Child Of Light Volume 8

Volume 08

Chapter 1 – The Village In The Mountains

Name: Qi Meng Satan

Sex: Male

The Emperor of the Demon race, top expert of the Demon race and Mu Zi’s father.

Name: Dark Demon Dragon
Sex: Male

The Demon Emperor’s mount and a loyal protector.

Name: Su He

Sex: Male

The Demon Emperor’s second son, his status?

Name: Fifth Elder

Sex: Male

The ancestor of the Holy Sword that accepted the task from the God to set up the God Village. He is the current God Village’s top expert.

Name: Jian Shan

Sex: Male

Radiant knight of the God Village’s young generation, he’s a well-known figure.

Name: Wallace

Sex: Male
The leader of the beast clans that had a outspoken and straightforward personality, holds the ‘Earth Bear’ title and is good in Earth elemental magic.

After a golden light flashed, a slender body appeared on a hill. It was surrounded by a verdant and lush forest that  had frequent calls from birds and insects.

A body figure that was about 1.9 meters tall slowly appeared. He was doing a handstand on the hill with his eyes staring at the horizon with his eyebrows expressing sorrow. That man was me. The widely known light magician in the Kingdom of Aixia, Zhang Gong Wei, who is also the main character of this book.

I had finally succeeded in escaping. After thinking back to the
deep feelings Hai Shui had for me, my heart involuntarily throbs. Furthermore, I still also have Mu Zi that should already be deep inside the demon race territory, who is the woman I love the most. I would really never have thought that she would unexpectedly be the princess of the Demon race. Even if that was the case, I had saved her when she was captured by Aixia’s Royal Magic corps, which had also ruined my future in Aixia.

‘I must go to the Demon race to find Mu Zi because I love her.
It’s impossible for me to forget her.’

I wondered how Big brother Zhan Hu and the rest were. If I could get their assistance, the journey to the Demon race territory would be much smoother so I had decided to head to the Kingdom of Xiuda to find them. After that, I would head for the Demon race. I was not worried about going to the Demon magic races lands as I had complete confidence in my powers. What I was most afraid was that Mu Zi would abandon me or wasn’t willing to come back with me.

After determining the destination to head towards, my heart felt much better. I raised my head and gave out a long roar. I kicked off from the ground and circulated my battle spirit as I flew down the hill.

I currently had already lost my sense of position as when I escaped, the magic array was designated to head towards the west. This was to say that this place should be 500 kilometers west from Aixia.

‘I shall forget about it and just head in this direction. I should be able to reach a city. When I find one, I’ll just determine the correct direction I should move in.’
I hadn’t thought such an error in my decision making had forced me to spend three days in the forest. If I knew Advanced wind magic, I perhaps wouldn’t need to spend so much time in here. However, my major was light magic and minor was spatial magic, that weren’t capable in allowing me to fly. Even though I could fly with my battle spirit, my current  body  condition wasn’t good. My body strength was half of the power from my strength at peak condition. It shouldn’t be able to fly for long but I could use short teleportation. This was bad after rapidly teleporting for a day. I discovered that I was completely lost. Damn it! I didn’t dare to continue using the short teleportation anymore so I could only conscientiously depend on my both legs to proceed. After I finally walked out of the forest, I already looked like a beggar. My clothing had already be shredded by the shrubbery.

After the torture from the stone prison that made me exhausted and that I didn’t rest up properly after Hai Shui had rescued me, with the fact that I currently was out of food, the condition of my magic power and battle spirit were all not good, especially my battle spirit. The reason for that was I had previously used it to support my body so the consumption of it was large.

My pitiful Sukrad’s staff was currently being used as my walking stick. I previously had always had a smooth sailing life and never suffered this much. I sighed as I couldn’t help but to think back to my past.

I hobbled as I moved forward. There was suddenly a spiral of smoke in front of me. I instantly felt a little energetic as if there was smoke, it was a sign of presence of humans there. This was too awesome! I used my entire body’s power to charge forward. When I stepped on a small hill, I finally saw a large village.

When a light shone through my hopelessness, I was exceptionally excited. My body seemed to have lightened a lot. I cheered before heading to the village.

As I neared it, I heard the sounds of water. There was a river flowing at the side of the village. There was a 30 to 40 meter high waterfall upstream. It looked like this water supplies this village. The scale of the area was counted to be big as it catered about six to seven hundred houses. The houses were all built with wood and bamboo. The place was surrounded by mountains, making it seemed extremely tranquil. I had unexpectedly found such a large village in such a remote area.

At the moment that I could see the village entrance, under the irradiation of the intense sunlight, I couldn’t  refrain  myself from getting light headed.

A clear voice voiced out, “Who are you? Why have you come to our village?”

I stared at the direction of the voice. He seemed to be a 18 to 19 years old young fellow. He looked tall and stalwart with his entire body reeking with explosive power. There was an unknown beast in his hand. From the looks of it, he should be a hunter. However, from the bearing of his body and explosive power, he seemed to an expert in martial skills. There was unexpectedly someone that practiced martial skills in  Aixia. This was really strange.

I replied politely, “Brother, I’m just a passerby that is overly exhausted. I’m thinking of purchasing some food and  water from the village to rest up.”

The young man frowned as he sized me up. “Alright, follow me.” After he said that, he lead in front of me.

“Sorry for the trouble.” I used the Sukrad’s staff to support my body as I forcefully followed him.

After entering the village, there was a couple of young men, whose ages were still very young.

“Big Brother Jian Shan, you’re back. Wah! You caught another Purple Fox! You’re really great!”

“That is our Big brother Jian Shan, the number one expert among the younger generation.”

The young man who brought me in smiled and said, “That’s enough! You all stop flattering me. If the elders heard that, they will remark that you all are not being discreet again.”

The few youngsters stuck their tongue out at him but didn’t dare to say anything. One of them that had a good eye and asked, “Big brother Jian Shan, who is he? Where did you get this beggar from?”

Jian Shan rebuked, “Shan Dou, stop talking nonsense. He should just be lost. You go and report to the Great Elder to let him decide whether to keep this outsider or not.”
The person that was known as Shan Dou gave out a peculiar sound before turning and running away.

Jian San told me, “ Big brother, come with me.” After he said that, he brought me to a bamboo house at the western side of the village. I replied pantingly, “Thank you, brother.”

Jian Shan poured a cup of water and passed it to me. “You can try our spring water. It’s not bad.”

I drank all of the clear spring water. A chilly feeling passed through my body. Ah! I replied in appreciation, “This spring water is really nice to to drink, is this water from the flowing spring at the side of the village?”

Jian Shan nodded before pouring me another cup of spring water. “The spring water is our village’s lifeline. Without it constantly flowing all around the year, our village wouldn’t be able to survive.

As I drank, I said, “That’s right! Water is the origin of life.” As I said that, I couldn’t help but to think about Hai Shui who was so far from here.

“Brother Jian Shan, the elder wants you to bring that stranger to meet him.” Shan Dou’s voice sounded out from outside of the room.

Chapter 2 – Bizarre Village

Jian Shan shouted, “I got it. We’ll head over there now.” He turned his head to look at me. “We don’t casually accept strangers here. I’m really sorry, but I must trouble you to meet my elder.”

I smiled and replied, “It’s to be expected. However, you can see how I look. Is it alright for me to clean up first?”

“Of course you can, follow me.” After he finished speaking, he brought me to the side of the village’s spring water  while holding a wooden tub.

When I started to reach into the spring water to wash my face,
I was stopped by him. He explained, “Our village doesn’t allow us to directly clean up in the spring’s water.”  After  that,  he filled a tub of water and passed it to me.

I made an awkward smile and quickly washed up. After seeing that there wasn’t anyone around, I took out a set of ordinary clothes from my spatial space.

Jian Shan obviously hadn’t seen spatial space magic spells as he asked in amazement, “Where did you get those clothes from? I didn’t see that you have a bag.”

I chuckled, “It is just a small magic spell. Please forget about that.”

Jian Shan asked, “I’ve heard of that before is that  really magic? Magic should be really fun, right?” He had the heart of a young man after all. After hearing about something new, he wouldn’t be able to hold back and naturally wanted to know more about it.

I replied, “Magic actually borrow powers from nature as a way to accomplish our wishes. If you want to learn it, I can teach you next time.”

Jian Shan replied excitedly, “That’s great! So, you’re a mage?”
At this moment, I had already changed my  clothes.  The feeling I felt throughout my body was indescribably cool and refreshing. The ice cold spring water seemed to have washed away my fatigue away.

Jian Shan’s eyes lit up and said in high praise,  “Everyone really must have garments like yours. After changing, you look much more pleasing to the eye.”

This was the first time someone gave me such comments. I bitterly smiled and replied , “Aren’t we supposed to meet the elder? Let’s go.”

As we walked, I asked, “How many elders are there in this village?”

Jian Shan replied, “There’s 5 elders. They’re the village top experts and have profound knowledge. Whenever there are major problems in the village, they’ll decide the course of action.”

Oh! I continued to ask, “How do you survive in this place? The place seems very remote.”

Jian Shan revealed a cautious expression as he looked at me. “Why are you asking me so many questions? I don’t know. You can ask the elders about that.”
At this moment, we already walked to a large wooden house at the center of the village. Jian Shan said, “Let’s go inside. This is the place where the elders discuss matters.” After that, he took the lead to walk in first.

I followed him into the wooden house where two old men were already in there. Their attire was simple and from the wrinkles on their faces, they must be at least 80 years old.

The old man on the left kindly asked, “Jian Shan, I heard that you brought back a stranger. Is that him?”

I hastily walked over and bowed before saying, “Greetings to the two elders, I had just passed by this village. I’m pleading just to be able to stay for a few days. After my body has recovered,
I’ll immediately leave. I’m willing to pay more than enough money for my stay.”

The right elder’s expression hardened, “We can survive on our own. Why would we have need of money for?”

I awkwardly looked at Jian Shan. Jian Shan said, “Third grandfather, please let him stay, He doesn’t seem to be bad and he also knows magic.”

The third elder on the right replied, “You’re still young so you don’t know what intentional malice is. You can’t judge a book by its cover. Since you’re only staying for two days, you can temporarily stay at Jian Shan’s place. However, you have to remember, if you do anything that is detrimental to the village,
even though we’re people from the mountains, we won’t forgive you.” After he said that, his eyes glimmered.

That old man had such bright eyes. If Zhan Hu was here, he would definitely know that his battle spirit had already reached its peak. He is definitely at the Sword Saint level. No matter what, from the pressure he was giving me, I could also feel his powerful strength . I curiously thought, ‘Why does this village have such powerful people?

Let’s forget it. It shouldn’t matter as it doesn’t relate to me. After I rest up, I’ll leave this place. What’s the use in meddling so much about the village?”

After following Jian Shan to his home I discovered he was the
only one there. I also didn’t dare to blindly ask him what happened to his parents. After eating some food that he had given to me, I found a bed that I could lay on to get some rest.

The following morning, when I walked out of the bamboo house, I noticed Jian Shan was still practicing his sword. He was emitting Golden Battle Spirit. I knew that this was God Battle Spirit and a sign of being a Radiant Knight. I pulled on Shan Dou who was watching at the side. “Jian Shan’s martial skills are really great!”

Shan Dou arrogantly said, “Of course! Big brother Jian Shan’s martial skills are the best among the younger generations. You must know that we……” As he said that, a golden light shot over that frightened Shan Dou to the point that he swallowed his words. I immediately cast a light barrier to block the advancement of the golden light. The golden light was shot by Jian Shan. He could have retracted his power but after seeing me blocking his attack, he wanted to test my power. So, he immediately resent the power that he was retracting out again.
The golden light ray collided with my light barrier.

“Hong!” I was rebounded away from the tyrannical power.

Jian Shan came over and asked, “Sorry, Big brother Zhang Gong. Are you hurt?”

I hadn’t been so useless before. I helplessly said, “I’m fine. I’m fine.” Even though I wasn’t prepared for it, Jian Shan’s power greatly surprised me. I never thought that his battle spirit was as strong as Big brother Zhan Hu’s. If we really had to fight, I would need to put in effort in doing so.

Jian Shan replied, “It’s great that you aren’t hurt. Shan Dou, you brat! You’ve got to be more careful with your words next time.”

Shan Dou was so frightened that he stuck out his tongue before running away.

Jian Shan told me, “Big brother Zhang Gong, you can tour around the village. You can go anywhere except the forbidden area by the waterfall.” After he said that, he turned to practice his sword again.
As i was standing beside the spring water, near the outskirts of the village, I felt a crushing wave of fatigue from my heart. I felt as though something wasn’t right. I shuddered as this phenomenon shouldn’t happen. This had never happened since I first learned magic as a way to train one’s  spiritual  power. Why did I felt exhaustion? From the looks of it, it seemed that this period of experience had stimulated my body a little too much. If I continued to not pay any attention to it, even if my body recovered to its peak state, my magic power and battle spirit would decrease drastically.

