Douluo Dalu Chapter 131-140


Chapter 131

Tang San following behind his father stopped his steps, following Tang Hao’s gaze forward.

Appearing in front of them, was a rolling mountain range stretching into the distance. They were unable to see all of the mountain range from where they stood, but even the outmost mountains were high enough to pierce the clouds.

“Have your Eight Spider Lances recovered?” Tang Hao asked indifferently.

Tang San nodded, “Already recovered.”

Tang Hao gave Tang San a glance, “Use it. Keep up with me.” Leaving only six words, Tang Hao already soared up, climbing straight up the mountain wall in front.

The mountain wall in front was extremely precipitous, close to ninety degrees, but Tang Hao still walked as if stepping on level ground. Each time the tips of his toes touched the mountain wall, his body would ascend more than ten meters, swiftly rising towards the top.

Tang San drew a deep breath, condensing his spirit power. The Eight Spider Lances burst through the clothing on his back, abruptly extending.

Passing half a month of recovery, the Eight Spider Lances had already regrown. Different from the icy mist of before, it seemed that they had

become even more durable.

Leaning forward, Eight Spider Lances bending, it made Tang San look like a giant spider leaning over, his chest close to the ground. The spider legs abruptly exerted themselves, sending Tang San shooting up like a bolt of lightning, directly ascending close to twenty meters.

Cengcengcengcengcengcengcengceng—— The Eight Spider Lances pierced the mountain wall as if skewering tofu, Tang San hanging directly from them.

As an external spirit bone, Eight Spider Lances had an extremely wide range of uses. Apart from not being able to fly, they could practically ignore the vast majority of terrain restrictions.

After using Eight Spider Lances to stick to the wall, under Tang San’s control, the Eight Spider Lances moved rhythmically, bringing him to climb directly up the mountain wall just like a giant spider.

Even though Tang Hao was very fast, when using the Eight Spider Lances, Tang San absolutely wasn’t slow. Relying on the four meter long enormous spider legs, he moved even faster than on level ground.

With the rhythmic movement of the Eight Spider Lances, Tang San felt the blood within his body gradually warm up, his whole body indescribably comfortable. He understood that this was the process of the Eight Spider Lances’ complete fusion with his body after regrowing.

Tang Hao was like an untiring machine, bringing Tang San across one mountain peak after another, using close to half a day to penetrate deep within the mountain range.

Using Eight Spider Lances also consumed spirit power, and half a day of travel made Tang San dizzy with blurred vision.

Just at this moment, a faint rumbling sound reached his ears, and the air also gradually grew moist.

What was that?

Tang San raised his head to look at Tang Hao in front. He discovered that his father seemed to be advancing in this direction.

As they constantly came closer, that rumbli ng became more and more deafening. The air also became even more moist, the temperature was even a bit lower here than in the outside world.

At last, Tang Hao halted once again. This was a mountain valley, to be precise, it was a pool.

The deep water was so clear the bottom could be seen, tranquil and serene, like a giant blue gem.

On one side of the valley was a twenty meter wide waterfall, covering the two hundred meter high mountain wall like a jade ribbon. That rumble was the sound of it striking the pool.

The waterfall poured down in torrents, smashing into the pool, striking up countless splashes. In the sunlight, a seven colored rainbow spanned the pool, unspeakably dazzling.

Tang San had just arrived when clear and cool water vapor hit his face, the moist atmosphere penetrating deep into his heart, exceptionally comfortable.

Surrounded by mountains, ten thousand folds of blue and green, a rippling blue gem in front, and still that vast waterfall connecting heaven and earth. All this beauty made Tang San somewhat dumb.

Tang Hao sat there quietly, his gaze all along falling on the waterfall pouring down like a silver river. For some reason, his always cold expression had changed, and that aged face revealed an unconcealable tenderness.

Father and son stood there like that for a long time. It was still Tang San who first sobered from the beautiful scenery, subconsciously turning his

head to look at his father.

Perhaps it was because Tang Hao sensed his gaze, but his expression mended and he slowly turned to look at Tang San.

“For the next two years, this is where you’ll live and cultivate. When thirsty, you have water in front of you. When hungry, you have all sorts of fruits in the mountains. You were together with Dugu Bo for so long, I expect you are able to separate which are poisonous.”

Hearing his father speak, Tang San’s chest warmed. His gaze at his father also became even more burning with familial affection. His father knowing that he had once been with Dugu Bo, told him that his father had never been far from him.

Tang San being so astute, he immediately inferred the reason his father had never appeared next to him. That was because he was afraid to influence his cultivation.

Indeed, everything his Teacher had instructed him in, he could already to do the best degree. Even his father as a Title Douluo, even that Supreme Pontiff, might not compare to Grandmaster in teaching.

“Turn around, your back to me.” Tang Hao said to Tang San. Tang San hurriedly did as asked.
The instant he had turned, a pair of powerful large hands were placed on his shoulders. The next moment, Tang San only felt two warm streams pour into his body from those rough big hands.

With two slamming sounds, Tang Hao’s hands rose and fell, striking Tang San’s back. Immediately afterwards, his hands swiftly moved across Tang San’s back like living creatures, and besides his head, he practically didn’t let any part of Tang San’s body escape.

Where Tang Hao’s hands moved, Tang San only felt a warm surge enter his body. The fatigue from these days of quick marching was immediately


Where that warmth passed, it was half scalding, unspeakably comfortable. Tang San’s body gradually began to emit heat, and sweat that very rarely flowed since he ate the Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass and Infernal Precious Apricot covered his forehead.

Tang San didn’t know how much time passed, he only felt himself gradually growing drowsy, his whole body like it was being smelted in a furnace. He was completely relaxed from his father’s strikes. In this world, there were a few people Tang San wouldn’t be on his guard against, and Tang Hao was certainly at the top of the list. He was currently Tang San’s only blood kin.

Suddenly, coolness flowed from the top of his head, just like being anointed with purest cream, it immediately roused Tang San from his drowsiness.

The coolness still didn’t change, the sound of the waterfall hitting the pool once again became clear. Tang San lowered his head to look at himself, and discovered his clothes were long since soaked through.

Tang Hao stood next to him. There seemed to be a fraction of exhaustion in the corners of his eyes, but his back was still perfectly straight. This might be the only part of Tang Hao that didn’t look old.

“Your body is better than I imagined. But it’s hard to avoid internal damage in these days of competition. Remember, being injured isn’t bad, but you absolutely have to recover properly afterwards. Otherwise, the internal damage left behind will cause no end of trouble. I’ve helped you heal all your internal damage now. Your muscles and bones are a lot stronger than that of ordinary people, it should be related to the herbs you ate at Dugu Bo’s place. This is exceptionally good. It can save a great deal of trouble.”

Tang San caught a rare trace of satisfaction on Tang Hao’s face. Of course his body was a lot better than that of ordinary people, being forged

in the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well and sharpened by the two great immortal herbs.

If not for this, Tang San didn’t know how many times he would have died. It would also have been impossible to resist Xie Yue’s spirit fusion ability Full Moon ability that day.

“Little San, do you know what your greatest problem is right now?”
Tang Hao asked.

Tang San’s heart twitched. Was this his father’s consideration for him? Pondering, he said: “It’s burst strength in battle. My spirit relies mainly on control, but lacks burst power. When encountering opponents like Xie Yue, dealing with them is comparatively difficult.”

Tang Hao nodded, saying: “You’re right. In terms of control, Grandmaster’s instruction for you was absolutely flawless. Your control strength is already fairly outstanding, even if there are flaws, those are the flaws of the Blue Silver Grass. But there’s no need to worry, after you’ve obtained your sixth spirit ring, there will be a change in the fundamental nature of these circumstances.”

“Ah?” Tang San looked shocked at his father. To be honest, even Grandmaster didn’t know how the Blue Silver Grass’ sixth spirit ring would change anything. Tang San didn’t dare believe that his father would actually know.

Could it be that there was still someone in this world who had cultivated Blue Silver Grass to the level of the sixth spirit ring?

From when his father talked about lore regarding hundred thousand year spirit beasts, until the possible routes of Blue Silver Grass now, to Tang San, it made his father seem even more mysterious.

Tang Hao calmly said: “No need to ask me why. You will understand naturally later. My special training for you starts now. First take that spirit bone you got from Spirit Hall into your body. It’s quite useful to you.”

After the end of the tournament that day, Tang San had held on to the mind condensing wisdom skull bone without immediately fusing with it. How could he have fused it in front of Supreme Pontiff Palace! Therefore he had directly stored the wisdom skull bone in his Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges.

Now reminded by his father, he then took it out once again.

Faint blue light pervaded the air with intoxicating energy fluctuations. Looking at the skull bone in front of him, Tang San couldn’t keep his heart from flickering.

Spirit bone, would he finally obtain the first of the six spirit bones he could hold?

Tang Hao calmly said: “The quality of this spirit bone is pretty good. Spirit Hall really doesn’t talk nonsense, it came from a spirit beast with at least fifty thousand years of cultivation. If not for Bibi Dong not needing, they wouldn’t have taken it out as a reward. This spirit bone should be prepared for that female Spirit Master of Spirit Hall’s three young Spirit Masters. Among those three, she’s the most outstanding.”

“You’re talking about Hu Liena? But isn’t Xie Yue the leader of the Golden Generation?” Tang San somewhat shocked looked at his father. Xie Yue’s created spirit ability, Full Moon, gave him a too profound impression. That was a pain carved into his bones and engraved in his heart. Even breaking the Eight Spider Lances had barely blocked it.

Tang Hao smiled coldly, “Of course not. What does Xie Yue’s created spirit ability count for? You don’t even need more strength, if your Clear Sky Hammer had reached the fortieth rank, it would take just one swing to to easily break it. That Hu Liena is the one you should watch out for. Her charm ability is extremely powerful. It might seem that the controller of the spirit fusion ability is Xue Yue, but in fact, the entire spirit fusion ability effect relies mainly on her. If they hadn’t used the spirit fusion ability, and her spirit abilities had come into play, it would have brought

you a great deal of trouble. I don’t know how refined your eye skill is, but right now you can counter her perfectly. It’s also because of this that you don’t see how truly terrifying she is. Among the Shrek Seven Devils, if you weren’t there to counter her, she alone could send the rest of you packing. Bibi Dong is fostering her to be the next Supreme Pontiff.”

In Tang San’s previous life, he had never come into contact with anything from the outside world. He had wholeheartedly thrown himself into hidden weapons research, and so gained enormous accomplishments in the field of hidden weapons.

But it had also left him like a blank paper in terms of knowledge of the outside world.

In this life, he had only just lived for fourteen years. How could his experience in society compare to Tang Hao? Now being reminded by Tang Hao, he suddenly had a feeling of a wide panorama opening up, and he nodded repeatedly.

“Begin. Fuse with it first. With its help, your later cultivation will be twice the result for half the work. Your own intelligence surpasses your peers, adding everything Grandmaster has developed, as well as your eye skill, all of these can be boosted by this skull bone. In the absorption process, sense its energy with your whole heart. Don’t allow any distracting thoughts. I’ll protect you.”

With Clear Sky Douluo’s protection, was there anything in the outside world that could be of concern?

Tang San directly sat on the big rock he stood on. Both hands clasping that skull bone flickering with blue light, he slowly closed his eyes.

Somewhat shocking to Tang Hao was that Tang San’s body unexpectedly gave rise to a spiritual[1] fluctuation.

Even though the spiritual fluctuation wasn’t strong, it was extremely distinct. In fact, Tang Hao himself could only cause such a clear spiritual fluctuation after he was twenty five.

And at that time, he was already regarded as the number one genius of the Clear Sky School. The Clear Sky School was also the number one sect under Heaven. But this son in front of him, had achieved it ten years earlier than he did.

Without Tang San’s attentive gaze, Tang Hao no longer hid his inner world. The lines of his face became a lot gentler, and he even had a slight smile as he watched that raging waterfall like before.

Along with that spiritual fluctuation pouring into the wisdom skull bone, the blue light of the skull bone suddenly grew intense. In practically an instant it had enveloped Tang San’s body, distributing blue sprouts of radiance.

The reason why spirit bones were even more precious than spirit rings was that, besides being more difficult to obtain, the more important reason was that there were no spirit power restrictions on absorbing spirit bones. In other words, if you were lucky enough to obtain it when you only had one rank of spirit power, you could still absorb even a hundred thousand year level spirit bone.

Therefore, even though Tang San was now absorbing the spirit bone from a more than fifty thousand year spirit beast, there still wouldn’t be any danger. It would even be a lot safer than when he originally absorbed the Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit ring.

Within that blue light, the first thing Tang San felt was an ice cold spirit power fluctuation pouring into his brain. That was a kind of energy fluctuation that made him feel comfortable and snug.

A cool aura drilled straight into the space between his eyebrows, gradually stimulating his brain. Where it passed, it was as if his brain began to open up.

That bizarre piercing made Tang San feel more comfortable than he ever had.

This moment, he discovered that a lot of things he had never clearly understood before were wide open and connected.

Even more astonishing to Tang San, under the effect of those cool streams, his whole brain seemed to be stripped away from his body. That spiritual power of his had come into existence after he took that Penetrating Gaze Begonia. But this spiritual power wasn’t something Tang San would use.

Right now, under the influence of this cold stream, not only did that originally intangible spiritual force grow with astonishing speed, but furthermore the relationship between Tang San and it became inseparably close. He could easily direct it with just a thought.

Truly worthy of being called a mind condensing wisdom skull bone. The unprecedented spiritual force condensation made Tang San’s brain seem to open up. Without using his eyes to see, he could already clearly sense everything in the world around him.

Where the spiritual force passed, within a hundred meter range, there was nothing that could hide. He even saw that gentle expression on his father’s face. And the range the spiritual force could scan increased with astonishing speed.

Suddenly sensing his son’s spiritual force abruptly expanding, and moreover sweeping in all directions, Tang hao’s facial expression immediately tightened, coldly shouting: “Condense your mind, don’t release it externally. Avoid losing control.”

Tang Hao’s voice wasn’t loud, but it brought a tyrannical spiritual shock. The spiritual force Tang San released was unexpectedly forcefully returned to his body.

Hearing his father’s voice, Tang San’s heart immediately shivered.
Hastily restraining the spiritual force, he condensed it within his mind.

The split second before he withdrew the spiritual force, he vaguely sensed something seem to echo it from behind the waterfall.

Before Tang San had time to carefully reflect on it, that ice cold stream abruptly became a lot more powerful. In practically an instant it drowned his spiritual world.

Tang San uncontrollably suddenly opened his eyes. That pale blue spirit bone had at some point already grown to the same size as his head. The moment Tang San opened his eyes, in the eye sockets of that pale blue skull bone, two blue flames suddenly ignited.

In practically a split second, those two balls of flame shot out, straight into Tang San’s eyes.

A fierce stabbing pain came from his eyes. Tang San couldn’t see it, but right now the pupils of his eyes had become completely blue, and immediately afterward they turned purple. The blue and purple colors replaced each other to glitter alternately nine times, and finally settled into a crystal clear deep blue.

The enlarged wisdom skull bone grew once again, enveloping Tang San’s head like a great helmet, then slowly contracted again.

As it approached Tang San’s head, the entire skull bone had already become illusory, and quietly merged into Tang San’s head.

Right now, Tang San was submerged in a clear cold ocean, no longer feeling anything in his surroundings, as if his body and soul were stripped apart, to the extent that he couldn’t even feel the stabbing pain in his eyes any more.

Blue light spiralled overhead, continuing for a full three days. To Tang San, these three days passed in only the blink of an eye.

And Tang Hao stood calmly at his side the whole time for three days. Besides keeping his senses on his son, his gaze was always focused on the waterfall on the other side of the pool, day as night.

Opening his eyes, Tang San’s first sensation was that everything around him had changed.

All colors had become a level more vibrant, and he could even see each and every minute speck of energy floating in the air, everything around him seemed to be formed from all kinds of grains. Tang San was shocked to discover that his Purple Demon Eye seemed to have advanced to the peak of the third, Mustard Seed, level.

The distance to breaking through to the final stage, Boundless, was only a single step.

With the cool eye of a bystander, Tang Hao clearly saw how that deep blue light at the corners of his son’s eyes abruptly grew stronger after he opened his eyes. Along with his attentive gaze, suddenly, two rays of deep blue light shot out of Tang San’s eyes.

It no longer had the previous purple gold light of the Purple Demon Eye, however, those two deep blue rays of light didn’t only shoot out a chi or so like before, but rather continued perfectly straight, stretching across several dozen meters, directly entering the surface of the pool.

Tang Hao saw it, but Tang San felt it. He suddenly discovered that his eyes directly saw everything below the water surface, he could even instantly count the number of scales on the fish swimming around.

His mind was unprecedentedly incisive. Tang San raised his head, his gaze moving to the side. In that instant, the deep blue light in his eyes abruptly grew richer. The light from his eyes fell on an enormous boulder at his side, and a loud explosion resounded.

That boulder was unexpectedly turned into fine powder in an instant by the blue light in his eyes.

Watching this scene, even Tang Hao couldn’t help his pupils contracting violently.

This was the ability the spirit bone contained.

The ability that would arise after a spirit bone affected a Spirit Master would admittedly be related to the capabilities of the spirit beast the spirit

bone came from, but at the same time it would also be related to the Spirit Master’s own capabilities.

Tang San’s Purple Demon Eye was undoubtedly exceptionally formidable, and this mind condensing spirit skull bone’s ability automatically affected it.

The meeting of two powers immediately made this ability even more unprecedentedly terrifying.

Tang San’s later description of this ability was: Seeing through all living things in the world, extinguishing all injustice. Its name: Purple God Light[2].

Issuing a Purple God Light, Tang San’s first action wasn’t to be excited, but rather to calculate just how big the destructive power of this Purple God Light actually was. This was something he wouldn’t have noticed before, but right now his brain promptly calculated it automatically, everything happening so naturally and casually.

The thought of calculating it had only just flashed through his mind, when Tang San immediately had an assessment based on the situation of the boulder’s destruction and the marks left on the ground. He judged that the Purple God Light shooting from his eyes was a kind of point piercing attack. As a result of its attack power being focused, the resulting singular destructive force was especially frightening. Moreover, he discovered that the strength of the Purple God Light was related to his spiritual force output.

When he watched the pool just now, he hadn’t launched the attack effect, and his spiritual force consumption was exceptionally slow. But the instant he shifted the light in his eyes to attack that boulder, his spiritual force had immediately seemed to gush out. But his spirit power consumption was on the contrary very small. In other words, this ability should rely mainly on spiritual force output, the larger the spiritual force output, the more powerful the effect of its attack.

While understanding this, Tang San noticed that compared to before, his spiritual force was more than a hundred times greater. The originally intangible and formless spiritual power had now condensed into a river within his mind, flickering faintly silvery as it flowed. Where it passed, it illuminated everything within his mind, allowing Tang San to see even more.

Since Purple God Light’s attack power was related to his spiritual force, then it seemed he should start to cultivate his spiritual force.

Grandmaster previously taught Tang San the method to cultivate spiritual force, only at that time Tang San had mainly relied on Mysterious Heaven Skill’s cultivation. It seemed to him that spiritual force was just something illusory, and not necessarily particularly useful. But now he suddenly realized that the function of spiritual force was in no way small, and in some sense, even no smaller than that of his spirit power.

The more formidable the Spirit Master, the greater the pressure he gave people, but where did this pressure come from? There was admittedly release of spirit power, but at the same time there was a mental pressure. This was the effect of spiritual force. Even more, right now his Purple God Light required the backing of spiritual force. With this ability that didn’t particularly consume spirit power, but still had tremendous firepower, to Tang San, it was like a tiger that had grown wings.

Suddenly, Tang San was shocked. He discovered that after shooting only one Purple Divine Light, he had unexpectedly thought of so much. And moreover, everything was very reasonable, as if all he thought of were facts. ‘Wisdom skull bone, is this the wisdom it accords me?’

No wonder, no wonder each Spirit Master would thirst for spirit bones like that. Tang San inwardly sighed in praise, At that time he obtained the external spirit bone Eight Spider Lances when absorbing a spirit ring, and afterwards, the Eight Spider Lances had also been enormously useful. But despite this, obtaining the Eight Spider Lances were far from the great attack the wisdom skull bone had given Tang San now.

This wisdom skull bone practically opened another door for Tang San as Spirit Master. The benefits it gave him were in no way as simple as only the Purple God Light.

Tang Hao stood to the side without speaking. By Tang San’s pondering expression he could see that his son was currently experiencing the new things he had received. To him, this moment was extremely important. Tang Hao could also faintly guess what the wisdom skull bone had given Tang San. Therefore, this moment of reflection seemed especially valuable.

After a long time, Tang San gradually returned from his thoughts. His gaze turning to his father next to him, he discovered that when he didn’t use his eyes to see, the intangible spiritual force distributed from his mind had already locked onto his father’s position. Even more shocking to Tang San was that the spiritual force in his mind didn’t require meticulous control to move, it slowly recovered automatically.

But this spiritual force was unrelated to the outside world, it was completely condensed by himself. Grandmaster once said that peoples’ mental world was the most miraculous place. Nobody understood where spiritual force came from. On the surface it seemed to be illusory, but it really did exist. The more formidable spiritual power a Spirit Master had, the more formidable he was.

What Tang San didn’t know was that Tang Hao was also inwardly shocked right now. Shocked because of the intensity of his spiritual force. Tang Hao discovered that the spiritual force Tang San possessed right now, was unexpectedly close to the level of ordinary Spirit Douluo. He understood that this wasn’t something that could be caused by the effect of a mind condensing wisdom bone.

That spirit bone could admittedly increase Tang San’s spiritual force, and moreover let him understand the subtleties of his mental world, but its effect should in no way be so powerful.

In fact, the wisdom skull bone was more like a key to Tang San, it was this key that opened the gates to his spiritual world.

Ever since childhood, Tang San had every day faced the morning sun to cultivate Purple Demon Eye, but what he didn’t know was that he wasn’t only cultivating his vision, but simultaneously also forging his spiritual force. Only, that kind of cultivation was always hidden within his mind without emerging. Right now, under the effect of the wisdom skull bone, Tang San’s years of cultivation connected in a flash of understanding, the gates of his spiritual world opening wide, advancing by leaps and bounds.

Of course, only Tang San’s spiritual level had promoted to the Spirit Douluo boundary. That didn’t mean that his Purple God Light could reach the Spirit Douluo level. All this depended on the circumstances of his future spiritual force promotion, as well as the amount of spiritual force he could output when using the Purple God Light.

Tang San slowly withdrew his mind, watching his father.

Tang Hao stepped in front of him, “You’ve been absorbing for three days. Judging by the circumstances of your body and the time spent, the originator of this spirit bone should have been a spirit beast over sixty thousand years. Your luck is quite good. I think, if not for my appearance, perhaps Spirit Hall would have moved against you in secret. This spirit bone should also be top ranked even in Spirit Hall.”

“Three days?” Tang San was shocked, “Dad, then you haven’t rested for three days.”

Tang Hao waved his hand at Tang San, “That’s not important. Your special training will begin now.”

As his words fell, Tang Hao raised his hands and slapped Tang San’s shoulders and chest once each. Three streams of heat flowed down, and Tang San only felt his whole body go limp. In practically an instant, his dantian[3] was wrapped up by a scalding heat. With his present spiritual force, he unexpectedly didn’t sense a trace of his spirit power.

“Dad, this is……”

Tang Hao indifferently said: “From now on, you won’t need spirit power. I’ve temporarily sealed it to help you advance your special training. Remember, you’re also not allowed to use the strength of the spirit bone. I’m not sealing your spirit power because I don’t trust you, but rather because in the special training I’ll give you, it’s very easy to unintentionally draw out spirit power.”

Flicking his wrist, a forging hammer immediately appeared in Tang Hao’s hand. Its surface was covered in pits and traces of rust, exactly the same as the one Tang San used at home.

“Take it.”

Tang San took the forging hammer, looking somewhat nonplussed at his father.

Tang Hao pointed to the waterfall on the other side of the pool,

“Go there. Under the waterfall is a bulging round rock, stand on it, and practice the hammer method I taught you.”

“Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method?” Tang San couldn’t keep his gaze from turning to the waterfall.

Tang Hao nodded.

“When you can complete nine times nine, eighty one swings, and moreover without the slightest disorder, the first stage of the special training will be over. Go.” While speaking, Tang Hao walked over in front of the rock without taking his leave. Without taking any posture, his fist blasted out, a loud explosion followed, and in the mountain wall immediately formed a three meter deep cave. Tang Hao swung his sleeve, blowing away the dust, then walked in to sit cross legged inside, without saying anything else to Tang San.

Looking at his father, then again at that familiar forging hammer in his hand, Tang San’s eyes immediately displayed an unwavering determination.

With a splash, he leapt into the pool and swam towards the waterfall with the forging hammer.

The Clear Sky School’s traditional cultivation method would officially start from today.


Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School.

In the three days since her return to the school, Ning Rongrong always had a worried frown. She didn’t know how she should explain the school rules to Oscar.

Ning Fengzhi valued Oscar extremely highly. A food system Spirit Master who had already reached the fortieth rank at only sixteen, how couldn’t he be valued? On the way back, Ning Fengzhi had already expressed to Oscar that the school would cultivate him with all its strength. If he needed anything he should say so.

Oscar also didn’t say much. To him, as long as he could be together with Ning Rongrong, that was enough.

Nightfall, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School gradually grew still.

Ning Rongrong was just pondering her burden, when suddenly, a light knock sounded from the window frame.

“Who?” Ning Rongrong vigilantly stood up.

“It’s me.” Oscar’s voice came from outside.

Ning Rongrong drew a deep breath, a resolute light displayed in her eyes. She had resolved that, no matter what, she would tell Oscar today. Brief pain was better than prolonged ache, if she delayed further, it would only hurt Oscar more.

Thinking so, she opened her bedroom door and let Oscar inside.

Ning Rongrong’s room was entirely pink, a very comforting room for a somewhat immature girl.

This wasn’t Oscar’s first time here, but whenever he came to Ning Rongrong’s room, he couldn’t hold back a somewhat blood boiling feeling.

[1] Not related to spirits, but in the vein of the mental attacks Tang San uses with Purple Demon Eye. Near-synonyms are “mind”, “mental”, “psyche”, which may end up being used interchangeably.

[2] ( 紫极神光) “Purple Extreme Divine Light”, compare to Purple Demon Eye’s “Purple Extreme Demon Pupil”

[3] The place where the qi resides, located a couple of fingers below the navel.

Chapter 132

“Rongrong. What are you doing?” Oscar closed the door in passing.

Ning Rongrong turned and walked inside. The present Oscar was more mindful about his appearance than before. He was clean shaven, his hair also combed neatly, wearing the pale gold Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School standard clothes, setting off his handsome features even more.

Especially those big eyes that made even girls jealous, made Ning Rongrong even more afraid to meet his eyes.

Catching up to Ning Rongrong in a few steps, Oscar pulled out something from his chest and placed it on the desk.

“Just now on the way past, I saw that your lights were still lit and came over. Why aren’t you resting this late?”

Ning Rongrong had her back to Oscar, saying: “I’ll sleep soon.”

After Oscar joined the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, Ning Fengzhi had let him directly join the inner sect. In fact, the absolute majority of the inner sect were the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s directly related disciples, only especially outstanding outsider Spirit Masters could enter.

As Ning Fengzhi declared in front of all the sect that Oscar would directly enter the inner sect, he didn’t know how many jealous and envious gazes fell on him.

“Afterwards when you can’t always stay up late like this. It’s no good to the body, and it will make you age prematurely.” Oscar teased.

Ning Rongrong said: “I’m fourteen, where am I old?”

Hearing her voice, Oscar couldn’t help looking distracted. Ning Rongrong hadn’t spoken to him like this in a very long time. It sounded like her mood was somewhat amiss today.

“Rongrong, what’s going on? Are you ill?” Oscar asked in a low voice.

Ning Rongrong didn’t answer. Originally she had already drummed up enough courage, but as she saw Oscar, for some reason the courage in her heart shrunk. When it finally reached her mouth, she was unable to say it.

Seeing that Ning Rongrong didn’t speak up, Oscar couldn’t help frowning. Sighing lightly, he said: “Then I’ll return first. Rest early. I brought this for you to eat, eat it and then sleep. It’s a pastry good for digestion.”

Raising his hand to touch Ning Rongrong’s long hair, but in the end still restrained himself. He reluctantly glanced at Ning Rongrong’s beautiful figure from the back, then turned to leave.

As Ning Rongrong heard Oscar say that he had brought her food, she could no longer hold back the tears in her eyes.

“Oscar.” She suddenly cried out.

Oscar started and halted. When he just turned around, a fragrant wind hit him in the face, as Ning Rongrong leapt into his arms like a swallow, rushing fiercely into his embrace. Holding tightly to his waist.

After a brief shock, Oscar gradually reacted. Even though Ning Rongrong had already agreed to go out with him, over these days, they had never been as close as now.

The soft jade tender fragrance filled his arms, that kind of feeling was so pleasurable it was difficult to describe. Turning his hands to hold on to Ning

Rongrong, Oscar’s pulse sped up uncontrollably.

A man and woman alone in a room, the beautiful woman throwing herself into his embrace.
Oscar was no gentleman, all sorts of fantastic thoughts rose in his heart. However, very quickly he felt something was wrong. Because Ning
Rongrong’s tender body was twitching slightly in his arms.

His chest gradually grew moist.

“Rongrong, what’s wrong?” Oscar asked somewhat regretfully. One hand gently caressing Ning Rongrong’s satiny long hair, he quietly asked.

“Why are you so good to me? Why?” Ning Rongrong said, choked with sobs.

Oscar slowly smiled, saying in his heart, ‘so this girl let me feel moved’.
Inwardly unable to keep from feeling proud, he said with a smile:

“Coming to Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, you’re the only one I know, and also the person I love the most. If I wasn’t good to you, who would I be good to? I’ve long since been without parents, and when Heaven has sent you to me, if I didn’t know what to cherish, wouldn’t that shame the good intentions of Heaven?”

Oscar was originally consoling Ning Rongrong, but who could have imagine that before he finished speaking, Ning Rongrong had already burst into loud crying. The hands holding him also tightened.

Sensing Ning Rongrong’s pain, Oscar was somewhat at a loss. The previous beautiful feeling completely obliterated, he didn’t know how to best comfort Ning Rongrong this time.

“Rongrong, don’t cry, your tears break my heart. What’s happened?
Tell me. As long as I can do it, I will definitely help you.”

Ning Rongrong’s crying gradually subsided, tightly holding Oscar’s waist, completely burying her body in his arms, lowering her head, not daring to look at him, she almost stammered: “Did you know? We can never be together.”

Just at the start, Oscar didn’t hear it clearly. When Ning Rongrong repeated herself once again, he immediately felt as if struck by lightning, his whole body trembling fiercely, he clasped Ning Rongrong’s charming face with both hands and raised her head, “Rongrong, what are you saying?”

Oscar’s voice was somewhat trembling. He had never loved someone as wholeheartedly as now, but, what Ning Rongrong said, how could he bear it?

Ning Rongrong’s silvery teeth clenched. She knew that if she didn’t tell him the truth this time, it would only hurt Oscar even more in the future. Closing her eyes, she resisted the pain in her heart, saying: “I said, it’s impossible for us to be together. I’m sorry.”

“Sorry?” Oscar looked stupidly at her, a grotesque smile floating onto his face.

“Rongrong, do you know? I very rarely shaved before, I never cared anything for anyone else. Even if dean Flender said I was a genius, I still didn’t feel like cultivating. I only wanted to quietly and happily live my life.”

“Until I met you. When I saw you for the first time, I couldn’t help liking your fairy-like mien. Once when you were arrogant and domineering, even at that time, your shadow in my heart didn’t fade. Only I told myself that it was impossible for you and me. You were the magnificent eldest daughter of an influential family, but I was only a common Spirit Master.”

