Douluo Dalu Chapter 111-120


Chapter 111

The concentrated yellow specks of lights instantaneously rushed into the golden red light radiating from Xiao Wu, what surprised both parties was that once the yellow lights entered the light protecting Xiao Wu, they disappeared like moths flying into a flame.

Not only did it not have the slightest effect, instead it even strengthened the light surrounding Xiao Wu, increasing its thickness from the original three cun[1] to slightly more than one chi[2], instantly wiping out the lights that were attacking her.

At the same moment, an extremely unusual aura was suddenly released from Xiao Wu’s body, suddenly expanding the golden red light. Although the light got dimmer the further the distance, it still easily covered the opponent.

The referee was also encompassed within the light and he did not feel anything weird. however, it was a different story for Xiao Wu’s opponent. Within the golden red light, he felt as though he was fighting against a Title Doulou.

All his spirit power instantly lost its effect, and the sunflower in his hand quietly withered in the light.

Xiao Wu was also shocked as the situation became one where she no longer needed to do anything. Along with the withering of the opponent’s sunflower, the warm flow within her body also gradually disappeared. In a

short moment, it completely disappeared and the dazzling bright golden red radiance faded away.

The match started normal but ended weirdly. Compared to the explosive first match, this one gave people an even more unbelievable feeling. Xiao Wu who was only a Spirit Elder managed to defeat two Spirit Ancestors. This result shocked everyone present. Just as Xiao Wu was dazed, Tang San’s soft voice rang in her ears, “No matter who asks, just reply that you do not know why the golden red glow appeared. Keep silent and maintain a sense of mystery. Leave the rest to me.”

At the same time, there was also a discussion going on in the VIP seats. Emperor Xue Ye looked towards Ning Fengzhi with astonishment, but Ning Fengzhi shook his head, indicating that he didn’t know what the golden red glow was.

Platinum Bishop Salas however, spoke, “I didn’t expect Shrek Academy to actually still have someone who owns a spirit bone. This should be their hidden strength.”

Spirit bone?

Emperor Xue Ye and Ning Fengzhi both revealed looks of agreement. From their perspective, that was the best explanation. Xiao Wu didn’t take out any spirit tool, and that golden red glow was obviously not an ability that a spirit tool should have. It would be most reasonable to think that that was a spirit bone ability.

Emperor Xue Ye took a deep breath. “However, that spirit bone ability seems rather too strong. It made the opponent’s spirit wither instantly. If looking purely at spirit power, this student from Balak Academy seems to be more seriously injured than the previous one.”

Ning Fengzhi smiled faintly. “Your majesty might not be aware, but if I guess correctly, this ability of Xiao Wu’s has a specific target, it does not work on every spirit. Maybe, only plant type spirits will be countered by it, perhaps the range might be even narrower.&rdq uo; As the Seven Glazed Tile School master and the world’s number one support type Spirit Master,

Ning Fengzhi’s knowledge was obviously bountiful. If the golden red glow Xiao Wu released worked on any spirit, wouldn’t that be unequalled under Heaven?

In this rare moment, Salas did not argue with Ning Fengzhi and said: “I agree with School Master Ning. This should be an extremely normal spirit bone that only happened to coincide with the situation and was used to great effect. That doesn’t mean anything.”

The referee was naturally suspicious about the golden red glow that radiated from Xiao Wu and asked her about it. But Xiao Wu wouldn’t say anything. Having no other solutions, the referee could only pass the judgment to the judging committee.

By now, Emperor Xue Ye and the other two had already made their decision. From their perspective, it was perfectly normal for Xiao Wu to not say anything. After all, who would want to admit that they own a spirit bone? The victory for this match was unquestionably awarded to Shrek Academy. Xiao Wu scored two consecutive victories.

The competition continued and making Shrek Academy not know whether to laugh or cry was that the later students sent out by Balak Academy were obviously unable to be compared to the first two. Xiao Wu successively defeated another three people before leaving the stage due to exhaustion of spirit power.

The few Balak Academy students who later competed did not include any Spirit Ancestor above the fortieth rank.

Xiao Wu’s perfect performance undoubtedly overshadowed every person who appeared in the previous two matches. Her five consecutive wins also made her rank the highest in terms of individual performance.

Xiao Wu left the stage and was replaced by Tang San. Just as Balak Academy was about to feel relieved by Xiao Wu leaving the stage, they were once again frozen as Tang San released his spirit.

Yellow, yellow, purple and black. Four spirit rings appeared at the same time. Despite being not conspicuous, the black spirit ring’s deep glow made the last two members of Balak Academy completely lose their fighting spirit.

Tang San did not even have to take any action and Balak Academy automatically admitted defeat. After all, the competition has only begun and the earlier conflict raised the tension between the two academies. The teacher from Balak Academy did not wish to have insufficient members in the matches tomorrow.

Shrek Academy also settled their match by sending only two members but from the way the matches played out, their performance was a cut better than Blazing Academy. Because of the that, Huo Wu sharpened her gaze at Tang San.

After eating two recovery sausages, Xiao Wu’s spirit power gradually recovered, she practically could not stop herself from pulling Tang San who returned to one side and asked: “Ge, what was with that glow from my body earlier? Did you know about it?” If Tang San did not know, why would he warn her?

Tang San faintly smiled and nodded while whispering in her ears what he concluded earlier. Xiao Wu, upon realization, reach out her hands and touched the Yearning Heartbroken Red that was always placed at her chest, indeed, the warm flow earlier had flowed into her body from this position.

The first round of promotional matches ended perfectly for Shrek Academy, only Xiao Wu revealed her true strength while completely settling the match.

Excluding the Four Element Academies, the other academies would at the most only know that Shrek Academy had a monster with a ten-thousand year spirit ring.

In the later matches, the other three academies from Heaven Dou City also achieved victory. The result of five academies from Heaven Dou City being victorious made Emperor Xue Ye very satisfied. He immediately

announced that all academies that were victorious would be awarded with one thousand gold spirit coins while academies that lost were still awarded with five hundred golden spirit coins.

When the first day of matches were over, the dean from each academy went up on stage to draw lots, Shrek Academy’s luck was not very good. For their match on the second day, the opponent they drew was Blazing Academy which performed very well in the first match.

Although it was a round robin system where every academy would eventually fight each other, the fact that they would face Blazing Academy this early created ripples in the minds of members from both academies.

Returning to their camp, Xiao Wu herself returned to her room to rest as there was still a match tomorrow. She had expended quite a lot of spirit power today and had to recover as quickly as possible. Jiang Zhu accompanied her as her spirit could increase Xiao Wu’s recovery rate.

Grandmaster gathered the members of Shrek Academy and asked straight to the point: “Your opponent tomorrow is Blazing Academy, in your opinion, what kind of line up should you be battling them with?”

As the captain, Dai Mubai was the first to reply: “Grandmaster, although Blazing Academy’s strength is abnormal, they are actually one of the weakest among the Four Elemental Academies. Only the Huo Wushuang and Huo Wu siblings are stronger, the other members will find it difficult to threaten us. Given the situation in today’s matches, at least one of the Huo Wu Shuang and Huo Wu siblings would go first to get as many victories as possible. The rest of the members will then aim to deplete our spirit power. Why not let me go first tomorrow and little San cover the rear. This will ensure our victory.”

Grandmaster said: “Mubai isn’t wrong. However, there is something I should remind you all. The qualifiers were the qualifiers after all, even now in the promotion matches, each team might still not be using their full strength. It’s not only us who are hiding our true strength, others will also use the same plan. The Shrek Seven Devils contain two support spirit masters, the others’ strength are relatively balanced. Tang San and Mubai

are slightly ahead. In this competition, you are not only here to win, the more important thing is to train. Train your strength and mentality. What you can think of, your opponents will naturally also be able to. Today, what I want to teach you all is to surprise your opponents. Revealing a hand that defies common sense will make it easier to break your opponent’s tempo. Therefore, for tomorrow’s battle, little San will go first, followed by Ma Hong Jun, Zhu Zhuqing, Xiao Wu and Mubai.”

Similar to today’s match against Balak Academy when Grandmaster announced three names, he had only announced five names. Evidently, this was the line up that he believed was sufficient to achieve victory.

Among the five, only Ma Hong Jun has not appeared on stage before, Grandmaster had his purpose for sending him out now this time. Ma Hong Jun hadn’t been sent out before since the mission he was given by Grandmaster was to train.

Letting him take part in real battles now was in order to let him fight against opponents from other academies and find the tempo of the competition now rather than during the finals.

As for Oscar and Ning Rongrong, both were support type spirit masters, they would be fine as long as they were compatible with their teammates. They would stay hidden. Promotion matches were still not for them to participate in.


A quiet night.

The tempo of the promotion matches was faster than the qualifiers, without common spectators, only the competition results were desired. Having removed the complicated processes and the noisy audience, it allowed spirit Masters to bring out their true strength more easily.

Shrek Academy versus Blazing Academy was the fifth match, but before the match had even started, Tang San could already feel the burning hot gaze aimed directly at him from not far away.

Tang San didn’t look at Huo Wu, as he didn’t want to display any aggression. He only quietly watched the matches in the ring, especially Godwind Academy and Thunderclap Academy. They hadn’t encountered these academies before, and being about to fight them in the ranking competition, he had to observe them carefully.

Through observation, Tang San discovered that, apart from the four elemental academies, there were still another two academies who were also powerful. One was called Syras Academy, and one was called Botanic Academy.

Syras Academy was still well, with strength apparently not much different from the four elemental academies, with three students over fortieth rank. But Tang San was unable to make sense of that Botanic Academy. All the competing members of this academy had plant spirits, and moreover they were all somewhat strange plants. From the start of the competition until now, only three of their members had appeared in the ring.

Of course, this was also because they hadn’t encountered any strong opponents. Even though the students that had appeared were all thirty something ranked, Tang San still saw that this Botanic Academy’s members were all unexpectedly control system Spirit Masters. Under such circumstances, they wouldn’t be at a disadvantage even against fortieth ranked opponents. Relying on three thirty something ranked Spirit Elders, this academy had already obtained a record of two successive victories.

Botanic Academy’s display was very low key and they didn’t use any dazzling spirit abilities, but the more so they did, the more complex Tang San felt they were.

At last it was time for Shrek Academy and Blazing Academy to go up.

When Tang San was the first to walk into the ring from Shrek Academy, the students on Blazing Academy’s side all immediately revealed stunned expressions.

The first to go up from Blazing Academy was Huo Wushuang, and just like Dai Mubai had estimated, the last to go up was Huo Wu.

Seeing Tang San was the first to walk into the competition grounds, Huo Wu shot up from her seat, her ample chest heaving constantly, light flashing in her eyes. If the competition rules didn’t prohibit changing the order once submitted, she would definitely be the first to go on up.

‘Why? Why are you first?’ Huo Wu screamed in her heart.

In the month since the end of the qualifiers, she had cultivated as if torturing herself. And she had also made some breakthrough, not only did her spirit power go up one rank, but her spirit ability application and all round capabilities had also improved. And all this, was to take revenge on Tang San.

But right now Tang San was the first Shrek Academy member to walk out. Even if he was even stronger, Huo Wu still wouldn’t believe he could last until the fight with her. Could it be her opportunity for revenge would disappear? She was unwilling.

But with the competition rules in place, she was left helpless. She couldn’t have her big brother and all the others give up on the match.

After all, she also had to consider the whole team.

Huo Wushuang stood confronting Tang San, his facial expression very heavy. Originally he had thought that after the five successive victories yesterday, Xiao Wu would still be the first to go up, and he had prepared accordingly.

But the one to appear in front of him was the one who had given him the deepest impression, Tang San. This already formed a small crack in Huo Wushuang’s resolve.

He knew that with Tang San’s spirit control capability and fire immunity, it would be very difficult for him to obtain the desired outcome. Fire immunity was really a far too great restriction on his strength.

Tang San’s expression was still calm, that was true no matter what opponent he confronted. Along with the referee announcing the start of the match, he made an inviting gesture to Huo Wushuang.

The two completed their spirit release in practically the same moment. Tang San raised his right hand in front of him, and five cun[3] of Blue Silver Grass grew in his palm, flickering softly. If it wasn’t for those four dazzling spirit rings being a clear manifestation of his strength, nobody would have believed that this no more than five cun Blue Silver Grass would actually have such astonishing strength.

Not only Blazing Academy, but those students from the kingdom and duchy academies, as long as they weren’t going to participate in a match, practically all their gazes fell on this fight between Huo Wushuang and Tang San.

One was from a traditionally powerful team, one had a ten thousand year fourth spirit ring, this fight was destined to be marvellous. At the same time, these academies all wanted to see just how powerful Tang San actually was.

Scales appearing on his skin, blazing flame shot up instantly, then was extinguished in another eyeblink. Huo Wushuang was covered in a layer of deep red, a short horn protruding from his forehead, about three cun[4] long. That was his spirit, Single Horned Fire Tyrant Dragon.

Watching the process of Huo Wushuang releasing his spirit, Tang San’s expression couldn’t help turning serious. The release of flame was normal, but its later restraint was clearly different from the team battles last time. By Huo Wushuang’s calm and composed appearance, he had clearly thought of a way to deal with him.

Different from ordinary confrontations between power attack system Spirit Masters and control system Spirit Masters. this time it was Tang San

who charged first.

Tang San’s feet shifted, and he seemed to float out. His movements didn’t seem fast at all, but with that illusory pace, he approached Huo Wushuang in only a few eyeblinks.

A control system Spirit Master focusing on assault? Nobody could imagine it.

Huo Wushuang’s first spirit ring already brightened in a flash, that layer of deep red scales covering his body instantly turning sparkling and translucent, covering him like a layer of armor. But his body didn’t move, only his eyes rigidly watched Tang San’s rapid approach.

What Huo Wushuang hadn’t expected was that the Blue Silver Grass Binding he had prepared for didn’t hit him, but Tang San still rushed closer, without using any spirit abilities.

Huo Wushuang was unable to hold back, both hands fiercely meeting in front of his chest. Deep red light rushed out between his palms, instantly condensing into a palm-sized sphere.

There still wasn’t any sign of flame, so much that there wasn’t even a trace of heat, but just as his gaze locked on Tang San, the deep red ball of light shot out, flying straight for Tang San.

Just as the two sides were about to clash, Tang San’s foot suddenly slid, dodging the strike of the red sphere of light at the edge of danger. By now, he was already less than five meters from Huo Wushuang.

Clearly, Huo Wushuang’s attack wouldn’t be that easy to dodge. Even though he had avoided the first attack, that ball of light immediately changed direction, directly chasing after Tang San.

A faint smile at the corners of his mouth, the Blue Silver Grass in the palm of Tang San’s right hand abruptly surged out. Only one strand, thick as a baby’s arm, grew to three meters long in the blink of an eye. It didn’t bind, but rather directly whipped out at Huo Wushuang. At the same time, a

cluster of Blue Silver Grass rose behind Tang San’s back, weaving together into a great net in the air, rigidly blocking the ball of light.

The next moment, astonished expressions appeared on both sides’ faces.

The deep red ball of light vanished with a violently explosive sound, and the net covering it was also subsequently torn to pieces. But the Blue Silver Grass Tang San swung also closed in on Huo Wushuang.

Huo Wushuang finally moved. He didn’t pay any attention to the Blue Silver Grass striking at his body, but rather went out to meet Tang San.

The Blue Silver Grass accurately lashed Huo Wushuang’s shoulder, but with an explosive blast, that strand of Blue Silver Grass was unexpectedly directly destroyed. At the same time, Huo Wushuang and Tang San were already within reach of each other.

With Tang San’s plentiful combat experience, he was aware of where the problem lay in a split second.

Indeed, his Blue Silver Grass was really immune to ice and fire, but it wasn’t immune to energy attacks. Blazing Academy’s method to deal with him was very simple. Restraining their fire attribute attacks, and replacing them with another kind of attack method.

Huo Wushuang didn’t just have blazing heat, but also explosions.

Huo Wushuang compressed his fire attribute spirit power as far as possible, afterwards releasing it the moment both sides came into contact, creating an explosive force.

Like this, even though the fire attribute didn’t have any effect, that explosive force was still dreadful.

Blazing Academy really deserved their reputation as one of the five great elemental academies. Whether it was the teachers or the outstanding students, finding a way to deal with him in such a short period of time really wasn’t average.

‘But, can this defeat me?’ The smile at the corners of Tang San’s mouth still hadn’t disappeared. ‘You’ve improved, then can’t I also?’

Confronted with Huo Wushuang’s strike, Tang San knew that as long as he came into contact with the opponent’s body, the successive explosions from that deep red scale armor would injure him seriously. Spirit power condensed to this degree wasn’t something his Blue Silver Grass could withstand right now.

After all, they were both forty second ranked Spirit Masters, but from the start of the battle until now Huo Wushuang had invested far more spirit power than Tang San. In coordination with that brimming with masculine aura Single Horned Tyrant Dragon Spirit, it really gave a feeling of sweeping everything before it.

Using explosions to counter him was no doubt the most proper choice, but unfortunately, Tang San’s control had already reached a whole new level in this short month.

Confronted with Huo Wushuang’s frontal attack, Tang San didn’t retreat, but rather still charged ahead. The moment the two were about to collide, Huo Wushuang raised both fists simultaneously, blasting the empty air on either side of Tang San, as much as possible leaving him without anywhere to dodge.

He believed that as long as he and Tang San got close enough, he would immediately regain the advantage. How could Blue Silver Grass compare to the Single Horned Tyrant Dragon?

But at this instant, Tang San’s dash suddenly came to a rigid halt. Equally raising both his hands, and moreover without releasing any Blue Silver Grass, both his palms met Huo Wushuang’s fists. With a slight shake of his wrists, both his arms moved in a splendid arc.

Huo Wushuang immediately felt something amiss, as if his strength met a soft and flexible screen, the blasting power his fists were brimming with

lacked any sensation of collision. Even more shockingly, after his scaled met with Tang San’s force they didn’t cause any explosions, but were rather pulled aside as if someone used their hands to pull him. Following the momentum of his fists, Huo Wushuang immediately stumbled.

Tang San had disappeared just the instant Huo Wushuang lost his balance.

The next moment, Huo Wushuang only felt a great force rush out behind him, and before he had time to react, his whole body had already been sent flying. His body issued a series of explosive sounds in midair, the result of him exploding the fire element contained in his scale armor.

Unfortunately, his reaction was a beat too slow. Even though the explosive force was powerful, in midair it was basically unable to affect Tang San.

This was the effect born of combining Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step with Controlling Crane Catching Dragon.

In the days since, Tang San had thought of a great many things. He suddenly found that ever since gaining spirit abilities, he seemed to have forgotten a lot of extremely powerful capabilities. Indeed, spirit abilities were really useful, and moreover straightforward and simple. But in fact, how could his Tang Sect secret lore come out short in a comparison?

As this world understood things, the Tang Sect lore he had cultivated from Mysterious Heaven Treasure Record were also each a kind of ability! Purple Demon Eye was one. Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step, Controlling Crane Catching Dragon, Mysterious Jade Hand, weren’t they all? Even if the hidden weapons Tang Sect knew best couldn’t be used, couldn’t he still use these?

If the entire previous process could be slowed down, the whole course of Tang San’s actions could be seen clearly. Using Controlling Crane Catching Dragon to divert the opponent’s attack, Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step to dodge behind Huo Wushuang, Mysterious Jade Hand pushing with Controlling Crane Catching Dragon.

Even though he had been hit by the explosive force, with the durability of Mysterious Jade Hand, this basically wouldn’t cause any injury, and Huo Wushuang’s body had already been swiftly pushed away.

Seven strands of Blue Silver Grass, glittering with mauve light in the sunshine, fell from the sky like seven long rainbows.

Right now Huo Wushuang had his back completely exposed to Tang San. He only felt a pressure in the sky, but couldn’t see just what attack it was. And the moment Tang San’s Blue Silver Grass chose to attack was just when the energy in his scales had just burst out, and his spirit power was still condensing, the awkward moment when he couldn’t use his next spirit ability.

Control, this was still control, only that what was controlled were the details and precision. The details decided the outcome, and at this moment, Tang San used this instant to maximize his advantage.

Blue Silver Grass struck Huo Wushuang’s open back without the least suspense, seven strands of Blue Silver Grass all whipped the same place. The first one already knocked Huo Wushuang from the air to the ground. From the second and onward, they caused intolerable pain to instantly spread through Huo Wushuang’s whole body. Bringing a paralysing and twitching sensation, all he could do was to swiftly roll over and leap up. But his back was already badly mangled.

Don’t forget that Blue Silver Grass was seriously toxic, with the poison of the Man Faced Demon Spider as well as the thorns of the Ghost Vine. Having lost his protective scales, right now Huo Wushuang wasn’t only infected by the poison, but the violent pain moreover affected his spirit power aggregation and mental focus.

Tang San’s expression was still serene, but he wouldn’t give his opponent any chance to recover his strength. Just as Huo Wushuang shot up and prepared to confront Tang San, something tightened about his feet. Without any warning, a strand of the most common Blue Silver Grass twisted around his ankles, tripping him over once again.

In order to defend and counterattack, Huo Wushuang had just now condensed practically all his spirit power in his upper body. Once again on the ground, he needed time in order to use explosive force to free his bound feet.

But, his body was already sent tumbling by the impetus of that Blue Silver Grass.

This time, Huo Wushuang was thrown into the distance, and Tang San on the ground followed like an illusion. Twelve strands of Blue Silver Grass shot out with a swing of his right arm, still attacking the same spot.

Blasting sounds rang out practically uninterrupted, blast after blast bursting out in the air. This time, Huo Wushuang already had a defense, but within explosion after explosion, the twelve strands of Blue Silver Grass successively smashed it. The pain of those bone piercing lashes as well as the shock of his own fire element explosions, left Huo Wushuang in such pain he wished he was dead, directly resisting a mouthful of blood reflux from spraying out in the air.

Finally blocking the last strand of Blue Silver Grass, Huo Wushuang staked all his strength on controlling his feet to land, preventing being humiliated once again. At the same time he also impatiently erupted a series of attacks in midair, for fear that he would once again be bound by that ghost serpent like Blue Silver Grass.

“You’ve lost.” Tang San’s attack didn’t reappear, what reached him was only that calm voice.

Huo Wushuang now returned to his senses, staring, he couldn’t keep his face from going deathly pale. He now discovered that he was already outside of the ring, having fallen just one meter out of bounds.

Now he understood the reason why Tang San lashed out with twelve strands of Blue Silver Grass after he had been thrown. It wasn’t to attack him, but rather to exploit the attacks of the Blue Silver Grass as well as the impulses of his own explosions to increase the distance he flew.

Out of bounds, no matter the circumstances, meant defeat.

Huo Wushuang looked at Tang San in a daze. He couldn’t accept it, and on the contrary he discovered that the feeling of defeat in his heart was so powerful.

Confronting Tang San he hadn’t faced control, but rather his rigid offense. A control system Spirit Master’s precision, combined with the speed and strength of the agility attack system and power attack system.

From the first moment of contact until the end, he hadn’t even been been able to stall for enough energy to launch his more powerful spirit abilities. But what Tang San used was at most only his first spirit ability, to the extent that it wasn’t even the whole first spirit ability.

How much spirit power could he have consumed just by waving a few strands of Blue Silver Grass?

Hidden weapons didn’t only include throwing types, but also mechanical types and the rare rope types. Tang San had just fully used the rope type methods on his own Blue Silver Grass.

He had used it as early as the human meteor hammer before, but he had only truly recognized the importance of fusing his Tang Sect lore with his spirit abilities in his days of painful cultivation and while truly combining the two together.

A forty second ranker versus a forty second ranker, and the winner’s spirit power consumption could practically be neglected. This was the result Tang San had obtained after bitter cultivation. He had proved his strength in real combat, making the Huo Wushuang who had originally thought he could make a fight of it lose before he could even use his full strength. So much that he couldn’t even use up some of Tang San’s spirit power.

“You didn’t have any confidence when you faced me. If a Spirit Master doesn’t have confidence, how can he win?”

Tang San’s words reached Huo Wushuang’s ears. When he looked at Tang San’s serene eyes, Huo Wushuang suddenly found that this clearly younger than him youth seemed to have become his teacher.

By now Huo Wu had run over, grabbing Huo Wushuang’s arm, asking with a deeply concerned face: “Ge, are you alright?”

Huo Wushuang shook his head, “I’m alright. I lost, lost by heart and word.”

Huo Wu sharply raised her head, both her eyes seeming to shoot flames, fiercely burning at Tang San.

Tang San’s gaze was still undisturbed. He looked at Huo Wu without any particular mood.

The first fight ended like this. Even though the scene wasn’t as chaotic as the qualifiers, and wasn’t any applause or cheers, what Tang San revealed captured everyone present. Even Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master Ning Fengzhi discovered that this child became more and more impenetrable. At such a young age, he already had some of the demeanor of a great family.

Glancing at platinum bishop Salas next to him out of the corner if his eye, Ning Fengzhi was somewhat astonished to discover that Salas’ face was still calm, without any fluctuation to his mood because of Tang San’s display, as if he was only looking at the most common competition.

The next matches seemed even easier for Tang San. He continuously calm and unhurried successively fought five Blazing Academy team members. Among them the twin brothers Huo Wun and Huo Yu had broken through from thirty ninth rank to fortieth rank.

But nobody could make Tang San release his third spirit ability.

Blazing Academy already possessed four spirit masters over fortieth rank, but six of them still couldn’t stop Tang San’s advance. His spirit

power was still plentiful, and there wasn’t even a trace of exhaustion on his face.

It was under such circumstances that Blazing Academy’s final team member, vice captain Huo Wu, walked gravely into the ring.

One defeating six. Since the start of the ranking competition, this was the most outstanding score to appear. Moreover the six defeated people were still from the traditionally powerful and well known Blazing Academy, these were circumstances nobody could have imagined before the start of the match, but this was what really had happened.
[1] 3⼨ = 10 cm
[2] 1尺 = ⅓ m
[3] 5⼨ = 17 cm
[4] 3⼨ = 10 cm

Chapter 112

Watching the cold faced Huo Wu walk into the ring, Tang San drew a deep breath. Even though he didn’t seem any different from the start of the first fight, in fact, right now he was already extremely tired.

His spirit power had been conserved as far as possible, but in the previous six matches, he had after all still faced three fortieth ranked opponents. Besides Huo Wushuang, Huo Yun and Huo Yu’s Fire Crane Spirits gave him no small trouble, especially their strongest spirit abilities made Tang San spend considerable spirit power in order to dodge and escape their attacks.

Even more, to save on his spirit power he had to use the most precise degree of control possible with each ability, the requirements for this were enormous.

Consequently, even though Tang San had only consumed forty percent or so of his spirit power, his mental strength had already been exhausted by seventy percent. He was an arrow at the end of its flight.

Right now the spectators, whether the imperial household knights or the other academy Spirit Masters, all only wanted to see one thing: whether Tang San could defeat the whole Blazing Academy with his own strength, completing a heroic feat of one beating seven.

Attentively watching Tang San, Huo Wu now instead became calm. She knew that this match was not only a matter between her and Tang San, but

also related to the reputation of Blazing Academy.

If she lost, letting the opponent complete one against seven, then Blazing Academy would never be able to raise their heads among the five elemental academies. Therefore, she couldn’t lose no matter what. She couldn’t lose.

It was precisely this conviction in victory that made Huo Wu calm down. This year she still wasn’t twenty. In Blazing Academy she was the youngest genius in history. This period of painstaking training let her spirit power advance a level, reaching the forty fourth rank. She believed that she should be above this youth in front of her, whether in spirit or spirit power.

But how, how was the entire Blazing Academy unable to defeat him alone? Was it because he was a control system Spirit Master? Because of his fire immunity? No, it definitely wasn’t just this.

Tang San calmly watched Huo Wu standing thirty meters away from him. He was astonished to discover that Huo Wu’s aura seemed to have undergone a bizarre change. He and Huo Wu didn’t have any interaction, but every time he had seen her it seemed as if she distributed an incendiary aura. In some respects, it was extremely similar to Liu Erlong.

But now that she had calmed down, Huo Wu was like a different person. Her originally extremely slender figure seemed even more alluring as her skin reflected a red light, as if it could ignite the hearts of all men.

With a shake of her body, a faint orange shadow gradually appeared behind Huo Wu. It was identical to her, a vague flame shadow with an illusory feeling. But this was her spirit, Fire Shadow.

The fire element shadow was an extremely peculiar spirit, but able to display the fire element to its greatest degree.

It was clearly already impossible for Blazing Academy to win in the ranking competition today, after all, Shrek Academy still had another six people. However, Huo Wu was already rigidly set on winning this fight, no matter what.

The match began.

Tang San had always wondered what method Huo Wu would use to attack, and the moment the referee declared the start, she gave him the answer: Running.

Huo Wu’s slender and powerful legs moved swiftly, dashing directly at Tang San.

Even though her speed couldn’t compare to that of an agility attack system Spirit Master, by the forty fourth rank, the added attributes from spirit rings and the effect of their own spirit power made a Spirit Master far superior to ordinary people. This all out charge had astonishing speed, and the distance between the two quickly shrank.

A strand of Blue Silver Grass surged out, sweeping horizontally. Its target was Huo Wu’s slender and powerful waist.

It was a probing attack. Tang San’s energy was greatly consumed by now, but sending out a few tests was better than idly waiting for opportunities.

He had chosen a strategy to guard and counterattack. With the advantage of fire immunity, if Huo Wu wanted her abilities to have any effect on him she could only use explosions like Huo Wushuang did.

Therefore, Tang San wasn’t very anxious.

If Huo Wu wanted to use her fourth spirit ability, the period for accumulating strength was enough for him to react.

Confronted with the sweeping Blue Silver Grass, Huo Wu not only didn’t dodge, but on the contrary sped up somewhat. The thirty meter distance between the two shortened to ten meters in the blink of an eye.

Huo Wu’s eyes brightened, both eyes flashing brightly, at the same time her third spirit ring also shone. A purple light halo filled the air, and she increased her speed a bit more.

Suddenly, light flashed in Tang San’s mind, and he immediately understood Huo Wu’s plan of attack. Blue Silver Grass swept unchangingly, and he swiftly started to move. He neither advanced nor retreated, but rather moved sideways, swiftly dashing out horizontally.

Huo Wu had apparently already anticipated Tang San’s reaction, and her original straight dash angled sideways, but still pressing in on Tang San.

The instant Blue Silver Grass was about to land on her, Huo Wu’s third spirit ability, Defying Flame Ring, launched.

A dazzling orange ring of light released in a flash. This spirit ability without any offensive power washed away the nearby Blue Silver Grass in an instant. The the spirit ability range reached and astonishing sixty meters, and right now Tang San was less than ten meters away.

The moment the thirty meter radius Defying Flame Ring removed the Blue Silver Grass, it also sent Tang San far away.

The whole ring had a diameter of a hundred meters, and Huo Wu’s Defying Flame Ring had a sixty meter diameter. It could be said to cover a substantial part of the ring. Pushed by the Defying Flame Ring, Tang San practically instantly reached the edge of the ring.

Leaving the ring meant defeat. Tang San had exploited this rule in the first fight against Huo Wushuang.

But the most frightening aspect of Huo Wu’s Defying Flame Ring was that it ignored any abilities and defense, anything within its range could be temporarily banished.

Of course, the opponent’s attack power couldn’t surpass her spirit power by more than ten ranks.

Huo Wu didn’t pause, just when Tang San was forced to the edge of the ring, another Defying Flame Ring flashed.

Tang San sighed inwardly. This girl might seem to have a fiery temper, but she was actually extremely shrewd. Control system Spirit Masters really weren’t ordinary. By exploiting the Defying Flame Ring, she had put him in trouble in an instant.

Right now, even if it was his fourth spirit ability, at most it could only temporarily block Huo Wu’s advance, but couldn’t stop the Defying Flame Ring from launching. Huo Wu’s use of this originally defensive ability had doubtless passed long consideration.

The Defying Flame Ring of course wasn’t absolute, otherwise, there would be no need to hold this ranking competition, Huo Wu could just rely on this ability to sweep away all opponents. The restriction of the Defying Flame Ring lay in altitude. The range of its effect was sixty meters in diameter, and three meters in height.

In other words, three meters in the air was out of the Defying Flame Ring’s effect. Unless Huo Wu directly aimed the Defying Flame Ring into the air.

Under these circumstances, no matter how wonderful Tang San’s Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step was, he was still unable to dodge the Defying Flame Ring’s attack. Therefore, he could only fly into the air. Watching Huo Wu’s second Defying Flame Ring about to take effect, Tang San leapt up, swiftly rising above the Defying Flame Ring.

Seeing this, Huo Wu’s face revealed a sneer. Even though she had wasted a lot of spirit power on these two Defying Flame Rings, her goal of forcing Tang San into the air was still reached.

A strange scene appeared. Huo Wu’s fourth spirit ring flashed the same moment Tang San leapt up, and the Fire Shadow behind her also instantly turned incandescent white.

“Ring Merging[1]?” Outside the ring, spectating the match Grandmaster abruptly cried out.

Ring Merging wasn’t any kind of technique, but rather an innate ability. Only some extremely peculiar Spirit Masters could possess this kind of ability.

It used the simultaneous release of the spirit power of several spirit ring abilities at once, and could also be called an instant substantial spirit power release, making use of one spirit ability.

