Child Of Light Volume 1

Volume 01

Chapter 1 – The First Chapter

Early morning. It’s so bright that I had to open my  lazy eyelids. Why does my house have to face the sun. Waking up everyday to the sun’s glare makes me want to cry.

“You lazy bum! Are you up yet?”

Hearing this pleasant voice, I immediately jumped down from bed.

“I’m up, I’m up.”

“Hurry up and come eat breakfast! You’re going to be late for school.”

“Okay, okay. I’m coming.”

Fortunately I reacted quickly, otherwise mother’s pleasant voice would have started casting the elementary water magic, water bullet, to wake me up. But mother is an intermediate water mage, so if I got hit I would truly be miserable. (However this is not the primary reason, because if mother shoots the water bullet at me, the blanket will get wet. When I go outside to dry my blankets, all of my friends ridicule  me  as “Bedwetting” Wu.)
Right, I forgot to explain my background. Of course, I’m the hero of this story. My name is Zhang Gong. The continent I live in is called Tianwu and in the West is the continent of Libo. In the whole world there are only these two continents and of course, the rest of the world is the covered by the ocean. In Tianwu there are three countries: the kingdom of plentiful resources, the Dalu kingdom, the kingdom of knights, the Xiuda Kingdom and the kingdom where I reside, the magic kingdom of Aixia.

The kingdom of Dalu has the largest territory, with it spanning three-sevenths of continent of Tianwu’s land. Furthermore it is a rich in resources, wealthy and is overall a powerful kingdom. The main army is composed of warriors, while mages supplement the main army thanks to the funding the army receives. With an army such as this, the kingdom of Dalu has the largest army of the three kingdoms.

The kingdom of Xiuda is a country which upholds the honor of knights therefore the country does not have many mages
residing in it. Their army is composed entirely of warriors, with their cavalry being the most powerful in the whole Tianwu continent. Furthermore, they possess three regiments of the unique Earth Dragoons which is composed entirely of knights at the intermediate rank or higher. On the plains it is impossible for any opposing army to withstand the assault of Xiuda’s cavalry without a barrier.

Speaking of my homeland, the kingdom of Aixia is in fact an authentic magic kingdom. Every single citizen, no matter how poor they are will receive an elementary education in magic. The kingdom possesses dozens of major magic schools as every citizen has the right to learn magic. (Of course, the prerequisite is that you have the money to pay the tuition.) Even  if  the citizen doesn’t have money there is still the town’s Elder who will teach some basic knowledge of magic.

In this country, magic education is divided into three stages:

The first stage: Elementary magic academy.  Generally students enroll between the ages of 5 to 10 years old and will continue studying there for 5 years. Upon graduation the students will take an exam to become a magic disciple or receive the title of an elementary rank mage.

The second stage: Intermediate magic academy. Admission is based on what the students scored on the elementary magic academy graduation exam and naturally students with better results will be able to enter better magic academies. Intermediate magic academy doesn’t have a set number school years, instead it works on the basis of credits. Only 60 credits are required before students can graduate and obtain the title of an intermediate rank mage. In the duchy, the fastest record for graduating intermediate magic academy was still three years while it generally takes 5 to 10 years to graduate for the average student. Most of the kingdoms wealthy citizens stop learning magic sometime during intermediate magic academy. The number of intermediate rank mages in the kingdom is somewhere from 300,000 to 450,000.

The third stage: Advanced magic academy. In order to be admitted into an advanced magic academy, not only is an intermediate rank mage certificate required, but it is also required to pass the examination of the Mage’s Union. After passing the exam, students once again be admitted to the academy corresponding to their exam results. According the Aixia’s regulations, all students who attend an advanced magic academy will not have to pay any tuition fees. The reason that all costs will be covered by the kingdom is for the kingdom’s magic talent to flourish. The most prestigious magic academy is the Royal Magic Academy where only those with great magical talent are admitted. Furthermore, they have extremely rigorous examinations even for a prince. Princesses also must pass examinations before they will be admitted. After graduating from an advanced magic academy, the results of the graduation exam with determine which certificate the student receives.

Tianwu continent’s three human kingdoms are extremely united because they have a common enemy, the Western continent’s demon race and beast clans.

In the Western continent, there are two kingdoms. The Holy Light Empire is ruled by the demon race while the beast clans rule the Valiant Mist Empire. The demon race looks very similar to humans with the only difference being that their eyes are purple. Those of the demon race are naturally ambitious and aggressive while they inherently possess darkness magic. On the other hand, the beast clans are unable to use magic but their powerful bodies are their best weapon in addition to their high magic defense. The beast clan’s ace corps in comparison to their main army is even more frightening.

The Eastern and Western continents are separated by the Tianduo mountains. Humanity sacrificed millions of warriors in order to build the most powerful mountain fortress, Telun fortress. Since the magic fortress have been built the two beast clans could not climb past the pond called Lei, enabling the continent to enjoy peace for the last 200 years.
In this world, there are six elements of magic: light, darkness, water, fire, earth and wind. Besides these six elements of magic, there are also special elements of magic such as summoning magic, spatial magic and so on.

Mages ranks are divided into: novice mage (apprentice mage), elementary rank mage, intermediate mage, advanced mage, great mage, magic scholar, magister and the legendary Grand Magister.

Magic spells are divided 9 ranks: ranks 1 to 3 are of the elementary class, ranks 4 and 5 are of the intermediate class, ranks 6 to 8 are of the advanced class and rank 9 spells are of the forbidden class. Forbidden class spells require six or more magisters working together in order to cast. A mage who is able to cast a forbidden class spell singlehandedly would be considered a Grand Magister and only one has ever appeared in the legends.

Warrior ranks are divided into: elementary warrior, intermediate warrior, advanced warrior, knights, earth knight, heaven knight, holy knight, sword saint and the legendary War God.

Battle spirit classes are divided into: battle spirit, earth battle spirit, heaven battle spirit, god battle spirit and  holy  battle spirit which enables whoever possesses it to be unscratched by all spells below the forbidden class.

Summoned beasts have two types:the power growth type, which grow more powerful as they mature, and the body rank type where they will remain as powerful as they were when summoned. The higher the rank their body is, the  more powerful the beast is. From ranks 1 to 9, power growth type are very rare. Furthermore, if the power growth type summoned
beast encounters a body rank type summoned beast, they attempt to kill each other in order to prevent their opponent from growing any stronger.

Money is divided into: 1 diamond coin = 100 gold coins = 10 000 silver coins = 1 000 000 copper coins

Magic crystals from highest value to lowest is:purple, jade, red, blue, white, black, green.

The background information is here, following this will be the main story.

A new chapter is about to begin. The wheel of history is moving toward his destiny.

Chapter 2 – Choosing The Light Element

Cong cong

I quickly ate two mouthfuls of breakfast then left the house for school in a hurry.

“Walk faster, you don’t want to be late otherwise the teacher will have a bad impression of you. Properly learn magic! Pay attention to the road and come home quickly after school!

Mother sure is amazing, saying these words every day, it’s impossible for me to not know them by heart by now. However, her concern for me makes my heart warm.

My name is Zhang Gong, 7 years old this year and living near the landlocked kingdom of Aixia’s second largest city, in a small village beside Senke city. As my family is relatively wealthy, my mother and father were very hopeful and brought me to the city’s Sunke Elementary Magic Academy in order to  learn magic. I’m now in the third grade. Since a young age I have shown interest in magic but I’m a lazy person by nature. In more than two years I have only learned some elementary class magic and some basic magic theory.

Today is the day I have to tell the teacher what element of magic I chose. This will determine what class I’m in. (Each mage has major and minor magic elements. They will only have one major element which they concentrate on while they can have up to three minor magic elements to supplement their major element.) What should I choose…? I like fire magic, but it feels a bit too dangerous. Since my motto is ‘safety first’, it really conflicts. So what should I choose…? Which magic is the safest?
Thinking about it….

Ah, yes, light magic seems the safest. In the past, teacher said that there are basically no attack spells of the light element before advanced class. It’s basically purely defensive or curative and I won’t have to spar with others. Yea, I’m choosing this. (Due to the kingdom of Aixia constantly promoting magic, students in magic academies often have to tests to increase their practical experience and confirm their magic level. However, because of our low magic levels, no one has come to test the lower grade’s magic levels yet. Generally they will test  it  in grade 5 or in the intermediate magic academy.

I’m truly am smart! What minor magic to choose? I’ll choose wind magic and learn some air blasting techniques (Major wind magic) or something. This way I can quickly escape in case of danger. Wait, no, no, wind magic is fast but it isn’t capable of instant movement. Mother told me there was a spatial magic scholar who could teleport about 10km. (And he is still only a magic scholar!) Spatial magic is pretty good, so I’ll choose it
instead then!

After such deep thought, I couldn’t help but take a deep breath.

Later generations would praise a light system Grand Magister, Zhang Gong Wei, the Child of Light. Zhang Gong Wei will later become a powerful figure with a widespread name, unable escape the clutches of the hand of fate. Chosen, his light magic had been destined to be spread throughout the continent. (Not to mention his spatial system magic which he often uses to escape.)

