Wu Chang Jie Chapter 91-100

Chapter 91

A light snowfall has fallen on Fenglin Continent. A patch of fluffy hair that looks like silver sprinkled from the heavens. They look light, but gradually cover up the messy footprints on the shores of Fengming Lake. All the recent soul-stirrings will be erased. How would the traces of past events leave a few markings in the world?

There is only one small world that snow cannot enter, and that is the Demon Binding Formation that imprisons the demon foal Wuya.

This Demon Binding Formation is different from the Big Dipper Zhengji Demon Binding Formation at Diancang Peak. It is not as sinister and is used by cultivators to deal with evil spirits. The difference is that this formation is controlled by an ice crystal.

On the pure white snow, in the shimmering blue Demon Binding Formation, a skeletal warhorse with a deathly aura was nailed to the ground motionlessly, like a black flame burning in silence.

When one looks at it, it is as if one can see through it the momentous days of a hundred years ago. Seeing Song Zi Xiao riding alone, standing alone in front of the mountain gate, dressed in black, with his black horse, his deathly aura like a raven cloud of attachment. In the blink of an eye, Yin soldiers filled the mountains and the fields, as if the black air of death had cut through the earth and swallowed up the light, and everything that the demon supreme's sword pointed at fell, dominating the entire Jiuzhou with a devastating force. Song Zi Xiao was a legend in his lifetime. Formed a core at the age of 9, won first place in the Jiaolong assembly at the age of 13 and fled around the world at the age of 14. When he returned to the immortal world at the age of 24, he had already broken through to the eighth Chongtian of the Zongxuan Sword, holding two God-grade magical weapons in his hands, and was invincible. However, he was so ambitious that he could have swallowed the sun and the moon. He was not satisfied with a mere mortal realm, and he arrogantly tore through the Fengdu barrier to invade Jiuyou. Had the Great Emperor Beiyin not spent a thousand years of cultivation to stop him, he would have united the mortal and ghost realms and pointed his sword at the heaven.

After the annihilation of the era of Emperor Song, there will probably never be another great and powerful demon supreme like Song Zi Xiao in the immortal world.

No matter what the future generations may judge or speak ill of, there will be no more such a figure in the world.

A hundred years later, the demon supreme’s saddle horse has reappeared, and no one is not worried about the return of the black death aura to the world.

Fan Wu She stood by the window, looking at the black horse on the shore of Fengming Lake, his heart surging.

"Have you seen enough." Zhong Kui said without good humour. Fan Wu She came back to his senses and closed the window.
"Where the hell have you been tonight." Zhong Kui stared straight into Fan Wu She's eyes.

Fan Wu She knew that he could hardly escape blame for anything if he explained now; he had gone down to the bottom of Fengming Lake but had seen something unexpected, causing him to fail to control Wuya. With his current cultivation level, he could not retrieve Wuya for the time being, but he had to tell Zhong Kui what had happened at the bottom of the lake. "Speak up ah." Zhong Kui struck the case with his palm.

"I went to the bottom of Fengming Lake." Fan Wu She said calmly. All three people in the room held their breath.
In fact, Xie Bi An had just seen his hair behind Fan Wu She's back, which had been hastily dried with his spiritual power, it’s just that he could not believe that his junior brother would be so bold.

Zhong Kui's eyes glared straight and his beard shook with anger as he pointed at Fan Wu She: "You ... kneel down!"

Fan Wu She looked at Xie Bi An, thinking: I’m doing this because of you. Only then did he kneel down reluctantly.

"Are you also trying to steal the ice crystal?!" Zhong Kui said in a stern voice.
Fengming Lake was not a natural cave, but a place created by the celestials back then. Although it had previously been a treasure trove for
people and spirits, the real caves were a place gathered with boundless spiritual energy formed during the time when earth was first separated

heaven. None of the great sects in the Immortal Cultivation World today had
their ancestors compete for caves in order to develop and grow. With the passage of time, the spiritual energy in heaven and earth has become very

and caves have become increasingly important.

When the celestials built their caves at Fengming Lake, they sealed a large amount of spiritual energy into the ice crystals at the bottom of the lake, which gave them the name Ice crystal. The whole Fenglin Continent is nourished by the ice crystals, and if one can go to the Spirit Palace at the bottom of the lake to cultivate, one can gain a lot of cultivation. The ice crystals are extremely precious, and even Yun Zhong Jun or Yun Xiang Yi can only obtain one or two small pieces of broken stones to refine weapons or magical weapons.

As Fengming Lake is extremely rich in spiritual energy and rejects foreign spiritual energy, it is impossible to set up a boundary. Every year, there are people, who are not afraid to die, sneak into the bottom of the lake to steal the ice crystal. Once they succeed, they can use it for themselves to improve their cultivation, refine weapons and magical weapons, and sell it in Fumenghui to enjoy several lifetimes of glory and wealth. Even though there is only one in a hundred who can take the ice crystal alive, it does not stop people from being greedy.

Fan Wu She went to the bottom of the lake in the middle of the night, other than stealing ice crystal, no one can really think of other reasons.

Xie Bi An was so angry that his face turned white: "Fan Wu She, are you crazy! How could you do such a thing?"

Lan Chui Han stood by the wall with his hands folded, watching the show in silence.

"Disciple admits mistake." When Fan Wu She said this, he looked clearly unrepentant.

Zhong Kui slapped Fan Wu She across the face, "Traitorous disciple! How dare you do something like that? When did I ever teach such a disciple?"

Xie Bi An had not seen Zhong Kui really angry for a long time, and he was a bit panicked, "Master, junior brother has indeed made a mistake, but he has not been disciplined since he was a child, and he’s too young. Since he made a mistake, just punish him severely would do.”

Fan Wu She sucked his cheeks inwards slightly and looked at Zhong Kui with an expressionless face. In his mind, he thought about how he would return this slap with interest one day when he reclaimed the Xuanyuan Heavenly Secret talisman.

"You see if he has any remorse?"

Xie Pei An kicked Fan Wu She and said angrily, "Still don’t admit your mistake."

"I have already admitted my mistake." "You ..."
"Master." Fan Wu She said, "Disciple is wrong. Master can punish me however you want, but now disciple has something important to report, so I hope Master will calm down your anger for now."

Lan Chui Han stood up straight: "Did you see something at the bottom of Fengming Lake?"

Fan Wu She said, "At the bottom of Fengming Lake, I saw a small transparent palace made of ice crystals, that should be the Spirit Palace, the true cave of the Cangyu Sect."

Zhong Kui nodded, "Tell me more."

Fan Wu She recalled what he had seen underwater, and his gaze became distant with a hint of confusion, "I was outside the Spirit Palace and could see inside it, although it wasn't very clear, I could be sure that there was a man and a woman inside, as well as the Seven Star Life Sustaining Lamp. It was hard to tell who's life was being prolonged by that Seven Star Life Sustaining Lamp."

The room was suddenly silent. "The female, was it Qi Meng Sheng?" Xie Bi An’s voice unconsciously became very small.

"I'm afraid there can't be anyone else but her." Fan Wu She said, "Although I can’t see both of their faces clearly.”

"Qi Meng Sheng, and a man, Seven Star Life Sustaining Lamp ..." Lan Chui Han's sword brows knitted, "What the hell is going on here? Could it be that Qi Meng Sheng had her Flying Plume Ambassador steal the Seven Star Lamp, not to prolong her own life, but to give it to that man?"
Xie Bi An was stunned for a long time, "Then, then what about Wuya?" "Wuya was found by me unintentionally, not far from the Ice Palace. I
guess, it absorbed a lot of the ice crystal's aura over the past hundred years and its cultivation increased greatly, and I accidentally awakened it."

Fan Wu She said without changing his expression, but his heart was still saddened when he remembered the memory of the time he had left Wuya at the bottom of Fengming Lake.

At that time, he had fought Qi Meng Sheng alone to force the Cangyu Sect to forge a sword for him with the Shen Nong Ding. He had not summoned the Yin soldiers because Qi Meng Sheng was a woman and had helped Song Zi Heng before, but during the fight, Wuya had accidentally fallen into Fengming Lake.

Naturally, Qi Meng Sheng was later defeated. He dived into Fengming Lake to retrieve Wuya, but Wuya "told" him with his magical horn that he had recovered some of his memories underwater, remembering the sands he had ridden on and the waters of the Wujiang River where he had been buried, missing the King and hoping that he would bring him back to the Wujiang River to be with his old master forever.

He promised Wuya, and seeing the abundance of spiritual energy at the bottom of Fengming Lake, he simply left it here, intending to send Wuya back to Wujiang after the Shen Nong Ding had forged the sword. But then something happened to Song Zi Heng, and then later, he was sent to the infernal hell and tortured for a hundred years, almost about to fall into the hellish path and never see the light of day.

He broke the promise with Wuya and never forgot it. This time he wanted to use the Spirit Locking Talisman to retrieve Wuya, but to his surprise, he alerted the people in the Spirit Palace, who in turn alerted Wuya. For a hundred years, Wuya had been nourished by the ice crystals and its cultivation was extremely powerful. It was difficult for him to control it and he had to flee for fear of being recognised by the people in the Spirit Palace.

And that’s how the things happened later.

Only after listening to Fan Wu She's detailed account did Zhong Kui say in a deep voice, "Is what you say true?"

"I am telling you the truth."

Zhong Kui's voice was stern: "If you dare to lie, I will not spare you!" "I dare not."
"Have the people in the Spirit Palace seen you?" Xie Bi An asked.

"No. Separated by the ice crystal, if I couldn't see their faces clearly, they shouldn't be able to see me clearly either, plus I quickly escaped."

"But Qi Meng Sheng already knew that someone had dived under the water and that someone had seen them." Confused, Zhong Kui said, "How could that be, how could that be?"

"Master." Xie Bi An said, "Before Immortal Xu died, did he say something? This is too bizarre, why did Qi Meng Sheng do this, and who was that man?"

Xie Bi An rubbed his brow, also looking like he had a headache.

"Master, why are you hesitant to tell us about Immortal Xu's deathbed instructions?" Fan Wu She asked. "Because ..." Zhong Kui ended up saying nothing, "I must see Qi Meng Sheng as soon as possible."

There was a sound of footsteps outside the door, which seemed to be coming towards their direction. It was 3-5am. If there was no urgent matter, it was unlikely that such a commotion would have been made.

Sure enough, there was a knock on Zhong Kui's door, and outside the door was the voice of Yun Zhong Jun: "Is Heaven Master still not asleep?"

"Not yet."

"Junior has a request to see Heaven Master."

Zhong Kui looked askance at Fan Wu She for a moment and gave Xie Bi An an eye expression.

Xie Bi An went over and opened the door.

Yun Zhong Jun was not surprised to see all four of them there, and his gaze instantly fell on Fan Wu She.

"It is so late, what does Yun Zhong Jun want?"

"It’s so late, and Heaven Master is planning to talk with Lord Lan and the Two Immortals all night long, what is so important?"

"Who can sleep tonight after seeing the demon foal."

"That's just as well." Yun Zhong Jun said coldly, "My sect's disciples claim to have seen Black Immortal entering Fengming Lake, and junior has come to verify this."

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PS: ice spirit is a direct translation of 冰灵. But I think the proper term should be ice crystal.  

Chapter 92

Xie Bi An coughed lightly, looked at Yun Zhong Jun without being condescending and said, "Wu She, Yun Zhong Jun said you had been to the bottom of Fengming Lake, is this true?"

Fan Wu She said coldly, "No."

"My junior brother has always been with my master, the person that Yun Zhong Jun said, other than a mouth, do you have any evidence?" If it was any other time, Xie Bi An would have held Fan Wu She down and apologise for his mistake. After all, they were in the wrong in this matter, but for one thing, Fan Wu She hadn't really stolen the ice spirit. He wanted to protect Zhong Kui's reputation, and for another, from Xu Zhi Nan's death to the secret at the bottom of Fengming Lake, he was already very disgusted and suspicious of the Cangyu Sect, so he only wanted to protect his shortcomings now.

"If Black Immortal has not been there, he will be naturally innocent once I examine him."

"My junior brother is already innocent, why should I let you examine him."

Fan Wu She looked at Xie Bi An, and the corner of his lips unconsciously curled upwards.

Yun Zhong Jun stared at Fan Wu She, his eyes as cold as ice: "Fengming Lake is a sacred place for the people of Kunlun, and at the bottom of the lake are the treasures left behind by our ancestors. Anyone who enters Fengming Lake without permission will be severely punished by our sect. This matter is of great importance, and since Black Immortal admits his innocence himself, why not have a test to remove mutual worries?"

Fan Wu She looked at the disciples of the Cangyu Sect as if they were nobodies: "Try to touch me."

The atmosphere in the room was tense for a moment.

Zhong Kui narrowed his eyes, "To come into someone's room in the middle of the night and make a lot of noise, is this how the Cangyu Sect treats the guests?"

When Zhong Kui spoke, the crowd fell silent. After all, they were looking at the number one person in the world who could freely enter and leave both the mortal and ghost realms, and even the head of an immortal family had to be courteous when they met him. As juniors, how would they dare to be presumptuous.

"Heaven Master, junior ..."

"You don't go to find out why the demon foal is at the bottom of Fengming Lake, instead you come to look for trouble with my disciple, how dare you." Zhong Kui glared at Yun Zhong Jun, "I will not ask questions about your sectarian feud with the Chunyang Sect, but the demon foal, Wuya, is the evil legacy of Song Zi Xiao’s. It is a matter of the world's life and the stability of the mortal and ghost realms. Cangyu Sect must give an explanation to everyone!"

Yun Zhong Jun's face turned blue at the remark.

Lan Chui Han came out at the right time to round up the situation, "Heaven Master, Brother Yun, it's too late at this time, everyone is also tired. Any important things can't be solved tonight, why don't we talk about it tomorrow."

"Yes, Master is also tired." Xie Bi An said, "Let's wait until morning to talk about everything." Even if Yun Zhong Jun was dissatisfied, there was no other way out; although this was the territory of the Cangyu Sect, Qi Meng Sheng was not here and he did not dare to offend Zhong Kui.

After Yun Zhong Jun left, they could no longer deliberate, so they just went back to their houses to rest as they had said they would.

Zhong Kui gave Fan Wu She a fierce glare and whispered, "I'll settle you later."