The greatest benefit of Ring Merging was burst power. Simply put, if a pool only had one exit, then the water could also only flow out of this one exit. Even though it would drain out eventually, it still couldn’t be compared to the speed of simultaneously flowing out of four exits.

Grandmaster had suspected Huo Wu possessed this ability since the qualifiers last time, only that time she still had the support of the auxiliary system Spirit Masters, and Grandmaster didn’t dare say for sure. But right now it was completely obvious, what she used was Ring Merging.

Under these circumstances her spirit power output would peak, right now the might of the spirit ability she used would also doubtless double.

The incandescence solidified in her palm. What Huo Wu released this time wasn’t blazing heat, but rather a condensed explosion.

An only egg-sized ball of white light floated out, flying straight for Tang San in the air. After releasing this white ball of light, Huo Wu’s complexion instantly turned deathly pale.

Different from Huo Wushuang’s attack, the instant the white ball of light had just left Huo Wushuang’s hands, Tang San felt his body suddenly stall, as if that not very large ball of light contained a boundless gravitational force. He was unable to dodge in the air, and watching that little ball of white light flying towards him, all he could do right now was to stiffly block it.

There were still a great many ways to block, and even though he was in a disadvantageous position, Tang San still hadn’t given up. Raising his right hand, his third spirit ability emerged for the first time today.

A green ball of light shot out of Tang San’s palm, instantly expanding. Under his meticulous control, the range this spider web covered was a lot smaller, but that also made it a lot thicker. Even something like that white light ball couldn’t overcome it.

White and green, two lights flowed together in midair. The moment the two came into contact, Tang San’s face changed.

With a tearing sound, the white ball of light unexpectedly straight through that durable Spider Web Restraint. It was unexpectedly rotating at high speed, and that perfectly round surface was moreover actually brimming with a cutting force.

A strand of Blue Silver Grass whipped out immediately afterward, but just like that Spider Web Restraint it was completely unable to hold back that white ball of light. When Tang San’s Blue Silver Grass lashed it, it was unable to change its direction. Only the Blue Silver Grass itself broke.

After coming into contact with it twice, if Tang San still didn’t have a grasp on the power of this white ball of light, then he wouldn’t deserve being Grandmaster’s disciple. He instantly understood that the spirit power contained in this white ball of light should be everything Huo Wu still had after releasing her third spirit ability twice, and it was furthermore compressed. The ball was completely locked on him under her mental control. In his current condition, unless he had an ability to completely condense all his spirit power like her, he was unable to block it.

Of course, Tang San overlooked one thing. This white ball of light was not only Huo Wu’s entire output, but also her entire output after using Ring Merging. Its power surpassed even the total sum of her whole spirit power.

In order to defeat Tang San, she had already given up on the rest of the match. Her goal was only to beat this youth in front of her.

The moment that white ball of light was about to strike Tang San, Tang San suddenly disappeared.

That disappearance naturally wasn’t without reason. Blue Silver Grass was ineffective against the white ball of light, but that didn’t mean it was useless.

Two strands of Blue Silver Grass struck the ground forcefully, sending Tang San higher into the air using the opposite force. When that white ball of light chased after him from below and almost caught up, Blue Silver Grass shot out of Tang San’s hand, directly twisting around Huo Wu’s waist.

Right now, Huo Wu had already made use of her entire spirit power, basically without the strength to resist. She only felt her waist tighten, and the next moment, Tang San had already magnified in front of her.

Indeed, Tang San’s target was Huo Wu, using her body weight to change his direction in the air, directly dashing down at Huo Wu.

Under effect of the tension, his movement through the air was naturally even faster. The two weren’t far apart, and collided after practically an instant.

Huo Wu subconsciously raised her arms to push off Tang San, but Tang San only spread his hands, neutralizing her palms. The instant the two of them collided, Tang San had already used a strand of Blue Silver Grass to bind the two of them tightly together.

Huo Wu only felt a great rotating force as Tang San turned around. Huo Wu involuntarily blocked in front of him, just like a shield. And that white ball of light hurriedly chased after with a humming sound.

Emptiness. Instantly, in Huo Wu’s mind was only emptiness. After that white ball of light had locked on Tang San, it had already become an attack out of her control. But at this moment, she had become Tang San’s shield.

She hadn’t expected this battle to reach this kind of conclusion. She knew she had already lost. But, she really was unwilling. Unwilling……

Would she die? Huo Wu was only too clear on the power of her own attack. She knew that in her present condition, it was basically impossible to block that attack. She would only end up like Tang San’s Blue Silver Grass, torn apart.

‘If I die I die, but even if I die I’ll still pull you down to hell with me.’ Huo Wu suddenly spread her arms, tightly embracing Tang San, and moreover surrendering her final trace of spirit power defense. She believed that even after that white ball of light had pierced her body, it would still cause Tang San serious injuries.

As she tightly held Tang San, the rancor in her heart surged. She even bit down on the muscles at Tang San’s shoulder. This bite was extremely fierce, and the instant her teeth clamped down, she felt tepid liquid flow into her mouth.

But at this moment, Tang San’s voice suddenly sighed next to her ear, “Is it necessary?” Their bodies seemed to rotate, and her tightly clamped hands suddenly felt something rush out of Tang San’s back. No longer able to hold on, she involuntarily let go. But there was still Blue Silver Grass’ Binding between them, and they were still pressed close together.

Alas, Tang San didn’t have any time right now, and he also wasn’t in the mood to feel that flexible and scorching hot delicate body.

“Sister——” Huo Wushuang cried out in alarm, as did each member of Blazing Academy. But there wasn’t enough time for them to rush into the ring.

The Shrek Academy side was equally alarmed, both sides dashing into the ring practically simultaneously.

But what they saw was still Tang San suddenly rotating once again, not only didn’t he try to use Huo Wu as a shield again, but he instead turned himself into a shield for Huo Wu.

When Tang San bound him and Huo Wu together and turned her into a shield, he only had one goal, to force Huo Wu to give up on her attack. How

could he have known that even Huo Wu herself was already unable to control it.

Seeing Huo Wu’s rancorous embrace, as well as the gaze in her eyes that seemed to view death as a return home, Tang San was shocked to discover that this girl was unexpectely ready to die to drag him along with her.

Tang San didn’t have any hostility towards Huo Wu, and it seemed to him that Huo Wu was nothing more than an aggressively competitive girl.

She was, after all, a girl, and he was a man. How could he truly be so coarse as to ruin a flower? In these circumstances, this was the only choice Tang San could think of.

Therefore, the instant the white ball of light was on the verge of arriving, he turned around while pasted to Huo Wu, using his back to confront the bombardment of the compressed energy ball.

Eight Spider Lances shot out, just enough to break open Huo Wu’s arms, leaving that attack completely for Tang San to withstand.

He didn’t let Eight Spider Lances extend completely, but only half a chi[2]. That ball of white light blossomed completely in the next moment, and it was basically impossible for anyone to pay attention to that momentary change on Tang San’s back.

The number of people with blank minds turned from one into two. Tang San only felt his body lighten, everything around him spinning. There was no pain, only a momentary numbnes, and his entire body became paralysed. Even though he focused his entire Mysterious Heaven Skill on his back, he still became numb.

Huo Wu also felt herself flying, the violent shcok making her briefly dizzy, and she practically unconsciously tightened her grip on Tang San.

The numbness changed into omnipresent pain in practically an instant. Tang San’s mind recovered a bit, and when they were about to hit the

ground, he turned his body. Since he was acting the hero, he might as well do it to the end.

The two struck the ground with a rumbling sound. Tang San below, Huo Wu on top. The instant of gravitational force almost made Tang San lose consciousness.

The reason he used his back to hit the ground was also in order to hide Eight Spider Lances. He clearly felt Eight Spider Lances tremble, and he could even hear some minute cracking sounds behind him. But there wasn’t any pain on his back.

Coughing up a mouthful of blood, Tang San was still a bit lower than Huo Wu, and this mouthful of blood sprayed onto her chest. For the first time he learned the feeling of five organs burning, the blood and qi within his body constantly roiling, as if it was on fire.

Mysterious Heaven Skill really was worthy of being called a first class internal skill of the profound orthodox sects. It protected Tang San’s body as far as possible in the instant of the explosion, and further adding the protection of Eight Spider Lances, even though Tang San was seriously injured, it wasn’t life threatening.

This was the result of Tang San’s careful calculations. When he turned Huo Wu, he had already estimated that with his defense, there was no way he would die.

The Binding Blue Silver Grass between the two had already been torn apart by the explosive force, but Huo Wu’s hands still tightly clutched Tang San’s arms. Her whole body trembled, but whether it was because of fury or something else was unknown.

The team members from both sides were already rushing over. Tang San opened his eyes and looked at the very close Huo Wu with a slight smile. Even though his face was deathly pale, that still didn’t affect his unperturbed temper.

“Still haven’t hugged enough? You won.”

Huo Wu looked at Tang San, her eyes refocusing. Right now she discovered that her hands holding onto Tang San’s arms were already dyed red with blood.

That of course wasn’t her blood. Before, she had clearly felt spirit power surge out of Tang San’s body, using his not at all taller than her body to completely shelter her from harm. What she had endured was at most some shaking.

Won? Was she really the winner? A trace of bitterness blossomed at the corner’s of Huo Wu’s mouth. Right now her consciousness was still somewhat fuzzy, and even she herself didn’t quite know what she thought in her heart.

“Little sister, are you alright?” Huo Wushuang pulled his little sister upright, carefully looking her over.

“I’m alright.”

And right now, Xiao Wu, with tears streaming down her cheeks, pulled Tang San into her embrace. Jiang Zhu’s healing halos were rushing out without a thought to how much spirit power was wasted. Oscar’s big sausage was already in Tang San’s mouth.

Were it not for Tang San promptly warning off Ning Rongrong, perhaps she would have used her four boost abilities on Tang San.

“Silly girl, don’t cry! Big brother is fine.” Tang San was going to raise his hand to rub Xiao Wu’s head, but discovered his arm wouldn’t rise for some reason.

Actually, when he faced Huo Wu he didn’t have any intention of winning this fight. In what is called ‘leaving a way out’, he had already defeated six people, Shrek Academy would definitely be the final victors of this ranking match, so why would he need to exterminate them to the last? It might be

pleasurable to defeat seven alone, but that would also entail branding both sides with hatred. He didn’t wish for that.
After all, he didn’t hold any malice towards Blazing Academy. Therefore, Tang San originally only planned to waste as much of Huo
Wu’s spirit power as he could, leaving the end of the match for the next person going up to handle. But who could have thought that Huo Wu would target him so fiercely, with this being the end result.

When Dai Mubai helped Tang San up, revealing his back, the Shrek Academy group drew a cold breath practically simultaneously.

The clothes on Tang San’s back were already in pieces, full of badly mangled flesh and blood, in some places even the bone beneath was visible. Even his arms were already dyed red with blood, hanging limply by his sides.

What kind of pain was this? But Tang San’s face still held an unperturbed smile, as if this pain was nothing to him. Only the sweat beading on his forehead told people that he was injured.

Huo Wu’s white ball of light had even greater attack power than Tang San had imagined. If not for Eight Spider Lances, if not for his body being forged in the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, even if he didn’t die this time, he would still at least have been seriously injured.

But even though his injuries were ghastly to look at, they were nothing more than some flesh wounds. His bones and internal organs hadn’t suffered too much harm.

By now the referee was a walking over, calling out for medical staff to treat Tang San while declaring Huo Wu the victor of this fight.

Before Shrek Academy’s second team member appeared, Huo Wu had already declared that she conceded the next match. Whether her exhausted spirit power or the state of the heart, she no longer had neither the will nor ability to keep fighting.

Right now the Shrek Academy group couldn’t spare a thought to hate Huo Wu, their only concern was Tang San’s safety.

Tang San was carried out lying face down on a stretcher, this was the true end of this match. Even though Tang San hadn’t made too great of a show in the last fight, his previous six fights had long ago conquered everyone.

Moreover, had he truly lost the last fight?

He could completely have used Huo Wu’s body to shield himself from the attack. With his control strength, he would only have needed to infuse her body with some of his spirit power, letting that white ball of light detonate in Huo Wu. There wouldn’t have been any danger to him, and it wouldn’t even have been against the rules.

After all, that terrifying attack was used by Huo Wu, not Tang San.

“Will my ge really be alright?” In the barracks, Xiao Wu looked with concern at the Heaven Dou Imperial court doctor.

The doctor was a forty something woman, and by appearances she should have been a beauty in her youth. She smiled calmly at Xiao Wu, saying: “Little miss, this is already the seventeenth time you’ve asked me the same question. Don’t worry. Your big brother won’t have any major issues, only his skin and flesh was injured. His bones are intact and internal organs protected. Truly strange. The flexibility of his muscles is at least three times that of ordinary Spirit Masters, how did he train to become like this? Right now he’s only lost a bit of blood, he needs to rest a while. He will be able to move as usual in at most five days. However. It’s best if you don’t let him participate in any more matches in this ranking competition. Otherwise there’s a chance the wounds would be torn open.”

“Thank you, auntie doctor.”

The doctor smiled calmly, picking up her medical box: “Alright, you take care of him properly, I’ll leave first.”

Seeing the doctor out, Xiao Wu’s expression finally relaxed somewhat.
Right now Tang San was already deep asleep.

Watching his still deathly pale face, bursts of heartache like daggers in her heart attacked Xiao Wu. She would prefer she was the one injured rather than seeing Tang San wounded like this!

Grandmaster waved his hand to the Shrek Academy group in the room, saying: “Alright, the rest of you all go rest. There’s still a match tomorrow. Let’s leave Xiao Wu to look after Tang San here.”

Everyone moved to quietly leave the room. As long as Tang San was alright, they were also at ease.

Inside the room, only Xiao Wu, Grandmaster and Tang San remained. Grandmaster looked at Tang San who lay on his stomach in the bed, deep asleep, and said with a slight smile: “Little San really did the right thing.”

Xiao Wu raised her head, puzzled looking at Grandmaster, “Grandmaster, are you still saying he did the right thing? He could clearly have let that Huo Wu take the attack.”

Grandmaster sighed, saying: “What little San did was for the sake of the Academy’s reputation, and also for your future. First of all, the five elemental academies are like siblings. If he had truly defeated seven of the Blazing Academy singlehandedly, then he would inevitably have roused the anger of the other three academies. And this hatred would also bear considerable fruit. Second, if he had really used Huo Wu’s body to block that attack, Huo Wu would definitely have died. Huo Wu is the genius of a generation to Blazing Academy, if she died, first let alone any powers behind her back, the reprisals from Blazing Academy alone would have deluged us in trouble. Tang San wanted to see that even less. You’re all students, there’s no deep hatred or great regret, therefore he chose this conclusion. I believe that when little San used his body to block the attack he had certainly already calculated his endurance and the opponent’s attack power.”

Grandmaster had always regarded Tang San as his own child. Seeing Tang San injured, how couldn’t he feel regretful?

But Grandmaster was always an intellectual, as soon as he knew Tang San wasn’t in any grave danger, his reason immediately took the fore, and simple analysis allowed him to confirm Tang San’s actions. Of course, this didn’t mean he didn’t care about Tang San’s injuries.

Xiao Wu sighed lightly, and didn’t say anything else. What she thought in her heart right now was that as long as Tang San was alright, nothing else mattered.

Just at this time, Dai Mubai’s ice cold voice suddenly resounded from outside, “What are you doing here? Get out.”

“We came to see Tang San, and to express out thanks.” The voice belonged to Huo Wushuang. Hearing this voice, Xiao Wu couldn’t help frowning.

Outside the barracks, not only had Huo Wushuang come, but the full seven people of Blazing Academy’s main force were here, including the still pale Huo Wu.

They had calmed down after the end of the match. Huo Wushuang couldn’t help a burst of lingering fear. He of course had also seen his little sister’s danger in the match, and if not for Tang San being lenient, he wouldn’t have a little sister.

Even though Blazing Academy had lost in disgrace, only winning one fight, not only didn’t Huo Wushuang hate Tang San, but was on the contrary extremely thankful. Compared to any achievements in the tournament, his little sister’s life was clearly much more important.

And Huo Wu’s position in Blazing Academy was as central as the moon amidst the stars, so the other team members felt about the same. After returning to the camp, Huo Wushuang had immediately proposed they go see Tang San.

Dai Mubai’s ice cold gaze swept across them, “No need for fake grief like cats weeping over dead mice. Tang San still isn’t dead.”

Huo Wushuang frowned, “Dai Mubai, don’t be excessive. I came to see Tang San. To express my gratitude to him for letting off my little sister. It wasn’t to see you. Get out of the way.”

By now, hearing the voices, apart from Tang San and Xiao Wu, the other four Shrek Seven Devils had also come over. Just like Dai Mubai, they didn’t have any favorable impression of the Blazing Academy that caused Tang San such injuries. The four of them plus the four substitutes, eight people stood in a line, blocking the Blazing Academy’s path.

“Get out of here immediately. Otherwise, don’t blame us for being impolite.” The double pupils in Dai Mubai’s evil eyes were converging, clearly he was already almost unable to suppress his anger.

Currently, the Blazing Academy seven main force members had just participated in the ranking competition, and they had all consumed their spirit power to some extent. If it really came to a fight they wouldn’t get off easy. Moreover, they originally came here to express their good will.

“I came to thank Tang San:” The moment Huo Wushuang was about to erupt, Huo Wu suddenly stepped out, her pale charming face without any trace of irritability, instead it had become very serene. Her beautiful eyes held even more pondering and calm depth, like a changed person.

“No need. My ge is already asleep. Leave. Don’t disturb his rest.” Xiao Wu stepped out of the room, staring icily at Huo Wu.

Even though Tang San’s injuries had been caused by him using his body to cover for her, the originator of all evil was still Huo Wu. Xiao Wu naturally wouldn’t have any good impression of this woman whose looks didn’t lose to her.

Huo Wu looked at Xiao Wu moving out of the barracks, nodded and said: “Then sorry for the disturbance. Once he’s a bit better, I’ll come express my gratitude again.”

Xiao Wu declined without the slightest hesitation: “No need. We’re opponents in the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament.” These words were equivalent to her pointing out that the two sides weren’t friends.

Blazing Academy’s people had just left when someone else came.

The arrival of Ning Fengzhi and Xue Qinghe was, on the surface, to represent the organizational committee to ask about Tang San’s injuries. But in fact, Tang San wasn’t the only person to be injured so far in the tournament, but only he had gotten this kind of attention.

After making certain Tang San wasn’t in any grave danger, the two exchanged a few words with Grandmaster, then left. The barracks also finally quieted down.

[1] (融环) “Melting/Blending/Merging/Harmony Ring”

[2] 半尺 = ⅙ m

Chapter 113

To the majority of the academies participating in the ranking competition, Tang San’s injuries were a good thing. Especially those teams that still hadn’t met Shrek Academy now had hope of a better record. However, starting from the second day, these academies discovered a changed Shrek Academy.

When the person on stage changed, apparently their strength also changed.

In the next three matches, Evil Eye White Tiger Dai Mubai relied on his violent burst attack method to settle at least four opponents each time. The second to appear was Zhu Zhuqing who ended the match. Even without Tang San, Shrek Academy still only brought out two people.

As the days passed, Tang San’s recovery speed was even faster than the doctor had anticipated. His injuries had already knitted and scabbed in just three days, and he could also casually move about. He completely recovered like a lively dragon or animated tiger. But when Tang San expressed his desire to participate in the rest of the ranking competition, he suffered the unanimous opposition of the whole Shrek Academy group.

Helplessly, Tang San could only turn from main force to observer. Today was already the sixth match. Shrek Academy had a complete victory record in the previous five fights.

Shrek Academy’s opponent today was Botanic Academy, also that academy that Tang San couldn’t see through. Facing this academy, the formation Grandmaster arranged was entirely different from the before. The first three to go up were unexpectedly Huang Yuan, Jing Ling, and Tai Long.

Not long after the start of this match, the people paying attention were gobsmacked. Because, in the previous three fights, Shrek Academy unexpectedly lost three times to one member of Botanic Academy. Botanic Academy only sent one team member who successively defeated Huang Yuan, Jing Ling and Tai Long.

And this Botanic Academy student’s spirit was a kind of vine. Its effect was somewhat similar to Tang San’s Blue Silver Grass, only much thicker. Reaching the forty first rank in spirit power, with control system capability, he completely restrained Tai Long’s trio. Even though he consumed a lot of spirit power, he still defeated three people consecutively. This could still be called the greatest defeat of Shrek Academy since the start of the tournament.

After the third person in succession, Tai Long, was firmly suppressed, the opponent said something that made the entire Shrek Academy team’s aura change.

Having successively defeated three people, that Botanic Academy team member apparently forgot himself out of pride. After defeating Tai Long he said: Shrek Academy isn’t worth much.

“Fuck, I can’t stand it. Watch me put them in their place.” Shrek Academy’s fourth person to go up, was precisely Ma Hongjun. Right now his chubby face was already swollen red, indignantly watching that rival Spirit Master in the center of the ring.

Just at this moment, a broad hand landed on Fatty’s shoulder, “Have you clearly seen the opponent’s attack method? Your goal is their complete obliteration. Save some spirit power if you can.”

Ma Hongjun turned his head to look, to discover that the speaker was Grandmaster. Spectating from the side, Tang San naturally understood. Grandmaster’s goal in le tting Tai Long’s trio go out first was in order to clearly see the opponent’s fighting style. And his goal in letting Ma Hongjun go fourth was only one, attribute counter. Just like Blazing Academy originally wanted to counter Tang San’s Blue Silver Grass.

When Ma Hongjun stepped up, that student who successively beat three Shrek Academy members almost laughed out loud.

Even though Ma Hongjun wasn’t as fat as he was two years ago, he was still spherical, and his fleshy face was especially swollen, looking quite cute. Even though he wasn’t the youngest Shrek Academy student by age, he was clearly the youngest by appearance. Even more, in the previous competitions, Ma Hongjun had never appeared.

Even the attention of the four elemental academies had never turned to Ma Hongjun. They would pay attention to Tang San, pay attention to Dai Mubai, Zhu Zhuqing, Xiao Wu, but never to a little Fatty.

Having won three times in succession, even though the Botanic Academy team member on stage had consumed a lot of spirit power, his confidence had already reached its peak, and he basically didn’t attach any importance to Ma Hongjun.

“Little fatso, you’d better step down. It wouldn’t be good if big brother injured you by some chance.” Even though his face was smiling, this Botanic Academy team member’s eyes clearly revealed contempt.

The Shrek Academy group had been together for a long time, and their characters had also been influenced by their comrades, Fatty being no exception. Blinking, he raised an innocent appearance, “But, teacher let me go up, if I go down like this, I’ll be punished when I return. It would be better if big brother beat me down. Just go a bit easy on me.”

“Fine, no problem. I won’t bully a child.”

His words still hadn’t fallen before this three successive victory Botanic Academy elite had already opened his eyes wide. Because, over Ma Hongjun, he clearly saw four rising spirit rings, two yellow and two purple, an optimal set.

He wasn’t the only one shocked. The four element academies outside the ring were equally gobsmacked. They really hadn’t expected that Shrek Academy still hid a team member like this. Strength over the fortieth rank, and the distortions in the air around him as and the changes in his hair and body undoubtedly also declared the power of his spirit.

Along with his spirit power increasing, after Ma Hongjun used his spirit now, the mohican hairstyle already turned completely red, and after eating the immortal treasure herb ‘Cockscomb Phoenix Sunflower’ that Tang San gave him, not only didn’t he have the threat of backlash from the Evil Fire, but his Phoenix power had also been purified. Even Grandmaster had said that among the Shrek Seven Devils, in burst power, Ma Hongjun was number one.

Basically without paying attention to his opponent’s shock, the instant his spirit released, Ma Hongjun acted. With an explosion and the flare of his second spirit ring, surging red purple flames soared up, immediately followed by a jet of Firewire, going straight for the opponent.

Even if the vines were compressed into a shield, with their attributes countered, let alone when Ma Hongjun’s opponent had already spent considerable spirit power on the previous three fights, even if he hadn’t, he still couldn’t have taken the Phoenix flame attack. Just like when they met Blazing Academy before, it ended without any suspense.

The red purple flames easily pierced the opponent’s defense, adhering to his body.

In shock, the Botanic Academy’s three successive victories student threw himself to the ground without the slightest hesitation, quickly starting to roll on the ground in order to put out the flames all over him. At the same time countless vines rushed out of his body, dashing at Ma Hongjun in attempt to block him from attacking further.

However, Ma Hongjun didn’t continue attacking like he had imagined, he only watched his opponent with a sneer, the red purple flames on his body becoming increasingly dense.

Ma Hongjun didn’t even seem to see the green vines dashing at him from the front, letting them attack. Unfortunately, these green vines were basically unable to pass the obstacle of his Bathing Fire Phoenix. The red purple flames were like a celestial city moat, and each green vine that approached would instantly turn to ash.

If this fortieth ranked plant type Spirit Master had had a total victory in spirit power, perhaps he could still have done something to threaten Ma Hongjun. But unfortunately, he had already consumed a lot of spirit power in the previous three fights. Confronting Ma Hongjun whose level wasn’t much different from his, who had full spirit power, and whose attributes countered his, how could he contend?

Not only couldn’t he stop Ma Hongjun, but that red purple flame on his body wasn’t extinguished by his rolling. The tyrannical adhering capability, corrosiveness, and blazing heat, brought this opponent pain that essentially couldn’t be described in words. By now this team member had already lost even the strength to speak up, the botanical spirit power within his body fighting the Phoenix flame’s corrosion with his life at stake, but how could that terrifying Phoenix flame be so easily resisted?

“We concede this fight.” The Botanic Academy’s coaching teacher yelled at the referee without hesitation.

Ma Hongjun raised his right hand towards the opponent, absorbing the red purple flame and dissolving the opponent’s crisis. To him, this was only an easy victory. Of course, these easy victories had only just begun.

The Botanic Academy had altogether three Spirit Master over fortieth rank, and besides this first student to go up, the remaining two were both last. Consequently, Ma Hongjun’s next four opponents were all thirty something ranked plant type Spirit Masters.

Despite all these plant spirit Spirit Masters being control system, unfortunately, Ma Hongjun’s restraint on their spirits was far too difficult to overcome, and there was basically no need for either side to fight hand to hand. As long as Ma Hongjun released his Bathing Fire Phoenix, he could basically guarantee that their spirit abilities would be completely ineffective against him.

No matter how powerful your spirit, when it was completely ineffective against the opponent, there was no meaning no matter how powerful the spirit ability.

From the first fight to the fifth, Ma Hongjun didn’t even move from where he stood. Protected by Bathing Fire Phoenix, with its simultaneous amplification to Phoenix Fire Wire, a flame jet would shoot out, sweep across, and if the opponent was hit, the fight would immediately end. To him, these battles were as easy as that.

One defeating three was originally already an enormous advantage. But in the blink of an eye, Botanic Academy had lost five times in reverse, and it was moreover a counter without the least suspense.

At last another fortieth ranked Spirit Master walked up. The colors of his spirit rings were separately yellow, yellow, yellow, purple. Their properties were clearly not equal to Ma Hongjun.

His spirit was Scarlet Flame Thistle, and he was also the only Spirit Master among Botanic Academy’s seven participating member with a fire attribute. Right now he was naturally also Botanic Academy’s last hope. If he also lost to Ma Hongjun, then there would be no need for the last fight.

When Botanic Academy’s coaching teacher saw the tyrannical strength of Ma Hongjun’s flame, he only gave the previous several students orders to use up as much of Ma Hongjun’s spirit power as possible. After all, among all the Shrek Academy students that had appeared before, there were no other Spirit Masters with the same kind of flame capability as Ma Hongjun. As long as this sixth Spirit Master could beat Ma Hongjun, they still had a

chance to prevail over Shrek Academy. Tang San had been seriously injured against Blazing Academy, unable to take the stage. Even though the other several Shrek Academy people were also very powerful, Botanic Academy’s plant system Spirit Master control also wasn’t weak.

Just as the fight started, Ma Hongjun’s opponent simultaneously brandished both hands, his third spirit ring lighting up in a flash, an ability launching.

Scarlet rays of light scattered all around him, and a wide expanse of two meter tall red thistles rose sharply from the ground, forming a forest of brambles and thorns that separated both sides. Like this, Ma Hongjun was unable to see his movements, and at the same time his Scarlet Flame Thistle also swiftly surrounded Ma Hongjun within, and still rapidly pressed in on Ma Hongjun. His target was to restrain Ma Hongjun within his thistles. As long as he succeeded, he could easily slaughter him later. He had a great deal of confidence in Scarlet Flame Thistle’s fire resistance. After all, this was a fire element plant spirit.

Would Ma Honjun truly let himself be controlled like that? He gave his answer very quickly.

Confronted with the swiftly approaching forest of thorns, Fatty was hardly even flustered. His third spirit ring lit up in a moment, and with a resounding phoenix cry, an enormous red purple shadow appeared behind him.

Watching this scene, not only did the faces of Botanic Academy’s spectating teachers and students change greatly, but even the referees in the stands were shocked. In the previous several fights, besides a small number of people, nobody had seen just what Ma Hongjun’s spirit actually was. Now that they saw the play of light and shadow behind him, everyone realized that this seemingly unremarkable little fatso actually possessed one of the highest grade spirits, Phoenix.

The moment the enormous red purple flame wings unfolded from Ma Hongjun’s back, not even that greatly fire resistant Scarlet Flame Thistle could escape its infernal fate. Even if they both had fire attributes, they

were still separated by relative levels. If Ma Hongjun’s flame was unable to restrain even this tiny fire element plant, then his Evil Fire Phoenix Spirit would also be unworthy of being called first rate.

Hong—— The Flame brought Ma Hongjun to dash into the air, the enormous purple flame wings unfurling behind him. In midair, he could naturally find his opponent’s silhouette as easy as anything, and he threw himself at the opponent without the slightest hesitation, using Phoenix Ascension.

Ground versus midair, how could he dodge? Whether in speed or flexibility, they just weren’t on the same level.

In the forest of brambles, the Scarlet Flame Thistle Spirit Master could only sense Ma Hongjun’s actions, but was unable to see. Until this moment. With Ma Hongjun already risen into the sky, he knew just how formidable his opponent was. Watching his opponent pounce, he could also only use his last resort.

His fourth spirit ring flared, purple light glittering, and the scarlet brambles covering the ground was enveloped in a faint purple light, appearing on the thorns of the thistles. The next moment, countless purple specks of light dashed towards the sky, gathering towards Ma Hongjun in midair.

Thistle Rain, fourth spirit ability. The sharp thorns infused with powerful fire element could attack a wide area, but could also be focused into one attack. If it hit, the fire toxin it contained would spread through the opponent’s body, causing enormous destruction.

Ma Hongjun truly endured this spirit ability attack. In midair, the opponent could no longer hide from him, but it was also very difficult for him to dodge. To say nothing of those sharp thorns coming from all directions.

Bathing Fire Phoenix and Phoenix Ascension immediately reached their highest peak, and when the thorns entered Ma Hongjun’s vicinity, they immediately turned to ash.

But. This was after all a thousand year spirit ring ability, and still the opponent’s fourth spirit ability. Even though Ma Hongjun suppressed his opponent in attributes, it wasn’t as serious as the previous several opponents. Consequently, even though he filtered out the sharp thorns and the fire toxin they carried, the impact force still hit him to some extent.

If it was only a few hits, or a few dozen hits, perhaps Fatty wouldn’t even feel it. But those were thorns numbering in the thousands and tens of thousands. It wasn’t actually painful, but it still caused a constant itch that was even harder to bear.

Ma Hongjun was already thoroughly enraged. Without holding back any more spirit power, unleashing the speed of Phoenix Ascension, he swooped down directly.

Hong, Ma Hongjun heavily struck the ground in front of the opponent, his fourth spirit ability launching.

Ma Hongjun’s fourth spirit ability, Phoenix Cry Heaven Strike, was originally a follow-up ability. Its greatest weakness was that it could be dodged, unable to lock in on the opponent. But ironically, this Botanic Academy Scarlet Flame Thistle Spirit Master had arranged a forest of brambles from the very start of the fight. His goal had of course been to restrain Ma Hongjun, but the one to be fettered right now was still him.

With a loud explosion, the shock of Phoenix Cry Heaven Strike burst out the instant Ma Hongjun hit the ground, distorting the air nearby and completely wrecking the bramble forest around him. Within that distortion, the Scarlet Flame Thistle Spirit Master sunk into a daze without any suspense.

“Fatty, go easy.” Outside the ring, Tang San, Dai Mubai and the others saw Ma Hongjun attack with Phoenix Cry Heaven Strike, and shouted hastily. Phoenix Cry Heaven Strike was split into two parts, the first part was the follow-up restraint, the second part was the terrifying Phoenix Magma Burst. If this second part was completed, the already completely deadlocked Scarlet Flame Thistle Spirit Master would undoubtedly die. As the spirit ability with the most formidable burst attack among the Shrek

Seven Devils, Phoenix Cry Heaven Strike would cause serious injuries against even a fiftieth or sixtieth ranked Spirit Master. Let alone a mere fortieth ranked opponent.

The Shrek Academy team’s anxiety was wasted. Even though Ma Hongjun’s entire body itched with the desire to vent his anger, having been together with his comrades for so long, he had still learned to control his temper. The instant the opponent was stunned, the Phoenix Ascension fire attribute attack power invaded his opponent’s body. At the same time, Fatty turned nimbly, driving a roundhouse kick into the opponent’s stomach.

