Child Of Light Volume 10

Volume 10

Chapter 1 – Arriving At The Stronghold

The one that worked the hardest amongst the group was Ke Lun Duo as he had to control his flight and constantly cast dark screens, while Mu Zi was also casting the dark screen. She did it in the easiest way possible as she placed one arm around my waist and constantly casting dark magic with the other.

As we arrived above the alliance army and looking at the densely packed ranks, everyone became tense as the cost of being discovered was to be surrounded and attacked. We moved rapidly and had crossed more than half the distance to our destination in a blink of an eye. Right at that moment, Ke Lun Duo softly exclaimed, “This isn’t good. We’ve been discovered. Everyone, be wary of what is coming from below.”

A few dark magic bullets and many arrows shot towards us, as expected. What strong bows they possessed? An arrow could actually reach such a high altitude.

I instantly adapted to the situation. “Our mage opponents shouldn’t be able to control their magic powers to such a distance. Everyone, be careful and try your best to dodge. Don’t fight those spells head on.” Fighting head on would only decrease our pace. Dodging these attacks should be the best solution.

The alliance troops of the Demon and Beast races had already come into contact with the human’s three kingdoms. Extremely loud calls of ‘Kill!’ were heard distinctly, even at such  an altitude. The alliance troops had unexpectedly attacked Ström Fortress with almost half of its manpower, while the three human kingdoms made use of the natural stronghold to constantly use large caliber magic crystal cannon and various magic spells to counter. An endless stream of beautiful and dazzling magic cannon shells descended from the Ström Fortress’s lofty fortified walls. Furthermore, with every captivating ray of light, the number of troops from Demon and Beast race’s alliance would lessen. War was brutal. It was to kill or be killed. Whenever a large magic spell descended on the alliance troops, I clearly felt Mu Zi, who was in my embrace,
shuddering. Looking upon t such a scene, I inwardly promised that no matter what, I must succeed in negotiating with the three kingdoms.

Zhan Hu’s anxious voice rang out, “Everyone, be careful. The enemies attacks are too numerous. We no longer have any choice but to use our protective battle spirit to withstand the magic head on.”

Feeling apprehensive, I withdrew from my thoughts before surveying my surroundings. As expected from what Zhan Hu had said, an enormous quantity of dark magic was constantly surging over. Even though the strength of the spells weren’t strong, the quantity was frightening. It had covered the entire one kilometre area.
Mu Zi in my embrace, “Not good! This is our Demon race’s dark magic army troop/squad/regiment that are commencing their attack.”

I coldly snorted. “Everyone, gather around me and activate your protective battle spirits below us.” I still knew that combined powers were much stronger than separated powers. When the dozen of us gathered together, our defensive power increased drastically. Since we were also at a high altitude, we could withstand the attacks for a moment. However, our movement speed had greatly decreased. The dark magic army squad/troop/regiment had followed our movements, constantly shooting offensive attacks at us.

When facing such a crisis, my heart was calm instead as we were already not far from the Ström Fortress. I shouted, “Everyone, prepare to head forth at full speed!” Upon saying
that, I glanced at Mu Zi in my embrace. I thought, ‘With Mu Zi here, I definitely can’t attack the Demons below us and just defend   against   their   attack.’   Thinking   about   that,   I   just
maintained a small amount of battle spirit to sustain our flight and completely converted the Holy Sword’s power and some of the battle spirit’s power to magic power; an enormous Light Prism Shield appeared beneath the group. We seemed to have become a sun in the night, to those below us.

Even though the defensive power of the Light Prism Shield wasn’t great, the Light Prism Shield that I had improved could deal with those magic bullets. The large mass of dark magic bullet rebounded. I whispered to Mu Zi, “That shouldn’t hurt them. It’ll only cause some trouble for the Dark mages troop.”

Mu Zi didn’t say anything, but tightened her hand around my waist.
Under the protection of the Light Prism Shield, even though our aim was obvious, the alliance troops below us were unable to deal with us for the moment.

When everyone thought that that they could safely reached their destination. I suddenly felt an enormous powers surging towards us. It was not something that the large surfaced of the Light Prism Shield could withstand. I hastily shot numerous light blades downwards, using the Sukrad’s staff. The strength of the opponent was beyond my expectations. With a few moves against the enemy, it had actually made my body’s Qi and blood to roll over and over. My expression changed, I said, “Your Demon race have such powerful mages. We’re at a disadvantage now.” Even though the opponent wasn’t stronger than me, we were in mid air so I couldn’t recover my powers. The flight, fueled by battle spirit, was extremely taxing. If the opponent was to use another powerful magic spell to obstruct us, there wouldn’t be a guarantee that we would safely reach the Ström Fortress.
At this moment, the eastern door of the Ström Fortress, on the right side of the fortress, flew open. A few thousand cavalrymen surged out. When I was curious as to why the humans had sent out such a small amount of cavalry to meet with the enemy, Zhan Hu exclaimed in shock, “It’s second brother’s Earth Dragon Cavalry Squad.”

So, that was the case. Even though there were only a few thousand cavalrymen, it was like a violent gust of wind blowing through leaves, nothing was able to obstruct them. They had successfully plowed through a path among the alliance Demon and Beast race’s troops.

A strong magic had come towards us again from beneath us. I was slightly angered by that before I told everyone, “Everyone, fly towards the right side’s city gate, where the Earth Dragon Squad has come out from. I can handle things here.”  After saying that, I used Sukrad’s staff to draw out a dazzling gold magic hexagon in the air and shot it downwards. The strength of which was already beyond the advanced spells. Even though
it didn’t have the strength of forbidden spells, it was close. This single attack, had already consumed 60% of my magic power. As the hexagon appeared, I told Mu Zi, “Quickly use wind magic to catch up with the rest.” Since I had used up most of my magic power, I had no choice, but to depend on Mu Zi’s power.

As Mu Zi chanted, the wind elements in the surrounding rapidly gathered. The surrounding movement of the air had continuously pushed us towards our destination. Big Brother Zhan Hu and the rest, who were in front of us, had already reached the eastern door of Ström Fortress.

When the magic hexagon that I shot out quickly descended and collided intensely with the dark magic spell, the wind beneath Mu Zi and I instantly surged upwards. That enormous backlash in the air had made my body’s Qi and blood to boil from the shockwave. At that moment, my  body  became sluggish. Mu Zi immediately tightened her hold on me and chanted, “Oh great wind elements, I plead you to change into a tornado that rips everything apart.” A miniature tornado
gathered behind us. With its assistance, Mu Zi and I momentarily shot towards the fortress like a shooting star.

I recovered for a breath with Mu Zi’s full power supporting us before I brandished Sukrad’s staff to dissipate the dark magic bullets that were pursuing us. After the ordeal, we had finally charged into the eastern entrance of the Ström Fortress.

Chapter 2 – Cruel War

The Earth Dragon army team that Big Brother Shan Yun led was invincible. In just a short moment, they had cleared a space in front of the Ström Fortress. When the defenders of the Ström Fortress saw that the situation was advantageous, they immediately sent out all of their forces; the main forces, heavy and light cavalries, all charged frantically towards the allied Demon and Beast races troops.

Mu Zi supported me as we slowly descended to the ground. When Big Brother Zhan Hu and the rest saw that we landed safely, they gathered around us.

I frowned as I watched meat and blood splattered everywhere in the war field. “I didn’t expect that our cross over to the Ström Fortress had led to a war between the races. We originally came back for negotiation, but we’ve become the fuse for the start of the battles.”

Mu Zi consoled, “There shouldn’t be a problem as the Beast men had dispatched their Beamon army troops. With them, it definitely could sustain their morale. The allied troops of the Demon and Beast race has an advantage in the number of troopers. If the commander of the Ström Fortress isn’t stupid, he would withdraw the army and rely on  the  natural stronghold, Ström Fortress.”

I looked astonished at Mu Zi. This was the first time that I saw her wise and farsighted side.

Ke Lun Duo said, “What the princess said is right. Zhang Gong, what should we do now?” We were currently at the east city door. Since we had previously fought against the Demon race, the human soldiers had already treated us as their ally. Everyone was caught up with fighting the war that they,
unexpectedly, didn’t pay any attention to us at the moment.

At this moment, the battlefield had a sudden change. It was as Mu Zi had mentioned previously; the beast men’s Giant Beamon Beast army troop had appeared. When I saw such a large beast for the first time, it gave me a fright. Its body was covered with heavy armour, an enormous wolf teeth club in its hand, and was at least 4 meters tall. It had suddenly appeared before Big Brother Shan Yun’s Earth Dragon army squad.

The Earth Dragon squad’s warriors didn’t care  about anything, other than to charge forward. Unexpectedly however, the Earth Dragon’s strong powers couldn’t withstand the strength of the Giant Beamon Beast. The dragon gun couldn’t pierce through their defense. Under the might of the enormous wolf teeth club, the dozen warriors of the Earth Dragon Army squad, who was right at the front, momentarily became meat paste with their Earth Dragons.

The Giant Beamon Beast Army Squad slowly, but orderly, advanced. They reclaimed the areas that the  Earth  Dragon Army team had taken, piece by piece.Zhan Hu sighed and said, “Even though the Earth Dragon Army squad is powerful, it still couldn’t withstand the trump card of the Beast men. There was nothing in this world, even if it was heavy armoured soldiers, that could withstand the attack of the Giant Beamon Beast. Those fellows are just too abnormal. Look, the flag of the fort has changed.”

The previous constantly waving red flag had turned to blue. The Earth Dragon Army Squad orderly retreated.  The  heavy and light armored cavalry protected their sides as they retreated back to the Ström Fortress in formation, without any disorder.

When the allied Demon and beast races troops were violently
charging over, and the human’s cavalries were almost unable to withstand their enemies, numerous elemental magic  covered the sky and sprinkled downwards from the city walls of the fort. The advancement of the allied troops soldiers instantly decreased, excluding the Giant Beamon Beast from the Beast race.

The human calvaries took the opportunity to successfully retreat near the fortress. The large magic crystal cannon on the fort proved its importance. Small colourful shooting stars streaked across the vast sky and landed on the allied Demon and Beast races troops, even the Giant Beamon Beast wasn’t unscathed. The Earth Dragon Army squad shielded the huge group of calvaries as they entered the fort in front of us. The main forces of the allied Demon and beast races were stopped outside of the fort by the large magic crystal cannon.

The Earth Dragon Army squad had finally retreated back into the fort. Big Brother Zhan Hu quickly charged forward to welcome the last Earth Dragon cavalry that returned. I didn’t
even need to look attentively as that cavalry could only be Big Brother Shan Yun.

Shan Yun  rapidly  rode  his  Earth  Dragon  over  towards  us.
Zhan Hu hollered, “Second Brother, I’m back!”

Shan Yun removed his face helmet and shouted, “Third Brother! I knew it was you guys. Quickly follow me into the city to prevent ambushes from the allied troops of the Demon and Beast races from happening.”

We currently didn’t have the time to reminisce so we hastily entered the Ström Fortress, following Shan Yun.

The fortress was filled with soldiers from the three kingdoms. The city wall was covered with infantries and mages that were responsible in defending the fortress. With the defence of the natural fortress, the mages could show their importance. There were also a couple of small mountain-like objects that should be the large magic crystal cannon; it was also because of them that stopped the allied troops of the Demon and Beast races from recklessly attacking the fort.

Shan Yun didn’t have the time to tend to us as he ordered his aide-de-camp, “Quickly, get the overall statistics on the number of deaths and injuries. Report back to me after.” The aide-de- camp followed his order.

Zhan Hu asked, “Are the people that were just  dispatched from Xiuda?”

Shan Yun shook his head. “Not entirely. The main forces this time was the allied troops from Xiuda and Dalu. Currently, the fortress is separated into three parts. The calvaries from the various countries are under the command of our father, while the infantries are under the command of a wind heroic marshall from Dalu. Lastly, the mages are under the leader of the Royal mage’s group from Aixia, Dun Yu Xi. With such segregation, it makes the ordering of the troops easier. It would be quicker to invade, retreat, and defend that way as well. Now, let’s go to where the commander division is.”

I hastily walked forward. “Big Brother Shan Yun, it won’t be good for us to head to the commander division. Can’t you first help arrange a place for us?” I was a wanted person from Aixia. If I headed there just like that, wouldn’t I be caught that way?
“You? You are?”

I smiled wryly. “I’m Zhang Gong.”

“Zhang Gong? Why has your appearance changed so much? Is it a disguise?”

I shook my head and sighed, “It’s hard to explain with just a few words. Let’s continue our conversation after we enter the city.”
Shan Yun instantly understood and pat his forehead before saying smilingly, “Look at my poor memory. Let’s head to my father’s interim prince’s mansion.”

Even though it was said to be a prince’s mansion, it was just a large courtyard with guards. The interior design was simple and crude. Shan Yun said that it was arranged by the prince. The prince said this originally, “We are to defend the human race and fight against the allied troops of the Demon and beast races. We aren’t here to enjoy life, so what’s the point in building up greatly? We can use that extra money to buy magic crystals.”

Hearing what Shan Yun had said, I couldn’t help, but to have good feelings towards the prince, who I hadn’t met before.
Shan Yun found some rooms for us to settle in. He also didn’t ask why there were two more people. At that moment, his aide- de-camp entered.


“How is the situation?”

“During this battle, there are 112 Earth Dragon cavalries, 1034 heavy armoured cavalries, and 2631 light armoured cavalries that died. In total, we’ve lost 3777 cavalries. The Prince requested that you should hastily return back to the commander division.”

The report had greatly shocked me. In such a short battle, it had unexpectedly resulted in nearly 4000 lives gone and that didn’t include the loss from the Demon and Beast races. War was the world’s greatest killer as the cries from numerous departed spirits permeated the battlefield.

Shan Yun frowned as he replied, “I understand. I’ll head there now. You’re to tend to my guests and don’t slight them. Everyone, I’ll head to the commander division  and  return after.”

Chapter 3 – Telling The Situation In Detail

It was obvious that Big Brother Shan Yun’s mood was extremely heavy. Those calvaries that went to battle and died were like family to him, but so many had died in that short period of time…..

After Big Brother Shan Yun left, we sat down in the room. I said, “Xiu Si and the rest should have arrived here already. Why haven’t they come?”

Zhan Hu asked, “What shall we do next?”
I sighed. “The current situation isn’t good as our coming over was too brazen. The two kingdoms, excluding Xiuda, definitely noticed our entry. If Aixia found out my identity, they definitely won’t take things lying down. What is slightly beneficial to us is that the mages are under the command of Dun Yu Xi. My relationship with Teacher Xi is not bad.”

Mu Zi said calmly, “It isn’t the time to discuss this  matter now. Everyone should have used up most of their powers from the previous cross over. We should immediately rest up to our peak state before the troublesome matters comes knocking on our door. We’ll then be able to deal with future matters.”

Everyone was convinced by what Mu Zi said so they sat properly before they cultivated.
Even though I had used a lot of my powers during the cross over, my recovery pace was abnormally fast. I discovered that the three powers in my body didn’t need me to will it to make them circulate and they could automatically recover by themselves. They were individually circulating in different locations in my body, resulting in the rapid recovery to my peak state.

When I woke up from meditating, everyone was still meditating. Mu Zi had changed back to her original look again. While I looked at the gentle contours of her face, a warm and gentle feeling surged out from my heart.

Big Brother Shan Yun’s aide-de-camp walked in and saw that I had woken up. He whispered, “You’ve awoken. Lord Shan Yun had instructed me that if there was anything you need, you can tell me.”

I smiled with good will. “How’s the situation outside?”

The aide-de-camp replied, “We’re currently dealing with the aftermath of the battle. Those that were injured are getting treatments while they can. The situation is very tense as we don’t know when the allied troops of the Demon and Beast races will attack us again.

I instantly thought, ‘If I wanted to convince the three kingdoms, Xiuda will be the first kingdom to convince. If I obtained the support from Xiu Da, it would then be easier to convince the other two kingdoms. I’ll have to meet up with Big Brother Zhan Hu’s father, the prince.’
“When will Big Brother Shan Yun return?”

“I can’t determine when he will as there are cases where discussions take an extremely long time. You can have a rest first. I’ll inform you immediately once the Lord  returns.  I’ll head out now and will let someone to bring you some  food later.”

After the aide-de-camp went out, Xiao Rou, who had changed into a squirrel form, came pouncing over. I extended a hand. She used her momentum to leap onto my shoulder, rubbing her fury head on my face. This little fella was  too  adorable. Everyone should still need a moment to recover. I held Sukrad’s staff in my hand as I walked out of the room. The yard was large. There were a couple of tall trees in  my  surrounding. When a gentle breeze blew over, rustling sounds of leaves could be heard. Even when some time had passed already, when I thought about the brutality at the battlefield, my heart felt a chill. Even though the previous cross over was extremely dangerous, it had solidified my resolution to convince the three

I  didn’t  how  the  few  teachers  from  Aixia  were  fairing.
‘Teacher Di, are you still doing well?’ If it wasn’t for that old fellow’s guidance, there won’t be the me today. He must be extremely dejected as I’m not by his side now. Teacher, don’t worry. I’ll definitely work hard for you. Currently, what I’m most worried about is my standpoint in Aixia. With Ke Zha’s
rigorous schemes and deep foresight, he definitely wouldn’t accept my suggestion. Furthermore, I’m currently a wanted person by Aixia. However, no one should be able to recognize me now.’

Thinking about that, I subconsciously caressed the scars on my face before smiling wryly. What was the point of blaming the gods and accusing others? It had already happened, so I should just settle the matters at hand before considering the others.

“Zhang Gong, where are the rest?” Big Brother Shan Yun returned.

“They’re still in the room cultivating their powers as they had used up quite a bit of them during the cross over.”

“That’s right, Zhang Gong, I haven’t asked you this. How did you get those scars?”

“You can say that I might be born under an ill star. When I fought against the Demon Emperor at the Demon race, I lost
and his dark magic powers infiltrated my body right after. You should know that I’m a light attribute so after the light and dark elements collided, it had led to the corrosion of my meridians. It was already great that I still have my life, but my body had turned to this current look.”

Seeing my dejected look, Shan Yun obviously understood the immense sufferings that I had experienced. He patted my shoulder and replied, “Alright, my brother, don’t be so dejected. Brother will definitely find the best doctor to treat you. Now, tell brother what you have experienced during this trip to the Demon race.”

Regarding Shan Yun, I could completely trust him as I admired his noble charisma. I told him what had transpired from the start to the end. Shan Yun was shaken to his core as he listened and his expression constantly changed. Upon hearing that I had actually brought back the Demon princess and was preparing to negotiate with the three kingdoms, he couldn’t help, but to exclaim.

“……That was what happened. It’s as if I was in a  dream during this few months.”

“Zhang Gong, even though you had planned well, you should know that it’s highly unlikely that the negotiation will succeed. The couple thousands of years of hatred between the human and the Demon and beast races isn’t something that can be changed by you few people. However, even if that’s the case, I’ll still support you as I also wish that the world can recover it’s peace and harmony. During this period of time, I’m filled with pain and exhaustion as I see my brothers beside me fall one after the other.”

“Big Brother Shan Yun, thank you. With your support, how much will our success rate increase?”

Shan Yun smiled apologetically, “Don’t be too optimistic. My support doesn’t have any importance. The army from Xiuda is under my father. Moreover, there’s His Majesty above  my father. Our first task is to convince my father before convincing the rest. During the previous military discussion, the other two kingdoms had inquired who you guys were. I still  haven’t replied to them and just said that you’re our allies. I’m also not clear about how things stand so I wanted to clarify with you before replying them. Your current biggest advantage is your God’s inheritor identity. If you want to get the three kingdoms’ approval to negotiate, that identity will be significant.

I nodded and replied, “I understand that. Actually, my disfiguration isn’t a bad thing as at the very least, no one should be able to recognise me now. The other two kingdoms are also not familiar with Big Brother Zhan Hu and the rest.  Even though I’m currently wanted by Aixia, if I keep a low profile, I shouldn’t be discovered by them. There are still some of my comrades that hasn’t arrive here. They are my friends that participated in the competition with me when I previously returned in Xiuda. After they arrive, our words will be even
more confident.”

Chapter 4 – God’s Emissary

“Did they also receive God’s inheritance?”

I nodded.

Shan Yun sighed. “The task that you’re shouldering is extremely important. Work hard! When should I bring you all to meet my father?”

A voice came from behind us. “Let’s head there now. Since I’m back, I should at least meet up with that old fellow.”

I turned my head and saw that Big Brother Zhan Hu and the others had come out.

“Second brother, where’s eldest brother?” Zhan Hu asked.

“Our eldest brother is on standby on the frontline. The two of us can’t return at the same time, as someone must be at the front to keep a lookout.”

Zhan Hu nodded. “Let’s go see our father now. Zhang Gong, you and I should head there. The princess should stay for now.
Second brother, Zhang Gong should have told you everything about us, right?”

Shan Yun replied, “He did. You know father’s temper. Whether this is successful or not will entirely depend on your eloquence. I’ll try my best to help you out. I hope that with your God’s inheritor’s identity, you’ll be able to convince him.”

I said to Mu Zi, “Princess, I’ll have to trouble you and Brother Ke to wait here with the other brothers. We will meet up with the prince first. Once we get his support, we’ll then have hope in succeeding in our mission.”

Mu Zi obediently nodded. “Be careful in everything you do, and come back soon.” Seeing her attitude as though she was
exhorting her husband, I looked at Ke Lun Duo, who looked as though nothing had happened. I then nodded, turned around, and walked out with Big Brother Shan Yun and Zhan Hu.

After leaving the prince’s manor, I asked, “Where  is  the prince at now? Is he not coming back to the manor?”

Shan Yun sighed. “Seeing how tense the current situation is, how could my father have returned? He is keeping a constant lookout on the commander division. Don’t worry, my father has his resting area. We’ll head there to meet him.”

I said, all smiles, “Why should I worry? Who would be able to recognize me now?”

Zhan Hu said, “That’s right, second brother. Are there any good doctors here who could take a look at Zhang Gong? Those scars have affected him greatly.”

Before Shan Yun could reply, I cut in, “It’s unnecessary now.
We should settle the main issue first.”

Shan Yun glanced at Zhan Hu, then told me, “I’ll look for a doctor tomorrow. The three kingdoms’ best doctors  are gathered here.”
I smiled wordlessly.

On the way to the commander division, I discovered that the Ström Fortress wasn’t filled with only soldiers  and  mages. There were also many peddlers, of all kinds and shapes. The majority of them sold goods for consumption, armor, weaponry, etc. I asked in astonishment, “Big brother Shan Yun, why are the people here selling weapons and armours? Can they make a business here?”

“Of course, there’s profit for them. Who would be willing to do business for little profit? You should know that it has already been a few hundred years since we last fought in a war. The few hundred years of peace have greatly weakened the three Kingdoms’ battle power and war supply reserves. There are times where we don’t have a choice but to buy from  the peddlers, which means a market had been established. Currently, magic crystals, bows and arrows are most in demand. Our three kingdoms’ fighting power is much inferior to the demon’s and beast’s alliance. If it wasn’t for the Ström Fortress,
the eastern continent would have already fallen into enemy hands. This is one of the main reasons why I support you in trying to negotiate with them.”

Seeing that the situation was so strained, my resolution to prepare the negotiation increased.

“Take a look, that’s the commander division.”

Looking in the direction that Shan Yun pointed to, one had to wonder whether this this was really a commander’s division. It simply looked just like a castle. When compared to the interim prince’s manor, they were as different as the heavens and earth.

The commander’s division was arranged just like the Royal Palace in the Demon’s Royal city. If the commander’s division was the inner palace, the entire Ström Fortress would be the outer palace. The commander division was surrounded with lofty city walls, and was being defended by a large group of armed forces. Even though I couldn’t see the interior, I could imagine that the construction would be magnificent.

Seeing my dumbstruck look, Shan Yun  said,  smilingly, “You’re shocked, right? I was also shocked when I first came here. After a while, I found out that there’s a  purpose  in building it this way. Even if the Ström Fortress were to be broken through, with the defence of the commander’s division, it would definitely be able to hold for quite a long time. The design of the Ström Fortress is extremely meticulous. You’ll discover that in the future, the Ström Fortress  won’t  be fortified. Do you know why?”
At first I was stunned, but then my thoughts turned around quickly. In a moment, I understood the key reason for this. Unruffled, I replied, “It should be due to the possibility that the demons and beasts could occupy it, right?”

Shan Yun replied, with praise, “That’s right. If we had large quantities of magic crystals, no matter how many Demons and beasts there were, we wouldn’t need to fear them. However, currently, we can’t afford to do that. Even if we  were  to purchase them for high prices, from the entire  eastern continent, it wouldn’t be able to satisfy the demands of the Ström Fortress.”

I became apprehensive. I hadn’t known that the demand for magic crystal was that high. Even though I had lots of magic crystals for the negotiation, I couldn’t take them out. If not, once the human race was in power, how could they still agree to negotiate with the Demon race?!

Whilst chatting, we had already reached the moat outside of the commander’s division. After stepping on the drawbridge, the surrounding soldiers respectfully said, “Greetings to Lord Shan Yun.” A commander’s aura unconsciously radiated from Shan Yun’s body. After saying ‘En!’ in acknowledgement, he led us into the commander’s division.

Even though I had made mental preparations, I was still startled after I walked into the commander’s division. The interior was filled with layered blockhouses. Each and every construction was made from heavy granites. It could be said it was flawless in defence.

Shan Yun pointed at an enormous stone house in the center. “That’s the genuine commander’s division. We’ll discuss any important matters in there. My father’s resting quarters are in
that stone room at the side.”

The entrance to the prince’s resting stone room was guarded by eight soldiers. Shan Yun took the lead and walked forth before asking, “Is my father in?”

The leader of the soldiers replied respectfully,  “The  prince and Lord Lei Yun are inside.”

Zhan Hu said, pleasantly surprised, “It’s great that eldest brother is here as well. Let’s quickly enter.” Upon saying that, he took the lead and charged in. Since we had come with Shan Yun, the guards didn’t stop him.

Shan Yun dragged me along, saying, “Let’s head in as well. Look at your big brother, he’s just like a child in a grown-up’s body.”

The stone house was arranged in a simple and unadorned fashion. There was a large bed, a study table and a few chairs in the room. There was also a four meter dragon gun hanging on the wall, slanted. Big Brother Zhan Hu’s tall build blocked my sight, making it impossible for me to look at the prince’s appearance.

However, I noticed that there was a tall and sturdy person beside him. That person unexpectedly looked more ferocious than Zhan Hu, who was two meters tall. His shoulders were broad, and he had a tough and stocky build. He wore a black warrior robe, with a long sword attached to his waist. He had
brows like double-edged swords and tiger-like eyes. His nose was straight, and his jaws squared, giving him an extremely mighty appearance.

I knew he had to be a valiant general on the battlefield. There wasn’t a need for an introduction, as I recognized him from his appearance. He had to be Zhan Hu’s eldest brother—-Lei Yun.

Chapter 5 – God’s Power

When Lei Yun saw my ghastly appearance, he couldn’t help but frown. “Second and third brother, who is that?”

Zhan Hu turned around before instantly moving to my side and laying an arm on my shoulder, then said smilingly, “Big brother, he’s my sworn brother.”

Just as I wanted to greet Lei Yun, I found that two cold rays were shot toward me. I was alarmed, and the magic power in my body couldn’t help but automatically release a faint gold protection barrier around me. I was shocked that the two cold rays were from an old man’s eyes, sitting on the leader’s seat of honor.
Even though that old man was sitting, his bold and powerful build was obvious. He was wearing an official robe, with a jade belt at his waist. He wore an eight-jeweled purplish gold crown on his head. A king’s aura surrounded him. When he felt the protective barrier from my body, a glimmer of shock flashed past his eyes, as he retracted his thick icy gaze. It was expected that he had a king’s appearance; it was no wonder that he had managed to guide his three sons to be such outstanding people.

“Are you the light mage, Zhang Gong Wei, who is wanted by the Kingdom of Aixia?” The tone of the prince’s voice was extremely heavy. Even though he looked calm, once he opened his mouth, it naturally gave off a domineering, powerful, yet not angry voice.

I didn’t expect that he would be able to pinpoint my identity. I looked at Lei Yun, who had his brows tightly furrowed, then I puffed out my chest and greeted him. With a respectful, yet not meek bow, I spoke, “My greetings to you, Your Highness. I’m Aixia’s Zhang Gong Wei.”

Zhan Hu added, “Father, my brother is the world’s youngest Magister. His teacher is the Aixia’s Royal Intermediate Magic Academy’s principal, Teacher Di.”

Slightly angwered, the prince said, “Have I asked you? I haven’t yet settled the matter with you running away again, so just stand at the side for now. Without my instructions, you’re not allowed to casually interrupt.”

Big Brother Zhan Hu, who was considered to matchless in the world, was just as Shan Yun had said. He looked just like a kid who had done something wrong. He stuck out his tongue before obediently going to stand in a corner, not uttering a  single world.

“Zhang Gong Wei, I have heard about some of your matters from the reports given to my kingdom by Aixia. They said that you were once a heroic genius that would arouse the heaven’s jealousy, but you released the Demon race’s princess due to your personal feelings, leading you to abandon yourself, and was thereby listed as wanted.”

When Shan Yun heard the prince’s ill words, he immediately explained, “Father, Zhang Gong isn’t that type of person…….” He stopped his explanation as the prince looked at him with an icy cold gaze.

I sighed gently before saying calmly, “If His Highness is interested, I can tell you all of my experiences for you to judge whether I’m a traitor to humanity. I hereby swear that if I were to speak any empty words, I’m willing to take on five lightnings
that would result in my death.”

The prince glanced at me before replying in a softer tone, “Alright, tell me.”

I took a deep breath and tidied up my slightly unorganized train of thoughts before telling slowly, “What Big Brother Zhan Hu said was right. I’m really Aixia’s youngest generation Magister. My experiences were rather smooth sailing. When I was young, I met with a good teacher that built up my good magic foundation. After that, I successfully got into the Royal Intermediate Magic Academy. I became a disciple  under Teacher Di by chance. My magic level abruptly improved under that old man’s meticulous tutelage. Finally, before entering the Royal Advanced Magic Academy, I successfully reached the Magister realm. I had a seemingly bright future ahead of me in Aixia, but I managed to land myself in the current situation. To be honest, the majority of the judgements that the Kingdom of Aixia have about me are accurate. I really fell in love with the Demon’s Princess and rescued her from imprisonment.
However, it wasn’t that I’ve abandoned myself, but rather, I’ve my reasons in doing so. Your Highness should understand that I wouldn’t just give up my wondrous future just to rescue my beloved woman. If that were the case, currently, I wouldn’t be standing before you.”

The prince nodded, indicating me to continue.

