Douluo Dalu Chapter 151-160


Chapter 151

Tang San said with a wry smile: “Facing the possible retaliation of a Title Douluo, how couldn’t I be nervous?”

The seventh elder angrily said: “With my status, would I retaliate against you? That, whatever I said to you just now, I take it back. If you agree to a bet you must accept to lose. I shouldn’t have cursed at you. I also agree to you recognizing your ancestors and clan.”

Hearing these words, Tang San on the contrary stared blankly. He couldn’t help staring at the seventh elder’s eyes.

“What are you looking at? If you agree to a bet you must accept to lose, can’t you understand what I’m saying!” Finished saying this, the seventh elder didn’t stay longer, turning around and leaving. In a few bounds he had already disappeared out of sight.

This moment, Tang San found that this elder didn’t seem to be so disagreeable. His ‘daring to love and daring to hate’ character on the contrary made him even more likeable.

His gaze turning to Tang Xiao and the other elders, the second elder nodded to Tang San, “We’ll keep our promises. You won in the contest just now. We’ll allow you to recognize your ancestors and clan.”

Tang San somewhat moved asked: “Then may I offer sacrifice to grandfather?”

Hearing these words, the several elders’ faces all seemed somewhat gloomy. Clearly they all thought of the old sect master’s unwillingness at the time of his death, but the second elder still nodded, “You may not. Because of your father’s errors, you still don’t have the qualifications to offer sacrifice to the old sect master. You said before that you would repay the mistakes your father made, rendering service to the sect. That’s right.”

Tang San’s heart tightened, but he still inwardly loosed a breath. After all, this was already considered the first step for him to gain forgiveness on behalf of his father, “Yes, I said so. Then what must I do do be able to offer sacrifice for grandfather?”

The second elder said: “Since it’s like this, we require you to do three tasks for the sect. As long as you do these three tasks, consider it gaining forgiveness on behalf of your father. Not only will you recognize your ancestors and sect, we can also let your father return to the sect again, to offer sacrifice for the old sect master together with you.”

“What?” Tang San was shocked, the rims of his eyes immediately somewhat red. Even though his father hadn’t mentioned these kinds of expectations, Tang San knew that separating from the sect was an eternal pain in his father’s heart. If his father could return to the sect, could offer sacrifice to his grandfather, it would undoubtedly be an enormously happy occasion for his father.

Of course, someone as astute as him naturally understood that with the second elder giving him such generous conditions, those three tasks would definitely be difficult. However, right now he basically didn’t have leeway to choose.

For his father, and also for the Clear Sky School, he was duty bound.

“Very well, I agree.” Tang San drew a deep breath, moderating his mood. He had to analyse even more calmly. Glancing at the expressionless Tang Xiao next to him, Tang Xiao didn’t reveal any hint, clearly approving of the second elder’s way of handling things.

The second elder gave a calm smile, saying: “At present it’s impossible for you to complete these three tasks. We’ll also give you a very long time limit. The first task, within ten years, your spirit power must break through the eightieth rank.”

Gaining twenty ranks in ten years might not be difficult for lower level Spirit Masters if they did their utmost. But the second elder’s requirement was from sixtieth rank to eightieth rank. This span was a bit too large.

Very many Spirit Masters would find it difficult to reach this kind of level even by the end of their life. Let alone in a brief ten years. Tang San was now twenty, in ten years he would be thirty. Breaking through the eightieth rank at thirty, in the entire Spirit Master world, would definitely be a terrifying event.

“Fine, I believe it can be done.” Tang San agreed without the slightest hesitation. He had already done far too many impossible things, he didn’t care about this one.

The second elder nodded with satisfaction. He rather appreciated the stubborn conviction revealed in Tang San’s eyes.

“The second task, within ten years, you must bring back the head of a Spirit Hall Title Douluo. It doesn’t matter what method you use, we only want the result.”

The pupils of Tang San’s eyes contracted. Killing a Title Douluo?
Drawing a deep breath, he once again gave a resolute nod.

The second elder’s gaze now also grew heavy, speaking in a serious voice, “The third task. We require your eighth spirit ring to be a hundred thousand year spirit ring.

“What?” If the previous two tasks could still be described as possible, then the third task the second elder gave Tang San gave him a feeling of a fairy tale.

How could hundred thousand year spirit rings be so easily obtained? Among the Title Douluo Tang San knew, only his father and the Spirit Hall Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong each had a hundred thousand year spirit ring. Moreover, his father’s hundred thousand year spirit ring still came from his mother.

First never mind mentioning how difficult it was to kill a hundred thousand year spirit beast, just finding a hundred thousand year spirit beast was already extremely difficult. Even more when it still was the eighth spirit ability.

The second elder spoke in a low voice: “Your fourth spirit ring is already on the ten thousand year level, your fifth spirit ring has even more at least surpassed thirty thousand years. Once it’s time for you to got your eighth spirit ring, with the power of your body, absorbing a hundred thousand year spirit ring shouldn’t be an issue. While obtaining this spirit ring, besides that the sect won’t help you, you can draw support from any outside forces. We only want the result. You have ten years. In ten years, we hope we can see you here. Moreover with these three tasks completed. If you can succeed, the two spirit bones your father returned to the sect will also be yours. Don’t you want to help the sect re-found its glory? I can promise you right now that, if you complete these three tasks, you will be the next sect master. Only in this position can you guide the Clear Sky School to recreate its bearing from those days.”

Tang San’s gaze froze. he knew that he basically didn’t have any margins to haggle. First let alone these elders not allowing him to haggle, whatever he said would also let them look down on him.

“Fine, I will do it.” Tang San spoke through practically clenched teeth. He had to complete these three tasks, for his father, for himself, and for the sect.


Heaven Dou City, Shrek Academy.

Just like five years ago, there was nothing different about the exterior of the Shrek Academy, but the interior facilities were even more perfect. Five years had passed, and this place had already become a revered advanced Spirit Master academy of the Heaven Dou Empire.

Since the Shrek Seven Devils revealed their outstanding brilliance in the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament five years ago, defeating numerous powerful enemies one after another, especially after defeating the Spirit Hall Team’s Golden Generation in the final moment, Shrek Academy’s reputation had grown into a great clamor.

The enthusiasm of public opinion even put it above the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy.

After the news of their triumph spread back, heavenly emperor Xue Ye immediately honored his promise, conferring titles on the Shrek Seven Devils. Unfortunately, none of the seven devils returned to the Academy, leaving the Heaven Dou imperial household no choice but to give up on their intentions to rope them in. But even so, heavenly emperor Xue Ye still saw the outstanding education capabilities of the Shrek Academy.

Especially as he understood Grandmaster’s importance to the Shrek Academy under the reminder of Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master Ning Fengzhi.

In order to be able to retain Grandmaster, emperor Xue Ye personally visited Shrek Academy. He didn’t try to tempt him, but finally moved Grandmaster with his sincerity.

Grandmaster agreed to temporarily settle in Heaven Dou City, but he wouldn’t leave Shrek Academy. Emperor Xue Ye conferred Grandmaster the title of Imperial Spirit Master Minister, awarding him the rank of count. In times of need, the imperial household’s affiliated Spirit Masters would enter Shrek Academy to accept Grandmaster’s instruction.

At the same time, the imperial household allocated funds to expand Shrek Academy.

Emperor Xue Ye had originally planned to have Shrek Academy merge with Heaven Dou Imperial Academy, with Flender still serving as dean, but he was tactfully refused by Flender and Grandmaster.

They didn’t want Shrek Academy’s students to be influenced by those nobles.

There were no back doors into Shrek Academy, it relied entirely on strength. On this point, Flender obtained emperor Xue Ye’s complete approval. Possessing such a deep background, Shrek Academy naturally wouldn’t suffer any inconveniences.

In the past five years, it had developed and flourished. Even though it didn’t have any more alarmingly talented little monsters like the Shrek Seven Devils, they could still be considered winning success and recognition, producing a lot of powerful young Spirit Masters, giving the Heaven Dou imperial household a new generation of Spirit Masters.

When Tang San was at the Moon Pavilion, Tang Yue-Hua had forbidden him from going out, and after finishing his studies he had anxiously gone to see his father. That year, he only stealthily left the Moon Pavilion once to see Grandmaster, announcing his safety to his teacher. At that time he also only exchanged a few words with Grandmaster before immediately returning to the Moon Pavilion.

The sunshine illuminated everything, a blue sky without a cloud for ten thousand li.

A gentle breeze enveloped the Shrek Academy in scorching heat. A lot of students wearing that particular green uniform could be seen moving inside the Academy.

The once derided as snot green uniform had now already become the signature apparel of the Shrek Academy. Young Spirit Masters all wore this uniform with pride.

The sun was right at its zenith, when one man and one woman arrived at the front gate of the Shrek Academy.

They both appeared to be around twenty, the young man the older, the young woman somewhat younger. That youth possessed a head of golden long hair, unrestrained and unruly scattering across his back. His eyes had double pupils, his face a somewhat moved expression. Standing there just staring at the particular monster carving inscribed on the board above the the Shrek Academy gate.

The young woman’s face was ice cold, her extremely fiery and perfect figure forming a clear contrast to the chill in her expression, making her even more intensely attractive. Unlike the youth’s black clothing, she wore a long white dress, covering most of her snow white skin.

The golden haired youth sighed, “Time really passes quickly, five years have passed in the blink of an eye. I wonder how they are.”

The young woman didn’t say much, “Won’t we know when we meet.” Below her ice cold exterior, a pair of beautiful big eyes also held some excitement.

The two Shrek Academy on duty at the gate had long ago already taken note of these two people. Seeing them stand in front of the Academy gate seemingly assessing the head and discussing the feet, one student strode over.

“What noble errand brings you two here? Please don’t stand in the way in front of our Academy gate. If you’ve come to enroll in our Academy, you’ve come too late. The time’s already passed.”

The student walking forward also seemed around twenty. After all, generally speaking, advanced Spirit Master academy students were all around that age.

The golden haired youth and the white clothed young woman looked face to face, and couldn’t help smiling, “We didn’t come to enroll. Are dean Flender and Grandmaster here?”

The student on duty frowned, “I don’t know where the dean and vice dean are. But the Academy rules state that no outsiders are allowed inside. If you want to see the dean, please first make an appointment. If you want to enter the Academy through back channels, please go back, our Shrek Academy doesn’t welcome students like that.”

Judging by the youth and woman’s outstanding appearance and temperament, the on duty student could be certain that these two were nobles, and immediately took them for people trying to enter through influence.

The blonde youth smiled, “Junior, you’re very responsible and diligent. However, I think I don’t need to return to the furnace of the Academy again. Please inform the dean that Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing have returned. I think the dean will welcome us.”

This young man and woman with the outstanding appearance were precisely the oldest among the Shrek Seven Devils, Evil Eye White Tiger Dai Mubai, and the seventh oldest Hell Civet Zhu Zhuqing.

Five years had passed. They hadn’t forgotten the agreement from five years ago, even though they had a lot of troublesome business in the Star Luo Empire.

How could they forget that time from five years ago? Those years they spent in the Shrek Academy was a time of their lives that left profound marks.

Five years had passed, and they both wanted to return to see Shrek Academy, to see Flender, Grandmaster, Liu Erlong and the other elders that had instructed them.

Of course, even more important was looking forward to that exciting moment of meeting the seven devils.

Therefore, they had returned. The excitement in Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing’s hearts could even be seen on their faces.

Against all their expectations, the on duty student still remained calm.
Right now he was already brimming with disdain,

“You are Dai Mubai? Then I’m senior Tang San. Stop acting, you’re already the twenty third group trying to enter the Academy by pretending to be the seniors. I won’t be tricked. Tactfully leave at once. Otherwise I’ll have people drive you off.”

Dai Mubai stared blankly. He of course wouldn’t be angry with this junior schoolmate so much younger than him, and rubbed his nose, “People passing themselves off as us? Zhuqing. It seems we really left behind a profound impression on the Academy.”

Compared to five years ago, the current Dai Mubai was even taller, standing there with composed dignity, he faintly released a royal air. Zhu Zhuqing had also grown from the little miss in those days to an extremely beautiful young woman. Even though she still didn’t have the charm of maturity, her beauty still seemed able to cause the downfall of nations. The reasons for the on duty student’s constant politeness was inseparable from their appearance.

The on duty student was finally somewhat unable to stand it, his gaze at Dai Mubai even holding some envy, “Leave quickly. Otherwise I won’t stay polite.”

“Eh? This junior’s got a big temper. He actually wants to be impolite to our boss Dai. No small courage!” An eccentric voice came from the side.

Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing’s gazes were drawn there. Under the shade of a tree next to the Academy gate stood a big fatty, looking at them with a bantering expression.

This fellow gave the feeling of being as round as he was tall. Large and plump, on top of a plump head was short messy hair, and a lewd smile on his face.

Even though it had been five years, even though he had changed that much, Dai Mubai still immediately recognized this fatty. The little fatty had

grown into a big fatty, wasn’t that the fourth oldest of the seven devils, Evil Fire Phoenix Ma Hongjun?

“Fuck me, damn Fatty, you’re even fatter.” Dai Mubai strode forward to Ma Hongjun in big strides. Ma Hongjun laughed out loud, spreading his fat arms, ferociously going to meet him, resolutely embracing Dai Mubai. One could tell how forceful they were from the sounds of creaking bones they emitted.

“Boss Dai. How come you’re still so violent? Actually, I wanted to go hug Zhuqing.”

“Aaaaa——” A blood curdling scream…...

“Fine. My mistake, let me off. Boss. This petite body of mine can’t stand up to your abuse, don’t tell me you’re like this when you hold Zhuqing too-aaaaa——” A blood curdling scream…...

Zhu Zhuqing watched from the side, the rims of her eyes already somewhat reddened.

The other Shrek Academy student on duty at the gate also came forward, mumbling: “The act this time really is alike! A lot better than the previous several times.”

“Act your face.” Ma Hongjun glared unhappily, with great difficulty struggling free of Dai Mubai’s bear hug, a surging and profound pressure, brimming with ruthless energy, abruptly releasing from him.

Those students dispatched to stand duty naturally wouldn’t be any outstanding children, their strength still only at the thirty something level. Under the tyrannical pressure, their expressions immediately changed greatly, and they hastily retreated.

Ma Hongjun threateningly gestured with his big round fist, “With my strength, do I still study again?”

“In five years without meeting, Fatty, your body isn’t any smaller, but you’re even more unbridled!” A melodious voice came from the distance.

Without changing his awe-inspiring manner, Ma Hongjun sharply turned back. On seeing who came, he immediately spread his big arms wide, dashing forward as if flying, “Wah, Rongrong’s become a great beauty! Quickly give big brother a hug.”

A pink top, pink trousers, long hair draped across her shoulders and down to her butt, Ning Rongrong had also grown up. Her beauty was different from Zhu Zhuqing. Zhu Zhuqing had a dazzling beauty of scorching hot figure and a cool and elegant face, while her beauty was overall gentle and beautiful, her whole body displaying a particular nobility, just like her spirit, Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda.

Even though she still wasn’t twenty, she still already had a graceful bearing.

“Fatty, drop dead.” A spear sharp blade energy made Ma Hongjun rigidly halt his dash forward. Zhu Zhuqing had already dashed out like a mirage, embracing Ning Rongrong.

Dai Mubai’s big hand fell on Ma Hongjun’s fleshy shoulder, “Damn Fatty, still thinking about taking advantages! Even if little Ao is a food system Spirit Master, if you touch Rongrong once, he’d still stake his life against you.”

Ma Hongjun sighed, “I should also be considered vigorous and eminently handsome, the pride of a generation, how come there are no beautiful women with me in their eyes? Look at each and everyone of you forming couple, I’m jealous!”

Dai Mubai snapped: “Describing me as vigorous and eminently handsome is more or less correct. You shouldn’t insult these words.” Saying this, he called to Ning Rongrong: “Rongrong, little Ao?”

Ning Rongrong stiffened while hugging Zhu Zhuqing, the rims of her eyes immediately reddening, “I also don’t know if he’ll come.”

Five years had gone, and there hadn’t been any message from Oscar, even to the extent that not even a speck of news had travelled back to the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School. It was as if he’d disappeared into thin air.

Ning Rongrong always waited for him, but as time passed day by day, she still had never seen his returning silhouette.

She hadn’t felt it in their time together, but when they were truly separated, Ning Rongrong had profoundly understood what place Oscar held in her heart. That kind of heart tearing, lung rending feeling was difficult for her to escape.

She discovered that after Oscar left, she had instead fallen deeper in love with him.

Whenever she recalled that dreadful expression of unswerving determination Oscar had before leaving, recalled the ten year appointment he made, she couldn’t keep the sharp pains from her heart, the tears from her eyes. Ten years, the longest ten years of a lifetime.

She could even imagine the experiences Oscar would go through in these ten years.

She frequently went up into the mountains on her own, shouting at the void, ‘Oscar, come back to me. I don’t want you to be formidable, as long as you return to me. As long as you return to my side, even if the sect rules are even stricter, I still won’t separate from you.’

However, no matter how she shouted, her only answer was the echoes in the void, still no news of Oscar, a goose flying in the dark.

Ning Rongrong deeply regretted that she didn’t show a stronger opinion at that time, that she couldn’t think of a way to be together with him. She truly was afraid, afraid that one day she would suddenly see the sect disciples bring back his corpse.

In order to keep herself from thinking of him, in these five years, Ning Rongrong had cultivated as if her life depended on it to anesthetize herself. Even the driest and dullest cultivation was a lot preferable to that inconsolable heartache.

Seeing Ning Rongrong’s expression, Dai Mubai and Ma Hongjun became aware of something being amiss, and the two swiftly gathered around Ning Rongrong and, along with Zhu Zhuqing, the three asked her in low voices.

On the other side, the two on duty students had clearly been frightened by Ma Hongjun, speaking in low voices, one of them swiftly ran back inside to notify the Academy.

Facing the comrades she hadn’t seen for five years, Ning Rongrong no longer restrained the sorrow in her heart, and as her tears flowed, she recounted Oscar’s departure.

Hearing her account, Dai Mubai’s trio were all silent, even Ma Hongjun curbed his laughs and giggles.

Dai Mubai sighed, “Little Ao, that fellow, ordinarily he always seems laughing and giggling, but in fact, he has a very strong sense of self respect. Moreover, he truly loves you. Back then, it was in order to be with you that he spent a lot more effort in cultivation than us. Ten years, I hope these ten years are good to him.”

Zhu Zhuqing pulled the sobbing Ning Rongrong to her chest, angrily saying to Dai Mubai: “Talk a bit less. Rongrong’s already suffered enough. This can’t be blamed on her, it’s only fortune playing with men.”

Hearing Zhu Zhuqing, Ning Rongrong’s crying grew even more severe. In the past five years she’s always made great effort to suppress her emotions, and now seeing the companions she’d once gone through life and death with, she was no longer able to restrain herself, and unleashed the pain in her heart as much as she liked.

Dai Mubai and Ma Hongjun also hadn’t expected that what should originally have been an extremely exciting reunion would develop into such a sorrowful scene. Ma Hongjun couldn’t help saying: “I wonder how third brother and Xiao Wu are. They should be alright.”

Dai Mubai’s eyes revealed a trace of longing, “Unfortunately, they don’t know about our five year reunion, we might not see them this time. Everyone are scattered all over, I don’t know when we can meet again.”

Among the Shrek Seven Devils, Dai Mubai was always the boss, but through their constant battles, Tang San had always become their core. If there was no Tang San, it would’ve simply been impossible for them to go that far in the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament. If each of them seven could be described as monsters, then Tang San was undoubtedly a monster among monsters.

Outsiders only saw Tang San as a genius, and only the Shrek Seven Devil’s side knew just how talented he was. If Dai Mubai were to give Tang San one assessment, then he would only call it ‘capable of everything’.

Zhu Zhuqing pulled in Ning Rongrong, consoling: “Heaven helps the worthy, Rongrong, don’t cry. Little Ao will definitely return safely. Didn’t you agree to ten years? Wait for him at the sect. You have to have faith in him.”

Ning Rongrong said distressed: “Besides waiting, what can I do? I really regret letting him leave back then. Regret that I couldn’t resist a bit more firmly. He’s only a food system Spirit Master! Without others to help him, it’s basically impossible for him to even obtain spirit rings. It’s all my fault.”

“Who provoked our Rongrong to such grief?” A clear and sonorous voice echoed from nowhere. This voice was somewhat unfamiliar to these four Shrek Seven Devils present. They were troubled because of Oscar, suddenly hearing the unfamiliar voice, and moreover coming from outside, they all couldn’t help frowning.

Ning Rongrong’s weeping came to rest, raising her head to look in the direction of the voice.

A youth more than one meter ninety tall, broad shoulders and wide back, built extremely proportionally, appeared in their line of sight. A set of white clothes seemed elegant and at ease, each casual movement displaying manners particular to nobility.

The handsome face wore a moderate smile, deep blue long hair quietly draped across his shoulders, a pair of eyes like sapphires filled with a somewhat extraordinary spirit.

Even Zhu Zhuqing and Ning Rongrong whose hearts were already taken, couldn’t help stare stupidly as they saw this youth. They discovered that they actually couldn’t find the slightest flaw in this youth. No matter if it was temperament and appearance, or figure and voice, everything gave people a kind of casually perfect impression.

He didn’t appear to be walking quickly, but still reached them in a few steps.

His age was around twenty, but as geniuses among geniuses among the young generation, the Shrek Four Devils had an impenetrable impression of this youth.

Perhaps it was because like repels like, but Dai Mubai took a step forward, standing furthest ahead of the four people. Evil eyes bursting with cold light, an intangible powerful aura mixed into that distinctive royal air and released without restraint, speaking coldly: “Who are you?”

The blue haired youth smiled faintly, walking up in front of the four, “You really break my heart! Just five years have passed, but you don’t recognize me? Boss Dai, is this your manner to your brother? Fatty, you’ve grown even fatter.”

Dai Mubai was somewhat dazed. Going by the appearance, voice and temperament of this youth in front of him, there absolutely wasn’t such a person in his memory. But the familiarity of his words didn’t seem fake.

Especially hearing his voice would cause a familiar feeling to grow in his heart.

Suddenly, Ning Rongrong cried out in alarm, “Ah! How come you have third brother’s Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse and Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges?”

The girl was always comparatively observant. Hearing Ning Rongrong’s words, Dai Mubai’s trio also immediately noticed the two top quality spirit tools on the blue haired youth’s waist.

Dai Mubai’s face immediately changed, his imposing manner growing steeply, “Just who are you? How come you have little San’s things?”

This blue haired youth was naturally Tang San. However, he had changed far, far too much in these five years. Not only his appearance, along with the Blue Silver Emperor’s second awakening, and gaining the two great domains, compared to five years ago, by now his temperament had already undergone a Heaven and earth revolting change. Dai Mubai naturally didn’t recognize him.

Hearing the intense hostility and part anxiety in Dai Mubai’s voice, Tang San couldn’t help being secretly moved. Comrades were comrades, they were concerned for his safety!

No longer teasing everyone, Tang San earnestly said: “Boss Dai, I’m Tang San!”

“You’re Tang San?” Dai Mubai stared at him with eyes wide.

Tang San hurriedly nodded. In order to get Dai Mubai to believe him, he specially displayed extreme sincerity. After the several elders had raised their three conditions to him at the Clear Sky Sect that day, they had at once carried out his ceremony for recognizing his ancestors and clan.

Even though he couldn’t offer sacrifice for his dead grandfather, he had still at long last returned to the Clear Sky School.

The three tasks the sect had him do wasn’t something that could be accomplished in a short time, and Tang San also felt that his distance to breaking through the sixtieth rank wasn’t far.

Originally when the Shrek Seven Devils had separated, he and Xiao Wu left first, and naturally didn’t know about the five year reunion. But when he returned to the Shrek Academy while studying at the Moon Pavilion, Grandmaster had told him about it, and therefore he had first rushed over here to meet everyone.

Seeing the four again, everyone’s appearance had changed somewhat, but they were still in the same mold, and right now his mood was also surging.

“Boss Dai, five years have passed, we’ve all grown up. A bit of change is normal.” Even though Tang San knew what he said wasn’t very persuasive, he still smiled wryly and said it.

Dai Mubai looked towards Ma Hongjun, “Do you believe him?”

A cold light flickered in Ma Hongjun’s little eyes, “It’d be a wonder if I did. Let’s catch him before anything else. He’s got third brother’s things, I’ll see if he doesn’t tell the truth with a bit of violence.”

Even though they hadn’t met for a few years, their former teamwork still flowed in their blood. As Ma Hongjun’s words fell, Dai Mubai was already striking with a palm at Tang San’s stomach. A profoundly vigorous aura instantly burst forth, compared to before, there was a somewhat expansive energy within his spirit power. Even though he didn’t release his spirit, with this tiger palm of his, the air around Tang San had already become heavy and stinging.

Tang San was very helpless, Dai Mubai and Ma Hongjun basically didn’t give him the chance to explain.

He was only too clear about Dai Mubai’s strength. In a few years without seeing each other, this boss’ strength should have progressed greatly again. Even he didn’t dare take on the Evil Eye White Tiger’s violent attack head on.

His feet shifting slightly, Tang San had already slipped backward, both his hands swinging to either side, a simple motion of one up and one down.

Dai Mubai immediately felt an intense attractive force striking his spirit power sideways, falling into empty air.

But this moment, Ma Hongjun had already released his spirit.

With an explosion, a vast flame abruptly soared from his body, fiery red splendor leaping up no less than five meters. Bizarrely, the clothes he wore didn’t show the slightest sign of damage from this flame.

His gaze turned sharp, his hair extending from the back of his head in a mohican, his entire body turning fiery red. At the same time, a pair of enormous fiery red wings unfurled from Ma Hongjun’s back, his whole body grew a bit taller, and the excess fat also seemed to contract somewhat. Most peculiar was that his little eyes unexpectedly seemed to be giving off flames.

Two yellow, two purple, one black, five spirit rings moved neatly and rhythmically over him, the scorching heat brought by his tyrannical spirit power also made everything in his surroundings illusory, rippling like water.

“Good Fatty, you’ve improved a lot! Take a look at me too.”

Dai Mubai shouted. Amidst a tiger’s roar, an instant gale erupted, his golden hair instantly turning white, his body abruptly expanding, in the blink of an eye already more than two meters fifty tall, his whole body covered in white and black striped fur, two massive tiger palms extending, each finger ejecting a chi long golden blade. From him, besides valiance, one could still sense a wild aura, the fiercely swelling muscles already bursting through his clothes.

Two yellow, two purple, two black, a full six spirit rings appeared neatly over Dai Mubai. He had actually already broken through the sixtieth rank bottleneck, reaching the Spirit Emperor level.

Ma Hongjun couldn’t help being alarmed: “Boss is worthy of being the boss, you’re a Spirit Emperor, I’m just fifty seventh rank. It seems my efforts haven’t been enough!”

Chapter 152

Even though their mouths were speaking, their bodies were still moving roughly towards Tang San from two directions, and Zhu Zhuqing had already quietly pulled Ning Rongrong ten meters behind Tang San, the three vaguely forming a triangular encirclement around him, clearly prepared not to give him any chance to escape.

Tang San helplessly said: “We haven’t met for five years, and you treat a brother like this!”

At the same time as he spoke, he immediately felt two equally tyrannical auras given off behind him. No need to ask, Zhu Zhuqing and Ning Rongrong had also released their spirits.

He subconsciously inclined his head, gazing through the corners of his eye, and his heart couldn’t help twitching.

If Dai Mubai breaking through the sixtieth rank could still be said to be within his expectations, then Zhu Zhuqing and Ning Rongrong also both possessing six spirit rings was something he wouldn’t have imagined.

Equally two yellow, two purple, two black, two beautiful women both releasing the radiance of six spirit rings.

Ning Rongrong’s Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda seemed a bit larger, six rings of light moving rhythmically up and down, that dazzlingly beautiful light exceptionally mesmerising.

After Zhu Zhuqing released her spirit, her whole body seemed to have become even colder, it seemed as if her entire body had an illusory feeling. Even though she stood there quietly, she made people unable to capture her intact silhouette.

Of four comrades, three had broken through the sixtieth rank. Tang San inwardly sighed in praise, and at the same time he also couldn’t help being a bit dissatisfied with his own pace.

Actually, his cultivation in the two years he followed Tang Hao really wasn’t slow.

In his two years of massacre in Slaughter City, as well as his final year of cultivation in the Moon Pavilion, he had actually advanced in different areas, while his spirit power cultivation had instead slowed.

Zhu Zhuqing always had a persevering character, and back then she had obtained enormous benefits from the immortal herb Tang San supplied. As for Ning Rongrong, in order to find relief from her pain in these five years, she had practically cultivated both day and night, and also not long ago broken through the sixtieth rank great bottleneck.

When she successfully broke through, Ning Fengzhi had announced within the sect that she was the next generation Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master.

Sensing his comrades’ improvement, Tang San’s mind was suddenly filled with a somewhat heroic feeling. Even though he still hadn’t broken through the sixtieth rank, his progress also hadn’t been any less than theirs!

Thinking of this, Tang San couldn’t help a long whistle, “You don’t believe my identity, then I’ll use force to prove it. Besides us Shrek Seven Devils, who could still possess this kind of strength?”

Dai Mubai and Ma Hongjun weren’t prepared to talk nonsense with him. In their hearts concerned for Tang San’s safety, the two moved practically simultaneously.

Dai Mubai’s feet slid a step, his whole body blossoming with golden light, his first spirit ability White Tiger Barrier already launching. At the same time, he suddenly accel erated, tiger palm swinging out, clashing straight on with Tang San.

“Set.” A muffled voice echoed from Tang San’s mouth. Four clusters of blue light was emitted from different places on the ground, Blue Silver Emperor’s ten thousand year fourth spirit ability, Blue Silver Prison.

The four clusters of Blue Silver Emperor simultaneously enveloped Dai Mubai’s quartet, including the dashing forward Dai Mubai, the four halted practically simultaneously.

Even Ma Hongjun’s blazing hot phoenix flame was unexpectedly also completely suppressed at this moment.

Appearance could be faked, but not spirit abilities.

Right now, Tang San had already released his Blue Silver Emperor, the sight of the distinctive black color of the fourth spirit ring distracting Dai Mubai.

But those tiger claws still subconsciously grabbed the Blue Silver prison in front of him.

At this moment, a layer of deep blue light releasing from Tang San, the appearance of the Blue Silver Domain.

The greenery in front of the Shrek Academy gate was rather good, and wherever there were plants, how could there be any less of the tenaciously growing blue silver grass? In the split second the Blue Silver Domain released, Tang San felt his mind connecting to all the blue silver grass in the surroundings.

Led by the imperial aura of the blue silver world, all the blue silver grass grew frantically, in the blink of an eye changing to the appearance of blue silver emperor, extending with lightning speed to the surroundings of the Blue Silver Prisons Tang San released, coming into contact.

Instantly, the four Blue Silver Prisons turned dazzlingly golden. Even though Dai Mubai’s incomparably sharp tiger claws cut at it, they only rebounded rigidly.

Zhu Zhuqing was also confronted with an equally bitter experience, and Ma Hongjun was even more comprehensively suppressed. Tang San’s Blue Silver Emperor had been nourished by the top quality fire attribute immortal herb Infernal Precious Apricot, and even though his phoenix flame was powerful, it was still impossible to burn down Tang San’s Blue Silver Emperor.

“Appearance and temperament may change. Don’t tell me my abilities would change too? Boss Dai, watch closely.”

Tang San bowed slightly, his five spirit rings brightening, and at the same time, along with the sound of tearing cloth, the like carved from crystal Eight Spider Lances burst through his back. Simultaneously, Tang San’s eyes also emitted a crystal clear blue light.

Withdrawing the Blue Silver Emperor in his hand, black light surged out, the Clear Sky Hammer appearing in his left hand as the Blue Silver Prisons also subsequently disappeared.

Twin spirits, fourth ten thousand year spirit ability, Eight Spider Lances, mind condensing wisdom skull bone, this moment Tang San was completely revealed in front of his companions.

Seeing this scene, Dai Mubai who was just preparing to use more powerful spirit abilities turned sluggish, “You really are Tang San? But, how did your appearance change so much?”

Tang San said with a wry smile: “As long as you give me a chance to explain, of course I’ll tell you.”

Ma Hongjun looked at Dai Mubai, then again looked at the Eight Spider Lances on Tang San’s back, “Boss, even though these Eight Spider Lances are a bit different from before, they really don’t seem fake.”

Dai Mubai nodded, gazing at Zhu Zhuqing to the side. Zhu Zhuqing and Ning Rongrong looked eye to eye, also nodding simultaneously. If the Tang San in front of them really was fake, then everything was too coincidental.

After all, each Spirit Master’s abilities were unique and unmatched.

Compared to five years ago, even if Tang San had become even more powerful, the most basic things still hadn’t changed. Especially the Heavenly gifted twin spirits could be even less easily copied.

Just as Dai Mubai was preparing to ask Tang San just what was actually going on, the sound of noisy footsteps came from the side of the Shrek Academy.

Before anyone arrived, a deep thick voice reached them, “Who dares pretend to be our little monsters, and even dare fight. Let me have a look.”

