Douluo Dalu Chapter 121-130


Chapter 121

After a moment’s pause, Ning Fengzhi went on: “The depths of the Supreme Pontiff is even more unfathomable. Known as the most formidable leader in the history of Spirit Hall. In your present condition, you’re in no way suited to oppose them from the front. Yielding isn’t shirking, you’re still young, even if you want to confront Spirit Hall, there will still be time later. Is there a need to be so stubborn this time?”

Tang San’s brows tightened. After thinking deeply for a moment, he still shook his head, “No, I have to participate in this competition. Uncle Ning, I understand your meaning, but I think this is also an important tempering in my life. If I can crash my way through, then when Spirit Hall wants to deal with me again in the future, it will also be severely difficult. It’s impossible for them to always hide the truth.”

Seeing the radiance in Tang San’s eyes, Ning Fengzhi couldn’t help recalling the appearance of his father in his youth. Their expressions were so similar. Even though Ning Fengzhi and Tang Hao weren’t very familiar in those days and they weren’t far apart in age, the feeling Tang Hao gave him was always like looking up at a tall mountain. Among the people of his generation, no one could compare to Tang Hao. Right now Tang Hao’s son had apparently duplicated this marvel, to the extent that he was even more outstanding than his father. ‘Clear Sky School, don’t tell me your genes really are that good?’

“Fine, since you’ve already decided, there’s no need for me to say more. Uncle will guarantee your safety as far as possible.” Ning Fengzhi’s

words were very flat, but as the master of a school, this was already equivalent to him giving Tang San a pledge.

Tang San sensed that Ning Fengzhi’s words right now weren’t out of pragmatism, or an attempt to rope him in. It was entirely the concern of an elder for a junior.

“Uncle Ning, I might not be able to enter Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, but as long as I still live, Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School will forever be my friend.”

…… Spirit City.
A plain clothed Grandmaster entered the city after passing the Spirit Master inspection. At his age, thirty something ranked strength naturally wouldn’t arouse any attention.

Without resting a bit, without even catching his breath a moment, Grandmaster came straight to the highest governing body of Spirit City. Supreme Pontiff Palace.

In front of Supreme Pontiff Palace.

“Halt.” Two silver armored palace guard knights barred Grandmaster’s path, altogether a hundred palace guard knights raised the longswords in their hands, “This is a restricted area. Approach one more step, and you will be killed without question.”

Facing more than a hundred palace guard knights with strength clearly above his, Grandmaster’s expression was still as apathetic as always. Raising his hand, he suddenly revealed his warrant tile.

The palace guard in the lead quickly stepped forward, when he saw the six insignia on the warrant tile, he couldn’t keep from shivering. With a putong sound, he knelt on one knee,

“My respect, elder.”

The hundred palace guards uniformly made the same motion. Contrasted by them, the originally ordinary Grandmaster seemed a l ot less ordinary.

“Bring me to the Supreme Pontiff.” Grandmaster used the simplest possible words to inform them of his purpose.

After an hour, in the official business hall of the Supreme Pontiff Palace, Grandmaster quietly sipped top quality fragrant tea, quietly waiting.

Right now he was the only person in the more than a thousand square meter official hall.

Grandmaster’s gaze was all along focused on the fragrant tea in his hand, without so much as a glance at all the gold and jade splendor around him, he just waited quietly.

The three meter high arched doors opened, and a soft voice echoed from outside, “You wait outside. Without my order, nobody is allowed inside.”


Grandmaster’s gaze finally shifted from the tea, turning in the direction of the great doors of the official hall.

The door opened, and a woman walked in from outside.

Not tall, dressed in black gilt-lined luxurious robes, wearing a nine tipped purple gold crown, a more than two meter long scepter in her hand, inlaid with countless precious stones. Fair skin and close to perfect complexion made her stand out from the masses.

She especially revealed an intangible noble sacredness, making people even more inclined to kneel and pay their respects.

Grandmaster sat, and after entering the room, that woman also halted. The two peoples’ gazes collided in the air like that. There were no sparks. Grandmaster’s gaze held a lot of things. There was apology, memories, and even more of disappointment.

The woman’s gaze instantly had a complex change. Even though she only looked thirty or so, in fact, she was even a year older than Grandmaster, her age long since past fifty. The scepter in her hand struck the floor, issuing an echoing ding.

“You came.” The gentle and pleasant voice very easily gave people a feeling of bathing in the spring wind.

But Grandmaster’s gaze instead became astringent, pushing on the table in front of him with both hands to stand, turning to that woman, “Yes, I came. Are you well?”

The woman’s face displayed a slight smile, “With ten thousand subordinates, how would I be unwell? As the ruler of Spirit Hall, even the monarchs of the two great empires would have to show me some degree of courtesy. Where do you think I would be unwell?”
Grandmaster sighed, “Bibi Dong[1], I know the pain in your heart.” “Bibi Dong? If you didn’t say it, I would almost have forgotten this
name. Please call me Supreme Pontiff, or Your Eminence. It’s been long since I was that foolish Bibi Dong.”

Yes, this seemingly gentle and beautiful woman before him was the current highest ruler of Spirit Hall, the target of pilgrimage for all Spirit Masters, the Supreme Pontiff.

She was the youngest Supreme Pontiff in the history of Spirit Hall, taking the seat before forty.

There were initially a lot of doubters, but as time passed, under her governance, Spirit Hall’s development was even faster and more violent, and also even more unified. A lot of people already believed she was the most outstanding Supreme Pontiff Spirit Hall ever had.

“Yes, Your Eminence Supreme Pontiff.” Grandmaster’s pupils contracted somewhat, a trace of pain trickling through his eyes. He turned,

walking over and standing where he sat before, hands clasping the fragrant tea, seemingly falling into old memories.

Watching Grandmaster’s back, the indifference in the Supreme Pontiff’s eyes faded away, a somewhat unable to endure mood flashing. Raising her feet, she seemed about to step forward, but in the end held back.

“What did you come to find me for? It’s already been twenty years since we last met.” The Supreme Pontiff’s voice still sounded so serene.

Grandmaster drew a deep breath, suppressing his raging heart. Even he hadn’t expected him to lose control like this on seeing Bibi Dong again.

As he turned around, the mood in his eyes had completely disappeared, leaving only the usual apathy.

“Your Eminence Supreme Pontiff, I came to make a request.”

“Oh?” The Supreme Pontiff looked at Grandmaster with some astonishment, “You would come to request something of me? That doesn’t seem like you. It seems time really will change a man. Speak.”

Grandmaster didn’t explain. If it was only for himself, he would never come to make a request from the other person, but, for the disciple he thought of as a son, he had no choice but to make the trip.

“Your Eminence, I want to know, how did you pass the crisis of twin spirits at that time?”

The Supreme Pontiff’s eyes contracted a moment, and she calmly said:
“You don’t need to know. What’s the significance of this to you?”

Grandmaster didn’t hide it, “I accepted a disciple, he has followed me to cultivate for seven or eight years. By luck, he possess twin spirits like you. This child is prodigiously talented, and I hope to foster him into a power.”

“Why would I help you? Let you cultivate a power to go against me later?” The Supreme Pontiff’s voice suddenly became chilly.

Grandmaster lowered his voice: “Of course not. If you agree to tell me how you did it, I can guarantee you that my disciple will never oppose Spirit Hall.”

The corners of the Supreme Pontiff’s mouth displayed a smile, “Originally, it’s also this matter that not even this Grandmaster of theory knows. Yu Xiao Gang, You’ve come too late. Several days ago I already dispatched people to rob and kill along the route the Heaven Dou Empire participating teams must travel. Their target, is that Clear Sky School disciple of yours. Therefore, there’s also no need for you to know the secret of twin spirits.”

Grandmaster trembled violently, turning back fiercely, staring at the Supreme Pontiff,

“What did you say?”

The Supreme Pontiff didn’t hide it, and indifferently said: “Platinum bishop Salas sent word that a Clear Sky School child appeared, prodigiously talented. Already breaking through fortieth rank at such a young age, twin spirits, possessing a ten thousand year level fourth spirit ring. Even possibly possessing spirit bones. Close to Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School and Heaven Dou Empire. My Spirit Hall can’t use such a person, but can only be killed.”

“You……” Grandmaster stepped forward sharply, both hands fiercely grabbing the Supreme Pontiff’s shoulders, his eyes instantly covered with blood, his whole body trembling violently.

Seeing Grandmaster’s eyes brimming with hatred, Bibi Dong went blank a moment, “To you, is he really so important?” With her strength, she could naturally turn away Grandmaster, but she didn’t do it, only letting his scorching hot hands hold onto her shoulders.

Grandmaster’s breath became ragged, speaking word by word: “Bibi Dong, hear me clearly. If anything happens to Tang San, then I will spare no cost to destroy Spirit hall. In my life I have had no children, but he is like my son.”

Feeling Grandmaster’s breath, the Supreme Pontiff’s face flushed a bit, her breath somewhat urgent saying: “Yu Xiao Gang, do you still have the time to worry? Back then, do you remember how you left me? For your own little sister, ridiculous, truly too ridiculous. You actually refused me for your own little sister. That I became Supreme Pontiff is admittedly thanks to you, but, I hate you. In all my life, you are the person I hate the most. I want you to suffer, I will not only kill your apprentice, I’ll still kill Liu Erlong. No, I won’t kill her, I’ll torture her to make you suffer.”

The Supreme Pontiff had clearly become agitated, her eyes with the ice chill of a viper.

Just at this moment, there was suddenly a light knock from outside.

“Get lost, didn’t I say that nobody was to disturb me without my order?” The Supreme Pontiff snarled.

The person outside apparently hadn’t expected the seemingly amiable and approachable Supreme Pontiff to be in such a temper, “Your Eminence, the two elders have sent back news. They didn’t accomplish the mission, and are waiting for your instructions.”

“What? Didn’t accomplish the mission?” The Supreme Pontiff’s complexion changed, looking fiercely at Grandmaster, “It seems your apprentice is rather lucky.”

Grandmaster stared blankly a moment, the red in his eyes gradually receding. He released his grip on the Supreme Pontiff’s shoulders, and as he calmed down, he said: “That you sent people to kill Tang San is perhaps not only because of his talent. With Spirit Hall’s power, how would you fear one Spirit Master? If my guess is correct, you did it because of his father, right?”

The Supreme Pontiff’s gaze froze, “You’re still so clever. Leave. I don’t want to see you again.”

Grandmaster nodded silently, walking towards the big doors. As he gripped the handle on the door, he suddenly halted, faintly saying: “Twenty years, Bibi Dong. You’re still so beautiful, but I’m already old. If the one whose life was threatened today was you, I would still react the same. After all, you are my first love.”

“Bullshit.” The Supreme Pontiff suddenly trembled, “Could you still love? You’re not fit to speak the word. Would you still leave me if you loved me? Preferring to be together with your little sister? You bastard, get out.”

“As for why I left you back then, you shouldn’t ask me, you should go ask the dead Supreme Pontiff. You always described me as fickle and cold. I’ll follow your meaning. What I said before, if Tang San dies at the hands of Spirit Hall’s people. Then. I will spare no price to retaliate. Bibi Dong, this is that last time I call you like this. You sent people to act against Tang San, our mutual relationship is hereby over.”

Fiercely pulling open the door, Grandmaster left in large strides.

Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong swayed, seemingly unable to lean on the scepter, she fell to the floor.

She hated Grandmaster, had hated him for twenty whole years. Being able to maintain such deep hatred for so long, meant that her love for him back then had been so profound. Grandmaster’s words before leaving had suddenly made a small crack appear in her hatred.

Recalling all the instruction of the last Supreme Pontiff as well as all kinds of matters in the past, the truth that had been obscured by hatred gradually appeared before her.

Everything before her eyes gradually became hazy, her hands already turning white from the force with which she gripped the scepter, “Is this fate toying with humans? Xiao Gang, the feelings between us. The feelings between us……”

The Supreme Pontiff suddenly ran over to where Grandmaster was sitting before, clasping that abundantly warm fragrant tea, swallowing big mouthfuls.


Heaven Dou Empire’s competing Spirit Master teams continued onward, and for the rest of the journey, there were no more mishaps. In order to protect these Spirit Masters, crown prince Xue Qinghe requisition three thousand armored troops to supplement the guard from towns they passed. At the same time he also called for some Spirit Master experts from the capital.

Xue Qinghe didn’t interact more with Tang San. He was also very clear on what trouble Tang San was in, and at such a time, he used action to gain Tang San’s favorable impression.

On the way, the mood in the Shrek Academy team appeared somewhat oppressive. The only good news was that Xiao Wu had finally broken through to the fortieth rank, five days away from Spirit City. In order to let her possess a fourth spirit ring as soon as possible, Liu Erlong brought her directly to search for a spirit beast that suited her, to meet up with the others in Spirit City.

At last, the whole procession reached Spirit City. Because of the special provisions of Spirit City, Xue Qinghe ordered the armored troops and imperial knights regiment to standby outside the city, and led the fifteen Spirit Master teams into Spirit City.

Compared to enormous cities like Heaven Dou City and Suotuo City, Spirit City was a lot smaller. It didn’t even cover a tenth of the area Heaven Dou City did. However, it was still plenty shocking to Spirit Masters.

Despite the small area, Spirit City’s walls were still absolutely constructed to the standard of any capital city. The more than eighty meter high city walls appeared extremely majestic from the outside, and they were also more than thirty meters thick, built completely out of granite.

Even the wealthy Ning Fengzhi couldn’t help sighing in admiration on seeing the walls.

In fact, Spirit City was built entirely by Spirit Hall. Wouldn’t building a city like this be easier said than done?

Most unusual was that Spirit City wasn’t as square as other cities, but rather hexagonal. In other words, its city walls had altogether six faces. The ones in charge of patrolling the city walls were all Spirit Masters, all wearing the special clothing of Spirit Hall.

Each of the six walls had an enormous sculpture, identical to Spirit Hall’s warrant tiles, symbolizing six formidable spirits.

Entering Spirit City gave people a spacious impression. There weren’t a lot of people on the streets, and very few shops. The business of these shops were mainly in the goods needed by Spirit Masters. Even storage type spirit tools were for sale. Of course, the quality was a bit lacking.

They were met in Spirit City by a cardinal, and under his guidance, space was very quickly found for the more than two hundred people, staying in a hotel on the west side of Spirit City. Shocking Tang San was that even the hotel staff were Spirit Grandmasters with more than twentieth ranked spirit power.

After settling in, Tang San specially moved away from the hotel, carefully observing the other areas of Spirit City outside.

He discovered that the hexagonal Spirit City was actually built around a hill. On this hill were two extraordinarily striking buildings. The building halfway up the hill was the most magnificent, clearly visible even from a long distance away.

It was a building of pillars with a domed roof; the outside of the building made of golden material, glittering in the sunlight. By simply asking, Tang San found out that it was the newly constructed Supreme Pontiff Palace. The residence of the most senior ruler of Spirit Hall.

From Ning Fengzhi he had also learned that even deeper inside, Spirit Hall’s Elder Palace was also located in Supreme Pontiff Palace. Of course, it was impossible for ordinary people to see those elders.

The other building at the peak of the hill was a lot smaller than Supreme Pontiff Hall, approximately only a third of the size. It’s architecture was somewhat similar, only its walls were white like jade, far from as eye catching as Supreme Pontiff Palace.

For some reason, as Tang San looked at that palatial building, inwardly he sensed even greater depths.

Ever since entering Spirit City, every Spirit Master had a kind of special feeling, apparently a somewhat pious mood in their hearts. Ning Fengzhi told Tang San that the seemingly much smaller building was the highest existence in Spirit Hall, Douluo Palace.

Only dead Title Douluo could stay in that place. It could also be called the tomb of Title Douluo. The reason this place had such a devout atmosphere wasn’t because of Supreme Pontiff Palace, but rather because of Douluo Palace.

No matter where Supreme Pontiff Palace was established, Douluo Palace would follow, and moreover the position of Douluo Palace would always be even higher than Supreme Pontiff Palace. At times of great rites, the Supreme Pontiff would personally go to offer sacrifice before the doors of Douluo Palace, but even he didn’t have the right to enter before death. These were the rules, and nobody could break them. Otherwise he would suffer the anger of all Spirit Masters.

It was precisely because of the existence of Supreme Pontiff Palace and Douluo Palace that Spirit City came to be known as the holy land of Spirit Masters after its founding. Of course, this was also publicly accepted by the majority of Spirit Masters.

Because of the attack halfway and Tang San’s persistence in staying in the competition, Flender and Liu Erlong both stayed in places closest to him, even Ning Fengzhi specially chose a place to stay not far away. Even

though it was least probable that anything would happen in Spirit City, they still had no choice but to guard against it.

According to the information from Spirit Hall, the competition would officially begin in three days. The journey was wearying, but these three days of rest were sufficient for the academies to adjust.

Star Luo Empire’s participating academies were arranged to rest on the other side of Spirit City. Imperceptibly, Spirit Hall had already split the participating teams of the two great empires into two camps.

Regarding this, Xue Qinghe only smiled coldly in reply, but didn’t raise any objections.

The Shrek Academy group all kept resting for three days, spending all their time in meditation to cultivate spirit power, to maintain their peak condition as much as possible.

Liu Erlong and Xiao Wu, finally returned the day before the start of the finals.

For some reason, Liu Erlong’s expression was somewhat monstrous. Xiao Wu successfully obtained her fourth spirit ring, but according to Liu Erlong, she was separated from Xiao Wu at the time.

And Xiao Wu herself said that she encountered an injured spirit beast, and by good fortune, obtained this spirit ring.

The finals were just about to begin, and at this moment, nobody would wonder about this matter.

As Xiao Wu returned, Tang San asked about her fourth spirit ability in order to begin combining it into the final tactics, but at this moment, Grandmaster finally returned.

“Little San, you’re alright.” This was the first thing Grandmaster said on seeing Tang San.

“Teacher, you knew? I’m alright. This time it’s thanks to the old freak and uncle Ning’s people, otherwise I’m afraid you wouldn’t have seen me.”

Grandmaster sighed, “It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have let you participate in the tournament. You’ve drawn their attention.”

Tang San smiled slightly, saying: “Teacher, there’s no need to blame yourself? I’m still alright, it can even be considered an unconventional experience. Only by experiencing a confrontation with true powers do I understand how insignificant my own strength is. Afterwards I will redouble my efforts in cultivation.”

Grandmaster’s face finally revealed a smile, “You’ve always been so sensible. You’re right, make great efforts in cultivation. As long as I still draw breath, I won’t let people harm you. The finals are on the verge of starting tomorrow. Call everyone over, I’ll give you some simple tactics.”

Having reached the finals, Grandmaster finally acted.

Very quickly, Tang San called all the team members over. Liu Erlong learned that Grandmaster had returned, and also hastily followed.

Grandmaster and Liu Erlong’s gazes met, and Liu Erlong read something in Grandmaster’s eyes. She didn’t speak and only quietly walked over to his side, holding his arm.

Seeing Liu Erlong’s tender appearance, the Shrek Seven Devils and others all couldn’t help having somewhat strange expressions. The tyrant dragon would perhaps only restrain herself like this in front of Grandmaster.

Grandmaster’s gaze swept across everyone, then said: “The finals are about to begin. I think you might have already forgotten what I said about the competition format before. I’ll repeat it once. The finals have altogether thirty three teams participating. Among them, the three seeded teams are separately selected from each of the two great empires and Spirit Hall. The greatest threat to you is no doubt the team sent by Spirit Hall. They are also the greatest hurdle for you to obtain the final victory.”

“There are altogether five rounds in the finals. Somewhat shorter than the time used for the qualifiers and ranking competition, but because of the intensity of the competition, there’s a day of rest and revision between each round. Before the final and fifth round, there are even three days of rest. In the first round, the three seeded teams will sit out, and the remaining thirty teams will fight for fifteen advancement placements, the losers being directly eliminated. The ruthless knock out competition is bound to make every Spirit Master team put their lives on the line even more. You definitely cannot have the slightest carelessness. At this final hour, the hidden capabilities of all the teams will finally be unleashed, no longer holding anything back. Even the teams you’ve already fought may very possibly give you a ‘surprise’.”

“According to the tournament rules, in the second round, the first ranked teams from the two great empires will sit out. In other words, after we’ve obtained victory in the first round, there will be enough time to rest in the second round. This is also the significance behind the ranking competition. At that time, sixteen teams will fight it out for eight places in the third round. Further adding our two resting teams, there are altogether ten teams. In the third round it’s the second ranked teams that sit out. The remaining eight teams fight for the four places to enter the fourth round together with them. In the fourth round no team sits out. Consequently, only the top two teams from the ranking competition can benefit in the finals. But the earlier you can sit out, the more favorable, because you can avert being eliminated prematurely. In the fifth and final round, there are only three teams entering. The three teams will first use the method from the ranking competition, seven team members conducting circulating elimination, to decide which team has the strongest members. Afterwards the two losing teams will fight a team match, the winner again challenging the winner from before, to decide who will be the final champions. Do you all understand?”

“Yes, understood.” Everyone had good memory, and now when it was truly time for the finals, their minds were naturally incomparably focused.

Grandmaster nodded, saying: “It’s impossible to tell who our first opponent will be, but at least it won’t be the three seeds. That will avert us

encountering them prematurely. However, it will still be the Shrek Seven Devils going out. You haven’t cooperated on the battlefield for a long time already. This first round will be a warmup for you. I won’t provide you with any specific tactics, the ring is still under little San’s control.”

“Little San.”

“Here.” Tang San hurriedly stepped forward.

Grandmaster gazed at him, saying: “We’re practically sure to pass the first and second rounds. Therefore, let the opponents learn as little as possible about where our advantages lie in the first round. Do you understand my meaning?”

Tang San nodded: “You’re saying that even though it’s us seven going up, we must still conceal our strength as much as possible in the first round.”

Grandmaster smiled and nodded, “However, you still can’t be careless. After all, it’s still possible for you to run into powers from Star Luo Empire in the first round.”


Grandmaster’s gaze turned to the Shrek Seven Devils as a whole, “You’ve studied under me for two years. I’m very clear on how much effort you’ve expended over these two years. There’s no need to doubt, you’re all geniuses among geniuses. Even if you encounter opponents more powerful than you, there’s no need for your confidence to wane, because you are the youngest team among all the competitors. Your futures are boundless. I don’t have any requirements that you take the championship, my only hope is that each of you can display your own true strength. Find the best method to rouse your own potential.”

“Yes.” The Shrek Seven Devils agreed loudly.

As Grandmaster and Liu Erlong left, the Shrek Seven Devils instantly started to cultivate, preparing for the first round of the competition


Liu Erlong pulled Grandmaster straight to her room, “Xiao Gang, how was it?”

Looking at Grandmaster, Liu Erlong’s gaze was somewhat evasive. She of course knew where Grandmaster had gone, and Grandmaster didn’t keep anything from her.

Sighing, Grandmaster said: “She’s changed. Without meeting for twenty years, people will always change. Now she’s the Supreme Pontiff. No longer the Bibi Dong of those days. It seems I really shouldn’t have gone to find her.” A faint stab of pain in his heart made his expression turn somewhat sad.

Liu Erlong inwardly loosed a breath, “That means, she didn’t tell you the method to cultivate twin spirits?”

Grandmaster smiled ruefully, “She sent people to dispose of Tang San, fully aware that he’s my disciple. How would she tell me the method to cultivate twin spirits? But so what? I’ve already faintly guessed some things. With the chance, as long as Bibi Dong can be brought to truly show her hand, I can be certain of my ideas.”

At this, Grandmaster took the initiative to pull Liu Erlong into an embrace, “Erlong, this is Spirit City, it’s her domain. From now on, you can’t be far from my side no matter what, I’m afraid it would be detrimental to me.”

Liu Erlong immediately displayed her proper temperament, “Let her come, would I still fear her? So what if she’s the Supreme Pontiff, she still hasn’t beaten me. As long as she doesn’t take you away, I won’t fear anything.”

Listening to Liu Erlong’s overbearing speech, Grandmaster couldn’t help showing a faint smile, lowering his head to lightly kiss her forehead, “Don’t worry, she’ll never take me. We are husband and wife, even if only in name.”

Hearing this, Liu Erlong couldn’t help revealing some grief. Even though Grandmaster no longer ran from her feelings, and the two treated each other like husband and wife, Grandmaster never agreed to be too intimate. That relationship of siblings always stretched between them. Fortunately, even though it was in name only, it was still enough to console Liu Erlong’s heart.


For the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament finals, Spirit City had specially opened up a specific area. This area was in the heart of Spirit City. The enormous stage was more than a hundred meters across, made completely out of granite.

This enormous stage was still reinforced with an enormous amount of spirit tools to prevent damage. According to Spirit Hall’s information, this ring could take any attack from Spirit Masters under the Spirit Emperor level without taking damage.

Only an organization as rich and imposing as Spirit Hall could do something like this, at least the two great empires would hate to part with such enormous resources.

In front of this stage was Supreme Pontiff Palace, the distance from here to the hill where the Palace was located was less than a kilometer. Spirit Hall had already announced that the finals between the last three powers would take place just in front of Supreme Pontiff Palace.

At that time, the Supreme Pontiff would appear personally to crown the final champions.

To any Spirit Master, this was an incomparable glory.

At first light, all the competing teams were led to the competition area by special guides from Spirit Hall. Each academy had their own rest area, constructed around the ring. On the opposite side of Supreme Pontiff Palace was the VIP judges’ seating, where the people from the two great empires

would observe the battles. Of course, there were still intermediaries from Spirit Hall.

Just as they arrived, without pause, Flender was called up to draw lots.
[1] (⽐⽐东) “Compare East”

Chapter 122

The first round draw was undoubtedly extremely important. If one could draw a relatively weak opponent, it would be quite an advantage for any team.

Especially to a team like Shrek Academy that would skip the second round. If they could have an easy win in the first round, then they could preserve their energy to unleash it in the third round of the competition. The true contest started from the third round on.

Flender returned very soon, his expression clearly very good, a smile on his face. Seeing his enormously self-satisfied appearance, there was no need to ask; this draw was naturally very good.

Suddenly, Flender’s face turned blank, saying to everyone: “I have one piece of bad news, and one piece of good news. Which do you want first?”

Everyone stared blankly, and Dai Mubai said: “Then tell us the bad news first.”

Flender lowered his voice: “The bad news is, your first round opponent is Blazing Academy.”

“Blazing Academy?” Everyone indeed frowned. Blazing Academy had been researching methods to deal with Tang San as well as the other students over the fortieth rank ever since the ranking competition. They

were already one of the strongest teams on the Heaven Dou Empire side. They weren’t far behind even Godwind Academy.

In the ranking competition it might have looked like an easy win for Shrek Academy, but in the qualifiers they had still suffered a bit.

Of course, Blazing Academy wasn’t enough to block their progress, but encountering such a standard of powerful teams in the first round, still counted as a bad draw.

Tang San couldn’t help saying: “Why are we running into them in every competition, it’s too kharmic.”

Grandmaster said without batting an eyelid: “Flender. Then what’s the good news?”

Flender grinned, “The good news is, Blazing Academy has given up on the finals, they voluntarily forfeited.”

囧 was the face everyone made.

Liu Erlong said: “Blazing Academy spent a lot of effort to fight their way into the finals, why would they suddenly forfeit?”

Flender spread his hands, saying: “Don’t ask me. I don’t know either. It was announced suddenly. But no matter what is said, it’s still a great opportunity for us. We’re skipping the first two rounds.”

Ning Rongrong giggled. “That’s right. We’ve still entered the top ten without a fight.”

Flender said: “The competition will start right away. You all watch your opponents carefully. This is an elimination competition, hiding your strength isn’t easy. The biggest advantage of skipping the first two rounds isn’t not fighting, but rather being able to grasp our opponents’ strength even better. The ones able to enter the third round won’t be weaklings, at least not below Blazing Academy’s level.”

The finals didn’t have a big opening ceremony as expected, everything was very simple. One of Spirit Hall’s cardinals went up on stage and declared the start of the finals, simultaneously declaring the list of the battling teams. Conducted by referees specially selected by Spirit Hall, the competition began.

The two sides in the first round weren’t particularly powerful, and the Shrek Seven Devils couldn’t help whispering among themselves in the rest area.

Oscar said: “These finals don’t appear to be as grand as the qualifiers. There isn’t even an opening ceremony. There are also pitifully few spectators, at most a few thousand.”

Tang San said: “Even though there are only a few thousand, don’t forget that they’re all Spirit Masters. Moreover, the overwhelming majority should be Spirit Masters belonging to Spirit Hall.”

Spirit Hall should have their reasons for not permitting ordinary people to watch the battles. Didn’t the teachers say that the finals between the final three powers would be held in front of Supreme Pontiff Palace. That was the true climax of the competition. The present dullness was very possibly to prepare for then.

The first match finished very quickly, the second match was Godwind Academy against Star Luo Empire’s Dragon Sunflower Academy.

“What?” As the Shrek Academy group saw Godwind Academy’s formation, they couldn’t help standing up in shock.

The center of Godwind Academy’s formation had shockingly changed four people, and these four people were unexpectedly from Blazing Academy.

The more than a dozen academies on Star Luo Empire’s side didn’t react, but Heaven Dou Empire’s side exploded. How were Blazing Academy’s team members now in Godwind Academy?

Grandmaster’s brows wrinkled tightly, and Flender couldn’t keep from saying: “What’s going on here? I’ll go ask the organizational committee.” Finished speaking, he immediately left with quick steps.

The uproar below didn’t affect the match above. With Huo Wu commanding from the rear, and Feng Xiaotian and Huo Wushuang standing furthest in front, when they suddenly revealed all their spirit rings, the opponents couldn’t help feeling ice cold.

No need to doubt it, the seven people representing Godwind Academy were all Spirit Ancestors above fortieth rank. The entire match was practically a one-sided massacre. Huo Wu didn’t even have to use Defying Flame Ring.

Dai Mubai asked Grandmaster: “Wasn’t it said that participating teams can’t change out team members?”

Grandmaster’s eyes suddenly brightened, “They should be exploiting a loophole. Participating teams can’t change out members, but this doesn’t mean that academies can’t exchange members that are already signed up. This part isn’t explicitly prohibited. Huo Wu’s several team members were originally on the list of people participating in the finals. As long as Spirit Hall agreed, it’s not impossible for them to change academies.”

Xiao Wu said: “Then couldn’t we do it too?”

Grandmaster shook his head, “Too late. The competition has already started, the final quota of members participating in the finals of each team has already been set. Moreover they will all compete today; after competing, it will already be too late to change academies again. Even more, which academy would give up their own chances in the finals? Blazing Academy has bet a lot this time, I don’t know what they did to have Spirit Hall be so accomodating.”

After a while, Flender returned with a gloomy face. The answer Spirit Hall gave was very simple: As long as it was within the bounds of the rules, the committee wouldn’t interfere.

Even though the two great academies had turned into one, they had after all given up one place in the finals. In some sense, Shrek Academy was still the beneficiary.

Shrek Academy weren’t alone in protesting. A lot of academies on the Heaven Dou Empire side protested equally, but they also finally experienced Spirit Hall’s unyieldingness for the first time. Spirit Hall only gave one answer: If you don’t want to participate, you can leave. The committee will be absolutely impartial.

Heaven Dou Empire’s official didn’t weigh in. After all, Godwind Academy was still on Heaven Dou Empire’s side even after strengthening, if they could obtain a good record, it wouldn’t be a bad thing for Heaven Dou Empire.

Right now the relationship between the two great empires and Spirit Hall was still harmonious at least on the surface. They definitely wouldn’t offend Spirit Hall for such a trivial matter.

The first two rounds finished very quickly, and the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament was refined to ten powers.

The third round was on the verge of starting, and it was Godwind Academy and Star Luo Empire’s second ranked team’s turn to sit out. Shrek Academy also welcomed their first battle in the finals.

If saying that nothing unexpected happened in the first two rounds, then after the lots were drawn for the third round, the atmosphere in the finals abruptly became tense.

Shrek Academy had apparently already exhausted their luck in the first two rounds. Their opponent for the third round was Star Luo Imperial Advanced Spirit Master Academy. It was also the team selected by Star Luo Empire to be among the three seeds.

However, this still wasn’t what drew the most attention. Another match was even more shocking, Spirit Hall Advanced Spirit Master Academy versus Heaven Dou Imperial Advanced Spirit Master Academy.

From the side, the collision of two seeds apparently proved the impartiality of the finals.

Without a doubt, these two matches were of the highest priority.

There was still an hour before the start of the competition; the top ten teams had already entered the grounds to conduct their preparation and warm up before the start.

“Boss Dai, what is it?” Ma Hongjun somewhat puzzled asked. Ever since learning the results of the draw, Dai Mubai had seemed extremely gloomy, not saying a word on the whole way from the residence to the competition grounds. Entirely different from his usual appearance.

Tang San had naturally also seen that Dai Mubai’s mood was abnormal, but his perception was different from Ma Hongjun’s. Even though Dai Mubai was taciturn, Tang San could still sense that he was preparing for something.

