Wu Chang Jie Chapter 81-90

Chapter 81

The road to the Bailu Pavilion had been traveled countless times by Zong Zi Heng, but not once did he need to exert extra strength with each step, as if he had to pull his feet out of the mire over and over again.

With his advice, Zong Ming He did not imprison the mother and son, not because of old times' sake, but because if they were imprisoned, more people would know about it. The family scandal must not be publicized, so although Zong Ming He hated them, he did not want the matter to become public knowledge.

Chu Ying Ruo was sent to the cold palace, while Zong Zi Xiao was locked up in the Bailu Pavilion, awaiting his next punishment. Today was supposed to be their big day to leave for Mount Kunlun, but to the public, they could only claim that Zong Zi Xiao had suddenly contracted an illness.

Even so, rumors spread through the Wuji Palace that even Zong Zi Mo's death was linked to both the mother and son, and it wouldn't be long before these purposeful rumors spread throughout the immortal world, just as the dispensers needed to.

Zong Zi Heng kept Shen Shi Yao under house arrest, unable to forget the look on his mother's otherwise soft and dignified face after it had been distorted by revenge.

Choosing to expose this hideous matter in front of Zong Ming He, the concubines and siblings on the day before the departure is the hatred that penetrated her bones, and the ambition that burst out of her chest.

With the death of Zong Zi Mo and the abolition of Zong Zi Xiao, her son was the only option left for Emperor Zong.

Her scheming and tactics, her coldness and malice, gave Zong Zi Heng the creeps.

That was actually his mother.

When he questioned Shen Shi Yao about how she knew of Xiao Jiu's birth, she laughed uncontrollably, and doubled up with laughter, delighted with the success, but she said nothing. He was so resentful that his heart and lungs almost exploded, yet he could not touch a hair on her head.

He suspected Xu Zhi Nan and Qi Meng Sheng, among the limited number of people who knew the truth, they were the only two who had a motive. If it was really them, he could never forgive them for the rest of his life.

The guard in front of Bailu Pavilion stopped Zong Zi Heng's way: "Your Highness, the emperor has ordered that no one is allowed to see Ninth Highness."

"Stand down." Zong Zi Heng said coldly.

"Your Highness, subordinate cannot do anything, please do not make things difficult for this subordinate."

"You can't stop me, if anything happens, I'll take the blame."

The guard had no choice but to move out of the way.

Zong Zi Heng gathered all his courage and walked in.

The Bailu Pavilion was in shambles. It had been gutted like the dignity of its original owner.

Zong Zi Xiao was sitting in a corner with his eyes closed, his hair in disarray and his expression agitated. The pride of the Son of Heaven, who had been extremely favored, has never been in such a state of disarray. Beneath him was a spell that trapped him, and all the objects in front of him were like chaos in motion, only he was still, and all the more silent and lonely.

"Zi Xiao." Zong Zi Heng walked to the edge of the spell formation, unable to go further, unable to hold his brother in his arms or shield him behind him.

Zong Zi Xiao's eyelids slowly rose, and he looked at Zong Zi Heng with bloodshot eyes, yet it was as if they were empty.

Zong Zi Heng's heart was seized by pain. He opened his mouth, but a thousand words were stuck in his throat, and finally he only asked, "Have you eaten?”

Zong Zi Xiao remained silent, only looking at Zong Zi Heng, as if he was reacquainting himself with the person in front of him, wanting to look at him carefully from the whole picture to the details. The more he looked, the more blurred he became, as if the two of them were not brothers for ten years, but strangers they had never met.

Otherwise, how could everything that had happened last night be explained? How could his big brother, who had to worry about even one meal for him, want to put him to death for the sake of the throne?

"Xiao Jiu."

This "Xiao Jiu" sent shivers down Zong Zi Xiao's spine, shattering his pitiful illusions and telling him that this man was his big brother.

Zong Zi Xiao responded, or rather repeated, the words from last night, "You already knew it.”

"I ..." how to answer, yes or no, it is useless.

"You already knew." Zong Zi Xiao repeated it for the third time, and every time he said it, something drained from his body.

"Big brother will find a way to save you."

"Save me?" Zong Zi Xiao stared at Zong Zi Heng, his once most trusted and loved big brother, confused, "Why would you want to save me? Isn't this what you want?"


"My mother told me to guard against you. She said you cannot stand seeing me surpassing you, cannot stand seeing what I have and what you don’t have. I always retorted to her. I said it was impossible, big brother loved me the most." Zong Zi Xiao laughed mockingly, "You don't want me to get the divine sword, you don't want me to be the Crown Prince. I understand you, because father did treat you coldly. You secretly put the spell seal in the Bailu Pavilion, I thought you did it because something would happen during the Jiaolong assembly and you were worried about our safety. You hid so many things from me and I still trusted you."

"Xiao Jiu, things are not what you think."

"I will let you have anything in order to let go of the unfairness in your heart." Zong Zi Xiao bared his teeth, his gaze fierce and vulnerable, "You want the throne, I will never fight you for it. Why can't you still spare us!?"

"Xiao Jiu, no, I am not ...," Zong Zi Heng's defence was extremely feeble. He guessed that the formation was for surveillance purposes, and he didn't dare to say anything. Even if he didn't, as a child, could he say, "My mother did everything, I am innocent"? Who would believe his "innocence" when he had the most to gain by framing Xiao Jiu?

He was not innocent. He was destined to pay for the sins his parents had committed.

"How long have you been planning this?" Zong Zi Xiao said with hatred, "Since when? Have you been conspiring with Xu Zhi Nan for a long time, and did you kill second brother too?"

"It wasn't me!" Zong Zi Heng gritted his teeth and said, "You can trust big brother, I never wanted to harm you."

Zong Zi Xiao roared, "Then why did you hide things from me? Why did you put the spell seal in the Bailu Pavilion? Why did you know about this yet instructed Shen Shi Yao to put us to death!?"

Zong Zi Heng looked at his brother in despair.

He couldn't tell the truth, if Zong Ming He knew that Yan Shu was actually Lu Zhao Feng, and he had known all this before the Jiaolong assembly, he was afraid that even his own life would be in danger. A man who could dig up his own brother's golden core would not hesitate to seal his mouth.

Unable to justify himself, and that's just about it.

Zong Zi Xiao grinned hideously and shed tears: "Can't you even find an excuse? If you had made up a clever lie, perhaps I would have believed you. For the sake of the throne, you can mutilate even your own brothers and siblings. You and Shen Shi Yao are indeed mother and son, gentle and kind on the surface, treating people well, but in fact you both are as poisonous as snakes and scorpions. My mother, I, everyone, have all been deceived by you both!"

Zong Zi Heng endured the pain and said, "Big brother will still say the same thing, I never wanted to harm you. What happened to your mother, no matter what, you are innocent. Big brother will definitely find a way to save you. Father will not spare your mother, but for the sake of fourteen years of father-son love, he probably would ... not make things difficult for you. Remember not to disobey father. Saving your life is important."

Zong Zi Xiao glared at Zong Zi Heng grimly, "You better hope I die early. As long as I live, I will not spare those who betray me."

Zong Zi Heng said in a hoarse voice, "Very well, if you want to take revenge, you must first live." He took a step back, "Zi Xiao, one day, big brother will explain to you."

Zong Zi Xiao looked at him with nothing but icy hate.


Zong Zi Heng had just walked out of the Bailu Pavilion when he saw Huang Hong waiting for him. Without needing any extra words, he said, stupefied, "Let's go."

In just one night, Zong Ming He looked like he changed a lot. He closed his eyes and supported his forehead, allowing Zong Zi Heng to kneel for a long time.

Finally, Zong Ming He spoke, his voice was waveless: "You have gone to see him."

"Yes, Father." When he said the word "Father", Zong Zi Heng suddenly felt a sickening feeling in his stomach. All the sins had been committed because of the man in front of him. If he hadn't taken someone's love out of lust, if he hadn't lost his humanity and stolen human cores, none of this would have happened. So many innocent people, so many innocent lives, and yet he still sits on this unattainable throne, not caring about the white bones piled up around his feet.

It was disgusting.

"When did you know this and how did you know it?"

Zong Zi Heng hung his head low and said incomparably tamely, "It was only last night that son ..."

A spiritual pressure came suddenly, like a heavy hammer blasting at Zong Zi Heng's heart, and his body flew backwards, hitting the wall hard and falling to the ground again. His limbs went numb and limp, his mouth salivating and laced with blood, and he couldn't get up for quite a while.

He could have blocked it, but he didn't dare to.

Zong Ming He said in a cold voice: "Stop pretending to be like Shen Shi Yao in front of me."

Zong Zi Heng wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and knelt back down, saying in a trembling voice, "Son, indeed, doesn’t know."

"Do you think that without Zi Mo and without Zi Xiao, I could only choose you?" Zong Ming He said in a wicked voice, "I really didn't expect that you would look the most honest, but in reality you have the deepest mind and the most poisonous heart!"

"Father, you have misunderstood son." Zong Zi Heng coughed up two mouthfuls of blood, still looking humble, "Son does not dare to deceive father, neither does my mother. Just that, mother cannot watch the Zong clan fall into the wrong hands."

Zong Ming He was so angry that his face turned blue. This secret was the greatest shame of his life, yet it was stripped bare in front of his wife and concubines and children. Now he’s full of hostility but had nowhere to vent it. He kicked Zong Zi Heng to the ground again: "Are you pleased deep in your heart?"

"Son does not dare. But son thought that it was not too late for it to happen."

Zong Ming He clenched his fist and looked at his eldest son who was kneeling on the ground, his heart was tossed with five flavors*. He flung his sleeve robe: "Get up!"

"Thank you, Father." Zong Zi Heng swayed and stood up. He raised his head, his face was pale, but his eyes were creepily bright: "Father, son personally requests to go and capture that thief from the Lu Sect."

"... He should have been dead long ago."

Zong Zi Heng made a surprised face.

"Counting the time, that bitch was probably already pregnant when she entered the palace."

"Then what does ... Father intend to do with them?"

Zong Ming He was silent.

Zong Zi Heng then waited without a word. He knew that Xiao Jiu's life was all tied onto him. Only he could save Xiao Jiu.

Zong Ming He slowly raised his head, his tone softening a bit: "Heng Er, do you blame me?"

"Son does not dare."

"Don't dare, or don't blame."

"Father has nurtured son with great care, and I dare not forget."

"Did you kill Zi Mo?" Zong Ming He asked in a very plaintive manner.

Zong Zi Heng knelt down again, "I would never kill second brother. I beg father to investigate."

"If something happens to them, you will be the only one left among my sons who can take on a great responsibility. If it’s not you and your mother, who else could it be?”

Zong Zi Heng pounded his forehead on the ground and said loudly, "Son can never do such a thing like killing another person. I beg father to investigate."

Zong Ming He sneered, "Whether it was you and your mother or that bitch that killed Zi Mo, I will find out for sure. If you really did it, even if I were to spare your life for the sake of our father-son relationship, Wuliang Sect would still grind your bones and scatter your ashes."

Zong Zi Heng felt his back soak with sweat.

"However." Zong Ming He's words changed, "If you hadn't done it, I will not let Wuliang Sect frame you."

Zong Zi Heng slowly raised his head, he saw the helpless compromise on Zong Ming He's face. Just as Shen Shi Yao had said, with Zong Zi Mo dead and Zong Zi Xiao abolished, Emperor Zong would have no choice but to look straight at him as his eldest son. He said, "Many thanks, Father."

"The most urgent task now is to preserve the face of the royal family." Zong Ming He looked askance at Zong Zi Heng, "This matter, how do you think it should be handled ah?"

Zong Zi Heng took a deep breath and said slowly, "Nowadays, there are already some rumors in the outside world, but there is no evidence, so son thinks that it should be handled secretly. We can imprison Consort ... Chu Ying Ruo in the cold palace and make her reflect about it for the rest of her life. As for Zi Xiao, we can declare to the public that he unfortunately died of illness, expel him from the palace, change his name and forbid him from showing his true identity for the rest of his life."

Zong Ming He smiled coldly, "This is simply letting them off lightly."

"After all, Chu Ying Ruo has served Father for more than ten years, and Zi Xiao is still young and unaware of this, so if Father, as the Emperor, can be a little more magnanimous to them, it can also soothe the fears of the concubines and siblings."

"That bastard's entire cultivation was given to him by my Zong Clan, and I have spent a lot of effort and heavenly treasures on him. I can spare his life for the sake of our past relationship, but there is no way I will let him walk out of Daming with what the Zong Clan has given him."

Zong Zi Heng shuddered as a terrible thought rose in his heart, "Father, please spare Zi Xiao, he is not yet an adult and poses no threat to our Zong Clan."

"Nonsense." Zong Ming He plucked at Zong Zi Heng, "Won't he grow up? He won in the Jiaolong assembly at the age of 13. This type of talent is very rare in hundreds of years. If we let him leave with his tail intact, he will pose a great danger in the future!"

Zong Zi Heng's hand, which was hidden under his sleeve robe, could not stop trembling.

"This matter, you don't need to care anymore. I order you to go to Yanzhou and investigate the Lu Clan, Lu, Zhao, Feng." Zong Ming He suddenly recited this name, "That mongrel of the Lu Clan, it seems to be called by that name. I heard he was dead back then, but now I doubt that he is really dead. The timing of that bastard's birth is really subtle, and this is something that you should go to Yanzhou to find out for yourself."

"Father ..."

"Go as soon as you can."

"Father." Zong Zi Heng walked to Zong Ming He's feet on his knees and begged, "Please, Father, let Xiao Jiu go. I will make him disappear from the immortal cultivation world. He will listen to me, he will ..."

Zong Ming He said in a stern voice, "How soft-hearted! Keeping him means leaving a scourge for the Zong clan's state power. He is not your brother, he’s just a bastard born from a bitch. If you can't let go of him, I will kill him."

"No!" Zong Zi Heng trembled and crouched down, "Son, accepts the order."

Zong Zi Heng stepped out of the door, his legs were a little weak. He supported himself with one hand on a tree before he could barely hold on to his body as if it was in heavy shackles. Raising his head slightly, his hollow gaze gazed at a bit of sunset in the distance, smearing the sky and earth with a long red haze, poignant and magnificent, but when reflected in his dark pupils, it turned into a drop of blood the size of the needle’s eye.

He closed his eyes and the afterglow of the setting sun brushed his face, condensing a golden mask for the pain on his face.

He had no doubt that Zong Ming He wanted Xiao Jiu's core.


Despite having had a hunch, Zong Zi Heng's prepared a plan to escape from Daming previously was still imperfect, especially in his plan, Zong Zi Xiao has to serve as his helper, not be held captive and wait to be rescued.

Everything had happened so quickly that he had been caught off guard, and now Zong Ming He wanted to expand him out of Daming before he could dig up Zong Zi Xiao's core. Leaving him too little time to take Zong Zi Xiao away with any certainty at all, and he might expose himself instead.