Zhan Hu and his brothers were quietly listening to what I said, but they each had a different expression on their faces; Lei Yun had a curious expression, Shan Yun had a calm expression and Big Brother Zhan Hu had a focused expression.

I cleared my throat before continuing, “Initially, Big Brother Zhan Hu and I met each other in the Kingdom of Xiuda. It could
be said that we couldn’t befriend each other without fighting each other. I went to Xiuda under Teacher Di’s order. Xiuda was my first stop, excluding learning from experiences. You should know Teacher Wen from your kingdom’s knight academy. I was his student for half a year.”

The prince replied, “I heard this from Shan Yun. The group they put together was defeated by your hands.”

I scratched my head. “It was just luck.”

The prince’s voice changed. “In battles, there’s no luck. If it was a life or death engagement, victory and defeat could have been determined in a momentary slip. His loss is his loss. You don’t have to flatter me. Continue relating your experiences,
those you’ve just mentioned aren’t the main points.”

My face flushed before I replied, “Yes, when I came to the Kingdom of Xiuda, it was to improve my knowledge and to pass the warrior’s training in order to strengthen my abilities. However, that wasn’t the only purpose. My purpose was to obtain the Legendary Holy Sword.

After hearing that, Lei Yun gasped. It was obvious that he wasn’t aware of that matter, but the prince obviously  knew about it, as his expression remained unchanged.

“Thus, I invited Big Brother Zhan Hu and a few friends from Xiuda to investigate the location of the Holy Sword in the Kingdom of Dalu. It was unknown to us whether it was our luck
or predestined that those Divine Instruments, which hadn’t appeared even once in thousands of years, were discovered by us. At that time, we also met with the will of the God King. The God King told us that the world would face a crisis, the resurrection of the Monster King. He bestowed a divine instrument on each of us, and he instructed us to completely eliminate the Monster King’s clone. If not, it would lead to the eradication of various races. Big Brother Zhan Hu should have told you all of this.”

The prince nodded. “I’ve heard him mentioned this before, but your words are too unbelievable. How am I supposed to believe you only with this magic-like display of armour? You should know that if this matter is genuine, it’ll affect all of our decisions.”

I interlocked my hands in front of my chest, emitting a dazzling light ray that enveloped my body; a white light appeared in front of my chest, and a small silver sword appeared before me. Divine aura permeated the entire stone house. Lei
Yun hastily went to shield the prince. It was obvious that he didn’t trust me much, with my current ghastly appearance.

I felt the magic power and battle spirit in my body surge constantly towards the Holy Sword, and fuse with its power in my chest, making it rather effortless for me to sustain the Holy Sword.

Chapter 6 – Persuading The Prince

I circulated the Holy Sword in the air before retrieving it back into my body before saying smilingly, “There’s nothing that can imitate the Holy Sword’s divine power. You should be able to believe us now, right?”

The Prince asked with a frown, “With your current power, can you defeat the Monster King?”

“Of course, it’s impossible now. I couldn’t bring out even just 1% of the Holy Sword’s power. Please let me continue explaining first. After I received the acknowledgement of the God and became a God’s inheritor, I had parted ways with Big Brother Zhan Hu and my other friends to head back to Aixia. In order to gain more control of the Holy Sword, I had to improve my cultivation. Suddenly, one day, there was an alert signal that came from the Royal Palace as there was an assassination that was happening towards the newly crowned king, Emperor Ke Zha. I, along with the Royal Advanced Academy’s teachers and
students, rushed towards the palace. Under Teacher Zhen’s assistance, I successfully cast out a light forbidden spell, which led to the near annihilation of the assassins; only two assassins survived. I discovered that they were of the Demon race. Moreover, one of the Demon survivors was a student that I was deeply in love with at the Royal Advanced Academy, who is also the Demon’s princess mentioned in Aixia’s wanted order.”

The prince suddenly waved his hand to stop me from continuing before he asked in astonishment, “You said that you were able to use a forbidden spell?”

Currently, I must not be humble as I need to prove my powers after obtaining God’s inheritance. I would only be able to convince the prince by that way. I nodded. “That is right, but it was with the assistance of Teacher Zhen, with our combined magic power and the power of the Holy Sword in my body, I was successfully able to use a forbidden spell.”

“Continue saying your experiences.”

“At the moment that I discovered Mu Zi’s identity,  I  was really impetuous. After a while, I gradually calmed down, but still wanted to rescue her. Even though I knew that it’ll ruin my future, I did it without any hesitation. There are two reasons for that. Firstly, if I had let the Kingdom of Aixia to execute the Demon’s princess, it undoubtedly will lead to set off a ruckus as the Demon’s princess was the successor of the Demon Emperor. If the successor was killed, you should be able to imagine that the demon race will carry out a frantic retaliation. I thought that the Monster King that the God King had handed over to us should be our real enemy and that we mustn’t give any chances for the Monster race to invade us. Thus, I had chosen to rescue the Demon race’s princess, giving up my future, in order to increase the success rate of the task that the God King has given to us. Of course, I can’t deny that I had personal feelings in doing so as well, since I was really in love with her.” I had deemphasized my personal feelings for Mu Zi at the end of the explanation. Of course, only I knew that when I rescued Mu Zi, at least 95% of why I carried it out, was due to personal feelings.
As for the God King’s order and so on, I really had thought about it before, but it was the secondary reason.

The prince was extremely satisfied with my honesty as he said smilingly, “What are you planning to do by coming here? From what you said, you shouldn’t be here to help us to fight against the alliance of the Demon and Beast races.”

This old fellow’s thinking speed was extremely quick  so talking to him was less laborious. I looked at Zhan Hu before continuing, “After fleeing Aixia, I had met up with Big Brother Zhan Hu, where we experienced a life or death battle against the Monster race. If it wasn’t for some of our friends helping us, we wouldn’t be able to eliminate those Monster beasts. After the battle, I had decided to head to the Demon race to negotiate with the Demon Emperor, in order to unite all of the races to fight together against the Monster race.”

Lei Yun couldn’t help, but to say, “To negotiate with the Demon Emperor? Have you lost your mind? How can we humans negotiate with the Demon race?”

I said smilingly, “Big Brother Lei Yun, thank you for your concerns. But even though it was dangerous, facts have proven that we have succeeded.”

When I said that, Lei Yun and the prince exclaimed. This was the first time where the prince had lost his composure as he anxiously asked, “What did you say? You really managed to convince the Demon Emperor?”
Zhan Hu interrupted, “That’s right, father, we really managed to convince the Demon Emperor. But Zhang Gong had paid a hefty price in order to negotiate with the Demon Emperor. Did you think that what he looks like right now was his original appearance? Zhang Gong was originally an exceptionally handsome fellow. It was due to battling against the Demon Emperor that led to the infiltration of dark elements into his body, leading to the corrosion of his body, which led to his current looks. Only us, who has always been by his side, clearly knows much he had contributed for the world’s peace and harmony.”

The prince was emotionally moved as he told me warmly, “Quickly, tell me in details what happened.”

Thus, I told everything that had transpired at the Demon race’s territory once. When the prince heard that I had unexpectedly brought back the Demon’s princess for negotiation, he was so shocked that his jaw fell. After that, Zhan Hu had told me that this was the first time that he saw his
father lose his self-control to such an extent.

The prince muttered, “The way you all do things are really too audacious. Aren’t you afraid that we might capture the princess to pressurize the Demon Emperor?”

I was alarmed and said solemnly, with a sudden light ray that shot out from my eyes, “If the three human kingdoms really wants to do that, they must step over my dead body.” My tone was so icy that the temperature in the stone room had decreased drastically, even Zhan Hu couldn’t help but to shudder.

The prince fumingly said, “It can’t be that you will go against humanity for that Demoness, right?”

I coldly snorted. “It’ll be you all that force our hands. Could it be that our human race are so nearsighted that they don’t know that peace and harmony is the best outcome for us? If us humans don’t have prestige, then are we still counted as humans? Since I have already agreed to the Demon Emperor that I’ll bring Mu Zi back safely, I’ll definitely keep to the promise. With my current powers, if I were to fight with all of my might against the human race, the loss that you’ll suffer will definitely not be small.”

The prince glared enraged at me after hearing what I said, while I looked at his gaze unyieldingly. The atmosphere’s killing intent had made it impossible for Zhan Hu and his brothers to intercept.

“Reporting!” A foreign voice broke through the silence.

The prince withdrew his icy gaze and said solemnly, “Come in.”

A dispatch soldier came rushing in. “Your Highness, there’s an unidentified creature that suddenly appeared in the sky and is rapidly advancing towards Ström Fortress. It seems that it had come over from the Heavenly Falling Mountain. The other two kingdoms request your presence in the commander division to discuss this matter.”

The prince glared at me and just as he was heading over, I suddenly shouted, “Wait a minute Your Highness!”
The prince stopped in his steps and asked, “What do you want?”

I asked the soldier, “Where is that unidentified creature now and approximately how does it look like?”

Chapter 7 – Xiao Jin Returns

The dispatch looked stunned as he looked at the prince. After the prince indicated for him to answer my question, he said, “It’s an enormous creature that is a few tens of meters long. It looks similar to the legendary dragon and is  currently circulating the Ström Fortress. Lord Dun Yu Xi has already ordered the aiming of 10 magic crystal large cannons at it. If it makes any suspicious movements, we would immediately fire.”

I asked the prince, “Can you do me a favour? The creature that is flying in the sky is my friend. It’s a dragon and is a five clawed one.” Actually, Dun Yu Xi had seen Xiao Jin before, but it wasn’t a surprise that he couldn’t recognise him as Xiao Jin’s current size was many times bigger than what he originally looked like; his increase in size would be unimaginable to anyone.

Zhan Hu said, pleasantly surprised, “Ah! Has Xiao Jin returned?”

Upon hearing Xiao Jin’s news, it had made me extremely excited as I replied smilingly, “It must be him.”

Amazed, the prince asked, “You also have dragons?”

I nodded. “He could be counted as my magic beast. Can you please help me with that?”

The prince nodded. “I’ll try. I shall say that it’s Shan Yun’s dragon race friend that has come specifically to help  us eliminate the Demon race.”

I contemplated. “I think it’s best we don’t tell them that he is a dragon and just say that it’s a magic beast. You only have to stop the city guards from attacking him. I’ve ways to summon his descent, to come directly to your prince manor. As for the previous matters we’ve discussed, let’s continue discussing after settling my friend down. What is your opinion on that?”

The prince replied, “Actually, what you said previously was extremely right. After I’ve made some arrangements here, I’ll immediately head back to report these matters to His Majesty.”

Zhan Hu replied, amazed, “Father, with what you just said, does that mean that you support us?”
The prince smiled wryly. “How can I not? Zhang Gong has convinced me. Moreover, my son is one of the God’s inheritors and the remaining four inheritors are also from our Xiuda. I feel proud of you on these matters. Shan Yun has also mentioned to me before that he didn’t wish to fight, and since you two are standing on his side, I can’t  not think this through. I  believe that His Majesty should consider my opinion.”

I bowed deeply towards the prince and said, gratified, “Thank you, uncle.”

The prince said smilingly, “Uncle? I like being addressed that way by you. Zhang Gong, you’re an extremely  outstanding youth. You just have to do whatever you want and I’ll try my best to support you. Alright, first I’ll help you to meet up with your dragon friend. Lei Yun, you’re to come with me. After I’ve discussed with the other two Kingdoms, I’ll let Lei Yun notify you. Zhang Gong, you should first inform that large fellow to not commence any attacks on the ground. If you don’t, it won’t be easy to deal with the situation. You should all return to the
prince’s manor. Shan Yun, take great care of them.”

“Yes, father.”

“Ah! Zhan Hu, be more attentive. You’re the one  that  I’m most worried about.”

Zhan Hu said with a mischievous smile, “Don’t worry, old pops. This time, even if you chase me away, I won’t leave.”
The prince helplessly shook his head before bringing Lei Yun away. After obtaining the acknowledgement of the prince, I felt much better as I headed back to the interim prince manor with Big Brother Shan Yun and Zhan Hu.


Once we stepped into the large entrance of the  prince’s manor, we heard joyful laughters within.

Shan Yun asked the guard at the side, “What happened?”
The guard replied respectfully, “A few people just arrived and had said that they were your friends from the Kingdom. The few friends that you have brought over seemed to know them as well, so we let them in. They are at the drawing room right now.”

Shan Yun looked at me and I had already understood what was happening and said elatedly, “It should be that Xiu Si and the rest have arrived. Let’s head in quickly.”

As I had predicted, once I opened the door, I saw Xiu Si’s familiar body figure. I shouted excitedly, “Big Brother Xiu Si, you’ve finally come!”

Xiu Si’s body stiffened before he gradually turned around. He
suddenly dashed over and flashed to my side. With both of his hands that clenched tightly on my shoulders, he replied excitedly, “Zhang Gong, you must have suffered. Everyone has already told me what happened to you.” Xiu Si’s gaze was sharper when compared to before. Looking at his collected expression, I knew with just a glance that his martial skills had improved drastically.

I sighed gently. “It’s already over. That’s right, where is Xin Ao and Gao De?”

“Zhang Gong, we’re here.”

Two giant-like lofty body figures appeared behind Xiu Si. Just like Xiu Si, the feelings that I felt from them were different.
They no longer had domineering auras, but rather, they gave off an inscrutable feeling. It seemed that they weren’t idle for these past few months.

Zhan Hu  said  smilingly,  “You  few  fellows  are  remarkable.
Your recent improvements are definitely great.”

Xiu Si said, “It’s all due to to the five elders’ tutelage. Even though it was tough, our martial skills improved a lot. That’s right, Zhang Gong, your precious dragon is still in the sky. How are you going to deal with that?”

I asked, “Why did he come together with you? With Xiao Jin’s speed he should have arrived much quicker than you all.”

Xiu Si smiled wryly, “You’re still commenting on that? That fellow has given us a lot of trouble. We were training that day when he came. The brothers that were patrolling the perimeters didn’t recognise him and thought that he was from the Monster race, and so, they started to fight against Xiao Jin. You should know of Xiao Jin’s tyrannical strength and it was fortunate that he didn’t kill, but he injured about 100 of our brothers. It was the combined powers of the five elders that subdued him. Even though I’ve seen him before, the change in his appearance was too drastic that I wasn’t able to recognise him. The great thing was that he knew how to speak and said that he had come to deliver a letter to me. Just like that, the misunderstanding was resolved. After he delivered the letter he wanted to rush back, but I thought that if he were to reach Ström Fortress, he’ll definitely encounter the same situation. I then  pleaded  with him to set off together with us to prevent more troubles from happening. That fellow was extremely unwilling, but we were lucky that the five elders were able to subdue him. Thus, it led to his spirit dampening. Otherwise, Ström Fortress’s sky and earth would have been turned upside down by him.”
Embarrassed, I smiled. “It was my fault that I didn’t instruct him properly. Big Brother Xiu Si, you had thought it through. I have already asked someone to facilitate Xiao Jin’s coming over. Once the Ström Fortress gives up on attacking him, I’ll summon his descent.”

Xiu Si nodded before he grimly replied, “You’ve suffered so much during this trip to the Demon race. How is the negotiation with the three kingdoms coming along? Are they willing to negotiate?”

I lightly shook my head. “It’ll be extremely difficult. However, I’ve already negotiated with the prince from Xiuda, who is the commander here. He’s also Big Brother Zhan Hu’s father. That old fellow has already agreed to help us by suggesting our matters to the ruler of Xiuda. If we successfully obtain Xiuda’s support, everything will be much easier. Big Brother  Xiu  Si, how many brothers did you bring along with you this time?”

Xiu Si smiled mysteriously before pulling me to a corner and whispered, “I’ve brought over 500 of them with me and they are all elites.”

Chapter 8 – Large Increase In Power

I looked at him, amazed. “You brought so many people with you? Won’t that be half of our manpower?”

Xiu Si shook his head. “You’re wrong. Our current numbers is no longer 1000 people, but is 3000 people.”

I replied jubilantly, “We’re developing at such a rapid pace.”

Xiu Si sighed. “It’s all due to the five elders. They have recruited the majority of the God Village’s robust males, which reached a thousand of them; they also recruited some of the villagers that have good attributes. In total, it reached 3000 of us. Those that came with me were the elites of the God Village.
The negotiation between the Human with the Demon and Beast races is extremely crucial. We should first settle the conflict between the races before we’re able to fight against the Monster King, that’s why I’ve brought so many people over. The five elders continue to train the rest at the base. Our base had already shown signs of formation. With so many experts building it, currently, it looks like a small castle. Once  you return to the base, you won’t be able to recognize it.”

I became much more confident in dealing with the Monster King after hearing what Xiu Si said.

Xiu Si continued, “With our current power, it shouldn’t be hard for us to charge out from the Ström Fortress. If we want the three kingdoms to agree to negotiate, we’ve got to display our might. What you have written in the letter is very accurate, we’ll need to use our God’s inheritor’s identity. When we get the opportunity, we should display our powers in public to let them understand that we’re really God’s inheritors. After that, we’ll act as a go-between, and when conditions are right, success
will follow naturally.”

I replied smilingly, “I’ll need to trouble you in directing our group from now on. With the wise and farsighted Big Brother Xiu Si around, little brother is willing to follow and accept any errands you need me to do.”

Xiu Si knocked on my head before saying with a sly smile, “You brat, are you trying to shirk from your  responsibility? Don’t forget, you’re our leader. If you want to push all of your responsibilities on me, it’ll be impossible. I, at most, can be your good-for-nothing adviser to give suggestions, but for the specifics, we’ll need you as the leader of our brilliant team to direct us. Hehe!”
My thoughts were caught on by him. I smiled wryly, “You don’t need to be so crafty. Won’t it be the same thing if you lead us?”

Xiu Si continuously shook his head. “Don’t even think about it. To be truthful, not many of our brothers want to be in power as we love our freedom. After the important matters are settled and we’re still alive, let’s roam the world. I want  to  go  and check out the Demon and Beast races to experience their different cultures.”

Xiu Si had thought about the same thing that I was thinking. “That’s great, I also have the same thoughts. It’s decided then. But don’t you push away your responsibilities. We’ll have to work hard to achieve that kind of lifestyle.”
Xiu Si smiled bitterly. “Do I even have a choice on whether I can push aside my responsibilities or not?” Upon saying  that, the two of us broke into laughters.

Gao De and Xing Ao walked over. “What are you talking about to be so joyful? Zhang Gong, is that girl the Demon’s Princess? She doesn’t look extremely beautiful. Did you become wanted by Aixia for her?”

Xiu Si glared at Gao De. “Stop touching Zhang Gong’s sore spot.”

I sighed. “She’s Mu Zi, the Demon’s Princess. Her current look isn’t her original look as she has changed her appearance. Our relationship is finished. How can I meet people with my ghostly

Xing Ao suddenly laughed out loud.

Xiu Si saw that I was frowning and pulled on Xing Ao, before he fumingly said, “You brat, what are you laughing for? Don’t you know how much suffering Zhang Gong  is  currently feeling?”

Xing Ao replied smiling, “I’m laughing at his idiocy as he placed you, the peerless Divine doctor at his side, but is still constantly sighing. It can’t be that your Sky God’s horn can’t treat his scars, right?”

Xiu Si and I simultaneously lit up. Xing Ao, who was usually slow witted, had unexpectedly gave me a chance to reborn.

I looked at Xiu Si, filled with anticipation. My heart beat frantically. If he could cure my scars, I could get back with Mu Zi again. This enticement was too big towards me.

Xiu Si nodded. “If nothing goes wrong, it should work.”

I leaped with joy. “What are we waiting for? Let’s quickly start!”

At that moment, a big person came in from outside. It was Lei Yun. He walked towards me and shouted, “Brother Zhang Gong! You should keep your dragon to stop making the people worry at the fortress. Father has already settled the matters with the two kingdoms.”

I replied politely, “Big Brother Lei Yun, Thank you.”

Lei Yun smiled candidly. “What’s there to thank for? You’re my brother’s brother so you’re naturally my brother.”
I stood at the center of the courtyard and raised the Sukrad’s staff and mentally started to call out to Xiao Jin. Gold light rays rippled around me, with me as its center. Lei Yun said, dumbstruck, “Magic is really mystical.”

Since we were near to each other this time ‘round, Xiao Jin quickly felt my calls. A clear and joyful dragon roar could be heard from the sky. A gold figure appeared in the blue  sky, which was giving out gold light rays, making it seem as though a small gold sun had appeared.

I hollered in excitement, “Xiao Jin!”

Xiao Jin’s body gradually magnified in our vision. It was obvious that he was charging downward towards the manor.
When he saw the courtyard of the prince’s manor, Xiao Jin stretched his wings open, decreasing the speed of his descent. I knew that he was doing the same thing as before to glide onto the ground. When everyone saw his startling speed, they immediately dodged to the side. I also flew towards the entrance of the building, giving it sufficient space to land.

However, his landing speed this time was really too fast. Even though his wings had decreased his momentum, the momentum was still too strong and he didn’t control it well. ‘Hong!’ Xiao Jin heavily landed on the ground.

I anxiously called out, “Xiao Jin!” as I dashed towards him.

Xiao Jin flapped his enormous wings twice before he slowly
climbed out from the ditch. The soil and dirt on his wings were scattered all over me. He wobbly walked out from the ditch and used his front claws to scratch his head, shaking his large head. It was obvious that he was dizzy from the fall.

I asked concerned, “Are you alright, Xiao Jin?”

Hearing my voice, Xiao jin’s neck straightened. He excitedly chipped out, “Master!” He moved his two large wings, momentarily covering me within. A sudden immense power had made me unable to breathe; my entire body’s bones were being grinded by the pressure that he was giving out. I hastily used circulated my battle spirit to withstand the pressure. Xiao Jin found that something wasn’t right so he hastily released me.

Chapter 9 – Healing Dream

I sat on the ground and took in a few deep breaths before asking snappily, “Are you trying to kill me with your strength?”

Xiao Jin, embarrassed, replied, “I’m sorry Master. I was too excited so I didn’t control my strength well. Please stop being mad at me.”

I said smilingly, “Alright, I’ll forgive you. Please be more attentive next time. My bones can’t withstand your torture. That’s right, when I’ve sent you to deliver a letter, did you give Big Brother Xiu Si and the rest a lot of trouble?”

Xiao Jin constantly shook his head before replying, feeling
wronged, “They started it and I didn’t fight back. I just played with them using my wings.”

Xiu Si said smiling, “Forget it, Zhang Gong, stop blaming him.
It’s all a misunderstanding.”

Xiao Jin kept on nodding his head as if he were a chicken eating rice grains. “Right! Right! Right! It’s just a misunderstanding. Big Brother Xiu Si is so great. Ah! No, Master is also great.” Seeing his adorable behaviour, the crowd burst into laughter.

Lei Yun walked in front of Xiao Jin and sized him up. “This is a dragon? It’s so beautiful.”

Xiao Jin puffed out his chest. “That’s certainly the case as I’m the prettiest dragon in the world.”

Xiu Si said, “Enough. Stop boasting. Zhang Gong, I should treat your wounds as soon as possible since the earlier it’s treated, the greater the possibility that it gets cured.”

Since Xiao Jin had arrived, Mu Zi had also come out. After hearing that Xiu Si was going to treat my wounds, her lovable body flashed to my side and hugged one of my arms, before saying excitedly, “Zhang Gong, can your scars be cured? That’s great! Really great!”
I replied indifferently, “You’re really mindful of my scars. There’s no guarantee that it can be cured. Princess, please watch your conduct.”

Mu Zi released her arms and replied, choked by her emotions, “Zhang Gong, you know that I don’t mean that. You…….”

I raised my hands to stop Mu Zi from continuing to speak before I sighed and said, “Let’s continue this discussion after my treatment. I also wish for these scars be cured.”

Mu Zi seriously nodded and said resolutely, “It will definitely work! It has to! Big Brother Xiu Si, I’ll be leaving Zhang Gong in your hands.”

Xiu Si smiled before replying, “Don’t worry, princess. I’ll do my best.”

Xiu Si and I walked into the stone room.

Big brother Zhan Hu said, “Brothers, let’s surround the house to protect Zhang Gong while he’s getting treated.”

‘En!’ Dong Ri, Shan Jian and the others agreed as they surrounded the stone house.

Xiu Si and I sat on the bed, face to face. Xiu Si said, “Zhang Gong, take off your clothes.”

I was actually extremely nervous, for I shuddered while removing my clothes. When Xiu Si looked at my  scar  filled body, he couldn’t help but take in a cold breath. With teary eyes, he said, “Brother, you’ve suffered such a severe injury. Ai! Brother will do his best to treat you, though it might hurt a little later. Please bear with it.”

I firmly nodded. “Let’s do this, Big Brother Xiu Si.”
Xiu Si replied, “You’re to keep your magic power within your body and don’t fight against my power. Now, relax your body and be attentive. I’m starting now.” A pure, sparkling and translucent moon white small horn appeared in Xiu Si’s hand. As he chanted, the horn quivered a little, giving off an extremely soft sound. ‘Weng! Weng!’ sounds directly  entered my brain.

The Sky God’s horn gave off a hazy white light that suspended in front of Xiu Si. Xiu Si had already closed his eyes long ago as he focused all of his concentration in controlling the power. The white light ray, which had been emitted by the horn, slowly encompassed my entire body. I didn’t feel any discomfort. A sound that seemed to have broken, yet continued to linger at my ears. The sound was sometimes sharp, sometimes gentle, sometimes stable, and sometimes excited. My mood followed the shift in the melody.

Xiu Si said heavily, “Stop listening to your surrounding and focus wholeheartedly in gathering your mind and stabilizing it.”

His words made me apprehensive, so I closed my eyes and willingly let the sounds enter my ears. My heart gradually calmed down and I entered my meditative state.

Xiu Si chanted heavily, “The God King bestowed upon me the Sky God’s horn. My horn’s roar will pierce through the nine heavens.”

As Xiu Si chanted, I felt a warm energy that slowly entered through the pores in my body. After a while my body felt numerous feelings, be it sore, itchy, numb or pain. It was really uncomfortable. It was even worse than when the dark elements corroded my body, making it impossible for me to continue my calm meditative state. Large droplets of perspiration flowed down from my forehead. My mouth slowly started to give off weak groaning sounds. However, I gritted my teeth and bore the
indescribable pain in order to recover my looks so that I could get back with Mu Zi.The hot energy in the surrounding that infiltrated my body became intense. My body seemed to be fixed on the spot, unable to make any movements. I had complete faith in Big Brother Xiu Si, so I allowed the hot energy to flow through my entire body, keeping my three powers deep within my body. Under the powerful impact, my consciousness became hazy before it left me. My mind was plunged into endless darkness.

“Zi! Zi! Zha! Zi! Zi! Zha!” A clear birdsong woke me from my slumber. The light ray in the room was already very bright. The sunlight had penetrated the tall window to shine on my body. I felt indescribably sluggish. My entire body felt relaxed and was extremely comfortable. When I checked my interior, the three powers were automatically revolving. I struggled to sit up on the bed. “Ah!” I suddenly exclaimed as I had discovered that the majority of my scars had disappeared, while the  remaining scars’ repulsive projections had smoothened, leaving faint scars. My hands trembled as I touched my face. As expected, it was the same! The scars had disappeared.
Was I dreaming? I pinched my legs with all my strength. Ai Yo! It hurt. It seemed to be a reality.My spirit improved as my blood circulated. I suddenly discovered Big Brother Xiu Si, who had a paled face, lying near me.

I immediately felt his pulse. It was extremely weak. I circulated my Ascending Dragon Battle Spirit to  carefully inspect his body. It seemed that it was due to overusing his powers that had led him to faint. I couldn’t help, but inwardly felt gratified as Xiu Si had used all his power to treat me.

I feared that he wouldn’t be able to endure it so I slowly inserted battle spirit into his body. As the Ascending Dragon constantly entered his body, Big Brother Xiu Si’s complexion gradually became rosy.
Xiu Si let out a breath and slowly woke up from his slumber.

I gently called out, “Big Brother Xiu Si, Big Brother Xiu Si,wake up.”

Xiu Si gave out a groan before he groggily opened his eyes. When I saw that he woke up, I said, elated, “That’s great, Big Brother Xiu Si, you’ve awaken.”

When Xiu Si looked at me, he seemed to be stirred up. He grabbed on my hand and struggled to sit up. He said painfully, with tears flowing out from his eyes, “Ah! Zhang Gong, I’ve let you down.”

Chapter 10 – Dark Fusion

I looked at my body and said, “Big brother Xiu Si, I think it’s already much better as it has a heaven to earth difference.”

Xiu Si sighed heavily. “I had activated the Sky God’s horn to help clear the remaining poison on your skin. Even though the corrosion of the dark elements was severe, under the divine power of the horn, it had cleared parts of the scars on your skin. Ai! My martial power is still  insufficient to treat you. Take  a look in the mirror.” Upon saying that, he hung his head dispiritedly as he leaned to the side.

I felt that something has gone wrong from his speech. I stood up in a daze and looked at the mirror at the side. After seeing my appearance, I raised my head and shrieked miserably. ‘Why?! Why is my life so bitter?’

My appearance didn’t change much from my previous appearance. It was just that the scars no longer projected. But the deep atrocious scars were still on my originally handsome face. The mirror slipped from my hands, giving off a clear shattering sound when it landed on the ground.

“Big Brother Xiu Si, do I still have any chances of recovery?” My voice had a trace of dejection.

Xiu Si said bitterly, “Since my martial power isn’t enough to force all of the poisons in your body out at one go, the dark elements had already fused with your skin. There’s no other ways to to cure your scars, unless if you were to change your body’s skin. With that said, there isn’t any probability of recovery with my powers. Brother, elder brother has let you down.”

I sat beside Xiu Si and embraced his broad shoulders before I consoled, “You’ve already done your best. It’s  really  much better now as compared to when I didn’t  receive  your treatment. Big Brother Xiu Si, I don’t blame you. I can only say that my life is bitter.”

A commotion occurred outside the room; it was obvious that my moanful yell had caused it. I had to face what I had to face. I rapidly wore my clothes before opening the room’s door. There were many people that gathered outside the door. Big Brother Zhan Hu, Dong Ri, Gao De, Xin Ao, Jian Shan, the villagers from God’s Village, Mu Zi and Ke Lun Duo had gathered as they had a look of anticipation at the entrance of the stone room.

I trudged out of the stone room. When everyone saw that my looks hadn’t changed, they gasped and Mu Zi’s complexion
became pure white.

My previously stirred up and sorrowful mood had already calmed down. I told everyone with smiles, “Big Brother Xiu Si had already done his best. I can’t go against my destiny. Thank you all for protecting me while I was receiving treatment and return to rest up. If something happens, I’ll notify all of you.”

