Wu Chang Jie Chapter 231-240

Chapter 231

It was just after 3-5am. It is the darkest hour before dawn, and this night was also the darkest night in Fengdu City.

The earth, which was wrecked by the havoc of fierce spirits, was ruined everywhere and filled with desolation. The sound of sad crying and the crackling of flames is circulating in the ears. The Hungry Ghost Festival will be over soon, and the sky is about to dawn, but the long night belonging to the earth has just begun.

They found Xu Zhi Nan on the wretched and vast battlefield.

Xie Bi An didn’t know what happened after he exposed Xu Zhi Nan's true colors. This man has the shell of Cangyu Sect’s leader and the insides of Chunyang Sect’s leader. How should the cultivators of these two sects deal with themselves? And how would those who have sided with the Cangyu Sect choose? After all, the heart of Dao they kept talking about every day was already worthless. The time when the immortal cultivation world was in a precarious situation, and even when the whole earth was ready to fall and break at any moment, they instinctively swung to the stronger side, seemingly understandable.

And looking around now, either dead or wounded are on the battlefield. Xu Zhi Nan is also described as wretched. His icy gray-colored cultivator’s uniform was stained with blood everywhere. The snow owl summoned with the Ice and Snow Jade was guarding beside him, like it’s his only remaining dependence.

Hua Xiang Rong led a large number of Cangyu Sect's cultivators to confront them, and a small number of cultivators chose to follow "Qi Meng Sheng", even if she’s only a shell.

There were only a few of the Wuliang Sect’s people left. Only Song Chun Gui struggled to support and protect the dying Li Bu Yu.

Lan Chui Han on the other hand is nowhere to be found.

The appearance of Fan Wu She made everyone hold their breath.

Fan Wu She placed Xie Bi An lightly under a tree. Xie Bi An turned his head and looked around, trying to find Lan Chui Han but could not, and his eyes became gradually anxious.

"No need to look. He was taken to the underworld by Jiang Qu Lian." Fan Wu She said coldly.

Xie Bi An stiffened: "What do you mean? What do you mean by he ... was taken to the underworld? Is he still alive?"

Fan Wu She snorted coldly and did not answer.

"Is he still alive!?" Xie Bi An raised his volume, which immediately led to the quiver and pain in his chest.

"He’s dead." Fan Wu She said impatiently.

"... I don't believe it."

Fan Wu She stopped paying attention to him and turned his gaze to Xu Zhi Nan. He took out Gong Shu Ju and Cheng Yan Zhi’s body: "Give me the Golden Trunk Jade Policy."

Xu Zhi Nan's gaze was extremely greedy as he stared at the tiny ice coffin. He slowly wiped away the blood seeping from the corner of his mouth and said in a pale, outrageous voice, "Give him to me first."

"Okay." Fan Wu She strides with his long legs and walks step by step towards Xu Zhi Nan.

"Wait!" When Fan Wu She approached with a black death aura, Xu Zhi Nan suddenly felt terribly frightened. A dangerous aura attacked his muscles and nerves for no reason, and he asked in reply, "Your Holiness is really going to give it to me?"

"You are the one who wants to exchange with me."

"I do want to exchange with Your Holiness, but Your Holiness has now taken back the Heavenly Secret Talisman and have returned to the peak of your power in your previous life, and I am now seriously injured, so it would take little effort for you to take a thing from me."

Fan Wu She narrowed his eyes: "What do you want to say?"

"I want to say that I am old, but not yet muddle-headed." Xu Zhi Nan shook the jade policy in his hand and said coldly, "Your Holiness, don't do anything forcibly. I can tear up that page regarding the Human Emperor."

"It seems that you are really tired of living." Fan Wu She hostility surged, and his eyes boiled with a murderous aura.

Xu Zhi Nan flipped open the jade policy and twisted one of the pages with his withered fingers: "This thin page will turn into powder in my hands in an instant. I urge Your Holiness to think twice before you act."

Fan Wu She said with a cold voice: "You dare to threaten me?"

"Give me the stuff first!" Xu Zhi Nan's eyes were bloodshot and his body kept trembling, as if he was desperately trying to restrain something.

"You can't give it to him. Cheng Yan Zhi's body ..." Xie Bi An struggled to get up.

Fan Wu She hooked his lips into a smile, suddenly waved his hand and threw the ice coffin towards Xu Zhi Nan.

Xu Zhi Nan was startled. While waiting to probe the object through the void, that ice coffin gradually enlarged while following the arc formed by throwing, and finally recovered to the original size, smashing towards Xu Zhi Nan.

Xu Zhi Nan raised his hand to release spiritual power. With the ice coffin suspended in mid-air, and the ice layer is thinning down at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Fan Wu She’s body shot towards Xu Zhi Nan like an arrow.

The snow owl howled and waved its wings to stop Fan Wu She. Fan Wu She attacked with vicious sword energy, forcing that ancient beast back for the time being. He passed under the wings of the snow owl, and attacked straight at Xu Zhi Nan.

At this time, the ice coffin has melted halfway. Xu Zhi Nan waved his sleeve robe once, and the ice coffin was hidden behind his back. He grabbed the Jade Policy and flew up, dodging Fan Wu She’s sharp sword moves.

"Give me the Golden Trunk Jade Policy!" Fan Wu She growled.

"Let me live, or else ..."

"You are not qualified to bargain with me, but you can choose to leave a complete corpse for yourself." There was no way he would let go of someone who had harmed his big brother.

Xu Zhi Nan was desperate. He suddenly spread out the Jade Policy in his hand. With a "hiss", a light piece of paper was torn off just like that by him.

Fan Wu She's eyes were wide open: "You dare!"

Xu Zhi Nan smiled sinisterly. His spiritual power flowed and attached to the paper. The page of the Golden Trunk Jade Policy belonging to Xie Bi An, or Zong Zi Heng, flew into the void. The paper glowed in gold abruptly, and the dark sky suddenly overflowed with light, as if a gap in time and space had been torn open in the night. Countless words and images poured down like a rainstorm, spilling over the sky and earth, causing everyone present to clearly witness the fall of every piece of memory.

Xie Bi An looked at the memory of his past life as it was just spread naked in front of all people like that. As if thunder penetrated his body, he did not speak or move.

Everyone was frozen and silent. A silence that was suffocating.

In a few moments, they glimpsed at a person's life through a thin piece of paper with divine power.

From his first cry to calling out "mother" personally, he began to cultivate at the age of three. At the age of five, he had already danced the wooden sword in a presentable manner. He was gentle, filial and sensible. Although he could not expect his father to come to see him, he and his mother depended on each other, and was still naive and happy.

After that, he grew up. His supreme talent was gradually revealed. The elders praised him non-stop. His uncle took him in as a disciple. He practiced Daoism diligently, not daring to slack off for a day. During his free time, he liked to grow flowers and enjoy delicious food and wine. At the age of twelve, when he traveled alone for the first time, he became fascinated with the diverse world.

He had many younger siblings, but he loved his ninth brother the most. Perhaps because the two brothers' mothers were close, or perhaps it was just an unexplainable affinity. He took his ninth brother to cultivate, sword practice, and take care of his daily life. As long as he was in Daming, the two of them were inseparable almost every day.

Later, his ninth brother also grew up. When he brought his ninth brother, who left the palace for the first time, on the way to the Jiaolong Assembly in a hurry, they were ambushed, and nearly lost their lives in a foreign land.

The turning point of everything began with this crisis.

The things that were discovered later, those found on the surface, some people had witnessed before, some had read from history books before, some had heard from unofficial history anecdotes before, but those hidden under the water completely subverted their cognition. Even if some people had experienced them before, they had been blinded by one leaf*, blinded by hatred, and misread for a hundred years.

The truth was far more absurd, more twisted, and more cruel than they knew, or thought they knew.

Persecution, betrayal, deception, misunderstanding, intimidation, pain, and death. They watched as Zong Zi Heng went through the world's most dirty, filthy, and unbearable calamity. Watched him try to protect everyone with a wholehearted desire for goodness, only to have everyone turn against him, watched him struggle in the sea of fate, and eventually became exhausted, dragged into the abyss by the ruthless vortex, and finally ended everything by killing himself.
They watched him unable to get a genuine person for a lifetime because of his golden core, which carried the imperial destiny, whether it’s his parents, friends, or lover. Instead, everyone wants to gut him ---- whether it's showing a fiendish look from the start, or pretending to be polite and comply with him with a warm smile, or even his ninth brother, who said repeatedly he can’t separate from him.

They witnessed a massacre. A massacre of only one person, just that this person carried on for thirty years before he died.

No one was prepared to see such a story. This man, and the Emperor Kong Hua who was known in the world were definitely not the same person.

Xie Bi An leaned against the tree trunk with his energy drained from head to toe. His eyes were as empty as if his three immortal souls and six mortal forms had been sucked away. Everything that happened in his previous life was forced to be displayed in front of everyone. It was not like just being stripped naked, it was like being skinned, feeling shame and pain to the extreme.

What was displayed in the Golden Trunk Jade Policy, even though it was a person's whole life, it all happened in just a snap of the fingers. When all the fragments of memory disappeared with the aura extinguishment, the crowd was still deeply immersed in it, unable to return to their senses for a long time.

Compared to Xie Bi An, there was another person who was as if subjected to the death of a thousand cuts.

Fan Wu She stood like a bottled sculpture. His pupils were like two deep bottomless holes. They were black, no light could shine in, and any emotion would be swallowed up.

What did he see, what did he see?

What he knew, what he believed in, what he clung to, what he hated, what he suffered and died for in a hundred years, now the Golden Trunk Jade Policy told him that there was another side to those pile of sins from Zong Zi Heng that was turned into sharp blades that stabbed into his heart.

Impossible, impossible, impossible.

That man betrayed him for the sake of the throne and caused his mother’s death. He was homeless and miserable for ten years and suffered all the sufferings of the world. He served a hundred years in Hell, tasted the never-ending torture, and felt the pain of longing, all because that man betrayed him first!

So his resentment is justified. His revenge is justifiable. Everything he did to that person is only that person's own fault.
Shouldn't it be so!?

Why should the Golden Trunk Jade Policy give him a truth that turns everything upside-down?!

His heart hurts as if it is going to break ...
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Chapter 232

When Fan Wu She was on the verge of a breakdown and too busy to attend to other things, Xu Zhi Nan found a chance to breathe. He quickly melted the ice coffin that was mixed with the ice wrapped around Cheng Yan Zhi’s body and the ice crystal. At the same time, he breathed hard, as if he needed to exert his whole body strength every time.

