Child Of Light Volume 11

Volume 11

Chapter 1 – Leaving The Stronghold

Xiao Jin yelled out, while expressing a gaze in hopes  of seeking help. “Master please help me!”

I suppressed my laughter and patted his huge head. “Xiao Jin, my good brother, you’ll have to suffer. I can’t control Mu Zi! I can only wish you the best. That’s right, where are the prince, Big Brother Shan Yun and the rest?”

Xiao Rou replied, while playing with Mu Zi. “They have left. They wanted me to pass a message to you saying that since the situation here had been stabilized, they have headed back to train the troops in preparation to fight with the Monster King and that if you needed help, you can go to the Kingdom of Xiuda to find them. An old man also said that he’ll be leaving his son in your care. It’s that fierce guy.”

The prince was in such a rush! I thought, ‘The reason for the prince to leave in such a hurry must be related to why the Aixia and Dalu suddenly became hostile previously. The prince might also have difficulties due to their last minute changes. It’s also good for him to leave as it’ll be awkward for the people of Xiuda
and Aixia to interact with him here.’

It must naturally be Zhan Hu when Xiao Rou said that the prince had placed him under my care. I smiled. “You’ve to be careful in what you say. If Zhan Hu were to hear you call his father fierce, he won’t let you off easily. Haha! Mu Zi, that should be enough. You guys should also stop bullying Xiao Jin. We should head back now.”

“Alright! That’s great!” Xiao Rou leaped towards me. She had changed into her squirrel-like form when she neared my body, landing agilely on my shoulder. Mu Zi chuckled after she got
down from Xiao Jin’s back as she caressed his enormous head, she said, “Xiao Jin, you won’t get mad at me, right?”

Xiao Jin mouth muscles switched a little before saying, “Of… Of course not. Master, where shall we head to?”

I smiled. “Let’s head back to the Demon-Beast alliance’s camp before returning to the base that you almost destroyed after two days.”

Xiao Jin replied, “Alright, all of you can get onto my back now.”

I embraced Mu Zi’s lovable body before elevating from the ground to land on Xiao Jin’s back. I laughed for a while before saying, “Let’s go, Xiao Jin.” Xiao Jin had brought Mu Zi and I towards the sky by the flapping of his enormous wings and towards the Demon-Beast alliance’s camp.


We stepped on the journey to head back to the base after three days. I realised that nobody among the First Guardian Battalion had died or suffered from severe injuries after checking their condition and numbers. There were only a negligible amount of people that suffered light injuries. It seemed that our First Guardian Battalion’s powers were extraordinary. The Guardian Battalion was entirely made up of Radiant Knights or those that possessed powers nearing the Radiant Knight’s rank, even if
there weren’t many of them.

I didn’t let Ke Lun Duo come along with us this time as Mu Zi and I felt awkward with him following around when we were together.

Since the majority of the group couldn’t sustain flight for a long period of time, we decided to head back to the base by foot. Our advancing speed was still extremely fast even if we were travelling by foot. Our base, at the mountain range that intercepts all three kingdoms, was in view after using just a couple of day’s time.

“Haha! We’re almost home. I wonder what changes will have happened of our home after this few months.” Dong Ri
commended. Everyone’s mood raised as we saw that we were reaching our base as we had come back after succeeding in what we wanted to achieve after all.

Xin Ao smiled. “There’s definitely going to be changes as our base will have differences in almost every ten days. Perhaps, our number of brothers has already reached beyond ten thousand already.”

I frowned. “Even though there are plenty of places for us to set a base among the mountain range, how will the plants and animal resources keep up with our demands if the number of us has increased too much? We’re currently always spending after all. What should we do as the wealth that I carry on me will definitely have its limit.”
Xiu Si nodded. “Zhang Gong makes sense, but since the resources in the mountain is abundant, including the crops we grow, we won’t need to worry about our food supply. However, those necessities that are easily used up must still rely on the three kingdoms to restock them as a solution. There’ll definitely be a day when we use up all the food resources if we just consume them from the mountain in the long run.”

Zhan Hu suggested, “We can just ration them and just endure until the Monster King appears.”

I shook my head. “No! We definitely can’t do that.” I looked at Mu Zi nodded in agreement. She seemed to have the same thoughts as I do. I smiled and said, “Mu Zi, explain it to everyone.” Mu Zi was the Demon’s princess after all. I always felt as though there was an estrangement between her and everyone since their interactions with her weren’t long. Thus, I must make everyone to accept her by her performance as she was also one of us. Actually, Mu Zi, who had been undergoing royal education when she was young, was much better than me
in strategizing.

Mu Zi smiled at me and said, “What Zhang Gong said is right. We really can’t head down that way. We’ll leave the matters of whether our dwindling resources can sustain us until the Monster King appears and whether we can win against the Monster King aside. Has everyone thought about how shall we retire the brothers that have followed us after everything is over?”

Mu Zi words momentarily made everyone to fall into deep thoughts.

Zhan Hu replied, “The people from the God’s village will be easy as we can just let the few elders bring them back to their
village. However, those people that we recruited will be more problematic. We can’t just tell them to disperse after accomplishing our tasks.”

Gao De replied, “What shall we do then? It can’t be that we have to ask for some money from the three human kingdoms to dismiss them? Those people that are relying on us shouldn’t be in it for money, right?”

Xin Ao replied, “We’ll just disband them since it’s not for money.”

Mu Zi shook her head. “No, we can’t do that as we’ll lose the hearts of the people if we were to do that. We must give them the best way out. Big Brother Gao De had also said previously
that those that follow us aren’t always due to money. The majority reason in them following us is due to your God envoy’s identity. I had heard from Zhang Gong regarding the God’s village. Even though our current number of people is a little too much, we can totally establish another God’s village here. Everyone here are experts with strong cultivations. We can even set up a small mercenary team to accomplish easy tasks to earn living expenses.”

Chapter 2 – This Kind Of Base

Mu Zi surveyed the crowd and found that everyone’s gazes were on her. She continued to say, “We just need to set a limit to how many people we will recruit. It won’t be a problem to sustain then. You’ve been living together for such a long time so there definitely will be feelings towards each other. It’ll be the best outcome if everyone could stay together. Of course,  if people want to leave after eliminating the Monster King, we’ll definitely reward them with some money and send them  on their way. We’ll follow my plan for those who want to stay to create a new God’s village. This is just a draft plan  that  I thought up after hearing Zhang Gong’s words. We’ll still need to discuss with everyone on the specifics. I’ve spoken too much and earned everybody’s ridicule.” Mu Zi retreated back to my side after saying that.

Zhan Hu laughed. “Younger brother’s wife, you don’t have to be so courteous and what is there to be ridiculed for? Your plan that you proposed is awesome! I agree with your plans. We’ll discuss this matter with the elders after heading back.”
Xiu Si smiled. “Mu Zi is worthy of being the Demon race’s princess. She’s really good at weighing the pros and the cons. Your plan isn’t bad so I also agree.”

I was secretly happy as I clearly knew that Mu Zi’s talk had shortened the distance between everyone and made it easier for them to interact after this. Her thoughts were much more well rounded than mine. I nodded. “Alright, since nobody has any further opinions, we’ll go with this plan.”

About a dozen of men suddenly appeared before our group, just when we just decided on the future plans for the base. They uniformly bowed. “Greetings to the God’s envoys.”

I smiled. “We’re all brothers. Why are you so courteous then?
How is our base now?”

The dozen of them lifted their bodies from their bowing positions. One of them said, “The base is in good conditions. The patrol team noticed you when you first arrived at the mountain range. The elders have brought a few people to come to receive your return. The matters regarding the God envoys’ display of powers at the Ström Fortress has been spreaded throughout the base. Everyone really admires your power.”

Xiu Si said, “How can we trouble the elders to come receive us? Zhang Gong, let’s quicken our pace.”

I nodded before instructing everyone to quicken our pace. I suddenly thought about something along the way. I asked Xiu
Si, “Big Brother Xiu Si, didn’t you mentioned that you’ll give me a surprise after returning to the base? What is it? You can tell me now, right?”

Xiu Si laughed. “I still can’t tell you now. You’ll know after reaching the base.”

“You’re being mysterious! I also want to know what it is now.” Mu Zi commented while staying by my side.

I raised Sukrad’s staff to summon Xiao Jin, who was flying in the air. “Forget it, I’ll find that out soon.”

We were already reaching the base while we chatted. We just need to get over the mountain before us before the home that I had left for so many days would be in view. A 300 men squadron appeared at that mountain peak at this moment. The leader of that group was the five elders from the God’s village. The crowd that were following behind them shouted, “We welcome the Gods’ envoys and brothers’ return.”

We quickly flew to the mountain. It had been quite sometimes since we last met with the few elders. There was some traces of hardships shown on their faces, but their vigor was still as hale and hearty as they smiled heartily when they looked at us.

“Elders, we’ve returned.”

The great elder said, “Zhang Gong, you’ve done perfectly well this time. Ah! Your face has really…..”

I smiled. “Everything has passed. It seems that you know about our matters extremely detailed!”

The Great elder replied, “Information gathering is crucially important to us. We’ve set up a hundred men squadron to is specialised in gathering the various informations from the continent. Let’s quickly head back to our base.”
When the 500 men following us met up with the crowd, the atmosphere momentarily became lifely. Everyone happily went over the mountain to head back to the base.

I received a shock after looking at the base. This was completely different from the slightly worn down village when I left. It looked just like a city and the surrounding mountains formed the city’s natural walls. The entire city had been segregated into a few districts. There were densely arranged stone houses on the eastern side , an area filled with crops on the western side of the city, a plain land at the south that had a few hundred people in training and the north side of the city that we were currently heading to. There were currently over one thousand people lined up in an orderly formation.

The great elder said, “The houses made from stone  are sturdier and last longer so we’ve changed to it from  the originally wooden houses that were built here. There are now lookout posts located throughout the surrounding mountains. There’ll be 300 men constantly patrolling daily. Everyone takes
turns to either train or to farm. The base already has its conventional way of operation.”

I said emotionally, “Elders, you have really suffered. I didn’t expect that the base has already built its foundation in such a short period of time. I heard from Big Brother Xiu Si that our base is 3000 men stronghold when they left. How many are there now?”

The Great Elder smiled. “There’s still 3000 of us. It won’t be a problem for us to provide for 10,000 people, according to the scale of the base. However, we few elders, have considered that there might be a problem in food shortage if we were to recruit more people, which will affect our fighting strength. Thus, we decided to maintain the number of our forces to be 3000. Our group will become the main forces resisting the Monster King when it appeared.”

Xiu Si and I smiled at each other. “Elder, we’ve thought about the same thing. Haha! Let’s head back to the base. Big Brother Xiu Si said that there’s a surprise for me. I wonder what that surprise will be.”

With complex gazes, the few elders looked simultaneously at Xiu Si. I suddenly got the feeling that I was being schemed against.

We entered the base under the escort of 2000 people. Everything had been arranged in an orderly manner. The five elders had really put in lots of effort into this base!
We had arranged for a banquet at the large plain area of the base to celebrate our success that night. Everyone, excluding those on duty, was having lots of fun. I had explained the plans that Mu Zi had told us earlier in the day to the elders during the banquet and had gotten their approval. Everything had gone back to its smooth path after the ordeal from going to the Demon race.

The banquet was nearing its end. Since everyone’s cultivation wasn’t weak, they still had a clear mind, even after drinking a lot of alcohol. Xiu Si smiled strangely at me before standing up, “Zhang Gong, I’ll give you the surprise now.”

Chapter 3 – God’s Protector Domain

When I surveyed the crowd, I found that everyone, excluding Mu Zi, Zhan Hu and I, seemed to know what Xiu Si was referring to as their gazes uniformly fell on me.

Xiu Si cleared his throat before saying, “We’ve already discussed with the few others when I led the first division Guard Squad to Ström Fortress. We have decided to set a name for our team in order to have a sufficient reason to send troops. The name will be known as the God Protector Domain, which is meant to be guards for the Gods. Our army squadron will officially be changed to God’s Protector Squadron today, since Zhang Gong has returned. Our objective is to help the Gods to eliminate the Monster race to return the world’s peace and harmony.”

Once he finished his piece, everyone instantly cheered.

I asked, stunned, “Big Brother Xiu Si, is that the surprise from you?”

Xiu Si smiled. “Of course it’s not just that. You’ve got to let me finish what I’ve got to say. The five elders will  be  the supervisors of our God’s Protector Squad to guide everyone’s training and to supervise them. They will be forming the law enforcement division. There will be 6 squadrons from the 3000 of us. The first division squadron is comprised of the brothers that I’ve brought with us. The rest of the brothers have been arranged into their respective divisions already. Since our numbers aren’t much, we’ll not be going to assign a low class commander. The six divisions will be specifically led by Big Brother Zhan Hu, Xin Ao, Gao De, Dong Ri, Jian Shan and I.”

After hearing what he said, I couldn’t bear not to ask, “What
will I be doing then?”

Xiu Si sniggered. “You get the surprise. Kingdoms can’t not have a leader and officials can’t lack armies. The one to take our God’s Protector Domain’s leader position will be you. You’ll be in charge of everything.”

I was startled. I knew that he had thought up a conspiracy. It was just as expected. If I were to be the leader, I would be the busiest person in the group. I hastily stood up to reject. However, my objection was already drowned out by the cheers from the few thousand people. Xiu Si smiled at me with a look that meant ‘my crafty plan was successful’, which made me break out a cold sweat.
I hastily turned to the five elders for assistance. “Elders, I don’t think the leader of the group should be me as I’m young so my knowledge is shallow and I lack fame. What do you think?”

The second elder smiled. “Zhang Gong! Don’t decline as we’ve already discussed this matter. Everyone unanimously accepted you as our leader. How can you be not famous? Who in the world still doesn’t know that God’s envoy, Child of Light Zhang Gong Wei, is famous for his fighting prowess? Alright, it’s finalized then.”

Xiu Si went to my side. “How is it? Zhang Gong, my surprise isn’t bad, right?”

I smiled wryly. “How is this a surprise? It just shocked me. Big
Brother Xiu Si, you’ve caused me harm.” I suddenly thought of a plan. I hollered out, using my dantian, “Everyone, please calm down. I’ve got some words to say.” My voice that incorporated my fusion powers surged towards the horizon, instantly suppressing the clamors at the base.

I smiled. “Since everyone agreed that I should take  the leader’s position, I won’t decline. However, I have still got a matter to announce to the crowd.” Upon saying that, my expression became serious, and with a awe-inspiring grandeur, I said, “Everyone shouldn’t be too complacent, even though we were victorious this time. We still don’t know how much power the Monster race truly possesses, so our path is still as arduous as it was. Thus, I hope that you can bring up your spirit to prepare for any difficulties that would occur. I’ve decided to head to the location that the God King had mentioned to me to receive the Radiant God’s inheritance, and gain more power to resist the Monster King. I don’t know how long this trip will take, so I suggest that the base be under the five elder’s guidance during my absence. Since I’m impressed by Big Brother Xiu Si’s intelligence, he would be the interim leader of the team. I’ll probably return when the final battle against the Monster race is about to start.” My words were filled with passion, so it momentarily moved all of the God’s Protectors. Everyone was
constantly shouting out for the downfall of the Monster King.

Upon saying those words, my serious expression eased. Mu Zi whispered, “Zhang Gong, what you said just now was filled with resolution.”

I maintained my current expression and whispered back, “Big Brother Xiu Si wants to harm me? Let’s see what he will do now.” As expected, Xiu Si’s complexion had already paled as he looked at me filled with helplessness.

Everyone went back to rest late at night. Mu Zi and I were standing on a mountain peak beside the base. The trees were gently swaying in the wind, under the moonlight.

“Tomorrow’s weather will be good.” Mu Zi commented.

I intimately embraced her lovable body. “That’s right! It’s cloudless.”

Mu Zi glanced at me. “Zhang Gong, how are you really going to settle Sister Hai Shui’s matter?”

My mood dampened a little when I heard her mention Hai Shui. I had left a letter with Ma Ke to pass it to Hai Shui when we left the Ström Fortress. In the letter, I had told Hai Shui
everything that has happened and told her to forget about me as I’m no longer the Zhang Gong that she had known. I  really didn’t know how to face her with my current look and didn’t want her to see my ghastly appearance for her entirely life! Hai Shui’s deep feelings for me remained as new to me as if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have been able to escape from the city

Mu Zi seemed to know that I was desolated, as she said, “Actually, Sister Hai Shui’s love for you isn’t any lower than mine. She won’t mind your looks. Why did you have to……”

I interrupted Mu Zi. “Do you still remember why I wasn’t willing for you to follow me initially? It’s the same reason for Hai Shui. Even though my feelings for Hai Shui can’t be counted as love, I’m really grateful towards her. How can I harm her with my current looks? Moreover, my heart can’t calm down when the Monster King’s battle isn’t over. Mu Zi, I want you to promise me that if something happens to me during the final battle with the Monster King,…….”

Mu Zi covered my mouth as she fumingly rebuked, “Don’t say such pessimistic words. You are God’s Envoy so how can you be defeated?”

I smiled wryly and shook my head. “It’s hard to say on this matter. You and Hai Shui are both good girls. I wish for your happiness, so if I can’t give you, I want you to find your own happiness. Mu Zi promise me that if that really happen, don’t miss me, ok?” Mi Jia Lie’s words constantly rang in my ears that he wasn’t fully confident that I would be able to accept the Radiant God’s inheritance. With that on my mind, how could I be certain about my future’s fate? I honestly had a lot of things that I couldn’t bear to part with, but I must follow through with my responsibilites for the world’s peace and harmony.

Chapter 4 – Drifting Away

Tears flowed down from Mu Zi’s face. She embraced  me tightly and said, choked with tears, “No, nothing can happen to you. Only you can give me happiness. I’ll definitely live a bitter and lonely life without you. Zhang Gong, you must stay safe for me.”

I kissed gently on her forehead. Mu Zi’s unfathomably deep feelings for me greatly shook my heart.

“Mu Zi, please stop crying. I’ll definitely do my best. We’ll naturally settle the situation with Hai Shui. If we are destined to be together, then nothing will break us apart. I can’t currently give her any false hope, but if she is willing to give me a chance after eliminating the Monster race, I’ll definitely pursue her. I’ll bring you both to roam across the continent then, alright?”

Mu Zi didn’t say anything and just silently leaned  on  my chest. My spirit roused after a gentle breeze blew past. The most important thing that I needed to do now was to quickly receive the Radiant God’s inheritance. That way, I  would  have sufficient power to protect my loved ones. ‘God King! The mission that you left me really is too heavy.’

Not only had I spent the following days accompanying the five elders in training the God’s Protector Squad, I also spent most of the time with Mu Zi and our friends. It had been a long time since I felt this free and unfettered. I didn’t know what would happen when I received the Radiant God’s inheritance, but at that time, I was happy. We had almost wandered around the entire mountain range. I didn’t mention anything about the Radiant God’s inheritance to anyone during this past month as I didn’t want them to worry about me, especially Mu Zi. She was really happy these few days and I love seeing her  happy.  My ugly appearance was still my weak point, so I didn’t dare to stand by the river nor look into a mirror.

Forty-six days passed by quickly. I knew that time restraints would no longer allow me to continue having fun. I must do what needed to be done and follow through with my responsibilities.

The sky was still pitch black when I sat on my bed. I had lit up the room with my light illumination spell. I hadn’t slept much this night since I had to leave. I specifically stayed by Mu Zi’s side yesterday night. It had been such a long time since I had written Mu Zi a love letter. Since I was leaving, I would write a letter for her.

I took out my paper and pen from the space pocket. It took me a long time to focus as I really didn’t want to go! The sky was getting brighter when I looked out the window, to see if dawn was arriving. If I continued to dally, I would have to see the
reluctance on everyone’s faces when I leave and I didn’t want their reluctance to influence my indecisive heart. I clenched my teeth and taking out my pen to quickly write a short letter.

I placed the letter under the lamp on the table after folding it. I sighed before tossing all of my personal items into my space pocket. I didn’t plan to bring Xiao Jin along this time. If the Monster race were to commence their attack on the various races while I was still receiving the Radiant God’s Inheritance, Xiao Jin could substitute for me to help the group.

I carefully withdrew my body’s aura as I snuck out of the room with Sukrad’s staff in hand.

The security of the God’s Protector Domain was very tight. If I
were to just fly out, I would definitely be caught by  the patrolling soldiers, so I didn’t do that. I stealthily climbed up a hill and used my sensitive elemental power to  successfully dodge two patrolling squadrons of soldiers. I finally left the God’s  Protector  Domain’s  perimeters.  ‘I’m  so  pitiful  as  the
leader of the Domain, here I am sneaking out like a thief in the night. This feeling is really embarrassing! I really have to go my friends, I apologise for this.’ I clenched my teeth as I activated
the fusion powers in my body to fly out of the mountain range, staying close to the ground.


The God’s Protector Domain awoke as per usual in the morning. The soldiers responsible in farming  had  already gotten up and were busy tending the fields. The weather today was sunny and clear. It gave a refreshing feeling to everyone when the sunlight shone onto the ground. The morning temperatures in the mountains was a little low, but it was nothing to the members of the God’s Protector Domain.

Mu Zi walked out from her room, yawning. She had chatted with Zhang Gong late into the night yesterday. Recently, she kept feeling that Zhang Gong was a little down, even though he was often by her side. Thus, Mu Zi would spend every possible moment by his side to chat with him.

Knock! Knock! Knock! Mu Zi knocked on Zhang Gong’s door. “Zhang Gong, it’s me. Have you woken up? The sun has already risen.” After getting no response for a long while, since she was already used to Zhang Gong’s sleeping habits, Mu Zi said sharply, “You just know how to sleep all day. If you still don’t get up, I’ll use my water spell to freeze you.” Zhang Gong had told Mu Zi how his mother had woken him up before, which had now been learned and applied by Mu Zi, creating the best alarm clock.
Zhang Gong would definitely run to get the door after hearing that Mu Zi was going to use water magic. Mu Zi’s magic power was different from his mother’s, as she was approaching the Magister level. There was one time where Zhang Gong slept too deeply and didn’t hear Mu Zi’s calls. He was literally flushed out from the room by her spell. But today was a little strange as she still didn’t hear Zhang Gong’s voice.

Mu Zi had a bad premonition, so she didn’t use her water spell straightaway. She just violently pushed through the door. After seeing that the room was empty on entering, Mu Zi was stunned for a while before her gaze landed on the letter that Zhang Gong had left behind.

