Douluo Dalu Chapter 141-150


Chapter 141

However, he couldn’t keep his mind from replaying the scene where Hu Liena without the slightest hesitation pulled him back to the narrow road when he killed the dark golden three-headed bat king. Even though he didn’t understand why Hu Liena didn’t have any evil intent towards him, even to the extent that she was extremely sincere, it was just because of this that he couldn’t act now. Even if he did, he knew he might not be able to truly injure the opponent.

Just at this moment, suddenly, Hu Liena raised her head, turned her palm, and struck her own chest.

Blood spurted out with a vomiting sound. But her red eyes became awake for a while,

“Tang Yin. I can’t do it. If it goes on like this, I’m afraid we won’t walk out of this Hell Road. I’ll put my life in your hands. Even though I don’t understand why I trust you, I know that you will definitely bring me out of here. While my mind is clear, knock me unconscious.”

This was just the moment when man and Heaven were waging war in Tang San’s heart. Suddenly seeing Hu Liena do this, he couldn’t help being a bit ashamed. It seemed that this girl in front of him wasn’t like he thought!

Hu Liena trembled violently, wavering in front of Tang San, she shouted almost mournfully, “Hurry, do it. I won’t hold out.”

He didn’t hesitate further, this was undoubtedly the best way to settle the situation. Tang San abruptly stepped forward, one palm cutting at Hu Liena’s neck. Hu Liena’s body softened, slipping into his arms.

Holding Hu Liena’s delicate body, seeing the fox tail on her butt gradually withdraw and the snow white skin exposed under the broken small pants, Tang San didn’t have any distracting thoughts.

He suddenly had a measure of respect towards this woman in his arms.
Respect for her courage.

At this moment, Tang San could easily throw Hu Liena into the abyss next to him, that would not only make the next part of the Hell Road easier, but could furthermore strangle a future great enemy in the cradle.

However, Tang San didn’t do it. Sighing, he pulled Hu Liena against him, arranging her against his chest. Blue light rushed out. With Hu Liena already unconscious, he no longer had to hide anything, and strand after strand of sapphire like Blue Silver Emperor quietly appeared, tying Hu Liena tightly to him.

In order to not let her influence his movements, Tang San twisted her arms around his neck, and raised her legs to tie them around his waist.

Without a doubt, the two were currently in extremely close contact, and Hu Liena’s bits of cloths were practically no different from being naked, but the current Tang San was perfectly calm.

Everything before him, was part of his training.

He could of course abandon Hu Liena, but he knew that if he really did so, then that would be the same as being destroyed by the demon in his heart. To say nothing of whether he was able to walk away from this place under that influence, even if he did, he might carry this crack in his heart for a lifetime. Pursuing the summit of Spirit Masters would then be impossible.

Therefore, he had to carry her out. Even if later she turned out to be his greatest enemy, he still had to display strength and discipline and confront

her fairly in the future. This was a choice that a mart ial artist, a Spirit Master, a man couldn’t escape.

Just as Tang San used Blue Silver Grass to tie Hu Liena into a posture that would least affect his movements, he suddenly understood what the final challenge of the Hell Road was.

It was still a powerful enemy, but not an external one, but rather oneself.
The demon in one’s heart.

In the tremendous sinister atmosphere, under the influence of the red-hot nefarious blood plasma as well as his own enormous slaughter intent, in order to persevere and leave this place, what kind of unswerving determination and willpower would that require?

Even a top quality genius like Hu Liena was unable to endure till the end.
This final trial to leave the Hell Road was the most difficult.

Thinking of this, Tang San couldn’t help inwardly sighing over his luck.

He had all kinds of abilities that could stabilize his willpower, among them was the most fundamental Mysterious Heaven Skill, and the mind condensing wisdom skull bone, as well as that miraculous blue domain.

Just as Hu Liena guessed, Tang San’s blue domain was an innate domain of his spirit. The second awakening of his Blue Silver Grass had exposed its true identity.

As the only Blue Silver Emperor on the Continent, its second awakening had simultaneously assigned Tang San the imperial prestige it possessed, that was the Blue Silver Emperor’s innate domain, Blue Silver Domain.

Right here, the Blue Silver Domain was of course unable to display its greatest might. Or one might say that the Blue Silver Domain’s own effect was already suppressed to its lowest level in here. But relying on the endlessly growing atmosphere of the domain, it could still be of some help to Tang San.

As for the surrounding scorching heat, to Tang San it was more like a joke.

Even the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well’s infernal heat was unable to influence him who had eaten the Infernal Precious Apricot and Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass, let alone this place.

Perhaps the extreme toxin in the blood broth could influence Tang San, but he would never give it the chance to reach him.

In two years in Slaughter City, how could Tang San not have researched the Bloody Mary? The blood soup here should be the sinister blood of countless degenerates over a thousand years, mixed with extreme toxin and concentrated. It could also be described as the basis of Slaughter City.

Stretching his hand into the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse, a snow white immortal herb appeared in Tang San’s hand.

The immortal herb was a sparkling and translucent snow white, each leaf seemingly dripping with water, slender curving, it seemed like the neck of a swan.

If one only saw it, who could guess that the property this immortal herb possessed was actually stimulation?

Let alone eating it, just coming touching it would cause any virus at the point of contact to multiply a hundred thousandfold. Under a great many circumstances, this so called ‘Snow Swan Kiss’ would be even more dreadful than any poison. Even when holding it with Mysterious Jade Hand, Tang San seemed to be trembling with fear.

The might of this immortal herb really was too terrifying, to the extent that not even Tang San dared use it to refine poison. Because if Tang San was infected with just a drop of its breath in the refining process, he would also certainly die. Who dared guarantee that their body didn’t have a single virus?

With a light wave of his hand, the snow white Snow Swan Kiss floated into the air and fell, plummeting towards the dark red blood plasma below, instantly swallowed by the blood, disappearing without a trace.

The blood plasma didn’t seem to suffer any influence, but Tang San knew that this immortal herb still brought Slaughter City a devastating stimulation. With its medicinal effect, the toxin within the nefarious blood plasma would multiply without limit.

And Slaughter City treating this as its foundation, how could it still exist? Slaughter City, this dark, evil, terrifying world, shouldn’t exist.
No matter who was there, it would still be better if this darkest face of the world disappeared.

Setting off once again, Tang San swiftly rushed forward. His body and Hu Liena in front of him rubbed against each other as he moved, constantly causing bursts of pleasurable sensations. But at this moment, Tang San rigidly put his thoughts in order, constantly replaying bloody scene after scene from Slaughter City in his mind. Only like this could he resist the lure of this feeling on his chest that was more bewitching than his murderous mind.

The air became hotter and hotter, and tied in front of Tang San, Hu Liena’s skin had already become rosy red. Fortunately, this was within Tang San’s Blue Silver Domain, and further adding her own valiant strength, her body was far more unyielding than ordinary people.

Otherwise, just this current scorching heat would be enough to roast her alive.

Watching the blood plasma in the abyss on either side grow closer and closer, the corners of Tang San’s mouth displayed an ice cold smile. ‘Slaughter City, Slaughter King, I hope you like the gift I left behind’

Just as Tang San anticipated, along with the temperature rising, the blood plasma rose on either side. He knew that he wasn’t far from the exit.

After an hour, his mind constantly provoked by irritable killing intent, Tang San finally saw the exit.

By now, his sweat had also already soaked his jacket. It wasn’t because of the surrounding heat, but rather because of the double influence of the slaughter intent and this dreadful extraordinary beauty in front of him.

No matter how resolute Tang San’s will was, under such circumstances, even he was almost unable to endure. And at this time, he finally saw the distant exit.

The exit clearly led outside, white light forming an oval screen of light.
There was the end of Tang San’s journey.

However, the exit was still a kilometer away. Tang San halted, his brows furrowing.

Even though the exit had appeared, it really was an exit on another shore. Right now in front of Tang San was no longer any road, it was all a blood red sea. The blood plasma finally reached here, unexpectedly forming a small lake, blocking his path forward, bubbles rising in the blood. A kilometer away, just like on the other side of an eternally uncrossable chasm.

There were no more creatures attacking, but here was the most powerful sinister energy as well as this thousand meter wide enormous gulf in front of him, became a practically uncrossable moat.

Holding Hu Liena in front of him, it was hard for his right hand not to come into contact with her astonishingly flexible pert butt.

As a result of Hu Liena previously exposing her fox tail, and further adding the jolting on the way, the area her little hotpants could currently conceal was really pitifully small.

Tang San’s lower body had long since unconsciously become high spirited due to the two touching.

Under the dual stimulation, even his eyes had become blood red.
Slowly closing his eyes, Tang San drew a deep breath, pacifying his mind as far as possible. Mysterious Heaven Skill swiftly circulated within his body. Through these two years of cultivation, even if his spirit power hadn’t advanced much, the Conception Vessel among his eight extraordinary meridians had already been connected, and now only the final Governing Vessel remained.

Having opened seven meridians, the speed with which Tang San’s inner strength operated had already reached an extremely astonishing degree. This also made his battle endurance much more powerful than that of Spirit Masters from this world.

Faint light flickering, the light displayed on Tang San’s face gradually grew fainter. Both hands crossing over his chest, a faint spiritual fluctuation spread from the space between his eyebrows.

Finally at this moment, he could no longer hold anything back.

Therefore, he urged his spiritual force with all his strength, as far as possible forcing his killing intent to display outside his body, forming a protective screen around him, simultaneously also allowing his brain to recover its sobriety for a while.

The effect of using the mind condensing wisdom skull bone finally reached its peak.

Mind recovering its clarity, the first thing Tang San did was to observe his surroundings. He didn’t let any detail or clue slip by. Right now, on either side of the narrow road was a void so expansive the end couldn’t be seen, more than a kilometer in front was the exit, and above, the black cave ceiling could only be vaguely seen two hundred meters up or so.

Tang San couldn’t help sighing inwardly. This would have been a lot easier if little Ao was here to settle this situation with a flying mushroom

sausage. Of course, this was only in his dreams. Even if Oscar truly was here he would still have been unable to implement it. After all, no spirit abilities could be used here.

Raising his right hand, a strand of Blue Silver Grass appeared, and Tang San threw it sharply towards the sky. Even if he couldn’t use spirit abilities, the spirit itself could still be used.

After the second awakening, his Blue Silver Grass clearly wasn’t as before. Its changes were of course not only as simple as color and external appearance.

Tang San’s previous Blue Silver Grass could only be thrown a distance of fifty meters at most. But now, the sparkling and translucent Blue Silver Grass flew more than a hundred meters.

Through his interaction with his spirit, Tang San very quickly discovered that a hundred twenty meters was already the limit of what his Blue Silver Grass could reach. This distance was still some ways from the two hundred meter tall cave ceiling. Blue Silver Grass only reached a hundred twenty meters, he still lacked close to one hundred meters more.

Glancing at Hu Liena at his chest, Tang San considered whether he should wake her so the two could think of a way together. But he very quickly disregarded this thought. By now Hu Liena’s tender skin was the color of boiled shrimp, incomparably red.

If by some chance she lost consciousness and launched an attack after she woke up, what then? Then there wouldn’t even be a chance.

Thinking of this, Tang San thoroughly dispelled his previous line of thinking. Suddenly, as if a bright light was lit, Tang San had a plan. Perhaps it would even work.

He swiftly removed the Flying God Claw from his left wrist.

He released two strands of Blue Silver Grass from within himself, connecting one to the Flying God Claw, and the other to the Flying God

Claw’s controls.

The Flying God Claw’s limit was thirty meters. If he could release it in midair, that would be equivalent to extending the Blue Silver Grass by thirty meters, its length reaching a hundred fifty meters. As for the remaining seventy meters distance, he would have to rely on his own ability.

Thinking of this, Tang San drew a slow breath, then exhaled again. He knew that he would only have one chance. The majority of his Mysterious Heaven Skill was used to suppress the slaughter intent, and right now he only had one chance to climb to the top of the cave ceiling. If this one chance failed, then launching again it while still restraining the slaughter intent would be practically impossible.

Harmonizing the breath within his body, Tang San’s complexion grew serious. Drawing a deep breath once again, a faint blue light filled the air, the comprehensive release of the Blue Silver Domain. Only within the area of the Blue Silver Domain did the environment’s influence fall to its lowest point.

The next moment, the long legs of the Eight Spider Lances broke out of his back. Reaching four meters in length, the crystalline Eight Spider Lances were dazzlingly beautiful, without the previous vicious barbs and purple black color. However, its attributes had still been strengthened exponentially.

The reason was very simple. After Tang San became the Blue Silver Emperor after the second awakening of Blue Silver Grass, it was not only his innate attributes that were raised, but still the essence of Blue Silver Grass.

The fundamental essence of the spirit changing was equivalent to each of Tang San’s original Blue Silver Grass spirit abilities changing, to say nothing of gaining a fifth spirit ability, breaking through the Spirit King level.

All these things mixed together, making Tang San’s strength substantially improve overall, and Eight Spider Lances, as an external spirit bone capable of evolution, naturally also obtained even greater benefits and thereby evolving to their present appearance.

The reason Tang San tied Hu Liena to his chest instead of his back before, was in order to leave room for Eight Spider Lances. Even the places where the Blue Silver Grass was bunched together didn’t influence the positions of the Eight Spider Lances on his back.

This external spirit bone had saved his life on more than one occasion, it was his final trump card.

Slowly laying down, the Eight Spider Lances stuck into the ground, supporting Tang San holding Hu Liena.

Faint white light surged, and the red and blue hazy light accumulated within the Eight Spider Lances undulated slightly. Tang San’s eyes suddenly turned sharp, body abruptly leaning forward, on the verge of touching the narrow road. Right now, the slender Eight Spider Lances were all inserted in that narrow road, even though it seemed strange, they were completely in a state of storing power.

People could jump with two legs, but right now Tang San possessed eight. Mysterious Heaven Skill operating with full strength, the Eight Spider Lances’ terrifying strength erupted in practically an instant.


The powerful Eight Spider Lances brought Tang San shooting through the air, the astonishing leap making Tang San clearly feel the surrounding scenery swiftly sweep past him.

Watching that narrow road below become smaller and smaller, and his upward speed gradually falling, he knew that he was about to reach the apex of the Eight Spider Lances leap.

Right now, while forcefully operating Mysterious Heaven Skill, Tang San’s back was to the ceiling of the cave, and he also didn’t know how high this leap was, but he had to act to be able to make his leap reach even higher, to get as close as possible to the top as possible.

Two deep blue lights shot out of Tang San’s eyes, and with a flash of light, a heavy explosion struck the ground beneath him. This one attack was made with Tang San’s full spiritual force, without holding anything back.

Even if the force of the Purple God Light couldn’t reach its greatest degree because of his consumption from before, that attack power was still frightening.

Amidst the loud explosion, the narrow road below disappeared almost completely. The terrifying Purple God Light actually struck that blood plasma and formed a blood red whirlpool. And Tang San took advantage of the counterforce of this attack to gain another twenty meters or so of altitude.

It was time. Turning in the air, Tang San threw out the Blue Silver Grass twisted around the Flying God Claw

The moment he turned around, Tang San’s nervous mood relaxed. Because he clearly saw that his distance from the roof of the cave was less than a hundred meters. In other words, Eight Spider Lances previous leap had unexpectedly pushed him a hundred meters high.

Without any suspense, the Blue Silver Grass already approached the roof of the cave in the blink of an eye. With a sonorous sound, Tang San used the other twisting Blue Silver Grass to operate the Flying God Claw’s mechanism. The sharp and piercing Flying God Claw penetrated the rock at the top of the cave, suspending Tang San and Hu Liena in the air.

Basically without need to use strength, Tang San swiftly controlled the Blue Silver Grass to withdraw, pulling him closer to the ceiling.

After he gripped the Flying God Claw, and again withdrew its mechanism, he was pulled up to the pitch black rock of the ceiling.

The Eight Spider Lances took over responsibility, the spear sharp lance points thrusting into the rock like tofu, suspending Tang San and Hu Liena. Once the Eight Spider Lances thrust into the rock, Tang San’s heart finally relaxed. With the control of the Eight Spider Lances, he knew he was finally safe.

Delaying in this place was no doubt inviting trouble. Transferring the Mysterious Heaven Skill inner strength within him, resisting the pain from substantially overusing his spiritual force, Tang San controlled the Eight Spider Lances to swiftly crawl towards the exit, hanging upside down from the ceiling.

The roof of the cave was pitted and uneven, but that was no threat to the Eight Spider Lances. Hanging upside down from the ceiling, Tang San easily crossed the thousand meter distance as if walking on level ground, finally reaching the end.

Climbing down, the exit was before him.

Tang San suddenly discovered that the killing intent around him seemed to be pulled by a particular force.

Turning around and giving a final glance to the Hell Road he had just walked, Tang San knew that these two years of sharpening in Slaughter City was an experience he would never forget in a lifetime. But he even more didn’t want anyone else to come experience this terrifying world in the future.

Perish, this was the wish he left for Slaughter City.

With a sou sound, Tang San finally fled into that white curtain of light.

Everything around him seemed to change. The instant Tang San entered that white light, he immediately felt as if he had entered a special world.

Around him was a snow white nothingness, and the Blue Silver Grass he released was restrained by an unknown force, forcibly pressed back into his

body. Hu Liena in front of him consequently also separated from his embrace.

In this world of boundless white, he couldn’t use a bit of strength. All he felt, was ice cold.

It was as if immeasurable cold aggregated towards him, and also like immeasurable cold exuded from his body. In this white nothingness, Tang San endured that frightful pain alone.

A cold he should feel still appeared. That wasn’t a true change in temperature, but rather the chill produced by killing intent. The purest slaughter intent swiftly invaded Tang San, and with each part entering, Tang San would tremble.

As that cold gradually made his heart stiffen, his consciousness and senses also gradually began to grow distant. But at this moment, Tang San was certain of Slaughter City’s legend. Indeed, this was a domain, a domain condensed from killing intent. Of course, this domain was far, far too formidable compared to his Blue Silver Domain. Within the domain, he was like a rootless duckweed.

After an indeterminate length of time, as Tang San awoke from the pain, he felt as if he had been dreaming.

He lay within blue silver grass, and this blue silver grass was sending him trace after trace of warmth and nourishment. All his pain was already gone, the only feeling he had was of relaxation and the familiar fluctuations of spirit power, as well as the feeling of spirit abilities once again filling his body.

When he wanted to turn over and sit up, Tang San discovered that his left arm was somewhat heavy. As he turned his head to look, he unexpectedly saw the Clear Sky Hammer in his hand.

When he glanced at the Clear Sky Hammer, he was certain that it was impossible for that to have been a dream. On that Clear Sky Hammer, on top of the hammer head, there was a layer of white veins.

Those veins looked like the blood pattern on the ground of the Hell Slaughter Arena when the Hell Road opened, only much smaller. And moreover white.

As Tang San tried to sense that white veined pattern, instantly, a surging white light quietly filled the air. The white light discharged from the Clear Sky Hammer, but very soon, that white light became colorless, and Tang San’s perception of the surrounding world immediately became different. Even the blue silver grass that was closest to him were trembling in this incorporeal current.

Deathgod Domain. This was Deathgod Domain? Tang San knew he should be excited, but having just left a place like Slaughter City, he couldn’t be. Two years of hellish sharpening had had an enormous influence on his mindset.

Despite always trying hard to resist it, right now Tang San was not only pale, but even the space between his eyebrows revealed an unconcealable evil spirit.

At this moment, suddenly, an incorporeal killing intent approached in a flash. Like an invisible object, it heavily struck the Deathgod Domain Tang San released.

Tang San shook, swiftly turning to look in that direction.

A few dozen meters away stood a charming silhouette. At some point she had already dressed neatly, covering that beautiful delicate body. And her eyes were also watching him, an indescribable mood flickering within.

‘She woke up before me?’ This was Tang San’s first thought, unable to keep his back from breaking out in cold sweat. Of course he knew what it meant that Hu Liena woke up first. It meant that she had ample time to kill him.

‘This woman really is cunning.’ Tang San thought with some annoyance. Her spirit power was stronger than his, but on that final stretch of the road, it was he who brought her out. Her exhaustion was naturally less than his. If she wanted to kill him, perhaps he would never have woken up.

Hu Liena walked towards Tang San step by step, with a faint smile on her charming face.

“Do you feel it? We possess the same innate domain.” The heavenly voice resounded in Tang San’s ears.

Tang San didn’t open his mouth, only watched her quietly.

He was astonished to discover that with the ability to use spirit abilities returned, Hu Liena’s eyes had now unexpectedly become incomparably clear, without a speck of bewitching element.

If she could be described as a rose brimming with attraction before, then right now she seemed like a fresh and clean lily.

“I put my life in your hands once, you also put your life in my hands once. Shouldn’t we be even?” Hu Liena finally reached Tang San, only stopping when she was just a meter from Tang San. Looking at him, her gaze became incomparably soft.

Tang San still didn’t open his mouth, only watching her silently. He still didn’t know what this woman was thinking, but for some reason, he felt that she didn’t have any menace towards him.

A trace of distress emerged on Hu Liena’s charming countenance. Attentively watching Tang San, her touching face unexpectedly displayed helplessness, “Why am I from Spirit Hall, and you from Clear Sky School?”

Raising both hands, very naturally placing them on Tang San’s shoulders, Hu Liena pulled close the distance between her and Tang San by one more step, her mournful eyes undoubtedly brimming with even more intense attraction, her whole body collapsing into Tang San’s embrace.

However, her movement didn’t finish, because Tang San supported her shoulder with one hand.

Deathgod Domain and Clear Sky Hammer withdrew simultaneously, and Tang San looked indifferently at Hu Liena.

Hu Liena gave a sad smile, “You really have a heart of stone?”

Tang San’s gaze became a bit gentler. He couldn’t deny that this woman was perfect, but his heart had long since no room for one more person. To say nothing of the two of them being people of two worlds.

Patting her shoulder, he pulled away her hands from his shoulders, “ time we meet, perhaps we will be enemies.”

Leaving behind these simple words, turning, no longer looking at her, Tang San stiffened his heart and left in large strides.

Silent tears rolled quietly down a perfect delicate face. This was the first time in her life that Hu Liena cried for a man. And the image of this man, could no longer be separated from her heart.

Tang San seemed to feel his mood lighten somewhat with each step forward. He naturally wouldn’t have any feelings for Hu Liena. But he also had a somewhat favorable impression of this girl. Leaving through the Hell Road was the result of the two of them working together. When Hu Liena let him knock her unconscious, Tang San could no longer raise any enmity towards her.

“Little San.” A deep voice echoed by Tang San’s ears. Tang Hao had at some point already quietly appeared, standing on the road in front of him.

In the two years they hadn’t seen each other, he seemed to have aged even a bit more. Tang San’s extremely acutely sensed the same characteristic as he had himself from his father’s body.

“Dad.” Quickly stepping forward, reaching his father, Tang San’s gaze was still ice cold. That was the residual effect of two years in Slaughter

City, “Don’t you also possess the Deathgod Domain?”

Tang Hao nodded, his face revealing a trace of a smile,

“You’ve done well in these two years. You haven’t let me down. Let’s go.” Finished talking, he took the lead to walk forward.

Tang San swiftly caught up without saying anything else. His father’s appearance had made a small crack appear in his ice cold heart, warm affection undoubtedly the best treasure to dissolve the vicious currents within.

“Do you know what the effects of the Deathgod Domain is?” Tang Hao suddenly asked.

A light flashed in Tang San’s eyes,

“Imposing manner.”

Tang Hao nodded slowly,

“That’s right. It’s imposing manner. Imposing manner and pressure formed from killing intent can frequently leave your opponents unable to display their full strength, but you yourself can exhibit one hundred twenty percent. The effect of the Deathgod Domain is the same. You possess the most basic Deathgod Domain. In the future, within this Domain, your opponents’ strength will automatically weaken by ten percent, and you yourself display one hundred ten percent of your power. As your spirit grows, this proportion will also increase. Remember, spirits’ innate domains won’t suffer the restrictions of twin spirits, unable to be used simultaneously.”

Tang San stared blankly a moment, “How do you know?” Even he who possessed twin spirits couldn’t be certain of this.

Tang Hao halted, turning to look at him,

“Because, the same circumstances appeared for another person.”

The expression in Tang San’s eyes fluctuated violently once. He suddenly understood his father’s meaning. That person Hu Liena spoke of, was Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong. In this world, besides his father, Bibi Dong should also possess the Deathgod Domain.

Tang Hao said calmly: “Right now the number of people with this domain has increased to four. You will gradually get to know the effect of the Deathgod Domain in the future. Its uses are just as marvellous as your Blue Silver Domain, in different circumstances, it can have enormous effect.”

“Dad, shouldn’t you tell me about what happened in the past now?” After four years of sharpening himself on the grindstone, Tang San had already gone from a not yet fifteen years old juvenile to an almost nineteen years old youth. His strength had grown, his temperament had changed, the second awakening of Blue Silver Grass had caused all sorts of influences, all making him seem to mature a lot. Compared to four years ago, the present Tang San was in no way as simple as just having raised his spirit power ten something ranks. He had already truly begun to step into the world of those known as powers.

Tang Hao said: “It still isn’t the time. You still haven’t met my requirements.”

Tang San stared blankly a moment, “Then how will I be considered to have met them?” Having gained two great Domains, Tang San believed he should have been able to gain his father’s approval.

Chapter 142

 Tang Hao said indifferently:
“With the current changes in your aura, how can you hide in the Spirit Master world? The moment you’ve cleansed yourself[1], I will tell you everything. It’s also only at that time that I can decided my future.”

Cleansing? Tang San was somewhat lifeless. But he didn’t ask anything, having no choice but to follow his father away.


Wiping dry her tears, Hu Liena quietly walked down the mountainside. Putting her mind in order, her face gradually calmed. She knew that she didn’t have the privilege to act impetuously.

After becoming orphans as children, it was Spirit Hall that raised her and her big brother. It was Spirit Hall that nurtured them. Let them possess everything they now had. Hu Liena knew very clearly how much her teacher had invested in her.

This kindness alone was something she couldn’t repay in a lifetime.

Therefore, on the day of her coming-of-age ceremony, she had already sworn that she would devote her life to Spirit Hall.

Feelings like these were an extravagant luxury for her. To say nothing of that man being from Clear Sky School.

She didn’t dare think further, it was also only by keeping herself from recalling the brief time they walked the Hell Road that her heart could calm down.

“Girl.” A somewhat sharp voice echoed ahead.

Hu Liena raised her head to look at the two people standing quietly, waiting for her.

Seeing these two, Hu Liena was unconsciously moved. After two years, she finally didn’t need to seek survival in slaughter.

“Elder Ghost, elder Chrysanthemum.”

These two were Ghost Douluo Gui Mei and Chrysanthemum Douluo Yue Guan. That the Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong sent these two great Title Douluo to wait for Hu Liena here, showed how much she valued her.

Ghost Douluo smiled: “Congratulations, girl. You could successfully leave. That is the greatest success. Once back to Supreme Pontiff Palace, we’ll celebrate you.”

The Ghost Douluo still seemed illusory. Stepping forward to rub Hu Liena’s head, he said: “Let’s go. Supreme Pontiff Palace is always waiting for you. In these two years, she came three times. Each time she left, her eyes were full of hopelessness and concern. I think she’ll definitely be very happy to see you back.”

Hu Liena’s eyes warmed. Thinking of all that her teacher was to her, her emotions for Tang San were finally suppressed, and she was practically impatient to follow the two Title Douluo towards Spirit Hall.

What she didn’t know was that after she and Tang San left, all of Slaughter City had been washed in terrifying blood.


Ten days later, Heaven Dou City.

Despite ten days already having passed, Tang San still hadn’t recovered from the ambience of Slaughter City. Two years of vigilant living had made him cultivate a habit of doubting everything.

Despite all the accumulated killing intent already being condensed into the Deathgod Domain in the Clear Sky Hammer, he was still constantly in an extremely nervous cond ition.

Tang San himself knew this wasn’t good, but how was it so easy to give up on a habit formed over two years living in a world of darkness?

Reaching Heaven Dou City once again, the heart that Slaughter City had turned to ice gradually recovered somewhat. Only, he didn’t understand why his father would bring him to the Heaven Dou Imperial capital.

Fortunately, by now his physical changes were so large that even his acquaintances in Heaven Dou City might not recognize him if they met.

Tang Hao brought Tang San into the city, the combination of father and son seeming somewhat strange. Even though Tang San also wore simple clothes, he still very easily drew people’s attention after the changes in his temperament and appearance.

Handsome appearance, somewhat conspicuously pale features, the noble temperament within still imperceptibly distributing an ice cold energy, all were things people would pay attention to.

But Tang Hao still had that worn down appearance. He had never once decorated his appearance. If he was carefully observed, one could detect a deathly stillness within those yellowed eyes. Tang Hao’s heart had already died as early as when Tang San’s mother passed away.

Walking straight into the most bustling center of Heaven Dou City, Tang Hao stopped before a lofty building.

Tang San subconsciously followed his father’s gaze to look at the building in front of them. This was a small house with five stories, which

was considered very tall even in Heaven Dou City. The first impression this house gave people was elegance.

The overall architectural style was simple and unadorned, the horizontal inscribed board only carrying two simple words, Moon Pavilion.

There weren’t many people coming and going, but one could tell that the people passing through here were all sumptuously dressed or people with extremely beautiful manners. Men and women both.

“Dad, what is this place?” Tang San asked.

Tang Hao said calmly: “This is the place for your cleansing. Let’s go, inside.”

Speaking, Tang Hao lead the way over towards the Moon Pavilion.

The two had just walked over to the door when they were blocked, two black clothed youths barring the way. The two youths both appeared rather handsome, dressed neatly. Each raising a hand, they blocked their path.

The left youth said with a serene expression: “I’m sorry, please leave.
Moon Pavilion doesn’t receive shabbily dressed people.”

Tang San frowned. Even though his clothes were simple, they were extremely clean. Clearly, the counterpart was speaking to Tang Hao. Very naturally taking a step forward, Tang San raised his head to look at the two youths on the steps, spitting out an ice cold voice, “Out of the way.”

Two surges of incorporeal killing intent pulsed, and those two youths tumbled backwards as if electrocuted. When they looked at Tang San again, it was like they saw a monster, looking at each other with horror.

They weren’t even Spirit Masters, how could they resist Tang San who had just left Slaughter City with a body filled with killing intent?

Tang Hao glanced at his son, but didn’t say anything, walking inside with large strides.

Tang San followed behind his father, entering this Moon Pavilion together.

The two youths only sensed a cold intent emitting from Tang San, and didn’t have the courage step forward to block them again.

Only when Tang San’s silhouette had disappeared from their line of sight did they breathe out, but they both discovered that their clothes were already soaked through with sweat, and one of them rushed around the back of the Moon Pavilion in a great hurry.

Entering the first floor of the Moon Pavilion, the first thing one met was a faint fragrance.

The spirit screen was carved from yellow poplar, emitting a faint wood fragrance. In front of the spirit screen were two three meter tall different kinds of orchids emitting a faint delicate fragrance. Even though it was only one step into the Moon Pavilion, it still seemed like an isolated world.

Moving around the spirit screen was an expansive hall. The floor was covered with one meter wide gray square bricks, and the surroundings were littered with decorative items made from all kinds of costly wood. Behind a wide table ahead stood several simply dressed, but equally refined, young women. On either side of the desk were exquisite staircases.

Seeing Tang Hao and his son, those young women were clearly somewhat surprised. They obviously didn’t understand how people dressed like Tang Hao could enter.

Tang Hao strolled forward, walking up to the desk and saying to the tallest young woman: “Tell Yue-Hua[2], an old friend is visiting.”

The young woman stared blankly a moment, her elegant eyebrows wrinkling minutely,

“You are……”

Tang Hao held his hands behind his back, “You tell Yue-Hua, when the full moon shatters, rare old friends arrive. She will know who I am.”

Looking over Tang Hao, then again looking over Tang San at Tang Hao’s side, perhaps she was influenced by Tang Hao’s apathetic mood, but the young woman’s expression shifted, nodding and saying: “Please wait a moment.” Finished speaking, she swiftly went upstairs along the staircase to the side.

Before long, somewhat conspicuously noisy footsteps came from upstairs. Hearing the noise, Tang Hao couldn’t help wrinkling his brows somewhat.

Altogether four people walked down from upstairs. One of them was one of the two youths in the doorway before, and of the other three, one was a middle aged man in a long purple gown, and the other two were slim, dressed in blue, their ages appearing not much different from that purple clothed person in the lead.

The purple clothed middle aged man’s gaze fell on Tang Hao and, very naturally displaying a trace of loathing, again looked over Tang San next to Tang Hao and walked down the stairs.

The tall young woman from before came down the stairs after the four men, pointing to Tang Hao she said to the purple clothed man in a low voice: “Manager, he was looking for the Madam.”

The purple clothed man nodded, his face unconsciously displaying a lofty pride. He didn’t completely come down the stairs, but rather stood in the stairs and addressed the two blue clothed men behind him: “Moon Pavilion only receives elegant visitors, ask them to leave.”

The two blue clothed middle aged men gave a nod, and quickly moved the stairs. They descended very quickly, but still didn’t give people an impression of rushing, but on the contrary moved very rhythmically. With each step, the spirit power they distributed would increase somewhat, an incorporeal pressure assaulting the senses.

Tang San very naturally took a step forward. Seeing the purple clothed man’s face as he disdainfully glanced at the father and son, he could only think of describing it as a dog looking down on humans.

