Child Of Light Volume 12 (End)

Volume 12

Chapter 1 – Reuniting With Ma Ke

The palace of Aixia slumbered where it stood. The land transformed into a world of gold and jade in a dazzling splendor as the sun rose. After returning, I couldn’t calm my heart. I had left Aixia two years ago, but this place was filled with many memories.

“Zhang Gong, why did you zone out again?” Jian Shan’s voice rang out beside me. His chest was heaving. He seemed to be exhausted from the time we hurried.

“Jian Shan, has your cultivation deteriorated? It doesn’t seem to be as strong as it was before?”
Jian Shan’s eyes widened as he finally said, “What? Don’t anger me! Who says that my cultivation is inferior to before? Even though I’ve yet to reach the Sword Saint rank, I’m already one of the top elites among the Radiant Knights. Could you stop comparing me with yourself? Don’t forget, you’re the God’s envoy so you’re different from ordinary people like us.”

I made a realization after hearing his words. ‘That’s right. I don’t know how much my cultivation has improved by after receiving the inheritance which makes his cultivation seem weaker than before.’ I awkwardly replied, “I don’t mean that.
I’m just trying to coax you into working harder.”

Jian Shan snorted. “I’m already working diligently, it’s just that at this stage it will be difficult to increase my power; I can only improve slowly from this point on. Didn’t you want to get information from the palace? Let’s go!”
I nodded and pulled Shan Jian along as I used a short teleportation spell to enter the palace. I easily avoided the patrolling guards and mages by using my acute divine sense. I pulled Jian Shan into the rock garden to determine my location and what direction to head to because I hadn’t come here often, so I wasn’t clear on which direction to go after such a long time.

Jian Shan asked me, “Why didn’t we enter from the main entrance? Could it be that we can’t be seen by anyone?”

I replied, “Isn’t this way better so we can speak with Ma Ke quicker? Do you think the guards would have easily let us in if we simply asked?! Time costs us lives, so wouldn’t it be better to use less of it?”
Jian Shan pouted. “That seems reasonable. Where are we heading to now?”

I found my bearings and motioned for Jian Shan to be silent. “You just close your eyes and don’t worry about a thing.” Upon saying that, I brought him along by using another short teleportation spell to quickly enter the inner palace. With my cultivation, how could the guards notice me? After making a couple of turns, we finally reached the location where the Emperor of Aixia lives. I used my divine power to scan the interior and was astonished to find that there wasn’t anyone within. ‘Ma Ke wasn’t here? Where did he go so early in the morning?’

At that moment, two palace maids were heading our way. I hastily pulled Jian Shan along as I flew above them to the corridor ceiling.

The two palace maids whispered while they walked.

“Elder sister, did you see how hard working His Majesty is?! He went to settle the kingdom’s affairs so early in the morning. Despite the threat from the Monster race, after His Majesty ascended the throne our kingdom’s power has increased daily. Ah! There’s also the group of experts from the God Protector Domain helping us. Perhaps we’ll be able to surpass the Kingdom of Dalu and become the most powerful of the three kingdoms! It’s really a blessing for our Aixia to be governed by such a wise king.”

The other palace maid giggled. “Are you yearning for love? Who doesn’t like His Majesty? He is youthful, handsome and capable, but, don’t even think about it. The love His Majesty and the Empress share is amazing. His Majesty treats her like a
treasure and he never took an imperial concubine until now. I think you should just stop dreaming.”

“You’re irritating. Elder sister only knows how to mock me.
Don’t you also want to be doted upon by His Majesty?”


I almost laughed when I heard their conversation. I didn’t know Ma Ke would have so many secret admirers. However, that fellow didn’t let me down and was governing the kingdom well! He should be at the main hall now. I just need to bring Jian Shan along and head there in order find him. I carefully dodged the few groups of patrolling guards and ended up outside the main hall. I sensed many chaotic auras in the main
hall. It seemed that there were many people inside. Jian Shan and I looked at each other before I activated my divine power to bring us to the roof of the main hall. I withdrew my thoughts and listened to the voices inside the main hall.

“Your Majesty, even though the situation is highly dangerous, you must not dispatch the Mage Army Squad anymore.  It should be sufficient for Lord Ai, Lord Zhen, Lord Di and your friends from the God Protector Domain to be there. We need to leave some protection for the Capital of Aixia after all.” An old voice sounded.

“No, I don’t think it’s enough. I feel that it’s different this time. The Monster race has been too quiet lately and are too opportunistic. They will surely dispatch a large force in the final wave this time, and since their forces are gathered at the fort, this place shouldn’t be in any danger. I already made my decision to personally lead the Royal Mage Army Squad in order to assist them. This is a critical moment. We mustn’t get sentimental, instead we must set an example for the other two
kingdoms.”  Ma   Ke’s   undeniably   imposing   voice   sounded.
‘This….is this still the brother that I know? Fort? What’s happening to the fort that he needs to personally head there? Where’s Mu Zi and the rest?’ I continued to listen in as I carried these thoughts.

“But Your Majesty, you are the ruler of our kingdom! This old subordinate is willing to head forth in your stead.”

“No! My decision is final. Pass down my orders, immediately gather the Royal Magic Army Squad and prepare to set off. Similarly, order the Third Division Mage Army Squad to remain here to protect the Capital. Alright, court dismissed!” After a chorus of sighs, over one hundred officials filed out of the main hall, leaving only a few guards in the main hall. There was a gentle aura beside Ma Ke. It should be Empress Hai Yue Xing.
“Your Majesty, could you reconsider?” Hai Yue said gently.

Ma Ke’s voice became gentler. “Empress, I absolutely can’t cower at such a time. If Boss Zhang Gong was here, he’d definitely support my decision. You shall just have to patiently wait for my return. I’ll certainly bring back  news  of  victory from the annihilation of the Monster race.”

Chapter 2 – Circumstances Of The Continent

Hai Yue said resolutely, “No! I will head there with you. I’ve got the power of a Magic Scholar. I may be able to help. How can I not help but worry about you heading out alone? Can you really bear to make me wait bitterly at home?!”

Ma Ke replied gently, “Hai Yue, don’t make things more difficult for me. If you were to go, I will definitely be distracted. I don’t know how risky things will get. If something were to happen to you, what am I supposed to do then? Be obedient, you should stay in the capital.”

Hai Yue replied, “It’s because it’s risky that I refuse to let you head out alone. If you don’t bring me along, I’ll sneak along. You decide.”

“This…..I….Alright.” Ma Ke helplessly conceded.

I smiled inwardly. It seemed that Ma Ke was still unable to deal with Hai Yue even after becoming emperor! I winked at Jian Shan to signal that it was time for our appearance. Instantly, Jian Shan and I appeared at the center of the main hall.

“Who’s there?!” A couple of loud shouts were heard and cold lights shot towards us. The Emperor and Empress of the Kingdom of Aixia were here after all so the  security  would surely be tight. Naturally, when we appeared, we were treated as assassins. But how could their standard of attacks harm me?
I didn’t need to particularly block them and instead, cast a gentle defensive boundary in my surroundings. When the cold lights struck the boundary, it was naturally pushed back. Since I didn’t intend to harm anyone, the guards weren’t hurt. The surrounding mages were already chanting spells as though they were confronting their nemesis.

I hastily said, “Stop attacking! Ma Ke, after recently becoming king, you already don’t recognize me?”

“Wait!” Ma Ke stopped the attacking mages and stood up from the throne with Hai Yue. They were both in formal attire and stared at my masked face in shock. Ma Ke, who had known me a long time, said in a shaky voice, “You..You are….”
I nodded and calmly replied, “That’s right, I’m back.”

“Boss!” Ma Ke charged at me like lightning from his throne. After learning from what happened to Jian Shan, I hastily withdrew my power, tightly embracing Ma Ke. The feelings between Ma Ke and I were like real blood brothers. Our everlasting friendship started from the instant we met.

“Boss, you’re finally back. Do you know how we all suffered waiting for your return?!”

“Sigh! I also didn’t expect that I’d be gone such a long time. Be gentler, it can’t be that you want to crush my bones?”

Ma Ke released his hands from my shoulders. With tears glistening in his eyes, he said, “Boss, it’s great that you’re back. The world changed greatly while you were gone.”

I nodded. “Jian Shan already told me about the appearance of the Monster race. Where’s Mu Zi and the rest now?”

Ma Ke chuckled. “Boss, you really pay more attention to your lover than your friends! You didn’t even ask me how I’ve been. The moment you come, you look for Mu Zi. Sigh! Ai!”
I took back my hand after knocking on Ma Ke’s head as I mockingly scolded him, “You brat, you’re asking for a beating. You’re strong enough to stand so what more should I ask? Since I don’t know where Mu Zi and the rest are, I definitely have to ask. Quickly tell me. If not……” I rubbed my hands together, giving off cracking sounds. I chuckled as I looked at Ma Ke with ill intentions. The surrounding guards and mages were stunned as they didn’t expect that their revered Majesty would be sorted out by somebody wearing elementary mage attire.

“Hey! Zhang Gong, how can you just bully Ma Ke the moment you return? You bullied him in the past, but now you’re not allowed.” Hai Yue smiled as she walked beside Ma Ke, clinging onto his arm and displaying the appearance of a harmonious couple.

Ma Ke looked affectionately at Hai Yue as he said lovingly, “My wife is the best.”

I could be unrestrained with Ma Ke, but I couldn’t with Hai Yue. Not to mention that she was a girl, not to mention the matter with Hai Shui. I couldn’t help but fear Hai Yue’s temper. I quickly smiled apologetically. “On behalf of Hai Yue,  I’ll forgive you this time. But can you quickly tell me the locations of everyone? I’m in a hurry! Time is pressing, the Monster race can make a huge movement anytime now. We must preemptively prepare to deal with them.”

When I mentioned the Monster race, Ma Ke’s expression changed as he slightly nodded and replied, “Boss, that’s what I thought. It has been very calm lately, but five days ago, there was an urgent report from the Ström Fortress. The report stated that various monsters were surging outwards rapidly from the massive rift you previously created. The monsters that spawned were at an unprecedented number and had exceptionally strong offensive capability. Our side was better off, the protection from the fort and the magic cannons to temporarily defended against them. But the Demon-Beast Alliance’s losses are increasing daily. Mu Zi and your brothers already led the God Protector Domain to the fort to eliminate the source of the monsters. But I
don’t think this time will be that simple. Why would  the Monster race choose to appear at the borders surrounded by all three races? That position can’t be beneficial to them, they would be attacked by all three races! It can’t be that they have sufficient powers to resist us, right? We’ve been at an advantage ever since the Dragons and Nature Elves appeared! I really don’t know what they are thinking.”

I sighed. “Perhaps this final battle will determine which side will be victorious. The Monster King should really  be appearing.” It was no wonder that I could feel the surge of demonic aura since coming from the God Rended Canyon, the Monster race had decided to emerge from the rift.

Ma Ke and Hai Yue were alarmed and looked at each other. After a while, Ma Ke spoke with some difficulty, “Boss, are you saying that the Monster King will appear?”

I replied, “En! Ma Ke, in the last two years, have you exchanged blows with the three Great Monsters as you fought the Monster race?”

Ma Ke replied, “Only once, but they were run off by Xiao Jin’s father. There wasn’t any more movement  from  them  after that.”

Chapter 3 – Outside The Capital City

“It seems that my judgement wasn’t wrong. The monster race hasn’t been fighting with all their might.  They  were  hiding their power, waiting for their king to  revive.  By  my calculations, the Monster King should be appearing soon.”

Ma Ke asked, “Boss, are you saying that the Monster King will be appearing at the fort?”

I nodded. “He should. The Monster King possesses peerless power. He made his subordinates attack the three races from the gulf in order to create an opportunity for him to appear. Once the main forces of the three main races are eliminated, he can slowly dominate the entire world. Monster  King,  I definitely won’t let you win.” I clenched my fists and made my body surge forth with an intense desire to do battle. Both Ma Ke and Hai Yue, who were in front of me, were  momentarily pushed back a few steps as a faint golden light shone from my body.

Ma Ke looked at me with amazement. “Boss, your cultivation improved again. Could it be that you’ve already…….”

I nodded. “Yes, I’ve succeeded.”

Ma Ke was jubilant. “That’s great! Boss, the army of my Kingdom shall fall under your leadership. Let’s head to the fort and eliminate the Monster race.”

I shook my head. “Leading the army isn’t my  forte.  You should do it. Any commander from Aixia are surely stronger
than me in that area. That’s right, I heard that the teachers are already on the frontline. Is that true?”

Ma Ke replied, “That’s right! The teachers, Mu Zi and the rest are already there. Boss, don’t be modest. With your current power, you are the most suitable for commanding the Mage Army Squad.”

I said, “Ma Ke, I must head to the fort as soon as possible and bringing along a large amount of troops will slow my pace. We also aren’t sure how the situation is like at the fort. You should immediately gather your Mage Army and head over to rendezvous with everyone after I leave.”

Hai Yue suddenly asked, “Zhang Gong, how do you plan on
dealing with my sister? My sister has made nothing of the hardships to head to the God Protector Domain. She had abandoned her privileged life for you and fought daily alongside your brothers against the Monster King.” Hai Yue got agitated, feeling indignant.

After hearing her mentioned Hai Shui, my entire body shuddered as I said dejectedly, “I’ve let her down. I’m uncompatible with her so I won’t ruin her life!”

Hai Yue fumed. “That’s only an excuse. Do you even understand my sister’s feelings? How could she care about your appearance? I don’t care you must give me a satisfactory response. If not, never forgive you.”
I smiled wryly. “Hai Yue, I know Hai Shui treats me well, but…….forget it, this discussion should be in the future. We should first eliminate the Monster King. The existence of the Monster race is an imminent threat, how can I talk about relationships in a time like this?”

Hai Yue’s expression relaxed as she nodded. “Alright, I’ll wait for your reply. You must take care of my sister when you meet up with her at the fort. Don’t let her be in harm’s way. Do you understand?”

I nodded. “I certainly will. I don’t want anyone hurt. You do understand that, Hai Yue?”

Hai Yue smiled. “Of course, I understand. If it wasn’t for your
help, Ma Ke and I wouldn’t be together, so I know. Ma Ke is the best choice for me.”

I thought about the words that Feng Liang Ri said before he died, but I didn’t reveal it. I didn’t want it to influence Hai Yue and Ma Ke’s feelings after they developed after so many difficulties, instead covering them with shadow. ‘Feng  Liang! I’m sorry. I hope that you’ll be a good person in your next life.’

When Ma Ke wanted to say something, someone suddenly shouted from outside. “Reporting to Your Majesty! I  have urgent news!”

Ma Ke frowned. “Come in, report.”

A soldier hastily ran in and knelt. “Your Majesty, it isn’t good. There are two monster dens that have appeared within 5 kilometres of the capital and the monsters have started causing destruction in every direction.”

Ma Ke was stunned. “What? The monster race has appeared? Can it be that we guessed wrongly?” He looked at me slightly panicked, obviously shaken up by the report. Even though it couldn’t be said that the Kingdom of Aixia had no fighting force, but since our God Protector Domain had been mobilized and neither the Dragons nor Nature Elves were around, he could only rely on his Royal Mage Army Squad.

I muttered irresolutely, “Ma Ke, don’t be anxious. Our prediction should be correct. The Monster race’s  appearance had increased the credibility of my hypothesis. I think that this
situation should also be occurring in the Kingdoms of Dalu and Xiuda. The Monster race must be trying to decrease the forces at the fort. You should immediately gather the Royal Magic Army troops while you wait for my report. You can leave those two monster dens to me.” I was confident. ‘Isn’t it just two monster dens? Eliminating them shouldn’t be too difficult.’

Ma Ke asked, “Boss, how can you head out by yourself? Bring me along.”

I smiled. “Ma Ke, don’t worry. Those monsters aren’t a threat to me. That’s right, I’ll leave Jian Shan in your care, so wait for my return. Once I’m back, we’ll immediately head to the fort.” Upon saying that, I used a short teleportation to teleport from the main hall. I activated my divine powers at once to soar through the sky, quickly leaving the Capital.
The sky was filled with an intense Demonic aura. The previously clear sky was now covered with heavy,  sinister clouds, giving an oppressive feeling. After distinguishing my direction, I moved like a shooting star towards my destination.

Soon, I saw densely packed monsters that climbed out from two enormous, black monster dens, which were about 300 meters away. The monsters that climbed out scattered in search of prey. Those monsters were built much larger than what I saw before. The only similarity was their  bloodshot  eyes.  There were a few villages near the dens so numerous monsters gathered towards those villages, commencing a massacre. A couple of humans died under the monsters in the blink of an eye, leaving no corpses behind. Since the Kingdom of Aixia had many mages, there were definitely people that knew magic in those villages. Unfortunately, their negligible powers were useless against the monsters, making them unable to kill them.

Chapter 4 – Holy Sword’s Might

The blood in my body raced as I frantically activated the powers in my body. I raised both of my hands and chanted, “Great   light   elements!   You   possess   unlimited   power,   the
darkness before you is negligible. The eternal light that is flowing in the horizon, I beg of you, descend upon the world to bestow your eternal light unto me to recover all injuries and ease us of our sufferings——Eternal Recovery Light!” Six wings
of light appeared on my back, as they flapped gently, clear lights constantly and rapidly gathering towards me. I didn’t feel the previous pain of being ripped apart, instead it felt like I was soaking in an ocean of light. It was an indescribable, yet comfortable feeling. The light elements were very cordial, they listened to my commands completely, forming an enormous gold hexagon underneath my feet, lighting up the dark sky instantly.

The divine filled aura attracted the attention of all of the monsters beneath me. Those that could fly were charging towards me. The threat that I posed made those cold blooded fiends terrified.
I didn’t hold any killing intent, the warm light elements were constantly purifying my heart. I said calmly, “Go forth, Eternal Recovery Light.” The gold hexagon beneath my feet slightly shook, creating an enormous golden pillar of light that enclosed my body as it charged towards the sky and pierced through the clouds.

The clouds in the sky turned golden. A rain of light that eliminates the monsters and saves human lives immediately descended. At this moment, hundreds of monsters were already charging towards me, seemingly wanting to rip me apart.

I looked at the golden clouds in the sky before raising my outstretched arms. A golden halo momentarily surged from my body towards the monsters that were charging over. The golden light seemed to be unaffected as it passed through the bodies of the monsters. However, the monsters that touched the golden light stopped mid-air as their bodies gradually turned to dust.

The fragrance in the air was exceptionally pleasant. I, who had received the inheritance, wouldn’t be weakened after using forbidden spells. Moreover, I could also bring out the  full powers of the forbidden spell, making the spell’s scope much larger.

The light drizzle descended from the sky, it  gently  danced with the wind as it scattered onto the ground. Each of the light spots carried vitality within it, enclosing both the monster dens and the monsters that were charging to the villages below.

The drizzle gradually got larger as it constantly flowed downwards. The monsters had already stopped their attack as the light rain appeared. I saw their bodies gradually turned to shadowy auras under the light rain and disappeared. I could also see that the monsters looked as though they had been relieved
of their burdens.

The light rain not only harmed the monsters, but it also treated the bodies of the survivors. The villagers that were
previously in despair cheered. I chanted gently, “The God King bestowed upon me the Radiant Holy Sword. It shall shine with the soaring radiance of the vault of the heavens.”

My chest heated up and the silver Holy Sword instantly appeared before me. I stretched out my right hand that had the God’s Guard to gently grasp the Holy Sword before descending towards the monster dens. Since the Eternal Recovery Light was still in effect, there wouldn’t be any monsters to further appear. I urged the divine powers in my body to intensify the light from the Holy Sword.
“Annihilate!” As I yelled, the Holy Light gave off two intense silver lights that were aimed towards the monster dens. With a flash, the powers shot into the dens. I could finally use the full might of the Holy Sword. As the Holy Sword’s power had reached the deepest part of the dens, numerous mournful cries were heard. I closed my eyes and softly spoke, “Break.”

The originally black monster dens were now filled  with  a silver light. The ground quaked. I had restricted the power of the Holy Sword to only within the monster dens, I didn’t want to hurt the remaining villagers. Numerous muffled sounds were heard, but the monster dens no longer had a sliver of demonic aura, which meant that I had successfully eliminated them.

I took in a deep breath before using my divine power to say, “Citizens of the kingdom of Aixia. Your suffering  is  over. There’ll be people dispatched to take care of the after mess. I hope that you can recover your homes as soon as possible. I’m God’s envoy, Zhang Gong Wei.”

“Child of light!…..Long live the Child of Light!…..” The remaining people were frantically cheering. Seeing their excited looks, I couldn’t help but be gratified. Similarly, I felt sadness for those that had died. Monster race, why must you take the lives in this world?!

Even though the monster dens were eliminated and that the sun had once again lit the ground, I could clearly feel an enormous demonic aura that had risen from the direction of the fort. It should be the revival of the Monster King. His revival threatens all the races of the world. It seemed that the final battle was commencing.

I flapped the six wings on my back to fly towards the Capital.

Ma Ke had already gathered the Royal Mage Army Squad as he waited for me at the outskirts. He was very anxious, obviously worrying about the two monster dens. I withdrew the  light wings from my back and descended.

“Ma Ke!”

“Boss, how is it?” Ma Ke asked urgently.

I nodded. “Don’t worry. I’ve already settled the matter there. Ma Ke, you don’t have to head to the fort. It’s enough for me to
head there. With the God Protector Domain, Dragon race, and the Nature Elves’ help, our power there should be enough. You should quickly lead the Magic Army Squad to split into two groups for the Kingdoms of Xiuda and Dalu and assist them in eliminating the monster dens.” My firm voice  didn’t  contain any uncertainty. Ma Ke nodded, but traces of worry was still seen in his eyes.