Erupting from silence, or withering in silence. Dai Mubai’s nature was undoubtedly the former. The fighting spirit he was accumulating inside had apparently already reached its peak.

Not only was Dai Mubai in an abnormal mood, Zhu Zhuqing was as well.. But Zhu Zhuqing’s expression was different from Dai Mubai’s, those ordinarily ice cold eyes were right now brimming with agitation.

Dai Mubai didn’t reply to Ma Hongjun, but Zhu Zhuqing stood up, bending her waist to bow to everyone.

“Zhuqing, why are you doing this?” Grandmaster’s brows furrowed.

Zhu Zhuqing gave Dai Mubai a look, “In this match, we must win. This is the only chance for me and Mubai.”

Oscar asked: “What’s going on? Don’t tell me you have some personal enemies in that Star Luo Imperial Academy?”

Zhu Zhuqing shook her head, saying: “No. This is an internal clan struggle. Mubai and I are from Star Luo Empire. We each belong to two great families. The relationship between our two clans is extremely close. There’s a custom of connecting by marriage. Within the clans, only the most outstanding people can become future heirs. Mubai and I aren’t the first children of our clans. My elder sister and Mubai’s elder brother have been betrothed since childhood, and me and Mubai are the same.”

“We four are each the most outstanding children of our respective clans. Mubai and I, the reason we came to Heaven Dou Empire, was in order to increase our strength. This Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament was one chance our clans gave us. Since we aren’t the first children, our chances of inheriting are very small. If we can defeat our older siblings, we have the qualifications to inherit.”

Tang San said: “You’re saying, your older siblings are in the Star Luo Imperial Advanced Spirit Master Academy team?”

Zhu Zhuqing nodded silently, “Originally, I thought we didn’t have any hope. But, as I came to Shrek Academy, when I met all of you, I suddenly realized that, with your help, we have a chance of victory.”

Xiao Wu couldn’t help saying: “Is authority really so important? Even if you can inherit your clans, will you really be happy?”

Zhu Zhuqing laughed bitterly, “It would be nice if it really was that simple. Do you really think that we regard authority as so important? No, we don’t. Our clans both have extremely special rules. In order to make the future clan heirs even more outstanding, after choosing the children to compete, they will foster these children to treat each other as personal enemies. The winner can admittedly inherit the clan, but the loser will be extremely miserable. In order to to prevent internal strife, the loser will be directly erased. Therefore, we’re not only fighting for authority, but at the same time also for our lives.”

Saying this, Zhu Zhuqing’s mood clearly became agitated, “Do you know why I’m always so cold to Mubai? It’s because I’ve always maintained the certainty that I will die at twenty five. Even to the extent that I won’t reach that age. Mubai’s brother is six years older than him, he has the advantage in both intelligence, wisdom and strength. My sister is also seven years older than me. In competing with them, we practically don’t have any effect. Therefore, after Mubai came to Heaven Dou Empire, he chose to fall into depravity, loitering among women. With him like this, how could we have a chance to live? I was angry that he wasn’t fighting.”

Dai Mubai finally spoke up, “Fight? Fight how? Brother is six years older than me. He’s practically the certain candidate for clan successor. Choosing me as backup was only to give my brother more pressure and propulsion. Two years ago, when I saw little San, you, Xiao Wu and Rongrong entering the academy, I finally found hope. The clan gave me until the age of twenty five. Besides intellectual level, this Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament is a test of my strength. Zhuqing and I have to prevail over our older siblings while they’re participating in the tournament. They’re both almost twenty five. This match is our only chance. If we lose, then we have to find some other respect to doubly surpass them to possibly gain approval. But when they’ve obtained a lot more backing than us, that’s practically impossible. I hate my clan, but, for Zhuqing, I still won’t go back to running away. In today’s fight, even if I die, I still won’t lose.”

Evil eyes blood red, the atmosphere suddenly became oppressive. Nobody had thought that Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing would have such enormous pressure and background behind them. That was a threat to their lives.

Tang San extended his right hand, looking into Dai Mubai’s blood red evil eyes, spitting out two words: “Certain victory.”

Oscar followed immediately after, placing his right on Tang San’s. Ma Hongjun, Xiao Wu, Ning Rongrong one after another did the same. When Zhu Zhuqing and Dia Mubai’s right hands also folded over theirs, the seven practically simultaneously roared, “Certain victory.”

So far in the tournament, the Shrek Seven Devils had still never gone up at the same time. As their complete formation appeared on the stage, the remaining several Spirit Master teams on the Heaven Dou Empire side couldn’t help freezing.

Huo Wu and Feng Xiaotian stood together, they had both guessed that Tang San, Xiao Wu, Dai Mubai, Zhu Zhuqing and Ma Hongjun would appear, but they hadn’t anticipated Ning Rongrong and Oscar.

Even though Ning Rongrong had acted when the bandits attacked, the scene at that time was in chaos, and not many people noticed her.

But there had still been some omens about her. After all, at that time she had thrown herself into her father’s arms, proving she was from Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School.

However, people couldn’t comprehend Oscar. From the start of the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament until now, he had never appeared on stage. As he now leisurely followed next to the others to appear on the stage, shocked Huo Wu and Feng Xiaotian’s group enormously.

Could it be that this was Shrek Academy’s hidden expert? Always quietly waiting to appear.

Led by Dai Mubai, the Shrek Seven Devils stood in a line, quietly standing on the stage. Dai Mubai’s evil eyes were unprecedentedly serious, quietly looking straight ahead.

On the other side of the stage, seven people were equally slowly walking up. As Dai Mubai saw that person walking furthest ahead on the other side, he couldn’t keep his eyes from shining brilliantly.

Tang San had also taken note of that person on the other side. Long golden hair draped over his shoulders and back, his face with a lazy expression, a pair of pupils with a purple luster, but not really double pupils. His appearance resembled Dai Mubai to at least seventy percent, only his

stature was even taller than Dai Mubai. Even though it was very casual, that smile of his still expressed a superior attitude.

Behind him followed a tall young woman, practically as tall as him, an extremely ample figure, sheep fat white jade type skin, equally with a smile on her face, and even in this competition grounds holding the arm of the former. This young woman was very beautiful, resembling Zhu Zhuqing even more than Dai Mubai did the former.

Only she wasn’t as cold as Zhu Zhuqing.

She completely seemed gentle. In this kind of gentleness, it was even easier to acknowledge her beauty.

The youth in the lead’s gaze flitted across Dai Mubai’s face, calmly saying: “Mubai, I really didn’t expect you could reach the finals. Being able to challenge me face to face is actually already a success to you; but you should understand, doing this will force me to strike back at you.”

“Dai Weisi[1], no need to be so understanding; when did you ever stop striking at me? In the fight today, you and I are enemies. If you have the ability, defeat me first. Otherwise, who will inherit the clan still isn’t set.”

Dai Weisi looked somewhat astonished at Dai Mubai, “Oh, our playboy’s unexpectedly changed. Fine, I want to see what you’ve learned in these years since you left, to actually dare speak to your big brother like this. Don’t tell me that girl Zhuqing is also together with you? It seems you are finally truly prepared to confront us?”

Gaze falling on Zhu Zhuqing, Dai Weisi’s gaze was somewhat serious. Looking face to face with the young woman beside him, an ice cold light simultaneously flashed in the corners of their eyes.

“Zhuqing, unless I misremember, you should still be less than fifteen. Being able participate in this tournament, and moreover crashing through to the top ten, I don’t know whether I should say your luck is good, or your strength. However, you will stop here. Actually, dad and mom really miss you, they just can’t violate the rules of our ancestors.

After the tournament, come back together with me.” The voice of the young woman next to Dai Weisi was different from Zhu Zhuqing’s, without the ice cold, but with a heartfelt charming flavor, the soft and gentle voice very easily drawing people in.

“Zhu Zhuyun[2], no need to be so understanding. If I didn’t leave home, perhaps I would already be dead by your hands. Miss me? In our family, where does such affection exist?” Zhu Zhuqing’s voice became even colder.

To her and Dai Mubai, the sweethearts in front of them were older, and they possessed an indelible blood relationship, but under the pressure of their clans, only one of the two sides could survive.

No matter their purpose, they all had to fight with all their strength. At least, nobody would hope for their lives to be ended so easily.

The two sides on the stage made no effort to keep their voices down, and the hearing of the Spirit Masters below was much better than that of ordinary people.

When they heard Zhu Zhuyun say Zhu Zhuqing still wasn’t fifteen years old, even Spirit Masters with extremely high self confidence couldn’t help being in an uproar.

Especially those who had seen Zhu Zhuqing fight before, had expressions that even more brimmed with incredulity.

Huo Wu was already entirely lifeless. If saying that she had imagined she could still place above Shrek Academy after uniting with Godwind Academy, then, right now she was already deep in despair.

More than four years younger than her, but strength not inferior in any respect. These people, were they actually monsters?

Thinking of this also suddenly raised another question. She had never learned Tang San’s age. Could it be that he was also that young?

The referee stepped between the two sides, “Prepare for the match. You can release your spirits. The rules are as before, the losers will be directly eliminated, the winners will enter the top six. Shrek Academy Advanced Spirit Master Academy team versus Star Luo Imperial Advanced Spirit Master Academy. Make ready.”

Dai Mubai and Dai Weisi, Zhu Zhuqing and Zhu Zhuyun, the eight gazes of the four people collided in the air.

Dai Weisi’s gaze abruptly turned overbearing, his entire body as if unfolding, wide shoulders, equally demonic mien, in this moment appeared exceptionally grand, “Brothers, release spirits. Let us give them a surprise.”

The spirit power of the seven Star Luo Imperial Academy members released in a flash. Dai Weisi and Zhu Zhuyun stood furthest in front, and their spirit power fluctuations were also the most tremendous.

Revolving in a blink, two yellow and two purple, four spirit rings appeared over them.

Dai Weisi and Zhu Zhuyun’s spirits were the same as their younger siblings, White Tiger and Hell Civet. Judging by the spirit power fluctuations, of these two, Dai Weisi’s spirit power was at least already past the forty seventh rank, and Zhu Zhuyun was also at least over the forty sixth.

They were the most powerful enemies the Shrek Seven Devils had faced thus far in the tournament.

Even more shocking, as the five people behind Dai Weisi and Zhu Zhuyun released their spirits, four were above fortieth rank. Including the two in front, the number of Spirit Ancestors in the Star Luo Academy team was six. Besides the ones that already appeared the day before to shock everyone, Spirit Hall Academy and the combined Godwind Academy and Blazing Academy teams, they were the team of the ones that had appeared

so far with the most Spirit Masters over fortieth rank. Even more, Dai Weisi and Zhu Zhuyun’s strength was so outstanding.

In terms of overall strength, they wouldn’t be below the combined Godwind Academy and Blazing Academy.

Star Luo Imperial Advanced Spirit Master Academy was different from Heaven Dou Imperial Academy. It couldn’t be entered by relying on status and money.

But, shocking Dai Weisi and Zhu Zhuyun, the Shrek Seven Devils provided everyone an extremely frightful shock.

Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing’s bodies lit up, equally with two yellow and two purple, four spirit rings. Horrifying the bystanders into speechlessness even more, was the unassuming Tang San.

Two yellow, one purple, one black. Four spirit rings appeared in a flash. All the academies that had advanced on the Star Luo Empire’s side couldn’t help crying out simultaneously.

The shock still hadn’t ended, as next to these three, the other four had exactly the same spirit rings, all with two yellow and two purple, ideal configurations.

The Shrek Academy team that hadn’t appeared in the previous two rounds unexpectedly had seven Spirit Ancestors with optimal spirit ring configurations and strength over the fortieth rank. In just a split second, the pressure from the spirit rings greatly reduced the previous vigor of Star Luo Empire. Dai Weisi and Zhu Zhuyun’s faces also finally changed.

Zhu Zhuyun somewhat forgot herself as she looked at Zhu Zhuqing, “No, this is impossible. When you left home you were just twenty something ranked. In these two years, how could you have broken through the fortieth rank?”

When Shrek Academy reached the finals, they had already drawn the attention of Dai Weisi and Zhu Zhuyun. But in their consciousness, they

hadn’t really cared about their younger siblings.

After all, there was that age gap. With their innate talents not much different, how could they possibly catch up to the two of them? Even finding out that Shrek Academy members were the champions of the ranking competition didn’t change their way of thinking.

As one of the three seeded teams, the only opponent in their eyes was Spirit Hall Academy’s team.

But after Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing truly unveiled fortieth rank strength in front of them, Dai Weisi and Zhu Zhuyun’s hearts were both shocked and brimming with killing intent. With such an age gap, but their strength already about to catch up, if they were given a bit more time, the result later would truly be uncertain.

Even if they violated the tournament rules, they still had to as far as possible end it in this match.

Dai Mubai looked coldly at Dai Weisi, and naturally read that killing intent from the eyes of this elder brother. In talent, Dai Mubai was originally a bit better than Dai Weisi, and with innate evil eye double pupils, he received even more attention since childhood. Otherwise he also wouldn’t have been chosen as Dai Weisi’s opponent.

At this very moment, even though the competition still hadn’t begun, his heart was already incomparably carefree.

Since childhood, each time Dai Weisi had seen him, there had been that thick disdain and contempt deep in the corners of his eyes, he had never been considered an opponent. But right now, he found seriousness and dread in Dai Weisi’s eyes. All this was something he had relied on his own strength to take.

“Begin match.” Along with the referee’s shout, this attention-grabbing match finally began.

“Rongrong, give me spirit power.” As they released their spirits, both sides already formed up. Tang San swiftly withdrew behind Dai Mubai, Xiao Wu took a step forward, taking Dai Mubai’s left side. Ma Hongjun was still as ever, protecting the two support Spirit Masters in the rear.

The loud shout came from Tang San. When Ning Rongrong released her spirit she was directly behind them. At least from the front the brightly colored light of her Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda couldn’t be seen.

Hearing Tang San’s directions, a purple spirit ring flared concurrently. A line of dazzlingly bright light entered his body, and along with it was still a pink flash thrown from Oscar’s hand.

White Tiger Barrier already appeared over Dai Weisi. Their spirits were the same, and even though his spirit abilities weren’t exactly the same as Dai Mubai’s, the first three were still identical. After all, these three spirit abilities was the optimal conclusion their clan had obtained after countless revisions.

Tang San without the slightest hesitation threw the pink light from Oscar into his mouth. Instantly, a faint layer of pink light merged with the bright light that leapt up as Ning Rongrong poured it into him.

Dai Weisi and Zhu Zhuyun moved.

Dai Weisi took the lead, tyrannical imposing manner releasing on all sides, White Tiger Vajra Transformation also launching at this moment, unexpectedly by himself suppressing Dai Mubai, Zhu Zhuqing and Xiao Wu.

No need to doubt it, his spirit power was the strongest of everyone present. His choice at this time was the most proper. He was even more tyrannical than Dai Mubai, the imposing manner cultivated over several years in the top position wasn’t something Dai Mubai, this melancholy dreamless brother, could compare to.

Behind Dai Weisi, Zhu Zhuyun also moved. A supporting light shot into her from behind her back, and Zhu Zhuyun disappeared practically

instantly. With a flicker, her entire body only left behind faint afterimages in the air, drawing an enormous arc, curving around the side, going straight for Tang San.

Clearly, they already considered Tang San’s black spirit ring as the biggest threat.

Tang San didn’t even seem to notice Zhu Zhuyun’s arrival, his face very serious, the light of his fourth spirit ring rushing out, dense black rising with all its strength under the boost of the stimulating pink sausage and Ning Rongrong’s fourth spirit ability spirit power boost. Instantly, he was completely covered in a black layer. At the same time, in his right hand, surging blue light completely condensed in his palm with hardly anything showing outside. His palm just slowly closed.

Ding—— Zhu Zhuyun’s illusory silhouette halted in midair, because an equally fast silhouette suddenly blocked in front of her.

Zhu Zhuqing and Zhu Zhuyun’s fierce collision in midair left behind a trail of sparks.

In terms of strength, Zhu Zhuqing was still very inferior to Zhu Zhuyun, there was after all still a gap of five ranks or so between them in spirit power. However, don’t forget that behind Zhu Zhuqing was still the unprecedented Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda Spirit Master Ning Rongrong, with speed amplification, using Three Aperture Governing Heart to focus on her, directly increasing her speed by forty percent. To agility attack system Spirit Masters, speed and attack power were directly proportional. Even though Zhu Zhuyun also had the speed boost from her companion behind her, how could the effect compare to the world’s number one support spirit?

Zhu Zhuyun’s shock didn’t make her pause, she of course saw that Tang San was just about to release that terrifying ten thousand year spirit ring ability. From Tang San’s storing power circumstances she clearly understood that this spirit ability absolutely wasn’t any small matter, no matter what she couldn’t let the opponents fully use it.

The two sisters continuously collided in midair like shooting stars, countless sparks glittering in the air from the collision of their claws.

The battle on the other side had already begun. Meeting Dai Weisi’s domineering pressure wasn’t Dai Mubai, but Xiao Wu. Figure flashing, Xiao Wu already appeared in front of Dai Weisi. Her second spirit ability, Demonic Confusion, released along with her eyes turning pink.

Dai Weisi snorted coldly, the radiance in his eyes suddenly growing sharply, unexpectedly completely disregarding Xiao Wu’s Demonic Confusion ability. Under the boost of White Tiger Vajra Transformation, a White Tiger Light Wave shot out at her. At the same time he sped up, tiger paws opening, his target still Dai Mubai.

However, in the end he still underestimated Xiao Wu. In just an instant, Xiao Wu shocked everyone.

Teleportation launched, dodging the White Tiger Light Wave attack. The next moment, Xiao Wu’s body was suddenly covered by a layer of golden light, and she wound directly around Dai Weisi.

As the chief heir to the clan, Dai Weisi possessed the formidable White Tiger Spirit, and prodigious talent.

His real combat experience was naturally extremely plentiful.

Faced with Xiao Wu’s sudden change, he wasn’t flustered at all, White Tiger Vajra Transformation with White Tiger Barrier instantly rising to the limit. Rich white light gushed out of his body, he wanted to use his own superior spirit power to directly bounce away Xiao Wu.

But, Dai Weisi miscalculated. The instant the white light over his body touched the golden light Xiao Wu released, the white light unexpectedly didn’t have the slightest blocking effect. The next moment, Xiao Wu’s scorpion braid already swept out, firmly twisting around his neck.

Soft Bones Demon Rabbit Xiao Wu, fourth spirit ability, Paragon Golden Body[3], launched.

To Xiao Wu, there was no spirit ability that suited her better than this.

[1] (戴维斯) Could also be read “Davies”, but let’s keep family names consistent
[2] (朱⽵云) “Vermillion Bamboo Cloud”
[3] (⽆敌⾦⾝)

Chapter 123

After launching Paragon Golden Body, all attacks of any level were completely ineffective. Internal strength doubled. Three second duration. For every ten spirit power ranks, the invincibility and strength boost time would increase by one second.

Three seconds would seem very short, but very often it was enough to take control of the crucial moment. This fourth spirit ability nevertheless traded time for a formidable effect. No matter what attack it faced, it would be invincible for three seconds. This gave Xiao Wu ample time to get in close.

Long hair twisted around her opponent’s neck, Xiao Wu had already dodged behind Dai Weisi. Both of Dai Weisi’s palms struck back in the final second of Paragon Golden Body, the intense backlash making his palms numb.

Tang San had long ago told Xiao Wu that he didn’t like seeing her use her body to twist around the opponents, she was after all a girl. Consequently, Xiao Wu’s Soft Skill had already changed a lot by now. The braid that had twisted around Dai Weisi’s neck tightened abruptly; and, having dodged behind Dai Weisi, her one foot supporting on the ground, Xiao Wu planted her other foot on Dai Weisi’s waist.

First spirit ability, Waist Bow, launched.

Xiao Wu’s entire body braced for a moment in that golden ring of light, just before erupting with her full strength.

The effect of Paragon Golden Body had doubled her strength, and the Waist Bow boost doubled it once again. The force her seemingly slender body could exert right now was enough to induce terror. Even a sixtieth rank Spirit Master would still find it impossible to resist when controlled by her.

Dai Weisi shot out like an artillery shell, slamming directly into his comrades.

And at this moment, with a tiger’s roar, Dai Mubai finally moved. Three White Tiger Light Waves shot out, and under the amplification of White Tiger Vajra Transformation, it forcibly obstructed the other several Star Luo Academy Spirit Masters from unleashing their spirit abilities.

However, strangely, from the start of the match, the Shrek Seven Devils had never shown any intent of charging in to attack.

The Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda suddenly added another radiant stream, attack power boost; altogether two streams of light condensing on Zhu Zhuqing.

With an immense sound, Zhu Zhuyun was shocked flying by Zhu Zhuqing’s instantly increased attack cat claws. Right now her face had already become extremely unsightly. She wasn’t losing to Zhu Zhuqing, but rather to the combination of Zhu Zhuqing and Ning Rongrong.

The Shrek Seven Devils were always as one, and right now, these two sisters were both taking an equal share in scars and bruises.

“Seven Devil riot.” A shout in a steady voice came from Tang San. Having constantly stored power, he finally moved. Left foot taking a step forward, that right fist stored full of deep blue radiance smashed the floor with a loud rumble.

At the same time, behind Tang San, Oscar threw out altogether four stimulating pink sausages from his hands, each reaching Dai Mubai, Zhu Zhuqing, Xiao Wu, and Ma Hongjun’s hands. He had naturally never stopped making sausages while Tang San stored power.

Faint light flickering, Tang San’s face revealed a tyrannical expression , deep blue rays of light bursting from his fist in a flash.

Being thrown by Xiao Wu, Dai Weisi was completely unable to control his body, and three of his companions had to join hands to catch him; but at this moment, time seemed to slow by half.

Hong—— Chi——

Along with a bizarre sound, a circle of deep blue hazy light quietly spread with the Star Luo Academy team at its center. The moment that hazy blue light had spread to its limit, suddenly, countless strands of Blue Silver Grass broke through the ground and shot up within the range of that hazy light, completely pushing all the Star Luo Academy team members into the air.

Before this critical moment, the Star Luo team’s members only had time to release their protective spirit abilities. Right now, of the seven, only Zhu Zhuyun was slightly separated from the team; the other six were practically all together.

The defense protected them, but, the Blue Silver Grass that stabbed them into the air seemed to have a peculiar stunning effect. The seven Star Luo Academy team members all sunk into a brief period of dizziness.

Thousand Hands Asura Tang San, fourth spirit ability, Blue Silver Prison variant ability, Blue Silver Thrust, launched.

This was the result of Tang San’s focused research. When Blue Silver Prison was used in live combat, it was Blue Silver Grass suddenly erupting from the ground, trapping the opponent within a cage. Since it was like this, what would the effect be if his entire spirit power was completely released on the Blue Silver Grass bursting from the ground?

This made the Blue Silver Grass of the Blue Silver Prison extremely hard. If the opponent was a bit weak, he would be directly pierced through. It was also impossible for stronger opponents to escape this kind of area attack.

Through experimentation, Tang San discovered that when his spirit power was condensed to a certain degree, Blue Silver Thrust could cause a brief stunning effect. The duration of this effect depended on the opponent’s strength.

However, even more powerful opponents would still be stunned for at least a second.

This discovery made Tang San expend a lot of effort to study this spirit ability. After all, it was a ten thousand year spirit ring’s ability, how could it be so simple? Blue Silver Prison itself had a stun effect, but it required the opponent to break open the cage to take effect; even so, the effect was exceptionally faint. When large numbers of Blue Silver Prisons erupted densely, the stun effects overlaid, immediately becoming clear.

At present, Tang San’s research into this spirit ability still wasn’t completely mature, but he still had some certainty of restraining his opponents.

In order to strengthen the effect of the spirit ability, Tang San had, from the start, used Ning Rongrong’s spirit power amplification and the attribute boost from Oscar’s stimulating pink sausage. Like this, the effect of his Blue Silver Thrust reached its maximum level the first time it was used on the battlefield.

Even an opponent like Dai Weisi with much higher spirit power than him, would be stunned for more than three seconds right now. Moreover, even though all the opponents had blocked Blue Silver Thrust’s attack, they were still injured.

Seven Devil Riot had begun the instant Tang San swung his fist.

Bathing Fire Phoenix, Phoenix Ascension, two great spirit abilities simultaneously flashed from Ma Hongjun, this was his moment to shine.

The fat body was covered with flame and soared up, leaving behind a trail of distorted light.

Blue Silver Thrust disappeared the moment Ma Hongjun was about to land, and the place Ma Hongjun had picked was just perfect, just at the center of where Dai Weisi’s six people were gathered. Evil Fire Phoenix’ fourth spirit ability, Phoenix Cry Sky Strike, launched.

With a distorted explosive sound, the terrifying effect of the follow-up restraining ability erupted.

It was very difficult for the follow-up restraining ability to take effect, because of the small range necessitating proximity, generally speaking, it was very easy for the opponent to dodge.

But when truly hit by it, the duration of the follow-up restraining effect would be a lot longer than the initial restraint.

Unleashing the first part of Phoenix Cry Sky Strike made the almost sober Dai Weisi and the others instantly sink even deeper into dizziness.

Immediately afterward, the ground and the air erupted practically simultaneously.

White Tiger Meteor Shower rained from the sky, Phoenix Cry Sky Strike’s second part surged from the ground. The two great fourth spirit abilities simultaneously enveloped the six within their attack range.

Yellow green light dispersed from Tang San’s palm. Due to the support of Ning Rongrong’s spirit power amplification, even after the enormous spirit power consumption of Blue Silver Thrust, he still had an abundant reserve. Ma Hongjun’s follow-up restraint encompassed all but one person, and this person was naturally left for Tang San.

Spiderweb Restraint twisted around Zhu Zhuyun’s body the instant before she recovered from the stun, basically leaving her without the opportunity to save her comrades.

Within the tremendous explosive rumble, miserable shrieks echoed from the location blasted by White Tiger Meteor Shower and Phoenix Cry Sky Strike simultaneously.

In terms of burst power, what could be more powerful than the combined attacks of Phoenix and White Tiger?

However, all this still wasn’t over.

White Tiger leapt up, flickering with golden light, fusing together with that faintly black lit Civet in midair. The enormous Hell White Tiger once again appeared in front of everyone, and right now, the other two capable of using the same spirit fusion ability were trapped in different restraints.

The violent pain made Dai Weisi sober from the dizziness, but he discovered with overwhelming shock that his White Tiger Vajra Transformation had already consumed a frightening degree of his spirit power, and two of the companions beside him had already lost consciousness.

Consecutively erupting several major spirit abilities had already completely overdrawn Dai Mubai’s spirit power, but he and Zhu Zhuqing were still determined to use the Hell White Tiger. In this final moment, his and Zhu Zhuqing’s full potential erupted completely. The emotions suppressed for several years finally released. The enormous Hell White Tiger advanced with world dominating strides, becoming a flowing and enormous surge of light in the air.

Grandmaster had also heard Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing’s story. Before going up, he had given the Shrek Seven Devils some simple directions.

The Grandmaster of a generation, Yu Xiao Gang had not only researched spirits, but was still a Grandmaster in Spirit Master tactics. He saw the opponents’ biggest weakness with a glance.

Underestimating the enemy.

At least, to the teams advancing from Star Luo Empire, it seemed that the reason Shrek Academy could advance to the third round was mostly related to their luck with the draw. From Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing’s descriptions, he immediately judged that it would be even easier for Dai Weisi and Zhu Zhuyun to have an attitude of underestimating the enemy.

It was just because of this that Grandmaster told Tang San to go all out, showing no quarter. His directions to the Shrek Seven Devils was to erupt instantly, destroying the enemy.

Grandmaster’s directions naturally had a purpose. If they let the opponents completely unleash their strength, then even if the Shrek Seven Devils could obtain the ultimate victory in the match, it would be a pyrrhic one.

At least the spirit fusion ability of the high spirit power Spirit Masters Dai Weisi and Zhu Zhuyun could inflict heavy casualties on the Shrek Seven Devils.

While underestimating their enemy, the opponents certainly wouldn’t reveal all their trumps from the start, but the Shrek Seven Devils did.

From Tang San’s amplified fourth spirit ability Blue Silver Thrust, to the twin slaughter by Ma Hongjun and Dai Mubai, and again to this final Hell White Tiger attack.

The Shrek Seven Devils undoubtedly revealed the peak of their strength.

With the simultaneous amplifying effects of Oscar and Ning Rongrong on their comrades, the burst strength at this moment made the entire audience change color.

Hong—— Without the least suspense, the already heavily injured six members simultaneously flew out of the ring from the Hell White Tiger’s

powerful strike. The Hell White Tiger turned a beautiful circle in midair.

The final claw struck heavily on Dai Weisi. The sound of the bones of Dai Weisi’s shoulder shattering spread clearly to the entire audience. Before he even had time to scream in misery, he was already unconscious in midair.

This was still Dai Mubai holding back. Otherwise, this one claw would have struck his chest, taking his life. No matter what was said, the opponent was still his big brother. The other side might not recognize this affection, but Dai Mubai had to inwardly admit to the blood relation.

The enormous Hell White Tiger turned into two once again. Because of his overdrawn spirit power, Dai Mubai directly fell limply into Zhu Zhuqing’s arms.

By no means should this brief encounter be underestimated. In this short period of time, both sides had exhausted frightening amounts of spirit power; especially the Shrek Seven Devils, who had gone all out without holding anything in reserve, giving them this chance.

With a ripping sound, Zhu Zhuyun finally threw off Tang San’s Spiderweb Restraint by relying on her sharp cat’s claws, but she was already completely dumbfounded.

No matter the Shrek Seven Devils’ current condition, there were still seven of them standing in the ring right now. And of the entire Star Luo Imperial Academy team, only she alone remained.

Zhu Zhuqing’s ice cold gaze observed her older sister. Xiao Wu, Ma Hongjun, and Tang San slowly stepped up. They had all eaten one of Oscar’s recovery sausages each. And behind them was still the hazy light of Ning Rongrong pouring all her strength into spirit power amplification.

Three against one, that was no contest. Especially in front of Tang San’s formidable control capability.

However, Zhu Zhuyun was unresigned. Even now, in her heart, she still shouted that it was impossible. She had never imagined that she would actually lose to her still not fifteen years old little sister. Moreover, losing so miserably. How could she be resigned to it? How could she want to concede?

With a sharp whistle, bringing a mournful mood, she charged fiercely at the three. At this moment, she still left behind a series of phantom images.

However, her forward charge hadn’t gotten five meters before she stopped. Blue Silver Grass quietly appeared from her body, Blue Silver Grass seeds having fallen on her as early as the Blue Silver Thrust. Thousand Hands Asura Tang San, second spirit ability, Parasite.

The immense forward momentum turned Zhu Zhuyun’s body into a rolling bottle gourd. If not for her mood having suffered such immense agitation, perhaps she still wouldn’t have cut such a sorry figure now, but, right now her heart was in chaos.

A flickering silhouette quietly appeared at her side, the paralysing and corroding toxins on the Blue Silver Grass already starting to invade her body.

Xiao Wu bent directly, and in just a moment’s work, her Waist Bow displayed its effect, throwing Zhu Zhuyun’s agitating figure into the air.

Tang San’s gaze turned to Zhu Zhuqing, revealing a trace of questioning. He was asking Zhu Zhuqing how to deal with this big sister of hers. At this moment, Zhu Zhuyun was already trussed for slaughter. Tang San wouldn’t hesitate even if Zhu Zhuqing wanted to kill her. There was nothing more important than the friendship of them Shrek Seven Devils.

Secretly sighing, Zhu Zhuqing still shook her head. Hanging her head and pulling Dai Mubai into her embrace, two sparkling and translucent teardrops unconsciously flowed from the corners of her eyes.

The victory had come so quickly after so many years of hope and expectations, even she herself didn’t know whether to express happiness or

sadness right now. No matter what was said, that was after all her big sister!

Tang San helplessly shook his head, gesturing to Xiao Wu.

Xiao Wu soared up, her feet tangling around Zhu Zhuyun’s feet, Waist Bow launching once again, directly throwing her body out of bounds.

The match ended in absolute silence. The Shrek Seven Devils all stood on the stage, slowly gathering together. Even the disoriented Dai Mubai was supported by Zhu Zhuqing to keep a straight back. Yes, they had won, they had obtained true victory. They had used one complete victory to declare the arrival of kings. Without one person suffering serious injuries, the Shrek Team had kicked out one of the three great seeds, the Star Luo Imperial Advanced Spirit Master Academy.

As the referee declared the victory, the Shrek Academy resting area was already cheering. Even Grandmaster’s face revealed a gratified smile. Even the best tactics had to be implemented by people. Without these prodigious children, how could his tactics have been displayed so perfectly?

