Douluo Dalu Chapter 101-110


Chapter 101

Salas’ expression became extremely heavy, without letting anyone know what he was thinking. The calmest was instead emperor Xue Ye, a faint smile at the corners of his mouth. Watching Tang San on the stage, there seemed to be a praising light in his eyes.

Their attack was broken by the Defying Flame Ring yet again, and this time even Tang San was thrown out, temporarily halting the battle between both sides,

Having escaped disaster, Huo Wushuang and the others didn’t hesitate to swiftly form up with the other three team members, returning to their original triangular formation. On the other side, the Shrek Academy’s seven also gathered.

Jiang Zhu’s healing scepter was already stuck to the ground, releasing ring after ring of recovering light, dispelling the influence the fire attribute spirit power had on everyone. Her healing was many-sided, and one of her spirit abilities could expel all kinds of abnormal conditions.

Refreshing bursts transmitted into the Shrek Academy team members, making their spirits swiftly recover.

Both sides looked at each other, neither anxiously starting the fight again. On the surface it seemed both sides had come out equal, but in fact, it was still the Shrek Academy side that held the advantage.

Practically all the Blazing Academy team members had used their third spirit abilities all out, while on the Shrek Academy side, only Dai Mubai had used his White Tiger Vajra Transformation. Huang Yuan and Tai Long hadn’t fully released their third spirit abilities.

In terms of spirit power consumption, it was clear who held the advantage. Even more, ever since the start of the battle, the mainstay and soul of the team, Tang San, hadn’t used even the simplest spirit ability. He’d just used the basic Blue Silver Grass.

Huo Wushuang turned his head, looking face to face with Huo Wu. The moment their gazes met, they simultaneously gave an imperceptible nod.

Huo Wu slowly raised her hands, a pair of orange flames emitting from her palms, rising a meter high.

This seemed to be a signal, and the other six Blazing Academy members moved simultaneously.

The fiery light around the two auxiliary system Spirit Masters grew, and they released their third spirit abilities once again, without sparing any effort. But this time their target was only one person, the one whose hands was releasing flames, Huo Wu.

Cloud after cloud of condensed sparks poured into Huo Wu. The orange flames in her palms became increasingly bright, but still didn’t rise excessively, but rather gradually changed color. From orange it turned to white orchid, from white orchid to incandescent white.

The previously scorching fiery light abruptly vanished the instant the flame turned white, as if it no longer was a flame.

As for the four attackers, led by Huo Wushuang, the four stood in a line in front of Huo Wu, keeping a defensive formation. Their third spirit rings all simultaneously flared with light, clearly prepared to block any sudden attack from Tang San’s side.

Purple color blossomed. The color of a spirit ring, but it was no longer the third, but the fourth. Huo Wu’s fourth spirit ring.

The purple light fused together with the incandescent white in her palm, the light of the flame making her seem illusory.

Tang San’s expression became a bit more serious. He could of course see that under the support of the two auxiliary system Spirit Masters’ full strength, Huo Wu’s fourth spirit ability would in no way be as simple as common fourth spirit abilities. It’s might could even outstrip a fire attribute Spirit Master’s fifth spirit ability.

Her spirit was even a bit more tyrannical that Huo Wushuang’s Fire Dragon.

As a fire control Spirit Master, this Huo Wu was who Tang San thought of as the most powerful enemy in this match.

“Huo—— Wu——, Brilliant—— Sun——[1]!” Huo Wu called out in a clear bright voice, with each word, the incandescence in her became a bit more intense, and along with the last ‘sun’ word, an enormous ball of white flame had condensed over her head, radiating light like a true sun. At this moment, even the real sunshine in the sky was eclipsed by it.

In the VIP seats, Ning Fengzhi agitatedly said: “The power of the flame is introverted, without emitting outwards at all. This young miss has already reached a terrifying degree of spirit control. That shouldn’t be her own strength, but that of three people. This time Shrek Academy will perhaps be in trouble.”

Tang San saw that Huo Wu had chosen her fourth spirit ability exactly the opposite of him. What he had chosen was group control capability. But she had chosen an extremely potent attack capability. But it was an attack capability that could use the full power of their combined team.

He could clearly sense that, hidden under that incandescence, Huo Wu’s gaze was firmly fixed on him. And that sun, brimming with white heat, was

also locked on him. Had she combined the strength of three people to defeat him? It really seemed that way.

A trace of a faint smile showed at the side of Tang San’s mouth, the seriousness on his face fading as he watched the seven opponents. Because, he knew that it was already impossible to stop Huo Wu’s spirit ability, and he didn’t need to conceal anything.

Dai Mubai and the others were all brimming with anxiety, because until this moment, Tang San still hadn’t given any instructions.

As the soul of the team, the Shrek team’s attacks had always been managed by him, but now he still gestured at everyone to keep back, just watching the opponents accumulate power.

Did they still have any advantage under these circumstances? As captain, Da Mubai was deeply concerned.

And at this moment, Tang San still repeated the signal to hold back behind him, but he himself, just like that walked towards the seven opponents.

Advancing step by step, Tang San’s pace was extremely relaxed, still a trace of a smile on his face. When confronting seven opponents, he seemed to say, ‘Don’t you want to deal with me? Fine, I’ll put myself in front by myself and let you attack.’

Huo Wushuang’s expression had changed somewhat. Even though Tang San was smiling, his smile as he looked at Huo Wushuang held naked provocation. If they hadn’t arranged their tactics long in advance, he would have been unable to keep from rushing out to punch him.

Tang San’s Blue Silver Grass was now already connected to each of the Shrek Academy team members, but he didn’t move it. By now, he was already five meters in front of the team.

“You’re very powerful, even more powerful than I imagined.” Huo Wu suddenly spoke up. Her voice trembled somewhat, but still hadn’t lost its

sweet melodiousness. That trembling was clearly caused by that ‘sun’ above her head. Her gaze was just like Tang San had sensed, fixed on him.

“But, victory is still ours.” Huo Wu was finally unable to persevere, with the spirit power of three people coursing into her fourth spirit ability under her control, storing power for this long was already her limit.

The sun had shifted, floating forward half a meter. As Tang San clearly saw Huo Wu attentively gazing at him, that sun had already become a stream of light, abruptly bombarding towards him.

This couldn’t be dodged in any way. Different from the previous Seven Star Bullets, the moment it was launched, this dazzling sun had already completely locked on Tang San, and its speed exceeded what even the fastest agility attack system Spirit Master could achieve.

Tang San didn’t flee, he didn’t even move. Even more, he didn’t call out to his team members to assist him. He simply sat down, and only used the simplest spirit ability.

Blue Silver Grass first spirit ability, Binding, launched.

Fine Blue Silver Grass quietly gathered around Tang San. Since it was his first spirit ability, it was clearly the fastest to use.

In just a split second, the Blue Silver Grass that was originally wound around his companions had already completely twisted around him, to the extent that it didn’t even show any skin.

Everyone just saw Tang San’s first spirit ring flash and Blue Silver Grass winding around him, the next moment, he was already completely swallowed by that incandescent sun.

Xiao Wu shrieked and was about to run forward, but was held back by Dai Mubai.

“What are you doing?” Xiao Wu practically roared.

Even though Dai Mubai’s face was also hesitant, he still rigidly held on to Xiao Wu’s arm, “Trust him, don’t tell me you think he’s a person who would do anything without being sure of the outcome?”

Hearing Dai Mubai’s words, Xiao Wu couldn’t help looking distracted a moment, just what is called being confused out of concern, her brows wrinkled slightly, and then she also calmed a bit. But her gaze was still filled with anxiety.

Seeing Tang San already completely swallowed by that incandescent light, the seven Blazing Academy team members clearly loosed a breath, all showing relieved expressions.

Huo Wu’s rather looked fatigued. Controlling such enormous energy, and releasing her third spirit ability twice in succession and her fourth spirit ability once, her spirit power already approached exhaustion. The two auxiliary system fire attribute Spirit Masters next to her had also exhausted more than fifty percent of their spirit power.

But they all believed that as long as they could defeat Tang San, the remaining Shrek Academy members were no threat.

Even if the other person required to use their spirit fusion ability was on stage, how could they still be able to win this battle?

Huo Wu had already considered whether she should weaken the strength of her spirit ability. Just in case Tang San lost his life in that white-hot flame, wouldn’t that disqualify the Blazing Academy?

Just at this moment, something nobody had anticipated happened. A clear and calm voice transmitted out from that white flame.

“You’re too naive. That’s what I wanted to say before, you’ve been mistaken all along.”

The pupils of Huo Wu’s eyes instantly contracted, Huo Wushuang’s eyes opened wide, his eyes brimming with disbelief.

As the white hot flame gradually faded, it had even melted a big hole in the ground. However, within that gradually weakening flame, floated a large cocoon. No, to be precise, it was suspended over the hole by Blue Silver Grass. Several strands of Blue Silver Grass were connected to the edges of the hole to support it.

That big cocoon was completely formed from Blue Silver Grass, only now the Blue Silver Grass had completely turned a fiery red, revealing a dazzling radiance. Along with the incandescent flame fading, they also began to slowly separate, automatically weaving a big net over the hole, supporting that person.

Tang San stood there quietly, straightening his somewhat creased uniform, his gaze flatly watching the not distant, already completely lifeless, seven Blazing Academy team members.

“Did you really think I didn’t use spirit abilities out of fear of your flames? Not all plants fear fire. There will always be exceptions. You were lead to make this false conclusion by me from the very start. You thought to rely on your fire attribute spirits to massively restrict my capabilities. That’s why you used such unscrupulous attacks, right? Unfortunately, your judgement was in error. I didn’t use spirit abilities in order to have you continue being mistaken. Until now, you have already consumed far, far too much spirit power. Let me tell you a fact. My Blue Silver Grass, is fireproof.”


The stands seemed to explode. All kinds of commenting voices rose and fell, those supporting Shrek Academy cheered, those supporting Blazing Academy shouted indignantly. But none of this could change the result of this match.

Black light burst from Tang San, his gaze once again falling on Huo Wu, meeting her absent-minded stare. The two of them had been fighting from

the very start. But at this moment, this fight was already over. Over, without any suspense.

Seven beams of black light shot up, blue silver cages forming instantly, completely enveloping the seven Blazing Academy students. Let alone the spirit power they had used up, even if they hadn’t, breaking through the restraint of this ten thousand year spirit ability wasn’t that easy. At least, they couldn’t rely on fire to break it.

Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass, Infernal Precious Apricot, it was the first time the effect of the two great immortal treasures appeared in a fight. Relying on their forging in the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, not only Tang San’s body, but even his spirit possessed immunity to fire and ice.

If it wasn’t out of consideration for his clothes, previously when he faced that flame attack, Tang San didn’t even have to use Blue Silver Grass to defend.

When Huo Wu condensed her fourth spirit ability, Tang San had already seen that this spirit ability relied completely on high temperature to attack, without any impact. Therefore, let alone when condensing the fire attribute spirit power of three people, how could even thirty have any effect? Right now it wouldn’t be easy even for a Title Douluo’s flame ability to burn Tang San.

The appearance of seven Blue Silver Prisons put the end to this match. Perhaps the Blazing Academy students still had some strength they still hadn’t used, but when Tang San broke Huo Wu’s fourth spirit ability, this match had already ended. Because the Blazing Academy team had already completely lost their fighting spirit. Even their captain, Huo Wushuang, was no exception.

“We, con——cede——.” The words were practically squeezed out between Huo Wu’s clenched teeth. Grinding her teeth, she constantly stared fixedly at Tang San. They were equally fortieth something ranked Spirit Masters, but the feeling this youth who still seemed younger than her gave her was deep and immeasurable. He was like an endless mine, constantly revealing new abilities, bit by bit.

And each time, his opponents would suffer defeat.

Just as Dai Mubai said Tang San would never do something without a chance of success, and today was no exception. Since he dared step away from the team to confront the Blazing Academy, he was naturally certain. And this certainty was based on his fire immunity.

If it was a frontal confrontation, perhaps the Shrek Academy side would have to expend a lot of strength. After all, the gap in strength between both sides wasn’t large. But Tang San relied on his ingenious planning in a battle of wits with Huo Wu. Without spending much of either his or his companions’ spirit power, he had obtained ultimate victory, defeating the second of the five elemental academies.

If the fight against the Elephant Armored Academy had made a name for Shrek Academy, then, the present fight had finally pushed Shrek Academy’s name to the summit of the qualifiers. This moment, nobody doubted they would be competing for the number one position in the qualifiers.

The audience weren’t fools, they still clearly remembered that Shrek Academy had brought out four Spirit Ancestors over fortieth rank in the fight against the Elephant Armored Academy. But this time there were only two. This proved something, proved that they still had strength left.

Withdrawing the Blue Silver Prisons, both teams got back into formation as the referee came back on the stage. The result of this match was already settled, even without anyone being injured. But right now the expressions of both teams had already made a complete reversal.

The faces of the seven Blazing Academy members no longer had the confidence from before, replaced by unreconciliation. Especially Huo Wu. Her big beautiful eyes stared rigidly at Tang San, as if she wanted to bite him. She was unreconciled, truly unreconciled.

Always in the past, she had been a darling of the academy. Among the five great elemental academies, her strength was absolutely in the top five, maybe even the top three. But losing like this to a nameless opponent, and

moreover losing in both intelligence and strength, that was absolutely an unpleasant feeling.

This fight was an enormous blow to her, and that helpless feeling when facing Tang San was especially painful.

How they had ultimately lost even though she felt they were stronger than the opponents, and even the loss was somewhat mysterious, all because of the simple word ‘fireproof’.

“We’ll still meet again. time, you won’t have such luck.” Huo Wu glared at Tang San with burning eyes.

Tang San smiled calmly, “Any time.”

Shrek Academy, eleven fights and eleven wins. Blazing Academy, eleven fights with ten wins and one loss. Even though it was only one loss, it was still enough to separate them from the true leading group.

Both sides withdrew under the cheers from the audience. Tang San had just stepped off the stage when Oscar, Ma Hongjun and the others already came rushing over.

Oscar laughed out loud, saying: “Little San, you’re really quite something.” They all knew about the ice and fire immunity of Tang San’s Blue Silver Grass, but being able to use it like this had broadened everyone’s minds. A fight that should originally have been bitter had ended so easily.

No doubt that boosted the Shrek Academy team’s confidence to the peak.

When the Shrek Seven Devils and the others walked into the rest area, whether it was contestants who still hadn’t fought or who had already fought, all looked at them with somewhat reverent gazes, especially when they looked at Tang San.

In these Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament qualifiers, Tang San could be said to be in the strongest limelight.

Especially when they confronted the Elephant Armored Academy and in their match against Blazing Academy just now, he had even more managed to reverse heaven and earth.

Naturally the Blazing Academy team members also returned to the rest area, they were all unreconciled, but what could they do even so? Following the end of the match, they gradually calmed down.

Whether it was Huo Wushuang or Huo Wu, both understood that even if they hadn’t been outsmarted by Tang San, it would still have been very difficult to defeat Shrek Academy.

Tang San, the soul of the team, possessed fire immunity. That was too large a restriction on them.

With the existence of such a control system Spirit Master, they wouldn’t have any chance.

“Huo Wushuang, in a few days we’ll take revenge for you.” While the Blazing Academy party was depressed, a somewhat deep voice echoed. Everyone looked in the direction of the voice, seeing a contestant in a cyan uniform walking over towards them.

The cyan uniform was embroidered with decorations in silver thread, reflecting dazzling light at the Blazing Academy uniforms. It was another of the five elemental academies, Godwind Academy.

The speaker was Godwind Academy’s captain, and simultaneously their team soul, the Godwind Academy team’s control system Spirit Master, Feng Xiaotian[2].

Even though he spoke to Huo Wushuang, his gaze was all along settled on Huo Wu, an unconcealable blazing heat in his eyes.

Huo Wushuang snorted coldly, “We couldn’t do it, are you certain you can?”

Feng Xiaotian grinned, saying: “Wushuang, you know that’s not what I mean. You didn’t lose in strength, but rather in attribute restraint. That Tang San just happened to be immune to fire, otherwise, little sister Hui Wu’s fourth spirit ability might have already destroyed him. However, even if he’s immune to fire, he might not be immune to wind. Even though those Thunderclap Academy fellows can restrain us, this Shrek Academy won’t be able to. There are a great many circumstances where restraining attributes can decide victory or defeat in battles between Spirit Masters, you don’t need to be so depressed.”

Listening to Feng Xiaotian’s explanation, the expressions of Huo Wushuang’s team improved a bit. Just at this moment, Huo Wu suddenly spoke up: “Feng Xiaotian, aren’t you very interested in going out with me?”

“Ah?” Feng Xiaotian’s eyes opened wide. Even though he’d always had that intention, having it pointed out by Huo Wu in front of everyone still left him embarrassed.

“Are you or aren’t you?” Huo Wu didn’t seem to pay any attention to the many gazes currently focused on them.

Feng Xiaotian looked distracted a moment. He looked at Huo Wushuang to the side, but right now Huo Wushuang was equally astonished, he couldn’t understand why Huo Wu would say something like that at this time. He and Huo Wu were siblings, and he’d always been extremely doting towards this little sister.

“Are you a man or not? If you are then be one, if not, then don’t. Don’t tell me you won’t even speak?” Huo Wu’s voice was somewhat cold, perfectly opposite to her spirit attributes.

“Yes, I’ve always liked you very much.” Feng Xiaotian didn’t want to become a laughingstock, and if he didn’t confess now, perhaps he would never have the chance to pursue Huo Wu again.

Huo Wu nodded to him, saying: “Fine, as long as you can defeat Shrek Academy, defeat that Tang San, i’ll agree to go out with you. Big brother, let’s go.” Finished speaking, she took the lead to head outside, leaving behind the stunned Godwind Academy group.

Huo Wu had grown up in an environment where she was the focus of everyone’s attention. Even as a girl, whether at home or at the academy, she’d always been cherished. Further adding her extraordinary talent, she had always been at the summit of her peers. This year she was nineteen, and had already reached fortieth ranked strength. At Blazing Academy this could be said to be unprecedented. Her pride was justified. In appearance, strength, background, she didn’t lack the capital for pride. However, right now she was unable to forget Tang San’s expression, and even more unable to forget Tang San calling her naive.

To Huo Wu, she hadn’t lost just a match, but at the same time she had lost her pride and dignity. The outcome of this match was really a huge blow to her. What she was most unable to accept was that Tang San’s attributes restraining hers left her without the chance to turn the tables on him.

Even Huo Wushuang was unable to completely understand his little sister’s mind, and for the moment he could only catch up.

Feng Xiaotian stupidly looked in the direction Huo Wu disappeared, only returning to his senses after her silhouette was completely gone.

‘What did she say? She said she’d give me the chance to date? As long as I can defeat Shrek Academy’s Tang San, she’ll agree to be my girlfriend? Heavens, this is practically meat pies falling from heaven.’

As he gradually returned to his senses, unstoppable excitement began to set his heart on fire, liking Huo Wu wasn’t a matter of a day or two. Godwind Academy and Blazing Academy were very close, and they also interacted frequently. When he first saw Huo Wu six years ago, he had at once fallen for this beautiful and talented young woman. In order to pursue Huo Wu, he had even put aside his dignity to make friends with Huo Wushuang, and when exchanging pointers with these two siblings, he had

never won. But even like this, Huo Wu had always been neither cold nor warm towards him. Now that the chance had finally come, Feng Xiaotian’s heart was blazing with the power of love. He suddenly discovered that Shrek Academy’s team members were so cute, their victory today had been so timely. ‘This really is excellent. The chance is finally here, Huo Wu, just wait, I’ll use strength to prove I’m the man who suits you the most.’


The Shrek Academy group naturally didn’t know about the agreement the Godwind Academy and Blazing Academy had reached, and without resting long, directly returned to the Academy.

Just as they entered the door, Tang San was called over by Grandmaster. The others were all long since used to this, after all, Tang San was Grandmaster’s direct disciple.

Following grandmaster to his office, Tang San closed the door.

Even though Grandmaster’s expression was calm, his brows were slightly wrinkled. With a wave of his hand, he indicated Tang San should sit first.

“Little San, you overdid it somewhat.”

Grandmaster’s unexpected words left Tang San distracted, but he didn’t utter a word, calmly waiting for his Teacher’s rebuke.

Grandmaster said in a low voice: “What I mean is that you’ve already exposed too much of your strength. Among the academy team members in the tournament qualifiers, your show is too distinct. By now, not only is every academy paying attention to you, even those fellows in the VIP seats might be following you extremely closely. This isn’t a good thing.”

Tang San said with a wry smile: “Teacher, you’ve also seen that our opponents are strong. This isn’t what I wanted, but if I didn’t do it, it would be very difficult for us to win.”

Grandmaster sighed lightly, saying: “I understand. This wouldn’t be a problem if you had the backing of a formidable power. But don’t forget that last time Blue Sunshine Academy’s Shi Nian tried to assassinate you. Why did he dare try that? Because you don’t have enough strength behind you. The tallest tree in the forest will be broken by the wind. Right now I’m considering whether to start keeping you out of the matches until the finals.”

Tang San shook his head, firmly saying: “No, Teacher, I have to appear. And furthermore, I have to continue leading everyone to continue winning. It’s always better if I alone draw attention than if the whole team does. The opponents’ attention always being on me will no doubt relax their guard against the others. We Shrek Seven Devils are as one. I think this is the only way that can let us go even further in the finals, when our opponents become even more difficult to deal with.”

Grandmaster smiled slightly, walking to Tang San’s side and clapping his shoulder, “You see very far. Your way of handling things isn’t mistaken. However, you must remember, even if the team’s strength is hidden even deeper, if something happens to you, it will also lead to the collapse of the whole team. I won’t oppose your way of handling things, but from now on, every day when you go to and from the stadium, I will have Erlong go with you. Moreover, no matter when, you must be together with your companions. I don’t want you to have any accidents.”

“Yes, Teacher.”

Grandmaster continued: “Today you’ve revealed your fire immunity and close combat ability. Honestly, even I didn’t know your close combat had reached such a level. In later matches, there’s no harm in using some of your own fighting skills. With your present spirit power and spirit ring amplification to your body, unless there’s another opponent with a spirit bone, it should be very difficult for people to contend against you without using spirit abilities. You must grasp this point properly. As long as you can do it well, you won’t be just a control system Spirit Master, but also a power attack system Spirit Master. But you must also pay attention in matches, your opponents will also try to restrain you according to your strength. Although your control capability in matches is pretty good, you

still can’t draw out the full strength of your team members, otherwise you would have it a lot easier. This is also where you must pay attention. Among your later opponents, there’s still the Godwind, Skywater, and Thunderclap Academies. Among them, I’m not too worried about Skywater Academy. Your greatest threats are the other two academies. Whether it’s Godwind Academy’s speed or Thunderclap Academy’s burst power, they’re both difficult to handle. What I mean is, I hope you can give up on these two matches. Like this, while you won’t take the first position going into the next phase, but at the same time you won’t have to reveal too much of your strength.”

In terms of strategy, Grandmaster’s proposal was no doubt perfect, as long as they could reach the top five in the qualifiers they would be in the clear, however, did they really had to avoid fighting?

Tang San hesitated moment, but still firmly shook his head, “Teacher, after the end of this tournament, we will all have to graduate. Let us leave behind something for the Academy.”

Grandmaster smiled slightly, saying: “I knew you’d say that. On the surface you seem very mild mannered, but in fact, deep in your heart you’re actually extremely rigid. This kind of unyielding spirit is admittedly good, but you must remember, it’s easier to break what’s rigid. Back in those days, your father apparently suffered because of this.”

“My heart being rigid is perhaps because of your influence.”

Hearing Grandmaster mention his father, Tang San couldn’t keep his eyes from darkening. Recently he’d obtained a lot of information about his father, even about his life’s experience, but, where was his father really? In all these years, he had never returned to see him. If it really was as Grandmaster said, and father really cared for him, then why didn’t he return? Even seeing him once would be good!

“You’re still young, I hope you can cultivate without distractions. If you really can obtain victory in this tournament, then I’ll arrange for you to enter a long period of secret cultivation. Let the outside world forget about you. Because right now, you’re not strong enough to protect

yourself, and even more unable to keep you out of the whirlpool of struggle between all sides.”

What Grandmaster said made Tang San’s heart shiver, master and disciple looked eye to eye, and Tang San silently nodded.


One day later, Shrek Academy met their twelfth opponent.

This opponent made Tang San somewhat excited, and left him even thirstier for victory than against Blazing Academy. Their twelfth opponent wasn’t the five great elemental academies, but Blue Sunshine Academy.

The academy led by the Shi Nian who once had almost condemned Tang San to hell.

It was less than an hour to the start of the match, and all academy teams were already waiting in the rest area. This time Shrek Academy wouldn’t appear in the first round, but in the third.

[1] (耀阳)
[2] (⻛笑天) “Wind Laughing Sky”

Chapter 102

Everyone habitually rested in a corner. Eleven successive victories had no doubt long ago made them an existence like a crane in a flock of chickens among these competing academies, and scenes like at the start of the qualifiers when they were jeered at wouldn’t appear again.

Even though a lot of people looked at them from all around, it was rare that anyone came close.

In the Spirit Master world, strength meant everything, and it was the same among Spirit Master academies. The feeling Shrek Academy gave everyone was of a team without any features, but it was this kind of team that had become a headache for each team they faced.

Tang San with the ten thousand year spirit ring had become the most favored competitor for Most Valuable Spirit Master in these qualifiers. At present, he already held more than half the votes.

As long as he wasn’t defeated, he would without a doubt obtain this distinction. However, defeating a Spirit Ancestor with a ten thousand year spirit ring was easier said than done for these competitors.

The Shrek Academy group gathered leisurely, Ma Hongjun, with a difficult to scratch itch in his heart, said to Tang San: “Third brother, why not let me go on stage today. I won’t use my fourth spirit ability, alright?”

Tang San shot him a glance, “No way. Zhuqing, you take over for Jiang Zhu today. Any problems?” Along with everyone spending more and more time together, they participated in more and more fights.

Tang San’s authority among the Shrek Seven Devils had already imperceptibly influenced everyone’s hearts, especially those four younger then him, besides friendship, they all felt some respect for him.

Right now his position in the team was no lower than Dai Mubai’s, or even higher.

Zhu Zhuqing stared blankly a moment, “No problem.”

Oscar puzzled said: “Little San, that’s not needed. We didn’t dispatch Zhuqing even when we faced Blazing Academy. Is it needed to deal with trash like that Blue Sunshine Academy?”

Tang San said in a low voice: “Blue Sunshine Academy might not truly be trash. You haven’t paid attention to their record. From the start of the competition until now, Blue Sunshine Academy has only lost three times, and that was each against Elephant Armored Academy, Thunderclap Academy and Godwind Academy. When confronting others, they’ve won. Right now they’re even above Elephant Armored Academy in the total ranking. Moreover, don’t forget that dean Flender once warned us that their coaching teacher isn’t ordinary. Right now Blue Sunshine Academy has lost to the Elephant Armored Academy, and later in the competition the powerful opponents they’ll confront are us, Blazing Academy and Skywater Academy. In these three matches, they have to obtain at least two victories, the chance to advance to the next phase of the competition is in their hands. Further adding the grudge between our teams, I dare say that in today’s competition they will inevitably go all out. I’m letting Zhuqing go up in order to ensure our victory.”

Dai Mubai nodded: “Good, we’ll follow little San’s plan. Aren’t those Blue Sunshine kids too arrogant? Today we’ll let them know trouble. Advancing to the ranking competition, that’s lunatic ravings.”

“Hey, are you Shrek Academy’s team members?” As Tang San began to prepare for the match, a sudden voice interrupted him.

Everyone turned their heads to look. In a cyan uniform, a youth with a somewhat handsome appearance looked at them with a smile.

Dai Mubai frowned,

“That’s right, we’re Shrek Academy, who are you?”

The youth grinned, saying: “I’m called Feng Xiao Tian, perhaps you haven’t heard my name. That doesn’t matter, we’ll come across each other in the tournament later. I’ve come to encourage you. Definitely make an effort. Destroy that Blue Sunshine Academy.”

En? Dai Mubai and Tang San looked face to face, both somewhat astounded.

Even though they hadn’t seen their opponents’ matches, judging from this fellow’s uniform they could tell he should be from Godwind Academy.

Altogether twenty eight teams participated in the qualifiers, everyone wanted to win, and all wanted to enter the next stage. It was very rare that they interacted. Since the start of the competition, this was the first time anyone took the initiative to be friendly.

Tang San nodded, saying: “We will.”

Feng Xiaotian smiled: “You must be Tang San. I believe in your strength. However, you have to be a bit careful. Our Academy once fought Blue Sunshine Academy. Even though their strength is quite ordinary, when they fought us, I always felt they didn’t use their full strength. It seemed they were careful to cover something up. I think highly of you. At least until you meet our Academy, you definitely can’t lose. Alright, you rest, I’ll leave first.”

This fellow left as quickly as he came, leaving behind a pile of words making everyone mystified, and quickly departed. Even if everyone from

Shrek Academy were astute, they still couldn’t figure out just what Feng Xiaotian wanted, and even less why he would come over to encourage them.

Only Feng Xiaotian knew the answer to this. Finished speaking, he very quickly returned to the side of his team mates.

“Captain, what were you doing?”

“I went to encourage Shrek Academy!” Feng Xiaotian stated with a smile.

“Encourage them? Captain, you represent our Godwind Academy, in front of so many people……”

Feng Xiaotian made no secret of it, “What’s there to fear, as long as I can marry the beauty, everything else is fleeting as clouds.”

One Godwind Academy team member baffled asked: “How’s encouraging the Shrek Academy related to you marrying a beauty?”

Feng Xiaotian said: “Of course it’s related, did you forget? Huo Wu said that as long as I beat Tang San, she’ll be my girlfriend. If by some chance someone else beats Tang San before me, won’t she also agree to their proposals? Therefore, before meeting us, Shrek Academy can’t lose, this is called taking preventative measures.”

“Eh……” Looking at Feng Xiaotian’s somewhat idiotically proud appearance, all the Godwind Academy students couldn’t help choking speechlessly……

Even though the matches still hadn’t started, the teams waiting in the rest area could hear the din of the cheering spectators outside.

What drew the most attention from the audience, was without exception the most popular candidates.

But in order to make the competition exciting, these teams would all appear in different rounds each day. Only like the day before when Shrek

Academy faced Blazing Academy, would two powerful teams appear in the same round.

Tang San stood quietly, watching the Blue Sunshine Academy gathering quietly in a distant corner and talking about something. Adjusting his breathing, he let the Mysterious Heaven Skill internal strength warm up to peak condition.

All kinds of tactics constantly appeared in his mind, they were all already prepared for the battle.

Without waiting too long, the second round matches ended, and it was time for the teams participating in the third round to appear.

Shrek Academy moved away from the rest area together with Blue Sunshine Academy, the members on both teams watching their counterparts carefully. Compared to the proud Shrek Academy, the Blue Sunshine Academy’s seven members all expressed a cold air, a fierce light flickering in their eyes as if they wanted to bite the Shrek Academy team.

Blue Sunshine Academy’s seven members were all male, all wearing moon white uniforms, their auras all reserved. Just like Tang San judged, these opponents weren’t so easy to deal with.

At the same time as they entered the passage, the Blazing Academy team returning after just finishing a match. Tang San didn’t pay any attention to them, but Blazing Academy’s members all focused their gazes on them. Especially Huo Wu, who instantly picked out Tang San’s silhouette among the Shrek Academy team.

Yi? Huo Wu’s heart twitched, her face immediately showing fury, looking fiercely at Tang San, a burst of angry pain in her heart.

It was also no wonder she was angry. Their research into Shrek Academy was already rather incisive, and seeing that Shrek Academy’s formation was somewhat different from yesterday, Huo Wu immediately recalled the members constituting Shrek Academy. They had replaced an auxiliary system Spirit Master with a fortieth rank Spirit Ancestor. ‘Tang San, you

bastard, you only had two Spirit Ancestors when confronting our Blazing Academy, now you’ve changed to three, don’t tell me we’re not even equal to this Blue Whatever Academy?’

The more Huo Wu thought, the angrier she got. With a ferocious meaning in her eyes, she deliberately stumbled, her shoulder striking straight at Tang San.

Both teams were passing each other when Tang San suddenly felt a strong with towards his shoulder. Practically subconsciously, his body reacted instantly.