I patted his shoulders. “Don’t worry, my good brother! The Monster race won’t succeed unless I die. What was meant to come will definitely come. The situation at Dalu and Xiuda should be very dangerous now. With their power, the monster dens will cause major casualties. You should head there as soon as possible.”

“Boss, I will.”
At this moment, an exceptionally familiar and friendly feeling came to me from the sky’s horizon. I raised my head to see a gold figure floating in the sky. My entire body jolted. ‘That….Isn’t that Xiao Jin? Why is he here?’

Chapter 5 – Long Distance Teleportation

Ma Ke also saw Xiao Jin. “Boss, I forgot to tell you that when Mu Zi and the rest left, they left Xiao Jin and the little fox with nine tails here. They also left a message that if you came back, you’re to immediately ride on Xiao Jin to meet up with them at the fort. The light powers from when you previously eliminated the monster’s dens must have attracted them over.”

Ah! He was referring to Xiao Jin and Xiao Rou. My elated feelings rose in my chest once again as I let out a loud roar towards the sky unable to contain my longing for Xiao Jin.

Xiao Jin’s deep and resounding roar rang out shortly after I yelled. As the two sounds collided in the sky and spread far into the distance, Xiao Jin’s body slowly enlarged as he charged towards me. I kicked off of the ground to fly into the sky and receive him. Xiao Jin and I had a blood bonded connection, as well we had experienced life and death together numerous times. We had pulled through the tough times together, Xiao
Jin’s position in my heart was extremely prominent.

Xiao Jin seemed to have matured a lot. His enormous dragon body had increased in length and the gold scales on his body were emitting a dazzling golden light. When he expanded his enormous wings, he glided downwards as his enormous eyes glistened with tears. Xiao Jin and I had never been separated for such a long time. I felt a hot feeling from my chest as I shouted, “Xiao Jin!” I no longer cared about my shocking  hidden prowess, with my six wings protruding, my speed drastically increased to charge towards Xiao Jin.

“Master!” Xiao Jin’s tears flowed. I wanted to embrace his large head but discovered that his head was too huge to embrace so I landed on his head.
“Master!” Another charming voice came over. Xiao Rou came over with her nine tails. “Ah! Master, your body’s  aura  is making me feel so comfortable!” Xiao Rou’s body changed into her squirrel-like form to leap onto my shoulder. Her fluffy large tail tickled a bit.

“Xiao Jin, I finally see you again. I really missed you.” I caressed Xiao Jin’s long horn as I sighed.

Xiao Jin’s grief stricken voice sounded, “Since you missed me, why didn’t you bring me along previously, instead of making me bitterly wait for you to return for such a long time?”

I wiped the tears from my face that  were  flowing unknowingly to me as I laughed. “Alright, this isn’t the time to
be reminiscing. You both wait for me here.” Upon saying that, I took Xiao Rou from my shoulder and placed her on Xiao Jin’s back before I leaped downwards.

“Ma Ke, you should hastily set off now. After eliminating the danger that the two kingdoms are facing, you need only wait for us here for good news.”

Ma Ke’s eye rim reddened. “Boss, be careful!”

Hai Yue reminded, “Don’t forget what I told you to do.”
I nodded. “Don’t worry. Farewell.” Upon saying that, I flew back onto Xiao Jin’s back. “Let’s head to a quiet place before chatting again.”

Xiao Jin flapped both of his wings. Even though he wasn’t as fast as I was, it was already remarkable. Xiao Rou stuck to my chest as she greedily absorbed the divine aura emitting from my body. “Master, I’ve missed you. Let me show you my human form.”

I was shocked as I remembered the previous Xiao Rou’s charming and lovable appearance. I hastily shook my head. “I think it’s better not to. Isn’t your current appearance good enough?”
Xiao Jin sniggered. “Master, don’t you know Xiao Rou has been secretly admiring you? Hehe! Aiyo! Master, stop hitting me. What I say is true.”

Wasn’t Xiao Jin giving me more trouble? I hadn’t settled matters with Hai Shui, not to mention Demon Fox Xiao Rou. However, I was exceptionally elated to see Xiao Jin again. Even though the Dragon King had terminated our contract when he previously recovered the life force of Xiao Jin, making Xiao Jin to cease existing as my Magical Beast, the feelings between Xiao Jin and I never changed. Actually, if Xiao Jin was still my life contracted beast, he might have even stronger powers since I became the new Radiant God. If he could possess what I possess, wouldn’t that mean that there would be two Radiant Gods?

I looked at the Squirrel-like Xiao Rou at my chest, who had her head lowered in shyness. I snappily said to Xiao Jin, “Alright, let’s head downwards!”

“Oh!” Xiao Jin replied and withdrew his wings, heading towards an open ground.

When we landed, Xiao Jin asked curiously, “Master, why have we descended? Sister Mu Zi specifically instructed me that if you were to return, I must immediately fly you to meet up with them. The Monster race also seemed to have reemerged again.”

I nodded. “I know, that’s why I made you land to increase our speed. Xiao Jin and Xiao Rou, please protect me. I plan to use a long distance teleportation magic array.”
Xiao Jin blinked his large eyes. “Master, you’ve already received the Radiant God’s inheritance? Are you sure that the magic array can move my enormous body?”

En! There was this problem as I looked at Xiao Jin’s mountain-like body. I pondered. “I have already completely inherited the Radiant God’s position. My power should be enough to teleport us to the fort. Xiao Jin, how is Mu Zi and everyone?”

Xiao Jin replied, “Everyone misses you. However,  they seemed to be very displeased that you left without saying  a word, so if you meet them, be careful. Your friends have become increasingly powerful after eliminating a lot of  the  monster dens with their divine instruments.They were so great that even my dad praises them unceasingly.”
When he mentioned the Dragon King, I hastily asked, “I’m really sorry to trouble your Dragon race this time, interrupting your father and the rest’s peaceful life.”

Xiao Jin smiled. “No, it won’t. Everyone wishes to meet you again. After you gave them their names,  they  were  very grateful. Moreover, our Dragon race is one of the races in this world. If the world faces the threat of the Monster race, it’s our duty to assist. Otherwise, if the major races were to be eliminated and couldn’t support the other races, our Dragon race will also be eliminated sooner or later.”

I asked, “Where did your father bring the Dragon race to now?”

Chapter 6 – Arriving At The Stronghold

Xiao Jin considered my question before saying, “Currently, the Nature Elves are still stationed on the human’s side, but Father brought my relatives to the fort. They should have met up with Sister Mu Zi. They should be reaching the fort in a couple of days. I heard that the amount of monsters coming out from the gulf is far beyond the quantity of ten monster dens. If it wasn’t for the magic cannons at the fort, it would have fallen into the enemy’s hands. The Demon and Beast races are worse off, their losses won’t be small.”

I slightly nodded. “Alright, I’ll draw the magic array now. Guard me while I’m doing it.” Upon saying that, I started to draw up a long distance teleportation spell for the third time today.

Xiao Jin and Xiao Rou seemed to like the golden aura radiating from my body while they comfortably lay by my side. In this empty space anything could be seen from afar, so I
couldn’t blame them for slacking off.

I finished drawing up the array and set the target close to the fort so I would only have to fly a short distance to reach the fort. After completing the long distance teleportation magic array, I felt a slight tiredness, but didn’t mind it. After receiving the inheritance, I had already cast two long distance teleportation magics, a forbidden spell, and used the Holy Sword’s power. It was inevitable for me to be slightly tired, God wasn’t omnipotent!

‘I don’t have enough divine power to bring Xiao Jin’s large body along with me in the long distance teleportation spell right now. What should I do?’ Thinking quickly, I hastily circulated the divine power in my body. Xiao Jin and Xiao Rou were astonished as they saw the six wings that appeared on my back. I closed my eyes and relied on their supportive power to absorb the light elements in my surroundings, continuously converting
the light elements into divine power, replenishing it.

After a long while, I finally recovered my peak state. After taking a deep breath and opening my eyes, I saw that Xiao Jin and Xiao Rou were about 100 meters from where they had previously lain.

“Why have you two retreated so far away?” I asked surprised.

“Master, it’s not that we wanted to retreat, but your power is so great that it pushed us!” Xiao Jin replied helplessly.

Xiao Rou said, “Thank you, Master.”

I withdrew my protective powers. “What did you thank me for? Hurry over, I’m going to activate the magic array. Let’s head to the fort.”

Xiao Rou bounced excitedly to my side and leapt on my shoulder as she whispered, “Master, after evolving to have nine tails, my power was always stuck at the very last step before the peak realm. After seeing you today, your vast powers have helped me achieve that last step. How could I not thank you?”

I smiled. “We’re friends. What’s there to thank? Alright, let’s get ready. Xiao Jin, quickly come over. Stop dallying.”
Xiao Jin approached hesitantly into the magic array as he asked dubiously, “Master, will this really work?”

I mockingly chided him, “Of course it will. Just use your powers to protect yourself and leave the rest to me.”

“Master, please wait a moment!” Xiao Rou suddenly called out as I was preparing to activate the magic array.”

Stunned, I asked, “What’s wrong, Xiao Rou?”
Xiao Rou lowered her head and muttered, “Master, I have something that I want to request your help with.”

“Say it.”

“Master, I’ve already reached the peak realm of a Demon Fox. I’m thinking that when you have free time, could you assist me during my final evolution?”

I dazed as I remembered Xiao Rou’s previously mentioned transformation skills. “Xiao Rou, didn’t you say that method is a little risky? What form do you want to take?”

Xiao Rou hesitated before her bright gaze resolutely focused on me. “Master, I want to shed my Demon Fox body and become a human, just like Mu Zi and Hai Shui. Master, please accept my request. With your current power, there shouldn’t be any problems with you helping me transform my body.”

I thought, ‘It seems that Xiao Jin’s previous chatter wasn’t a complete fabrication, but her wish isn’t such a bad thing.’ I nodded. “Alright, I promise that I’ll help you gather the things that you need in order to become a human after we eliminate the Monster race.”

Xiao Rou leapt with joy after she heard my agreement. “That’s great! Master, thank you.” She used her fluffy little head to constantly rub against my face. My heart warmed, I could feel her brimming with excitement.

My expression changed after a moment. “Let’s head out now. Xiao Jin and Xiao Rou, prepare yourselves.” Upon saying that, I raised my right hand high into the air as I activated my divine power. The God’s Guard on my right hand instantly released a golden light. The light enclosed us and I glanced at Xiao Rou before roaring out to activate the magic array. Once the light flashed, a human and two beasts disappeared from the empty field.

Even though the interior dimension of the teleportation spell was colourful, we didn’t have the heart to enjoy the view. Long distance teleportation magic was extremely dangerous. If there was something that went wrong, we might appear in an unknown location by the warping of space. Xiao Jin’s  body really was too big, I was enduring a pressure three times greater than before. If I wasn’t filled with divine  power,  I  wouldn’t have been able to withstand the pressure.
We finally reached the end of the magic array and returned back to the world after a second flash of light.

‘Hmm? Why are we constantly descending? Ah! The teleportation magic array actually teleported us in mid air.’ When I looked downwards, I was shocked to see that the place we were at was right above the gulf that the brothers and I previously created using our ultimate forbidden  spell. Numerous monsters were constantly climbing out from it. I must have teleported us here from being slightly tired, caused by an error where I drew the portion for the exit location in the magic array. However, it wasn’t all bad, we were still near the fort.

Once I collected my thoughts, I activated the divine power to stabilize my body. Xiao Jin had already expanded his wings to stop mid air. My body floated over above his back before I could survey the affairs in my surroundings.

Chapter 7 – The Three Great Monster Lords

I looked downwards and noticed that there were various types of monsters that covered the vast plains in front of Ström Fortress. The monsters looked like waves as they relentlessly charged and struck towards Ström Fortress. Ear-piercing explosive sounds could be heard constantly from the heights of the city walls beyond the fort. Multiple blasts were fired from the magic cannons towards the monsters, creating a reign of terror as the magnificent spells descended from the fort. There were no monsters strong enough to break into the 300 meter radius of the fort. It seemed that the fort’s defences could still be sustained for a while. I looked at the border of the Demon- Beast Alliance and saw that the number of monsters heading to their battlefront was slightly less than ours. However, the monsters still managed to invade into part of their lands. It was unknown how the Demon and Beast races were going to deal with them.

Since I arrived, I decided help everyone eradicate this problem. I patted Xiao Jin’s head. “Xiao Jin, take Xiao Rou with you and head to the fort first. Tell everyone of my arrival. I want to let the monsters see my prowess before heading to the
fort.” Upon saying that, I lept high up and spread the six wings on my back, stabilizing my body mid air. Xiao Jin flapped his wings downwards, killing numerous monsters with a surge of his dragon powers.

“The God King bestowed upon me the Radiant Holy Sword. It shall shine with the soaring radiance of the vault of  the heavens.” Upon chanting the incantation, a brilliant light radiated from my body. The silver Holy Sword floated before me and its aura intensifying after I grabbed its hilt. The surrounding light elements were rapidly gathering around me. I became like a sun in the sky, illuminating the land.

The speed of the monster’s movements seemingly slowed beneath me. Even though my power was insufficient  to eradicate all of the monsters, I could critically damage their source. With a furious gaze, I roared, making the surrounding light elements frantically swirl around me like a tornado. Divine power rippled outwardly, with me as its center. The monsters below were crying out mournfully as they disappeared one after
another under the might of the divine power.

My body turned completely golden with a halo of light that coalesced around my body. I wasn’t affected in the  slightest from the light elements frantically revolving around me.

I grasped the Holy Sword with both my hands and the transparent gemstone on God’s Guard gave off peculiar lights. Divine power poured out from God’s Guard and into the Holy Sword, making the Holy Sword’s aura intensify. As its aura strengthened, it gradually fused into the revolving light elements.

As my eyes unknowingly turned golden, I yelled, “Radiant Holy Sword: Holy Light Slash!” With the sudden downward
swing of my arms, the Holy Sword seemed to carry a tremendous power that could link heaven and earth. The power formed a beautiful arc through the sky as it charged towards the depths of the gulf.

Once the Holy Sword’s power reached the ground, every monster within 500 meters disintegrated into ash. ‘Hong!’ With a flash of the silver light that vanished into the gulf, it took more than 10,000 monsters along with it.

The gates of Ström Fortress suddenly flew open and a few thousand figures charged out like lightning, efficiently massacring the monsters that had temporarily lost the source of their powers. Under the glittering light of various battle spirits, the bodies of many monsters were continuously being hacked down. Those people were my brothers from the God Protector Domain and behind them were the Earth Dragon Army Squad and cavalry from the Kingdom of Dalu. Under magic protection, they filed outwards, mobilizing tens of thousands of troops and frantically slayed the sluggish monsters. I knew that victory was
on our side today.

Suddenly, the gulf below became unusually calm and the monsters no longer surged out from it. I knew clearly, that with that previous attack, I could annihilate the ordinary monsters. However, when dealing with such a large scale monster den, it would be impossible to completely extinguish their source.

Right as I wanted to strike with the Holy Sword again, three grey auras suddenly flew out from the gulf and were charging towards me with lightning speed.

“Zhang Gong, be careful!” A clear shout containing anxiousness and concern could be heard from the field.

I didn’t have time to spare any attention to see who warned me. The Holy Sword spun around my body as it charged, meeting the grey auras head on. ‘Hong!’ The powerful impact shook both my body and the divine power within. My vision turned white and a mouthful of silver blood spurt from my mouth. A silvery aura came from the Ice God’s Mask, chilling my face and stabilizing my confused state.  ‘Such  strength! Could it be that the Monster King has resurrected?’

The divine power in my body continuously repaired my injuries and the light elements surrounding me replenished the loss of my divine powers. Once I stabilized my body, I realised that I had been flung at least a kilometer back due to the impact. I, who had received the Radiant God’s inheritance, was unexpectedly hurt. The three grey figures suddenly stopped before me. With a flash of grey light, their true appearances were revealed.
At the center was the Dark Monster—Jia Si Ke Li Duo, who had initially possessed Demon King’s Satan’s body. He looked at me astonished with his dark monster blade placed horizontally before him. There was also a faint trace of green blood that flowed from his mouth. It seemed that he was also hurt from the previous exchange. On his left was a person that was completely enshrouded in a large cloak, making it impossible for me to see their appearance. Using the memories of Mi Jia Lie, I knew that this person…no, this monster was the Witch Monster—-Ha Er Yue Di. The one on the right, whose body was enclosed in a bloody mist, must be the Blood Monster—-Ka An Da Er Jia. It seemed that it wasn’t the revival of the Monster King, but rather a gathering of the Three Great Monsters.

Jia Si Ke Li Duo laughed. “Good brat, you were able to receive a combined attack from the three of us. It seems that you really have inherited Mi Jia Lie’s powers.”

I coldly snorted. “Jia Si Ke Li Duo, do you really think that you three are powerful? In my eyes, you’re nothing.”

“Brat, you’re seeking death. Blood Monster’s Spirit Severance!” The Blood Monster Ka An Da Er Jia, bringing a thick blood mist with him, charged towards me, with the flash of a red light. I roared, “Holy Light Crucifix!” Two silver light rays intersected perpendicularly and shot forth as I grasped the Radiant Holy Sword with both hands.

Chapter 8 – Repelling The Monster Clan

“Dark Monster’s Caress!” Jia Si Ke Li Duo swung the Dark Monster’s Blade, shooting a grey light ray towards the Holy Light Crucifix, while the Witch Monster Ha Er Yue Di’s body swayed as he let out a low and unpleasant growl, forming  a black bone-shaped mist to counterattack. Their power, combined with the Blood Monster Ka Yan An Da Er’s attack, simultaneously struck my Holy Light Crucifix.

The four of our bodies were momentarily blown away after a loud explosion was heard. My entire body felt feeble and I spat out another mouthful of blood. I knew that my body’s injuries had worsened. They really were worthy of the title the Three Great Monsters, even after I received the Radiant God’s inheritance, I still couldn’t deal with their combined attack. It seemed that they had recovered more than the 30% of their powers that Mi Jia Lie had predicted. If the Monster King were to join them, it would probably end with my death.
“Night Sky’s Sea Green Heart” A green light that seemed to be from the heavens came in a long and elegant arc as it passed my body striking Jia Si Ke Li Duo. Jia Si Ke Li Duo obviously hadn’t recovered from our exchange was in a panic, he could only lift his Dark Monster’s Blade to block the attack. However,  the green ray’s speed was rapid. Even though it was  partially blocked by the Dark Monster’s blade, the ray still pierced Jia Si Ke Li Duo’s shoulder. Jie Si Ke Li Duo furiously roared as he radiated large amounts of grey mist before charging towards the gulf with the two other Great Monsters.

Since I was injured, I didn’t chase after them, but instead turned around and saw a green figure flying over. The person who had gravely wounded Jia Si Ke Li Duo and rescued me from the crisis was Dong Ri. A thick divine aura was  surrounded Dong Ri’s. Even though it still was relatively weak compared to mine, there was already great improvement when compared to the previous me. He already learned how to use skills of the Wind God’s Bow. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to severely hurt Jia Si Ke Li Duo.
“Dong Ri!”

“Big Brother Zhang Gong, you’re finally back. If you didn’t return, we might not be able to hold out much longer.” Dong Ri dashed in front of me excitedly and tightly grasped my shoulders.

I looked at the gulf and found that it had regained its usual peace. It seemed that the Monster race wouldn’t act up for the moment. “Where’s everyone? Why didn’t they come?” I asked as if Big Brother Zhan Hu and the rest came with Dong Ri, with our combined powers, we might be able to prevent the escape of the Three Great Monsters.

Dong Ri smiled wryly. “It’s not that they didn’t want to come,
but were unable. The Three Great Monsters have ambushed the fort twice. Excluding me, Zhan Hu, Xiu Si, Gao De, and Xin Ao are all suffering from severe injuries. While two of the  five elders sacrificed themselves, Sister Mu Zi had also suffered slight injuries. We were currently in a life or death situation. If it weren’t for you returning in time, the defenses of the fort would have crumbled after sustaining another attack from the Three Great Monsters.”

I was shocked by his words and cried out, “What? Two of the elders sacrificed themselves?”

Dong Ri solemnly nodded. “Let’s go. We’ll continue after we head back. Everyone is waiting for you.” He looked enviously at the wings on my back and sighed, “You must have gotten the Radiant God’s power. If not, you wouldn’t be able to force the Three Great Monsters to retreat.”

I was now burning with anxiety. I didn’t reply , but simply pulled him along as I flapped my wings rapidly, as we headed towards the fort.

It was probably due to the retreat of the monsters that joyful cheers were constantly ringing out from the fort. Colourful flags were being waved at the top of the city. The people felt they gained a new lease of life after facing the Monster race, it was the best time for people to get excited. The battlefield had already calmed down and the monsters that had already lost half of their power were already annihilated. The human army orderly retreated back to the fort, under the protection of the brothers from the God Protector Domain.

With a flash of a light, I brought Dong Ri along as we reached the top of the fort. The numerous high-ranking military officers
from the three kingdoms surrounded me. If it weren’t for the protection of my divine power, I would had been squashed by them.

“Everyone, please don’t be so anxious. Please, calm down.” It seemed that it was an error to land on top of the fort. I surveyed my surroundings, but didn’t see Mu Zi’s figure nor even a single brother from the God Protector Domain.

“God’s Envoy, you are finally back.”

“Ah! Humanity has hope now. Lord Envoy, thank you for chasing the enemy away.”


Dong Ri said, “Stop looking, nobody is here. They went to recuperate from their injuries. The brothers here are under my command, they went to exterminate monster dens so you won’t be able to see them yet.”