Mu Zi already knew what had happened. Her eye rims involuntarily reddened as she reached for the letter with shaky hands and picked it up. Upon opening it and reading it…
Author’s note from over 10 years ago:

“Thank you everyone for supporting me. There are many friends that commented that the pace of the book is a little slow. I’ll take notice of that and quicken the pace a little. Child of Light is my first book, after all so there will definitely be some mistakes; I wish for everyone’s forgiveness. Some of my friends asked me if the quality of the book would drop if I were to simultaneously write up this novel and Mad God (Kuang Shen). I can definitely give a reply that the quality won’t fall as I’m not writing the two books at the same time. I hope that everyone will continue supporting me. Thank you.-TJSS”

Chapter 5 – Hai Shui Arrives

“Mu Zi, when you see this letter, I will already be far from the base. You should understand why I’m heading out. I must go to protect the world’s peace and harmony. I’m sorry for leaving without telling you. I know that you will be hurt after learning of my departure. However, I want to tell you that no matter where I am, you’ll be following me in my heart. I love you, Mu Zi. I really do. Please take care of yourself. I must obtain the Radiant God’s inheritance for everyone, you, and the world. I want you to help everyone resist the Monster race when they appear. We should be able to hold for a while with the strength of our God’s Protector Squad. Please help me tell Big Brother Xiu Si that he will be in charge of everything at the base. I also didn’t take Xiao Jin along with me to receive the inheritance as it will be better for him to stay here to increase our strength. Mu Zi, I’ve already started to miss you, even when I haven’t left yet. Please take care, my love. Inscribed by, Zhang Gong Wei.”

Mu Zi’s tears fell, dampening the letter. She said, dazed, “Zhang Gong, you’re so silly! Why didn’t you tell me that you had to go?” She just sat there in a daze feeling the loss from Zhang Gong’s departure.

“Hey, Mu Zi, where’s Zhang Gong?” A familiar voice came over.

Mu Zi momentarily got out from her shock and turned to see that it was Zhan Hu.

When Zhan Hu saw Mu Zi’s tear stained face, he frowned and asked, “What happened? Mu Zi, did Zhang Gong bully you? Tell me if he did. I’ll help you in punishing him.”

Mu Zi  shook  her  head  with  all  her  might  and  her  tears
involuntarily flowed again. “Big Brother Zhan Hu, Zhang Gong…he left.”

Zhan Hu was so startled that he cried out, “What? He left?
Where did he go?”

Mu Zi suppressed her emotions and replied, “He has gone to accept the Radiant God’s inheritance. Have a look at this.” Upon saying that, she passed the letter in her hand to Zhan Hu.

After Zhan Hu read through the letter in detail, he fumed. “That brat, how can he just leave without a word. I won’t forgive him when he gets back.”

Mu Zi said, “Big Brother Zhan Hu, please don’t blame him. I understand his intentions . He did it as he feared everyone would be extremely worried about him when he left. Moreover, he is already gone so it’s too late to say anything now.”

Zhan Hu scratched his head. “We also don’t know when he will return. Sigh…he really is….. Forget it, let’s not talk about this. I’ve come to find him as a pretty girl is outside and looking for him. We’ve caught her, she’s a mage. Her power isn’t bad, her name is something like Hai…Hai….”

Mu Zi exclaimed, “Hai Shui?!”
Zhan Hu replied, “Yes! Yes! She’s called Hai Shui. Do you know her?”

Mu Zi nodded. “Big Brother Zhan Hu, I’ll go with you to see her.” Mu Zi and Zhan Hu dashed out from Zhang Gong’s room after she said that. They crossed the hillside of the God’s Protector Domain to the watch post manned by a few soldiers.

Mu Zi had recognised Hai Shui’s blue mage robes from afar. Even though Hai Shui was still beautiful, there were still a lot of changes. Her small face was completely white devoid of blood. The robe on her body was tattered. Her face was a picture of exhaustion as she anxiously waited. She seemed to have suffered greatly on her journey!
Mu Zi floated over. “Hai Shui!”

Hai Shui’s eyes lit up and quickly jumped towards Mu Zi after recognising her. “Sister Mu Zi, I’ve finally found you guys. The search was so tough!”

Mu Zi embraced Hai Shui’s body and caressed her hair. She consoled her, “Don’t cry, Hai Shui. Why have you come?”

Hai Shui used her sleeves to wipe away her tears . “Ma Ke had told me about Zhang Gong’s news when he returned to the city. I was almost angered to death by Zhang Gong when I read his letter. What did Big Brother Zhang Gong think I am? Could it be that my heart will change once his appearance changed? I already swore long ago that he will be the perfect Big Brother
Zhang Gong in my heart, no matter what changes have occurred. I immediately heard from Ma Ke that Big Brother Zhang Gong will be in this mountain range so I hurried over after reading the letter.”

Mu Zi’s body shuddered as she could understand the deep longing that filled Hai Shui’s eyes very well. A girl had suddenly left her homeland to run to such a remote location for Zhang Gong. ‘Zhang Gong! Zhang Gong! It really looks like Hai Shui’s feelings aren’t inferior to mine.’

“Sister Hai Shui, did you inform your family when you left?”

Hai Shui’s lovely face reddened before she whispered, “I…I snuck out. Your place is really hard to find. It took me two days
to enter this mountain range. I finally found this place after much difficulty, but they hindered me.” Upon saying that, Hai Shui glared fiercely at the guards at the watch post.

Mu Zi smiled. “Don’t blame them as they are just doing their job. Sister, you’ve really suffered. Let’s head back to my room to rest for a while.”

Hai Shui hesitated for a while before looking at Mu Zi’s back. She stuttered, “Big Sister Mu Zi, where’s Big Brother Zhang Gong? Why didn’t he come to receive me? Could it be…Could it be that he doesn’t want to meet me?” Upon saying that, Hai Shui’s eye rims reddened again.

Mu Zi  smiled  wryly.  “How  can  that  be?  If  he  knew  you’d
came, he would definitely be the first one to  greet  you. However, he just left. Take a look at this.” Mu Zi passed over the letter in her hand.

Hai Shui was stunned after reading the letter’s contents and said in a daze, “I never expected that I would have just missed him after travelling so far.” Hai Shui’s body slumped and fell towards the ground. Mu Zi hastily supported her body.

Zhan Hu jumped in shock. “What’s happened to her? What’s going on?”

Mu Zi checked on Hai Shui’s condition in detail. She finally let out a breath after a long while. “Sister Hai Shui  has  always loved Zhang Gong. You should ask your good brother about the
details in the future. There’s nothing wrong with Sister  Hai Shui. She has just collapsed from the accumulated exhaustion, the cold and being overcome with grief. Big Brother Zhan Hu, let’s head back to the base. She’ll get better after resting for a while.”

Mu Zi sighed inwardly as she carried Hai Shui. ‘Zhang Gong!
Zhang Gong! You really picked a good time to leave!’

Chapter 6 – Refused Entry To The City

‘I don’t know why I suddenly sneezed. It may just be Mu Zi missing me.’

After leaving the God’s Protector Domain, I had already left the mountain range and travelled for a few hours. My current goal was to head back to Ström Fortress. I was the only one who knew the exact position of the Radiant God’s inheritance so I wasn’t worried about them catching up with me.

The sun was high and the sky was cloudless, so I chose to fly, in order to find the God Rended Canyon after leaving the God’s Protector Domain. Since I left, I wanted to get the Radiant God’s inheritance as soon as possible so I could return sooner. I initially thought of using a long distance teleportation spell as it guaranteed reaching the target and became more accurate as my power increased. However, after thinking about it for a while, I ditched that plan. If I were to fail, who knows where I would end up? It might backfire and take longer for me to get to the
fortress instead. Even though my flying speed  wasn’t comparable to the magic array teleportation spell, my speed was still considerably fast.

The God King had once mentioned that the God Rended Canyon was at the western side of the border between the Humans and the Demons, which would mean the front portion of Ström Fortress. I would just need to search to the west to find God Rended Canyon.

I had sustained flight for an entire day. The sun passed over me as the world turned, towards the west, the sun began to set causing the sky to gradually darken. The consumption of power in my body during the long flight was extreme. In addition, I hadn’t eaten all day so it was difficult for my body to endure the journey, even when using my fusion power. Weakness and exhaustion constantly sapped my body’s strength.

As I was getting a tired, I suddenly saw a piece of land in front of me that was brightly lit. I activated the fusion powers in my eyes. It was a city. The Kingdom of Dalu was the  closest kingdom to Ström Fortress, so this should be Dalu. Since I was tired, I decided to rest up in the city ahead. Thinking about that, I took out the wrapped Sukrad’s staff from my space pocket and a brand new white mage’s robe. I descended carefully after donning the robe and used a short-distance teleportation spell to enter the forest beside the entrance.

After checking that no one was around, I pulled down the hood of the mage’s robe and walked towards the city with my head lowered.

I was nearing the city entrance quickly, but I heard someone shout, “The entrance is closing! The entrance is closing!”

I was stunned before lifting my head to look at the entrance. I saw that a couple of guards were currently pushing the door outwards from both sides of the inner door, resulting to the door closing. I raised my head and saw three characters on the top of the doors, Myriad Sugars City. I couldn’t be that unlucky, right? If I knew this sooner, I would have  just  directly teleported into the city.

“Wait! Wait for a moment! Officers, please let me  enter.” Upon saying that, I walked towards the city.

“Stop! Didn’t you see that we’re already closing the entrance?
A soldier stopped me as he sized me up.
I hastily said, “Officers, I’ve come from afar and really am too exhausted to move any further. Please let me in.”

That officer glared at me. “We have a rule here that nobody can enter after the curfew. Even if it’s the Emperor, we also won’t allow his entry. Go! Go! Go! Go away! If you really want to enter the city, you just have to wait for the next morning.”

I frowned as I was getting annoyed so my tone also got heavier. “You, the Kingdom of Dalu, also known as the Peaceful Kingdom are so unreasonable!”

That soldier that seemed to be in a hurry to enter fumed after hearing my words. “We’re just doing our job. What is so unreasonable about that? Leave quickly ! We’re closing the
door.” Upon saying that, he extended his hand to  push  me away. I didn’t want to bicker with such a person so I moved to the side in a flash dodging his hand before turning around to head back. If they didn’t allow me to enter, I just had to go over the walls.

Just when I turned around, I heard a distinct sound of horses galloping. I saw that they were a good breed from the speed they were travelling. Their goal was to the Myriad Sugars City. I thought about that and used a short teleportation to the side, in order to get out of the way.

The galloping of the horses became clearer after a while. A few dozen cavalrymen were galloping over. I focused my gaze on them. The leader had an imposing appearance and his height was similar to mine. His build was much sturdier than mine and he wore silver armour. He was fairly good looking with  a straight nose and square jaw. His age was similar to mine. He showed an anxious expression and constantly urged his warhorse forward, carrying a silver spear hanging diagonally
across his back. The valiant people following him should be his subordinates.

They galloped past me like lightning, heading to the city entrance. However, the city’s door had closed already.

The silver armoured youth’s riding technique was good. After seeing the entrance shut, he violently pulled on the reins of the horse causing it to rear at the sudden stop. The youth reined up his mount cavalrymen following him also stopped.

“Open the door!” The youth shouted.

The soldier at the city top looked down and shouted, “Who comes?”

The youth impatiently shouted, “I’m Marshall Feng Hao’s vice-captain. I have official business. Open the door!”

I thought, ‘So, he’s the subordinate of Marshall Feng Hao. I haven’t met him before. It seems that there are plenty  of talented individuals in the Kingdom of Dalu!’

The people at the head of the city shouted, “Please wait a moment.”

The door opened in a short moment and a small squad of cavalry rode over. The leader of the team, wearing a high- ranking military officer attire, told that silver-armoured youth, “Please show me your pass.”

The silver-armoured youth took out something and passed it over. When the leader saw it, he immediately said respectfully. “So it is Lord Ke Er Lan Di. Please quickly enter.”

This was so unfair. They didn’t allow me to enter the city, but once that person showed his pass, they allowed him entry. I, having a competitive spirit, used the time as the cavalry entered the city to teleport to the back of their team, then another teleportation to be the first into the city.

Chapter 7 – Whispers

That youth known as Ke Er lan Di felt something  and surveyed his surroundings. I didn’t want to find trouble so I used a few short teleportations to enter the city. I didn’t care about them as I wanted to rest. After finding an inn to rest up at and get some food, I lay down on a large comfortable bed and fell into an extremely sound sleep. It was already difficult for me, a lazy person, to rush for an entire day. I wanted to rest up now and some more tomorrow to recover my energy. My skills in meditating by sleeping had been trained for more than a day or two already. My body relaxed after laying down on the bed. I circulated my fusion powers and constantly absorbed the light elements in my surroundings. I rapidly entered a dream state when my body was warm and comfortable.

I stretched lazily getting out of bed the next morning. Not only had the powers in my body recovered after sleeping, but I felt exceptionally comfortable. I put the hood on to cover up my ugly face as I went to the lounge of the inn to eat in solitude.
The inn’s business was scarce as there were only a few tables filled with patrons.

I suddenly heard someone from behind me whispering while I ate. They seemed to be a couple from their voices.

The guy said, “Lan Lan, I heard that when our kingdom’s Marshall Feng Hao returned to the city, he asked His Majesty to resign from his position. Marshall Feng Hao has been working hard for all these years, even if he doesn’t have many contributions. Moreover, he’s the one who knows the  most about the frontline. His resignation is such a shame.”

The girl sounded very gentle. She seemed to be a gentle and tender girl as she said, “En! I feel that Marshall Feng Hao has
been treated unjustly. Actually, the one that suddenly changed his stance must be His Majesty, while Marshall Feng Hao became the scapegoat. I also heard that the Emperor of the Kingdom of Aixia has already abdicated his claim to the throne due to this matter.”

The guy replied, “Who told them to offend God’s Envoys? The negotiation with the Demon-Beast alliance is really a good thing because we can avoid loss of lives. However, I just feel that those God’s Envoys aren’t any good. They constantly say that the Monster race is emerging and made the various kingdoms to prepare to resist them. It’s still unknown whether it’s true or not. Anyway, I’ve never heard about the Monster race. It might just be something thee God’s Envoys fabricated to scare us.”

The girl said, “That’s enough, you shouldn’t continue to comment on them. Currently, there’s a lot of God’s Envoy believers. If they were to hear what you said, they would fight you with all their might. I’ve heard from the rumours that the leader of the God’s Envoys is an extremely ugly mage. He’s
originally from the Kingdom of Aixia, but he was arrested for some various reasons. He suddenly disappeared after that. He became God’s Envoy after reappearing.”

I inwardly smiled wryly after hearing their conversation. It seemed that the people thoughts on the current situation were quite hopeful. I didn’t mind their words as once the Monster race appeared, more carnage will occur. Shedding blood would be a wake up call for any non-believing humans.

My good appetite vanished as I shook my head after listening. Humans would definitely not trust me just from my words. I also couldn’t stand in the streets warning people, telling everybody that I know how scary the Monster King is. If I were to do that, I would probably be arrested for being a mad man.
I walked out of the inn with a slightly melancholic after settling the bill. The weather today wasn’t good. It was drizzling and was filled with dark clouds. I took in a mouthful of cold air while I walked in the rain. What should I do now? I had put in so much effort, but currently, there were still people that didn’t understand my hard work. Even though the words  of  two people didn’t mean that everyone thought that  way,  there would definitely be a group of them that would think that way too. Could it really be that they would only understand after people died? A feeling of depression filled my heart. I felt so helpless this time.

“What are you thinking about brother?” A  clear  voice sounded from my side. I didn’t need to see that I was the one he was talking to as I could feel his gaze on my back. I said calmly, “Are you talking to me? I don’t think we know each other.” I knew that person’s power was near the Radiant Knight’s rank, judging from the aura I felt from that person.

“Perhaps, but with brother’s profound magic, it’s really a pity
not to join the army.”

I was startled as I turned around and looked at that person. Ah! He was unexpectedly the one that was leading the cavalry into the city yesterday, Commander Ke Er Lan Di. He was still wearing a silver armor and had a long sword at his  waist, looking at me with interest.

I lowered my voice. “How did you know my magic is profound?”

Ke Er Lan Di replied, “You told me yourself!”

I replied, stunned, “Me?”

Ke Er Lan Di nodded. “I’ve never seen a mage like you before. You can just stand in the rain and not get wet without chanting. Anyone that sees what is happening now will jump in shock. You should be at least at a Magic Scholar’s level from my judgement.”

I looked upwards after hearing what he said. As expected, the rain that would have landed on me automatically moved three inches away, leaving me completely dry. However, he  was wrong to think that I was a Magic Scholar, currently my magic power might be beyond that of the continent’s first Magister, Teacher Zhen.

Ke Er Lan Di replied, “If brother doesn’t want to shock the bystanders, you should come over here.” Upon saying that, he pointed to his side. He was standing at the entrance of the inn that I just left. The downpour from the inn’s roof was like a barrier separating us.

I looked in my surroundings. There weren’t many people around due to the rain, for now no one would pay attention to me. I didn’t know what purpose Ke Er Lan Di had, but still walked over to him. I asked indifferently, “May I ask what you wished to discuss?”

Ke Er Lan Di looked unflustered with a faint smile on his face. “I just saw that brother was standing in the  streets despondently, so I thought that you might have some matters that aren’t going too well for you. I don’t know what’s wrong,
but maybe I can help?”

Chapter 8 – To Invite Great Kindness

He wanted to help me? It couldn’t be that simple. I became wary towards him. “I don’t need any help as nobody can help me with my affairs.”

Ke Er Lan Di replied, “With brother’s profound magic cultivation, if it is just this small city, it’ll definitely devalue your abilities. I’m Ke Er Lan Di. I’m currently in charge of a lot of duties in the army. If you’re willing, I can guarantee that you’ll be able to join the army. We can work side by side and become famous.”

I was stunned and felt that this situation was exceptionally funny. I never thought that he would  unexpectedly  try  to recruit me to join the army. Seeing that Ke Er Lan Di didn’t have any ill intentions, I relaxed and smiled, “You want me to join the army? What position will you be giving me?”

A trace of happiness showed in Ke Er Lan Di’s eyes. “I’m the vice-captain for Lord Feng Hao. You should know him, right?”

I nodded. “Of course, he’s the great Marshall of the Kingdom of Dalu.”

Ke Er Lan Di replied dejectedly, “He originally was, but currently due to some changes in Ström Fortress, he has already resigned from his Marshall position, was demoted and tasked to command the second defensive line.”
I smiled. “There’ll surely be a day that Marshall Feng Hao will regain his prestige.” I didn’t say that to be courteous, but Feng Hao resigned to shoulder the responsibilities of the Kingdom of Dalu. I believed that the kingdom would think of a way to recover his position in a short while.

Ke Er Lan Di replied, “Let’s hope that is the case. However, even if the Lord has been dispatched to the second front, his words should still carry weight due to his position serving the Kingdom for so many years. Currently, what the army lacks is mages, especially high leveled mages. If you were to join the army, I’ll definitely make you my aide. We’ll attack without restraint when fighting against our enemies.”

The Vice-Captain’s aide? That position couldn’t be low. It seemed that Ke Er Lan Di really needed mages like a man needed water in a desert. I said calmly, “Lord Ke Er Lan Di, we just met each other today. How can you be so certain about my personality? Can it be that you wouldn’t mind a person with bad character to be by your side?”

Ke Er Lan Di smiled. “Since you said that, it proves that you’re not that kind of person. Let’s go! I’ll treat you for a drink. We can continue to chat while we drink.”

I nodded and followed him back to the inn. Ke Er Lan Di ordered some food and an expensive wine, which was grown in the Kingdom of Dalu. He personally topped up the wine in a emerald green cup. “Please try some. You should be from the Kingdom of Aixia, judging from your accent. You mustn’t have tried the best wines from here. Please give it a taste. It’s definitely unique.”

He really was an observant person, as he noticed the finest details. I raised the wine cup. The fragrance from the red tinged wine in the emerald cup made me relax. “Good wine!” I took a sip and the slightly sour and bitter wine flowed down my
throat. Initially, I frowned, but as the wine entered my throat, it suddenly became sweet. A sweet feeling arose from my heart. My body was warmed from the inside, the pores from my body opened up, making me instantly feel exceptionally at ease. I couldn’t help but praise it again, “Good wine!”

Ke Er Lan Di also drank. “Although this wine isn’t top-grade, it’s not bad. I never got the chance to see your appearance. Can I……”

I shook my head. “My appearance has been ruined during my youth. It’s best that you don’t see. I’m afraid that I’ll frighten you.”

Ke Er Lan Di replied, stunned, “Why would I be? I don’t judge
from people’s appearance.”

I didn’t want to let him see as I didn’t want him to recognize my identity. Even if he was the Vice-Captain of Marshall Feng Hao, he might have seen me at Ström Fortress. I interrupted, “What is the general up to?”

Ke Er Lan Di said, “I plan to station the troops of Ström Fortress in preparation to wait for the new Marshall. I was previously ordered by Marshall Feng Hao to return to the city here to gather some rations so I missed the good show. I heard that when the three Human kingdoms and the Demon-Beast alliance were preparing to reconcile, Emperor Ke Zha from the Kingdom of Aixia suddenly changed his mind and wanted to attack the Demon-Beast alliance troops. His move instantly upset a few of the God’s Envoys. They created a one kilometer chasm on the flat plain in front of the fort by using some unknown power. That scene must have been astonishing. It’s a pity that I didn’t get to see that.” He expressed regret for not being able to see that. After a while, he continued to say,
“Brother, your age shouldn’t be too old, judging from your voice. How about joining the army?”

I shook my head. “I temporarily haven’t considered joining the army. My objective now is to go to Ström Fortress to have a look, which is to say I want to admire the chasm that you spoke of.”

Ke Er Lan Di frowned when I rejected the offer to join their army, but after hearing that I was heading to the  Ström Fortress, he immediately said, “Let’s head there together then. Moreover, the distance to Ström Fortress from here isn’t too far. We’ll be able to reach it in a few days on horse back.”

Seeing his sincere appearance, I didn’t want to reject him. But
if I were to fly with all my strength, I would be able to reach the Ström Fortress in a day. I wondered if I should agree.

Ke Er Lan Di saw me hesitating so he quickly added. “If you come with us, you’ll definitely decrease your troubles. You should know that the Ström Fortress is undergoing repair so ordinary people can’t enter. With my pass, if you come with us, entering the city will be much easier.”

His words didn’t have much effect as my goal wasn’t to be inside the Ström Fortress and I could just fly there. Forget it, since it wouldn’t take up much time, I would just go and travel with him by horse. I had always been riding Xiao Jin in the sky. I hadn’t ridden a horse since I was young. It would be good to give it a try.
“Alright, I’ll have to trouble you then.”