Dropping his shoulder and staggering his pace, his shoulder first shifted back, letting Huo Wu strike and largely neutralizing the force, then, the moment the old force had faded but no new had been born, his shoulder practically stuck to Huo Wu’s shoulder, his strength suddenly erupting at the last moment. With a cry of surprise, Huo Wu was directly sent tumbling.

Fortunately this was only Tang San’s subconscious reaction, using something similar to the Clothed Eighteen Drops technique[1]. If she had touched Tang San’s poisoned hidden weapons, perhaps she wouldn’t have come off so easily.

Seeing his little sister being sent flying, Huo Wushuan hastily moved to catch her. The Blazing Academy team immediately stopped, barring the way for Shrek Academy’s seven participating members, glaring at them.

The Blue Sunshine Academy team naturally saw it and stopped as well. Not only did they find it entertaining, but it seemed like it could get out of hand at any moment.

At this moment Tang San had already reacted. Seeing Huo Wu sent tumbling, his brows furrowed minutely, wrist wiping across Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges, a Godly Zhuge Crossbow appearing with a flick. His movements were so fast that in practically a split second, with a sonorous mechanical sound, it was already wound.

Tang San did this because he had no choice.

Right now, Shrek Academy’s seven were just between Blazing Academy and Blue Sunshine Academy. If by some chance Blue Sunshine Academy ambushed them from the back when Blazing Academy acted, it could very easily lead to casualties.

But with the Godly Zhuge Crossbow it was different. It could guarantee that as long as Blazing Academy dared violate the tournament rules, attacking in the rest area, he could lead his team to kill them instantly, then turning to deal with Blue Sunshine Academy.

Tang San could be certain that at such close distance, the Blazing Academy team members absolutely couldn’t resist the Godly Zhuge Crossbow’s attack without first releasing their spirits. Even more, they had come straight from a match and were bound to have used up some spirit power.

Tang San’s actions were aimed at the whole team, and the moment he flicked out the Godly Zhuge Crossbow, Xiao Wu who had the most tacit understanding with him, had also completed the same action. Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing also pulled out their Godly Zhuge Crossbows immediately afterward, pointing four Godly Zhuge Crossbows at the Blazing Academy team.

Even though they didn’t know what it was, the moment the Godly Zhuge Crossbows were pointed at them, everyone in the Blazing Academy immediately felt an ice cold killing intent from the Shrek Academy seven.

Tang San calmly said: “If you’re looking for trouble, we’ll be happy to accompany you.”

Hu Wushuang glared coldly at Tang San. Even though he felt anything but reassured, as Blazing Academy’s captain, if he shrunk back at this time, how could he be a part of Blazing Academy later? Just when he was about to flare up, he was stopped by Huo Wu.

Huo Wu shot a glance at the chi long black box in Tang San’s hand,

“Let’s go.”

Finished speaking, she forcefully pulled her big brother into the rest area.

The Shrek Academy seven didn’t act, and the Blue Sunshine Academy members all revealed disappointed expressions. If Shrek Academy and Blazing Academy fought, let alone breaking the rules, just the spirit power consumption alone would give them an advantage against Shrek in the match.

A faint light flickered, as Tang San’s eyes revealed an ice cold expression. Huo Wu’s expression as she stared fixedly at him before leaving made him somewhat uneasy.

Dai Mubai walked forward once again. While walking, he said to the Blue Sunshine Academy captain next to him: “You must be disappointed we didn’t fight.”

The Blue Sunshine Academy captain looked to be about thirty. If it wasn’t for the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament being impartial, Dai Mubai would really have thought he was already too old.

The Blue Sunshine Academy team captain snorted coldly, glancing at Dai Mubai, then striding forward with his head held high.

Cold light flickered in Dai Mubai’s eyes, ‘Later, on the stage, I’ll let you know about trouble.’

Immediately after both sides entered the ring, cheers rose like wildfire. And these cheers naturally weren’t for Blue Sunshine Academy. As the greatest spectacle of this round, the place where Shrek and Blue Sunshine Academy fought was of course the central stage. Shrek Academy had long ago already became frequent visitors here.

“Get rid of them. Kill those guys, long live Shrek……” “Twelve successive wins, twelve successive wins……”

All kinds of cheers constantly transmitted from the stands to the ring, and right now the target of the special commentator in the VIP seats were also directed at this battle.

“The third round matches of the twelfth day are about to begin. I believe everyone has already seen that Shrek Academy will fight in this round. Their opponents, with a record of eight wins and three losses over eleven fights, is Blue Sunshine Academy. Judging by their present record, Blue Sunshine Academy still has a chance. Of course, compared to the Shrek Academy team, their strength is clearly inferior. After all, when they previously confronted a few powerful enemies, they were always at a disadvantage. Today Blue Sunshine Academy faces Shrek Academy. In my estimation, the outcome of this fight isn’t in any suspense. The question is only how long Blue Sunshine Academy will be able to hold out under Shrek Academy’s attack.”

The introduction was no doubt sharp and unkind. As a special commentator, he didn’t have any bias of his own. His bias would only change according to the mood of the audience, and at this moment all the spectators no doubt favored Shrek Academy, and what he said was doubtless to fan the mood in the arena.

“Ah, let’s have a look at who the Shrek Academy team formation has exchanged today. It’s no longer the auxiliary system Spirit Master Jiang Zhu, but rather the agility system Spirit Master who once fought with Elephant Armored Academy. Let me look over the material. Oh, she’s called Zhu Zhuqing. If I remember correctly, she should also be a fortieth ranked Spirit Ancestor, moreover, in the fight against Elephant Armored Academy, she joined hands with Shrek Academy team captain Dai Mubai to use this tournament’s first spirit fusion ability, and it was just that spirit fusion ability that reversed the situation, letting Shrek Academy turn defeat into victory. Having her in Shrek Academy’s formation today, don’t tell me they think Blue Sunshine Academy is even more powerful than Blazing Academy? We didn’t see her in yesterday’s fight!”

“Eh, I understand, perhaps it’s because they’ve already attained a record of eleven successive wins, and in order to be on the safe side, Shrek Academy is letting their team members be even a bit more

powerful, in order to avoid stumbling over a hidden ditch. Playing it safe like this, worthy of being the kings of the division. I truly am looking forward to their display in the finals. I have a premonition that Shrek Academy will definitely bring a great deal of trouble to some great powers, right?”

This kind of explanation no doubt made the audience even more enthusiastic. In fact, as a result of the qualifiers gaining the audience’s massive interest, the ticket prices had already doubled compared to the first day.

However, the explanation no doubt also made the hearts of two teams brim with fury.

One was naturally the Blue Sunshine Academy he said would certainly lose. The other team that had to restrain their anger, was the Blazing Academy that had just entered the rest area.

In the rest area, Huo Wu kicked a chair flying, “They’re too rampant.”

Her shoulder was still aching dully, but what she could tolerate the least was that Tang San’s strike had not only hit her shoulder, but also the edge of her ample chest. Besides the pain, right now she still had a kind of inexpressible numb feeling that left her even more bitter.

Since childhood, nobody had ever hit her, not even when exchanging pointers with other Spirit Masters, since as a control system Spirit Master, she was never attacked by people like that. Her hatred towards Tang San had no doubt already reached the peak.

Sometimes observing someone’s words and gestures was very important, but some people wouldn’t do so. For instance, a certain someone from Godwind Academy’s team.

Feng Xiaotian saw the Blazing Academy party return to the rest area, and immediately welcomed them with a smile. Huo Wu’s words yesterday had set his heart aflame, and even though Huo Wu’s expression was angry right now, he still couldn’t help coming over to be friendly.

“Little sister Huo Wu, what is it? Who provoked you? Big brother will vent in your place.”

“Huo Wu resolutely glared at Feng Xiaotian, “It was you.” “Me? Little sister Huo Wu, don’t joke with me.”
Huo Wu furiously said: “Why wouldn’t it be you? If not for you still not having met Shrek Academy and defeated them, how would we receive this kind of humiliation. Didn’t you hear what they said outside?”

Feng Xiaotian said helplessly: “Fine, fine, blame me, isn’t it enough to blame me? I heard it, I heard it. But that kind of comment is only sensationalism, don’t pay any attention to it.”

To the side, Huo Wushuang said in a low voice: “Even though he’s sensationalist, what he said wasn’t wrong. Today Shrek Academy’s formation has one more fortieth ranked Spirit Ancestor. Isn’t this still looking down on us? As one of the five great elemental academies, are we still lower than a Blue Sunshine Academy? Just now that brat Tang San deliberately struck my little sister.”

“What?” Feng Xiaotian almost jumped, “Little sister Huo Wu, where did he hit you? Quick, let big brother see.”

“Fuck off——”


On the stage, both sides had already entered. The referees on the five competition platforms simultaneously declared the matches started.

What did the audience like seeing the most? As laymen following the crowds, the start of the competition when the Spirit Masters released their spirits was no doubt the most dazzling. The appearance of spirit rings one by one, the effects of different spirits. The dazzlingly beautiful splendor would each time sufficiently incite the audience’s mood.

Three fortieth ranked Spirit Ancestors, plus four thirtieth ranked Spirit Elders, even at the very start of the competition, Shrek Academy’s spirit power levels completely suppressed their opponents.

Of the Blue Sunshine Academy, only their captain was a Spirit Ancestor with fortieth ranked strength, precisely that thirty years old looking fellow. The others were only thirty something ranked.

Moreover one of them didn’t have an optimal spirit ring configuration, three spirit rings were yellow.

The Blue Sunshine Academy’s seven appeared very cautious. The moment the referee declared the release of their spirits, the seven quickly gathered together with their captain furthest out in front, adopting a strange formation.

Besides the captain, the other six were gathered in a hexagon, vigilantly watching the Shrek Academy seven.

Tai Long laughed out loud, unable to keep from saying: “Isn’t Blue Sunshine really nobodies? There’s even someone who doesn’t have optimal spirit rings.”

Right now, even Dai Mubai felt that Tang San having Zhu Zhuqing coming on stage was a bit paranoid. The Blue Sunshine Academy team members in front of them weren’t even on the level of the several weak advanced Spirit Master academies they’d faced before. This battle basically didn’t seem to hold any suspense.

Perhaps the only one who didn’t relax his vigilance was Tang San.

He had already become alert even when the two teams had left the rest area, because he had discovered that among Blue Sunshine Academy’s members today were four people who hadn’t appeared in previous battles.

The gap to the list of names Grandmaster gave him was very large, and among them included that member without optimal spirit rings.

Changing four people? What did this mean? There were only two possibilities. One, Blue Sunshine Academy were preparing to forfeit the match. The other was that they had substantially hidden their strength in previous matches. From the aura the seven Blue Sunshine Academy members who appeared on stage displayed, Tang San discarded the first possibility. Then, that left only the second.

Right now, even though the seven opponents appeared extremely cautious, and moreover seemed to somewhat fear their side, Tang San couldn’t catch any true fear in their eyes. Relying on Purple Demon Eye, his perception exceeded that of normal people. He wouldn't let a single detail slip by.

“Gather.” Tang San called.

Even though the Shrek Academy team members didn’t understand why he would issue an order like that, they swiftly gathered around Tang San. Six peoples’ waists tightened as the familiar Blue Silver Grass twined around them.

“Young master San, letting us rush in and destroy them wouldn’t take long?” Tai Long was the most temperamental, and couldn’t help asking.

Tang San didn’t open his mouth, the spirit power within him already promoting to the peak, and their opponents still didn’t move.

The five matches started simultaneously. On the other four stages everyone were already fighting, only on this central stage was the match still deadlocked. Both sides eyed each other, nobody taking the initiative to act.

Seeing that Shrek Academy didn’t directly launch an attack, the Blue Sunshine Academy team captain clearly looked distracted. Tang San clearly caught a trace of disappointment deep in the corner of his eyes.

Tai Long didn’t understand why Tang San wouldn’t let them attack directly, but Xiao Wu, Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing didn’t voice any doubts. Everyone had been together for so long. They had complete confidence in Tang San’s directions. At least so far, Tang San had never made any major mistakes in directing the team.

Right now, on Shrek Academy’s side, Dai Mubai stood in front of Tang San, and on either side of him were Tai Long and Huang Yuan. On Tang San’s sides were separately Xiao Wu and Zhu Zhuqing, with Jing Ling guarding the rear.

“Both teams please start the match.” The referee’s voice echoed.

In the VIP seats, the commentator couldn’t help saying: “What’s going on? Why isn’t Shrek Academy attacking? Don’t tell me they would be afraid of this kind of opponent? Blue Sunshine Academy is clearly inferior to them, just casually sending out a few spirit abilities should take the victory.”

Sitting upright in the front row of the VIP seats, emperor Xue Ye asked Ning Fengzhi next to him in a low voice: “School master Ning, in your opinion, why are they still not fighting? Both sides seem excessively cautious. There doesn’t seem to be any comparison between both sides’ strength.”

Ning Fengzhi smiled faintly, saying: “Exterior can’t signify everything. I think Tang San has definitely discovered something amiss, and just isn’t letting his teammates act rashly. This child has a steady will, he really isn’t like an only……” At this point, he subconsciously paused, still with a smile on his face, but without saying anything else.

To the side, platinum bishop Salas concentrated his attention to listen, but as Ning Fengzhi suddenly paused at the crucial moment, a resentful expression flashed through the corners of his eyes, but nothing showed on his face.

Under the referee’s admonishment and the booing of several tens of thousands of spectators, both sides on the central stage finally moved.

The first to move wasn’t Shrek Academy, but rather Blue Sunshine Academy.

The Blue Sunshine Academy captain seemed to have given up on hiding, his back suddenly straightening, his feet shifting, he retreated one meter, just entering the hexagonal formation of the other six.

When he retreated, the other six simultaneously took a step, their originally crowded hexagonal formation suddenly expanding one size. Bizarrely, even though they had already expanded their formation, the hexagon wasn’t in any disorder. The length of their steps was unexpectedly exactly the same. And after retreating, that Blue Sunshine Academy captain’s position was right in the heart of this formation.

Clearly, this was a formation they had already practiced for many years, and immediately afterward, Shrek Academy’s members could clearly see how each of the the seven Blue Sunshine Academy members raised their right hands.

When they released their spirits before, their bodies hadn’t shown any changes, even to the extent that nobody could make out what their spirits were. This was also a significant reason for Tang San’s caution. He had researched the spirits of the three who had appeared in previous fights, but what the spirits of the four members who appeared only today were, nobody knew.

Now, the spirits of Blue Sunshine Academy’s team members finally appeared in front of everyone.

The moment their spirits truly emerged in front of everyone, as long as anyone who knew anything about spirits saw them, they couldn’t keep the pupils of their eyes from contracting.

Appearing in the palms of the Blue Sunshine Academy seven team members, was each a gemstone.

The shape and appearance of the gems in their palms were all different. Round, rhombic, triangular, even drop shaped. Their colors were also like a

rainbow. But the instant these seven gems appeared, a dense bright light immediately rose from their bodies, completely enveloping all seven of them.

Gemstone Spirit, it was absolutely a kind of extremely uncommon spirit, but they couldn’t be called very powerful. Just like Tang San’s Blue Silver Grass, spirits of fairly good quality like this possessed enormous flexibility.

They were different according to the spirit rings they obtained, able to grow in any direction. With power, they could be control system, agility attack system, or even auxiliary system. Everything was up to the spirit rings.

They could be said to be a spirit most dependant on spirit rings.

In the Spirit Master world, more powerful spirits were naturally better, but generally speaking, the majority of spirits were already fixed when they awoke, already possessing a most suitable development path.

But gem type spirits were just the opposite, among all spirits they were the most indeterminate.

Of course, this kind of spirit was also extremely uncommon. The sudden appearance of seven Spirit Masters with gem type spirits on the stage, how couldn’t that make people astonished? Even more, these seven were all from the same team.

The Shrek Academy team members finally understood the reason for Tang San’s caution, right now they could also see Blue Sunshine Academy wasn’t as easy to deal with as they had imagined.

Dense gem light flickered, the Blue Sunshine Academy captain looked coldly at Tang San, “You’re very calm. However, this is still useless. In front of absolute strength, all tactics and abilities are useless.”

Dai Mubai snorted disdainfully, “Do you think your absolute strength can overpower us?”

The Blue Sunshine Academy captain suddenly smiled, his smile seeming very monstrous, as if four hours after poison was released in the body. Indeed, they had already waited for a very, very long time, waited for this moment to approach.

They would use Shrek Academy’s defeat to prove their strength, to tell everyone that they were the most outstanding competitors in this tournament.

“You’ll learn very soon.” With that monstrous smile, the Blue Sunshine Academy team captain slowly raised his right hand, raising the gem in his palm up high. His spirit was a round silvery gem, and also the core of the formation.

When he raised the gem up high, his fourth spirit ring also brightened. This was also the only fourth spirit ring in the Blue Sunshine Academy team.

With the same movements as him, the other six team members also raised the gems in their hands, but what brightened were their third spirit rings.

“Little San, let me go.” Dai Mubai had extremely rich fighting experience. The opponents were clearly storing power, and even though the opponents’ strength clearly wasn’t up to their side, looking at their appearance, they were definitely relying on something. If they didn’t take advantage to smash the opponents now, once they had stored up enough strength it would be difficult. Just in case they stumbled over a hidden ditch, how could the gains make up for the losses?

Tang San said in a low voice: “No, wait for them to store up strength. Since they dare store strength in front of us so brazenly, how couldn’t they have some plan. Don’t move rashly, listen to my orders.”

As he spoke, there was a peculiar expression in Tang San’s eyes. If Blue Sunshine Academy’s seven members could have seen his gaze right now, they would definitely have caught a trace of disdain and a bit of loathing.

Seven bright rays of light soared up practically simultaneously, with the Blue Sunshine Academy captain as the center, they condensed into a rainbow colored pillar of light in a flash. The pillar of light broke the air more than thirty meters and spread, completely enveloping the seven members in the formation.

[1] ( 沾⾐⼗⼋跌) Not sure if there’s an official translation, but it’s an ancient Han martial style, based on Shaolin boxing.

Chapter 103

Suddenly, only that dazzling light remained on the stage, every trace of the Blue Sunshine Academy seven members gone.

“What’s going on?” In the VIP seats, emperor Xue Ye exclaimed, muttering: “This, could this be a seven spirit fusion ability?”

To the side, Ning Fengzhi’s expression was also serious, but he still shook his head, saying: “It shouldn’t be. As far as I recall, there has never been anyone able to complete a seven spirit fusion ability. But even if it’s not, it should still be a kind of fusion ability, even if it’s not a true spirit fusion ability, it’s still bound to be far more powerful than their own strength. This Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament truly lets me widen my horizons. The youths of today are indeed more formidable than we were.”

As the number one support Spirit Master on the Continent, his spirit knowledge was quite extensive, and he had especially studied this kind of gem spirit. After all, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda was a kind of sublimation of gem class spirits, only sublimated in a support direction.

Even though Ning Fengzhi wasn’t sure how an ability so similar to seven spirit fusion ability would appear, but he vaguely guessed that this should be the result of a certain fit between the Blue Sunshine Academy’s seven members’ spirits, managing to launch a combined group ability with special spirit abilities after obtaining their spirit rings.

And at this time, perceptive people could also see the cultivation route of the Blue Sunshine Academy seven. And this also left a lot of people extremely stunned. Because, the Blue Sunshine Academy’s seven members were unexpectedly all control system Spirit Masters.

One team with seven controllers, this was the first time in all Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournaments that this had appeared.

The pillar of condensed rainbow-colored light spread in a flash. In an eyeblink it had filled the whole arena, all kinds of gem light spreading from within. That dazzling light didn’t seem to have any attack power, but the audience in the stands were already completely attracted, a dazzled and stunned feeling making a lot of ordinary people bewildered.

Shrek Academy’s team of seven still hadn’t moved, because Tang San didn’t let them.

But they had also changed somewhat. Besides Tang San, the other six now all had their eyes closed. Their formation had also changed, unexpectedly somewhat imitating the opponents, six people standing in a circle with Tang San at the center, watching that seven colored light approach.

“Shrek Academy fools, you should feel honored, because you will be the first opponents to taste our Seven Asura Dreamland. Die from your own pain. Goodbye.”

The seven colored light suddenly expanded, instantly covering the whole stage. The stage was round, as was that seven colored light pillar. At this moment, that soaring light practically lit up the whole stadium.

The indistinct luster was brimming with a bizarre atmosphere.

The Shrek Academy team’s seven had already been completely enveloped, or perhaps it should be called swallowed.

The entir e audience was absolutely mute, and the commentator in the VIP seats was even more unable to say a single word. From the start of the

competition, who could have anticipated something like this? Even the four matches to the sides halted.

That seven colored beam of light was really too dazzling. Not just these competing students, but even the coaching teachers were unable to hide their shock.

Was this really a match between academies? Even Spirit Hall’s Continental Spirit Master Ranking Competitions shouldn’t have something like this?

Not just emperor Xue Ye thought of the name ‘seven spirit fusion ability’, but the others who did lacked a Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master to explain it to them.

With circumstances reversed, the seven colored pillar of light became a symbol, the symbol for the sudden rise of Blue Sunshine Academy.

Even though the match still hadn’t ended, those tremendous spirit power fluctuations changed the way all spectating Spirit Masters looked at the battle.

And the audience’s way of looking at it was even more direct. That tremendous and dazzling light was the most magnificent since the start of the competition. Even though a lot of people inwardly supported Shrek Academy, spectators were after all spectators, only figures of power could remain in their hearts.

Right now, not only didn’t anyone cheer for Shrek Academy, but a lot of people even silently contemplated Blue Sunshine Academy’s name.

What was a seven spirit fusion ability? Wasn’t it the formidable ability launched by the completely integrated spirits of seven people? This was a legendary formidable spirit ability. It was also a major reason why Ning Fengzhi said it had never been seen.

Consider, Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing using the spirit fusion ability was already enough to completely reverse heaven and earth against an equally

matched opponent. Grandmaster, Flender and Liu Erlong’s trinity spirit fusion ability had made them world famous.

And if it truly was a spirit fusion ability used by seven people? What kind of amplification would that be?
Even if Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master Ning Fengzhi launched his Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda effect with all his strength, he would still be inferior. Enough to kill any Title Douluo.

If that truly was a seven spirit fusion ability, then, there would be no need to continue with this Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament. Let alone the participating academy teams, even veteran Spirit Masters wouldn’t stand a chance.

Unless it was a team of three or more Title Douluo, who would dare say they could prevail over that kind of legendary spirit ability?

Indeed, it was a divine ability. Seven spirit fusion ability was publicly recognized in the Spirit Master world as a divine ability.

In the stands for the competing academies, Flender and Liu Erlong were already on their feet. Liu Erlong was somewhat better, but Flender anxiously wanted to rush out, even rush onto the stage.

“Flender, calm down.” Grandmaster exerted himself to grab Flender’s arm.

Flender furiously said: “Calm down your farts! Don’t you see that’s a seven spirit fusion ability? This thing can’t be controlled so easily. Don’t tell me you want to let little San and the others die? At worst we’ll give up on the tournament, but we have to save them first.”

Grandmaster curled his lip, “Flender, what do you take a seven spirit fusion ability for? If it could be casually used by seven people, how could it be called a divine ability? Even though Blue Sunshine Academy’s seven students are pretty good, it’s still far from enough to use this kind of

divine ability. What they’re using is only a seven fusion ability. Blue Sunshine Academy really is lucky to find seven students whose spirits fit so well.”

Flender looked distracted a moment, “Seven fusion ability? Isn’t that the same?”

Grandmaster smiled calmly, pulling him back in his seat, “Oh, Flender. Ignorance isn’t scary, what’s scary is not knowing your ignorance. Seven fusion ability and seven spirit fusion ability are as far apart as heaven and earth. One relies on the fit of each person’s spirit ability to fuse, one is the complete fusion of spirits, a sublime divine ability. Could those be the same?”

Right now Flender couldn’t take Grandmaster teasing him, and questioned closer: “Then can little San and the others resist it?”

Grandmaster shook his head, “Even though the seven fusion ability by far can’t compare to the seven spirit fusion ability, it can still combine the strength of seven people to launch an omnidirectional attack. Even though it looks like seven against seven, as long as the control is enough, it will even give little San and the others the feeling of each fighting seven against one. Under ordinary circumstances, with the strength and teamwork of the seven on stage now, it would be very difficult to resist.”

Flender cursed in rage, “Isn’t that the same result? Don’t you know that little San and the others had a conflict with Blue Sunshine Academy? If those Blue Sunshine brats were allowed to do as they wished, do you think they would let little San and Mubai and the others off easily?”

Without waiting for Grandmaster to speak up, Liu Erlong to the side also sat back down in her seat, embracing Grandmaster’s arm, smiling: “Boss Fu, don’t you see? If there was danger, Xiao Gang would be even more anxious than you. He regards little San as a son. Look at his expression. He’s clearly playing with you.”

What was called confused out of concern, Flender, always astute, came to his senses at Liu Erlong’s reminder. Grabbing Grandmaster’s neck, he said

fiercely: “Tell me the truth quickly, will little San and the others be in any danger?”

Liu Erlong swatted away Flender’s hand, “How will he speak if you’re choking him, don’t be impulsive. If you break him, I’ll stake my life to beat you.” Finished saying this, she couldn’t keep a giggle from escaping.

Grandmaster held Liu Erlong’s hand, leisurely saying: “If it was another seven fusion ability, perhaps it would be very difficult for little San and the others to resist, depending on how much fighting strength they could issue. But these seven Blue Sunshine Academy students still aren’t capable of that. Flender, didn’t you see their cultivation direction?”

“Of course I saw, they’re all control system Spirit Masters. How’s that related?”

Grandmaster indifferently said: “It’s greatly related. It’s just because they’re control system Spirit Masters that I can say they can’t do it. Since you saw they followed the control system route, didn’t you see what kind of control?”

Flender finally came to himself, “You’re saying…… But can little San and the others really resist?”

Grandmaster shot him a sideways glance, “You must trust the professionals.”

Flender rolled his eyes, “Alright, I already know you’re the symbol of Spirit Master world professionals. But if the little monsters have any accidents, I’ll come looking for you.”

Right now the situation at the center of the stage was invisible to everyone. All that could be seen was that dazzling seven-colored pillar of light.

Tang San stood quietly in place as the opponent’s voice echoed from all directions, “You’re too naive, do you think closing your eyes can block our Seven Asura Dreamland? We’ve already waited far, far too long for this day. Endure the filthiest world you can imagine. Your repressed feelings will leave you especially suffering, until you go insane, this is the price you pay for insulting us. Don’t worry, we’ll go easy, we’ll leave you alive.”

Apart from Tang San, the other Shrek Academy members still had their eyes closed. Tang San sighed lightly, indifferently saying: “The naive ones should be you. Do you believe such a simple illusion can trap us? Compared to Shi Nian’s Nightmare, your seven fusion ability is still quite lacking.”

Indeed, even though this seven fusion ability would appear magnificently dazzling, and right now all kinds of illusions had already begun to rise from everyone's hearts, compared to when Shi Nian tried to assassinate Tang San, this dreamland spirit ability of theirs was too artless. Essentially lacking.

The seven colored light shuddered once, and even the illusions at the depths of everyone’s minds became somewhat vague. Clearly, Tang San’s words had been a full hit to the opponents.

“You…… Where is teacher Shi Nian?” Even though he couldn’t be seen, they could tell from the voice that Blue Sunshine Academy’s captain was anxious.

Tang San said indifferently: “You’re his students, want to find him? I won’t give you the chance. Don’t worry, I’ll go easy. I’ll leave you alive. That’s why you won’t see him.”

At just about the same time, Tang San suddenly moved. His figure soared into the bright light, successively kicking six times, but not at the enemies, but rather at the backs of each of his companions.

Six bodies simultaneously flew in six directions, spewing a mouthful of blood at the same time. And in the air, Tang San’s eyes had already turned

purple gold. Chi[1] long rays of purple golden light shot out, flashing in seven different directions.

Miserable shrieks rose practically simultaneously. When Tang San fell from the air, he lightly swatted his stomach with a palm, and immediately afterward, a trickle of blood flowed from the corner of his mouth.

The bright light vanished, and everything in the surroundings became clear again. That enormous seven colored pillar of light had disappeared without warning, but of the originally fourteen people on the stage, only one still stood. That was Tang San.

The appearance of the other six Shrek Academy team members spitting blood was just caught by the audience as the pillar of light disappeared. Seeing them fall to the ground one by one, they had clearly lost all fighting strength.

But their opponents, the Blue Sunshine Academy team’s seven members had long ago already left their previous positions, separating in seven directions on the stage. Right now these seven were also on the ground, but different from the Shrek Academy team, these seven were convulsing violently, spitting foam, eyes rolling.

Just like an epileptic attack.

Tang San’s face appeared very pale and his steps were unstable, swaying from time to time. But his gaze was still unyielding, seemingly telling everyone that he was the final victor.

An uproar. Whether it was the audience or the VIP section, right now everyone were in disorder.

Especially those Spirit Masters who had thought Blue Sunshine Academy had fully used a seven spirit fusion ability were even more unable to conceal their shock right now. When that brilliant light had enveloped the Shrek Academy group, they had all already though the match was over.

But who could have guessed that Shrek Academy would surprise everyone once again. They hadn’t lost even to Blue Sunshine Academy’s ‘divine skill’.

When the referee declared the final result, he was trembling somewhat. After the participating members of Blue Sunshine Academy had been examined by qualified specialists of the Spirit Master world, the verdict was spirit ability backlash.

Even though the rules of this Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament expressly stipulated that you couldn’t cripple or kill your opponents, who could be blamed for spirit ability backlash?

Blue Sunshine Academy’s participating members were brought from the stage by their own people, while on the Shrek Academy side, Oscar, Ning Rongrong, and Ma Hongjun swiftly ran over. When Ning Rongrong wanted to release her spirit to boost everyone regardless of being revealed, she was stopped by a look from Tang San.

The four of them together managed to help the six on the ground off the stage.

Meeting them was an audience cheering as if welcoming heroes. The Shrek team had yet again defended their position with their own strength. Twelve successive victories was a record to regard with pride.

Just below the stage, being supported, Dai Mubai couldn’t help saying:
“Little San, you’re too ferocious.”

Right now Dai Mubai, helped by Ma Hongjun, could with difficulty manage to walk. Of course, the “with difficulty” part was staged by himself. With his head lowered, nobody could see his expression.

to Dai Mubai, Ning Rongrong helping Xiao Wu also lowered her head, unable to keep from saying: “Boss Dai, what are you saying! Little San didn’t use any strength, wasn’t that blood forced on our own? Don’t tell me he was especially attentive to you?”

Dai Mubai inclined his head slightly, looking at the expressionless Tang San, “I’m not saying he was ferocious towards us, but rather to those seven Blue Sunshine students. Those seven are perhaps crippled.”

Whether the Shrek Seven Devils or the four substitutes headed by Tai Long, inwardly they couldn’t keep from shivering simultaneously.

Tang San used a voice only the others could hear: “They were destined to never become our friends. Since it was like that, how could I let these threats exist at our side? If someday I wasn’t here and you ran into them, what would happen? Grass cut above the roots will grow with the spring wind.”

Of course, there was still another reason. With Tang San’s intelligence, from the time these Blue Sunshine Academy members acted he understood that these seven very possibly were the direct disciples of the Brutal Dream Spirit Master Shi Nian he had killed. The impression Shi Nian had made on him really was too deep, and even though he had successfully killed him, he could never forget Xiao Wu’s tragedy in that illusion. He couldn’t allow that to happen for real.

It might appear that he had easily destroyed Blue Sunshine Academy’s seven fusion ability, but if he hadn’t had an ability that just restrained the opponents, the ending would have been completely different.

The conflict between the two sides could no longer be resolved, and if by some chance these people learned Shi Nian had been killed by him and would never return, then they would definitely come take revenge for their teacher.

Taking all this into consideration, Tang San then acted ferociously.

One reason was to eliminate future trouble. The other was his belief that if he started off leniently, the Blue Sunshine Academy seven could figure out his close connection to Shi Nian’s disappearance.

But now, they would never be able to reveal this secret. Not even the other six Shrek Academy team members could completely understand just

what had happened within that seven colored light.

Naturally he wouldn’t reveal this secret either.

Just when Tang San saw their opponents’ seven fusion ability he had also been extremely shocked. As Grandmaster’s disciple, he had instantly determined that it wasn’t a seven spirit fusion ability, but the seven fusion ability the opponents had used could still bring them enormous trouble.

However, his heart had settled very quickly.