Fan Wu She didn't take it to heart at all and left the guest room after Xie Bi An.

"Senior brother."

Xie Bi An turned a deaf ear as he walked quickly forward.

"Senior brother." Fan Wu She pulled Xie Bi An's arm, "Wait for me."

Xie Bi An shook off his hand, his face full of anger. He lowered his voice and said, "You actually went to steal, you let me down too much."

"You let me explain." "You explain."
Fan Wu She looked at Xie Bi An's black and rounded eyes, the pupils of his eyes swirling around and around, and his white cheeks puffing up slightly, so he felt that this person was seducing him even though he was angry, and he forgot what to say for a moment.

Xie Bi An was still glaring at him.

"I just want to go down and have a look."

"Fan Wu She!" Xie Bi An was so angry that he wanted to hit him. He suppressed his anger, turned his head and walked away. As the two of them passed by Fan Wu She's room, Fan Wu She once again tugged at Xie Bi An and dragged him into his house.

"What are you doing." Xie Bi An once again drew back his arm. "Is senior brother really angry with me?"
"Then why did you defend me?" Fan Wu She said with a wry smile. "What I'm defending is master’s reputation." Xie Bi An said sternly,
"Master has both virtue and prestige, and is admired in both the mortal and ghost realms. If this matter gets out, won't it make Master ashamed of himself?"

Fan Wu She nodded his head.

Xie Bi An was furious: "You have no remorse at all, you are simply naughty."

When Fan Wu She saw that Xie Bi An was really angry, he took his hand and said in a small voice, "Senior brother, I know I'm wrong, I won't dare to do it again."

"When have you ever admitted your mistake, do you dare to do it again?"

"This time, I really know I'm wrong." Fan Wu She got insatiable and rested his head against Xie Bi An’s shoulder. Seeing Wuya tonight made him feel sad. Without realizing it, he remembered many things from his previous life. At this moment, he missed being protected by his big brother more than the hatred that was engraved in his bones, just like the way Xie Bi An had protected him just now.

Xie Bi An blinked his eyes. He eats soft but not hard*, and don't know when his junior brother seemed to have discovered this. He tried to push Fan Wu She away and said angrily, "Why are you clinging to me." "Senior brother, I'm so cold ah." Fan Wu She hugged Xie Bi An and sneezed, "The lake water is too cold." This sentence was actually true.

"You deserve it."

"I might have gotten a cold." Fan Wu She sniffled, "Don't you care about me?"

The tone of his voice was so coquettishly that Xie Bi An couldn't handle it. He said reluctantly, "If you feel cold, you can go under the blanket and sweat a little."

"Then help me tuck in my blanket."

"I ..." Xie Bi An suddenly snapped back to his senses and said sternly, "Tonight you will ponder over yourself, and then no matter how the master punishes you, you will accept the grace, understand?"


Xie Bi An turned around and left.

"Senior brother." Fan Wu She whispered, "Tuck me in my blanket."

Xie Bi An took a deep breath and tightened his fists, and finally stopped at the door and said stiffly, "Lie down on the bed."

Fan Wu She quickly took off his shoes and slipped under the covers. Xie Bi An glanced at him, then bent down and tucked him in.
When Fan Wu She looked at Xie Bi An's earnest appearance, his eyes became distressed. When he was young, he did not sleep properly and liked to kick the covers. Whenever it was cold, his big brother would tuck him in every night for fear that he would catch a cold.

During his ten years of wandering, he often dreamed of the good old days when the two of them were young, only to wake up and be stabbed by the cold and cruel reality. His heart tearing over and over again, hurting to the point of numbness.

He couldn't figure it out, he could never figure it out. Could it be that all the good things his big brother had done for him were all fake, but the sword that stabbed him and the mother who died before his eyes were all real?

It would be so much simpler to simply love someone, or to hate someone.
To love and hate, is just protracted torture.

When Xie Bi An tucked it to his chest, he met the eyes of Fan Wu She gazing at him, the emotions contained therein made him feel at a loss.

"Senior brother ..."

"Junior brother." Xie Bi An said calmly, "You are my junior brother for one day and for life, senior brother disciplines you and punishes you, but will never leave you alone. No matter what you have experienced in the past, now that you are Zhong Kui's disciple, whatever you do, you must do it straightforwardly and uprightly, and wherever you go, you must not disgrace your master, do you understand?"

Fan Wu She was moved in his heart, "Senior brother, I will not let you down again." He understood how much Xie Bi An cared for Zhong Kui and was proud to be his disciple.

Xie Bi An rubbed Fan Wu She’s head and sighed softly, "Go to sleep." He was about to leave when he suddenly found the corner of a book under Fan Wu She’s pillow, which looked really familiar. Without thinking, he pulled it out.

It was the book that had been recommended by the owner of the book stall when they were in Shazhou, "The Treasure of Flower Tasting "!


"..." Fan Wu She sat up, "Senior brother, I ..."

"Fan, Wu, She!" Xie Pei An flung the book out like he had caught hot coals and roared low, "When did you buy it and what did you buy it for!"

Fan Wu She blinked his eyes and pretend to say innocently, "I was curious."

Xie Bi An was angry, embarrassed and worried that Fan Wu She had "gone astray", so his heart was broken as a senior brother: "You, you get up, senior brother wants to talk to you." As he said that, he went to lift Fan Wu She's blanket.

Fan Wu She's hands went back to press it down, and the two of them tugged back and forth. The close proximity, the intense action, the inevitable flesh-on-flesh contact, the inevitable body scent, Fan Wu She only felt something rushing to his head. He could not bear it any longer and grabbed Xie Bi An's wrist, pulling him onto the bed with great strength.

Unprepared, Xie Bi An was dragged down into Fan Wu She’s arms.

The two handsome noses almost collided. Their eyes staring at each other at close range. The air around them heating up as if they only needed a little spark to start a fire.

Fan Wu She's chest puffed up and veins appeared on his forehead. The longer the longing was suppressed, when it explodes, it would be like a flood, and he was already on the verge of breaking the bank.

Xie Bi An was equally out of control. He tried desperately to stop himself from recalling that dream, but why did all the images and sounds, smells and sensations that came into his mind when he was cuddled up with his own disciple comes flooding back like a wave that he could not stop?!

He wasn't, he wasn't into men, it wasn't right, it was more wrong than wrong to think those unpleasant things about his own junior brother!

Xie Bi An was close to going crazy and struggled to get up. However, Fan Wu She used brute force to hoist his waist, looking at him with obscure and deep eyes, hiding surprising greed.

"... Wu She." Xie Bi An suddenly felt hair standing all over his body. He looked like a prey being stalked by a wild beast.

"Senior brother." Fan Wu She chased after Xie Bi An's evasive gaze, not allowing him not to look at himself, then calmly and frankly flung out a shocking thunderbolt, "I want you to know that when I read that book, all I thought about was you."

Xie Bi An froze.

Fan Wu She smiled faintly, and his already charming hanging fox eyes became even more compelling at that moment. He pressed himself to Xie Bi An's ear and spoke in an airy tone, "Now my mind is also full of you." With the end of his voice, he gave a soft kiss on the already red ear.

Xie Bi An was struck by lightning and almost jumped up from Fan Wu She's body. His cheeks burst into redness, and he stared at Fan Wu She for quite a while in horror, before finally running away.

Fan Wu She looked at the wide open empty doorway. Desire building up in his eyes as he slowly ran the tip of his tongue over his own lips in an endless aftertaste.

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eats soft but not hard*[吃软不吃硬]--- a metaphor for accepting gentle persuasion without being forced.
PS: I will be busy until next week Monday(?) as I have an upcoming presentation and report to hand in. May only upload one chapter per day.

Chapter 93

Xie Bi An went back, face the wall and think about his mistake. He spent the rest of the night chanting a mind-easing recitation to the wall.

Fan Wu She's "sudden attack" made the nightmare he had no longer the biggest problem at the moment. After all, it was more urgent and problematic to worry about his present life than about what he had done in his past life.

He felt that Fan Wu She's abnormality was all because of himself. Because he had not noticed that he had taken the book by mistake, and had made Fan Wu She curious. Because he was curious so he looked at the book, resulting the youthful and ignorant teenager developing a fantasy. He felt so guilty that he had accidentally led his younger brother astray. What a waste to be someone’s brother!

Moreover, the most embarrassing and shameful thing was that he remembered that dream at that moment, and even, even the originally blurred face of the man in the dream, in a flash, coincided with the face of Fan Wu She. It was also because of this that he had fled in terror.

He couldn't help but wonder if he was really a gay. Even if he was, he couldn't have an illicit thought about his own junior brother!

Xie Bi An pinched his thigh fiercely and chanted, "Ice cold for a thousand years, all things especially quiet, the heart should be calm, look at myself alone to awake, mind and spirit unite, qi should follow, alternate with myself, not alarmed by changes, no idiocy, no anger, no desire, no demand, no abandonment, no inaction, non-self*…” Enduring until dawn, Xie Bi An had a plan for the time being; he had to first set Fan Wu She right, not to let his junior brother go further and further down the wrong path.

Then, when the matter has come to an end, he will return to the Underworld and see Meng Po. He wants to know why he remembered his past life so often, and whether he had any unfinished regrets.

But who doesn't have?

Hopefully, Meng Po would be able to answer his questions and, most importantly, have a way to help him get rid of those fragmented memories.

At this moment, he listened to a sound from next door, which seemed to be Zhong Kui's room.

Xie Bi An opened the door and saw that it was Yun Zhong Jun who had come to invite Zhong Kui. He was just about to ask a question when the doors to the rooms of Fan Wu She and Lan Chui Han, one to his left and one to his right, opened at the same time and they peeked out at the same time.

Xie Bi An's gaze was too late to dodge, and crashed right into Fan Wu She's. His ears became hot and he resisted the urge to retreat to his bedroom.

Just hearing Zhong Kui said, "The Immortal is finally willing to see me." "Heaven Master, please."
"Master ..."

"You guys just wait here." Zhong Kui took two steps and added, "Do not run around."

Although he looked at Xie Bi An when he spoke, several people knew in their hearts to whom he was addressing. "Wait." Lan Chui Han walked over, his face devoid of his usual refined light smile, looking solemn and cold, "Brother Yun, as a junior, my words carry little weight, and I know I am not qualified to ask for an audience with the Immortal, but I have been entrusted by Immortal Alliance Li’s mandate, hoping to resolve the conflict. If the Cangyu Sect delays in handing over the two Flying Plume Ambassadors and the Seven Star Lamp, and does not take a stand, then it would be failing Immortal Alliance Li’s hard work. "

Yun Zhong Jun said in a deep voice, "Brother Lan, I already said yesterday that it is not for me to make the decision on this matter. Master's health is declining day by day and I have not yet had the time to persuade her."

"Because of the demon foal Wuya, the heads of the major sects will probably come to Fenglin Continent personally, just in time to settle the accounts of Chunyang Sect. Is Brother Yun really not worried about the survival of the Cangyu Sect?”

Yun Zhong Jun's lips were tightly pursed and he did not speak.

"Take me along." Lan Chui Han clasped his hand behind his back and square his shoulders. “I can't just sit here. Even if the Immortal refuses to see me later, I can still report back after carrying out my order, saying I have tried my best. In the future, if the Cangyu Sect is exposed to enemy attacks on all sides, I will be able to afford the friendship of forging the sword back then."

Yun Zhong Jun sighed, "Come with me."

After the three of them left, only Xie Bi An and Fan Wu She were left.

Xie Bi An's heart thumped twice. He couldn't hide in his room, as it would undermine the dignified manner as a senior brother, but in this early morning, he still hadn't figured out how to teach Fan Wu She.

Fan Wu She said, "Brother, you haven't eaten your breakfast yet, I'll go and bring it to you." His demeanour and tone of voice were as normal, which made Xie Bi An breathe a sigh of relief: "Okay."

5 minutes later, Fan Wu She brought two breakfast meals to Xie Bi An's room. Xie Bi An was leaning by the window, looking at Fengming Lake in the distance, and the black aura of death on the shore of the lake.

"Are they just going to keep trapping Wuya like this?" Fan Wu She gently placed the tray on the table, calculating in his mind how exactly to snatch Wuya back.

"There's no way to decide what to do with Wuya now. After all, it was once the saddle horse of the demon supreme. Moreover, the appearance of the demon foal here vaguely gives people the impression that there is some kind of conspiracy. The whole immortal cultivation world is silent out of fear and turn pale when talking about the demon supreme. Like what big brother Lan said, the immortal alliance will get the news in the next two days and will soon make a move." Xie Bi An's eyes were still on Wuya. The skeletal horse gave him a familiar feeling, as if they had met before, but that was not surprising. Every cultivator had seen Wuya's portrait. Some wild books and tittle-tattle that loved to get people's attention even painted it with three heads and six wings, like a living monster.

"Senior brother, come and eat."

Xie Bi An's figure paused and slowly turned around, pretending to sit down in a usual manner, pointing to a fish and saying, "I heard that this fish is only found in Kunlun. The meat is tender and sweet. When I leave, I must take some with me, and go back to give Bo Zhu and official Lord Cui a taste."

Fan Wu She picked up his chopsticks and took a bite, "Mmm, it tastes good, but if senior brother had made it, it would have tasted even better." After saying this, he smiled at Xie Bi An, with a deep meaning in his eyes.

Xie Bi An hurriedly lowered his head and ate to hide the momentary panic in his heart. Fan Wu She gave Xie Bi An another piece of asparagus. "You eat your own, don't mind me."
Fan Wu She paused.

Just as Xie Bi An was somewhat remorseful whether he had spoken too harshly, Fan Wu She said, "Yesterday, senior brother said, you will take care of me no matter what. So do I, I also want to take care of senior brother."


Fan Wu She looked at Xie Bi An without blinking, as if he wouldn't rest until he stared at something from his face.

"What are you looking at me for, hurry up and eat." Xie Bi An said, ashamed and angry.

"Don't you know what I'm looking at you for?" Fan Wu She smiled with hooked lips, his tone had a few teasing implications.

Xie Bi An slammed his chopsticks with a snap and stared back at Fan Wu She in a pretend serious manner.

The smile climbed from the corners of Fan Wu She’s lips to the corners of his eyes, and finally turned into a hooked tangling ambiguity that flowed from his gaze to Xie Bi An.