After Zong Zi Heng’s tragic and humiliating life was laid out, the people at the scene slowly came back to their senses. Emperor Kong Hua’s encounter was certainly saddening, but the twisted grudge between him and the Supreme Demon was too harmful to society’s morals and was unpleasant to see. Most of these people were born from orthodox immortal families. Regardless of whether or not they did more illicit sex in private, a sense of propriety is very important to them on the surface. For a moment, they sympathized with and despised this person.

And those who are really smart and aware of current affairs know that this is not the time to care about other people's life experiences at all. They are all facing imminent disaster. The Immortal Alliance collapsed when they relied on the Immortal Alliance, and the demonic girl couldn't fend for herself when they relied on the demonic girl. Whether they can survive now and whether they can have a foothold in the immortal cultivation world only depends on one person.

Some of the bold ones immediately shouted: "Li Bu Yu, you, you despicable and shameless villain. You have done so many bad things. The immortal cultivation world has misjudged you for a hundred years. Who are you to reign over the Immortal Alliance!?"

The crowd also reacted and turned their spearheads: "Right, Li Bu Yu is the main culprit. In order to change his roots, for the future of the Wuliang Sect, he entrapped Emperor Kong Hua, and even ate Emperor Ning Hua's human core. Such a person actually became the alliance leader of the Immortal Alliance and a generation of Immortal Lords, it is simply the greatest shame of the immortal cultivation world!"

"Wuliang Sect could become the number one sect in the world as it depended on Li Bu Yu's perverse behavior and doing evil deeds. If it wasn't for the downfall of the Daming Zong Clan, and if it wasn't for Li Bu Yu absorbing two generations of Human Emperor’s blood, what would the Wuliang Sect have today?"

At one time, the blame was like ten thousand arrows shooting at the same target at once.

Since that page of the Jade Policy was revealed to the public, the cultivators of the Wuliang Sect were unusually quiet. Everyone's expressions were extremely complicated and unsightly. Even Li Bu Yu's face was ashen. His numb and lifeless appearance made it hard to tell if he was still alive.

The exposure of the truth of his past life will not only leave Li Bu Yu dead without a burial place, but also Mount Shu’s Wuliang Sect, a five hundred-year-old immortal family and the leader of the immortal cultivation world, may be wiped out at this point.

Li Zhi Qing felt prickles down his back*. Whether it came from the surrounding accusations, or Fan Wu She, he was scared to the extreme. He trembled and called out, "Father ..."

Li Bu Yu knew he already had no power to save the desperate situation. He whispered, "Chun Gui."

Song Chun Gui stiffly turned around and looked at his master, who he had a great debt of gratitude towards, with mixed feelings in his heart.

"Chun Gui, my son is entrusted to you. The Wuliang Sect is entrusted to you."

At this time, Song Chun Gui was still carrying the blame for the homicide of Wu Si Hai, the eldest senior brother of Wuliang Sect, and had yet to be cleared of suspect. Li Bu Yu took back all his powers and magical treasures, and anyone with a discerning eye could see that Li Bu Yu wanted to open a path to the sect leader of the Wuliang Sect for his only son, and only Song Chun Gui was still in the way at this time. Song Chun Gui also understands this.

However, the situation has taken a sudden turn for the worse. Not to mention Li Bu Yu, the entire Wuliang Sect will probably be burned to ashes under the overflowing hatred of the Supreme Demon. What good end will there be by entrusting an orphan to Song Chun Gui and recognizing him as the next Sect Leader at this time?

Song Chun Gui lowered his head and let out a sigh secretly. He was unable to arch his hands with one arm, and merely bowed down as usual, saying word for word in a tough and tensile manner, "Disciple sincerely obeys master's entrust."

Li Bu Yu used those cloudy eyes and tried hard to see Xie Bi An clearly. Even if it was just a glance to see the celestial being whom he deeply adored and could not get when he was young, to see that rich and handsome face again, he could not see it clearly no matter what. Tears gushed out from his eyes and dripped down the gully on his face.

He released the Thunder Ancestor Treasure Grant. The ancient remnants of the scroll were emitting bursts of golden light. The thunder boomed in the night sky where the dawn broke and re-emerged with white light shining.

"Father, don't ah!" Li Zhi Qing cried and tried to pounce on him.

Song Chun Gui raised his sword to block Li Zhi Qing’s chest. His eyes were already wet, and he slowly knelt down.

The disciples of the Wuliang Sect knelt down one after another.

Li Bu Yu choked and said, "Emperor, I'm sorry."

An incandescent heavenly thunder descended from the sky and struck straight at the person who summoned it.

At the moment the lightning struck, a tiny silver light flashed, which was not very eye-catching before the descending heavenly thunder. In the next instant, a long sword penetrated through Li Bu Yu's chest. The huge force of this sword lifted Li Bu Yu up and “nailed” him in mid-air.

The heavenly thunder missed him. Li Bu Yu was hanging in mid-air by the sword through his chest. This sword was accurately pierced through the center joint of the sternum, yet did not injure his heart. Li Bu Yu was still alive.



Fan Wu She opened his five fingers and controlled his own sword. He raised his head slowly, and a pair of eyes was contaminated with traces of black veins. He was surrounded by a black death aura. His black hair moved without the wind, and his killing intention, which filled the whole sky, was going to be visibly transformed and destroy everything in the world. He let everyone witness how a person became a devil.

"The sky sends out a killing intention, shifting the stars, the earth sends out a killing intention, the dragon and the snake rise and land, man sends out a killing intention, heaven and earth are reversed, heaven and man are united in sending out a murderous spirit, and the foundation of all things is set*!" Fan Wu She recited the incantation of the Xuanyuan Heavenly Secret Talisman. Every word was ringing. Every sentence was loud and strong. Each sound brought an infinite rise of danger and fear to the earth.

Suddenly, a black death aura burst out of the ground clump after clump. The savage faces of fierce ghosts and evil spirits were wrapped among them. They pounced towards Li Bu Yu's suspended body like hungry tigers pouncing on their prey and tore him with their teeth crazily. Blood and flesh splattered for a while.

The one-armed swordsman flew to attack the Yin soldiers without hesitation. Li Zhi Qing and other disciples of the Wuliang Sect also drew their swords to attack, but they were so feeble in front of the thousands of Yin soldiers. They watched helplessly at Li Bu Yu being torn to pieces by the Yin soldiers, not only his flesh, but also his three immortal souls and seven mortal forms.

The alliance leader of the Immortal Alliance, the sect leader of the world's largest immortal sect, Mount Shu Wuliang Sect, the generation of Immortal Lords Li Bu Yu, was torn by the teeth of fierce ghosts and evil spirits until his soul was scattered. He will never reincarnate again and no longer exist in the world.

He racked his brains to steal the cultivation and merit that should not belong to him, and at this last moment, he has to pay back twice as much.

Song Chun Gui yelled out in grief and anger. They were surrounded by Fan Wu She's Yin soldiers and were struggling.

"You all saw it." Fan Wu She swept a glance to the whole scene with those evil and hostile eyes, "Every single one of you saw it. Will I kill all of you, or will you gouge out your own eyes?"

The crowd suddenly understood what they should not "see", but they saw, they saw the Human Emperor who should only be seen by the Supreme Demon.

"I, I'll dig, I'll dig!" Someone begged for mercy, "Supreme Demon spare me from death!"

"I'll dig too. Supreme Demon spare my life!"

"That's enough."

A calm voice rushed into the filth and noise like a stream of clear water.

Fan Wu She's body froze. He never dared to turn around from the beginning to the end. He trapped the will of everyone present with his overflowing murderous eyes, but dared not look at that one person alone.

"Li Bu Yu is already dead, let them go." Xie Bi An held onto the coarse tree trunk and struggled to stand up.

Fan Wu She's back seemed to bend a little at that moment. Just a little, and then his shoulders slumped. The Heavenly Secret Talisman in his hand dimmed its spiritual light, and the Yin soldiers he had summoned dissipated.

Fan Wu She stiffly turned around. After his eyes were dodging several times, he looked at his big brother.

The two of them were not far apart, yet they looked at each other far away as if they were separated by mountains and seas.

Xie Bi An’s face only had boundless indifference.

Fan Wu She thought back to everything that happened in the past and present lives, everything. The dependence and love for this man once became the pain and despair of being betrayed, so in these two lives, he did everything possible to hurt him, humiliate him, deceive him, and use him. The fire of hatred has long set their young love on fire, and he still longed for this person’s response to this twisted love and hate again and again.

Until today, when everything is irrevocable, he is told that his big brother has never betrayed him, even though he has been bruised and battered, he still wants to protect him.

Time cannot be turned back, karma cannot be reversed. How is he going to turn back from the mistake he had made?

"Big brother." Fan Wu She called out just like this. This "big brother" sounded like the strongest emotion was grievance. Where did this grievance come from? Probably about two lifetimes of struggle in endless pain and despair, and finally saw someone who could comfort him, that light that could dispel the darkness for him, or like a child who had made a mistake, and tried to be obedient to get forgiveness, but he also knew that he was unworthy to mention these two words, so after "big brother", there was nothing following those words.

And Xie Bi An was consistently indifferent.
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Chapter 233

Under the look of that emotionless gaze, Fan Wu She felt he had no place to hide himself. He gasped. The Supreme Demon who had already possessed the ability to destroy the heavens and the earth, was actually murmuring guiltily: "They ... they should be killed."

"If you dare to do it, why are you afraid of people knowing it?" Extreme humiliation tore his sense of shame into pieces. At this moment, facing those needle-like gazes made him feel like a walking corpse*. He can’t feel any pain from the hacking knives and chiseling hatchets. To gouge out his heart, or gouge out his core, he doesn’t care anymore.

Fan Wu She opened his mouth, yet did not know how to answer.

With each resonance from the throat to the chest, Xie Bi An felt his heavily damaged spiritual veins bursting in pain, so he also returned to being silent. His chest was hurting a lot, so painful that he was dizzy. He followed the tree trunk, and slowly sat down again.

Fan Wu She walked over with a few steps.

Xie Bi An lifted his hand with his palm facing out, and bluntly refused.

That sickly pale face made Fan Wu She extremely agonized. He said in a deep voice: "Big brother, your spiritual veins are damaged, but ..."

"Don't call me big brother." Xie Bi An's tone finally had a little unnoticeable rise and fall, "Don’t ever call me that again."

"... You're my big brother." Fan Wu She said firmly.