Seven Asura Dreamland, in the end it was just an illusion. Purple Demon Eye’s ability to eliminate all illusions left him completely certain of victory. That’s why he wasn’t in any hurry to let his companions act.

Compared to Shi Nian’s Nightmare, the Seven Asura Dreamland the Blue Sunshine Academy seven used was still quite lacking. As a result of the enormous spirit power drain of this ability, they were unable to exhibit the kind of meticulous control Shi Nian had that even manipulated the feelings of the victims.

It seemed that the dazzling seven colored light was the best screen to hide Tang San’s Purple Demon Eye.

When Tang San had his companions close their eyes, he had already quietly explained his tactics to them. His plan was very simple. He told each of his companions to force out a mouthful of blood when he kicked them away, assuming the appearance of serious injuries.

That was after all a seven fusion ability. If he let outsiders see their side winning easily, wouldn’t that expose everything they tried to hide? Showing weakness to their enemies, letting their opponents look down on them, that was the ideal choice.

Everything after that was logical. Seventy second ranked Spirit Emperor Shi Nian had been made briefly despondent by Purple Demon Eye, let alone these Blue Sunshine Academy team whose highest member was only at the forty first rank.

The instant Tang San set about it, Purple Demon Eye’s attack power had reached an extraordinary degree. In that moment, he had clearly grasped the mental states of each of the Blue Sunshine Academy team members.

Due to fully using Seven Asura Dreamland, the Blue Sunshine Academy seven had fully exported their spirit power to become mental strength, this was also their special ability. Under such circumstances, their mental defense could be said to be zero.

Moreover they were even weaker than when they didn’t use their spirits. After all, in the middle of such a powerful seven fusion ability, how could they have anticipated that the opponent could still launch a mental plane attack at them?

Purple Demon Eye’s mental attack directly pierced the brain, causing spirit power backlash. True, the seven Blue Sunshine Academy members weren’t dead, but they had already become imbeciles. Certain neurological damage made them forever unable to recover. Even the best healing system Spirit Masters were helpless in front of the incomparably precise system that was the brain.

Tang San had never been a good hearted person, and he was even less like as ordinary as on the surface. Tang Sect itself was both just and nefarious, starting off leniently when facing an opponent that might become a threat would only lead to disaster.

From seeing the opponents’ seven fusion ability, to the opponents launching their attack, Tang san had informed his team members of the method to defeat the enemies within the bright light. This process was completed with the speed of lightning. With the force of thunder, a single strike. The decisive ferocity within it amply revealed the heart of an Asura under Tang San’s unremarkable surface.

It was also because of this that Dai Mubai would say Tang San was ferocious. As the strongest of everyone, at that time, apart from Tang San, he had suffered the least influence. Therefore he had vaguely guessed Tang

San’s way of dealing with it. Regarding this companion, right now even this Evil Eye White Tiger couldn’t help but inwardly feel some respect and fear.

The first to express support of Tang San was unexpectedly Ma Hongjun. Fatty’s hands supported Huang Yuan and Jing Ling, “Third brother, I support you, mercy to the enemy is cruelty to oneself.”

The gazes of the Shrek Seven Devils flowed together, and nobody made any more doubtful noises. Even though Tang San’s explanation was very simple, the feelings of brotherhood between them had no doubt manifested. They all thought of the same thing. If Blue Sunshine Academy had won, would they have gone easy on them?

Returning to the rest area, several hundred gazes fell on them practically simultaneously. When someone outside had shouted the words ‘seven spirit fusion ability’, the competitors in the rest area had all run out, and also saw the final conclusion.

Blazing Academy’s Huo Wushuang and Huo Wu had seen it, and Godwind Academy’s Feng Xiaotian had naturally also seen it.

The match hadn’t lasted long, and nobody had seen just how Shrek Academy had won. But they all saw the final result.

Not everyone had the insight of Grandmaster and Ning Fengzhi. The shock a seven spirit fusion ability caused all the competitors was difficult to describe in words. However, Blue Sunshine Academy had still lost. After using a seven spirit fusion ability, they had still lost. Moreover, everyone had clearly seen that Shrek Academy hadn’t even moved as Blue Sunshine Academy launched their fusion ability, just letting them store power.

Even though only Tang San was left finally standing on the stage, that Shrek Academy had finally prevailed over Blue Sunshine Academy’s seven spirit fusion ability was very difficult to accept for these competing academy members. Especially Huo Wu.

Feng Xiaotian looked at the somewhat staggering Tang San, and inwardly he couldn’t help a burst of nervousness. ‘Heavens, that was a

seven spirit fusion ability. And that actually couldn’t beat them? This Tang San is too abnormal. Is he really less than twenty five years old?’

Originally he had complete confidence in himself, believed that Huo Wu would definitely become his girlfriend this time, but after the battle outside just now he was completely without confidence. Looking at Tang San he couldn’t help losing spirit.

Tang San indicated Ma Hongjun’s trio should release their ‘seriously hurt’ companions to the side, and let Jiang Zhu use her healing scepter. He himself turned to those hundreds of gazes, only calmly saying one thing.

“You don’t need to look at us like that. That wasn’t a seven spirit fusion ability.”

Ignoring those stunned gazes, Tang San sat down next to his companions and closed his eyes to rest.

Even though it was only a simple explanation, it still pulled him back from a godly position to the category of an ordinary person, and a lot of people had feeling of letting out a long breath.

At this moment, Grandmaster, Liu Erlong and Flender had already rushed over. After Tang San had exchanged a few words in a low voice with Grandmaster, they quickly left the rest area under mutual support.

Watching their disappearing silhouettes, countless competitors immediately started commenting. They all really wanted to believe Tang San’s explanation. After all, prevailing over an opponent with a seven spirit fusion ability in a situation where level didn’t differ much was impossible. What’s more, that seven spirit fusion ability was only a legendary divine ability.

The audience got a feast for their eyes, but the match today also left all sorts of different notions in peoples’ hearts. Powers on all sides pondered over just how the Shrek Academy team had obtained victory today.

Very soon, news came from the Blue Sunshine Academy side. All the seven students that participated in the fight had completely lost the ability to think. All had become imbeciles. They had moreover raised stern protests to the organizational committee, demanding severe punishments for Shrek Academy.

For this reason, Heaven Dou Empire and Spirit Hall jointly established a special investigative group, to separately make inquiries into both sides. At the same time, Heaven Dou City’s Spirit Temple dispatched two Spirit Sage level healing system Spirit Masters to specially treat the Blue Sunshine Academy seven team members.

But just like Tang San predicted, the brain was the most complex part of the human body. It wasn’t something that could easily be restored by healing spirit abilities, and nobody had still truly seen through the mysteries of the mental world. Spirit Hall’s treatment was naturally futile.

Returning to Shrek Academy, the Golden Iron Triangle directly gathered the Shrek Academy team’s all eleven members to a conference room.

Right now there was no need for anyone to keep acting, and the originally ‘seriously injured’ six people all returned to normal.

Flender’s face was somewhat serious, his gaze first turning to Tang San, and afterwards sweeping across the other six who had participated in the match today.

“If I’m not mistaken, then in less than two hours, the tournament organizational committee will dispatch an investigative team to our Academy to conduct inquiries into the match today. I don’t know how you did it, but Grandmaster told me just now that the opponents have completely become imbeciles.”

Everyone looked at each other, nobody uttering a word. Everyone’s gazes finally concentrated on Tang San.

Flender glared at Tang San, saying: “You little monster, looking for trouble for me. The seven of you who participated in the match, later

immediately go quietly cultivate. I will use your healing process to explain to the other side. Eh, no, little San, you stay behind. We still need someone to be investigated. At least on the surface your injuries were the lightest, that makes you the most suitable candidate.”


“The six of you leave now. Erlong, find them someplace hidden, have Zhao Wuji and Lu Ji Bin go there to guard them personally. Don’t let anyone see them. Oh, right, call over Shao Bin as well. That Sweet Pea Spirit of his is suitable to cover up their injuries. Jiang Zhu, you go too. Appearance is important, more healing system Spirit Masters is better.”

Right now Flender fully revealed the poise of a dean. Liu Erlong stood, smiled at Tang San, praise in her eyes, then brought Dai Mubai and the others away. She was originally the slaughtering corner of the Golden Iron Triangle, so of course she quite liked Tang San’s unwaveringly fierce way of dealing with things.

Once Liu Erlong’s group had left, only Flender, Grandmaster, Tang San, Oscar, Ma Hongjun and Ning Rongrong remained in the room.

Flender pulled out a chair and sat, but didn’t utter a word. He raised his hand to rhythmically tap the table, seemingly pondering something. Grandmaster sat to the side from the start, with a calm and easygoing appearance.

Before long, Flender raised his head, saying: “Little San, if the investigators later ask you how you broke the opponents’ seven spirit fusion ability, how will you answer?”

Tang San sincerely said: “I don’t know.” In battle his insight was boundless, but in this kind of scheming, he could never catch up to Flender.
Flender’s eyes brightened, saying: “Good, remember that answer.” “Ah?” Tang San looked distracted a moment, but he reacted very
quickly, “I’ll answer that I don’t know?”

Flender grinned, saying: “That’s right, whatever they ask you, just say that you don’t know. Tell the investigators that because you couldn’t clearly see the outside at that time, you just constantly released your spirit abilities. Once the surroundings became clear again, everything was already over. You basically don’t know what happened.”

Tang San blinked, “Will that work?”

Flender snorted coldly, “Why wouldn’t it? Those investigator fellows are just making the rounds. Nobody actually saw what happened that time. As long as you stick to the three words ‘I don’t know’, they won’t be able to extort a confession. As long as there’s no proof, we’ll say those Blue Sunshine Academy students lost control of their spirit ability, and were turned to vegetables by the backlash. What can they do? Everything needs proof.”

Ma Hongjun behind Tang San thought out loud: “Isn’t this villainous?”

Laughter escaped from Grandmaster to the side, “Now you know, in villainy, who can compare to the grandmaster of scoundrels, Flender.”

Flender unhappily shot Grandmaster a glare, “Don’t tear down my authority, ok? Little San, do you remember?”

Tang San hastily nodded, indicating he remembered. Wasn’t it the three words ‘I don’t know’? Replying ‘I don’t know’ whatever the question, wasn’t that simple?

[1] 1尺 = ⅓ m

Chapter 104

The tournament committee’s investigative team was formed even faster than Flender had imagined. A group of more than ten people bustled into Shrek Academy.

Flender was shocked to recognize the two people in the lead, he had never expected that the tournament committee would take this matter quite so seriously.

The organizational committee for Heaven Dou City’s qualifiers was formed by Spirit Hall and Heaven Dou Empire’s imperial family, so the two leaders naturally also came from both sides. What astonished Flender was that the leader representing Spirit Hall was actually Heaven Dou City Spirit Temple’s hall master platinum bishop Salas. And representing Heaven Dou Empire was unexpectedly Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master Ning Fengzhi.

Later all the Shrek Academy people would learn of Ning Fengzhi’s status as the crown prince’s teacher. Relying on this status, he could also be considered a part of the Heaven Dou Empire’s imperial household.

Even though the Blue Sunshine Academy’s seven members turning into idiots wasn’t a small matter, it absolutely wasn’t to the degree that it could disturb two big shots like Ning Fengzhi and Salas. The reason the two of them had come to Shrek Academy together was somewhat funny.

Originally Salas had also only wanted to send a subordinate, he had long ago already made plans to deal with Shrek Academy team’s exceptional performance and their tentative relationship with the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, but as Spirit Hall’s senior member in Heaven Dou City, he of course wouldn’t act as rashly as Brutal Dream Spirit Master Shi Nian. Therefore he always waited for an opportunity. The Blue Sunshine Academy’s seven people turning into idiots had doubtless given him the best excuse, and this exceptionally sly platinum bishop had immediately made preparations to kick Shrek Academy out of the tournament.

But would Ning Fengzhi let him do as he wished? When the organizational committee was assembling an investigative team, Ning Fengzhi immediately nominated himself to lead the inquiries into Shrek Academy.

Letting Ning Fengzhi go would doubtless be like folding, but Salas also wasn’t willing to give up. With his position, there was in the end still some distance to Ning Fengzhi. The relationship between Spirit Hall and the seven great school had always been extremely ambiguous. Helplessly, this platinum bishop could only go himself, coming to Shrek Academy together with Ning Fengzhi, hoping he could get a handle on things. If he did, even if Ning Fengzhi’s position was even higher, he still couldn’t obstruct the fairness of the organizational committee.

Therefore, these two lordly characters directly brought a cadre to Shrek Academy.

Ning Fengzhi could be said to be doing things as routinely as driving a chariot on a familiar road. When hearing they had arrived at the Academy gate, Flender hurriedly brought Grandmaster and Liu Erlong to meet them. Before going out, Flender warned Ning Rongrong not to acknowledge Ning Fengzhi later. Best was if she stayed out of the way.

“Dean Flender, we’ve taken the liberty to disturb you.” Ning Fengzhi smiling nodded to Flender.

Even though there wasn’t much difference between their spirit power levels, their position in the Spirit Master world was nevertheless poles

apart. Flender hurriedly returned the politeness, “School master Ning is too polite. To have your presence honor our institution, brings light to our humble Shrek Academy!”

Ning Fengzhi smiled slightly and stepped half out of the way, making the introductions for Flender: “This is Heaven Dou City Spirit Temple’s hall master, his eminence platinum bishop Salas.”

With Flender’s slickness, his face didn’t show a trace of change. He hastily bowed once again, “So it’s lord bishop Salas. This one[1] is Flender. Please come inside.”

Salas gave Flender a slight nod, and the party of more than ten were guided into Shrek Academy by Flender’s trio.

Ning Fengzhi only brought Bone Douluo Du Rong, while that platinum bishop Salas has fully twelve people along. Among them were two red robed cardinals, as well as ten temple knights in resplendent silver attire.

Within Spirit Hall, besides clergy, there was still still an establishment of temple guard knights. Besides the Holy Emperor Warriors exclusive to Supreme Pontiff Palace and the Douluo Warriors exclusive to Douluo Palace, the Temple Warriors of the two great Spirit Temples had the highest status.

These Temple Warriors were all formed from outstanding Spirit Masters from within Spirit Hall, their strength astounding.

Reportedly, the threshold to enter the Temple Knights was fifty first ranked spirit power. Of course, the admittance requirements to the Holy Emperor Warriors and Douluo Warriors was even higher, reaching sixty first rank.

In other words, any Temple Warrior had at least Spirit King level strength, and Holy Emperor Warriors and Douluo Warriors were even more at the Spirit Emperor level or higher.

This was still only the most basic level requirements for the three great regiments.

For instance, the commanders of the Holy Emperor Warriors and Douluo Warriors both possessed Title Douluo strength. This showed just how deep Spirit Hall’s strength was.

Entering Shrek Academy, Salas’ gaze flickered slightly, completely imprinting the scenery in his mind.

In the past he would never have paid attention to a common advanced Spirit Master academy like this, but now it was different. The Shrek Academy team’s performance in this Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament was truly astonishing. Even though he still couldn’t see it clearly, at least it proved that this Academy fostered some elite talents.

Flender directly brought everyone to the first conference room in the teaching building, and both hosts and guests sat. Flender left the seat of honor to Salas and Ning Fengzhi, while he, Liu Erlong and Grandmaster respectfully took the end seats.

“Dean Flender, you should know our purpose in coming here.” Salas raised the teacup in front of him, drinking a mouthful. His face immediately turned ugly. Even though the tea had only just been poured, the quality of the leaves were worse than he could have imagined.

As the Spirit Temple hall master, Salas had always lived like a prince, at what time would he have had such out of the ordinary tea as Stars In The Sky?

What was called ‘Stars In The Sky’, was used tea leaf grounds sprinkled into a cup of hot water, giving a feeling of being as sparse as stars in the whole sky.[2]

Only the poorest commoners would drink tea like this.

And the Stars In The Sky that Flender had prepared, was also the Stars In The Sky from Stars In The Sky……

Ning Fengzhi saw Salas’ expression and raised his tea cup to study it. Flender didn’t treat them differently, the tea in his cup was exactly the same.

With difficulty resisting a smile, Ning Fengzhi coughed once, saying:
“Dean Flender, your tea isn’t up to much!”

Given the chance of using this topic to make a fuss, Flender sighed, saying: “Please excuse me. Our Shrek Academy really is too poor. All our funds are used to foster our students, painstakingly cultivating a few elite children. It was still several years before I took over the Academy that there would be money to drink tea.”

If Salas’ expression was ugly before, then now his complexion had completely turned ashen. If not for taking his position into consideration, he would already have spit it out. Several years old tea, and moreover such poor quality. Bursts of nausea made him want to retch. But watching Flender’s pitiful appearance, he still didn’t flare up. If others don’t have money, what can you say?

“Dean Flender, don’t change the subject. We didn’t come here to watch your theatrics.” Salas’ voice was already very cold. No matter who it was, drinking a mouthful of that out of the ordinary Stars In The Sky, their mood would also be terrible.

Flender blankly looked at Salas: “I still haven’t had time to ask. Just what matter brings lord platinum bishop and school master Ning to honor my academy with your presence?”

Even Ning Fengzhi couldn’t help inwardly gasping in admiration. Flender’s acting really was too well done. If he hadn’t met this dean before, and moreover vaguely guessed that it was Tang San who had crippled those Blue Sunshine Academy students, he too couldn’t have helped being convinced Flender knew nothing.

Salas’ brow wrinkled minutely, “In the previous match, your academy’s students seriously injured their opponents, causing all seven of Blue Sunshine Academy’s participating team members to become imbeciles. Now the Blue Sunshine Academy has raised a stern protest. Consequently, the tournament organizational committee has formed an investigative group to conduct inquiries.”

“What? Blue Sunshine Academy’s students have all become imbeciles?” Flender looked at Salas with ‘shock’.

Salas snorted coldly, “You teach such good students. At a tender age, their methods are so ferocious. You should know the rules of the tournament. This kind of deliberate use of deliberate methods absolutely can’t be forgiven in the tournament.”

What he said sounded very ordinary, but they were all misleading. As long as Flender said one word wrong, he’d immediately grab the opportunity.

“An unjust accusation, lord!” Flender stood sharply. Because of being wronged, his face was somewhat deformed.

Both his eyes were clearly reddened, “Lord Salas, we’ve been unjustly accused! Those Blue Sunshine Academy bastards actually dare lodge a complaint? Six of our seven participating students are all seriously injured, three of them even life threatening, right now in emergency treatment by our Academy’s several healing system Spirit Masters. And they still have the nerve to protest? I intend to raise a protest to the organizational committee and apply for an investigation.”

Salas snorted coldly, “You should know best whether it’s an unjust accusation. Even if you don’t know, call out the Shrek Academy students that participated today. We want to conduct our investigation and interview them separately.”

Flender’s ‘shocked’ expression didn’t show the slightest intent of weakening. He said resolutely: “No, out of the question. The children's injuries are too severe. If they’re not treated promptly, let alone

participating in the match tomorrow, I’m afraid it might affect their entire careers as Spirit Masters. What’s most important right now is treating them. How could they answer your questions?”

A cold light flashed in Salas’ eyes, “By saying this, are you opposing the organizational committee? I can take your actions as refusing to cooperate with the investigation. The tournament organizational committee will then have the right to strike Shrek Academy from this year’s Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament.”

“Wait a moment. Ning Fengzhi didn’t say anything before, only silently watched Flender and Salas’ discussion. Now he leisurely said: “Your eminence, legal doctrine can’t exceed reason. Shrek Academy’s participating students are seriously injured. It seems inappropriate to rashly make decisions before even investigating.”

Salas calmly said: “Shrek Academy is currently refusing investigation of the participating students, this in itself is a significant issue. How do you believe it should be handled, school master Ning? If we can’t even make inquiries, how can we prove their innocence?”

Ning Fengzhi turned to Flender, saying: “Dean Flender, are all of your noble institution’s competing members in serious condition? I recall that at that time there was still one student who was well. Is it possible to let him cooperate with our inquiries? This matter relates to the fairness of the tournament. I’ll ask you to cooperate.”

In agitation, Flender’s eyes were thoroughly red, seeming as if he was about to cry, “Why must we be investigated? Since the tournament is fair, the judges should have seen the situation at that time. Blue Sunshine Academy’s competing members used a seven spirit fusion ability, don’t tell me that’s going easy? If our students didn’t block their attack, perhaps not even one could have returned alive. Everyone could see that our students only resisted passively, we never did anything wrong. If the tournament organizational committee still wants to expel us, we don’t have anything to say.”

A radiant light flashed in Salas’ eyes: “You said it yourself.”

Flender glowered at Salas, “Your eminence, what is the meaning of aiming at our Shrek Academy like this? Fine, I want to see how you’ll expel our Shrek Academy from the tournament. Xiao Gang, tomorrow we’ll go to the Holy City to visit the lord Supreme Pontiff, and have the lord Supreme Pontiff give us justice.”

Ning Fengzhi somewhat anxiously signaled Flender with his eyes. He didn’t know why the always shrewd Flender would suddenly become so impulsive. Could it be that those children really were injured, leaving Flender unable to control his temper?

Flender didn’t seem to have seen Ning Fengzhi’s signal, and while roaring at Salas, he repeatedly beat the table.

“Outrageous.” A Temple Knight stepped forward, and spirit power radiance flared over all the ten Temple Knights. The two cardinals also stood. As long as Salas gave the order, they would act immediately.

Salas also ignored Flender, turning his head to look at Ning Fengzhi to his side, saying: “School master Ning. You’ve also seen it. Shrek Academy is this rampant, refusing the organizational committee’s investigation. Without due process, how can we justify ourselves to the other competing academies?”

“This……” Even though Ning Fengzhi wanted to help, right now he was powerless.

Salas then turned to Flender, sneering, “You want to go appeal to the lord Supreme Pontiff? Then you can set out at once. As a result of Shrek Academy violating the tournament rules, I hereby proclaim……”

He had just said this when suddenly, a voice interrupted him, “Wait a moment.”

This time it was Grandmaster who spoke up. Even though he wasn’t as agitated as Flender, his face was ashen, “Salas. Think clearly before you

make a decision.”

“Who are you to use the lord platinum bishop’s name directly?” One of the cardinals immediately reprimanded.

Just when Salas was about to continue his speech, kicking Shrek Academy out of the tournament, Grandmaster suddenly flicked his hand, and something flew out of his sleeve, directly at Salas.

Without need for Salas to do anything, a Temple Knight swiftly stepped in front of him, one hand striking at that thing, spirit power suddenly erupting. At the same time, the other Temple Knights reacted quickly, instantly surrounding Flender, Grandmaster and Liu Erlong.

“Hold it.” One hand suddenly stuck out, blocking the hand of that Temple Knight, forming an incorporeal barrier that completely surrounded that spirit power strike. Bizarrely, there wasn’t a trace of energy collision, that Temple Knight’s spirit power simply faded away like melting snow.

The one to act wasn’t Ning Fengzhi, nor anyone from Shrek Academy, but rather platinum bishop Salas himself.

Seeing Salas act, the Golden Iron Triangle couldn’t keep from shivering at the same time. Even though the Temple Knights weren’t very strong compared to Flender and Liu Erlong, when that Temple Knight struck there had been five spirit rings glistening around him, he was clearly a Spirit King over fiftieth rank. But when Salas had acted after him, his strike had arrived first, and without using his spirit had easily dissolved his palm strike.

The Golden Iron Triangle could naturally also dissolve a Spirit King’s attack, but doing it as effortlessly as Salas had done was still impossible. Flender secretly thought that even if this guy didn’t have Title Douluo strength, he should already be extremely close. Spirit Hall really was unfathomably deep!

Salas used one hand to block that Temple Knight’s attack, while the other hand caught the thing Grandmaster threw at him. He looked at the

surrounding Temple Knights with a face as calm as water, “What are you doing, get out of here all of you. When did I let you move?”

The Temple Knights clearly didn’t understand why the platinum bishop suddenly was angry, but nobody dared refuse, and all ten immediately dejectedly left the room.

Salas didn’t even need to look at it to know what had landed in his hand. His back felt moist, and along with the Temple Knights leaving the room, a faint sheen of sweat appeared on his forehead.

His facial expression clearly somewhat moderated, he bowed to Grandmaster, “Greetings elder.”

Grandmaster indifferently swept his eyes across him, “Everyone sit down.”

Flender snickered inwardly, but Ning Fengzhi was extremely astonished. With his eyesight, he had naturally seen what that tile was. The highest warrant tile Spirit Hall issued to Spirit Hall staff, possessing six symbols, this tile also had another name: Spirit Pontiff Writ. Anyone holding this tile would possess the seniority of Spirit Hall elders, or even more like the Supreme Pontiff in person.

Even though Salas knew Grandmaster has some shady relationship with the holy court, he hadn’t expected him to actually hold the Supreme Pontiff Writ. In fact, Spirit Hall had altogether three Supreme Pontiff Writs outside, granted to each of the seven great schools’ three upper sects.

Even Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master Ning Fengzhi next to him couldn’t casually take out this badge of the Supreme Pontiff’s authority. Who could have thought that Grandmaster would actually have this thing? Could it be that this was a fourth?

Some fragmentary memories appearing in his mind, Salas couldn’t keep his heart from suddenly dropping. He knew that he would be unable to get what he wanted here today, no matter what.

Right now there was still a Ning Fengzhi next to him. If he was the slightest bit disrespectful and it got out, then he wouldn’t stay a platinum bishop.

It might seem that a platinum bishop’s position in Spirit Hall was second only to the Supreme Pontiff, but in fact, even though they held a great deal of power, they still didn’t have the authority to truly make decisions.

Besides the Supreme Pontiff, Spirit Hall still had a hidden Elder Palace. That was the true heart of power of Spirit Hall. Major matters all required the decision of Elder Palace. In a vote, even the Supreme Pontiff only held three votes. But Elder Palace held as many as seven people. When necessary, as long as these seven were all in agreement, they could even depose the Supreme Pontiff.

And people with the Supreme Pontiff Writ, even though they couldn’t compare to true elders, they still had held the position of honorary elders, and had the qualifications to directly enter Elder Palace.

Even though the upper three sects of the seven great schools had always had some distance with Spirit Hall, they still held monumental power and stood together, therefore, even Spirit Hall didn’t dare lightly offend them.

Grandmaster wasn’t only born from the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon school, but now he also had this thing. Salas didn’t dare be presumptuous.

Both hands clasping the Supreme Pontiff Writ, he deferentially handed it to Grandmaster, “Please take it back, elder.”

Grandmaster took the Supreme Pontiff Writ but didn’t put it away, only leaving it in front of him, indifferently sweeping Salas with a glance, “Taking out the Supreme Pontiff Writ isn’t with the intention of interfering with your eminence. I only hope our Shrek Academy can obtain fairness. Each student in the Shrek Academy team is a genius Spirit Master we’ve spent all our hearts fostering, I don’t want their injuries to grow more serious as a result of these inquiries, risking lifelong effects. If the lord bishop absolutely wants to interrogate them, then please wait until the condition of their injuries has improved.”

Even though Salas was unwilling, with the intimidation of the Supreme Pontiff Writ, what could he say? Unless the Supreme Pontiff or a member of Elder Palace were here, the Spirit Hall staff present didn’t have the qualifications to say anything.

“I was impetuous. Since it’s like this, this investigation is dismissed. I’ll take my leave.” Salas was only using the issue for his own ends, the matters of Blue Sunshine Academy’s life or death was unrelated to him.

Originally he had wanted to pretend he didn’t know who Grandmaster was, but now that the Supreme Pontiff Writ had appeared in front of everyone, if he didn’t act tactfully and Grandmaster really went to Supreme Pontiff Palace to speak to the Supreme Pontiff, his later prospects would be bleak.

Let alone speaking of entering Elder Palace.

Flender’s face was already covered with a smiling expression, “Lord bishop, don’t worry! Just now was also my bad, a bit too impetuous. What do you say? Among our students, Tang San’s injuries aren’t serious. It might be better if you ask him? He is after all the soul of the whole team. I think his knowledge of the match should also be relatively clear.”

Salas shot Flender a glance, anger building in his heart, ‘If you’d said so long ago, would I have had to see the Supreme Pontiff Writ? Since I’ve already sold my face, I can only sell it to the end. Even if I really found something, don’t tell me I could really cancel your tournament qualifications?’

“No need, no need. I already understand. Those Blue Sunshine Academy students should only have been injured by spirit ability backlash. Under such circumstances, what could be done to your noble institution’s students? I’ll take my leave.”

Finished speaking, Salas quickly brought his two cardinals away without paying any attention to Flender’s urging, even to the extent that he forgot to

say anything to Ning Fengzhi.

Ning Fengzhi looked deeply at Grandmaster, then left with Bone Douluo following.

The Golden Iron Triangle trio saw them to the Academy gate.

“No need to see me further. I’ve troubled you today. Grandmaster, about the Supreme Pontiff……”

Grandmaster looked at Salas’ evasive gaze with a faint smile, saying: “Don’t worry, your eminence. The tournament is exceptionally impartial this year.”

Salas’ face revealed a trace of satisfaction, then he nodded and brought his people away.

Ning Fengzhi was in no hurry to leave, and looked at Grandmaster with a smile: “I truly didn’t expect that Grandmaster would actually be an honorary elder of Spirit Hall, Ning Fengzhi has been lacking in manners before.”

The expression in Grandmaster’s eyes was reserved, “It’s only to scare some mediocre people, that’s all.”

Ning Fengzhi seemed like he wanted to ask something, but in the end he still held back, “The children’s health is important, it would be better to forfeit tomorrow’s match. That would also give the organizational committee a way out.”

Finished saying this, Ning Fengzhi took his leave of the trio, turning and leaving with the Bone Douluo.

Following the two fading backs with his eyes, the fake smile on Flender’s face gradually faded, “This school master Ning is worthy of his reputation. Only, Xiao Gang, even though you managed to scare off Spirit Hall’s people with a tiger’s roar this time, I’m afraid it’ll attract even more attention from them in the future.”

Before Grandmaster had time to open his mouth, suddenly, his ear twinged painfully. Liu Erlong’s somewhat ice cool voice rose, “Yu Xiao Gang, you’re unexpectedly still in contact with that slut, speak, aren’t you……”

Seeing Liu Erlong display the power of her anger, Flender first looked distracted, then hastily said: “Eh, I still have some things to do. I’ll go back first. You chat.” Finished speaking, he turned and ran without any semblance of brotherly spirit.

“Ouch, Erlong, let go. You misunderstand. Grandmaster helplessly looked at Liu Erlong.

Currently, the rims of Liu Erlong’s eyes had turned red, teardrops forming, “Misunderstand? That slut even gave you a Supreme Pontiff Writ, what’s there still to misunderstand? She has such an affair with you, and you won’t even admit it.”

Grandmaster’s face was stiff as a board, “Don’t talk nonsense. Let go.
She didn’t give me this Supreme Pontiff Writ.”

Even though Liu Erlong was a lot stronger than Grandmaster, when Grandmaster’s true anger still made her somewhat afraid. Releasing the ear she’d grabbed, “Then speak, who gave you this Supreme Pontiff Writ? If your answer doesn’t satisfy me, I won’t let it go at that.”

Grandmaster helplessly said: “Ah, you. No matter what your age you’re still so impulsive.”

Liu Erlong’s eyebrows shot up, “You’re saying I’m old?”

“Eh…… You know that wasn’t what I meant. Don’t you want to hear the story of this Supreme Pontiff Writ?”

“Speak.” Liu Erlong then restrained her temper somewhat. Grandmaster sighed lightly, saying: “Little San’s father gave it to me.”

Liu Erlong wasn’t very familiar with Tang San’s background. Ever since Grandmaster had appeared, she’d set her entire heart on him alone. Now she couldn’t keep from astonished saying: “Little San’s father? How is that possible, don’t tell me……”

Grandmaster took Liu Erlong’s hand, walking into the Academy. While walking, he slowly spoke four words: “Title Douluo: Clear Sky.”


In order to prove that their students were indeed seriously injured, the next day, Shrek Academy announced that they would be forfeiting the next two matches to give the team members enough time to rest.

Shrek Academy’s undefeated golden record was also smashed with this. Moreover, the opponents they drew for these two days were unexpectedly the two great powers, Godwind Academy and Thunderclap Academy.

If Thunderclap Academy felt they were somewhat lucky, then Godwind Academy’s captain Feng Xiaotian was depressed.

Shrek Academy forfeiting admittedly directly gave them the victory, but Huo Wu’s anger clearly wouldn’t abate because of a victory like this. Feng Xiaotian hadn’t truly defeated Tang San, so he could only temporarily shelve his plans of bringing back the beauty.