Xie Bi An thought Fan Wu She is just a seventeen-year-old boy who is not as experienced as himself. He shouldn't lose this battle of grandeur. He doesn't know that a demon supreme is living inside this young man that has frightened the immortal world for a hundred years. Not to mention the fact that he was no match for lust alone. He could not withstand one bold and seductive glance from Fan Wu She.

Xie Bi An hurriedly picked up his chopsticks: "The fish should be getting cold, hurry up and eat."

But his wrist was gently clasped. Fan Wu She's thumb pressed against the bump of Xie Bi An's wrist bone, rubbing it intentionally or unintentionally, and whispered, "Senior brother doesn't even dare to look at me anymore."

Xie Bi An shook off his hand, heaved down his chopsticks again, and said seriously, "Wu She, let's talk."


Xie Bi An displayed the posture of an elder brother and said gently but without losing any dignified manner, "Wu She, I know what's wrong with you. It's senior brother's fault that I took an inexplicable book by mistake and showed you something that you didn't understand before, so you couldn't tell what is right or wrong, plus you're at a young age filled with vigour and vitality, and there's no one of your age around you except senior brother, so you've had some illusions."

He looked at Xie Bi An finished his analysis with a clear and logical manner, looking like he was trying to convince himself, and said with a smile, "You think I'm a three-year-old child."

"What do you understand."

"I don't understand?" Fan Wu She raised an eyebrow, "What do you think I don't understand."

"You don't understand." Xie Bi An said with some difficulty, "Senior brother is a man, wait until you meet a girl you like ..."

Fan Wu She smiled evilly: "I can't get hard with a girl, but at night when I think of senior brother, my bottom swells up."

"You!" Xie Bi An almost jumped out of his chair. His junior brother was usually condescending and has a lose tongue, but he did not expect to hear such vulgar and bold words. The original thought of reasoning was all but lost in a flash. "If I don't say it like this, you won't understand, right?" Fan Wu She gazed deeply into Xie Bi An's eyes and said solemnly, "I like you."

Xie Bi An was dumbfounded.

When he said these words, Fan Wu She was also frozen.

When he was still Song Zi Xiao, he knew exactly what his endless desire for Song Zi Heng really stemmed from, except that all the possibilities between them had been torn to pieces by hatred. He kept on possessing, he kept on plundering, he was like a wild beast almost devouring his big brother completely night after night, as if the only way to express the love he could not declare was to enter over and over again, to mark over and over again.

He had never said "like" to Song Zi Heng, not even once.

When he said "like", Fan Wu She's heart ached as if it had been cut out by a knife a thousand times. In his past and present life, in his hundred years of torture in hell, what he longed for most was to be able to say "like" to the person he liked.

Fan Wu She grabbed Xie Bi An's hand, his gaze glittering and frighteningly bright: "Senior brother, be my cultivation partner, be with me for the rest of your life, okay?"

Xie Bi An stood up and trembled, "Ridiculous, ridiculous!"

"How is this ridiculous? It's not uncommon for men to form a couple, there are several pairs in the Cangyu Sect."

"What are you thinking at such a young age?" Xie Bi An's face was so red that it could have dripped blood, and even the thin skin at the corners of his eyes was glistening with pink, as if he had been greatly offended.

Fan Wu She said shamelessly, "I could have gotten married a long time ago, what's wrong with me thinking about all these? If I want to get a wife, I will only marry senior brother.” Xie Bi An had never experienced such a scene before and was at a loss for words, much more troublesome as compared to facing a bunch of evil spirits alone. His brain was feverish and chaotic, and his heartbeat was so loud that it his head hurt from shaking. He shook his head, still forcing himself to act calm: "You, you're just being nonsensical, I'm your senior brother."

Fan Wu She adjusted his emotions, and his face sank, making a hurt and vexed face, "Senior brother doesn't believe? If you don't like me, you can say so, I will make you like me, but what rights do you have in not believing my sincerity? You don't like me, then you can trample on my sincerity like this?" After saying that he turned his face away, his shoulders shaking slightly.

"I ... I'm not ..." Xie Bi An could not stand this the most. Seeing Fan Wu She’s sad and aggrieved look, his guilt-ridden heart suddenly arise. He could only feebly argue. "Senior brother is not disbelieving you."

Fan Wu She did not say anything.

Xie Bi An sighed helplessly and seemed resigned to his fate: "Then ... what do you like about senior brother?"

Only then did Fan Wu She turn his face. He looked at Xie Bi An. What came before his eyes was the can’t-do-anything-about-him doting look that Song Zi Heng always showed, his eyes suddenly filled with deep emotion: "Senior brother treats me so well, senior brother is also powerful, good looking and gentle, how can I not like senior brother.

That naked gaze, let Xie Bi An once again remembered last night's dream. If the man in the dream, really had such a stunning face ...

Xie Bi An suddenly turned his face away in shame.

Yet Fan Wu She turned his face back. The black inky pupils were unfathomable and hid a desire that was enough to devour the sky and the earth: "Be my man." 

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non self*[⽆我]--- Anattā https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anatt%C4%81 (the whole phrase XBA was chanting is a sutra:
https://zhuanlan.zhihu.com/p/54590270 there’s no English translation for it  

Chapter 94

Looking at Fan Wu She’s still youthful face and listening to this shameless rant, Xie Bi An suddenly felt a familiar feeling of déjà vu. It was obvious that they had not even touched each other's hair, yet he felt offended and his scalp exploded. He slapped Fan Wu She on the head and said angrily, "Where did you learn such rascal words at such a young age!”

Fan Wu She was stunned by the blow, as if he had been taken back for a moment to a time when he had been lectured by his big brother. It was embarrassing to receive such a response to his difficult confession. Flying into a rage out of humiliation, he thought: Sooner or later, I'll f*** you till you beg for mercy: "Is there anything that can't be said? Do you want to hear something more rogue?"

"You shut up!" Xie Bi An warned him in panic.
"Senior Brother will definitely like me." Fan Wu She said with certainty. "I, I don't think it's right. This kind of thing ..." Xie Bi An waved his
hands unconsciously.

"How’s it not right? Who’s way are we in?" Fan Wu She took a few steps closer towards him, "Could it be that senior brother hates me?"

Xie Bi An said in a hurry, "Can't we be brothers properly? Do we have to talk about liking and hating each other?"

"No." Fan Wu She took the opportunity to block Xie Bi An into the corner and grabbed the hand that was trying to push him away. Xie Bi An tried hard to pull his hand back, but was unsuccessful. He was just surprised at how strong Fan Wu She was. He heard a soft voice with a bit of aggression pour into his ears, "I only have senior brother who treats me well."


Fan Wu She wrinkled his brow, his bright eyes flickering. He was actually a bit pitiful: "From when I was young till now, only senior brother treats me well. Only senior brother would really care about me. Being around you was the first time I felt like I had a home and a family. Like I had been waiting to meet you all my life."

When he learned from that person that Song Zi Heng had been reincarnated as Zhong Kui's disciple, the Impermanence of the Underworld, he had been waiting. Waiting for himself to grow up, waiting for the right time, waiting for the reunion of the two of them. The mortal and ghost realms and the infernal hell, could not stop them from reuniting.

The rebuke that was on Xie Bi An's lips could only be swallowed back as he said helplessly, "Don't say that. In this world, senior brother won't be the only one who treats you well. You are still young and will meet many people in the future."

"I don't want anyone else, I just want senior brother."

Xie Bi An was so awkward that he was sweating: "Senior brother thinks that you may not understand true love. Just because I treat you well ..."

Fan Wu She suddenly pecked his tender red lips.

Xie Bi An was dumbfounded. His heart was drumming madly, as if screaming to pop out of his chest.

"I understand." Fan Wu She licked his lips with a winning smile.

Xie Bi An kicked Fan Wu She to the ground, banged open the door and rushed out. But after running out two steps, he rushed back, pointing at him with a red face, "You lack discipline and are disrespectful to your senior brother! You, you face the wall and ponder about your own mistake and you're not allowed to eat today!"

Fan Wu She rose from the ground and said with a smile, "Yes sir."

The countermeasures that Xie Bi An had thought about all night against the wall fell apart in front of Fan Wu She. Although he had felt that Fan Wu She’s desire to be exclusive with him was a bit unusual since he had this junior brother, he had never thought about it in the wrong direction. But the night before, he had just dreamt that he was having sexual intercourse with a man, and then he found out that Fan Wu She had ulterior motives for him. Is this a coincidence? Is this a sign that he is destined to be gay?!

What should he do? Did junior brother really "like" him? If Master found out, how would he explain?

Xie Bi An held his head in his hands, thinking about what Fan Wu She had said to him, and that kiss ...

Just a touch, it felt soft and a bit warm and cool. So this is what kissing is like? It doesn't seem to mean much, it's a lot different than in the dream.

Xie Bi An snapped out of it, wishing to slap himself. What was he thinking!

After thinking about it, Xie Bi An decided to wait for Lan Chui Han to come back and confide in him obscurely to help him figure out what to do. Lan Chui Han is known as the most beautiful man in the immortal cultivation world, and there is no shortage of favor from men and women wherever he goes. He always had a reputation of being a flirt, so he would be the right person to ask about such things.

But after waiting for two hours, neither Zhong Kui nor Lan Chui Han had returned. He didn’t know what had taken so long to talk about.

Xie Bi An meditated, trying to calm his mind as soon as possible. But not long after, when he felt a trembling beneath him, he knew the lake outside was not tranquil. A strong and frightening spiritual pressure came from the direction of Fengming Lake, pressing one's heart straight down, far from the spiritual pressure of Wuya.

Xie Bi An almost jumped up from his bed. Such a huge spiritual pressure could only be Zhong Kui.
He rushed out of the room and bumped right into Fan Wu She. "Something has happened to Master!" Xie Bi An grabbed Fan Wu She
and dragged him outside.

The Ice Palace was in chaos. Many people probably had never experienced such terrifying spiritual pressure in their lives. Given that the demon foal had just run out of the lake last night, who knew what was going to float up to earth now?

They had just run out of the Ice Palace when they were hit by a gust of cold wind that nearly froze their bones.

It was too cold! The temperature was plummeting and the leather jackets were no longer effective in keeping out the cold. If ordinary people were exposed to such extreme cold, they probably would have froze to death in no time. They can't avoid not using their spiritual energy to keep warm.

"No, it's not Master." Fan Wu She stared at Fengming Lake with a deadly stare, "This is a cold ice spell."

"Could it be Qi Meng Sheng?" Xie Bi An got even more worried, "Qi Meng Sheng is in the Spirit Palace at the bottom of the lake. Master and Brother Lan went to meet her and must have been there. Now that something has happened in the lake, something must have happened to them too."

"With Master present, they will definitely be able to turn peril into safety." A group of Cangyu Sect cultivators ran towards Fengming Lake. The Flying Plume Ambassador was not there, nor was Yun Zhong Jun. They were a bit distracted and speculated what had happened.
Only to hear someone shout, "Oh my god, Fengming Lake is freezing!" "Impossible. With the ice spirit around, Fengming Lake will never freeze
for all eternity."

Yet as the crowd watched, Fengming Lake began to freeze first from the edge of the lake, advancing towards the center at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Xie Bi An made an immediate decision, "Let's go to the Spirit Palace.
The underground of the Ice Palace can lead straight to the Spirit Palace."

"We can't get in." Fan Wu She narrowed his eyes, "We have to find the Flying Plume Ambassador to bring us in. Yun Zhong Jun said those two women are in seclusion to reflect their past mistakes. I don't know if it's true. Seize one of the people from Cangyu Sect and ask."


The disciples of the Cangyu Sect panicked completely while looking at the Fengming Lake, which was about to freeze over. Each with a blue and grey face, as if they had seen the end coming.

Suddenly, two shadows leapt out from the center of the lake which looked like it was about to freeze over and hovered in mid-air. When looked at closely, it was Zhong Kui and Lan Chui Han. Their whole body was covered with frost immediately from the lake water. Even their hair is frozen. It's cold enough to make people shiver just looking at it.

Zhong Kui used his spiritual power to amplify his voice and let it resonate through Fenglin Continent: "Qi Meng Sheng attempted to use the ice spirit to reshape her body and has gone off the rails, so you guys should quickly withdraw to the Ice Palace!" The crowd was horrified.

Using ice spirits to reshape flesh?

Fengming Lake finally froze completely, but in the next instant, the ice surface began to crack, and the whole world fell silent at the chilling crackling sound.

With a boom, the ice surface shattered and something burst out from the center of the lake. Thousands of cold ice shards rushed into the sky like a pilgrimage, condensing in mid-air and holding up a female ice demon wrapped in ice spirits. Her white hair dancing in the wind, her eyes lightly closed and her face demonically beautiful.

She is the only female cultivator to be ranked as an Immortal in the immortal world in the past hundred years - Qi Meng Sheng, the head of the Cangyu Sect. There are countless legends about her in the immortal world. The most talked-about one was her refusal to submit to the Demon Supreme.

But some believe that the reason why Qi Meng Sheng had that kind of courage was not that she borrowed courage from the sky, but that she borrowed divine power from the celestial beings. Because the magical weapon in her hand could exert its strongest power in Fenglin Continent and fought against the Demon Supreme.

At this very moment, Qi Meng Sheng was clutching two pieces of crystal clear ice jade in her hands, one a six-sided ice crystal snowflake and the other a feathered wing, which was none other than the Ice and Snow Jade, a magical weapon inherited by the Cangyu Sect from its ancestors.

The Ice and Snow Jade is the magical weapon of the Green Maiden, the Goddess of Ice and Snow. "Qingnü and Su’e can withstand the cold, competing for beauty in the cold and frosty moon*”. It is talking about this goddess. Qingnü was one of the celestial beings who lived in Kunlun back then and left earth after the disconnection between heaven and earth. Jue*, the two jades merged into one. The ice jade can control ice and snow, and the snow jade is the snowy owl, the mount of Qingnü.

Zhong Kui roared, "What are you staring blankly for? Go back to the Ice Palace!"

The temperature was still dropping, even the snow on the ground had condensed into ice and was devouring the crowd like a fierce beast.

As if waking up from a dream, the crowd ran back. In front of them was a force strong enough to fight the Demon Supreme Song Zi Xiao, so staying here would be like seeking death.