I happily walked to town and turned my thoughts to this beautiful life. I couldn’t restrain myself from laughing due to
my happiness.

“Zhang Gong”

“You’re so annoying Ao De. You scared me!”

He is both my best friend and my classmate.

“What elements of magic did you pick?”

“I’ve chosen the light element for the major and the spatial element as the minor.”

“That’s just like you! Ha ha.”

“What do you know! Why don’t you tell me why  I  picked these two then.”

I’m a surprised by Ao De.

“Of course, since your motto is “safety first’.”

“So annoying! You’re correct. What did you choose then?”

“I chose water element as my major and spatial element as my minor!” said Ao De with his chest out and a proud look on his face.

“I understand why you picked the spatial element (of course he would pick the same as me), but why did you pick the water element?”

“You wouldn’t understand”, Ao De said while looking like a little adult.

“Hurry up and say why.”

“There are a lot of girls who pick the water element! There are basically no boys. I can bully them and take their snacks! Haha.”

“This young yet you’re so spoiled. I’m going to tell your father.”

I raised my head high. But then I thought, though the water element has more girls, after entering an intermediate magic academy if he continued bullying the girls, there would be a tragic consequences. The older brothers of this village were beaten horribly when they bullied the academy’s beauties. Ao De will truly be miserable after he grows up from a  brat, thinking this I cannot help but look at Ao De with doubt.

“Come learn magic of the water element with me!”

Because he doesn’t want me to expose him, he’s even trying to draw me in!
“No need. Just get me some good treats in the future and I won’t tell you father. Okay?”

“Okay. No problem.”

“We’re at the school. Hurry up, we’re going to be late soon.”

Sunke City’s Elementary Magic Academy is the city’s biggest magic academy. It occupies over 20 000m² and there are a lot of practice fields and faculty buildings. Ao De and I are in class 3-4.
“Good thing we’re not late, otherwise the old  witch  will punish us again.” Ao De muttered to me.

“Be quiet. The old witch is coming. (Of course, the old witch is our class’s teacher. The 50 year old fire element advanced mage, teacher Lin. She very strict and she matured  into  an unattractive woman. So me and my classmates gave her the nickname of ‘Old Witch’).”

“Good morning students.”

“Good morning teacher.”

As soon as the old witch came in the class fell silent, because no one wanted this old volcano to erupt.

“Have all of students thought properly about what magic element to choose?”

“Yes we have.”

“Good. Come line up in the front to register then.”

When I registered, the old witch looked at me and  said “You’re choosing the light element as your major?”

“Yes, that’s right teacher.”

“Did you know that in the whole kingdom those who choose the light element as their major besides the professionals are only monks who use it for treatment?”

“What? Why is that? I didn’t know!”

It turns out that 200 years ago when the two continents first collided, there were a lot of humans learning the light magic because light magic is the weakness the demon race. In the war, intermediate light element mage had two main functions, as intermediate light spells are capable of basic treatment of the injured and damaging the demon race. Light and darkness spells also had two other functions. But today, 200 years later, due to the peaceful 200 years without war, people are able to live peacefully. Thus light spells have slowly become  entirely useless. In comparison to the practical water, fire, earth and wind spells, the light element is fairly basic. Furthermore, in intermediate class light spells are almost entirely defensive or for healing purposes. So most people choose who favor being aggressive choose the water, fire, earth or wind element as their major and although slightly inferior to light spells, water spells are also able to heal. However, due to water spells having offensive spells and defensive spells in a more even ratio, even the girls who want to learn how healing spells give up the light element in favor of the water element. Leaving only the peace- loving monks to choose the light element as their major.
For the seven year old me, of course I wouldn’t know about this. After the teachers explanation, I told her about my motto of ‘safety first’ and that I was set on choosing the light magic.

“Well then, all of the students who have selected their magic element, it’s an early dismissal today. Tomorrow, you will all be divided into classes according to the magic element you have chosen.

Yea! Class is over!

And so the Child of Light’s light element education begins.
How it will turn out tomorrow, we will soon find out.

Chapter 3 – My Teacher

Feeling accomplished, I returned home and see that mom has already prepared dinner.

“You’re home! Were you good today in class?”

“I was very good! Right, mom today I picked the major and minor magic elements I want to study.”

“Ah! Come quickly husband, our son has picked his major and minor magic elements!”

“Really? Son did you choose wind magic?”

Hearing the news, dad quickly ran over.

“Definitely not, obviously our son chose to study water magic, right son?”

With eyes brimming with hope mom looked at me.
My mom is an intermediate water element mage and dad is an intermediate wind mage. Since the moment I have been born, they have been arguing about what magic element I should choose as my major.

Watching their eyes brimming with hope, ah, what am I going to do? I had forgot all about them. My small brain thought quickly on how to answer them.

“No, no, not at all. The major magic element I chose was neither the wind element nor the water element.”

“What?” The two of them looked at me with surprised eyes.

“Then what did you choose? Did you choose the earth element or the fire element? Either of those is unbefitting of my son. You didn’t even consult me or your mother of choosing your magic element. This month you’re not getting an allowance!”

“Is your ass itching for a beating!?” Dad said with a threatening look.

“No, no. It’s not like that. Mom, dad don’t be upset. I didn’t choose the fire element or the earth element, I chose the light element. I chose it for your sakes!”
“What? Because of us?”

“Yes, of course it’s because of you two, but also  for  our family’s harmony. It is like this, think about it, if I chose the water element, dad would be upset. If I chose the wind element, then mother would have certainly killed me, so I didn’t choose either of them. Fire magic and mom’s water magic mutually suppress each other, so for my gentle, beautiful and kind mom, I couldn’t possibly choose it. Earth magic and dad’s wind magic also mutually suppress each other, so for my handsome, charming and powerful dad, I couldn’t possibly choose it either. So I chose the light magic which doesn’t oppose anyone else’s magic in the family. Because I was thinking about our whole family’s happiness, this is what I chose!”

As I said this I looked at mother and father with eyes brimming with tears.

Looking at the teary eyed me, mother couldn’t help but come and comfort me.

“Our Zhang Gong is such a good son, doing this for the sake of his parents.”

Father also came and embraced us. I really like this loving and harmonious atmosphere but I did not expect some nonsense and two tall hats would have fooled them into uniting. Ha ha.

“Zhang Gong,  in  the  future  you  must  study  properly.  You
must at the very least become an advanced rank mage!”

“Yes father, I definitely won’t disappoint you two.”

Mom looked like she suddenly remembered something. “Zhang Gong, light spells in the elementary rank and intermediate rank didn’t have any attack magic right since people rarely study light magic.”

“Don’t worry, you two can be assured that I will definitely become an advanced mage.”
I’ve become so clever. If I wanted to work hard, I wouldn’t have picked light magic. Haha, I’ll trick them first then worry about it.

“Well fine, let’s eat and celebrate our Zhang Gong’s choice.”

A night without words.

The next day, in the morning working up by both the sun and mother’s call. I eat some breakfast and Ao De is already here.
“Zhang Gong it’s time to go to school. Today the classes will be divided.”

“I’m coming. Let’s go!”

Just like yesterday, we step into the classroom.

The old witch walked in.

“Enough, quiet down students. We’re going to start dividing
the classes. In this group of 5 classes, everyone has already picked their major and minor elements to study. All 5 classes will be rearranged into new classes according to the element that was chosen. Three classes for fire, two classes for water, two classes for wind and one class for earth. Now I will announce the classes each of you will be in. As I read off the classes, go to the class you have been assigned.” There’s no need to question the fire element’s attack power.

Impossible, how come there isn’t a light element class? A huge question mark is produced in my mind.

“Tang Di, fire element class one. Li Cha, fire element class one….. Ao De, water element class two…..”
Except for me, all of my classmates have been assigned their class and one by one they left to for their assigned class. After the last student leaves for their class.

“Zhang Gong, follow me to see your teacher. Since there are only 10 light element mages in the world the academy has specially arranged for a teacher to give you a specialized tutoring.”

Oh no! Specialized tutoring, it must be a temperamental teacher. My death is assured now. (I can’t suffer this old witch’s pain!) While thinking this, I walked with teacher out of the classroom.

Arriving at the teacher’s office on the third floor, isn’t this the
principal’s office?
“Go on Zhang Gong, come in with me.” seeing me hesitating, the old witch gave me a pull.

“Oh, good, teacher.”

Entering the principal’s office, I see the principal behind a big office desk smiling at me.

“Teacher Lin, is this the Zhang Gong that chose to study the light element in your class? Let me introduce myself, I am a Great Mage with my major element being spatial and my minor element being light. My name is Xi Yu Xiu, but call me teacher Xiu.”

My eyes followed the principal’s hands. Ah, this is going to be my teacher? A 50 year old man? Looking him from head to toe, he looks like a spotless purple robed mage shaking with energy. On his chest is a mage badge with four stars. (A mage’s rank can been seen by the number of stars on his badge. Each rank risen corresponds with an additional star while an apprentice mage has no stars.) Wearing a serious face, he seemed quite ominous.