Chapter 9 – Leaving On A Journey

Ke Er Lan Di laughed. “What are you saying? It’s my luck to be able to invite you, a profound mage, to accompany us on this trip. It’s settled then. You just have to wait for me here. I’ll go and pack up now. After a while, I’ll come and get you.” Upon saying that, he downed the rest of his glass and turned around to head out.

It seemed that I didn’t need to depend on my identity to be liked by others. I would just let him gather his troops. This wine was really not bad. Since he wasn’t going to finish it, I thought I should help him. I grabbed onto the bottle  and unceremoniously drank from it. Since I wasn’t in a good mood previously, I hadn’t had my fill. The few dishes that Ke Er Lan Di ordered were the most expensive dishes on the menu here. I could just have another meal. Mu Zi and I had stomachs that were bottomless pits so I could continue to eat, these few dishes were nothing to me. I ate the majority of the delicacies on the table like a gale had passed through. That fellow Ke Er Lan Di had left in such a hurry so he didn’t pay the bill yet. Could it be that I would have to pay for it? It seemed that I could only wait for his return. I prayed for his return as I really didn’t bring much money due to leaving in a hurry. The overall cost of all
the wine and food shouldn’t be low. The taste  of  the  wine wasn’t bad, but the cup wasn’t ideal. I heard from Teacher Di that when drinking wine, it depends on the cup. Even though it was only jade cups this time, I could accept it.

Fortunately, I clearly heard a horse’s hooves after a short while. It should be a dozen of Ke Er Lan Di’s cavalrymen.”

As expected, my judgement was right. The horse’s hooves stopped at the entrance of the inn. Ke Er Lan Di excitedly came back.

“Brother, we can head out now. Oh! That’s right, I haven’t asked for your name.”

I was stunned as I couldn’t tell him the truth. “My Lord, you don’t need to be so courteous. You can just call me Eighteen, as that’s what my friends call me.” I suddenly reminisced the time I had spent chopping firewood at the Demon Race’s Royal Palace.

Ke Er Lan Di didn’t ask any further. “Brother Eighteen, let’s head out now.”

I looked at the remaining food and empty red bottle of wine on the table. I smiled wryly. “Lord Ke Er, you had said that you’ll be going to treat this meal.” I already couldn’t care about my face at such a moment.
Ke Er Lan Di replied in a daze, stunned, “Yes, that’s right. My apologies that I’ve forgotten about it. Boss, settle the bills.”

After seeing that Ke Er Lan Di paid for the bills, I heaved a sigh of relief. This could be counted that I owed him a favour. I grabbed onto the cloth covered Sukrad’s staff and followed him out the inn. His subordinates were waiting there radiating valiance. There were two riderless horses, one  of  them should be Ke Er Lan Di’s and the other should be prepared for me.

“Eighteen, please, this is your mount.” Ke Er Lan Di politely pulled a white, tall and large horse in front of me. His subordinates looked at me with curious gazes. The drizzle outside had already stopped, but the sky was still gloomy. It seemed that it had been a long time since I rode a horse. I didn’t know if this horse would treat me well.
Ke Er Lan Di seemed to know what I was thinking about as he smiled and said, “Rest assured, Eighteen. I know that you’re a mage so I picked a relatively good natured horse. Do you need my help to get on the horse?”

I shook my head, when I was at the Kingdom of Xiuda, I had received Teacher Wen’s hellish training. My physique was still alright. I grabbed on the saddle and stirrup to sit on the horse. The horse was good-natured, like Ke Er Lan Di had said. There wasn’t any resistance when I sat on his back. I let out a sigh and began to enjoy the feeling of riding the horse. It really felt as though I was looking down on the land when I sat on the tall horse.

Ke Er Lan Di smiled. “Brother Eighteen, I’ll give you an introduction. These are my brothers. They have a cavalry title at the very least.”

When I surveyed the group of cavalry, there were 18 of them, excluding Ke Er Lan Di. All of them looked cold and collected with a stern expression. Their emotions were hidden. Their cultivation weren’t weak from the aura emitting from their bodies. They were near Sky Knight rank. It seemed that Ke Er Lan Di wasn’t simple since his subordinates were all experts. I nodded towards the crowd. “It’s nice to meet all of you. I’m Eighteen. Please take care of me.”

Ke Er Lan Di said, “Alright, let’s get on our way.” Upon saying that, he turned the horse around to head out of the city. I hastily followed his actions to moving the horse into action. It was a pity that it didn’t really listen to me. It did move, but his speed was very slow. Luckily, Ke Er Kan Di and the rest didn’t move too fast. After adjusting for a while, when we left the city, I was able to put up with it forcefully due to my talent.
Ke Er Lan Di and I were riding at the front of the column. He often told me interesting things that happened in the army. It looked like this fellow was extremely well known in  the Kingdom of Dalu. He joined the army when he was fourteen and slowly accumulated his contributions to reach his current position. There wasn’t anything to do with luck in getting his position. He was currently 26, so he was much older than me. But there weren’t any traces of time’s baptism visible on his face.

“Brother Eighteen, I don’t know which magic  do  you practice.”

I answered, “I learn light magic and studied at the Senke Magic Academy.” Senke Magic Academy was the biggest academy in the Senke City, which was beside my home. It was definitely well known in the Kingdom of Aixia, but it still wasn’t comparable to the Royal Magic Academy.

Ke Er Lan Di didn’t doubt my words. “Can I ask what’s your current level and realm that you have reached in magic?”

I shook my head. “I’m not too sure. It should be at the Magic Scholar’s realm that you said.”

Ke Er Lan Di nodded. “Is light magic hard to learn? I heard that the elemental light magic doesn’t have much offensive power.”

After hearing what he  said, I  couldn’t help  thinking the
reason why I chose to learn light magic. The me from before would never expect that I would reach such a progress in magic today. Sigh! Perhaps, it was destined.

Chapter 10 – Sinister Clouds In The Dark Of Night

“Brother Eighteen, what’s wrong?”

“Ah!” I got caught up in my memories. “Nothing much, I was just thinking about when I first started to learn magic. You’re right that at the beginning, light magic doesn’t have any offensive power, but it gets better once you reach the intermediate level.”

Ke Er Lan Di said, “Nobody cared about light magic before, but it’s different now. Everyone is fighting to learn it. Those that haven’t laid their foundations in magic have gone to learn light magic.”
I asked, stunned, “Why? It’s really very hard  to  train  to higher realms in light magic. Its improvement speed is much lower than fire magic.”

Ke Er Lan Di sighed. “Talking about this, you need to know about the God’s Envoy. You know who the God’s Envoys are, right? It’s that fellow that succeeded in getting  our  three Human kingdoms, Demons, and Beasts to reconcile. I heard that he was initially from your Kingdom of Aixia. His light magic is extremely incredible. It’s said that he’s already beyond the Magister’s realm and is just a step away from the realm of Grand Magister. Currently, everyone from the Kingdom of Aixia treats him as their pride.”

There was such a thing? Why didn’t I know that? I felt very comfortable hearing him praise me. “That’s what I heard from the rumours, but how powerful is he truly, I want to seek for his guidance if a chance arises.”

Ke Er Lan Di laughed. “Alright, let’s increase our pace. If not, we’ll miss our resting point tonight.” Upon saying that, he spurred his horse forward. I could only follow him and grit my teeth.

Riding a horse wasn’t fun. My entire body was extremely sore after half a day of riding. I was lucky that my physique wasn’t bad and managed to endure it. The sky darkened. Due to accommodating me, we hadn’t reached the next city.

Ke Er Lan Di pointed to the forest by the roadside. “Let’s rest here tonight and continue tomorrow.”
His subordinate said, “Lord, if we don’t catch up some time, we won’t be able to reach the fort at the appointed time. What do you think?”

Ke Er Lan Di waved his hand. “It’s not something important. It’s alright to be late a few nights. I’m also a little tired. Let’s rest here today. We’ll just wake up earlier tomorrow to head out.”

My heart warmed after hearing his words. ‘He was really thoughtful. Ke Er Lan Di was a really good guy, worth befriending and even if it was to recruit me.’ I silently led my horse to follow the troops into the forest. After tying the horse, a few cavalrymen cleared some space. Some started to light a fire, and some began to bring out their bedrolls that they carried and placed them on the floor. Everything was in order, it could
be seen that they were all well trained.

Everyone crowded around the fire and ate their rations. The sky had completely darkened. Ke Er Lan Di really knew how to enjoy himself, as even though it was only rations, they were still good food and wine. It was the same kind of wine that we drank at the inn.

“Ever since I joined the army, I always liked this wine. First it’s bitter, but the sweet aftertaste moves me.” Ke Er Lun Di said that, slightly intoxicated.

I took the wine in his hand and drank a big mouthful of it. “Can soldiers drink wine? I remembered that the armies from the three kingdoms are restricted from drinking.”
Ke Er Lan Di laughed. “I know this better than you do. However, this type of wine doesn’t have much impact,  and aren’t I secretly drinking it now? My brother subordinates were influenced by me and love this wine as well, so  they  won’t report me.” He grabbed the wine bottle in my hands and drank a mouthful. The blood red wine seeped out from the sides of his mouth. His heroic spirit momentarily affected the crowd as they started to drink too.

This type of feeling wasn’t bad—sitting in front of  a  fire, eating delicacies and drinking good wine, it was really nice! The gentle breeze caused the leaves to rustle as it blew through the clearing. In addition to chirping of insects, it gave me a rather calm feeling.

After everyone had their fill, only four knights were on watch duty and everyone else started to rest.

Ke Er Lan Di lay side by side with me in watching the stars. He said, “Eighteen, this isn’t the first time you rode a horse, right?”

I smiled wryly. “You could see that? It can’t be counted as my first because I’ve ridden a couple of times before in my childhood.” When I mentioned about my childhood, I started to think about my parents at the faraway Aixia. I didn’t know how were they now. I hadn’t been back for such a long time already. They must be missing me greatly, but I really couldn’t head back now as there were too many things that I needed to settle. Moreover, I had such a ghastly appearance. I wondered if they could still recognise me.

Ke Er Lan Di smiled. “I’ve been a soldier for many years. If I couldn’t figure this out, I would have wasted all my years of training. I could tell from the posture when you rode the horse.
You’re already not bad. If it was an ordinary mage, they would just fall forwards. Learning to ride a horse isn’t something you do in one or two days.”

I withdrew my thoughts. “If you were to continue bringing me along, it’ll definitely affect your speed. How about you head back first? We can still meet up in the future.”

Ke Er Lan Di said, “It doesn’t matter. Since we embarked together, we should reach our destination together. It’s alright to be a bit slow, currently the three Human kingdoms, Demons, and Beasts have successfully reconciled. Moreover, there’s the man made rift made by the God’s Envoys. There shouldn’t be any problem.”
The temporary peace might not be something good because the Monster Race were plotting in the dark. They might start to massacre the various races when they reemerged.

Just as I wanted to speak, the sky darkened. It seemed that a sinister cloud had covered the clear night. Ke Er Lan Di also noticed. “Hmm? It can’t be that it’s going to rain, right? There’s no shelter here. If it were to rain, it will be terrible.”

The power of the Holy Sword at my chest suddenly surged. My entire body tensed up. I knew what that cloud was. It was the Holy Sword’s alert that immediately made me become wary. I said seriously, “Ke Er, that’s not right. It doesn’t seem to be clouds. Quickly, have everyone on alert. This atmosphere isn’t right.”

Chapter 11 – Monster Traces Suddenly Appear

Ke Er Lan Di was stunned. “What’s wrong? It can’t  be— there’s nothing wrong here.”

My bad premonition was growing; there was a sinister chill coming from nearby. I waved my hand, casting a low grade water spell to put out the fire at the camp. I grabbed Sukrad’s staff and stood up as I could clearly feel the Monster race’s aura. I knew the demonic aura so well that I couldn’t be more familiar with them. Why had they appeared here?

Ke Er Lan Di stood with me, but he seemed to be unable to discover anything amiss. He frowned. “Eighteen, are you serious? Why can’t I feel anything then?”
I whispered, “Quickly, get everyone up. Our surroundings are filled with a terrifying power. We must be prepared.”

Ke Er Lan Di nodded. He was a well trained soldier with a lot of experience after all. He was good at adapting to sudden situations. His subordinates were really remarkable as they had already gathered without making a single sound.

The sinister aura in the sky thickened. Ke Er Lan Di also felt something was wrong at this moment. “What’s that? It looks sinister.”

I said seriously, “If I haven’t guessed wrong, it should be the Monster race.”

“Monster Race? Ke Er Lan Di cried out, “There’s really a Monster race?”

I looked at him and shook my head helplessly. “There’s a lot of people in the continent that have the same mindset as you do. I can tell you now that they really exist as I’ve fought against them. You shouldn’t ask anything for the moment as we should deal with the situation at hand. Everyone follow me to  see what’s happening.”

Upon saying that, I used my senses to walk deep into the forest.
It was easy to differentiate the Monster race’s deathly aura. I just moved towards where the aura was at its thickest. This should find them. Ke Er Lan Di brought his 18 subordinates to follow me closely, without making a single sound.

The deathly aura was getting increasingly thick. It was  so thick that it emitted a strong pressure.

Finally, when we walked into the depths of the forest, I found the source of the deathly aura. It was a clearing within  the forest. The clearing didn’t have any trace of life. The grey land meant that they weren’t any creatures, and the grass in the surroundings showed signs of withering. There was a pit about 16 metres wide at the center of the clearing. It was impossible to see what was in it from our viewpoint. Faint red light came out from that hole, giving it an exceptionally sinister feeling.
Ke Er Lan Di said, “Is this the den of the Monster race?”

I nodded slightly. “It’s very possible. Let’s just wait and see.” This hole was much smaller than the one beside our base that Big Brother Zhang Hu and the rest of us had eliminated. There weren’t any monsters appearing, but I was certain that this was another sinister spawning ground for the Monster race. I had to kill them while they were spawning. Otherwise, it would bring an unknown number of losses.

The sky was still as gloomy. The centre of the sinister looking clouds was above this hole.

Rustling sounds could be heard from the hole. I hastily gave a ‘Be careful’ eye signal towards Ke Er Lan Di as I no longer tried
to keep my identity a secret. I stealthily took out Sukrad’s staff from the cloth. I activated the fusion power in my body to sustain my peak state. While I was preparing, the rustling sound got stronger.

‘Rustle! Rustle!’ Ten black figures shot out from the hole and landed on the ground. I had seen those disgusting  and horrifying monsters before. They seemed to sense a human’s aura as their glimmering red eyes shot in our direction.

I whispered, “Everyone, take care of yourself.” I definitely wouldn’t show mercy to that sinister race. After confirming my thoughts, I decided to annihilate them at lightning speed.

After activating my body’s powers, I didn’t care about Ke Er
Lan Di’s surprised gaze and leapt out. The Sukrad’s  staff brought a white light with it. A 10m white light  ray  shot towards the monsters in front of us.

After a loud explosion, a few of the monsters were instantly annihilated from being engulfed with the light element’s purifying power, like a spring wind that swept past. However, I didn’t relax as more monsters were rapidly flowing out of the hole.

“Light elements! My great friends, I plead to you to use your power to form limitless light rays to form light stars and to eliminate the enemies before you.—Bright Star’s Shine!”

Light elements rapidly gathered by my side and constantly
forming light stars, creating layer after layer. I chanted to bring forth the maximum power of this magic spell.

My body floated as I retreated into the forest. Numerous light stars burst forth at my command. The intense light made Ke Er Lan Di, the rest of his subordinates and I to lose our sight. I clearly felt the monsters that were surging out from the hole were vaporized from my attack, including some of the monsters that were still in the hole.

When the light dimmed, the clearing was already filled with thousands of holes and green fluid was everywhere. I didn’t know how many monsters had died. The entire clearing formed a gigantic hole. Waves of sickening odor wafted towards us, making me frown.
Ke Er Lun Duo looked stunned at what happened and muttered, “This…What magic is this to have such might? You… You can’t just be a Magic Scholar, right?”

I said seriously, “I’m not done yet. Be careful.” I started to gather the power from the Holy Sword to completely erase this den.

There were suddenly mournful shrieks from the den as a couple of red lights dashed towards us. I brandished Sukarad’s staff horizontally to cast a light screen to use it as a barrier that would block the monsters that were coming out. With a flash of light, they were eliminated by my light elements.

The monsters that were currently emerging were three times
as fast as they were before. The offensive power of those monsters was slowly becoming stronger. If it weren’t for the steady flow of fusion power in my body, it would really be difficult to deal with them.

Chapter 12 – Desperate Situation

The fighting with the monsters this time was different than with the God Protector Domain, as I didn’t have my brothers’ support. Moreover, we were currently fighting from the outer perimeter to its interior. Since I had more manpower at that time, I could freely use my Holy Sword’s power. However, now I couldn’t because the monsters were constantly appearing. I could only resist them, giving me no chance to gather the Holy Sword’s power.

“Large Dimensional Slash.” I used the space magic offensive spell with all my might. Space seemed to have broken, causing a crack to form and sucking in over a hundred monsters.

My body swayed a little after using that Large Dimensional Slash, as long periods of time while using powerful offensive powers took a huge portion of my powers. Even though my fusion power recovery rate was fast, I didn’t have any time to take a break.

The ground from underneath me suddenly began to shake and a strong power came forth. I didn’t have the time to use magic so I quickly leapt to the side. A gigantic spider came out from where I previously stood. It was about 3 meters long. This couldn’t be the spider’s ancestor, right? Its red eyes  glared coldly at me. A translucent green thread shot from its mouth towards me.

The powers in my body were already recovering at this moment. I used short-distance teleportation to dodge its attack. I pointed Sukrad’s staff to shoot out a giant light sword. After it struck downwards, a loud explosion occurred and the  spider was blasted into smithereens. There was even a deep ditch that appeared on the ground.

When I was dealing with the spider, numerous monsters were
emerging from the hole. They were no longer just attacking me as Ke Er Lan Di was also being attacked. All 20 of us entered the battle in that moment. Ke Er Lan Di and the other 18 guards obviously had plenty of fighting experience. They didn’t panic or become disorderly when facing the large group of monsters, instead forming a small circle and constantly emitting their battle spirit to kill their opponent. They would be  able  to sustain themselves for a while.

In my heart, I secretly cried as I couldn’t gather the Holy Sword’s power now to eliminate them once and for all. Judging from the current situation, I also couldn’t fly up to gather my powers as there were many monsters that had wings. Currently, the pressure on me was getting greater and greater as  the attacks from the monsters were coming from all directions. I really regretted not taking the time at the start using the Holy Sword’s power to destroy this hole. Even  though  the  hole wasn’t bigger than the one that the God’s Protector Domain destroyed, the timing for the spawning of the monsters was getting faster. At this rate, it would be my death once I used up my powers.
I still couldn’t think of any good ways to deal with them as time gradually passed.

I thought of escaping on my own. It wouldn’t be a problem for me to escape using my space magic, but how could I? There was Ke Er Lan Di and the rest. Moreover, even if they weren’t here, I couldn’t let these monsters leave and cause harm in the world. It would be great if Xiao Jin, Big Brother Zhan Hu and the rest were here. With their help, I would have been able to use the divine power of the Holy Sword. I had learned a lot, but didn’t know how to apply it. I originally felt that my powers weren’t bad, but seeing today’s situation, it really wasn’t enough! These were only low-class monsters and if some of the Monster race’s experts were to come, I would die today. What light spell did I have that I could sustain for some time and still had formidable power, in order to give me enough time to gather the Holy Sword’s power? These monsters weren’t something that human soldiers could resist and this more than ever proved that I really needed to accept the Radiant God’s inheritance.
The various Monsters were getting increasingly  stronger. Even though I could still sustain myself, Ke Er Lan Di and the other brothers were having a tough time as a majority of them were injured. Two of the soldiers were severely injured so they were protected in the center by Ke Er Lan Di’s command, keeping them safe for a moment. However, the situation was already difficult even with their assistance, but it was getting worse now. When Ke Er Lan Di wasn’t careful, he was scratched on the shoulder by a monster, blood momentarily covered half of his body. He bitterly bore the pain and continued resisting the monsters, red battle spirit was continuously emitted from his sword.

Seeing that it was already a crucial moment, if  I  couldn’t think of a good plan, we were all going to die here.

I suddenly thought to the time that I was still at the Aixia’s Royal palace. When Mu Zi infiltrated the palace along  with many others of the demon race, I had used the forbidden light spell to eliminate most of them with Teacher Zhen’s assistance.
My current fusion power was much greater than before.  I should be able to cast the forbidden spell by myself. If the Eternal Recovery Light could be sustained for a while, I could use all of the Holy Sword’s powers. I would then have a greater chance of annihilating this hole. This spell’s  greatest  benefit was that not only can it kill the enemy, but that it could also treat my allies.

It was my only pathway now. I hope that I still have some power after using the forbidden spell. Thinking about that, I clenched my teeth and no longer hesitated. While resisting the monsters in my surroundings, I chanted loudly, “Great Light
elements! You hold boundless powers. The darkness before you is insignificant. To the eternal light that is flowing in  the horizon, I plead to you to descend into the world and bestow a limitless recovery light on me to recover all pains to end all suffering. Eternal Recovery Light!”

My entire body seemed to have broken apart as the light elements in my surroundings gathered around me. My three
gold dans flew out from my dantain to my back, forming an enormous hexagonal array. The numerous light elements in the air started to become frantic. Divine aura surged out from my body. The magic power in my body was rapidly surging outwards, causing waves of exhaustion in me. I cried inwardly as I didn’t know if I had enough power remaining to activate the Holy Sword after this forbidden spell.

Chapter 13 – Casting Another Forbidden Spell

The power gradually got stronger and both of my hands were raised involuntarily. Sukrad’s staff gave off a peculiar glow as numerous runes were released from the transparent gemstone at the head of the staff, surrounding me.

My eyes turned completely gold, just like when I used the Holy Sword. The hexagon on my back became brighter. There was a faint light phantom that appeared behind me. It was the figure of the Radiant God’s battle angel, Mi Jia Lie! His silhouette gradually appeared from my back as the enormous divine power enclosed my body. I gave out a roar while I gathered all of the power into Sukrad’s staff, causing a gold light ray to shoot into the sky. The light ray seemed  to  have substance as it broke through the sinister cloud. The gold light that I shot out was extremely clear in the dark sky, and I felt exceptionally feeble as I had used up 70% of the fusion power in my body. This was a forbidden spell after all.
The pitch black sky suddenly brightened and a fragrance permeated the area, allowing me to refocus. The deathly aura in the sky became increasingly weaker, and the monsters in the surroundings also became sluggish. I tried my best to expand the area of the fusion spell, blowing away the surrounding monsters. The fragrance intensified, giving off a  gentle  and faint power, giving hope to the humans.