Walking off the stage, Dai Mubai was immediately caught by Flender, Jiang Zhu’s healing rings of light spread, helping everyone recover their strength and treating their injuries. Oscar made his big recovery sausages with a big smile across his whole face. The complete Spirit Ancestor strength now attracted the gazes of all the combatants. Even the Spirit Hall bishops were no exception.

A party of people walking past Shrek Academy’s side suddenly halted.
Tang San sensed a gaze on him, and raised his head to look.

This group was precisely the representative seed team of Heaven Dou Empire, Heaven Dou Imperial Academy team, and the one looking at him was the team captain, with the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Spirit, Yu Tian-Heng.

“I didn’t expect you to already have become so powerful. I truly am astonished.” Yu Tian-Heng watched Tang San with a burning gaze.

Tang San smiled calmly, saying: “You’re also pretty good. It seems you’ve all made great progress.”

Yu Tian-Heng sighed, “Originally I planned to have a proper fight with you in this tournament, but now it seems we won’t have the chance. Only, remember to avenge us. It seems to me that if there was any team that could threaten the Spirit Hall Academy team, then it wouldn’t be us or Star Luo Imperial Academy, but rather you. Watch our next match closely. Even if we lose, we will still make them reveal as much of their strength as possible.”

Tang San looked somewhat distracted. In his impression, Yu Tian-Heng was a person who would never admit defeat. At the same time he also saw that Heaven Dou Imperial Academy team’s strength was a bit lacking compared to the Star Luo Imperial Academy team from before, only five or so of them having truly reached the fortieth rank.

Being completely suppressed in strength, made Yu Tian-heng lose confidence. The next confrontation between two great seeds was actually already without any suspense.

Spirit Hall, were they truly so formidable? Brilliant light suddenly flashed from Tang San’s eyes, “Yu Tian-Heng, don’t let me look down on you. Without trying, how would you know it’s impossible? As captain, if you lost your confidence, then, in this lifetime, you will never be suited to be my opponent.”

“What did you say?” To the side, Jade Phosphor Serpent Spirit Master Dugu Yan’s anger reached the heavens, but she was stopped by Yu Tian- Heng.

A faint flame began to spread in Yi Tian-Heng’s eyes, he was completely aflame from Tang San’s words. Fixing his eyes on Tang San, he raised his right hand and swung it forcefully, “Wait and see. I’ll let them learn about trouble.”

The most attention-grabbing match finally began. As two of the three great seeded teams, when Heaven Dou Imperial Academy team and Spirit

Hall Academy team took the stage, the entire audience quieted down.

The previous match had already shocked them too much, and the next fight should be even more marvellous.

In the second round match, the seven members the Spirit Hall Academy team sent up lacked those three people who had obtained the Purple Record Medal, and they had still won easily.

But confronting the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy team was clearly different.

Among the Spirit Hall Academy team were also three new faces.

These three unhurriedly walked furthest ahead of the Spirit Hall Academy team. Even though their appearance would seem very common, and their mood also very tranquil, the feeling they gave people was like three wolves poised to spring.

The three oozed with imposing manner and confidence. Tang San saw that only experiencing countless victories, defeating countless opponents, would instill this kind of mental superiority.

The Spirit Hall Academy team uniform was white, spotless white all over, embroidered with the six emblematic designs of Spirit Hall. The three people walking in front all wore a purple book shaped badge on the left sides of their chests. That was their honorary emblem.

The one walking furthest ahead was a man, his height approximately over one meter ninety, short neat black hair standing erect like steel needles, his expression very serene, his entire body seeming to burst with intangible conviction.

Slender forceful hands hung at his sides, watching Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Spirit Master Yu Tian-Heng across from him with an indifferent gaze.

Compared to him, Yu Tian-Heng’s mood was clearly somewhat excited. Provoked by Tang San’s words, by now Yu Tian-Heng’s mood was already thoroughly agitated.

On either side of that short-haired man were one man and one woman. That man had a head of fiery red long hair, draped over his shoulders and back. Even his eyes were deep red. He was equally plain, but just like that previous short-haired youth, he exuded that intangible temperament.

The only woman among them had long black hair, her appearance somewhat resembling the man furthest in front. The expressions of the three were all like cast from the same mold. This girl wasn’t particularly beautiful at first glance, but of one observed carefully, one could sense a kind of peculiar charm from her.

A familiar voice sounded next to Tang San’s ear, “Watch these three carefully.”

Tang San turned his head to look. At some point, Dugu Bo had already arrived at his side. Dugu Bo also attentively gazed at those three. Right now, the four other team members walking behind them had completely turned into props. But those four still clearly all possessed strength over the fortieth rank.

“These three are acclaimed by Spirit Hall as the three geniuses of the Golden Generation. The black haired youth furthest ahead is called Xie Yue[1], fifty second ranked power attack system Battle Spirit King, his spirit is Moon Blade[2], a tool Spirit Master. The red haired man behind him is called Yan[3], fifty second ranked flame attribute power attack system Battle Spirit king, his spirit is Flamelord[4]. The woman on Xie Yue’s other side is his little sister, called Hu Lena[5], fifty first ranked control system Battle Spirit King, her spirit is Fox[6]. Xie Yue and Hu Lena followed each of their parents’ names and inherited each of their parents’ spirits. Among the three, besides paying attention to the two power attack system Battle Spirit Kings, you must also pay particular attention to that Hu Lena. Hu Lena possesses extremely powerful charming capabilities, and her spirit abilities all rely mainly on charm.”

Listening to Dugu Bo, Tang San nodded silently, recording every word Dugu Bo said in his heart.

Grandmaster also silently listened to the side, but his gaze had already floated over behind the stage, to that lofty Supreme Pontiff Palace. ‘Bibi Dong, is this the subject you give me?’

With the referee’s declaration, the match began.

Despite Yu Tian-Heng’s fighting spirit being aroused by Tang San, as he saw the other side’s spirits comprehensively release, he still couldn’t help being sluggish.

Of Xie Yue’s trio standing furthest in front,each had two yellow, two purple, and one black, five flickering spirit rings. Moreover it was a peak spirit ring configuration. The three condensing their formidable pressure made Yu Tian-Heng’s aggressiveness immediately weaken somewhat.

The first to move of the Spirit Hall Academy team wasn’t captan Xie Yue furthest in front, but rather his little sister, Hu Lena.

With light steps, Hu Lena only seemed to make a turn before she already stood furthest in front, a faint smile appearing on her face. She seemed to have become beautiful along with releasing her spirit, and moreover a big bushy tail appeared behind her.

Faint red rays of light appeared from her body, looking at Yu Tian-Heng with light softly flashing in her eyes, the just preparing to unleash his spirit abilities Yu Tian-Heng came to a halt once again. But his combat experience was after all abundant, and he hastily shouted, “Don’t look her in the eyes.”

“Not looking me in the eye won’t do what? Others call me Heavenly Fox.” Hu Lena’s voice sounded somewhat rough, but that rough voice carried a kind of special charm. Ever since she stepped out and used that expression, until these words, not one of the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy team had actually moved.

A strange scene had appeared. Hu Lena’s five spirit rings flickered extremely rhythmically, first that black spirit ring, then followed by the fourth, third, second, directly until finally that yellow first spirit ring. As each spirit ring fluctuated, the red light over her body became richer, and Xie Yue behind her also moved.

Xie Yue’s Moon Blade wasn’t one blade, but two. Two blades, blood red all over, curved just like half moons, one Moon Blade held in each hand. Along with his body moving now, both his arms unfolded, and he unexpectedly body tackled his little sister’s back.

A screen of red light suddenly appeared, spreading. The instant Xie Yue and Hu Lena collided, that red light unexpectedly wrapped the two of them together. At the same time, that red light also erupted in a flash, spreading just like a sphere of light, covering close to half the stage. Naturally it also enveloped the seven opponents within.

“Spirit fusion ability?” Tang San practically blurted out.

The other five Spirit Hall Academy team members, including Yan, apparently didn’t plan to do anything. Yan even withdrew a few steps, standing together with the other team members.

The red light flickered, and the originally two people had turned into one. A person with lightly floating long hair, and apparently indistinguishable gender.

Hair having turned red, this silhouette formed from Xie Yue and Hu Lena danced quietly. Two Moon Blades having doubled in size, cut with splendor like flowing rainbows.

Indeed, this was their spirit fusion ability, Charm Demon[7].

This Charm Demon ability was different from Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing’s Hell White Tiger.

Hell White Tiger specialized in attack, and this Charm Demon specialized in control. Within the range of the Charm Demon’s control,

everyone’s senses were reduced by fifty percent, spirit power suppressed by fifty percent, and all actions slowed by fifty percent.

For Yu Tian-Heng and the others, within that intense red light, it became extremely difficult even to see their opponent.

The red light abruptly grew stronger, tremendous energy fluctuations blossoming momentarily. It was already basically impossible to see the situation inside from the outside.

Muffled grunts came unceasingly from behind the isolating red barrier.
Figure after figure was thrown out from inside.

Scarlet blood burst forth along with the silhouettes being thrown out. to Tang San, Dugu Bo’s expression had already become extremely unsightly.

“They don’t want their opponents to see their strength clearly. Even though they used the spirit fusion ability, they’re only showing it off in front of you.”

Very soon, five of Heaven Dou Imperial Academy team’s seven members had been thrown out. Only Yu Tian-Heng and Dugu Yan’s sharp hisses came from that red light barrier.

Along with the sharp hiss, a neither male nor female malicious voice echoed within the red barrier, “Poison, in our domain, is just as ineffective. Dugu Yan, your poison still isn’t enough to affect me. Leave.”

Dugu Yan flew out with an explosive sound like a thunderclap. She didn’t have any scars or bruises, but blood was already spurting out wildly, the explosion directly throwing her off the stage.

Along with a final explosive sound, the red light screen finally retreated, and that hermaphrodite like figure returned to being two people.

Yu Tian-Heng stood across from them, and those two dragon formed arms trembled constantly.

“Out of consideration for your clan, we’ll spare your life.” Xie Yue’s faint voice floated out. The Moon Blades in his hands swung lightly, and as if his body was pulled by a string, Yu Tian-Heng’s valiant figure loudly collapsed to the ground. The dragon scales on his arms scattered in all directions, blood splashing.

Slowly raising his Moon Blades, Xie Yue’s gaze floated over to the Shrek Academy team’s side, as if provoking them.

Tang San hardly feared meeting opponents, his pupils contracting, purple golden rays of light shot out.

Xie Yue’s eyes revealed a brief absentmindedness, his body swaying lightly once.

The purple golden radiance in Tang San’s eyes was only one flash. Xue Yue reacted very quickly, cold strict light flashing through his eyes, he raised his right hand and made a cutting motion across his throat, issuing a gesture of slaughter.

If Shrek Academy’s difficult victory over Star Luo Academy had shocked people, then the Spirit Hall Academy team’s main force appearing gave people an impression of overwhelming superiority. Confronting another seeded team, they actually only needed two people, defeating their opponents by relying on one spirit fusion ability. What kind of gap in strength was this?

Nobody would doubt their strength again, and even fewer would ponder over it. Plenty of people had frozen expressions. At this moment, besides Shrek Academy, no other team held any hopes for victory.

The two highlight battles gave people entirely different impressions. Shrek Academy’s display was admittedly eye catching, but with Spirit Hall revealing those three Spirit Kings, nobody was optimistic about them again.

But, the Shrek Seven Devils didn’t care, they cared about the victory today. This battle belonged to Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing, and also to all of them.

When they returned to their residence, Dai Mubai had already woken up. He and Zhu Zhuqing were so excited they couldn’t calm down until nightfall.

The third round of matches had ended, and in the entire tournament only six teams remained. Two of the seeded teams had unexpectedly washed out in today’s matches, leaving only the Spirit Hall Academy team.

No need for doubt, among all the remaining six teams, the Spirit Hall Academy team’s strength counted as number one. Following closely behind, was the Shrek Academy team and the Godwind Academy team. Even though the other three teams had also broken through to the final six, they were little more than foils.

Tomorrow’s lot drawing would be very troublesome. Nobody wanted to be the first to face the Spirit Hall Academy team, that would mean running up against a wall.
[1] (邪⽉) “Evil Moon”
[2] (⽉刃) “Moon Edge”
[3] (焱) “Flames”
[4] (⽕焰领主)
[5] (胡列娜) The “hu” in her name is pronounced the same as the “hu”
in Fox (狐).

[6] (狐狸)

[7] ( 妖 魅 ) Either character can mean either charm/bewitch or demon/monster.

Chapter 124

By now the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament was considered reaching the end, and at the same time reaching white hot intensity. The ones capable of remaining behind were no doubt the most powerful of the young generation.

Especially Spirit Hall’s Golden Generation allowed people to truly see the potential Spirit Masters could reach.

Of course, this was under the condition that nobody knew the Shrek Seven Devils’ true age.

After dinner, the Shrek Academy students each returned to their rooms to rest.

Spirit Hall had arranged excellent residences. Each person had a room to themselves. The opponents in tomorrow’s match would be decided by lots, but no matter who they faced, they couldn’t go wrong by maintaining their peak condition.

Tang San was just preparing to meditate when a knock sounded at the door.

“Who?” He asked somewhat astonished. Everyone had just returned to their rooms, who would come here? Xiao Wu?

“Me.” A gloomy voice gave Tang San the answer.

Opening the door, Tang San saw the still somewhat pale Dai Mubai outside, “Mubai, you should be resting and recovering your spirit power, why did you come here?”

Dai Mubai sighed lightly, “I want to talk to you.” “Come inside.” Tang San let Dai Mubai into his room.
Walking into the room, Dai Mubai sat in a sofa to the side. His facial expression had already calmed a lot. As Tang San closed the door, Dai Mubai sighed, saying: “Little San, thank you.”

Tang San smiled faintly, saying: “If you say thanks, you should thank everyone. It was everyone’s joint efforts that gained us the victory today. What’s more, between us brothers, what’s the need for thanks?”

Dai Mubai relieved leaned back in the sofa, smiling: “Little San, haven’t you already guessed something?”

Tang San still wore a smiling expression, “You tell me? Your Highness. Besides the imperial family, I don’t know what clan would have such fierce internal struggles. Even having brothers killing each other. What you called ‘inheriting the clan’, should refer to the title of Emperor.”

Dai Mubai sighed, “You found out? There’s no good hiding it between us brothers. That’s right, I’m Star Luo Empire’s third prince. Dai Weisi whom we beat today is my older brother. His strength, talent and age, all made him the first ranked heir. Actually, what Zhuqing said today was a bit exaggerated. If we lost, perhaps I wouldn’t die for certain, but my spirit power would definitely be crippled, and I’d be sent to some fringe region to live out the rest of my days.”

Tang San’s brows tightened slightly, “How’s that different from death?
Is the imperial family really so cruel?”

The corners of his mouth displaying a cold smile, Dai Mubai said: “You aren’t a member of the imperial family. You don’t understand the

complexities. The two great empires on the Continent, do you know how they differ in strength?”

Tang San blankly shook his head. He’d never had any concern for matters of politics.

Dai Mubai smiled coldly: “If not for Spirit Hall blocking it, perhaps this w orld would already be ours. In national strength and military strength, our Star Luo Empire far exceeds the Heaven Dou Empire. Even if we also have several internal kingdoms, the imperial authority isn’t as scattered as in Heaven Dou Empire. And all this originates in this special method of competition in our imperial family. Even if it’s cruel, this way each generation’s regent has grown up to be outstanding in all ways. Heaven Dou Empire really can’t compare. Heaven Dou Empire’s only advantage is that it has the three upper sects within its borders. Among the three upper sects, even though the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan and your Clear Sky School have never participated in political struggles, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School has always supported Heaven Dou Empire. And then there’s Spirit Hall blocking between the two great empires. Otherwise, there might already have been a war. Until the last few years, Heaven Dou Empire’s development has been a bit faster, and some internal problems had appeared in Star Luo Empire. The strength ratio between the two great empires started to level out.”

Tang San said: “This is what Spirit Hall wants to see the most?”

The corners of Dai Mubai’s mouth slanted, “Of course. To an existence like Spirit Hall, balance between the two great empires is most beneficial to them. The number of Spirit Masters grasped by Spirit Hall is really too frightening. The two great empires added together aren’t equal to it. But if the two great empires became one, unified into one integrated powerful empire, then Spirit Hall wouldn’t be able to continue to exist. After all, no kind of centralized imperial power would allow this kind of organization to exist.”

Tang San somewhat astonished said: “Even if the two great empires became one, don’t tell me it could deal with Spirit Hall? Don’t they have large numbers of Spirit Masters? On the battlefield, with overwhelming

numbers of Spirit Masters, it should be possible to directly control the outcome.”

Dai Mubai smiled faintly, saying: “I’m not your equal in talent, but your understanding of political battles isn’t equal to mine. It would be impossible for Spirit Hall to become the ruler of the Continent. Even though they hold Spirit Masters, all they hold is Spirit Masters. There are ten billion people on the continent. All Spirit Masters come from the two great empires. Even though Spirit Hall can conduct them, they can’t make them commit treason. As a result, no matter what angle you look at it from, Spirit Hall can only constantly expand their influence, it’s never been possible for them to rule.”

Tang San suddenly understood. He had never before thought that there would be such complex relationships involved.

Dai Mubai stood, stepping in front of Tang San and raising his hands to hold his shoulders, his evil eyes firmly locked on Tang San, “Little San, by now you’ve already drawn the attention of Spirit Hall. They won’t let you off. With Spirit Hall’s attention on you, in the future you won’t be able to take a single step on the Continent. Even if school master Ning can protect you for a time, it’s impossible to always follow you. Unless you join Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School.”

Tang San nodded silently. Of course he understood what Dai Mubai was saying.

Dai Mubai continued: “At the end of the tournament, we’ll also officially graduate. Me and Zhuqing will return to Star Luo Empire. Come with us. Bring Xiao Wu. I possess the qualifications to fight with my big brother over the throne now. In Star Luo Empire, the imperial family’s strength is more ferocious than in Heaven Dou Empire, and Spirit Hall also doesn’t dare be too forceful. I truly don’t want to some day see the news of your death.”

Dai Mubai’s eyes were brimming with a sincere light. If it was someone else, perhaps one might think he was doing it to recruit Tang San, but Tang

San sensed that Dai Mubai’s words were completely for his protection, and without any other intentions.

“Big brother, thank you. No matter what the future is like, you’re my big brother. But I still need to think about this. I can’t decide rashly. I want to hear Teacher’s opinion. You also know that Spirit Master cultivation is like rowing a boat upstream. Going to Star Luo Empire, I’m afraid……”

Dai Mubai resolutely said: “What’s there to fear, in my domain, whatever resources you need for cultivation, don’t tell me big brother can’t provide? With us brothers joining hands, if I sit on the throne in the future, you will be my commander in chief, my imperial chancellor. That Xue Qinghe has always wanted to recruit you, I’ve seen it. However, listen to your big brother, the authority of Heaven Dou Empire’s imperial family is too scattered. Even if he became regent, gaining any great achievements wouldn’t be easy. But in Star Luo Empire, as long as I sit on the throne, matters of the imperial household would be mine to decide alone.”

Tang San said: “Boss, I still can’t promise you right now. I understand what you mean. If I really want to pick a side to join in the future, then your place would absolutely be the first choice. If you have any trouble in the future, if you need me, as long as you send word, no matter a thousand mountains and ten thousand rivers, Tang San will be there.”

Dai Mubai didn’t try to persuade him further. The two bumped fists, and even though they didn’t truly pledge, this was already equivalent to an oath between them. Even more binding than any promise.


The Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament fourth round began after a day of rest.

Beyond anyone’s expectation, after the bitter last round, this round became ordinary.

The final six teams decided their opponents by drawing lots.

Among them, the teams who were clearly the strongest, Spirit Hall Academy Team, Shrek Academy Team, and Godwind Academy Team, none drew the other two teams. The three great powerful teams each drew opponents whose strength wasn’t considered that great.

This also meant that the fourth round ended without any suspense, the final three were astonishingly the three strongest. At this moment, they had at last entered the final moments of struggle.

The three great teams basically had intact fighting strength.

In the finals at present, they were only one step away from the final victory.

The bright sunshine fell on the vast land. Under the light of the sun, Supreme Pontiff Palace seemed even more splendid, like the abode of immortals.

In front of Supreme Pontiff Palace were two rows of temple knights arrayed down the hill from the doors of Supreme Pontiff Palace. The bright silver armor and heavy knight swords made the entire Supreme Pontiff hill even more imposing.

The eliminated teams had already left, not even allowed to watch the battles of the final day. Only the true young powers had the qualifications to set foot in the plaza before Supreme Pontiff Palace.

At dawn, the three teams entering the final round were already quietly waiting in front of Supreme Pontiff Palace. The teachers of the three great academies weren’t allowed to stand in the plaza, and could only wait on the outskirts.

Altogether twenty one team members participating in the finals stood straight in the plaza, all waiting for this final moment to arrive.

 With Xie Yue in the lead, the Spirit Hall Academy team members had the most relaxed expressions, but the light of faith still flickered in their eyes. Faith in Spirit Hall, faith in the Supreme Pontiff. Shrek Academy kept the lowers profile, the seven of them standing in a light, from left to right they were Dai Mubai, Tang San, Oscar, Ma Hongjun, Xiao Wu, Ning Rongrong, and Zhu Zhuqing. The size of the platform in the plaza in front of the Supreme Pontiff Palace wasn't a bit smaller than the one used before. The plaza was surfaced with a special rock, and by careful observation one could discover that this stone held a faint gem like luster. Even though it wasn't truly gemstones, it also wasn't common rock. This showed how dreadful the financial might of Spirit Hall was. A group of people walked out the gates of Supreme Pontiff Palace, altogether twelve red robed cardinals whose position was second only to platinum bishops slowly walked over. They walked directly in front of Supreme Pontiff Palace, separating to the left and right, six on either side. The one in the lead said loudly: "Her Holiness the Supreme Pontiff arrives. " "Long live, long live, long live! " The three cheers resounded through the entire Spirit City, like a landslide or tsunami. That wasn't just the shouts from the temple knights arranged neatly on Supreme Pontiff Hill, but at the same time the shouts of all the Spirit Masters in Spirit City who couldn't get close to Supreme Pontiff Hill. To them, the Supreme Pontiff was the highest object of faith. The enormous gate slowly opened, the symbols on the two great doors gradually separating. Everyone's gazes unconsciously turned in the direction of the opening gate. Even the seven members of the Spirit Hall Academy team couldn't keep their pulse from accelerating. Even as Spirit Hall's Golden Generation, they had only met the Supreme Pontiff when they were awarded the Purple Record medal. Wearing a resplendent golden formal long dress from head to foot and a purple gold crown, holding a staff of authority, with a solemn expression, Bibi Dong took the lead out of Supreme Pontiff Palace. She gave a kind of unreal impression, as if infinitely lofty. Nobody even noticed her beautiful appearance. At this moment, she represented only the dignity of Spirit Hall's Supreme Pontiff. The resplendent long dress was extremely close fitting. The dazzlingly beautiful ceremonial dress flashed with the gemstones, having more than a hundred red, blue, and golden gemstones. The purple golden hat was even more splendid with ten thousand rays of light. At this moment, all this light condensed on one person. All the Spirit

Hall subordinates knelt on one knee on the ground, "Our respects for Your Holiness Supreme Pontiff. " In the indescribable atmosphere at this moment, even people with unswerving will like Tang San and Dai Mubai, surrounded by noisy shouting, couldn’t help but feel an impulse to prostrate themselves in worship.

Behind Bibi Dong followed four people. Three of them wore large red ceremonial robes, different from the red robes of cardinals, inlaid with gold and silver patterns, especially the chest flashed with golden light, more than baby's fist sized gems filled with an even more expensive aura. To ordinary people, these robes were perhaps only a symbol of wealth, but to Spirit Masters, they represented the highest honour, because only Title Douluo had the qualifications to wear them. Clearly, that was the status of these three. Tang San had only met one of the three. That was Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School's ninety sixth ranked Title Douluo, with the title of Sword, Chen Xin. The Sword Douluo renowned for the strongest attack. Of the other two, the one on the left carried an illusory demeanour, even though he wore the same apparel, nobody could see his countenance. As for the other person, skin tender as a baby's and delicate features gave people a kind of peculiar feeling. If not for the Adams apple on his neck, nobody would have believed he was a man. Even though Tang San didn't recognise these two, seeing them immediately gave him a familiar feeling. Secretly he thought that these two should be the Chrysanthemum Douluo and Ghost Douluo that showed up prepared to kill him that day. Only three kinds of people could walk out the main gates of Supreme Pontiff Palace. The first was naturally the Supreme Pontiff. The second were the Title Douluo, having proved themselves with strength. And the third kind was the Spirit Hall elders. Apart from these three, not even the platinum bishops and the emperors of the two great empires had the qualifications. The fourth person walking with these three clearly didn't have the strength of a Title Douluo, but he still walked out the main gates, implying a different status. Spirit Hall elder. To be precise, it was an honorary elder, the school master of Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, Ning Fengzhi. Originally Dugu Bo also had these qualifications, but he wasn't mixed among them. He only quietly waited next to the Golden Iron Triangle. Had it come at last? Tang San gazed attentively at the five walking out of Supreme Pontiff Palace. On the plaza right now, only Shrek Academy's seven didn't kneel. Even the seven

from Godwind Academy were kneeling with one knee on the ground right now. The Shrek Seven Devils hadn't talked it over beforehand, but they all made the same decision. As prince, Dai Mubai naturally wouldn't kneel for Spirit Hall, and Zhu Zhuqing had similar reasons. Oscar had never held Spirit Hall in high regard, and only thought well of them when receiving the gold spirit coin stipend. As for Tang San, he would show obeisance to Spirit Hall even less. Not because of his Clear Sky School background or something similar, but because of his unyielding character. In his heart, the only ones that could make him kneel, was his father and Teacher. As for the others, even if it was the emperor, would they? Ma Hongjun was of much the same mind as Tang San, Xiao Wu hung her head and nobody knew what she thought, but in fact, her eyes betrayed a peculiar glint, unexpectedly containing hatred. As for Ning Rongrong, as the pearl of Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School's school master, and possibly the next generation school master, she naturally wouldn't kneel either.

Even though it wasn't expressly stipulated that Spirit Masters must make obeisance to Spirit Hall, at this moment, the Shrek Seven Devils no doubt appeared unconventional. Bibi Dong's gaze turned directly to these seven youths, and all of Spirit Hall's subordinates were glaring angrily at the Shrek Seven Devils. Standing behind Bibi Dong, Chrysanthemum Douluo Yue Gang's lips buzzed in her direction, and Bibi Dong's gaze immediately found Tang San among the Shrek Seven Devils. The instant her gaze fell on him, Tang San clearly felt as if his soul would be pulled out. Trembling lightly he had no choice but to immediately rouse his Purple Demon Eye. Purple golden rays of light flashed more than a chi out of his eyes, then blocking Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong's gaze. But his actions were undoubtedly noticeable, far from able to compare with Bibi Dong's ease. "Bold, daring to disrespect the Lord Supreme Pontiff." A cardinal bowing with clasped hands in front rebuked angrily. Bibi Dong's gaze had already become gentle, raising her hand, that cardinal immediately shut his mouth, with an expression of veneration and awe. Bibi Dong being able to inherit the position of Supreme Pontiff was because of the recognition of the previous Supreme Pontiff and the support of several elders, but her being able to sit steadily on this position was entirely due to her own thunder like skill and strength.   With a gentle smile, Bibi Dong's gaze fixed on Tang San, "You are Grandmaster's disciple Tang San? " Tang San started

inwardly, he hadn't expected that this illustrious Supreme Pontiff would also know his Teacher. "Yes, your Holiness Supreme Pontiff." He replied neither haughtily nor humbly. Bibi Dong nodded to Tang San, "You're very good, as expected with the strength of character of your teacher in those days." The kneeling Spirit Hall Academy team and Godwind Academy team members couldn't help being shocked. After the Supreme Pontiff appeared, the first she spoke to was unexpectedly Tang San, and moreover seemed to know his teacher. To them, this really was difficult to understand. Tang San, conforming with the norms of society, said: "I dare not compare myself to Teacher." Bibi Dong didn't pause by Tang San any longer, waving the staff in her hand, "Rise." All the kneeling people waited for this moment to rise. Because of the Supreme Pontiff deigning to talk to Tang San and what seemed like affirmation, their gazes at the Shrek Seven Devils weren't so angry. A smiling expression appeared on Bibi Dong's face, and her gaze swept from left to right across all the twenty one young Spirit Masters participating in the top three finals. "From you, I find hope. Before Supreme Pontiff Palace, I hope even more to see your full talent and strength. The final victors, will receive Spirit Hall's biggest reward." As she spoke she lightly waved the staff in her hand. Nobody saw what she did, but brilliant light flashed in front of Bibi Dong and grew, floating in midair. Those were three different things, none large, shaped like bones. Separately they were one right arm bone, one head bone, and one left leg bone. Their surfaces also respectively glimmered with fiery red, pale blue, and deep green light. Spirit bones, those were three spirit bones. The light of the three spirit bones was distinct even below Supreme Pontiff Hill. For a moment, all of Spirit City boiled. Except from the people who already knew about it in advance, who could have expected it to be three spirit bones? Judging by the light, these three spirit bones were each of outstanding quality. Even among Spirit Hall's people, each and every eye revealed a covetous light.

If Supreme Pontiff Hall wasn’t here, if not for the deterrent of several Title Douluo, perhaps someone would long since have been unable to restrain their greed and rushed out to snatch them.

Tang San had also obtained a spirit bone when he killed with Yama’s Invitation, therefore as he first glanced at these three spirit bones in front of him, even his staunch will couldn’t help swaying a bit.

These were spirit bones! The most precious thing to Spirit Masters. They could be found but not looked for.

Spirit bones were also sorted by distinction, their quality extremely important. The higher the level of the spirit bone’s spirit beast, the more useful it was. Apart from external spirit bones, of course.

Because external spirit bones were the least common, their ability to grow was also the most precious among spirit bones. In the whole scheme of things, they were second only to hundred thousand year spirit rings.

But there were altogether six types of common spirit bones: head, torso and the four limbs. Among the six types, the most precious was torso, followed by head, again followed in sequence by right arm, left arm, left leg, and right leg. As the quality of spirit bones were different, their price also varied.

Even though the spirit bones Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong pulled out this time didn’t have the most precious torso spirit bone, there was still a head bone. The value of the right arm bone was also second only to head and torso bones. Even the that left leg bone still wasn’t the lowest valued among the six types of spirit bones.

And these spirit bones were all clearly from spirit beasts over the ten thousand year level.

To Spirit Masters, they were top quality goods.

Ghost Douluo Gui Mei standing behind the Supreme Pontiff said in his deep voice: “The three spirit bones are each thought focusing wisdom skull, burst incineration flame right arm, as well as fast movement windchasing left leg. These three spirit bones are all from ten thousand year spirit beasts. Among them, the thought focusing wisdom skull is even from a spirit beast that just reached fifty thousand years, personally killed

by a Supreme Pontiff. In spirit bone quality, it is second only to external spirit bones and first rate spirit bones from hundred thousand year spirit beasts.”

The Supreme Pontiff said indifferently: “There can never be more than one victor, and this goes for the champions as well. Consequently, these three spirit bones will all belong to the winning team. I hope that all you top three academies can make an all out effort to obtain this special glory.”

No matter what level the Spirit Master, they all had a red light in their eyes as they looked at spirit bones. To say nothing of there being three. Intense fighting spirit practically burst from the twenty one competing Spirit Masters.

The Supreme Pontiff continued: “This morning is a knockout competition for the seven members of all your three teams. The team remaining in the end will hold a decisive opportunity, directly entering the fight for the championship tomorrow. The two defeated teams will fight over the other place in the finals in the afternoon. You can now dispatch your first members to the stage.”

It was like the knock-out competition in the ranking competition, but there were three teams participating. Even though this wasn’t the final struggle for the championship, it was equally important.

Capable of winning didn’t only mean entering the top two, but also being able to wait at leisure for an exhausted enemy in tomorrow’s battle.

In this top three phase, there wasn’t any substantial difference in strength. Continuously competing for a day would no doubt be substantially exhausting, and there might even be injuries. It would be practically impossible to recover to peak condition for the final finals tomorrow. Therefore, the winning team in the next competition, would very possibly be the final champions.

Spirit Hall taking out three spirit bones no doubt made the competition even fiercer. Even if Spirit Hall seemed selflessly impartial on the surface,

anyone with eyes could naturally see that these three spirit bones were prepared for the Spirit Hall Academy team.

The Spirit Hall Academy Team had a practically overwhelming advantage. Even though Shrek Academy’s Tang San possessed a ten thousand year spirit ring, in fact, the Spirit Hall team’s three Spirit King level experts fifth spirit rings were also of the ten thousand year level. The difference in one spirit ring was no doubt an enormous gap in strength between Spirit Masters, to say nothing of there still being a difference of three people.