The Scarlet Flame Thistle Spirit Master’s body flew in a graceful parabola through the air, falling directly outside the ring, caught by one of the teachers from Botanic Academy. Right now, even though he was still stunned, he hadn’t suffered any true injuries.

After the Botanic Academy teacher had swiftly inspected the Scarlet Flame Thistle Spirit Master’s physical condition, he immediately understood that the opponent had already started off leniently. With a deep inward sigh, he indicated to the referee that they renounced the last fight, conceding.

The Shrek Academy team cheered, rushing out into the ring as if greeting the return of a triumphant hero, tossing Fatty’s spherical body into the air.

Since the start of the ranking competition, it was the first time someone singlehandedly defeated seven. And it was moreover still done by a never before seen on stage member of Shrek Academy. This fact shocked all the participating Heaven Dou Empire academies.

With a faint flickering brilliance, Fatty’s expression was completely radiant. He hadn’t fought any outsiders for a very long time. Being able to beat all the opponents was admittedly related to his spirit countering the opponents, but it was also a result of Fatty’s arduous cultivation over these days. Even Fatty himself felt that his spirit power had advanced by leaps and bounds ever since eating the Cockscomb Phoenix Sunflower. In the whole team, his attack output had already become a necessity.

In overall strength, Fatty was already second only to Tang San and Dai Mubai among the Shrek Seven Devils, roughly a cut above Xiao Wu and Zhu Zhuqing.

“Fatty, well done!” Dai Mubai clapped Ma Hongjun’s shoulder.

Ma Hongjun smiled with immense pride: “But of course, how could the effort we brothers have expended over these days be a waste? Watch me in the later ranking competition. But to tell the truth, boss Dai, defeating seven people singlehandedly really is a pleasurable feeling, hahahaha!”

Grandmaster wore a smile on his face as he looked at Ma Hongjun, saying: “Don’t be too proud of yourself. Today’s victory was only because you restrained your opponents’ spirits too harshly, letting you beat seven in succession. Under any other circumstances it wouldn’t have been so simple. For instance, would you still have any faith in your chances against Skywater Academy’s Shui Bing-Er? Her Ice Phoenix and your Fire Phoenix mutually counter each other, you don’t have any advantage in attributes, but she’s clearly above you in spirit ability and spirit power control. Perhaps it wouldn’t even require mutual restraint, as long as you encountered a rather agile agility attack system Spirit Master, it would also be difficult to win. And even if you could win, you would also have consumed a tremendous amount of spirit power.”

“Eh……” Ma Hongjun scratched his head, the feeling of excitement immediately dropping a lot, he looked at Grandmaster without speaking.

Grandmaster smiled:

“As the most powerful attacker in the team, there’s no need to doubt your efficacy. But you must also understand that precisely because you possess such terrifying attack power, you will also be the easiest for the opponents to notice and the first to be destroyed. In a team, power attack system Spirit Masters and control system Spirit Masters are doubtless the most important, but they’re the first the opponents pay attention to. Consequently, not only must you display your attack power even better, but at the same time you must also protect yourself as far as possible. There will inevitably be comrades accompanying you at your side. For the

sake of your future, you’re the one who most of all has to learn single combat fighting, this is something power attack system Spirit Masters must possess. No arrogance in victory, no despair in defeat, keep a level heart.”

Combining fighting and teaching, this was no doubt the best method. Grandmaster’s words weren’t just for Ma Hongjun, but at the same time also for Dai Mubai and the other power attack system Spirit Masters to the side.

“Alright, we can leave.” Grandmaster waved his hand, bringing everyone towards the rest area.

Just at this moment, a fiery red figure suddenly appeared in everyone’s line of sight, blocking their path. This person appeared very abruptly, practically blocking in front of the Shrek Academy team in a split second.

Seeing this person, Grandmaster couldn’t help revealing a faint smile, his gaze turning to the basically already recovered Tang San next to him.

This fiery red silhouette was hardly unfamiliar, but precisely that just like a dazzling flame Blazing Academy vice captain, possessing the Fire Shadow Spirit, Huo Wu.

Staring fixedly at the having just now obtained six successive victories Shrek Academy team in front of her, Huo Wu clenched her teeth, hardly concealing her target, her burning hot gaze was focused on Tang San. But that gaze no longer seemed the have that kind of unaccepting anger and wildness as it did before. Her gaze seemed a lot more complex.

“Miss Huo Wu, what’s the matter?” The first to speak up was captain Dai Mubai.

Huo Wu’s gaze swept past Dai Mubai, nodded, and said to Tang San:
“Tang San, I want to talk to you.”

The other six Shrek Seven Devils and the four substitute members’ gazes all immediately focused on Tang San. But Tang San himself was somewhat startled, frowning, “Is there something that can’t be said here?”

Huo Wu shook her head, “I want to talk to you alone.”

Tang San felt a sudden pain at his waist, and when he turned his head to look, Xiao Wu was looking at him very resentfully, something indiscernible in her gaze. But Dai Mubai was still somewhat helpless. Among the Shrek Seven Devils, in appearance, Tang San could only rank a bit above Ma Hongjun. Whether it was Oscar’s practically inhuman handsomeness or Dai Mubai’s evil eyed charisma, clearly they were more attractive to girls than him.

Huo Wu was undoubtedly an extremely outstanding young woman, at nineteen she had long since blossomed into a slender and elegant woman, and her figure was even more extremely perfect from the unceasing training. Even if Dai Mubai who had innumerable women couldn’t help somewhat having some thoughts about her. If it wasn’t for Zhu Zhuqing, perhaps he would have launched his own wooing offensive.

But what Dai Mubai couldn’t understand was how from seemingly only having met in two battles, Huo Wu’s attention was always focused on the not externally particularly outstanding Tang San. Even though Tang San was very strong, he still made Dai Mubai somewhat doubt his own charisma. Later everyone learned that the reason why Huo Wu was so fixated on Tang San was most importantly because of the blow he dealt her that time. Huo Wu was an aggressively competitive minded extremely powerful girl. The more people followed her, the less attention she would pay to them, and the enormous blow Tang San had struck her the first time the two academies battled had produced a situation where Tang San was the only person on her mind.

Grandmaster glanced at Tang San, then again at Huo Wu: “Go, return directly afterward.”

Tang San walked towards Huo Wu, and Xiao Wu’s face revealed an anxious and peculiar expression. She was about to say something, but was

stopped by a glance from Grandmaster.

“Let’s go back.” Under Grandmaster’s lead, the rest of the Shrek Academy people returned to their camp.

Not having gone far, Xiao Wu couldn’t help asking: “Grandmaster, why did you let little San meet alone with that Huo Wu? Hasn’t she caused enough harm to little San?”

Grandmaster looked at Xiao Wu with some meaning deep in his eyes, and said: “She’s no threat to little San, that’s the first point. Second, child, remember, a man’s heart can’t be forced. Once yours, it’s yours forever. Trust, is the foundation for mutual feelings. Tang San is an extremely affectionate person, having been together for seven or eight years, haven’t you seen it? In his heart, nobody could take your place.”

Changing the direction of the topic, Grandmaster’s gaze floated over to Ning Rongrong and Zhu Zhuqing, “Of course, people and people are different. Regarding men of different nature, you must use methods of different nature. The key is to first grasp their nature. You’re growing up day by day, and feelings will be in a state of confusion. I hope that you won’t let questions of emotions affect your future. I hope that all of you can reveal your talent to the greatest degree.”


Huo Wu looked at the calm faced, snot green uniformed Tang San, and the expression in her eyes changed somewhat, “Come with me.” Finished speaking, she turned and walked towards the rest area.

Even though Huo Wu coming to find him was somewhat baffling to Tang San, he still followed Huo Wu into the rest area.

Huo Wu walked directly for a secluded corner in the rest area and stopped. Right now, the ranking competition was still continuing outside, and the students were all looking at the fight. This so-called rest area was actually a specially allocated camp, used to get in order before the competition. Right now there was nobody here.

Halting, Huo Wu turned her head to look at Tang San, the expression on her face clearly becoming a lot gentler, “How are your injuries?”

Tang San nodded silently, “Basically already recovered.” Even he himself was astonished by his body’s recovery ability. Let alone his skin and muscle, even some minute cracks that had formed in Eight Spider Lances due to the explosion had already completely healed. Were it not for Grandmaster repeatedly stressing that he wasn’t allowed to fight again, there would have been no problem for Tang San to participate in the ranking competition.

Huo Wu seemed to loose a breath, “That’s good.”

Tang San was somewhat unable to make any sense of her, “You calling me here, was it in order to ask this?”

Huo Wu glanced at Tang San, and couldn’t help feeling a bit discouraged. From childhood, even though she’s always pursued formidable strength, always trained arduously, she had still equally had confidence in her own appearance. She had still never met a boy who would seem impatient in front of her, but unexpectedly Tang San was doing just that right now.

“Are you really unwilling to talk to me?” Huo  Wu’s familiar fiery temper seemed to start to ignite again.

Tang San shook his head, “That’s not it. I just don’t understand what there is to talk about between us, after all, we’re rivals in the competition.”

“How are you so slow-witted? Are you a normal human?” Huo Wu had never paid attention to anything called subtlety, and directly spoke her thoughts.

Tang San frowned, “If you want to say it like that, then there’s nothing for you to speak of. Capable of participating the ranking competition, it seems there aren’t many normal people. Even more, our Shrek Academy has always been famous for producing freaks.”

“You……” Huo Wu was choked speechless. Rethinking it, what Tang San said wasn’t wrong, he really wasn’t a normal person. How could normal people possess that kind of strength, and even more a ten thousand year level fourth spirit ring.

Tang San looked at the seemingly about to flip out again Huo Wu and calmly said: “If there’s nothing else, I’ll return first.”

“Wait a moment.” Seeing Tang San was about to leave, Huo Wu hurriedly called out for him, “Did I ask you to be that impatient? You can leave, but let me ask you a question first.”

Looking at Huo Wu blocking in front of him, Tang San said: “Ask.”

Burning eyes staring fixedly at Tang San’s eyes, Huo Wu asked in a low voice: “That day, why did you save me? Why did you use your own body to block the attack? That was the attack I launched at you.”

Tang San looked with astonishment at Huo Wu, “This is your question?
The reason you asked me to come?”

Huo Wu nodded, “More or less.”

Tang San somewhat helplessly said: “You’re indeed my opponent, but you aren’t my enemy. Launching that attack was only so that you could win. There’s no deep hatred or great regret between us, and you’re even more a woman. What use would your death be to me? It would even deepen the conflict between our academies. With me to take that attack, death certainly wouldn’t have been the outcome, saving you was very normal.”

“Just that?” Huo Wu looked stupidly at Tang San. She discovered that Tang San’s reply was a bit different from what she had imagined.

After Tang San had been hurt saving her that day, Huo Wu had thought of a lot of things. First of all she had thought that Tang San liked her. There were a lot of people who pursued her openly like Feng Xiaotian, but there were even more who were secretly in love with her. Being accustomed to

thinking like that, this was the first thing Huo Wu thought of. Her coming to find Tang San today was because she wanted to hear what Tang San had to say. It seemed to her that Tang San wasn’t a person of sweet speech and honeyed words, and would inevitably reveal what he thought of her.

But who could have thought that Tang San would describe it in terms of beneficial concerns, apparently without a thought to his behaviour that day.

Seeing Huo Wu’s lifeless appearance, Tang San decided not to stay here. Right now, his mind was filled with Xiao Wu’s peculiar expression as she left. He was even more fearful of what Xiao Wu would think. Therefore, taking advantage of Huo Wu’s moment of lifelessness, he turned to leave.

“Tang San.” Huo Wu suddenly roused herself, and hastily chased after.

Tang San heard her voice, and subconsciously turned around. But who could have expected that Huo Wu would move so suddenly, and the two almost collided.

In order to protect herself, Huo Wu subconsciously used her hands to support herself against Tang San’s chest, and Tang San also in order not to be hit grabbed Huo Wu’s shoulders. The distance between them immediately shortened to where they could hear each other breathe.

Chapter 114

“Careful.” Tang San warned Huo Wu.

Huo Wu bit her lip. Suddenly, she made an extremely shocking motion. Both arms twisting around Tang San’s neck, her red lips moving towards Tang San’s lips.

Tang San leapt with fright, but his neck was held by Huo Wu and he was unable to escape. Stunned, he could only turn his head to the side, and Huo Wu’s kiss didn’t meet his lips, but her soft and burning lips fell on Tang San’s cheek.

Their bodies separated as if by electric shock, and Tang San somewhat shocked said: “What are you doing?”

Huo Wu’s breathing clearly became hurried, and her plump chest constantly heaved along with her breath. Using a voice only the two of them could hear she said to Tang San: “No matter what you say, you saved my life that day. You can’t undo that. I will never owe anyone anything. This was my first kiss. From now on, neither of us owes the other anything.”

Finished speaking, Huo Wu turned and ran, gone in the blink of an eye.

Touching the place he had just been kissed, Tang San didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. But Huo Wu’s straightforward nature had instilled him zero favorable impression. He laughed helplessly, one life for one kiss,

it seemed a bit uneven! He hoped she wouldn’t come look for him again later.

While thinking, Tang San decided to immediately find somewhere to wash his face, he couldn’t by any means leave behind any marks.

Tang San had also left. In a corner of the resting area, another shadow walked out.

With a face so gloomy it seemed water could drip out, Feng Xiaotian looked in the direction Tang San had left. Both his fists tightened, the bones in his arms issuing a series of creaks.

He hadn’t liked Huo Wu for just a day or two, and ordinarily he would naturally also keep his attention on her, and he had noticed when Huo Wu came to find Tang San just now. Seeing the two come to the rest area alone, part curious and part jealous, he followed them quietly. But he knew that Tang San and Huo Wu were both about as strong as him, and in order not to be discovered he could only watch from a distance.

He hadn’t heard Tang San and Huo Wu’s discussion clearly, but their sudden ‘embrace’, and the sight of Huo Wu kissing Tang San, he saw only too clearly. He had chased Huo Wu for so many years, but he had never even touched her, let alone been this affectionate. The goddess of his heart so profaned, at this moment, a tide of jealousy constantly beat at Feng Xiaotian’s heart like ocean waves.


Tang San returned to camp without talking to anyone, everyone else had apparently already returned to camp to rest. He felt his cheek subconsciously. Even though he had already washed, there was still some awkwardness in his heart, feeling guilty like a thief.

Just as he prepared to quietly return to his room, Xiao Wu’s voice came from the side, “Ge, you’re back.”

“Ah? I’m back.” Seeing Xiao Wu charmingly walk out of the barracks to the side, that trace of awkwardness in Tang San’s heart immediately grew somewhat.

Xiao Wu stepped over in front of Tang San with a few steps, somewhat doubtfully saying: “Ge. Are you alright? What are you nervous for?”

Tang San really couldn’t stand it, this kind of guilty feeling was extremely painful to him. Smiling wryly he said: “Fine, I’ll be honest. Otherwise I’ll be choked to death by this feeling. It’s like this……”

Immediately, he feeble-mindedly spoke of what Huo Wu said to him before, as well as without reservations describing Huo Wu kissing him.

As Xiao Wu listened to his description, her big eyes opened even wider, especially hearing Huo Wu trade her first kiss for her life made her even more unable to conceal her astonishment.

“Like that. En, saying it is a load off my mind.” Having said everything, Tang San’s expression immediately returned to normal. Seeing Xiao Wu’s astonished expression, he probingly asked: “Xiao Wu, are you alright?”

Xiao Wu’s expression gradually returned to normal, suddenly saying:
“This Huo Wu, too spoiled.”

“Ah?” Tang San looked at her without understanding.

A giggle escaped from Xiao Wu, and she said: “Her life is only worth a first kiss? And she still has to devote her life to it. Ge, you really are foolish. It’s no wonder others would say you’re slow-witted.”

Xiao Wu really wanted to laugh. Not at Huo Wu, but rather at Tang San nervously recounting his previous chat with Huo Wu without holding anything back. If Tang San’s intelligence in battle counted as one hundred, then his intelligence in emotional matters was infinitely close to zero.

Looking at Tang San’s head-scratching appearance, Xiao Wu suddenly leapt up, both her legs twisting around Tang San’s waist, her arms winding

tightly around his neck.

“Xiao Wu, what are you doing?” Feeling the soft jade warm fragrance enter his embrace, especially the warm flexible pert butt sticking to his stomach, Tang San’s pulse immediately sped up.

Xiao Wu cupped Tang San’s face with a hand, suddenly looking seriously at Tang San, “Ge, look at me.”

“What?” Tang San stared fixedly into Xiao Wu’s eyes.

Suddenly, Xiao Wu kissed Tang San on the lips with a speed that surpassed lightning.

If Huo Wu’s previous kiss only startled Tang San, then Xiao Wu’s current kiss instantly washed everything out of his mind. At this moment, every train of thought Tang San had instantly returned to nothing. That moist, soft and warm sensation seemed to make his very soul tremble.

Leaping off Tang San, Xiao Wu’s low giggle made Tang San gradually return to his senses, hearing Xiao Wu’s soft whisper next to his ear.

“Ge, this is my first kiss. It’s also your first kiss. Hee hee, I snatched it first. It’ll save later concern by other people.”

Once Tang San had truly returned to himself, Xiao Wu was already gone.

Returning to his room with a somewhat numb feeling, Dai Mubai, Oscar and ma Hongjun immediately gathered. The male students were split over two rooms, and the four of them from the Shrek Seven Devils were naturally together, the other room held Tai Long, Huang Yuan and Jing Ling.

“Little San, what are you smirking about?” Dai Mubai asked. Tang San felt his face, “I, I’m smiling?”
A giggle escaped from Oscar, “Little San, you’re done. It seems you’ve completely become Xiao Wu’s captive. Ai, if you later say you’re not hen-

pecked, I won’t believe it.”

“I…..” Tang San looked at the teasing appearances of his three brothers in front of him, and suddenly snorted righteously and confidently, “What about being hen-pecked? I’m very proud.”

Finished speaking, under the trio’s dumbstruck gazes, he directly leapt onto his bed, sitting crosslegged to cultivate.

Even Xiao Wu herself hadn’t expected that this simple kiss would cut open the last restraints on Tang San’s heart. The relationship between the two also finally began to promote from siblings. Because Tang San suddenly discovered, after Huo Wu kissed his face, his first thought was to wash, why was this? When Xiao Wu also kissed him he understood it clearly, it was because of Xiao Wu. Because he was afraid Xiao Wu would misunderstand. And that kiss from Xiao Wu also seemed to open a window in Tang San’s heart, through which a wisp of tender feelings completely poured inside.

The later few days was a triumphant progress for Shrek Academy, consecutively defeating four opponents, including the other team Tang San had paid attention to. Relying on the strength of Dai Mubai, Zhu Zhuqing, Xiao Wu and Ma Hongjun, in the next five matches, at most only three people appeared on stage from Shrek Academy. Dai Mubai also accomplished the feat of defeating seven by himself. So far, in the fourteen matches total, Shrek Academy had already obtained eleven successive victories. These eleven fights also included the Skywater Academy that had caused them so much trouble in the qualifiers.

In their victory against Skywater Academy, Ma Hongjun once again revealed his outstanding talent, consecutively defeating Shui Bing-Er and Xue Wu. Even though it was only two consecutive wins, he had defeated the two most crucial members. Without the advantage of the spirit fusion ability, Skywater Academy’s third member was utterly smashed in front of Dai Mubai. The Shrek Seven Devils amply revealed the power of their individual strength.

Eleven consecutive victories presently put them in first place in the Heaven Dou Empire ranking competition. However, this didn’t mean Shrek Academy would be number one in the end. Because, in in the last three rounds of the competition, they would face their most difficult test so far in the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament. In the space of three days, they would face two formidable opponents. The Godwind Academy and Thunderclap Academy they didn’t meet in the qualifiers.

“Teacher, let me go up today.” Tang San looked somewhat anxiously at Grandmaster.

Their opponent today was Thunderclap Academy. So far in the competition, Thunderclap Academy had only lost one round, and that was when facing Godwind Academy. Their overall strength was a cut above Blazing Academy, and would clearly defeat Blazing Academy in circumstances where both sides attributes didn’t counter each other. And the conductivity of Skywater Academy’s water attribute spirit power made their confrontation with Thunderclap Academy completely without suspense. The destructive power of thunder and lightning was in some aspects even greater than flame, and Botanic Academy had also lost without any suspense. Thunderclap Academy’s only loss was when facing Godwind Academy.

Grandmaster looked at Tang San, saying indifferently: “Little San, let me ask you one question. If you were to go up, how many opponents could you defeat?”

Tang San stared blankly a moment, he naturally wouldn’t dare boast in front of Grandmaster, and after hesitating a moment said: “At least one. I don’t dare say more.”

Grandmaster said indifferently: “That’s right. Even if your Blue Silver Grass has ice and fire immunity, it’s unable to resist lightning. Your control power is restrained to a degree when facing lightning spirits. Because your Blue Silver Grass is unable to be completely nonconductive.

I think you should have discovered this problem originally when you confronted my nephew. If you lost today, if you were injured, then whether your mental condition or strength, they would both be weakened. If our luck is bad tomorrow, and we continue to draw Godwind Academy, do you think we could still continue to accomplish successive victories?”

Light flashed in Tang San’s eyes, “Teacher, you mean to have me deal with Godwind Academy.”

Grandmaster nodded, saying: “With your strength, going all out and prevailing over Thunderclap Academy wouldn’t be difficult. The key is that there is a fifty percent chance of meeting Godwind Academy in our next match. I’ve carefully observed Godwind Academy’s strength, among the five elemental academies, they are doubtless the most powerful team. In order to deal with them, you will need your full strength. For today’s match against Thunderclap Academy, trust in your comrades. I will now declare the order of appearance. The first person to go up is, Tai Long, after followed by Jing Ling, Huang Yuan, Xiao Wu, Dai Mubai, Zhu Zhuqing, Ma Hongjun. Any questions?”

“None.” Everyone agreed loudly.

“Brothers, work hard.” Tang San held out his closed fist.

Dai Mubai met his gaze, an intangible overbearing air spreading from him, “Don’t worry, little San. Leave this match to us. As for Godwind Academy, we’ll look to you.”

“Fine.” Raising his hand, Tang San and Dai Mubai’s bumped fists, then again held them together. The others also put up their hands one after another, everyone roaring thrice. This moment, the whole eleven Shrek Academy participating students hearts’ completely came together, they, were truly one.

The match started very quickly. Tang San calmly sat in the audience. Trusting his team, that was his only choice. Renouncing two rounds in the qualifiers had meant Shrek Academy couldn’t take the number one seat, to Tang San this was a matter for regret. Even though the ranking competition

was the least important round in the tournament, Tang San had long ago resolved not to lose again.

Thunderclap Academy was very powerful, there was no need to doubt the attack power of any thunder attribute Spirit Master, especially in explosiveness. They were brimming with a ruthless aura.

Thunderclap Academy had altogether four Spirit Masters surpassing the fortieth rank, in this respect they were the same as Godwind Academy. Even though Blazing Academy had finally caught up in this respect, that was after all not the same as the contestants of these two great academies that had surpassed the fortieth rank long ago.

Thunderclap Academy clearly also regarded this match as very important, the four fortieth ranked Spirit Masters were all concentrated at the rear of their lineup. They would prefer to give up morale in order to first clearly see Shrek Academy’s battle order.

In the first match, beyond expectations, the pure strength Tai Long defeated his opponent. What he relied on wasn’t his terrifying power to attack, but rather his ability to take a beating.

Pure strength Spirit Masters didn’t just have formidable attack, but their frightening strength also made their physical defense extremely abnormal. Tai Long just relied on the mentality of an immortal cockroach to rigidly withstand round after round of attacks from his opponent, obtaining ultimate victory by exhausting his opponent’s spirit power.

Before confronting Thunderclap Academy, Grandmaster had for the first time given his students some directions in tactics. The advice he gave Tai Long was only one simple word: Stall. Stall until the opponent’s spirit power is practically exhausted.

Having researched spirits for so many years, even though Grandmaster didn’t dare say he could identify every spirit in the world, his understanding of the merits and drawbacks of all kinds of spirits was really only too clear.

The greatest characteristic of thunder attribute spirits was terrifying attack power. Their burst strength was incomparable. But everything was balanced. Under the appearance of valiant attack power, thunder attribute spirits also hid its weakness.

There was no need to doubt the formidably explosive attack power, but equally, when it erupted, the spirit power it consumed was also more than other attribute spirits. Even though Tai Long didn’t attack his opponent, that didn’t mean he couldn’t dodge. And in order to defeat him, his opponent had to practically bring out one combat spirit ability after another. Even though attacks poured down on Tai Long like a torrent, that definitely wasn’t the full story. Just like this, as the opponent several blasted Tai Long to the ground several times, so that even his hair stood upright, and his clothes were damaged, when he believed he could defeat Tai Long, he was shocked to discover that he no longer had enough spirit power.

In the team, Tai Long was an absolute meat shield, and under Grandmaster guidance, his defensive strength had advanced one step further over the past days. The outward sorry appearance and true victory made his stiff face reveal a heartfelt smile. After all, the opponent he defeated was from Thunderclap Academy!

Tai Long’s ‘pleasant surprise’ for the Thunderclap Academy still hadn’t ended. In the second fight, with spirit power and spirit abilities completely focused on defense, he once again equally exhausted his opponent to death.

Even though thunder and lightning had powerful attack, it still fell short of that kind of focused piercing ability of the wind element. Until the third opponent, when Tai Long was finally unable to endure because of exhausted spirit power, he still exhausted a substantial part of the opponent’s spirit power before conceding.

The second person to go up, Jing Ling, provided his opponent even more of a headache. His spirit wasn’t considered too brilliant, but as an agility attack system Spirit Master, there was no need to doubt Jing Ling’s speed. His opponent was a power attack system Spirit Master. Grandmaster only gave him one word of advice: Dodge.

Even the most formidable spirit ability must still hit its target to have an effect. Jing Ling was clearly faster than his opponent, and no matter how fast thunder was, there were still signs before it was used. Jing Ling relied on his keen sense of judgement to several times one after another dodge the opponent’s attacks, forcing the opponent to use large scale attack spirit abilities to deal with him. However, when he prepared to use large scale attacks, just like the his two comrades before him, he discovered his spirit power was already in critical condition. He had still consumed too much when he defeated Tai Long.

Just like this, Jing Ling only used one spirit ability to defeat his opponent. Drawing out Thunderclap Academy’s final four.

There was a fundamental difference between Spirit Elders and Spirit Ancestors, and even though Jing Ling used the same tactics, Thunderclap Academy’s coaching teacher had clearly seen through his goal. The fourth student to go on stage basically didn’t give him a chance, and blasted Jing Ling out of the ring with two consecutive large scale attack spirit abilities.

A one-off consumption of spirit power was always better than mutually grinding each other down. Thunderclap Academy’s teacher immediately revealed the characteristic of fifteen tons of thunder.

The third to go up from Shrek Academy was Huang Yuan. He had neither Tai Long’s defensive strength or Jing Ling’s speed. But possessing the Lone Wolf Spirit, he won out in balance. With balanced attack and defense, even though he ultimately also lost to the tyrannical attacks of the opponents’ fourth Spirit Master, he also successfully wasted the vast majority of the opponent’s spirit power.

The Shrek Seven Devils finally took their turn. The fourth to go up from Shrek Academy was Xiao Wu.

Even though Xiao Wu still hadn’t reached the fortieth rank, her spirit power was still at the thirty ninth rank, and her opponent’s spirit power was already mostly used up and couldn’t use any formidable spirit abilities. Xiao Wu dodged a few times and attacked once, defeating him and drawing out the next.

Thunder Academy, fifth student to go up.

Lei Tian[1], forty second ranked power attack system Battle Spirit Master. Spirit: Thunder Hawk[2].

There were long since no longer any secrets between the two sides. Thunderclap Academy hadn’t been observing Shrek Academy for just one or two days. But even they hadn’t expected that they would continuously be at a disadvantage in the previous fights today, and the opponents only sent up a few thirty something ranked Spirit Elders.

Grandmaster’s arrangement of the battle order might appear very casual, but it perfectly countered the opponents, exploiting their characteristic advantages. If it wasn’t for Tang San’s name not appearing in the Shrek Academy’s list for the day, perhaps there would already have been issues with morale for Thunderclap Academy.

The students both sides had revealed so far weren’t their strongest members, but Dai Mubai and Ma Hongjun had both single-handedly defeated seven opponents in the previous matches. There was no need to doubt their strength. At least before the turn of Thunderclap Academy’s vice captain they didn’t have a chance of victory. Therefore, whoever gained an advantage in the previous exhausting competitions, would also take the initiative between the two sides.

Right now, even though Xiao Wu was somewhat spent, she was only the fourth person to appear. And her opponent was already the fifth. The advantage clearly already lay on Shrek Academy’s side.

Lei Tian coldly gazed at Xiao Wu. To him right now, Xiao Wu wasn’t a beautiful woman, but an opponent. Outsiders didn’t know Shrek Academy’s internal ranking. After the matches so far, some people who studied Shrek Academy knew that Shrek Academy’s three most dangerous people were Tang San, Dai Mubai, and Ma Hongjun. Even though Xiao Wu had also obtained a lot of victories before, with only three spirit rings, the attention she drew was naturally a bit less. The name Shrek Seven Devils was only something they used among themselves. Consequently, it seemed to Lei

Tian that Xiao Wu wasn’t any different from the previous several members who had appeared, and was only here to use up his strength.

The match reaching this stage was already its key moment. Lei Tian knew that he couldn’t be allowed to lose this fight, and he moreover had to defeat Xiao Wu while conserving as much spirit power as possible. He didn’t have any certainty in confronting Dai Mubai in the next fight, but he still had to consume as much of Dai Mubai’s strength as possible in order to prepare for the final fight.

Blitzkrieg, this was the Thunderclap Academy coaching teacher’s instructions for Lei Tian.

Lei Tian immediately released his spirit, and along with a thunderclap, a pair of distorted lightning wings abruptly unfurled. His third spirit ring glittered with purple radiance, his body soaring up.

The advantage for flying type Spirit Masters was unquestionable, it put the wielder in an especially invincible position against opponents without ranged attack capability. But Lei Tian now flying into the sky wasn’t in order to avoid any attack Xiao Wu could launch against him, but rather to strengthen his own attack.

Xiao Wu stood there gracefully, her beautiful eyes following the opponent’s movements, but without moving herself.

Soaring in the air, Lei Tian spread his arms, his fourth spirit ring flaring after his third, the two purple spirit rings resonating with each other. Even to the extent that people could sense the lightning attribute elements in the air condense with frantic rhythm.

In order to quickly defeat Xiao Wu, he had pulled out his most powerful attack method.

Xiao Wu’s eyes squinted slightly, but she still only waited quietly, right hand pulling her scorpion braid out in front, that kind of next door

neighbour little sister feeling provoking tender feelings.

With the two rings of light flashing simultaneously, blue purple serpents of lightning began to rapidly surge around Lei Tian, a deep blue silhouette appearing behind his back, precisely the avatar of his spirit, Thunder Hawk.

Serpent after serpent of lightning condensed on that goshawk avatar, and centered on Lei Tian’s body, formed a blue purple enormous five meter diameter sphere of blue purple light in the air. Under the pull of thunder and lightning, the entire sky seemed to darken. The more and more condensed lightning seemed as if it would erupt at any time, and Lei Tian’s eyes had now also turned blue.

The enormous pressure made the lapels of Xiao Wu’s clothes flap without wind, but she still didn’t move. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to interrupt her opponent, but rather that she was unable to.

Xiao Wu was a close combat type Spirit Master. Even though her leaping ability was powerful, and she also had Teleport to increase her altitude, Thunderclap Academy had clearly long since analyzed her characteristics, and Lei Tian’s current altitude was precisely beyond what Xiao Wu could reach. No matter what Xiao Wu did, it was impossible to reach her opponent in the air.

There was still another reason why Xiao Wu didn’t try it. If she was in the air, the chance to dodge would become even smaller. When hit by the opponent’s full attack power, how could she resist?

The Thunder Hawk grew. Lei Tian had once very earnestly listened to his teacher describe Xiao Wu’s capability. The reason he could calmly aggregate his thunder and lightning force like this, was because Xiao Wu didn’t have any way to attack him.

In a moment, that enormous Thunder Hawk had already grown to five meters. Lei Tian’s body quietly merged into that tremendous energy, and that spirit Thunder Hawk’s eyes brightened. Those were Lei Tian’s eyes, and his aura immediately locked in on Xiao Wu, the enormous Thunder

Hawk dropping from the sky. With incomparable imposing manner and pressure, the attack range included the distance Xiao Wu could teleport.

Just the moment Lei Tian turned his head downwards, Xiao Wu finally moved. She directly used her third spirit ability, Teleport.

Her figure flashing, Xiao Wu was already five meters away. But her opponent had already locked in on her, and under the pull of the Thunder Hawk’s energy, it automatically slightly changed direction in midair, still dashing towards Xiao Wu. But at this moment, Xiao Wu’s eyes flashed.

Second spirit ability, Demon Confusion, launched.

Rays of pink light shot out of Xiao Wu’s eyes. The instant they came into contact with the Thunder Hawk’s eyes, that enormous energy stalled somewhat in midair. And at this moment, Xiao Wu’s legs bent, and with a whooshing sound, leapt up.