A valiantly built big middle aged man walked out from the Shrek Academy, still followed by another two middle aged men. It seemed the Academy teachers had appeared.

Seeing this person, the Shrek Five Devils all smiled. The arrival was no stranger, but Motionless Bright King Zhao Wuji.

Zhao Wuji had received the reports of the on duty students. Such matters originally didn’t require him to personally come out, but at the same time his current work as vice dean was very light, and that wild boiling blood in his bones made him come running over shouting out of interest to take a look at who dared pretend to be the Shrek Seven Devils. Teaching them a lesson in passing would also count as a bit of exercise.

Right now, as he truly left the gate, and saw the five people standing there, he quickly rubbed his eyes.

Right now, even though Tang San among the Shrek Five Devils had withdrawn his Blue Silver Emperor and didn’t have the sparkle of spirit

rings, the Eight Spider Lances was still on his back, and the other four all had the twinkling radiance of spirit rings.

If everyone’s appearance could be said to still require some discerning, then the spirits and imposing manner they currently displayed, and still the might represented by the spirit rings, all helped Zhao Wuji come to a conclusion.

Besides the Shrek Seven Devils, who could still possess this kind of might at such an age?

“Fuck me, it’s actually really you pack of little monsters.” Laughing heartily, Zhao Wuji went to meet them.

The two teachers following him as well as the on duty student who informed him were all stared blankly, the dazzling spirit ring radiance in front of them already flashing and blossoming to their eyes. Further adding Zhao Wuji’s words, they immediately understood that these people in front of them were unexpectedly really those who had shined with extraordinary splendor five years ago, in one stroke becoming championships of the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament, members of the Shrek Seven Devils!

Dai Mubai was the closest to the Academy gate, and immediately went forward, giving this Motionless Bright King a bearhug.

“Fuck me, be a bit gentler.” Zhao Wu immediately groaned in Dai Mubai’s hug. Even though his strength had also greatly improved in these years under Grandmaster’s instruction, right now Dai Mubai had released a spirit that was in itself widely known for its strength. This excited hug made the bones in Zhao Wuji’s entire body issue cracking sounds.

“Teacher Zhao.” Tang San and the other three simultaneously called out respectfully.

Their hearts were all brimming with respect towards the initial several teachers of the Shrek Academy.

The rims of Zhao Wuji’s eyes were already somewhat reddened, and after releasing his hug with Dai Mubai he turned to look at the others after clapping his thick and solid arm. His gaze first of all fell on the big Fatty Ma Hongjun, and seeing Fatty seem about to come hug him he hastily dodged to the side, “Go away, Fatty, keep some distance, or are you going to burn my clothes with that flame?”

Ma Hongjun awkwardly scratched his head, then hastily withdrew his spirit, smiling towards Zhao Wuji without daring to speak.

Zhao Wuji very quickly also looked at Ning Rongrong flickering with gem-like light and Zhu Zhuqing at her side, “You’re Rongrong and Zhuqing. We haven’t met in five years, but you’ve both become great ladies, and increasingly beautiful. Yi, you’re little San?”

Rubbing his eyes hard, Zhao Wuji didn’t dare believe his eyes as he looked at Tang San.

Tang San smiled: “Couldn’t it be me? My outside has changed a bit. How about letting us inside first, then I’ll explain it. Dean Flender, vice dean Liu Erlong, and teacher, are they well?”

Even if Zhao Wuji still didn’t quite dare believe this kind of graceful and elegant youth was Tang San, the Eight Spider Lances behind his back and the Clear Sky Hammer in his hand weren’t fake. Immediately nodding, he said: “They’re all well. Let’s go, we’ll go inside first. What were you up to here, with swords drawn and bows bent? Don’t tell me you were tearing down the Academy?”

Dai Mubai swiftly pulled out a long gown from his spirit tool, wearing it the instant he withdrew his spirit, “A misunderstanding, this is all a misunderstanding. We also didn’t recognize little San. Until now we still didn’t dare believe it. But, you shouldn’t know the time we set for our reunion!”

Tang San somewhat helplessly said: “I’ll tell you about it after we’ve gone back. Actually, Teacher saw me in this appearance. He also told me the time for this gathering. When meeting Teacher, you’ll naturally believe it.”

Zhao Wuji nodded, saying: “I heard Grandmaster say you came back once, but rushed off again in a hurry. Don’t stand around, let’s go inside at once. You are all the pride of the Academy, if that miser Flender learns you’re back, I’m afraid he might fly to Heaven from excitement.”

Led by Zhao Wuji, there were naturally no obstructions, and the Shrek Five Devils followed him to enter the Academy.

Due to the strength Tang San revealed just now, as well as his simple explanation, Dai Mubai and the others gradually came to believe him.

After all, right now Tang San was also on the five ring level. At this age, there were really far, far too few people able to reach such a level.

“Third brother, tell me, what did you once give me as a present?” Ning Rongrong asked, walking next to Tang San.

Tang San smiled: “Still don’t believe me? Has the Flying God Claw been useful to you afterwards? There are still those hidden weapons, does the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School still equip them?”

Ning Rongrong’s eyes revealed a light of understanding, “It seems you really are third brother. Only, how would you change this much? It’s too inconceivable. And you’ve still become so handsome.”

Dai Mubai walking furthest ahead also couldn’t help turning his head to look at Tang San, smiling wryly: “If you really are little San, I’ll have to be jealous. Your talents were originally better than ours, and now you’ve become so handsome as well, won’t you let people live?”

Tang San smiled: “You’ve got Zhuqing, and no concern for more beautiful women, what are you still doing thinking about this? Zhuqing’s affection won’t change because you’re not as handsome as I am. Are you

still dissatisfied? I’ll explain it once we see teacher and the others, and save telling it twice.”

Shrek Academy’s main building was twice as large as before, but the number of enrolled students hadn’t changed, it was only the equipment and facilities that were much more complete than before. The mimicry cultivation areas were fundamentally robust, suiting cultivation for students with all kinds of spirits.

“Why is little Ao still not here? Don’t tell me he forgot what day it is?”
Tang San puzzled asked.

Hearing this, the rims of Ning Rongrong’s eyes couldn’t help reddening again. By now, everyone had already entered the teaching building. Dai Mubai turned around, clapping Tang San’s shoulder, “Don’t ask. We’ll talk when we see Grandmaster again. We haven’t met for five years, let’s chat properly.”

Flender leaned back at ease in his enormous office chair. These years his life could even be said to have been leisurely. Even though he was the dean, a lot of the troubles of the Academy no longer needed his personal attention, the Academy affairs were managed by Liu Erlong, and teaching the students was handled by the super theorist Grandmaster.

As the dean he needed to worry even less about funding for the Academy. Everything required for the Academy’s operations was specially allocated by the Heaven Dou Empire.

Further adding the importance the Empire attached to it, right now his status in the Heaven Dou Empire was extremely high, the target of innumerable influential officials.

Perhaps it was related to his mood, but in these years his spirit power had progressed a lot, already reaching the eighty third rank, formally becoming a Spirit Douluo. Even Zhao Wuji had already just broken through the eightieth rank. Besides that Poison Douluo who never showed either head nor tail in the Academy, there were also these two Spirit Douluo. Liu

Erlong was currently also seventy ninth ranked, only a thin line away from breaking through the eightieth rank.

This lord dean was just considering whether to have a taste of the new tea sent over by the imperial household, when the bell outside the office door rang.

“It’s open, come in.” Flender said lazily.

Only a few people would come to his office, and they were all very familiar faces, naturally he’d be very casual.

The door opened, and Zhao Wuji’s familiar figure stepped inside.

“Boss, what’s up?” Zhao Wuji walked towards Flender, smiling and giggling.

Flender shot him a glare, then grinned, saying: “You came just in time, I was just going to prepare some tea. Since you came, you do it. Saves me standing up.”

Zhao Wuji looked dumbstruck at Flender, “My lord dean, you’re getting lazier and lazier.”

Flender immediately assumed a righteous and cold appearance, “As Shrek Academy’s dean, my mission is to plan the overall situation, there’s naturally no need for me to personally attend trifles. So that Shrek Academy can nurture even more outstanding talents, is the future development direction I rack my brains over each day.”

Zhao Wuji laughed out loud, “Alright, you’re not only getting even lazier, you’re also getting more and more vulgar. Brats, look at what your lord dean has become. Come in all of you.”

Flender stared blankly a moment, he naturally didn’t need to guard his heart in his own office, and hearing Zhao Wuji say this, he sensed auras outside of his office through spirit power fluctuations.

The door opened, and a group of five people walked inside. Seeing them, our lazy and vulgar dean immediately opened his eyes wide.

“You, you’re……”

Flender excitedly stood from behind his desk, his gaze sweeping across the five faces in front of him. The Shrek Seven Devils were always the pride of his heart. They were also the pride of Shrek Academy. Watching these children appear once again, he was actually beside himself with emotion.

Ma Hongjun swiftly took a few steps forward, giving his teacher a powerful bearhug, “Teacher, I’ve missed you.”

Dai Mubai smiled: “Dean Flender, did you forget our five year appointment? Today is the day.”

Flender forcefully hugged Fatty, his gaze turning to everyone again.

As his gaze fell on Tang San’s face, he couldn’t help staring blankly a moment. The others he could naturally recognize, but seeing this handsome and graceful white clothed youth, he couldn’t help hesitating: “You are……”

Tang San smiled wryly: “Dean Flender, I’m little San!”

Flender rubbed his eyes in disbelief, “You’re little San? Heavens, no wonder last time Grandmaster said your appearance had changed after your Blue Silver Grass’ second awakening. It seems it was true. I’ll have to be jealous, your talent was originally good, and now you’ve actually changed even on the outside. It’s really too inconceivable.”

“Jealousy. Jealousy is useless. This can only explain my insight and knowledge.” Two people stepped through the door, it was Grandmaster and Liu Erlong who had just received the news.

Tang San of course hoped to first see Grandmaster on his return to the Academy, but Flender was after all the dean, and when everyone returned

together they would also come here first. Zhao Wuji sent people to notify Grandmaster and Liu Erlong.

“Teacher.” Tang San’s mood abruptly became moved, no longer able to maintain that grace, he turned to Grandmaster, already bowing deeply.

Grandmaster supported Tang San’s shoulder, without letting him bow, his stiff face expressed a smile, and the excitement in his eyes equally couldn’t be concealed, “It’s good that you’ve returned, it’s good that you’ve returned. It seems your strength has also improved somewhat.”

Ning Rongrong said cutely: “Lord dean, where is your tea? I’ll steep some for everyone.”

Flender also wasn’t polite, laughing out loud: “That’s good, I heard Rongrong has already been decided as successor to next sect master. To have the future Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master steep tea for me, I’m very honored.”

To the side, Zhu Zhuqing couldn’t help smiling, “Then I’ll help Rongrong.”

Dai Mubai said: “En, that’s right, Zhuqing is now the Star Luo imperial crown princess.”

Zhu Zhuqing shot him a melodramatic glance, “Did I marry you?”

Dai Mubai grinned: “That’ll happen sooner or later.”

Flender was just going to hand over the tea to Ning Rongrong, and looked at Dai Mubai: “Mubai, you were instated as crown prince?”

Everyone present were familiar people, and Dai Mubai had completely matured after five years, not hiding anything, he smiled and nodded, “That is inseparably related to the instruction of dean and Grandmaster back then. If not for those many things you taught me, I wouldn’t have returned today.”

Everyone knew that Dai Mubai’s words were no idle courtesy, each of his words came from the heart.

It was just because of being together with the Shrek Seven Devils, studying at the Shrek Academy, that had helped him re-establish his confidence. After taking the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament, in these five years, besides assiduous cultivation, he had also worked hard to perfect his plans for rulership, amply obtaining the approval of his clan.

That frustrated older brother of his had already grown less and less able to contend against him.

When Tang San, Ning Rongrong and Ma Hongjun heard this they were even more a bit touched. As crown prince, Dai Mubai’s position in the Star Luo Empire was extremely important, but he had taken the risk to rush over for this gathering. First let alone the threat from Spirit Hall, as heir to one of the Continent’s two great empires, if the Heaven Dou Empire knew he was within their borders, some sort of action would be normal.

The tempering of the future heir to the Star Luo Empire could even be called extremely harsh, before taking the throne, there absolutely wouldn’t be anyone dispatched for protection. Only in constant trials and tribulations would there be some growth. Survival of the fittest.

As a result, the Star Luo Empire went from originally holding a third of the Continent’s area, to now being equal to the Heaven Dou Empire. Even to the extent that even domestic factional powers had begun to be suppressed.

If not for the intervention of Spirit Hall, perhaps the Star Lou Empire would have already become a completely united great empire by now.

Ning Rongrong and Zhu Zhuqing went to make tea for everyone, and Flender hurriedly called everyone to sit.

His office was exceptionally expansive, seating these people wasn’t a problem.

Dai Mubai said to Tang San: “Little San, now tell us how you changed into this appearance. I’m very curious, just how did you became that handsome?”

Ma Hongjun said: “You all already have whore faces, what do you still want to be more handsome for? If someone wanted to change their appearance, it should be me! The pitiful me has until now still been cut off from others, no one who wants to follow me.”

Dai Mubai smiled: “Didn’t you want to pursue Jiang Zhu[1] back then?
What? Did she reject you?”

Ma Hongjun’s expression was bitter: “She ignored me after learning my age. Don’t tell me being young is wrong?”

Seeing that deliberately assumed appearance as well as the scrunched up fat on his face, everyone couldn’t help laughing out loud.

Grandmaster sat near Tang San, “Little San. Tell everyone about your experiences. Last time we met in a rush, and I also very much want to know.”

Tang San nodded, his experiences in these years certainly had a somewhat fantastical tint. , he began to talk about what happened after his father brought him away back then. Even so much that he didn’t hide Xiao Wu’s identity as well as his own experiences in Slaughter City and afterwards returning to the sect.

Listening to Tang San’s calm narration, each person’s heart had a kind of core shocking feeling.

Separating from Xiao Wu, assiduous tempering, Slaughter City’s danger, his mother’s fate, returning to the sect and receiving the trial, in a brief five years, Tang San had experienced so much.

Even Dai Mubai who spent all day submerged in power struggles couldn’t help gasping in surprise. Whether in terms of facing danger or blows to the heart, all of Tang San’s experiences were clearly above his.

Hearing Tang San finish speaking about the process of Blue Silver Grass’ second awakening, everyone became completely convinced the youth in front of them was the Thousand Hands Asura from back then.

“ I’ve temporarily gained the approval of the sect. Uncle sect master let me return to the sect again after I’ve reached Spirit Douluo, to pass on the true skills of the Clear Sky Sect. My current main spirit is Blue Silver Grass, it’s not suited to cultivating some of the sect’s created abilities.”

Listening to Tang San’s story, the rims of Ning Rongrong and Zhu Zhuqing’s eyes had both become somewhat red. Whether it was Tang San’s life experiences or his helplessly leaving Xiao Wu, both were so moving.

Ning Rongrong had originally felt that she’d already suffered a lot, but compared to Tang San, at least she still had a complete family, as well as the father and relatives that loved her. But Tang San had to carry the responsibilities of his father, had no mother, and his father had also crippled himself. What kind of suffering was that?

After a brief silence, Grandmaster sighed, saying: “Let the past be the past. Everything must move forwards. If my guess is correct, the three requirements the Clear Sky School elders raised should actually be a test for you. Your gifts should already have won them over. These three conditions test you in three kinds of different abilities. Reaching eightieth rank before thirty is a test to your perseverance. Killing a Spirit Hall Title Douluo and obtaining a hundred thousand year spirit ring tests your courage and wisdom. It seems that they are paving the road for the future success of the Clear Sky School. If I’m not mistaken, as long as you can complete these three conditions, it will be time for the Clear Sky School to reenter the world.”

Tang San was Grandmaster’s disciple. What Grandmaster could think of, he had naturally also though of.

Frankly, he had never had any interest in the position as Clear Sky School master. His biggest dream since arriving in this world was to rely on what he had learned to rebuild that Tang Sect.

Taking the Continent’s number one sect, the Clear Sky School, didn’t really suit him. However, for the responsibilities his father had left him, he couldn’t shrink back from the Clear Sky School’s matters.

Flender laughed out loud, saying: “Let’s not talk about that, why, there’s still another ten years. What’s impossible for others to accomplish isn’t necessarily any kind of difficulty when placed in front of little San. Tell me, what is you little monsters’ strength like? And also, that fellow little Ao? Why isn’t he here?”

Ning Rongrong’s mood had already recovered a lot after the previous release when they met, and simply described her events with Oscar. The rims of her eyes reddened once again, but this time she didn’t cry.

Zhao Wuji couldn’t help saying: “I really didn’t see it before, that little Ao that fellow would be so firm. Leaving without a sound, and his current whereabouts also unknown.”

Ning Rongrong hung her head: “What I fear for is his safety, he’s after all only a food system Spirit Master. Even with the hidden weapons third brother handed out, if he really encounters some great danger, I’m afraid……”

Liu Erlong embraced Ning Rongrong’s shoulders, letting her lean against her bosom, “Silly girl, there’s no use for you to think about that now. It’s already been five years. If danger were to appear, it would have already done so long ago. Since you’ve decided to wait for him, then you have to have faith in him. It’s already been half of ten years. In another five years, there will be a result. Perhaps, he will appear in front of you in less than five years.”

Ning Rongrong nodded silently, still unable to smooth the expression on her face.

Flender clapped the plump Ma Hongjun next to him, “Fatty, in your so- called five years of learning through experience, what’s your spirit power rank reached? Don’t tell me you haven’t progressed at all.”

Ma Hongjun said aggrieved: “Originally my progress wasn’t small, but compared to these abnormals, it doesn’t count for anything. Teacher, right now I’m at fifty seventh ranked spirit power. That still counts as pretty good.”

Flender stared blankly a moment, pleasant surprise flashing in his eyes. In fact, Ma Hongjun still wasn’t twenty years old. Fifty seventh rank at this age, and moreover with him possessing the top quality spirit, Fire Phoenix, as well as having obtained a flame right arm spirit bone, he had absolutely risen to the rank of celebrity within the young generation.

“And you all?” Flender looked at the others.

Dai Mubai said: “I’m about to advance to the sixty fourth rank. Zhuqing just reached the sixtieth rank and got her sixth spirit ring. Just now I saw that Rongrong’s cultivation might be about the same as hers. As for little San, it seems like he’s quickly approaching the sixtieth rank.”

Tang San nodded, “Right now I’m at the peak of the fifty ninth rank, I should be.”

Flender, Grandmaster, Liu Erlong, Zhao Wuji, these four great Shrek Academy seniors all looked face to face.

“Abnormals, monsters.” Practically the same words leapt from four mouths.

In fact, these children in front of them were universally around twenty! back then, Spirit Hall’s Golden Generation trio were twenty, and their spirit power was also barely more than fiftieth rank.

But these little monsters in front of them were universally all already dithering around the sixtieth rank. In the Spirit Master world, this could even be said to be unprecedented in history.

Actually, even though the Shrek Seven Devils were good in terms of talent, there was hardly any difference from Spirit Hall’s Golden Generation. The reason why they could have their present progress was inextricably linked to the immortal treasure herbs Tang San provided. Those immortal treasure herbs not only made their strength increase substantially, but even more importantly gave them a solid foundation, imperceptibly changing their bodies.

Those immortal treasure herbs had all passed Tang San’s careful selection, selecting the most suitable herbs for each of them to take.

Only Xiao Wu didn’t eat the immortal treasure herbs, and she was a shape changed hundred thousand year spirit beast, her cultivation speed was naturally a lot faster than ordinary Spirit Masters.

It was all these kinds of circumstances that created these little monsters in front of them.

Flender glared at Ma Hongjun, “You look at the others, all around the sixtieth rank, just you are lacking. You definitely haven’t been doing anything decent in these years. Don’t sleep and laze around all day. It’s lucky your spirit is so good.”

Ma Hongjun said with a wronged expression: “Teacher, it’s not that I didn’t try hard, rather that these fellows are too abnormal!”

Grandmaster smiled: “Fine, Flender, don’t cover it up, your heart is actually desperately happy. Even though Fatty’s spirit power is somewhat modest, with the power of that Evil Fire Phoenix of his, his strength isn’t below little San and the others. You don’t have to short-change him.”

Liu Erlong suddenly asked Tang San: “Little San, when are you planning to go find Xiao Wu?”

Tang San said without the slightest hesitation: “Originally I was planning on going directly to the Star Dou Great Forest. After all, I’m about to reach the sixtieth rank. I planned to first return to the Academy for everyone, and once I leave I’ll go directly to search for Xiao Wu.

Accompanying her to cultivate in the Star Dou Great Forest, once she’s broken through the sixtieth rank, I’ll bring her back to see you all.”

The expression in Liu Erlong’s eyes softened, “Be good to her. Even if she’s a hundred thousand year spirit beast reincarnated, you also said that after her transformation is complete, she won’t be any different from a human. You can’t have any notion of discriminating against her, otherwise I won’t be able to forgive you.”

[1] Jiang Zhu - the Healing Scepter Spirit Master that was among the substitute members on the Shrek Academy team.

Chapter 153

Tang San smiled and shook his head, “Why would I? If I discriminated against Xiao Wu, wouldn’t that be discriminating against my own mother? Don’t forget that my mother was also a human form hundred thousand year spirit beast.”

Liu Erlong smiled: “Good then. After you see her, remember to tell her that I miss her. Even though she’s actually a lot older than me, I’m still her godmother, this won’t change.”

Tang San smiled: “Of course.”

After leaving the Clear Sky School this time, the highest priority on Tang San’s list was to go search for Xiao Wu, and afterwards continue cultivating. He wasn’t too worried about rising to the eightieth rank in ten years, he believed he had that ability. Of course, in this period of cultivation, he wanted to be together with Xiao Wu.

He’d already planned it out properly. After finding Xiao Wu, if Xiao Wu wished to stay in the Star Dou Great Forest, he’d accompany her there. If she wanted to leave with him, then he’d find a place to properly forge his hidden weapons, and cultivate further.

Tang San wasn’t particularly fond of the pretentiousness of the outside world. As long as he could be together with Xiao Wu, other things weren’t important. As for raising the Clear Sky Sect, that would also have to wait until he had the corresponding strength. Right now it was still premature.

Along with the rise in his strength, he already had a lot more Tang Sect hidden weapons secret lore he could cultivate, but the fiercer the hidden weapons cultivation, the more difficult, and they moreover had to pass an even more difficult refining process. Like those top quality hidden weapons that even more required a long forging process. Flender rolled his eyes, smiling: “You’re all the pride of our Shrek Academy, we also can’t let you make this trip back in vain. How about showing off a bit of strength to the Academy?”

The Shrek Seven Devils smiled at each other. They knew that this lord dean wanted to squeeze them for any remaining value. But that was just Flender’s nature! They didn’t have any objections to this, on the contrary okaying it cheerfully.

Flender spoke with frank assurance, “For young spirit masters, having a suitable idol would have very great benefits to their cultivation. I’m certainly not equal to Xiao Gang in actual training, but I can still grasp such a mind. If you don’t object, I hope you can reveal your strength in front of the students of the whole Academy once. Let them have a look at what level people of the same age can reach.”

Liu Erlong snapped: “Boss, this might also have the opposite reaction. If by some chance the students get the impression they’re too lacking, and grow dispirited, what then?”

Flender unflinchingly said: “Such students are unworthy of our cultivation. Xiao Gang. What do you think about my proposal?”

Grandmaster smiled faintly, “I have no opinions. You’re the dean, you decide.”

Flender then looked at Dai Mubai, Tang San and the others, revealing an inquiring gaze.

Dai Mubai smiled: “No problem for me, it’s just in time to also have a look at what level everyone’s cultivation has reached. Just now because we didn’t recognize little San outside the gate and fought him, it seemed

that everyone has improved a lot. This is just the time to see what everyone’s true strengt h is.”

Tang San and the others also nodded simultaneously, expressing their approval of Dai Mubai’s idea. The Shrek Academy could be called their other home, they absolutely wouldn’t decline if they could do something for the Academy.

Flender smiled: “Good then. Erlong, you go arrange it. The little fellows all have their own things to do, we can’t hold them up for too long. I think arranging it for tomorrow is good.”

Liu Erlong gave Flender a glance, her eyes revealing a crafty light. Nodding, she got up and left. As she walked out of Flender’s office, a smile already rippled at the corners of her mouth.

Two hours later, Shrek Academy was already plastered with enormous posters. The title was: Five Shrek Seven Devils return, tomorrow they invite all students to display the results of their cultivation by comparing notes with the joint forces of dean Flender and vice dean Zhao Wuji.

Pitiful Zhao Wuji and Flender, right now they were still full of joy and expectations, chatting with the Shrek Five Devils, unaware that they had already been sold out by Liu Erlong.


Northernmost Heaven Dou Empire. Icebound Forest.

The Icebound Forest consisted of needle-leaved trees most suited to the cold. The tracks of men were rare.

This was simultaneously also a spirit beast forest, only the environment was too nasty, the temperature very low. Therefore, only some Spirit Masters with cold attribute spirits would choose to come here to hunt for the spirit beasts they needed.

A party of more than ten people chewed on delicious sausage with big bites, the hot steam rising from their bodies showing how much they had spent themselves before.

The majority of people all sat on the ground, only one person still stood. In front of him was an enormous dying spirit beast, seemingly entirely covered in magnificent rings of light.

This spirit beast was more than seven meters long, the scales of its body extremely unusual. Each scale was like a small mirror. If it stood motionless, its body could reflect the surrounding scene, and basically couldn’t be discovered without careful observation.

But right now this spirit beast’s surroundings was already sprayed with blue blood and those seated men. Among those people swiftly recovering their strength, more than half were injured. Clearly that was caused by it.

Standing in front of the seven meter long spirit beast was a man of indeterminable age. The full beard across his whole face practically concealed his appearance completely. He was tall, his hair disheveled. The only parts of his features that could clearly be seen, was perhaps his pair of peach blossom eyes.

Below his left eye, a scar stretched from the corner of his eye straight down into the beard covering his jaw. Right now, those eyes flickered with extremely ice cold light.

Muttering to himself: “Twenty thousand year cultivation Mirror Image Beast, I hope you can give me the spirit ability I expect.”

His hand rose, a dagger fell, the more than one chi long dagger in his hand thrusting deeply inside a wound at the Mirror Image Beast’s neck where it had lost its scales from a wound, ending the life of this formidable spirit beast.

Among the more than ten people behind him, right now at least half the faces all displayed an avaricious light, but looking at the three people standing next to the man there, they still forcibly restrained the voracious

desire in their eyes. After all, those three were their bosses. They were also the most powerful of this hunting team.

“Little Ao, be quick about it. It’s not safe here, if we meet another few spirits beast as powerful as this, I’m afraid we’ll be completely wiped out.”

This man thrusting the dagger, killing the spirit beast, was just the figure Ning Rongrong yearned for day and night. Big Sausage Uncle Oscar.

By now, that face hidden beneath the full beard was already a lot more stalwart. Even though the scar on his face ruined his original beauty, he still seemed to have a particular male charm.

Five years, a full five years had passed. In these five years, he had experienced countless suffering, spending his sweat and blood in painful suffering. At that time, he had joined this hunting team with only one request, that was to help him hunt the spirit beast he needed when he needed it. And now, this twenty thousand year cultivation Mirror Image Beast, was just becoming his sixth spirit ring.

The previous speaker was a more than fifty year old man. Among everyone here, the imposing manner he released was the most impressive. He was also the one who stood closest to Oscar. He was also the only person Oscar could completely trust in this team.

This person was a seventy sixth ranked Spirit Sage. The highest ranked among the rest of the Spirit Masters in the team was only sixty fourth ranked. In spirit power alone, Oscar could already stand among the top five.

In order to kill this Mirror Image Beast, they had sought it for more than a month before finding an opportunity. The Mirror Image Beast was a kind of exceedingly rare and formidable Spirit Beast, otherwise those team members also wouldn’t have displayed such greedy gazes.

Sitting down cross legged in front of the Mirror Image Beast, just when Oscar prepared to close his eyes, suddenly, at the same time as he

discovered that just dead Mirror Image Beast release its spirit ring, his dagger thrust out, revealing a faint beam of light.

His heart twitched, but Oscar didn’t move impatiently, only when he drew out the dagger, he subconsciously shifted the Mirror Image Beast’s position, using its body to suppress that wound from before.

He then sat cross legged in front of the Mirror Image Beast, starting to absorb the spirit ring.

His movements were extremely stealthy, even the not distant Spirit Sage near him didn’t notice.

To be able to display a light from within an already dead spirit beast, there was only one possibility, spirit bone. Oscar knew that after he had finished absorbing the spirit ring, the Mirror Image Beast in front of him would definitely be broken down.

The hunting team wouldn’t let anything valuable it had go to waste, and they would even more want to look for the possible appearance of a spirit bone.

The value of any one spirit bone was absolutely an astronomical sum.

To this hunting team, a spirit bone was absolutely a treasure that could cause a massacre. Oscar understood that it was impossible for him to take away the shining spirit bone while absorbing the spirit ring.

He could only absorb this spirit ring before anything else.

The others all quietly waited for Oscar to complete the absorption while recovering. That seventy sixth ranked Spirit Sage stood coldly at Oscar’s side with his eyes closed, resting, and the other two not far away from him also began to rest.

With the team’s three great powers gathered to protect Oscar, the others naturally wouldn’t have any ideas.

An ice cold current constantly revolved around Oscar’s body. Gradually, as that ice cold condensed to a certain degree, it began to charge around violently within Oscar.

Oscar understood that the more intense the pain meant that the strength was more formidable. Wasn’t it after enormous pain that Tang San possessed such powerful spirit abilities back then?

Five years had passed. He knew that he still only had five years remaining.

The fifth spirit ability hadn’t reached his desire, so this sixth spirit ability was all his hope. Because he wasn’t sure he could advance another ten ranks in the next five years to obtain the next spirit ability.

Five years of sharpening himself on the grindstone. The pressure on a food system Spirit Master’s spirit abilities in a team could be well imagined. In the eyes of those sects or nobles that seemed to thirst for talent, food system Spirit Masters were perhaps rare talents.

But in this kind of spirit beast hunting team, he could only serve in the role of logistics and supply. Sometimes he would even be abandoned.

For Spirit Masters participating in hunting teams not only each had ample real combat experience, but most dreadful was their ice cold character. They joined such teams completely for the sake of profit. In the ultimate critical moment, even if it was a member of the same team, there was still nobody who would do anything for the person at their side, what was most important was protecting themselves. For a food system Spirit Master completely lacking attack power like Oscar, to be able to live in such an environment for five years was a miracle. This was admittedly related to his extremely useful spirit, but it was also closely related to his own wisdom.

It was just because of living under such enormous pressure, constantly reminding him, that Oscar could make another breakthrough in a brief five years, reaching the sixtieth rank level. In fact, these sixty ranks were far

more difficult for him than ordinary Spirit Masters. This year he was only twenty two. Absolutely a genius among geniuses. Of course, in this team, only the Spirit Sage next to him knew his true age.

For a full two hours, in this world of ice and snow, Oscar sweated like rain, soaking his winter clothes. But even so, he didn’t utter a sound. With his persistent will, right now he wouldn’t be inferior compared to Tang San.

At last, the ice cold currents within his body flowed together, forming a faintly fluctuating ring, completely merged into his body, and Oscar slowly opened his eyes with his back to the majority of the others.

At the same time as he opened his eyes, drawn by the energy, that Spirit Sage in front of him also very naturally opened his eyes. Just as he was about to speak, he saw the expression in Oscar’s eyes shift.

The two hadn’t been working together for a short time. This Spirit Sage immediately became aware that something was up. Without opening his mouth, he shot him an inquiring gaze.

Oscar looked at him, then again looked at the already completely rigid spirit beast, his gaze pausing on the spirit beast’s head.

The pupils of the Spirit Sage’s eyes immediately contracted. He of course understood what the circumstances Oscar hinted at in front of him meant. His whole body slowly tightened, the expression in his eyes also gradually becoming sharp. He understood that with the appearance of this thing, there was already no meaning to the team in front of him. Even the two seemingly loyal subordinates closest to him wouldn’t easily let this thing slip past their eyes.

And as the strongest of the team, he would undoubtedly be mobbed after the discovery of the spirit bone.

Oscar’s gaze once again fell on the Spirit Sage. This time, the light in his eyes had already changed, that was an extremely sharp and fierce splendor. Ice cold chill was emitted from his eyes.

The Spirit Sage immediately understood his meaning. Within the entire team, only these two could completely trust each other. There was no time to consider, he could only softly nod to Oscar.

Releasing a breath, Oscar slowly spread his arms wide, standing from the ground. His spirit opening, two yellow, two purple, two black, six spirit rings simultaneously appeared over him. One more spirit ring was a qualitative leap, and his manners had already quietly changed.

“Congratulations. Congratulations.” The hunting team’s gazes were immediately drawn to Oscar.

Oscar turned, saying with a smile: “This is to everyone’s credit. Thank you all for helping me succeed. Anyway, my new spirit ability will also help the all of you in the future. Are you interested in having a look?”