Chapter 3 – Another Encounter With God’s Light

‘This isn’t good. I must find a place to cultivate quietly. Where should I go? I can’t roam too far from the village either. If I don’t have any replenishments, I’m afraid that I’ll revert to the previous situation I was in before coming to this village. There are a lot of people in this village, so it’s detrimental for my quiet cultivation. Ah! That’s right! Didn’t Jian Shan say that the waterfall was a forbidden area? I shall just cultivate there since there shouldn’t be anybody there. They won’t know about it anyway, and I’m don’t have any  intentions  of  destroying either.’

After surveying my surroundings and confirming that there wasn’t anybody around, I used a few short-distance teleportations to reach the waterfall.

The waterfall caused great ‘Long! Long!’ sounds, and  the water then rushed into a basin, causing never-ending splashes . The rays of sunlight shone down on the water mist, turning it
radiant, sparkling and translucent, resulting in a rainbow that floated on top half of the waterfall. There really was nothing more beautiful than that. All of the people here are aware that this was a forbidden area and so had no need to guard this area, but wasn’t this just a water fall? Why it then called this place the forbidden area?

I gently scooped up some spring water in my hands and delightedly splashed it on my face. God damn it! I remembered Jian Shan’s words and immediately scrutinised  my surroundings . Luckily, there wasn’t anyone around. I  felt  a little awkward; if I cultivated here and was caught red handed by someone who happened to pass by, what should I do then? They would say that I had trespassed the forbidden area.

Looking at  the  unceasingly  flowing  spring  water,  an  idea
popped into my head suddenly. ‘Why don’t I try going under the waterfall? In the icy cold water, I would probably be able to concentrate even better.’

Taking action as soon as I had thought up the idea, I targeted a large rock beneath the waterfall and sent myself over using short-distance teleportation. Even though I was prepared, the force of the waterfall was exceptionally large. I felt a large force hit me the moment I landed on the rock. My entire body chilled and the very next moment, I was washed into the basin.

I swallowed more than a few mouthfuls of the spring water in the midst of my panicking. I currently wasn’t feeling cool and refreshed by the spring water, but rather was in the danger of getting drowned by it. Luckily, my swimming skills weren’t too bad. I swam with all my might, reached the right side of the rock and grabbed onto a corner of it. After resting for a while, I circulated my battle spirit before flying up onto the stone. With the protection from my battle spirit, I succeeded in walking beneath the waterfall that had an extremely strong force. I expanded my battle spirit outwards and used magic to protect myself inside as I sat crossed legged on the rock.
I was unable to calm my state of mind in the least due to the unceasing torrent of spring water. The only thing I could do was to bitterly try to withstand the force of the waterfall. I inwardly cried out in agony. If this continued, I would very quickly be washed off the rock.

I forced myself to endure as wave after wave struck me with tremendous force, and constantly cast my internal battle spirit and magic outwards to stabilize my body. It seemed that it was impossible to stay here to do any training or cultivation.  I should leave this place while I still had enough strength to do so.

Just as I was about to leave the spring water, a warm power suddenly came towards me from the midst of the waterfall, making my protective battle spirit and magic power to expand in a single moment. My entire body felt warm and indescribably comfortable. This was a familiar power. What was that?

When the Holy Sword on my chest met with that power, it started to merge with it. Ah! I understood why I the feeling was so familiar to me. It was because its characteristics and abilities were exceptionally similar to that of the Holy Sword.

The Holy Sword in my body seemed to be celebrating, sending the warm power throughout my body as it greedily absorbed the power from the center of the waterfall. The waterfall was still rapidly rushing down and constantly giving out similar powers as the Holy Sword. My battle spirit and magic power that was being used to protect my body had suddenly disappeared. I was completely naked under the waterfall.

The power of the Holy Sword gradually changed from being warm to getting hotter. Even though I was under the ice cold spring water, my body was scorching hot. It seemed to be lit on
fire as it emitted golden light.

I felt the meridians in my body seemed to be gradually disappearing. My magic power and battle spirit was slowly getting engulfed by the Holy Sword power. I couldn’t help but to be astonished. Surely the power that I had bitterly cultivated wouldn’t disappear just like that, right? I tried controlling the Holy Sword, but it strangely ignored my commands and continued to absorb the power from the spring water unceasingly.

When the power reached the limits of what I could contain, I felt as though I was going to explode. There was an intense gold light in front of me before I lost consciousness. What I wasn’t aware of was that I had already spent an entire week away from the village.
When I felt as though I was going to explode, the five elders felt the same reaction. The Great Elder said, “Not good! Someone is interfering with the spiritual influence of the Heavenly Spring. Quick! Gather everyone, immediately head towards the Heavenly Spring!”

I felt as though I was in a dream and was being surrounded by twinkling stars. Ah! It seemed that I had got back to my inner sacred space. It was the same place where I had communicated with Mi Jia Lie. Could it be that I hadn’t exploded?

“That’s right! Child, you didn’t explode. I never thought that you would unexpectedly find God Spirit’s channel.”

“Is that you, Mi Jia Lie?”

“Yes, it’s me. Under the assistance of the God Spirit’s channel, I was once again able to communicate with you.

I asked in surprise, “What is God Spirit’s channel?”

Mi Jia Lie replied, “I don’t know what it is either. All I know was that you have inherited God’s power from the God Spirit’s channel .”

I heaved a sigh of relief. “I previously thought that I had exploded.”

Mi Jia Lie chuckled. “Silly child, it wasn’t you that had exploded but rather your powers in your inner body that did.”

I replied, “My inner body’s power had exploded? What’s going on? I previously felt as though the Holy Sword was absorbing my battle spirit and magic power.”

Mi Jia Lie explained, “It really happened. Your battle spirit, magic power and the Holy sword’s power in your body aren’t segregated from each other anymore. Moreover, since you have absorbed some of God’s power, you’ll be able to control the Holy Sword. Even though it is still a small portion of it, it is already extremely powerful in the world. You already aren’t far off from becoming a Grand Magister. You’ll understand what I mean after you return to reality.”

I asked, “Doesn’t that mean that all the magic power  and battle spirit that I had bitterly cultivated are gone?”

Mi Jia Lie replied smilingly, “Why would that  happen? They’ve just changed their existential form and are much purer as compared to before. Even though this round of baptism in the Divine vein, it hasn’t really increased your level but it’ll still have great benefits to your future cultivation. You  should quickly absorb the Divine vein’s power. After you have absorbed it, you must come to the Great Valley to find me. I have much more confidence in you inheriting my power with things the way they are now.” After he said that, Mi Jia Lie seemed to have curled his lips and his voice had abruptly stopped. However, his words had already aroused my suspicions.

I asked, “What do you mean by being much more confident?
It can’t be that inheriting your powers has an element of danger to it, right?”

Chapter 4 – Heavenly Spring’s Divine Vein

Mi Jia Lie chuckled somewhat awkwardly and said, “It’s nothing. Why would it be dangerous?  Don’t  worry.  Even though the process of receiving the inheritance does have its risks, the chances of success are still fairly large.”

I asked anxiously, “Fairly large? How large exactly is that?” No matter how large the chances were, if it weren’t a hundred percent, there was no chance of me heading to the Great Valley to accept his so-called inheritance. After all, safety is my first priority.

Mi Jia Lie didn’t answer my question, instead exclaiming, “Aiya! You’re in trouble. There’re a lot of people heading this way. You should return.” After he finished saying that, the stars vanished, and my vision became pure white.

I realised my consciousness had returned to my body as whilst I still felt the waterfall still constantly rushing down on me, there was no longer any power emitting from it. My entire body felt cool and refreshed. When I examined my internals,  I jumped in shock, as my body’s meridians had become much bigger and gold fluid circulated throughout my body.  The golden fluid at the center of my eyebrows had three sparkling transparent gold dans. Could it be that these were the transformed existence of the golden dans? When I sent my will towards them, they unexpectedly listened to my command. This was probably the reason I could now control the Holy Sword. This was too awesome! I didn’t need to be at the border of death before activating it in the future.

I couldn’t help but be wildly excited and let out a long roar. The power in my body seemed to move with my roar. If they could previously said to be a calm lake, now they could now be said to be a river with a raging current. Enormous power was radiating from my body.

When I opened my eyes, I found that the banks of the lake were crowded with people, and each and every one  of  them were the picture of absolute fury, with a sliver of astonishment mixed in.

I saw Jian Shan and the third elder…Could it be that all these people were from that village? Aiya! This was bad. They had discovered that I had come to the forbidden area.

Where did the waterfall go? I was standing on the  rock without feeling the force of the waterfall. As I wondered, I lifted my head. Wah! The waterfall was actually still falling on  my head but was blocked by the golden light I was emitting. At that moment of my astonishment, the power from my body dispersed. ‘Hong!’ The waterfall once again struck at  me, making me fall into the basin. Oh, crap!

When my head surfaced from beneath the water, I let out an awkward smile and said, “Greetings to all of you. Why are there so many people here?”

Jian Shan replied angrily, “We were kind enough to take you in, but not only did you trespass into the forbidden area, you had also destroyed our Heavenly Spring’s divine vein. Speak! Who sent you here?”

This was definitely a large misunderstanding. I exercised a little power and floated out from the water, landing lightly on the opposite shore, shook off the water on my body, and said to the few elders, “I’m really sorry. I only wanted to find a place to train and cultivate. Since I was afraid of being interrupted, I came to this place. I don’t understand what is this Heavenly Spring’s divine vein that Jian Shan mentioned earlier.” I
pretended to be hapless and clueless.

The old man brandished his walking stick and shouted, “Stranger, it can’t be that Jian Shan didn’t tell you that this is a forbidden area, right?”

I shook my head. “He did say that, but you should also know that humans are naturally curious. I saw that this place wasn’t guarded and looked rather clean so I came over. I don’t have any bad intentions. I was just a little curious. As for destroying the divine vein, you are greatly wrong in accusing me of that.”

The Great Elder coldly laughed and said, “You’re still lying. The battle spirit that you were emitting earlier consists of the divine power from the Heavenly Spring. Do you still want to
continue evading the truth?”

Aiya! This was bad. He had seen through me.

The Great Elder continued to say, “Since you had destroyed our life source, we shall make you remain here.  Everybody, move back.”

This wasn’t good. I should just run away. From the looks of it, it wouldn’t be a good thing to provoke these few old men. I cursed silently as I used short teleportation in an outward direction in order to escape. I suddenly felt as though I had collided on a copper wall. It was so painful. What was that? I stared ahead and discovered that there was a golden translucent barrier 30 meters ahead of me, preventing my retreat.

The Great Elder said, “If you can escape from here, we few old fellows need not be called elders. Let me tell you, this boundary was formed using our battle spirit so it’s more rigid than the barriers formed by magic. Any teleportation spell would be ineffective against it. You should just behave and let us capture you.”

I bitterly smiled and replied, “Elders, I really didn’t intentionally destroy your divine vein. It was just that after entering the spring, it had given me its power. I didn’t have a choice. Aiya! Don’t make any moves!”

The few elders were so infuriated by my words that they shot their battle spirit at me.

What fearsome battle spirit; their power largely  surpassed Jian Shan’s. Even if it was Teacher Wen from Xiuda, he would also be unable to match up to any one of them. This wasn’t good. It couldn’t be that they were all of the Sword Saint level, right? I was in deep trouble.

I rapidly brandished Sukrad’s staff to shoot out a few light blades to try to stop their advancement. A wondrous thing happened. Every light blade that I shot out not only had magic power and battle spirit, more importantly, there was also a trace of the Holy Sword’s power mixed in them, making the light blades power much greater than before.

The few light blades had successfully stopped the five elders attacks but I realised that I was being locked on by all of the five elder’s energies. Any movement I made would immediately
attract their combined counter-attack.

The five elders were also astonished as I had blocked their first attack. The Great Elder said, “Good brat, you really did your preparations before coming here. Tell me, what is your purpose in coming here?”

I helplessly smiled bitterly, “I really don’t have any purpose. I had only coincidentally destroyed your divine vein.”

The third elder rebuked angrily, “It seems that you won’t stop until you reach the Yellow River. Big brother, let me deal with him.”

The Great Elder nodded and retreated a few steps together with the other three elders but still continued maintaining the barrier in order to prevent my escape.

I jumped for joy inwardly as it seemed that they weren’t going to join hands to deal with me. Even though I couldn’t escape, it was still better than a group attack. It was just as good since I wanted to test out my current strength. Right now, I felt as though my entire body was filled with power which surpassed the level I was previously at in my peak condition.

The third elder waved his crutch and shot a golden light at me, giving me a shock, and I hastily cast a light blade to neutralise his attack. Both our bodies  shuddered simultaneously; both sides seemed to be evenly matched.

Chapter 5 – The Sword Saint’s Holy Sword

I asked in astonishment, “Aren’t the martial skills you learn focused on your techniques?”

The third elder replied filled with disdain, “Do you know the saying ‘one move has ten benefits’? At our standard, techniques are just superfluous. I’m coming again.” After saying that, he unceasingly emitted gold battle spirit to form a  light  net towards me.

It was such a strong battle spirit that if I hadn’t absorbed the divine vein, I wouldn’t be his opponent. This remote village had such incomparable experts and there were five of them. This was unbelievable.
I chanted, “Light elements, my friends……” I thought of using Star Light Brilliance to counter his attack. As I started chanting it, there was a vast amount of light stars before me. I became elated. Could this mean that I no longer needed to chant for advanced light spells anymore? This was great!