The qualifiers continued with the momentum of wildfire. After Shrek Academy returned, their strength hadn’t weakened like some spectators had thought, and they continued playing their victory song. Very soon, altogether twenty seven rounds of the qualifiers approached their conclusion. Only the last round remained before the end.

At present, the top teams were ranked as follows:

Thunderclap Academy, twenty six fights with twenty five victories. Their only loss was against Godwind Academy.

Godwind Academy, twenty six fights with twenty five wins. Their only loss was against Blazing Academy. With a certain key character throwing the game, avoiding defeat wasn’t easy.

Shrek Academy, twenty six fights with twenty four wins. Blazing Academy, twenty six fights with twenty three wins. Skywater Academy, twenty six fights with twenty three wins.
Elephant Armored Academy, twenty six fights with twenty one wins.


Even though there was still the final round remaining before the conclusion, in fact, the passing teams were already decided. Those were: Thunderclap Academy, Godwind Academy, Shrek Academy, Blazing Academy, and Skywater Academy.

As one of the five elemental academies, Elephant Armored Academy had lost to each of the ranking five and was now hopelessly out of bounds.

In the final round, among the top five, Thunderclap Academy, Godwind Academy, and Blazing Academy were each facing weak opponents, and their victory was more or less assured.

But Shrek Academy had finally once again come across another troublesome opponent since Blazing Academy, and would settle the outcome of the final round with Skywater Academy.

Even though the match was unrelated to who would pass, it still bore upon their ranking in the qualifiers. Shrek Academy’s victory could preserve their third place.

If Skywater Academy won, then adding their previous victory over Blazing Academy, they would replace Shrek Academy’s position.

Therefore, at the final round, the organizational committee had arranged for the top five teams as well as Elephant Armored Academy to fight in the

same round, as a brilliant representation of the final qualifying round to the spectators.

Shrek Academy facing Skywater Academy was no doubt the most important match, so they were naturally selected to carry it out on the central stage.

Every day there were fourteen matches, split over three rounds. As a result of the qualifiers already being settled by now, as well as it being the final round, the academies that had already washed out weren’t particularly zealous, and the first two rounds ended very quickly.

In the rest area, the five great elemental academies and Shrek Academy were quietly waiting to go up. Of course, there were still another four teams as foils.

Tang San and Dai Mubai sat close together in front of their team, quietly waiting for the match to begin.

Thinking back over these qualifiers, the only ones that had truly brought them any trouble was Elephant Armored Academy, Blazing Academy, and Blue Sunshine Academy. And Blue Sunshine Academy was dealt with by Tang San with his Purple Demon Eye alone.

The remaining powers, Godwind Academy and Thunderclap Academy, had passed while they forfeited their matches. The rest of the qualifiers passed without hindrance.

Even though there were hindrances among them, speaking overall, it still went smoothly. Today was the final round of the qualifiers. Even if their inability to become the champions of the qualifiers left Tang San somewhat frustrated, he had long ago secretly vowed that no matter what, the final championship of this Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament was set aside for Shrek Academy.

The outcome of today’s match might be without consequence, but neither Tang San and Dai Mubai had any intent of giving up. Only by unceasingly competing with powers could they increase their own strength.

Shrek Academy’s lineup was separately: Captain, Evil Eye White Tiger Dai Mubai. Vice Captain, Thousand Hands Asura Tang San. Close combat power attack system Spirit Master Soft Bones Demon Rabbit Xiao Wu, power attack system Spirit Masters Tai Long and Huang Yuan, agility attack system Spirit Master Jing Ling and healing system Spirit Master Jiang Zhu.

Same as their fight against Blazing Academy, there were only three people from their main force.

The start of the final match drew closer and closer. At this time, a cheerful silhouette surreptitiously came over. His gaze first swept across Xiao Wu, Ning Rongrong and Zhu Zhuqing, then landed on Tang San.

“Brother Tang, today is the final match. Work hard!”

Tang San and the others looked at the new arrival. It wasn’t a stranger, but the Godwind Academy team’s captain, Feng Xiaotian.

Looking at him, Xiao Wu couldn’t help frowning, “Why did you come here? Can’t you say something new?”

In fact, before practically each match since Shrek Academy had defeated Blazing Academy, Feng Xiaotian had come over to give Shrek Academy a pep talk.

[1] Flender’s referring to himself as ( 在下 ), a very humble personal pronoun.

[2] Half guessing here, since (满天星) is also the name of a plant, Baby’s Breath in English. If anyone has a better translation of “茶叶末,先倒好⼀杯热⽔,然后撒⼀把进去”, let me know.

Chapter 105

The shrek Academy group naturally didn’t know what this fellow intended, but how couldn’t repeating the same words every single day arouse their suspicions?

Actually, Feng Xiaotian’s goal was quite simple. They hadn’t met Shrek Academy in the qualifiers, therefore what he wanted to see the least was Shrek Academy losing even once. Only if everyone entered the finals would they have the chance to fight. This was a rare chance to woo Huo Wu! He wouldn’t give up as long as there was still hope.

Feng Xiaotian also became comparatively familiar with Shrek Academy over these days, “Little sister Xiao Wu, don’t be like that. Big brother just came to cheer you on!”

Xiao Wu snorted unhappily, “Who’s your little sister, don’t worm your way into being friends.”

Tang San patted Xiao Wu’s shoulder. Walking over in front of Feng Xiaotian, he said with a smile: “We’ll do our utmost. If senior Feng hopes we can meet in the finals, then don’t lose in the later competitions either. Like that, we will definitely encounter each other.”

Even though Feng Xiaotian was still all smiles, a trace of radiance flashed in the corners of his eyes, perfectly caught by Tang San’s outstanding eyesight.

“Since you say as much, is your Shrek Academy’s goal the championship?”

Tang San countered: “Don’t tell me it isn’t for your Godwind Academy?”

Against everyone’s expectations, Feng Xiaotian actually shook his head, saying: “Of course not. We’ve never hoped to be champions. Nobody could defeat those Spirit Hall freaks.”

Dai Mubai’s heart twitched. As they didn’t have any information on Spirit Hall’s competing team, he couldn’t help asking: “Are those Spirit Hall representatives very strong?”

Feng Xiaotian grinned, saying: “I also don’t know the specifics. Anyway, in order for us to meet, first pray you don’t encounter them. The matches are starting, I’ll leave first.”

Watching Feng Xiaotian’s quickly departing back, Dai Mubai’s evil eyes revealed a somewhat peculiar luster, “This Feng Xiaotian definitely know something, but he’s not talking.”

Tang San muttered to himself: “Godwind Academy is already very powerful. In this competition, besides not meeting us, they even defeated the first ranked Thunderclap Academy. If not for once being defeated by the fourth ranked Blazing Academy, Godwind Academy’s record would be straight wins. Even if this doesn’t prove they’re the strongest in the competition, they should definitely be more difficult to handle than Blazing Academy and Elephant Armored Academy. Such a strong team unexpectedly doesn’t have any belief in defeating Spirit Hall’s representative team. It seems that the opponents we’ll face in the finals will be rather difficult to deal with.”

The two looked face to face, their faces somewhat serious.

If it was in a competition between their peers, the Shrek Seven Devils wouldn’t fear anyone’s challenge. But the upper age limit for this

Continental Advan ced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament was twenty five.

Even though talents were rare, that absolutely didn’t mean there were none. What kind of place was Spirit Hall? It was the holy land of all Spirit Masters. How could the people in a team representing Spirit Hall be lacking in strength?

While the Shrek Academy group was pondering the strength of future opponents, not far away from them was a group of young women watching them attentively.

“Eldest sister. Look, Shrek Academy’s Dai Mubai is so stylish! I heard his nickname is Evil Eye White Tiger, his eyes have double pupils.” The speaker was a young woman with a goose egg face[1]. She appeared about twenty, built petite, with short dark green hair that seemed extremely spirited.

These women all wore blue uniforms, precisely the opponent Shrek Academy was about to face, Skywater Academy.

The five great elemental academies all had their own special requirements for enrolling new students. For the Elephant Armored Academy’s criteria, first was that body weight had to exceed three hundred jin[2], while the next were requirements to the spirit.

The other four elemental academies mainly had criterions relating to spirit properties. Students enrolling in Blazing Academy had to have spirits with fire attributes, and for Skywater Academy that was naturally water attributes.

Among the five great elemental academies, Skywater Academy’s examination requirements were the most pitiless, because apart from having a water attribute spirit, they still had a few extra requirements.

First, they only accepted female students. Second, non-beauties weren’t accepted.

But they also had a humane side. Among the five great elemental academies, Skywater Academy was the only one that accepted commoners. In this respect they were the same as Shrek Academy.

Consequently, not only were the members of Skywater Academy’s team all female students, but each and every one was beautiful.

The speaking short dark green haired young woman appeared to be the youngest of the seven members, her face still somewhat childish.

“Seventh girl, when did you become so starry eyed? If this goes on, won’t you be throwing the match later?” A goose egg faced red haired young woman teased.

“Alright, don’t be noisy. The match is about to start, Shrek Academy are very difficult to deal with. From the start of the qualifiers, they actually haven’t lost a single match. It was no coincidence both Blazing Academy and Elephant Armored Academy lost to them one after the other. ailing over them won’t be easy. Even if we’re already in the clear, if we lose to them today, they will have a psychological advantage over us in the finals. Therefore, in the match today, everyone have to go all out.”

Compared to the previous two girls, this girl’s voice was a lot calmer. Among all the Skywater Academy’s seven competing members, she absolutely wasn’t the oldest, and might even be the youngest, as she didn’t seem to have reached twenty. But when she spoke, the other six girls clearly moderated their expressions a lot, and even looked at her somewhat respectfully.

This woman’s height was about one meter sixty five or so, her figure exceptionally well proportioned, neither exaggeratedly ample or petite.

A head of ocean blue long hair scattered over her back, and her face was decorated with exquisite features. At first glance she might not seem so outstanding, but at closer look one could constantly discover her beauty. A beauty like a rising moon.

She was the Skywater Academy’s team captain, and also the team’s eldest sister, Shui Bing-Er[3]. Skywater Academy’s team members weren’t ranked according to their age, but according to their strength.

Therefore, even though Shui Bing-Er was the youngest, the sisters of the team sincerely called her ‘eldest sister’.

Her position in the Skywater Academy team was even more important than Tang San’s in the Shrek Academy team.

At this moment, it finally became their turn to enter the arena as the last round of matches.

When the five great elemental academies and Shrek Academy entered, the entire Heaven Dou Great Spirit Arena boiled. Today was the last day of the qualifiers, and also the last round of matches.

For the grand occasion of seeing the competitions of the five great elemental academies and Shrek Academy alike, today the prices for tickets was several times higher than before, but despite this they were still hard to find.

The Shrek Academy team and the Skywater Academy team climbed the central stage from separate ends.

Perhaps it was because of last time’s fight between Shrek Academy and Blue Sunshine Academy turning out as a great disgrace for the commentator in the VIP seats, but over these days of competition he had restrained himself a lot.

“The final round of matches of these qualifiers is about to start. First of all, let us turn our gazes to the left stage, Elephant Academy versus Pondering Peak Academy, ……, and finally, let’s turn our gazes to the central stage. This is also the most anticipated match of the day. Already certain to pass the qualifiers, Shrek Academy and Skywater Academy will stage the final spectacle of this Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament’s qualifiers. On one side is this year’s dark

horse, on one side a veteran team. Who will obtain the final victory in the end? Let us wipe our eyes and see.”

Climbing onto the central stage, as Shui Bing-Er saw Shrek Academy’s final troop arrangement, she couldn’t keep from frowning. Just like Blazing Academy’s Huo Wu, inwardly rose an equal anger.

The other two fortieth ranked Spirit Masters that Shrek Academy had revealed in previous matches didn’t appear among their members for this match.

‘Are they actually looking down on our Skywater Academy, still thinking this kind of formation is enough to deal with us?’

The referee indicated both sides salute each other.

Both sides lined up, Shui Bing-Er and Dai Mubai opposite each other. Clearly seeing Shui Bing-Er’s appearance, Dai Mubai also couldn’t help starting slightly. He had seen a lot of beautiful women, but this kind of characteristic girl was still rather rare, especially even though Shui Bing- Er’s aura wasn’t powerful, the wise and farsighted look in her eyes was something he couldn’t help but associate with Tang San’s expression.

Dai Mubai immediately judged that this was a very intelligent girl.

In order to temper the Shrek Seven Devils’ adaptability, before the start of each match of the qualifiers, Grandmaster didn’t give them any detailed introduction of the opponents. Everything was up to Tang San’s management. This made the results of engaging in these kinds of real combat exercises even better.

“Shrek Academy team captain, Dai Mubai, forty fourth ranked power attack system Battle Spirit Master.” The counterpart was after all a girl, so Dai Mubai would clearly be a lot more polite than when confronting other teams in the past. Announcing his name and level expressed his esteem for the opponents.

Even though Shui Bing-Er was inwardly somewhat angry, she didn’t show it on the surface. Seeing Dai Mubai take the initiative to express his respect, she also immediately announced herself, “Skywater Academy team captain, Shui Bing-Er, forty third ranked control system Battle Spirit Master.”

She was a control system Spirit Master? Hearing the opponent’s words, Dai Mubai couldn’t keep from glancing at Tang San next to him, inwardly saying, ‘Little San, this time you seem to have met your opponent.’

Tang San was still undisturbed. Making out anything from his face wasn’t easy.

“Shui Yue-Er, thirty sixth ranked agility attack system Battle Spirit Master.” Standing next to Shui Bing-Er, with a somewhat similar appearance, the short haired young woman who was excited over Dai Mubai before, took the initiative to announce her own name. She and Shui Bing-Er were paternal siblings, related by blood despite the different hair colors.

Ah? Dai Mubai stared blankly, and Shui Bing-Er was also in a daze. The captains of both sides announcing themselves was already enough to show respect. This was a match, not an exchange of pointers. Shui Yue-Er’s words immediately seemed a bit abrupt.

Shui Yue-Er also discovered her mistake immediately after speaking, her face turning a shade red. But this girl was clearly rather easygoing, and her big eyes fixedly looked at Dai Mubai, hardly concealing her interest.

If it was before, Dai Mubai definitely wouldn’t have rejected such a beautiful woman, and moreover a Spirit Master. But now it was different, the Hell Civet was still watching from the audience. Their relationship had with great difficulty eased a lot, and if it broke down again, Dai Mubai really didn’t know how he would pass his later days.

Therefore, confronted with this unprovoked friendliness, Dai Mubai could only look down, taking the appearance of an upright gentleman.

In order to keep their counterpart from being too embarrassed, Tang San lightly nudged Xiao Wu next to him, who immediately caught on, “Xiao Wu. Thirty eighth rank agility attack system Spirit Master.”

The referee also didn’t drag it out further, “Both sides get ready. You can release your spirits.”

Dai Mubai and Shui Bing-Er raised their heads practically simultaneously. Light flashed through the four pupils of Dai Mubai’s evil eyes, his imposing manner immediately changing, suddenly releasing pressure just like a fierce tiger coming down a mountain. With the difference in spirit power, the seven young women in front of him immediately shivered.

The Shrek team immediately took their positions. It was still a trio of power attack in front, Tang San in the middle, Xiao Wu and Jing Ling on his left and right, and Jiang Zhu supporting from the rear.

But the formation of the opposing Skywater Academy team was unexpectedly quite similar to their side. Three girls in the front, Shui Bing- Er in the middle, Shui Yue-Er and another agility attack system young woman to her left and right, as well as a young woman with long black hair and a somewhat pale face in the rear.

Both sides released their spirits practically simultaneously, their full strength immediately emerging.

Making Dai Mubai and Tang San somewhat startled was that Skywater Academy’s strength was even a bit above theirs. Because of competing every day, they’d basically not had the time to observe their opponents, and Grandmaster deliberately didn’t give them any information. That’s why they only knew that Skywater Academy was made up of female students, and that they all had water attribute strength. Basically nothing else.

Now, when both sides simultaneously released their spirit rings, Skywater Academy’s strength immediately emerged.

Besides the forty third ranked Shui Bing-Er, there were another two fortieth ranked Spirit Masters. One was one of the three power attack system Spirit Masters standing in front, and the other was the black haired young woman who stood furthest in the back.

Even though the colors of the spirit rings were different, the spirits of the seven Skywater Academy team members all had the same color, all water blue.

Shui Bing-Er was completely enveloped in a layer of hazy blue light, a ring of dazzling blue light somewhat beautifully vague hanging behind her back. Even Tang San couldn’t see just what her spirit was, he only felt it had a very formidable aura.

The three power attack system Battle Spirit Masters in front all had very strange spirits as well, they all had some places covered in fine scales, not dragon scales, but rather like fish.

And of the two agility attack system Spirit Masters, Shui Yue-Er’s spirit made her skin shining as if glazed, and the other agility attack system Spirit Master’s skin turned completely blue.

The Shrek Academy team all looked at each other. It was the first time they had encountered this kind of opponent where they actually couldn’t even see what their spirits were. Even though they still hadn’t started, they already understood they were at a disadvantage.

“Begin.” When the referee saw that both sides had released their spirits, he immediately announced.

“Attack.” A very simple word. Under Tang San’s direction, Dai Mubai, Tai Long and Huang Yuan simultaneously charged. Unable to see what the opponents’ spirits were, they would probe it by fighting. In battle, they could make a clearer judgement.

Xiao Wu and Jing Ling simultaneously detoured around either side, while Tang San followed close behind the three attackers, five strips of Blue Silver Grass simultaneously tying around the five peoples’ waists. Even if the opponents had powerful burst attacks, he could still instantly help his teammates retreat.

Along with the frontal charge of Dai Mubai’s trio, Skywater Academy’s three power attack system Spirit Masters also moved. But neither side unleashed their spirit abilities right away, rather meeting their opponents with pressure.

Two attentive eyes drew in Tang San. The instant his gaze met those eyes, inwardly he immediately felt somewhat unreassured. Without guarding himself, he directly launched his first spirit ability, Binding.

Three Binding’s released simultaneously, their targets the three power attack system Spirit Masters in front. Since last time when he sensed the aura of the wild blue silver grass, his own Blue Silver Grass had become a lot stronger than before.

This first spirit ability could even more instantly reach any corner within the range of his spirit power control.

Just the moment Tang San launched his first spirit ability, Shui Bing-Er’s first spirit ring had also already brightened.

Watery blue light flashed, and Tang San only felt his whole body go cold and his advance suddenly coming to a standstill, as his entire body was encased in a block of solid ice. At the same time, Dai Mubai, Huang Yuan, and Tai Long were stopped the same way.

Even though this was only the first spirit ability, instantly sending four proved the power of Shuo Bing-Er’s spirit power control.

The power attack system Spirit Masters of both sides were restrained simultaneously, the difference was that on the Shrek Academy side even the control system Spirit Master was restrained.

Shui Bing-Er’s second spirit ring flared close after the first, discharging altogether five rings of ice, separately enveloping Skywater Academy’s three power attack system Spirit Masters and two agility attack system Spirit Masters.

A miraculous scene appeared, the Spirit Masters enveloped by the five rings of ice suddenly grew a layer of sparkling blue armor, and along with the three power attack system Spirit Masters using force, the Blue Silver Grass around them already began to rupture.

Hong—— Great puffs of ice powder flew in all directions. A moment like this could show who had the greater strength. Before the three opposing power attack system Spirit Masters threw off the Blue Silver Grass, Dai Mubai had already turned his restraints into ice dust. With a great roar, the two abilities White Tiger Barrier and White Tiger Light Wave unleashed simultaneously.

White Tiger Barrier was for himself, but the White Tiger Light Wave directly passed by the three power attack system Spirit Masters, going straight for Shui Bing-Er.

“Xue Wu[4], begin.” Shui Bing-Er faced Dai Mubai’s attack with composure. After first giving orders, she used her second spirit ability on herself as well, and was immediately covered in a layer of ice armor.

When Dai Mubai’s White Tiger Light Wave struck her body, the blue light previously released behind her suddenly fused together with Shui Bing-Er’s ice armor.

With a peng sound, Shui Bing-Er only took a step back, but didn’t suffer any injuries.

The Blue Silver Grass was thrown off, and Huang Yuan and Tai Long also struggled free of the solid ice, one after the other. The speed with which Tang San shed his restraints was still a lot faster than them, but the instant he had just struggled out of the solid ice, Shui Bing-Er’s first spirit ability descended once again. Basically without being given the chance to stall, Tang San was already icebound again.

Tai Long was a strength type Spirit Masters. Facing his opponent, a tall female Spirit Master, he swung his big hands, directly grabbing towards his counterpart. The opponent was after all a girl, and he’d be embarrassed to act heavy handed. His strength erupting, he believed that there was no Spirit Master on the same level that could compare to him in strength. Of course, even Tang San had to rely on technique to prevail over his strength.

The female Spirit Master he confronted equally raised her hands without dodging. Strong blue light releasing from her body, the first spirit ring flaring, the scales that originally only appeared on her cheeks spread across her body in a flash, and at the same time her second spirit ring also brightened, a ball of intense blue light rising from her chest and shooting directly at the pit of Tai Long’s stomach.

Confronted by the opponent’s attack, Tai Long changed his grab to a strike, swatting at the opponent’s shoulder. Because his spirit abilities were completely internal, the speed with which he launched them was faster than any other Spirit Master. The same moment the opponent’s attack completed, his hand also struck her shoulder.

A strike was a strike, but making Tai Long feel very baffled was that it was like striking a block of slippery ice, dispersing the majority of his strength. But that sphere of blue light also struck his chest, violent impact force immediately blasting Tai Long’s massive body flying.

That young woman also didn’t get off easy, she had still underestimated Tai Long’s strength. Even though she had substantially weakened Tai Long’s attack by relying on her first spirit ability, a part of the force still affected her.

With a muffled groan, she fell back several steps, half her body already turned numb.

At the same time as both sides began fighting, that black haired girl in the Skywater Academy’s rear also began moving. Bizarrely, she didn’t attack, but rather started dancing in place.

Black hair fluttering, dancing lightly and gracefully, her four spirit rings glittered in turn, circle after circle of hazy blue light spreading out along with her dance. As she danced, a black cloud unexpectedly formed over the central stage, just enveloping the platform. Immediately afterward, pea sized drops of rain began to fall, turning into a torrential downpour.

These drops didn’t fall on the Skywater Academy girls. When they got close, they would quietly slide off. But it wasn’t that easy for the Shrek Academy team members. In just a moment, besides the still icebound Tang San, the other six already looked like drowned rats.

Peng—— The ice seal shattered once again. This time Tang San didn’t pause, his fourth spirit ring already flaring. Seven circles of Blue Silver Grass immediately rushed out of the ground, instantly turning into Blue Silver Prisons and enveloping the seven opponents.

He didn’t have any other choice. He could still see the battlefield situation even when icebound. Before he broke free, Shui Bing-Er had already used her ice bindings three times one after another on his teammates. The entire battlefield was already completely suppressed. Especially after Jiang Zhu was icebound. She didn’t have the strength to break the ice, and breaking free by only relying on spirit power would take a very long time.

Therefore Tang San didn’t spare his spirit power, instantly launching Blue Silver Prison.

Shui Bing-Er clearly hadn’t thought Tang San could use his spirit so quickly. She basically didn’t pay any attention to the Blue Silver Prisons on her side, raising a hand and waving it, another ice binding fell on Tang San.

Even though this was only Shui Bing-Er’s first spirit ability, it still gave Tang San endless headaches. This ability wasn’t just instant, but also basically couldn’t be dodged and affected the body directly. As long as Shui Bing-Er mentally locked on him, he would inevitably be icebound.

Only this time he was prepared, and the instant he was icebound, Tang San immediately released a Blue Silver Prison on himself, enlarging the

range of the ice binding a bit. When the ice binding was complete, he used his control to immediately revoke the Blue Silver Prison Again, using the force of the recall of Blue Silver Prison to immediately break the ice.

Dai Mubai hadn’t been cooperating with Tang San for just a day or two. When suppressed, he didn’t have room for any tender feelings. His opponent finally restrained by Blue Silver Prison, Dai Mubai immediately launched his third spirit ability, White Tiger Vajra Transformation.

An originally already majestic body swelling up once again, terrifying force spreading outward, Tai Long raised his strength to the peak at the same time as him. Under their present conditions, Shui Bing-Er’s ice binding was already unable to stop them at all.

Making Tang San somewhat depressed was that his Blue Silver Prison not only couldn’t stop Shui Bing-Er from continuing to use her spirit abilities, but it couldn’t stop the black haired young woman from dancing either. Even though Blue Silver Prison’s restraining range was small, that black haired young woman could fully use the small space for her dance, and the rain falling from the black clouds was growing colder and colder.

Countless Blue Silver Grass rushed out from Tang San’s body, becoming a forest of vines, completely sheltering him within. In order not to be restrained by Shui Bing-Er’s ability, he had no choice but to protect himself like this. At the same time, his voice also spread from within the Blue Silver Grass.

By now, Godwind Academy and Blazing Academy had both finished their matches already. The two great teams’ burst power really was too strong, and their opponents basically couldn’t even put up a fight before they were defeated.

They were in no hurry to withdraw, but rather each followed the central match closely from their stages.

Huo Wu said to Huo Wushuang: “Ge, it seems Shui Bing-Er’s ability just restrains Tang San. See how sorry he’s looking.”

Huo Wushuang nodded, saying: “Your Defying Flame Ring ability just restrains Shui Bing-Er. Skywater Academy really is very powerful this time around. Especially Shui Bing-Er and Xue Wu.”

On the Godwind Academy side, Feng Xiaotian helplessly watched the battlefield, “Fortunately Skywater Academy are all women. Even if Shrek Academy loses, they still won’t snatch my Huo Wu. Ai, poor Shrek Academy, it really isn’t easy confronting a group of girls. Originally I also just managed to use wind to blow them off……”

“Boss, do you think everyone’s brains are as filled with women as yours?”


“Mubai, Meteor Shower, Blue Silver Prison, power attack left and right.” Tang San used the most succinct words possible to conduct the battle.

A purple spirit ring flashed with light, and dazzling splendor rose above Dai Mubai’s head, the power ful fourth spirit ability finally taking the stage, White Tiger Meteor Shower.

Dazzling meteor after meteor fell from the sky. Those meteors weren’t aimed at the fortieth ranked power attack system Battle Spirit Master in front of Dai Mubai, but rather struck each of Tai Long and Huang Yuan’s opponents.

Seeing the White Tiger Meteor Shower striking their side, Shui Bing-Er’s expression immediately changed somewhat. But what came after was even more unexpected.

The targets of the meteor shower weren’t the two young women who still hadn’t struggled free of the Blue Silver Prisons, but rather the Blue Silver Prisons surrounding them.

A series of loud explosions followed.

The Blue Silver Prisons shattered in response, but that formidable impact also sent the two Skywater Academy power attack system Battle Spirit Masters flying, throwing them directly off the stage.

Tang San’s calculations were extremely precise. If the White Tiger Meteor Shower attacked that fortieth ranked Battle Spirit Master in front of Dai Mubai, unless it struck her directy it would be very difficult to defeat her. But their opponents were all girls, and using killing moves was naturally no good.

But if it struck the Blue Silver Prisons, under Tang San’s coordination, shooting the two somewhat weaker power attack system Battle Spirit Masters off the stage, it would weaken the opponents.

At the same time, Tang San’s Binding ability launched, its target that still dancing black haired young woman.

“Too late.” Though Shui Bing-Er was alarmed, she wasn’t panicked. Just as Tang San’s Binding ability launched a ring of ice blue light erupted from her body, the result unexpectedly the same as Huo Wu’s Defying Flame Ring, though by different means.

Tang San only felt an ice cold strike before his Binding ability was unexpectedly forced back. Under the instantly blossoming effect of the ice ring, even though it didn’t break Tang San’s Blue Silver Prison, it still forced the Shrek Avademy side’s members to all retreat.

The Blue Silver Prisons trapping Shui Bing-Er and Xue Wu instantly broke, ripped apart by her full strength third spirit ability.

Shui Bing-Er moved, not advancing, but rather retreating, turning in the ice rain to rush back to Xue Wu. And the other three people gathered quickly, blocking in front of the two.

“Not good, it’s a spirit fusion ability.” Tang San immediately came to the realization when he saw Shui Bing-Er’s actions.

But just as Shui Bing-Er said. Too late.

Blue hair and black hair fused together in a flash, merging into a dazzling pillar of blue and white light that shot into the black clouds above. Shui Bing-Er and Xue Wu’s bodies disappeared simultaneously, as their spirit fusion ability finally emerged.

From the start of the competition, while Shui Bing-Er used her full strength to restrain Tang San, this spirit fusion ability had been prepared. When that ray of light shot into the black clouds, even if Shui Bing-Er and Xue Wu were defeated, it still wouldn’t stop the power of the spirit fusion ability from being unleashed.

“Gather.” Tang San shouted. Since it couldn’t be stopped, they could only endure.

Under the pull of the Blue Silver Grass, Dai Mubai, Huang Yuan, Tai Long, Jing Ling, and Xiao Wu were simultaneously drawn in, moving everyone near the icebound Jiang Zhu.

Right now Tang San wasn’t able to deal with others, pulling Jiang Zhu to the middle and crowding him and the other five tightly around her.

“Healing scepter, full strength. Quick.”

Jiang Zhu caught on immediately, directly planting the healing scepter on the ground.

The rain in the sky changed, the ice rain becoming snow that danced in the air, just that each snow flake was as sharp as a blade, and as they spun and drifted down, a whirlpool of ice and snow engulfed the Shrek Academy team.

“Concede if you’re unable to persevere, we will stop.” Shui Bing-Er’s voice sounded from outside.

Tang San answered her with action. Blue Silver Grass, Binding, launched. This time the target was the six people with him. Twisting tightly, it didn’t leave a trace of a crack.

Fourth spirit ability, Blue Silver prison, launched. Altogether seven Blue Silver Prison’s rushed out frantically from the ground, becoming seven protective barriers.

Finally, Tang San used his almost exhausted spirit power to create a Spiderweb Restraint outside of the Blue Silver Prisons. Of his four spirit abilities, Spiderweb Restraint was doubtless the most durable.

Drifting Snow, a very beautiful name, but this beauty contained inexhaustible killing intent. How powerful was a spirit fusion ability used by two fortieth ranked Spirit Ancestors? Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing had revealed it as early as their match against Elephant Armored Academy. But this time, the Shrek Academy team had become the defenders.

This was the first time since the start of the competition that Shui Bing- Er and Xue Wu used this spirit fusion ability, this was also their hidden card. They hadn’t used it when facing the five elemental academies, but they absolutely weren’t willing to lose against Shrek Academy.

The audience saw that dancing snow tornado, but the Shrek Academy team members also heard a toothache inducing grinding sound.

Could Tang San’s spirit abilities resist this Drifing Snow spirit fusion ability? Could they still obtain victory in the final match of these qualifiers? Within that storm of snowflakes, all this became uncertain.

Nobody knew. Not even the powers in the VIP seats could say for certain.

[1] A face shape considered very beautiful in China.
[2] 300⽄ = 150 kg
[3] (⽔冰⼉) “Water Icelet” - The last character is a diminutive suffix
[4] (雪舞) “Snow Dance”, the same wu as in Xiao Wu or Huo Wu.

Chapter 106

Blue Silver Grass really was durable, the Blue Silver Grass making up the Spider Web Restraint especially was even tougher. Relying on his full spirit power output, Tang San’s defense of his side was watertight. However, no matter how durable, Blue Silver Grass was still only vines and leaves.

The power of the spirit fusion ability used by the combined strength of two fortieth ranked Spirit Masters wasn’t inferior to the spirit ability of a sixtieth ranked Spirit Master.

Drifting Snow didn’t have as tyrannical force of impact as Hell White Tiger, but surpassed it in endurance.

Amidst the tooth ache inducing and ear piercing grinding sound, the sticky and tough Spider Web Restraint was already starting to show signs of breaking.

Countless snowflakes constantly cut at each corner of Tang San’s defense like a meat grinder, and under those sharper than knives snowflakes, the outermost layer of defense was very quickly being cut, shattered.

What Drifting Snow had to erode next, was Tang San’s ten thousand year spirit ring ability, Blue Silver Prison.

When Tang San had only just learned Blue Silver Prison, at most he could use seven at once. In resilience, Blue Silver Prison was inferior to

Spiderweb Restraint, but it won out in being able to instantly appear at the opponent’s position, and could moreover be used for group control.