Zong Zi Heng thought hard all night and came up with a desperate solution.

He had an audience with Zong Ming He after dawn and wanted to see Chu Ying Ruo before he left to check on Lu Zhao Feng. The request was reasonable and Zong Ming He agreed.

When Zong Zi Heng saw Chu Ying Ruo, the woman, despite her poor spirits, did not look flustered and was not surprised to see Zong Zi Heng. She just glared at him grimly and asked, "Did you get what you wanted?"

Zong Zi Heng's face was expressionless as he said, "You are in prison and in a precarious situation, yet the first thing you ask me is not about Xiao Jiu's safety. Are you not worried about him at all?"

Chu Ying Ruo faintly froze, "How is Xiao Jiu doing?" Her tone turned sharp, "You still have the nerve to say that, you still have the nerve to call him 'Xiao Jiu'? You and that poisonous woman Shen Shi Yao are hypocritical, cunning and unscrupulous, you shall not have a good death!"

Zong Zi Heng said without changing his expression, "You don't ask, is it because you know someone will save you?"

"What are you talking about? Could it be that Zong Ming He will let us go?"

"Naturally he won't let you guys go."

Chu Ying Ruo laughed out loud twice, "Yes, of course he won't let us go. What a sinister, narrow-minded and vengeful man he is. As a son, I’m afraid you have not seen it all."

"You hate him very much."

Chu Ying Ruo gritted her teeth, her eyes dyed red: "I was a childhood friend of Lu Lang*'s and we were in love. If it wasn't for him, our family of three would have been happy and joyful. Why would we be in this situation today? If you were in his shoes, wouldn't you hate it?"

Zong Zi Heng knew that this woman was also a pitiful person, but he could not sympathise. What Lu Zhao Feng had done, she was bound to know. In the nasty disagreements between the adults, the innocent children who are the ultimate victims.

"What are you doing here? Want to ask me about Lu Lang? Or do you want to kill me?" Chu Ying Ruo laughed mockingly, "Although Zong Ming He is not fond of you, both of you are clearly the same, despicable and underhanded things."

"I don't have time to listen to your abuse. I've come for Xiao Jiu. If you want to save him, then answer my questions truthfully."

Chu Ying Ruo narrowed her eyes, "For Xiao Jiu? You ..."

"Do you want to save him or not?!" Zong Zi Heng said in a stern voice.

Chu Ying Ruo was stunned, "What exactly do you want to say?"

"I know all about you and Lu Zhao Feng, or, should I call him Yan Shu?"

Chu Ying Ruo's beautiful eyes rounded.

Zong Zi Heng took a step closer: "That's right, I know that Lu Zhao Feng is not dead. I know that he used the Wusheng Brush to draw his face and pretend to be Yan Shu to get close to Zong Ming He to act as a helper for the tiger. I know that you have been working hard to get Xiao Jiu to usurp the Zong clan!"

Chu Ying Ruo said in shock, "Impossible, how could you possibly know?"

"Because I saw you and Lu Zhao Feng in Bailu Pavilion. In the underground palace, he thought I was doomed and simply told me the truth."

Chu Ying Ruo stared at Zong Zi Heng: "I still can't understand how Shen Shi Yao knew about it. That silk handkerchief was planted by her in my palace. I was careful in doing things, it is impossible for my tongue to slip in front of her, so you are the one who told her."

Zong Zi Heng did not want to waste time arguing, "You must have a way to contact Lu Zhao Feng, now Xiao Jiu's life is hanging on a thread, it's time."

Chu Ying Ruo was stunned for a moment and sneered, "You want to swindle me, is it that easy? You want to lure him out and wipe us out. Such a great accomplishment. It would be impossible for Zong Ming He not to make you the Crown Prince anymore."

Zong Zi Heng was so angry that his brain swelled with pain. He took a few steps and forced himself in front of Chu Ying Ruo, gritting his teeth and saying, "I don't care if you believe me or not, I just want to save Xiao Jiu's life now. You are so calm and unperturbed, it means you expected Lu Zhao Feng to come and save you and your son, right? Let me tell you, it's too late, Zong Ming He is going to send me out of the palace immediately, and as soon as I leave, he will dig up Xiao Jiu's golden core!"

Chu Ying Ruo's face immediately lost its blood, and she looked at Zong Zi Heng viciously, "You told Shen Shi Yao the secret and caused us to suffer, and now you say you want to save him? Do you still expect me to believe you?"

"I didn't tell my mother, I don't know how she learned about it."

"How dare you say such nonsense."

"I don't care if you believe me or not, I don't have time for nonsense. Back then in Gutuo Town, Lu Zhao Feng wanted my core, you know about this, right?"

"Of course I know." Chu Ying Ruo said in despise, "A ferocious tiger does not eat its son*. Zong Ming He, that beast, wanted to dig up your core in order to break through to the eighth Chongtian of the Zongxuan Sword."

Zong Zi Heng felt breathless, even though he had already known about it, confirming it again from someone who knew about it still made his heart chambers twinge, and he gritted his teeth, "He wouldn't even spare his own son's and brother's core, do you think he would spare a heavenly talent like Xiao Jiu?"

Chu Ying Ruo bit her lower lip, her eyes turning rapidly.

"You're worried that I'm trying to lure him out. I know it's hard for you to believe me, but I brought Xiao Jiu up single-handedly. Fourteen years, ah, who can fake fourteen years of false love? You must believe me for once. Xiao Jiu can't wait any longer. If Lu Zhao Feng comes late, it will be too late. Zong Ming He has promised to keep Xiao Jiu alive, even if what he says is true, without the golden core, with Xiao Jiu's ambitious and proud character, he will feel worse than death!"

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five flavors*[五味]---different emotions

Lang*[郎]---used to address a young man, particularly to address a man you like/love.

ferocious tiger does not eat its son*[虎毒不食子]--- a metaphor that everyone has the heart to love children

Chapter 82

Lu Zhao Feng was Zong Zi Heng's sworn enemy. A scourge he had to get rid of at all costs, but fate was so vicious and twisted that he actually needed Lu Zhao Feng's help. After all, the only person who would wholeheartedly save Zong Zi Xiao and had the ability to rescue him from the heavily bounded and heavily guarded Wuji Palace was Lu Zhao Feng.

As for the grudge between them, it would still have to be settled when Zong Zi Xiao is safe.

Chu Ying Ruo, who knew Zong Ming He's character well and was eager to protect her son, was eventually convinced by Zong Zi Heng.

The two agreed that the next night, Zong Zi Heng would sneak into Bailu Pavilion and unlock the spell formation, while Lu Zhao Feng would take Zong Zi Xiao away. As that spell formation was Zong clan's original creation, if he broke it with force, it would be discovered. As long as the spell formation was not set personally by Zong Ming He himself, he thought that there was no cultivator within the Wuji Palace who could overpower him, so this step had to be done by him.

Late at night, Zong Zi Heng avoided the guards, and with his familiarity with Bailu Pavilion, he quietly sneaked in.

Zong Zi Xiao was lying on the ground with his face against the wall, and Zong Zi Heng's sharp eyes noticed his shoulders move slightly, but did not turn around.

"Zi Xiao." Zong Zi Heng said quietly, "I know you're awake."

Zong Zi Xiao sat up and slowly turned around, those unusually bright eyes meeting Zong Zi Heng's in the darkness. His cheeks were noticeably narrower, not knowing whether it was the shadow of the moonlight, or whether he had lost weight.

The meal that had been knocked to the ground gave Zong Zi Heng his answer.

Zong Zi Heng let out a sigh, "Big brother is taking you away."



"Where is my mother?"

"She is in the Cold Palace."

"Is Father going to kill us?"

"He will not spare you." Zong Zi Heng formed a seal with his hands and chanted an incantation, pouring spiritual energy into the spell formation, which began to reverse until it was silently lifted.

Zong Zi Xiao gave Zong Zi Heng a cold sweeping glance and tentatively stepped out, finding that the spell formation had actually disappeared, he frowned and said, "Are you really here to save me?"

"Cut the crap and get going."

"Where's my mother?"

"Someone will save her." Zong Zi Heng pulled Zong Zi Xiao's wrist as he did so.

But Zong Zi Xiao fiercely shook off the hand and questioned intensely, "Who?"

"There is no time to explain now. Come with me now before it's too late!"

"I won't leave my mother alone and run away." Zong Zi Xiao said coldly.

"You ..." Zong Zi Heng gritted his teeth, "I said there would be someone to save her, your ... biological father." To ask himself honestly, even if Shen Shi Yao had committed so many sins, if it was a matter of life and death, he still couldn't abandon her, so if he didn't reassure Zong Zi Xiao, they definitely couldn't leave.

Zong Zi Xiao froze: "That ... man from Lu Sect? He's alive?"

"Mm." The identity of Lu Zhao Feng was left to explain itself. Whether Zong Zi Xiao could accept it or not, that was the destiny he needed to face.

Zong Zi Xiao was silent.

The two of them left Bailu Pavilion and silently sneaked towards the Orchid Garden. They were both so familiar with this place that they could find their way with their eyes closed, and the ordinary guards would not be able to detect them at all.

The Orchid Garden was originally located in the most remote corner of the Wuji Palace, and since the flowers were destroyed by Shen Shi Yao, the place had become deserted. Zong Zi Heng looked at the depression in front of him, and those prosperous, carefree spring days seemed just like yesterday. When he thought of their current situation, his heart felt so uncomfortable that it felt like it was being pushed into hot oil.

"Why did you save me?" Zong Zi Xiao glared at Zong Zi Heng. Still high on guard.

"Xiao Jiu, big brother had some difficulties. Believe me, I never wanted to harm you or your mother."

"Then you shall explain." Zong Zi Xiao said in a cold voice.

A thousand threads were woven together. Zong Zi Heng didn't know how to explain for a moment. He calmed down a bit: "The things I hid from you, and the spell seal I put in Bailu Pavilion are because I knew about your birth and was worried that your biological father, Lu Zhao Feng, would come looking for you. As for how my mother knew about it, I really don't know."

"With one sentence of ‘I don’t know’, you want to write yourself off?" Zong Zi Xiao narrowed his eyes dangerously, "Isn't everything Shen Shi Yao done just for you?"

"... it was for me, but I didn't know about it beforehand."

Zong Zi Heng also knew how flimsy such an explanation sounded, almost like sophistry, but he felt that his Xiao Jiu should believe him, with their fourteen years of brotherly love.

Hesitation and struggle did appear in Zong Zi Xiao's eyes, and he pondered for a moment, "Then how did you know?"

Zong Zi Heng could not say in front of Zong Zi Xiao that he had caught his mother cheating, so he had to say, "This matter, let your mother explain it to you when you leave here."


"Xiao Jiu, after you leave, you will be incognito and never be Zong Zi Xiao again. As long as father reigns, you must not reveal your whereabouts. Big brother only wants you to live out the rest of your life in peace."

There was confusion and pain in Zong Zi Xiao's eyes, "Father, really wants to kill me?"

Just a while ago, he was Zong Ming He's favorite youngest son, so much so that he was even willing to forge a sword for him with the Shen Nong Ding. How could he accept that, in an instant, his father wanted him dead? Was there nothing left of their father-son love after ten years?

When Zong Zi Heng thought of him suffering such a change, falling from the heavens into the mud. He was also heartbroken, and could not bear to tell him the crueler truth: "Father still thinks of your father-son love and does not intend to kill you. But in terms of the law of the country and the rules of the house, he can't pardon you. Do you want to be locked up for the rest of your life?"

Zong Zi Xiao closed his eyes, gasped and said softly, "What about you."

"I ..." If he let Zong Zi Xiao go, there was no way Zong Ming He would let him go, but he bet Zong Ming He wouldn't kill him.

"You're coming with me." Zong Zi Xiao opened his eyes, those extremely beautiful and charming fox eyes, staring at Zong Zi Heng like stalking prey, "You have asked me several times if I am willing to leave Wuji Palace with you, now it is my turn to ask you. If you come with me, I will trust you and believe that you are not harming anyone for the sake of the throne."

Zong Zi Heng revealed an expression that was about to burst into tears, "Xiao Jiu, big brother can't go with you."

If he left, what about his mother? If he left, who would seek justice for his uncle and the many innocent cultivators who died in vain? If he left, who could stop Zong Ming He from continuing his evil deeds?

Zong Zi Xiao said with red eyes, "You really can't let go of the throne. You keep saying you want to leave this place and live a free life, but it's all a lie. My mother saw through you long ago. She said you were hypocritical and jealous. It’s ridiculous that I always believed in you!"

Zong Zi Heng felt as if a knife was piercing his heart: "Big brother has a reason to stay, one day you will understand."

"I ..."

The sound of shouting and killing suddenly came from outside the Orchid Garden.

Zong Zi Heng's expression changed and he drew out his Jun Lan sword.

Chapter 83

A tall, dark figure flashed into the Orchid Garden in a hurry. On closer inspection, it was a masked man, and the person he was protecting beside him was none other than Chu Ying Ruo.


"Xiao Er!"

Mother and son saw each other again and nearly shed tears.

Zong Zi Heng glared at the masked man. The image of Hua Yu Xin before she died came to his mind and he was filled with hatred.

A large group of guards poured into the Orchid Garden. The torches in their hands illuminated the almost forgotten hall as bright as day, making its lying waste unable to vanish.

Escorted by the brothers Huang Hong and Huang Wu, Zong Ming He arrived. His luxurious white gold royal robes appeared even more distinguished in the darkness of the night, seemingly a world apart from the sneaky man in black, but the most beautiful woman in Jiuzhou, the woman who had belonged to him originally, was standing on the other side.

Zong Ming He's eyes were vicious and spiteful, as if jealousy was about to take shape and burst out of his pupils.

Zong Zi Xiao looked at the masked man with a complicated expression, and then looked at the man he had called his father for 14 years. His lips moved, not knowing what to say.

Chu Ying Ruo stared hatefully at Zong Zi Heng: "This is really a trap you set up."

To sneak into the most heavily guarded Wuji Palace in Jiuzhou to rescue someone was a desperate move, how could it be foolproof? Zong Zi Heng's face was ghastly pale, but he did not dare to explain in front of Zong Ming He.

Zong Ming He narrowed his eyes, "It seems that son knew that this vermin was still alive."

Zong Zi Heng pursed his lips and did not say a word.

Zong Zi Xiao stiffly turned his face, gazing at Zong Zi Heng with silent and deep eyes, as if the light of his pupils had disappeared in this moment of his life, never to be lit up again for the rest of his life thereafter.

Zong Ming He looked viciously at the masked man: “Manwhore*, you have no face to show to others?"

Upon hearing his words, the masked man pulled off his mask. Shadowy and handsome, it was none other than Lu Zhao Feng. He stared at Zong Ming He and his eyes were furious: "Ying Ruo and I are in love with each other. The one who has no face to show to others, should be you. A dog thief who hit upon the idea when smitten with love."