Just as everyone was frightened by this series of drastic changes and was momentarily unaware, Xu Zhi Nan had actually melted the ice coffin completely. Cheng Yan Zhi's young and fresh body was exposed in the air, surrounded by the faint firelight of the Seven Star Lamp, yet not easily extinguished by any demonic wind gusts.

"Xu Zhi Nan, don’t you dare!" Hua Xiang Rong drew her bow, but she could not cross the snowy owl's huge body for a moment.

"No one shares a long life with the Big Dipper, the seven stars wait for the moon to cross the Han river." Xu Zhi Nan muttered incantations under his breath, "Seven stars, listen to the order! Tianshu, Tianxuan, Tianji, Tianquan, Yuheng* ..." he recited while carrying Cheng Yan Zhi and jumped onto the snowy owl's back.

Every time Xu Zhi Nan read a star aloud, the Seven Star Lamp’s flames flourished greatly in sequence. At last, all the seven long candles were ignited with raging flames, which covered Cheng Yan Zhi's skin a soft orange. His pale skin took on a color visible to the naked eye.

At the same time, the snowy owl spread its wings and lifted off.

Fan Wu She got up to give chase, but he has been perplexed in mind for a long time. With a slight loss of concentration, that ancient beast had already fluttered its huge wings and flew out for a few miles. Nothing in this world can catch up with it yet, and Fan Wu She was too busy attending to other things at this time, and actually let Xu Zhi Nan run away like this. Hua Xiang Rong was unwilling to give up and chased after him.

The remnants of Cangyu Sect’s defeated troops that were left behind in Fengdu, as well as those cultivators who had sided with the Cangyu Sect, looked at each other, not knowing what to do. Li Bu Yu died, and the Immortal Alliance hardly ceased to exist except in name. In fact, as far back as after the battle in Chidi City, the Immortal Alliance was already doomed to die. It merely relied on a few major sects to barely hold together until today. And those who sailed with the wind and originally thought they could rely on the Cangyu Sect, something even more absurd had happened, and they were unable to protect themselves from top to bottom. Tonight, the Fengdu boundary was damaged, and a large number of fierce ghosts and evil spirits were released. As cultivators, even if they were severely injured, they still had to shoulder the burden of demon subjugation, yet the ghost king in red has taken over the underworld, not knowing what kind of disaster will be brought to earth. For a while, the immortal cultivation world does not know what path to follow.

The sky is just beginning to open. The first light of sunrise shone onto the earth. This long night, which seemed to have no end, turned out to have time to see daylight again, but the darkness has not been dispelled. It stayed in the world.

The Hungry Ghost Festival is over. The boundaries are sealed, but the wretchedness left in Fengdu, the overturned underworld, and the evil spirits that have roamed around may turn the ghost festival into the norm on earth. The people who are bathing in the rising sunlight still feel the bone-chilling cold.

The sound of footsteps approached, and Xie Bi An saw the black clothes and shoes appear in sight.

Fan Wu She returned to Xie Bi An's side again, reached out and was about to inject spiritual energy into Xie Bi An to heal his wounds.

Xie Bi An hit his hand away without hesitation.

"Your injury is important." Fan Wu She said.

Xie Bi An leaned against the tree trunk. His gaze was hollow as he looked ahead. The calmness and blankness of this moment were so similar to that moment when he welcomed his death in his previous life. Although he knew Fan Wu She would not let him die.

"Big brother." Fan Wu She almost obstinately called out again, trying to use this title to awaken some old memories, as early as they are naive and ignorant, and showing love and respect as good brothers, as early as everything has not yet moved towards the most hideous direction. Calling out "big brother" at that time only was full of trust and love.

This "big brother" has changed its flavor long ago. From that moment he returned this person's deep love and righteousness with hate.

He really doesn't deserve to call out "big brother", but what can he do? This may be the only connection between them which must be emphasized by him over and over again.

Xie Bi An no longer retorts. His consciousness is gradually blurring. Fan Wu She’s face is also blurred. Not knowing whether he can't see it clearly or doesn't want to see it clearly at all.

It’s been one hundred years. He also had countless painful and despairing nights, hoping that this person who tormented him would know the truth, and also hoping that someone would find out that he was forced to carry the blame for a crime that did not belong to him, and then clear his name. The tattoos that were imprinted* on his soul one after another. He could explain some, and he could not explain others, but when he faced this person, he said over and over again to the only person he cared about but hated him deeply ---- "I did not harm you before".

But this person did not believe it ah.

So he gave up. As early as a hundred years ago, he had stopped explaining, and he did not care whether the truth came out one day or not. The truth that had come a hundred years too late. It was no relief to him, it was no comfort, it was no justification. It was nothing.

Meaningless. Nothing.

Xie Bi An’s gray with defeat and empty eyes made Fan Wu She feel unspeakable fear. He swore solemnly: "Li Bu Yu died. I will also turn Xu Zhi Nan into dust. All, all the people who have hurt you, I will not let anyone go."

Upon hearing these words, Xie Bi An's gaze shifted and finally fell on Fan Wu She, looking at him quietly just like that.

Fan Wu She understood in an instant what those eyes without any emotion were saying. His heart was aching so much. He said with difficulty, "I will account for you, but now, let me heal you."

Xie Bi An closed his eyes. His heart was like dead ashes, and could not even stir up a trace of light dust. He was too tired. He had struggled for too long, and he wanted to rest.

A warm stream was injected into his body, and his internal organs, which were in so much pain to the point of spasms, were soon soothed. The tremor of his body slowly subsided, and he fell into the darkness without knowing it.

Before he passed out, he seemed to hear someone whispering in his ear, "I'm sorry.

Chapter 234

Daming City, which is located in the central region of the Central Plains, used to be the most prosperous place in the world more than a hundred years ago. Behind it was Mount Daming, where a cave was discovered by the ancestors of the Zong Clan hundreds of years ago. They started a sect here and became the Daming Zong Clan, the royal family who ruled Jiuzhou for 300 years.

It's just that the sibling rivalry between the last Human Emperor of the Zong Clan and the Supreme Demon led to the destruction of the Daming Zong Clan. The Immortal Alliance took the opportunity to divide up the great wealth of the Zong Clan, set the towering and magnificent Wuji Palace on fire, and sealed the cave at Mount Daming with a boundary, not allowing anyone to enter without permission.

Without the protection of the royal family, Daming City, which used to be a pilgrimage, was regarded as a forbidden area by the Immortal Alliance, and naturally declined completely. Within a hundred years, several hundred thousands of people were forced to leave their hometown because of their means of livelihood, and those who remained in Daming were just struggling to get by.

When Xie Bi An had just been appointed as the Underworld General and was traveling around, he once came to Daming and stood in front of the endless ruins of the Wuji Palace, imagining the legendary glory of the Daming Zong Clan. Little did he know that when he returned to Daming again, he was already in a different state of mind.

When he woke up after a sound sleep, he found that the house furnishings he was in were very familiar. It took him a lot of time to confirm that he was in the temporary imperial palace on Mount Daming, which was specially built by the ancestors of the Zong family to cultivate inside the cave. Since ancient times, only the descendants of the Zong family can use it.

From childhood to adulthood, he had many memories in this palace, but the first thing that barged into his mind was that Zong Zi Xiao brought him here to enjoy the snow, and the two of them spent a few days of extreme licentiousness.

A hundred years of time passed by fleetingly. The past and present life were like mist and clouds*. He looked at the bed-curtain above him unblinkingly and suddenly felt that his reincarnation was just a dream of self-salvation. In fact, he did not escape or die, nor did he fall in love with Zong Zi Xiao, who disguised his identity, without knowing the truth. When he woke up, he was still Zong Zi Heng. He is still in the temporary imperial palace, still trapped in the inevitable resentment, unable to find a way out.

For a moment, he couldn't say clearly what he hoped to be true or false.

Just that the old furnishings, the cool and humid climate, and the wounds on his body all told him that he had woken up from his dream. Although this was still that same palace, the earth had changed its face. He and Zong Zi Xiao had died and been reborn, continuing the sinful relationship of their previous lives.


Ever since Xie Bi An woke up, Fan Wu She has been by his side almost all the time, but from morning until night, he could hardly get a response from a word or a look in his eyes.

This man has closed himself up and built high walls to block the outside world, especially his own approach.

After the battle of Fengdu City, Fan Wu She never slept a full night's sleep again. He was confined in recurring nightmares, dreaming of him and his big brother going from happy laughter and cheerful voices to swords facing each other. Dreaming of those tender and loving eyes being filled with hatred in an instant. Dreaming of how his big brother had endured humiliation and how he had returned the favor with grudges. The memory of pain and regret kept circulating, like a beast pursuing relentlessly, unable to shake it off no matter what.

He knew that the person who could save him was right in front of him. Even if he touched the corner of the snow-white coat, this person was resisting him from head to toe.

At this time, Xie Bi An is sitting in the pavilion, looking out at the luxuriantly green Mount Daming. Apart from blinking occasionally, he has maintained this action for a long time, as if there was something that attracted his attention in the green sea.

Fan Wu She also sat on one side for a long time until a cool breeze came from the mountain. He said softly, "Big brother, it's windy here, let's go back."

Seeing that Xie Bi An was still motionless, he took out a cloak from his qiankun bag and covered Xie Bi An's back, while gently pressing the slightly thin shoulders: "You are still recovering from your injuries, don't get cold."

Xie Bi An stood up, flung off the cloak together with his hand, and walked into the house.

Fan Wu She's heart tightened. He gathered his emotions and followed him.

Xie Bi An threw away the cold tea, made a new pot for himself, and then picked up the half-read book on the table again.

Fan Wu She sat opposite and poured himself a cup of tea. They shared a pot of tea, seemingly much closer to each other imperceptibly. He squeezed the teacup in his hand and felt ridiculous. He cleared his throat and said calmly, "does big brother plan to keep going on  like this?"

"I know you have resentment and hatred in your heart, itching to kill me ..." Fan Wu She smiled bitterly, "You are not really as calm as you seem. You don’t want to see me, don’t want to talk to me, I understand it all, but we can't go on like this." He looked at Xie Bi An, his eyes were sincere, even with a hint of pleading, "Big brother, talk to me, Okay?"

Xie Bi An stared at the book in his hand without looking sideways: "You know what I want to hear."

"Your wound has not healed. I can't leave your side, so for the time being, I can't go back to Fengdu to inquire about the situation. But Jiang Qu Lian will not kill Lan Chui Han, nor will he touch Official Lord Cui and Bo Zhu. These people are useful to him."