Xie Bi An carried his sword and was about to help Zhong Kui, but he was yanked by Fan Wu She, who said solemnly, "Senior brother, we are absolutely no match for her. Leave the battlefield to master."

He had fought with Qi Meng Sheng before, who back then had neither the cultivation level nor the ice spirit she had today. With that magical weapon alone, she had made him suffer a little in his heyday. Now that Qi Meng Sheng had survived a hundred years of cultivation and her ice spirit could still provide her with a constant source of spiritual power, he doubted that Zhong Kui would be able to defeat her without the Eastern Emperor's Bell.

"I'm worried that Master is no match for her either." Xie Bi An gritted his teeth and said, "I have never felt such strong spiritual pressure before, and her body has already fused with the Ice Spirit. What is the Ice Spirit? It is made by the celestial being condensing the spiritual energy of heaven and earth. If her spiritual energy is inexhaustible, she can exhaust Master completely.”

"I know. Master will run when he cannot fight. We're holding him back by staying here instead."

"But ..." "Bi An, hurry back to the Ice Palace!" Zhong Kui's voice was very anxious.

Qi Meng Sheng slowly opened her eyes. Her lips slightly opened, her mouth spitting white frost, cold and icy: "Heaven Master Zhong, your Qingfeng Sword possesses a trace of the spirit of the Great Emperor Beiyin. It can open Mount Tai’s boundary and find The Golden Trunk and Jade Policy left on earth by the Dongyue Emperor, right?"

"Qi Meng Sheng, what do you want?"

"Do you really not know what I want?" Qi Meng Sheng said without expression, "The Golden Trunk and Jade Policy records the three lives of the celestial beings, and it will lead me to the reincarnation of the Human Emperor."
Qingnü and Su’e can withstand the cold, competing for beauty in the cold and frosty moon* [⻘⼥素娥俱耐冷, ⽉中霜⾥⽃婵娟]---It is from
a poem called 霜 ⽉ (frost moon) https://baike.baidu.com/item/ 霜
This phrase describes: The goddess of frost and moon, Qingnü

and Chang’e in the moon, Su’e are not afraid of the cold, compare and contrast

the beauty as clear as ice and as clean as jade

Jue*[珏]---a jue is two pieces of jade joined together 

Chapter 95

The Golden Trunk Jade Policy?!

"'The Golden Trunk Jade Policy'? What is that?" Fan Wu She's mind was filled with the words, "Recording the three lifetimes of celestial beings."

Xie Bi An had told him that neither the Book of Life and Death nor the Three Lives Stone could not restrict celestial beings who had long since transcended the Six Paths of Reincarnation. If there was really one thing on earth that could see the three lifetimes of Song Zi Heng, he must see it. He wanted to know if his big brother had ever had a trace of sincerity for him.

Xie Bi An's expression was grave: "I have heard from official Lord Cui that the fate of the celestial beings is codified separately and is controlled by Emperor Dongyue. When the connection between the earth and heaven was destroyed, Emperor Dongyue deliberately left it on earth in order to keep the celestial beings from even controlling their own fate of life and death. Later, due to the passage of time, the Golden Trunk Jade Policy was gradually forgotten, but the folk emperors, in order to consolidate their power, prided themselves on being the sons of heaven who had the power of the king, and so the tradition of sealing* Mount Tai was passed down."

"So there really is such a thing?"

"There should be, but where it is and how to unseal it, I don't know." Xie Bi An frowned, "I'm afraid even Master doesn't know too. How did Qi Meng Sheng know? She wants to use it to find the reincarnation of the human emperor, but why?" Fan Wu She also wanted to know why Qi Meng Sheng wanted to find Song Zi Heng's reincarnation. She couldn't be doing it for the Absolute Human Emperor, could she?! His breath became stifled at the thought of the Absolute Human Emperor, tragic memories rushed into his mind and his hand trembled slightly as he gripped his sword.

"Zhong Kui, leave the Qingfeng Sword behind, or you, master and disciples, don’t even think of leaving Kunlun."

Zhong Kui said sternly, "No one can snatch Zhong Kui’s sword from my hands.”

"What about the magical weapons of your two disciples?" The Ice and Snow Jade in Qi Meng Sheng's hand shone with glittering blue light, and the ruthless cold accompanied the spiritual pressure was unceasingly released from her centre, "Disciples of the Cangyu Sect, listen to the order and take down the Black and White Impermanence."

The cultivators of the Cangyu Sect looked at each other, all slightly confused for a moment.

"Immortal Lord Qi!" Lan Chui Han roared, "Do you want to be an enemy of all Immortal sects!"

Qi Meng Sheng turned a deaf ear to this, and a blue light burst out from the ice jade, transforming into a racing beast and rushing towards Xie Bi An and Fan Wu She. A cold spell came upon them and some of the cultivators who happened to be among them were actually frozen into ice!

Qi Meng Sheng was indeed crazy, not even sparing her own disciples.

Xie Bi An offers up his Wuqiongbi and opened a boundary in front of the two of them. The ice hit the boundary with a loud bang.

Xie Bi An was pushed backwards several feet, leaving two deep traces of dragging in the snow. Fan Wu She pulled Xie Bi An, "Go in first, the Ice Palace is bounded." He glanced back at Wuya. The demon-binding formation that had imprisoned it had been broken through by Qi Meng Sheng's spiritual pressure, but Wuya had also been frozen into ice in that instant.

The two of them had just retreated into the Ice Palace when the cold ice wrapped around them. Separated by the boundary, everyone could hear the ghastly sound of crunching and creaking.

The two men at the peak of the immortal cultivation world were already at war on the Fengming Lake. The immense spiritual pressure wrapped in the ruthless cold swept through heaven and earth. Those Cangyu Sect cultivators who couldn't escape in time were turned into hastily fleeing ice sculptures on the snowy shoals, their faces were forever frozen with the fear of a near-death moment.

Xie Bi An and Fan Wu She stood in front of the door, looking at the countless Cangyu Sect disciples who had gathered around them, and the scene was silent.

"What are you still standing there for." A middle-aged woman with an extraordinary presence stepped out from the crowd, "The Sect Leader has orders to take down the two Impermanence Immortals."

"Elder Chen, but ..." The female cultivator, who was on duty last night was clearly not of low status among the juniors, was hesitant.

"But what?"

"Both Flying Plume Ambassador and Senior Brother are in the Spirit Palace. Fengming Lake is frozen, their lives and deaths are uncertain and Sect Leader Master became..."

"Sect Leader has her own plans. You take a few people to go to the Spirit Palace to find Flying Plume Ambassador and them."

"... Yes." Elder Chen looked at the two: "Two Impermanence Immortal, excuse me."

Xie Bi An said sternly, "Qi Meng Sheng has gone off the rails and even killed her own disciples, do you still want to take the side of the evildoer and be an enemy of the entire immortal cultivation world?"

"If Sect Leader's Ice crystal Body is accomplished, what does a mere immortal cultivation world count for?" The elder sneered, "You people from the Central Plains have always looked down on the people beyond the Pass, calling us barbarians and demonic cultivators, but we are the descendants of the Heavenly Ones, the guardians of Shen Nong Ding and the forebears of Jiuzhou Continent. Now we shall return to our origin!" With an ice-crystal longbow in her hand, she ordered, "Take them down!"

Without hesitation, Fan Wu She waved a harsh sword qi, temporarily forcing the crowd back, and ran towards the ice palace with Xie Bi An.

There were countless arrows and ice spells chasing after them. The ice palace was so large that they got lost very quickly when fighting, retreating and hiding. They had no choice but to hide under the bed in one room.

From time to time, footsteps rushed past outside the door.

"Wu She, I'm so worried about Master and Brother Lan." Xie Bi An said quietly.

"Aren't you worried about us?" Fan Wu She leaned next to Xie Bi An's shoulder, his gaze somewhat vacant. He remembered how he and his siblings had played hide-and-seek when they were little. He knew that his big brother knew that he liked to hide under the bed. He just hoped that his big brother would find him sooner and hide here with him to talk about confidences.

A small world, only with each other. Fan Wu She knew it wasn't the right time, but he still indulged in fantasy. "Also worried." Xie Bi An sighed, "If the Qingfeng Sword can open the Mount Tai boundary, then Wuqiongbi and Bieyanghong should also be able to."

Fan Wu She paused, "You said you might have been an emperor in one life, perhaps your three lives are recorded on the Golden Trunk Jade Policy."

Xie Bi An froze, "I had forgotten that it was possible." "Do you want to see it then?"

"Don't want to see it? Scared?"

"And where does 'scared' begin? I just ... like I said before, I don't think one should dwell on the past." Xie Bi An thought of the visions on the Eight Trigrams Platform, thought of many dreams of his past life. Even though he didn't want to admit it, he did in fact have some fear. He was afraid of seeing a story on the Golden Trunk Jade Policy that he couldn't let go of. He was afraid of seeing his love-hate relationship with a man. He was afraid that if he looked, he would be bound to this life with the shackles of his past life. He is curious, but he wants to suppress this curiosity, because he doesn’t want to add to his troubles.

But he was also worried that he would keep dreaming of his past life. He feared that it was an obsession that could not be dispelled even by reincarnation that was forcing him to confront something.

Fan Wu She pondered for a moment, "If you don't want to know, then don't think about it."

"Hmm. But why does Qi Meng Sheng want to find the reincarnation of the human emperor? There are plenty of people who have been emperors. What she is referring to, is Song Zi Heng, right?"

"It must be." "Even if they have a grudge against each other, Song Zi Heng has been dead for a hundred years. What kind of grudge could not even let go of a person who had reincarnated and reborn?" Xie Bi An shook his head, "An obsession too deep will harm others and oneself ah."

Fan Wu She thought to himself that Qi Meng Sheng was looking for Song Zi Heng, most likely because of his imperial destiny. Throughout the ages, many emperors have been reincarnated, but very few celestial beings, who have been reincarnated to experience calamity, has an imperial destiny. Some have died young and demised, some have been usurped. Most of them have imperial luck but not imperial destiny. In turn, many of those with imperial destinies are mortals who will never form a core in their lifetime. A golden core like Song Zi Heng, who combines both imperial destiny and supreme talent, can practice the world's most powerful immortal elixir --- the Absolute Human Emperor. If Qi Meng Sheng wants to completely shed her sickly and aged body and reshape her flesh with ice crystals, only the Absolute Human Emperor can help her. If she really has her way, she would be no less of a threat than she was a century ago.

The image of Song Zi Heng falling in a pool of blood appeared before Fan Wu She's eyes. It was the Absolute Human Emperor who had driven him to the end of the road.

The body of the man in his arms was gradually losing warmth. The lax pupils, and the blood that painted the entire earth scarlet were still vivid in his mind after a hundred years.

Neither his overflowing hatred nor his infinite strength could clench the life that was flowing away in his arms, nor could they stop the one he loved most from leaving him without hesitation.

He saw a long-lost gentle smile on his big brother's face, yet said the cruellest last words, "Xiao Jiu, in the next life and afterlife, forever and eternally, let’s not meet again.”

Love or hate, there will be no more Song Zi Heng in the world. How can there be no more Song Zi Heng in the world?! So he tore apart the Fengdu barrier in a vain attempt to change his fate against the heavens. He wanted to tell his big brother himself, "I don't want your core, I just want you."

In the end, he was defeated and sent to the Infernal Hell. A hundred years in hell is not as bitter as longing for him.
Fan Wu She was so caught up in his sorrow that he almost neglected the outside world.

"Junior brother, what's wrong with you, junior brother?" Xie Bi An called out softly in an anxious voice.

As if woken up from a dream, Fan Wu She looked at the concerned face in front of him and could not restrain himself from embracing the person into his arms.

Xie Bi An was stunned, remembering that not long ago, Fan Wu She had just confessed his love to him. This sudden embrace made him feel helpless: "You, you ..."

"It's so cold." Fan Wu She gently sniffled, "It's really cold." Without you, it's so cold in the mortal realm and hell.

Xie Bi An said hesitantly, "It is cold, but you'll make a commotion like this."

"Then let's do it quietly." Fan Wu She whispered, "I'll quietly hug senior brother."

Xie Bi An felt fooled for a moment: "Let go of me."

But Fan Wu She refused to let go, "But it's too cold, my hands and feet are freezing until numb."

"Can't you use your spiritual power to keep warm!" "We don't know when we'll get out of danger yet, so how can we waste our spiritual energy." Fan Wu She got insatiable and buried his face into Xie Bi An's neck, "I feel warm just hugging senior brother, doesn't senior brother feel warm?"

"Yes ... it's a bit warmer." "Then let's hug like this, okay?"
Xie Bi An breathed out helplessly, "Do you know where this place is and what the situation is now? We are being chased, and we don't know if master and big brother Lan can stop Qi Meng Sheng or not."

"I know, that doesn't stop me from wanting to hug you." "You let go of me!"
"Shh, lower your voice, someone's coming."

Xie Bi An was still trying to push him when he heard the sound of footsteps approaching. There’s really a pursuer coming. , the door to the room where they were hiding was pushed open.

The two men crawled out from under the bed, forced back their pursuers with a few sword moves, and ran out.

"They're here! Someone come quickly!"

The two men were once again fleeing in disarray around the large ice palace like headless flies when they suddenly spotted an underground entrance. Without giving it much thought, they ran down.

Only to hear someone from the Cangyu Sect shouting behind them, "No good, they're going to the Spirit Palace."

This was indeed the way to the Spirit Palace.

Fan Wu She suddenly took out his Bieyanghong and threw his chain scythe overhead, cutting down all the beams and other objects, temporarily blocking the underground entrance.

The two followed this pathway and kept running forward. Apparently, the deeper they went, the colder it became. That type of cold was as if it could get into their bones. Suddenly, a hole in the ice appeared in front of them. There should have been a door at the entrance of the hole. After it was frozen into ice and destroyed by an external force, it was shattered to the ground. It must be that female cultivator who led the people in search of Flying Plume Ambassador and Yun Zhong Jun. Legend has it that the path that leads to the Spirit Palace from the Ice Palace can only be entered by those who have the permission from the Sect Leader. After all, this is the cave of the Cangyu Sect. If the door had not been destroyed, they might not have been able to enter.

The ice cave stretched inwards in long and endless tunnels. They don't know what it was like here when the Fengming Lake was not frozen over, but at this point, it seemed like they were about to walk into the innards of an iceberg.