"I am the Human Emperor, a mere woman is nothing. Even if I want you to die, you will have to kneel down and offer me your life!"

Lu Zhao Feng shouted, "Human Emperor! Does everyone in the world know that the Human Emperor had my entire family killed in order to forcibly marry a woman?"

The people in the audience looked at each other in disbelief.

"Small vermin, how dare you make slanderous accusations and offend the emperor!" Huang Hong drew his sword and attacked Lu Zhao Feng. Huang Wu also immediately lashed out, and a crowd of guards all came back from their senses to attack the three.

Zong Zi Xiao snatched the sword from one of the guards. He protected Chu Ying Ruo behind him and joined the fight.

Zong Zi Heng stood aside with his sword, sweat dripping into his eyes from his forehead, and his vision blurred for a while.

Zong Ming He stood with his hands clasped behind his back, looking coldly at Zong Zi Heng: "Zi Heng, why don't you take down this manwhore and their son of a b*tch?"

"... Yes." Zong Zi Heng raised his sword to meet them, wondering in his mind when Lu Zhao Feng intended to use the Chasing Mountain Whip, which was the only possibility for them to escape.

A murderous sword aura came from his side, Zong Zi Heng instinctively exerts a move to attack as a defense, but when he saw who was coming in the next instant, he had to dissolve the move, but the after-effects were still strong, and the harsh sword aura cut Zong Zi Xiao's left arm, splattering blood. But Zong Zi Xiao was oblivious to his wound, and with a stern roar, he struck Zong Zi Heng with an even more frenzied stance. Before the lingering sound of the sword's clanging had dissipated, he ran into a pair of bloody red, desperate eyes.

Zong Zi Heng's heart ached.

Zong Zi Xiao's voice seemed to be sobbing blood, "Why ... I trusted you so much and listened to you in everything. Why did you do this to me!?"

The fierce sword aura pressed down from above his head. Zong Zi Heng raised his hand to block it. Two silver blades met in a cross with a "bam" sound, not knowing whose heart was shattered by the sound.

Zong Zi Xiao pressed his sword hard in his hand with frightening force, as if he had staked everything on this moment of wrestling.

The two looked at each other across the sharp, murderous weapons, each seeing overwhelming, extreme pain in the other's eyes.

Zong Zi Heng said stoically, "Xiao Jiu, big brother is sorry to you."

It was big brother who was incompetent and unable to protect you. Big brother was ashamed to be the eldest brother.

Zong Zi Xiao bared his silver teeth, like the fangs of a fierce beast: "I, hate, you!"

"This is the, the Chasing, Chasing Mountain Whip!" One of the guards shouted in horror.

A golden light flashed and an ancient legendary flying snake whip emerged from the sky.

This turn of events took the crowd by surprise, and Zong Ming He's expression suddenly changed.

Zong Zi Xiao also froze, staring in confusion at the man who was a stranger to him, yet who was his biological father.

Zong Ming He's hand was shaking as he pointed at Lu Zhao Feng: "You, why do you have the Chasing Mountain Whip?"

Lu Zhao Feng let out a hideous laugh: "Zong Ming He, if I say Yan Shu is dead, will you finally be able to breathe a sigh of relief?"

"What are you trying to say?!"

"Not only do I have the Chasing Mountain Whip, but also the Wusheng Brush." Lu Zhao Feng suddenly changed to an odd accent, "If you dare to stop me today, I will make the sins you have committed public, so that the people of Jiuzhou will know the true face of Emperor Ning Hua!"

The tone of that speech, only those who had conversed with Yan Shu before could recognize it. Both Zong Ming He and Zong Zi Xiao's faces turned pale and incomparably white in an instant.

With a wave of Lu Zhao Feng's Chasing Mountain Whip, sand and stones were sent flying and the land cracked in the orchid garden. The surrounding walls were dismantled like tofu blocks, and all turned into Lu Zhao Feng's spears and shields under the command of that magical weapon.

A large number of guards were either plunged into the ground or dodged the flying stones in disarray, and the scene was in chaos.

Chu Ying Ruo shouted, "Xiao Er, come here quickly. Don't be over-zealous in fighting!"

Zong Zi Xiao gritted his teeth, withdrew his sword and ran towards Chu Ying Ruo, escorting her to follow Lu Zhao Feng's retreat.

Lu Zhao Feng manipulated the soil and rocks and tried to take Chu Ying Ruo and Zong Zi Xiao to escape into the ground.

Zong Ming He only thought of silencing them, and no longer cared about majestic appearance. He unsheathed his sword and personally took part in the battle. Exerting a move in a killer move. After reaching the eighth Chongtian of the Zongxuan Sword, his sword energy was as fierce and domineering as a flood, which cannot be stopped, breaking Lu Zhao Feng's stone wall with a single move.

"Zi Xiao, take care of your mother!" Lu Zhao Feng was unable to fight back and was defending and retreating.

Zong Ming He's body suddenly swayed and pounced on Zong Zi Xiao and Chu Ying Ruo with a disconcerting speed.

Although the body of a patriarchal level cultivator was already extraordinary, this speed was still unexpectedly fast for those who were familiar with the Zong clan's technique, and they all thought it had something to do with Zong Ming He breaking the boundary. Only Zong Zi Heng knew where this body technique came from - Cheng Yan Zhi's golden core.

The sword aura went straight for Zong Zi Xiao's lifeline and he had no choice but to evade it, but Zong Ming He's target was not him to begin with, but Chu Ying Ruo.

Zong Ming He grabbed Chu Ying Ruo by the hair, forcing her to expose her snow-white jade neck like a sacrifice. The cold blade hovering above the flesh, like a poisonous snake circling around.


"Ying Ruo!"

Zong Ming He's eyes were full of ominous glint: "Lu Zhao Feng, if you want her to live, you should stop resisting."

"If you dare to kill her, I will make everything known to the world!"

"Then I will bury this bitch and your bastard with you!"

"Lu Lang, go now!" Chu Ying Ruo shouted, "Take Zi Xiao away."

Lu Zhao Feng's eyes were red, "Let's go together."

"What are you still standing there for? Kill him." Zong Ming He roared.

The guards swarmed over them, and Zong Zi Heng's eyes were red with anxiety. Under heavy siege, Lu Zhao Feng could not manipulate the Chasing Mountain Whip for long, and once they missed this moment to escape, none of them would be able to leave.

"You guys go now ah----" Chu Ying Ruo cried heartrendingly.

Zong Zi Xiao's wound was still bleeding uncontrollably. He tried to break through the heavy siege several times, but the ordinary sword in his hand was cut off by Huang Wu.

Lu Zhao Feng had also received two sword blows and was struggling more and more. The light of the Chasing Mountain Whip was flickering, apparently becoming more faint, while a large number of the Zong clan's cultivators were still pouring into the Orchid Garden.

With tears streaming down her face, Chu Ying Ruo said resolutely, "Lu Lang, Xiao Er, we as a family, have no fate in this lifetime. Let's meet again in the next life."


A snowy neck gushes out a bewitching red.

Zong Zi Heng's vision also turned scarlet.

"Mother------" A mournful cry of sorrow resounded through the clouds. The life as Zong Zi Xiao ended here, and the one who survived was no longer the teenager who was once favored by fate.

Lu Zhao Feng howled miserably, tears of blood dripping from his eyes, "Zong Ming He, I want your Zong clan to be the last of your line!"

Zong Ming He looked at himself in bewilderment, sword in one hand, blood in the other, and a jade ornament buried in fragrance.

Lu Zhao Feng grabbed Zong Zi Xiao and swung the Chasing Mountain Whip with a loud bang. The ground sank and the earth crumbled. The two of them quickly hid into the ground, only to see the bricks on the surface crumbling, leaving a trail of earthbags in their escape path.

Zong Ming He came back to his senses and his hatred was overwhelming, "Chase them, chase after them! I want to see them, dead or alive!"

Huang Hong and Huang Wu accepted the order and pursued, and Zong Zi Heng followed suit.

Underground was the only possible way out to escape the boundaries of the Wuji Palace. Lu Zhao Feng, with Zong Zi Xiao in tow, had indeed escaped from the Wuji Palace, but they could not stay underground for long. It would be too draining on their spiritual energy.

The three were the fastest and took the lead in the chase out of the palace, leaving only an earthen pit on the ground. The men had disappeared, but there were clearly bloodstains on the ground.

"In this direction." Huang Hong followed the blood trail and gave chase.

Zong Zi Heng followed closely behind. He was counting on Lu Zhao Feng to escape as soon as possible with Zong Zi Xiao, but seeing that more and more blood was flowing along the way, it was impossible to tell whose it was. The situation must have been bad.

After chasing for a while, the blood on the ground actually split in two, going in two directions.

Huang Hong took out his whistling arrow, intending to inform the Zong cultivators, "One must have gone into the mountain. Both should not be far away. Just order someone to search ..."

Zong Zi Heng broke off his whistling arrow with a sword. His sword moved as fast as a snake sticking out its tongue. Before the two brothers could come back from their senses, Jun Lan's sword blade was already against Huang Hong's Adam's apple.

"... What is the meaning of this, Your Highness?"

"What do you think?" Zong Zi Heng said coldly, "No one is allowed to chase after them."

"Is Your Highness going to disobey the Emperor's orders and let the thieves go?"

"He is my brother, not a thief." Zong Zi Heng said with red eyes, "I will bear the consequences. Whoever dares to move, I will kill you."

"Why is Your Highness so muddle-headed?" Huang Wu frowned, "It was so hard to break clear of all the troubles and hardships, do you want to destroy your own future?"

"Break clear of all the troubles and hardships?" Zong Zi Heng looked back and glanced at the majestic Wuji Palace. He gave a bleak, miserable smile. He was buried in this dark, living grave, and would never be able to free himself from this misery.

But at least his Xiao Jiu had escaped.

Xiao Jiu, you must live well.

Manwhore* [女干夫Y妇]---I don’t know how to properly translate this crude Chinese word. So Emzie gave me a few suggestions and I decided to go with this xD Thanks Emz!

Chapter 84

The inner prison of the Wuji Palace was set up by the ancestors of the Zong clan to imprison only those Zong clan's children and female family members who had broken the laws of the country, but now it was nothing but an empty shell.

In the dusty dungeon, the smell of mold and decay was like a condensed cloud that hung over every corner. With every breath swallowed, it makes one's chest tight and nauseous.

Zong Zi Heng woke up in excruciating pain, and the thick smell of mold and blood was all that he breathed in. He tried to get up, but the quivering of even one finger caused unrelenting pain.

He knew what was in store for him when he decided to return to Wuji Palace after carrying out an order, but he couldn't just walk away, and he finished the hundred lashes with full consciousness.

After being thrown into the inner prison, he passed out and woke up several times, and he had no idea how much time had passed. When he was awake, he thought of Zong Zi Xiao, wondering if his Xiao Jiu had managed to escape, how his injuries were, and if he was grieving now. His younger brother, whom he had loved for fourteen years, had lost everything overnight and would have to face a treacherous life alone from now on.

Will he be able to take care of himself? Will he be diligent in his training? What will he do when he is sad? Will anyone know if he feels hot or cold? What will he ... think of hims?

Zong Zi Heng remembered the look on Zong Zi Xiao's face when he said "hate" to him. The momentary pain penetrating his heart was so intense that it even overshadowed the bloody whip marks on his back.

He wondered if they would ever see each other again in this life, and if he would ever have the chance to explain himself.

Perhaps it would be better not to see him at all.

In the quiet and deserted dungeon, there was a sudden sound of footsteps.

Zong Zi Heng could tell who was coming by the footsteps. He endured the pain, barely holding himself up, and sat in a pile of blood, looking at his father.

Father and son were looking at each other through the bars. It was as if a natural moat had been built in between.

After staring at each other for a long time, Zong Ming He spoke, "I always regretted having to you."

Zong Zi Heng looked at him blankly.

"If you hadn't been born before my first son, why would I have owed Li Xiang Tong? It’s been so many years, yet I’m still accused by Wuliang Sect from time to time."

Zong Zi Heng laughed coldly.

"But it really wasn't your fault." Zong Ming He said, "At times I have felt that I’ve treated you ungenerously.”

Once upon a time, Zong Zi Heng had imagined that Zong Ming He could feel a bit guilty towards him, but now that he heard it, there were no ripples in his heart.

"Unfortunately, you have never been a sensible and obedient son." Zong Ming He shook his head, "I had thought of passing the throne to you, if you hadn't let them go."

Zong Zi Heng laughed mockingly, "Even if I hadn't let them go, you also wouldn’t let me go." For Zong Ming He, there were far more important things than the Crown Prince, and that was keeping the secrets that were enough to destroy the Zong clan.

"Then why did you come back? Because of your mother?" Zong Ming He's gaze deepened: "Being this soft-hearted, who do you exactly resemble? If you had left, based on your skills, I'm afraid no one could really catch you."

"Now it makes no difference whether you catch me or not. Lu Zhao Feng has run away and you killed Chu Ying Ruo, he will definitely reveal your true face to the world."

"He wouldn't dare." Zong Ming He said with confidence.


"Because that bastard didn't escape with him, just that his whereabouts are unknown. He must have thought that the bastard was captured by me, so he wouldn't dare to make a rash move."

"What ..." Zong Zi Heng said anxiously, "Where is Xiao Jiu?"

"I will find him."

Zong Zi Heng pondered for a moment, "No, you won't be able to find him." Zong Zi Xiao was smart and was a decent cultivator, so he could surely escape with his life.

Zong Ming He said angrily, "You let him go, there will be great danger in the future. You’re a stupid fool who’s unable to accomplish anything but are liable to spoil everything!"

Zong Zi Heng sneered, "You will never find him."

Zong Ming He asked grimly, "You already knew Lu Zhao Feng's identity and knew everything when you were in the underground palace. What have you been plotting for such a long time?"

"I wasn't plotting anything."

"Not plotting anything? Then how could Shen Shi Yao have known about that bastard’s birth? You really thought those inferior words could deceive me? You harmed him on one hand, but at the same time you couldn't bear it and want to save him. So indecisive, so ridiculous.”

Zong Zi Heng nodded slightly. He too found it ridiculous. He raised his head and looked straight at his father, "I indeed can't let go of my brother's love, and you? When you were digging up uncle's golden core, did you ever think that he was your own blood brother?"

Zong Ming He was stunned and his eyes began to dodge.

"Five years ago in Gutuo Town, when you instructed Yan Shu to dig up my core, did you remember that I was at least your own son?"

Zong Ming He's nose wrinkled and his face flashed with a hideous look, "Everything I did was to preserve my Zong clan's state power! There have been three generations in the Daming Zong Clan. Three full generations! Not a single person has broken through to the eighth Chongtian! Various forces are stirring and increasingly disregarding the Zong clan. If we continue like this, the ancestral foundation will end in my hands!"

