Child Of Light Volume 7

Volume 07

Chapter 1 – Assassin In The Palace

After returning to the dormitory, I couldn’t fall asleep as I lay down on my bed. I truthfully couldn’t be apart from Mu Zi. Even though we hadn’t known each other for a long time and Mu Zi didn’t have any special characteristics, other than her magic and appetite. But my heart had already been locked onto her. Her every frown and smile moved me. Seeing her in such pain, how could I feel good at all.

As I tossed and turned restlessly in bed, a sharp flute tune suddenly sounded outside. Someone was shouting loudly, “All students are to immediately gather at the training field! This is an emergency! All students are to immediately gather at the training field. This is an emergency!”

What happened? They were calling all of us to gather this late in the night. This was the first time this happened since I first entered the academy.

I tidied my uniform and ran to the training field, holding the staff. I saw Teacher Zhen and Teacher Lie stand grimly at the training field. When Teacher Zhen saw that the majority of the students had come, he shouted, “Students, time is pressing. A rescue signal have just suddenly sounded from the palace! I am unsure what happened. All year 5 students and year 3 Zhang Gong and Mu Zi are to immediately follow me and the vice Principal to enter the palace. Make haste!” Ma Ke was living in the palace and the Hai Yue three siblings had returned home.

Looking at Teacher Zhen’s face, I knew something major had happened. I teleported to his side and asked, “Teacher Zhen, what is going on?”

Teacher Zhen frowned and replied, “I also don’t know what is going on. The sentry on duty suddenly saw the fireworks that
are signals for assistance come from the palace. Something major must have happened. Let’s go! Where is Mu Zi?”

I looked in every direction but didn’t see her. I replied, “I don’t see her anywhere. It may be because she was too tired in the day so she hasn’t woken up. I will go find her.”

Teacher Zhen replied, “Forget it! Don’t call her. We  must make haste immediately and if we don’t head out now, we will be too late!”If there was danger, it would be better that Mu Zi didn’t go. I also didn’t persist and teleported out with Teacher Zhen.

Teacher Zhen had brought the 100 of us quickly into the palace. From a far distance, we could see blazing flames soaring
all over the palace. I heaved a sigh of relief and said, “So, it is just that the palace caught fire. Teacher Zhen, you don’t need to be anxious.”

Teacher Zhen’s expression darkened. “No, it isn’t that simple. Let’s quickly head in.” He shouted at the 5th year students behind him, “Everyone, pay attention! As we head in, you are to simultaneously extinguish the fire. Be careful!”

After he said that, he gave me an eye signal before heading in first. I hastily followed behind Teacher Zhen, the palace was abnormally disordered. Teacher Zhen pulled a guard and asked, “What happened?”

The guard replied panting heavily, “There… There are
assassins. A large group of black clothed people invaded. They are extremely powerful. The guards and the Royal Mage Union suffered severe casualties and injuries.”

Teacher Zhen and I were astonished. I asked, “It can’t be Duke Te Yi, right?”

Teacher Zhen replied, “It is still uncertain. Let’s hurry into the inner palace. They must be here to assassinate  the Emperor.”

Teacher Zhen and I shot towards the depth of the palace. There was suddenly a few black clothed people fighting with the people from the Mage Union in front of us.

Teacher Zhen shouted, and a dimensional slash struck.

There were five black clothed people. When they saw us charging over, two people were dispatched from  the  team. There was thick black fog being released from their hand. I shouted, “Teacher Zhen, it is dark magic. Be careful!” After I said that, I immediately struck a light blade at them. The light and dark magic went against each other. The opponent’s’ magic was obviously not as skillful as I was, and the black fog immediately dispersed from my attack. The remainder was absorbed by Teacher Zhen’s dimensional slash.

Teacher Zhen and I were mutually overwhelmed with shock and simultaneously shouted, “Demon race!”

The black clothed person facing us coldly said, “It is too late even if you find out now. Your Emperor may have already been killed by us. Haha!”

Teacher Zhen and I knew that time was pressing. I said, “I will give this two to you to deal with. I will deal with the  other three.” With Teacher Zhen’s power, even if his opponent used dark magic, they definitely wouldn’t be his match.

I used teleportation to go past them and headed towards the other three Demon race’s men. There were only three mages from the Royal Mage Union bitterly fighting on. They would soon be unable to fight. I knew this wasn’t the time to  be lenient. I gathered the fusion of magic and battle spirit spell and struck them with all of my might.

The three dark magician immediately dispatched one of them to try and block the light blade I had shot out. The fusion spell’s power could be seen as it had effortlessly broke his defensive spell and cut him in half.

I raised the Sukrad’s staff highly and chanted, “Light Elements, my friends, please turn into unceasing Holy light to eliminate the enemies before you!” As I had experience in fighting with the Demon race, I knew no matter if it was offensive or defensive spells with light magic, it would cause them severe injuries.

The two Gold Dans in my body quickly rotated. The gold light surged out from my body and struck out like lightning. I used a defensive spell so I wasn’t afraid that I would harm the people from the Royal Mage Union. Thus, even though the attack was
an advanced spell, I had used all of my strength.

The remaining two dark mages mournfully let out blood- curdling screeches under the shine of the Holy light.  Their entire body seemed to have caught on fire. They rapidly burned and quickly turned into ashes.

At this moment, Teacher Zhen had already dealt with his opponents and ran over. Looking at him, he seemed to have used up a lot of his energy. We pulled the people from the Mage Union who were crouching on the ground as they panted profusely. Teacher Zhen anxiously asked, “What happened? Quickly explain!”

The mage recognised Teacher Zhen and said as he panted,
“Principal, you should quickly go! We don’t know how many assassins there are. They all use dark magic and are extremely powerful. It is impossible to stop them. Our Royal Mage Union has suffered disastrous losses. They may already have attacked the interior of the palace.”

Teacher Zhen told me, “Zhang Gong, let’s quickly head in.”

As we moved, Teacher Zhen told me, “The dark magic is too powerful. The two that I had dealt strenuously with should be only at the Advanced Mage of the Demon race. It looks like the best way to defeat them is with your light magic. Don’t ever hold back and use your quickest speed to deal with them!”

I replied, “I understand.”

We consecutively met with three to four small assassins that we eliminated at rapid speed like a gale that blew away dead leaves.

There was a lofty palace in front of us. Teacher Zhen said, “Let’s quickly go! It should be the inner palace in front of us.”

When we dashed into the inner palace, we saw a far from good situation. There were 100 black clothed Demon race’s member with their faces masked currently invading the inner palace.

Chapter 2 – Forbidden Light Of Eternal Recovery

The Royal Mage Union members who were under Dun Yu Xi’s leadership fought with all their might. It was his Earth magic’s defensive power which was extremely powerful that had  let them persevere to now.

After looking everywhere, the Emperor Ke Zha’s figure wasn’t there. He should have hidden himself.

Ma Ke was also inside the Royal Mage Union group. From their looks, they should be unable to hold on much longer.
Teacher Zhen whispered to me, “Zhang Gong, you  must gather your power to use your most powerful spell. I will assist you as you do that.” After he said that, Teacher Zhen placed his hand on my back and rich magic power surged out from it. I knew that he was doing this as light magic had a much better killing effect.

Under the assistance of the first ranked Magister of the world, I felt that my magic power was exceptionally abundant. The two gold Dans in my body had turned completely transparent. I suddenly developed a bold thought.

I started to chant, “Great light elements! You possess limitless powers. Darkness is extremely small before you. The eternal light ray that circulates the horizon. I plead to you to descend to the world and give me the endless recovery spell to recover all pains, to let all sufferings to be far away from us, Forbidden
Light of Eternal Recovery!”

After I chanted, Teacher Zhen felt that all of his magic power in his body seemed to have been emptied by me. He was overwhelmed with horror and flew back retreating. A stream of blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth. He feebly leaned at the side before shouting in astonishment, “Zhang Gong, what are you doing? That…That is a forbidden spell!”

My entire body seemed to have been torn apart. The light elements from my surrounding frantically gathered around me. The two Gold Dans shot up from my upper Dantian before floating behind my back to form an enormous hexagram. Both of my hands raised high up involuntarily. The staff in my hand emitted peculiar light rays. There were numerous unknown types of symbols that appeared from the transparent gemstone of the staff surrounding me.
At this moment, the demon race’s invaders already felt that something was not right. Even though they didn’t know what magic spell I was using, the pressure from the spell had terrified all of the demon race’s members. One of them shouted, “Not good! Quickly stop that human!”

Immediately, 7-8 demon race members attacked  me. However, once their offensive magic touched the strange symbols at my side, they strangely disappeared.

Ma Ke shouted. “Boss, you come and quickly  annihilate them!”

My eyes seemed to have turned completely gold like when I was using the Holy Sword. The hexagram on my back became
increasingly brighter. There was a faint shadow that appeared behind my back. Teacher Zhen was amazed to see that there were six light formed wings.

I felt that my entire body was inflated to the point  that  I would soon explode. I gave a desperate long roar after lifting my head. All of the power had gathered at the Sukrad’s staff was shot out as a pure golden light ray towards the sky. After the golden ray shot out, my entire body went soft. I immediately collapsed on the ground.

When everyone thought that nothing had happened, an anomaly appeared. The initially dark skies suddenly lit up. A fragrance first permeated down. After that, it was a golden light rain.
Teacher Zhen shouted “Not good!” As the light rain poured down towards the enemies, it also poured down onto the group on my side. The entire palace was enveloped in the light rain.

One of the black clothed people suddenly shouted, “Everyone! Quickly use your best defensive spell. This is a light forbidden spell.” After he said that, he took out a black rod from his spatial space and raised it high above his head. The black rod gave off light rays as dark as ink that enveloped him and another black clothed person in it.

The light rain was already pouring down. Teacher Zhen was amazed to find that the light rain didn’t have any offensive power. It had treated his wounds instead. It was just his magic power that needed some time to recover. Not only him, all of the people from the Royal Mage Union also felt that effect.
The demon race members at the scene didn’t have such luck. When the light rain got in contact with their dark magic defensive spell, it gave off ‘Zi! Zi!’ sounds. Their defensive spell was incapable of blocking the invasion of the light rain. Just like the two demon race members that was ignited by the Holy light, they all underwent spontaneous combustion. The palace instantly was filled with fire lights.