The two blue clothed men very swiftly arrived in front of Tang Hao and his son, the one on the left saying: “Please leave.”

Tang Hao calmly said: “If I won’t?”

The blue clothed man’s gaze turned to that purple clothed man addressed as Manager. The purple clothed man waved his hand, “Still need me to teach you? Have them leave.”

The two blue clothed men moved immediately, raising their hands to grab the shoulders of Tang Hao’s pair. Tang Hao looked at his son, saying: “Don’t kill, don’t damage the place.”

Tang San moved. He only took one step forward, but those two blue clothed men simultaneously felt an immense attractive force coming from his body, and the two of them practically involuntarily stretched out their hands to grab Tang San.

Tang San also raised his hands, matching the hands of those two blue clothed men.

His current strength had already made a qualitative leap, and from the counterparts’ spirit power fluctuations, he could tell that these two should be forty something ranked Spirit Ancestors.

Confronting opponents like these with his current strength, how would they stand a chance?

Apart from Tang Hao, nobody saw what Tang San did. With just a flash of an illusory white shadow, the two blue clothed men exploded backwards, their extended arms already hanging limply.

Tang San looked coldly at the two, “Extend one claw, and I will get rid of one. Extend another, another disappears. We’re here to see the owner, not to watch the guard dogs.”

Perhaps because of the fighting, intense killing intent surged out from his body, ice cold, reeking of blood, blood thirsty, wicked, a severely negative mood engulfed this first floor of the Moon Pavilion in practically an instant.

The several female attendants behind the table looked at each other and turned pale, trembling and recoiling. If not for what Tang Hao said before, those two blue clothed men would already be dead by now.

Watching the killing intent his son emitted, Tang Hao’s brows wrinkled deeply. He knew that Slaughter City’s influence on Tang San was still far from removed.

Tang Hao knew far more than Tang San imagined. Even though he didn’t say or show it, in fact, right now Tang San could be said to be the only mental support in this world.

Tang Hao had always secretly observed Tang San in his two years of practice in Slaughter City. Even the Slaughter King didn’t know that this Deathgod had long since infiltrated Slaughter City.

Tang Hao even knew Tang San finally left the Hell Road with Hu Liena. Seeing his son finally choose to bring Hu Liena out of the Hell Road, Tang Hao felt very gratified. A formidable enemy wasn’t terrible, what was terrible was losing one’s heart.

Even though he knew that Tang San’s current condition seemed very normal, inwardly he was still somewhat worried, and even more determined to cultivate him according to the former plan.

The purple clothed middle aged man stared blankly a moment, descending the stairs in a flash, both hands pressing the shoulders of his two subordinates. His face immediately changed. Staring fixedly at Tang San, he said in a low voice: “A vicious style.” The bones of the blue clothed mens’ arms were unexpectedly shattered in tiny pieces, clearly

unrecoverable. Even if they healed, they wouldn’t be able to use as much strength as before.

Tang San gave a cold smile, “For dogs looking down on people, I’ve already started off leniently.”

The purple clothed man knew that he’d made an error in judgement before. He hadn’t expected this youngster to actually be so powerful. Even if neither of his subordinates had released their spirits, with their spirit power, having their arms ruined by Tang San showed the strength of this youth. How old was he? The purple clothed man found it somewhat difficult to imagine.

A faint halo of light undulated, tremendous spirit power suddenly releasing, and six spirit rings quietly appearing around the purple clothed man, awesomely revealing his Spirit Emperor status.

Yellow, yellow, purple, purple, black, black, six spirit rings moved orderly and rhythmically. The spirit power he unleashed made Tang San feel somewhat familiar. The allocation of this person’s six spirit rings was pretty good. It seemed he was around fifty or so, to be able to have six ring strength was already pretty good.

With a cold smile, Tang San took another step forward, also simultaneously releasing his spirit. Everyone stared, overwhelmed with shock. Yellow, yellow, purple, black, black, five spirit rings quietly appeared. Tang San’s entire imposing manner released, holding back hardly anything. Formidable killing intent made it seem as if the entire Moon Pavilion trembled.

“This, this is impossible.” The purple clothed man had an ideal spirit ring configuration himself. Watching the five spirit rings Tang San revealed, he practically didn’t dare believe his eyes.

Nevermind the age of this youth, having five spirit rings at the ten thousand year level starting at the fourth already filled him with shock.

Shocking him even more was the extraordinary pressure Tang San released afterwards. The purple clothed man only felt his entire spirit power seem to be completely suppressed by this particular aura. Even the light of his six spirit rings began to dim. Even though he could still congregate his spirit power, he could only gather seventy percent or so. His strength was massively reduced.

Almost impatiently, the purple clothed man raised his right hand. A bright purple vine crept out of his palm. In a split second he had surrounded himself with a purple protective screen.

Seeing the counterpart’s spirit rings dim, Tang San also looked distracted. But as he saw the purple vine, he couldn’t hold back a trace of a smile, thinking to himself: ‘No wonder’.

The purple clothed man’s spirit was a plant type Ghost King Vine, an evolved form of the Ghost Vine of Tang San’s second spirit ring. The reason he would be suppressed by Tang San’s pressure was very simple, it was because of Tang San’s spirit.

Blue Silver Grass had evolved into Blue Silver Emperor, and as the monarch power of the botanical kingdom, Blue Silver Emperor had a formidable suppressing effect against any plant type spirit. The aura alone was enough to make the opponent’s Ghost King Vine tremble.

Because, even though Tang San was one level below the opponent, he actually instead held the advantage with his present imposing manner. Tang San had complete confidence in defeating this opponent in front of him without using the added might of his spirit bones.

Just at this moment, a somewhat cold voice suddenly resounded,


The purple clothed middle aged man and Tang San simultaneously turned to look towards the stairs, only to see a graceful and luxuriously beautiful woman slowly descend the stairs. Behind her still followed two beautiful young women.

Seeing this beautiful woman, Tang San couldn’t help being somewhat astonished, because he unexpectedly couldn’t see her true age. At first glance she seemed twenty seven or twenty eight, but her eyes seemed to understand everything in the world, not something a twenty seven year old woman could compare to.

The long dress with silver court decorations seemed to hug her body, and if Tang San absolutely had to compare her to someone he knew, in temperament alone, perhaps only Spirit Hall Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong could be mentioned in the same sentence.

The difference was that she didn’t have Bibi Dong’s pressure, but she wasn’t a bit inferior in nobility. Moreover, this woman didn’t have the slightest spirit power fluctuations, she clearly wasn’t a Spirit Master.

Tang Hao also simultaneously raised his head to look at the beautiful woman. She strolled down from the upper floors, each motion graceful and natural. Even if her brows were slightly wrinkled, it didn’t detract from her manners in the slightest.
“Manager Aude, what’s going on?” The beautiful woman asked softly. The purple clothed middle aged man hastily took a few steps forward.
While cautiously on alert against Tang San’s side, he said to her: “Madam, these two came to cause trouble. Why did you come down?”

The beautiful woman’s gaze swept past Tang San. When she saw the bizarre five spirit ring allocation Tang San had, her gaze also displayed a faint shock.

“With such powerful killing intent appearing, how could I not notice it? Just what is going on?” Her last question was aimed at the young women behind the table trembling severely from Tang San’s killing intent.

Just at this moment, a fantastic scene appeared. Tang San clearly felt a gentle wave release from that courtly dressed beautiful woman. The waves she released were graceful and natural, so gentle that they seemed able to calm all the sadness in the world.

His killing intent touched her peculiar aura, and unexpectedly quickly faded like melting ice and snow. The entire first floor of the Moon Pavilion also became calm and natural once again.

Domain, certainly, that was a Domain. Possessing two great Domain,s Tang San instantly sensed the cause of the beautiful woman’s fluctuations. However, if she possessed a Domain, how come there were no spirit power fluctuations?

Could it be that she was already so formidable that she could hide her spirit power from his senses? If so, that would make this woman a Title Douluo level power.

Just as Tang San prepared to release the Deathgod Domain to try it, his shoulder was grabbed by Tang Hao’s outstretched hand. Turning to look at his father, he only saw Tang Hao shake his head at him, and Tang San renounced his thoughts of releasing the Deathgod Domain.

Losing the influence of the killing intent, the several young women all slowly came over. That tall young woman from before hastily said a few sentences next to the beautiful woman in a low voice. With Tang San’s astonishing hearing, he clearly heard that young woman describe how they were blocked because of Tang Hao’s worn clothing, as well as what Tang Hao asked her to pass on.

When that beautiful woman heard the words ‘rare old friends’, the fluctuations she distributed were smashed in practically an instant. Then next moment, her body trembled violently. Walking down the stairs with quick steps, her movements even seemed somewhat frenetic.

The originally graceful and harmonious temperament was unexpectedly completely broken at this moment.

Everyone in the Moon Pavilion were stupefied, they had never before seen the Madam like this.

The beautiful woman quickly walked over to Tang Hao, and without caring about Tang San next to her, both her hands quickly caught Tang

Hao’s shoulders. Her eyes were already covered with watery mist, “Hao, is it really you? You, why……”

Sensing that the woman didn’t have the slightest bit of hostility towards his father, and further what his father said about old friends before, Tang San took a step back, withdrawing his spirit.

Looking at the beautiful woman, Tang Hao sighed lightly, “It’s me, Yue- Hua. I don’t recognize you.” On Tang Hao’s face, Tang San saw to his surprise, a trace of self mockery.

The beautiful woman’s lips trembled and she fiercely threw herself into Tang Hao’s embrace, crying loudly. Both her hands tightly encircled Tang Hao’s waist, as if she wanted to blend herself into Tang Hao. Right now there wasn’t a trace left of her grace.

Those were entirely bitter tears from release of emotion, making people unable to keep from glancing sidelong.

The Moon Pavilion people were all lifeless, and Tang San was also somewhat dumbfounded. Because he unexpectedly saw his father softly pat that beautiful woman’s back, his face revealing a gentle expression. It was difficult to imagine that this kind of expression would appear on his father.

After a long time, the beautiful woman’s weeping finally came to a rest. Slowly raising her head to look deeply at Tang Hao, then again turning her head to look at Tang San to the side, “He is? Your and her son?”

Tang Hao nodded silently, and Yue-Hua straightened, turning to Tang San with teary eyes and raising her hand to touch his face.

Tang San frowned, very naturally withdrawing a step, getting out of reach of her hand.

Yue-Hua’s elegant eyebrows wrinkled slightly, “What are you hiding from, I’m your aunt.”

“Ah?” Tang San opened his eyes wide, looking at the beautiful woman in front, then again looking at his aged father, he couldn’t see anything to suggest these two were siblings.

Tang Hao nodded to Tang San, “She’s your aunt.”

Yue-Hua extended her hand once again, and this time Tang San didn’t dodge. Aunt. This word was entirely unfamiliar to him. However, a feeling of blood being thicker than water made him instantly lose any guard against the woman in front of him.

Softly caressing Tang San’s face, the rims of Tang Yue-Hua’s[3] eyes reddened once again, “You look like your dad when he was young, and also like your mom.”

Hearing this, the defenses in Tang San’s heart thoroughly crumbled, losing all of the imposing manner from before.

The Moon Pavilion people were already gaping. They had never imagined that this seemingly filthy and washed out old man was actually the Madam’s elder brother.

Turning, looking rebukingly at Tang Hao, Tang Yue-Hua said angrily: “After so many years, only now do you know to come find me? Go, follow me upstairs.”

Finished speaking, Tang Yue-Hua grabbed Tang San’s hand and turned to head upstairs.

Tang Hao looked somewhat helplessly at this younger sister, but his current expression was more relaxed than it had been in years.

Reaching the head of the stairs, Tang Yue-Hua turned her head and said to manager Aude: “Everything you saw just now, never happened. I’ll leave this matter to you, understand?”

Aude hastily said: “Yes, Madam.”

Tang Yue-Hua’s hand was very warm, and also very soft. Held by her, Tang San seemed to have become a child again. She brought Tang Hao and Tang San directly to the top floor of the Moon Pavilion.

As she walked, Tang Yue-Hua wiped her tears and said to Tang San:
“Child, what’s your name?” “I’m called Tang San.”
Tang Yue-Hua went slightly rigid. Turning her head to look at Tang Hao, she couldn’t help giving a soft sigh.

The top floor of the moon Pavilion was an immense hall, decorated even more gracefully than the first floor. Being familiar with plants, Tang San was shocked to discover that the furnishings were unexpectedly all made from agarwood, making the entire building emit a faint fragrance.

What was agarwood? A top quality wood worth even more than its weight in gold. Just the furniture in this hall alone was worth an astronomical sum.

Around the hall were altogether four sliding doors, leading to unknown areas. The impression this place gave was comfortable, peaceful, quiet, elegant. It wasn’t gorgeous, but the wood fragrance here made people’s hearts relax.

Tang Yue-Hua smiled: “The top floor is my private area. Without my permission, nobody will come up. Sit.” She pushed Tang San into a chair, then turned to look at Tang Hao.

“Ge, how did you become like this?” Having just suppressed her emotions, as she looked at Tang Hao’s aged face, she couldn’t help becoming agitated again.

Tang Hao smiled slightly, “Silly girl, when did you become so fond of crying? It’s not like you.”

Tang Yue-Hua said furiously: “This isn’t because of you. How many years? You actually didn’t even send a message.”

Tang Hao became silent, walking over to sit next to Tang San. He lowered his head, speaking faintly: “Eldest brother, is he still well?”

Tang Yue-Hua went blank a moment. After a long time, she slowly shook her head, “I don’t know. You also know eldest brother. He hides everything at the bottom of his heart. Last time I was home, I accidentally saw him holding a picture of us three as children. Even I don’t know what passed.”

Tang San felt his father next to him stiffen a moment, “I’m the one who let down the sect.”

Tang Yue-Hua said indifferently: “What’s the point of saying this now? This time you’ve returned with great difficulty. No matter what you say, I won’t let you leave again. You definitely have to return with me. Eldest brother. Eldest brother has always missed you.”

Tang Hao smiled wryly: “Return? I haven’t been a Clear Sky School member for a long time. How could I return? Yue-Hua, even if I let down the sect, I still don’t regret anything I did. Eldest brother, he, still hasn’t married?”

Tang Yue-Hua’s expression fell, her graceful and charming face gaining a layer of cold frost, “Eldest brother isn’t an impetuous person like you, he’s more responsible and dutiful than you. Everything in the sect still has to depend on him. He could only cherish those feelings by not taking a wife. Second brother, are you truly not willing to go back to see him? The sect has changed into its current appearance, the magnificent world’s number one sect actually going into hiding. Do you know the suffering of the sect’s disciples? Return with me, with us three siblings working as one, I don’t even fear fighting that Spirit Hall.”

Tang Hao stood, slowly walking into the center of the hall, his back turned to Tang Yue-Hua: “Yue-Hua, my heart is already dead, there’s no more of the drive from before. The moment Ah Yin died, my heart had

already followed her. I can’t help the sect with anything. As for apologies, I don’t want to say them to eldest brother. I believe that he understands.”

“Understand farts. You, the magnificent youngest Title Douluo in the world, you still say you can’t help the sect? Eldest brother can understand you?” Tang Yue-Hua’s delicate body was already trembling somewhat from fury.

Tang Hao stood there silently, the silhouette of his back appearing so lonely.

Tang San also stood, looking at the agitated Yue-Hua, “Aunt. Don’t force dad further. Dad isn’t unwilling to help the sect. Rather, he already can’t. His body……”

“Enough.” Tang Hao interrupted Tang San, “Yue-Hua, I’ll leave my little San to you. He just came out of Slaughter City. Only you can help him best.” Speaking, he swung his arm and threw a sheepskin map into Tang San’s hands, “In one year, find me in the mountain valley according to this map.”

Finished speaking, he walked directly outside.

“Stand still.” Tang Yue-Hua followed with big strides. Perhaps because she moved too fast, the courtly dress she wore unexpectedly issued ripping sounds.

Reaching Tang Hao’s back in a few steps, Tang Yue-Hua’s hand swiftly fell on his shoulder. The Domain fluctuations Tang San felt before now appeared once again.

Tang Hao halted, “Yue-Hua, tell eldest brother, little San is my repayment to the sect. In one year, after he’s gone to see me, you bring him back to the sect to acknowledge his ancestors and roots. What I can’t accomplish, he will do in my stead. Furthermore, tell eldest brother that he is my and Ah Yin’s son, and also my only son.”

“Ge——” Tang Yue-Hua shouted. The next moment, Tang Hao’s silhouette already faded in front of her, quietly disappearing.

If Tang Hao wanted to leave, how many people in this world could stop him?

Tang Yue-Hua stood there, tears silently flowing. Seeing her brother again after twenty years, meeting so briefly, she suddenly felt her heart aching deeply. Not only because Tang Hao left, but also because of the pain this second brother bore.

Tang San didn’t move. His father had him stay, so he only stayed. Quietly standing behind Tang Yue-Hua, waiting.

After a long time.

Wiping the tears from her face, Tang Yue-Hua’s eyes weren’t swollen or red from the tears, slowly turning, she looked at Tang San with a somewhat complicated expression, “Has your father told you about him and your mother?”

Tang San silently shook his head, “Can you tell me?”

Tang Yue-Hua sighed softly, “Since he doesn’t want to tell you, I can’t speak out of turn either. Perhaps, in one year, he will tell you everything. By what I’ve seen, he’s very confident in you. Otherwise, he wouldn’t say he would leave you as repayment to the sect. You should be nineteen this year.”

Tang San said: “In two months.”

Tang Yue-Hua smiled slightly, “Your father walked Slaughter City’s Hell Road when he was twenty eight. You’re almost ten years earlier than him. It seems you really are the hope of the sect. Do you know what it is he left you here for a year to study with me?”

Tang San silently shook his head.

Tang Yue-Hua watched Tang San with a burning gaze, “In the next one year, I will instruct you in all manner of noble etiquette and music.”

“You’re not joking?” Tang San looked dumbstruck at this aunt he had only known for less than two hours.

Tang Yue-Hua said sternly: “Do I look like I’m joking? In one year, if you can’t meet my requirements, I won’t let you leave to see your dad.”

Tang San looked stupidly at the aunt in front of him. He had never expected that his father hadn’t actually brought him here to cultivate further, but rather to learn these completely useless things.

Tang Yue-Hua looked almost laughing at Tang San’s stupid expression, “Very soon you will understand the benefits of these things. One person, no matter how formidable, doesn’t have enough strength. Like your father, he’s already formidable enough, but what has he turned into now? He doesn’t want you to follow the track of the overturned cart. From now on, I am your aunt, and also your teacher.”

Tang San smiled somewhat wryly: “Aunt, do I really have to learn those etiquette things?”

[1] The original here is an idiom ( 铅 华 洗 尽 ) which translates to “washing away lead flowers”, referring to ancient lead-based make-up. As an idiom it’s part of a Daoist idea of washing away all worldly concerns to reveal one’s true self without pretense. Let me know if you have a way to make that fit that doesn’t sound stupid.
[2] Yue-Hua - (⽉华) “Moonlight”
[3] Tang Yue-Hua - (唐⽉华) “Tang Moonlight”

Chapter 143

Tang Yue-Hua nodded with certainty, “Evenings are your time, you plan them on your own. However, in the daytime you will learn these with me. Until I’m satisfied. Do you know what the Moon Pavilion does?”

Tang San shook his head.

Tang Yue-Hua smiled calmly, “My place here is the Heaven Dou Imperial school of courtly etiquette, specialized in teaching all kinds of noble etiquette. You should have felt my Domain. My innate domain is called Noble Circle. And my spirit power, at present, is ninth rank.”

“What?” Tang San looked stupidly at Tang Yue-Hua. He could never have imagined that she, as a directly related Clear Sky School disciple, would actually only have nine ranks of spirit power, “You, variant spirit?”

Tang Yue-Hua smiled and nodded, “Perhaps you would think of me as the most useless disciple of the Clear Sky School, but I can tell you that if your father could possess everything I am skilled in, the result of the events twenty years ago would be completely different. At times, strength doesn’t mean everything. You must learn to protect yourself even without relying on power. You must further learn how to exploit the art of language, and still how to walk between powers of all sides as well as how to control authority. I can see that you’re outstanding, however, you still have many, many things you must learn.”

Tang San finally nodded with some difficulty. Even if he didn’t want to admit it, he still had no choice but to compromise with this graceful woman. After all, she was his aunt.

Tang Yue-Hua smiled faintly, “Don’t look so embarrassed. I think that before long, you will understand the importance of everything I teach. Walking out of Slaughter City, what you need most right now isn’t strenuous cultivation, but rather to let all that you possess grow more stable. I already know about your father’s condition. Don’t worry, I won’t push him again later. The sect won’t either. Even if he’s no longer at the sect, the sect has never forgotten him.”

Sighing, Tang Yue-Hua looked deeply at Tang San, “If you don’t want your father to be troubled again, you must become even stronger. The responsibility of everything he should accomplish, will fall on your shoulders.”


One year later. Heaven Dou City, Moon pavilion.

Heaven Dou City’s night scene was very beautiful. This was deeply related to the highly developed commerce here. As the capital of Heaven Dou Empire, in the entire Douluo Continent, perhaps only Star Luo City could manage to compare.

The beauty of Star Luo City lay mainly in the exquisiteness of the south, while Heaven Dou City was brimming with the northern generous atmosphere, both victors in their own ways.

Graceful and quiet light spread from the several lower floors of the Moon Pavilion, a continuous stream of people constantly presenting their invitations and entering.

As the Heaven Dou imperial school of courtly etiquette, in order to be able to enroll in the Moon Pavilion, one had to at least have a title of nobility, and one’s age couldn’t surpass thirty. This was undoubtedly the

place where the new generation of Heaven Dou Empire’s nobility was cultivated.

Therefore, even though the Moon Pavilion itself didn’t count as much, there was still no power that dared meddle with it. Not even the imperial family.

Reportedly, Emperor Xue Ye and the Moon Pavilion’s master Madam Yue-Hua had a somewhat intimate relationship. Of course, this was just a rumor.

This evening was the annual graduation ceremony.

With each batch of students graduating, all these students’ parents and elders were invited. These were undoubtedly the most influential characters of Heaven Dou Empire’s capital.

In fact, the Moon Pavilion only admitted one hundred students per year. In order for these one hundred places, the nobility of the entire Heaven Dou Empire practically racked their brains. Everyone knew that to be able to smoothly graduate from the Moon Pavilion, was equivalent to being plated with gold. The graduates from here were considered true nobility.

Before anything else, in marriages between noble families, the stronger side would frequently ask the weaker side whether their child had passed the education of Moon Pavilion. This alone showed the influence of the Moon Pavilion in the entire upper layer of the Heaven Dou Empire.

Of course, nobody knew that the master of the Moon Pavilion without the strength to truss a chicken, Madam Yue, was actually from the world’s first Spirit Master sect.

The graduation ceremony was held on the third floor of the Moon Pavilion, where numerous high ranking officials and nobles had already arranged their seating. They all wanted to see how their children had improved through the cultivation of the Moon Pavilion.

As the master of the Moon Pavilion, Tang Yue-Hua still wore silver adorned courtly dress, standing to the side of the reception hall with a smile on her face. Subordinates told her everyone was present. She nodded an indication. The graduation ceremony formally began.

A line of silver dressed young men and women began to enter through doors on two sides. The one hundred people didn’t make the hall noisy. Each person’s face revealed equally graceful smiles, the pace between each harmonious, with casual ease. The faint grandeur didn’t give people an impression of arrogance, but could still surprise.

Just at this moment, a door opened to the side of the hall, and a white dressed youth slowly walked out, holding an exquisite and elegant golden harp to his chest.

Blue eyes so clear the bottom could be seen, a head of deep blue hair draped across the shoulders and back without giving people the slightest impression of lacking manners, all over a spirited quality, handsome, noble, graceful.

Against expectations there was also a particular quiet contentment. When he walked out from the door, he became the focus of everyone present in practically an instant.

Even the graduating students stepping into the hall with graceful smiles before, for the most part couldn’t help throwing their gazes in his direction.
Especially the female students had no lack of intoxicated expressions. The white clothed youth carefully arranged the prize harp on a table,
sitting straight backed on a special stool, first facing the audience with a smile and a nod, then slowly raising both slender hands to lightly start playing.

Elegant, pure like the sparkling translucence of precious stones, ephemeral limpid tones flowed from that exquisite golden harp. The hall immediately calmed, the beautiful sound of the harp making the listeners’

hearts untroubled. A marvellous aesthetic just like a fountain rushing under moonlight, filling the air with a poetic atmosphere.

Let alone others, only looking at outward appearances, this white clothed youth undoubtedly made all the graduating students present turn pale. The aloof quiet contentment he carried was no doubt what gave people the most favorable impression.

Tang Yue-Hua stood there quietly, listening to the beautiful sound of the harp. To her ears, this harp music naturally sounded different to what other people heard. She heard whether the sound of this harp truly was as quiet and contented as the surface of the white clothed youth.

One year, a whole year had passed. He had indeed changed a lot.
Perhaps, this was his natural instinct.

The youth bent over the harp was Tang San. Compared to one year ago, the current Tang San had undergone a heaven and earth revolving change. That was a change in temperament. There was no longer any murderous aura spreading from him. That didn’t mean that the killing intent he had obtained from Slaughter City had disappeared, but rather that it was truly contained.

When Tang Yue-Hua gave Tang San his first lesson, she had told him that a true power first had to learn to control everything about himself. Especially his mood and aura.

Tang San had undoubtedly done very well in this year. Well to the extent that even an exacting lady like Tang Yue-Hua couldn’t pick out any flaw. What others would need three years to learn, he had completed in one, and moreover done it better than anyone.

To be able to represent the graduating class to play the harp was an honor that had always by tradition in Moon Pavilion only been awarded to the most outstanding student. That Tang San was able to sit there really wasn’t because he was Tang Yue-Hua’s nephew, but because of his own accomplishments.

The graduation ceremony advanced in sequence amidst this graceful music. The high ranking officials and nobles had already begun to stealthily ask about Tang San’s background, but nobody could obtain any results. Even their children couldn’t tell them where Tang San was from.

To the other students, Tang San was like a riddle. When he had just appeared here, nobody had wanted to approach his ice chill, and nobody was optimistic about his chances of fitting in.

Even if he was handsome, how could there be any lack of handsome people here in the capital?

However, after a few months, everyone looked at him with different eyes. In the study of all kinds of etiquette and music, Tang San had displayed a learning ability far exceeding that of ordinary people. Most notable was that the ice chill that surrounded him had gradually disappeared.

But for some reason, he only very rarely interacted with people, and spoke even less, only quietly studied.

In the audience, the most illustrious of all the nobles was a young person, his age appearing to be where youth and middle age flowed together. He was the Heaven Dou imperial crown prince, Xue Qinghe.

This time Xue Qinghe was here for his little sister’s graduation ceremony.

And his little sister, should originally have sat in the position Tang San now held.

His little sister had told him not long ago, that the choice of person playing the harp had changed at the last moment, but she wasn’t the least bit upset, because she cheerfully and committedly admired that youth called Tang Yin, resigned to falling short of him in all areas.

Xue Qinghe knew that his little sister, as an imperial princess, as well as being doted on by their imperial father, always was proud and unyielding,

very rarely believing others. Even this older brother didn’t have any power to deter her.

Sending her to study at the Moon Pavilion was undoubtedly in order to properly foster his little sister’s courtly etiquette, and being eighteen, it was also about time for her to marry.

No matter how, he was unable to understand why his always haughty little sister would think so highly of anyone. Even to the extent that when that person was mentioned, she displayed a faint bashfulness.

As Xue Qinghe saw Tang San sitting there playing, he was also stunned.
He unexpectedly couldn’t find the slightest flaw in that youth.

Even more astonishing was that the youth unexpectedly gave him a familiar feeling. He couldn’t say why, it wasn’t because of aura, but rather a kind of natural intuition.

When simply asking the surrounding nobles about that white clothed youth didn’t yield any answers, Xue Qinghe was even more determined to build a relationship with this youth. Not because of his little sister’s begging yesterday, but rather because that might be a talent capable of becoming a future pillar of the Empire.

Tang San slowly plucked the harp, his heart very calm, perfectly in accordance with what he revealed on the surface.

One year’s time had passed. One year ago he couldn’t have thought that he would be playing an instrument in front of everyone today. When he had just started to learn from his aunt, he had been brimming with scepticism.

However, after one month had passed, Tang San discovered that the direction his father had set him on was correct.

Cultivating in Slaughter City was in order to train the heart. The Moon Pavilion was the same.

As he gradually calmed here, recalling everything that had happened in the past four years, as well as his entire process of maturing, he discovered that his mind was exhausted.

This one year had been the best rest for his mind and body. Even though he didn’t cultivate strenuously, he had gradually internalized everything he had learned in these past several years in this peace. Even the final redoubt of the eight extraordinary meridians, the Governing Vessel, had also gradually opened.

Fifty seven ranks, this was Tang San’s present spirit power level.

Rising from forty second or third level to fifty seventh rank in five years was an average of three ranks per year. It didn’t seem comparable to his cultivation speed in the more than two years and the Shrek Academy, but in fact, after passing the fortieth rank, how could the requirements to rise each rank of spirit power compare to before?

Twenty years old, fifty seventh rank. Tang San had undoubtedly already substantially surpassed Spirit Hall’s Golden Generation. Most importantly was that right now all the abilities he possessed no longer needed Tang San’s control.

Rather, all his capabilities had been harmonized. Tang San had taken the most crucial step to become a power.

From the hardly concealed praise in his aunt’s eyes these last few months, Tang San knew that it was almost time for him to leave. It was also only thinking of seeing his father that would raise ripples in his calmed heart.

He had already waited far, far too long for that unknown truth. Despite already having guessed some, how could he be certain without hearing it from his father’s own mouth?

Tang San knew that his own future road was very long, but this year in the Moon Pavilion was undoubtedly the most transformative of his life. He

had already stepped out of his time as a youngster, his twentieth birthday was coming, he was already an adult.

The graduation ceremony ended smoothly, and each student had received their graduation certificate from Tang Yue-Hua’s hand, delightedly throwing themselves into the arms of their family.

When Tang Yue-Hua had finished all this, Tang San’s task for the day was also complete. She walked over next to Tang San, “Today’s performance was pretty good. Outside and inside as one.”

Tang San smiled slightly, lightly caressing the strings, a final pleasant tune drifting out, “Thank you.”

At this moment, a clear voice resounded, “Auntie Yue-Hua. Can you give me an introduction?”

Tang Yue-Hua turned her head to look, finding a casually dressed crown prince Xue Qinghe gracefully walking over, accompanied by the graduating student Xue Ke.

She of course knew Xue Ke’s status from long ago, and the majority of students also knew. She even saw Xue Ke look differently at Tang San than at others. Even when Tang San snatched away her original right to perform, this princess still didn’t have a trace of resentment.

“Your Highness.” Tang Yue-Hua saluted.

Xue Qinghe hastily returned the salute, “Auntie Yue-Hua, what are you doing? Junior can’t accept it.”

Tang Yue-Hua laughed in spite of herself: “Don’t always go calling me ‘auntie, auntie’, am I so old?”

To the side Xue Ke smartly said: “Of course teacher isn’t old, you’re like my older sister.”

Tang Yue-Hua smiled.: “That’s something you would say, girl.” While speaking, she shifted slightly, allowing the siblings to clearly see Tang San,

“I’ll give you an introduction, This is my nephew, Tang Yin.”

Hearing the word ‘nephew’, Xue Qinghe couldn’t keep a radiance from flashing through his eyes. Tang San all along calmly observed this crown prince that had once previously given him a good impression.

In the five years since they met, this crown prince had become even steadier. His appearance hadn’t changed much, but his reserved scholarly temperament still gave people a very good impression.

His casual ease was somewhat similar to Ning Fengzhi, though whether that was because of deliberate imitation was unknown.

But from the change in his expression when he heard his aunt’s introduction, it could be assumed that he knew his aunt’s true identity. And that his aunt also didn’t hide anything for him should be because she had a great deal of trust in the crown prince.

Without batting an eyelid on the surface, Tang San had already analysed a great many things in his mind. He pondered over whether to reveal his identity to the crown prince.

This thought only flashed through his mind, and was very soon suppressed by Tang San. He knew that even if Xue Qinghe was worthy of trust, right now still wasn’t the time. He needed to go seek confirmation of his conjecture from his father. If he really needed the support of the crown prince’s strength to help defend against mutual aggressors later, it wouldn’t be too late to be honest then. In any case, he wouldn’t be recognized with his current appearance.

Xue Qinghe equally observed Tang San. Close up, he couldn’t help being even more attracted by the quiet elegance Tang San displayed. Especially when he heard Tang Yue-Hua say he was her nephew was even more startling. As crown prince, just like Tang San judged, he was one of a small number of people who knew Tang Yue-Hua’s true identity. The gossip in the outside world about Tang Yue-Hua and Emperor Xue Ye was only laughable.

“Tang Yin, this is Heaven Dou Empire’s present crown prince, his Highness Xue Qinghe.” Tang Yue-Hua also introduced for Tang San.

Tang San showed a smile, slightly saluting Xue Qinghe, “Hello, your Highness.” He also smiled and nodded to Xue Ke next to Xue Qinghe’s side, counting as a greeting. The two were after all classmates, and didn’t need excessive courtesy.