Zong Zi Heng calmly asked, "Aren't you afraid of retribution for your evil deeds?"

"Retribution? I don't care about going to hell after death or entering the path of the beast in the next life!" Zong Ming He revealed a twisted smile, "As long as I cultivate to Mahayana*, I will be able to become an immortal after death and transcend the six paths of reincarnation!"

"What makes you think you can attain the Dao just by eating human cores?"

"My elder brother's core has already helped me break through to the eighth Chongtian of the Zongxuan Sword. If the human core didn't have such a miraculous effect, how would it attract people to advance wave upon wave, and how would the core stealing demonic cultivators kill endlessly?" Zong Ming He narrowed his eyes, "As a son of the Zong clan, this is the most useful way for him to serve the clan."

Zong Zi Heng gritted his teeth, Zong Ming He's cruelty and shamelessness made him feel the desire to kill.

"So do you." Zong Ming He let out a soft breath, his voice suddenly becoming gentle, "Do you know, Zi Heng, that your core, can help Father reach the Mahayana stage?"

"You have mediocre talent, and you practice this dehumanizing and perverse evil path. You still want to attain immortality?" Zong Zi Heng said with hatred, "Dream on!"

"No, so long as there is your core, it is really possible." Zong Ming He said in a trembling voice, "There is a legendary immortal pill that can transform the bones of those who take it and increase their cultivation greatly. This immortal pill is called - the Absolute Human Emperor."

Zong Zi Heng's eyes glared straight.

"For this immortal pill, one needs to take the golden core of a person who possesses an imperial destiny and refine it with the Shen Nong Ding." A gut-wrenching fervor radiated from Zong Ming He's face, "Although I am honored as the Human Emperor, I did not reincarnate from heaven. The Luo Shui Jade Armor does not make mistakes. It once predicted that you, only you possess the imperial destiny. Your core is the Absolute Human Emperor."

Zong Zi Heng felt his hair standing on one end, his body subconsciously moved back. Zong Ming He's greedy eyes were as if he was about to break through the bars and eat him alive in the next instant.

It turned out that his biological father had always desired the golden core in his stomach. No wonder he was the least favored, yet he had the most powerful cultivator of the Zong clan as his teacher. No wonder Zong Ming He never gave him good swords or magical weapons, but he has the same amount of immortal pills and tonic medicines that other royal sons have. No wonder Zong Ming He easily agreed to use the Shen Nong Ding to forge a sword for Xiao Jiu. No wonder ...

The real father who gave him life and raised him to adulthood, from the beginning to the end, treated him as a living vessel to feed the core. Always planning to open his own stomach and intestines, while his mother used every strategy and committed horrendous crimes. Just to raise him to the throne, but did not know that this was a dead end since the beginning.

Zong Zi Heng could no longer tell if he was in hell or on earth.

Zong Ming He took a deep breath and seemed to calm down. He stroked his lapel and said in a persuasive tone, "Zi Heng, you and I are after all father and son. So long you are honest and obedient, I will not kill you. What happened to Zi Mo was also done by Shen Shi Yao, right? You will take your core to compensate for my first son’s life."

"You're crazy. Zong Ming He, you, are, crazy."

"Everything that is needed to refine the core with Shen Nong Ding has been prepared, and we will be departing for Kunlun soon." Zong Ming He looked at his eldest son with a little bit of pity, "After this is done, I will send you and Shen Shi Yao out of Daming and settle down somewhere to ensure that you will be clothed and fed for the rest of your lives. But if you ever sabotage me again, or say anything nonsensical, don't blame me for not showing any mercy."

"Persisting in evil brings you self-destruction. You'll get what's coming to you, Zong Ming He."

Zong Ming He gave Zong Zi Heng one last look, like he was looking at a fish on a chopping board, before brushing his sleeves and leaving.

Zong Zi Heng could no longer support his body and collapsed to the ground, his hollow eyes filled with a deep, bottomless despair.

Inexplicably, he recalled a conversation they had five years ago in Gutuo Town when they were exorcising the evil spirits. Zong Zi Xiao innocently said that after death they would both refrain from drinking Meng Po Soup and be brothers again in the next life.

He knew that Zong Ming He would never leave him alive, and he’s afraid that he and Xiao Jiu would really have to meet again in the next life.
PS: let's go back to the present life in the next chapter~~~
Mahayana*---is a Buddhist term which roughly means the “great vehicle”. In wuxia novels, it's used to describe a level of cultivation that is extremely high. Either close or having reached nirvana/immortality. In this case, it is the highest level

Chapter 85

After a night of chaos, the fire in Luojinwu was finally extinguished.

It turned out that the explosion came from the Thunderfire Stone, and the Seven Stars Life-Sustaining Lamp was indeed stolen, plus the death of Xu Zhi Nan threw the century-old famous sect into an unprecedented panic.

Everyone had many questions in their minds, such as how the two Flying Plume Ambassadors from the Cangyu Sect had managed to bypass the strongly fortified boundary and infiltrate Luojinwu, and why they had been so bold as to steal the Seven Star Lamp at the risk of 2 sects fighting to their last gasp. But they were still in shock and grief over Xu Zhi Nan's death. They couldn’t come back to their senses and had no time to ponder over.

While the Chunyang Sect disciples were cleaning up the mess, Zhong Kui opened the Gate of Yin and Yang with his Qingfeng Sword and personally guided Xu Zhi Nan's human soul to the Underworld.

Xie Bi An and Fan Wu She helped to put out the fire until dawn.

Xie Bi An's white clothes and jade face were covered in dust, as if he had rolled in the mud before, and his hands were burnt with blisters, making him look like a mess.

The two of them sat opposite each other by a little candlelight, while Fan Wu She used a needle to gently prick the blisters, applied medicine and wrapped them in loops of white gauze.

"Hey, don't wrap it so many times, I can't even move my fingers."

Fan Wu She gave Xie Bi An an oblique glance: "You don't want to be wrapped like this, then why don't you back off when I want you to?"

"We had to put out the fire no matter what."

"There are thousands of cultivators in the Chunyang Sect, are they still short of you to put out the fire?"

Xie Bi An whispered resentfully, "How can you talk to your senior brother like this."

"Don't touch the water or the wound for a few days. I will change your bandage every day. Don't move it by yourself."


Fan Wu She looked at Xie Bi An's dirty face, got up to get a cloth towel, moistened it and then sat back down, gently wiping his face.

Xie Bi An cooperated and closed his eyes.

Fan Wu She's hand trembled and his breathing instantly became urgent.

Xie Bi An's face was tilted up, his eyelashes fluttering, his nose flaring, his red lips naturally opening slightly, as if he was giving his mouth up for someone to kiss.

Fan Wu She couldn’t restrain himself from reaching out and gently cupping his jaw, his gaze tracing these lips over and over again.

He remembered the way these lips had looked when he had ravaged them to the point of glistening red and swollen, and the image of them being forced to open to their fullest extent, humiliatingly gulping his manhood. He knew how soft they were, how sweet they were, how good they sounded when they called out, and what sorrowful words they could utter.

He always loved to kiss him. Occasionally, on an afternoon when he was tired of them hurting each other, he would hug and let Zong Zi Heng sit on his lap and kiss the man in his arms until he became weak. Compared to the rough and predatory lovemaking, kissing gave him a good illusion, like they were in love with each other.

But then Xie Bi An's eyes opened, shattering a pleasant and romantic dream.

The blazing heat in Fan Wu She's eyes had not yet receded. Xie Bi An was startled at the nearness of his face, and could not help but shrink back.

"... Junior brother?" Xie Bi An felt his heart pounding. Lately he always felt that Fan Wu She’s gaze on him was a bit unusual, like now, as if he wanted to stare into his flesh. What kind of person looks at people like that?

Fan Wu She clenched his cloth handkerchief, "I haven't finished wiping yet."

"Uh, I'll wipe it myself."

"You can't move your hands." Fan Wu She held the back of Xie Bi An's neck with one hand and yanked his face back.

Xie Bi An was startled, once again forced to get close to Fan Wu She again. He blinked his eyes, feeling his heartbeat still unable to calm down.

Fan Wu She wiped his face clean before reluctantly releasing his hand and adding, "Your clothes are dirty too. Stand up."

"... Oh."

Xie Bi An stood up and let Fan Wu She help him remove his outer clothing. Luckily his inner clothing was still intact, and the two of them both secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

Xie Bi An walked to the window, looked at the sky and said to himself, "What is Master doing now?"

Fan Wu She rested his chin and looked at Xie Bi An in silence.

Returning to the Chunyang Sect and seeing Xu Zhi Nan again reminded him of many, many things from his previous life. The days and months had gone by, and all those figures who had once been outstanding throughout the world had disappeared with the wind, yet he could still sit here and watch this man alive in front of him. A hundred years in hell, perhaps was worth it.

It was only Xu Zhi Nan's mention of "Emperor Kong Hua" on his deathbed that kept him distracted for the whole night. When one is dying, what one cares about is the most important thing or the regret of one's life. Even if Xu Zhi Nan had no children, shouldn't he be concerned about the Chunyang Sect? Why would he mention Zong Zi Heng to Zhong Kui, an outsider? And why would Zhong Kui personally lead Xu Zhi Nan's soul to the Underworld?

Zhong Kui's reaction must also be that he was hiding something.

And Xie Bi An looked even more anxious than he did.

Fan Wu She said, "Senior brother, don't stand up. Sit down and take a rest."

Xie Bi An sighed, "Aren't you worried about master?"

"Master personally sent Xu Zhi Nan's human soul to the underworld, what is there to worry about?"

"Before Immortal Lord Xu died, he mentioned 'Emperor Kong Hua', and I don't know what he actually said. After master heard that, he had a worried look. Even when I asked him what was wrong, he wouldn't say. It was too fishy." Xie Bi An wrinkled his eyebrows, "Don't you think that everything that has happened recently seems to be related to the Daming Zong Clan from a hundred years ago?"

"... Indeed. Zong Ming He, Li Bu Yu, Xu Zhi Nan, and even Qi Meng Sheng, are all from the era of Emperor Zong. They are also related to the overthrow of the Zong clan."

Xie Bi An looked at Fan Wu She hesitantly, "Why don't we also go back to the Underworld and take a look as well?"

"Master wants us to stay. And if he doesn't want us to know, there's no use going back." Fan Wu She also wanted to know what was going on. Everything that had to do with Zong Zi Heng. He wanted to know, but he couldn't arouse Zhong Kui's suspicion.

"The two female cultivators of the Cangyu Sect are really daring. Snatching away the Chunyang Sect's magic treasures and killing the Chunyang Sect's head, which will inevitably lead to a great war between the two sects." Xie Bi An said gruffly, "I'm afraid that it will wreak havoc on the entire Jiuzhou."

"Why did Qi Meng Sheng have to take the Seven Star Lamp to sustain her life? At her level, she should have taken life and death indifferently. Moreover, Xu Zhi Nan and Qi Meng Sheng..." Fan Wu She could hardly imagine that these two would have an affair.

"Listening to them, it seems that Xu Zhi Nan was unwilling to give up his Chunyang body and let down Qi Meng Sheng." Xie Bi An shook his head, "Xu Zhi Nan didn't save her from death. Whether Qi Meng Sheng had feelings or not, at least Xu Zhi Nan was heartless."

Fan Wu She narrowed his eyes slightly, "Qi Meng Sheng is not an ordinary woman. She may not cling to the value of love. Back then, it was she and Xu Zhi Nan who helped Zong Zi Heng kill his father, the king, and usurp the throne. Later on, both sects have since benefited greatly. The Chunyang Sect annexed the power of the Wuyun Sect and dominated the Chu land alone, while the Cangyu Sect almost unified beyond the Pass*."

"If it wasn't for the Supreme Demon appearing out of the blue, it would be hard to predict who would rule the world now." Xie Bi An pondered, "It's just that those things that happened a hundred years ago are inconsistent with the stories we've heard since we were young. For example, it's said that Zong Zi Xiao was a demon cultivator who ate human cores, but why did Zong Ming He eat cores from the Chunyang Sect? If we say that they were a nest of snakes and rats*, but they weren't father and son with blood relations, and in the end, they even turned against each other. His biological father was the one who stole the cores ah."

Disgust flashed in Fan Wu She's eyes, "Rumors are not supposed to be believed. However, the fact that Zong Ming He has eaten human cores is indeed surprising."

"If both Zong Ming He and Zong Zi Xiao had eaten human cores, could it be that Zong Zi Heng had also eaten them? Could it be that all those people back then were in collusion with the Wuyun Sect?"

"He hasn't eaten them before." Fan Wu She retorted without a second thought.

Xie Bi An looked at Fan Wu She in confusion.

Fan Wu She frowned, "Zong Zi Heng is highly gifted. If even Zong Ming He can break through to the Eighth Chongtian, how difficult would it be for him?" He had cultivated with Zong Zi Heng since he was a child, and no one knew Zong Zi Heng’s strength better than he did. If he hadn't relied on the Xuan Yuan Heavenly Secret Talisman to open the Underworld Cave, his cultivation would have increased greatly, and the victory or defeat in that duel between the two might not have been known.

To say that Zong Zi Heng had relied on eating human cores was also a humiliation to himself.

"Junior brother, how can you be so sure?" Xie Bi An asked in surprise.

"... I heard what other people have said." Fan Wu She avoided Xie Bi An's questioning look, "However, I am not surprised that Zong Ming He ate human cores. He has mediocre talent. Back then, his elder brother was the most powerful cultivator of the Daming Zong Clan and had yet to break through the eighth Chongtian, yet he was the first to break the boundary. I'm afraid no one would have expected that Emperor Zong would commit such an evil deed."

"That’s right. But in that case, Li Bu Yu is also very suspicious." Xie Bi An sighed, "After all, Zong Ming He's core was also dug out. However, Li Bu Yu also has god-given talents, and he doesn't need to rely on ..."

Fan Wu She sneered, "God-given talents? He sealed it himself? I heard that back then, he lost miserably to Zong Zi Xiao at the Jiaolong assembly."

"Is there anything else?" Xie Bi An said in surprise, "Junior brother, I really didn’t think that you knew so much about the events back then, did you specifically delve into it?"

"No, I just heard people talking about it when I was at the wine shop." Fan Wu She pulled Xie Bi An up from his chair, "You've been working all night, you must be tired, go and get some sleep."

"It's going to be daytime soon, why sleep?"

"Then it's even more important to rest." Fan Wu She sat Xie Bi An down on the bed and naturally knelt down to remove his shoes.

Xie Bi An was stunned for a moment: "Junior brother, there is no need to ..."

Fan Wu She lifted his feet onto the bed, pressed his shoulders to make him lie flat, covered him with the quilt, and finally, carefully placed his two white bandaged hands on his side. That meticulous and gentle appearance was as if he was treating something fragile, which made Xie Bi An very touched.


"I'm right next door. If you need anything, just call me."