“Hello Teacher Xiu, please look after Zhang Gong.”

“Teacher Lin, no need to be courteous.”
“So you are Zhang Gong. Hey, you better  study  magic properly under me. I’ll have you know I’m very strict. I hope you will study hard as I will try my best to  impart  my knowledge onto you.”

What can I say? My eyes had already lost hope. How could I have overlooked this? I’m going to become cannon fodder! So miserable! God of Creation, you treat me so unfairly!

“Thank you teacher. I will put in great effort.”

It seems from now on I am going to have a hard time.

On the way home, Ao De asked me who my magic teacher was. In order to save face, I boasted that I had a very benevolent teacher. Ao De enviously told me that his class’s teacher is extremely fierce. How could he possibly be fiercer than Teacher Xiu? I could only hope that Teacher Xiu has a heart attack tonight and becomes unable to teach me.

Right as Teacher Xiu was eating dinner, he sneezed and thought ‘Who’s cursing me?’

Later, historians records of Xi Yu Xiu (Teacher Xiu) show that: If there hadn’t been the Great Mage Xi Lu Xiu to build the foundations in to the Child of Light when he was still a child, then there wouldn’t be the Child of Light as we know it.

Laying this so-called solid foundation had such a great effect that the Grand Magister, known as the Child of Light, trembles at the name of Xi Lu Xiu even thirty years later.

Chapter 4 – Basic Knowledge

“Zhang Gong Wei, what time do you think it is right now?” Teacher Xiu said with eyes full of fury.

“Ah! Teacher why are you here? Ah, sorry I overslept this morning.”

The truth is that I was terrified of meeting this terrifying teacher today, so I ended up walking in circles in the front of the school as I didn’t dare to go in. I hadn’t expected him to come out, I’m doomed.

As expected, “You overslept? Then your willpower must not be good. The most important thing for a mage to practice is
their willpower. Then you’ll need to be stimulated first then. Go run five laps around the school until you’re vigilant.”

With no way out, I began running at a slow and leisurely pace.

“My name is Xi Lu Xiu. Obey my call, come forth my servant, Light Tiger.”

This is a level five magical beast. (Every person who studies magic each has their own magical beast. They can have more than one, but summoning more than one will consume a greater amount of willpower.)

“Zhang Gong, you have to run faster. If you get caught by him, you know what will happen to you.”

Seeing the light tiger who is four to five times bigger than me, gave me a lot of motivation. The fear of getting eaten drew my strength out and quickly ran straight ahead.  Teacher’s  light tiger followed me not too slowly or not too close. When I slow down a bit, a light arrow flies over and scares me, so I immediately speed up again. (Elementary and intermediate light spells only have one attack spell that’s at rank two.)

Ah, I’m truly miserable.
Finally, I  finished  my  run  which  was  like  a  long  journey.
Teacher Xiu unexpectedly let me rest for fifteen minutes.

Ah, how does my life have so much suffering?

“Resting time is over, now we’re going to see what you have learned already. What spells do you know Zhang Gong?”

“I know the illumination spell.”
“What else?”

“Nothing else.”

“In two years you have only learned the illumination spell.”

Carrying on, Teacher Xiu asked me many questions regarding my knowledge of basic magic theory and then some problem questions. My knowledge of basic magic theory was horrible since I mostly sleep in class. However, for the problem questions, my answers were really good, as after all I am very clever.

Teacher Xiu looked at me for two minutes then let out a heavy sigh.

“How did I meet such a lazy student? Ah, no wonder Teacher Lin asked me to teach you. Although I know your scores are near the bottom, I still didn’t expect it was bad to this extent. Well, let’s end class for today. Don’t be late tomorrow.” I encountered such a poor student and he’s also helpless.

What? He allowed me to finish class already, and it’s still the morning. He’s so great!
“Right, I’ll give you some homework to do.” saying so, he handed me two thick books.

Receiving them, I took a look. One of them says “Basic Magic Theory” while the other says “Major Light Element Spells and Explanations”. Giving me this, what does he expect me to do with it? I cannot help but wonder about his intentions.

“For tomorrow, you must memorize the basics of  magic theory so you can make up for your originally poor knowledge of magic theory. I don’t want my students to be lacking in comparison to others. The other textbook is for later but you can also take a look at it. Well, you can go home now.”

“Teacher, the  whole  book  of  basic  magic  theory  must  be
memorized?” I still hold onto a miniscule bit of hope.

“Of course. Tomorrow I will check your knowledge. If you want to continue playing with light tiger, then you can choose not memorize it.”

With these words, Teacher Xiu returned to the  teacher’s office, leaving me in a daze.

What kind of teacher is this? Ah, he really is a demon, giving me only one day to memorize a 300 to 400 page book.
Today’s weather is quite good, sunny and no wind, makes a stark contrast with my mood.

Back at home, mother and father weren’t home, both of them were working. (Father is a metal molder while mother is the village healer.)

I take out “Basic Magic Theory” and flipped through it. Although I’m lazy, thinking about this afternoon’s demon’s punishment…. My calf muscles are still clenching. What other alternative is there but to memorize it.

Gradually the sun went down. With my  tireless  effort,  I finally managed to memorize ten pages. Only ten pages. Ah, my life is over.
“Oi, who came home so early?” Usually the first to come home every day is my mother.


Hearing my faint voice, mother quickly came over.

“My baby child, how come you’re home so early today? Why are you so listless, did you do something wrong and got scolded?”
“No mother.” Thinking about the impossible task, I rushed into mother’s arms and started crying. After all, I am only 7 years old. Hugging me, mother asked:

“What is it? Quickly tell mom. Is some bullying you?”

“Yes, yes! My new teacher is really horrible. The task he left for me, it was impossible to begin with, but he also punishes me too!”

“Ah! What task? How is this teacher punishing you?”
Reluctantly, I told mother what happened today at school.

“Zhang Gong, it’s you who is wrong. In the past, mother knew your studies weren’t too good, but mother didn’t think your studies were bad to this extent. Unexpectedly, even after two years you haven’t learned the basics. Teacher’s actions are correct. For a slacker like you, a ferocious teacher is best for teaching you. Mom and dad have let you become so spoiled.”

“What your mother says is correct. Let father see what kind of impossible task you were given.”

Father also came home.

After looking at my homework, father smiled.

“My foolish son, aren’t you usually very smart? How come you’re so foolish right now? Although this book is very thick, you don’t have to memorize it. Let your mother go cook dinner and father will coach you.” Afterwards, father taught me how finish this impossible task.

“Look Zhang Gong, this section primarily talks about applications of magic theory. In our world, there are many elements, the six basic elements you know about right. In order to use magic, you must communicate with your element properly, making it recognize you then gathering it around you. Afterwards, through an incantation you transform the magic essence gathered to achieve what you want. You see, this is magic.”

“My name is Li Ao Wei, wind essence hear my call, come to me, protect  your  friend  –  Wind  Shield!”  Father,  while explaining to me used actual examples to inspire me. He divided the whole book into several parts, with each part having a main idea. Then he explained each part’s  theory  to  me.  Through father’s pointers, the clever me immediately found a trick and gradually aroused my interest in magic.

…… ……  ……

“Well, it’s very late now. Only a bit is left, so tomorrow morning we’ll wake up early and finish it.”
“Okay father. I never thought magic was like this.” Receiving quite a bit of magic theory knowledge, I can’t help but indulge in how profound magic is. (In one night I have gained more knowledge than the two years I spent leisurely.)

“Zhang Gong, before, mother and father were at fault, having too little concern for your studies. From now on, Father will tutor you often. Our Zhang Gong will definitely become an outstanding mage.”

While patting my head, father kindly looked at me.

“Father, I will definitely properly study magic!”

The Child of Light didn’t yet know whether he was able to walk this path, but after this first time studying magic, he truly studied magic properly afterwards. (Regardless of whether or not he truly meant what he said, Xi Yu Xiu (Teacher Xiu) was there to make sure he didn’t slack, heh.)

Chapter 5 – Lying Down Meditation

As a result of father’s tutoring, I was eventually able to master the basics of magic theory.

“Is it right? It seems like you’ve worked diligently yesterday.
Follow me.”

In the morning just as I arrived, Teacher Xiu assessed my knowledge. Although I cannot answer immediately, given some time I could find the answer. Heh, my efforts weren’t in vain. I finally passed Old Xi’s (Teacher Xiu) test so I don’t have to run laps today.

I followed Teacher Xiu to a small house in the rear court. This
is related to teaching me magic?

“Zhang Gong, you have an understanding of the basics now, but you must continue to enrich yourself. Do you know what magic power is dependent on?”

“Magic level.”

“Then how do we use advanced magic?”

“Nonsense.” Teacher Xiu gave me a sudden fright.

“In order to use advanced magic, you must have a lot of spiritual power. Your basic knowledge is very simple. The most effective way to increase your spiritual power is through meditation. Starting today and for the next three months, you will meditate every day. Tomorrow I need to make a trip to the capital and I will probably be back in three months.