To Spirit Masters, explaining their spirit abilities to others was a kind of display of trust. What Oscar did undoubtedly made the Spirit Masters present very satisfied. Of course, Oscar saying this also completely drew their attention. Nobody was in a rush to cut up the spirit beast’s corpse.

Oscar smiled:

“This sixth spirit ability of mine is somewhat strange, only relying on my own strength won’t do, I still need the assistance of others. Big brother Hao Te[1], I’ll trouble you.”

His final words were spoken to that Spirit Sage. As he spoke, he still pulled out a chi long black box from his chest, swiftly fumbling with its surface, producing a series of mechanical noises. ly, only Hao Te next to him had seen him use this thing.

Hao Te asked: “How do you want me to help?”

Oscar said: “I need a drop of your blood.” That he chose Hao Te to help him also seemed very ordinary to the others, and raised no doubts.

Hao Te frowned, but still stretched out his right hand in front of Oscar, the fingernail of his thumb pricking his forefinger, immediately opening a cut whence a drop of blood tumbled out.

“I, your father, have a mirror image sausage.” The spirit incantation was still appalling.

Oscar moved very quickly. His sixth spirit ring abruptly flashed, a circle of black light bubbling out of his palm, instantly merging into that drop of blood. Immediately afterward, intense spirit power fluctuations surged from his palm, his sixth spirit ring also constantly expanding and contracting throughout the process.

Right now, everyone’s gazes fell on his hand. Within those intense spirit power fluctuations, a faintly silvery sausage quietly took shape.

Oscar said: “Big brother Hao Te, please release your spirit.”

Hao Te nodded, a light flashing in his eyes. His imposing manner instantly turned ruthless, rich spirit power fluctuations spreading from him, as his entire body abruptly grew larger, his muscles expanding. Amidst the thick aura fluctuations, his hair had already become white.

Two yellow, three purple, two black, seven spirit rings abruptly released. The spirit this Spirit Sage called Hao Te possessed was actually a Snow Soul Demon Bear[2]. Concentrating on offense and defense as a whole, it possessed extremely powerful attack power and defensive capabilities.

Oscar spread his left hand, swiftly chanting two spirit incantations, “I, your father, have a stimulating pink sausage, I, you father, have a stimulating pink sausage.”

Now his strength was already at the sixtieth rank, and again using his fourth spirit ability was naturally a lot faster than before, two stimulating pink sausages appearing in his palm before everyone’s eyes.

The others had no idea what he was doing, and further adding that he was a food system Spirit Master without any attack power, there was naturally

nobody with doubts. Only expressions of curiosity were seen.

Oscar swallowed a pink sausage himself, and handed the other to Hao Te,
“Eat this first, afterwards use your seventh spirit ability.”

Hao Te swallowed the pink sausage without the slightest hesitation, and at the same time his seventh spirit ring grew radiant. The spirit avatar that he didn’t even use against that Mirror Image Beast before suddenly released.

Amidst the gasps of admiration of the other Spirit Masters, Hao Te’s clothes instantly burst, in the blink of an eye growing into an extremely thick and solid giant bear, seven meters tall.

His whole body covered with white fur, a frosty frozen air permeating out from within him, complemented even more by this very cold Icebound Forest. A profound aura seemed to make the surrounding air become tangible. Especially under the boost of Oscar’s stimulating pink sausage, his eyes were already filled with a pink layer, the energy over his whole body growing somewhat more ruthless.

At the same moment, Oscar swiftly stuffed that silvery sausage made from his sixth spirit ability into his own mouth, suddenly shouting, “Do it!”

Sonorous mechanical cracks echoed, the Godly Zhuge Crossbow already spitting out deadly sharp bolts. At such close distance, and further adding the Godly Zhuge Crossbow’s own terrifying firing speed, the instantly erupting burst attack power of the sixteen crossbow bolts was absolutely terrifying.

Bearing the brunt were three closest Spirit Masters already within the attack range of the sixteen crossbow bolts. Of these three Spirit Masters, two were Spirit kings, one was a Spirit Emperor. If they were given enough time to prepare, they could naturally block by using their fourth or higher spirit abilities. However, what time did they have to prepare?

What kind of might did the Tang Sect hidden weapons Tang San make have? This moment was even more a complete ambush, just after having

settled a formidable spirit beast, and Oscar had further obtained the advantage of a spirit ring. How could have thought that such a food system Spirit Master would actually suddenly rise in revolt at this moment.

More than ten puffs of blood mist exploded into the air. Without the least suspense, those three Spirit Masters’ bodies were already completely pierced through. Even more dreadful was that Oscar’s Godly Zhuge Crossbow Bolts were covered with Tang San’s personally made toxin, Meeting Blood Seals The Throat. Such poison, after passing Tang San’s special blending, wouldn’t lose effect after the crossbow bolts they were attached to were used. Each time it came into contact with blood, the poison would continue to condense.

The poison spread instantly, and with wide open eyes brimming with disbelief, those three Spirit Masters slowly fell limply. And now, having eaten the stimulating pink sausage, Spirit Sage Hao Te also moved. Fully using spirit avatar, and with the further boost of the stimulating pink sausage, he threw himself forward. Two Spirit kings didn’t even have time to reach before he had already smashed their heads to pieces.

Now there were still eight remaining Spirit Masters. These eight Spirit Masters consisted of four Spirit Kings and four Spirit Emperors. They were also long since battle hardened Spirit Masters. Even though they didn’t know why Oscar and Hao Te would suddenly rise in revolt, they still reacted in the first moments, swiftly retreating and releasing their spirits.

Oscar calmly rewound the mechanism of his Godly Zhuge Crossbow. Not only didn’t he retreat, he on the contrary followed the enormous Hao Te to charge forward.

Spirit Emperor and Spirit Sage, even though there was only one level difference, the difference lay in that spirit avatar. Using his spirit avatar, Hao Te was just like a tiger plunging into a flock of sheep. Amidst an eruption of wild force, leaving those eight spirit masters still unable to join hands essentially unable to resist, spirit abilities falling on his body one by one, basically unable to leave a mark, in the blink of an eye, another two Spirit Kings had perished by his hands.

“Get rid of that bastard Oscar first.” Nobody knew who shouted, but two Spirit Emperors already swiftly moved around the sides to charge at Oscar. The other four reacted to swiftly form an encirclement. They of course wouldn’t hope to be able to kill Hao Te, but would at least first tangle with him. Once Oscar was dealt with, the six would at least have a chance to besiege Hao Te.

By now they for the most part already understood that Hao Te and Oscar suddenly revolting was definitely related to that killed Mirror Image Beast. Able to make them unleash a massacre without the slightest hesitation, would only be a spirit bone.

“Hao Te, don’t mind me, kill them first.” Oscar shouted calmly, at the same time he no longer advanced, but rather swiftly retreated.

Under normal circumstances, such actions were clearly unwise. Only when he was closer to Hao Te could Hao Te look after him. But right now he meticulously pulled open the distance between him and Hao Te, undoubtedly putting himself in danger.

One food system Spirit Emperor facing two agility attack type Spirit Emperors. To anyone it would seem like this should be an unequal confrontation. The two agility attack type Spirit Masters’ gazes focused on the Godly Zhuge Crossbow in Oscar’s hand. After all, the impression the Godly Zhuge Crossbow gave them before was too deep. A weapon capable of instantly annihilating three Spirit Masters was enough to make them fearful.

The two Spirit Emperors were cautious, both used a protective ability, relying on speed to swiftly get close to Oscar. It seemed to them that all Oscar could rely on was the Godly Zhuge Crossbow, and as for the stimulating pink sausage he ate, at most it could only increase his speed a bit.

However, they still underestimated Oscar. A food system Spirit Master capable of wandering this chaotic Icebound Forest for five years, that

wasn’t something that could be accomplished with luck alone. Oscar had never before truly revealed his strength in front of others, but this time he wouldn’t hold back.

His body swiftly shot out, dashing madly to one side, the instantly erupting speed shocking the two agility attack type Spirit Masters. They clearly sensed that right now Oscar relied completely on his physical strength to run, and not some spirit ability. But his speed seemed a bit too fast.

How could they know that in his Shrek Academy training, Oscar had undergone Grandmaster’s devil training and the nourishment of Tang San’s immortal herbs. His physical body’s degree of strength wasn’t something a food system Spirit Master could compare to. To say nothing of when he had now eaten the stimulating pink sausage.

Of course, even if he was even faster it would still be impossible to match these two agility attack type Spirit Masters, and the distance between the three swiftly closed.

Suddenly, Oscar stopped. With his left foot as axis, his body swiftly rotated, the Godly Zhuge Crossbow in his hand already rising.

The two agility attack type Spirit Masters both had extremely good control over their own bodies, and even though they had released defensive abilities, they still weren’t willing to contend with that unknown weapon from the front. The two paused practically simultaneously, slipping to either side, not giving Oscar the opportunity to lock onto them. The closer of the two already stuck to the ground and arrived, bone spurs ejecting ejecting from the joints of both hands, thrusting straight at Oscar’s abdomen.

Oscar’s face revealed a cold smile, the muscles of his legs suddenly bracing.

With sonorous sounds, six crossbow bolts shot from his thighs practically simultaneously.

Hidden weapons had to be sudden. Right now the Godly Zhuge Crossbow in his hands was just raised, how could those two agility attack type Spirit Masters anticipate that he could actually make such an attack with his thighs? In haste, there was no time to attack Oscar, because he also didn’t know how powerful Oscar’s crossbow bolts were. Both hands clapping the ground hard, forcefully changing his forward momentum, speedily flipping over and moving away.

Despite this, he still only dodged three crossbow bolts. The other three still resolutely struck his defensive spirit ability, issuing a series of cracking sounds.

This agility attack type Spirit Emperor really was outstanding. In midair, his fourth spirit ability brightened, two intangible wings appearing behind his back. Even though these wings of his weren’t enough to fly, they could still change his direction, suddenly twisting in the air, he arrived above Oscar. Right now, his heart was already extremely regretful, both hands simultaneously scratching at Oscar’s head.

The other Spirit Emperor just arrived from the side. His distance to Oscar was also only five meters. Undoubtedly, to Oscar, this should be a certain death situation.

Just at this moment, Oscar suddenly made a motion that left the two uncomprehending. Shifting the Godly Zhuge Crossbow to his left hand, he sharply raised his right hand, blocking the two palms scratching towards his head. Simultaneously he raised his right foot, forcefully stomping on the ground. In an instant, his six spirit rings flared practically simultaneously, and moreover changed to a weird gray.

The change that appeared immediately afterward, left the two Spirit Emperors completely stupefied. Oscar’s upraised right hand suddenly grew larger without any warning, growing at least three times as large as before, his whole hand covered in a layer of snow white fur, firmly grabbing both striking palms of that midair Spirit Emperor. A great force issued, and the midair Spirit Emperor immediately felt a sharp pain in his wrists, his entire body seeming paralysed for a short moment.

And on the other side, where Oscar’s right foot stomped on the ground, an intense shockwave brazenly spread outwards. That Spirit Emperor mounting a sneak attack from the side abruptly stiffened, his entire body only knocking against Oscar out of momentum, his brewing spirit ability forcefully interrupted.

“Goodbye.” An ice cold voice issued from Oscar’s mouth. He simply swiftly lowered his head, right hand pulling downwards, a thick crossbow bolt abruptly firing from his neck, piercing perfectly straight into the throat of that Spirit Emperor in midair. And the Godly Zhuge Crossbow in his left hand once again spit out death.

The Spirit Emperor launching the sneak attack who had his spirit abilities interrupted and bumped against him, was sent flying as his body was hit by sixteen extremely powerful crossbow bolts, already turned into a sieve. The dying Spirit Emperor in the air was unable to understand how Oscar’s techniques could change like this, how a food system Spirit Master could actually use spirit abilities similar to Snow Soul Demon Bear Spirit Sage Hao Te’s Giant Spirit Palm and Seismic Wave.

With a swing of his right hand, the midair Spirit Emperor was flung to the ground. Oscar swayed once, his face immediately turning somewhat pale. But the light in his eyes was brimming with excitement. Killing two agility attack type Spirit Emperors was, to him, in no way as simple as just settling the current crisis. Even more important was that killing these two by relying on his own strength, signified an important shift in his Spirit Master career.

The twenty thousand year cultivation Mirror Image Beast was just what he hoped for, it finally gave him the spirit ability that most suited his needs. Mirror Image Large Sausage.

The effect of the mirror image sausage was copying. But when it was made it had to have the blood of a Spirit Master as basis. If the possessor of the blood had spirit power exceeding the producer, the producer could display seventy percent of the power of the spirit abilities equal to his level. If the target’s spirit power was equal to the producer, the producer could display eighty percent of the might of the blood donor’s spirit abilities.

It could be fully used for three minutes. In other words, eating that mirror image sausage before, within three minutes, Oscar possessed the spirit abilities of Hao Te at seventy percent power as a Snow Soul Demon Bear Spirit Master.

On the surface it seemed like this spirit ability of Oscar’s had effects out of the ordinary, he could after all duplicate all spirit abilities. But in fact, the restrictions of this spirit ability were equally large. With his present sixtieth rank, possessing seventy percent of Hao Te’s power for three minutes, was actually equivalent to just a roughly fiftieth ranked Hao Te, and those two agility attack type Spirit Masters before were actually above him in strength. The reason they were killed by him was mostly because of the unexpectedness.

And while only using seventy percent of the spirit abilities’ might, Oscar would pay a hundred percent of the spirit power cost to support them. The spirit power required to manufacture the mirror image large sausage was even more frightful, equivalent to one third of his present spirit power to make one.

However, to Oscar, the greatest bit of good news was that this mirror image sausage kept for a very long time. Each mirror image sausage produced could keep its effectiveness for one year. If there was a large number of high level Spirit Masters that donated blood to let him make them, under certain circumstances, he might also be considered a kind of Battle Spirit Master.

In terms of strength, with the battle capability he possessed Oscar wasn’t scary, but the suddenness was enough to shock any opponent. Who could imagine a food system Spirit Master to suddenly possess attack power?

Even more, back among the Shrek Seven Devils, in craftiness, Oscar was second only to Tang San. The situation just now was completely caused by his planning. Relying on the two great hidden weapons Tang San gave him, the Godly Zhuge Crossbow and the Back Tightening Flower Adorned Crossbow, as well as the suddenly appearing spirit abilities, he got rid of two Spirit Emperors in one move. Further adding the previous three he got

rid of, among all the thirteen people, five were entirely killed by this food system Spirit Master.

When Oscar returned to the other side, those four Spirit Masters were already rigidly suppressed by Hao Te. Two Spirit Kings collapsed first in a flash. When the other two Spirit Emperors saw Oscar unexpectedly return, under the great shock they didn’t have a thought about fighting. But once they wanted to flee, how would Oscar and Hao Te give them the chance?

Relying on the obstruction of the final discharge of the Godly Zhuge Crossbow plus Hao Te’s overbearing spirit avatar, they forcibly got rid of these last two Spirit Emperors, putting an end to this unilateral massacre.

Hao Te changed back into his original form. Even though he was naked right now, because of his connection to his spirit, he didn’t fear the cold. He looked somewhat astonished at Oscar, “Little Ao, you really had your wish fulfilled?”

Oscar didn’t hide it, telling Hao Te about the sixth spirit ability he just obtained. At the same time he also pulled off his sweat soaked, already frozen stiff, clothes, and changed into a new set from his spirit tool.

Looking at the surrounding corpses, Hao Te couldn’t help secretly sighing. Even though these hunting team members weren’t any good people, they had after all followed him for a time.

Oscar naturally saw the disappointed expression in Hao Te’s eyes, “Big brother, don’t think about it. If we didn’t do it, once they discovered the spirit bone, if they started it ahead of us, I’m afraid we would be the corpses now.”

Hao Te nodded silently. He of course knew that what Oscar said was fact, if they didn’t do it first, it would very possibly be them dead at the end.

Especially him, the most powerful of this team, would inevitably be the primary target of those people.

[1] Hao Te - ( 浩特) “Grand unique”, also a word for nomadic camp (from the Mongolian word khot).

[2] Snow Soul Demon Bear - (雪魄魔熊)

Chapter 154

Oscar pointed to the Mirror Image Beast’s corpse, “Big brother, extract the spirit bone quickly. I’ll gather some of their blood.”

While speaking, Oscar pulled out some different kinds of vessels from his spirit tool. Before possessing the sixth spirit ability, he still didn’t know whether he could succeed, and naturally wouldn’t prepare much. But always being in such danger, carrying all kinds of items was very natural, and clearing out some to collect blood was still possible.

After all, no Spirit Master would lightly give him their blood, but his sixth spirit ability still required blood as basis. Oscar had already thought it over, and using the blood of these Spirit Masters whose strength wasn’t much different from his to make some mirror image large sausages to carry with him should still be enough for self protection.

Hao Te understood from Oscar’s actions before that his sixth spirit ability was related to blood, and right now his eyes revealed a faint gentleness. He understood that oscar wasn’t preparing to take for that spirit bone, and therefore let him collect it.

Relying on his formidable strength, the Mirror Image Beast’s head was easily split open by Hao Te, immediately revealing the true form of the spirit bone. Oscar naturally wouldn’t see wrong, and within the Mirror Image Beast’s head was condensed a sparkling crystalline skull capable of reflecting light. The entire skull seemed made out of mirrors, the light from the outside world causing a flickering faint brilliance.

It was heavy in his hand, special spirit power fluctuations making Hao Te’s fingertips tingle, making his eyes unconsciously display a somewhat intoxicated light. Spirit bone, who didn’t desire them? Even more when this was a skull bone, second only to a torso bone. To any Spirit Masters, these were rare and precious treasures.

In a moment of work, Oscar had already collected the blood he needed. Returning to Hao Te’s side, his gaze also automatically fell on that mirror image skull. But in his eyes was no greed. Having obtained such a most suitable sixth spirit ability, he was already perfectly content, without any greedy thoughts. The reason he fought was that he didn’t want his life to end here.

The intoxication in Hao Te’s eyes gradually disappeared, and clasping the spirit bone in both hands, he held it in front of Oscar, “Absorb it. It should be very useful to you.”

Oscar stared blankly a moment, “Big brother, what are you doing? You’ve already helped me too much, I’m already very satisfied with the spirit ring, this spirit bone is what you deserve. You coming out to hunt spirit beasts, wasn’t that for the sake of this treasure?”

Hao Te sighed, “Brother, don’t argue with me. Take it. It’s even more important to you than to me. The same person absorbing the spirit ring and spirit bone from the same spirit beast will have the highest effect. It’s not like you don’t understand that. Even more, this life of mine was saved by you. In these two years, even though I’ve helped you a bit, if it wasn’t for your kindness in saving me back then, how would I have the chance to help you? I owe you a life, this is just a spirit bone.”

Oscar and Hao Te had met very randomly. That time, Hao Te had just been ambushed and severely injured by his comrades in a hunting team. Unconscious in the wilderness, he had fortunately encountered Oscar. He used the small detoxifying sausage to h elp cure Hao Te’s poison, and further his big recovery sausage to help him recover. When they were pursued by the enemies, they had even more relied on the flying mushroom sausage to flee into the distance, thoroughly dissolving Hao Te’s crisis at that time.

Hao Te was a straightforward person, even though he didn’t say it out loud, in his heart he was brimming with gratitude towards the benefactor that saved his life. This was also why they two were so close, and an important reason why Oscar could completely trust him.

“But…..” Oscar still wanted to say something, but Hao Te interrupted.

“Brother, don’t say anything. Actually, I still have selfish motives in giving you this spirit bone. I’m already in my fifties. After a Spirit Master enters his sixties, increasing his strength further will be very difficult. At the end of my life, I expect my best outcome is to reach the Spirit Douluo level. But you’re different. You’re just twenty two! I’ve never seen a more outstanding food system Spirit Master than you; your future prospects are boundless. You might even reach the legendary food system Title Douluo level. You call me big brother, so in the future I’ll rely on you. If you’re more powerful, won’t my patron be even more generous?”

Oscar of course understood that the reason Hao Te said this was in order to make him accept this spirit bone. Looking at the mirror reflective light in front of him, he couldn’t say anything further. Yes, to him, to possess a spirit bone that suited him really was far too important. This treasure that could be discovered but not sought was enough to make his strength rise another step.

Taking the precious and heavy mirror image skull bone into both hands, Oscar no longer hesitated, and the gratified light in Hao Te’s gaze grew more concentrated. Faint silvery light released from within the mirror image skull bone, and with a peng sound, the entire spirit bone turned into a cloud of silvery currents, swiftly rushing into the seven apertures of Oscar’s head, making his entire body turn dull.

Hao Te took a step back, spirit power condensing, cautiously and solemnly keeping watch in all directions. The corpse on the ground gradually grew cold, and amidst the reek of blood and austere atmosphere, an unprecedented food system Spirit Master matured with astonishing speed.


Shrek Academy.

The entire Academy was in a state of sensation since yesterday afternoon, just because of that astonishing news pasted everywhere.

Five Shrek Seven Devils returned, carrying out an exhibition match against the two deans. In the world of Spirit Masters, the strong were always respected, and the glory brought about by the Shrek Seven Devils in those days practically couldn’t be reproduced. They not only forced their way to the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament championship, but their ages at the time also formed an everlasting record.

Five years later, five of the Seven Devils returned, and the one most students looked forward to seeing, Tang San, was also among them. Almost all the Shrek Academy students had heard the teachers’ account of Tang San’s display in the tournament back then, especially the final match, when he pulled hard against the tide in the finals versus the Spirit Hall Academy team, prevailing over the opponent, gaining the ultimate prize.

At least on the surface, even Spirit Hall had no way to deal with him, because he didn’t offend any of Spirit Hall’s laws.

Each of the Shrek Seven Devils was a legendary character to these common students. They had returned, and would moreover still carry out an exhibition match with two deans, what kind of inspiring and exciting major event was this!?

In fact, the two deans were now Spirit Douluo over the eightieth rank. At such a competition one could naturally view extremely dazzling super spirit abilities. This was a great event low level Spirit Masters yearned for even in their dreams.

The students excitedly guessed the results of the match, recalling their teachers talking about the past deeds of the Shrek Seven Devils. And on the Academy’s side, the preparations underway built the tension. The location for the exhibition match was the heart of the great forest behind the Academy. This place was requested by Tang San and the others.

“Erlong, you’ve really killed me. Don’t you know just how abnormal those little monsters are? What’s more, I’m a grand and magnificent lord dean, how can I go out easily?” Flender glared resentfully at Liu Erlong in front of him.

Liu Erlong snorted, “Then how about this, I’ll leave all future Academy affairs to you, and I’ll do the exhibition match today, how about it?”

“Eh, this…..” Flender was immediately somewhat at a loss for words.

Liu Erlong snapped: “Day after day you seem like a great idler these days, not doing any work at all. You should also make some effort for the Academy. Give the students a performance, show them your strength, let their students properly recognize their lord dean.”

Flender said with a bitter face: “But, you’re not unaware of those five little monsters’ strength. If it was five common sixtieth rank Spirit Masters, fighting a bit would be nothing. I’d have some certainty. But these five little monsters aren’t ordinary. Four of the five have spirit bones. Mubai and Zhuqing’s spirit fusion ability alone is enough to cause trouble alone. Let alone when there are another three little monsters circling the rear. It’s no good, I’ll definitely be humiliated.”

Liu Erlong grinned, saying: “Didn’t I arrange for you and Zhao Wuji both? I’m not leaving it on you alone.”

Flender stared blankly, “Don’t tell me your setup isn’t for us to go up alternately?”

Liu Erlong said grandiosely: “Of course not, I’ve planned for you two to go up together. Don’t tell me I still don’t know how tremendous Tang San and the others are? You’re still my boss, I couldn’t let you lose face.”

Hearing this, Flender immediately relaxed a lot, laughing loudly: “You really are worthy of being my good little sister. En, two people is good, two people is good! No matter how astonishing those five little monsters are, they still won’t escape this old man’s palm.”

Liu Erlong looked at him with a disdainful expression: “I don’t know who it was that was shivering in fear just now. Boss, don’t relax because it’s two against five. These little monsters can’t be gauged using common sense. When I talked to them yesterday, they actually readily agreed, only choosing the location for the match.”

Flender didn’t think it over: “Even if they’re all geniuses among geniuses, you still can’t underestimate your big brother! Me and Wuji are after all Spirit Douluo. Having reached this level, it’s impossible to cross the twenty rank gap. If it were ordinary circumstances, any one of us could easily suppress more than ten sixtieth ranked Spirit Emperors, let alone these five. And this is still with both for insurance. If the two of us are unable to defeat those five, we should retire.”

Liu Erlong grinned, saying: “In other words, this exhibition match is originally unfair. Therefore, I’ve added a line to the declaration. As long as they five can withstand you and Wuji’s attacks for the time of three sticks of incense, it’ll count as their win.”

Flender nodded, saying: “That’s fine too, they’re still the geniuses produced by our education. It wouldn’t be pretty if they were defeated too miserably. With the time restriction, it’ll finally be equal, also to everyone’s satisfaction. Oh, right, Erlong, have you collected ticket fees from the students? This could be a not insignificant source of income!”

Liu Erlong rolled her eyes, “Boss, are you very short of money? I remember the Empire allocated funds just now.”

Flender grinned, saying: “Isn’t it customary? Alright, let it be. There’s no lack of money right now. Alright, we’ll do it your way.”

Liu Erlong looked at the color of the sky outside and said: “It’s about time, you prepare.”

The Shrek Academy forest had undergone several years of transformation, and no longer had the appearance it did before. Not only

was it split into several mimicry cultivation areas, but were moreover re- regulated. In the middle of the forest was built an enormous drill ground. Surrounded by trees, the drill ground was covered in a lawn of blue silver grass. Compared to the Academy back then, the current Academy had a lot more students, and moreover also shouldered the cooperative mission with the imperial household, giving the field diverse uses.

The surroundings of this sheet of green was long since filled with a large number of waiting students. The entire Shrek Academy currently had around a thousand people, of course this didn’t include the mission from the imperial household, that section under Grandmaster’s integrated training.

The surroundings of the large field were long since packed with people. Even though these students couldn’t compare to the talents of the Shrek Seven Devils back then, they were still carefully selected by the Academy, with at least higher aptitude.

Tang San’s five entered the forest with Grandmaster. When they were about to arrive at the field, Grandmaster halted, saying to Tang San: “Little San, find something to hide your face with.”

Tang San stared blankly a moment, “Teacher, why?”

Grandmaster said: “The impression you left on Spirit Hall back then was too profound. Now your appearance and temperament have completely changed, a great advantage to your safety. Therefore, it’s better you expose yourself as little as possible. Like that, even if Spirit Hall’s people want to find you, it won’t be easy.”

Tang San suddenly came to a realization. What he feld towards Grandmaster wasn’t gratitude, but completely like a family member. Swiftly nodding, he pulled out from the Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges the green mask the Shrek Seven Devils originally used and wore it over his face.

Grandmaster pondered, then said to the others: “You all wear them as well. It’s better to maintain a bit of a mysterious feeling.”

Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing understood that this was also Grandmaster protecting them. The masks the Shrek Seven Devils used were precious mementos to all of them, and everyone had kept theirs. At once complying and wearing them, they immediately hid their original appearance.

When they reached the drill ground, Liu Erlong was already standing in the middle of the field, just loudly admonishing.

“..... each teacher in charge supervise your class, cheering is allowed, but there must be no disorder. Even less must anyone enter the field, or they will suffer the effects of spirit abilities. You are responsible for the consequences.”

As vice dean, Liu Erlong was always known for her strictness. Let alone the students, even the teachers were afraid of her. Under her directions, each class was neatly arranged by the drill ground, quietly waiting, even the noisy comments gradually grew less.

Just at this moment, Grandmaster brought Tang San’s five into the field. The masks they wore as well as Grandmaster leading, undoubtedly declared their identities. Instantly, the just quieted field immediately turned into a boiling sea, cheers echoing just like a volcanic eruption.

Husband and wife, Grandmaster and Liu Erlong, smiled at each other.
Very quickly, Tang San and the others arrived at the middle of the field.

“Go—— se——ni——ors——” Without anyone organising it, the field still erupted in a tremendous welcoming cheer. The voices were extremely orderly, as if arranged long beforehand. The enormous clamor surged on. This was the Shrek Academy students’ display of respect for the glory the Shrek Seven Devils had won in the past.

Tang San, Dai Mubai and the others were also alarmed by such a sight. The five hastily bowed slightly, returning the courtesy towards these junior schoolmates. Immediately, the atmosphere in the field once again reached another climax.

The cheering continued the whole time until Flender and Zhao Wuji entered the field, and Flender’s deep voice echoed, “Alright, quiet down.” Even though it was only his voice alone, under the effect of tremendous spirit power, all the surrounding students’ cheers were unexpectedly drowned out.

Flender also saw the masks the Shrek Five Devils wore. He immediately understood the purpose, and didn’t ask anything. Standing furthest in front, he began to lecture.

To the students, among the Academy leadership, the ones they were most familiar with were undoubtedly Grandmaster and Liu Erlong. One was in charge of teaching, one was in charge of all affairs. But this dean Flender was only very rarely seen. Right now, Flender’s one shout gave them an ample feeling for the power of this lord dean. Flender, satisfied, swept his eyes over everyone. The fanatic light he saw in the eyes of the students was the thing he wanted to see the most.

“Five years ago, the glory produced by the Shrek Academy, the Shrek Seven Devils and others representing the Academy fought off each advanced Spirit Master academy, obtaining the glory of the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament championship for us. Today, five years later, the most significant five members of the team back then have return to the Academy. They have all already grown up, and also become even more formidable. This exhibition match today isn’t for you to enjoy the spectacle, but to let you learn what kind of peak can be reached by those of your age.”

At this point he paused. The entire field was quiet as crows and peacocks, everyone quietly listening to his words.

“To Spirit Masters, talent is extremely important. However, I believe you also know that, among the Shrek Seven Devils, the spirit of the one known as the soul of the Seven Devils, Tang San, is only an insignificant Blue Silver Grass. But relying on this Blue Silver Grass, he again and again led the team to prevail over powerful enemies. Why is this? Do you know?”

“Because of his great effort, his struggle. To the growth of Spirit Masters, talent and luck hold no small importance, but let me tell you, what is most important is the effort made. That Tang San can have the achievements he does today, is completely the result of his own effort. Each of you possess your own spirits, I only ask you one thing, are your spirits more lacking than Blue Silver Grass?”

“No——” The reply was orderly and resonant.

Flender nodded with satisfaction, “Since it’s like this, what Tang San can achieve, you can equally achieve, right?”


Listening to Flender’s rousing speech, not only those students below, even the Shrek Five Devils all felt their blood boil somewhat when listening. Even if everything Tang San possessed now couldn’t be explained by ‘effort’, he of course wouldn’t tear down Flender’s stage.

Turning to the Shrek Five Devils, Flender said loudly: “Little monsters, announce your age and level.”

Dai Mubai was the first to move, stepping forward, he yelled in a deep voice: “Dai Mubai, twenty three, spirit: White Tiger, sixty third ranked power attack type Battle Spirit Emperor.”

Each syllable was said extremely distinctly, and his deep voice could be heard by everyone present. His power originally stemmed from the Academy, and of course he wouldn’t stint on his words.

As the three words ‘Battle Spirit Emperor’ left his mouth, that formidable mind-blowing force immediately infected everyone present, and the cheers once again reached a boiling peak. Countless people loudly shouted the words ‘Evil Eye White Tiger’. Regarding the names of the Shrek Seven Devils, they had long ago already heard so often they could repeat them in detail.

Twenty three years old Battle Spirit Emperor, this was something these students could scarcely imagine. This moment, the Shrek Seven Devils that had long ago turned into their idols, were raised to an unprecedented heights within their hearts.

The second to step out was Tang San, standing next to Dai Mubai, “Tang San, twenty, spirit: Blue Silver Grass, fifty ninth ranked control type Battle Spirit King.”

“Thousand Hands Asura, Thousand Hands Asura……” The cheers rose once again, and moreover to a boiling peak.

The reason why Flender used Tang San as an example wasn’t because he was the most powerful of the Shrek Seven Devils, but rather because his spirit was innately the weakest, and could resonate with the students even easier. Moreover, the achievements Tang San led the Shrek Seven Devils to win back then, inadvertently made him the biggest idol of all the students.

The plump Ma Hongjun, the perfectly built Zhu Zhuqing, and the delicate Ning Rongrong came forward one after another, announcing their age and rank.

Five people, one twenty three, four twenty years old, but they were all around the sixtieth rank. In fact, looking at age alone, the majority of students were about the same as them. But among these students, only a small number were over the fortieth rank.

Flender saw he had already attained his purpose, and said with a smile: “, me and Zhao Wuji will conduct a contest with the Shrek Five Devils. Of course, this is only an exhibition match. I know you all want to see just what the strength of these seniors that once attained the glorious record is. Actually, I also very much want to know how they have progressed in these five years. In this contest, as long as they can persevere under my and Zhao Wuji’s joint attacks for the time of three sticks of incense, it will be their win. Dean Liu, prepare the incense.”