I was stunned at this news. “Why didn’t you say that earlier? Where’s Mu Zi and the rest? Quickly, bring me to them now.” I was extremely anxious after hearing that everyone was hurt. I really wanted to fly to Mu Zi’s side. Two elders had also sacrificed themselves. I didn’t know how the elders were now. They must be upset. It was all my fault for being unable to return in time.

Dong Ri replied, feeling wronged, “You didn’t ask me!  I’ll bring you there now.”

Just as we wanted to leave, an elderly voice was heard. Even though it was soft, it had completely suppressing the clamoring surroundings. “Zhang Gong, when have you become  so impolite? Why aren’t you coming to greet the numerous elders here?”

I was stunned and looked at the direction of the voice. The blood in my entire body stilled at that moment. I was dazed and couldn’t let out my voice. Numerous tears were shed behind my mask, dampening my slightly tattered clothes. The two people that were standing where the sound was heard were two white haired mages. One was my teacher, the Aixia’s Royal Intermediate Magic Academy’s principal, Teacher Lao Lun Di
and the other was Aixia’s Royal Advance Magic Academy’s principal, Teacher Chuan Song Zhen.

The person that spoke previously was Teacher Zhen, while Teacher Di stood at his side, his body slightly trembling, not saying a word. Time’s baptism could clearly be seen from the visible fine wrinkles on his face. To me, Teacher Di was like a father as he cared for me and taught me how to be a person and a mage. I instantly knew that I was the reason why that old man had aged so much. I could repress my feelings no longer and knelt to the ground towards Teacher Di as I cried out, crying bitterly, “Teacher!”

Chapter 9 – Reuniting With Teacher

The surrounding high-ranking military officers of the three kingdoms were stunned. Even though they knew that I was from the Kingdom of Aixia, they weren’t clear of the details on my background. Under the support of Teacher Zhen, Teacher Di trudged towards me in tears. He walked extremely slowly. My heart constantly trembled with each of the old man’s steps. “Teacher…Teacher Di, I….”

When Teacher Di finally walked before me, I had already withdrawn the protective divine powers. Teacher Di wordlessly extended his wrinkled hands to caress my head. “Child, teacher finally gotten a chance to meet you.”

That short phase had greatly touched my heart. ‘That’s right, my teacher. I’ve also finally reunited with you.’

It took a long time for me to gradually calm my heart. As I knelt, I said to him, “Teacher, have you been well all these years?”

Teacher Di nodded. With tears in his eyes, Teacher Zhen said, “How could he be fine? It’s all your fault. Old fellow Lao Lun hasn’t been at ease ever since you left. He kept harping to me about you on a daily basis that he didn’t have enough spare thought in attending his duties as principal. You had  done poorly at being his disciple. If it wasn’t for the news of you helping in the negotiations of the three races at the fort to succeed, he probably still wouldn’t be at ease even now. You brat, then once you left, it was two years before you finally return.”

Teacher Di  glared  at  Teacher  Zhen,  preventing  him  from
saying anything further. Teacher Di spoke benevolently to me, “Child, quickly get up and let teacher have a look.” Upon saying that, he supported me up. Teacher’s hands were still as warm as before. I couldn’t help but call out, “Teacher Di!”

“Zhang Gong, you didn’t let teacher down. I’ve seen what you have done previously. Tell me, have you already reached the legendary Grand Magister realm?”

I nodded. “That’s correct, teacher. I have.”

Teacher Di suddenly raised his back and broke out into laughters. His laughter was transmitted to the sky. “Great! Great! Great! You’re worthy of being my disciple. My  many years of aspiration have finally been achieved by you. Good
child, you’re really my great disciple.”

Feeling Teacher Di’s happiness, Teacher Zhen smiled as he sighed, “Lao Lun, you finally broke clear from all of your troubles and hardships. I’m so envious of you!”

Teacher Di replied in smiles, “What’s there to be envious about? Isn’t he also your disciple? Wasn’t your spacial magic passed down to him? He can be counted as your old self’s disciple as well.”

I hastily followed up, “That’s right! Teacher  Zhen,  if  it weren’t for your tutelage, I wouldn’t be who I am today. You also will forever be my teacher.”

Teacher Zhen laughed in satisfaction. “Zhang Gong, why are you wearing a mask? Quickly take it off. It can’t be that it’s feared that you’re ugly?”

I smiled wryly. “That’s correct. It’s due to me being too ugly that I’m wearing a mask.” It seemed that they were didn’t know about my disfiguration. I then summarized my experiences at the Demon race. It wasn’t only the two teachers,  only  a minority of the high-ranking military officers of the three kingdoms knew about this news so they were all deeply captivated in my story.

Teacher Zhen said, “Even if you’re ugly, you’re still our disciple. How can we care about your appearance? Take down the mask so that I can see the damage that the Demon Emperor had inflicted on you.”

I sighed lightly. Under Teacher Di’s pity filled gaze, I reached my hand to my face to remove the mask, instantly making astonished yelps heard throughout the top of the fort.


Dong Ri brought me to fly into the fort. After seeing the father-like Teacher Di, my mood was much better. I donned the Ice God’s mask after bidding my farewells to Teacher Di and Teacher Zhen before letting Dong Ri lead the way to see the injured brothers. In order to prevent the Monster race from assaulting the city, I had left Xiao Jin and Xiao Rou at the top of the fort.
I must hastily check everyone’s condition. According to Dong Ri, everyone seemed to have suffered different severities of injuries. In that case, they wouldn’t be able to withstand the divine wills that Mi Jia Lie had given me. If I couldn’t increase everyone’s power, how could we deal with the soon to be resurrected Monster King?

“Dong Ri, I had heard from Xiao Jin that the Dragon race should have already arrived at the fort. Since they are here, with their assistance why are our losses still so large?”

Dong Ri shook his head. “The Dragon race never appeared, not to mention help. If Xiao Jin’s father were here, we wouldn’t need to fear the three Great monsters. Those three fellows were really powerful. Even the combined attack with our divine weapons were useless against them. In order to save us, the Third and Fourth Elders had to sacrifice their lives.” When mentioning the two deceased elders, Dong Ri’s expression darkened.

I sighed. “The elders really helped us a lot. They had even sacrificed their lives for the world. They are worthy of respect! But the Dragon race should have been here. Xiao Jin said that they had left to meet up at the fort after your departure. Could it be that something happened along the way?” The Dragon race’s strength was really too crucial to us. Even though I had received the Radiant God’s inheritance, I wasn’t  totally confident in dealing with the Dragon King. But why hadn’t they appeared?

“Who knows why they didn’t arrive on time? Big Brother Zhang Gong, are you really confident in dealing with the Monster King now?”

I smiled wryly. “If I was confident, I wouldn’t be so anxious right now. You just saw that even though my powers have
increased drastically, it is still slightly lower than being able to deal with the Three Great Monsters. The power of the Monster King is really unfathomable. Who knows how abnormal he is that even God King couldn’t deal with him? How can I be at ease?”

“This is it, Big Brother Zhang Gong.” Dong Ri stopped in front of a humble courtyard. “Let’s quickly enter! If everyone knows about your return, they will definitely be exceptionally excited.”

When thinking that I would meet up with the group soon, my
heart was set ablaze. ‘Mu Zi, Hai Shui, are you two alright? Hai Shui, I’ll finally be able to face you and accept your deep feelings for me.’

Chapter 10 – Family And Friends

The courtyard door wasn’t locked, so Dong Ri and I pushed it to enter. The courtyard was extremely large; it looked like a practice area for martial arts, sparse without any adornment. The surroundings were peaceful and there was a faint medicinal scent. ‘Hmm? Why was there a medicine scent? Even if
everyone was injured, wouldn’t treatment  with  magic  be better? The fort shouldn’t lack healing mages!’

Seeing my heart’s doubts, Dong Ri explained. “It  was medicine from the elders. They said that even though treatment with magic is faster, magic has side effects, so medicine  is better. Big Brother Zhan Hi and the rest of the brothers are staying in the eastern side of the courtyard, while Mu Zi and Hai Shui are living at the western side. Which place shall we head to first?”

I looked at him and said, “We’ll head to see Big Brother Zhan Hu and the rest of the brothers first.” Even though I was eager
to see Mu Zi and Hai Shui, in the current situation, I should head to see the few severely injured brothers. Under Dong Ri’s lead, we arrived at the eastern side of the courtyard.

Dong Ri pushed open the door and entered before saying happily, “I’m back!”

Xiu Si’s feeble voice was heard. “Seeing your  happy expression, could it be that the Monster race retreated? Have the Dragon race come? Without them, it would be hard for us humans to win!”

Dong Ri laughed. “No, it isn’t the Dragon race. It’s a help greater than the Dragon race. Haha!”

There was silence in the room. Zhan Hu said in a slightly shaky voice, “Can it be….can it be……”

Like a flash, I dashed into the room and said with excitement. “Big brother! It’s me! I’m back!” The room was chaotic, with little furniture, mostly beds that were randomly placed. Zhan Hu, Xiu Si, Gao De, Xin Ao and the three remaining elders were lying on their beds. With pale complexions, all seven sets of eyes had a peculiar expression the second I appeared. They looked at me, all stunned, not saying a single word.

After a while, Zhan Hu muttered, “Zhang Gong,  it’s  really you. Zhang Gong, you brat, you’ve finally returned.”
Choked with my emotions, I replied, “Big brother,  it’s  my fault for returning late. Elders, I’ve let you down.” Upon saying that, I fell to my knees before the elders.

The three elder’s injuries seemed minor. The First Elder stood and came before me. He pulled me up with tears in his eyes. “It’s enough that you’ve returned. That’s enough.”

“But First Elder, the Third and Fourth Elders, they…..”

The First Elder sighed. “So you know. Even though Old Three and Four have died, they died with honor. Our task is to defend the continent, they died in the line of duty. Zhang Gong, you don’t need to get upset for us. At our age, death means nothing. The most fortunate way is for us to die in battle.”

First Elder was much more calm and collected than I thought.
I was a little shocked and said, “Elder, but I…….”

The First Elder had forbidden me in continuing what I wanted to say. “Stop, enough of this. Since you’re back, the heavy task of eliminating the Monster race is now passed on to you. Telling by the divine aura coming from your body, we can tell that you’ve already accepted the God’s inheritance. Zhang Gong, you haven’t let us down. That’s worth everything we’ve done.”

I replied choked with sobs, “First Elder, thank you for holding out for so long, gaining so much time for the  world.  Don’t worry, as long as I have a single breath remaining, I definitely won’t let the Monster race win.”

The First Elder laughed. “Hearing those words, I can truly relax. Even if the final outcome is failure, we will have done all we could do and we won’t have any regrets.”

Zhan Hu asked, “Zhang Gong, were you the one that made the Monster race retreat?”

Before I could reply, Dong Ru intercepted, “That was  that case! Big Brother Zhan Hu, you don’t understand how great Big Brother Zhang Gong is. He single handedly forced the retreat of the Three Great Monsters and even cast a Holy Light Slash into the gulf, killing or weakening innumerous monsters. Our brothers then lead the armed forces of the Three Kingdoms to take that opportunity and massacre the monsters, killing every last one.”

I glared at Dong Ri. “How could it be as easy as you made it sound? Brothers, you should recuperate as quickly as possible. The invasion of the Monster race has reached its final phase. I believe that not long from now, the Monster King will appear. We must be able to use our combined powers to defeat him when the time comes.”

Xiu Si replied, “I get what you mean. The only way is to use the ultimate forbidden spell. Don’t worry. Our injuries are almost completely healed. In a few days, we’ll  be  fully recovered. Ah, Zhang Gong, since you returned, have you gone to see Mu Zi and that Hai Shui from the Kingdom of Aixia? Their feelings for you are much stronger than ours. Quickly go and meet up with them.” Seeing that everyone accepted Mu Zi, she must have taken over many of my responsibilities during the period that I was gone.
My face reddened. Embarrassed, I said, “Big Brother Xiu Si, I……”

Xin Ao laughed. “What about you? Why aren’t you going? The girls have given up a lot for you.”

Under everyone’s instigation, my desire to meet with Mu Zi and Hai Shui grew. The intense emotions made my heart beat rapidly. After leaving the eastern room, Dong Ri didn’t follow me out. I took in a deep breath to calm my heart before turning around to walk to the western room.

I lightly knocked on the door of the western room. My heart raced, I didn’t know how they would react after seeing me. Would they forgive me for leaving without a word?

“Who is it? Come in, the door is unlocked.”

When I pushed open the door and walked in, the western room was much smaller than the eastern room. There were only two beds in the empty room. Mu Zi’s familiar figure was in front of me. She was tidying her bed sheets with her back facing me. On the other hand, Hai Shui, who hadn’t seen me for a few years, stared blankly at me. Even though I was wearing a mask, from the look in her eyes, I knew that she recognised me.

While Mu Zi tidied her bed sheets she said, “It’s probably Dong Ri. The Monster race must have gotten counterattacked and forced to retreat.”
I was stunned. “How did you know?”

Chapter 11 – Restoration Of Appearance

Mu Zi said, “It’s the cheers from  the top of the fort, we  can still hear them, even from this distance. Of course, I… ” After
she noticed the voice was different from what she had expected, Mu Zi’s voice quietly trailed off and her body shuddered before she turned around to me. Mu Zi’s beautiful face hadn’t changed, but was a bit thinner than before. She must have suffered a lot over these two years, all because of me!

Mu Zi’s body shook violently as she saw me hiding behind my mask. Tears flowed from her eyes as her pale lips constantly shivered, not saying a single word.

“Big Brother Zhang Gong!” A lovable call out was heard as Hai Shui abruptly leaped into my embrace and sobbed loudly.
Embracing Hai Shui’s moving body, my heart became completely infatuated. ‘Mu Zi, Hai Shui, I finally got to meet with you two.’ The eager thoughts numbed my body, as I embraced the crying Hai Shui. The Hai Shui who was the same as Mu Zi, speechless.

After a while, Mu Zi wiped the tears from her eyes as she asked calmly, “You still remember to return?”

“Mu Zi, I….It’s my fault. I’m sorry I’ve made you suffer.”

Hearing these words, Mu Zi’s freshly dried eyes flowed again with tears. She turned around, facing her back to me. As her shoulders continually shook, she said, “Why would we suffer? Who could be like you? God’s Envoy Zhang Gong, so carefree,
able to leave whenever he wants without a single word?”

I continued to embrace Hai Shui as I moved towards Mu Zi. As I used my other hand to embrace her, Mu Zi slightly struggled, but still stayed in my embrace. I embraced them both tightly, enjoying every second of this peaceful moment.

“Mu Zi, I know it was my fault. Please forgive me. I promise never to leave the two of you from now on.”

Mu Zi slowly raised her head as she asked sentimentally, “You promise?”

I resolutely nodded. “I promise. No matter what happens in the future, I won’t leave you two. Mu Zi, I’ve got a good news to share with you two.”

Mu Zi was slightly stunned as she asked, “What good news?” Hai Shui stopped crying and raised her head to look at me.

Under their gazes, I slowly removed the Ice God’s Mask from my face. “My…my appearance has recovered.” What displayed before them was my originally handsome, unscarred face. My appearance recovered while I was hopeless. At the top of the fort, I was forced to remove the mask. When Teacher Di and Teacher Zhen simultaneously saw that I was no longer disfigured, they asked me why I didn’t have any scars. I was stunned. What could make me happier than recovering my looks? Appearance was extremely important to me! I, who
regained my handsome appearance, no longer needed to have any consideration for feeling inferior and could simply accept Mu Zi’s and Hai Shui’s feelings. The recovery of my looks must have been Mi Jia Lie’s doings. He really treated me well. He had easily eliminated the only regret in my life.

Since Hai Shui hadn’t seen my disfigured appearance, she didn’t know how to react to it, but when Mu Zi saw my handsome appearance, her entire body shuddered. As she extended her delicate small hand to caress my face, she dazedly asked, “Zhang Gong, your scars…….”

I nodded excitedly. “Yeah, my scars are gone. Mu Zi, Hai Shui, now we really can be together.”
Mu Zi’s expression changed as she pushed me away, pulling Hai Shui along with her. “Zhang Gong, what do you really think of us? You think that we simply fell in love with your looks?”

‘Ah? I said the wrong words. Damn it!’ I tried explaining with stutters, “No, that’s not it! Mu Zi, I didn’t mean it that way. Please don’t be angry.”

Seeing my anxious expression, Mu Zi laughed. “Look at your silly expression! When did you return?”

Seeing that he didn’t really blamed me, I heaved a sigh of relief. “I’ve arrived not long ago. Mu Zi, please don’t get mad at me. The reason I departed without telling you was because I didn’t have confidence in being able to successfully accept the
inheritance. I didn’t know if I would ever return, so I  left without telling you. With your personality, you would have definitely wanted to accompany me. How could I put you in danger? But now it’s fine, I’ve already inherited the Radiant God’s powers and can completely control the Holy Sword’s power. Once we defeat the Monster King, we can be together forever.”

Mu Zi snorted. “I’ll forgive you this time. But you better remember what you just said. Furthermore, sister Hai Shui had given up a lot for you. You mustn’t betray her either.”

When I looked at Hai Shui, her lovable face blushed with shyness. I nodded. “I will. I will definitely repay what you both have done for me, from this day on. The most important thing for now though is annihilating the Monster race in order to return the peace and harmony in the world. We’ll really be together after that!”

Mu Zi nodded. “The Monster race is really powerful. When the Three Great Monsters attacked the fort, if it  weren’t  for your brothers and the five elders, the fort would have already fallen. Since you already gained the Radiant God’s power, after everyone’s injuries recover, we should go on the offensive. Why hasn’t the Monster King appeared? If the Monster King and the Three Great Monsters were to attack the fort before you returned, we wouldn’t have been able to resist them. Can it be that he hasn’t resurrected yet?”

I frowned and replied, “I’m not sure, but when I reached the fort, I felt a strong demonic power nearby, and it couldn’t have been the Three Great Monsters. I think that the Monster King must have resurrected. There must be a reason  why  the Monster King didn’t join the monsters in attacking us. We need to be cautious.” I chuckled and I said, “Mu Zi, Hai Shui, I’ve got something that I want to discuss with you two.”
Mu Zi and Hai Shui simultaneously were stunned. “What matter?”

Looking at their impeccable appearance, my heart heated up. I moved forth to make them return into my embrace. “I wish to use your room and temporarily stay here.”

Hai Shui shyly lowered her head and Mu Zi punched  me. “How can we let that happen? Where did you get such a weird thought at such a time?”

Chapter 12 – Cultivation Recovery

“What weird thoughts will I have?” I said, feeling wronged. “It’s just that I don’t have a place to stay, so I thought of using your place to cultivate and recover my injuries. Big Brother and the others have too many people over there, it’s  already  a mess.”

Mu Zi and Hai Shui simultaneously exclaimed, “What?!
You’re hurt?”

Seeing their worried gazes, my heart warmed. “Relax, it’s just a small injury. When I fought against the Three Great Monsters, my meridians were hurt by their shockwave of  demonic powers.”
Mu Zi asked in astonishment, “You still can’t eliminate them even after the inheritance?”

I smiled wryly. “How can the Three Great Monsters be so easy to be deal with? They are our enemy’s strongest, excluding the Monster King. During the great war between the Gods and the Monster race, each of the three individually held powers that were on par with the Radiant God’s battle angel, Mi Jie Lie. After returning to this world, they only recovered 30 percent of their powers. Otherwise, it would be alright to deal with one of them. But if there were two of them, we would be forced to retreat. Even if it’s the current me, it would be difficult to even defeat them while dealing with all three of them simultaneously.”

Mu Zi frowned. “What are we going to do now? They possess such powers. If the Monster King is added to the mix, won’t we lose without a doubt?”

I smiled. “I definitely have a way. After the inheritance, Mi Jia lie gave me orbs that contain the divine will for each of the brother’s divine instruments. Once the brothers have fully recovered, I’ll let them each accept their corresponding divine will. Their power will greatly increase. Only after we can simultaneously cast forbidden spells, we won’t need to worry about the Monster King and the Three Great Monsters.”

Hearing my words, a light flashed in Hai Shui’s eyes. She must be excited from being able to fight against the Monster race so I didn’t pay much attention.

Mu Zi replied, “Quickly recover your injuries, we’ll  guard you.”

“Ah! That’s right! Mu Zi, I heard that you are also hurt. Are you feeling better?” I shot divine power into Mu Zi’s body to check on her meridians. Mu Zi’s meridians didn’t seem to be hurt. My heart calmed down then.

“My injuries had already recovered. Ah! Your power is so warm! Is this your divine power?”

I nodded and smiled. “I’m starting my treatment. There’s no need to protect me, but I wish to see you when I wake up. My injuries aren’t serious. It shouldn’t take long to recover. Mu Zi, Hai Shui, I love you.” Upon saying that, I placed a gentle kiss on their heads. Mu Zi’s body shuddered, while Hai Shui was so stirred up that her body violently shuddered for a moment before calming down. Their eyes expressed an intense love.

After letting go, I put on the Ice God’s mask again before heading to sit on Mu Zi’s bed. “Alright, I’m starting. After my injuries recover, I’ll help to heal the brothers’ injuries. Right, Mu Zi, Xiao Jin came with me. He’s currently with Xiao Rou at the top of the city. In a while you should go and ask why the Dragon race aren’t here yet? Similarly, you should pay close attention to the actions of the Monster race.”

Mu Zi nodded. “Just take your time to recover. Leave the rest to me. Also haven’t you recovered your good looks? Why are you still wearing that mask? You no longer need to cover your face.” I could see that Mu Zi was extremely happy that I had recovered my looks. Who didn’t wish for their lover to be handsome after all?