Zhan Hu leaped forward and tightly clenched on my shoulder before hollering, “What do you mean by can’t go against your destiny? F*ck! God King, you old fellow, why do you have to devastate my brother?……”

“Big brother, stop saying that already. I’ve  already  gotten used to my current looks. Pain and sorrow can’t solve the
problem. Let’s settle the current matters at hand first. Big Brother Xiu Si had used all of his strength to treat me and is currently resting in the room. All of you should also rest up. I’ll be here to deal with everything.”

Mu Zi walked towards me, step by step. Her expression was
calm and my heart shuddered with her every step. ‘What was she going to tell me? Was she going to tell me that our relationship no longer had any hope?’

When Zhan Hu saw Mu Zi coming over, he automatically flashed to the side; everyone looked fixedly at both of us.

A cool breeze blew against my face, making my long hair to be blown aside, exposing my entire atrocious face. Mu Zi kept
walking in front of me until she reached one third of a meter in front of me. She looked foolishly at me before she suddenly extended her hands to hold onto my face. With a candid smile, she said gently, “Zhang Gong, you don’t have to undergo any more treatment. No matter how your looks changed, you’re forever the Zhang Gong that cares, loves and cherishes me in my heart. No one will be able to exceed your position in my heart. I—–Love—-You!”

My entire body stiffened and tears uncontrollably  flowed down my face, wetting both of Mu Zi’s hand.

“Can we return to our previous relationship? Even if we were to start anew, can you give me a chance to pursue you?” Everyone looked at Mu Zi; those prideful experts expressed a rare phenomenon of expressing respect.
I held on Mu Zi’s hand and replied with a trembling voice, “I’m no longer compatible with you, Mu Zi.”

Mu Zi replied smiling, “Why is that, my God’s inheritor? The heaven had predetermined our meetings and naturally bound our lives together. Are looks that important? If you’re really mindful on that, I’m willing to disfigure my looks to be similar to yours. Will you be able to accept me then?”

I jumped up in fright before I yelled, “No! Mu Zi, stop pressuring me. Can you let me think this through?”

Mu Zi clearly saw that my attitude had changed. She smiled with satisfaction before replying gently, “I won’t pressure you. I’ll always wait until you accept me. However, a girl’s youth is
limited so don’t make me wait for too long. I want to remain some of my youth to you, alright?”

Mu Zi’s warm and gentle voice had made my heart violently surge. I almost wanted to yell out that I agree,  but  my inferiority prevailed my feelings. I dejectedly nodded before whispering, “Everyone should go and rest up. Even though our current position isn’t dangerous, it isn’t safe as well, so it’s important that we maintain in a good state.”

Mu Zi tiptoed and gently left a kiss on my face. The gentle touch had made my lonely heart to be filled with sweet feelings. My heart was completely ablaze.

After Mu Zi left, everyone was still standing at their positions
and looked at me dazed. It was obvious that they hadn’t come around. I mockingly chided them, “You haven’t seen enough? Quickly go and rest up.”

Gao De gave a weird call out before he took the lead to run away. Zhan Hu patted on my shoulder before he slowly dispersed with the crowd.

Ke Lun Duo was the last one to leave. He walked to in front of me before he said smiling, “The princess is a good lady. Zhang Gong, I wish you two all the best.”

I asked curiously, “But she’s your fiancee in the Demon race.
Don’t you get jealous at all?”

Ke Lun Duo was stunned. “Jealous? Haha! Why should I? There’s only someone that can make me feel jealous, but she’s not the princess. I have already given my heart to her. Even though the princess is beautiful, I no longer have any extra feelings towards her.”

“I never expected Brother Ke to be such a romantic person.”

Ke Lun Duo said elatedly, “It’s the first time that I’ve heard you call me that. It’s really pleasing to the ear. Please stop blaming me, alright? Don’t worry! I definitely won’t be your love rival. When your looks became like this, the princess’s pain isn’t any lesser than yours. Please try to accept her soon so that she won’t continue to be in pain.”

Chapter 11 – Ke Lun Duo’s Love

I couldn’t stop the curiosity and asked, “Since you didn’t like Mu Zi, why would you accept the Demon Emperor’s arranged marriage?”

Ke Lun Duo looked at me as though I was an idiot. “Aren’t you normally quick-witted? Whenever something involves Mu Zi, you become very simple minded. I can’t go against the king’s order. I agreed for power. Moreover, my father had placed a lot of pressure on me. Do you know who I love? It’s one of the servant girls from my manor. You’re the first person that I have disclosed this secret to. Don’t you ever tell anyone else. Actually, I really hope that you and Mu Zi can get together so that I’ll have a legitimate reason to withdraw from the marriage.”

His words aroused my interest. I questioned closely, “Can you tell me your experiences?”

Ke Lun Duo seemed to recover his attitude when he impersonated the second prince as he teasingly replied, “You’re such a gossiper; even the princess hasn’t asked me this before. Alright, I’ll tell you since you want to know, but you must swear to keep it a secret.”

I had completely recovered from the pain discovering that I couldn’t recover my looks. I patted my chest as I promised him, “Don’t worry. Every word from me carries weight.”

Ke Lun Duo surveyed his surroundings before an intense longingness appeared in his eyes. His tone became softer. “Ah Shui is an extremely good girl. It was unknown why she wandered the streets when she was still a child. I’m 29 years old this year. I was 15 years old when I met with the 5 year old in the streets. She looked extremely filthy at that time as she begged at
the road side. The elder children that were begging bullied her as well. They beat her to the point that blood flowed from her mouth and nose. I decided to get involved due to righteous indignation. Currently, I’m really happy that I decided to help her out. Otherwise, I would have lost my greatest happiness.”

I teased, “Look at you now, you’re like a child experiencing his first love.”

Ke Lun Duo pretended to be angry as he rebuked, “It is my first love. Got a problem with that? Do you still want to hear my story? If you interrupt me again, I won’t continue my story.”

I hastily said, “Alright! Alright! Just say your story. I won’t interrupt again.”

Ke Lun Duo replied with satisfaction. “That’s more like it. At that time, I beat all of the children that bullied her  before tossing some money at her and preparing to head home. I didn’t expect that she would persistently refuse to part from me. She just wouldn’t leave me no matter what I did. I tried being fierce towards her, scolding her and scaring her. But she just wanted to follow me no matter what. I originally planned to toss her at the entrance of my house, but I didn’t have the heart to do it, so I decided to bring her into the manor. After my father discovered this, he didn’t chide me, but rather praised my kindhearted heart and arranged for the servant in the manor to take care of her. When I asked her if she has any other kin, she just kept on crying, giving me an impression of a crybaby. When I was about to leave her, she told me that I was a really good person and asked if she could marry me after she grows up.”

I exclaimed, “Can this be counted as you having abducted a young lady that hadn’t mature yet?”
Ke Lun knocked on my head before continuing, “What do you mean abducted? It was meant to be a joke when I said that I’ll wait for her to grow up before deciding.  I had busied myself with my own matters from then on. Everyday, I trained, studied and lead the troops. It was four years after I met up with her again in the manor. Even though she was only 15 at that time, she looked exceptionally beautiful. She had gained my mother’s appreciation with her pretty looks, her cleverness and abilities, making her serve by her side. When I saw her, she was wearing a white cloth with her lengthy black hair scattered on her back. The shock she gave me was deeply engraved in my memory. I initially wondered whose family’s young lady had come to visit the manor so I asked my mother about it. She told me that she was the filthy little girl that I had rescued. She suddenly came to find me one day and said, ‘Brother, I’ve already grown up. Can I marry you? I know my status is low, but I just want to serve you by your side, no matter if it’s to be your slave or wife, I’m willing.’ Zhang Gong, think about it, when a beauty says this to you, how will you feel?”

His words made me reminisce Hai Shui. “It’s hard to say. If she’s the first one that entered your heart, you must  be worried.”

Ke Lun Dup nodded. “That’s right, even though I didn’t really reply to her at the time, her position in my heart was already very heavy. Thus, I went to my mother and asked her to serve me. My mother wordlessly agreed. Those were my happiest moments from then on. She was smart and gentle, giving off a manner of an unmarried daughter of a noble house. I taught her how to write and strum a lute. She quickly adapted and gradually, I found that I was already unable to part from her. Finally, on a rainy night, I drank too much wine and couldn’t control myself, so…….” When he said that part, Ke Lun Duo’s face flushed.

As a man, I naturally understood what he had done before angrily rebuking him, “You, lecher, to take advantage of her difficulties.”
Ke Lun Duo glared at me and said, “What do you mean I took advantage of her difficulties? We’re truly in love. After that, I swore that I’ll only love her in my life. However, Ah Shui didn’t express too much excitement and just said that she’s satisfied with just staying by my side. It was at that moment that the Demon Emperor announced my and Mu Zi’s marriage. I still remember this vividly: once Ah Shui got the news, her  face paled for a month, making her fall severely ill. I had used everyday after that swearing and promising her, with the addition of my Eighteen Softening skills, I successfully brought her back to my side.”

I asked, stunned, “What are the Eighteen Softening skills?”

Ke Lun Duo smiled mysteriously. “You don’t know? There’s also things that you, the God’s inheritor, didn’t know? When chance presents itself, big brother will teach you. I promise that you will be able to coax Mu Zi to be docile.”

I understood what he meant after his explanation before I snappily said, “You! Are you and Ah Shui gonna go on like this forever? Your parents also don’t know about your  matters. When are you going to give her a status? If you don’t cherish such a good girl, you’ll regret it for life.”

Ke Lun Duo replied, “I don’t need you to teach me that. When I came here with Mu Zi, protecting her is my highest priority, but secondly, it’s also to facilitate in getting you two back together. The best will be for you to elope with her. Hehe! I’ll then be able to justly and honorably withdraw from  the marriage to marry my beloved Ah Shui. Haha!”

Chapter 12 – The Hero Saves The Beauty

I said smiling, “So you have a conspiracy. I’ll  give  my blessings to the both of you. If it really can’t work out, you can elope with Ah Shui as well. I’ll definitely take good care of you two at the human’s continent. How’s that?”

Ke Lun Duo’s eyes lit up. “There’s really an enormous obstruction for Ah Shui to be with me. Your suggestion isn’t bad. When I bring Ah Shui to live with you all, it really won’t be bad as the life in your human’s continent is more comfortable than in the Demon race. Ha!…..I’m really sleepy, so I’m going to sleep. I feel much more relaxed after telling you this, so I definitely will have a good rest tonight.” After hearing his story, I felt that much closer to Ke Lun Duo since we were both unfortunate people and had some problems with our family.

‘Even though I didn’t recover my looks, I felt much better already. Since nothing should happen here, I shall head out and wander the proximity of the manor.’ Thinking about that, I
waved my hand to open the space pocket and took out a long muslin conical bamboo hat. It was the item that I bought when I was in the Demon’s city. After taking a cloth to wrap the Sukrad’s staff and made clear of my departure to one of the guards, I headed out of the Prince’s manor.

The sky was as pretty as a blue velvet. Everywhere was filled with clouds and the bright and beautiful sunshine shone on me, making me indescribably comfortable. There was also  a constant flow of patrolling soldiers on the streets of the fortress.

I gradually strolled the street, browsing the items of the fort before I suddenly heard a dispute in front of me.

“I already  told  you  not  to  follow  me.  Why  are  you  still
following me?”

“Miss, please stop running around all over the place. If something were to happen to you, how are we supposed to head back and account for you?”

“Enough! Don’t you feel bothersome? I’m not a child. There shouldn’t be any problems if I go for a walk. This is  our territory, so what dangers will I experience? I warn you all that you’re forbidden to continue following me.”

A young and beautiful lady appeared in my sight. She was wearing a beautiful red mage robe, with her lips pouting, expressing dissatisfaction. The four warriors that closely followed her looked extremely keyed up/nervous.

The leader of the warriors suddenly blocked the lady’s path before saying respectfully, “Miss, please head back with us. Otherwise, Master will be angry.”

The young lady used her strength to push against the sheath of the long sword that was blocking her way and fumingly replied, “I’m not going back! Nope! I’m not heading  back.” When the long sword didn’t move an inch, the young lady was so angry that her charming face flushed red. “Good, you’re the
one that forced my hand. Oh great fire god, bestow me your powers to use your explosive fire and eliminate everything that is before you—-Explosive flames!” My goodness, that brat was really a small chilli.

Fire elements frantically gathered around the girl. During that period when that warrior was stunned, a couple of enormous
fireballs exploded in front of him.

That warrior didn’t panic when in shock. He  enclosed  his body with a white battle spirit that had traces of gold in it. It seemed that he had real skills as he was already approaching the Radiant Knight rank. When the fire got in contact with  the battle spirit, it gave off concentrated explosion sounds. Since the warrior didn’t make sufficient preparation, he was momentarily forced two steps back from the shockwave. The young lady let out bell-like laughter as she took advantage of the time he was frenetic to move like a breeze past the warrior’s obstruction.

Simultaneously, when they were fighting,  hurried  horse’s hoof sounds resounded. A team of heavy  armoured cavalries was rushing over. Seeing their hurried appearance, it was obvious that they were going to carry out an important mission. When that girl dodged the obstruction, she was right in front of them. She was moving backwards so she didn’t notice the sudden incoming danger. The warriors that obstructed her
shouted loudly in chorus, “Miss, be careful! It’s dangerous!”

The young girl then discovered the heavy armoured cavalries that were already near her. She had unexpectedly forgotten to use her wind magic to avoid them due to fright. The heavy armoured cavalries also discovered her so they pulled on their reign. However, since the horse and the cavalries were heavily armoured, their inertia were large so for a  moment,  they weren’t able to stop their charging force. When the life fire of the young girl was going to be extinguished from being trampled over, I made my move.

At this moment, short teleportation displayed great powers. I suddenly appeared to the young girl’s side, embracing with an arm. I used the time, since the armoured horses hadn’t reached us, to teleport to the side of the street. The crowd only saw that the young girl had disappeared after a black shadow flashed past. Those heavy armoured cavalry had charged 10 meters before stopping.

After the four guards that follows the girl saw that a black covered face man had saved their young master, they immediately charged over. The leader shouted at the heavy armoured cavalry, “Are you dog eyes’ blind?! Why are you running so fast in the main street?!”

The leader of the heavy armoured cavalries shouted, “Who are you to scold us? This is a fort to prevent our enemies from invading us, not a playground. Who called you to let your child wander about?”

That warrior’s expression agitatedly changed before they angrily gushed out to the front of the leader of the heavy armoured cavalries, taking out a writ tablet and waved it before him. The leader of the heavy armoured cavalries looked as though he had saw a ghost. He leaped down from their horses
and said politely, “Sorry, I didn’t know……”

The warrior complacently stopped him from talking as he said arrogantly, “Miss was unharmed this time. If not, it  won’t suffice to appease the Master’s anger, even after chopping your dozen heads’ off.”

The leader of the calvary respectfully replied, “Yes! Yes! Yes! We’ll definitely take note of that next time. We really have an urgent military affair so we… ”

The warrior impatiently waved his hand. “Enough, just quickly head on. Be careful from now on.” It seemed that the warrior understood the logic, where it was possible to let people off, one should spare them. I didn’t know which division they
served under to have actually made those insufferably arrogant heavy armoured cavalries give in so obediently.

After those heavy armoured cavalry left, a crisp voice sounded from my side, “Hey! Hey! Can you let me go already? Are you thinking of taking advantage of me?”

I lowered my head and remembered that the beautiful young girl was still in my embrace. I hastily let go of her and retreated two steps back before replying apologetically, “My apologies to miss, I had treated you irreverently.”

The girl said with a gentle laughter, “Thank you for saving me.”

I gently shook my head. “Anyone who met with this kind of situation will make a move to help if they have the capability. Miss, you should be careful from now on and stop being so willful. Otherwise, it really isn’t worth it for you to lose your life meaninglessly.”

The young girl frowned and looked as though she was going to throw her temper, but she seemed to remember that I was her benefactor that had saved her life, so she forcefully suppressed her anger and replied, “I understand.”

Chapter 13 – The Prince Returns Home

The four warriors surrounded me before simultaneously bowing. The leader of the warriors said, “Thank you for saving our Miss. Please accept this bow from us brothers.”

I gently waved Sukrad’s staff, that was covered with some cloth, as I replied smiling, “Friends, no need to  be  so courteous.” A faint light was emitted from the cloth that forcefully lifted them from their bowed position. The leader asked in awe, “May I ask which division in the Kingdom of Aixia you’re in? With your magic, you should be a Magister.”

Without waiting for a reply, the girl said, “I’m Ling Ling Xin.
Who are you and can you let me see your face?”
I shook my head. “That won’t be necessary. We met by accident so why should we know each other’s identity? Let us meet again in the future.”

Ling Ling Xin suddenly appeared before me, extending her hand to remove my conical hat. The few warriors shouted in unison, “Don’t do that Miss!” But how could the willful Miss listen? She stubbornly charged towards me. It seemed that she didn’t learn from her mistake and didn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth. An invisible, transparent boundary appeared in front of me. ‘Peng!’ Ling Ling Xin collided with the boundary and fell to the ground.

I laughed and said, “Is that any way to treat your benefactor? I’ll show you my appearance since you want to see it.” As I said, I expanded the boundary, leaving out the four warriors, who thought I was going to hurt their miss.

Ling Ling Xin’s previous fall wasn’t light, it took her a lot of effort to sit up and rub her the injured areas.

I moved in front of her and asked, “Didn’t you want to see my appearance? Look carefully then.” Upon saying that, I lifted one side of the muslin in her direction. A mournful screech sounded from her mouth that coupled with my laughter, gave the situation a sinister atmosphere.

“Everyone, your Miss has just experienced a slight shock so take care of her. I’ll be leaving.” How could I not punish this crafty and unruly girl a little?
With a flash of light, I disappeared from everyone’s sight.

Ling Xin Xin said to herself, “He…He was really ugly.”

The leader of the warriors sighed. “The person that saved you is an extremely powerful mage. We aren’t his match even if we were to team up against him. Miss, let’s head back quickly.”

Lin Xin Xin nodded, with unfocused eyes, before following the warriors.
My heart felt a little uneasy as I hid in a corner. Had I overdone it in scaring the girl into such a state?

I no longer felt like strolling after this matter, so I turned around and headed back to the manor.


“Zhang Gong, where did you go? I was looking for you.” Once I stepped inside the Prince’s manor, Big Brother Shan Yun came to see me.
“You were looking for me? What for?”

“For business of course. Father has already declared that my eldest brother and I will be in charge of the Allied Cavalry. He has already returned to His Majesty to discuss what we talked about that day.”

I took down the conical hat and replied smiling, “Uncle really is a impetuous person. I feel real bad in making that old man work.”

Shan Yun sighed. “Actually, even though my father didn’t mention it, I know that that old man wants to reconcile. The real warmongers are few in number. Who doesn’t want to live in peace? I’ve heard that your wounds aren’t fully recovered. I’ll
help you find some doctors to see if they can cure your wounds.”

“Thank you Big Brother Shan Yun. However, it’s unnecessary as Big Brother Xiu Si’s Sky God’s horn couldn’t cure my wound. I doubt any average doctor would be able to cure it. I appreciate your good intentions, but I really don’t want to experience any more major disappointments after becoming hopeful again.”

Shan Yun replied, “Alright then. The rest have gone to rest up. You couldn’t have eaten breakfast yet and I also haven’t, so how about us brothers find a place to eat?”

I asked, puzzled, “Don’t you need to work today? How do you have time to accompany me?”

Shan Yun said, smiling, “It’s unknown why the allied Demon and Beast race retreated 15 Km. Currently, there’s eldest brother to keep watch at the frontlines so naturally, I can relax.”

As Shan Yun and I enjoyed our meal, I asked, “Big Brother Shan Yun, if your Kingdom of Xiuda agrees to participate in the negotiation, what do you think our next step should be?”

Shan Yun glanced at me from the side before replying with a smile, “Brother, are you testing me? Seeing your behaviour, it seems that you should have a card up your sleeve.”
Embarrassed, I scratched my head. “Even though I’ve got some thoughts on this, I want to hear your opinion first.”

Shan Yun replied, “If His Majesty really agrees to negotiate, the next step we should take is to convince the other two kingdoms. It’ll be extremely easy to convince the Kingdom of Dalu. You should also know that there’s another official name for Dalu.”

I nodded and my eyes lit up as Shan Yun and I said simultaneously, “The Peace Kingdom.”

Shan Yun replied, “Since they are a peaceful country, they shouldn’t like fighting. They’ll definitely stand on our side as long as we mediate. In that case, it’ll be easier to convince Aixia,
but there’s something that you must settle as soon as possible.”

I queried, “What’s the matter?”

Shan Yun’s expression changed as he said, “That is to immediately confirm the attitude of the allied Demon and Beast race forces. As the proverb says, there are times where orders, excluding their ruler’s, won’t be accepted. If the allied army of the Demon and Beast race don’t listen to the Princess and insist on attacking the Ström Fortress, what will you do then? Won’t everything be in ruin? Thus, before my father returns with the news, you must let Mu Zi to stabilize them. It’s best if we’re able to confirm their views s before the peace talks.”

I had really neglected this matter and what Shan Yun said was
logical. If the allied army of the Demon and Beast races didn’t listen to their orders to move, what would I do then?

“Big Brother Shan Yun, what you’ve said is right. We’ll head there tomorrow since it’s better to settle this matter as soon as possible.”

Shan Yun nodded. “After dinner, I’ll bring you to the Eastern entrance, at that time I could make an excuse to do a patrol to bring you out. You must head back as quickly as you can, as I don’t want what repeat of what previously happened with you killing your way back in.

After quickly finishing our meal, I dashed to Ke Lun Duo’s room. That fellow was in a deep slumber as he didn’t notice me,
even after walking to his side. How was he an expert?

I gathered a water bullet and instantly shot his face. This was the most efficient way to wake someone up, as I had learned from experiences with my mother.

Ke Lun Duo became alert and jumped down from his bed.

“It’s raining! It can’t be! How could there be rain in the room?
Ah! Zhang Gong, why are you here?”
I suppressed my laughter and replied, “It’s to wake you up, lazy bum, to discuss some business.”

Chapter 14 – Demon Race’s Main Camp

Ke Lun Duo rubbed his eyes . “What matter do you need to discuss now? I didn’t sleep last night. If you don’t let me sleep for the next 10 hours, I’ll definitely have a black eye. If I head back and Ah Shui doesn’t want me, I’ll blame it on you and steal Mu Zi from you. Hmph!”

I regathered another small water bullet and threatened him. “You dare? Do you want to test this little thing out? Quickly get up! I really have some important matters that I need to discuss with you.”

Looking at the water bullet in my hand, Ke Lun Duo quickly sat up, with his hands covering his face, he replied, “I’m up! Can I not get up? What’s the matter? Say it.”
I withdrew the water bullet in satisfaction. “It’s like this…….” I repeated what Big brother Shan Yun told me before, and concluded it saying, “Thus, I wish to accompany you and Mu Zi to head to the Demon and Beast race’s allied forces tonight, in order to stabilize them so that they won’t attack the fortress again. It’ll be easier for us to carry out our task here this way.”

Ke Lun Duo had already somewhat woken up and after hearing what I said, he replied seriously, “What you say makes sense. Alright, let’s head there tonight. However, I’ve a condition.”

I asked stunned, “Condition? What condition?”

Ke Lun Duo chuckled and replied, “Let me sleep first. Don’t
come and disturb my sleep again.”

I tossed a water bullet over before jokingly chided  him. “You’re good! You dare to play me.”

Ke Lun Duo blocked the water bullet and said smiling, “Alright! Alright! You should also rest up. You shouldn’t call the princess though. You don’t know how worried she was for you yesterday, so let her rest up. When we are leaving tonight, we can just call for you. That’s right, who are you planning to bring along?”

I pondered before replying, “The people that go should be chosen by their quality rather than quantity.  Otherwise,  it might arouse suspicion. I think that only the ones that received
God’s inheritance should go. What do you think?”

Ke Lun Duo nodded. “That should be fine. They also shouldn’t dare to do anything to us. Don’t worry, the princess’s position in the heart of the Demon race is second to His Majesty. Moreover, there’s still me, the brilliant martial god, handsome, free and easy, lofty and powerful leader of the protector guards. Regarding the beast race, it’s actually much easier. Their intelligence is low so they usually follow us the Demon race blindly. The leader of the beast race should be the Beamon King. That fellow only knows how to fight. You should be careful that there’s our Demon race’s Prince Satan, who is in favour to fight against the humans, who has just returned to the royal city. When we came out from the Demon City, His Majesty had put the prince under house arrest. Currently, the one commanding the Demon race should be His Highness, Demon King Xiu Yu. Even though he’s in favour to fight, he’s relatively easier to talk to as compared to the prince. Moreover, Xiu Yu has been taking care of the princess since she was young. His love for the princess isn’t any lesser than that of His Majesty. Therefore, I feel that there shouldn’t be any hiccups during this trip.”
Upon hearing that, I felt much more comfortable before I replied in smiles, “Even if that’s the case, we should be careful. Alright, I’ll let you rest up. I’ll come for you when dinner time comes.”


The sun gradually disappeared in the west. After the short spanned beautiful firelike clouds passed, the tranquility was restored. Since the weather was good, it seemed that the sky would be filled with stars tonight.

The eight of us mixed in Big Brother Shan Yun’s Dragon Army squad, secretly leaving Ström Fortress.

“The sight of the surveillance soldiers is impossible to reach here from the fort. Quickly go, I’ll patrol around here before coming back to wait for you. If you need assistance, remember to use the signal flair that I gave you.”

I quickly donned on the night attire before gathering our group and bid Shan Yun farewell. We then rapidly headed to the main camp for the Demon and beast races’ allied forces.

Ke Lun Duo said, “Zhang Gong, no matter what happens later, try not to make your move and let me settle it. We’ll head to the Demon race’s side first. If we can bring His Highness Xiu Yu on our side, then the Beast race will be easy to be dealt with.”

“Who are you people?”

“It’s me, Ke Lun Duo. I’ve returned from the Royal City.”

“Ah! Is it Lord Ke Lun Duo? Please wait for a moment.”

The entrance of the stronghold opened and a squadron of men and horses came out. Even though they didn’t recognise us,
with Ke Lun Duo’s title as being the Demon race’s top warrior, he was naturally revered by the low status soldiers. After clearly seeing Ke Lun Duo’s appearance, the leader of the soldiers respectfully said, “It really is you, Lord Ke Lun Duo. Why did you come from the direction of the Ström Fortress?”

Ke Lun Duo’s expression dampened before he shouted, “I’m on a classified mission! Is that something that you can ask about?”

That soldier’s expression changed, but rapidly recovered as he replied apologetically, “I spoke too much. I’m only doing my task, so I must be cautious. Please don’t mind.”

Ke Lun Duo’s expression softened. “Alright, but quickly bring
me into the fort. I’ve got some important matters that I need to report to His Highness Xiu Yu.”

“Alright, please follow me. Lord, who are these people?”

“They were ordered by His Majesty to help assist me in commanding.”

Mu Zi picked the right timing to brandish her hand, making a thick black fog to cover her entire body. The gloomy and cold aura had momentarily stopped that soldier from talking.  He said alarmed, “Ah! So it’s the Lord dark mage. My apologies, I won’t be asking anything further. Everyone, please quickly enter.”

After passing through the towering gates, we entered the Demon’s stronghold. My goodness! The interior of the stronghold was completely lit up. The soldiers patrolling were all orderly. The tents were arranged in circles like a horn, in case there was an invasion, they could mutually assist each other. At first glance, it seemed like a battle  -hardened formation with vast experience.

Ke Lun Duo whispered, “How’s our Demon race’s army look?

I slightly noded. “They are elites, and the arrangement of the stronghold is not bad.”
Ke Lun Duo replied complacently, “Of course, I put in lots of effort in arranging this stronghold. There’s hidden magic arrays in here. If the human race were to try and infiltrate, it’ll definitely be an entry, but no escape.”

I asked in awe, “You arranged this stronghold?”

Ke Lun Duo puffed out his chest. “Of course, why? You don’t believe me? If I can’t do at least this much, how will I ever achieve the His Majesty’s recognition and also hold the Demon race’s top warrior title?”

Mu Zi voiced out. “Enough, stop bickering. We’re near the main camp.”

As expected, there was an enormous tent that wasn’t  far. There were a couple of small tents, they looked like stars supporting the moon, surrounding it in the middle. There were also six watchtowers that surrounded the big tent. It was exactly as Ke Lun Duo mentioned, there was a constant flow of people on duty around the clock.

I discovered that the guards of the Demon race were in red instead of the black military uniform I had seen previously as we neared the main camp.

Ke Lun Duo whispered, “They’re our red uniformed warriors.
They are much higher ranked than the ordinary warriors.”
As expected, the guard that guided us were stopped by the red uniformed soldiers.

Chapter 15 – Prince Xiu Yu

“What are you doing here? Is this a place that you’re authorized entry?”

“Sorry, my Lord. It’s just that Lord Ke Lun Duo has returned, so I’ve specifically come to report.”

Ke Lun Duo walked out from the crowd and said with his head raised, “Go and report to His Highness Xiu Yu of my return. I have matters to discuss with him.”

When the red uniformed warrior saw Ke Lun Duo, his previous unbridled attitude was suppressed. After he respectfully agreed, he turned back to head inside the camp.

Ke Lun Duo looked at the soldier in charge of the entrance to the stronghold, “You’re diligent in your work. You can  head back first. If there’s a chance, I’ll find you a better position.”

That soldier thanked him profusely. With Ke Lun Duo in the lead, we continued to walk inside unhindered. The previous red uniformed warrior ran over and said, “Reporting to lord, His Highness Xiu Yu has already woken. You can meet up with him at the main camp.”

‘En!’ Ke Lun Duo agreed.
Mu Zi whispered, “Be careful and act according to situation.” Mu Zi was unexpectedly more cautious than I was, even though we weren’t in any danger and were in her territory. It was no wonder why the Demon Emperor wanted her to be his successor as she really had a general’s manner.

There were 12 red uniformed guardian at the entrance of the main camp. When they saw Ke Lun Duo, they bowed towards him. “Lord Ke Lun Duo has arrived.” Those 12 guardians didn’t look simple; they were absolutely top warriors.

When we wanted to follow Ke Lun Duo in, we were blocked by the red uniformed guardians. Ke Lun Duo frowned and said, “What are you doing? They were dispatched by His Majesty to assist me. Let them in.”
The red uniformed guardian unemotionally replied, “His Highness Xiu Yu only wanted to meet you.”

Ke Lun Duo and Mu Zi looked at each other before Ke Lun Duo said, “I should be able to bring two people with me, right? They were the ones that His Majesty told me to bring them to meet His Highness Xiu Yu.” While he said that, he pointed towards Mu Zi and I. That guardian replied, “Please remove your weapons. Under His Highness order, no one is allowed to bring weapons into the camp.”