All members of the three teams had strength over the fortieth rank, this made the three fiftieth ranked powers Spirit Hall possessed seem even more outstanding. If there was only one, perhaps there might still be a lucky fluke, but the three lined up, judging by the strength they displayed when defeating the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy team, they were terrifying.

In that fight, only two of them fought, settling the battle with one dazzlingly beautiful spirit fusion ability. Even though they used the spirit fusion ability, since people couldn’t see the circumstances inside due to the particular nature of this ability, it also had an even more opaque meaning. The actual effect was deterrence by force.

Even the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy team members who were there only had a vague impression of that spirit ability. Yu Tian-Heng came to find Tang San yesterday, but he couldn’t give any constructive suggestions either.

When speaking of the Spirit Hall Academy team, his expression was helpless. Even though there was a gap between them and the opponents, in that fight, they basically couldn’t display even their own strength.

This was also where the Spirit Hall Academy team was most terrifying. They relied on their tyrannical strength to suppress the opponent, leaving them unable to display their strength, thereby controlling the outcome. Meticulous minds, tacit cooperation, this Spirit Hall Academy team was extremely formidable even to opponents of the same level, to say nothing of

the opponents about to confront them in the finals who didn’t have even one fiftieth ranker.

Whether to them or all the spectators, the victors of this tournament would without doubt be them. Of course, the three fiftieth ranked Spirit Kings still had an additional mission: to seriously injure Shrek Academy’s Tang San in the competition, or even kill him.

Even though the tournament rules prohibited killing, with the enormous difference in strength, they had a lot of ways to create situations where the opponent would have an accident. Just like the spirit ability backlash when the Shrek Seven Devils confronted Blue Sunshine Academy.

Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong had thought it over for a long time after Grandmaster left, then passed down this order. Even though the relationship between her and Grandmaster was extremely complicated, and Grandmaster personally coming by to visit had caused enormous waves within her heart, she was after all the Supreme Pontiff of the noble Spirit Hall, a long time leader, governing Spirit Hall ideally, with the ambition of accomplishing her predecessor’s incomplete goal, how could she let her private feelings influence the overall situation?

On the surface it might seem like one genius Spirit Master didn’t matter much, Spirit Hall had never lacked for geniuses.

But the more formidable a Spirit Master’s strength, the more it became clear how terrifying the influence and destructive power of a true genius was. If saying Tang San’s talent drew Spirit Hall’s attention, then his background in Clear Sky School and his identity as Tang Hao’s son undoubtedly made Spirit Hall certain he had to die.

Even if this kind of killing intent couldn’t be revealed openly, in the most recent Spirit Hall conclave of elders, all the elders had already unanimously come to this decision. THey wouldn’t permit the appearance of a second Tang Hao, or an even more formidable enemy than Tang Hao.

Twin Spirits alone made them place Tang San’s talent above Tang Hao. Even more, Tang San still relied on only a trash Blue Silver Grass Spirit to

gain his current achievements. Who could see his future clearly? For Spirit Hall’s overall situation, they wouldn’t allow for this variable to appear.

A row of gilded large chairs was arranged in front of Supreme Pontiff Palace, and at Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong’s indication, sitting with her in the middle was Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s Ning Fengzhi and Sword Douluo Chen Xin on the left, and Ghost Douluo Dui Mei and Chrysanthemum Douluo Yue Guan on the right.

The three academies each dispatched their first members on stage. Sent out from Godwind Academy was the original team captain of Blazing Academy, Huo Wushuang, Spirit Hall Academy sent a forty something ranked Spirit Master. On Shrek Academy’s side, the one Grandmaster dispatched first really wasn’t one of the Shrek Seven Devils.

Among the Shrek Seven Devils, two people were Support Spirit Masters who naturally couldn’t participate in this individual competition, but Grandmaster’s first pick to go up also wasn’t the most powerful among the substitute members, Tai Long, but the agility attack system Spirit Master, still not fortieth ranked, Jing Ling.

These three people drew lots, thereby deciding which two academies would fight first, the winner continuing to fight according to this sequence.

Shrek Academy’s luck was extraordinarily good, and Jing Ling drew the empty lot. Sitting out the first round meant that Shrek Academy’s members could appear after, and could not only wait for the enemy to exhaust themselves in the first round, but could also see their strength even more clearly, this was no doubt the winning lot.

However, something nobody had expected occurred. After the drawing of lots had finished, Huo Wushuang and that Spirit Hall Academy team member walked into the center of the ring, the Spirit Hall Academy team member suddenly turned around, bowing in salute in the Supreme Pontiff’s direction, saying: “I concede this fight.”

Concede? Even though there weren’t a lot of people that could observe the battles here, they were still all powers of the Spirit Master world. The

Spirit Hall Academy team unexpectedly abstaining from the first round, this was something the majority of people hadn’t expected.

After being dazed for a short time, the cardinal in charge of refereeing immediately declared that Huo Wushuang obtained the victory in the first round. The second round was between Godwind Academy representative Huo Wushuang and Shrek Academy representative Jing Ling.

On the Shrek Academy side right now, Grandmaster and Tang San practically simultaneously pursed their brows. Master and disciple looked face to face, and neither could help displaying a trace of anger.

And when their gazes turned to the members of Godwind Academy, including Feng Xiaotian and Huo Wu, none of the members dared meet their eyes, clearly of a guilty conscience.

Chapter 125

Jing Ling was equally shocked because of the situation in the ring. Just as he was preparing to oppose the clearly stronger than him Huo Wushuang with his full strength, Grandmaster stood up from the Shrek Academy rest area, looking at the Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong sitting in front of the distant Supreme Pontiff Palace.

“Please delay the start of the match.”

Just as the cardinal referee was about to rebuke Grandmaster for interrupting the competition, he was stopped by the Supreme Pontiff’s raised hand. Bibi Dong’s gaze at Grandmaster was very serene, but whether her heart was as calm, only she knew herself.

“Please explain your justification.” Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong said calmly.

Grandmaster smiled coldly, “My justifications are that Shrek Academy renounces the first half of the finals, voluntarily entering the contest of the losers in the afternoon. Jing Ling, come back.”

If people could still accept that previous Spirit Hall Academy team member suddenly conceding, then Grandmaster now suddenly declaring that Shrek Academy gave up on the individual competition no doubt alarmed everyone present. Even among the Shrek Seven Devils, apart from Tang San, the others all had shocked and vacant expressions.

Clearly, they hadn’t known about Grandmaster’s decision in advance.

The eyes of Ning Fengzhi sitting next to the Supreme Pontiff displayed a flash of understanding, and at the same time a furious glint. He couldn’t keep his gaze from falling on the Supreme Pontiff by his side.

Bibi Dong was still unflustered, calmly saying: “Why?”

Grandmaster stood with his hands behind his back, looking up at the Douluo Palace behind Supreme Pontiff Palace, “Regardless of why, I think, it should be our right to concede.”

Grandmaster’s extremely calm words echoed as if earth shattering in front of Supreme Pontiff Palace. There wasn’t any issue with what he said in itself. The issue was who he spoke to, these words were undoubtedly contradicting the Supreme pontiff.

The highest ruler of Spirit Hall.

As long as those present were Spirit Masters above sixtieth rank, they could all see that Grandmaster wasn’t powerful, absolutely under the fortieth rank, but a Spirit Master with this kind of lacking strength actually dared contradict the most authoritative figure of the Spirit Master world.

But what people had expected even less was for Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong to slowly stand, nodding to Grandmaster, “You’re right. This is your prerogative. Blame me for asking. My apologies, elder Yu.”

Grandmaster and Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong’s dialogue was held in front of numerous powers of Spirit Hall, as well as countless Spirit Masters sticking their heads up to watch the fight from below. The Supreme Pontiff uttering the word ‘elder’, meant only one thing: Grandmaster was a Spirit Hall elder.

And everyone knew the kind of authority Spirit Hall’s elders held. Even Ghost Douluo and Chrysanthemum Douluo sitting next to Bibi Dong had only entered Elder Palace for ten years. And with Grandmaster’s age and strength, he clearly shouldn’t possess this kind of authority.

If someone else had called him a Spirit Hall elder, perhaps it would have been laughable, but when the speaker was Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong, who dared refute her?

Hearing Bibi Dong say this, even Grandmaster couldn’t help looking distracted. The reason he had contradicted Bibi Dong naturally wasn’t because he was secure in support due to their relationship, but because of his fury. As Bibi Dong spoke, Grandmaster understood that this Supreme Pontiff was protecting him.

Contradicting the Supreme Pontiff, even if the Supreme Pontiff didn’t mind herself, would the countless Spirit Masters who worshipped the Supreme Pontiff disregard it?

Even if Grandmaster had the protection of powers by his side, capable of forming the Golden Iron Triangle, the chance of dying from violence in the street would grow enormously.

But when Bibi Dong’s words had recognized him as elder, naturally nobody would dare do anything. Spirit Hall elders saying something to contradict the Supreme Pontiff wasn’t any major event.

Actually, even Bibi Dong didn’t know how Grandmaster had an elder’s warrant tile, she’d only found out from her subordinates after Grandmaster left.

Grandmaster’s waist suddenly ached, and immediately afterward his left arm was pulled into a soft and flexible embrace. Turning his head to look, he saw Liu Erlong demonstratively looking at the Supreme Pontiff.

The expression in Bibi Dong’s eyes swayed briefly, but very quickly returned to normal. She said to the cardinal referee: “Since Shrek Academy has decided to renounce the morning’s competition, continue with the individual matches.”

At this moment, Godwind Academy’s coaching teacher also stood. After first bowing to the Supreme Pontiff, he said with a smile: “The Spirit Hall Academy team is formidable. Our Academy resigns itself to not being

their match. Rather than reduce our strength here, it would be better to contend with Shrek Academy for the other place in the finals this afternoon. Therefore, we also give up on the individual competition.”

The dramatic changes caught a lot of people unprepared. The Spirit Hall Academy team won without a fight, directly entering tomorrow’s finals.

Without a single fight, the finals were already half finished. Even though Spirit Hall Academy got their wish to enter the final battle, Shrek Academy withdrawing from the individual competition still left the organizers somewhat embarrassed.

The Shrek Academy party didn’t stay longer, and swiftly left under Grandmaster’s guidance. In the afternoon, they would fight with Godwind Academy for the other place in the ultimate finals.

Nobody said anything on the way, most of them soaked in the thoughtful and oppressive atmosphere.

The disadvantageous situation swayed the Shrek Seven Devils’ confidence somewhat.

After all, this afternoon they had to confront the allied forces of Godwind Academy and Blazing Academy, and tomorrow they even more had to confront the formidable Spirit Hall Academy team after only one night of rest.

Returning to the residence, Grandmaster called the Shrek Seven Devils to his room.

His gaze sweeping across the seven, Grandmaster indifferently said: “Aren’t you very baffled as to why I would suddenly withdraw from the individual competitions?”

None of the seven said anything, but apart from Tang San, the other seven all seemed a bit puzzled.

Grandmaster’s rigid face flushed, an almost severe light flashing in his eyes, “Even I hadn’t expected Spirit Hall to actually use this kind of contemptible method while holding this kind of advantage. Little San, explain it for everyone.”

Tang San nodded, speaking in a low voice: “Our first member on stage was Jing Ling. Jing Ling’s draw was exceptionally good, letting our side hold the last position in the competition, allowing us to observe our opponents even better. But this time, the Spirit Hall Academy team member on stage suddenly conceded. This had two effects, one was that the Spirit Hall Academy team member kept his full strength intact, without any exhaustion. The other was that Huo Wushuang also kept his full fighting strength to deal with Jing Ling. If I guessed correctly, after Huo Wushuang defeated Jing Ling and confronted the second Spirit Hall team member, he would also immediately concede. Consequently, it would be like their two teams joining hands to deal with us. It would basically be impossible for us to have a chance at victory in the individual competitions. Each loss would be fine, if we won, we would definitely suffer their revolving battle.”

“When Godwind Academy and Blazing Academy merged before, I still didn’t understand why Spirit Hall would agree to their request, but now it’s clear. They reached an agreement with the Spirit Hall Academy team for the support of Spirit Hall.”

Tang San fell silent after explaining. The mood in the whole room turned silent, but the flames of rage constantly spread; no wonder Grandmaster would call Spirit Hall contemptible.

While holding such an advantage, still cooperating with Godwind Academy and Blazing Academy to deal with them, if that wasn’t contemptible, what was?

A sneer appeared on Grandmaster’s face, “They think to stop our march forward like this? Then, they’re still underestimating us too much. Originally I didn’t have that much desire for victory, but when they’re like this, then our goal is also only one.”

Before the competition in the afternoon, the Shrek Seven Devils stayed in Grandmaster’s room the whole time, even when taking their meals. Flender and Liu Erlong kept guard outside, keeping anyone from approaching.

Of course, in the Shrek Academy residence, there was still a power like the Poison Douluo.

The early morning air was cool and refreshing. In the afternoon, as the sun rose to its zenith, that coolness was replaced by scorching heat. Even though it still wasn’t the height of summer, the temperatures were still high.

The seven Spirit Hall Academy team members stood quietly to the side. In the plaza in front of Supreme pontiff Hall, the two semifinalist teams gazed at their counterparts.

Tang San and Dai Mubai stood furthest ahead of the Shrek Seven Devils, looking at those familiar faces not far in front, they revealed a trace of disdain.

The trio of Feng Xiaotian, Huo Wu, and Huo Wushuang, made up the core of the team, looking face to face with Tang San and Dai Mubai.

Huo Wu took a step forward, looking at Tang San, and coldly said: “Do you know why we did this?”

Tang San didn’t reply, only the contempt in his eyes deepening somewhat.

Huo Wu suddenly discovered that she really disliked having Tang San look at her like this, and her explosive temperament immediately appeared, “What I did was all in order to determine the winner with you again. Even if I have to give up the chance of being first, I still definitely have to fight you again.”

Tang San smiled calmly, “If it was only for this, then you’ve already fallen behind. Lost in strength and discipline, in this match, you already don’t stand a chance.”

Huo Wu was indignant, “That will be shown by the facts. Don’t think I’d start off leniently because you saved me. What I owe you, I’ve already repaid.”

Hearing Huo Wu say this, Tang San couldn’t help recalling her appearance that day when she’d rushed into his arms like a ball of flame to kiss him.

Regarding this daring to love and daring to hate girl, he really did admire somewhat. Unfortunately, he wasn’t willing to endure her temperament, and therefore they were destined not to become friends. Even though there were a lot of people like Feng Xiaotian who would patiently endure a beautiful woman, Tang San was still a grown man in his bones.

Even though none of the others of both sides spoke up, the smell of gunpowder was already rich in the air. The cardinal referee had clearly grasped the appropriate timing, and at this moment, declared the start of the match.

Feng Xiaotian dodged in front of Huo Wu in the first instant, protecting her behind him. The flame instantly erupting from Huo Wu became like a backdrop to him. The other team members, under Huo Wushuangs lead, also released their spirits one after another.

However, something they hadn’t expected happened.

The Shrek Seven Devils didn’t take an the orthodox formations like they had in past competitions, but rather swiftly retreated just as the referee declared the start, forming a circle.

There were two people inside the circle, Ning Rongrong and Oscar. The other five began to swiftly revolve around them. Among all the seven, right now none had taken the initiative to release their spirit, but intense spirit power fluctuations permeated the air around them, frantically condensing towards the center.

What was this?

Sitting upright in front of Supreme Pontiff Palace, the eyes of Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong, Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master Ning Fengzhi, as well as the three Title Douluo, couldn’t help revealing alarm. As outstanding talents of the Spirit Master world, even they didn’t understand what the Shrek Seven Devils were doing.

Tang San, Dai Mubai, Xiao Wu, Ma Hongjun, Zhu Zhuqing. The pace of the five was exceptionally identical, as if they followed a kind of special rhythm, and the spirit power fluctuating around them also formed a special orbit, constantly revolving around them and filling the air.

At the center of the formation, Ning Rongrong and Oscar stood hand in hand with their eyes closed. What soared up from Ning Rongrong’s body was nine colored gem light, and appearing over Oscar was a faint red light. The two lights spiralled and soared towards the sky.

Even though the Shrek Seven Devils right now hadn’t released their spirits, these new tactics of theirs still gave their opponents enormous pressure.

“Feng Xiaotian, ascend.” Huo Wu shouted strictly.

Godwind Academy’s seven people immediately changed formation, a pair of enormous cyan wings unfurling from Feng Xiaotian’s back, and at the same time, cyan light and shadow condensed behind him, the appearance of the Stormwind Dual Headed Wolf.

Set off by that tremendously dazzlingly beautiful light, Feng Xiaotian soared into the air. The wings on his back only beat once, drawing support from the currents in the air, he shot up into the sky. What he used right now was the second spirit ability Dual Wolf Body Enhancement and the third spirit ability Stormwind Wings that he originally used against Tang San.

Under the effect of these two great spirit abilities, Feng Xiaotian’s fighting strength suddenly reached its peak.

At this time, Huo Wushuang had already taken Feng Xiaotian’s position in front of Huo Wu, and together with him were still two Godwind Academy power attack system Spirit Masters. The three of them formed a wall, sheltering Huo Wu.

The two people behind Huo Wu wasn’t those two fortieth ranked agility attack system Fire Crane Spirit Masters, but rather the two less than fortieth ranked fire attribute support Spirit Masters that greatly shocked Tang San when they originally appeared in the qualifiers. Countless fiery red specks of light condensed on Huo Wu with astonishing speed.

Huo Wu’s expression was very serious, slowly raising her hands as if lifting fifteen tons, red hot flame condensing into a white light in her palms. At this moment, her four spirit rings unexpectedly all brightened, and her painful expression revealed the pressure she endured right now.

Perspicacious people could all see that right now the Godwind Academy’s seven members were adopting the tactics of five defending two. Two auxiliary type Spirit Masters suporting Huo Wu, three power attack system Spirit Masters defending. Among the seven, the key members were Feng Xiaotian spiralling in the air, as well as Huo Wu using the ring merging ability to condense her entire spirit power.

“Change——” Tang San shouted.

The Shrek Seven Devils formation changed, the original circle suddenly turning into a line. Tang San stood in front, and close behind Tang San were Dai Mubai, followed by Ma Hongjun, Xiao Wu, and Zhu Zhuqing.

Standing furthest in the back were Ning Rongrong and Oscar.

The change in formation made the spirit power they had just released abruptly twist, and at this moment, Oscar suddenly grabbed Ning Rongrong from behind, the faint red rays of light he was releasing abruptly turning pink and frantically rushing into Ning Rongrong.

The Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda rose in front Ning Rongrong, clapping her hands forward with a serious expression. Just like Huo Wu, her

four spirit rings brightened simultaneously.

Huo Wu wasn’t alone in possessing the ring merging ability, this was originally also one of the special capabilities of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School. As the only daughter of the school master, how couldn’t Ning Rongrong know it?

Only, ring merging required consuming tremendous spirit power, and wouldn’t be used easily.

For substantial nine colored hazy lights blossomed from the four lower layers of the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda, shooting directly into Zhu Zhuqing in front.

Roused by that enormous support spirit power, Zhu Zhuqing naturally raised both arms, placing them on Xiao Wu in front of her.

A bizarre scene appeared, those nine colored rays of light abruptly grew a bit stronger, pouring into Xiao Wu from Zhu Zhuqing’s hands, and Zhu Zhuqing’s entire body was already pervaded by a layer of nine colored light.

Xiao Wu’s circumstances were practically identical to Zhu Zhuqing, and that rich nine colored light became ever more intense as it continuously transmitted forward.

As the rays of light reached Dai Mubai, Dai Mubai fiercely slapped both palms on Tang San’s back. In that instant, Tang San’s body trembled violently a moment. What appeared from his body wasn’t any nine colored light, but an incomparably enormous pressure.

Sitting upright in the main seat, Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong’s eyes brightened, “This is a seven fusion ability.” After speaking, her eyes unconsciously turned to the calm Grandmaster standing outside the fighting area.

Even though it wasn’t a Heaven-opposing seven spirit fusion ability, the strength of seven people fused together to use an ability alone was already

an extraordinarily astonishing feat. In fact, no spirits were the same, they all had differences.

Generally speaking, this kind of fusion ability would only appear for Spirit Masters with spirits and spirits abilities that were extremely similar, like the seven members of Blue Sunshine Academy from before.

But the Shrek Seven Devils were different, they each had entirely different spirits, and stressed different directions.

These seven people with completely different spirits could unexpectedly still use a seven fusion ability, even the eyes of the Supreme Pontiff and the Title Douluo were brimming with incredulity.

However, the Shrek Seven Devils had done it. When that seven colored light connected the seven people, this seven fusion ability was already completed.

Even though Ning Fengzhi scowled when he saw Oscar embracing Ning Rongrong’s waist from behind, as he saw this seven fusion ability complete, the expression in his eyes still fluctuated with astonishment.

Whether it was him or Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong, they both knew that this seven fusion ability wasn’t credited to the Shrek Seven Devils, but rather to their teacher, the masterstroke of the not distant Grandmaster.

How could they know that what the Shrek Seven Devils were putting to use right now was precisely a spirit variant ability from Grandmaster’s Spirit World’s Ten Great Core Competing Strengths. A lifetime of spirit research, perhaps only Grandmaster himself and his direct disciple Tang San fully understood his accomplishments.

If even a fellow like Shi Nian could teach disciples to use seven spirit fusion, how could Grandmaster not?

Both were fusion abilities, but the difficulties were as different as heaven and earth. This was a Grandmaster, a true Grandmaster.

Feng Xiaotian in the air had the clearest view of what the Shrek Seven Devils were doing, and was also the most shocked. That Ning Rongrong and Oscar would appear in the Shrek Academy team wasn’t unexpected, they had already appeared in the previous match with Star Luo Academy.

Even though Oscar hadn’t revealed any formidable strength at that time, it had still drawn his attention.

But this seven fusion ability was still something he had never expected. In the previous competitions, no matter how difficult, the Shrek Seven Devils still hadn’t used this kind of ability.

If it was used right now, he knew, he didn’t stand a chance.

With a long whistling sound, Feng Xiaotian moved, dropping from the sky like a meteor catching up to the moon. In the whole process, his large body and unfurled wings didn’t make a single sound. The pervading cyan light completely introverted. At this moment, his body and wings were aligned at a perfect angle.

This was the start of Feng Xiaotian’s created spirit ability, Stormwind Demon Wolf’s Thirty Six Successive Chops.

And the moment Feng Xiaotian dropped from the sky, piercing obliquely was abruptly a stream of red hot white light, catching up to him in an instant, and immediately completely merging into Feng Xiaotian’s body.

That line of white light was shot by Huo Wu, without a middle part, but rather like a bridge that connected the two. Under the support of the white light, Feng Xiaotian’s entire body seemed to be brimming with explosive force.

Frantic energy constantly erupted from his body, streams of air so red hot they seemed about to roast the earth.

Even more shocking, that white light gradually condensed over his body, forming a bizarre incandescent suit of armor, covering both him and the knife sharp stormwind wings.

This of course wasn’t a spirit fusion ability, but after Huo Wu joined Godwind Academy, she had researched a two person fusion ability together with Feng Xiaotian. Even though it was impossible for their fusion to display the tremendous might of a spirit fusion ability, this fusion wasn’t only between the two of them, but also the two auxiliary type Spirit Masters behind Huo Wu. The power of four people focused on Feng Xiaotian, no doubt made both his attack and defense reach its peak.

His speed rising sharply, Feng Xiaotian’s target as he fell from the sky wasn’t Tang San furthest in front of the Shrek Seven Devils, but Ning Rongrong and Oscar furthest in the rear.

Relying on keen perception, just as the Shrek Seven Devils’ seven fusion ability was about to complete, he had seen that originator of this fusion ability was Ning Rongrong in the back. And the foundation of the origin, was Oscar providing Ning Rongrong with tremendous spirit power. As long as these two were dealt with, the Shrek Seven Devils’ fusion ability would collapse.

The suddenly accelerating Feng Xiaotian no doubt made the Shrek Seven Devils start, even the spectating Grandmaster couldn’t help displaying a praising light.

The combination of Godwind Academy and Blazing Academy was undoubtedly a good match. Wind fanning the flame, flame borrowing the force of the wind. Capable of focusing the strength of four people and relying on Feng Xiaotian’s created spirit ability to release it would undoubtedly push the resulting attack power into the realm of terror.

However. The calm on Grandmaster’s face didn’t falter. Because the Godwind Academy side’s fusion ability only had four people, and the Shrek Academy side had seven equally talented people, and moreover followed the strongest control of Tang San.

Confronting the suddenly accelerating Feng Xiaotian, standing furthest in front, after a brief moment of astonishment, the faintly trembling Tang San immediately raised his left hand.

The Clear Sky Hammer he originally used to break Feng Xiaotian’s Stormwind Demon Wolf’s Thirty Six Successive Chops appeared once again.

But as the Clear Sky Hammer appeared this time, it floated over Tang San’s palm.

Surging black light rushed out of Tang San’s left palm. This moment, he fiercely raised his head, purple golden rays of light shooting from his eyes. That wasn’t any mental attack, but in order to see everything more clearly.

Under the effect of Purple Demon Eye, everything before Tang San seemed to slow down, immeasurable data converging in his brain. The next moment, his left hand moved.

Under the pull of that black light, the Clear Sky Hammer turned upside down and flew out.

The hammer didn’t have any rotation, but flew straight in one direction, but at the same time as it acted, a thunderclap like explosive sound echoed from the Clear Sky Hammer. In a moment that originally small hammer suddenly rose sharply against the wind in midair, and the instant it turned, that hammer head became the size of a water jar.

A magnificent veined pattern flashed from the body of the hammer under the sunlight. A frightening aura blossomed with black light, dragging a black tail of flame in the air.


The black Clear Sky Hammer collided with Feng Xiaotian’s incandescent armor in midair with a loud explosion.

An ear piercing shattering sound spread through all of Spirit City.

The shattering came from the wings. Feng Xiaotian’s right wing turned nonexistent in practically an instant, and at the same time his incandescent suit of armor was smashed, turning into specks of white light and rupturing in a flash. Feng Xiaotian screamed miserably, and under that enormous impulse, he was completely sent flying, thrown directly to the Supreme Pontiff Palace plaza, his survival uncertain.

Including Huo Wu, the six students on Godwind Academy’s side were stupefied at this moment. How could they have expected that their captain, Feng Xiaotian, would actually be unable to withstand a single strike.

Even that one versus one with Tang San had lasted a long time before the outcome was settled, but at this moment, in just one exchange, he was already utterly crushed.

Having lost Feng Xiaotian, this match no longer held any suspense. But what they couldn’t understand, was why this kind of situation would appear.

In fact, only Tang San himself knew why Feng Xiaotian would be defeated so miserably. This was actually a combination of several factors. It wasn’t that the support Huo Wu gave Feng Xiaotian was weak, but rather because right now Tang San was too powerful, and also restrained Feng Xiaotian too much.

First of all, behind Tang San was the united support of six teammates.
And behind Feng Xiaotian were only three.

Both sides being fusion abilities, the amount of spirit power decided the overall magnitude of the ability on either side. No need for doubt, Tang San held the absolute advantage.

Second, Feng Xiaotian’s biggest mistake was to use Stormwind Demon Wolf Thirty Six Successive Chops again.

The first time he used it against Tang San he had no doubt given Tang San enormous pressure. But after the end of the match, how could Tang San not have carefully studied the opponent’s ability?

After careful research, Tang San had immediately understood that both Stormwind Demon Wolf Thirty Six Successive Chops and his own Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method had a flaw, a similar flaw. That was, as long as one could interrupt the ability when it first started, it would basically be unable to display its might. And letting him continue unleashing it, the constantly layering force, was where this ability was at its most terrifying.

So what Tang San did, relying on Purple Demon Eye’s precise calculations, the place where he threw the Clear Sky Hammer was at the optimal timing when Feng Xiaotian’s full strength still hadn’t emerged. With his Tang Sect hidden weapon techniques and precise judgement, all of Feng Xiaotian’s movement trajectories had already been accurately calculated in Tang San’s mind, it basically wasn’t possible to dodge.

This was still the result of Tang San starting off leniently. If Tang San hadn’t attacked Feng Xiaotian’s wing, but rather his chest, then the only result for Feng Xiaotian would have been instant death.

Only Tang San himself knew just what level his strength had reached. Relying on the superpositioned boost of the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda, relying on the support of his partners’ spirit power, the spirit power Tang San had accumulated right now already surpassed the seventieth rank. Even if he had faced seven seventieth ranked Spirit Sages right now, he still wouldn’t be at a disadvantage.

How could the seven fusion ability resulting from Grandmaster’s research be something the Blue Sunshine Academy could compare to? This kind of fusion ability wasn’t as formidable as the spirit fusion ability, but it could join everyone’s strength. Since it was like this, the best choice was to focus everyone’s strength to erupt on a single point.

And Blue Sunshine Academy’s biggest mistake at that time was to use the strength of seven connected people on what was similar to a barrier, that was then broken by Tang San’s Purple Demon Eye.

The Shrek Seven Devils naturally wouldn’t make the same kind of error.
Grandmaster wouldn’t let his disciples make that kind of mistake.

Consequently, as the seven’s spirit power condensed together, after passing the amplification of the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda, the strength Tang San possessed had right now grown by several levels of terror.

Moving baselessly, having beaten Feng Xiaotian flying, that Clear Sky Hammer returned to Tang San’s left hand anew. The hammer hadn’t returned to its original size. Held in Tang San’s hand right now, the hammer was even bigger than his entire body. But held in that left hand alone, it was still extraordinarily stable.

Godwind Academy naturally weren’t willing to give up at this point. Huo Wushuang and two Godwind Academy team members charged simultaneously, and behind them, Huo Wu also began to store strength for a second attack.

Closing his eyes, Tang San slowly raised the enormous Clear Sky Hammer with a single hand. The lines of light on the hammer’s body suddenly erupted completely, deep red lustre incomparably dazzling. This moment, it was as if an incomparably tyrannical voice roared frantically. And Tang San himself, like the handle of the hammer, seemed to completely merge into one with the Clear Sky Hammer.

Seeing this scene, even Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong was unable to stay seated, a bewildered expression flickering in her eyes. The scene before her eyes was only too familiar to her.

“Tool Spirit Avatar.” Ning Fengzhi sitting next to Bibi Dong already cried out in alarm.

After a Spirit Master possessing a beast spirit reached the seventieth rank, the seventh spirit ability of the seventh spirit ring would invariably be Spirit Avatar, incarnating oneself as the spirit itself, possessing tremendous burst strength, might increasing geometrically.

But a Tool Spirit Master’s circumstances were different from Beast Spirit Masters’. Their seventh spirit ability was Tool Spirit Avatar. Using themselves as the soul of the tool spirit, it made the might stressed by the

tool spirit reach its pinnacle. If one possessed a tool spirit that was frightening on its own, then the Tool Spirit Avatar erupting would be even more terrifying than the Spirit Avatar.

Before the seventieth rank, Beast Spirit Masters were undoubtedly a bit more formidable than control type Tool Spirit Masters, but after reaching the seventieth rank, they would instead be surpassed by Tool Spirit Masters relying on Tool Spirit Avatar.

Who could have anticipated that, in this Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament semi finals, there would actually appear the rarest Tool Spirit Avatar of the Spirit Master World. Moreover the Tool Spirit Avatar was actually launched by the tool spirit reputed as the world’s number one, Clear Sky Hammer.

Actually, even Tang San himself hadn’t expected that he would actually be able to unleash the might of the Tool Spirit Avatar. As his might surpassed the seventieth rank from the spirit power boost, when he held the Clear Sky Hammer in his hand, he did it practically unconsciously.

The tremendous force constantly emanating from him formed a bizarre cycle with the Clear Sky Hammer, as if those forces would break the body and erupt.

Chapter 126

The Clear Sky Hammer in his hand began to change. The originally black hammer turned to glittering dark gold, the hammer also swiftly shrinking, the handle growing to one meter fifty, and the hammer head the size of a bucket before it stopped shrinking.

At this moment Tang San himself was also covered by a layer of dark golden light, the aura released by him and the Clear Sky Hammer no longer separate from each other.

Tang San raised the hammer to point, and a ball of dark gold light and shadow grew in front of Tang San. That was the seemingly unlimitedly growing shadow of the Clear Sky Hammer.

With a loud rumble, Wushuang’s charging trio was practically flung back, directly flying more than a hundred meters and falling below the hill.

In front of that terrifying hammer shadow, even Huo Wu and the two support type Spirit Masters were battered away like tumbling bottle gourds. Let alone using another spirit ability, they didn’t even have the chance to act, entirely without the ability to resist.

Clear Sky Hammer, the first tool spirit under heaven, how would it have an undeserved reputation? At this moment, even the Title Douluo present had eyes brimming with crystal luster. Even to the extent that in the main hall of the Supreme Pontiff Palace, several old men slowly raised their heads.