I commanded the large amount of light stars to collide with the light net. Every light star attacked the connections of the light net. After the two strong powers in mid air collided, light rained inside the entire boundary. It looked amazing.

The third elder looked at me in amazement. It was obvious that the move I used to counter his attack had shocked him.

I smiled and said, “You don’t need to be that shocked. In the
human Kingdom, my magic standard could be reckoned to be the best or second best.”

The third elder coldly snorted. “You’re good brat! You’re no pushover, so try to recieve my best move.” His entire body’s clothing moved without the use of any wind. The battle spirit in his surroundings violently surged out. It formed an enormous golden whirlpool with him as the center. What made me feel peculiar about it was that there were traces of blue lights within the gold whirlpool. ‘Can it be that this is the legendary Holy
Light? But only someone at the Legendary War God level can release that kind of battle spirit.. From what I know, in these few thousands of years, there aren’t any War God’s that have appeared in the world. I couldn’t have met one, right? I’m so unlucky. The Holy Light’s power is comparable to forbidden spells in magic, and wouldn’t be any worse than it.’

I didn’t dare to slight him and immediately activated the Holy Sword in my body before I shouted, “The God King bestowed upon me the Radiant Holy Sword. It shall shine with the soaring radiance of the vault of the heavens.” Since I could control the
Holy Sword, even though it was just a small portion, I could borrow its power to use the forbidden offensive spell that the God King had given to me. What I didn’t know was that the power of the spell was also the same as a forbidden spell.

At that moment, the third elder had already completed his best move and shouted, “Finishing move—-Holy  Light Tornado!” A large bluish golden mixed tornado headed towards me.

After I chanted the spell, I felt my entire body’s power was gathering at the Holy Sword at my chest. A silver Holy Sword shot out from my body and projected itself in front of me. I shouted, “Go!” The Holy Sword’s enormous power headed towards the third elder’s Holy Light Tornado.
The Great Elder shouted, “Not good! It’s the Radiant Holy Sword!” He immediately used his ultimate move along with the three other elders to receive the attack.

After using the Holy Sword’s power, my entire body’s energy seemed to have vanished. I used the Sukrad’s staff to support my feeble body.

The power of the Holy Sword and the five elder’s attack collided with each other. It seemed as though time had stopped. I looked astonished at the peculiar sight before me.

The Great Elder moved beside me like lightning. I already didn’t have any energy to fight back, and just let him to carry me to their side before he shouted, “Everyone, use your
defensive spells with all your might!” As he said that, he used a strong battle spirit to protect himself and me.

At this moment, the powers in mid air seemed to have merged together. It was completely white before me. An enormous force had pushed the five elders and me towards the boundary. After that, the boundary broke. ‘Hong! Hong!’ The loud sound temporarily made me lose my hearing.

When all of my senses returned, I realized that everything had changed. The precipitous

cliff that formed the waterfall had disappeared. The small lake had became three times larger. In the surrounding, there were villages that were all over the place. The five elders protected
me in the centre. Traces of blood were seen at the sides of their mouths. The five of them looked extremely tattered with their clothing shredded, especially the third elder. He had lost almost half of his hair and his beard was burnt to the point where it was smoking.

I quickly checked my body. Luckily, there was nothing wrong. Except for the large loss of power, that would require some time to recover, there wasn’t anything wrong. Did the  five  elders help me block that large explosion earlier? Why were they so good to me?

The Great Elder shouted, “Is everyone fine?”

Jian Shan voiced out, “Great grandfather, it was lucky that
you few grandfathers directed the attack towards the Heavenly Spring. Everyone just suffered a little hurt from the rebound, so we’re alright. But the Heavenly Spring is already… ”

The Great Elder interrupted him and replied, “That’s alright. You don’t have to say anything further. Just head back to the village. You come to bring him along.” After he said that, a golden light shot towards me. I already didn’t have any energy to counter his attack. My body softened and I fainted.

After getting back my consciousness, I realized  that  there were people around me. I didn’t immediately open my eyes, and checked my body condition. I discovered that the three gold dans in my body were circulating as per norm. My magic power (The fusion of the three different powers would be just known as magic power from now on) was similar to when I was at the waterwall. The silver Holy Sword sat calmly at my chest area. This kind of situation made me extremely baffled. Why didn’t they restrict me? It couldn’t be that they weren’t afraid that I would escape, right?

A benevolent sound voiced out. “Have you awakened, God’s Inheritor?”

I was startled and opened my eyes and found that the five elders were sitting in front of my bed. I asked in surprise, “What God’s Inheritor?”

The Great Elder replied, “If you didn’t have the God’s acknowledgement, how could you have been able to use the Radiant Holy Sword?!”
I scratched my head and replied, “I’m really sorry about destroying your Heavenly Spring. I… ”

The third elder interrupted me and asked, “That doesn’t matter. Can you tell us how you got the God’s acknowledgement?”

I instinctively knew that I had to tell them the truth. Thus, I told them everything that I gone through and that had transpired between the God King and me. The few elders listened attentively and expressed amazement from time  to time.

After hearing my story, the elders looked towards each other before the five of them suddenly left their seats and knelt in
front of me.

Chapter 6 – God’s Village

I hastily jumped out of bed and said, “What are you all doing?
Quickly, get up!”

The Great Elder replied, “We plead for your forgiveness for any offense we have committed against you.”

I replied, “It was initially my fault. How can I blame you?” As I said that, I pulled the elders up.

The Great Elder replied, “Our God’s Village has been waiting for countless generations and years and finally, we are able to meet you.”

“God’s Village? What does that mean?”

The Great Elder replied, “You previously said that during the great war between the Gods and the Monsters, there were heavy repercussions suffered by the Gods. In order to deal with future dangers, the remaining God clan members found a freshwater spring and inserted their powers into it, and gave orders to the small village beside the spring to watch over it. This place was that small village and the Heavenly Spring in front of us was left here by the remaining Gods at that time.”

So it was like that. I asked, “What did the God clan order your village to do?”
The Great Elder replied, “The God clan wanted us to help and support the God’s inheritor with all we have, if we were to ever meet him in the future. ”

I replied in excitement, “So, that is to say, you’re willing to help me annihilate the Monster King?”

The Great Elder smiled and replied, “Of course! Even if you’re not the God’s inheritor, we would still have protected the world from the evil forces with everything we have. Since the Gods have assigned you to be their inheritor, we will definitely listen to our ancestor’s order, and do our best to accomplish the task of fighting against the evil forces.”

I shouted excitedly, “That’s great! With your assistance, the
chance of success is much larger. Any of you elders is definitely an expert that will shake the world. Moreover, there are five of you!”

Great Elder replied, “According to the warrior ranking in the world, we few fellows should be at the Sword Saint standard. What are your current plans?”

I replied, “I’m preparing to head to the Kingdom of Xiuda to find some friends of mine. We’ll gather a small force there. I’m thinking of gradually increasing my forces in preparation of facing the Monster King in the near future. The friends I’m going to meet have also received God’s inheritance.”

The Great Elder asked in amazement, “Are they the ones that
you had said earlier met the God King with you?”

I nodded. “Yes, they individually possess the War God’s armour, Sky God’s bugle horn, Titan God’s hammer, Lightning God’s shield, Wind God’s bow, and including my Radiant Holy Sword, all together, we have six of the God clan’s inheritance weapons.”

The Great Elder replied happily, “That’s great, in that case, we’ll take some people who are good in martial skills along with us. With all the powers gathered together in one place, it’ll be more convenient for us and will also increase our strength.”

I replied, “I had the same thoughts as you. When should we head out?”

The Great Elder told the fifth elder, “Fifth Elder, you’re to go inform all of the boys in the village to gather. We’ll pick some of the elites to head out with the God’s Inheritor.” The fifth elder agreed before going out.

I said with a smile, “You don’t have to call me that in the future. You can just call me Zhang Gong. Your age should be enough to be my great grandfather.”

The Great Elder wasn’t modest and replied, “Alright! Zhang Gong, you can wait here as we pick which men have enough power to travel with us.” After he said that, he left with the remaining elders.
I was initially thinking of heading to Xiuda. Now, it was even better as I would be bringing a strong team of warriors there too. I didn’t know what Big brother Zhan Hu and the others would think about this. However, it was also great that  the elders were so powerful. It would definitely drastically increase our overall strength. After escaping, my luck seemed to be quite good. I had first absorbed the Heavenly Spring’s divine vein and now, I had even gotten the support of the God’s Village!

After a short while, the elders came back.

The Great Elder replied, “Zhang Gong, I have gathered everybody that has great martial skills. There’ll be 167 of us, including us five elders. They’re now packing up. We’ll leave in the morning tomorrow.”
Unexpectedly, there were 167 people. If their abilities weren’t weaker than Shan Jian’s, then this would be an extremely powerful team.

The five elders and I were standing on a small hill when morning came. I looked at all of the 162 villagers filled with congealed vigor, who were in the age range of 20-40 years. From a glance, it was easy to know that they were all martial experts. They were worthy of being called the God’s Village.

I asked the Great Elder, “The martial proficiency of your village is really impressive!. Anyone of them can influence the world.”

The Great Elder laughed and replied, “If we were to rank all
167 of us with the world’s ranking system, there would be 5 Sword Saints, that being us 5 old fellows, 56 Radiant Knight’s and the rest are at the Heaven Knight level.”

My mouth had completely formed an ‘O’ shape. ‘Aren’t they too strong? Even if it is the Royal Knight Union in Xiuda, they definitely wouldn’t have such strength.’ I asked in amazement, “How did all of you train? The increase in strength is too fast. For example, Jian Shan, who is just 20 years old, has already reached the Radiant Knight standard. He can be counted as a genius in any Kingdom of the world.”

When the Third elder saw me in shock, he replied to me with a smile, “Our village has always had the Heavenly Spring to supply us with assistance. Moreover, the villagers are innocent, so their training has a ‘half the work, twice the effect’ outcome. The village has 713 houses with three thousand villagers. What you’re seeing is just a part of our forces. We have picked the ones that aren’t tied down by their family duties, or that are volunteers. They were locally born and raised here for many
years, so they weren’t able to leave their homeland.” When he mentioned the Heavenly Spring, I couldn’t help but lower my head in guilt.

The Great Elder replied, “Let’s head out. There should  be quite a distance before we reach civilization.”

I took out a map and asked, “Elder, could you kindly mark our position on the map?”

The elder took the map and nodded. “This map is finely detailed. If I don’t remember it wrongly, we should be here.” He said that as he pointed on the map.

I looked at the position that he had pointed to. It was a large forest in the Kingdom of Aixia, and I suddenly made a realization, “So it is at that place. We’ll head straight in this direction to head towards Aixia Kingdom’s Lunda province. After that, we’ll head in a southwest direction towards the Kingdom of Xiuda.”

The Great  Elder  replied,  “Alright!  That  shall  be  our  route.
Let’s head out!”

I nodded. “Have you really decided to bring the villagers from the God’s Village to come on this long journey with me? A lot of them may not be able to return to their homeland ever again.”
A sign of hesitation flashed in the Great Elder’s eyes, before he resolutely nodded his head.

Chapter 7 – Increase In Strength

The Great Elder said clearly, “Villagers of God’s village, you are all strong and brave warriors. The God’s Inheritor that we had awaited thousands of years for has finally arrived. This is Magister Zhang Gong Wei. You should have seen his tyrannical powers. Currently, there are movements from the Monster King that had previously been sealed by the God clan. As God’s people, we should use all of our powers for the entire world. Are you willing to do so? It is not too late, and if anyone feels that they will regret doing this, please withdraw immediately.”

All 167 of them from below the hill shouted loudly in unison, “We swear to follow God’s Inheritor till our death! We swear to follow our elders to our death!”

I shouted loudly, “It’s not in my intentions that I want all of you to follow me. I want everyone to understand that we are doing this for the peace of the world. The only request from me is that you all use your every means to maintain your lives. All
lives are precious. Everyone must cherish them!”

After the elders heard what I said, they looked at each other, before the Third Elder said, “I would never have thought you would think in this way.”

Actually, after knowing that I was a God’s Inheritor and was unconscious, the few elder had an intense discussion. The Third Elder had suggested that he wanted me to leave at my own will, so as to not disturb their few thousand years of  peaceful lifestyle. But the Great Elder suggested to ask my situation first before deciding. After they knew that I was going to represent the God’s clan to exterminate the Monster King, they all supported me. This was due to God’s order that had passed down for generations in the village after all. However, they weren’t totally willing; as who would want to place their life in someone else’s hands? But after what I just said to the villagers, the few elders were deeply touched. They all  made  their decision to fully support me.

At that moment, I continued to shout, “Villagers, are you willing to accept my request?!”

The villagers at the bottom started to discuss among themselves like what the elders had done. The scene was extremely chaotic. Just as the Second Elder wanted to stop them, I stopped him by saying, “It is best for them to think it through. It will be for the better this way.”