I was still conscious. It was just that I was feeble from using too much power. As I was immersed in ecstasy, I unexpectedly was able to use a forbidden spell. I had succeeded. I really succeeded in using it.

Actually, the main reasons why I could use the forbidden spell was due to my good luck. Firstly, my magic power was already at the Magister’s level. Secondly, I had the assistance of the world’s first rank Magister. Furthermore, my staff wasn’t just a toy but a God’s weapon. Without its help, the spell would have backfired on me. The most important reason was the Holy Sword’s power. The magic spell that I had casted was light
magic. Since the Holy Sword was used for a long time by the Radiant God’s battle angel, Mi Jia Lie, the Holy Sword had a light attribute. With all those reasons colligated on me, I was able to smoothly cast out the forbidden spell.

Ma Ke already ran over and supported me. He shouted, “Boss, you’re too awesome. You just used a single spell to deal with all of the enemies. If you had come a little later, we really wouldn’t be able to hold on.”

Dun Yu Xi also walked over and patted me, who was still feeble. “You’re really a hero that is still a youngster. If I haven’t guessed wrongly, the spell you just used should be a forbidden spell.”
I slightly nodded and weakly replied, “I am able to use it due to the magic power assistance that Teacher Zhen gave to me. How is the emperor?”

Ma Ke replied, “Father suffered some injuries. He is currently at the far back of the group. If they were able to breakthrough, I am afraid……”

Dun Yu Xi said, “The enemies’ plans were too meticulous. They first set fire everywhere to disperse the guards’ attention. After that, they gathered their powers to release a few large scale spells, making my team suffer a great loss. As the Kingdom has been peaceful for a few hundred years, the security of the palace also isn’t tight. If you didn’t come in time, I’m afraid that they would have succeeded.”
A hundred people came running from outside. They were the academy’s year 5 students with Si Wa leading them. Si Wa ran over and asked Dun Yu Xi, “Teacher, what happened? Why did our wounds heal in a short moment while the opponents suddenly underwent spontaneous combustion?”

Dun Yu Xi smiled and said, “Regarding that, you will have to ask your good brother.” As he said that, he pointed at me.

Chapter 3 – The Heart Bleeds

I awkwardly smiled. “It is just a small trick. Hehe! Aiya! You see, they have already been burnt into ashes. Hmm! Why are those two people not burned to death?”

The two that didn’t undergo combustion were the two that were protected by the black rod’s power. Even though  they didn’t combust, they collapsed onto the ground without any strength to fight back.

Dun Yu Xi shouted, “Arrest them!”

There were four people that came running out of the Royal Mage Union to arrest the two demon race members. The demon
race member that used the black rod to protect himself had a malicious look. He shouted without any intentions of surrendering, “Wait for my race’s main army to invade! It will also be the time for your deaths!”

The other demon race member’s eyes held a  hidden bitterness. He just fixedly looked at me. I was stunned as those eyes looked very familiar.

Dun Yu Xi ordered, “Take down their masks!”

The demon race member with the malicious eyes had  his mask removed first. It was an old man with a face full of wrinkles. He coldly snorted and raised his head.

When the other demon race member’s mask was removed, everyone from the academy was startled. When I looked at him, I felt as though all of the blood in my body had rushed towards my brain.

I shouted, “Mu Zi, why is it you? Why are you here? Could it be they caught you?”

Mu Zi looked fixedly at me with her eyes filled with dismay. She replied. “Zhang Gong, I have let you down. I am from the demon race. This is the worry that I have never been able to tell you.”
All of the cells in my body went stiff. Every thought kept surging up. I had finally understood why Mu Zi initially didn’t want to accept me, and also why she didn’t want me to heal her with light magic; why she wanted to be a matchmaker for Hai Shui and I and why she had always wanted me to forget about her.

My eyes filled with despair. A mouthful of blood deep from my heart, violently sprayed out. I shouted, “No!!!!” In my eyes, the world had completely changed into a bloody haze. Mu Zi’s figure gradually became fuzzy. Once my head slanted forward, I fainted.

My heart was in extreme pain. In the darkness, I could imagine as though Mu Zi was waving mournfully at me before she gradually fell into a dark whirlpool that was so deep that the bottom couldn’t be seen.

I wanted to catch her but I just was not able to. I could only see her slowly become engulfed by the whirlpool. I shouted, “No! Mu Zi, don’t!”

I screamed out for her and suddenly sat up. My entire body was drenched in cold sweat. Teacher Di walked over and said, “Zhang Gong, you have awoken. How are you feeling? Is there any discomfort?”

I shook my head and looked fixedly at Teacher Di. My tears
came out, dropping onto the blanket. Teacher Di gave out a long sigh before sitting by my side, embracing me.

I immediately wailed loudly and cried out, “Why? Why are the heavens treating me like this? Why is this happening? Teacher Di, please tell me that this isn’t real and is only  a dream, right?”

Teacher Di rubbed my back and benevolently said, “Child, you must accept this fact. It is real. This can’t be changed by human strength. I only just found out that you are really that deeply in love with her.”

Mu Zi’s attractive reflection appeared unceasingly in  my mind. My heart was ice cold. Mu Zi unexpectedly was a spy from
the demon race and also participated in attempting to assassinate Emperor Ke Zha. With such heavy crimes against her, it was impossible for her to remain alive for long.

After a long time, I slowly controlled my sorrow. I sat properly and asked, “Teacher Di, how is she now?”

Teacher Di shook his head slightly. “Child, don’t put any hope on that thought.”

I exclaimed, “It can’t be that she is already dead, right?”
Teacher Di replied, “Listen carefully, she currently isn’t dead but her magic is sealed. She has been locked up in the Sky Prison with the other remaining demon race member. That’s right! I heard that you used a forbidden spell that also killed a majority of the demon race members that invaded. Is that true?”

Mu Zi’s time being locked in the Sky Jail wouldn’t last for many days. I dejectedly said, “That’s right. I had used the Eternal Recovery light spell. It is also the only forbidden spell that you had taught me.”

Teacher Di curiously said, “It is a recovery spell and not an offensive spell. Why is there such a strong killing force?”

I replied, “It is due to the demon race having dark attributes
so no matter if it is an offensive or a defensive light magic, it’ll have a strong killing force.”

Teacher Di nodded. “So it is like that. Child, you are not allowed to go anywhere and just stay at teacher’s place. Your injuries aren’t bad, just that you have overused your magic power.”

I begged, “Teacher Di, can you please let me see Uncle Ke Zha?”

Teacher Di’s expression instantly became strict. “You can’t! Even if you go, there won’t be any outcome! Do you understand that the demon race and beast clans have joined their armies and are now moving restlessly at our border? Furthermore, the
demon race has come to assassinate Emperor Ke Zha and almost succeeded. Mu Zi’s position in the demon race isn’t low. How can he let her go because of you?”

I rolled onto the ground from the bed, kneeled down and begged as I cried out saying, “Teacher Di, I beg you, to at least let me give it a try.”

Teacher Di helped to lift me up and sighed saying, “Child, what do you want me to say to you? You should know that the human race’s hatred towards the demon race and beast clans has already been deep rooted. Since you are unwilling to give up, you can give it a try. But you can’t do any foolish acts! Do you understand?”
I elatedly nodded my head and stood up. “Thank you! Thank you so much! I will head there now.”

Teacher Di helplessly said, “Child, are you that anxious? If you want to go, you have to recover first. After your  magic power has recovered, you can go after that.”

After standing up, my head felt very giddy. I knew  that Teacher Do had said the truth. I immediately sat on the bed and did my best to gather my magic power. ‘Mu Zi, I will do my best
to help you resolve this matter. No matter what, I will save your life. Even if I have to exchange my life for yours, I am also willing.’

After resting for a day, the two gold dans had rapidly
recovered my magic power. Even though I wasn’t at my peak state, eighty percent of my magic power had been recovered. Actually, when I had made thirty percent recovery, I could already enter the palace. However, in my heart, there was a shadow. If Emperor Ke Zha didn’t want to let Mu Zi go, what should I do then?

I wore an ordinary white magic robe and with the staff in my
hands, I headed towards the palace. ‘Mu Zi, nothing must happen to you. I am coming. Even though you are from the Demon race, my love for you hasn’t decreased at all. You must wait for me.’

Chapter 4 – My Decision

As I neared the entrance of the palace, the guards on duty stopped me. My expression dampened. “Please help me  to report that the Royal Advanced Magic Academy’s Zhang Gong wishes to meet with His Majesty.”

After hearing my name, all of the guards displayed respectful expressions. The guard immediately respectfully  replied, “Please wait for a moment. I will immediately go and report.”

The guard quickly walked back out from the palace. “Magister Zhang Gong, His Majesty has requested the pleasure of seeing you.”
I nodded and followed him into the palace, which  was different from before. Even though there were some burned parts that was still not repaired, the guards in the palace and mages were placed every three steps and a sentry every five steps. The security of the palace was exceptionally tight.

After walking to the entrance of the inner palace, the guard shouted, “Magister Zhang Gong request for an audience.”

Emperor Ke Zha had personally came forth. When he saw me, he elatedly said, “Zhang Gong, you’re here! Let’s chat inside.”

After entering the inner palace, I immediately kneeled and said, “This commoner hadn’t properly protected Your Majesty and risked His Majesty getting injured. My crime is severe
enough for me to be punished to death ten thousand times.”

Ke Zha’s expression changed and said angrily, “Zhang Gong, what are you saying? If you are counted to have protected me unsatisfactorily, then the others are rice buckets! I am lucky to have you this time. I am preparing for you to become the Kingdom’s protector. All of you withdraw. I have some matters to discuss with Magister Zhang Gong.”

Ke Zha had ordered the guards to withdraw before pulling me up. He said in appreciation. “Zhang Gong, you’re really the Kingdom’s pillar. If you didn’t use the forbidden spell, the outcome would be unconceivable.”

I hastily bowed and replied, “Your Majesty, it was something I
ought to do. Moreover, the forbidden spell was successful under the power of Teacher Zhen and mine with some luck.”

Ke Zha replied, “There is no outsider here. You don’t have to call me a Majesty. You just call me Uncle Ke Zha. I am more familiar with you calling me that. No matter what,  you’re  a great contributor to the Kingdom. You don’t have to continue studying at the Advanced Magic Academy, come to the palace. I will appoint you to be the Vice head of the Royal Mage Union and be the protector of the Kingdom.”