This was the Tool Spirit Avatar of the seventieth ranked Clear Sky Hammer. The oppressive might of the spirit world’s number one sect’s spirit.

Tang San’s originally one handed grip had changed to two hands. For some reason, even though he had already beaten the opponents, an intense craving appeared in his heart.

A craving to fully use the Clear Sky Hammer. A craving to fully use the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method.

Half turning, Tang San was about the swing the deep golden Clear Sky Hammer in his hands. But at this moment, a low voice suddenly reached his ears, a voice brimming with force,

“Stop. Restrain your strength, withdraw your spirit.”

The voice held a bizarre charisma, drawing Tang San to return the Clear Sky Hammer in front of him. The deep golden lustre rushed out of the hammer, and swiftly returned into Tang San.

And the Clear Sky Hammer also quietly returned to its original size.

If not for the might of that one swing just now, perhaps nobody would have thought that such a small black hammer would actually be able to produce such terrifying force.

The expression on Tang San’s face had clearly changed, turning from brief bewilderment to pain. He clearly felt as if his own soul was peeling away, and afterwards again quietly pouring into his body. At this moment, he suddenly had a flash of understanding.

Using the Clear Sky Hammer’s Tool Spirit Avatar didn’t only consume spirit power and strength, but still his own soul. That moment had been his soul fusing into the Clear Sky Hammer to become a true Tool Spirit Avatar.


Tang San managed to squeeze out one word.

The other six Shrek Seven Devils withdrew their strength one after another, the nine colored halo slowly retiring.

When that light completely returned to the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda, Oscar reluctantly released his soft embrace, and the seven practically simultaneously loosed a long breath. At the end of what had seemed like an easy match, each of their chests soaked with sweat.

Tang San staggered, and Dai Mubai behind him hastily grabbed his shoulder, stabilizing him.

Right now, Tang San was as if pulled from a lake, completely soaked through with sweat.

But his heart was still joyful.

Without using that kind of strength, it would be impossible to understand its terror. But right now Tang San knew that he had for the first time sensed the true terror of the Clear Sky Hammer.

His heart was fervent, because he couldn’t help but anticipate, if he used Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method while using Tool Spirit Avatar, just what kind of force would that be?

This was the world’s number one school, the true might of Clear Sky!

The competition ended so much faster than expected that even now a lot of people still hadn’t returned to their senses.

Each of them eating one of the big recovery sausages Oscar prepared before the match, and the Shrek Seven Devils left the stage. The cardinal in the ring had no choice but to declare that tomorrow’s finals would be Shrek Academy versus Spirit Hall Academy.

Drawing a deep breath, under the effect of the big recovery sausage, Tang San’s exhaustion felt a lot better. Forged by the Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass and Infernal Precious Apricot, his body was originally already more durable than common people by far, and the Mysterious Heaven Skill

possessed much faster recovery traits than ordinary Spirit Masters. He believed that before tomorrow’s match he, who was the most exhausted from today, would definitely recover to peak condition.

In front of Grandmaster, Tang San’s eyes held a particular luster,

“Teacher, thank you.”

Tang San knew that if it wasn’t for that voice suddenly sounding by his ear, halting his full use of the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method, right now he might have already had his soul pulled out from being unable to control it.

That might not necessarily be fatal, but he would definitely have become an idiot. At that time he had been unable to differentiate the source of the voice, but he believed that only his Teacher could have raised the point at the key moment.

Grandmaster wasn’t excited in any way because of the Shrek Seven Devils’ victory. On the contrary, his brows were tight,

“I hadn’t expected that, as long as you had enough spirit power, you could actually use Clear Sky Hammer’s Tool Spirit Avatar. Truly worthy of being the number one tool spirit of the present age, it was my mistake.”

Before the start of the match, Grandmaster had only been able to teach the Shrek Seven Devils the seven fusion ability. This was something he had long since researched, even if as his disciple, Tang San was also able to exhibit this kind of research, he after all hadn’t had the time Grandmaster had.

After teaching the Shrek Seven Devils the seven fusion ability, Grandmaster had only told Tang San to conduct it to defeat the opponents in the fastest possible manner to conserve spirit power. He believed that his disciple would definitely accomplish this task with the most effective method available.

But even Grandmaster hadn’t expected that the aggregate spirit power of the seven fusion ability would actually let Tang San use Clear Sky Hammer’s Tool Spirit Avatar.

Raising his head, Grandmaster looked in the direction of Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong in front of Supreme Pontiff Palace. The pair’s gazes collided in the air, and the Supreme Pontiff frowned slightly, but in her eyes was still a difficult to conceal admiration, and even a bit of pride.

‘It seems you are worthy of being the man I like.’

Compared to the reserved Supreme Pontiff, Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master Ning Fengzhi’s gaze was a lot more blunt.

Looking at Grandmaster with admiration, at this moment, he truly considered Grandmaster as one of several friends on the same level as him.

Returning to the residence, Grandmaster didn’t give the Shrek Seven Devils time to recover, and immediately called them to his room.

First having everyone sit and continue to eat Oscar’s recovery sausages, at the same time he called Jiang Zhu to the room to release her healing halo, helping everyone recover their spirit power.

In what had seemed like an easy victory, even if the Shrek Seven Devils hadn’t suffered any injuries, their spirit power output hadn’t been small, especially Tang San had practically drawn out all his spirit power by using the Tool Spirit Avatar.

Looking at everyone, Grandmaster’s expression seemed somewhat grave, speaking to Tang San:

“Can your spirit power recover to its peak for tomorrow’s finals?”

Tang San nodded without hesitation,

“No problem. I have foundation strengthening medicines here, recovering spirit power isn’t a problem.”

Grandmaster’s face relaxed somewhat. Sighing, he said:

“Plan’s won’t keep up with changes, I still miscalculated.”

Everyone somewhat shocked looked at him. To them, prevailing over Godwind Academy in this fight had been entirely without suspense.

They didn’t understand why Grandmaster would still be talking like this. Grandmaster lowered his voice:
“If I had known earlier that little San could use the Tool Spirit Avatar with Clear Sky Hammer under the effect of the seven fusion ability, even if today had been a bit more exhausting, I still wouldn’t have let you use this ability. With the Clear Sky Hammer’s Tool Spirit Avatar, I would have a seventy percent certainty against the Spirit Hall Academy team. But now it’s been revealed prematurely, it won’t work.”

Dai Mubai said:

“Grandmaster, why won’t it work? Don’t tell me that Spirit Hall team can figure out a tactics to break the seven fusion ability in one night?”

Grandmaster shook his head,

“It’s not only that. Don’t forget that the opponents you’re facing tomorrow have the backing of the Spirit Hall with the most powerful Spirit Masters. Spirit Hall has countless powers, I don’t know how many Title Douluo they will have directing their energy at finding a method. Even more, it’s impossible for little San tu use the Tool Spirit Avatar again for the duration. Otherwise, it would cause unpredictable damage to his body, and very possibly influence his future.”

“Tool Spirit Avatar and Spirit Avatar are different tunes played with equal skill, even to the extent that it’s even more powerful. But where Tool Spirit Avatar is most terrifying is that the user merges his own soul with the tool spirit, and that requires consuming the strength of the soul. When little San used it he could draw the spirit power from all of you, but the

strength of the soul still had to come from him alone. With his present strength, his soul is still far from stable enough. If this kind of ability was used two days in a row, a hundred times out of a hundred it would damage his soul, reducing his memory, making him stupid, directly turning him into a retard. Therefore, you absolutely can’t use the Tool Spirit Avatar again tomorrow. The same goes for the seven fusion ability. You must remember that when your abilities are already completely grasped by your opponents, you must look to change. Only by changing can you break the opponent’s rhythm, taking the initiative into your own hands.”

Oscar somewhat anxiously said:

“Grandmaster, then what should we do tomorrow? Even if we can maintain our peak condition to meet the enemy head on, their spirit power is still too high compared to ours, and they also have the spirit fusion ability. Defeating them really is too difficult.”

Grandmaster looked towards Tang San, “The difficulty isn’t absolute. You begin cultivating now. I will carefully figure out the tactics here. Little San, come with me, I want to talk to you alone.”

“Yes, Teacher.”

Tang San’s spirit power was already somewhat recovered, and he followed Grandmaster from the room.

The others didn’t know what Tang San and Grandmaster were going to talk about, but they all knew that in tomorrow’s match, Tang San would undoubtedly be the key.

But they also knew that as the strongest of the Shrek Seven Devils, having changed the most, he had long ago become the opponents’ target. Could he display his true strength when facing three Spirit Kings?

Grandmaster brought Tang San to another room.

“Little San, you can’t use the seven fusion ability in the match tomorrow. Tell me your thoughts.” Grandmaster calmly said.

Tang San nodded, “I understand what you mean. The seven fusion ability was already revealed today, it will definitely be their target tomorrow. With that spirit fusion ability of Xie Yue and Hu Liena’s, they can definitely block the force of our fusion ability for a while, then as long as the other five break our formation, we will undoubtedly lose. But this can also be used against them, the victory rate is fifty percent or so. The other part is breaking that pair’s spirit fusion ability, making them lose fighting strength, and afterwards focusing the strength of seven on the remaining five.”

“Eh?” Grandmaster somewhat shocked looked at Tang San, “You have a way to break that spirit fusion ability? You must know that a spirit fusion ability isn’t a fusion ability. If it’s completed, it will have practically no gaps, and will moreover have enormous strength. As you say, when the spirit fusion ability is completed, the combined fighting strength of those two will reach the seventieth rank or so.”

Tang San’s eyes revealed a resolute light, both fists tightening, “Them, leave them to me. As long as Mubai and the others give me enough time, I believe I can do it.”

Tang San and Grandmaster stayed in the room discussing for a full four hours. Only they knew what they talked about.


Supreme Pontiff Palace, official business hall.

Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong sat in the main seat, Chrysanthemum Douluo and Ghost Douluo on either side of her. In front of them stood those seven competing team members representing Spirit Hall Academy.

Xie Yue, Yan, and Hu Liena stood furthest in front.

“Did you understand what I said just now?” Bibi Dong said calmly.

“Understood, Your Holiness Supreme Pontiff.” Despite being Spirit Hall’s Golden Generation, Xie Yue’s trio still answered very respectfully.

Bibi Dong said coldly: “It will inevitably be impossible for Tang San to use the Tool Spirit Avatar from today again tomorrow. He has twin spirits. If he’s forced to use it again, even if he doesn’t die, he will still never become a threat to us again. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about this aspect. You only need to pay attention to their seven fusion ability. Destroy it using the method I described just now. In a fight of true strength, it’s basically impossible for them to be your opponents.”


Ghost Douluo Gui Mei’s somewhat gloomy voice echoed from the Supreme Pontiff’s side, “You should know what this tournament signifies. Not only is it your chance to make a name for yourselves, it also decides where three spirit bones belong. With Spirit Hall being the organizers, if you lose, it will be impossible to regain these three spirit bones under the eye of Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s people and those high level Spirit Masters. This is your reward, and at the same time it’s your pressure. If you lose, I will take you all to experience three years in the Disorienting Grand Canyon.”

Hearing the words ‘Disorienting Grand Canyon’, Xue Yue and the others shivered practically simultaneously. Their gazes instantly turned even more resolute. Perhaps only ghosts could survive in that sinister place. In three years, perhaps they would really become ghosts.

“Fine, you go rest.” Bibi Dong waved a hand, and Xie Yue and the others hastily left the hall from a side door.

Raising a hand to rhythmically tap the desk in front of her, Bibi Dong’s eyes revealed a pondering light.

Chrysanthemum Douluo Yue Guan said: “Your Holiness, what’s there to worry about? Even if they held the advantage today, the scales of victory are still leaning towards our side.”

Sighing lightly, the Supreme Pontiff said: “I’m not worried about the Shrek Seven Devils. Even though those seven little children are monstrously talented, they are after all still young. Their potential still hasn’t completely emerged. Apart from Tang San, the others won’t be any trouble in the future. The variable that worries me is Grandmaster. When I knew him many years ago, I have never seen the like of his intelligence and wisdom again. Even though his spirit is unable to cultivate to a higher level because of variation, this person’s intelligence is frightening. What I can think of, he can definitely think of as well. You saw that seven fusion ability of differently attributed Spirit Masters today. I at least am unable to propose that kind of formation. What worries me is that he will raise some other kind of formation tomorrow, increasing the variables.”

A cold light flashed in Ghost Douluo’s mirage, “It would be better to let me go kill him. Even if the Poison Douluo is with the Shrek Academy, I still have an eighty percent chance of successfully killing him in one strike.”

The Supreme Pontiff snorted coldly, “If you had that kind of certainty, Tang San wouldn’t have arrived here alive. Gui Mei, have you forgotten of teacher instructed you in those days? Even the lion must use its full strength when fighting the rabbit. Underestimating the enemy is the greatest fear of the strategist.”

“Yes, Your Holiness.”

The Supreme Pontiff continued: “Grandmaster holds the warrant of a Spirit Hall elder, we can’t act against him. Even more, this is Spirit City. Casually killing people in Spirit City, and one of our Spirit Hall elders at that, how couldn’t the status of Spirit Hall greatly drop in the eyes of all Spirit Masters? To say nothing of Grandmaster still having a Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan behind him. Even if he’s already left the clan, he is after all still a directly related member. Remember, without my express order, nobody is allowed to act against him hereafter.”

“It’s late, you go rest. I want to consider it properly.” The light in her eyes dimming somewhat, Bibi Dong waved her hand.

Chrysanthemum Douluo and Ghost Douluo left quietly, leaving Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong alone in the official business hall.

Sitting there expressionlessly, the light in Bibi Dong’s eyes began to turn complicated, muttering to herself, “Oh, Xiao Gang, you still astonish me. Could it be that it really was teacher that broke us up back them? In our lives, perhaps we truly are destined to meet but fated to never be together. All I can do is protect your safety. As for the others, I can’t spare any attention……”


An eventless night.

Very early the next day, the Shrek Seven Devils already appeared at the gate of their residence, trembling with excitement.

After breakfast, seven people stood in front of Grandmaster with lively spirits and excessive energy.

Tang San specially ate two Dragon Zoysia leaves before cultivating last night, and by now his Mysterious Heaven Skill internal energy was already completely recovered.

Grandmaster’s gaze swept across the seven, “Follow the plan in the match. Try your utmost, and if you can’t do it, put your own safety first.”


“Then good, depart.” Grandmaster swung his hand to everyone. At this moment, a voice suddenly blocked them, “Wait a moment.”
Grandmaster looked distracted, gazing in the direction of that voice,
“Flender, you still have something to add?”

Today, Flender’s expression was extraordinarily grave.

Ever since the Shrek Seven Devils had let him earn enough profit to fill both pots and jars in this tournament, he’d always had a smile on his face. But right now his smile was gone.

Walking in front of the devils, he first arranged the lapels of Dai Mubai who stood in front, afterwards turning to all seven: “Children. For you, this the final fight of your graduation. Honestly, to have fostered talents like you, I feel very fortunate. And also extremely proud. There is no lack of banquets under Heaven, Shrek Academy is unable to always help you grow. Your future path, is all up to you to walk by yourselves.”

“I said before that I won’t let you graduate unless you were the final champions. That’s just a joke, no need to take it seriously. What I want to tell you right now is that, no matter the outcome, you are all my pride, and also all my children. I won’t let any one of you become casualties in the last moment of the tournament. The championship isn’t important. What’s important, is you yourselves. I don’t want a victorious result, but rather your safe return. Well, I’ve said enough.”

Ma Hongjun said: “Teacher, how come your eyes are red?”

“Ah? It’s dust.” Flender immediately turned around. Grandmaster was the director of the Shrek Academy team, but as dean, he had clearly seen the effort these children had made each day. Of course he knew that the great effort of the Shrek Seven Devils in this tournament wasn’t all to temper themselves, but even more to bring this great glory to Shrek Academy before graduating.

Just like he said, each of the Shrek Seven Devils was like his own child. Before these ultimate finals, on the verge of confronting that kind of power, Flender couldn’t keep from expressing his true feelings.

In his heart, money was admittedly important, but no amount of gold could be exchanged for these seven little monsters in front of him.

Tang San smiled faintly, “Dean Flender, others would hold a pep talk for the competing students, but aren’t you making us feel discouraged?

Don’t worry. We’d all hate to die. Even more, there’s still those three spirit bones to make us drool with desire.”

Grandmaster patted Flender’s shoulder, his ordinarily languid gaze abruptly becoming severe, “Let’s go.”

Striding forward with heads high, the Shrek Seven Devils left the residence. On the street, a lot of Spirit Masters silently watched them from the sides of the road. Even though the spirit power of these children perhaps wasn’t much, with their age, challenging the Spirit Hall Academy team, all of it made these Spirit Masters waiting for the battle secretly admire them.

In front of Supreme Pontiff Palace, Tang San suddenly discovered that with each step he climbed, his feet become incomparably firm. He had never thirsted for victory like now. He knew that, if they lost the match today, he would definitely regret it for a lifetime.

The sunlight brought a golden radiance to Supreme Pontiff Palace. Everyone’s gazes became serious, watching the Shrek Seven Devils walk step by step over the stones, the atmosphere seemingly thickening.

The Supreme Pontiff, Ning Fengzhi, and the three Title Douluo spectating yesterday were already seated, the three spirit bone prizes laying in a red brocade tray to the side, releasing a faint halo of light.

The Spirit Hall Academy team stood there silently, an intense murderous spirit pressing towards the Shrek Seven Devils just like knives. Under the effect of this enormous pressure, the Shrek Seven Devils’ pace up the hill clearly slowed a bit. The match still hadn’t started, but both sides were already crossing swords.

“The Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament finals are about to begin, both sides prepare. The match will start in a quarter of an hour.”

Both sides returned to their positions, the Shrek Seven Devils circling around Grandmaster. Tang San stretched his hand into the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse, taking out seven rolled up dark green leaves. He ate one, and handed over one to each of the others.

Foundation building Dragon Zoysia leaf, taking it would not only increase healing speed, provoking rapid spirit power recover, but at the same time could also make people’s mind even more focused. Eating it right now before the match was in order to maintain peak condition even longer in the fight.

“Little San.” Dai Mubai looked at Tang San.

Tang San gave him a firm nod, “Don’t worry. No issues on my side. For the rest, I’ll leave it to you.”

Grandmaster took the lead to raise his right fist, and the each of the Shrek Seven Devils equally raised their hands. Eight hands piled together, at the same time as a gargantuan shout, “Certain victory!”

Yes, certain victory. This was their only belief.

On the other side, the Spirit Hall Academy team suddenly heard the shout on the Shrek Academ side, and team captain Xie Yue couldn’t help curling his lips, sneering, “Certain victory? We’ll let them have a look at true strength today. The gap in spirit power is an impassable gulf. Even the lowest ranked Spirit Master among us is on the same level as their captain. I want to see their basis for certain victory.”

Sweeping an ice cold gaze across his companions, Xie Yue said coldly: “The Lord Supreme Pontiff is watching, the elders are also watching. We must not only gain victory in this match, but still a complete victory. Don’t give them any chances. I’ll deal with that Tang San. Who are we?”

“Cham——pions——” An even more intense bellow echoed from the Spirit Hall Academy team.

Both sides’ refusal to yield made the Spirit Masters watching below the hill feel like their blood was boiling, who hadn’t been young? Who hadn’t been hot-blooded? To them, the outcome of this match wasn’t important, what was important was to be able to see a brilliant fight.

A quarter of an hour wasn’t long, and very soon the members of both sides walked into the plaza at the prompting of the referee. Perhaps it was in order to oppose needle with needle and spear with spear against Shrek Academy, but today the Spirit Hall Academy team had changed to fiery red uniforms embroidered with golden thread, clearly of excellent quality.

Compared to them, Shrek Academy’s snot green, and moreover covered with countless advertising logos, uniforms were ridiculous.

However, nobody would laugh at them. Capable of taking this step forward, capable of entering the finals of the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament, nobody would sneer at their strength.

“Prepare for the match, both sides can release spirits.”

The cardinal referee announced as soon as both sides were in position.

The fourteen members of both sides looked face to face. Nobody said a word, but the collision of auras made the smell of gunpowder in the air rise to the limit in an instant. At this moment, even respected powers like Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong had their gazes completely focused on this match.

The seven Spirit Hall Academy members moved practically simultaneously, surging spirit power erupting from their bodies in a flash.

Of Xie Yue’s trio standing furthest ahead, each had a glittering two yellow, two purple, and one black ideal spirit ring configuration. The other four behind them also had two yellow and two purple optimal allocations. The expression in each person’s eyes became extremely persistent. One of the male students standing furthest in the rear swiftly retreated a step, a glorious golden scepter in his hands. Most certainly, he possessed a support model tool spirit.

At the same time as they released their spirits, the Shrek Seven Devils’ side simultaneously started to release theirs. The seven stood in order, Tang San and Dai Mubai furthest in front, and behind them separately stood Zhu Zhuqing, Ma Hongjun and Xiao Wu, with Ning Rongrong and Oscar in the last line, assuming a two-three-two formation.

Entirely different from the last match, this time Shrek Academy didn’t use the seven fusion ability, but rather extremely normally released their spirits simultaneously.

Seven people, all with four spirit rings. Of course, drawing the most attention was still Tang San with the ten thousand year spirit ring.

Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong’s brows wrinkled slightly, unconsciously turning to look in Grandmaster’s direction, thinking in her heart, ‘Xiao Gang, you really changed formation again.’

Grandmaster didn’t look at her, only concentrating his attention to watch the circumstances in the ring. His expression was no longer calm. Regarding this match, he also didn’t hold absolute certainty.

“Match start.” As he declared the start of this Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament’s final finals, the cardinal speedily withdrew, vacating the ring.

The first of the Spirit Hall team to move wasn’t the team captain Xie Yue furthest in front, but rather his little sister Hu Liena.

Stepping lightly and gracefully, Hu Liena only seemed to turn her body, but had already reached furthest in front. A faint smile floated onto her face, and along with the release of her spirit, she seemed to become beautiful, and a great fuzzy tail still sprouted behind her.

Faint red light appeared from her body, light flashing in the pupils of her eyes. Looking at Tang San, her movements were exactly the same as the time she dealt with Heaven Dou Imperial Academy team’s Yu Tian-Heng. That unique charm made people unable to think of pulling their eyes away from her.

But somewhat startling to Hu Liena was that, confronted with the release of her spirit, the Shrek Seven Devils remained unmoved. Apart from Tang San and Xiao Wu, the other five swiftly closed their eyes and used their fingers to stop up their ears, completely isolating themselves from sight and hearing.

Even the best charm ability needed a trigger; hearing, sight, taste, smell, touch, sensation. They were released through one of the six, and right now, the venues Hu Liena could influence the Shrek Seven Devils lacked sight and hearing. The smooth movements of the Shrek Seven Devils undoubtedly made her charm lose effect.

Xiao Wu suddenly stepped forward, giving Hu Liena a smile, her second spirit ring flashing with pink light. Her eyes were already completely pink. Soft Bones Demon Rabbit’s second spirit ability, Charm, launched.

Using charm against charm, the one with the greatest spirit power would hold the advantage.

Xiao Wu and Hu Liena groaned practically simultaneously. Hu Liena only swayed once, but Xiao Wu too three steps back, her face deathly pale, two streaks of blood flowing down like little snakes from her nose, clearly it was her loss. In spirit power and mental strength, there was still a large gap between her and Hu Liena.

Even though Xiao Wu was injured, she had undoubtedly broken Hu Liena’s initiative. Face changing slightly, Hu Liena immediately moved.

And at this moment, standing furthest ahead in the team, Tang San also put his hand behind his back to catch the pink ray of light Oscar flung at him, stepping forward with large strides, heading straight for the seven on the other side. At the same time, six strands of Blue Silver Grass rushed out of his right hand, each twisting around the waists of his seven companions. Blue Silver Grass control, was already in full swing.

Hu Liena looked coldly at the advancing Tang San, her five spirit ring flickering extremely rhythmically once. First that black fifth spirit ring, then the fourth, third, second, all the way to the final yellow first spirit ring. As

each spirit ring pulsed, the pink light around her would become even more intense. Behind her, Xie Yue also moved at this moment.

Xie Yue’s Moon Blade wasn’t one, but rather two. Two entirely blood red, half moon shaped crescents, his hands each holding a moon blade. Along with his body moving now, he extended both hands, and unexpectedly full body tackled his little sister from behind.

At this moment, two yellow lights simultaneously shot out from the scepter in the hands of the Spirit Hall Academy team’s support type Spirit Master, the golden light glittering, and swiftly merging with Xie Yue and Hu Liena.

A curtain of red light suddenly appeared, spread. The instant Xie Yue and Hu Liena collided, that red light wrapped the two of them within.

And at the same time, that red light also erupted in a flash, spreading like a red sphere, covering close to half the stage.

Chapter 127

The Shrek Seven Devils were completely enveloped, and right now, there was still a thirteen meter distance from Tang San to them.

The red light screen didn’t need time to rise like last time, under the assistance of their comrade, in just an instant, the light strengthened to its peak. Xie Yue and Hu Liena’s spirit fusion ability, Charm Demon, launched.

The Spirit Hall Academy team of course knew that the Shrek Seven Devils had already seen this ability, but they had enough confidence in themselves. Spirit fusion abilities and fusion abilities were two completely different concepts, the spirit fusion ability didn’t have any weakness, and their powers were moreover entirely different. Just as Grandmaster said, the spirit fusion ability used by two Spirit Kings could absolutely compare to the might of a seventieth ranked Spirit Sage for a short while.

Red light flickering, two people changing into one, long hair floating, whether male or female seemingly undistinguishable.

Hair already turned red, this figure formed from Xie Yue and Hu Liena danced quietly. Two Moon Blades more than doubled in size flickered with a flowing rainbow kind of luster at the ends of the spread arms. Along with that surge of red light intensifying, this silhouette instantly disappeared in a thick red fog coming from behind, and the Shrek Seven Devils were also completely enveloped in the thick fog.

The Spirit Hall Academy team didn’t have a control type Spirit Master in the true sense of the word, but their control capability was unprecedentedly powerful. The cause of this was all because of this spirit fusion ability, Charm Demon.

The greatest characteristic of this spirit fusion ability was control. Within the range the Charm Demon could control, everyone’s senses were reduced by fifty percent, spirit power suppressed by fifty percent, and all movements delayed by fifty percent.

It could be said to force the opponents into an impasse in an instant. That thick red fog was mixed with ruthless energy and psychedelic special capabilities. Aside from the three types of negative conditions, most dreadful was that within this red fog, only Xie Yue and Hu Liena, using the spirit fusion ability, could see things. Suddenly losing vision would undoubtedly put people’s minds in chaos, and would moreover be comprehensively weakened. How many opponents even of the same level as Xie Yue and the others had fallen to this spirit fusion ability was unknown. This spirit ability was enough to compare to the seventh spirit ability of common Spirit Masters.

Watching the Shrek Seven Devils being swallowed by the red fog without the seven fusion ability, the other Spirit Hall Academy team members couldn’t help revealing cold smiles. And Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong’s expression also became a bit gentler.

Ning Fengzhi’s brows tightened. He didn’t understand whether the situation in front of him was Grandmaster’s plan. If it was, then why would Grandmaster do it? Entering deep within the spirit fusion ability, that wasn’t a good thing in any way. How could they still fight while comprehensively weakened? None of the Shrek Seven Devils showed any intention of interrupting the opponents’ spirit fusion ability.

Grandmaster’s gaze shifted to Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong who was focused on the match, secretly thinking, ‘You can’t see why I let them do this. The weak defeating the strong requires extraordinary met hods. What about a spirit fusion ability? Even if it’s control, it’s only weakening control, not a comprehensive amplification.’

Entering the pink range, the Shrek Seven Devils clearly felt their bodies growing heavier, their perception immediately slowing, even raising a hand or moving a leg seemed to be obstructed by invisible barriers, becoming a lot more difficult.

But none of them panicked. The instant before the red fog hit them, besides Tang San, the Battle Spirit Masters among the other six immediately crowded around Ning Rongrong and Oscar. And Oscar was still as if nothing had happened, still manufacturing his sausages.

Dangdang, two crisp sounds echoed in the red mist. At the same time came a neither male nor female exclamation of surprise.

“How can you know the direction of my attack?” Asking this question was the combined form of Xie Yue and Hu Liena.

Tang San’s jade colored hands had just blocked those two quietly slashing Moon Blades.

The red fog didn’t block Xie Yue and Hu Liena’s line of sight, and they clearly saw a trace of a smile on Tang San’s face. As the master of the spirit fusion ability, Xie Yue hastily used force. After launching the spirit fusion ability, his spirit power was summed together with Hu Liena’s, reaching more than the sixtieth rank.

However, with this use of force, he discovered that his strength was used on nothing. Tang San had already released his hands at some point.

And at this time, Tang San’s arms shook simultaneously. The Blue Silver Grass connected to his arms jolted as if rippling, and six silhouettes were simultaneously thrown from the red fog.

In the view from outside, cries of alarm had just fallen as six shadows already soared out of the red fog.

In this red fog, common Spirit Masters were basically unable to distinguish directions. Once stuck, it was impossible to get free. Unless they were flying type Spirit Masters. But Tang San didn’t show the slightest sign

of losing his bearings, while the other side was still unable to control the spirit fusion ability from shock, using Blue Silver Grass, he all at once threw the other six devils out of its range.

This was Tang San’s scheme, he planned on the other side’s lapse, an instant where it was too late to move the spirit fusion ability.

A tiger’s roar burst from Dai Mubai, still in midair, his first spirit ability, White Tiger Barrier, and third spirit ability, White Tiger Vajra Transformation, launched. His body swiftly expanded in midair. And Zhu Zhuqing pressed on the Blue Silver Grass with her toes, her speed increasing sharply, catching up to Dai Mubai in an instant, quietly leaning on his back.

Enormous wings of flame unfurled from Ma Hongjun’s back, Xiao Wu directly landed on the ground. The Shrek Six Devils had fully entered battle mode.

Watching this scene, Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong’s face suddenly revealed a sneer. And that androgynous voice in the fog, brimming with disdain, shouted, “You think you can escape my spirit fusion ability like this?”

Instantly, the red fog abruptly spread, shifting direction in practically a split second, the tremendous wall of mist once again enveloping the Shrek Six Devils that just released their spirit abilities. Even Ma Hongjun’s red hot phoenix wings were unable to have the slightest effect on the red fog.

Originally, this red fog had blossomed with Xie Yue and Hu Liena at the center. Seeing the Shrek Six Devils separate from the range of the spirit fusion ability, Xie Yue immediately gave up on attacking Tang San, and rather accelerated, his body driving the red fog to cover the Shrek Six Devils once again.

Under the aid of the Support Spirit Master, this time his red fog spread to an even larger area, covering practically a third of the ring. Only the other members of their side weren’t covered.

“Unless you can fly, leaving my spirit fusion ability is impossible.” Xie Yue’s cold voice inundated the red fog again. This time he gave up on attacking Tang San, and rather moved directly towards Ning Rongrong.

Without careful observation, one would think that Ning Rongrong used the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda. Who didn’t know about the world’s number one support spirit? Taking Ning Rongrong out of the fight first would no doubt add weights to the scales of victory.

But at the same time as Xie Yue pounced, Tang San’s voice sounded by his ear, “Then we’ll let you see flying.”

Whether it was Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing who were still in the air, or the people on the ground, a faint radiance abruptly appeared behind their backs in a split second, the light forming wings. The six accelerated practically simultaneously, rushing out of the range of the red fog in practically an instant, directly ascending into the air.

It was the effect of Big Sausage Uncle Oscar’s flying mushroom sausage.

From the start of the match, Oscar had been constantly making his sausages. The first was a stimulating pink sausage for Tang San, followed by swiftly making six flying mushroom sausages for himself and the five others.

Using them this moment, just separated them from the opponent’s spirit fusion ability control.

“How is this possible?” Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong watched the Shrek Six Devils fly out, and also couldn’t help widening her eyes. Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing directly pounced at the other side’s other Spirit King, Yan, while Ma Hongjun and Xiao Wu went to meet the other three Battle Spirit Masters.

Ning Rongrong’s Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda blossomed with light, in an instant boosting Ma Hongjun’s attack, and Xiao Wu’s agility.

Oscar’s flying mushroom sausage had only appeared once before this match, in the one fight against the Elephant Armored School. That time they hadn’t drawn any attention, even though Oscar had briefly appeared, Tang San’s radiance was still too eye catching, and all gazes had been fixed on him.

Most importantly, that time only Tang San had flown alone, the others had all been moved by his Blue Silver Grass control.

Neglecting a support type Spirit Master was the biggest mistake of the Spirit Hall Academy team.

Even though the outcome still wasn’t settled, by now the fight was already out of their control.

Seeing the Shrek Six Devils suddenly fly out of the range of his spirit fusion ability, Xie yue was also gobsmacked.

At this moment, he somewhat felt that when riding the tiger, it was hard to get of halfway.

