arms, Tang San said in a low voice: “I’m sorry, Xiao Wu. I’ve wronged you over these days, not even going out in the sun. I’ll definitely pay attention later.”

Whether because she spent the majority of her time eating and sleeping or not, Xiao Wu’s body had grown a size plumper, and the aura of life she exuded had also grown richer. At the roots of that shiny fur, there was already a faint golden color.

The Yearning Heartbroken Red was top quality among immortal herbs. Even though it couldn’t return Xiao Wu’s soul, it still constantly transformed her body. In terms of breath of life, even though Xiao Wu was currently only a rabbit, she already wasn’t weaker than ten thousand year old mythical beasts. This was undoubtedly a good foundation preparation for her future resurrection.

In the sunshine, Tai Tan’s face gradually appeared a bit exhausted. Even though his cultivation was deep, he had after all already stepped into his old age, how could he compare to the abnormally transformed physique of Tang San in energy?

“Little San, what do you think about that plan to strengthen the Godly Zhuge Crossbow?” Tai Tan couldn’t help continue discussing some issues the two of them were researching.

Tang San nodded, saying: “The theory is sound. But if it’s remodelled, the cost of that alloy of yours won’t be low, even several times higher than refined iron. But it’s still hard to say concretely how strong it will be. It’s not only the crossbow mechanism being changed, the crossbow bolts are equally being remodelled, otherwise, no matter how powerful the firing force, it’s useless if the fired crossbow bolts can’t withstand it.”

Tai Tan grinned, saying: “That’s for sure, I already have some ideas, not only will the crossbow bolts be converted to alloy, moreover, I still plan to carve blood grooves on top, according to the designs of your Bone Piercing Needles. Like this, the penetrating power can be displayed to its greatest degree. I think that, let alone fortieth or fiftieth rank, when the time comes, even sixtieth ranked Spirit Masters will be threatened.”

Tang San laughed in spite of himself: “Then if moving on, aren’t you next going to say that we’ll replace the material for the Peacock Plume with your alloy?”

Tai Tan scratched his head, “That doesn’t seem like it’ll work, the weight of my alloy really can’t compare to black lined iron. The impact force will be lacking. After all, the Peacock Plume needs to simultaneously hold as many as three hundred sixty five hidden weapons, weight is still extremely important.”

Tang San laughed out loud, saying: “Transforming the Godly Zhuge Crossbow isn’t impossible, but making it will be even more difficult. I believe the original Godly Zhuge Crossbow should still be kept, after all, for large scale production, the single unit cost can’t be too high. We can also give the alloy version Godly Zhuge Crossbow a try. But, after the

fiftieth rank, with each level a Spirit Master advances, his strength will be fundamentally different. I’m afraid the killing power of the Godly Zhuge Crossbow won’t be as good as you imagine after remodelling. But Spirit Masters of the fiftieth rank or so shouldn’t be any major problem.”

Tai Tan somewhat unaccepting said: “Putting into practice is the only standard for evaluation, once we’ve tried it we’ll talk about it again.”

Tang San smiled: “Even though the room for improving the Godly Zhuge Crossbow is limited, after hearing what you just said, I have a new thought. Besides the internal mechanism, a large part of the difficulty of making the Peacock Plume lies in those twelve kinds of unusual needles. The needles are small, making them is also extremely meticulous work. I think, we can not only convert those Godly Zhuge Crossbow bolts into the Bone Piercing Needles you mention, but equally convert into another few kinds of needles, just changing the needle to a bolt. After increasing the volume, making them will be a lot easier. Like this, we can have twelve different versions of the Godly Zhuge Crossbow. Further adding the firing strength increase from the alloy, it can catch people even more off guard.”

“Good kid, this plan is good. We’ll properly figure it out later. Like this, our Godly Zhuge Crossbow won’t be so singular. Oh, right, why didn’t I think that, through using different crossbow bolts, the power and properties will change. When manufactured, as long as the firing troughs are adjusted, if twelve different kinds of Godly Zhuge Crossbow bolts shoot, wouldn’t that be a large version of the Peacock Plume? Perhaps the fire power wouldn’t be as great as the Peacock Plume over short distances, but the range would be longer, its effect would definitely be even better when dealing with large groups of enemies.”

Standing nearby, Tai Long as well as the dumbstruck listening Ma hongjun now couldn’t help a trace of helplessness. They again saw a burning light in Tang San and Tai Tan’s eyes. Ma Hongjun couldn’t help saying: “It’s over. It seems we still can’t sit in the front carriage. One old and one young, why are they both so crazy when talking about hidden weapons?”