Ke Lun Duo said helplessly, “His Highness Xiu Yu is always so careful.” After saying that, he took the lead to remove his companion sword. I passed the Sukrad’s staff to Zhan Hu while Mu Zi didn’t bring any weapons. The red uniformed guardian moved aside. After I affirmed Zhan Hu and Xiu Si with an eye signal, I entered the tent with Mu Zi and Ke Lun Duo.

“Nephew, you’re back.” A gentle voice sounded. I raised my head and saw that there was a person sitting behind an enormous table within the tent. That person looked stern and was slim, with his small eyes he looked lively. He was wearing the most ordinary mage’s robe, but it couldn’t mask the aura of royalty. Even though he couldn’t compare with the Demon Emperor’s matchless domineering aura, his aura wasn’t ordinary. That person must be Demon King Xiu Yu.

When Ke Lun Duo hadn’t replied to him, Mu Zi suddenly took off her cloak and rubbed against her face to reveal her true form. She flew over and said lovably, “Uncle Xiu Yu, Mu Zi has come to see you.”

Xiu Yu was shocked at first, but after seeing Mu Zi’s exceptional appearance, his wary filled face changed to a look of
limitless spoiling. He extended his arms and walked over from the table before benevolently saying , “So it’s my little Mu Zi. Quickly come here and let uncle look at you. It has already been a few years since uncle last met you. I missed you to death.”

Mu Zi was in his embrace from Xiu Yu’s opened arms. Currently, I couldn’t see his Demon King’s identity.  He currently was just an elder that dotes on  his  younger generation. I didn’t know why, but my heart surged forth with a sour feeling.

Xiu Yu released Mu Zi and said in smiles, “When the guardians told me that Wa Leng had brought over some black covered masked people over, I thought that something  was going to happen so it was my little Mu Zi that had come over. You made uncle worried for nothing.”
Ke Lun Duo said with a wryly smile, “Your Highness, don’t trust your nephew?”

Xiu Yu replied indifferently, “Don’t say it like that. I must be on guard against others. With my high status, and considering that this is now the frontline, it’s always better to be cautious.”

I couldn’t help, but to ask, “Then, do you trust Mu Zi?”

Xiu Yu frowned as he stared at me before shifting his gaze to Mu Zi. His expression instantly changed back to incomparably benevolent look. “How can Mu Zi be the same? Even if I don’t trust the Demon Emperor, I absolutely trust in Mu Zi. I’ve looked after her since she was young. I don’t have any children, so Mu Zi is like my daughter. Moreover, even if she were to
harm me, I’d simply accept it.”

I was stunned as Xiu Yu pampered Mu Zi in such a way.

Mu Zi replied lovingly, “Uncle Xiu Yu treats me the best.” From her words it certainly showed that I had spoken poorly, I couldn’t revoke my comment so I could only eat my words and suffer unwillingly.

Xiu Yu ordered, “Servers, you’re to prepare the best refreshments. I’m going to take care of these important guests.”
Mu Zi said, “Uncle, I’ve got a few friends outside. Can you let them in?”

A cold glint flashed past Xiu Yu’s eyes. “Alright, let them in.”

After a while, the tent was filled with various refreshments and food. Xiu Yu raised a wine glass at Mu Zi before saying, “To my good niece that came from afar, uncle welcomes you.” Upon saying that, he guzzled down the wine. Mu Zi drank with him. Xiu Yu glanced at all of us before asking Mu Zi, “My niece, you’ve come here not just to meet uncle, right? If  there’s matters, just say them.”

Mu Zi extended her hand and drew a line to summon a space pocket before she respectfully took out a scroll that was
completely golden. Once Xiu Yu looked at the scroll, his expression obviously changed.

Mu Zi stood up and said, “Demon King Xiu Yu, receive your order.”

Xiu Yu hastily left the wine classifier and knelt. “Your subordinate is here.”

“Accept the Mandate of the Heavens, the Demon Emperor orders. Since there’s a strong enemy that is going to invade the world from a strange dimension, I specifically order the third Princess Mu Zi to be in charge in negotiating with the humans to fight against the outsider. Demon King Xiu Yu is to assist her with all your might and notify the beast men to work together
alongside. When the princess is at your side, she should be treated as though I am personally there.” So, this was  the Demon Emperor’s imperial edict. It seemed that Mu Zi had a lot of effective devices.”

Demon King Xiu Yu didn’t dare to slight the order as he shouted, “Xiu Yu accepts the order. Long live, my Emperor.”

Xiu Yu, who had received the order, looked curiously at Mu Zi and asked, “My good niece, can you explain what is going on?”

Mu Zi smiled before she told him about the Monster race’s invasion. She also mentioned about the small team of us that infiltrated the Demon race and how we managed to convince the Demon Emperor.

Icy rays constantly flashed past Xiu Yu’s eyes after Mu Zi told him all the details. “This is to say that His Majesty really wants to negotiate with the humans. But won’t this also mean that we had wasted our many years of preparations?”

Chapter 16 – Satan’s Monster Transformation

I pulled down the muslin that was covering my face as I asked. “Is human invasion that important? I know that your Demon race’s life is bitter, but the eastern continent also doesn’t have things that are in the west continent. Since both sides has necessities, why can’t we trade? Why must we go to war? The waste of manpower and resources will shake the country’s foundation. Moreover there’s an outsider of our world is beginning to stir, the Monster Race. If something goes wrong, not only will the current territory not be able to maintain itself, but it may even lead to the extinction of your race.”

Xiu Yu lept up and replied fumingly, “Stop saying such terrifying words to scare people. His Majesty might have been confused by your rumours, but what Monster race are you talking about? It’s merely a legend that from a couple thousand years ago. It’s credibility is still unknown. You want me to just hand over military leadership to you with just  your  words? Good niece, even though His Majesty has passed down his orders, you know that uncle is in favor to make war against the humans. I really can’t accept it, I refuse to retreat from just words.”

It seemed that Shan Yun mentioned that they might refuse to listen to orders, excluding their Emperor, he wasn’t wrong. Ke Lin Duo said, “Your Highness, are you going against  the imperial edict then?”

Xiu Yu glared at him before sighing heavily. Countless thoughts flashed through his mind. He really didn’t have the guts to go against the imperial edict and his beloved Mu Zi was in the middle of this.

Xiu Yu sighed before saying, “Can you let me consider for a while? We really can’t mobilize the troops now.”
Mu Zi suddenly become unyielding. “Uncle, you must give me a definite answer today, I don’t want the current progress of the negotiation with the three kingdoms to wither due to having a fire in my backyard. Uncle, would I harm you? Please believe in us.”

Xiu Yu replied with difficulty, “Good Mu Zi, let uncle consider.” If we were to make Xiu Yu pass the military leadership over a short while, it would look really bad on him. He and Xiu Da had always been working hard in preparation to invade the Human race for many years already. When he had finally gotten the chance to command the main army and was able to press on Ström Fortress, how could he just give it up so willingly?

“Reporting!” A dispatch voiced out from outside the tent.

The dispatch said, partitioned from the tent, “Reporting to His Highness, Prince Satan has returned, accompanied with his guards, and says that he wants to meet you immediately.”

We were all shocked by this news. Mu Zi pulled on Xiu Yu’s hand and said, “Uncle, Uncle Satan has been placed under house arrest by father since he didn’t agree to father’s decision. How can he suddenly be here? There must be a lie here.”

Xiu Yu pondered before replying, “Let me meet him before we discuss further. The Demon Emperor might have changed his mind and no longer wants to negotiate with the Human race.”

Xiu Yu’s words made me apprehensive. Right! Did Satan’s return here really mean that the Demon Emperor had changed his mind?

Mu Zi was the first to calm down. “Alright, uncle, meet up with Uncle Satan here. We’ll hide first. If there’s any weird happenings, we’ll be in time to assist you.”

Xiu Yu nodded. “Servers, quickly clean up the place.” After that, he pointed at both sides of the cabinets before saying, “You all hide behind the cabinet. Without my command, you’re not to come out.”
Everyone hid after Mu Zi nodded.

Just when the interior of the tent was cleared, the red uniformed guardian announced from outside, “His Highness, Prince Satan has arrived.”

Xiu Yu smoothed his clothes before walking forward to greet him. When the entrance’s hanging screen opened, Demon King Satan’s lofty silhouette entered our sight with about a dozen followers behind him. What made me feel like laughing was that they unexpectedly were also masked. I kept feeling that there was something different about Satan, but  didn’t  know how to describe it for the moment.

Xiu Yu said, “Elder brother, you’ve returned.”

Satan snorted and replied, “The return to the Royal City has infuriated me. It seems that the Demon Emperor has gone senile to actually want to negotiate with the humans.”

Xiu Yu silently poured a cup of water and passed it to Satan. “Elder brother, quickly tell me what’s the matter?”

Satan drank the water content in one go before tossing the glass on the ground. “Brother, do you believe in me?”

Xiu Yu was stunned before replying, “Of course I believe.”

Satan replied with hatred, “Alright, since that’s  the  case, let us brothers make some big changes. Currently, we hold great powers, if the Demon Emperor dispatched people to negotiate with the humans, then we shall………” Upon saying that, he brought himself to Xiu Yu’s ears and whispered some words with laughter.

After hearing Satan’s words, Xiu Yu seemed to be in great shock as he shouted, “Brother, we can’t do that as we’re one of the Demon race. How can we betray His Majesty? Moreover, if we were to betray him, aren’t you scared that he will come and find us to seek revenge? Are you confident that you can block his Dark Demon Dragon or Dark Dragon spear?” He had purposely said out loud for us to listen. This old fellow was really scheming.
Satan smiled sinisterly. “Brother, lower your voice. You want everyone to hear our conversation? If I didn’t have a way to deal with him, how could I just come suggest this to you? Brother, listen and pass the military leadership to me. If you agree, we’ll first eliminate the humans and then the beast men.  At  that time, the world will be ours. We’ll have half of the world each. What do you think about that?” When he was saying that, Satan’s face emitted a sinister aura. Under the dusk coloured cloak, he wasn’t angry at all.

After seeing this, Xiu Yu was so shocked that he retreated a few steps back. “Brother, what’s wrong with you?”

I thought about something and mentally conveyed to everyone, “Be careful. Satan has already become a Monster. Everyone, please listen to my command. We’ll attack together momentarily. We mustn’t give them a chance to rest. If not, it’ll lead to a huge loss.”

I felt that Mu Zi and Ke Lun Duo, who hadn’t meet with the Monster race before, instantly tensed up, while Big  Brother Zhan Hu and the rest gathered their Divine powers. The best way to deal with the Monster race was with Divine power. Since Satan had changed into a monster, the masked people behind him must have also been changed into monsters. The Monster King would definitely have sent out elites in order to carry out the important mission of retrieving the Demon race’s military leadership. Thus, we must rapidly eliminate our opponents like silent thunderbolts. If not, it would be hard to know who would survive as it would be hard to deal with just Satan himself, who had changed into a Monster.

Satan’s expression became increasingly sinister. He extended his right hand and said, “Brother, quickly pass the military leadership to me.” A grey aura emitted from his entire body and was gradually headed towards Xiu Yu.

Chapter 17 – Monster King’s Ressurection

Xiu Yu was fearful of him as Satan’s demon power was usually similar to his. However, he currently felt that he was a small boat in a vast body of water, while Satan was on  a  wild, untamed ocean. With his voice trembling, he asked, “Brother, what’s wrong with you? It can’t be that  you’re  possessed, right?”

Satan was shocked and realised that he had been a little too impetuous. He then withdrew the majority of the aura that was being emitted from his body before replying gently, “Brother, what are you saying? Where’s the military seal? Didn’t I pass it to you when I left? I think you should return it back to me. Even if we don’t betray the Demon Emperor, I should be the commander here.”

Xiu Yu replied, “Brother, His Majesty had already sent
ambassadors here a few days ago to command me to be the commander here so I can’t pass the military seal to you. You’ve come in so late today. You should rest up first and wait until tomorrow to discuss this, alright?”

Satan’s expression changed and his sinister aura frantically surged outwards. With his eyes narrowed, he replied, “Brother, you must give me the military seal today, even if you don’t want to. Quickly pass it over. Otherwise, I’ll be impolite.”

Xiu Yu fumed. “What? You want to make a move on me? But, I’m your brother.”

Satan snorted. “Brother? So what if you’re my brother? Whoever that hinders my path, I won’t let him off easily. If you
pass the military seal out now, we can still be brothers. If not, I’ll make my move.”

Xiu Yu solemnly shook his head before he suddenly shouted, “Attack!”

Following his voice, the first to attack was Dong Ri’s Wind God’s bow. After a resplendent light flashed, three followers behind Satan collapsed. After a grey smoke raised, the three people instantly disappeared. Xiu Si was extremely intelligent as he knew that if he were to directly attack Satan, there would be no guarantee that he would succeed, so he left the strongest to me while he eliminated the followers.

“The God King bestowed upon me the War God’s armor. No
evil shall pass me for I shall obstruct the evil demons.” After a blue light flashed, Zhan Hu donned the War God’s armour and charged forth, just in time to deal with Satan’s punch, who had just refocused. ‘Hong!’ A loud sound resounded. The berserk power had made the entire tent scattered and smashed.

Satan’s hair was in a quite mess. He stood at the center, laughing wildly and told Xiu Yu, “You’re good. You’ve actually teamed up with the humans to deal with me. I’ll take all of your lives today.”

I supported Zhan Hu, who was violently spraying out blood before conveying to Xiu Si, “Your Highness, be careful and quickly order your subordinates not to make reckless movement. You can just pass this situation to us.”
The power that Satan had expressed made me exceptionally amazed and terrified. He could actually make Big Brother to get blown away and made suffer severe injuries with his powers. From this, I knew that Satan’s power wasn’t inferior to the Demon Emperor’s. Even if the Demon Emperor didn’t possess the Dark Demon Dragon, I still might not be his match. As if to prove that my hypothesis was right, he really changed into a monster. Otherwise, normally it would be impossible for his power to increase to such an extent.

I passed Zhan Hu to Ke Lun Duo before I pulled out the Sukrad’s staff from its cloth, with my eyes focused on Satan.

Satan laughed wildly. “It’s you brat, again to  spoil  my matters. I’ll definitely shatter your corpse to numerous pieces today to let you know my power.”
To be honest, I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to defeat him as I wasn’t confident. However, I was still able to sustain  for  a while. I just needed to wait for Xiu Si and the rest to eliminate Satan’s minions. I believe that the final victory would still fall to our side.

“The God King bestowed upon me the Radiant Holy Sword. It shall shine with the soaring radiance of the vault of  the heavens.”

I had interlocked my hands before my chest as I chanted. Numerous light ray emitted from my body and my hair had turned completely gold. With six light wings gently flapping on my back and a divine aura that enclosed me within, I slowly ascended into the sky. The insufferably arrogant Satan’s expression focused and ascended into the sky with me.
Satan said with hatred, “I wondered who had spoilt our good matters so it was you fellow, Mi Jie Lie. During the great war between the gods and Monsters, you had used the Holy Sword to destroy my body. If it wasn’t for Master to keeping my soul’s knowledge, I would have dispersed into nothing. Today, I shall take my revenge.”

After hearing what he said, there was a message that suddenly passed through my mind and replied calmly, “Jia Si Ke Li Duo, you’re the one that had infiltrated Demon King Satan’s body. You, one of the three Great Monsters under the Monster King, had been doing the wrong things. For you to die under my hand, it’s your honour. I’ll kill you again today. Holy Sword!”

A small silver sword appeared in my hand, making the Divine aura surrounding me to intensify. It had resulted to an increase in vigor for Xiu Si and the rest that they continually used powerful killing techniques, forcing all of the Monsters, excluding Satan, to become unable to fend off their attacks, resulting in their deaths.

Satan showed a fearful expression at first, but he suddenly laughed, “So, you can only use one tenth of the Holy Sword’s power. Haha! Even though I can’t use all of my previous strength, it’s still more than enough to kill you. Dark Monster Blade, come forth.”

Satan’s body became completely enclosed by the grey aura as a long greyish-black blade appeared in his hand. My aura, which was previously held the advantage, was suppressed greatly. I hurriedly circulated the powers in my body; magic power and battle spirit rapidly flew towards the Holy Sword to fuse with its power.

The light that was being emitted from my entire body intensified drastically before I said, “ Holy Sword, go!”

A silvery-white Holy Sword shot out an elegant line towards Satan. Satan’s surrounding aura was restrained as he concentrated on the Dark Monster Blade to fight head on with the Holy Sword.

When the two lights abruptly collided, it caused an explosion, loud like a thunderclap as they burst up in the sky. The sky changed colours and the surrounding clouds were dispersed by the enormous pressure. It was as though an extremely strong flare had gone off in the night sky, lighting up the Demon race’s main camp as though it was daytime.

Luckily, we were high enough in the sky. Otherwise, this exchange would have injured an unknown amount of people.

The majority of the Demon-Beast allied forces, who were still in their sleeping, were suddenly awoken from their dreams due to that loud explosion. Instantly, Demon King Xiu Yu showed the mannerisms of a general as he ordered his various troops to form into a squadron formation so he would be able to deal with any changes at will. The center had been evacuated to form an empty space for Zhan Hu and the rest to fight against the Monster race.

The previous intense collision made me realise that Satan’s power was beyond that of the Demon Emperor. My chest seemed like it had been struck by a large hammer, making it impossible to avoid spraying out a mouthful of blood.

Satan laughed to his heart’s content. “How is it, Mi Jia Lie? This body isn’t bad, right? The fusion with my power was
quick. Haha! Today shall be your end. Don’t think that you can defeat me by borrowing old fellow God King’s Holy Sword. I’ll tell you that will be impossible.”

I wiped off the blood from the corner of my lips, while using the flapping of the light wings to stabilize my body before I coldly shouted, “Jia Si Ke Li Duo, don’t be complacent. With your ability, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll be able  to  defeat me.”

Chapter 18 – Five Gods Defeating The Monster

Satan unyieldingly said, “You’re still acting tough. Alright, watch my blade.” A movement sound sounded by his side, making the Dark Monster Blade to strike towards me. There was a definite gap in power between me and Jia Si Ke Li Duo. Even though I had increased drastically since the previous fight I had with the Demon Emperor, I was still not a match. Mi Jia Lie’s remaining memory told me that this fellow was one of the great three right-hand men of the Monster King. When he was defeated during the previous Great War of the Gods and Monsters, his spirit was forcefully brought back by the Monster King. If Mi Jia Lie’s power were to make a full recovery, he would be a force to be reckoned with.

Even though I couldn’t know how much power Jia Si Ke Li Duo recovered, I could block his move with 10% of the Holy Sword’s power. His recovery should just be around the same as well. Since the Monster King’s body was being sealed in the God’s realm by the God King, Jia Si Ke Li Duo should be unable to recover to his peak state.

As those thoughts flashed through my mind, Jia Si Ke Li Duo’s Dark Monster Blade had already reached near my head. Since I wasn’t his match, I wouldn’t fight head on with him. However, when I prepared to avoid the attack with teleportation, I discovered that my body had been locked into place by Jia Si Ke Li Duo’s aura. I noticed that in his eyes were traces of cunning and ruthlessness in his gaze.

I didn’t have a choice, but to forcefully gather the remaining Holy Sword’s power to shield the front of my body. ‘Hong!’I was blown away 500 meters by his power. He had great strength, the power shot out by Jia Si Ke Li Duo, completely uncompromising tyrannical powers, containing a thick sinister aura  within  it. The sinister aura infiltrated my body on contact, forcing me to feel devoid of any comfort.
I once again sprayed up a mouthful of blood, also the light radiating from my wings of light dimmed drastically. I managed to use the Holy Sword’s Divine power to force the sinister aura from my body, but with great difficulty. I didn’t know if I could withstand his next move. ‘Are you still alright, Big Brother Xiu Si and the rest? Your brother is at his limit.’

At that moment, a thunderous dragon roar was heard emanating from Ström Fortress as a golden streak was moving like lightning towards my position. I instantly became elated as I knew that Xiao Jin had rushed to join the fray, knowing that I was in danger.

Jia Si Ke Li Duo noticed Xiao Jin’s appearance about the same time when I did. A trace of shock flashed past his eyes as he said, “The dragon race has also come, and here I still thought that they were extinct already. Oh Great Monster King,  please bestow me your sinister powers.” So, he also knew  how  to chant. I had kept an eye on the slowly changing Jia Si Ke Li Duo. While I tried my best to adjust the powers in my body, I only
saw the robe of his body expand outwards and his hair stand on end. His body became enclosed with the sinister grey aura from before. I knew that he was gathering power, in order  to eliminate me before Xiao Jin could reach me in time.

Redness shone in Jia Si Ke Li Duo’s eyes. Suddenly, there were eight identical clones that appeared before him. They weren’t illusions, each copy controlled great powers. I immediately raised Sukrad’s staff and chanted to activate the Holy Sword
again, in order to preserve my life. “The God King bestowed upon me the Radiant Holy Sword. It shall shine with the soaring radiance of the vault of the heavens.” Even though I didn’t have much power left, with the Sukrad’s staff assistant, I could just barely mobilize the silver Holy Sword out of my body.

Jia Si Ke Li Duo’s grey eyes suddenly turned completely red as he hollered, “Go and die, Mi Jia Lie.” All eight of his clones charged towards me as he pointed the Dark Monster blade at me. When I saw them advancing, I knew that I was finished. The clones before me weren’t something I can deal with.
Currently in my mind, I could only think about one thing. ‘Goodbye, my Mu Zi.’

Suddenly, white, yellow, red and green powers rose from below me. At that moment those four powers suddenly entered my Holy Sword, which caused an intense Divine power that instantly stimulated a rapid recovery of my body. Three of my light wings suddenly solidified on my back, increasing the previous Holy Sword’s power threefold. Golden rays  flashed past my eyes as I brandished the Sukrad’s staff to circulate around my body, momentarily knocking the eight clones to be blown away.

White, yellow, red and green figures that moved like lightning to gather behind me. It was Xiu Si and the rest who had finally dealt with the remaining Monster race and immediately came to assist. It was their Divine power, from which we shared the same origin, that had previously led to my drastic growth of in power, while they injected their powers into my body.

I could see the fear that showed in Jia Si Ke Li Duo’s eyes as he withdrew his eight clones back to the front of his body. Xiu Si whispered, “Zhang Gong, how are you holding up?”

I smiled wryly as I replied, “If you had come any later, I’d have returned to heaven. Let’s deal with this fellow first before chatting. Don’t let him get away.”

While Jia Si Ke Li Duo focused on us, Xiao Jin had arrived. I didn’t know what he chanted, but his entire body formed into a golden arrow and struck towards Jia Si Ke Li Duo, like a shooting star. The piercing strike had instantly attracted his attention. He dodged to the side the moment just  before contact. But, even though he dodged, without his scrupulous control, the eight clones of him weren’t as lucky. They momentarily dispersed under Xiao Jin’s tremendous attack.
Xiao Jin gave off a strange cry and his entire body seemed to be in pain as he flew towards the side, while his body emitted a grey aura. I knew that he was being stricken down by  the sinister aura. But with his Dragon King’s physique, he should be able to withstand it. Currently, the most important objective was to quickly eliminate the harbinger of doom, Jia Si Ke  Li Duo.

I shouted, “Quickly, combine our powers to eliminate him.”

Xiu Si said, “The God King bestowed upon me the Sky God’s horn. My horn’s roar will pierce through  the  nine  heavens.” The white Sky God’s horn was raised towards the sky, emitting faint white rays that blocked the north.
Xin Ao said, “The God King bestowed upon me the  Titan God’s hammer. I will shake the heavens and move the earth to protect the righteous path” Numerous unknown runes carved onto yellow Titan God’s hammer, making the tyrannical God power to block the west.

Gao De said, “The God King bestowed upon me the Lightning God’s shield. Even ten thousand blades shall not stop me.”A red Lightning God’s shield’s red ray intensified, blocking the east.

Dong Ri said, “The God King bestowed upon me the Wind God’s bow. My ethereal arrows will flash rapidly and with violence.” Dong Ri flew to the south, aiming his intangibile long green arrow at Jia Si Ke Li Duo.
Jia Si Ke Li Duo was locked in place by the four seals coupled with their divine instrument’s aura. I floated above him and sneered, “I’m sorry but to prevent you from causing further harm, it’s inevitable that we would combine our powers to eliminate you.” My entire body gave off dazzling gold light that shone downwards, using the powers that I had previously absorbed from everyone.

When Jia Si Ke Li Duo’s eight clones were annihilated by Xiao Jin previously, he was suffering from severe internal injuries. It was the first time that he felt that we had the  power  to eliminate him as the five of us relied on the our divine powers to restrain him. He frantically struggled about in fright, trying to break free from his confinement.

Chapter 19 – The Monster Disappears

I calmly shouted, “Everyone, get ready! The God King bestowed upon me the Radiant Holy Sword. It shall shine with the soaring radiance of the vault of the heavens. Attack!”

The silvery-white Holy Sword charged downwards. Xiu Si and the rest had also activated their various divine techniques through their divine instruments. Jia Si Ke Li Duo gave out a mournful cry as he brandished his Dark Monster Blade to try his best in blocking out attacks. However, I knew that he wouldn’t be able to withstand for much longer since his power was weakening. He definitely didn’t have any hope of  escaping under the power of the five great divine instruments. The grey aura around his body was gradually thinning and grey fluid was flowing out from his mouth.

Suddenly, a figure flew over at this moment. I shot a glance over while I was busy dealing with Jia Si Ke Li Duo; it was Demon King Xiu Yu.

Xiu Yu pleased, “God inheritors, please have mercy. Don’t kill my brother.”

After hearing that I stunned, that was right. Currently, Jia Si Ke Li Duo possessed Demon King Satan’s body. If we were to kill him, Satan would simultaneously be eliminated. If that was the case, how could Xiu Yu cooperate with us? As I thought about it, the divine power in my hand weakened.

Jia Si Ke Li Duo took advantage of that moment to suddenly spray out a grey mist, instantly stopping our attacks. His body formed a grey smoke and was rapidly moving away from below.
I inwardly shouted, ‘Not good!’ Since there wasn’t Big Brother Zhan Hu to secure the bottom portion, there was a hole in our formation. Furthermore, Xiu Yu’s previous comment had given Jia Si Ke Li Duo another chance to make his escape. Jia Si Ke Li Duo let out another mournful cry due to the five divine powers that heavily landed on the grey mist. The grey mist shrunk to one third of its original size, rapidly floating to the west.

“Mi Jia Jie, just you wait. After the great king returns to the world, my power will recover again. At that time, I’ll come for your life… ”

I looked at Demon King Xiu Yu with a heavy heart, unable to say anything at the moment.
Xiu Si flew to my side and said, overwhelmed with shock, “That fellow is really powerful. The combined power of five of us still wasn’t able to eliminate him. I’m afraid that he won’t be easy to be deal with in the future.”

I heavily replied, “He’s only one of the Three Great Monsters under the Monster King. If the Monster King returns, what will the result be?”

Xiu Yu embarrassedly replied, “I’m sorry, but I only have my older brother. I really can’t bear for him to die just like that!”

This fellow didn’t pay attention to the overall picture.  I initially wanted to berate him, but for the negotiations with the Demon and Beast alliance troops, I didn’t have a choice, but to
swallow those words. I consoled, “Forget it, there’ll  still  be other chances. I’ll try my best to rescue Demon King Satan our next encounter. Let’s head back.”

I already consumed all of the divine powers that everyone had previously supplied me. A sudden wave of weakness came over me, making my body to sway. Xiu Si caught me and used his horn’s power to treat my damaged meridians.

I instructed Xiao Jin to head back in order to notify Big Brother Shan Yun before descending to the ground with the rest. Mu Zi and Ke Lun Duo were guarding Big Brother Zhan Hu. Mu Zi said fumingly at Xiu Yu, “Uncle, you……”

Xiu Yu guiltily lowered his head and took out the military seal
before passing it to My Zu. “This is the Demon troop’s military seal. I’ll pass it to you now. Mu Zi, you must try to understand uncle’s feelings. Satan has been possessed by the Monster race. I…….”

I walked over and pressed on Mu Zi’s shoulder. “Forget it, we can’t blame His Highness Xiu Yu for this. Your Highness, you should now believe that the Monster race’s existence is true, right?”

After this commotion, it was already impossible for Xiu Yu not to believe it so he just silently nodded.

I told Mu Zi, “Mu Zi, you should return the military seal to His Highness. We’ll need to depend on His Highness to command
the general situation of the troops.”

Xiu Yu raised his head, stunned, as he said, “You still trust me?”

Ke Lun Duo said smiling, “His Highness is loyal to the Emperor so how could we not trust in you? There’s also no candidate more suitable than you to command my race’s great army.” Upon saying that, Ke Lun Duo gave me a respectful expression.

Xiu Yu took the military seal from Mu Zi before replying lamentingly, “The current world is you youngsters’ era. I’ve really aged. After this is over, I’ll ask His Majesty to let me retire and return home. It’s all up to you whether to fight or reconcile.
Let’s return to the main camp to discuss.”

Ke Lun Duo looked at the ruins behind Xiu Yu before replying in smiles, “The main camp has already become an empty field. We should find another place instead.”

Xiu Yu then responded, with his old face’s flushed,  he shouted, “Servants, clean up the mess and set up a large tent. Also, someone is to head to the Beastmen’s side to invite the Beamon King over.”

A domineering voice voiced out, “Don’t bother.  Your  place was so lively. Can I not join in?” An enormous black figure blocked the sky’s star light. I turned my head back and really caught a scare. The person before me, ah! I couldn’t say he was
human, but should be from the Beast race. He was at least 5 meters tall, and his entire body was covered with thick armour, exposing only his arms and head. His giant arms were sparsely filled with green fur and his cyclops eye was constantly giving off fierce gazes. The first half of his head was bald, and back half had his remaining yellow hair tied back. His body’s ancient copper-like skin was emitting golden light. I dare to say that his finger was as thick as my arm. There was also an enormous wolf tooth club in his hand at least 3 meters long. The thickest portion of it was wider than 50 cm. I couldn’t guess how heavy it was, but clenched in his hand, it seemed non existent, without giving off any signs of difficulty.

Xiu Yu hastily greeted him. “Ah! Old Brother Beamon has come. Perfect, let’s head to the camp to discuss.”

The cyclops eye of the Beamon King blinked before he replied, “Forget it, your tent is too depressing. Let’s just discuss it here. What happened? There seemed to have previously been fireworks in the sky. I thought that you were celebrating

Xiu Yu smiled bitterly, “What celebration would there be? It’s hard to say with just a few words.” Upon saying that, he shifted his gaze at me and after seeing that I had nodded, he continued, “Let’s chat here then. Servants, bring a large table and some chairs over. Order the troops to return to their camp to rest up. No one is to be in the 500m perimeter of the main tent without my command.”