With a deep look, I gazed at Mu Zi and Hai Shui. “The mask
that I’m wearing is the Ice God’s mask, another divine instrument. I’ve obtained it by chance. Its ability stabilizes my mind, which is most suitable for training. I’m starting.” Upon saying that, I didn’t dally and closed my eyes, circulating the divine power in my body. After checking on everyone, my heart settled. When I observed the golden sea in my body, I was shocked to see that the injuries had only slightly deviated the flow of divine power in my body. The power in my body was already recovering automatically. The golden river  had gradually returned to its original position. The divine power in my body was constantly being willed to circulate, in order to quickly recover the initial route. The light elements in my surroundings were constantly absorbed into my body, converting into divine power. A faint gold light emitted from my body, filling Mu Zi and Hai Shui’s room with divine power. The immense pressure was making it difficult for Mu Zi and Hai Shui to breathe.

“Elder sister Mu Zi, let’s head out as the power from Big Brother Zhang Gong is too powerful. Soon I won’t be able to stand it.” Hai Shui said to Mu Zi, as her face strained with difficulty.

Mu Zi was slightly better off compared to Hai Shui. “It seems that you don’t have a place to sleep tonight. Zhang Gong is so irresponsible, not telling us how powerful he currently is before entering his meditative state. But the divine  power  emitted from his body is really warm! Sister Hai Shui, why are you so pale? Is the pressure too strong for you? Let’s head out first.” After speaking, she went to the eastern room to find Dong Ri, to have him to protect Zhang Gong. She then brought Hai Shui with her to talk to Xiao Jin. After leaving the western room, Hai Shui’s complexion became more natural and recovered her rosy complexion. There was complex expression in her eyes  as though her heart was debating something. All of these thoughts occurred while Mu Zi, who was filled with excitement from Zhang Gong’s return, didn’t notice.

While circulating the divine power in my body, I found that when I resisted the Three Great Monsters, I wasn’t at full power and had used about 70% of my power. It was due to me rushing back to the God Protector Domain after inheriting the power so I wasn’t really familiar with using them and hadn’t fully incorporated them as my power. When dealing with the Three
Great Monsters, I wasn’t able to use the full potential of my power to attack them. My confidence increased  after discovering this. If I continued to work hard cultivating,  I should be able to recover all of my power quickly.

Chapter 13 -The Profound Divine Powers

I coaxed my divine power to continually circulate. While it was circulating, I investigated its usages. As I meditated, the seal Mi Jia Lie left on my mind was lifted. His memories flowed through me, allowing me to comprehend the usage for the newfound divine powers and techniques in my body. If I could fuse these powers and techniques with the Holy Sword’s might, I would reach the peak realm. Looking at his memories, I understood why the Holy Sword’s power was so immense. The Dark Monster Blade wielded by the Dark Monster Jia Si Ke Li Duo couldn’t be compared to the tyrannical might of its divine power. The Radiant Holy Sword was once the weapon of the God King, it was the greatest divine instrument in the God’s Realm.

Following the immense surge of divine power, I unknowingly floated mid air and the power coalesced in the center of the room. Fortunately, under my suppression, the wild  power stayed within a three meter radius of me, else the room would have been blown apart. After an entire day, I finally comprehended the information contained in Mi Jia Lie’s memories and gradually gained mastery over the divine power in my body. I didn’t know that Mu Zi and Hai Shui had
returned. To be honest, they couldn’t even enter the room, the immense divine power was protecting my body, making its golden radiance fill the entire room.

“Elder sister Mu Zi, we can’t enter. What shall we do?” Hai Shui asked anxiously.

Mu Zi raised her head to look at the darkened sky. “It seems that he won’t wake up. Let’s not disturb him and spend the night in the lounge. What he said was right. This room didn’t need protection, Zhang Gong’s power was more than sufficient. It seems that we really do need to cultivate from now on. If not, the gap will become too large.”

Hai Shui chuckled lightly. “Elder sister, why worry? We won’t
need to cultivate anymore now that he’s so strong. Won’t it be easier for him to protect us?”

Mu Zi’s face reddened. “You must be happy to see him return and promise not to leave us behind. You should be at ease now. When you were depressed in the past, I was really worried! Now that we have hope for successfully defeating the Monster race, we can enjoy life. I don’t know how matters are for the Demon race and whether or not father can hold back the Monster race’s attacks. When we looked at the gulf before, it had already quieted. I believe that the monsters that invaded the Demon and Beast races will be eliminated sooner or later.”

Hai Shui lowered her head. “Elder sister, I’ve made you worry about me. The Demon race should be alright. It’s also useless to worry now. Let’s go and find some blankets, it’s getting cold.”

My consciousness was compl immersed in my cultivation so I didn’t know how much time had passed. I finally understood the methods for using the divine powers. With a loud yell, my consciousness returned, my senses gradually came back into focus. I gradually withdrew the divine powers that were being emitted from my body, reverting my golden eyes back to their original appearance. ‘Hmm?’ After withdrawing my powers, the room was so bright! I clearly remembered it to have only  a single window though. When I raised my head head in curiousity, I was shocked. I didn’t know when it happened but the entire roof had simply disappeared, allowing the bright sunlight to enter the room. I no longer a wondered why the room was very bright. It was definitely because of my immense divine power. It wasn’t too bad though, at least the walls didn’t collapse.

“Zhang Gong, so you’ve finally woken up.” Mu Zi’s unhappy voice sounded from outside. When the door opened, Mu Zi and
Hai Shui came in.

Seeing them, my heart warmed. “How did you know  I’d woken up? Your gauging of time is really accurate!”

Hai Shui laughed. “How can we not know? After the roof got blasted away, the divine light soared into the sky, making everyone in the fort come looking for you. We had to spend lots of effort to maintain the peace while you trained! When that divine light suddenly disappeared elder sis Mu Zi and I knew that you were done cultivating. You’re really capable of meditating for 5 days.”

I was alarmed. “What? It’s been 5 days? Time flies.”

Mu Zi said, “Quickly get up, lazy bum. How  are  your injuries?” Upon asking that, Mu Zi’s face expressed care and concern.

I quickly moved between them, embracing their soft and delicate bodies, one in each arm. “Alright, don’t worry about me. That’s right, are there any movements from the Monster race and have any monsters appeared from the gulf?”

Mu Zi frowned. “I’m also very surprised, after you started meditating, there wasn’t the slightest movement from the Monster race. The gulf remains peaceful as though nothing ever happened.”
I was stunned. “It seems as though they’re gathering power while they await the revival of the Monster King. It’ll probably be the last battle with the Monster race the next time they appear. How are Big Brother Zhan Hu and the rest?”

Mu Zi replied, “Their injuries have recovered, but they are still feeling weak.”

I nodded. “Alright, I’ll go and see them. I must quickly give them the divine wills as soon as possible so that they will have sufficient powers to help me eliminate the Monster King by using the ultimate forbidden spell.”

When Mu Zi, Hai Shui and I walked out of the room, Zhan Hu and the rest were working out in the courtyard. Seeing their
energy, vigor, and agility, they didn’t seem to be injured.

Zhan Hu laughed. “Zhang Gong, you’ve woken up. You brat, it is fine to cultivate in closed doors, but you didn’t need to kick out the two ladies.”

I was stunned and looked towards Mu Zi and Hai Shui. Mu Zi rolled her eyes at me. “Let’s stop talking, didn’t you need to give them the divine wills?”

Before walking over to the brothers, I released Mu Zi and Hai Shui from my embrace. “My injuries have completely recovered. How about you guys?”

Zhan Hu brandished his fist. “We’re fine already. After receiving the divine instruments, our recovery power has become much greater ”

Chapter 14 – Divine Will’s Inheritance

I nodded. “That’s great then. Mi Jia Lie gave me the divine wills for each of your divine instruments before I left the God Rended Canyon. You need them so that you can use the full potential of your divine instruments. Since that’s the case, we can also bring out the full potential of the Ultimate Forbidden Spell. We won’t need to fear the Monster King any longer. Mi Jia Lie had instructed me that when receiving the divine wills, you must be at your peak condition. Otherwise, it’ll be risky so I’ll seriously ask you again. Have you guys really recovered completely?”

Zhan Hu looked at the rest before replying, “I’ve recovered, Xiu Si shouldn’t have any problems as well. We suffered the lightest injuries among us all, we recovered in two days. Afterwards, Xiu Si used his Sky God’s Horn to heal everyone so they injuries should already be fine. What is a divine will anyways? Is it really that powerful?”
I nodded. “It’s hard for me that explain in detail what the divine wills are exactly, but essentially it activates the genuine powers of the divine instrument by fusing your current power with the divine instrument. You’ll understand it once you inherit the divine will. From my estimation, you’ll reach at least the War God’s rank after the inheritance.”

Zhan Hu, Xiu Si, Gao De, Xin Ao and Dong Ri simultaneously cried out, “What?! War God?!” Excitement could be seen  in their eyes.

As a cultivator, no matter who they were, they would always set the rank of War God as their final goal. It was a rank similar to that of the Grand Magister’s power! It was the peak cultivation for martial artists. If they all successfully gained the divine will, their combined powers wouldn’t  be  inferior  to mine. We would then have a much larger chance for defeating the Monster King.

I nodded. “The Monster King can be appearing any moment now. Since everyone has recovered, let’s not dally and commence the inheritance now. Everyone, form a circle and summon your divine instruments.”

Zhan Hu, Xiu Si, Gao De, Xin Ao, and Dong Ri gathered with me at the center. Mu Zi and Hai Shui retreated to a side.

Zhan Hu chanted, “The God King bestowed upon me the War God’s Armor. No evil shall pass me, for I shall obstruct the evil demons.” A blue armour appeared in mid air and shattered into countless pieces as they covered Big Brother Zhan Hu’s body, piece by piece. A blue energy was constantly rippling, while his body emitted a divine aura filled with the desire to fight.

Xiu Si chanted, “The God King bestowed upon me the Sky God’s Horn. My horn’s roar will pierce through the nine heavens.” A white light flashed and the Sky God’s  horn appeared in Xiu Si’s hand. The pure white horn hummed, forming a benevolent divine aura around him.

Xin Ao chanted, “The God King bestowed upon me the Titan God’s Hammer. I will shake the heavens and move the earth to protect the righteous path.” An enormous Titan God’s hammer, flickering with yellow light, appeared in mid air. Xin Ao extended both of his hand to grasp onto the handle. The yellow light instantly covered his body, making his body emit a domineering divine aura.

Gao De said, “The God King bestowed upon me the Lightning God’s Shield. Even ten thousand blades shall not stop me.” A small red shield appeared in Gao De’s right hand. The red light
encapsulated him, making an intense divine aura to envelope his body. The flickering red light gave people a stalwart sense of steadiness.

Dong Ri said, “The God King bestowed upon me the Wind God’s Bow. My ethereal arrows will flash rapidly and violently.” After a gold light flashed, a small golden short bow appeared in Dong Ri’s hand, emitting green lights. As the green light rays covered Dong Ri’s entire body, the auras emitting from the brothers fused together to form a five coloured halo, with me at its center.

After receiving Mi Jia Lie’s memory, I clearly knew that while inheriting the divine will, I must protect their bodies. Even the slightest disturbance could lead to their death.
I chanted loudly, “The God King bestowed upon me the Radiant Holy Sword. It shall shine with the soaring radiance of the vault of the heavens!” A silver Holy Sword momentarily appeared before me. The intense golden light completely enclosed the five of them. I extended my hand to grip onto the Holy Sword, forcefully emitting divine power. My spirit shook and summoned the six wings of light on my back, instantly
absorbing the light elements in the air.

“Brothers, you must focus on your divine  instruments  in order to fuse the divine will into your body. No matter how much pain you feel, you must endure.” I could still clearly remember the pain that I felt from when I received the God’s inheritance. I couldn’t predict what would happen  to  them while they received their divine wills so I warned them beforehand.

“Just do it, we can withstand it.” Zhan Hu firmly replied. The others looked at me in agreement, with a steadfast look on their readied faces.

I took in a deep breathe and waved my hand, making the blue, white, yellow, red, and green power orbs to appear before me. The five lights rose to the sky, simultaneously causing Zhan Hu and the others’ bodies to shake. The divine instruments started to slightly vibrate, almost as if they were alive, dancing around in a jubilant manner. The five of them  showed  grave expressions as they forcefully withstood the undulations of power from their divine instruments.

I raised the Holy Sword and enveloped the five of them in a golden light. The courtyard filled with divine aura. I raised my left hand and abruptly released the seal on the five-colored light balls, making them charge toward the divine instruments like shooting stars. From what I learned with Mi Jia Lie’s memory, after the five lights fuse into their bodies, they would need a short while before being able to fully command their divine instruments. This instant seemed to be passing by slowly as I looked up nervously at the five lights.
Just as the five lights flew into their heads and was about to fuse with their bodies, an abnormally occurred. A fuzzy grey light suddenly floated over, seemingly unhindered by the Holy Sword’s boundary, and struck heavily onto Zhan Hu and the others’ bodies.

Chapter 15 – A Sudden Strange Phenomena

The five of them cried out mournfully as they violently spurt out blood. Their bodies soared and landed heavily to the side and the Holy Sword’s boundary shattered. My chest felt as though I had been struck by an enormous hammer from the backlash, forcing me retreat a few steps. I was worried, the five divine wills seemed to be ignorant of what was happening and continued to quickly charge towards the divine instruments. There was a high probability that the brothers wouldn’t be able to currently withstand the enormous divine powers, leading to the destruction of their bodies.

At this critical moment, the Ice God’s mask let out faint white light. My mind seemed to have been electrified, forcefully clearing my mind. I hastily brandished the Holy Sword with my hand and formed an arc to block the five light balls from entering their divine weapons. With a wave of my left hand, it rapidly sealed the five divine wills and returned them to my space pocket once again.
My heart sank. Who could easily break through the Holy Sword’s boundary and simultaneously hurt the five of them? … Of course, the one and only ruler of the Monster race, the one who would bring carnage to the world, the Monster King.  I never expected that he could so accurately deduce the most crucial time to strike.

“Hai Shui, why did you do that?” Mu Zi cried out. But when I looked at her, the beautiful and gentle Hai Shui had changed. Her hair was no longer a bright blue, but had turned greyish blue. Her eyes was constantly glimmered with red light. Her icy gaze held no feelings toward me. ‘Could it be that the previous grey light was from her?’

Hai Shui snorted and with a casual wave of her hand, Mu Zi, who was nearing the Magister realm, was sent flying to heavily strike against a wall.

Apart from Hai Shui, I was the only one left standing. I held the Holy Sword in front of my body and asked fumingly, “Hai Shui, do you even know what you are doing?”

Hai Shui broke into laughter. Her voice was no longer melodious and moving. Her tone was neither sinister nor normal, “Human, you’re really idiotic. There’s  only  one outcome for going against my Monster race, death. Brat, do you really think you can fight against me using Mi Jia Lie’s power? To me, Mi Jia Lie was nothing more than another fragile life. He was surmount to nothing. Not bad! Not bad! I can eliminate the hope of that old fellow, the God King, today. Afterwards, I shall see what he can still use to resist me. When this world falls into my hand, it will be the demise of the God’s Realm. Hahahahaha!”
I looked dazedly at Hai Shui, who looked crazed, and said with a deep hatred, “You’re the Monster King.”

Hai Shui’s laughter stopped abruptly. “That’s right! I’m the ruler that governs everything, the great Monster King. No matter what, you’ll fall to my Monster race’s feet. You understood too late.”

Why? Why did Hai Shui become the Monster King? I couldn’t wrap my head around it. Seeing Zhan Hu and the rest still unconscious, I felt my heart as it ripped to pieces. I hollered as I brandished the Radiant Holy Sword, shooting a silver streak towards the Monster King.

Hai Shui chuckled disdainfully. “I’ve already told you that Mi
Jia Lie’s ability isn’t worthy of my attention. You still want to fight me? You’re really too naive.” She raised her right hand to physically block the Holy Sword’s divine light ray. The enormous backlash flung my body high in the air before colliding against the courtyard wall. He held such tyrannical, strong power!

The Monster King looked at his arm. “This body is not bad. It’s perfect. With this vessel, I can bring out a sufficient amount of power to annihilate every life form in the world.”

I used the Holy Sword to support my body as I slowly stood. “Why? How could you possess Hai Shui’s body?”

The Monster King looked coldly at me. “Since you’re about to
die, it won’t matter if I tell you that. To you humans, everyone has desires, which is what I like the most. That little girl Hai Shui’s desire was extremely intense, so strong that I couldn’t help myself in making her my new vessel. Do you know what her desire was? It’s to receive your love. Haha! How laughable? Too hilarious. Love is nothing, and yet she was willing to sacrifice her life for it.”

My heart trembled. Even though I knew Hai Shui had deep
feelings for me, I didn’t expect it to be so great. ‘Hai Shui, it’s all my fault. If I had accepted you in the first place, you wouldn’t have been possessed by the Monster King.’ Fury filled my chest. I no longer cared about anything. I just wanted to raise the Holy Sword. Suddenly, I saw happiness in the Monster King’s eyes. Happiness? What was he excited about? He held an absolute advantage now, he shouldn’t need to be happy about it. The Ice
God’s mask sent an electric shock through my mind, once again clearing it. I instantly understood, no matter how powerful he was, he still must have a weak point. An invader like himself shouldn’t need to talk to me so much, he could just kill me directly. His previous words were to provoke me. What was his purpose? Could it be that he didn’t have enough power to deal with me? It couldn’t be, his power was over three times more than mine, so naturally I wasn’t his match. What was it then?

While I couldn’t make a decision, I saw a look of conflict in
the Monster King’s eyes! ‘I get it! He must not be able to completely possess Hai Shui’s body. Hai Shui loves me so she wouldn’t have any killing intent towards me. The Monster King wants to use my hatred of him to make Hai Shui think I hate her, and thus using that to kill me. That’s it! That must be the case.’

Thinking about that, under the astonishment of the Monster King, I lowered the Radiant Holy Sword as I said gently towards the Monster King, “Hai Shui, awaken, chase that  devil  from your body. I love you. I really do! You want to experience a peaceful life with me, right?”

Chapter 16 – The Dragon King Appears

The expression in the Monster King’s eyes instantly became very disorderly. ‘Ah!’ He screamed as he placed his hands at both sides of his head. Hai Shui’s well developed body shook violently. I was excited as it seemed that I had guessed right.

“Hai Shui, do you still remember the time when we studied together at the academy, you learned water magic and I learned light magic? When I lost my position in the  Kingdom,  you risked your life to save me. I was really grateful for what you did. You’re such an exceptional girl! It’s my fault for not treasuring you in the past. Please give me a chance. I’ll make it up to you.”

The Monster King shouted, “Stop talking!” His body morphed into an ashy haze, abruptly charging towards me.

My mind was completely lost in thought so I was unable to defend myself from this attack. Even if I could, I wasn’t a match for the Monster King. At this moment, three bluish-gold lights suddenly charged over to meet with the Monster King’s attack. My mind cleared and I shouted, “No!” It was the three elders who had reached the Sword Saint rank that charged towards the Monster King. They had charged towards the  Monster  King with all their might to save me.


After a loud sound, the three elders vanished, leaving nothing but a bloody mist. A Sword Saint’s power was already the peak martial artist’s cultivation in the continent, but up against the Monster King it was useless. With a slight delay in his steps, the grey light still glimmered as the Monster King continued to
charge towards me.

I quickly guarded with the Holy Sword. Just as I wanted to resist, the Monster King suddenly stopped three meters away. Using Hai Shui’s body, the Monster King clutched her head and bitterly struggled. Hai Shui’s love saved me at the very last second. A huge dragon roar was heard suddenly. It was definitely not something an ordinary dragon could give off. The sound filled the air and shook heaven and earth.

The Monster King glared at me with an intense hatred, kicked off the ground, and began to morph into gray fog once again. “Brat, just you wait! After I have full control over this vessel, in two days time, it’ll be your humanity’s demise.” The grey fog suddenly moved and disappeared in the blink of an eye.
My entire body slumped to the floor. Even though my injuries weren’t severe during the conflict, the pressure I felt  in  my heart was unbearable. In just a few minutes’ time, Big Brother Zhan Hu and the brothers were knocked unconscious, Mu Zi was also severely injured. Even worse, the remaining three elders sacrificed their lives to save me, and Hai Shui, who was deeply in love with me, had been possessed by the  Monster King. Every single event that happened would be unbearable for anyone. Yet all of them happened to me simultaneously. Mu Zi! How was Mu Zi? I moved to Mu Zi’s side and embraced her before activating my divine power to check  her  body’s condition. The Monster King didn’t seem to mind her, even though he sent her flying. She was severely hurt, but it wasn’t life threatening. As my divine power forced the last of the Monster King’s aura out, Mu Zi’s eyebrows relaxed and she fell unconscious.

Just as I wanted to check on big brother Zhan Hu and the rests’ conditions, the sky suddenly darkened. The dazzling sunlight was completely blacked out. I was afraid. Had the Monster King returned? I raised my head to look upwards. ‘Ah!’ It wasn’t the Monster King, instead there were a few hundred dragons hovering in the air, covering the sunlight. Both a large and a small gold dragon flew over to the courtyard. The smaller
golden dragon was Xiao Jin, while next to him the enormous golden dragon with dazzling golden rays emanating would be Xiao Jin’s father, the Dragon King.

Their flying speed was extremely fast, as in a quick second the blink of an eye they had already landed in the courtyard.

“Master, what happened?” Xiao Jin asked anxiously after seeing the unconscious crowd.

My heart hurt as I smiled wryly. “It’s the Monster King. It’s finally appeared.”

“Zhang Gong, that grey fog that just left should be  the Monster King, right?” The Dragon King deeply asked with his resounding voice.

I solemnly nodded and quickly informed him of what had previously happened.