Along with Tang San’s cultivation of Three Aperture Governing Heart gradually maturing, his skill in using this fourth spirit ability had also increased. This was after all a ten thousand year spirit ring ability, and there were a lot more ways to manipulate it than Spiderweb Restraint.

The reason Tang San could fully use more than ten Blue Silver Prisons wasn’t that his spirit power had increased a lot, but rather because his spirit power was released more accurately each time he used this spirit ability in real combat.

In other words, Blue Silver Prisons that might appear exactly the same, could actually have entirely different effects. The more spirit power it used the more durable it was, using less spirit power made it weaker. Setting the strength of his own Blue Silver Prison according to the opponents’ differences could greatly save on Tang San’s spirit power.

Consequently, when discovering the opponents had a spirit fusion ability, Tang San could still create multiple Blue Silver Prisons to protect everyone. This was already his full strength.

The seemingly frail snowflakes came into contact with the outermost layer of Blue Silver Prison. Unexpectedly, the rigid Blue Silver Prison was a lot better at resisting the cutting effect of Drifting Snow than the flexible Spiderweb Restraint.

Flexibility feared sharpness. Sharpness feared firmness. Perhaps this was the cause.

If someone could see Shui Bing-Er’s expression within the blue pillar of light right now, they would certainly discover that it had become very unsightly. Even though she had already estimated Tang San quite highly before this competition, Tang San’s adaptability and reaction capability still left her shocked.

The spirit fusion ability Drifting Snow was managed by Shui Bing-Er, therefore she could clearly sense the resistance when the snowflakes struck.

She had seen Tang San create altogether seven layers of Blue Silver Prison. Even though the first layer was already broken through by now, Shui Bing-Er discovered that if it continued like this, by the time her and Xue Wu’s spirit power was exhausted, they still might not have been able to break Tang San’s defensive formation.

Ten thousand year spirit abilities really weren’t ordinary. Even though it was a control type, its defensive power could actually reach this degree. It seemed that even though Blue Silver Prison wasn’t flashy, its practicality could leave people speechless.

Having used the spirit fusion ability, if they still couldn’t win this match, then how could Skywater Academy have any chance of winning when confronting an even stronger Shrek Academy in the future?

A resonant phoenix cry resounded from within the blue pillar of light. Tang San only felt the pressure lighten, as the tornado of cutting snowflakes soared higher into the air.

Feeling an even more formidable mental pressure after hearing that clear phoenix cry and feeling the pressure of the attack lighten, Tang San suddenly came to himself.

Ice Phoenix, that Shui Bing-Er’s spirit was actually a first rate spirit, Ice Phoenix.

No wonder, no wonder her spirit ability control was so powerful, no wonder she could possess a spirit fusion ability. She actually possessed such a tyrannically powerful spirit.

Both being phoenixes, the Ice Phoenix wasn’t inferior in any respect to Huo Wu’s Fire Phoenix. These spirits were two extremes, but both were first rate existences. In power, Shui Bing-Er was even a bit stronger than Huo Wu.

But she also possessed a partner for spirit fusion ability, Xue Wu.

In midair, the snowflakes gathered, gradually forming into a seven meter long enormous blue phoenix.

Different from the fourth spirit ability Huo Wu used that day, this Ice Phoenix appeared extremely distinctly, as if substantial. Bright eyes, long tail feathers, its appearance touching.

The dazzlingly beautiful blue phoenix fell from the air, and without fanfare, it became an ice blue light, floating down.

Its movements weren’t fast, but without advancing, the snowflakes drifting through the air made its body even more substantial.

A muffled sigh echoed from within the Blue Silver Prisons, and a bizarre scene appeared. The remaining Blue Silver Prisons unexpectedly sunk back into the ground, layer after layer. Even the final protective Blue Silver Grass was quietly withdrawn by Tang San.

Headed by Dai Mubai, besides Tang San, the remaining six swiftly dashed off the stage as the Ice Phoenix approached. Only Tang San remained on the stage.

Compared to the seven meter long Ice Phoenix, Tang San seemed insignificant, as dazzling blue light completely illuminated the platform.

Right now, not even the spectators who supported Shrek Academy, supported Tang San, still believed they could win this match.

What the spectators understood even less was why Tang San would completely remove his own defensive setup when the opponent was on the verge of attacking. People with a bit of knowledge about spirits could also see that right now, even if Tang San still had spirit power remaining, it absolutely wasn’t much.

In his current condition, what could he still do?

Tang San didn’t want to concede the match. He could do it, it wouldn’t influence the outcome of the qualifiers, after all. But he didn’t want to. For no reason other than that he didn’t want to accept defeat.

The Ice Phoenix gliding through the air paused, and Shui Bing-Er’s somewhat angry voice transmitted from the blue light, “Do you want to die? Get away quickly, I won’t be able to control it.” She was already going all out, and she was already unable to control the energy of the condensed Ice Phoenix.

Tang San’s face revealed a trace of a slight smiling expression, inwardly saying, ‘This girl really is kind-hearted. Only, I can’t lose.’

“Come.” A tearing sound came from behind Tang San’s back, as eight vicious purple black long lances pushed out. Each lance glittered alternately with blue and red light, the lances thrusting out sharply to either side.

Eight sharp points thrust sharply into the ground, raising Tang San’s body. It was Eight Spider Lances.

The Ice Phoenix was already out of control, falling from the sky, tremendous energy poured down.

Cold streams burst out, long since locked completely on Tang San. The spirit fusion ability Drifting Snow was extremely powerful. When used, it would immediately lock onto the opponent. But at this moment, a bizarre scene appeared.

Eight Spider Lances bent sharply, before shooting out again, sending Tang San soaring into the air like a cannon ball. He, unexpectedly ignoring the cold streams, broke through that Ice Phoenix and the locked on energy, rising more than twenty meters into the air.

The stage was already icebound, instantly covered in a layer of blue luster. The next moment, with a loud rumble, it completely collapsed.

Even the few remaining Skywater Academy members with water element capabilities rushed to leap off the moment it began to fall.

This could be said to be the most destructive scene since the start of the qualifiers, and also the most dazzling one. Unfortunately, it didn’t successfully hit its intended target.

The appearance of Eight Spider Lances made Tang San feel full of energy again, supported by the power of the external spirit bone. When he fell from the back, Eight Spider Lances had already quietly withdrawn into his back.

The entire vast Heaven Dou Great Spirit Arena was already covered in a thin layer of frost.

Gust after gust of cold made the spectators expressions rigid.

Standing in the ruins of the stage, Shui Bing-Er managed to stand with Xue Wu’s support. Looking at Tang San falling from the sky, there was a burst of despondency in her eyes.

She didn’t understand how something like this would happen. How her and Xue Wu’s spirit fusion ability, further adding her own spirit’s power, was unable to defeat the gently landing opponent.

Drifting Snow’s cold was enough to make anyone slow down. In that split second before, the temperature on the stage had dropped to a frightening level, and further adding the control of the cold streams, she refused to believe that any Spirit Master under sixtieth rank could break through and escape its attack range.

But, that man had accomplished it. His movements looked effortless, as if he didn’t use any strength. But only Shui Bing-Er herself knew just how difficult it was to escape Drifting Snow.

The two young womens’ faces were now pale, spirit power overdraft making it very difficult for them to even stand.

Tang San had already landed in the ruins, and step by step walked towards them. Even though his spirit power fluctuations were already weak, as long as she thought of the close combat fighting ability he displayed

before, Shui Bing-Er knew it would be impossible for her and Xue Wu to defeat him.

By now, only three people still remained on the stage. The outcome was already settled.

“Can’t you tell me how?” Shui Bing-Er said somewhat bitterly.

Tang San stopped three meters in front of the two women. The alarming- looking Eight Spider Lances had been withdrawn even before people could see them clearly. But, he knew that in this match, he had still lost. Having been pushed by the opponents to use Eight Spider Lances that should only appear in the finals, he believed his people had already lost.

Obtaining victory in this match wasn’t the contribution of Eight Spider Lances, nor was it his contribution.

It was the effect of taking those two immortal treasure herbs. The tempering of the Infernal Precious Apricot as well as the Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass made him completely immune to all cold and hot energies. If Shui Bing-Er had used another attribute spirit fusion ability, then at that time, when Tang San was already out of spirit power, he would be unable to win even if he used Eight Spider Lances.

Therefore, in his heart, he believed he had lost. He hadn’t lost in strength, but rather in adaptability and foresight.

The continuous victories had made it difficult for the Shrek Academy team members not to be proud, and even Tang San was no exception. After all, he was still human, and he was as susceptible to emotions as anyone else.

Before today’s match, he had drawn an equals sign between Skywater Academy and Blazing Academy. But who could have expected that Shui Bing-Er’s control could actually restrain him like that, and even possessed such a formidable ability like the spirit fusion ability.

Confronted by Shui Bing-Er’s inquiry, Tang San didn’t conceal it. He not only thought he had lost because of himself, but also because of Shui Bing- Er’s kindness. That moment before the Ice Phoenix descended, he could clearly feel the concern in Shui Bing-Er’s words. That wasn’t concern for victory and defeat, but rather true worry that he would be hurt.

“I’m capable of ice immunity. Therefore, your ability was unable to restrain me.” Tang San used a voice only the three of them could hear.

Two pairs of beautiful eyes watched him attentively, a trace of bitterness at the corner of Shui Bing-Er’s mouth.

“Then how were you restrained by me before?” Shui Bing-Er couldn’t help asking. If her first spirit ability, Icebind, was effective on Tang San, then how come the Ice Phoenix lock wasn’t?

Tang San laughed bitterly, “My ice and fire immunity is only effective on energies, substantial shapes and energy shocks will still injure me. Your ice binding had solid form, not an energy form, of course I would be restrained. Just that the chill within wouldn’t injure me.”

“We’ve lost.” However willing to admit it, Shui Bing-Er still with difficulty spoke these words.

Tang San shook his head, saying: “No, It should be our loss. It was my mistake that led to this conclusion. My ice and fire resistance doesn’t originate in cultivation.”

Right now, the referee had already cautiously approached. Even if he was an official with fifty something ranked strength, right now he was still somewhat apprehensive.

The current young generation was really too ferocious. If by some chance they still had some skills they hadn’t used, he himself might also be implicated.

“Finished?” The referee looked at both sides.

Tang San and Shui Bing-Er nodded simultaneously, speaking in unison:
“I lost.”

The referee baffled looked at the two, “You……”

Tang San spoke first: “This match is a tie. Both our sides have already exhausted our spirit power. We can’t continue the match.”

The referee then suddenly understood. Even if a tied match was rare, it still wasn’t unheard of. Immediately, he declared that the fight between Shrek Academy and Skywater Academy ended in a tie.

He could win and not, this was Tang San’s stern warning to himself. The qualifiers were only the beginning, there was still the ranking competition, as well as the qualifiers where powers would stand like trees in the forest. Discovering his flaws now was always better than discovering them even later in the tournament. After all, the finals were a knock-out competition, no mistakes could be tolerated there.

The spectators were no doubt disappointed, the majority of the spectators supporting Shrek Academy but being unable to see them take the victory in the final match made a lot of people rather critical. Especially voices that doubted whether Shrek Academy had sent their full strength echoed from all corners.

Returning to the rest area, Tang San ate a recovery sausage Oscar handed over, “I’m sorry, it was my mistake. I underestimated the opponent from the start of the match, and couldn’t deliver relevant tactics, leading to our later passivity.”

Dai Mubai clapped Tang San’s shoulder, “Brother, what are you doing saying this? It’s more important we find the root of defeat. Don’t forget, we’re still young, and right now we can still stand to be defeated. You’ve already done very well, nobody will blame you.”

Ma Hongjun took the opportunity to move closer, grinning: “Third brother, don’t be depressed. This is because you brothers didn’t have me there. If I was there, how could those beauties be arrogant. time let them

get to know my phoenix flame. Just what is called ‘failure is the mother of success’. Moreover, we still didn’t lose! You also didn’t go all out. No? Actually, not just you, even Dai Mubai, Xiao Wu and the others also didn’t use their full strength. We still need you to lead everyone to become ultimate champions.”

Dai Mubai raised his hand and swatted Fatty’s head, “You’re so capable? Fine, then next time you go up by yourself, we’ll watch how you alone roast seven.”

Ma Hongjun rubbed his head, wronged saying: “Don’t blame me for comforting third brother.”

“Failure is the mother of success, these words are quite right. There’s one month to the ranking competition. This is plenty of time for you all to find your own deficiencies.”

Grandmaster had already come over before anyone noticed, his gaze falling on Tang San, looking at him with a smile.

“Teacher.” Confronted by Grandmaster’s gaze, Tang San lowered his head.

Grandmaster walked up to his side, one hand resting on his shoulder, “Actually, the result of your match today is even better than your victories. I’ve always said that real combat is the best way to inspect your own abilities. Only by constant combat, confronting different opponents, will you grow even faster. The Spirit Master vocation comes in all kinds of bizarre variations, nobody knows what kind of enemy you will face in your next battle. All you can do is increase your experience by facing different Spirit Masters. None of you lack talent as Spirit Masters, and the opponents you meet in the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament are also all well-known figures of the young generation. This match is only a fragment of your lives, you still have a long road to walk, as long as you gain something, victory or defeat is of little consequence.”

“Yes, Grandmaster.” All the students answered as one. Their previously somewhat different expressions once again became unanimous. For some reason, the otherwise always mild mannered Tang San now had an extreme thirst for victory in his heart.

The Heaven Dou City qualifiers had now ended, and according to the sequence, it was time for the reward ceremony, awarding the top five teams the qualification proof for the ranking competition.

But due to the damage to the central stage in the previous match, this process was also simplified. The other academies that didn’t advance wouldn’t participate in the awards ceremony, only the top five teams would go up to accept their rewards on the VIP seating platform.

The ceremony wasn’t complex. At the announcer’s declaration, the captain and vice captain of the top ranking teams stepped onto the platform.

Due to Godwind Academy and Thunderclap Academy having the same result, both with twenty six wins and one loss, and Godwind Academy once having prevailed over Thunderclap Academy, the ranking was settled as: Godwind Academy ranked first, Thunderclap Academy second, Shrek Academy ranked third with twenty four wins, one tie and two losses, Blazing Academy ranked fourth with half a victory more than Skywater Academy, and Skywater Academy still fifth.

Representing Shrek Academy to go up on the platform was Dai Mubai and Tang San. As the two stepped onto the platform, they immediately sensed several malicious gazes. The most burning among them was Blazing Academy’s Huo Wu.

She had never accepted being defeated by Tang San, and didn’t reflect on her own strength, but rather blamed Tang San’s fire immunity. Even though Blazing Academy successfully advanced, being pushed down by Shrek Academy with half a victory stirred up the fury in her heart even stronger.

“, His Majesty and Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda master as well as platinum bishop Salas will personally award the proof of qualifications to enter the ranking competition as well as the award money.”

The proof of qualifications was actually a personal letter. There was no worry anyone would forge it, after all, Spirit Hall and Heaven Dou Empire both knew which academies had advanced. But Tang San and Dai Mubai didn’t know about the award money before.

The award money the top five academies received was the same, after all, this was only the qualifiers. Each team received ten thousand gold spirit coins issued by Heaven Dou Empire. But in the finals, the prize for the final three was awarded by Spirit hall.

The awards presented, the announcer gave the word to emperor Xue Ye in the seat of honor.

Emperor Xue Ye’s gaze swept across the members of the teams standing in front of him, his eyes especially paused on Tang San for a few seconds, then smiling said: “First of all, children, I want to congratulate you.”

“You’ve successfully obtained the qualifications to advance in this Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament. As the most senior ruler of Heaven Dou Empire, I am proud of you. You are all the future hope of the Empire. And as the leaders of each team, your strength has also showed its most important effect in the competition. Therefore, I’ve decided to confer upon the ten of you the title of viscount[1], and to the other competing members of your five academies the title of baron. After you have graduated, the gates of the royal household will stand open to you at any time. Your fiefdoms will all be allocated after your graduation.”

“Your Majesty, that won’t do.” Salas suddenly interjected harshly from the side. Daring to interrupt an emperor’s words, this clearly showed the tremendous influence of Spirit Hall.

Emperor Xue Ye looked indifferently at Salas, “Is there something inappropriate? Your eminence bishop Salas.”

Salas said: “In past competitions, there’s no precedent of awarding titled of nobility. Even more, aren’t the titles given too high?”

Whether it was Heaven Dou Empire or Star Luo Empire, the titles of nobility were ranked from the highest as Duke, Marquis, Count, Viscount, Baron. Handing out ten noble titles of viscount just for the qualifiers, Emperor Xue Ye’s generosity was enough to shock anyone in attendance.

Emperor Xue Ye only used one sentence to shut Salas up, “Your eminence, conferring titles of nobility is an internal matter of the Empire, unrelated to Spirit Hall. Unrelated to the current tournament. I only admire these children and accorded them some rewards, that’s all. They represent our Heaven Dou Empire in this time’s Advanced Spirit Master Academy Tournament. I will also give you a pledge here. If there is any team among you that can obtain final victory in the tournament, the noble titles of everyone in the team will be promoted one level, and at the same time the academy will be given the ‘Imperial’ prefix, receiving the financial backing of the Empire.”

As the leaders of their teams, even if these youths had all seen some of the world, as Emperor Xue Ye’s great string of rewards smashed down, they were still left somewhat stupid. What did titles of nobility represent? A viscount could already possess their own territory and attendants, and still draw a certain stipend from the Empire. This sum alone was enough to live on.

Even though a lot of Spirit Masters had titles of nobility, obtaining them from kingdoms and duchies was easy. Obtaining an imperial title wasn’t so simple, especially being directly conferred the title of viscount. The territory a viscount could possess was already a small town.

Even more valuable, emperor Xue Ye had already guaranteed to these ten that after the end of this tournament, they would directly be conferred fiefdoms.

In other words, their titles absolutely weren’t just empty words, but rather truly nobles with territory.

Salas’ expression appeared very unsightly. He didn’t say anything else, but in his eyes was a cold and cruel expression.

As the captains and vice captains of the five qualified teams, they were all elite young Spirit Masters, one more intelligent than the other, and from emperor Xue Ye’s promise and Salas’ protest, they could all sense the smell of gunpowder contained within.

Ning Fengzhi only sat smiling and silent to the side, apparently all this was unrelated to him.

Emperor Xue Ye basically didn’t seem to notice platinum bishop Salas’ ugly expression, and smiling said: “ is the ranking competition, also held by the Empire. But the location will change from Heaven Dou Great Spirit Arena to the imperial household hunting grounds. At that time, the ten teams from the five kingdoms and duchies will come to jointly conduct the ranking competition with you. I hope that your five academies will rank among the best, holding the best opportunity in the finals.”

“The ranking competition is the best stage to show your own strength. When the time comes, for the three students that obtain the highest number of victories in the ranking competition, the Empire will furnish the spirit beast for your next title promotion. You can chose what type you want, and the Empire will guarantee a spirit beast under thirty thousand years cultivation.”

Whether Shrek Academy or the four elemental academies, emperor Xue Ye’s current pledge made their hearts beat even faster than the previous noble titles. Even Tang San couldn’t help feeling his pulse quicken.

In fact, these ten academy team leaders all had fortieth ranked ranked or so strength, their next title advancement would be at fiftieth ranked. Even though the fiftieth ranked spirit ring wasn’t as important as the thirtieth, fiftieth rank was still the first level where a ten thousand year spirit ring could be obtained.

How strong the first ten thousand year spirit ring was would have enormous influence on all of their futures. If they could freely choose the

spirit beast they required, it would no doubt hold enormous benefit, not only wouldn’t they need to take risks or waste time, but they could also display their own spirit to the greatest degree.

From fiftieth rank and on, a Spirit Master’s cultivation speed would drop substantially. Having a guarantee for their first ten thousand year spirit ring could undoubtedly let them keep a strong advantage from fiftieth to sixtieth rank. The benefits to their future growth would be boundless.

Seeing the gradually rising flames in the eyes of the ten elites, emperor Xue Ye smiled calmly, “The ranking competition will be held in one month, I hope you can make even further breakthroughs in this month. Good. I won’t say more. You are all intelligent children, I think you will make the most intelligent choices.”

Finished speaking, emperor Xue Ye’s gaze deviated a moment, sweeping across platinum bishop Salas’ face. Then, under the protection of his imperial high officials, he turned and left.

Salas expression twitched slightly, but his expression had already completely calmed, nothing to be seen of the ugliness from before.

Just as emperor Xue Ye said, even though he didn’t state it clearly, the academy team leaders all understood his meaning. The Empire and Spirit Hall, pick the first.

Tang San’s heart twitched slightly. What emperor Xue Ye said today didn’t seem to be something a monarch should say. Spirit Hall was so powerful, could it be emperor Xue Ye wanted to make a show of force?

In other words, had the conflict between Heaven Dou Empire and Spirit Hall already reached a condition that couldn’t be reconciled?

It was better not to participate in these political matters. He didn’t know about others, but his own road was already very clear cut, and could easily be summarised in one word: Freedom.

Tang San had set very clear-cut goals for himself, the limit of his spirit, the limit of Tang Sect.

Tang San and Dai Mubai walked out of Heaven Dou Great Spirit Arena together. The others waited for them outside. At this moment, an abrupt voice suddenly called out for Tang San.

“Tang San.”

Tang San turned his head to look, only to see something red growing larger in his vision, recognizable to him as Huo Wu.

“What do you want?” Tang San puzzled asked.

Huo Wu reached him in several steps, directly walking until she stood less than a meter from Tang San.

It had to be said that confronting Huo Wu held quite a bit of pressure. Because her height was quite outstanding among girls, right now she was even a bit taller than Tang San. In fact, along with absorbing the ten thousand year level Pit Demon Spider as his fourth spirit ring, Tang San’s body was already more developed than his contemporaries. Right now his height was close to one meter eighty, and Huo Wu was precisely one meter eighty.

Huo Wu gazed at this, not particularly outstanding appearance, always seeming even tempered, Tang San, “Have you got the courage to fight me without spirits?”

Tang San stared blankly a moment, the Shrek Academy group next to him all smiling. They were all very clear on Tang San’s physical combat ability, and Tai Long had once raised this request to him, the result leaving his head and face in the dirt.
Shaking his head, Tang San said: “I don’t have the spare time.” “You……” The pupils of Huo Wu’s eyes suddenly contracted, “Isn’t
your close combat ability very strong?”

Brows wrinkling, Tang San fixed his eyes on Huo Wu. Looking at this just like a flame woman, he once again repeated: “I’m sorry, I don’t have the spare time.”

Finished speaking, he turned and walked toward the Shrek Academy party, without wanting to get further involved with Huo Wu.

“You go to hell.” Temper stretched to the limit, the fury Huo Wu had restrained for several days finally erupted. Her right leg snapped out, going straight for the back of Tang San’s head. With her height, her legs were long, and she moved like lightning.

Distinguishing sounds was the most basic capability at Tan Sect, how would Tang San let her easily do as she wished? Taking a quick step forward, half turning, left hand shooting out, he directly grabbed Huo Wu’s ankle.

Huo Wu only felt the momentum of her kick disappear like a clay ox entering the sea, instantly vanishing like smoke with a slight quiver of Tang San’s arm. Tang San’s hand gripped her leg like a vise, and no matter how she exerted herself, she was unable to withdraw it.

That left hand had already turned the color and luster of sheep fat jade.

Raising the right hand, pushing up Huo Wu’s long leg, taking a step towards Huo Wu, right foot naturally stepping behind Huo Wu’s supporting right leg, simultaneously bending forward, directly striking Huo Wu’s raised thigh.

Movements as natural as moving clouds and flowing water, smoothly finding the weak point, left Huo Wu without any opportunity to react before she had already been sent flying by Tang San, falling into the embrace of the just arrived Huo Wushuang. Tang San didn’t use much strength, amply displaying Controlling Crane Catching Dragon’s method to use strength against itself.

“Let’s go.” Tang San swept the Shrek Academy group who were all looking at Huo Wu getting pushed around with schadenfreude, then left

with large strides.

“I’ll kill him.” Huo Wu wanted to rush out again after being caught by her big brother, but was forcefully restrained by Huo Wushuang.

“Don’t waste your breath, you aren’t his match.” Sighing, Huo Wushuang firmly pulled back his little sister. He could of course see that Tang San had already started off leniently.

“Ge.” The rims of Huo Wu’s eyes reddened. She really was somewhat unable to bear having her competitive nature once again being given a blow by the same person.

[1] The five orders of nobility are from the most senior to least: Duke, Marquis, Count, Viscount, Baron.

Chapter 107

Huo Wushuang sighed, “Silly little sister, if you really want to beat him, then you have to cultivate ceaselessly, rely on your own strength to win. What use is there to senselessly make trouble like this? Work hard, we still have a chance in the ranking competition. To face an opponent that restrains us completely, we’ll have to think of some new methods. Even though he’s immune to fire, he can’t be immune to energy attacks, or did you forget what Shui Bing-Er did?

“That’s right, that’s right, there’s still me. Little sister Huo Wu, I didn’t encounter him in the qualifiers, but once we’ve reached the ranking competition, I’ll definitely help you beat him.” Feng Xiaotian had come over from somewhere without anyone noticing, speaking with a face full of righteous indignation.

Returning directly to the Academy from Heaven Dou Great Spirit Arena, Tang San’s mind was still constantly replaying the whole process of today’s confrontation with Skywater Academy.

To him, this wasn’t just a simple tie. This was the most difficult challenge in the whole qualifiers. It was admittedly because the opponents’ spirit fusion ability was especially familiar, but at the same time, this difficulty was also because they were restrained from the start.

Tang San clearly saw that it was because of him that the whole team had been at a disadvantage. Shui Bing-Er taking the control had destroyed his original plans. At the same time it had also finally let him experience the

formidability of other control system Spirit Masters. was the ranking competition, which was a stage for people to show off. But, after that came the finals, and that was still a team battle.

Any Spirit Master had flaws, and he was no exception. Only by a team complementing each other could a Spirit Master’s strength be revealed to its greatest degree, this had always been a natural law of the Spirit Master world. That was also an important reason why this Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament relied mainly on team battles.

He didn’t think much of emperor Xue Ye’s olive branch, that wasn’t a question he should consider yet. What he needed to think about right now was how he could help his team even more, how to let his own strength grow even more powerful.

Tang San had always been a stubborn person, it was true in his previous life at Tang Sect, and it was still true in this world.

Consequently, after returning to the Academy he immediately went to Grandmaster to propose he go into closed door cultivation for a time, in order to think about some things.

Grandmaster was understanding, and also understood that this was an important phase to Tang San. As long as he could pierce through this barrier in his heart, he would mature even more, and also become even more formidable. At this time there was nobody that could help him, the only one he could rely on was himself. Only his own understanding, comprehension, could he solve his own problems. Even a wise man like Grandmaster couldn’t reply with anything that would have any better effect right now.

That wall within was different for each person, and nobody could know what problems others faced. Tang San’s problems could only be settled by Tang San himself.

Watching Tang San’s gr adually disappearing back, the other six Shrek Seven Devils couldn’t help feeling somewhat lonely. They also understood Tang San’s current feelings. Ever since the formation of the team, even though today’s match wasn’t their most challenging, to Tang San it was still

truly a suppressed battle. They could completely understand Tang San’s mood.

Xiao Wu wanted to catch up to and comfort Tang San, but was held back by Liu Erlong, “Silly girl, don’t go disturb him right now. It’s better if he can understand on his own. Believe in him. Give him a little space.”

Xiao Wu looked at Liu Erlong. Liu Erlong softly pulled her into her embrace, gently stroking her long braid.

Grandmaster coughed once, attracting everyone’s attention, “Well, Tang San has gone into seclusion. The next month is also a time for you to get into shape. This past month of high density matches has had different degrees of benefit for each of you. But this is still far from enough. I think you’ve all seen that you’re not the only talents in this world. Tang San has met an opponent that restrains him, and you will also do the same. You’re all as one, in order to help prevail and obtain the ultimate victory, you will have to pay even more. Therefore, I’ve decided that in the next month’s recuperation interlude, I will once again conduct a period of strengthening training for you. What are those faces for? Stand up properly. If anyone has any objections, I don’t mind doubling the training.”

Blood curdling screams echoed simultaneously in the hearts of the Shrek Six Devils. Right now they suddenly envied Tang San. At least, in seclusion Tang San didn’t need to undergo anymore hell training…...

The place Tang San chose for his seclusion was still that log cabin in the middle of the forest. The secluded surroundings, the quiet world, was most suitable for his cultivation.

When he’d already spent two days here, Tang San still sat vacantly. He didn’t cultivate, his mind always enveloped in a dense fog. He couldn’t find any way out of his problems, and he also didn’t understand in what direction he should grow. He even doubted whether the control system route he’d walked until now wasn’t a mistake.

In two days Tang San had thought a lot, but the more he thought, the more confused he became.

Two days and two nights had passed, he didn’t even rest, not eating anything, completely passing the time in this kind of hazy condition. This kind of painful feeling wreaked havoc in his heart. He didn’t even know why he was in pain.

Ever since the day he became a Spirit Master, he had always stood at the summit of his peers. Blue Silver Grass wasn’t any formidable spirit, it was even a trash spirit, but cultivating under Grandmaster guidance, his strength had never been below those Spirit Masters of his age who possessed more formidable spirits. He was even ahead of everyone. As time had passed, Tang San had even already forgotten about the issues of his Blue Silver Grass, he’d always stood on equal footing with Spirit Masters with formidable spirits, he’d even felt somewhat superior.

However, now that he calmed down and thought it over, he discovered that if it wasn’t for having the external spirit bone Eight Spider Lances, if it wasn’t for always having the support of his comrades at his side and his luck in obtaining those spirit rings, perhaps, he wouldn’t be much of anything.

Each of his spirit rings were of better quality than other peoples’, but in his previous confrontation with Shui Bing-Er, it couldn’t be said his spirit abilities held any advantage. Perhaps these kinds of circumstances should have appeared before, only in previous matches and fights, he had always used tactics to cover up this gap. But after Blue Silver Grass’s own defects were revealed, Tang San immediately discovered his problem.

A truly formidable control system Spirit Master needed not only control, but also spirit abilities with a certain attack capability. Shui Bing-Er’s spirit fusion ability was even better quality. However, could his Blue Silver Grass do that? No. Even if he already possessed a ten thousand year spirit ring at fortieth rank, without really using his external spirit bone he didn’t have any advantage of Shui Bing-Er.

Rather than saying that his previous opponents had lost in strength, it would be better to say they had lost in tactics. Once an opponent appeared who wasn’t below him in planning, then the flaws of his control would immediately be exposed. This was still when he had taken the Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass and Infernal Precious Apricot. If he didn’t have these two immortal treasure herbs, perhaps his weakness would have been exposed even earlier, even Huo Wu could have easily beaten him.

‘Why, why is it like this? Don’t tell me all these years of effort have been a waste?’ Tang San very clearly understood that the innate flaws of a spirit would gradually appear along with the growth of spirit power.

‘No, it can’t go on like this. Blue Silver Grass basically isn’t a good spirit, I’m still young, there’s still time to give it up.’

Tang San couldn’t hold back the thoughts of his other spirit, Clear Sky Hammer. The hereditary spirit of one of the Spirit Master world’s seven great schools, Clear Sky School. If he had chosen to cultivate the Clear Sky Hammer from the start, then his current strength wouldn’t just be like this. He could only become more formidable.

The more he thought, the lower Tang San’s confidence in Blue Silver Grass became. His heart was just like a raging sea, all kinds of chaotic thoughts making him feel somewhat crazy.

Two days had passed, without any cultivation. In the past this was something Tang San couldn’t even have imagined, that was how diligent he was. However, right now he didn’t have a trace of desire to cultivate.

“Little freak.” A green silhouette appeared in the yard outside, the sudden voice snapping Tang San out of his whirlpool of suffering.

Perhaps it was because these two days had consumed too much mental strength, but even though that voice sounded familiar, Tang San still couldn’t make out who it belonged to.

Standing, Tang San walked out of the cabin. After sitting too long, as the glaring sunshine hit him, he couldn’t keep from swaying a moment.

“Little freak, what’s going on?” In practically the next moment, the green silhouette was already in front of Tang San, one powerful hand directly clasping Tang San’s shoulder, mellow spirit power somewhat overbearing and somewhat coarsely penetrating his body, rousing Tang San’s mind somewhat. Then he clearly saw who it was.

It wasn’t a stranger, but rather Shrek Academy’s honorary dean, one of the formidable Title Douluo, Dugu Bo.