"'Useful'." Xie Bi An repeated these two words indifferently.

"Yes, Jiang Qu Lian has now seized the power of the Underworld, but what he wants is obviously not just to reincarnate. His cultivation, his memories, his safety after reincarnation, are all needed for him to pave the way for himself. He wants to control the laws of the six paths of reincarnation. Only in this way can he transcend reincarnation."

Xie Bi An was silent again.

"What Jiang Qu Lian wants to do will probably break the balance of the three realms and invite an unimaginable great calamity." Fan Wu She stared straight at Xie Bi An, "You know that the only one who can stop him is me, right?"

"He helped you get the Heavenly Secret Talisman. You helped him seize the Underworld. Thanks to your mutual achievements, the human and ghost realms are in chaos, and so many innocent people died in vain."

"We each took what we needed, and now the situation is different. Big brother, you still need me, and I am the only one you can rely on now."

Xie Bi An finally turned his gaze to Fan Wu She, but his eyes were indifferent as always.

Fan Wu She's heart beat wildly a few times. He controlled the surging state of his mind and said in a deep voice, "I am willing to do anything for you. Now, can we talk about ‘us’?"

"No need." Xie Bi An got up and wanted to leave.

Without thinking, Fan Wu She held back his wrist by force, instinctively not permitting him to leave.

Xie Bi An’s body paused, but he didn't struggle. He just looked at Fan Wu She with an indifferent look, as if the scene of his previous life was reappearing. In the beginning, when they had a lot of disagreements, he didn't have the right to leave at that time. He couldn't avoid it. This man would teach him a lesson in the most humiliating way, and let him know that he was just a puppet and a prisoner. Just because he has experienced it so many times, he does not care what treatment awaits him next.

Fan Wu She held that thin, narrow wrist, yet it was like holding a burning rod, which made him suffer from the inside out, but even if it was so hot that it hurt him, he was not willing to let go. He gritted his teeth and slowly wrapped his arms around Xie Bi An's waist, letting his big brother sit on his lap like he had done countless times before.

Xie Bi An was at his disposal like a puppet, just that after waiting for a while, he was a bit surprised when he didn't receive rough treatment.

Fan Wu She carefully encircled his waist. His forehead gently touched his hairline: "Big brother, I'm sorry. Do you hear me? I'm sorry." There was a risk that emotions would flood.

Xie Bi An was completely indifferent.

"Actually, I wavered before, many times. When you explained to me in the past, I couldn't forget your kindness to me. I instinctively wanted to believe you, but I was blinded by hatred and was induced by the Yin energy of the Heavenly Secret Talisman ... " Waves of pain came from Fan Wu She’s heart. To him, this kind of analysis was no different from gutting him out. He said in a trembling voice, "I made a lot of mistakes."

"I did not expect you to carry so much burden. I should have faced it with you."

"Big brother, I was wrong."

"I know you don't want to hear it. Maybe I don't have to say these words. No matter how much I regret it, what happened in the past can't be changed." Fan Wu She gently drew him in his arms, "But no matter what, I will not let go of you. Big brother, you taught me to cultivate, practice sword, read books and be sensible. Can you teach me what I should do now?”

Chapter 235

This regret that has come too late is only sarcastic to Xie Bi An's ears. He had lost everything with nothing left, and already had no expectations for Fan Wu She since long ago. He just wants to stay away, away from Fan Wu She, away from this world.

It's just that even though he is beyond help, he still has a concern in his heart; there is still an unfinished mission. He wants to save people. He wants to save the world. This life can only burn the last flame, so that it was not in vain to come to earth again. And Fan Wu She also saw this. Regardless of the past lives and present lives, this person always has enough leverage to blackmail him.

"I've been listening to you since I was a kid." Fan Wu She made his voice very gentle, "Do you remember? Sometimes I could not even listen to my father and mother, but I listened to big brother. I really want to go back to the past."

"How long ago?" Xie Bi An whispered. Fan Wu She froze.
"In the earliest days, we were just brothers. After that, I became your prisoner, but we never talked about the love between us again. Then after that, we were senior and junior brothers who had a mutual understanding and promise with each other, but that was just a hoax." Xie Bi An glanced at Fan Wu She faintly, "You want me to be your big brother again, showing tender care for you, and you want me to be your exclusive property, letting you do whatever you want. It seems that every past can't be exactly what you want, so which one do you want to go back to?"

That irreverent and pointless tone was as if talking about a stranger who has nothing to do with him, but the words that came out were like a sharp blade that stabbed Fan Wu She painfully. He pondered for a moment: "You are right, we cannot go back to whichever past. I want to have a new beginning with big brother."

Xie Bi An stood up and walked slowly to the window, giving Fan Wu She a silent back.

"Big brother, you know how much I… " Fan Wu She took a deep breath and whispered, "love you. This point has not changed from the beginning to the end. I can do anything for you. Jiang Qu Lian, Xu Zhi Nan, or whoever, as long as you say it."

"Okay, you go and kill them and save Official Lord Cui and big brother Lan."

"If I did that, what would big brother do?"

Xie Bi An could feel the two burning gazes pinned behind him without turning around. He said in a deep voice, "The disaster of this world started because of you. You should also be the one to put it to an end."

"So what if it started because of me?" Fan Wu She said coldly, "I don't care about their life or death, nor do I care about the balance between the human and ghost realms. All I care about is you."

Xie Bi An turned around, "The new beginning you wants to continue to blackmail me."

"I…" Fan Wu She’s sword brows knitted, "No, I will never force you. I just want to stay by your side,"

"What if I’m not willing?" "Wherever you go, I’ll go." Fan Wu She forced a smile. "I loved to pester you when I was a child. If I wasn't young at that time, I always wanted to follow you when you left the palace. Big brother, at least let me stay with you. I only have this request."

Xie Bi An took a deep breath, and his hands clenched unconsciously. He knew what Fan Wu She was doing. He kept calling him "big brother", and kept talking about his childhood. He just wanted to make him soft-hearted. After all, Xiao Jiu was an unshakable and indelible existence in his heart. They both knew how much guilt and responsibilities he had taken was for Xiao Jiu.

"Who can stop you?" Xie Bi An said lightly, "Even if you want my core, you can take it by all means."

Fan Wu She's face was instantly pale: "I don't want your core. I did get carried away back then, but in fact, I couldn't do it. I didn't think you would…that's the most regretful thing in my life."

"Then there's nothing I can give you."

"You have. I would be satisfied just to see you every day."

"You won't be satisfied." Xie Bi An looked at the distant mountain scenery unblinkingly, "You've never been a person who can be satisfied. You want everything, and if you can't get it, you will even snatch it."

Fan Wu She nodded: "It is always big brother who understands me best, but does big brother remember that I was not so greedy once? I just want to be with big brother for the rest of my life. If big brother becomes the Human Emperor, I will assist you. If I become the Human Emperor, I also want to stay together with big brother for life." He looked straight into Xie Bi An's eyes, "What I want most is just you."

Xie Bi An didn't want to get entangled in words anymore. After a long silence, he said, "What plan do you have? Now the underworld has been controlled by Jiang Qu Lian while the five ghost emperors were watching from the sidelines, and he still has hostages in his hands." "I'll think of a way to rescue the hostages first. I will destroy his army of ghost citizens." Fan Wu She said arrogantly, "Back then, the Great Emperor Beiyin only won a miserable victory. Jiang Qu Lian is merely a ghost king. I will show him the power of the Heavenly Secret Talisman."

"He will definitely be prepared." Xie Bi An said sternly, "Even if we can successfully rescue the hostages, you can't tear open the Fengdu boundary like you did in your previous life. All the people in Jiuzhou can be his hostages. I can't take that risk."

Fan Wu She smiled faintly, "I'll listen to big brother."
Xie Bi An glanced at him coldly, "Is there any news from Xu Zhi Nan?" "I only know that he did not return to Chidi City. Now he cannot be
tolerated anywhere, and he has disappeared for the time being. He is seriously injured. Even if his soul is swapped into Cheng Yan Zhi's body, Cheng Yan Zhi still can't leave the Seven Stars Lamp, so he’s probably at more of a disadvantage."

Xie Bi An shook his head: "Xu Zhi Nan is perhaps the smartest person I've ever met. He is obviously cold and ruthless, but he acted with love and righteousness. He fooled everyone, including me. He spent a hundred years laying out such a meticulous game, just for the sake of being reborn in a young and healthy body. At this last juncture, he would not fail to leave himself a way out."
"But he can't be reborn if he doesn't get the Absolute Human Emperor." "The Golden Trunk Jade Policy is still in his hands. There have been
several hundred thousand emperors since ancient times. I should not be the only cultivator with the imperial destiny currently. I only have the highest cultivation. If he goes for the next best thing, as long as he finds one that has formed a core, perhaps it can also help him to achieve it."

Fan Wu She pondered, "Chidi City must be sealed so that he can't go near Shen Nong Ding. I will send people to encircle Chidi City first." "Right." Xie Bi An said, "We can't continue to stay here." "Your injury is still not healed."
"It's no longer a big deal."

"No." Fan Wu She was used to being in control, and as soon as the words were spoken, he immediately softened his tone, "Big brother, your spirit veins are badly injured. The cave on Mount Daming will help you heal. When you've recovered, I will take you away."

Xie Bi An felt a little ridiculous. After all, it was Fan Wu She who had beaten him into serious injury, it's just that he couldn't laugh.

But Fan Wu She seemed to sense what was on his mind and whispered, "After all, your current body is several years apart from your previous life in terms of cultivation. The eight Chongtian cannot be controlled as you please. I didn't mean to hurt you."

"How much longer?" Xie Bi An asked expressionlessly, "How much longer before I can leave?"

Fan Wu She said warmly, "It will be much faster if you don't resist me so I can heal you."


"You've been standing for too long today. It's time to go back to bed and rest."

Xie Bi An hesitated for a moment, but complied and returned to his bed.

He thought that Fan Wu She must have done it on purpose. Although the temporary imperial palace was not as good as Wuji Palace, there were still twenty to thirty rooms, but Fan Wu She had simply placed him in the one where the two of them had stayed in their previous life.

He had too many shameful memories of that bed. Song Zi Xiao brought him here in the name of enjoying the snow, but actually he just wanted to find a secluded, undisturbed place to do whatever he wanted. He was a person who had been practicing martial arts since he was three years old, but he was tossed and turned until his legs were too weak to walk, and he could only be carried back to the palace after getting out of the sedan chair. He was ashamed to think how those who had witnessed it would have laughed at him behind his back, and how the rumors would have been spiced up and intolerable to the ear when they spread outside the palace and across the immortal cultivation world.