Xie Bi An looked behind him: "The people from the Cangyu Sect will soon catch up. Since it's dangerous to go forward and backwards, we might as well go forward.

Fan Wu She nodded, "I also want to go in and take a look. I always feel that the man I saw at the bottom of Fengming Lake that night was a big deal. Now Qi Meng Sheng wants to use the ice crystal to reshape her flesh, where the man and Seven Star Lamp had gone, we should go in and find out."
The two of them walked into the tunnel and cautiously explored ahead. According to what Fan Wu She saw, and the rumours about the Spirit
Palace from the outside world, the Spirit Palace was not very big. It’s just a small palace built with ice crystals dedicated for the high-ranking cultivators of the Cangyu Sect to cultivate and seclude. At this moment, the Spirit Palace was dark, and occasionally trembled from the spiritual pressure released by the battle on the lake. The fire torch could only shine to a limited range. Xie Bi An scouted the way while voicing the question in his mind, "Master and Brother Lan came to see Qi Meng Sheng, there were more than 4 hours in between, what exactly happened? The two of them were able to escape from the bottom of the lake, then why didn't Yun Zhong Jun escape?"

"I don't believe Yun Zhong Jun would be trapped at the bottom of the lake either."

"Could it be ..." the light of the fire flashed, and a frightened human face suddenly appeared in front of him, in total darkness as if suspended in mid- air. It was so frightening that Xie Bi An almost screamed out. He took two steps back and slipped, almost falling backwards.

Fan Wu She hugged him, but his foot still hit something hard. There was a bang, followed by a loud cracking sound.

The two of them took a closer look by borrowing the light of the fire and saw that it was actually a frozen ice sculpture of a living person, just like the Cangyu Sect’s disciples on Fengming Lake at that moment, which had fallen to pieces with just a light touch.

Fan Wu She carefully identified the face, "This is one of the female cultivators who was just sent down by that elder to find someone."

Xie Bi An's expression was extremely unsightly as he gritted his teeth and said, "Qi Meng Sheng is now killing her own disciples, can she still be supported even if she really gets the Ice crystal body by doing this?"

Fan Wu She said in a deep voice, "Fear can be exchanged for support."

Xie Bi An said silently, "Lady, if I can escape alive, I will personally guide your human soul to the underworld and help you find a good family in the next life."

"Then you have a lot to guide." Fan Wu She burned a fire talisman, illuminating the whole place. The seven to eight people who had just been sent to find the Flying Plume Ambassador and Yun Zhong Jun had all died here.

"Their cultivation level should not be low. There is no sign of a fight at the scene. They were actually all frozen ..."

Xie Bi An held Wuqiongbi up to his chest, "Wu She, stand behind senior brother."

Fan Wu She moved over and almost pressed his chest against Xie Bi An's back: "Senior brother is really nice."

Xie Bi An's scalp tingled for a moment: "Let's go." He hurriedly took two quick steps to shake off Fan Wu She.

When they reached the depths of the Spirit Palace, they finally saw that there were large traces of destruction here, obviously a violent fight had taken place, and there was oddly shaped ice everywhere. It was imaginable that this place might have once been the interior of the Spirit Palace, but it had been damaged and the lake water had backed up and frozen into ice.

"Brother, there seems to be light ahead."

Alerted, the two men followed the bit of light forward. The closer they got, the more they realised that it was not a mass of light, but seven points of light of equal brightness.

The Seven Star Life-Sustaining Lamp!

A huge block of ice appeared in front of them. Judging by the neat shape of the ice block, it would be quite appropriate to call it an ice coffin, because a man was sealed inside this ice coffin.

A young, handsome man, his eyes closed peacefully as if he was asleep, and together with him, sealed in the ice, was the Seven Star Life-Sustaining Lamp, which was burning slowly.

"Is he the man you saw?" Xie Bi An was so shocked by the scene before him that he couldn't close his mouth. Fan Wu She's heart was filled with doubts, "I couldn't see his face that night because of the distance, but it should be him." He had a vague feeling that this man looked familiar, but he couldn't remember who it was. He actually had a very good memory, so if he couldn't remember, it was most likely not someone he had met recently, but ...

"Why would Qi Meng Sheng seal a young man in ice?" Xie Bi An gently touched the ice coffin, "No, it's not just ice. There are ice crystals inside. He's only sleeping temporarily."

"Of course he's not dead, otherwise why would this Seven Star Lamp be set up?" Fan Wu She murmured, "Who is he really?" Have I seen him before a hundred years ago, or else why would he look familiar.

As the two of them were at a loss, a wave of extreme cold came like a flying arrow, killing intent arrived before the sharp edge arrived.

"Wu She!" Xie Bi An shielded Fan Wu She, Wuqiongbi flashed with a green glow, shielding the two of them behind the boundary.

The cold air mixed with the spiritual pressure poured in. In the blink of an eye, the entire space was coated with another layer of thick frost. The Cangyu Sect cultivators outside who was frozen quickly must have been hit by this move.

That cold air swirled around the room repeatedly, forcing the two of them into a corner with one breath. The boundary formed by Wuqiongbi repeatedly withstand the attack, but temporarily can’t cope with Xie Bi An.

When the cold air dissipated, Xie Bi An heaved a sigh of relief and realised that Fan Wu She had his arms around his waist and his chest was glued to his back in an intimate position.

Xie Bi An immediately struggled, "Why are you holding me?" "You’re warm." Fan Wu She added, "I want to hug." "What are you doing in a life-and-death situation!" Xie Bi An was so angry and anxious that his face turned red.

Fan Wu She reluctantly let go of his hand and said innocently, "I'm really cold. Senior brother is the only one who is hot. I just want to get warm. In a life and death situation, senior brother is still so calculating."


"Senior brother won't be angry right?"
"I'm not angry." Xie Bi An was about to die of anger at Fan Wu She. "That's good." Fan Wu She immediately changed to a serious face,
"Senior brother, Qi Meng Sheng must be unable to attend to other things at the same time. The one who attacked us just now was either the Flying Plume Ambassador or Yun Zhong Jun. I have a way to lure him out."

"What way?"

"Smash that ice coffin."

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[封禅]---I dunno the proper

translation for this. The meaning: ancient emperor went to Mount Tai to worship

the heaven or to pay homage to Heaven at Mount Tai

Chapter 96

In his hands, Ting Mo released a sharp sword arc and slashed at the ice coffin.

The ice coffin was surrounded by a boundary set by the ice crystal, and these few swords only added a few scratches.

"The boundary set by Qi Meng Sheng is not easy to break ah." Fan Wu She snorted coldly, "Let's see how long it can last." He poured his spiritual energy into Ting Mo, and Xie Bi An also took out his sword at the same time.

Even though they were still young, they were already at a high level of cultivation that most people would never reach in their lifetime. Even the strongest boundary could not withstand the continuous onslaught, and cracks appeared on the ice coffin.

A fine cracking sound filled their ears and they jumped backwards keenly.

Several ice arrows brushed past them and landed where they had been standing.

"Come out! What's the point of hiding." Xie Bi An called out.

Two silhouettes stepped out of the darkness. They were none other than the Flying Plume Ambassadors of the Cangyu Sect that they had seen at Luojinwu - Yun Xiang Yi and Hua Xiang Rong. They held longbows and were valiant and heroic. Although their faces were delicate, people dare not underestimate them.

Xie Bi An was startled, not knowing where the two women had come from. If they had been in this room all along, they could not have failed to notice.

Fan Wu She whispered, "This is the Cangyu Sect's cold ice spell. They can travel through condensed ice, must be careful."

Xie Bi An took a deep breath. He had always heard that the Cangyu Sect's spells were very demonic, how dare he not be careful? However, how did junior brother know that? Junior brother seemed to know a lot of things he didn't know ...

"How dare you run to the Spirit Palace. Two Impermanence Immortals are throwing yourselves into the net." Yun Xiang Yi looked at them indifferently.

"ly, we thought that it was your impulsive and rash actions, but it turns out that it was all directed by Qi Meng Sheng." Xie Bi An said angrily, "For your own selfish reasons, you stole the most precious treasure of the Chunyang Sect, killed Immortal Lord Xu, and now you want to harm even more people, even your own fellow disciples!"

Yun Xiang Yi was dissatisfied, "There is a reason for what Master has done. Once the Ice crystal Body is accomplished, Master will lead the Cangyu Sect to reach the top of Jiuzhou. Those small sacrifices on the way to the peak, what does it count?"

"This is simply insane!" Xie Bi An gritted his teeth and said, "Aren't you guys afraid of karma?"

"Why care so much about the future things after death?" Hua Xiang Rong said arrogantly, "But you guys, as generals of the underworld, have often interfered in mortal realm affairs, and you guys also created karma. Some people only have a limited life span, and you can care about that?" "If you want to harm people, we will have to care about it." Xie Bi An pointed his sword at the two women, "Who is the person sealed in this ice?"

There was a hint of an oddity in their expressions, and Yun Xiang Yi said, "It has nothing to do with you."

"What about Yun Zhong Jun?" "Also none of your business."
"Senior brother, there is no need to talk nonsense to them." At that time in Luojinwu, Xie Bi An had even complimented them on their beauty, and Fan Wu She had secretly held a grudge in his heart, so once Ting Mo was out, he went straight for the vital parts.

The two women bent their bows at the same time, and three ice arrows emerged from their fingers, leaving their strings as fast as lightning.

Xie Bi An's sword knocked away the ice arrows and he darted towards Hua Xiang Rong.

The archers could not meet the swordsmen head-on, but they were so agile and nimble that they flew around the Spirit Palace like they were walking on flat ground, dodging the long swords and attacking at the same time, closing more and more distance between them. But the two, seemingly scattered, were able to use their familiarity with the terrain to gradually spread out a two-man formation in the darkness, forming a handful of each other. They moved in arcs left and right, actually drawing a circle with their bodies, while shooting arrows at fixed points of the formation, and for a while arrows rained down, alternating like a weave, and a circle was clear. But when they were almost against the ice, not only did he get a good look at the man's face and figure, he could also vaguely see what appeared to be a scar on his waist and stomach, hidden by his underpants. His heart stirred and blurted out, "A Chunyang Sect cultivator."

"What?" Xie Bi An also looked back, "You say this man is a Chunyang Sect cultivator? How do you know?" "His figure is typical of a high ranking Chunyang Sect cultivator. Do you remember, back at Diancang Peak, when Elder Zhao Wen examined Song Ming He’s corpse, he said that the bones of a Chunyang Sect cultivator would be different from the normal people in several ways, and ..."

Before the words left his mouth, an ice spike suddenly grew out from the ice coffin and penetrated Fan Wu She's lower ribs with a plop.

"Wu She!" Xie Bi An slashed the ice spike with his sword and grabbed Fan Wu She away from the ice coffin.

The two women once again dragged the ice coffin back.

Fan Wu She quickly sealed his acupuncture points as he endured the severe pain and said soothingly, "It's alright, it didn't hurt anything vital."

Xie Bi An put a blood-stopping talisman on him, anxiously checked his injuries and said with upset, "An ice coffin is also ice, I was so stupid to hide behind it!"

"I don't blame you, we were all careless."

Xie Bi An gritted his teeth and said, "Why are you always injured when you're with me."

"It's the enemy's fault that I'm injured, it's not your fault." Fan Wu She took a deep breath and used his spiritual energy to adjust and heal his injuries. He didn't want to always get hurt in front of Xie Bi An, seemingly too useless. In his previous life, he had called the shots and trampled the entire immortal cultivation world under his feet, even almost unifying the mortal and ghost realms, but now two little girls could hurt him, it was really fucking sullen.

Xie Bi An carefully removed Fan Wu She's clothes: "It's a bit cold, bear with it." He infused his spiritual energy into Fan Wu She's body to warm him up. Fan Wu She's face was pale and white, not knowing whether it was because of the loss of blood or the cold.

Xie Bi An carefully stopped the bleeding, applied medicine and wrapped several loops of white gauze around his waist before carefully putting his clothes back on.

Fan Wu She said in a trembling voice, "Senior brother, I'm so cold."

Xie Bi An touched his head dearly and wrapped his arms around him, "Bear with it. When your wound stops bleeding, we'll find a way to leave."

Fan Wu She leaned into his arms reassuringly. He originally had some thoughts of dally, but this embrace was too warm and tender. He did not want to ruin the atmosphere in front of him for a while.

"Wu She, you just said that the person in the ice coffin was a high- ranking cultivator of the Chunyang Sect?"


"Are you sure?" "Positive, I saw his body."
"Who is this man and why did Qi Meng Sheng do this?" Xie Bi An only felt that he couldn't get a clue.

"I have a suspicion about his identity." When Fan Wu She saw the scar on the man's waist, his mind was almost able to determine that, even though he could not fully recall the man's appearance, since the face gave him a sense of familiarity, they must have crossed paths.

"Really? Who?"

"I saw a scar on his waist, mostly hidden by his underpants, and I just got close enough to notice it."

"A scar?" "Mm, it was at the dantian area."

"The Golden core?!" Xie Bi An said in surprise, "You mean he's been gutted of his core!"


"Chunyang Sect, high ranking cultivator, gutted of his core..."
This story was not new to them. They had just heard it not long ago. "According to Xu Zhi Nan and Zhao Wen, the only high-ranking
cultivator of the Chunyang Sect who had his core stolen in this century was Cheng Yan Zhi, Xu Zhi Nan's junior brother."

"But Xu Zhi Nan said that his junior brother was cremated by his own hands."

"What if he lied?" Fan Wu She narrowed his eyes. Originally he could not possibly think in this direction, but when the man in the ice coffin appeared in front of him, if this man was Cheng Yan Zhi, with reversed inferencing, many things would make sense. In fact, Cheng Yan Zhi's death had once struck him as strange. As long as a high-ranking cultivator of the Chunyang Sect did not die immediately, with the strong physical body he had forged plus the healing power of his fellow disciples, there was a great possibility that he would survive. But at least two or three months had passed from the time Cheng Yan Zhi was injured to the time he heard of his death.

But he didn't think much about it at that time. After all, he didn't care one bit about Cheng Yan Zhi's death or survival.