The villagers at the bottom gradually calmed down. Suddenly, there was a villager that shouted out, “I’m willing to follow you forever, God’s Inheritor!” His words momentarily set a chain reaction among the other villagers. One after the other, the villages stood up in support of me. There wasn’t anyone that withdrew. After looking at the elders, I raised both my hands at the villagers and shouted, “Thank you to all for your support.
This time we head out not for glory, splendor, wealth, and rank nor to become famous. We should only have one motive, which is to accomplish the task that God had given us, and that is to triumph against the evil forces, thus regaining the peace of the world. When the world is peaceful, it will also be time for us to withdraw ourselves, after succeeding in our task.”

The Great Elder followed up at the right timing, “That’s right!
To triumph against the evil forces, and regain world peace!”

Every villager at the bottom of the hill shouted, “To triumph against the evil forces, and regain world peace!”

As I saw the worked up villagers below, I sniggered inwardly, ‘It seems that God has an extremely important place in the
villager’s heart. This time, I used God’s name to gather so many talented people at one go. This is just too awesome. I have a better chance in dealing with the Monster King now. This was the first time I felt I had enough power to exterminate the Monster King from when I had first been given the task.’

The 168 of us grandiosely left.

There were 50 villagers opening the route in front of us with the elders, and I walking in the middle, and the rest of the villagers following behind. After three days, we had finally managed to walk out of the forest to reach Lunda Province.

After walking through flat and vast grounds, we  finally reached a small town. I told the Great Elder, “Let’s rest up here before continuing on.”

The Great Elder nodded. “We need to rest up, and also buy some necessities.”

I shouted, “Everyone, please follow closely so as to avoid getting lost. We will rest up in this town before continuing on.”

The five elders and I led the villagers to enter the town. After walking for only a short while, there was a group of people gathered that were looking at something.

I squeezed  through  the  crowd  and  noticed  that  it  was  an
announcement that had written: There was an order to arrest the Royal Advanced Magic Academy student, Zhang Gong Wei that had betrayed the Kingdom and Humanity as he allied with the Demon race. Please, to all citizens of Aixia…….. There was also a picture of me beneath the announcement.

I wanted to faint. I was wanted by the Kingdom. Ke Zha really was ruthless. I smiled helplessly at the Great Elder that came over with me and said, “I have become a wanted criminal. Let’s hurry and leave this place. I will explain this to you later.” After saying that, I lowered my head as I walked out from the crowd.

I asked one of the villager to help me buy a conical bamboo hat that had a long muslin attached to it. The few elders didn’t ask me any questions, making me feel gratified for their actions.
After finding a family inn, and calming down the villagers, who had found everything within the area novelties, I gathered the few elders in my room.

After removing the conical bamboo hat, I sighed and said, “I still have something that I didn’t have the time to tell to you.”

The Great Elder smiled and replied, “You don’t need to say anything further. We have complete trust in you.”

I I shook my head and replied, “No, I must let you know about this matter. I was originally a student from the Royal Advanced Magic Academy….. I set free the demon race’s princess after she was caught by the Kingdom. After that, my teachers and friend saved me by using the teleportation array to reach your village.
I’m sorry to only tell you about this now.” I disclosed to them to everything that had happened.

Since the God’s village people had been living for  few thousand years in deep forest, they didn’t have any hatred towards the Demon race, so they didn’t mind that I was wanted. The third elder said smiling, “Everyone has the right to pursue the opposite sex. You also don’t need to reproach yourself. Moreover, you weren’t in the wrong.”

I walked to the window and looked at the azure sky before I sighed and replied, “The hatred between the human race, Demon and Beast races are extremely deep. Everyone is living in this world. Why must they massacre one another?”
The Great Elder nodded. “What you said is extremely right. If we can rectify their resentment, that will be for the best.”

I bitterly smiled and replied, “I also thought about that, but the hatred is just too deep. It won’t be easy to dissolve them. You few elders should go and rest up first. I will head out to purchase some things.”

Chapter 8 – Magic Crystal

After  leaving   the   inn,   I   wandered   around   without   any
destination. I thought, ‘I really have lost my standing in Aixia. I also don’t know how the teachers are faring, and that adorable Hai Shui too, I don’t know if I will be able to meet them again someday.’

As I walked on, I suddenly heard someone shout, “This is the opening day of my shop. I welcome everyone to come forward to peruse and purchase some of my items.”

I raised my head and found it was a jewellery shop. I was
moved as now I was traveling with 100 people. ‘The expenditure is not little. The Diamond coins on me are also running out. I shall go and sell some of my jewels.’
Thinking of this, I walked over. This jewel shop was obviously renovated quite recently; it looked really grand. Just as I walked to the entrance, a servant welcomed me and asked, “Mister, please come in, and have a look. We have just opened our businesses so there will be discounts.”

I nodded and followed him in.

There was a lot of people in the jewel shop who were selecting things that caught their eyes.

I asked the servant, “Do you accept gemstones here?”

The servant was briefly stunned before replying, “Yes, we do accept them. Do you have gemstones that you want to sell?”

I nodded.

The servant replied, “Please wait for a moment, and I will bring someone over.” After he said that, he turned around and entered a building.

Shortly after, the servant walked out with a middle aged person that seemed to be a merchant. He said, “This is our boss.
You should talk to him instead.”

The boss said, “My greetings to you. Let’s have a chat inside.” This boss really knew how to do a business. He knew that valuables shouldn’t be revealed inadvertently.

He let me into his office and closed the door before he asked, “Mister, what are you planning to sell?”

I took a fist-sized purple crystal from my space pocket and gave it to him. The boss exclaimed, “A purple crystal, and a large one at that!” He took it carefully, fondling it with admiration as he looked at it.

I asked, “Will you accept it?”

The boss nodded, then shook his head before he replied, “This crystal is too precious. It is flawless, and can withhold a great amount of magic power. It is a high-grade purple crystal that can support an aerial magic artillery that could shoot at least 1000 times. I’m afraid that we won’t be able to afford it.” (It is extremely difficult to move the Magic Cannon. Even though it’s very powerful, it can only used for the protection of the city. Every time it fired, it’s equivalent to an Advanced Grade magic attack. It also needs a long time to gather it’s power for every shot. The main source of it’s power is the magic crystal. Since magic crystals are precious, except for a minority of important towns, the Ström Fortress had prepared 200 aerial magic artilleries. This was also one of the main reasons why the Ström Fortress was so firm.)
Such a big jewel shop couldn’t afford to buy a purple jewel? I frowned, “Please give me an estimation of its price.”

The boss replied unhesitantly, “The minimum price is 20,000 diamond coins.”

It was worth that much? 20,000 diamond coins was an astronomical value to me. I smiled and replied, “Even though this price is rather low, I’m in need of money. If you want, I will sell it to you for 20,000 diamond coins.”

The boss eyes lit up. It was obvious that the crystal was worth far more than the price offered. He clenched his teeth and replied, “How about this, please wait for a moment. I will gather some friends to see if we have enough money. Initially, we could
afford the crystal, however I have just started business, so some of the funds were spent on purchasing goods, and I do not have enough money that I can readily give you. ”

The boss hastily went out,while I played with the crystal in my hand. Although I could feel that it contained strong magic power, there wasn’t anything special about it, and it unexpectedly was worth so much. If he knew what I had wrapped up behind me was Sukrad’s staff, I wonder what he would think.

That boss ran back a little while later, his face and clothes filled with perspiration. He looked at me, and clearly heaved a sigh of relief. I said smilingly, “What, were you afraid that I was going to run away?”
The boss smiled awkwardly before replying, “I have gathered the money. Let’s go to the Magic Union to do the exchange.” (For large transactions, the Magic Union would have to settle it.)

I followed him to the Magic Union. There was also an notification for my arrest here. Luckily, I was wearing  my conical bamboo hat. After I passed the amethyst card to the boss, he was astonished and exclaimed, “You have an amethyst card. You must be a famous magician.”

I said coldly, “Don’t ask any more questions and just quickly do the exchange.”

Under my surveillance, the boss transferred 20,000 diamond coins into my account. Haha! I had become rich!

After returning to the jewel shop, I gave him the  purple crystal. As I looked at him, he looked at it as if it was his baby; I wanted to laugh.

The boss humbly said, “Lord Mage, if you have such high- grade magic gemstones in the future, can you sell them to my shop? We will definitely give you a reasonable price.”

I shook my head. “I don’t think I will. This place is so far away, and I don’t know when I will be coming back to  this town.”
The boss smiled and replied, “Our Auspicious Jewel Shop is a chain store. One of our branches can be found in every single city on the eastern continent.”

Oh! It was a chain jewelry store.

The boss took out a card and passed it to me. “This is our jewel shops’ VIP card. If you take it to any of our stores, you will receive preferential treatment.”

I took the yellow card and replied, “The cards are graded?”
The boss replied, “Of course, the VIP card has five grades, and this card is of the highest grade. We will only give it out to important guests.”

I chuckled. “I feel really honoured, and look forward to working with you in the future.” After I said that, I kept the VIP card.

The boss had personally walked me out of the jewel store. Judging from his joyful face, I knew that he had greatly profited in this transaction. This chain of jewel stores had become the biggest jewel store in the future due to my frequent visits. Of course, I also acquired from them what I needed for all my expenditures.
I took out 100 diamond coins to buy some necessities that filled up two big cars before returning to the inn. I had to really thank the generous Dragon people. I wouldn’t have to worry about my finances in the future.

I gave out the necessities to the villagers the next day before we continued to move towards Xiuda.

We were treated as a mercenaries, and therefore did not encounter too many troubles. We arrived at Pulima City without a hitch. It was at this place where I first learnt about being a mercenary army, and this place was also very near the valley that Big Brother Zhan Hu occupied.

Chapter 9 – Unexpected Monster Attacks

After entering Pulima City, there weren’t many cityfolk to be found and the city seemed to be in a perilous state.

When we entered a big inn, a server came to receive us.

I asked, “I need 84 rooms. Are they available?” Since there were a lot of us, every time we looked for lodging along the way, we always faced the situation that the inn  couldn’t accommodate all of us so I had to clarify.

The server hastily replied, “Yes! Yes! Yes! To tell  you  the truth, the entire inn is empty so 84 rooms won’t be a problem.”

I then asked in surprise, “There’s no one staying in such a large inn. Is it because it is too pricy?”

The server smiled wryly before he replied, “It is not because this inn is pricy, but rather due to other reasons. Don’t you feel that the entire Pulima City is in peril?”

I nodded. “Why is that the case?”

The server sighed before he replied, “You don’t know that the main source of income of the city is the benefits from merchants
who come from all over the lands. However, it is currently unknown why so many mythical beasts come to the mountain area near here wreaking havoc and killing travelers who were headed towards the city. Many people had died, so many others are fearful of approaching this city. Due to the mythical beasts, merchants from Xiuda rarely come here. Thus, it resulted in Pulima City’s current state.”

I asked, “It can’t be that the Kingdom doesn’t care about this situation, right?”

The server said mockingly, “The  Kingdom?  They  are currently preparing to fight a war against the Monster Clan. When will they find the energy to settle our problems?”
The Great Elder intercepted, “Can you describe what the mythical beasts looks like?”

The server thought before replying, “I don’t really know what they look like but I heard from one of the guests that escaped from those mythical beasts that they inhabit the mountains and the plains, varies in sizes and haven’t been seen before. They don’t even look like anything from this world.”

The Great Elder and I were startled. They weren’t something from this world? Could it be…….

I told the server, “You can make the arrangements for us to stay here.” If there were mythical beasts wreaking havoc in the nearby mountains, I didn’t know if Big Brother Zhan Hu and the
rest were affected by them.

The server turned and walked away. I told the Great Elder, “Elder, let’s go and check it out tomorrow. We mustn’t let those beasts continue to harm humanity. If I hadn’t predict wrongly, this definitely has something to do with the Monster King.”

The Great Elder nodded. “Aren’t the other few  God’s inheritors near here? Are we going to find them first, or are we going to eliminate the mythical beasts?”

I thought and replied, “We will first find my friends. If we meet any mythical beasts on the way, we will eliminate them. What do you think?” I thought, ‘Within the group of villagers, there are over a hundred expert. As long as it is not like the time
I met the giants from the God’s forest, then we have nothing to be afraid of from these mythical beasts.”


The over a hundred of us majestically walked out. When we were exiting the town, we were halted by the guards on duty.

A person that seemed to be the chieftain of the soldiers stepped out. “Where are you heading to? Don’t you know that is the direction where the mythical beasts are wreaking havoc at?”
I smiled and came forward, “We are going to exterminate those mythical beasts. Please let us through.”

The soldier frowned and said, “Do you think that the mythical beasts are that easy to kill? I advise you to head back. It’s more important to protect your lives.”

I replied, “We’re an employed army. You don’t have to worry. With our abilities, it won’t be a problem for us to eliminate them.”

Another soldier pulled on that soldier in charge and whispered, “Chief, just let them go. There are many of them, so they might succeed in eliminating the beasts. If they are successful, won’t that be great?!”

The chieftain nodded. “I won’t stop you then. I wish that all of you brave warriors will succeed.”

These soldiers were very loyal to their duty. “Thank you very much. Brothers, let’s head out!” When we were  leaving,  I stuffed one diamond coin into the hand of that soldier, “You can use this to treat your brothers to a drink. We will be heading out now.”