Dugu Bo looked doubtfully at Tang San. Right now Tang San’s appearance was somewhat scary, his hair in a mess, his facial hair unkempt, both eyes bloodshot, a completely dispirited appearance.

“Old freak, you’re back.” Managing to squeeze out a smile, the spirit power within Tang San’s body operated automatically, clearing his rigid blood vessels, letting him stand upright.

Dugu Bo doubtfully said: “Little freak, what’s going on? Weren’t you still well when I left, how would you become like this in a few days? Come on, let’s go inside first.”

Dragging Tang San into the log cabin, Dugu Bo’s expression was somewhat serious. He could of course see how lacking Tan San’s mental state was right now. As a formidable Title Douluo, he was only too clear on the cultivation circumstances of Spirit Masters, and Tang San’s current condition was extremely dangerous. In case of a nervous breakdown, he would either go insane or be totally ruined.

“Little freak, tell me, what actually happened to strike you into this kind of appearance. In my memory, you little freak was always a freak among freaks. Don’t tell me you met someone even more freakish than you?”

Looking at Dugu Bo, the rims of Tang San’s eyes suddenly reddened somewhat. Grandmaster absolutely hadn’t expected his current condition. After all, nobody knew Tang San was a person of two lives, his mind was

far beyond his peers, but it was also because of this that it was even easier for him to get stuck bashing his head against a brick wall.

Dugu Bo’s appearance made Tang San recover somewhat. Especially his mind had a somewhat hopeful feeling.

“Old freak, can you tell me, if I cultivate my spirit power beyond the seventieth rank, will I still be as far ahead as I am now?”

Dugu Bo’s brows puckered, “Why would you ask that? Little freak, what happened to your confidence? What’s actually gotten into you? You should understand how important confidence is to a Spirit Master, If you don’t have the most elementary confidence, if you don’t believe in yourself, then later you won’t make even a centimeter of progress.”

Tang San smiled wryly: “But, I don’t know what I should do. The spirit I’m cultivating is just Blue Silver Grass. Even though I’ve already reached the fortieth rank, as my level increases, Blue Silver Grass’s weaknesses will be revealed more and more clearly. In the future, can I really rely on this spirit to contend with other Spirit Masters?”

A jade light flickered in Dugu Bo’s eyes, staring at Tang San with a burning gaze, “Go on.”

Tang San said: “The reason why I’m considered powerful among my peers right now isn’t because of the strength of my spirit, but rather because I have better spirit rings than ordinary Spirit Masters, and even have the external spirit bone Eight Spider Lances. You should also have seen my second spirit before. I don’t need to hide anything from you, my second spirit is Clear Sky School’s Clear Sky Hammer. Right now I’m thinking that if I cultivated the Clear Sky Hammer instead, then wouldn’t the circumstances be different? Right now I have fortieth level spirit power. I only need four spirit rings that suit me to be able to bring out the Clear Sky Hammer’s strength. It’s far more formidable than Blue Silver Grass. Even though I’m still not fifteen, I’ve already spent far too much effort on cultivating, I don’t want to waste my later effort on a trash spirit like Blue Silver Grass. Does that make sense?”

Who was Dugu Bo? Anyone who could become a Title Douluo power was highly intelligent. From Tang San’s simpler and agitated words, he had already gradually understood the problem Tang San faced right now.

Waving his hand, he didn’t let Tang San speak further. Dugu Bo looked Tang San in the eyes, sternly saying: “Little freak, do you know why I’ve always considered you a freak among freaks?”

Tang San stared blankly, “Is it because of my knowledge in using poison?”

Dugu Bo shook his head, saying: “That’s only a small part. Even more significant is your Blue Silver Grass.”

The pupils of Tang San’s eyes contracted violently. Looking at Dugu Bo, his eyes revealed deep doubt.

Dugu Bo indifferently said: “That’s right, Blue Silver Grass is a trash spirit. Moreover it’s the best known trash spirit. In the past, it was basically impossible for anyone who possessed Blue Silver Grass as spirit to have the chance to cultivate. But. You? Tell me. What were the circumstances when your spirit awakened? I heard Grandmaster say it was full innate spirit power, right?”

Tang San nodded.

“What does full innate spirit power signify? It signifies the foundation of the spirit. Even my own granddaughter who inherited by Jade Phosphor Serpent Spirit only had seventh ranked innate spirit power. And you had tenth ranked. And moreover, you still cultivate Blue Silver Grass. What does this signify? It means your Blue Silver Grass is different from the masses. That’s not simple Blue Silver Grass. You can also guess who your father is. Think, with your father’s background and strength, would he be together with a woman who only possessed common Blue Silver Grass? If it really was common Blue Silver Grass, how would it produce a little freak with twin spirits like you?”

Tang San was naturally deaf to Dugu Bo’s explanation of full innate spirit power, because he always believed that it was the result of his own diligently cultivated Mysterious Heaven Skill, and not bestowed by Blue Silver Grass. Even more, at the time he awakened he also had a Clear Sky Hammer, even if the spirit truly had assigned him some spirit power, that should also be from Clear Sky Hammer.

However, Dugu Bo’s later words made him somewhat startled. Yes, his Blue Silver Grass really was somewhat uncommon, especially not long ago when he had the feeling of being in contact with the natural wild blue silver grass. That throbbing came from his spirit itself. Just that no one had ever cultivated Blue Silver Grass to his present degree, Tang San also didn’t know whether this was something that Blue Silver Grass should be doing. But it was Dugu Bo’s last words that touched him the most. It was also an important question he’d always had.

His father was a directly related disciple of Clear Sky School, and also one of their greatest powers, would a woman who only possessed the a waste Blue Silver Grass Spirit be with him?

“Old freak, is there any relation between the strength of the parents’ spirits and twin spirits?” Tang San’s breathing had clearly become hurried.

Dugu Bo grinned, saying: “In this field, perhaps that teacher of yours doesn’t even know. Even though his spirit research is very thorough, you’re after all the first person he’s met who has twin spirits. Before, I once read some top secret information in Spirit Hall. It was a written account of twin spirits. Spirits are hereditary, generally coming from the parents, so tell me, what’s the relation between inheriting the parents’ spirits.”

Having followed Grandmaster for so many years, this kind of question naturally wasn’t difficult for Tang San, and he answered without the slightest hesitation: “Generally speaking, the spirit inherited is the relatively more powerful one of the parents’ spirits.”

Dugu Bo went on: “Then when there’s hardly any difference in strength between the spirits, or even when they’re identical, what will


Tang San said: “Under such circumstances, it will be inherited randomly, but under such circumstances there’s also a higher chance of spirit variation.”

Dugu Bo nodded, saying: “Worthy of being Grandmaster’s disciple, your explanation is quite right. But, do you know, what are the odds of twin spirits appearing under such circumstances? The reason twin spirits are so rare, is because the conditions are so harsh. This is what’s written in Spirit Hall’s records. The birth of twin spirits mainly has two preconditions, first, the parents’ spirits can’t be identical, the more they differ, the higher the odds of bringing about twin spirits. At the same time, the closer the quality of both sides’ spirits, the higher the odds of bringing about twin spirits. In other words, if there’s a gap in quality between the spirits, it’s basically impossible to birth a child with twin spirits. Even if these conditions are met, the probability of issue with twin spirits is only one in a thousand, or even one in ten thousand. Understand?”

Tang San was clever, even though his mental state wasn’t very good right now, he still very quickly caught on to what Dugu Bo meant. Dugu Bo was using this example to tell him his Blue Silver Grass Spirit absolutely wasn’t simple. Capable of possessing qualitative parity with Clear Sky Hammer, what kind of Blue Silver Grass was that?

According to Grandmaster’s research, twin spirits was a kind of spirit variation, only the circumstances in which it arose were really too rare, and therefore so very few had appeared on the Continent. Dugu Bo’s analysis wasn’t bad, and Tang San immediately recalled the other two cases of twin spirits Grandmaster had talked about. Sure enough, the quality of the twin spirits really was extremely similar.

The originally vacant heart once again became burning hot. Tang San’s eyes finally began to focus again.

Dugu Bo unhappily glared at him, saying: “Even if your Blue Silver Grass’s quality wasn’t good, do you think that really matters? How old are you this year? Still not even fifteen, but already fortieth rank. Your

present worries are matters for later. Since you could obtain formidable spirit rings and spirit bones to pull open the distance with equally ranked Spirit Masters before, don’t tell me you couldn’t do it again? No effort is wasted. If you don’t have even this much confidence, then you’re not freakish, but rubbish.”

“Correct, if you cultivated Clear Sky Hammer now, your strength would indeed start rising again in a short time. As long as you have suitable spirit rings, you will immediately become powerful, even more powerful than fifty or sixtieth ranked Spirit Masters. But, haven’t you considered, if you began cultivating Clear Sky Hammer at ninetieth rank, getting nine spirit rings, what quality would they be? At that time, even if getting nine hundred thousand year spirit rings at the same time wouldn’t be impossible. Even if Blue Silver Grass was no good, it would still be enough to push you to that level, it wouldn’t be too late to prepare at that time. With your present cultivation speed, perhaps you will break your father’s record of becoming the youngest Title Douluo. What’s the rush?”

Dugu Bo clearly didn’t know about the deadliness of twin spirits, but his arguments were clear and easy to see.

‘Yes, I could obtain external strength before, why couldn’t I do it later? When others have ten thousand year spirit rings, I have a twenty thousand year spirit ring, when others have fiffty thousand year spirit rings, I’ll get a hundred thousand year. Relying on the effect of spirit rings can also pull closer the gap between me and the quality of others’ spirits. What’s more, right now I still have a spirit bone to trade. Aren’t these also my own advantages?’

The disorder in his mind gradually left, and the fog in his heart quietly dissipated. Right now, the only question that still remained was how to make himself stronger.

Dugu Bo looked at Tang San’s changing expression and knew this little freak had already figured out a lot from his pointer. Leaning back in his chair, he smiled: “Little freak, do you know where I went this time?”

Tang San snapped: “How could I know what an old freak like you is up to?” Along with his mood recovering, he clearly became a lot more relaxed.

Dugu Bo grinned, saying: “I went to exchange pointers with an old friend.”

“Eh? Win or lose?” Tang San asked.

The green light in Dugu Bo’s eyes became agitated, “I didn’t win, and I didn’t lose, it was at least a draw. Haha.”

Tang San mocked: “Only a draw, what’s there to be proud about.”

Dugu Bo curled his lip, saying: “You know farts. Every time I fought that fellow before I would be beaten into the dirt, battered and exhausted, if I didn’t rely on poison, I would be dead long ago. But this time he was the dirty one, were it not for this old man being compassionate and merciful, perhaps I’d have killed him.”

Tang San started, if Dugu Bo said this, then his opponent was definitely a Title Douluo. Otherwise, how could Dugu Bo be beaten ragged?

“Your strength progressed?”

Dugu Bo said with immense pride: “That’s not it. This fellow’s spirit power has reached ninety sixth rank, considered an expert among Title Douluo, with even more astonishing power behind him. This time he almost fell, you tell me how I couldn’t be excited. Of course, this was also thanks to you.”

“Me? How is it related to me? That was a ninety sixth ranked Title Douluo, I’m forty something ranked.”

Dugu Bo grinned: “Still remember those Cluster Soul Chasing Life Taking Balls you gave me? Really can’t know without using, but they scared me out of my skin. This time it should have been me who lost. At that time, I was already forced back and prepared to run, but I suddenly remembered that nice thing you gave me. So I pulled it out and used it. I

didn’t expect that thing to really be so scarily powerful. That idiot ate at least seven or eight poison darts, and all of a sudden it let me turn the tables. In the end he had no choice but to take to his heels and run. Hahahaha.” Thinking back at the happy sight, Dugu Bo couldn’t help laughing.

Cluster Soul Chasing Life Taking Balls? Tang San hadn’t used them since he made these hidden weapons. Suddenly, a great flash of divine light lit up his mind, his brain suddenly becoming sharp. ‘Hidden weapons. Hidden weapons, I’m from Tang Sect, I have hidden weapons.’

‘That’s right, Blue Silver Grass might not be a formidable spirit, but just like Teacher said, its plasticity is still extraordinarily formidable. If, if I can combine ny Blue Silver Grass with the hidden weapons I inherited from Tang Sect, then, what will the result be?’

His heart suddenly throbbed breathlessly. Tang San swallowed a big gulp of saliva. His mind was already impatiently reflecting on how he should combine Blue Silver Grass with the mysteries of his hidden weapon secret lore.

Dugu Bo saw Tang San suddenly tremble after hearing about him using the Cluster Soul Chasing Life Taking Balls. He immediately became lifeless, and also couldn’t help start.

“Little freak, what is it?”

“Ah? It’s nothing. Old freak, thank you for enlightening me, I’ve already figured it out.”

Dugu Bo assumed the appearance of a capable person, “Me saving you can’t be free of charge. I already used up those Cluster Soul Chasing Life Taking Balls. Don’t you still have some? Give me another two. I can trade for something. Or pay.”

Tang San stared at Dugu Bo, “Trade farts, take them.” Four dark green spheres flew straight at Dugu Bo.

Dugu Bo was so scared he jumped, flustered catching the four Cluster Soul Chasing Life Taking Balls, grumbling: “Stinking brat, are you after my old life! What if they exploded? Are you after my old life!”

Tang San smiled: “If I didn’t have even this much confidence, how could I even make them. Moreover, with my spirit power, even if they really exploded, could they injure an old freak like you?”

Dugu Bo cautiously loaded the four Cluster Soul Chasing Life Taking Balls into a spirit tool, satisfied saying: “These things of yours, not only is the attack range great, but the penetrating power is great. Especially after colliding. The more violently they collide, the more spirit power I use, the greater the piercing power. It’s a pity they’re not poisonous enough. Otherwise, they would be even scarier.”

Tang San reminded Dugu Bo: “Old freak, don’t depend on them too much. Even though the Cluster Soul Chasing Life Taking Balls have great power, as hidden weapons, what’s most important is surprise. When confronting an opponent on the same level, if you lose the element of surprise, their effect won’t be so good. As for the poison, originally when I made them I didn’t have suitable drugs on hand, and even though I’ve gained some later, it’s very difficult to reinforce the poison after they’ve already been formed.”

Dugu Bo grinned, saying: “That’s no good. Make some more.”

Tang San smiled wryly: “You think they’re candy? It’s easier said than done. It requires a great amount of time. Right now I’m participating in the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament, spare time must all be used for cultivating, how could I make them. Let’s talk about it once the tournament is over.”

Dugu Bo nodded, saying: “I heard you already passed the qualifiers. should be the ranking competition. With a little freak like you overseeing it, you should be able to get a good place, perhaps you’ll even enter the top three.”

Tang San smiled: “Why not champions? Don’t you have that much confidence in me?”

Dugu Bo shrugged, saying: “That’s not a question of confidence. In front of absolute strength, what use is confidence? If you can enter the top three, that’s already a good achievement. There was never any doubt about who would win this tournament.”

Hearing Dugu Bo say this, Tang San couldn’t keep his heart from twitching, “Eh? Since you say as much, do you know some team that’s especially strong?”

Dugu Bo sighed, saying: “How is Spirit Hall so powerful? It’s because they recruit so many Spirit Master experts. Apart from the seven great schools, practically all formidable Spirit Masters belong to Spirit Hall. No one can possess more information about Spirit Masters and factors for cultivation than Spirit Hall. Under Spirit Hall’s careful fostering, a group of elite Spirit Masters will emerge with each generation. This time is no different. I’ve heard that Spirit Hall has a few little juniors with astonishing talent, even the Supreme Pontiff praises them as Spirit Hall’s Golden Generation, the masters of the future. And it’s precisely them that are representing Spirit Hall in this year’s Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament. They’re all barely more than twenty, and there’s no need to doubt their strength. Spirit Hall provided them with cultivation resources and outfitting in all areas, how could common advanced Spirit Master academies compare. Even you couldn’t do it. You’re after all still too young, perhaps you can catch up to them in another ten years.”

Dugu Bo was a Title Douluo, naturally he wouldn’t talk without thinking.
Hearing him say this, Tang San’s mood immediately turned serious.

“Since you say this, Spirit Hall is determined to win this tournament?”

Dugu Bo nodded, saying: “Don’t you know what the prize is for the final champions in this Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament?”

Tang San blankly shook his head.

Dugu Bo snorted coldly, “Originally Spirit Hall was preparing to give those things directly to those geniuses of the Golden Generation, but were opposed by the elders of Elder Palace. As a result, the Supreme Pontiff compromised and decided to give them some training, and that’s this tournament. And Spirit Hall took out those things that were originally going to them as rewards for the champions. Tell me, how couldn’t they be determined to win?”

“What are those things?” Tang San curiously asked.

Dugu Bo retorted: “To Spirit Masters, what’s most precious?” Tang San’s heart twitched, “Don’t tell me it’s a spirit bone?” Dugu Bo shook his head, “No, not one, but three.”
“What?” Tang San turned pale with fright. Three spirit bones? What kind of concept was that? Something like spirit bones was a divine existence to Spirit Masters. Any one spirit bone could give a Spirit Master an enormous boost. Three spirit bones, that wasn’t something that could be weighed with money.

Dugu Bo said: “These three spirit bones were set aside by Spirit Hall, left behind by their passed away elders. Since the Supreme Pontiff dares take them out as reward for the champions, you can imagine their confidence in their athletes. Do you still have thoughts of being lucky?”

“Of course.” Tang San said without the slightest hesitation, “Since they’ve taken them out, there’s no need for them to take them back again. Old freak, do you know the levels of Spirit Hall’s athletes in the tournament, and what their spirits are?”

Chapter 108

Dugu Bo couldn’t help staring blankly as he saw the suddenly blossoming radiance in Tang San’s eyes, “Little freak, don’t be feverish. Didn’t you understand what I just said? Those spirit bones aren’t for you to dream of.”

Tang San didn’t speak, what is called ‘take what you hear to be false, only believe it when you see it’. Raising his right hand, faint blue light bubbled out of his palm, and under his precise control, only one tiny Blue Silver Grass stretched its way out. That was just one blade of grass, seemingly no different than wild blue silver grass. The appearance of the spirit, naturally also meant the spirit rings appeared.

Yellow, yellow, purple, black. Four spirit rings hovered quietly. The yellow rings of light were bright and spirited, the purple spirit ring noble and threatening, but that black spirit ring was just like a bottomless abyss, brimming with terrifying charm.

“You……” Dugu Bo shot to his feet, his gaze going through myriad changes in an instant as he looked at Tang San, a strict imposing manner abruptly burst out of him, pressing in on Tang San from all directions.

Under the effect of the external pressure, Tang San’s four spirit rings brightened. Only the Blue Silver Grass in his palm still swayed softly.

“No, this is impossible.” Dugu Bo rubbed his eyes hard, shaking his head again, carefully staring at that black spirit ring over Tang San.

Tang San smiled slightly, saying: “Did you forget? Turning the impossible into possible is what I’m best at. Do you think I can match Spirit Hall’s people now?”

Dugu Bo drew a deep breath, slowly suppressing his shock, saying something Tang San hadn’t expected, “Give up on this tournament. With your age, you can still participate next time. At that time, there shouldn’t be anybody who could oppose your team.”

“Why?” Tang San stared wide-eyed.

Dugu Bo lowered his voice: “If your strength was still like before, or perhaps if your fourth spirit ring was only on the thousand year level, then I wouldn’t be worried. But this is different. Your fourth spirit ring reaching the ten thousand year level will bring you endless troubles. Do you think Spirit Hall wouldn’t take note of you? If you were Spirit Hall and encountered a genius like this, what would you do? There are only two options. Subdue or destroy. If my guess is correct, then right now your information is at least laid out on a platinum bishop’s desk. Spirit Hall wouldn’t try to act behind your back, they would completely exploit this tournament, arranging for you to have an ‘accident’ on stage in a just and honorable match. To Spirit Hall, the rules of the tournament is only a game to toy with.”

Tang San smiled wryly: “So you’re saying you still aren’t optimistic about me?”

Dugu Bo looked deeply at him, “There are three people in Spirit Hall’s so-called Golden Generation. I don’t know their specifics, and I also don’t know what their spirits and spirit abilities are. But I can tell you one thing: among these three, the one with the lowest spirit power is fifty first rank, and the other two are fifty second rank. They’re all only t wenty three or twenty four years old. As they broke through the fiftieth rank and obtained their fifth spirit rings, the Supreme Pontiff personally awarded them Spirit Hall’s Purple Record Medal, and they also set Spirit hall’s record. And of the others forming their team this time, nobody has less than forty fifth ranked spirit power. This is all I know.”

Even though Tang San had always known Spirit Hall was formidable, it was only now that he understood just how frightening.

Fiftieth rank, even three at fiftieth rank…… And the rest were all over forty fifth rank. What did this signify?

Even though Tang San had absolute confidence in himself, now he saw a chasm that really was difficult to bridge. The lowest members on the other side were higher ranked than his side’s highest ranked. Could they really prevail over opponents like these?

Seeing Tang San’s alarmed expression, Dugu Bo sighed, saying: “At your age, your current level is even more frightening than theirs, let alone when you still have the external spirit bone. Don’t think too much about it, there will be chances. As long as you don’t waste time, there will be a day when you surpass them.”

Tang San suddenly smiled. Perhaps it was because of Dugu Bo’s pointer undoing his issues, but right now his mind was incomparably incisive.

“Old freak. Didn’t you say it just now? As a Spirit Master, confidence is vital. If I really avoided a confrontation now, the blow to my confidence would be unimaginable. So what if we lose? Even if we can’t defeat them, don’t tell me we can’t defend ourselves? Only all out battle can show the gap between both sides. I won’t give up.”

Looking at Tang San, something unconsciously crept into Dugu Bo’s eyes, “Forget about it, I don’t care about you. Just do as you wish. I’ll leave first. After returning from so far away, I still haven’t had a meal. I’ll go scavenge.”

Finished speaking, jade light flashed, and Dugu Bo’s lofty silhouette was already gone.

A warm feeling spread. Dugu Bo had just returned but came to see him first, that wasn’t for the sake of those Cluster Soul Chasing Life Taking Balls, but out of concern for him. By now there was nothing left of the initial intense vigilance.

Even though their ages differed by multiples, Tang San still sensed a feeling similar to Grandmaster from Dugu Bo, even so much that there was something of camaraderie, spanning the difference in years.

With Dugu Bo gone, the first thing Tang San did wasn’t to cultivate, nor was it to reflect, but to sleep.

Two days and two nights without rest had long ago already overtaxed his mind. Without sufficient rest, how could he start to test his vision? Therefore, he didn’t hesitate to choose to rest, and moreover very quickly entered dreamland.


The dazzling platinum bishop’s office, an expansive room with an area surpassing two hundred square meters, arranged with all kinds of precious toys.

Salas sat behind a massive, somewhat exaggeratedly gorgeous desk. In front of him was a file, a file transferred from Nuoding City.

It had to be said that Spirit Hall was incredibly efficient. In just a month they had found this kind of needle in a haystack document by searching the records the Spirit Halls in each town.

It was already the seventh time Salas had read this document, but in his heart he still didn’t dare believe what he was looking at was real.

The documents in front of him was a Spirit Master profile, for a Spirit Master named: Tang San.

The profile was very detailed. From the first time Tang San registered at Spirit Hall, confirming his status as Spirit Master, to each time he drew the Spirit Master stipend and each title upgrade after obtaining a spirit ring. All the details were there.

What kind of spirit rings he obtained, what rank spirit power, this wasn’t what had made Salas read it seven times. The reason why he repeatedly

looked it over was actually only one number, a number representing age.

Fourteen, only fourteen years old. Still several months away from fifteen. Spirit Ancestor over fortieth rank. Spirit Ancestor at fourteen. Still with a fourth spirit ring at the ten thousand year level.

Clapping a hand to his forehead, Salas really didn’t want to believe it was true.

Standing, Salas walked over to a bookcase behind the desk, raising a hand to pull out a thick book. With a burst of mechanical sounds, the bookcase slowly moved to the side, exposing the wall.

On the wall was a square metal plate, emitting faint spirit power fluctuations. Clearly, this metal plate was a spirit tool. Pressing his right hand to it, immediately, a layer of faint red light emitted from the metal plate, instantly covering Salas’ palm.

With another burst of mechanical sounds, the square plate fell inwards, exposing a square space. The space wasn’t large, only one square chi[1], with a pile of documents inside.

Salas simply rummaged through and pulled out a file marked with the words ‘Top Secret’.

There were only three sheets of paper inside the file, with three profiles. Salas quickly looked them over, and very soon found what he was looking for.

“Fifteen, sixteen, sixteen, the youngest of those three was still fifteen when reaching fortieth rank spirit power.”

Abruptly closing the file, Salas quickly closed the hidden space with a peng sound. Returning to his desk with big strides, he once again picked up Tang San’s data, looking at that number for the eighth time.

“Still one year earlier than the Golden Generation. Blue Silver Grass, trash spirit? Truly interesting. It’s fortunate he only has Blue Silver

Grass. But this Tang San’s spirit power growth rate is a bit too fast. Full innate spirit power Blue Silver Grass. It seems it should be a variation.”

Salas clearly hadn’t been influenced by emperor Xue Ye’s unyielding attitude earlier today. Picking up a pen, he very quickly wrote a letter. On the envelope was written ‘Top secret, for the Supreme Pontiff’.


Nightfall, a slender silhouette quietly entered the forest behind Shrek Academy, quickly moving along a familiar path, carrying a wooden case.

Her pace was very fast, each time her legs hit the ground she would be propelled at least five meters. In just a moment, she had already reached the log cabin in the woods.

Body shooting up, quietly crossing the fence, in just two leaps she stood in front of the log cabin’s door.

Quietly moving into the log cabin, before she had time to even move, a strand of durable Blue Silver Grass had already quietly twisted around her long legs. A cold voice echoed from within the darkness, “Who?”

“Ge, it’s me.”

Along with the sweet voice rising, Blue Silver Grass quietly withdrew, and Tang San lit an oil lamp in the cabin.

The arrival was Xiao Wu. She placed the lunch box she carried on the table and looked somewhat worriedly at Tang San, but didn’t ask anything.

Even though nobody else knew Tang San’s condition in these two days, she had brought food to him every day, and the corners of her eyes revealed her concern.

After asking Grandmaster several times, Grandmaster had only told her that Tang San would have to sort out his problems on his own.

Even Grandmaster hadn’t expected Tang San to be in even more danger than he had expected.

Under the lamplight, Xiao Wu’s charming countenance seemed even more beautiful, a pair of black big eyes, long scorpion braid, and still those somewhat exaggeratedly long legs. Even though she only wore the simple school uniform, the air around her was still pervaded with a fresh and clean air.

“Ge, eat something first.” Xiao Wu opened the lunch box, taking out the dishes inside one by one, four dishes and one soup, as well as several steamed buns. Extremely sumptuous, and right now still piping hot.

This was also an important reason why Xiao Wu had rushed over, she was afraid the food would go cold.

Rubbing Xiao Wu’s head, Tang San pulled out a chair and, without any trace of politeness, quickly ate in big bites. He had gone two days without tasting what he ate, and now that his issues had been resolved, his appetite naturally returned. He swept clean the dishes in front of him like wind scattering clouds.

Watching Tang San eating heartily, Xiao Wu first looked distracted a moment, then very quickly had a somewhat smiling expression. The two had been together for so many years, how couldn’t she spot the changes in Tang San’s mood? Seeing that Tang San had already passed the danger zone, Xiao Wu’s taut heartstrings relaxed automatically.

“Ge, I’ll tell you something good. My spirit power is already thirty ninth rank.”

Tang San somewhat astonished raised his head. While chewing a mouthful of food, he said with delighted surprise: “So quickly, then perhaps by the finals you’ll also have broken through to the fortieth rank. Even if you haven’t, just breaking through one rank of spirit power will boost strength somewhat.”

Xiao Wu smiled and shook her head, saying: “Fortieth rank might be impossible in time for this tournament. That’s after all a bottleneck to break through. But it shouldn’t be too far away. I’ll try as hard as I can, so you have to try hard too! That match couldn’t be blamed on you. After all, our cooperation with Tai Long and the others really was a bit lacking. Once we reach the finals, our Shrek Seven Devils can go up together. The result will definitely be different then. All of us will support you. Everyone’s been together for so long, experienced so much, the final champions will definitely be us.”

In a short while of work, Tang San had swept the plates clean. When he smiling looked at Xiao Wu quietly clear the bowls and chopsticks, for some reason he unexpectedly didn’t feel like thinking about cultivating.

“Ge, we haven’t exchanged pointers in quite a while. You rest a bit first, then how about we compare notes later? No spirit abilities and hidden weapons.”

Seeing Xiao Wu’s as if smiling without smiling appearance, Tang San said: “Aren’t you looking to bully me? Truly well said. Only, even without spirit abilities, right now you still might not beat me.”

If it was without using spirit abilities and hidden weapons, before when Tang San and Xiao Wu exchanged pointers he would frequently be beaten by her. Her flawless Soft Skill really was too overbearing.

If caught, let alone equal level, even opponents one level higher than her wouldn’t stand a chance. In terms of physical fighting capability, among the Shrek Seven Devils, Xiao Wu absolutely wasn’t inferior to Tang San, even above Dai Mubai.

Xiao Wu pouted, saying: “No way. My Soft Skill has improved again recently. We haven’t had this kind of physical fight in more than half a year?”

Tang San nodded, saying: “More or less. In this half year everyone’s been constantly drilling tactics.”

The advantages of Xiao Wu’s Soft Skill were clear, and the flaws were equally clear.

That was the need to get close, and when confronting some formidable Spirit Masters, once spirit abilities were released, getting close would be extremely difficult. Even when teleporting.

Like against Huo Wu’s Defying Flame Ring that could push away the opponent at any time, Xiao Wu’s Soft Skill would naturally be unable to show effect.

Tang San and Xiao Wu had also once carefully researched this bit, but so far they hadn’t found a perfect solution. Even though they could resolve it by cooperating, Xiao Wu’s lone combat capability still couldn’t effectively improve.

“Come, we’ll try it now. Let me see to what degree your close combat ability has reached.” Tang San smiling said to Xiao Wu. He wasn’t an ordinary person, and even though he had just eaten a lot, it still wouldn’t influence a bit of exercise.

The two went outside, facing each other under light of the the seemingly smiling moon.

“Ge, then I’ll start.”

“Come.” Tang San smiling crooked a finger at Xiao Wu.

Everyone’s strength had improved, and Tang San’s Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track had gradually reached a degree of perfection along with the progress of his Mysterious Heaven Skill. Even though Xiao Wu’s close combat ability was very strong, as long as he didn’t let her get close enough to use force, what was the use of even more power? Therefore, Tang San basically didn’t believe he could lose.

Xiao Wu moved. She really was very fast, before he even saw her legs bend, she had already appeared in front of Tang San in a flash. The long

scorpion braid behind her whipped out, covering a large area, and she simultaneously stretched out her hands, hugging towards Tang San’s neck.

Tang San swiftly took three steps, his body flickering successively as if illusory, his upper body simultaneously bending backwards, extremely ingeniously breaking out of Xiao Wu’s attack range. He didn’t attack, but swiftly retreated using Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track.

Xiao Wu naturally wouldn’t leave it at that. Upper body suddenly leaning over, her pace swiftly accelerating, and with a slight swaying of her upper body, Tang San only felt something blossom before his eyes. In that instant, Xiao Wu’s body seemed to become illusory, as if three of her appeared simultaneously.

If he wasn’t exceedingly familiar with Xiao Wu’s spirit abilities, Tang San would have believed she had used her abilities. But reason told him that it wasn’t any kind of spirit ability. The reason why three silhouettes suddenly appeared was her speed.

At the same time as the three silhouettes emerged, Xiao Wu’s speed had reached a terrifying degree. Even though it couldn’t compare to teleport, she had pulled close the distance to Tang San in just a split second, three silhouettes, two empty and one real, surrounded Tang San all at once.

The scorpion braid whipped out once again.

“So fast!” Tang San gasped in admiration, but his feet didn’t pause. If Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track could be broken so easily, then it wouldn’t be Tan Sect’s secret lore. As a support skill for hidden weapons, lightness skill had always been extremely important at Tang Sect.

Seeing Tang San’s body also becoming illusory, truly like a shadow flickering several times, he was obviously escaping to the left, but in fact his body had already moved to the right. Xiao Wu, determined to win, still only pounced at empty air.

Pausing, Xiao Wu fuming looked at Tang San, “What are you doing running away so quickly, I’m not going to eat you.”