Xie Bi An gazed into Fan Wu She's eyes and smiled faintly, "Junior brother, you are so kind to me."

That untainted, frank and pure smile made Fan Wu She’s heart flutter. He bent down and propped his hands on the blanket, looking down at Xie Bi An with a powerful gaze that could pierce through the long night, and said softly, "Senior brother, I am only good to you."

Xie Bi An was suddenly frozen like a clay sculpture.

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beyond the Pass*[一统关外]---the region north and east of Shanhai Pass [山海关] or the region west of Jiayu Pass [嘉峪关] or both

a nest of snakes and rats [蛇鼠一窝]----to describe bad people colluding with each other, or to describe the behaviour of two related people doing bad things in the same way

Chapter 86

The news of Xu Zhi Nan's death has caused an uproar in the immortal world. Zhao Wen took on the position of Sect leader at a time of crisis. The first thing he did was to give order to arrest Yun Xiang Yi and Hua Xiang Rong, and at the same time, he sent his eldest disciple to Mount Shu to ask Li Bu Yu to put pressure on the Cangyu Sect in the name of the Immortal Alliance to hand over the two people who killed Xu Zhi Nan and stole the Seven Star Life-Sustaining Lamp.

The Immortal Alliance has its own rules, and since such a big thing has happened to the Chunyang Sect, the other sects cannot just sit back and watch. If this turns out to be true, all sects must unite to crusade against the Cangyu Sect.

The two female cultivators were worthy of the successors personally trained by Qi Meng Sheng, and their cultivation was so good that they escaped silently from Chunyang Sect’s Chu land with one hand hiding the sky*, and it would be almost impossible to catch them once they were out of the gate.

The whole of Jingzhou was silent with grief, and the people spontaneously wore mourning and kept vigil for Xu Zhi Nan, filling the city with white linen and thousands of candle lanterns in a spectacular display.

Within three days, people from all the major sects arrived to offer their condolences. Li Bu Yu, claiming to be old, sent his son, and the pavilion Master of the Xianyue Pavilion brought Lan Chui Han to come personally. Lan Chui Han had cultivated in the Chunyang Sect when he was young. Although Xu Zhi Nan was in seclusion for eighteen years, he only met the sect leader when he was very young and did not have much of an impression, but his experience in the Chunyang Sect had benefited him throughout his life. This time, he kept vigil for 3 nights as an outside disciple of the Chunyang Sect to perform the funeral rites.

Before the funeral procession, Zhong Kui returned. Xie Bi An had a belly full of questions to ask, but before he could open his mouth, he was stopped by a gesture from Zhong Kui: "We’ll talk when we go back."

Xie Bi An's heart felt even more uneasy.

After Xu Zhi Nan's funeral procession, Zhong Kui was in a hurry to leave and instructed Xie Bi An to pack his luggage.

"Master, where are we going?" "To the Cangyu Sect."
"Ah?" Xie Bi An said in surprise, "To the Cangyu Sect? To catch those two female cultivators?"

"No, there is something very important that requires me to meet Qi Meng Sheng in person."

Fan Wu She said, "Is it Xu Zhi Nan's dying request?" Xu Zhi Nan and Qi Meng Sheng were both figures who had stirred up the clouds during the time of Emperor Song. Xu Zhi Nan had mentioned Emperor Kong Hua to Zhong Kui with a manner of entrusting him before death, so it is definitely not a small matter. What exactly is the connection between this series of treacherous events from Mount Shu to Jingzhou and Song Zi Heng? What is the karma that has not yet ended across a hundred years of time?

"Yeah." Zhong Kui said, "I was supposed to go to the Wuliang Sect and ask Li Bu Yu to explain about Song Ming He, but now ... there’s no time to lose, let's go." "Master, aren't we going to say goodbye to Elder Zhao Wen?"

"He's so busy that his feet are not touching the ground*. I've already informed him."

"... Alright." Xie Bi An always felt as if he was running away from something by leaving in such a hurry. He thought Zhong Kui might be afraid that Zhou Wen and the others would ask him about Xu Zhi Nan's last words after they take a breather.

As the three of them left, Xie Bi An slapped his head and remembered something else: "I haven't had time to say a word to Brother Lan these past few days. I’ll at least go and say goodbye."

Fan Wu She dragged him back, "Can't you see that master is in a hurry?
Let's go."

"Is it too urgent for a moment or two?"

"Yes." Fan Wu She pulled him out of the mountain gate of Luojinwu without a word.

It was a long way to Kunlun, so they could not keep flying on their swords, thus they rode on horses.

It was just the beginning of spring and the climate was slightly chilly, but the further they went northwest, the colder it became, as if walking backwards into winter.

While on the way, Zhong Kui was mostly silent and did not say anything when asked. A complete change from his usual appearance.

A few days later, they arrived at Shazhou. This was the largest border post in the northwest. After Shazhou, it was beyond the Pass. After the Pass, there will be no more post stations for horses and vehicles, so travelers had to resupply here.

Although Xie Bi An had traveled extensively, this was the first time he had been this far away. Many of the things sold in the city were things he hadn't seen before, and he took the opportunity to have a good browse while he was resupplying.

When he passed a bookstall, the vendor was enthusiastically selling a book to a pair of young men.

"At a glance, this book is suitable for the two of you. This ‘The Treasure of Flower Tasting’ is informative, new and interesting, and this edition comes with drawings."

Fan Wu She raised his sword eyebrows, and there was a mischievous gleam in his eyes as he turned around and walked over to the stall: "What book is it? Is it really that good?"

The vendor's voice was so loud that Xie Bi An also heard him, and he was trying to leave quickly, but he didn't keep an eye on Fan Wu She, and his head felt a little swollen at that moment.

The pair of young men looked at each other ambiguously and laughed.

The vendor looked at Fan Wu She, and his eyes lit up as he picked up another book and shoved it at him, "Aye, this gentleman is so handsome. You are a man of vision. This book is excellent, you will know it once you look at it."

Fan Wu She took it and was about to read it, but Xie Bi An grabbed the book with his hands and said, "What are you reading? This kind of boring and wild book will not improve you, so you don't need to read it."

One of the men gave a charming smile, "This gentleman is also a cultivator, right? Then you are narrow-minded. Such things, if they are interesting, are also very beneficial to cultivation."

Xie Bi An was a little embarrassed, but he was very open and generous, smiling and explaining, "Fellow Daoist misunderstood. This is my junior brother." He had previously heard people say that people from beyond the Pass were unconventional and unrestrained. Seeing that this pair of youths were absolutely not refraining from being intimate in front of people, it seemed to be true.

Fan Wu She pretended to be confused and said, "Senior brother, what are you guys talking about? Last time when I was at home, you wouldn't let me read this book. You like flowers, I'm also interested, so why don't I delve into it and help you raise flowers together."

The pair of youths and the vendor laughed together.

Xie Bi An really wanted to take Fan Wu She and burrow into the soil. He coughed lightly and said with a straight face, "This book is not about raising flowers. Let's go, senior brother will explain it to you later."

"Little mister, your senior brother is not pure. This kind of good stuff he's kept it privately to himself, yet will not let you read it." The vendor was laughing and gestured with 5 fingers as he watched the fun unfold, "Just five copper coins, and you won't regret it."

Xie Bi An gave the vendor a sidelong glance and threw the book back to him, holding Fan Wu She's wrist and dragging him away.

But Fan Wu She refused to go, "Senior brother, I want to read it." He really loved to see Xie Bi An's current expression. He had done all sorts of indecent things to this man, made this man embarrassed countless times, but it was all humiliation and shame, and there was always a sadness between his brows that could not be melted. There had never been such a fresh and adorable look, he did not want to miss a single glimpse of it.

The pair of youths laughed so hard that they trembled.

"Wu She!" Xie Bi An feigned anger, "If I say don’t read it then don’t read it."

"This ‘The Treasure of Flower Tasting’ is about love affairs between men." The youth sniggered, "Could it be that you two are not on the same path?" Fan Wu She looked at Xie Bi An in surprise, "Senior brother, this book

Xie Bi An used brute force to drag Fan Wu She away.

"Senior brother, is what they said true? Why do you have that book?"

"At that time, the owner of the bookstall said that it was cheaper to buy five copies, so I didn't know what kind of book it was and bought it casually." After explaining, Xie Bi An stole a glance at Fan Wu She, and to his surprise, he saw his face of disbelief and said in an aggravated tone, "Really!"

"Then the two people just now, could it be that they are companions in dual cultivation?"

"Probably. It's not unusual outside the Pass."

"I've heard that this cultivation method does work."

Xie Bi An just wanted to get this topic out of the way as quickly as possible, "Uh, hmm."

"Have you ever thought about dual cultivation?" Fan Wu She looked askance at Xie Bi An.

"Naturally not. There are no shortcuts on the path to the Dao. It's better to keep your feet on the ground ..."

"I have thought about it." Xie Bi An was frozen.
Fan Wu She gently tugged at the corners of his mouth, revealing an ambiguous smile. His gaze so deep it was frightening: "I’ve thought about it."

Xie Bi An’s heart trembled. He seemed to have seen such a look before, but this was clearly not like his usual junior brother. He had never been looked at by someone with such an aggressive hunter's look, but vaguely it felt familiar.

Images and words flashed through his mind. He couldn't tell anything apart, but he could feel it. He felt confused, violent, ashamed, unbearable. Ever since he had fainted on the Eight Trigrams Platform and had that messy dream, things had flashed through his mind from time to time. He had grown up watching the cycle of life and death and had no hesitation in assuming that these were memories from his previous life.

As to why it was the Eight Trigrams Platform that triggered the memories deep in his soul, who was Xiao Jiu in the dream, and why he was entangled with that man, he was curious but didn't really want to know the answer. He had seen too many people who could not let go of their past lives and refused to drink Meng Po soup, and all of them sank forever in their memories and could not be freed. If one could not let go of the past, one would not be able to move on to the future. As a general of the underworld, he could not fail to understand this truth, so he did not want to know the karma of his past lives. He just wants to live well in this lifetime.

Seeing him in a daze, Fan Wu She frowned: "Will senior brother look down on me?"

Xie Bi An shook his head helplessly, revealing his usual gentle and frank smile, "Why would I? If one day you really meet the one you love, senior brother will bless you both."

The Adam’s apple in Fan Wu She's throat slid, the longing in his heart crying out. He knew very well that this life was different from their previous one, and he had to be calm. What he wanted was Xie Bi An's willingness, but he’s used to plundering, used to being in control, used to making unlimited demands. He's dying to cross these trivial details and relieve a hundred years of longing.

"Come on, let's go back to the inn."

The two of them returned to the inn with the things they had bought, and as soon as they entered they saw Zhong Kui drinking wine with a flamboyant man in blue clothes.

"Brother Lan?" Xie Bi An said in pleasant surprise.

Fan Wu She's face instantly sank and he said nonchalantly, "Why has the spirits not dissipated*?"

"Bi An." Lan Chui Han stood up and laughed, "I was fast and furious and finally caught up with you."

"You've come to find us? Why?"

"I want to go to Cangyu Sect with you guys."

one hand hiding the sky*[⼀⼿遮天]--- to hide the truth from the masses
feet are not touching the ground*[ 脚不沾地]----busy running here and there; run like the wind
Why has the spirits not dissipated*[怎么阴魂不散] Wu She was
indicating Chui Han is a spirit who keeps following them

Chapter 87

"Yun Xiang Yi and Hua Xiang Rong have fled back to Fenglin Continent, and the Cangyu Sect has ignored the Immortal Alliance's questioning." Lan Chui Han brought in the latest news from the Immortal Alliance.

Xie Bi An's expression was unimaginable: "Does the Cangyu Sect really want to be an enemy of the entire Immortal Alliance?"

"We can't figure it out either. Even if Qi Meng Sheng can hang on to life with the Seven Star Life-Sustaining Lamp, then she would almost become a disabled person, so what's the point of this?" Lan Chui Han's sword brows knitted lightly, "With the power of the Cangyu Sect, if we go to war, there will be countless deaths and injuries, and no one wants to go that far."

"So, you were sent by Li Bu Yu to be a guest?" Fan Wu She glanced at Lan Chui Han.

Lan Chui Han smiled lightly, "Six years ago my father forged a sword for me using the Shen Nong Ding. My sect is on friendly terms with the Cangyu Sect, and I also have a personal relationship with Yun Zhong Jun, the senior brother of the Cangyu Sect, so what is wrong with me being the guest?"

Zhong Kui nodded: "Yun Zhong Jun and Yun Xiang Yi have been fighting for the position of Sect Leader. There are quibbles in the dark more or less. If you go to persuade them, it might really help. What is the Chunyang Sect's request?" "To return the Seven Star Life-Sustaining Lamp, to have Yun Xiang Yi and Hua Xiang Rong stripped from their cultivation, be expelled from the Cangyu Sect, and to go before the spirit of Immortal Xu to apologize for their crime." Lan Chui Han’s expression was cold, "The Chunyang Sect has always been neutral, as Immortal Xu did not die from the Thunderfire Stone, but just happened to have reached the end of his life, I think they only wanted to steal the Seven Star Lamp, and did not dare to have the idea of plotting against Immortal Xu, therefore, their lives are not wanted."

"Well, that's fair." Zhong Kui stroked his beard and said, "These two girls have caused a great deal of trouble and must pay the price, but Qi Meng Sheng is also to blame. It's just that if this really leads to a fight between the sects, it is bound to be a lose-lose situation, which is not what Immortal Xu wants to see. So, settling it like this is the most rational."

"What if the Cangyu Sect insists on covering it up?" Fan Wu She said, "From what I know about Qi Meng Sheng, she is cunning and stubborn, ambitious and proud, so it is impossible for her to abolish her own disciples."

Xie Bi An broke into laughter, "Junior brother, you are so young, how would you understand Qi Meng Sheng? There are many strange rumors about the Cangyu Sect in the Central Plains, so you cannot judge without any evidence."

"Back then, Song Zi Xiao relied on the Xuan Yuan Heavenly Secret Talisman to dominate Jiuzhou and was invincible, and those famous sects bowed down one after another." Fan Wu She sneered disdainfully, "Only Qi Meng Sheng, who would rather break than bend, is worth being called a great hero of her generation. She is not even afraid of Song Zi Xiao, and now she will hand over the Flying Plume Ambassador who is as close to her as her own child? Impossible."

Zhong Kui* ---: I think SQC either made a typo or forgot to give Zhong Kui dialogue here HAHAHAHA What do you think he should say? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Lan Chui Han paused for a while: "In fact, Alliance Master Li also thinks the same thing, which is why he sent me to lobby Yun Zhong Jun. If they don't hand over the two, the Immortal Alliance will definitely have to seek justice for the Chunyang Sect, and then the Cangyu Sect will have to become enemies with all the Central Plains sects, and no one wants to go that far." He looked at Zhong Kui, "But why exactly is Heavenly Master here? Can you give me a clear explanation?"