Seeing that his mood was good, I felt that I should say my purpose in coming here. I kneeled again and replied, “Uncle Ke Zha, I don’t need any rewards. I just beg for a favour.”
Ke Zha waved his hand and replied, “How can you be unrewarded. You don’t have to plead to me about that matter. I know what you want to say. I can grant you anything but that.”

I anxiously replied, “Uncle Ke Zha, I……”

Ke Zha sighed and replied, “Zhang Gong, you must know that she is from the demon race. This is no longer just my problem. I need to account for all of the officials and also the commoners. Do you understand? I haven’t done any punishments on Mu Zi for your sake. I can only promise you that before execution, she will be slightly more comfortable.”

When I heard about the execution, my mood abruptly dampened. I knew that in usual cases, Mu Zi and her accomplice
wouldn’t be exempted from their punishment. I was afraid that other than the stubborn old man, nobody would be my opponent. There wouldn’t be any of her race that would come to rescue her.

I sighed and replied, “Since that is the case, Your Majesty, I will withdraw first. As for the position for the Vice head of the Royal Mage Union and to be the protector mage of  the Kingdom, please forgive me that I can’t accept those roles as I am used to the academy’s lifestyle.”

After leaving the palace, I definitely wouldn’t let Mu Zi die. I squinted my eyes. I wanted to save her and must immediately do so. If not, once Teacher Di and the others were to interfere, it wouldn’t be good.
After making a firm resolution, I went to a place not far from the palace to formulate a plan. The demon race members were imprisoned at the back of the Sky Prison. They surely would be heavily guarded. It would definitely be difficult  to  enter  it. What should I do?

After thinking for a long time, I still couldn’t find a good plan. There wasn’t much time already. I just had to try to breakthrough it once and must move at a speed like a thunderbolt that couldn’t be heard to save Mu Zi.

I first looked at the surrounding of the Sky Prison. There should approximately be 1000 guards. One tenth of them were mages. With this strength, it would be difficult for me to break in and might have the chance of being unable to leave it unless I massacre them. No matter what, the situation had not wavered my determination to save Mu Zi. I bought some things from the city first before returning near to the Sky Prison.

I suddenly thought about the escape scroll that Teacher Di had given me. If I used my magic power to envelop all of us, we should be able to send them out from there. With it, my chances of success had increased by far. What I had to do now was to break into the Sky Prison.

I sat cross legged on the floor to gather my magic power one last time.

After two hours, I appeared at the entrance of the Sky prison. Just as I neared the entrance, I was blocked by the guards. The guard asked, “Who are you? Don’t you know that this is the Sky Prison?”
I coughed and raised the Sukrad’s staff in my hands. “It is me, the Royal Mage Union’s Vice head and the protector mage of the Kingdom, Zhang Gong Wei.”

After hearing who I was, the guard immediately bowed and replied, “I don’t know what is the purpose of the protector of the Kingdom coming to this place.”

I said displeased, “I come here from the order of His Majesty to check on the two demon race prisoners.”

The guard said in difficulty, “I don’t know if you have the written order from His Majesty. We don’t dare to let you in with just your words.”

I yelled, “Outrageous! It can’t be that you don’t know who I am, right? You dare to obstruct my matters. Do you still want your heads to be on your neck?”

When the guard wanted to explain. There was a mage that walked out from the Sky Prison. From the symbol on his body, it seemed that he had a Great Mage ability. He asked, “What is going on? Why is it so noisy?”

When he walked over and saw it was me, he immediately smiled obsequiously, “So it is Lord Zhang Gong, is there something wrong?”
I coldly snorted and replied, “I want to take a look at the two criminals from the demon race, but they denied me entry.”

The mage said to the guards, “You’re all have such nerves to do that. Don’t you know the two demon race prisoners were apprehended by Lord Zhang Gong? Without Lord Zhang Gong’s help in annihilating the assassins, we would have already been killed under the hands of the demon race. I can’t vouch for others but there definitely is no problem for Lord Zhang Gong. Quickly let him in!” The mage thought , ‘Since this child had
just saved the lives of the kingdom, he definitely is an important person in the Kingdom and is also the Vice Head of the Royal Mage Union, managing them. I have to take this chance to curry favor with him. There is a possibility that there will be  a meteoric rise in my position in the future.’

The guards momentarily kept quiet out of fear and let me in. It seemed that the mage was currently trying to curry favors from me as he said, “My Lord, the spell that you used at that time was too remarkable. This junior has never seen such a
powerful spell. I am afraid that even Principal Zhen isn’t your match.”

Chapter 5 – Jail Break Success

I said seriously, “Don’t shoot off your mouth! The most respectable teacher to me is Teacher Zhen. That old man’s accomplishments are not something that you can talk about.”

The mage immediately smiled his apology and replied, “Yes!
Yes! I had misspoken. Please forgive me.”

My expression softened and replied, “That’s enough. You also don’t need to be too courteous. Your efforts in protecting His Majesty is also not small. I will say good words about you to His Majesty.”

After the mage heard that he became elated and replied, “I
will first thank you before hand. You can just tell me whatever you need in the future.” As I saw him bending and scraping to curry favor from me, I felt an indescribable annoyance but I must feign civility with him. I said, “You can lead the way in front of me. I want to have a look at the two demon race prisoners. Have they been interrogated already?”

The mage replied, “There wasn’t enough time for that as the commotion in the palace was too vicious. The majority of the people are currently cleaning up the after mess. They should be interrogated in two day’s time. Please follow me.” I thought elatedly, ‘I wouldn’t have not thought that I would meet with
this silly fool that is blinded by greed, making it this easy for me to infiltrate the prison.’

The security of the Sky Prison was really strict. That mage’s position must not be
low here because when we walked, we were unexpectedly unhindered. After crossing four doors, we were in the depth of the Sky Prison. The mage told me, “My lord, this is the Sky Prison’s most strictly guarded place. The two demon race members are locked up in the number one prison cell of Sky Prison.” After he said that, he pressed on the stone wall at the side.

There was a small crack in front of us. There was a flight of
stairs heading downwards. I thought, ‘If it wasn’t him leading me, I really won’t be able to find it. It seems that it is fated for me to save Mu Zi.’

We walked down. At the bottom, there were three jail cells. In the innermost cell, Mu Zi and the older demon race were in there.
I said to the mage, “You wait outside for me. I have some things to ask them.”

The mage said with difficulty, “That…That won’t be a good idea.”

I glared at him and said, “Is it that you really wish to hear what His Majesty wanted me to ask them? The security here is so tight. It can’t be that you’re afraid that I will let them out, right? I also don’t need you to open the prison cell.”

The mage said in embarrassment, “Alright. I will be waiting for you upstairs. But you must make it quick.”

I waved my hands at him impatiently.

When the mage walked out, he was still worried and sealed the opening that led down to this place. I sniggered in my heart, ‘If I wasn’t completely prepared, I won’t have come to  this place.’

Mu Zi and the old man from the demon race seemed to be unconscious. All of their limbs were locked by thick iron chains and shackled to the wall. Since time was pressing, I held onto the jail cell’s door and shouted, “Mu Zi, Mu Zi, quickly get up!” After shouting for a couple of times, there still wasn’t any response from both of them.
I gathered a small water ball and tossed it over. “Pah!” The water ball landed on Mu Zi’s face.

Mu Zi slowly woke up and looked around bewilderedly. When she finally saw me clearly, she instantly woke up before crying out in fear. “Zhang Gong, why are you here?”

I anxiously replied, “That’s enough. You don’t have to say anymore. I’m here to save you. Time is pressing. We will talk after getting out of here.” I circulated my magic power before gently waving the Sukrad’s staff in my hand. A gold light ray shot out. No matter how strong the lock, it still was unable to withstand my spell. The lock broke into two. I pushed open the door of the prison cell before charging in.
As soon as I opened the prison cell, the alarm bell suddenly rang loudly, filling the Sky Prison with its sound. The people outside shouted, “Someone has infiltrated the Sky Prison! Make haste!” After that, the mechanism at the top opened. That mage was the first to come charging downwards. After looking at the scene below, he said in astonishment, “Lord Zhang Gong, what are you doing?”

I was too lazy to answer him so I shot a light wall to lock him outside and continuously circulated my magic power to completely seal the entrance of the place. I turned around and used a light blade to cut open Mu Zi’s shackles. Mu Zi weakly slumped to her knees. I hastily supported her and asked, “Mu Zi, how are you feeling?”

Mu Zi’s face paled and with her large eyes filled with tears, she replied, “Zhang Gong, why did you come to save me? Don’t you know that you will ruin your future by doing this?”

I bitterly smiled and replied, “Now is not the time to talk about that. Let’s immediately leave this place!” As I said that, I took out the escape scroll from my sleeve. Mu Zi pulled on my clothing and said, “Please save him as well. He is one of my teachers.:” As I looked at Mu Zi’s wishful eyes, I thought, ‘Since
saving one is a huge crime already, saving two is equally the same. Moreover, with this old man, he can assist and protect her on her way back.’

I nodded and unlocked the shackles of the old man of the demon race. At that moment, the light wall sealing the entrance suddenly shook violently. This was bad. An expert had come.

As expected, Dun Yun Xi’s voice was heard from outside. He shouted, “Zhang Gong, what are you doing? Don’t you know that this is an act of treason to the Kingdom?”

I said clearly, “Teacher Xi, I am sorry. I just can’t do nothing and look on helplessly as Mu Zi is executed. Currently, I just don’t care about anything anymore.”

The demon race old man also woke up and watched the scene playing in front of him in surprise. I shouted, “If you want to live, quickly come to my side before it is too late!” Dun Yun Xi’s attack was really strong. I would soon be unable to hold on.

The demon race’s old man wasn’t ordinary. He  knew  that time was pressing. He moved as fast as he could to latch onto me. I chanted as I used the Sukrad’s staff to simultaneously support the defensive barrier and also activated the escape scroll. The defensive light wall shattered at the same time as the activation of the scroll. Dun Yun Xi was the first one to charge in. He was the head of the Royal Mage Union. With a look, he
already knew what I planned to do. He immediately struck an enormous earth blade.

However, it was already too late. After the flash of light, the three of us, Mu Zi, the old man and I simultaneously disappeared from the prison.

Dun Yun Xi told a mage at his side viciously, “Quickly go and report this to His Majesty and also gather the Royal Mage Union and guards! Immediately search through the city! They won’t be able to escape too far away.”