The eyebrows of the Dragon King knitted and a flash of golden light, he used his dragon powers to enclose big brother Zhan Hu and the rest within it. I knew the powers of the Dragon King. In terms of recovery, he were much stronger compared to mine.
Looking at the Dragon King’s tightly knitted  eyebrows,  I asked anxiously, “How are they? Can they still be saved?”

The Dragon King sighed. “According to what you said previously, the Monster King had broken through the Holy Sword’s boundary. That in turn saved their lives. The boundary helped them to block the majority of the attack. And with their divine instruments, the Monster King wasn’t able to kill them off in one go.”

Hearing that big brother Zhan Hu and the rest weren’t in any mortal danger, my heart momentarily calmed down. “Uncle Dragon King, when will Big Brother Zhan Hu and the rest recover by?” The Monster King was going to attack again in two day’s time. At that time he would have the assistance of the Three Great Monsters. I really wouldn’t be of any help if I couldn’t rely on big brother Zhan hu and the others’ reinforcements.The Dragon King shook his enormous dragon head. “Their injuries are really severe so I could only stabilize their body conditions. It will at least take a few months for them
to fully recover.”

I cried out, “What? A few months’ time?! This….This…..” My heart became disconcerted as I looked around at my brothers as they hovered in midair under the Dragon King’s power. I could wait for a few months’ time, but the Monster King wouldn’t! He would control Hai Shui’s body and immediately invade the fort. With solely my powers, how could I resist the Monster King by myself? To the Monster King and the Three Great Monsters, ordinary soldiers wouldn’t hinder them in the slightest. Even if I added the Dragon King and the Dragon race into the mix, it would still be unable to deal with their devastating powers!

The Dragon King muttered an incantation in the  Dragon race’s language, resulting in the intensification of the light boundary surrounding the five of them. I knew that the Dragon King was trying to heal them with all his might. Currently, I could only wait.

Even though I had only made a few exchanges in battle with the Monster King, my divine power was actually halved. His power was much more than disastrous than what I had originally thought it would be. Even the power I possessed after inheriting all of the Radiant light God’s inheritance was useless against him. The Monster King’s power was extremely frightening. My heart sank as I sat crossed-leg on the floor, focusing on recovering my divine powers.

Chapter 17 – The Great Battle Was Imminent

I was woke up to a warm power after an unknown amount of time. I opened my eyes to see Big Brother Zhan Hu and the rest seated cross-legged. There was slight rosiness on their faces, but they still looked feeble like before. The Dragon King and Xiao Jin were seated to the side, looking at me. Even after my recovery, the light elements had already recovered most of my divine powers. However, it would still take some time for me to reach my peak condition.

I got up and retracted the six light wings on my back. “Uncle Dragon King, thank you for saving big brother Zhan Hu and the rest. How are their injuries?”

The Dragon King shook his head. “I’ve done my best, but they were severely hurt by the Monster King. Even though I eradicated the remnant powers from Monster King in their
bodies, it’ll still take at least a month’s time for them to fully recover. It seems that time is pressing. We’ll need to adopt an alternative idea to deal with the situation at hand.”

My slight hope was completely crushed by the Dragon King’s
words. ‘Can it be that the heavens want to eradicate the races of our continent? Didn’t they say that justice always triumph over evil? Why are you pushing us into such a distress then? Monster King, I really loathe you! Not only have you stolen my beloved, but you’ve also severely wounded my brothers. I’ve not been
attentive enough. I should have see the difference in Hai Shui from her usual personality.’

“Zhang Gong, don’t be so dejected. You’ve done your  best.” Mu Zi’s voice entered my ears, making my body to shake.
“Mu Zi, are you alright?” I asked out of concern.

Mu Zi walked over before me as she forced a smile and took the initiative to cling onto my arm. “My injuries  are  much better already. I didn’t expect the Monster King to actually use Sister Hai Shui as his vessel. Poor Hai Shui! It’s all my fault for not noticing any changes after such a long time. I believe that the Monster King had already possessed sister Hai Shui’s body for some time already.”

I shook my head. “How can I blame you? Hai Shui got possessed by the Monster King because of my refusal to initially accept her feelings. I feel really guilty towards Hai Shu. If I had accepted her earlier or even gone to see her before heading to undergo the inheritance, this situation might have  been avoided. It’s all my fault!” I bitterly pulled on my hair as tears of grievance and hatred dampened my clothes. I had become enshrouded with limitless suffering from despair towards the future and the guilt I felt towards Hai Shui.

“Bastard!” An angry holler was heard, making my body to tremble. I vacantly raised my head and saw the Dragon King staring fumingly at me. Xiao Jin just stayed to the side, quietly, afraid to rebuke his father. The Dragon King angrily chidded, “Zhang Gong, I didn’t expect you to be such weak trash. I really don’t know why the mission of saving the world has fallen onto you, falling into regret once you face a single setback. How can regrets help you? The pressing mission now is to resist the Monster King. Even if it isn’t successful in the end, there will still be many of us accompanying you. If the  Monster  King really wants to eliminate the races in the continent, he must first walk over our dead bodies to succeed. Even if we all meet our demise, we at least had fought and tried our best. It’s better than being trash like you. Xiao Jin, let’s go. Weak trash isn’t capable of being your Master.” Upon saying that, the Dragon King flapped his enormous wings and headed into the sky. Xiao Jin gave me a helpless look before following after his father.

I stood dazedly at where I stood, my mind completely blank. Mu Zi looked at me worried, but said nothing. I let out a long sigh after a long while and all the thoughts returned to my
mind. ‘Two days! There’s still two days left. The Dragon King is right. Even if there’s no means of succeeding, I still have my life. I can at least fight to the bitter end. It will be even better if I managed to take down the Monster King with me. I suddenly thought about the method for the burning life force magic that I used previously.’

“Zhang Gong, how are you faring?” Mu Zi asked gently.

I let out a long sigh. “What the Dragon King said is right. I’ve thought it through. Mu Zi, don’t worry about me. I need  a favour from you.”

Mu Zi replied, “Say it, if it’s within my capability, I will do it.”

I looked affectionately at Mu Zi’s delicate face. I hugged her body for a long time before removing the Ice God’s mask as I buried my head deeply at Mu Zi’s neck, greedily taking in the feminine scent extruded from her body. Mu Zi obediently stayed there as I gradually become infatuated with her. I really wished that this moment could last forever; to hug my beloved woman for all of eternity! However, the burden on me is too heavy, my life no longer belonged to myself alone. I must serve out  my duty to all of the various races in the continent.

I gently whispered in Mu Zi’s ear. “I’ll be at the city gates later, waiting for the Monster King and his subordinates to appear. I’ll have to trouble you to take care of big brother Zhan Hu and the rest. You’re also hurt so rest up as well. You’re not allowed to leave this courtyard. No matter what, unless the city falls, understand? Can you promise me that? Furthermore, regarding the aftermath of three elders, I’ll leave you in charge for it. Even though there aren’t any remains, they still sacrificed their lives for me. I want you to find a place in the fort to make a cenotaph. Mu Zi, I…I really love you. But if I  don’t  return, please don’t miss me.”

The shoulder of my shirt had already become damp with Mu Zi’s tears, but she continued to stay silent. I knew that  she would understand that I was forced to leave her. It was my responsibility.

“Mu Zi, I’ve got to go. I need to make preparations for the upcoming battle in two days’ time. Please take care of yourself. If I survive this ordeal, I’ll definitely make up for all the deep feelings you have for me, alright?”

As both her arms clung tightly around my neck, Mu Zi’s delicate body trembled .
“Please don’t be like this, Mu Zi. Be good.” I carefully separated myself from her embrace. Seeing Mu Zi’s tear stained face, my heart trembled. I shut my eyes to suppress the tears from falling. I abruptly turned around and feebly said in a shaky voice, “Mu Zi, I’m heading off.” I didn’t dare continue to stay, so I leapt off the ground and activated my divine power to soar into the sky.

Chapter 18 – Preparations Before Battle

“Zhang Gong, I love you so. You must survive and return!” Mu Zi’s voice resounded from behind me. My tears then started to flow uncontrollably. In the sunlight, they looked like strings of transparent gemstones, flying through the air in a moving and brilliant way. ‘Mu Zi, I wonder if I really will return after the battle with the Monster King.’

I took in a deep breath in order to suppress my emotions. Before flying towards the fort, I used my divine power  to amplify my voice for me to shout, “To all members of the God Protector Domain, listen to my order, I am Zhang Gong Wei. Everyone please gather at the main entrance of the fort. Every member of the God Protector Domain are to heed my call……” I repeated the order a couple of times and with my cultivation, every inch of the fort should have heard my voice.

A couple of figures were seen rapidly gathering at the main entrance of the fort. Seeing their agile figures, my heart was
slightly comforted, while I also flew towards the entrance of the city.

Within moments, there was already a vast number of men from the God Protector’s Domain that had gathered. They were lined up in orderly platoon formations. There were scorching flames in their eyes as they looked at me hovering in the air. Within the time to prepare tea, I noticed that roughly 8,000 members had already gathered. This was the majority of the forces of the God Protector Domain.

I said clearly, “Brothers, I just returned only few days ago. I’m sure that most of you should have seen my arrival. Even though the Monster race has been pushed back by us only a few days ago, a more brutal battle would be commencing soon. I have bad news for you : the Monster King has resurrected. In two days’ time, he will lead his forces to attack our fort. The main forces of the three Kingdoms are already gathered at the fort, so if it were to fall, the human race is finished and the continent will be invaded by the merciless Monster race. The main goals of the
God Protector Domain is to protect this continent and stop the invasion of the Monster race. No matter what, we must defend the fort til our death and prevent them from succeeding. Even if we die for our goals, we shall persist.”

My voice could be heard throughout the fort and the 8,000 God Protectors stood still and silent. After a long time, I said solemnly, “The appearance of the Monster King so soon was beyond my expectations. You should all know Hai Shui. She is the same as Mu Zi, my beloved. Everyone, please don’t  feel weird as to why I’m saying this now. It’s just that just a moment ago, I found out that Hai Shui’s body has been possessed by the Monster King. The current Hai Shui has become the sinister Monster King’s vessel. I order you, no matter who sees Hai Shui in the fort, you’re to immediately send out a warning. In the previous conflict with the Monster King, the remaining three elders sacrificed their lives to protect me. They have given up their lives for our final victory. Brothers, we must seek vengeance for the elders’ lives. Are you all willing to follow me and fight in the final battle with the Monster race?”
The five elders’ position in the God Protector Domain was even higher than mine. The most powerful experts among the God Protector’s Domain were the villagers led by the  elders from the God’s village. All of their training up until now had been supervised by the five elders, they had very close relationships with each of the members from the  God Protector’s Domain. After hearing the news of the elders’ death, the God Protectors instantly became enraged and many of their eyes turned blood red with fury. I didn’t inform them that Big Brother Zhan Hu and the rest could no longer participate in the battle. This was to prevent it from affecting their morale, since only the ultimate forbidden spell could be used to combat the Monster King. If they were to know that the ultimate forbidden spell was unable to be activated, they might become dispirited.

“We’ll fight to our deaths to avenge the elders…..”

“We will fight with all our might against those bastards……”

“Even if we die, we won’t let them take a single step into the fort…….”

Yells and shouts were constantly heard throughout the fort. Even though there were patrolling soldiers from the three kingdoms, they recognised that among all the squads, that they were the most valiant. During the past two years, the God Protectors’ heroic name had widely spread to become the role model for all soldiers from the Three Kingdoms. This provided the impetus to spread their shouts of resistance against the Monster race until death all throughout the fort.

With my blood boiling, I shouted, “I, the God’s Envoy Zhang Gong Wei, hereby swear that as long as I have a single breathe, I refuse to allow the Monster race to enter this fort!” However, I really felt my own demise nearing instead.

“To the God Protectors from the third, fourth, and fifth platoons. The 2,000 people within each, heed my orders! Starting now, you are to take turns patrolling the fort and send reports when any anomaly occurs. For the remaining God protectors, you are to immediately be on standby at the city gates, in readiness to battle the Monster race.” We could currently only use the terrain of the fort to our advantage. I wasn’t so dumb as to fight against the countless monsters head on in the plains outside the fort. With the powers of the God Protectors and the combined forces from the three kingdoms, the Monster race wouldn’t be able to enter the fort unless I died.

After commanding them, I flew to land in the  command center of the fort. The strategists of the three kingdoms had gathered here. Seeing my arrival, Teacher Di asked frowning, “Zhang Gong, I heard what you previously said. What’s going on? Has Hai Shui really been possessed by Monster King?”
I nodded solemnly. “That’s correct, Teacher. I won’t be explaining that now. I need to trouble you, keep the soldiers of the Three Kingdoms on alert at all times, the  Monster  race could be invading anytime now. I’ll stay and wait for them here. After tomorrow will be the final battle to determine the life or death of the continent.” Upon saying that, I sat crossed-legged on the floor to recover my peak condition to effectively resist the Monster race.

I suppressed all emotion and tried my best to regain my calm in order to slowly enter into a meditative state.


In the morning two days later, the sun already hung high in
the sky, bringing limitless light and warmth to the continent.

In the gulf outside Ström Fortress, a faint grey aura slowly lurked from within. It started to thicken and an abnormal demonic aura slowly emerged. The clear sky was gradually affected by that demonic aura and slowly dimmed. Constant rustling sounds could be heard coming out of the gulf, giving people a hair-raising fear.

Chapter 19 – The Last Battle

At the gates of Ström Fortress, the mage army from Aixia and the warriors of both Xiuda and Dalu were arranged in strict formation, as they looked with hatred upon the demonic aura that was creeping from far away. There was also the strongest troops available, the God Protectors from the God Protector’s Domain, by their side. Everyone knew that there was a possibility that this could be the last day of survival for the human race, but none cowered. They were already determined to sacrifice their lives for the sake of the world’s peace and harmony, specifically for their families.

A white robed old mage said to a youth sitting cross-legged at his side. “Zhang Gong, they are coming.”

The youth gradually opened his eyes. Suddenly, two cold rays shot out from them as he looked towards the gulf afar. His body naturally floated upwards with his body emitting a layer of golden lights. His divine aura gave people a sense of serenity
and calmness. Six enormous golden wings emerged from that youth’s back without any indications. He hovered in the sky, gently flapping his wings. Various elemental powers could be clearly seen, even by non-mages, gathering around the youth. The youth sighed. “Since they have come, let them come.” Donning a silver mask, nobody could see his current expression. He gradually extended his gloved right hand. The glove was golden, and on the back of the glove was a transparent gemstone that emitted peculiar light rays in the sunlight.

The youth gently chanted, “The God King bestowed upon me the Radiant Holy Sword. It shall shine with the soaring radiance of the vault of the heavens.”

The space surrounding the youth suddenly stilled. An exceptionally powerful divine aura had suddenly hovered before the youth. Everyone was dazed as they saw a magnificent silver longsword that appeared before him. He gradually reached out with his right hand to grab onto the hilt of the sword. When the golden glove came into contact with the silver sword, everyone
felt as if they merged into a single identity. The divine aura in the youth’s surrounding intensified. He looked just like a second sun, currently shining upon the fort.

“Monster King, I’m awaiting for your arrival.” An indifferent voice with limitless vicissitude was heard.

The demonic aura at the gulf seemed to have felt the provocation from the youth and it intensified. Following that, the rustling sounds that were heard were actually coming from densely packed monsters that appeared, just barely discernable from the demonic mists. It was different from their previous appearances, the monsters weren’t simply charging over. Instead, they were gradually advancing in an orderly fashion. Their red eyes glowing with pure evil, there wasn’t a speck of restlessness to be found in the crowd of monsters.
The innumerable monsters constantly advanced, with numerous monsters still emerging from the gulf.  The  vast plains were already covered by the countless monsters in such a short time. They didn’t emerge to the other side of the gulf as their goal today was only the steadfast Ström Fortress.

Everyone’s hearts in Ström Fortress gradually started beating faster. They held tightly onto their weapons and the mages started to preparing their incantations. The enormous, mighty magic cannons started glowing with dims lights, surging forth with power under the command of the mages  nearby.  They were waiting for the offensive attack from the Monster race.

When the monsters advanced within about a kilometer of the fort, they abruptly stopped and stood still. The countless monsters unexpectedly stood there quietly, not daring to make a sound. It was as though they were waiting for something.


I gradually narrowed my eyes and looked at the countless monsters covering the plains. I had already recovered my peak state under the two days of recuperation. ‘What would happen
would always come. Monster King, let’s have a death match today.’

A tyrannical power suddenly emerged from the sky that made me raise my head to have a look at what it was. Ah! It was the dragon race. Few hundreds of enormous dragons hovered at least 100 metres above us. I smiled as I knew that the dragon race wouldn’t abandon me.
A speck of golden light charged downwards. “Master.” That voice sounded so cordial to me. It was my life partner, Xiao Jin that had arrived. I hollered and flapped the six wings to land gently onto Xiao Jin’s spacious back.

“Xiao Jin, my good brother, you have also came.”

Xiao Jin said, “Master, how can I be absent today? My father said that he would stall the Monster King with all his might for a while to gain sometimes for you to eliminate the three Great Monsters and that no matter what would be the final result, it was all up to the heavens.”

I looked with gratitude at the most enormous gold figure in the sky. The Dragon King was an elder that truly worth to be

“Master, look there.” Xiao Jin sounded a little tense.

I looked at the gulf of the gulf and saw three grey figures soared to the sky, quickly appearing above the monsters. There were the three Great Monsters, Dark Monster Jia Si Ke Li Duo, Witch Monster Ha Er Yue Di, and the Blood Monster Ka An Da Er Jia. The three of them didn’t have their previous arrogance as they silently hovered in mid air. There was a vast amount of monsters that were flying behind them. Looking at those enormous wings that those monsters possessed, it was easy to know that they had great flying abilities. The amount of flying monsters this time was the most as compared to the previous times as they flew above the three Great Monsters. Constant flapping of wings could be heard. So this was the true strength of the Monster race!

A peculiar hollar came from the gulf. All of the monsters, including the three Great Monsters, expressed incomparable reverence. My heart sunk as it seemed that the Monster King had finally suppressed Hai Shui’s will and successfully took over her body.

A faint blue light emerged like lightning and even I wasn’t able to see her figure clearly. After the flash of the blue light, there was another person standing in front of the three Great Monsters. It was Hai Shui. Hai Shui’s hair was floating behind her back and was emitting a devilish grey blue light ray. Traces of red light rays could be seen occasionally in her changed grey eyes. The Monster King was still wearing the water mage robe that Hai Shui had worn previously with a faint smile on her face.
“Sigh!” The Monster King voiced in a non sinister nor upright manner. His voice that could make hair stand on its end. “It was really difficult to obtain this body. I didn’t expect that that girl’s will would be that strong. Brat, you are still planning to resist against me? You think you can battle against me with those reptiles? You’re really seeking death. I advise you to submit towards me. I may perhaps then leave you your life!”

Chapter 20 – The Phoenix Returns

I bore with my feelings of disgust. I held the Holy Sword in both of my hands and with intensified light rays emitted from my body, I said, “Monster King, stop dreaming. If you want to take over this continent, you must walk over my dead body.”

A cold light ray flashed in the Monster King’s eyes. “Alright! I shall grant you your wish.” With a brandish of  her  hand towards her subordinates, the three Great Monsters simultaneously roared and charged towards me at lightning speed. The monsters on the land and sky also  charged frantically towards the Ström Fortress.

Large explosions was heard. The magic powered cannon at the head of the fort started to display its might. Every  single artillery from it had taken at least 100 monsters’ life with it. The dragon race was also emitted multicolored dragon’s aura as they went to block the flying type monsters. The final battle had finally commenced.

Xiao Jin roared in fury and a gold light halo emerged from his body, with his head as the center. I knew that spell. It was the spell to break magic seals. Since time was pressing, I no longer dallied and soared into the sky. I slashed horizontally with both of my hands holding the sword towards the three Great Monsters. Under the combined power of Xiao Jin and mine, the three Great Monsters’ body instantly stilled and after  loud sound was heard, they were  simultaneously  knocked backwards. Xiao Jin let out a holler as he went to battle against the Blood Monster Ka An Da Er Jie, while I fought with all my might against the Dark Monster Jia Si Ke Li Duo and Witch Monster Ha Er Yue Di. Intense light rays wereas constantly being emitted from the Holy Sword, overwhelming the Dark and Witch Monsters.

The battle of the fort was also exceptionally  intense.  The mage army squad from the Kingdom of Aixia were able to bring forth enormous powers under the leadership of the light Magister Lao Lun Di and space Magister Chuan Song Zhen, killing a vast amount of monsters. However, the warriors at the city head didn’t dare to relax as they knew that once the mage
powers weakened, it would be their turn to fight against the monsters. The battle was advancing like a wildfire.

“Radiant Holy Sword light slash!” A crescent moon like light ray slashed towards Dark Monster Jia Si Ke Li Dui and Witch Monster Ha Er Yue Di, making them to violently spurt outof blood as their bodiesy were blown backwards. I didn’t bother to chase after them. I just similarly struck towards the Blood Monster Ka An Da Er Jia, who was suppressing Xiao Jin. All of the three Great Monsters were then severely injured.

The Monster King held the Dark Monster Jia Si Ke Li Duo in one of her hands and the Witch Monster Ha Er Yue Di in her other. With the red light ray being intensified in her eyes, I was a little apprehensive as I knew that she could no longer hold back in making her moves. I hastily circulated all of my divine power into the Holy Sword as I focused on my terrifying opponent.