“Just when I wanted to erase your presence in my heart as far as possible, you began to change. With everyone’s help, you were no longer like before. You began to grow gentle, provoking people’s affection even

more. Your faults gradually disappeared, and your shadow, also became more and more distinct in my heart. Until that day, when you told me you wanted to temporarily go out with me, do you know what I felt? Even for a hundred spirit bones, I still wouldn’t trade away the the feeling of that moment. I believed, that my spring had come.”

“In order to be together with you in the future, in order to gain your father’s recognition, I began to stake my life on cultivation. What I liked the most before was sleeping, but from that day on, I practically never slept, each day was passed constantly cultivating. Even when alone, when in pain, as long as I recalled your smile, I could easily kick the pain aside. I discovered, that I truly loved you. Perhaps I was lowly, each time you were in danger, when I could protect you, I always felt joyous.”

Tears flowed down Oscar’s cheeks. He gradually let go of Ning Rongrong’s face, step by step gradually retreating. What his eyes revealed wasn’t sadness, but rather a light close to despair.

“You didn’t say. Oscar, I, I……”

Oscar smiled, a sneer, not towards Ning Rongrong, but at himself, “I truly am foolish. I actually already knew it was impossible for us. As the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s invaluable eldest daughter, how would you be together with a poor kid like me? No matter how much effort I made, it would still never be possible for me to be on the same stage as you. In the future, you are the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s school master. And me? Nothing. I really am far too foolish. However, why would you lie to me? Knowing it was impossible, why would you give me that chance? Why?”

Hearing Oscar’s practically hysterical roar, Ning Rongrong fiercely raised her head. Her eyes were already red from crying, and she equally practically roared back, “Because I also loved you.”

“What did you say?” Oscar was dumbfounded. Looking at Ning Rongrong’s red face, the despair in his eyes once again rose to a hopeful luster.

Ning Rongrong looked at Oscar, tears making her eyes hazy: “Yes, in the beginning, I never considered you. Even though you were very handsome, I’d seen handsome men since I was a child. But, I gradually discovered, that you truly were good to me. To me, you could invest everything. This still wasn’t important, as you began to work hard at cultivating, when you would naturally block in front of me each time we fought, my heart was conquered by you bit by bit. That day, promising to go out with you, that wasn’t a lie. Because I wanted to clearly see, just what place you really had in my heart.”

“When we were truly together, when I could see you each day, see you grow thinner day by day because of cultivating hard, I understood that all you did was for me. Your mark on my heart also gradually grew larger. I discovered that my reluctance to part with you grew stronger and stronger. Originally, I should already have told you long ago, it’s impossible for us to be together, but, I really couldn’t say it. It’s not that I didn’t have the heart to hurt you, but rather that I didn’t want to give up that feeling. That kind of feeling should be called love.”

“Oscar, I know how much you’ve invested for me, but do you know the suffering in my heart? I constantly told myself that, once the tournament was over, I would tell you the facts. Like that I wouldn’t influence your cultivation. But, within my heart, I didn’t want to tell you the truth, because I didn’t want to leave you. I didn’t want to leave the first man I’ve loved in my life. Do you understand?”

If Oscar could previously be described as somewhat hesitant, then as he now heard Ning Rongrong’s weeping and complaining sobs, his heart gradually softened.

Seeing the tears constantly flowing down Ning Rongrong’s face, listening to her speak her mind, Oscar discovered for the first time that what he had invested wasn’t wasted. This was the first time the two of them revealed their hearts, and Oscar’s gaze began to become gentle.

“Then why do you say we can’t be together?” His voice gradually calming, he asked the question on his mind.

Nong Rongrong said tearfully: “Because of the school rules. You also know that our Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School directly related disciples are all support type Spirit Masters. Despite having the glory of the number one support spirit, in fact, we’re never able to break away from the fact that we have no attack power. This is also why I originally approached third brother to have those hidden weapons made. Therefore, in the school rules, all spouses of directly related disciples must be battle Spirit Masters with extremely formidable strength, to protect us. If it was another related disciple, perhaps there would still be a chance for flexibility. But I’m my father’s only daughter, and the only future heir of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School. It’s impossible for my father to be accommodating with these rules for me. I can only find a future spouse who can use spirit power to protect me.”

Oscar looked at Ning Rongrong in a daze, “This is the reason we can’t be together? Because I’m a support type Spirit Master?”

Ning Rongrong nodded with eyes hazy with tears.

“Our Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School has never discriminated against ordinary Spirit Masters. As long as you entered the school, the school would treat you sincerely. But I don’t have the power to change these rules. Not even when I become the sect master. I know you’re good to me, and I also truly like you. But, if we go on, it will only be more painful in the future. I don’t want to drown you in this pain. A brief pain is better than prolonged ache, it’s still not too late to tell you now. You’re sixteen. You still have a beautiful future. I’m sorry, Oscar. Truly sorry……”

At this point, the sobs made her unable to speak.

Oscar looked bitterly at Ning Rongrong. Could he truly blame her for this?

No, of course not. This wasn’t Ning Rongrong’s fault. When he heard Ning Rongrong say she loved him, the softest part of his heart was already completely touched.

To him, that Ning Rongrong felt for him was more important than anything.

“Too late. It’s already too late. Even if I’m only sixteen, in my heart, there will never be room for a second woman. Rongong, do you know? It’s already too late for you to tell me now. I love you, forever and ever, even if the seas run dry and the stones go soft, this won’t change.”

An incomparably resolute splendor flickered in Oscar’s peach blossom eyes. Taking a few steps forward, he grabbed Ning Rongrong’s shoulders.

“Rongrong. Look at me.” Oscar’s voice suddenly calmed.

Ning Rongrong stared blankly, raising her head to look at him. Suddenly, she saw a special light in Oscar’s eyes she had never seen before, a light she had only seen in Tang San and Dai Mubai’s eyes at the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament finals.

“Rongrong, listen to me. I won’t give up. I will never give up. I’m very happy, because it’s the first time I heard you say that you like me. There are difficulties before us, but as long as we love each other, the difficulties might not be insurmountable. The rules of your Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School is nothing more than a hope for directly related disciples to possess powerful protection. Unfortunately, I can’t do that right now, I’m only a food type Spirit Master, but that doesn’t mean it will never be possible for me. Rongrong, will you wait for me? Give me ten years, I’ll definitely find a way to become powerful, a way to gain the strength to protect you.”

No matter what, Ning Rongrong hadn’t expected Oscar to react like this. Seeing the stubborn light in his eyes, she suddenly discovered that this man was worthy of relying on. Practically without the slightest hesitation, she nodded.

Releasing his grip on Ning Rongrong’s shoulders, Oscar turned sharply, all reluctance to part hidden completely within the deepest parts of his heart, “Rongrong, I’m leaving. Ten years, wait ten years for me. After ten years, if I still haven’t returned, get married. If I’ve succeeded, I will definitely return to find you. In ten years, you will be twenty four, in your prime. As long as I don’t die, I will succeed.”

Finished speaking, Oscar didn’t pause, dashing out like a gust of wind. He wouldn’t stay longer at Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School. He knew that he would never be able to find the true answer here. He had to go, had to leave this place, go to the outside world to search for the things he needed. Could a food system Spirit Master truly not protect the ones he loved?

No, he believed he could achieve it. For the stubborn love in his heart, anyhow and anyway, he would achieve it.

Looking at Oscar’s disappearing back, Ning Rongrong was already stupid. At this moment, she clearly discovered that she couldn’t control her heart from falling for this handsome man who was good to her, who invested everything for her. She was reluctant to see him leave, she truly wanted to have him stay, but she knew that if she said so, she and him would truly be forever unable to be together.

A gloomy sigh echoed behind Ning Rongrong, a forceful big hand falling on her shoulder.

“Silly girl, don’t cry. If he truly can return within ten years, perhaps you truly will be able to be together.”

Ning Rongrong turned around, looking at Ning Fengzhi who had quietly appeared at some point. She threw herself fiercely into her fathers arms and lost her voice in bitter tears.

Sword Douluo Chen Xin and Bone Douluo Gu Rong stood there quietly. The two great Title Douluo looked face to face, and the always taciturn Sword Douluo suddenly said: “Suppose with time, this kid isn’t something in the pond. Like he said himself, if he doesn’t die in ten years, then after

ten years, he will certainly shock the Spirit Master world. Shock us. Let him go temper himself.”

Ning Rongrong, as the heir to the school master, having so much noise appear on her side, how couldn’t Ning Fengzhi and the others notice? The three were here long ago, and also heard the majority of Ning Rongrong and Oscar’s discussion, even if they didn’t reveal themselves. As Ning Fengzhi heard Oscar’s final decision, his eyes shone with admiration.

The Shrek Seven Devils, they really weren’t ordinary characters. Perhaps this kid’s talent couldn’t compare to Tang San, but the unswerving determination hidden in his heart was enough to deal with a great many troubles.

Ning Fengzhi didn’t hold back Oscar. He also wanted to see what kind of shock this youngster could give him in the future. If that shock was enough to offset the school rules, then he wouldn’t mind being his father in law.

…… Putong.
Tang San wasn’t clear on how many times this was that he’d been blasted into the pool.

The two hundred meter high torrential waterfall struck with enormous force, this was something he could only truly understand from experience.

With sealed spirit power, let alone practicing with the hammer in the waterfall, even climbing onto the large round rock was difficult to achieve. A whole three days had passed, and Tang San had never stood firmly on that incomparably sleek rock. He hadn’t even swung the hammer once.

Each day he would exhaust all his energy, with difficulty climb onto land, recover his energy, and once again return to make an effort under the waterfall.

Tang San’s temperament had always been known for perseverance, he had never known anything called defeat.

If the first time didn’t work he would do it twice, if twice didn’t work then thrice. He firmly believed that there would be a reason to what his father had him do.

Under the effect of the wisdom skull bone, Tang San began to determine the degree of sleekness of that rock, began to determine the force of impact of the water, looking for the best place to cut through to stand on the rock, and began to with great effort dodge the impact of the water.

Exploiting every fraction of strength in each part of his body.

The heavy forging hammer no doubt helped him. The heavier he was, the harder it was to be dashed into the pool.

Tang Hao always sat meditating in the cave he made, never paying any attention to what Tang San did. Tang San had stockpiled a great amount of drinking water and food in the Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges, enough to let two people persist for a month.

Therefore, in this month, Tang San didn’t go to pick any fruit.

Whenever he came up to rest, he would separate some food and bring it to his father’s cave, arranging it in front of his father.

After eating he would immediately rest, and once his energy recovered he threw himself into the water.

Tang Hao occasionally opened his eyes, his gaze involuntarily falling on Tang San. Watching his son again and again be dashed down and climb up again, his eyes would reveal a faint gratification.

‘Foolish kid, do you know? This waterfall is a hammer to forge you. What it forges is your body. As the only Divine Craftsman on the Continent, what I want to do is forge you yourself into a true divine tool.’

Five seconds. He finally endured for five seconds.

On the fifth day, Tang San could already endure on the rock for five seconds.

Finally on the fifth day, Tang San could endure for five seconds on the round rock.

Even without the aid of spirit power, standing on the rock, his body could move softly according to the rhythm of Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step, unloading the force of impact from the waterfall, as far as possible finding the best position to endure the strike.

Even when it was difficult to breathe, he still endured for every moment possible.

To Tang San, this was undoubtedly a good start. Just as they say, all things are difficult at the start. The first perseverance is undoubtedly the most painful. Not only did Tang San have to endure the tyrannical battering of the waterfall, but he still had to endure the pain while unable to use spirit power.

Just like an adult suddenly turning into a small child, when strength abruptly dropped, one would need some time to adjust.

And five days was just this time for adaptation. in five days, in the constant battering of the water, the pain of being unable to use Mysterious Heaven Skill gradually faded. Relying on the wisdom skull’s intelligence boost, he gradually grasped the technique.

From the sixth day on, the time he could stay on the round rock rose geometrically, and he could also finally start to swing the forging hammer in his hand.

Using strength on the slick and smooth round rock was no doubt an extremely painful matter. But Tang San was astute, he didn’t anxiously start to practice the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method, and rather first

adapted himself to the strength of the waterfall as far as possible, making great efforts to control his balance, allowing the waterfall to wash him.

When Tang San could finally stand firm under the waterfall without getting pounded into the water, Tang Hao finally gave him a word of advice.

Cultivate. Cultivate spirit power. Of course, to Tang San, that was cultivating Mysterious Heaven Skill.

For a while Tang San was astonished by his father’s words. His Mysterious Heaven Skill internal strength was already sealed, how would he still cultivate? But as he truly cultivated, he discovered that the seal his father had given him was extremely odd. Even though he couldn’t use the Mysterious Heaven Skill internal strength, it didn’t influence his cultivation.

Whenever he started to cultivate the emptiness in his body, after circulating the accumulated internal strength once, it would automatically merge into that fiery seal, fusing with his own original internal strength.

Even though Tang San was unable to feel to what degree his Mysterious Heaven Skill progressed like this, after cultivating, the recovery speed of his body would clearly accelerate.

Therefore, from this day on, Tang San would cultivate for six hours each day, training under the waterfall for the remaining time.


The forging hammer caused an enormous splash within the waterfall, circling once, and returning over Tang San’s head.

Success. Tang San exulted. But he was only joyous for a moment, because as his will wavered, the waterfall blasted him into the pool.

Today was already the fifteenth day since coming here. After unrelenting effort, he could finally successfully do the first Disorder Splitting Wind

swing, without sliding from the round rock from the force.

With the first swing came the second. With Tang San’s constant training, the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method began to emerge in his hands.

The forging hammer was after all no Clear Sky Hammer, and its weight wasn’t that dreadful. Even more, its weight could help Tang San stand steadily on the rock. Gradually, his Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method grew more and more skillful from practising in the waterfall.

At the start he could only cause some splashes, but as it danced it would be impervious to the elements. It was like a round barrier beneath the waterfall, constantly blocking the battering of the waterfall, water blooming in large splashes.

The forging hammer’s swinging frequency swiftly and steadily rose. In an instant, three months had passed.


The final swing lashed out. Tang San’s body soared up like an artillery shell, meeting the battering waterfall for ten meters. Within ten meters, the falling water was struck back against the stream, and under the drive of his figure, issuing an immense explosive rumble. Even that rainbow spanning the pool was turned disorderly at this moment.

That of course wasn’t something Tang San could achieve with his present strength, but rather a property of the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method.

One swing was more powerful than the last, the force of the swings overlapping. If not for the inner qualities of Tang San’s physique being extremely powerful, that enormous impact would be enough to rip the muscles from his bones.

The moment the nine by nine, eighty one swings, were completed, the eighty one overlapping forces condensed together. Despite not being able to

use the slightest bit of spirit power at the moment, that instantly erupting terrifying attack power still surpassed his peak.


The force faded away. Tang San’s body in the waterfall was smashed heavily into the pool, but at this moment the excitement in his heart was difficult to describe.

Three months, he had finally completed his father’s requirement, finally managed the eighty first swing.

Right now, Tang San’s skin was brimming with a healthy bronze color, his height increased somewhat. Even though his hair and the beard on his face seemed extremely disorderly, his eyes like cold stars tilted dazzlingly.

The instant the waterfall reversed, Tang Hao sitting in the cavern had already opened his eyes, an astonished light flashing past the corners of his eyes. Even as the youngest Title Douluo of the continent, right now he still couldn’t help sighing in praise at his son’s accomplishments. Back when he completed this step, it had taken him a full half year. But Tang San, with unswerving will and the help of his talent, had unexpectedly used just three months.

Jumping onto the shore from the pool, Tang San held the forging hammer in one hand, and he first of all looked his father in the eyes.

Tang Hao’s gaze swept across his son. In these three months, Tang San’s muscles had become more distinct. Even though none was exaggeratedly enormous, his skin held a faint hazy light. With the eyesight of a Title Douluo, he could naturally detect the accumulated explosive power within.

“Dad, I succeeded. Eighty one swings.” Tang San somewhat proudly said to Tang Hao. Eighty one swings, eighty one unrestrained swings, that transcendence of heart and body made him extremely excited.

Tang Hao nodded to him, giving him two words,

“Very good. Only, you can still do better.”

While speaking, Tang Hao grabbed the forging hammer from Tang San’s hands. With a casual flick, the forging hammer soared away like a shooting star, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

Paying no attention to the somewhat lifeless Tang San, Tang Hao’s one hand grabbed a large tree next to him. His hand cut into the tree trunk like a sharp blade, cutting it like it was soft tofu.

As Tang Hao’s hand moved, Tang San only saw a cloud of wood shavings in the air and Tang Hao’s illusory palm.

In fact, his Purple Demon Eye had already reached the peak of the third tier, and that he couldn’t clearly see Tang Hao’s movements with his present eyesight, showed just how fast Tang Hao was.

When Tang Hao stopped, yet another hammer had appeared in his hand, exactly identical to the previous forging hammer, but made from the wood of the tree.

Stuffing the wooden hammer into Tang San’s palm, “, use it to practice the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method. If the hammer breaks, make one yourself.”

Leaving these words behind, Tang Hao returned to his cave again. Only a few simple words, but what he had given Tang San was an even more difficult challenge.

When he first got the hammer, Tang San didn’t feel anything. For three months he had used the several dozen jin forging hammer, now holding this wooden hammer, it was practically light as air.

As he once again swam back to the waterfall, he was a lot more relaxed than before. The wooden hammer was buoyant, and moreover so light, it saved him practically a fifth of the time before he reached the waterfall.

However, when he climbed onto the round rock under the waterfall, he immediately felt something amiss. Under the immense impact of the water, his body swayed, and he was unexpectedly almost smashed onto the rock.

In fact, these three months of training had long since let him stand stable on the round rock like a nail hammered into a board. Having his steps suddenly falter, how could he not be shocked?

Very quickly, Tang San realized the problem. The forging hammer in his hand had turned into a wooden hammer, and the weight was massively different. The center of his gravity as well as his familiarity with the stream of water had all changed.

With different weight, it was naturally even more difficult to stand steadily. Having figured this out, Tang San immediately understood some of his father’s intentions.

Astutely, he didn’t immediately swing the wooden hammer after standing firm, but rather stood there stably, controlling the wooden hammer to swing it softly, feeling the sensation of the wooden hammer in the stream.

The seemingly light as a feather wooden hammer unexpectedly received even greater resistance in the water than the forging hammer from before. It suffered the double influence of its own buoyancy and the water’s impulse, making Tang San’s control even more difficult.

When Tang San felt he could once again stand firmly, he began to use the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method again.

The first and second swings still continued as normal, just not so easy. But when the third swing arrived, the frail wooden hammer snapped the instant it would split the water. One wooden hammer, broken.

From this day on, Tang San entered the second stage of training.

He didn’t have internal strength. Unable to infuse the wooden hammer with internal strength to protect it, what he could do was to control his use of strength as far as possible, controlling the force constantly exerted on the

wooden hammer to keep it from breaking under the water. From breaking from his own swings.

The abruptly growing problem didn’t make Tang San shrink back, on the contrary it made his mind even more focused, starting an even more arduous special training.

After nine months.

Within an ear-piercing roar, the tremendous water screen soared up. This time it wasn’t only the part of the waterfall above, but an entire section almost ten meters wide. Under the waterfall, that soaring figure’s whole body twinkled with a bronze radiance, glittering like gold under the sunlight.

Eighty one swings, Tang San had already forgotten how many times this was that he had completed the eighty first swing.

Chapter 133

Falling into the pool, feeling the surroundings wrap him up in clear coolness, he did his utmost to relax his body. He knew that, to him, this was only a brief moment of relaxation. He didn’t know what kind of cultivation method his father had in store for him next.

What he held in his hand was no longer the forging hammer sized wooden hammer, but rather a supersized hammer with a hammer head cross section diameter of two meters. And behind this kind of giant wooden hammer, the handle was only the width of a person’s arm.

As could be imagined, if it was only raising an ordinary hammer, perhaps the hammer handle would directly break under its own weight. But Tang San relied on ingenious control of force, using it to complete eighty one swings under the waterfall.

That was such an enormous waterfall’s force of impact, if he didn’t have this kind of giant hammer, how could he have instantly reversed it for ten meters? At this moment, his Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method was already practiced to its pinnacle.

Just as Tang San expected, as he returned to the side of the shore, his father was already waiting there for him. But different from the past, as he prepared to land, his father’s coarse hand appeared in front of him.

After being stunned for a moment, Tang San extended his right hand, clasping his father’s. Tang Hao exerted himself, and Tang San’s body broke

through the water, landing in front of him.

Having been here for a full year already, Tang San had clearly become taller. Already close to sixteen, he completely had the body of an adult, and a tall one at that. He also grew more and more like himself in his youth. Even though he still wasn’t sixteen, his face had the resolution even a twenty two or twenty three year old ordinary man might not have.

Resolute, unwavering, persevering. All the excellent intrinsic qualities Clear Sky School’s directly related disciples could possess could be found on him.

Tang Hao was very satisfied with his son’s achievements. Even if he wouldn’t show it.

Without waiting for Tang Hao to do anything, Tang San already took the initiative to place the large sized wooden hammer to the side, “Dad, what do I use next?”

In one year, he had already adapted to this kind of special training. He could also clearly feel himself improving through this training. In terms of application of strength, Tang San could now be said to have reached the pinnacle. He could even clearly control the path of each fraction of his strength.

Out of the pool, even the most minute force fluctuations couldn’t be hidden from his senses. Even a blade of grass could become a deadly weapon in his hands, even without spirit power.

Tang Hao raised his hand, pointing at the waterfall on the other side of the pool, “Today you rest. Starting tomorrow, except when you’re cultivating, I don’t want to see the waterfall fall below thirty meters above the pool. Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method can be used head on, but it can also be used to counter, just like when you blocked that Stormwind Demon Wolf Thirty Six Successive Chops from that Feng Xiaotian of the Godwind Academy.”

Tang San looked somewhat nonplussed at Tang Hao, “Dad, I don’t understand.”

Tang Hao calmly said: “All the training is in order t o let you master the Clear Sky Hammer better, to use your strength better. But if you always train with external objects, you will never be able to directly feel what the Clear Sky Hammer gan give you. Therefore, from tomorrow on, the hammer you will use under the waterfall is your own Clear Sky. You can use spirit power. Let me see just what level you can reach.”

While speaking, Tang Hao raised his hand to poke Tang San’s left shoulder. Tang San felt a great force, and he involuntarily spun around. Immediately afterward, a burning hot big hand stuck to the center of his back. A scalding stream of heat penetrated his body, instantly surging into his dantian. Before Tang San could react, the internal energy within the dantian erupted like a volcano and surged out.

Pushed down by a great force, Tang San unconsciously sat down under Tang Hao’s control.

“Calm your qi, cultivate spirit power.”

The few simple words were Tang Hao’s directions for Tang San. Originally thinking he could truly rest for a day, Tang San didn’t have time to think of anything else. Immediately grabbing the source, he guided the suddenly erupting internal strength within his body to circulate through the route of the Mysterious Heaven Skill.

Mysterious Heaven Skill was originally a kind of gentle inner strength, but right now it suddenly became berserk. Under Tang San’s minute control, it was like a flood bursting through a dam, scouring his incomparably durable energy channels.

With internal strength entering his body, Tang San sensed a great deal. The first thing he sensed was his spiritual force controlling his internal strength. Under the tremendous spiritual force effect, even though the rushing internal strength struck with enormous force, he could still manage

to control it. The second thing he sensed was the change in his energy channels.

Even though it had already been one year since he had circulated his internal strength, his energy channels seemed to have widened, and moreover turned incomparably durable. No matter how the internal strength attacked, it still had to follow the paths of his energy channels.

The scrubbing under the waterfall was a forging of Tang San’s whole person, physique, energy channels, willpower, mind. One year of dry as dust training had brought unprecedented improvements.

Rupturing sounds constantly echoed within Tang San’s body. That wasn’t the bursting of energy channels, but rather the opening of blockages. In just three short circulations, of Tang San’s eight extraordinary meridians, including the ones already open from before, he had unexpectedly broken through six. Only two meridians still kept their barriers.

With six meridians connected, an even more tremendous internal strength entered, and a feeling like a smelting furnace appeared once again. Only this time, it was one Tang San made himself.

In fact, even Tang Hao didn’t know that in this year under the battering of the waterfall without his internal strength, the three immortal treasure herbs Tang San ate had completed a thorough merging process with his body.

The Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass, Infernal Precious Apricot, as well as the Piercing Gaze Begonia were finally completely fused with his body.

If he followed regular cultivation, this process would require at least ten years of slow absorption to complete. Even though absorbing the three herbs wouldn’t give Tang San any major breakthroughs in internal strength, the degree of pliability and toughness they provided his energy channels, bones and muscles was frightening. Each was brimming with explosive force.

Just like Tang Hao planned, Tang San was walking on the road of being forged into a divine tool.

All the burning heat finally condensed in the center of his back, rolling in reverse. That final point of condensation was precisely where his external spirit bone Eight Spider Lances was. As a spirit bone capable of evolution, Eight Spider Lances would also constantly evolve along with Tang San’s improvements.

The one day became seven days. Tang Hao stood guarding at his son’s side for the full seven days. In seven days, Tang San’s body underwent heaven and earth revolving changes.

On the first day, a layer of gray matter bubbled out of Tang San’s body. On the second day, the grey matter condensed into flakes and began to gradually peel off, exposing pink white skin, and under the skin, Tang Hao saw faint red and blue colors roaming.

And by the end of the seven days, Tang San’s entire body had become sleek like gemstone, to the extent that there even flowed a faint gem like light within him. Nothing in the outside world was important any longer. Tang San’s unprecedented breakthrough was forged from one year of pressure.

Tang Hao of course hadn’t simply sealed his spirit power. This spirit power suppressing trick was one of Clear Sky School’s methods, most suitable to use in the forty to fifty rank range. Originally Tang Hao was prepared to suppress Tang San for two years, but he hadn’t expected Tang San to complete his two year task in only one.

Tang Hao knew that if he continued to suppress it, it might have the reverse effect, therefore he helped him undo the seal today.

Such a method of erupting after suppressing could only be used once in a lifetime.

The timing Tang Hao chose, was undoubtedly the best.

Tang San’s spirit power fluctuations calmed over seven days. As he once again opened his eyes, Tang Hao saw a gentle gaze in Tang San’s eyes.

“Dad.” Tang San looked at his father.

Tang Hao suddenly swatted him with a palm. Tang San didn’t dare block it, allowing his father’s palm to strike his chest, sending him far into the deep water.

“Wash yourself properly.” Tang Hao’s voice came from the shore, “Your spirit power has already reached the fiftieth rank bottleneck.” While saying this, even if Tang Hao wanted to make his voice calm, he still couldn’t suppress his pleasant surprise.

Fiftieth rank, that’s right, right now Tang San’s spirit power had already reached the fiftieth rank bottleneck. As long as he obtained one more spirit ring, he could directly enter the Spirit King stage.

One year, in one brief year, he had gone from forty second to fiftieth rank. Tang San still wasn’t sixteen, this was something unprecedented in the history of the Spirit Master world.

Even though Tang San also felt he had made enormous breakthroughs, if Tang Hao didn’t tell him, he would still have been unable that the degree of his progress would actually be so terrifying. Eight ranks in one year, even a genius like him wouldn’t dare think of it. In fact, the higher the spirit power, the more difficult the cultivation.

Simply washing himself clean, Tang San once again climbed onto the shore. His first words were unavoidably a question for his father: “Dad, am I really already fiftieth rank?” He knew about the six meridians connecting, but his spirit power progressing this tremendously, the feeling of that kind of leap still had him brimming with excitement.

Tang Hao nodded, “My senses wouldn’t be wrong. You’re already fiftieth ranked. However, don’t be complacent. The later it is, the more troublesome the cultivation. Fiftieth rank to sixtieth rank is a watershed that I originally used five years to cross. I hope you can break through the

sixtieth rank boundary before you’re twenty. Your road will be easier after that.”

“Yes.” This time, even Tang San saw the change in his father’s mood, Even though he was still instructing him, he still caught that faintly discernable smile on his father’s face.

Fiftieth ranked at sixteen, and possessing two spirit bones. Right now, even sixtieth ranked Spirit Masters could never defeat Tang San.

“Little San, the technique for throwing the Eight Spider Lances fragments you used in the final moment of the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament, was it your created spirit ability?” Tang Hao suddenly asked.

Tang San looked distracted a moment, scratching his head, and said: “More or less.” He could never say that it wasn’t a technique of this world. In some sense, after reaching this world, Tang Sect’s secret lore could all be considered his created spirit ability.

Tang Hao nodded, saying: “Those techniques of yours are very good, don’t abandon them. From now on, you will train with the Clear Sky Hammer under the waterfall at night, and make your own plans for the daytime.”

Tang San’s couldn’t help saying: “Dad, I’m already fiftieth rank, won’t we go look for a fitting spirit ring?”

Tang Hao indifferently said: “Have you forgotten what Grandmaster taught you? One of his ten great core competitive forces, didn’t it propose that even if a Spirit Master doesn’t obtain a spirit ring after reaching the bottleneck, his spirit power will still constantly be stored, to appear after obtaining the spirit ring. There’s no need for you to fight right now, why rush to obtain a spirit ring?”

Tang San nodded, saying: “I understand.”

Spirit power reaching the fiftieth rank was also equivalent to Mysterious Heaven Skill reaching the brink of the fifth tier. With stronger internal strength, some hidden weapon techniques that couldn’t be used before could be cultivated. Tang San had never forgotten the hidden weapons he had paid his previous life for. From this day on, like Tang Hao said, he began to cultivate Mysterious Heaven Skill and hidden weapons in the daytime, and train with the Clear Sky Hammer at night. The process of cultivating Mysterious Heaven Skill was his rest.

Right now Tang San was like a spring powered mechanism, seemingly never resting.


Supreme Pontiff Palace.

“Are you really thinking clearly?” The Supreme Pontiff quietly looked at Hu Liena kneeling in front of her.

Hu Liena nodded firmly, “Your Holiness. If I can’t break through to some extent somehow, I’m afraid Tang San will catch up to me sooner or later. For Spirit Hall, I’m ready to take the risk.”

Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong’s face grew a lot gentler, “Actually, you don’t need to do it. You’re already extremely outstanding. Going there to train, there’s a large chance even you won’t return. Wouldn’t it be much better to go cultivate at Death Canyon like Xie Yue and Yan?”

Hu Liena shook her head, “No. Your Holiness, even though Death Canyon is dangerous, it won’t be able to truly give me the sensation of death. I know you’ve always had Lord Chrysanthemum Douluo protect me in secret. Without truly experiencing the feeling of death, with my talent, I’m afraid I’ll be unable to compare to Tang San later.”

Bibi Dong smiled calmly, “Even though it’s been two years, you still can’t forget that defeat.”

Hu Liena attentively watched the Supreme Pontiff’s eyes, “Teacher. Didn’t you say that defeat is the mother of success? If I forgot the defeat, forgot the humiliation, how could I be worthy of your guidance? I hope that when I go there this time, you won’t dispatch anyone to protect me. I will definitely return alive.”

Right now her face didn’t have the slightest hint of seduction, only incomparable resolve.

Bibi Dong reached out to pull Hu Liena from the floor, “Child. In you, I see the hope for Spirit Hall’s future. Fine, I’ll approve it. But you must remember, you have to return alive. Whether as the Supreme Pontiff of Spirit Hall, or as your teacher, this is my mission for you, as well as my request. Understand?”

Watching Bibi Dong’s exceptionally beautiful eyes, Hu Liena felt something in hers, and nodded forcefully, “Teacher. I will.”

Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong raised her hand. On her hand was a ring glittering with light, and as she turned her palm, in her hand lay a white skull.

“Absorb it before you leave.”

Hu Liena was suddenly shocked, “Teacher, this is too precious.”