My heart was overjoyed, I’ll finally be liberated. However, Teacher Xiu’s next words brought be back down to earth.

“Zhang Gong, teacher’s major magic is spatial  magic. Although I am only a Great Mage, teleporting back here is still possible. If I suddenly come back to investigate and find that you are slacking off, then you will become a national long distance running champion.”

With a stern face, Teacher Xiu threatened me.

“While meditating you must concentrate spiritually, so you can feel the light element. Try to gather and store as much of the element as you can, this way you will gradually increase your spiritual power. During the time I am gone, you must meditate every day for at least eight hours. Are you listening? If I come back and your spiritual power doesn’t satisfy me….”

Listening to the words of this demon, my heart has become discouraged. Meditating for eight hours every day will bore me to death.

“The basic method for meditation, I’m sure you already know how to do it. Meditation also has some techniques, so you can go to the library and look up some books on it. Find a meditation technique you like, this way the effect will be even greater. Wait until I return then I will teach you the specifics of using magic.”

“Okay then, you can start meditating now.”
Under his gaze, I sat on the mat, closed my eyes and began meditating.


Although the demon is gone, I am unable to feel the beauty of forty-nine years.

Located in the northeast corner of the academy is the library. I browsed through many books about meditation and finally found what I wanted. Haha, I’m finally freed. While rummaging through books in the corner, I found a yellow book. It looks very old, but the author is actually a light mage who wrote the book a hundred and fifty years ago. The book said it is only necessary to sense the magic element in order to gather it. Any
position is fine, and the book also had a few examples. There is lying meditation, sitting meditation and others.

I can lay down and meditate. For a lazy person such as me, the lying position and the sitting position are two completely different concepts. Haha, this is very good!

Back at the classroom (small cottage) I was the only person there. I follow the book’s instructions, laid down, gathered myself and began feeling the light element in the air. Gradually, I begin to sense the abundance of light element in my surroundings. The light element gave me a feeling of kindness and affection, just like mother and father’s embrace. Ah, so comfortable.
“You are the light element?” I asked the spiritual world.

I felt a sense of warmth surrounding me.

“Uncle and aunty light elements, how are you? My name is Zhang Gong Wei. From now on will you play with me?”

Again there was a sense of warmth.

“Then from now on we are friends!”

I felt the light element forming thin threads that flowed into my Upper Dantian. A surge of warm energy surrounds me. If anyone was there to witness this, they would surely see a layer of white light surrounding me. This continued for a long time, even I don’t know how long. I gradually began to sense the light elements through a communication channel located in my Upper Dantian. With my whole body so warm and comfortable, I unknowingly fell asleep.

What I didn’t know was that I unexpectedly gained the recognition of the light elements by accident. On the continent, every mage practices magic by sensing the surrounding magic element, then seizing control of them in order to gradually increase their own magic power. Following their increase in magic power, their spiritual power will also increase. In order to achieve this, they will cultivate. Personally, I don’t want to meditate, so the lazy me had looked for a way to increase magic power without putting in any effort. Naturally, I hadn’t force the elements to gather around me and instead I communicated with the light elements, appearing innocent. To my surprise, the light elements recognized me. Since then, my magic
gathering speed and recovery speed was three times faster than the average person. I really had become friends with the light elements.

Unknowingly, time passed by quickly and I felt someone push me. Bewildered, I opened my eyes to see that it was mother.

“Mother, why are you here?”

“Mother was almost worried to death. It’s so late yet you still didn’t come home. Just now I came to find the principal and he said you should be in this classroom. He said you studied so hard you fell asleep.”

Ah! I looked outside at the sky and it’s actually evening! It felt as if I had laid down for just a little bit. This method of meditation is really good! I quietly checked my magic power, unexpectedly it increased a lot for the tiny amount of magic power I had before. It has already become a small ball of light. Wow, the effect is so good, simply too good.

“Let’s hurry home, aren’t you hungry. Seeing you working so hard, mother is really happy!” How could mother know that actually, the teacher wasn’t here at all and I just slept the whole day? Haha, this is too good! Every day I can practice while sleeping.

After returning home and eating dinner, I went to my room.

I truly am a genius, to actually come up with such a good idea. Hehe, I cannot help but be a bit narcissistic. Right, my magic power increased. Then the strength of my magic should have also increased, I better test it out. I held out my hand.

“My name is Zhang Gong Wei, light elements, for your friend, illuminate everything in sight!”

I used the only spell I know – Illumination spell.

With my spell, I felt a warm energy flowing from my Upper
Dantian along with my body’s internal magic power, surging to my outstretched hand. A white ball of light emerged from my hands. It emitted a soft glow. Although it was very bright, it wasn’t dazzling.

Wow, the effect is so good. Before I could only produce a little bit of light in my hands. Yea, it’s too great, my illumination spell already has the best lighting effects. I feel the energy continuously flowing into the palms of my hands, maintaining the ball’s brightness. The light elements also continually flowed from my Upper Dantian; there wasn’t a single sign of my internal magic power depleting.

So good, this is the way to practice! In the future I don’t have to use exhausting methods of meditating to increase my magic power.
Well, time to sleep.

I’ll use the lying meditation method to sleep. This way of sleeping is very comfortable.

So, my daily schedule is: get up early – eat breakfast – go to the school’s classroom and meditate (sleep) – go home for dinner – then meditation again.

Three months later, with my constant “effort”, my internal magic power gradually increased. My ball of light is now five times bigger.

Every time I meditate I feel more and more intimate with the light elements. They are like my elders who meticulously take care of me and I am like their child, every day in their arms like a spoiled child.

And so, the Child of Light created a unique method of meditation. Which later became the source of this Grand Magister’s endless magic power.

Chapter 6 – Once Again Meeting The Demon

Ow, that hurts. The meditating (sleeping) me didn’t know what suddenly attacked me.

Drowsily opening my eyes, a solemn face appeared in front of me.

“Old Demon!!” I couldn’t help but shout.

“What? What did you just say?” Teacher Xiu just came back and is looking at me with some gruesome eyes.

“Ah, no it’s nothing. I wasn’t thinking of you just as you came back Teacher Xiu!”

“Really now? Then what’s this about an Old Demon~?”

My head became soaked with cold sweat. “Oh, I just now had a nightmare where lots of demons attacked me. It  definitely wasn’t about you! How could such a kind teacher possibly be called a demon?”

“Oh, is it now?” said Teacher Xiu while giving me a doubtful

“I told you to come here to meditate but instead you came here to sleep. My name is Xi Yu Xiu, obey my call, come forth my servant, Light Tiger! Zhang Gong, go for a run right now.”

“There’s no need teacher. I’ve been meditating really hard lately. I was just a bit tired just now, so I took a small nap.” I can’t possibly tell him I was doing lying meditation, who would believe that I could practice while sleeping.

“Really? Then I’m going examine you. Come over here.”

“Oh!” I walked to Teacher Xiu.

Teacher Xiu took out a magic stone (A magic crystal type. Specialized for detecting and measuring a mage’s magic power) for magic appraisal from his dimensional space (A space that can store things. Only intermediate and above mages can use and the space is proportional to the mage’s magic power) and gave it to me.

“Repeat after me. Hear my name, light elements, obey my call, and gather in front of me!”
“Hear my name, light elements, obey my call, and gather in front of me!”

Following the incantation, both the light elements in my Upper Dantian and my internal light elements energies surged towards the magic stone in the palms of my hands. The magic stone emitted a faint glow. The faint glow gradually increased. I let my internal magic power continually flow into the magic stone, knowing that the magic power has reached equilibrium with the magic power flowing from my Upper  Dantian.  The light emitted by the magic stone lit up the whole  house, enabling one to see all the details. Unexpectedly, my illumination spell is good enough now.

Teacher Xiu was stunned. “You really didn’t slack off ah. I really didn’t expect that in three months’ time, your  magic power as reached the level of an elementary mage. You must have meditated for at least 18 hours a day, wait, that’s not right. Even 24 hours of meditation a day couldn’t possibly achieve such a good effect.”

On this continent, even with diligent cultivation it takes one year from not knowing any magic to becoming an elementary mage.

“It seems you really are a genius at light magic!”

“Of course I am, after all, I am extremely smart! Hahaha~~” I can’t help but be proud of myself.

“What are you pleased about, this is nothing. I still need to see your future performance. What use is light magic power if it’s
not applied properly?” Seeing how proud of myself I was, Teacher Xiu immediately poured cold water on me.

Teacher Xiu dismissed the light tiger so I secretly wiped my sweat. This event can be considered over; looks like I won’t be having a funeral, haha. (These days I already regard lying meditation as sleeping. It’s a lot more comfortable than the way I slept before.)

“It’s very late now, hurry up and go home. Tomorrow you will start learning light magic. Remember to bring that book on light magic that I gave you.”

“Okay, goodbye Teacher Xiu.” I ran out of the classroom as fast as the wind.

Looking at the figure of my back as I’m leaving, Teacher Xiu revealed a faint smile. ‘It seems this child is very suitable for learning light magic.’