The spirit fusion ability was admittedly tremendous, but after using it, it would also substantially consume their spirit power.

At the same time, while using the spirit fusion ability, they also couldn’t use any other abilities. Just like Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing’s strength would be exhausted after each time they used Hell White Tiger.

Even though Xie Yue understood that the opponents’ flying capability removed the advantage of his spirit fusion ability, at this moment he still couldn’t remove it.

Otherwise, he would only substantially consume his and Hu Liena’s spirit power, and on the contrary fall to a disadvantage. His only choice right now was to first get rid of Tang San in the range of the spirit fusion ability, and

afterwards again go help his companions to get rid of the other Shrek Academy members.

Xie Yue believed that even without the two siblings, his side’s strength could still compare to Shrek Academy. Even though the battle situation was out of their control, the victory would still inevitable be theirs. The moment when he killed Tang San would determine victory.

What Xie Yue didn’t expect was that Tang San hadn’t launched any attacks against him in his brief moment of sluggishness. Once he returned to his senses and looked at Tang San again, Tang San’s entire body had undergone a bizarre transformation.

Only Xie Yue alone could see clearly within the fog, and he was shocked to discover that from the not distant Tang San’s back, grew eight sturdy vicious-looking long legs.

Each leg was more than four meters long, thick like arms, shining purple black, tiny hooked barbs glinting with gold light. Each leg was divided into two parts, the points on the ends resembling lances that could break any defense.

Spirit bone? Xie Yue guessed the history of the Eight Spider Lances on Tang San’s back in an instant. They had carefully researched Tang San’s spirit abilities before the match. Tang San only had four spirit rings, and apart from Clear Sky School’s created ability Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method, they had long since committed Tang San’s fourth spirit ability to heart. His body suddenly showing such a distinct change at this moment, clearly couldn’t be caused by a spirit ability. The only explanation was a spirit bone. Appearing from the back, could it be a torso spirit bone?

Xie Yue immediately suppressed his original thoughts of quickly disposing of Tang San. Even though the spirit power of the opponent before him was a lot weaker than his own, the appearance of this spirit bone undoubtedly pulled the distance between them closer. Right now he had to rely on the spirit fusion ability to impair Tang San. Xie Yue believed that as long as he was a bit careful, not only could he complete the task the

Supreme Pontiff gave them, but he would still have enough strength to go help his companions.

However, was it truly as easy as he thought?

The reason why Tang San didn’t seize the opportunity to attack before was in order to exploit that brief window of time to release his external spirit bone, Eight Spider Lances.

The appearance of the Eight Spider Lances immediately made Tang San feel his body lighten, the boost effect of Eight Spider Lances directly cancelling out the impairing effect of the opponent’s spirit fusion ability.

Xie Yue and Hu Liena’s spirit fusion ability mainly relied on a combination of charm and spirit power. When Tang San and Grandmaster talked it over yesterday, he told Grandmaster that he wanted to confront these two great powers with his own strength. He wasn’t speaking of his confidence in his own strength, but rather because of the existence of this spirit fusion ability. He even hoped the opponents would use just this ability.

When using the spirit fusion ability, Xie Yue and Hu Liena couldn’t use other abilities, and to Tang San’s Purple Demon Eye, charm was basically ineffective. Therefore, after entering the red fog, the influence Tang San received was far smaller than Xie Yue imagined. Relying on Purple Demon Eye, he could clearly see every thing here.

This was the first battle the Eight Spider Lances formally appeared since absorbing the energy of the second Man Faced Demon Spider. Even though it had been glimpsed once before in the tournament, with Tang San’s meticulous control he had always kept this formidable capability to himself.

The lower four spider legs hoisted Tang San into the air. The now four meters long Eight Spider Lances seemed even more frightening, especially those barbs were gleaming faint blue, containing the combined poison of a two thousand year year Man Faced Demon Spider and a six thousand year Man Faced Demon Spider, further forged by the two great cold and hot immortal herbs Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass and Infernal Precious

Apricot within Tang San. Even Dugu Bo wouldn’t dare say he could cure this kind of toxin.

At the same time, Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances had thoroughly evolved after absorbing the second Man Faced Demon Spider. Not only had they grown bigger, but they had also grown even more frightfully durable, giving Tang San increased strength and agility, and the Eight Spider Lances’s own effectiveness was even more tremendous.

When the Shrek Seven Devils trained ordinarily, after Tang San released Eight Spider Lances, even Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing fully using Hell White Tiger were unable to defeat him. Because, with the aid of Eight Spider Lances, Tang San’s burst strength became even more terrifying. It went for both attack and speed.

Tang San and Grandmaster had wanted to build this kind of ambience, for Tang San to confront Xie Yue and Hu Liena’s spirit fusion ability. For Tang San to confront two fiftieth ranked experts by himself, when he couldn’t use hidden weapons, even if Tang San used the external spirit bone he could still only fight one of them. But when the opponent’s trapped themselves in their own spirit fusion ability, it would leave them unable to use spirit abilities.

Even though their spirit power rose substantially, relying on his techniques and Eight Spider Lances, Tang San really wasn’t without the strength to fight.

As for the battle outside, it would depend on the display of the Shrek Six Devils.

Dai Mubai’s tiger claws suddenly ejected with sonorous metallic clangs, directly throwing himself at Yan.

As one of Spirit Hall’s Golden Generation, Yan’s combat ability was extremely outstanding. Despite watching the Shrek Six Devils fly out of Xie Yue and Hu Liena’s spirit fusion ability control, he didn’t panic in the slightest. Red hot deep red flames abruptly soared from his body, and at the same time, his body swelled under the effect of his first two spirit rings.

His clothes burst in a moment as Yan’s muscles bulged like granite. In just an instant, he unexpectedly grew to more than three meters, even bigger than Dai Mubai using White Tiger Vajra Transformation.

Both fists colliding with a resounding crack, the red hot flames around him were perfectly opposite of his increasingly ice cold expression.

Of the other four Spirit Hall Academy team members, the three Battle Spirit Masters took a step forward to meet Ma Hongjun and Xiao Wu, and that support Spirit Master’s supporting light fell on Yan.

Extending his tiger palms, with more than one chi long blades as sharp as spears, Dai Mubai collided with Yan.

Yan swung both fists, meeting him like a whirlwind, showing no weakness.

With a loud explosion, Dai Mubai was blown back. Facing the head-on attack, he was unexpectedly flung back seven or eight meters by Yan’s strike.

Amidst the loud explosion was still a crisp ding sound, coming from Zhu Zhuqing’s Hell Stab aimed at Yan’s neck.

Her and Dai Mubai’s cooperation was as tacit as that of Tang San and Xiao Wu. Dai Mubai attacking forcefully from the front, and her hidden like a specter behind him to deliver a fatal strike.

But inwardly startling Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing with qi and blood roiling was that from Zhu Zhuqing’s Hell Stab, Yan only had a white mark on his neck, without the slightest amount of damage, his blazing heat on the contrary grew even fiercer.

Immense defense.

Extreme heat, powerful attack, powerful defense. This was Yan’s spirit, Flame Lord.

In some sense, his spirit should be classified as a Beast Spirit, because when it was used, this spirit also provided body enhancement. Having reached the fiftieth ranked, Yan relied on the first two spirit abilities to make his body solid to this degree, clearly revealing its might.

His Flame Lord wasn’t just fire attribute, but rather dual fire and earth. Capable of becoming a member of the Golden Generation, how could he be commonplace?

In the fight on their side, Zhu Zhuqing and Dai Mubai were suppressed in the first exchange.

But on the other side, Xiao Wu and Ma Hongjun didn’t suffer losses even two against three.

Xiao Wu had at some point undone her scorpion braid, floating in the air, her jet black long hair fell like a waterfall below her feet. Moving lightly, her black hair spread like a black cloud cover, and her body also floated out lightly, going straight for the vicinity of the opponents.

Having carefully researched the Shrek Seven Devils, the opponents naturally understood the nature of Xiao Wu’s spirit abilities. Her strength could only display its greatest degree in close combat. As long as they were a bit careful, she wouldn’t be any threat.

Consequently, one of the three opposing Battle Spirit Masters abruptly took a step forward, a layer of intense light accompanying his third spirit ring brightening. The radiance abruptly spread, changing into a large white halo, striking at ma Hongjun and Xiao Wu.

Of course, the area it covered still included Ning Rongrong and Oscar behind them. This was unexpectedly an ability similar to Huo Wu’s Defying Flame Ring, just that the attribute wasn’t fire, but rather holy.

“Straight line.” Xiao Wu shouted loudly, sharply spreading her arms.

Ma Hongjun, Oscar, and Ning Rongrong all reacted extremely quickly. Relying on the flying mushroom sausage, at this moment their speed in the

air was extremely astonishing. The three were arranged in a straight line behind Xiao Wu in only a split second, and this straight line was infinitely close to perpendicular to the opponent’s spreading white halo.

The purple fourth spirit ring erupted from Xiao Wu, golden splendor engulfing her body. That white halo originally capable of sending them flying disappeared in front of Xiao Wu, leaving a gap in the ring.

And with this gap it was also unable to affect Ma Hongjun’s trio standing in a straight line behind Xiao Wu as it spread.

Accelerating, Ma Hongjun charged forward. After Xiao Wu released her fourth spirit ability, Invincible Golden Body, she also completely disappeared in a moment.

Invincible, absolutely invincible. Within the several seconds Invincible Golden Body was active, Xiao Wu was completely invincible.

This ability matched Xiao Wu’s previous abilities, as if they had been planned in advance. Without this fourth spirit ability, Xiao Wu was only a close combat power, but after gaining it, keeping her from getting close was out of the question.

Immediately after Invincible Golden Body came Teleportation, and the next moment, Xiao Wu was already next to the opponent who released that halo. The place she appeared was ingenious, just furthest away from the other two Battle Spirit Masters. Even if the other side wanted to use spirit abilities, they had to first move around their companion with the halo to affect Xiao Wu.

The dark cloud cover of black hair wrapped around the opponent’s neck just like living serpents. Invincible Golden Body still hadn’t disappeared, and the spirit ability the opponent instantly used against Xiao Wu failed to have any effect on her. He wanted to grab Xiao Wu’s long hair, but that hair was slippery as if alive, and his hands were unable to hold on.

His neck tightening, Xiao Wu poked one foot at the back of his waist[1]. Even though the techniques Tang San had from Tang Sect weren’t applicable for Xiao Wu, having been together for so long, Tang San had still long since taught Xiao Wu about the weak points of the human body.

The back of his waist pressed, the opponent immediately lost strength. The next moment, Xiao Wu’s Waist Bow launched under the effect of Invincible Golden Body.

Waist Bow already doubled strength on its own, and Invincible Golden Body boosted Waist Bow once again. Even a sixtieth ranked Spirit Master wouldn’t have any way to prevent being thrown by that instantly erupting strength, let alone this Spirit Hall Academy team member. The acupoints in his waist pressed, he immediately flew like a soaring cloud or rushing mist.

Completing this one move, Xiao Wu didn’t chase after to use Eight Stage Drop on him, but rather shot up, leaping like a swimming fish, just avoiding the attacks of the other two Battle Spirit Masters. At the same time, she also perfectly drew their attention. With just another use of Teleportation, she successfully pulled out of their attack range.

And at this moment, there was also a violent explosion in the direction that Spirit Master had been thrown.

Thrown with Waist Bow, that halo releasing Spirit Master was instantly stunned for a short moment, and at this time, long since waiting for a chance, Ma Hongjun dropped from the sky. Evil Fire Phoenix fourth spirit ability, Phoenix Cry Sky Strike, launched.

The opponent being stunned was the ideal timing for Ma Hongjun’s ability, and of course he wouldn’t let it slip by. Distorted light filled the air within a small range, a red hot column of flame instantly leaping up. With an explosion, the opposing team member was completely swallowed up by the column of flame.

Ma Hongjun’s silhouette moved away from the flame column in the next moment, simultaneously aiming a foot at the flame column behind him. An already completely scorched black figure was instantly kicked out.

“Treat him in time, or don’t blame me if he dies.” Ma Hongjun and Xiao Wu met up. This moment was just when Xiao Wu’s Invincible Golden Body as well as the effects of everyone’s flying mushroom sausages ended.

Relying on clever teamwork and fully exploiting their spirit abilities, they had successfully settled one opponent, shifting the current balance.

Frequent cracks constantly echoed from within the red fog, clearly showing the intensity of the battle within, almost distorted close to severe whistling sounds along with clang after clang transmitting outwards. Nobody outside could see the battle within the red fog, but the other six Shrek Seven Devils all understood that nobody was able to help Tang San now, unless he voluntarily left the red fog on his own. The others entering the red fog would only hold him back.

On Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing’s side, after the first time the two collided with the opponent, they immediately changed to a moving battle. Without engaging Yan from the front, they relied on Zhu Zhuqing ambushing from the sides, and Dai Mubai pulling from the front. Even though there was a large difference in spirit power, the outcome wouldn’t be settled for quite a while. After all, Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing still hadn’t used their final killing weapon, Hell White Tiger. Yan also didn’t dare rush them. Despite being a Spirit King, he still couldn’t be sure of blocking the Hell White Tiger. All he hoped for right now was that Xie Yue and Hu Liena could hurry up and deal with Tang San in the red fog.

Just judging by these people outside, it now seemed that defeating the Shrek Seven Devils wouldn’t be too easy.

Tang San’s expression revealed an ice cold light, his hands crossed over his chest. Each time the light flickered in his eyes, it seemed as if the air would freeze a bit. The Eight Spider Lances behind him were like eight pikes, constantly thrusting out from unfathomable angles, and the movement of his body also relied completely on the Eight Spider Lances to control.

Xie Yue’s Moon Blades were even more formidable than Tang San had imagined. Each time those durable Eight Spider Lances collided with Xie

Yue’s Moon Blades, a mark would be left behind. Some of the tiny barbs had even been cut off.

In fact, Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances had already passed the amplification of two Man Faced Demon Spiders, as well as the forging of two great immortal herbs. This showed just how terrifying the might of those red glinting immense Moon Blades in Xie Yue’s hands was.

At the same time, Tang San discovered that this spirit fusion ability had a kind of particular effect on Xie Yue’s body. There was an at least thirty percent chance that he would automatically dodge his attacks. And Xie Yue had a superb grasp of this dodge, never using the Moon Blades to dodge unless he was absolutely certain his body would be hit, instead constantly using the moon Blades to wear down Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances. Those frequent cracks rung out because of this.

Xie Yue was very calm right now. Even though his and Hu Liena’s spirit fusion ability, Charm Demon, didn’t have any formidable attacks, it was precisely because of this that it consumed spirit power much slower than those attack spirit fusion abilities, and this red fog could be maintained for a long time. After fusing with Hu Liena, his spirit power had surpassed the sixtieth rank. He believed that under these circumstances, it was impossible for Tang San to win.

The facts also proved his thoughts. Relying on his exquisite control over the Moon Blades, Xie Yue had already jolted open the Eight Spider Lances more than once. But just when he was about to get close to Tang San, Tang San immediately launched a Binding or perhaps Parasite to halt him, allowing him to break out of his attack range.

Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances had immense strength on their own, and further adding Tang San’s strength and spirit power, the result was comparable to a fiftieth ranked Spirit King. But right now he was confronting Xie Yue who after all had sixtieth ranked strength. Ten ranks of spirit power was an enormous gap.

If Tang San hadn’t supplemented the Eight Spider Lances with his own Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step and low level spirit abilities, he would

already have been unable to endure.

Tang San understood that, with the degree of sharpness of the opponent’s Moon Blades, no matter which spirit ability it was, it was impossible to trap Xie Yue. What he would do now was to consume the opponent’s spirit power, patiently watching for a gap.

Despite being unable to defeat the opponent from the front, fortunately the opponent couldn’t use any other abilities, thereby not needing Tang San to worry about sudden attacks. Judging by how Xie Yue didn’t let the red fog envelop his companions, the Charm Demon’s ability had negative effects to the people on their side as well.

Suddenly, after two attacks jolted open the Eight Spider Lances, Xie Yue abruptly turned, one the two moon Blades in his hands suddenly shooting out like lightning, flying through the air spinning.

Tang San’s heart immediately skipped a beat. Relying on Purple Demon Eye, he could clearly see that Moon Blade’s arc slicing through the air directly at Dai Mubai.

Tang San could be called the grandmaster of hidden weapons in this world, and the moon Blade’s flight angle and speed he could see how fierce this attack was. Even with the White Tiger Vajra Transformation and White Tiger Barrier, it was impossible for Dai Mubai to withstand the sharpness of a sixtieth ranked spirit power Moon Blade.

“Mubai, careful!” Tang San shouted, glowering.

Eight Spider Lances abruptly stuck into the ground, and again sending him shooting out like lightning, directly into the air.

The direction Xie Yue threw this moon Blade was extremely sinister, first cutting the Blue Silver Grass that connected Tang San to Dai Mubai, making him unable to save him. Even though the red fog didn’t cover the group fight over there, it was still very close. A sudden sneak attack from behind while he was focused on the enormous pressure from the front would catch Dai Mubai unprepared.

Yan hadn’t been working together with Xie Yue for just one or two days. Tang San’s loud shout admittedly warned Dai Mubai, but at the same time it equally got his attention. Both hands fiercely smashing the ground, Yan’s fourth spirit ring lit up.

The air suddenly seemed to become thick, distorting and undulating, streams of dry hot air making everyone delay as if walking in quicksand. Stream after stream of lava bubbled up from the ground, swallowing towards the Shrek Seven Devils.

When Dai Mubai heard Tang San’s voice, he first pounced forward. He already felt a chill making the pores on his back close up.

However, Yan’s sudden fourth spirit ability was mainly aimed in this direction. A brief delay was often key to deciding victory or defeat. The Shrek Seven Devils schemed against their opponents, how couldn’t the opponents scheme against them?

As the leader of the Golden Generation, even though Xie Yue was caught in Tang San’s plans at the start, he very quickly understood Tang San’s goal.

He had launched a powerful attack against Tang San without batting an eyelid, but once he discovered he couldn’t win in a short time, he immediately changed tactics.

As he watched, only a few meters remained between the Mon Blade and Dai Mubai. Xie Yue seemed to already be able to hear the sound of bones being cut and broken by the Moon Blade. Even so much that his face already held a cruel smile.

[1] “Loin Eye” refers specifically to acupoints on the small of the back. Like this.

Chapter 128

But at this moment, layer after layer of black light abruptly rose below Dai Mubai’s feet, strands of Blue Silver Grass. The Blue Silver Grass immediately condensed together after rising, becoming extremely hard. Not only did it block the twisting streams of air outside, but at the same time also formed a fully seven layered barrier around Dai Mubai.

With Dai Mubai in this kind of crisis, Tang San couldn’t help the spirit power consumption and launched the ten thousand year spirit ring’s ability, Blue Silver prison. Altogether seven Blue Silver Prisons directly aimed at Dai Mubai.

An ear-piercing grinding sound instantly erupted where the Moon Blade and the Blue Silver Prison touched.

One side was the Moon Blade supported by tyrannical spirit power, and moreover the amplification of the spirit fusion ability, while the other side was the unprecedented fourth ten thousand year spirit ability. Which would win in the end?

Layer after layer of Blue Silver Prison broke under the grinding Moon Blade, but the Moon Blade’s red radiance also clearly weakened.

Soaring through the air, Tang San didn’t stay idle. Dropping from the sky, his Eight Spinder Lances stretched out, directly throwing him at Xie Yue.

With Eight Spider Lances plus four limbs, Tang San could at most attack Xie Yue from twelve different directions. On the surface it seemed that Xie Yue was already suppressed to a disadvantage, with Tang San’s battle capability able to completely unleash a twelve directional attack.

However, at this moment Xie Yue revealed his power as one of the Golden Generation. He only used one simple move to break Tang San’s abrupt power.

Body rotating one turn like lightning, the other Moon Blade surged out, spinning at high speed as it cut towards Tang San, releasing an ear-piercing sharp hiss. In terms of attack power, it was unexpectedly even more powerful than the attack on Dai Mubai.

The attack on Dai Mubai had to be unexpected, so Xie Yue couldn’t use his full strength in order to reduce the sound, but for this attack on Tang San, he naturally wouldn’t hold back.

Seeing that Moon Blade coming towards him, Tang San couldn’t help being shocked. Because he discovered that the speed of that Moon Blade was extremely terrifying even when locked on with his Purple Demon Eye, and in fact, that Moon Blade even left after images. Tang San immediately judged that even his Eight Spider Lances wouldn’t be able to withstand that cutting power.

By now, on the other side of the battle, the seven Blue Silver Prisons Tang San used to defend Dai Mubai were already completely smashed, but that Moon Blade also lacked enough remaining strength. Dai Mubai’s tiger claws ejected to swat the Moon Blade flying. But that Moon Blade practically only touched his tiger claws before it abruptly disappeared, reappearing in Xie Yue’s hand.

A sneer appeared at the corners of Xie Yue’s mouth. Since the start of the match, it was finally entering his control. ‘So what if you can see me in the Charm Demon ability? By letting me take the advantage, you won’t have any chance again.’

In midair, Tang San saw that Dai Mubai’s crisis was already dissolved. Even though he was blasted flying by a fist from Yan as he struck down the moon Blade, it shouldn’t be any major issue. Yan was also s imultaneously pushed several meters away by a Hell Decapitation from Zhu Zhuqing, and on the surface the situation was still in equilibrium.

The Moon Blades sharp whistling sound and the increasingly enchanting red lines on its surface provided enormous pressure on Tang San. But at this moment, his real combat attainment was revealed.

Seeing the Moon Blade cut through the air as if pulled towards him, Tang San spread his arms and sharply withdrew them, simultaneously deviating in midair, as his left hand sharply flew out, the more than five hundred jin[1] Clear Sky Hammer emerged to meet it.

With a loud explosion, Clear Sky Hammer and Moon Blade shot out practically simultaneously.

What the Moon Blade held was the superiority of Xie Yue’s rich and powerful spirit power, while the Clear Sky Hammer had the effects of its own hardness and five hundred jin terrifying weight. Consequently, the result of these two great spirits colliding was to fly off simultaneously.

Xie Yue’s face changed slightly. Right hand beckoning, left hand waving, that flying through the air Moon Blade quietly returned to his palm. But the other Moon Blade was already in the air, rushing once again towards Tang San. At the same time, he also immediately threw out the Moon Blade that had returned to his hand.

‘So what if you can use the Clear Sky Hammer to withstand my Moon Blade? You only have one Clear Sky Hammer, while I have two Moon Blades. I want to see how you can block one attack after another.’

To Tang San, the Moon Blade was like a large size Returning Wind Willow Leaf Knife. Seeing those two Moon Blades arcing towards him like meteors catching up with the moon, he couldn’t help a twinge in his heart. A magnificent hidden weapons grandmaster was actually taken for a target by the opponent, this kind of feeling was really hard to take.

His body dropping in the air, right now Tang San became extremely calm. Purple golden rays of light shot out of his eyes, and his hands simultaneously completely turned a jade color.

He couldn’t use his hidden weapons, so all he could rely on was to recall the Clear Sky Hammer.

If he held the Clear Sky Hammer to knock away the opponent’s Moon Blades, Tang San could be certain the opponent’s vastly superior spirit power would be bound to injure him, that was in no way desirable.

The pupils of his eyes suddenly contracting, what Tang San used was still the Clear Sky Hammer.

This time he didn’t send it straight. The dark Clear Sky Hammer spun through the air, seemingly slow, but just right to meet the first Moon Blade.

Exactly the same as last time, the Clear Sky Hammer and the Moon Blade were simultaneously sent flying. But miraculously, that knocked off course Clear Sky Hammer unexpectedly intercepted the other Moon Blade in the air, colliding once again.

Even though the force was lacking this time, it was still enough to change the course of that Moon Blade, flying out obliquely, unable to threaten Tang San.

Xie Yue’s first reaction was that it was impossible. Could it be a coincidence?

This was of course no coincidence. Tang San relied on Purple Demon Eye as well as the rebound speed of the first time the Moon Blade collided with the Clear Sky Hammer to precisely judge the necessary angle to collide with the Moon Blade and the directional change of the rotation to strike two with one, successfully knocking away the Moon Blades.

Among Tang Sect’s hidden weapon techniques, this was called Two Birds With One Stone.

There wasn’t any brilliant technique to it in itself, but the difficulty lay in Tang San right now using this five hundred jin heavy hidden weapon. The requirements in control, and still the accuracy of the calculations, undoubtedly sufficiently displayed his strength as a hidden weapons grandmaster.

The two Moon Blades had returned to Xie Yue’s hands anew, and Tang San also had his feet on the ground. In the exchange this time, both sides had tied, neither holding the advantage.

Xie Yue was somewhat indignant. Even if the opponent had a spirit bone, right now his strength was combined with Hu Liena’s. Judging by Tang San’s movements, spirit power, as well as reaction, the opponent received very little influence from the Charm Demon’s ability, even to the extent that it was negligible.

But even so, with so much higher spirit power, was he unable to defeat the opponent for such a long time?

No, this was simply impossible.

The androgynous Xie Yue’s pupils began to rapidly contract, blue veins standing out on the hands gripping the pair of Moon Blades, both arms slowly extending to either side, swinging the Moon Blades, composing a circle. Fixing his eyes on Tang San, his gaze wa just like a demon deciding on a person to devour.

Tang San was still calm. Even a landslide wouldn’t change his complexion. This was a basic requirement for Tang Sect hidden weapons. Being able to remain uninfluenced in the Charm Demon’s barrier wasn’t only due to the counteracting effect of the Eight Spider Lances on his back, but equally significant was the Purple Demon Eyes that allowed him to see clearly, as well as his hearing that could determine position from sound.

Drawing a deep breath, Xie Yue apparently wasn’t worried, his gaze fixed on Tang San, “You are the first person to test my created ability. To be able to fall to my created ability, you should feel honored.”

Tang San coldly said: “You still haven’t won. When Feng Xiaotian used his Stormwind Demon Wolf Thirty Six Successive Chops against me, he should have thought the same. He could tell you the result.”

With a disdainful smile, Xie Yue’s eyes held an enchanting radiance, “Could a rookie like Feng Xiaotian be mentioned in the same breath as me? My created ability doesn’t have any weakness. Taste it, Full Moon[2].”

Xie Yue moved just like a whirlwind. In an instant, his entire body and the two Moon Blades disappeared practically simultaneously. Appearing in front of Tang San was only an immense white disk.

Without any grinding noise or whistling wind, it seemed as if all sounds had been swallowed up by that disk. The red fog within the Charm Demon barrier rotated around that white disk like a whirlpool.

In order to defeat Tang San, Xie Yue finally used his most powerful attack.

In terms of spirit power, there wasn’t much difference between Xie Yue and Hu Liena, and Yan, and everyone had their expert spirit abilities. The reason he was able to become the leader of the Golden Generation, was because of this created ability. And fully using this ability while in the spirit fusion ability, was his single most powerful attack. Relying on this move, he had with his own hands defeated his sixty eighth rank teacher, thereby earning his place as the number one of Spirit Hall’s young generation.

Full Moon sounded like such a beautiful name, and at this moment, appearing in front of Tang San, was a faultless created spirit ability.

The circle was the most consummate form, without any gaps. With just a glance, Tang San knew that this tracelessly target seeking formidable attack wasn’t something he could resist with Disorder Wind Splitting Hammer.

Xie Yue didn’t exaggerate. This Full Moon ability of his really exceeded the Stormwind Demon Wolf Thirty Six Successive Chops by far, and in attack speed, the difference between the two was far, far too much.

What seemed like a white disk was actually formed by Xie Yue driving his two Moon Blades to rotate at astonishing speed.

Tang San knew that with using this ability at full strength after fighting with spirit fusion ability, even if Xie Yue won, he and Hu Liena would have barely any spirit power remaining.

At this moment, he truly felt somewhat defeated. Because he clearly sensed that this ability before him wasn’t something he could resist on his own.

Blue Silver Grass, Binding ability launched, immediately followed by a third spirit ability Spiderweb Restraint. Tang San wouldn’t wait helplessly for death, he would use every method he could think of to defeat the opponent before him.

As the Blue Silver Grass touched that white disk, it quietly shattered. Spiderweb Restraint’s green ball of light covered it, and was instantly scattered and smashed. Two abilities unexpectedly couldn’t make the opponent’s speed forward drop in the slightest.

Tang San understood that even if he used his fourth spirit ability Blue Silver Grass to arrange a defense ten deep, it would still be cut apart by that rapidly rotating Full Moon.

Tang San’s eyes brightened, and he began to move. To be precise, he also began to rotate. The Eight Spider Lances on his back extended perfectly straight, and the rotating Tang San immediately turned into a whirlwind.

Tang San rotated in the opposite direction the opponent did. Right now, his entire spirit power was condensed on his Eight Spider Lances. He knew that this was his last and only chance. Arriving at this moment, no techniques had any use.

The only thing effective was a head-on collision between both sides.
Swallowing the stimulating pink sausage, Tang San would give it his all.


Tang San’s ad hoc rotating whirlpool met the Full Moon. A spur of the moment countermeasure colliding with the opponent’s created ability, the result could be imagined. Even more, the opponent’s spirit power was still far higher than his.

The first Eight Spider Lance was thrown against the Moon Blades, causing the first explosion.

The Full Moon slowed for a moment, and Xie Yue and Hu Liena’s fused form could briefly be seen within. But Tang San spouted a mouthful of blood, and that Eight Spider Lance was smashed to pieces as a result.

The violent pain made all of Tang San’s rotating body convulse. But he knew that he couldn’t stop now. Drawing on the stimulation from that pain, he on the contrary spun even faster.

A second explosion resounded once again, the two colliding practically as soon as they separated, and the same scene appeared once again. Another Eight Spider Lance was smashed.

In fact, as an external spirit bone, Eight Spider Lances had long since become a part of Tang San’s body, just like his own bones. Having two of them shatter in succession, how enormous must the pain he had to endure be?

Even more desperate collisions still followed, a third, fourth, fifth, all the way until the shattering of the sixth Eight Spider Lance, when Xie Yue’s created ability Full Moon became a bit slower.

was the seventh. Tang San spurted a seventh mouthful of blood. His body was completely enveloped in a layer of ping radiance, his spirit power reaching its peak from the stimulating pink sausage.

With the final Eight Spider Lance remaining, Xie Yue and Hu Liena’s fused body could no longer be completely concealed within the moonlight, due to the speed of Full Moon dropping.

With a practically heroic effort, Tang San swung his last Eight Spider Lance.

This time was no longer an explosion, but rather an ear-piercing grinding noise. Tang San watched his eighth Eight Spider Lance constantly being cut piece by piece as it collided with the opponent.

He was only too clear on the solidity of the Eight Spider Lances. Eight Eight Spider Lances being shattered, Tang San’s back was already dyed red with blood flowing from the skin being torn open at the base of the Eight Spider Lances. Right now his complexion was already pale.

However, Tang San’s resistance still hadn’t ended. He didn’t have a ninth spider leg, however, he had something else.

Clear Sky Hammer. It finally appeared in this final rotation. Shooting out under the impetus of Tang San’s whirlwind-like rotation, it heavily pounded against the opponent’s Full Moon.

An ear-piercing grinding rumble as well as countless sparks erupted from the heart of the collision between the two sides.

Clear Sky Hammer flew into the air, and Tang San was also finally unable to persevere with the severe spinning. Flung out   with   a putong sound, he fell heavily on the ground.

But that rotating Full Moon was also stopped by that final strike.

Xie Yue’s had a shocked expression. When using Full Moon, he had wanted to kill Tang San in one hit. But the degree of solidity of the Eight Spider Lances had far exceeded his expectations. Tang San would admittedly lose an Eight Spider Lance with each collision, but his spirit power would equally be substantially consumed. With that final collision with the Clear Sky Hammer, his Full Moon had finally been unable to be used further.

And he and Hu Liena’s spirit power was also finally unable to support the continuation of that spirit fusion ability.

The Charm Demon disappeared. The red fog dissipated. The gazes of practically all the spectators focused on Tang San and Xie Yue appearing in the middle of the red fog.

On the Shrek Seven Devils’ side, everyone’s hearts fell. But for the Spirit Hall people, their faces all revealed smiles.

Fallen to the ground, dyed red with blood, Tang San twitched weakly. Despite him struggling to crawl up, right now everyone saw that, being two, Xie Yue and Hu Liena held an absolute advantage.

On Xie Yue’s Moon Blades were several dozen densely packed little nicks, and Hu Liena’s face was pale. But at least they were still standing.

Right now, in the battle on the other side, the two sides were about equally matched. Yan had already used his fifth spirit ability, and Zhu Zhuqing and Dai Mubai and also finally used the spirit fusion ability, Hell White Tiger. Judging by the overall situation, the Shrek Academy side even held a slight advantage.