The Great Elder and I walked at the forefront of our group. He told me, “You really know how to win over the hearts of people. As we left, those soldiers were expressing gratitude.”

I chuckled, “The recent havoc caused by the mythical beasts had resulted in the entire Pulima City to be in such a perilous state. The officers and soldiers definitely won’t have much income. They are in difficult times, and I have a lot of money so I can share some with them. If we meet again, it will definitely be easier to talk to them.”

I raised my head to look afar and saw that there was a faint dark energy above the valley in front of us. I turned my head and told the villagers, “Everyone, be careful. There may be some danger in front of us.” After warning them, I took the Sukrad’s staff out.
I told the few elders, “I don’t know what is in front of us, but even the sky is filled with traces of evil influences. We must be careful.”

The few elders nodded. “How about this? We will first form a circle battle array. There will be three inner to outer circles. In each circle, there will be 54 people. Can the elders equally space out at the outermost circle? When we fight in a few moments, I will be at the center of the array casting a magic spell. I will depend on you to lead and defeat the enemies at the array’s exterior. Once the villagers of the outermost  circle  become tired, we will immediately change the outermost circle with the second outmost circle. What do you think?”

The Great Elder nodded in agreement. “That battle array isn’t bad. It decreases the disruption of the formation and has a backup plan.” Actually, this circle battle array was something I just thought of. There were a lot of loopholes. If these villages weren’t strong, this plan would be impossible to implement.

I had the villagers practice forming the circular battle array. After practicing switching out the inner and outer circle formations, I was rather satisfied. These villagers’ innate talent was extremely high. When I instructed them, it was as convenient and easy as pointing a finger.

There was suddenly a danger sign that flashed past my mind. I hastily shouted, “Everyone, be careful. There’s danger.” Just after I said that, there was suddenly a red river sticking to the ground charging at our position. I was stunned. It couldn’t be water right? Moreover, why was it red?

I gathered my energy within my eyes and focused ahead. My expression suddenly changed. It wasn’t a red river. It was something that was made by numerous red dogs. Those dogs had two horns and their bodies were covered with densely
packed scales. They looked really sinister and terrifying.

I hastily conveyed my voice to the few elders at the outermost circle. The Great Elder replied in astonishment. “According to your description, it should be the hellhounds. I had seen it in the records that my ancestor had recorded. When describing the God and Monster war, he had also noted the Hell Hounds. They’re beasts which were summoned by beings from the Monster clan and have strong offensive powers.”

Chapter 10 – Reunited with Zhan Hu

So it was like that, why would an army of the Monster King appear here? Could it be that he had emerged in the world earlier than expected?

There wasn’t any time for me to think as a large army of hellhounds were nearing. I could see them clearly now, their size wasn’t too large. They were 1 meter in length and half a meter in height, and there were thousands of them. Upon seeing this situation, I calmed down as I doubted they could be that powerful.

What was beyond my expectation was that they didn’t directly attack. They encircled us first; an evil aura radiating from their bodies as they glared at us viciously with their bloodshot eyes. It couldn’t be that there was someone controlling them, right? Or were they this intelligent by themselves?

All of the villagers took out their weapons. Suddenly,  the Great Elder resounded. He didn’t convey his voice directly to me, but shouted aloud, “Everyone, you must be wary. These things possess numbing and slowing techniques.”

Upon hearing his words, I was startled. Numbing and slow motioning techniques? What kind of techniques were they?

The hellhounds from the surrounding area immediately demonstrated their techniques. The two horns erupted from their heads out to the sky. A few thousand yellow rays formed a gigantic magic array in the sky; I felt as though my body was becoming weaker and numb. This was bad, if we got trapped, we wouldn’t be able to move. This spell was made to decrease the combat power of everyone here. Under the yellow light emission, the hellhounds had started to move once again.

In the critical moment, I raised Sukrad’s Staff and shouted,
“Great light elements! I plead to you to form into limitless Holy Light to shine upon the land to rid the land of all sinister beings!” I used all of my strength this time. As the three gold dans rotated rapidly, a large amount of light elements entered me through the center of my eyebrows. I gradually levitated from the ground and golden light rays shone out from the transparent  jewel  of  the  Sukrad’s  Staff;  causing  a  3  meter
vertical light pillar to flare into the sky, with me in its center.

The yellow light ray from the hellhounds gradually dissipated, with the Holy Light as its center. Even though the hellhound’s magic power was very weak, it was still strenuous for me to withstand the attacks from thousands of them. If I didn’t have the increase in strength from Sukrad’s Staff, and hadn’t absorbed the Heavenly Spring’s divine vein, I was afraid  it would have been impossible for me to withstand the  attack. With that, almost half of my magic power had been used up. I instantly withdrew my contempt towards them. I descended to the ground using Sukrad’s staff to support my body before I bellowed. “Everyone, please don’t hold back and exterminate
them as quickly as possible!” If they cast another numbing attack, I won’t be able to withstand it.

Actually, they didn’t need me to say that as the villagers from God’s Village had already started to massacre the hellhounds. The circular battle array that they formed had already changed into golden circles. The golden circles seemed to have become sharp blades. As they killed the surrounding hellhounds, a gruesome mess was left as fleshy pieces of hellhound could be seen scattered throughout the battlefield. The five elders must have conceived a method for avoiding unnecessary losses by placing all of the villagers at the level of Radiant Knights in the front line. With the five elders that were at the Sword Saint’s level, it would be impossible for the monsters to  withstand them.

‘This isn’t good. Our current location is already very near Big Brother Zhan Hu’s valley. I don’t know if they suffered any attacks. I must immediately head there.’ As I thought  about that, I immediately cast out Bright Stars; an immense number
of Bright Stars shot out from my body. With each star aiming towards a hellhound, it momentarily put them into  a  sorry state. Under my strong magic support, the hellhound numbers had already decreased to the extent that they were no longer a threat towards us. The Great elder shouted, “Everyone, disperse and kill the enemy!” In a short moment, thousands hellhounds had already become a bloody mess littered throughout the ground.

I told the few elders, “Time is pressing. I don’t know what is happening at the valley. Let’s fly over there!” After saying that, I took the lead levitating and flying in the direction  of  the valley.

I momentarily discovered that there was thick plume  of smoke rising from the valley while I was high up in the sky. Big Brother Zhan Hu must have suffered an attack. I became anxious, so I pushed my body to its limit heading towards the valley at lightning speed.

The valley had completely changed; the surrounding trees had collapsed, and a large amount of Monsters were gradually advancing. The village was already in ruins, with thick rising smoke scattered everywhere. Where was Big Brother Zhang Hu, and everyone else? I paid no attention to the Monsters, and rose into the air once again. I saw traces of fighting. Ah! It must be them. There were small hills in the area and the  Monster’s target seemed to be at that location.

A golden ray of light shot out to impede the advancing Monsters. A figure of blue light flickered everywhere, momentarily forming a thick blood mist. I hastily employed Sukrad’s staff to shoot out a few light blades, turning the monsters on the ground into viscera. The figure of blue light stopped moving, and it was surprisingly Big Brother Zhan Hu wearing his War God’s Armor.
I shouted excitedly, “Big brother, I’m here!” Big Brother Zhan Hu looked extremely haggard, and had a pale complexion. It was obvious that he had used much of his physical power. I landed beside him and supported his bulky body. “Big Brother!”

Zhan Hu smiled bitterly at me and replied, “Brother, if you had come any later, you wouldn’t have been able to see your Big Brother ever again.”

I replied, “Don’t worry! We will continue to talk after we head to that hill.” I supported him, and used short teleportation to reach the hill encampment.

I was immediately surrounded by about 10 people when I appeared on the hill. Big Brother Zhan Hu hastily said, “It’s

I helped Zhan Hu into a sitting position and asked, “Big brother, what is going on?”

Zhan Hu shouted angrily, “How the f*ck would I know where those creatures came from? They attacked everything they saw. If we weren’t helped by the Elven brothers, we wouldn’t have been able to hold.”

Elven brothers? Only then did I notice that there were a thousand people on the hill, including many Nature Elves that were fluttering their wings and holding elven bows guarding the surrounding hill. The light rays that I saw earlier were created by them. It seemed that they had been working hard;
the majority of the arrows they shot contained light magic that I had previously taught them.

I replied, “Big brother, don’t worry.  Strong  reinforcements are coming. I will go and kill the enemies. After I exterminate those bastards, I will come to reminisce about the past with you.” After I said that, I teleported to the side of the hill. It was very lively. The monsters here were very different to the hellhounds we encountered. There were scores of  light monsters. Although they weren’t that quick, their offense and defense were great. The nearby trees had been flattened by them.

“Zhang Gong!” A familiar voice sounded from behind me.

Chapter 11 – Controlling the Situation

I turned around and saw Dong Ri with the Wind God’s bow in his hand. Dong Ri excitedly pulled my hand and said, “Big brother Zhang Gong, you have come!”

I sized him up before replying, “What’s the matter? Are you alright?”

Dong Ri didn’t reply to me as he looked dazedly at the sky. His expression changed before he exclaimed. “This isn’t good, the monsters coming can fly.”

I jumped in fright and looked in the direction he was staring at before heaving a sigh of relief, “Silly boy, those aren’t
monsters. They are the people I brought with me.”

Dong Ri became elated and replied, “There are so many wind mages. We have some hope this time.”

I replied, “You’re wrong. They aren’t wind mages, they’re the same as you. They are warriors.” After saying that,  I immediately went towards the group from the God’s village.

Dong Ri muttered, “Warriors? They can’t all be Heaven Knight’s, right?”
I found the Great Elder from the group and told him, “The people on that hill below us are our allies. Let’s  quickly eliminate those monsters.”

The Great Elder nodded before he commanded the group to kill them. There were so many monsters that even with our assistance, they were only pushed back.

The elders and I landed on the hill. It seemed that Big brother Zhan Hu had recovered some of his strength. He came over and asked, “Zhang Gong, who are these people?”

I replied, “I will make introductions. These people are the elders that I invited over from the God’s village. This is my Big brother Zhan Hu, who is also the inheritor of the War God’s

Zhan Hu looked astonishedly at the five elders before bowing deeply as he greeted them, “My greetings to the elders.” Big brother Zhan Hu must have been tired, as he didn’t know the power the elders held.

The Great Elder replied smilingly. “You don’t have to be this polite, God inheritor. We saw your previous  heroic performance. You should be at the Sword Saint rank.”

Zhan Hu smiled awkwardly before he said, “I am only at the Sword Saint rank when I’m donning the War God’s armour. Without it, I’m still far from reaching the rank of Sword Saint.”

I said smilingly, “Then you will have to ask the elders for tutelage in the future.”

Zhan Hu looked at me in shock. His expression changed before he replied. “It can’t be……”

I nodded. “That’s right! These few elders are of the Sword Saint’s rank.”

The Great Elder said, “Let’s not talk about this now. We should discuss the situation with the monsters instead.”

Big Brother Zhan Hu looked at the elders respectfully before he replied, “Two months ago, these monsters suddenly appeared. Initially, there weren’t a lot of them, so we didn’t really mind it. We just killed them when we saw them. But in half a month’s time, the number of monsters grew to the extent that we couldn’t stay at the village and retreated here. If  it wasn’t for Xiu Si and the rest, who risked their lives to find the Nature Elves to assist us, we wouldn’t have been able to persevere to the point where you came to help us.”

I asked, “Where are Big brother Xiu Si and the rest?”

Zhan Hu sighed before he replied, “Gao De and Xin Ao suffered severe injuries. Xiu Si is currently treating them.”

I softly consoled , “Big Brother, you shouldn’t think of yourself as pathetic. If it wasn’t for you keeping those monsters at bay, they would have already spread into the city.”

The Great Elder said, “What Zhang Gong said is right. Our main task now should be to exterminate these vile creatures.”

I nodded and said, “These things couldn’t have appeared from thin air. The elders and I have discussed it. We think that these things seem to be similar to the beasts summoned by the Monster clan during the Great God and Monster War. If that is the case, someone must have summoned them. I’m just curious as to who’s responsible. After thinking on it, I believe that it is impossible that this was done by the Monster King. If the Monster King did emerge earlier than expected, it  wouldn’t need to use such a troublesome method, with its power it would
be easy to exterminate us? It is also unlikely to be those of the Monster clan. Weren’t they annihilated during the Great God and Monster War?”

Zhan Hu replied, “You’re right, but where are these creatures coming from? We must find the source in order to stop the monster’s unceasing invasion.”

The Great Elder said, “This matter must not be delayed. Those monsters have been temporarily scattered due to our battle. We should make use of this chance and head out immediately.”

I replied, “Big Brother, you just stay here and take charge of the general situation. The elders and I will head out.”

Zhan Hu anxiously said, “How can I let that happen? You’re our guest, and to trouble the elders is already a little embarrassing. Furthermore, I must head out as well. Dong Ri’s staying here should suffice; after you left, Dong Ri worked extremely hard and is now already at the Radiant Knight rank. Even though he hasn’t completely harmonized with his Wind God’s bow, his power is already not weak. With just him here, it shouldn’t be a problem.”

I wasn’t able to persuade him, so I agreed to take him along.