Every time he lies here, it is torment for him. But this is Fan Wu She's purpose ---- to force him to recall the most "intimate" memories of the two of them.

Fan Wu She helped him lie down and tucked him in: "Although it's summer, it's still cool in the mountains, especially after the sun goes down."

Xie Bi An turned his face towards the inside of the bed.

"Of course, it's even colder in winter. Do you still remember when we came here as children? I was always so cold that I had to sleep under the same quilt with you." Fan Wu She smiled, "Afterwards, I wasn't afraid of the cold anymore, instead you... " His smile stopped abruptly as he remembered what he had seen on the Jade Policy. He finally understood why his big brother was so afraid of the cold, even of the snow.

Because he was once severely injured by his own father and nearly froze to death in the boundless snowfields of Kunlun. He was later saved by Qi Meng Sheng and barely escaped death, but his fear of that bone-chilling cold had been engraved into his soul.

And what did he do when he found out that he was afraid of the cold? He wrapped him in a fur coat hastily, carried him to the snow, and violated him, just because he liked that he would hold him tightly in fear and cold.

Fan Wu She didn't dare to recall what he had done to his big brother. His evil deeds were too numerous to record. Every time he recalled them, he was in deep despair. Xie Bi An's jawline was tense. His lips were pursed, and he did not say a word. He obviously thought the same thing.

After a while, Xie Bi An felt a warm stream flowing into his body. It was Fan Wu She's spiritual power.

"I will never let you be cold again." Fan Wu She felt his heart twisted, "When I was young, I vowed to protect you for life, not to let anyone bully you, not to let anyone give you grievance, but it was I who hurt you the most. time, I..."

"Say no more." Xie Bi An said softly, "I don't want to hear it."

Fan Wu She's hand trembled. He gloomily lowered his eyes and whispered, "I know you don't want to hear it, but I have to say it. I'm afraid you will forget. I'm afraid you don't care anymore. If you don't even care about Xiao Jiu, then I don't know what to do anymore."


The temperature brought by the revolving of the spiritual power circulated in both of their bodies. Their bodies were a little hotter than usual, but their hearts were cold all along because they were difficult to touch, because they were too far apart, and because they avoided it.

watched from the sidelines*[作壁上观]---basically ‘not my problem’ or ‘I don’t care’

Chapter 236

With the rich spiritual energy contained in Mount Daming’s cave, the condition of Xie Bi An's injury is improving daily, but what really worries him was not his own injuries, but Fengdu which was thousands of miles away, and Chidi City, which is even further. Of course, there was a nearer one, and that is Fan Wu She.

Fan Wu She wants to talk to him day after day about his childhood and the good things they have experienced together in their memories. No matter how indifferent his attitude was, sometimes he even felt that Fan Wu She wanted to provoke him deliberately, just like when he was a child. If he neglected Xiao Jiu because of other things, Xiao Jiu would deliberately make a scene to attract his attention.

This day, Fan Wu She went out for a few hours before returning, which was unusual as he seldom leaves the temporary imperial palace.

Xie Bi An also hesitated on whether to escape or not. Apart from some servants, there was no one else in the temporary imperial palace, and Fan Wu She also didn't restrict him. But after thinking about it, he still didn't act rashly. He felt that he couldn't escape from Fan Wu She’s sphere of influence. What's more, what could he do if he escaped?

Fan Wu She pushed open the door and entered the house. He was in black clothes with a long sword, had a tall and strong physical build, a jaw as sharp as a knife, and sharp and deep pupils. Anyone who saw him, would also be intimidated by that evil and overbearing imposing manner, but he took out a very out-of-sorts thing from his arms a steaming hot oil paper
bag. "Big brother, look what I bought." Fan Wu She handed over the oil paper bag as if presenting a treasure, but when he saw Xie Bi An did not accept it, he opened it himself.

Xie Bi An was stunned for a moment.

"It's the brown sugar fritters* from the Zhang family's shop that you used to like the most." Fan Wu She cannot hide his smiling mood, "The Zhang family’s shop stopped making it a few years ago. Their business was not good, old man Zhang became old, and his daughter was married off. I specially inquired about his residence, went to his house and asked him to make it for me. I flew all the way back on the sword and it’s still warm."

Xie Bi An said coldly, "You didn't hurt anyone, did you?"

"Of course not." Fan Wu She's face changed slightly, "I merely bought two fritters."

Xie Bi An glanced at the layer of burnt brown sugar frosting on the brown sugar fritters. It was dripping with oil and the sweet smell wafted into the nose. It really made people increase their appetite. There were many delicacies he liked in Daming City. He thought he had already forgotten after so long. In fact, just a little fragrance can evoke all the memories. But he still turned his face away, "That's good."

"Big brother, taste it. Taste whether it still tastes the same as before." There were a few moments of apprehensive expectation in Fan Wu She's eyes, "It was so hot when it first came out of the pot, I hid it in my arms and my stomach was red from the heat."

Xie Bi An didn't intend to have a problem with the food, so he took it, lowered his head and took a bite.

"Is it delicious?" Fan Wu She said joyfully.

Xie Bi An nodded indifferently, reading a book while eating the fritters. This brown sugar fritter has exactly the same taste from the memory. The thickness was just right and not too sweet. Although not as crispy as when it first came out of the pan, it's still very tasty. He felt emotional in his heart that there is still one day to eat it.

Fan Wu She expected more of a response, but seemed to have expected that there would be no more response. His eyes were a little dark, but he did not give up: "Big brother, I also want to try."

Xie Bi An was about to return the other untouched one to him, but Fan Wu She suddenly leaned down, grabbed his hand and bit it where he had bitten.

Xie Bi An stiffened. He saw Fan Wu She licking the sugar crumbs from the corner of his lips, looking at him with affection from a very close distance.

In an instant, time and space alternated, and the scenery changed. The two of them seemed to have returned to Jingzhou City a few years ago. He bought a piece of sesame candy in the night market, which was very sweet and delicious. He wanted his junior brother to also have a taste, and Fan Wu She bit the place he had bitten just like this. That is the first time he was aware of Fan Wu She’s faintly discernible flirtatiousness.

Afterwards, when he fell in love with him, he always thought that his junior brother developed feelings for him due to his close association with him. Now he realized that this persistent obsession can be traced back to his past life.

Just as Fan Wu She wanted to take advantage and steal a kiss, Xie Bi An abruptly stood up and stepped a few steps back.

Fan Wu She dropped his hand in disappointment: "You eat, I won't bother you." He paused and added, "Daming City has fallen a lot. I’ve been all over the city, and many of the places we've visited as children are gone. But I will try to find them again. What you like to eat, what you like to drink, I will go and find them for you."

"No need." Xie Bi An said coldly, "Don't do these useless things." "You ought to miss them, right? You've always liked to travel around and enjoy the delicacies everywhere. Wherever you go, you always have to inquire about good food, drinks and interesting things." Fan Wu She looked at Xie Bi An and said, "What you want is that free and unrestrained life. I should have been the person who understands you the most in this world. I should not have believed that you would harm others for the sake of the throne, but I was fooled. Big brother, when everything is over, we'll live the life you want most, okay? I’ll always stay with you to the ends of the earth.”

"I have long since stopped thinking about that." Xie Bi An said expressionlessly, “I don’t think about the past life anymore. I also don’t want to think about the present life anymore. I just want to take revenge for master. I just want the human and ghost realms that he used his life to protect to return back to the balance of the past, where they are clearly distinct and not offending each other."

"I will do it. For you." Fan Wu She said with certainty, "I will give you everything you want. I will rebuild Wuji Palace. I will make Daming prosperous again. The things you like, the places you want to go, I will ..."

"That's enough!" Xie Bi An lost control and growled. This is the first time he showed his anger in this period of time. Like a tightly fortified castle built with bricks, it was suddenly chiseled open with cracks. Once the resentment that has been forcefully suppressed leaked out a little, it was considered a lot. But he quickly came back to his senses again. He gasped, gathered the leaking emotions, turned around and was about to leave.

Fan Wu She took a few steps forward and forcefully wrenched over that pair of thin shoulders. His eyes had clear pain, and he said sternly: "Big brother, if you want to scold me, hit me, hate me, kill me, come as much as you like. Stop pretending to be indifferent."

"Let go of me."

Fan Wu She slowly withdrew his hand. "Are you able to bring Master back from the dead?" Xie Bi An stared viciously into Fan Wu She's eyes.

"...No." Fan Wu She's heart fell straight down.

"Then we can never go back to the past either." Once he didn’t suppress it, the resentment in Xie Bi An's eyes flowed out, "I've told you countless times, Xiao Jiu was already dead in my heart. Whatever you do is useless. Whatever you do can’t bring him back, so stop doing all these useless things."

"He's not dead." Fan Wu She's big hand pressed on his chest, but still could not resist the gouging pain, "If he really died, I would not be in so much pain. I would not have been tortured in hell for a hundred years, and not even able to forget you for a moment."

Xie Bi An's expression was frozen once again: "He is dead. You killed him."

Fan Wu She’s heart was oppressed by the sudden despair, so much that his waist bent down slightly. A few strands of black blood vessels crept into his eyes. The black death aura accompanied by hostility dispersed. In the wilderness of his consciousness, he was attacked in the cruelest way, and the devil in his heart squirmed momentarily. With the experience of two lives, he thought he could control the erosion of the Yin energy of the Heavenly Secret Talisman very well, but did not expect that there is one person, just a word or even a look, can make him lose control.

Xie Bi An looked at him warily.

Fan Wu She clenched his fists, turned around and left with big strides.

Brown sugar fritters*[糖油饼] looks like this:

Chapter 237

Xie Bi An was sleeping soundly when the door of his bedchamber was suddenly roughly pushed open. He suddenly woke up with a jolt, grabbed the sword by his side, and the Junlan sword was half-unsheathed and crossed in front of him.

But he soon knew who the visitor was. After all, he had lived with him for two lifetimes, and he could easily distinguish that familiar scent, even though it was mixed with the smell of alcohol.

"What are you doing?" Xie Bi An asked coldly.

Fan Wu She sat down on the edge of the bed and said mysteriously, "I'll take you to a place."

The smell of alcohol wafting into his nose made Xie Bi An frown: "You drank too much."

"Not much." Fan Wu She grabbed Xie Bi An's wrist, "Let's go."