The night suddenly lit up again as the light element rain poured down. The light rain was extremely small as it landed and fused with my body. It not only soothed the meridians that were damaged from overusing my powers, it also constantly recovered the powers in my body.

I specifically restricted the range of the Eternal  Recovery Light to a 100 meter radius, which covered the clearing and surrounding forest, so the impact of the forbidden spell would target this area. The light rays intensified, forming  an  even more densely packed light rain. The monsters in the surrounding area suddenly stopped attacking us and uniformly
looked at the change in the sky, their bodies gradually became evanescent wisps of dark energy under the purifying light rain. They were disappearing one after the other. However, the monsters didn’t show painful expressions, they seemed to be relieved instead. Why was that? The light  rain  flowed constantly without any intention of stopping.  I  didn’t  know how much longer it would last, but I definitely couldn’t be careless and lose this opportunity as the Eternal Recovery Light wouldn’t be able to annihilate all of the monsters in that den.

I used a short teleportation spell to enter the protection of Ke Er Lan Di and the troops. The injured crowd was already affected by the treatment of their pain and recovery of their powers. I said seriously, “Ke Er, please help by guarding me for a while. I’ll exterminate them all at once.”

My voice woke Ke Er Lan Di from his stupor. He looked at me with respect and reverence. I slightly nodded towards  him before instantly crouching on the ground, using the back of Sukrad’s staff to draw lines in the ground. A complicated rune
rapidly appeared on the ground from my drawings. A medium sized magic array appeared at the center of the defensive line. This was an assistance magic array that could rapidly increase the user’s powers. However, it had a negative side effect. The attraction of the elements wouldn’t be orderly; when absorbing the elements it wouldn’t just be of a single type, so the caster would have difficulty in controlling the spell. It was just to use its power to achieve your objective. After using  it,  my cultivation would fall drastically but I didn’t consider it much because my fusion powers should be able to convert those elements. Anyway, the drop in my cultivation wasn’t really something I could control, due to needing the power of the array.

I took in a deep breath and started to float above the magic array. With both my eyes closed, I coaxed the fusion powers in my body to enter the magic array. The magic array momentarily gave off intense light as it shone with constant great flashes of magic. The countless magic elements in the surroundings, especially the unceasing light rain, rapidly gathered around me as its center. The monsters on the ground had already disappeared, since the light rain was still going, there wasn’t any movement from the hole.

Wave after wave of power surged from all directions towards me. Light elements made up the majority, yet various other elements came as well. The moment I started to absorb the powers, a feeling of fear crept in my head, I was too careless. If it wasn’t for the Eternal Recovery Light that eliminated the deathly aura, my assistance magic array would have absorbed those deathly energies into my body. I wouldn’t be able to activate the Holy Sword’s power then, nor would my body be able to withstand it. I definitely couldn’t make the  same mistake, the danger was too great. The thought made me break out into a cold sweat.

Luckily, my trial and error worked out fine. Countless powers were being absorbed into my body. The three dim gold dans were constantly solidifying. I had absorbed half of the power from a forbidden spell, which were my light element friends, born from the power of heaven and earth. My power returned back to its peak state after a moment. I was elated as it seemed that the side effect of using that magic array wouldn’t appear. The effect of using this magic array, coupled with the Eternal Recovery Light, wasn’t bad.

Power was constantly absorbed by me. The forbidden spell was already getting weaker as the light rain had become much smaller. As the effects of the forbidden spell were vanishing, the powers in my body had already changed into golden liquid, constantly revolving and surrounding the three gold dans. My cultivation seemed to have increased! Under my will, the tremendous fusion power surged to my chest and the silver Holy Sword let out a brief burst of intense light from my body. I yelled with confidence, “The God King bestowed upon me the Radiant Holy Sword. It shall shine with the soaring radiance from the vault of the heavens.”

The fusion power in my body rapidly converting to the Holy Sword’s divine aura. The six light wings that disappeared before reemerged again from my back. My entire body shuddered as the silver Holy Sword left my body. Its size was much larger and it silently floated in front of me. I could clearly feel that I could completely control the power before me.

Chapter 14 – Destroying The Monster Hole

“Ke Er, quickly bring everyone to retreat. I’m going to eliminate this sinister hole.”

Ke Er Lan Di was astonished when he saw the Holy Sword before me, he wasn’t able to react for a moment.

I anxiously said, “Quickly go! There may be a huge explosion when it happens.”

Ke Er Lan Di was abruptly woken up from his shocked state. He then led his 18 subordinates, that had already recovered due
to the light rain, to leave the area. I heaved a sigh of relief and focused on the hole in front of me. The light rain had already disappeared, so the sinister aura was constantly brewing again from the hole. I knew that the monsters would emerge again. I raised the Sukrad’s staff in my hand and inserted my fusion power into it, causing light rays to intensely shine from the enormous transparent gemstone at the head of the staff. The Holy Sword once again got larger and flew towards the top of of the hole. Under my control, I willed the Holy Sword that constantly emitted silver divine aura to point downwards towards the center of the hole. I narrowed my eyes and circulated the power of the Holy Sword’s power to my very limit before shouting, “Go to hell!”

When the Sukrad’s staff was brandished downwards, the Holy Sword, carrying its silver aura, suddenly disappeared into the hole. Numerous mournful shrieks could be heard, shaking the heavens and earth. The ground started to quiver constantly. I focused and rapidly teleported 100 meters away. As I disappeared, the hole suddenly erupted. After the large explosion was heard, the plains, along with 10 meters of the forest, was completely blown away. The remains of soil and plants were constantly raining down in the air. The Monster aura had completely vanished after the silver flash reached the

I brandished Sukrad’s Staff to withdraw the Holy Sword immediately. The light ray from the Holy Sword was clearly much dimmer after releasing its tremendous power. I took in a deep breath and erased the magic array that I had previously arranged and inserted the powers from my body back into the Holy Sword. I didn’t move to leave as I was waiting for the main leader of the hole to emerge. The previous experience was still fresh in my memory. I didn’t know if there was anything remaining in the hole, but if there was, I would annihilate all sinister beings without second thoughts.

My judgement was correct. There were two  black  specters that floated out from the hole shortly afterwards. I snorted coldly and brandished the Sukrad’s staff in my hand to restrain those two specters. Perhaps they were previously severely damaged by the Holy Sword, as they were unexpectedly caught easily. The two black specters were too suppressed to maintain their human form after being restrained. Those two people
looked deathly. As they humanised, I was shocked because I knew them. One was Si Feng Ri, the continent’s magister and the leader of the Ri Family’s leader in the Kingdom of Aixia. While the other was his grandson, Hai Shui’s  previous boyfriend, Feng Liang Ri. Even though their appearances didn’t change, their auras were just like when Li Si Dun Wei Bo and I had previously met. They were also dressed in the same fashion.

Si Feng Ri and Feng Liang Ri glared viciously at me. Feng Liang Ri had already lost an arm. The both of them showed a sorry figure as grey fluids were constantly flowing from their mouths and noses. I felt that they were no longer a threat to me with their current powers, especially since the Holy Sword’s power having already severely injured them.

“You interrupted our great matters again.” Si Feng Ri said with hatred.

I sighed. “Leader of the Ri family, is this really worth the trouble? Your position in the Kingdom of Aixia was so prestigious, so why did you help the Monster King harm the Human race? What benefit do you have in doing that?” It was extremely illogical as to why the leader of the Ri family, which was one of the three great families in the kingdom, had fallen into such a sorry state.

The deathly aura was still constantly surging outwards, but due to his power deficiency, he was unable to break out from the restraints. “Zhang Gong Wei, you killed all of my clan members today. Just kill me. The Lord Monster King will definitely not let you off for this. It’ll be your death once he reappears in this world.”

It seemed that the people leading this hole wasn’t just the two
of them, but the entire Ri family’s clan. Despite that, they were still killed under my attacks, I felt upset because they were once humans and killing them wouldn’t make me happy. However, I understood that Si Feng Ri and Feng Liang Ri could no longer turn back. If I was to forgive them, the Monster Race would simply have that much more power.

“Ri family head, the Monster Race is filled with detest and hatred that only knows how to invade and annihilate. If they were to take over the continent, the Human race would be exterminated. Is that really what you want to see?” Even though I knew that it was useless asking, I still couldn’t beat the temptation.

Si Feng Ri snorted viciously. “That’s  right!  That’s  exactly what I want to see. The Humans have lived for a long time, but how can they be compared to our Monster race? Ah!!!” Suddenly, his entire body’s grey aura expanded and unexpectedly broke through the restraints on him, forming into a grey lighting that charged towards me.

I shook my head helplessly. The Holy Sword before me moved without my command to receive that blow. With a mournful shriek, Si Feng Ri’s body vanished. I still killed him, even if I was unwilling.There was traces of fear in Feng Liang RI’s eyes as he silently looked at me in a daze. I sullenly said, “Feng Liang, I won’t let you go today. Do you have any last words?”

Feng Liang Ri’s eyes suddenly cleared up. He said in a daze, “I don’t know why I turned into this state. However, what more can I say for what has happened until now?! Please help me tell Hai Shui that initially, I really did love her. If there’s a next life, I’ll definitely treat her extremely well.” Upon saying that,  a sliver of sadness filled Feng Liang Ri’s eyes. ‘Hong!’ His body suddenly expanded and exploded. His grey aura vanished into nothingness.
I withdrew the Holy Sword and descended to the ground. I looked dazedly at where Feng Liang Ri had vanished. I wasn’t the slightest bit happy, even after successfully annihilating all
of the monsters here; sadness filled my heart instead. ‘Feng Liang! Why did you do that? If you had come back to your senses, there really wasn’t any guarantee that I’d kill you!’

Chapter 15 – Onward To The Stronghold

I awoke from my thoughts after a long while. I looked at the bottomless hole in front of me and chuckled wryly before heading towards the direction where Ke Er Lan Di had disappeared to.

It was unexpected that I hadn’t used up a lot of my powers during the previously unexpected battle. I was even able to maintain better control over the Holy Sword instead. If one of the three Great Monsters were the ones that appeared, I wouldn’t have dealt with this so easily. I doubt I would even be a match to any of those three great monsters. The Monster race had already started to stir. It looked like time was pressing so I needed to obtain the Radiant God’s inheritance as soon as possible. The reemergence of the Monster King was nearing.

I lifted the hood that was covering my head and moved my long hair to my back. Currently, there wasn’t a need to continue hiding my identity as I knew that Ke Er Lan Di and the rest had
already figured out my identity!

When I flew to the main path, Ke Er Lan Di and the rest were already waiting for me. Ke Er Lan Di looked anxious, but when he saw me appear, he instantly became elated. He was stunned after seeing my scarred face. I chuckled wryly. “It’s very shocking, right? This is how I truly look.”

Ke Er Lan Di’s face reddened. “Your name shouldn’t be Eighteen, right?”

I nodded. “I think that you should have guessed that I’m Zhang Gong Wei. Just call me Zhang Gong.”

Ke Er Lan Di’s expression changed as he cried out, “You’re really the God’s Envoy, Child of Light, Zhang Gong Wei!”

I smiled wryly. “I don’t need to hide my identity from you anymore. It was the Monster race’s doing with that hole previously. If I didn’t notice and eliminate it in time,  there would have been a reign of terror that would occur nearby. You should now believe that the Monster race really exists, right?”

Ke Er Lan Di’s expressed fear, which was probably when he thought back to what had happened. “You’re  right!  The Monster race really exists. That horrifying deathly aura was much more powerful than the Demon Beast from the Demon race. God’s Envoy Zhang Gong, I hope that you won’t hold what I said previously against me in your heart. I feel bad for trying to recruit you into join the army of the Kingdom of Dalu. I was
really overestimating my capability. You’re the most powerful mage that I’ve ever seen. The previous spell that you  used should be a light element forbidden spell, right?”

“You’re correct. The burden in using the light forbidden spell is very heavy on me. I’ve got an extremely important task to do in heading to the fort. The emergence of the Monster race pressures me greatly. I hope that your Kingdom of Dalu will make its preparations as soon as possible by training troops to deal with the major changes coming. Those previous monsters were of the lowest of standards. If the Monster King revives, I really don’t know what will happen.”

Ke Er Lan Di’s eyes expressed resolution. “God Envoy Zhang Gong, rest assured. I’ll definitely report what has happened today. We, the Kingdom of Dalu, will do our very best for the continent’s peace and harmony.” He must already have enough experience on the terror of the Monster race. I hoped that there would be more people like him that could understand my painstaking effort.

“Ke Er, I won’t continue traveling with you as I need to save time to accomplish my task. We’ll definitely meet up in the future.”

Ke Er Lan Di replied heartfeltly, “I really look forward to battling along side with you.”

I nodded and bid farewell to his subordinates, who were looking at me with reverence, before activating the divine powers in my body to carry me off in a white light. I flew into the night which had recovered its serenity.
I was currently burning with anxiety! According to what the God King had said, the Monster King would appear at least two years from now. However, the Monster race had already started to appear. There was a possibility that the Monster King would emerge earlier than expected as well. If that was the case, it would have a great influence on the continent. I was deeply aware that my powers were insufficient. If I couldn’t  fully control the Holy Sword, it would be hard for me to pose a threat to the Monster King. I must receive the Radiant God’s inheritance as quickly as I can, in order to have enough power to resist the Monster King. I was lacking time so I couldn’t dally any further.

I previously wasn’t in a rush, I simply had a shadow weighing on my heart. Mi Jia Lie had previously indicated that the inheritance wouldn’t be easy, which made me slightly apprehensive. If the inheritance were to fail, I would probably disappear from the world. At that time, not only would I be unable to see my beloved Mu Zi, the entire continent would gradually fall into ruin by the appearance of the Monster race. I was merely a 20 year old human, how could I not be scared when facing death? However, I couldn’t afford to consider that any further. I must do what is needed for the continent’s peace and harmony, my family, and my friends.

I maximized my flight speed so the night wind would unceasingly hit my body. The icy feeling stimulated my mind, making my spirit to maintain its peak state. The  scenery beneath me constantly flew by. I should be reaching the Ström Fortress soon with my current pace.

Dawn had already appeared. The sun had gradually risen from the horizon, shining warm light rays onto the world. I was already very exhausted after last night’s battle and the entire day’s flight. The Ström Fortress was already in view from a distance, so I decided to descend and take a break. I withdrew all of my powers and nimbly descended, landing on a hill, which was 100 meters in height, allowing me to see the scenery of my surroundings. There wasn’t anything special around me, so I sat crossed legged as waves of exhaustion constantly infiltrated my body. I rapidly drew up a simple magic defense array before leaning on a large tree to gradually enter a dream state. I really didn’t know where the God Rended Canyon was. I had already passed the fort several times, but still didn’t see the God Rended Canyon. I needed to sustain all of my physical strength and magical powers.

The fusion powers in my body started to circulate slowly. While my consciousness faded, I constantly took in the light elements from my surroundings to recover my powers.

Chapter 16 – Stronghold Peddler

It was unknown how much time had passed when I gradually woke up. Nothing in my surroundings had changed. As I used my inner sight to check my body, I found that my fusion power had become noticeably stronger. The three gold dans in  my body seemed to become more substantial, while they constantly absorbed the powers in my surroundings. My cultivation had not only returned to its normal state, but even seemed to have improved. This was definitely related to the magic gathering array from yesterday, and had nothing to do with my training.

I had gotten out of bed and started to exercise my muscles and bones. It seemed to be about noon, the sun had risen high up in the sky. I discovered that I had slept for an entire day. Circulating the fusion powers in my body, I soared up off the ground towards the Ström Fortress after putting on my cloak.

The fort was still the same. I could clearly see that there were numerous workers repairing the damage that we caused with
our forbidden spell. The process wasn’t quick so they would be busy for a while. Since I didn’t know the exact position of the God Rended Canyon, I decided to head to the fort. The people there should have a better understanding for the surroundings of the fort than I do, so they might have some hints regarding the location of the canyon. It was much better than trying to find it randomly by myself. Thinking about that, I flew to a place that was a couple of meters from the fort. It was probably due to the success of the peace talks that the fortress security was extremely relaxed. There should be people patrolling, but I didn’t see any of them today. There were only some merchants constantly coming and going.

I gradually walked towards the fort. The surroundings were very peaceful. I didn’t know who was in charge of the fort after I
left, since it had been a while. ‘Forget it, I shall not disturb the leaders of the three kingdoms. If they knew of my arrival, there would be some trouble and I currently can’t afford to dally!’

I slowly walked to the entrance as I pondered it. After
reaching it, the number of people had obviously increased. The majority of them were importing  construction  materials, though I finally saw a few patrolling squads after entering the fort. They seemed to be from the Kingdoms of Dalu and Xiuda because I didn’t see any mages from Aixia. Ma Ke should have ascended to the throne by now. I felt very comfortable with him leading the Kingdom of Aixia. With the teachers assisting him, the mage army of Aixia could only get stronger. I hoped that with the nurturing of light magicians by Teacher Di, it would be easier to deal with the emerging Monster race.

“Sir Mage, do you want to buy some magic stones?” A foreign voice sounded from a corner. I turned to look as it seemed to be a slightly shady middle aged man. He wore a long robe and wasn’t tall as his height only reached to my chest. He was only slightly built, which was probably due to malnutrition. He timidly waved his hand at me.

I was moved and walked over. The skinny character said, “Sir Mage, do you want to buy some magic stones? It definitely will
be a great help to your magic cultivation.”

I inwardly sniggered. This fellow must have thought I was a low level mage. I currently wore a mage robe that didn’t have any symbols, ever since I escaped from the Kingdom of Aixia. It looked as though I was a novice mage that hadn’t been certified. He must have thought that I was cheap and foolish as he wanted to trick me with low-cost magic stones to get some money.

I shook my head. “I’m not interested in becoming a mage.”

The slightly built man surveyed his surroundings before replying, “How about this? Just head to my place to have a look. My possessions aren’t solely magic stones, there are also many other products for mages. Those goods are from the Kingdom of
Aixia so many of them are items that are used in their mage army battalion. They are absolutely genuine goods with fair prices. You’ll surely find a bargain. At first glance, you must be a high leveled mage. There’s definitely something that you can use. Don’t worry, I promise that I won’t take much of your money, so want to come with me to have a look?”

I nodded. “Alright, bring me there to have a look then.”

A sliver of happiness flashed past that skinny man’s eyes. He said to follow him before turning and walking into an alley. I followed him in his turns in corners and perplex directions to reach an unremarkable house. He surveyed his surroundings to check that there wasn’t anyone around before opening the door and leading me inside.
The house wasn’t big. I saw the various magic products that were on display after entering. There were magic robes, magic staffs, and other products. I could clearly feel the magic undulations emanating from these items with my advanced cultivation. It was within my expectations that they were just crude low level magic items. Even though they looked amazing, there wasn’t any real content to any of them.

The skinny man rubbed his hands together. “Sir mage, please have a look. The items that I have here are great items!”

I smiled. “Do you have any other items? There’s nothing that catches my eyes here.”

The skinny  man’s  expression  changed.  He  looked  stunned
before constantly nodding in approval. “I have even better items, but their prices will be slightly more expensive.”

I looked at him and replied, “Take them out and let me have a look. If there’s anything that seems worth it,  I’ll  consider buying them.”

“Alright! Please wait for a moment.” Upon saying that, he turned to walk further into the room. After a short moment, he carried a huge container with him. “Sir, these items are part of my collection. If it wasn’t for you being a high leveled mage, I would have been reluctant to take it out. However, the pricing…….”

I replied impatiently, “Just let me have a look before
continuing this discussion.”

“Alright, don’t be anxious. Please have a look.” That slightly built man slowly opened the container as he said that. There were a few magic stones and a few small magic staves in there. It certainly was much better than those items outside, especially those small magic staves. The magic powers in them made them second rate weapons. However, there was a huge  difference from what I had seen before. I took one of the staves to have a look. The skinny man said with praise, “You have a good eye, this is the best magic staff that I have. It can enable you to increase the releasing speed of your magic by 30% when you cast a spell.”

I shook my head. ‘30%? It’s already not bad for it to have a 5% increase. It’s impossible for it to be compared to my Sukrad’s staff. Moreover, I don’t have any problem in the speed of releasing magic.’ I placed the magic staff back. “Do you have
any other items or are this all of your possessions?”

Chapter 17 – The Mysterious Mask

The slightly petite man frowned. “Sir, these are all high grade goods and are my personal collections!”

I shook my head, “I don’t have much use for such items. If you don’t have anything else, I’ll leave now.”

The slightly built man seemed to be unable to get guest for a long time so anxiousness flashed his eyes. “Please take a look at this. This is my top grade item.” Upon saying that, he removed the lid wooden container, revealing an internal layer. There was something inside. It was as thin as paper and was faint silver in colour. It was something unknown to me, but I could indistinctively feel the tremendous power within it. It was unquestionably something extraordinary!
“What is this?” I asked.

The slightly built man replied, “I’m also not sure  what  it really is until now. I called it the Brave Mask. After wearing it, not only can it cover your appearance, it was also has an extremely good ventilation so you won’t feel stuffy wearing it. I heard from others that this item contains tremendous amount of magic power. It’s a treasure! How about this? If you want it, I can sell it cheaply to you.”

Mask? I became interested. I picked the Brave Mask up. It was smooth to touch and didn’t seem heavy. I couldn’t make out what material it was made up of. I lowered my head and carefully applied it on my face. The mask automatically stuck to my face after I felt a cool feeling. A different feeling filled my entire body. My senses was stronger after putting on the mask. The power in the mask was being absorbed by the fusion power in my body, forming a link between them. The Holy Sword at my chest moved slightly, making warm powers to surge up into the mask. The mask instantly gave off a faint silver gold light
ray. Only my nose and mouth was exposed by the mask. This item was great as it was quite useful to me. It could cover up my ugly face. There was divine powers within the mask’s power. Was this a divine instrument?

The slightly built man asked anxiously, “How is it? What I said was accurate, right? Take a look, it gave off a light ray after you wore it. It must have recognised you as its owner.”

I smiled. “I want this item. How much is it?”

The slightly built youth rubbed his hands together. “This….About this, I bought this item for 10,000 gold coins. Since you’re so destined to be with it, I’ll give you a 8% discount so I will take 8,000 from you. What do you think?”

I was stunned as I remembered that I didn’t have  much money on me. 8000 gold coins was undoubtedly a huge sum of money to me. However, I really liked this item so I replied, slightly embarrassed, “My apologies, but I currently don’t have that much money.”