I called Dong Ri over and told him, “There are villagers from the God’s Village here, so the defence shouldn’t be a problem. Big brother Zhan Hu and I will head out to find the source of these monsters. I will leave this place to you. You must be careful, do you understand?”

Dong Ri nodded. “Relax! There shouldn’t be any problems. Zhang Gong, the people you brought over are really powerful. They don’t seem to be any worse than me from my judgement.”

I chuckled. “I’ll explain it to you after we get back. I’ll be heading out now.” After saying that, I called out to the elders and Zhan Hu to prepare to head out.

Dong Ri shouted, “Be careful!”

The Great Elder said, “The source of the monsters shouldn’t
be very far from here. Let’s fly up and see if we can find any clues from the route they took.”

I nodded. “I’ll go and check it out. You should conserve your energy. If I find anything, I’ll use a magic spell to call out to you guys. Big brother Zhan Hu, you should take this time to recover your energy.”

Zhan Hu nodded. “Whatever you do, please, be careful.”

I maneuvered the magic power in my body and willed it to move, levitating me off the ground. Even though I had used a lot of my magic power, I found out that after absorbing the divine vein, the recovery speed of my magic power was astonishing. Soon, my past feeling of inadequacy had disappeared. Eighty
percent of the magic power from my peak state had already been recovered.

When the people on the hill were the size of ants, I stopped my ascent and focused on what was below me. The monsters surrounding the hill had already been scattered and were currently regrouping for the next attack. Moreover,  larger hordes of monsters were surging in from all directions. I discovered that they came from the Southeast where a thick black monstrous energy was originating. The monsters were spreading out from the surroundings of that hill, meaning that the source of the monsters was in the Southeast.

Chapter 12 – Annihilation Of The Origin

I gently waved Sukrad’s staff to form a beautiful light halo in the sky. After a short while, six figures appeared on top of the hill. Zhan Hu asked, “How is it? Did you find anything?”

I pointed at the position in the Southeast. “Take a look at that side, the monsters seem to be coming from there. They start to disperse to the surrounding hills from that direction. Let’s go and have a look.” After saying that, I took the lead, flying in towards the direction that the monstrous energy was coming from.

As we followed the monsters, we stumbled upon an enormous hole in a dense forest. Countless monsters were climbing out from the hole, and so, we landed on a small hill nearby, and hid ourselves from view.

I said, “I think it should be here; it is where they are  all coming from.”

Zhan Hu said, “There is definitely someone commanding them. After they climb out, they would teleport to where we were. The people summoning them must be in there as well. What are we supposed to do now?”

The Great Elder muttered, “We can’t just enter it as it will be too risky. You don’t even know what will happen down there. How about, the seven of us gather our powers to destroy that hole. It might be possible for us to eliminate them and draw out the person inside.”
The few elders expressed their agreement.

I thought for a while. “It isn’t necessary for all of us to use our powers. How about I first use my Holy Sword’s power to check the situation out. If the enemies don’t all die afterwards, I will have to depend on you elders to finish the job. Also, I’ll be void of energy after using the Holy Sword’s power. Big brother Zhan Hu, please guard me after I finish casting the spell.”

Zhan Hu asked in surprise, “Zhang Gong, have you already harmonised with your Holy Sword? Being void of strength, wouldn’t that be too risky?”

I shook my head. “I haven’t, but I can already use some of its power to a certain extent. My current magic power recovering
speed is extremely fast; I just need half an hour’s time to recover fifty percent of my magic powers, so it shouldn’t be a problem for Big brother to support me for half an hour, right?”

Zhan Hu resolutely nodded his head and replied, “I’ll do as you say.”

The Great Elder said, “This……”

I interrupted him by saying, “Don’t hesitate. You’ve also seen the Holy Sword’s power. It may be possible to completely solve the problem with that move.”

The Great Elder replied, “Alright! However, you must be careful.”

Actually, there was selfish motives in my decision. Big brother Zhan Hu had used too much of his strength during the previous battle. Making him stay by my side to protect me was to let him have a better chance of recovery. Even though no one knew what kind of situation would rise from using the Holy Sword, the monster might not even choose to attack  this  hill. Moreover, the five elders would definitely attract most of the enemies. In comparison to making him fight alongside the five elders, Big brother Zhan Hu would be safer here with me.

I whispered, “All of you please guard me, while I begin.” I closed my eyes and slowly mustered the silver Holy Sword to rapidly circulate around the meridians in my body. With me as
its center, the surrounding air become violent, which caused the elders, and Zhan Hu to be pushed 5 meters away from me.

The monsters climbing out from the hole sensed that something wasn’t right, and moved towards our position. The Great elder shouted, “Everyone, form an array. We mustn’t let them to disturb Zhang Gong.”

An intense light ray surrounded my body, radiating all around me. The Holy Sword shone a silver light above my head, with my magic powers strengthening it. Compared to the previous time, the gathering speed was much slower, but I felt that the power of the Holy Sword this time would be much greater than the time I fought against the five elders.
As the monsters neared, the elders and Zhan Hu prepared for a fight, but the monsters below the hill stopped out of fear. Zhan Hu commented, “What are they so afraid off? Ah! It’s the Holy Sword’s power.”

My entire body gave off a divine aura, and six wings of light appeared on my back. My hair was completely golden, and my eyes suddenly opened to shoot two golden rays of light. I raised
Sukrad’s staff and chanted, “The God King bestowed upon me the Radiant Holy Sword that shall shine with the soaring radiance of the vaults of heaven.” As I chanted, the silver Holy Sword flew towards the sky, emitting a great number rays of light, with beauty that outshone even the sun. You could say the power of God was in those rays of light! They gathered like clouds  in  the  sky,  diluting  the  originally  black  monstrous

The various monsters let out mournful blood-curdling screeches under the radiance of the Holy Sword’s light rays, before it slowly dissolved in the air. Actually, it wasn’t that I
had strong powers and I was capable of annihilating them. Rather, the power of God from the Holy Sword was just a bane to monstrous energies.

The Holy Sword flew straight towards the hole. When  it neared it, the sword suddenly curved up towards the  sky, rapidly gathering all sorts of elements towards it. The enemies in the hole also found something wasn’t right. They shot out a thick grey mist to see if they could counter the Holy Sword’s power.

The Holy Sword raised up to a higher altitude. Turning under my command, as it shone intense silver light ray to counter the grey mist that had shot out from the hole.
When the Holy Light, and the grey mist came into contact, the grey mist was unable to get near the Divine light ray. The Holy Sword turned into a silver light ray, and disappeared into the hole.

The monsters that were surging out from the hole; momentarily vanished from the light ray emitting out of the Holy Sword. Miserable shrieks filled the sky.

The entire ground started to quake. “Hong!” The initially 10 meter deep hole exploded, filling the sky with dust. The hole became a massive crater. My entire body softened, and as I collapsed onto the ground. My strength had disappeared along with that attack. I finally understood what the Holy  Sword power was. It didn’t even use my power for its attack, but it absorbed nature’s power around it. After condensing the powers into God’s power, its attack commenced. My power was just a medium for this holy sword!

The few elders, and Zhan Hu immediately surrounded me while focusing on the hole, and checking if there were any left over monsters that might appear.

A trace of a black fog came out from the hole, and was preparing to escape into the distance but was discovered by the sharp sighted Zhan Hu. He shouted, “Don’t let him get away!” He took the lead to charge over, throwing a punch filled with golden battle spirit to block the path of the fog.

The five elders hastily cast the previous battle spirit boundary that they previously used on me, trapping the black fog within it. Big brother Zhan Hu continuously attacked the black fog. The black fog moved in a flash, and suddenly condensed. A person covered totally in gray appeared before Zhan Hu. His body was emitting a monstrous aura. He said sinisterly to Zhan
Hu, “God clan, you unexpectedly had the power to get here.”

Chapter 13 – Monster Clan’s Protector

Zhan Hu frowned as he asked, “What race are you? The Monster race?”

The grey clothed man coldly snorted before he said, “That’s right. I’m one of the eight great protectors of  the  Monster King.”

Zhan Hu replied disdainfully, “What bullshit protector are you? Aren’t you just a lackey for the Monster King?”

The grey clothed man rebuked unyieldingly, “What about yourself? Aren’t you also a lackey for the God’s clan?”

Zhan Hu raged and said, “Good, I will let you have a taste of my prowess. Watch out!” After he said that, he threw a punch, and a golden power formed a light ray towards the grey clothed man. The grey clothed man let out a black fog, stopping Zhan Hu’s attack.

At that moment, the five elders made the boundary smaller, trapping the grey clothed man who cried out mournfully. The grey fog surrounding his body gradually decreased. He hoarsely said, “Good, just you wait humans, after my Master has awakened, it will be your doomsday. Master, this lowly one will not be able to serve you anymore!”

Dark green blood leaked out from the grey clothed man’s body before he collapsed.

The five elders sighed in relief. The Great Elder said,  “He really was powerful. If he wasn’t severely injured from the Holy Sword, it wouldn’t have been so easy to deal with him.”

“He was the same as when I first saw Si Feng Ri.” I used the Sukrad’s staff to support my body as I hobbled over.

Zhan Hu hastily supported me and asked, “Zhang Gong, how are you faring?”

I gave him a smile and replied, “I’m fine. I’m just a little tired.
Let’s take a look at that member from the Monster race.”

Zhan Hu supported me over. The sinister aura surrounding the protector of the Monster race had already dissipated. The green blood had slowly turned into a light red colour.

I said, “Big brother Zhan Hu, please give me some of your battle spirit.”

Zhan Hu hurriedly placed his hand on my back and gave me some of his Ascending Dragon Battle Spirit. I focused on changing the battle spirit he gave me into magic power with his help. I waved the Sukrad’s staff, and shot a white light ray at that protector of the Monster race.

Zhan Hu was startled and asked. “Zhang Gong, why did you use a recovery spell on him?”

I didn’t reply to him; instead, I just wordlessly looked at the protector of the Monster race. Under my strong recovery spell, his face recovered some of its colour. He slowly opened his eyes before he said in difficulty, “You….You all…..”

I asked calmly. “Can you tell me what you have encountered?”

The protector of the Monster race’s complexion had become
better and his face colour had gradually become rosy. However, I knew that it was just the lingering radiance from the previous recovery light power. He replied, “Thank you for saving me whilst I was in the dark. I’m originally a human that lived in the Kingdom of Dalu.”

I shook my head and said, “Your injuries are really severe. All of your meridians have been corroded by sinister energy and won’t be able to recover. Even my light magic has no way of saving you.”

The protector of the Monster race bitterly smiled and replied, “I know how my body’s condition is, but I really am glad that you had helped recover my consciousness before I died.”
I asked, “Can you tell me  your name, and why did you  turn out like this?”

“I’m known as Lisdun Weibo. I was originally an Earl in the Kingdom of Dalu. During the night approximately 8 years ago, when I was sleeping, there was a sudden sinister wind that blew past me. A low voice asked me if I had any wishes. During that time, I was often marginalised by the court. Even though I was terrified, I still voiced out my desires. The gloomy voice then said if he helped grant my wish, I must give him my soul. Due to greed, I readily agreed to him.” As Lisdun Weibo said that, he gasped a few rough breaths of air.

I indicated to Big brother Zhan Hu to give him some of his battle spirit, in order to prolong his life for a while longer.
With the help of the battle spirit that Zhan Hu had given him, Lisdun Weibo’s vitality was slightly better. He continued, “During the next day, I thought that it was just a dream. However, my desires really came through. I became one of the important figures within the Kingdom of Dalu, one who could call the wind and summon the rain, in just half a year’s time. When I was at the peak of my powers, the gloomy voice sounded again. He said that he had already granted my wish, and it was time for me to fulfill my promise. At that moment, I was scared and replied that he didn’t help me at all, and that everything was due to my hard work. The gloomy voice laughed out sinisterly before he said he liked the kind of person I was. After that, I fainted. I already lost all of my past memories the next time I regained my consciousness. I knew that the sinister voice was from the Monster King, my Master. Afterwards, I always followed his orders; it was impossible for me to go against his commands. But when I was previously at death’s door, I finally regained my original personality.”

I hastily asked, “What was your task this time?”
Lisdun Weibo replied, “Actually, it isn’t a specific task. It is just for us to disturb the order of the human society, and to create as much havoc as we could. Initially, it was going really smoothly, but we were soon met with great resistance, and after a while, the summoned Monsters were constantly perishing. Thus, we few protectors gathered our power to summon more Monsters to eliminate the power of the resistance.”

I asked astonishingly, “Other than you, are there still other protectors?”

Lisdun Weibo replied smilingly, “Of course. When we were still enemies, didn’t I tell you that I was one of the eight great protectors? This time, all of us came together, and used our spells in that hole to summon the monsters. But the previous power from the Holy Sword had annihilated all of the monsters in the hole. Among the eight protectors, only I survived. The rest of the protectors were probably tricked by the same method to work for the Monster King.”

Big brother Zhan Hu asked, “Do you know where the Monster King is at, and what powers he possesses?”