If it was the previous Tang San, he definitely wouldn’t have faked an expression for a miss like Xue Ke who constantly tried to get close to him, but after studying with his aunt for a year, he had already come to understand how to bury his true mood deeply.

Xue Qinghe smiled: “I’ve long ago heard my little sister talk about an eminently talented youth at the Moon Pavilion, today I see the reputation truly isn’t in vain. Brother Tang Yin, if there’s time we should sit down.”

With the status of crown prince, for him to use the tone of commoners to communicate with Tang San, Xue Qinghe absolutely considered it respect for the lower ranked. Xue Ke to the side couldn’t help saying: “Big brother, you definitely have to call me then. I still have a lot of things I want to ask Tang Yin about the harp.”

Xue Qinghe smiled: “If brother Tang Yin doesn’t object, I won’t either.” In a few simple words, he amply displayed his respect for Tang San. It was undoubtedly very easy for him to obtain a favorable impression.

Tang San still wore a smile, “I’m afraid I must disappoint your Highness. Now that I’ve graduated, I must make a trip. If fate wills it, I will definitely make a visit on my return.”

Xue Qinghe looked distracted a moment. He hadn’t thought Tang San would still reject him without the slightest hesitation under circumstances like these, but he immediately understood when Tang San looked at him sincerely. The counterpart wasn’t evading, but was rather truly occupied.

With a faint laugh, Xue Qinghe said: “Then I will await your return. We won’t trouble you, little sister, we should go back.” While speaking, Xue

Qinghe took the initiative to raise his hand to Tang San. Shaking hands was the simplest and most casual etiquette between nobles.

Tang San raised his hand and clasped Xue Qinghe’s. Immediately, a trace of gentle spirit power transmitted from Xue Qinghe’s palm. Tang San’s heart twitched. Judging by the counterpart’s spirit power, this crown prince wasn’t weak! In their acquaintance before, he had never seen Xue Qinghe act.

If Tang San could be described as slightly shocked, then Xue Qinghe was astonished. The spirit power he sent into Tang San’s hand was very gentle, even if Tang San wasn’t a Spirit Master, it still wouldn’t have hurt him. But he was shocked to discover that the spirit power he sent into Tang San unexpectedly disappeared without a sound.

He didn’t encounter any existence, nor any other sensation. It was as if after that spirit power had entered Tang San’s body, it no longer had any relation to him.

How did he do it? This youth seemed to truly be a directly related disiciple of the Clear Sky School, and should moreover be an extremely outstanding elite. This was Xue Qinghe’s first thought. He of course wouldn’t probe Tang San again, and very naturally let go of his hand, pulling his little sister away with a smile.

When Xue Ke left, there was still a reluctant light in her big eyes. If not for long ago having known of Tang San’s identity as a commoner, perhaps she would have revealed her love for him in spite of everything. For a girl of her age, who wouldn’t like a young talent so handsome and confident, and also with such a perfect temperament?

With the visitors gone, Tang Yue-Hua looked at Tang San putting away the harp next to her and couldn’t help but giggle, “It seems that Xue Ke girl really is passionate about you. Last time she even asked me what level of lord a commoner would have to obtain to marry a princess. Her target was quite clearly you.”

Raising his head to look at his aunt’s bantering smile, Tang San somewhat helplessly said: “Aunt, you know, I basically won’t consider this right now.”

Tang Yue-Hua smiled: “Is there a girlfriend?” Tang San hesitated a moment, but still nodded. Tang Yue-Hua somewhat shocked looked at him,
“Heavens, you really are a precocious brat. I remember you told me that you were fourteen when you started following your father to cultivate. Don’t tell me you already knew that girlfriend before then?”

Tang San smiled: “Aunt, as a noble lady, making inquiries about others’ private business is rather lacking in manners. That’s what you taught me.”

Tang Yue-Hua snorted, “Am I some other person? I’m your aunt. Since your dad isn’t present, I’m your elder. Confess.”

Tang San couldn’t help shaking his head. At this moment, an enormous longing suddenly rose in his heart.

‘It’s been five years, Xiao Wu, are you well?’

Seeing the loneliness in the corners of Tang San’s eyes, Tang Yue-Hua didn’t ask further. Raising her hand to rub Tang San’s head, looking at this a head taller than her nephew, her beautiful eyes displayed a tender doting love, “Silly child, what are you thinking? One can’t tell that you’re still quite emotional. You’re the same as your dad.”

Tang San attentively watched Tang Yue-Hua, “Aunt, can I graduate?”

Tang Yue-Hua looked distracted a moment, somewhat disappointed saying: “Are you in such a hurry to leave me?” Even though they’d only been together a year, Tang Yue-Hua truly liked her highly intelligent blood

related nephew. In their generation, the most outstanding and most successful were undoubtedly her eldest brother the sect master, Tang Hao, and her. Even though she wasn’t a formidable Spirit Master, the power grasped in her hand was enough to make anyone feel dread.

However, among the direct relations of the Tang family, those not quite as outstanding disciples had all opened their branches and scattered their leaves, producing the next generation, even so much that the generation after that had already appeared. But as the once pride of the Tang family, the sect master was a bachelor, she was unmarried, and Tang Hao had ended up like that.

One might say that Tang San was the only issue of the three siblings, and she regarded this nephew as a son.

Tang San equally respected Tang Yue-Hua. He truly had received maternal care from this apparently graceful and beautiful aunt. Even if Tang Yue-Hua was somewhat long-winded, Tang San discovered that he actually rather liked her kind of deeply concerned wordiness. What Tang Yue-Hua gave him was a kind of affection that Tang Hao and Grandmaster never could.

Therefore, Tang San respected this aunt especially much. He was also especially close to her. That he didn’t tell Tang Yue-Hua about Xiao Wu was because he didn’t want his aunt to worry for him.

“Aunt. You know I’m not. But I have to leave.”

Tang Yue-Hua sighed lightly, “I understand. After you’ve seen your father, he will let you return to the sect to acknowledge your ancestors and clan. Child, you’re even more outstanding than your dad was in those days. Even if aunt doesn’t know what you’ve gone through before, aunt believes that you will definitely be able to surpass your father. Remember, no matter when, you mustn’t be impulsive. You must gamble with your life even less. Your father is just too emotional. The reason why he had you study under me, had you learn from me, was mainly in order to temper your temperament, so you won’t make the same mistakes he did. In theory, I shouldn’t be worried about you, you’ve already done very well.

But in you still flows the same blood as your dad. Promise aunt that you will always put your own safety first, alright?”

Tang San nodded silently. Seeing the kindly gaze in his aunt’s eyes, he couldn’t keep his eyes from turning faintly red.

Tang Yue-Hua smiled: “Alright, go back and get your things in order. I know you’re anxious to see him. Leave tomorrow. In two days I’ll also prepare to go back and take a look at the sect. It’s been a while. If I don’t go back, I reckon eldest brother will scold me. We’ll meet there.”

Tang San’s heart was moved. Of course he understood that Tang Yue-Hua was returning to Clear Sky School for his sake. He wasn’t familiar with the sect’s circumstances, and Tang Yue-Hua hadn’t told him anything.

But from the Clear Sky School always fading away, one could see that the days of the world’s first sect of his clan hadn’t been easy.

Tang San originally didn’t have anything to put in order, and even if there were some articles of daily use, he could store them directly in Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges. That evening Tang Yue-Hua personally cooked, sitting down to eat several small dishes with Tang San. Before Tang San went to bed, Tang Yue-Hua told him that there was no need to say goodbye when he left tomorrow. That moment, Tang San clearly saw something sparkling and translucent shine in his aunt’s eyes.

How could Tang San know that Tang Yue-Hua had once fallen in love with someone, someone she should never have loved. After seeing things clearly, she was never again able to hold any feelings of romance in her heart, and therefore never married. She had once dreamt of having a child, so when Tang Hao brought Tang San, it was like having her dream fulfilled, and consequently Tang Yue-Hua thought of Tang San as her own.

One year wasn’t a very long time, but Tang Yue-Hua felt as if she had been reborn. In Tang San she saw the future hope of the Clear Sky School. How could she spare any effort in helping this nephew?

Early morning, after Tang San habitually finished cultivating Purple Demon Eye, he quietly left the Moon Pavilion, without alerting anyone. Right now was just as the sky held the first glimmers of dawn.

A window on the top floor opened, and Tang Yue-Hua quietly stood there, watching that gradually disappearing white silhouette. A faint smile appeared at the corners of her mouth,

“Little San, I’ll wait for you at the sect.”

After leaving Heaven Dou City, Tang San no longer held back his speed. Extending his legs, he rushed with all his strength. He had long since committed everything on the sheepskin map Tang Hao gave him to memory. He could easily find the right direction basically without looking at it again.

In the blink of an eye, five years time had already passed. Five years ago Tang San had been impatient to know the answer. And today, he finally had the right to learn it. Just as his father said, he had already cleansed himself.

Speeding into the mountains, all bumpy roads were like stepping on flat ground for Tang San. Eight Spider Lances brought him along like a bolt of lightning, finally returning to the mountain range where he once cultivated, how could he still maintain that calm? He only wanted to see his father as soon as possible, to hear him talk about everything in the past.

Still encircled by the mountains, ten thousand peaks and blue-green folds, in front the rippling sapphire, and still that vast waterfall connecting heaven and earth. Even though he once lived here for two years, when Tang San returned here once again, that feeling of an untroubled heart and pleased spirit hadn’t changed at all.

In the valley, apart from the rumbling of the waterfall, everything was quiet, peaceful.

Looking at that waterfall that had accompanied him as he grew, Tang San’s gaze roamed, searching for the silhouette of his father.

“You’ve returned.” The deep voice seemed to echo in his hears. Tang San suddenly turned around. That instant, it was as if he froze in place, and his originally excited gaze now turned completely lifeless.

At the edge of the pool was a familiar figure. But when Tang San saw him once again, there was an unsuppressable tremble in his heart. The changes in temper over the past year seemed to shatter in this instant. The pain in his heart making it hard to breathe.

Tang Hao stood quietly by the side of the pool, but there was only one leg supporting his body. His entire left leg was cut off at the base. Equally missing was also his right arm. Standing there right now, was unexpectedly a one armed old man.

His messy hair had even more been rendered snow white.

“Dad——” Tang San practically shuddered as he called out. In a flash, his trembling lower jaw fell in front of Tang Hao.

Having lost an arm and a leg, Tang Hao seemed very calm. The expression on his face wasn’t as grave and rigid as before, and unexpectedly held a faint smile as he looked at the son who thought him a hero.

Raising his hand, rubbing Tang San’s head, “It’s good that you’ve come, I’ve been waiting.” This kind of familiar action was something he had never done before. But right now Tang San’s heart felt like a pincushion.

Incomparably intense anger agitatedly burst out,

“Who was it, dad, who injured you like this……” Because of his extreme fury, Tang San’s Deathgod Domain forcefully burst out, the surrounding atmosphere turning ice cold in an instant.

The smile on Tang Hao’s face didn’t fade, “Silly child, what are you doing? Could it be that your aunt taught you in vain in this year?”

“Dad.” Tang San looked at his father’s missing limbs, teardrops flowing uncontrollably. The once youngest Title Douluo had actually turned into this wind blown candle like old man, he was his father!

The intense killing intent seemed as if it would rip through his chest. At this moment, Tang San’s eyes were already gradually turning blood red.

Tang Hao’s expression mended, staring intently at Tang San, “Wake up, there’s nobody that could turn me into this. The one who did it, was me. One year ago, after I returned here, I cut off my own right arm and left leg.”

“What?” Tang San was dumbfounded once again. He was unable to believe that everything in front of him was actually his father’s own work.

Tang Hao gave a calm smile, “Very astonished? Didn’t you always want to know about my past? Follow me. I’ll bring you someplace.”

While speaking, Tang Hao swung his remaining left arm. Spirit power erupted, and he shot up. Even though he only had one leg, his speed was still astonishing, and he directly soared towards the waterfall. Left hand pressing down on empty air, with just a burst of spirit power, he had already reached the reef across from the waterfall.

Tang San’s heart held far too many questions, and he hastily leapt up, following his father to the rocks.

Tang Hao didn’t use spirit power to resist the battering of the waterfall, allowing himself to be drenched.

Seeing Tang San catching up, he moved once again. With a wave of his left arm, a three meter long, hammer head like a water barrel, immense Clear Sky Hammer abruptly released and soared up. The torrent of water falling from the sky was rolled up by the tremendous spirit power, and Tang Hao also soared up along with his Clear Sky Hammer.

Chapter 144

Tang San leapt up. He didn’t have his father’s profound spirit power, but he had his own ways. The Flying God Claw shot out, catching up to his father’s silhouette in midair.

Half the waterfall was directly rolled up by the Clear Sky Hammer, and Tang Hao pressed with his left hand on the rock wall behind it. Seemingly solid rock unexpectedly caved in, revealing a portal.

In a flash, he had already made his way inside.

Tang San had never imagined that there would actually be a place like that behind the waterfall, but right now his heart was already filled with the pain of his father’s lost limbs, and he followed directly inside without thinking about it.

Perhaps it was because of the waterfall just outside, but the inside of the cave was very damp. The cave was about three meters high, two meters wide, extending directly inside. Within was very dark. Tang Hao pulled out a faintly golden gem from his spirit tool, illuminating the interior.

Watching his father jump inside on his one leg, Tang San couldn’t hold back his tears. At this moment, his father’s back seemed so lonely, desolate.

Recalling past events, he suddenly deeply felt the enormous pain his father must have endured over all these years.

Walking furthest inside, the surroundings brightened. Raising his head, he saw a hole in the rock ceiling. And here was an only ten square meter stone room.

There were no decorations in the stone room, absolutely empty, but just below the hole in the ceiling, there was a small stone pot. In the pot, a slender blue silver grass swayed in the wind. That blue silver grass seemed a bit longer than ordinary grass, but most extraordinary was the thin golden line in the center.

“Little San. Come, kneel.” Tang Hao pointed next to him, folding his one leg to sit.

Tang San’s heart throbbed violently. Taking a few steps forward, he knelt in front of that blue silver grass as his father instructed.

Raising a hand, the expression in Tang Hao’s eyes suddenly became extraordinarily soft. He extremely gently caressed that golden lined blade of blue silver grass, “Ah Yin, I’ve brought our son to see you. Our son has already grown up now. He’s got your beauty, and he’s even more outstanding than me. Do you see? Our son is here.”

Tang San’s heart shook, stupidly watching that slightly swaying, distributing a gentle aura, blue silver grass. His heart trembled fiercely, and his Blue Silver Grass spirit released uncontrollably, scattering from him, instantly covering the entire rock room.

Tang San’s Blue Silver Domain also quietly opened in this situation, gentle spirit power fluctuations pervading this quiet space.

That blue silver grass swayed even a bit more sharply. Receiving the influence of the Blue Silver Domain, it seemed to grow quietly, the golden line on the blade moved slightly as if alive, golden light rippling.

Tang Hao was also somewhat lifeless. Seeing that blue silver grass grow with a speed distinguishable by the naked eye, he muttered to himself, “I, I never imagine. Ah Yin, Ah Yin, don’t tell me, you really can come back to life? Ah Yin.”

Tang Hao wept. The Title Douluo of an era right now unexpectedly had a face covered with tears, h is one hand trembling as it caressed that blade of grass, letting his tears moisten the soil.

Tang San’s gaze was still lifeless. At this moment he finally understood why his Blue Silver Grass would be so unique. Just like he loved Xiao Wu, the one his father had fallen in love with was actually a hundred thousand year spirit beast. Now wonder, no wonder his father would know so much about everything related to hundred thousand year spirit beats, even more than Grandmaster knew.

It turned out that, in his veins, flowed the blood of a half hundred thousand year spirit beast…...

Tang San also shuddering extended a hand, without restraint pouring all his spirit power into that constantly flowing Blue Silver Domain, turning this entire stone room a clear blue color.

That blue silver grass was originally one chi long, and now it had already gradually grown to two chi. But only to two chi, it didn’t continue growing.

Tang San’s hand also gently caressed a blade of that blue silver grass. At this moment, a strange scene appeared. Among that blue silver grass, the two longest blades unexpectedly slowly moved, one twisting around Tang Hao’s hand, and one twining around Tang San’s fingers.

Extremely gentle spiritual fluctuations quietly appeared, much stronger than ordinary blue silver grass, it seemed to transmit a most familiar feeling.

“Mom……” Tang San was no longer able to hold back, falling prostrate on the ground, he cried voicelessly. Even though he wasn’t originally of this world, when he truly felt the aura of his mother, how could he inhibit the waves in his heart?

Tang Hao’s lips trembled, but the excitement and joy in his eyes was something that hadn’t appeared for twenty years. He had never expected

that the blue silver grass in front of him would actually grow so quickly in his son’s presence.

This growth was already more than the sum of the last twenty years!

Feeling that blade of blue silver grass rolled around his hand, Tang Hao suddenly felt very blessed. That deathly silent heart also gradually became a bit more alive.

In such an atmosphere, Tang Hao and Tang San, father and son, didn’t know how much time passed. Only when Tang San’s spirit power was no longer able to maintain the Blue Silver Domain, and the Blue Silver Grass stretching from him also slowly withdrew, did they gradually wake up.

That fantastic blue silver grass swayed softly. Tang Hao’s gaze had already become somewhat lifeless by now, sitting there, his face unexpectedly had a somewhat silly smile.

“Dad——” Tang San’s voice had become a bit hoarse from crying, as he called out for his father.

Tang Hao came back to his senses, looking over the blue silver grass in front of him, then again looking over Tang San, “You understand.”

Tang San nodded silently.

Eyes somewhat perplexed, Tang Hao seemed to look into the past, and began to tell his story.

“When young, I was as outstanding as you. Among the directly related Clear Sky School disciples, me and my elder brother were the most outstanding two. And we were also the sons of the previous generation’s school master. Relying on outstanding talent and strenuous cultivation, very soon, we became the leading figures of the Clear Sky School’s new generation. The outside world called us the Clear Sky Twin Stars.”

“My elder brother is fifteen years older than me, and looked after and cared for me in every possible way. From childhood, I felt more deeply for

my brother than for my father. Practically all my skills were cultivated under my brother’s instruction.”

“In talent, I was stronger than big brother. When I was twenty, I was already acclaimed as number one of the young generation. It was also that year that my father awarded me my first spirit bone. A sect heritage spirit bone. And my big brother was thirty the year he received that honor.”

“Our Clear Sky School always put strength first, and my father’s health wasn’t good. He was injured in his early years, and was already growing worse day by day. In order to support the Clear Sky School in the future, me and big brother never married, spending each day in assiduous cultivation. Until I was thirty, when I broke through the seventieth spirit power rank, and my cultivation had gradually caught up to my big brother. At that time, he was seventy eighth ranked. Even if there was still some distance to the sect elders, at that time we were already quite formidable.”

“Perhaps it was because your grandfather knew his body was growing worse, and he ordered me and big brother to go outside to gain experience for ten years. It was also at that time that I received the second sect spirit bone, and big brother didn’t. There are altogether three of our Clear Sky School inheritance spirit bones, and father giving the second bone to me was the same as declaring me the successor for next school master. His evaluation of big brother was that he was abundantly calm, lacking in drive. But not having left the sect for decades, if we didn’t experience the outside world, how could he be at ease in leaving the sect to us? Subsequently, me and big brother left the Clear Sky School, entering the teeming world of the Douluo Continent. Regarding father’s favor, big brother didn’t have the slightest complaint.”

“Relying on outstanding strength and the military fame of the Clear Sky School, very soon, we had charged out into the Spirit Master world and made it our own. Even though we still hadn’t broken through eightieth rank, at that time Clear Sky School was already regarded as one sect with twin Douluo. With our ages at that time, nobody knew which of me and big brother would be first to step into the Title Douluo level.”

“On our fifth year in the outside world, we met your mom. She was called Ah Yin, the Yin of blue silver grass[1].” At this point, Tang Hao’s face softened again, as if seeing again the scene where he first met Ah Yin.

“Me and my brother had both focused fully on cultivation for decades. Even I was already thirty five at that time. Meeting your mom, we were practically attracted to her at the same time. You know? Your mom wasn’t only beautiful, but even more important was that fresh and clean aura she exuded. She was a fairy without the slightest impurity. Even the first time I met her, she had already captured my heart.”

“Big brother also liked Ah Yin at the same time. By chance, the three of us became companions. Ah Yin was very gentle, very good to both of us. After a crisis, we decided to become sworn siblings. At that time she announced that she was the youngest, therefore she was ranked third. We already called her Ah Yin, and also little three. Your name comes from there[2].”

The smiling expression on his face becoming even richer, Tang Hao’s gaze foolishly watched that blue silver grass in front of him, “The next five years were the happiest days of my life. For three years, the three of us travelled to practically every corner of the Continent, and our friendship also grew even deeper. Being like a father, even though big brother and I equally fell deeply in love with the fairy like Ah Yin, he still decided to step down. One night, he quietly left us, returning alone to Clear Sky School. That night, me and Ah Yin talked for a long time. She also always hesitated, hesitated on what to do. It was just that night she told me her identity. She wasn’t human, but rather a hundred thousand year Blue Silver Emperor on the verge of entering the mature stage.”

“That day, I was stupefied. Of course I knew what a hundred thousand year spirit beast meant. But, the love I had for Ah Yin diluted everything. What about hundred thousand year spirit beasts? As long as she entered the mature phase, she would be truly human, not different in any way. Thus, I confessed my love to Ah Yin.”

“Your mom really was very kindhearted. The one she liked had always been me, but because of her own identity, as well as being afraid to hurt big brother, she’d never said anything. Where the water flows, a canal is born. I decided to bring her back home and formally introduce her to father. Even though I knew it would be very dangerous, your grandfather was a Title Douluo, and could completely see through Ah Yin, I still didn’t want to wrong Ah Yin in any way. I believed that your grandfather would understand. As long as we stayed hidden after marrying and let Ah Yin quickly cultivate to the mature phase, nobody would be able to tell that she was a hundred thousand year spirit beast again. Then, she would be truly human.

At this point, Tang Hao’s voice halted, looking at the blue silver emperor in front of him, his heart seemed to tremble slightly.

“But, on our way to Clear Sky School, we ran into major trouble. Originally, as early as when the three of us started travelling the Continent together, we’d already drawn the attention of Spirit Hall. After all, me and your uncle represented the new generation of Clear Sky School, how would Spirit Hall fail to notice us? And they also noticed Ah Yin who was travelling with us. I was thirty five that year, but my spirit power had already reached the eighty fourth rank. The one who came from Spirit Hall was a Title Douluo. Even though his spirit power was more formidable than mine, against my Clear Sky Hammer, he couldn’t gain an advantage, and I destroyed his leg. I brought Ah Yin to swiftly run far away. I knew that we couldn’t return to Clear Sky School.”

“Sure enough, before too long, Spirit Hall’s Supreme Pontiff at the time sent down orders, condemning Clear Sky School. Demanding the Clear Sky School hand over me and Ah Yin. At that time, your grandfather’s disease had already attacked his vitals. Suddenly learning about this, and moreover being unable to find me, in a fury, he passed away. I also couldn’t see him before his final moment.”

At this point, Tang Hao couldn’t keep from shivering, a profound pain and regret visible in his eyes.

Tang San silently listened from the side. He could completely understand how his father felt at that time.

Unable to return home, hesitating at a loss. Not knowing how to confront his family.

His grandfather’s passing was no doubt an extremely heavy blow to his father.

After a long time, Tang Hao’s mood quietly calmed.

“Despite big brother just having cultivated to the Title Douluo level at that time, and there was also no lack of powers among the clan elders, even if we were the number one sect under Heaven, having lost your grandfather’s control, all influences under the sect still grew restless. Facing the step by step coercion of Spirit Hall, even your uncle could be said to only make progress with great difficulty. Fortunately, our Clear Sky School’s might was valiant, and even Spirit Hall absolutely wouldn’t dare act blindly without thinking.”

“Me and your mom got married. But our days were also ones of fleeing to the east and hiding in the west. Despite knowing I wronged her like this, despite very much wanting to return to see the sect, I couldn’t. With this matter gradually settled with much difficulty, I couldn’t return to stir up trouble for the sect again. I couldn’t even go pay my respects to your grandfather. Even afterwards, I never returned. Because I wasn’t qualified to pay my respects to father. I was a disgrace to the sect.”

Hearing this, Tang San couldn’t help speaking up, “Dad, no matter what you owe the sect, I will definitely repay it double on your behalf in the future.”

Hearing his son’s words, Tang Hao’s face revealed some gratification, continuing: “That time, fortunately I still had your mom at my side. Even if I gave up everything for her, I’ve never regretted it. If I could choose again from the start, I would still choose her, but I would also return to protect the sect.”

“One day twenty one years ago, your mom was pregnant. With you. At that time I truly felt very blessed, I no longer had thoughts of fighting for victory, I only wanted to live properly together with your mom. I don’t know if it was because I was together with your mom, but in those days my spirit power advanced by leaps and bounds, and that day you were born, was just the moment my spirit power reached the eighty ninth rank. And your mom, had also finally entered the final mature human form stage. But it was that day, that Spirit Hall’s people came to find us.”

Baleful anger leaked from the space between Tang Hao’s eyebrows, and his remaining left hand tightened into a fist, “Spirit Hall truly put on a great parade. The Supreme Pontiff of the time led them personally, and there was still two Title Douluo, as well as a large number of Spirit Hall experts. They surrounded the place me and your mom stayed at. At that time, your mom had just given birth to you, and the foundation of her vitality was greatly weakened, her strength greatly discounted. The Supreme Pontiff proposed to let me and you leave, but he would take your mom. How could I let him have his wish fulfilled? An unavoidable battle ensued.”

At this point, Tang Hao’s eyes had already become deep red. Tang San didn’t need to ask to guess how bitter the battle of that time must have been. Having just stepped into the ninetieth rank but not yet having obtained the ninth spirit ring, his father would have confronted three Title Douluo, including the Supreme Pontiff.

Even if he also had two spirit bones, how could the Supreme Pontiff not have the same?

“Very soon, I was seriously injured. The conclusion already seemed settled. It was at this moment that your mom walked out holding you. That moment, she seemed very calm. Seeing her walk out of the house, Spirit Hall’s people stopped fighting, watching her quietly. Your mom indifferently asked them, did they know what ability a hundred thousand year Blue Silver Emperor possessed? Did they know what the highest mystery of the Blue Silver Domain was? The Supreme Pontiff was stumped by her question.”

“Your mom told them that the highest secret of the Blue Silver Domain, was immortality. Nobody could kill her. Even fewer could obtain her spirit ring and spirit bone. Unless she killed herself. Afterwards, she proposed to the Supreme Pontiff that, as long as they agreed to let me and you off, she would come with them, and moreover kill herself to offer her spirit ring and spirit bone. It was me, it was all my fault, I didn’t have the strength to protect her. The Supreme Pontiff didn’t seem to want to thoroughly offend the Clear Sky School, and very quickly, he agreed to your mom’s proposal.”

“At that time, my injuries were so serious I wanted to die, even to the extent that I couldn’t speak. I could only watch helplessly as your mom walked over to my side, placing you in my arms. That moment, I really hated that I couldn’t die immediately. Ah Yin, you really were silly, why would you pick that choice?”

Tang Hao’s body shook violently because of the agitation, teardrops once again flowing uninhibited.

“Your mom’s voice echoed in my ears. She said, she would be mine forever, never to be possessed by others. The next moment, in front of me, she killed herself……”

Intense grief instantly pervaded every corner of this narrow cave. Tang San’s body shook just like his father. He could naturally imagine that moment, how his father suffered, how helpless he was.

Suppressed by three great Title Douluo as well as countless Spirit Hall experts.

Watching the death of the one he loved the most in front of him. What could be more painful than this?

Tang Hao’s lips trembled, for a long time unable to speak another word, only softly caressing the blue silver gras his wife had become in front of him.

Tang San also didn’t speak. Tears flowing down his cheeks, he knocked his head against the ground nine times towards the blue silver grass in front of him.

He knew that his mother had passed in order to protect him and his dad.
And all of this, everything, was because of Spirit Hall.

An unknown length of time later, Tang Hao’s mood recovered slightly, “The death of a hundred thousand year spirit beast will produce a formidable magnetic field. Even Spirit Hall didn’t have a hundred thousand year spirit ring, and therefore, they didn’t know. Your mom didn’t deceive them, with the Blue Silver Domain, she was originally immortal. The highest mystery of the Blue Silver Domain, called: Wildfire Blows Without End, Spring Wind Blows Rebirth. No matter how serious the injury, she would still come back to life within forty nine days after her death. However, she chose to kill herself, used her own hundred thousand years of cultivation as the price to kill herself. Moreover, unconditionally pouring herself into me to become a spirit ring. She, truly merged with me.”

“Under the effect of the formidable magnetic field your mom’s death left behind, Spirit Hall’s numerous experts attacked simultaneously, but were still unable to harm me. They could only helplessly watch me and Ah Yin’s spirit ring fuse together. To become the youngest Title Douluo on the Continent at that time. A Title Douluo possessing a hundred thousand year spirit ring is basically another concept than ordinary Title Douluo. At that time, not only did my body heal, but my strength rose dramatically. Ah Yin’s death, made me insane. That fight continued for a full three days and three nights. I held you in my arms, pouring out strength to attack. I don’t know how many of Spirit Hall’s experts died in my hands, and of the two Title Douluo the Supreme Pontiff brought, one died and one was injured, and he himself was seriously wounded from my strike. My injuries were also equally sustained at that time.”

“Your mom had died, but she didn’t leave a corpse. All that remained was her spirit bone and a seed. After seriously wounding my opponents, I gradually came to my senses. I knew that if I kept fighting, perhaps I would be able to kill them all, but that wasn’t what Ah Yin wanted. There

was still you, I couldn’t ignore you. You were the flesh and blood of Ah Yin and me. Therefore, I brought you away. Dragged my injured body away. Found this place. This was the place where me and Ah Yin originally got married, it was she who brought me here. I planted the seed she left behind, I knew that this was her, just her without the hundred thousand years of cultivation. In this life and this age, it was impossible for me to see her human form again, but I would always protect her.”

“Not much later, I received the news that the Supreme Pontiff had died from his wounds after returning to Spirit Hall. Spirit Hall has always written this debt in my name, and also the Clear Sky School. The Supreme Pontiff’s death no doubt produced enormous troubles for the sect. In order to preserve the sect, your uncle had no choice but to declare me thoroughly struck from the rolls of the sect, and in order to avert Spirit Hall’s reprisals, he sealed the sect. It was from that time that, while our Clear Sky School had the reputation of first sect under Heaven, in fact, all the factions that originally adhered to us quietly scattered. Only the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School and the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan still kept some contact.”

“You know all about what happened later. I planted your mom’s seed here, then brought you to the not distant Holy Spirit Village. Living in confusion. What you sensed at that time was right, my old injuries are very serious. Originally, I planned to end my life like that. Unable to return home, unable to protect my wife, what kind of man was I? The Supreme Pontiff was also dead, so I could be considered having avenged Ah Yin. As for Spirit Hall, even though I was of a mind to retaliate, I really didn’t want to cause even more trouble for the Clear Sky School. Therefore, the father you saw was a blacksmith, a drunkard. A drunkard indulging in shoddy alcohol every day.”

“Until you told me that the spirit you awakened was Blue Silver Grass, that it was the Clear Sky Hammer. Twin Spirits. That moment, I awakened a bit. You were very sensible from childhood, I didn’t take care of you, on the contrary it was you who took care of me. I knew that it was impossible for me to reverse the circumstances of the sect or thoroughly

avenge your mom with my body in this condition. However, in you I saw hope. Therefore, starting from then, I sent you off to Nuoding Academy, secretly observing your growth. You were even more outstanding than I could have imagined, you also had a good teacher. In a short ten something years, the core of your strength was already formed. Even though I never said it, when I saw you lead your Shrek Seven Devils to smash the Spirit Hall team, my son, I was proud of you.”

The previous Tang Hao had never praised Tang San like this, but saying it under circumstances like these, kneeling there, it would be difficult for Tang San to be more moved. Fiercely embracing his father’s broken body, he cried bitterly and voicelessly while trembling.

Tang Hao raised his one arm, lightly patting his son’s back, “Silly kid, don’t cry. A man of character doesn’t always go weeping. I think your mom has perhaps already recovered some awareness in your Blue Silver Domain. Seeing what you look like now, she’s definitely very, very happy. No need to feel sad for me. I’ve gone through even more difficult moments. I didn’t lie to you, that arm and leg, I really cut them off myself. That was something I had to do. Because, I hope to be able to live a few more years. To see how you return the sect to glory, how you avenge me and your mom.”

Raising his head to look at his father, even though Tang San’s eyes were hazy with tears, the will he displayed right now was unprecedentedly resolute, “I will. I definitely will.”

Tang Hao sighed, “You should have sensed that the old injuries in my body have already faded. I used my spirit power to force the murky blood clots into the arm and leg I cut off, thoroughly severing the trouble of the injuries. Even though only a third of my spirit power still remains, I feel kind of relieved. I did it soon after bringing you to your aunt’s place. If I waited for you to return, I knew that anyhow or anyway, you wouldn’t let me disable my body. Therefore, I just chose to do it while you weren’t here.”

“Dad, was it really worth it? Didn’t I tell you? Maybe I could find a method to help you recover.” Tang San couldn’t help saying.