This seized the initiative. The opponent naturally already knew about Xiao Wu’s three spirit abilities. From the start of the match, Lei Tian had all along avoided looking Xiao Wu in the eyes. But even if he knew, so what? When Xiao Wu used Teleport, the Thunder Hawk changed direction, pulled by the aura. The Thunder Hawk’s eyes were also Lei Tian’s eyes, and when the Thunder Hawk changed direction, Lei Tian naturally subconsciously turned to look at Xiao Wu. And naturally he looked at Xiao Wu’s pink eyes.

Who could have thought that Xiao Wu’s goal in using her third spirit ability was actually only to let her use her second spirit ability. Her Teleport was only to make the opponent look at her.

But with this use, and forcibly using Demon Confusion to break the opponent’s lock on her, her long legs directly shot Xiao Wu more than ten meters away, temporarily outside the Thunder Hawk’s attack range.

Lei Tian was only stunned for a moment. After all, right now under the full use of his spirit power and two major spirit abilities simultaneously, his mental strength was naturally condensed to the most stable degree it could

reach. After discovering his mistake, he hastily controlled himself to change direction, locking down on Xiao Wu once again.

But, Lei Tian very quickly discovered that he was already unable to do so.

Indeed, Xiao Wu’s spirit power was certainly lower than his, and she also had one less spirit ring, and she was further on the ground. But right now, whenever Lei Tian wanted to lock down Xiao Wu, he would immediately be interrupted by Xiao Wu’s teleport. At the same time, after Xiao Wu teleported, she would immediately swiftly leap to the side. Teleport followed by leap could escape his attack range in a flash, forcing Lei Tian to change direction, and once again aim at Xiao Wu.

When Xiao Wu leapt she would deliberately use Waist Bow, her body practically never pausing, constantly making large changes in her direction, the direction of her leaps always taking her into the Thunder Hawk’s blind spot.

Like this, Xiao Wu only needed to use Teleport to shift out of her opponent’s aim when she was unable to dodge, leaving the Thunder Hawk unable to take advantage of its attack power.

The advice Grandmaster gave Xiao Wu completely revolved around dodging. Even to the extent that when he gave his advice, Grandmaster had already anticipated that Xiao Wu would encounter this Lei Tian.

Even though Teleport consumed a lot of spirit power, this was after all a third spirit ability, and to Xiao Wu who was already thirty ninth rank, it wasn’t a consumption she couldn’t endure. Teleport didn’t have any attack power, and in terms of third spirit abilities, its spirit power consumption was quite small.

But Lei Tian was different. He had successively used his two most powerful spirit abilities, and even though that enormous Thunder Hawk seemed dazzling, at the same time it continuously consumed his spirit power reserves and concentration. Just each time he had to change direction consumed a considerable amount of spirit power to control. Under this

lengthy expenditure, the original advantage of air superiority turned into a disadvantage because of the spirit power consumption.

Grandmaster had long since estimated what the opponents would do, that they would let their members on stage use their most tyrannical attacks to defeat their opponents. The strategy he had drawn up for Xiao Wu, basically didn’t include any offense.

If Lei Tian had only remained on the ground and relied on his four spirit abilities and advantage in spirit power to conduct a normal fight with Xiao Wu, Xiao Wu would inevitably be defeated. After all, the long distance thunder attacks in themselves countered Xiao Wu’s capabilities, especially when she was already somewhat spent from before.

But just as Grandmaster had guessed, Lei Tian wanted to defeat Xiao Wu in one move, and so let Xiao Wu train the battle method she was most proud of to its greatest degree. In fact, when Xiao Wu had trained for this, her target had been Ma Hongjun, using Phoenix Ascension and at any time prepared to strike her with Phoenix Cry Heaven Strike.

When the match reached this moment, it was already completely without suspense.

In the end Lei Tian couldn’t endure Xiao Wu exhausting his spirit power. He was pulled down by his two great spirit abilities and, unable to control his emblematic Thunder Hawk bombardment, he only left a big hole in the center of the ring. Without need for Xiao Wu to attack even once, the worn Lei Tian lost the ability to continue the fight. So she obtained victory in this match.

At this stage of the match, the Thunderclap Academy members’ faces were so heavy it looked like water might come dripping out. Shrek Academy had already revealed four people, and Xiao Wu was clearly also like an arrow at the end of its flight, but their fortieth ranked Spirit Masters still hadn’t fought, and they’d already defeated five people. Even though Tang San wasn’t on their list of names, Thunderclap Academy still knew that winning this match would be very, very difficult.

In the judges’ seats, the whole way through this fight emperor Xue Ye’s eyes were brightening again and again, “Good, well done Shrek Academy. I hadn’t expected that when they faced Thunderclap Academy, they could still win this easily. So much that there isn’t even a need for Tang San to appear.”

Ning Fengzhi smiled calmly, saying: “Your Majesty, I don’t know whether you can see how Shrek Academy is able to gain successive victories in this competition?”

“Of course it’s strength. These children are apparently even stronger than when in the qualifiers. They’re admittedly very powerful as a team, but I think they’re even stronger individually. That fortieth ranked little fatty didn’t even come out in the qualifiers. It’s no wonder school master Ning would be optimistic about them.”

Ning Fengzhi shook his head with a smile, saying: “Your Majesty, you’ve only seen half. In my careful observations, in this match today, Shrek Academy has clearly changed. What you said is right. Their strength has apparently advanced, this should be the effect of constant battle and the advancement of their cultivation. But even like this, they still shouldn’t be able to hold such an enormous advantage as this. Just by sending out some people who aren’t part of their main strength, they’ve already prevailed over five Thunderclap Academy students, and still two fortieth ranked Spirit Masters among them. This isn’t as simple as only strength. In terms of strength, it would be impossible for Shrek Academy to accomplish this.”

[1] (雷天) “Thunder Heaven”

[2] (雷鹰)

Chapter 115

“Eh?” Emperor Xue Ye looked at Ning Fengzhi with some astonishment,
“School master Ning, I don’t quite get your meaning.”

“School master Ning refers to tactics.” Platinum bishop Salas to the side spoke up: “Indeed, Shrek Academy’s strength does surpass Thunderclap Academy. But it’s still not to the degree in front of us. The reason they can obtain this kind of advantage is completely due to the overwhelming advantage in the order their team members appear and the tactics they use. On the surface, neither side’s spirits counter each other, but in fact, Shrek Academy’s side has forced their opponents into being restrained due to all kinds of factors. It’s moreover a complete restraint. The clever use of tactics, the order their members appear, has produced the circumstances we’re looking at.”

Emperor Xue Ye’s gaze focused, giving Ning Fengzhi a questioning look.

Ning Fengzhi nodded, “His Eminence Salas is correct. It’s because of tactics.”

Emperor Xue Ye baffled said: “It didn’t seem like we saw Shrek Academy have such outstanding tactics in the previous matches. By what you’re saying, this clearly isn’t due to luck.”

Salas smiled calmly, saying: “Of course it’s not luck. With that person at Shrek Academy, how would there be such a coincidence? It seems that the lord Supreme Pontiff’s choice was right. This person’s spirit research

really is too profound. No wonder he would be allowed to become an honorary elder.”

Emperor Xue Ye frowned: “Your Eminence bishop Salas, I’m not too clear on what your saying.”

Salas smiled slightly, standing up and saying: “Your Majesty, I have some matters to attend, I’ll take my leave first. As for What I said. School master Ning is fully aware, ask him.” Finished speaking, without waiting for emperor Xue Ye to say anything, he brought his several guards to leave the VIP seats.

A trace of angry light flashed in emperor Xue Ye’s eyes, and using a voice only he and Ning Fengzhi could hear said through the corner of his mouth, “This Salas, he really is more and more rampant. School master Ning. What did he mean by what he said?”

Ning Fengzhi said: “The person he was talking about is Tang San’s teacher. His spirit power isn’t high, about the thirtieth rank or so, but he has the status of honorary Spirit Hall elder. He is a person of the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon School’s later generation. In all aspects of spirit research, I must also gracefully step down. The people familiar with him, all call him Grandmaster.”

“Grandmaster?” Emperor Xue Ye had clearly also heard this name, and his face immediately revealed a pondering expression.

“School master Ning, regarding this Grandmaster. Give me your assessment.”

Ning Fengzhi smiled slightly, only quietly whispering a few things by his ear.

Radiance suddenly shot out of emperor Xue Ye’s eyes. In that moment, his body suddenly erupted with with a flash of imposing manner. Even though it was only for a moment, Bone Douluo sitting next to Ning Fengzhi used a hand to su pport Ning Fengzhi’s shoulder, imparting a trace of spirit power.

The aura that erupted from emperor Xue Ye was completely in front of him, and besides Ning Fengzhi next to him, nobody else sensed anything.

Suppressing the radiance, emperor Xue Ye’s expression recovered to normal. The royal aura that erupted just now had vanished completely, “School master Ning, is that true?”

Ning Fengzhi gave him a certain nod, “Even though he’s known as rubbish in the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan, it seems to me that he’s even more important than the entire Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon family.”

Emperor Xue Ye drew a deep breath, “After the end of this ranking competition, I’ll trouble school master Ning to help me recruit this Grandmaster.”

The words Ning Fengzhi gave emperor Xue Ye just now were very simple: Whoever obtains Grandmaster, obtains the world.

Ning Fengzhi sighed lightly, “If Grandmaster was that easily recruited, he would be at Spirit Hall right now. I’ll give your Majesty a proposal. If you want to attract Grandmaster, start with Tang San. He’s the disciple Grandmaster cares about the most. It’s also only with him that you might decide Grandmaster’s direction. As for others, even if the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan’s clan chief was here, with Grandmaster’s temperament, he still wouldn’t submit.”

Emperor Xue Ye shared a look with Ning Fengzhi, loosing a long breath,
“I understand. I’ll arrange it.”

The match continued. Xiao Wu was still on the Shrek Academy side. But appearing from Thunderclap Academy was already their vice captain.

Lei Dong[1], forty third ranked control system Battle Spirit Master.
Spirit: Thunder Spider[2].”

As the most formidable control system Spirit Master in the Thunderclap Academy team, even though his overall strength was a bit below the

captain, he was still extremely powerful.

Spirit Body Enhancement.

A rupturing sound echoed from Lei Dong’s body as eight streams of lightning rushed out of his back, taking an appearance just like long spider legs. Even though they weren’t as long as Tang San’s Eight Spider Lances, they still seemed extraordinarily peculiar. Besides these eight thunder spider legs, there were no places of his body that showed any clear change. Two yellow and two purple spirit rings manifested his formidable strength.

Tang San himself also had spirit rings from spiders, and his only spirit bone as well, therefore, after seeing the counterpart’s spirit, he immediately paid extra attention, hoping to perhaps glean something useful from the opponent.

With the referee announcing the start of the match, Lei Dong raised both hands on either side of him, and pressed down again. His third spirit ring immediately flashed.

The eight long thunder legs simultaneously thrust into the ground, and circle after circle of round blue lightning released from his palms. Not towards Xiao Wu, but rather directly into the ground.

The blue color spread, forming a web, swiftly spreading into the surroundings. The area covered by the bright blue web of light grew with astonishing speed.

Xiao Wu carefully watched her opponent, but Lei Dong closed his eyes, clearly not willing to let Xiao Wu’s Demon Confusion ability interrupt his third spirit ability.

Xiao Wu’s feet moved, noiselessly wandering in a circle. But Lei Dong’s body followed her movements accurately, always turning to face in her direction. His eyes were closed, and Xiao Wu’s movements were extremely graceful. Being able to track Xiao Wu’s position was undoubtedly an effect of his spirit ability. That blue web of light was like his eyes, grasping everything in his surroundings.

The ring was very large, and Lei Dong’s web of light stop spreading when its diameter was twenty meters. This was clearly insufficient to cover the whole ring, but it stayed this size. After the web of light had formed, he began to step by step walk in Xiao Wu’s direction.

Tang San suddenly understood. The tactics Lei Dong was using right now were very similar to what Huo Wu originally used against him. Even though the ability was different, and the method to release it was also similar, they both covered a range. Even though the effect of Lei Dong’s web of light wasn’t as direct as Huo Wu’s Defying Flame Ring, it was clearly even more dangerous. If Xiao Wu was enveloped in that web of light, she would clearly be in danger.

Xiao Wu began to accelerate. As she saw Lei Dong pressing in on her direction, she immediately began to run around the ring, pulling open her distance to Lei Dong as far as possible. Her way of dealing with it was very simple, no need for special achievements, just making sure not to make any mistakes. Maintaining a third spirit ability would consume a lot of spirit power.

However, Lei Dong clearly didn’t plan to give Xiao Wu that kind of opportunity. After pressing in a few steps, he suddenly halted, the empty hands facing the ground flipping over, palms facing up, simultaneously raising both arms.

A strange scene appeared. The blue web of light on the ground rose along with his arms, unexpectedly floating in the air like that.

Lei Dong suddenly opened his eyes, and with a loud shout, the blue web of light flew out, swiftly pursuing Xiao Wu.

Xiao Wu was very fast, there was no doubt about that, but that attack was after all twenty meters in diameter. The split second Lei Dong opened his eyes, they instantly fell on Xiao Wu, his aura directly locking onto her body. The blue web of light spun, swiftly descending from the sky, enveloping the range of Xiao Wu’s position.

Leaping, Teleporting, Xiao Wu fully displayed her speed, in the hopes of being able to separate from the opponent’s attack. By her calculations, she could completely escape the opponent’s attack range by the time the web of light caught up to her.

However, Xiao Wu very soon discovered her mistake. As that web of light came closer and closer to her, she clearly felt an attractive force pulling on her body, one she couldn’t completely escape when using Teleport.

Xiao Wu had after all already fought twice, and right now she didn’t have much spirit power remaining, and was unable to continue Teleporting. When that blue web of light revealed its gravitational force, not only did she slow down, but the speed of that blue web of light also abruptly increased.

Raising both hands, blue threads of light rushed out of Lei Dong’s palms, his first spirit ring shining. Two threads of light struck at Xiao Wu’s body from separate directions. It was done just right, precisely in the path Xiao Wu had to take, and also when Xiao Wu had just used her first Teleport, the moment before she could continue using strength.

A control system Spirit Master’s ability to grasp the battle situation really wasn’t something power attack system Spirit Masters could compare to. The situation just now clearly showed that Lei Dong’s battle experience and situational awareness surpasses the previous Thunderclap Academy members.

What was to be done? Xiao Wu faced a choice. Facing the two scattered attacking thunder threads, Xiao Wu’s potential erupted.

Leaping up once again, the thunder threads moved accordingly, chasing after her slender figure. In midair, Xiao Wu suddenly twisted, and with her waist as center, made a movement that the human body was practically incapable of, unexpectedly rigidly passing within only a few cun of the thunder threads.

Right now, the thunder web above was already dropping, and Xiao Wu still hadn’t landed, leaving her unable to dodge. But at this moment, Xiao Wu’s head flung back, her long scorpion braid striking the ground. Exploiting the rebound force from this, she was once again flung several meters, putting off the moment before she was enveloped by the thunder web. And this time was also just enough to let her tumble to the ground.

Both arms supporting on the ground, waist bow launched. But this time, Xiao Wu didn’t dodge again. Her body shot up like a cannonball, flying directly towards the lightning web.

Both legs perfectly straight, right now she was like an arrow leaving the bowstring. Shockingly, the moment Xiao Wu shot out, her body was just perpendicular to that web of lightning. The place she chose to pass through was also just the biggest gap of the web.

With a hissing sound, Xiao Wu’s body moved in response, unexpectedly drilling straight through the web of lightning, but her body also brightened with a series of blue electric sparks.

Right now, outside the ring, Tang San was already standing, his hands closed into tight fists, but the situation in the ring clearly wasn’t something he could change. According to the plan, having persevered for this time, she should already have conceded.

Even Tang San hadn’t expected that Xiao Wu would unwaveringly choose to pass through her opponent’s third spirit ability like this, and Lei Dong had naturally imagined it even less. After Xiao Wu had passed through his web of lightning, it fell to the ground and disappeared unseen. Right now Xiao Wu was in midair. Lei Dong’s third spirit ability had disappeared. It was the awkward moment when the old strength was gone, but new strength had yet to be born.

If Xiao Wu was in perfect condition right now, perhaps she could have taken this chance to get close to her opponent and grab victory in one attack. But in fact, right now she was unable to do so. Even her body also returned to the ground in free fall.

The lightning web had been overcome, and moreover with the smallest possible damage. But, the supplemental thunder and lightning attribute in the lightning web had completely paralysed Xiao Wu who didn’t have enough spirit power. Her delicate body trembled. She was already unable to control herself, let alone taking the chance to attack.

Lei Dong suddenly drew a deep breath. Seeing Xiao Wu falling, he naturally knew it was caused by his thunder web. With a slow breath, two threads of lightning surged out of his palms once again, twisting towards Xiao Wu. As long as he used lightning threads to completely paralyse his opponent, this fight was his victory.

Falling, shooting. Lei Dong’s estimate was very good, but what Xiao Wu did was still a completely different solution. The moment she was about to land, the paralysis was finally dispelled. Using both hands to smack the ground, Waist Bow launching once again, she shot up smoothly, only just passing over the two threads of lightning, pouncing straight at Lei Dong without pause.

Lei Dong was shocked, how could it be like this? The paralysis of his thunder web shouldn’t have been this brief.

Yes, Lei Dong’s third spirit ability really had very powerful control capability. But don’t forget that before when Xiao Wu passed through his thunder web, it was at its weakest spot, and at that time Lei Dong was completely unprepared for her actions, and was naturally unable to completely focus his spirit power.

Covering a greater area also meant that attack power would certainly be smaller in that area. Even a thunder attribute spirit was unable to transcend facts. It was precisely because of this that the thunder attack Xiao Wu endured was far from what Lei Dong had judged. It was also because of this that she could spring up again the split second before she struck the ground.

Accurate judgement, this was the explanation perspicacious people gave. But in fact, even though Xiao Wu had made a simple calculation, secretly in her heart, she still called being able to get this kind of result a fluke.

The distance between the two people swiftly closed. Each time Xiao Wu touched the ground, she would strangely change direction. Even in midair, her soft as if boneless body could also make all kinds of inhumanly flexible movements to evade the obstructing attacks by the lightning threads.

Watching Xiao Wu come closer and closer, Lei Dong’s expression clearly became more frantic. As long as they had watched Shrek Academy’s previous matches, nobody would forget what Xiao Wu had done to those Spirit Masters she came close to. Lei Dong was naturally no exception.

Without any other choice, Lei Dong’s fourth spirit ring brightened. Right now there wasn’t enough time to set up another lightning web. All he could think of to immediately beat his opponent was this fourth spirit ability.

Intense blue light spread along Lei Dong’s arms and out, the eight blue long legs behind him shooting up, eight lines of lightning surging out and fusing together between his two arms. A ring, three meters in diameter and thick as an arm, appeared in front of Lei Dong.

This was Lei Dong’s fourth spirit ability, God Locking Ring. Just like Tang San’s fourth spirit ability, Blue Silver Prison, God Locking Ring couldn’t be dodged. It could only be stiffly broken with spirit power.

Blue light flashed, and Xiao Wu’s strangely soaring figure suddenly stopped. She was already completely paralysed, the three meter in diameter God Locking Ring had already shrunk to the size of her waist, firmly binding Xiao Wu within.

Surge after surge of blue lightning flashed around Xiao Wu, making her face brim with a painful expression, her complexion turning pale.

“We concede.” Grandmaster’s voice rose promptly.

The God Locking Ring’s light poured down, blending into the ground. The moment Xiao Wu was about to hit the ground, Tang San had already dashed out to her side, catching her.

Xiao Wu’s body was scalding hot, still twitching from the irritant of the lightning. Seeing her with her eyes tightly closed, Tang San’s heart ached indescribably.

Raising his head to look at the opponent, Lei Dong’s complexion had also become somewhat pale as a result of consecutively using his third and fourth spirit abilities.

If not for Grandmaster forbidding Tang San from participating in this match, right now he would immediately have stepped into the ring to return the fight on Xiao Wu’s behalf.

Carrying Xiao Wu, Tang San step by step left the ring. And the fifth representative of Shrek Academy, Dai Mubai, unhurriedly strolled in. The moment the two of them passed each other, Dai Mubai’s ear twitched once, his gaze meeting Tang San’s, giving him a forceful nod.

Dai Mubai didn’t walk quickly, but each step was deliberate. In his eyes, his evil eye double pupils flickered with a monstrous light, fixed on his opponent.

Watching the expressionless Dai Mubai walking towards him, for some reason, Lei Dong suddenly felt his heart twitch. Somewhat unable to breathe.

Evil Eye White Tiger Dai Mubai, spirit: White Tiger, spirit power, forty fourth rank. Power attack system Battle Spirit Master. Shrek Academy team captain.

A series of information flashed through Lei Dong’s heart. He knew that it would be impossible for him to win this match. In his previous confrontation with Xiao Wu, he had already consumed too much spirit power. And Dai Mubai’s strength was undoubtedly long ago already exposed in the previous matches. He understood that all he could do right now was what Xiao Wu had done against him, waste as much of the opponent’s spirit power as possible, creating conditions for victory for his last companion, Thunder Academy’s team captain.

Shrek Academy still had three fresh fighters right now, all with strength above the fortieth rank. The difficulty for Thunderclap Academy to obtain victory in this match could well be imagined. But they absolutely wouldn’t surrender. The ranking competition was only a touchstone for the finals, if they faltered now, then there would be no need for them to fight in the finals.

Faint light flickering, Tang San’s face revealed an ice cold expression, his hands folded across his chest. Each time light flickered in his eyes, the air around his hands would become somewhat congealed. Xiao Wu lay quietly next to him, her head resting on his lap, Jiang Zhu’s healing scepter releasing rays of light to treat her.

Just now when he had passed Dai Mubai, he had used a secret sound transmission method to tell him: Eldest brother, avenge Xiao Wu.

Tang San ordinarily only very rarely addressed Dai Mubai like this. From his voice, Dai Mubai could naturally tell how agitated Tang San was. For Xiao Wu, Tang San would do anything. Dai Mubai sighed inwardly, looking at the not distant Lei Dong. ‘Injuring Xiao Wu, counts as the end of your luck.’

“Match start.” The ranking competition rules stated that the contestants couldn’t have time to rest. When Dai Mubai reached his designated position, the match started.


A cold snort echoed from Dai Mubai’s mouth, dense white spirit power immediately rushing out of his body, four intense spirit rings appearing. Toothache inducing sounds of snapping bones accompanied Dai Mubai’s body growing, Spirit White Tiger Body Enhancement completing.

Without any hesitation, the instant Dai Mubai’s Spirit Body Enhancement was complete, he was already taking large strides, dashing straight towards his opponent.

The pupils of Lei Dong’s eyes contracted. He knew that, this moment right now, the question was how long he could obstruct Dai Mubai. He could clearly see a contemptuous light in Dai Mubai’s evil eyes. ‘I’m still a forty third ranked Spirit Master, only one rank lower than you. Even if your spirit is innately better than mine, that still doesn’t let you hold me in contempt.’

After a moment of assessment, Lei Dong’s fourth spirit ring directly shone. His spirit power had been consumed by more than fifty percent by Xiao Wu, and he knew that if he released another several weaker spirit abilities, he might not have enough spirit power to use his fourth spirit ability even once.

In order to have the greatest effect on Dai Mubai, he decided to use his killer blow.

God Locking Ring appeared in front of Lei Dong for a second time, but Dai Mubai didn’t even seem to see the radiance of the condensing God Locking Ring. His first ring shone, and a layer of white light covered Dai Mubai. Precisely Dai Mubai’s first spirit ability, White Tiger Barrier.

Lei Dong was furious, glaring at the onrushing Dai Mubai, as if he wanted to ask, ‘Don’t tell me you want to use your first spirit ability to block my fourth? You’re too arrogant.’

The God Locking Ring disappeared from in front of Lei Dong. The next moment, it already fully affected Dai Mubai. The thunder ring immediately halted Dai Mubai’s advance. Surge after surge of lightning burst out of the God Locking Ring, immediately extending over Dai Mubai’s entire body. Just as Lei Dong thought, how could a first spirit ring block the restraint of a fourth spirit ring?

Dai Mubai’s gaze didn’t show any change, the double pupils of his evil eyes still fixed on his opponent. After Lei Dong had fully used this fourth spirit ability, he showed clear signs of spirit power overdraft. His whole body swayed, and his face was white as paper.

The corners of his mouth revealing a trace of disdain, Dai Mubai suddenly faced upward, a ferocious roar erupting from his mouth. Immediately afterward, a scene that turned all the Thunderclap Academy teachers and students speechless appeared. Dai Mubai’s spirit rings still didn’t change, but the surface of his body still showed a glorious golden splendor, the white fur that appeared because of his Spirit Body Enhancement unexpectedly turning completely golden.

Ka-cha, with a breaking sound, all his muscles braced. His strength erupted in an instant. Dai Mubai’s evil eyes opened wide, and the God Locking Ring restraining him weakened with a groan.

Peng—— Specks of blue light scattered into the air, the God Locking Ring smashed to pieces. Dai Mubai, like a tiger waiting to spring, leapt forward.

How was it possible?

At this moment, not just Lei Dong, but all the Thunderclap Academy people’s minds were already blank. They didn’t understand how Dai Mubai, clearly without using any spirit rings, could break free of the restraint of Lei Dong’s fourth spirit ability. How come he wasn’t paralysed by the intense thunder and lightning of the God Locking Ring?

Dai Mubai naturally wouldn’t give them the answer. Once Thunderclap Academy’s teacher came to himself, Dai Mubai had already reached Lei Dong. Still without using spirit abilities, he only swatted down with one tiger paw, heavily sweeping across Lei Dong’s shoulder. The instant the tiger paw struck, the tiger claws ejected.

Lei Dong’s body was directly sent flying outside the ring like a scarecrow. Before he lost consciousness, he clearly heard the sound of his bones disintegrating.

The sharp tiger claws left behind five deep blood grooves on his back, and all the bones in his left shoulder were completely smashed to pieces. If Dai Mubai hadn’t held back, just this one paw would have taken his life.

Blowing away his opponent, Dai Mubai left as if there was nothing else to do, turning around and walking back towards the place where he started the match. His gaze met with Tang San’s, a faint purple energy flashing in his evil eyes.
Tang San’s face held a slight smile, making a thumbs up to Dai Mubai. The exchange of expressions on this side wasn’t caught by Thunderclap
Academy’s side. Lei Dong’s condition was extremely serious. Right now, his entire back was already dyed red with blood. He was unconscious, his left arm sagging limply. Dai Mubai’s strength was even more tyrannical than imagined, and along with the bones of his shoulder being smashed, there were also indications of several ribs being shattered. With such heavy injuries, let alone the last two rounds of the ranking competition, he might not be able to participate in the finals.

Thunderclap Academy’s teacher protested to the tournament committee practically instantly.

The referee ran over in front of Dai Mubai to question him, and Dai Mubai gave him a very simple explanation. Even though he held the advantage at that time, his opponent hadn’t conceded. He also hadn’t killed his opponent, only hit him out of the ring, he hadn’t violated any tournament rules.

The facts were as such. Whatever was said, Dai Mubai hadn’t killed his opponent, and at that moment the Thunderclap Academy’s side also hadn’t conceded.

Dai Mubai still stood proudly in the center of the ring, bowing his head to look at his right hand, in his heart he couldn’t keep a blood boiling feeling from welling up.

At last he didn’t need to hide his strength. The feeling of always holding back really wasn’t pleasant.

Ever since the start of the competition, at Grandmaster’s request, he had never used his full strength. As captain, seeing his companions obtain

victory after victory in the ring, while the number of his victories remained modest, how could that be a comfortable feeling to a competitive person like Dai Mubai? Only Grandmaster could have made him do this.

Dai Mubai was the eldest of the Shrek Seven Devils, and he had also cultivated the longest. By now he was no longer forty fourth rank, but rather forty fifth. It was only the day before yesterday he broke through. The reason why he could break the restraints with only his first spirit ring absolutely wasn’t a fluke. Recalling this, Dai Mubai felt an intense gratitude to Tang San.

How could he accomplish it? Why didn’t the thunder paralysis have any effect on him? Very simple, because of an immortal herb. A Singular Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum.

Singular Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum, eating it supplied energy to the four limbs, blood flowed through the eight meridians, perfected a vajra[3] immortal body.

‘Vajra immortal’ was clearly an exaggeration, but it also illustrated the effect of this immortal herb. Dai Mubai’s White Tiger Spirit and the Singular Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum could be said to bring out the best in each other. Ma Hongjun’s Cockscomb Phoenix Sunflower had removed the threat of the evil fire, purifying his Phoenix Spirit. How couldn’t there be any advantages for Dai Mubai?

Right now Dai Mubai’s body could be called ‘vajra immortal’, powerful resistance in all attributes, even Zhao Wuji who walked the same path was full of praise.

Lightning paralysis wasn’t really ineffective to Dai Mubai, only that the opponent’s spirit power was less than his, and his physical resistance was so powerful, naturally it would substantially weaken the effect of the lightning. At least the God Locking Ring wasn’t enough to restrain his movements.

And the God Locking Ring’s greatest effect was in the paralysis it caused, it wasn’t all that durable in itself. Under circumstances where it was unable to establish its paralysing effect, how could it hold back Dai Mubai?

This was Dai Mubai’s true strength, with his physical condition after taking the Singular Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum, let alone an opponent with the same number of spirit rings, even if it was one more spirit ring than him, the opponent still might not be able to injure him.

Abrupt violence, tyranny, these were Dai Mubai’s characteristics. Grandmaster’s instructions to him was to turn this tyranny into absolute world domination.

With negotiations having failed, Thunderclap Academy’s final member, and also their captain, finally went up.

Yu Tian-Xin[4], forty third ranked power attack system Battle Spirit Master, spirit: Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon. A direct disciple of the seven great schools’ Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan. In the family tree, he was the older patrilineal cousin of Heaven Dou Imperial Academy’s Yu Tian-Heng. His strength was only slightly inferior to Yu Tian-Heng’s.

Watching Yu Tian-Xin walk up, Grandmaster’s brows wrinkled slightly. He and Liu Erlong were both born of the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan. Yu Tian-Heng was his direct nephew, and this Yu Tian-Xin was also a distant nephew of his. Even more, he was the grandson of Liu Erlong’s father, Liu Erlong was his direct aunt.

Seeing someone from the Clan, it was difficult for Grandmaster not to recall his and Liu Erlong’s situation. He had already told Dai Mubai that he didn’t need to hold back, as long as he didn’t violate the rules and killed his opponent. It wasn’t that he was unreasonable, but rather that he didn’t want his matters to influence the Shrek Seven Devils.

“You will pay the price for everything you just did.” Yu Tian-Xin glared resolutely at Dai Mubai. As Thunderclap team captain, having seen his comrade so seriously injured, his eyes were already somewhat red.

Dai Mubai indifferently said: “That depends on whether you have the ability.”

Snorting coldly, Yu Tian-Xian roared deeply, releasing his spirit.

A dazzling blue light suddenly lit up in the space between Yi Tian-Xin’s eyebrows, and immediately following, the blue light abruptly spread, from the space between his eyebrows over his whole body, ribbon after ribbon of blue purple violent electricity erupting like little snakes, revolving with him in the center. There was a blue lightning bolt symbol on his forehead. Different from Yu Tian-Heng at that time, his body had two places that were transformed because of his Spirit Body Enhancement.

The changes that appeared, were both his arms. The sleeves completely burst into ashes because of his arms swelling, the length of his arms growing by half a chi[5], both arms extremely bulky, covered with blue purple scales, his hands changing into claws covered by the same scales, each joint of his hand becoming extremely thick. Serpents of blue purple electricity revolving around his body was constantly coagulating on or fleeing from his arms. The two yellow and two purple spirit rings didn’t spiral around his body like other Spirit Masters, but rather spiralled specially around his arms, the two sides each having two spirit rings.

Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon spirit, starting from the thirtieth rank, each obtained spirit ring would make the body change like a dragon. At that time Yu Tian-Heng was only thirty ninth rank, and consequently only had one arm like this. The current Yu Tian-Xin was past fortieth rank, and thus both his arms were dragon shaped. Whether in aura or imposing manner, right now he was a lot more powerful than Yu Tian-Heng back then.

Watching his opponent, Dai Mubai amply felt the pressure his opponent gave off as if it struck him in the face. Originally, when he faced Yu Tian- Heng was the first time Dai Mubai felt this kind of pressure caused by the spirit. Right now, this kind of feeling was also given off by the opponent in front of him.

As one of the three upper sects, there was no need to doubt the might of the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan’s spirit. However, Dai Mubai believed that after taking the Singular Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum, his own White Tiger Spirit absolutely wasn’t inferior to his opponent’s.

Looking into his opponent’s reddened eyes, Dai Mubai’s evil eye double pupils grew even more abstruse. The two looked at each other like this,

neither yielding a fraction.

[1] (雷动) “Thunder Move”

[2] (雷蛛)

[3] The original sanskrit word “vajra” means both diamond and thunderbolt, symbolizing both indestructibility and irresistible force.
[4] (⽟天⼼) “Jade Heaven Heart”
[5] ½ 尺 = ⅙ m

Chapter 116

Grandmaster stood calmly in the Shrek Academy contestant’s area, attentively watching the two people about to start the match, his facial expression serene. Even though Dai Mubai wasn’t the last of Shrek Academy’s list of members today, to him, this was the final match.