Lisdun Weibo shook his head. “Though you may not believe me when I say this, but I have never actually seen the Monster King. When he ordered us, he just used that  frosty  sinister voice. As for his other subordinates, there are about a dozen more like me. I don’t know the specifics, but whenever he commanded us, he arranged it with some of the demon clan. Currently, the eight of us within the Monster King’s hands are only of average standard. He dispatched some of the more powerful subordinates to the demon race as part of a conspiracy to control the Demon Emperor.”

We all momentarily paled with fright, especially me. Mu Zi was the Demon Emperor’s most beloved princess. If the Demon
Emperor was being controlled, only the heavens would know if Mu Zi is in danger. I anxiously asked, “What are their motives for controlling the Demon Emperor?”

Chapter 14 – Final Wish

Lisdun Weibo said, “What other reasons could there be? Of course it’s to spark a world war. When the Monster King awakens, the Demon race will be used as his chess piece to invade the entire world.” After saying that, Lisdun Weibo coughed a couple of times. The rosiness of his face  became paler. This was bad, he wouldn’t be able to hold  on  much longer.

Big brother gave him more of his battle spirit. Lisdun Weibo shook his head and said with some distress, “Stop wasting your battle spirit. It’s useless.”

I asked, “Do you have any unfulfilled wishes? We will definitely help you to fulfill them.”
Lisbon Weibo gradually turned deathly pale as the lingering radiance from the recovery spell that I had previously casted on him dissipated. He said, as he gasped for air, “I have a daughter in the capital city of the Kingdom of Dalu. She’s my only family. When I left her eight years ago, she was only 13 years old. Currently, she should be about the same age as you are. I don’t know if the court allowed her to inherit my Viscount’s position. I hope that you can help me check on her.”

As he explained, he took out a small clothes bag from his chest. He carefully opened it and there was a jade tablet and some pieces of purple crystalline fragments. He continued speaking, “The Jade tablet represents my identity. When you give it to her, she will understand after seeing it. These few pieces of purple contacts were manufactured when we were impersonating the Demon race. It should be useful to you. Please take care of my daughter so that she will be able to forgive………..” Suddenly, fresh blood flowed out from Lisdun Weibo’s mouth. All signs of life left his body as he passed away.
I took the items in his hand and bowed deeply towards him. “Thank you for telling us so much information about the Monster King’s situation. Even though you may not be counted as a good person, you may be a great father. You can go peacefully. We’ll definitely fulfill your final wish.”

The Great Elder said, “The scenery here isn’t bad. Let’s bury him here.” After he said that, he gently brandished the walking stick in his hand, which resulted in a golden light being shot out. A large hole of three meters deep and two meters wide appeared on the hill. Zhan Hu placed Lisdun Weibo’s body in the deep hole. The few elders used their battle spirit to fill up the hole with soil in the surrounding area.

The Great Elder said, “Let’s head back. I don’t know how the situation of the battlefield is right now.” He carried me on his back before flying back to where we came from.

When we returned to the hill, the fighting had already ended. There were various corpses of monsters littered all around. The scent of their blood permeated the entire area. The few elders went to gather the members of their God’s village. I had already recovered some of my strength. I pinched my nose and looked towards Dong Ri, “How did the fight end so quickly?”

Dong Ri replied, “I’m also unsure. Previously, in the direction where you headed, the sky suddenly lit up. After that, I heard a loud sound and the monsters started to massacre one another. We had just brought an end to the fighting.”

Zhan Hu said with malice, “Sooner or later, I will eliminate that son of a bitch Monster King! He caused this place to look like hell. How am I going to carry on living here in the future?”

I gave a bitter smile as I replied, “Just move to a new location. There are a lot of forests here anyway. You can just randomly pick a vast area. That’s right! Big brother, it seems that the number of your subordinates is bigger compared to before.”

Zhan Hu scratched his head, “Since I received the God’s task, I returned to the Kingdom of Xiuda and visited my father and two brothers. They wanted me to stay with them, but I’m already used to a free lifestyle without any restrictions. Thus,  I  ran away again. Whilst I was there, Xiu Si convinced us of the importance of increasing our strength so we began to recruit soldiers and buy horses to train them up. Currently, there are nearly 1000 of us.”

I said, while forming a smile, “You’ve gotten much stronger than before.”

“Zhang Gong.”

It was the Third Elder of the Nature Elves. I hastily went forward and said, “Elder, we were lucky to have you this time. Without you Nature Elves brothers, I’m afraid that my big brother wouldn’t be able to hold on by the time I came  to assist.”

The Third Elder chuckled, “Why are you saying this? Aren’t you regarding me too much as an outsider? Weren’t you the one that had previously helped us out of a difficult situation?”
I replied, “This place has been contaminated with the corpses of the monsters. We can’t continue staying here. Big brother Zhan Hu and I are currently discussing moving to a different location.”

The Third Elder replied, “Where are you planning to move to?”

Zhan Hu replied, “Just somewhere nearby. I will go  and gather the group first. You two continue discussing.”

Seeing Zhan Hu’s leaving back, I said, “The Monster King is currently moving around restlessly. Our future days aren’t looking too good.”

The Third Elder said with a devotion of righteousness that inspired reverence, “We will fight with all we have. It can’t be that with all of the various races in the world, we are still afraid of him, right? I will go and gather the group of Nature Elves. I’ll also send out a couple of elves to scout the area to see if there are places that are suitable to live at for a long period of time.”

I said, with a slight smile, “I’ll have to trouble you then.”

The Third Elder replied, “You don’t have to be so polite with me. It will suffice if you don’t ask for fragrant wine the next time you come to our Nature Elves Village. Haha!” It seemed that he was still fearful of me asking for fragrant wine after taking so much fragrant wine previously.

After two hours, our three groups had completely assembled on the peak of the mountain. The Third Elder of the Nature Elves said, “My clan member has just reported that in a place not far in the Northern direction, there is a rather huge basin. There are various trees and vegetation growing there. In its surroundings, there are also a few rivers. It should be a suitable place to live in.”

Zhan Hu  replied  excitedly,  “That’s  great!  Let’s  head  there.
With this many people, we must have a place to live in.”

I asked, “How much rations do we have left?”
Zhan Hu replied, “Not much. It should suffice for two to three days.”

I replied, “Alright, we will first head to the basin. After we have some rest and reorganize, we will stock up on rations and other necessities.”

The scout from the Nature Elves had really found quite a large basin. It was filled with lofty ancient trees. The  Great  Elder from the God’s village said, “We should set this place up as our base as soon as possible.”

I nodded. “Let’s do it this way. The Nature Elves will be responsible for securing the perimeter. Big brother’s subordinates and the villagers of the God’s village will be
responsible for building the houses. That’s right. Big brother, how is Gao De and Xin Ao?”

Zhan Hu replied, “They are currently resting. Xiu Si had used up a huge amount of energy to treat them, so he is also resting up in the forest behind us.”

Chapter 15 – Beginning To Take Shape

I heaved a sigh of relief and said, “It’s great if they’re fine. Dong Ri, there’s quite a sum of money in this card. You should head to Pulima City with 20 brothers of the God’s village to get some rations and daily necessities. You must be fast, so you should fly there.” Dong Ri took the Amethyst card from  my hand before he replied, “Don’t worry. I will definitely be back in two day’s time.”

The Great Elder said, “Jian Shan, you go and pick some of the villagers who haven’t used too much of their energy to accompany him.”

Jian Shan came out of the crowd in a flash, and patted Dong Ri’s shoulder. He said, “Brother, let’s go.”
Watching them leave, I smiled and shouted, “Alright! Everyone, let’s get moving. The brothers that are wounded should rest up before building our home. I will have to trouble a few elders to instruct the group. Big brother Zhan Hu, please guard me as I try to recover my magic power as soon as possible.”

Since all of us were experts, we only needed three days to form our foundation base. To build the houses, we didn’t cut down all of the trees. Instead, we just cleared the middle of the forest for our dwellings, and using chopped wood to build most of them. Since it was done in a hurry, the houses were built rather large. Each house could accommodate approximately 10 of us. The few elders of God’s Village were extremely knowledgeable in the construction and let the villagers use the remaining branches to form a fence, barricading the entire housing area. Dong Ri and Jian Shan, on the other hand, had made two trips within three days to Pulima City, and successfully purchased rations and daily necessities.
When the sun set, I gathered the elders, Zhan Hu, and others.

“Zhang Gong, what’s the matter?” Zhan Hu’s worry hadn’t changed at all.

I replied seriously, “Big brother, you still remember what Lisdun Weibo said, right? The Monster race is currently trying to infiltrate the Demon race. We definitely shouldn’t just wait for it to happen, so I have decided to go to the Demon race.”

Xiu Si frowned and replied, “The Demon race and the Beast race are currently starting a war with three of the human Kingdoms. If you head there now, won’t it be too risky?”

I sighed, “I must head there even if it is dangerous. There’s something that I haven’t told you.The woman I love is over there”

Zhan Hu was shocked. “You’re good. You’ve found a wife, but didn’t tell your Big Brother.”

I smiled apologetically as I replied, “It isn’t that I didn’t want to tell you, but it’s because the girl I love is from the Demon race. I was afraid that you wouldn’t accept that.”
Everyone was stunned, excluding the five elders from the God’s village. “Big Brother Zhang Gong, how did you get into contact with the Demon race?”

I shook my head dejectedly. “When it comes to my feeling, I cannot control them . Not only did I fall deeply in love with the Demon race’s princess, I’m have become a wanted criminal in the Kingdom of Aixia because of her. Your brother is now a criminal.”

Xiu Si was the only one that remained calm. He said, “Zhang Gong, you should tell us everything that transpired.”

I nodded. I related everything that happened in order, from the time I returned from God’s forest.


After telling them everything that happened, everyone became silent.

I said, “Therefore, for official and personal reasons, I must head to the Demon race.”

Zhan Hu patted my shoulder. “Brother, Big brother supports you. Let big brother accompany you.”

Xiu Si said, “The defense of the Demon race against the Monster King is of great importance so we must head there. Zhang Gong, how many people are you preparing to bring along with you?”

Seeing their support, my eyes reddened. I replied, “Lisdun Weibo had given me 12 purple lenses. We can use them to disguise ourselves and infiltrate the Demon race If that’s the case, then it‘ll mean that only 11 people can come along with me. It won’t be good if too many head there. The trip to the Demon race will be extremely dangerous. Truth be told, I had planned to head there by myself.”

Big brother Zhan Hu resolutely said, “It’s impossible to go alone. I must accompany you.”

I replied, “Big brother, I understand your intention, but this place needs you and the elders to manage it…….”

Zhan Hu replied smiling, “Enough! It’s useless for you to say anything as I’ll definitely head there with you. How can it work out without me? Moreover, I also want to have a look at the Demon race. It is sufficient for Xiu Si to manage this place as he is much smarter than me.”

Xiu Si retorted angrily, “You’re just tossing this terrible mess to me? I want to go as well!”
Dong Ri laughed and said, “Enough, stop fighting. Let’s go with Big Brother Zhan Hu’s suggestion. Big Brother Xiu Si, your intelligence has been acknowledged by everyone so you can’t resign from this position.”

Xiu Si replied, “Dong Ri, you brat……”

Ding Ri giggled and said, “I’m definitely following Big Brother Zhan Hu as I also want to see the Demon race.”

Xin Ao and Gao De argued noisily that they wanted to go as well .

Seeing that no one was afraid of danger and were trying to outdo each other, I was moved by their actions and said, “Everyone, stop fighting. There aren’t many experts, so Big brother Xiu Si, I’ll have to leave this place to you. Big Brother Zhan Hu, I don’t dare make you angry so I’ll count you in. As for Xin Ao and Gao De, your injuries haven’t completely recovered so it’s better for you to stay here to help Big Brother Xiu Si instead.”

The Great Elder from God’s village said, “What are we few elders suppose to do then?”

I respectfully said, “You few elders are the most prestigious and top experts here, so hope that you can stay here and train our brothers. With your tutelage, I’m absolutely sure that their improvement speed will be superlative.”

The Great Elder said smiling, “You brat, stop flattering us. Anyway, we elders have given our old bones to you, so we’ll do whatever you say.”

I chuckled and said, “Big brother Xiu Si, you heard it. When the time comes, ” I gave Xiu Si a sly look.

Xiu Si immediately agreed. “Please be at ease. I’ll definitely respect the elders.” After I left, everyone  improved tremendously under the guidance of the elders. Xiu Si sincerely respected them and learnt many ultimate moves from them. This is just a temporary summary of the future parts of the story.
The Third Elder from the Nature Elves said, “Who are the remaining 9 people that you’re preparing to bring?”

I thought for a while before I replied, “I have already troubled you and your clan members greatly. The Nature Elves will always be our best allies. If you’re willing, you can stay here. The Nature Elves have wings, so it wouldn’t be suitable to come with me to the Demon race. I will bring along villagers from the God’s village who are of the Radiant Knight standard. They are pure martial techniques users, so it’ll be easier not to be suspected as imposters.”

Chapter 16 – Demon-Beast Allied Armies

After hearing my words, Dong Ri said, “Let Jian Shan go with you. He is definitely of the Radiant Knight rank.” It seemed that his and Jian Shan’s relationship wasn’t bad.