“Morning Teacher Xiu!” Because I successfully completed the task yesterday, I thought I didn’t have to run today and was in a particularly good mood. So today I came early.

“Today you came early huh. Did you bring the book?”

“I brought it.”

“Good, today we will begin learning light magic. A lot of intermediate and advanced magic spells are derived from elementary light spells. So learning elementary spells is very important. Today, the first magic you will learn – Light Shield.”

“Light Shield?”

“Correct. After learning the basics of magic  theory,  you should know that elementary and intermediate light spells are
basically all used for defense and recovery.”

“My name is Xi Yu Xiu, light elements obey my call, converge in front of me and block all evil!” A layer of faint, transparent light appeared in front of Teacher Xiu. “Light Shield can block all elementary magic attacks. The duration of the spell is dependent on the amount of magic power infused into it. You try it now.”

“My name is Zhang Gong Wei, oh great light elements, converge in front of me and block all evil!”

“That’s wrong. You recited it wrong. It should be ‘obey my call’. Ah, how can….”

A Light Shield thicker than Teacher Xiu’s appeared in front of me, stopping the words from coming out of his mouth.

“You recited it wrong, yet the effect is greater than the effect of the proper incantation. How can this be?”

“I don’t know. I just felt like the light elements is like my elder so I shouldn’t command them and they also speak to me so I recited it this way.”

Teacher Xiu tried using the incantation I used but it still had
the same effect as the incantation he originally used. He couldn’t make heads or tails of this mystery.

In fact, it is because the light elements has already approved of me due to me respecting them more. Therefore they are more willing to help me which has caused this situation. Although Teacher Xiu is a Great Mage, he is not a major in light magic nor is he recognized by the light elements. So naturally he is unable to reach the effect of my spell.

“Good, now test the effect of your Light Shield.”

“My name is Xi Yi Xiu, gentle water, obey my call, assemble in front of me and eliminate my enemy – Water Bullet!” (When a mage reaches the rank of Great Mage, they can use any magic
element as long as the spell is an elementary class spell.) The five centimeter diameter water bullet rushed towards me. I couldn’t help but close my eyes in fright. I felt the light shield I had cast vibrated once and I hadn’t feel any pain. Opening my eyes, I saw that the water bullet has already disappeared.

Haha, it seems my light shield is full of power!

Teacher Xiu seeing this situation, began attacking my light shield with various elementary class spells of various elements. When the barrage started, the light shield only convulsed a bit and nothing more. However, gradually the magic consumption of the light shield overcame my magic recovery rate. Near the critical point I shouted “Teacher, teacher, I can’t persist anymore. Please spare me.”
Teacher Xiu finally finished his magical assault.

“It seems the effect of your light shield is pretty good. It’s stronger than average. However, using the light shield also requires some technique.” After that, Teacher Xiu began teaching me techniques for using the light shield such as, as long as it’s not an area magic attack, I can dodge as much as possible and use the light shield on attacks I can’t dodge. This way, the magic consumption will be greatly reduced.

Like this, I started learning my first elementary light spell. In the next 10 days, everyday Teacher Xiu would use all kinds of elementary magic to attack me in order to let me become familiar with using the light shield. This tired out the miserable me and when I asked him to change his teaching methods, he didn’t say anything but just summoned his light tiger. I would immediately say his previous teaching methods were good. He truly deserves to be called the demon teacher. Ah, with great difficulty I solved the meditation problem and I am ready to take the next lesson. It seems that with my fate in the hands of
this demon, I cannot be lazy. However, fortunately no matter how much magic power I consume during the day, I just have to do lying meditation at night and the next day I’ll be full of life. Additionally, I feel that my magic power is increasing at an even greater rate than before.

Thus, the great Child of Light began his life of endless learning.

Chapter 7 – Spatial Magic

Due to Teacher Xiu’s “hands-on” teaching, in half a year my magic power level had a qualitative leap. Under the demon’s harsh training, I am now able to endure two hours of the demon’s magic assault. Every morning when I get to school I practice defense, defense and more defense. I do this until my strength is exhausted, then Teacher Xiu allows me to meditate and restore some magic power. In the afternoon, he continues attacking me with magic.

In the last six months, I have learned all of the elementary light element defense spells. I always thought that Teacher Xiu was actually a sadist while I was just a pitiful little sand bag for him to ravage.

When I arrived at the door of the classroom, I had first cast a light shield on myself then had cast a light mirror to reflect magic. (Light mirror is a spell I learned in this short period of time and is also my favorite spell. It’s a reflection type defense
magic that I am very skilled at.) Carefully controlling these two magics, I opened the door. I was really scared as everyday as soon as I enter I will be suddenly bombarded with magic. I will often get covered in dirt, so right now I’m casting some good defensive spells on myself before I enter the classroom.

“Good morning Teacher Xiu.”

What greeted me was a light arrow. I hastily leaned my body to the side while using the light mirror’s plane to deflect the light arrow. So why did I deflect the spell? The reason was that although the light mirror can reflect spells, it will consume a lot of my magic power. However, deflecting it can greatly decrease the power of the incoming spell and the effect is really good. Currently, my control over these elementary spells was very strong. So, I fused the light shield and light mirror to create a new basin-sized shield on my left. For now I’m calling it the light prism shield. Although it isn’t an omnidirectional defense, due to the compression of light element, the defense power was enhanced greatly. Moreover, it can reflect magic so it’s really
effective. Teacher Xiu used an intermediate class spell to attack me but within this short period of time, it was unable to break my light prism shield.

“It reflects very quickly! Defensive magic  will  now temporarily come to an end and starting today, you will learn spatial magic. This is my major magic, so hopefully you can learn it well.”

“Wow, spatial magic! That’s good too. In the future I can use it to flee.” In the future I won’t have to fear this ruthless old man anymore as long as I learn this properly. If he abuses me, then I can just use spatial magic to go home. Haha. (Is it really that simple?)
“Now I will tell you the fundamental principles of spatial magic. Spatial magic is split into movement magic and attack magic. Spatial movement magic relies heavily on skill, where magic power determines the distance you can teleport and spiritual power determines how accurate your teleport is. The shorter the distance you teleport, the more accurate the teleport will be. The technique to use spatial movement magic is to use your spiritual power to designate the location you want to go to, then with a simple incantation you teleport you there. It is divided into short range teleportation, long distance teleportation and large-scale long range teleportation. Short range teleportation is generally used to dodge enemy attacks. However, large-scale long range teleportation and long range teleportation are rarely used, mainly due to the the requirement of high spiritual power, low accuracy and could potentially teleport several hundred kilometers off the target. Large-scale long range teleportation also needs magic support in order to cast.”

“Teacher, teacher, then you were deceiving me when you said that you would teleport back from the capital to inspect my studies?”

Having accidentally leaking that out, Teacher Xiu had an awkward expression on his face. “You go study magic properly and don’t ask so many questions. Today you’ll start learning short range teleportation of the spatial movement magic. If you have the magic power and spiritual power of a Great Mage, you will be able to teleport anywhere within 500 meters with this magic.”

Having said this, Teacher Xiu suddenly disappeared right in front of me and there was a clap from behind me. It turns out that Teacher Xiu used teleportation magic to move behind me. Wow, so mystical.

“Teacher, how come I didn’t hear an incantation?”

“This is what I was going to tell you next. The short range teleportation incantation is very short, just a single word. All you need to do is control the magic power, designate a place you want to go in your mind then mouth the word silently.”

“What’s the word?”


“It’s this simple?”

“You try it then.”


I begin to focus my spirit, setting the target as the corner of the classroom. Silently I thought “Move.” I felt a whoosh, then I moved to a different area.

How come there’s nothing under my feet. Ouch! Thump. I teleported to the small pond outside the classroom.

From the pond, I awkwardly climbed out and spit out water. What? This is not good at all, the mistake was too big.  I returned to the classroom. Teacher Xiu seeing my embarrassed look, couldn’t help but reveal a smiling expression on  his serious face.

“Know that movement magic requires a high amount of spiritual power and during the transfer, your spirit must be focused. The slightest bit of carelessness can cause a huge difference. Today you will practice here. Try to teleport as far as possible.”

“Yes, Teacher Xiu.”
Seeing that Teacher Xiu had left, I sat my butt on the floor. This is better than the last few days, I don’t have to suffer the demon’s training anymore. Because of my motto of ‘safety first’ (fleeing career), I must practice properly. In my mind, I secretly became determined.
“Move.” The place I transfer to is 3 meters in front of me. Ah, not bad. This time it was really a success.

“Move.” “Move.” “Move.” “Move.” “Move.” “Move.” “Move.” “Move.”

I kept practicing short range teleportation until I ran out of magic power to sustain the spell.

The result is not bad. I’m becoming more and more skilled. In
the range of this thirty square meter house, I am basically able to move to anywhere I think of. No more practice, it’s time to rest. Tomorrow I will give the old demon a pleasant surprise. While I was thinking, I gradually entered the meditation (sleep) state.