As he saw the mage leave, Dun Yun Xi sighed heavily. “Zhang Gong, you’re such a silly child. You’ll ruin yourself this way. Don’t you understand that? The word ‘Love’ really can cause a
lot of trouble. That’s right! Who let him in?”

The mage that had led me walked over shakingly. He kneeled down and cried bitterly. As he cried, he said, “Lord Union head, I did not mean for this to happen. He said that it was on the order of His Majesty…..”

Dun Yun Xi said angrily, “You’re useless! Someone, come and lock him up first. After capturing the escaped prisoners, we will interrogate him.”

Chapter 6 – Mu Zi’s Identity

There was a flash of light at an isolated corner in the capital’s far west, and three people appeared.

I had Mu Zi in my arms, stared at old man from the demon race lying on the ground, then knotted my eyebrows and surveyed our surroundings.

Mu Zi asked, “Where is this?”

I thought for a bit and replied, “My escape scroll is limited to an escape radius of three to five kilometers; This should be somewhere within the city. It is too dangerous, they will be able to find us soon. We need to leave the city immediately.”

Mu Zi smiled bitterly, “How are we going to do that?  I’m afraid the city’s entrance has already been locked down, and we can’t even fly out even if we wanted to. Just look above you.”

I raised my head and discovered that there were numerous wind mages hovering and searching in all four directions, I hastily drew both of them aside. It sure seemed like our luck wasn’t too bad, as there were not many people in our immediate surroundings. I placed Mu Zi on the ground before chanting the spell that the Dragon King had transmitted to me. A light halo spread out with me as its epicentre.

Mu Zi exclaimed, “Don’t! We are sensitive to light magic!” However, she quickly realised that what I used wasn’t light magic.

I replied, “This is a seal removal spell. You two should recover your strength as quickly as you can. I will draw a magic array, we need to leave the city immediately.”

Mu Zi’s eyes were filled with complicated  expression.  She gave me a long, deep stare before sitting down cross-legged to meditate. The old demon race man didn’t even hesitate, as he knew recovering his strength was the key to leaving this place alive, and started his rejuvenation without speaking a single word. Judging from the thick black fog that gradually emitted from his body, I knew that if I hadn’t used use the forbidden spell that day, I might not have been his match. This old fellow definitely had reached a Magister’s standard. His  position within the demon race was definitely not low.

As I was contemplating, I was also rapidly drawing the
teleportation array. In order to succeed in completing the array in a small amount of time, I had selected one that could only teleport us 20 kilometres.

After an hour, I wiped off the perspiration that had formed on my forehead. I had finally completed it.

Actually, although drawing this magic array wasn’t  a  hard task for me, I drew the array with utmost care as I was being extremely sensitive to the voices in my surroundings and was intensely nervous and feared of making even the slightest mistake.

I shook Mu Zi gently, saying, “It’s done. We can leave now.”

Mu Zi opened her eyes and replied, “I’ve recovered about ten percent of my magic power and am no longer that feeble. Teacher, how are you?”

The old demon race man’s eyes flew open and a cold glint flashed across them. “I’ve recovered almost thirty percent of mine. Pity, my staff had been snatched away by the vile human race, otherwise I would have been able to recover much faster. I really feel like going another round with them.”

I coldly snorted and said, “Talk less crap, hurry up and enter the array! We won’t make it if we don’t leave now!”
The old demon race man instantly turned furious. “Brat! Do you know who you are talking to? You’re seeking death.”

I refused to yield and rebuked him instead, “I don’t know who is the one that is seeking death. If it wasn’t for Mu Zi, I wouldn’t have saved you. Hmph!”

The old demon race man fumed, and said, “You…..”

Mu Zi said anxiously, “Stop quarreling! Teacher, as an elder, saying a few less words won’t hurt you.”
The old demon race man seemed to be a little fearful of Mu Zi and jumped into the array first. I also pulled Mu Zi into the magic array. Due to it being a short teleportation, there wasn’t a need to place a protection around us. I activated the array and teleported to the west side.

After golden light flashed, we appeared on a small hill outside of the city. I heaved a sigh of relief and said, “We were lucky that we didn’t teleport into a river. If we did, it would have been terrible. It is temporarily safe here. You can continue recovering your magic power. I will draw a bigger teleportation magic array.”

Mu Zi replied, “Zhang Gong, I…….”
I interrupted her and said, “Let’s not talk now. We will chat later after I’ve drawn the magic array.” Even though we were out of the city, it was still not completely safe so I drew a long range teleportation magic array to teleport Mu Zi again.

The sky had gradually darkened. This time, I had set up a magic array that would enable them them to teleport about 500 kilometers away. This should be enough for them to escape successfully.

The sky finally darkened completely, and my magic array was finally complete as well. I woke Mu Zi up and took out a lot of rations from my spatial space to her. As I handed her these, I said, “This is your most favorite dried fried Dragon meat. This bottle contains Ascending Jade Tide beverages. These are some fruits you can eat on the road. Quickly! Quickly place them into your spatial space. Here are some magic gemstones for you, they will come in handy during your travels.” I passed every single item to her with my head lowered. After giving her everything I wanted her to have, I discovered that Mu Zi’s face was filled
with tears.

Mu Zi threw herself into my bosom and sobbed loudly.

“Why do you treat me so well? Why?”

I tightly embraced the woman I loved the most and enjoyed the warmth she gave to me. Even though it was the same embrace, I was able to feel that this was the first time she had totally opened up and given herself to me. Her heart would no longer be able to run away from me.
After a long time, I pushed Mu Zi away. “Alright! You should compose yourself. You should be able to tell me the truth now, right?”

Mu Zi looked at me fixedly and replied, “Yes, I can tell you about it now. Take a look.” After she said that, her right hand rapidly flashed past her face.

Ah! Mu Zi’s entire person had undergone a transformation. However, even though she, she, had transformed……., she had transformed into the demon race’s princess I had seen at the Serene Dream Lake. Even though we’ve only met a single time, her flawless figure had been engraved deeply in my memory. At that moment, countless thoughts surged through my mind.
Mu Zi not only changed her appearance, her voice also had changed into a beautiful sound of a black-naped oriole, just like the time when I first met her. “Now, you should know why I was filled with animosity towards you when we first met at the academy.”

I said dazedly, “You…You’re the demon race’s princess. Why is it you? How can it be you? Mu Zi? Where is my Mu Zi?”

Mu Zi’s flawless appearance expressed helplessness and replied, “I just am Mu Zi, always have been, and always will be. The first time you met me in school was me, the one you love is the me that had changed her appearance and voice. Do you understand?”
“Change of appearance and voice?”

Mu Zi nodded, “That’s right. I used one of the demon race’s special appearance change spell. No medication is needed. It directly changes the structure of the face and modifies the muscles of the throat. The change in appearance will be flawless that way.”

Chapter 7 – The Past Vanishing Like The Wind

I gradually snapped out of my shock and muttered, “It’s actually you.”

Mu Zi saw that I was still in slight disbelief to accept that fact. She placed both of her hands on the sides of my face before tiptoeing and deeply kissing me with her tender and beautiful red lips.

Mu Zi’s familiar sweet taste invaded my entire body. I tightly hugged her and intensely responded to her kiss.
Mu Zi, who was in my embrace, said, “You should now believe that I’m Mu Zi.”

How could I still not believe her? Everything else may have changed but this familiar feeling had not changed in the slightest. Her body still was as soft as usual. Her lips were still able to bewitch me. Who would be unhappy that their wife had become beautiful anyways? My feelings for Mu Zi  had deepened. I tightened my hold on her delicate body and embraced her again before sitting down. I lightly kissed her forehead and said, “Tell me. I want to hear your story.”

Mu Zi replied, “Before I start telling you my story, can you tell me why you still rescued me even after knowing that I am from the demon race? Could it be that you really don’t care about your status?”
I smiled a little before replying, “What powerful position do I have? Even if I did, it still wouldn’t matter to me. I’m different from the rest. I don’t hate your demon race; so what if you’re from the demon race? You are living in this world, you all have the right to live. You also haven’t hurt me. In my eyes, your race and the human kinds are no different. All life forms are equal. However, that wasn’t the main reason why I decided to save you.”

Mu Zi asked, “What is the main reason?”

I plainly replied, “In my heart, you’re more important than my life.” It was such an easy statement but it expressed my heartfelt feelings. Currently, my heart was extremely calm. It couldn’t be said to be happy as I had forfeited my chance to live life happily and comfortably. However, it also couldn’t be said that I was in pain as I had successfully pulled back the person I loved the most from the clutches of death.

Hearing what I had said, Mu Zi raised her head. Her reddened beautiful large eyes looked at me before she violently embraced my neck and wailed bitterly.

I patted her back and said, “It’s ok. Don’t cry. I still want to hear your story.”

Mu Zi slowly calmed down and said, “My father is the demon race’s Demon God Emperor, Qi Meng Satan.”

I interrupted and said, “If that is the case, aren’t you called
Mu Zi Satan?”

Mu Zi nudged me and replied, “Don’t interrupt me and listen to what I have to say. My name is still Mu Zi Mo unless I inherit my father’s position. Only then, will I be called Mu Zi Satan, as Satan is the highest title to be called by. It was the name of the first Magic God Emperor. In order to commemorate him, the following rulers will use his surname.”

So it was like that. It was still lucky that Mu Zi’s surname wasn’t Satan as that surname was just too horrible.

“I am father’s most doted third princess. I have two elder brothers. My mother died when I was young so I was raised by my father as though I were a jewel. Initially, I could have had a
life that was free of worry, but my brothers were a disappointment, breaking my father’s heart.”

I couldn’t hold back my curiosity and asked her, “How were your brothers a disappointment? It can’t be your father wants you to inherit his position, right?”

Mu Zi didn’t mind my interruption this time. She sighed and said, “My eldest brother is bold, but not very astute, while my second brother is ignorant and incompetent. He does nothing all day except eating, drinking and fooling around. Father has scolded them frequently for their behavior. As for me, during one of the major magic competition at the palace, I unintentionally exposed my talent in magic and was discovered by my father and few of my teachers. Father momentarily became elated. Our demon race isn’t the same as your human kind. The throne can be inherited by women.”

I was astonished and said, “So your father really wants you to be the Magic God’s Empress?”