"It’s already late*." Xie Bi An shrugged once, but didn't fling him off, "Let go."

"Big brother, I'll take you to a place. You must see it."

Fan Wu She is usually gloomy and cold, not angry, but has a majestic temperament. Even when he was a teenager, what was hidden under this young body was a soul who had lived for two lifetimes. He hardly ever had such a jumpy moment. How much wine has he been drinking? The usual Fan Wu She had already made Xie Bi An on guard at all times, and this unusual Fan Wu She in front of him made him even more worried.

Xie Bi An was half-dragged and half-carried out of bed by Fan Wu She. He took him on his sword and left the temporary imperial palace, and flew into the depths of Mount Daming.

"I've been looking for it for a long time. Based on my impression it should be this season." Fan Wu She shouted against the wind. A few syllables were swallowed up by the wind which sounded intermittently, but Xie Bi An vaguely recalled something.

Fan Wu She followed the trace of spiritual awareness he left behind and found a small lake in the forest. Looking down from the sky, the half-moon was clearly reflected in the water. A breeze wrinkled the water, and the sparkling waves reflected the chilly moonlight. The most eye-catching thing is that there was a golden band of light floating around the lakeside, as if the Milky Way above the highest heavens are also reflected on the earth.

It is thousands of fireflies with their own faint light converging into this dreamy scenery.

The two passed through the streams of fireflies and landed on the lakeside. Xie Bi An lifted his head and stared blankly at the dots of sparks, sinking into his memories.

This place was first discovered by him.

In order to protect the cave of Mount Daming, outsiders were not allowed to come to this peak where the temporary imperial palace is located. He was curious about everything when he was young, so after cultivating, he would fly everywhere in the mountain with his sword to find interesting things. Hence, he found this small lake, and also found that during the hot and humid summer there would be large streams of fireflies gathering beside the water. He was shocked by the sight at that time, and after leaving his spiritual awareness behind, he flew back to the temporary imperial palace in a flash, woke up Xiao Jiu, who was fast asleep, and brought him here to enjoy the view. Since then, if they came to the cave in the summer to cultivate, they would secretly come here to play from time to time.

He remembered that time when his outstanding talent was just revealed, he was highly expected by his father to win glory for the Daming Song Clan at the Jiaolong Assembly. He was appreciated by his father, loved by his mother, and respected and worshipped by his younger siblings. It was the most carefree time of his life.

Xie Bi An was deeply immersed in a type of thick, sad memories, even when someone held his hand, he did not notice.

Fan Wu She turned his head and looked at Xie Bi An, his gaze was vacant but there was no loss of gentleness. Under the same quiet starry sky, he also seemed to follow the long river of time back to the past. The sky had moon and stars, and the ground had reflections and fireflies. Between the sky and earth, there was only him and his big brother. This seemed to be a carefully planned dream for them.

Xie Bi An came back to his senses at that moment. He looked up at Fan Wu She in surprise then withdrew his hand.

Now, he is holding his big brother's hand instead, and he is looking down at his big brother's calm eyes and brows, wanting this moment to be long and meaningful, but fearing of waking up from a good dream.

Xie Bi An came back to his senses at that moment. He looked up at Fan Wu She in surprise, then withdrew his hand.

Fan Wu She's palm was empty. He clasped his fingers, trying to stop the heat from flowing away.

"In the past, we would come here to enjoy the moon and the fireflies." Fan Wu She said softly, "You were the one who discovered this place first." Xie Bi An pondered for a moment, "It's too late, let's go back." Fan Wu She took his hand again, "We used to stay until dawn." "Let go." Xie Bi An said with a frown.
The smell of alcohol rushed to the top of his skull, accompanied by the disappointment that kept accumulating from Xie Bi An. Fan Wu She's face heated up and clenched his hand tighter: "I want to go back at dawn. Big brother, accompany me."

Xie Bi An was shocked.

Was it intentional or unintentional? This sentence from Fan Wu She was actually exactly the same as what he said when he was behaving like a spoiled child and making a scene, just that the tone now is domineering and overbearing. He’s also unable to refuse. Back then, he pampered and indulged Xiao Jiu. Now, he was wary and afraid of Fan Wu She.

Fan Wu She pulled Xie Bi An and sat down on a smooth stone. He took out a cloak from the qiankun bag, wrapped Xie Bi An up, and then took advantage to hold his shoulders.

Xie Bi An was sitting upright. His body did not dare to relax for a moment.

"It's so beautiful. So many streams of fireflies, just like when we were young." Fan Wu She held Xie Bi An's thin shoulder and sighed in his heart. Why did the man, who could hold up the sky* for him when he was young, become this skinny and this pale now? This made him want to hold him in his arms without letting go for a moment, and also want to offer him everything in the world.

However, his big brother does not want that. The throne, wealth, magical treasures, he thought his big brother fancy those things, but in the end only he took it seriously. Now his big brother does not want everything he can give, and also doesn’t want him. Xie Bi An quietly looked at these golden fireflies, just like a long river of stars smashing and spreading in the world, which was incomparably romantic. He whispered: "Flying into the sky like meteorites, brushing the trees like flowers*."

Fan Wu She turned his head and looked into Xie Bi An's eyes, which were bright and shining. The small bits of stars also seemed to sprinkle into his eyes. He is gentle, attentive and extremely touching. His blood is surging. His strong desire seems to break through the restraints of his body and rush towards that man who makes him crazily obsessed. He desperately drags the beast in his heart and suppresses the desire until he’s itching to destroy the desire. With restraint after restraints, he lowered his head and printed an infinitely soft kiss on his forehead.

Yet Xie Bi An's body tensed. He stared straight ahead with a fixed gaze, like facing a great enemy.

"Don't be afraid of me." Fan Wu She's voice was deep and hoarse. "Big brother, don't do this to me." That voice had a few more trembles.
"I'm sorry, I didn't do it on purpose. I thought you betrayed me. I thought you caused my mother’s death. I didn't mean to treat you like that. You are the most important person in my life, so I can't stand you treating me like this." Fan Wu She hugged Xie Bi An’s shoulders with his forehead against Xie Bi An’s head, “But I always have you in my heart. Only you, I can never forget. 100 years, 200 years, two lifetimes, I will never forget."

Xie Bi An felt unbearable pain. When he saw the sky of fireflies and this familiar lake, his mind was full of laughter when they were young. After all, it’s engraved in his heart. Who can forget? But the pain engraved in his bones and printed on his heart, the face of hatred, also cannot be forgotten.

He turned his head. His body wanted to escape, but the weight on his shoulders was too heavy to move. The late remorse was worthless, or else his struggles, pain, despair, and defeat would also have been worthless. That's why he is extremely resistant to these things that were premeditated, wanting to evoke his former memories. Whether it's the delicious wine of his youth or the places he has been before, are all means by which Fan Wu She attempts to soften his heart. He keeps wearing this numb mask, fearing that cracks will appear on it and leak out his increasingly uncontrollable emotions.

"Big brother, talk to me." Fan Wu She whispered in his ear, "You must have a lot to say. Don't hide everything. Say something. Scold me, hate me, anything, you have to say it."

Xie Bi An’s hands gradually clenched into fists. The resentment suppressed during this time has become more and more difficult to control, and Fan Wu She is still pressing closer and closer, as if he will not stop until he is enraged.

"I know you don't want to see me cry in pain and plead bitterly, nor do you want to see me defend myself, so you’ll say it, okay? Big brother, senior brother, don't ignore me."

Fan Wu She clearly realized, the big brother who used to defend, argue and resist, was still fighting for him and their love, and had not yet completely closed his heart, but this numb, cold, and senseless person in front of him was about to make his heart die. It's more hopeless to be indifferent than to hurl insults.

"Big brother ..."

"What do you want me to say?" Xie Bi An twisted his head, his gaze bursting with sparks, "What are the words that we didn't say in those years?”

Fan Wu She stared at Xie Bi An for a long time before he said in a deep voice, "Do you still like me?"
Xie Bi An's pupils dilated and tightened again. He froze for a moment. "Back then in Wuji Palace, even if I forced you, even if you only had
brotherly love for me, we did all those intimate things after all. We embraced each other night after night ..." "Shut up!" Xie Bi An growled.

Fan Wu She refused to stop: "Embrace each other to sleep. You will take the initiative to hug me when you are confused and begged for more. I’ve always wanted to ask you if your heart has ever moved before."

"No." Xie Bi An said through gritted teeth.

“Not even once? When you were enjoying yourself underneath me for so many days and nights, has your heart never even moved once?”

Xie Bi An wanted to get up.

Fan Wu She caught Xie Bi An’s weak point after all the trouble, how could he stop here? He refused to let go: "Even if you didn’t in the previous life, in this life, you really liked me, right?"

Xie Bi An's eyes gradually turned red.

"You said it yourself. You also did it physically. You also wanted to be with me for a long time, right?" Fan Wu She stares into the depths of Xie Bi An's eyes. "Now, regardless of hate, I'm not only your favorite Xiao Jiu, but also Song Zi Xiao who spent countless nights with you, and also Fan Wu She who fought side by side with you and made a lifelong promise. I don't believe you are completely indifferent to me. Do you still like me?"

Xie Bi An pushed Fan Wu She away. His eyes were confused and ferocious. He glared at Fan Wu She fiercely: "How can you still have the face to ask this question?"

Fan Wu She's face was filled with hidden pain, and he would not give up until he reached his goal: "Because this is the one thing I care most about in this world. I have struggled for two lives, and I only want you to have me in your heart."

Xie Bi An gasped and tried to ease that pain. He said with a light tremor: "Then listen carefully. No. Never in the past life and this life. The like based on deception is not called like. No matter what you do, I will not like you. I only have hate for you now."

The light in Fan Wu She's eyes viciously converged and then scattered in the pitch-black pupils, like water disappearing in water. Any words can hardly depict the pain that was tearing at his heart and lungs at this moment. He opened his mouth. There was some blurring in front of his eyes, and the surface of calmness could hardly be sustained, but he still held on. He laughed strangely, not knowing who he was speaking to, "I don't believe it." I don't believe how you can be completely indifferent when I love you like this.

Xie Bi An stared at him and his body leaned back unconsciously.

This evasive action seemed to have plucked Fan Wu She’s certain heartstring. He suddenly grabbed Xie Bi An's shoulders and pushed him to the ground. He leaned and pressed him down, but stopped before their lips were about to collide roughly.