Tang Hao silently shook his head, “The one who made the error should take it on himself. I’ve let down the sect for so many years, I have to account for myself somewhat. Originally, the two spirit bones I received from the sect were in the arm and leg I cut off. Getting them back should also be considered settling accounts. As for the influence my actions had on the sect, I can only rely on you to redeem me. Even though I’ve become a cripple, since losing my arm and leg, I’ve felt a lot more relaxed. Because I can finally lay down everything to keep your mom company. Despite only having a third of my spirit power left, my strength is still seventieth ranked. Enough to defend myself. There’s no need for you to worry either. I won’t leave your mom again hereafter, I’ll spend my last years accompanying her like this.”

Tang San stupidly watched his father, “Isn’t it said that, after a spirit bone fuses with the body, they’re inseparable? Only through death can they separate from the body.”

Tang Hao shed a smile, “That only goes for ordinary Spirit Masters. To Title Douluo, as long as we want to, spirit bones can still be removed. But the price is also equally heavy. Naturally nobody would choose to do it. Among the six spirit bones, the skull bone and torso bone really are inseparable, but the spirit bones of the four limbs can be cut out by cutting off the limb and moreover permanently losing ten ranks of spirit power. Consequently, my spirit power has now dropped to the seventy fifth rank. But don’t worry, the two spirit rings I got rid of were only the two lowest ranked ones. Even if only thirty percent of my spirit power remains compared to before, in this world, it would require at least a Title Douluo level to be able to put me to rest. The military glory of Clear Sky can only continue with you in the future.”

Having told his son everything, Tang Hao seemed a lot more relaxed, raising his hand to wipe the tears from his son’s face, “I don’t want to see you crying again afterwards. I’m very well right now. I’ve placed my burden on you. Perhaps, this is somewhat heavy for you.”

“No, dad. I’m your son.” Tang San used his most resolute tone to make clear his determination to his father.

Let him repay the debts of his parents. Right now, he was already gradually recovering from the pain of his father’s handicap, because he also discovered that, right now, Tang Hao really had become different from before. His entire person became relaxed, and the pain also gradually grew more distant.

Tang Hao nodded, “Good. Once I’ve finished my accounts, you return to the sect. I will never be able to go back, but you must. Take my place to offer sacrifice to your grandfather. Take my place to kneel before his tomb for three days. Return to the sect to know your ancestors and clan. Listen to your uncle for everything. You can do as you see fit with the enmity with Spirit Hall. After all, I’ve already killed the main instigator long ago. However, you must reawaken the Clear Sky School at any price. The sect fell because of me, I want you to help it rise again.”

“Yes.” Tang San promised respectfully.

His face revealing a faint smiling expression, Tang Hao looked at Tang San and said: “Perhaps I was too strict with you in the past. In the future you can return here every year to see me and your mom, and tell me about the matters of the outside world. I won’t be leaving this place again. I won’t injure my body again, because I still have you to entrust with my hopes. And I still have your mom for company.”

Suddenly, Tang San seemed to think of something, looking at his father: “Dad, mom lost a hundred thousand years of cultivation and needs to regrow, then, if outside growth speed factors influenced her, wouldn’t that cut down on her cultivation time?”

Tang Hao stared blankly a moment, then sighed: “There’s no need of it. Only by cultivating thousand years can she have true intelligence, a hundred thousand years to be able to take human shape again. I won’t have the chance to see her in this lifetime. I can only leave it for the later generations. Once I’m gone, the task of looking after your mom will be left to you.”

The expression in Tang San’s eyes suddenly became excited, “No, dad, listen to me. I know a place that can let plants grow thousands of times

faster. Only I haven’t seen a plant type spirit beast there, all that grew were some heavenly treasure type plants. Perhaps, perhaps mom might recover? After all, she cultivated to the hundred thousand year level once before. Even if it’s recultivating, it should be a bit different from ordinary plants.”

“Thousands of times?” Tang Hao’s one hand fiercely grabbed Tang San’s shoulder, “Is that true?”

Tang San nodded firmly, “That place is known as one of the world’s three great treasure bowls, it’s called the Ice And Fire Yin Yang Well. It’s the place Poison Douluo Dugu Bo planted his herbs before. Ordinary people are unable to live there, but to plants, it has enormous benefits. All plants that grow there will mature in a short period of time. Even if I’ve never seen a plant type spirit beast there, with the profound qualities of the Ice And Fire Yin Yang Well, perhaps mom……”

Tang Hao’s originally calm eyes began to display an excited luster. His wife’s death was the greatest blow to him in his life.

If speaking of his wife returning alive, even if it was to let him see her face before he died of age, he had no other requests.

Eyes moist, he gazed at that flourishing blue silver grass, “Ah Yin, did you hear? Our son said that there might be a way to help you recover. Do you know how much I’ve wanted to hear your voice again? Ah Yin, let’s go. I’ll bring you there.”

Tang San somewhat excitedly pulled on his father’s hand,

“Dad, wait a little bit, then we’ll leave at once.” While speaking, he took out a dragon zoysia leaf from the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse and stuffed it into his father’s mouth,

“What I have here is dragon zoysia leaf. You’ve severed two limbs, your vitality is greatly injured. Dragon zoysia leaf can solidify the foundations of vitality. Eat one each month hereafter, and in one year, your body should have recovered its health. Dad, you have to stay alive for mom as

well. I truly hope there can be a day when our family of three can reunite.”

Tang Hao swallowed the dragon zoyzia leaf in one gulp. His son’s words had brought him enormous hope.
[1] Ah Yin (阿银) shares the silver character yin (银) of blue silver grass (蓝银草)
[2] Three from “Little three” ( ⼩三) or “third youngest” is the same character as san in Tang San (唐三).

Chapter 145

Just like Tang San said, he hoped so much to see the scene of the family of three reunited!

“Wait a moment before we go, it won’t be too late if I first hand over something to you. Having waited for all these years, it won’t matter if I wait a little longer, there’s no hurry at the moment.” Tang Hao was after all old, and his will was steady. Indicating Tang San first sit down, turning his hand, he pushed at the rock wall to the side.

With a ding sound, a black thing fell from above, landing in Tang Hao’s hand. Tang Hao handed it over to Tang San,

“Open it and see.”

That was a long, narrow black case, one meter fifty long, and one chi wide. It was extremely heavy in his hands, unexpectedly weighing more than two hundred jin. Lightly flicking it with his finger, it issued a muffled duoduo sound.

Due to casting hidden weapons, Tang San could also be considered somewhat knowledgeable about metals. He was astonished to discover that this long black case was made from lead.

There was no lock on the case, and Tang San placed it on his knees, slowly opening it.

When he had just opened it a fraction, he became completely immobile.

The lead case was only open a crack, but it left Tang San gobsmacked. A wave of incomparable aura surged out of that small crack, instantly making the surrounding space seem as if frozen.

The formidable aura was split into three parts, two of them brimming with tyrannical grandeur, and the other extraordinarily gentle. Three currents streamed out, and in front of that enormous energy, even Tang San was unable to move for a while.

Tang Hao seemed to have long since anticipated that something like this would happen. Raising his one arm, he placed his hand on Tang San’s shoulder and passed profound spirit power into him, helping Tang San adapt to these spirit power fluctuations as soon as possible.

After as much time as it takes to eat a meal, Tang San loosed a long breath. But the overwhelming shock in his eyes still couldn’t be concealed. Just what was so forceful that it could actually produce this kind of enormous pressure against him?

He opened the black case, almost impatiently.

The lead case opened. As Tang San saw the thing inside, he couldn’t help being stupefied.

Within that long narrow lead case lay three things. The leftmost was a shrunken right arm bone, black all over, with a reserved black radiance, but powerful and violent energy fluctuations that were enough to make anyone fearful.

On the right side of the case was a shrunken left leg bone, dark blue. Its energy fluctuations not anything like the right arm bone before. Indeed, these two were both spirit bones, and moreover extremely intact spirit bones.

Spirit bones were also classified in ranks. Generally speaking, among spirit bones for the same location, the more intact and the greater the energy fluctuations proved the quality was better, and that it came from a higher level spirit beast. The reason why the mind condensing wisdom skull bone

Tang San got from Spirit Hall was so good, was because its integrity was extremely good.

But the other two spirit bones from that time were both incomplete, like Ma Hongjun’s flame right arm bone was only the forearm, and Zhu Zhuqing’s leg bone only had the calf.

Even though they were still out of the ordinary, they were still incomplete existences.

But the two spirit bones in front of him now were both extraordinarily intact, without the slightest flaw. The explosive energy they contained wished for release, and their quality was so good that they even exceeded Tang San’s mind condensing wisdom skull bone.

However, these two spirit bones weren’t what drew Tang San’s attention the most. What drew his eyes was the thing in the middle of the long narrow lead case.

That was a right leg bone. Among the six spirit bone positions, the right leg bone was no doubt ranked close to last. However, this right leg bone seemed to be special.

The whole thing was a sparkling and translucent piercing blue-golden color, and there seemed to be specks of starlight flickering inside. Most peculiar was that it gave Tang San a feeling of life, as if this right leg bone actually possessed a life of its own.

Even though any spirit bone would give people this kind of feeling, this sparkling and translucent blue spirit bone was especially distinct. An extremely familiar feeling seemed to engulf Tang San’s heart, making his heart constantly tremble.

It was also intact, but it was unexpectedly even more so than the two other spirit bones. Just by observing it with the naked eye, one could sense its highest quality attributes.

“This feeling of life can only be produced by hundred thousand year spirit beasts. This is what your mom left you.” Tang Hao’s gaze was also completely fixed on that blue right leg bone, the expression on his face exceptionally soft.

His heart filled with shock that was difficult to express, raising his head to gaze at his father, Tang San couldn’t keep tears from rolling in his eyes. He of course knew that hundred thousand year spirit beasts would inevitably leave a spirit bone after their death, but had thought that the spirit bone his mother left behind had been used by his father. Then it appeared in front of him.

Again gazing at the other two spirit bones, Tang San could be certain that his father didn’t absorb his mother’s spirit bone back then.

“Your mom already gave me her most precious spirit ring. This spirit bone is what she left for you. Even if you couldn’t become worthy of it, I still wouldn’t have absorbed it, and just kept it at my side for remembrance. This lead case was originally made for it, until I stripped off the other two spirit bones to keep alongside it.”

Looking at Tang Hao, looking at that softly swaying blue silver emperor grass, Tang San’s hand, somewhat trembling, caressed that blue spirit bone. No wonder its energy fluctuations would be so gentle, it was the aura his mom left behind in it that sensed him!

He had never met his mom, but his mother’s aura filled Tang San’s heart this moment, without leaving for a long time.

Tang Hao sighed, “The other two spirit bones are both the most precious assets passed on in our Clear Sky School for many years. They’re what your grandfather originally gave me. I’ve let down his expectations. Even though I can’t do anything more for the sect, they at least must return. Once you’re back at the sect, hand them over to your uncle.”

“En.” Tang San nodded his understanding. On seeing two such top quality spirit bones he could use for himself, an ordinary spirit master might

have already impatiently wanted to take them for his own. But Tang San didn’t do it.

He knew that to his father, only fulfilling this wish of having the spirit bones returned, would calm his mind to accompany his mother.

Even more, since these two spirit bones belonged to the Clear Sky School, unless awarded by the sect, he wouldn’t even touch them.

“Absorb the spirit bone your mom left you. I think she would definitely be very happy to see it. To see her son receive her protection, your mom would definitely be very satisfied.”

Tang San raised his head to look at his father, his eyes revealing a hesitant expression. Deep in his heart, he even more wanted this spirit bone to stay by his father’s side. After all, this was also something his father had entrusted his heart with.

But at this moment, that softly swaying blue silver grass suddenly moved, a slender blade of grass slowly unfolding, twisting around Tang San’s right leg.

Tang San stared blankly a moment. Along with spiritual fluctuations, Tang San could clearly feel an urging intent from that blue silver emperor grass his mother had become.

‘Mom is urging me?’

Tang Hao smiled faintly, saying: “Look, I was right. Your mom also wants you to fuse with it at once. Get to it. I’m looking forward to you bringing us to that place that can help your mom recover after you’ve absorbed it. Little San, did you know, ever since your mom passed, for all these years, today is the first time I’ve been this happy.”

Hearing his father’s words, Tang San no longer hesitated. Cautiously and solemnly placing the lead case on the ground, he took out that blue leg bone from within, then closed the case again, concealing the spirit power fluctuations of the two other spirit bones.

Holding the remains his mother left for him with both hands, Tang San’s eyes once again became moist. Since the time he was born, he had shed more tears today than in his twenty previous years combined. He sensed the gentle spirit power fluctuations within that blue spirit bone.

Tang San drew a deep breath, then stuck it to his own right leg. Weng——
With a soft humming sound, Tang San felt his right leg tremble slightly once, immediately afterward, a cool and refreshing aura drilled into his leg from all directions. That sparkling and translucent blue leg spirit bone quietly disappeared, turning into countless blue-golden streams that filled the air around his right leg.

Refreshing, comfortable, without the slightest hindrance. The absorption was unexpectedly completely different from the previous times when he absorbed the external spirit bone Eight Spider Lances and the mind condensing wisdom skull bone. Not only was there no pain, it was even comfortable.

As if he was stepping in a resplendent blue vast ocean with his right leg.

Soaked in that gentle energy, Tang San felt the spirit power within his body slowly fluctuate along with its special attraction. Each time it fluctuated, the surrounding atmosphere became even more gentle. His spirit power didn’t increase, but it became even more pure.

He clearly saw how the originally white Mysterious Heaven Skill inner strength within him became a faint blue color, then turned from blue once again back to white.

The entire process was very quick. Once the inner strength had returned to being white, it was already a completely different white.

If his previous inner strength was described as regular white, then the color of his current inner strength was a kind of textured white.

As if it contained mica powder, piercing, gentle, brimming with toughness.

Immediately afterward, the refreshing feeling in that right leg bone instantly spread through every part of Tang San’s body.

Violent sounds of bones creaking shook the cavern. Extraordinarily, Tang San didn’t feel any pain through the entire process. That refreshing blue current affected all the energy channels in his entire body.

Tang San was shocked to discover that all his energy channels had unexpectedly turned faintly blue, and the inner strength flowing through them had strengthened exponentially.

The stream gradually became a great river, but the energy channels didn’t weaken, rather growing even more resilient.

If the two years of forging under the waterfall could be described as polishing Tang San’s bones, and moreover completely fusing the effectiveness of the Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass and Infernal Precious Apricot, then this hundred thousand year level blue silver right leg bone made Tang San’s energy channels expand to the limit. Absolutely neutral energy made the two great immortal herbs effectiveness perfectly aggregate.

With a slight breaking sound from his energy channels, but still no pain, Tang San clearly saw how the Governing Vessel that had always obstructed his path forward was wide open and connected.

The eight extraordinary meridians were completely connected, bridging heaven and earth. Instantly, Mysterious Heaven Skill inner strength rushed out just like raging waves, circulating almost frantically within Tang San’s body. Tang San’s inner strength constantly strengthened, and each fluctuation made his body tremble fiercely.

Gradually, Tang San lost that crisp and relaxed feeling, his spiritual force gathering inside.

He had already lost all perception of his surroundings. The blue currents spreading over his right leg had already completely merged into his body, and that refreshing gentle aura was the all encompassing love of a mother, unceasingly comforting her child.

Tang San slept. This rest was unprecedentedly relaxed and at ease, because he was fast asleep in his mother’s embrace. A mother’s embrace was the warmest in this world, and there was nothing that could replace it.

He slept very, very deeply. His face didn’t have the slightest trace of burden, only a sweet smiling expression.

This rest lasted a full three days.

After three days, the refreshingly peculiar right leg slowly returned Tang San to wakefulness. Opening his eyes, the first thing he saw was his father sitting there, gently caressing the blue silver emperor.

The blue silver emperor his mother had become was already transplanted into a stone flower pot by his father.

“You’re awake?” Tang Hao smiling looked at his son. He had already shed all his worries, and there was no longer any need for the previous solemn appearance.

“Dad.” When Tang San heard these words, he suddenly felt somewhat unwell. As he lowered his head to look, he discovered that his skin was covered in a starchy layer, appearing faintly grey.

“Let’s go. This time you’ve thoroughly shed your body and exchanged your bones. I’ve carefully inspected your bones and energy channels. In terms of your body alone, you can be counted among the top three in the entire Douluo Continent. If you still can’t endure the pressure of twin spirits in the future, then I don’t understand how that Bibi Dong could have done it. Don’t worry about cultivating. Once your Blue Silver

Emperor has reached the ninth ring, go boldly to increase the spirit rings of the Clear Sky Hammer. As long as you don’t feel weird, I think you should be able to always continue cultivating.”

Father and son exited the waterfall, Tang San washing himself below. As he and his father left together, he clearly felt the changes in his body.

His whole body seemed to have lost weight. As long as he used force with his right leg, he had a kind of feeling as if floating in the air to fly. And the ability given him by the blue silver right leg bone, was Flying. Flying with very little spirit power consumption. It was also only hundred thousand year spirit bones that could produce such a top quality spirit ability.

Ten days later, they had reached the Sunset Forest where Dugu Bo originally lived, reached the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well.

Sensing the portent energy fluctuations within the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, seeing the verdant and lush vegetation surrounding that little pond, as well as the excitement transmitted from the blue silver emperor in his arms, Tang Hao knew that this was the right place.

Tang San sternly said: “Dad, this place doesn’t suit the life of any other organisms besides plants. That’s why there are no spirit beasts that dare intrude. I’ve eaten two immortal herbs, so I won’t be influenced, but if you stay here long, I’m afraid you’ll harm your body.”

Tang Hao waved his hand, “As long as your mom’s fine, I don’t matter.”

Tang San pondered and said: “That’s no good either. Our whole family can come together after great difficulty, there’s also hope for mom’s recovery, how can you have any accidents?” Keeping himself from displaying any sadness over his father’s broken body, Tang San’s mind turned like lightning, already with a plan.

“There should be no harm in the short term, let’s first let mom rest here.”

Tang San had wanted to help his father carry the blue silver grass on the way, but had been refused by Tang Hao. Despite only having one arm and one leg, he constantly persisted in holding his wife.

But now was different. Tang Hao really wasn’t adept at planting, and cautiously and solemnly handed over the blue silver emperor his wife had become to Tang San, repeatedly warning: “Little San, don’t force it. It doesn’t matter if your mother can’t speed up her recovery if by some chance she’s harmed by being unsuited to the environment here.”

Tang San nodded. He cared even more about this than Tang Hao did. That was his mother! The only mother he had in two worlds, how could he not be careful?

Closing his eyes, Tang San’s spiritual force gradually spread. In a moment, he had already permeated the entire Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well’s surroundings. He looked for the most suitable place for a blue silver emperor to grow.

The blue silver emperor was a fairly neutral plant, therefore it had to grow on the shore where the hot and cold springs of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well converged. But Tang San didn’t want there to be the slightest error, so he relied on spiritual force to guide him to the most balanced point.

Very soon, his spiritual force had locked in on the target he was looking for. Tang San softly crouched down, cautiously using his palm to push the soil aside, then lifting the blue silver emperor from its flower pot and planting it in that balanced spot.

Throughout the entire process, Tang San cautiously sensed each change in the surrounding energy, his entire spiritual force focused on this narrow square meter area. If there was just the tiniest sense of something wrong, he would immediately pull the blue silver emperor from that soil.

Gratifyingly, the blue silver emperor seemed very fond of the atmosphere here, and through sensing with his spiritual force as well as the peculiar nature of the Blue Silver Domain, Tang San very soon discovered that the blue silver emperor had begun to take root.

Biting the middle finger on his right hand, Tang San let a drop of blood fall on the leaves of the blue silver emperor. Equally possessing the bloodline of the blue silver emperor, and moreover blue silver emperor blood already thoroughly fused with the two great immortal herbs Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass and Infernal Precious Apricot, this was undoubtedly the ideal tonic for the blue silver emperor in front of him.

Sure enough, as the blood fell, the blue silver emperor immediately issued a blue luster, the leaves growing quickly. Even faster than when it was touched by Tang San’s Blue Silver Domain before.

Tang Hao didn’t block his son’s actions. Seeing the blue silver emperor his wife had become growing quickly, he immediately exulted over the unexpected turn.

Just as Tang San prepared to once again squeeze out a drop of blood to nourish the blue silver emperor, a resolute mood rippled from the plant.

Sensing this distinct spiritual undulation, Tang San’s heart immediately skipped a beat, hastily stopping his movements. His mother was rebuking him. He knew that if he released more blood to nourish the blue silver emperor, perhaps his mother would not only be unable to absorb it, but it might even be violently rejected.

How could a mother not dearly love her son?

“Dad, there shouldn’t be a problem. This is the place that best suits mother’s growth. I know you’re unwilling to leave a step from mother’s side. I thought about it just now, and already have a way. I’m preparing to refine an elixir for you, after taking it, you shouldn’t be influenced by the atmosphere here. Of course, you still have to continue eating the dragon zoysia leaf I gave you, to solidify the foundation of your vitality.”

Tang Hao’s heart was very good as he saw his wife growing quickly, and smiled: “Don’t think your father is weak. Even if I’ve stripped off two spirit bones, I originally found another four spirit bones back when I originally went wandering. If I didn’t have a complete set of spirit bones, how could I have withstood Spirit Hall? Even though I’m only seventy

something ranked right now, I wouldn’t feel at a disadvantage even when faced with a Title Douluo like that Dugu Bo.”

Intangibly, the imposing manner of the Clear Sky Douluo was released once again. Seeing his father’s joyful appearance, Tang San naturally also felt very good and no longer said anything, walking over to the blazing hot yang side of the spring to take out his elixir furnace and refining tools to immediately start refining medicine within.

He had all kinds of drug ingredients at hand within the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse. Of course, he displayed this so called refining even more for his father to see.

At nightfall, Tang San was still refining, and Tang Hao sat in front of the blue silver emperor, quietly cultivating.

Even though his strength couldn’t recover, just as Tang San said, with just the hope of his wife’s recovery, he would keep waiting. Even more, Tang Hao’s hopes had already substantially improved next to this Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well.

Tang San quietly observed his father with spiritual force all along. Sensing that his father had already entered a suitable condition, he took out a dagger from the Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges without making the slightest sound.

He really was refining, but he wasn’t refining medicine for Tang Hao to avoid the influence of the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, but rather a medicine for strengthening vitality. He always waited for this opportunity. In order to let his father accompany his mother here, to adapt to the climate here, he needed a special medicine.

The medicine was the blood of a person who took two great extreme immortal herbs he once ate.

The medicinal effect of the two immortal herbs had long since completely fused within Tang San, making Tang San’s blood the undoubtedly best medicine. He lightly cut open his wrist. He knew that if he made even the slightest sound, his father would wake up.

In order to keep the smell of blood from leaking out, he had even opened the Blue Silver Domain to conceal it.

Blood dripped into the cauldron like wriggling little snakes. Out of fear that the medicinal effect would be insufficient, Tang San let the blood flow until he felt faint and his vision blurred, then swiftly stopped the bleeding.

Just like Tang Hao said, in terms of body alone, Tang San could already reach the top three in the Continent. In just a moment, the wound was already completely scabbed over. Tang San knew that by tomorrow morning, there wouldn’t even be a scar left.

With the best ingredient, the following refining was only to be expected.

As Tang Hao woke up from cultivation early the next morning, Tang San already cupped a deep red pill in his hand.

“Dad, eat it. Afterwards there will be no need to worry about the environmental effect here, and you can always accompany mom.”

Tang Hao nodded slightly. Seeing his son’s somewhat pale complexion, he didn’t say anything, only swallowing the elixir.

Tang San stayed here another three days since he wanted to make sure his mom could adapt to the environment here.

Events were happy, the blue silver emperor grew quickly as Tang San anticipated. Making Tang San even happier was that after eating the pill he refined, Tang Hao’s health changed greatly. Because the turbulence in his qi and blood left behind by losing two limbs disappeared, the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well was also unable to influence him in any way.

“Little San, come here.” Early morning, Tang Hao called over Tang San who had just finished cultivating his Purple Demon Eye.

“You start off in a moment. I’ll keep your mom company here, no need to worry.” Looking at the seemingly refined and handsome son in front of him, Tang Hao’s eyes were brimming with gratification.

Tang San knew that he indeed couldn’t keep lingering here. He still had a lot of things to do. Even if his parents had already found a place to settle down, the responsibility on his father’s shoulders had already shifted to him.

“Dad, when can I go find Xiao Wu?” Tang San probed.

Tang Hao smiled slightly, saying: “You can go once you’re sixtieth ranked and need to get a spirit ring. At that time, she should also not be far from entering the mature stage. Once she’s reached the mature stage, as long as you disguise yourselves a little bit, you don’t need to fear being randomly recognized. Of course, before your strength is sufficient, try to appear in front of Spirit Hall as little as possible. Furthermore, before you go looking for her, first make the trip back to the sect to settle the matters I’ve left for you. I should say again that I believe you definitely can do everything I’ve asked you to. However, remember one thing. Even though your dad has very high hopes for you, you are my son.”

Tang San of course understood the meaning of his father’s words, nodding forcefully, “Dad, don’t worry, I know propriety.”

“Go. There’s also no need to urgently return to see us. With your mom for company, this is the best place for me to retire.”

Tang San left. There were still far too many matters still remaining for him to do. When he left, he practically turned his head three times every step to see his father, and to see his mother.

His father’s lonely crippled silhouette, his mother returned to a plant, all this lay at the feet of Spirit Hall.

As Tang San left his father’s line of sight, his eyes had already become ice cold. He had not only inherited Tang Hao’s responsibility, but also his enmity.

The criminals who killed his mother couldn’t live under the same sky as him. The tragedy of his parents had to be repaid in blood.

At this moment, Tang San had already formulated his only life goal, the thorough destruction of Spirit Hall by his own hand.

Obtaining the blue silver emperor right leg bone didn’t increase Tang San’s spirit power, it only purified it one step further. However, connecting the Governing Vessel had given him enormous benefits. With the eight extraordinary meridians connected, Tang San’s spirit power had already directly risen to the fifty ninth rank. He only needed a bit of time to saturate his spirit power before he could start attacking the sixtieth rank bottleneck. At that time, he could also go find the Xiao Wu he hadn’t seen in five years.

Five years ago, he still wasn’t fifteen, but was already a world shaking member of the Spirit Master world’s young generation. Five years later he was twenty, harboring three great spirit bones, twin spirits, and two great domains, what kind of shock could he give the Spirit Master world now?

As Tang San stepped out of the Sunset Forest, the entire Spirit Master world had already begun to change.


Spirit City, Supreme Pontiff Palace, the meeting hall.

Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong sat in the seat of honor, the Golden Generation of Spirit Hall, Xie Yue, Hu Liena, and Yan, standing quietly behind her.

Five years ago the golden generation had relied mainly on Xie Yue. Five years later, Hu Liena’s accomplishments had already surpassed her elder brother’s.

Below the Supreme Pontiff around the enormous oval meeting table sat altogether twenty people. Each person was gorgeously dressed, their manner grave. Judging by the clothes they wore, these people were all the pivotal great characters of Spirit Hall. At least in the area of Master Spirit Hall officials.

The entire Continent had only two Spirit Temple masters, and every single platinum bishop was present.

If outsiders saw this scene, they would definitely understand that major events were taking place in Spirit Hall.

The gaze of each person present was focused on Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong, waiting for her to address them.

Bibi Dong’s gaze swept across the subordinates present, and said in a low voice: “Following discussions with the elders of Elder Hall, there are currently three great decisions to announce.”

Everyone swiftly sat straight, focusing their attention to listen respectfully to the words of this powerful Supreme Pontiff.

Even if the Supreme Pontiffs of all the generations had great authority, Bibi Dong displayed it especially distinctly. Even though she was a woman, she was always known for her iron fisted handling of Spirit Hall’s affairs.

Even the present Elder Hall wouldn’t lightly dare question her decisions.
For at least a decade, there hadn’t been a dissenting voice in Spirit Hall.

Of course, this was also very greatly related to Bibi Dong’s ideal governance, making Spirit Hall’s influence grow more each day, even to the extent that it already exceeded the accomplishments of the two great Empires.

“The first matter. As Supreme Pontiff, I have already decided on my replacement. Following discussions with Elder Hall, I declare that from today on, Hu Liena is conferred the rank of Spirit Hall’s Holy Maiden, the first ranked successor to Supreme Pontiff.”

Most everyone had already long ago anticipated this decision. Even Xie Yue and Yan could both hide their jealousy very well.

After all, the upper echelons of Spirit Hall largely knew about Hu Liena smoothly leaving Slaughter City one year ago, obtaining the Deathgod Domain. Moreover, this well known figure of Spirit Hall’s Golden Generation was reportedly on the verge of breaking through the sixtieth rank.

And she still wasn’t twenty six years old. This was unique in the history of Spirit Hall. Consequently, even though she was the Supreme Pontiff’s direct disciple, nobody raised any doubts.

Bibi Dong’s gaze swept over the faces of all the participants. Even though her gaze was very calm, the upper echelons of Spirit Hall present naturally understood what Her Holiness was looking for. The tactful ones immediately nodded their praise, and even if someone was a bit slow to react, nobody showed the slightest look of discontent.

Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong said with satisfaction: “Hu Liena was taught by me, but the honor she obtains today is all the result of her own efforts. I believe everyone has already heard, but I can tell all of you here that she really did leave Slaughter City, and moreover obtained the Deathgod Domain.”

Unsuppressable gasps echoed. Rumor was one thing, having it personally confirmed by the Supreme Pontiff was another matter altogether. Bibi Dong’s efforts to build influence for this disciple of hers could even be said to be painstaking.

Even though she herself wasn’t very old and could still hold the seat of Supreme Pontiff for a very long time, she would still establish her own authority over Spirit Hall one step further.

“The second matter. According to our several years of investigation, the whereabouts of that hundred thousand year spirit beast that once appeared in the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament five years ago have already been basically ascertained. Not

long ago, a small search party of ours discovered her tracks in the Star Dou Great Forest. We can be almost certain that she’s hiding there. Hundred thousand year spirit beasts can be discovered but not sought, and this hundred thousand year spirit beast is moreover still in the human form’s youngling stage, her strength still weak. This time, no miscalculations are allowed to occur. Therefore, I’ve decided to send Chrysanthemum Douluo and Ghost Douluo, leading a party of twenty cardinals of at least the seventieth rank, as well as Hu Liena, Xie Yue, and Yan, to search the Star Dou Great Forest. It must be found and brought back alive for me to deal with.”

Sitting below the Supreme Pontiff, Yue Guan and Gui Mei stood simultaneously, bowing in acceptance of the orders.

Standing behind the Supreme Pontiff, Hu Liena’s face revealed a difficult to inhibit excitement. She of course understood that her teacher wanted to catch this hundred thousand year spirit beast in order to obtain her spirit ring, but she simultaneously clearly understood that her teacher already had a full set of spirit bones, and didn’t need another.

And as the Spirit Hall’s Holy Maiden, the next Supreme Pontiff, this hundred thousand year spirit bone would inevitably belong to her.

Even disregarding this spirit bone, just the chance of taking revenge for the humiliation originally visited by the Shrek Seven Devils was enough to make her excited. If only she knew the whereabouts of Tang San, if she encountered him, she would definitely flay his skin and rip out his flesh.

Chapter 146

In order to defeat Tang San, Hu Liena had spent these five years completely on bitter training. Not only did she brave dangers alone, entering Slaughter City to obtain the Deathgod Domain, her own efforts had also garnered enormous results. She already surpassed her elder brother Xie Yue in spirit power, reaching the fifty ninth rank, only the final bottleneck to the sixtieth rank.

As Bibi Dong saw her this hard working she once said that losing really wasn’t always a bad thing, as long as one could transform the pain of defeat into momentum for cultivation like Hu Liena, defeat would turn from bad to good.

Even though the loss of three spirit bones was originally painful for Spirit Hall, as the holy land of the Continent’s Spirit Masters, these things were still within their tolerance.

At least Hu Liena hadn’t let her down, returning as a holder of the Deathgod Domain.

With these two matters made clear, the present Spirit Hall senior members were all somewhat disapproving. These two matters were basically unrelated to them, and generally speaking, it would only require an imperial order to notify them.

Was there a need to mobilize all these people and gather them here? In fact, the people here were gathered from the width of the continent, some

travelling more than thirty days.

Of course, the people in the know all knew that the most crucial item of this meeting was still the third.

Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong’s gaze gradually became serious,

“With the passage of time, the strength our Spirit Hall possesses becomes more and more tremendous, there are constantly new outstanding Spirit Masters joining. But there is also a constant drain of Spirit Masters. On the Continent, even though we are the largest gathering of Spirit Masters, we’re not the only one. Far from all Spirit Masters will listen to Spirit Hall’s dispatches. Especially some powers, who pay even less attention to Spirit Hall. In order to improve these circumstances, to unite all factions of Spirit Masters even further, I have decided to begin the Spirit Hunting Operation. To deliver a fatal strike to those who have the courage to pay lip service to Spirit Hall. At the same time, the seven great sects that have existed for so many years, should also be readjusted.”

The words Spirit Hunting Operation, were like throwing an explosive spirit tool into the meeting, the entire conference room was immediately like a bursting pan. As the most senior echelon of Spirit Hall, the altogether more than twenty people present had all previously heard about this Spirit Hunting Operation.

Originally, it was raised when Bibi Dong had just assumed her position, only to be forcefully suppressed by Elder Hall.

The old business of twenty years ago was raised anew. Looking at the expression in Bibi Dong’s eyes, they understood that this time this operation might truly be carried out. Her Holiness wouldn’t shoot without aim, she should already have prepared everything in advance.