The night air tonight was exceptionally  refreshing  as everyone sat at the table in the battle-worn ground. The three different powers in my body had recovered a little already. The
damaged meridians had been mostly repaired by Xiu Si’s treatment. Big Brother Zhan Hu dispiritedly leaned on a chair. Since the Beamon King was really too gigantic, he could only sit on the floor.

Xiu Yu pointed at us and said, “Old Brother Beamon, I shall give you an introduction. This is my Holy Radiant Empire’s princess, His Majesty’s first successor-in-line. This is the Beast race’s top warrior, the elder of the Beamon race, Sen Si Beamon.”

Chapter 20 – The Beamon’s War

Traces of animosity could be seen from the Beamon King’s eyes before he said politely, “So it’s the Royal princess. I give you my greetings. His Royal Highness Demon Emperor is someone that I admire the most. It has been sometime since I saw that old man.”

Mu Zi half raised from her chair before she  replied,  “You don’t have to be so courteous. Father told me that the most powerful expert in this continent in regards to power is you and that he was far inferior when compared with you.”

Beast men mind set were rather simple with this praises from Mu Zi, he broke into laughters. “Princess, you’ve overexaggerated. What’s your purpose for coming to the front lines?”

Xiu Yu said, “Sigh….It’s like this, do you still remember the legends from a few thousand years ago?”

Beamon King contemplated before replying, “Are you referring to the great war between the Gods and Monsters?”

Xiu Yu nodded. “That’s right. The princess’s motive in coming here is to negotiate with the Human race.”

When the Beamon King heard that, he leapt to his feet and hollered, “Negotiation? What’s there to negotiate? We
definitely won’t negotiate with the Human race. Our Valiant Mist Empire had spent an extremely long time to prepare for this battle. You want to have a strong start but finish weak? I won’t agree to it.”

Xiu Yu frowned and said, “Old brother, please take your seat and listen to what I’ve to say.” After seeing the Beamon King, who was filled with anger took his seat, Xiu Yu continued, “Our Holy Light Empire’s preparation time for the war wasn’t any lesser than yours. It was the Demon Emperor who ordered for the negotiation. The Monster race from few thousand years ago is reemerging. All of our races must work together to fight against them. If not, there maybe a risk for the  races’ extinction.”

The Beamon King stunned before replying, “Monster race?
The Monster race really exists?”

Xiu Yu replied, “I’ll introduce to few more of my guest. You should recognize Ke Lun Duo so I won’t be introducing him. This few others are from the human race. They are also God’s inheritor. They are currently mediating in the negotiations. The previous fireworks that you thought you saw in the sky was actually due to them fighting against the Monster race. They were able to remedy the Monster’s invasion, using their divine instrument’s power. If it not for them, you wouldn’t be able to see me now.”

The Beamon King queried, “There are really Gods and Monsters? The previous power that was transmitted over was indeed extremely powerful. I could vaguely feel it even from a far distance from this place. From what you said, your Demon race will really be going to negotiate with the Human race. Big Brother Xiu Yu, you must think this through carefully.”
Xiu Yu replied in smiles, “After that commotion, I’ve already made up my mind. Moreover, this is the Demon Emperor’s decision. It can’t be that you don’t trust His Majesty’s wisdom?”

The Beamon King replied, “I believe in the Demon Emperor, but is the Monster race that powerful? What’s there to  fear about them? I’ll kill every single one of them when they come. Let’s eliminate the Human race before we continue to discuss this matter.”

Gao De coldly snorted, “Just by yourself, you think that you can suppress the Monster race?”

The Beamon King fumed. “You dared to belittle me, who is the top warrior of the Beamon race? I want to challenge you to a
battle. If you can triumph against me, I’ll accept your suggestion.”

Just as Gao De wanted to reply him, he was intercepted by Xin Ao as he said, “You want to compete? My Titan hammer should be a match to your wolf tooth club so I shall compete against you instead.” He was worried that Gao De lightning god’s shield wouldn’t be able to withstand the Beamon King’s offensive power. Currently, Xin Ao was really the only one most compatible to fight against the Beamon King. Xiu Si and I didn’t have any intentions in stopping the fight as to convince  the Beast race, which admired strength, it would be the most efficient to use force rather than facts. However, the only thing that I was worried about was whether Xin Ao was really a match for the Beamon King.

The Beamon King yelled out, “Alright, we can conveniently use this cleared space to battle. You can choose to solo fight or group fight me. You just have to defeat me, in order for me to accept your God’s inheritor identity.”

He was really an unreasonable fellow. If Big Brother Zhan Hu wasn’t hurt, he surely had the capacity in defeating him. Xin Ao was slightly weaker than him. Thinking about that, I walked to Xin Ao’s side and placed my arm on his shoulder. “Beamon King, if you can defeat Big Brother Xin Ao, you can deal with us in whatever way you want.” As I said that, I was similarly inserting the powers that I had just gathered into Holy Sword’s power into Xin Ao’s body. Xin Ao looked at me before saying, “I’m the weakest one among the group. However, it is sufficient for me to defeat Beamon.” With my Holy Sword power’s assistance, Xin Ao was momentarily filled with confidence.

Xiu Yu said helplessly, “Since that’s the case, alright. The rest are to leave the perimeters of the fighting ring.

Dong Ri supported me, while Xiu Si supported Zhan Hu. After
everyone left the area, the Beamon King and Xiu Si were the only once at the original main camp position.

The Beamon King surged out an unprecedented imposing aura through his wolf tooth club. His battle spirit roused the dust and sand from the surrounding ground and his muscles bulged up, his joints giving off cracking sounds.

Xin Ao immediately focused his sight on him before whispering his chant, “The God King bestowed upon me the Titan God’s hammer. I will shake the heavens and move the earth to protect the righteous path.” A Titan God’s hammer appeared before Xin Ao, carrying an intense faint yellow light with it. After Xin Ao grabbed on it, his body surged out the similar faint yellow battle spirit.
When the Beamon King saw the Titan God’s hammer that Xin Ao had summoned from space, he was startled by it. His battle spirit became slightly weaker under the divine aura enveloping him. He asked Xin Ao, “What’s that? It seems to be somewhat powerful.”

Xin Ao replied resolutely, “This is the divine instrument that the God King has bestowed upon me. This was the weapon that the Titan God held that year. I shall let you be enlightened as to see who will be the real representation of power today.”

Greed was expressed by the Beamon King’s eyes. “If you lose, give it to me. How about that?”

Xin Ao knew that the Beamon King had taken a fancy on his
weapon. He snappily said, “If you win, we shall  discuss  it.” Upon saying that, he tossed the Titan God’s hammer up into the sky. The enormous hammer suddenly expanded to three times its original size in mid air. It wasn’t any weaker than  the Beamon King’s wolf tooth club. When Xin Ao’s hand separated, he hollered, “Watch my hammer.”

The Titan God’s hammer smashed towards the Beamon King under Xin Ao’s control. The Beamon King didn’t dare underestimate him. He used both of his both hands to hold the wolf tooth club at his side and charged towards the enormous hammer as though he was flying towards it. While he swung his wolf tooth club, he yelled, “Break!” When the Titan God’s hammer collided with the wolf tooth club, it gave off an extremely loud metallic crash. Even though the Beamon King was able to counter the Titan God’s attack, he was forced to leap five steps back; in each step, it left a deep 30 cm depth feet imprint on the ground.

Xin Ao face was a little flushed, while he controlled the Titan
God’s hammer. With this first contact, he came out advantageous.

Zhan Hu asked me in awe, “When did Xin Ao become so powerful? With my power, I can’t be confident enough to say that I would be unscathed when fighting head on with the Beamon king? His power is even slightly beyond that fellows?”

Chapter 21 – The Magic Beasts Retreat

I smiled and looked face to face with Xiu Si. “Big brother, you just have to wait for an amazing battle to occur. Xin Ao won’t lose. Even though Beamon is powerful, his mind isn’t.”

Even though Beamon was at a disadvantage, it had aroused his aggressiveness. After seeing two teeth from the wolf tooth club smashed from the impact, he let out a loud roar before once again charging towards Xin Ao. Xin Ao coldly snorted before wielding his Titan God’s hammer again. Successive loud ‘Hong!’ sounds rang in everyone’s ears; the two people battling were fighting head on against each other. We, the spectators, were secretly speechless while we saw their frantic power-driven, straightforward battle.

A cool breeze blew, blowing up the sand and dust in the field. Beamon King used his bent wolf tooth club to support his body and was panting profusely. A trace of blood flowed out from his lips. It could be seen that he had internal injuries. Xin Ao was in
a slightly better state. With the Titan God’s hammer that was even taller than him in his hand and dishevelled clothes, he was also panting profusely while he stared unyieldingly at the Beamon King.

The Beamon King hollered, “That’s satisfying! Really satisfying! It has been sometime since I had such a fun battle.”

Xin Ao chuckled. “Do you want to go at it again?”

The Beamon King replied, “I’ve had enough. I can’t triumph against you. However, I’m not convinced in my defeat. You had relied on that hammer in your hand to defeat me. If there’s an opportunity in the future, I’ll possess a better weapon before challenging you again.”

Xin Ao replied straightforwardly. “I agree that my weapon indeed has an advantage against you. You’re actually  far stronger when compared to me without it. How  about  this? Let’s call it a draw.”

Seeing his opponent giving him face, Beamon King made a hastened descent from the battle stage. “Alright! I recognise you as my brother. If you need me for anything in the future, you just have to tell me.”

We were exceptionally surprised when we saw such a peaceful closure. Xiu Si whispered to me, “Who said that the Beast men have low intelligence? Just look at that fellow’s wit, he knows that he can’t defeat Xin Ao so he hastily got off the stage and even recognised Xin Ao, a god’s inheritor, as his brother. Not only will it not damage his fame for fighting prowess, it further
increases his prestige among the Demon and Beast races.”

I nodded slightly. “That fellow is indeed powerful. He’s the most powerful person, excluding the Demon Emperor, in the Beast and Demon alliance. If he were to be placed in the battle field, it will be unknown on the extent of losses our Human race will receive. Judging from his power, it’s not guaranteed that the five elders would be able to deal with him.”

The Beamon King and Xin Ao walked over. The Beamon King said frankly and straightforward, “Old brother, I’ll completely listen to you on the matters here. However, I’ll have to discuss about the negotiation with my Master. I can’t make such decision by myself.”
Mu Zi said, in smiles, “Uncle Beamon, I think that it’s not necessary to discuss this matter. When I left the Demon City, my royal father had already dispatched envoys to notify your Beast’s emperor. It’s just that this news hasn’t reached your ears yet.”

The Beamon King was stunned a moment before turning around to replied, “Alright, since that’s  the  case,  there’s nothing more that I can add. We’ll be great friends from now on. Let’s leave the matter for now. I’ll head back to my camp. That’s right, brother, what’s your name?”

Xin Ao smiled as he replied, “Big Brother Beamon, just call me Xin Ao from now on, that’s what my friends call me.”
The Beamon King replied, “En! My good brother, when you have the time, you can come and visit our Beast men’s camp. I’ll treat you well when that time comes. Fellow God’s inheritor, Princess and Big Brother Xiu Yu, I’ll take my leave.”

We bid farewell to this enormous weird beast. While his back gradually faded, Xin Ao suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood. Xiu Si immediately went to support him. “How are you? Are you alright?”

Xin Ao shook his head. “That guy is too powerful. If it isn’t for Zhang Gong’s power that enabled me to use 60% of the Titan God’s power, I wouldn’t have been able to hold on.”

Zhan Hu made a sudden realization. “Zhang Gong, so it was
you brat that who was meddling in this. I knew that Xin Ao couldn’t make such an improvement in such a short time.”

Xin Ao sighed. “His power was something unprecedented to me. It’s no wonder when the Her Highness Mu Zi said that the Demon Emperor is the strongest in the world. Do you know that the Titan God’s hammer has an effect to triple my current power? It can be said that the Beamon King’s power is three times greater compared to mine. The victory against him in this head on battle was by sheer luck.”

Zhan Hu said, “It seems that Zhang Gong is the only one that has the power to triumph against the Beamon King at his peak state among us.”
I smiled. “Don’t say it in such a manner. There’s still a possibility.”

Zhan Hu was stunned. “There’s another possibility? Who could that be? I definitely wouldn’t be the one.”

I smiled. “It’s Dong Ri.”

Zhan Hu exclaimed. “It can’t be. Dong Ri’s cultivation is at most Xin Ao’s level, his power should be weaker than mine. How can he defeat the Beamon King?”
I looked at Xiu Si, who had a card up his sleeve. “Big brother Xiu Si, just tell Big Brother Zhan Hu.”

Xiu Si mockingly chidded. “All you know is how to push the responsibility onto me.”

I smiled. “Weren’t you the one that said you wanted to be my strategist? It should be you that should be in the limelight in this kind of situation.”

Xiu Si told Zhan Hu, “You have been played by Zhang Gong. What he meant by Dong Ri to winning isn’t by fighting head on with the Beamon King. By using the nature elves’ agility and swift movements, in addition to the divine arrows that conquer every obstacle for the Wind God’s bow, the Beamon King will
only be a target. Do you think that Dong Ri will lose in this case?”

Dong Ri said, embarrassed, “Stop exaggerating.”

Demon King Xiu Yu said, “After convincing this old Beamon, the alliance here can be completely mobilized. Princess, what kind of arrangements should I make?”

Mu Zi muttered to herself for a moment before replying, “Uncle, how about this? You lead the main allied forces  to retreat 15km back and construct defensive infrastructures to express that we will be sustaining for a long-term battlefront. Other than that, we’ll settle the rest. Once the human leaders from the three kingdoms agree to negotiate, I’ll represent our
side to negotiate with them.”

Xiu Yu frowned. “Princess, isn’t what you’re doing too risky?
I’m worried for your safety.”

Ke Lun Duo said, in smiles, “Your Highness, you don’t need to worry about that. With the protection from the six God’s inheritors, it won’t be a problem to get out from  Ström Fortress.”

Xiu Yu looked respectfully at us. Xin Ao’s previous display of power had further confirmed his thoughts on our cultivation, leading his trust in us to increase drastically. “Alright. Fellow God’s inheritors, I’ll be placing Mu Zi in your hands and will have to trouble all of you to guarantee her safety.”

I walked forth and said, “Your Highness, please be reassured. Our final wish is for the world’s peace and harmony. I won’t ever let anyone or anything hurt Mu Zi, while I still have a breath in my body.” I had said that last statement with steeled determination.

Chapter 22 – The Return To The Stronghold

Seeing my resolution, Demon King Xiu Yu had a satisfied expression. Mu Zi also smiled sweetly at me. I already knew that my “Insulation wall” (The invisible wall that  insulates  the flames of my heart) was already getting increasingly weaker again.

I sighed inwardly before continuing to say, “Your Highness, I’ll have to trouble you to send some people to report this incident to the Demon Emperor. I’ve previously agreed with the Demon Emperor in finding evidences on the Monster race’s existence. The previous battle that you witnessed should be enough to prove that the Monster Race exists, right?”

Xiu Yu nodded. “It’s more than sufficient. It’s a pity about Satan. I’ll report honestly about this to His Majesty.”

After discussing some of the details with Xiu Yu, we bid our farewells with Xiu Yu and headed back towards Ström Fortress, in order to prevent Big Brother Shan Yun from getting too anxious as he waits for us.

These matters took up quite a lot of time as it was already daybreak. Rays from the sun started to gradually appear. Even though we were able to get the Beast and Demon alliance’s cooperation, I was still unable to find myself in a good mood. We had dealt with Jia Si Ke Li Duo, whose cultivation wasn’t at his full peak, with great difficulty. If the Monster King were to come personally, we would have been wiped out. In our current situation, it was a must for me to take the risk of accepting the Radiant God’s inheritance, in order to have sufficient strength to fight against the Monster race. Thinking about  that,  my mood was extremely sullen.
Mu Zi flew to my side. “Are you worrying about the Monster race?”

I nodded.

Mu Zi said, “According to what the God King had said, we should still have about 2 more years. During that period, everyone’s power will increase. You also don’t need to be too worried. Don’t we still have quite a lot of assistance? It’s a pity today that we weren’t able to eliminate the Monster that had infiltrated Uncle Satan’s body. Otherwise, we will be able to eliminate one of the right-hand men of the Monster King. Please don’t blame Uncle Xiu Yu for that?”

“I won’t blame him as it’s a natural decision. If I was him, I
would have made the same choice. What assistance were you referring to?”

Mu Zi replied, “If everything goes well, it’ll  be  my  royal father, the dragon race, the three human kingdoms, and the allied forces from the Demon and Beast’s Kingdoms. We should be able to fight against the Monster King then. What do you think?”

I sighed again. “The God King wasn’t able to do  anything about the Monster King. Even though we are only dealing with his clone, the real experts that we can utilise is really insufficient. You should also know that my light magic and divine power is the most effective killing force against the Monster race. I have calculated that there’s only about  20 people that can fight against Jia Si Ke Li Duo. Do you think I still shouldn’t be worried?”

Mu Zi sighed. “Your worries are right so we must hastily settle with the negotiation before we find a place to settle into. We should undergo closed door training for at least a year to improve all of our powers. It’s a shame that I can’t learn light magic. Otherwise, I’ll definitely be able to help you.”

Seeing her caring so much about me, I couldn’t bear, but say, “I don’t need your help. You just have to protect yourself.” After saying that, I had instantly regretted.

As expected, after Mu Zi heard me say that, she moved close to me after a light flashed in her eyes before saying gently, “I will. Didn’t you give me a mage’s robe? I still couldn’t bear to wear it.”

The words that came out like water that had spilled and couldn’t be taken back. I could only silently accept Mu Zi’s feelings.

Finally, we rushed towards the place that we had previously appointed with Shan Yun before dawn fully arrived. The Earth Dragon Squad was already no longer in view. There was only Big Brother Shan Yun and his aide-de-camp.

When Shan Yun saw us, he asked anxiously, “Why did you take so long? I was worried. Is everything alright?”
Zhan Hu said, “Second brother, sorry for making you anxious. It can be counted as it being alright. Take a look, aren’t we all back safely? Cough! Cough!”

“Third brother, what’s wrong with you?”

“It’s nothing. I just suffered slight injuries. Xiu Si had already treated me so it isn’t serious.”

Shan Yun asked curiously, “The fireworks at the Demon’s main camp wasn’t from you?”
After hearing his query, Zhan Hu chuckled bitterly. “What fireworks? We were in a life and death battle. I was nearly unable to come back to meet up with you.”

“What on earth happened? I thought those were fireworks from the Demons to welcome the princess.”

I looked at the sky before saying, “Big Brother Shan Yun, it’s almost dawn. Let’s chat while we head back.”

Shan Yun responded. “Ah! That’s right. Let’s  head  back. When the patrol was over, I had already made my subordinates to head back first. You must also be tired. Let’s head back before continuing our discussion.”


“So many things had transpired. It’s no longer a wonder on why you’re came back late.”

We were finally back at the prince’s interim manor. I was extremely tired after a night of stress and tension. I leaned back on the chair as I listened to Zhan Hu relishly narrate what had happened to Shan Yun and the rest.

Mu Zi looked concerned for me before saying, “Everyone must
be tired. Let’s rest up first.”

Xiu Si smiled mysteriously. “That’s right. Let’s hastily have some food before sleeping. I’m dead tired. I’ve used up a lot of energy giving you guys’ treatments.”

Jian Shan said, “You can rest at ease. We’re here for you. I’ll inform you if something happens.”

I suddenly thought about something and asked Xiu Si, “Big Brother Xiu Si, you previously mentioned that you brought 500 brothers with you. Where are they now?”

Xiu Si smiled mysteriously again and whispered into my ear, “They are already camouflaged as peddlers to infiltrate into the Ström Fortress already. You can be reassured. I’ve a planned signal with them. If anything happens, we’ll be able to swiftly gather them.”

I said, in smiles, and said yawning “How can I be worried from the way you do things? I’m heading to bed. I’m so tired.”

Shan Yun said, “You should have some food first.”

The sun’s rays were so bright that I turned my body and used a blanket to cover my head to carry on dreaming.

Suddenly, the door was knocked. ‘Who is that being so noisy?’ I said snappily, “The door isn’t locked. Who is it? Just come in.”

The door opened. ‘It should be Xiu Si and the rest. Forget it, sleep comes first.’
Someone sat directly at the side of my bed. “Zhang Gong, how are you? You’ve slept for an entire day. Why aren’t you up? Do you have any discomforts?” The voice was gentle and familiar. My mind suddenly became lucid. It was Mu Zi’s. As she asked, her small and delicate hand caressed my face, making me feel so comfortable.

I immediately got up from my groggy state and hastily sat up.
I grabbed onto her hand. “Why are you here?”

Mu Zi complained, displeased, “Why can’t I be here? You’ve slept for an entire day. I was worried about you.”

Chapter 23 – Who Is The Rice Bucket?

I said awkwardly, “Can you get out first? I’m getting up now.”

Mu Zi stared wordlessly at me with hidden bitterness, giving me a fright. I tested the water by asking, “Can you go out first? I’ll immediately get up.”

Mu Zi pouted. “I want to service you in helping you get dressed. How about that?”

After her words fell, I quick wittedly jumped out of bed. After looking at my body, I felt much relaxed as I was still wearing my underwear. Otherwise, it would be too embarrassing.

Mu Zi, who had saw my looks, smiled and said gently, “Zhang Gong, behave and allow me to help you with  your  clothes.” After she said that, she brought my clothes from the side and walked towards me.

Perspiration flowed down from the hair at my temples. I replied stuttering, “No…No need.”

However, Mu Zi had already walked over. I stood  there blankly as she dressed me. After finally being dressed, I looked as though I had ran 10 kilometers; my entire face was covered with perspiration.
Mu Zi used her sleeve to wipe the perspiration off my face as she warmly said, “Alright, let’s head out to eat. Everyone is waiting for you.”

I cried out involuntarily, “What? They know that you have come to get me?” After taking so much time, it was impossible for them not to think strange thoughts.

Mu Zi chuckled. “What’s there to be afraid of? They already know our relationship.”

As I perspired, how could I be not scared? “This kind of thing will damage your reputation.”

Mu Zi said, stunned, “Why should I be worried about my reputation when I’m with you? My reputation is all yours. Shouldn’t we be going? You scared about their idle chatter, but you’re here delaying.”

I hastily replied, “Then let’s be on our way, little miss.”

Mu Zi knew that she had won this battle so she complacently dragged me out from my room towards the lounge.

Mu Zi and I were the last to arrive, just as expected. Everyone
looked at us dubiously. I smiled wryly as I said, “I’ve made my brothers wait for so long time. I previously……”

Zhan Hu interrupted me as he laughed, “That’s enough. We’re brothers so there’s no need for explanation. We understand.”

Faint, what did he understand, my poor innocence, were you going to go just like that?

Mu Zi didn’t help me as she pulled me stylishly to my seat.
Xiu Si said, “Zhang Gong, you really can sleep as you slept for an entire day. If it wasn’t for Princess Mu Zi to wake you up, I still don’t know how much longer you’d sleep. The  Demon- Beast alliance had already commenced our plan to retreat 15 km back. Currently, the tension at the Ström Fortress has become lighter.”

Shan Yun said, “After the Demon-Beast alliance army retreated, I had discussed with the other two kingdom’s commanders. Dun Yu Xi from your Aixia was really powerful. He already had some suspicions on the fireworks last night. Luckily, he saw it at quite a distance, but was able to point out that it was light magic.”

I pondered. “The current situation is beneficial to us. After we wait for the prince to return and after your Xiuda’s emperor agree in negotiating, everything can start smoothly. All we can do now is wait, so everyone should use this time to train. After fighting with the Monster race that day, I currently still feel discouraged. The Monster race’s power is much more terrifying
than what we previously imagined. If we aren’t careful, we might sink into extinction.”

Zhan Hu agreed. “That’s right, it seems that it’s impossible not to play with my life. After that attack from Satan I have to recuperate for a few days. My initial confidence is shattered. We indeed have a gap in power with those old monsters. I could only use about 30% of the War God’s armour. However, after trying the training method that Zhang Gong has given me, there really is room for improvement. I’ve already started studying those methods with our brothers.”

I rubbed my stomach. “The princess has previously told me that you had called me here for food. Where’s the meal? Brothers, your brother will soon be unable to stand it.”
Shan Yun smiled. “We’ve already prepared it. Just waiting for you to comment on it.” After hearing Shan Yun’s words, the crowd started to laugh.

I whispered to Shan Yun, “Did you prepare more food? My appetite….”

Shan Yun replied, “Relax, I know you can eat so I’ve ordered plenty. It’ll be sufficient for all of us to share.”

What did you say about me being able to eat when there was someone that had a stronger appetite than me? I sneaked a peek at Mu Zi and looked at her eagerness in getting her meal. I thought, ‘You all just have to wait. The one that can really eat is not me. I was nearly bankrupt for dealing with Mu Zi’s meal
when I was still at the academy.”

Big Brother Shan Yun indeed prepared sumptuously.  The table was covered with food with all different shapes and colours. Even though the food looked slightly crude, it was definitely much better than the meals at the Demon race. The resources of the three human kingdoms were really enriched so the Ström Fortress didn’t need to fret about food and water. It was convenient to decrease the provisions from the various Kingdoms’ state treasury so that they could get replaced with new reserves. The dishes’ scent made my stomach growl. I said to Shan Yun, “Big Brother Shan Yun, can you get something for Xiao Jin as well? That fellow is also a glutton.”

Shan Yun replied, “That’s unnecessary as the entire Ström Fortress knows that there’s a weird creature that flies all over the place. He flew out to find his own food.”

I chuckled and looked at everyone. “If that’s the case, let’s dig in.” Upon saying that, I unceremoniously began to ate the food. I didn’t need to see who would be the second to dig in as I knew it would be Mu Zi. Her delicate arm, carrying along a sweet scent, headed towards the delicacies on the table.

Zhan Hu cried out, “Everyone quickly dig in. If not,  there won’t be any left for us.” Under his instigation, a merciless food battle began. The cavalry from Xiuda also become a round table calvary. However, they realised that no matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t beat the speed of Mu Zi or myself. At least half of the entire table’s food had entered our stomachs.

While I ate, I said indistinctly to Shan Yun, “Big Brother Shan Yun, can you get your subordinate to prepare two more tables of food? If not, there really isn’t enough to eat.”

Shan Yun only ate extremely little as he sat too close to me. He rarely was able to get the food he wanted. He smiled as he said, “You only went without food for a day. Why have you turned into such a state? Servants, prepare two more portions of food.”

After we started on the second table, everyone’s speed obviously decreased. Shan Yun was definitely able to eat. After the second table had diminished, everyone, excluding Mu Zi and I, had patted their stomach, elated from having their fill.

Everyone’s attentions had focused on Mu Zi, who was not highly thought of initially. Ke Lun Duo whispered to her, “Princess, don’t you think that you should pay more attention to your bearings?”

Chapter 24 – Hopeful Peace Talks

Mu Zi grabbed onto an unknown animal’s leg. “Why should I take note of my bearings? Everyone here is Zhang Gong’s friend, so they’re my friend as well. Why should I take note then? It has already been such a long time since I’ve had my fill.”

Xiu Si said to Dong Ri. “How about we make a bet to see who will be the one that will eat the most?”

His words instantly aroused Dong Ri’s interest. Dong Ri said, in smiles, “Alright, let’s make a bet for everyone to guess who will be the last one standing.”

“My guess will definitely be Zhang Gong.”

“It might not be. I see that Princess Mu Zi has great potential.”


Finally, Xiu Si said, “How about this? I’ll be the banker. Those that bet on Zhang Gong will receive a 1:1 payment while Mu Zi is 1:2 payment. Everyone place your bets.”

“I place 10 diamond coins on Zhang Gong.”

“I place 20 diamond coins on Zhang Gong.” I was a guy after all. I innately had an advantage and was well known as the “white rice bucket” so mostly everyone placed their bet on me.

While I ate the food from the third table, I asked, “Can I place a bet too?”

Xiu Si smiled. “You just have to eat. Don’t disappoint the crowd. What do you mean you want to place a bet? We’re afraid that you will go easy on her.”
I replied, feeling wronged, “I promise on my honor that  I won’t go easy in this battle and eat till I’ve had my fill.”

Xiu Si replied, “You can place a bet as well. However, it will be a 1: 0.5 payment.”

“Alright.” I took out a top-grade green diamond from  my space pocket and tossed it out. “I bet on Princess Mu Zi to win.”

Everyone that had placed their bet on me were dumbfounded. Ke Lun Duo wanted to remove his bet as they understood that I had been with Mu Zi for the longest period of time. Under the situation that I don’t cheat, my decisions were always concluded from experience.

Xiu Si protected the betted money and said, “Nobody can cheat, just continue looking on. Zhang Gong might not lose.”

I was really famished after not eating for an entire day. However, I was a human so I had a limit. After eating half of the third table’s food, I was full. After forcing myself to eat a few more mouthfuls, I really couldn’t eat any further and stopped.

Everyone was looking at Mu Zi , who was still eating with gusto. If it wasn’t for their eye sockets being so deep, a pile of eyes would have landed on the floor.
Mu Zi’s pace had slowed down. It was due to chewing for too long, according to her. Even though her pace slowed, she didn’t have any intention of stopping and maintained her pace to eat the entire third table’s food. After Mu Zi used a clean towel to wipe her hands and patted her semi-protruding stomach, everyone thought that she had her fill and heaved a sigh  of relief.

Just as I wanted to take the money I had won, Mu Zi said, “Excuse me, is there any desserts after the meal?”

The outcome of her question was that the tea cup in Zhan Hu’s hand dropped and shattered on the ground; Xiu Si dropped all of the diamond coin that he was carrying; Shan Yun fell from his chair ; Xin Ao and Gao De were coughing unceasingly from being choked with their tea; Jian Shan spat out the tea he was drinking, which had landed on Ke Lun Duo’s face. Only I, who had some preparation, was also shocked. I still staggered a little, but didn’t quite fall over.

Mu Zi’s charming face had a faint blush as she said, displeased, “Why is everyone’s appetite so small? Is it really that shocking?”

While Jian Shan wiped the tea off of Ke Lun Duo’s face, he muttered, “If that was just a small meal for you, when you eat to your fill, won’t you consume all of the food from Ström Fortress?”

I took the money that I won from Xiu Si and shook my head. “Alright, since we had our meal, after we digest for a while, let’s do self training. We are currently racing against time.”

We had been continuously training in this period of time. Everyone had been doing their best. Using Uncle Firewood’s experiences as a guide, Zhan Hu and the rest that trained in battle spirit had improved at an exceptional pace. They had already magnanimously forgave Ke Lun Duo and allowed him to train with them. Even though I didn’t have a qualitative leap in power, I had reinforced the three great powers in my body; my fusion with the Holy Sword was much higher.