Liu Erlong nodded. She and Grandmaster walked to the edge of the field, leaving the center. This match that affected the hearts of all the Academy

students would finally begin. Right now, not only the students, even the Academy’s teachers were completely focused. After all, even these teachers were for the most part only around the sixtieth rank in strength.

Tang San made a gesture to Dai Mubai, expressing that everything proceeded according to plan. Even though their faces were covered with masks, judging by the relaxed expressions in their eyes, they weren’t the slightest bit nervous about this exhibition match.

Zhao Wuji and Flender looked face to face, and Zhao Wuji said in a low voice: “Boss, will we start off leniently?”

Flender snapped: “Have you forgotten how miserable you looked back when Tang San just came to the Academy? Just pay attention to fighting properly. You’re the main force on the ground, I’ll harass them from the air.”

Zhao Wuji stared blankly a moment, then at once reacted: “Fuck me, you’re using me as meat shield. Boss, don’t you have any humanity?”

Flender leisurely and contentedly said: “I’m an agility attack type Spirit Master, you’re power attack, don’t tell me you’re unsuited to be a meat shield while I am? Don’t worry, I’ll give you enough firepower support from the air. Your hands are free to attack.”

Looking at Flender’s vulgar appearance, Zhao Wuji was at a loss for words. Helplessly shaking his head, he suddenly roared loudly, head high and chest out, he released his spirit.

His body could be seen swelling against the wind, all his clothes suddenly tearing, light brown fur sprouting, in the blink of an eye, his height had grown to three meters, dense aura abruptly dispersing in all directions, muscles exaggeratedly prominent, altogether eight spirit rings appearing practically simultaneously.

Two yellow, three purple, three black, this represented the strength of a Spirit Douluo.

Ordinarily, Zhao Wuji very rarely revealed his strength in front of students, the majority of the students didn’t know what level this dean was. Now seeing those eight spirit rings appear, everyone present couldn’t help turning as silent as crows and peacocks, the tremendous pressure almost leaving them unable to breathe.

Facing the sky and roaring, dense energy burst open, making the blue silver grass on the ground tremble in waves with Zhao Wuji as the center.

Now the spectating students understood why dean Flender just said it would be the Shrek Five Devils win if they endured for the time of three sticks of incense even with their roughly sixtieth rank strength. They would face Spirit Douluo level powers! The vice dean was a Spirit Douluo, then the dean?

Flender gave them the answer at once. Different from Zhao Wuji’s roar, he issued a sharp cry, a pair of enormous wings abruptly unfurling from his back, his pupils erecting, both hands forming claws, eight equally colored spirit rings soaring up. Both wings spread, spiraling above Zhao Wuji.

If there was only the two cooperating, then Flender and Zhao Wuji’s teamwork was undoubtedly close to perfect. One forcefully attacking on the ground, one flying in the air, the pressure of the two great Spirit Douluo almost enveloping the entire space.

The Shrek Five Devils smiled at each other, and Dai Mubai shouted: “Our turn. Brothers, we haven’t fought shoulder to shoulder for a long time. Come.”

Amidst violent bone cracking sounds, the White Tiger emerged. Dai Mubai’s body grew equally sharply, a valiant king among beasts aura instantly spreading, evil eye prestige radiating all around. The lines of all his muscles rose, the sharp blades of tiger claws ejecting, six peak configuration spirit rings revolving and rising. With a tiger roar towards the

sky, powerful shocks radiated in all directions, without the slightest influence from the pressure of facing the two deans.

Close behind Dai Mubai, Tang San and the others also released their spirits. Undoubtedly, Tang San’s spirit release was the least eye catching. Just a few strands of gold within blue Blue Silver Grass growing in his palm. But if someone could now carefully observe, they would definitely discover that as the Blue Silver Emperor appeared in his hand, all the blue silver grass on the ground seemed to sway regularly, as if officials greeting the Emperor.

Even though the Shrek Five Devils hadn’t been together for several years, the mutual understanding from back then hadn’t disappeared. They had already simply talked it over before the competition. Right now, Dai Mubai charged forward, Tang San was positioned in the middle, Zhu Zhuqing and Ma Hongjun on either side, and Ning Rongrong furthest back. The five maintained a completely ⼗ shaped formation against the two

In imposing manner, the Shrek Five Devils were undoubtedly at a complete disadvantage. After all, the difference in strength to the two deans was too large. The pressure two Spirit Douluo could bring to bear wasn’t something they could compare to right now.

However, even if they weren’t equal to the two deans in imposing manner, within the imposing manner the two deans released, they didn’t shrink back in the slightest. Just like a giant iron plated ship setting sail against the wind, not shifting the slightest from the stormwind and rain of the outside world.

On the other side, Liu Erlong used her finger to ignite the first stick of incense, shouting, “Begin.”

As her words fell, the first to move was Zhao Wuji. With heavy steps, he went straight to meet Dai Mubai from the front. The Vigorous Vajra Bear’s first spirit ability, Bright King Body, already released. His entire body had a layer of golden luster. Terrifying spirit power fluctuations made him seem like a war chariot loudly pressing forwards.

Facing Zhao Wuji’s frontal charge, Dai Mubai didn’t show a trace of intent to retreat. Equally releasing White Tiger Barrier, he was ready and waiting for action like a drawn bowstring.

Flender in midair suddenly pulled up, shooting into the sky, in the blink of an eye already a hundred meters up. Raptor eyes scanning the ground, his eight spirit rings flickered alternately, unknown what spirit abilities he used.

“Retreat.” Tang San’s calm voice echoed by Dai Mubai’s ear. Basically without thinking it over, Dai Mubai burst into retreat. With the opposition’s vigor disappearing now, Zhao Wuji’s imposing manner flourished, accelerating, pouncing straight at the five.

“Begin.” Tang San shouted loudly, a circle of clear blue light abruptly spreading from him. Immediately afterward, Zhao Wuji felt his whole body tighten, just as he with large strides forward knocked against a solid barrier.

Tang San’s fourth spirit ability, Blue Silver Prison, launched.

A cage directly trapped Zhao Wuji within, the simultaneously released Blue Silver Domain immediately making this Blue Silver Prison extremely solid. Making Zhao Wuji even more indescribably startled was that the blue silver grass on the ground began to grow frantically, rushing towards him in wave after wave.

Heart tightening, Zhao Wuji had eaten losses from Tang San before. At this moment, he didn’t have the slightest hesitation, instantly releasing his seventh spirit ability, Spirit Avatar.

His originally tall body abruptly grew sharply, the full strength of his spirit power releasing. In the blink of an eye, Zhao Wuji’s body had already expanded to seven meters tall, and that Blue Silver Prison trapping him was immediately split open by that enormous body. However, shocking Zhao Wuji was that Blue Silver Prisons constantly shot up around him one after another, no matter how he grew, the Blue Silver Prisons around him also grew along with him. As he completed his Spirit Avatar, he could no longer see the outside world, unaware how many layers of Blue Silver Prisons were trapping him within.

The spectating students were currently dumbstruck. They hadn’t expected a scene like this to appear. As far as their eyes could see, the blue silver grass on the ground all grew frantically with a wild vitality, constantly adding layer after layer of depth to the blockade around Zhao Wuji, already completely covering this vice dean.

Shocking them even more was still Tang San. Right now Tang San’s entire body had already turned into a sparkling blue color, and with him as the center, countless specks of blue light constantly rushed towards him from the surrounding blue silver grass.

This was the true secret of the Blue Silver Domain. Its effects could truly appear in areas with large amounts of blue silver grass.

Watching this scene, let alone those spectating students being shocked, even Flender preparing to attack from the air as well as the other four Shrek Five Devils were gobsmacked. No matter how they thought they couldn’t understand how Tang San’s fourth spirit ability could contain such great power, even Zhao Wuji using Spirit Avatar was unable to immediately break free.

Right now, under Tang San’s control was not only the blue silver grass in this field, but moreover all the blue silver grass in the range of the entire Shrek Academy. Within this great forest, all the blue silver grass had already completely become his eyes. Those specks of blue light was the condensed vital force and information of the blue silver grass, converging on Tang San.

Relying on Blue Silver Domain’s effect, these blue silver grass not only grew quickly, but also instantly united with Tang San. Under such circumstances, Blue Silver Domain was constantly nourished, and its range and power both grew exponentially. This was also why Tang San’s fourth spirit ability, Blue Silver Prison, could trap Zhao Wuji.

Chapter 155

Raising his head, Tang San’s eyes had now already turned completely blue, “Mubai, Fatty, prepare to attack teacher Zhao all out. He’s about to come out. Use Hell White Tiger. I’ll tangle with dean Flender. Rongrong, no need to mind me, boost them with all your strength.”

“Alright.” Everyone shouted loudly. Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing instantly dashed towards each other, and the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda in Ning Rongrong’s hand flared with light.

The instant Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing collided, altogether six rays of light shot out from the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda, three falling on each of them.

At the sixtieth rank, the degree of amplification Ning Rongrong could put out was extremely terrifying. Don’t forget that her father, Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master Ning Fengzhi, was also only a seventy something Spirit Sage. He only had one more spirit ability than her.

By now the degree each of her spirit abilities could boost had reached a terrifying seventy percent. What she poured into Dai Mubai was spirit power boost, strength boost, and agility boost, these three spirit abilities.

Vast imposing manner abruptly spread out from the core of Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing’s collision, the dazzling light of the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda making them expand exponentially after their fusion.

In the blink of an eye, a snow white, more than twenty meters long, giant white tiger appeared out of nowhere with a pair of wings sprouting from its back.

For the absolute majority of students, this was the first time seeing a spirit fusion ability, and compared to before, this Hell White Tiger wasn’t as illusory as before, but like a true ferocious tiger, giving a tangible feeling.

Two sixtieth rank Spirit Masters using a spirit fusion ability could reach at least the seventieth rank level, and even more so when Zhu Zhuqing and Dai Mubai’s level of compatibility as well as the terrifying seventy percent boost of the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda. This moment, the aura the Hell White Tiger erupted with already surpassed the previous Zhao Wuji in all aspects.

Just at this moment, with a loud explosion, the countless layers of Blue Silver Prison covering Zhao Wuji abruptly burst open, the Vigorous Vajra Bear’s eighth spirit ring blossoming. The already black giant bear suddenly leapt up, that was Zhao Wuji’s fifth spirit ability, Gravity Crush.

When fully using Gravity Crush under the effects of Spirit Avatar, his might as a Spirit Douluo was completely brought to bear. Even though the Blue Silver Domain boost was formidable, the Blue Silver Prison was after all only Tang San’s fourth spirit ability. With Zhao Wuji’s fifth and seventh great spirit abilities combined, he immediately burst through.

However, meeting him, was an incomparably enormous tiger paw.

Zhao Wuji struck out with one palm almost subconsciously. However, compared to that tiger paw, even in the Spirit Avatar state, his bear paw still seemed a bit small, to say nothing of the enormous amount of spirit power he just expended.

With a loud bang, Zhao Wuji’s body was actually slapped away, flying into the distance.

At this moment, Zhao Wuji was completely stunned, he didn’t even understand why he was in midair. Flender naturally also heard Tang San’s

shout, and his first res ponse was to charge directly at Tang San, without the slightest hesitation. He was only too familiar with the Shrek Seven Devils, and if he wanted to defeat their team, he would first of all have to contain Tang San.

However, meeting him, was an enormous spiderweb. Tang San’s third spirit ability, Spiderweb Restraint, blossomed.

With the second awakening to Blue Silver Emperor, and under the effects of the Blue Silver Domain, the spiderweb’s diameter reached a frightening thirty meters. The extremely durable spiderweb spread open in practically an instant.

Even Flender didn’t have any desire to tangle with Tang San’s spiderweb. Suddenly halting in midair, eagle claws swinging out, fourth spirit ability brightening, ten lines of extremely sharp air blades cut out.

However, Flender didn’t expect that the air blades he expected could easily sever the spiderweb only made it turn, without causing any substantial damage to the spiderweb.

The Blue Silver Emperor spiderweb with the full amplification of the Blue Silver Domain, how could it be so easily destroyed?

And this moment was also when Zhao Wuji was slapped away by the Hell White Tiger.

The Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda light appeared again. This time a full four lines of light shot out, their target the already soaring, flaming wings completely unfolded, Evil Fire Phoenix Ma Hongjun. And these four lines of light were each Ning Rongrong’s second, third, fifth, and sixth spirit abilities.

In the distance, standing on the edge and watching the battle, Liu Erlong couldn’t help asking: “What four boosts are Rongrong giving Fatty?”

Grandmaster’s eyes unexpectedly displayed the light of schadenfreude,
“Today we might have roast bear for dinner. If I’m not mistaken,

Rongrong’s fifth spirit ability should be attack boost, the sixth spirit ability, would be attribute boost.”
“Attribute boost? What’s that?” Liu Erlong puzzled asked closer. Grandmaster said: “Attribute boost can be said to be the Seven Treasure
Glazed Tile School’s single most significant spirit ability, above all current sixth spirit abilities. The so called attribute boost will amplify the receiver’s most powerful single attribute. Ma Hongjun’s boost is certainly to his phoenix flame. In other words, right now he not only has spirit power, agility and attack boosted by seventy percent, but his phoenix flame effect will also be boosted by seventy percent. This time Wuji’s in trouble. Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda frightfulness truly appears at the sixtieth rank.

Liu Erlong stared wide eyed, “Heavens, these little monsters really aren’t being polite!”

Grandmaster grinned, “The reason I asked you to make it two against five rather than one against five yesterday, besides their own talent, is also related to Rongrong. With her here, Tang San and the others can all be regarded as seventieth ranked Spirit Masters. To say nothing of them still having the spirit fusion ability, and the abilities of several spirit bones. In fact, I feel that the question is whether boss Fu and Wuji can endure for three sticks of incense. Rongrong should have already trained to the Four Aperture Constant Heart level. Wait and see, little San’s strength still hasn’t completely emerged.”

Zhao Wuji threw off the Blue Silver Prisons and was slapped into the air, naturally he wouldn’t let himself keep flying. His strength instantly erupted, the eighth spirit ring finally flaring.

A giant bear illusion appeared out of nowhere behind him. Zhao Wuji’s entire body erupted with intense golden light, the surrounding air seeming to congeal. His flying body abruptly halted, both fists simultaneously gathering at his chest. A one meter in diameter ball of dazzling golden light suddenly appeared. This moment, all of Shrek Academy seemed to tremble along with the appearance of this golden light.

However, the Hell White Tiger still charged forward. Similar to Zhao Wuji, white light condensed in the mouth of the Hell White Tiger formed by Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing, gradually turning silver, a sphere no smaller than Zhao Wuji’s golden light appeared out of nowhere.

The two gold and silver lights were as dazzling as the sun.

Grandmaster’s expression changed greatly, and he hurriedly shouted:
“Midair collision! Do you want to wreck the Academy?”

Zhao Wuji had released his eighth spirit ability in a moment of desperation, and on hearing Grandmaster’s words, he came to his senses. Hurriedly adjusting the angle, the golden ball of light in his hands shot directly into the air.

Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing didn’t dare be neglectful either. The silver ball of light equally charged at the sky. The two dazzling balls of light rose high into the air in the blink of an eye, just like meteors chasing after the moon.

Being in the air, Flender couldn’t keep himself from cursing in rage. Wings swiftly withdrawing, he dropped towards the ground. Even if he also was a Spirit Douluo, he still wouldn’t want to endure the aftermath of the collision of two clearly Spirit Douluo level attacks in midair. That flavor definitely wouldn’t be good.

But at this moment, the corners of Tang San’s mouth revealed a trace of a smile, “Dean Flender, you still stay in the air.”

Two deep blue rays of light suddenly shot from Tang San’s eyes, without any glint of a spirit ring, and even more without any warning. Practically in just a flash of light, those two blue lights had already reached Flender. That was Purple God Light.

Flender had never seen this ability of Tang San’s, but the formidable pressure made his heart beat. Without time to reflect, he could only quickly block in front of him with his hands, his sixth spirit ability suddenly

erupting. His whole body was rendered in a layer of heavy yellow light to block the bombardment of the Purple God Light.

Two explosions resounded practically simultaneously. One came from that gold and silver ball collision, and the other was Flender being stalled in midair under the attack of the Purple God Light.

The Purple God Light attack erupted based on spiritual force being compressed by the mind condensing wisdom skull bone, and the point piercing attack power thrust at Flender. Even though he relied on his tyrannical spirit power and spirit ability to block the attack, his plan to land was delayed.

The gold and silver lights erupted in the air, and that mixed two colored light abruptly burst outward, the enormous pressure making the entire Shrek Academy tremble violently, the terrifying explosive sound rousing all of Heaven Dou City.

The Hell White Tiger once again split into Zhu Zhuqing and Dai Mubai. After attacking with their full strength, and suffering the shock of the two tremendous energies colliding, they were no longer able to maintain their spirit fusion ability.

Zhao Wuji didn’t feel any better either. If he had confronted the Hell White Tiger alone, perhaps he still could have held some advantage, but what he confronted was the Hell White Tiger with the terrifying seventy percent boost of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda. This collision was on the contrary his loss.

His body flew through the air. This time he wasn’t able to control himself.

And Ma Hongjun with fire phoenix wings unfolded, was just flying towards where he was falling.

The qi and blood within Zhao Wuji roiled, but but he also felt the burning heat behind him. Not daring to be negligent, he managed with difficulty to condense the spirit power within his body, and was just about to use Gravity

Control to change his trajectory and fall faster, averting coming into contact with the power storing Ma Hongjun. As long as he got the chance to recover his breath, as a Spirit Douluo, he had confidence in continuing this fight. After all, Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing had already exhausted themselves greatly, and the threat had naturally also become a lot smaller.

However, just at this moment, Zhao Wuji suddenly felt his body tighten, sparkling and translucent crystalline Blue Silver Emperor already tightly twisting around him. Tang San’s second spirit ability, Parasite, had activated at this moment.

Parasite wasn’t particularly powerful, but its suddenness was incomparable. When he was trapped within the Blue Silver Prison before, the Blue Silver Emperor’s seeds had already scattered over him. And Tang San’s choice of timing to use them, was naturally ingenious.

The Gravity Control he originally planned to release was interrupted at the same time as his body suddenly tightened. Zhao Wuji even felt the constantly growing thorns on the Blue Silver Emperor prick his skin.

And just at this moment, his body hit the ground. Hong——
The surrounding atmosphere instantly distorted, Bathing Fire Phoenix, Phoenix Ascension, Ma Hongjun dropped down with the dual boost. Fatty’s fourth spirit ring, Phoenix Cry Sky Strike, erupted simultaneously.

Within that distorted light, just about to throw off the Blue Silver Emperor, Zhao Wuji was completely slowed. The next instant, burning hot currents were already enveloping him.

The terrifying amplification of the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda made Fatty’s originally already extremely formidable burst strength display a hundred seventy percent effect. Incomparably burning hot flames turned into an enormous column of phoenix flame soaring towards the sky, and behind Fatty, a phoenix illusion spread its wings wide, a more than five

meter in diameter pillar of flame instantly drowning the Motionless Bright King inside.

Zhao Wuji didn’t feel good, and Flender in the air wasn’t doing much better. The Purple God Light strike made his arms ache as if fractured. What should be blocked was blocked, however, he also simultaneously felt a terrifying aura.

Gold and silver light spread out. Within that terrifying burst of energy, Flender was flung away like a broken burlap sack, the violent and peerlessly explosive might practically tearing his defense to shreds. With countless feathers scattering in the air, the lord dean was directly smacked more than a hundred meters away.

A gentle energy poured into Tang San from behind, currents as mild as water instantly spreading through his entire body, and Tang San immediately felt his consumed spirit power rapidly recover. No need to ask, it was Ning Rongrong’s spirit power boost. What she boosted was the upper limit of Tang San’s spirit power, and the present effect was naturally that his consumed spirit power recovered.

On the other side, Zhu Zhuqing and Dai Mubai also received the same treatment.

Flame vanishing, Fatty spread his wings and flew up. As that orange phoenix flame gradually receded, Zhao Wuji, returned to his original height, stood there. However, right now he looked like an enormous coal statue.

Ma Hongjun’s burst attack power was absolutely second to none among Spirit Masters on the same level. Let alone when he still had the boost of the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda. But what Zhao Wuji could endure the least, was that seventy percent boost to the effect of the flame. Right now, he truly smelled like a roast.

Of course, Spirit Douluo weren’t so easily injured. Ma Hongjun also hadn’t had the nerve to truly go all out. Therefore Zhao Wuji wasn’t truly damaged, but his bear fur was already thoroughly ruined, and the burns on his skin wouldn’t be able to recover within eight or ten days.

The spectating students had long ago turned lifeless. Who could have imagined that this battle that was originally about enduring for three sticks of incense would actually turn out like this.

Two Spirit Kings, three Spirit Emperors, confronting two Spirit Douluo level powers, actually turned into this entirely suspenseless outcome. The majority of the students couldn’t even understand what just happened. Dumbstruck watching the Shrek Five Devils in the middle of the field, they, were they really only twenty years old?

Flender was undoubtedly an astute person, with great difficulty managing to control himself in the air, seeing the five monsters gathering again below as well as Zhao Wuji’s miserable appearance, he immediately made a decision.

Right now, Liu Erlong had just lit the second stick of incense in her hand.

Dai Mubai sighed, “Unfortunately little Ao isn’t here, otherwise, we could have gone into the air to chase dean Flender.”

Tang San smiled slightly, saying: “Who says we can’t go into the air because little Ao isn’t here? Follow me.”

While speaking, four strands of Blue Silver Emperor quietly shot out, twisting around the waists of the four. The next moment, Tang San was already pulling up, swiftly rising into the air as if he had lost the effect of gravity, directly flying in Flender’s direction.

Seeing the Shrek Five Devils flying towards him, Flender couldn’t help staring wide eyed, “Impossible, little San, you can even fly?”

Tang San’s smile widened, “In this world, nothing is impossible. Dean, you see, we’ve also expended a lot of spirit power, continuing to fight to get injured and spending energy is no good. We sue for peace, what do you think?”

Flender immediately nodded without the slightest hesitation, “En, your strength is pretty good, to be able to turn dean Zhao Wuji into roast bear,

your progress hasn’t been small. Fine, we’ll do it like that.”

Zhao Wuji’s appearance made his mouth sting. If they continued, Heaven knew what kind of “pleasant surprises” these five little monsters would give him. Even though they didn’t have Oscar’s replenishment, very clearly, Ning Rongrong’s spirit power was still sufficient to continue supporting for a very long time. Further adding Tang San’s control strength that gods nor demons could not measure, and the more and more numerous abilities of all kinds, he didn’t have the confidence to continue.

Their voices weren’t very loud, and being in the air, the students below certainly didn’t hear them. Flender again suppressed his voice, saying: “You little monsters, still give me a bit of face.”

Tang San and Dai Mubai looked at each other. Both saw the smile in the other’s eyes, and nodded simultaneously.

Flender grinned, who said they couldn’t still put on a play? He swiftly spun in the air, rising sharply against the wind, in the blink of an eye he had already become an enormous owl. Tyrannical yellow energy currents erupted in the air, and the Shrek Five Devils cried out practically simultaneously, rapidly falling towards the ground. Just like it was Flender who used his wings to slap them down.

The five fell to the ground, staggered and retreated, Dai Mubai shouting: “Dean Flender, stay your hand. We concede. We’ve consumed too much spirit power, it’s not necessary to go on.”

Flender restrained his wings and once again turned back to human form before the spectating students’ burning gazes, nodding benevolently, “That you can defeat dean Zhao Wuji in itself means your strength is quite good. Today’s exhibition match ends here.”

Right now, the only one depressed would perhaps be Zhao Wuji. After being turned into roast bear, he didn’t even dare move, doing his utmost to urge the spirit power within his body to drive out the energy that had invaded him from Ma Hongjun’s phoenix flame. Hearing Flender’s words

from above, he couldn’t help secretly wailing, ‘why am I always the injured one?’

Nobody knew who took the lead to clap their hands, but the applause spread like wildfire. Each Shrek Academy student clapped their hands with all their power, not stopping even when their palms were beaten red. Such a marvellous battle. They saw it practically for the first time in their lives. Looking at the Shrek Five Devils with burning hot gazes, the positions of their idols constantly rose within their hearts.

Perspicacious people naturally saw that the ending to this exhibition match was somewhat sloppy. Dean Flender had seemed to suddenly grow stronger, or perhaps the Shrek Five Devils had suddenly grown weak. If observing carefully one could even see that Ning Rongrong had at the end already given up on the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda boosts, this was clearly something that couldn’t appear in a battle.

Of course, nobody would investigate this in depth. What was important to the students was that the battle was brilliant enough, letting them see too many dazzling spirit abilities as well as divinely skillful applications. They then understood that spirit abilities could still be used like that. It wasn’t just releasing spirit power to issue spirit abilities, they still needed precise control like Tang San.

On the field, the rapidly growing blue silver grass gradually calmed, slowly shrinking back to their original appearance, as if nothing had occurred. Only Tang San could sense that these blue silver grass were also cheering equally excitedly, cheering for them obtaining the nourishment of the Blue Silver Emperor.

Amidst the smiles, Tang San’s face revealed a trace of faint lively light, both hands folding over his chest, each time the lively light in his eyes flickered, the air would become a bit congealed. Dai Mubai put one hand on Tang San’s shoulder. To him, this fight just now felt like he had returned to five years ago. It was only when fighting together with Tang San that battles could give him such a delighted and uninhibited feeling. It was only with Tang San that fights could become so simple.

The students’ grade teachers made great effort to with difficulty maintain order. In order to prevent a riot, the Shrek Five Devils swiftly retreated first.

Zhao Wuji’s injuries weren’t serious, only his skin still needed some time to heal. At least before the Shrek Five Devils left, he gloomily didn’t reappear. Back then, he had been made equally depressed by Tang San’s hidden weapons. Having gone through the exhibition match this time, Zhao Wuji secretly vowed that, no matter what, he wouldn’t ever exchange pointers with these little monsters again.


The dean’s office.

Flender somewhat helplessly looked at the children he himself had seen grow up in front of him. Besides helpless, he was even more gratified. They truly had grown up. At sixtieth rank, they already possessed even higher level strength. They truly could wander the Spirit Master world. He even more believed that, before too long, these children would surpass him. They were the true golden generation of the Spirit Master world!

“Little monsters, what are your plans next?” Even though these words were said to everyone, his gaze mainly fell on Tang San and Ma Hongjun.

Ning Rongrong’s future was naturally to accept the position of Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master, this was her inevitable choice. As for Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing, they had to work even harder for the Star Luo Imperial title if they wanted to continue existing. Judging by their present circumstances, they could clearly accomplish this task.

But Ma Hongjun and Tang San were different. Neither had a clear-cut future. Even if Tang San had already obtained the Clear Sky School’s recognition, he still didn’t. Because the Clear Sky School was in seclusion, it wouldn’t appear at least before Tang San finished that ten year assignment.

Therefore, Flender asked this question.

Ma Hongjun spoke up first, “Teacher, these years of roaming outside have been good enough. I have nothing to do. Moreover, without making great effort, I’ll fall behind them. If you want to shelter your only disciple, then I’ll stay at the Academy. I’ll follow you and Grandmaster to cultivate. If you want to have me teach something, I also won’t object.”

Flender’s eyes brightened, “So you have a bit of conscience. Then stay.
You won’t eat alone.”

Fatty grinned, clearly somewhat pleased with himself.

To the side Dai Mubai smiled: “This fellow’s decision to stay clearly has some goal. Dean Flender, be careful.”

“Eh?” Flender shot a glance at fatty.

Ma Hongjun hastily said sternly: “Teacher, don’t listen to boss Dai’s drivel, what goal can I have! I’m staying in order to keep you company. However, you have to protect me, just in case teacher Zhao wants to retaliate against me, with third brother and the others away, I can’t stand up to him!”

Dai Mubai curled his lips,

“Others might not know you, but don’t tell me I don’t? Your deciding to stay is definitely because of those worshipful junior schoolmates just now. Dean, think about it. After we’ve all left, won’t Fatty be the only Shrek Seven Devil member remaining here? That’s the focus of of ten thousand eyes! At that time, cheating a few beautiful young women won’t be any problem. Living amidst such reverence can also satisfy his vanity. Fatty, tell me if I’m right?”

Ma Hongjun’s face swelled deep red, “Your farts are right, I’m an honorable person. Don’t think I’m you! I can talk about all the things you did back then. What identical twin lolis……”

Seeing Dai Mubai’s ferocious gaze, he finally didn’t dare say anything else.

Flender helplessly shook his head. He understood this disciple of his extremely well, and what Dai Mubai said was at least seventy percent of why he agreed to stay. The other thirty percent was as Fatty said himself. However, even so, his direct disciple staying by his side left him extremely happy.

His gaze turned to Tang San, “Little San, you then?”

Tang San pondered, and said: “First I’ll go find Xiao Wu, then get my sixth spirit ring in the Star Dou Great Forest. As for after that, I’ll think about it when I’ve found Xiao Wu. Perhaps I’ll stay in the Star Dou Great Forest to cultivate with her, it’s also possible we’ll return, or perhaps wander all over the Continent cultivating. Even though our current spirit power can still count for something, compared to the real powers we’re still a large distance away. And this distance will have to be closed by our own effort.”

Flender nodded, saying: “If you have no suitable place, you just return. The Academy gates will always be wide open for you. No matter what you encounter, you can return. Even Spirit Hall has to think it over if they want to move on our Shrek Academy now. After all, they still won’t dare directly become hostile to the two great empires.”

This moment, Grandmaster suddenly spoke up: “Little San, when have you decided to leave?”

Tang San looked at Grandmaster, saying: “Teacher, I was planning on setting out early tomorrow morning. Even though there aren’t a lot of chances to meet my brothers again, I’m very worried about Xiao Wu. We haven’t met for five years, I don’t know how she is. How about this, we’ll set another five year appointment. In five years, we’ll meet at the Academy again. At that time little Ao should also have returned, and I’ll bring Xiao Wu, us Shrek Seven Devils can gather as a whole once again.”

Dai Mubai laughed out loud, saying: “That’s good! My old man is still in the prime of his live, even if I’ve become the crown prince, for the moment it’s still impossible to become regent, there’s plenty of time. Then in five years. Little San, it seems that even though your present spirit

power isn’t equal to mine, you’re still above me in strength. In five years, I’ll fight to reverse that.”

Tang San smiled: “Then you have to try hard. My current strength isn’t just what you saw today.” In today’s exhibition match, he at least hadn’t used the Deathgod Domain and Eight Spider Lances. The fifth spirit ability hadn’t appeared either. Of course, Dai Mubai’s fifth and sixth spirit rings also hadn’t been revealed.

Flender sighed lightly, “I truly hope to see you all become Title Douluo. I hope I can wait until that day. Then, I can close my eyes and die contentedly. At that time the Academy will be left to your care.”

Grandmaster didn’t add anything to Flender’s words, but Tang San wouldn’t overlook the reluctance to part in Grandmaster’s gaze as he looked at him.

Tang San had thought properly, once he found Xiao Wu, he’d definitely return to accompany his Teacher for a time. He clearly understood that even though Grandmaster and Liu Erlong were nominally husband and wife, they really weren’t husband and wife in truth, and even more wouldn’t have children. To Grandmaster, he was like his only son, and he was also Tang San’s second father. Compared to Tang Hao, Grandmaster hadn’t invested a bit less in him.


The night scene was very quiet, with only the sound of the wind, black clouds covering the light of the stars and moon, making the earth seem even darker.

Outside the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School castle, two disciples on duty for patrol just strolled outside. Their expressions seemed somewhat tired, inattentively walking forward.

As one of the present seven great sects, Clear Sky School also being in seclusion for many years, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School had already become the chief sect apart from Spirit Hall. It was also the richest

Spirit Master sect, their position in the Spirit Master world extremely exalted. Even Spirit Hall was unable to sway them.

It was just because of this that the location of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda School’s castle had been calm for too long, to the extent that these on duty disciples didn’t need to be too serious. They couldn’t believe someone would have thoughts of moving on the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School.

Shivering from the cold, the left patrolling disciple suddenly said to the right patrolling disciple: “Little Yi, why do I feel so cold?”

“You have a cold?” Little Yi opened his eyes a bit wide to look in front. He had cultivated for a somewhat long time in the day, and right now his mind was constantly assaulted by fatigue.

The left patrolling disciple shook his head, saying: “No! Us Spirit Masters very rarely fall ill. Maybe I’m too sensitive. Wait for me, I’ll go relieve myself.” Speaking, he walked over to a not distant thicket.

Little Yi stood there somewhat bored, waiting for his partner. The area they were patrolling was one kilometer range from the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School castle. Such a wide patrol had already went on for very many years.

Suddenly, little Yi, just closing his eyes due to lack of sleep, caught a faint light. Immediately afterward, his ears twitched.

As a patrolling disciple, little Yi wasn’t strong, able to join the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School more because of his ancestry. However, he still had a capability ordinary people couldn’t even hope for. Hearing. His spirit was the same as Flender’s, an Owl. The difference was that there were many kinds of owls, Flender’s was good at fighting, while his Owl spirit had rather inherited the owl’s detection powers.

The owl could rely almost entirely on hearing to hunt at night. This was also little Yi’s foremost ability.