Mu Zi nodded. “From then on, I lost my usual freedom. I was taught consecutively by a few teachers about magic, tactics, the knowledge to govern the Kingdom, etcetera. I was also appointed to be the successor of my father. You may not know this but our life is more arduous compared to yours. This is the reason why the demon race and the beast clans are always wanting to invade the human kinds.The left side of the world is almost completely barren. The areas for cultivation are extremely limited. Approximately two and a half years ago, my father thought that the time was ripe so he gathered a majority of the military power of my Radiant Light Empire to form into a large army of the demon race. We also allied with the Mist Martial Empire, which is the beast clans. We were prepared to invade Ström Fortress . They also sent Teacher Fu Rui and I to investigate your land. Who knew that we would meet with you, our enemy at the Serene Dream Lake. Do you know that you’re the reason for the delay of my race’s invasion of human kind?”

I asked in surprise, “Because of me? Why? That Teacher Fu Rui that you mentioned is he the bamboo pole that I had defeated?”

Mu Zi replied smilingly, “You’re  detestable.  You’re  still calling him Bamboo Pole. When you called him that at  that time, you nearly angered him to death. You should know that the only magic that counters our dark magic is light magic. The reason why we infiltrated as humans was to check if there are a lot of light element magicians on your side. Do you still remember what you said?”

I blankly asked, “What did I say?”
Mu Zi replied, “You previously said that the entire Eastern continent knows light magic and that you were the worst. At the time, I knew you were being glib and immediately let Teacher Fu Rui return to the demon race to report this to my father. My father replied by telling me to first infiltrate the Kingdom of Aixia to investigate the situation and to also learn about the knowledge you humans possesses. Just like that, I entered the Royal Advanced Magic Academy. I had used my abilities to enter and also used a revamped wing magic. Even though I may not be your match, if I use my full power, it will definitely be hard for you to defeat me.” While saying this, Mu Zi’s face expressed a proud expression.

I chuckled. “You’re awesome! Oh, that’s right! I want to ask you how were you able to cross the Ström Fortress to come to the Eastern continent?”

Mu Zi replied, “You’re so stupid. It can’t be that only you human kind have knowledge of teleportation magic  array right?”

I said surprised, “You had teleported over, and now you’re going to teleport an entire army. Won’t the Ström Fortress be immediately devastated?”

Chapter 8 – The Truth Of The Assassination

Mu Zi glanced at me and said, “Do you really think it is that easy to teleport over? Tian Duo Mountain is blocking the path to reach Ström Fortress. A Great Mage won’t be able to use his abilities to teleport over. If we really wanted to teleport over, a Magister’s assistance is needed for that to work. Moreover, a Magister can at most send over two people at a time. How many Magisters do you think we have at our side? We have almost the same number as yours. If it that wasn’t the case, we would have invaded long ago. When we met previously, Teacher Fu Rui had used an entire month’s time. After teleporting five times, you then met the few of us, as Teacher Fu Rui’s strength had been mostly depleted at that time. If not, I doubt you would have been able to escape at that time. Xixi!”

I asked, “What about the few women that came  with  you here? Where did they go?”
Mu Zi’s expression dampened and didn’t directly answer the question before she continued to reply, “After coming over to your side, I had been captivated by the beautiful sceneries and delicacies. Your side rarely has killings so everyone spends their time here peacefully. After two years, I almost forgot that I am of the demon race.”

I sighed. “If you can really forget about it, it would have been great.”

Mu Zi nodded. “That’s right! Truly a pity that I couldn’t do that. As the demon race’s princess and the successor to the throne, I must always think for my people so I had continuously send back information to my home country. After a year,  I found out that you were lying when we first met as only a minority of the human race learns light magic. But I kept on delaying that information as I really didn’t want to watch a war erupt. After a short period of time, you had come. When I first met you at the academy, my thoughts were complicated.”

I chuckled, “It can’t be that you fell for me at  that  time, right?”

Mu Zi said displeased, “Pei! At that time, I hated you to the core. After that, you had written a love letter to pursue me. I initially felt that you just wanted to toy with me so I ignored you. However, I increasingly felt your sincerity. I gradually was unable to bear rejecting you. I knew that it would be wrong to let it happen but I couldn’t help myself but to accept you.” I tightly embraced Mu Zi. My heart was surging out with overflowing love for her.

“It is all your fault for disturbing my heart. Every time you gave me a love letter, your position in my heart deepens. I was so tempted get closer to you but I have been suppressing my feelings as I knew that it was impossible for us to be together.
After the semester ended and I headed back to the demon race, I found out how terrible was the feeling missing someone after parting from you. I also realized that I had completely fallen for you at that time.”

I replied affectionately, “I also love you.” We hugged each other and remained wordless for a long time. I  suddenly thought about something and asked, “I just thought about something. Is Si Feng Ri one of your people?”

Mu Zi shook her head. “No, I don’t know that person!”

It looked like my guess was right. Si Feng Ri really was the subordinate of the Monster King.

“After heading back, I couldn’t hide any more information. After father knew about the situation at this side, he rejoiced and immediately started to deploy the invasion. He also didn’t allow me to return here. I didn’t know how my father got the information that Ke Zha Ao Er had inherited the throne of the Aixia’s Kingdom. My father clearly realized that Ke Zha wasn’t simple and was more shrewd than the deceased Emperor from the information we relayed to him. He knew that if he were to fight head on, he would definitely suffer a huge loss. Thus, he started to plan the assassination. When I came to the eastern continent two years ago, my magic clan had already teleported a vast number of advanced level mages and warriors. It included three Magisters and 96 Magic Scholars. In total, there were about 400 of us. After my father assassinated Ke Zha, he would really start invading the human race.”

I asked, “Then why were you back?”
Mu Zi distressingly said, “It is all because of you. I really couldn’t bear missing you. I then told my father that I had the most understanding to this side’s matters and begged him to send me with a few teachers to assist in the assassination, therefore I came back again, as I also couldn’t wait to return to the academy. When I saw you at the academy, my heart felt really complexed. When you said to me that you wanted to elope with me, I was extremely moved but I had to complete my mission. Therefore, on that night, we  commenced  the invasion.”

Mu Zi looked deeply at me before continuing to say, “But, the human race enjoyed peace for far too long, as the invasion succeeded without a hitch. The Royal Mage Union was unable to stop our advancement, and we quickly invaded the inner palace. When we were close in succeeding, you and Teacher Zhen came and used a magic spell that made me quake in fear, even l now.. Zhang Gong, what spell did you use? I still didn’t know what happened. Two hundred of my demon race were instantly annihilated. Teacher had said you had used a forbidden spell. Is that true?”
I nodded. “He’s right. I had used the light forbidden spell—- Eternal Recovery Light. That spell was an ultimate recovery spell. However, since it is light attribute, it carries a strong killing force to you. I also didn’t know it was that potent. I was lucky that that old man protected you. If not, I would have regretted it for my whole life.”

Mu Zi sighed, “The eight women that you asked previously had all died under that spell. Even though you killed so many of my people, I still couldn’t hate you at all. I was worried about you discovering my identity instead. I was actually eager to die under that spell as you would at least won’t know where I have gone and in your heart, you will forever know me as the wind element mage–Mu Zi that isn’t from the demon race.”

“What nonsense are you talking about? You will forever be in my heart even if you’re from the demon race.”

Mu Zi replied, “I really didn’t know what you were thinking. When you spat out blood after hearing I was from the demon race, my heart was in great pain. I thought that everything was over. When I was locked up in the prison cell, I didn’t want to think about anything. I just wanted to die quickly.  What  I feared most was that I would meet you again. I wouldn’t have thought that you would unexpectedly come to save me. Won’t you regret doing that?”

I resolutely shook my head. “Saving you was the best decision I had made. I won’t regret about it in my entire life.”

Mu Zi’s entire body shuddered. “Zhang Gong, there isn’t any place for you here anymore so come to the demon race with me? Even though you’re a human, I will definitely persuade my father, alright?”

Chapter 9 – Behind Bars

I said with great difficulty, “But will your father really accept me? Don’t forget that I had killed so many that were from your demon race, making you suffer a great loss. Furthermore, I wouldn’t be able to watch as you invade the humans.

Mu Zi remained speechless for a long time before replying, “Maybe the loss this time will make my father stop his wild schemes to invade. I have an extremely important position in his heart. Will you come with me? I don’t want to part from you ever again.”

“How can I also want to be apart from you?” Mu Zi’s words had greatly moved me. If the war could be avoided, it would be even better.
When I was apprehensive, the old man from the demon race suddenly opened his eyes and shouted, “Not good! There is magic undulations!”

I was startled and immediately discovered the strong magic undulations. I shouted, “Quickly enter the magic array! They may be coming to pursue us!”

It really proved my guesses. After a white light shone, Teacher Zhen, Teacher Di, Teacher Long, Teacher Lie and Teacher Xi, all of which appeared before us.

When Teacher Di saw me embracing Mu Zi, he shouted angrily, “Zhang Gong! What are you doing? Don’t you know what you are doing are acts of treason towards the Kingdom?!?”

The other Magisters looked at me with pity.

I let go of Mu Zi and kneeled on the ground before replying to Teacher Di. “Teacher Di, I have let you down. But I really couldn’t watch Mu Zi die!”

Teacher Zhen sighed and said, “Zhang Gong, even if you wanted to escape, you’re too careless. The markings you left on the ground had sold you out. After we tried many places, we finally found this place. Stop continuing your wrongdoings!”
Teacher Xi said, “That’s enough! Don’t say any further. Zhang Gong, if you immediately help us capture those two from the demon race, with your previous contributions and with us old fellows’ help as your guarantee, you still can turn the situation around.”

I shook my head dejectedly before violently striking my fusion spell of magic and battle spirit at the few teachers. I turned my head and shouted at that old man of the demon race, “I can’t hold on much longer. Quickly, go and take Mu Zi away from here.”

The few teachers weren’t able to defend themselves in time and was forced down the hill.
Mu Zi shouted mournfully, “No! Zhang Gong, if I go, we have to go together.”

The old man from the demon race held her and  said, “Princess, we have to go now. If not, it will be too late. There is a chance that he won’t die if he stays here.”

The few teachers already readied themselves. They wordlessly shot hand magics over. I knew time was pressing and shouted. “Mu Zi, quickly go! If I don’t die, I will go to the demon race to find you.” For her to escape, I couldn’t not lie to her. As I shouted, I used all of my might to cast a light blade to form a light rain that blocked the advancement of all five teachers.