Now it seems that if that man was Cheng Yan Zhi, and Xu Zhi Nan had been using the Seven Star Life-Sustaining Lamp to hang on to his life, it would explain why Xu Zhi Nan, a man who valued friendship, would not save Qi Meng Sheng from death. Of course, it is also possible that Xu Zhi Nan saw through Qi Meng Sheng's true colours long ago, but unfortunately he was unable to protect himself and still let Qi Meng Sheng had her way. However, there is still one major doubtful point.

Xie Bi An asked about this doubtful point: "Even if he had lied, why would Cheng Yan Zhi appear here?"

The journey from Jingzhou to Kunlun was more than a thousand miles, not to mention a living dead person hanging on by the Seven Star Life- Sustaining Lamp, even a living person might not be able to reach halfway for various reasons.

Fan Wu She thought of one possibility - Gong Shu Ju. But he couldn't tell Xie Bi An. Base on his current identity, he shouldn’t know so much, so he could only shake his head.

"It's too bizarre, this whole thing." Xie Bi An said blankly, "If that man is really Cheng Yan Zhi, then these hundred years ... he had been trapped in the Seven Star Lamp all along?"

"Maybe he's not Cheng Yan Zhi, but other than Cheng Yan Zhi, I can't think of any other possibility.”

Xie Bi An shook his head, “Wu She, these Immortal Lords who have lived from the era of Emperor Song to the present who have reached the top of the Immortal Cultivation Realm, each one of them has so many secrets."


"Moreover, I always feel that their secrets are more or less related to Emperor Kong Hua."

"..." Fan Wu She’s state of mind became sluggish.

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Chapter 97

"Say, what exactly did Xu Zhi Nan say to Master at that time? Perhaps Master had already known that Qi Meng Sheng had a plot. Looking at Qi Meng Sheng's actions today, it doesn't look like it was planned, most likely she was confronted and exposed by Master and suddenly decided to lash out."

"Or, it has something to do with the fact that I intruded the bottom of the lake and saw the man. In order to hide the man, Qi Meng Sheng brought him into the Spirit Palace, and had her Flying Plume Ambassadors guard the ice coffin, killing and silencing even the Cangyu Sect disciples." Fan Wu She frowned, "If that man was Cheng Yan Zhi, I really can't figure out why Qi Meng Sheng did that."

"Or maybe ..." Xie Bi An pondered, "it wasn't Xu Zhi Nan who had an affair with Qi Meng Sheng, but Cheng Yan Zhi?"

Fan Wu She knew that it was impossible, because when Qi Meng Sheng saw Cheng Yan Zhi, Cheng Yan Zhi was already on the brink of death. The only person who cared about Cheng Yan Zhi's life was Xu Zhi Nan. Given Xu Zhi Nan's grief and self-blame at the time, it made sense for him to use the Seven Star Life-Sustaining Lamp to hang Cheng Yan Zhi's life. Perhaps Qi Meng Sheng did it all for Xu Zhi Nan's sake? What exactly is going on between the two? When Xu Zhi Nan was able to persuade Qi Meng Sheng to submit to himself, he should have been able to tell what was going on between the two of them.

Unfortunately, he could not tell Xie Bi An about this and said, "It's not impossible." "If that is the case, then Qi Meng Sheng has a deep sense of love ah." Xie Bi An suddenly felt deeply moved, "A hundred years of time have not diminished her love for him, is there really such love in the world?"

Fan Wu She felt a burning pain in his wound again. He said softly, "Really? Is this counted as deep sense of love?"

"Of course." Xie Bi An said, “To be devoted to one person for the rest of one's life, even if the other person dies, the infatuation doesn’t change. It is a deep love that can only be heard once in a lifetime.”

"... What if someone treated you like that?"

Xie Bi An said without hesitation, "If someone treats me like this, I will return double and follow them in life and death."

Fan Wu She took a deep breath and his voice trembled lightly, "This is what you said, don't regret it."

"Regret what?" Xie Bi An said in confusion.

Fan Wu She turned his head to look at Xie Bi An, his bright eyes flashing with an obsession that spanned a hundred years: "This is how I treated you."

Xie Bi An froze. The deep meaning in Fan Wu She’s eyes made him secretly startled, but he quickly came back to his senses and teased, "Senior brother used to only think you were aggressive, but I never thought you could also say nice words."

"Do you think I'm just talking only?" Fan Wu She solemnly said, "Because of you, I don't drink Meng Po soup. Because of you, a hundred years of time will not diminish the depth of my love." Because of you, falling into the underworld, hell and mortal realm, I will follow you in life and death.

Yet you don't remember anything.

Xie Bi An was a little hot in the face and muttered, "Of course you're just talking about it, don’t tell me you've done it." "For what reason do you disbelieve me." Fan Wu She suddenly became angry, and when he got agitated, he would pull his wound, causing his body to curl up and his face to scrunch up in pain.

"Alright, alright, senior brother believes you, what are you getting agitated about." Xie Bi An scolded, "No more moving around."

Fan Wu She eased over the sharp pain, but he still felt suffocated in his heart.

Xie Bi An asked worriedly, "Does it still hurt?" "Yes."
"I have a pill here that will ease it a little, you ..."

"I won't eat it." Fan Wu She stared slyly at Xie Bi An and said boldly, "Can I kiss you?"

Xie Bi An's stunned expression even had a few comical moments. "Let me give you a kiss, it will work better than any kind of pill."
Xie Bi An was so angry that he gritted his teeth, "You, aren’t you acting shamelessly!"

"So what if I am." Fan Wu She was shamelessly open and honest.

Xie Bi An's face turned blue and red for a long time before he could say, "Didn’t you kiss me before." After saying that, he regretted it. Why was he still bargaining?

"That doesn't count." "Why doesn't it count!"
"That one before was to let you know I like you, this one now is for me to stop the pain." Faced with Fan Wu She spouting nonsense with a serious manner, Xie Bi An actually became bewildered.

"Just promise me, senior brother." Fan Wu She begged in a small voice, even shaking Xie Bi An's arm.

"Nonsense! How can there be someone like you, simply ridiculous!"

Fan Wu She flattened his mouth, "Senior brother will not lose a piece of flesh if you let me kiss you, but I would have lost a good chunk of flesh."

"Is that the same thing!" Xie Bi An shouted.

"How is it not the same thing when you let me kiss such that I don't hurt as much?" Fan Wu She ripped open his sash, "I've lost so much blood ..."

As if throw caution to the wind, Xie Bi An said: “Okay okay, you can kiss me if you want, stop being pesky!"

Fan Wu She got his way and smiled. He gently cupped Xie Bi An's narrow jaw, his eyes fell on the pale pink lips, and said ambiguously, "Senior brother promised me."


"Senior brother has promised, so you can't go back on your promise." Fan Wu She's voice became deep, "I'm going to kiss you, you agreed to it, only I can kiss you."

"You ... Mm ..."

Fan Wu She blocked Xie Bi An's lips hard. He was like a beast seizing its prey, his eye expression changed instantly and he took the soft lips in his mouth, sucking and biting them. Taking advantage of Xie Bi An's shock, his tongue drove straight in, provoking the evasive tongue and sweeping the hot, wet mouth.

This kind of rough kiss, which seemed to swallow him up, instantly reminded Xie Bi An of how he had been kissed to the point of fainting in that dream. Such intensity, such dominance, such taste, were exactly the same as the man who had forced himself on him in that dream!

Xie Bi An tried to push Fan Wu She away in panic, but when he reached out, he felt a handful of warm blood. A painful grunt went straight from the two of them connecting their lips and stirring their tongues to his head, and he retracted his hand quickly.

Pain was pain, but Fan Wu She did not restrain himself, and even became intensified by lying on top of Xie Bi An, pressing his wrists to the ground with one hand, ferociously looting every breath from his mouth, and rubbing his legs intentionally or otherwise.

Xie Bi An only felt that the sky was spinning, and a wave of heat rushed through his body and straight to his brain. He didn't know what was happening to his body. His limbs went limp unconsciously, allowing Fan Wu She to take what he wanted.

A man who is extremely hungry cannot eat gracefully. Fan Wu She, with his familiarity with the body in his arms, teased and enticed him with everything he had, and in just one long kiss he made Xie Bi An docile. But even so, he was already doing his best to restrain the tyranny and greed in his body. He was afraid of scaring Xie Bi An. He could not play with this person with absolutely unrestraint as in his previous life.

When Fan Wu She had finished his meal, Xie Bi An was already limp on the ground. His face flushed, his eyes laxed, his slightly swollen lips from the kiss were slightly opening and closing, panting heavily.

He brushed his fingers across those hot lips, and countless dirty thoughts came to his mind. He said in a hoarse voice, "Senior brother's taste is so good."

Xie Bi An came back to his senses and looked at Fan Wu She as if he was looking at a stranger, and was shocked and blushing: "You, who did you learn that from." "I've been wandering around since I was a child, I've seen everything." Fan Wu She gave a wicked smile, "Just tell me, Senior brother, do you feel good?"

Xie Bi An was greatly embarrassed. He tried to get up, but Fan Wu She sat on him in a kneeling position. Xie Bi An said angrily, "How can your injuries heal if you are like this."

"I’m like what?" "..."
"Senior brother, do you feel good?" Fan Wu She caressed Xie Bi An's cheek frivolously, "Did those picture books you read teached you something so comfortable?"

Xie Bi An was so ashamed that he was dying to burrow into the ice, "You, you don't get ahead of yourself."

"So what if I do?" Fan Wu She pressed against Xie Bi An's ear, "There is something even more comfortable, does senior brother like to try it?"

"You shut up!"

"Those books senior brother looked at, you can only self-relief yourself at most, and can only quench your thirst with illusions." Fan Wu She said with a low laugh, "Don't you really want to try the things that were drawn on them?"

Xie Bi An pushed his shoulder helplessly, shamefaced, "That, that’s all for men and women. I really don't understand why you have to like a big man like me."

"No one is as good as senior brother." Fan Wu She took Xie Bi An's hand, "Be my man, senior brother. You and I spend a lot of time together, we're in the same discipline, so isn’t it logical that we become a couple? We’ll be together, never be apart in our whole lifetime.” The words " whole lifetime" really tugged at Xie Bi An's heartstrings. Who can be indifferent to the promise of a lifetime? But he still felt that it was against the world and wrong to be like this with his junior brother.

"Does senior brother hate me?" "... No."
"Then hate me for kissing you?"

Xie Bi An turned his face away, "I, I don't know."

"Then it means you don't hate it." Fan Wu She turned his face back, "Since you don't hate it, then I can kiss you when I want to, right?"

"Nope ..."

Fan Wu She kissed Xie Bi An again.

Xie Bi An looked at him stiffly, and didn't know how to react at the moment.

Fan Wu She cupped Xie Bi An's face and kissed him again, his mouth full of entice: "It was you who agreed, I can kiss you if I want to, but no one else can, right?"

"I ..."

"Senior and junior brothers don't kiss on the mouth, but senior brother agreed to me kissing you, not only do you not hate it in your heart, you actually like me kissing you, that's why you agreed." Fan Wu She stared into Xie Bi An's eyes and emphasized his tone, "So, you're mine now."

"I, I'm not!" Xie Bi An was on the verge of tears from anxiousness. It was clearly Fan Wu She who begged him, how did it turn out that he "liked" him? What had he become?

Fan Wu She looked at Xie Bi An's inexplicable look. Just by bullying him with a few words already could not let him hold back anymore. He held back his laughter, lowered his head and rubbed his lips against Xie Bi An's, "Senior brother has to take responsibility and be my man." After saying that, he once again sucked Xie Bi An's lips, this time he was not in a hurry, rather he kissed intently with tenderness as if he could drown people.

Xie Bi An had never experienced this before, and was almost being fiddled by Fan Wu She in his hands. The doubts, hesitations and suspicions in his heart all melted away uncontrollably under that affectionate kiss.

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Chapter 98

Xie Bi An was dazed by the kiss, and when he was confronted with Fan Wu She's boldness, he vaguely felt that he had fallen into a trap, but did not know how to resist. When Fan Wu She hugged and kissed him, he could have easily pushed him away, but he did not do it. The flirtationship and intimacy he had never experienced before made his heart pound and his blood churn. Shame, freshness, curiosity, excitement, all intense feelings burst forth at this moment, breaking through the twenty years of construction of what he had known and comprehended.

Maybe ... maybe he did not hate. Does he really like it?

He had been gay in his previous life, so he was also one in this present life?

Last time he thought he was in no hurry to marry and have children just to hold on to his heart of Dao, could it be he was fooling himself? But he likes to look at pretty girls, and have never had strange thoughts about guys, so how did he become gay?

He now regretted going to Yunding. If he had not gone to Eight Trigrams Platform, he would not have been stimulated to see fragments of memories of his past life, and he would not have kept dreaming of his past life and his love-hate entanglement with a man, and would not even have wavered in front of his junior brother's advances.

But now it was too late to regret anything; he had lost his proper role as an elder brother and had even done these things with his own junior brother. Compared to Xie Bi An’s endless tumbling of emotions, Fan Wu She was extremely delighted. He licked his lips gluttonously, thinking of a plot on how he could eat this man up completely.

The flush on Xie Bi An's face barely receded as he kept infusing spiritual energy to Fan Wu She's wound, asking in a whisper, "Feeling better?"

"Much better." Fan Wu She grabbed Xie Bi An's hand and pressed it to his heart, his eyes staring at him unblinkingly. Seeing the flickering pupils from his slightly moist eyelashes, then the opening and closing nose and red swollen lips, and then his sharply defined jaw and lightly chiselled chin. On his entire face, only his eyes were round and gentle, his pupils black and large, like a deer in the woods when frightened, and because he always smiled in a clear and unconstrained manner, he made people have the desire to get close to him.

The Song Zi Xiao in the previous life had not only wanted to be close to this person since young, but also wanted to possess him.

Xie Bi An's heart shivered at the stare, "Don't look at me like that." "Why can't I look at my man."
"What time is it now, we still don't know how are Master and Brother Lan, and we're not out of coreger yet, so if you don't know how to differentiate the severity, I'll really get angry."

Fan Wu She reluctantly sat up straighter, "The bleeding has stopped, we can go now."

"Really?" Xie Bi An looked at his injury hesitantly. Using spiritual power and blood-stopping talisman to treat the wound doesn’t mean the condition of the injuries has improved. It was just a necessity during an emergency. Fortunately, the vital parts were not injured, otherwise Fan Wu She would not have had the strength to act shamelessly in front of him.