Ears twitching, he heard a slight falling sound. Relying on his many years of experience, he could distinguish that this was the sound of a human falling. Not daring to be neglectful, he hurriedly strained his hearing to the limit.

Immediately, a series of rustling sounds reached his ears. Even though it was very faint, these sounds were still like a tide, rushing from all directions.

“Enemy—— attack——” The almost mournful sound was distinct in the quiet night.

The next moment, the cold chill was already piercing his vest, directly passing through his chest, penetrating each of his inner organs.

However, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School was after all the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School. Just at the instant he faced death, a small bamboo tube was thrown out by little Yi. With an ear piercing sharp whistle, a red light shot towards the sky, in the blink of an eye exploding into a dazzlingly beautiful firework.

Chapter 156

Little Yi’s corpse slid from the hands of a black clothed man. The black clothed man was clearly somewhat at a loss, right now, behind him, countless black clothed people rushed out in waves.

“What’s going on?” An aged voice asked angrily: “What was that flame just now?”

“Elder, it might be a signal. Right now we……”

“If we don’t move now, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School will only be even better prepared. You idiot, don’t you know how much this will increase our losses? Attack.”

Along with the orders of that aged voice, countless dark shadows rushed out like a tide, going directly towards the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School castle, but by now, having received the warning signal, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda School castle was already brightly lit.


At first light, Tang San took his leave of Grandmaster, Flender, and his companions, setting out on the road alone.

Dai Mubai, Zhu Zhuqing and Ning Rongrong decided to stay another couple of days. After all, it hadn’t been easy to gather this time. They didn’t urge Tang San to stay, they could all understand his anxiousness to see Xiao Wu.

After leaving Heaven Dou City, Tang San simply took out his direction, then swiftly ran towards the Star Dou Great Forest. In his heart, right now there was already nothing more important than seeing Xiao Wu. ‘Five years, Xiao Wu, are you well? You have to be safe!’


Shrek Academy

Dai Mubai, Zhu Zhuqing, Ma Hongjun, and Ning Rongrong were gathered at Grandmaster’s side, each describing in detail their spirit abilities and cultivation up till now. In terms of theory, Grandmaster’s directions were extremely important to them. The cultivation direction would differ somewhat for Spirit Masters at different stages. Consequently, with Grandmaster’s directions, they could avoid a lot of detours on their future road of cultivation.

Listening to each of the four accounts, Grandmaster was just preparing to start giving them a lecture on theory, when there was an urgent knock on the door.

“Grandmaster. Something’s happened.”

Opening the door, the one who ran inside was Sweet Pea Spirit Master Shao Xin. He was also considered a grandee of the Shrek Academy, and was presently the director for food type Spirit Master education.

“Teacher Shao, what’s happened?” Grandmaster somewhat astonished looked at him. In his experience, this teacher Shao was always very calm. It was bound to be a major event that left him this flustered.

Shao Xin looked at Ning Rongrong to the side, “In the dean’s office.
School master Ning has come.”

“Eh?” Grandmaster was inwardly alarmed. To the side, Ning Rongrong was even more puzzled, why would her father suddenly come to the Academy? Could it be because of her?

Very quickly, everyone followed Shao Xin to Flender’s office.
As Ning Rongrong saw her father, she couldn’t help being shocked. Indeed, Ning Fengzhi had come, and Bone Douluo Gu Rong as well.
However, these two Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School peak powers unexpectedly seemed extremely wretched.

Ning Fengzhi’s face was pale, his forehead even sweating, the clothes he wore somewhat disarrayed. Such circumstances was practically impossible for someone who valued appearance as much as he did.

Gu Rong looked even a bit more miserable. His face was equally pale, his right arm hanging limply by his side, coughing from time to time, his chest violently heaving as he did.

“Dad, grandpa, what’s going on? What’s happened?” Ning Rongrong threw herself at her father, nervously gripping his hands. As she felt that her father seemingly had only overdrawn his spirit power, and wasn’t seriously injured, her heart relaxed somewhat.

Ning Fengzhi’s expression was very unsightly, unsightly to the extreme.
And his words were even more earth shattering.

“The Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School has been destroyed.” A few simple words, but everyone who had entered the door after were lifeless.

The Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School destroyed? That was one of the most formidable sects in the present world! Equally of one of the seven great sects, Grandmaster’s understanding of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School was the deepest, and let alone anything else, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School possessed two Title Douluo, and both were extremely formidable existences among Title Douluo. Whether it was the Bone Douluo in front of him or that Sword Douluo known for having the strongest attack, both were extremely valiant existences. Even more so when Ning Fengzhi was present. With his amplification, the strength of the two Title Douluo could practically double. Even though they were only two, they were enough to count as four Title Douluo in practice.

And the system of power stored by the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School for many years was even more formidable, first not even talking about their relationship with the Heaven Dou Empire, just the external Spirit Masters attached to the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School numbered more than three thousand. Further adding the several hundred directly related disciples with the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda Spirit as well as the Spirit Masters they had fostered, the total number was no less than five thousand.

In the Spirit Master world, this was an extremely terrifying force. In terms of numbers, the other six great sects were far from able to even catch sight of their backs.

If it was someone else saying this, Grandmaster and the others would only laugh through their noses. But these words came from Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master Ning Fengzhi’s own mouth, clearly it wasn’t a joke.

Flender handed over a cup of tea, “School master Ning, slow down first, just what has happened?”

He had seen something was wrong with ning Fengzhi’s arrival, and had Shao Xin hurriedly go call Grandmaster, Ning Rongrong and the others over. There was still time to ask now. At present the Shrek Academy and the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School could both be considered parts of the Heaven Dou imperial household, of course, Shrek Academy’s position was still far from able to compare to the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School. But being in the same faction, Flender was naturally extremely concerned about the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s circumstances.

Ning Fengzhi forcefully suppressed his fury, breathing deeply a few times, then said: “Last night, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School came under attack. The other side chose their timing too well. Just as forty percent of the sect’s inner disciples were out on business, when the inside was hollow. Fortunately, they were discovered by patrolling disciples before the attack, who promptly gave warning, giving us some time to prepare. The battle continued a full four hours. The Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s losses are disastrous. More than two thirds of the

disciples perished. Moreover, this casualty figure is still rising, we’re constantly learning of the deaths of disciples outside.”

Hearing her father say this, Ning Rongrong’s heart was already in chaos,

“Dad, how could this be? Just what force has such great power? It’s impossible for the other sects!”

Grandmaster spoke in a low voice: “They moved?”

Ning Fengzhi nodded sorrowfully: “In the entire Continent, besides them, who could still possess such tremendous power? This time, they were determined to win. I didn’t expect, Spirit Hall would actually be so vicious and merciless.”

“After a night of brave fighting, we just managed to repel them. This is still thanks to the hidden weapons Tang San provided us with back then. The sect’s directly related disciples relied on these hidden weapons to preserve their lives, but the losses among the outer disciples were still disastrous. Especially when a part of the outer sect disciples suddenly turned traitor, causing the castle to be exposed. I’m going to go see His Majesty at once. Coming here was specially in order to warn Grandmaster. Since they moved on the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda School, your Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan, perhaps……”

Hearing this, Grandmaster was suddenly alarmed, the hairs all over his body rising like a cat meeting danger, “Not good.”

Ning Fengzhi lowered his voice: “Notify your sect at once. Perhaps there’s still time. This time they gathered not only their affiliated Spirit Masters, but still the four lower sects’ people. In last night’s attack, there were more than four Title Douluo. Otherwise, our losses wouldn’t have been this large. It was uncle Sword who took heavy injuries to seriously hurt three of the opponents that forced them to retreat. But the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School definitely won’t be able to hold out. If my guess is correct, before too long, they’ll return in a swirl of dust. Since they’ve acted, they definitely won’t give us a chance to relax. Therefore,

I’ve decided to move the sect into Heaven Dou City. Relying on the Empire for protection. Like this we can temporarily stay alive.”

At this point, he slowly stood, “Dean Flender. Grandmaster. I’ll leave first. Rongrong, you stay at the Academy. It’s safe here. Once matters have come to an end I’ll come get you.”

The rims of Ning Fengzhi’s eyes turned somewhat red, “Two thousand sect disciples! A full two thousand sect disciples have become corpses. Spirit Hall, you and me cannot exist together.”

Ning Rongrong was dumbfounded. Now she also understood, perhaps her father hadn’t been able to ascertain who moved last night, but besides Spirit Hall, who possessed the ability to destroy the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School? If it hadn’t been discovered in time, perhaps there would no longer be a single person left alive in the sect.

Watching the lonely back of Ning Fengzhi walking out of Flender’s office, the mood immediately became extremely heavy.

In the present Spirit Master world, of seven great sects, four were in the Heaven Dou Empire, they were the three upper sects, the Clear Sky School, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, and the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan, as well as one of the lower four sects, the Elephant Armored School. The other three sects were in the Star Luo Empire.

Just like Ning Fengzhi said, the lower four sects were long ago completely controlled in Spirit Hall’s hands. Further adding the strength that Spirit Hall grasped on its own, in the entire Continent, at least seventy percent of Spirit Masters were closely connected to Spirit Hall. It was also only them that possessed the power to destroy the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School.

The ambush of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School was an extremely explicit signal that Spirit Hall would move. They resented the present circumstances of the Continent, and wanted to advance Spirit Hall’s position one step further.

However, even knowing it was by Spirit Hall’s hand, without proof, who could doubt them? With Spirit Hall presently grasping the majority of Spirit Masters, even the two great empires didn’t dare act blindly without thinking. Spirit Masters being able to match a hundred alone wasn’t empty words. With several tens of thousands of Spirit Masters grasped in their hands, Spirit Hall really did have the strength to resist the two great empires.

Flender himself saw Ning Fengzhi out from the Academy, Grandmaster had already gone to find Liu Erlong to immediately leave the Academy and return to the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan. Even though the two were considered as having broken away from the clan, at this moment, who still cared about that?

Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing didn’t stay longer. With the sudden great changes, they were also anxious to return to their nation, only in Star Luo Empire could they exploit the resources they held to get to the bottom of things.

Just what was Spirit Hall looking to do? This was the question within everyone’s hearts.

Three days later, grievous news returned.

The Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan’s entire sect of more than one thousand eight hundred people under the sect master had all died in battle. Only a small number of sect disciples outside had narrowly escaped.

Within several days, one of the three top ranking of the seven great sects was destroyed and one was severely wounded. A tempest immediately rose in the Spirit Master world. For a moment, every Spirit Master was fearful.

That Spirit Hall had ordered the raids could be seen by perspicacious people. Two of the upper three sects was certainly indelibly connected to Spirit Hall.


Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong held a teacup in her hand, quietly listening to the report of the cardinal in front of her.

“In the battle with the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, altogether ten thousand Spirit Masters were dispatched, including one thousand from the lower four sects. The Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School castle defenses were smashed, seriously injuring the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, at least two thousand Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School disciples were killed in battle. But Ning Fengzhi with the Sword and Bone Douluo’s strength exceeded our expectations. Even though we attacked in group, in the end we were still held off by them. Our side’s losses were equally disastrous. At least four thousand Spirit Masters died in that battle, and the wounded also count over three thousand. Three of the four elders were seriously injured at the time, and had no choice but to temporarily retreat.”

Peng—— The teacup in Bibi Dong’s hand instantly turned to dust.

“Bastard. Ten thousand people went, and even sneak attacked, but the losses were still double that of the opponent. Is the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School really that formidable?”

The Spirit Hall subordinates went quiet out of fear, none daring to utter a word so as not to provoke this Supreme Pontiff in anger.

“Continue the report.”

“Yes.” The cardinal’s voice trembled somewhat, but also held some excitement, “Eight thousand were dispatched to sneak attack the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan, avoiding discovery before the assault. The Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan was thoroughly erased, not one person escaping alive. Our side lost three thousand people. Among them, nine elders died in mutual destruction with the sect master. The remains are already returned.”

Bibi Dong slowly stood, pacing back and forth within the great hall. Her eyes glittered with light. “Well done, well done three upper sects. The Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School and Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon

Clan are worthy of their fame, to actually have us lose more than seven thousand men. Truly formidable!”

Hu Liena always stood behind Bibi Dong. Ever since she was established as Spirit Hall’s Sacred Maiden, she had followed Bibi Dong to handle all sorts of Spirit Hall affairs. And right now only she, the Supreme Pontiff’s beloved disciple, dared speak up.

“Teacher, don’t be angry, all gains are bound to require losses. Two of the three upper sects are destroyed, Clear Sky School’s whereabout unknown. The thorns in our side can be considered removed. Even though our present losses don’t seem small, this is also sufficient to powerfully awe the two great empires. They won’t dare act blindly. Once we’ve stored some strength, we can continue according to the original plan. Then the two great empires will inevitably be infiltrated by us. However, we must be careful, a cornered dog will jump over the wall.”

Looking at her proud disciple, Bibi Dong’s complexion eased somewhat, “Chrysanthemum Douluo and Ghost Douluo have also been gone for so long, is there any news?”

A cardinal, trembling with fear, said: “Still no news. The Star Dou Great Forest is the largest spirit beast forest on the continent, presumably the two lords will require some time to conduct their search.”

Bibi Dong nodded, saying: “Orders, the Heaven Dou City Spirit Temple must restrain itself as much as possible, not to act blindly. Observe the Heaven Dou Empire and the remnants of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School at all times, retaliate the first moment circumstances allow. The Spirit Hunting will temporarily come to the end of phase one, next, we should begin our infiltration plan. Conduct everything according to the original plan.”


At the few simple words of this unshakeable Supreme Pontiff, the entire Douluo Continent’s Spirit Master world faced a reshuffle involving each area.


Pa—— Emperor Xue Ye almost smashed the back of his throne in fury, “Too brazen, too brazen. What is Spirit Hall after? Don’t tell me they want to rule the entire Continent? That they really dare declare war on my Heaven Dou Empire?”

The Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan had never expressed support for the Empire, but the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School was a great strength he relied on. Right now two great sects had been destroyed within a few days, and each person in the Spirit Master World was in danger. A lot of free Spirit Masters chose to join Spirit Hall. Even though the two great sects caused enormous losses for Spirit Hall, they still possessed extremely robust strength.

Right now, within this resting palace, only a few people were present. Crown prince Xue Qinghe, Ning Fengzhi, Grandmaster, and also a few imperial ministers.

Grandmaster and Ning Fengzhi’s expressions were extremely gloomy. That day, as Grandhamster and Liu Erlong returned to the sect, what they saw was rivers of blood.

They hadn’t returned to the sect for many years, and now that they did, Heaven had already separated them from their relatives. This blow directly turned Liu Erlong unconscious, and was still bedridden from illness. Even though Grandmaster was a bit stauncher, the misery of the sect almost drove him insane.

Compared to the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan was much more mournful. Not only was the whole family exterminated, but at the same time everything was looted. The current clan chief, and also the sect master, Grandmaster’s own father, had his corpse shattered, his three spirit bones forcibly stripped from the body by the enemies.

Even though the Heaven Dou Empire dispatched the army to help right away, just burying the corpses took three days. On that day when all the

corpses were buried, Grandmaster stood before his father’s grave and vowed that he wouldn’t act for himself unless Spirit Hall was destroyed.

The Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School still counted as fortunate compared to the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan, however, Sword Douluo’s seriously injured right arm was thoroughly ruined, his strength greatly diminished. Two thousand sect disciples were dead, injuring the sect’s vitality even further. Fortunately, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s wealth was promptly moved to Heaven Dou City, and all the remaining members were also moved into the imperial capital where they could be safe.

“Imperial father, quell your anger, what’s most important right now is to figure out a way to respond. At present Spirit Hall not only controls the majority of Spirit Masters, but the kingdoms and duchies within the empire are also for the most part under their influence. You can’t be rash!” The speaker was crown prince Xue Qinghe, who saw that his imperial father was about to lose his restraint.

Emperor Xue Ye angrily said: “How can’t I be rash? School master Ning has always thought of the Empire, but was almost killed by Spirit Hall. If I can’t do anything, how wouldn’t that be failing school master Ning’s dead clansmen? And still Grandmaster. The Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan was exterminated. I hadn’t thought that Spirit Hall would actually be so merciless.”

Grandmaster finally spoke up. His current face was a lot more rigid than before. He had been renounced by his clan for a long time, his affairs with Liu Erlong even leading to being heavily separated from the clan. However, he was after all a child of the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan. The clan was extinguished, and the pain Grandmaster endured wasn’t any less than that of Ning Fengzhi.

“Your Majesty, right now you must keep calm, continuing to patiently endure is the greatest help to us.” Even though he was extremely unwilling, Grandmaster still spoke like this. Because he knew that the present was still far from the time to lay their cards on the table with Spirit Hall.

“Why? We have millions of brave experts, don’t tell me We must still be afraid?” Emperor Xue Ye really did seem somewhat impulsive.

Grandmaster shook his head, “It’s not fear, but rather inability. Your Majesty, you should understand what effect Spirit Masters can have in battle. This time, my clan being extinguished, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School being gravely injured, is enough to prove that we still underestimated Spirit Hall’s strength before. Spirit Hall holds at least thirty thousand Spirit Masters of different levels. And the Supreme Pontiff shouldn’t have personally participated in this operation.”

“Even if Spirit Hall’s losses weren’t small, they still control at least twenty thousand formidable Spirit Masters. And as for Title Douluo level powers, for the moment I would assess them at more than ten. If such strength waged a frontal war with your millions of brave experts, it might not be a fight. But don’t forget that Spirit Hall still has the templar knights, as well as the support of those kingdoms. If these Spirit Masters were mixed into the armies of those little nations, the result would be too horrible to contemplate. Relying on our strength alone, is far from sufficient to withstand Spirit Hall. Looking back at our roots, the strength of the Spirit Masters we hold is still far too small. We even more lack characters to lead. Therefore, we must endure.”

At the final ‘endure’, Grandmaster deliberately raised his voice. From this simple word, each person present heard the thick taste of blood.

“Then what do you propose?” As Emperor Xue Ye listened to Grandmaster, his mood also stabilized somewhat. The reason why he showed that kind of fury was to some extent also to make a display. Grandmaster and Ning Fengzhi were both people he relied on, and anger against a common enemy could tie them closer to him.

Of course, Spirit Hall’s sudden revolt had caught emperor Xue Ye and the Heaven Dou Empire unprepared. On the surface, nobody could find any fault with Spirit Hall, but emperor Xue Ye already sensed an intense impending crisis. Having dealt with the three upper sects, Spirit Hall’s later target would undoubtedly be the two great empires. If he didn’t plan ahead, perhaps the two great sects’ endings would be the conclusion for the

empire. Even though Heaven Dou Empire and Star Luo Empire both had armies numbering in the millions, in front of truly formidable Spirit Masters, armies were of no use. The defense of emperor Xue Ye’s palace had increased drastically in these few days, out of fear that Spirit Hall would send powers to assassinate him.

Grandmaster’s eyes were somewhat bloodshot, but he still maintained his calm attitude as far as possible, “To deal with Spirit Hall, only the empire’s current forces are still far from enough. We must unite, must combine all forces to oppose Spirit Hall, gradually nibble away at them, develop ourselves. Destroying Spirit Hall isn’t a matter of a day and night, Your Majesty had best make long term plans.”

Emperor Xue Ye was slightly distracted, “Grandmaster, your meaning is to ally with Star Luo Empire? But, you also know the conflict between our Heaven Dou and their Star Luo isn’t a matter of just a day or two, but grievances accumulated over a long time. It can’t be easily dissolved.”

Ning Fengzhi spoke up,

“Your Majesty, in this world, there are no eternal enemies, only eternal interests. Spirit Hall has extinguished two great sects. Star Luo Empire has definitely received the news. I don’t believe that they wouldn’t feel fearful after learning of it. Cooperation is inevitable. Moreover, Grandmaster meaning isn’t only to collaborate with Star Luo Empire. We still lack powers, we must as far as possible attract free Spirit Masters to join our side. Then we can gradually reverse the unfavorable situation.”

Grandmaster lowered his voice: “If I guess correctly, before too long, Spirit Hall will move to some extent. They’ve successively attacked the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School and my Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan. It’s only one step further to consolidate their position in the Spirit Master world, increasing their influence and control. We must also move.”

Emperor Xue Ye said: “I understand your meaning. But how do we attract Spirit Masters? Do you two have any suggestions?”

Grandmaster’s eyes revealed a heartfelt sadness, “The sect being destroyed, my heart is still in disorder, I must beg Your Majesty’s pardon. I’m unable to help you put forward plans. But please don’t worry, I will do my utmost to train the Spirit Masters of our side. I’ll have them ready to be thrown into battle as soon as possible.”

Emperor Xue Ye pondered, and said: “This shouldn’t be delayed. We’ll negotiate a dispatch as soon as possible.”

Due to Spirit Hall’s movements, the entire Heaven Dou Empire shifted in a short time, relaxing the outside and tightening the inside. As for what kind of strategies the empire enacted against the crisis brought on by Spirit Hall, only the top echelons knew. Just like Grandmaster and Ning Fengzhi estimated, the Star Luo Empire also began to quietly move.

And at the same time, Spirit Hall issued a declaration, strongly condemning the murderers that extinguished the two great sects, but simultaneously also raised that the positions of the seven great sects were decades old. Now that the Clear Sky Sect shunned the world, and the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School and the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan were destroyed, they proposed that the seven great sect ranking would be reevaluated, sorted by military force. They gave all the currently existing sects one year to prepare. In one year, all the Continent’s sects could sign up to participate in a seven great sect grand tournament, establishing a new seven great sects and ranking them according to strength.

The dissemination of this news immediately raised a tempest in the Spirit Master world. Everyone knew what the seven great sects meant, if they could enter those ranks, that would be an enormous advantage to recruiting Spirit Masters and lead to all kinds of benefits. Who didn’t wish they were able to reach these ranks? There was only one year to prepare, and practically more than eighty percent of the sects in the two great empires all mobilized.

As for what the release of Spirit Hall’s statement implied, only they themselves knew best.

But Tang San, on his way to the Star Dou Great Forest, knew none of this.


Star Dou Great Forest.

Looking at the verdant and lush, abundantly green vast forest in front of him, Tang San couldn’t help having his mood improve greatly. Breathing deeply of the fresh and clean air, his heart had long ago flown to Xiao Wu’s side.

Five years had passed, but that beautiful silhouette had never grown indistinct in his heart, on the contrary growing clearer and clearer along with the passage of time. Just like Ning Rongrong who buried her feelings in cultivation, Tang San could also only temporarily put that figure out of his mind in the most bitter cultivation.

‘Xiao Wu, it’s been five years, are you well? I can finally come for you.’

Moved, excited, and even a bit nervous, Tang San finally strode into the Star Dou Great Forest.

Stepping into the forest was like entering a different world. Through his formidable spirit force sense, Tang San could distinctly discover some spirit beasts of varying strength in his surroundings. He of course wouldn’t go casually slaughtering, and opened the Clear Sky Hammer’s Deathgod Domain. With him as the center, it spread in a thirty meter radius.

The ice cold killing intent frightened those ten year or hundred year level spirit beasts to scatter in all directions, it was naturally impossible for them to cause any trouble for Tang San.

Tang San was no longer the model of diligent study of the past. Right now, he already completely possessed the strength to exist in the Star Dou Great Forest. Even if he encountered some powerful spirit beasts, relying on the two great domains as well as the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone’s flight ability, he could still run away.

However, he didn’t choose to use flight to move through the Star Dou Great Forest. It wasn’t because his flying would consume large amounts of spirit power, on the contrary, the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone’s own power let him consume a practically negligible amount while flying. However, Tang San had studied with Grandmaster for many years, and he very clearly understood that with countless formidable spirit beasts within this vast spirit beast forest, if he flew, he would undoubtedly be the target of multitudes of arrows. That might be dangerous. He still wasn’t strong to the degree that he didn’t have to fear being surrounded and mobbed by large amounts of spirit beasts.

Star Dou Great Forest, no matter if it was its geography or its location and area, all suited the growth and cultivation of spirit beasts. It was just because of this that the spirit beast population within the Star Dou Great forest had fairly high quantity and quality.

Back when Tang San originally came here, the Shrek Academy’s teachers didn’t dare bring them deep inside, for fear that they would encounter troubles. Just like this, they still ran into that super spirit beast, the Titan Giant Ape, as well as later the thousand year Man Faced Demon Spider Tang San killed and received its spirit ring and the Eight Spider Lances. This showed that this was a place where crisis and benefits coexisted side by side.

Tang San of course didn’t know just where Xiao Wu was in this vast forest. He couldn’t always search each corner of the Star Dou Great Forest, that was basically unrealistic. Therefore, he could only search according to his Teacher’s instructions.

Grandmaster once said that, generally speaking, within a spirit beast forest, the more formidable the spirit beast, the closer to the center of the forest they would live. Consequently, to search for Xiao Wu he had to look in the deepest parts of the forest. To Tang San, the risk of running into danger was basically nothing compared to the urge to see Xiao Wu.

Due to not having to search, only heading in a straight line inside, Tang San didn’t delay. He didn’t need to worry about losing his way here either. The blue silver grass within the forest was his best guide, he only needed to

release the Blue Silver Domain and communicate with the blue silver grass, and could naturally find the most proper way. If it wasn’t for Star Dou Great Forest being so large that he was unable to connect to all the blue silver grass, he would only have needed to rely on the information from the blue silver grass to find Xiao Wu.

Just like this, Tang San walked extremely quickly into the Star Dou Great Forest for a full day.

Nightfall, Tang San had found a relatively high area to stop, a day of rushing also left him somewhat tired.

Blue Silver Domain opened up, and along with a light blue halo spreading out from him, very soon the surrounding blue silver grass was emitting an excited and cheerful mood. A fantastic scene appeared. The blue silver grass around Tang San suddenly grew swiftly, very soon growing to three meters tall, the thick leaves of grass starting to tangle with each other, concentrating, and through connecting with each other they constructed a solid house around their emperor.

With blue silver grass visible all over the Continent, while Blue Silver Domain might not be the most powerful domain, it was certainly the most practical. This was something no other domain could compare to.

Just as Tang San prepared to eat some of the rations he carried and then rest, he sensed a particular aura in the information suddenly transmitted to him from the blue silver grass.

That was an unfamiliar feeling he had never felt before. Common blue silver grass only had the lowest intelligence, and could only make Tang San sense their changes through their mood. This time was no exception, however, Tang San still felt a kind of nervousness and defiance in the mood.

Of course, such a mood wouldn’t be defying him, the Blue Silver Emperor. To be able to make the blue silver grass feel so nervous, and even somewhat fearful, just what was it?

A formidable spirit beast? No, shouldn’t be. The Star Dou Great Forest was after all a spirit beast forest, the spirit beasts here had already lived for tens of thousands of years, and the blue silver grass would naturally already be accustomed to their presence. To make the blue silver grass feel nervous and defiant, it was inevitably a strange creature, or perhaps, humans.

Chapter 157

Even though he deduced this very quickly, Tang San also didn’t mind. Spirit Masters hunting spirit beasts was very common in the Star Dou Great Forest.

The reason why he stayed here to rest tonight was because he had already reached the border between the thousand year and ten thousand year spirit beasts. Continuing deeper inside, he would come across ten thousand year spirit beasts. When facing such dangers, the cowering effect of the Deathgod Domain would be greatly reduced, and he would have to carefully deal with these spirit beasts to avoid danger.

Consequently, he first stayed here to let his condition reach its peak. The more dangerous it was, also meant that he was closer to Xiao Wu. Therefore, apart from a faint nervousness, there was even more excitement.

Even though his relationship with Xiao Wu had been somewhat vague as brothers and sisters until they separated, these feelings not only hadn’t been diluted, but on the contrary made Tang San think much, much more. He was astonished to discover that Xiao Wu since long ago wasn’t just as simple as a sister. He could simultaneously also feel that Xiao Wu’s regards towards him weren’t such pure feelings.

What about spirit beasts? She was a hundred thousand year spirit beast, wasn’t that the same level as his mother? Tang San only cared about the feelings between him and Xiao Wu, all the rest he basically didn’t think about.

When he left the Clear Sky School he had also carefully reflected on what was the most difficult part of those three tasks for him. It wasn’t killing a Spirit Hall affiliated Title Douluo, not was it reaching the eightieth rank within ten years, but rather killing a hundred thousand year spirit beast.

Perhaps hundred thousand year spirit beasts could be found. But hundred thousand year spirit beasts could take human form, and his mother and Xiao Wu were just such existences. When confronting a formidable hundred thousand year spirit beast, could he truly do it? The answer to this, even Tang San himself didn’t know. He’d let nature take its course. He would have to wait until he was eightieth rank or so before he could possess that kind of spirit ring.

Tang San didn’t know, he truly didn’t know, and right now he wasn’t willing to think about it. There was still a lot of time. Five years had passed, how would Xiao Wu’s delicate features have changed? He really looked forward to it. He even had an urge to immediately hold Xiao Wu in his embrace.

After simply eating a bit, Tang San sat cross legged and began his cultivation. His spirit power’s distance to the sixtieth rank was only a fine line, and since he’d come to the Star Dou Great Forest, he couldn’t return empty handed. As long as he could obtain some spirit beast that suited him, he’d naturally kill it in passing and get his sixth spirit ring.

Just as Tang San prepared to start cultivating, suddenly, a warning came through the surrounding blue silver grass. Even though the information inferior organisms like these blue silver grass could bring him was limited, in a great forest brimming with dangers like this, even just a shred of warning feelings made Tang San immediately wake up.

After all, that the blue silver grass could be made to warn him proved that the blue silver grass hut he had made for himself wasn’t enough to protect him, or even more that the warning was for something unknown.

If it was a spirit beast, Tang San wouldn’t min d too much. But if he came across humans hunting spirit beasts, the danger would rise a lot.

In the outside world, Spirit Masters would for the most part maintain balanced relationships, and wouldn’t easily encroach on each other. But in a spirit beast forest it was different. Just like back when Tang San and the others first came to the Star Dou Great Forest and ran into the Unrivalled Dragon Serpent couple, it would very easily lead to hostilities. Especially when one party was far stronger than the other, people would even kill each other.

The place where Tang San stayed was already where he could at any time encounter the threat of ten thousand year spirit beasts. In other words, the chance of spirit bones appearing would be very high, and a powerful hunting party would almost certainly move against a weaker party, just in case they could loot a spirit bone, that would truly be massive fortune.

Consequently, with the warning through the blue silver grass, Tang San immediately dispelled his thoughts of cultivation, the blue ring of light once again emitting from within him, the surrounding thick and solid blue silver grass swiftly withdrawing, in the blink of an eye already sinking into the ground. Everything in the surroundings was still so quiet, as if that blue silver grass hut had never existed.

Leaping up, first finding a big tree to hide in, afterwards Tang San thoroughly opened up his Blue Silver Domain, his spiritual force completely permeating the surrounding blue silver grass. Tang San discovered that, as his spiritual force completely merged with the surrounding blue silver grass, within the range he could ordinarily spread his spiritual force, it was like he could see with his eyes, and even a bit further, his senses were also quite clear. The range he could touch could only be described as frightful. Only he was still unable to use blue silver grass to see clearly within range.

Like this, the range Tang San could completely sense was roughly a five hundred meter diameter area. This was already a very large area, in fact, within this area, Tang San could sense everything that happened. He could even clearly perceive tree leaves sliding to the ground.

As he possessed the Blue Silver Domain longer, Tang San gradually came to understand that it wasn’t that his Blue Silver Domain was unable to

sense an even larger area, but rather that larger areas would gather even larger amounts of information in his mind. His current level of spiritual force was already insufficient to process such tremendous information.

Therefore, if he wanted to display the effects of the Blue Silver Domain even better, what he had to improve wasn’t only the strength of the Blue Silver Grass, his spiritual force was equally important. Only when his spiritual force reached an even more tremendous state could Blue Silver Grass possess even more frightening effect.

Right now there wasn’t anything that could draw Tang San’s attention within a five hundred meter range, but along with Blue Silver Domain opening, the warning in Tang San’s heart also grew clearer and clearer, this warning came from the south.

Tang San’s spiritual force focused, and the originally scattered Blue Silver Domain probe subsequently also congealed, aggregating and releasing in one direction, and the search distance in a straight line immediately began to swiftly increase. When he focused all his energy in one direction, the original search distance would increase to roughly three times that of the original, one thousand five hundred meters.

The five meters wide and one thousand five hundred meters long probe returned all the information within the search area to Tang San’s brain in the blink of an eye. This time, he finally saw what the Blue Silver Domain warned him about.

The target was large, it really was people, but rather than one person, it was a more than twenty people quietly advancing in the forest, gradually approaching Tang San’s location.

Relying on Blue Silver Domain’s help, Tang San could clearly see these more than twenty people. As he saw their appearances, he couldn’t help being shocked, cold sweat running down his back.

He carefully counted altogether twenty people. Walking furthest ahead was a white clothed middle aged man, but Tang San could clearly tell that this absolutely wasn’t a simple middle aged man, because he was Spirit

Hall’s Chrysanthemum Douluo Yue Guan. Behind Yue Guan, Hu Liena, Xie Yue, and Yan were following closely. Even further behind was altogether twenty Spirit Hall subordinates in black fighting uniforms, with grave manners, between forty and fifty years old. From the aura they distributed, Tang San could clearly sense that these peoples’ strength was still above that of the Golden Generation youths.