When he heard that I didn’t have much money, that slightly built man’s expression changed. His previous fawning disappeared and a caustic appearance was shown instead. He extended his hand towards my face. “How can you be a mage without any money? Return that item to me. You’ve wasted my time.” When he was three inches from my face, the mask suddenly flashed and rebounded his hand away from me.

The slightly built man fumed. “What? You want to steal my stuff? Quickly return it to me.”

I replied awkwardly, “I really want this item. How about this?
I substitute something for it.”

The slightly built man coldly snorted. “You?  With  your shabby looks appearance, I doubt that you will have something good to exchange with me. Quickly return it to me. I’m not selling it.”

“No, exchange it with the bag in his hand.” A deep and low voice sounded from outside the house. A tall figure appeared outside the door. When I turned my head, I saw a middle age robust man. That person was taller than me. He was almost the same height as Big Brother Zhan Hu. He was wearing an ordinary warrior uniform. From his aura, he was quite skillful. With his vicious pair of eyes staring at me and fierce-looking appearance, he definitely wouldn’t kindhearted.

The slightly built man said respectfully, “Big Brother, you’re back. This fellow wants to steal my item and has wasted most of my day.”

That robust man glared at him. “Didn’t I say to let him exchange the bag in his hand for that mask?” He turned towards me. “Are you going to exchange?”

How could I exchange Sukrad’s staff with him? I shook my head. “I can’t exchange using that. Why do you want my bag?”
That robust man snorted. “If I didn’t have such eyesight, I’ll have wasted my many years in making a business of selling and purchasing magic items. The thing in your bag should be  a magic staff. I could feel the power coming from it when I was outside. It can be used to exchange for my Brave Mask.” My Sukrad’s staff was a Dragon God’s staff. I could exchange it from this mask with unknown powers, but how could I bear to exchange it? The Sukrad’s staff had an extremely good usage to me. With it, I could greatly improve the strength of the staff. I really love this mask. What shall I do? I used my inner version to look through the items in my space pocket to see if there was anything worth to exchange it with them. I discovered a thing while I was dreading.

“How about this? I can’t exchange my staff with you. But I can use another thing to exchange it with you. I guarantee that you won’t lose out. How about that?”

That robust man replied, “Take out that item to let me have a look. If it really is a good item, we can negotiate. But don’t you
even think of tricking me. I know how much an item is worth with one glance. I’m a well-known treasure expert at the fort.”

I replied, in smiles, “Rest assured, I’ll definitely make you satisfied.” Upon saying that, I slash at the space to reach into my space pocket to retrieve an item.

The robust man was shocked. “Space magic? You’re really a high leveled mage?” Mages were extremely popular profession in the world. Those who were at least at the high leveled mage were extremely respected by people.

I didn’t care about his shock and passed the item over to him. “I want to use this item to exchange with you. What do you think?” It was a scroll in my hand.

The slightly built man replied, “What is that? You want to exchange our treasure with a paper?”

Chapter 18 – New Of The Canyon

I looked disdainfully at him, but didn’t say anything. The robust man glared at the slightly built man to indicate him to be quiet before looking at me to ask me, “May I ask, Sir mage, what is the usage for this magic scroll?”

He had a better knowledge than the other. I said indifferently, “Life protection”

“Life protection? What’s that?” The robust youth asked with slight amazed.

I explained, “It’s an unfixed position escape scroll. When you are in danger, you can activate the chant to make you teleport to
a randomly for a 5km distance. It can save your life at  any crucial moment so it shouldn’t be worse than your mask. You should know that nothing is more important than life. This escape scroll is the product of the top Magister in the world, Magister Chuan Song Zhen.”

“Is this really Magister Chuan Song Zhen’s product?” That robust man took the scroll over with excitement. The escape scroll had a faint space magic power so I was certain that he should be able to feel it.

I could easily create such magic scrolls now so it didn’t have much use for me. Even though my space magic wasn’t as good as my light magic, it should also be at the Magister level. I loved escaping skills after all. With safety as my number one motto, I couldn’t refuse researching space magic.
The robust man still returned the item back to my hand after a long time, while shaking his head.

I asked, stunned, “Why? You don’t believe that this  is Magister Chuan Song Zhen’s product?”

The robust man replied, “No, I believe you as a high leveled mage like you won’t lie to me and also won’t use Lord Chuan Song’s name to swindle me. However, I find that this item isn’t enough to exchange for my Brave Mask. I still want that magic staff in your hand.”

I was stunned for a moment. “No, I can’t do that. This magic staff is a part of my life so I can’t freely exchange it. How about this? I’ll make you two more escape scrolls that have the same
effect as this one. How about that? It should be useful for you to have three chances of escape. You should know that now the Monster race is threatening the world, it’s important to secure your life.”

The robust man smiled strangely. “Monster race? Even I’ve heard about them, I don’t fear them. This was the world’s most protected area, the Ström Fortress. Three escape scrolls is really attractive, and I also believe that you can manufacture such magic scrolls, but I don’t want those. There are two things that can be used for the exchange. First, it will be the magic staff in your hand. The other will be the method in creating a teleportation magic array. To be honest with you, I’m both a warrior and a mage. I practice space magic so it can be said that we are from the same line! Of course, my space magic will definitely have a disparity compared to yours.”

This fellow’s thought was really meticulous to want to learn how to produce an escape scroll! I contemplated before replying, “Alright, but I can only teach you the basics. You’ll have to rely
on yourself to become better in using it.”

Perhaps, that robust man didn’t expect that I would agree so easily. He expressed a rare elated expression and immediately said, “Good! Great! Thank you so much. The mask is yours now. Little Three, you go out to be on a lookout. I want to learn some magic from this mage.”

The slightly built man, known as Little Three looked at me dubiously. He nodded. “Big Brother, he can’t be a swindler, right?”

I secretly thought, ‘I feel so wronged for me a God’s Envoy to be looked at as a swindler. If this is to be conveyed to everyone’s ears, won’t they laugh to death?’

“Stop bickering and get out.” Under the order of the robust man, the slightly built man reluctantly walked out.

I looked at the robust man in front of me and silently circulated my fusion magic to feel his body’s  powers.  This fellow really had a magic cultivation to have reached the advanced level mage. It was no wonder that he would ask me for the manufacturing method for the escape scrolls. I said calmly, “I’ll show you how to produce the scroll three  times.  It’ll depend on your own efforts as to how much you understand.”

Upon saying that, I took out the items used in manufacturing the magic scroll and started explaining. I had done the first and second time fast, but did slower for the last. Three magic scrolls were completed in a short moment. I gave him three of the scrolls. “I’ll give you three of these scrolls. With you current
magic level, it’ll be difficult for you to produce this strength of magic scroll. However, you can set shorter distances. It’s best if you don’t exceed one kilometer for it to succeed. You can try to make the distance further after your magic power has improved.”

The robust man expressed respect. “Yes, Great Master. Thank you for your tutelage. I’ll remember that.”

I nodded. “The initial period of training for both magic and martial arts will have better results, but if you were to multitask, you wouldn’t be able to reach the peak for either of them ever. You should just come to a decision.”

The robust man smiled wryly. “I was indeed frivolous when I
was young. I always thought that my physique was good and that I could master both powers. But now, I understand. Even if it’s already late, I’ll unquestionably listen to your advice. Thank you for teaching me the manufacturing of the scroll. I’ll definitely work hard. May I ask for your name?”

I looked at him. “If that’s the case, can I ask you a question? If you can answer, I’ll tell you my name.”

The robost man nodded. “Alright, please state the question.”

“I heard from someone that there’s a God Rended Canyon in front of the fort. Do you know where it is?”

After hearing what I said, the robust man was stunned. “God Rended Canyon? I seem to have heard of it before. Let me think about it.” I lowered his head, trap with thoughts.

He had heard of it? I was elated. If he knew, it really wasn’t a wasted affort coming here and it had cut down the time for me to randomly search for it.

After a long time, the robust man raised his head. “I certainly have heard of that place. It seems to be at a plateau at the Demon race territory, which has a large fissure there.  It’s located quite a distance from the fort and seems to be towards the South. You can start by searching from there.”

Chapter 19 – Crafty And Unruly Girl

I was elated. It would be much easier for me to have a rough idea of the direction. “Thank you. I’ll take my leave now.” After saying that, I headed out the door.

The robust man replied anxiously, stunned, “You haven’t yet told me who you are.”

I smiled at him and the mask conveying my expression. “Be diligent in training your space magic. It’ll definitely be useful in the future. I’m Zhang Gong Wei. Farewell.” Upon saying that, I circulated the fusion power in my body and used short teleportation spell to disappear, leaving the startled robust man behind.
“Zhang Gong Wei? Zhang Gong Wei? It seems so familiar! Ah!
God’s Envoy, Zhang Gong Wei!” The robust man cried out.

Little Three ran inside. “Big Brother, what’s wrong?”

The robust man replied, trembling, “Just now….Just now that person was unexpectedly God’s Envoy, Zhang Gong Wei.”

I repeatedly used short teleportations to reach the thick wall of the fort quickly. ‘The southern plateau at the Demon race? En! It’s much easier to find the place now.’ With excitement, I walked directly towards the city entrance. The entrance  was shut as per usual. How was I going to head out? Short teleportation couldn’t pass through that thick a city wall. Under the circumstances where I didn’t expose my identity, the guards of the fort would probably not open the entrance for me. Heading out seemed to be a little difficult. The magic cannons at the top of the city walls weren’t weak. I couldn’t just fly out and be targeted like an unknown flying creature.

While I pondered awhile, I really didn’t come up with any good methods. I also didn’t want to waste any more time. It seemed that I could only use a short teleportation array.

Thinking about that, I found a dilapidated corner and started to carve the short teleportation spell. With my power, it took an instant to draw up the teleportation array. Just as I wanted to activate the teleportation array after setting the position, I
heard someone shout. “Don’t run! What do you think you’re doing?”

I was stunned for a moment, and in that moment, a black shadow charged over. I focused and saw that it was a  girl dressed in black attire. Since her speed was quick, her flowing hair covered her face, making it impossible for me to see her appearance clearly. But with such a well developed body and so much energy, it should be a young lady.

While I was in a daze, she had already ran near me. It was a dead end behind me and the girl also discovered this. When her long hair cleared from her face, she was showing a panicked expression. She was such a beautiful girl. Her age should be about the same as mine, as I expected. Her skin was creamy white, with large eyes filled with terror. There were a couple of warriors that came from behind her. They didn’t follow the army’s regulations. They were undoubtedly up to no good chasing after a weak girl. ‘Sigh! I think I’ll help her out.’

When the girl ran to my side, I rapidly activated the teleportation array. With the flash of light, we disappeared at the same time. Since I was afraid that she would be harmed during the warping of space, I embraced her supple waist and used my fusion power to protect her, but the girl screamed in fright.

After the light flashed, we already appeared in the plains outside the Ström Fortress. The teleportation spell only had a 3 kilometer range so the lion-like fort was behind us.I  was shocked to discover that we were constantly descending. The location that I had set was the huge crevice that was created by our forbidden spell. This was like being caught in a trap that I had set! I shouted and gathered the powers in my body. Forcefully, I stopped our descent by brandishing Sukrad’s staff. We were sent back up to the edge of the crevice by circulating the wind elements in the surrounding area to cast a wind spell.
The young girl reacted after standing on solid ground. She protested coquettishly, “Let go of me.”

I was stunned before realizing that my arm was still around her waist. I smiled wryly before releasing my arm, retreating two steps back.

The girl patted her generous chest and panting profusely. The twin peaks on her chest quivered with each breath. An astonishing force of lust rushed in my mind. With my face flushed, I couldn’t bear it any longer and had to look away. I was lucky that my new mask hid my expression so she didn’t realise the awkwardness.

After a while, the young girl asked, “Who are you?” Her voice
was crisp and extremely sweet-sounding.

I smiled wryly. “I’m the person that saved you. Young Miss, why were you being chased by those guys?”

The young girl snorted. “What’s it to you? Mind your own business! It should be fine now, but I’ve gone outside of the fort. How am I supposed to get back?”

I was dazed for a moment as I had saved her, but she blamed
me instead. It really was illogical. ‘Mu Zi is the best as she was much gentler. Forget it, since I saved her already. I also didn’t expect to be rewarded. I’ve got to leave this place as soon as possible. It’s very close to the fort, making it easy for me to be spotted.’  Thinking  about  that,  I  turned  to  walk  towards  the

After walking for a few steps, that girl sounded from behind me. “Hey! Are you just going to walk away?”

I frowned and asked with my back facing her, “What else do you want?”

That young girl replied overbearingly, “Since you have brought me out, you should send me back in.”
Hearing her arrogant words, I got annoyed so I coldly replied, “I only know how to exit. You just have to think of your own way to enter. You’re human anyways. You just have to shout in front of the entrance of the fort.” I was kind to save her, but she used such an attitude towards me so I wasn’t going to care for her! Moreover, what I said was the truth. It wouldn’t be a problem for her to enter the fort after proving that she was human.

I rapidly stepped forward, analyzing the terrain before me as I tried to see where the God Rended Canyon would be.

“Hey! Hey! Masked person, stop!” Footsteps sounded as that young girl hastily went in front of me and extended her arms to hinder my path. While glaring at me, she shouted, “I’m a girl and you’re a guy. Why don’t you act like a gentlemen?”
I said calmly, “Act like a gentlemen? It depends on whom I’m talking to. I don’t think it’s necessary for such an unreasonable girl like yourself. It seems that I really shouldn’t have saved you. Move aside. I’ve matters to attend to.” I used a short teleportation to teleport 100m behind her and continued to head south as I didn’t want her to continue bothering me.

Chapter 20 – Disciple? Princess?

“Aiyo!” I turned back to where I heard the sound and saw that the girl had fallen to the ground. She seemed to have tripped. I couldn’t help but head back to her due to my principles.

“What’s wrong?”

“Such a nonsensical question, can’t you see that I’ve tripped? Why aren’t you coming to support me?” The girl rebuked furiously.

I didn’t want to have any physical contact with her so I cast a fusion power to help her up. She didn’t seem to have any injuries, excluding that her tattered clothes. My worries were

“Miss, please take note of where you’re going.” Upon saying that, I headed to the south again.

“Masked person!” She shouted from behind me, but  she wasn’t as arrogant as before since her voice was gentle and grieving. My heart was softest towards girls so I stopped and asked, “What’s wrong again?”

The young girl looked at me, feeling wronged. “Can you please take me back or take me along with you? Where are you heading?”

I frowned as I was going to receive the Radiant God’s inheritance so how could I bring a hot tempered girl along? I wasn’t even sure if I could return from getting the inheritance. “Can you first tell me who you are and why those guys were chasing after you?”

The young girl pouted. “You want to know who am I?”

I nodded.

That young girl smiled strangely. “I refuse to tell you then.
You’re going to toss me aside anyways. Who called you to bring me out from the Ström Fortress? You should be a space elemental mage. Can you tutor me? I’ve always liked space magic. I’m also an advanced space elemental mage.”

An advanced mage? How could I not see her actual skills? The magic power around her body was faint so she couldn’t even be at the intermediate level.

It was perhaps my dubious eyes that hurt her pride. She snorted and whispered her chant, causing her to disappear from her position to appear on my left side. “How’s that? You should be able to believe me now. My space magic isn’t bad.”

Seeing her confident appearance, I couldn’t help but laugh.
Her short distance teleportation was terrible. It was almost at the level where I started to learn magic. There weren’t any good points about it, excluding being able to forcefully get the positioning of the spell right. Not to mention her slow speed in casting the spell, I knew that her magic was extremely weak from her pale complexion.

“Miss, I’m afraid that you should be at the elementary magic level.”

The young girl rebuked, “Nonsense, people from the palace…I mean from home had told me that I’m at the advanced mage level.”

‘Palace? What  palace?  Could  it  be……’  I  got  increasingly
curious as I thought about that. “How can you be an advanced space mage with only that short teleportation? Let me ask you then, do you know any offensive space spells?”

The young girl was stunned by my question as she muttered, “Space magic also has offensive spells? Why haven’t I heard about that?”

‘Goodness, It seems that not only her cultivation is weak, her knowledge is also….I’ve vaguely guessed that that girl should be a noble’s daughter. Otherwise, why is she  so  haughty?’ Thinking about that, I said, “Take a look at this. This is space offensive magic spell” Upon saying that, I brandished my hand, casting a small dimensional slash. There was momentarily a crack in space and was pulling everything towards it. The
surrounding rocks and sand were sucked in. The young girl didn’t stand stable so she fell towards the small dimensional slash while screaming in fright.

I waved my hand again to cast a light restriction array to hold her body in place. “How’s that? You should know what a space offensive spell is now. Alright, you should head back to the city. I believe that your family will be searching anxiously for you now. Farewell!” I turned to walk away after saying that.

That young girl suddenly wailed loudly.

My patience was already reaching its limit. I turned back and asked, “ Miss, what’s the matter again?”
The young girl looked at me, feeling wronged. “I…I can’t move.”

I instantly understood and berated myself as I actually forgot to undo the light restriction spell due to being in a rush. How could she break out from it with her magic power? I withdrew the light restriction spell. “Alright, you should be able to move now.”

That young girl suddenly knelt to the ground and said seriously, “Teacher, please accept me as your disciple. I want to be under your guidance.”

I was stunned. ‘Becoming her teacher? That’s impossible, I will be annoyed until death by her after accepting her as a
disciple.’ I shook my head. “Forget it, my magic level isn’t high enough to accept disciples. Please seek tutelage from someone else.”

The young girl replied firmly, “No! I want to be only under your guidance as no one had been willing to teach me magic. I was only fortunate to meet with you, an expert in space magic, today. You must accept me. Teacher, I’m obedient and will pay you for your guidance. My pay is extremely high.”

I chuckled. ‘She actually wants to move me with money? I bet that nobody is willing to teach her due to her ‘obedient’ attitude.’

I cast a power to support her body up. “Miss, don’t call me
your teacher. I really have something important to do. You should head back to the fort now.”

The young girl stubbornly replied, “No, if you don’t accept me, I’ll jump down from here.” Upon saying that, she immediately walked to the edge of the precipice.

I smiled. “I won’t accept you even if you were to jump.”

The young girl fumed. “Alright, you’re the one that causes my death then.” After saying that, she really jumped, heading into the gulf. I jumped up in shock as I didn’t expect her to be so staunch. I hastily brandished Sukrad’s staff to cast a light spell to bring her back up. “What do you think you’re doing? How can you treat your life so lightly?”

The young girl looked at me with hatred and with reddened eye rims, she replied, choked with her emotions, “You bully me. All of you bully me. You should just let me die.”

‘I’ve got a headache! Why did I meddle in someone’s business and land myself in such a situation?’

The young girl said pitifully, “Teacher, you want to know my identity? I will let you know.”

I was stunned as I didn’t expect her to voluntarily tell me. It
wouldn’t hurt to listen so I nodded towards her.

Chapter 21 – Blocking The Enemy For The Disciple

The young girl sighed. “Teacher, I’m Fei Yu Luo Chen and my father is the Emperor of the Kingdom of Dalu.”

Even though I had guessed that her status was extraordinary, I couldn’t help but to be startled by her words. I never expected that she would be a princess from the top Kingdom amongst the human kingdoms.

The young girl continued, “Even though I’m born from the palace, I don’t feel blessed at all! My Mother was a concubine of my Imperial Father. Since my Father has been doting on her most of the time, she was despised by the other concubines. Recently, one of my Father’s concubine framed my Mother. Under my fury, I severely beat her up. I knew that I was in big trouble as that concubine’s Brother was one of the  major officials in the court. I ran away due to the fear of being
punished. Just when I ran to the fort not long ago, I was found by my pursuers today. If you didn’t save me, I’d have been caught and brought back to the palace by them. I know my temper isn’t good, I admit that, but it was forced by them! I needed to protect my Mother since I was young, how could I not be fierce? Teacher, I really can’t head back now. If I was to call out at the entrance of the fort, I’d definitely be caught by them. Teacher, can you please help me? I’m begging you.”  Upon saying that, her tears flowed, dampening her clothes.

So, her experiences were so pitiful. My heart also wasn’t made of stone so I sobbed along with her. Fei Yu said sobbing, “Teacher, please let me to join you in your journey. If not, I’ll be caught by them and be beaten to death. My Father is far from the capital so he definitely won’t be able to save me. You can’t just leave me in such a state, right?!”

I was plagued by difficulty as her situation was really sympathetic, but I was heading to receive the Radiant God’s inheritance now so how could I bring this troublesome girl
along with me?

At this moment, the entrance of the Ström Fortress suddenly opened. A thousand cavalrymen charged towards us like lightning. I was shocked and when I looked at Fei Yu, she had already hidden behind me. “Teacher, they must be coming to catch me. You must help me!”

Those cavalrymen were already in front of us in a short moment. The leader of the squad aimed his gun at me and yelled, “Who are you to kidnap our house’s lady?!”

I was stunned and looked back to Fei Yu. She hastily explained, “Teacher, don’t listen to their lies! They just don’t want you to interrupt their mission in capturing me.” Seeing
her anxious appearance, I couldn’t help but to believe her.

I asked the leader, “And who are you?”

The leader replied, “I’m the team leader of the First Division in the Army of the Kingdom of Dalu. Quickly let go of  my house’s lady. Otherwise, don’t blame us for being impolite.”

Hearing his arrogant words, I instantly fumed and coldly snorted, “I’ll have to see your capability in how you will deal with me then. Fei Yu is my disciple. Don’t even imagine taking her away from me.”

That leader laughed heartily as he said in distain, “You think you’re capable in being our Young Miss’s teacher? Everyone, attack! I want to see how capable this mad person is and take note of the Miss’s safety.”

I passed Sukrad’s staff to Fei Yu. “Help me to hold onto this while I deal with them.”

Fei Yu elatedly took the Sukrad’s staff, but she didn’t expect it to be so heavy. Her hands were weighted down and she almost dropped the staff. “Teacher, your staff is so heavy! Please don’t kill them. It’s sufficient to just teach them a lesson.”
This girl still had such a kind hearted side, which made me develop a liking towards her. I nodded. The cavalrymen had already dismounted from their horses by the time I stepped forward a few steps. More than 100 of them charged to surround us. The skills of those cavalrymen weren’t bad. They  were worthy of being Imperial Guards. It was a pity that they were serving a tyrant.

“Imbecile!” The leader, who was carrying a long  spear, charged forth like lightning with the tip of the spear infused with battle spirit aiming to pierce it through my  chest.  It seemed that he was fearful of my magic! I moved slightly to the side, dodging the long spear that was coming my way. I shouted at Fei Yu, “Take a look! This is space magic.” With the sway of my body, it formed 10 clones, surrounding the leader of the squad.