"It's alright, it's cold here, the bleeding will stop quickly." Xie Bi An assisted him to stand up: "If we retreat back, we have to face the people of the Cangyu Sect. They have many people and great force, we are probably no match for them. If we go forward ..." Going forward, means unknown. In a head-on encounter, the Flying Plume Ambassadors are certainly no match for them, but here they have the advantage of time and location, and no one knows what they will face ahead.

"We can only go forward." Fan Wu She covered the wound in his lower ribs and took a deep breath, "No matter how cunning those two demonic girls are, there are only two of them after all."

The two of them cautiously walked deeper into the Spirit Palace. The Spirit Palace was originally not large, but when Qi Meng Sheng manipulated the ice spirits and froze Fengming Lake, the Spirit Palace was damaged by the rapidly freezing lake water, which had now fused with the ice and was indistinguishable from each other, reshaping it into a larger and more complex ice cave. Separated by deep and thick ice, not even the light from the sky could reach the bottom of the lake. This is a world of darkness, cold, danger and despair.

"I can't figure it out." Xie Bi An said, "Nevermind the Seven Star Lamp, a living thing cannot be put into the Qiankun Pouch. How did they bring that ice coffin back to Fenglin Continent?"

Fan Wu She said with consideration, "I heard that the Cangyu Sect has a magical weapon, so I guess that magical weapon might have been used."

"What magical weapon can transport something that big and heavy and still not be discovered?" Xie Bi An said curiously.

"Gong Shu Ju."

Xie Bi An froze for a moment, seeming to remember something. "Have you heard of it?"
"Seems like ... I've heard of it somewhere." "It was back when the Song brothers were still royal sons. There was a group of core thieves called the Lion Alliance. Their leader was a traitor to the Cangyu Sect who killed his own master and took away the magical weapon, which was Gong Shu Ju."

"I remember now. That person seems to be surnamed Chen, and it was with him who colluded with the demon supreme’s biological father, Yan Shu, harming plenty of cultivators.”

Hearing the name Yan Shu, Fan Wu She's gaze sank.

"That Gong Shu Ju is said to be able to measure all things in the world, but the Cangyu Sect has never brought it out, and no one knows exactly how powerful it is?"

"Not only can Gong Shu Ju measure all things, but it can also shrink the ground, change the size and form of things, and even scale living things."

Xie Bi An said in astonishment, "Living things? That powerful? You mean, they brought that ice coffin back by shrinking it?"

"Well, if you think about it, they indeed have decent cultivation, but they are not so powerful that they can secretly break through Chunyang Sect boundary, sneak into Xu Zhi Nan’s chambers, release the Thunderfire Stone, steal the Seven Star Lamp and then escape, and Chunyang Sect almost went out in full force to hunt them down, but they were not caught."

"So that's how it is ..." Xie Bi An sighed, "Gong Shu Ju is not exactly a top-notch magical weapon, but it is a great use." He blinked, "Wu She, why do you know so much?"

"My former master told me."

Xie Bi An looked at Fan Wu She thoughtfully for a couple of moments, "That master of yours is really a descendant of the Song Clan."

"Since I am using the authentic Zongxuan Sword Technique, then he must be a descendant of the Song Clan." "At your age, yet you seem to know everything about the Emperor Song era, some of which even our master doesn't know. That master of yours, what did he teach you?"

Xie Bi An didn’t really

not suspect Fan Wu She's origins. Fan Wu She said he

had been abandoned as a child, fatherless, motherless and no one to depend on, and

was raised by that mysterious descendant of the Song clan from Mount Qingcheng.

In order to make a living, he worked odd jobs in wine shops, inns and music

venues. But there is a lot of suspicion about him. He has no marketplace spirit,

he is neither humble nor slick and sly, but rather arrogant and unrestrained,
as if he sees nothing worthwhile all around. He has knowledge of the qin, chess, calligraphy, painting, dance and music. He has a good knowledge

everything, perhaps even more than himself. His gestures, movements

consumption, none of them are not calm and elegant. He said that he has

worry about making a living, but that cultivation and sword skills, apart

his supreme natural talent, are more indispensable than his acquired kung fu. In short, Fan Wu She was like a young man who had been brought up in a privileged family, who does not need to worry about any trivial life, and who cultivated both literature and martial arts.

Xie Bi An was brought up by Zhong Kui, a carefree master, and Cui Jue taught him to read and write. He inherited both literature and martial arts from the best teachers, but his teachers were so busy that he had to take care of his master at an early age, and it was impossible for him to concentrate on his studies without distractions. He had seen how a son of a family like Lan Chui Han learned, who, in addition to his real master, had three martial arts teachers and three literary teachers who taught only one person and produced the most famous son in the world.

So how could one not be suspicious, when, according to Fan Wu She's claim of being less experienced than a child from an ordinary family, yet had a cultivation and learning far beyond his years?

However, Xie Bi An was reluctant to think badly of people by nature. He felt that if he could think of something, his master must have thought of it too. Master looked confused on the surface, but he has a clarity in his heart, and if he dares to accept someone as his disciple, he naturally need not suspect him. Perhaps Fan Wu She is hiding his origins because of the identity of his master on Mount Qingcheng, or perhaps because of some other difficulty.

Seeing Fan Wu She did not speak, Xie Bi An also didn’t plan to get to the bottom of it. He was only a little disappointed that Fan Wu She said he liked him, yet in fact he didn't fully trust him.

With one look, Fan Wu She saw through Xie Bi An’s thought. He didn't know if Xie Bi An was too innocent in this life or his own eyes worked really well after living two lifetimes. He thought this man was so foolish that he wrote everything he thought on his face. He took Xie Bi An's hand and interlocked his fingers: "Senior brother, now that you have begun to learn the Zongxuan Sword Technique and have had some results, you can be considered my master's outer disciple. I will take you back to Mount Qingcheng some day, and I will slowly tell you about the past, okay?" Xie Bi An’s heart felt warmed for a moment. He smiled slightly and said, "Okay." After a pause, he added, "You can trust me. In case one day Song Chun Gui goes to Mount Qingcheng to investigate your origins, I can also help you cover up. I can't let outsiders bully you."

Fan Wu She held onto Xie Bi An's hand and laughed lowly, "Senior brother is so good to me, I want to kiss you again."

"Shut up!"

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Chapter 99

Although the layer of ice at the bottom of the lake was very thick, after all, they themselves were translucent and could not completely block out the light, especially the seven long lights placed in the orientation of the Big Dipper. As long as they were not too far away, they will be visible in the dimness.

So, they soon found the ice coffin again.

This time, the Flying Plume Ambassadors had sealed the ice coffin behind a layer of ice. But the two of them had just been plotted against and dared not to go near it easily.

Xie Bi An looked around, "Flying Plume Ambassadors, I know you guys are nearby. This man cannot be hidden even if you want to, unless the Seven Star Lamp is put out, so why don't you come out and fight?"

"Do you know who this man is?" Fan Wu She said, "Qi Meng Sheng ordered you guys to keep this secret, but why? We have already guessed the identity of this man. If you cannot seal our mouths today, tomorrow, everything that happens in Fenglin Continent will be made known to the world."

A wave of spiritual pressure emanated from the ice around them, and Fan Wu She was alerted, "Be careful."

Ice spikes emerged viciously from all directions, including underneath their feet, and attacked the two of them with great speed. Both of them flipped up at the same time, their bodies twisting and turning in mid-air, their swords cutting off the ice spikes one by one, which crackled to the ground with a loud, crisp sound. Obviously, they are weapons, yet this sound was a bit sweet-sounding.

When they landed, Xie Bi An was steady and stable, while Fan Wu She was supported against the ice wall with one hand, his face even whiter.

"Wu She, are you all right?"

Fan Wu She shook his head, "Catch them alive." He took one step and scurried out.

The Flying Plume Ambassadors unleashed thier cold ice spell, and the spiritual pressure revealed their position in that instant.

Xie Bi An followed closely behind, attacking the secret place where they were hiding.

Ice arrows flew over, temporarily blocking them.

The two icy grey beautiful image of women fled to either side.

Xie Bi An chased after Hua Xiang Rong, who was close to him. With a wave of Hua Xiang Rong’s hand, a line of ice spikes came at him, and Xie Bi An swung his sword down.

The ice wall in front of her suddenly underwent a strange change, as if it had become as soft as satin in an instant, but it did not seem to be turning into water. Xie Bi An knew she wants to blend into the ice, immediately summoned his Wuqiongbi, and threw it with all his might towards that place.

Wuqiongbi plunged hard into the ice, and a green spell flashed.

Hua Xiang Rong stopped in her tracks and turned to flee in another direction, while the ice arrows shot at Xie Bi An without stopping. Her arrows were so ruthless and precise that Xie Bi An was tired from dodging and could not get close for a while. One ice arrow grazed Xie Bi An's cheek, causing him to break out in a cold sweat, as he could have been shot with a bloody cavity if he had been careless.

Hua Xiang Rong forced him back and tried to hide in the ice again.

As soon as Xie Bi An reached out, Wuqiongbi yanked itself out of the ice and shot towards Hua Xiang Rong, within inches from her, and stabbed into the ice wall again.

Hua Xiang Rong glared at Xie Bi An viciously. Xie Bi An took advantage of the opportunity to close in again, and Pei Xue slashed several sword arcs in the air.

Hua Xiang Rong dodged in a bit of a mess. The cultivators of the Cangyu Sect feared most from being close.

"Flying Plume Ambassador, don't force me to hurt you!" Xie Bi An shouted, and his long sword aimed at Hua Xiang Rong's vitals.

An ice spear appeared in Hua Xiang Rong's hand and blocked Xie Bi An's sword. She leapt behind Xie Bi An, who was prepared and blocked back. The two of them exchanged three moves, Hua Xiang Rong's arm was slashed by Pei Xue and her body was stagnant.

Xie Bi An finally cornered Hua Xiang Rong, and used Pei Xue to hold her by her throat.

Hua Xiang Rong glared at Xie Bi An, "You are worthy of being the disciple of Heaven Master Zhong, I have underestimated you."

" Flying Plume Ambassador also lives up to your name."

Hua Xiang Rong suddenly smiled coldly and Xie Bi An was startled when he heard a poof sound, followed by a sharp pain. The two sharp and thin ice spikes penetrated the sole of his feet at the same time.

Xie Bi An immediately fell and sat on the ground. The moment the ice spikes were ripped off, he let out a low roar of pain as he scraped his hips against the ground and stumbled backwards, leaving two long bloodstains on the ground.

"It's a pity you're still too young." Hua Xiang Rong said mockingly, bending her bow and pulling the string at the same time, and three ice arrows shot out in unison.

Xie Bi An could only roll on the ground, rolling several times before he could avoid the ice arrows. Both of his feet felt like they had been cut off at the same time, and the pain was so intense that they were numb.

He heard the sounds of fighting behind him getting more intense, and wondered how was Fan Wu She. Yun Xiang Yi's cultivation level was even higher than Hua Xiang Rong's, plus Fan Wu She was still injured. He wanted to end this fight quickly to help Fan Wu She, but he did not know that this demonic girl was so difficult to deal with, and he could not even protect himself now.

With a grit of his teeth, Xie Bi An recalled Wuqiongbi and locked his sharp gaze on Hua Xiang Rong, chanting an incantation.

Hua Xiang Rong felt the unusual spiritual pressure and took a half step back: "What are you trying to do?"

"I am not supposed to use Wuqiongbi on the living." Xie Bi An endured the pain and said in a deep voice, "You forced me to do it."

"Shameless boasting!"

Wuqiongbi erupted with green glow and flew towards Hua Xiang Rong. In a flash it transformed into several identical green jade weaponry, trapping Hua Xiang Rong in the formation.

Hua Xiang Rong tried to break out of the formation, but was blocked by Wuqiongbi. She tried several times, but could not escape. Wuqiongbi formed a barrier of spells between them, and the encirclement became smaller and smaller. Xie Bi An's forehead was covered in big beads of sweat. This was a new technique he had practised. He couldn't control it well yet, and it consumed a lot of spiritual energy. He couldn't last long, but if he couldn't take down Hua Xiang Rong soon, he would lose.

Hua Xiang Rong shouted angrily, and a misty white cold aura emanated from her palm, which attacked Wuqiongbi. Frost quickly crept up the barrier, attempting to freeze the entire formation.

Xie Bi An let out a low roar and poured more spiritual energy into it.

The two spiritual forces were desperately trying to suppress each other, both trying to eat away at the enemy. In the end, it was Xie Bi An who won by a bit, shattering the frost and causing the formation to shrink quickly, binding Hua Xiang Rong like a tight spell.

Hua Xiang Rong cried out in agony.

Wuqiongbi was not an ordinary magical weapon, but a soul weapon with the spirit of the Great Emperor Beiyin, used exclusively against spirits. When used on a living person, it could injure the other person's soul, which was extremely painful.

Attacking a living person with a soul weapon had already defied the principle of Xie Bi An. He withdrew the formation and tied her up with a bundle of ropes.

At that moment, a loud noise came from behind him. The spiritual pressure exploded, the whole Spirit Palace shook, and ice blocks of all sizes rained down from overhead. Xie Bi An had no choice but to use Wuqiongbi again to create a barrier so that the two of them will not be smashed and bruised badly.

Xie Bi An crouched on the ground, propped his forelimbs against the ground and bowed his body in an attempt to stand up, but the pain in his feet was so severe that he bit his lips until blood oozed out, before he dared to put his foot on the ground, but he still screamed out in pain as the weight of his body pressed down. With great difficulty he stood up, dragging Hua Xiang Rong with him. He walked towards Fan Wu She, one bloody footprint at a time, as if each step was on the tip of a knife.

It was frightening to see a huge, fathom-deep sword mark on a thick ice wall, as if it had been cut by the axe of Pan Gu*.

Two people, covered in blood, one standing and one lying.

Yun Xiang Yi fell to the ground with a bone-deep wound on her shoulder. Although Fan Wu She was standing, the blood had oozed into a puddle around his feet.

"Wu She!" "Elder Sister!"
Xie Bi An dropped Hua Xiang Rong and limped over, holding Fan Wu She’s shaky body and desperately channelling spiritual energy into him, "Wu She, you've lost so much blood." His voice was trembling badly.