An elderly voice sounded. “Your opponent is me.” A 3m diameter enormous light ball was shot towards the Monster King. Anger flashed past the Monster King’s eyes. She violently tossed the Dark Monster Jia Si Ke Li Duo and Witch Monster Ha Er Yue Di towards me before brandishing one of her hands, making a grey fog to charge towards the enormous light ball. The light ball and grey fog disappeared at the same time, with no sound of a collision heard. The body of the Dragon King that was flying over shook greatly, while he used his enormous eyes to glare fixedly at the Monster King.

I knew that it wasn’t the time to be hesitating. The Dragon King definitely couldn’t be a match for the Monster King. He was just trying to gain some times for me. I brandished the Holy Sword, casting a Holy Light Crucifix towards the Dark Monster Jia Si Ke Li Duo and Witch Monster Ha Er Yue Di. Jia Si Ke Li Duo shouted in fury, making the Dark monster blade to metamorphose into an enormous grey shield to block before him, while Ha Er Yue Di transformed into a fog and entered Jia Si Ke Li Duo’s body. At this moment, I was in total shock as all of the injuries that they had unexpectedly healed completely.
THe Monster King was really terrifying as in such a short time span, she could actually heal all of their inner injuries.

Once Ha Er Yue Di’s body fused at the head of Jia Si Ke Li Duo, Jia Si Ke Li Duo’s body abruptly expanded. It looked just an enormous balloon, making it look  exceptionally  horrifying. After a large sound was heard, it actually withstood my Holy Crucifix head on.

I was startled and immediately circulated the Divine powers in my body. While I held the Holy Sword with both hands, I brandished an arc in front of my body. With intense gold light rays emitted from my eyes, I said, word by word, “Devastating Holy Light!” A dazzling light ray abruptly emitted from  the silver circle, making countless silver light rays to surge towards Jia Si Ke Li Duo.
A grey aura emitted from Jia Si Ke Li Duo’s body as he brandished the Dark Monster Blade. With widened eyes, he shouted fumingly, “Combine the witch and dark powers to upturn the sky and land. Dark Monster’s Annihilation Arrow!” Following his anger filled holler, the grey fog  in  the surrounding formed an arrow shape as it shot towards  the divine light that I was giving off. Constant sounds of collision could be heard. Under the intense shock wave, my body was blown at least 100 meters back. Jia Si Ke Li Duo was however unexpectedly unharmed. How could this happen for my powers to be useless against him?

Xiao Jin continuously gave off a golden power. He used his claws to claw and used his mouth to bite the Blood Monster Ka An Da Er Jia. He didn’t seem to be able to deal with  him anytime soon. Even though the monster were frantically attacking the fort, the fort seemed to be able to temporarily bear with those attacks. With the Dragon race’s help, no matter if it was land or sky, there temporarily shouldn’t have any crisis happening soon.
A mournful screech was heard as the Dragon King’s body soared into the sky with large amount of blood flowing down from his body. He obviously had been severely injured. The Monster King was actually able to severely injure the Dragon King in such a short time. If he had attacked me as well, I definitely wouldn’t stand a chance.

A clear cry out from a phoenix was heard at this crucial and critical moment that it even shocked the Monster King that had just planned to chase after the Dragon King. A red figure flashed forth like lightning, instantly charging within the flying monsters. The red light ray seemed to have originated from hell as every places that it passed through, countless  monsters would be killed and injured, forcefully forming a blood path as it flew towards the side of the Dragon King. The air also seemed to have heated up. Under the glimmering red light, the wounds on the Dragon King’s body had stopped bleeding and looked more energetic. Ah! A teammate had arrived at such a crucial moment. It was the fire phoenix that was previously used by Si Feng Ri.
The Monster King said heavily, “What? You also want to mix into this muddy water/ to join this fray?”

Chapter 21 – Soloing The Three Great Monsters

The phoenix had spread its 33 meters enormous large flame covered wings saying, “Monster King, you had previously sealed my body and made me suffer for so many years. Today, it’s time for payback.” He turned his head towards me and with benevolent light rays in his eyes, he said, “Child, it’s time for me to repay what you had done for me. I didn’t forget my previous vow.”

My heart heated up and just as I wanted to reply him, an enormous pressure charged towards me. I hastily lifted the sword to block Jia Si Ke Li Duo’s attack. When the  Dark Monster blade and the Holy Sword came into contact with each other, Jia Si Ke Li Duo and my body instantly shuddered violently before abruptly being blown backwards from the impact.
The phoenix in the sky didn’t seem to see what was happening as his sight was solely on the Monster King. “Dragon King, let’s fight along side against that monster today. No matter if we survive or die, we will have given our all.”

The Dragon King laughed. “Alright! Alright, Brother Phoenix, it has been such a long time since we last met. It should have been a few hundred years already. Your phoenix flames are still as scorching hot. Let’s give out a combination of dragon and phoenix roars today.” Upon saying that, the Dragon King raised his head to give out a clear dragon roar. With intense gold light ray being emitted from his body, it didn’t look as though he had just suffered from severe injuries. His domineering aura filled the sky. It was as though he wanted to prove his Dragon King’s identity to the world.

The phoenix similarly laughed before hollering as well. A dragon and a phoenix loud roars were constantly being rang in the sky towards the horizon. This change of situation momentarily increased my confidence. I brandished the Holy
Sword with all my might, constantly striking against Jia SI Ke Li Duo’s Dark Monster blade.

The Monster King’s expression changed constantly with her arms crossed before her chest, before saying coldly, “Since you’ve all gathered, I’ll grant all of wishes at once.” Upon saying that, her greyish blue long hair floated behind her back and with a demonic red light ray in her eyes, an enormous demonic source suddenly appeared from her back. The overpowering demonic aura filled the space behind her. The grey aura conflicted against the aura being emitted by the Dragon King and the phoenix.

“Ah!!” An unknown fury call out was heard. Gold, red and grey figures, varying in sizes, simultaneously charged towards the center. The three figures constantly conflicted against each other. The tyrannical powers being sent off by them made Jia Si Ke Li Duo, Xiao Jin, the Blood monster and I to be simultaneously forced at least 1 kilometer back. Looking at the current scene, it was still hard to see who had the upperhand in
the battle.

I didn’t bother continuing to watch their battle as I released my powers to the limit and frantically fought against Jia Si Ke Li Duo. The radiant Holy Sword constantly came  in  contact with the Dark Monster blade without any gaudiness. The explosive like power filled the sky. Even though Jia Si Ke Li Duo’s power had increased drastically after the fusion of the bodies, his eyes seemed to be in a daze as it wouldn’t be easy for a body to house two spirits.

The radiant Holy Sword was the top divine instrument in the God world so how could the Dark Monster blade be able to withstand against it? Small nicks gradually appeared on the Dark Monster blade with each strike against each other. However, Jia Si Ke Li Duo didn’t seem to care about that as he continued to circulate his strong demonic powers to continuously fight against my sword.

The divine powers in my body seemed to be exceptionally excited. The six light wings on my back were constantly absorbing the nature energy from the surrounding. Powers like a large river continuously entered my body, allowing me to sustain my peak condition. The Holy Sword was also constantly striking towards Jia Si Ke Li Duo, a strike after a strike. As time flowed, the powers from the fusion body of Jia SI Ke Li Duo and Ha Er yue Di gradually lessened as it could no longer withstand my attacks. His body was constantly being pushed back. The cracks on the Dark monster blade was increasingly getting larger.

Jia Si Ke Li Duo seemed to discover that he was at the disadvantage as he abruptly used all of his power to push me back while drawing a peculiar rune in the air with his left hand. He opened his mouth to emit a black fog. When the black fog got in contact with the strange rune, the black light ray intensified. A dozen enormous bone shaped black fog charged towards me. I thought, ‘He still wants to resist even after knowing that his demise is nearing?’ I used the Holy Sword to draw an arc before my body. The silver light ray, as well as the
devastative Holy light, was abruptly emitted from it. The vast silver light ray seemed to engulf all of the bone fogs. The bone was constantly resisting in the Holy Light. It seemed as though it wasn’t to breakout from comfort. But how could I let that happen? I constantly surged powers into the Holy Sword by the God’s Guard protector to maintain the intensity of the Holy Light.

Finally, after a moment of abnormal shrieks, all of the bones finally dissipated. Jia Si Ke Li Duo seemed to suffer severe injuries as his entire body shook violently. I definitely wouldn’t let such a good opportunity slip. With my body and sword as one identity, I charged over. The silver light ray of the Holy Sword suddenly withdrew. It seemed as though it was gathering all of its power into the Holy Sword

Fear was seen in Jia Si Ke Li Duo’s eyes. He violently raised the Dark Monster blade with both of his hands to strike towards me. He was already at his last moments so how could I still reserve my strength? With a shout, the Holy Sword in my hand
gave off a mesmerizing light ray, I struck towards the nicks covered Dark Monster blade. The blade and sword came into contact with each other again. I was having a close combat with Jia Si Ke Li Duo. We were circulating our powers with all out might to suppress each other. Jia Si Ke Li Duo’s nicked covered Dark Monster blade gradually started to break down under the might of the Holy Sword.

“Go to hell!” Upon my furious holler, the Holy Sword had been circulated to its limit. The grey aura from the Monster blade from the Dark Monster blade gradually faded. I was currently at Jia Si Ke Li Duo’s bak. His expanded body just silently hovered there. It was like time had stilled.

Hong! Demon King Satan’s body that was being possessed by Jia Si Ke Li Duo had completely blown apart. A grey fog appeared from his body and headed like lightning towards the Blood Monster Ka An Da Er Jia, who was fighting against Xiao Jin. When I sliced Jia Si Ke Li Duo’s body with the Holy Sword, I had clearly felt that Jia Si Ke Li Duo’s soul had been
obliterated by the Holy Sword’s tyrannical divine powers. There was no longer his soul in Demon King Satan’s body, while the Witch Monster Ha Er yue Di’s soul seemed to have been severely damaged. It was that grey fog that was currently  trying  to escape from me. Of course, I wouldn’t let what had previously happened to occur again as if Ha Er Yue Di fused with the Blood Monster Ka An Da Er Jia’s body, I would have to undergo another bitter battle.

Chapter 22 – Eternal Recovery Light

I made the Holy Sword freely hover mid air as I made natural hand seals with both of my hands in the air. An enormous gold rune appeared in my hand. “Go!” When I casually brandished my hand, the gold rune flashed and disappeared towards the escaping Witch Monster Ha Er Yue Di. The gold rune entered the grey fog into which Ha Er Yue Di’s body had metamorphosed, his body abruptly halted midair. Gold specks were shining through the originally black fog. The golden ray of light within gradually intensified. Ha Er Yue Di’s shrieks came from the black fog. Poof! The black fog and the golden light simultaneously disappeared in thin air. I had killed two of the three Great monsters in but a short moment.

I glanced at the Monster King, the Dragon King, and the phoenix, who were fighting. From the looks of it, they hadn’t been able to get a clear outcome of who was in the lead. I didn’t have time to recover as I grabbed onto the Holy Sword before me. My body turned into a silver ray as I charged in  the direction of the Blood Monster Ka An Da Er Jia’s and Xiao Jin’s fight. I had to deal with him before I could go and assist the Dragon King. The signs of victory were slowly showing on my side. I had regained my lost confidence.

The Blood Monster Ka An Da Er Jia seemed to feel that his life was in jeopardy. He was constantly brandishing his fist. The blood mist and Xiao Jin’s golden light were violently clashing against each other. Their bodies were tumbling about in midair. I was startled as the six light wings spread behind my back. The Holy Sword flew out of my hands, shaping a magnificent arc towards Ka An Da Er Jia. The Holy Sword was giving off an exceptionally intense divine aura, sealing off every path of escape for the Blood Monster. The tip of the silver ray ground violently against the blood mist. “Die!” Following that, I, who had caught up with them, grabbed the Holy Sword in  both hands and thrust out with all of my might. The gold light ray lightened the space in the surrounding. The blood mist was no longer able to inhibit the Holy Sword’s advance, so he could only let out a mournful shriek that shook the heavens when the Holy Sword deeply pierced his body.

“Lord Monster King will avenge me!” Ka An Da Er Jia said furiously. He used both of his hands to strike at his own chest. Hong! He had unexpectedly chosen to self destruct. The enormous shockwave following the disappearance of the Blood
Monster blew me away. Having used up a lot of divine power, as the divine powers in my body violently roiled over and over, it made me cough a mouthful of blood. The gold light ray emitted from my body dimmed slightly.

I didn’t have the time to recover. Once I stabilized my body, I immediately flew to Xiao Jin’s side. I brandished the  Holy Sword to enclose Xiao Jin’s body in my divine powers. Under my assistance, the corrosive blood mist was finally  excreted from Xiao Jin’s body. Even though he looked feeble, I knew he was fine.

“Xiao Jin, take a break first. I’ll head on to help your father and the others to eliminate the Monster King,” I instructed Xiao jin, who was panting profusely.
“Master, please be careful,” Xiao Jin said concerned.

I smiled and replied, “Don’t worry. The sinister beings will forever be unable to triumph against us!” Upon saying that, I raised the Holy Sword with both hands, wanting to charge over to the Dragon King and phoenix’s side, who were battling against the Monster King.

At this moment, the Monster King seemed to be enraged, as a mournful shriek came from the three figures. A grey ball of power shot out like lightning. I was alarmed and didn’t bother heading to deal with the Monster King. I continuously brandished to cast a solid light net in front of me. I knew the strength of the Monster King. I wouldn’t be able to withstand his tremendous power head on.
The grey ball of power rapidly neared me. When I thought I would have to deal with it soon and tried my best to increase my divine power to my peak state, the grey ball  suddenly descended. It moved a couple of folds faster as it headed towards the Ström Fortress. The power that I had sent out in midair instantly made me spurt another mouthful of blood because of my misjudgment of power usage. I could only watch as the grey ball of power fly towards the fort.

“No!” The grey ball with exceptionally destructive power struck the fort head-on. The firm fort shook violently for  a while; an enormous hole appearing in the center of the fort. The casual attack from the Monster King had already taken at least 1000 human lives with it. The frantic monsters increased their momentum in heading towards the fort. Their goal was the newly formed hole. Since the humans were still stunned by the sudden large explosion, their resistance fell back, allowing a portion of the monsters to charge into the fort in no time.

I couldn’t  continue  towards  the  Monster  King  in  order  to
eliminate her. With bloodshot eyes, I flew towards the fort. In the instant when the grey ball of power had exploded, I clearly saw the despair and hopelessness expressed in the human soldiers’ eyes. I definitely wouldn’t allow the monsters to succeed. If I didn’t hinder their advance, the fort would truly be unable to hold up. The Holy Sword, shining with an intense silver radiance, strongly pierced from above the hole. The monsters emerging from the hole turned to ashes under the peerless might of the divine powers. I constantly struck out silver rays with bloodshot eyes. My constant attack resulted in a vast amount of dead and injured monsters. On the flat plan of the fort, carnage had been raised in but a short while. Countless monster lives had been lost under the Holy Sword.

Fury hollers could be heard from the Dragon King and the phoenix. I knew clearly that they couldn’t withstand the attacks of the Monster King much longer, but I couldn’t leave the fort at the moment. What should I do? A thought flashed through my mind, and I started to chant, meanwhile hindering  the monsters’ advancement. “Oh great light elements, you possess
limitless powers. The darkness before you is too insignificant. Recovery light in the horizon, I beseech you to descend into world and bestow unlimited recovery light to me. Recover all pains and make all sufferings leave us—–Forbidden Eternal Recovery Light!.” Visible light spots constantly gathered with
me as their center. I felt as though I was taking a bath in the sea of light. It was indescribably comfortable. The light elements were so cordial as they completely listened to my command. When an enormous gold hexagon appeared beneath my feet, it immediately lit up the dark skies.

Chapter 23 – Annihilation Light Ray

The warmth of the light elements cleansed my soul. The gold hexagon underneath my feet shook slightly. An enormous gold light pillar enclosed me within as it extended into the sky. It pierced through the clouds and illuminated the horizon. Fragrance gradually permeated the lands. Light rain fell onto the world under the radiance of the golden light. It covered the head of the city and a 500 meters radiance in front of the fort. The improvised recovery light calmed the panicking human soldiers down. The rain was recovering their injuries and temporarily stopped the attacks from the monsters. I  had gained sometimes for the human race to recover under my hard work.

In the gold light ray, there was suddenly a vast amount of green lights seen. A vast amount of monsters outside the perimeter of the light rain were instantly killed under the attack of the green light. Ah! Green long arrows covered the sky. It was the long arrows from the Nature Elves race. The Nature Elves finally caught up at the most crucial moment.
The king of the Nature Elves led the few elders and a huge troop of Nature Elf soldiers to fly to the head of the city. Green long arrows were constantly shot out from their short bows. Their arrows accurately struck the monsters. There were lots of white rays observed from the arrows. It was  the  elementary light magic that I had previously taught them.

With their help, the monsters definitely wouldn’t be able to break into the Ström Fortress. My worries about leaving the fort had finally settled. I didn’t have the time to meet up with the Nature Elves. I circulated the remnants of the divine powers in my body that I had already used more than half of them already. I soared into the sky. With the silver radiance covered Holy Sword, I charged towards the Dragon King and the phoenix that were battling the Monster King with my sword as a single identity.

“Radiant Holy Sword Light Slash!” With a furious holler, the light ray of the Holy Sword abruptly intensified. It accurately landed on the grey light ray that was tangled with the Dragon
King and the phoenix’s powers. The Monster King let out a mournful furious shout. The grey aura momentarily intensified. The tyrannical powers that wasn’t resistible had blown me, who was charging towards them, backwards. Gold and red figures also flew backwards. We flew for about 1 kilometer before we could stabilize our body. I couldn’t bear not to cough up a mouthful of blood. My inner injuries had gotten more severe. The Dragon King and the phoenix hovered at my left and right side respectively. The originally gorgeous fiery wings  had already drastically dimmed. A constant flow of blood came out from the mouth of the Dragon King. The previous  usual radiance of his had seem to have disappeared. They had sustained severe injuries in the previous battle.

The Monster King hovered before us. Her clothes at her right sleeves had been damaged, revealing her white skin. I was alarmed to find that even under the combined forces of the Dragon King and the phoenix, she didn’t seem be have any injuries. There was fury in her eyes and the death aura emitting from her body became much heavier.
“All of you goes against me. If it wasn’t that I didn’t want to be hurt, I’ll have already killed all of you. Stinky brat, don’t even think that you have the hope in destroying my Monster race just by eliminating my three Great Monsters. If I don’t die, I’ll still be able to revive them effortlessly as many times as I wanted. I can clearly tell you that I’m really angry right now and the outcome of that is severe. All of you can just die!” Upon saying that, the Monster King extended her arms horizontally. The grey aura in her surroundings suddenly became frantic as it constantly revolved, increasingly violently. It blocked our visions. But even with such a thick grey fog, we still could catch two peculiar light rays, which were the Monster King’s eyes.

I looked at the Dragon King and the phoenix. There were resolution in their eyes. I shouted, “Let’s go and have a life or death match with the Monster King.”

The Dragon King raised his head and cried out. The enormous dragon wings spread apart. A mouthful of blood spurted from his mouth and the gold light rays from his body intensified
suddenly. Sentences of an unknown strange incantation was constantly chanted calmly. Ah! It was the dragon race dragon language spell. It seemed that he was giving it his best shot. Following the chant, the golden light ray of the Dragon King’s body constantly intensified. The huge pressure from him gave me difficulty to breath. It seems that this was the last move from the Dragon King!

A cold flashed past the phoenix’s eyes when the Dragon King started to chat his spell. The phoenix’s body shrunk by  a half and the scorching heat could be felt in the air again. His body slowly turned faint red. The heat waves  that  continuously struck my body made me to soar higher in the sky.

The Dragon King, the phoenix and I maintained a triangular formation. I raised the Holy Sword high up with both of my
hands and chanted, “The God King bestowed upon me the Radiant Holy Sword. It shall shine with the soaring radiance of the vault of the heavens.” Under the prompt from the chant, the  radiant  Holy  Sword  momentarily  formed  an  enormous
silver pillar that extended towards the horizon. I chanted loudly
again, “Hope of light in the heaven and earth, please bless me! Great light elements, my everlasting friends, please gives as our final hope for me. Illumination lights in the East, warm lights in the West, life light in the South and devastative light in the North,  I  beseech  you  to  gather  the  hope  of  light  in  the
surroundings to give rise the light of blessings and bestow all of your divine powers onto me to activate the ultimate devastative light of the radiant Holy Sword. Eliminate the source of sinister beings before me to return eternal hope to the world—–Holy Sword’s Forbidden Annihilation Light!’

Following the chant, the divine powers in my body seemed to have found its outlet as it constantly surged into the  Holy Sword. The surrounding light elements frantically gathered towards me with an unprecedented speed. Constant tearing like pain could be felt from the light wings on my back due to the too rapid gathering speed of light elements that it reached to a point that it was above its limit. The Holy Sword’s colour was constantly changing from red, orange, green, dark green, blue and violet before gradually turning gold. The silver light from the Holy Sword formed into an exceptionally large power in a fused sword as it floated above me. I gritted my teeth to control that horrifying powers as I looked at the enormous grey tornado that could destroy the heavens and earth by the Monster King.

The Dragon King seemed to have completed his spell. His turned golden eyes gave off a domineering aura. He shouted fumingly, “Savage Dragon Battle!” An intensified gold light ray was emitted from his body and following those words, the gold light ray unexpectedly formed an identical image of himself before him. The light ray from the Dragon King’s body then instantly vanished. His originally magnificent scales also turned dull without radiance as it was already all of his powers.