Even though Yan was powerful, he was alone against two, and was completely suppressed by the Hell White Tiger. And on the other side, even though Xiao Wu and Ma Hongjun had consumed a great deal of spirit power at the start, they were backed by the supprot of two auxiliary system Spirit Masters.

Ning Rongrong’s Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda constantly alternated the light it shot out, boosting them comprehensively. Three Aperture Governing Heart’s ease and freedom like moving an arm or a hand, was extremely pure, always providing the most correct support for Ma Hongjun and Xiao Wu just when they needed it the most.

And Oscar’s array of sausages constantly flew from his hands to theirs to provide replenishment and supply. Consequently, even though the remaining two opponents had spirit power over the forty fifth rank, they were still being vividly beaten. The ones holding the advantage were on the contrary their two opponents, forcing them to always having to guard against Xiao Wu once again using that Invincible Golden Body.

The disappearance of the spirit fusion ability Charm Demon had undoubtedly broken the balance between the two sides. Even though Xie Yue and Hu Liena’s consumption seemed enormous, as long as they attacked Tang San one more time, they could throw themselves into the battlefield.

When the Charm Demon faded, the Spirit Hall Academy team’s support Spirit Master immediately shot out two rays of light, separately falling on Xie Yue and Hu Liena, helping the two recover. The scales of victory had already begun to shift.

Xie Yue looked somewhat regretfully at Tang San. He of course saw the situation in the ring clearly, “You’re very powerful. I heard you’re still only fifteen this year. It’s truly difficult to imagine your genius. In talent, I’m not your equal.”

Being able to have the Golden Generation’s number one say something like this, was undoubtedly a recognition of Tang San.

But at this moment, Xie Yue also raised the Moon Blade in his hand.

He knew that even though Tang San was enormously exhausted, it still wasn’t to the degree of the mission Spirit Hall had given him. Soon Tang San already managed to crawl from the floor with some difficulty.

On Tang San’s back, the Eight Spider Lances’ enormous fractures seemed extremely frightening, especially his green uniform was already dyed red with blood, making it even more shocking that he still stood like that.

The only thing that hadn’t changed from the start of the competition, was Tang San’s eyes. The gaze in his eyes was still stubborn and calm. Gazing at Xie Yue, Tang San straightened his back. No matter when, his spine could never bend.

“Don’t think you’ve won.” Tang San’s right hand slowly rose. Right now, his spirit power was largely consumed, to the extent that he could only

maintain Mysterious Jade Hand on one hand. And that raised right hand was filled with chips of the shattered Eight Spider Lances.

Hearing Tang San speak, Xie Yue couldn’t help looking distracted a moment. Right now the situation was completely under their control, Yan and the others had started to use force to suppress the other Shrek Seven Devils from coming to Tang San’s aid.

Even the recovery sausages Oscar threw over were stopped by Hu Liena. The only support Tang San had was a stream of spirit power amplification from Ning Rongrong.

“Don’t tell me you still have some means to reverse the situation?” Perhaps it was because the situation was already settled, but Xie Yue still spoke right now.

Tang San smiled calmly, “You’ve used your created ability, I still haven’t. I’ve already experienced your true strength, but what my true strength is, do you know?”

“Created spirit ability? In your present condition, can you still use the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method? Even though the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda is miraculous, it still can’t create a miracle for someone whose spirit power is exhausted and spirit bones smashed.”

“Is that so? Then I’ll let you see what my true strength is.”

Tang San’s action was only a movement of his right hand. Arm swinging, his underarm trembling with a bizarre rhythm, five fingers spreading open in a split second, his fingers seeming to disappear and turn into mirages. And those Eight Spider Lance splinters in his hand shot out in all directions.

Tang San previously held altogether sixteen fragments, for the most part barbs and some sharp splinters from the Eight Spider Lances that he had collected when he crawled up from the ground before.

Sixteen fragments flew out simultaneously, but not one flew towards Xie Yue and Hu Liena, at least not as far as they saw.

Xie Yue smiled, “This is your so called created spirit ability?”

Tang San also smiled, but he didn’t have anything to say. Rather, he fell heavily to the ground with a gudong sound, already unconscious. Despite this, the smiling expression on his face didn’t change in the slightest.

Tang San’s smile at Xie Yue, was at the first person who had the guts to mock Tang Sect’s tenth ranked hidden weapons technique, Batwing Rebound.

Batwing Rebound, tenth ranked of Tang Sect’s hidden weapons techniques. Usable with any hidden weapons, capable of shooting at most thirty six hidden weapons simultaneously. With Tang San’s present strength and control, he could at most use only eighteen, and the sixteen he launched right now was already the limit before he fell unconscious.

Sixteen fragments, each one flying in a straight line, completely scattering in an arc.

The instant Tang San fell to the ground, Xie Yue’s complexion changed. He simultaneously sensed two strong winds arriving from either side of him.

Without the slightest hesitation, simultaneously raising both Moon Blades, he knocked away the two fragments.

With two light dingding sounds, the two fragments simultaneously flew away. Equally startled as him was Hu Liena, who was assaulted by especially many fragments, as many as four. However, she was after all a Spirit King. Even though her spirit power was also close to exhausted, with the aid of their side’s support Spirit Master, she was still barely able to use her fingernails to flick away the four fragments.

At the same time as they loosed a breath, the two of them practically simultaneously felt a tingling. With incredulous gazes, they touched the

splinters embedded in their shoulders.

They hadn’t seen that at the same time as they knocked away the six chips attacking them, they had unexpectedly simultaneously flown towards the other person, and moreover once again in arcs. However without the sound of cutting the air due to their slight size and not being too powerful.

If the Batwing Rebound technique was that easily broken, it wouldn’t be fit to become Tang Sect’s tenth ranked technique. Even though Tang San didn’t have much spirit power left when he launched it, he had already attained the result he wanted.

The chips that hit Xie Yue and Hu Liena’s shoulders weren’t few. Xie Yue had the four that previously attacked Hu Liena, and Hu Liena had two. None of the six fragments had failed to hit.

The power of these chips really wasn’t much, only managing to cut open their clothes and a layer of skin as they hit.

If it had been Xie Yue and Hu Liena in their peak condition, they could both have blocked Tang San’s Batwing Rebound technique by releasing spirit power with their full strength, but at the moment they basically weren’t able to. And all of this was planned out by the already unconscious Tang San.

Cutting open the skin was already sufficient. Don’t forget that the Eight Spider Lances contained terrifying toxin that would give even the Poison Douluo a headache.

In just a moment, Xie Yue and Hu Liena discovered that their shoulders had already gone numb. As they became alarmed, even cutting off their arms to prevent the poison was already too late, because the numbness had already spread to their chests.

Without the slightest hesitation, the siblings swiftly sat cross-legged on the ground, doing their utmost to urge their little remaining spirit power to resist the spread of the poison. This was all they could do.

Putong, putong, putong, putong. Four falling sounds rose practically simultaneously. Apart from Yan, the other four Spirit Hall Academy team members sat on the ground practically at the same time as Xie Yue and Hu Liena, the weakest among them, the support Spirit Master, had even directly fallen unconscious.

Tang San had thrown out sixteen splinters with the Batwing Rebound technique. Besides the six used for Xie Yue and his sister, the other ten all flew at the other five.

The instant he threw the fragments, to pursue accuracy, Tang San’s mind had worked hurriedly with the judgement of Purple Demon Eye to even estimate the movements of the five targets within the next several seconds. It was also because of overexerting his mind in a state of weakness that he fell unconscious.

Those other ten fragments were extremely similar, not only did they fly in arcs, but moreover still flew close together. Even though some were promptly blocked by reacting opponents, the chips flew out once again after being blocked, finding other targets.

Besides the vigilant and most powerful Yan releasing his full spirit power, successively blocking the Eight Spider Lances fragments, the other four were completely infected.

In anyone’s impression, the battle situation had changed dramatically. The ones previously holding an absolute advantage suddenly lost six people, leaving only Yan.

The scales of victory shifted once again, and moreover this time they leaned so heavily.

Xiao Wu and Oscar ran directly towards Tang San. There was no longer any need for them in this battle. Ning Rongrong’s Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda was unleashed, boosting the Hell White Tiger. Ma Hongjun used all his remaining spirit power, attacking from the flank with his full strength using Phoenix Firewire under the effect of Phoenix Ascension and Bathing Fire Phoenix.

It had to be said that Yan’s strength really was formidable. Under such unfavorable conditions, he still stubbornly endured. Even though his resistance grew weaker and weaker, and each attack from the Hell White Tiger would leave him with several wounds, he still persisted.

No matter how staunch Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong’s willpower was, even she couldn’t keep her expression from changing when confronted with the situation before her.

Tang San hadn’t violated the rules of the tournament, what he had thrown were the splinters of his own Eight Spider Lances, a part of his own body. It really wasn’t a weapon. Who could have anticipated that victory or defeat would actually be settled with a light toss like that?

A voice suddenly echoed by the Supreme Pontiff’s ear, “Your Revered Holiness Supreme Pontiff, I must warn you.”

“Au……” Chrysanthemum Douluo Yue Guan was just about to shout ‘audacious’ before he saw who dared suddenly speak to the Supreme Pontiff. He discovered that this person was equally a Title Douluo, but part of the Shrek Academy group, Poison Douluo Dugu Bo.

Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong coldly shot Dugu Bo a glance, “What does Poison Douluo want to warn us about?”

Dugu Bo smiled faintly. Anyone could see how fake his smiling expression was, but he did after all have his position. Among Spirit Masters, Title Douluo were forever sublime.

“Your Holiness Supreme Pontiff, the poison contained in Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances, I couldn’t dissolve either. Only he is able to detoxify it. Moreover, the three cold and hot as well as the Man Faced Demon Spider poisons the Eight Spider Lances have, as mixed poisons, will flare up extremely quickly. Even though spirit power can slow down the flare up, it has a limited effect. If you delay further, I’m afraid you will have only one left of your Golden Generation.”

Dugu Bo’s words no doubt had a mocking intention, but nobody would distrust what he said. With a Title Douluo’s dignity, it was impossible to lie. He was a loner, and even though Spirit Hall’s authority reached the sky, he still didn’t particularly care. To be precise, Dugu Bo was backed by the Heaven Dou imperial family.

The Supreme Pontiff’s expression flickered between gloomy and clear. In the ring, the faces of the six people sitting cross legged grew increasingly more purple and black, and Yan would also soon be unable to endure under the combined assault of the Hell White Tiger and Ma Hongjun.

The originally certain victory unexpectedly devolved into such a scene, Bibi Dong really couldn’t quite accept it. But she was after all the most outstanding Supreme Pontiff of Spirit Hall’s recent generations. Weighing the alternatives, she promptly stood, “Spirit Hall Academy team, concedes.”

The Supreme Pontiff’s words had just fallen when, next to her, Ning Fengzhi stood. Raising his hand, the lustrous gem light of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda appeared in front of him. Ning Fengzhi lightly shouted, “Go.”

The pagoda in his hand spun three turns and floated out, instantly growing larger in midair. In that instant, the entire front of the Supreme Pontiff Palace erupted with the light of gems. As Ning Fengzhi’s Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda floated forward, its volume rapidly expanded. In just the blink of an eye it had unexpectedly already become a more than ten meter tall pagoda, floating unsupported in midair. A faint hazy light shot out from between Ning Fengzhi’s eyebrows, directly fusing into the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda, and his body and the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda flickered with equal radiance.

This was the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda’s Tool Spirit Avatar, also known as Seven Treasure Avatar.

Sword Douluo Chen Xin also stood simultaneously, quietly standing at Ning Fengzhi’s side. Even though he didn’t release his spirit, he still exuded an extremely sharp aura, secretly protecting Ning Fengzhi.

A magnificent light surged out from the pagoda’s fifth floor, directly shining on Tang San. And next to Tang San with anxious faces, Oscar and Xiao Wu were flung out tumbling by this radiance.

In her fall, a blooming fresh flower quietly slid out from Xiao Wu’s chest. Xiao Wu’s complexion abruptly changed, and she swiftly stretched out a hand for the Yearning Heartbroken Red, once again tucking it into her chest.

In just this brief time, in front of Supreme Pontiff Palace, four pairs of eyes immediately focused on her. Revealing astonished expressions one after the other, these four gazes came from Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong, Chrysanthemum Douluo Yue Guan, Ghost Douluo Gui Mei, as well as Sword Douluo Chen Xin.

The four faces all revealed shocked expressions, and simultaneously still unsuppressable emotional waves. Showing the same kind of expression as them was also the not distant Poison Douluo Dugu Bo. The gazes of five great powers focused on Xiao Wu in practically an instant.

Xiao Wu clearly felt the pressure from them. Face instantly paling, lowering her head, she resisted with great difficulty a poisonous light from entering her eyes.
[1] 500⽄ = 250 kg
[2] (圆⽉)

Chapter 129

The Supreme Pontiff looked eye to eye with Chrysanthemum Douluo and Ghost Douluo next to her, their eyes revealing a difficult to suppress joy.

Right now, it even seemed as if she’d forgotten the matter of Spirit Hall Academy’s defeat.

The healing light of the sixth floor of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda completely enveloped Tang San, glittering with a peculiar radiance.

Tang San’s wounds were closing with extremely astonishing speed, and not only that, the injuries to his internal energy channels caused by the shock from Xie Yue’s created spirit ability Full Moon also swiftly healed.

The Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda’s fourth floor also released a stream of light, the light of spirit power amplification.

With Ning Fengzhi’s strength, as the school master of Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, the amplification capability he was capable of with the Seven Treasure Avatar far exceeded what Ning Rongrong could compare to.

Under the dual effect of the healing light and the spirit power amplifying light, the wounds on Tang San’s back from the fracturing Eight Spider Lances closed little by little, the broken stubs of the Eight Spider Lances withdrawing into Tang San’s body. Tang San’s complexion also started to grow rosy.

At this moment, another six rays of spirit power amplifying light sprinkled out. This time they were for the six Spirit Hall Academy team members sitting cross legged on the ground.

Ning Fengzhi wouldn’t cure them, but relying on the formidable spirit power boost, he could give a bit more time to resist the poison to these close to crumbling Spirit Masters.

Flender, Grandmaster and Liu Erlong rushed into the ring one after another, reaching Tang San’s side.

The light Ning Fengzhi gave Tang San gradually faded, and Flender hastily raised him, extending a hand to push on his back and slowly infusing his own spirit power into Tang San. Tang San groaned, and slowly opened his eyes.

The aches all over his body had already faded away, but the hollow feeling within him couldn’t be patched.

Especially on his back, it seemed as if half his ribs were gone. His whole body was half limp. The rupturing of the Eight Spider Lances caused enormous injuries to his body, and even though the Eight Spider Lances would heal on their own and regrow anew, that would still take some time. For the moment, Tang San wasn’t able to fight further.

His vision gradually cleared. The other Shrek Seven Devils were already crowded around him, and Tang San looked at everyone by his side, “We won?”

Dai Mubai forcefully nodded, the excited light in his evil eyes couldn’t be concealed, “Yes, we won, we defeated the Spirit Hall Academy team. We’re the champions. The champions of the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament.”

Tang San’s face revealed a satisfied smile. Having finally taken the championship, even though they’d invested much, getting this championship was also enough.

“Congratulations on obtaining the final victory, but now please first detoxify them.” Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong’s voice arrived, rousing the soaked in joy Shrek Seven Devils.

Supported by Xiao Wu and Osca r, Tang San slowly stood. Even though his steps were still somewhat weak, under the effects of Ning Fengzhi’s healing and spirit power amplifying light, his body had already recovered a lot.

After swallowing one of Oscar’s recovery sausages, it was already enough to be able to move around to some extent.

Without saying anything else, Tang San picked up a long Eight Spider Lance fragment from the ground in passing, and walked over in front of Xie Yue. Stretching out his hand, he pricked Xie Yue’s shoulder.

A purple black radiance lit from the fragment, and rings after ring of light slowly flowed into Tang San via the fragment.

Xie Yue’s agonized expression gradually calmed, and the purple black color on his body swiftly retreated.

Tang San had another kind of feeling. He wasn’t only withdrawing the poison, but under the effect of the Eight Spider Lance fragment, he was still absorbing some of Xie Yue’s vitality in the process.

Very soon, the poison in Xie Yue’s body had faded, and he managed to open his eyes with some difficulty. But he was already so tired that he couldn’t get up, and with only a glance for Tang San, immediately started to cultivate where he sat.

Tang San sneered inwardly. Even though the poison was removed, the other side would inevitably be seriously ill from the aftereffects. As for whether it would influence his future cultivation, even he didn’t know.

Following the same pattern, Tang San helped the other five break the poison. With each person he removed the poison for, Ning Fengzhi withdrew the spirit power amplification light. His level of control wasn’t

just that of Three Aperture Governing Heart, but rather Ning Fengzhi’s Seven Aperture Wishful Heart, far superior to the Three Aperture Governing Heart.

As Tang San finished detoxifying the six people, his mind on the contrary became better. At the same time as he withdrew the poison, he unavoidably absorbed a part of their vitality. Right now he didn’t only feel that his spirit power recovered a bit, but he also started to have an itchy sensation on his back, the Eight Spider Lances starting to recover under the support of the vitality.

By now, the Supreme Pontiff’s expression had already calmed. Having once again taken her seat, she smiled at Ning Fengzhi withdrawing the Seven Treasure Avatar next to her: “Many thanks, school master Ning.”

Ning Fengzhi smiled slightly, “As easy as lifting a hand. Not worth mentioning.”

Sword Douluo Chen Xin’s lips buzzed, saying something to Ning Fengzhi that made his complexion immediately change, his gaze immediately falling on Xiao Wu amidst the Shrek Academy group. The expression in his eyes immediately turned strange.

By now, having recovered somewhat, Tang San also felt something strange in the mood in the ring. Even though those powers concealed it, relying on the incisive vision of Purple Demon Eye, he discovered that the gazes of the most powerful people present all seemed to be directed at Xiao Wu next to him.

What was going on?

Right now, the others of the Shrek Seven Devils hadn’t noticed this detail, they were completely soaked in the joy of victory.

After the Spirit Hall Academy team’s seven members had recovered for a bit, they were helped down by Spirit Hall’s people, leaving only Shrek Academy in the plaza.

Each of their faces was brimming with pride. They were the champions, yes, they were the ultimate champions.

The Supreme Pontiff and the gaggle of Title Douluo all stood, Bibi Dong declaring with a calm expression, “The final champions of this year’s Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament, are Shrek Academy. Congratulations, talented young Spirit Masters.”

The Shrek Seven Devils stood in a row, and behind them were Grandmaster, Flender, Liu Erlong as well as Poison Douluo Dugu Bo.

Right now, among the Shrek Seven Devils, apart from Xiao Wu, the gazes of the others all fell on that brocaded plate with the three spirit bones.

At this time, the Supreme Pontiff displayed her proper ease, taking he brocade tray from the hands of the Spirit Hall staff member, her somewhat reluctant gaze sweeping across the three spirit bones.

The referee cardinal loudly declared: “Representative of Shrek Academy, please step forward to receive the champions’ reward.”

The Shrek Seven Devils looked at each other. Tang San bumped Dai Mubai forward, indicating he accept the prize.

But Dai Mubai shook his head, his evil eyes looking at Tang San,

“Little San, this should be your honor. Even if I’m the captain, anyone with eyes can see that you paid the most for this final victory. You’ve always been the soul of us seven devils.”

“Go, third brother, don’t dodge it.” Ma Hongjun stated his approval.

Turning his head to look at Grandmaster, again looking at the earnest expressions of the companions next to him, Tang San drew a deep breath and stepped forward with a steady pace, step by step walking towards Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong.

When he truly stood in front of Bibi Dong, he discovered that the Supreme Pontiff seemed astonishingly beautiful, noble, elegant, indifferent

to fame or gain, all sorts of beautiful words seemed to apply to this woman. Even though she was no longer young, the years didn’t seem to leave any mark on her.

The Supreme Pontiff attentively watched Tang San, a bizarre luster flickering in her eyes, “You’re very remarkable, even more so than I had imagined. Worthy of being his disciple. Do you wish to join Spirit Hall?”

Looking at the Supreme Pontiff’s eyes, Tang San knew that the Supreme Pontiff really wasn’t probing. Perhaps this was her final chance for him. Judging by Spirit Hall acting against him before, with the talent he had revealed, if it couldn’t be used for Spirit hall, they would inevitably erase him without hesitating.

But would he surrender? Tang San smiled calmly, shaking his head, “Thank you for your kind intentions, Your Holiness Supreme Pontiff. However, I have my own plans for my life. I don’t want any restrictions.”

Bibi Dong’s expression changed slightly, but very soon recovered to normal. Somewhat regretfully, she said: “Since it’s like this, I wish you the greatest accomplishments in your future, some day entering Douluo Palace.” Speaking, she handed over the brocade tray in her hands.

Sensing the formidable aura of the three spirit bones, Tang San took the tray, unable to keep his heart from trembling violently. Three spirit bones, those were three spirit bones. Especially the mind condensing wisdom skull bone flickering with pale blue light in the middle seemed to pull at Tang San’s heart with tremendous attractive force.

Greedy gazes shot over from all around. As long as they were Spirit Masters, who wouldn’t thirst for spirit bones on seeing them? Tang San returned to his companions, practically submerged in a sea of avaricious gazes.

“I give up, none of these three spirit bones suit me.” The first to speak up was Xiao Wu, only saying a faint line with her head lowered.

Dai Mubai nodded to the side, “I also give up, none suit me just the same.”

Oscar said: “I’m a food system Spirit Master, these spirit bones clearly don’t have any effect on my strength.”

Three of the Shrek Seven Devils had renounced their claims. Four still remained, and there were only three spirit bones.

Grandmaster said: “The rushing windchasing left leg most suits agility type Spirit Masters, certainly, it should go to Zhuqing. As for the burst incineration flame right arm, it most suites power type fire attribute Spirit Masters, Ma Hongjun, it’s yours. As for the mind condensing wisdom skull bone……”

At this point, Grandmaster halted, his gaze turning to Tang San and Ning Rongrong.

Right now, both their gazes clearly fell on this skull bone.

Whether to Tang San or Ning Rongrong, mind condensation was useful. Even though Tang San himself wasn’t a Spirit Master that relied mainly on mental strength, with the Purple Demon Eye’s capability, and being a control type, the benefits of the wisdom skull bone to his future was obvious. Moreover, among the three spirit bones, this spirit bone was clearly the most precious.

Tang San raised his head to look at Ning Rongrong, inwardly sighing, speaking up: “I give……”

“No.” Ning Rongrong suddenly shouted, “Third brother, it should go to you. You’ve paid far, far too much for this final championship. My Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School also wouldn’t lack spirit bones, you take it. With it, you won’t be the soul of the team in name only!”

Tang San hesitated. Of course he desired this spirit bone extremely much, but as the vice captain of the team, how could he think only of himself?

Among the Shrek Seven Devils, the seven people were clearly split into four parts. Tang San and Xiao Wu were one, Ning Rongrong and Oscar’s relationship was vague, Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing were engaged, and Ma Hongjun was alone by himself.

Right now Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing had already obtained one spirit bone, given to Zhu Zhuqing. Ma Hongjun had also obtained one. If he took this one, that would leave Oscar and Ning Rongrong without any reward.

“Little San, give that spirit bone you’ve been holding on to to Rongrong. That spirit bone suits her even more.” Grandmaster suddenly spoke up.

Tang San’s heart twitched, only then recalling that multi-colored spirit bone he got from Shi Nian. He now remembered, that was also a skull bone.

Raising his hand to swipe his Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges, a bright light immediately appeared in his palm. Immediately, everyone present were in an uproar. Who would have thought that Tang San held on to yet another spirit bone?

Was there a Spirit Master who actually wouldn’t immediately fuse with a spirit bone and instead held on to it?

This was really too inconceivable. But it was exactly what Tang San had done.

Grandmaster smiled slightly, saying to Ning Rongrong: “Rongrong, this spirit bone is mainly about illusions, and it’s also a wisdom skull bone. It suits you even more than the mind condensing wisdom skull bone.”

Ning Rongrong immediately exulted. She was originally going to give up, as Tang San had paid so much for the team, he should obtain a spirit bone by any means. But in her heart she had still been somewhat reluctant.

Now that another skull spirit bone appeared, and one that suited her even more, it was to everyone’s delight and satisfaction.

Immediately stepping forward and taking the seven colored indistinct skull bone from Tang San’s hand, she excitedly turned to look towards her father. But on seeing her father’s expression, Ning Rongrong still looked distracted.

Because she discovered that right now, Ning Fengzhi’s expression was serious, without any happiness for their victory and Ning Rongrong obtaining a spirit bone.

“Are you done distributing them?” The Supreme Pontiff didn’t leave because of a simple award ceremony, and the several Title Douluo also still stood there.

Everyone’s gazes were unconsciously drawn to the Supreme Pontiff.
Grandmaster frowned, looking at Bibi Dong without understanding.

The Supreme Pontiff didn’t meet his eyes, calmly saying: “Since the rewards have already been distributed, then the victory of this tournament is concluded. Elders Ghost Douluo and Chrysanthemum Douluo, seize that girl.”

As she spoke, Bibi Dong raised her hand to point directly at Xiao Wu.

Everyone was instantly alarmed, Tang San moved sideways practically subconsciously, blocking in front of Xiao Wu, the other Shrek Seven Devils also stepping forward practically subconsciously. Grandmaster’s expression was astonished, his voice furious: “Your Holiness Supreme Pontiff, what’s the meaning of this?”

Chrysanthemum Douluo and Ghost Douluo wouldn’t halt because of Grandmaster, the two were just about to move when Ning Fengzhi swiftly moved sideways, blocking in front of them, “Your Holiness Supreme Pontiff, won’t you first please explain?”

Bibi Dong looked coldly at Ning Fengzhi. Despite the school master of one of the three upper sects standing in front of her, the Supreme Pontiff didn’t show the slightest sign of stepping down, “School master Ning, please conduct yourself. If you continue your obstruction, then Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School will be the enemy of Spirit Hall.”

Ning Fengzhi’s expression changed. What the Supreme Pontiff said was undoubtedly already very serious. Even though the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s foundation was deep, the richest of all schools, it still wasn’t willing to stand as an enemy in front of Spirit Hall. Raising his hand to stop Sword Douluo Chen Xin from blocking in front of him, sighing lightly, he stepped aside.

“Wait a moment.” Grandmaster shouted severely, stepping forward with large strides until he stood in front of the Shrek Seven Devils. Flicking his wrist, that elder warrant tile appeared in his palm.

Flashing the warrant tile, Grandmaster shouted coldly: “I’m an elder of Spirit Hall, I have the right to know the truth of the matter. Your Holiness Supreme Pontiff, you can snatch people, but you must first explain it clearly. Why are you grabbing a disciple of my Shrek Academy?”

The Supreme Pontiff frowned. Seeing Grandmaster’s furious gaze, she couldn’t help slowing her breathing somewhat, lowering her voice: “You want to know why? Then why don’t you ask that disciple of yours. If she was only a student of Shrek Academy, why would I seize her? But if she was a spirit beast in human form, I would have ample reason to capture her.”

“What did you say?” Grandmaster cried out involuntarily, turning sharply to look at Xiao Wu. Among the Shrek Seven Devils, besides Tang San, everyone also displayed extremely shocked expressions.

Others might not know, but Grandmaster knew it clearly. There would be only one circumstance where a spirit beast would take human form, that was when the spirit beast had cultivated to a hundred thousand years. Only hundred thousand year spirit beast had the chance to take human form.

Xiao Wu appeared very calm, not showing the slightest fluster from everyone’s gazes focusing on her. At this moment, on her face was only a faint ice chill. Coldly watching Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong.

The Supreme Pontiff watched Xiao Wu with a strict gaze, “If I’m not mistaken, you’re the one that escaped the net back then.”

A profound poisonous hatred suddenly burst from Xiao Wu’s ice cold eyes, “Yes, you’re not mistaken, I’m the fish that escaped the net back then.”

The Supreme Pontiff laughed coldly, “I didn’t expect you to actually deliver yourself to our doorstep.”

Dai Mubai couldn’t keep from asking: “Xiao Wu, what’s actually going on?”

At this moment, Tang San suddenly raised his hand to grab Dai Mubai’s shoulder, “Eldest brother, don’t ask. Xiao Wu, she isn’t human.”

While speaking, Tang San finally slowly turned around to face Xiao Wu. Xiao Wu’s gaze also shifted from the Supreme Pontiff to him. As Xiao Wu looked into Tang San’s eyes, she couldn’t help being distracted. Because she discovered that, right now, Tang San’s eyes didn’t hold any astonishment, doubt, or shock. The only mood that appeared was tenderness.

“Ge, you……”

Tang San sighed lightly, “No need to say anything, I understand.
Actually, I’ve known you aren’t human for a long time.” “You already knew?” Xiao Wu looked at him incredulously.
Tang San nodded silently, “Still remember when I ate that Penetrating Gaze Begonia? After eating that immortal herb, my Purple Demon Eye changed, gaining the capability to see through any deception. It’s also

because of this that all illusion type spirit abilities are ineffective on me. It was at that time I saw that you’re not human.”

“But……” If saying she had already had a premonition about the Supreme pontiff’s order to capture her, then what Tang San said right now was something she couldn’t have imagined.

Stepping forward, Tang San raised both hands to clasp Xiao Wu’s charming face, “Silly girl, there are no buts. So what if you’re human or not? So what if your a spirit beast or not? All I know is that you are my little sister. Also, the person I love.”

Hong—— Xiao Wu only felt as if something had exploded in her brain, teardrops gushing out uncontrollably.

When that Yearning Heartbroken Red had slipped out, letting her true aura leak out for a moment, her mind had already turned blank.

She knew that the Supreme Pontiff definitely wouldn’t let her slip away.
She had also thought of how her comrades would think of her.

But the only thing she couldn’t have anticipated was that Tang San actually already long since knew she wasn’t human, and moreover that at this moment, he wouldn’t reject her, but rather confess his love.

Xiao Wu suddenly felt that everything else was insignificant, she wouldn’t care no matter how others looked at her, only the love Tang San revealed in this crisis melted deep into her heart.

Taking her into his arms, Tang San held Xiao Wu’s warm and soft body, using a voice everyone present could hear to say without fear: “To grab her, you must first step over my corpse.”

Everyone present were quiet. Even the Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong didn’t add any more orders at this moment. Looking at Tang San drawing Xiao Wu into his embrace, she was already somewhat absent-minded.

Not so long ago, she had also felt this kind of love, trials and tribulations will reveal the truth.

At this moment, Tang San’s words weren’t empty talk.

A man willing to pay with his life for an inhuman loved one, how precious was this love.

“The seven devils are one. As eldest brother, how can I watch my little sister get taken away?” Dai Mubai stepped sideways, standing firmly at Tang San’s side, immediately followed by Zhu Zhuqing, Ma Hongjun, Oscar, and finally Ning Rongrong.

Five people, their faces all expressing the same kind of staunch resolution. At this moment, the Shrek Seven Devils were like strands twisted into a rope.

Flender suddenly smiled, looking face to face with Liu Erlong and Grandmaster. The Golden Iron Triangle simultaneously raised their right hands, and instantly, brilliant golden light appeared out of nowhere, the surging radiance drawing the outline of an incomparably dazzling golden triangle in the air.

“We’re this old but still haven’t died, we’re better suited to blocking in front than you kids. If you are able to return alive, remember that all the profit I’ve made are in the private room of the headmaster’s study. Give it to Zhao Wuji and let him manage our Shrek Academy.”

Flender loved profit, but he loved serious feelings even more. Otherwise, how would he have made the choice he did in the matter between Grandmaster and Liu Erlong back then? Dying was dreadful, that’s what he always believed, but if he chose to retreat from this situation, to him, it would be even more dreadful.

“Your Holiness Supreme Pontiff.” Ghost Douluo reminded the somewhat lifeless Supreme Pontiff, waiting for her command. After all, the

opponents had someone with an elder’s warrant tile.

Bibi Dong sobered from her confusion, her eyes revealing a complex and difficult to describe light. Drawing a deep breath, her gaze abruptly turned severe, gazing towards Grandmaster, she suddenly ordered, “Catch her, for anyone who resists, kill without pardon.”

Ghost Douluo and Chrysanthemum Douluo moved simultaneously. The Golden Iron Triangle was admittedly a true three person spirit fusion ability, but confronting true Title Douluo like them, could Flender’s level lacking trio be able to resist? The answer was inevitably a negative.

Just at this moment, the Poison Douluo to the side suddenly moved. He didn’t charge at the Ghost Douluo and Chrysanthemum Douluo to obstruct them, but rather rushed at Tang San and Xiao Wu. He knew that as long as these two children left, there wouldn’t be any danger to the other Shrek Academy people.

The split second Dugu Bo moved, a cold snort reached his ear like a thunderous explosion. Dugu Bo groaned, half turning in midair, Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor instantly erupting.

The one issuing the cold snort was Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong. An enormous golden image rising behind her back, nine flittering spirit rings rising in a flash. The tremendous pressure instantly suppressed Dugu Bo, leaving him unable to budge.