Tang San heard ma Hongjun’s words, and raised a fist at him,

“Fatty, you don’t understand this. There’s always been a fine line between genius and madman.”

At these words, everyone couldn’t help laughing. Those Strength Clan clansmen following Tai Tan to participate in the gathering this time couldn’t help clicking their tongues in wonder, they hadn’t seen the old clan chief so happy in a very long time. The affection with which he looked at Tang San was simply far stronger than for Tai long. That signature grandson was already forgotten at the back of his mind.

At this moment, the soldiers inspecting the carriage had already stepped out, gaze flashing across Tang San and the others, one of the soldiers said: “You, you, and you all. Hand over your magic tools, we’ll inspect them for contraband.”

This somewhat abrupt voice blocked everyone’s relaxed and cheerful mood, and Tai Tan frowned: ”Since when did the frontier guard have a rule like that? I’ve never heard of inspecting spirit tools.”

Only nobles and Spirit Masters could possess something like spirit tools.
Used to carry important items, how could they be casually revealed?

The speaking soldier snorted once, raising his hand and waving, immediately all the soldiers at the border station encircled them with shouts. The more than one hundred soldiers immediately assumed and appearance of bows bent and swords drawn. The two carriages with Tang San and the others were completely surrounded.

That speaking soldier seemed to be the captain, coldly snorting, “I’m the one with the final say here. You didn’t hear about the rules before? You have now. Hand over your spirit tools at once, otherwise, don’t blame me for being blunt.”

Who was Tai Tan? The Strength Clan chief, the Strength Clan never had good tempers, least of all him. Laughing coldly, “Fine! Got guts. Dare

move on me. I want to have a look at how you’ll collect our spirit tools today. Let them see who we are.”

Including Tai Long, the five the five Strength Clan clansmen simultaneously gave their reply, rich spirit power abruptly releasing from their bodies, instantly expanding as if inflated, terrifying muscles tearing the clothes on their upper bodies, in the blink of an eye revealing a frightful aura of strength.

The Strength Clan were pure strength Spirit Masters, with terrifying strength. None could be their equal among equal level Spirit Masters. Five Spirit Masters, four Spirit Kings and one Spirit Ancestor. The powerful imposing manner immediately forced those soldiers crowding around them to retreat again and again.

Instantly, the expressions of all the soldiers changed greatly, the hands holding their weapons already starting to tremble somewhat.

Tang San looked somewhat pondering at these soldiers, thoughts linking up in his mind. Generally speaking, even though border inspections were strict, it absolutely wasn’t to the degree of inspecting spirit tools. Even though people with spirit tools could be nobles, they could also be Spirit Masters. Could it be these soldiers weren’t afraid of running into Spirit Masters? Wrong. There was some reason for this.

Before Tang San could inquire further, just at this moment, a strange cold voice echoed, “Yo, so many Spirit Masters! Four Spirit Kings, one Spirit Ancestor, no wonder they dare refuse inspection. But don’t you know that refusing border inspections and forcefully charging the border is unpardonable?”

Altogether three people walked out from the barracks to the side with heads swaying. Seeing these three people, that captain from before seemed to loose a breath as if relieved of a burden, swiftly running over, saying something in a low voice to the three people.

Even though these three were also dressed as soldiers, their attire seemed somewhat crooked, and they were all over fifty. If one had to describe their

appearance, it could only be said to be vulgar beyond vulgar.

The speaker was a slightly plump middle aged man, his skin appearing dark yellow, short hair, a face with a cheap appearance, seemingly a bit effeminate. With a soft voice, also making gesturing with his hands as he spoke, he seemed rather awkward.

The middle aged man in the middle had what was considered the best appearance of the three, and he was also the tallest, tangled hair hanging to his shoulders. A brandy nose, small eyes, swollen like a goldfish. One look gave the impression of an excessive love of wine.

The middle aged man on the right looked the most vulgar. Built slim, especially his wasted face, crooked mouth, swaying shoulders, holding a cucumber thin large cigar at the corner of his mouth, an appearance as if shaking a tail from side to side that made people want to whip him.

Seeing these three, everyone couldn’t help their brows creasing. Very clearly, these three fellows weren’t any good creatures, and they were still at ease in in front of the spirit power released by five Spirit Masters, this made clear they were also Spirit Masters.

Tang San and Ma Hongjun looked face to face. The expressions in both their eyes became a bit eccentric, especially Ma Hongjun whose facial expression grew extremely strange, the appearance of restraining laughter.