And bringing up the rear, was Guie Mei. Ghost and Chrysanthemum Douluo always operated together, so Tang San could naturally tell who this smear of human shadow that Tang San couldn’t see clearly was.

Two Title Douluo, adding the three most outstanding people of Spirit Hall’s young generation as well as large numbers of experts, what were these people doing in Star Dou Great Forest?

It couldn’t be because of hunting spirit beasts because someone in the Golden Generation needed one, what level was the Golden Generation? With two Title Douluo going out to fight, they were enough to even handle a super power on the level of the Titan Giant Ape. Even more when they still had those experts. Other people weren’t worth the help of Title Douluo moving.

Thinking of this, Tang San’s heart suddenly skipped a beat. Could it be they were here for the same reason as him, also for Xiao Wu? Spirit Hall’s power was enormous, finding Xiao Wu in this Star Dou Spirit Forest wasn’t something impossible.

Thinking of this, Tang San immediately burned with worry. Even his control of his spiritual force was somewhat unstable. Fortunately his spiritual force would be hidden by the blue silver grass while in the Blue Silver Domain, otherwise, even these minute spirit power fluctuations would draw the attention of the two Title Douluo.

What Tang San feared the most was that they had already succeeded. If they really were here for Xiao Wu, with such a formidable troop formation, how could Xiao Wu resist? Even if the Titan Giant Ape from back then was Xiao Wu’s friend, could they resist these kinds of Spirit Hall powers?

Tang San had never been as terrified as right now, his heart that had already matured especially after going through the experiences in Slaughter City, right now couldn’t be calmed. Perhaps this was chaos from concern.

As Tang San was reflecting, the Spirit Hall party halted, stopping at a distance of about five hundred meters from Tang San.

Twenty Spirit Hall experts swiftly dispersed, cutting down the surrounding trees, clearing up an open space, setting up the cut down trees at the edges as simple fortifications. But the two Title Douluo and the Golden Generation trio clearly had a higher status than them, especially the two Title Douluo who gathered together and sat quietly in the center of the clearing, while Hu Liena’s trio stood deferentially behind them.

Those twenty experts were very quick, and in a moment’s work they had already cleared the surroundings and constructed barricades, simultaneously raising tents. They were clearly planning to rest here.

The two Title Douluo were staying in one tent, Hu Liena’s trio in another. It didn’t seem like Hu Liena got any special treatment for being a woman. The other twenty people were split over five tents, the layout vaguely surrounding the two tents in the middle.

Throughout the entire process, they actually didn’t exchange any words, even when chopping wood they reduced the noise as far as possible. The two Title Douluo and Hu Liena’s trio very soon entered the tents to rest, and those twenty people left five people to patrol the surroundings, the others taking out rations to simply process them, without making any fire.

In this time, Tang San’s spiritual force was all along highly concentrated, carefully observing everything he could. When he didn’t discover any trace of Xiao Wu, his mind calmed a bit.

As a control type Spirit Master with extremely powerful calculation capabilities, Tang San hadn’t felt as at a loss as he did right now for a very long time. He didn’t know what he should do about these Spirit Hall people. Hide, follow them? If they truly were here for Xiao Wu, there was no point to him doing this.

With two formidable Title Douluo existences, ambushing them even in a place like this where blue silver grass grew all over was impossible. If he was discovered, the opponent would definitely attack him heavily.

First go find Xiao Wu? But Tang San didn’t know where Xiao Wu was, he needed to search as well. Then he would be unable to grasp the movements of this frightful Spirit Hall team, and it would only be even more dangerous for Xiao Wu.

Compared to this team, no matter if it was Tang San or Xiao Wu, they were both too weak. There was basically no chance of contending them. Even if these people found Xiao Wu, how could Tang San stop them? Even if Tang Hao in his prime was here, he still might not be able to do something about them with a frontal attack.

Anxiety was gradually subdued by reason. Tang San’s mind began to swiftly analyse, weighing all kinds of pros and cons and possible circumstances. Just when the Spirit Hall team had finished making camp, he had already made his choice. A brazen and dangerous choice.

Leaping down from the tree, he quietly withdrew the Blue Silver Domain, no longer concealing his aura. Assuming a careful appearance, he quickly walked towards the Spirit Hall camp.

The reason for this choice was first of all because Tang San first wanted to know why these people came to the Star Dou Great Forest. Of course, this was also due to their troop having Hu Liena, with an acquaintance like Hu Liena there, he believed he could ask for some information a lot easier.

With Tang San’s intelligence, he naturally sensed Hu Liena’s feelings toward him back then. For Xiao Wu, he would also exploit this. If they didn’t come to find Xiao Wu, then he could directly follow them out of the Star Dou Great Forest, ensuring Xiao Wu wouldn’t be found, then again return to the forest to look for her tracks. This was undoubtedly the best circumstances.

On the other hand, if these people really did come for Xiao Wu, matters would become troublesome. Even though Tang San was unable to stop

them, or even assassinate them, he could always make a warning. He could also equally fo along with the troop, giving hints to Xiao Wu in the forest along the way, helping her evade them until they lost patience and left.

To Tang San, even though this was a bit dangerous, it was undoubtedly the most active way of dealing with it, making it easier to take the initiative.


Still a hundred meters from the Spirit Hall encampment, Tang San was already discovered, at least four silhouettes already reaching his side when the voice appeared, this strict shout was still issued since they saw he was human.

Tang San assumed a distracted appearance, his expression on guard.

By now he was already surrounded, four Spirit Hall Experts with in a circle with him in the center. His previous senses from his spiritual force and Blue Silver Domain connection wasn’t very strong, but now he could clearly tell that these four people next to him completely suppressed his strength. In other words, their spirit force was at least ten ranks above his.

These were four Spirit Sage level powers! Tang San already grew more and more certain of his estimate. If it wasn’t for a hundred thousand year spirit beast, why would so many powers be dispatched?

“Who are you all?”

The ice cold voice brimming with vigilance, Tang San’s natural grace already having faded away, leaving only ice chill and killing intent, just in keeping with his appearance back when he first left Slaughter City. The Deathgod Domain instantly spread open without holding anything back, a white light halo instantly spreading, mixed with an extremely ice cold aura. Relying on the capabilities of the tyrannical domain, he stiffly cut open the suppressive lock the four had on him. Using Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, his figure flashed, and he had already separated from the opponents’ encirclement.

The four Spirit Sages simultaneously stared blankly, they had naturally also sensed the spirit power aura Tang San deliberately released. A Spirit Master with strength clearly below theirs could unexpectedly break away from the combined locking pressure of their side’s four Spirit Sages, and moreover the ice cold energy, brimming with blood thirsty killing intent, even made their souls shiver.

However, these people were worthy of being Spirit Hall’s specially cultivated powers. Immediately after Tang San broke out of the encirclement, the four moved practically simultaneously, each flanking from different directions. As they focused once again, Tang San was already surrounded by them again. The entire process passed in only the blink of an eye. It was also just at this time that these four people’s spirits completely released.

Tang San drew a deep cold breath. Appearing in front of him right now were altogether twenty eight spirit rings. The pressure from the release of the spirits made the surrounding air seem to thicken. Even though Tang San had already guessed they were Spirit Sage level, simultaneously being surrounded by four Spirit Sages still made his entire body tighten.

With his present capabilities, he wouldn’t fear confronting one Spirit Sage by himself, but there were four opponents, if it truly came to a fight, he would perhaps only be able to flee.

Those four Spirit Sages were also equally startled. They were all part of the secret strength Spirit Hall had cultivated over the years, not only did they have the support of formidable spirit power, but their combat experience and all aspects of inner qualities could also be considered outstanding on the same level. Facing this youth whose spirit power was clearly lower than anyone on their side, still felt indistinct, especially especially that instant just now when he separated from their control was even more like confronting an opponent at a higher level than theirs.

In front of the opponents’ formidable pressure, Tang San’s Deathgod Domain operated at its peak. The Clear Sky Hammer quietly appeared in his hand, shifting it from his left hand to his right. The spirit power within him frantically surged into the Clear Sky Hammer, even though there were

no spirit rings added, the Clear Sky Hammer’s own profound aggressiveness immediately released, it and the Deathgod Domain bringing out the best in each other, allowing him to temporarily withstand the four opponents’ pressure.

Faint blue light appeared in Tang San’s eyes, at the same time his left hand also quietly stroked the Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges, two Cluster Soul Seeking Balls already in his grasp. Confronting so many powerful enemies, even if he already had a plan, he still had no choice but to be cautious and timid. Just in case events didn’t develop in the direction he anticipated, he would still defend himself.

The instant the four Spirit Sages were preparing to release spirit abilities, suddenly, another ice cold aura spread out from another direction, colliding with the cold currents Tang San released, the two identically attributed ice cold killing intents moving rhythmically under the violent collision. In an instant, the surrounding air was full of flickering white light, immeasurable bone piercing chill overlaying in the forest, making the trees within range all violently shudder. With each shudder, the leaves seemed about to fall.

But those four Spirit Sages halted because of this sudden change, the bone piercing cold currents piercing their bodies just like countless steel needles, leaving them no choice but to focus on defending themselves, subconsciously retreating a step to maintain their guard.

“It’s really you?”

A pleasantly surprised voice echoed, three silhouettes walking out of the depths of the forest, it was Spirit Hall’s Golden Generation. Due to the changes in their status, the one walking furthest ahead now wasn’t Xie Yue from back then, but rather the one who obtained the Deathgod Domain together with Tang San, Hu Liena.

Tang San’s face, displaying an ice cold expression, the blue light in his eyes immediately vanishing as he saw at Hu Liena, turning into a stunned appearance.

“Why would you be here?”

The changes in his body and temperament were really too large, back then Hu Liena didn’t recognize him, and neither did Xie Yue and Yan now.

Hu Liena quickly stepped forward, reaching Tang San in a few steps, a pleasantly surprised light repeatedly flickering in her eyes. She wanted to say something, but also seemed somewhat apprehensive. Looking at Tang San’s handsome appearance, all the experiences in Slaughter City back then couldn’t help appearing in her heart. It had already been more than a year, but she was unable to forget that brief journey no matter what.

After obtaining Deathgod Domain and returning to Spirit Hall, recalling everything that happened before, Hu Liena herself was also somewhat startled. Why would she deliver her life and death to an unknown stranger’s hands at a time like that? But he hadn’t disappointed her either, and had safely brought her out of the Hell Road. Even though he hadn’t said anything, she could imagine what great troubles he had encountered on the later part of the road. Rather than saying she had walked out of the Hell Road, it would be better to say he had helped her out. If not for him, she might not have been able to successfully obtain the Deathgod Domain, and also even more unable to return to Spirit Hall.

Towards Tang San, besides appreciation, Hu Liena still had a kind of feeling mixing gratitude and something else.

“Everyone, he’s my friend.”

Hu Liena said to the four Spirit Sages encircling Tang San.

The four Spirit Sages glanced at her, silently withdrawing their spirits. Even if their strength was still above Hu Liena’s, they were still extremely respectful towards this future Supreme Pontiff successor.

Xie Yue and Yan also walked forward now. They had been together with Hu Lian the longest, and among them Xie Yue was also Hu Liena’s big brother. To some extent sensing the somewhat peculiar mood Hu Liena gave off, Xie Yue was astonished, and Yan looked at Tang San with an unfriendly gaze, even so much that it could be said to be brimming with hostility.

In fact, since the change in their positions, Hu Liena wasn’t only the leader of the Golden Generation, but simultaneously also the future successor of all of Spirit Hall. Such an exalted position forced even those Title Douluo level powers to show some consideration for her. In Spirit Hall, Hu Liena had already gradually gained what could be considered her own dignity. But where did her present appearance still hold a hint of the flavor of Spirit Hall’s Holy Maiden?

Tang San now secretly loosed a breath in his heart. When the Deathgod Domain Hu Liena released collided with his, he knew he had already reached his goal. What he wanted to exploit was this relationship between him and Hu Liena.

“I wouldn’t have thought I would see you again here.”

Tang San said faintly.

Hu Liena smiled slightly, big eyes brimming with charm staring fixedly at the ice chill in Tang San’s eyes without blinking,

“I didn’t expect it either. Did you come to hunt spirit beasts?”

Tang San nodded silently,

“I’m at the sixtieth rank.”

These words appeared, and Xie Yue and Yan behind Hu Liena were simultaneously gobsmacked. Even though they had also already reached the sixtieth rank level, that was only recently. Their goal in coming here with this troop this time was also to obtain their sixth spirit rings, but this youth in front of them who couldn’t be older than them, had unexpectedly also reached the same level. In fact, they were outstanding figures even among all the several tens of thousands of Spirit Masters in Spirit Hall.

Yan really couldn’t stand it, and asked Hu Liena:

“Nana, who is he? How come we haven’t met before?”

He and Hu Liena had grown up together, cultivated together. They had been together for the majority of more than twenty years. Hu Liena knowing people he unexpectedly didn’t know, this was also an important reason Yan was filled with hostility towards Tang San. Yan had always believed that only he could suit Hu Liena. Of course, whether this was his own wishful thinking, only Hu Liena knew.

Hu Liena’s brows wrinkled slightly, faintly saying:

“He’s my friend.”

Only a simple explanation, then she once again turned to Tang San,

“Tang Yin, just now was a misunderstanding. Don’t mind it. Our camp is not far ahead. They’re standing guard. Why did you come to hunt spirit beasts by yourself, isn’t that too dangerous?”

Tang San looked at Hu Liena, his eyes displaying a bit of loneliness,

“If not alone, who would I ask to come and help me?”

Hu Liena stared blankly a moment. For some reason, as she saw that loneliness in Tang San’s eyes, her heart ached without any reason. She practically blurted out:

“You still have me!”

She reacted just as the words left her mouth, hastily supplementing:

“We’re friends. Moreover, don’t tell me your sect wouldn’t help you get spirit rings? You should know that, at this level, if you want to obtain a spirit ring that suits you well, it’s very difficult to reach by relying only on your own strength.”


Tang San smiled, the smile somewhat sorrowful,

“I haven’t been part of a sect for a long time.”

Hu Liena looked distracted once again. The meaning in Tang San’s words was very clear, but she found it very difficult to believe the Clear Sky Sect would renounce an outstanding disciple like Tang San.

Tang San was of course cheating her. Regarding cheating Spirit Hall’s people, Tang San didn’t feel a trace of guilt, especially for Xiao Wu’s sake.

He had learned a great many things with his aunt at the Moon Pavilion in the past year. Concealing the true opinion in his heart as well as concealing his mood was one of his compulsory subjects. Tang Yue-Hua had personally instructed him in how he could change his temperament, and in different situations, in contact with different people, face them using different methods and manners, only like this could things be accomplished best. As a celebrity in this batch of graduating students, Tang San had undoubtedly already obtained the essence of this.

It was just because he didn’t say much and avoided stating it clearly, that it was also even easier for people to believe. As for this play, he did it for Hu Liena.

“Since it’s a misunderstanding, then I’ll leave.”

Speaking, Tang San turned to walk towards the depths of the forest.


Just when Hu Liena prepared to call Tang San to stop, Yan to the side rushed to speak up first.

Tang San slowly turned around, looking at this youth who was completely releasing intense hostility, and calmly said:

“Is there anything else?”

Yan coldly said:

“Immediately leave Star Dou Great Forest. This isn’t a place you should come to. Our Spirit Hall has business in Star Dou Great Forest right now, other Spirit Masters can enter in half a year.”

Tang San smiled. In that faint smiling expression, the ice chill on his face quietly disappeared, replaced by a noble grace,

“Is Star Dou Great Forest your Spirit Hall’s property?”

Looking at that as if cleansed in the spring wind smile on Tang San’s face, and still the grace he suddenly displayed, Hu Liena’s gaze couldn’t help turning somewhat lifeless. She had never seen Tang San with such a temperament. This moment, the man in front of her seemed to suddenly have changed, going from the original ice cold to warm, leaving her very uncomfortable. But it was just because of this discomfort that the handsome face was deeply imprinted in her mind.

Yan grew angry, coldly saying:

“You’re challenging? Challenging Spirit Hall’s authority?”

Tang San smiled calmly,

“You’re Spirit Hall’s people, I’m not. I’m only a free Spirit Master. You’re the one challenging, not me. I’m friends with Hu Liena, not with you.”

Finished speaking, he turned around to leave without the slightest hesitation.

A scorching heat abruptly exploded behind his back, even the pitch black forest was also illuminated in fiery red at this instant.


Hu Liena’s voice resounded in practically the first moment.

Tang San didn’t turn around, but rather swiftly moved three steps forward. These three steps were very carefully chosen, not at all in a straight line, but rather one step forward to the left, afterwards again to the right, then again turning left for the third step. The split second movement immediately made his silhouette seem to sway, and especially in that instant, his aura became unfathomable.

When his third step touched the ground, using the tops of his toes as axis, his entire body spun at an astonishing speed, the Clear Sky Hammer held in his hand shooting out in passing, surging black light abruptly spreading, a tyrannical current spreading in the blink of an eye, heavily colliding with a more than one meter in diameter fireball.

Even without one spirit ring, Tang San’s body had long since been transformed by the Blue Silver Emperor spirit rings, and his Clear Sky Hammer was also urged on by his fifty ninth ranked spirit power. So what if he didn’t use spirit abilities? He was still a fifty ninth ranked Spirit King.

With a loud explosion, countless sparks flew in all directions, the fireball completely shattering, and Tang San’s Clear Sky Hammer also turned a deep red. But he didn’t withdraw a hair’s breadth. Bathed in the aftermath of the scorching hot flame, he didn’t suffer a trace of injuries from the elemental force.

The fireball exploded, revealing behind it, body already extremely expanded, whole body overflowing with heavenly flame, Yan.

Yan’s spirit was a Flame Lord, and after body enhancement, he possessed extreme might. Right now six spirit rings revolved around him, fluctuating, the light of the second spirit ring just vanishing.

“Yan, what are you doing?”
Hu Liena stepped sideways, already blocking in front of Tang San. Because of anger, her lovable face already seemed somewhat pale,
releasing her spirit almost without the slightest hesitation, fiery red long hair scattering across her back, and still that astonishing curve of her back and butt that even Tang San with his steady mind didn’t dare look at.

“Nana, we can’t let him leave, this person despises our Spirit Hall, we have to call him to account. Moreover, you also saw, his spirit is the Clear Sky Hammer! Isn’t he a Clear Sky School person? We’ll arrest him and bring him back, that’s a meritorious deed. If he leaves, and by any chance alarms our target, won’t we have wasted all our previous efforts on this

trip? You also won’t be able to explain that to Her Holiness the Supreme Pontiff.”

The expression in Hu Liena’s eyes chilled, as if she had returned to those days in the Hell Slaughter Arena. Seeing the expression in her eyes, Yan couldn’t help being shocked, Hu Liena had never used this kind of manner against him.

“I said, he is my friend. Yan, out of consideration for our many years of friendship, I’ll let you off this time. If there’s a next time, don’t blame me for being blunt. Mounting a sneak attack from behind, is that the work of a great man?”

Chapter 158

Tang San could see from behind that Hu Liena’s fists were closed tightly, apparently as if restraining herself. She didn’t say anything, only had a quiet expression.

To the side, Xie Yue always watched him, but making something out from Tang San’s face was harder than scaling to Heaven.

How could Yan have expected Hu Liena would actually say something like this to him? Feeling wronged, unreconciled, angry, pained, all kinds of emotions constantly dashed in his heart. But confronting Hu Liena, he was still unable to flare up.

Gazing past Hu Liena, glare firmly fixed on Tang San, snorting angrily, he turned and walked in the direction of the camp.

“Now can I leave? Miss Hu Liena.” Tang San said indifferently.

Hu Liena turned around. Looking at the first man to move her heart, for some reason, she panicked somewhat.

Quickly stepping forward, reaching Tang San, Hu Liena apologetically said: “I’m sorry, just now Yan was too impetuous. Don’t mind it. Are you in such a hurry to leave? It would be better to stay in our camp. We haven’t met for more than a year either, we can just chat about what we’ve learned with the Deathgod Domain.”

Tang San waved his hand, “No need. Still not being part of your Spirit Hall’s camp everyone will see me as an enemy. When I leave, wouldn’t that be seen as stealing information? I can’t bear that.”

“You……” Hu Liena looked at his thousand miles distant manner, and recalling that vanished grace from before, for a moment someone as intelligent as her was unexpectedly left somewhat speechless.

“Nana, just now you said that he also has the Deathgod Domain? Won’t you give us an introduction?” Xie Yue walked up next to his little sister. He and Yan were different. Once the number one of the Golden Generation, his attitude was a lot steadier than Yan’s. He was even more interested in Tang San. To be able to make his little sister change, this youth wasn’t simple.

Hu Liena looked at her brother, “Tang Yin, this is my big brother. Ge, he’s called Tang Yin. Back when I was in Slaughter City, I walked the final Hell Road with him. Without his assistance, I’m afraid you wouldn’t have seen me again.”

Xie Yue had already guessed somewhat, and he also wasn’t very surprised when he heard what she said, but his eyes displayed some gratitude, “Then I must thank you. You are Nana’s saviour.”

Tang San shook his head, “Don’t mention it, at that time we helped each other. We had the same goal It’s very late, I still need to find a place to rest, I won’t disturb you.”

In order to capture, one must let loose, Tang San used this to the limit. He was betting, betting that Hu Liena would ask him to stay.

“You still can’t leave.” Just at this moment, a cold voice resounded. Tang San only felt everything flash before his eyes, the next moment, there was already a shadow in front of him. He of course recognized it, it was Ghost Douluo.

“Grandpa Gui. Why did you come?” Hu Liena cried out in surprise. In seniority, Chrysanthemum Douluo and Ghost Douluo were even one

generation above Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong. Therefore the Golden Generation called them ‘grandpa’ in private, and addressed them as ‘elder’ on formal occasions.

Ghost Douluo’s face s till couldn’t be seen clearly, but his voice was very steady, and also very concise, “I heard your conversation just now. There’s one thing Yan said that wasn’t wrong. If he alerts our target, leading to all our effort being wasted, even me and Chrysanthemum Guan couldn’t swallow the sin. Nana, you should know how important our target is to Her Holiness this time.”

A cold light flashed in Tang San’s eyes, “Then in other words, you’re demanding I stay?” He slowly raised the Clear Sky Hammer in his hand.

Hearing Ghost Douluo’s words, Hu Liena couldn’t keep her heart from worrying, “Grandpa Gui. He wouldn’t. He’s my friend. How about, we advise him to leave the Star Dou Great Forest first?”

Ghost Douluo smiled calmly, saying: “Concern causes confusion, concern causes confusion! Nana, this isn’t like the clever you. Don’t tell me our goal wouldn’t appear on the outskirts of the forest? Any direction he leaves in, there’s a chance he’ll disturb the target. Even if the possibility is only one in ten thousand, we still have to avert it as much as possible.”

Hu Liena’s charming face reddened, but she still hadn’t caught any intent to kill in Ghost Douluo’s words.

“That you can’t leave doesn’t mean we must be harmful to you. Youngster, we only want you to temporarily cooperate with us, come with us on the way. Once we’ve succeeded in our purpose, we’ll naturally give you your liberty. Didn’t you come to kill your sixth spirit beast? I can promise to help you choose a most suitable one. Consider it reciprocation, how about it? Our Spirit Hall isn’t a dictatorship. Just a Spirit Master organization.”

Tang San was amazed as he listened to Ghost Douluo, and even Hu Liena and Xie Yue were somewhat shocked. Ghost Douluo was always known as

gloomy and cold, when did he become so well spoken?

“Fine, I agree.” Tang San’s reply equally startled Xie Yue and his sister. Hu Liena somewhat shocked asked: “You agree?”
Tang San calmly said: “Without the ability to resist, but still able to profit, why wouldn’t I agree? Only, even if I travel together with you, I won’t help you.”

Ghost Douluo loftily said: “Spirit Hall has still never needed help from others. Xie Yue, first take him to find a place in the camp, he stays together with you and Yan. Nana, you stay, I have something to talk to you about.”

Xie Yue deferentially said: “Yes.” Afterwards making an inviting gesture to Tang San, he took the lead to walk away.

Now, Tang San’s always nervous heart finally calmed, the goal of the first stepped had been reached. This was practically the best result he hoped for.

Looking at the two entering the forest darkness, Ghost Douluo said to Hu Liena: “Know why I want him to stay?”

Hu Liena shook her head, “It wouldn’t be because there’s a risk he’ll alert the target anyway. Only Yan would reach a conclusion like that. With Star Dou Great Forest’s size, let alone the possibility of him coming across that spirit beast, even if he did, that spirit beast still wouldn’t be on guard because of him.”

Ghost Douluo smiled: “That’s our clever Sacred Maiden. I had him stay because he might help us settle a large problem.”

Hu Liena’s heart twitched, “You mean, Clear Sky School?”

Ghost Douluo nodded slowly, “That’s right. It seems that he should be very dissatisfied. He said two times that he’s a free person. Perhaps that was an unconscious emphasis, but at least it could prove that his

relationship with the Clear Sky School isn’t harmonious, even to the extent that he might have already separated from the Clear Sky School. If it’s like that, then it’s undoubtedly a great benefit to us. If we can learn some of Clear Sky School’s internal circumstances from his mouth, it would be a very great advantage to Her Holiness’ Spirit Hunting Operation follow up.”

Even though Hu Liena knew intellectually that she should support Ghost Douluo, but when she thought about dealing with Tang Yin’s sect, she couldn’t help feeling somewhat apprehensive, “Grandpa Gui, we already roughly know the location of the Clear Sky School by now, we just haven’t moved because we haven’t completely investigated them. Why should we need to involve someone like him? With his age, at most he’s only a third generation disciple, it’s impossible for him to know much about the Clear Sky School’s internal secrets.”

Gui Mei smiled, “Silly girl, concern really causes confusion! The Clear Sky School matter is only one reason to have him stay. The other is for you. It seems you already like that kid. I have to admit that he’s indeed very outstanding, in no way inferior to Xie Yue and Yan. Considered a good match for you. Even more when he possesses the same Deathgod Domain as you. Undoubtedly an outstanding talent.”

“But, if you want to be together with him, his identity is a major problem. If he can join Spirit Hall, and moreover establish some contributions, obtain promotions, then, Her Holiness should also more easily accept him.”

“That’s impossible.” Even though she blushed a bit, Hu Liena still immediately denied Ghost Douluo’s words, “Grandpa Gui, how could I persuade him to go against his own sect? Actually, the Clear Sky School is already in seclusion, must we insist on exterminating them to the last?”

Gui Mei lowered his voice: “Nana, don’t say something like that in front of Her Holiness. Her Holiness’ hatred for the Clear Sky School is extremely deep. If she had to choose only one of three, then of the three upper sects she would definitely exterminate the Clear Sky School. Back then Tang Hao killed the late Pontiff, putting Her Holiness in such pain

as to not want to live. Us and the Clear Sky School are as incompatible as fire and water. Furthermore, leaving behind this once number one under Heaven sect, is a bomb that might explode at any time. Thus, the Clear Sky School must be destroyed.”

Hu Liena still wanted to say something, but was stopped by Ghost Douluo’s raised hand, “If you want his best, then convince him to join Spirit Hall. There will inevitably be a way to settle things. At least our Spirit Hunting Operation will always be kept confidential. As for the final decision, that’s not for you and me to make, everything still follows Her Holiness’ will. But, you and him standing together, it really is a very good match. This youngster’s temperament is also quite good. Back then when you left Slaughter City, he still didn’t take advantage of you under such circumstances, remarkable.”

Hu Liena walked back to the camp with her restless heart. Because she discovered that she didn’t know how she should face Tang San. Spirit Hall’s matters weren’t for her to decide, and no matter how you looked at it, even if Tang San had already broken away from the Clear Sky School, she and him still stood on opposite sides.

Hu Liena wanted for not the first time erase Tang San’s shadow from her mind, but, it was impossible. The happiness in that split second when they met again just now was greater than everything her heart had felt in this past year.

Tang San followed Xie Yue into the camp. He had already relied on his spiritual force to scan this place before, his gaze roamed, simply observing the circumstances all around. Right now, besides the patrolling members, the others had already returned to their tents to rest. But that Yan still stood in the opening of a tent.

Seeing Xie Yan bringing back Tang San, he couldn’t help looking distracted, shooting Xie Yue an inquiring look.

Xie Yue slightly shook his head at him, bringing Tang San over, he simply explained Ghost Douluo’s words from before.

“What? He’ll always be together with us until the operation ends?” Yan regretted, regretted that he had been so impetuous before. If he had let this Tang Yin fellow leave at that time, that would have been a lot better than having him follow the group now. At least when he left he couldn’t see Hu Liena.

Xie Yue’s tone grew a bit more serious, “This is elder Gui’s orders. Yan, don’t think too much.”

Yan glared resolutely at Tang San, “Kid, mark my words. If you dare get close to Nana, I’ll kill you immediately.”

Tang San gave a slight smile, his flat tone mostly containing a flavor of provocation, “Do you have the skill?”

“You……” Yan’s suppressed fury surged almost instantly, but just as he was about to piece life and death against Tang San, a feminine voice drifted over.

“It’s late, everyone rest early.”

Hearing this voice, Yan shivered. He of course knew who the source of the voice was. Enduring the rage, he turned and stepped into the tent.

Now, Hu Liena and Ghost Douluo returned simultaneously. Hu Liena’s gazed at Tang San, and Tang San also just turned his head and looked at her. The pair’s gazes met in the air. The expression in Hu Liena’s eyes was brimming with apology, but Tang San only gave a slight smile, letting her once again see that perfect grace.

Entering the tent, Tang San didn’t further provoke Yan sitting in a corner with his eyes closed, and also found a corner to sit cross legged and start to cultivate. Of course, he constantly kept himself alert. Not only towards Yan, but also Xie Yue.

A night without comment. Early the next day, as Tang San finished cultivating, there was already nobody else in the tent. Xie Yue and Yan had both left one after another not long ago.

Tang San sorted out his plans and thoughts for a moment, then left the tent.

“Eat something.” A fair little hand stretched in front of him, handing over a chunk of dried meat and one of rations. It was Hu Liena.

Taking the food, Tang San nodded to Hu Liena.

Hu Liena lowered her voice: “I’m truly sorry about yesterday. I didn’t know it would bring you so much trouble. But grandpa Gui doesn’t have any bad intentions towards you. We’ve basically already found the position of our target this time. Once the mission is completed, you can leave at any time.”

Tang San said calmly: “I believe you want to persuade me to join Spirit Hall.”

Hu Liena smiled widely, and immediately the surrounding flowers and plants seemed to lose their color, “I don’t want to court a rebuff. I won’t say something like that to you.”

Tang San looked at her, “You’re a clever girl.”

Hu Liena sighed, “I’m a person of Spirit Hall, very often I don’t have the freedom to act independently. Given the opportunity, I’ll compensate you after this.”

Tang San shook his head, “Didn’t you say we’re friends? Then don’t talk about compensation. A Title Douluo agreed to help me catch my sixth spirit beast, there’s benefit for me. Only, I’m curious, just what target can have Spirit Hall send so many experts?”

While he said this, he was already making himself as calm and collected as possible, but there was still some nervousness in his heart. Whether Hu Liena answered his question straight could let Tang San decide his attitude to her.

Hu Liena raised her head and looked around, then lowered her voice: “We’re here to catch a formidable spirit beast. It’s possible we’ll run into trouble. We’ve come this many to ensure our purpose. When the time comes that we meet the target, make sure to pay attention to defend yourself. As for what we want to catch, with your intelligence, you can guess with no need to ask me.”

Dispatching Title Douluo and so many experts, that would only be a hundred thousand year spirit beast. Hu Liena’s reply made Tang San very satisfied, his face revealing shock, but he also very quickly recovered to normal, the expression in his eyes not revealing any gaps.

Hu Liena changed the subject, “When we parted one year ago, you were very different from now. Even though last night you were still as cold as when we met, your temperament has changed a lot. You seem even steadier, and without that blood reek from before.”

Tang San smiled: “Aren’t you the same? Don’t forget that we both left that place.”

Hu Liena sighed, “In order to eliminate my blood reek aura, my teacher spent a great deal of energy. Having passed through rehabilitation on all sides, I could then be considered having recovered my normal appearance. But, I feel you seem to have recovered better than me. I won’t ask about your matters at home, but, if you really don’t have anywhere to go, return to Spirit Hall with me. Teacher will definitely appreciate you.”

The corner of Tang San’s mouth revealed a cold intent, “Let it be. Your Spirit Hall and my Clear Sky School are like fire and water. Agree to shelter a person from Clear Sky School like me?”

Hu Liena smiled widely, “That depends on whether you can move my teacher. We have to be on our way, prepare properly, I’ll walk with you later. We’re about to enter the deepest parts of the Star Dou Great Forest, we might face the attack of formidable spirit beasts at any time.”

Tang San’s heart twitched, “Your target is in the depths of Star Dou Great Forest?”