I replied, “It’ll be extremely dangerous to head to the Demon race.I can only allow those who will come with me of their own free will as I can’t promise that everyone will return safely.”

The Great Elder replied, “You can pass this matter to me, and I’ll help you pick. When do you plan on heading out?”

I replied, “We leave immediately. his matter must be settled as quickly as possible since we don’t know how many
subordinates of the Monster King have infiltrated the Demon race.” ‘I’m really worried about Mu Zi’s safety. Mu Zi, nothing must happen to you.’

The Great Elder replied, “Alright, leave this place to us. You will depart tomorrow. I will now pick the people going with you.”

Twelve of us departed at dawn the next day. The Great Elder had picked nine people with Jian Shan as reference. They were all around 20 years old, and according to Jian Shan, they were all well known experts from the younger generation  of  the God’s village.

We prioritised recovering  our  strength  during  the  day  and
flew at night, all dressed in black. Even though we could only use battle spirit to fly for a short time, it was still extremely fast. We had already reached Forgotten Path City that was 70 kilometres away from Ström Fortress In approximately 10 days .

The city was exceptionally lively. The main streets were filled with soldiers of different Kingdoms on patrol.  Our  party entered a small tavern, and ordered some dishes and wine.

I told Zhan Hu, “Big brother, it seems that the situation is extremely tense. The soldiers outside should be transporting various supplies to support the frontlines.”

Zhan Hu nodded. “Even though the situation is tense, it seems that they haven’t started fighting yet. If it was just the allied
army forces of the Demon and Beast races, breaching the Ström Fortress could prove to be an arduous task. In these 200 years, every Kingdom had gathered a large amount of resources that could support a drawn out war. Perhaps this is why the allied army forces of the Demon and Beast races did not dare act blindly. Even if it’s just the 200 Areal Magic Cannon’s at the Fortress, it’ll be difficult for them to deal with it. ”

I asked, “Is the Areal magic Cannon really that powerful?”

Zhan Hu had an incredulous expression. “Your general knowledge is really too little. Even an ordinary magic cannon can easily decimate ordinary hundred-men squads. Worse still, it is an Areal Magic Cannon. Don’t you think that it’s powerful? Even with the high defenses of those bastards of the Demon and Beast race, I don’t think they would dare face the power of 200 Areal Magic Cannons.” He saw my vicious gaze and continued to say, “I didn’t mean your Demon Race’s Princess is a bastard.” I wanted to collapse. It would have been better if he hadn’t explained himself.

I rebuked him in anger, “Big brother, you………”

Dong Ri saw that the atmosphere was tense, so he hastily tried to mediate by saying, “Let’s not talk about that and eat first. Zhang Gong, what are your plans to pass through the Ström Fortress?”

I smiled and said, “I definitely have an excellent plan. Have you forgotten what I said about how the Demon race came  to our side? Can’t we use the same plan? My magic recovery speed is extremely fast so in a short period of time we’ll be able to teleport over.”
Jian Shan said excitedly, “Ah! That’s great! I haven’t tried a teleportation array before.”

I scolded him mockingly, “What’s great about that? Do you think a teleportation array is fun? If we aren’t careful, it may dunk us into a swamp.”

Jian Shan threw a peanut over. “Stop scaring me. I don’t believe you’d make an error in using the teleportation array.”

I caught the peanut with my mouth and said cheekily, “It isn’t guaranteed. I may be up to to no good. Hehe!”

Zhan Hu replied, “Stop being flippant! Let’s find a person to ask them about the situation on the frontlines.”

Dong Ri stuck out his tongue and shouted, “Server, please come over.”

A slightly built server hastily came over and asked, “Sir, is there something you need?”

I asked, “Brother, what’s the frontline like? Has the fighting started already?”

The server looked around cautiously as he surveyed his surroundings. Only after he was certain no-one was focusing on their table, he whispered, “I heard the situation isn’t good. The Demon and Beast races have already gathered an army of 2 million.”

An army of 2 million? Where did they get so many from? Could it be all their citizens had become soldiers? Even if the eastern continent of the world had been more populated than the western continent, they shouldn’t have placed their lives at such risk. “How is our side planning to deal with them?”

The server replied, “I heard that the three main Earth Dragon Corps, 20 cavalry corps from the Kingdom of Xiuda, as well as 50 mage corps and the Royal Mage Union from the Kingdom of Aixia are rushing over. So too are people from the Kingdom of
Dalu. Our side should have at least 1 million people. There was a group of wounded soldiers that came here from the frontlines a few days ago. Some of them came to us for a place to eat. I heard from them that outside Ström Fortress, there were Demon and Beast race military forces as far as the eye could see. Those wounded soldiers were those that had participated and were wounded in the first contact between the opposing forces.”

Dong Ri asked, “Did they describe what their opponents looked like?”

The server replied, “How could they not have described them? From the looks on their faces, they appeared to have had the scare of their lives. It seemed they came into contact with the Giant race from the Beamon Giant Beast corps. They stated that they were originally from a 10,000 strong light Cavalry corps. When they were out on patrol, they were ambushed by the Beamon Giant Beast corps, who were at least 5 meters tall. Even though there were only 500 giants, they were able to kill so many of their Cavalry corps that they were forced to retreat.
Only 2000 corps members were able to escape. If it wasn’t for the cannons on the fortress, they wouldn’t have been able to return with their lives.”

500 vs 10,000, wouldn’t that be too horrifying? Wouldn’t they be at least of the Heaven Knight rank?

I anxiously asked, “Do you have any other information?”

The server shook his head. “I’m unsure of the rest. Ah! That’s right! I heard that the commander of the allied Demon  and Beast races army is one of the Demon Kings. It seems to be the Demon Emperor’s brother.”

I tossed two silver coins to the server before I whispered, “From what the server said, if things were to proceed as normal, the allied Demon and Beast forces wouldn’t invade without careful consideration. Even though their numbers outnumber us, a large number of advanced mages were annihilated when they tried to assassinate the Emperor of Aixia. The human race also has Ström Fortress as their defence. If I were the commander-in-chief of the allied Demon and Beast Army force, I’d retreat as it’d be extremely disadvantageous for them to face the human race, and garner their resources. If the Demon race has similar intelligence as the human race, they shouldn’t continue to waste their resources.”

Zhan Hu replied, “However, they currently aren’t showing any signs of retreating.”

Chapter 17 – Arranging A Rescue

I frowned as I said, “That’s something I found strange, unless……” Thinking about it, my expression suddenly changed.

Zhan Hu loudly exclaimed, “They’re already being controlled by the monster race?!”

Dong Ri, who was at Zhan Hu’s side, covered his mouth and said, “Boss, are you lest that no one knows about it?”

I wasn’t in the mood to care about that. With a resolute gaze, I said, “We must immediately head to the Demon race. If the Demon Emperor is being controlled, the entire world will be in danger. Monster King….Monster King, you’re really scheming.
When the human race and the allied forces of the Demon and Beast races are severely injured, it’ll be time for you to resurrect into the world. Do you think invading the world is that easy? I definitely won’t let your schemes come true. Let’s go.” ‘Mu Zi, I’m coming for you.’

After two hours, we appeared near the Heavenly Falling Mountain.

When we looked up from the bottom of the mountain, the mountain was tall and erect, reaching to the sky and  its midpoint was covered with white clouds, making it impossible to see its peak. It was no wonder that the Heavenly Falling Mountain was the natural defence for the Ström Fortress. It really was a perfect moat for the fortress.
Jian Shan’s expression changed as he said, “There’s a large group of men and horses heading this way. Quickly hide!” I listened with rapt attention. As expected, a loud horse’s hoof sounded in the distance. The twelve of us hastily hid within the thicket in the surroundings.

In an extremely short moment, a grand contingent appeared. Ah! It was unexpectedly one of the Earth Dragon corps from Xiuda. The leader was surprisingly Big Brother Shan Yun. Zhan Hu couldn’t bear not to get out from hiding and shouted, “Second brother!”

As soon as he showed himself, he was instantly surrounded by
10 massive Earth dragons. Big Brother Zhan Hu was too reckless. This was a battlefield. I stopped Dong Ri who was able to charge out from hiding, and indicated to him to wait and see how it would turn out. Zhan Hu loudly shouted, “Second brother, it’s me! I’m Zhan Hu.”

Shan Yun rode over on his Earth Dragon. When he saw Zhan Hu, he excitedly replied, “Third brother, why are you here?”

Zhan Hu smiled awkwardly and replied, “I’m on a special mission. Why are you patrolling here?”

Shan Yun jumped down from his Earth dragon and pulled on Zhan Hu’s hand. “Let’s go and have a chat by the side.” He turned his Earth Dragon around and told the soldiers who were at the side, “Order to the entire force, we’ll be resting here.”
Shan Yun pulled Zhan Hu to the side and slightly reproached him. “Brother, why did you leave after only leaving a message? Father was terribly enraged.”

Zhan Hu smiled embarrassedly. “Second brother, you should know that I’m used to a free lifestyle. If you really wanted me to join the military, I really wouldn’t be able to bear the restrictions. You should also know Father’s temper. He’s very stubborn and won’t listen to other’s opinion. I didn’t dare tell him that, so I just ran away.”

Shan Yun asked, “What’s your motive for coming here? Are you here to assist Xiuda’s forces?”

Zhan Hu shook his head. “We’re heading to the Demon race
for business. It might have an impact on the entire situation.”

Shan Yun startled, “You’re going to the Demon race? Don’t you want to live anymore? You said we. Who are the rest?”

“Big brother Shan Yun, there’s me.” As I said that, I stood beside Zhan Hu.

Shan Yun looked was in shock as he saw me. He suddenly grabbed the handle of his sword. “Zhan Gong,  aren’t  you wanted by the Kingdom of Aixia? Zhan Hu, it can’t be  that you’re heading to the Demon race with him, right? You’re jumping into a pit of fire. He is already allied with the demon race. Aixia has already announced the cancellation of Zhang Gong Wei’s status and privileges from the Kingdom of Aixia.”

I bitterly smiled. “It seems that you’ve misunderstood me.”

Zhan Hu said, “Second brother, if you said that someone else had betrayed humanity, I’d have believed you. But if you say that it was Zhang Gong, that’s impossible. The truth is like this…..” He summarized what I had told him about my experiences.

Shan Yun released his hand from the handle of his sword. He replied relieved, “So it’s like that. You’re heading to the Demon race to stop the Monster King.”
I nodded. “That’s correct. This matter is classified. I have to ask Big brother Shan Yun to help keep this a secret.”

Shan Yun replied, “I know the severity of this matter. Do you need my help? The commander in chief of the Xiuda forces is my father. I can help smuggle you into the fortress where you can teleport to the Demon race.”

I shook my head. “I won’t need your help with that. If we’re discovered, and His Majesty were to accuse us of being spies for the enemy, it’ll be bad. We’ve got some plans to get there. However, there’s something else that I need Big brother Shan Yun’s help with.”

Shan Yun replied, “Just tell me anything, as long as it’s within
my capabilities.”

I replied, “You should know the risk of heading to the Demon race. I don’t know when we’ll be returning as well. Currently, there shouldn’t be many changes in the military campaign. I hope that when we return, Big brother Shan Yun can support us.”

Shan Yun nodded. He took out a delicate bamboo pipe. “No problem. The main defense forces of Xiuda are on the Eastern side. This flair is my special signal. You can take this, and when you return, you just have to fire it. I’ll immediately bring my troops to assist you.”

I took the bamboo pipe and smiled. “That’s awesome. Our
safety is more assured now. Thank you, Big brother Shan Yun.”

Shan Yun replied smilingly, “You don’t need to thank me. You just have to take good care of my reckless Third brother.”

I chuckled and replied, “I still need Big brother Zhan Hu to take care of me. We are pressed for time, so we won’t bother you any further.”

Shan Yun replied, “Alright. I wish you all the best. You must be careful. If you think the matter is impossible to accomplish, with your skills, you should be able to escape.”

Zhan Hu said, “Second brother, please help me send my regards to father, and tell him that I’m fine. After coming back, I’ll definitely go and see that old man.”

Shan Yun replied, “I temporarily won’t be able to tell father that I’ve met up with you. If I haven’t brought you back, he might punish me by martial law. You just have to return safely. I have got to go. Order, continue to patrol.”

As Zhan Hu watched Shan Yun’s departing figure as he led the Earth Dragon corps away, his eyes moistened. I embraced his thick and broad shoulders and said, “After coming back, you’ll see them again.”
Zhan Hu rubbed his eyes before he replied, “Let’s go.”

We carefully entered the Heavenly Falling Mountain and found an unmanned flat stretch of ground.

I looked at the terrain in my surroundings before  saying, “Let’s teleport from here.”

Since I had the Sukrad’s staff, I was prepared to send all of us in one go, but there would still be a definite risk factor to it. For our safety, I had set up 6 invisible defence arrays, encircling the entire open space. With this way, even if there were people that flew above us, they wouldn’t be able to detect us. Even if we were seen, it wouldn’t be easy for them to break through the unified forces of the 6 arrays. The reason for that was that for
each of the arrays, I had used a blue magic crystal as its source of power, which would be able to support this magic array for half a year’s time.
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