Bibi Dong’s face dropped, “Even the most precious things must be used to have value. Originally, that mind condensing wisdom skull suited you even better, but it went with Tang San and the others. The loss of three spirit bones was a great blow to Spirit Hall. However, in my heart, the three of you are more important than spirit bones. This skull is equally one that suits you. No worse than that wisdom skull. Take it.”

Hu Liena didn’t object again, gravely accepting what the Supreme Pontiff bestowed, her eyes were already moist.

The Supreme Pontiff lowered her voice: “There’s still one matter I must remind you of. If you alone encounter Tang San, avoid a fight by any

means. Even though your strength is above his, I don’t know what techniques he uses to counter your capabilities. You don’t stand any chance against him. There’s also no need for you to treat him as an opponent. I will deal with this person sooner or later. Just like his father. Without dealing with Tang Hao, that stomach ache, our plans will inevitably run into trouble.”

“Yes, teacher.” Hu Liena lowered her head, agreeing deferentially. But her seductive big eyes revealed an unwilling expression.

She would never be able to forget the smile on Tang San’s face in the last moment, the scene of him tossing out the fragmented Eight Spider Lances before fainting. Just that attack had made them lose the spirit bones, and lose the championship. Becoming the sinners of Spirit Hall.

‘Tang San, just you wait. The humiliation you caused me, I will definitely repay you in blood.’


The broad waterfall fell from the sky, flourishing with water vapor.

Violent explosive sounds constantly echoed below the waterfall. If someone stood at the side to watch this bizarre scene, they would definitely be unable to conceal their shock.

The entire two hundred meter tall waterfall revealed an extremely bizarre scene right now. The waterfall was unexpectedly completely split fifty meters from the bottom. The falling water scattered in waves in all directions at that point, becoming a vast curtain of water that poured down in torrents in the distance, making the entire pool below the waterfall constantly ripple from the battering drops.

Within that water screen, one could just vaguely see a figure like a rain dragon. Standing underneath the waterfall, body constantly whirling, a small black hammer flying up and down in his hands.

With each swing of the hammer, the falling water would rise somewhat in the air, the fifty meter distance constantly climbing.

Sixty meters, seventy meters, eighty meters, ninety meters. Within that water curtain, one could vaguely see that frightening black light climb towards the top of the waterfall like a rising black dragon.

The frightening scene still continued. When the waterfall was struck back a hundred meters, suddenly, the silhouette below the waterfall suddenly stopped. All motions turned into one final point, then forcibly stopped there.

All the condensed light erupted in this instant. Hong——
The ‘black dragon’ dashed towards the sky, and the torrential enormous waterfall was unexpectedly scattered in all directions in that instant, no longer able to gather, the two hundred meter tall waterfall, in that instant, completely disappeared from view. The giant black dragon issued a violent howl, as if roaring, as if displaying its terrifying might.

Tang Hao stood quietly by the side of the pool, watching the overwhelming scene in front of him, his face revealing a satisfied expression. Making the waterfall disappear completely, he asked himself if he could have done that even at twenty five.

But his son had done it.

That sky shaking ‘black dragon’ was caused by Tang San.

After two years, a whole two years of time, Tang Hao had never brought Tang San to obtain his fifth spirit ring in the second year of cultivation. And Tang San himself also discovered that his spirit power growth rate had clearly slowed.

It might be said that the spirit power required to rise one rank became greater later on. Because he hadn’t obtained the fifth spirit ring, he also

didn’t know what rank his spirit power could reach. But he was certain it wouldn’t surpass fifty three at the most.

After reaching the fiftieth rank, gaining two ranks every year was already an exceptionally fast pace.

After reaching the seventieth rank, a Spirit Master might not rise one rank in several years. It clearly showed the trouble of later stage cultivation.

Despite his spirit power promotion speed dropping greatly in the second year, Tang San had still thoroughly familiarized himself with his Clear Sky Hammer. Even though it didn’t have a single spirit ring, with the control of his fiftieth rank spirit power, the Clear Sky Hammer could already produce an extremely terrifying attack power. The present scene was the eruption of the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method’s nine by ninth, eighty first swing.

For spirits with support capability, it was undoubtedly the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda. In attack power, no other spirits could reach Sword Douluo Chen Xin’s Sacred Sword. But in tyranny, in force, in burst strength, the Clear Sky Hammer held the throne at the summit without submitting to anything.

Otherwise, how could the Clear Sky School be called something like the number one sect of the Spirit Master world?

Despite not having any abilities from spirit rings, the Clear Sky Hammer could still be infused with spirit power. It was still a divine tool-like existence.

Two years ago, before the special training started, Tang Hao had once asked Tang San what his biggest flaw was.

At that time, Tang San had replied with burst strength, a lack of instantly erupting attack power.

But now, this issue was resolved as easily as a knife splits bamboo.

Even though Tang San’s Clear Sky Hammer was still the same size, in Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method, or perhaps it should be said with the boost of Tang San infusing spirit power, the erupting attack it could produce right now had already reached an extremely terrifying degree.

Even more dreadful, after the Clear Sky Hammer was combined with Tang San’s Tang Sect hidden weapons, as long as Tang San’s spiritual force locked onto the opponent, unless the opponent had spiritual force far greater than his, and moreover was proficient in teleportation type capabilities, he would only be able to stiffly block it. Basically without the chance to dodge.


The halted waterfall fell, ferociously smashing Tang San standing on the round rock. But Tang San stood there without moving a single jot, like a nail hammered into the rock. His face even displayed a somewhat pleasurable expression. Immersed in the enormous waterfall, spitting out a breath, profound Mysterious Heaven Skill covered his body in a layer of faint white Big Dipper Qi.

Figure flashing, Tang San had leapt from the round stone. The Clear Sky Hammer in his hand quietly disappeared, replaced by several dozen strands of Blue Silver Grass striking downwards, lashing the surface of the water. Tang San used the momentum to soar out, landing directly next to Tang Hao on the shore.

When Tang San soared over, Tang Hao’s facial expression had already returned to solemnity. As he looked at his son smoothly landing next to him, he said indifferently: “Think you’re very powerful, yes?”

Tang San scratched his dripping wet hair, “Dad, I understand, I won’t be conceited, I will definitely continue working hard. Only, most recently I’ve felt that progressing in the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method with more practice is very hard.”

Listening to his son, Tang Hao couldn’t hold back a burst of helplessness in his heart. He still hadn’t said anything about his special training, but was already stumped by this astute brat. Still thinking to progress with the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method? How can one progress after already reaching the peak? Besides the Clear Sky Hammer not having the influence of spirit rings. Tang Hao asked himself, with this hammer method alone, would he be able to do any better than his son?

“The Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method training ends today. Little San, let me ask you, how do you feel about your fighting strength?” Tang Hao asked.

Tang San thought it over. He first wanted to say he was confident, but recalling his father’s formidable strength, he still changed his words, “Still lacking by far.”

“Then do you know where you are lacking?” Tang Hao continued asking.

Tang San looked blank a moment. Saying he was lacking by far was somewhat modest, now hearing his father ask this kind of question, no immediate answer appeared.

Tang Hao apparently also wasn’t looking to hear Tang San’s answer, and went on: “In theory, Grandmaster is unparallelled. His instruction methods for you were exceptionally proper, letting you build a solid foundation. Since you took him as teacher, your growth rate has been extremely fast, and you’ve also undergone a great many battles. You still have some real combat experience. No need to undervalue yourself. However, you still lack the essence of real combat.”

“Essence? What’s the essence of real combat?” Tang San hurriedly asked. His father should be a character reckoned among the best even among Title Douluo. Even though he didn’t say much, Tang San benefited from each word of guidance. He now hurriedly focused his attention to listen.

Tang Hao spoke in a low voice: “What is real combat? A true battle with life and death in the balance is real combat. But the real combat you’ve experienced has for the most part been in the format of competitions. You haven’t encountered many life crises. People, only in a test of life and death, will their potential be completely roused. By constantly struggling at the edge of death can one be said to truly possess the capability of battle. Your mind and battle control strength are both pretty good. But you lack one thing. The purest murderous spirit. Sense my aura.”

His words falling, the pupils of Tang Hao’s eyes abruptly disappeared. In that instant, he suddenly emitted an extremely ice cold aura. This aura didn’t seem to have any burst power, but as it earnestly enveloped Tang San, he immediately felt as if he had fallen into an ice house. Every single hair on his body stood up.

Ice cold, awe inspiring, evil, terrifying, the formidable murderous spirit making people tremble was like confronting a pouncing giant beast. Tang San clearly felt everything he did become slower within this incomparably tremendous murderous spirit. Even having the Purple Demon Eye with that Purple God Light, he didn’t dare look face to face with Tang Hao.

Even more shocking to Tang San was that the droplets flowing down his body had apparently slowed, the gradually dripping water condensing into strings of ice beads, hanging from his body.

Murderous spirit turned substantial? This was one description Tang San’s mind put out. Grandmaster once told him that, as his own strength reached a particularly terrifying level, his killing intent could even reach the level of substance, going from intangible to material. But this kind of level was as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns even among Title Douluo.

The ice cold killing intent retreated like a tide, and Tang Hao’s voice shocked Tang San awake, “What you felt, that was murderous spirit. Don’t you want to ask how to use murderous spirit? Murderous spirit actually doesn’t mainly influence the opponent, but rather yourself. It can let you disregard life and death, let you display your own strength to the greatest degree, even surpass your level. It can even let you act faster. Possessing

intense killing intent proves that you have once crawled from massive heaps of corpses. That you have experienced the edge of far too many life and death struggles. Even when confronting opponents far more formidable than yourself, you can still not be the slightest bit timid. Killing intent is a kind of imposing manner. In some areas it can even be equalled to courage. Perhaps it could be said that killing intent is the sublimation of courage.”

Tang Hao’s explanation of killing intent was undoubtedly somewhat extreme, but he made Tang San clearly understand his meaning.

“Dad, please teach me how I should obtain murderous spirit.” Tang San’s looked at his father with a resolute gaze.

Tang Hao shook his head, “No, I can’t teach you. I’m unable to teach you. You are, after all, my son. Even if I released even denser killing intent, you still wouldn’t believe that I’d kill you. Murderous spirit can only rely on your own understanding and what you possess. You can relax thoroughly today. Tomorrow morning, we’ll set out. I’ll bring you to a place where you can truly cultivate your murderous spirit.”

Hearing Tang Hao’s words, Tang San couldn’t help being somewhat happy. Staying here for two years, training without rest, even if this place was even more beautiful, it would still make people weary of aesthetics in the end. He could finally leave.

The father and son ate and slept in the wind, and didn’t have anything to put in order. Early the next morning, Tang Hao took the lead, and the two left the pool, left this valley.

Tang San knew his father didn’t like being wordy, and therefore he also didn’t ask Tang Hao where they were going, only silently followed behind his father.

Passing two years of assiduous cultivation, by now Tang San’s physical strength had already reached a shocking level. As if his whole body cultivated his Mysterious Jade Hand, it expressed a gem-like luster. His

eyes had a reserved splendor, and if one didn’t look carefully, it would be very difficult to notice the deep blue color in his pupils.

Even though Tang San hadn’t made great efforts to cultivate his spiritual force in these two years, his spiritual force had still made sufficient progress. The cultivation with unswerving will and stubbornness had not only forged his body, but also forged his mind.
After five days, Tang Hao had brought Tang San to an unknown forest. Just as they arrived, Tang San immediately sensed a familiar atmosphere.
After his spiritual force had grown powerful, his senses for the outside world had also clearly grown sharper. This was the atmosphere of danger.

Tang Hao halted in front of the forest, “You will soon go to the place where you can truly train in real combat. Therefore, it’s necessary for you to obtain your fifth spirit ring. There are spirit beasts that suit you in this forest.”

Finally going to get the fifth spirit ring? Tang San couldn’t help being somewhat excited.

Obtaining the fifth spirit ring would also completely pull out his spirit power. In two years of cultivation, Tang San’s Conception Vessel had also been connected. The only meridian that remained now was a Governing Vessel.

The goal Tang San gave himself before the sixtieth rank was to also connect the Governing Vessel. Then, his Mysterious Heaven Skill could reach another stage.

After connecting the eight meridians, he could use protective Big Dipper Qi. This was something Spirit Masters didn’t have. In the terms of this world, it should be called spirit power materialization.

“Sit.” Tang Hao pointed to the ground.

Tang San was blank a moment, but still followed his words and sat cross legged on the ground. Only he was somewhat unclear on just what his father would actually have him do.

Tang Hao didn’t explain, but walked to Tang San’s side, “Release your Blue Silver Grass, afterwards use your heart to feel. With your present spiritual force, you should be able to sense it. Originally, I wasn’t going to let you obtain this capability so early, but with the growth of your spiritual force so far, it should be time to receive it.”

Tang San didn’t understand the meaning of his father’s words, he only vaguely heard that the spirit ring ahead of him was something his father had planned for long ago.

Without thinking of anything else, he immediately closed his eyes. Blue Silver Grass released automatically, revolving around his body and slowly spreading. Condensing his spiritual force, he scattered it into his surroundings.

As a plant, blue silver grass was universal across the Continent.

Very soon, Tang San entered that realm he had once entered before. The surrounding blue silver grass seemed to call out to him, his spiritual force strengthened substantially, making his senses become especially clear.

He could even distinguish the mood of each blue silver grass.

His senses gradually spread along with his spiritual force, and Tang San felt the aura of the blue silver grass grow more and more tremendous.

Gradually, he became soaked in this feeling. He discovered that all the blue silver grass seemed to have a kind of nourishing mood towards him.

It was like they were his children, blabbering to their father in excitement.

Chapter 134

This was a mood he had never sensed before. Gradually, he didn’t need to release too much spiritual force, each blue silver grass within the forest released faint spiritual fluctuations, and even though they weren’t strong individually, with all that omnipresent blue silver grass together, it formed a tremendous spiritual field, fusing together with the spiritual force Tang San released.

Through them, the range Tang San could sense suddenly multiplied exponentially.

Each blue silver grass became like Tang San’s eyes and ears. Tang San could use spiritual force to examine the world before, but now using the blue silver grass’ spiritual field, the area he could observe could only be described as terrifying.

Just at this moment, suddenly, a voice echoed by Tang San’s ears without any warning, “King, great king, is it truly you? You have finally come to me, thank Heaven.”

‘King? Is this meant for me?’ Tang San was inwardly shocked. He didn’t understand why a voice would appear within his spiritual world. And at this moment, Tang Hao standing next to Tang San, revealed a faint smile. His spiritual force had also been open all along.

A voice suddenly appearing as Tang San sensed the spiritual field of the surrounding blue silver grass, astonished him enormously. And this voice

unexpectedly addressed him as king.

A powerful spiritual force suddenly reached out through the originally gentle blue silver grass spiritual field. This spiritual force swiftly tangled with Tang San’s spiritual force, as if the two were ropes tied together.

“King, please come here to me, can you?” That voice seemed to become even more eager, and with a strong longing.

Opening his eyes in shock, Tang San looked at his father.

Tang Hao calmly said: “You should have already sensed it. Go, I’ll wait for you here. There are times when obtaining a spirit ring doesn’t require killing.”

Even though Tang San didn’t understand what his father meant, he still stood. Greatly astonishing to him was that even without him deliberately controlling his spiritual force right now, that intense spiritual aura was still connected to him, constantly calling out.

Stepping into the forest, Tang San suddenly felt the threatening aura of the spirit beasts within the forest clearly weaken, as if the spirit beasts hidden among the trees had stepped aside to open up a path. With his father’s certainty, he didn’t hesitate, leaping up and swiftly advancing in the direction of that spiritual pull.

Where he passed, the blue silver grass on the ground seemed to call out excitedly, softly swaying rhythmically. As if dancing cheerfully at Tang San’s arrival.

This forest wasn’t large, at least it couldn’t even be compared to the Star Dou Great Forest. But as he entered, Tang San discovered that the plants here all seemed very ancient, as if they had experienced endless years.

Trees towering towards the sky could be seen everywhere, even the light of the sun found it very difficult to pierce the dense foliage.

Tang San could be certain that this was an ancient forest. But, just what was that voice calling out to him?

He longed to know the truth, and therefore his speed was especially rapid. On the way, he wasn’t obstructed by any spirit beasts, and easily followed the pull of that spiritual force forward.

After rushing for around two hours, that spiritual force connected to him suddenly became especially clear.

“King, I am here.” The spiritual voice appeared once again, so excited it was even a bit nervous.

Passing two trees that would have required at least several people working together to reach around, Tang San’s spiritual force shifted, locking onto a plant in front. He could clearly feel that the spiritual call came from this plant.

Slender vines climbed up, intertwining until they reached ten meters into the air. It seemed to be countless vines twined together to form an extraordinary plant. It was entirely crystal clear blue, the surface flickering with a special kind of translucency. In its surroundings, the blue silver grass grew especially lush.

Each of those vines were the thickness of a human waist, their diameter surpassing one chi.

Right now it swayed slightly, and in the middle of the vines, there were unexpectedly marks condensed together like a human face. Right now its expression seemed to be smiling. Smiling at him.

These vines gave him a formidable impression, an extremely formidable aura being released with hardly any restraint. Intense spiritual fluctuations gushed out with that face as center, revolving around Tang San with a cheerful rhythm.

The spiritual pull stopped here. Even though Tang San had seen plant type spirit beasts before, it was still the first time he met one with such a

formidable aura.

“Did you call for me?” Tang San’s stared at the enormous vine in front of him with a burning gaze. Even though he already sensed that the counterpart didn’t hold the slightest bit of malice, inwardly he still couldn’t help being a bit vigilant.

“Yes, great king. It was I who called for you.” That human face in the twisting vines moved, revealing an extraordinary human expression, its large mouth opening, unexpectedly issuing human speech.

This time it was no longer a spiritual exchange, but rather true speech.

Tang San was shocked. In fact, plant type spirit beasts’ cultivation was a lot harder than animal type spirit beasts. He had never heard Grandmaster say that plant type spirit beasts could speak, but the facts arrayed before him tolerated no disbelief.

“Who are you? Why do you call me king?” Tang San curiously asked.

The vines smiled: “Because flowing through your body, is blood more noble than mine. If I can be called a king among blue silver grass, then, you are the emperor.”

Hearing this, Tang San inwardly understood somewhat. His brain operating at high speed, all kinds of possibilities constantly appeared in his mind.

This enormous vine in front of him was unexpectedly also a blue silver grass. The universally regarded as a trash spirit, Blue Silver Grass, could actually be cultivated to such a formidable degree?

Before Tang San opened his mouth, the Blue Silver King spoke once again, “The distance to blood of your realm is still at least fifteen thousand years of cultivation for me. To meet you, to sense the aura of the blood you carry, I seem to have found a path leading to even nobler blood. Thank you, my king.”

Tang San frowned, “I’m sorry, perhaps you’ve made a mistake. I’m really not your king. I’m a human, not blue silver grass. I just happen to possess the Blue Silver Grass spirit.”

“No.” The Blue Silver King said somewhat eagerly: “Great king, it’s impossible for me to mistake it. The aura you carry is the aura of the Blue Silver Empress, this is no mistake. If you were only an ordinary human with the blue silver grass spirit like that, do you believe you could cultivate to your present level? What you possess, is the blood of the blue silver imperial family! Great king.”

Tang San was dumbfounded, “You’re saying, that my Blue Silver Grass isn’t ordinary Blue Silver Grass?”

“Yes. What you possess is the purest blood of the blue silver royalty. If I were to describe your spirit then, I think it would be more suitable to use Blue Silver Emperor, not Blue Silver Grass. All blue silver are one line, all are your people. Haven’t you felt them calling out to you?”

Blue Silver Emperor? Tang San’s heart twitched. He suddenly understood some of his father’s intentions in letting him come here.

Could it be that his mother’s spirit in those days was Blue Silver Emperor? That what he had inherited wasn’t some trash spirit, but the profound Blue Silver Emperor Spirit?

That enormous Blue Silver King continued: “Blue Silver Emperor has always been of the same line in this world. Only when the last Blue Silver Emperor passes will the next Blue Silver Emperor appear. Even if you are human, you are currently the only person through whose veins flows the blood of the Blue Silver Emperor.”

Tang San felt his pulse accelerate, “But, I’ve never felt that my Blue Silver Grass was anything special, perhaps you don’t understand, but the strength I possess right now was obtained by a special method of cultivating.”

Tang San had always believed that the reason he could possess innate full spirit power wasn’t related to his spirit, but rather to his cultivation of Mysterious Heaven Skill.

Consequently, he was still somewhat doubtful of the Blue Silver King’s words.

The Blue Silver King sighed lightly, saying: “Yes, you’re not wrong, previously, your Blue Silver Emperor was no different from ordinary Blue Silver Grass. This is our mistake. Because, your blue silver imperial blood still hasn’t truly awakened. Therefore you’re still unable to sense how formidable it is. Great king, your coming here, don’t tell me it isn’t in order to let me help you awaken it?”

Hearing the Blue Silver King’s words, if Tang San still didn’t understand, he wouldn’t be Tang San.

Awaken? His spirit had already had one awakening when he was six, could it be it still needed a second?

Apparently sensing Tang San’s way of thinking, the Blue Silver King patiently said: “Great Majesty, would the awakening of ordinary humans be able to truly awaken that noble blood of yours? On the Continent, besides you, I am the longest living blue silver grass. Therefore I am called Blue Silver King. Meeting you at last, as your eternal servants, we will forever guard you. Do you wish to forever shelter your subjects?”

Without any hesitation, Tang San earnestly fixed his gaze on the Blue Silver King, nodding firmly, “I do.”

Two drops of blue liquid flowed from where the eyes were on the Blue Silver King’s human face, “Almost twenty years, without feeling the aura of Your Majesty. Today, we will at last no longer be motherless children. Your Majesty, please sense your subjects worship you.”

The words fell, and an incomparably enormous aura suddenly rose. That wasn’t from the Blue Silver King in front of him, but rather from the entire forest.

Blue deep luster was emitted by every single blue silver grass. One blue silver grass might only emit a tiny speck of blue light, but as the blue light of millions and millions of blue silver grass condensed, that was a sea of blue.

Tang San immediately felt himself become the center of this ocean. His body was like an enormous swallowing mouth, frantically swallowing the outpouring blue sea of the outside world.

An unprecedented stream of heat rose from deep within. At this moment, Tang San no longer felt shock or pressure from the enormous energy, and neither did he have any sensation of his body swelling. He was shocked to discover that as that warm stream flowed courageously, an extremely gentle aura softly brushed away from his body.

For some reason, when he felt this gentle aura, Tang San suddenly had a kind of urge to cry. That seemed to be a kind of nourishing mood, as if what he bore right now, was his mother’s caress.

Closing his eyes, Tang San didn’t want to let this feeling pass. He renounced perception of everything in the outside world, he didn’t even use that top quality mind to calculate his current gains and losses, completely focusing his heart on that completely unreserved, completely selfless tenderness.

The Clear Sky Hammer was inherited from his father, Blue Silver Grass from his mother. No matter if it was a common Blue Silver Grass or the Blue Silver Emperor the Blue Silver King spoke of.

All this was what his mother in this world had left him. Tang San knew that, that tender aura, was the aura his mother had set aside for his blood.

Maternal love, the most selfless love in the world. Tang San had never had this kind of feeling before, but he did now. Even though he still didn’t

have a mother in this world, right now, that dense maternal love pervaded his heart.

In the depths of his heart, something seemed to break, to melt.

Tang San seemed to see the scene of his birth in this world, a pale woman with long blue hair pulling him to her chest, a sparkling and translucent blue teardrop sliding down her delicate cheek, falling on his chest and slowly soaking in.

Even though he didn’t hear any voices in that tableau, he could clearly feel that woman’s love call out to him.

Mom. Tang San truly wanted to call out, but however he called, the woman in the scene still slowly faded. What remained was only him in swaddling, a faint blue spreading on his chest.

In the real world, standing there, Tang San already had cheeks streaming with tears. The surface of his skin had already completely turned a sparkling and translucent blue, countless Blue Silver Grass emitting from his body, coiling around. Those Blue Silver Grass were also extraordinarily sparkling and translucent.

Blue liquid rolled from the eyes of the Blue Silver King. People might mistake people, but he wouldn’t make mistakes. This boy in front of him was the descendant of the imperial family, the child of the Blue Silver Empress of those days. ‘Great king, I wish your soul and spirit may rest in peace.’

The tremendous blue light rushed in, and Tang San’s body was soaked and floating in an extremely gentle ocean. There was no pain. There was only a tender aura caressing his soul.

Spirit rings appeared one after another.

The first spirit ring, Datura Serpent, the second spirit ring, Ghost Vine, the third spirit ring, Man Faced Demon Spider, the fourth spirit ring, Pit Demon Spider.

Yellow, yellow, purple, black. The four spirit rings didn’t move after appearing, but rather rose in sequence over Tang San. And those countless spots of blue light swiftly invaded these four spirit rings, giving each one a blue layer.

And at this moment, the Blue Silver Grass in Tang San’s surroundings began to change.

This wasn’t caused by the blue ocean condensing in the outside world, but emitted from Tang San himself.

The originally sparkling and translucent Blue Silver Grass became even more transparent. Gradually, it actually changed into a resplendent transparency like sapphire. In the heart of that translucent blue, was a golden vein, spreading from the root of each blade of Blue Silver Grass through the leaf.

The true Blue Silver Emperor had finally been born.

In an instant, under the influence of the blue golden light spreading from Tang San, the blue light in the air clearly became even more tremendous. On the ground, each blue silver grass began to turn sparkling and transparent, began to grow frantically.

Even the Blue Silver King in front of Tang San became transparent under the influence of the blue golden light he released, its face revealing a satisfied expression.

Tang San’s four spirit rings all distributed a blue golden luster. Very quickly, that blue golden light once again permeated the spirit rings. It seemed that these four spirit rings were no different in any way from before.

But in fact, they were already no longer the four spirit rings of the Blue Silver Grass, but rather the four spirit rings of a Blue Silver Emperor.

Tang San’s swelling muscles shrank somewhat, his whole body seeming even more proportional. His stature didn’t change, but his black hair

gradually turned deep blue. Within that deep blue was still mixed a faint golden luster.

It was like the Blue Silver Emperor at his side.

The crystalline long hair was so dazzlingly beautiful, and at this moment, the attributes of Tang San’s entire body were all intangibly promoted. Unrelated to spirit power, that was completely a reconstruction of his body after awakening his spirit.

The properties of Blue Silver Grass were fortitude and tenacious vitality. And as Blue Silver Emperor, right now Tang San’s body undoubtedly reflected this perfectly. Right now, that flourishing vitality of his body unexpectedly reached a terrifying level.

Even Tang San himself didn’t know that at this moment, his body gained a terrifying mechanism, a special attribute people couldn’t imagine.

Also the exclusive attribute of the Blue Silver Emperor.

That wasn’t an attribute that could be clearly sensed, but it would have an enormous influence on Tang San’s future.

The blue light gradually waned, Tang San gradually regaining consciousness.

But he didn’t want to wake. Because that benevolent tenderness slowly passed as he woke.

The original four spirit rings vanished into Tang San’s body one by one, but those countless specks of light began to rapidly condense, coagulating as they revolved around him. The tremendous blue light converged into an enormous blue halo, revolving around Tang San.

The halo constantly compressed and grew smaller, its color also turning darker and darker.

Tang San didn’t know what kind of feeling that was, he only felt the warm stream within him completely release. And the tears flowing from his

eyes grew more numerous, and more…...

Finally, all that converging blue had turned into a halo the same size as a spirit ring, the countless overlapping blue specks finally turned black. Waltzing, that brand new black ring of light began to revolve around Tang San with a familiar rhythm, everything in the surroundings becoming still.

On the ground, the frantically growing blue silver grass was three times taller than before. Their translucency gradually disappeared along with the blue light, but the breath of life they released had clearly become even stronger than before.

This was the effect of the Blue Silver Emperor’s aura. Under its influence, all blue silver grass would make a qualitative leap. Tang San had obtained a great deal from here, but his Blue Silver Emperor aura had bestowed very much.

“Don’t cry, great Majesty. The past is already the past. We require your blessing.” The Blue Silver King softly called out.

With everything already quieted down, Tang San slowly opened his eyes, hazy with tears, “Thank you.”

Tang San’s voice was somewhat choked. He wasn’t thanking the Blue Silver King for helping him awaken his true Blue Silver Emperor spirit, but rather thanking him for letting him experience his mother’s aura. Since birth, in two worlds, it was the first time he had felt this inextricable benevolent tenderness.

“It is I who should thank you. Just your appearance has awoken an even more formidable vitality in us. The spirit ring you obtained now, I condensed it to the extreme limit of what your body could bear. In human terms, this spirit ring would approximately equal what could arise from a twenty five thousand year spirit beast. He really doesn’t come from the outside world, but originates in you yourself. He will grow and evolve along with what you can endure. Whenever you are in the world of your people, it will change according to your body.”

Right now, Tang San could with difficulty manage to remember the Blue Silver King’s words, but he wasn’t in the mood to sense the changes within his body, and even more wouldn’t discover that his originally ordinary appearance had undergone some minute changes, and these minute changes would make him seem a hundred times more handsome than before.

His original appearance was only influenced by his father’s blood. But now, he had finally simultaneously inherited the blood of both his parents.

The present him, could be considered the true him.

Faint light flickering, Tang San’s face revealed a clear mood fluctuation. He wasn’t in any hurry to leave, but rather released his own spirit Blue Silver Emperor.

A small cluster of Blue Silver Grass emerged from his right palm, the sparkling and translucent blades of grass didn’t have the thorns of the Ghost Vine, and would only appear a bit bulkier than ordinary blue silver grass. But those sapphire-like blades of grass seemed so beautiful.

Especially that vein of gold in the center gave people an even more extremely special sense of beauty. This wasn’t Blue Silver Grass, but rather the true Blue Silver Emperor.

If Blue Silver Grass was a waste spirit, then Blue Silver Emperor was absolutely a first rate spirit, a unique spirit. The only spirit with the blood of the Emperor.

Softly caressing the Blue Silver Emperor, Tang San seemed to sense his mother’s existence. Standing there like that, he kept repeating the same movement.

From start to finish of the Blue Silver Emperor’s awakening, altogether seven days had passed. After seven days, after the end of the awakening ceremony, Tang San stood quietly in front of the Blue Silver king for three

days. Afterwards he quietly bid farewell to this already more than eighty five thousand year old Blue Silver King, and quietly left this ancient forest.

Stepping out of the forest, Tang San saw his father sitting there cross legged with his eyes closed.

Sensing his son’s aura, Tang Hao slowly opened his eyes. But as his gaze fell on Tang San, he was utterly dumbfounded.

Tang San had never seen this kind of expression in his father’s face, that unbounded gentleness. Lips trembling, Tang Hao looked foolishly at Tang San’s face, two rows of tears flowing down his aged face.

“Ah Yin[1]……” Quietly calling out, Tang Hao’s voice was also trembling. He stood, his whole body seeming to tremble. Fiercely taking a step forward, he reached Tang San and, spreading his arms, forcefully pulled his son into his embrace.

“Ah Yin, Ah Yin…… Do you know how much I missed you? Why would you be so foolish, why……” Tang Hao practically shouted, weeping and complaining. Tang San could clearly feel his father’s burning tears falling on his jacket.

Ah Yin, that should be his mother’s name. Unconsciously, Tang San’s cheeks were also streaming with tears.

Father and son held each other crying, neither speaking, for a long, long time. It was still Tang San who took the initiative to speak up.


Tang Hao stiffened a moment, slowly raising his head. Both hands grasping Tang San’s shoulders, he looked at him in a daze.

“Dad.” Tang San called out.

Tang Hao murmured: “You know, your mom was very beautiful. She truly was very, very beautiful. She was the most perfect woman in this world. Gentle, kind hearted, beautiful. All the words that can describe

beauty seemed to be made just for her. Right now, you finally resemble her somewhat. I seemed to see her waving at me.”