Just as Spirit Hall platinum bishop Salas said, the reason why Shrek Academy could so easily defeat their opponents in this match, besides their own strength, was Grandmaster’s close to perfect strategy.

The collision between both sides finally began. Lightning serpents rushing out, Yu Tian-Xin roared, soaring up, leaping directly at Dai Mubai.

In battle style, with the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Spirit, he was undoubtedly the same as Dai Mubai, a power attacker among power attackers. Within the veins of all directly related Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan disciples flowed extremely aggressive blood. Attack was the best defense, only attack, this could most directly defeat the opponent.

Blue Lightning Dragon Claws erupted simultaneously, launched by Yu Tian-Xin were two dragon claw energies. This was what made the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Spirit formidable. The spirit’s might would increase somewhat with each level it grew. Equal spirit abilities when used at different levels would receive the spirit’s own boost. As a first rate spirit, Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon doubtless possessed this kind of advantage.

Dai Mubai didn’t dodge. In this kind of battle, whoever dodged first would have lost the match. Therefore, he not only didn’t dodge, but on the contrary went to meet it with an even more tyrannical stance.

Both used their first spirit abilities, and under the effect of the White Tiger Barrier, white light rushed out. Sharp tiger claws ejected, and the four palms of dragon and tiger collided violently in midair.


Two silhouettes flew back practically simultaneously. Electric serpents coiled around Dai Mubai, his long golden hair fluttering without wind under the agitation of the lightning, the white tiger fur on his arms standing upright.

The Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon’s thunder element wasn’t something the Thunder Spider could compare to. Having received these Blue Lightning Dragon Claws, Dai Mubai’s body was enduring a powerful attack of lightning.

But his opponent wasn’t any better off. Yu Tian-Xin’s dragon scaled palms each had five deep white scars, cracks already appearing in the scales. The sharpness and strength of the white tiger claws equally left their mark on him.

Judging by the first collision, both sides were apparently equally matched.

Faint golden light appeared from under the white tiger fur. The vajra immortal defense the Singular Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum provided Dai Mubai quickly dispersed the threat of the lightning. Both sides had practically only just landed before they shot out once again, again charging at each other.

Dai Mubai had consumed only a slight bit of spirit power in the previous fight, and his level was two ranks higher than Yu Tian-Xin, right now the two’s spirit power could be said to be exactly equal. This fight would be settled between both sides’ spirit and spirit abilities. The one with more

combat experien ce, with the more powerful spirit, could obtain victory in this match.

Neither side hesitated, Evil Eye White Tiger third spirit ability, White Tiger Vajra Transformation, launched.

Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon third spirit ability, Thundergod’s Fury, launched.

The strong white light turned golden, Dai Mubai’s body abruptly filling with power and grandeur, the white fur covering his body turning completely golden, that black ‘king’ mark on his forehead appearing clearly. Muscles brimming with explosive force, this time, even the sharp blades of his tiger claws were rendered golden. His attack power reached the limit of what he could handle right now. Under the effect of White Tiger Vajra Transformation, Dai Mubai’s might had doubtless grown to its most terrifying degree.

Yu Tian-Xin’s Thundergod’s Fury and Dai Mubai’s White Tiger Vajra Transformation were doubtless different tunes played with equal skill. Thunder abilities increasing a hundred percent, spirit power increasing a hundred percent. Doubtless the manifestation of the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Spirit’s power. The intense blue light completely turned blue purple, a layer of lightning forming just like armor over his body. That pair of dragon claws clearly became even larger, and the cracks left behind by the tiger claws completely disappeared.

This moment, both sides’ spirit power had already reached their peak, the true collision, began.

Outside the ring, whether it was the students of the academies, or those imperial household knights, right now there was no gaze that wasn’t focused in the ring. This was a collision of true powers, truly brilliant.

Even though both sides only had forty something ranked spirit power, the formidable spirits and their ruthless demeanors proved their terror to all. Even the Spirit Master world powers in the VIP seats with spirit power exceeding theirs couldn’t help being excited. Whether it was Yu Tian-Xin

or Dai Mubai, their certain conviction in victory already infected all the observers.

“Fifteen Tons Of Thunder.” “White Tiger Light Wave.”
Their second spirit abilities erupted under the effect of their third spirit abilities. A rich golden light sphere shot out, and meeting it was countless blue purple lightning arrows.

The split second the dazzling purple and golden light collided, the entire ring seemed to brighten to rival the sun.

The tremendous spirit power fluctuations made the entire heart of the ring shudder. Neither side used any technique, it was only a contest of pure spirit abilities. The more it was like this, the more dangerous it was. If either side was forced into a disadvantage, then the match would immediately end. Moreover, the losing side was bound to end up seriously injured.

With another loud sound, the colliding two once again flew out after contact, two bodies in different directions.

Wisps of blood trickled from the corners of their mouths. The strength of the two sides had reached an extremely terrifying degree. They didn’t seem to have changed much, but their heaving chests showed how great an influence the collision just now had on them.

Yu Tian-Xin gazed fixedly at Dai Mubai, and Dai Mubai also gazed fixedly at him. Dai Mubai’s opponent was no doubt the trump card among trump cards of Thunderclap Academy. In the young generation of the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan, Yu Tian-Xin and Yu Tian-Heng had always been considered the most outstanding twin stars. There had never been much difference between them in strength, only because Yu Tian-Heng was slightly younger than Yu Tian-Xin did he receive a bit more attention.

In order to overtake Yu Tian-Heng, in order to gain a bit more approval from his family, Yu Tian-Xin had never dared relax for a day. He had invested even more effort than his more talented younger cousin. Before joining this tournament he had already thought that he must definitely reach the finals to openly and upright defeat his cousin, to prove to the entire Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan that he was the most outstanding future heir of the clan.

Without even meeting Yu Tian-Heng, how could he lose?

Dai Mubai was doubtless one of Shrek Academy’s geniuses. Before Tang San arrived, even Ma Hongjun’s talent was inferior to his. Double pupil evil eyes, unusual disposition. As early as the day he was born, he was already destined to be out of the ordinary.

Coming to Heaven Dou Empire against his will, coming to Shrek Academy, was in order to become more powerful. ailing over opponent after opponent. In his heart, the word ‘defeat’ had never existed. He couldn’t lose, he wouldn’t lose. Confronting an opponent of the same level, his heart was brimming with thirst for victory and perseverance.

These two collided together like needle point to wheat awn. The outcome would only be decided by their ultimate strength.

Finally at this moment, with equal pride, even to the extent that they wouldn’t use technique, to them this match was also a battle of honor. They had to use absolute strength to defeat their opponent, and no technique. With extremely similar styles, they had both made this decision as early as when they first collided. Nobody could change their decision.

Without using spirit abilities, the two bodies collided once again. This time, it was a purely physical battle.

Tiger claws and dragon claws each struck their opponent’s body, each erupting with formidable force.

Dragon scales radiated in all directions, tiger fur flew into the air, the argument of dragon and tiger completely entering a white hot phase.

Each time they collided they would both inevitably be harmed, blood began to flow, line after line of scars began to appear on these two valiant men.

However, their gazes were still stubborn, hardly concealing their thirst for victory.


Dai Mubai’s palms struck his opponent’s chest, and Yu Tian-Xin’s dragon claws also struck his shoulder. The two once again flew out in response. Only this time, they couldn’t control themselves to stand firm, and practically simultaneously tumbled to the ground, rolling and leaving a wide gap.

Spirit power was rapidly consumed under the effect of their third spirit abilities. Dai Mubai crawled up, Yu Tian-Xin also crawled up, but he was still half a beat slower than Dai Mubai.

Their facial expressions could no longer be made out, and their clothes were even more stained with blood.

Sounds were issuing from Dai Mubai’s bones because of the exertion, and his evil eyes were already brimming with madness.

“Come, let us decide the outcome. Whoever can still stand here in the end will be the victor.” His ice cold and monstrous voice was overbearing. Even though he was still only seventeen, right now he already appeared a man of indomitable character.

“Fine.” Yu Tian-Xin made his reply without the slightest hesitation. The two spit out a mouthful of blood practically simultaneously, their formidable spirit power once again condensing.

Outside the ring, Zhu Zhuqing’s gaze was already numb. She all along watched Dai Mubai attentively, and when she saw the wildness in those

double pupil evil eyes, the agitation in her heart almost couldn’t be contained.

She and Xiao Wu were different. If Tang San was injured, Xiao Wu would definitely anxiously want to rush over immediately. But not Zhu Zhuqing. Even though she had never given any hints of it, in her heart, from the year she was born, the owner of those evil eyes was already destined to be her man.

Seeing her man reveal his power on the battlefield, she would never try to stop him. If she could, she would accompany him to fight together. If she was an observer, then she would only stay an observer. She wouldn’t worry about Dai Mubai’s outcome. If he won, she would treat his wounds. If he died, she would follow him. Her man, was the most powerful man, as she truly saw Dai Mubai’s character, she had long ago resolved that she would never let her tears become a factor to influence him.

Golden light again turned white, and sphere after sphere of light began to fill Dai Mubai’s surroundings.

The blue purple light vanished, again returning to blue, line after line of lightning snakes condensed, transforming into a one meter long serpent.
Evil Eye White Tiger fourth spirit ability, White Tiger Meteor Shower. Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon fourth spirit ability, Blue Divine Dragon

This was the final collision to settle victory or defeat. Without any decorations, only a contest of full strength.

In the VIP seats, emperor Xue Ye was already standing. His face was very grave. When the regent stood, how could others remain seated? Including the teachers and students of all the academies, right now they also all stood to watch the final outcome of the match. Regardless of the outcome, the scene of these two people’s might would be imprinted in their hearts.

Their third spirit abilities were already on the verge of collapsing, only this final moment with it as base to launch their fourth spirit abilities was the key to victory or defeat.

Yu Tian-Xin knew it, Dai Mubai knew it. Therefore, they made the same choice. This moment when they launched their final attacks was also the moment the outcome of the match was settled.

When White Tiger Light Wave met Fifteen Tons Of Thunder, it was Dai Mubai’s spirit power that was the most condensed, the opponent’s scattered. And this moment, when White Tiger meteor Shower met Blue Lightning Divine Dragon Envy, it was just the opposite.

Countless white meteors rushed out, rendered completely golden as they flew through the air.

The blue serpent bared its fangs and moved, meeting that meteor shower to decide its destiny.

The violent collision made the entire ring groan lamentingly, large clumps of soil bursting into the air from the intense explosions. The split second the explosions began, nobody knew whether in the end the dragon would extinguish the meteors, or the meteors would break the dragon. The full outcome emerged after several breaths.


The dust from countless explosions hid the silhouettes of the two domineering men. In the ring, the blossoming earth condensed into a rising mushroom cloud. The blast wave caused by the violent spirit power forced the closest of the distant students to urge their own spirit power to resist it.

The Heaven Dou Empire flags around the ring flapped madly before this impact force.

It was over, everything was over.

As the dust settled, as all the dazzling light vanished, as dragon and tiger disappeared simultaneously, everything was already over.

The two were still standing. Two men riddled with scars and bruises, neither had collapsed. Standing there, they gazed at their opponent. Unmoving.

Yu Tian-Xin smiled, Dai Mubai also smiled. Even though their smiling expressions seemed very rigid, they were still brimming with sincerity.

“Very powerful. Even stronger than I imagined. Is this your true strength? It’s my loss.” Even though he was unwilling, it had to be admitted. Yu Tian-Xin said this calmly.

Dai Mubai indifferently said: “No, you didn’t lose. Even though this match is your loss. However, your heart didn’t lose to me. I look forward to the next time we collide again.”

“Fine.” The last word slipped from Yu Tian-Xin’s mouth. The next moment, he was finally completely unable to control his body, and like a collapsing golden mountain, or toppling jade pillar he loudly smashed into the ground. The dragon scales on his arms ruptured in the same instant, blood flying in all directions.

Dai Mubai still stood, his back perfectly straight, slowly turning with difficulty, his gaze first falling on Grandmaster, afterwards on Tang San, Ma Hongjun, Oscar, this group of companions. He seemed to say to everyone, ‘I won, Shrek won.’

His evil eyes finally fell on that ample beautiful figure, and Dai Mubai finally saw her smiling face, as if a glacier had melted. The next moment, that melting glacier transformed into a line of shadow that grew in front of him.

Everything became vague, as if seen through a layer of mist. Dai Mubai did his utmost to open his eyes wide, seeing clearly that shadow growing in front of him. However, several dozen blood arrows suddenly shot out of his

body, his tall and robust body slowly toppling to the ground. Just into the embrace of that swiftly dashing over silhouette.

Blood stained their bodies. Zhu Zhuqing didn’t cry, she smiled, even though right now her smile wasn’t particularly good looking.

Pulling her man in close, she helped him straighten his back once again.
Because she knew that her man would never surrender on the battlefield.

Just like this, with her practically carrying his entire weight, they step by step left the ring.

Shrek Academy versus Thunderclap Academy. Shrek Academy won.
Twelve successive victories.

Even though this competition was already over, nobody could forget the scene of that bitter struggle for a long, long time. This match couldn’t be said to have a true winner. Because both sides participating were still young. They still had time. Their true contest should be in who could first touch the boundary of the summit.

The day’s matches ended. Tang San carried the already conscious Xiao Wu, Zhu Zhuqing propping up Dai Mubai, and Shrek Academy prepared to return to camp. Worth mentioning was that Zhu Zhuqing refused to let anyone help her, insisting on supporting Dai Mubai by herself. Even though she didn’t cry, and she also didn’t say anything, her especially beautiful eyes were long since completely red.

“Tang San.” One person blocked the Shrek Academy’s path back to the camp.

Ma Hongjun frowned, “What’s up with this? Why is it every time someone stops us?”

This time it wasn’t Huo Wu, but rather that frequently laughing, trying to worm his way into being friends man. Skywind Academy team captain, Feng Xiaotian.

Tang San handed over Xiao Wu to the others, coming over in front of Feng Xiaotian. He could confront men a lot more smoothly than he could confront Huo Wu, “What do you want?”

At the start of the ranking competition, Feng Xiaotian had frequently come strolling over the the Shrek Academy’s side, but afterwards he hadn’t been seen again.

Feng Xiaotian drew a deep breath, suppressing the emotions that threatened to burst out of his heart at any time, “The draw ended just now. Tomorrow, we will be opponents.”

“Eh?” Tang San attentively watched Feng Xiaotian. Just like Grandmaster had judged, Shrek Academy’s luck was bad. Just after confronting Thunderclap Academy, they would right away confront another power, and moreover very possible the most powerful opponent in this competition apart from Shrek Academy.

Feng Xiaotian fixed his eyes on Tang San, his expression long since lacking that laughing smile, “Tang San, today you just fought Thunderclap. I don’t want to take advantage of you. Tomorrow, I will go up first. I hope you will also be first. Let the two of us decide who is the final champion of the ranking competition. If I lose, Godwind Academy will concede.”

Tang San stared blankly. From Feng Xiaotian’s manner of speaking, he clearly sensed a somewhat harsh intent. He didn’t understand why the frequently laughing fellow in front of him would suddenly become so serious. But the feeling Feng Xiaotian gave people right now was somewhat restrained.

The Shrek Academy group’s gazes all focused on Tang San, nobody speaking up.

Tang San shook his head, “I’m sorry, I can’t agree.” Settling the outcome in one fight didn’t have any disadvantages to Shrek Academy. Dai Mubai was injured, clearly unable to participate in tomorrow’s match. This

was a huge disadvantage for Shrek Academy. But Tang San still didn’t agree.

“Don’t you dare?” Feng Xiaotian’s gaze turned provoking in a split second.

“We are a team, I can’t make decisions for my friends by myself. I can only represent myself, I can’t represent the entire Shrek Academy team.” Tang San calmly said.

Feng Xiaotian’s character suddenly became irascible, “Tang San, you coward. I only want to straightforwardly fight you. Just like Dai Mubai did with Yu Tian-Xin today.”

Seeing Feng Xiaotian’s eyes gradually redden, even though Tang San didn’t know why he was like this, he also didn’t ask.

“Agree with him, little San. We trust you.” Dai Mubai’s weak voice rose, “Give him a battle between men. If I’m not mistaken, his reason for raising this request should be related to Huo Wu.”

In successful conquests in matters of the heart, perhaps nobody in the entire Shrek Academy could compare to Dai Mubai. With his incisive gaze, these days as spectator had already let him long since see through Feng Xiaotian’s thoughts towards Huo Wu. And Feng Xiaotian also hadn’t reappeared since that day Huo Wu came to find Tang San. Connecting all of this could very easily explain Feng Xiaotian’s conduct today.

Grandmaster also nodded to Tang San, “Since it’s like this, let one fight settle the outcome. In tomorrow’s battle, the final result will be decided by the two of you.”

Seeing each of his comrades nod to him, Tang San again faced Feng Xiaotian.

“Fine, I accept your challenge.” At this moment, Tang San’s gaze abruptly turned severe. The aura accumulated within him erupted like a volcano, resolutely striking Feng Xiaotian.

Feng Xiaotian subconsciously retreated a step, but very quickly stepped forward again, their auras colliding violently.

“If you lose, afterwards I hope I won’t see you by Huo Wu’s side again.” Feng Xiaotian spoke while practically gnashing his teeth.

Tang San coldly said: “She is she, I am me. There’s no relation between us.” Finished saying this, he held Xiao Wu and left with the Shrek Academy party without turning his head.

The smell of gunpowder on this side naturally attracted the attention of others, and this of course also included Blazing Academy.

Huo Wushuang looked at the somewhat lifeless little sister next to him,
“Is this what you wanted to see?”

Huo Wu vacantly shook her head, “I don’t know.”

Huo Wushuang spoke with a deep meaning in his eyes. “Then who do you hope will win tomorrow’s competition?”

Huo Wu blinked. She suddenly discovered that she didn’t really seem to thirst for beating Tang San.

Returning to camp, everyone gathered at Dai Mubai’s side. After careful inspection, Grandmaster, Flender and the others discovered that Dai Mubai’s injuries really weren’t so serious. For the most part it was only superficial wounds, his bones were very normal. With a few days of rest he would heal naturally. Spirit Masters had much better recovery ability than ordinary people.

But the news from Thunderclap Academy’s side was completely different. Yu Tian-Xin had suffered serious injuries, and let alone recovering, whether he could at all participate in the finals was an issue. Lei

Dong was even more crippled by Dai Mubai’s single move, there was no hope of recovery without several months of rest.

There indeed wasn’t much difference between Dai Mubai and Yu Tian- Xin in strength, especially after the former had consumed some spirit power in advance were the two even more evenly matched. Only Dai Mubai himself clearly understood that his victory in this fight was thanks to that Singular Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum. Vajra immortal. Not only did it help him block a lot of the damage from the lightning, it also protected his bones and energy channels. And his opponent, who should have had an advantage in defense from his Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon spirit was directly put at a disadvantage.

But he didn’t express any gratitude to Tang San. Friendship between brothers needed no words.

In order to let Dai Mubai rest, just like when Tang San was injured, they specially cleared a room for him. Even though nobody said anything, Zhu Zhuqing very naturally stayed behind.

“Do you want to eat something? I’ll go get it.” Looking at the mummified Dai Mubai, the ice chill on Zhu Zhuqing’s face had long since disappeared, the gentle gaze making her big eyes seeme even more beautiful.

“I’m not hungry. Zhuqing, come here.”

Zhu Zhuqing walked over to Dai Mubai’s bed, pulling over a chair to sit. Dai Mubai grabbed Zhu Zhuqing’s hand, “Didn’t you always hate me?” Zhu Zhuqing glanced at him, “Why would I hate you?”
Dai Mubai smiled wryly: “Because of my improper past. If it wasn’t for these matters getting back, how would you have come to find me? Honestly, I didn’t expect that your father would actually let you come to Heaven Dou Empire.”

Zhu Zhuqing calmly said: “You really think I came to find you and stayed cool because of those love affairs?”

Dai Mubai stared blankly, “Don’t tell me it wasn’t?”

Zhu Zhuqing shook her head, “No. A man’s romance isn’t wrong, as long as it isn’t vulgar. That’s no big issue. But you’re different, you’re not an ordinary person. You should understand how much cruelty there is in your future. I don’t want my man to sap his will with trifles, some day dying under a woman’s skirt. Mom told me that if I can’t marry a true man, it would be better not to marry at all.”

Radiance pulsed in Dai Mubai’s evil eyes, “You came in order to supervise my cultivation?”

Zhu Zhuqing looked at Dai Mubai, a somewhat cold intent in her eyes, “If you can’t fulfill my expectations, not only won’t I marry you, I’ll kill you. Then kill myself.”

Dai Mubai laughed bitterly, “You really are worthy of being his daughter, this is just your family’s style.”

Zhu Zhuqing indifferently said: “What’s wrong with that? If I was afraid of this, your father also wouldn’t have let me become your fiancée. That day I became your fiancée, your destiny was already changed. Destiny can’t be changed by ordinary people. The marriage between us isn’t just about the two of us, it also relates to our clans and……”

Speaking up to here, Zhu Zhuqing suddenly stopped. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to continue, but rather that she had been pulled into Dai Mubai’s fierce embrace.

Heavily kissing Zhu Zhuqing’s lips, Dai Mubai was practically wildly demanding.

Zhu Zhuqing was purely cool, she would appear to still be calm, but her trembling body in his embrace betrayed her heart.

After a long time, their lips parted. Dai Mubai released Zhu Zhuqing, the latter’s breath already ragged, her charming face flushed, “I really doubt whether you’re only fourteen.”

Zhu Zhuqing nibbled her lip, “You’re one to talk. Of us, who appears to be like just teenaged children? Besides Ma Hongjun the dean picked up, and Oscar from a commoner’s background, who of us five doesn’t have a story behind us? I can’t see through Tang San, and Xiao Wu is equally impenetrable. Even Rongrong isn’t as simple as she would seem on the surface.”

Dai Mubai frowned, “What are you saying this for, no matter what their backgrounds are, as long as you remember that we will forever be comrades, that’s enough.”

Zhu Zhuqing didn’t refute it, but rather quietly nodded. Being together through life and death several times, commonly resisting powerful enemies, even though the Shrek Seven Devils all had their secrets, that would influence their feelings for each other.

Regardless of how many wounds he had reopened from the previous exertion, Dai Mubai once again pulled Zhu Zhuqing into his embrace, “Tell me, do you want to be my wife right now?”

Zhu Zhuqing went blank, raising her head to look at Dai Mubai’s penetrating gaze, silently nodding.

Dai Mubai suddenly smiled, “I remember that you just said that a man’s romance isn’t wrong. As long as it isn’t vulgar. Right. You’re forteen, so I can’t do anything to you. I’ve already held back for very long.”

Zhu Zhuqing’s gaze suddenly turned severe, grabbing a pair of scissors used for bandages to the side, gesturing a few times towards Dai Mubai’s lower body, “Try it. I don’t care about what you did before I recognized you as my fiancé, but now you’re my man, you can only be mine alone. If I learn you’ve gone out to do bad things, unable to keep track of that thing of yours below, I’ll help you get rid of it.”


The rotten smile on Dai Mubai’s face froze. Looking at Zhu Zhuqing, regarding this girl’s heart, he really didn’t know whether it was love or hate.


The thirteenth round of the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament was about to begin. To the majority of the participating academies, the final ranking as already settled and had already begun to throw the final few matches, ensuring as far as possible that their participating students wouldn’t be injured, starting to prepare for the finals. But, two academies still had a mood of swords drawn and bows bent. Those were Shrek Academy and Godwind Academy with twelve successive victories.

Each academy had to fight in fourteen rounds. Shrek Academy and Godwind Academy’s final round opponents weren’t powerful, and victory was practically without question. Therefore, deciding who would become the first ranked academy in Heaven Dou Empire would depend on this match today. A collision between two completely victorious teams.

And this match, since Feng Xiaotian’s challenge to Tang San yesterday, had already become a battle between two people.

The previous six matches of the day had already ended. As the highlight of the day, the Shrek Academy versus Godwind Academy battle had been moved last.

Godwind Academy’s team members stood in a line, Feng Xiaotian standing in front of them.

“Brothers, do you trust me?” Feng Xiaotian asked in a low voice.

These team members capable of participating in the tournament were all the Godwind Academy’s elite students on the verge of graduating, they hadn’t been together with Feng Xiaotian for just a day or two. But this was the first time they had seen him make this kind of expression.

The leftmost team member said without the slightest hesitation: “Captain, go. No matter the outcome, we will all support you. If you can’t defeat this Tang San, then it’s still impossible for us to win this ranking match. You’re our captain, you’re also our core. I support you.”

The others also nodded in succession.

Feng Xiaotian sighed, “Tang San’s words yesterday made me think very deeply. Before, I always considered our team to be my own. But I was wrong, the team consists of all of us. Brothers, thank you for your support. No matter what, I will exhaust all I have in this match.”

“Captain, no matter the outcome, we will back you.”

When Tang San and Feng Xiaotian walked out from different directions, all the spectating academies were already in an uproar. They clearly hadn’t expected both Shrek Academy and Godwind Academy to dispatch their strongest members first.

Godwind Academy team captain Feng Xiao Tian, forty fourth ranked power attack system Battle Spirit Ancestor, spirit: Stormwind Doubleheaded Wolf[2].

Shrek Academy team vice captain Tang San, forty second ranked control system Battle Spirit Ancestor, spirit: Blue Silver Grass.
[1] (蓝点神⻰疾) Not too sure on the translation here.
[2] (疾⻛双头狼)

Chapter 117

The two people didn’t walk quickly, both following a certain rhythm, their gazes all along fixed on their opponent. Even though the match still hadn’t started, they were already looking for weaknesses in the opponent. Even though they were only forty something ranked, at such a young age they already revealed the demeanor of grandmasters.

Four eyes, met two hearts trembling simultaneously. As outstanding young Spirit Masters, they could both see something of their opponent’s element. They both understood that this match inevitably wouldn’t be simple.

The referee indicated that both sides could release their spirits.

Raising his right hand, the familiar blue light issued from Tang San’s palm. His appearance still didn’t hint at his talent, his expression calm.

Feng Xiaotian issued a shrill howl, a layer of faint cyan light rushing out of his body. Along with the appearance of the cyan light, his body clearly changed. With the sound of cracking bones, his muscles and bones swelled simultaneously, his body clearly growing larger. His long hair was also rendered cyan, and most peculiarly, a wolf’s head protruded from his left shoulder.

The cyan wolf’s head had a cold gaze, staring fixedly at Tang San, traces of cold air constantly being released.

Stormwind Doubleheaded Wolf, a variation of Stormwind Demon Wolf. The Stormwind Demon Wolf was a kind of high level spirit, but it’s variation also became a two-headed wolf, already turning it into a kind of close to top level spirit.

It was precisely by relying on this variant spirit that Feng Xiaotian had attained the record he had today. Forty fourth rank at twenty four made him a genius among geniuses. If not for Tang San’s many turns of fortune, and also the growth assistance of the immortal herbs, as well as the boost of the orthodox school internal strength method Mysterious Heaven Skill, his talent also might not come out any stronger.

Feng Xiaotian’s already wasn’t as impulsive as yesterday, his appearance as calm as Tang San’s.

“Tang San.” “Feng Xiaotian.”
The two addressed each other.

Feng Xiaotian gazed at Tang San, “This year I’m twenty four, at my spirit awakening when I was six, I had innate full spirit power. My achievements today are all what I have put aside, bit by bit. I admire your strength. But today I must beat you. Whether for my Godwind Academy team, or for Huo Wu, I cannot lose.”

Tang San smiled calmly, looking at his opponent without comment. But the staunch light in his eyes still told Feng Xiaotian that he also wouldn’t renounce the match. He clearly carried the glory of Shrek Academy.

“Match start.” The referee declared. The two people in the center of the ring moved practically simultaneously.

ass="c1"Feng Xiaotian accelerated in practically an instant, charging directly at Tang San, cyan light and shadow playing behind his back, his speed strangely incomparable.

Tang San was alarmed. According to what he knew, Feng Xiaotian should be a power attack system Spirit Master. But right now, the speed Feng Xiaotian boasted wasn’t inferior to a fortieth ranked agility attack system Spirit Master.

How come?

Tang San didn’t spend much time thinking about it. The instant Feng Xiaotian launched himself at him, his first spirit ring was already brightening, sharp wolf claws ejecting from his palm, a sharp pitiless gaze locking on Tang San. Before he even arrived, his wolf claws were already swinging, ten half crescent wind blades splitting the air, sealing all Tang San’s routes of escape.

Stormwind Demon Wolf’s first spirit ability was Wind Blade, but Feng Xiaotian with the Stormwind Doubleheaded Wolf spirit’s spirit ability was Wind Blade Burst[1]. With ten times the quantity, it could clearly be seen how much more powerful his first spirit ability was compared to ordinary Stormwind Demon Wolves. This was the innate advantage of high level spirits.

Did the burst truly seal all directions? Tang San’s movements gave the answer.

Feet moving lightly, dashing forward simultaneously, his figure moving in swift flashes. Nobody could clearly see Tang San’s footwork as he instantly transformed into a flash. Feng Xiaotian was startled to discover that he was actually unable to lock down Tang San’s aura.

Leaning east, turning west. The originally seemingly undodgeable ten wind blades were unexpectedly penetrated by Tang San, without the slightest injury.

Feng Xiaotian’s gaze focused. Right now there was less than five meters until they clashed. At this range, there was only enough time for one move.

Tang San didn’t release his Blue Silver Grass, but rather simultaneously cut out with both hands, directly grabbing for Feng Xiaotian’s body. But

Feng Xiaotian also didn’t use his spirit abilities again, and his wolf claws rose to meet Tang San’s swatting hands. They both unexpectedly chose to depend on their spirit power to fight without spirit abilities.

From this alone, Tang San saw Feng Xiaotian’s confidence and strength. Spirit Masters had limited spirit power, and no matter what level spirit ability, all would consume some spirit power. But in a purely physical fight, the spirit consumption would be a lot less. In attacking without clearly understanding the opponent, the one to attack first would be at a disadvantage. That they didn’t use spirit abilities right now didn’t mean that they weren’t prepared to use them. If the opponent’s spirit ability launched, they could also certainly instantly launch their own spirit abilities to counter.

Tang San’s right hand cut at Feng Xiaotian’s right hand. Feng Xiaotian’s wrist turned, sharp wolf claws already scratching Tang San’s palms. He possessed a Beast Spirit, so his physical boost would clearly be more powerful than Tang San with a Tool Spirit. As his wolf claws scratched Tang San’s right hand, even Feng Xiaotian was somewhat astonished. He believed that in circumstances where their levels didn’t differ much, if Tang San’s hand was injured by him, then he wouldn’t have any chance.

However, as the two hands directly touched, Feng Xiaotian discovered his mistake.

Tang San’s hand was lustrous like jade, even the most beautiful girl couldn’t possess hands like these. But this lustrous like white jade palm was even harder than steel, and the wolf claws only struck a series of sparks on Tang San’s palm, without leaving even a mark.

The pain from the rebound of the wolf claws made Feng Xiaotian’s heart shiver, and with plentiful combat experience, he immediately launched his first spirit ability once again.

Facts proved that Feng Xiaotian’s choice was correct. Tang San’s Mysterious Jade Hand could already feel his pulse, and if Feng Xiaotian had reacted a beat slower, allowing his hand to fall into Tang San’s

Mysterious Jade Hand’s grasp, this fight would immediately have lost all suspense.

Five wind blades burst out. The distance between the two was really too close. The wind blades impacting in Tang San’s Mysterious Jade Hand suddenly resounded with a series of brittle sounds.

Separating in a flash, Tang San and Feng Xiaotian retreated simultaneously. But at this moment, a strand of Blue Silver Grass also quietly stretched up after Feng Xiaotian’s feet.

Tang San’s feet hit the ground, already shooting up once again, he basically didn’t plan on giving Feng Xiaotian any time. Relying on the incomparably solid Mysterious Jade Hand, under the assistance of Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step, he approached once again. This time, he was completely striking at Feng Xiaotian’s chest.

Feng Xiaotian was currently indescribably shocked. He hadn’t expected that Tang San’s physical fighting strength would actually be at this level. He had the intense premonition that if Tang San launched an attack close to his body, then he would be chanceless.

In this crisis, Feng Xiaotian reacted with matchless speed, fiercely leaping back, pulling open the distance between the two of them in an instant. Not only did he escape Tang San’s attack, but also the Blue Silver Grass Binding coming at him from below in the key moment.

‘Such speed’, the expression in Tang San’s eyes grew serious. He already understood a lot from Feng Xiaotian’s speed. As Grandmaster’s disciple, regarding variant spirits, Tang San also knew a lot. What Feng Xiaotian revealed right now seemed to be the capability of an agility attack system Spirit Master. Was his title as power attack system Spirit Master bogus? No, of course not.

From Feng Xiaotian’s speed, Tang San had already vaguely estimated that with the Stormwind Doubleheaded Wolf, the benefits produced by both heads perhaps lay in both power attack and agility attack. The attack and

defense of a power attack system Spirit Master, further adding the speed of an agility attack system Spirit Master, could it be he was that powerful?