The old man already activated the magic array whilst I was
already crumbling under the attack of the five Magisters. It was impossible for me to withstand their attacks. If it wasn’t for the Sukrad’s staff, I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to withstand their attacks.

After the light ray shined out, Mu Zi and the old man disappeared.

Under the overwhelming attacks, I couldn’t use the Holy Sword’s power. I just used the remainder of my powers to cast a light blade, erasing the remnants of the magic array. I wouldn’t do the same mistakes again.

“Peng!” The Fire Dragon cast by Teacher Long broke the defence barrier and it struck on my chest. I soared like the
clouds, I violently spat out blood. Even if it was like this, I knew that Teacher Long had held back. If not, I, who had used up all of my strength, would already turn into ashes.

I fell on the ground 33 metres away. The Sukrad’s staff fell out from my hands. There was a tinge of happiness expressed from the corner of my mouth as Mu Zi had already succeeded in escaping.

Teacher Di hugged me and tears flowing down as he said, “Zhang Gong! My child, is it really worth it?!”

I replied as I groaned, “Teacher…Di, I..failed to live up to… your expectations. sorry. Please….take this…magic…staff as your…last re…remembrance of me.” After I said that, my
head tilted forward and I fainted.

It was so painful and hot! My entire body seemed like it was torn apart.

“Water, I want some water.” I said dazedly but no one paid any attention to me. I became light headed and passed  out again.

I didn’t know how much time had passed. As I  groggily opened my eyes after regaining my consciousness, I was submerged into total darkness. ‘Where am I? Is this hell? It shouldn’t be as I feel pain.’ It looked like my wounds weren’t light. As I tried to circulate the magic power in my body but found that I had none. I knew that my power had been sealed.
With my body void of strength, it was impossible for me to break the magic seal.

My eyes gradually adapted to the darkness, and it seemed to be a stone prison. I was lying on a stone bed, with withered grass beneath me. My limbs were locked by at all four corners of the stone bed. Actually, there wasn’t a need for locks as I couldn’t even move my fingers. I also definitely couldn’t talk.

The left side of the wall suddenly opened and a servant came in. She held a bowl in her hands as she walked to my side. She used a spoon in her hand to feed me a mouthful of the thick congee in the bowl. There had a sweet medicinal taste to it but I didn’t know what it was.
Just like that, I was fed 18 times. If three times meant a day, I should already had been in here for 6 days. I  gradually recovered my ability to talk. My wounds weren’t as painful, but the other parts of my body were still immobilized.

After the servant came in on the 19th times, I hoarsely asked her, “Where is this?”

After hearing my voice, the servant was startled and shook her head without replying me before feeding me the bowl of thick congee as usual.

I anxiously asked, “Say Something!”

The servant ignored me before turning around and walked out.

After a short period of time, the stone wall opened  again. From the sound of the foot step, I knew that it was another person that came.

Ke Zha’s voice voiced out, “Zhang Gong, was it really worth the trouble?”

I replied huskily, “Uncle Ke Zha, is that you?”

Ke Zha replied, “It is me. How are you? How is your body recovering?”

I replied, “It is alright. My wounds are already fine but I still couldn’t move my body.”

Ke Zha sighed, “You child. You really know how to solitarily make decisions without consulting others, and had even destroyed your future for that demonised woman from the demon race. You had hurt the hearts of the few teachers and even Principal Di has fallen ill.”

Chapter 10 – The Demon Race Invades

I said, “Uncle Ke Zha, I won’t plead for you to forgiveness, but please, just give me a quick end. I know what I have done was a gargantuan crime. How is Teacher Di?”

After a long time, Ke Zha replied, “You had saved me once and also helped me to gain the throne. You also have so many people protecting you. Therefore, how can I kill you? But alas, your crime is too severe, so I can only imprison you. Since  your power is too strong, I had them seal your magic power and also fed you medicine that softens your cartilages so that it will be impossible for you to escape. Maybe after many years, Ma Ke will succeed in my position and let you out. Teacher  Di shouldn’t have too many problems. It is just that his fury was so strong that he got ill. In his heart, you’re his hope  and something that he can be proud of but now, due to your feelings for that girl, you have ignored his feelings. This is a stone prison that is in my original prince mansion. Except for me, there isn’t anyone that knows about this and it is heavily guarded. I won’t let anyone that knows you see you as I don’t want the same mistake to occur again. You should just stay here quiet and steadfastly.”

‘No wonder I couldn’t move. So that was what happened. There was no strong relationship between me and the Emperor. If he had just killed me, I wouldn’t have blamed him. His way of problem-solving has greatly disappointed me.’ I sighed and
replied, “I have let Teacher Di down. If there is a next life, I will do anything to repay that old man, even if I’ve to work as an ox or horse for him. Thank you for not killing me, Your Majesty.”

Ke Zha replied helplessly, “I know you will blame  me  for doing this but you have to know that I am the Kingdom’s Emperor. I have my responsibilities to my people. Your power is too strong so I can’t let you go to side with the demon race. Do you understand?”

I knew that even if I swore that I wouldn’t side with  the demon race, he wouldn’t have believed me. I didn’t say anything to see if he still had anything left to say.

Ke Zha continued on to say, “Now, Aixia has already allied with the two big kingdoms Xiuda and Dalu and will all be sending military forces to assist the Ström Fortress. Maybe not long from now, wars will erupt again throughout the entire world. You just rest up here. I will leave first. If I have any time, I will come to see you again.”

I shouted, “Please wait a minute, Your Majesty. Have you captured Mu Zi and the other man?”

Ke Zha sighed and replied, “You have succeeded. The  two from the demon race have already escaped.”
At that moment, I rejoiced. My sacrifice wasn’t a waste. Mu Zi was finally out of danger.

The stone wall rang out and Ke Zha left.

My heart surged out like the sea. Even though Ke  Zha’s actions were ruthless, I still had my life. I tried to circulate the magic power in my body time after time but the seal was too rigid. Except for the small amount of power from the Holy Sword I felt in my body, there wasn’t any magic undulations. The medicine that softened my cartilages had not only restrained my battle spirit, but had also made it impossible for me to use the Dragon clan’s removal of seals spell due to my lack of strength. Now, I was just a cripple.
One day, two days, three days…

I didn’t know how much time had passed, and I had already completely given up. If someone were to see me, they would see that I had lost a lot of weight and my complexion had paled. I didn’t know how much longer I could hold on.

Emperor Ke Zha returned again today.

His expression was severe and just looked gloomily at me. I asked, “What is it, Your Majesty? Did something happen?”
Ke Zha nodded. “The demon race and the beast clans have allied and is already starting to invade Ström Fortress .”

I was astonished, it couldn’t be that Mu Zi didn’t convince her father to stop the invasion, right? I anxiously asked, “When did this happen?”

Ke Zha replied, “It is the the day before yesterday. We had already send out the fourth, seventh and twelfth armies to stop the advancement with Principal Long leading them.”

I asked, “Is Teacher Di feeling better already?”

Ke Zha shook his head. “I don’t know what is really going on with him but he hasn’t been doing his job properly.”

I nodded. “I’ll have to trouble you to check on that old man. Is there something you needed for me by coming to visit me this time?”

Ke Zha replied amazed, “You’re really smart. If you didn’t betray the human race, it would have been so much better. I am currently not afraid about the Ström Fortress as the defense there is extremely rigid. What I fear is that the method the demon race used to enter the back of the Ström Fortress. We currently don’t know how those assassins were able to enter the eastern continent. You had spent sometimes with  that demoness of the demon race. I came this time is to ask you if you know how they were able to come over.”

I replied, “I know how the demon race came over. You shouldn’t need to worry about that as they will need to have a Magister to bring their people over and will deplete their strength due to the immense magic power needed to activate the teleportation array. Moreover, the previous assassination had made them loss a lot of their forces. Even if they were to teleport over, there won’t be a lot of them.” ‘I am a human after
all. I definitely don’t wish for the magic clan to invade us. A terrible situation will occur that way.’

Ke Zha heaved a sigh of relief. “Zhang Gong, thank you for telling me such a good news. I can relax a little that way. Rest up.” After he said that, he turned and walked away. It seemed that he had come in here just to gather information.

The demon race had already started the invasion. I didn’t know what the front line was like. I didn’t know if Mu Zi had
participated in the start of the war. No matter  what  the outcome was, it didn’t have any relation to me as I was just like a living dead person.


After another three days, and after I had finished eating the thick congee around noon, there was suddenly a bright light that shone beside me. As I had been in darkness for a long time, I instantly saw everything become completely white. I hastily closed my eyes.

When the white light disappeared, I squinted my eyes. There was a small delicate black masked person standing before me.

I asked, “Who are you? Why did you come here?”

The masked person pulled down the black mask.  “Zhang Gong, it is me. I have come to rescue you.”

After I looked straight at the person, I found out it was Hai Shui. I momentarily turned pale with fright. “Hai Shui, why did you come in here? You should hurriedly leave this place. If you’re discovered, you’ll be in big trouble.”

Hai Shui chucked mournfully, “You can give up your life for
Big Sister Mu Zi. Why can’t I come to save you?”

I asked, “How did you come here? Ke Zha had said that he was the only one that knew about this place.”

Hai Shui replied, “You have already been locked up in this place for two months. In these past two months, you had made a few of the teachers to be extremely anxious about you. Do you know that those few teachers have been monitored by His Majesty because of you, since he feared that they will come to save you?”

Chapter 11 – Recovering Magic Power

I dejectedly said, “I’ve caused trouble for those teachers.”

Hai Shui walked to my front and squatted down. Her entire body shuddered and tears flowed out from her eyes. She took out a pill from her bosom and forced it into my mouth. She gently caressed my thin and pallid face and said, “How can they treat you like this? Big brother Zhang Gong, you’ve really suffered.”

The pill liquefied and flowed down my throat. My stomach instantly seemed to work and my energy slowly rejuvenated. I asked, “It is the antidote to the powder that softened my cartilages?”
Hai Shui nodded. “You should try your best to recover your strength and magic powers. If you want to get out of here, you’ve got to rely entirely on yourself.”

I asked, “You still haven’t explained to me on how you got in here?”