Raising his head to gaze at the sky, Tang Hao suddenly shouted in a loud voice, “Ah Yin, did you see? Our son has already grown up. He’s already grown up. Ah Yin——”

His father’s deep pain influenced Tang San profoundly. Tang Hao’s shout made everything around them shudder, until a trace of scarlet spread from the corner of his mouth. Facing the sky and roaring, he fell stiffly to the ground.

Tang San hastily supported his father, shocked. Raising his hand to press on Tang Hao’s chest, a rich and gentle Mysterious Heaven Skill internal strength was infused in his body.

As the Mysterious Heaven Skill entered Tang Hao’s body, Tang San immediately discovered what was wrong. The energy channels of his father’s body were actually tangled together, none of the five viscera and six bowels in their original places, the energy channels also abnormally chaotic.

Heavens! If this was an ordinary person, he should have been dead long ago. Tang San’s heart abruptly fell. He had never imagined that the father who had been so tyrannical in front of Supreme Pontiff Palace would actually carry such severe injuries.

These were old wounds. The old wounds in Tang Hao’s body were so severe that, if not for Tang San’s Mysterious Heaven Skill orthodox school internal strength, he would also have been unable to sense Tang Hao’s present condition. Tang Hao’s body could be described as in danger of collapsing at any time. One mistake, and he would die immediately.

This was one of the most powerful Title Douluo in the present world. Tang San sensed the pain within his father’s heart. Over all these years, how much had his father endured?

Drawing a deep breath, Tang San didn’t hesitate to support his father’s body and sit cross legged behind Tang Hao’s back, Mysterious Heaven Skill first circulating once within him. He was shocked to discover that his Conception Vessel had unexpectedly also already been connected. The internal strength circulated along the eight extraordinary meridians, and with just one circuit it seemed to have shot up somewhat. Described in terms of spirit power, Tang San had now already settled stably on the fifty third rank.

Both hands like jade, gentle white streams of energy puffed out of Tang San’s palms, sticking fiercely to the center of Tang Hao’s back.

The gentle Mysterious Heaven Skill slowly entered Tang Hao’s body. Tang San didn’t urgently heal his father, but rather first circulated his Mysterious Heaven Skill internal strength through his father’s body once, reviewing his father’s for many years wounded energy channels.

As a sect first class internal strength, Mysterious Heaven Skill’s own treatment capabilities were extremely powerful. However, the resistance within Tang Hao’s body was really too great.

Tang Hao’s spirit power was an extremely potent existence, and despite not controlling himself right now, that potent energy was still circulating within his body and colliding chaotically.

The difference between Tang San’s spirit power and Tang Hao’s was too large. At this moment he could only cautiously dodge Tang Hao’s spirit power, and as far as possible nourish the energy channels within Tang Hao’s body.

The longer his internal strength operated in his father’s body, the lower Tang San’s heart fell. Tang Hao’s old injuries were far, far more serious than he had imagined. It could be said that Tang Hao’s life in this world was a final struggle.

“Ah——” Under the nourishment of the Mysterious Heaven Skill, Tang Hao slowly awoke from unconsciousness.

He hadn’t felt this comfortable in a great many years. Opening his hazy eyes, Tang Hao frowned, “Little San, withdraw. It’s useless. I’m alright.”

The Mysterious Heaven Skill making a final circuit within Tang Hao, Tang San slowly withdrew his internal strength. But his expression became extremely serious.

“Dad, your injuries……”

Tang Hao indifferently said: “It’s alright. Over so many years, I’ve become accustomed to it long ago. Don’t tell me you believe that, as a Title Douluo, I would be knocked down by these scrapes?”

“No, dad.” Tang San turned in front of Tang Hao, “Your injuries are extremely serious. Without good care, it’s possible you could……”

“Could what?” Tang Hao glared at Tang San, “Die, yes? What’s so terrible about dying? Dead, I’ll also go properly accompany your mom. There’s no need for you to care about my matters. What you must do right now is to go stronger as fast as possible according to my instructions. Don’t tell me you want to be unable to protect your loved one like me back then?”

“Die?” Tang San suddenly became agitated, “Dad, do you really have nothing else you want in this life? Yes, mom is already dead, but, you still have me in this world. I’m your son. If you die, what do I do? Don’t tell me you don’t want to see me marry and have children in the future, don’t want to see your grandchildren?”

Tang Hao looked distracted a moment. Looking at Tang San, the light in his eyes became a bit gentle, “What are you doing talking about this, I’m still not dead. Moreover, even if I wanted treatment, what use would it be? I know my own injuries. I’m already very fortunate to control them to this degree until now.”

“I can treat it.” Tang San firmly watched his father.

Tang Hao smiled, a somewhat ridiculing smile, “Even a healing type Title Douluo couldn’t cure me. You can?”

Tang San sternly said: “The healing abilities of healing type Spirit Masters can only treat the symptoms, not the root cause. But my spirit power has the ability to get to the root of it.”

Feeling the comfort within his body, Tang Hao frowned.

Tang San continued: “But I still can’t heal you completely, because my spirit power and yours are too far apart. When my spirit power approaches yours, I’m sure I can treat you.”

Tang San didn’t exaggerate by this. If his Mysterious Heaven Skill cultivation could reach the ninth realm, relying on this orthodox internal strength, he indeed might cure Tang Hao. But what he didn’t say was that, even when Tang Hao was completely cured, his spirit power would also massively drop from the many years of aggravated injuries.

Tang Hao calmly said: “This is all a matter for later. Later matters can be discussed later.”

Suddenly, with a putong sound, Tang San sank to his knees in front of Tang Hao.

“Get up. A man’s knees are gold. What I loathe the most are bowing and scraping people.” Tang Hao said angrily.

A stubborn gaze burst forth in Tang San’s eyes,

“Dad, I want you to promise me one thing. If you don’t promise, I won’t get up.”

Tang Hao had never seen his son say something like this to him.

“What thing?”

Tang San said in a low voice: “From now on, you can’t fight with people again. Especially not with people on the same level of strength as

you. Otherwise, if your internal injuries are aggravated, then……”

Tang Hao impatiently waved a hand, “That’s impossible. I still have a lot of things to do. How can I have my hands tied and feet bound?”

Tang San resolutely said: “Dad, I will grow as fast as possible, become strong as fast as possible, as strong as you. I’m your son, your matters are my matters. Leave them to me. I want you to be alive, safe and sound. To see me marry, to see your grandson’s birth, to see our future.”

Tang Hao pulled Tang San from the ground with one hand. Turning and walking towards the distance, “No nonsense. Keep up. It’s time to bring you where you need to go.”

“Dad——” Tang San shouted.

Tang Hao turned sharply, he was shocked to find the Eight Spider Lances, turned a completely transparent blue, pointing at Tang San’s own eight vitals.

Blue Silver Grass’ evolution into Blue Silver Emperor had subsequently evolved Tang San’s external spirit bone Eight Spider Lances. Right now only the spear head sharp points of the Eight Spider Lances appeared purple, the rest just like Tang San’s Blue Silver Grass, a sparkling and translucent blue. Only, within this translucent blue, red and white light could faintly be seen moving.

“What are you doing?” The pupils of Tang Hao’s eyes contracted.

[1] (阿银) “Silver”

Chapter 135

Tang San gazed at his father without yielding,

“Dad, promise me. I don’t have a mother, I can’t also be without a father.”

“You……” Tang Hao looked at his son, unable to keep from being somewhat blank.

“If you don’t promise me, my body for yours, then I’ll accompany you in death.” The points of the Eight Spider Lances already stuck to Tang San’s skin. Even if Tang Hao was even more powerful, it would still be impossible to stop his suicide.

Seeing the resolve in his son’s eyes, Tang Hao knew that Tang San wasn’t playing a joke on him. From childhood he had never shown any intent of disobedience, but right now, his son seemed to have already completely left his control.

Tang San’s appearance had become handsome, even more like his mother. Tang Hao’s eyes turned somewhat misty, it seemed as if the one standing in front of him wasn’t his son, but his wife.

“Dad, if mom was still alive, she wouldn’t want you to disregard your health. For me, and for mom, promise me.”

Drawing a deep breath, Tang Hao faced the sky and sighed, “It seems I’ve really grown old. Really unable to do anything. Fine. Once you’ve

grown up, I’ll go accompany your mother by her tomb. Let’s go.”

Finished speaking, he walked forward without turning his head.

His father’s compromise was a weight off Tang San’s mind. His face revealing a genuine smile, he followed his father with quick steps.

In the direction Tang Hao brought Tang San, they first reached the side of a small river.

“Take a look at your present appearance.”

Tang San stared blankly, present appearance? He lowered his head to look his body over, but there was nothing clearly distinct. Only his muscles didn’t seem as protruding as before, but the proportions of his body were even better.

Walking to the side of the river, when Tang San saw his reflection in the water, he couldn’t help staring blankly.

His skin was somewhat fairer than before, dark blue eyes bright and filled with expression, a head of beautiful deep blue long hair, a handsome face with a somewhat steadfast imposing manner. It was as if his face was peeled with a knife, releasing the spirit stored within.

“This. Is this me?” If Tang San was described as ordinary before, then, right now, he would absolutely be on the same level as Dai Mubai and Oscar. Even though the style wasn’t the same, right now he wouldn’t pass without attention like before.

“Your eyes are bigger, more like your mom. Having inherited her blood, you would naturally also inherit some of the genes she always hid within you.”

Touching his smooth face, “Mom.” Tang San’s expression became a bit softer. Laughing wryly in his heart, he didn’t know if Xiao Wu and the others would still recognize him now.

Carefully watching the reflection in the river, what had changed wasn’t only his appearance. The current him had even changed in temperament, seemingly a bit more refined and serene than before, just like an elegant beautiful youth.

“Dad, who was mom really?” Tang San really couldn’t help but voice the doubts in his heart, asking his father. Who was his mother aft er all? Why would his mother possess the Blue Silver Emperor Spirit?

Tang Hao shook his head, “I said I’d tell you after you completed all my special training. Let’s go. We must go to where you should go.”

Once on the road again, Tang Hao’s words returned to being as sparse as before. Tang San judged by the sun in the sky that he hand his father were always heading north. As for where they were going, he had no idea. Only the atmosphere gradually grew colder.

Tang Hao still followed the trails between the mountains. To them, the cold of the outside world didn’t count as anything.

After eating the wind and sleeping outside for half a month.

Ahead was a small town. This was the first time Tang San had seen a town since starting Tang Hao’s special training. Inwardly he couldn’t help be suffused with a different kind of feeling.

This little town wasn’t large, but just as they entered, Tang San felt an odd atmosphere in their surroundings. He couldn’t say why, but he always thought the people around them had a kind of unusual coldness.

Tang Hao brought Tang San to a tavern in the small town and entered.

The atmosphere in the tavern was extremely turbid. Tang San noted that the decorations here were unexpectedly all black. Even though it was daytime outside, inside this place was a gloomy and cold dark feeling.

Right now the tavern was about thirty percent full or so. Even though the atmosphere was turbid, people rarely spoke, giving an extremely quiet


Tang Hao and Tang San’s arrival attracted a lot of gazes, but for the most part they were only quick glances flitting across them.

Tang Hao found a place to sit with his son in the corner. A waiter in black clothes and apathetic expression walked over.

“What do you want?”

Tang Hao coldly said: “Give me two Bloody Mary.”

The waiter’s face changed slightly, “You sure?” Swept with Tang Hao’s ice cold gaze, he didn’t dare say anything else, turned his head and left.

After a moment, two cups of muddy liquid were carried over. The liquid seemed dark red, distributing a strong stink, as if the nose was assaulted by blood.

Tang San frowned, but Tang Hao raised a cup and emptied it in one gulp.
Raising his head to look at his son,

“Drink it.”

Tang San hesitated a moment, slowly raising the cup, “Dad, what is this?”

Tang Hao shot him a glance, repeating: “Drink it.”

Tang San drew a deep breath, suddenly closing his eyes, pouring the liquid in the cup into his stomach in one mouthful.

The liquid was somewhat salty, and moreover a bit acrid. A strong taste of blood suddenly pervaded Tang San’s sense of taste and smell.

Tang Hao looked at him, calmly saying: “This is a cup of human blood.”

“What?” Tang San’s face instantly turned pale. The next moment, he couldn’t help leaning his head over to the side, throwing up.

The violent vomiting broke the calm within the tavern, and also attracted the eyes of all the people there. Roaring laughter rose.

“Where did this chick come from? Fuck off back home. This isn’t a place you should be.”

“Can’t even enjoy a cup of Bloody Mary, and still wants to gain the qualifications to enter?”

“Haha, go back home and suck your mommy’s tits.”

All kinds of vile voices filled the tavern. The restrained emotions of those customers seemed to have found an outlet, and struck Tang San without restraint.

Emptying everything in his stomach still couldn’t completely get rid of the taste of blood, and Tang San almost spit out even his gall.

As Tang San raised his head to look at his father, Tang Hao raised his hand, pointing at those jeering people, “Kill them.”

The jeering voices screeched to a stop, each person looking at Tang Hao with suddenly monstrous gazes.

Tang San hadn’t thought that his father would give him this requirement either, and inwardly he was immediately somewhat hesitant.

Tang Hao spoke in a low voice: “Didn’t you say you wanted to take my place to finish my business? Then, do as I say.”

Drawing a deep breath, constraining the nauseous feeling, Tang San slowly stood.

Tang Hao’s voice came from behind him,

“Kindness to the enemy, is cruelty to yourself. None of the people capable of leaving this place have walked a road without death. Including you, including me. Kill them, leave none alive.”

Before Tang San could move, a big man nearby had already stood suddenly, “I’ll kill you first.”

A horn handled dagger thrust out in a tricky angle, straight at Tang San’s heart. This person was clearly very experienced, and he aimed the dagger just where it could pierce the cracks between Tang San’s ribs.

Slaughter intent, was this his father cultivating his slaughter intent? Tang San moved. He had never been a charitable person; kindness to the enemy, was cruelty to oneself.

His left hand stretching out like lightning, catching the dagger with a keng sound. The dagger wielding big man only felt as if his dagger was stuck in solid rock, unable to advance, unable to withdraw.

Tang San took a step with his right foot, his gaze already cold, his mouth still flooded with that taste of blood, an ice cold chill emanated from his eyes.

Peng—— Tang San’s shoulder struck the big man’s chest, and a layer of white light abruptly emanated from Tang San’s body. That wasn’t in order to attack, but to shield him from the blood spraying from the big man’s mouth.

That tall and sturdy man was directly sent flying from the strike, his entire chest caving in, the sounds of bones snapping spreading throughout every corner of the tavern, making people’s teeth ache.

Tang San had moved, his movement concise and forceful.

Sparkling and translucent Blue Silver Grass flew out in all directions, frantically spreading.

By now he already clearly saw that there were twenty three people in the tavern besides him, his father, and the waiter. He had killed one, twenty two still remained.

Among those twenty two people, five swiftly released their spirits, the remaining seventeen without the slightest hesitation pulling out their weapons. Unexpectedly, none ran away.

“This is a test, a test for us from Slaughter City[1]. Kill him, and we’ll be able to enter Slaughter City.” Nobody knew who shouted, but everyone’s eyes turned red, charging at Tang San as if crazy.

Twenty two people, only five were Spirit Masters, and the strongest one had no more than four spirit rings.

A blue aura fluctuated and rose, and along with that instantly spreading Blue Silver Grass, five spirit rings quietly rose from below Tang San.

Yellow, yellow, purple, black, black. Five terrifying spirit rings quietly appeared.

The light of the fourth spirit ring abruptly flared. The next instant, the entire tavern was already filled with a layer of sparkling and translucent blue.

Strand after strand of bulky Blue Silver Grass protruded from underground, solid awl-shapes piercing one body after another.

Blue Silver Emperor’s fourth variant spirit ability, Blue Silver Thrust, launched.

Everything seemed to stop. Even that Spirit Ancestor couldn’t escape the fate of being skewered. Not a single body could obstruct that Blue Silver Grass that was as sharp as the Eight Spider Lances after evolving. One after another, the lifeless corpses were pushed up. They were completely skewered, the breath of life swiftly passing.

“You shouldn’t insult my mom.” The blue at the corner of Tang San’s eyes abruptly grew stronger. As he turned around, once again sitting across from his father, his spirit rings and the Blue Silver Grass disappeared simultaneously.

Putong, putong, putong…… Corpse after corpse fell to the ground, blood dying the floor of the tavern red. But right now Tang San’s expression was very calm, calm enough to astonish Tang Hao.

Nodding, Tang Hao calmly said: “It seems I still underestimated you. Remember, entering Slaughter City, you can only rely on yourself. I won’t be by your side, much less protecting you. There are no friends or companions there, only enemies. Kill everyone that can threaten you. Obtain the championship in the Hell Slaughter Arena, I will naturally receive you.”

The waiter in the tavern didn’t lose his head because of a couple dozen people getting killed. He was as calm as Tang San, apparently long since used to the sight.

He naturally also heard Tang Hao talking to Tang San, only his face grew even more disdainful.

“Want to enter Slaughter City by killing a few people? He still isn’t qualified.” The waiter coldly said, “Can’t even take a cup of Bloody Mary, how could he enter? Eh……”

Ceng—— Spear sharp Blue Silver Grass shot out of his chest. Tang San didn’t turn around to look, only calmly said: “Am I qualified now?”

The waiter clearly couldn’t answer. He had never expected Tang San to actually act against him too, and his eyes gradually grew larger. The Blue Silver Grass swayed gently, and the corpse was flung aside. Blood pooled, mixing with that of the previous corpses.

“You adapt very quickly.” Tang Hao looked at Tang San.

Tang San looked at his father, “Because I have to. Because you said that each person here, including you and me, all walk the road of death. I believe you. Slaughter City, yes? This is the place where I must train. Dad. I will succeed.” What he didn’t say was that, in order to protect his family, lover and companions, in order to realize his own hope of survival, he wouldn’t shrink back.

Tang San was an astute person on his own, and after obtaining the wisdom skull, his brain had become even sharper. When throwing up, he had already understood that he could only choose to slaughter in this world of slaughter his father had brought him to. Otherwise he would be killed. That time of vomiting was the only weakness he would allow himself. He wouldn’t be weak a second time.

Finished speaking, Tang San stood and walked over to the tavern counter with large strides, not caring about the two additional stunned waiters behind it. Raising his hand, one palm heavily swatted the counter.

With a loud explosion, the counter turned into splinters flying in all directions, revealing the ground.

The two waiters looked on stupidly. Tang San’s blue light had already vanished by now, and in his left hand, that black little hammer had appeared at some point.

“The entrance to Slaughter City, should be here.” Twisting, calves generating force, the pitch black little hammer turned into a black streak of light, heavily striking the floor.

Tang San’s spiritual force had long since probed a difference here. There was an empty space beneath this counter. It was definitely impossible for this little town to be Slaughter City. An entrance was the most rational explanation. He wouldn’t go look for some mechanism. In a different place, he’d need to use a different method.

With a loud explosion, an enormous hole was revealed in the ground. A gloomy and cold wind brushed out of the cave. Tang San turned his head to look to where his father sat before, but discovered that Tang Hao had

already disappeared. Without hesitation, he leapt down, directly into the pitch dark ground. His body was instantly swallowed up by the darkness, without a trace.

Entering the darkness, Tang San only fell several meters before he had his feet firmly planted on the ground. He didn’t need any light, his Purple Demon Eye could clearly see everything in the darkness.

This was a large tunnel, sloping downwards. A gloomy and cold air constantly caressed Tang San, but he still advanced with large strides.

When Tang San had walked one thousand four hundred sixty two steps, an ice cold voice suddenly came from all around, “Welcome to Slaughter City. This is the capital of Hell, a world brimming with slaughter. Here, you can obtain everything you want, at the price of your life.”

He released his spiritual force, but Tang San immediately sensed that the material of this passage was extremely unusual, his spiritual force unexpectedly unable to penetrate it. Face changing slightly, Tang San’s expression became a bit frozen, but his pace didn’t slow. In the darkness, his Blue Silver Grass stretched out to explore first, with him behind.

Tang Hao said that killing intent was equal to bravery in some sense. But bravery didn’t med impetuousness. Tang San seemed to advance boldly, but he never lacked caution.

Turning a corner, a vague light came from up ahead. Tang San squinted, operating Purple Demon Eye, and the illumination in front immediately grew before his eyes. That was an open door. On the other side of the door, were signs of life.

Advancing with big strides, Tang San vaguely heard noise. As he walked out of the passage, in front of him appeared one hundred and one men.

Completely covered in black armor, even their faces hidden behind helmets. One hundred of them carried heavy swords, and only one sat on a tall war horse, his horse also covered with thick black armor.

“You’ve broken the rules.” The deep voice sounded extremely cold, as if not from a human mouth. The speaker was the mounted black armored knight.

Tang San didn’t look at him, but rather shifted his gaze behind him. What he saw was a black city. The solid black walls were extremely thick, that was unexpectedly truly a city. And in the air above the city, a purple moon was unexpectedly suspended. The moon hung very low, seemingly only five hundred meters distance from the ground. Looking further up, everything was black, as if a night sky.

“What should be done if I broke the rules?” Tang San asked indifferently.

The black armored knight’s voice was still cold, without a trace of human aura, “Then you must accept the penalty. Defeat me, and you will possess the right to enter Slaughter City.”

“Not kill you?” Tang San asked calmly.

The black armored knight slowly raised the lance in his hand, and the black armored warriors on either side of Tang San slowly withdrew, leaving a spacious arena.

“I am dread knight Scott.”

The war horse abruptly accelerated, the black armored knight charging at Tang San with a bitter aura.

An ice cold aura filled the air, a cold murderous spirit pouncing ahead. Compared to Tang Hao’s tremendous killing intent, even though the killing intent this black knight emitted was a lot smaller, it still had a sharpness.

Internal strength congregating, Tang San suddenly discovered that his spirit rings unexpectedly didn’t appear along with his Blue Silver Grass. As if all spirit abilities had already lost their effect at this moment.

Without a trace of panic, Tang San shifted and withdrew Blue Silver Grass. In his left hand only a Clear Sky Hammer appeared. At this moment, he finally understood why his father once had him cultivate with his spirit power sealed. This Slaughter City unexpectedly had special rules. Here, all spirit abilities were ineffective. Even Spirit Master could only use the most basic strength. The spirit’s most basic form.

The spirit abilities were gone, but there was still spirit power, as well as Mysterious Heaven Skill. Twisting, the Clear Sky Hammer in Tang San’s hand exploded out. Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method, first swing. What he met, was the impulse of that war horse mounted heavy armored dread knight.


The warhorse cried out, the immense impulse screeching to a halt. A more than four meter long heavy knight’s lance split the air, flying far into the distance.

Dread knight Scott was no longer on his horse. Just like his lance, he was already sent flying. And that warhorse, stopped by Tang San’s right hand, the immense impulse halted, and under the enormous forces, the warhorse flipped sideways, twitching violently. Its neck had already snapped in two by the forceful collision.

The burst strength the five hundred jin heavy Clear Sky Hammer could generate with one swing from Tang San, was something only Tang Hao understood best.

With two years of forging under the waterfall, Tang San’s body had long since become a weapon. Even though the impulse was tremendous, it was still basically unable to influence him.

Dread knight scott slowly crawled from the ground. The armor on the right hand that previously held his lance had already ruptured and flown off, the same even went for the armor on his entire right arm. Equally ruptured was still the muscles and bones of his arm.

Tang San frowned. According to his initial estimate of the opponent, this one swing should have been able to take his life. But this dread knight’s strength was even a bit more than he had expected, leaving his life behind.

Advancing step by step, Tang San raised his head to look at that purple moon, thinking to himself: ‘Slaughter City where spirit abilities can’t be used. I’m here.’

“Ha-, halt.” Scott shouted, trying to show a strong front.

Tang San looked at him coldly. Right now, Scott’s helmet had already fallen off, revealing the face of a vicious middle aged man. He saw the expression in Tang San’s eyes, and was already alarmed. Clearly, he hadn’t imagined how this kid’s strength would be so terrifying. Wasn’t he a Spirit Master?

“Obstruct me again, and I don’t care if I have to kill every one of you.”
Tang San said coldly.

“No, not obstructing you. You’ve already passed my test. You have the qualifications to enter Slaughter City.” The dread knight spoke with some difficulty. What he least understood was, when ordinary Spirit Masters came here they would panic when they couldn’t use spirit abilities, but this youth in front of him didn’t seem to reveal a trace of influence from it.

He handed over a black tile in front of Tang San, and Tang San off- handedly took it. On the tile was carved a human skull, and below was a number. 9528.

“This is your Slaughter City ID. Please enter the city, someone will receive you at the gate.”

Holding the tile, Tang San advanced with large strides, without giving the dread knight a glance.

Gazing at Tang San’s gradually distancing back, Scott drew the saber at his waist. Swinging it fiercely he cut off his own already completely ruined right arm. Scarlet blood soaked the black soil, the stench of blood filling the air.


The pitch black city gates gave people a kind of extremely oppressive feeling. Tall words were hung on the enormous city gates, Slaughter City.

Two black armored warriors stood silently in front of the gates. Before Tang San could reveal the token in his hand, a woman with a black muslin mask stepped out to greet him.

“Welcome to Slaughter City.” The woman’s voice was very pleasant.
Stepping aside from in front of Tang San, she made an inviting gesture.

Even though this underground city made Tang San extremely astonished, especially the restrictions on spirit abilities, he maintained a calmly accepting attitude, following that woman through the gates. Perhaps it was because of the identification badge in his hand, but nobody stopped him.

Entering the city, what Tang San saw was a blue purple world. Lanterns were hung on both sides of the street, all of them issuing only these two colors of light. Making him somewhat astonished was that there were no few people here, and nobody paid attention to an outsider like him. Besides everything appearing that dim, what he saw was unexpectedly no different from an ordinary city.

“I’m your guide. You can ask me about anything you don’t understand. Within twenty four hours, I will answer all your questions. After twenty four hours, this is the place where you’ll live, and you’ll formally become a Slaughter City citizen.”

Tang San nodded, saying: “Slaughter city, what kind of place is it?”

The black masked young woman said: “A paradise. A paradise of depravity.”

Tang San frowned, “So simple?”

The black masked young woman nodded agreement.

Tang San said: “Then how was Slaughter City founded?”

The black masked young woman’s answer this time was more to Tang San’s satisfaction, “Slaughter City has already existed for a thousand years. According to legend, it’s the domain left behind after a formidable Spirit Master broke through the hundredth rank. Here, all Spirit Master abilities are ineffective, people can only rely on their own instinct and physical strength to survive. Spirit power can be used as a source of strength.”

Tang San looked at the black masked young woman, “Then what are the rules here?”

The black masked young woman said serenely: “The rules here are that there are no rules. As a citizen of Slaughter City, you can do whatever you want here. Even if a Title Douluo came here from the outside world, he would still grow weak due to losing his spirit abilities. But under the rule of our Slaughter King, there’s basically no need to fear them. In Slaughter City, as long as you have the ability, you can do whatever you want. But I must warn you, precisely since there are no rules here, you may face mortal danger at any time. In some sense, this is a paradise of crime.”

“Paradise of crime?”

“Yes. There are a lot of people who come here precisely because they can’t exist in the outside world, and have no choice but to enter. After coming here, there’s no need for them to worry about pursuit again. Each citizen of Slaughter City will enjoy Slaughter City’s protection.

Tang San hardly paid attention to this protection. Since he could come here through force of violence, that meant any power could do the same. Even without spirit abilities, there was still spirit power. Title Douluo were still powers among powers here. Were the criminals here really safe?

“Mister 9528. I understand what you’re thinking.” The black masked young woman suddenly said.
Tang San stared blankly a moment, “You know what I’m thinking?” “You’re definitely wondering how Slaughter City can protect its people,

Tang San’s heart twitched, “How do you know?”

The black masked young woman said: “Because every new arrival to Slaughter City will think the same thing. But very soon, they will give up on this idea. Entering Slaughter City requires undergoing the test and slaughter examination. Even though you entered via a peculiar method, you carry sufficient killing intent. Moreover, you defeated the lord dread knight. Therefore you obtained permission to join. However, there’s one thing I must warn you of. Entering Slaughter City is simple, but leaving is practically impossible.”

“Can only enter, never leave?” Tang San somewhat shocked looked at the black masked young woman. He didn’t believe he would be unable to break out.

The black masked young woman nodded, saying: “There are special law enforcement teams within Slaughter City. You met lord dread knight Scott, but he’s only one member of the enforcement team. The mighty Slaughter King controls everything here, and the powers of the enforcement team are all Spirit Douluo who the Slaughter King have granted the ability to use spirit abilities. The captain is even a Title Douluo. Once a lot of people wanted to break out, but there are no exceptions to the end result.”

Tang San was shocked. If saying Title Douluo that couldn’t use spirit abilities were still formidable, then Title Douluo that couldn’t use spirit abilities would definitely be unable to defeat Spirit Douluo that could. Furthermore, according to what the black masked young woman said, the captain of Slaughter City’s law enforcement was actually a Title Douluo

that could use spirit abilities. No wonder she would say it was impossible to leave.

“Is there no way out?”

The black masked young woman calmly said: “Not quite. There’s only one way to leave Slaughter City. That is to become the champion of Hell Slaughter Arena, obtaining the qualifications to challenge the Hell Road, and after breaking through the Hell Road, then you can leave Slaughter City. Every power who does so will be bestowed with the title of Deathgod[2]. In Slaughter City’s thousand year history, there has appeared altogether eight Deathgods.”

Eight in a thousand years, what kind of unbalanced figure was that?

“Then if one fails the challenge?” Tang San questioned closely.

The black masked young woman smiled: “Slaughter City, has no defeat.
Only success and death. This is so for all matters.”

Tang San smiled slightly, “It seems this place really is worthy of being Slaughter City.”

The black masked young woman said: “There is no currency within Slaughter City, any food and drink are provided free of charge. Of course, poisonous ones are not excluded. Here, dead people are the most valuable. The number of human skulls each person possess symbolizes their strength. The blood and skulls of the opponents you’ve personally beheaded can be used to trade for other goods.”

A cold light flashed in Tang San’s eyes. It seemed that it was as his father said, anyone here had come by the road of death.

“Fine, bring me to Hell Slaughter Arena.” Tang San said indifferently.

The black masked young woman stared blankly a moment, “You’re sure? Entering there, less than one in ten can return alive. That’s the place where it’s the easiest for our Slaughter City population to decrease.

Each person will be required to enter Hell Slaughter Arena once each year. As long as they can pass one fight, they can life in Slaughter City for another year.”

Tang San calmly said: “I’m sure, let’s go now.”

With Purple Demon Eye, Tang San could vaguely see the elegant eyebrows of the young woman’s face wrinkle slightly behind the black muslin.

“Since it’s like that, follow me.” Finished speaking, the black masked young woman walked towards the center of the city. The pace she kept was very measured, following at Tang San’s side all along, just half a step ahead of Tang San.

Tang San wasn’t urgent about anything either, only calmly observing everything around him.

As they walked, a figure suddenly stood up on the side of the road. He had previously been in a dark corner, and even Tang San hadn’t noticed him.

“Oh, there’s a rookie, it seems there’ll be a new Bloody mary. Gaga.”

His gaze sweeping this person, Tang San couldn’t help frowning. The speaker’s age couldn’t be discerned, because his stature was really too extraordinary. His entire body didn’t seem to have two liang[3] of flesh put together. If he didn’t have a layer of skin, it might’ve been easy to mistake him for a human skeleton. Moreover, simple observation told Tang San that this wasn’t because he had cultivated any special methods. His qi and blood were both empty, he could die at any time.

“Can people like him also pass the Hell Slaughter Arena battles once a year?” Tang San asked the black masked young woman.

That skeleton then saw the black masked young woman on Tang San’s other side, and seemed as if he had encountered something terrifying, no longer daring to say anything, and swiftly vanishing into the darkness again.