Since understanding the true essence of the spirit, and after figuring out those questions in his heart, Tang San’s attack method had a great change compared to before. As a control system Spirit Master, his spirit abilities were almost all used for controlling enemies. However, he was also a Tang Sect disciple. Was there any difference between Tang Sect’s martial abilities and those spirit abilities? No, of course not. Even though right now the inability to use hidden weapons and poison enormously weakened the strength of Tang San’s Tang Sect martial skills, Tang Sect’s capabilities were even more practical than that. As for those control spirit abilities, they would be better to steel the edge at the crucial moment. No need to use normally, as long as they were used, they would have to be released like an arrow, to cause the opponent the biggest attack.

At the same time as Feng Xiaotian retreated, he no longer hesitated again. After a brief probe, he had already discovered that even as a power attack system Battle Spirit Master, it would be very difficult for him to get an advantage over Tang San in a physical battle. Right now wasn’t the time to wonder why Tang San’s hands were so solid, but rather how to obtain the victory in this match.

Therefore, when Feng Xiaotian retreated, his second and third spirit rings brightened simultaneously.

A pair of enormous cyan wings extended from Feng Xiaotian’s back. And at this moment, cyan light and shadow condensed behind his back, the appearance of the Stormwind Doubleheaded Wolf. Set off under that enormous dazzling image, Feng Xiaotian soared into the air, the wings on his back beating only once, using the wind, his body already shot straight up, rising more than fifty meters in the air. That was a distance Tang San’s Blue Silver Grass couldn’t even hope to reach.

Looking at this scene, all the Shrek Academy members’ faces couldn’t help changing. In the previous matches, even though Godwind Academy

had a lot of members that could fly, as the captain as well as a power attack system Spirit Master, Feng Xiaotian had never done so. Right now, suddenly soaring into the air, with enough spirit power, he had clearly already placed himself in an invincible position. Without using hidden weapons, it seemed very difficult for Tang San’s attacks to influence him.

Seeing Feng Xiaotian’s sudden flight, Tang San didn’t panic. While staring fixedly at his opponent, he unhurriedly walked into the center of the ring.

Feng Xiaotian’s wings spread easily in the sky, gazing at Tang San below him, “Tang San, you’re even more formidable than I had imagined. However, even if you were more formidable, today I’ll still definitely beat you. , I’ll use attack you with my own created spirit ability. Careful. The spirit ability is named: Stormwind Demon Wolf’s Thirty Six Successive Chops.”

Listening to his opponent, Tang San took a firm stance with half angled feet, replying to his opponent with one word, “Come.”

The words ‘created spirit ability’ no doubt shocked everyone present. In fact, even though created spirit abilities couldn’t form naturally the way spirit abilities from spirit rings did, any Spirit Master that could create their own spirit ability would be alarmingly outstanding of their generation. Created spirit abilities appeared as a combination of all one’s circumstances, and consequently, they were even more practical.

The doubleheaded wolf image behind him gradually merged with Feng Xiaotian, that was his second spirit ability, Double Wolf Body Enhancement. Under circumstances like these, his attack, defense, and speed would all increase by fifty percent. Further adding his third spirit ability, Stormwing Wings, his condition was boosted to its peak. It was also only under the assistance of these two spirit abilities that his created spirit ability could be revealed. In some sense, his created spirit ability wasn’t much different from his fourth spirit ability, and moreover it consumed a bit less spirit power.

With a long howl, Feng Xiaotian moved. His body dropped from the sky like a meteor from the heavens. Strangely, those enormous unfolded wings didn’t make a sound as he descended. The cyan light filling the air was completely withdrawn. Right now his wings were perfectly angled.

A lack of wind sound meant that the drag resistance was even smaller. Only a wind element Spirit Master like him could find the best angle in the wind like this. The knife sharp edges of the wings glittered with a deep cyan light in the sunshine. Those so called Stormwind Demon Wolf’s Thirty Six Successive Chops would clearly issue from the edges of these wings.

Blue Silver Grass soared up, forming countless vines, directly twisting at the descending Feng Xiaotian.

Feng Xiaotian’s seemingly courageous advance through the air deflected slightly, changing direction the instant he was on the verge of coming into contact with the Blue Silver Grass.

Light appeared over the wings, Blue Silver Grass snapped. Those twisting Blue Silver Grass were unexpectedly completely unable to stop him for even a moment. Cutting one after another, he went straight for Tang San.

Tang San made an extremely brazen act. Both fists swinging, he simultaneously struck at Feng Xiaotian’s wings, at the shoulder.

The instant before the attack, Feng Xiaotian’s wings had completely merged with his arms, this was also a significant reason why his wings had such tremendous attack power.

Feng Xiaotian couldn’t spare his fuel, seeing Tang San’s fists attack, he also wanted to see just how solid Tang San’s hands actually were. Adjusting his body slightly, his shoulders bizarrely pulled back, making the knife sharp edges of his wings meet the lustrous white fists of Tang San.

With an explosive sound, Feng Xiaotian soared up. Tang San’s hands weren’t the slightest bit injured, and under the boost of the second spirit

ability, Double Wolf Body Enhancement, Feng Xiaotian also didn’t suffer any injuries.

An ache reaching the marrow of his bones made Feng Xiaotian’s gaze turn monstrous. Were those really hands? He clearly knew that when he fully used thirty six successive chops to attack with his wings, he had once cut open a one meter thick block of granite.

Feng Xiaotian was struck flying, and Tang San didn’t feel any better. His feet had completely sunk into the ground, and his face had a faintly reddish tint, his qi and blood bubbling up.

Their trains of thought flashed through their minds like lightning. Feng Xiaotian’s attack wouldn’t stop, and Tang San’s defense continued.

Feng Xiaotian with the ability to fly didn’t return to a high altitude like Tang San had imagined, he only made a large turn in the air, then his right wing once again chopped down. This time it was in a batch. Feng Xiaotian’s single wing flashed successively, constantly changing trajectory in order to dodge Tang San’s fists. That his fist was solid didn’t mean that his body was. If that powerful guillotine like blade hit his body, perhaps…...

A purple gold light appeared in Tang San’s eyes. He only quietly watched that brandishing wing. When the wing was less than a meter away from him, both his hands rose once again, blasting out simultaneously once more.

With a peng sound, Feng Xiaotian was inconceivably sent flying once again. He couldn’t understand how, under his utmost control, Tang San could still find the trajectory of his wing. This was practically impossible.

How could he know that Tang San, born of Tang Sect, had eyesight that someone of this world basically couldn’t compare to. Let alone the edge of his wing, even if it was countless hidden weapons coming from all directions, Tang San could still shoot down each and every one.

Feng Xiaotian was shocked, but Tang San was also equally shocked. Because he discovered that under Feng Xiaotian’s second chop, even though it was only one wing, in fact, the force of this attack was even

greater than before. This discovery immediately made Tang San inwardly somewhat suspicious.

Their astonishment didn’t have the slightest effect on their battle. Feng Xiaotian flew another turn in the air, his wings alternating to attack, starting the third and fourth chops.

Tang San also simultaneously used his Mysterious Jade Hand to receive the two attacks.

The facts proved that Tang San’s judgement was correct. These two attacks of Feng Xiaotian’s, one was stronger than the other. Even though the increase in strength wasn’t much, Tang San’s arms were already stinging. His Mysterious Jade Hand had, after all, still not been cultivated to its peak, and the opponent’s successive attacks made Tang San’s hands ache.

Tang San suddenly smiled. Who could have thought that he would actually still smile at a moment like this. In four attacks his calves had already sunk into the ground, and previously Feng Xiaotian had said that this Stormwind Demon Wolf chop would strike altogether thirty six times. At present, not only did Feng Xiaotian’s attacks grow stronger and stronger, but the attack speed was also increasing. Speed and power were directly proportional, his created spirit ability’s foremost feature was that it exploited speed and gravity to constantly boost his attack power.

Tang San understood that even though Feng Xiaotian could complete thirty six chops, at the end, if he could truly continue to stiffly take the attacks, perhaps Feng Xiaotian’s wings would directly snap under the force.

Feng Xiaotian’s spirit power was two ranks higher than Tang San’s, and further adding this growth, how could Tang San continue to take his attacks? Right now, an extremely sharp spirit power was already breaking out in Feng Xiaotian’s surroundings, and even if Tang San wanted to launch his second spirit ability, Parasite, it still wouldn’t have any effect. Even his third spirit ability, Spiderweb Restraint, might be cut under the constantly growing sharp blades. What could Tang San do now? Release Eight Spider Lances and fight back?

No, Tang San wouldn’t do that.

Feng Xiaotian’s attack made Tang San recall something in his past, recall the time when he sometimes wouldn’t have any food, the least glamorous time.

In the crack between Feng Xiaotian’s fourth and fifth chop, black light rushed out of Tang San’s right hand, an unremarkable little hammer appearing in his grasp. Just at this moment, there was suddenly a bursting sound under Tang San’s feet, as the ground where his legs were stuck suddenly collapsed into a large hole.

Half turning, Tang San grasped the hammer with both hands, calves generating strength, spreading through his legs to his waist, through his waist to his back, from his back to his arms, fully half turning, that only one chi[2] long little hammer in his hands rising from below, directly meeting Feng Xiaotian’s fifth chop.


This time Feng Xiaotian flew out especially high. If they could be seen, then this time one could definitely spot a tiny fracture in his wing. The violent pain already turned Feng Xiaotian’s face deep red.

At the same time as his body turned, he looked with shock at the little hammer that had appeared in Tang San’s hands. At this moment, there wasn’t enough time to think about how his opponent suddenly had a weapon. The referee hadn’t called for a halt, that proved that his opponent hadn’t broken any rules.

Actually, how could he have known that the referee was already staring stupidly.

The two rotated practically simultaneously, only one was in the sky, one was on the ground. Feng Xiaotian’s wings struck down once again, and the little hammer in Tang San’s hands swung up once again. Violent collisions resounded repeatedly like rain against palm leaves.

Whether it was Tang San or Feng Xiaotian, they were both turning faster and faster. In a moment, there had already been more than ten collisions.

In the judges’ seats, emperor Xue Ye’s gaze was frozen. Platinum bishop Salas’ gaze was frozen. One might say that as long as they were sixtieth rank or over, Spirit Masters more than fifty years old, right now their hearts were shuddering.

What was that? What was that black little hammer? What did it represent? None lacked absolute clarity in their hearts.

That wasn’t a weapon, at least it wasn’t a weapon one carried, it further wasn’t something stored in a spatial spirit tool. That was a spirit, a true spirit, a spirit that had produced immeasurable glory in the Spirit Master world. The peak existence on the pyramid of tool spirits. It represented a sect, represented countless powers. It represented the most powerful force and attack.

That was, the Clear Sky Hammer.
Blue Silver Grass and Clear Sky Hammer, one heavenly, one in the dirt.
But these two spirits appeared simultaneously on one person.

Nobody knew how this was possible, nobody knew. But the only thing that appeared in their minds right now, was just one term. Twin spirits.

Clear Sky School, Clear Sky Hammer, twin spirits. Three phrases in the Spirit Master world vocabulary that shocked the nerves of each person.

Even though Tang San didn’t make it clear, what he was using right now was the sect spirit ability possessed only by the Clear Sky School, Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method.

Reportedly, at its peak, the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method could be swung nine times nine, eighty one times, the force of the hammer

increasing with each swing. Even a true god would be unable to withstand the eighty first and final swing.

Even though the Clear Sky Hammer was so small in Tang San’s hand, and also seemed so ordinary, the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method belonged to only this family. Right now, there was basically nobody who doubted his identity.

A directly related Clear Sky School descendant. Only directly related Clear Sky School disciples could learn the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method.

The word ‘genius’ was apparently already insufficient to describe the youth in the center of the ring, the glory he carried was even more brilliant than the light of his four spirit rings.

Emperor Xue Ye was extremely regretful. Regretful that his little brother would let such a person slip by. The people of the Clear Sky School hadn’t appeared on the Continent for many years. With great difficulty managing to meet one, and a directly related disciple at that, if he could rope him in, then……

The shock in Salas’ eyes gradually turned into a cold light. Twin spirits. It was unexpectedly twin spirits as well. No, this absolutely wasn’t something such a lowly peasant could possess. Moreover he was still from the Clear Sky School. No matter what, this boy had to die. No matter what.

At this moment, there were no longer a trace of doubt in his heart.

When Tang San unleashed the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method, Feng Xiaotian’s destiny was already fated to be tragic.

It had to be said that Feng Xiaotian was an exceptionally talented Spirit Master, and the might of this spirit ability he created was also out of the ordinary. Escaping danger by a hair’s breadth, launching Thirty Six Successive Chops from midair was enough to defeat opponents even stronger than him.

Unfortunately, he was facing a monster. A monster among monsters from Shrek Academy.

Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method could be said to be a peak existence among amplifying spirit abilities. Standing on the ground, it was a lot easier for him to issue strength than for his opponent.

With each of Feng Xiaotian’s chops, the amplification depended on speed and the force of gravity. But with each of Tang San’s swings, the amplification relied not only on these, but also on his physical strength.

In gravity, could Feng Xiaotian’s body weight compare to the already five hundred jin[3] heavy Clear Sky Hammer?

Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method had always been used by Tang San for forging. He had practiced it far, far too many times already. In the previous several clashes, Feng Xiaotian could still compete equally with Tang San, even so much that he held the upper hand. But after the tenth swing, he could only step by step retreat in defeat, just like a piece of iron forged by the Clear Sky Hammer, constantly pounded, flying up. By now, the arms fused together with his wings were already completely numb.

Feng Xiaotian wanted to stop. But he discovered that he was unable to accomplish it. Tang San’s Clear Sky Hammer seemed to be sticky, pulling at his body. Even if he didn’t want to continue using Stormwind Demon Wolf’s Thirty Six Successive chops, he couldn’t do anything about it.

At this moment, Feng Xiaotian revealed the demeanor of a power. When he was about to use the nineteenth chop, with a shrill howl, cyan light rushed out of his whole body.

With a loud bang, clouds of blood rained in all directions, Feng Xiaotian had unexpectedly forcibly shocked his own wings to pieces.

Countless pieces of blood and flesh attacked straight at Tang San with a powerful energy, and because he didn’t have wings to control the air streams, Feng Xiaotian’s body flew out at an angle under the enormous momentum.

A hero breaking his wrist[4], truly a hero breaking his wrist. Even if the wings weren’t part of his four limbs, they were still condensed by Feng Xiaotian himself. Breaking the wings wasn’t something that could be recovered in just a day or two.

But it was also just this that saved Feng Xiaotian’s life.

Tang San could control the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method himself, but he couldn’t clearly see the opponent’s condition. With Tang San’s current strength, he could at most use the Disorder Splitting Wind hammer method forty eight times. But after thirty six times, it would already be something he couldn’t control. Moreover, this was only the first time he used this hammer method with the Clear Sky Hammer, and as he did, he discovered that the Clear Sky Hammer would emit a kind of peculiar force field. With the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method in perfect harmony with the Clear Sky Hammer, the resulting might was more than he could imagine.

But there was also an issue. The Clear Sky Hammer was too heavy, ten times heavier than ordinary forging hammers. Thus, even though he could control the rotation, stopping was a lot more difficult. In fact, when using the Clear Sky Hammer, once he reached twenty four swings it would already be very difficult to control that terrifying force. At that time, Feng Xiaotian stuck in the Clear Sky Hammer’s forcefield would practically certainly die.

Right now Feng Xiaotian broke his wings and fell, and the flesh and blood from his shattered wings also couldn’t injure Tang San. The Clear Sky Hammer’s whirlwind type swings engulfed those onrushing fragments and sent them out, throwing them directly to the ground. And Tang San also relaxed his body, swinging around and around more than ten turns before he managed to find his balance, his face pale.

Even though Tang San’s Clear Sky Hammer didn’t have any spirit rings, his spirit power was still forty first rank. That using the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method with such spirit power was still so difficult, clearly showed how terrifying this Clear Sky School’s sect spirit ability was.

A dizzy feeling constantly assaulted Tang San’s brain. He withdrew the Clear Sky Hammer in practically the first instant, since he was already practically unable to hold on to that frightening tool spirit.

By now, Tang San’s spirit power consumption was enormous, and the burden on his body far exceeded what it did before.

The two were more than ten meters from each other. Even though one stood and one had fallen, neither’s body was in particularly good shape, gasping for big mouthfuls of breath.

Gazing at each other, they didn’t have any intent of giving up.

Actually, it really wasn’t that Tang San wanted to use the Clear Sky Hammer, but rather that at the time, if he didn’t use it, he basically couldn’t think of any way that could block the opponent’s Stormwind Demon Wolf’s Thirty Six Successive Chops, even Eight Spider Lances might not have any effect. After all, this created spirit ability’s attack power grew constantly, and with the boost from two spirit rings, it was Feng Xiaotian’s certain kill technique.

Tang San had thought of the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method, and used it immediately. This was also the result of his combat experience. He had made the best decision in the shortest time. It was precisely because of this that he could successfully defeat his opponent.

Even though they had used up about as much strength, Feng Xiaotian’s injuries were serious after breaking his wings. The competition between these two was about to end.

“Twin spirits, yes?” Crawling up with difficulty, Feng Xiaotian’s voice sounded somewhat bitter.

Tang San sighed inwardly. When he used the Clear Sky Hammer he had already understood that it would be impossible to keep this secret. But he didn’t regret it. At least he had won this fight, and brought Shrek Academy to the summit for the first time. At the same time he also more and more felt the importance of the Clear Sky Hammer. Even though he couldn’t give it

any spirit rings right now, always hiding it didn’t have any advantages to him. Therefore, he didn’t regret it. At least, right now he also had Grandmaster there, with powers like Flender and Liu Erlong to protect him, as well as the attention and support of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School. Even if someone went after him for his twin spirits, it wouldn’t be so easy.

Tang San had already thought about it. Once this tournament was over, he would follow Grandmaster to find an uninhabited place and cultivate assiduously. Not being able to acquire some achievements didn’t bother him. Once that time came, at least he would have the strength to protect himself. At least he would also refine some of the more terrifying Tang Sect hidden weapons for self protection.

Nodding, Tang San didn’t deny it, “A hammer called clear sky.”

“Clear Sky Hammer?” The pupils of Feng Xiaotian’s eyes contracted sharply, and he said with a wry smile: “It seems my loss wasn’t an injustice. It’s no wonder Huo Wu would choose you over me. I’m no match for you. Perhaps I won’t be able to get a better record even in the finals. I’ve lost. Godwind Academy concedes.”

Tang San sighed, saying: “Actually you didn’t really lose to me. You only lost to your own created spirit ability. Your Stormwind Demon Wolf Thirty Six Successive Chops was just countered by me. Otherwise, to whom the deer would fall in this match might still be hard to say. Moreover, there’s something I have to tell you. There’s no relationship between Huo Wu and me. Even so much that we’re not even friends. If you like her that’s your matter, don’t get me involved.”

“What did you say?” Feng Xiaotian’s eyes opened wide, even to the extent that he had already forgotten about the pain of his broken wings.

Tang San smiled indifferently, “I never lie.”

The match ended. Because of the previous bet, Godwind Academy directly declared that they gave up on the match. And in the match on the next day, Shrek Academy’s opponent also directly forfeited.

Fourteen rounds of the ranking competition, fourteen successive victories. Among all the fifteen teams, Shrek Academy ranked number one, obtaining the peak position in the Heaven Dou Empire region. This time, Shrek Academy had one after the other beaten Blazing Academy, Botanic Academy, Skywater Academy, Thunderclap Academy, as well as the Godwind Academy. Their record proved their true strength. There was nobody who called into question who Heaven Dou Empire’s strongest academy team was. And such a glorious achievement, was the result of the common efforts of the entire Shrek Academy team.
[1] (⻛刃列阵) “Wind Blade Arranged as a burst”
[2] 1尺 = ⅓ m
[3] 500⽄ = 250 kg
[4] When a warriors wrist is bitten by a poisonous snake, he should cut it off to prevent a worse fate.

Chapter 118

The competition ended, undoubtedly with another impassioned boost and encouragement for emperor Xue Ye. , the finals would start very soon. That was the true battle to decide which academy was the most powerful on the Continent.

As regent, emperor Xue Ye naturally couldn’t leave Heaven Dou City unattended. After the end of his speech, emperor Xue Ye declared that crown prince Xue Qinghe would represent him as Heaven Dou Empire’s envoy, to take the task of judging the tournament. And Heaven Dou Empire’s fifteen teams would accompany him personally on the way to a city on the common border of the two great empires where the finals would take place. The finals would be arranged by Spirit Hall.

There would only be three days for all the teams to rest. After three days, the altogether fifteen teams plus teachers and an escort of five hundred imperial household knights, a party of more than a thousand people, would leave for where the finals would be held. Spirit City.

Originally the finals weren’t at all arranged by Spirit Hall, but for some reason, Spirit Hall suddenly issued an alteration. This tournament’s ultimate finals would be held in the main city of Spirit Hall. This city practically entirely belonged to Spirit Hall. Situated on the border of the two great empires, the empires had no authority over it. Most importantly, one of the two great palaces that symbolized Spirit Hall, Supreme Pontiff Palace, was located in Spirit City.

This recently constructed Supreme Pontiff Palace was reputed to be the grandest building in all the Douluo Continent. Spirit City had also become the holy land of all Spirit Masters due to the construction of this Supreme Pontiff Palace, making it like a capital city Spirit Hall had established for itself.

From Heaven Dou City to Spirit City was almost twenty days on the road. The finals wouldn’t last for very long, as it was a knock-out competition. Altogether thirty three teams could settle the outcome in less than ten days.

Spirit Hall attached extreme importance to the finals this time. While the ranking competition was ongoing, Spirit Hall had already started to set up the site for this Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament finals. At the same time, Spirit City had decreed that non-Spirit Masters couldn’t enter to see the competition. Not even nobles. Like this, they increased the mystery of the finals somewhat.

Ordinary people wouldn’t feel particularly satisfied with Spirit Hall’s decree. After all, to ordinary people, Spirit Hall was a remote and exalted existence. Spirit Hall was the shrine, the holy land in their hearts. If the lord Supreme Pontiff had personally decreed it, who would dare say anything?

A crowd of more than a thousand people set off grandiosely. Even if the academies all had their own arrangements, they still all represented Heaven Dou Empire, compared to the previous qualifiers and ranking competition, the taste of gunpowder was somewhat fainter. Especially the academies with better relationships even travelled together.

Shrek Academy still drew the most attention, but those academies whose strength was lacking didn’t want to get close to them. And the four elemental academies also kept a much lower profile, perhaps because of their defeats in the ranking competition.

In order to let the competing team members rest even better, Heaven Dou Empire had arranged altogether fifteen enormous luxurious carriages, specially for the team members to ride in and rest.

These carriages even used some spirit tool technology as foundation, giving them extraordinary shock absorption. Riding them was unusually steady. Of course, the entire Douluo Continent’s spirit tool technology circulation was only clear here.

From the day they set out, Shrek Academy was one person less. One very important person. Grandmaster.

Even the Shrek Seven Devils didn’t know where Grandmaster had gone. Grandmaster didn’t even tell Tang San, only quietly leaving by himself the day after the end of the ranking competition. He also didn’t bring Liu Erlong. It made emperor Xue Ye who planned to invite him very disappointed.

“Xiao Wu, your adopted mother doesn’t seem to have been in a very good mood over these days! What’s going on?”

Sitting in the carriage, Ning Rongrong leaned forward to whisper a question next to Xiao Wu’s ear.

Xiao Wu helplessly shook her head, saying:

“I also don’t know. Only my mom’s character was bad from the start. Everyone better be a bit careful for a while. Don’t provoke her anger by any means, otherwise you’ll only be out of luck.”

Ma Hongjun said to the side:

“Who would dare provoke the tyrant dragon, and a flame breathing one at that?”

Dai Mubai unhappily gave him a glare,

“Be quiet, do you want to kill us? If my guess is correct, then teacher Erlong’s bad temper recently is related to Grandmaster leaving. However, since she still hasn’t flipped out, she should know where Grandmaster went. Really strange, little San, how come even you don’t know where Grandmaster is?”

Tang San smiled faintly, saying:

“I wouldn’t know what Teacher has to do. Boss Dai, recuperate properly. Otherwise you won’t be able to go on stage in the finals, wouldn’t that be painful?”

Dai Mubai snorted,

“Even if it’s just three or four days, my wounds have already closed. No matter what you say, defeating Yu Tian-Xin’s Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Spirit this time was more important than anything. Alright, everyone don’t waste time. This carriage really is good, cultivating isn’t a problem. All of your spirit power has almost broken through. Cultivate quickly. Fight to gain a rank before the competition. Like this we can also increase our chances.”

Tang San nodded, his gaze sweeping across everyone,

“The true threat to us is still Spirit Hall’s hand picked team. Only by defeating them will we obtain ultimate victory. That is our greatest test since the forming of the Shrek Seven Devils.”

On mention of that team, everyone’s expressions dropped. They’d already heard from Tang San about the strength of their future opponents. Especially those three who had obtained Spirit Hall’s Purple Record Medal, opponents who had broken through the fiftieth rank before the age of twenty five. Even if the Shrek Seven Devils all had the potential to do this after taking the immortal treasure herbs Tang San had given them, right now they still hadn’t reached that kind of level.

Confronting that kind of opponents in the tournament was no doubt exceptionally difficult with their current strength. But the opponents already existed, so they couldn’t back down.

How to defeat their opponents had already become a subject they’d constantly considered over these few several days. But Grandmaster wasn’t here, and nobody provided them with any tactics, they could only drill with Tang San as center.

Tang San saw everyone’s heavy gazes and sighed lightly, saying:

“What I’m most worried about isn’t those three fiftieth ranked opponents. If they’d only assembled three fiftieth ranked Spirit Masters and four fortieth ranked Spirit Masters, then we wouldn’t have been without chance. My Eight Spider Lances and twin spirits should be able to withstand one. Boss Dai and Zhuqing’s spirit fusion ability should also be able to persevere against two. With Rongrong and little Ao’s assistance, we might not be without the strength to fight. What worries me the most right now is whether they possess spirit bones or spirit fusion abilities. If they still possess these abilities, then it hardly seems possible for us to win.”

Oscar said:

“Little San, didn’t you say before that Spirit Hall brought out three spirit bones as rewards for the champions this time? Since the rewards are spirit bones, it should be in order to encourage those Spirit Hall team members. This way it seems that the chance that they possess spirit bones is close to none. After all, spirit bones can’t just be seen everywhere. That Spirit Hall can bring out three is already very generous.”

Tang San nodded:

“You’re right. Therefore, what we need to pay attention to right now is the possibility that they can use a spirit fusion ability. In our tactics, we have to make sure to control this aspect.”

Faint light flickered, Tang San’s face revealing a trace of ice cold radiance, his hands folding across his chest. With each flicker of light in his eyes, the atmosphere would distort slightly. Faint purple gold color made the gazes of the other six Shrek Seven Devils focus on him, but nobody interrupted him. Everyone knew that Tang San had certainly thought of something.


“Blazing Academy brothers, can I come in?”

Feng Xiaotian followed alongside the Blazing Academy wagon, yelling inside.

After his match with Tang San that day, even though he had suffered heavy injuries, what Tang San said had undoubtedly also given him a bit of hope. In fact, as soon as his body could endure it a bit, he had run over to find the figure of his heart.

“Brother Feng, what’s the matter?”

The carriage curtains stirred, revealing Huo Wushuang’s face. Feng Xiaotian smiled somewhat awkwardly,
“It’s nothing, is little sister Huo Wu here? I came to apologize to her.”

Huo Wu’s beautiful face appeared next to Huo Wushuang,

“What do you have to apologize to me for? You did nothing wrong.”

Seeing Huo Wu, Feng Xiaotian’s eyes first brightened, then his face immediately turned regretful,

“Little sister Huo Wu, I let you down! I couldn’t complete the task you entrusted me with.. I still lost to Tang San. I……”

“No need to say anything, you didn’t do anything wrong.”

Huo Wu interrupted Feng Xiaotian,

“I didn’t expect that Tang San to still be hiding strength. He really was too strong. Only, since he’s a Clear Sky School descendant, a lot is explained. A loss is a loss. Right now I only want to see whether he can defeat the other opponents in the finals, what ranking he can obtain.”

On mention of Tang San, Huo Wu’s eyes revealed a somewhat peculiar luster. Her attachment to pursuing strength was in no way inferior to any

male Spirit Master. Tang San’s strength no doubt held a great attractive force to her. Of course, it wasn’t the kind of attraction between opposite sex. The only thought in Huo Wu’s heart was how to surpass Tang San, defeat Tang San. Even if Tang San saved her life that day, she was still unable to expel that kind of thought from her mind.

Feng Xiaotian probed: “Then, little sister Huo Wu, that matter between us……”

Huo Wu frowned, replying: “What matter between us?”

“Eh…… This. I was talking about, the matter of us associating.”

Suddenly, Huo Wu’s eyes brightened, her gaze at Feng Xiaotian changing somewhat, “Get on the carriage.”

“Ah?” Feng Xiaotian was already prepared to be rejected, but he hadn’t expected Huo Wu’s sudden change in mood. He hastily leapt on the carriage.

As he saw the charming Huo Wu sitting in the carriage, he couldn’t keep his pulse from speeding up.

Huo Wu said to Huo Wushuang: “Ge, take everyone off for the moment.
I have something to talk to Feng Xiaotian about.”

Huo Wushuang looked at his little sister, a questioning light in his eyes. Huo Wu signaled him with her eyes.
When Feng Xiaotian heard Huo Wu wanted to talk to him alone, his pulse accelerated continuously. He who was always jocular, when he was sealed into this space with Huo Wu alone, he on the contrary felt cramped. Rubbing his hands, he didn’t know what he should say.

“Big brother Feng. I know you’ve always liked me.” The first to speak up was nevertheless Huo Wu.

Feng Xiaotian feeble-mindedly looked at her, muttering: “Your next line wouldn’t be, big brother Feng, you’re a good person, but we don’t suit each other. If it’s really a rejection, then don’t say anything. I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to stand it.”

Looking at Feng Xiaotian’s feeble-minded appearance, Huo Wu couldn’t hold back a laugh, “I give you some color and you start to paint the road. That wasn’t my intention.”

Feng Xiaotian pleasantly surprised said: “Then you’re saying, you’ll agree to go out with me?”

“Pah, in your dreams. I asked you in to consult with you about something.” Huo Wu snapped.

Feng Xiaotian grinned, his past appearance returning, “Well said!
Anything is fine. Speak.”

Huo Wu muttered: “Big brother Feng, do you feel that the finals still have any meaning to us?”

Feng Xiaotian looked distracted a moment, “What do you mean?”

Huo Wu said: “Do you believe we can defeat Shrek Academy? Or the two teams from the two great empire academies, or those abnormals from Spirit Hall?”

Feng Xiaotian laughed bitterly, “Want me to tell the truth? I’m afraid it’d be very difficult.”

Huo Wu snorted, “Is it very difficult? Rather basically impossible. Shrek Academy’s depths are very deep. I think you also noticed that in the qualifiers, they basically didn’t use their full formation. Finally in the ranking competition, their number of fortieth rank Spirit Masters increased to four. And moreover it increased by that powerful fatty. Fire Phoenix Spirit is one of the highest level spirits.”

Feng Xiaotian sighed, “After losing to Tang San, I didn’t consider these questions. Even as a team we still might not have much of a chance to defeat Shrek Academy. Their full strength is too powerful. Moreover the control capability Tang San revealed in the qualifiers as well as their teamwork, they basically won’t give us a chance. As far as I’m concerned, the finals might only be for experience.”

Huo Wu fiercely shook her head, “No. Not necessarily. We still have a chance. This is also the reason why I asked to consult you. I want to let Blazing Academy give up on the qualifications for the finals.”

“Ah? Why?” Feng Xiaotian was shocked, “Being able to reach the finals after so much effort, and you’re giving it up?”

Huo Wu indifferently said: “Of course I’m not casually giving up. I want to let Blazing Academy and your Godwind Academy form an alliance. We’ll form a joint team for the finals.”

Listening to Huo Wu, the dream in Feng Xiaotian’s heart now disappeared completely, frowning, “This seems inappropriate. We represent different elements. First let alone which academy everyone would compete under, I’m afraid it’d be very difficult to get it past the tournament organizational committee.”

Huo Wu smiled calmly, saying: “You don’t have to worry about that.
I’m only asking you, are you willing?”

Feng Xiaotian nodded without the slightest hesitation, “Of course I’m willing. If out two teams could truly fuse together, then we could have a team with all members over fortieth rank. Moreover, our available formations would increase a lot. We could absolutely go at it with those powerful teams.”

Huo Wu nodded, saying: “Since it’s like that, leave the rest to me. I’ll trouble you to return to convince your companions and teachers. Our Blazing Academy will renounce the glory for this and fight under Godwind Academy’s name. As for how to join, that’s also very simple.

We’ll temporarily transfer to your Godwind Academy. I can make decisions for Blazing Academy’s side. The dean is my grandfather.”

Even though Huo Wu spoke very flatly, Feng Xiaotian could clearly grasp the wildness in her words. How much would a heart thirst for victory to make a decision like this?

Huo Wu looked at Feng XIaotian, saying: “We don’t have a lot of time to practice. Only the remaining ten something days on the road. Talk it over with the people from your academy as soon as possible. If there are no issues, we’ll begin practicing our teamwork. Since you could create a spirit ability, then perhaps we can create a second.”

Feng Xiaotian’s eyes brightened, “Like what you used in the competition before? A teamwork fusion ability?”