“Quiet.” With a thump, Bibi Dong sharply slapped the table, formidable pressure immediately erupting from her.

Under her accumulated might, the meeting hall immediately quieted down.

The light of power radiated in Bibi Dong’s eyes, “Calling you here today isn’t to have you discuss it, but to declare orders. I have alr eady discussed this matter with the elders of Elder Hall. The Spirit Hunting Operation will formally begin in one month. It will rely mainly on people dispatched by Supreme Pontiff Hall, each Spirit Temple and Master Hall will move strictly according to the orders issued by Supreme Pontiff Hall, there must be no mistakes. I will personally participate in the implementation process of this Spirit Hunting Operation. If there is any careless mistake, don’t blame me, Bibi Dong, for being merciless.”

Having waited patiently for twenty years, Bibi Dong would finally begin to move. Slowly raising her head, looking at the luxurious domed ceiling of the meeting hall. ‘Teacher, in those days you died at the hand of Clear Sky School’s Tang Hao, it’s time to avenge you.’

‘This time, nobody can stop me again. Seven great sects, Clear Sky School, hmph, I will let you learn who the true master of this Continent is.’


Star Dou Great Forest.

Shaded by the trees, the vast forest was brimming with a fresh and clean atmosphere. Just at the heart of this world famous great forest, there was a not very large lake. If one didn’t actually come here, it would be very difficult to believe that there was actually such a marvel in the middle of the forest.

The lake wasn’t very large, only a hundred meters in diameter or so, but the crystal clear mirror-like surface reflected the trees on either side.

On the side of the water was still an even more bizarre scene.

A young woman in a white dress sat quietly under a large tree, holding her knees. She stared foolishly at the water in front of her, her thoughts unknown.

Her glossy black supple long hair was draped over her shoulders and scattered, scattered across the grass. The sight of her was touching.

Her delicate features wore a gentle expression, her appearance so beautiful, so perfectly in harmony with the surrounding beautiful scenery, that she was like the crucial focus of a painting.

Behind this gentle and beautiful young woman, quietly crouched an incomparably enormous chimpanzee. Its giant body crouched there like a mountain. By comparison, the beautiful young woman was delicate and tiny.

The gaze of this giant chimpanzee was very soft, always focused on the young woman in front of it. It was they that formed the bizarre part of this picture.

The young woman sitting there was Xiao Wu, and behind her was naturally the Titan Giant Ape Er Ming[1].

In five years back at Heaven Dou Great Forest, besides dry and dull cultivating, she liked sitting by the lakeside, quietly watching the water. As for what she thought, only she herself knew.

At this moment, suddenly, with a loud splash, an enormous head shot out of the lakewater in front of Xiao Wu.

That was a bull head, at least four meters in diameter, two eyes the size of lanterns flickering with light. Strangely, connected behind this bull head wasn’t the body of a bull, but rather a dark cyan enormous snake body, even even thicker than a water barrel.

Even though most of it was still soaking in the water, the part exposed above the surface was enough to shock anyone.

Looking at this suddenly appearing bullhead, Xiao Wu didn’t feel any sense of astonishment. Sensing the deep concern in those lantern sized eyes, her charming face revealed a faint smiling expression, “Da Ming[2], why did you come out now?”

The bull headed serpent bodied monster issued a low growl, unexpectedly spitting out human words, “Xiao Wu-jie[3], I really don’t like it when you look this lonely. It’s been five years, but you’re always like this. Don’t tell me the human world really is so good?”

This bull headed serpent bodied monster was the Star Dou Great Forest’s emperor, the Sky Blue Bull Python. It was just like the Titan Giant Ape, its cultivation already having reached the hundred thousand year level, only they didn’t choose to take human form.

They also very rarely revealed their true strength in the Star Dou Great Forest.

Of course, practically no humans could come to this place. As the Star Dou Great Forest that held the most formidable spirit beasts, this central area was forbidden ground.

Xiao Wu looked distracted a moment, lowering her head and chuckling, “No, I’m not thinking about the human world, but rather about my friends there. Da Ming, Er Ming, don’t worry about me. I’m alright.”

Even though she said this, in her innermost heart, she was filled with longing, ‘Ge, are you still well right now? I don’t know how long before I can see you again. Don’t worry, I will work hard at cultivating. Once I’ve reached the mature stage, I’ll definitely go find you.’

The Titan Giant Ape Er Ming crouching behind Xiao Wu said in a low voice: “Xiao Wu-jie, those humans we ran into in the forest not long ago escaped and went back. No matter how much you long to return to the world of humans, don’t leave the Star Lake for now. Here, me and big brother can protect you better.”

The Sky Blue Bull Python snorted coldly, “Let them come. If we weren’t away back then, how would aunt have……”

Hearing his words, Xiao Wu’s face suddenly became pale, and Da Ming hurriedly stopped speaking, anxiously gathering its big head in front of Xiao Wu,

“I’m sorry, Xiao Wu-jie, I didn’t mean to worry you.”

Xiao Wu silently shook her head, “It’s been so many years. It’s alright. However, I’ve already found the enemy that murdered mother. One day, I will definitely personally kill her and avenge mother.”

The Sky Blue Bull Python’s big eyes blinked,

“Xiao Wu-jie, tell us a story about your time in the human world. Is the human world really so interesting?”

Even though they were the most formidable spirit beasts in this Star Dou Great Forest, they had never left the forest.

Spending every day absorbing the essence of Heaven and earth, they were just like Xiao Wu when she had just left, their hearts like blank paper.

Er Ming also sat down, equally expectantly looking at Xiao Wu.

Seeing their naive appearances, Xiao Wu couldn’t keep a giggle from escaping. Who could have imagined the king of the forest and the emperor of the forest looking like this.

Her eyes revealing fluctuations of emotions, she seemed to see in front of her the scene of the time she first met Tang San. With a faint smile, she began her tale.

To her, the less than ten years together with Tang San were far, far more wonderful than her past hundred thousand years of cultivating.

The two big shots of the spirit beast kingdom, the Sky Blue Bull Python and the Titan Giant Ape listened quietly. They were already immersed in

Xiao Wu’s story.


Dressed in white, Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges fastened to his waist, and the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse hanging from it. This was Tang San’s complete attire.

If not for the directions of the map his father gave him leading here, Tang San really would have found it very difficult to believe that the Spirit Master world’s number one sect, the Clear Sky School, would actually be in a place like this.

The distance from Heaven Dou Empire’s capital wasn’t far, roughly three hundred li east of Heaven Dou City. Behind him was a ring of mountains, and in front of Tang San was a small village not much different from the Holy Spirit Village he once left.

Smoke rose in spirals from chimneys all over the village, it would soon be time for lunch. At the entrance to the village, a few children were playing, and in the fields to the sides, a number of people were putting their tools in order, preparing to return to the village to eat.

Spreading the sheepskin map in his hands, Tang San looked it over carefully. He could be sure that he hadn’t found the wrong place. Just here, illustrated by the map, the Clear Sky School was unexpectedly this little village in front of him.

Once the number one sect under heaven, had actually degenerated to this?

Actually, let alone him, even if Tang Hao came here he would be equally shocked. After the Clear Sky School declared itself sealed, it had moved. That map was something Tang Yue-Hua had given Tang Hao, but he had never had the chance to return, and naturally didn’t know the circumstances here.

Thinking that since he was already here, he could only accept it, Tang San put away his map, and walked towards this seemingly unremarkable mountain village with big strides. At the same time, he also felt a kind of indescribable sadness.

Not so long ago, the Clear Sky School had still been the Douluo Continent Spirit Master world’s number one sect.

But now it had degenerated to hiding in a mountain village. Even if this was a very good way to hide, to a clan with such a formidable history, this was an enormous setback. This was perhaps also the cause for his father’s pain.

Bringing disaster to the sect was admittedly his father’s mistake, but what choice did he have?

Tang San also understood that he was Tang Hao’s son, so he would naturally be partial to his father in this. But things change, and now wasn’t the time to investigate whose fault it was, but rather how to raise the sect again, if the disgrace from those days were to be washed away.

All kinds of thoughts spinning in his mind, Tang San had already walked up to the mountain village entrance. Just as he thought to step inside, several middle aged villagers just returned from farming blocked his way.

“Please leave, we don’t welcome outsiders here.” The speaker was a thick and strong built middle aged man. He sized up Tang San as he spoke, his gaze somewhat suspicious.

Tang San sighed inwardly, standing straight, “I’m no outsider, I’m only returning home.” The middle aged villager stared blankly,
“Returning home? We haven’t had any noble young master like you around here. We’re all country folk. What home are you returning to?”

Tang San didn’t need to look with his eyes to sense that the other villagers nearby began to grow apprehensive, their grip on the farming tools in their hands clearly tightening. Their feet shifted slightly, faintly with the intention of surrounding him.

Unwilling to waste time here, Tang San slowly raised his left hand, black light surging out of his palm. With a grave and powerful aura, the Clear Sky Hammer quietly appeared. Tightening his left hand around the handle, Tang San smiled slightly, “Can this prove it?”

Seeing the Clear Sky Hammer, the several middle aged people first stared blankly, but the mood very quickly relaxed a lot. As they looked at Tang San again, the only thing remaining in their gazes was respect.

The middle aged man Tang San spoke with before probed: “Dare I ask which family you’re from? I don’t think I’ve seen you before.”

Tang San didn’t want to get tangled up here, “My aunt is called Tang Yue-Hua, she had me return.”

With these words, the villagers didn’t dare be neglectful, and hastily let Tang San into the village. What kind of status did Tang Yue-Hua have? In the entire Clear Sky School, besides the sect master, she had the highest position. She was also the sect master’s blood related little sister.

Rather than saying that this little mountain village was the Clear Sky School, it would be more apt to call it the Clear Sky School’s outpost. Even if the Clear Sky School had fallen, it still wasn’t to this extent. The ones living in the mountain village were all the subordinate collateral relatives of the Clear Sky School, and the sect’s true strength wasn’t here.

However, these collateral relative sentries were still fairly cautious. Even if Tang San had obtained some trust by taking out the Clear Sky Hammer, they still didn’t bring Tang San directly to see the people of the sect.

They rather invited Tang San to rest in an empty house, while they sent people to inform the sect.

After waiting for approximately an hour, there were sounds of urgent footsteps outside. The door opened, and a few grey clothed men appeared in the doorway.

The man in the lead had wide shoulders and a broad back, his nose straight and jaw square, short hair like steel needles, seeming to be around thirty or so, bulging muscles hidden under his long grey jacket, he was like a lion ready to spring, brimming with a vigorous forceful feeling.

“You’re Tang San?” The grey clothed big man asked. A sharp light glittered in his eyes, and after looking Tang San up and down, beside curiosity, his expression held some hostility.

Tang San could be certain that he didn’t know this person, and also didn’t understand why he would be this hostile, but still simply nodded, “That’s me.”

The grey clothed big man waved his hand to his two companions,

“Follow us.” Without saying anything further, he took the lead to turn around and head outside.

In terms of the etiquette Tang Yue-Hua had instructed Tang San in, these three people were clearly a bit rude. They didn’t even announce their names. But Tang San didn’t mind, his return was in itself to atone for his crimes. His father owed the sect too much, and it was up to him to repay it. He sensed a familiar tyrannical aura from the three grey clothed men, without need to ask, they should be directly related disciples of the Clear Sky School.

These three were very strong, especially that thirty year old big man. Seeming to be around thirty, his spirit power was still above Tang San’s, and should already have broken through the sixtieth rank. Breaking through the sixtieth rank at this age, he should be considered fairly outstanding in the young generation of the Clear Sky School.

And the other two whose ages seemed about the same as him should have strength somewhere between the fiftieth and sixtieth rank.

Even if the Clear Sky School had sealed its gates, he could tell how formidable the sect’s true strength was by these three directly related disciples.

After all, this was the number one sect under heaven!

Following the three out of the room, those three didn’t wait for Tang San’s opinion before simultaneously extending their legs, speeding towards the back of the village.

Even if they didn’t use their spirits, with spirit power at their level, if they fully unleashed their speed, it was still quite astonishing.

Tang San smiled calmly, then set his feet in motion, his figure abruptly becoming illusory. After so many years of cultivation, his Ghost Shadow Perplexing Stem had long since reached perfection. Even more, his right leg still had his mother’s remains, the blue silver emperor right leg bone.

Even if he didn’t actually use its flight capability, his speed still wouldn’t be inferior to agility attack type Spirit Masters of the same level.

Consequently, even though the three people ahead were fast, he caught up as if strolling up to people standing still. Not only didn’t he fall behind, there wasn’t even the slightest amount of influence on his grace, not the slightest fireworks, as he constantly kept a ten meter distance to the person in front.

The leading grey clothed person turned his head to look towards Tang San. When he discovered that Tang San had actually come close without him sensing anything, he couldn’t keep his expression from changing slightly.

Once again increasing his pace, he seemed to want to meticulously inspect Tang San’s speed.

Unfortunately, the first to be unable to keep up wasn’t Tang San, but rather his two companions. After the leading grey clothed big man’s speed

reached a certain degree, those two grey clothed big men already began to fall behind somewhat.

They also knew how competitive that leading grey clothed man was, and couldn’t keep from feeling a burst of helplessness. ‘Boss, even if you want to compete with him, there’s no need to be so anxious.’

Just as those two grey clothed men clenched their teeth to speed up, but the distance began to open up, suddenly, they simultaneously felt a gentle force pushing them from behind. The two immediately felt their bodies become a lot lighter, and their speed abruptly increased, recovering the distance they had lost in practically a few eyeblinks.

As they turned around to look, they found Tang San smiling and nodding to them. Clearly, that force came from him.

Amidst their feelings of gratitude, the two grey clothed men were simultaneously shocked. How old was he? Not only could he keep up with the boss with his physical capability alone, he could even help the two of them.

No wonder, no wonder…...

The party of four had very soon left the back of the village. In front was a mountain peak. The mountain wasn’t high, but extremely precipitous. The entire mountain wall was almost perpendicular to the ground, and moreover extremely smooth. There were no plants, it was actually a rock mountain.

The leading grey clothed person didn’t show the slightest intent of slowing down. Already seeing the mountain in front, he stepped off from the ground, soaring up, leaping directly up at the mountain wall.

Tang San was inwardly slightly shocked. No matter how you put it this mountain wall was at least five hundred meters high, did he plan to directly climb this smooth rock wall? If it was relying on jumping alone, Tang San also wouldn’t be able to do it.

After all, he still needed some purchase to display the marvels of the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step.

However, very soon the questions in his heart were undone. Clearly, it was impossible for that leading grey clothed man to climb it directly. As he ascended to a place about twenty meters or so, the tips of his toes poked the mountain wall, and he ascended once again.

Tang San focused his eyes to see. As it turned out, this smooth as a mirror rock wall had depressions every ten meters or so that could be used for bracing.

His face revealed a smile. It seemed that this seal of the Clear Sky School really was thorough. This precipitous rock wall in front of him wasn’t something Spirit Masters below the fortieth rank were able to climb.

Even with sufficient strength, one would still need the courage to act. Even more, if someone launched attacks from the top of the mountain, even sixty or seventieth ranked powers might not be able to ascend. This was absolutely a defense on the level of a heavenly moat.

The other two grey clothed men equally soared up. They weren’t as aggressive as the leader who leapt twenty meters with each purchase, and ascended the standard ten meters each time, swiftly soaring up to chase after.

Tang San also didn’t make himself conspicuous. All along following behind these two grey clothed men, he also exerted himself every ten meters, swiftly climbing up.

Very soon, the leading grey clothed man had already reached the mountaintop. Turning his head to look down the mountain and seeing Tang San following in the rear, there was some praise in his eyes. After waiting for the three to all reach the top, he set off once again. Through the entire process, he didn’t say one word to Tang San.

On top of the mountain, the view ahead suddenly opened up to a wide panorama. On the other side of the rock mountain the view was no longer so monotonous, as far as the eye could see were instead several mountains covered in large amounts of green vegetation.

Four people, one in front and three behind, moved into the mountains.

Tang San discovered through observation that this mountain range was very unusual. The majority of the peaks were all extremely precipitous, and moreover the valleys between the mountains were filled with mountain streams. In order to enter the mountain, if one had to go climbing up and down, it would not doubt be extremely exhausting. If defenses were installed on each peak, then it would be like passing through one heavenly moat after another. Even if the attackers outnumbered the defenders ten to one, they still might not be able to force their way inside. This terrain was really too vicious.

Without continuing on very long, they had reached the end of the mountain top they stood on. At five hundred meters high, there was already curls of cloud and mist. Shocking Tang San was that the grey clothed man furthest ahead actually leapt up, leaping directly towards the deep mountain stream ahead, instantly disappearing unseen into the clouds.

Of the two grey clothed men walking in front of Tang San, one turned his head and gave Tang San a smile, reaching out and pointing ahead below his feet, then leapt towards the mountain stream.

Tang San looked carefully, and couldn’t help laughing in spite of himself. Originally, at the end of the peak there was actually an iron cable as thick as an arm, extending in a straight line into the distance. Undoubtedly, it should be connected to another mountain. Floating in the clouds and mist, it was very well concealed. Without watching carefully, it would be very difficult to discover.

Even though the iron cable swayed in the air, as long as one had a certain level of strength and could keep one’s balance, one could naturally walk it. This part could also be easily accomplished by thirtieth ranked Spirit Masters.

Tang San immediately understood the purpose of this installation. If enemies invaded, when they couldn’t be completely held off at the first pass one could retreat to the second mountain via the iron cable, then afterwards cutting the cable behind oneself. Like this, not only would one gain a buffer of time, one could also continue resisting the enemy from the cover of the second mountain. This kind of plan could be called ingenious.

Tang San hadn’t even feared the circumstances of the Hell Road, to say nothing of this little iron cable in front of him. Leaping up, his feet moved lightly, and he landed on the iron cable. The cable inclined upwards as it went, clearly the mountain it connected to was higher than the previous one. Tang San relied on his spirit power to slide forward as if stuck to the iron cable.

The two peaks were very far apart, close to kilometer. As they advanced and gradually entered the middle section of the iron cable, under the influence of the mountains, the iron cable beneath their feet also began to move more and more violently, swinging back and forth almost ten meters from side to side.

The grey clothed man furthest ahead paused a moment, turning his head to look at Tang San. seeing him smoothly keeping up, he continued forward. Clearly, he wasn’t as unreasonable as he made himself out to be. At least he was still concerned about Tang San’s circumstances.

Seeing this scene, Tang San couldn’t keep from revealing a smiling expression. They were after all people from the same sect, and even if he was an outsider, they were still related by blood. Perhaps the hostility should be because of his father.

The next part of the road was like an endless repetition, only the chasms between the mountains became deeper and deeper. As they successively passed four mountain peaks connected by iron cables, the condition of the cable had already begun to change. Along with the cold and humidity, the iron cable spanning from the fourth to the fifth mountain was covered by a layer of ice, slippery and gripless, making the difficulty of advancing increase substantially.

This time, the dark clothed man in the lead didn’t hurry to rush ahead, but rather halted, pulling out a harness from his chest, connecting one side to his waist and the other to the iron cable. The other two grey clothed men also did the same.

“For you.” The grey clothed man in the lead threw over the same kind of harness to Tang San.

With Tang San’s strength and his Blue Silver Grass, he naturally didn’t need such things to protect himself, and even less now that he could fly. But he still tied himself to the iron cable like the three grey clothed men, continuing to keep a low profile.

With the harness tied properly, the three grey clothed men’s gazes were somewhat nervous. Clearly, this part of the road wasn’t so easy to travel. The leading grey clothed man gave a long whistle and leapt up. This time he clearly restrained the height he leapt to and the distance he advanced. Toes touching the iron cable, he leapt up once again, each leap bringing him roughly ten meters.

Only when he had moved fifty meters did the second grey clothed man move out, copying his manner to find purchase on the iron cable.

Their harnesses slid along the iron cable without influencing their movements, while still providing a measure of safety.

Tang San was still last. He of course wouldn’t be nervous, and also didn’t copy the skipping of the three people ahead. He understood that the three grey clothed men chose to do so to reduce the contact with the iron cable as much as possible. After all, it was impossible for the icey areas to all be the same, and any change could cause them to lose balance.

The height of the fourth peak already surpassed two kilometers. If falling from here, as long as one couldn’t fly, even Title Douluo would find it difficult to survive.

The final stretch also seemed especially long. Very soon, the four had all disappeared in the clouds.

As Tang San leisurely continued forward, suddenly, an indescribably sense of crisis attacked his mind.

The sense of crisis appearing, he first of all thought it was the leading grey clothed man furthest ahead. Purple Demon Eye launching in a flash, he looked ahead. But he saw that the grey clothed man had already climbed up the other side, and just like before, was waiting quietly for them there.

However, the sense of crisis suddenly grew more intense. At this moment, Tang San naturally wouldn’t begrudge using his spiritual force, intense spiritual fluctuations unleashing, then did he discover the true source of the danger.

An enormous monstrous bird was flying through the mist on one side, and its route forward would pass directly through the iron cable.

A bird capable of flying at an altitude of two kilometers was naturally frightfully strong, and the iron cables had also become very brittle after being frozen. If they collided, the result would be obvious.

It really wasn’t that Tang San’s senses weren’t sharp, but rather that the influence at this altitude was too great, the temperature, clouds, wind, movement of the iron cable, as well as observing the three grey clothed men, while focusing on all these tasks, discovering that monstrous bird with spiritual force wasn’t very easy.

At the critical moment, Purple God Light instantly activated, two deep blue lights shooting from Tang San’s eyes. At the same time he shouted loudly,


Tang San’s reaction couldn’t be called slow, but in the end he was still one step too late. At the same time as that Purple God Light bombarded the monstrous bird, completely destroying its head, that monstrous bird’s giant body also heavily collided with the iron cable.

Faced with the enormous force, the close to a kilometer long iron cable snapped with an ear-piercing rupturing sound.

Despite Tang San’s previous warning, those two grey clothed men still on the iron cable reacted too slowly. Suddenly in free fall, they could only grab the harnesses at their waists. It was already too late to grab the iron cable.

The grey clothed man already on the other side was immediately anxious, but right now he also didn’t have any way to help.

Stepping in emptiness, Tang San felt far from reassured. Strong blue light shot from his right leg, and he instantly stabilized himself. Without pause, a strand of Blue Silver Emperor quietly swung out, directly twisting around the iron cable on the opposite bank, another two strands also instantly shooting out to accurately twist around the waists of the two falling grey clothed men.

At this moment he formed a bridge in between.

Those two grey clothed men were also both of the elite of the Clear Sky School’s young generation. Their waists tightening, they knew someone had saved them. Without time to look, the two hastily held their qi to lighten themselves, lessening the strain on Tang San as far as possible.

Under the impetus of the iron cable, the three were simultaneously flung towards the mountain wall. Seeing the mountain wall approaching, Tang San bent his right leg, kicking up a gale, retarding his momentum. at the same time the Blue Silver Grass twisted onto the iron cable above swiftly tightened.

If someone now could see where the Blue Silver Emperor and iron cable were connected right now, they would be shocked to discover that the sparkling and translucent Blue Silver Emperor had grown fine blue thorns, piercing deeply into the iron cable, completely averting the risk of slipping from the icey iron cable.

The Blue Silver Grass on both sides tightened, pulling close the distance between Tang San and the iron cable and the two grey clothed men below.

And now that grey clothed man on the edge also reacted. Exulting, he gripped the iron cable with both hands, swiftly pulling in the trio.
[1] Er Ming (⼆明) “Second Bright”
[2] Da Ming (⼤明) “Eldest Bright”
[3] Jie (姐) - Fragment denoting an older sister type person, equivalent to ge (哥).

Chapter 147

The arm strength of this grey clothed man already on solid ground was extremely frightening. Even just half of a kilometer long iron cable was still astonishingly heavy, and there were still three people on top of that. But in his hands it was all like nothing, and the iron cable swiftly brought the trio up.

At last reaching the mountaintop, Tang San didn’t feel anything, but those two grey clothed men he saved both had pale faces.

Returning from struggling at the edge of life and death, nobody would feel any better than them.

That leading grey clothed man also loosed a large breath, his gaze fixed on the still gracefully calm Tang San, and suddenly struck at his shoulder with a fist.

Tang San’s shoulders shifted slightly, then stopped. He didn’t block, because he clearly sensed that the grey clothed man’s fist didn’t hold any malice.

The fist landed on Tang San’s shoulder with a thump, and the leading grey clothed man laughed out loud, “Good brother, many thanks.”

Tang San smiled wryly: “Big brother, go a bit easier next time, your fist is really heavy!”

The grey clothed man forcefully clapped Tang San’s shoulder,

“Give me a break, it’s clearly your bones that hurt my hand. I really don’t know how you’ve trained. I’m Tang Long[1]. It’s fine if you call me big brother. In our generation, I’m the oldest. These two are Tang Tian[2] and Tang Yu[3], they’re also our directly related brothers. This time you saved their lives.”

Tang Tian and Tang Yu’s faces were long since filled with gratitude, and the two nodded to Tang San. Tang Tian said: “Brother, your favor can’t be repaid in words.”

Tang San valiantly said: “We’re all brothers, don’t mention it. If you were in my place, you’d also have saved me just the same, no?”

Tang Yu had a bitter expression: “We would if we had that ability! I heard you had twin spirits. Was that just now your main spirit Blue Silver Grass?”

Tang San nodded.

Tang Long smiled: “Second aunt’s boasted about you like a deluge of heavenly flowers, I didn’t believe it before, but I do now. Being able to have your present cultivation at your age, really isn’t easy. You seem to have broken through the fiftieth rank. Not any less than these two.”

Tang Tian and Tang Yu looked face to face. Even though they didn’t say anything, in their hearts they thought, ‘How is it just ‘no less’, previously he could even spare spirit power to help us speed up.’

Without speaking of anything else, as three people fell simultaneously, he could react to save others and himself, this reaction speed wasn’t something average people could compare to.

Tang Long looked over the broken iron cable, and said unhappily: “This worn out thing should have been changed. Today really was unlucky, we actually ran into a bird. We can only blame my carelessness, if I paid a bit of attention and discovered it a bit ahead of time, there wouldn’t have been such a careless mistake. I’ll definitely be scolded back at the sect.”

Seeing him dispiritedly hanging his head, Tang San couldn’t help smiling a bit. This seemingly somewhat forthright sect brother really was straightforwa rd.

Tang Tian said: “Big brother, let’s go back quickly. Don’t keep the sect master waiting. This cable breaking also can’t be blamed at you. We were just unlucky. If the sect master punishes anyone, we’ll bear it together.”

Tang Long grinned, saying: “Good kids. The next time there’s good wine, I’ll invite you to drink. Let’s go.”

This fifth peak was also the final one to enter the Clear Sky School. The secluded sect was located on this mountain.

Even though there were no pavilions and kiosks, there was still a castle- like building. It was entirely grey, appearing as if part of the mountain. It occupied practically the entire mountaintop.

Somewhat more familiar with the three people, Tang San also no longer kept his distance from them like before, and couldn’t keep from asking: “Big brother Tang Long, with our Clear Sky School in this kind of rugged terrain, how are the necessary supplies brought in? Is it also via these iron cables?”

Tang Long nodded, saying: “This is a special training method of the sect. Every sect disciple over sixteen will participate in moving supplies. Of course, ordinarily the safeguards used aren’t just like what we use today. Then there’s a kind of safety rope, so even if the iron cable breaks, it can at least guarantee your safety. Who could have thought that we’d be so unlucky today. I remember the first time Tang Tian was going to cross the iron cable. He was so scared he was crying and his nose leaking. Haha.”

Tang Tian embarrassed looked at Tang Long, unhappily saying: “That was so many years ago. Why are you still bringing up my embarrassing past in front of brother Tang San? Let’s return to the sect quickly, don’t keep the sect master waiting.”

Tang San understood that them bringing him via the iron chain without giving him that safety was perhaps in order to test his strength. He smiled wryly at the same time, ‘Aunt, what did you tell people to cause such hostility?’ But now it seemed that these blood related brothers were very straightforward.

As the four set out once again, their relationship had clearly became a lot more harmonious, especially the leader Tang Long who clearly had a very direct character. His original assumed arrogance was now completely obliterated, and affectionately pulled Tang San towards the sect by the shoulder.

The enormous stone building was just like a fort. The main gate was five meters tall, and even though it couldn’t compare to Spirit City, this stony edifice was extremely stocky. Above the gate, three words were boldly carved into the rock, with a grandness that could oppose the surrounding mountains —— Clear Sky School.

Before the gate, two equally grey clothed youths hastily bowed in salute as they saw the four approaching, but one of them still blocked Tang San’s path,

“Please display your sect credentials.”

“Credentials?” Tang San stared blankly a moment. He of course didn’t know what these so-called credentials were, and couldn’t help somewhat puzzled looking to Tang long.

Tang long smiled: “It’s the Clear Sky Hammer! Don’t tell me there’s anything that could better prove that we’re directly related sect disciples than the Clear Sky Hammer? They’re not familiar with you, so just show them. Those are the rules. Let them have a look. Only us directly related sect disciples can enter here. The sect’s subordinates and outer sect disciples are all in that village outside.”

At this point, his mood fell somewhat, his gaze at Tang San also held something. Indeed, judging by the appearance of the village one could tell there were just a few hundred people. The subordinates of the Clear Sky

School were already so few, it clearly showed how difficult the sect’s situation was now.

The expression in Tang San’s eyes darkened somewhat. He of course understood the reason why these brothers’ looks at him changed. Even though it couldn’t be said that the Clear Sky School’s present situation could be completely blamed on his father, it was still inextricably linked to him.

Turning over his left hand, black light surging, the chi long Clear Sky Hammer appeared in his palm.

Tang Long’s trio had already heard from Tang Yue-Hua that Tang San had twin spirits, and his current main spirit really wasn’t the Clear Sky Hammer, and so it was nothing to them. But those two gatekeeper disciples didn’t see it that way. Since Tang San was together with Tang long’s trio, they originally believed Tang San’s strength should be fairly high.

But he unexpectedly didn’t even have one spirit ring on his Clear Sky Hammer.

Their originally respectful gazes immediately turned a bit indifferent.

In the Spirit Master world, especially the Spirit Master sects, strength often represented a great many things. Despite not saying anything, their gazes had already become strange.

Tang Long unhappily clapped one of them, “What are you looking at, still not getting out of the way.”

“Yes.” The two disciples then stepped aside, but inwardly thought that it was no wonder they’d never seen him before, he was a silver coated wax spear. His appearance was pretty good, but he didn’t have any strength.

Past the gate, the first thing inside was a spacious courtyard, followed by a tall stone building. Tang Long gave Tang San an introduction: “There are about four generations of the directly related sect disciples, adding up to over two hundred people. We’re considered the third generation. We also

boast the largest number of people, not far short of a hundred. This is the front courtyard, used when the sect master gathers everyone. The rear courtyard is even bigger, that’s our training area. The sect emphasizes actual combat, and each month the third and fourth generation children will conduct real combat drills under the elders’ supervision. That sets the strength ranking.”

The youngest, Tang yu, smiled: “Boss has already been the representative of our third generation several years in a row. He’s afraid you’ve come to fight over his position, that’s why he had that face before!”

Tang Long laughed out loud, forcefully clapping Tang San’s shoulder, “I won’t hide it from you, that’s really what I thought. Brother, we’ll exchange pointers later.”

“How could I be big brother’s match, there’s no need to compete.”

With Tang San’s intelligence, his mind was like a mirror. He knew that the position of third generation chief was definitely related to the sect master succession. He had never had any interest in the position of Clear Sky School sect master, and only hoped to be able to help the sect by relying on his own strength.

Even more, he’d come to know his ancestors and sect and even more importantly for his father’s forgiveness, he couldn’t be ambitious and competitive.

Tang Long’s expression changed, gravely saying: “Brother, don’t be so modest. You’ll understand later. Come, we’ll quickly go see the sect master. I reckon we’ve kept him waiting. Tang Yu, you go speak to fourth uncle, the matter of the iron cable outside can’t be delayed.”

“Alright.” Tang Yu turned around and left, while Tang Long and Tang Tian brought Tang San into the Clear Sky School’s main building.

The Clear Sky School’s buildings didn’t give the slightest impression of lavishness, but neither were they plain. their overall greatest characteristic

was the word massive.

Entering the main building, also that castle-like place, passing through wide hallways, they ascended to the second floor via stairs inside.

On the way they saw a lot of Clear Sky School disciples, all dressed in grey clothing. The Tang Long brothers brought Tang San to a halt before an arched door in the innermost part of the second floor.

Tang long raised his hand and knocked twice, “Sect master, we’ve brought Tang San.”

“Enter.” A deep rich voice echoed from within the room. To Tang San’s ears, it was extraordinarily familiar, because this voice was eighty percent similar to his father Tang Hao’s.

Tang Long pushed open the door and signaled Tang San with his eyes, then took the lead to go inside. Tang Tian didn’t follow, but rather stood by the door.

This room was more than a hundred square meters, the interior decorated very simply, a wide table, bookcases covering both walls, as well as two long sofas.

Tang Yue-Hua sat gracefully on a sofa. Seeing the white dressed Tang San follow Tang Long inside, the smile on her face instantly grew wider.

Tang San naturally glanced at his aunt, but his attention was still drawn by the stalwart figure behind the table.

More than two meters tall, the back of a tiger and waist of a bear, a chiseled face and short grizzled hair.