“Of course not. Not everyone needs to pass the baptism of the Hell Slaughter Arena. After all, the mortality rate here is too high. Besides experiencing a fight in the Hell Slaughter Arena every year, there’s still one other way survive in Slaughter City. That is to contribute two cups of Bloody Mary every month.”

[1] (杀戮之都) “Slaughter Capital City”, or “Massacre Metropolis”

[2] (杀神) “Killing God” or “Murder God” to be specific, but Deathgod reads better.

[3] 2两 = 100g

Chapter 136

Tang San had already learned what Bloody Mary was before coming here. Human blood. According to what he saw, that person just now should have had to contribute who knew how much blood in order to become like that. Perhaps he wouldn’t be able to endure much longer.

“When contributing so much Bloody Mary, wouldn’t they get taken advantage of?” Tang San frowned.

The black masked young woman said: “No, right now you’re on the outskirts of Slaughter City, it’s not the true Slaughter City. Only the inner city is the truly lawless place. Contributing Bloody Mary and struggling on at death’s door can only be done in the outer city, and casual murder isn’t allowed here. Only those warriors who have survived the Hell Slaughter Arena have the qualifications to live in the inner city. Of course, the pleasures that can be obtained there are greater than outside, but it’s also where you can face the test of death at any time.”

“In other words, Slaughter City is a completely different world. Then what is Slaughter City’s food source? There shouldn’t be anything that grows in a place like this, and nobody to plant.” As Tang San spoke, his gaze was on that black masked young woman the whole time. His Purple Demon Eye wasn’t a spirit ability, and naturally it wouldn’t be restricted. In this brief time, he had simply experimented. The additional abilities of spirit bones wouldn’t be influenced by the peculiar domain here.

The black masked young woman’s face changed slightly, “I’m sorry, I don’t know. I’m unable to answer.”

Tang San indifferently said: “Then doesn’t Spirit Hall know about this place? If they knew, as they’re always posing as righteous, why wouldn’t they come to eliminate you?”

His questions could even be said to lack any politeness, but there was a lot of learning within. Even though Slaughter City was an underground world cut off from the outside, since his father knew about it, and since there were so many people in the tavern outside when he arrived, it showed that there was no lack of guides to this place outside.

The black masked woman laughed coldly, “So what if they know? Spirit hall wouldn’t move against us to any extent. First let alone the benefits they can gain from this place, there’s not a single advantage to them in destroying Slaughter City. Mister 9528, don’t forget that it’s practically impossible for people who can enter Slaughter City to leave. And to be able to come here, all are humans brimming with depravity and sin. This place doesn’t have any relation to the outside world. Slaughter City is like a special prison, a place helping Spirit Hall to detain convicts whose sins are great. You asked why Spirit Hall doesn’t destroy this place? They’re probably eager to have even more vile people come here.”

Tang San’s face revealed a cold smile. It really was as he thought. The existence of this Slaughter City was established with the indulgence of Spirit Hall. No matter what was said, even if spirit abilities couldn’t be used here, its strength still couldn’t compare to the Spirit Hall that covered the Continent.

As they walked along the street, there were gradually more people to the sides. Practically every face displayed an unhealthy pallor, and even more were emaciated.

No need to ask, these were all people that didn’t dare enter Hell Slaughter Arena, and relied on giving two cups of Bloody Mary each month to struggle on at death’s door.

Tang San’s own experience with drinking that cup of Bloody Mary was still fresh on his memory. He clearly remembered that the cup contained nearly half a jin, making it one jin of blood each month.

One or two months might not be an issue, but continuing like this in this sunless place, how would the body be able to endure?

Tang San thought in his heart that, perhaps, this Slaughter City was originally secretly backed by Spirit hall, otherwise, where would a city like this get food from? Where would they get all kinds of goods?

On either side of the streets in the outer city were simple black stone houses, and on even intervals along the road, there would be places to eat. A lot of people stood there in rows, waiting to receive food. The impression they gave was also little more than beggars. As for what was called the paradise of crime, what was called pleasure, there was basically none.

The black masked young woman gave a simple explanation for all of this. Sinners were separated into three, six, nine and so on, and only the truly formidable sinners could find pleasure in paradise. As for useless rubbish, they had no right to enjoy themselves.

The city was even bigger than Tang San had imagined. After walking for more than an hour, Tang San had some familiarity with the outer city, and the black masked young woman had brought him to a city wall.

Compared to the outer walls, this wall wasn’t so high, only ten meters or so at its tallest. Very clearly, behind this wall lay Slaughter City’s inner city.

The gates were wide open, and there were no guards. The black masked young woman indifferently gave Tang San an introduction: “The inner city doesn’t need guards. The people of the outer city only need to have the courage to enter to walk inside at any time. Of course, once inside, they must endure the unknown of the world inside. You’ve just arrived in Slaughter City, so I suggest you best live in the outer city for a time. Once you’ve adapted to everything here, it’s fine to enter the inner city. After we enter the inner city in a moment, please don’t stray more than five meters from my side, otherwise I won’t be able to guarantee your safety.”

“Is it safe with you?” Tang San somewhat laughing asked.

The black masked young woman gave him a glance, revealing a not particularly beautiful arrogant light flashing through her eyes underneath the black muslin, “I’m an envoy of the Slaughter King. In Slaughter City, there is nobody who dares offend the dignity of the Slaughter King. The twelve hours after you enter this world is the rookie protection period, having me at your side is the best protection of your life. After this period, your life and death can only be decided by Heaven.”

There was still a rookie protection period. It seemed that this Slaughter City really had its own system.

Without the slightest hesitation, Tang San entered the inner city together with the black masked young woman.

Only one step into the inner city, Tang San immediately felt an entirely different atmosphere from the outer city.

If the outer city was described as a cold and deathly still world, then the inner city was a luxurious and frantic world. Lights of all colors could be seen everywhere, and there were a lot more people than in the outer city, as different as black and white from the atmosphere outside.

The inner city was extremely chaotic. Everywhere were excited laughter and agonized wails, as well as numerous absolutely horrifying sounds.

As far as the eye could see, in a corner on the left side an extremely tall and sturdy man pulled an ample woman by the hair, his lower body pounding forcefully, unburdening his desire in public under numerous gazes. A crowd stood in a circle around them, cheering him on.

On the other side, three or four people were wildly beating up a young man. Tang San saw one of that man’s arms being torn off, the person who tore it off still holding it and chewing on it with big bites.

“Rather than calling this a paradise of crime, it’s more like a world of beasts.” Tang San said indifferently.

Light flashed in the eyes of the black masked young woman next to him, speaking in a low voice: “Do you have the authority to dispute the Slaughter King? If it’s like that, the great Slaughter King will inevitably erase you from this place. Since you’ve come here, you can only comply with the rules.

Tang San looked at her, declining to comment, “Bring me to Hell Slaughter Arena.”

The black masked young woman was clearly somewhat resentful towards him, and this time didn’t say anything else, rather stepping out into the inner city with large strides.

The inner city could indeed be called an extravagant place, or perhaps rotten. Like the black masked young woman said, at her side, even though a lot of ill intentioned gazes fell on Tang San, nobody stepped forward to harass him.

In this place, Tang San’s heart constantly contracted. In his eyes were reflected too many things he had never seen.

Men and women could be fucking in the streets at any time, there were even some who killed in the middle of the act. Tang San clearly saw a man at the moment of orgasm get his throat cut by a blade the woman below him spit out of her mouth.

And that gaudy woman sucked the scarlet liquid flowing from the man’s throat with spastic jerks.

Despite having no food in his stomach, Tang San still almost threw up several times. His loathing of this world multiplied exponentially.

He suddenly discovered that, in this city, there was basically no need for his meticulous control, killing intent still unceasingly gushed out. It seemed as if only by slaughter could he discharge the violent currents stored within his heart.

As they walked, there was suddenly a disturbance up ahead. Several dozen people stood in a circle, and there was moreover blood curdling screams constantly echoing from their midst.

A whiff of blood was violently emitted from within, and the circle of spectators got out of the way to open up a path, a figure slowly moving away from the middle.

Seeing this person, Tang San unconsciously stopped walking, his eyes displaying an unconcealable astonishment. He had never expected that in this city of sin, Slaughter City, he would actually see someone he recognized.

Walking out from the middle of the crowd was a young woman. Dressed entirely in black, long hair combed neatly behind her and tied with a piece of rope. She held a more than one chi long dagger, glittering with cold light.

A pair of beautiful eyes glittered, brimming with bewitching charm. Compared to those women he’d seen on the streets before, she was like a blue lotus untainted by mud.

A close to perfect figure, and the previous different ice cold temper, none failed to draw people’s attention.

A drop of blood quietly rolled off that glossy like a mirror dagger in her hand. The eyes of the people standing in a circle and watching her held a fearful expression.

That’s right, Tang San knew this person. Two years ago, before he had followed his father far and wide, this woman had fallen before him.

One of the pillars of the Spirit Hall Academy team back then, the only woman of Spirit Hall’s Golden Generation, Bewitching Fox Hu Liena.

Why would she be here? This was the first thought in Tang San’s mind.
His gaze unconsciously fell on Hu Liena.

Perhaps it was because Tang San’s gaze was too sharp, or possibly because he didn’t fit into this world, but the dagger wielding Hu Liena finally glanced at him.

Four eyes met. Hu Liena first looked blank a moment, and Tang San was equally somewhat astonished.

Hu Liena naturally didn’t recognize Tang San with his appearance substantially changed, the thought in her heart was ‘could it be that there was still an ordinary person in this vile place?’

But Tang San’s astonishment lay in the cold killing intent coming from Hu Liena right now. Like him, Hu Liena’s aura had clearly also changed from the depravity of Slaughter City, her killing intent was one that would repel people a thousand li away.

Even to the extent that the once bewitching charm in her eyes had disappeared.

At just this moment, Tang San suddenly felt a cold wind thrusting obliquely at him, and Hu Liena in front of him also suddenly moved, holding the dagger, she swiftly pounced towards him.

Heart shivering, Tang San knew that Hu Liena’s spirit power should still be above his own. Under the careful nurturing of Spirit Hall, even if her physical attributes weren’t on the same level as his, it still wasn’t far away.

And the intensity of the obliquely thrusting cold wind wasn’t weak either.

The attack on two sides revealed Tang San’s adaptability. Swiftly taking one step back, half turning, a completely noiseless black light had already quietly shot out to the side.

A ding sound echoed. Astonishing Tang San was that Hu Liena’s dagger wasn’t aimed at him, but rather blocked what previously was his side, just obstructing a large curved saber glittering with cold light.

The one mounting a sneak attack on Tang San’s side was a small built, black clothed man. Right now, his entire body was already completely motionless. Right between his eyebrows, a drop of blood slowly rolled out.

It gave the impression that this Tang San and Hu Liena had joined hands to kill this man. As an observer, that black masked young woman had seen the entire process.

Hu Liena’s killing intent had locked down that man with the curved blade, one strike making him sway, and the black light issued from Tang San’s hand had ended his life.

Originally, because Tang San had stopped walking when he saw Hu Liena, his distance to the black masked young woman already exceeded ten meters.

The assassin collapsed loudly to the ground, and Hu Liena turned to look at Tang San, her eyes revealing a trace of unusual light. Tang San had already come to himself now. Because of the change in his appearance, Hu Liena clearly didn’t recognize him.

Hu Liena hadn’t changed much in the last two years. Two years ago, she was already twenty, and at the time Tang San was still only fourteen. After two years, Tang San had changed not only appearance because of Blue Silver Grass, but his temperament had also undergone a heaven and earth revolving change.

If Tang San two years ago was described as completely sharp, the elite of the new Spirit Master generation, then, after two years his aura had become completely reserved. If he didn’t say it himself, nobody would believe he had just only turned seventeen now.

At the same time, Tang San had also grown taller. Further adding the changes in his temperament, let alone Hu Liena, even Xiao Wu might not recognize him if she suddenly saw him.

“Thanks.” Tang San nodded to Hu Liena. Even though he was brimming with enmity for Spirit Hall, right now he was more concerned with hiding

himself, and since he hadn’t been recognized, he naturally wouldn’t foolishly reveal any holes for Hu Liena to see through.

Hu Liena looked at the black masked young woman walking next to Tang San, her face revealing a smile. It had to be said that her appearance was very beautiful, not a bit inferior to Zhu Zhuqing, Ning Rongrong and Xiao Wu. They didn’t have her maturity and charm either.

“You’re new?”

Tang San nodded.

The expression in Hu Liena’s eyes shifted slightly, “There are dangers with every step here. It’s best to be a bit careful. By your appearance, you don’t seem like you’re a degenerate.” Finished saying this, she looked deeply at Tang San again, then walked into the darkness on the other side of the street.

“If you want to survive, it’s best to stay away from that woman.” The black masked young woman’s voice rose by Tang San’s ear. Her words clearly contained a bit of enmity towards Hu Liena.

“Why so?” Tang San also really wanted to know why Hu Liena would appear here, as well as the circumstances here. To him, the biggest opponents among his peers were no doubt Spirit Hall’s Golden Generation trio.

The black masked young woman said: “That woman has already been in Slaughter City for almost a year. Within one year, she’s fought sixteen fights in the Hell Slaughter Arena for sixteen wins. Her opponents were all tortured to death by her. In Slaughter City, her present achievements already puts her in the top one hundred.”

“Sixteen wins is enough to enter the top one hundred?” Tang San somewhat astonished said.

The black masked young woman glanced at Tang San, as if he was an idiot, “Mister 9828, judging by your appearance, you’re not stupid. Do

you believe that the battles in the Hell Slaughter Arena are the same as the ones in the Great Spirit Arenas outside? Here, each match is the difference between life and death, even the victors will very possibly still be assassinated after the end of the match. To maintain a record of sixteen wins is already quite terrifying. To be precise, nobody will be your friend here. Each person will take the chance to kill you if they can. Even the woman moaning under you.”

“Thank you for the advice.” Tang San smiled calmly. He had already faintly guessed Hu Liena’s goal in coming here. It was likely the same as his. It seemed that this woman really had courage.

“Let’s go, Hell Slaughter Arena is up ahead. The heart of Slaughter City.”

Led by the black masked young woman, Tang San saw a peculiar building. The structure seemed round, but to be more precise it was an irregular cone. The base had the largest area, and then got subsequently smaller with height until it was almost thirty meters tall, after which it continued with the same diameter until fifty meters.

This Hell Slaughter Arena’s area really wasn’t small, not much different from the Suotuo Great Spirit Arena Tang San saw before, and just a bit smaller than Heaven Dou City’s Great Spirit Arena.

The black building made people feel even more oppressed. The black masked young woman gave Tang San an introduction, the location of this Hell Slaughter Arena was the center of the entire Slaughter City. This clearly showed how important it was to Slaughter City.

“Are there no rules to the fights here?” Tang San asked.

The black masked young woman said: “Very simple, after entering, use your own ID badge to sign up. Afterwards wait for the match to start. During the waiting time, you’re not allowed to attack. Ten people enter each slaughter match. You can use any methods, as long as you can walk away from it in the end. Only one person can leave alive from each bout.”

One out of ten, truly worthy of being called Slaughter City. Tang San continued asking: “Then how do I become the so-called champion?”

The black masked young woman looked somewhat astonished at Tang San, “As long as you can participate in one hundred matches, you’ll be the champion. Only, the present first ranked in Slaughter City has only participated in sixty seven matches. With each match you participate in, your ID badge will gain one victory, and you can live here for one year, seeking pleasure as you like in the inner city. Of course, you have to ensure yourself that you can stay alive after the pleasure.”

“I want to go in for a look.”

The black masked young woman said: “The qualifications to observe the battles is one cup of Bloody Mary. It can be your own, or it can be someone else's. As long as you don’t feel tired, you can watch for as long as you like after entering. The matches go on constantly. As long as people sign up, and ten are gathered, the fight can start.”

Tang san’s brows wrinkled slightly. He was unable to get over why this Slaughter City would attach such importance to blood.

Right now, several people just entered the Slaughter Arena. It really was like the black masked woman said, each person held a cup of scarlet blood in their hands.

Heart twitching, Tang San already had a plan. He walked over towards that last man about to enter the arena with large strides.

That was a big man with a shaven head and bare torso, a naked woman tattooed on his chest. Only, because his chest was crisscrossed with terrifying scars, that image of the naked woman not only didn’t seem beautiful, but was on the contrary brimming with a kind of fierce-looking resentment.

“I’ll trouble you to give me your Bloody Mary.” Blocking the shaven headed man’s path, Tang San held out his right hand.

The baldy looked distracted a moment, glancing at the black masked young woman next to Tang San, and an ominous glint flashed in his eyes.

The black masked young woman’s somewhat impatient voice rose, “Mister 9528, if you take the initiative to provoke, the rookie protection won’t have any effect.”

These words were not only a reminder for Tang San, but also equally a reminder for that baldy. With a malicious laugh, the baldy pulled out a saw toothed big blade from somewhere, chopping head-on at Tang San.

His motions didn’t seem very fast, but they had a feeling of mountainous pressure. That was spirit power fluctuations.

At least fiftieth rank. This was Tang San’s estimation of the opponent.

But he didn’t withdraw his extended hand. Right palm flipping, he issued a power that could support the sky. In the hollow of his palm, an intense attractive force diverting the force of the opponent’s chopper to the side. At the same time his left foot swiftly took a step forward, pulling close the distance between him and the baldy.

Where spirit abilities couldn’t be used was the best place to use the secret lore of Tang Sect, Controlling Crane Catching Dragon combined with Mysterious Jade Hand.

The bald man only felt the sawtoothed big chopper in his hand uncontrollably slip sideways, and was just grabbed by Tang San’s raised right hand. Tang San forcefully pulled forward, dropping his shoulder, and directly smashing the chest of his opponent.

Using Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, Tang San’s speed could be described as lightning fast, and further adding that him grabbing the opponent’s weapon with his bare hands revealed a brief weakness, his movements, as natural as moving clouds and flowing water, immediately held the advantage.

But that bald big man’s reactions were surprisingly fast. Instantly letting go of the chopper in his hand, his other hand smashed the cup directly at Tang San’s face at the same time as he retreated, both hands guarding his chest.

Half turning, Tang San forcibly diverted his own forward momentum. With a shake of his left hand, that cup entered his hand, and with a bizarre few shakes of his wrist, he unexpectedly didn’t spill a single drop.

“Thanks.” Having obtained the Bloody mary, Tang San didn’t say more, and turned to walk inside.

Even though the bald big man hadn’t been struck, Tang San’s instantly erupting force had still managed to startle him. His face brimmed with malevolence, but strangely, he didn’t show any intention of getting back that Bloody Mary. Turning to leave, he didn’t pause.

“Kindness to the enemy, is cruelty to oneself.” As Tang San walked, he muttered to himself. Flipping the sawtoothed big chopper in his hand, his fingertips swayed ingeniously a few times, and that big chopper flew out quietly. That enormous weapon unexpectedly didn’t make a sound. By now, the baldy had already turned a corner on the other side of the street, disappearing from Tang San’s view.

However, that sawtoothed big chopper seemed to have grown eyes, slashing in a beautiful arc. A blood curdling scream was heard in the darkness. Afterwards, there were no more sounds.

“We’re entering.” Tang San calmly said to the somewhat lifeless black masked young woman.

“You……” This was already the second time the black masked young woman had seen Tang San act. Compared to the first time, this time shocked her even more. She recognized that baldy, in Hell Slaughter Arena, that baldy had already endured seven matches. In other words, he was the only survivor out of seventy people killing each other.

She sensed that this youth in front of her hadn’t been much stronger than his opponent, but the way he killed was as simple as squashing an ant.

The interior of Hell Slaughter Arena seemed even simpler than the outside. Without any partitions, row after row of stands extended upwards in circles. Below these was a more than one hundred meter diameter immense empty arena. At this moment, there weren’t very many spectators, filling less than twenty percent of the enormous space. In the arena, miserable shrieks rose constantly. Of altogether ten people, there were already seven corpses, the final three struggling for their lives.

When he entered, Tang San poured the cup of Bloody Mary he held in an enormous receptacle.

“I’ll trouble you to sign me up. I want to participate in the next match.”
Tang San said to the black masked young woman.

By now, the black masked young woman no longer thought the youngster in front of her was an idiot. Tang San’s strength had caused her heart to birth a trace of terror. Nodding without the slightest hesitation, she took the ID badge Tang San held out.

Tang San only felt disgust towards Slaughter City. Therefore, he didn’t want to delay here for even a day. Becoming the champion after a hundred victories, then challenging the Hell Road, and he could leave this place. He had already decided to start fighting from today, from right now. Distantly, he sensed a gaze focused on him. Turning his head to look, he saw the person looking at him was Hu Liena.

Slaughter City, from this day on, on this dark world, this world brimming with blood and depravity, he not only had to obtain victory in match after match, but also return alive.

Three days after entering Slaughter City, the number of people Tang San had killed already surpassed three digits. But the number of matches he had joined, was only two. In these three days time, Tang San understood that the true terror in this place wasn’t the enemies in the Hell Slaughter Arena, but

rather the constant ambushes after the end of the matches when he was at his weakest.

It was no wonder that Hu Liena could only pass sixteen matches in one year. From here, Tang San learned caution, prudence, and even more patience.

One month had passed, and Tang San’s victories in the Hell Slaughter Arena had grown to nine. By now there were fewer and fewer with the courage to ambush him, but they were also more and more powerful. Along with the number of his victories rising, he learned another rule. With each new match, the opponents he confronted couldn’t have more than five fights than him in the Hell Slaughter Arena behind them. Unless everyone had more than that many fewer matches than him.

After a year.

The ice cold aura made people choke, in the Hell Slaughter Arena, altogether ten people slowly entered. Tang San walked third among these ten, but he was the focus of attention for all the other nine.

Sixty seven competitions, and naturally also sixty seven wins. This was Tang San’s present record. In all of Slaughter City, only two people had a better achievement than him. One of those was Hu Liena with seventy two victories.

Each person coming to participate, besides the authority to continue existing in Slaughter City, most looked forward to a hundred victories. With the title of champion of a hundred bouts, one could live in Slaughter City forever. Besides not being able to leave, one would possess the highest authority. Even to the extent of becoming guests of the Slaughter King.

Sixty seven matches. The number of people who had lost their lives by Tang San’s hands had long since surpassed a thousand. Only, in the last two months, even after the match ended, nobody had dared ambush him.

It wasn’t that Tang San didn’t want to finish a hundred matches as soon as possible, but rather because after his number of victories grew, the

number of people who had the courage to participate in slaughter matches with him grew fewer and fewer. It frequently took several days to collect ten people, and that was moreover under conditions where the news of him participating in the Hell Slaughter Arena didn’t leak in advance.

In one year, Tang San and Hu Liena had become characters like celebrities in Hell Slaughter Arena. Especially Tang San who, having used only a year to obtain such a record, could already rank in the top ten since Slaughter City’s founding.

Compared to when he first arrived, the expression in Tang San’s eyes was a level colder, to the extent that his body even released a faintly blood reeking aura. Ice cold, bloodthirsty, ruthless, those had already long since become synonyms with him.

It wasn’t that he could overpower the opponents with spirit power. Even a few opponents whose spirit power surpassed the eightieth rank had died in Tang San’s hands. Spirit Masters without their signature were like tigers who had lost claws and teeth. Let alone when Tang San himself was like a terrifying killing machine.

His most dangerous time was when he left the Hell Slaughter Arena just after destroying two opponents with eightieth ranked spirit power, and was immediately besieged by more than a hundred people. One couldn’t tell how many blades cut him, but the final conclusion was that all those hundred people died, and moreover not leaving whole corpses behind. And Tang San had crawled like that from the piles of pieces of dead men, his whole body emitting a black energy.

After three days, his injuries were gone as if he had never been wounded, and he had entered Hell Slaughter Arena once again. That day, nobody dared fight. For twenty four hours, there was not a single bout in Hell Slaughter Arena.

He had the Tang Sect secret lore that common Spirit Masters didn’t, hidden weapons, poison, Controlling Crane Catching Dragon, Mysterious Jade Hand, Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step. And he still had the solid Clear Sky Hammer as a weapon. Tang San didn’t use Blue Silver Grass, nor did

he use Eight Spider Lances. Purple God Light had also only been used in that most dangerous moment. It wasn’t that he wanted to hide anything in front of Hu Liena, but rather that those were techniques he had set aside as life saving trumps.

That time, Tang San had made his name, his current name in Slaughter City: Asura King.

It was of course impossible for the nine people entering the arena with Tang San now to have a victory count only five lower than his, because Tang San’s was already far, far too far ahead by now. And he didn’t know if Hu Liena was intentionally avoiding fighting him or if it was planned by Hell Slaughter Arena, but from the start, Tang San had never encountered her. Therefore, the two of them were both still alive. Hu Liena also had a name here, her nickname was Hell Envoy.

Among the nine people entering the Hell Slaughter Arena with Tang San right now, there were three who were already trembling all over, and the remaining six were trying to put up a strong front. After the nine entered the arena, they surrounded Tang San in practically the first instant. Because they knew, if they didn’t kill Tang San, they wouldn’t leave alive.

Within his deep blue pupils was a smear of blood red, an ice cold killing intent extended from Tang San in practically an instant. Closing his eyes, he seemed to enjoy the feeling of the trembling degenerates around him.

Tang San’s spirit power had progressed very little in this year, only rising one rank. But he believed that the him right now could completely prevail over three of him from a year ago. He also understood the meaning of his father’s words more and more clearly. Only by constantly struggling on the edge of life and death could the true meaning of battle be understood.

Snarling, hissing, nine voices rose practically simultaneously in nine directions around Tang San. Those nine opponents simultaneously threw themselves at Tang San.

Sharply opening his eyes, what Tang San looked at wasn’t the opponents in front of him, but rather, in a dark corner of Hell Slaughter Arena’s stands,

Hu Liena.

In one year, Hu Liena had watched practically each and every one of Tang San’s matches.

But she discovered that she couldn’t see through this man. For this man, she even felt an unprecedented dread.

That wasn’t because of Tang San’s innumerable killing techniques, but rather because of this man’s unswerving will.

Chapter 137

Everyone who came to Slaughter City struggled on the line of death each day, and all would subsequently be corrupted. Especially men. Because under this enormous pressure, each person needed a way for relief. But Tang San didn’t. After the fights ended, he would always cultivate in a cabin. He only left to go to Hell Slaughter Arena.

It was unknown how many women wanted to throw themselves into the arms of this Asura King, but what met them was only Tang San’s ice cold murderous spirit.

Long ago when Tang San had reached twenty victories, Hu Liena had been certain that this man was here for the same purpose as she had. To temper himself.

Before she had always thought that her big brother was the most outstanding among the men she had seen, but after the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament ended, even if she didn’t want to admit it, Tang San had also joined this ranking. And this man in front of her was the third. He was also the one she believed to be most outstanding.

He wouldn’t compare himself, his handsome appearance, his unswerving rejection of the lure of depravity. Each quality profoundly attracted Hu Liena.

A woman liking a man, frequently had a great many reasons. Hu Liena knew that she already liked this man. Even though they hadn’t exchanged a word since they talked on the first day he came here, she was still completely certain. Besides him, there was already no others in her heart.

Hu Liena sighed deeply. Unfortunately, he was a Clear Sky School disciple. Born of Spirit Hall, how could Hu Liena fail to recognize the Clear Sky Hammer in Tang San’s hand? She even disappointedly wondered why all outstanding men were from Clear Sky School. Tang San was so. This 9528 was so.

Just as thoughts constantly bubbled up in Hu Liena’s mind, Tang San moved in the arena.

Nine people, attacking from nine different directions, but there wasn’t the slightest bit of confusion in his mind. His figure flickering as if illusory, there seemed to be springs under his feet. Tang San had already dodged in front of a shuddering opponent in a split second.

The next moment, the steel knife in that man’s hand was already embedded in his neck.

Turning, kicking, hands flying up.

Countless bright crystal rays of light shot out of Tang San’s palms, brilliant steel needle after needle. Surging out, cutting through the air with ear-piercing sounds. Blood curdling screams rose and fell in succession.

Able to survive through Tang San’s hidden weapons, were only three people.

It wasn’t because they could dodge Tang San’s hidden weapons, but rather because they had grabbed their companions as shields in front of them, or to be precise, their corpses.

Two sixtieth ranked, one seventieth ranked. Or two Spirit Emperors and one Spirit Sage.

If they could use spirit abilities, these three were enough to threaten the life of the only fifty something ranked Tang San. But this was Slaughter City. Passing the forging of three great immortal herbs and two great spirit bones, Tang San’s physical power was an unknown amount higher than theirs. Spirit power was admittedly important, but first came technique. Spirit power wasn’t absolute.

These three m oved simultaneously. All held a body in one hand, a weapon in the other. Under the effect of their deep spirit power, they charged at Tang San from three corners. Their minds were already locked in on this sixty seven victory Asura King. They knew that the outcome lay in this one move, and they only had this one chance.

‘Want to block my hidden weapons? Fine, then I’ll let you die from hidden weapons.’

Body hastily rotating one turn, nobody clearly saw just what Tang San did with his hands. Nine thin as willow leaf arcing flying knives already flew out from him.

Tang Sect hidden weapons ninth rank, Phoenix Guides Nine Chicks.

Nine flying knives were like nine phoenixes flapping their wings and crying, swaying in the air.

After three seconds, this battle stopped. On Tang San’s shoulder was a blood scar. That was left behind by the Spirit Sage among the opponents. Unfortunately, before cutting Tang San, there was already a flying knife embedded in the center of his back, the two big arteries on the side of his neck were also simultaneously cut by the other two flying knives. Consequently, that dagger filled with spirit power only managed to leave a three cun[1] long wound on Tang San.

The battle was over, but Tang San was in no hurry to leave. He slowly walked over to each of his opponents, and stomped.

Skulls shattered like chicken eggs under his feet, but the white light emitted under his feet kept even a drop of gore from landing on him.

battles told Tang San that as long as an opponent’s head wasn’t crushed, he couldn’t relax his vigilance. In order to learn this, he had once paid the price of three broken ribs.

He retrieved the hidden weapons one by one from the enemies bodies, storing them in Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges. This was Slaughter City, and he couldn’t replenish his hidden weapons, so he had to treasure the life saving cards he had.

A special splendor glittered in Hu Liena’s eyes. The instant she saw Tang San throw out the flying knives, she couldn’t keep her heart from skipping half a beat. If it wasn’t because she had special methods to see that Tang San absolutely wasn’t disguised, she would certainly have painted an equals sign between 9528 and Tang San.

‘How have I fallen in love? Have I fallen for his looks? His strength?
Or everything?’

Sixty eight victories, this was Tang San’s current record. The distance to Hu Liena had closed by one more.


Slaughter City, a dark and expansive room.

There was an especially enormous chair, inlaid with blue and purple crystal. These crystals drew the outline of a drum tower shape[2]. Besides this chair, everything here was dark red.

“Asura King won another match.” A gloomy and cold female voice echoed in the dark room.

“I know.” A tall silhouette sat in the giant chair. His appearance couldn’t be seen clearly in the darkness, it was only apparent that he was slim.

“Great king. Won’t we start to contact him? Slaughter City already hasn’t had a true power join for a very long time.”

“Do you believe he is truly a power?” The tall man sitting in the chair asked.

“At least in technique, he is. Asura King seems born for Slaughter City. His spirit power isn’t especially strong, but all his techniques are terrifyingly powerful. Even if there was a Title Douluo in Slaughter City, they still might not be able to kill him without use of spirit powers. I can be sure that Asura King has at least one spirit bone.”

The Slaughter King was silent a moment, “Then do you believe he can complete one hundred matches and challenge the Hell Road?”

“Completing one hundred victories is only a matter of time. But as for Hell Road, perhaps he won’t be able to.”

The Slaughter King coldly said: “No need to contact him.”