Hu Liena nodded, “We’ve spent a not short time here, judging by all kinds of signs, the target should be in the heart of the Star Dou Great Forest.” The reason why she said so, besides her trust in Tang San, was also because she didn’t have a reason to doubt him. The formidable strength Spirit Hall had dispatched this time, let alone Tang San, even several of him would still be unable to influence them. To her, she was just bringing Tang San on a stroll. She also even more wished to be together with Tang San right now, unconsciously wishing to approach his world.

In the simple exchange, Tang San had already obtained a great deal of useful information. Xiao Wu was in the heart of Star Dou Great Forest. This was also his estimation.

A this time, Ghost Douluo’s voice echoed, “Start out.”

In the short time Tang San and Hu Liena were chatting, including the tent he stayed before, the camp had already been completely struck.

Hu Liena pulled on one of Tang San’s sleeves, then stepped quickly to catch up. Tang San followed at her side, and the ill tempered Yan as well as the expressionless Xie Yue also caught up. The two Title Douluo were still one in front and one behind, only now the three people in the center of the formation had changed to four.

Yan walked behind Tang San. His overbearing gaze gave Tang San a feeling of bramble and thorns on his back, but he still didn’t mind excessively, this Yan still wasn’t enough to threaten him.

Passing one night of contemplation, right now Yan had already recovered his clarity. He knew he was unable to move on Tang San in front of Hu Liena, otherwise he would rupture the relationship between him and Hu Liena. Even though there didn’t seem to be anything between Tang San and Hu Liena on the surface, but he was really too familiar with Hu Liena’s expressions, and this was still the first time he had seen Hu Liena use such gentle eyes to look at a man.

Everyone said women were sensitive, but men were actually equally sensitive. Especially Yan whose heart had always been set on Hu Liena had especially sharp senses. Yan had already thought it over. Danger lurked in every corner of this Star Dou Great Forest, if he couldn’t act directly, couldn’t he still use everything around them?

Walking forward alongside Hu Liena, as Tang San simultaneously silently observed the advancing troops and everything in the surroundings, he was somewhat shocked to discover that Ghost Douluo and Chrysanthemum Douluo furthest ahead and behind were mutually echoing each other. Walking in this oval formation, it seemed as if the outside world was isolated by the aura of the two Title Douluo.

Tang San didn’t dare use the Blue Silver Domain. Right now among them, if the domain caused energy fluctuations that came into contact with the similar aura set up by the two Title Douluo, they would immediately be on their guard against him.

Walking furthest ahead, Ghost Douluo began to accelerate. The entire formation pierced into the forest at the speed of wind and lightning. What Tang San didn’t expect was that even if they met formidable spirit beasts along this journey, these spirit beasts still didn’t launch attacks, only watched the team move past them in the distance.

Very soon he understood why something like this would happen, it was because of the might and aura of the two Title Douluo. That energy surrounding the team like a solid barrier deterred the spirit beasts in the outside world. How many spirit beasts had the courage to offend two Title Douluo travelling together? Therefore, this Spirit Hall team also saved a lot of time.

However, along with their unceasing advance, Tang San’s heart began to gradually grow anxious. Because right now he was basically unable to leave behind any notes for Xiao Wu. Even if he did, if Xiao Wu really was in the heart of the forest, she still wouldn’t see them.

Nobody could have everything go as they wished, after the initial success of joining, Tang San also encountered difficulties.

“Rest here.” Rushing for a full four hours, Ghost Douluo furthest ahead stopped, indicating rest.

The Spirit Hall experts immediately gathered around, separating a few people responsible for patrol, the others immediately entering a resting state, the entire process without anyone opening their mouth.

Hu Liena glanced at Tang San, indicating her side, hinting he should come sid. Before Tang San could sit, Xie Yue and Yan had already sat to her left and right.

Hu Liena’s brows creased slightly, about to flare up, but saw Tang San very naturally walk over and sitting in front of her, closing his eyes, his expression quiet and graceful, clouds mild and wind weak, as if everything around him was unrelated to him.

Hu Liena discovered that she was less and less able to see through this man.

When Ghost Douluo announced the rest, Tang San had already discovered that the surrounding barrier had disappeared. As they penetrated deep into Star Dou Great Forest, he had seen a lot of extremely formidable spirit beasts, and naturally understood that the heart of the forest was growing closer and closer, and this moment right now was a rare opportunity. His heart had long since flown to Xiao Wu’s side, and he didn’t have a mind to care about Yan’s provocations.

The Blue Silver Domain quietly emitted from his body. Tang San did it extremely furtively, relying on his surpassing spiritual force and the screen of the surrounding blue silver grass, his mind combining with the blue silver grass and quickly spreading outwards.

This time he wasn’t trying to see anything clearly, his mind stretching as far as possible in one direction, sensing every aura he could detect in the surroundings.

If someone observed carefully right now, they would discover that the blue silver grass on the ground was softly swaying rhythmically, all kinds of

information gathering like snowflakes in Tang San’s mind. Even though each piece of information was fuzzy, relying on these, his mental capacity worked to the limit, quickly searching for the thing he wanted to find.

A formidable aura appeared within the scanning range of the Blue Silver Domain. That was clearly one formidable spirit beast after another in the middle of Star Dou Great Forest. Having reached their current location, there were no spirit beasts under thirty thousand years in cultivation. It was also just because of this that the two Title Douluo had no choice but to focus their minds, carefully sensing the surrounding changes. If it was in the outskirts of the forest, they still wouldn’t rest even after rushing for eight hours. But here they had to maintain their peak condition.

One formidable aura after another flitted through Tang San’s mind. Even though the auras of these ten thousand year cultivation spirit beasts weren’t weak, they still weren’t what he wanted to find. He searched for the aura belonging to Xiao Wu. A familiar aura not much different from his spirit power.

His mind spreading, suddenly, when Tang San’s spiritual force was about to reach the limit, two extremely violent auras appeared in the scanning range of his Blue Silver Domain.

The instant these two auras appeared, Tang San only felt as if his brain was smashed by a heavy hammer, his entire body shuddering violently, eyes opening. Spitting out a mouthful of blood with a retching sound, his expression turned deathly pale, listlessly collapsing on the ground.

“What’s the matter?” Hu liena was the first to reach, quickly catching him just as Tang San was about to hit the ground.

ly he was still lively as a dragon and animated as a tiger, why would he suddenly suffer serious injuries in a split second? With great alarm, Hu Liena hurriedly infused her spirit power into Tang San’s body in as gentle a manner as possible.

But she discovered that the spirit power within Tang San’s body was perfectly abundant, without any consumption. But his breath was extremely

weak, like gossamer in Hu Liena’s soft embrace.

Silhouettes flashing, Ghost Douluo and Chrysanthemum Douluo reached Hu Liena’s side at practically the same time. Xie Yue was also equally shocked, only Yan revealed a somewhat joyous expression at his misfortune.

Ghost Douluo placed a dark finger on the space between Tang San’s eyebrows. An ice cold stream immediately rushed into Tang San’s brain, making him shiver, his breath then recovering somewhat, but still seemed extremely rough, like a drowning person who just climbed onto the short, greedily gasping for large mouthfuls of air.

Hu Liena puzzled looked at the two Title Douluo. Even though Ghost Douluo’s appearance couldn’t be seen, Chrysanthemum Douluo to the side had a stupefied expression across his whole face.

“This kid is quite good! He should have used an ability similar to a spiritual probe to examine the unknown around us. And after his spiritual force was released, even me and Gui Mei actually didn’t discover it.”

Hu Liena anxiously said: “Then why did he become like this?”

Ghost Douluo lowered his voice: “Should be that he ran into some power he was by far unable to resist while scouting with his spiritual force, that moreover sensed his spiritual force, forcefully repelling him, thus injuring him. He will wake up at once, let’s hear what he says.”

Tang San gradually returned to consciousness, a splitting headache almost making him groan. Since Blue Silver Emperor’s second awakening, this was still the first time he suffered such a great loss, and moreover in the spiritual domain where he was most skilled. In fact, the greatest characteristic of the Blue Silver Domain was stealth, noiselessly permeating matters, but those two suddenly appearing formidable auras had clearly detected his existence and released their spiritual force to counter him, causing backlash.

Even though he was seriously injured, in that split second of backlash, Tang San’s spiritual force senses were particularly bright. Besides those two terrifyingly powerful auras, there was still one faint aura. Judging by its strength, this aura should be about the same has him.

Unfortunately, Tang San couldn’t sense it longer, but he could be almost certain that he had found the target he was looking for. Even though he endured tremendous pain right now, he was still enormously relieved. Because those two auras that caused him the spiritual force backlash were really too formidable, on a level that was even above the two Title Douluo next to him.

The nervousness within his heart gradually settled, Tang San’s awareness gradually recovering. Sensing everything in the outside world, he of course knew what the soft and faintly fragrant pillow against the back of his head was. However, even though Hu Liena’s body could be enticing to him, it would never be able to entice his heart.

Struggling a moment, with Hu Liena’s assistance, Tang San sat up straight. Right now the light in his eyes was dull, his coarse and heavy breathing making him seem somewhat wretched.

“Tang Yin, what happened?” Hu Liena saw Tang San recovering, and her heart also relaxed.

Tang San with difficulty looked at the two Title Douluo in front of him, smiling wryly: “I originally thought to look over the circumstances in the surroundings, take a look at whether there were any spirit beasts that suited me. But who knew I would also encounter an especially formidable existence. It could unexpectedly capture my spiritual force, and moreover even issue a spiritual collision against me. If I didn’t react fast enough, I would’ve lost my life just now.”

Chrysanthemum Douluo’s eyes brightened, asking in his particular feminine voice: “Especially formidable existence? How powerful? Which direction?”

Tang San said with certainty: “At least Spirit Douluo level. My spiritual force is considered pretty good among Spirit Masters on the same level, to injure me at long distance requires the work of at least a Spirit Douluo. Over there.” Speaking, he indicated the direction his Blue Silver Domain probed. He didn’t hide this bit at all.

Hearing the words Spirit Douluo, Chrysanthemum Douluo couldn’t help frowning, “Only Spirit Douluo level? That doesn’t seem like the target we’re looking for. You wouldn’t be mistaken?”

Tang San was of course lying, speaking of two as one, strong as weak. Hearing what was said he smiled wryly: “I don’t know the concrete details either, because at that instant I was already in spiritual force backlash.” Even though his mouth said so, in his heart he was still sneering, ‘you really go find it, perhaps you won’t have an easy time.’

If Tang San really were to describe the power of those two auras, then among the people he knew, there was only the pressure brought to him by his still not yet crippled father. And this was clearly impossible for the two Title Douluo in front of him. Even more importantly, Tang San’s previous spiritual probe was equivalent to warning those two formidable existences, wouldn’t they prepare even a bit?

Chrysanthemum Douluo and Ghost Douluo looked face to face. Ghost Douluo said: “No matter what, we have to go take a look. The target should be nearby. I would prefer to kill by mistake than to let it escape. Let’s go.”

Twenty Spirit Hall experts shot up. Hu Liena just prepared to help Tang San up by his arm, when Xie Yue to the side had already pulled him up, placing his arm over his shoulder. At the same time he used his expression to stop Yan from doing the same. With Yan’s hostility towards Tang San, Hu Liena absolutely wouldn’t permit him to protect Tang San. Xie Yue was different, he was after all her big brother.

Xie Yue nodded to Hu Liena, indicating she not worry, but Hu Liena still worriedly followed next to her brother, looking at the deathly pale Tang San

with his eyes closed, his whole body weight seemingly hanging off Xie Yue’s shoulders.

A cold light flashed in Hu Liena’s eyes. She felt an extreme grudge for Tang San’s condition, killing intent already rising in her heart.

Even Tang San himself hadn’t expected that his intent to snoop around would actually fall into the eyes of Spirit Hall’s people. Whether the two Title Douluo or Xie Yue, they were all a lot less on their guard against him. Of course, Yan’s attitude towards him still wouldn’t change.

The Spirit Hall group swiftly advanced in the direction Tang San indicated. What Ghost Douluo and Chrysanthemum Douluo didn’t expect was that as they went deeper, the spirit beasts in the surroundings actually grew fewer. Some formidable spirit beasts that had originally followed to spy on them unexpectedly completely disappeared as they continued inside the forest. There was only the calls of some insects and birds, the excessive calm making these two formidable powers increasingly alert. They were both people who had endured winds and waves, they naturally wouldn’t relax because of the peaceful surroundings.

Chapter 159

Even though Xie Yue carried Tang San, having reached the sixtieth rank, a Spirit Master’s body was already fairly powerful, and it didn’t lower his speed. Tang San also leaned on him, quickly recovering his spiritual force. He was also constantly in blue silver grass’ environment, so even though his spiritual force had been seriously injured, his recovery speed was still extremely astonishing. While the Blue Silver Domain only affected him, barely perceptible to the naked eye blue silver grass energy was constantly rushing into his body, complementing his losses. Of course, on the surface he still appeared that weak.

Sensing the gradually approaching location where his spiritual force previously scouted, Tang San’s heart once again grew nervous. Even if the two auras from before were so formidable, the strength of these Spirit Hall people wasn’t low either. Could those two formidable auras really protect Xiao Wu?

“Welcome to Star Dou Great Forest.” Suddenly, a soft and tender voice came from ahead, making Ghost Douluo furthest ahead swiftly halt.

Hearing this voice, even if he always hid it, Tang San’s body still couldn’t help trembling a moment. Five years, five years had passed, he finally heard this touching voice again. If it wasn’t Xiao Wu, then who?

Chrysanthemum Douluo’s figure flashed, already at Ghost Douluo’s side. The two glanced at each other, Chrysanthemum Douluo gesturing to the Spirit Hall experts behind him, the formation of twenty Spirit Sages

immediately changing. The formation tightened, becoming a circle, surrounding the Golden Generation and Tang San in the middle. At the same time they released their spirits. Twenty Spirit Sages simultaneously releasing their spirits was absolutely a spectacular scene, in an instant, with them as the center, the air violently distorted within a hundred meters. One dazzling spirit ring after another appeared on them.

The Golden Generation trio’s spirits also released simultaneously. Xie Yue supported Tang San with one hand, Moon Blade already appearing in his other hand. Each person looked ahead, brimming with vigilance.

“Haven’t you looked for me for a very long time? Now you’ve found me, don’t you dare come over?” The gentle voice rose once again. The peace within that voice gave all the Spirit Hall experts a kind of strange feeling.

Chrysanthemum Douluo gave Ghost Douluo a nod, the two taking the lead to step forward. Having found their target with great difficulty, even if there really was a trap ahead, they still had to step inside. If they missed this opportunity, they didn’t know how long it would take to find this crafty rabbit again.

Passing through a dense stretch of forest, the line of sight directly ahead opened up to a wide panorama. The pupils of each person from Spirit Hall contracted almost simultaneously, because, appearing in front of them, was an indescribably beautiful scene.

The clear little lake made the atmosphere become even more humid. The large trees all around were invertedly reflected on the surface of the lake, everything illuminated by sunlight, making everything reflected on the water sparkle.

to such a moving scene crouched an extremely large silhouette. That was an existence like a mountain, covered with black fur, sparkling with faint luster under the faint sunshine. Even though its four limbs were on the ground, the height of its shoulders still surpassed seven meters. If it stood upright, perhaps it would b e over fifteen meters.

By appearance, this was a creature like an ape or chimpanzee, besides the lantern sized eyes twinkling like yellow crystals, it was pitch black all over.

This big fellow was really too majestic, majestic on an inconceivable degree. Not only was its body enormous, but each part of its body was moreover covered with muscles more terrifyingly solid than granite, bulging like small hills. Its entire body was like a combination of power and perfection.

If it could be said to represent masculinity, then the silhouette on its shoulder was the peak of gentleness and beauty.

Wearing a long white dress covering even her feet, delicate features just like a fairy where not even the slightest flaw could be found, long black hair scattered over her back hanging all the way down to the giant ape’s shoulder, if seen from behind it would look like a black waterfall hiding her entire body.

Each strand of hair seemed supple and unyielding, her elegance at the peak of the world. Her beauty came not only from herself, but was a union with her surroundings. This moment, even with Hu Liena’s confidence in her own beauty, had a somewhat inferior feeling.

Tang San had long since opened his eyes. At this moment, the expression in his eyes was stupefied.

Five years had passed, and Xiao Wu was even more beautiful, a little taller, also a little more ample, that immaturity already transformed into a representation of beauty. A pair of big eyes glittering with soft light overlooking the Spirit Hall team across the lake, as if she was the center of everything around her. Right now, she was like the goddess of the forest incarnate, quietly standing on the shoulder of the incomparably majestic Titan Giant Ape.

The majority of the Spirit Hall experts’ gazes focused on Xiao Wu, but the two Title Douluo rigidly watched the Titan Giant Ape under Xiao Wu’s feet. The Titan Giant Ape didn’t release its oppressive aura, but just by

crouching there, it gave people an impression of a profoundness like a lofty mountain.

Only now did they understand why there would be so few formidable spirit beasts nearby, it was because this was the domain of the king of the forest! What common spirit beast would dare court death by entering the forest king’s domain?

There were no ripples in Xiao Wu’s gentle gaze, quietly watching the two Title Douluo, “You’ve been looking for me for a very long time, then, today we’ll settle it here.”

As her words fell, the yellow crystal like eyes of the Titan Giant Ape she stood on abruptly brightened. Even though it was daytime, they were still like two suns, an aura as towering as a mountain majestically released, forming ripples on the surface of the lake in front of it.

Ghost Douluo and Chrysanthemum Douluo hadn’t expected that they would run into a terrifying spirit beast like the Titan Giant Ape here. They of course knew that if they could kill the Titan Giant Ape, the advantages they would gain wouldn’t be any different from that human form stage hundred thousand year spirit beast Xiao Wu. However, what kind of existence was the Titan Giant Ape? King of spirit beasts. Even equal level spirit beasts could only tremble and kneel before it.

The position of the Titan Giant Ape among spirit beasts was even higher than that of dragon and phoenix spirits among spirits. In their experience, they had only ever heard of one person defeating a Titan Giant Ape, and that person was the one who had killed the previous Spirit Hall Supreme Pontiff, Clear Sky Douluo Tang Hao.


The Titan Giant Ape’s enormous body stood upright, an aura with a pressure just like Mt. Tai raising giant waves on the lake surface. Xiao Wu still stood on its shoulder, black hair fluttering from the currents in the surroundings. But the expression on her face was still quiet and calm.

The human firework aura she had gained in those days together with Tang San, in five years, had been calmed in the quiet of the forest. It seemed as if these formidable enemies in front were unrelated to her.

Ghost Douluo and Chrysanthemum Douluo simultaneously released their spirits, nine spirit rings erupting from each of them, then withstood the imposing manner of the Titan Giant Ape. Ghost Douluo said in a low voice: “Chrysanthemum Guan, you block this big fellow for a while, I’ll grab that rabbit first. If we succeed, we’ll immediately withdraw.”

The two had worked together for many years, and Chrysanthemum ouluo naturally understood his meaning. The Odd Velvet Heavenly Chrysanthemum in his hand shook against the wind, rapidly growing larger, his seventh spirit ring subsequently brightening. Confronting the Titan Giant Ape, he at once released his Spirit Avatar.

Ghost Douluo shouted loudly, “The rest of you stay where you are.” As he shouted, he was already soaring through the air, his entire body completely illusory, even the nine spirit rings around him couldn’t be seen clearly.

Quickly growing to five meters long, the enormous golden chrysanthemum swept under Chrysanthemum Douluo’s feet. Gui Mei became a line of mirages shooting straight for the other side, and Chrysanthemum Douluo Yue Guan didn’t stand still either, equally soaring up, travelling over the waves, swiftly dashing after Ghost Douluo towards the opposite bank, one person above and one below. Even though Ghost Douluo was fast, that giant Chrysanthemum in the advancing Chrysanthemum Douluo’s hand had already flown out first, the golden flower still growing larger in the air, each golden petal appearing dazzlingly beautiful.

Yue Guan seemed to be connected to that giant Odd Velvet Heavenly Chrysanthemum he threw out, pulling him with a speed that for a short time wasn’t inferior to the ghostly Ghost Douluo.

The Titan Giant Ape’s two eyes revealed a trace of disdain. Confronting the charge of two Title Douluo, he shrugged his shoulders, making Xiao Wu

standing there fly up, falling behind it. The instant Xiao Wu left, it also moved.

The king of the forest was the king of the forest, in a flash erupting with speed completely disproportional to its build, going to directly collide with the Ghost Douluo in the air. As for that Odd Velvet Heavenly Chrysanthemum and Chrysanthemum Douluo flying at it, it basically ignored.

Gui Mei clearly felt that, the moment the Titan Giant Ape threw itself towards him, everything around him seemed to congeal, his body as heavy as if injected with lead, his original speed like a ray of light or flitting shadow abruptly slowed. Everything before his eyes seemed to distort.

Domain, this was the power of a domain. Ghost Douluo immediately recognized this ability. His conjecture was extremely accurate, as king of the forest, Gravity Control Domain was one of the Titan Giant Ape’s abilities. Among countless kinds of spirit beasts, there weren’t more than ten kinds that could truly grasp the power of a domain, and the spirit beasts among these ten kinds that could cultivate the domain were even fewer. Ghost Douluo had undoubtedly drawn first prize.

The Titan Giant Ape’s Gravity Control Domain was different from common Gravity abilities. Within this domain, it could casually control any change in gravity, maybe amplifying it, or maybe suddenly reducing it.

As an agility attack type Douluo, Ghost Douluo was most skilled in speed. However, when the Gravity Control Domain fell on him, it immediately counteracted his most skilled speed.

The Titan Giant Ape was in no way as honest and straightforward as it seemed on the surface. His Gravity Control Domain focused on Ghost Douluo alone, and in an instant the gravity around Ghost Douluo became ten times greater. The mirage grew clear, Ghost Douluo’s true features appearing.

That was the face of a gloomy middle aged man, emaciated, dark skinned, a pair of reserved eyes right now displaying a shocked expression.

The Titan Giant Ape’s immense fist swung out, and Ghost Douluo could clearly feel all the earth element in the surrounding air condensing on this one fist.

If it was under normal circumstances, confronting such a giant as the Titan Giant Ape, he could have dodged without problem. But the sudden tenfold increase in gravity caused him enormous trouble. Even throwing it off with his Title Douluo strength was difficult. But he dared even less allow himself to collide with this fist. Enduring the fist of the king of the forest head on could perhaps only be accomplished by an abnormal like the Clear Sky Douluo.

Without the slightest hesitation, Ghost Douluo’s seventh spirit ring flashed, Spirit Avatar abruptly releasing, making his whole body instantly become even more illusory. If he could previously be described as layers of shadow, then, at this moment he became almost transparent.

The Titan Giant Ape’s enormous yellow crystal eyes displayed a disdainful mockery. Just when Ghost Douluo used his seventh spirit ring ability, suddenly, the originally ten times stronger gravity instantly disappeared. Even more terrifying was that the ten times stronger gravity in a split second became ten times weaker instead.

Ghost Douluo had all along tried to throw on the restrictions of the Gravity Control Domain on him, and when the gravity suddenly changed so violently, he basically didn’t have a chance to react, instead practically speeding up towards that terrifying Titan Giant Ape fist.

Hong—— An intense explosion of energy resounded in the air, that transparent shadow flying out without the least suspense, being directly blasted back to the Spirit Hall experts’ shore.

In fact, after Ghost Douluo released his Spirit Avatar, he was immune to physical attacks, capable of phasing through any physical attacks, as if his body was intangible.

But even under such circumstances, the Titan Giant Ape’s terrifyingly heavy force still blasted him away, the amount of power contained in that

fist was obvious. As one of the peak existences among spirit beasts, its strength was just like Tang San estimated. Already above the majority of Title Douluo.

Chrysanthemum Douluo Guan Mei’s attack still hadn’t fallen on the Titan Giant Ape. He saw Gui Mei being blasted away face to face, and immediately gave up on the original battle plan, not daring to give any attention to Xiao Wu behind the Titan Giant Ape’s back.

But just at this moment, a feeling of intense crisis abruptly came from below him. Chrysanthemum Douluo’s reaction couldn’t be called slow, pulling down the originally forward charging Strange Velvet Heavenly Chrysanthemum with all his strength, heavily whipping the surface of the water below his feet, and he drew on the opposing force from his spirit attack to soar high into the air.


Countless splashes turned to dazzlingly beautiful rays of light, instantly drowning that Strange Velvet Heavenly Chrysanthemum. The air suddenly became humid, a more than four meter diameter giant bull head abruptly bursting from the water. That Strange Velvet Heavenly Chrysanthemum strike was unexpectedly shocked to rebound off it, in fact, right now this Chrysanthemum was in a Spirit Avatar state.

Thick blue scales, an incomparably enormous body charging towards the sky. This bull headed serpent’s enormous monstrous mouth spit, a blue light shooting out, and the Chrysanthemum Douluo in the air following in Ghost Douluo’s dust, flying out, in an instant falling back to the opposite back, his expression changing successively.

“Second oldest, get rid of them, leave none behind.” The bull head mouth spit out human words, its ice cold gaze just like a sharp sword, watching everyone on the shore. Everything in the surroundings suddenly turned into a blue colored world, and including Tang San, everyone belonging to Spirit Hall suddenly felt their bodies instantly seem to slow, their speed dropping by at least thirty percent.

Domain, another domain.

Ghost Douluo and Chrysanthemum Douluo’s expressions had now turned disastrous. This was the first time they saw this bull-headed serpent-bodied monster, but by its imposing manner and the human words it spit out, its strength was actually even above the Titan Giant Ape. This blue light should be something similar to a Slow Domain. Just like the Titan Giant Ape’s Gravity Control Domain, within the range of the domain, this monster could definitely control various effects of speed.

Piercing out from the water was the forest emperor, the true lord of this Star Dou Great Forest, the Sky Blue Bull Python. The Slow Domain wasn’t in order to fight the enemies, but rather to keep them from running away. As the lord of this great forest, how couldn’t he know that these people were always looking for Xiao Wu? Drawing them here today was to smash them in one stroke.

Hou—— The Titan Giant Ape issued a Heaven overflowing roar, its powerful hind legs helping its body shoot out in an instant.

What did a suddenly flying mountain look like? It was a suitable description for the Titan Giant Ape right now. Even though it was enormous, under the effect of the Gravity Control Domain, it leapt over as if it weighed nothing.

In terms of strength, even back when Xiao Wu was still a hundred thousand year spirit beast, she was still far from equal to these two brothers. But from childhood, Xiao Wu was still a few years older than them. When the Sky Blue Bull Serpent was still a Small Blue Serpent, Xiao Wu saved him. In the hearts of these two brothers, Xiao Wu was like their big sister. Even if they later grew stronger than her, this relationship had never changed.

Each threat to Xiao Wu was like a threat to them, it had to be strangled.

“Final move.” Ghost Douluo suddenly shouted loudly. A different tint from the black he usually released was abruptly emitted from within him.

That was a glittering silver flame, soaring high in practically an instant. And next to him, Chrysanthemum Douluo Yue Guan simultaneously emitted a golden flame. At this moment, both their nine rings flared practically simultaneously, rendering their gold and silver flames even more dazzling and radiant.

Facing each other, four hands grasped each other, Gui Mei and Yue Guan’s bodies abruptly merging, their altogether eighteen spirit rings abruptly merging together, one massive gold and silver colored ring of light quietly flying out.

Tang San saw a flash before his eyes. Suddenly, heaven and earth seemed to have turned gold and silver, everything in the surroundings also seemingly completely still at this moment. Ghost Douluo and Chrysanthemum Douluo’s bodies had both disappeared as that gold and silver ring of light formed, and that giant ring of light had already flown into the sky, in the blink of an eye becoming a more than hundred meter in diameter giant halo. At this moment, even the soaring Titan Giant Ape had also become absolutely still in midair. The blue light the Sky Blue Bull Python just spit out was also frozen.

The words ‘spirit fusion ability’ abruptly appeared in Tang San’s mind, his originally exceedingly relaxed heart tightened in an instant.

How formidable was a spirit fusion ability formed by two Title Douluo? Even though the Sky Blue Bull Python was so powerful it amazed him, could these two formidable spirit beasts truly resist the spirit fusion ability of two Title Douluo?

“We can only trap these two spirit beasts for a while, grab that rabbit immediately and leave. Quick.” Ghost Douluo’s strained voice echoed from the gold and silver ring of light. The next moment, the brilliance abruptly converged, the Sky Blue Bull Puthon and the Titan Giant Ape both had a layer of gold and silver light, rigidly trapped within that narrow range.

Strangely, the range confining the Titan Giant Ape was still in the air, showing just how formidable this gold and silver ring shaped spirit fusion ability was.

Ghost Douluo and Chrysanthemum Douluo always operated together, not only because they had a close relationship, but even more importantly this spirit fusion ability. This in itself was a great secret of Spirit Hall. In the current Continent, there were very few Spirit Masters capable of holding a spirit fusion ability, and Title Douluo possessing spirit fusion abilities were even rarer. The full name of this gold and silver glittering ring of light before them was Two Level Immobilization Domain, it was also a dual attribute domain, able to simultaneously immobilize the opponent’s abilities and movements.

Even though the Titan Giant Ape and the Sky Blue Bull Python were powerful, confronting a dual attributed domain with such excessively powerful control power, even they would end up temporarily restrained.

Of course, in order to fully use this ability, Chrysanthemum Douluo and Ghost Douluo also had to throw in their complete mental and physical efforts. When their spirit power was unable to endure, this domain would naturally also be rescinded. If there was still a Title Douluo level power here, cooperating with the Two Level Immobilization Domain’s effect, they could very possibly have inflicted heavy injuries on the two great forest kinds. If there were two Title Douluo, they might kill them. This was where this domain was ferocious.

Of course, the reason why Ghost Douluo and Chrysanthemum Douluo could succeed, was also that the two great spirit beasts had contemptuously not prepared adequately.

Unfortunately, there were just some Spirit Sages with Chrysanthemum and Ghost Douluo. Their strength basically wasn’t enough to break their defenses, let alone injuring the two great spirit beasts.

Plentiful combat experience made the thinking of the two Title Douluo extremely clear. It was clearly impossible for them to defeat the two great spirit beast powers by contending with them from the front, however, relying on their spirit fusion ability, they could successfully trap the spirit beasts, then even if their strength was formidable, it was still impossible to easily get free of this domain. But that Xiao Wu wasn’t strong, still just in the human form youngling stage. With more than twenty Spirit Master

experts, as long as they could catch her and quickly retreat, they would have reached their goal. In the retreat, even if the two great spirit beasts could pursue, they could still use her to coerce them.

As Ghost Douluo’s orders fell and the two great spirit beasts were simultaneously trapped, the first to respond wasn’t Spirit Hall’s people, but rather Tang San.

Ghost Douluo and Chrysanthemum Douluo had admittedly planned very well, the two great spirit beasts had also been trapped due to their excessive contempt. However, they had still failed to account for Tang San.
The moment Ghost Douluo gave the orders, Tang San began to move. His arm had all along hung over Xie Yue’s shoulders, with Ghost
Douluo’s orders, Tang San’s arm abruptly tightened over Xie Yue’s shoulders, forefinger turning a jade color, poking directly at Xie Yue’s chest.

This point was very carefully chosen, just hitting Xie Yue’s shan zhong acupuncture point. As a hidden weapons expert, Tang San’s familiarity and precision regarding acupuncture points was unquestionable.

Shan zhong acupuncture point. Connecting meridian: conception vessel, the ample great yang and lesser yin, engaging greater yin and lesser yang; the meeting point of the conception vessel. After being struck, inner qi scatters, heart in disorder, mind confused. One of the body’s thirty six great acupuncture points.

To Xie Yue, Tang San’s actions were really too sudden. He basically had no time to react, the spirit power he just gathered to release his spirit scattering in a moment, his chest turned stuffy, his whole body already falling into Tang San’s arms.

Hu Liena was after all pretty good to Tang San. Xie Yue was also her elder brother, so Tang San’s actions weren’t a killing move. Of course, this was even more related to him requiring his full strength to deal with even more people.

Left hand dealing with Xie Yue, his right hand abruptly released two long since prepared Cluster Life Taking Soul Chasing Balls. With a resounding crack, smoke rose in front of him and Xie Yue, countless tiny poison needles flying out, immediately enveloping six Spirit Sages in front.

Hidden weapons were originally used for sneak attacks, and only in a sneak attack could hidden weapons release their greatest potential. The abruptly rising change in the situation caught people unprepared. The purpose of the Cluster Life Taking Soul Chasing Balls’ tiny needles was to break inner Big Dipper Qi. In this world, their target was naturally protective spirit power. Even though these Spirit Sages had already released their spirits, they didn’t use protective spirit abilities. With a series of muffled grunts, the six Spirit Sages in front of Tang San abruptly fell to the ground.

Being struck by Cluster Life Taking Soul Chasing Ball poison needles at such close range, even immortals would find it difficult to save themselves.

“What are you doing?” Hu Liena cried out in alarm.

Xie Yue’s body was thrown away by Tang San, falling straight at Hu Liena. At the same time he flickered as if illusory, countless hidden weapons sprinkling from his hands. The back of his jacket instantly split open, glinting blue golden Eight Spider Lances excitedly coming out.