He was equally dressed in grey, but sitting there, he was like the core of this castle.

Two meters was perhaps not very tall, but if Tang San had to describe this person in words, perhaps he could only call him ‘towering’.

His father’s eyes were muddy, caused by those old injuries, and this man who was seventy or eighty percent similar to his father seemed even a bit younger. His bright and full of expression eyes were like torches. In a short while of staring at Tang San, a vast and wild aura covered the sky and hid the earth, without any attempt at restraint, the enormous pressure enveloped Tang San all at once.

But ingeniously, this pressure completely bypassed Tang Long, without subjecting him to a bit of its effect.

Tang Long wasn’t weak, and his complexion swiftly changed. As he looked at Tang San again, his gaze couldn’t help being somewhat anxious.

But astonishing Tang Long was that Tang San stepped into the room, confronting that assault of pressure without his expression changing in the slightest. His feet standing in a faint T-shape, his waist and back perfectly straight. The graceful expression faded away, replaced by respect.

Both knees bending, two vague layers of blue and white light could be faintly distinguished around Tang San. Kneeling on the ground with a putong sound, he saluted the man behind the table releasing the vast pressure.

“Tang San pays his respects to sect master.” Only a few words, but each syllable was pronounced extremely distinctly, and also exceptionally coherently.

The pupils of Tang Long’s eyes enlarged somewhat. Was this fellow really human? Confronting the sect master’s powerful pressure, he could actually still move into a kneeling salute, and even speak.

‘Could his strength really be greater than mine? But, second aunt said he was only twenty.’

In fact, he couldn’t know how immense the pressure Tang San endured right now was.

That immense pressure was like a cloud piercing mountain, pressuring him until he was unable to breathe. Tang San appeared very calm right now, but in fact he had already released both his great domains.

The Deathgod Domain made up the inner layer, covered by the Blue Silver Domain outside, making the outside world unable to sense the aura he released.

Moreover, his body was also already completely taut.

That was after all a physique that had passed the forging of two great immortal herbs and countless experiences. The pressure Tang San endured right now was like when he trained his hammer under the waterfall.

Each of his movements actually looked for the weakest area in the pressure that confronted him, and by these movements he could reduce the stress the pressure caused him.

As for the words he spoke, they were spat out with inner strength.

The man behind the table withdrew his gaze, and all the pressure instantly disappeared. Tang San only felt his surroundings empty, as if all his strength had been spent. If not for his steady balance practiced under the waterfall for a long time, perhaps he would’ve made a fool of himself and toppled over. But he was in the end still able to stabilize himself, his upper body swayed once, but he still maintained the salute.

“Get up.” The deep voice came from that man. That’s right, this person was the Clear Sky School’s current sect master, Tang Hao’s elder brother, Tang Xiao[4]. One of Clear Sky School’s twin Douluo. His title was Howling Sky.

Tang San didn’t get up immediately, but rather kowtowed three times to Tang Xiao, three dong dong dong sounds echoing as his forehead impacted the floor.

Tang Yue-Hua’s brows wrinkled, hastily stepping forward to pull up Tang San, “What are you doing? Your father’s matters from back then can’t be left to you to undertake.” Whether her or Tang Xiao, both naturally understood that Tang San made these three headbumps for Tang Hao to Tang Xiao.

Tang San hung his head and got up, “A father’s debts pass to the son, this is Heaven’s law and earth’s principle. Sect master, I hope to assume responsibility for everything on behalf of my father.”

Ever since Tang San stepped through the door, Tang Xiao’s expression had been somewhat indeterminate. Hearing these words, Tang Xiao fiercely slapped the stone table in front of him with a palm, furiously shouting: “What can you assume?”

With a soft chi sound, the table in front of Tang Xiao quietly collapsed, unexpectedly turning into fine powder just like that, against expectations without influencing anything in the surroundings. Imperceptibly, he had already revealed his profound and frightful cultivation.

Tang Long standing to the side was inwardly speechless. That was a two ton table carved from the most solid granite. Breaking it wasn’t difficult, but noiselessly turning it into dust was.

Tang Xiao shot Tang long a glare, “What are you sticking your tongue out at? Get out, go to the back mountain and make a table. No food until it’s done properly.”

“Ah?” Tang Long’s expression turned painful, looking at Tang Xiao without daring to retort.

Tang Xiao glared, “Want me to repeat myself?”

“I’m going, I’m going.” Tang Long appeared very impressive in front of third generation disciples, but in front of Tang Xiao he was like a meek kitten, and hastily ran off.

Tang San knelt once again, “I don’t know whether I can assume it, but I hope to use this life for the sake of the sect, to exhaust all my abilities on the command of the sect.”

Tang Xiao turned around, pushing open the window behind him. With a pull of his right hand, the stone powder on the floor was unexpectedly drawn out just like that, quickly flying into the air outside.

“He actually lets a child assume his own matters. Oh, Tang Hao, will you really always keep shirking?”

Hearing Tang Xiao’s words, Tang San couldn’t help having his father’s one armed one legged melancholy appear before his eyes, “Sect master, father isn’t shirking. He said, he was unable to face the sect. That he wasn’t qualified to return.”

Tang Xiao couldn’t keep his voice from trembling, “He’s still well?”

Tang San nodded silently,

“Father’s very well, he’s keeping company at mother’s side every day.
He’s prepared to pass his remaining days like this.”

“Keeping company at your mother’s side?” Tang Xiao sharply turned his head, and Tang San clearly saw that the rims of his eyes were already somewhat red.

Tang San said: “After mother passed away, she incarnated as blue silver grass. Father’s always accompanied her.”

Tang XIao stared blankly a moment, then drew a deep breath, “Perhaps, that’s the best ending for him.” This time he seemed a lot older, his gaze at Tang San also gradually softening.

With a flash of light, Tang San held that long black box, supporting it in both hands, “Sect master, this is what father had me bring. He said that this was the only thing he could do for the sect.”

Tang Xiao waved an upraised hand, effortlessly making a pulling motion in empty air, and that heavy black box fell into his palm as if it was nothing.

Lightly flicking a finger, the black box opened. As that tremendous energy filled the room, as the two spirit bones within appeared before Tang Xiao’s eyes, he couldn’t keep his expression from changing greatly, his hair and beard all trembling.

Tang San only saw a blur before his eyes, before Tang Xiao already stood in front of him, one hand grasping the front of his jacket, pulling him close in front of him. Tang Xiao said in an almost trembling voice: “Tang Hao, brother Hao, he……”

Tang Yue-Hua had by now also seen the two spirit bones in the long black box. Her mind went blank white, standing there stupidly, tears flowing uncontrollably.

“Father said that if he didn’t do this, he would be unable to keep mother company at peace for the rest of his life. Father’s old wounds were also settled by severing his limbs. Originally, he already did this after he left me at aunt’s place. Sect master, you……”

“Call me uncle[5].” Tang Xiao shouted angrily, the shock numbing Tang San’s ears.

“Uncle.” This time, as Tang San was in contact with Tang Xiao, he could clearly sense Tang Xiao’s violently fluctuating mood. Even though they hadn’t met for decades, his feelings for his little brother hadn’t lessened a bit.

“Second brother, second brother, he……” Tang Yue-Hua was now sobbing, unable to speak. Looking at those two spirit bones, her whole body trembled violently.

Tang Xiao closed the black box with a pa sound, simultaneously releasing his grip on Tang San’s lapels,

“Little San, that’s what your father calls you.”

Tang San nodded.

Tang Xiao’s gaze gradually calmed, “Did you know, in fact, I never thought your father did anything wrong. If Ah Yin had chosen me, perhaps I would have done the same as him, and even more violently than he did. Therefore, no matter what others say hereafter, I don’t want Tang Hao’s matters to become your burden. Working hard for the sect is something you must do, but not because of your father, but rather because you’re a member of the sect.”

Tang San felt as if something was choked in his stomach. Lowering his head, he said especially sincerely: “Thank you, uncle.”

Tang Xiao looked at Tang San, his gaze changing somewhat, “You look a lot like your mom, but your character is like your dad’s. Yue-Hua, don’t cry, perhaps brother Hao’s mind will be a bit more comfortable like this. Tomorrow will be little San’s ceremony for recognizing his ancestors and clan. You arrange it.”

Tang Yue-Hua wiped her tears, her brows wrinkling slightly, she said: “Big brother, don’t you need to inform the sect elders first? After all, they……”

Tang Xiao waved his hand to her, “You go arrange it, I know what to do. Rather than notifying them in private it would be better to keep it above the table. You first bring little San to rest. Little San, in tomorrow’s ceremony for recognizing your ancestors and clan tomorrow, remember that the Clear Sky School is different from the outside world. You can’t use the etiquette you learnt at your aunt’s school to find your place in the sect. I’ll leave you with one word, unyielding. Here, strength is the authority to speak. If you want to replace your father in sect affairs, you must first use your strength to prove yourself to the sect. Otherwise, you won’t be able to do anything.”

As she brought Tang San from the sect master’s room, Tang Yue-Hua still hadn’t recovered from her sadness. Just think, the second brother who was

so brave and prosperous back then, the Douluo Continent’s youngest Spirit Douluo, whose feat of striking down and killing the Supreme Pontiff while under siege brought unprecedented humiliation to Spirit Hall. But now he had ruined his body, no longer the hero of those days, only able to wait for the day his life would end between the mountains and fields. What kind of dismal ending was this?

The ones living in the Clear Sky School castle were the sect’s second generation as well as the first generation elders. The third and fourth generation all lived in stone houses behind the castle.

Tang Yue-Hua arranged a residence for Tang san, then carefully asked Tang San about his trip back to see Tang Hao. While listening to Tang San finish his story and heard that there was hope for Tang San’s mother’s recovery, her mood calmed somewhat.

The rooms arranged for Tang San were very simple. A very small room for receiving visitors, only around seven or eight square meters, a ten square meter bedroom, as well as a very small bathroom with all the amenities to live. This was the standard provided for the Clear Sky School’s third generation children.

“Little San, I really want to go see your dad.” Tang Yue-Hua sobbed. Tang San sighed lightly,
“Just when I saw dad had cut off his limbs, I was also very distraught. But I came around later. Perhaps now he will be able to be together with mom every day without worrying about future trouble, it’s what’s best for him. You can go when you have the time. It’s after all quite far.”

Tang Yue-Hua nodded, “Alright, let’s not talk about your father’s matters for now. Tell me, what’s your plan, returning to the sect this time?”

Tang San said: “Dad hoped I could pay my respects to grandfather, then help the sect as much as I can.”

Tang Yue-Hua said: “The situation in the sect is very complicated right now. If we see it from your father’s point of view, the sect is internally split into two camps. One faction led by your uncle believes the matters back then wasn’t your father’s fault, but rather a conflict caused by Spirit Hall being overbearing. Even if Spirit Hall’s Supreme Pontiff died, your mother also passed away. Spirit Hall relying on its formidable influence to suppress the Clear Sky School was harmful to the sect, so we had no choice but to draw a clear line between us and your father. But in fact, your father didn’t do anything wrong. The other faction is lead by a few still living first generation elders. The believe that your father’s actions were ill conceived, that marrying a spirit beast caused the later conflict, and almost led to the sect colliding with Spirit Hall head on, producing irreparable consequences. Moreover, it still caused your grandfather to die from anger, an unpardonable sin. Tang Long and the others you met today are all on your uncle’s side, your uncle adopted Tang Long as a son from a junior. He’s the number one in the third generation.”

Tang San’s eyes displayed a deeply pondering light,

“Aunt, you’re telling me that my matter of recognizing my ancestors and clan will be obstructed by the sect elders?”

Tang Yue-Hua nodded, “Just so. I fear tomorrow’s business won’t go over too smoothly. Even if your father has returned the two spirit bones, I’m afraid it will still be very difficult for them to forgive him. Second brother also separated himself from the sect, drawing a clear line. I’m afraid they won’t easily allow you to recognize your ancestors and sect.”

Tang San’s brows wrinkled, “If the elders don’t consent, what will the result be?”

Tang Yue-Hua’s face turned gloomy, “In the worst case, you’ll be expelled from the sect, your spirit crippled. Even so much that they would use you as bait to find your father, investigating his guilt from back then. Of course, this is practically impossible, big brother is after all the sect master, and the elders will still give him some face. If I don’t guess too much, the elders will compromise in the end, driving you away from the sect, not recognizing you as a child of the Clear Sky School.”

Tang San looked at Tang Yue-Hua and said: “Then what should I do? Since you agreed to let me return, you should already have thought of a countermeasure.”

Tang Yye-Hua nodded, “Even though the elders are outdated, they always attach most importance to the sect. In order to gain their recognition, you must first do as your uncle said, prove your own strength in front of them. Use strength to conquer them. Afterwards make some contributions to the sect. Like that they’ll be unable to oppose you recognizing your ancestors and clan. The reason your uncle’s hint was ‘unyielding’ was in order to tell you that in our Clear Sky School, the strong eat the soft. Originally your uncle and your dad’s position in the strength was completely gained by fighting. Whoever refused got a beating, that’s how they established their authority. When your uncle returned to the sect to take over as sect master, the elders also called him into question, since he was always together with your father. Your uncle relied on his strength to defeat all the elders, thereby gaining their approval, becoming the new generation’s Clear Sky School sect master. Therefore, the process of your recognizing your ancestors and sect tomorrow won’t be effortless, there’s no harm in being a bit unyielding, use strength to prove you have the capability to help return the sect to its glory.”

Tang San nodded slowly,

“Aunt, I understand.”

Tang Yue-Hua stood up, touching Tang San’s head,

“Then rest well. Preserve and nurture your spirit. I still have some matters to prepare. The sect general assembly will begin tomorrow morning, aunt will watch your performance then.”

Finished saying this, Tang Yue-Hua told Tang San that someone would specially deliver his meal, letting him rest properly.

With Tang Yue-Hua gone, Tang San sat crosslegged on his bed, recalling his return to the sect today. His uncle and aunt were clearly partial to his

father’s side. He had seen that when uncle mentioned his father he was always constraining his emotions, and as he said he looked like his mother, his eyes revealed a gentleness that couldn’t be concealed. Apparently, even though his father suffered, he was at least together with his mother. Even though his uncle had become the sect master, the suffering he bore wasn’t any less than his father’s.

Whether he could smoothly accomplish his father’s wishes, would perhaps have to be seen tomorrow.

Thinking thus, Tang San drew a deep breath and slowly closed his eyes, entering a cultivating state. Even though his improvement speed had slowed somewhat in his year at the Moon Pavilion, he had had instead mastered the subjects of his study. Especially after now having completely connected all eight extraordinary meridians, even though his overall strength hadn’t improved much, his inner strength was like a great river, deep and unending, far from something opponents of the same level could compare to.

In the evening.

Soft knocks echoed from the door.

Tang San slowly opened his eyes, “Please come in.”

The door opened, and first to stretch inside was a head. That was a young lady, her hair combed into two adorable little pigtails, appearing around thirteen or fourteen years old.

“Are you uncle San?” The sharp and clear voice was very pleasant, a pair of spirited big eyes looked curiously at Tang San.

Tang San smiled slightly, “Who are you? Come in.”

The young girl pushed open the door, holding a box of food, “You still haven’t told me if you’re uncle San.”

Tang San smiled: “If you’re bringing food for Tang San, then that’s right. It’s me.”

The young girl giggled, big eyes curiously studying Tang San, “Uncle San, you really look pretty. Much better looking than my dad.”

Tang San stared blankly a moment, “Who’s your dad?”

The young girl said: “My dad’s called Tang Hu[6], he’s the third generation chief.”

Tang San puzzled said: “Isn’t the third generation chief big brother Tang Long?”

The young girl shook her head, saying: “The third generation chief is my dad, not uncle Tang Long. Dad always say that uncle Tang Long can’t beat him. Losing to uncle Tang Long last time was just bad luck.” While speaking, she placed the food on a table next to Tang San’s bed, her big eyes looking somewhat resentfully at Tang San.

Tang San smiled wider, saying: “Over time, luck is also a part of strength. I still don’t know your name.”

The young girl said: “I’m called Tang Tiantian[7]. Uncle San, you can call me Tiantian.”

Tang San smiled: “Alright, thank you, Tiantian.” Looking at this cleareyed pure little lady in front of him, Tang San couldn’t help recalling when he was her age. At that time, he had already met Xiao Wu, met the other Shrek Seven Devils. Everyone were putting all their effort into cultivating together.

Tiantian smiled at Tang San, “Uncle San, then I’ll leave. Goodbye. Your smile is really pretty.” Finished speaking, the young girl ran out, bouncing and vivacious.

The meal was very simple, one dish of beef, four steamed rolls, one stir fried cabbage, as well as a big bowl of egg soup. Tang San ate with good

appetite, this was his first meal back at the sect. No matter what was said, this place was also considered his home in this world.

After an uneventful night, early the next morning, Tang San customarily got up at dawn and stepped outside.
[1] Tang Long - (唐⻰) “Tang Dragon”
[2] Tang Tian - (唐天) “Tang Heaven”
[3] Tang Yu - (唐⽟) “Tang Jade”
[4] Tang Xiao - (唐啸) “Tang Howl”, could also be hiss, whistle, or any number of similar sounds.

[5] Uncle - He asks Tang San to use a rather informal way of addressing an uncle (⼤伯)

[6] Tang Hu - (唐虎) “Tang Tiger”

[7] Tang Tiantian - (唐甜甜) “Tang Sweetie”

Chapter 148

Just as he stepped out the door, a damp mist hit him head on. The mountaintop was extremely humid, and the fog was even denser in early morning. If it was an ordinary person’s eyesight, he could only have seen five meters or so.

Even if Tang San wasn’t greatly influenced by it, he was clearly unable to cultivate Purple Demon Eye. It seemed that if he were to stay here long, he would have to find a suitable place to cultivate.

The air was somewhat cold, and in just a moment outside, Tang San’s clothes were damp, leaving him no choice but to return to his room. Just as he hesitated over whether to cultivate a while longer, a pounding noise echoed at the door.

“Tang San, you up?” The voice belonged to Tang Long.

“I’m up.” Tang San hastily stepped forward to open the door, finding Tang Long carrying food boxes inside. Compared to Tang Tiantian’s delivery yesterday, he clearly brought a lot more food.

“Come, we’ll eat breakfast together.” Tang Long also didn’t stand on ceremony, placing the food boxes on the table and opening them. Inside was a tray of steamed buns, a pot of hot congee, as well as a few eggs and salted vegetables.

“You might be busy today. Eat a bit.”

“Many thanks.” Tang San didn’t stand on ceremony. He was just at an age where he could eat, and the two brothers ate heartily, finishing all the food in moments.

“Tang San, I’m afraid today will be troublesome for you. I heard the other brothers say that the elders are paying particular attention to your return, and are moreover very angry. The sect master had me tell you to be careful in everything. You can decline others’ challenges when necessary.”

Could he really decline? If he did, perhaps he truly would be unable to do anything for the sect. Tang San secretly sighed, “Many thanks, big brother.”

Tang Long didn’t leave even after breakfast was done, all along waiting until the sun hung high enough to break up the mist, then led Tang San outside, directly to the Clear Sky School’s front courtyard.

Clear Sky School. Front courtyard.

Completely different from the quiet when Tang San arrived yesterday, right now at least a hundred fifty people were gathered in the courtyard. The majority stood in a ring, while sect master Tang Xiao and five old and white haired elders stood in the center of the courtyard.

These five elders all seemed to be at least eighty years old, but each had a lively spirit, red luster across their whole faces. One elder among them was speaking to Tang Xiao about something with a stern expression.

Tang Long spoke in a low voice: “Besides the people outside for procuring things and handling business, the sect’s directly related disciples are all here. Those five in the center are the sect’s five first generation elders. Even the sect master has to deal with them. In terms of seniority, they’re all the sect master’s uncles.”

Accompanied by Tang Long, Tang San arrived in the courtyard. The incense burner Tang San had originally predicted would be here didn’t appear. Tang Yue-Hua stood behind Tang Xiao, her expression extremely

unsightly. Tang San and Tang long’s appearance immediately became the focal point of everyone.

At this point, someon e unknown shouted, “Tang Hao family trash, get out of Clear Sky. You’re not welcome here.”

Along with this provocation, a new few of the sect youths immediately shouted back, and for a moment the courtyard became disorderly.

Tang San’s eyes narrowed slightly. Just as Tang Xiao was about to shout for order, suddenly, a faint white light spread from Tang San, instantly becoming colorless.

Right now was the middle of the day. The mountaintop was undoubtedly very cold without the sunshine, but it was also the place closest to the sun. As the sunshine sprinkled down, the temperature would also be much higher than on level ground. The vicious sunshine would even cause sunburns.

But right now, in the instant the white light spread from Tang San, the Clear Sky School’s disciples all had a feeling as if they’d fallen into an ice cellar. The ice cold thick killing intent spread to every corner of the front courtyard.

The numerous disorderly voices screeched to a sudden halt as if cut off with a sharp blade. Who could have thought that the previously quiet and contented, gracefully calm Tang San, would actually be able to release this kind of almost substantial tyrannical killing intent.

With a sweep of his gaze, Tang San almost instantly found that sect disciple who rushed to speak up first. That was a youth roughly the same age as him. Relying on his technique for locating sounds as well as his potent spiritual force, he directly locked him down.

And this moment the rich killing intent distributed into the surrounding air suddenly condensed, gathering entirely on this person.

The killing intent that had turned colorless from scattering once again appeared white, Like it was a bridge connecting Tang San to that youth. A faint blood red flashed in Tang San’s deep blue eyes. This moment, Tang Yue-Hua seemed to recognize that Tang San that had first come to the Moon Pavilion.

That moment the slightly more than twenty year old youth found himself in the condensed Deathgod Domain, his expression immediately turned miserable. The heavy chill seeped directly into his skin. To his eyes, Tang San seemed to have become a bloodthirsty devil.

However, he was also worthy of being called a Clear Sky School disciple. Even though he was young, his cultivation wasn’t shallow.

With a loud shout, black light surged in his right hand, a one meter long Clear Sky Hammer abruptly emerging. Two yellow and two purple, four spirit rings were released. Relying on his spirit’s formidable imposing manner, he managed with difficulty to stabilize his swaying heart.

This was still the Clear Sky Hammer. If he had an inferior spirit, under the combined assault of Tang San’s Deathgod Domain and spiritual force, perhaps he would already have collapsed.

Tang Xiao shouted: “Tang San, don’t be impudent in front of the elders.”

Tang San also didn’t plan to really do anything. The white light vanishing, he once again turned to Tang Xiao as if he had never done anything, bowing and saluting, “My respects to sect master, my respects to elders.”

The five elders naturally also felt the tyrannical killing intent Tang San had released, and they couldn’t keep their faces from changing. One elder with long white eyebrows said in a low voice: “Deathgod Domain.”

Tang San didn’t conceal it, “Exactly.”

Another slim elder gave a cold laugh, “You’ve actually inherited the talent of that disaster Tang Hao, but so what? If the sect had another Tang Hao, perhaps we would be destroyed. You, a third generation disciple, still doesn’t kneel when meeting us?”

Tang San hesitated a moment, but still kneeled. Not only because they were his elders, but even more because of what his father owed the sect.

“Tang San hopes for forgiveness for his father, to help restore the greatness of the sect. Sect master and elders, please allow me to recognize my ancestors and clan.”

The slim elder furiously said: “Bullshit, in view of your father’s conduct and deeds, don’t think about returning to the sect. You’re the son born from him and that evil spirit beast creature, just a bastard. Even if the Clear Sky School’s gates are sealed, we still won’t let a bastard return to the sect.”

“Seventh junior, pay attention to propriety when you speak, there are a lot of juniors watching.” The long-eyebrowed elder frowned, speaking somewhat dissatisfied.

Hearing the word ‘bastard’. Tang San’s expression suddenly became calm. Still kneeling, he slowly raised his head, looking at the slim elder.

“Who did you say is a bastard?” Even though he didn’t release the Deathgod Domain, the chill he emanated right now was even colder than before.

Tang Xiao didn’t block Tang San from questioning the slim elder, right now he was also so furious his face was grey.

“You, little bastard.” The slim elder hardly concealed the fury in his expression, already trembling somewhat in agitation, “If not for that animal Tang Hao involving the sect, my eldest son wouldn’t have been ambushed and killed by Spirit Hall while getting supplies for the sect.”

“Enough. Seventh elder, if you don’t control yourself you can leave.” The long-eyebrowed elder clearly held the most respected position among the five elders. Hearing that slim elder hurling abuse without listening to excuses and without the least elegance, he was also somewhat angry.

Something nobody expected happened. Tang San suddenly faced the slim elder, slamming his head against the ground three times, “I’m sorry, seventh elder. I will apologize on behalf of my father for the mistakes he made back then. However, your true enemy should be Spirit Hall, not us.”

As he spoke, Tang San’s expression seemed very sincere, and his three head knocks were also very heavy. As he raised his head once again, there was already a wisp of blood on his forehead.

In fact, with the durability of his skin, he had clearly had to be extremely forceful to damage it like this, and moreover without using a trace of spirit power to protect himself.

The slim elder sneered: “Can that make up for the pain of mourning my son? I’m not alone in suffering from Tang Hao’s actions, it’s the entire sect. If he knew he was wrong, he should return to apologize to the sect himself.”

Tang San stood, as if he hadn’t heard this seventh elder’s words, his originally sincere gaze abruptly turned severe, “Even though I believe the sect’s matters can’t be completely blamed on my father, my father was after all also wrong, implicating the sect. Therefore I offer apologies to you. However, for your previous words disgracing my mother, I must ask for justice. Seventh elder, I challenge you, I won’t complain even in death.”

His words were unhesitating like chopping the nail and slicing the iron. Even though his appearance was handsome, his temperament refined, at this moment everyone in the Clear Sky School sensed that powerful and valiant air from Tang San.

The slim seventh elder stared blankly a moment, “You want to challenge me?”

Tang San confirmed: “Yes. Please advise me, seventh elder.”

“Hahahaha.” The seventh elder laughed loudly and heartily, the spirit power fluctuations emanating along with the wild laughter seemingly making the entire Clear Sky School tremble, “A junior like you still makes a challenge to me. If it was Tang Hao it might be appropriate.”

To the side, Tang Yue-Hua secretly cursed in her heart, ‘If second brother was here, would you dare accept?’ But she saw that Tang Xiao next to her never spoke up, leaving it for Tang San to handle himself, and naturally also didn’t say anything.

She knew that it wasn’t that her big brother as sect master was unable to contend with the elders, but rather a chance Tang Xiao gave Tang San, and also an opportunity to test Tang San’s capability.

Tang San quietly watched the seventh elder, calmly saying: “Don’t you dare?”

Just these three words were like a slap in the seventh elder’s face, his laughter coming to a sudden stop. As one of Clear Sky School’s five elders, this seventh elder had an extremely high position in the sect. Even if Tang Xiao would to let him, now being provoked by a junior several generations younger, how could he endure?

Just as the seventh elder was about to speak up, the long-eyebrowed elder indifferently said: “Youngsters may be proud to the bone, but they can’t be arrogant. You’ve never returned to the sect, and right now you still aren’t part of the sect, so I won’t punish you according to the sect rules. However, the sect won’t forget about you looking down on us. Where is Tang Hu?”

“Second uncle.” A robust man around his forties walked out from the crowd. As he walked through the crowd, the third generation disciples automatically stepped out of his way, his position in the sect obvious.

The long-eyebrowed elder indifferently said: “You exchange pointers with him. Even though the Clear Sky School has returned to live in seclusion, we still won’t be provoked by anyone.” Clearly, he had never recognized Tang San as a member of the Clear Sky School.

A tiny voice reached Tang San’s ear, “This Tang Hu’s strength isn’t inferior to mine, his spirit power has already reached the sixty fourth rank, be careful.” The voice belonged to Tang Long. This seemingly boorish third generation chief had a very meticulous mind.

Somewhat shocking Tang San was that the long-eyebrowed elder unexpectedly looked towards Tang Long. It seemed he had also heard what Tang Long had said with his voice compressed to a string.

Tang San looked at the long-eyebrowed elder, “Elder, if I win, will I be qualified to challenge the seventh elder?”

The long-eyebrowed elder glanced at him, his eyes calm as the vast ocean, this elder didn’t express the slightest bit of his aura on the surface, but Tang San seemed to sense that he was even more dangerous than his uncle Tang Xiao.

“You will.”

The seventh elder snorted disdainfully, “Tang Hu. If you lose, I’ll shut you into closed door training for a year.”

Tang Hu didn’t say anything. Just the opposite from Tang Long’s wildness, this Clear Sky School third generation elite appeared very cold, his face level as water, his whole person exceptionally calm. Built tall but not thick, and without showing any mood fluctuations from the two elders’ words. Tang San knew that the opponent he was about to confront wasn’t easy to handle. The most outstanding disciple of what was once the world’s number one sect, how could he be easily dealt with?

“Tang Hu, sixty fourth ranked power attack system battle Spirit Emperor. Please.” Making an inviting gesture to Tang San, Tang Hu was the very model of etiquette.

“Tang San, fifty ninth ranked control system battle Spirit King. Please.” Tang San’s movements were graceful and natural, as if in harmony with the world. Tang Yue-Hua to the side couldn’t help smiling and nodding, this was all the result of her teaching.

As they heard Tang San reveal his spirit power level, all the Clear Sky School disciples couldn’t help being in an uproar. Tang San appeared much younger than Tang Hu. Even Tang Long was thirty when breaking through the sixtieth rank.

“Wait a moment, kid, how old are you this year?” The previously clamoring seventh elder suddenly asked.

Tang San turned his head to look at him. Even though he didn’t have any good impression of this seventh elder, when he thought of his pain of mourning his son, he could still somewhat understand his mood, “Just turned twenty.”

The surroundings quieted down. The facial muscles of Tang Hu standing across from Tang San twitched slightly. Before Tang San arrived at the sect, even though Tang Yue-Hua wasn’t modest in bragging about him, it was still only limited to Tang Xiao as well as Tang long and his closest several third generation subordinate disciples. The elders and the other third generation disciples naturally didn’t know his circumstances. What Tang Xiao wanted was for Tang San to shock everyone today.

Just turned twenty. These few words alone simultaneously moved the five elders. The five looked at each other, inwardly all making some judgements.

Originally, Tang Hao was already a genius difficult to find in a hundred years in the Clear Sky School. This son of his seemed to be even more outstanding than he was back then.

Twenty years old and fifty ninth rank. Further adding a Deathgod Domain, he really did have the capital to be arrogant.

The long-eyebrowed elder waved a hand, saying: “Begin.” Spirit power level was admittedly important, but it didn’t stand for everything. To say nothing of that Tang Hu was still one level higher than Tang San, one more spirit ring. The higher the level of the Spirit Master, the greater the strength difference of one spirit ring. Furthermore, Tang Hu’s spirit was the Clear Sky School’s exceptional top rate tool spirit, the Clear Sky Hammer. He didn’t believe that Tang San could make up the difference between him and Tang Hu with a Deathgod Domain.

Black light sparkled, and Tang Hu’s aura abruptly became grave. Within the rich black rays of light, a black Clear Sky Hammer with a three meter long handle and head the size of a bucket appeared within the dense black light in his right hand. Two yellow, two purple, two black, six spirit rings appeared neatly arrayed over the Clear Sky Hammer.

With the appearance of the Clear Sky Hammer, Tang Hu’s manner immediately changed. Compared to the previous coldness, right now he was like solid granite, towering there without the slightest gap.

This was still the first time Tang San confronted an opponent with the Clear Sky Hammer. Not daring be the slightest bit careless, he released his own Blue Silver Emperor.

A strand of sparkling and translucent Blue Silver Emperor appeared out of nothing in Tang San’s right hand like a whip. Under the intense sunshine, the golden line within the Blue Silver Emperor was clearly visible.

“Wait a moment, his spirit isn’t the Clear Sky Hammer, who let him into the sect? What disciples were on duty yesterday?” The seventh elder shouted loudly, once again interrupting Tang San and Tang Hu’s contest.

Without waiting for the disciples on duty to appear, Tang Yue Hua standing to the side had already indifferently said: “Seventh elder, don’t tell me you haven’t heard of the Spirit Master world concept of twin spirits?

The Clear Sky School’s disciples were still good. As far as they knew, the Clear Sky Hammer was the best spirit in the world, and nothing could compare to it. But the expressions of some of the older third generation

disciples as well as the elders changed, even more shocked than when they heard Tang San was fifty ninth ranked at twenty before.

If cultivation could be said to be raised through hard work and luck, then twin spirits was a gift, a blessed gift.

The long-eyebrowed elder stared fixedly at Tang Yue-Hua, “You’re saying that he’s the same as the present Spirit Hall Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong, having twin spirits?”

Tang Yue-Hua nodded, “Tang San inherited his dad’s Clear Sky Hammer and his mom’s Blue Silver Emperor. Little San, let them see your hammer.”

The sparkling Blue Silver Emperor quietly withdrew, Tang San didn’t even have time to release his spirit rings. Spreading his left hand, the chi long Clear Sky Hammer quietly lay in his hand. Tightening his grip, black light surged around the Clear Sky Hammer.

Everyone present were the Clear Sky School’s direct relations, and naturally recognized that this was indeed the Clear Sky Hammer.

“Continue with the contest.” The long-eyebrowed elder waved his hand, but his eyes already displayed a somewhat pondering expression.