“Why? Great king, don’t tell me you don’t want our Slaughter City to grow more powerful? Even though we had a pact with Spirit Hall a thousand years ago, who knows whether they’ll tear it up one day?”

The Slaughter King coldly said: “Spirit Hall doesn’t have time to care about us right now. One month ago, there was a visitor. Do you remember?”


“Yes. One of the two living Deathgods of the present age.”

“Don’t tell me, that Asura King and that Deathgod are related?” The ice cold woman shuddered.

The Slaughter King indifferently said: “You guessed right. If you’re speaking of true threats to Slaughter City in this world, then that isn’t Spirit Hall, but rather these two Deathgods. They, even I couldn’t offend. You should know that people who have passed the Hell Road can still use spirit abilities within the range of Slaughter City. And this Asura King was delivered there by the most terrifying of the two Deathgods. Just let

nature take it’s course. Even if I don’t want another Deathgod to appear either, I’m even less willing to see that Deathgod’s fury.”

The ice cold female voice drew a deep breath, “Mighty Slaughter King, I fear he will bring Slaughter City some unforeseen consequences. After all, the appearance of each Deathgod will be accompanied by a crisis for Slaughter City. Isn’t there an admonishment like that on our Slaughter City’s wall of legends? Deathgod descent, hell disaster. In the previous few times, each time a Deathgod appeared, there would be disastrous harm to Slaughter City, if there truly is another this time, I fear……”

The Slaughter King lowered his voice: “I’ve anticipated this question as well. What you don’t know is that not only does the Asura King have a Deathgod backer, that Hell Emissary who has already reached seventy something victories is the same. She was delivered by the other existing Deathgod. If not for this, do you believe I would allow her to continue existing?”

“Mighty king, how about this? We’ll let Hell Emissary face Asura King, they will be……”

She still hadn’t finished speaking when two blood red lights shot out of the Slaughter King’s eyes, the surrounding air clearly becoming thicker, a thick scent of blood spreading in the air, that ice cold woman’s voice immediately issues a seemingly inhuman shrill scream, and in the corner, an inflated delicate body shuddered violently.

“Don’t think you can casually talk drivel just because I dote on you. Having passed the Hell Road, Deathgods can return to Slaughter City at any time. According to the rules of the Hell Slaughter Arena, degenerates with more than fifty victories in the ring won’t face each other. If any Deathgod learned about it, it would be a truly disastrous catastrophe for Slaughter City. Within their Deathgod Domain, any Spirit Master recovers the use of their spirit abilities. Otherwise, why do you think I would compromise with them?”

The blood red gaze floated into the air, and the Slaughter King muttered to himself: “I only hope that under normal circumstances, they’ll be

unable to persist to a hundred victories, and even more unable to walk the Hell Road. Otherwise, the appearance of two Deathgods simultaneously would perhaps herald calamity for Slaughter City.”

With a wave of a big hand, a deep red liquid flew out from in front of him. In the darkness in front of him was unexpectedly an enormous blood pool, filled with viscous blood.

Gaping and swallowing the blood, in that dim light, two fierce teeth were vaguely revealed.


Passing time waiting and cultivation, sitting crosslegged in his small cabin, Tang San’s entire body was constantly reached by burst after burst of chills. The tremendous murderous spirit continuously revolved around his body, and also influenced him.

He had already been here for close to two years, and the distance to the champion title in the Hell Slaughter Arena was only one final match. However, Tang San discovered that he was about to collapse.

In two years, the people who had died by his hands far surpassed a thousand. Even though those people were all evil and depraved, with each person he killed, Tang San would feel his own murderous spirit rapidly increase somewhat. And this killing intent also constantly imperceptibly influenced him.

The reason why it had taken two years to gradually approach the final one hundredth victory, besides the issue of the number of people, was even more because of Tang San’s own problem.

The constantly rising killing intent was nothing much when it just started rising, but as the number of people Tang San massacred here surpassed a hundred, he discovered that this killing intent began to influence his will. Just at the start, he would only occasionally display a blood thirsty state of

mind, but as time grew longer, the slaughter aura also became ever more clear. It was as if he wanted to kill any living organism he looked at. Casually killing people was as simple as crushing ants.

Therefore, besides participating in the matches, Tang San’s cultivation was no longer mainly in the direction of increasing his spirit power, but rather to suppress the ever stronger murderous spirit. Fortunately his Mysterious Heaven Skill was the orthodox inner skill of the profound sects, and it had its own warding effect. He had also received the mind condensing wisdom skull bone, and its mental control capability was extremely powerful, and he wasn’t controlled by that idea of massacre.

At the same time, Tang San’s slaughtering in the matches could be considered a channel to vent.

Until not long ago, after Tang San completed ninety nine fights in the Hell Slaughter Arena, he faintly sensed that he was almost unable to contain the murderous spirit within him. At the same time, he also understood why Hu Liena had delayed without advancing the one hundredth match despite reaching ninety nine victories long ago.

In this Slaughter City, the two of them could be described as having filled fields of victims. It was also because of their abrupt rise in these two years that the number of degenerates daring to enter the Hell Slaughter Arena had become fewer and fewer. Even more people chose to use their previously saved matches to exist, and when the matches was exhausted, they still gave blood to survive. After all, compared to certain death, the majority of people would choose to struggle on at death’s door.

A peng peng knocking sound suddenly echoed from outside. Tang San’s restrained killing intent rose practically instantly rose, and the not very small cabin instantly turned ice cold. Under the oppressive murderous spirit, a heavy aura filled the air, the stink of blood imperceptibly releasing from Tang San.

“Who?” Tang San asked in a low voice.

“It’s me.” A pleasant voice resounded from outside. Even though Tang San hadn’t heard this voice many times, he still at once identified the owner of the voice as Hu Liena.
Brows wrinkling slightly, Tang San inwardly thought, why did she come? With a casual wave, a stream of air rushed out and opened the door,
“Please come in.” Not knowing Hu Liena’s purpose in coming here, Tang San suppressed the killing intent in his heart, but his vigilance had already risen to its peak.

The door open, a black clothed Hu Liena walked in from outside. Her face looked extremely pale, and she slowly sipped a cup of Bloody Mary held in her hand. This seemed to already have become a habit of the powers in Slaughter City. Apart from Tang San, practically every degenerate in Slaughter City with more than ten victories would drink blood taken from who knew where.

Glancing at the cup in Hu Liena’s hand, Tang San frowned slightly,
“What is it?”

Hu Liena didn’t approach Tang San, rather standing by the door. She clearly understood that in this world of slaughter, each person was extremely vigilant. She didn’t want to cause any misunderstanding with Tang San because of some inadvertent action.

“I hope to ally with you.” Hu Liena directly stated her reason here.

“Ally?” Tang San looked at her somewhat distrustfully, “You’re not unaware of Hell Slaughter Arena’s rules. Each fight has only one victor. If we met, how would we ally?”

Hu Liena smiled calmly. A blood red light slipped into her eyes somewhat. Just as Tang San anticipated, Hu Liena was also always struggling in pain these days. Despite also having the aid of a skull type spirit bone, she only hadn’t gone insane, further adding that she also had an equally strong will. But compared to Tang San she was still a bit short.

Today she had with great difficulty repressed her killing intent somewhat, and then come to find Tang San.

“It’s impossible for us to meet in a match. As long as we are past fifty victories, according to the Slaughter City rules, we won’t meet each other. Otherwise, who would still be able to rise to one hundred? I didn’t come to find you for this, but was rather hoping to ally with you when attacking the Hell Road.”

“Hell Road?” Even though Tang San had heard this name when he just came to Slaughter City, the circumstances of the Hell Road were still completely unfamiliar to Tang San. At that time he had also asked that black masked young woman, but she hadn’t given him any answer, saying that the Hell Road was the greatest secret of Slaughter City, and that only champions had the authority to learn about it.

Hu Liena nodded conscientiously, “Yes, the Hell Road. Even though you and me are on the verge of gaining a hundred victories in the Hell Slaughter Arena, our strength might not be greater than the opponents we once confronted. Just that we both have the capability to gain victory even without spirit abilities, and so walked to this point. To be exact, neither you or me are true degenerates. No need to retort. If my guess isn’t wrong, you should be the same as me, here for training, right?”

Tang San was secretly astonished. Hu Liena’s credibility was extremely high, at least he hadn’t heard any gaps. Moreover, even though Hu Liena was saturated with killing intent, right now the expression in her eyes seemed exceptionally sincere.

“How is this related to participating in the Hell Road?” Tang San indifferently asked.

A streak of cold light flashed in Hu Liena’s eyes, “Of course it’s related. If you aren’t corrupted, training until now, it should also be about time to finish. Naturally you will leave this place through the Hell Road. Moreover, there’s a gargantuan secret hidden in the Hell Road. Just relying on your or my strength, it’s impossible to pass alone. Only if we join forces will we have a chance to succeed.”

Tang San smiled indifferently, “Then why would I believe you? Who knows whether you’ll put a knife in my back. Have you forgotten that this is Slaughter City? Nobody can be trusted casually.”

Biting her lower lip, even though Hu Liena knew that Tang San’s doubt was very ordinary in this place, she still had an uncomfortable feeling in her heart. Deep in her heart, she indeed liked this handsome youth, but her coming to find Tang San today was unrelated to emotions.

“If I’m not mistaken, you should be from the Clear Sky School. Even though there are no spirit abilities, your Clear Sky Hammer can’t be hidden from people’s eyes.” Hu Liena stared fixedly at Tang San and said.

Tang San glanced at her, “And so?”

Hu Liena said: “In order to express my sincerity, I can tell you my background. I’m called Hu Liena, I’m from Spirit Hall. My teacher, is the present Spirit Hall Supreme Pontiff.”

Hearing this, Tang San’s heart twitched. So Hu Liena was the Supreme Pontiff’s direct disciple, no wonder his father would say she was the most worthy of attention among the Golden Generation.

Tang San said: “This can prove your sincerity? Where you come from has no relation to me.”

“You……” Hu Liena hadn’t thought Tang San would have such a thousand miles distant, rejecting of people manner. How would she know that the handsome youth in front of her, was the Tang San she hated the most. And Tang San’s first impression of her was no doubt the strongest.

“Cooperation benefits both. The Hell Road has no provisions for how many people enter at once. Whether you or me, one person entering alone will definitely die. How about this, I’ll tell you another secret. If we can leave the Hell Road, not only can we return here at any time, we can still obtain an enormous benefit.”

“Oh?” Tang San said: “Tell me about the circumstances of the Hell Road, perhaps I’ll consider working together with you.”

If it was the previous Hu Liena, she definitely wouldn’t so easily reveal her secrets, but a woman in love would frequently ignore reason, let alone nothing when the majority of her energy was focused on suppressing the murderous spirit.

Immediately, Hu Liena conscientiously said: “The opening to the Hell Road is in the Hell Slaughter Arena. Each day we fight there, with each person who dies there, their blood and souls will actually be absorbed by the Hell Road. I also don’t know the specifics of what’s in the Hell Road. I only know that, entering that place, without the safeguard of a formidable killing intent, you’ll immediately be swallowed by the vicious energy there.”

“There are many hypotheses about the forming of Slaughter City, but the most reliable one is that it is a special domain left behind by a mighty power who broke through the hundred rank limit. And the name of this domain, is Deathgod Domain[3]. If one is able to break through the Hell Road, it’s equivalent to obtaining the approval of the Deathgod Domain. The Deathgod Domain absorbs your own aura of death, forming its own domain, adding to one’s spirit. It’s also known as a spirit’s innate domain. Obtaining this boost is equivalent to having one more ability than Spirit Masters that haven’t walked the Hell Road. Moreover, it’s also the most valuable domain type ability.”

“Are domain type abilities very precious?” Tang San asked unenthusiastically. In fact, Hu Liena’s words raised a tempest in his heart.

As Grandmaster’s disciple, how could he not know about the effect of domain type abilities? Right now he truly realized his father’s goal in sending him here. Not only was it to experience death, refining his will in the darkest places, at the same time it was also for this Deathgod Domain.

Hu Liena somewhat anxiously said: “I really don’t know how your teacher instructed you. Of course domain type abilities are significant. Generally speaking, only Spirit Masters who have reached the Title Douluo level can have them appear at the time of the ninth spirit ability. Moreover, the odds of one appearing is only one in ten. Domain type abilities are also known as top quality spirit abilities. Besides obtaining them at the Title Douluo level, they can only appear as a spirit’s innate ability. Within what can be considered one’s domain, one’s own strength will be magnified, and the opponent’s strength will be suppressed. If used appropriately, the result is extremely terrifying.”

Here, Hu Liena halted a moment, continuing in a grave tone: “Moreover, innate domains will evolve along with the growth of the user’s strength. For instance, the Deathgod Domain will strengthen along with the growth of killing intent.”

Tang San’s expression changed, “How do you know this so clearly?”

Hu Liena drew a deep breath, her eyes revealing a hesitant light. After a long time, she said: “Because, I know a power who possesses the Deathgod Domain. She told me all of this. Otherwise, why would I be in this nauseating place?”

Tang San glanced at the cup of Bloody Mary in her hand, “Nauseating?
I see you’ve adapted quite well.”

Hu Liena’s elegant eyebrows wrinkled slightly, the blood colored light in her eyes clearly growing somewhat stronger,

“This isn’t adapting. Only drinking it will let my mood calm somewhat, without need to be so agitated.”

“Seeing as you’ve told me all this about the Deathgod Domain, I’ll return you a line. This Slaughter City, is poisonous in itself. The more you drink this thing, the deeper the poison will get. That’s a kind of slow poison hidden in the blood. I don’t know what the effect will be after leaving here through the Hell Road, but I’m certain that such a poison should be influenced by the Hell Road. Eight people have been able to leave here in a

thousand years. This isn’t only the Hell Road being frightening, perhaps this poison will also have a considerable effect.

Pa—— The cup fell to the floor, scarlet bright liquid spattering. Hu Liena’s face immediately turned unsightly.

“Poisonous?” She looked at Tang San, somewhat not daring to believe.

Tang San indifferently said: “I’ve studied it carefully. This poison doesn’t appear in the blood at the start, but is in the air. Receiving the influence of the poison in the air as well as the agitation from one’s killing intent, one needs blood to pacify the agitation. As time passes, perhaps it will become a habit. This poison within the blood will cause excitement, even to the extent that people will become even stronger. But if the agitation within the poison comes out, perhaps there is nobody who could withstand it. You haven’t been poisoned for long. Stop drinking blood, and you will be saved. If you continue, I’m afraid you won’t be my partner in the Hell Road, but rather an inconvenience.”

That he told Hu Liena this, was of course not because Tang San was grateful for her telling him about the Deathgod Domain. He heard from Hu Liena’s words that this Spirit Hall Golden Generation didn’t lie to him, and also didn’t have the intention to deceive him.

That Hell Road clearly wouldn’t be an easy time, and so Tang San told her about her already being poisoned.

In this place right now there were no enemies or friends. As long as her existence continued being advantageous to him, without the slightest hesitation, everything else could wait until they were out of here.

Taking out a pill from the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse and throwing it over, Tang San said: “If you believe me, eat it. Within approximately three days, you’ll have a some diarrhea, gradually emptying the poison within your body. If you don’t trust me, then in the Hell Road, there will be no need for us to cooperate. I don’t want to have a time bomb following at my side the whole way.”

Looking at the flat and constrained expression in Tang San’s eyes, Hu Liena took the pill and, without the slightest hesitation, swallowed it, then turned to walk out. While leaving, her final words floated over to Tang San’s ears, “I believe you. I also ask you to believe me. Because we both need to leave alive.”


After three days, Hell Slaughter Arena. Hong——
The final opponent’s head exploded under Tang San’s Clear Sky Hammer. Even he couldn’t help raising his hands high right now, without the slightest reservation releasing the terrifying blood reeking slaughter aura from his entire body.

One hundred fights. The agreement with his father was finally fulfilled. Close to physical killing intent formed an enormous whirlpool in the air. In the large area surrounding the ring, the numerous spectating degenerates were as quiet as crows and peacocks under the effect of the tremendous murderous spirit.

The two words Asura King were just like the emblem of the god of death. This point was completely different from the status of the winner of the previous match, Hell Emissary, in their minds.

Each person believed that the Asura King was the most terrifying existence, because his opponent’s never left behind intact corpses, or even heads. No matter alive or dead, the Asura King would always stomp the skull of each of his enemies to ensure his victory.

Perhaps killing intent and strength weren’t directly proportional, but right now, Tang San was the opponent anyone in Slaughter City was least willing to face.

“Congratulations, young Asura King.” A deep and sharp voice suddenly came from every direction. The killing intent Tang San released

unexpectedly was instantly poured in reverse by this voice, once again pressed into his body, immediately making Tang San’s expression turn pale.

The atmosphere in the Hell Slaughter Arena immediately rose to its peak, because in midair, a blood red silhouette just dropped from the sky.

“Slaughter King, Slaughter King, Slaughter King……” The degenerates shouted until their throats were hoarse, without showing the slightest intent of stopping.

Tang San’s heart shivered, gazing at that scarlet figure in the air.

That was a tall man, his whole body wrapped up in an enormous scarlet cloak.

Pale face, a pair of completely blood red eyes, he descended gently from the air, apparently not suffering the constraints of any gravity.

Tang San had once seen the same sight with his father. He could be certain that this falling from the air Slaughter King was definitely a Title Douluo level power.

Floating in the air five meters from the ground, the Slaughter King stopped descending, looking down at Tang San from the air, that deep sharp voice echoed once again, “Hell Emissary, please.”

The other great gate of the Hell Slaughter Arena opened. Right now with eyes already close to half blood red, aura clearly uneven because of her killing intent, Hu Liena slowly walked over. As her gaze fell on Tang San, her aura steadied somewhat.

The Slaughter King’s gaze fell on the spectators of the Hell Slaughter Arena.

“I’m very excited, to witness the birth of two Slaughter Arena powers here today. It has already been decades since the appearance of a hundred victories, now appearing in the form of two youngsters. Relying

on their own formidable strength and terrifying murderous spirit, they make you tremble, yes?”

“Yes—— Yes—— Yes——” The Slaughter King seemed to possess a unique charisma, instilling a close to berserk worship in all the degenerates who saw him.

From him, Tang San could catch a faint scent, a somewhat intoxicating scent. Unfortunately, this influence wasn’t very large on him and Hu Liena.

The Slaughter King lowered his head, looking at Tang San and Hu Liena, “Asura King, Hell Emissary. Thank you for letting me feel the existence of passion. One hundred victories, very good. In order to honor your achievement, I’ve decided to make an exception and award you the title of Deathgod. From today on, you can both leave and enter Slaughter City as you wish. And moreover be treated as my ranking Slaughter City guests.”

No need to walk the Hell Road? Tang San looked astonished at Hu Liena, just in time to see Hu Liena looking at him. Both their gazes displayed doubt.

What sinister creature was this Slaughter King? Conferring the title of Deathgod without walking the Hell Road.

Tang San and Hu Liena were undoubtedly both astute people, both possessing skull type spirit bones, and they only had to exchange glances once to understand the Slaughter King’s intention.

Walking the Hell Road, was no doubt extremely dangerous.

But behind the danger, was the enormous lure of the Deathgod Domain.
The Slaughter King in front of them clearly didn’t want them to obtain it.

Hu Liena took the lead to speak up,

“No need, mighty Slaughter King. You can’t destroy the rules of Slaughter City for our sake. I want to pass the test of the Hell Road and

then obtain your reward. I hope to rely on my own strength to leave from here, to become a true Deathgod.”

The expression in the Slaughter King’s eyes grew serious, “Perhaps you don’t know how terrible the Hell Road is. Hell Emissary, I hope you understand that people only live once.”

Hu Liena laughed grimly, “Mighty Slaughter King, you speak with me about life, isn’t that a bit ridiculous? Here is the world of slaughter.”

An even stronger red light flashed in the Slaughter King’s eyes and passed, his gaze turning to Tang San, “You then? Do you wish to accept my reward, becoming a distinguished guest of Slaughter City?”
[1] 3⼨ = 10cm
[2] Drum tower.

[3] ( 杀 神 领 域 ) Again, it’s read as “Killing God”, so not some psychopomp. Domain can also be read as “sphere”, “territory”, “field”, “area”.

Chapter 138

Tang San smiled calmly, “My goal in coming here, was to take a walk on that Hell Road. Slaughter King, I appreciate your kind intentions. Please open the entrance to the Hell Road. I wish to walk this trial along with Hell Emissary.”

The Slaughter King’s expression suddenly changed, “You want to join up to walk the Hell Road? Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten where you’re both from?”

Hu Liena smiled coldly: “In this world, there are no eternal enemies, only eternal benefits. Rather than two people dying in the Hell Road, why not have both come out as true Deathgods? There is no need for you to worry about the matters between us. Mighty Slaughter King, please act according to the rules of Slaughter City.”

Halo after halo of red light released from the Slaughter King. If not for the misgivings in his heart, he would have long since ruined the two people in front of him. With Tang San and Hu Liena’s present strength, they were only like crickets in front of him. But he couldn’t do anything. Because he feared, feared the destruction of Slaughter City. Even though this world could be relied on, if the people behind Tang San and Hu Liena were provoked, perhaps it would still collapse.

“Since it’s like that, take a walk on the Hell Road. Keeping company on the Hell Road is also a pretty good journey. If you can pass the trials of the

Hell Road and become a new generation of Deathgods, please pass along my regards to your elders.

The Slaughter King’s intonation had clearly become cold, even to the extent it held a mocking meaning. Hell Road, was it truly so easy to break through? ‘Even if there’s two of you, it still won’t be so easy.’

Dense red smoke abruptly discharged from the Slaughter King, the tremendous aura forcing Tang San and Hu Liena to swiftly retreat, directly withdrawing more than ten meters before they could manage to stand steady.

What the Slaughter King released really wasn’t killing intent, but rather an extremely vicious aura, making people’s bone marrow stiffen from cold.

The sinister cold red ripples slowly dispersed, in practically a few blinks of an eye, it had already spread through the entire arena.

Each and every one of the degenerates in the audience seats were extremely excited, they all wanted to see the opening of the Hell Road. However, what they didn’t know was that their own lives had already reached the end.

Besides the Deathgods and the Slaughter King, nobody had ever seen the opening of the Hell Road before. Because, the people who saw it had all died. Or one might say, they had all become the offering to open the Hell Road.

Tang San and Hu Liena very soon discovered that even though the red light emanating from the Slaughter King gave them great pressure, it really wasn’t directed at them, but at the surrounding stands.

The originally frantically cheering degenerates gradually grew quiet as the red light fell on the stands. The expression of each degenerate gradually grew lifeless, then from lifeless to blood congested red. Before long, the red light formed an enormous barrier over the entire Hell Slaughter Arena. Painful miserable shrieks began to resound from those first touched by the red light.

Influenced by the red light, those degenerates seemed to go half insane, doing their utmost to scratc h their faces, their bodies……

Degenerates capable of surviving in the inner city had, for the most part, a certain strength. Right now their full strength was completely brought to bear on themselves. Even to the extent that those resounding screams still held a note of excited joy, as if obtaining unlimited pleasure in this self mutilation.

Skin rolling up, blood splattering all around. They even scooped out the internal organs from within their bodies. Completely insane. Stopping only once their life had completely left them.

This change spread and affected more and more, until it extended to everyone present.

Even though Tang San and Hu Liena had experienced immeasurable massacre here in Slaughter City, confronting such a large scale terrifying scene, their faces still turned pale, feeling as if the murderous spirit within them grew more and more difficult to suppress.

Looking face to face, Hu Liena caught a vicious current flash through Tang San’s eyes. As long as they were human, as long as they had a shred of humanity, watching this scene, they would also be brimming with loathing towards Slaughter City.

Blood spilled on the ground, and started to condense. The large quantities of blood were like little brooks, flowing down unremarkable little channels below the audience seats and spilled into the center of the Slaughter Arena. Countless streams of red liquid could clearly be seen flowing into the ring like little serpents.

Tang San’s fist unconsciously tightened, rich killing intent constantly bursting out within him, at any time risking to erupt.

“To be able to become the offering to open the Hell Road, is their honor.” The Slaughter King called in a low voice. Right now, the screams

had already gradually halted. Besides Tang San, Hu Liena and the Slaughter King, there was already no longer any other person here.

Blood flowed into the arena, but not into straight lines. At some unknown time, line after line of grooves had appeared on the ground, and the blood flowed into these. Gradually, they converged into an enormous red design on the floor.

Right now, Tang San and Hu Liena were within this pattern. It was very difficult to clearly see the entire design, but the two of them both had skull spirit bones, and their spiritual force far exceeded that of common Spirit Masters. By chance closing their eyes at the same time, their spiritual force released into the air, observing the circumstances of their surroundings.

They discovered that the blood condensed pattern was unexpectedly a creature similar to a bird, only seeming somewhat strange, it wasn’t as simple as a common bird.

What was this?

Just as Tang San was puzzling over it, suddenly, the eyes of that bird brightened. Tang San and Hu Liena’s spiritual force was crushed in practically an instant, an enormous red light soaring up, engulfing the two of them in a moment. Their perception of everything in their surroundings grew fuzzy, only the Slaughter King’s deep and sharp voice echoing by their ears.

“I wish you luck on the Hell Road.”

The instant his spiritual force was crushed, Tang San finally realized what that bird design was. A bat. That was a drawing of a bat.

Swallowed by that red light, Tang San and Hu Liena simultaneously felt the ground drop out beneath their feet, everything in their surroundings becoming illusory, all their awareness this instant sealed. That pain of having no control made a kind of indescribable fear rise in their hearts. What they didn’t see was that their killing intent condensed into a faint white layer that protected their bodies. If not for this killing intent, the

instant they were covered in that red light, they would truly have been swallowed up.

Spirit power releasing, besides that layer of rippling white killing intent, Tang San still had a layer of faint blue hazy light. Compared to the ice cold, sinister, and vicious red light, although the blue light Tang San released wasn’t strong, it was still brimming with the breath of life. Tenacious vitality firmly protected Tang San within, not only isolating him from the red light outside, but even from that layer of killing intent.

Consequently, even though Tang San was unable to control anything in the outside world, his killing intent being temporarily severed relieved him of the need to endure that tremendous pressure, and he was a lot more comfortable.

After an unknown amount of time, accompanied by a violent jolt, all sensation returned once again, the blood red light in the surroundings gradually fading.

As Tang San and Hu Liena sobered completely, they discovered that they were on top of a round platform. This platform was only five meters across or so, not very large. The two both fell to the ground.

They awoke practically simultaneously, and therefore, their gazes also simultaneously fell on each other.

Tang San saw that Hu Liena’s body was releasing a layer of faint red mist, her eyes already turned completely red. Around her, white ripples were constantly growing stronger, and even though she was looking at him, her body was constantly spasming, as if she was enduring some tremendous pain.

Heart twitching, Tang San shouted in a low voice: “Hu Liena, wake up.” While speaking, he raised his right hand, pressing on the top of Hu Liena’s head. An abundantly pure breath of life transmitted through his arms into Hu Liena’s head, and under those faint blue light fluctuations, Hu Liena’s shuddering body gradually returned to normal, the red color in her eyes also subsequently fading.

There were no eternal enemies, only eternal benefits. The prospects of the Hell Road were unknown, and having one more companion was always better than letting her frantically pull him into ruin. At this moment, Tang San constantly told himself to lay down his rancor with Spirit Hall and temporarily cooperate with this Golden Generation beauty in front of him.

“Thanks.” Spitting out this word, Hu Liena and Tang San were both shocked, because Hu Liena’s voice had unexpectedly already become somewhat hoarse.

Tang San replied, “Crossing a river in the same boat.”

Looking at Tang San, there was clearly something in Hu Liena’s eyes, her gaze moving, she harmonized the breath in her body, then turned to look at their surroundings with Tang San.

They were both intelligent people, and naturally they wouldn’t act blindly. First observing the surrounding situation was clearly most important.

Looking carefully, the two couldn’t help drawing a cold breath. Their circumstances were even more perilous than they had imagined.

Everything in their surroundings appeared a faint blood red. Outside of the five meter diameter platform below their feet, was unexpectedly a bottomless abyss.

Apart from this, a less than half a chi wide, capable of supporting only two feet side by side, slender little road led into the unknown darkness, and this was also the one and only path leading away from the platform they stood on.

Looking face to face, Tang San and Hu Liena both couldn’t help puckering their eyebrows.

A light flashed in Hu Liena’s mind, “I don’t know what’s below.”

Tang San’s heart twitched. Regarding the dangerous situation in front of, he inwardly wasn’t actually particularly worried. Even though the little path in front was completely suspended in midair, relying on Blue Silver Grass, Flying God Claw, as well as Eight Spider Lances, he could easily guarantee that he wouldn’t fall. Of course, that was under the premise that this little road didn’t fracture. But Hu Liena’s meaning was clearly to look for another way.

“I’ll take a look.” Tang San crawled on the ground. He had no choice but to protect Hu Liena. Only sticking his head out over the edge of the platform, he looked down.

Below was pitch black and hazy, but that posed no problem for Tang San.
Deep blue light spitting out of his eyes, the distance instantly pulled close.

Turning over and leaping up, Tang San’s expression seemed somewhat monstrous.

“How is it? Can you see it?” Hu Liena calmly asked.

Tang San nodded, “There’s blood down there. You might call it a blood reservoir. If I don’t guess wrong, that blood reservoir below should be the stored blood of all the people killed through all the years of Slaughter City. That is, what they call Bloody Mary and the offering for this Hell Road.”

Hu Liena appeared contemplative, and after a long time, said: “By simpler analysis, this hell Road isn’t just the way out of Slaughter City, but at the same time it should also be the heart of Slaughter City.”

Just as she said this, she clearly discovered Tang San’s eyes brightening across from her, and the two people said in practically the same mouth: “Or perhaps it might be called the source of that mysterious Slaughter City domain’s energy.”

Discovering the other side said exactly the same thing as her, Hu Liena blushed, turning her head. Tang San appeared somewhat embarrassed. At the same time he couldn’t help being secretly startled. This Hu Liena really

was astute, worthy of being the Supreme Pontiff’s direct disciple. Hu Liena’s display also made him feel happy that he chose to cooperate. Having such an astute partner was clearly a good thing in terms of breaking through the Hell Road.

Hu Liena naturally didn’t know what Tang San thought, and continued her analysis. “Tang Yin[1], haven’t you noticed that blood is what’s most important in Slaughter City? What’s called Bloody Mary seems to appear here. Just like you said, there’s slow poison in the blood here, but it can cause a certain stimulating effect. There are very many ways to control people, why does Slaughter City’s ruler always use blood? Just to give people a more mysterious impression? I think not, there’s definitely some secret to this.”

Tang San nodded, saying: “My way of thinking is the same as yours. Even though we don’t know the true secret of this blood within Slaughter City now, we can be sure that if the source of the blood was lost, it would be an enormous blow to Slaughter City. Even so much that it might be devastating. I believe this kind of place should already have been extinguished long ago, but your Spirit Hall unfortunately takes a laissez faire attitude, don’t tell me it’s really in order to take in some criminals?”

Hu Liena’s expression changed, indifferently saying: “These matters aren’t under my control. I know your Clear Sky School has a very high opinion of our Spirit Hall, but right now we should still first settle the problem in front of us.”

Nodding softly, Tang San looked at the distant darkness, “This narrow road should be the so called Hell Road. I don’t know how long it is, but I can be sure that the Hell Road wouldn’t be so simple as just walking away. There’s a very large blood reservoir below, and it’s very possible there are some ferocious beasts or toxins within it. Going below wouldn’t be desirable. Our best way from here is still up top.”

Hu Liena nodded, saying: “The medicine you gave me last time was very effective. Don’t you have any medicaments that can prevent toxins? Climbing down below there we can at least have a sense of ground under our feet. This narrow road gives me a sense of danger.”