Azure divine light shot from his eyes like lightning, blasting at one Spirit Sage. Even though that Spirit Sage had already reacted, how might even his fastest Spirit Ability use be faster han Purple God Light? Amidst an explosive blast, another one collapsed. Even though he wasn’t dead, he had lost the ability to fight.

Eight Spider Lances braced against the ground in a flash, Blue Silver and Deathgod Domains simultaneously spreading out, the blue silver grass on the ground instantly growing wildly. Tang San’s five spirit rings appeared simultaneously, the fourth spirit ring radiating brilliance, Blue Silver Prison variant ability, Blue Silver Thrust, activating.

All this came too suddenly, Tang San had erupted with almost his full capability in just a split second. Seven Spirit Sages fell under his sneak attack, further adding Xie Yue with his great acupuncture point struck, the twenty three Spirit Hall experts had instantly lose eight. Even though it was impossible for the Blue Silver Thrust formation to harm the others once prepared, the delaying effect still gave Tang San enough time to separate from them.

Eight Spider Lances braced, and the next moment they had already pushed Tang San into a high leap. The Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone flying ability launched in midair, making him fly in Xiao Wu’s direction like a meteor catching up to the moon.

“Xiao Wu, let’s go.” Tang San shouted loudly, a strand of Blue Silver Grass already thrown out towards Xiao Wu.

His actions were really too fast. WHen Xiao Wu noticed, it was already when countless poison needles were revealed, striking and killing six Spirit Sages.

Even if Tang San’s appearance had changed, his temperament had changed, there were still a great many things that wouldn’t change.

The fourth spirit ability ten thousand year spirit ring, formidable hidden weapons, the changed Eight Spider Lances and Blue Silver Grass. These were all marks of his identity, and even more importantly, the split second Tang San had used Eight Spider Lances to shoot himself out, his gaze had already met Xiao Wu’s in the air.

His appearance had changed, his temperament had changed, but the expression in his eyes didn’t change, especially the expression when Tang San looked at Xiao Wu.

Xiao Wu’s gaze was no longer serene, even more without the quiet from before. Even the recovering large number of Spirit Hall experts already pursuing was unable to influence the joy overflowing her heart.

Without any resistance, letting that Blue Silver Emperor twist around her slender waist, Xiao Wu’s long and slender legs leapt, sending her up to meet Tang San.


This shout hadn’t been heard for five years, both their appearances had changed, but the sincere feelings held in this should hadn’t changed a fraction. Tang San was still Tang San, Xiao Wu was also still Xiao Wu. The moment their gazes met, Tang San’s throat felt as if choked by something.

‘I will protect her, even if it costs me my life.’

This was the only thought in Tang San’s heart right now. The next moment, with a pull of the Blue Silver Emperor, their bodies met in midair.

Arms lightly stretching, that delicate body Tang San had missed for five years was held to his chest. Urging the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone flying ability with his full strength, he was pushed like a bolt of lightning to penetrate the dense forest in front.

“Bastard. Kill him.” Yan shouted furiously, chasing swiftly in Tang San’s direction with the remaining thirteen Spirit Sages. The three flying Spirit Masters among the Spirit Sages immediately took to the air, forming an air to surface formation with the other Spirit Masters, quickly going in pursuit.

Holding tightly on Tang San’s neck, Xiao Wu’s heart beat violently. When Da Ming and Er Ming had been trapped by the two Title Douluo, she already had an unclear premonition. She of course knew that it was impossible for the current her to contend against the remaining Spirit Hall experts.

At that moment, what she had thought of wasn’t her own safety, but only one thought. If, before she died, she could see Tang San again, then she could still die without regret.

And when that thought still hadn’t faded from her mind, those familiar Eight Spider Lances, familiar hidden weapons, and still those familiar eyes, had already appeared in front of her.

At this moment, buried in that warm embrace, Xiao Wu’s heart was completely steeped in happiness.

Back after she originally left Tang San, she had thought of many, many things. She had also once despaired when thinking she might never see Tang San again. But even with the slightest chance, she would still never give up. Finally seeing her beloved again, Xiao Wu felt that even if she were to die right now on the spot, all this would still be worth it.

Both hands tightly wound around Tang San’s neck, feeling his changed aura and equally warm embrace, Xiao Wu was already a bit silly.

But right now Tang San still didn’t have time to be happy. Bringing Xiao Wu to swiftly enter the forest, he immediately felt at least ten auras locking in on him. At this moment he couldn’t pause, he could only run into the forest.

If the Sky Blue Bull Serpent and the Titan Giant Ape could promptly break free of that spirit fusion ability that would of course be good, but he couldn’t place his hopes on them. The more than ten Spirit Sages behind him were powerful, with such strength, even he and Xiao Wu would still be easily drowned. His flying speed wasn’t necessarily the fastest, especially within the forest. Tang San basically didn’t dare leave the range of the trees, otherwise he’d immediately become the target of multitudes of arrows in the air.

Feeling the auras behind him swiftly approach, he gave up on flying, floating to the ground, both hands drawing Xiao Wu close, Eight Spider Lances replaced his feet, swiftly advancing. At the same time, his spiritual force spread out completely, examining the movements of the pursuit behind them. Whenever the enemies wanted to surround them, he could find the best direction to escape.

There were altogether fourteen people chasing, Golden Generation’s Yan, as well as thirteen Spirit Sage level Spirit Hall experts.

Hu Liena stayed where she was without moving. After catching her brother, she discovered that Xie Yue’s complexion was pale, already unconscious. This wasn’t the reason she didn’t go to chase Tang San and Xiao Wu. Because she didn’t want to believe that everything that had happened in front of her was real.

With Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances on his back, when the Blue Silver Grass and hidden weapons simultaneously erupted, with her intelligence, how couldn’t she make the connection between this man who had been branded in her heart and mind and the one who dealt Spirit Hall such enormous humiliation, Tang San. Connecting all kinds of things in the pasts, the riddles in her heart suddenly opened up in a flash of understanding. But the more it was like this, the more intense the pain in her heart became. In her blank pain, she no longer knew what she should do.

Yan was currently already in an extreme rage. What he wanted to do right now was tear Tang San into ten thousand pieces. Seven Spirit Sages, those were seven Spirit Sages exhaustively cultivated by Spirit Hall! Right now their survival was unknown.

Chapter 160

And in fact, after Tang San’s personally modulated poison entered the body, besides the one struck by Purple God Light, the other six Spirit Sages were already completely out of luck.

The power of Tang Sect’s secret lore was really too great in a sneak attack.

Tang San was very fast, with the boost of the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone as well as the increase of Eight Spider Lances ignoring terrain, his speed had already reached the pinnacle. But the ones chasing him were still Spirit Sage level powers. There was no lack of agility attack type Spirit Masters among them. With them in pursuit, the distance between both sides was still constantly closing.

Tang San’s Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step was admittedly wondrous, but Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step was best at dodging, not running.

Tang San very clearly knew that in the world of his old life, there were some movement arts that were more suited to this kind of situation than Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step, like Shaolin’s Eight Step Catching Cicada as well as a kind of Transient Light Passing Shadow movement art. However, what use were these right now? All he could do was only constantly move forwards.

Having reached the Spirit Sage level, if the qi locked on the opponent, as long as they didn’t leave a certain range, it was impossible to lose them.

Among the thirteen Spirit Sages there were altogether five agility attack type Spirit Masters. The five spread into a semi circle, half surrounding them like lightning.

Let alone these five being able to kill Tang San and capture Xiao Wu, even if they couldn’t as long as they could tangle with Tang San for a while, allowing their companions to catch up from behind, the outcome would still be the same.

The longer he confronted crises, the sharper Tang San’s mind became. Brain operating rapidly, thinking about ways to get out of the current danger.

Gradually, they had already left the territory of the two great spirit beast kings, and in the surroundings also began to appear the auras of spirit beasts. To Tang San and Xiao Wu, this wasn’t any good news. With their present speed, if they were stopped just for a moment by alerted spirit beasts, the enemies behind them would swiftly catch up.

“Ge.” Xiao Wu softly called out.

Tang San lowered his head. His spiritual force found the path forward, and the effect of his eyes was on the contrary not as clear.

Using a hand to softly coil Xiao Wu’s long hair, Tang San pulled her in tight, “As long as I still live, I won’t ever let them harm you.”

Saying so, Tang San’s speed forward suddenly dropped. His body was abruptly raised outright, the top four Eight Spider Lances thrusting into the trunks of two large trees ahead, bringing him across the trees like a giant spider, successively crossing several great trees.

Tang San’s movements naturally had a destination, he was circling to one side. The five people chasing closest behind moved held a semicircular pattern. He was currently circling to one side, and thus, when the opponents caught up, they didn’t have to face the attacks of five Spirit Sages at once.

A blue light halo suddenly released, and the blue silver grass on the ground began to grow frantically. With blue silver grass growing everywhere in the Star Dou Great Forest, Tang San’s strength could undoubtedly be displayed to its greatest extent.

This absolutely wasn’t the time to be merciful. Tang San’s eyes were already filled with a ruthless ice chill.

That closest agility attack type Spirit Master was already in viewing distance. Monstrously fast, dashing in Tang San’s direction just like a phantom.

Seeing the opponent approach, Tang San no longer moved his body, Eight Spider Lances sticking to a tree trunk behind him, suspending him and Xiao Wu in the air.

That pursuing agility attack type Spirit Master was roughly fifty years old. He didn’t have Tang San’s ability to probe with spiritual force, but pulled by the energy he could still sense that he approached the target with extreme speed, and was immediately overjoyed. Seeing Tang San and Xiao Wu’s silhouettes appear before him, both his hands immediately turned into sharp blades, throwing himself forward like a bolt of lightning.

This agility attack type Spirit Master’s spirit was called Spirit Chasing Swallow, excelling in speed and arcing attacks, its attack power unusually high. Right now, in order to pursue Tang San, he had already fully used his Spirit Avatar, and his entire body was like an immense black swallow, cutting straight at Tang San and Xiao Wu with a pitch black chill in the air.

“Stop.” Tang San shouted.

Just as if following orders, the Soul Chasing Swallow Spirit Sage abruptly slowed in midair, completely stalling in the air, falling towards the ground. His body was already twisted up by numerous and densely packed Blue Silver Emperor. In order to deal with any eventualities, as early as before they met Xiao Wu, Tang San had already spread Parasite Blue Silver Emperor seeds on each member of the Spirit Hall party except the two Title Douluo. Launching it now, was just right to catch him off guard.

However, the opponent had still used Spirit Avatar. It could only really delay him for one second. His body had just started falling, when the Blue Silver Emperor twisting around him were already torn apart by his unreasoning attack power.

But this one second, to Tang San, was already enough.

Throwing himself head on, exploiting the flying ability of the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone, Tang San charged forward in the split second the opponent was restrained. The opponent was originally charging towards him, and under such circumstances, the distance closed in the blink of an eye.

Both Tang San’s hands looped and pulled at his chest, the Clear Sky Hammer already appearing out of nowhere. With a keng sound, the opponent’s hand blades were both scattered the moment he broke free of Parasite.

In terms of both Spirit Power as well as the opponent’s Spirit Avatar strength, Tang San would ordinarily inevitably be sent flying here. But in fact, Tang San still didn’t break out of fighting range. Because, those incomparably sharp Eight Spider Lances were already thrusting towards the opponent’s body from eight directions.

Blue Silver Emperor’s second spirit ability, Parasite, stunning the opponent and frantically breaking free, this was all in Tang San’s grasp of timing. It was just that split second that the battle was already decided.

Tang San’s Clear Sky Hammer blocked the opponent’s attack, but the enormous impulse also made his Clear Sky Hammer rebound. Tang San’s other hand promptly pulled away Xiao Wu, his Clear Sky Hammer directly striking his chest, and the opponent’s hand blades also left bloody scars.

But this was also all that this Soul Chasing Swallow Spirit Sage accomplished. His body was instantly corroded when the Eight Spider Lances entered his body. Tang San clearly felt the opponent’s vitality rush out through the Eight Spider Lances, and his own previously enormously consumed spirit power also subsequently recovered somewhat.

How heavy was the Clear Sky Hammer? Even more when it was mixed with the opponent’s spirit power attack. Tang San felt a sweet taste, and with a belching sound he vomited up a mouthful of fresh blood. But when the Eight Spider Lances left the opponent’s body, it had already completely turned into a dried out corpse, completely emptied by the Eight Spider Lances.

From start to finish, the entire process only took less than three seconds.
In practically a single breath, the fight was already over.

If it was a one versus one battle, relying on his two great domains and three great spirit bones, even if Tang San’s spirit power was ten ranks lower than the opponent’s, he could still be certain of victory, even to the extent of a complete victory.

However, right now he basically didn’t have the time to carefully look for the opponent’s gaps to reach victory. Fighting quickly to reach a conclusion quickly let him use this method of using his life to take the opponent’s life, instantly dealing with this Spirit Sage level agility attack type Spirit Master.

What was called using his life to take the opponent’s life wasn’t the same as doing his utmost. What Tang San did was use the smallest price to achieve the greatest results.

He had only spit out a mouthful of blood and suffered light injuries, the chest wounds weren’t deep either. But taking the opponent’s life in return, this was undoubtedly an extremely profitable exchange.

The moment he pulled out Eight Spider Lances, Tang San again pulled Xiao Wu close and shot away. The instant he left his former position, at least four long range attacks struck the place he just was. The other four agility attack type Spirit Masters were already catching up.

Tang San understood that in order to separate Xiao Wu from the pursuers, these agility attack type Spirit Masters had to be dealt with. Otherwise, he basically couldn’t outrun the opponents. If they were blocked by spirit beasts, he and Xiao Wu would be finished. Therefore, he brazenly decided that, no matter how, he still had to think of a way to dispose of them.

On the surface it seemed that he had paid a very small price, but Tang San’s heart was still bitter.

Spirit Sages were after all Spirit Sages, especially Spirit Sages already using Spirit Avatar. In spirit power, he basically wasn’t on their level. Even this comprehensively advantageous exchange just now, Tang San was counter struck in the chest with the Clear Sky Hammer, and right now he was still aching. Those sharp blades streaking across his chest had even more delivered a destructive sharp energy into his body, doing its utmost to drill into him, forcing him to divert a portion of Mysterious Heaven Skill inner strength to drive it out.

Thus, his and Xiao Wu’s speed forward dropped once again. The other four already berserk agility attack type Spirit Masters were catching up with astonishing speed.

ly pulled aside by Tang San, Xiao Wu stared blankly at the wounds that agility attack type Spirit Sage left on Tang San’s chest, immediately awakening from her charming gentleness. Gathering air to lighten her body, she did her utmost to lessen the burden on Tang San.

“Ge, what do we do?”

Tang San spoke in a low voice as he swiftly rushed forward: “We have to get rid of these agility attack type Spirit Masters behind us, otherwise we won’t be able to escape. Just now I killed one, there are still four.”

Xiao Wu smiled sweetly, the circumstances before her eyes making her feel as if she had returned to those days she and Tang San faced powerful enemies in the Great Spirit Arena.

“Then let our Three Five Combination give them something to look at.” While speaking, Xiao Wu embraced Tang San’s neck with one hand, her entire body slipping over Tang San’s shoulders as if boneless, reaching Tang San’s back. As her soft as if boneless delicate body passed Tang San’s body, dense spirit power fluctuations immediately released.

Xiao Wu also hadn’t reached the sixtieth rank, it felt as if her spirit power level wasn’t much different from Ma Hongjun’s.

“They’ve entered. Xiao Wu, in a moment I can directly get rid of two, but afterwards I’ll need some time to readjust. After I’ve launched my attack, it’ll be your turn to bring me running forward, go as fast as you can, my back on yours. Understand?”

Leaning over Tang San’s back, Xiao Wu nodded, expressing she understood.

Due to Tang San previously halting and his speed dropping, the four agility attack type Spirit Masters were already close behind. In order to prevent circumstances like being suddenly attacked, these four Spirit Sages advanced close together, in a moment the distance to Tang San and Xiao Wu was less than fifty meters.

The Eight Spider Lances suddenly rose on either side, and Xiao Wu took one step on Tang San’s back to launch herself into the air at his indication, and Tang San himself stepped with the toes of his left foot on a large tree in front, with a shout turning in a moment, both hands simultaneously rising high, soaring.

The agility attack type Spirit Sages were really too fast, Tang San only did one very simple motion, and they had already closed to within twenty meters, the quartet’s abilities already prepared.

But at this moment, the four bodies simultaneously slowed a moment. The two Spirit Sages on the sides both bound by Blue Silver Emperor Parasite launching in a flash, the gazes of the two people in the middle completely lifeless. Their bodies uncontrollably flew forwards and down, until they struck the ground.

But Tang San also seemed drained, his complexion abruptly turning deathly pale. If not for the prompt support of the Eight Spider Lances. right now he would already be unable to stand.

Soul Chasing Life Taking Yama’s Invitation. Yes, when the Spirit Sages used Spirit Avatar, of all of Tang San’s hidden weapons, only these Soul Chasing Life Taking Yama’s Invitations could kill in one hit with certainty.

Tang San originally refined altogether three Soul Chasing Life Taking Yama’s Invitations, he used one before, and Tang San threw out the remaining two in this split second.

The Soul Chasing Life Taking Yama’s Invitation wasn’t only terrifying in itself, even more important was the combination of technique and Mysterious Heaven Skill. In order to use this third ranked Tang inner sect hidden weapon, Mysterious Jade Hand, Purple Demon Eye, Controlling Crane Catching Dragon, Mysterious Heaven Skill, all four great secret skills were indispensable.

At the fortieth rank, Tang San could only use it once when exhausting his entire spirit power. And now at close to sixtieth rank, simultaneously using two Yama’s Invitations exhausted seventy percent or more of his spirit power. Including the previous consumption, it was naturally rather difficult to take.

“Xiao Wu, help me.” Tang San shouted loudly. To him and Xiao Wu, right now was their best chance. If they ignored this opportunity, then with Tang San’s already substantially consumed spirit power and Xiao Wu’s low strength, they basically wouldn’t get another.

A formidable pushing force appeared at Tang San’s back. The next moment, he flew out, crashing towards one of the agility attack type Spirit Masters.

Just like the agility attack type Spirit Sage that died under the Eight Spider Lances before, this Spirit Sage tang san chose as target could also only be held for one second.

Seeing Tang San approach, even fully using Spirit Avatar he only had time to issue a frontal attack.

However, just when he prepared to launch his attack, he discovered that he completely couldn’t move his arms and legs.

Xiao Wu had at some unknown time already appeared behind him, arms and legs glittering with dazzling golden radiance, forming a unique layer of armor type equipment over her skin, her entire body was like a giant vise, rigidly locking down the opponent.

This was Xiao Wu’s fifth spirit ability, Soft Bones Lock.

If one was locked down by the Soft Bones Lock at close range, without physical strength more than double that of the wielder, one could only accept being held, until Xiao Wu’s spirit power ran out or she voluntarily left.

But while using the Soft Bones Lock, Xiao Wu couldn’t use any other attack methods. But the effect of this lock was still extremely terrifying, after Xiao Wu again separated from the opponent, the opponent would still be deadlocked for five seconds. This was most important.

Relying on Teleportation and Soft Bones Lock, this Spirit Sage was directly sentenced to death.

Eight Spider Lances violently pierced his body, the essence of his vitality flowing out, and obtaining the replenishment of the Eight Spider Lances draining the opponent’s vitality, Tang San’s mind was greatly roused, instantly recovering forty percent of his spirit power.

Drain, this was Eight Spider Lances’ additional ability. Tang San very rarely used it in the past, because this ability was really too evil, and also too merciless. But now, in order to live, he couldn’t have any considerations. Erupting with all his strength, Eight Spider Lances was the most conspicuous.

With a muffled grunt, the moment Xiao Wu undid the Soft Bones Lock, her body already blocked in front of Tang San. An immense impulse pushed her body back into Tang San’s embrace, and at the same time there still rose a burst of intense sonorous metallic sounds.

Successively striking and killing three agility attack type Spirit Sages, Tang San and Xiao Wu could even be said to have revealed all their secrets. But they were after all confronting four enemies.

The final agility attack type Spirit Sage, watching his three companions unexpectedly dying by the hands of two opponents with spirit power far below theirs, besides fury, there also rose a chill at the bottom of his heart. At the same time as Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances drained, he also launched a sneak attack.

Unfortunately, what he attacked was Xiao Wu using her fourth spirit ability, Invincible Golden Body.

Despite the tremendous impulse pushing Xiao Wu back into Tang San’s embrace, those brief seconds of Invincible Golden Body meant she hadn’t suffered any injuries. One hand embracing Tang San’s waist, both feet pushing off the ground, drawing on the impulse, the two swiftly charged forward. And those sonorous sounds, was Xiao Wu’s other hand firing the Godly Zhuge Crossbow.

She had previously already readied it while held by Tang San.

A series of resounding cracks echoed. The Godly Zhuge Crossbow of course couldn’t injure a Spirit Sage level power, but it could still manage to stop the opponent. Tang San had recovered several tenths of his power. Eight Spider Lances pushing off the ground, shooting out, he brought Xiao Wu to once again fly into the depths of the forest.

Five agility attack type Spirit Masters had already lost four. As long as they entered the forest, Tang San had confidence in relying on Blue Silver Grass to make this last agility attack type Spirit Master unable to attack them. Once he had recovered a bit of spirit power, the two could once again join hands to eliminate this sacrificial agility attack type Spirit Sage. Outrunning the pursuit of the other Spirit Sages wasn’t any difficult matter.

The other Spirit Hall experts were currently more than five hundred meters behind. At this distance they were basically unable to threaten them.

Tang San’s planning and strength, his cooperation with Xiao Wu, had undoubtedly already reached perfection. Relying on their less than sixtieth ranked strength, they still struck down and killed four Spirit Sages within a short time. This was undoubtedly worthy of pride. If it really went according to Tang San’s plans, they would also have a very large chance to break away from the pursuit and escape. As long as they waited until the Titan Giant Ape and the Sky Blue Bull Python broke free of Ghost Douluo and Chrysanthemum Douluo’s domain, they would not longer be in any danger.

But the plans of men aren’t equal to the plans of Heaven. Just as they threw themselves into the forest, with the agility attack type Spirit Sage stopped behind them due to the Godly Zhuge Crossbow, suddenly, a blue ghastly great net spread open in front of them.

That large net was constantly dripping with sticky fluid, and a more than three meter in diameter, all over black and white, enormous silhouette appeared in Tang San and Xiao Wu’s line of sight. That great web was spit out by it.

That was a spirit beast, and moreover one that Tang San was exceedingly familiar with.

Known as the Wicked Butcher, the Man Faced Demon Spider.

This Man Faced Demon Spider that appeared in front of them was larger than any one he had seen before. Being able to appear here, undoubtedly proved that this Man Faced Demon Spider’s cultivation had reached at least a terrifying thirty thousand years.

In fact, because the terrifying Man Faced Demon Spider was too vicious, it would frequently be hunted and killed by some formidable spirit beasts. Just cultivating to ten thousand years wasn’t easy, let alone several tens of thousand of years. As Tang San saw that enormous silhouette and that spread wide dripping with sticky liquid spiderweb, his heart sank. Could it be that this was what was called chickens coming home to roost? He had killed two Man Faced Demon Spiders before, and moreover possesses their spirit ring and the external spirit bone Eight Spider Lances had given him

enormous advantages. But this Man Faced Demon Spider in front of them seemed to have become the end of him and Xiao Wu.

What Tang San could least understand was that he had always scanned the surroundings with his spiritual force, but still hadn’t discovered anything abnormal. Just how did this Man Faced Demon Spider appear?

How could he know that, with the Man Faced Demon Spider being a creature that gobbled up life, the target of all spirit beasts’ loathing, the terrifying wicked butcher, after its strength reached the ten thousand year level, it would gain a special stealth ability. This ability could not only conceal its figure, but at the same time also conceal its aura, even blocking spiritual force probes. Not even Grandmaster knew this, after all, the ten thousand year Man Faced Demon Spider was really too rare.

This was how it could suddenly appear in front of Tang San and Xiao Wu. Clearly, it had already taken Tang San and Xiao Wu for its prey.

Two spider legs on the left side swept against the ground with all their might, raising an ear piercing grinding sound, making Tang San and Xiao Wu instantly tilt, changing their direction into a large arc, dangerously close but not colliding with that spider web.

However, they confronted not only a spiderweb, but still a terrifyingly strong, more than thirty thousand years Man Faced Demon Spider.

The enormous demon spider quietly moved sideways, already waiting in the direction they had shifted to, four thick and solid spider legs thrusting perfectly straight at the two.

The Eight Spider Lances blood draining effect came from the Man Faced Demon Spider, so Tang San of course knew what the result of being pricked by these spider legs would be. Even if his body was even more durable, he still wouldn’t dare come into contact with these terrifying blood sucking pikes.

This moment Tang San’s rich combat experience was embodied. His sliding body using the four Eight Spider Lances below him to stick into the

ground to halt him slightly, simultaneously raising the four Eight Spider Lances above, using spider lance against spider lance, meeting the Man Faced Demon Spider’s attack.

A sonorous brittle sound echoed, and Tang San and Xiao Wu were sent flying by the tremendous impact. With a vomiting sound, Tang San again spouted up a mouthful of blood under the immense shock. Even at peak condition he would need to go all out against such a powerful spirit beast, let alone now that he only had forty percent power left.

But that Man Faced Demon Spider didn’t find it easy either. Even though its spider pikes were still larger than Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances, Tang San lost out in power in both sides’ collision, but in durability, his external spirit bone Eight Spider Lances held the advantage.

This ten thousand year Man Faced Demon Spider’s four spider pikes revealed four small holes, unexpectedly pierced by Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances.

In fact, Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances were constantly evolving along with Tang San’s strength rising. Whether it was at the time of the two great immortal herbs Infernal Precious Apricot and Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass, or later when Tang San’s Blue Silver Grass awoke to Blue Silver Emperor, both made it constantly evolve.

Along with Tang San’s Mysterious Heaven Skill advancing, also the progress of spirit power, the Eight Spider Lances once again passed many kinds of evolution. The degree of its own durability had long since surpassed even that of the Man Faced Demon Spider’s own spider legs. Especially when it still contained the ice and fire attributes.

When Tang San and Xiao Wu were knocked flying, this Man Faced Demon Spider couldn’t pursue. Because on the ground, throngs of blue silver grass was already rigidly tying it down. And those four spider legs that collided with Tang San before were already showing red and blue colored light, just swiftly spreading along its leg towards its body.

That was the hybrid ice and fire poison. It could mutually counteract with the Man Faced Demon Spider’s poison, but this attribute specific to Tang San wasn’t something the Man Faced Demon Spider could easily eliminate. Fortunately it had also hit his legs, so the spreading speed was slow.

The Man Faced Demon Spider’s mouth issued an extremely sharp hissing sound, its enormous body struggling forcefully, relying on unreasoning strength to finally tear open the blue silver grass surrounding it. But it didn’t pursue Tang San and Xiao Wu again, clearly it knew the difficulty. A portion of black energy circulated within its body, resisting the spread of the red and blue colors, swiftly shooting out and disappearing in the forest.

The Man Faced Demon Spider was scared off by Tang San’s ice and fire poison, however, it had still brought them an enormous disaster.

To Spirit Sages, five hundred meters wasn’t a particularly large distance. Even without agility attack type Spirit Sages, they could still catch up extremely quickly.

Tang San and Xiao Wu had lost a lot of time before when they joined hands to kill four agility attack type Spirit Sages, and now that they were hindered by this Man Faced Demon Spider, the enemies behind them were already catching up.

Tang San couldn’t help inwardly thinking of the words ‘men plans are unequal to the plans of Heaven’.

Clear Sky Hammer replaced Blue Silver Emperor and, with a loud explosion, smashed away the attack of that remaining agility attack type Spirit Master. Tang San managed with difficulty to balance his body after being blasted flying by the Man Faced Demon Spider, but his heart was already miserable.

Whole body burning with raging flames, Yan had brought eight non- agility attack type Spirit Sages to firmly surround him and Xiao Wu. All their killing intent was targeting them.

With difficulty managing to use the Clear Sky Hammer to force that surviving agility attack type Spirit Sage to retreat, Tang San was also injured again, once again spitting blood.

If not for his extremely durable body, after constantly confronting attacks surpassing his strength in this way, perhaps he would long since have been unable to stand.

Even though his recovery speed had become exceptional after opening up the eight extraordinary meridians, even greater speed still needed time. Starting from when he had launched his surprise attack on Xie Yue, where did he have even a bit of time to catch his breath?

“Run! Why aren’t you running?” Yan glared venomously at Tang San’s face. From the Blue Silver Emperor he wielded as well as the hidden weapons, he naturally recognized him. But it was because of this that he loathed Tang San even more.

Five years had passed, and the youngster that gave him such humiliation back then had already turned into a youth, and the spirit power gap had moreover unexpectedly pulled close a lot.

Even though there was still a gap between Yan’s strength and the surrounding Spirit Hall experts, because of his status from the Golden Generation, right now he was instead the leader of these people.

In the chase, Yan had seen scenes to shock the eye. One after another, four agility attack type Spirit Sages had died in Tang San and Xiao Wu’s hands.

In fact, those were four Spirit Sages! And in order to chase Tang San’s pair they had even used Spirit Avatar. But it was still difficult for them to escape death. Right now two of them had even turned to pus water, not leaving a corpse.

Towards Tang San, Yan’s heart held a fear so profound it was even jealousy. From childhood, cultivating in the most sublime palace of Spirit Masters, he had always been an outstanding member of the young

generation, only Xie Yue and Hu Liena could compare to him. But, in a few short years, this youth in front of him had given him a feeling that it was difficult to even see his back.

Further adding the feelings Hu Liena showed for Tang San before, right now Yan’s regard for Tang San could only be described as hating him to the bone. Surrounding them with great difficulty, Yan secretly swore that, no matter what, he would destroy Tang San here today.

“Since you want to deliver your funerary mats, why would I still want to run?” Tang San said indifferently. Right now, he had already thrown off the despair of being stopped by the Man Faced Demon Spider. Even if there was only a slim chance, he still wouldn’t give it up.

While speaking with Yan, he did his utmost to urge the Mysterious Heaven Skill within him to recover faster.

The remaining nine Spirit Sages all secretly felt their hearts go cold as they heard Tang San’s words, even though they were now only confronting a less than sixtieth rank opponent, they still didn’t feel a bit relaxed.

Of twenty Spirit Sages, only nine remained that could properly stand here. If someone had told them this one Spirit King could accomplish this before, they wouldn’t have believed it. But the facts appeared before them, and Tang San’s proud and straight backed figure caused an incorporeal pressure in their hearts.

They understood clearly that Tang San no longer had any possibility to escape, but who wanted to go make that funerary mat? He had already killed so many, and pulling a couple with him into death wasn’t anything worth surprise. Thus, what these Spirit Sages thought of first of all was their own defense, defensive abilities appearing around them one by one.

Xiao Wu was only half a head shorter than Tang San, but now with her feet on the ground, she still leaned against Tang San’s chest. She basically didn’t look at those enemies surrounding them, completely nestling into Tang San’s embrace, just like she wanted to completely merge into his body.

The atmosphere was so heavy it seemed you might wring water from it. Even though Tang San was calm on the surface, Mysterious Heaven Skill was circulating in a close to mad manner within his body. When he could live, nobody wanted to die, especially when he still held his beloved Xiao Wu. Even if the surrounding enemies were excessively powerful, Tang San would anyhow or any way go through this final fight, he wouldn’t give up even a shred of possibility.

Right now Tang San’s body showed the level of its endurance. ly injured several times, especially suffering formidable shock, he still didn’t suffer any substantial injuries. Passing the battering of the waterfall, the baptism of the two great immortal treasure herbs, and still the tempering of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well and the awakening of the Blue Silver Emperor, further adding the boost of the three great spirit bones, the current Tang San was an existence like a fortress, even without using spirit power protection.

Left hand stretching out, the Clear Sky Hammer appeared out of nowhere in his grasp, the lower four Eight Spider Lances sticking into the ground, the blue silver grass surrounding Tang San began to grow with extremely astonishing speed under the effect of the Blue Silver Domain.

“Do it!” Yan abruptly shouted.

Just at the same time as Yan spoke up, the first to move was nevertheless Tang San. The frantically growing blue silver grass under his feet suddenly shot up like a spring, Eight Spider Lances simultaneously springing up. Under the effect of the two forces, Tang San pulled Xiao Wu close and shot into the air like an artillery shell.

The two were completely targeted by the nine opponents, but in the split second they shot up, the Clear Sky Hammer in Tang San’s hand abruptly swung towards the sky, rich white light soaring up like needles, ice cold, cruel, thick, bitter, the tremendous killing intent was so rich it was practically tangible, unexpectedly forcibly breaking the lock of the nine spirit hall experts, and the two were sent flying into the air like that.

There was no door into the ground, all directions were sealed, the only route remaining was the sky. With Tang San’s intelligence, even though

time was scarce and the Man Faced Demon Spider had forced them into an impasse, it was still only a moment’s work for him to find the most probable escape route.
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