Even the red eyes of Xiao Wu in Tang San’s embrace fell on that leftmost person. Even though there was no expression in her eyes, she still blinked constantly.

Very quickly, the three vulgar middle aged men had walked over, that peculiar fellow on the left saying: “Causing trouble. So what if you’re Spirit Masters? If you want to pass through here, leave behind the things in your spirit tools. Don’t haggle with me, otherwise, you won’t even keep your lives.”

As he spoke, three spirit power fluctuations simultaneously erupted from the trio.

This leftmost fellow surged with a vague pink luster, immediately afterwards, a pink thing appeared over his head. It seemed like two covers, both round. Resting on his head, they were strange beyond strange.

Only, attracting everyone’s attention was that he also had five spirit rings, one white, one yellow, three purple. Even though the spirit ring allocation wasn’t up to much, he seemed very proud.

The vulgar middle aged man in the middle also grew very strange. Under the effect of his spirit, his his neck suddenly grew, his mouth stretching forward, countless white feathers growing on his arms. Spreading his arms, his belly also grew very large, only those swollen eyes still kept their original appearance.

In terms of spirits, the right hand middle aged man was still the most normal, a blade appearing in his hand, but it was a broken blade.

The right hand and middle two middle aged men both had six spirit rings, also roughly the same configuration, but with one more black ten thousand year spirit ring than the one on the left. They were unexpectedly two Spirit Emperors.

No wonder they wouldn’t pay attention when confronting four Spirit Kings and a Spirit Ancestor, they had some strength.

Tai Tan snorted furiously. Even though it had really come to this, their side might not lose. But seeing the unbridled and vulgar appearance of the opponents he couldn’t hold back, about to release his spirit and let those vulgar fellows see who was stronger here.

But, he was stopped by Tang San. Tang San smiled: “Leave this to me and Fatty. We also have some history with that guy on the left. Fatty, I’ll leave him to you.”

Disregarding the opponents being three, and moreover two with spirit power higher than Ma Hongjun’s, with Tang San backing him up, what would he still be afraid of?

Ma Hongjun already couldn’t wait, at once taking a sudden step forward,
“Bu Le, do you still recognize little gramps?”

The leftmost Spirit Master immediately looked distracted when Ma Hongjun called out, his unbridled burning energy also lowering somewhat. Originally, these three fellows were the three vulgar cheap customers from back then. The peculiar person on the left was Ma Hongjun’s one time love rival, whose vital area had finally been cooked by Ma Hongjun, Bu Le. That fellow in the middle was called E Kao. The rightmost person was called Tian Ya. The vulgar aura of these three gathered together was enough to alarm heaven and earth, and make ghosts cry.

However, it was also just because of their vulgarity and pettiness that no sect would shelter them. As a matter of fact, not long ago these three fellows had thought of a way to make money, relying on their Spirit Master identity to join the army, robbing at this border post.

No matter who, as long as they passed here, these people would rake off a layer of skin. The trio’s spirit power level wasn’t low, and could even be certain when meeting ordinary Spirit Masters. This then led to the current scene.

“Damn fatty, how do you know my name?” Bu Le asked puzzled with his peculiar voice.

Ma Hongjun grinned, “Did you forget the flavor of roast chicken from back then? Should I call you transvestite Bu Le?”

Hearing this, Bu Le’s expression immediately changed. His gaze at Ma Hongjun became completely different, his eyes seemingly about to shoot flame, “Bastard, you’re that little fatty?”

Ma Hongjun, immensely proud with himself, said: “That’s right. Last time I burned that broken stick of firewood of yours. What do you plan to have me burn this time?”

“I’ll fight you.” Bu Le’s hot blood had already rushed to his head, charging at Ma Hongjun regardless of anything.

Bu Le’s lewdness counted as number one among the three vulgar cheap customers, and since having his treasure destroyed by Fatty, he had never gotten back up, his spirit power cultivation had also lagged further and further behind his two peers. In terms of talent, these three vulgar fellows were originally still pretty good. Back then when he suffered Xiao Wu’s sneak attack, he had already been close to the fiftieth rank.

Now hearing Ma Hongjun admit who he was, the flames of hatred combusted. He only had one thought in his heart, and that was to thoroughly cripple a certain part of this fatty, to let him also experience what he had once suffered.

However, it had been a long time since Ma Hongjun was that little fatty he had so easily bullied. Watching Bu Le throw himself at him, an intense phoenix flame immediately rushed out, the suddenly rising temperature immediately distorting the air.

Two yellow, two purple, one black, five spirit rings appeared out of nowhere. Even though both their spirit power wasn’t far apart, in terms of spirit rings and the quality of their spirit itself, Ma Hongjun was far too powerful.