Tang San shook his head, saying: “The world has poisons in all sorts of fantastic varieties, there are no medicines that can resist all poison. I feel the same as you, this Hell Road really is dangerous. But, the feeling I get from down below is even more dangerous. I think it would still be better to unify our thoughts before starting out.”

Hu Liena didn’t hesitate a moment to say: “I’ll listen to you. I only want to raise one proposal. Since we don’t have any method to defy poison, walking above is clearly our only choice. This is perhaps also the only choice accorded anyone who passed this Hell Road before. Unfortunately, we don’t have any information relating to this. Before coming, that Deathgod I know told me something. There are situations of all sorts in the Hell Road. Our experience would certainly be a bit different from hers. Rather than telling us the concrete situation inside, we’re better off having to do things slowly. Like this we will instead be even more cautious.”

Tang San inwardly thought that perhaps this was also the reason his father didn’t tell him everything about the Hell Road. The road was always one’s own to walk.

Right now, the quality of the pair’s solid willpower was revealed. To an ordinary person, coming to a strange place brimming with terror, all would be eager to leave at once. But Tang San and Hu Liena didn’t do so. The two sat down on the platform, calming their hearts and breath, harmonizing their breath. They didn’t know what crisis they were about to confront, so maintaining their peak condition was their best choice right now.

The pair spent a full two hours in cultivation. Within this Hell Road, their spirit power was still suppressed as if by an indescribable force, and they could only rely on the same self defense methods as in Slaughter City.

Opening their eyes with practically no difference in who was first or last, they stood at the same time. Hu Liena undid her belt, swiftly shedding her outer clothing, exposing the underwear inside.

Her undergarments were pink, the upper part a small pink sleeveless top, only the most important places covered. Below she had a just thigh length

pair of pink hot pants.

Shedding her outer clothing like this revealed the secret of her body. Ordinarily entirely wrapped up in black clothing, Hu Liena’s body was hidden very well. Besides her tall stature, nothing else would be seen. But at this moment, her secrets were completely revealed in front of Tang San.

Hu Liena was about the same height as Xiao Wu, her fair skin set off by the dark surroundings, even more adding some charm. Her skin was so glossy and exquisite it even somewhat reflected the light. Two slender and perfectly straight thighs braced, revealing a gentle curve.

Her slender waist was bare, forming an astonishing arc with her plump butt, on her upper body the moderately sized bust under the cloth exposing a two small protrusions. No flaw could be found on her body.

Hu Liena’s motions when removing her clothes seemed very natural, throwing her clothes to the ground, afterwards combing together her long hair, her whole body seemed taut and nimble. Afterwards she began to tear up her discarded clothes.

Looking at Hu Liena, a warm flow couldn’t be stopped in Tang San’s lower abdomen. Hu Liena’s spirit was a Bewitching Fox, in itself extremely good at charm. And even though she didn’t fully use her abilities on Tang San right now, that perfect delicate body of hers was the best medium for charm. Despite Tang San knowing why she did what she did, for a moment, he was still somewhat dumbfounded. After all, this was the first time since he was born that he saw a young woman’s body like this.

Hu Liena might appear very natural on the surface, but in her heart she was actually still desperately nervous. Even though she was widely known for her charm abilities, she was in fact extremely pure. The Golden Generation’s Yan had already pursued her for a very long time, but she didn’t even agree to touch Yan’s hand. If the one she was cooperating with wasn’t Tang San, but was exchanged for someone else, she wouldn’t agree to let her body be seen like this even if she died.

“What are you still distracted by, still not taking of your clothes.” Hu Liena said at Tang San. She kept her tone as calm as possible, covering up the embarrassment in her heart.

Tang San shook his head, saying: “No need, one set of clothes is enough, the distance between us can’t be too far.”

Hu Liena glared angrily at him, in her heart thinking, ‘If there was enough clothes, why didn’t you take them off?’ Only, in her heart she was still very comfortable; astute people being together could save on a lot of needless exchanges. She undressed on her side, and Tang San understood her intention.

Just what is called, ‘do not fear a god-like opponent, fear a pig-like teammate.’ Clearly, through a short time of contact, both sides had ascertained that the other party was no pig. As for the gods or ghosts they may meet in the Hell Road, they could only walk and see step by step.

Tang San naturally saw the meaning in Hu Liena’s expression, and shrugged helplessly, “You’re the one who moved too fast.”

Looking down at the clothing already torn to strips under her hands, Hu Liena had a feeling of not knowing whether to laugh or to cry. It seemed that her covering up was still insufficient. Having stripped too fast, now there wasn’t enough time to regret it.

Even though she thought this in her heart, the movements of her hands didn’t stop, swiftly tearing the clothes apart and weaving them together. In a moment of work, a braided seven meter long rope was completed.

That Tang San didn’t undress in this way didn’t mean his mind was any slower than Hu Liena’s, but rather that he subconsciously overlooked this method because he had Blue SIlver Grass. But of course he couldn’t easily pull out Blue Silver Grass in front of Hu Liena. Simultaneously possessing the Clear Sky Hammer and Blue Silver Grass, with Hu Liena’s intelligence, how couldn’t that raise questions?

“For you, are you walking in front or behind?” Hu Liena handed over one end of the cord to Tang San. Forging ahead on such a narrow road would clearly become a lot safer with two people tied together. This was also why Hu Liena undressed.

Tang San didn’t hesitate to say: “I’ll go in front.” He practically didn’t give these words any thought. In terms of safety, behind was clearly a bit safer than in front. But Tang San was helpless, letting him follow behind and constantly seeing Hu Liena’s criminal mistake inducing seductive figure, perhaps it would be all over even without the need to walk the Hell Road. He didn’t want to have any entanglements between him and Hu Liena.

Hu Liena seemed to understand Tang San’s way of thinking and smiled sweetly. She had complete confidence in her charm. As a result of her spirit’s characteristics, she had received special seduction training since childhood. Hu Liena thought that while there might be girls more beautiful than her, it was impossible for there to be any girl more attractive than her.

The two each tied an end of the cord around their waists. Tang San turned his head to glance at Hu Liena, just in time to see her adjust her bust. With her innate charm, even such a tiny movement made Tang San’s head heat up. Hastily turning around and moderating his spiritual force, he eliminated any distracting thoughts in his heart,

“Let’s go.”

Seeing Tang San hastily turn his head, Hu Liena couldn’t help snickering, thinking, ‘It seems you’re not really a rock!’ However, she very quickly restrained her intentions of provoke Tang San’s heart. Gaze turning cold, her mind completely focused, she followed behind Tang San towards that only half a chi wide narrow road.

“Don’t look down.” Tang San warned Hu Liena. His pace wasn’t fast, but rather the distance covered with each step forward was very regular. The two were both outstanding talents of the young generation of Spirit Masters, neither with weak cultivation. Walking this kind of road didn’t

count as anything. Further adding their mental qualities, as a result, they could still keep a steady pace after entering the narrow road.

Hu Liena followed behind Tang San, the two separated by about three to four meters distance. Inwardly she couldn’t help being even a bit more admiring of this man. The even steps and pace was no doubt in order to make it easier for Hu Liena behind him to grasp the tempo, maintaining this optimal distance.

And Tang San also couldn’t help inwardly sighing in praise over Hu Liena’s intelligence. Because when he walked forward, whenever he took a step with his left foot, Hu Liena would inevitably take a step with her right. Like this, when Tang San’s center of gravity was partial to his left, Hu Liena’s center of gravity would be partial to her right. If by some chance someone lost balance, the other person would still come to the aid by virtue of their center of gravity. Moreover, Hu Liena always held one hand on the end of the cord, ready to apply force at any time.

Even though it was their first time cooperating, the tacit understanding both sides imperceptibly formed made them loose a breath. The pair’s spiritual force began to spread. Neither dared release it too excessively, only within a fifty meter diameter range with themselves as the center. Even the movement of a wind blown blade of grass couldn’t be concealed from them.

Tang San walked forward, squinting slightly, Purple Demon Eye attentively watching in front. The distant darkness wasn’t any major problem to him, but despite having Purple Demon Eye, under this kind of light he could still only see a kilometer or so. Moreover, his vision also became vague in the distance. His hands hung naturally at his waist, caressing the Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges. Right now, he and Hu Liena were a pair of grasshoppers tied together with string. If they encountered a situation, they couldn’t move too widely or they would hamper each other, causing a devastating catastrophe.

Maintaining such an even pace, the two slowly disappeared into the dark red. The platform behind them could already no longer be seen.

Tang San didn’t walk quickly, because as the person in front, the things he had to keep attention on far exceeded that of Hu Liena. Moreover, he also kept a certain alertness toward Hu Liena behind him. In their current situation, he understood that it wasn’t just him having hidden cards, Hu Liena certainly also did. Only, he didn’t know what cards she held. The longer they walked on this Hell Road, the greater the pressure on Tang San became, because he didn’t know whether Hu Liena would try to act against him when they left this place. After all, one more person with the Deathgod Domain would certainly be a very great threat in the future. Even if Hu Liena didn’t know he was Tang San, the identity inferred by the Clear Sky Hammer was still enough to let her determine that there was no friendly relationship between them.

As they walked forward, Tang San’s steps suddenly halted, and Hu Liena behind him halted at practically the same moment, without taking one more step, showing just how focused her mind was right now.

“What is it?” Hu Liena asked in a low voice.

Tang San said: “We’ve already walked three hundred sixty four steps, haven’t you noticed that the air has started getting hotter? Moreover, it seems it’s no longer quiet here, there are sounds around us. Even though it’s very faint, and still distant, their target should be us. Be careful.”

Listening to Tang San, Hu Liena couldn’t help being secretly shocked. Even though she knew that Tang San wasn’t weak, she hadn’t expected his spiritual force to actually be so formidable. Right now she still hadn’t noticed the sounds Tang San spoke of, while she did somewhat sense the temperature rising. This proved that Tang San’s spiritual force was above hers.

Looking at the youth in front who clearly wasn’t any older than her, Hu Liena silently nodded, flicking both her wrists, a dagger appearing in each.

Tang San didn’t summon the Clear Sky Hammer, but Hu Liena faintly saw something in Tang San’s hands, flashing with faint light in the dark red around them.

Gradually, those minute sounds also appeared in Hu Liena’s spiritual boundary. The sounds weren’t loud, but their frequency was extraordinarily high. Just as Tang San said, these tiny noises were approaching in their direction.

Suddenly, Tang San somewhat impatiently said: “I know why it would feel hotter. The blood reservoir down there is closer to us.”

“Ah? How is that possible? We haven’t walked down any slope.” Hu Liena somewhat shocked looked down the abyss to either side. She still didn’t see anything, as far as the eye could see, vertigo and dizziness attacked her. She swiftly composed herself to stand properly, not daring to look again.

Tang San lowered his voice: “ly the blood pool below us was a kilometer off or so, but right now this distance should have already closed to about nine hundred meters. That’s why I would feel the temperature rising. It seems that it might not be blood in that reservoir, but also possibly magma. If the temperature continues to rise as we go forward, then I’m sure that by the end of the road we’ll be submerged in magma. That’s also the truly difficult test of the Hell Road.”

Listening to Tang San, Hu Liena couldn’t keep her heart from shivering.
A simple inward analysis also led her to the same conclusion.

Tang San said in a low voice: “Let’s ignore that for now, no matter what, we still have to deal with the crisis before us first. It’s here.”

A droning sound grew louder and louder, and with Purple Demon Eye, Tang San could vaguely see some red shadows swiftly approaching. Very soon he understood why the frequency of that sound was so high to his spiritual senses. Because, these swiftly approaching creatures weren’t one or two, but a flock. A flock of at least a thousand.

As they came closer, those flying creatures could finally be seen clearly. That was one blood red bat after another, just like small scale prints of that blood colored design on the ground of the Hell Slaughter Arena before. The

length of each blood bat was one chi or so, but their enormous wings spanned more than a meter.

One or two of these blood bats were of course no problem, but when more than a thousand appeared all of a sudden, they were like a red cloud, swiftly flying towards Tang San and Hu Liena.

Right now, Hu Liena’s face had become very unsightly. Putting away the daggers in her hands by her chest, she asked in a low voice: “What now?”

Tang San calmly said: “Counter soldiers with weapons, counter water with earth weirs. We’ll fight back to back.”

“Alright.” In such a situation, nobody would choose to run. Hu Liena swiftly turned around and arrived behind Tang San, her body leaning directly against Tang San’s back. Her outstanding pert butt stuck just below Tang San’s, and the suddenly appearing flexibility almost made Tang San’s rigorous will crack.

Clearly feeling Tang San’s slight dodging motion, Hu Liena also couldn’t help being shocked, slightly opening a bit of distance, not letting her and Tang San stick as close as before. No matter how outstanding she was, she was still a woman. In such an unknown frightening situation, in her heart involuntarily appeared a feeling of relying on Tang San.

[1] Tang Yin - (唐银) “Tang Silver”, same silver as in Blue Silver Grass and Ah Yin. I seem to recall reading Tang San introducing himself with this name in my original read through, but it’s nowhere in the RAW now.

Chapter 139

Those blood red bats flew very quickly, and in a moment they had already gotten close. Their eyes were blood red, and having discovered their target, they made gaagaa noises, exposing sharp teeth. More than a thousand blood bats beating their wings produced a stinking wind, immediately bringing Tang San and Hu Liena swaying.

Tang San moved very quickly, swiftly untying the cord at his waist, he turned his hand over and stretched around Hu Liena’s waist, winding the cord around her again, then swiftly tying it to his own waist. Like this, the two would be unable to separate even if they wanted to, formly bunching them together.

Their butts were pasted together, but at this time none of the two had any unrelated thoughts. Confronting the blood bats coming closer and closer, their minds were completely focused.

Hu Liena didn’t have any dissatisfaction with Tang San’s actions. She knew that Tang San was doing this to use their combined weight to resist the force of the wind. Two people tied together was better than one alone.

Moreover, immediately after she felt Tang San behind her stand as firm as a mountain, without swaying the slightest. Because she was already stuck to Tang San’s back, she automatically stood firm as well, and could focus her mind.

The Clear Sky Hammer appeared in the grasp of Tang San’s left hand. With the five hundred jin weight of the Clear Sky Hammer, plus the combined weight and spirit power control of two people, even though the wind was strong, it was still unable to move them a fraction.

With Tang San having settled the troubles in the rear, Hu Liena’s mind rose greatly, the killing intent stored within her abruptly releasing, the flicker of ice cold light reflected in the daggers. Drawing a deep breath, her eyes gradually grew pink. Even though spirit abilities were suppressed, that didn’t influence her ability to release her spirit.

Those blood bats in the air seemed intelligent, and didn’t rush to launch any attacks on the two, but rather spiralled in circles in the air, surrounding the pair. Right now was the moment when blood bats prepared to attack from every direction around Tang San and Hu Liena.

Tang San’s fingers twirled, and a cold light nimbly shot out, flying straight at the closest blood bat.

Who could have expected that the blood bat would actually shift slightly in midair, actually dodging Tang San’s flying needle.

Tang San’s heart shivered. Hu Liena already said in a low voice: “Bats aren’t like other birds, they have a kind of keen ability that lets them easily grasp enemies’ attacks, that’s a special ability that not even spiritual force can influence. Unless the speed surpasses the limits of their reaction, it’s very difficult to injure them.”

Tang San nodded, he also knew about this, “That’s the issue I want to settle. When the battle starts, you just look after yourself.”

“Alright.” It wasn’t the time to discuss, but Hu Liena’s mind didn’t relax at all after immediately agreeing. If not for Tang San being at her side, right now she would perhaps already have had to endure immense mental pressure. In a place like this, with nothing underfoot, there was basically no space to display agility. Confronting so many blood bats was in itself a certain death situation.

Moreover, judging by the reaction speed with which the blood bat dodged Tang San’s attack just now, these bats should be different from normal bats. They were outstanding in both speed and attack, and might even be venomous.

Perhaps it was because Tang San’s flying needle had evoked their anger, but the next moment, the closest several dozen blood bats abruptly charged at them.

At this moment, Hu Liena suddenly felt a refreshing burst behind her, a familiar feeling rising involuntarily. Immediately afterward, she saw a pale blue light swiftly appear behind her. Quickly spreading open, it had already extended in a fifty meter range around them in the blink of an eye.

And those several dozen blood bats that had just now thrown themselves at them, had their originally forceful forward motion immediately become chaotic, even to the extent that several blood bats knocked collided with each other.

What was going on? Before Hu Liena could react, several dozen cold lights flew from Tang San’s hands. One cold light for each bat, not a single wasted flying needle. The flying needles shot into the eyes of the blood bats and entered the brain.

Along with a series of miserable shrieks, those leading several dozen blood bats immediately fell towards the abyss like falling stars.

After a brief shock, one word floated into Hu Liena’s heart, and she practically blurted it out, “Domain.”

Yes. The special ability of the blood bats wasn’t something spiritual force could interfere with (ultrasound scan). However, there was still one kind of ability that they feared the most. That was Domain.

Within a Domain, their special abilities would be affected, and moreover under such circumstances, Tang San could easily hit and kill them with common flying needles.

Hu Liena trembled slightly, her pert butt unavoidably rubbing against Tang San.

“Don’t move.” Tang San’s low voice echoed, making Hu Liena swiftly control her body. She knew this wasn’t the time to ask, but even with her intelligence, for a moment she was unable to understand what ability Tang San used before.

Domain, how come he had it?

Let alone that it was impossible for him to be a Title Douluo, it was even more impossible to release a ninth spirit ring domain type ability. In this place, there was no way to spread any spirit abilities.

That only left one explanation, it was an Innate Domain. He actually had an Innate Domain?

Hu Liena suddenly recalled that it wasn’t the first time she felt that cool refreshing feeling. Before they entered the Hell Road, when her killing intent almost went out of control, Tang San also used this ability to help her come to her senses.

In that refreshing current, brimming with vigorous vitality, within this wicked and ice cold world, it was like a spring of life, nourishing her.

The fear in her heart gradually waned. Tang San constantly controlled that pale blue light to within a fifty meter range with him as center without spreading. The blood bats also launched two probing attacks, but they all suffered the same result without exception.

If they entered that pale blue world, their special abilities immediately lost effect.

Even controlling their flight became difficult, to say nothing of the attacks the two launched. In front of Tang San’s flying needles, not a single blood bat could approach within ten meters of them.

On the surface it might seem that Tang San was very relaxed right now, but in fact, he also endured enormous pressure. Even though things like hidden weapons were good, they had one major flaw, attack range. Even the most formidable hidden weapons grandmaster had a limited attack range without relying on mechanisms. For the current Tang San, the greatest attack range of his flying needles was only twenty meters.

Beyond twenty meters, it was very difficult to achieve enough killing power. The flying needles themselves were too light, and it was also impossible for to infuse them with his entire spirit power.

He had to draw the blood bats into his attack range to launch an attack, then he could gain the greatest result.

As for hidden weapons with greater volume and greater attack range, Tang San wasn’t particularly willing to use them. He basically hadn’t had anywhere to replenish his hidden weapons in Slaughter City, and even the greatest amounts of hidden weapons would be depleted over time.

Even though Tang San had already saved on his hidden weapons as much as possible while in Slaughter City, some were still damaged, and in many cases he was also unable to recover them, especially the smaller needle type hidden weapons.

Therefore, he had to save on his hidden weapons as far as possible on this Hell Road, who knew what crisis they would still encounter later on?

Those blood bats were apparently very intelligent. After the third probe, they no longer easily approached Tang San’s blue domain sphere, but they also didn’t agree to just leave, still circling around them, constantly beating their wings, blowing a stream of destabilizing air at the two.

Tang San would prefer that they attacked them instead, this kind of constant interference was even more difficult for the two to face. He tried withdrawing the blue domain somewhat, attracting the blood bats.

But those blood bats were extremely smart. As long as the blue light existed, they wouldn’t come forward.

Even though the damage to them hadn’t been small in their previous several attacks, there was still an enormous quantity, and Tang San and Hu Liena knew that even a single blood bat bite might prove fatal.

“These bats really are repulsive.” Hu Liena said fiercely. But her main attack methods were all for use in close range, and right now she couldn’t help Tang San with anything.

Tang San said in a low voice: “Don’t move, stand steady, guard your side. Since they won’t attack, we’ll just have to continue forward.”

As he spoke Tang San bent his back slightly, lifting Hu Liena from the ground, and started walking forward. This time, he didn’t keep an even pace, but rather dashed forward extremely quickly. The blue domain around him shrunk to a ten meter range or so, as he fully accelerated on the only half chi wide road.

Tang San’s sudden acceleration startled those blood bats, and the majority hastily chased after.

When they came closer the more they chased, suddenly, Tang San suddenly stopped running, turning and counterattacking, soaring into the air as Hu Liena cried out in surprise.

The originally only ten meter range blue domain abruptly expanded to one hundred meters, and countless cold lights shot out along with the blue domain spreading.

With Purple Demon Eye and sound localization, each of Tang San’s flying needles had its intended effect.

Ear piercing shrieks echoed constantly, because the at least hundred pursuing blood bats that entered the blue domain, under the flashing cold lights, fell like rain.

Hu Liena just felt herself soar like a cloud, and the next thing she saw was no longer that narrow road, but a pitch black abyss as far as the eye could see.

‘Is he insane?’ This was Hu Liena’s only thought. But just at this moment her body jolted, Tang San once again had his feet on the ground. The flock of blood bats had practically lost a tenth of their number. Tang San expressionlessly withdrew the blue domain, and this time, he didn’t even leave a bit of it behind, still swiftly rushing onward.

The blood bats had clearly been disturbed by what Tang San did just now. Even though they still didn’t give up, once they caught up, they did their best to keep a certain distance to Tang San and Hu Liena, not daring to come closer. Thus, the two had clearly become a bit safer.

“Tang Yin, stop a moment. Let me carry you instead. Like that you can deal with those bats better. We’ll take turns to reduce our exhaustion as much as possible.” Even though Hu Liena was comfortable on Tang San’s back, she knew that with the blood bats keeping up behind them, with their minds highly focused, if she let Tang San tire himself out, the latter road would be more difficult.

“Alright.” Tang San also wasn’t polite to Hu Liena. Even though the present consumption wasn’t much to him, since the two were cooperating, they should complement each other. Right now the enemies suited Tang San’s way of dealing with things more, while rushing onward clearly suited Hu Liena better.

Leaping up, then falling again, Hu Liena’s heart equally leapt and fell in the process.

The two changed places. Hu Liena learned from Tang San’s actions before and bent her back, carrying Tang San and quickly advancing.

Right now, because the blood bats didn’t dare approach, the influence from the force of their wings naturally also grew less. Tang San subsequently withdrew his Clear Sky Hammer. Otherwise, Hu Liena would

perhaps be unable to persevere for too long before she collapsed with the weight of Tang San and the Clear Sky Hammer.

Just as Tang San judged, the surrounding atmosphere began to grow hotter and hotter. The temperature rose continuously. Even though the blood bats behind them were a threat, the steam constantly rising from the abyss on either side made Tang San and Hu Liena even more on guard.


A comparatively large blood bat suddenly called out. Immediately afterward, the remaining blood bats began to issue piercing cries. Their voices were extremely sharp, and Tang San frowned as he listened.

And at this time, he suddenly felt Hu Liena’s steps behind him start to slow, gradually coming to a stop.

“We might be in trouble.” Hu Liena said in a low voice. At the same time she directly straightened her back, letting Tang San’s feet to the ground.

Tang San quickly undid the rope around his waist and turned to look ahead of Hu Liena. He couldn’t help drawing a cold breath.

Just in front of them, under the narrow road, hung an enormous creature. Hidden from the dim red light around them, it released a dark golden light.

That creature’s body was more than four meters long, two enormous claws latched to the narrow road. Each claw was one meter or more in diameter, sharp talons sunk into the stone.

Amidst the shrieks of numerous blood bats, that deep golden figure slowly unfurled a pair of enormous wings, the terrifying wingspan actually reaching ten meters. The claws released sharply, the enormous wings beating down, and that tremendous body flew up. It was unexpectedly an incomparably enormous bat.

Its whole body was a deep golden color. Most frightening was that it had three heads. All the blood bats swiftly flew through the air, bunching together and hiding behind that enormous dark gold three-headed bat.

Tang San muttered: “When hitting the little brother, it seems the big brother comes out.”

The Clear Sky Hammer reappeared, Hu Liena’s daggers suddenly emerged. The two stood there calmly, constantly moving their spirit power through deep breaths.

The central head of the dark golden three-headed bat issued a shriek, unfolding those frightful wings, it abruptly threw itself towards Tang San and Hu Liena.

Even before that enormous body flew forward, an incomparably intense imposing manner already hit them in the face, even more frightful than the wind from all the blood red bats before.

Tang San immediately estimated that the strength of this dark golden three-headed bat absolutely was above that of common ten thousand year spirit beasts.

If they could use spirit abilities, it shouldn’t be much of a problem for the two of them to deal with it together. But right now they couldn’t use abilities.

Confronting such an enormous, and furthermore flying, creature, also in this kind of terrain, was clearly extremely disadvantageous.

“Careful.” Hu Liena swiftly spoke. She suddenly put away one of her daggers, her empty hand grabbing the rope made from her clothes. And Tang San also did the same motion.

The two of them both understood that when confronting such a terrifying opponent, their teamwork had to be close to perfect in order to come out victorious.

Blue light emerged from Tang San’s body. At this moment, he knew he could hold nothing back. The blue light spread in a hundred meter wide area in an instant.

With the aid of this blue domain, Hu Liena’s mind roused, her gaze immediately turning sharp. Flinging back her head, her black hair immediately turned fiery red, gathering at her chest.

Pink rays of light erupted from her eyes, attentively watching the dark golden three-headed bat in the air.

Under Hu Liena’s gaze, the swiftly charging dark golden three-headed bat’s body suddenly swayed once, its speed clearly dropping. The next moment, it had already charged into Tang San’s blue domain.

Suffering the influence of the blue domain, the dark golden three headed bat swaying immediately became more violent, but it didn’t go out of control like its little brothers. Instead shrieking once, a deep red ripple spread from its heads towards Tang San and Hu Liena to cover them.

Hu Liena’s waist tightened, already held by Tang San’s hands. The next moment, her whole body was thrown backward by Tang San, and Tang San himself leapt after Hu Liena into the air, instantly throwing out the Clear Sky Hammer in his hand behind him, directly at the dark golden three- headed bat.

Honghong—— Two enormous explosions resounded simultaneously.

What Tang San and Hu Liena worried about the most happened. Struck by that dark red ripple from the dark golden three-headed bat, at the place where they stood before, a five meter long section of the road was thoroughly destroyed, countless broken rocks falling into the abyss.

Even though the two didn’t know how this narrow road was made, after coming here they basically didn’t have any way out. If this road in front of them was damaged too severely, then they would forever be unable to leave this place.

But at the same time as a part of the road below their feet was destroyed, Tang San’s Clear Sky Hammer also accurately struck the large middle head of that dark golden three-headed bat. What kind of might did the Clear Sky Hammer hold? Despite the dark golden three-headed bat’s body being extremely durable, in front of that terrifying destructive force, its middle head was immediately crushed. With sad lamenting calls, it beat its wings in retreat.

Hu Liena had her feet firmly planted on the ground, her body swaying once before she could stand firm. Looking at the destroyed narrow road in front of her, she couldn’t help turning pale.

“It broke our road, what now?” Hu Liena’s voice was low.

“Charge.” Making a prompt decision, Tang San first ran forward. Hu Liena didn’t dare delay, and hastily followed him to dash forward. But at this time, Tang San was shocked to discover that the dark golden three- headed bat had flown back to its flock of little brothers and swallowed three of them, and that middle head unexpectedly grew back.

Right now, Tang San and Hu Liena leapt, one after the other, falling towards that five meter gap. Only on that side could they continue forward, and the previous destruction would naturally also cease to be a problem.

However, they clearly underestimated the intelligence of that dark golden three-headed bat. Another dark red ripple was unleashed, and this time, it was even more powerful than before. It wasn’t attacking Tang San and Hu Liena, but rather directly blasted the place where they were about to land.

At the critical moment, Tang San was still calm. As a control system Spirit Master, keeping calm at any time was an essential quality. Fiercely pulling the rope in his hand, at the price of sending himself even faster downward, he suddenly flung Hu Liena up into the air.

Amidst the loud explosion, at least ten meters of the narrow road had fractured in front of the two, and Hu Liena had now been flung three meters or so away from the edge, impossible to get any further.

At this moment, Tang San’s gaze wasn’t watching that dark golden three- headed bat, but was rather completely fixed on Hu Liena. Because he was waiting for Hu Liena’s choice, also to make certain whether he could trust this temporary companion on the next part of the Hell Road.

Right now, Hu Liena only had two choices. One was to release the rope in her hand, drawing on the impulse from Tang San’s throw she could then reach the opposite narrow road. The other was naturally to go along with Tang San, and fall into the abyss.

If it was the former Hu Liena, right now she certainly wouldn’t hesitate to choose the former. But for some reason, at this moment, she only felt as if something was choking her heart, and she unexpectedly didn’t release the rope in her hand.

At this moment, Hu Liena’s own strength emerged. Her delicate body turned sharply in midair, an enormous fiery red fox tail swinging out behind her pert butt. The long fur of the fox tail instantly spread out, the whole tail unexpectedly extending a full three meters, the tip of the tail becoming a sharp point, the spear sharp tip abruptly stabbing out, firmly thrusting into the edge of the other side of the narrow road.

At the same time, Hu Liena wasn’t in any hurry to get up, but rather pulled on the rope with her full strength, exerting herself to throw Tang San up.

Right now was just when that dark gold three-headed bat was complacent, the middle head had also just grown back. Just then it saw Tang San shoot out from under the path, charging straight at it.

ly it had taken a major loss at Tang San’s hand. That wasn’t due to a question of strength, but rather because of carelessness. But not this time. The enormous wings stretched open on either side, making its body suddenly halt in midair. Watching the Clear Sky Hammer in Tang San’s hand come flying at it, its leftmost head suddenly issued a golden wave of light, not to affect the opponent, but rather to affect itself.

The next moment, along with the effect of a golden mist, the dark gold three headed bat’s enormous body unexpectedly abruptly burst, turning into several hundred golden little bats that scattered in all directions. Despite their flight not being unaffected under the influence of the blue domain Tang San released just now, the Clear Sky Hammer truly struck only a few little bats.

Splitting. Tang San’s heart shivered. He landed on the ground, and those dark golden little bats suddenly issued sounds that made people anxious.

Those blood bats from before immediately moved. Their target wasn’t Tang San and Hu Liena, but rather threw themselves at the narrow road in front of them. Each blood bat that charged the narrow road began to use their sharp teeth to gnaw at it.

Frighteningly, the solid rock was unexpectedly turned into rock powder under their fierce teeth, and a fifty meter stretch of the narrow road was swiftly being damaged under the gnawing of several hundred blood bats.

“Bastards.” By now having climbed up, Hu Liena cursed. Having been forced to the edge of life and death by these bats several times, this most outstanding young woman of the Golden Generation was already thoroughly infuriated.

“”I’m coming.” Hu Liena moved, her speed instantly reaching the limit. Covered up by her fiery red long hair and that enormous fox tail behind her butt, she seemed just like a ball of flame.

Tang San discovered that Hu Liena’s current speed was even a bit faster than what he could currently produce himself. Even though it was without the help of spirit abilities, Hu Liena’s speed wasn’t unlike agility attack type Spirit Masters of the same level. But Tang San also understood that she was clearly the same has him. Suited to be a control system Spirit Master.

Hu Liena was truly angry. Holding the fox tail behind her high, its length unexpectedly increased again, reaching five meters. Moreover, on the originally not particularly bulky looking fox tail, right now each strand of

fur stood erect, just like steel needles. It seemed like a five meter long enormous wolf fang mace.