Huo Wu nodded, “Even if it’s not a true spirit fusion ability, as long as our teamwork is good, our strength will shock everyone.”

Feng Xiaotian smiled wryly: “My only concern is that the tournament committee would cause trouble.”

Huo Wu snorted disdainfully, “What should they care about us transferring? As for the question about quota, I’ll handle it. It’s not difficult to speak to Spirit Hall. As long as we express to that platinum bishop that we’ll join Spirit Hall after the end of the tournament, what could they still object to?”
Feng Xiaotian suddenly calmed down, looking Huo Wu in the eyes. “What are you looking at?” Huo Wu somewhat discontentedly said. Feng Xiaotian sighed, “Huo Wu, are you really that thirsty for victory?
To win, do you know how much you would pay?”

Huo Wu calmly said: “I’m not only thirsty for victory, I’m also thirsty to become even stronger. If I don’t have even a chance, I’ll lose confidence,

then how will I cultivate later? I will only ask you, are you willing to walk this road with me?”

Feng Xiaotian nodded forcefully, “I am. No matter what you decide, I’m willing to follow at your side. But, I’ll declare one thing. I can only represent myself. After the tournament I can enter Spirit Hall together with you, but I can’t control my comrades.”

Huo Wu looked at Feng Xiaotian, something suddenly in her eyes. She of course knew about Feng Xiaotian’s place in the minds of the other Godwind Academy members. With his influence, he could completely convince his comrades to enter Spirit Hall. But he wouldn’t do it. Huo Wu suddenly discovered that Feng Xiaotian unexpectedly had a lot of good points she’d never noticed before. Even though he wasn’t equal to Tang San in strength, he was more handsome. For a moment, she couldn’t help being somewhat stupid.

Hurrying on, Godwind Academy and Blazing Academy quickly reached a cooperation agreement. Of course, this news was kept confidential to the other teams. They wouldn’t reveal it before the start of the finals.

The Shrek Academy group were on the contrary very pleased during this time, the Shrek Seven Devils gathering to cultivate in the carriage each day. Because Dai Mubai had recently gained a rank, he dealt with outside matters with Flender and the others. To them, teamwork wasn’t something they needed to practice much, it was more important to increase spirit power.

After so many battles, to these talented youths, besides combat experience, their spirit power had also grown. In a few days, those that had already reached bottlenecks broke through one after the other. Besides Xiao Wu who was still at the thirty ninth rank, the others all broke through one rank.

At present, the Shrek Seven Devils’ ranks were as follows: Evil Eye White Tiger Dai Mubai, forty five ranks. Big Sausage Uncle Oscar, forty two ranks. Tang San, forty three ranks. Ma Hongjun, forty two ranks. Xiao

Wu, thirty nine ranks. Ning Rongrong, forty two ranks. Zhu Zhuqing, forty two ranks.

Looking at levels alone, perhaps they might not be too astonishing, but if their present age was included, it would be enough to shock any power of the Spirit Master world.

The youngest, Zhu Zhuqing, was just fourteen. The oldest, Dai Mubai, was also only seventeen. Oscar was sixteen. Tang San was also a few days short of fifteen.

This was such a young team! And they were completely able to participate in the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament. What abnormal degree could they reach in five years? Even Grandmaster was unable to estimate it. Because these children were all experts at creating miracles.

The journey continued quietly, and very soon ten days had passed. They were already halfway to Spirit City.

An escort of five hundred imperial household knights was enough to compare to the emperor’s relatives. Wherever they went, every town would receive them with its best appearance, and they didn’t meet any troubles on the road.

Today was the eleventh day of travel. The only one of the Shrek Seven Devils that was still cultivating was Xiao Wu. Xiao Wu was already very close to breaking through to the fortieth rank. The others didn’t wish to disturb her, and so left the entire carriage for her alone.

Right now everyone hoped that Xiao Wu could break through the bottleneck before the finals, and afterwards find a suitable spirit beast and absorb its spirit ring as fast as possible. As long as Xiao Wu also reached the fortieth level, the Shrek Seven Devils’ strength would comprehensively increase.

“Boss Dai, why are you always looking at those knights, you’re not thinking of becoming a soldier?” Ma Hongjun curiously asked Dai Mubai.

As a result of their outstanding display in the ranking competition, right now Shrek Academy was arranged in the middle of the entire Spirit City travel procession.

Dai Mubai said: “We Battle Spirit Masters are originally the best warriors. What’s there to envy about this. I’m just observing. The imperial household knights are worthy of being known as Heaven Dou Empire’s trump card. Not only are they neat and orderly, but their discipline is superb. Being without a bit of haughtiness, this is difficult to find. Even though knights are the lowest order of nobility, being of the imperial household knights regiment, their status in Heaven Dou Empire is out of the ordinary. Being able to be so strict with themselves on the whole journey, that’s completely the result of peacetime drills.”

Ma Hongjun said: “Well, since when did you become a military expert, I didn’t expect to hear that. There are still just ten days! Boss Dai, how about we go strolling among the teams. Even though there aren’t all that many female Spirit Masters, the majority are top quality. Especially those from Skywater Academy are top quality among top quality, don’t tell me you’re not interested.”

Dai Mubai gave Ma Hongjun a resolute glare, “Shut your crow’s beak.
I’m an honorable person, I’d never do that.”

Ma Hongjun turned his head to glance at the not distant Zhu Zhuqing, suddenly understanding: “Understood. I understand. You’re an honorable person. time I speak I’ll definitely be a bit more quiet.”

“I’ll beat you to death.” Dai Mubai could already feel a gaze flickering with ice cold light aimed at his back. These days the relationship between him and Zhu Zhuqing had had a heaven and earth overturning transformation, making Dai Mubai brimming with excitement. But he could still clearly remember what Zhu Zhuqing said to him back in the camp. He knew that Zhu Zhuqing was a person who would definitely do what she said, and he couldn’t keep his back from shivering.

Just as Dai Mubai planned to go over to Zhu Zhuqing to explain, suddenly, a cold aura suddenly arrived from not far away.

Their procession for the most part travelled on the official road, and could only rarely take shortcuts via some remote small roads. And right now was just when they were taking a shortcut. They were between two low hills, and reportedly they could save several dozen li by passing through here. Moreover, even though the road between the hills was a bit narrow, it was still flat, allowing the carriages to pass without problem.

The cold aura came from the hills on either side of the small road. Dai Mubai of course wasn’t the only one to feel it. The imperial household knights leading captain shouted loudly, “Everyone be on your guard, there’s trouble!”

The imperial household knights guarding by the Spirit Masters immediately raised the lances in their hands. Those Spirit Master academy competing team members had relaxed expressions. With so many talented Spirit Masters here, what would they need to worry about? Even though these students were a lot fewer than the imperial household knights, in a fight, their strength wouldn’t be proportional to their numbers. Even more when the academy coaching teachers included powers of at least ten Spirit Masters of the sixtieth or seventieth rank. This kind of procession was enough to confront a large army of more than ten thousand troops.

Just at this moment, countless falling stones came tumbling down from the hills like rain. These stones didn’t only appear extremely suddenly, but also extremely orderly. Swiftly falling towards the ground.

The terrain before them was extremely unfavorable to the entire procession. That imperial household knight captain immediately passed down the order to speed up their advance, and also leaving those falling stones to the five hundred imperial household knights.

This moment demonstrated the intrinsic quality of the imperial household knights. Even though they weren’t Spirit Masters, their physical strength was extremely powerful.

The hills on either side weren’t too high, and this also made the impact of the stones something that really wasn’t impossible to deal with. The imperial household knights retreated a few steps, leaving a passage in the center, raising their lances high and meeting the falling stones.

Lances met stones, and they made use of their lances to constantly send rock after rock sideways. Five hundred knights’ lances formed a steel wall, and in such unfavorable terrain, for the moment unexpectedly not letting a single rock past them.

Watching this scene, Ma Hongjun who had previously not believed in what Dai Mubai said couldn’t help being shocked. The fifteen Spirit Master academies’ coaching teachers swiftly led the way outside the hills. In order to move even faster, they abandoned the carriages, all students hurrying along on foot. As long as they could leave this terrain, there wasn’t anything to fear.

Right now everyone wanted to know just what kind of person dared attack the imperial household knights regiment. This was Heaven Dou Empire’s domain. Could there really be bandits? Were they blind?

Xiao Wu had not choice but to stop her cultivation. The Shrek Seven Devils and the four substitute members followed close behind Liu Erlong and Flender.

Liu Erlong was basically of a mind to rush into the hills and slaughter everything, but was stopped by Flender.

“Boss Fu, what are you doing blocking me? It’s better to just let me kill blind vermin like these.” Liu Erlong said resentfully.

Flender sternly said: “It isn’t that simple. Don’t tell me you don’t feel it’s strange? Even if Heaven Dou Empire has some large gangs of robbers, they’re also very effective at gathering information. Someone dares attack a procession like ours, what would they rely on? Look at the stones, they were clearly prepared long ago. It really isn’t random. Whatever they want to do, it’s most important to first protect the children. Xiao Gang isn’t here

so we can’t display our peak fighting strength, it’s most important to guard next to the children.

Hearing Flender’s words, even though Liu Erlong was inwardly a bit dissatisfied, she also didn’t argue.

The imperial household knights were gradually becoming unable to endure, some especially enormous rocks smashing into their ranks.

This kind of moment displayed the strength of Spirit Masters. These Heaven Dou Empire advanced Spirit Master academy elites basically didn’t show any confusion, each releasing their spirits. Auxiliary system Spirit Masters guarded inside, power attack system and defensive system pushed outside. The rocks that flew over were immediately smashed to pieces, to the extent that it didn’t even influence their pace forward.

Soon, this stretch of road between the two hills was about to end. Behind the imperial household knights were also already starting to break off and retreat.

At this moment, a whistle sounded from somewhere. On the hills on either side suddenly appeared thousands of black clothes people, charging down with astonishing speed. Right now the imperial household knights were still in the process of retreating, and the Spirit Masters of the fifteen academies could only rely on their own strength for their protection.

All kinds of dazzlingly beautiful light began to appear over the Spirit Masters, spirits releasing, spirit rings shining. They were already prepared for battle.

Even though there couldn’t be said to be any cooperation between the academies, each academy formed a small group, the appearance of enemies on the contrary stimulating their bloodlust. Not retreating but on the contrary advancing didn’t require anyone’s coordination. They swiftly faced the enemies and charged.

However, circumstances that the young Spirit Masters hadn’t expected appeared. When they thought they could easily smash the opponents, the

opponents struck the first blow.

The teachers and students of the fifteen academies altogether numbered more than two hundred, and the number of bandits coming down the hills numbered approximately one thousand five hundred or so. The moment both sides clashed, these bandits unexpectedly displayed astonishing teamwork. Often there were three or four people besieging one, their attacks accurate and powerful, immediately catching the Spirit Masters unprepared. After all, their combat experience was still based on small scale fights, it was the first time for this kind of large scale battle.

Dazzlingly beautiful spirit ring abilities began to appear, but those black clothed people were extremely crafty, relying on fairly good speed and teamwork, it was unexpectedly very difficult for first or second rank spirit abilities to do anything to them. Moreover, there was unexpectedly also Spirit Masters among these black clothed people, at least thirty formidable Spirit Masters over fiftieth rank. As soon as spirit abilities appeared, they would immediately go up to push back. There were on average two Spirit Masters to deal with each academy. Like this, the bandits’ wolf pack tactics displayed a fairly large effect, and the scene completely sunk into a stalemate.

The appearance of the opponent Spirit Masters made Flender even more certain of his conjecture. This was an organized attack. Thirty fifteth ranked Spirit Masters, this was a formidable strength not just any power could dispatch. How many Spirit Masters did this world have? The total sum wouldn’t surpass a hundred thousand. Spirit Masters above fiftieth rank even more wouldn’t surpass five thousand. Five thousand sounded like a lot, but when distributed across the entire Continent, it was a pitiful number. A group of bandits that could launch such an organized attack, and moreover possess this many high level Spirit Masters, this was practically impossible to imagine.

What did fiftieth rank signify? Not only would their titles change to Spirit King, but it also meant they could obtain the first ten thousand year spirit ring.

“Conserve spirit power, defeat the opponents.” Flender immediately passed down these orders.

Chapter 119

Fifteen hundred men besieged fifteen academies, one hundred enemies or so for each academy. The battle had only just started when Tang San discovered a problem. Those black clothed men were clearly intrinsically a lot more powerful than ordinary people.

They were at least specially trained soldiers. Speed and strength were both fairly good. Otherwise they wouldn’t have had this few casualties.

In fact, even though they had a numerical advantage, they were still dealing with Spirit Master teams.

There were two Spirit Masters facing Shrek Academy, both with five spirit rings, and moreover both with optimal spirit ring configurations. One approached and dealt with one of Ma Hongjun’s attacks. Flender and Liu Erlong simultaneously went up, unleashing their firepower.

Crowd battle? Tang San smiled. As a control system Spirit Master, what he feared the least was crowd battles.

Blue Silver Grass dispersed along the ground, swiftly pouncing at the enemies. Each enemy that approached would immediately be hit with Blue Silver Binding. It was admittedly important to conserve spirit power, but it was even more important to end it all quickly.

Confronting this many opponents for the first time, Tang San had a kind of blood boiling feeling. His originally already astonishing strength was

displayed completely. The Binding ability would only bind the opponents’ legs, at the same time, he also began to assign tasks to the Shrek Academy side.

“Form up.” He shouted in a low voice. After the opponents had been delayed, Tang San didn’t rush to attack.

Black green little boxes appeared in the hands of the Shrek Seven Devils, and the seven people aimed in different directions with tacit understanding, swiftly completing the winding action.

Those black clothed people in Tang San’s Binding were apparently somewhat anxious. Suddenly, one black clothed man among them shouted loudly, unexpectedly giving rise to spirit power fluctuations, three spirit rings rising from below him, unexpectedly forcefully throwing off the Binding Blue Silver Grass on his legs.

Watching this, Tang San inwardly suddenly drew a disconcerting conclusion, but right now he didn’t have time to deal with it. The mechanisms wound, Tang San shouted loudly, “Loose!”

With sonorous metallic cracks, seven Godly Zhuge Crossbows spit out the death god’s breath. Each person had sixteen, altogether more than a hundred bolts sprayed out, interweaving in a large web brimming with the aura of death.

Blood curdling screams lingered unendingly. In front of the Godly Zhuge Crossbows tyrannical piercing power, the black clothed finally began to have large scale casualties.

The Godly Zhuge Crossbow’s piercing power was really too powerful, enough to shoot through several overlapping bodies simultaneously. In just one volley, the number of enemies in their surroundings decreased by half.

Tang San laughed coldly, “Everyone don’t move, defend properly.” As he finished speaking, he was already dashing out.

At this moment the other academies were all under siege, and nobody would pay attention to him. With a swing of Tang San’s arms with a kind of illusory rhythm, countless sparkling and translucent rays of light sprinkled out from his finge rtips. In that instant, it seemed as if he had eight arms.

It had already been very long since he used hidden weapons, but that didn’t mean Tang San would be out of practice. He was like a Thousand Hand Asura specifically emerged to meet the destiny of hidden weapons, unceasingly granting his enemies the breath of death.

If he was certain the opponent was an enemy, he would never hold back. This was one of Tang Sect’s principal rules, how would Tang San forget it? Whoever these masked men were, they clearly didn’t have good intentions.

The hidden weapons Tang San used were mainly flying needles. Because the flying needles were small, they were even more difficult to defend against, and also more convenient to carry.

From the most common Refined Iron Needles, to Bone Piercing Needles, Armor Breaking Needles, Overlord Needles, all kinds of differently sized but all astonishingly powerful flying needles sprinkled constantly from his hands.

Purple golden rays of light shot out from his eyes, grasping everything in his surroundings with his six senses. Practically each time he moved, someone would immediately collapse. What Tang San shot wasn’t all at the opponents’ vitals, but don’t forget, Tang Sect didn’t only have hidden weapons. They still had poison.

In Tang San’s Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges there was paralysing poison, and also Meeting Blood Throat Sealing poison. When confronting enemies, would he be lenient? No, of course not.

This was also the first time the Shrek Seven Devils saw Tang San use his comprehensive strength, and even though they were familiar with him, they also could only watch as rays like moonlight constantly sprinkled from Tang San, and the enemies within thirty meters of Tang San falling like wheat. Each that collapsed wouldn’t rise again.

In only a short while, not only had all the bandits on the Shrek Academy side been purged, but even some black clothed bandits in the surroundings had met calamity.

Tang San’s hidden weapons really were too frightening. Penetrating any gap, noiselessly, once the opponent reacted, they were frequently already poisoned. The potency of his hidden weapons could compare to any spirit ability.

Using hidden weapons, Tang San became especially confident. Right now the spirit abilities of his Blue Silver Grass had completely turned into support. Those black clothed bandits basically didn’t have any way to get close.

Just when Tang San prepared to expand the scope of the battle, the black clothed bandits had apparently already become aware that something was amiss here. The higher level Spirit Masters of each academy were also entangled with the higher level black clothed bandits, and even though the students had also begun to bring out their killing power, Tang San was alone in having destroyed a hundred people in just a short time.

Altogether three shadows simultaneously pounced in Tang San’s direction. On the appearance of these three, Tang San immediately felt his ease like moving clouds and flowing water disappear. Even though none of these three people pouncing at them didn’t release their spirit, they still gave Tang San quite a lot of pressure.

Confronting a crisis, Tang San’s sixth sense was especially sharp. Without stinting, six Cluster Soul Chasing Life Taking Balls flew out of his hands.

Bright crystal iron balls flew through the air in six beautiful intersecting arcs, separating Tang San from the three suddenly appearing opponents.

Tang San himself used the fastest possible speed to swiftly retreat, dashing back among his companions.

A bright ray of light promptly fell on Tang San, precisely Ning Rongrong’s support, speed boost, forty percent. Tang San’s retreating speed instantly increased.

The six Cluster Soul Chasing Life Taking Balls quietly collided in midair. Instantly, a large cloud of poison gas pervaded the air, and hidden inside the gas were countless hair fine needles, the refined iron hair needles creating a frightening toxic screen, enveloping the path in front of the three black clothed people.

When Tang San threw the six Cluster Soul Chasing Life Taking Balls, he basically did it without looking, but right now the front of his clothes were already soaked through with sweat. Because he clearly felt that the pressure exuded by the three was almost enough to make him collapse. In other words, the strength of these three together would in no way lose to an eightieth rank Spirit Douluo.

That wasn’t something fiftieth ranked Spirit Kings could attain.

Why would there be such powerful Spirit Masters among the enemies?

The three black clothed people used the number of their spirit rings to ascertain Tang San’s conjecture. Eight, seven, seven. One Spirit Douluo, two Spirit Sages released their spirits.

Incomparably tyrannical spirit power fluctuations erupted, engulfing the great cloud of poison needles. Tang San’s spirit power was still too weak. If the six Cluster Soul Chasing Life Taking Balls were launched by Dugu Bo, then even if the three people didn’t die, they’d at least have lost a layer of skin.

But Tang San’s spirit power was a lot lower.

However, even like this, it still held back the opponents a moment, giving him the chance to retreat to his cormades.

Suddenly seeing three powers appear, Flender and Liu Erlong’s hearts chilled. Their two fifty something ranked Spirit Master opponents had

proved to be extremely slippery in their fight, both agility attack system, and until now they hadn’t been able to destroy them. Now seeing the three powers appear, the two Spirit Kings turned and ran.

The silhouettes swiftly approached, and the Shrek Academy group’s expressions quickly turned serious. One Spirit Douluo, two Spirit Sages, two Spirit Kings. They were only too clear on how much strength they had assembled.

If Grandmaster was here to reveal the Golden Iron Triangle triple spirit fusion ability with Flender and Liu Erlong, perhaps there would still have been a chance. But the contrast in strength right now was clearly something that couldn’t be resisted.

But who would shrink back at this moment? Hoping others would come to help them was impossible. The other Spirit Master academies were all trapped. The imperial household knights were also blocked by a group of black clothed bandits. At least they wouldn’t be able to come help them for a while.

What’s more, the academies next to them were rivals. Even if they could get their hands free, they still might not help.

That black masked Spirit Douluo snorted coldly, raising a hand and waving it. Five people simultaneously forged ahead, the two Spirit Saints directly leaping at Flender and Liu Erlong, and the two Spirit Kings under their lead turned to the eleven people of the Shrek Seven Devils.

Tang San and Dai Mubai looked face to face. From each others’ eyes, they could see a resolute light. Eightieth ranked Spirit Douluo. That was already close to the peak of the Spirit Master world. Were opponents like these really something they were capable of resisting? So what if they couldn’t resist? They still wouldn’t give up.

The battle on Flender and Liu Erlong’s side had already begun. Even though Flender was also a Spirit Saint, his spirit power already approached the seventy ninth rank, absolutely a powerful existence among Spirit Sages.

His opponent was a Winged Tiger Spirit Sage, and the battle between the two directly unfolded in midair.

Liu Erlong’s opponent was an Armor Plated Tortoise Spirit Master.

One attack and one defense, their battle wouldn’t conclude soon. Liu Erlong’s attacks were admittedly tyrannical, but her opponent’s defense was also impenetrable.

Both fights sunk into a stalemate. These two masked Spirit Sages were apparently aiming at Liu Erlong and Flender. Even if their spirits didn’t counter the two great powers of Shrek Academy, delaying them wasn’t a problem.

In a battle on the level of Spirit Saints, both sides could use a large quantity of spirit abilities. Defeating an opponent at a similar level wasn’t so easy.

The masked Spirit Douluo’s gaze fell directly on Tang San, the gaze in his eyes like a vulture. His mouth issued a long cry, soaring into the air, he directly pounced at the altogether eleven Shrek Academy people.

The two Spirit Kings basically didn’t move, leaving the attacking entirely to him.

Golden light erupted from the black clothed masked Spirit Douluo, his arms shaking in the air, transforming into golden wings. Even more tremendous golden light formed light and shadows behind him, his black clothes being replaced by golden feathers, the true face of his spirit was revealed.

It was unexpectedly a golden giant eagle.

At the same time as the wings formed, both his arms separated from the wings, becoming two sharp eagle talons. At the same time his body began

to contract and change, becoming closer and closer to the golden eagle illusion behind him.

The Shrek Seven Devils’ faces changed. Even though the formidable pressure in the air wasn’t enough to make them collapse, this Spirit Douluo was using his seventh spirit ability, Spirit Avatar, from the start. He was clearly aiming to finish it quickly.

Run? Confronting a flying Spirit Master, running was easier said than done. It would be impossible even with Oscar’s flying mushroom sausage.

Eight spirit rings shone brilliantly, three yellow, two purple, and three black. A fairly good spirit ring configuration.

Even though it wasn’t ideal, it was still enough to amaze.

The black light of the seventh spirit ring curled over the golden body, appearing frightful, powerful. At this moment, the Shrek Seven Devils lost all hope in luck. What they thought to do, could do, was only fight with their full strength.

Nobody could save them, except for they themselves.

The light of spirit rings flared from the Shrek Seven Devils simultaneously.

Tang San waved his hand at Tai Long’s quartet, hinting they should leave at once. These people were after all not part of the Shrek Seven Devils. Confronting a Spirit Douluo, their presence wasn’t significant. Rather than losing their lives here in vain, it would be better to escape.

Strangely, those two Spirit Kings didn’t block the four from retreating.
However the four didn’t go far, all condensing their spirit power.

“What skill is there in bullying children? Long time no see, brother eagle.” An aged voice echoed, a gentle aura covering the Shrek Seven Devils. The pressure from the Spirit Avatar immediately vanished. The seven people looked in the direction of the voice with relief.

A slim old man had at some point already appeared, standing some distance away, a more than four meter long stick held casually in his hands. Right now raising his head to look at the Spirit Avatar Golden Eagle in midair, his face was serious.

Eight spirit rings glittered equally around him.

The Shrek Seven Devils unexpectedly all knew this elder. It was precisely the one they encountered while hunting for third spirit rings, Dragon Duke Meng Shu.

At that time, Dragon Duke and Serpent Grandmother had given them considerable inconvenience. If they hadn’t responded appropriately, the trouble would have been greater. Tang San used his own strength to vanquish the opponent. But they hadn’t expected to actually encounter him here.

Now Tang San recalled that Meng Yiran was also competing in the tournament, with the Cryptid Academy team. At the time of Shrek Academy’s fight with Cryptid Academy, Tang San hadn’t participated because of his injuries, and had already forgotten about the matter with Meng Yiran. But now he met Dragon Duke again.

The pupils of the golden eagle in the air contracted, “Meng Shu. You’d best not get involved in this matter.”

Dragon Duke smiled calmly, “You’re the one looking for trouble, not me. My granddaughter is also a competing student, do you think I wouldn’t look after her safety? I didn’t expect that brother eagle would actually also become a bandit. Truly worthy of congratulations!” His words brimmed with satire.

By now everyone could see that these black clothed people absolutely weren’t bandits. If bandits could have Spirit Douluo overseers, then wouldn’t the world be in upheaval?

The golden eagle snorted coldly, “Meng Shu, you really want to go against us? Consider the consequences. This isn’t something you can get

involved with.”

A severe light flashed in Dragon Duke’s eyes, “You think to scare me? Roldiarra[1], others fear you, but I don’t. If you have the skill then deal with this old man first. Otherwise, don’t think about leaving here today.”

The golden eagle’s gaze roamed, its eagle’s vision undoubtedly extremely sharp. He immediately found another person wielding a staff on the battlefield. Serpent Grandmother Chao Tianxiang.

Having already reached the Spirit Sage realm, Serpent Grandmother was right now holding off the attacks of two fiftieth ranked Spirit Kings by her own strength. Sensing the gaze in midair, she also coldly returned it.

Roldiarra inwardly thought that if it was only one of Dragon Duke or Serpent Grandmother, he could absolutely fight as their attributes restrained each other. His spirit had a restraining effect on both these elders.

However, when Dragon Duke and Serpent Grandmother were together, they weren’t something he could confront. Their spirit fusion ability, Serpent Dragon Joint Assault, had long since reached perfection, able to contend even against Title Douluo, let alone him.

Roldiarra issued a sharp bird call, the ear piercing sound breaking the air.

Dragon Duke Meng Shu’s complexion changed slightly, “You still had companions?”

Roldiarra laughed coldly, “Meng Shu, I advise you to quickly bring Serpent Grandmother away. We won’t harm your granddaughter. If you don’t leave, once you want to, you won’t be able. I’m just the messenger.”

Dragon Duke’s complexion recovered to normal, but his heart was filled with raging waves. Of course he knew where this Roldiarra came from, but he had never mentioned his counterpart’s identity precisely to leave a life line. Otherwise if he made it clear, he would inevitably not be allowed to die even if he wanted.

Looking at Roldiarra’s unruffled appearance, the thought of retreat was already growing in his heart.

The only reason he had appeared was that he couldn’t bear watching a Spirit Douluo bully a group of Spirit Ancestor children. But there wasn’t any relationship between him and Shrek Academy, and naturally there was no reason for him to risk his life.

“Roldiarra, the longer you live the more you regress. Can you really not settle such a simple task?” A feminine voice came from the distance. When he spoke Roldiarra’s name he was still in the distance, but when he spoke the final word, his silhouette had already quietly appeared in front of everyone.

It was still a masked man, his age couldn’t be seen, nor heard from his voice. However his clothes weren’t black, but rather all white.

Tang San and the others didn’t feel anything at the appearance of this person, but Meng Shu on the contrary gave a muffled groan, quickly retreating a step, his facial expression changing enormously.

“Old man.” Serpent Grandmother Chao Tianxing swiftly caught up, one hand still dragging her granddaughter. The imposing manner of husband and wife fused together, then able to ward off that incorporeal pressure.

The white clothed person gave a monstrous laugh, “So it’s old friends, no wonder Roldiarra couldn’t handle it. Long time no see, Unrivalled Dragon Serpent couple. You have some guts to force this one[2] to make an appearance.”

Dragon Duke’s face grew extremely heavy, “You actually came as well.”

The white clothed man spoke with that feminine voice: “Seeing as I’ve also appeared, why don’t you quickly get lost. You should understand the importance we attach to this matter.”

“Fine.” Dragon Duke agreed with extraordinarily quickly, turning and leaving with Serpent Grandmother, unexpectedly without even pausing.

Meng Yiran looked at her grandfather with astonishment, and was just about to say something when she was stopped by a strict look from Meng Shu. When she looked at Tang San again, her eyes were brimming with regret. The Unrivalled Dragon Serpent brought Meng Yiran along, and in a few leaps they were already out of sight.

The white clothed man’s gaze turned to the Golden Eagle in the air, somewhat impatiently saying: “Deal with them immediately, or could it be you want me to do it?”

“Yes, lord.” The enormous pressure once again pervaded the Shrek Seven Devils.

Making the Shrek Seven Devils shocked and heartbroken was an aura with a special fragrance filling the air from that white clothed man. The instant it spread over them, the seven were unexpectedly unable to move, and even unable to use their spirit power.

Scaring off the Unrivalled Dragon Serpent, what did that prove? Shouting at a Spirit Douluo, what did that mean? All kinds of signs explained the strength of this white clothed person.

Just when that golden eagle was about to pounce, reaping the lives of the Shrek Seven Devils, a golden red ray of light suddenly shot out from Xiao Wu. The seven people were once again relieved, recovering the ability to move.

Dai Mubai and Ma Hongjun roared practically simultaneously, third spirit abilities launching simultaneously. White Tiger Vajra Transformation, Phoenix Ascension.

Tang San’s Spider Web Restraint flew out, going straight for the golden eagle, Oscar swiftly manufactured his sausages, the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda in Ning Rongrong’s hand simultaneously emitted rays of light, Three Aperture Managing Heart unleashing, separately boosting Dai Mubai and Ma Hongjun’s attack, and Tang San’s spirit power.

The tacit understanding and teamwork of the Shrek Seven Devils made even the white clothed man stare blankly a moment.

“Hold on.” The white clothed man lightly waved his right hand, a surge of violent energy fluctuations making the air distort, nine spirit rings glinting dully over him. Under the effect of that enormous spirit power, the swooping golden eagle was unexpectedly blasted flying.

The white clothed man’s gaze focused on Xiao Wu, “You could actually break my Aura Binding Realm.” His nose twitched. His face couldn’t be seen, but the expression in his eyes was somewhat stunned, “Yearning Heartbroken Red. It’s actually the smell of Yearning Heartbroken Red. You obtained the acknowledgement of the Yearning Heartbroken Red?”

The white clothed man clearly became extremely excited, appearing in front of Xiao Wu in practically just a flash, raising a hand to directly grab Xiao Wu’s chest.

Sonorous metallic cracks exploded like rain hitting palm leaves from the Shrek Seven Devils, countless old lights interweaving and simultaneously covering that white silhouette.

The hidden weapons they used when two Spirit Sages and a Spirit Douluo appeared were already ready. Seeing the opponent about to harm Xiao Wu, they immediately used them.

The white clothed man sneered, half turning in midair, a faint yellow light forming into a disc. Each hidden weapon that entered the range of that yellow light turned into pieces and disappeared. The next instant, his hand already stopped one cun in front of Xiao Wu’s neck, but he didn’t grab.

Xiao Wu was the closest to him, and could clearly feel the white clothed man tremble. That should be the mood of extreme agitation.

Title Douluo. This white clothed man appearing in front of them was undoubtedly one of the peak existences of the Spirit Master world, a Title


But right now he was unexpectedly this excited.

The Shrek Seven Devils didn’t move. They all knew that Xiao Wu’s life was already completely in the hands of this white clothed man. As long as this white clothed man twitched a finger, Xiao Wu, completely locked down by him, would immediately die like a fading fragrance.

Tang San’s clothes were practically instantly soaked with sweat. It was difficult to express the panic spreading in his heart. He would prefer the threat of death be aimed at him before any harm came to Xiao Wu.

Eight Spider Lances broke through his back under the effect of his panic, a Yama’s Invitation already snugly fitted into Tang San’s palm.

Tang San knew that he would only have one chance to act. Moreover, the opponent was still a Title Douluo. With his present spirit power, there was practically no chance of success for Yama’s Invitation against a Title Douluo. But, how could he just blankly watch Xiao Wu’s death at the hands of the enemy?

Drawing a deep breath, the white clothed man’s hand never struck. Muttering to himself, “Why, why wasn’t I the one to obtain the Yearning Heartbroken Red? If I had the Yearning Heartbroken Red, I could also, I could also reach that realm. Little miss, give me the Yearning Heartbroken Red to look, may I?”

His voice trembled, and appeared even more feminine. Even his expression completely lacked hostility.

How could Xiao Wu refuse? Stretching a hand into her chest, she cautiously and solemnly drew out her Yearning Heartbroken Red.

The brightly colored glistening big flower revealed that golden red luster, and the white clothed man’s expression immediately turned stupid. This was the immortal treasured he had yearned for even in his dreams. The

most useful immortal treasure to him. If he could obtain this Yearning Heartbroken Red, he would have the chance to ascend another stage.

But he knew that it was impossible for him. The Yearning Heartbroken Red’s property was determination, in its life it could have only one owner. Since it had approved of Xiao Wu, it would never change. To other people, it was an incomparably indestructible object, even with Title Douluo level spirit power one couldn’t hope to break it.

The Shrek Seven Devils were also very shocked, they hadn’t expected this one Yearning Heartbroken Red to temporarily give their lives reprieve.