Dugu Bo’s complexion changed. Even though he had long since guessed that the Supreme Pontiff should also have cultivated to the Title Douluo level, no matter what he still hadn’t expected the Supreme Pontiff to be formidable to this degree.

Both being Title Douluo, one side relying on her own pressure to completely suppress the other side. In the world of Title Douluo, this was practically impossible. But the Supreme Pontiff had done it.

Even more shocking to everyone were the nine spirit rings over the Supreme Pontiff. Two yellow, two purple, four black, one red.

Even if the first eight spirit rings didn’t cause too much shock, then the final glittering and sparkling translucent red spirit ring was enough to awe even each Title Douluo present.

What a red spirit ring meant, was the supreme existence among all spirit rings, that was a hundred thousand year spirit ring from a hundred thousand year spirit beast!

In the Spirit Master world, hundred thousand year spirit rings had always possessed the fame of being the number one most valuable treasure. That was no joke. If a hundred thousand year spirit beast was killed, besides the hundred thousand year spirit ring, there would inevitably also be a spirit bone. Both united as one, if absorbed by a Spirit Douluo level power, after this Spirit Douluo advanced to Title Douluo, his strength would exceed any of his peers.

A hundred thousand year spirit ring was only one level up from ten thousand year, but all Title Douluo knew the immensity of the gap between them. Spirit beasts having reached the hundred thousand year level could be said to be truly perfected. Absorbing the essence of heaven and earth, only one step remaining to break through the sky. Their position in the spirit beast world was like Title Douluo among Spirit Masters.

In the entire Continent, there weren’t a lot of Title Douluo; no more than twenty. But ones possessing hundred thousand year spirit rings were only a very small numbers. Hundred thousand year spirit beasts were too rare, and also too ferocious. Without a team possessing absolute strength for the capture, and moreover a certain degree of luck, they were absolutely impossible to obtain.

Seeing that red hundred thousand year spirit ring, Dugu Bo’s face changed greatly. He knew that if he moved again, then he would inevitably be met by Bibi Dong’s terrifying attack. That wasn’t something he could resist with his ninety second rank, weakest among Title Douluo.

Chrysanthemum Douluo and Ghost Douluo advanced very quickly. Even though they only confronted a Golden Iron Triangle combination much weaker than them, they didn’t show the slightest carelessness. Both released

their spirits, each surrounded by nine circling spirit rings. In just an instant, four Title Douluo using their spirits had appeared in the plaza. To the Spirit Master world, this could absolutely be regarded a grand battle.

“One chrysanthemum, one imp[1]. You dare harm my son? Fuck off.” A deep voice suddenly resounded, as if an explosion in the sky. The voice wasn’t loud, but its domination made everyone unconsciously shudder.

Hearing this voice, holding XIao Wu, using his back to conceal her, Tang San sharply raised his head, his eyes revealing an astonished radiance. And on the other side, Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong’s expression also immediately became heavy, releasing the pressure on Dugu Bo, staring at the sky.

With a muffled crack, Chrysanthemum Douluo Yue Guan and Ghost Douluo Gui Mei, the two grand Title Douluo were suddenly blasted back like artillery shells. Their expressions changed simultaneously. As Title Douluo, actually meeting this result when the two of them were confronted simultaneously, in all their years, this was the first time.

A black silhouette quietly appeared in midair, floating there calmly, as if he had been there all along.

That was a middle aged man, appearing around fifty years old, his body tall and sturdy, only his style of dress was something people wouldn’t dare comment on.

Wearing a torn robe, not even patched, exposing bronze colored skin, the originally considered proper features having a waxy yellow sheen, a sleepy- eyed appearance, hair a complete mess like a bird’s nest, a beard that had gone an unknown number of days without trimming.

Seeing this person, the always staunch Tang San seemed to half collapse. Tears that hadn’t flown even when he had decided to die with Xiao Wu flowed from his eyes, with difficulty slowly spitting out two words, “Dad…… Dad……”

Yes, appearing out of nowhere, hanging in midair, was Tang San’s father who left him eight years ago, Tang Hao. Compared to when he left, right

now Tang Hao only seemed a bit older, without any change in other respects. And floating unsupported behind him, was an immense incomparably black hammer.

“Tang Hao.” Bibi Dong shouted severely. Her eyes glared poisonously at Tang Hao in midair, almost spitting fire.

Tang Hao confronted her calmly, without any fear. Figure flashing, he had landed in front of the Shrek Academy group.

Chrysanthemum Douluo and Ghost Douluo each retreated to the Supreme Pontiff’s side. The three great Title Douluo released their full strength spirit power, the incomparably enormous pressure making the surrounding Spirit Masters back away in panic.

But in front of these three enormous like mountain terrifying pressures, Tang Hao still stood unyielding, not even grabbing his hammer. Radiance suddenly shot from his yellow eyes, “Want to avenge your teacher? Bibi Dong, do you think you can beat me?”

Supreme Pontiff waved a hand, the hand issuing a sharp whistle. As if in answer, within Supreme Pontif Palace, four sharp whistles rose simultaneously.

“Calling for people?” Tang Hao smiled indifferently. He had a kind of special temperament, as if he would be indifferent even if a magnificent army of thousands of men and horses was arrayed in front of him.

One after another, spirit rings rose from below Tang Hao. The spirit rings didn’t rise quickly, but with the appearance of each ring, standing there, Tang Hao became more and more serious. The three enormous pressures in front of him were unexpectedly pushed back by his own gradually rising aura.

Yellow, yellow, purple, purple, black, black, black, black, red.

The ning spirit rings that appeared over Tang Hao were unexpectedly exactly the same as Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong, and the final spirit ring that

appeared was astonishingly also a hundred thousand year existence.

Despite the spirit rings being the same, at this moment, the aura Tang Hao revealed was something even Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong couldn’t compare to.

Grandmaster was always haughty, but as he now looked at Tang Hao not far away, his eyes only held reverence. In the Spirit Master world, Tang Hao was his only idol. Before, as well as now. Daring to stand alone in front of Supreme Pontiff Palace to provoke three Title Douluo headed by the Supreme Pontiff, what kind of power was this?

Tang Hao coldly swept his eyes across the Supreme Pontiff Palace behind the Supreme Pontiff, “Seven Title Douluo, Spirit Hall truly is worthy of being Spirit Hall. Unfortunately, even if there’s seven of you, so what? Watch carefully, this is the true Clear Sky Avatar.”

Tang San’s mind shook. Tang Hao’s last sentence was clearly spoken for him.

The seventh spirit ring brightening, that enormous black Clear Sky Hammer behind Tang Hao abruptly blossomed, intense black light surging, that tremendous Clear Sky Hammer turned windward, unexpectedly growing more than a hundred meters long. The gigantic hammerhead was just like a small mountain.

[1] Some wordplay here. First the familiar chrysanthemum-anus substitution. Second is “little ghost”, which refers to a mischievous demon or imp.

Chapter 130

Red line after red line appeared from the gigantic Clear Sky Hammer. Tang Hao’s hundred thousand year red spirit ring abruptly flared, that black giant hammer suddenly turning all red in an instant.

“Supreme Pontiff Palace, a nice Supreme Pontiff Palace. Hahahahahahaha……” WIth an arrogant laugh, Tang Hao’s right hand moved.

The more than one hundred meter long supersized hammer abruptly dropped. Not towards the three Title Douluo, but rather to smash the Supreme Pontiff Palace behind them.

Instantly, the air in all of Spirit City became distorted, each Spirit Master not a Title Douluo unable to even budge at this moment.

“Tang Hao, you dare!” Bibi Dong was insanely furious. She and Chrysanthemum Douluo and Ghost Douluo soared up practically simultaneously, going to meet the enormous hammer in the sky. And at the same time, another four silhouettes shot out of Supreme Pontiff Palace like bolts of lightning. Altogether seven figures collided with the giant hammer in the air.


Blankness. The minds of all Spirit Masters under the seventieth rank turned completely blank, fainting from that indescribably violent explosion.

An enormous sound like the punishment of Heaven shook all of Spirit City.

The seven silhouettes that rushed into the air were smashed back simultaneously, and the enormous hammer in the air also disappeared.

Facing the sky and spitting out a mouthful of blood, Tang Hao laughed madly, “Bibi Dong, just wait. The debt that Spirit Hall owes me will be reclaimed in full. This day is not far.”

Figure flashing, Tang Hao disappeared. And disappearing together with him were Tang San and Xiao Wu on the ground.

Tang Hao’s deep voice gradually grew more distant, “Grandmaster, Flender. You have taught my son for many years, words are not gratitude enough, this Tang will owe you.”

As Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong struck the ground, her face was flushed red. Drawing a deep breath, that flush gradually disappeared. Behind her, besides Chrysanthemum Douluo and Ghost Douluo, were still another four people wearing the robes of elders, faces faintly shimmering from blocking. These four were all white haired, clearly not young.

That hammer of Tang Hao’s had to be blocked. He didn’t attack the Supreme Pontiff, but rather a symbol of Spirit Hall, the Supreme Pontiff Palace. If the Supreme pontiff had attacked him together with Chrysanthemum Douluo and Ghost Douluo at that time, Tang Hao would inevitably have been seriously injured. But the Supreme Pontiff Palace would certainly also have ceased to exist. The true might of the Clear Sky Hammer being fully used by the Clear Sky Douluo couldn’t have been truly judged without experiencing it.

Seven of them repelling the enemy, had also only hurt Tang Hao, and nothing more.

“Your Holiness Supreme Pontiff……” Not only Bibi Dong was angry, the six people behind her were all furious.

“No need to chase, it’s useless.” Bibi Dong’s voice was disappointed. For these past years, she had always done her utmost in training, finally reaching the Title Douluo level. The enemy she had always pictured in her heart, was Tang Hao. However, in her confrontation with Tang Hao today, she still discovered that even th ough their spirit rings were exactly the same, she was still far inferior in imposing manner. Tang Hao was in the end still Tang Hao, a Clear Sky Douluo, the Clear Sky Douluo.

“That bastard Tang Hao is too rampant. Your Holiness, it concerns the dignity of Spirit hall.” The Ghost Douluo couldn’t keep from calling Bibi Dong’s attention.

Bibi Dong’s eyes were blood red, her voice angry, “Shut up. Don’t tell me I don’t understand? If Tang Hao was so easy to deal with, could he still live to this day? It still isn’t the time to deal with him.”

Yue Guan said: “Then what about these people?”

The Golden Iron Triangle still stood there under the spirit fusion ability effect, but the remaining Shrek Seven Devils were all on the ground. Poison Douluo Dugu Bo was just loosing a breath, turning to grin at the Supreme Pontiff’s side.

Seeing that smile brimming with satire, Bibi Dong almost spit blood. Sharply waving her hand, she left with a brush of her sleeves, “Let them go, leave Spirit City immediately.” Finished saying this, she returned straight to Supreme Pontiff Palace.

The four elders that appeared at the end didn’t speak up, only following the Supreme Pontiff back to Supreme Pontiff Palace.

A cold smile appeared on Bibi Dong’s face. The top of the character for ‘endure’ was a knife[1]. Right now, she had to endure no matter what. What she wished for the most was for everyone to underestimate Spirit hall. ‘Tang Hao, the hatred between us will be settled sooner or later. You just wait.’

Everything gradually calmed down. Under the gazes of numerous Spirit Hall Spirit Masters, the Golden Iron Triangle slowly withdrew their spirit power.

Ning Fengzhi reached them with Sword Douluo and Poison Douluo, and with the help of the several powers, the Shrek Five Devils gradually recovered consciousness.

As Ma Hongjun opened his eyes, he couldn’t help saying: “Fuck me, too powerful. Third brother’s dad is so awesome! I’ve decided, from here on, third brother’s dad will be my idol.”

The remaining five looked at each other. Right now each of their hearts held a lot of doubts, but this situation right now clearly wasn’t the time to ask them.

Flender sighed. He suddenly felt somewhat disappointed, even if he was also a Spirit Sage level power, those true powers were still too far away. If not for Tang Hao’s appearance today, perhaps not one of them would have been able to leave.

“School master Ning, you bring Rongrong away. The tournament is over, and these children have also graduated. You also saw that we offended Spirit Hall here, the later days might not be so easy.”

Ning Fengzhi nodded, saying: “Rongrong has been gone for so long, she should return with me. However, Spirit Hall is unlikely to cause trouble for your Academy. As long as Shrek Academy keeps a low profile from now on.”

“School master Ning, I don’t know if it’s possible for me to join Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School?” Oscar took courage and asked Ning Fengzhi.

Hearing his words, Ning Rongrong’s face immediately turned somewhat unnatural.

She had originally planned to tell Oscar about the rules of the school after the end of the tournament, but as time passed, she had already become used to being together with Oscar, and almost forgotten about it. Suddenly hearing Oscar say he wanted to enter the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, Ning Rongrong’s heart immediately fell, and for a moment she was at a loss.

It couldn’t be denied that Oscar was the most handsome among the men of the Shrek Seven Devils, and moreover, anyone with eyes could see the great effort Oscar had made since Ning Rongrong agreed to to temporarily go out with him.

Even if he had also eaten the immortal treasure herb Tang San gave him, as a food system Spirit Master, that there hadn’t opened up a gap between him and his companions showed how much effort he had invested.

Ning Rongrong’s heart had for a long time been nibbled away by him, bit by bit. Especially when Oscar, a support Spirit Master without any battle strength, had protected her whenever they were in danger. She wasn’t old, but this feeling of the first awakening of love had made her unwilling to explain the school rules.

Because she was afraid to lose Oscar, lose this beautiful feeling.

Hearing Oscar’s words, Ning Fengzhi revealed a moment of distraction, then immediately afterwards displayed a smiling expression,

“Of course you can, if any one among you wants to enter the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, the school will welcome you.”

While speaking, his gaze swept across Dai Mubai, Zhu Zhuqing and Ma Hongjun.

Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing immediately shook their heads, Dai Mubai said: “Many thanks for school master Ning’s kind intentions, but me and Zhuqing are from Star Luo Empire. We’ve been gone for so many years, and should also return home.”

Ning Fengzhi’s gaze again turned to Ma Hongjun, “And you?”

Ma Hongjun laughed out loud, saying: “Count me out as well. Me and third brother are the same, we both love freedom. Having finally graduated, I want to go strolling all over the Continent, increasing my experiences. Afterwards I’ll return to Shrek Academy to help my teacher.”

Flender looked with some astonishment at this only disciple of his. Ma Hongjun had always showed a dim-witted appearance, never with any concern for matters other than his interest in women. He had never expected his disciple to actually say something like this, and couldn’t keep all sorts of feelings from welling up in his heart, feeling as if choking on something.

Ning Fengzhi smiled slightly, saying: “Since it’s like this, I won’t press the issue. But remember, no matter when, the gates of Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School will always stand wide open for you children. Dean Flender, we’ll take our leave. Rongrong, Oscar, we’re leaving.”

Since the time the Shrek Seven Devils first gathered in Shrek Academy, it was finally time to separate. It was difficult to avoid a burst of reluctance. But each of them had their own lives and their own future. If the seven always stayed with each other, their reliance on each other would grow greater and greater, until it was harmful to their development.

Even though Tang San was the most outstanding among the seven, which of the Shrek Seven Devils wasn’t an alarmingly talented little monster? As school master of one of the seven great sects, Ning Fengzhi couldn’t help but reveal a cheerful look at obtaining Oscar. After all, the Shrek Seven Devils were able to defeat the team dispatched by the holy land of Spirit Masters, Spirit hall.

Moreover, their average age was at least five years younger. Describing them as geniuses among geniuses wasn’t enough.

Before leaving, the five agreed that, after five years, if it suited everyone, they would return to gather at Shrek Academy. The Shrek Seven Devils,

this combination of young talent, finally separated after victory in the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament finals.


Nighttime. The cool night breeze brushed the leaves, leaving behind uneven shadows of trees dancing in the moonlight.

Xiao Wu slowly returned from unconsciousness. She practically subconsciously suddenly sat upright, looking all around.

What was first reflected in her eyes was a fire, flames brightly burning firewood, issuing crackling sounds, each accompanied by a burst of sparks.

to the bonfire were still two people other than her. One was Tang San, still unconscious on the ground, the other uncle seemed extremely dispirited, his whole body worn out, Tang Hao.

If she only looked at Tang Hao, Xiao Wu wouldn’t have believe that he dared publicly humiliate Spirit Hall in front of the Supreme Pontiff Palace, facing several formidable Title Douluo by himself.

“You’re awake.” Tang Hao’s gloomy deep voice reached Xiao Wu’s ear. Silently nodding, Xiao Wu’s gaze was constantly fixed on Tang San, “Thank you.”
Tang Hao waved his hand, saying: “Don’t mention it. From the point of view of a Spirit Master, I should lock you up until Tang San needs it and kill you then, giving him your spirit ring and spirit bone. But, from the point of view of a husband, I’ll pick another choice.”

Raising his head, Tang Hao’s gaze fell on Xiao Wu. Tang Hao’s eyes seemed to hold a particular gravity, and Xiao Wu couldn’t help looking towards him. This moment, Tang Hao’s eyes were no longer muddy, but

rather extraordinarily bright, even the stars in the night sky lost their splendor in comparison.

“Is it because of my relationship with Tang San?” Xiao Wu asked in a low voice.

Tang Hao shook his head, his gaze shifting from Xiao Wu to Tang San lying on the ground, his face displaying a faint smile. If Tang San saw this, he would definitely be shocked. Because in his memory, he had never seen Tang Hao smile.

“Because of his mother. Before, I always believed he was more like his mother. Kindhearted, careful, stubborn. But when I saw him and you together, I suddenly discovered that he was actually more like me. Just as foolish as me. Girl, did you know? Tang San’s mother was like you, also a hundred thousand year spirit beast. But different from you, she was in the hundred thousand year level’s mature phase, and you’re only in the immature phase.”

“You, what are you saying?” Xiao Wu lost her voice: “Tang San’s mother, was also a spirit beast?”

Tang Hao nodded silently, but didn’t continue on the subject, “You should leave. If you stay at Tang San’s side, there will only be trouble for you.”

Xiao Wu despondently said: “You oppose us being together?”

Tang Hao spilled a smile, “No. Why would I oppose it? Back then, didn’t I make the same choice? Only, comparing you with me and his mother, there’s still a difference. When me and his mother were together, my spirit power already surpassed the seventieth rank, and his mother was also a mature stage hundred thousand year spirit beast. But what’s your current level?”

“You really have some guts. Don’t tell me your elders didn’t teach you anything? A hundred thousand year spirit beast before the mature stage will be the target of all Spirit Masters. If not for that flower, if the first

Title Douluo to see you wasn’t me, I’m afraid you would’ve long since become the spirit ring and spirit bone of another.”

“Are you always by little San’s side?” Xiao Wu shocked asked.

Tang Hao shook his head, “No, but at least I will be for a long time. Go, return to where you should be. That’s the safest place for you. Wait until the day he can protect you, and you can also defend yourself. I won’t oppose you meeting, but that’s not now.”

Xiao Wu bit her lip, gathering courage, and said: “Can’t I wait until he wakes, and leave then?”

Tang Hao calmly said: “Do you believe that after he wakes up, he would let you leave like this? Go. We’re close to Start Dou Great Forest, if I’m not mistaken, your family should be there. If I can offer you a bit of advice, don’t leave that place before the mature phase. Originally, I though myself strong enough, but me and little San’s mother’s conclusion was still tragic. I don’t want to see you children experience the same tragedy.”

Xiao Wu nodded silently, slowly walking to Tang San’s side. Squatting by his side, staring at that seemingly very ordinary face. A sparkling and translucent teardrop rolled from the corner of her eye, falling on Tang San’s chest.

Raising a somewhat shuddering hand, she softly caressed Tang San’s face, “You are the first man to comb my hair, and also the only one. Forever and ever. No matter our future, in my heart, there is no gap in my heart for another.”

Despite Tang Hao by the side, Xiao Wu lowered her head and softly kissed Tang San’s lips, leaving behind the salty taste of tears and her breath. Standing fiercely, she shot away, and disappeared in the distance in a few leaps.

Looking in the direction Xiao Wu disappeared, Tang Hao’s aged face revealed an expression, “What about humans? What about beasts? The

feelings of beasts are even more sincere.”

Talking to himself, he raised his hand to pat Tang San. Tang San groaned, moved, and slowly opened his eyes.

“Dad.” On seeing Tang Hao, Tang San immediately leapt from the ground with excitement. Even though his body was still weak right now, his mind was extremely excited. Eight years, a whole eight years had passed. Seeing his father again, how couldn’t he be excited?

“Sit.” Tang Hao pointed to the ground in front of him. Different from when he faced Xiao Wu, confronting Tang San, his expression had turned as grave as before.

Tang San hurriedly sat in front of Tang Hao. His gaze turned all around, and when he didn’t find the figure he was looking for, some of his excitement disappeared.

“No need to look, she’s already gone. Don’t worry, she’s safe.” Tang Hao said indifferently.

“Gone? Why would Xiao Wu leave?” Tang San couldn’t help asking.

Tang Hao spoke in a low voice: “Because she had to. Let me ask you one question, in your present condition, could you protect her?”

“I…...” Hearing his father’s words, Tang San couldn’t help but inwardly remember the promise he once made Xiao Wu. Protecting her for a whole lifetime, yes, with his present strength, how could he protect her? When confronting those truly formidable Spirit Masters, his own speck of strength didn’t count for anything.

Tang Hao looked at Tang San’s desponded appearance, and frowned, “She’s very safe, returned to where she should be. Only there will there be no danger to her. A man, a man of character, must adapt to the circumstances. There will come a day when you will be able to truly protect her, it won’t be too late to go find her then.”

“Dad, you’re not opposing me and Xiao Wu being together?” Tang San astonished looked at Tang Hao.

Tang Hao’s eyes revealed a trace of a perplexed light, “Eight years have passed, little San, don’t you hate me for throwing you aside for these eight years?”

Tang San frowned, “No, I don’t.” “Why?” Tang Hao asked.
Tang San’s mood had already relaxed somewhat by now. Even though he couldn’t see Xiao Wu again, Xiao Wu was, after all, safe. To him, this was most important. His face revealed a natural smile, “Because you’re my father. My life was given by you. Without you, how would there be a me? Children never have the right to blame their parents.”

Listening to Tang San, Tang Hao only felt his heart skip a beat. Looking at this fourteen year old son in front of him, he could no longer restrain his feelings, and fiercely pulled Tang San into his arms, his forceful arms hugging Tang San tightly.

Ever since his birth, this was the first time Tang San felt Tang Hao’s love for him. Such a sincere feeling, despite having lived two lives, this was the first time he possessed it. Even the Grandmaster he’d always treated as a father, also couldn’t give him this feeling.

Tang Hao’s actions were rough, the strength of his arms even making Tang San’s bones creak, but being pulled into his father’s steel-like embrace, Tang San still felt unprecedentedly relaxed. Family love, was this the feeling of family love?

“I know you have a lot of questions for me.” Tang Hao pushed away Tang San, letting him sit in front of him anew. Tang San discovered that his father’s eyes were somewhat red.

Tang San nodded.

Tang Hao said:

“When you used the Tool Spirit Avatar that day, the voice you heard was mine. There are a lot of matters that you still don’t need to know about. Because you still lack the strength to know about them. Starting from now, you will cultivate according to my arrangements. Until one day, after you’ve met my requirements, when I will tell you about everything. Cough cough.”

At this point, Tang Hao coughed twice, spitting out dark red blood to the side.

“Dad, are you injured?” Tang San wanted to stand, but was pushed down by Tang Hao.

“It’s nothing, I just pulled open some old injuries today.” Tang Hao’s expression recovered its calm, as if he wasn’t the one injured.

“Of the questions you want to ask, I can first answer two. First, the others from Shrek Academy are fine. Each of them will make their own choices. It was time for you all to part. The master can lead you through the door, but cultivation is individual. Grandmaster is undoubtedly an exceptionally outstanding teacher, but always following at his side will substantially hinder your improvement.”

“Second, regarding Xiao Wu. Don’t you find it very strange that, as a hundred thousand year spirit beast, Xiao Wu isn’t particularly strong?”

Tang San immediately nodded. This was something he had always wondered about. Even Grandmaster’s descriptions of hundred thousand year spirit beasts were very simple. After all, that community was far, far too small, and Grandmaster’s research had never reached deeply, because he didn’t have subjects to study.

Tang Hao said: “I’ll give you a simple explanation, and you’ll understand.”

“Spirit beasts start to cultivate from the time they’re born, separated into ten year, hundred year, thousand year, ten thousand year, and hundred thousand year levels. Crossing between each level, to spirit beasts, is a qualitative change. After a spirit beast’s cultivation breaks through ten thousand years, their intelligence will improve quickly, and after a certain point, they won’t be inferior to humans.”

“In some sense, spirit beasts are linked to us Spirit Masters’ spirits, even though the cultivation age limit decides their strength, their own innate talent is equally important. Just like Spirit Masters with full innate spirit power like you, who are stronger than common tenth ranked Spirit Masters even at that time. The spirit beast’s species is like a spirit’s quality. But, this isn’t absolute.

“As the spirit beast’s cultivation finally reaches the hundred thousand year level, any spirit beast will reach a remarkable stage. In practice there’s very little difference in strength between spirit beasts of this stage. Like your Xiao Wu, originally she was only a Soft Boned Rabbit, but after her cultivation reached the hundred thousand year level, she wouldn’t be inferior even to a Titan Giant Ape on the same level. However, having reached the hundred thousand year level, spirit beasts must also face a choice.”

Tang San focused his attention on listening carefully. Tang Hao’s description of hundred thousand year spirit beasts was something not even Grandmaster had spoken about.

To him, this was like an all new area.

“The position of hundred thousand year spirit beasts among other spirit beasts is like that of Title Douluo among Spirit Masters. Having reached the summit, at this time, their strength is extremely formidable. In one against one, it would be very difficult even for Title Douluo to defeat them. They might even be killed. But, with intelligence not inferior to humans, they face a choice of two paths at this time.”

“One path is to maintain their strength, and go on like that. Having reached the hundred thousand year level, they’re already an existence

opposing Heaven, and even the most powerful hundred thousand year spirit beasts can at most only live for another thousand years. After a thousand years, they will inevitably die. And the other path, is nevertheless the risky path. That is to change shape.”

“Change shape?” Tang San looked at Tang Hao with astonishment.

Tang Hao nodded, saying: “That’s right. Changing shape. Taking the shape of a human. Because, among all organisms, humans have the greatest potential.”

“After taking human form, the spirit beast has to cultivate anew. If they can cultivate to the Title Douluo Level, and again smoothly break through the hundredth rank pass, their lifespan will no longer be restricted, reaching eternal life. Becoming an existence like a god.”

Tang San said: “Then wouldn’t all spirit beasts make this choice?
Living forever, I think this is a goal all creatures pursue.”

Tang Hao calmly said: “Among the small number of hundred thousand year spirit beasts, do you know how many take the second option?”

Tang San shook his head.

Tang Hao said: “According to the accounts of our Clear Sky School, among known hundred thousand year spirit beasts, less than one in ten pick the second choice.”

Tang San astonished said: “Why? Didn’t you say that by choosing the first option, they can only live for a thousand years? With the second path they can live forever. Why wouldn’t they take it?”

Tang Hao laughed coldly, “How would it be that easy? Spirit beast cultivation is an unknown number of times more difficult than for humans. After choosing to take human form, it’s irreversible. In other words, after taking human form, unless the hundred thousand year spirit beast is killed, it’s impossible to again take beast form. Their true form would change into the human form’s spirit, and all their previous abilities

would disappear completely. Their spirit power must be regained bit by bit. Even though their cultivation speed is a lot faster than that of normal humans, and have no need to go killing spirit beasts to gain spirit rings, they must be in contact with humans during this cultivation process, must feel the aura of humans, or they will be unable to progress.”

“Moreover, choosing this road, their lifespan will be the same as humans. If they can’t break through the hundredth rank within a human’s lifespan, then they will only be able to live for a hundred years. A thousand years and a hundred years, you should understand what the majority of spirit beasts choose.”

“Even more, even though normal Spirit Masters won’t notice human form hundred thousand year spirit beasts, as long as a Spirit Douluo or higher level observes carefully, they will still be discovered. Especially in front of Title Douluo, they won’t have any way of hiding. The reason why Xiao Wu was never discovered, was because of carrying that flower. That bizarre flower concealed her aura, making her always safe together with you. It was because that flower left her side today that her identity was exposed in front of the Supreme Pontiff and those others.”

“Consider, confronted with a hundred thousand year spirit beast, and moreover a weak little human form hundred thousand year spirit beast, would those people from Spirit Hall let her go?”

“After taking human form, a hundred thousand year spirit beast’s cultivation will be split into three stages. Before their spirit power has reached the sixtieth rank is the immature phase, in this phase, Spirit Masters of the Spirit Douluo level and higher can discover them. After the sixtieth rank, they will become a lot safer, and will also require even closer contact with humans. This is called the mature stage. Even Title Douluo will be unable to tell what they are after they’ve gained sixty ranks of spirit power. Therefore, hundred thousand year spirit beasts can also be said to truly have become human at the sixtieth rank. By then there’s already no difference between them and humans in any way.”

“And after reaching the ninetieth rank, a hundred thousand year spirit beast’s cultivation will enter the final divinization phase. Just like us

human Title Douluo, they attack that undying eternity.”

“Undying eternity.” Tang San repeated Tang Hao’s words. To him, this phrase wasn’t particularly meaningful. Undying? Could people truly not die?

He didn’t want to think too much on this. Right now, his mood was already gradually recovering from the excitement of seeing his father and Xiao Wu leaving.

At least, the original certain death situation turned into him and Xiao Wu being alright due to his father’s appearance, this was already a very good outcome. Or one might say, another beginning.

“Then that means, Xiao Wu chose to change shape, and moreover, she’s still a hundred thousand year spirit beast in the immature phase?”

Tang Hao nodded, “Just so. Even though she’s a hundred thousand year spirit beast, observation suggests that before she took human shape, she probably never left the place she cultivated. Her heart is as blank as paper. Consequently, she’s actually no different from any ordinary girl, just that if she dies, a spirit ring and spirit bone will appear.”

Tang San nodded silently. Originally, after he saw that Xiao Wu was a spirit beast, his heart had also struggled. But just as Tang Hao said, in his heart, Xiao Wu was neither human nor beast, but his little sister, and there was also that hazy love.

Tang Hao said in a low voice: “I’ve already told you what you want to know. From here on out, before you gain my approval, I will carry out a series of special training for you. Choosing the path of a Spirit Master, relying on high-sounding words to appear in front of Spirit Hall, you’re already without a way out other than growing more powerful. Otherwise, you will never be able to do more than live in the darkness like a rat. Rest. Recover as fast as possible, afterwards I’ll bring you somewhere.”

Finished speaking, Tang Hao slowly closed his eyes.

“Dad.” Tang San suddenly called out.

“En?” Tang Hao didn’t open his eyes.

Tang San clenched his teeth, but still asked the question he most wanted to know the answer to, “Was mom killed by Spirit Hall?”

Tang Hao’s whole body jolted, his eyes abruptly opening, his strict gaze like two flashes of lightning in the night.

The light of his father’s gaze on him, Tang San even felt stabs of pain.

A fiercely fluctuating mood flashed across Tang Hao’s face, “I said, there are still many matters you don’t need to know about. If you want to learn everything, become strong as fast as possible, reach the level I require.”

This was the last thing Tang Hao said to Tang San this night. Tang San also didn’t ask anything else, and father and son sat next to the fire like that and started to cultivate.

Early the next day, having eaten some simple rations, Tang Hao brought Tang San away. After a night of rest, Tang San’s durable body had already recovered by more than half, only the itchy feeling on his back growing even stronger. He knew that the Eight Spider Lances were regenerating within.

Tang Hao returned to his previous taciturn appearance, not speaking, only stepping forward with large strides. Following behind him, Tang San had to condense his spirit power to be able to keep up.

Tang Hao walked in the direction of Heaven Dou Empire. On the way, he didn’t walk on roads, but turned to find complicated terrain to pass through. For the first several days, Tang Hao’s speed wasn’t too fast.

But along with Tang San’s body recovering, Tang Hao’s speed forward began to accelerate. By the time Tang San had completely recovered, he had to condense all of his spirit power to be able to keep up with his father.

Because they advanced so quickly, Tang San was already unable to tell where they were heading. By the seventh day, he no longer knew where they were, and could only approximately feel that they were somewhere within the borders of Heaven Dou Empire.

The time Tang Hao stayed to rest was only four hours each day, and the remaining time was all travelling. Practically each day would bring Tang San close to the limits of his body.

However, having once experienced Grandmaster’s hell training, along with his body recovering completely, he still managed to endure.

After half a month, Tang Hao finally stopped.
[1] Endure (忍) and Knife (⼑)
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