Swiftly dashing to where the narrow road was being gnawed, Hu Liena’s body seemed to flicker like an illusion. The fox tail behind her swept out, and that fox tail unexpectedly also produced force that shocked even Tang San. Where it passed, blood bat after blood bat was struck away in all directions, and each and every blood bat that was struck was shattered like a rag doll, exploding in midair.

Hu Liena barely paused, swinging her terrifying large tail all over like sweeping dust with a broom. Blood bat after blood bat were constantly swept away. Even though they gnawed quickly, Hu Liena swept even faster. In just a few eyeblinks, that fiery red silhouette had swept past, smashing at least a hundred blood bats to death.

Spirit bone. Tang San could be certain. That was the force of a spirit bone. However, he hadn’t thought that there would be one among the six orthodox spirit bones that could change a tail into this kind of offensive weapon. Even if Hu Liena’s own spirit was a Bewitching Fox, it was still impossible for the spirit to have this kind of might. In terms of offense, right now that five meter long enormous fox tail of hers could only be described as terrifying.

Let alone the blood bats, even if the little golden bats the dark golden three-headed bat were lashed by her right now, they would also be blown off several dozen meters. Even though their bodies were a lot more durable and likely wouldn’t be smashed, they would still be struck into confusion, basically unable to approach Hu Liena.

With screeching sounds, the remaining gnawing blood bats swiftly flew up, not daring to continue their work. But despite this, in this one brief time, Hu Liena had already lashed to death twice as many blood bats as Tang San killed with his hidden weapons before.

Intense killing intent filled the air from Hu Liena’s body. Seeing that the blood bats were no threat, she stood there, drawing deep mouthfuls of breath. Clearly, this slaughter just now had also exhausted her quite a bit.

Tang San swiftly approached to several meters behind Hu Liena. The remaining distance was the perfect space to let Hu Liena’s fox tail exhibit its maximum attack power.

With a peng sound, golden mist rushed out, and the golden little bats once again fused into one, once again becoming the dark golden three- headed bat. No, it should be better known as the dark golden three-headed bat king.

Three heads, six little eyes fixed on Tang San and Hu Liena. Clearly, it was also furious. Seeing so many of its little brothers injured and dead, strange shriek after shriek issued simultaneously from all three heads of the dark golden three-headed bat king.

Hu Liena’s expression changed, saying in a low voice: “It should be about to use some powerful ability.”

Right now, the dark golden three-headed bat king was still some fifty meters from them, just where Tang San’s ordinary hidden weapons were unable to reach, and Hu Liena was also unable to display her attack power.

Tang San frowned: “This fellow can regenerate. If I guess correctly, the ability it’s using right now should be giving it a boost. If we let it complete its amplification, we’ll be in trouble. I just can’t find its vitals.”

Hu Liena said: “Its vitals should still be those three heads. Even though they can regenerate, I don’t believe they can still grow back when after all three are smashed. Without a head, what will it use to swallow its little brothers?”

Tang San’s eyes brightened, “That’s it. Unfortunately it’s a bit too far. I can just barely try.” While speaking, he swiftly pulled out the Godly Zhuge Crossbow box from Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges and wound the mechanism.

Hu Liena looked doubtfully at Tang San, not knowing what he was doing.

Tang San’s gaze began to turn sharp, saying to Hu Liena: “Tie the rope to my feet, and the other end to your tail. Afterwards, throw me. Get me as close to it as possible. The closer the distance, the better the chance I can destroy it.”

Hu Liena said astonished: “You have a way?” Even though her mouth issued a question, she was already doing as Tang San asked.

Tang San nodded, “I’ll try. It should work.”

The dark golden three-headed bat king’s voice was already becoming more and more resounding, and the light on its body also became more and more dazzling. Tang San exploded with a shout, “Do it.”

Hu Liena’s fox tail fiercely twisted around Tang San’s waist, and again forcefully threw him out.

Only when truly experiencing it did he know how powerful Hu Liena’s tail was. The five meter long tail, and the seven meter long rope, besides the length to tie them together, there still remained more than ten meters.

It also let Tang San close to within forty meters of the dark golden three- headed bat king.

Hu Liena concentrated her attention to watch Tang San’s movements. From within the black box in Tang San’s right hand, with sonorous noises, sixteen streaks of cold light shot out, aiming directly at the dark golden three-headed bat king’s right head. And at the same time, Tang San’s left hand also moved, the Clear Sky Hammer slipped out, rotating in an arc of black light, directly at that creature’s left side head.

Just when Hu Liena guessed Tang San would use some method to attack the dark golden three-headed bat king’s middle head, two azure rays of light abruptly shot out from Tang San’s eyes. The last to fire arrived first, directly blasting that dark golden three headed bat king’s central head.

Tang San had already thought it over before acting. The reason why the dark golden three headed bat king had pulled open the distance to start its

incantation was clearly because it’s body wouldn’t have an ideal defense in the process. Otherwise he wouldn’t easily have taken the risk.

At the same time, choosing this method was also Tang San’s second test for Hu Liena. In the previous trial, Hu Liena had relied on her bizarre fox tail to pull the two of them out of trouble, and Tang San hadn’t seen her true intentions.

But this time was different. Being thrown out by Hu Liena with the other end of the rope tied to Hu Liena’s fox tail, was equivalent to Tang San handing over his safety to her.

If Hu Liena felt she could have evil intentions without threat after Tang San killed the dark golden three-headed bat king, she could immediately withdraw her tail to throw Tang San into the abyss.

Hong, hong——

Without the least suspense, the bat head shot by the Purple God Light and the bat head struck by the Clear Sky Hammer ruptured one after the other, and before the dark golden three-headed bat king could scream, its final head had already been pierced by sixteen refined iron crossbow bolts.

Making Hu Liena dumbstruck was that after Tang San’s Clear Sky Hammer smashed a bat head to fragments, it unexpectedly turned in a circle, once again crushing the bat head pierced by the Godly Zhuge Crossbow bolts, smashing the already turned into a sieve bat head into powder.

This strike by the Clear Sky Hammer could be described as absolutely brilliant. Tang San couldn’t be sure whether the dark golden three-headed bat king’s body was resilient enough to withstand the Godly Zhuge Crossbow’s attack, and therefore used this miraculous technique.

Golden light instantly spread, and with a peng sound, large quantities of golden liquid spread in all directions. Each blood bat nearby that was splashed with that golden liquid, immediately screeched and died.

Tang San felt his feet tighten, and his body was already pulled into the air by Hu Liena’s enormous fox tail, settling on that narrow road.

Chapter 140

The two looked face to face. Hu Liena smiled sweetly at Tang San, and the gaze in Tang San’s eyes also became a lot more gentle. No matter what was said, Hu liena had already passed his test.

In the moment just now, with the threat gone, Hu Liena could completely have abandoned him, reaping the benefits of victory alone. But she obviously hadn’t done so.

Moreover, she had pulled Tang San back the instant he finished his attack, clearly without any struggle in her heart.

Judging by this part, she would be perfectly safe for at least a time.

With the death of the dark golden three-headed bat king, the other blood bats instantly turned into a headless dragon, charging wildly at Tang San and Hu Liena in retaliation.

However, as a leaderless army, not only had they lost morale, but also lost the wit to organize. Even though the quantity of these remaining blood bats was still considerable, it was still difficult for them to produce any further threat to Tang San and Hu Liena.

Tang San’s fingers constantly moved, each silver thread that shot from his hand would take the life of a blood bat. Hu Liena was even more direct, the five meter long enormous fox tail behind her constantly whipping the approaching blood bats like a giant racket.

The strength of that fox tail was incomparable. As each swing struck the blood bats, those creatures would instantly turn into a rain of blood.

Strangely, Hu Liena’s fox tail seemed to be covered with a layer of peculiar energy, and wasn’t polluted by a trace of blood.

Each strand of fur on the big shaggy tail stood erect like a steel needle. The killing power of this enormous wolf fang mace super weapon against the blood bats was no less than Tang San constantly shooting steel needles with the blue domain open.

Finally, the last blood bat was first hit by Tang San’s steel needle, then again sent flying into the distance by Hu Liena’s fox tail. Calm returned to their surroundings.

Wiping fragrant sweat from her forehead, Hu Liena looked at Tang San. Her face revealed a faint smile. Defeating this group of bats clearly wasn’t the contribution of any one person, but rather the result of both cooperating.

If not for Hu Liena’s fox tail ensuring the safety of the narrow road, it would also have been very difficult for Tang San to deal with the entire swarm of bats on his own. Equally, without Tang San killing the dark golden three-headed bat king, they would inevitably have been forced to withstand the opponent’s most frightening attacks.

Through this brief time of cooperation, the two had both gained an all new understanding of the counterpart, and Hu Liena trusted this man in front of her even more.

Tang San’s reservations towards her had also lessened a bit.

Pulling up the rope and holding one end out to Hu Liena, Tang San said:
“How about we rest a bit?”

Hu Liena stretched out a hand to take the rope, swiftly tying it around her waist. Loosing a long breath, “That was really dangerous just now.” While speaking, she clapped her ample chest with one hand, arousing great waves.

Right now her style of dress really wa s refreshing. Tang San immediately turned his head, not daring to look straight at her.

A laugh escaping her, Hu Liena smiled: “I thought you were a blockhead, so you can also be enticed?”

Tang San wrinkled his brows slightly, “Fine, if you don’t need to rest, we’ll continue.” While speaking, he leapt up, once again landing on the road in front of Hu Liena.

The enormous tail once again turned into orange light and quietly melted onto Hu Liena’s body, her face displaying a difficult to suppress weariness, “Let’s still rest a while. It’s been tiring on both of us, and we still don’t know what we’ll face later. According to what I know, this Hell Road has altogether three trials, one more difficult than the other. Just now we should have broken through the first one.”

Tang San’s heart trembled, he understood that Hu Liena was certainly like a spent arrow.

Even though he was the main attacker just now, in fact he had spent less spirit power than Hu Liena. He didn’t ask about that fox tail, just like Hu Liena didn’t ask about his blue domain.

But judging by the previous situation, Hu Liena’s enormous fox tail absolutely wasn’t as simple as just a spirit. Very likely it was the same as his Eight Spider Lances, an effect caused by a profound external spirit bone.

No wonder the Supreme Pontiff would take her as disciple, just this external spirit bone already put her far ahead of her peers. In the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament four years ago, Hu Liena clearly didn’t have this weapon. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for his side to take the victory. Spirit Hall’s Golden Generation really was tyrannical.

The two managed to sit down on the narrow road. They were both true elites, and within a short time had entered cultivation, quietly recovering their strength. Of course, their minds weren’t completely submerged, both

with a part of their minds still alert for anything that could happen around them.

After two hours, the two of them opened their eyes at practically the same time, each taking out food and drinking water held in their magic tools for a simple meal. Then they stood back up, continuing forward.

Advancing once again, Tang San’s speed was clearly a bit higher. Being less on guard towards Hu Liena allowed him to keep more of his attention on the road in front. With a teammate like Hu Liena, there was no need to worry about the security in the back.

The air became hotter and hotter, and gradually even Hu Liena could see deep red flowing in the abyss on either side. The air starting to become scorching made breathing feel uncomfortable, as if their lungs were burning.

While walking, Tang San explained his judgement, “This Hell Road seems to be going in a spiral, not a straight line. Otherwise, we should have left the range of Slaughter City long ago. But the curve is very shallow, therefore it’s not easy to notice.”

Hu Liena said: “Won’t we rest a while again, it’s too hot, I feel my strength already starting to drain faster.”

Tang San didn’t reply, a pale blue light once again spreading from his body, only this time the blue light only spread to envelop him and Hu Liena.

Immediately, a burst of coolness spread through their bodies, their surroundings fresh and cool. Not only did the temperature drop, but even that scorching impure air became clean. It seemed to be filtered by that layer of blue light.

Hu Liena inwardly gasped in admiration, thinking to herself that while she didn’t know what this innate domain Tang Yin had was, even though it didn’t feel particularly powerful, its applications were varied, superbly practical.

From interfering with that flock of bats before, to improving the environment now, it would undoubtedly let Tang Yin maintain his greatest fighting strength under any conditions.

Clear Sky School, it really was a place of talent.

Just as they walked, suddenly, there was a rustling sound further ahead, making Tang San and Hu Liena halt simultaneously. Tang San didn’t turn his head, only putting his hand behind his back to gesture at Hu Liena.

A pair of sharp swords immediately appeared in Hu Liena’s hands. Right now she still couldn’t see the enemy, but she believed that with Tang San’s astonishing eyesight, he had already seen it.

Indeed, Tang San had already seen the enemy. That was a pair of fiery red eyes. Just ahead on the narrow road crawled a deep red creature.

He couldn’t clearly see the size of its body, but he could discover through simple observation that it should be a snake. A snake with its enormous body twisted around the narrow road.

Its eyes weren’t especially large, but for some reason, Tang San immediately felt that the luster those eyes held was even more terrifying than the dark golden three-headed bat king from before.

Serpent? Tang San sneered, his palm brushing Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges, a piece of realgar falling into his hand.

With a rustling sound, that dark red serpent began to slowly slither forward. Once it got closer, Tang San made an accurate estimate of it.

On this serpent’s head and back were altogether nine protrusions, each bulge was like a scarlet mushroom, and there seemed to be something like blood flowing inside. This serpent’s belly was especially enormous, swelling over the narrow road, and its length was at least ten meters.

As they saw the serpent, the monstrous snake had clearly also seen them. Its tongue slowly rose as it crawled on the narrow road, and its reddish

golden eyes immediately became bright like lanterns.

Neither Tang San nor Hu Liena knew what sort of creature this was, there was no record of it among known spirit beasts. But the less they knew, the more they were on alert, watching that uncanny serpent continue swaying forward, an incorporeal pressure filled the air.

Even if the blood bats from before had brought them no small amount of trouble with their attacks from the air, the true crisis had still been when the blood bats had tried to cut off their road forward.

Right now, this strange snake was blocking in front of them. Without a doubt, it had the ability to destroy the narrow road with absolute ease. Therefore, if the two of them wanted to attack this serpent, they had to consider a method of attack that wasn’t destructive to the narrow road itself.

Starting at a distance of a hundred meters, the strange snake issued guuguu sounds, just like the cries of an infant.

The nine fleshy tumors on its back also began to issue a reddish golden radiance.


When it was still twenty meters from Tang San, the monstrous serpent launched its attack. A line of fiery red light abruptly belched from its mouth, bringing an intensely stinking air as it extended towards the two humans.

Making Tang San and Hu Liena even more startled and furious was that this flame unexpectedly stick to the ground. In other words, it swiftly spread along the narrow road below their feet.

If it was on level ground they could have dodged it, but in these circumstances, that was basically impossible.

The firey red light on the narrow road fluctuated violently, even to the extent that it caused cracking sounds of burning rock. Even more terrifying was that this firey red light still brought a faint red mist. There was no need to ask, this red mist inevitably contained powerful poison.

Drawing a deep breath, the Clear Sky Hammer appearing out of nowhere, Tang San slightly squinted, his right foot swiftly taking half a step forward, his left leg bending into a crouch, the Clear Sky Hammer in his hand slipped from his palm, skimming out close to the ground.

As the Clear Sky Hammer met that fiery red radiance, red lines immediately appeared all over it. Like a street sweeper, spinning over the fiery red light, everywhere it passed the firelight disappeared immediately. Moreover, it struck towards that strange serpent sticking to the narrow road with incomparable speed.

A strange scene appeared. The strange serpent didn’t collide rigidly with the Clear Sky Hammer. Seeing the Clear Sky Hammer was about to reach it, that serpent’s upper body bowed, unexpectedly falling sideways into the abyss. Just after Clear Sky Hammer passed by where it was before, its head twisted around the narrow road once again, and its rear body followed the same process, unexpectedly dodging the Clear Sky Hammer’s attack like this.

Even though the firelight had disappeared, that sweetly stinking mist already filled the air.

“What brilliance can a grain of rice hold?” Tang San snorted disdainfully, a big leather bag already appearing in his hand. With a flick of his wrist, the leather bag flew into the air, straight at the center of the poison mist. Immediately afterwards, his other hand threw out the piece of realgar he took out before. Destroyed by Tang San’s strength, the realgar turned into a cloud of dust in midair, bombarding the leather bag.

Immediately, alcohol sprayed out over a wide expanse, mixing together with the smashed realgar, forming a realgar alcohol screen.

Tang San originally used the same method to easily destroy Poison Douluo’s granddaughter Dugu Yan’s poisonous spirit ability. Even though this serpent in front of them was something Dugu Yan was far from able to compare to, no matter how you put it, it was still a snake.

As long as it was snake venom, it would always be suppressed by realgar. Even though it might not always be able to detoxify it, when it was blocked like what Tang San did now, it was completely possible.

Indeed, where that liquid screen fell, that red poison mist immediately disappeared like fading mist or scattering clouds.

Even to the extent that there was still some realgar alcohol that fell on that strange serpent.

But what shocked Tang San was that the uncanny snake didn’t seem to react at all, seemingly uninjured. But its enormous body still instantly accelerated, suddenly dashing at Tang San and Hu Liena.

The Clear Sky Hammer reappeared in Tang San’s hand. He suddenly undid the rope around his waist, changing his original one handed grip on the Clear Sky Hammer into two hands, saying in a low voice: “Stand where you are and don’t move.”

Finished speaking, Tang San was already swiftly dashing forward, charging to meet that uncanny serpent. But he only dashed three steps forward. As he took the third step, instantly, he swung the Clear Sky Hammer gripped in both hands, half turning, one swing already blasting out.

Strangely, this swing of his wasn’t aimed at the swiftly approaching giant snake, but rather upwards, blasting into empty air.

Immediately afterwards, Hu Liena, standing in place, saw a bizarre scene.

Tang San’s Clear Sky Hammer shed rich black light, and Tang San’s body began to swiftly rotate like a gyroscope. She could only vaguely see

that each time Tang San turned, the Clear Sky Hammer in his hands would blast out once, and the strength of his imposing manner would multiply exponentially.

Just like an enormous black whirlpool, constantly growing.

What Hu Liena admired the most was that even while spinning so rapidly, Tang San’s balance unexpectedly didn’t waver in the slightest, both feet always stepping on the narrow road. How could she know that when Tang San was originally training with the hammer, it was on top of a slippery round rock, while constantly battered by a two hundred meter tall waterfall. Compared to that, now staying on a narrow road for a while was fairly easy.

How could this balance waver? Before on the round rock, each time Tang San spun, he could step on the same point with the same amount of force.

The monstrous snake approached quickly, but suddenly, it repeated its skill from before. Its upper body swayed over the narrow road once again. It seemed as if it wanted to pass by Tang San. With the ability it used to dodge the Clear Sky Hammer before, clearly, this was something it could do.

Apparently it could by now already sense the dreadful aura of the Clear Sky Hammer, and wanted to attack Hu Liena first.

Daggers raised in front of her chest, Hu Liena stood with her legs crossed, toes facing different directions, properly prepared to meet the attack.

However, what shocked her was that the strange snake couldn’t pass by Tang San.

When its massive body swayed out from the narrow road, trying to move past below Tang San’s feet, suddenly, a tremendous force unexpectedly pulled its body back onto the narrow road. The head of its more than ten meter long body even raised even higher, flung up sharply by that current.

In fact, this strange serpent’s body was thick as a bucket, how heavy would such an enormous body be?

Not only that, but its strength was also extremely frightful, the pressure of its aura alone felt far more tremendous than the dark golden three-headed bat king from before.

But even so, it unexpectedly still couldn’t do as it wished in front of Tang San, and was moreover even blown up by that bizarre black light.

From where did Tang San draw such strength?

Hu Liena looked with shock and uncertainty at the man not far in front of her.

She discovered that the currents that previously gathered around Tang San had completely disappeared, and one could see the black light growing stronger and stronger in his surroundings. But, strangely, it didn’t give off any feelings of spirit power fluctuations.

The monstrous serpent was clearly infuriated. It didn’t try to move around Tang San again, its enormous body swung, unexpectedly turning around, a three meter long section of snake tail lashing directly at Tang San. Its goal wasn’t Tang San, but rather the one meter of narrow road Tang San stood on. It clearly planned to use this method to break Tang San’s balance. However, the black light in Tang San’s hands covered an even larger distance than it had imagined, and before that serpent tail had even struck, it was curled up by this. This time even the entire enormous serpent was flung up. If not for it promptly twisting its tail around the narrow road, it might have been thrown into the abyss.

That pair of reddish golden eyes finally displayed alarm, and the nine reddish golden fleshy tumors on its enormous back grew even brighter.

Guuguu, guuguu, it seemed to cry in rage.

Bowing over the narrow road, the nine fleshy tumors were all aimed in Tang San’s direction.

Suddenly, those nine fleshy tumors burst open simultaneously, nine streams of golden red liquid suddenly squirting out. That liquid didn’t travel straight at Tang San through the air, but rather shot at a spot in front of Tang San, where the nine shares of liquid merged together in midair. The instant before it struck Tang San, it suddenly halted, and all the liquid contracted simultaneously, forming an only fist sized golden red little ball, which then smashed on towards Tang San.

But at this moment, the movements of the previously constantly spinning Tang San suddenly stopped, changing from extreme motion to extreme stillness. From movement to stillness immediately seemed exceptionally strange. And the instant he stopped, the Clear Sky Hammer held in his hands was in a forward leaning pose.

A terrifying scene emerged in front of Hu Liena’s eyes. She seemed to see a giant black dragon soar from the Clear Sky Hammer, and immediately afterward, the black dragon bombarded that reddish golden pearl in an instant. The originally about to strike pearl shuddered violently a moment, as if struggling. However, its struggle only lasted for a moment, the next instant it was blasted into the sky.

The black light gushing from the Clear Sky Hammer didn’t stop at this point. The inclined forward black light sweeping angle dropped somewhat, streaking forward close to the narrow road.

This time, that giant snake no longer had any chance to dodge, because the length of the erupting black light already surpassed the length of its body by far.


The black light flashed and passed. That giant serpent suddenly halted, and the black light disappeared without a trace into the darkness, without developing any loud sound.

Hu Liena still didn’t understand what just happened, she only saw Tang San inhale deeply once, his whole body seeming to relax, and he also withdrew the Clear Sky Hammer in his hands in the first moment.

Just when Hu Liena was about to ask Tang San whether he needed a helping hand, she suddenly saw an extremely frightening scene.

The previously erupting powerful energy seemed to have utterly destroyed the giant serpent.

Each part of that enormous body that was on the narrow road unexpectedly quietly disappeared, turning into motes of dust and sliding away. And the parts of the body above, having lost the support of the ground, broke into several pieces and simultaneously fell into the abyss.

“You, what did you do?” Even though Hu Liena knew she shouldn’t pry into Tang San’s secrets, she couldn’t help it, and still asked.

Tang San didn’t turn around, only calmly said: “Clear Sky School, Disorder Splitting Wind, nine by nine becoming one.”

Raising his head, deep blue rays of light shot out of his eyes, looking above.

A golden red speck fell from the sky. Tang San stretched out his right hand, and with the pull of an incorporeal attractive force, that golden red light fell into his palm.

Astonishingly, it was the little golden red pearl previously condensed from the liquid shot from the uncanny snake’s nine fleshy tumors before.

“Careful, it might be poisonous.” Hu Liena didn’t have time to digest Tang San’s words, anxiously warning him.

Tang San shook his head, “It’s nothing. Even if it’s poisonous, it’s no problem to me.” He wiped that little pearl he had caught on an unremarkable jade surface on the side of the Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges, putting it inside.

“You’re not worried it will explode?” Hu Liena took a few steps forward, coming up behind Tang San.

Tang San shook his head. Perhaps it was because he was somewhat excited, but he didn’t hide it from Hu Liena,

“This is the neidan[1] of that monstrous serpent. Having lost the control of its main body, it’s impossible for it to explode.”

“You recognize that snake?” Hu Liena’s voice was filled with incredulity.

Tang San nodded silently. Indeed, this serpent wasn’t classified as a spirit beast of this world.

However, after Tang San observed it for a short time, he discovered it was unexpectedly an extremely poisonous creature he had read about in the ancient texts of the Tang Sect in his old world.

Prehistoric beast, Ten-headed Fierce Yang Serpent[2]. Incomparably poisonous, adult length over ten meters, possessing the most powerful fire poison of snake types, capable of forming a neidan after ten thousand years of cultivation, within those nine heads on its back. The emergence of the neidan would cause heaven and earth to pale. Obtaining that neidan, one could terrify the kings of serpents.

Thus being a lord of snakes.

What Tang San obtained was undoubtedly the neidan of the Ten-headed Fierce Yang Serpent. Even the nine by nine swings of his Clear Sky Hammer’s Disorder Splitting Wind fused into one was still unable to compare to the destructive force of this neidan. However, right now Tang San really wasn’t the Tang Sect disciple of his old world. In this world, he had still obtained mental strength.

When that eighty first swing blasted out, Tang San had already accurately locked on his spiritual force, striking at an angle. He didn’t truly collide with that neidan, but rather instantly merged his spiritual force to cut off the connection between the neidan and the Ten-headed Fierce Yang Serpent.

Having released the neidan, the Ten-headed Fierce Yang Serpent’s defensive strength dropped substantially, how could it resist Tang San’s tyrannical Clear Sky Hammer attack? Its body immediately turned to dust.

The benefit of the Ten-headed Fierce Yang Serpent neidan was of course not limited to frightening the elders among serpents, and still had numerous marvellous uses. Obtaining it, Tang San’s current mood could already no longer be easily described, not even using words like ‘transcendent’ would do.

Even though Hu Liena didn’t see the smile on Tang San’s face right now, she could guess that the neidan was extremely important to Tang San. Tang San killed the Ten-headed Fierce Yang Serpent. That he took the neidan was also normal.

“Tang Yin.” Hu Liena called out.

Tang San turned slightly, “You want it too?”

Hu Liena shook her head, saying: “No, I only want to know the history of this snake. I also have some knowledge of spirit beasts, but I have no recollection of this serpent. We’re teammates, even though I didn’t help you with anything before, at least I have some right to know.”

If it was something ordinary, Hu Liena naturally wouldn’t raise a request that might provoke Tang San’s dislike like this, but the bizarre death of that strange serpent, even more bizarrely leaving behind this so-called neidan, she was unable to inhibit her desire for knowledge.

Tang San smiled calmly, saying:

“There’s no harm in telling you. This serpent was no spirit beast, but should have been a prehistoric beast. After its neidan has formed, its attack power is extremely dreadful. Just now I severed the connection between it and the neidan, exploiting the gap in the instant before the neidan exploded, then luckily killed it. And the advantage of this neidan is that it can make any snake venom ineffective, and moreover restrain all types of snakes.”

Hu Liena’s heart twitched, “This means that it will be difficult for Spirit Masters with snake type spirit beasts to get a good result against you.”

Tang San smiled: “You could say that.” Right now, the alertness in his heart rose once again. What is called ‘treasuring a jade ring becomes a crime’, who knew whether Hu Liena would launch an attack against him because of greed?

But Hu Liena didn’t argue over this issue, and the pair rested a while again. Within Tang San’s blue domain, the surrounding impure air was effectively filtered, and the two very soon recovered their strength.

Having passed two successive alarming challenges, their mood became a bit more relaxed, and they advanced at an even pace. If this Hell Road truly only had three challenges, then they only needed to pass the final test in order to be able to leave this wretched place.

The temperature still rose constantly, and the flowing deep red liquid in the abyss on either side gradually became clearer.

The road seemed to always move downwards. Nobody knew the true circumstances of Slaughter City, but Tang San vaguely guessed that it was near the mountain behind that small town where he and his father entered.

Perhaps Slaughter City wasn’t underground, but rather within the mountain.

These thoughts only flashed through his mind, right now it was even more important to them to leave as quickly as possible. For anything else, there would be time later.

The temperature outside gradually changed into something the blue domain couldn’t resist. The greater effect of Tang San’s blue domain was to filter the air, relying on the breath of life within the range of the domain to slightly adjust the temperature. It didn’t truly isolate them.

Consequently, as they moved forward, the scorching heat the two endured also began to grow greater.

Even more unsuitable to them was that this air seemed to contain a kind of particular miasma. The stifling feeling deep in their hearts grew clearer and clearer, and their own killing intent also grew more unrestrained.

An impatient mood gradually appeared, especially for Hu Liena walking behind Tang San.

She didn’t have the orthodox sect mental techniques to control her mood like Tang San did. Along with her irritation, the killing intent in her heart grew more and more flourishing, and the things before her eyes no longer seemed distinct, the scorching heat around them seemingly provoking every cell in her body.

What Tang San endured wasn’t easy either. Even though his circumstances were a bit better than for Hu Liena, the scorching heat outside was like a source of temptation for the slaughter intent within him, but unfortunately they couldn’t prevent revealing their killing intent, otherwise they would be completely swallowed up by the terrifyingly vicious energy within this Hell Road.

Gradually, Tang San grew to understand.

From the moment he and Hu Liena entered the Hell Road, the two had always been influenced by the atmosphere within this place. Even though killing intent could obstruct this sinister atmosphere, it couldn’t filter it out completely.

Thinking of this, Tang San understood that he and Hu liena had miscalculated. Passing this Hell Road seemed to be not only about possessing enough strength, but it moreover had to be passed in as short a time as possible. The longer one stayed, the deeper the influence of that sinister aura would be. If it confused the heart, then perhaps one would never be able to leave.

“Keep calm. We’ll speed up.” Tang San called out to Hu Liena behind him.

Right now Hu Liena could still keep a clear head, and forcefully nodded at Tang San. The two no longer walked, but leapt, swiftly dashing forward.

The faster the moved, the faster they approached the depths, and the air clearly became hotter and hotter, their vision also became fuzzier and fuzzier. Even Tang San’s Purple Demon Eye could only see a kilometer or so in the faint red mist that filled the surroundings.

In the abyss on either side of the narrow road, the deep red liquid boiled. That was indeed blood, but this stinking liquid seemed to have the temperature of magma.

“Tang Yin, I can’t go on.” Hu Liena’s speed gradually fell, the killing intent in her heart rushing out, intense desire to slaughter everything around her constantly eroding her mind. She knew that if she didn’t stop, she might attack Tang San at any time.

Halting, Tang San turned to look at Hu Liena.

Right now, Hu Liena’s entire body had turned pink, her naked skin somewhat fragrant from her sweat, seeming even more glossy.

Eyes closed tightly, her body trembled constantly, that layer of white killing intent around her fluctuating irregularly.

Tang San raised a hand to press the space between Hu Liena’s eyebrows, a blue energy flooding her mind, “Sober up. Endure. If my guess is correct, we’re almost out.”

By now, the distance to the deep red liquid on either side of the narrow road was only fifty meters or so, and the scorching heat in the air already made the clothes Tang San and Hu Liena wore emit a faint burnt smell.

Having taken the Infernal Precious Apricot, Tang San wasn’t overly concerned about this, but Hu Liena was different. The overwhelming majority of her spirit power was used to resist the terrifying heat, and it became increasingly difficult to restrain her killing intent.

With a ceng sound, the enormous fox tail once again stood erect from Hu Liena’s butt, and despite Tang San helping her sober up somewhat, very soon she was submerged in the killing intent evoked by that sinister atmosphere. She was already on the brink of collapse.

Seeing Hu Liena’s suffering appearance, Tang San’s heart gradually sunk. He knew that if Hu Liena lost it, the first target of her attack would be him. With her body spurred by the killing intent, perhaps she wouldn’t be as intelligent as before, but her attacks would inevitably be even more terrifying under the effect of the killing intent. Even if he could kill her, he might still pay an enormous price. No matter what was said, the spirit power of the woman in front of him was more powerful than his, and she also possessed an external spirit bone, and might even possess other spirit bones.

Shouldn’t he take advantage of this moment, and kill her before then? Tang San hesitated. By all reason, he should indeed do it. If this formidable teammate became an enemy, it would be a devastating setback for him.

[1] Neidan (内丹), internal alchemical pill in Daoism.
[2] (⼗⾸烈阳蛇)
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