Fan Wu She looked at Xie Bi An and said breathlessly, "You, you're injured." He looked at Xie Bi An's white boots, which were already soaked in blood, and this hurt him more than the injuries on his body.

Xie Bi An shook his head, so anxious that his eyes were red.

Yun Xiang Yi was Qi Meng Sheng’s eldest disciple. Her cultivation level was already approaching the Patriarch level. Even if the narrow space of the Spirit Palace restricted her slightly, her ability was still terrifying. How on earth did Fan Wu She narrowly win? The shocking sword marks on the ice wall, was he the one who struck them?

"What…kind of sword technique is this?” Yun Xiang Yi slowly rose from the ground as she gritted her teeth, "How did you ... get this kind of cultivation."

Xie Bi An held his sword against Hua Xiang Rong’s throat and said in a stern voice, "You guys have already lost, so tie your hands and wait to be captured*!" Like Yun Xiang Yi, he was shocked by Fan Wu She's cultivation. How could a youngster of only sixteen or seventeen years old have such appalling combat power? But he knew that Fan Wu She had also reached his limit and could not fight any longer.

"Let her go." Yun Xiang Yi gritted her teeth and said.

Fan Wu She said in a cold voice, "Hand that man and Gong Shu Ju over to us."

Both women were startled, and Hua Xiang Rong said in a cold voice, "How do you know about Gong Shu Ju?"

"Cut the crap and hand it over." Fan Wu She coughed twice, and blood escaped from the corner of his mouth again.

Hua Xiang Rong shouted, "Elder sister, leave me alone, you absolutely cannot give it to them."

Yun Xiang Yi narrowed her eyes and glared at Xie Bi An, "White Immortal, the person under your sword is a living person. As a general of the underworld, you understand that life and death have their own destiny, karma and retribution. You have already overstepped your authority by meddling in mortal realm affairs, and now you want to take away the life of a man?!"

Xie Bi An took a deep breath, and his hand trembled slightly as he held the sword.

He is an underworld general who specialized in harvesting human souls, and did not want to create karma on mortal realm. The book of life and death probably shows that Hua Xiang Rong may still have a long, long life ahead of her, and he cannot take it away easily. He had no intention to kill even Yun Xiang Yi did not say.

But being seen through this by Yun Xiang Yi would be detrimental to them. Fan Wu She snatched over Xie Bi An's sword, his gaze fierce and ruthless: "My senior brother is easily soft-hearted, and his character is indecisive, but I don't have many worries about this and that." With a flick of his wrist, a bloodstain was added to Hua Xiang Rong's neck. Xie Bi An's injury made him hate the two women so much that he wanted to chop them up, so he showed no mercy.

"Rong Rong!" Yun Xiang Yi's almond eyes were crimson.

Hua Xiang Rong gritted her teeth, "Elder sister, don't mind me, we can't fail our master's command."

Xie Pei An shouted, "Your Master, is only using you guys. She has already gone off the rails and became mad."

The tip of Pei Xue hovered in front of Hua Xiang Rong's eyes, and Fan Wu She said, "Hand over Gong Shu Ju and that man, or the next blow will be her eyes."

Xie Pei An held his breath and stared straight at Fan Wu She. He knew that what Fan Wu She said was true, but that was too cruel.

While hesitating, Fan Wu She had already raised his sword, and there was no trace of warmth on his face.

"Wait!" Yun Xiang Yi gritted her teeth and closed her eyes. She reached out her hand towards the ice coffin, and the ice began to twist and melt, and the ice coffin floated out of the ice.

"Elder sister ..." Hua Xiang Rong was filled with helpless remorse. "Gong Shu Ju."
Yun Xiang Yi threw another thing at them, and Xie Bi An catches the item mid-air, with an ancient, unimpressive ruler in his hand, which he hurriedly put into his Qiankun pouch.

Pei Xue fell from Fan Wu She's hands and his body collapsed into Xie Bi An's arms. Xie Bi An's feet could not support such a weight, and the two of them both fell to the ground, hugging him and sitting on the ground. Looking at the injuries on his body, his heart twisting in pain: "Wu She, with this magical weapon, we will be able to leave here soon. "

Fan Wu She nodded slightly, "Tie them up, let's take that man away."

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axe of Pan Gu*[盘古之斧]---is one of the top 10 ancient magical weapons, together with Shen Nong Ding, Eastern Emperor Bell etc. tie your hands and wait to be captured*[束⼿就擒]---give up

Chapter 100

Xie Bi An had limited exposure to magical weapons. In fact Zhong Kui had many powerful magical weapons. The reason why he only gave him a Soul-Suppressing Stick was so that he could focus on the sword cultivation and would not rely on other things easily at a young age. Zhong Kui believed that all magical weapons should return to the person himself.

So when Xie Bi An used Gong Shu Ju, he felt a little nervous, especially when he watched that huge ice coffin being shrank onto his hand, and even the living person inside turned into a doll in his palm. It’s rare to be shocked like this.

The two of them helped each other while walking for a while, and when they couldn't hold on any longer, they sat down to take a rest.

The path they walked was covered in blood, as if there was a bloodthirsty monster chasing after them.

Fan Wu She held Xie Bi An's ankle. His feet were no longer able to wear shoes, and the area that had just been bandaged had long been soaked with blood and frozen into ice under the extreme cold. Even with the spiritual protection, it was only better than nothing. These feet were as cold as ice. If they were not warmed up, they would become a waste. A ruthless look flashed in Fan Wu She's eyes, "I should have chopped off her hands and feet."

"You can't easily take away a person's life until it's absolutely necessary." Xie Bi An tried to retract his foot, "This is a minor injury, don't worry about it, your injury is much worse." But Fan Wu She held his foot in his arms, and he shook his head, "I won’t die."

Xie Bi An felt awkward, but Fan Wu She's body heat gave some sensation to his frozen foot. He searched through his Qiankun bag and finished all the pills he could take. The two of them had lost a lot of spiritual energy and it would take time to recover, so they wouldn't be able to leave here for a while.

Xie Bi An sighed in frustration.

Fan Wu She looked at him and smiled lightly, "You really love to cry." His face was bloodless, except for the warmth in his eyes, which was unique.

Xie Bi An subconsciously went to wipe the corners of his eyes, but found that he was not crying at all, so he said with some embarrassment, "What nonsense are you spouting, when did I cry?

"Your eyes are all red." Fan Wu She reached out and touched the red corners of his eyes, "You’re apt to be like this, as if someone has bullied you."

In his previous life, Song Zi Heng always showed such an expression too, with eyes so red as if he was about to cry at any moment, yet he refused to shed a single tear; he was indeed bullied, by himself. Sometimes when he was bullied so badly that he would lose control and actually cry out, and he himself, as if he had finally been rewarded for getting through the battle, or as if he had taken pity on the defeated general in front of the battle, would show his rare patience and tenderness and hug and coax him.

To be in control of his body, his emotions, his joys and sorrows, his desires, his dignity, to be in control of everything about this powerful and stubborn man, was more exciting to the matchless demon supreme as compared to sieging of a city.

Xie Bi An rubbed Fan Wu She's head: "A man's tears are not lightly shed.
How is senior brother a weak man?" "Even if senior brother cries, you are not a weak man." Fan Wu She blinked gently, "It's just that your heart ached for me, right?”

Xie Bi An snorted a smile.

That smile was so beautiful that Fan Wu She's heart began to stir again, so he kissed him on the cheek.

Xie Bi An was stunned and struggled for a while in his heart, but his feet were still in his arms and it’s not good to move, so he agreed tacitly.

Just like Fan Wu She said, agreeing tacitly that he could kiss himself anytime he wanted.

Fan Wu She hid his ecstasy in his heart and whispered, "I've kissed senior brother so many times, why doesn't senior brother kiss me."

Xie Bi An feigned anger and said, "You are already hurt like this, why are you still thinking about this in your head?"

"I thought that if senior brother likes me, you would want to kiss me." Fan Wu She said with disappointment, "Senior brother doesn't like me enough."

"... Alright, stop talking and let's infuse our strength to heal." Xie Bi An drew back his foot and straightened his body.

The two of them closed their eyes and adjusted their breath. There was an advantage to them being in the Spirit Palace, as it was extremely rich in spiritual energy and could quickly fill the vacancy in their spiritual energy.

After making the spiritual energy run through their bodies for one day each, both of them were slightly better.

Xie Bi An infused his own spiritual energy into Fan Wu She's body to heal the wounds he had sustained in the battle with Yun Xiang Yi. Looking at the bloodstains, Xie Bi An remembered the sword marks on the ice wall: "Wu She, that move you made just now, was that the seventh Chongtian of the Zongxuan Sword?" "Mm."

"Didn't you say you hadn't practised it proficiently?"

"In a life and death situation, I had to fight it out." Fan Wu She narrowed his eyes, "Yun Xiang Yi is worthy of being Qi Meng Sheng’s great disciple. She had two tricks up her sleeve." But still not as good as Qi Meng Sheng back then.

"She is certainly very good." Xie Bi An paused and said from the bottom of his heart, "You are also very powerful. Not to mention your peers, even many seniors may not be your opponent. Wu She, how on earth did that master of yours on Moun Qingcheng teach you to be so powerful, or... Zongxuan Sword Technique is really so powerful."

Fan Wu She said indifferently, "Zongxuan Sword Technique is on par with Wuliang Sword Technique, both are the most powerful sword techniques in the world. However, it also depends on who is using it, I have supreme talent, so naturally I’m like a tiger with wings."

"You are really not even humble by a bit." Xie Bi An laughed helplessly. "What I said is true. You're a fast learner too."
"Actually ..." Xie Bi An said hesitantly, "I always feel that the Zongxuan Sword Technique gives me a sense of familiarity. My comprehension of this sword technique is even higher than that of my master's Qingfeng Sword Technique, er, of course, it could also be because I was still young when I learnt the Qingfeng Sword Technique, and now I am naturally comprehending faster."

"Senior brother is also a top-notch root, so of course you learn everything quickly." Fan Wu She gazed at Xie Bi An, "I think that one day, you will be able to break through to the eighth Chongtian of the Zongxuan Sword."

Xie Bi An smiled, "I dare not say that. The eighth Chongtian of the Zongxuan Sword, back then, when the Human Emperor and the Demon supreme fought in the Wuji Palace, both of them were at the eighth Chongtian. A realm like that is what the vast majority of cultivators spend their lives seeking."

Fan Wu She gently squeezed Xie Bi An's finger, "Believe me, you can reach it, we will both break through to the Eighth Chongtian." As he looked at Xie Bi An, it was as if he was also seeing the mighty power of Song Zi Heng's sword had moved Jiuzhou in his previous life. In the greatness of the world, only his big brother was worthy of being his opponent.

Perhaps this was the source of their tragedy. After all, the sun and the moon could not shine together.

Xie Bi An smiled, "Okay, you and I will work together."
Fan Wu She clasped Xie Bi An's hand. In this life, he would never let go. "Let's go, we've been here for two or three hours, it's getting dark outside,
right? I'm worried about Master." "Let me see your feet first." "It's fine, let’s go."
Fan Wu She grabbed Xie Bi An's ankle, gently removed the wet gauze and carefully examined the wound on the bottom of his foot.

Fan Wu She's hands were very large, obviously they were about the same height, but his hands were significantly larger than Xie Bi An's, and could almost hold half of his foot.

Xie Bi An's feet were as white as jade, with toes as round as freshly peeled garlic, except for a penetrating wound that was as shocking as a flaw in a beautiful jade, but the meeting of the blood red and the jade white gave rise to a morbid and demonic beauty.

He extremely liked this pair of feet. He liked to grab the slender ankle and move a long, strong leg to get the body into the position he wanted, to do whatever he wanted. He also liked to grab the foot and drag the person back under him when he couldn't take it anymore and wanted to escape. Fan Wu She suppressed the distracting thoughts in his mind and used a cloth towel to dab some wine and wipe away the blood around the wound: "The bleeding has stopped with great difficulty. If you walk again you will definitely bleed again, I will carry you."

Xie Bi An blushed inexplicably, "No, your wound is worse, I should be the one carrying you."

"My feet aren't hurt." Fan Wu She carefully wrapped new gauze around him, "Besides, you can't even wear shoes now. Your feet will freeze before you can walk a few steps."

Xie Bi An remained silent.

"We have to at least go back to the Ice Palace. It's too cold here. It's just a short walk, it's fine." Fan Wu She stroked Xie Bi An's cheek, "Senior brother, let me carry you."

"... Okay."

Fan Wu She stood up and carried Xie Bi An on his back, his body swayed and he braced himself against the ice wall with one hand.

Xie Bi An An said worriedly, "Wu She, don't force yourself." "It's alright." Fan Wu She slowly walked forward.
Xie Bi An felt an incomparable sense of peace of mind as he leaned on the not-quite-wide back. He wondered how he would have been without Fan Wu She, probably fighting alone and dying at the bottom of this frozen lake. This highly gifted and handsome young man suddenly appeared beside him. They spent time together, they fought side by side, and had become one of the most important person to him. He was incomparably glad that he had Fan Wu She, regardless as his junior brother or as his…

Xie Bi An's cheeks burned a little. He didn't know if he would like him as much as Fan Wu She liked himself, but he had always wanted the two of them to be together forever. Thinking about this, he wrapped his arms around Fan Wu She's neck and whispered, "Junior brother, thank you." Thank you for coming to my side.

Fan Wu She let out a light laugh, "Does senior brother like me?" "... You're my junior brother, I've always liked you."
"You know I'm not talking about a fondness between senior and junior brothers."

"I ..."

"It's okay, you'll really like me sooner or later." Fan Wu She slightly slanted his head and smiled wryly, "Can you kiss me, senior brother?"

Xie Bi An stared at Fan Wu She's tender white cheek, suddenly his heart beat like a drum. He made a swallowing action, then quickly bumped his lips against Fan Wu She's face.

Fan Wu She did not expect Xie Bi An to really kiss him, and his heart was immediately sweetened with flowing honey, even the painful wounds around his body were soothed at this moment.

Xie Bi An blushed and turned his face away.

The two of them were silent all the way, caring and cherishing the unspeakable sweetness of this moment.

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PS: FINALLY AT CHAPTER 100!!!! I feel like gouging my eyes out already... ˚‧º·(˚ ˃̣̥̣᷄⌓˂̣̥̣᷅ )‧º·˚

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