Their noses were against each other, close enough to exchange each other's breath, which was anxious, restless, and pathetic. They looked into each other's eyes. The entrance to the soul is infinitely enlarged. Their whole vision was forced into it. They saw complicated textures, brown rings, and dark, bottomless pupils. They saw themselves in those circles of shrunken pupils. The anxious, restless, and pathetic self.

At this moment, the pain became a tangible and qualitative thing, getting into each other's muscles, hair, skin, bone, and blood, so that they experienced the general pain of getting skinned, beaten, and a thousand cuts.

Why? Why did it hurt so much? Why did two people who were in love with each other come to this irreversible path?

Xie Bi An opened his eyes wide and tears rolled down quietly.

The color of the blood vessels in Fan Wu She's eyes became deeper and deeper, and were eventually replaced by a spreading black death aura that crept up to his pupils one by one. He propped his hands on either side of Xie Bi An's head. His tall body trembling lightly, as if he was restraining something, and the result of his restraint was only a light touch on the lips that he so desperately wanted.

Xie Bi An stared at him without blinking. He was staring at the black vines in his eyes. The memory of his previous life surged, which made him shudder. He said softly, "If you can't control the devil in your heart, the ending of your previous life will be repeated soon."

"The devil in my heart is you." Fan Wu She's hand brushed over Xie Bi An's sideburns.

"It's the Heavenly Secret Talisman’s ..."

"It's you, it's always been you." Fan Wu She said sorrowfully, "The Heavenly Secret Talisman can't manipulate me. You can."

"The devil in your heart is born from your own desire. It has nothing to do with me."

"Yeah." Fan Wu She smiled bitterly, "The devil in my heart is my devil in my heart, but to control the devil in my heart, unless I can control you, unless I get what I want most ---- you. Otherwise sooner or later, I will still lose my mind one day."

Xie Bi An bit his lower lip tightly.

Fan Wu She gently brushed his fingertips over Xie Bi An's lips and pried open his teeth, "Big brother, before you remembered your previous life, we were very happy. At that time I was very conflicted. I missed you so much. I wanted you to remember me so much, but I didn't want you to remember me, because if you remembered, we would never be able to be together again without heartache."

"You think I wanted to remember? I'd rather just be Xie Bi An for the rest of my life." "Yeah, how good would it be if you didn't remember. How good would it be if you forgot about our unpleasant past and if you forgot to hate me."

Then he would see this person smiling at him again. Being nice to him, saying yes to him, and all the resentment, resistance, and fear would disappear from these eyes, and they would live a lifetime together and never be separated.

"Big brother, why don't you forget it?" Fan Wu She murmured, "It would be good if you forget it. It would be good to forget it."

"..." Xie Bi An couldn't tell if Fan Wu She was talking to him or to himself. Looking at the black death aura spreading in Fan Wu She's eyes, a greater uneasiness rose in his heart.

PS: Hmmmm I think Xiaohei have to sacrifice himself in order to chase Xiaobai heart’s back, and the black death aura probably will be a key turning point…We shall see~

It’s already late*[都什么时⾠了]---technically it meant ‘what time is it’, but usually when we (Chinese)

speak, we usually meant ‘it’s already late’ hold up
the sky*[ 撑起天]---or 撑起⼀⽚天, Describes a person who is very capable Flying

into the sky like meteorites, brushing the trees like flowers*[ 腾空类星陨,拂树若花⽣]---describes fireflies fluttering in
the courtyard, soaring in the air like stars falling down from the sky, brushing the trees like blooming flowers

Chapter 238

After that night, Fan Wu She was still healing Xie Bi An as usual, racking his brains to find the connection between the two of them in the past and presenting it to his big brother. As if awakened from a drunken stupor, he also somewhat sobered up from that manic depression of being unable to get what he wanted. It's just that the way he looked at his big brother had a few more depths of unknown meaning.

Xie Bi An simply couldn't avoid the past because Fan Wu She won't let him avoid it and will bring up their past over and over again. He’ll bring up the past at any time, so that he can't deny or ignore it. He felt deeply tired of this situation where he could do nothing and had nowhere to run. When facing Fan Wu She's constant invasion, he could only spend more time cultivating so that he could heal sooner and leave this imperial palace filled with too many heavy memories sooner.

After his spiritual veins were able to flow freely, Xie Bi An proposed to return to Fengdu.

Fan Wu She said, "Fengdu is not what it used to be. Our soul weapons most likely can no longer pass through the Yin Yang Monument."

"After being an Underworld General for so many years, I have other ways to go back to the Underworld." Xie Bi An said gravely, "We must rescue Brother Lan, Official Lord Cui and the others first before we can eradicate Jiang Qu Lian completely."

"Do you think you can save them by sneaking into the Underworld?" Fan Wu She said, "Lan Chui Han is a person from the origin of Jiang Qu Lian's past life. Jiang Qu Lian's ambition is most likely related to him, and Official Lord Cui, I guess the Book of Life and Death has a very important role in the operation of the six paths of reincarnation. Other people aside, these two people must be heavily guarded by Jiang Qu Lian. The two of us as living beings originally have all kinds of inconvenience in the underworld. To save people without alerting the enemy, it will probably not work."

Xie Bi An frowned and said, "What is your plan?"

"It's a must to go to the Underworld, but I think, instead of risking life to save people, we should pull the carpet from under* Jiang Qu Lian."

"How do we pull the carpet out from under him?" "Let's go steal the Book of Life and Death."
"..." Xie Bi An pondered for a moment, "Actually, these days I have always had a guess."

"What guess?"

"Based on what you’ve said, if I were Jiang Qu Lian I would not simply jump into the Human Path at the end of Naihe Bridge just because I gave my all to occupy the underworld and wanted to reincarnate as a human being. His power, his cultivation, his memories, he does not want to give any of them up. Otherwise, isn’t that just placing himself at the mercy of others by being reborn as an infant in swaddling clothes?"

Fan Wu She nodded his head: "Yin cultivation is so much harder than Yang cultivation. If he can reincarnate as a human with his current memories and cultivation, he really has the possibility to cultivate the Great Dao."

"In that case, he would want to control the rules of the six paths of reincarnation. Now he is almost equivalent to usurping the power of Great Emperor Beiyin. As long as he does not drink Meng Po soup, he can carry the memories with him and reincarnate, but where will he be reincarnated? How will he carry his centuries of cultivation with him? Or at least reincarnate himself with a set of supreme immortal roots. At the same time, he still needs to be able to command his army of ghost citizens to protect his own safety." Xie Bi An said in a deep voice, "I think that the answer to everything is in the Book of Life and Death, but also not everything is in the Book of Life and Death."

Fan Wu She was stunned, "What you mean is ..."

"As the Judge of Literature, Official Lord Cui is in charge of the Book of Life and Death and the Judge's Brush. This point is known to the world, but the Book of Life and Death in his hands is incomplete. Back in the days when the Zhuanxu Clan disconnected heaven and earth, Great Emperor Haotian tore up the part where the destiny of celestial beings were written from the Book of Life and Death."

"The Golden Trunk Jade Policy."

"Yes. In order to keep the fate of the celestial beings from being peeped and dominated by others, Great Emperor Haotian ordered Great Emperor Dongyue to put this Jade Policy into a Golden Trunk and suppress it on Mount Tai. In other words, the Book of Life and Death was born in the Heaven Path and originally contained the destiny of all living creatures in the three realms, which Great Emperor Haotian could not even control, but could only hide. To know the ultimate secret of the six paths of reincarnations, the complete Book of Life and Death is needed."

Fan Wu She narrowed his eyes slightly, "If that's true, by now Jiang Qu Lian should have discovered this secret as well. He must get the Golden Trunk Jade Policy from Xu Zhi Nan's hands."

"These two people will definitely be in cahoots again."

Xie Bi An's eyes shot a cold aura, "We must not let the Book of Life and Death and the Golden Trunk Jade Policy merge!"

"Then compared to the Book of Life and Death, the Jade Policy is obviously easier to get, but Xu Zhi Nan is in hiding. I’ve sent several batches of people to inquire about news about him, but no one knows where he is."

"Xu Zhi Nan's physical body must have been extremely weak, so it’ll be hard to find when he hides." Xie Bi An said with hesitation, "At least the Book of Life and Death is definitely in the Underworld and most likely in the Red Palace. I think it's better to go back to the Underworld first. If we find out Xu Zhi Nan’s whereabouts, we must also find him before Jiang Qu Lian."

"Okay, I’ll listen to big brother." Fan Wu She gazed at Xie Bi An. If people who did not know the truth saw his expression, he would look like a really good and obedient younger brother.

Xie Bi An's expression suddenly stiffened, and he avoided Fan Wu She's focused gaze: "We have to go to Mount Shu."

"Go to Mount Shu to do what?"

"To go back to the Underworld without anyone knowing, we have to utilize the City God Temple, and we also need the help of the City God. Master had the best friendship with Sun Xia Zhen, the City God of Mount Shu, when he was alive. I want to find him. In addition, I also want to know how Wuliang Sect ... Song Chun Gui’s current situation." Xie Bi An has mixed feelings about the Wuliang Sect. Although Li Bu Yu could hardly absolve himself from the blame with ten thousand deaths, the immortal cultivation world in the mortal realm was already in chaos. At this time, the pillar of Wuliang Sect cannot fall. He can fully imagine how Song Chun Gui is now struggling to support the Wuliang Sect and support the immortal cultivation world. If the immortal cultivation world collapsed, who would go and help those evil spirits released by Jiang Qu Lian? The people in Jiuzhou will be in deep distress.

"Okay, let's go to Mount Shu." Fan Wu She looked at Xie Bi An's sorrowful face and gently pulled the corner of his coat, "Big brother, with me here, I will definitely stop Jiang Qu Lian for you." Xie Bi An shook his hand off and said coldly, "You are making up for the evil deeds you have done, not for me."

"In my heart, it's just for you." Fan Wu She stared at Xie Bi An without blinking, "Big brother, do you know, in a hundred years of hell, what has been stripped from me over and over again was not only flesh and bone, but also humanity. In my eyes, everything in the world is empty except you. I don’t care if everything is dead. I only care about you.”

"You ..."

"What I said is true." Only Xie Bi An's figure is reflected in Fan Wu She's dark, bottomless pupils, "Big brother can use me as much as you want, but you cannot leave me. Without you, I'd rather the three worlds go up in smoke."

Xie Bi An clenched his fists and his heart was trembling violently. This man's obsession with him is as deep as the sea. It was not the first day he knew, but when he’s exposed bluntly in front of him every time, he would still be shocked and scared.