Tang San grinned, saying: “What’s wrong in running when I can’t win?
If you have the skill, catch me.”

Xiao Wu snorted, “Then I’ll use my true strength.” While speaking, her right hand pulled at her scorpion braid.

“I’m looking forward to it.” Tang San teased her.

“Come.” Xiao Wu’s one hand held her braid, upper body swaying once again, she charged directly at Tang San. Just when Tang San prepared the same old trick, once again using Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track to dodge, Xiao Wu suddenly moved.

The scorpion braid flung out, suddenly coming undone. The originally long braid suddenly became like a black cloud that enveloped Tang San completely. Even though Tang San was fast, all this was really too sudden. He only saw his vision go black, and he subconsciously retreated.

The scorpion braid itself could be called Xiao Wu’s tool to extend her attack distance. When it was a braid, it was more than one meter sixty long, but now that it suddenly opened, the braid’s length abruptly shot up to two meters and change, making Tang San misjudge the distance. Even more importantly, the braid was originally like a whip, and its attack range was after all limited.

But now that the hair dispersed, not only did the area it covered turn from a string to a surface, at the same time it also instantly covered Tang San’s field of vision.

Xiao Wu was even faster than Tang San imagined. If Tang San could see the expression in Xiao Wu’s eyes right now, he would definitely see a crafty glint within. In that attack before, she basically hadn’t used her speed to its full limit. But now, if Zhu Zhuqing was here, she would definitely discover that Xiao Wu’s speed unexpectedly wasn’t inferior to hers, at most Xiao Wu was only a bit less agile than her.

The braid suddenly separated into five parts, separately binding Tang San’s neck, arms and legs. Tang San’s Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track also

only let him dodge the two parts below, his arms and neck tightening simultaneously.

Tang San secretly cursed, both arms immediately turning in reverse to grab and remove Xiao Wu’s braid. Simultaneously he immediately leapt up, just managing to get away from Xiao Wu’s twisting long legs.

Grabbing Xiao Wu’s hair, Tang San suddenly had a strange feeling. That hair had a faint delicate fragrance, supple where he grabbed, slipping out of his hands, and basically couldn’t be grabbed firmly. Moreover, the hair had an indistinct tenacity, agile as if it was alive.

Suddenly, the hair wound around Tang San’s neck and arms released, slipping through the cracks between his fingers. No matter how much strength Tang San used, he was still unable to hold back the smooth black hair.

Xiao Wu’s lovable laughter also echoed at this time, “Ge, this time I want to see how you’ll still run.”

Right now Tang San had also realized he was in a bad position. In order to avoid Xiao Wu’s long legs, he had already leapt into the air, planning to rely on the hair he had grabbed to change direction. But the hair suddenly slipped through his fingers left him without anything to pull, and he soared straight up into the air.

No matter how miraculous Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, it still needed some place to exert strength. Where could Tang San exert any strength now?

Xiao Wu’s leg lock maneuver was a feint, and at the same time as she withdrew her hair, she already crouched slightly, and in the next moment shot up, chasing after Tang San in midair.

Delicate little hands once again wound around Tang San’s neck, and helplessly, Tang San could only pour strength into his arms to block. But

were Xiao Wu’s hands so easy to resist? Hands with arms so soft as to being boneless stretched along Tang San’s arms, smoothly winding around his neck, her entire body already pasted to him.

Tang San only felt something tighten around his waist as Xiao Wu’s powerful long legs wrapped around him. Whether arms or legs, Xiao Wu gave him a feeling of extreme pliability and toughness, even a bit more durable than his Blue Silver Grass. Most terrifying was that Xiao Wu’s toughness was as slippery as her long hair. The strength Tang San used dissipated immediately with a slight sway of Xiao Wu’s body.

If it was described using Tang San’s martial skill in his last life, then the skill Xiao Wu used right now was the most powerful four liang pushing a thousand jin[2]. No matter how you used strength, you would be unable to throw her off. Even Tang San’s arms were completely locked up by Xiao Wu’s arms around his neck, and he couldn’t attack even if he wanted to.

If he was facing an enemy right now, all Tang San could have done was a headbutt. But how could he want to do that to Xiao Wu, what could be done if Xiao Wu was by some chance injured? What’s more, if Xiao Wu really was an enemy, then Waist Bow would have already launched the instant she caught his neck, without giving him any chance to resist.

But Xiao Wu didn’t use Waist Bow. The long hair fluttering behind her back, arms tightly wound around Tang San’s neck, the two fell from the sky, face to face.

Until they stood firmly on the ground, Tang San still couldn’t believe this was real. Looking at Xiao Wu almost within reach, exhaling fragrantly, he couldn’t help being speechless.

Tang San was certain he absolutely hadn’t been careless. He knew Xiao Wu’s close combat ability, and he had used Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track from the start. But finally it had still ended like this. The key was Xiao Wu’s long hair and the changes in her body.

Xiao Wu’s close combat had clearly become even more powerful, but this didn’t seem to be something given her by spirit rings. Tang San was

very curious as to what she had actually done.

“I’ve won.” Xiao Wu giggling looked at Tang San. Her legs twisted around his waist didn’t let go, the two touching so closely they could smell each others’ breath.

Right now looking at Xiao Wu at such close range, Tang San’s gaze froze somewhat. A ball of flame ignited deep in his heart, and his breathing clearly became more ragged.

Xiao Wu very quickly discovered the changes in Tang San, and the smile on her face gradually faded. Staring at him equally fixedly, slowly moving the arms twisted around his, releasing Tang San’s arms, but both her hands still embracing his neck, her small butt right now stuck to Tang San’s abdomen. Her breathing also started to become equally rough, and she could even hear her own heart beat faster.

Tang San’s hands subconsciously embraced Xiao Wu’s slender waist, pulling her closer. Xiao Wu’s arms also used strength at the same time. A trace of confusion spread through their hearts simultaneously.

“Xia——” The call of a nocturnal bird suddenly smashed the tranquility, clearing Tang San’s mind, and he hastily curbed his state of mind.

‘She’s my little sister, what am I doing?’

Subconsciously releasing the hands pulling Xiao Wu’s waist closer, Tang San somewhat panicked grabbed Xiao Wu’s shoulders, tilting his head, “Xiao Wu. How did you do it? Your close combat capability seems to-, seems to have grown a lot stronger.” All Tang San could do at this moment was to change the subject, only like that could he somewhat ease the embarrassment he felt.

“En……” Sensing Tang San’s mood cooling, Xiao Wu also gradually calmed. But she still wasn’t willing to separate from the contact with Tang San at this point. Even though her legs slipped from Tang San’s waist, she still embraced Tang San’s neck, her body leaning against his, her head

resting on Tang San’s shoulder, her face naturally displaying a faint smiling expression.

Tang San wanted to push away Xiao Wu, but also couldn’t bear it. Xiao Wu spoke up, “Ge, do you know why my close combat ability grew so much stronger?”

Tang San blankly shook his head. Even though he was intelligent, right now he had somewhat lost the ability to think.

Xiao Wu said: “I know the flaws of my own abilities, but not long ago I also understood the ‘soft’ in Soft Skill. Spirit abilities might not necessarily come from spirit rings. True powers also have a lot of capabilities not inferior to spirit abilities. Just like your Purple Demon Eye mental attack, right? We all have a lot of potential ourselves, and developing one is a kind of spirit ability. A spirit ability created by oneself will have an even deeper understanding than one brought by a spirit ring, and they’re also even more practical.”

Listening to Xiao Wu, Tang San couldn’t help looking distracted a moment. He forgot about pushing away Xiao Wu, immediately sinking into deep thought. Xiao Wu’s words could be described as having opened another door for him. If Dugu Bo’s pointer before could be described as having created the thought of a prototype for his future abilities, then Xiao Wu’s words erased the vagueness before his eyes, making everything become clear.

Xiao Wu leaned against Tang San’s shoulder, “Also, when we use spirit abilities we can also be more meticulous, coordinating our own spirit abilities, and coordinating with our companions’ spirit abilities. Even if it isn’t a spirit fusion ability, the effect should still be even more powerful than adding one plus one to make two.”

Tang San astonished said: “When did your insight become so penetrating, this is also what I’ve wanted to tell everyone. The coordination of our spirit abilities can still improve, especially the coordination of our own spirit abilities. Like your three spirit abilities right now, I think the best way of coordinating them is Demon Confusion,

Teleport, Waist Bow. Using Demon Confusion to deadlock the opponent, teleport to instantly get close, then erupting with the strength of Waist Bow. That way it can doubtless show its greatest fighting strength. As long as the opponent is a little bit careless, they won’t have the power to resist further.”

Release the hands encircling Tang San, Xiao Wu took the initiative to separate from his wide chest, smiling at Tang San under the moonlight: “Since you’ve already figured it out, then I’m at ease. Ge, I believe you will definitely be the most capable Spirit Master. I won’t disturb you, I’m leaving first.”

Finished speaking, she walked into the log cabin, collecting the lunch box and prepared to leave.

“Wait a moment.” Tang San stopped Xiao Wu, reaching behind her in a few steps, cautiously pulling up the long hair already trailing on the ground.

“I’ll help you comb your hair, you can leave afterwards.”

A blush bloomed on Xiao Wu’s cheeks. Stretching back her hand and handing over a comb, she softly lowered her head.

The two meter long hair was so supple it originally didn’t need any great effort to comb, but Tang San spent a full hour. Compared to last time, the braid he made this time was a lot better. In that peace and warm fragrance, his heart suddenly became incomparably penetrating.

Once Xiao Wu left, Tang San didn’t return to the log cabin, but rather walked into the woods, slowly roaming the forest with the log cabin as the center, walking without pause. If one observed carefully, one could discover that his pace was unusually measured, the distance of each step practically exactly the same.

Even more peculiarly, Tang San always had his eyes closed. Walking without using his eyes to see, he still didn’t bump into any trees, using the best path to unhurriedly advance.

Faint white light began to gradually appear over his body. In the places he passed, the exuberant blue silver grass on the ground would subsequently sway rhythmically.

Tang San walked just like this a whole night. After the night, as he returned to meditate in the log cabin, the blue silver grass in the forest seemed to have become more lush than before.


One month’s time isn’t particularly long, but this one month couldn’t be called relaxed for the Shrek Seven Devils. Tang San only spent ten days in seclusion in the log cabin, returning to his companions after the ten days to accept Grandmaster’s hell training alongside them.

The training Grandmaster gave them wasn’t the same as before. According to what Grandmaster told them, this time’s training was called the potential stimulating plan.

How was potential stimulated? Grandmaster explained it very simply, the greater the pressure, the greater the propulsion, the easier it would be to stimulate their potential.

Therefore, this potential stimulation plan consisted of constant battle. The Shrek Seven Devils didn’t confront a lot of opponents. Only one. Slaughtering corner, Liu Erlong.

Liu Erlong’s spirit power wasn’t the strongest in the Academy. Compared to Zhao Wuji and Flender she was roughly a bit lower.

But in terms of combat ability, neither Zhao Wuji or Flender would dare confront her. Her attack methods consisted completely of that kind of berserk oppression, as frantic as an erupting volcano. She basically wouldn’t give her opponents any chance to catch their breath.

Before Tang San emerged from the log cabin, Dai Mubai and the others would every day learn the intricacies of masochism under Liu Erlong’s

torrential attacks, but after Tang San’s return, this situation changed. Even though they were still beaten, it wasn’t as unsightly.

“Seven as one.” Tang San shouted loudly, swiftly retreating.

Right now he was already completely unable to breathe. An enormous flame in the shape of a giant dragon hiding the sky and covering the earth rushed out. Even though he was immune to fire, the tremendous force of impact contained within that flame wasn’t something he had the ability to withstand.

[1] 1尺 = ⅓ m

[2] A small force diverting a large force.

Chapter 109

It was the last day before the ranking competition, and this day was also the Shrek Seven Devils’ last time confronting Liu Erlong.

Without the slightest hesitation, Dai Mubai and Ma Hongjun simultaneously interposed themselves in front of Tang San, blocking stiffly.

Dai Mubai’s body had already expanded to the limit, White Tiger Barrier and White Tiger Vajra Transformation used simultaneously. But Ma Hongjun burst with Bathing Fire Phoenix and Phoenix Ascension, his chubby body soaring in midair, blocking above as Dai Mubai did below. Fully using their spirit power, they obstructed Liu Erlong’s attack, giving Tang San time to fight.

At the same time, the others didn’t stay idle either. Three lines of light shot out simultaneously, two of them falling on Dai Mubai and Ma Hongjun, releasing an aura of defense, while the third fell on Xiao Wu with a speed boost. The user of these three lines of light was Ning Rongrong. The Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda in her hand shone brilliantly, providing the optimum support while saving the most spirit power.

Xiao Wu had already leapt, pouncing straight at Liu Erlong. But Liu Erlong didn’t seem to see her, both hands spreading, two lines of Fire Dragon energy struck at Zhu Zhuqing approaching from the side, suppressing her.

But at this moment, a silhouette soared high up in the air, incorporeal wings flapping behind his back, Tang San.

Using a flying mushroom to provide one minute of fast flight, let him soar far into the air.

Liu Erlong practically unconsciously raised her head to look at Tang San, but what met her was two beams of purple golden light.

Even if Liu Erlong was a Spirit Sage, she still shuddered a moment under that powerful mental attack. The spirit ability she had just prepared to use was immediately obstructed. And this moment was when Xiao Wu only was five meters away from her.

The Soft Bones Demon Rabbit’s second spirit ability, Demon Confusion, launched.

Under normal circumstances, Xiao Wu’s Demon Confusion would clearly have been ineffective on Liu Erlong, she would even have been injured by Liu Erlong’s mental strength backlash. But right now was different. Liu Erlong’s mind was at its weakest when under Tang San’s Purple Demon Eye mental attack. Xiao Wu’s Demon Confusion ability immediately showed results, increasing the time Liu Erlong was deadlocked by two seconds.

Hardly sparing her spirit power, the next moment, Xiao Wu’s third spirit ability, Teleportation, launched. Her body abruptly appeared behind Liu Erlong, subconsciously avoiding a frontal attack. Her legs wound around Liu Erlong’s waist, and Waist Bow launched.

Liu Erlong’s spirit power really was too great. Even if Xiao Wu’s Waist Bow instantly doubled her strength, it still wasn’t enough to throw Liu Erlong. But under this kind of stun, Liu Erlong still couldn’t stand firm. The spirit power within her body erupted, wanting to shock Xiao Wu loose.

But, the degree of toughness of Xiao Wu’s body was so valiant that even with Liu Erlong’s spirit power, it still wasn’t easy to shake her off in an

instant. And confronting her adopted daughter, Liu Erlong was also unwilling to use her flame attack to injure Xiao Wu. an

Only at truly close range could the frightfulness of Xiao Wu’s Soft Skill be experienced.

Her bone maggot-like attack method basically didn’t give the opponent any chance to strike back. After getting close, none of the other Shrek Seven Devils could match Xiao Wu in use of strength. Right now, even though she was unable to throw Liu Erlong, Liu Erlong had no doubt also lost her agility.

Zhu Zhuqing suddenly stopped after her retreat, her figure flashed, turning into three. It was her fourth spirit ability, Hell Shadow Doppelgänger. Immediately afterward, her third spirit ring also flared. The three claws of the figures rose simultaneously, launching Hell Decapitation.

Zhu Zhuqing’s Hell Shadow Doppelgänger wasn’t like the mirages Xiao Wu produced with speed, for a brief moment, her doppelgängers had the power to attack.

And this moment coordinating the third spirit ability Hell Decapitation was doubtless like three separate Hell Decapitations simultaneously striking in one direction.

Coordinating the fourth spirit ability with the third spirit ability, no doubt made her attack power increase geometrically.

At this moment, Ma Hongjun and Dai Mubai erupted as well.

The two both fully used two spirit abilities, White Tiger Barrier and White Tiger Vajra Transformation already raised Dai Mubai’s spirit power to its peak condition, and Fatty’s phoenix flame also equally reached its peak under the boost of Phoenix Ascension and Bathing Fire Phoenix.

Under such circumstances, the two turned from defense to offense in an instant. Dazzling white meteors fell from the sky, blasting at Liu Erlong.

Fatty already swiftly flew in front of Liu Erlong under Phoenix Ascension’s effect.

Xiao Wu’s delicate body leapt backwards, her mission already complete. And the split second she leapt back, the Spider Web Restraint Tang San shot from the air landed on Liu Erlong.

Tang San, Dai Mubai, Ma Hongjun, Zhu Zhuqing, the four main attackers were simultaneously suffused with a layer of pink light, the might of their spirit abilities reaching the peak in a split second. And the splendor of the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda also changed at this moment. Altogether eight rays of light separately falling on the four of them. Each person had support from two rays of light, Ning Rongrong’s spirit power boost and attack power boost.

Under the support of the pink stimulating sausage and Ning Rongrong’s all out dual boost, right now the attack power of Tang San and the others had doubtless reached the limit.


The first to erupt was Fatty’s Phoenix Cry Sky Strike, the distorted space just taking the place of Xiao Wu’s Demon Confusion, accurately acting as a follow up strike. An enormous pillar of flame burst up, its attack power erupting completely.

The attack from below shocked Liu Erlong’s body, even though her flame resistance was very high, the adhering properties of Fatty’s phoenix flame were extremely powerful, finally having an enormous restrictive effect on her fire dragon breath.

And those three Hell Decapitations and the White Tiger Meteor Shower in midair also all accurately struck Liu Erlong.

From Tang San’s use of Purple Demon Eye, up to the quadruple cooperative attack, the whole process left Liu Erlong without any chance to resist. The initial and follow-up restraining abilities completely restrained her from acting.

“Fuck, you little bastards.” Enduring White Tiger Meteor Shower and three Hell Decapitations finally brought Liu Erlong back from the daze. Under such circumstances, even she had no choice but to use her most powerful defensive ability.

Magnificent flaming radiance burst out from within her body, Fire Dragon Avatar erupted.

But at this moment, in the ground below Liu Erlong, suddenly, countless knife sharp incomparable Blue Silver Grass abruptly exploded out, a one diameter circle of Blue Silver Grass caught up to her in a flash. The timing when the Blue Silver Grass erupted was the moment after Liu Erlong had taken White Tiger Meteor Shower, Hell Decapitation, and Phoenix Cry Sky Strike, when her defense was at its weakest, just transforming into Fire Dragon Avatar.

Tang San’s forth spirit ability Blue Silver Prison’s variant version Blue Silver Thrust, launched.

Tang San had waited for this opportunity all along. Ten days of secluded cultivation let him figure out a great many things. Blue Silver Prison wasn’t powerful in itself, but its superiority lay in ease of control. Under the effect of his fourth spirit ability, Blue Silver Grass would become incomparably hard, and utilizing this fact, Tang San had developed this Blue Silver Thrust. The same as Blue Silver prison, the most terrifying part of Blue Silver Thrust wasn’t its attack power, but rather its unexpectedness. Right now, even Liu Erlong couldn’t help jumping with fright.

Tyrannical piercing power once again slammed at the not yet completely turned into Fire Dragon Avatar Liu Erlong, and at this moment, a black little hammer dropped from the sky, just falling on top of Liu Erlong’s head.

A dizzy feeling spread through her entire body, and Liu Erlong’s Fire Dragon Avatar was forcibly interrupted by that intense daze. Immediately afterwards, her ears caught a burst of mechanical sounds.


A ragged Liu Erlong fell to the ground. Even if she hadn’t suffered any true injuries by relying on the defensive abilities she had launched at the start of the battle as well as her formidable spirit power, right now her clothes were already substantially damaged, the qi and blood within her body roiling, for a moment unexpectedly unable to use spirit abilities of her third spirit ring and higher.

And at this moment, she also clearly saw the Shrek Seven Devils. These seven little fellows each had a black square box in their hands, just smiling and chattering looking at her. Clearly they didn’t intend to shoot her, but Liu Erlong still felt a chill run down her back.

No matter how she couldn’t understand why these little monsters suddenly became so ferocious today. Just yesterday they had still been oppressed by her. But in this fight today, Liu Erlong had been completely unable to display her strength.

“Alright, it’s over. Erlong, you lost.” Grandmaster’s slightly stiff voice echoed.

Unwinding the mechanisms, the Shrek Seven Devils simultaneously withdrew their Godly Zhuge Crossbows, stretching out their right hands and making victory signs. Ning Rongrong was even shouted excitedly.

Yes, even if there were seven of them, the one they defeated today was an immense seventy something ranked Spirit Sage, and moreover had terrifying attack power, burst strength so tyrannical she was known as the Slaughtering Corner, Liu Erlong. How couldn’t they be excited?

“I don’t accept it.” Liu Erlong walked over in front of Grandmaster in a spitting rage, “Why did I lose? They didn’t even really hurt me. If it went on, I would definitely win. Even those Godly Zhuge Crossbows of theirs might not be able to really hurt me.”

Seeing Liu Erlong seething, Grandmaster raised a hand to help her sort out her disorderly red hair. Shaking his head with a smile, he said: “No, you already lost. Didn’t you notice they already went easy on you? Mubai and

Zhuqing’s spirit fusion ability wasn’t used, and Tang San still held back his external spirit bone.”

“Since they could link up other spirit abilities, then they shouldn’t be unable to join together two powerful abilities. You lost out of carelessness, when Tang San stunned you with Purple Demon Eye, you had already lost any chance. These little fellows basically wouldn’t give you the time to retaliate. Constantly hit with restraining abilities, what could you have done? Even if your strength exceeds theirs by far, that’s still no good against an explosive bombardment maneuver like theirs. You were outsmarted by them.”

Liu Erlong turned fiercely, looking at the Shrek Seven Devils excitedly celebrating their victory, “Hurray, you little bastards, how long have you been scheming against an old woman?”

Oscar grinned, saying: “You’re too strong, if we didn’t do this, how could we be your opponent?”

Liu Erlong angrily said: “This old woman should fully use her spirit avatar once, then teach all of you a proper lesson.”

“Useless. They have too many interrupting abilities. They wouldn’t give you the chance to use spirit avatar. Your other abilities also aren’t enough to beat them. With two auxiliaries, they can completely boost the strength of two or three people above the fiftieth rank. These little monsters have basically perfected their teamwork. If it was Flender here, the result would still be the same.”

Grandmaster looked at the group of children in front of him with satisfaction, they had clearly grown a lot in just this one month. Moreover, their growth speed was faster than even he had imagined. Not just Tang San, but all of them.

Right now, the spirit power of the seven had also reached the limit of their rank under Liu Erlong’s pressure, already not far from promoting.

Grandmaster very naturally embraced Liu Erlong’s shoulders, “These seven little monsters started planning against you at least three days ago. With this kind of teamwork, even if you could defeat them, it wouldn’t be easy to oppress them like you did the last few days. They were showing weakness to the enemy, making you drop your guard. They are clearly unable to defeat you in true strength, but in circumstances where they’re showing weakness, it would be impossible for you to take the initiative and use your more powerful spirit abilities. Consequently, your defeat today.”

Liu Erlong looked fiercely at the Shrek Seven Devils, “Hurray. You seven little creatures actually dared scheme against me. You’re toast. Come, let’s continue exchanging pointers. If this old woman doesn’t beat you until you’re crying today, then my name isn’t Liu Erlong.”

“Ah!” Before Liu Erlong even charged, the Shrek Seven Devils were already screaming. Everyone’s pleading gazes fell on Grandmaster.

Grandmaster raised his head to look at the sky, very flatly saying: “Even though your tactics were pretty good, the one you schemed against was after all your teacher’s wife. Let her vent her anger. Erlong, start off a bit leniently.”

The Shrek Seven Devils, “. ”

In the next several hours, the classes in Shrek Academy’s main school building could all clearly hear blood curdling screams echoing continuously. Apparently, the forest behind the academy had become a world of misery.

Most miserable were Tai Long’s quartet. They didn’t have any part in the scheme against Liu Erlong, but they still couldn’t avoid their share of the beating.

The Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament ranking competition wasn’t as bustling as the qualifiers. In order to protect the privacy of the spirit masters, and also out of security considerations, not spectators were allowed at the ranking competition.

The ranking competitions were still held by the two great empires, the thirty teams selected in the qualifiers competing in each of their empires. But the three teams seeded to participate in the finals didn’t participate.

On the Heaven Dou Empire’s side, including the five teams that passed the Heaven Dou City qualifiers, altogether fifteen teams had already completed their registration procedures in the morning, gathering at the ranking competition site.

The teams were few, but being capable of passing the qualifiers, they were no doubt all the elite of the elite.

The ten teams from the five kingdoms and duchies all came a bit earlier in order to familiarize themselves with the surroundings. At the same time, they also carried numerous promises from the kingdom or duchy they represented. If they could make a good showing, the rewards they could obtain might be even greater than what emperor Xue Ye promised.

After all, those kingdoms and duchies all had even greater thirsts for talents. Who didn’t wish to grasp even more formidable spirit masters in their hands?

Spirit Masters had long since become the decisive element on the battlefields of Douluo Continent, and the number of high level Spirit Masters was also the basis when weighing the power of the sides. It was also because of this that Spirit Hall held such a high position. Even the two great empires didn’t dare lightly offend them, fully aware that those kingdoms and duchies were all secretly backed by Spirit Hall. They dared be angry, but not say anything.

The imperial household hunting grounds were fifty kilometers southwest of Heaven Dou City. The hunting grounds were a vast area with varied terrain, both hunting grounds and training area for imperial household staff.

On ordinary days, commoners weren’t allowed anywhere near. It was patrolled and protected by ten thousand imperial household knights, who simultaneously drilled here. The duty roster was rotated into training every three months, to maintain fighting strength.

The imperial household knights regiment was considered the most powerful force at the disposal of Heaven Dou Empire’s imperial household.

In order needless trouble and conflicts, and also to prevent the strength of each team entering the ranking competition from being observed by others, all the fifteen advanced spirit master academy teams entering were arranged in separate resting areas.

The Heaven Dou imperial household had clearly prepared for the competition far in advance, and the first thing the Shrek Academy party saw when they arrived early in the morning, was the enormous imperial household knights regiment.

Without exception, the entire Heaven Dou imperial household knights regiment wore brightly shining silvery armor, the solid plates possessing astonishing defensive power. Even their mounts were carefully chosen, Skysoul Horses possessing a degree of spirit beast blood. Horses like these didn’t have any kind of offensive capability, but their surprising speed, enormous carrying capacity, as well as outstanding endurance, always made these the first choice for cavalry.

The horses also wore armor, but even with the weight of the knights in bright armor, it couldn’t influence the speed of these steeds.

If a team of cavalry like this launched a charge, their power would inevitably be astonishing.

The imperial household knights regiment was the result of the efforts of the Heaven Dou imperial household to create a group of elite troops. There were fifty thousand men in all, and all hundred men captains and higher were spirit masters. This was also an extremely expensive army, but its military power was equally tremendous. At least there was no way the several great kingdoms and duchies subordinate to Heaven Dou Empire dared act blindly without thinking under its threat.

“Please present your letter.” The Shrek Academy party was blocked by a group of imperial household knights. The so-called letter was the proof of advancement qualifications.

Flender handed over the proof to the counterpart, and that silver armored, red-tasseled knight immediately saluted.

“Welcome, Spirit Masters of Shrek Academy. I am Heaven Dou imperial household knights regiment’s third brigade captain Roxon, please follow me.” Finished speaking, he didn’t mount up, but led the Shrek Academy’s more than ten people into the hunting ground under escort of fifty fully armed imperial household knights.

Cresting a small hill, everyone suddenly saw a wide open space emerge in front of them. It was an expansive grassland, stretching to the horizon, giving a liberating feeling, indescribably pleasurable.

A large area of barracks formed a circle in the grasslands. Roxon pointed at the camp, “The Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament’s ranking competition will be held at the center of the barracks. We can absolutely guarantee the safety and privacy of all the guests.”

Tang San’s heart twitched, thinking to himself that the Heaven Dou imperial household had spent a lot of painstaking effort. Holding the ranking competition among these barracks would certainly mean the imperial household knights would become spectators. A showdown of Spirit Masters would inevitably have a certain energizing effect on the knights, rousing their diligent resolution and fighting spirit even more.

The Shrek Academy party was led into the camp and allocated five rooms for their rest area. The army’s barracks naturally couldn’t be called luxurious, but they were swept unusually clean. Clearly it was prepared in advance of their arrival.

Until the end of the ranking competition, the Shrek Academy’s fourteen members would all stay here.

The ranking competition would also follow a round robin format, but since there were a lot fewer teams, the time allocated for the competition dropped from one month to half a month. After another half month of rest,

the finals would ultimately be held on the border between Heaven Dou and Star Luo Empires.

Roxon gave Flender a standard military salute, “Sir dean, please rest early. The ranking competition will officially start tomorrow. At that time, special guides will bring you to the competition area. The ranking competition doesn’t have an opening ceremony, and will start directly with matches. The outcome of the matches will be decided jointly by the Empire and Spirit Hall, to ensure fairness.”

“Thank you, captain Roxon.” Flender returned the salute with a smile.

Roxon, somewhat overwhelmed with the favor, said: “I dare not, with your leave, I will withdraw.” Capable of becoming the imperial household knights regiment third brigade captain, he was naturally also a Spirit Master. But only at the forty fourth rank. Facing the dean of an advanced Spirit Master academy, he was naturally brimming with admiration.

Flender assigned everyone to the rooms very quickly. Liu Erlong and Xiao Wu to one room, Ning Rongrong, Jiang Zhu and Zhu Zhuqing to one room. He and Grandmaster to one room. The remaining two rooms were split between Tang San, Dai Mubai and the other male students.

Just when they had settled in, this temporary dwelling also received two guests. If saying that the arrival of Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master Ning Fengzhi came as a surprise to Tang San, then the person who came with him was even more unexpected.

Between the five barracks was an independent courtyard. Tang San had just left his luggage in the courtyard to stretch, when he saw the two approaching.

“Hello uncle Ning, your Highness, how come you’re here too?”

The person with Ning Fengzhi wasn’t a stranger, but Heaven Dou Empire’s crown prince, Xue Qinghe.

Xue Qinghe wore common noble’s attire, without anything particularly luxurious. He gave an impression of an average noble, especially when standing next to the elegant Ning Fengzhi. The contrast alone kept him from drawing attention.

If Tang San hadn’t met him before, he absolutely wouldn’t have thought he had such noble status.

Xue Qinghe had a mild smile, “Brother Tang, I didn’t come for you. This time I’m here with my imperial father to watch the ranking competition and took the chance to come look in on you. How is it? Is this place suitable? If you have any complaints, I’ll call over someone to move you somewhere else.”

Tang San hurriedly shook his head, saying: “No need to take the trouble, here is already very good. Many thanks for your Highness’ concern.”

Xue Qinghe’s brows wrinkled slightly, saying: “Brother Tang, there’s no need to keep calling me crown prince, crown prince. I’m a few years older than you, so if you don’t mind, just call me big brother Xue. Can I call you by your name?”

Tang San still had a very favorable impression of Xue Qinghe. Compared to his little brother Xue Beng, the two were practically as different as heaven and earth. Even though Xue Qinghe wasn’t very old, his shrewdness was very deep. But no matter how you put it, on the surface he gave people a very comfortable impression.

Not only didn’t he have any of the arrogance of a crown prince, that amiable and approachable impression was very easy to accept. Even if he clearly had the intention of recruiting Tang San, he didn’t force the issue.

“Alright, big brother Xue. Then I’ll address you like this from now. Please, come sit inside.” Tang San hastily showed Xue Qinghe and Ning Fengzhi into the barracks.

Ning Fengzhi smiling shook his head, saying: “We won’t sit down, we’re only here for a look. Rongrong is? Not having seen that girl for a while,

I’ve really missed her.”

“Dad.” Ning Rongrong’s voice resounded at just that moment, her lovable figure running out from a room, “Why did you come?” Directly throwing herself into Ning Fengzhi’s embrace, Ning Rongrong had an excited expression.

By now, the others had also all walked out from the rooms. Xue Qinghe made a hushing gesture at Tang San who immediately caught on: clearly he didn’t want his identity known, and naturally also no inappropriate introductions.

Flender and Grandmaster came to greet them, “School master Ning, hello.”

Ning Fengzhi smiled: “Dean Flender, we’re passing by. We heard you’d already checked in, and came to take a look in passing. At the same time I would still be so presumptuous as to ask a favor.”

“Eh? School master Ning, please speak.” Flender looked with some astonishment at this character with a decisive role among the seven great schools. He didn’t understand what matter he would come to him for.