That leader was astonished as it was beyond his expectation that I could easily cast spells. His long spear turned into pointed stars, piercing towards the silhouettes surrounding him.

I snorted coldly. The 10 silhouettes moved in harmony and with the wave of my hand, I cast a small dimensional slash towards my opponent. The power from the tear of space momentarily clashed against the battle spirit of the long spear, giving off a loud sound, sending the leader flying.

That leader indeed has some skills, the strength of his battle spirit wasn’t weak. He should be at the Heaven Knight level, which should be about Ke Er Lan Di’s level. It was no wonder why he was so arrogant in this case.

Seeing their leader getting hurt, the rest of the cavalrymen instantly charged towards me. They were all using the cavalry’s long spear so in a short moment, 7 spears aimed for my head, 6 spears aimed at my lower body and 13 spears pierced directly at me.

I coldly snorted as my fusion power surged out from my body, immediately forming a protective shield around me so all the spears were stopped. I yelled heavily, “Go away!” With the release of my power, thirteen cavalrymen were instantly blown away by the impact.

I used short distance teleportation to reach Fei Yu’s side. “You continued to have no sense of propriety so don’t blame me for being rude.” Upon saying, I raised my right hand,  which resulted to the light elements charging towards the sky, forming a 10 metre long light blade in my hand.

The leader looked at me in fright. “You…Who are you?”
I smiled. “I’m a mage. Return to your master and tell him that if he continues to trouble Fei Yu, I’ll find him for a talk.” I brandished the light blade after my declaration. With a loud explosion, there was an extremely deep ditch that appeared in the ground beside me. I embraced Fei Yu’s waist as I soared towards the sky towards and the other side of the gulf.

Fei Yu was so frightened that she closed her eyes and buried her head in my chest. I momentarily felt weird with her voluptuous figure sticking to so close to my body, but  I increased the our speed after collecting my thoughts. It seemed that I wouldn’t be able to ditch this burden any time soon. I didn’t have any choice but to bring her along as it was really impossible to just leave a girl here.

Chapter 22 – Dalu’s King

The Commander’s Division at the Ström Fortress

“Reporting! Viscount Ke Er Lan Di requests a meeting.”

A heavy and domineering voiced sounded, “Let him in.”

Clad in silver armour Ke Er Lan Di, with a worry filled expression, walked into the Interim Marshall’s Manor quickly.
“Your Subordinate, Ke Er Lan Di, greets Your Majesty.” Ke Er Lan Di knelt to the ground as he looked at the lofty middle aged man. He was the current Emperor of Dalu, Tian Feng Luo Chen. Tian Feng Luo Chen was about 1.9 meters tall, with a broad shoulders. Even though he was already 50, his lower back was still straight. He seemed to be dreading something as his resolute appearance now had furrowed eyebrows.

“Ke Er, you come at the right time. I’ve got a troubling matter for you to solve.”

Ke Er Lan Di replied respectfully, “Please state your order, Your Majesty.”

Tian Feng Luo Chen sighed. “I’ve come to the Ström Fortress
for an inspection. Everything has been going well until Fei Yu suddenly went missing. I dispatched men after her, but there are still no results. I dote on her the most among all  my children. It can be said that I’m to blame, she said that she was getting bored, but I didn’t pay any attention to her. I want you to take 18 cavalrymen along with you to find her and bring her back.”

Helplessness flashed in Ke Er Lan Di’s eyes. He had got in contact with Princess Fei Yu many times already.  Her willfulness had given him a headache. He pondered before replying, “Your Majesty, I’ve got a crucial report to relay to you before I head out to find the princess.”

Tian Feng Tian Chen nodded. “You may stand and report.”
Ke Er Lan Di sighed before telling everything from meeting the God’s Envoy, Zhang Gong Wei, and the incident of fighting against the Monster race. When he reported about  Zhang Gong’s peerless magic, he expressed admiration and wistfulness.

After hearing Ke Er Lan Di’s report, Tian Feng Luo Chen expression changed. “So everything is real. The Monster race really is threatening the peace and harmony of the world. It looks like I didn’t pay enough attention to it and Marshall Feng Hao was forcefully dismissed from his position due to my greed. Sigh! Everything is my fault! Our Kingdom of Dalu must really start to train up our armies. Someone attend to me!”

“Your Majesty!” The soldier that received the order respectfully knelt.
Tian Feng Luo Chen said resolutely, “Pass down my order to gather all of the mages in the kingdom, especially light mages, to form the First Division Mage Army force. Every mage that joins the Mage Army Union will be given twice the wages, according to their magic powers. (The Kingdom of Dalu was the same as the Kingdom of Xiuda in having a lack of mages. Otherwise, Tian Feng Luo Chen wouldn’t have been moved by Ke Zha that day.) Similarly, order the First to Seventh Divisions of the Army troops to gather at the city’s outskirts. They will be under the leadership of the head of the Kingdom’s Protector Squad, Ai Er Zha. And tell the Commander in Chief of the Army to implement the Eagle Training Project.”

After hearing Tian Feng’s words, Ke Er Lan Di couldn’t help but be startled. He had heard of the Eagle Training Project long ago. It was a regime that contained an extremely brutal training course. Initially, when it had been drawn up, it hadn’t been implemented due to its brutality. Those divisions of the army troops that were just dispatched by Tian Feng were the most elite troops in the armed forces. They were equivalent to half of the kingdom’s force. In addition to the newly assembled Mage Army Union, it seemed that the wise emperor, Tian Feng Luo Chen, had become serious.

“Yes, Your Majesty!” That soldier withdrew.

Tian Feng Luo Chen told Ke Er Lan Di, “Ke Er, you’re the most elite among the elites in my Kingdom’s new generation and are also a royal. I’ve great expectations of you. I’ll pass the leadership of the Royal Guardian Battalion troop to you. Please don’t let me down!”

Ke Er Lan Di instantly became overjoyed as the Royal Guardian Battalion troop was made up of 50,000 elite soldiers. That division was the most elite among all of the other troops in the Kingdom of Dalu. Tian Feng Luo Chen had just passed the leadership of that division to him. This was an extremely important duty as he had been directly passed on the responsibility of guarding Tian Feng Luo Chen. Marshall Feng Hao had also been assigned to this position before he slowly
climbed up to the Marshall’s position.

Ke Er Lan Di excitedly knelt again. “Thank you for Your Majesty’s bestowment.”

Tian Feng Luo Chen said, “En! You’re now to immediately find my daughter and bring her back. I’ll personally supervise commencement of the Eagle Training Project.”

Just as Ke Er Lan Di wanted to agree, there were hurried steps coming from outside. “Reporting!” A soldier frantically ran in and knelt as he reported loudly, “Reporting to Your Majesty, we had just gotten the location of the princess.”

Tian Feng expressed happiness. “Quickly tell me where she is!”

“Originally, the Guardian Battalion would  have  already caught the princess, but there was a mage that suddenly appeared. The mage used a short distance teleportation to take her away, resulting in our loss of the target. Following that, the leader that was guarding the city discovered them and immediately dispatched light cavalry after them. It was until they chased them as far as the Miracle place (The gulf that was created from the forbidden spell was known as the Miracle among the three kingdoms.) that they caught up with them. But the mage’s magic was extremely powerful. He also declared that he was the princess’s teacher. Our troops realised that we weren’t a match for him after a short tussle with him. After the mage defeated the leader of the squad, he took the princess to the other side of the Miracle place, making it impossible to continue pursuing them.”
After Tian Feng listened to the report, he instantly fumed. “What?! A thousand cavalrymen couldn’t deal with a single mage? Why were you even born in y kingdom?”

That soldier didn’t dare to reply. A glimmer flashed past Ke Er Lan Di’s eyes. “What did that mage look like?”

That soldier answered. “That mage was lean and was wearing a white mage robe. His head was covered by a hood and donned a silver mask on his face. He also had a long clothed package in his hand.”

Ke Er Lan Di frowned. “Silver mask?”

Tian Feng Luo Chen replied, “What? Ke Er, you know him?”

Chapter 23 – Embarrassed

Ke Er Lan Di politely replied, “Your Majesty, aside from the silver mask, the rest of the mage’s appearance matched up with God’s Envoy Zhang Gong when we met. Moreover, when we had split up, he said that his destination was the Ström Fortress and that he had something important to settle. I didn’t tell him that Your Majesty was here. We then sped up to reach here faster. I wanted to introduce him to you before he settled his matters. Zhang Gong definitely isn’t simple, his magic level has reached the pinnacle of perfection. He alone was able to solitarily cast a forbidden spell! If her Royal Highness is really with him, there shouldn’t be any danger as Zhang Gong is a very righteous person.” He raised his head to look at Tian Feng Lou Chen, who seemed to be deep in thought. “I’m afraid that it’s Zhang Gong that will be in trouble.” Thinking about the obstinate ill-behaved Princess Fei Yu, Ke Er Lan Di started to have a headache.

Tian Feng Luo Chen asked the soldier, “Are you certain that mage said that he was Fei Yu’s teacher?”
That soldier said with fear and trepidation, “Yes,  Your Majesty. I am certain.”

Tian Feng Luo Chen turned towards Ke Er Lan Di. “Since that’s the case, you bring along the Eight Magical Swords to find them. If that person really is God’s Envoy, Zhang Gong, you are not allowed to get into conflict with him. If Fei Yu really doesn’t want to return, you can just let her be.”

“What?!” Ke Er Lan Di cried out. Emperor Tian Feng actually allowed his daughter to follow an unfamiliar man.

A glimmer flashed in Tian Feng Luo Chen’s eyes. “Just do as I’ve said! You can take your leave now.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.” Ke Er Lan Di turned around to leave the Commander’s Division. Eight shadows leapt out from a corner and followed him out.


I brought Fei Yu along as I flew towards the south. We had already reached the plateau of the Demon race after flying for a while. We should now just search towards the south, according to the directions of that robust man at the fort, to be able to find the God Rended Canyon.
When I landed, I circulated the Holy Sword’s power to investigate my surroundings to check if there was any presence of abnormality. Fei Yu gushed, “Teacher, the feeling of flying is so great! When will you be teaching me how to fly?”

I smiled wryly. “Do you think it’s that easy to fly? Without a solid magic foundation, it’s impossible to fly. According to your current level, you’ll need to bitterly train for 10 years before you can fly. Under no special conditions, you’re most likely unable to fly.”

Fei Yu replied, displeased, “Don’t care! I want to be able to fly now. You must make me to be able to fly, alright?”

I shook my head. “There’ three situations to help you to fly.
The first is that your battle spirit reaches a certain level that enables you to explode out with battle spirit that will allow you to escape the pull of gravity, but that way of flight takes up a lot of energy. The second is to increase your magic level to be able to control the wind elements thus enabling you to fly. The third is…….”

Fei Yu asked anxiously, “What’s the third way?”

I couldn’t help but to think of Xiao Jin that was guarding the far away God Protector’s Domain. I sighed and replied, “The third way is to have a flying type Magical Beast to allow you to fly under its assistance.” Xiao Jin was the King of Magical Beasts. It had been a long time since I had seen a Magical Beast after these years with my brothers that specialized in battle spirit. Initially, if it wasn’t for Big Brother Hai Ri’s red tiger that almost killed Xiao Jin, we wouldn’t have reached such an intimate relationship. ‘Xiao Jin! Are you missing  me  right now?’

Fei Yu chuckled. “Magical Beast? I have one! Take a look at this. Soaring Feather! I choose you.”

To my astonishment, Fei Yu formed a hand seal towards the sky. A white light shone from her hand and a hexagonal boundary appeared in the sky. ‘Ah! This was the way of summoning life-sealed beast!’ With a flash of light, the magic elements in the surrounding suddenly became chaotic. A snow white little bird appeared from the hexagonal boundary with a clear chirp, landing on Fei Yu’s shoulder.

The white bird was about 3.3 meters long and was covered with snow-white feathers. Two of its red eyes looked at me with curiosity. There was also a small golden horn on its head, its body giving off weak power.

My heart was moved as I cried out, “A Growth Type Magical Beast!” Fei Yu was really worthy of being the princess from the Kingdom of Dalu to actually possess a Growth Type Magical Beast. I could clearly feel the aura from its body, even if I didn’t know what type of white bird it was. Even though its power wasn’t at its full potential, it definitely would be a low grade Growth Type Magical Beast.

Fei Yu said, slightly complacent, “How is it? This is my Magical Beast. It’s called Little Feather. Teacher, you said it can help to let me fly?”

I gradually recovered from my shocked state. “Your Magical Beast is at the low grade level. Since it’s a Growth Type Magical Beast, its power will slowly improve according to your cultivation so if you want it to allow you to fly, you must train
your powers. It currently can’t fully display its power.”

Fei Yu pouted as she gently caressed Little Feather’s snow- white wings. “How long will that take? Teacher, since  your magic is so powerful, don’t you have a way to allow me to increase in my magic level in a short amount of time?”

I became serious. “Don’t you even think about that. Do you think training in magic is as easy as playing? Without bitter training, there won’t be any results. Fei Yu, I really got something important at hand so I can’t continue to take care of you. How about this then? I’ll use a slightly bigger teleportation array to teleport you into the city. You won’t be afraid of being caught by your pursuers from the Kingdom of Dalu that way.”
Fei Yu expression grew distressed as she said, choked with emotions, “Teacher….Teacher, you don’t want me anymore? I’m so pitiful! I’m only a girl so what should I do when I meet with bad people? Teacher, please take me along with you. I’ll obediently listen to you.”

Hearing her pleas, I got a headache. ‘Why did I meddle with such a troublesome girl?! How can I bring her along with me to accept the Radiant God’s inheritance?’

Chapter 24 – Worldly View

“Fei Yu, what I’m going to settle is very dangerous. It’s better for you to not follow me.”

“I’m not scared of danger. Teacher, please let me stay. You were very cool when you beat off those pursuing soldiers! Teacher, how old are you this year?”

I scratched my head. “I’m about 20. Why are you asking this for?”

Fei Yu chuckled. “Teacher, you’re 20 and are so accomplished. You must have a secret method to increase your power, right? Please teach me. You’re treating me like an outsider. In that
case, how about I become your wife so that you can teach me then?”

Her words frightened me. I immediately waved my hand. “No! No, how can that happen? I’ve already got a wife.” Mu Zi’s impeccable figure appeared before me, making my heart to race.

Fei Yu snorted. “You’re lying. You must hate me. You can go then. You don’t need to care about me. Hmph!” Upon saying that, she carried her Little Feather with her as she crouched, throwing off her Little Missy tantrum.

I sighed. “Fei Yu, I don’t hate you. How can someone like me be compatible with you? I’ll let you see my actual looks, ok?”

Fei Yu’s eyes lit up and raised her head to look at me. “Alright!
Quickly let me have a look.”

I sighed inwardly as I gradually took off the mask.

“Ah!~” Fei Yu cried out mournfully and she abruptly retreated a couple of steps back before stopping. With terror in her eyes, she trembled and said, “You….You’re really fugly!”

I felt a stab into my heart as I sighed. “Now, you should know why I put on a mask. It’s to cover up my hideous face.” ‘I don’t
blame her as she’s an ordinary person after all and I have a ghastly appearance. No matter who sees my appearance, they would be as shocked as she is. Who, excluding Mu Zi, would be willing to go out with me, who has such an ugly appearance?’

Fei Yu looked at me silently for a long time. I pulled down the hood over my head and got depressed. Even though my heart had already opened up to Mu Zi, my ugly appearance was still painful to me.

“Teach….Teacher, I didn’t mean to do that. Sorry.” Fei Yu lowered her head as she apologised.

I put back my mask and shook my head. “I’m originally ugly so there’s nothing to apologise. Your reaction is normal. Fei Yu,
actually…. Hmm, someone is coming.” I raised my head to look up at the sky and saw 9 figures heading towards our direction. Judging from their speed, the 9 of them should be ator almost at the Radiant Knight level. How could there be so many experts coming from the fort? I looked at Fei Yu and she seemed to be panicking. It seemed that these fellows were here for her!

The nine people landed simultaneously before us after a ray of light. I was shocked to notice that among them, there was Ke Er Lan Di that I had recently parted with. Could it be that he wanted to harm Fei Yu?

Ke Er Lan Di looked at me and immediately stepped forth. “It’s you as I’ve expected.”
I frowned. “Ke Er Lan Di, I didn’t expect you to help a tyrant.
Could it be that you can’t let such a young girl go?”

Fei Yu stood at her spot motionlessly with awkwardness expressed on her face.

Ke Er Lan Di smiled wryly. “We let her go? We are the ones that need her to let us go! Princess, please don’t put us in such a spot and head back with us, ok? His Majesty is going to be anxious to death.”

I was stunned and looked towards Fei Yu. “Hmm? The one that is really searching for you is the Emperor of the Kingdom of Dalu, your father?”

Feu Yu lowered her head without replying. With my intelligence, I immediately realised what was going on. She had been lying to me all along.

Ke Er Lan Di said, “To be honest with you, His Majesty had come to the fort for an inspection. I also reached the fort not long ago and had already reported what happened when I was with you to him. His Majesty had attached importance in training the army. Princess Fei Yu had probably ran out due to loneliness. She’s His Majesty’s most doted upon princess. If we were unable to retrieve her, I’m afraid that we will be….” He looked towards Fei Yu, who had her head lowered. He suddenly thought about what Tian Feng had said and asked, “Princess, are you willing to head back with us?”

Fei Yu looked at me before looking at them. She replied after
nodding, “I’ll head back with all of you.” She slightly bowed towards me and said, “Teacher, thank you for taking care of me during this short period of time. It was my mistake to give you trouble. Please come to our Kingdom of Dalu for leisure when you’re free.”

Even though there wasn’t any arrogance in her tone, I could clearly feel that she had greatly distanced herself from me. I knew that it was due to my ugly appearance. How could I blame her? Anyway, everything was just a lie. She had lied to me. I had Mu Zi so everything else didn’t matter. I should be  happy getting rid of her, but why did I have such a feeling?

I calmly replied, “Princess, I hope that you don’t randomly joke around like this in the future. Brother Ke Er, I’ll be taking my leave.”
Ke Er Lan Di said, “Brother Zhang Gong, I wish that we could fight alongside you when the opportunity arises.”

I smiled. “Definitely.” I circulated the fusion power in  my body before soaring into the sky, heading towards the south. I already withdrew all of my thoughts. What I needed to do now was to receive the Radiant God’s inheritance as soon as possible.


Ke Er Lan Di nodded with praise as he saw Zhang Gong Wei left.

Fei Yu stepped a few steps forward. “Brother Ke Er, let’s head back.” She looked dejected as Zhang Gong’s ugly appearance kept flashing through her mind. It was like there was a huge stone that kept suppressing her.Ke Er Lan Di looked at the beautiful princess and sighed. “Your Highness, why didn’t you persist in accompanying him?”

Fei Yu was stunned. “Didn’t you expect me to head back with you?”

Ke Er Lan Di sighed. “Your Highness, His Majesty had already passed down the order that if you persevered in following him, we weren’t to hinder you.”

Chapter 25 – Entering The God Rended Canyon

Fei Yu was shocked. “Why? This shouldn’t have happened.
Could it be that father doesn’t want me anymore?”

Ke Er Lan Di shook his head. “No! That’s not it. His Majesty passed down the order probably due to his identity.” He looked at the direction that Zhang Gong Wei had left before completely understanding the motives of Tian Feng.

“Identity? What identity does he have?”

Ke Er Lan Di looked at Fei Yu. “Once an opportunity has been
missed, you can’t gain it back. Your Highness, he’s the God’s Envoy that you revere. He’s the Child of Light,  Zhang  Gong Wei, he who can solitarily cast forbidden spells and is the youngest light element Magister. The huge gulf behind us was created by him and his friends.”

Fei Yu’s complexion instantly  paled.  “You….You’re  lying. How can he be the Child of Light with such an  ugly appearance?”

Ke Er Lan Di smiled wryly. “Your Highness, why would I lie to you? I’ve personally witnessed his tyrannical strength. He’s currently ugly, but I had heard that he was once a handsome youth. He had turned to such a state from fighting against the Demon Emperor. The dark elements corroded his body and rotted his meridians, which resulted to his current looks.”
“No! This is impossible. I….I want to find him.” Upon saying that, Fei Yu turned to the direction that Zhang Gong had disappeared and ran like a mad woman to pursuing after him.

Ke Er Lan Di shook his head and with a flash of his body, he gently hit the back of Fei Yu’s neck, causing her body to soften and collapse towards the ground. Ke Er Lan Di carried Fei Yu’s body and sighed saying, “Is appearance that important? Does the beauty or ugliness of a person proves anything? Your Highness! You just let go of such a precious opportunity.”

Like the flash of a light, the 9 figures soared into the sky towards Ström Fortress.


When I was high in the sky with cold breeze blowing against me, I intentionally got rid of the power protecting my body, letting the cold wind hit my body, rustling my clothing. With my long hair trail behind me, an invigorating chill passed through my body, making me feel energized. I consciously caressed my smooth, but ugly face. My moodiness slowly disappeared. Being ugly wasn’t my fault, but I couldn’t scare people with it. I definitely wouldn’t casually remove the mask to prevent what had happened from occurring again.

Before I had completely relaxed, the Holy Sword in my chest suddenly activated, stunning me, resulting in me pausing in mid air. The Holy Sword’s powers constantly surged out in all directions, filling every meridian in my entire body. It was a nice and warm, a comfortable feeling. Just then, I forgot about all my previous moodiness and completely submerged myself in the warmth of the Holy Sword. It felt as though I was in my mother’s warm embrace.
After I immersed myself in its warmth for a while, I suddenly regained consciousness. The Holy Sword’s power must have undulated due to the powers of the Radiant God’s battle angel, Mi Jia Lie, nearby. This was great! I didn’t expect that it would be this easy to find him.

When I focused on what was below, I saw a narrow crevice on the flat plateau in the Demon race territory. The crevice was extremely deep. This should be the God Rended Canyon. I suppressed my happiness and releasing t my power to charge downwards. My body moved like a shooting star to head into the Canyon, while emitting a faint golden light.

When I was above the plateau, I immediately charged into the canyon. A invisible and gentle power suddenly blocked my body descent forcing me back into the sky. It was as though I had landed on a cotton cushion, it didn’t hurt me at all. I stabilized my body, stunned. After pondering on it, I understood that the God Rended Canyon had a protective shield. It was the same type of shield that the God King had arranged when we first
went to find the Holy Sword.

I thought for a while before flying and stopping right in front of the boundary. I closed my eyes and focused entirely on the Holy Sword in my chest. My mind completely fused with the sea of warm power as it gently called out, sending signals towards the boundary.