Since that day, I began to continuously practice short range teleportation. The thought of escaping the demon’s training quickly left me; every morning I’m abused for 1  hour. Afterwards I practice short range teleportation. Gradually, the range I could teleport expanded. From a radius of thirty meters to fifty meters, one hundred meters, two hundred meters and within a year I could already reach the limit of short range teleportation. I can casually teleport to anywhere within five hundred meters with a very high accuracy.

“Zhang Gong, come. I’m taking you to a new training ground.

I followed Teacher Xiu to the the rear courtyard. The whole area had an area of three hundred square meters with five meter tall wood stands installed and on every stand is a thick rope attached to a big sack.

“Teacher, what is this used for?”

“It’s for letting you practice short  range  teleportation! Watch.” Teacher Xiu all of the over a hundred sacks down from the stand. All of the sacks interweaved together, continuously swinging. “Watch carefully.” Having said this, Teacher Xiu teleported to the sacks, and continuously teleported. The sack from beginning to end didn’t touch him. After  a  minute, Teacher Xiu left the circle.

“You go try. From now on, you’ll practice within the swinging sacks. I’ll have light tiger help you push the sacks.”

“Teacher, please spare me.”

“Be at ease, there’s no problem. Teacher’s recovery magic is not bad. Or do you want to switch the sacks with iron balls.”

“Of course the sacks are good. The sacks are great.” Hearing this such terrifying words, I didn’t dare to complain. I immediately entered the waves of sacks. I dodged. I dodged. Not
even three times and I was hit outside by the sacks. It really hurts. Teacher Xiu immediately cast elementary recovery magic on me, then put me back in. I continually dodged and dodged. Quickly I got hit and came flying out. My young body is being ruthlessly destroyed by this demon.

Another strange thing is that by enduring this inhuman torture, my body has really gotten more and more sturdy. Teacher Xiu told me that one cannot achieve glory and wealth without having been through trials and tribulations. Only  by first protecting yourself will you be able survive. But the best way to protect yourself is to flee. (This matches with my ideology.)

Every week Monday, Wednesday and Friday I study magic. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday is the sacks array. The  sack  array also gradually increases in  difficulty  according  to  my  ability. (This so-called difficulty was nothing after Teacher Xiu gave me an omni-directional intermediate magic – That of Lightning.)

Chapter 8 – Magic Evaluation

Time passed by very quickly and in the blink of an eye, I was already nine and a half years old. Although I  suffered “inhumane torture” every day, it hadn’t affected my regular development, with the height of one and a half meters and weighing forty kilograms and a head of pale blue hair reaching the shoulders. Although my features weren’t very pretty, they were gentle and adorable. (The villagers, my classmates and the teachers said this.) Father always said if you looked at my features separately, they’re not that good, but together they’re not bad. Every time, mother would glance at my mouth and sarcastically say this is due to my father’s genes. However, mother is a great beauty and though she is in her 30’s, you won’t find a single sign of aging on her face.

In the past few years, although my ideals conflicts with the old demon’s teachings, I had no choice but to acknowledge them as I learned a lot of magic from him. The rate at which my ability increased surprised mother and father.
Now in front of the sacks, I could almost dodge all of the attacks of the swinging sacks. Should I begin teleporting in the array, you would only be able to see a faint shadow. Teacher Xiu couldn’t grasp my teleportation route and his direct magic attacks are completely unable to hit me. The me right now could already treat the array of sacks as a game, to the point that while practicing, Teacher Xiu would make a grimace. I annoyed him to the point where he thought about using advanced magic quite a few times to attack me. (Teacher Xiu is only able to use up to rank 7 spatial magic.) However, because his spatial magic is too powerful, he’s afraid it will destroy the whole site. So due to my indignant behavior, he would summon the light tiger to chase me in the array. Anyways, my control of short range teleportation has already been brought to the point  of perfection. Even Teacher Xiu had become unable to catch me.

My magic power and spiritual power improvement speed is especially amazing. Now I can simultaneously use light prism shield and and teleportation and persist for more than 3 hours.
Within these two years or so I learned a few spells. (The following list has relatively unique magics that I like) Elementary light defense magic:

Light Shield – Comprehensive light element defense  magic. (Now due to the more useful light prism shield I don’t use this anymore.)

Light Mirror – Light element reflection magic. Due to my enhanced spiritual power, I can already at will reflect magic at any angle.

Light Prism Shield – The light element defense magic I created myself. A small area where the defensive power is  close  to  the rank of advanced magic. The serious Teacher Xiu ceaselessly
praised my magic, however he is unable to use it. Haha.

Divine Guard – It can defend against poisonous gases and elementary darkness spirit  magic.  (A  type  of  darkness  magic that can confuse the enemy and  make  them  crazy.)  Because  it can isolate harmful gasses (gas masks?), I  use  it  whenever Teacher Xiu farts. The result is quite good. (Teacher Xiu doesn’t know this, or else….)

Elementary light attack magic:

Light Arrow – Within the whole elementary and intermediate class light spells, there is only one attack  magic.  The  light elements would condense into an arrow.

Shaped attacks. Their power is small.

Elementary light recovery magic:

Restoration technique – Elementary class  recovery  magic.  It will generally heal minor  injuries  very  well  as  well  as  treat fevers and colds.  I  really  regret  learning  this  magic,  because ever since I learned this magic, mother has brought me to the village to help treat people. (I’m also not getting paid. Sigh)

Spirit  Healing  technique  –  Used  to  treat  a  variety  of  chaotic

Elementary spatial magic:

Short range teleportation – I’m very good at this. Within a 500 meter range I don’t think that a unidirectional magic is able to hit me.

Long range teleportation – I learned the theory of it, but I’ve never used it.  I  might  accidentally  teleport  to  the  territory  of the demon race. Then I would be truly miserable.
Small Dimensional Slash – Spatial attack magic. The most powerful attack magic I know. It’s able to tear  space  and everything within its range will be devoured. (Including magic.) For now, Teacher Xiu has prohibited me from using it because I had once devoured his beloved cup. I can now cast a one meter long dimensional slash. It’s  no  problem  to  swallow  an elementary class spell, but Teacher Xiu said its devouring power is very high so if your magic power can’t  sustain  it,  it  might devour you. (Of course the one I’m able to  cast  right  now  is unable to devour me. It would require a huge dimensional slash to devour me.) He told me not to use it carelessly.

These are the spells I know right now. Teacher Xiu evaluation of me is: First-class escaping ability, second-rate defense, third rate recovery magic and bottom-tier attack. (In fact, within Teacher Xi’s heart he was satisfied with me, especially in my talent in defense and movement magic. The degree of control I have over my teleportation magic is even better than his, even though his is a Great Mage. I also created a new  defensive magic. Generally speaking, if you didn’t take into account my attack magic, my strength would be close to the level of an advanced mage’s.) Hey, I didn’t do it intentionally. It was just that short range teleportation was to my liking. Haha, if I can’t beat it then I can just flee. Hehe.

In less than six months I will be graduating from here. Haha, I’ll finally be able to escape this demon’s grasp. (Despite the fact that the sack array is unable to torment me anymore, Teacher Xiu would often display his full range of intermediate magic attacks or I would often get exhausted.) I thought of my better future. Hehe.

What made me even happier is that, in the morning when I got to the classroom, Teacher Xiu said he had to go to the capital. He said he would be gone for a long period of time, but would be back for my graduation exam. He instructed me to meditate properly at school and increase my magic power. (If I don’t then he will conduct his demon’s training.) The beautiful me straightened and blew out a snot bubble.

For the following period of time, I can go back to sleeping
every day.

Chapter 9 – Encountering Danger On The Return Home

Currently, going to school is very relaxing! Every day I sleep at home and then I go to school and sleep some more. Haha, it feels like the forty-ninth year is here!

I slept!

While comfortably lying on the ground, I concentrated my spirit to sense the light elements in the air. Under their care, I gradually fell asleep. My internal light sphere already occupied two-thirds of all of my meridians. Teacher Xiu said I have enough magic power to cast rank five spells now. However, because I am too small, it would be biting off more than I can chew so he didn’t teach me any intermediate class spells and instead told me to wait to go to an intermediate magic academy. (A mage’s title corresponds to their magic: Generally speaking, mages capable of casting rank one spells are called apprentice
mages. Those capable of using ranks two and three spells are called elementary mages. Intermediate mage’s are able to cast rank four and five spells. Rank six spells are advanced mages, rank seven magic are great mages, rank eight are magic scholar and those capable of casting rank nine magic with other mages are magisters. Grand Magisters are capable of casting rank nine spells alone.)

Ah! What time is it now? While stretching, I looked outside towards the sky. The sky was already dark, I should quickly go home and eat dinner, and my belly is calling out. In a lively mood, I walked out of the academy in the direction of my home.