Zhong Kui took a sip of his wine, "I was entrusted by Immortal Xu on his deathbed with a task, so I am not at liberty to reveal it."

Lan Chui Han nodded his head thoughtfully.


After staying overnight at Shazhou, the four of them set off early the next morning.

It is rare for people from the Central Plains to carry out activities outside the Pass because of the desolated desert and extreme cold temperatures. Where the environment is very harsh, so if they get lost, they may not be able to return.

As they left Shazhou, they traveled north. The more they walked the more sparsely populated it became, and the weather got colder and colder, entering a world of white snow and wind all year round.

Xie Bi An had come to the Pass when he was young, precisely to see the Xianyue Pavilion forge a sword with the Shen Nong Ding, although this was not the path he had taken. Perhaps he was so young that all the memories he had left were surprisingly fresh and interesting, forgetting how cold it was here. He wore a thick cotton coat and was protected by his spiritual power, yet his lips were still blue from the cold. The snow dance brought up by the cold wind was confusing to the eyes, and the white expanse seemed to have no end.

"This hellish place." Zhong Kui shivered and said, "No wonder the Cangyu Sect stands in the Immortal Cultivation World without falling. So far away and so cold. If there was no Shen Nong Ding, who would look at her territory?" Fan Wu She said, "It's not very far. If you fly on the sword you can get there in no time, but the wind and snow are so strong that you can't see anything. I'm afraid only people from the Cangyu Sect won't get lost."

Lan Chui Han gazed into the distance, a layer of white frost on his eyelashes: "There are campsites built by travelers and merchants ahead where we can shelter from the wind."

"Has Brother Lan ever traveled this road? It doesn't seem to be the same road to Shen Nong Ding as back then."

"Well, I visited Fenglin Continent again later."

Before it got dark, they arrived at the place that Lan Chui Han had mentioned - a natural barrier formed by a craggy rock, with no snow underneath and can shelter them from the wind. The surrounding was scattered with dry firewood left by people who had traveled this way. It seems like those people who travel to Cangyu Sect will rest in this area.

Xie Bi An and Fan Wu She unpacked one by one and prepared to lay out their bedding and make a fire for cooking.

When Lan Chui Han wanted to go over and help, Zhong Kui waved his hand, "Hey, Mister Lan, let them do their work, you can sit down."

So Lan Chui Han calmly sat down.

Fan Wu She was so angry that he rolled his eyes at Lan Chui Han, thinking that he was the demon supreme in this generation. Last time he was ordered by Xie Bi An to wipe the floor, and this time he actually had to serve a pretentious fool. He couldn't swallow this anger in his heart.

"Junior brother, you go and gather the firewood."

"Oh." Fan Wu She saw Bi An was laying down the quilt, "Senior brother, just lay one for master."

"That won't do, how can we let Brother Lan sleep on the floor?" Fan Wu She's face had just pulled down when he saw Xie Bi An smiling at him, "We both have to keep watch anyway, so do it for a while, okay?"

His features instantly smoothed out, "Okay."

The two of them got the fire going and while the water was boiling, they stretched out their hands and warmed them.

When Xie Bi An's hands were warmed, he put them on his frozen face, and when his hands were cool, he put them down again to warm them, repeating this several times.

Fan Wu She held Xie Bi An's face in his hands, and his dark eyes reflected the leaping fire, his eyes were amazingly bright: "I'll cover it for you."

Xie Bi An froze, "No need, just warm yourself up."

But Fan Wu She insisted on pressing his face and not letting his hands go, "Your face is still very cold."

Zhong Kui and Lan Chui Han were right beside him, and Xie Bi An was a little embarrassed. He pulled Fan Wu She's hand down, "I'm not cold anymore. You should warm up by the fire quickly. Your hand is colder than my face, so who is covering who?"

Lan Chui Han put one hand to support his face and looked at them with a smile.

Fan Wu She looked at his hands and muttered in a small voice. "Master, Brother Lan, the water is boiling, have a sip of hot tea first." "Is my wine warm yet?"
"Master, can't you drink your tea first?"

"Drinking wine is what warms you up. One sip and it burns your heart and lungs, your body will immediately catch fire. Try it if you don't believe me."

Xie Bi An helplessly handed him the wine, "Don’t drink too much, the rice will be cooked soon."

Lan Chui Han said with a smile, "Where in the world did the Heavenly Master find such an obedient and reliable disciple like Bi An?"

"Haha, found him only by chance."

"Then ..." Lan Chui Han looked at Fan Wu She, the corners of his lips curled slightly, as if he wanted to say something.

"Him ah? I owe him wine money. I most likely got drunk, so I agreed to take him in as my disciple."

"Oh?" Lan Chui Han raised an eyebrow, "So, he is considered to be someone from unknown origin and also knows the Zongxuan Sword Technique. No wonder Alliance Master Li wants to check his origins."

Fan Wu She looked askance at Lan Chui Han, "What business is it of an outsider like you to know my origins?"
Xie Bi An hastily intervened, "Brother Lan is just concerned about you." "Exactly. Alliance Master Li wants to send Song Chun Gui to check. If it
weren't for the back-to-back incidents with the walking corpse at Diancang Peak and Immortal Xu, he would have come long ago." Even in the wilderness, Lan Chui Han ate without losing his elegance. He tasted the soup, "Mmm, it's so fresh and delicious. Bi An, your cooking is really excellent."

"I'm flattered. There's a shortage of everything here, I'm just getting by with what there is."

"I'll help Mister Lan serve some more." Fan Wu She reached out to grab Lan Chui Han's bowl, saying that he wanted to serve the soup, but looking at the momentum, it was clear that he wanted to hit his bowl. Lan Chui Han was instantly alerted and gently blocked the unfriendly hand: "No need."

Fan Wu She reached out again, and the two of them used their hands to exert a few moves. The wooden bowl flowing back and forth between their wrists, each time nearly falling to the ground and being retrieved, without even a drop of water being spilt.

Zhong Kui watched with amusement, simply taking it as a dish that goes well with alcoholic drinks. Xie Bi An picked up the branch and struck Fan Wu She’s hand: "No manners."
Fan Wu She retracted his hand and glared at Xie Bi An in exasperation. "Eat your meal properly and stop doing such childish things." Xie Bi An
filled another bowl of rice for Fan Wu She.

Fan Wu She was so indignant that he was almost full from anger. He must get back his power from his previous life as soon as possible, so that Xie Bi An would never dare to underestimate him again.

At night, the two brothers kept watch.

They gathered around the fire, wrapped in their blankets, and the flames flickering. It’s the only sound in the dead silence of the night.

"Senior brother, are you cold?" Fan Wu She asked gently.

Upon hearing those words, Xie Bi An tightened the blanket: "Yes."

Fan Wu She added, "We can both wrap up together, so that we can wrap up with two quilts, and we won't be cold."

"If it's not cold at all, I'm afraid I'll fall asleep." "It's okay if you fall asleep, I'll be awake."
"How can that be? I can't leave you alone to keep watch." "Then we'll stay awake together." Fan Wu She unfolded the quilt and put it over Xie Bi An.

The two of them rustled and adjusted, and ended up sticking next to each other.

Xie Bi An puffed out a steam of air and whispered, "Kunlun is too cold. I always feel I’ve suffered this cold before, not as a child, but ..."


"Wu She, do you occasionally flashback to memories that are not your own? Like strange memories."

"What are you referring to?"

"It's what I said to you before, that everyone doesn't really lose their memories of their past lives. They just don't remember them. I've had a strange familiarity with this mortal realm ever since I fainted on the Eight Trigrams Platform, that is, a feeling as if I had been here in another identity."

Fan Wu She's breath hitched.

"Here, for example. I feel as if I have really been frozen before. Not like this with food and clothing and a fire to keep me warm, but really frozen. I suspect that this is a fragment of my past life's memories too."

"These fragments, have you pieced together any useful clues?"

Xie Bi An thought about it and shook his head, "There are millions of people in the world, and everyone walks a different path. Clues won’t tell me what happened in my past life. To be honest, I don't want to know either. I guess I didn't have a good life in my past life."

Fan Wu She felt his heart ache, "Not a good life?"

"Well, maybe I cultivated sufferings in my previous life." Xie Bi An looked up at the stars and muttered to himself, "In my previous life, I have seen this same starry sky, right? Everything has passed. These memories, can they stop bothering me?"


Fan Wu She hoped that Xie Bi An would never remember his previous life, but he also hoped that he would remember and bring Song Zi Heng back across a century of time. This extreme contradiction tore his heart at every moment.

Chapter 88

After dawn, the wind and snow eased off a little. They quickly hurried on with their horse, using the sun as a guide.

On the way, they occasionally met merchants returning from the Fenglin Continent, all of them in a state of lethargy. When they asked, they found out that the Cangyu Sect was now under strict security, and that they had to conduct strict checks on people and goods entering and leaving Kunlun, especially those from the Central Plains.

Lan Chui Han said, "It seems that the Cangyu Sect is not unaware of their situation, I really can't think how they plan to get through this crisis if they don't hand over the Flying Plume Ambassador."

"Will the Cangyu Sect not let us in?" Xie Bi An was a little worried. Even though they were not from the Immortal Alliance, the intention of coming was not favourable to the Cangyu Sect.

"That depends whether they can stop us too." Zhong Kui shook his wine jug, "Aiya, it's almost empty, we have to move faster."

It was midday and the winter sun was in full swing. The sun’s glow did not warm the body much, but when it fell on the snow, the reflected light seemed to carry a manacle, making it almost impossible to open one's eyes. The wind was so cold that it swept up a white mist of snow, even those who were a horse's length apart were separated by a thick curtain and only silhouette could be seen. In the midst of the chaos, they simultaneously felt an unmistakable spiritual pressure ahead of them.

"Who’s there!" Fan Wu She shouted alertly.

As the wind and snow gradually dissipated, a figure appeared in mid-air, wearing a mili* and unable to see his face, but his figure was clearly that of a slender man, who stood in the void, in a flowing icy grey that almost merged with the icy sky and snow.

"Yun Zhong Jun?" Lan Chui Han said in surprise.

This man was the Cangyu Sect's Eldest Senior Brother, Yun Zhong Jun?! He was truly as rumoured, floating like an immortal, but never showing his true face to the world. When looked closely, he was actually stepping on a clear ice crystal under his feet.

Yun Zhong Jun arched his hand and said, "I, a humble servant, have been ordered by my master to come and welcome Heaven Master, Lord Lan and the two Impermanence Immortals to Fenglin Continent." His voice was like the gurgling water on a glacier, clear and cold, "Please follow me and proceed on your swords."

Yun Zhong Jun led the way, and several people followed behind with their swords, flying further north in the cold wind and snow.

Through the layers of snow and mist, a snowy mountain towering into the clouds appeared in a distance. The view was endlessly white, with a single turquoise blue lake set like a jewel on top of the snow-capped mountain. This picturesque fairyland made people forget to breathe for a moment. This is exactly where the famous Kunlun Cangyu Sect is located - Fenglin Continent.

"It's so beautiful ah. After seeing the mountains and rivers of the Central Plains, this snowy country landscape is really something else." Xie Bi An exclaimed. Lan Chui Han whispered, "Fenglin Continent's terrain is so treacherous, easy to defend and difficult to invade. If the Immortal Alliance really goes to war with them, the distance, the weather and the terrain, all are advantageous to the Cangyu Sect."

"Yeah, the fact that the Cangyu Sect can grow and develop is inseparable from its location, not to mention the fact that holding the Shen Nong Ding is like holding a golden mountain." Zhong Kui narrowed his eyes, "However, do not underestimate the ambition of the Immortal Alliance. There is no sect or person who does not covet the Shen Nong Ding, and all dare not speak out against the Cangyu Sect's behaviour of pulling out the hair from the geese*. There is no telling how the matter of Immortal Xu will evolve."

"It is true that there is no shortage of those in the Immortal Alliance who want to take advantage of the opportunity to crush the Cangyu Sect, but I believe that at least Alliance Master Li would never want to go to war with the Cangyu Sect." Lan Chui Han frowned and said, "Neither does Xianyue Pavilion, which is the exact purpose of my trip."

As they flew closer and closer, the grandeur and magnanimous palace built against the lake became clearer and clearer.

Fan Wu She looked at the approaching Fenglin Continent and pondered.

He had been to Fenglin Continent twice before. The first time, he had infiltrated incognito as a traveller, wanting to investigate what had happened when Song Ming He had taken Song Zi Heng to the Shen Nong Ding. Song Zi Heng had disappeared for some time, and when he reappeared, he had killed his father the king on the Eight Trigrams Platform of the Wuliang Sect, usurping the throne. The second time, he was already a demon supreme. In the world’s eyes, the impregnable fortress was easy to defend and difficult to invade. To the Yin soldiers, it was like walking on flat ground. He forced Qi Meng Sheng to open the Shen Nong Ding using her Cangyu Sect’s authority. Qi Meng Sheng would rather die than submit. If Xu Zhi Nan did not rush here in time to persuade Qi Meng Sheng to submit, there may be no Cangyu Sect now. But he still doesn't know what happened back then, letting Song Zi Heng, a hypocrite with a mouth full of justice and virtue, would rather earn himself eternal infamy and usurp the throne no matter what. Perhaps Song Zi Heng had already become apathetic after framing his 2 younger brothers one after another. His eyes only have the throne and did not care about the infamy behind his back.

However, none of that mattered anymore. He was originally going to come back to Fenglin Continent to take something away, only this trip was much earlier than he had expected.

"Junior brother, junior brother?" Xie Bi An called out twice, "It's time to land."

Fan Wu She turned his head to look, and Xie Bi An's face once again caused him to be briefly dazed between memory and reality. As he came back to his senses, he landed with the others.

The lake in front of him was smooth and flat like a mirror, reflecting the entire palace and the snow-capped mountains behind it, as if they were two spaces divided in two, looking at each other across the mirror. Everything in Fenglin Continent was so mysterious and dreamy.

"This way, please, gentlemen."

When the disciples of the Cangyu Sect saw Yun Zhong Jun, they all bowed down respectfully and called out "Senior Brother". Judging from their attitude, this Yun Zhong Jun was feared in the Cangyu Sect.
"Is Yun Zhong Jun taking us to see the Immortal Lord?" Zhong Kui said. "Back to Heaven Master, my master cannot see guests at the moment." Zhong Kui frowned, "Then should we be taken to meet the two Flying
Plume Ambassadors?"

"My senior sister and junior sister are in seclusion and pondering over their mistakes, so they are also not available to meet guests." "What do you mean?" Zhong Kui pulled down his face.

Lan Chui Han said hurriedly, "Heaven Master, let me ask." He walked over to Yun Zhong Jun and said sternly, "Brother Yun, you should know the purpose of our trip."

Yun Zhong Jun said coldly, "Mister Lan, our sect does not dare to neglect Heaven Master, but it is true that Master is not convenient to see guests right now, and I cannot make a decision."