Mu Zi was currently together with Xiao Rou, they were always by my side. My meals and daily necessities were covered by their care. I could feel the gestures of love that Mu Zi was giving me. My heart was completely focused on her. How could I not be moved by how she was treating me? Our relationship had improved in this period of time, as I was gradually starting to accept her. I no longer called her Princess, but instead started calling her Mu Zi again. She didn’t pressure me at all during this period of time, so the change in my attitude towards her made
her felt gratified, which resulted to her treating  me extraordinary well. Xiao Rou’s kind and cheeky personality was undoubtedly expressed as she surrounded me daily and took turns with Mu Zi to take care of me. Her reliance on me increased day by day. With Mu Zi’s intelligence, she definitely knew about it, but she still happily accepted her, so her interaction with Xiao Rou’s was extremely harmonious.

After two months.

“Zhang Gong, Zhang Gong.”

“Big Brother Shan Yun, you’re back.”

“Zhang Gong, I’ve got good news. My father has come back, but he directly headed to the commander’s division. He told me to inform you that His Majesty has already agreed to negotiate.”

I was elated. This was really a excellent news. “That’s awesome. When shall I head over to meet uncle?”

Shun Yun smiled. “Must you be in such a rush? Father is currently discussing with the other two  Kingdom’s commanders. He’ll pass on the Emperor of Xiuda’s decision to them. When it’s time for your appearance, we’ll notify you. You just need to be prepared.”
“Thank you, Big Brother Shan Yun.”

Shan Yun withdrew his smile and showed a  sincere expression. “Zhang Gong, do you know that in the period that I’ve spent with you guys is the happiest time of my life?”

His words moved me. “Me too, Big Brother Shan Yun.”

“Alright, continue training. I still have a few matters to attend to. You’ll probably get accurate reports in the next two days. You should make preparations.”
Seeing Shan Yun’s fading back, I couldn’t help but feel nervous, as I was going to meet Teacher Dun Yu Xi and Dalu’s Marshall Feng Hao. I didn’t know how they would treat me.

“Zhang Gong, why aren’t you training?  Are  you  slacking?” Mu Zi’s angelic voice sounded behind me. She had already recovered her original beauty. There were often people that would fall into a daze and blush after seeing her impeccable looks, but she didn’t care. I had once told her to cover up her appearance, but she said that her appearance was for me to see so that I would be unable to forget her forever.

Seeing Mu Zi, gentle feelings flowed out from my heart. In smiles, I replied, “I’m not slacking. It’s just that Big Brother Shan Yun has come and told me that the Prince has successfully convinced the Emperor of Xiuda to agree in negotiating with us. The negotiation has hope now.”

Chapter 25 – Annihilating The Bandits

Mu Zi said excitedly, “Ah! That’s amazing. Our hope has increased once again. I’ll go and tell them now.”

I nodded. “You should go tell Big Brother Zhan Hu and the rest for them to be prepared.”

Mu Zi bounced away vivaciously. In this period of time, she had become increasingly lively, probably due to Xiao Rou’s influence on her.

After dinner, the prince and Shan Yun came back together from the Prince’s interim manor. Even though the Prince seemed to have lost a lot of weight, his spirit was exceptionally
high and his complexion was rosy.

We had welcomed them into the lounge.

“Uncle, you’ve worked hard.”

“Haha! Zhang Gong, what does this small amount of work count for? I’m willing to suffer much more, in order to make this a success. The trip to Xiuda was much smoother than expected. His Majesty had frankly agreed to the negotiation and passed me full authority. When Zi Hao Jin heard that there were five God inheritors from our Xiuda, he was proud like they were his children. He said that us humans have gotten used to peace and doesn’t wish to continue fighting. It’s the best choice to follow what the citizens wants. Moreover, there was God’s
intervention among with this matter.”

Xiu Si said, “Your Highness. You will be a main contributor if this negotiation were to work. Initially, we weren’t confident, but after hearing your good news, we are much more confident now.”

The prince smiled. “You’re the heroes of Xiuda and humanity. You can all just call me Uncle like Zhang Gong does from now on. His Majesty has already dispatched envoys to pass his intentions to the other two kingdoms. After a short while, the other kingdoms should have gotten an order to come here. It’ll be up to them whether this negotiation works. I feel that Dalu shouldn’t be a problem, but the Kingdom of Aixia that is the problem. Regarding overall strength, their kingdom that has all of their citizens learn magic is the strongest among the three kingdoms.”

Due to the prince’s words, I had immediately thought about the few teachers’ powerful magic prowess before nodding in agreement. “If there’s no other way, we’ll use action to scare them. Uncle, we’ve greatly improved our powers in this period of time. It should have some use during this negotiation.”

The prince replied, satisfied, “You’re such hard working youths. It’ll be your era from now on. I heard from Ah Hu that you have a force in the mountains at the border of the three kingdoms.”

Xiu Si glared at Zhan Hu. “That’s right, we’re only just a small troop with a few thousand small teams.”
The prince smiled. “In the news that I had received that isn’t the case. Recently, the small teams that you said have already eliminated all of the bandits on the borders of the all three kingdoms. There is over ten thousand of them. Your ‘small troop’s’ fighting power is a little too strong. Their current movements in clearing up the borders has brought them into the eyes of the three kingdoms, even though they have made a huge contribution to the citizens in the various kingdoms.”

Xiu Si and I looked at each other. Actually, we  already received that news.Currently, our forces had covered the enter area that wasn’t maintained by the three kingdoms. In the letter that the five great elders had written, they said that they had annihilated the bandits in the surrounding to increase their powers. They had completely obliterated those bandits that had greatly jeopardised the lives of citizens, while those that had small wrongdoings were forced to surrender. They were currently giving those people intense training in hopes that they could be sent out for battle in the short period of time remaining. The total age of the five elders had surpassed 400, so Xiu Si and I were reassured about them taking charge. Even if we were attacked by the main army, we wouldn’t be afraid. In the reply that Xiu Si had given to the five elders, it had some suggestions. For example, due to the troops’ disorganization, in
order to supervise, we would definitely have to send some of our people back. This was only a few days back. Yet, it was beyond our expectation that the prince’s information  gathering  was that effective.

I clenched my teeth before calmly saying, “So what  if  the three kingdoms has placed their focus on us? I don’t want to lie to you. We had established a town in the surrounding mountains, where the three kingdoms intersect, as our town’s walls. Our main forces are there. We’ve seen the strength of the Monster race. If I don’t have a force that I can command as though they were my arms and legs, how can we fight against the Monster race?”

After the prince heard my words, he frowned. “Even if that is the case, I hope that you don’t act too ostentatiously. If you arouse the three kingdoms’ encirclement and annihilation, it wouldn’t be good.”

I looked at Zhan Hu, who was silently looking downwards, before refuting, “We don’t have any animosity to the three kingdoms. Our sole enemy is the Monster King. If the three kingdoms can’t accept that and attack us, the one that is at the losing end will be you guys. I’ll tell you this fact. At our base, under the leadership of the five elders, they possesses the Sword saint power.”

The prince was shocked. “Sword Saint?” Sword Saints and War Gods were something that every citizen from the Kingdom of Xiuda, who respected martial strength, wished to become. The prince naturally knew what a Sword Saint meant.

I continued, “So, I hope that you’ll support us in this case. Regarding how we will be after the elimination of the Monster race, we’ll have to wait and see when that time comes. Perhaps,
there aren’t many of us that will survive the ordeal.” Saying that, I was a little mournful. To all the brothers that follow us, as long as I have a breath, I definitely wouldn’t allow the Monster race to easily harm you.

The prince gradually calmed. “Zhang Gong, don’t misunderstand. Our Xiuda doesn’t have any ill  intention towards you. If you need anything, we can also help to replenish your forces regarding the logistics aspect. Before I  returned here, His Majesty warned me repeatedly to ally with you as a prevention for unnecessary suspicions.”

As expected of a politician, after knowing our tyrannical power, he immediately changed his attitude. But my previous good nature towards the prince had slightly diminished. “Uncle, don’t worry. We have a mission to protect the world’s peace and harmony, so we are definitely your ally. To us, all creatures, be it the Demon race, Beast race, Nature Elves, Dwarves, Humans and other races, are our ally. The only enemy we have is that fellow, who is planning to disrupt the peace and harmony. As
for the supplements, we have our own means so we won’t need to trouble you for that.” The increase in power had given me confidence. No matter what, we were currently a over ten thousand squads strong. I really didn’t need them  to supplement us, as for every gem that I sold at random could sustain us for a while. Moreover, currently, we  were constructing a self-sufficient system at our base. If that were to succeed, it would be sufficient to provide for our people.

Chapter 26 – Pledge Of Undying Love

The Prince chuckled awkwardly. “I can be rest assured in that case. Do you want to accompany me in meeting with the other two commanders tomorrow? Even though they don’t have any orders from their kingdom, it will be better for you to explain the circumstances to them.”

“It won’t be a problem as it’s my responsibility. We’ll head there with you tomorrow.”

“Alright, I won’t disturb your rest any further.”

Everyone stood up to see off the prince.

“Zhan Hu, how could you tell your father about our matters? If it didn’t go well, it might have ruined the base that we have been bitterly constructing. Do you understand? How can you be so irresponsible?” Xiu Si, who had never fumed, angered after sending the prince off.

Zhan Hu looked helplessly at me before muttering, “I…I just blurted it out. I’m sorry.”

I held Xiu Si back. “Let’s forget about it. Big Brother Xiu Si, Big Brother Zhan Hu also doesn’t wish for any mishaps. They will also find that out sooner or later.”
Xiu Si sighed. “Zhan Hu, I might have said it too harshly, but we are currently at a critical juncture so we can’t make even the slightest mistake. If there’s a mistake that were to happen, not only will we be finished, there won’t be any forces in the world left that can mediate in integrating the various races to deal with the Monster King.”

I patted Zhan Hu, whose face was covered with perspiration. “What Big Brother Xiu Si said is right. Big Brother, you must pay more attention in the future. Even though the Prince and the rest are the close with you, when we are dealing with the fate of the world, we mustn’t be careless. Xiu Si also meant well. It definitely wasn’t personal.”

Zhan Hu sheepishly replied, “I know that I’m in the wrong.
Zhang Gong, I’ll control my mouth from now on.”
I smiled. “That’s for the best. Alright, it’s already very late. How about some supper? Big Brother Xiu Si, you should also stop being angry.”


Mu Zi and I were strolling in the courtyard. The night was mesmerizing. The wind brought a refreshing feeling with it as it blew.

Mu Zi held onto my hand. “Zhang Gong, our plans finally has hope, but why are you still unhappy?”

I smiled. “This is only part of our plans. Even if it’s important, it’s not the most crucial part. I’m worried about the Monster King, as we don’t know when he will suddenly appear before us. We’re in the open, while he’s in hiding. Even while I’m at my best, when I try imaging his strength, I get a sense of foreboding. After these matters here are over, I want to head to a place to further improve my powers. The God King had said that only if I head there, I will then really have the power to fight against the Monster King.”

Mu Zi asked, astonished, “What place? I’ve never heard this from you before.”

“Currently I can’t tell you that, as I don’t know if it’s good or bad to head there. Mu Zi, please promise me that if something was to happen to me, you must take care of yourself and find
another person who will love you, alright?”

After hearing what I said, Mu Zi’s eye rim reddened. “Zhang Gong, why are you still asking me such things at this point? You’re the only one that can bring me joy in this world. After experiencing so many up and downs, can it be that you don’t have faith in me?”

I smiled as I shook my head before gently wiping off her tears that flowed from her eyes. “Don’t misunderstand. It’s not that I don’t trust you, but it’s only natural to wish her all the best when loving somebody. When everything is over and I survive, we can still be like we are now. I’ll definitely take care of you for all eternity. However, it’s hard to predict what happens in the future, as neither you nor I know what will happen. I don’t wish for you to abandon your life’s happiness for me. Do you understand? Please promise me that no matter what happens, you’ll still live on happily, alright?”

Mu Zi abruptly clung on my neck as she burst into tears. My heart was very calm because I had finally said what I had been storing in my heart. I gently hugged her waist as I let her to freely vent her feelings.

It was a long time before Mu Zi gradually stopped crying. The clothes on my shoulder were soaked. I lifted her charming face and gently nudged her reddened nose as I teased her, “Aiya! Mu Zi, why is your nose so red? Should I get Big Brother Xiu Si to give it a look?”

Mu Zi pouted her small adorable mouth as she turned tears to laughter. “You’re detestable. You only know how to bully me.”
I gently kissed on her forehead. “How is my previous suggestion? You still haven’t answered me.”

Mu Zi, who had just stopped crying, teared again. While she hit on my shoulder, she shouted, “Not good! Not Good! Ten thousand times not good!”

I grabbed on her fist. “Mu Zi, don’t be like this. Why are you acting like a child? You have to face the reality, alright?”

Feeling wronged, Mu Zi lifted her head and replied, “Why? Why must you always push me away? I’ll give you a clear answer. I, Mu Zi, will solely love Zhang Gong Wei for  all eternity. No matter what changes you may have, as long as you’re alive, I’ll stay by your side to serve and take care of you
forever, in order to be your most obedient and loving wife. If…If you were to die, I still won’t change and chase you to the next world to continue being your wife. Please don’t push me away. If you still don’t want me, I’ll die in front of you right now.”

Mu Zi’s firm conviction had broken through my last defence against her. I could no longer deny her overflowing feelings. I tightly embraced her and frantically kissed every part of her face before finally landing on her cherry lips. Mu Zi also gradually became passionate as I expressed my love for her, as she frantically responded to me.

Luckily, we were in the courtyard and not in a room. Otherwise, I really didn’t know what would happen.  I reluctantly left her slightly swollen red lips after a long time. I looked deeply in her eyes. “Mu Zi, I love you. I really do. My love for you has never changed. I won’t avoid my feelings any longer, in order to make you the happiest girl in this world. I’ll use everything within my power to protect and  cherish  you. Will you be my wife?”

We calmly looked at each other. Tears were flowing down Mu Zi’s face as she constantly nodded. Her translucent tears drifted through the air, creating a moving scene.

“I’m willing. I really am. I’m willing to be Zhang Gong Wei’s wife through all of eternity and will never leave you.”

The great God inheritor, Child of Light,  Grand  Magister Zhang Gong Wei and the Demon race’s princess, Dark elemental Magister Mu Zi, had certified their love under the mesmerizing moon light on this very night as they swore to be together for their entire life.

Chapter 27 – Freely Talking About The Situation

Morning at the three main camps.

Dun Yu Xi, who was wearing a yellow mage robe, said, “Marshall Feng Hao, that old fellow from Xiuda will be bringing the God inheritors in a bit. What’s your opinion  on  this matter?” Even though Dun Yu Xi knew about the Monster King, he didn’t know about my God Inheritor’s identity.

Marshall Feng Hao was tall, had a handsome appearance, and was wearing a warrior’s uniform. As he looked at the strategy’s map, he replied, “The prince must have made  some preparations on this matter. To be truthful, I also support the negotiations, but I don’t know how sincere the Demon-Beast alliance is. War is really an arduous task.”

“Reporting! The prince has arrived.”

“Quickly invite him in.”

Xiu Si, Zhan Hu, Xin Ao, Gao De, Dong Ri, Ke Lun Duo, Mu Zi and I, the eight of us followed the prince into the main camp. Since I feared being recognised, Mu Zi and I came in last.

The prince laughed. “Come, I’ll give a  group  introduction. This is Marshall Feng Hao from the Kingdom of Dalu and this is Aixia’s Royal Mage Union’s leader, Magister Dun Yu Xi.”

Marshall Feng Hao smiled frankly. “I welcome all of you. Please take a seat.” I could hear that he hadn’t acknowledged our identity as God’s Inheritor as he didn’t mention us with our identity.

“The prince has already told us about the matters regarding the Monster race. Magister Dun Yu Xi also has verified that the Monster race have appeared within the world. We must resist them, but do you have a solid plan for doing so?” Why are people, who were only slightly older, be so devious? Marshall Feng Hao had avoided the topic on negotiating and just briefly commented on resisting the Monster race.

Xiu Si smiled calm and collectedly. “What you asked is great. According to what we know, the Monster race is extremely powerful. If they were to appear in the world, they will create
irreversible damage to all of the life forms in the world. Thus, we must make preparations for their coming from the start in order to be on standby for their coming and deliver a frontal assault. Even though I can’t guarantee that we could completely eliminate or force a retreat, it’s definitely possible for us to maintain minimal losses for the price in getting what we want to accomplish.”

Upon saying that, Xiu Si intentionally paused as he looked that the two Kingdom’s commanders, who  were  burrowing their head in contemplation. He then continued to say with confidence, “As expected, if we really want to resist against the powerful Monster race, we won’t be able to do it with just our own human forces alone. It’s undeniable that we humans are one of the strongest races in the world. However, we aren’t the strongest as the Demon and Beast races similarly possess great powers like our own.

I feel that this current stalemate is completely meaningless as when the allied Demon and Beast races doesn’t commence their
attack, we can’t attack them. This will only damage the various races’ resources and military forces if this were to continue. Our Human race, Demon race and Beast race are the top three strongest forces in the world. If all three races were to be injured, the Monster King could easily lead his sinister race to successfully invade our world. If we were to reconcile with the other races now, it’ll be beneficial to all of us. Otherwise, it’ll lead to the races’ death. Currently, we’re gathering all  the powers that we can get to gain the chance to resist the Monster race.”

Mu Zi and I looked at each other as what Xiu Si said was brilliant. What he said was based on reasons and facts so they couldn’t decide to ignore what we have to say.

Marshall Feng Hao slightly nodded.  “You’re  extremely correct. If the Monster race is really that powerful and is in the dark, the situation we are in is really very dangerous. However, with the Demon-Beast alliance still biding their time, how can I believe that they really are sincere in negotiating?”

Xiu Si replied, unruffled, “You don’t have to worry about that as not long ago, the leader of the God inheritors has led some of the God’s inheritors to personally head to the Demon race, in order to discuss on negotiating with the Demon Emperor. Under the leader’s leadership, they were able to convince the Demon Emperor and got the approval for negotiating.”

Dun Yu Xi asked, astonished, “The Demon race is willing to sit down with the Human race to negotiate? It’s just too impossible with their hatred towards our race.”

Xiu Si solemnly replied, “Of course, this matter isn’t as easy as I’ve said. The leader of the God’s inheritors has personally fought against the Demon Emperor. Finally, using the powers that were bestowed by the God, he was able to get a draw from the Demon Emperor, who had rode his Dark Dragon. We were
then able to gain the Emperor’s respect, allowing us to earn the opportunity to negotiate.The negotiation came with a severe price to convince the Demon Emperor to agree to reconciles. That God Inheritor has also suffered severe injuries, which resulted to the disfiguration of his original handsome looks.”

The modulation of the tone by Xiu Si was extremely touching in that short speech. This fellow was really good at lying. I had completely lost, but when he said I had tied with the Demon Emperor, his complexion didn’t redden, nor was he gasping. This was the first time that I knew how skillful Big Brother Xiu Si was.

After hearing what Xiu Si said, the three Kingdom’s commanders, including the prince that didn’t know about this, simultaneously became frightened. The Demon Emperor  in their heart was unbeatable. It was exceptionally shocking now that they know that there is someone from the Human race that could tie with him.

Feng Hao asked hastily, “Where is that great God’s Inheritor now? Can we see this hero now? He will forever be revered as a hero among the three human Kingdoms, just from being able to tie with the Demon Emperor, even if we were exclude the success in establishing the negotiation.”

Xiu Si turned around and gave me an indication, using his eyes. This fellow knew how to hurry me  in  showing  my identity. Under the condition where I didn’t have  any alternative choice, I slowly walked forth and bowed towards them before saying calmly, “My greetings to you Marshall and Teacher Xi, do you still remember me?”

Dun Yu Xi’s body froze. “You…You are?”

I took down my conical hat that was covering my appearance as I said, in smiles, “Take a good look.”

Even though I was disfigured, my bearings and voice were already engraved in Dun Yu Xi’s mind. He suddenly exclaimed, “Zhang Gong! Is that you, Zhang Gong?!”

I donned the conical hat again and slightly nodded. “Teacher Xi, it’s me. It has been a long time since we seen each other. How have you been?”
Dun Yu Xi sighed after seeing my appearance. “I’m alright, but how did you turn out like this?”

“Didn’t Big Brother Xiu Si just told you?”

Dun Yu Xi paled with fright. “It can’t be that you’re that God’s Inheritor that tied when fighting against the Demon Emperor, right?”

I nodded. “That’s right, the God King didn’t deny me and had personally bestowed me his Holy Sword, giving us the task in eliminating the Monster King. The wounds on my face were the marks left behind after fighting with the Demon Emperor.”

Chapter 28 – The Marshall’s Daughter

Marshall Feng Hao nudged Dun Yu Xi, who was stunned. “Brother Xi, you know him?”

Dun Yu Xi sighed. “Not only do I know him, we worked together before. His teacher in my Kingdom’s Royal Intermediate Magic Academy’s principal. You should  have heard of the third Magister in the world, Lao Lun Di. He was the hope of my Kingdom, who is the new generation that  had trained to the Magister’s realm. We originally have great expectations on him. It was a pity that after some matter, he got in a conflict with His Majesty Ke Zha. Your Dalu should have also gotten the wanted order to arrest him.”

I said coldly, “That’s right, I’m a wanted person for the Kingdom of Aixia, but similarly, I’m also the God King’s envoy. Teacher Dun Yu Xi, you can say what had happened that resulted to me being wanted.”

I then used what I told the prince to them as to why I needed to reunite the various races and the reason why I couldn’t let Mu Zi go. They constantly nodded as they heard what I was saying. I realised that I had a potential in being a go-between.

After hearing my narration, Dun Yu Xi sighed. “So that was the case, it seems that we were wrong about you.”

Marshall Feng Hao smiled. “God’s envoy Zhang Gong, you have my respect in doing so much things for the world’s peace and harmony, but for the human race’s officers and soldiers, I hope that you can prove the sincerity of the Demon and Beast races in negotiating.”
I knew that he would say that. “That is easy. Everyone should know that the Beast race works for the Demon race. The successor in line for the Demon race is Princess Mu Zi, who had come to Aixia as a spy. The Demon Emperor had sent her here as a negotiator for the negotiation here. Does that prove their sincerity? Your Royal Highness, you should make your appearance.”

Mu Zi moved to my side and slightly bowed towards them. “Greetings to you, I’m the Princess of the Demon race, Mu Zi Mo.”

Dun Yu Xi knew Mu Zi. “Mu Zi, is that really you? You’re the Demon race’s princess? This is your original motive in coming to Aixia.”
Mu Zi replied indifferently, “That’s right, I’m the successor of the Demon race. The purpose in coming here this time is to negotiate with the Human race. Even though our races are different, we have the same enemy now. We should unite and resist our enemies. I had come with God’s envoy Zhang Gong here for that reason. I hope that we can reconcile.”

Feng Hao sized up Mu Zi. He was worthy to be a Marshall of Dalu as he didn’t lose his bearing even after seeing Mu Zi’s impeccable looks. I said excitedly, “Since the Demon Emperor had sent you to negotiate, it has proved his sincerity. I’ll report this to my Kingdom’s Emperor. Our Dalu doesn’t have any interest in fighting. I personally support you in negotiating.”

Under our cooperation, Dun Yu Xi didn’t have a choice but to support us so he had expressed his intentions in waiting for his higher ups to decide in this.

A familiar voice came from outside as we discussed the negotiation terms. “Father! Father!”

Everyone turned to look at that person that was barging in. I couldn’t help, but be shocked when I saw her. Wasn’t that the girl that I had saved from being trampled by horses? Why was she here finding her father? Who was her father? Once she entered, after seeing that there was so many people, she immediately stopped talking.

Marshall Feng Hao said fumingly, “This is an important place for military discussions. Who let you in?”
The young lady lowered her head and whispered, “But I’ve come to find you for some matters.”

Feng Hao said helplessly, “My apologise to everyone. This is my little girl Lian Na. I feel bad for this interruption.”

The prince said frankly, “I heard that Marshall has a pretty daughter. I didn’t expect that I’ll be able to see her here. This is like father and daughter going into battle.” His words meant to be a sarcasm as Lian Na wasn’t like Big Brother Shan Yun to come to battle with the army.

Marshall Feng Hao replied, embarrassed, “It’s my fault for spoiling her since young. Lian Na, you’re increasingly becoming outrageous. Why are you still not withdrawing?”

Lian Na seemed to have not heard him and looked fixedly at me. She suddenly exclaimed, “It’s you! Why are you here?”

“Lian Na, don’t be impolite. Do you know this God’s envoy?”

Lian Na neglected her father and hastily walked before me before saying lovably, “It’s really you. Father, he was the one that saved me that day.”

Mu Zi glared at me. I awkwardly replied, “My greetings  to Miss Lian Na. It was only a coincidence that I helped you that
day. You don’t have to mind it.”

Feng Hao cupped his fists. “It seems that Lord God’s envoy has saved my daughter. I thank you for that.” He only had one daughter in his life and was his treasure.  Otherwise,  he wouldn’t have spoilt Lian Na to be willful. He felt much appreciated in me saving his daughter, instead of him being saved.

“Marshall, you do not need to be so courteous. It was really just a coincidence. Your daughter might have come to you for some matters. Let’s stop the discussion here today and wait for the two kingdoms’ decision to come before discussing again. We shall take our leave.” What I wanted to do was mostly done already so what was the use in staying here?
Marshall Feng Hao replied anxiously, “No! God’s envoy, you can’t leave now. You’ve saved my daughter. How can  I  not repay your favour? Please stay here for a meal today.”

Mu Zi pinched in the back. It was obvious she didn’t agree for me to stay here. How could I not listen to Mu Zi? I politely rejected the Marshall’s kind intentions, but he expressed a resolution that wasn’t showed previously. He forcefully pulled me along to have a meal with him, no matter what I said. Since I didn’t have a choice, I could only agree. Xiu Si and the rest had found their excuses to leave first. Those fellows were so heartless. Mu Zi definitely wouldn’t leave as she wanted  to watch me, while Ke Lun Duo had to protect her so the three of us were left.

The meal was extremely sumptuous. There were the prince, Marshall, Dun Yu Xi, cheeky little Miss Lian Na and the three of us at the table.

Lian Na was extremely enthusiastic as she kept getting dishes for me. Mu Zi, who usually had great appetite, was quiet today and ate very little. She also didn’t look at me, making me to be at a loss of what to do. The meal with Marshall Feng Hao and his passionate daughter passed with great difficulty. Lian Na had shown me an uncovered good feelings towards me. She unexpectedly didn’t care, even after I showed my scarred filled face. She still said that I was a hero to be able to able to withdraw after fighting against the Demon Emperor. I  knew that she blindly revered me from her words. Power was the key in this world. Even though I was ugly, my exceptional power had overwhelmed the fact that I was ugly.

Chapter 29 – Dramatic Change

I realised that my undergarments were drenched  after walking out from the main camp. Excessive passion could really make people uncomfortable.

Mu Zi told Ke Lun Duo, “Big Brother Si Wa, you can head back first. I want to have a stroll with Zhang Gong.”

Ke Lun Duo agreed and gave me a “wish you all your  best” look before heading off. I found that Mu Zi was sulky before the meal. It should be due to Lian Na. Her angry looks were so adorable. I didn’t ask her anything and just walked leisurely by her side.
The afternoon sun was still intense. I realised that there was perspiration at the hair at Mu Zi’s temple. I gathered some magic to cast a water spell above her head to help her block the sun. Mu Zi turned back and pouted her lips towards me.

I chuckled. “Are they for me to kiss?”

Mu Zi jumped up in shock. She hastily used her hand to cover her lips and said with a flushed face, “You’re irritating. Tell me honestly in details on how you know that girl.”

I replied innocently, “Didn’t I say it earlier? I just saved her once.”

Mu Zi snorted. “Who knows if you knew each other long ago?
If not, how can she be so passionate towards you?”

I smiled wryly. “What I said is the truth. I’m also clueless as to why they are so passionate today as I only met her once. I’m already so ugly. Who will want me now, excluding you? Could it be that you’re jealous?”

Mu Zi hit me once before saying, “Who’s jealous? You’re so annoying.”
I chuckled. “I remembered that you were really magnanimous previously to often give me to someone else. Why have you changed now?”

Mu Zi replied with slight anger, “Can’t I change? You’re right. I’m jealous. You’re forbidden to be with  someone  else, excluding Sister Hai Shui, from now on. Have you listened to what I said? If not, I won’t forgive you.”

I expressed a “What can you do about me” look as I replied with a mischievous smile, “How are going to not forgive me?”

Mu Zi’s face blushed as she raised her head to ponder. “You’ll be sleeping on couches after our marriage and I won’t allow you to be near me. How’s that? I’m powerful, right?” Her naive
looks was really adorable. It had been such a long time since she showed such feelings towards me.

I gently embraced her before replying with my feelings, “You’re the one I love the most in my life. Even though I’ve some feelings for Hai Shui, I don’t know if she will accept me with my current looks. I’ll give her some time to decide. If she accepts me, I’ll treat her as well as I usually do. If she’s unwilling, I’ll let her go. How’s that? I don’t have any interest with other girls. I’ve got a question. Who will ever be prettier than my Mu Zi?”

Mu Zi’s body slumped. It was obvious that my words were really effective. “Sister Hai Shui shouldn’t be such a shallow person. She definitely will stay by your side as I am. What we love is your heart and person, not your appearance.”
I smiled. “Let’s hope that’s the case. We should head back now. Otherwise, I don’t know what they will say.”

Gao De teased us once we returned to the Prince’s interim manor. “Aiya! Our God’s envoy, who is being controlled by his wife, has finally returned.”

I mockingly scolded him, “What do you mean that I’m being controlled by my wife? We just went for a stroll.”

Xin Ao also walked over. “It can’t be, according to the information we gathered. Quickly let me see what punishment Mu Zi had implemented on you.”

Ke Lun Duo looked at me with innocent eyes. “Don’t blame me. They forced me to tell them. I could only sacrifice you for my little life.”

Mu Zi swatted Xin Ao’s extended hand and laid in my embrace as she said gently, “Who says that our Zhang Gong is being controlled by his wife? You shouldn’t make irresponsible comments. Previously, I went with him as he lectured me. It was my bad to be impolite during the previous lunch. Everyone, please forgive me.” Not only did they feel astonished after hearing her declaration, it was also beyond my expectation.

I felt care free. It felt as if every pore in my body had opened up. When I looked at Gao De, Xin Ao and the others stunned expressions. I felt so much better. I raised my head as I carried Mu Zi towards my room. (Please don’t misunderstand. I don’t
have any ill intentions.)