Having left Senke city, I followed the path I used every day to go to and from the academy. Because I’m afraid of the dark, I used my left hand to cast an illumination spell, making everything within thirty meters of it to be as bright as  day. Today mother doesn’t know what to make for me to eat, the best would be bone soup, and this is my favorite. Thinking of a luxurious dinner, I smacked my lips and felt my stomach is even

Suddenly, I felt the surrounding temperature rise. Wa, what’s going on? Who here is using fire magic? A sudden roar that shook the heavens rung in my ear. Wa, fire lion, a rank six magical beast, no, it’s a demonic beast. (At birth if the magical beast isn’t contracted with, it will then be called a demonic beast.) Already, my legs won’t listen to me.

With its blood-red eye it watched me. I thought it might have the same idea I had earlier as it smacked its lips.

“Ah! Fire lion big brother, I’m still a child. Can you please not eat me? I am the homeland’s flower, I don’t have any meat. I’ll go home and get you something to eat. Ah, no!” Without letting
me finish what I was saying, the fire lion attacked me.

I reflexively used teleportation, after all, before I was often chased by the light tiger. While dodging the fire lion’s attack, I fired a flare towards the sky. (In fact, it is the illumination spell in the form of a ball of light which I fired into the sky using the light arrow spell. Naturally once the flare reaches the sky  it burst open and become a big light. This is a mage’s distress signal.)

“You foul fire lion, I refuse to comply. You  can’t  possibly catch me.” Remembering that I have teleportation magic, my heart calmed down a lot. Towards this beast, I am still very confident. The fire lion is powerful, but it can’t be  more powerful than the light tiger and the old demon combined. At the very least, I can last until my magic power is completely consumed, after that, I would be helpless. (Before I consume all of my magic power, I would have ran away with teleportation. I can teleport five hundred meters, then I can just teleport several times. Hehe.)

The air sure is hot. Because of the priority of safety, I decided to give the defensive spells I knew a try. The first of course is divine guard since it can filter the air and isolate the heat emitted by the fire lion. Afterwards I summoned a light prism shield on my left hand.

The powerful fire lion grimaced while I recited an incantation and from my right hand fired off a light arrow towards it. Although its power is relatively small, it would still hurt to be hit by it.

Angered, the fire lion fired one after another intermediate class fire magic towards me. I blocked and I dodged just like in the array of sacks. In a relaxed manner I circled him, causing him to become confused and disoriented.

The flames atop the fire lion’s body gradually weakened. I suppose its magic power is being quickly depleted. While panting unevenly, it watched at me. Haha.  There’s  nothing great about this demonic beast. I have a method to deal with it. I dispelled the divine guard and the light prism shield. (Using this much magic, my magic power is also being consumed quickly.) Even without the magic, it cannot hit me. I can just wait for a rescue since the village isn’t too far away from here. The village guards should be here very soon.

The fire lion suddenly raised its head to face the sky then roared. All of a sudden I felt the air which was cooling down suddenly increase in temperature. Ah, how could this be? Not good. This is the sixth rank fire magic, Monstrous Flames. This is an area attack magic. I’m unable to run away now. My name is Zhang Gong, great light elements, assemble in front of me and obstruct evil! I barely managed to cast a light shield. The monstrous flames came at me like they were hiding the sky and covering the earth. Everything within a three hundred meter radius was enveloped in the spell. As a result my careless teleportation, I wasn’t enveloped in the spell. I used all of my
body’s magic power to fuel the light shield while continuously reciting the light shield incantation. However, the power of the monstrous flames is truly too great. In a moment I won’t be able to withstand it, then I’ll become a fire roasted Zhang Gong.

“The water elements in the air, listen to my call, transform into the conquering hail and eliminate all the evil before me!”

Ah! I’m saved. Following this incantation by an unknown person, the pressure on me is gone. The hail technique offsets the fire lion’s magic. The fire lion is also nearly spent; his magic power is also nearly depleted like mine. Just was just his last attack. That’s all.

“Ah! It’s  Zhang  Gong.  Hurry  up  and  come  Zhang  Gong’s
mother. It’s your son.”

Mother came. It’s finally alright now. I fainted.


I don’t know how much time passed. I gradually regained consciousness. I opened my eyes to see mother with her red eyes sitting by my side.
“Zhang Gong is awake. Father of the child, come over. Zhang Gong how are you feeling? Are you better now?”

Yesterday my magic power was pushed to its very limits. My body was burned in various places by the fire lion’s magic. Additionally, my spiritual power and magic power  were depleted causing me to faint. Under the treatment of mother’s water magic, I have basically completely recovered, but I still felt quite exhausted.

“Mother, I’m fine.”

“Son, how are you? Are you better now?” Father ran in from the other room.

“I feel much better now, father.”

“If you didn’t grow old, then you wouldn’t have been able to see mother anymore.” Saying this, mother hugged  me  and cried.

“Zhang Gong, how did this happen?” Father asked.

I explained the circumstances as to what happened.

Father said seriously: “You little fool, you must remember to never show any opening to the enemy. With your magic as it is now, if you encounter an intermediate mage who is an enemy, then you must immediately flee. Because aside from fleeing, you don’t have any method to damage the enemy. Moreover, when facing the enemy how could you be careless? If you had been using the light prism shield to guard, then you  probably wouldn’t have gotten hurt.”

I hadn’t listened to father’s following words at all. But I remembered very clearly to flee when encountering an enemy. From that point on, no matter what kind of enemy I faced, I had always taken my protection seriously.

The Child of Light passed his first difficult trial in life.

Chapter 10 – Between Friends

Because I was injured, mother helped me get a leave of absence from the school so I can rest at home.

After eating breakfast, mother and father went to work, leaving me alone to lie on the bed. Bored, I just watched the heaven’s flowers blocks.

“Zhang Gong, Zhang Gong, are you home? Quick, come open the door.”

“Who is it? It’s still so early.”

“It’s me, Ao De. You can’t even recognize my voice anymore?”

“Ao De, why did you come visit?” I said as I opened the courtyard door.

“Zhang Gong, I heard you got injured. Are you a bit better now?”

“I’m a lot better now. Yesterday was unbelievable, I was just in time. Say, why do you think there was a demonic beast on the outskirts of the village?”

“Who knows? Here, this is some Snow Spirit powder. I grinded this out for half a day at my dad’s place.

“Ah. You brought your father’s treasure for me to eat?” Snow Spirit powder is not only the village head’s treasure, but it also took Ao De’s grandfather many years to refine.

“No need Ao De. Thank you. I’m already almost fully recovered; no need to waste the spirit powder.”

“Okay, okay. No need to be so polite, just hurry up and eat it.
When you’re better I want to exchange pointers on magic with you.”

“Ao De, thank you.” With red eyes, I ate the Snow Spirit powder. I felt a burst of cold seep into my whole body, thus making me feel very comfortable.

“Thanks for what. In the future don’t tell my father and I hope in the future once we’ve you’ve developed that you won’t forget me.”

“Good. From now on we are blessed brothers, we’ll face our troubles together and live well together. Haha.” I’m older than Ao De by two months and grew up with him since childhood so he calls me boss. (Why do I have to be older than him. We
played together in our childhood, with us mutually respecting each other. It is said to respect the old and cherish the young. Sigh.) I really didn’t think Ao De would treat me this well.

The sincere feelings between children are something to be treasured.

“How come you didn’t attend class today Ao De?”

“My class’s teacher has recently let us meditate to increase our magic power at home. In a few months we’ll be having our graduation exam, so they first let us have one month of leave. Meditation over there isn’t the same at all.”

“Oh, you guys have it nice. Compared to your luck, I’m just… Sigh.” Looking at Ao De, I really regret not choosing  water magic with him.

“Zhang Gong, we’ve been so busy these last two years and haven’t had any time to do something together. How has your light magic studies been? How is your teacher? Whenever I see you you’re listless.” Since I’ve started learning from the old demon, it’s every day from morning to evening, causing me to rarely see Ao De. Even in the evening when I return in the evening and see him, I’m too exhausted from the old demon’s torment. So we didn’t have any contact at all. I didn’t think that Ao De is still thinking about me. A friend in need truly is a friend indeed.

“How could he possibly be good? He is simply a demon. The
old witch isn’t even one tenth as terrifying as he is.”

“Ah! Even worse than the old witch. Then you truly are miserable.” Bewildered, Ao De couldn’t close his mouth.

“Ao De, what kind of good spells did you learn?”

“I’ve learned a few water element therapy spells and water element attack spells. My minor magic of air element I’ve learned quite well. Right now I am number one in my class at using the storm spell.” Haha.
Looking at Ao De’s proud look, I cannot help but have some doubts. To investigate, I asked: “Is it because you took your class’s girl’s treats that they ran away?”

Ao De’s cracking laughter stopped. Astonished, he asked: “How did you know??”


We both laughed.
“Zhang Gong how many days will you be resting at home?”

“It should be about four to five days!”

“Then I’ll come every day to play with you. Then once you’re better, us two brothers will exchange pointers for a bit.”

“Okay. Kids will bully me saying that I don’t have  attack magic. I will have to wait and see.” Ao De practiced well, but he couldn’t possibly have more magic power than me, I’ll just wait until he’s exhausted.
After all, we are still children; we still have strong ambitions.