"Is she unable to see guests because she is hanging on to life with the Seven Star Life-Sustaining Lamp?" Fan Wu She asked directly.

Yun Zhong Jun twisted his head to look at Fan Wu She, and despite the mili covering him, the crowd still felt his sharp gaze. The people around him were accustomed to Fan Wu She's supercilious, but in the eyes of outsiders, this was a huge transgression.

It was a rare occasion that Xie Bi An did not rebuke Fan Wu She. He had only met Xu Zhi Nan once, but Xu Zhi Nan was highly respected and admired, and what had happened in Chunyang Sect had made him feel nothing good about the Cangyu Sect.

Zhong Kui said coldly, "If the Immortal Lord does not see me, I will have to go and see her, so I hope you will bear with me if I offend you."

This bare threat caused the spiritual pressure around Yun Zhong Jun to rise, and he was silent for a moment, "All of you will stay in Fenglin Continent for now. I will go and ask Immortal Lord." After saying this, he made a ‘please’ gesture and took the lead in walking forward.

Xie Bi An gave Zhong Kui a thumbs up and said quietly, "As expected of you, Master, you were very impressive just now."

Zhong Kui grinned, "Really? Was it impressive?"

"Very impressive. If Master drinks less and meet people with this kind of aura more often, you can remain impressive." "Yawn." Zhong Kui said disdainfully, "It's better not to have all those flashy reputations."

Xie Bi An looked up, "Then in the eyes of outsiders, you are an old drunkard, you can't be impressive."

"How dare you say that about your master, you little brat." Zhong Kui made a move and was about to slap him on the head.

Xie Bi An dodged it easily and sighed, looking at Zhong Kui with an expression of unquestionable anger.

His rebuke was full of care, leaving no doubt that this master and disciple were actually as close as father and son.

Fan Wu She looked at this warm and vivid Xie Bi An and suddenly thought that if they had had a father like Zhong Kui in a previous life, history would have looked differently. At least, his big brother would not have become that hypocritical and cold-blooded human emperor.

After the four of them were settled, Yun Zhong Jun left first.

Lan Chui Han put down his travelling clothes and intended to go to find Yun Zhong Jun.

Zhong Kui called out to him, "Chui Han, I see that this Yun Zhong Jun does not look like he is quite close to you either."

Lan Chui Han smiled bitterly, "We used to drink and compete with each other, and we occasionally wrote to each other, but after what happened this time, I guess he is in a dilemma, and he is also on guard against us, that's why he is so cold."

"You should also be careful with your words when you go find him." "Please rest assured, Heaven Master."
After Lan Chui Han left, Xie Bi An said, "I heard that Yun Zhong Jun is also an orphan picked up by Qi Meng Sheng, and belongs to the Yun generation with Yun Xiang Yi, but Yun Xiang Yi is the eldest sister, so their cultivation levels are not equal, and the Cangyu Sect is rich in Yin and lack of Yang, no matter how you look at it, it is impossible for Qi Meng Sheng to pass the sect leader position to Yun Zhong Jun."

"Yes, Chui Han also saw this as a reason to start from Yun Zhong Jun first. I have no interest in their sect's internal strife, I just want to see Qi Meng Sheng, as for those two girls..."

Xie Bi An said, "Master, should we take them back?"

Zhong Kui shook his head, "We have interfered too much in mortal realm affairs, and it is not in accordance with the rules. It is better to let the Immortal Alliance settle this matter on its own."


Xie Bi An finished tidying Zhong Kui's daily necessities and wanted to go to Fengming Lake with Fan Wu She to have a look, but the people from the Cangyu Sect were following and watching, so they were too annoyed and gave up instead. After eating, they went back to their respective rooms to rest.

In the middle of the night, Fan Wu She changed into his nightclothes and left his room silently, sneaking all the way to the outside of the palace.

There were guards patrolling the shores of Fengming Lake day and night, but the lake was so large that when a person was thrown into a corner where the moonlight did not shine, it was like throwing a stone, which hardly attracts any attention.

After casting a spell, Fan Wu She jumped into the lake and swam hard towards its centre.

On the other side, Xie Bi An was sound asleep.

There was a sudden tremor on the calm surface of Fengming Lake. The water sparkled, stirring up the full moon and spreading an invisible spiritual energy in all directions.

In his sleep, Xie Bi An furrowed his brows and muttered indistinctly under his breath. His consciousness was tangled in confusion, his body falling in the darkness.

And then, his eyes suddenly "opened".

Above his head was a tent of white gold, the densely woven fabric was richly embroidered with flowers. It looks very luxurious in one look, and was of a quality he had never seen before. He struggled to sit up, and the blanket slid down around his waist. His body tired and aching, making him a little dizzy, and he looked around him to find himself in an extremely luxurious room, and he looked down again to see his naked body covered in bruises and red marks of every colour.

His mind went blank.

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mili*[ 幂 篱 ]---a hat with veil, u can see the picture here: https://baike.baidu.com/item/幂篱
pulling out the hair from the geese*[ 雁过拔⽑]--- spare no effort in taking advantage of what one puts his hand on

Chapter 89

Explicit chapter. Contains R18 scenes.

Everything in front of him told Xie Bi An that he was in a completely unfamiliar place. This was a completely strange experience. But without experiencing the sense of displacement that he should, he could not think of where he should be if he was not here, or what he should be experiencing if he was not experiencing this. He was just at a loss. He seems to know who he was, and he didn’t seem to know.

The only thing about this place that felt familiar to him was the elegant orchid fragrance in the incense, which smelled exactly the same as the incense he had made for himself.

"What are you thinking about."

The voice from behind him made Xie Bi An's hair stand upright.

When is there a man behind him? No, this man seemed to be here in the first place.

The next thing he knew, he was being dragged into two strong arms. His back was against a hot, broad chest, and the man's breath gushed down the back of his neck like a hot wind. He turned his head back in surprise. A face was right in front of him, but he couldn't make it out clearly.

"Hmm? What are you thinking? Thinking of me?" The man's voice was lazy and slightly hoarse. His tone was like teasing a pet, treating him without proper respect. Although Xie Bi An was still muddled, he instinctively wanted to stay away from this person, but after struggling twice, he was bound tighter.

"What can you do if you don't speak?" A mocking chuckle came into his ears, "You're not mute. Didn’t you call out very pleasantly just now?”

Who was this man and what was he talking about?

"When I was young, whenever I got angry, no matter how much you teased me, I would always get peeved and not speak, and you would call me childish." The man gently sucked Xie Bi An's earlobe, biting it with his teeth before pulling it gently, "Why did you become childish too, big brother."

This word "big brother" struck Xie Bi An like a thunderbolt.

The man’s big hand suddenly explored downwards, got into the quilt and grasped Xie Bi An’s manhood.

Xie Bi An was so frightened that he was shaking, trying to resist but unable to exert any energy. No one has ever touched this place before. What is this person trying to do?

“Can you still harden? Should be possible.” The man was stroking that manhood while laughing mockingly, “Usually you have a decent appearance, now you can shoot when I casually penetrate you twice. How lewd. You, always think one way and act another way.”

These words made Xie Bi An so ashamed that he wanted to disappear immediately. What’s more frightening is that his body actually reacted. Where the hell is he, what the hell is he experiencing, why is this person treating him like this?

The man broke Xie Bi An’s chin and sucked on his lips. This is a kiss with absolutely no warmth and filled with predatory flavour. The kiss was rough and bossy, as if the person was not only eating his mouth, but even trying to eat him as a whole. But this kiss is so deep and long. What has been poured into, what has been demanded, what has been exchanged, all the perceptions are clear. Entangling and loathe to part in this way let them have an illusion that they are the closest people in the world.

Xie Bi An couldn’t believe that he was kidding a man, and the taste of this kiss was not unfamiliar.

Then, he was pressed face down on the bed. The man’s five fingers clasped his head, pressed it into the bedding forcefully and commanded: “Lift your butt up.”

Xie Bi An was struggling to breathe between the bedding, making a whining sound.

With a ‘pa’ sound, a solid slap landed on his butt, which was not pain enough, but humiliating enough. With the tremor of his butt, a warm body fluid flowed out from the location, which was too embarrassing to speak about, along the butt crevice and dripped onto his thigh.

Xie Bi An only felt that his face was going to burn as hot as he could. He was thinking that he’s having a nightmare, and what should he do in order to wake up.

The man’s finger suddenly thrust into that hole at the back, which couldn’t be closed, and stir maliciously: “It’s so wet ah. Is this the liquid I shot in or the liquid you flow out?”

Don’t…Don’t say it anymore…

“Big brother, your face is so red.” The man leaned down and let out a joyful laugh, “Do you dislike me being vulgar? Or do you dislike me not giving you face? You also knew that I was originally from a noble background. You were strict in disciplining me, and extremely despised filthy language. It’s a pity that I’ve been wandering for 10 years and finally saw the real world. Speaking of it, isn’t it thanks to you?” He took out his finger and slowly wiped the sticky body fluid on Xie Bi An’s face, and even maliciously smeared across his lips. Xie Bi An closed his eyes tightly. At this time he finally can confirm, that everything this man did was to humiliate him. Why, why does this man hate him so much? He has never harmed anyone.

“But in these 10 years, big brother has been above everyone, naturally gentle and decent, and always respected. This face, this body, are much more seducing than what I had remembered.” The man’s hand caressed frivolously over Xie Bi An’s back. When sliding to his lower body, he suddenly lifted his hips, causing him to kneel on the bed in a crawling position.

Xie Bi An could feel that hard and hot thing rubbing against his thigh. His fear was like a surging tide, which instantly drowned him, but he didn’t have a trace of resistance and could only be at his mercy.

The thick and long meat blade pierced in fiercely, breaking open the intestinal wall, and stuck it straight to the end.

Xie Bi An heard his own scream. He had an illusion that his body was about to be pierced right through. His gaze fell on his lower abdomen, his thin waist was confined by two hands, and the shape of the meat blade invading his body was clear and obvious under the flat abdomen. He was trembling with fear, and fear made him tensed himself. But the end result was only the tightening of the flesh cavity in exchange for more violent trusting.

The man pinched his waist and fucked him hard a dozen times. After relieving his urgent desires, he slowed down, and changed direction and the strength in Xie Bi An’s tunnel, fucking him as if teasing a person.

Xie Bi An only felt his blood rushed, and the numbness he never tasted before spread to his whole body from the place where the two were connected. No matter how the man on top of him treats him, whether it’s fast or slow, light or heavy, even the pain, were unusually thrilling. How could this happen? What’s wrong with him? This whole thing is ridiculous!

The man suddenly grabbed Xie Bi An’s hair, forcing him to lift his head, and said viciously: “Feel good? I fuck you to make myself feel good. You indifferently and shamelessly feel the fun, yet still pretend to look like half- dead.” The man lowered his head and licked Xie Bi An’s auricle with the tip of his tongue, “Do you naturally like being fucked by men or by your own younger brother?”

Xie Bi An let out a low, suppressing moan. He felt a warm liquid smeared across his face.

The man paused, and the collision underneath him unconsciously slowed down a bit. Finally, that large object was drawn out, and Xie Bi An was picked up and sat face to face on him.

Xie Bi An saw his broad shoulders, undulating muscles, slender waist and abdomen. Every inch of his skin texture seemed to contain infinite power. He suddenly remembered that there was once a person who lifted him by grabbing his neck with one hand. It was the same overwhelming power and the same undisguised hatred, and also called him…big brother.

The man gently wiped the tears from his face with his fingertips, the action was very gentle: “Do you know when did I start wanting you? From the day I left here. I’ve imagined countless times, one day I will let you fail utterly, let you see the things you got using unscrupulous methods became flying ashes with your own eyes, and then I will make you my concubine, my prostitute and my bed-warming slave. Let you regret the way you did to me every day for the remaining of your life.”

The man held Xie Bi An up, and penetrated it again in a sitting position. His powerful waist pulsed vigorously and jolt non-stop. Xie Bi An swayed as if he was on the back of a horse, but when the one supporting his body weight became a meat stick penetrating his back hole, he realizes he was the ‘horse’ that was being ridden on. He gasped heavily, pain and pleasure entangled in his body, driving him into madness.

“Are these tears caused by pain or pleasure?” The man squeezed Xie Bi An’s cheeks, “Open your eyes and look at me. Who is the one fucking you?”

Xie Bi An’s vision was blurred. Who was it? He also wanted to know who it was. “Answer me, who was it?”
Seeing that he didn’t answer, the man thrust in viciously twice, and the meat stick was buried deep in the intestinal wall that was squeezing it. Every movement aroused boundless numbness.

Xie Bi An opened his mouth slightly, and a suppressing moan came out from his throat.

The man cursed: “Why are you so coquettish, what gentleman is like an orchid, what gentleman is like jade, you are fucked to orgasm by your younger brother with your legs wide open, do people in the world know?”

No, I’m not…Xie Bi An argued weakly in his heart.

The man pushed Xie Bi An down on the bed, separated his two long legs widely and pressed them against his chest.

The martial artist’s body is extremely flexible. Xie Bi An’s knees were directly against his shoulders, his hips are also raised, and the gateway at his lower body opened wide, tearing his last trace of dignity.

That red, turned-out flesh hole was opening and closing slightly from being fucked, secreting thick and white body fluid. The man looked until his eyes turned red. His straightened his waist and drove straight in, thrusting fiercely, like a beast in heat.

The heavy red sandalwood bed was also shaking with sound by the waves of desires, but it was far inferior to the collision and rampant of flesh. The rough panting and groaning rise and fall in succession. The fishy smell of lust mixed with orchid fragrance all transformed into an aphrodisiac.

Xie Bi An shed tears uncontrollably, and the torture of lust was in two heavens of ice and fire, in heaven for a moment, in hell in another moment. “Big brother, my good big brother…” The man pumped insanely, yet he squeezed Xie Bi An’s desire, not allowing him to release, “Want to shoot? Call me Xiao Jiu.”

Xiao Jiu!?

Xie Bi An’s eyes widened.

It really was him, it really was “Xiao Jiu”.

Who exactly is Xiao Jiu? Who exactly was he? If they are brothers, why would he hate him so much and insult him like this?

The man leaned down, and kissed him passionately for a while, saying with a bewitching voice: “Call me once, and I will let you go.”

No, you’re not worthy. Xie Bi An’s heart ached.
The man’s anger exchanged for an overwhelming conquest, dragging the two together into the abyss of lust.


Xie Bi An's body kept shaking, shaking until his brain swell. He fought to open his eyes and saw a handsome face with some worry written on it, yet with a little bit of a snicker, an expression that could be described as odd.

"Lan, big brother Lan?" He looked at Lan Chui Han, at a loss. He was still in the chaos of his dream and reality, unable to distinguish between reality and virtuality, but his body was so tired, and his chest and back were sticky with sweat. He hadn't been this tired for a long time.