I kissed heavily on Mu Zi’s flushed face. “Why did you give me so much face just now? You’re so well behaved.”

Mu Zi leaned on my chest as she whispered, “It is how it should be. You’re to listen to me at home, but when in public, I’ll listen to you. That way you’ll be well respected by others. If a guy let others know that his wife controlled him at home, it would affect your image in their hearts.”

I smiled. “My good Mu Zi, you’re really great.  You  didn’t know how complacent I was.”

A sliver of cunningness flashed passed Mu Zi’s eyes. “Did you clearly hear what I said previously? You must listen to me at home and not rebel against me.”

I, who was filled with happiness, didn’t think of the outcome before patting my chest and saying, “No problem, you’re the master at home and I’m the master out in public. I’ll definitely listen to you at home.” Mu Zi complacently smiled, but didn’t say further.

The prince had received news after ten days. The decisions from Aixia and Dalu had already came. We were summoned to discuss further negotiations.
I felt that the atmosphere wasn’t right after entering the main camp as the three commander’s expression were grim.

“What’s the matter? Dalu and Aixia didn’t agree to the negotiation?”

The prince replied, “It’s nothing serious and is almost done. In the letter, it had mentioned that the Kingdom of Dalu has already allied with the Kingdom of Aixia. The troops from Dalu will temporarily be under the Kingdom of Aixia’s leadership. The Emperor of Aixia, Ke Zha Ao Er, will personally command in the battlefield. They also mentioned that the two other Kingdom’s forces, excluding the calvary of Xiuda, will be under Ke Zha’s control. The letter didn’t clearly state whether they were going to fight or reconcile, but I think that  we’ll  be meeting with great obstructions.”
Zhan Hu asked Marshall Feng Hao, “Lord Marshall, isn’t your Kingdom of Dalu usually peaceful? Why did they ally with Aixia to make such a fuss?”

Feng Ao sighed. “I also don’t know what His Majesty is thinking. However, I’m from the army so I’ve got to listen to my orders. My apologies to everyone.”

I coldly snorted, “I don’t know how many benefits Aixia gave your Kingdom to make you kingdom to be  willing  to temporarily pass their military powers to you? It’s still too absurd.” Suddenly, my thoughts turned as I got  the  general idea. Aixia was famous for their mages. If they were to bribe the Kingdom of Dalu, they could only use mages to move Dalu, who was already rich and imposing. ‘Hmph! Ke Za, you want to play this conspiracy with me? Alright, I’ll play with you till the end.’

Chapter 30 – Deployed For The Mission

I gathered  everyone  after  returning  to  the  Prince’s  manor.
Since time was pressing, I couldn’t continue to be courteous.

“Big Brother Xiu Si, can I trouble you to gather all of the brothers into the Ström Fortress as soon as possible? Since there are 500 of them, we can temporarily call them a Guardian Battalion. The 500 of them will be divided into 5 groups, known as the first five companies. It will be up  to you, Big  Brother Zhan Hu, Gao De, Xin Ao and Dong Ri who will lead those five companies. When you hear the signal, you’re to immediately gather at the eastern entrance.

The current situation is extremely disadvantageous towards us. I also don’t know what outcome there will be when Ke Zha comes. They’ll most probably be against us so everyone must be prepared to breakout from the encirclement. Twelve of  you guys, including Mu Zi, Brother Ke and Jian Shan are to follow me. I’ll instruct Xiao Jin to bring Xiao Rou out of the city first,
so later they will be able to receive us at the eastern entrance at all times. Xiuda already has a peace agreement with us after all. Everyone is to be gathered here as soon as possible.”

After I made the arrangements, Xiu Si told me, “Zhang Gong, you actually don’t have to be this tense. Even though the tables are against us, I reckon that with Ke Zha’s cunningness, he shouldn’t make a move against us. Currently, one of the three powers is supporting the negotiation after all. The officers and soldiers also don’t want to fight. Currently, we must defend against his conspiracy.”

I smiled as I whispered to Xiu Si, “The reason I want to gather everyone is not only to prepare for a retreat, but I also plan to make them cower with our military might at crucial moments. Everyone, I wish that you will be ready to release your powers at a moment’s notice, but only as a last resort. Our power will only provoke them while we’re in front of the millions of troops.”

Xiu Si was apprehensive. “Zhang Gong, does it mean that you’re going to use…..”

I nodded. “We don’t have any alternatives, but to use that plan. Even though our powers aren’t sufficient, we should still be a threat to them.” After hearing that I would be using our trump card, everyone’s expression became grave, but no one objected.

The prince and Shan Yun walked in at this moment.  We hastily got out from our seats for them to take a seat.
I consoled the prince, “Uncle, you don’t have to be anxious. This matter might not be as bad as we imagine it to be. I also want to have a look as to what Ke Zha will be trying when he comes tomorrow. I don’t believe that he’ll stake the lives of numerous army troops’ from the two kingdoms.”

The prince nodded. “Zhang Gong, if they are against you, I’ll send Shan Yun to follow you. Once something seems abnormal, you’re to immediately leave the fort by the eastern entrance. We won’t need to be afraid that we won’t have firewood to burn, as long as you live. It’s crucial for you to preserve your powers as much as possible.”

I thought, ‘Ke Zha definitely won’t negotiate readily. Otherwise, it’ll be unnecessary for him to ally with the Kingdom of Dalu. He must have a motive in doing that, but we are still unaware of what it is now. Uncle Ke Zha that I once knew, what are you planning to do?’ I also thought of my best Brother Ma
Ke and Hai Shui as I thought about Ke Zha. I don’t know if they will come as well.

Ke Zha had unexpectedly brought the two mage regiments along with him. My mood sank, he didn’t look as though he had come to negotiate.

Ke Zha first met up with Marshall Feng Hao and Dun Yu Xi before they met up with the prince and us after discussing for a whole two hours period of time.

Ma Ke was astonishingly here. He was extremely excited as he saw us enter. He pushed through the crowd to embrace my shoulders. “Boss, boss, you’re still alive! That’s great,  I’ve missed you to death.” Ma Ke’s feelings touched my heart, but my mood mustn’t fluctuate now as there was still too many important matters for me to get down to.

I gently pushed Ma Ke away. “Brother, let’s reminisce later as I’ve got some important matters that I need to discuss with His Majesty Ke Zha. Is that alright?”

Ma Ke nodded with reddened eyes as he went back to his seat.

Ke Zha looked as though nothing had happened before as he personally walked in front of me. He patted on my shoulder as he said, “Zhang Gong, it’s great to see you again. How have you been?”
I replied indifferently, “I won’t die anytime soon thanks to your blessings.” I was frightened as I thought about it, he was actually able to treat me as though nothing had happened before. He was too frightening.

“I heard that you’re a God’s inheritor now. It’s a fortune to our Aixia. It was all just a misunderstanding what happened before. I’ve already withdrew my previous orders so you’re still a citizen in my Kingdom of Aixia.” He was using his status to suppress me.

“I thank you for that. May I know what is your purpose in coming to the front line?”

Ke Zha smiled. “It’s definitely for the negotiation. Since you,
the God’s envoys, have appeared, what other plans will I have? Negotiating is also beneficial to both sides. Only I don’t know when I’ll be able to see the commander of the Demon race to discuss the details of the treaty.”

Mu Zi stood up and said, “My greetings to you Emperor Ke Zha. Currently, I am the one that holds the full authority over the Demon-Beast alliance to enter into a negotiation with you. You can freely state what requests you have  for  the negotiation.”

Ke Zha replied, “Oh, Mu Zi, it’s really great that you are the representative. What is your suggestion for how both sides should unite?”
Mu Zi replied, “Since it’s a cooperation, both sides have to show sincerity. First, both sides should withdraw half of our troops from the frontline and sign a peace treaty stating that we won’t battle against each other for next three years. In order to express our sincerity, we won’t need any repercussions this time.” The Demon-Beast alliance held the advantage during the current battle. They could totally suggest for reimbursement during negotiations.

Ke Zha smiled. “In that case, you’ve already made quite a bit of concessions. I don’t have any requests nor terms. We shall accept everything that you’ve suggested. Since the God’s inheritor said that the threat of the Monster race is imminent, we should conclude our negotiation as soon as possible. How is that? Alright, let’s arrange the ceremony for the peace treaty three days from now.”

Emperor Ke Zha’s attitude had stunned all of us. We really didn’t expect him to freely agree to the negotiation. He also didn’t make things hard for us. I originally thought that he
would make a fuss about my identity. Who would know that not only did he pardoned my crimes, he also treated it as though nothing had happened between us.

Ke Zha saw that we didn’t believe him so he continued to say, “It can’t be that everyone doesn’t trust me, right? I’ll personally attend the ceremony that is in three days time and will only bring a few guards along with me. It should be fine, right? I need to put my safety into consideration after all.”

Chapter 31 – Peace Talks? Conspiracy?

I nodded. “Since all three kingdoms agreed in negotiating, the future matters will be easy. We’ve already notified the Demon- Beast alliance . It makes me extremely elated that Your Majesty was able to consider the bigger picture. My thanks to you for that.” I bowed deeply to Ke Za after saying that.

Ke Zha stopped me from continuing to bow towards him before replying, “Zhang Gong, it was Uncle’s fault in misunderstanding you previously. Can you forgive me for what I’ve done? I really regret it. You’re the most talented genius in the new generation of the Kingdom of Aixia. After these matters are over, I hope that you’ll return to Aixia. Principal Di and Principal Zhen really miss you. I’ve temporarily passed the management of the Kingdom of Aixia to them now. Honestly, I’m already sick of staying in the palace. I’ve taken this opportunity this time to sneak out.”

I was really doubtful of his dubious words and I, who had been
tricked by him before, wouldn’t be that easily  convinced  by what he said. I respectfully replied, “We’ll discuss about the matters about returning to Aixia after  everything  has concluded. Since Your Majesty has agreed in negotiating, we shall leave first. If you have any queries, you can  dispatch people to the Prince’s interim manor to find me. We’ll leave now.”

Ke Zha smiled. “Alright, it’ll be you youngsters era from now on. I’ve aged. Aixia will be passed to Ma Ke in the future. I hope that you’ll support him.”

“I will. I shall bid my farewells to Your Majesty now.”

Ke Zha said, “Ma Ke, you should see Zhang Gong and the rest
off. It has been such a long time since you last seen each other. You must have lots of things that you want to say to each other.”

Ma Ke excitedly received the order and followed us out of the commander’s division.

“Zhang Gong, are you really disfigured?”

I smiled wryly as I took down the conical hat. “Can this still be fake? They should have already told you what happened to me, right?”

Ma Ke nodded. “Boss, you’ve suffered. However, you’re really able to get Mu Zi back. It’s worth it then.”

I embraced Mu Zi’s slender waist. “That’s right, it’s worth it.
How is Hai Yue and you fairing?”

Ma Ke flushed red as he replied, “We’re doing well as we are already engaged. We’ll marry each other after we graduate from the Royal Advance Magic Academy in the future.”

I smiled.  “Won’t  Hai  Yue  be  the  Crown  Prince’s  imperial
concubine then?”

Ma Ke glanced at Mu Zi before whispering, “Hai Shui has been bitterly thinking about you. She’s completely  different  from who she was before. We can no longer see that lively Hai Shui anymore.”

My heart hurt. “What happen to her?”

Ma Ke complained, “It’s due to missing you. Currently, she has been anticipating when you will come to get her everyday. Hai Yue had said that when I meet you, I must make you account for her sister.”

Mu Zi moved out from the side and said, “Don’t worry, Zhan Gong won’t let Hai Shui down. After everything here is over, I’ll head back with him to get Sister Hai Shui.”

I tightly grasped her hand. “Thank you, Mu Zi.”

Mu Zi replied, displeased, “What’s there to thank me about? I’ll be fine as long as you don’t forget what I’ve told you before. Ma Ke, your father won’t have any conspiracy to harm Zhang Gong this time, right?”
Ma Ke sighed. “Boss, I really don’t know what to say about what happened previously….”

I patted his shoulder. “There’s nothing to comment on. Your father wasn’t in the wrong as a ruler. Moreover, I’m the only one involved in that matter. But the current matter is different as the negotiation is extremely important. I hope that there will be no mishaps this time as this concerns the world. Do you understand?”

Ma Ke nodded. “Father didn’t tell me anything during this trip, but he still brought two mage army troops along. He’ll definitely do something. It’s better for you to be careful. I’m also don’t completely understand my father’s temper. Boss, I really hope that nothing dangerous happens to you. I’ll feel my father out after heading back.”
“Thank you, my brother. Let’s bid our farewells here. We’ll still be able to see each other again in the future.”

“Boss, I’ll send you here. Please take care.”

“You too.”


Interim prince’s manor

“Big Brother Xiu Si, how much sincerity do you think Ke Zha has this time? I unknowingly feel an ominous feeling after he agreed to negotiate.”

Xiu Si smiled. “Since Ke Zha was able to inherit the throne as a prince, it proved that he’s not simple. Even though we don’t know what he’s thinking, he has agreed to negotiate. Even if it’s a conspiracy, we’ll just follow him through. How about this? Brother Ke, I’ll have to trouble you to notify the Demon-Beast alliance about the peace talks in three days time. Similarly, they are to also maintain a complete defensive formation during the negotiation as a defensive measure against both sides.”

After hearing what Xiu Si said, my eyes brightened as I had gotten what he meant. “You’re to say that Ke Zha will be raiding the Demon-Beast alliance.”

Xiu Si nodded. “Since they have brought so many mages, it’s the proof that they will make a move. It’s impossible for them to fight against each other when they make their move. Their opponent is only the Demon-Beast allianced. During the negotiation, it’ll be the most opportune time for their opponent to relax. Judging from Ke Zha’s mind set, he will definitely not let such a good opportunity slip away.”

I continued from what he said, “He definitely will have picked a direction and location for the surprise attack. It will be almost impossible for them to attack from the rear as there are plateaus behind the troops. When we negotiate, we’ll be at the center of the two opposing forces so they definitely won’t direct assault the allied Demon and Beast races. Moreover, direct assault will no longer be a raid so there’s only two possibilities left. Is my guess correct, Big Brother Xiu Si?”
Xiu Si smiled and nodded. “It’ll be up to you to make arrangements, now that you understand the situation.”

This guy, he really shirks his responsibilities  quickly. However, I didn’t have time to play around blaming him as we were racing against it.

“With Brother Ke’s wisdom, he should know what to do to defend against those two possibilities. You are to command the allied troops, while the Guard Battalion will be divided into two groups in our tactics. One of them is to conceal themselves on both sides of the Ström Fortress. They should be able to sneak out of the city with their cultivation and it must be under the condition that no one finds out when they are heading to the ambush location. Once the human troops shows signs of attacking the allied troops, the mission of the Guard Battalion is to delay their advancement. The other group will be under Big Brother Xiu Si’s command. ‘Hehe! I’ll give you some trouble.’ The remaining people here will have another mission.  Jian Shan, you are now to bring 11 brothers with you to scout out the
deployment of the army at the Ström Fortress. I need you have to immediately report to me when there is a change in the situation.”

Chapter 32 – Signing The Pact

Dong Ri smiled. “We’ll only need to delay them for a while. The remaining task will be to see how useful the magic spell that the God King has given us will be.”

Xiu Si laughed brightly. “Alright, it’s decided then. I’ll now be a foot soldier for our first God’s envoy to arrange for our manpower. The rest should start doing their tasks as well. We must complete our preparations in the shortest time possible. I really hope that our worries are for naught. After succeeding in the negotiation, everyone should head back home to our base. Zhang Gong, I’ll give you a surprise when you return to the base.”

I was stunned. “Surprise? What surprise?”
Xiu Si smiled. “It’s a secret now. You’ll find that out once you head back.”


My mood was increasingly getting heavier as I heard the continuous flow of intel from Jian Shan. From the news that he conveyed, ever since Ke Zha came to the Ström Fortress, the three Kingdom’s army troop has subdivided again. The other two kingdom’s troops, excluding the soldiers from Xiuda, had been carrying out covert operations every night. They had used patrolling as an excuse majority of the time, but each night the number of people that returned decreased significantly. It seemed that our guess was right. Ke Zha was plotting a conspiracy. If we aren’t able to deter the Ke Zha’s forces with our trump card, then the negotiation this time would be a disaster. We couldn’t count on the troops from Xiuda as it was already gracious enough for the prince to decide that his subordinates would be on the neutral side. Currently, we could only depend on ourselves. Ke Zha, I definitely won’t let you

Three days passed in a jiffy. The time for the reconciliation was nearing. Everyone that was gathered in my room had grave expressions.

Xiu Si said, “Our people have already reached their appointed locations and are ready to move at any time.”

Zhan Hu said, “Our preparations are already done. When will we set out?”
I told Jian Shan, “If there’s any problems that occur later, we’ll use a major magic spell. After the spell starts, you’re to immediately retreat with Mu Zi to the Demon race’s side. The few of us will be extremely weak after the spell ends. We’ll depend on you at that time. The twelve of you to us is conveniently 2:1 so two of you will take care of one of us after the spell ends by inserting battle spirits into our body. Your task will be the crucial point as to if the negotiation this time succeeds or not.”

Jian Shan nodded. “Rest assured, Zhang Gong.  We’ll definitely support you with everyone’s power to succeed in the task.”

I turned to Mu Zi. “Once Ke Zha goes back on his words, Jian Shan and the others will protect you. Go to the allied armies, you must control the situation at that side well and prevent the allied armies from attacking. Otherwise, what we have done till now will be ruined.”

Mu Zi seriously nodded.

“We must succeed.”

Everyone shouted in harmony, “Success!”

“Set out.” The 19 of us moved to the location for the negotiation.
The atmosphere today was a little heavy. There were thick and heavy clouds in the sky, making everyone feel exceptionally hot and stuffy. The various Kingdom’s army troops’ flags were fluttering at the Ström Fortress. Ke Zha had brought only 20 guards with him. Ma Ke didn’t seem to be in the camp as we went forth.

The Ström Fortress was a boundless flat plain. We were able to see the large portion of army troops stationed at the far west of the fort. In the center, between the Ström Fortress and the Demon-Beast alliance, was a large open plain and it seemed that the location of the negotiation is at the very center. The Beamon King was already waiting for us there.

Ke Zha, who was riding with me on the way, said, “Zhang Gong, it seems that there will be a heavy storm today.”
I touched my conical hat and replied calmly, “What will rain be to us? Let the tempest come freely.”

Ke Zha’s expression changed slightly.

A gale blew past, swirling the sand from the ground, obstructing our sight in a short moment.

After the sandstorm passed, Ke Zha whispered to me, “Zhang Gong, if you’re willing to swear your loyalty to me, your future path will be smooth. I’ll support you unconditionally with all of my capabilities.”

‘You want me to work for you? He must have thought about the power of our base possesses. Hmph! Don’t even think about it.’ “Can we discuss about this after the negotiation concludes, Your Majesty?”

Ke Zha sighed heavily and with a kick from both of his legs on the horse’s abdomen, he went to the front. I knew that the last opportunity to reconcile with Ke Zha was gone. We would just have to depend on our capabilities in a while.

The setup for the negotiation venue was extremely simple. It was just a large stage manufactured by wood that had a large table and ten chairs on it. The Beamon King brought ten Beamon giant beast’s soldiers with him. When I saw his enormous build pacing back and forth on the stage, I was really worried that if he wasn’t careful, the newly built stage would
break down.

The Beamon King’s expression was unflustered. When he looked at Ke Zha and the rest of us, he calmly said, “You’ve arrived. Welcome here.”

Mu Zi represented the Demon race. She and the Beamon King sat on the left side of the table, while Ke Zha, Marshall Feng Hao and the prince sat on the left.

The rest of us just sat at the side, watching on how they would sign the treaty.

Ke Zha smiled. “I’m the Emperor Ke Zha Ao Er from the Kingdom of Aixia. I will be representing the human race. We should commence the negotiation now.”

I stood up and walked to the other side of the table. The two sides of the table showed the both sides that were going to negotiate. I said clearly, “The Human race, Demon and Beast races has been fighting continuously since the olden times. It has led to great loss to everyone. That phenomenon seems to have stopped after nearly 200 years of time. The three races will have different rates of development with peaceful means. This will let us know that we can only flourish when we are in peace and harmony. Thus, for the negotiation to succeed, I hope that the negotiator of both sides will strictly follow to the content of the treaty. We’ll use all of our strength to fight together against our common enemy, the Monster race during the effective period of the treaty. I’ll now read the contents of the treaty.
First, the reconciliation will be under the basis that it’s fair and well spread. The both parties will have the right to express their opinions and suggestions before signing the treaty.

Secondly, once the treaty has been signed, the both parties have to simultaneously withdraw their armies  and  are forbidden to carry out any offensive attack towards the other party. However, the remaining army forces can be used to supervise.

Finally, both parties can’t assault the other party within the three years after the treaty has been signed.

One side of the treaty includes the Demon and Beast races. The other is made up of the three human kingdoms; Dalu, Aixia,
and Xiuda.

The notary of this treaty will be God’s Envoy, Zhang Gong Wei.

This will be the conclusion of the pact. I don’t know if both sides have any conditions to add on.”

Chapter 33 – The Expected Attack

Mu Zi said, “Our Demon-Beast alliance doesn’t have any conditions to add.”

Ke Zha smilingly stood up. “You don’t have any conditions?
But I have some.”

I raised my hand. “Please state your conditions,  Your Majesty.”

Ke Zha’s expression changed. “My terms are for you, the Demon-Beast alliance, to surrender to us and offer tribute to us year after year for the years to come. If you were to do that, I’ll sign this pact with you.”

Mu Zi rebuked fumingly, “I knew that you’ve ill intentions and didn’t have any sincerity in this.”

Ke Zha sneered. “Did you really think I’ll obediently follow, just by you few little children? How can that be?” Upon saying that, he raised his hand and shot a fireball into the sky. Even though Ke Zha’s magic couldn’t be compared to the  few teachers, he wasn’t a weakling. The simple fireball in his hand expanded to become exceptionally large and abnormal.

I knew that he was signalling his forces.
Beamon King roared angrily as he smashed his enormous wolf tooth club towards Ke Zha. Ke Zha chuckled disdainfully. He extended his hand across his chest, resulting to enormous magic hexagons to appear under his, Feng Hao’s and the prince’s feet. After a light shone, they simultaneously vanished from  our sight. This should be their premade short-range teleportation scroll. Consecutively, the dusk sky suddenly lit up by the human’s two mage unions as numerous magic spells were shot into the sky towards the allied Demon and Beast armies.

I said apprehensively, “Everyone, prepare to make our move. It’s time for us to release the signal, Big Brother Xiu Si.” Upon saying that, I waved Sukrad’s staff in my hand, hastily casting two protective light screens at the two portions of magic rain in the sky. I definitely wasn’t arrogant enough to think that my magic could resist against the numerous mages from the human race. My purpose was only to deviate their spells’ trajectory.

Xiu Si made his move simultaneously when I did mine as he took out his Sky God’s horn and played it, making a long
humming sound to sound in the sky.

While we were starting to adapt to the situation, numerous humans surged out unknowingly from both sides of the fort as though they were two sharp arrows heading towards the allied
Demon and Beast races. ‘Ke Zha, you are really ruthless. You really think to take advantage of this time to attack the Demon- Beast alliance?’

The human’s soldiers were arranged in an orderly fashion. The majority of them were light and heavy cavalries as they moved fast as lighting when they headed towards the Demon- Beast alliance in a pincer attack. The first group of the Guardian Battalion had appeared at this moment. About 100 of them moved like lightning to obstruct the frontline of the human’s army. Even though the momentum of the cavalry was powerful, the members from the first company of the Guardian Battalion were elites among the elites. Every one of them  were comparable to a general from the human race. Their motive was to delay the human race’s troops to help gain extra time for us.

The both opposing parties collided against each other in a short period of time. The weapons that the first division of the Guard Squad held was a coarse and long club. They managed to forcefully stopped the human race’s advancement by continuously brandishing their weapons. The horses in the frontline fell over after being hit by the club, instantly making the soldiers from behind to fall. I sighed inwardly as it seemed that some casualties were unavoidable.

The Demon and Beast races’ soldier started to be mobilised as they moved towards the both side as a preparation to face the attack from the human race. If Ke Zha was smart, he should understand that he wouldn’t have any advantage over us now.

I glanced at Mu Zi. “Let’s resist against them together,  in order to avoid further casualties and bring real peace and
harmony into the world. Let’s begin.” Upon saying that, I gently raised Sukrad’s staff in my hand, instantly summoning wind elements towards my body to elevate from the  ground. Everyone followed my lead to soar towards the sky. I glanced at Zhan Hu, Dong Ri, Xiu Si, Gao De, Xin Ao, who had already taken out their individual divine instruments. I took in a deep breath and said, “Let’s start.”

The light ray of the War God’s armour flowed throughout
Zhan Hu’s body. He nodded towards me and hollered, “The God King bestowed upon me the War God’s armor. No evil shall pass me for I shall obstruct the evil demons.” As he chanted, the blue light covering his body intensified. The divine aura, carrying a War God’s fighting intention, that permeated in the air.

Xiu Si raised the white horn in his hand and chanted, “The God King bestowed upon me the Sky God’s horn. My horn’s roar will pierce through the nine heavens.” A gentle light ray was instantly emitted from the Sky God’s horn; the light ray enclosed Xiu Si’s body from the top to the bottom of his body.
The white light ray turned into a light ball, which was  as dazzling as the blue light being emitted from Zhan Hu’s body.

Xin Ao gripped the handle of the Titan God’s hammer with both of his hands as he raised it over his head and chanted
resolutely, “The God King bestowed upon me the Titan God’s hammer. I will shake the heavens and move the earth to protect the righteous path.” A yellow light ray was emitted from the Titan God’s hammer, which was completely different from before as it acted in concert with Xin Ao’s powerful grandeur.

Gao De extended his right hand and the Lightning  God’s shield enlarged, giving off an eye piercing red light ray. Gao De chanted, “The God King bestowed upon me the Lightning God’s shield. Even ten thousand blades shall not stop me.” Upon saying that, with his right hand across his chest, the light ray from the Lightning God’s shield intensified, giving off a sense of loftiness as though it could resist against ten thousand swords.

After Dong Ri looked at the crowd, he gently drew his Wind
God’s bow and gently chanted, “The God King bestowed upon me the Wind God’s bow. My ethereal arrows will flash rapidly and violently.” Green intensified light rays raised  from  the Wind God’s bow. When Dong Ri imposingly pulled on the bowstring, the Wind God’s bow that was giving off flashing green light ray formed a full moon shape.

The glittering light rays from the five  people’s  body  were blue, white, yellow, red and green respectively. The human’s soldiers and the allied Demon and Beast’s troops attention fell on us due to the tyrannical powers we possessed.

I no longer hesitated at this point. I took in a deep breath before I stretched out both of my hands and chanted, word after word, “The God King bestowed upon me the Radiant Holy
Sword. It shall shine with the soaring radiance of the vault of the heavens.” A small silver sword appeared from my chest as I chanted. It gently floated above my head, instantly enveloping me with a silver light ray. A warm power continuously communicated with me and the Holy Sword. The six of us
formed six peaks. The six light rays moved again after I completed the chant. The six coloured peaks formed a six coloured magic hexagon.

Divine aura surged out from our hexagon, instantly shooting towards the towards the sky. The six light pillars constantly spiralling as it rose, breaking through the clouds in the sky. As the sunlight shone on our fused powers, I momentarily felt my spirit shake.

Chapter 34 – Symphony Of Chanting

Zhan Hu hollered, “I represent the War God!” Powers surged out from his back, forming an indistinctive large orchid colour image at his back. This was how Zhan Hu looked when he represented the War God.

Xiu Si yelled, “I represent the Sky God!” An enormous white phantom appeared on Xiu Si’s back. Even though the phantom wasn’t distinct, we knew that it possessed the recovery powers of the Sky God.

Xin Ao called out, “I represent the Titan God!” A yellow silhouette soared from his back.
Gao De shouted, “I represent the Lightning God!” A red silhouette appeared on his back.

Dong Ri yelled, “I represent the Wind God!” A  green silhouette emerged, showing an image that it was pulling on the bowstring in preparation to shoot.

I hollered loudly, “I represent the Radiant God!” A gold silhouette appeared from my back. Six enormous light wings were gently fluttering, constantly gathering numerous light elements towards me.

There was no longer just the six of us in mid air now as we had our phantoms that appeared when we represented the  gods. This peculiar sight made all of the soldiers beneath us to stop
fighting as they looked at us flabbergasted.

I gravely nodded towards everyone. We then harmoniously
chanted, “Great God King, please bestow us your boundless divine blessing in order to merge all of our divine powers into one. In order to uphold justice in the world, to eliminate all sinister beings, and bring peace and harmony to the world—– Forbidden Symphony of the Gods’ Awakening” The phantoms
behind us raised simultaneously. They halted in mid air for a moment before suddenly charging towards the six spiralling light rays that were heading towards the horizon. The six divine phantoms fused with those lights. I felt that my sight suddenly turned completely white at this moment.

The ray of the six light pillars in the sky instantly intensified after our phantoms fused with it. I felt the rapid draining of my powers from my body being continuously extracted by this enormous light pillar as they rapidly spiralled.

An extraordinary sight occurred. The mages from the human race had just started their second wave of attack, making numerous magnificent light rays to cover the sky once again. However, it wasn’t towards the Demon camp this time. Just when the magic spells were in mid air, they gathered towards the pillar at lightning speed, under the powerful  attractive power of the enormous light we cast. No spells were able to escape from the attraction force.

The six light pillars spiralled to it’s maximum speed before turning into magnificent light rays. Xiu Si and the rest’s complexion, excluding mine, had already turn pale white. They were purely using their willpower to support their bodies. I gathered the fusion body in my body with great difficulty before roaring out to frantically brandish the Sukrad’s staff to draw a gold hexagon in the sky, which was constantly giving off light rays. This was the final step of the spell to  allow  the Symphony’s power to display its might.
Using my will power, I urged the magic formation into the pillar of light. The attractive forces increased so much that I was abruptly pulled up into the light pillar. I felt that I was already reaching the end in casting the forbidden spell. I used all of my powers to float myself back downwards. It felt like there was a force behind me that seemed to have the power to destroy the heavens and earth.

The initial gloomy clouds were completely influenced by the six rays of light to metamorphose into prismatic multicolored clouds.

I unhesitantly followed the plan previously made to directly charge towards the ground in preparation being received by the 12 Guard Squad, who were already soaring into the sky. Ke Lun Duo already brought Mu Zi, the Beamon King and the rest to retreat to the camp of the allied Demon and Beast armies long ago. I currently didn’t have the energy to think and just continued to follow what I had planned previously.