When the white light that surged out from me came in contact with the boundary, it initially resisted my power but as I constantly released the power from the Holy Sword towards it, the obstruction gradually disappeared. I tested it by moving my body and was happy to find that the boundary no  longer resisted me. The power of the Holy Sword from my body gradually entered the boundary.
As I entered it, I greatly understood the might of  the boundary. It was at least 10 metres thick. Even though I was enclosed with the Holy Sword’s power in the boundary, it was as though I was entering a swamp, I could only slowly advance forward.

Finally, all of the pressure was gone. My body lightened up and fell into a world that was filled with clean air.

When I was in the canyon, I realised that my surroundings were full of vitality; insects’ and birds’ cries could be heard everywhere. The interior of the canyon was filled with vegetation. It seemed like it had been a long time since any large animal came here, as the canyon didn’t have any paths. The ground was covered with dense layers of thistles and thorns, making it impossible for me to get through by walking, so I continued flying.

With my cultivation, I could use my fusion powers to forcefully cut out a path, but I didn’t want to disrupt  the peaceful atmosphere here.

The fusion powers in my body constantly undulated. Even though it wasn’t intense, it didn’t weaken. This brought me to a spot which I thought that the remaining Radiant God’s Power should be in a opening, but there were only plants around without any signs of a opening.

I circulated the three gold dans in my body, preparing all of my senses to reach their peak. While I probed my surroundings, I simultaneously took off the cloth covering the Sukrad’s staff and gradually inserting my fusion powers. I could clearly feel that the protective boundary had briefly appeared nearby. I had a clear view of the 3.3 meters around me. I first surveyed my
surroundings before circulating the power in my body to thoroughly search the place.

The vitality of my surroundings made me exceptionally comfortable. It was as though every blade of grass contained tremendous power. However, after thoroughly searching through the place, I still couldn’t find any sign of an abnormality.

While I hovered in mid air, I couldn’t help but to become nervous as I had already done my best in searching the place. But there weren’t any indications. Like this, it would be useless no matter how hard I tried.

Chapter 26 – Simmering In Pain

Could it be that I couldn’t find it due to a lack in cultivation? I landed on ground where it had a low patch of grass and sat crossed legged, carrying Sukrad’s staff on my back. I silently circulated the three gold dans in my body, constantly absorbing various magic elements from the surrounding.

The amount of magic elements in such a vitality filled place was exceptionally large. I could distinctly feel all of the elements entering my body. I had noticed that there were seven coloured power energy cells being constantly  absorbed and converted. My body’s gold dans were filled to the brim with powers in a short moment and gold liquid-like powers filled my entire body, making my six senses to increase by several fold. It had made me feel exceptionally enriched with the abundant powers in my body.

The amount of powers gathered gradually increased to the point where I felt that I was becoming bloated with power as
they accumulated. I was already having some difficulties adapting to the continuous increase in power, it was impossible to continue training. The amount of power here was too much for me. I realised that something terrifying was happening. The powers in my body no longer listened to my commands as they rapidly absorbed the powers from my surroundings. Numerous magic elements were entering my body, absorbed by my fusion power. My fears slowly intensified as it reached to the point that was unbearable. If this were to continue, the tremendous power would ruin my body, but what could I do now?

With the three gold dans as its center, the fusion powers gradually became more and more substantial, causing my normally smooth-flowing meridians to become congested. The speed of the absorption gradually increased. Currently, I was already unable to control any part of my body, excluding my
consciousness. ‘Mi Jia Lie, you bastard, are you trying to kill me? I’m already going to explode with powers before I even receive your inheritance!’
The elements in my surroundings didn’t share my thoughts as
they continued their initial pace to gather towards me. ‘Sigh! I was too greedy. If I had stopped absorbing my powers after recovering to my peak state, this situation could have been avoided. According to this situation, once my entire body has been congested with power and continues to absorb powers, my
body will explode. I didn’t expect that I will die with my powers going amok during cultivation, instead of dieing under the Monster King’s hands. This is such an irony!’

The pain from being congested with powers slowly made my consciousness to start fading. I clearly felt my capillaries were spurting blood out from my skin. My body spasmed slightly, nearing the verge of collapse.

Finally, the powers in my body had reached the point of bursting. Due to my mind still functioning clearly, I could hear the crackling of every bone in my entire body. ‘I’m finished.
This is bad. Am I really going to die? Mu Zi! It should be unthinkable for you to guess that I will actually die so pathetically.’

Just when I felt hopeless in dealing with this situation, there was suddenly a warm power that surged out from my chest. That power wasn’t affected in the slightest by my congested meridians as it instantly covered my entire body, forcefully stopping my body from exploding. The suppression of the powers momentarily made my body to jolt as my body charged towards the sky, like a gold shooting star.

‘Hong!’ I was rebounded back by the Canyon’s boundary and fell heavily on the ground. Blood was continuously  spewing from my mouth. The severe internal damage and exterior pain had made me feel like I was dying.

At this moment, there was a hot feeling that suddenly came from my back that instantly spread throughout my body. It seemed to be moving along through my meridians and dulled
my pain a little. With my consciousness fading, I already didn’t have the strength to think about what that power was. I just wanted to be relieved from the eternal damnation of pain. Even death would be better to me than being tortured with such pain anymore.

The surrounding elements were still gathering towards me. The thick and overflowing fusion powers were  constantly putting pressure on the bones in my body, causing sharp cracks to ring out. I clearly felt every single bone in my body being pulverized. ‘I’m done. I’m finished’ I felt intense pain
constantly stimulating my nerves. ‘Why? Why is  this happening? I didn’t do anything wrong before. Why are the heavens punishing me?’ When the last bone in my body had shattered, the overflow of fusion power started to infiltrate my entire body. It would be much better for me to just die now than to suffer from such pain.

Initially, with such intense pain, I should have already lost my consciousness. But everytime when I was going to lose my
consciousness, there would be a sudden cooling power that surged out from my upper dantian, inhibiting me from passing out. This torture shouldn’t be bearable to anyone. I currently couldn’t move, but could still feel wave after wave of intense
pain that wracked towards my consciousness. ‘My fusion powers, I beg you, quickly end my life. I really can’t take it any longer.’ The pain from my bones shattering was beyond  the limit of what I could stand. As I groaned from the pain,  I pleaded for death’s arrival.

An icy feeling suddenly came forth from my forehead and started intensifying, making my consciousness become enveloped by it. I instantly felt my consciousness clearing up and the pain that I was suffering from decreased slightly. Just when I thought that I could catch my breath, the elements in the canyon suddenly increased their speed drastically in absorbing inside of me.

“Ah!~” I yelled out. I didn’t know when, but I could let out my voice.

My body was constantly tumbling in mid air. The fusion powers were frantically pushing against my internal organs. There was a heart piercing pain that constantly jerked on my nerves, making my body to shake continuously. Purplish black blood was violently spurting from my mouth, mouthful after mouthful. My internal organs were starting to tear apart.

No matter if it was the warm feeling from my chest, the scorching pain from my back or the cool feeling from my forehead, they intensified several times over. The warm feeling maintained my body’s power so that it couldn’t breakout from my body, the scorching feeling was keeping my skin active and the cool feeling was maintaining my consciousness. I could clearly feel that my internal organs were disappearing one after another. The strange thing was that even though I was in constant pain, my consciousness was becoming much clearer.

Chapter 27 – Within The Consciousnesses

‘Why are you torturing me like this?! Can it be that I don’t have the right to die?’ While my consciousness is becoming clearer, the heart wrenching pain was intensifying. ‘I remember
that someone said that if you were to lose one third of the blood in your body, you will die. I had almost lost half of the blood in my body. Why aren’t I dying?’

“Ah!~” My heart felt as though it had been torn apart. My body was spasming and blood came out from all of my seven apertures as I heavily fell to the ground. When I opened my eyes, an eye piercing light was seen. Excluding my mind, I virtually couldn’t feel anything else. The fusion powers in my body were frantically wreaking a havoc in my body, ‘tidying up’ my body. I was already numb to the pain. The icy feeling from my head could no longer stop me from passing out. I unconsciously smiled as I was finally going to be relieved from the pain.
‘Who wants to die? I have a lot of matters that I couldn’t leave behind. It’s been such a long time since I met my parents, Mu Zi and my friends. I don’t even know how is Hai Shui doing. If I died, can everyone defeat the Monster King?’ As I carried along
my reluctance and thoughts, my consciousness got increasingly fuzzy. Finally, I was freed as all of my pains had disappeared. My sight gone pitch black that I could no longer see anything.

It was unknown how much time had passed when my consciousness recovered again. Everything was pitch black and my body seemed to be floating in mid air. Only the indifferent passing of time and an extremely comfortable feeling could be felt. ‘I finally died and have been relieved of the pain? God King!
You really harmed me to have actually tricked me to this hellish place to torture me. My life is so pitiful!’

“My life is worse than yours!” A familiar gentle voice sounded in my consciousness.

‘Hmm? This voice? Isn’t this voice’s Mi Jia Lie’s? Could it be after I died, my spirit met with his? Just nice, I can give him a lecture.’

He seemed to know what I was thinking as Mi Jia Lie voiced out again, “Don’t scold me, I’m not to be blamed for this! Do you think that receiving an inheritance would be easy? You will definitely suffer some pain.”

After hearing what he said, my mind jolted. ‘Could it be that I’m not dead?’
“Of course you aren’t dead, my child.”

With a shine of a light, my surroundings lit up, transforming into a white world. A faint golden light figure appeared before me. Even though I couldn’t see it distinctly, I could clearly see those six gold wings. This was my first time seeing Mi Jia Lie’s figure.

My mind suddenly blanked and when it recovered, I suddenly realised that my body had appeared again, but it was completely transparent. Mi Jia Lie was not far in front of me.

I tested moving my transparent body and asked, astonished, “This…What’s going on?”

“Child, you’ve suffered, but you must undergo this pain. How can you withstand my tremendous powers without completely modifying your body? You were much stronger than I thought. You were able to persevere with the three divine instruments’ assistance and your mind isn’t disordered. The most crucial moment has passed. I’m now confident in completely passing you all of my powers.”

I shook my head with all my strength. “Wait, can you first explain to me what’s going on? What’s three  divine instruments? What is about the modification of my body?  I don’t understand any of the things that have happened.”

Mi Jia Lie replied, “Zhang Gong, don’t be anxious. I’ll explain it all to you. When you neared this place, I already discovered you with the remnants of my will. I’ve waited for you for a few
thousand years already. It’s only after I passed the  Radiant God’s power to you for my mission to be accomplished. The pain that I’ve suffered all these years you could never imagine.”

“When you first entered the canyon in search of my presence, I already started gathering the powers that I’ve accumulated over these thousands of years. Once you entered  your meditative state, I started to modify your body. It’s impossible for your human body to inherit divine powers. I must alter your body to become the same as our God race. It can also be said that your body is no longer of the Human race, but God’s race now. I know that you have reluctance to leave the human world so I’ve kept a lot of your human characteristics. You’re now a hybrid with the body of both a human and a God. I’ve long since discussed about the modification of your body with the God King. It’s a necessary, but also an extremely risky procedure. If you weren’t able to withstand the tremendous pain that would result in the scattering of your mind, everything until  now would have been for naught. However, we succeeded. You’re much stronger than I thought. With the protection from the Holy Sword and Dragon God staff, your body was completely modified by me. In addition, the Ice God mask’s protection in maintaining your consciousness, everything went perfectly.”

I frowned. “Wait a minute, it can’t be that the mask that is on my face is the Ice God’s mask that you’ve mentioned, right?”

Mi Jia Lie nodded. “That’s correct, that is the Ice God’s mask. Perhaps, it was heaven’s will for you to actually obtain it. The mask was the divine instrument of the Ice God. During the great war between the Gods and monsters, the Ice God fell.  His mask’s location was unknown. Beyond my expectation, you’ve gotten it. With its help, you were then able to be smoothly modified by me.”

I frowned. “What’s the function of the Ice God’s mask?” ‘I didn’t expect that the mask that I had bought to cover my ugly face had such usefulness. It seems that the God King really took care of me. Not only have I survived, I had also successfully received the inheritance.’ My mood became elated. ‘I can also
see my beloved Mu Zi soon. Haha!’

“Zhang Gong, you’ve not received the inheritance. Don’t be so happy yet.”

I was stunned as I cried out, “What?! Hasn’t my body already been modified? Why have I not received the inheritance?”

Mi Jia Lie smiled wryly. “I’m not sure if I hadn’t explained clear enough or that there’s a problem in your ability to understand. I previously just said that I had modified  your body, but the inheritance hasn’t started. If you had already inherited my powers, do you think I’d still be here conversing with you?”

Chapter 28 – Monster Race’s Structure

I smiled wryly. “Ah! The inheritance hasn’t started? Can I decide not to continue receiving it?! The modifying of my body was already beyond what I can handle. If I continue the inheritance, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to withstand it.”

Mi Jia Lie laughed. “It won’t be. Didn’t I say that the most risky part had already passed? You’ve already suffered the pain from receiving the inheritance. I’m also not from the Monster race, so why would I make you suffer again? Let’s chat for a while before the inheritance, if not, there won’t be any other chances.”

My mood dampened as I knew that once the inheritance had completed, the Radiant God’s battle angel, Mi Jia Lie, would completely disappear from this world. He had sacrificed more than what I could for our world’s and the God realm’s peace and harmony.

Mi Jia Lie sighed. “Child, don’t be upset for me. This is my choice and something I needed to do as the protector of the God’s realm, it’s my duty. After you obtain my inheritance, in addition to your current powers, not only will you have all of my previous powers, but you’ll reach a realm  even  beyond mine. In the God’s realm, excluding Lord God King, my power was third in strength. Even though the Monster King is powerful, the power he will possess in this world won’t be too much since his original body is still sealed in the God’s realm. He will definitely have remained a lot of his power in the God realm so that he wouldn’t be eliminated by Lord God King. Therefore, after receiving my inheritance, you’ll have a larger possibility in eliminating him from the world with your friends that possess divine instruments.”

“The main function of the Ice God’s mask is to maintain a clear consciousness. Perhaps, you’ll think that its function is not useful, but let me tell you this. The Ice God’s mask is similar to the Holy Sword, a first grade divine instrument. Its power is only slightly lower than the Holy Sword. It can help you to replenish the powers in your body so that you can use them
more efficiently. Moreover, it can also maintain your consciousness at critical moments to allow you to make  the most accurate decisions.”

I nodded. “Radiant God, can I call you that?”

Mi Jia Lie nodded.

I asked, “When you initially told me that the inheritance will be dangerous, did that refer to the modification of my body?”
Mi Jia Lie nodded. “That’s correct. The modifying of  your body was the key step. You’ll only be able to withstand my powers after completely modifying your body. I changed your body as you came here and discovered that your body had a few powers that had already been fused, which made me extremely happy because the fusion of my powers is necessary. Since you had fused the powers with the Holy Sword as their center, it made my job much easier and also allowed me to insert more powers in your body. You’ve to know that when battling with the Monster race, the more powers you possess, the greater the chances of you winning. The inheritance that will occur shortly will be extremely safe. You can rest assured. I will finally able to accomplish the God King’s task.”

Mi Jia Lie’s voice had a tinge of sadness in it. I knew that he was reluctant to leave this world so I couldn’t bear to ask him, “Is there really no way to leave your will here after inheriting your powers to me?”

Mi Jia Lie shook his head. “That’s right, once I pass the God’s
inheritance to you, all of my powers and will will  be  fused within your consciousness. Actually, if you think outside of the box, you’ll understand that your inheritance doesn’t mean my death. It means that I’ve obtained a new life through your body. You’ll have my powers and my previous memories, in order to become the next Radiant God and the next battle angel, Mi Jia Lie. Alright, we don’t have much time left. Modifying your body has taken up a lot of time. When you woke up just now, my will had discovered that the Monster King is in the final stage of awakening. You must accept my inheritance as soon as possible. I’ll first explain to you the internal compositions of the Monster race before you undergo the inheritance.”

Mi Jia Lie remained silent for a while before saying, “If they didn’t possess strong powers of infiltration and  destruction, then the Monster race can be said to be a powerful race like our God race. The leader of the Monster race is the Monster King. His power is even beyond that of the God King. Otherwise, we won’t have let him live until now. Even though I previously said that we eliminated majority of the Monster race, some of the Monster race’s minds had been snatched up by the Monster King. Once he reappears in the world, he’ll definitely release those powerful foes to gain a new lives through human bodies. The most terrifying helpers of the Monster King are the three
Great Monsters, Dark Monster—Jia Si Ke Li Duo, Witch Monster—-Ha Er Yue Di, and Blood Monster—-Ka An Da Er Jia. With the combination of their powers, they wouldn’t be inferior to my power.” Mi Jia Lie sighed as though he was reminiscing about his past.

“Once the three of them resurrect, they’ll bring catastrophe to the Human race. With the Monster King and the three Great Monsters, it will be difficult for you to deal with them. The only way for you to resist against them is that even when the three Great Monsters completely resurrected, they don’t possess all of the powers that they had previously. They were severely injured by us after all. I believe that if they were to use a human body as their host for resurrection, they could at most keep about 30% of their previous powers. That is to say after you receive my inheritance, you should be able to deal with those three Great Monsters.”

I added, “I’ve already met with the Dark Monster Jia Si Ke Li Duo that you had mentioned and fought against him, but he
escaped at the last moment.”

Mi Jia Lie was shocked. “You met with Jia Si Ke Li Duo?
Quickly tell me what happened with him.”

I told him how I initially met with Jia Si Ke Li Duo that possessed Demon King Satan’s body and how we defeated him.

After hearing my narration, Mi Jia Lie suddenly laughed for a long time before saying, “It seems that my prediction was right. Jia Si Ke Li Duo should be the first Great Monster that the Monster King resurrected. With you and your friends’ power to be able to defeat him at that time, it has proven my hypothesis. He should only have had about 20% of his powers at that time and even if he recovered all of his powers, 30% of his previous
powers would be as good as it could get. In this case, the chances for you eliminating the Monster King has increased drastically.”

Chapter 29 – Inheritance Begins

I was elated. “What about the Monster King? We should be able to use the ultimate forbidden spell to completely eradicate him and the three Great Monsters right?”

Mi Jia Lie replied gravely, “Zhang Gong, you need to remember that you can never underestimate the Monster King. I’m also not sure how powerful he will be, but I can certainly tell you this. Eliminating him won’t be that easy, you must be willing to make some sacrifices. The power that the Monster King possesses is unfathomable, he killed so many of my comrades in battle at that time! Zhang Gong, once you finish inheriting my powers you will notice five  floating  orbs  of power. Each orb is the divine will for one of the divine instruments that your friends possess. You must pass the divine wills to your friends so that they can bring out the full potential of their divine instruments. Only with the six of you, will it be possible for you to eliminate the Monster King. The most horrifying thing to the various races will be the uncountable monsters. The monsters will constantly appear as long as the Monster King has power, so you must kill their source of life in order to wipe them out.”

I seriously nodded. “I understand, I’ll definitely eliminate the Monster King as quickly as I can. No matter how strong the Monster race is, I’ll definitely eradicate them to restore the world’s peace and harmony. This is my promise to you!”

“Great! Great! Great! With this, I can relax. Zhang Gong, during the inheritance, I’ll do my best in passing all of my knowledge to your memory, including the method in using the Radiant Holy Sword and some light magic forbidden spells. You need to remember that even if your powers are  tremendous after the inheritance, you will always have a limit. Ah! That’s right, I almost forgot to tell you the most important matter. When you pass the divine will to your friends, they must be at their peak condition. Otherwise, they will not be able to inherit the divine will, which will cause their body to explode from the vast amount of power. You must absolutely remember this warning.”
My heart jolted before I nodded seriously.

Mi Jia Lie sighed. “Alright, I’ve said all that I needed to say. I believe that you’ll achieve the final victory. Alright, let’s begin.”

“Wait! Wait!” I shouted to stop Mi Jia Lie. I currently had a complicated feeling, even though I wished to receive the inheritance in order to save the world, I hadn’t wished for Mi Jia Lie to disappear. This dilemma made me feel exceptionally dejected. I said with difficulty, “Radiant God, I……”

Mi Jia Lie let out a light chuckle. “Enough, stop being childish and toughen up. Let’s begin.” Upon saying that, the light figure that I could only faintly see suddenly lit up. “Accomplishing the task in eliminating the Monster King will be the best repayment
to me.”

Just as I wanted to say something, Mi Jia Lie shouted, “Focus!
We’re starting.”

My entire body jolted. My eyes flushed and tears started to flowed out involuntarily. My sacrifices were nothing as compared to Mi Jia Lie’s. I clenched my teeth to control my impulses and gradually calmed down. My mind slowly focused as I focused on Mi Jia Lie’s silhouette.

“I, in the name of the Radiant God’s battle angel, Mi Jia Lie, will be passing the divine inheritance to the person before me. He will then be able to inherit my divine position and the lifelong mission to become the next generation’s Radiant God in
order to rule over the powers of light. Zhang Gong Wei, are you willing to take on this responsibility?” Mi Jia Lie’s voice was domineering and consisted a feeling that rejection wasn’t a choice.

I took in a deep breath and answered emotionally, yet full of resolution, “I….I’m willing. I promise that no matter what difficulties I face, I’ll accomplish the Radiant God’s mission to annihilate all sinister beings.”

Mi Jia Lie replied benevolently. “Oh great Radiant God, with the guidance of the blades of moonlight and using the spirit of heaven and earth, let the battle angel of God awaken!”

My sight  suddenly  lit  up,  everything  in  my  surroundings
became an ocean of gold. The light figure disappeared and I was no longer see my body. A tsunami of power surged towards me from all directions with lightning speed. Since I was in my meditative state, I couldn’t feel the expansion of my powers. I only felt that my consciousness was steadily expanding. The constantly growing consciousness was rapidly absorbing the powers from the surroundings.

When my consciousness cleared, there were three dazzling items before me. On the left was Sukrad’s staff, and on my right was the silver Ice God’s mask. They were emitting gold and white lights respectively. Between them was an exceptionally magnificent silver-coloured long sword. The sword was about
1.5 metres long and four fingers wide. The ridge of the sword looked straight, but with detailed inspection it seemed to have an peculiar arc. The arc looked completely natural, as if it was heavenly made. The hilt and the blade came together like a cross. The hilt was made from two circular shapes that curved slightly downwards to form a fifth of the sword’s total length. There were dense spiral veined lines and a transparent rhombus-shaped gemstone, which was indistinctly giving off a rainbow coloured glimmer, at the center of the hilt, where the handguard and blade intersected. The divine silver aura constantly emitted from the sword to the surrounding in waves.
This should be how the Holy Sword originally looked.