Ning Fengzhi said: “Rongrong is indebted to your noble institution’s dean and teachers for all the care and instruction. Her strength has advanced by leaps and bounds, I don’t know how much stronger she has become compared to when she was at the school. It seems that my Seven Glazed Tile School’s internal education has still has a great many issues. Therefore, when next semester starts, I want to have some school disciples enroll at Shrek Academy, I don’t know whether that would be inconvenient?”

“What?” Flender thought he had misheard. Compared to Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, Shrek Academy’s position was far too lacking, he really hadn’t expected Ning Fengzhi to raise a request like this. “School master Ning, is this appropriate? How could our Academy compare to the instruction of your noble school?”

Ning Fengzhi smiled: “There’s nothing inappropriate, isn’t Rongrong the best example? I’ll say it directly, my decision to have school disciples study at your Academy is mainly to interact with Grandmaster. I believe that Grandmaster’s capability to instruct students is second to none on the Continent, Grandmaster’s intellectual knowledge is also worthy to sigh in praise over.”

Flender suddenly understood. Indeed, even though Grandmaster was previously known for his theoretical knowledge, his reputation in the Spirit Master world originated even more in their Golden Iron Triangle trinity combination.

But along with Tang San revealing his outstanding talent, as a perspicacious person, Ning Fengzhi naturally understood that this was inextricably linked with Grandmaster’s instruction. Since Grandmaster could instruct one genius, he could naturally instruct a second, a third, and even more. Ning Fengzhi was worthy of being the school master of one of the three upper sects, his insight made Flender secretly sigh in praise.

Grandmaster’s expression twitched. He just wanted to say something, but seeing Flender’s imploring gaze, his words went back down. If the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School could cooperate with Shrek Academy, it would have an enormous impact on the future growth of Shrek Academy.

With the backing of Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, Shrek Academy would doubtless immediately be promoted to the level of the Continent’s most famous academies.

Even though Grandmaster really didn’t want to be tied down to a routine, recalling everything Flender had done for him and Liu Erlong all these years, he really didn’t have the heart to refuse again. He could only agree.

Ning Fengzhi didn’t seem to see the embarrassment on Grandmaster’s face, and smiled at Flender: “As for the concrete arrangements, I’ll wait to speak with dean about it until after the end of the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Tournament. The ranking competition is the stage to reveal the strength of the individual, and it’s also the best opportunity

to temper these children. Here, let me be the first to congratulate Shrek Academy on achieving a good record.”

Flender hurriedly expressed his thanks.

At this point, Xue Qinghe to the side said: “Teacher, it’s getting late. We should leave.”

Flender’s gaze turned to Xue Qinghe, “I still haven’t asked, this is?”

Ning Fengzhi smiled: “He’s my disciple, called Xue Qinghe.”

Xue Qinghe took the initiative to salute Flender, saying: “Greetings, dean Flender.”

Flender was also a person experienced in the ways of the world, and even though Xue Qinghe’s clothes weren’t particularly outstanding, his temperament absolutely wasn’t something common nobles possessed. But he wouldn’t unmask anything, and only immediately returned the politeness, smiling and nodding to Xue Qinghe.

Ning Rongrong somewhat resentfully said: “Dad, you’ve only just come and you’re leaving again! It’s a pity I’m auxiliary system and can’t go on stage in the ranking competition, otherwise I’d definitely show you my present strength!”

Ning Fengzhi laughed out loud, saying: “No need to see it, don’t tell me I couldn’t feel relieved handing you over to dean Flender and the others? Continue working hard, you’re the hope of the school’s future. I’ve talked it over with the school’s inner elders, once you’ve graduated from Shrek Academy, you’ll be formally declared the successor as the next sect master.”

Ning Rongrong stuck out her tongue. Clearly she wasn’t particularly interested in the position of Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master.

Ning Fengzhi’s expression was flat, “This isn’t a responsibility you can avoid. Dad has a daughter like you, if I can’t hand over the sect to you,

who else? No need to be dissatisfied. With dad’s current health, enduring for another few decades isn’t any problem, is that still not enough time for you to play?”

Ning Rongrong saw how her father worried, and immediately couldn’t help but blush. But in her heart she still wasn’t happy, and subconsciously, her gaze floated sideways, falling on the not distant Oscar, a burst of nervosity springing up unbidden.

Even though she had already decided to tell Oscar about the school rules after this tournament, but for some reason, as time passed, she found that the courage in her heart was growing less and less.

Ever since she agreed to give Oscar a chance, for half a year, Oscar had trained as if his life depended on it every day, and his gifts had also gradually emerged. He laughed and joked a lot less, and his strength had truly advanced.

His growth was so fast it astonished even Grandmaster. Grandmaster had said that Oscar was the second person after Tang San to advance to the forty second rank.

Even as a food system Spirit Master, his growth speed was unexpectedly faster than Zhu Zhuqing, Ma Hongjun and the others. This could only prove that he expended more effort than anyone else.

Ning Fengzhi once again said his goodbye’s to Flender and Grandmaster.

“Tang San, see you again. I’ll wait to see your elegance in the ranking competition.” Ning Fengzhi also called out to Tang San, and the two left the courtyard, seen off by everyone.

Returning to the camp, Flender pulled Tang San aside, “Little San, who was that person with Ning Fengzhi just now? Wasn’t he the prince of Heaven Dou Empire?”

Tang San’s heart twitched, thinking to himself that ginger really grew spicier with age, “He’s Heaven Dou Empire’s crown prince. I met him

once before.”

Flender’s expression shifted slightly, a trace of a smile at the corner of his mouth, “It seems that along with you revealing your talent, our Shrek Academy will really bask in the reflected light.”

The ranking competition didn’t have multiple stages like the qualifiers, but rather only had one competition area, the great drilling field of the imperial household knight regiment.

Altogether fifteen teams participated in the ranking competition, conducting a round robin tournament of fourteen rounds. Each day was one round, and each day would have one team rest, and seven matches. They were all conducted in this one space.

The great drilling field had been remodeled, with a one hundred meter in diameter area drawn in the center. Compared to the stages of the qualifiers, this space was even wider, and naturally also even easier to fully use their strength.

On the north side of the great drilling grounds, VIP seats were built facing south, and these were also the referee seats. This time there weren’t as many VIP spectators as last time.

There were a lot fewer nobles. As far as the eye could see, apart from emperor Xue Ye, Ning Fengzhi and platinum bishop Salas in the first row, the seats behind were all taken by people dressed like generals and high level attendants from Spirit Hall’s Heaven Dou City Spirit Temple.

Chapter 110

Group battles were after all chaotic, making it very difficult to see things clearly. And different from the qualifiers, each student would be revealing their own strength under the gazes of all the spectators. This was also the best opportunity to evaluate the strength of the Spirit Masters.

The edges of the great drill grounds were completely surrounded by ten thousand imperial household knights, forming a watertight encirclement, helmets bright and armor shining. The front row of knights stood, while the back rows were mounted.

This kind of strict defense could be called watertight. Of course, just like Tang San suspected, emperor Xue Ye’s goal was to let his most elite subordinate knights take a look at the strength of the new generation of Spirit Masters, using this to ignite their fighting spirit.

Between the great circle of knights and the competition ground, fifteen competing teams were finally arranged. Even the team that could rest today was no exception. Even if they didn’t compete, they still had to gauge the strength of the opponents.

The rules were very simple. Both sides would each participate with seven team members. Each team that went up would fight until defeated, continuing to fight the next opponent if they won, until the seven people on one side were completely defeated.

The lots had already been drawn last evening, and Shrek Academy didn’t pull an empty lot for their first round. Their opponent was an advanced Spirit Master academy from Balak Kingdom. Their turn was the third in the seven matches for today.

The different areas were sorted so teams were grouped by their qualifiers. Tang San naturally saw the familiar rivals of the four elemental academies, and as they looked towards Shrek Academy, several people’s gazes fell on Tang San.

Those included Godwind Academy team captain Feng Xiaotian, Blazing Academy siblings Huo Wushuang and Huo Wu, Skywater Academy team captain Shui Bing-Er, as well as the Thunderclap Academy team captain Tang San had never seen before, a youth with ordinary build and unremarkable appearance.

Grandmaster gathered everyone around him, his gaze sweeping across all the eleven Shrek Academy team members, “ I’ll announce the order in which you’ll go up. Xiao Wu, you go up first, after is Tang San, and Dai Mubai.”

Everyone were still listening, but Grandmaster had already finished.

Dai Mubai couldn’t help asking: “Grandmaster, aren’t we going to send seven people?”

Grandmaster smiled calmly, saying: “Don’t tell me the three of you don’t have the confidence to end the match? Even though the opponents of the ranking competition are a bit powerful, they still won’t be stronger than the four elemental academies. One on one doesn’t need any teamwork, only strength.”

That simple sentence immediately roused the fighting spirit of the Shrek Academy team. Tang San, Dai Mubai and Xiao Wu all looked at each other, and in each other’s eyes they could all see conviction of certain victory.

Emperor Xue Ye stood from the VIP seats, speaking through a spirit tool:
“The ranking competition formally begins today. I hope all the academy

teams will be able to amply display their strength in the ne xt fourteen days, displaying the proper elegance of Spirit Masters. Begin.”

As his words fell, shouts just like a landslide or tsunami resounded,
“Long live, long live, long live!”

The imperial household knights raised the lances in their hands, the sounds of their armor resonating with their voices, immediately startling the competing Spirit Masters. Undoubtedly the manifestation of a great nation’s bearing.

The first match began. Awesomely, first to appear was Blazing Academy.
Their opponents was a team known as Fabia Academy.

The first to represent Blazing Academy was the team captain, Huo Wushuang. Clearly, Blazing Academy’s teacher thought much like Grandmaster. Not only would they win this first match, but also strike a large score.

In the final ranking of the ranking competition, besides the match points, individual fight victories were also important. If there was a tie in matches, the ranking would be arranged according to fights.

Tang San didn’t pay any attention the the match, but stood next to Xiao Wu, saying to her in a low voice: “You’ll go first in our match later. If you find yourself restrained by the opponent, don’t force yourself. You can’t be injured, understand?” Tang San had originally thought he would go up first, but hadn’t expected Grandmaster would send Xiao Wu. Unable to oppose it, he could only give Xiao Wu a few cautioning words.

Xiao Wu smiled calmly, pinching Tang San’s hand, saying: “Don’t worry. Are you still uneasy about my one on one capability? If I can’t win, I’ll concede.”

Tang San stroked her head, “Caution sails a ship for ten thousand years.
Our opponents will get stronger and stronger, we can’t be careless.”

The matches proceeded very quickly. Between Spirit Masters, if there was a gap in strength, the result would often be settled in an instant. The one with more powerful spirit abilities, with higher spirit power, would easily defeat their opponent. People with spirit bones were, after all, very few.

In one on one matches it was also impossible for something like spirit fusion ability to appear. Everything had to rely on one’s own strength.

In the first match, Huo Wushuang successively defeated three people, then lost the next match after substantially consuming his spirit power.

The continuous battles didn’t give time to rest. This was another area where the ranking competition was more interesting than the qualifiers, it didn’t just test the strength of each member of the team, at the same time tactics and planning were extremely important. Even the most powerful Spirit Masters would find it difficult to consecutively defeat opponents by themselves.

After all, the more powerful the spirit ability, the more it limited spirit power.

The second to represent Blazing Academy was Huo Wu. It seemed that her expression was somewhat calmer than in the qualifiers, moving with the force of fifteen tons of thunder. Even though she was a girl, she gave the opponents enormous pressure in each fight. Judging by her appearance, this didn’t seem to be a match, but more like life and death.

Relying on the advantages of a control system Spirit Master, Huo Wu unexpectedly successively defeated four people, the two siblings directly smashing the Fabia team.

When Huo Wu returned from the competition area, her physical strength was already somewhat overdrawn due to consuming a large amount of spirit power, but her pale charming face was still brimming with pride, her gaze fixed on Tang San without flinching, and she moreover extended a forefinger, pointing at him.

Confronted with Huo Wu’s provocation, Tang San only wrinkled his eyebrows and didn’t express anything.

Because of Huo Wu’s gesture, a lot of Spirit Masters from other kingdoms and duchies now paid attention to him.

Huo Wu had indeed become strong. Even though only one month had passed, that oppressive strength of hers had clearly grown a lot stronger, and her burst power was even more astonishing. It seemed that she really had worked hard in the past month.

Among all the fifteen competing teams, Fabia Academy was one of the weakest, but having easily defeated them by sending only two people, Blazing Academy had still put themselves in the spotlight among the competing academies.

The second match featured two teams Tang San wasn’t particularly familiar with, however, among these strangers, he still saw one acquaintance.

A simple uniform drawing the outline of a perfect figure, a solid and slender serpent staff held crosswise. It was the Unrivalled Dragon Serpent’s granddaughter, who originally fought Tang San over his third spirit ring, Meng Yiran.

Meng Yiran appeared on the competition ground as the vice captain of Cryptid Academy’s team, in high spirits.

As the first tool Spirit Master to appear, she completely displayed the superiority of a tool Spirit Master.

Even though tool Spirit Masters didn’t have the burst power of a beast Spirit Master, tool Spirit Masters won out in battle endurance. Relying on the extremely toxic serpent staff and her changeable severe attack methods, she unexpectedly also successively defeated three people.

Making Tang San not know whether to laugh or cry, as Meng Yiran walked off the competition ground, her gaze unexpectedly also fell on him,

and she simultaneously imitated Huo Wu’s gesture to hold out a hand and point at him.

Meng Yiran had originally noticed him when Huo Wu pointed him out.
This wasn’t only a demonstration towards him, but also a challenge.

Sensing the gazes of numerous Spirit Master students fix on him, Tang San could only stand there helplessly. Even Oscar couldn’t keep from snickering to the side: “Little San, it seems you’ve really offended a lot of beautiful women. If you also add that Skywater Academy’s Shui Bing-Er, you’re going to have a lot of people as your enemies. You tell me, won’t the students of other academies think you’ve discarded the two of them after playing around, turning love into hate?”

Tang San unhappily glared at Oscar, “Little Ao, I feel it would be relatively suitable to let you go up for a match, how about I propose it to Teacher?”

“Eh…...” Oscar hastily smiled: “Little San, we’re good brothers! Big brother is an auxiliary system Spirit Master, it’s still better to leave a difficult challenge like the ranking competition to you. You also don’t want our Shrek Academ to lose face because of me.”

While they chatted, the situation in the match had already started to change somewhat. Even though Cryptid Academy had Meng Yiran’s three victories, the other students of their academy clearly weren’t as powerful as her, and the opponents wore through four people. In the end the match finished with a close victory for Cryptid Academy after ten fights.

From the previous two matches, Tang San could already see that the kingdom and duchy academies still had a certain gap in strength to the five elemental academies.

There was at most only one fortieth ranked Spirit Master among the three academies that had already appeared, while the majority were thirty something ranked. Like Meng Yiran, whose spirit power was presently only at the thirty seventh rank or so.

This suggested that the fight over the final ranking of the competition should be between the five teams from Heaven Dou City.

Finally it was Shrek Academy’s turn, “Come.” Dai Mubai was first to extend his right hand, followed by Tang San, Xiao Wu, Oscar, Ma Hongjun, Zhu Zhuqing…… Eleven people put their hands together, cheering with loud voices.

Boosted by everyone’s expressions filled with confidence, Xiao Wu unhurriedly walked into the competition area.

Shrek Academy’s first opponents were from Balak Kingdom, their Royal academy. Just like Heaven Dou Imperial Academy’s position in Heaven Dou Empire, their name was also the same as the kingdom’s, Balak Academy.

First to appear from Balak Academy was a large youth, looking twenty something years old, wearing a black and gold uniform. When he saw Xiao Wu he couldn’t help staring blankly.

There were two things that made him stare in a daze, one was Xiao Wu’s appearance, and the other was naturally Shrek Academy’s abnormal uniform.

The Shrek Academy uniform long since didn’t have any room for advertisements, advertising logos could be found on practically each corner of the uniform. Shrek Academy was enormously famous in Heaven Dou City.

However, Balak Academy from Balak Kingdom naturally wouldn’t know anything about this.

Seeing Xiao Wu’s snot green and logo covered uniform, that big youth immediately laughed. If Xiao Wu hadn’t been a beautiful girl, he would definitely have mocked her.

“Little sister, how old are you? Your Shrek Academy wouldn’t be without people, and sending you to make up the numbers? It would be no good if big brother is a bit serious and you get hurt. I think you had better go down. Find someone stronger to come over. This isn’t a place you should be.” The big youth said earnestly.

Even though Xiao Wu’s body was already close to that of an adult, she was still growing in some important areas. Moreover, her childish face clearly wasn’t something someone in their twenties would have. Nobody would notice when fighting as a team where numerous people were mixed together, but in the current one on one format, both sides appearance were naturally conspicuous.

Xiao Wu frowned. That tall youth’s voice was very loud, practically all the students around the competition area had heard him.

Oscar somewhat puzzled said to Ma Hongjun next to him: “Fatty, what are you covering your eyes for?”

Ma Hongjun said with feeling: “Because I can’t bear to see it. Being so disdainful to Xiao Wu, I’m afraid this Balak Academy brother is out of luck. Did you forget that terrifying continuous throwing technique Xiao Wu has? I think it was called Eight Stage Drop. Eh, that’s right, you weren’t there. It’s a pity, you didn’t see the circumstances at that time. I really can’t bear to see it.”

While Ma Hongjun and Oscar were talking, the referee on the competition grounds had already declared the match started.

Xiao Wu was in no rush to act, and blinked at the big youth in front of her, “Big brother, I think you’re right, this really isn’t a place I should be.”

Even if her mouth said this, her body had already begun to change, her spirit quietly releasing. Two yellow and one purple, three spirit rings spiralled up.

The tall Balak Academy youth should originally have paid attention to Xiao Wu’s spirit rings and gone on alert, but just like Ma Hongjun said, he really was too contemptuous of Xiao Wu. Even more, he had complete confidence in his own strength. In the whole Balak Academy team, he was not only the captain, but also the strongest person, his spirit power surpassing fortieth rank. Unfortunately, his opponent was Xiao Wu.

The split second Xiao Wu’s spirit released, a spirit ability also launched simultaneously. Second spirit ring ability, Demon Confusion, launched.

A yellow ring of light flared, and Xiao Wu’s eyes became an alluring pink color. The tall youth immediately turned stupid, completely in a daze. And at this moment, Xiao Wu moved.

According to the competition rules, both sides started the match at a distance of twenty meters. Xiao Wu’s long legs shot out forcefully, and in practically a split second, the distance between the two had closed to ten meters.

This tall youth still had higher spirit power than Xiao Wu, and his mind didn’t stay stunned for too long. Subconsciously becoming aware he was in a bad situation, he hastily opened up his own spirit while still only fuzzily aware of the situation in front of him. At the same time he slapped his own face hard, clearing his head somewhat.

His reactions really weren’t slow, and when Xiao Wu still was five meters away he had already completely sobered. With those growing three spirit rings in front of him, as well as Xiao Wu’s rapid approach, how couldn’t he be alarmed?

Raising both hands practically subconsciously, he launched his first spirit ability at Xiao Wu.

However, the instant he launched his spirit ability, he was once again staring blankly. Because, that opponent who had originally been in front of him, had disappeared.

Xiao Wu appeared behind the tall youth with her back to him, scorpion braid whipping out, while that big youth was still shocked, he only felt his neck tighten.

Xiao Wu didn’t even turn around. At the same time as the braid whipped around her opponent’s neck, her left foot supporting on the ground, she raised her right foot behind her, planting it directly on the tall youth’s waist. Her first spirit ability, Waist Bow, launched.

Pulled back by the braid, waist pushed up, the instantly erupting force immediately choked the big youth. The next moment, he was already completely thrown into the air by Xiao Wu.

Only a few moments had actually passed from the start of the competition until now. Launching Demon Confusion, Xiao Wu dashing forward, launching Teleport, applying Soft Skill, throwing the opponent. The entire process was as natural as flowing water and moving clouds, without the slightest pause.

It was also because of this that her opponent wasn’t given any opportunity to react.

Leaning forward, Xiao Wu’s braid quietly separated from her opponent. Now, she leapt high into the air to meet her uncontrollably spinning opponent.

At this point, this fight no longer held any suspense.

All spirit abilities required a bit of time to store up strength, but if the Spirit Master lost their balance, and were simultaneously locked down by a spirit power burst of their opponent, it was basically impossible to use any spirit abilities.

Whether it was Xiao Wu’s Demon Confusion ability, or the spirit power she used after her scorpion braid wrapped around her opponent’s neck, both had this kind of effect.

“Goodbye.” Xiao Wu’s one hand grabbed the back of the tall youth’s neck, her left knee shooting up and, with a profound spirit power, heavily striking her opponent’s waist. At the same time, Waist Bow launched. With a twist of her body and a simple throw, the big youth heavily struck the ground.


When the big youth heavily impacted the ground, a lot of people had already closed their eyes. Xiao Wu fell from the sky, both her feet directly stomping on the tall youth’s chest.

Under the enormous impulse, originally already confused by the throw, the tall youth’s body immediately spasmed, violent pain making him unable to hold back a blood-curdling scream.

Raising a foot and kicking out, Xiao Wu’s toes directly nudged her opponent’s jaw. Turning at the same time, executing a beautiful pirouette on top of her opponent’s chest, her other foot lightly nudged her opponent’s temple. The tall youth sank into complete darkness, completely unconscious.

Three rings against four rings, a complete victory.

After the air froze for a brief moment, it immediately turned blazing. Voices of admiration, voices of alarm, all rose and fell in succession. Even those Spirit Master academies outside who had once fought Shrek Academy, the four element academy students were also unable to conceal their shock.

From start to finish, the fight had only taken a few moments.

Relying on her own strength, Xiao Wu basically didn’t give the opponent any opportunity to resist. A forty something ranked Spirit Ancestor was perfectly smashed by her and could only release his first spirit ability. From start to finish, Xiao Wu had been in control of the battle.

Right now, his unconscious body was still constantly twitching on the ground.

As a result of injuries from having his chest stomped heavily, things constantly bubbled out of his mouth even in unconsciousness, foul matter mixed with the blood. Even though his injuries might not be very serious, it would still be very difficult for him to participate in tomorrow’s match.

Xiao Wu’s face revealed a smile harmless to both men and beasts, her gaze floating over to the other Balak Academy team members, softly saying: “.”

One simple word, but it seemed to ignite a barrel of gunpowder. Seven or eight people from the Balak Academy side immediately leapt up, aggressively dashing at Xiao Wu.

“What are you doing?” The referee appeared promptly, but he only used words to block the opponents.

“Want a group battle?” The other six Shrek Seven Devils set foot on the competition grounds in practically the first moment. Xiao Wu even more took a step forward, only quietly looking at the approaching opposing side.

Actually, she really hadn’t wanted to beat her opponent so miserably, but after she discovered her opponent’s strength surpassed the fortieth rank, she had no choice but to go all out. Further adding that after launching Waist Bow, her strength wasn’t completely under her control, this was her only choice in order to completely remove the opponent’s ability to resist. After all, she was a close combat Spirit Master, she couldn’t just release spirit abilities.

“Looking to die?” Before the two sides could get close, a clear and cold voice shook everyone present. Her voice didn’t sound very loud, but when it issued, it was clearly heard by the more than ten thousand people present.

Nobody on either side clearly saw when a person appeared in the middle, but with her appearance, a tyrannical matchless imposing manner swept towards the Balak Academy side as if hiding the sky and covering the earth.

That overbearingly tyrannical aura made even the pupils of Ning Fengzhi and platinum bishop Salas in the VIP seats contract.

This person suddenly appearing in the center of the arena was no stranger, but Slaughtering Corner Liu Erlong. What kind of temper did Liu Erlong have? Once ignited only Grandmaster could suppress her.

Right now Xiao Wu was her adopted daughter, and seeing the opponents attack en masse, how could she stay calm? Regardless of the occasion, she finally had a target to protect, how could she hold back?

Under the effect of Liu Erlong’s formidably oppressive strength, the Balak Academy students all screeched to a halt practically in the same instant, looking at Liu Erlong with shock.

Liu Erlong’s tyrannical aura didn’t originate just from her spirit power, but at the same time also from her spirit and her own temper. Even though she was a Spirit Sage, that instantly erupting aura would shock even higher level Spirit Masters.

“This is a competition, what are you all doing?” An ice cold voice resounded. If saying Liu Erlong’s voice reached people’s heart and soul, then this voice made people shiver.

Platinum bishop Salas had already stood up from his seat at some unknown time, his ice cold gaze watching both sides in the arena.

By now, Balak Academy’s team coach had also entered the competition grounds.

His spirit power wasn’t lower than Liu Erlong’s, but looking at her overbearing appearance, for some reason he lacked confidence.

He turned and saluted the distant VIP seats, “Please calm your anger, lord platinum bishop. We only wanted to carry away our team mate. We had no other intentions.”

Salas indifferently said: “Both sides please remember your positions. Entering the grounds without the permission of the tournament staff will lead to immediate expulsion from the tournament.”

The originally volcanic scene was suppressed like this, but the smell of gunpowder between Shrek Academy and Balak Academy no doubt became even denser.

Xiao Wu still remained in the ring, and Tang San stepped off after giving her a few words of warning as he passed her.

Balak Academy was clearly infuriated, and astonishing the Shrek Academy party was the the second opponent to go up was unexpectedly also a Spirit Ancestor over fortieth rank. In the ring, he released his spirit without waiting for the referee to announce the start of the match. His spirit was very peculiar, a flower, with red center and yellow petals.

“Sunflower.” Tang San frowned. Xiao Wu’s second opponent was a Spirit Master with a plant spirit. Sunflower was clearly of a quality Blue Silver Grass couldn’t compare to, possessing formidable restraining capability.

Wild sunflowers were capable of releasing an extraordinary scent, making people lose fighting capability, a kind of peculiar mental poison. And Sunflowers were furthermore hard as iron. With this as spirit, it could be treated as a weapon on its own, poison and attack equally serious.

Clearly, Xiao Wu’s opponent wasn’t easy to deal with.

Watching the opponent’s white, yellow, purple, and purple spirit rings, Xiao Wu’s expression also became serious. Her abilities had already been revealed once, and the opponent would inevitably be on their guard against them. She naturally also knew about the Sunflower. Dealing with an opponent possessing poison attribute attacks was very difficult, especially when the opponent’s spirit power was above hers.

“You’ll pay for what you just did.” Even though this second Balak Kingdom team member to appear wasn’t tall, he was extremely sturdy, with

swelling muscles clearly visible over his wide shoulders. The sight of someone with this appearance cradling a delicate flower was also somewhat strange.

The referee reminded them: “Don’t forget the rules of the competition, if anyone violates them, they will lose the qualifications to compete.”

Xiao Wu nodded along with her opponent, but the atmosphere between the two of them didn’t show the slightest sign of weakening.

Xiao Wu knew that the difference between her and her opponent lay mainly in the fourth spirit ring, their actual level didn’t differ much. Judging by the opponent’s spirit power fluctuations, he should also have only just broken through the fortieth rank not long ago.

“Match start.”

At the referee’s announcement, the Balak Kingdom student’s first spirit ring brightened instantly, and the Sunflower in his hands faced the wind and grew. In the blink of an eye, it had already grown into one meter in diameter, and the long stalk in his grasp had also reached more than three meters, instantly becoming a bizarre weapon.

With a wave of his hands, a dense yellow mist released from the Sunflower, directly enveloping Xiao Wu within.

At this moment Xiao Wu couldn’t advance, therefore she could only retreat, backing away with big leaps. But despite this, she still caught a faint fragrance. The fragrance was very rich, and even though it was only a hint, Xiao Wu immediately felt her mind go dizzy.

In circumstances with equal level, especially when both sides didn’t have very high spirit power, Poison Spirit Masters held a greatly advantageous position. As long as they used it appropriately, they could restrain their opponent to an enormous degree. Like this Balak Academy student, in terms of restraining attributes, besides spirits that specifically restrained poison, only ice and fire type spirits like what Huo Wu and Shui Bing-Er had might control him.

As the pit of her stomach tightened, Xiao Wu knew that the poison had already begun to take effect, and she hastily urged her spirit power to suppress it. But her opponent still didn’t chase after, only continuously waving the Sunflower in his hands with a malicious smile, sending out that great yellow mist.

The area it covered began to grow bigger and bigger. By now, two spirit rings were already shining simultaneously.

Clearly, the first of these two spirit rings was to enlarge the Sunflower, and the other was this fog.

What should be done? Hesitation appeared briefly in Xiao Wu’s heart. She knew that to defeat the opponent, she would have to break into the opponent’s poison formation with the force of fifteen tons of thunder and settle him quickly. But wouldn’t he be prepared for that?

He still hadn’t used his third and fourth spirit abilities. In a situation where she couldn’t get into close range, even though Xiao Wu still had enough spirit power to use abilities, it clearly wasn’t enough to get close to the opponent.

Just at this moment, suddenly, a bizarre heat flowed into Xiao Wu’s body through her chest, and her originally tight stomach immediately relaxed. Not just this, a layer of golden red light began to appear from within Xiao Wu’s body, and in the blink of an eye, she was surrounded by a barrier of golden red light.

By now, the poison fog had just enveloped Xiao Wu’s position, and a bizarre scene occurred. No matter how tremendous that poison fog, it was still unable to penetrate that golden red light.

Making Xiao Wu’s opponent even more inconsolably shocked was that when the poison he had already released came into contact with the golden red light around Xiao Wu, it immediately melted away like ice and snow. In a moment, the poison fog had already been completely obliterated within ten square meters of Xiao Wu.

Let alone the opponent, right now even Xiao Wu herself didn’t know what just happened, but with her combat experience she naturally wouldn’t give up this opportunity, dashing at her opponent without the slightest hesitation.

“What’s going on? What’s that golden red colored light?” Liu Erlong couldn’t help questioning Grandmaster.

Grandmaster also had a baffled expression. Even though his research into spirits was incisive, the situation before his eyes still left him puzzled. Originally he hadn’t had much belief in winning this fight, but that golden red light had rekindled his hope.

“I know.” Tang San suddenly said in a low voice, his face revealing a hint of a smile.

The Shrek Academy group’s gazes all instantly focused on Tang San, who smiled and said: “Do you still remember Xiao Wu’s Yearning Heartbroken Red? As an immortal treasure among immortal treasures, the Yearning Heartbroken Red is undoubtedly a king among flowers, even the Aromatic Silk Beauty Immortal Treasure is far from being able to compare to it. The Sunflower is also a flower, even though the Yearning Heartbroken Red isn’t particularly good at resisting poison, and Xiao Wu didn’t eat it, the Yearning Heartbroken Red’s position among flowers really is too high, after fusing with Xiao Wu’s blood, it has already formed a certain connection with her. When the Sunflower launched an attack against Xiao Wu, the Yearning Heartbroken Red would naturally believe it was being provoked. Would the king of flowers suffer the provocation of flowers? How could it endure silently? This golden red colored light should be the Yearning Heartbroken Red’s Monarch Overlooking All Fragrance[1] splendor.”

Oscar couldn’t keep from saying: “Then how couldn’t we be violating the tournament rules?”

Tang San smiled indifferently, saying: “Even Teacher didn’t notice, do you believe the panel of judges could see what’s going on? That light is

emitted from Xiao Wu’s body, after all. It’s not that she’s using something. Keep watching.”

Sure enough, just like Tang San said, the golden red light emitted by Xiao Wu’s body came from the Yearning Heartbroken Red. Sensing the provoking aura of the Sunflower, the Yearning Heartbroken Red automatically protected itself.

Of course, it was only possible for this reaction to appear when it faced flowers. If it was some other poison, it would naturally be ineffective. This was also considered the bad luck of Xiao Wu’s opponent.

Seeing his poison fog become ineffective and moreover his spirit power being substantially consumed as it melted away under the effect of that golden red light, that Balak Academy team member, with great alarm, had no choice but to use his third spirit ability.

Half turning, that Sunflower swung out. In an instant, countless specks of yellow light sprinkled out from the enormous flower, enveloping a large area with a powerful aura; dodging was clearly impossible.

Originally, Xiao Wu could have used Teleport to dodge, but for some reason there seemed to be a voice in her heart telling her there was no need. And Xiao Wu followed it subconsciously.

Once she came to herself and thought of using her spirit ability again, it was already too late.

[1] (君临群芳) “All Fragrance” can also be interpreted as “all flowers”, where flowers can also be interpreted as talents or beauties.
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