The Clear Sky Hammer was again replaced with Blue Silver Emperor. Yellow, yellow, purple, black, black, five spirit rings spiraled up, quietly and rhythmically revolving around Tang San.

“Take care.” As Tang San’s words fell, his fourth spirit ring had already brightened.

Without any warning, sixteen strands of glittering translucently lustrous Blue Silver Emperor shot up from around Tang Hu, instantly solidifying. Blue Silver Emperor’s fourth spirit ability, Blue Silver Prison.

Compared to before, not only didn’t Tang San’s Blue Silver Prison have any preparatory time, but each strand of Blue Silver Emperor was also even

thicker. The instant the cage formed, countless thorns began to grow from the Blue Silver Emperor, piercing directly towards Tang Hu.

“Hey——” Tang Hu gave a low roar, right hand swinging the Clear Sky Hammer horizontally, already smashing against the Blue Silver Prison.

With an explosive sound, the thorns thrusting at him from the front were smashed. However, shocking Tang Hu was that the solid Blue Silver Prison didn’t even budge. In fact, his Clear Sky Hammer weighed more than a thousand jin[1], and further adding his spirit power, this attack was well over two thousand jin[2]. He had moreover used his first spirit ability to strengthen the Clear Sky Hammer. However, that Blue Silver Prison was extremely durable, and moreover extremely flexible. Even though the thorns were crushed, he was unable to break out of the cage.

The Blue Silver Grass’s second awakening to Blue Silver Emperor had evolved it as a whole. The Blue Silver Prison here was the might the Blue Silver Emperor could truly display. As a ten thousand year spirit ring ability, and also the world’s only Blue Silver Emperor, how could it be so easily broken?

A blue light halo quietly spread from Tang San’s feet, the brilliance very soon encompassing the entire front courtyard.

Everyone in the Clear Sky School only felt an atmosphere full of vitality, however, what Tang Hu felt was completely different. The Blue Silver Prison in front of him suddenly released a golden splendor, that restrained golden line within the Blue Silver Grass instantly growing larger. His just congregated third spirit ability attack unexpectedly rebounded once again.

Tang San had now already raised both his hands, aiming towards Tang Hu. Just restraining the opponent clearly wasn’t enough to gain victory. Tang Hu’s strength was formidable, and he couldn’t be injured just by the thorns growing from the Blue Silver Grass. Not even with the boost of the Blue Silver Domain.

Starting at his right shoulder, strand after strand of Blue Silver Grass coiled around Tang San’s arm. Each strand of Blue Silver Emperor was

only thumb sized, swiftly wrapping coils, they had already completely covered Tang San’s arm in just the blink of an eye. And the fifth spirit ring over Tang San, the fifth spirit ring condensed by the Blue Silver King, flickered with black light.

The never used fifth spirit ability, would finally appear.

Along with the glittering of that black spirit ring, the Blue Silver Domain Tang San released also abruptly grew stronger, rings of blue light surging all over him, and that Blue Silver Emperor wrapped arm of his also instantly turned golden.

The long-eyebrowed second elder couldn’t keep back a low shout, “Innate domain, a spirit variation.” Now, his face finally grew serious, his gaze as he looked again at Tang San already somewhat different.

Was it truly spirit variation? No, that was however a kind of special way for the Blue Silver Emperor to manifest.

To be precise, this was also the true Blue Silver Emperor.

Tang San’s fifth spirit ability was completely condensed from countless blue silver grass. That time was also when he aroused the true potential of the Blue Silver Emperor. As a result, this fifth spirit ability undoubtedly ideally suited his Blue Silver Domain.

When both fused together, they would have extremely terrifying power, in no way as simple as common ten thousand year spirit abilities. This showed in how Tang San now warmed up the spirit ability in advance.

Besides this fifth spirit ability, his other spirit abilities could basically all be used instantly.

Blue Silver Emperor was coiled in a spiral around his entirely golden arm. The golden light spread, and Tang San’s expression became extremely serious. Outsiders didn’t sense the feeling this golden Blue Silver Emperor

brought, but as the person involved, Tang Hu clearly sensed this terrifying threat.

Trapped within the Blue Silver Prison, Tang Hu discovered that the pressure emanating from Tang San across from him actually left him unable to breath. As if even his chest had already begun to collapse under the pressure. Especially the spear sharp energy at the tip of that golden light felt even more as if it could pierce everything.

Even the Clear Sky Hammer was unable to completely block the threat that golden light gave him.

He understood that if this spirit ability was unleashed, it would inevitably be earth shattering and heaven shaking. Even though he didn’t know that Tang San’s spirit was Blue Silver Emperor, right now he could still judge that this was a super spirit not second to the Clear Sky Hammer.

Tang Hu was after all an outstanding talent among the Clear Sky School’s third generation disciples. Right now he knew that he wouldn’t be able to escape danger without his full strength. His fifth spirit ring finally brightened.

The Clear Sky Hammer in his hand abruptly emanated black splendor. Line after line of deep purple patterns spread across the hammer, the incomparably tyrannical aura rendering even his eyes purple.

Even with the same Clear Sky Hammer, killing different spirit beasts for spirit rings would produce spirits with different abilities. Right now, the pattern on Tang Hu’s Clear Sky Hammer brought a slight quiver. Only by seeing him twist his waist and straighten his back, the Clear Sky Hammer in his hand seemed alive. Lightly rotating in the small area, abruptly, a layer of heavy black light spread with him at its center.

This moment, Tang Hu seemed to become one with the Clear Sky Hammer, with nothing to separate them.

With the boost of the Blue Silver Domain, not only was each strand of the Blue Silver Prison golden, but they were also knotted and intertwined,

extremely thick and solid, accomplished by the Blue Silver Emperor’s innate domain.

The Blue Silver Domain’s effect brought out the best in the Blue Silver Emperor. This was the greatest advantage of this unique spirit.

If only considering the Blue Silver Emperor, perhaps its quality would still fall short of the Clear Sky Hammer. But the Blue Silver Emperor with the Blue Silver Domain, in some specific conditions, could be even more powerful than the Clear Sky Hammer.

Hong—— Without any restraint, an explosive sound abruptly rose in the Blue Silver Prison. A tremendous explosive force made golden and black colored light soar towards the sky.

Tang Hu gave a muffled grunt on his side, and Tang San, condensing spirit power, swayed slightly, his complexion somewhat pale.

Tasting the tyranny of the Clear Sky Hammer for the first time, Tang San also couldn’t help secretly being overwhelmed with shock. If he hadn’t severed his connection with the Blue Silver Prison just in time, just the burst of spirit power from the collision of the two spirits would have been enough to injure him.

Tang Hu grunted due to suffering the backlash of the collision, but by now he was already soaring into the air, the fifth spirit ability, Man And Hammer Union, even more rising to its peak at the same time as it split the Blue Silver Prison.

In midair, he spun like a purple fierce tiger. The Clear Sky Hammer in his hand swinging like lightning. It was the Clear Sky School’s secret skill, Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method.

The best way to stop the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method was to never let him use it. Both Tang San’s arms were raised simultaneously. His left arm of course had no use in releasing his fifth spirit ability, but was waiting for this moment.

He originally never trusted the fourth spirit ability Blue Silver Prison to completely trap Tang Hu.

Even if this fourth spirit ability of his also was a ten thousand year level, Tang Hu was after all a Clear Sky School disciple with formidable strength. He was above him in both spirit power and spirit abilities.

Blue light shot out of his left hand. After the blue light left his palm, it swiftly turned a sparkling and translucent green, glittering alternately blue and green. It flew straight at Tang Hu using Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method, his violent spirit power fluctuations even allowing him to temporarily float in the air.

In the air, Tang Hu couldn’t help inwardly sneering, secretly thinking, ‘You really haven’t grown up in the sect, don’t even know about the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer method. Using this kind of frontal spirit ability against me at this moment, don’t tell me it can break through the tremendous spirit power released by my Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method? If I can complete more than half my hammer method, it will be the moment of your defeat.’ The opportunities to make this kind of display in front of the elders were rare, right now clearly was a good chance.

Unfortunately, he had no idea how laboriously Tang San had worked on the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method.

As the once most outstanding disciple of the sect, how could Tang Hao not know the importance of the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method to the Clear Sky Hammer? Under Tang Hao’s directions, Tang San’s Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method wasn’t any worse than his peer disciples.

As a control system Spirit Master, his greatest characteristic was control.

By now, Tang San was no longer simply controlling his own spirit abilities, he even controlled the spirit abilities of his opponents.

Including Tang Hu using the fifth spirit ability to break open the Blue Silver Prison, as well as the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method he

used now, everything advanced practically according to the script Tang San had made.

A flash of blue light. Fully using the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method, Tang Hu suddenly felt his whole body tighten. Immediately afterward, sharp pain spread across his whole body, especially his arms ached as if being torn apart.

Blue Silver Emperor’s second spirit ability, Parasite, launched.

Along with the release of the Blue Silver Prison, Tang San’s second spirit ability, Parasite, had already taken effect on Tang Hu’s body. Parasite was in itself only a reinforced version of the first spirit ability, Binding, and Binding’s capability wasn’t any more powerful than first spirit abilities, but its victory lay in its suddenness. Under Tang San’s control, as long as the opponent’s body was seeded with Blue Silver Grass seeds, Parasite could be launched at any time.

The instantly bound by Blue Silver Grass Tang Hu basically hadn’t expected Tang San to use this kind of ability, and both his arms were still swinging the Clear Sky Hammer in the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method.

His body was suddenly bound, but dictated by inertia, he still moved forcefully. The slender but incomparably tenacious Blue Silver Grass immediately cut into his skin. This was the source of the pain.

Tang Hu reacted very quickly, swiftly spinning in the air, the stored power of the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method turning into torque for his body. Otherwise, the Blue Silver Emperor binding his body would perhaps be shattered, but his body would also be shredded by the released force.

The feeling of misusing force made Tang Hu unable to keep from spouting out a mouthful of blood, with great difficulty dissolving the previously accumulated force of his Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method.

But both his arms were already dripping with blood, several dozen wounds cut open by the Blue Silver Emperor.

Even though the Blue Silver Emperor’s exposed thorns couldn’t pierce the toughness of his skin so easily, the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method’s force really was too great. Even though the violent chafing left the Blue Silver Emperor Binding on the verge of collapse, it also pierced his skin.

Neurological toxin invaded, making Tang Hu unable to keep his entire body from spasming.

Parasite was an unremarkable spirit ability, but this spirit ability was still the nemesis of the Clear Sky School’s created secret skill, Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method.


The Blue Silver Emperor shattered once again. Tang Hu’s fifth spirit ability, Man And Hammer Union, had already disappeared due to the interruption, but by now he was also moved to true anger.

He originally hadn’t wanted to use his sixth spirit ability, after all, Tang San only had five spirit rings, so if he used the sixth spirit ability to win, how could he leave a deep impression on the elders?

But constantly thwarted, always suppressed by Tang San, Tang Hu was finally unable to hold back.

The black sixth spirit ring radiated splendor, the lines of light on the Clear Sky Hammer in his hand appearing again, only this time the pattern had already become piercingly silvery, with a lingering silver light.

But before the sixth spirit ability of the Clear Sky Hammer in his hand had time to emerge, that unremarkable flying blue and green colored ball of light from before was already in front of him.

It made no sound, but still spread like a flash of lightning.

A more than ten meter in diameter enormous blue green spider web, covered in sticky liquid and with sparkling translucent blue, abruptly gathered together.

This was the moment when Tang Hu had just thrown off the Blue Silver Emperor Parasite, his body falling, the gap while he prepared to set the sixth spirit ability in motion.

Just as Tang Hu planned, if his Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method had continued, relying on the formidable spirit power of the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method, this Spiderweb Restraint practically couldn’t even have gotten close to him.

However, Tang San’s timing was just perfect, creating an opportunity for himself, simply letting his third spirit ability accurately take effect on Tang Hu.
[1] 1000⽄ = 500 kg
[2] 2000⽄ = 1000 kg

Chapter 149

His body freezing in midair, the more than double strength Blue Silver Emperor Spiderweb Restraint tied Tang Hu up like a dumpling, simultaneously forcefully breaking up the sixth spirit ability he was preparing. The toxins on the spiderweb were already instantly invading Tang Hu through his wounds.

This time it wasn’t only neurotoxin, but at the same time even more powerful stimulants. The pain instantly paralysed Tang Hu’s brain for a short moment. Even more terrifying, cold and hot poisons simultaneously invaded his body, starting to swiftly break down his energy channels.

Being tied up by Spiderweb Restraint while wounded was undoubtedly Tang Hu’s greatest sorrow. He thought to use force, but discovered the amount of strength he could gather was constantly weakening, and the Blue Silver Emperor spiderweb twisted around him grew tighter and tighter.

With a thump, Tang Hu fell to the ground. Even though he could still barely manage to make himself stand, his ability to resist was already becoming weaker and weaker along with the poison spreading.

Tang San’s right hand flickering with golden light was aimed at Tang Hu, moving along with him changing position. Right now, the golden light on his arm had already extended to three meters, just like a brilliant lance of golden light. Without a doubt, this fifth spirit ability of his could completely impact Tang Hu.

“Don’t hurt my dad!” Just at this moment, a young and tender panicked voice echoed, a petite figure fiercely penetrating the crowd and swiftly running over in front of Tang Hu.

Tang San was inwardly alarmed. Right now his fifth spirit ability was just carrying out sustained pressure to Tang Hu. Others didn’t feel it, but just the scattering pressure from the golden lance on his arm was enough to skewer an ordinary person.

The person running out of the crowd was the young girl Tiantian who delivered food for Tang San last night. Seeing her about to run into the range of the golden lance, Tang San swiftly moved sideways, the lance on his hand pointing into the distance. The spirit power accumulated so far also fired now.

A golden flash, instantly turning into a golden ray of light disappearing into the distance. The entire golden pike condensed from Blue Silver Emperor disappeared from sight with a distorted wave of light.

While the opponent was restrained, Tang San also wasn’t planning on using his fifth spirit ability to ruin him. Otherwise he could have already released it when Tang Hu was trapped in the Spiderweb Restraint. That golden spear, brimming with a terrifying aura, was called Blue Silver Overlord Spear[1].

As a spirit ability condensed voluntarily by blue silver grass, the Blue Silver King gave consideration to the deficiencies in Tang San’s abilities, and so assigned him this pure attack ability.

The Blue Silver Overlord Spear’s attack power was extremely terrifying under the effect of the Blue Silver Domain, even to the extent that it was even above the full bombardment of the present spiritual force of Tang San’s Purple Demon Eye.

Quiet. The Clear Sky School’s front courtyard fell into complete silence.

Tang San and Tang Hu didn’t fight for long. From start to finish, it was actually only the release of a few spirit abilities. However, this time was

enough to shock eve ryone present.

Tang San, as a Spirit King, simply by relying on his five spirit abilities had made even Spirit Emperor Tang Hu unable to use his sixth spirit ability, thoroughly defeating him. Right now anyone could see that he didn’t have any ability to resist.

Tang San was admittedly a control type Spirit Master, and in a one versus one situation, control type Spirit Masters held the advantage against power attack type Spirit Masters. But don’t forget that Tang Hu’s spirit was the Clear Sky Hammer. The sect spirit of the once number one sect under Heaven.

And what Tang San used was only a spirit they had never heard of.

The standard of defeating the strong from a position of weakness, and moreover doing it in a way that suppressed the opponent to the point of leaving them unable to even retaliate. Tang San had not only displayed his strength, but at the same time also his plentiful combat experience and extremely accurate calculation abilities.

Tang San slowly walked forward, stepping in front of the young lady Tang Tiantian. Right now Tang Tiantian’s face was already covered with anger.

“Uncle’s bad. Uncle hurt my dad.” Tang Tiantian’s eyes were brimming with hostility.

Tang San secretly sighed. This child who had grown up in the sect really was different from how he was.

Back when he met the other Shrek Seven Devils, besides Ning Rongrong who was somewhat juvenile, practically everyone had very mature ways of thinking at twelve or thirteen.

“Tiantian, it’s your uncle’s fault. Will you step aside so uncle can treat your dad? If he’s treated to late, your dad will suffer.”

“I don’t believe you.” Tang Tiantian spread her arms, still blocking in front of her father.

“Tiantian, step aside.” Resisting the pain, Tang Hu gave a low shout. Even though he had lost the contest, what he could stand the least was being protected by his daughter. A magnificent power among the third generation disciples relying on his daughter for protection, with his extreme pride, how could he endure it?

Tang Tiantian turned her head to look at her dad. Seeing her dad’s strict gaze, she then unwillingly stepped aside.

Tang San waved his right hand, withdrawing his spiderweb. His gaze didn’t pause on Tang Hu for long. While withdrawing the Spiderweb Restraint, he relied on his unreasonable control capabilities to already absorb the toxin affecting Tang Hu.

Turning to look at where the five elders stood, his gaze finally settled on the seventh elder.

“I don’t know whether I can now issue a challenge to the seventh elder?” Just these words, but it was like a heavy palm slapping the seventh elder’s face. As an outsider, Tang San’s display was undoubtedly very powerful. Especially as his current strength left people unable to pick out any faults. His message was very clear, ‘I respect the sect elders, but you insulted my mother, which I cannot tolerate.’

Since Tang San reached the front courtyard, up through his later contest with Tang Hu, he had displayed too many things. And each thing he displayed was something that the Clear Sky School elders couldn’t keep from changing expressions over.

Deathgod Domain, Blue Silver Domain, twin spirits, ten thousand year level fourth spirit ability. With these things all concentrated on him, he seemed extraordinary.

Twenty years old, fifty ninth ranked Spirit king, and still possessing all kinds of formidable abilities. Describing Tang San as a genius was clearly a

bit miserly.

Even though this couldn’t change the Clear Sky School elders’ opinion of Tang Hao, they had to admit that this youngster absolutely had the capital for arrogance.

Of course, Tang San didn’t feel that his display was anything to be arrogant about, but in fact, as a genius of the young generation, the soul of the Shrek Seven Devils, having once lead them to the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament championship, he had long ago already accumulated the aura of a leader. That was an imperceptible influence from all kinds of experiences.

The seventh elder slowly walked forward. Each of his steps was very firm. Even though the expression on his face was calm, one could clearly see that with each step, his feet would sink three cun into the ground[2].

In fact, he stepped on solid rock. But each step left behind the same mark, even to the extent that the pattern on his soles was left behind.

In purity of force, depth of spirit power, he proved he was a formidable Tang family elder.

Tang San drew a deep breath, the Mysterious Heaven Skill inner strength circulating swiftly within him like a great river.

He might have seemed to win the previous battle very easily, but in fact, whether it was the precise calculations or each spirit ability used, they both consumed a substantial amount of energy and inner strength. Tang Hu wasn’t easily dealt with. If he truly had let him employ his sixth spirit ability, Tang San would have had to display even more things. Tang Hu’s defeat was partly because he underestimated Tang San.

Slowly walking up in front of Tang San, the seventh elder wasn’t arrogant any longer, indifferently saying: “I won’t take advantage of you. Regardless of what spirit abilities are used, I will only use thirty percent of my spirit power.”

Tang San knew that even though this seventh elder was outwardly calm, he was extremely serious about this competition. Saying he would only use thirty percent spirit power was clearly a calculation that also included his previous consumption.

“Use forty percent spirit power. My consumption might be less than you imagine, I will moreover use spirit bone abilities, I can’t take advantage of you.”

He still had spirit bones? The eyes of the third generation were already wide. Was he really human?

As directly related Clear Sky School disciples, they had seen a lot of powers, but it was still the first time seeing someone as special as Tang San.

The seventh elder’s eyebrows twitched slightly, “No need, thirty percent is enough.”

Tang San shook his head, “It would be better with forty percent. If you feel I’m taking advantage of you, then let me pick the location of the battle, how about it?”

The seventh elder’s brows wrinkled slightly, “Fine, you choose.” Being two generations his senior, even though he previously cursed Tang San, he really wanted to fight Tang San. Even if Tang San raised some excessive demands, he would still agree.

Tang San had long ago already thought of the most suitable place his fight with this seventh elder.

If it wasn’t on a mountain, he would definitely choose a forest. But the Clear Sky School’s location didn’t have many plants.

Therefore, he could only make another choice.

Raising his hand to point outside the sect, Tang San said: “On the iron cable bridge.”

With these words, the first thing the Clear Sky School disciples felt was that he displayed strong confidence.

They understood that the iron cable bridge Tang San pointed to should be the iron cable bridge connecting to the sect’s final peak, also the one that had broken just before.

This iron cable bridge was not only suspended at high altitude, but moreover covered with a layer of cold frost due to the temperature and humidity. It was not only hard to use force on it, but very difficult to even stand firm.

The first thing to consider when using spirit abilities in a place like this wasn’t injuring the enemy, but rather one’s own safety. That Tang San chose this kind of battleground to challenge the seventh elder who was familiar with the iron cable bridge was clearly due to complete confidence in himself.

If not for how he previously oppressively prevailed over Tang Hu, perhaps each person would feel he was arrogant. But now the seventh elder had already declared he would only use forty percent of his spirit power to fight him.

In that case, nobody could tell for sure if he really had a chance.

“Seventh elder, if this contest is my loss, I will immediately leave the Clear Sky School and never return. If you lose, I hope you can withdraw your previous slander of my mother, and simultaneously approve my recognizing my ancestors and clan, how about it?” Tang San squarely faced the seventh elder, the expression in his eyes clear and sincere.

The seventh elder snorted coldly, “If you lose, not only will you never return to the sect, you must also return the spirit you inherited from the sect.”

Tang San’s complexion changed slightly. Just when he was about to reply, sect master Tang Xiao spoke up for the first time: “Seventh elder, he’s only a third generation disciple. Withdrawing his spirit isn’t something you and he can decide on.”

The seventh elder looked coldly at Tang Xiao, “Then what do you propose, sect master?”

Tang Xiao spoke in a deep voice: “It would be better like this. If this contest is won by Tang San, all the elders please don’t further obstruct him recognizing his ancestors and clan. I think everyone has already seen Tang San’s talent. He’s twenty this year, his future prospects could be limitless. Him working wholeheartedly for the sake of the sect would inevitably have an energizing effect on the sect’s future development. If he loses he will leave the sect. He may never use the Clear Sky Hammer through his life. As for removing the spirit, there’s no need for that. After all, an outstanding genius like him is difficult to find in a hundred years. If his talent was broken due to his strength weakening from losing a spirit, don’t tell me that’s something you elders want to see? No matter what is said, the blood of our Clear Sky School flows in his veins. This is something you elders can’t deny.”

Tang Xiao hadn’t spoken up before, but did now. And it was just right. Even though the elders could prevent him from letting Tang San recognize his ancestors and clan, as the master of the sect, there was no need to doubt Tang Xiao’s authority in the sect. The five elders also had to give him some face.

The seventh elder torned his head to look at the second elder, who calmly said: “We’ll comply with the sect master’s words. However, if Tang San truly can defeat old seven, I will still add three extra requirements. Please don’t worry, sect master. My three demands can be raised after he recognizes his ancestors and clan. It won’t be excessive. Everything is for the sect.”

With Tang Xiao’s character, seeing the calm gaze in the second elder’s eyes, he understood that even if the elders opinions differed from his, they

would all still consider the sect. He nodded immediately, “Fine, like that then. Before the contest, I still have something to declare.”

As he spoke, Tang Xiao pulled out the black long case Tang San had delivered from his spirit tool, his face flat as water: “Tang Hao originally separated himself from the sect, and moreover carried away the sect’s two great spirit bones. This time he ordered Tang San return to recognize his ancestors and clan, and also had Tang San bring back these two spirit bones. I think that this is enough to prove his contrition. Otherwise he could completely have kept the two spirit bones, or accorded them to Tang San.”

As he spoke, Tang Xiao slowly opened the long black box in front of him. Rich spirit power fluctuations welled out, and within the wild and overbearing aura, two spirit bones appeared before the eyes of the elders and the sect disciples.

Seeing these two spirit bones, the elders were all somewhat stunned, the fury originally contained in their eyes gradually fading.

The second elder sighed, “Even if he separated himself from the sect, he is after all the son of the old sect master. It seems he didn’t forget the sect.” Returning the spirit bones could prove a great many things. Under ordinary circumstances, spirit bones leaving the body meant death.

Even with Tang Hao’s cultivation, the elders understood that the appearance of these two spirit bones meant that Tang Hao had at least become a cripple, his strength substantially reduced.

Even though the elders were all extremely angry about the trouble Tang Hao originally brought to the sect, Tang Hao striking down and killing the Supreme Pontiff back then still let everyone know about the power of the Clear Sky Sect. There were even a lot of disciples of the young generation that held Tang Hao as their idol. One of the Clear Sky School’s twin sect Douluo, he was without a doubt a towering figure of the present age. But now Tang Hao had sacrificed his formidable strength for the sake of the sect. It was just as the slightly red-eyed sect master Tang Xiao said, what Tang Hao did was enough to prove his sincerity.

Tang Xiao stepped forward with large strides, handing over the long case to the second elder with both hands, “These two spirit bones are the sect’s most valuable assets, I’ll leave them to the elders’ care. Once the successor to next sect master has been decided, or perhaps when a disciple has rendered outstanding contributions for the sect, use these two spirit bones as rewards.”

The second elder nodded slowly. He understood that this was Tang Xiao giving the elders face.

Otherwise, with his seniority as sect master, he could have taken these two spirit bones without question, even to the extent that he could have immediately fused them into his own body to increase his strength.

Two peoples’ gazes met, the second elder sighed inwardly, then slowly nodded to Tang Xiao.

On the surface it seemed that Tang Xiao was accepting an almost impossible mission on behalf of Tang San, challenging the seventh elder using forty percent of his spirit power. But immediately after he did so, he used Tang Hao returning these two spirit bones to build influence for Tang San. That was in order to have the several elders approve of Tang San recognizing his ancestors and clan.

He had given the elders face, and the elders would naturally return a plum in exchange for a peach.

Handing the two spirit bones to the second elder, was also equivalent to giving them the authority to decide on who they would belong to, imperceptibly raising the elders’ status within the sect.

Even more, the shocking strength Tang San displayed in his previous fight with Tang Hu was also enough to win over these elders.

At least among the present third generation sect disciples, there was absolutely nobody more outstanding than Tang San.

Tang San had inwardly already swiftly analyzed the results of everything that happened in front of him.

But he of course wouldn’t believe that the seventh elder would start of leniently in the later fight against him. He was after all a sect elder. He absolutely wasn’t willing to lose to a little junior like him.

Therefore he would still make an all out effort in the later battle. If he let the elders feel that his strength was only so-so, there might still be changes.

The second elder’s lips buzzed in front of Tang Xiao, using a technique to compress sound into a string to say something to the seventh elder. The seventh elder frowned, but he still nodded stealthily.

“Elders, please.” Tang Xiao made an inviting gesture, then took the lead to walk out of the sect. The master of the sect always had the highest position in the sect.

A hundred or more sect disciples were led out of the sect by Tang Xiao and his sister with the five elders, reaching the side of the precipice.

Looking at the sect elders around him, then again looking at the abyss between mountains filled with clouds and mist in front of him, Tang San couldn’t help being somewhat stupid. In his last life, his final memories were of just this kind of scene.

It was equally a precipice, equally coerced by Tang clan elders. The difference was that in his last life he could only die to clear his name, and in this life he could rely on his strength to win everything. At least, in this world he wouldn’t already die again.

Raising his head to look at the seventh elder, Tang San drew a deep breath, circulating the Mysterious Heaven Skill within his body at high speed. The eight extraordinary meridians being unclogged made his inner strength recovery speed several times faster than before. Even though his previous consumption wasn’t small, he had already recovered a lot in this short time.

The seventh elder also just looked at him, also without speaking. Raising his hand to swing a wide sleeve, a powerful wind spread out, immediately scattering the clouds and mist in front of him. The seventh elder kicked off with one foot, and he seemed to float out moving close to fifty meters before landing on the iron cable bridge.

The iron cable bridge still swayed in the wind as he landed, the seventh elder quietly standing there as if weightless.

Both hands behind his back, the clouds and mist swirling beneath his feet, he looked just like an immortal.

Watching the seventh elder’s movements, Tang San couldn’t keep his heart from trembling. He understood that this seventh elder’s strength might be more dreadful than he had imagined.

Without procrastinating, Tang San equally leapt up. Without showing off, he calmly landed on the iron cable bridge. Feet sliding, he pulled closer to the seventh elder, stopping once the distance between them was thirty meters. The cold ice on the iron cable bridge beneath his feet seemed to have become a helping hand for him.

“Seventh elder, leaving the space between the mountains is a loss, how about it?” Tang San said.

The seventh elder gave a nod, also without speaking further. With a wave of his right hand a Clear Sky Hammer practically the same size as the one Tang Hu summoned appeared out of nothing in his right hand. The difference was that his Clear Sky Hammer didn’t have any pattern.

The pupils of Tang San’s eyes contracted almost instantly. The appearance of the spirit was accompanied by the appearance of spirit rings. Unless one only used the spirit body itself like in his time in Slaughter City, without using any abilities, the spirit rings would certainly appear.

The seventh elder clearly didn’t intend not to use spirit abilities, therefore, at the same time as the Clear Sky Hammer appeared, his spirit rings also simultaneously appeared.

Yellow, yellow, purple, purple, black, black, black, black, black. Nine spirit rings quietly stood still over his Clear Sky Hammer.
Strangely, the spirit rings didn’t have any interest in moving rhythmically, only quietly standing still on the Clear Sky Hammer. The faint radiance they released even washed the surrounding clouds and mist in a different color.

“Ranked seventh eldest, title Fierce Yang.” The seventh elder’s deep voice reached Tang San’s ears.

Tang San smiled wryly within. Wasn’t it said that Clear Sky School only had his father and uncle for Title Douluo? How come this seventh elder unexpectedly also was……

However, he very soon became aware of his error. Clear Sky School being one sect with two douluo was said twenty years ago. Twenty years was enough for a great many things to happen, naturally also including Spirit Douluo cultivating to Title Douluo.

Actually, how could Tang San have known that the Clear Sky School voluntarily sealing itself, living in seclusion on this mountaintop, even though they had no choice, it was still an enormous disgrace for the sect. From that moment on, under Tang Xiao’s advocacy with the elders’ support, the Clear Sky School disciples began to cultivate assiduously.

Once twenty years had passed, and the Clear Sky School’s third generation disciples still hadn’t taken over from the previous generations, but everyone over the age of thirty still had strength exceeding the fiftieth rank. And the disciples of the second generation like sect master Tang Xiao had comprehensively broken through the seventieth rank. The five remaining first generation elders had also all become Title Douluo.

Even though the Clear Sky School didn’t have a lot of people, the strength they hid on this mountain was still extremely terrifying. How could

the title of the number one sect under Heaven from those days be respresented by one sect with twin Douluo?

If the opponent was a Spirit Douluo, Tang San could be almost absolutely certain to defeat him if the opponent only used forty percent spirit power, even if the opponent’s spirit was the formidable Clear Sky Hammer it wouldn’t make any difference. However, the opponent was a Title Douluo. Even if he only used forty percent spirit power, his spirit power would still be close to a seventieth ranked Spirit Master. Even more when the seventh elder had more spirit abilities than Tang Hu. Perhaps he couldn’t use his eighth or ninth spirit abilities, but briefly using the seventh spirit ability Clear Sky Avatar shouldn’t be a problem. Even if this iron cable bridge was the result of his careful choice, when facing a Title Douluo with extremely plentiful combat experience, Tang San knew that defeating him absolutely wouldn’t be easy.

“Afraid?” The seventh elder looked somewhat disdainfully at Tang San.

“No. I’m very happy to challenge you, Fierce Yang Douluo. Tang San, fifty ninth ranked control type Battle Spirit King.” Standing on the iron cable bridge, Tang San faintly saluted the seventh elder.

At the same time as he saluted, rich white light already flashed from his body, the clouds and mist in front of him scattering to either side as if cut by a sharp knife. That white light had already reached the seventh elder in practically an instant. It was Deathgod Domain.

The seventh elder smiled unhurriedly and raised the Clear Sky Hammer in his hand upright. An intense black light enveloped his body, and Tang San’s almost material unreasoning killing intent was blocked outside the black light. Even though his strength increased under the movements of his rushing killing intent, it didn’t influence the seventh elder.

Of course, that wasn’t to say that Tang San’s Deathgod Domain was ineffective on the seventh elder, but rather that his Deathgod Domain was still far from able to influence someone of the seventh elder’s level due to the massive gap in strength between them. As his strength increased, the Deathgod Domain added to the Clear Sky Hammer would also

automatically strengthen. Once his Mysterious Heaven Skill was cultivated to a certain level, he could naturally have restrained the seventh elder.

At the same time as the Deathgod Domain released, blue light also simultaneously spread out. , Tang San unleashed his two great domains without the slightest reservation. Confronting a Title Douluo, if he still held anything back, wouldn’t that be following the path to his own doom?

Everyone to the side of the precipice watched with astounded gazes as Tang San bent forward slightly, the white clothes on his back instantly torn to pieces, and the external spirit bone Eight Spider Lances appearing. Four meter long enormous Eight Spider Lances extended from Tang San’s back. Under the dual effect of the Blue Silver Domain and Deathgod Domain, the entire Eight Spider Lances glinted with deep blue light, and at the same time, within the Eight Spider Lances, was a golden core with red and blue colors spiralling rhythmically around it, as if alive.