I tried to extend my hand to grab onto them, but I couldn’t find my body, nor could I control anything. The three divine instruments simply gave off divine light as they just floated before me.

Mi Jia Lie’s voiced out, “I’ll help you by changing the shape of Sukrad’s staff for it to be more convenient while using all three divine instruments.”

On the left, the Sukrad’s staff suddenly gave off intense light. The transparent gemstone was giving off an  abnormally dazzling white light and was intercepted by the gold light ray from the staff. Under my astonishment, the Sukrad’s staff
gradually dissolved being engulfed by the white and gold light, finally forming a white and gold ball of light.

The light from the light ball intensified and after a short span the Sukrad’s staff disappeared. What substituted it was a golden glove with many small transparent gemstones on the back. The small gems should be formed from the essence of the initial circular gemstone from the staff.

“Goodbye, my child.” Mi Jia Lie’s caring, but mournful voice suddenly voiced out. Without waiting for my reply, the powers in my surroundings suddenly increased by one hundred fold, surging frantically with me as its center. The enormous amount of power constantly struck my consciousness, forcing my consciousness to bundle up, resulting in the loss of my consciousness.

Chapter 30 – The New Radiant God

My consciousness returned after some time. Groggily, I felt that my body entered a variable hot and cold cycle, making me indescribably uncomfortable. The fuzzy feeling gradually got clearer and a icy cold feeling suddenly surged out from my forehead as it abruptly got in contact with the scorching heat at my chest. In that instant, time seemed to freeze. The two opposing powers suddenly merged together, creating a warm feeling that constantly spread as it circulated throughout my body.

Ah! I could use my inner vision again. I was shocked to discover that my body was completely different. I couldn’t see any bones or meridians, only a vast ocean. My entire body was made from dazzling golden lights. I was unclear on how many of the golden lights there were, but I could clearly see that they followed a natural orbit as they circulated. I couldn’t gauge how much power they possessed at the moment, but I could see that they securely protected my inner organs, which had also turned gold.
I thought, ‘If each of those uncountable light spots have the power of my initial gold dan, wouldn’t my power be unimaginable?’

Suddenly, the light spots in my body suddenly quicken their pace. The lights transformed into a series of constantly looping rivers moving rapidly, charging into the heavens and transmitting like a gushing spring. My previously clear consciousness momentarily lapsed, after my sight gone out I felt that my body was being called back.

When I opened my eyes, I saw that I was still within the God Rended Canyon, but my clothes were missing. My skin was similar to sparkling and translucent fine jade, divine light was constantly flowing underneath my skin. Even though it was night, I could still clearly see my surroundings. There were tremendous changes to the God Rended Canyon. I was surprised that all the lively vegetation had disappeared and what replaced it was empty, just melancholic rock walls. ‘Where are all the plants and animals? Can it be that they were formed by Mi Jia
Lie and they disappeared after the loss of his support?’

Thinking about Mi Jia Lie, my mood dampened. ‘It seems that I successfully received his inheritance, but he disappeared afterwards…. Inheritance?’ Thinking about the inheritance, I willed the powers in my body to activate.

It seemed as if I was formed by light after I activated my powers. My entire body gave off an intense light, eliminating the darkness around me. I started to experience a new feeling throughout my body. The light elements in the vicinity seemed to have accepted my command. A thick boundary was formed at the perimeter of the light screen due to the attraction of my powers. My entire body jolted as six golden wings appeared behind my back. My body lightened and I gradually floated off from ground. I didn’t have to use much control to hover mid air. I could unmistakably feel that a casual wave of my hand could cause the powers around me to eliminate anything before me. The vitality filled light elements were like my friends, they were never leaving me and constantly protecting me.

I withdrew my powers to land back on the ground. I knelt down and kowtowed nine time before  sincerely  saying, “Radiant God Mi Jia Lie, even though we didn’t meet each other in person, I know that you’re undeniably a god that possesses a benevolent heart. Because of what has been bestowed by you, so in my heart, you’re like my teacher. Rest in peace. I’ll definitely help you accomplish everything you wanted to see. This is my eternal promise to you.”

‘I’m currently not the previous Zhang Gong Wei. I can no longer live for myself, but for all life forms in the world. It’s my duty to protect them so that they are never to be harmed by any sinister beings.’ The sense of responsibility filled my chest.

I suddenly thought about the final words of Mi Jia Lie as he died after standing. I raised my hand to caress my face. As expected, the Ice God’s mask was still covering my face and
there was a gold glove on my right hand. This glove should have been created from my Sukrad’s staff, so I would call it God’s Guard. With the flick of my right hand, the transparent gemstones on God’s Guard gave off an exceptional swarm of moving lights. A warm feeling could be felt from my chest as an auspicious and peaceful power surged out. As I willed it, the silvery-white Holy Sword instantly appeared before me. My heartstrings trembled, this was the genuine Holy Sword!  I finally possessed it. I unhurriedly stretched out my right hand that had the God’s Guard to snatch the Holy Sword. The Holy Sword seemed to be spiritually connected with me, as it voluntarily lept into my right hand. The light  aura  emitting from my body intensified drastically upon holding the Holy Sword. A peerless divine power burst outwards from me, filling the entire God Rended Canyon.

The six light wings on my back expanded and in a blink of an eye, I was already high up in the sky. The silver-white Holy Sword lit up the night sky. With a casual swing, a long silvery light shot forth. This was divine power! I had already become the new generation’s Radiant God. Blue, White, yellow, red and green lights suddenly soared out from the God Rended Canyon. Ah! These were the War God’s, Sky God’s, Titan  God’s, Lightning God’s, and Wind God’s divine wills. With these, I was
sure that it would increase our fighting abilities while resisting the Monster race.

I carefully kept the five power balls in my spacial pocket, fearing that using my divine powers would damage them.

I took in a deep breath and tried my best to calm my emotions. I didn’t know how long had passed since I reached here, nor how the God Protector’s Domain was, so I needed to head back as quickly as possible. After uniting everyone’s power, we would head out in search of the Monster race to eradicate them once and for all. My confidence had increased drastically after receiving the inheritance. Even though I wasn’t sure what standard my powers had reached, it should still have reached the legendary Grand Magister’s realm.

Chapter 31 – Returning To The Domain

When I flew from the God Rended Canyon to the  Demon race’s plateau, it was still the same desolate place as the first time I came. The only difference was that the boundary of the God Rended Canyon had disappeared.

Suddenly, I was alarmed as I perceived faint trace of the Monster race’s aura with my divine powers. It seemed that the Monster race had already made their move. No matter how pressing time was, I still had to make a trip back to the God Protector Domain.

‘With my current powers, my skill in using long distance teleportation array should be fairly accurate. I will give it a try, in order to save time. I can still fly back to the base even if the positioning is erred, and I will still have a shorter distance to travel.’ Thinking about that, I secured the Holy Sword and used
the God’s Guard on my right hand to draw the long distance teleportation array. The God’s Guard showed its versatility as it
drew up the appropriate magic array with a mere thought. The array was also those kind of complicated long distance magic array that required lots of mental power. The previous  me would have spent a long time drawing such an array, in order to rest and recover my mental power to prevent mistakes in drawing the array. But this time was different, I didn’t feel any exhaustion and my mind was in its peak condition as well. I took just half an hour to draw up the enormously complicated long distance magic array. I was quite confident that I should be within a five kilometer radius of the God Protector Domain.

I used my six wings of light to envelop myself before taking a deep breath and entering the magic array.After I took a final look at the now desolate looking God Rended Canyon, I started the chant to activate the magic array. With a flash of light, I entered a seven coloured world. With the protection of the wings, I felt no resistance and my surroundings were rapidly fading away. With the scenery constantly changing, it made me light headed, so I closed my eyes.
After my body lightened, the surrounding pressure vanished. I was now standing on the peak of a lofty mountain. Clusters of clouds passed by that hit my body with their moisture. After noticing my body was bare, I couldn’t help but to chuckle. How could I go and meet up with the rest looking like this? Wouldn’t I be forced out of the domain like this? I retrieved some clothes from my spacial pocket and wore a white coloured  light attribute magic robe on my exterior.

When I activated my divine will to survey my surroundings, unexpectedly the God Protector Domain wasn’t far front from my location. However, the domain seemed too peaceful. This kind of situation shouldn’t occur, even at night. I was alarmed. Had something happened?

I flapped the six light wings on my back to fly towards the God Protector Domain. Within a few blinks of an eye, I was above the God Protector Domain. The interior of the domain was pitch black. I could only feel a minority of human presences, when compared to the previous 10,000 plus people in the domain
previously. Could it be that the Monster race had attacked this place? It shouldn’t be, there wasn’t any lingering aura of the Monster race here!

I withdrew my wings and landed on the ground. Anxiously, I rapidly activated the river-like divine power, making intense light rays to light up the domain.

Nothing had changed. The mountain range and sentries were the same from when I left previously. The stone houses were also still in their original positions.

I used my divine power to call out, “Is anyone here?” An enormous voice surged towards the sky, vibrating the surrounding stone houses. I was also shocked at such an
outcome because I didn’t use much divine power!

My voice constantly echoed. Every living being in the mountain range should have heard my call. I was too lazy to go on a man hunt because I quickly wanted to know what was happening here, so I used the most simplest method possible. Expectedly, once the sound weakened, a couple people from the domain gathered towards my location.

I withdrew the wings from my back to return into my body, because seeing such a sight would be universally shocking.

Ten black shadows surrounded me like  lightning.  ‘Their power seems so little. It’s as though that I can eliminate them just by moving my fingers. When did the brothers of our
domain become so weak?’

After I realized who had come, I couldn’t help but to doubt my thoughts. The leader of the crowd was Jian Shan and his cultivation wasn’t weak. ’His power couldn’t have deteriorated, right?’

“Who are you? What’s your motive in intruding my God Protector Domain so late at night?” Jian Shan was shocked as he saw the divine light emitted from my body when he queried. It was probably because I was wearing a mask that resulted to his failure to recognize me.

I smiled wryly. “What? I hadn’t seen you for a few days and you don’t know me anymore? I’m Zhang Gong!”

Jian Shan looked at me warily, but his suspicious expression changed to elation after a while. He said in a shaky  voice, “Zhang Gong? Zhang Gong, is that really you? You’re finally back.” He abruptly charged in front of my body to grab onto my shoulders. But when he was a meter away from me, he suddenly stopped and struggled for a while. He frowned and asked, “Zhang Gong, what did you do?”

I was stunned as I hadn’t cast a protective barrier! How did this happen? I scratched my head and explained, “I didn’t do anything! It must be due to the too rapid increase in my powers, I haven’t fully grasped them. Jian Shan, where is  everyone? Why is there only so few men in the base? Where’s Big Brother Zhan Hu and the rest? Where’s Mu Zi?” In the middle of my speech I tried my best to withdraw the powers emitted from my body. Only then was I able to embrace Jian Shan.
Jian Shan’s body shook slightly. He was obviously excited as it had been sometimes since we parted from each other. Jian Shan complained, “You left without saying a word and also gone for such a long time. Do you know that the continent  had undergone so many changes that the heavens and earth had flipped upside down?”

I asked, stunned, “I’ve left for a long time? How long did I left for?”

Chapter 32 – The Change In The Continent

Jian Shan said snappily, “Have you gone nuts to not even remember how long you have gone? If it wasn’t for your voice, figure and the Holy Sword’s aura emitting from your body, I wouldn’t be confident that you’re Zhang Gong. You have been gone for about two years. Your princess from the Demon race and that girl from the Kingdom of Aixia have been missing you dearly.”

Stunned, I replied, “Two years? I’ve been gone for such a long time?” The inheritance felt like it only took a few days! I hadn’t expected that I had left for such a prolonged period of time. ‘Two years?! Of course there’ll be a lot of changes. Perhaps even the Monster King has already awaken.’ I asked anxiously, “Quickly, give me a run down on what has happened during the time that I’ve been gone.”
Jian Shan sighed. “Not long after you left, a little lady from the Kingdom of Aixia came. She’s known as Hai Shui Xing and Princess Mu Zi went to receive her. She has missed you, every morning she’d look afar at the peak of the mountain waiting for your return. She’s really infatuated with you! You mustn’t let her down. Even though Mu Zi has been helping the five elders with training the brothers, she didn’t express much emotion. But from her eyes, we knew that she really missed you. How was your trip? Did you obtain the God’s inheritance?”

‘Hai Shui? Why has Hai Shui come? I don’t have time to think about my relationships right now, because eliminating the Monster race is my top priority.’ “Jian Shan, don’t discuss with me such trivial topics. Can you tell me where everyone is and what movements the Monster race has made during these two years?”

Jian Shan nodded. “After you had been gone for about three months, there was a Monster race den that emerged in the Kingdom of Xiuda. A large quantity of monsters spawned from
the den. Big Brother Zhan Hu and Xiu Si brought the First Division brothers to head there to assist. Unfortunately, those monsters were completely annihilated only after losing a third of Xiuda’s Earth Dragon Cavalry Squad elites. After such an incident, it let the entire continent develop fear after finally experiencing the invasion of the Monster race.

The Monster race’s dens started appearing again throughout the three kingdoms a few months afterwards.  Our  brothers were forced to mobilise and participate in the elimination of the Monster race’s forces. It could be said that our people’s support was in each of the three kingdoms. The brothers were led by Big Brother Zhan Hu, Xiu Si, Xin Ao, and the five elders personally supervised the brothers in the Kingdom of Xiuda. The Kingdom of Aixia had Princess Mu Zi, Hai Shui, Dong Ri, your Xiao Jin and the Demon Fox Xiao Rou, who can already transform into a human. Xiao Rou is really amazing. With her acute senses, she was able to accurately pinpoint every location which the monster den would appear, so Princess Mu Zi’s side currently has the least amount of losses.”
“Our six divisions of the Guard Battalion had been divided into two groups. Three divisions to defend the three human kingdoms and the remaining three divisions that has lower cultivation were also divided into three divisions to act as help out in the three kingdoms. Currently, there’s about 4000 of our people helping the three kingdoms. However, we have lost roughly 3000 of our brothers. The losses that the three kingdoms have sustained are undeterminable. If it wasn’t for us waiting for your return, us couple of brothers would have already joined the frontline long ago.”

My heart sunk. I didn’t expect that the Monster race would have such fast movements. As I thought about that, I asked, “How are the Demon and Beast races? It can’t be that the Monster race didn’t attack their side, right?”

Jian Shan explained seriously, “Since the Demon and Beast races were too far from the Human race and that we didn’t have enough manpower, we couldn’t support them. It was fortunate that the most elites of the Demon and Beast races also
eliminated many monsters den, but they also received huge losses. The most terrifying part of the Monster race is that they are always hidden, making it impossible for us to know when they will appear. Once they appear, they would immediately destroy all the life forms and infrastructure  in  the surroundings. Their tyrannical powers is horrifying.  I  heard that there was a monster den that appeared in a middle-sized town. The entire town was in ruins within just two days, the monsters had even killed all 10,000 people. Currently, the various races of the worlarein within an abyss of suffering.”

I clenched my fists. “Could it be said that you have always been under attack?”

Jian Shan nodded. “In the beginning, a few tens of thousand people died under the hands of the Monster race. The quantity of monsters that we eliminated are innumerable. We had been under attack until the Dragons and Nature Elves appeared that the situation changed.”

I was shocked. “What? The Dragons and Nature Elves have already participated in the battle against the Monster race?”

Jian Shan smiled. “That’s correct! It’s due to them that our losses have been minimized and the Monster race couldn’t attack in an unrestrained manner. The information from the Nature Elves is exceptional. They were also responsible in guiding the forces in finding a possible location of the Monster race. Moreover, the Dragon race’s terrifying  and  powerful forces were uncomparable to any other race. I heard that the Dragon King has already personally joined the elimination of the Monster race. Wherever the Dragon race appeared, the monster dens were already destroyed before they had a chance to even damage anything. Only after three months of the Dragons and Nature Elves having stepped in, could the three human kingdoms stabilize themselves. The Monster race no longer created the large scale destruction as they did before.”
After hearing to here, I heaved a sigh of relief. “The Monster King hasn’t appeared?”

Jian Shab nodded. “There’s no news on the Monster King and the appearance of the monster dens has been decreasing lately. However, in every den that appeared now, there would be several strong monsters. Their powers are greater than the ones that were appearing previously, making it even more difficult for us to deal with them. There were a few dens that the Dragon King personally had to deal with. But it’s unknown why the Monster race focused on the Kingdom of Aixia  and  there weren’t many monsters that appeared in the Kingdoms of Dalu or Xiuda. Thus, the majority of our forces are stationed in the Kingdom of Aixia, while the Dragons and Nature Elves stationed themselves on the side in preparation to support any of the races. The Demon and Beast races were more relaxed. Possibly due to the strong powers that our Human race possesses, the Monster race couldn’t help but dispatch a large quantity over to our side so the Demon and Beast races could take it a little easier. The Monster race has been calm for the last few months. Our men have already gathered in the Capital of the Kingdom of Aixia. Not long ago, they passed a message, once you return for you to immediately meet up with them in the Capital of Aixia.”

Chapter 33 – Capital Of Aixia

I thought, ‘The Monster race is peaceful? No, there’s always a calm before the storm. If I’m not wrong, then the Monster King is currently reviving.’

“Jian Shan, I’ll head to the capital of Aixia now. You guys don’t need to head there, there must be some people defending our base. Don’t worry, I’ve already received the Radiant God’s inheritance. Even if the Monster King appears, we will surely eliminate him with your assistance in protecting me when I cast spells.”

Jian Shan replied, “Zhang Gong, let me come along with you. It should be sufficient for the brothers here to guard the place.”
I looked at him. “Alright, then let’s head there together. Time is pressing, if I’ve guessed right then the Monster race will emerge again shortly and will have a large offensive attack. We must quickly meet with the rest to prepare in adapting to the changes.” Upon saying that and without wasting time, I immediately drew up a long distance teleportation magic array on the ground.

After drawing the magic array, the sky had turned white and dawn was gradually revealing itself. I instructed the remaining brothers to protect the base as I used my powers to protect Jian Shan and myself before activating the magic array.

A light flashed and we simultaneously disappeared in the magic array.

“Ah! It’s really this place.” Everything looked so nostalgic. After all, Jian Shan and I were accurately teleported within Aixia… the place I was standing was the Kingdom of Aixia’s Advance Magic Academy, the likes of which I studied at before. To me, everything was so familiar and nostalgic. I didn’t know how Teacher Zhen and Teacher Di were. Had they participated in battling the Monster race? Ma Ke should have already inherited the throne of the Kingdom of Aixia. How was he?

“Zhang Gong, what’s wrong? Did we teleported wrong?” Jian Shan queried curiously.

I withdrew  the  divine  powers  that  were  emitting  from  my
body as I shook my head, saying, “No, there wasn’t a mistake in the teleportation. It’s just that this place is nostalgic to me. I lived here and even used to study at this very school.”

Jian Shan replied with a smile, “Let’s go, it’s not the time to be reminiscing.”

I withdrew myself from my thoughts and nodded. “Alright, let’s head to the palace now. There definitely  will  be information of where everyone is.”

Just as Jian Shan wanted to reply, dense sounds of footsteps could be heard. We were already encircled and surrounded. This was one of the Squads from the Royal Mage Union. There was a few hundred mages looking gravely at us. I knew clearly that
they could attack us at full force from the light elements shining
from their staffs. ‘En! Since there was the baptism of the Monster race, the Mage Union’s response is quite fast! They should have hurried over from the intense magic undulation from the teleportation array.’

The leader, who was an old mage, stepped forth as he asked heavily, “Who are you people?” From the marks on his chest, he was a Magic Scholar and his main magic should be fire.

I smiled as I walked forth. “Don’t make your move. We are on your side. I’m a student from the Royal Advance  Magic Academy and just returned using a teleportation array.”

That old mage looked at me dubiously as he asked, “Who do
you think you’re lying to? The undulation from the magic array should be from a long distance teleportation magic array. There’s only a handful of people from the Kingdom of Aixia that could use fixed positioning magic array. Tell me, are you related to the Monster race?”

I answered, stunned, “Can it be that I look like I’m from the Monster race?”

That old mage snorted coldly. “There are many people that had their body infiltrated by the Monster race. How do I know you’re not a spy?”

I thought, “His words made me think about Feng Liang Ri and Si Feng Ri. What he says is correct. The Monster King had
already controlled many human bodies. I suddenly realised that his suspicion is correct. It seems that I must expose  my identity.’

I extended the God’s Guard from my right hand. “You should know that the Monster race can’t cast light magic and I’m a light mage. “Upon saying that, I brandished my right hand, making a white light to soar towards the sky that shone on Jian Shan and I. The light ray that soared to the horizon wasn’t dazzling and was exceptionally gentle.

The old mage cried out, “Holy Light! A Holy Light that didn’t need a chant!”

I nodded. “This should already prove my identity.”

The old man seemed to be excited as he nodded. “Please remove your mask.”

I frowned. “My identity and my mask doesn’t seem to have much relation. I’ve a lot of important matters to settle. Please stop wasting both of our times. Your mission should be to protect the city so that it won’t be invaded by the Monster race, right?”

The old mage smiled. “I don’t have any other intentions. I just wanted to see what the God’s envoy, Zhang Gong Wei, looks like.” His words startled me and the mages that came with him excitement. The previously threatening atmosphere disappeared.

“How did you know that I’m Zhang Gong Wei?”

The old mage replied, “The only one, excluding Principal Lao Lun Di, that can freely use advanced light magic should be you, the Child of Light.”

Under the mages that were nearing me, I smiled wryly and nodded my head. Their passionate gazes on me made me uncomfortable. They couldn’t be wanting to find me for an autograph, right? I glanced at Jian Shan before replying to that old mage, “You’ve guessed correctly, but we have a lot  of matters to attend to now so my apologies.” Upon saying that, I brandished my right hand and after a light shone, Jian Shan and I disappeared before them by using a short teleportation spell.

After a few teleportations, we were already far from the Royal Advance Magic Academy. Jian Shan laughed. “Why are you running?! They don’t have any ill intentions.”

I said, displeased, “There are many matters that we have to settle now. How can I afford to waste time? Let’s go.” Upon saying that, I brought Jian Shan, who came to the Capital of Aixia for the first time, along with me as we rapidly headed towards the palace. I didn’t want to stay at the academy as I was fearful of being tangled up in other business. Who really knew what those people of the Mage Union wanted? I was already fearful after exposing my identity and being tangled up with Princess Fei Yu from the Kingdom of Dalu. There was a proverb that states that humans were scared to be famous like pigs feared to be fat.
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