Unfortunately, Bu Le was already blinded by anger, unable to pay attention to anything. With a shake of his right hand, those two pink covers on his head immediately flew up, going straight to envelop Ma Hongjun. The covers grew larger in midair, seemingly still having some true imposing manner. Bu Le’s five spirit rings glittered practically one after another, using his full strength.

When E Kao and Tian Ya heard Ma Hongjun’s words they immediately knew who this fatty was. Back then they had searched for Ma Hongjun for a very long time, but had to give up when they didn’t find him. Now seeing the colors of the spirit rings Ma Hongjun released, these two vulgar fellows didn’t care about any rules, immediately charging behind Bu Le.

Unfortunately, they ran into Tang San. With a flash before their eyes, there was already a person there. Overbearing and tyrannical imposing manner spread out. Extremely ice cold killing intent barred their way

forward just like sharp knives. Tang San’s Deathgod Domain suddenly erupted. There was unexpectedly a faint white mist in the air. Right now, Tang San had already returned Xiao Wu to the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse.

A chill from the bottom of their hearts made E Kao and Tian Ya’s steps forward screech to a halt. Looking at the handsome youth in front of them, their eyes revealed an intense overwhelming shock.

They were both slick customers of the Spirit Master world, and they could naturally feel that the almost tangible killing intent Tang San released wasn’t something that could be obtained by just cultivation. That was something accumulated through vast amounts of blood! Even though they didn’t see any spirit rings appearing, this surging ice cold killing intent already made them think of retreating.

The dense white mist gradually spread, enveloping the three people within. The ice cold feeling continued to grow, and E Kao and Tian Ya both discovered their bodies were a bit more sluggish than usual.

With a flash of black light, the Clear Sky Hammer had already appeared in Tang San’s hand. He didn’t use his Blue Silver Emperor spirit in order to keep his hundred thousand year spirit ring from being seen by the opponents. Killing these three vulgar fellows was nothing, but he couldn’t kill all the soldiers here. Therefore, he chose to use the Clear Sky Hammer.

Despite this, Tang San’s strength still didn’t weaken by much. First disregarding his Tang Sect secret skills, with the power of four spirit bones as well as the Clear Sky Hammer itself, that wasn’t far short of the Blue Silver Emperor.

Let alone when he still had the power of two great domains.

The lines of the Deathgod Domain carved onto the Clear Sky Hammer released white brilliance, and under Tang San urging it with his full strength, the domain’s effect constantly grew stronger.

“Go!” E Kao shouted, forcefully beating his two arms transformed into wings, countless white feathers rushing out, turning into a hurricane of white feathers, shooting at Tang San. Each feather was like a sharp blade, flickering with a faint metallic luster. This was already his fourth spirit ability.

When Tang San released the Deathgod Domain, these two fellows had already begun to beat the drums of retreat. After all, there were still another five Spirit Masters behind Tang San and Ma Hongjun, not lacking cultivation. They knew that they had kicked an iron panel here today.

However, attack was the best way to cover a retreat, they’d still first beat back Tang San, then they could escape easier. Moreover, even though they were a bit vulgar, the feelings between the three brothers were still deep, they’d leave with Bu Le.

At the same time as E Kao launched his attack, Tian Ya scurried along fiercely, at high speed moving past next to the hurricane. In the same instant as he accelerated, his broken blade was already swinging, a faint green afterimage smeared directly towards Tang San’s neck.

The vulgar three cheap customers were pretty good as a group of Spirit Masters. Bu Le was a control type Spirit Master, E Kao was power attack type, and this Tian Ya was agility attack type.

However, could they really have their wishes fulfilled?

Despite Tang San not having entered the Spirit Emperor level for long, with his current spirit power and all sorts of skills, within the range of this level, he had no opponents.

As if he basically hadn’t seen E Kao’s hurricane, watching Tian Ya’s broken blade afterimage already in front of him, Tang San suddenly disappeared without the slightest warning.

His sudden disappearance didn’t only shock Tian Ya, E kao’s hurricane also immediately lost its target.

Tian Ya suddenly felt an incomparably oppressive force behind him, as if a mountain was toppling over him. He didn’t dare turn around, his feet suddenly accelerating, leaping forward. In terms of running away, this fellow could be said to be rather accomplished.

The Clear Sky Hammer struck empty air, but Tang San didn’t pause, immediately swinging the second blow. This time, his hammer was swinging at E Kao. At the same time as he swung the hammer, he also arrived behind E Kao.
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