With the appearance of the Eight Spider Lances, Tang San’s imposing manner instantly reached its peak. Under the effect of this external spirit bone, all the functions of his body had adjusted to their peak condition. The lines of his muscles grew apparent, the bones in his entire body bracing. Standing on the iron cable bridge, his entire body gave people an impression of radiating power all around.

Seeing Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances, the seventh elder also looked distracted a moment. He of course saw that was a spirit bone, but he couldn’t make it out as a matured external spirit bone at just a glance.

To the side, Tang Xiao and the other four elders saw it clearly. They were behind Tang San and saw the whole process of the Eight Spider Lances’ appearing, as well as the spirit power fluctuations. The second elder couldn’t help looking towards the calm Tang Xiao, “Did sect master already know Tang San possessed an external spirit bone?”
Tang Xiao slowly nodded, “This is one of his three spirit bones.” “Three?” The second elder’s face revealed a wry smile, “Since when did
spirit bones become so abundant. No wonder he didn’t use the sect’s spirit


Tang Yue-Hua couldn’t keep from saying: “Of the three spirit bones Tang San possesses, apart from one his mother left for him, he obtained both the other two with his own strength. The external spirit bone you’re looking at, he captured when killing a thousand year Man Faced Demon Spider when he was twenty something ranked. At that time he skipped a level to obtain a spirit ring. The other spirit bone was the award he received when he led his comrades to force their way to victory in the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament against the Spirit Hall team. This child is a genius, and not just in terms of strength. He even more has a mind that ordinary people can’t measure up to. He has long ago already surpassed second brother at the same age in all respects. Whether the Heaven Dou Empire or the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, they’ve both already extended olive branches to him, but this child has never accepted.”

Tang Xiao spoke a lot shorter than his little sister, “In ten years, the hero of a generation.”

The second elder didn’t speak up, but whether him or the other three elders by his side, right now looked at Tang San with somewhat softer eyes.

On the iron cable bridge, the seventh elder didn’t feel anxious watching Tang San release the external spirit bone. He waited for Tang San to take the initiative. With such a wide gap in strength, if he still took the lead to attack first, it would be somewhat difficult to speak of. When the second elder spoke to him previously, he also told him to start off leniently. The seventh elder had also already decided to first suppress Tang San in every way, then finally concede it as a tie.

Even if he bitterly detested Tang Hao due to the old pain of mourning a son, he also understood that the enemy that caused his son’s death was Spirit Hall. Even more, the strength Tang San had already used had proved the value he could be to the sect. As a sect elder, he would naturally consider the sect.

“Take care.” Tang San shouted, then finally moved.

What appeared in his hand wasn’t his five spirit ring Blue Silver Emperor, but rather that Clear Sky Hammer without any spirit rings.

Even if the chi long Clear Sky Hammer was a bit lacking even when compared to the fourth generation children that had just started cultivating, as the seventh elder saw Tang San’s actions, he couldn’t keep his complexion from changing slightly.

The Clear Sky Hammer swung high up into the sky, but its target wasn’t the seventh elder, but rather the iron cable bridge below Tang San’s feet.

Even if the seventh elder was even more powerful, he still wouldn’t have enough time to stop Tang San’s movements under circumstances like these.

The seventh elder reacted extremely quickly, both feet kicking off the iron cable bridge, he soared out, the Clear Sky Hammer in his hand striking straight at Tang San’s head. Attacking what the enemy had to save.

But how could the seventh elder have known that the Clear Sky Hammer Tang San swung down was only a feint, in order to force the seventh elder to act first.

The Clear Sky Hammer striking downwards disappeared into nothing. Tang San used Ghost Perplexing Shadow Track, his figure dashing forward in a flash, his whole body becoming illusory in a split second. Even though the Deathgod Domain was unable to influence the seventh elder, it still cut open the the enormous pressure of the seventh elder dropping from the sky like a sharp knife. Tang San’s mirage-like figure couldn’t be captured by the seventh elder’s eyes, flitting past in front of the seventh elder with baffling speed. His attack immediately fell in empty air. Since getting the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone, it had amply made up for the lack of speed in Tang San’s Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track.

If it was on level ground, perhaps the seventh elder could have used his full strength, giving him a great many options. But this iron cable bridge was a fairly large restraint on him.

Steppin on the iron cable bridge, the seventh elder snorted coldly, his third spirit ring abruptly flashing, a layer of black light pervading his whole body, making him seem as if he’d grown taller. The muscles of his originally tall and thin body swiftly swelled, and even the Clear Sky Hammer in his hand grew enormous. Turning in an instant, the Clear Sky Hammer already floated out in a swing, the hammer sticking close to the iron cable bridge and sliding forward in a flash, chasing straight for Tang San.

The seventh elder’s combat experience was extremely plentiful. Here on the iron cable bridge, if Tang San was forced to leave the iron cable, he would have no way of using his movement technique. As long as he was in midair, relying on the seventh elder’s formidable spirit abilities, how couldn’t he win in one strike?

Tang San twisted on the iron cable, turning around. Seeing that enormous Clear Sky Hammer whistling towards him, he knew that this next move wasn’t something he could meet stiffly. Even if it was only when using forty percent spirit power, the seventh elder was still a lot more powerful than he who had just exhausted himself considerably.

Right now, his mind couldn’t help playing a scene from his time in the Hell Road. When in the Hell Road, didn’t he also use a similar method to attack that Ten-Headed Fierce Yang Serpent? The method the Ten-Headed Ardent Yang Serpent immediately appeared in Tang San’s mind.

On the cliff, the Clear Sky School spectators saw a shocking scene. Wearing a graceful smile, Tang San unexpectedly leapt into that abyss between the two mountains.

[1] Blue Silver Overlord Spear - (蓝银霸王枪) Could also be “gun”, or more generally “gun-like thing”.
[2] 3⼨ = 10 cm

Chapter 150

However, their shock very soon turned to sighs of praise. At the same time as Tang San leapt off, a strand of Blue Silver Emperor had already twisted around the iron cable bridge, at the same time he raised his right hand, another strand of Blue Silver Emperor shooting out to twist around a place where the seventh elder’s Clear Sky Hammer had already swept past. Moving, he released the first strand of Blue Silver Grass, dashing straight at where the seventh elder stood from below.

The seventh elders preparations were mostly directed at Tang San leaping up into the air, and Tang San’s method to avoid his Clear Sky Hammer attack was completely unexpected, and his reaction was naturally half a beat slow.

Eight Spider Lances extended, simultaneously stabbing at different locations on the seventh elder’s body, at the same time as a Spiderweb Restraint also opened up from below.

Tang San might be short of his opponent in strength, but in terms of ability to grasp timing, he wasn’t below the seventh elder in the slightest. This moment was just in the gap when the seventh elder had attacked with his Clear Sky Hammer, and still hadn’t recovered. It was also the gap where new strength still hadn’t taken the place of old.

The azure Blue Silver Domain launched, Spiderweb Restraint spreading out against the wind, the range it covered increasing once again. Even with strength like the seventh elder’s, if he was trapped by this Spiderweb

Restraint while using only forty percent spirit power, he would still need some time to break free.

Suddenly finding his opponent appearing below him, the seventh elder made the most proper choice. Once again kicking off from the iron cable bridge, he shot up. He simultaneously raised a hand to recall his Clear Sky Hammer. With the iron cable bridge in the way, as long as he wasn’t on the iron cable, the Spiderweb Restraint would be unable to affect him.

However, astounding the seventh elder was that another strand of Blue Silver Grass shot out from Tang San’s right hand. It wasn’t aimed at the seventh alder, but rather directly tangled on the edge of the spiderweb. With a dextrous swing, the spiderweb spun and flew off at an angle. With that strand of Blue Silver Grass on the inner edge, the spiderweb flew sideways, still moving to envelop the seventh elder.

This wasn’t as simple as only spirit abilities, but still contained Tang San’s ingenious hidden weapons techniques. Relying on Controlling Crane Catching Dragon’s inner strength control, that enormous, more than ten meter in diameter, spiderweb moved like a living creature.

And now Tang San had also reached the iron cable bridge. His left hand struck out at the bridge, forcefully throwing his own body up, chasing after the seventh elder in midair in a straight line.

“Good kid.” The seventh elder shouted, unable to keep his eyes from revealing an admiring luster. To be able to perfectly exploit his own spirit’s advantages wasn’t something every Spirit Master could do. And in this, Tang San had undoubtedly done very well.

The seventh elder’s right hand swung in empty air, no longer recovering the Clear Sky Hammer like he had just prepared to do, but rather directly throwing it out. Under his control in midair, it smashed directly towards the soaring Tang San. And just at this moment, his fifth spirit ring suddenly flashed. The atmosphere suddenly grew heavy, a feeling like that of a mountain abruptly r eleasing from him.

Tang San in midair only felt as if his body had grown heavy, and his chase towards the seventh elder unexpectedly changed from rising to falling. The Spiderweb Restraint also stalled a moment in midair, its speed falling greatly.

Gravity Control. Tang San’s brain immediately produced the name of this spirit ability. He had also met a similar spirit ability back when he originally faced off against the Motionless Bright King Zhao Wuji. But compared to Zhao Wuji, the seventh elder’s Gravity Control was clearly a lot more powerful. It seemed as if something was pulling him down from below.

Immediately afterward, the seventh elder’s sixth spirit ring also brightened, and the Clear Sky Hammer chasing after Tang San in midair abruptly turned from one into two, one of them splitting off to swiftly sink downwards, striking at Tang San’s feet. Judging by the formidable strength the Clear Sky Hammers released, neither had weakened.

Spirit Doppelgänger?

Faced with this ability that was almost top quality for tool spirits, Tang San’s face couldn’t help growing serious.

Spirit Doppelgänger would generally only appear for tool Spirit Masters. When such an ability was used, it could release an attack with a tool spirit perfectly identical to one’s own tool spirit. Most terrifying was that after this ability was used, it could superimpose with other abilities.

In other words, for a short time, the above mentioned tool Spirit Master’s attack power would double.

Spirit Doppelgängers that appeared in in ten year spirit rings could only possess thirty percent of the original spirit’s attack power, hundred year spirit rings had fifty percent, thousand year spirit rings seventy percent, and only when it appeared in a ten thousand year spirit ring would it possess one hundred percent.

If it was a hundred thousand year spirit ring, when Spirit Doppelgänger was used, the two identical spirits could both possess two hundred percent


This was why hundred thousand year spirit rings were said to be the most valuable, most treasured things in the Spirit Master world.

Seeing the seventh elder use a ten thousand year spirit ring Spirit Doppelgänger, even though it was only his second ten thousand year spirit ring, the result it produced was still a Clear Sky Hammer with hundred percent effect.

As long as he used any other spirit ability on the hammers, both would display dual effects.

The Clear Sky Hammer was originally tyrannical in itself, and when Tang San this time confronted two hammers, the degree of frightfulness could be imagined. As one of the Clear Sky School’s five elders, right now the seventh elder’s strength truly emerged.

Did the seventh elder also want to attack the iron cable below? That would undoubtedly put the gravity controlled Tang San in an extremely bitter position. But the seventh elder wouldn’t have anywhere to stand either. What would he choose?

The seventh elder very quickly gave the answer. His second spirit ring flashing, his second spirit ability ‘Hammer Spirit Control’ launched. Simultaneously pulling with both hands, the Clear Sky Hammer flying at Tang San accelerated, and the other one striking below his feet swept back up.

One above and one below, a pincer attack at Tang San in midair.

And confronting Tang San’s Spiderweb Restraint that still flew towards him, the light from the seventh elder’s fifth spirit ring grew somewhat stronger, forcibly relying on Gravity Control to suppress it, making Tang San unable to throw that spiderweb at him.

There was no need to doubt Tang San’s control ability, but the seventh elder’s response was even more incomparably marvellous. Relying on his

own reasoning abilities and the Clear Sky Hammer’s potency, he simply reversed Heaven and earth in midair. The scales of victory started leaning in the other direction in practically an instant.

Two enormous Clear Sky Hammers with terrifying auras attacking from two different directions, and still the pressure caused by the Gravity Control.

Right now Tang San could already be said to be in an extremely dangerous position. Even if he released his two great domains, the gap in strength between him and the seventh elder was so large that they couldn’t cause any degree of threat for the seventh elder.

Tang San could of course rely on that Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone’s flying ability to get out of danger, but he didn’t want to do so. Even if that was also part of his strength, he wanted to rely on his own original strength to properly contest this seventh elder. Such an opponent wasn’t easy to find! Tyrannical spirit, plentiful combat experience.

Squaring up against the seventh elder, eliminating the previous insult to his mother, this battle also had a very large benefit to Tang San.

Moving in midair, the Eight Spider Lances behind Tang San’s back suddenly gathered together, the four Eight Spider Lances on either side gathering like wings, forcefully beating once.

The Eight Spider Lances of course weren’t wings, and were unable to let Tang San fly, but relying on this brief beat, it could still let him pause a moment in the air.

Taking advantage of this momentary effort, Tang San turned like lightning, several dozen strands of Blue Silver Emperor flying out simultaneously.

He knew that those Clear Sky Hammers were both under the seventh elder’s control. As long as he didn’t directly fly, escaping the attack of these two hammers was impossible. Even more so when he was in midair, how could he dodge?

Powerful cracks of sound rung out in succession, as Tang San commanded the Blue Silver Grass to successively strike at the Clear Sky Hammers attacking him.

The Clear Sky Hammer’s own powerful shocking force instantly blasted away the Blue Silver Emperor. Fortunately the Blue Silver Emperor was flexible, if it was a solid spirit in their stead, even the Eight Spider Lances might have been smashed by that terrifying Clear Sky Hammer.

The Clear Sky Hammer was after all the Clear Sky Hammer. Under the assault by dozens of Blue Silver Emperor, it unexpectedly didn’t change its direction forward even the slightest, and their imposing manner instead increased even more.

By now, the seventh elder was already falling towards the iron cable bridge, his mind completely focused on controlling those two Clear Sky Hammers.

Tang San suddenly moved, relying on that instant Blue Silver Grass whip lash. His body that was originally like a rootless duckweed swiftly flickered, both feets successively kicking off the several dozen strands of Blue Silver Emperor drifting in the air, seemingly dancing illusorily in the air, Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track reaching its limit in this moment.

Because of being sent flying by the Clear Sky Hammer, those several dozen strands of Blue Silver Emperor all surged up high, unlikely to fall for the moment. And Tang San moved on these strands of Blue Silver Emperor.

Even with the seventh elders strength, he was unexpectedly also unable to see his current movements.

Any Spirit Master’s attack had to first lock in on the opponent, and the feeling Tang San gave the seventh elder right now unexpectedly couldn’t be locked on to.

The ice cold Deathgod Domain spread to its greatest degree, forcefully breaking the seventh elder’s qi lock, and Tang San had already transformed into countless shadows drifting in the air.

The two Clear Sky Hammers attempted to catch up to him and find their proper target, but the end result was that they criss crossed, striking empty air.

Even the seventh elder couldn’t help being stunned right now. Who could have imagined that Tang San actually could use such an ingenious way to dodge his attack?

In midair, Tang San’s right arm flashed with golden light, his fifth spirit ring once again blossoming black, starting to store power.

From the start of his battle with the seventh elder, the two virtually hadn’t touched, but both had amply proven their combat experience through the abilities they used. The seventh elder even more let Tang San see his true strength.

Raising his hand to recall his Clear Sky Hammer, the seventh elder didn’t chase after and attack Tang San on the distant Iron Cable Bridge, but his seventh spirit ring gradually brightened.

On the side of the cliff, the long-eyebrowed second elder couldn’t help frowning as he saw the seventh elder’s bright seventh spirit ring. The seventh spirit ability was the most powerful spirit ability he could use while below forty percent spirit power, and moreover combined with the sixth spirit ability, Spirit Doppelgänger, looking at the overall spirit power utilized, it should already surpass forty percent.

The second elder knew that Tang San’s repeated ingenious responses should have raised the seventh elder’s competitive spirit by now, and hoped he could control his strength well. After all, Tang San had already given these Clear Sky School elders too many pleasant surprises.

Dextrously flipping and landing on the iron cable bridge, Tang San’s right arm was already completely covered in golden Blue Silver Grass. With each breath, the golden color on his arm grew a bit stronger.

Right now, the benefits of the connected eight extraordinary meridians gradually appeared. Tang San’s spirit power of course couldn’t be compared to the seventh elders, but his recovery speed was more formidable than anyone. Once again displaying his fifth spirit ability, his face didn’t reveal a trace of exhaustion, still with abundant vigor, without the slightest weariness. Of course, this was also to a large degree related to the growth of his spiritual force.

Everyone in the Clear Sky School attentively watched Tang San. Could it be that he wanted to rely on his fifth spirit ability to withstand the seventh elder using his sixth and seventh great spirit abilities?

The seventh spirit ability was always regarded as a qualitatively different spirit ability. The Clear Sky Hammer’s tool spirit avatar had even more terrifyingly formidable might. Moreover, under the effects of Spirit Dopplegänger, Tang San would have to face two tool spirit avatars.

Nobody believed that he could endure the seventh elder’s attack under such circumstances.

The seventh elder’s expression was somewhat serious. On this iron cable bridge, even though Tang San was unable to fully use his fourth spirit ability, Blue Silver Prison, it was even more restrictive to the seventh elder. Each time he used force he had to be especially careful, for fear that the iron cable couldn’t hold up. The pressure Tang San gave him was also more than he had imagined. Especially those eight seemingly crystalline piercing lances on his back. The seventh elder could clearly sense that if he was stabbed, he might be immediately defeated.

Tremendous spirit power started to condense on the hammer in his hand. If he could use all his strength, this tool spirit avatar could be revealed in an instant, but right now he was restricted to forty percent spirit power, so using this spirit ability required storing power. This was also why the seventh elder didn’t block Tang San from using his fifth spirit ability. Both sides were simultaneously storing strength, he had complete confidence in his victory over Tang San in such circumstances.

A heavy atmosphere rising in front, Tang San’s pupils gradually contracted. He knew that the outcome of this battle hinged on one move. The tool spirit avatar wasn’t something he could risk dodging like those abilities from before, and the opponent moreover still had two tool spirit avatars, making him even more unable to dodge lightly. The Clear Sky Hammer’s formidable oppressive strength already made the iron cable below his feet tremble violently, as if it might collapse at any moment.

Sighing deeply inside, Tang San understood that he would perhaps still have to use the spirit ability he originally didn’t want to use. Even if he only used forty percent spirit power, the seventh elder’s spirit abilities still held too great an advantage. Even more, those forty percent spirit power of his, was forty percent spirit power in a steady stream, basically with no fear of exhaustion. But he was different.

Understanding this clearly, Tang San’s expression already grew more serious.

Suddenly, Tang San shouted, “Seventh elder.”

The seventh elder practically subconsciously focused his gaze on him. In the seventh elder’s mind, this was clearly the ideal moment for Tang San to concede. As long as Tang San conceded, he would indicate he himself had already exhausted a lot of spirit power, and conclude this contest as a tie. Like this, he would have displayed his own strength, and also satisfied the second elder’s intent.

However, what met him really wasn’t Tang San’s words of concession, but rather two rays of clear blue light.

Everyone on the side of the cliff clearly saw two lines of rich blue light shoot out from Tang San’s eyes, reaching the seventh elder in practically an instant.

‘Not good.’ The seventh elder cried in his heart. Right now his tool spirit avatar still hadn’t completely formed.

The instant he saw the blue light erupting from Tang San’s eyes, he knew that wasn’t something he could reduce with the spirit power surrounding him, and even less something he could stiffly resist.

In the moment of crisis, the seventh elder was already unable to change his precious plans. His spirit power instantly erupting, his tool spirit avatar reached its peak in an instant. The left hand hammer moving sideways, blocking in front of him, the right hand hammer already subconsciously shot out.

Anyone would subconsciously protect themselves when in danger, and moreover remove the threat. As the seventh elder became aware that he had swung a hammer with his full strength, it was already too late.

An explosion first of all rumbled in front of the seventh elder. Amidst the violent explosion, the iron cable he stood on shredded cun by cun, black ripple after ripple spreading from the immense Clear Sky Hammer already assigned the tool spirit avatar. And the seventh elder also plummeted downwards uncontrollably.

And on his other Clear Sky Hammer, a terrifying black light instantly spread, blasting straight for Tang San.

At this moment, the spirit ability on Tang San’s right arm finally finished storing power.

The golden Blue Silver Overlord Spear instantly blossomed with a close to transparent golden light. A flash passed, and it struck together with the Clear Sky Hammer tool spirit avatar dashing in front.

A scene shocking everyone appeared. The incomparably enormous hammer illusion formed by the Clear Sky Hammer tool spirit avatar was pierced through, it still smashed towards Tang San, but its color had overall dulled a lot, and that golden light unexpectedly penetrated the hammer illusion, chasing after the falling seventh elder in an arc.

His fifth spirit ability could unexpectedly actually pierce the tool spirit avatar used by a Title Douluo? Even if the seventh elder didn’t have time to

use his full strength all of a sudden, that was still a certifiably genuine Title Douluo!

At the moment, nobody had time to think of a reason. Even Tang San himself hadn’t thought of an outcome like this. In fact, not even he knew that the power of this fifth spirit ability of his, under the effect of the Blue Silver Domain, was enough to compare to a spirit ability produced by a fifty thousand year level spirit ring.

The time to put this fifth spirit ability, Blue Silver Overlord Spear, to use didn’t require only Tang San’s own spirit power, but at the same time also relied on merging the stored Blue Silver Emperor aura of his Blue Silver Domain.

Even though there weren’t a lot of Blue Silver Grass on the summit of this mountain, under that amplification, the penetrating power of this spirit ability was still extremely terrifying. Of course, this was also related to that tool spirit avatar not really being under the seventh elder’s direct control. If it was the Clear Sky Hammer tool spirit avatar under his full control, with such a large difference in spirit power between the two sides, it would be impossible for Tang San’s Blue Silver Overlord Spear to pierce the black illusion in front of him.

However, that black illusion formed by the Clear Sky Hammer didn’t disappear, the enormous shadow constantly growing larger before Tang San’s eyes. The first impression Tang San had was that he was unable to dodge. Right now the iron cable bridge below his feet had also already ruptured, and he was completely falling towards the abyss below, but that enormous Clear Sky Hammer illusion chased after him as if it had grown eyes, and was already in front of him.

The Eight Spider Lances gathered like bones in front of Tang San, the crystalline Blue Silver Emperor instantly twisting around with these bones as a framework, wrapping up Tang San like a giant cocoon.

As the black light crashed into the giant blue cocoon, Tang San was sent flying like a cannonball, in an instant heavily striking the opposite mountain wall, completely sinking into it.

On the other side, the seventh elder wasn’t at ease either. In midair, the Clear Sky Hammers in both his hands took turns blasting downwards, using his terrifying spirit power to forcefully push down on the air below, forcefully keeping himself from falling, while at the same time once again unleashing his fifth spirit ability, Gravity Control. This time he used it to make his own body as light as possible, like this he could rely on constantly swinging the Clear Sky Hammers to bring himself back to the mountaintop.

However, at this moment, Tang San’s Blue Silver Overlord Spear arrived.

The Blue Silver Overlord Spear was incomparably fast. As the seventh elder became aware of it piercing his Clear Sky Hammer tool spirit avatar, the Blue Silver Overlord Spear had already reached him.

Just like the tool spirit avatar couldn’t be dodged, being locked in on by the Blue Silver Overlord Spear, the seventh elder was also equally unable to completely dodge. He could only join the Clear Sky Hammers in both his hands in front of his chest in the middle of his swinging motions, to block the Overlord Spear bombardment.

With a loud explosion, countless golden specks of light erupted into the air. The seventh elder discovered to his horror that even though he had smashed that Overlord Spear, his body had also temporarily lost the ability to move under the effect of a peculiar energy. All the spirit abilities he used were completely cut off.

This was where the Blue Silver Overlord Spear was the most tyrannical. Besides the frightful attack power, when it erupted, it would form a brief Blue Silver Domain area, forcefully interrupting the spirit abilities the opponent used, and moreover stun the opponent for a certain time. As for how long this stun lasted, it would depend on the victim’s strength.

As a Title Douluo, there was no need to doubt the seventh elder’s strength. His Fierce Yang title mainly described his ruthless attack methods and his final two great spirit abilities. Therefore, under the attack of the Blue Silver Overlord Spear, he was only stunned for a brief two seconds.

If it was on level ground, these two seconds of course wouldn’t count for anything, but right now he was nevertheless in midair over an abyss.

The two Clear Sky Hammers instantly turned into one, and moreover still one that had lost the effect of the tool spirit avatar. With the enormous weight of the full Clear Sky Hammer, he fell from the sky just like a meteor.

In fact, with his ninetieth ranked spirit power, the weight of the Clear Sky Hammer he held already surpassed three thousand jin[1], when in real combat with the tool spirit avatar it could even reach more than ten thousand jin. How far would a three thousand jin weight fall in two seconds?[2] The people on the side of the cliff could only watch the seventh elder’s body disappear unseen into the clouds and mist in the blink of an eye.

A silhouette swiftly threw itself from the mountain, that was Clear Sky School master Tang Xiao. He of course wasn’t going to save the seventh elder, how would a Title Douluo have to worry over a light fall? He was worried about Tang San who had been struck by the seventh elder’s tool spirit avatar.

A deep hollow had been knocked into the mountain wall, and Tang San had been sunk ten meters inside.

However, as Tang Xiao reached the mountain wall, preparing to go inside the hollow to rescue Tang San, he just saw Tang San walking out from inside.

The Eight Spider Lances behind his back withdrew, just now merging into his body, the Blue Silver Grass also melting back inside strand by strand. Tang Xiao could see some fine cracks on the Eight Spider Lances. Apart from this, only a bloodstain at the corner of Tang San’s mouth proved that he had just been hit by the Clear Sky Hammer’s tool spirit avatar.

“Little San, you……” Tang Xiao grabbed the rock wall with one hand, shocked and concerned looking at Tang San walking out.

Tang San wiped the bloodstain from the corner of his mouth with a wry smile, “Uncle. I’m alright. Don’t worry.”

With Blue Silver Grass evolving into Blue Silver Emperor, Tang San’s originally already extremely durable body had gained even more immeasurable vitality. Tang Hao once said that it would perhaps be difficult to find anyone on the Continent with a stronger body than his. Under the protection of Blue Silver Grass and Eight Spider Lances, Tang San had amply displayed his own toughness. Further adding that the tool spirit avatar had been weakened somewhat by his Blue Silver Overlord Spear, even though he himself was embedded in the rock wall, the brunt of the force was taken up by the evolved external spirit bone Eight Spider Lances. He had suffered a bit of mental shock. The only thing making Tang San a bit depressed was that he couldn’t fully use the Eight Spider Lances for a month. It would need time to recover.

Tang Xiao watched dumbstruck as Tang San leapt up next to him, right leg sprouting a stream of air that brought him to the top of the mountain, and couldn’t help being speechless. ‘Hao, you’ve really raised a little monster!’

That Tang San didn’t wait for Tang Xiao to come up first was because his spirit power consumption really was too large, and he needed to rest immediately. Otherwise he trouly would be injured.

Watching Tang San climb up, the Clear Sky School elders as well as the second and third generation disciples were each and everyone already speechless.

Everyone had seen the seventh elder being forced to use his full strength in the final moment by Tang San’s Purple Demon Eye. There was no longer any need to doubt the outcome of this contest. Watching Tang San crawl up, then sitting down crosslegged and starting to cultivate as if nobody else was there, the elders gazes all seemed very monstrous. One kind browed and pleasant eyed elder was even laughing out loud.

“Old seven’s taken a bit large loss this time! Second brother, hold him back a bit later, don’t let him be impulsive.”

Before his words had ended, the seventh elder’s silhouette had already appeared in everyone’s line of sight. Even though he fell quickly, his strength was after all formidable. After regaining control of his body, he immediately used spirit abilities, using his spirit power impact to throw himself to the mountain wall, swiftly climbing back up like that.

But seeing his panting, red faced appearance, the second and third generation disciples were quiet as cicadas in winter. At this moment, nobody dared provoke this ill-tempered seventh elder.

The seventh elder shouted just as he climbed up, “That kid? He wouldn’t be blasted to pieces by me, how come there’s no trace?” On his way up, he had already gone to look in on that hollow smashed open by Tang San, but didn’t find anyone. Only a sport of blood. Then he hastily climbed up.

Before he finished speaking, he finally saw that cross legged silhouette, and rubbed his eyes hard, “How did this kid come up? Sect master, did you save him?”

Tang Xiao shook his head, “He came up on his own.”

The seventh elder blinked, resolutely saying: “Impossible. Struck by my full force tool spirit avatar, even if he didn’t die he’d still have lost a layer of skin, how could he still climb up on his own. That’s impossible.”

“Cough cough.”

The second elder coughed twice. Walking over to the seventh elder’s side, he clapped his shoulder,

“Accept the facts, We all saw this child come flying up from below. If my guess isn’t wrong, he should still have a flying ability that he didn’t use against you.”

“But……” The seventh elder still wanted to say something.

“Shut up.” The second elder’s expression immediately grew solemn,

“This child’s injuries shouldn’t be serious. You violated the established rules in your contest with him. This match is already your loss.”

The seventh elder stood there somewhat dully, “I don’t believe it, I don’t believe I would lose to a twenty year old child.”

“Old five, bring him back to rest.” The second elder signaled another elder to the side with his eyes.

The other elder stepped forward, raising his hand to grap the seventh elder’s shoulder, “Let’s go, old seven. Actually, if it was any of us, we still might not have done better. This child is too outstanding.”

“No, I can’t leave.” The seventh elder shook his head, his expression so gloomy it seemed it might drip water.

“Old seven, remember you position.” The second elder shot him a glare.

The seventh elder said in a low voice: “Second brother, if you agree to a bet you must accept to lose. Since I lost, I will do what I agreed to. I’ll wait for him to wake up here.”

The second elder nodded, his face revealing a somewhat praising look. He turned to look at Tang Xiao and Tang Yue-Hua to the side, “Yue-Hua, you can go prepare the ceremony for recognizing ancestors and clan. Everyone scatter. Go cultivate.” The ceremony only required a few elders and the sect master. Moreover, he still wanted to talk to Tang San.

Tang Yue-Hua exulted, hastily saying: “Many thanks, elders.”

The second elder looked at the sect master Tang Xiao with a deep meaning in his eyes, “It’s not anything we did, he did it on his own. I’ve never seen a youngster as outstanding as him. I only hope he won’t take a wrong road in the future, that he won’t waste his gifts like his father.”

Tang Xiao lowered his voice: “Elders, the Clear Sky School has been sealed for many years. Isn’t it time to lift the prohibition?”

The second elder shook, “Sect master, what do you mean?”

Tang Xiao turned, looking to the distant south, “Twenty years have passed, it should be time for Clear Sky to again appear in the Spirit Master world. Haven’t you elders several many times raised the idea of lifting the ban to me? I think, right now the time is ripe.”

Whenever an elder rose to the Title Douluo level after trials and hardship, Tang Xiao would receive their proposal to unseal the Clear Sky School. But he had never agreed. As sect master, he first of all had to think of the sect’s future generations, he couldn’t forfeit the sect over impulse.

Even now, though the Clear Sky School had lost Tang Hao, they had gained five elders, already possessing six Title Douluo. And the second generation disciples from back then had also matured. After twenty years of patient cultivation, it seemed to Tang Xiao that their accumulated strength was already sufficient.

“No, I disagree.” The second elder shook his head, speaking in a low voice.

“Disagree? Isn’t this what you’ve always wanted to see? Second uncle.” Tang Xiao somewhat puzzled looked at the second elder.

The second elder calmly said: “That was before, we old fellows hoped to still have an opportunity to do something to release some splendor for the sect. But now it seems we should continue waiting for a time. Old boneheads like us can still stay healthy a while longer. Twenty years have passed, why can’t we wait another few?”

As he spoke, the second elder’s gaze turned to Tang San, a great many things in his gaze.

“Because of little San?” Tang Xiao puzzled asked.

The second elder nodded, “Sect master, even though your Clear Sky Hammer is already accomplished, after twenty years of waiting, you no longer have the drive you did in those days. What the Clear Sky School needs is a dauntless pathfinder that can lead the sect to break new ground and forge ahead. We’re old, you’re also gradually aging. But this child is

different. So young, but already close to the sixtieth rank, neither servile nor overbearing, twin spirits, twin innate domains, carrying several spirit bones. Such a profoundly gifted genius, we can’t neglect him because of shifting the opening of the sect forward. What he needs is experience and nurturing, the sect remaining hidden can cultivate him even more effectively. I don’t want to see what happened to Tang Hao back then again.”

Tang Xiao went silent. After a long time, he said: “Second uncle, could it be you no longer hold any grudges for what happened with Hao back then?”

The second elder shook his head, saying: “No. Still remember my previous three conditions? Those are also tests for this child. If he can accomplish these three things, it will prove he is qualified to be your successor. We old things will also support him, honor does not allow one to glance back. Therefore, I hope sect master can agree to my proposal.”

At this point, the second elder’s lips buzzed, exchanging a few words with Tang Xiao. Tang Xiao slowly nodded in agreement to the second elder’s proposal.

Tang San woke up from his meditation faster than the Clear Sky School elders had imagined, opening his eyes after an hour. Of course, he wasn’t completely recovered, but his injuries wouldn’t hinder him, and this was no place to cultivate.
[1] 3000⽄ = 1500 kg
[2] Roughly 20 m, and he’s reached a velocity of around 20 m/s
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