Hai Shui replied, “After you were captured that day, Teacher Zhen came to find me and told me about what happened to you before asking me if I’m willing to go save you. I replied that I am. Teacher Zhen said that the few old fellows were being monitored so they couldn’t come and rescue you. The Emperor would definitely not lock you up in the palace, so I have kept a lookout outside the palace to see when His Majesty would leave the palace. After waiting for a long time, he finally came out and I followed him here. However, I couldn’t get in here as it was too heavily guarded, so I returned to tell Teacher Zhen. After he and Teacher Di discussed the problem, they decided to use a teleportation array to come and save you. We estimated the distance and tested it out a couple of times. We finally
succeeded. Actually, I had already come in once but it was when you were asleep. I discovered you were abnormally weak and didn’t want to startle you so I headed back and told Teacher Zhen. Teacher Zhen said you should have been given a medication that would soften your cartilages. I don’t know where he got the antidote before letting me come again.”

I had never thought that those few old teachers still had not given up on me after all this time and still cared for me. Tears flowed down my face and I replied choked with sobs, “You return and help me to thank Teacher Zhen.”

Hai Shui replied, “Time is pressing so I’ve got to go. I’ll come again three days later. It will also be the time you make your escape. You’ll have to spend three days recovering your strength.”
I asked, “How is Ma Ke and your sister?”

Hai Shui sighed, “His Majesty feared that Ma Ke will come to save you due to your brotherhood so he locked him up. My sister hasn’t seen Ma Ke for a long time already.”

I replied in pain, “I never thought that because of me, I would have implicated so many people. I’m really sorry. You really shouldn’t have come to save me. If something  goes  wrong, you’ll ruin your future. I really don’t know how to repay you, you’ve done such an immense favor for me.”

Hai Shui’s tears dropped on my face before she replied, “Big brother Zhang Gong, you don’t need to say anything further. As long as you can give a small portion of your heart to me, I’ll be
satisfied. We’re all your friends. You’ll only know our feelings during dangerous times. Now, I really have to go. Take care! We’ll meet again in three days time. “After she said that, she took out an escape scroll from her bosom and teleported away.”

I finally understood. Hai Shui treated me as though I was treating Mu Zi. It was out of willingness due to love. ‘You’ll only know our feelings during dangerous times.’ was an extremely good phrase. You came to save me in my most difficult time. How could I not feel gratitude towards you?

Hai Shui’s coming had let me break out from my living dead state; so everyone hadn’t abandoned me. I still had hope.  I really still had hope. As I gradually recovered my strength, my heart gradually started to work again.
After an hour, I could slowly move my limbs. Since I hadn’t been moving for a long time, my blood  flow  wasn’t  very smooth. My entire body was still void of strength. I needed to supplement my body. ‘If my body isn’t healthy, how can I
recover? Didn’t Ke Zha said that as long as I couldn’t get out, he’ll grant me any wishes that I have? Let’s give it a try!’

When the time of food came again, it was the same servant as per usual that came bringing over a bowl of thick congee. After I drank the thick congee, I told her, “Can’t you bring something else the next time you come?”

After suddenly hearing me, the servant jumped in  fright before asking, “What do you want?”
I bitterly smiled and replied, “I currently don’t even have the strength to chew. What can I even eat. I want to drink some Earth Dragon Grass Jelly.. If this continues, even if the Emperor doesn’t kill me, I’ll definitely die from being too weak.”

The servant looked at me cautiously before saying, “Alright, but don’t you dare play any tricks on me.”

I hastily replied, “I’m already like this. What tricks will I be able to play?”

The servant nodded and turned before walking out. As expected, my next meal was Earth Dragon Grass Jelly. I greedily drank the nutrients of the soup. I initially thought about having main dishes but I didn’t want her to become suspicious about

The Earth Dragon Grass Jelly was worthy of being a strong supplement. I felt much better under the effects of it.

After the servant had gone out, I started to constantly move my body to regain my strength as fast as possible.

After a day had passed, even though my body was still extremely feeble, my battle spirit had gradually recovered. This was really great! I would no longer feel feeble after drinking it.
The time was ripe to test chanting the weird chant from the Dragon clan. I needed to recover my magic power as soon as possible.

After trying the first time, it didn’t work. After trying the second time, it also didn’t work. It was the same for the third time…….After trying it for 37 times, my entire body lit up. The familiar feeling of breaking the seal came back. A golden halo spreaded out with the center of my eye brows as its center.

After the golden light flashed, I could feel the Gold Dans in my body. I was wild with joy. The warmth of the Holy Sword came forth. The Gold Dans status were abnormally dispirited while the Holy Sword was the complete opposite. The warmth of the power permeated through my body, constantly expanding my shrunken meridians.
I didn’t dare move the shackles and just quietly laid there, carefully circulating the power of the Holy Sword.

As I feared being discovered by the servant who came to deliver the food, I let my body recover gradually.

The Holy Sword’s power was really strong. My body was soon recovered. Even though it wasn’t comparable to how I was previously, it shouldn’t affect my movements.

The two Gold Dans in my body regained their liveliness after I had continuously poured light elements into my body. They started to circulate in my body so that the recovery speed of my magic power would become much faster.

I hadn’t craved for power like I had now. Even though I was still in prison, my mood had changed as if the sky and the earth had turned upside down. I felt that living was so amazing and that I could control my fate again.

Chapter 12 – Escaping From The Abyss

Three days and 9 times of drinking the soup had quickly passed by, as I anticipated for Hai Shui to come release me.

Finally, the waiting was over. A light shone and Hai Shui’s familiar figure appeared before me once again with a long bag in her hand. When she saw that I was still locked on the stone bed, she was astonished and whispered, “Zhang Gong, you still haven’t recovered?”

I replied, “I already have, but I was afraid that they would figure it out, so I didn’t break free from the shackles.”

Hai Shui sighed in relief. “Hurry, we’ve got to go! We’ll need
to make use of the time we have.”

After I silently circulated my battle spirit, my entire body emitted bright white light. After using strength on my limbs, ‘Dang! Dang! Dang! Dang!’ sounded as I easily freed myself from my shackles. I leapt to Hai Shui’s side. I also found that being able to stand was so awesome.

Hai Shui passed me the long bag and took out an escape scroll. “Let’s be on our way!”

I took the long bag and opened it. It was my Sukrad’s staff. When I tightly held onto it, I felt the ties that were linked by flesh and blood.

I took the escape scroll from Hai Shui. “I think it is better that I do it. You just have to hold onto my arm.”

Hai Shui asked, “Are you sure you can do it with the current state of your body?”

I nodded. “No problem. I’ve already recovered half of my magic powers. As long as I don’t face the powers of the few old teachers, I should be able to deal with them.”

Hai Shui expressed a happy look and replied, “This escape
scroll is Teacher Zhen’s most recent research, It has the ability to determine the spot of the teleportation. It can send to an exact spot with a limit of 10 kilometers. In other words, it can send us to any position we want within a 10 kilometers range. I’ve already set the location so you can just activate the scroll.” After I said that, she clung onto my arm and also stuck her body to mine.

I looked at her embarrassedly but seeing that she didn’t have any intention to move back a little, I just let her be. I deeply inhaled before using the Sukrad’s staff to cast a protective barrier around us before activating the escape scroll. The stone prison had lost our presence after a golden light flashed.

The feeling of using magic again was so moving. It felt as though I had gained a new life. I was extremely interested in everything and magics phenomenons. I was filled with love towards life.

After the light shone, I found that we had unexpectedly teleported into a room. The room was all pale pink in colour. It felt very comforting. The entire room was filled with sunlight. I asked Hai Shui in surprise, “Where is this? Did you set the location wrongly?”

Hai Shui reluctantly pulled away from my arm and pouted. “It is only you that set the location wrongly. This is my room.”

I immediately was greatly alarmed. “What? This is  your room? Why did you set this place as the location for the escape scroll?” It was unexpectedly Hai Shui’s room.
Hai Shui replied, “What’s wrong with my room? This place is safe and is also in my family’s place. Who will come here to search, especially if it is my room?”

I blushed and replied abashedly, “I am a guy. If I stay in your room, it will damage your reputation and integrity.”

Hai Shui’s expression darkened. “I’m not scared. Why are you? Your heart only holds Sister Mu Zi. If this is her room, you won’t be so conservative.”

Seeing that she got a little angry, I didn’t dare to rebuke her. I changed the conversation topic by asking, “How are the few teachers? Is Teacher Di feeling better? How is the situation at the frontlines?”

Hai Shui said with her eye brows frowned, “You ask so many questions at one go. How do you expect me to answer your questions!”

I surrendered and said, “Alright…Alright! You can answer them one at the time. You can start by telling me about Teacher Di’s situation.”

Hai Shui giggled and replied, “Teacher Di doesn’t have any problems. The main reason was that he was extremely worried about you to the point that he fell ill. You are Teacher Di’s heart problem.”
My eyes reddened as I thought about the many years that Teacher Di had guided me. I lamented, “I really let Teacher Di down this time. Hai!”

Hai Shui replied, “You don’t have to be this upset. If you can make accomplishments in the world in the future, he will be pleased. He also wishes you the best. That old man said you don’t have to look for him and wants you to hurry, and get away from here. After everything has settled, we’ll  discuss  further and to also not forget your tasks.”

I shook my head. “I’m afraid that I’ll have to let him down again. After I get out of here, the first thing I’ll do is to save Mu Zi. One out of ten demon race will survive. If I don’t die in the process, I’ll accomplish the tasks.”
Hai Shui asked in surprise, “What? You’re going to the demon race?”

I resolutely nodded my head. “I must go and find Mu Zi. I really can’t lose her.”

Hai Shui lowered her head and muttered, “If you can treat me like this, and even if I die, I’m willing.” She said that as she cried. Looking at her appearance, it was so moving. I couldn’t control myself and gently embraced her and patted her back. “Be good. Don’t cry. How can I not understand your feelings to me? You have risked your life to save mine this time. I am really grateful for that. If you don’t mind, I am willing…….” I really didn’t want to hurt this adorable girl anymore. Even though it might be out of sympathy, I was prepared to accept her.
Hai Shui widened her eyes and asked. “Really? Is this for real?” She rejoiced for only a short while before she quietened and said, “It is impossible. You already have Sister Mu Zi. She won’t accept me.”

I patted her head, “Silly girl, Mu Zi isn’t that stingy. She has already brought this up many times to accept you.”

Hai Shui raised her head and asked, “Really?”