Quickly, two days passed and my injury has already healed. Ao De came to see me every day. Today we’re having a contest. I’m also very eager to see for myself to what extent his skills have reached.

“Boss, I’m here. Hurry up and come out.”

“Coming, coming! Why are you so anxious to court death?
“Heng Who is going to win isn’t certain. You don’t even have attack magic, how are you going to beat me?”

“Try it then!”

Ao De assumed a fighting stance. He first cast a storm spell on himself, then a water shield and afterwards began reciting the incantation for his attack magic.

I calmly watched him. I wasn’t even a bit worried because I know at his rank, he wouldn’t know any area attack magic. My teleportation magic can surely avoid it.

As expected, a water bullet flew towards me. I used teleportation to move to the left 1 meter. The water bullet flew by and brushed against my side. Ao De rubbed his eyes, as he believed his eyes were deceiving him. Subsequently, all kinds of elementary water spells unceasingly attacked me. How could this kind of magic possibly hit me.

“Boss, what kind of magic is faster than my storm spell.”

“This is of course, spatial magic’s teleportation.”
“Boss you’re shameless. How can you call this a contest if you just dodge?”

“Fine then. Then I won’t dodge anymore. Come now.” While saying this, I had cast a light prism shield on myself.

Seeing that I’m not dodging anymore, Ao De promptly fired a water bullet at me. I wryly smiled. I faced the light prism shield towards Ao De, then the water bullet hit it and bounced back. I didn’t waste any of it when returning it to Ao De, causing him to be drenched from head to toe. The impact also caused him to fall down.

“No more, no more. What is this? I concede.” Ao De got up from the floor.

“You’ve submitted. If it isn’t an area attack spell then it’s impossible for it to have any effect on me. My defense and dodging has already reached the level of an intermediate mage.”

“You indeed deserve to be called the boss. I didn’t expect that even without attack magic boss is so powerful. From now on I’ll follow you then.”

Seeing Ao De’s eyes full of admiration, I felt elated.

“Tomorrow we’ll go to school together then. I’ll bring you to a
place that’s good for learning how to dodge. Although you can’t be like me and teleport, it will still greatly improve your storm spell.”

“Great! Thanks boss.”

Hehe. Thanks? Tomorrow I’ll let this kid taste the power of the sack array.

Chapter 11 – Royal Academy

Early in the morning Ao De came to find me.

“Why did you come so early? I still haven’t slept enough. Let me sleep some more.”

“Let’s hurry up and go. Didn’t you say you would help me improve my storm technique today? Let’s go, let’s go!”

I hugged my blanket and ignored him.
“Are you coming? If you’re not, then I’ll use water magic on you!”

“So annoying, so early in the morning yet you don’t let other people sleep. I’m up, I’m up.” Hearing him begin reciting the spell, I immediately got out of bed. This fellow, how can he be so eager to suffer? I’ll have to help him out then. Hehe.


Within the sack array, Ao De is rapidly moving. He’s not bad. This fellow really progresses quickly. In two months he can almost persevere for an hour in the sack array. (Of course, this is in circumstances where I’m not using magic to sneak attack him.) I recall his sorry figure in the first few days, but now I
want to smile. Ao De can now understand why I was returning home every day with my strength exhausted.

“Boss, I can’t endure any longer. Let me come out.” If he tried to come out without my permission, then of course I teleport in front of him and push him back in.

“Fine then. In a few days is the graduation exam, you should preserve some strength.”

Panting, Ao De flashed in front of me then sat his butt on the floor. “Boss, my progress is quite fast right.”

“It’s still fairly average. After all, what you’re using isn’t teleportation. Being able to reach this level is still pretty good. In two more days we have exams. What kind of academy do you think you’ll be accepted into?” In Senke city there are 13 intermediate magic academies. There are 2 A class, 4 B class and the rest are C and D class academies. The best academies are A class. Every year very few people pass the exam for the Royal Magic Academy. (The country’s highest magic educational institution.)

“I think I might be able to manage to pass a B class exam.
What about you, Boss?”

“I don’t know either. Every year the exam is different so who know what this year’s exam will be on? If the  subjects  are fleeing and defense, then for sure I can enter an A class
academy. If the subject is attack magic, then I’ll be pitiful and surely enter a D class academy.” Actually, I’m not  that interested in what academy I get accepted into. However, mother said that if I get accepted into an A class academy, then she will give me five silver coins of allowance every month. Five silver coins as far as I am concerned, is a huge amount  of wealth. Because of my most beloved money, I’ll try my hardest.

“Boss, didn’t your teacher say he will return before the exam? The day after tomorrow is the exam, how come he isn’t back yet?”

“I don’t know either. It’d be best if he didn’t come back, otherwise he’d give me training for the exam!”
“You’re thinking about training for the exam? In that case I’ll help you succeed.” Suddenly, there was a familiar voice.

“Ah! Teacher Xiu, you’re back. Exam training isn’t necessary, I was just joking around just now.”

“Boss, I’ll be leaving first then.” Seeing Teacher Xiu’s strict appearance, Ao De, this fellow ignored his loyalties and escaped.

“Ao De, you despicable fellow, don’t let me see you again.”
“Zhang Gong!”

“Teacher, I……” I don’t know why I feel uneasy when I look the old demon from head to toe. Unconsciously, my two legs began shaking all over.

“Zhang Gong, you’ll be graduating soon. Are you confident?”

“I can’t really say, I’ll just have to take the exam and see how I do.”
“Foolish boy, you’re learning light magic. You’re the only one learning light magic in the past few decades.  The  academy won’t test you on attack magic to be fair.” The serious Teacher Xiu unexpectedly revealed kindness.

“Ah! This is great. Then I’m certain to pass an A class academy’s exam.” I happily jumped up. Of course it is because of the future allowance that I’m so happy.

“You’re rather ambitious huh. However, this time  I  don’t want you to participate in the academy’s graduation exams.

“What??” I asked puzzlingly.

“This time I went the capital for your sake. So I could enroll you in the Royal Intermediate Magic Academy. I wish for you to immediately participate in the Royal Intermediate Magic Academy’s entrance exam. Teacher has great  expectation  of you, so you must put in great effort.” The Royal Intermediate Magic Academy is the Royal Magic Academy’s subordinate academy. The academy has a concentration of youths gifted in magic. Every year only a third of the students applying pass the Royal Magic Academy’s exam. It’s the best intermediate magic academy in the kingdom, deserving to be classified as an S class academy.

“Ah! What??” I don’t want this! The  Royal  Intermediate Magic Academy is so famous, they’ll for sure be especially strict. It’s very difficult to escape from the old demon, he’s both a tiger’s den and a wolf’s lair.
“Teacher Xiu, how could my level be compared the kingdom’s most talented people with such weak magic?” I immediately tried to shirk this.

“Who said your magic is weak; you’re the most remarkable student I’ve ever taught. How would you know if  you  have never tested yourself?” This is the first time I heard Teacher Xiu praise me, but I didn’t feel even the slightest bit of happiness.

“Then I’ll go home and discuss this with my mother and father and give you a reply tomorrow.”

“No need. I’ll go with you today to visit your family. Then I can discuss with them and they will surely agree.”

No way. The always calm Teacher Xiu is so impatient today. Well, there’s nothing I can do about it then. Once mother and father find out then I’m going to the capital for certain.

True to my expectations, once Teacher Xiu  talked  with mother and father, they were really excited for me. After all, when your own child has the prospective of entering the kingdom’s best academy, then how could you not be happy?”

“But Teacher Xiu, to enter the Royal Intermediate Magic Academy, a lord’s recommendation is required. We’re commoners, would they even let him take the test?” Father asked about a crucial issue.
“You don’t have to worry about this issue. I have already resolved it since I have a good friend who is a viscount. I asked him to recommend Zhang Gong.

Mother suddenly gave father a push and quietly whispered to father: “The Royal Intermediate Magic Academy’s tuition fee is really high though. We…..”

“I’m willing to sacrifice everything I have and throw caution to the wind in order to let my son go. How could we bury our son’s talents?” Hearing my father’s inspirational words, I felt that mother and father’s expectations of me are unexpectedly high.

“Father, mother, be at ease, I will surely pass the entrance
exam.” I emotionally said. Shortly after saying this, I regretted it.

“Zhang Gong truly is well-behaved.” Father patted my head.

“Mr. Wei, actually you two don’t have to worry about these issues. Zhang Gong’s tuition is already covered.” Seeing the three gaping mouths of the family, Teacher Xiu said: “I extremely adore magic, but my magic aptitude is too meager. After investing 10 times the efforts of others, I am only a Great Mage. Even if I put in great effort, I would only be able to become a Magic Scholar in my lifetime. But Zhang Gong is different. I discovered that he has an unusual gift for  light magic, so I hope my student can surpass me and reach the rank of Magister, and even more so to reach the realm of Grand Magister. Zhang Gong, you must not disappoint Teacher.”
Hearing Teacher Xiu’s words, it was only natural that mother and father thanked him ten thousand times for his thousand kindnesses. Since all the issues have been settled, what else did I have to say? I could only prepare to set off.
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