Chapter 24 – Might Of The Phoenix And Dragon

At the same time, the Phoenix halved his body size again, becoming a quarter of its original size. The peculiar faint red colour emitted tremendous strength, The temperature in the surroundings increased continuously. “Heavenly Phoenix Dance!” A black pheonix formed from power appeared before him. The air in the surrounding had abruptly heated up. I still felt the scorching heat even though there was a  distance between him and I and also having additional protection from the divine powers.

The Monster King’s power seemed to have reached its limit. An enormous grey tornado that had reached at least 100 meters in height blew towards us. Sinister aura was constantly emitted from it. The monsters on the land and in the sky frantically charged towards the fort after losing the protection of the Eternal Recovery light.
The Dragon King, the phoenix and I looked at one and other before harmoniously letting out a holler. “Ah!!!” The Forbidden Annihilation of Light from the Holy Sword, the last ultimate move from the Dragon King, Savage Dragon Battle, and the clone of the phoenix, Heavenly Phoenix Dance, gave off silver, gold, and red lights respectively as they simultaneously shot towards the eye of the grey tornado.

My body seemed to have weakened after releasing the Annihilation Light as I was almost drained of all divine powers. I forcefully supported myself to land on the solid back of the Dragon King. The Dragon King and phoenix’s conditions were similar to mine. The phoenix also gathered towards the Dragon King’s side, We looked at the strongest attack that we had released and anticipated for the outcome.

When the Annihilation Light, Savage Dragon Battle, and Heavenly Phoenix Dance simultaneously struck the center of the tornado, everything seemed to have stilled. The strange grey tornado that the Monster King had released stilled and no
longer revolved.

The phoenix suddenly exclaimed, “Not good! Retreat!” He suddenly flew towards the fort, bringing the Dragon King with him.

There wasn’t any sounds heard and the time seemed to return to being normal, but there was an unexpected shock wave that struck behind us, making our three bodies to soar high up into the sky from the impact. The phoenix and the Dragon King used their bodies to block majority of the impact of the shockwave. I suffered the least injury, but I still couldn’t help to cough out a few mouthful of blood. If it wasn’t for my light wings to constantly absorb the light elements in the surrounding, I wouldn’t be able to hold on.
I didn’t know how far we flew, but our bodies finally stopped. The injuries sustained by the Dragon King seemed to be most severe amongst us as he had to completely rely on the phoenix’s help to hover in the sky.

The Dragon King said solemnly, “Zhang Gong, we can no longer assist you any further. Everything will lie on you.”

I became anxious. “Uncle Dragon King, how are you? Are your wounds critcal?”

The Dragon King looked at the phoenix at his side that was emitting dim lights. “Don’t worry. With the phoenix that  titled to be immortal here, we won’t die, but I doubt we will be able give assistance to the human race in the next 100 years. Zhang
Gong, when you head back, tell Xiao Jin that the phoenix and I are heading to a place to recuperate. If you really annihilate the Monster race, let him to rule over the Dragon race in my place. Work hard, child. I believe that you definitely will be able to succeed. Even though we both had lost our fighting powers, the attack that was released from the three of us won’t be easy to be dealt with. The Monster King definitely will be severely wounded. Even though it won’t be as severe as our injuries, it definitely will be beneficial for your future attacks. I’m sorry, but we’ll make our move first.” Upon saying that, a gold light flashed past the Dragon King’s eyes. A power suddenly surged into my body. The powers in my body that seemed to have withered momentarily became active under the assistance of the Dragon King’s divine powers. It was rapidly absorbing the light elements in the surroundings.

The Dragon King looked benevolent at me before his body softened and closed his eyes. The phoenix let out a screech before flying towards the far distance, while bringing  the Dragon King along with him. I controlled my body to hover in the sky. I couldn’t help but to be stunned. According to what the Dragon King had said, our combined attack couldn’t defeat the Monster King. Currently, I had also lost the assistance of the Dragon King and the phoenix. Just how was I going to battle
against that powerful Monster King?! I gritted my teeth and made my descent. I frantically gathered the light elements in my surrounding while controlling my flight path. When I flew to the front of the fort, the powers in my body had already recovered by third under the previous help of  the  dragon powers from the Dragon King.

The sight before me amazed me. A large gap was unexpectedly observed from the monsters that originally covered the heaven and the earth; the monsters that were within 1 kilometer diameter from the ground and sky from where I was had disappeared, forming a large shallow pit on the plain. This must be effect of our combined powers. I was extremely elated when I saw this as not only was the fort temporarily safe, I also understood that the Monster King was unable to suppress the boundary from the combined powers of three people. It could be said that the Monster King couldn’t resist the enormous shockwave from our attacks so he deviated it to the ground, resulting in a great loss of monsters. It seemed that fellow was really hurt as what the Dragon King had mentioned.
The enormous dragons in the sky that were battling against the monsters seem to have become berserk in annihilating the monsters. They didn’t cared about their injuries and just constantly attack their enemies before them; constant green blood flow downwards. I sighed inwardly. It must be due to their king being severely wounded that made those dragons become so stirred up.

I looked at the gulf and saw that the Monster King  had actually disappeared. However, large quantities of monsters were still constantly emerging from the gulf and were rapidly charging towards the fort. I hastily flew to Xiao Jin’s side. “Xiao Jin, your father suffered severe injuries and had already went with the phoenix to recuperate. Before he left, he had told me to inform you that you’ll temporarily lead the  Dragon  race. Quickly go! The current condition of the members of your race are too frenetic. You must control them. You just  need  to protect the fort. You also don’t need to fight the monsters head on. The Monster King is the sole key in ending everything.”
Boundless sorrows were expressed from Xiao Jin’s eyes. “Master, is my father really still alive? Then, why can’t I feel his life force? It was due to that that made my race’s members be in such a state. Master, you mustn’t lie to me!” Two large trails of tears flowed out from Xiao Jin’s dragon eyes.

Chapter 25 – Demon Emperor’s Arrival

I sighed. “Xiao Jin, I definitely  wouldn’t lie to you. What  I said is the truth. Quickly go and calm down your race’s members. It seems that the Monster King hasn’t given up yet.”

Xiao Jin nodded before soaring up into the sky. He was yelling in dragon language. I didn’t have the time to look at their conditions as I closed my eyes to circulated the divine powers in my body with all of my strength, absorbing all the power in the surroundings. I was already getting out of time. The possibility of defeating the Monster King would increase for every ounce of power I absorb. But the truth was the Monster King wouldn’t give me time to recover as a thick demonic aura covered the heaven and earth, making me reopen my eyes. Hai Shui’s beautiful body hovered in midair. From her appearance, there didn’t seem to have much changes since grey aura was constantly being emitted from her back and the sky turned dark again. I clearly knew that even if the Monster King was hurt, it would still be simple to kill me. Was there really no justice? Was all of the life forms of the world going to be eradicated by the Monster King? No! I definitely wouldn’t allow that to happen. I hollered, resummoning the Radiant Holy Sword that was emitting dimmer light rays when compared to before, as I
viciously glared at the Monster King.

The Monster King didn’t say anything. She just extended her pair of delicate arms and constantly made gestures in the air. The grey aura gradually solidified. She was giving me her last attack. Even though I knew that it was useless resisting against that, I still prompted the release of the remaining divine powers from my body. The silver light ray of the Holy Sword intensified slightly. It wouldn’t matter if I died. Even if I was facing death, I would still do all I could against that last attack.

When I was already in despair, the Monster King suddenly dazed and abruptly turned around. A patch of faint purple light was seen in the originally dark sky. An enormous figure was charging toward the Monster King. The purple light ray was given off from the back of the black figure. A low and heavy
voice was heard. “Dark Magic Dragon Gun, my Demon race’s god of Origin, release your endless divine powers to eliminate the enemy before you.” An exceptional sharp light shot out like lighting from the top of the black figure. In a short moment, it
had reached the front of the Monster King. The Monster King yelled in anger and used the previously consolidated grey power ball to defend her body. Hong! Her body unexpectedly flew at least 100 metres back. Cold light ray often glimmered in her eyes and the grey aura surrounding her body was strong and weak from time to time. It was as though she was trying to recover from her condition.

Seeing such a sight, I was jubilant as the person that came was none other than my father in law, Demon Emperor Qi Meng Satan. A loud dragon roar has heard as the Dark Demon Dragon had already brought the Demon Emperor to near us.  The Demon Emperor stood arrogantly on the Demon dragon’s back as he looked icily at the Monster King. The black Dark Demon Gun in his hand was pointing towards the horizon as  he shouted, “I didn’t expect that the Monster King would be such a young girl.”

I flapped the six light wings on my back to fly to the Demon Emperor’s side as I said respectfully, “Lord Father in law, why
have you come? The Monster King isn’t a young girl. He had possessed my friend’s body. How is the condition at the Demon and Beast races’ side? Have the monsters eradicated?”

The Demon Emperor looked at me. “There isn’t any problem at our side. Royal Uncle and the Beast King had let our mighty army troops to finish off all of the remnants monsters. Previously the Demon Dragon felt that there was something unusual here so we headed to here first. How’s your situation here and how’s Mu Zi?”

I smiled wryly. “Our situation here is extremely terrible. The Dragon King and the phoenix had already been severely injured by the Monster king and had went to recuperate. Mu Zi is fine. She’s still inside the fort. Let’s team up to deal with that fellow. His powers are extremely terrifying. You must be careful.” Even though the cultivation of the Demon Emperor couldn’t be compared to mine, with the addition of the Dark Demon Dragon that had comparable strength to the Dragon King, we would still be a force to be reckon with. When I mentioned that the Dragon
King was severely injured, I could clearly feel that the Dark Demon Dragon’s body jolted and an intense dark aura was released from his body, making me feel abnormally uncomfortable. It seemed that he and the Dragon King still had strong brotherly feelings!

The Demon King looked at the blood stains at my chest. “You should return to the fort to rest up while I fight against that fellow. You’re wounded so even if you stay here, you’ll just get in the way.”

Even though the Demon Emperor’s expression was cold, a warm feeling rose up from the bottom of my heart. “Lord father in law, I……” I knew that it was due to his attribute that countered mine and on top of that I was injured so he said that to prevent affecting me by his power.
The Demon Emperor shouted fumingly, “Since you had already called me your father in law, you should listen to me. The three races had already form an alliance so our Demon race must also contribute some of our strength. Quickly go!” Upon saying that, he prompted the Dark Demon Dragon and with purple light ray emitted from the Demon gun in his hand, he charged towards the Monster King.

The Demon King was fighting to help me gain some time. I no longer hesitated as I flew to the head of the fort. I must recover as soon as possible as the Monster King’s power had already decreased drastically. I must recover my cultivation to completely eradicate him while he was still injured. I landed on the head of the city like a gold shooting star. Currently, the Dragon Army troop from the Kingdom of Xiuda was guarding the previous hole that formed from the Monster King’s attack, while the archers of the Nature Elves and mages gave them solid support, making it impossible for the monsters to break into the fort. The condition in the sky had become stabilized. Under the division by Xiao Jin, the Dragon race’s member formed two teams to help resist the offensive powers of the monsters.
When I just landed on the head of the city, I saw the deathly pale complexion Teacher Di, who was being supported by Teacher Zhen as they rested at a side.

“Teacher, how’s your condition?” I asked anxiously.

Teacher Di laughed forcefully. “I still won’t kick my bucket anytime soon. Zhang Gong, quickly do what you need to do. We had been watching what had happened. The Monster  King really is horrifying. You must eliminate him today. Otherwise, the human race will be finished.” Upon saying that, he violently coughed for a couple of times.

I seriously nodded. “Teacher, don’t worry. Even if it leads to my death, I’ll fight with all my might against the Monster King
to the very end. Teacher Zhen, I’ll have to ask you to take care of Teacher Di.”

Chapter 26 – Flame Of Life! Burn!

Teacher Zhen nodded. “Quickly go and rest up. Lao Lun has me for support.”

I nodded. Just as I wanted to sit down and start meditating, I suddenly discovered that there were a couple of people that flew out from the interior of the fort. The couple of them were Big Brother Zhan Hu, Mu Zi, and the rest. Mu Zi used her wind magic to support Zhan Hu, Xiu Si, Xin Ao’s body, while Xiao Rou that had metamorphosed to her human form and used her powers to support Gao De and Dong Ri’s body. When did Xiao Rou become so strong? What I didn’t know that after Xiao Rou became 9 tailed, her powers had risen to the A rank beast level. Even though her strength was inferior to Xiao Jin’s, her powers was similar to Mu Zi’s cultivation.

I dazely saw them land to my side and cried out, “Mu Zi, why are you so disobedient? Why did you bring everyone here?”

Zhan Hu chuckled. “Zhang Gong, we’re also god envoys that had received the task of eliminating the Monster King from the God King. How could we not participate in this battle? Even though our cultivations are weaker in comparison, we must watch as you kill the enemy. We’ll morally support you.” Xiu Si and the rest constantly nodded. It was obvious that they agreed with Zhan Hu’s opinion, while Mu Zi wordlessly stared at me with her mesmerizing eyes.

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as I looked at them. “This place is too dangerous. You should head back.”

Xiao Rou replied, “Master, please let us stay here. Elder sister Mu Zi and I will take care of the few brothers.”

I knew it was useless to say further as I looked at the resolute eyes of the crowd. I sighed and said, “Mu Zi, Xiao Rou, I’ll ask for your help to protect the brothers.”

Mu Zi suddenly exclaimed, “Ah! Isn’t that my Royal father?” She dazedly looked at the Demon Emperor who was currently in battle.

I nodded. “That’s right, if it wasn’t for lord father in law to come in time, you probably would not have been able to see me anymore. Alright, I won’t continue to chat with you guys as I need to recover my body’s power as soon as possible so that I can assist Lord father in law to deal with the Monster King.” Upon saying that, I sat cross-legged, amending the aura in my body.

At this moment, the Demon Emperor and the Dark Demon dragon were blasted backwards by the Monster King after constantly being pestered by them. The Dark Dragon gave off a mournful holler. It seemed that his injuries wasn’t light. Not good! I hastily soared into the sky to catch the falling Demon Emperor. The Dark Demon Gun of the Demon Emperor was already nowhere to be found. With his face like gold paper, the Demon Emperor had lost his consciousness. I couldn’t help but to feel a chill pass through my body as I looked at the Monster King that was still a distance from me. He didn’t chase over and just silently hovered in mid air. My last chance of recovery was already gone. The Demon Dragon and the Demon Emperor were severely injured now so the only one that could fight against the Monster King would only be me.

I landed on the head of the city and handed the Demon Emperor to Mu Zi. I mustn’t lose! I definitely mustn’t. I looked solemnly at Mu Zi and Xiao Rou before taking a deep breathe.
“Please take care of yourselves.” ‘It’s time to fight with my life on the line. Monster King, you bastard, let us die together then.’ A sudden terrifying thought flashed through my mind at this

I gradually flew and said to Zhan Hu and the four brothers, “Big brothers, please summon your divine instruments. What else can you do now? Please separate the divine instruments from your body and let it to hover in the sky.”

The crowd nodded and simultaneously chanted. The War God’s armour, Sky God’s horn, Titan God’s hammer, Lightning God’s shield and Wind God’s bow respectively hovered in mid air in the next moment. The five brothers had forcefully controlled their weapons. The injuries they sustained that day was really too severe. Otherwise, with their assistance, how could I be forced into such a hopeless scenario?
I looked at the crowd one last time. I no longer hesitated as I
looked at the Monster King and chanted loudly, “Burn my endless flame of life to release my power of origin to emit the last rays of light!” I chanted the burning of life force spell without any regrets and remorse. This was an irreversible spell. Initially, when Teacher Di taught me this spell, he had told me that I shouldn’t use it lightly unless I was in a life or death scenario as once this spell was used, it would burn the life force
of the caster’s body as time passes. When I cast this spell, I had completely burned all of my life force. I didn’t care about the after effects and just unleashed all of my potential powers to be able to fight against the Monster King.

When Teacher Di, who was leaning in Teacher Zhen’s embrace, heard my chant, he immediately shouted in horror, “Zhang Gong, you mustn’t…you mustn’t use that spell!!!”

I smiled at Teacher Di and bowed deeply towards him. “Teacher, thank you for your many years of tutelage. Zhang Gong no longer would be able to serve you. Please help me to
take care of my parents.”

Whatever said now was already too late as the surrounding of my body had started to burn with multi-coloured flames. When the dazzling multi-coloured light ray was emitted  from  my body, a unprecedented tyrannical power surged up from my heart. The Holy Sword regained its former radiance and had possessed an even greater powers as compared to before. Light rays were like electricity flickering in my surroundings. The divine instruments that Zhan Hu and the others had summoned seemed to have felt the Holy Sword’s power  and  were constantly crying out.

Mu Zi shouted, crying, “No! Zhang Gong, no!”
Tears flowed from from my face as I said mournfully, “Farewell, my lovers and my friends! Let’s meet again in our next lives!” I brandished the Holy Sword to terminate the relationships of the divine instruments from Zhan Hu and the rest and used my divine power to cover the five divine instruments before charging towards the Monster King,  who was gathering his powers.

I stopped flying when I was only 100 meters from the Monster King. The Monster King seemed to be slightly apprehensive as he looked at the five divine instruments in my surrounding and the multi-coloured flames being emitted from my body. He shouted, “Are you insane? Was it really worth it for you to use your limitless life force for those low class creatures?”

I coldly said, “You forever won’t be able to understand that there are many things that are more important than being alive. Let’s start our death match, Monster King.”

Chapter 27 – Death Match

The expression of the Monster changed constantly from elation and sinister and back before saying, “Brat, if you stop hindering me from eliminating all of the life forms, once I’ve succeeded, I’m willing to equally share all of my power over the continent with you. How about that?” The  Monster  King seemed to be a little frightened against me that had death as my mind set. Was he fearful of me?”

Feeling the powers that were surging out from my body, I asked indifferently, “Equally share all of your powers over the continent with me? Is that right?”

The Monster King nodded. “That’s correct, if you’re willing to stand on my side, I won’t attack you and after I get hold of this place, I’m willing to equally share all of my power over the continent with you.”

I laughed. “What could power amount to? Do you really think I care about them? If I liked power, I wouldn’t be standing here today.” Upon saying that, I brandished my hand and a fissure appeared in the sky. Under my control, five power balls flew out from my space picket. The five surrounding divine instruments seemed to be shivering in excitement as they tried to break free from my power’s restrictions.

I took in a deep breath and used the powers inside my body to protect my inner organs. I abruptly remove all of the
restrictions on the divine instruments before shouting, “War God, Sky God, Titan God, Lightning God and wind God fuse together! Divine powers!” I forcefully suppressed five of the divine instruments into my body with the power of the Holy Sword while I chanted. The five light orbs also mixed with the War God, Sky God, Titan God, Lightning God and Wind God powers, and instantly fused with my body.
The Monster King finally understood what I planned to do as he shouted,

“No!!!!” He abruptly charged towards me.

The multi-coloured light ray emitted from my body, momentarily filling the heaven and earth with its light. The tyrannical power of the Monster king had unexpectedly been rebounded back so he could just stunningly looked at me, who was drastically gaining powers.

I actually didn’t know what would happen from fusing all five divine instruments. All I thought was how to eliminate the Monster King. When the five divine wills fused into my body, my body seemed to be going to explode as intense heart piercing
pain was felt in the next instant. If it wasn’t for Mi Jia Lie modifying my body, I would have exploded at this moment. I hollered in pain, “Ah!!!” The Ice God’s mask transmitted his ice powers to sustain my consciousness at an appropriate moment.

Six different divine powers constantly conflicted in my body. Even though the Radiant God’s power was the strongest, it still couldn’t suppress the five divine powers in my body. Thin blood rain mist was emitted from all of my body’s hair pores. Tremendous pain constantly filled my body. If it wasn’t for the magnanimous powers that I possessed from burning my life force, I would have already been torn apart by the tyrannical powers inside.

The Monster King looked, stunned at me. “Insane! That brat has gone nuts!”
I looked at the Monster King with bloodshot eyes. Different coloured lightning bolts were constantly being shot out from my body. Enormous power could be felt in my surroundings. I withdrew the Holy Sword’s power into my body to forcefully suppressed the tyrannical divine powers in my body as I raised
my head to chant furiously, “The God King bestowed upon me the War God’s armor. No evil shall pass me for I shall obstruct the evil demons.” Following my chant, the War God’s armour that had formed into a blue power in my body seemed to have found an outlet. The blue light ray abruptly shot out from my body. Big Brother Zhan Hu’s armour appeared on my body. When the armour was donned on my body, I felt that the frantic
powers in my body calmed down slightly, making me feel much more comfortable.

The Monster King retreated backwards and was sneakily headed towards the gulf. It seemed that he already had the mindset of retreating against the berserk me.

“Want to escape from me?” I aligned my palms together and
the light in my surrounding abruptly intensified. An enormous boundary enclosing me and the Monster King within appeared. The Monster King struck against the boundary full on. It momentarily jolted the powers in my body. The intense pain made me to cough out another mouthful of blood. I needed to release all of the rampant powers in my body.

“The God King bestowed upon me the Sky God’s horn. My horn’s roar will pierce through the nine heavens.” A white light flashed and the Sky God’s horn emerged from my body and hovered at the left side of my body. I took in another  deep breath to calm the rampant powers in my body. I took the time where the Monster King hadn’t snapped out of his shock to chant loudly, “The God King bestowed upon me the Titan God’s
hammer. I will shake the heavens and move the earth to protect the righteous path. The God King bestowed upon me the Lightning God’s shield. Even ten thousand blades shall not stop me.The God King bestowed upon me the Wind God’s bow. My ethereal  arrows  will  flash  rapidly  and  violently.”  The  Titan
God’s hammer, Lightning God’s shield, and the Wind’s God bow consecutively appeared in my surroundings after I chanted. Even though the five powers of the respective divine wills still filled my body, after the divine instruments had  been summoned by my chant, the Holy Sword and Radiant God’s power suppressed the five divine wills, temporarily returning
the calmness of my body.