I sincerely nodded my head and held Hai Shui’s hand. “Are you willing to accept me? Even though I can’t say that I love you, I’m willing to slowly cultivate my feelings  towards  you. You helped me too many times. I also don’t want to continue hurting you any further.”

Hai Shui’s face expressed a sign of happiness before her happiness surged out. She tightly hugged my waist and place her face on my chest and said elatedly, “This is too  awesome! It’s just so great! My dream finally came true. Zhang Gong, do you know that I’ve waited for this day to come after suffering from so much pain?”

I said in astonishment. “It can’t be that you’re as open minded as Mu Zi, right? You don’t mind being with her as well?”

Hai Shui shook her head smilingly, “I definitely don’t mind. Your magic is so strong so there’ll be a lot of girls that will fall for you. I’m already extremely ecstatic that Sister Mu Zi doesn’t mind me being with you. As long as I can be with you, I don’t care about anything.”

Chapter 13 – Finale – Sorrowful Parting

Hai Shui’s love for me was unexpectedly deep, I found myself moved. I gently kissed her forehead. Hai Shui’s entire body shivered before she raised her head and looked at me, her eyes filled with deep feelings for me. She slowly closed her eyes and I leaned forward. I, at first, gently kissed her lips. After that, it became out of hand. Hai Shui reacted frantically as she wrapped her arms around my neck. It was as though she wanted to release all of her love for me.

I seemed to be open with Hai Shui, compared to being conservative with Mu Zi. I didn’t know when I  actually embraced her as we laid on the bed before extending my hand into her clothes. My thigh unintentionally touched the icy pillar of the bed. My mind became slightly more clear. I gently pushed Hai Shui away. Her delicate face was completely red and her eyes were filled with lust. She said seductively, “Zhang Gong! Zhang Gong!”
The clearness of my mind had awoken my rationality. Therefore, I supressed my arousement. I said, “Behave yourself. We shouldn’t be doing this. Wake up.” As I said that, I gathered a small ice cone and placed it on Hai Shui’s forehead.

Hai Shui’s body shuddered and the lust in her eyes decreased. She saw what was in front of her before she shyly buried her head in my embrace. “You’re so bad. I won’t come again.”

I hadn’t experienced such a situation before. I felt that it was not bad that, I could control myself. I said embarrassed, “Sorry, I didn’t do that on purpose. Just now ”

Hai Shui chuckled and replied, “You’re still talking  about that? You’re annoying. That’s right, now isn’t the time to talk
about this. You should set a teleportation array to be able to leave the place anytime. It’ll be safer that way.”

I nodded. “What you say is right. Please help me, keep a lookout outside. I’ll start drawing it now.”

Hai Shui agreed before she fixed her clothings. She covered her red hot face and ran to the entrance to cool down.

Seeing her fading back, there was an indescribable feeling in my heart. I shook my head before I started to draw the escape magic array on the ground.

Since my condition wasn’t perfect, I couldn’t teleport too far away. So, I had decided to design the teleport to move me 500 kilometres away, just as I did for Mu Zi to allow her a path of escape. I felt I would have a better chance of escaping that way.

The drawing of the teleportation array was really tiring, especially when I was not in a perfect condition. Hai Shui came to look in a couple of times. I had used an entire day to complete the magic array.

I stretched my waist before laying on Hai Shui’s bed. Hai Shui asked, “Have you finished drawing?”
I replied, “Yes, I have. How is the condition outside?”

Hai Shui said smilingly, “What else can happen? They are searching to capture you. You’re wanted throughout the Kingdom already. As long as you’re within the Aixia Kingdom, you must be careful.”

I replied, “Is there really such a need to be so exaggerated? Am I that important?”

Hai Shui sniggered before replying, “Of course you are. You are one of eleven Magisters in the entire human race and you can also use forbidden spells.”

I sighed, “Maybe it was because I showed too much of my talents that had resulted in such an outcome. After I leave, you must keep a low profile so that you won’t suffer what I did. Please convey my words to Ma Ke and the rest.”

Hai Shui looked at me with her eyes widened.

I asked astonishingly, “What is the matter? Why do you look as though you want to eat me?”

Hai Shui said grievanced, “You are not bringing me along?”

I immediately was startled. “What? You want to go with me?
It’s impossible.”

Hai Shui momentarily cried and said as she sobbed, “You lied to me. You lied. You just said that you accepted me and now, you suddenly change your mind.”

I said, while at a loss, “How can I do that? What I said previously was true. I’m going to an extremely dangerous place. It will be too dangerous if you’re to go there as well. You should stay here to increase your magic power. If I succeed in saving Mu Zi, I’ll definitely come back for you.”
After she heard what I said, she cried more vigorously. As she cried, she said, “You’re so bad. You lied to me to get my body before tossing me aside. Wu….Wu….Wu!”

What? When did I lie to get her body? I hastily went over to cover her mouth and said, “Little missy, can you lower your voice? If someone else was to listen to what you said, I’ll no longer be human.”

Hai Shui ignored me and continued crying.

I suddenly said sternly, “Stop crying and listen to me!”

Hai Shui was shock from my sudden rage and stopped crying.

I gently said, “Be good. You must listen to me. It’ll be very inconvenient if I bring you along. I don’t know what is the situation like at the demon race. Furthermore, I need to to take care of the aftermath. Do you know why I was caught previously? It was because I left traces of the magic array. After I leave, I want you to help me erase the traces. Don’t worry. I’ll definitely try my best to stay alive. I also can’t bear to part with you. You must be good and obediently await for my return. I’ll definitely come back for you, alright?”

Hai Shui’s eyes flashed with complicated expressions. It was obvious that she was having an inner battle.

I continued saying, “I’ll first find some of my friends in Xiuda.
With their help, I’m sure that I won’t be in any danger.”

Hai Shui tilted her head and asked, “Will you really be out of danger?”

I nodded. “I promise.” ‘Only the Gods will know what I just promised. Can I predict whether it will be dangerous? The answer is most definitely, no.’

Hai Shui replied sulkily, “You were so fierce previously.” She was really an adorably petite little thing.

I embraced her and replied, “I won’t do that ever again. How can I bear to be fierce towards you?”

Hai Shui replied, “You must come back safely. I’ll wait for you. No matter how long it takes, I’ll wait for you.”

I nodded. “Alright. I’ll definitely be  back.  There’s  my teachers, friends and you, who is the most important to me, waiting for me here.”

Hai Shui said with her face reddened, “Can I give you my first
time? I’ll feel more secure that way.”

I jumped in fright from her words. I never thought that such an innocent little girl would say such words. “No, I’ll wait for the time when I formally marry you then……”

Hai Shui revealed an adorable expression. “You really don’t want?”

I seriously nodded my head. If I really took Hai Shui now, wouldn’t it be bad for her if I were to die in some foreign land?
Hai Shui replied, “Alright! However, you must give something to me as a pledge of your love for me to keep and remember.”

I was stunned. “What shall I give you?”

Hai Shui thought for a while and replied, “Anything.”

I thought for a while before taking out a relatively big blue crystal from my spatial space. “This shall be it.” After saying that, I took out the dagger that Ma Ke had given to me previously and used my battle spirit to carve the crystal. My hands were counted to be stable, and a sparkling  and translucent blue heart shaped crystal very quickly appeared in my hand. I also craved ‘Zhang Gong’ on top of it before giving it to Hai Shui. “Do you like it?”

Hai Shui carefully took it in her hand and answered with a joyful face. “I really like it. Whenever I see this heart, it’ll be as though I’m looking at you in the future.” After she said that, she grabbed onto my left hand and unknowingly took out a dark green ring and put it onto my middle finger. She smiled and said, “This is what I’ll give you. There is my name on the inner side of the ring. You mustn’t lose it. I’ll leave the ring finger for Sister Mu Zi.”

I gently kissed her cheek. “Silly girl, you just have to wait for me to come back. Do you know what is the situation like of the demon race?”

Hai Shui replied, “I heard that they weren’t fighting ferociously. Both sides had gathered their army forces and just stood opposite of each other. There were only some small
confrontations. From the looks of it, the demon race and the beast clans still can’t easily make their moves. Relax! The security of the Ström Fortress shouldn’t be a problem.”

I had let down a stone in my heart. “That’s great. If they were really to fight, both sides will definitely suffer. War is too terrifying and the ones that suffers the most are the commoners.”

I caressed Hai Shui’s long hair and continued to say, “You should stay at the academy to train. After everything is settled, I’ll definitely come to find you. The current atmosphere is extremely nerve wrecking. I have to go as soon as possible.”

Hai Shui eye immediately reddened. She tightly hugged me
and replied, “I don’t want you to go. I really don’t.”

I consoled her by saying, “Be good and stop throwing childish tempers. It isn’t that I won’t be coming back. Please help me look after those few old teachers. They aren’t young so it’ll be great if nothing happens to them. Even though Emperor Ke Zha has great skills and strategy, he isn’t as magnanimous. After you graduate, it’ll be best that you don’t join the military. Don’t tell this to Ma Ke either as it may influence his mood. Ma Ke has a magnanimous personality. If he inherits the throne in  the future, I’ll be able to relax.”

Hai Shui nodded. “Do you really have to go?”

I nodded. “I also don’t know how my friends in Xiuda are
doing. I’ll first go and meet up with them, before going towards the demon races stronghold. I hope that she’s willing to come back with me though.”

Hai Shui said, “Sister Mu Zi will definitely come back with you. I’ll wait for you two.”

I replied, “After I leave, you must immediately erase the magic array and never let anyone discover it. If not, it’ll not only bring you trouble, it’ll also implicate your family. The three main families had allied with Duke Te Yi initially to rebel against Ke Zha. Ke Zha’s heart must be filled with hatred. If he gets the chance, he’ll definitely treat you badly.”

I embraced  Hai  Shui  and  stepped  into  the  magic  array.  I
deeply kissed her lips before pushing her out of the array. A golden light enclosed her body.

I shouted, “Hai Shui! You must take care of yourself. I’m leaving.” After saying that, I activated the array. If I don’t head off now, Hai Shui would definitely badger me. It was better to just get the pain over with, rather than prolonging the agony.

Hai Shui cried out in fear, “Big brother Zhang Gong, you must come back safely.”

I smiled and waved my hands at her. “I will.” I instantly vanished from Hai Shui’s room after a golden light flashed.

Hai Shui teared as she cleared the magic array that I had drawn but her heart had come with me.
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