However, the crisis still hadn’t been resolved. In front of one Title Douluo and one Spirit Douluo, what could they do?

The white clothed man’s hands wanted to caress the Yearning Heartbroken Red, but when his hand was only half a chi to the Yearning Heartbroken Red, the golden red light on the Yearning Heartbroken Red abruptly brightened, scaring him to swiftly withdraw his hand.

“Worthy of being an immortal treasure among immortal treasures. Yes, I shouldn’t offend your nobility.” The white clothed man unexpectedly bowed to the big flower in Xiao Wu’s hands. The infatuation in his eyes basically couldn’t be described in words.

For some reason, from this person, Dai Mubai unexpectedly felt a somewhat cordial aura. He also didn’t know why he would have this kind of feeling, but he could be certain that he absolutely didn’t know this Title Douluo.

The white clothed man sighed, turning and stepping to the side. He said, “Roldiarra, the rest don’t matter, but you’re not allowed to do anything to this girl. After so many years, the legendary flower king of immortal treasures has finally appeared, and moreover recognized its master. I hope to guard her forever.”

Roldiarra cried harshly once again. He was actually also rather depressed, first stopped by Dragon Duke, then again by this lord Title

Douluo. Now that he could finally act, how would he hesitate further? Golden light filling the air, he swooped down in an instant.

“Go die.” As captain, Dai Mubai was the first to leap up, the golden light over his body suddenly intensifying and completely fusing together with his body.

The third spirit ability, White Tiger Vajra Transformation, had already been launched before, and now he even further directly launched his fourth spirit ability, White Tiger Meteor Shower.

Since being injured last time, Dai Mubai was shocked to discover that has he healed, it seemed that his whole body had become even more durable than before.

He didn’t know that after being injured, suffering the influence of external forces, the effectiveness of the Singular Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum within him had fused even further with his body, imperceptibly altering every part of him.

Right now, as Dai Mubai’s unleashed his all out attack, his own spirit power unconsciously merged with the Singular Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum, unleashing his vajra body, making his attack and defense reach an unprecedented level.

“Yi?” The white clothed man already prepared to wait to the side for the results suddenly turned back, his gaze at Dai Mubai brimming with astonishment.

“Hold on again.” Nine rings reappeared, another slap. The filled with power Spirit Douluo Roldiarra once again slapped into the air.

“Lord, you……” Roldiarra was already depressed to death. If it wasn’t for this being a Title Douluo obstructing him, perhaps he would already have thrown himself all out at the counterpart. No matter what was said, he was still a Spirit Douluo level power. Moreover right now he had constantly maintained Spirit Avatar, something that required enormous amounts of spirit power.

Restrained people would be angry. Being blocked three times in a row, he was also on the verge of collapse.

However, that white clothed man didn’t seem to even hear his voice. Flashing, one palm swatting Dai Mubai’s unleashed White Tiger Meteor Shower. He was really too fast, Dai Mubai and the Shrek Seven Devils basically didn’t have enough time to react before at least seven palms had landed on Dai Mubai.

They separately struck his neck, both arms, both legs, chest and back.

Dai Mubai basically didn’t have any margin to resist, only feeling a burst of feverishness, and the golden light issuing from his body immediately became even richer, moreover distributing a bizarre scent.

Infused with those seven streams of heat, Dai Mubai clearly felt his body apparently change somehow. The spirit power within his body surged wildly, his spirit power apparently increasing comprehensively. Not only didn’t he feel unwell, but his whole body still felt extremely comfortable.

What was he doing? Dai Mubai was brimming with mistrust.

The white clothed Title Douluo’s mood once again became excited, “Singular Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum, unexpectedly it’s really the Singular Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum. Did you eat this immortal treasure?”

Not only Dai Mubai was startled, Tang San also couldn’t keep his pupils from contracting. He hadn’t expected that this world would still have someone who could recognize an immortal treasure like the Singular Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum.

The white clothed Title Douluo spread his right palm, a faint yellow stream of air appearing in the center of his palm, the yellow light gradually changing, turning purple, and in the center of that purple was still a speck of gold.

The purple light pervaded the air, growing a massive chrysanthemum. The chrysanthemum was a magnificent purple, and bizarrely, each petal of the chrysanthemum appeared to be fuzzy and cute, blending into each other, without any fragrance spilling out. The stamen at the center of the petals was more than half a chi high, glittering with a faint golden light.

Dai Mubai’s gaze was sluggish. He discovered that the plant appearing in the palm of this Title Douluo, wasn’t it precisely the Singular Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum Tang San gave him to take?

“What you took, wasn’t it like this?” The Title Douluo asked practically impatiently.

Dai Mubai nodded without the slightest hesitation. Seeing this immortal treasure that substantially improved his strength again, he was already unable to deal with the opponent’s hostility.

The white clothed Title Douluo loosed a long breath, “Then it’s right. No wonder your body would have that kind of radiance. Roldiarra, you can’t harm this young man either, fate brought him together with me. Kid, are you willing to take me as master? With your talent, and further adding taking the Singular Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum, your future accomplishments won’t be below mine.”

Right now Roldiarra didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He’d always known this lord was strange, but accepting a disciple in this kind of situation, that was something he had never expected in a million years.

A Title Douluo wanted to take Dai Mubai as disciple, and moreover told him he could become a person on the level of a superpower in the future. To common Spirit Masters, this was something they yearned for even in their dreams.

With a teacher like this, not only would there be a layer of protection, the benefits to cultivation also couldn’t be doubted. The directions of a Title Douluo were an immense lure to any Spirit Master.

But, would Dai Mubai agree?

[1] (洛尔迪亚拉)

[2] He refers to himself as (本座), a personal pronoun used by characters with great mystical power in myths and fantasy fiction.

Chapter 120

The white clothed Title Douluo wanted to accept Dai Mubai as his disciple? Although he said those words while he was emotionally agitated, given the level of his status, words that were spoken were just like water that had been poured out, they definitely couldn’t be taken back.

Tai Long and the other substitute members thought that it was a good opportunity, at the very least there would no longer be a need to endure the other party’s attack and stay alive. Furthermore, with such a teacher, what was there not to be happy about? But Dai Mubai’s words knocked their glasses off.

“It’s not impossible for me to take you as my teacher, but I have conditions.” Dai Mubai said while his evil eyes flashed. It wasn’t that he did not want to resist, but he wasn’t a completely rash person. Against a Title Douluo, what meaning was there in resisting? As the saying goes, as long as the green hill is left, there’s no need to worry that there will be no wood to burn. Furthermore, it’s not just only him in this place.

“Oh? What conditions?” The white clothed man looked with interest at Dai Mubai who still dared to raise conditions at this time.

Dai Mubai pointed his fingers towards Zhu Zhu Qing and said: “She’s my fiancee and also my Spirit Fusion Technique’s partner, you cannot harm her.”

The white clothed man eyes shined, “Spirit Fusion Technique eh, very well. I’ll promise you.”

Without waiting for the white clothed man to continue speaking, Dai Mubai then pointed towards the others, “They are all my companions, we are a team with the best teamwork. they are all my brothers and my closest companions. You also cannot harm them, otherwise, how can I take you as my teacher?”

“This…” The white clothed man obviously hesitated.

While flying in the skies, Roldiarra hurriedly reminded him in a loud voice: “Lord, they are the targets for our mission.”

The white clothed man wrinkled his brows and said: “Yes, among them is our current mission’s target. This is not something I can call the shots on. However, I can promise you that I will only kill one person. What do you say?”

From his perspective, as a Title Douluo and having lowered himself so much, he felt he was already giving a lot of face to Dai Mubai.

But who would have expected that Dai Mubai would firmly shake his head, “No. If one among us is harmed, you will be my enemy.”

The white clothed man coldly snapped. “Do you wish to seek death? You should understand, killing you to me is the same as squashing an ant. If it were not because you consumed the Singular Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum, you would be a dead person right now.”

Dai Mubai’s gaze met with his companions for a moment and just as he was about to speak, Tang San spoke first. “The person you all want to kill should be me. Fine, let the others go, I’ll take my own life here.”

“Little San.” “Ge…”

The remaining Shrek Seven Devils panicked, they did not understand why Tang San would say such a thing at this moment.

Even the white clothed Title Douluo was somewhat surprised, “Kid, you are very clever. But, clever people usually do not live a long life.” While s peaking, his gaze once again turned towards Dai Mubai, “Since your companion is already willing to use his life in exchange for all of yours, you no longer need to be so stubborn. I will give him a quick death.”

“No. Shrek’s Seven Monsters are one whole, if I cannot live and die with my brothers, do you think that I will achieve anything in the future?” Dai Mubai replied firmly.

“Achievements? If you die here now, that would really be not having achieved anything.”

“Cut the crap, just do it.” The sliver of hope in Dai Mubai’s heart was already extinguished. The other party had mobilized thousands of people and seemed to be targeting Tang San. How could they possibly just let it rest now.

The white clothed Title Douluo seemed to have figured something out, his mouth issued a feminine laughter, making everyone who heard it shudder, “Don’t worry, I won’t kill you. I’ll first kill that Tang San and then capture you. I do not believe that you will not submit to me. Yes, I will bring this bunch of kids back. Everyone’s talent is pretty good. I will instruct you all well.”

As he was speaking, he had already moved in Tang San’s direction and raised his right arm, the air momentarily solidified. None of the Shrek Seven Devils could move their bodies under the immense pressure.

A sharp howl rang, Liu Er Long went mad. The huge Fire Dragon Avatar arced in the air and flung its dragon tail, finally sending the Iron Turtle spirit master who was hindering her flying.

Following that, her huge body immediately charged like a flaming shooting star towards the white clothed Title Douluo and smashed into him.

Grandmaster wasn’t present, if Tang San died, how would she answer to him. She knew that Grandmaster’s and Tang San’s relationship were like a father and his son. Furthermore, Tang San was also the person her goddaughter loved.

The white clothed Title Douluo’s gaze sharpened. Against Liu Er Long’s fully powered attack, even he dare not be careless.

He waved the Singular Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum in his hand, a large purple flower fluttered into the wind. Among the nine spirit rings on him, three of them briefly lit up for a moment, the speed was extremely quick, it made others unable to perceive exactly which spirit rings took effect.

And at the next moment, the huge purple flower in the sky already formed into a huge barrier, forcibly making Liu Er Long’s Spirit Avatar fly away. While remaining in the skies, Liu Er Long was already madly coughing blood.

“Variant Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon, it’s just at this level.” The white clothed Title Douluo was so strong that it made people choked, even Liu Er Long’s level of toughness was unable to withstand one move.

Flender also just managed to get rid of his opponent, just in time to catch Liu Er Long who was in the skies. Both of them shared a gaze, their eyes were filled with the glow of being unafraid of death.

“Chrysanthemum Guan, do you really think our Shrek Academy has no one? Let’s see if I won’t burst your chrysanthemum[1].” A familiar voice rang, the white clothed Douluo face suddenly changed, the pressure applied on Shrek’s Seven Monsters momentarily lightened a bit.

Dugu Bo, whose hair already changed into black color quietly appeared. He walked on empty air, but since he himself could not fly he had to use his extremely strong spirit power and neared the battlefield step by step.

Although the white clothed Title Douluo was still beside the Shrek Seven Devils, at this moment, he dared not make a single rash movement. Both of them were Title Douluos, both their auras had locked onto each other the

instant they met, no matter who made any sort of movement, it would immediately draw the opponent’s strong attacks. And at their levels, once one had fallen into a disadvantage, taking it back was as hard as climbing the skies.

“Old poison freak, when did you become this academy’s dog.” The soft eery voice had a few more points of coldness in it.

“You bastard are the real dog. I’m a guest elder at Shrek Academy. Why not? Tang San is my brother, if you want to kill him, I’ll first burst your chrysanthemum.” Dugu Bo’s both eyes were still green, the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor’s strong aura permeated the air.

The immense pressure generated from two big Title Douluos facing off made the surrounding thousands of people’s battle slow down. In front of such immense pressure, even breathing became difficult for them.

The white clothed Douluo’s gaze sharpened on Dugu Bo, “Dugu Bo, you better think it through carefully. Going against us, what kind of fate will you end up with.”

Dugu Bo uncaringly replied, “I’ll advise you to first think about your own funeral. I do not believe that you don’t know the person behind Tang San. Since you all took action against him, you all better be prepared to suffer the vengeance of that person. In the past, even…”

“Shut up, do you really want to die?” The white clothed Title Douluo shouted loudly, interrupting Dugu Bo’s words, “Old poison freak, both you and me having reached the level of Title Douluo, we both understand in our hearts, the hardships we suffered to get here. I do not wish to see you lose your life over this matter. If you know what’s good for you, hurry up and leave this place.”

Dugu Bo coldly said: “Chrysanthemum Guan, I have already said it, Tang San is my brother. If you want to harm him, talk about it after you get through me. I really do want to see what you have that makes you so arrogant in front of me. Even if your spirit power rank is slightly higher

than mine, dragging you into death together with me is not much of a problem.”

“Bastard, don’t call me Chrysanthemum Guan.” As the white clothed Title Douluo was about to go berserk, his voice also became exceptionally sharp.

“You’re a sissy, what do I call you if not Chrysanthemum Guan? No matter what, you look like someone who sells his chrysanthemum[2] .” Dugu Bo laughed. The more the opponent got agitated, the more excited he got.

Given the situation, although the opponent’s side still has the advantage, it wasn’t really that big. Dugu Bo’s strength was in his ability to attack groups. Once he attacked without any hesitation, these seemingly large numbers of black clothed people simply couldn’t survive his poison.

“Well said. Chrysanthemum Guan will always be Chrysanthemum Guan, this is something that will not be changed forever. Old poison freak, I support you.” A clear voice faintly rang in the middle of the skies. Upon hearing this voice, the color on Dugu Bo’s face turned ugly.

A black shadow silently appeared beside the golden eagle, what shocked people was that the shadow could not be perceived clearly. Even with Tang San’s Purple Demon Eye, he could only capture a faint shadow. The black shadow seemed to raise one hand and patted once on the golden eagle’s head. The next moment, Lordiaz already reverted back to his original form.

The white clothed Title Douluo raise his head and looked at the black shadow, “Damned ghost, must you do that before you feel comfortable?”

The black shadow laughed, “You have already delayed too long, if you waste any more time, I think everyone would know who we are. Hurry up and do it. I’ll block the old poison freak, you’ll kill those that have to be killed, then we can head back to drink and feast.”

Tang San sighed deeply in his heart, he suddenly felt that he was so insignificant. Although the black shadow only said a few sentence after

appearing, but from their conversation he could figure out that this black shadow was actually another Title Douluo.

Heavens… There were only ten something Title Douluo on this entire continent, but three of them had already appeared here.

And these two Title Douluo’s target was actually himself. Their origins were already almost certain. Other than “that place”, which other place could own such overwhelming strength?

Dugu Bo’s eyes had already turned completely into emerald color, with a shake of his body, his Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor’s true body appeared. This time, he did not say anymore words, instead, he directly charged towards the white clothed Title Douluo.

“Old poison freak, your opponent is me.” The black shadow flashed and instantly blocked the front of Dugu Bo who transformed into the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor. The impact created a soundwave. Just this single soundwave, knocked every spirit master below rank forty to the ground. The imperial knights fell off their warhorse without even being able to cry and every single one of them became paralyzed on the ground while white froth came out of their mouths.

“Gui Mei[3], if you all kill Tang San today, you shall all be waiting for the retribution of death.” Dugu Bo was already extremely enraged, he had never imagined that Gui Mei and Chrysanthemum Guan, these Deva Kings would actually appear at the same time here in this place. Although he knew that “that place” would think highly of Tang San, but to send two Title Douluos was something he had never even imagined.

When Shrek Academy finished participating in the promotion matches and were headed to Spirit City, Dugu Bo was already covertly following them, this was to prevent the situation right before his eyes from happening. But never in his wildest dream did he imagined that as a Title Douluo himself, he would actually have a time when he would feel powerless. Facing against two Title Douluos, especially Title Douluos who are both of

a much higher spirit rank than himself, he absolutely did not have any chance


Furthermore, the opponents were aiming to kill someone, whereas he had to save someone. If the situation were reversed, maybe it would still be possible.

The black shadow’s words made the white clothed Title Douluo slightly angry, but he also knew that he could not delay any longer. A gaze as cold as a venomous viper coldly pierced towards Tang San. And at this moment, a condensed purple gold colored light strongly shot from Tang San’s eyes.

Even as a Title Douluo with all his strength, in the instant the purple gold glow pierced through his eyes, the white clothed Douluo’s body could not help but shudder a little. The spirit power pressure applied on the Shrek’s Seven Devils suddenly disappeared.

And in this instant, Dai Mubai unhesitatingly opened both his arms, tightly grasping the opponent. Ma Hongjun’s Phoenix Cry Sky Strike activated immediately, combined with Dai Mubai’s fully powered White Tiger Meteor Shower, they were fully used on the white clothed Title Douluo.

Dazzling rainbow colors generously shot from Ning Rong Rong’s Nine Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda. Four kinds of boosts were applied at the same moment on Dai Mubai and Ma Hongjun, causing their attack power to increase to the maximum.

But, this was still not enough to hurt a Title Douluo. The white clothed Title Douluo’s eyes slightly darkened. A layer of faint purple aura burst out from his body, Ma Hongjun’s Phoenix Cry Sky Strike’s follow-up control effect was not even unleashed and his entire body was blown away. Dai Mubai was also not in a good shape, both his arms were instantly dislocated by the impact.

Were it not for the white clothed Title Douluo being merciful, just this single move would be enough to take his life.

The Yama’s Invitation in Tang San’s hands was about to be activated. But at the instant when he was about to activate it, a layer of faint golden glow emanated from the white clothed Title Douluo’s body, making his entire person look illusive, that actually interrupted Tang San’s Purple Demon Eye’s lock-on. The spirit power within his body that was gathered for activating Yama’s Invitation shook violently, he could not swing his right arm no matter what.

“Die.” The Singular Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum aimed forward. Having an immortal treasure as spirit, this white clothed Title Douluo’s strength was stronger than Dugu Bo. Ten fuzzy petals floated forward, moving towards Tang San. The petals which seemed to be floating slowly were travelling as though they were following the heaven and earth principles, completely sealing Tang San’s aura and any escape route.

Tang San bitterly realized, even if he wanted to use his Yama’s Invitation, it would be very difficult to hit the enemy.

After all, his spirit power was still too weak, rendering him unable to unleash the true power of this unparalleled hidden weapon.

Suddenly, a slightly weird feeling appeared in Tang San’s heart, he suddenly discovered, everything before his eyes seemed to be sliced apart. Space itself being sliced to pieces. Everything in the surroundings suddenly went quiet. He seemed to be unable to hear any sounds.

The ten petals of the Singular Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum suddenly turned into dust, dispersing in all directions. A white clothed, tall, big and straight figure silently blocked his vision.

“Swordsman Chen Xin[4].” The white clothed Title Douluo’s gaze turned extremely serious for the first time. Even previously when Dugu Bo appeared, he still did not reveal such an expression.

The person blocking in front of Tang San was an old man, white clothing untainted by dust, silver hair that is very tidy, in his hand was a sword, length of about three chi, it did not have any decorations and was a purely silver longsword.

His expression was very indifferent, both his eyes looked as though they could not see anything in the surroundings, he just silently stood there and did not talk. But just by standing there, he still gave people a feeling of being above every single living being in the world.

The white clothed Title Douluo felt that his own palms were damp, caused by his sweat.

He did not fear Dugu Bo, that was because at their levels, it was very difficult for poisons to have any effect on them. Furthermore, Dugu Bo’s true strength was still some distance away when compared to Title Douluos with formidable spirits like them.

But, the person in front of his eyes was different, heralded as the strongest offensive Title Douluo and comprehensively countering all his attributes. Among all of the known Title Douluos, the white clothed elder in front of his eyes was definitely one of the few people who was able to completely restrain him.

“Chen Xin, do you also want to wade in these muddy waters?” The white clothed Title Douluo exclaimed, showing strength to hide weakness.

This white clothed elder was one of the two Seven Treasures Glazed Tile clan ultimate guardians, Sword Douluo Chen Xin. Within the realm of Title Douluo, others were used to calling him Swordsman Chen Xin. Having spent his whole life submerged in that Longsword Spirit of his, in terms of offensive capabilities, there are definitely not many people who dared to be compared to him.

“Yue Guan, to think that you are also a Title Douluo, how could you actually bully these kids here. Furthermore, you’re also hiding your head while revealing your tail, aren’t you scared you will be ridiculed by others? Tang San is a friend of ours, the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile

clan.” Chen Xin’s voice was not loud but it caused everyone in battle in the area except for Dugu Bo and the black shadow to stop. This was because his voice was as sharp as a blade and it cut into everyone’s heart.

“If that’s the case, does it mean that the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Clan is really intending to go against us?” The white title Douluo’s face hidden behind the veil turned extremely ugly, he knew that the mission today would not be completed. Sending two Title Douluos to battle and still being unable to complete this mission, this was an utter disgrace.

“The three upper clans are like brothers, Chrysanthemum Guan, do you not know this?” An elegant voice drifted out. Dressed in simple clothes, Ning Feng Zhi without anyone knowing when, already appeared on a raised section of the hills. Standing beside him was the crown prince of Tian Dou Empire, Xue Qinghe.

The Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda shined, seven spirit rings floated up and down. Although it was only seven rings, but in the instant that he saw Ning Feng Zhi, Chrysanthemum Douluo Yue Guan had already made his decision.

“We admit defeat today. But this debt shall be remembered by us. Gui Mei, let’s go.”

A loud explosion erupted, Dugu Bo in the form of the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor was knocked back. Yue Guan and Gui Mei, these two Title Douluo silently disappeared, the black clothed men retreated like flowing water. While retreating, they did not forget to bring along their companion’s corpses, they did not leave even a single weapon behind. They appeared quickly but they retreated even faster, in a few eyeblinks, these life threatening bandits had disappeared on the other side of the hills.

“Dad, why have you come?” Ning Rong Rong excitedly dashed forward, jumping into the arms of Ning Fengzhi. At this moment, she had already forgotten to conceal her identity in front of the other academies.

The faces of the members of Blazing Academy and Godwind Academy who had just finished forming an alliance suddenly turned ugly. Huo Wu

and Feng Xiaotian looked at each other, as strong as they were, they could not help but laugh bitterly. Shrek Academy was actually still hiding the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile clan leader’s daughter.

They even drew out four Title Douluo to fight. Who exactly were these people?

Ning Feng Zhi’s appearance instantly caused the other party to retreat, the reason was very simple. Although his own combat capabilities weren’t strong, but as long as he was around, a single Title Douluo would become the equivalent of two. Under his support, just one Sword Douluo Chen Xin was enough to handle that Chrysanthemum Douluo and Ghost Douluo, not to mention they still had Dugu Bo.

Ning Feng Zhi while hugging his daughter smiled and said: “I’m not here to protect you all. I was entrusted by His Majesty to protect His Highness.”

Actually, crown prince Xue Qinghe, as the representative for Tian Dou Empire this time, did not bring along many subordinates, other than the fifteen spirit master academy, he was assigned a carriage however, it was not just him alone in that carriage.

There was still Ning Fengzhi and Sword Douluo Chen Xin inside of it.

As the crown prince, Xue Qinghe was Tian Dou Empire’s future, how could Emperor Xue Ye let him take any risk? Therefore he earnestly asked Ning Fengzhi to covertly protect him. And as the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile clan leader, there would always be a strong guardian following alongside Ning Fengzhi. This time it was Sword Douluo’s turn to escort him while Bone Douluo stayed in the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile clan.

In the previous battle, they were not in a hurry to appear. Originally, when the Golden Eagle Spirit Douluo was about to make his second move, Chen Xin was already prepared to take action, but nobody had expected Dugu Bo to suddenly appear halfway through.

Like this, the battle lost any suspense. When the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile clan duo appeared, they already completely suppressed the opponents, the two Title Douluos weren’t idiots, that’s why they immediately brought their subordinates to retreat.

Having forced their enemies to retreat, everyone felt as though a large burden was released. If we were to say that when the bandits just appeared and the Spirit Master Academies did not care, then when the two Title Douluo appeared one after another, their hearts rose into their throats.

Those were Title Douluo! A total of four appeared today, that was almost equivalent to a quarter or a fifth of the entire continent’s quantity. In front of Title Douluo, they are just that tiny.

Xue Qinghe adequately demonstrated the education of one raised to be monarch, once the enemy retreated, he immediately began instructing the imperial knights systematically, moving the undamaged carriage to the front, healing the war horses and recovering the formation.

With just a little effort, excluding the war horses who were already dead, the five hundred imperial knights had already recovered most of their combat capabilities.

ly, when those black clothed bandits were fighting, there was insufficient killing intent, most of them were only fighting defensively, trying to gain sufficient time for the two Title Douluo. Therefore, the area with the most deaths among the two parties, was actually when Tang San used his poisonous hidden weapons to kill the hundred odd people.

Xue Qinghe after finishing what he was supposed to do, returned to his place beside Ning Fengzhi, politely saying: “Teacher, what do you think we should do next?”

Ning Fengzhi smiled calmly, “Stick to the original plan and continue advancing, having learnt a lesson this time, they won’t dare to lightly

make another move. After all, they still wouldn’t want to pay too heavy a price for Tang San.”

“Yes. Continue onward.”

The entire procession continued advancing, but the atmosphere had already became very tense. Tang San immediately boarded Shrek Academy’s carriage. He knew that he had already became everyone’s focal point.

The mission of the two Title Douluo from before was obviously to kill him.

One failure didn’t mean that they would still fail next time. Being remembered by Title Douluo level powers, that was not as simple as just having a thorn in your back.

The others in the Shrek’s Seven Devils did not board the carriage, the ones who boarded the carriage were the three great powers, Ning Fengzhi, Chen Xin and Dugu Bo. They felt that there was a need to discuss something with Tang San.

Tang San appeared to be a little depressed, within the same level of spirit masters, he was always the leader of the pack, even spirit masters who were slightly higher ranked than him found it hard to maintain an advantage against him.

But when the opponents became those of the Title Douluo level, he no longer had any means. That was not a gap that various techniques could make up for.

Ning Fengzhi first nodded towards Dugu Bo, giving a meaningful smile.
Swordsman Chen Xin directly shut his eyes and recuperated.

Towards others, Dugu Bo might not pay them any attention, but the one who sat in front of him was the clan leader of one of the three upper sects among the seven big schools. They were also known as the richest school under the heavens.

“Greetings, clan leader Ning.”

Ning Fengzhi sighed and said: “Even I did not imagine that they would make their move so quickly. Furthermore still so mercilessly. It looks like when Tang San revealed his Clear Sky Hammer, they had already made their decision.”

Dugu Bo nodded his head and looked at Tang San who was beside him, he could not help but reveal a look of worry, “If these people have already made their decision, I’m afraid that Little San is in danger. Should we let him leave the competition now? Only by hiding now or finding his father can his safety be guaranteed. It’s not possible for us to always guard him by his side.”

Ning Fengzhi nodded and said: “This is also what I had in mind. Although they shouldn’t be making another move before the finals end, Little San’s safety is still not guaranteed. Little San. If you are willing, I will let Uncle Chen Xin escort you back to our Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Clan. There, although I wouldn’t say that you will be absolutely safe, it won’t be easy if anyone wants to harm you.”

Tang San gazed seriously at Ning Fengzhi’s eyes, “Uncle Ning, can you tell me why you did not reveal their identities just now?”

Ning Fengzhi sighed, “So you also noticed. That’s right, those people should be from Spirit Hall, even those normal black clothed people are also spirit masters. Furthermore, they are all at least Spirit Elders with three spirit rings. Only Spirit Hall is able to mobilize two Title Douluo and over a thousand Spirit Elders. Even if the seven big schools were to try their hardest and compete with them, it’s still impossible for them to gather as many people as Spirit Hall did. The reason why I did not reveal their identities is because I do not wish for everyone here to die over this matter. Do you think the Spirit Hall would let anyone off if they clearly knew that it was the Spirit Hall behind this?”

Tang San’s eyes flashed, “Killing all witnesses?”

Ning Fengzhi nodded, “ly Dragon Duke and Serpent Grandmother did not intend to say it, but when Senior Dugu was about to say it, he was stopped by Chrysanthemum Douluo. We also did not say anything. That was because we did not wish to give Spirit Hall a reason to kill all the witnesses. This time they suffered a loss, in order to not reveal Spirit Hall’s identity, those lower level Spirit Elders did not release their spirits. If not, you would not have been able to kill them so easily. By the time they reacted, the losses had already appeared.”

Tang San lowered his voice: “Uncle, Spirit Hall making a move against me, is it because of my father?”

Ning Fengzhi muttered: “Not entirely. I think that although Spirit Hall making a move against you is partially because of your father, at the same time it is also because of your own talent. They should have already investigated your age. Having not yet reached fifteen years old but already having such strength. Furthermore you have twin spirits and are a direct descendant of the Clear Sky Clan. All these identities will undoubtedly make you into another Clear Sky Douluo. Once you’ve become strong, you will definitely become Spirit Hall’s largest threat.”

Tang San said: “Just because of this, they want to kill me? But why did they not send a Title Douluo to directly assassinate me? Won’t that be much easier?”

Ning Fengzhi smiled calmly and said: “Title Douluo also have their Title Douluo’s pride. The two Title Douluo who appeared today are both members of the Spirit Hall Elders, loyal supporters of the Supreme Pontiff. They can also be said to be the Deva Kings who stand alongside the Supreme Pontiff. A Title Douluo’s status is extremely revered, how would they be willing to sneak attack a child? If the people who previously attacked you were lowered to Spirit Douluo level, then with Flender and Liu Erlong around, it wouldn’t be easy for them to complete their mission. Actually, the biggest variable today was not us but Senior Dugu, you should thank him. The reason Spirit Hall sent out two Title Douluo must be because they already guessed that me and Uncle Sword would be here. It’s only after adding Senior Dugu that they fell into a disadvantageous situation.”

Dugu Bo laughed loudly, looked at Tang San and said: “Little freak, you don’t have to thank me.”

Tang San looked at him and did not say any thanks. But in his heart, Dugu Bo who unhesitatingly went out to battle, left a deep mark in his heart. In order to save him, Dugu Bo had offended Spirit Hall.

Ning Fengzhi said:

“I think, there’s a need for you to learn about the two Title Douluo who appeared today. The white clothed one that appeared first is called Yue Guan[5], his spirit is the Chrysanthemum[6] and his title is Chrysanthemum, Chrysanthemum Douluo. His spirit rank is probably between rank ninety four and rank ninety five. That weird chrysanthemum is very powerful, luckily he was countered by Uncle Sword today.”

“The black shadow that appeared later, his title is Ghost and his rank is about the same as Chrysanthemum Douluo. His spirit is very special, Ghost Demon[7]. And his own name is also called Gui Mei[8]. According to rumors, besides the Supreme Pontiff, no one has seen his true face. He’s a strong agility attack based spirit master. It is very difficult to harm him with physical attacks. He’s definitely one of the toughest among the Title Douluo.”

Dugu Bo’s face turned red, “That fellow Gui Mei is indeed powerful, if we were to continue fighting, I would definitely not be his opponent.”

Ning Fengzhi heavily said: “These two Title Douluo do not only hold a high rank in the Spirit Hall, they are also in charge of upholding the law. They are both important pillars in Spirit Hall. Other than the few other elders who are hidden inside the Elder Hall, any matter relating to the outside world is decided by the Supreme Pontiff and the two of them. They are important helpers of the Supreme Pontiff, given your strength now, if you were to meet them alone, there’s no chance of surviving. That’s why I hope that you can return with Uncle Sword to the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School. I can only guarantee your safety if you are there.”

Tang San lowered his head and started thinking. Suddenly he raised his head, looked at Ning Fengzhi and said: “Uncle Ning, thank you for your good intentions but I cannot just give up like this. Shrek Academy being able to walk until this step in the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament is not only due to me working hard. If I were to abandon my teammates because of personal safely, then I will never forgive myself forever. Once such a knot appears in my heart, then my training from now on will never be successful. Therefore, I must participate in the finals this time. Didn’t you just say that before the finals end, Spirit Hall should not be openly making a move against me.”

Ning Fengzhi’s eyes revealed a trace of praise, but the words from his mouth were actually: “But once the finals ends, if you all really become the champions, the assaults from Spirit Hall will be much scarier than today. At that time, even I might not be able to protect you. I can reveal a secret to you. Within the seven large clans, only the upper three clans are not under the influence of Spirit Hall. Spirit Hall can make two big empires fear them, why is that? That’s because of their absolute strength. I dare say, the spirit masters controlled by the two big empires added up, are not even half as much as Spirit Hall.”

[1] Chrysanthemum is also slang for anus, and the phrase can equally be read as “ravage your ass”. Guan also means “pass”, creating the pun “Chrysanthemum Guan/Anal Passage”

[2] Again, chrysanthemum is slang for anus.
[3] (⿁魅) “Ghost Demon”
[4] (剑道尘⼼) Literally “Way of the sword Chen Xin”, but that doesn’t really work as a title in English.
[5] (⽉关) “Moon Pass”
[6] (菊花) “Chrysanthemum Flower”, which is also slang for anus. His Title is only the first character, which doesn’t necessarily have the same connotations.

[7] (⿁魅)
[8] (⿁魅) “Ghost Demon”. Yes, he’s named the same as his spirit.
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