“Monster King, I’ll represent the God King to eliminate you today. The God King bestowed upon me the Radiant Holy Sword. It shall shine with the soaring radiance of the vault of the heavens.” A silver power appeared before me, instantly forming the Holy Sword’s shape.

The Monster King suddenly calmed down. He seemed to have discovered a way to deal with me. He sealed his palms before his chest and closed his eyes. Hai Shui’s goddess like body hovered in  mid  air  before  he  chanted,  “Endless  death  and  grudges,
follow my command as the Monster race’s King that governs the heaven and earth, monsters that could annihilate everything appear and use your boundless grudges to eliminate all life forms before you to spread the death aura of my Monster race throughout the world! Burst forth the monstrous power to engulf    everything—–The    Monster    King’s    summoning!!!”
Following his chant, the gray aura beside the Monster King’s body constantly formed into monster’s shapes before gradually
entering his body. The gray aura from his body gave off a terrifying deathly aura that seemed to be continuously fusing with the Monster King’s body.

I wasn’t in the slightest bit affected by the Monster King’s
appearance. I loudly chanted, “I represent the War God, Sky God, Titan God, Lightning God, Wind God, and Radiant God! Great God King, please bestow me your unlimited divine power to enable me to fuse all of the divine powers as one, in order to uphold justice in the world, to eliminate all sinister beings to
return peace and harmony to the  world——Forbidden Symphony of the Gods’ Awakening!” Six divine phantoms appeared at my back. They slowly combined themselves. After constant infusion, my sight suddenly became white. The six divine phantoms fused together to have enormous blue, white,
yellow, red, green and gold light pillars that soared towards the sky. The six divine powers that filled my entire body was constantly being absorbed by the light pillar that extended towards the sky. At this conjuncture, I unexpectedly was in exceptional comfort.

Chapter 28 – Solo Symphony

The six coloured light pillars rapidly revolved while they constantly clambered up. They had already started to gradually fuse with each other. The powers this time were different from the previous as it was much stronger. The sinister clouds in the sky got blown away by that power. The ground quaked constantly. All the monsters stopped their attack as they shifted their gazes to the Monster King and I. The people at the Ström Fortress were astonished by the sight before them. There were also a lot of soldiers that were seeing this sight for the second time. Zhan Hu, Xiu Si, Gao De, Xin Ao and Dong Ri were stunned as they didn’t expect that I would activate the world’s strongest forbidden spell solitarily. The  newly  appeared sunlight was dimmer than the dazzling light pillars and the pure clouds were embellished with six colours.

I hollered loudly and brandished my right hand that wore the God’s guard protector. A gold hexagon appeared in the sky with constant flickering of gold light rays. This was the last component of the spell to enable the symphony to exert its full potential. The magnificent light rays had spread throughout the sky and the peerless divine powers filled the land. Currently, the might of the forbidden spell was fully displayed. I was
surprised to discover that even though the prowess of the forbidden spell was so strong, I, who had initiated it, was able to control its direction.

The Monster King’s complexion paled as his deathly aura before him was negligible, in compared to the symphony. I shouted with all my might, “Go to hell, you f*cking bastard!” Under my control, the six light pillars  suddenly  charged towards the monster King, who was expressing  a  totally terrified expression. The Monster King cried out as he tried to make his final struggle. He extended both of his hands and shot a black fog at me that was incomparable to the six light pillars. I coldly smiled as I continued to make the six light  pillars continue to move towards the Monster King.

There wasn’t any collision sounds as the demonic spell from the Monster King had already been completely engulfed by the Monster King. When the life of the Monster King was going to be extinguished under the might of the forbidden spell, the Demon King’s sinister eyes suddenly turned back to clear blue
eyes. Hai Shui’s voice was heard as she asked in agony, “Big Brother Zhang Gong, are you really going to kill me?”

My entire body shuddered violently and deviated the forbidden spell a little at my will. The forbidden spell moved past Hai Shui’s body at lightning speed. Hai Shui’s body greatly jolted and a vast amount of demonic aura escape, even though it wasn’t a direct hit. It was too late to regret that I didn’t use this opportunity to kill the Monster King for good.The powers in my body had mostly shriveled as I gasped profusely to regain my breath. It was as I had expected that Hai Shui’s eyes turned back to red. The Monster King’s neither sinister nor clear voice sounded. “You’re still too naive. Just die!” He formed into a grey fog as he charged towards me and landed a blow heavily on my chest.

Everything in my surrounding flew past me. Under the attack of the Monster King, I couldn’t help as it greatly shook my body. But I was amazed to find that the Monster King’s attack didn’t bring me much harm. I, who had thought that I would meet my
demise, felt that my life wasn’t disappearing. My originally dimmed multi-coloured life flame unexpectedly lit up again under the stimulation from the Monster King’s attack. I was constantly absorbing powers. At my will, I hovered in mid air again as I looked at the alarmed Monster King.

The Monster King looked unbelievably at both of his hands as he muttered, “Why? Why have my powers decreased this much?”

I coldly looked at him as I said, “You have reaped what you sowed. Even though my forbidden spell didn’t take your life, your demonic power had been greatly diminished by the forbidden spell’s power.”
The Monster King coldly sneered. “Brat, the previous forbidden spell indeed was capable in killing me, but your greatest opportunity had been wasted. You no longer have the chance to resist me.” Upon saying that, the Monster King extended his arms horizontally and with the red light in his eyes intensified, the dazed monsters that were on the ground exploded one after the other, forming grey fogs to surge towards the Monster King.

I was greatly alarmed as I knew he was fusing his powers. If I allowed him to recover his powers, I wouldn’t be his match. Thinking about that, I charged towards the Monster King with all of my might to thrust the Holy Sword in my hand into the chest of the Monster King. The Monster King coldly looked at me and when I was 5 meters apart from him, his body suddenly moved backwards. His speed was similar to mine so we just formed a scenario of one chasing while the other escapes in the sky as I persisted in chasing after him. My heart constantly sunken as even though the burning of life force could continuously supply me with powers, I clearly felt that the life flame was already starting to burn out, while  the  Monster King’s power slowly increased instead.

“Heh!” The Monster king suddenly stopped moving to punch violently towards my Holy Sword. I was blown away from being unprepared and coughed a mouthful of blood as the result.

The Monster King laughed as he said coldly, “Brat, just go and meet your maker!” He transformed his body into a faint dark figure as he charged towards me. The demonic aura locked my body in place, making it impossible to make any movements. However, at this critical moment, the  five  previously suppressed divine powers gradually recovered.Even though the forbidden spell consumes a lot of its power, their power were still able to tear my body apart. The Holy Sword also seemed to be in a swamp as it was difficult to mobilise it. I just watched the hand of the Monster King that brought along a grey aura grabbed towards me. The demonic sinister aura covered my entire body.
There were two figures that suddenly flew out from the Ström Fortress and headed towards the Monster King and I. They were Xiao Rou and Mu Zi. But with their speed and even if they caught up in time, with the current condition of the Monster King, they were just wasting their lives.

When the sharp claws of the Monster king reached just 33 centimeters before me, his body suddenly stopped. The Monster King’s eyes abruptly became exceptionally strange as his red eyes constantly changed from red to blue and vice versa. The Monster King yelled in fury, “God damn it!” He retracted his claws that headed to me as he held his head in his  hands, bitterly groaning.

Chapter 29 – Star Burst

The seal on my body hadn’t been resolved so I could just stare at the Monster kIng that was in agony. What was happening to him? Ah! Could it be Hai Shui’s will?

Suddenly, halos of green light ray was  constantly  emitted from Hai Shui’s body, but it still was heading towards me. This sight before me made me think back to when I first met Hai Shui. At that time, we met at the fighting arena and these green halos were the Xin Family’s Absolute Disruption spell that left me at a loss on how to deal with it. The green light halos constantly appeared and tightly enclosed around Hai Shui’s body. The restriction on my body suddenly vanished and the Monster King no longer had the ability to deal with me.

“Big Brother Zhang Gong, quickly….quickly take this opportunity to finish him. Hurry up! I can’t restrict him much longer.”

I looked stunned at the delicate and lovable body that was being restricted by the green halos. Tears flowed uncontrollably as I raised the Holy Sword. My previously steady hands shook constantly. The person before me currently wasn’t the Monster King, but Hai Shui that loved me deeply. How could I kill her now?

“Big Brother Zhang Gong, quickly attack me! I can’t hold him back much longer. Stop hesitating. It won’t matter much if I died solitarily as it’s enough for me for you to continue living well. Just hurry up! It can’t be that you wish for the total extermination of all the races in this world right?” Hai Shui shouted, sobbing.

My heart greatly shuddered. That was right, how  could  I allow the extermination of all the races due to being soft
hearted?! “Hai Shui, don’t worry. I’ll be accompanying you. Ah!!”I shouted and circulated the remnants of all of my remaining power in my body, making the burning of life spell form to reach its limit. The multi-coloured life force regained its splendor, completely suppressing the five divine powers. With my body and sword as one identity, I thrust towards Hai Shui’s delicate body. The silver ray of the Holy Sword intensified. The Holy Sword accurately pierced into Hai Shui’s heart. The originally constant struggling body instantly stopped moving and grey fogs emitted from the wound. I distinctly felt that the Monster King was fighting his death with all his might against the might of the formidable Holy Sword.

Mu Zi and Xiao Rou immediately flew to our sides and looked at a loss at us. They didn’t know what to say at this moment.

Blood continuously flowed out from Hai Shui’s mouth. The green halos that surrounded her body disappeared. Hai Shui’s small delicate hand touched my face as she asked gently in gasps, “Big Brother Zhang Gong, do you love me?” Tears
uncontrollably flowed down my face. I replied shakily, “Love.. I love you, Hai Shui. I always will.”

A satisfied smile was expressed on Hai Shui’s charming face as she said in gasps, “That’s good enough. I’m satisfied with your promise. Hai Shui will now leave without regret…..” Two trials of sparkling and translucent tears flowed down Hai Shui’s face before she suddenly pushed me away and shouted lovably, “Star Burst!”

Teacher Di, who was in the far distance at the fort, stood up abruptly as he looked startled at Hai Shui. “The Xin Family’s ultimate spell, Star Burst, that enables the caster to kill their enemies along with themselves.”
“Hong!!!!!!” After a loud explosion was heard, I had blankly looked at Hai Shui’s body and the Holy Sword exploded so intensely, that Hai Shui didn’t leave any ashes nor clothings.

She left just like that. All of the demonic aura emitting from Hai Shui’s body disappeared with Hai Shui’s self destruction spell. The monsters on the land metamorphosed into grey fog as they gradually vanished into mid air.

Xiao Rou suddenly moved in a flash to where Hai Shui had self exploded with peculiar flashing light rays in her eyes.

Mu Zi moved to my side and supported my body. “Zhang Gong, don’t be overwhelmed by your grief. How’s your body condition?”

My divine power was no longer able to keep the other divine powers in my body in place and my life force was burning out. I kissed Mu Zi’s forehead lightly as I said mournfully, “Mu Zi, I won’t be able to make it. You must take care of yourself. I’ll head to find Hai Shui.” Upon saying that, I pushed Mu Zi away and surged all of my powers outward as I soared into the sky. I relaxed my body and freely allowed the divine powers in my body to wreak havoc. I had already accomplished my task so it was time for me to go. I didn’t want Mu Zi to look at my corpse after I died so I must leave.

“No! Zhang Gong, please don’t do this to me!”


Mu Zi and Xiao Rou’s shouts was heard from beneath me, but with their speed, how could they catch up with me? I  had chosen to die in the sky as the surge of the divine powers might hurt them.

Mouthful after mouthful of blood flowed from my mouth and feebleness struck my body. I was really tired. I just wanted to sleep now. I hope that when I awoke, I would be able to meet up with Hai Shui.

Mu Zi and Xiao Rou frantically tried to fly after Zhang Gong, but no matter how they tried, they couldn’t catch up with him. Zhang Gong’s body became increasingly smaller in their view. Suddenly, with a flash of white light, Zhang Gong momentarily disappeared.


I gradually opened my eyes to find myself in a hazy white world. The War God’s armour, Sky God’s horn, Titan God’ hammer, Lightning God’s shield, Wind God’s  bow, excluding the Holy Sword, laid in my surroundings. Each of the divine instruments were giving off different coloured  light  rays, similar to the divine wills that Mi Jia Lie had passed to me.
“Am I dead?” I looked at my seemingly unharmed body.

“No, my child, you haven’t pass on.” A familiar benevolent voice sounded.

I was shocked. “Are…Are you the God King?”

“That’s right, my child. You didn’t let me down as you eliminated the clone of the Monster King, resulting in  the drastic decrease in the power of the Monster King. We have also completely obliterated the Monster king’s body on our side with the combined divine powers of my powers with the other gods. Thank you for what you have done, my child. However, you were too reckless. You had used your body to withhold all six divine powers. You greedy bastard! If I didn’t come in time, you
would have died. Even though I rule over the gods, I still don’t have the ability to revive the dead.”

Chapter 30 – God King

The Monster King’s matter had finally been  resolved and I was rescued by the God King. However, I wasn’t the slightest bit happy as Hai Shui had died because of me! The God King had also said that he didn’t have the power to revive the dead. This was to say that Hai Shui wouldn’t be able to return to my side. Why? Why did this happen? Hai Shui was such a kind hearted girl. Why did she had to die?

The God King said, “Child, you had accomplished such an ordeal task. I’m really happy for that. Currently,  the  human race already thinks that you have already passed on. Why don’t you stay in the God race then? Since you have inherited Mi Jie Lie’s position, you’ll become the new battle angel’s leader, the new Radiant God. In this God realm, you’ll have endless life.”

“No!!!” I yelled in sadness. “No, I don’t want eternal life. I don’t want anything.”

The God King seemed to be stunned for a moment. “My child, you should think it through carefully. A lot of people have dreamed to be able to become a god!”

I shook my head with sadness. “No, God King, I don’t want to become a god nor do I want to have eternal life. I just want to be with my family and friends. You’re the God King. Are you really out of alternatives in helping me revive my friends? It’s just a tiny request from me. Please grant me this wish of mine.”

The God King sighed. “Child, I understand your current feelings, but I had mentioned it previously that that is out of my powers! I’ll agree to any of your request, except that.”
I dejectedly knelt to the ground as I looked at the divine instruments, staying silent for a long time.

“Child, please don’t be like this. Your contribution to the world, to all of the races, and to our God race has given rise to the survival of both worlds. Where there’s a gain, there’s also loss. Please state your request.”

I took in a deep breath. “God King, I hope  that  you’ll withdraw all of the divine instruments and allow me to return to the human realm. I also don’t want eternal life. I just want to be an ordinary human and finish a not too long journey with my family and friends.”

The God  King  exclaimed.,  “What?!  You  also  don’t  want  to
have eternal life?”

I seriously nodded. “Eternal life doesn’t mean much to me. If my family and friends all died before me, what is the use of living on? Please grant me my wish.”

After a moment, the God King replied, “Alright, since  you have made up your mind, I won’t continue to force you. Zhang Gong, you’ll forever be a friend to our God race.”

After a light flashed, my entire body was so warm and was in indescribable comfort. It was like taking a bath in a sea of light. “Zhang Gong, I’ve withdrawn the six divine weapons from your body, but still left you with the Radiant God’s powers. Your life force has already completely recovered. Return and do as you
wish. I’ve got something to tell you. The spirit of the girl that was possessed by the Monster King hasn’t dissipated. You will still have the opportunity to meet her again in the future.”

I was shocked and just as I wanted to ask him, my body was enveloped in intense light rays. With a flash of light, everything before me turned white and everything disappeared.


Even though the Monster race had been eradicated, the entire Ström Fortress was in despair as the Child of Light, Zhang Gong Wei, who had saved the world, had sacrificed his young life for the world’s peace and harmony.

Lao Lun Di caressed Mu ZI and Xiao Rou’s head with tears in his eyes. “Good children, stop crying. When a person passes on, they won’t be able to return. Zhang Gong is my one and only disciple but was also my pride. He had sacrificed his life to save everyone. His death carries a heavy weight.”

Lao Lun Di’s consolation didn’t stop everyone from crying, but made everyone wail instead. Zhang Gong had managed to kill the Monster King by unhesitantly burning his life force. His action had greatly touched everyone’s heart.

“Report!!” A dispatched solver hurriedly entered the Commander’s division. “Reporting, there’s a peculiar phenomenon happening in the sky.”

Everyone were alarmed and Chuan Song Zhen asked, “What phenomenon? Quickly describe it!”

“There was a patch of coloured clouds that suddenly appeared in the sky and had stopped above the fort.”

Everyone looked at each other before Zhan Hu said, “Let’s head out and check it out.” Everyone from the God Protector Domain and the leaders of the armies from the three kingdoms simultaneously headed out of the Commander’s division. It was as what the soldier had reported. There was a patch of coloured cloud in the sky. It looked exceptionally mesmerising under the sunlight.
Chuan Song Zhen ordered heavily, “Pass down my order that every troop should be on standby and to be on alert.” The appearance of the Monster race had already made everyone easily fearful.

“I don’t think that’s necessary Teacher Zhen. It can’t be that you don’t want me to return right?” A voice that everyone couldn’t be more familiar with was heard. A gold  light  ray shone from the coloured cloud and moved before everyone like lightning.

“Zhang Gong!”

When I looked at the tears covered faces of the crowd, I said smilingly, “I’ve made everyone worried. I’ve returned.”

Mu ZI and Xiao Rou jumped into my embrace and Mu Zi shouted crying, “Where did you go? You made me worried to death.”

I caressed Mu Zi’s long hair and smiled, “Silly girl, everything has passed. I just went to tour the God realm. The only pitiful thing is that Hai Shui……”

“God realm!” Everyone instantly exclaimed.

Chapter 31 - Epilogue

Two years later, in a small village at the outskirts of Senke City, Hai Shui, father, and I were anxiously waiting outside the house.

That was correct, it was Hai Shui. After I returned to the fort, Xiao Rou had told me that even though Hai Shui had died, she had a special ability after becoming nine tailed---Engulf.  She was able to absorb Hai Shui’s soul into her body, so her current body had her own soul and Hai Shui’s soul, which was in a deep slumber. Following that, we went to gather the essential components for Xiao Rou to change into a human. Xiao Rou was finally able to change into a human from her fox form under the support of my divine powers. Hai Shui’s soul awakened in the process as well. Hence, the human form that Xiao Rou had changed to was Hai Shui’s appearance.

Even though Hai Shui had lost her previous body and magic powers, she could still stay with us, and to us, there was nothing
that could make us more jubilant.

Since the God Protector Domain had shown remarkable performance during the battle with the monster race, it had received the recognition from all the races of the world. The God Protector Domain had thus became a domain other than the three human kingdoms. The domain had maintained to be 10,000 stronghold. The God Protector Domain was also known as the Waitner Domain. Waitner meaning Holy in the Demon race’s language. I also became the publicly recognised leader of the Waitner Domain, the so called “lord” of the domain. But how could I, who loved freedom, be restricted to such a small place? Which is why when it was late in the night one day, I left a letter before sneakily heading out with Mu Zi and Hai Shui to my hometown.

The blissful thing was that during the wreckage  of  the monster race, no dens appeared near my hometown, so my parents were safe. When they saw me bring back  two exceptional wives, the two elders became so happy that they
couldn’t keep their mouth shut.

Xiao Jin was currently staying in a valley not far from the village. Even though his father had passed the Dragon race to him, that fellow had gotten used to a free and easy life style so how could he withstand being restricted? He learned from me and snuck out of the Dragon Valley and found me by my aura.

We held a simple wedding at my village. There was no one here that didn’t know about me being the Child of Light that had saved the world. Following that, to hide  from  the “pursuers” of the domain’s brothers, I had brought Mu Zi, Hai Shui, Xiao Jin, and also Xiao Rou to roam the lands. It wasn’t until nine months earlier that Mu Zi got impregnated by me so we headed back to my hometown.
“Why hasn’t she given birth yet? Why?” I anxiously  paced back and forth.

Hai Shui consoled me, “Don’t worry, with mother’s  help, Elder sister Mu Zi will be fine.”

“Wahhhh!!!!” Just when Hai Shui said that, a baby’s cry was heard from the room. I was instantly excited. I tightly hugged Hai Shui and exclaimed, “She has finally given birth!”

Father muttered, “I... I’ve a grandchild.”
What made us curious was that the room door hadn’t opened. Another loud cry from a baby was heard and we were stunned. My father and I looked at each other as we cried out simultaneously, “Twins!”

Finally, the door opened and mother excitedly came out with the wet nurse. “Great news! Great news! Zhang Gong, Mu Zi had given birth to two sons.”

My mind blanked. Two sons…..I had two sons now and I also become a father. I immediately dashed into the room to the bedside where Mu Zi was lying. Mu Zi obviously looked feeble, but her spirit was still great.

“Zhang Gong, we’ve our own children now.”

I emotionally nodded and gripped onto Mu Zi’s small hand as I said, “Thank you. Mu Zi, thank you so much, I’m finally a father.”

Mu Zi tilted her head and asked, “Quickly look  at  our children. Why do I feel that the two brothers aren’t identical?!”

I followed Mu Zi’s glance to the pair of small babies that were lying in separate bundles of clothes. One was obviously well prepared, but the other was just done up at the last minute in a small blanket. From their appearances, the two kids looked identically alike, but they had different auras. I circulated the divine powers in my body to meticulously check their bodies. I was surprised to discover that the two children’s attribute was light and dark respectively.

“Ah! Mu Zi, you’ve given me a pair of light and dark elemental twins!”

The End
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