"Bi An, are you all right?" Lan Chui Han said with a deep meaning.

"I ..." Xie Bi An remembered the dream he had. A dream so ridiculous and indecent, yet so real, and his face turned red and white with fear. Lan Chui Han coughed lightly: "There is a strange movement at Fengming Lake, Heaven Master has already gone over and he asked me to come and call you."

"Ah? Oh." Xie Bi An forced himself to quickly glue up his soul that was scattered everywhere, got up and was about to get out of bed, but when he was about to lift the covers, he found a bulge in his lower abdomen under the covers ...

The buzz in Xie Bi An’s head was so loud that his face burnt up and he hurriedly bowed his body, but this was simply making it more conspicuous. The look on Lan Chui Han's face already told him that it was too late.

Lan Chui Han laughed twice, "No need to be so shy, it's not like I don't have one, just get up."

Xie Bi An lowered his head and got out of bed, quickly putting on his outer clothes.

Lan Chui Han teased, "But I am a bit curious, what kind of beautiful dream did you have? So energetic even in the middle of the night."

Xie Bi An was so embarrassed that his scalp tightened, "I forgot." "That's a pity, it must have been a good dream."
A good dream? It was a nightmare!

Xie Bi An didn't even dare to remember it, but he was lucky he had

more important things to do now, otherwise he was afraid he would have gone

crazy if he'd been still. The sounds, images and smells of the dream were ready

to rush into his mind, and even the sensations were so real. Was he having a dream, or did he experience a tribulation*?

When he left the house, Xie Bi An turned straight to Fan Wu She’s room, Lan Chui Han whispered, "There's no need, just now Heaven Master went to look for him and he wasn't there."

Xie Bi An was surprised, "Not here? Where would he go in the middle of the night?" They were in the Cangyu Sect and were under surveillance everywhere. If Fan Wu She had run away in the middle of the night without causing a commotion, he could only have gone out secretly, why? He couldn't help but be worried.

"You'll just have to wait until you see him and ask him yourself, but ..." Lan Chui Han lifted his chin towards the distance.

More and more lights were burning in the Ice Palace, and many of the Cangyu Sect disciples ran out in a panic, heading in the direction of Fengming Lake.

"What's going on at Fengming Lake?"

"There was a very strong spiritual pressure just now, coming from the direction of the lake." Lan Chui Han looked at Xie Bi An in confusion, "Did you not notice it? Did you sleep so soundly?" With Xie Bi An's cultivation level, his alertness would not be so low.

Xie Bi An could not explain, "Let's go and see."

When they ran out of the Ice Palace with the disciples of the Cangyu Sect, the quiet and beautiful whole lake was actually glowing in the moonlight.

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tribulation*[劫]---suffering; there’s a few definitions from Buddhism, one of which is suffering.

Chapter 90

Every beautiful lake has no shortage of beautiful stories, and Fengming Lake is no exception.

Legend has it that millions of years ago, this was once a common bathing place for celestial beings and mortals during spring and autumn. When the war between the gods and earthly beings cause Jiuzhou to become a scene of a disaster in one’s eyes, this place became a rare Pure Land*. However, in order to stop the war, Zhuanxu Sect destroyed the connection between heaven and earth, and the celestial beings had to return to their original place and leave the earth forever. Before leaving, they used up all their life's work to create a cave for their heirs and people that contained boundless spiritual power, which is located at the bottom of Fengming Lake.

Whenever there is a stronger fluctuation of spiritual energy at the bottom of the lake, the water in the lake will make a murmuring sound, hence getting the name Fengming Lake.

The Kunlun people claim to be the descendants of celestial beings and mortals, worshipping and guarding the Shen Nong Ding for generations. In fact, to them, the Fengming Lake cave is as important as the Shen Nong Ding.

But the cave is not accessible to everyone. It is said that the Ice Palace has an underground passage that leads straight to the heart of the lake, which can only be opened by the head of the Cangyu Sect.

At this moment, the stars and moon are hanging upside down over the surface of Fengming Lake, like a piece of sinking jade and emitting dots of crystalline light, as if the lake really has the ability to pick the stars and gather the moon, creating a galaxy on earth.

An ethereal humming accompanied the cold wind and swept across heaven and earth, as if a phoenix with golden plumes and jade feathers will soon soar into the sky.

Such a marvellous spectacle was not only dumbfounding to Xie Bi An and the others, even many of the Cangyu Sect disciples had never seen it before.

"Senior Brother!" The disciples of the Cangyu Sect backed away to either side to make way.

Just as the crowd was gathered around the lake, not knowing what to do, Yun Zhong Jun appeared.

He also seemed to have woken up in a hurry and was not wearing a mili, but his face was still covered with a pure white mask.

Lan Chui Han said, "I hadn't seen so many Cangyu Sect disciples when I came here during the day, this sect is really rich in Yin and lack of Yang, with far more women cultivators than men."

"Yeah." Xie Bi An stood on tiptoe and stretched his neck, looking around; there was no sign of Fan Wu She yet, and he was very worried.

"If Yun Zhong Jun asks you later where your junior brother has gone, how will you answer." Lan Chui Han looked at Yun Zhong Jun who was strolling and said in a low voice without changing his expression.

"Uh ... he went to relieve himself."

"Idiot." Lan Chui Han scolded lightly, "With Heaven Master."

Just as the words left his mouth, Yun Zhong Jun stood in front of them, sizing up the two of them, "Where are Heaven Master and Black Immortal?" "Master and junior brother came out first, they're probably over there." Xie Bi An pointed randomly. Anyway it was very dark right now, and there were hundreds of people gathered around Fengming Lake, so he has to find them.

Yun Zhong Jun narrowed his eyes. He obviously was also troubled by the strange situation at Fengming Lake and had no time to ask questions. Calling a few disciples, he instructed them to go and find them, while he himself walked straight to the lake.

Xie Bi An and Lan Chui Han followed.

"Senior Brother, what's going on? The spiritual pressure in the lake is so weird." A valiant high-ranking female cultivator stood at Yun Zhong Jun's side.

Yun Zhong Jun frowned: "What has happened before?"

"I was on guard tonight and saw nothing unusual. Could it be that something happened in the cave?"

Yun Zhong Jun shook his head, "I went to check there first, and no one broke in."

The female cultivator's eyebrows knitted together in worry, "Could it be that Master ..."

"Don't say it." Yun Zhong Jun said, "Let everyone disperse first." "Yes." The female cultivator ordered the disciples to disperse.
Although the crowd was confused, they could only go back one after another.

But at that moment, the spiritual pressure at the bottom of the lake soared. The lake surface glowed brilliantly, and the sound of the phoenix grew louder and louder, almost resounding throughout the entire Fenglin Continent, but the more they heard it, the more unusual it became. Although no one had ever heard a phoenix cry, it sounded like ... "A horse? Are there horses somewhere?" Xie Bi An looked around in amazement.

Lan Chui Han was also at a loss.

Suddenly, Fengming Lake swirled up from its position in the center of the lake.

Xie Bi An and Lan Chui Han drew their swords in unison.

Yun Zhong Jun called out, "Move away from the shore and set up an array!"

The disciples of the Cangyu Sect quickly retreated backwards and formed an array with several people in order, looking warily at Fengming Lake.

A black shadow rushed out from the eddy in the centre of the lake. There were shouts of alarm from the shore.
It was a skeletal warhorse, sprinkled with a black death aura. It galloped on the ripples of water like on flat ground, spreading its long legs and running towards the shore, at the same time releasing a sonorous neigh.

"What is this thing!"

"There are evil spirits in Fengming Lake!" "Don't panic, it's just an evil spirit."
Xie Bi An’s heart was beating like a drum. He glanced at Lan Chui Han and could tell from the expression on his face that the two of them had the same thoughts. If it was before, he would not have associated everything with a hundred years ago, but everything that had happened recently was related to people and events from the time of Emperor Song, so how could one not make the connection? The skeleton horse jumped to the shore in a few steps, its pitch-black hooves wrapped in a layer of white snow as soon as it hit the ground.

The black skeleton horse, with its four hooves treading on the snow. A scream came from the crowd, "Could it be the demon foal Wuya*!" There was a terrifying commotion.
"Wuya ..." muttered Xie Bi An.

The demon foal, Wuya, was a legendary evil spirit that appeared in the picture books which every child in the immortal cultivation world read as a child.

It was originally the saddle horse of the King of the Western Chu, the number one divine horse at that time, and when the King committed suicide at the Wu River, it also died from starvation to accompany its owner. But a hundred years ago, the demon supreme Song Zi Xiao summoned it out with the Xuanyuan Heavenly Secret talisman.

Legend has it that during his ten years of exile, Song Zi Xiao travelled all over Jiuzhou, specialising in finding ancient battlefields. What would be a better place to gather more powerful lonely ghosts than an ancient battlefield? He was able to summon a large number of Yin soldiers at each place he visited. When he returned to the immortal cultivation world with his overwhelming black death aura, the immortal clans and families were utterly defeated by this group of Yin soldiers who neither need to eat and drink nor tire themselves out and die.

The demon supreme Song Zi Xiao’s black-clad and black horse riding alone, was a centuries-old nightmare for the immortal cultivation world.

But this horse, which should obviously have been sealed by the Great Emperor Beiyin along with the Xuanyuan Heavenly Secret talisman, how could it appear here? Lan Chui Han said in a deep voice: "ly, when it was said that all these things were related to the era of Emperor Song, I still had doubts in my mind, but now that the demon foal has appeared, could it be that the demon supreme ..."

Xie Bi An's heart was beating fast. He had a premonition that they were constantly piecing together a picture that was being split up. Meng Ke Fei was one piece, Li Bu Yu was one piece, Song Ming He was one piece, Xu Zhi Nan was one piece, and here, was the next piece, and when this picture was put together, the truth that was presented before their eyes could be far more frightening than they had imagined. Now unable to get a glimpse of the whole picture, they were simply walking themselves into a trap.

A lightning bolt of white light struck at Wuya, who darted to avoid it, and an arrow condensed from ice crystals was stuck in the spot where he had originally stood.

Once again, Yun Zhong Jun bent his bow to a full moon shape and said coldly, "Beast, don't act wildly."

Enraged, Wuya's front hooves ploughed the snow a few times and raced towards Yun Zhong Jun.

Yun Zhong Jun opened his five fingers and three ice crystal arrows appeared in between his fingers, all of them flying towards Wuya.

Wuya leapt up on his front hooves and jumped high on his hind hooves.

The Cangyu Sect disciples took out their bows and for a moment the arrows rained down. But ordinary arrows could not hurt Wuya, and there were very few high-ranking cultivators who could use their spiritual power to condense arrows. As they watched, Wuya was on the verge of reaching Yun Zhong Jun, still unharmed.

Yun Zhong Jun also stepped on the void and rose up, changing his form and position in mid-air, firing one ice crystal arrow after another. One finally hit Wuya, and the horse neighed loudly. A normal evil spirit would have been killed by such an arrow, but Wuya became even more furious and kicked at Yun Zhong Jun with his thick black iron hooves.

Yun Zhong Jun was usually elegant, cool and his body was always straight, but he had never fought such a fast opponent in his life, so he dodged a bit awkwardly and barely managed to hold Wuya at bay. Wuya was so incredibly fast that if he hadn't been wrapped up tightly, it might have gotten away in the blink of an eye.

The cultivators of the Cangyu Sect quickly gathered around, chanting incantations and drawing formations, and aura lights flashed in the snow.

Wuya immediately spotted the human’s trickery and jumped out of the formation with a single step.

A green light appeared in the sky and came with a whoosh.

Wuya tensed his front hooves to death and the horse was forced to back away. The crowd fixed their eyes on the Qingfeng sword stuck in the ground.

A boundary spread out around the Qingfeng sword, blocking Wuya's path. The array set up by Cangyu Sect cultivators was formed, and Wuya was trapped in the formation, grumpily digging at the ground.

Zhong Kui walked up to the front of the formation and looked at Wuya carefully, "Is it really the demon foal Wuya? Why is it here?"

Yun Zhong Jun straightened his lapel and arched his hand, "Thank you for your help, Heaven Master."

Zhong Kui waved his hand and looked towards Fengming Lake, "Can a mere beast generates such great spiritual pressure?"

"It is not an ordinary horse after all."

Zhong Kui looked into Yun Zhong Jun's eyes and said nonchalantly, "A hundred years ago in the battle of Mount Luofeng, Song Zi Xiao died in defeat, and the Xuanyuan Heavenly Secret talisman and all its Yin soldiers were sealed in Jiuyou by the Great Emperor Beiyin. The Cangyu Sect owes the Cultivation World an explanation as to why this horse was hidden at the bottom of Fengming Lake."

Yun Zhong Jun was silent for a moment, "Junior really doesn’t know anything about this, junior will ask my master for an explanation."

"Of course you don't know, how old are you." Zhong Kui let out a yawn and looked at Wuya carefully, "What a majestic horse."

"By the way, Heaven Master, where is Black Immortal?" Yun Zhong Jun looked around alertly.

Xie Bi An and Lan Chui Han happened to be walking over. Xie Bi An glanced at Zhong Kui and gave a surreptitious squeeze of his eyebrows, "Master, isn't junior brother with you?"

Zhong Kui froze, "Ah ... him, yeah, he was here a while ago, strange, gone to relieve himself, I think."

Lan Chui Han turned his face away.

Yun Zhong Jun narrowed his eyes, "Where exactly is Black Immortal? This disturbance has come out of Fenglin Continent, junior wants to ensure the safety of the guests."

"He ..."

"Master, senior brother." Fan Wu She appeared behind the crowd at some point and seemed to look as normal.

Xie Pei An glared at Fan Wu She.

"Master is not hurt, right?" Fan Wu She asked in a seemingly concerned manner.

"I’m fine." Yun Zhong Jun looked at Fan Wu She coldly, "Where did Black Immortal go just now?"

"I was here the whole time." Fan Wu She said without changing his expression.

Yun Zhong Jun was about to say something when a female cultivator shouted, "Senior Brother, this formation is unstable, why don't we reinforce it with ice spirits, otherwise it will break free sooner or later."

Yun Zhong Jun gave Fan Wu She a deep look and turned to walk away.

Zhong Kui looked at Fan Wu She and his tone was somewhat icy: "Go back and talk."

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-not edited-
Pure Land*[净⼟]---clean and unpolluted place
Wuya*[乌雅]---English name

is crow (but it’s not a crow). Although King Chu’s horse is " 乌骓", pronounced
as Wuzhui (it is inspired from the Chinese novel 《 ⻄汉演义》: https://baike.baidu.com/item/ 乌骓 ), SQC didn’t write 乌骓 in novel purposely, just like how she name 谢必安 (Xie Bi An) as 谢彼安 (Xie Bi
An) and 范⽆救 (Fan Wu Jiu) as 范⽆慑 (Fan Wu She)
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