I brandished the Sukrad’s staff backwards when I was nearing the ground to make my body fly inclined. Even though my body was moving, my mind was still on the forbidden spell. I controlled the powers to violently hit towards the ground as that was all I could do with my current strength. The power of the forbidden spell was really too much to handle. I couldn’t command it to do anything further.

The forbidden spell successfully charged towards the ground quickly trailed by the prismatic clouds. Controlling such power made me feel as though a centuries of time had passed, even though it was only for a few blinks of the eye. The clothes on my body were completely drenched in perspiration. I had almost completely used up the remaining powers in my body so I could just support my body to hover.
When the sky recovered its normal state, the sunlight that appeared due to the power pillar was once again covered by gloomy clouds. It seemed as though nothing had happened and was extremely peaceful. On both sides of the battlefield every soldier remained silent. By this time the First Company of the Guard Battalion had secretly retreated already.

Two guards supported my body as they inserted their battle spirit into my body without any restraints. The three gold dans in my body rapidly revolved, making their inserted powers into my own powers. I momentarily felt much  comfortable  with their assistance. I nodded towards them. “I’m fine already. I can support myself.” Only then, the two guards released their hold on me.

My heart suddenly leapt, just as I wanted to head towards Zhan Hu and the rest’s side to see the might of the forbidden spell, the ground started to violently quake without  any warning. It was coming! The Forbidden spell of forbidden spells
—-Forbidden Symphony of the Gods’ Awakening was going to
display its might. I anxiously hovered in the sky as I looked downwards, waiting for a historical moment to occur. This was the first time that we used this move. I definitely wanted to see the outcome from using it.

The ground increasingly quaked so violently that the entire land started to sway irregularly. I inserted power into my voice as I shouted, “To all soldiers from the humans and the Demon- Beast alliance, retreat immediately!”

Nobody was willing to listen to their commander’s order at this moment. The Demon-Beast alliance armies were slightly better as they were further away from the center of the earthquake. The human soldiers were panicking, but they seemed to have listened to my command as they dashed towards the Ström Fortress with all their might.
The quaking of the ground was still increasingly violently that even the Ström Fortress seemed to be affected by it.

I suddenly felt an enormous fluctuation of powers from the ground. “This isn’t good!” I hastily called for Zhan Hu and the rest to immediately fly towards the Ström Fortress.

Chapter 35 – The Forbidden Spell Explodes Forth

Before we had even flown a kilometer away, there came a loud rumbling sound that reverberated from behind us.  ‘Hong! Hong! Hong!’ A absolutely violent power surged from our backs. There wasn’t any possibility to resist against it so we were pushed forward three times our initial speed by the shockwave. I didn’t dare resist against it, but instead cast a boundary to enclose everyone within to freely move along with the force in moving forward. The impact of the power was too strong. The boundary that I cast constantly vibrated, making me to spit a mouthful of blood. It was only when we were reaching  the Ström Fortress that the power behind us weaken.

I stopped my movement and turned back to have a look. The sight before me momentarily made me stupefied.

Was this our doing? The sight before us was a really
spectacular. Six light rays constantly emitted from the area that the forbidden spell had hit. The entire sky was covered with dust and rocks. The ground had completely fissured and was still caving in reaching a kilometer radius from the explosion. It cut across the entire flat plain until it reached passed both sides of the distant mountains. There were even a few enormous fissures rapidly heading towards Ström Fortress.

The sky and land were filled with concentrated magic elements, dust and stones. The earth constantly quaked, while the magic elements in the air continuously warped. If we had stayed at our previous spot, we would definitely be engulfed by the limitless divine power. There was a 10 Km radius that was filled with deadly atmosphere. The few human soldiers  that were slower had completely disappeared under the devastating power. The biggest fissure was passing beneath our feet towards the city walls of Ström Fortress. The fissure was still a couple meters wide even when its quaking power had  already drastically weakened.
There were continuous loud calls for mages at the fort. However, I knew that there wouldn’t be any magic that could be used until the might of the ultimate forbidden spell ended. The sight before us could no longer use terrifying to describe the scene. We were shocked by the power that could devastate the heavens and the earth. I constantly thought, ‘Have I overdone
it? I’ve taken at least a thousand of lives for this negotiation to succeed. Moreover, it’s the ultimate power that  we  activated was the cause in taking so much lives.’ I took a deep breath to
calm down. I couldn’t worry too much for their sake so more people would be able to survive after the imminent  battle against the Monster race.

There was a loud sound that came from the back of the Ström Fortress. As my thoughts was constantly turning, I was stunned when I turned around to find that the world’s most secure fort’s city walls had unexpectedly collapsed. The main culprit in that was the enormous fissure that was beneath our feet. The fissure had already stopped expanding. Its end was beneath the city wall of the Ström Fortress .
The sky was covered with yellow dust and soil, making our sight fuzzy. It was impossible to see the specifics of the current situation. I felt that the power of the forbidden spell was gradually getting weaker. It would disappear shortly. The agitation of the magic elements didn’t disappear after the forbidden spell disappeared. It was impossible to absorb them with my capabilities as all of the fusion powers in my body had been converted to battle spirit so that I could forcefully sustain my body. My cultivation was the strongest among the group, but I had consumed the most power when activating the forbidden spell. My body was already extremely feeble. But I knew clearly that I couldn’t fall now as I hadn’t accomplished what I needed to do.

I hadn’t made my move as it wasn’t the right moment yet. I calmly watched on as the dust and soil that was blocking out the sun until the dust clouds dissipated. It took half an hour’s time for them to completely dissipate and for our sight to gradually clear up. Not a single sound could be heard from the million people from the Ström Fortress or the Demon-Beast alliance within that half an hour.
The scene before me was more appalling than I thought it would be. There was an enormous kilometer wide gulf that linked both sides of the plain. There were numerous smaller fissures from both sides of the gulf. The longest fissure was the enormous fissure that had just destroyed one fifth of the city’s walls. As steam constantly poured out from the mouth of the gulf I had everybody hold their positions. I headed to the gulf alone before circulating the powers in my body to absorb the gradually calming magic elements.

I was once again shocked after reaching the border of the gulf. The depth of the gulf was indeterminable. When I looked down, I could only see a red line at the far bottom that my sight could see. The surrounding air turned burning hot. I took in a cold breath as I suddenly understood what that red line meant. It was lava! It was lava from volcanoes! If it were to erupt, I couldn’t and didn’t dare to imagine the outcome. However, the depth was bottomless so it should be extremely difficult for it to come up to the land.
I flew back to the crowd as it wasn’t the time to consider this problem. I eye signaled to everyone before  I  forcefully circulated my three gold dans that were now much weaker, making my body emit a weak golden light as I took the lead to fly towards the Ström Fortress.

As we neared the broken city walls, I could see Ke Zha, Ma Ke, the commanders from Dalu and Xiuda, and the high ranking officers from the three kingdoms as they looked forth dumbstruck at the city wall.

I recovered my breath and under the assistant of my magic, I said coldly, “Emperor Ke Zha, are you aware of your crimes?”

Ke Zha’s body shuddered and when he raised his head to look
at me, his eyes were filled with terror. It was beyond his expectation that we could create what we had just done.

I didn’t wait for Ke Zha to reply as I continued, “It’s God’s intention for the three human kingdoms, the Demon race, and the Beast race to reconcile. However, you almost caused a catastrophe to occur due to personal gain and clearly thought nothing about the current circumstances. What everyone just saw was the Gods’ power. We can freely use divine powers as their envoys to accomplish any favorable outcome  for  the world. If you continue to obstinately persist in going about things the wrong way, I’ll reactivate the divine power. Perhaps, you think that the Ström Fortress is safe, but if I were to use the previous forbidden spell here, you should know the outcome. The Gods are merciful and just gave you a warning. I want your decision now. It’s your choice on whether to reconcile  or perish.”

Chapter 36 – Successful Peace Talks

The officers and all the soldiers on the city wall had dropped their weapons, making continuous metal clangs were heard and the floor was filled with weapons. It was unknown as to who started it, but all of the officers and soldiers knelt and bowed with joined hands at forehead level towards the sky. It was the soldiers that took the lead before Marshall Feng Hao, Zhan Hu’s father and even the prince of the Kingdom of Xiuda knelt. Ma Ke whispered something to his father. After whispering, he also knelt, leaving only Ke Zha that remained standing.

Ke Zha’s complex was pale and expressed that he  didn’t believe what had happened. He let out a long sigh after a long time. “Let’s forget it. God’s plans supersede my own! Ma Ke, you’ll be in charge as the representative of the Kingdom of Aixia.” After throwing those words, Ke Zha turned and descended from the city wall.

I knew that he definitely won’t stir up havoc after today as I
looked at his fading back. Ke Zha was a gifted and formidable person. But he was only a person after all. It was impossible for him to resist God’s power.

I sighed as I couldn’t take everything into consideration. “Since the three human kingdoms wishes to reconcile, I’ll represent the Gods to trust you once more. I’ll let the representatives of the Demon and Beast races join us and discuss the details for the peace treaty. Currently, you’re to first settle with the aftermath.” Upon saying that, I eye signaled everyone before turning around and flew towards the Demon-Beast alliance armies. I had constantly consumed the remaining specks of powers in my body for another long period of time so it was already near the state of it being fully used up. I needed to rest soon.

We surveyed the outcome as we flew across the large crevice generated due to the forbidden spell among all forbidden spells, Forbidden Symphony of the Gods’ AwakeningGod’s Symphony. After letting out a sigh, I increased my speed as I headed
towards the Demon-Beast alliance camp.

Mu Zi, Ke Lun Duo and Demon King Xiu Yu were waiting for us at the entrance of the camp. The armies from the Demon and Beast races also knelt towards us just like the humans when we arrived at the entrance. While we emitted peculiar light rays from our body, the shock that we brought with us had conquered the hearts of all three races.

Mu Zi ran to my front. I slightly let out a breath after seeing her before I momentarily felt as though the sky was spinning and the earth was round. But I knew that I currently couldn’t topple over now. Otherwise, all of the hard work until  now would be wasted. I nodded towards her. “Everything has been going smoothly. We shall discuss further after entering your camp.” I saw that Zhan Hu and the rest’s complexion were dull as I turned to look at them.

I took the lead to strut into the Demon camp, with everyone following me. I was bitterly enduring the successive waves of exhaustion as we headed quickly towards the camp with great difficulty. When we had finally reached our destination, Zhan Hu, Xiu Si, Xin Ao, Gao De and Dong Ri were the ones to collapse to the ground. Mu Zi hastily supported me as my body started to sway before exclaiming, “Zhang Gong, what’s happening to all of you?!”

I smiled wryly. I no longer cared about my image to  sit directly on the ground while Mu Zi supported me.  “Do  you think the God’s forbidden spell is easy to use? We have completely used up our powers and need to rest up as soon as possible. I’ve already settled the human’s side. I believe that they won’t play any more tricks so I won’t be accompanying you when you sign the pact. You should head to the fort now with Big Brother Ke Lun Duo and the Beamon King from the Beast race. You must sign the agreement. I…I have to rest now. “My vision started to blur and couldn’t resist against my feebleness and exhaustion as I collapsed on Mu Zi’s shoulder as my body slipped into her embrace, I slowly entered my dreams.


The sleep this time was extremely sound. I didn’t know how long has passed before I gradually woke up. I used my groggy vision to realise that I was in a tent. This should be at the demon’s camp. I propped my body and felt that my entire body was exceptionally sore. It seemed as though everything was just a dream.

I sat crossed leg before examining the interior of my body. I realised that my powers were still extremely weak, the three gold dans were transparent. I was only slightly better off compared to when I collapsed. The outcome on overusing my power after casting the forbidden spell was really severe, even the astonishing recovery speed of my powers had decreased drastically. I also didn’t know how the peace talks went, but I
currently couldn’t consider that. As I took in deep breath, I gradually prompted the three gold dans to revolve slowly, absorbing the natural magic elements in the surrounding area.

The result in using the forbidden spell didn’t damage my meridians, so my gold dans would momentarily recover a little after calmly recuperating them for about a week. My inner body was illuminated by gold light rays again and the warmth from the Holy Sword at my chest could be felt again.

When my mind shifted, I felt someone nearing my side. I hastily circulated the gold dans to their respective locations before awakening. I was looking directly at Mu Zi, whose eyes showed traces of feelings, when I opened my eyes.
“You’re awake. You really can sleep!”

I smiled, embarrassed, before replying, “How long have I slept?”

Mu Zi replied, “You’ve slept for three entire days. Your brothers woke up at about the same time as you did, but they have awakened already. You’re alright now, right?” Mu Zi took the initiative to enter my embrace as she talked. I felt slightly intoxicated as I gently embraced her well developed and alluring body.

I leaned my head on Mu Zi’s hair, while I closed my eyes, to calmly enjoy this comfortable moment. Mu Zi complained after a long time had passed, “You still haven’t replied to my

Only then did I woke up as I asked blankly, “What question? Owwwh, stop hitting me. I’ve remembered. I’m already okay, but my powers still haven’t fully recovered. You don’t have to worry about me. That’s right, how did the peace talks go? The three human kingdoms shouldn’t have played any more tricks, right?”

Mu Zi nodded. “The Kingdom of Dalu and Xiuda originally had intentions to negotiate. Currently, Ma Ke holds the rights in controlling Aixia’s mage union so there won’t be a problem anymore. You can be rest assured that everything has finished successfully. The Demon and Beast races also won’t initiate war against the human race in the future. Actually, there’s already a natural protective screen at the center of the three races. The nearly one kilometer wide deep ditch seems to be like a natural moat, how can it be that easy to cross over it?”

Chapter 37 – Relaxed Back

I scratched my head. “I actually didn’t know what was going to happen when I activated the forbidden spell. I initially just wanted to display some divine powers for the three races. Who would have known that the ultimate forbidden spell was so potent? It’s lucky that we haven’t mastered it. Otherwise, the Ström Fortress would have been completely destroyed.”

Mu Zi was stunned as she cried out, “What? You haven’t mastered it? It’s already that amazing without you mastering it? Won’t the world be ruined after you can completely bring out its full power?”

I expressed helplessness with my hand gesture  before nodding. “There’s a high possibility for that to occur. The forbidden spell equates to the combination powers of the six of us. Our powers will become increasingly stronger if we improve our capabilities in bringing out the divine powers. When our powers gets stronger, the potency of the awakened powers
would also be greater. My Holy Sword is the crux for the forbidden spell. The disparity in the powers I hold to the essential powers required for the spell is large. Big Brother Zhan Hu and the rest also hasn’t been able to fully utilise their divine instruments. Thus, from my estimation, the  forbidden  spell that we cast can’t be beyond 40% of its full potential.”

“Silly girl, don’t be shocked. You have seen the powers of the Monster race. Currently, there’s no trace of the Monster King, but his subordinate that used Demon King Satan’s body already was that powerful. The formidability of the Monster King is really unimaginable. There should be a purpose as to why the God King had passed the task of eliminating the Monster King to us. Moreover, this ultimate forbidden spell is a bane to the Monster King so it should have formidable power.”

Mu Zi snapped out from her shock after a long time. “I really hope that we can eliminate the Monster King so that I can really be with you….” She blushed, but didn’t continue to speak.

I didn’t reply her, but tightened my hold on her body. We had finally accomplished our task. The three great races  of  the world have finally united. We only needed to  constantly improve our powers from now on. Everything would conclude once the Monster King appears. We didn’t have any methods than that, even if it seemed spontaneous. The God King shouldn’t know the location for the clone of the Monster King as he currently must be resisting against the sealed body of the Monster King at the God’s realm.

After a long time had passed, I said to Mu Zi. “I want you to bring me to see the brothers since they have awoken.”

Mu Zi obediently nodded before supporting me as I stood. After warming up my sore muscles, I smiled. “It is already much better. Let’s go.”

I followed Mu Zi out of the camp with my Sukrad’s staff in hand. When the patrolling soldiers saw us, they immediately saluted towards us with reverence expressed from their eyes.

The living quarters of Zhan Hu and the rest were near to mine as after passing a few camps, I had already arrived at the huge camp they were in.

I saw that everyone was present after entering their camp. Ke Lun Duo seemed to be telling them something and everyone was expressing relaxed smiles. They should really loosen up a little after finally accomplishing a huge matter.
“Zhang Gong, you’ve woke up.” Zhan Hu commented.

I smiled and sat beside him. “Big Brother Zhan Hu, are all of you alright?”

Zhan Hu replied with lingering fear, “The forbidden spell is too scary. I felt as though my body had been completely controlled by the War God’s armour when we used the spell. I had almost collapsed at that time. It was great for you to make prior arrangements for the Guards to insert their battle spirit into my body. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to sustain myself till we reached the Demon-Beast alliance camp.”

Dong Ri laughed. “Isn’t that the same for all of  us?  I’ve already understood what it meant to be a forbidden spell among
the forbidden spells this time. It was so powerful! Seeing how the situation looked that day, what will the Monster King account for? Once we used this God’s Symphony spell, we’ll be able to annihilate them, even if there were ten  thousand armies.”

Even though no one spoke, everyone, excluding Xiu Si, expressed approval.

I frowned as I told Dong Ri, “You’re wrong.”

Dong Ri expressed at stunned expression. “Why?”

I replied gravely, “I admit that the power of the forbidden spell we used is great. However, do you know that I was almost unable to control the power of the forbidden spell? Our current power is still too weak, we can’t withstand the power of the forbidden spell and are also incapable in utilising its full power. Do you really think that the Monster King is going to be easy to deal with? If it was easy, the God King wouldn’t have been troubled in the first place. The God clan almost faced extinction. Our current powers aren’t bad, but how will we fare compared to the God clan? There’s definitely a disparity between our powers. What will we be counted for when the God clan had dealt with the Monster race with great difficulty? Thus, we mustn’t be blindly optimistic and immediately use as much time as possible to increase our powers. I’ve already decided that once we return to our base, I’ll immediately head towards the to the God Rended Canyon for the Radiant God’s inheritance. All of you should also try to reach the War God’s rank.”

Dong Ri lowered his head and muttered, unconvinced, “It shouldn’t be that bad.”

Xiu Si stood up and glanced at me before saying, “No, perhaps it’s even much worse than what Zhang Gong had said. What he said is right. We really don’t know how strong the Monster race will be. They are in hiding, while we’re in the open. We mustn’t slack off at the moment in order to accomplish the task that the God King had passed to us.”

Big Brother Xiu Si and my thoughts was close. I smiled as I said, “Everyone’s cultivation hasn’t recovered yet so we’ll stay here for a few more days. We’ll set out to head home once everyone’s injuries has recovered. You all can just take a break. I still have to make a trip to the Ström Fortress.”

I held onto Mu Zi’s hand as everybody saw us off as we headed out of the camp. “You come with me to head back. I want to see the situation there and Xiao Jin and Xiao Rou are also still there.
I must pick them up.”

Mu Zi exclaimed, “Alright! Let’s go. Ah! That’s right, can you still fly now?”

I smiled wryly. “I’m not that weak. A short flight still won’t be a problem for me.” Upon saying that, I embraced Mu Zi’s waist. The fusion power in my body naturally circulated after I kicked off the ground. We soared in the sky, bringing a faint gold light along with us. We had set out from the Demon-Beast alliance camp towards the Ström Fortress, while Mu  Zi screamed in fright.”

Chapter 38 – The Stronghold After The Peace Talks

I had noticed that the red-hot lava had already seemed to have dried when we passed the huge gulf on our journey towards the Ström Fortress. It was dark brown in colour and  longer steamed. I was relieved after knowing that I hadn’t created a major problem. I must really must be cautious whenever I use the forbidden spell.

The city wall of the Ström Fortress in front of us was still breaking apart. It wouldn’t be easy to repair it.

Mu Zi leaned into my embrace and clung on my neck. She didn’t use any of her powers and just let me to carry her as we flew across. It was fortunate that I had significantly recovered my powers, otherwise it would really be bad if we were to fall into the gulf.

It perhaps might be due to the divine light ray emitted from my body that the people at the fort didn’t obstruct us when we neared the fort, giving me an easy descent onto the top of the city.

The guards on duty momentary knelt before me as they said harmoniously, “Greetings to Lord God’s envoy.”

It seemed that the shock that day was still in effect. I  had really became well known this time. When the numerous gazes accidentally fell on Mu Zi, Mu Zi’s charming face flushed, burying her head into my embrace and didn’t dare to lift her head.
I smiled. “You don’t have to be courteous and continuine working.” When my body flashed, I had already leaped into the city as I flew over the city wall, bringing Mu Zi along with me.

Mu Zi jumped down from my body. She complained with a flushed face, “You’re irritating. Why didn’t you put me down in front of that crowd?”

I smiled. “You didn’t ask me to let you down. I thought you were comfortable staying in my embrace.”

Mu Zi glared at me before saying, “Where are we heading to now? Is it to receive Xiao Jin and Xiao Rou or to meet up with your best brother, Ma Ke?”

I thought for a moment. “We’ll meet up with Ma Ke first. I’m afraid that he will feel uneasy as I had forced Uncle Ke Zha away.”

Mu Zi sighed. “You aren’t at fault for that matter. You didn’t want that to happen , but for the big picture, you had to do that. Let’s go.”

I pulled on Mu Zi’s small hands as I headed towards the fort’s Commander division. The soldiers were in a jubilant  mood, even when the city wall of the fort had been destroyed. I was no longer in doubt on the peace talk as I saw their looks. I kept my head down and pulled up my shirt as I didn’t want to be recognised. Sigh! My scarred covered face was extremely easy to be recognised. Mu Zi seemed to know that I was in a gloomy mood as she clung on my arm. I could feel deep sense of
empathy from her gesture. Currently, I was no longer dwelling in the shadows of my heart. I didn’t care about anything else, as long as Mu Zi didn’t avoid me. If I was to be ugly, then so be it.

We finally reached the commander’s division after a short while. It was partially due to the success in the peace talk that there was no longer as many guards. There were only 8 soldiers, wearing the Kingdom of Dalu’s uniform, guarding. There were two guards that immediately hindered our path as we neared. One of them said, “Stop! This is a restricted area of the fort. You are forbidden to freely enter it.”

I lifted my head and took out the Sukrad’s staff from my clothes. I replied, in smiles, “I’m not going to barge in. I want to make a request to meet up with the Prince from the Kingdom of Aixia, His Highness Ma Ke.”
That guard was stunned as he instantly recognised me. He said dumbfoundedly, “You…You are…..”

I nodded. “That’s right, I’m Zhang Gong Wei. I’ll have to trouble you to make known my presence. Thank you.”

That guard nodded and said, as he bowed to me, “It is unnecessary. Please enter. You’re the God’s envoy so it’s unnecessary to report your comings. Please quickly enter.” The guards, who had already recognised me, moved to the side to allow us to enter.

We could hear them discuss unceasingly as we entered the entrance of the Commander’s division.”

A soldier said, “He’s that God’s envoy? The feeling he gives to me is so comfortable, even though his appearance is a little ugly.”

Another soldier replied distainly, “Did you know that that God’s envoy originally had a handsome appearance? It seemed that it was due to eliminating the Monster’s race that resulted to his current look. Did you see that beauty with impeccable look by his side? She should be the princess from the Demon race. If the God’s envoy was that ugly by nature, how could the princess follow him?”

Another soldier said, “It might not be true. There’s a proverb that beauties love heros. Who can be more heroic than God’s envoy, Zhang Gong? If it wasn’t for him to make the peace talk successful, we’ll have to battle again.”

The first soldier that spoke replied, “You make sense.  It’s really a great feeling that we don’t have to fight! Brothers, how about we go for a drink after our shift is over?”


Mu Zi and I looked at each other, expressing smiles of happiness towards each other.

We directly headed to the lounge of the Commander’s division. Ma Ke and the rest should be here now. It was as I
expected after entering the lounge. Not only Ma Ke was present, Marshall Feng Hao from the Kingdom of Dalu was also here. Only the Lord Prince, Zhan Hu’s father, wasn’t here.

Feng Hao and Ma Ke simultaneously looked stunned at each other when we entered. Ma Ke momentarily stood up excitedly after seeing us and walked briskly towards us. He  hollered, “Why haven’t you come after so many days?! Could it be that you don’t trust your home country?”

I smiled and shook my head. “How could I? I definitely wouldn’t distrust my best brother, even if I don’t trust my home country!”

Ma Ke’s eye rims reddened. “It’s father’s fault previously. He
has kept it from me for so long. It was already too late to stop him after knowing his plans in going against what he said. Boss, your powers are really too terrifying. Father will forever be unable to lift his head to govern Aixia after this.” Ke Zha was his father after all so Ma Ke’s expression momentarily dampened a little.

I asked, “Aixia really cannot go on without a leader. Uncle Ke Zha wouldn’t have left just like that right?”

Ma Ke’s face flushed as though he was gathering his courage. “Brother, father has passed me a letter before he left. It might be due to our relationship. He wants me to immediately head back to the Kingdom to pass the throne to me after everything here has settled.”

Chapter 39 – The Future Emperor

I was elated. “That’s great! I congratulate Your Majesty in advance. Haha!” If Ma Ke was to be the Emperor of Aixia, I no longer need to worry about issues for the three human kingdoms. The Kingdom of Dalu wouldn’t be a threat when the two Kingdoms, Aixia and Xiuda, were on my side.

Ma Ke punched me before saying, “Boss, quit making fun of me.”

Feng Hao perhaps felt uncomfortable with our  deep friendship as he cleared his throat twice unnaturally. I turned and bowed towards him. “My apologies, greetings to you, Marshall Feng Hao. Your Kingdom shouldn’t have any issues regarding the peace talks, do they?”
Feng Hao forcefully smiled as he replied, embarrassed, “I previously couldn’t act on my own. I apologise for that, God’s envoy Zhang Gong.”

I smiled. “Those had already passed so it’s unnecessary to mention this. I still have to bother you in cooperating with the three Kingdoms here.”

Feng Hao looked ashamed before he sighed. “You guys can continue to chat. I still have some matters to attend to. I’ll take my leave first.” Upon saying that, he turned to walk out of the Commander’s division.

After seeing him leave, Ma Ke sighed. “Boss, you really have cruelly fixed the three human kingdoms this time. Currently,
our soldiers from the Kingdoms of Aixia and Dalu, excluding the Kingdom of Xiuda, can no longer lift their heads. I’ve heard that Marshall Feng Hao had passed a letter of resignation to his higher ups from Dalu in preparation to resign from his duty.”

I was stunned. “It couldn’t be that bad?”

Ma Ke said, displeased, “How can it not be bad? The powers that you displayed that day was too powerful. It’s not something that humans can resist. The three kingdoms are in a hurry to curry some favours from you now. Feng Hao, who had offended you, will naturally be unable to continue holding onto his Marshall’s position.”

I shook  my  head.  “I  currently  can’t  afford  to  consider  so
much. I only hope that you’ll strictly follow to the terms of the treaty. I need to leave immediately. I’ll be heading to the God Rended Canyon after settling a few more matters. I must make preparations as soon as possible as the appearance of the Monster King won’t be far off. You should also start to train up the mages right after heading back, especially light  mages. When the time comes, you’ll have to adapt to it. Alright?”

Ma Ke nodded. “Boss, do you really have to leave now?”

I replied, “En! Time is pressing so I don’t have a choice. We still have the chances of reuniting again after we eliminate the Monster King. That’s right, Ma Ke, please help me to send my regards to Teacher Di, Teacher Zhen and the few teachers after you head back. I really miss them.” How could I become who I was today without their guidance, especially Teacher Di? That old man had been nurturing me ever since I entered the Royal Intermediate Magic Academy. I really missed him after being separated for so long!

Ma Ke replied, “I will. Boss do you know what I really regret the most in my life until now?”

I asked, stunned, “What is it?”

Ma Ke replied, disappointedly, “I regret that I didn’t join you in searching for the Holy Sword. Not only did I miss those exciting times, it’s also impossible for me to reach your current powers.”

I patted shoulder. “It’s already over so it’s useless to regret.
What you need to do now is to become a great king. The future of Aixia lies on your shoulders. Your responsibilities are extremely heavy. You’ll be busy after heading back. However, I believe that the teachers will definitely support you. You’ll definitely be able to walk on with steady steps with  the  top three mages in the continent supporting you.”

Ma Ke replied resolutely, “I will as it’s my duty. I definitely won’t shirk from it.”

I laughed and replied, “That’s my great brother. Alright, Mu Zi and I will take our leave. You’ve to take care of yourself.”

“Big Brother…..” Ma Ke’s eye rims reddened again.

I turned around and pulled Mu Zi along. “Enough, stop expressing such a girly expression. It’s not like we won’t be seeing each other again.” Upon saying that, I pulled Mu Zi along as I headed out. I heard Ma Ke choked with sobs. “Big Brother, you must take care of yourself as well!”

I forcefully endured my tears from falling and didn’t reply to him as I left the Commander’s division with Mu Zi and dashed towards the prince’s interim manor.

My mood calmed down after leaving the Commander’s division. Mu Zi said gently, “We won’t need to consider so many matters after defeating the Monster King, right? I’ll be able to accompany you in doing what you want to do then.  For example, we can gather all of your friends to have a meal.”

Her words made me laugh. “You little girl, really can’t forget about eating!”

Mu Zi chuckled. “Of course! Eating is a natural ability to humans. It’s already been so long since I’ve eaten any delicacies.”

I smiled, “Don’t worry. There’s definitely some good food for you to eat after returning to our base.”

We had arrived at the prince’s manor while we chatted. It was
extremely quiet as there was unexpectedly not a single person guarding the place. The sight after entering the entrance made me jump up from shock as I saw Xiao Jin used his front claws to cover his eyes, while he laid on the floor. There was also Xiao Rou, who was in her human form, happily bouncing vivaciously on his back.

Xiao Rou immediately jumped off his back when she saw me. “Master, you’ve returned.”

I smiled. “Didn’t I tell you not to call me Master? You can just call me Zhang Gong. What are you two doing?”

Xiao Jin moved his front claws from his eyes after hearing my voice. He cryingly complained, grieving, “Master, you’re finally
back. I’ll have been tortured to death by the demoness if you had come back any later. She insisted to use me as a bed to jump on. I’m so pitiful……”

Goodness, it was really Xiao Rou to be able to think using Xiao Jin as a bed. I shifted my gaze at Xiao Rou, who had already hid behind Mu Zi. She muttered, “Don’t blame me. Who told him to seem to have such a texture? It made me want to give it a try. Otherwise, I would have died from boredom!” Mu Zi laughed heartily after hearing what she said.

Mu Zi said, “That’s right! I also just realised that Xiao Jin’s body really seems to have a soft texture. I also want to have a try.” Upon saying that, she kicked off the ground, pulling Xiao Rou along, to leap onto Xiao Jin’s back.
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