Fan Wu She re-pulled Xie Bi An's sleeve: "I'll take you to a place, and then we'll set off."

The two of them flew away and left Mount Daming with their swords. Xie Bi An couldn't help but look back at the imperial palace that was getting farther and farther away. He hoped that he would never have to come back.

The clouds and mist in the mountain gradually opened up, and a huge black and charred ruin appeared in front of him. Xie Bi An’s whole body shook and a million thoughts came to his mind.

He was in a coma when he arrived, and as soon as he woke up, he was already in the imperial palace, so he didn't see Wuji Palace, or to be precise, the ruins of Wuji Palace. When he and Song Zi Xiao died, the Immortal Alliance divided the three hundred years foundation of the Daming Song Clan. Li Bu Yu burned the Wuji Palace to the ground and sent people everywhere to arrest the people of the Song Clan with the intention of eliminating everything. The people of the Song Clan had no choice but to live in anonymity and drag out an ignoble existence, and the Zongxuan sword technique was eventually lost.

The world thinks that Li Bu Yu hates the Song Clan because they killed his aunt Li Xiang Tong. In fact, how many of them are because of his timidity and wanting to cover up his plenty of evil deeds against Song Ming He and Song Zi Heng? What could be more reassuring to him than to wipe out the Daming Song Clan from Jiuzhou?

The Wuji palace, which was once a splendid place for thousands of people, is now just a piece of scorched earth.

"What did you bring me here for?" Xie Bi An's heart was suffocating, "I don't want to see." Before he recovered his memories from his previous life, he had traveled to many places and had been curious about the old site of the Daming’s Wuji Palace. Although Li Bu Yu had set up a boundary and forbade anyone to go near the Wuji Palace, it was not difficult for him to get close, or to take a look from the sky, but he had never been here before, not even this close to Daming City. Perhaps, he was instinctively rejecting this place.

"If you want to go to Mount Shu, you can't get around it anyway. The best way to get rid of fear is to face it."

The wind carried Fan Wu She's voice and floated into his ears. Xie Bi An looked at the debris at his feet like a lump in his throat.
Fan Wu She took the lead with his sword and flew down towards Wuji Palace. Xie Bi An did not hesitate too much and followed suit.

They finally landed on the wasteland, where there was a wall left. Apart from this, they are no different from other places. They are desolated, gray with defeat, and lifeless. Xie Bi An looked around and felt an inexplicable sense of familiarity, not knowing if it was because he was standing on the old earth of the Wuji Palace or ...

"Can big brother still recognize this place?" Fan Wu She said softly. Xie Bi An fixed his gaze at him.
"I came here many times to find Qinghui Pavilion, or Bailu Pavilion, but they have all been burned down, except here because there is nothing to burn, so it remained slightly more intact." Fan Wu She gazed at Xie Bi An. His gaze was an undisguised affection, "This was our Orchid Garden."

Xie Bi An froze.

Fan Wu She walked over to the wall that was still neat and tidy, and wiped off the thick ash with his hand, revealing some very old, almost invisible traces. One by one, from short to tall, as if cut out by a sharp tool. He pointed to the highest one and gestured towards his chest, "When I was fourteen, I was this short."

Xie Bi An's eyes burnt up and blurred almost instantly.

That was the line he drew for Xiao Jiu in the Orchid Garden when he grew in size. He drew it twice a year, and it suddenly ended when Xiao Jiu encountered dramatic changes in life during the age of 14. It seemed that his Xiao Jiu only lived until 14 years old, and would always be that tall and had a childish face.

Ten years later, the Demon Supreme, who returned with the power of sweeping the world, tore up all their love and affection.

Xie Bi An only felt his heart ache to the point of not being able to straighten up.

Fan Wu She looked at Xie Bi An's moist eyes and was also heartbroken. He whispered, "Big brother, if you are willing, I can also be Xiao Jiu only for the rest of my life."  
pull the carpet from under[ 釜底抽薪]--- take drastic measures to deal with a


Chapter 239

Xie Bi An turned a deaf ear, directly passed by Fan Wu She, and walked to that wall. He gently stroked the mottled scratches with his fingers. This one stroke after another was like cutting on his heart. He then looked back at the overgrown grass before him, imagining a hundred years ago, this orchid garden once had the beautiful scenery of flowers competing for beauty, as well as two joyful figures, one big and one small, shuttling between the flower beds.

Who doesn't miss the old days? They just can't go back.

Xie Bi An slowly lowered his hand and said in a deep voice, "Let's go." "Big brother, if you want, we can rebuild Wuji Palace."
"What is there in Wuji Palace that is worth remembering?" Xie Bi An asked in reply.


"My home is the place where is master, even if it’s in the underworld." Xie Bi An said lightly, "Now there is none."

"Big brother ..."

"Let’s go." Xie Bi An turned around without hesitation, no longer looking at the condensation of those hundred years of memories, and rose with his sword. Fan Wu She thoughtfully glanced at the Orchid Garden and also followed him.

It is a long way to Mount Shu. They need to find a place to rest halfway.
Fan Wu She unexpectedly chose a familiar place      Gutuo Town.

Xie Bi An was suddenly angry: "What the hell do you want to do? What is this memory worth recalling?"

"Because you are always avoiding it. You won't admit that I'm Xiao Jiu, so I'll let you keep remembering it." Fan Wu She stood with his arms folded. His gaze looking at Xie Bi An was gentle but not losing any power, "We almost died in Chen Xing Yong's hands here and you missed the Jiaolong Assembly. You definitely won’t forget."

"So what if I remember?"

"I want you to remember how much you care about me. You can even forsake your life to save me."
Xie Bi An's gaze turned cold: "What face do you have to mention this?" "As for me, even though I almost lost my life that day, I still remember
and miss it all the time for more than a hundred years because I know the way you didn't hesitate to save me that day and completely put your own safety aside must be true." There was sadness in Fan Wu She’s eyes. "During my ten years of wandering in Jiuzhou, whenever I encountered danger and couldn’t bear it anymore, I always thought of you at that time. I thought of how young you were at that time, faced so many high-level cultivators alone, and was so seriously injured, yet you protected me well. You must have cared about me and loved me. You have been sincere to me, it's just that you changed afterwards. Now I understand that you have never changed. Only you are the most real and best person in the world who has never changed."

Xie Bi An looked at the quiet and simple town in front of him in silence. He couldn’t find the appearance in his memory at all, but he still remembered many fragments and scenes of that year. And Fan Wu She’s every word was heart stabbing. Of course he cared. That's his favorite younger brother. That determined feeling of risking his life to save Xiao Jiu actually never disappeared and was never forgotten. It was just suppressed in the deepest part of his heart, as if it was ten thousand pounds of Thunderfire Stones which he never dared to touch easily.

However, no matter how much he doesn’t want to admit it, he can’t ignore those memories. Fan Wu She spared no trouble to take him along to remember the past, which had completely messed up his heart.

Xie Bi An was not willing to spend the night in Gutuo Town, but there were no other towns nearby, and they had to hurry on with their journey tomorrow, so he had no choice but to stay.

Xie Bi An unsurprisingly lost sleep that night. He was lying on the bed, staring at the bed curtain with his eyes open, while Fan Wu She was sitting in a chair with his eyes closed and sleeping lightly. Fan Wu She refused to open two guest rooms, saying that he had to protect him at all times to prevent Jiang Qu Lian from sneak attacking. This excuse was irrefutable, so one could only be on the bed, and the other off the bed.

Xie Bi An was tossing and turning, unable to sleep, so he turned to his side and gazed at Fan Wu She with the help of the moonlight. He was breathing lightly. At the same time, his spiritual energy was running slowly in his body. Cultivating and resting at the same time, that quiet and peaceful appearance is really like a painting.

Xie Bi An thought a lot, but his thoughts were in a mess. There was no real content, but more fragments and details of his past memory. However, it was these hard to connect, bits and pieces of voices and scenes that made him forget his hatred and pain at this moment. He just simply looked at Fan Wu She and sighed with emotions at his extraordinary good appearance. He fell asleep in this long-lost peace.


The next afternoon, the two arrived at Mount Shu. A once lively and extraordinary Lanxi Town has become deserted and quiet. Foreign visitors are very rare, even the original street full of green- robed Daoists are also much less. Today's Lanxi Town is just like Daming City a hundred years ago. With the decline of the world's first sect, the town that grew up behind it will naturally become silent.

The two of them disguised themselves slightly, hurriedly ate a meal, waited until it was completely dark, and then went to the City God Temple.

The evil spirits that were released from Fengdu have already roamed all over Jiuzhou. Originally Mount Shu was a place that produced outstanding people with great Yang energy, where no evil spirits dared to come near. Plus there are several thousands of cultivators living here, so they would be looking for death if they came here. But these evil spirits are not idle things. They didn’t come close to Lanxi Town, but they are making trouble in the suburbs and mountains. In just one month, three villagers have already been killed, which was unimaginable before.

So during this time, the incense of the City God Temple was burning unusually strong, and the worshippers did not gradually disperse until dark.

When they waited until the people were gone, the two entered the City God Temple. Xie Bi An waved his hand and closed the door, holding Wuqiongbi in his hand, and the people and things that were invisible in the world of the living all appeared in front of his eyes.

"Aiya, Little White Master!" Sun Xia Zhen, the City God of Mount Shu, was once an elder of Wuliang Sect. This man was as fond of wine as Zhong Kui, so they had a good friendship.

Xie Bi An arched his hand, "Elder Sun, long time no see."

"Why are you ..." Sun Xia Zhen immediately realized what was going on. He looked at Fan Wu She who was at one side, and his gaze instantly became frightened, "Could it be that he, he is..."

Fan Wu She removed his bamboo hat and looked at Sun Xia Zhen expressionlessly. At the era of Emperor Song, Sun Xia Zhen was still just a low-ranking disciple of the Wuliang Sect. He didn't even have the chance to participate in that battle to crusade against the Demon Supreme, but the fear of the Demon Supreme was a stigma on the people of Emperor Song’s era, which couldn't be washed away even after death, so it wasn't surprising that he was afraid.

"Elder Sun doesn't need to be nervous, he ... he also wants to deal with Jiang Qu Lian. In fact, we are here today to ask for a favor."

"Little White Master ah." Sun Xia Zhen heaved a sigh heavily, and his eyes suddenly contained tears, "What has happened during these years ah? This world, how is this world in chaos?"

Xie Bi An said in a deep voice: "It's a long story. I believe Elder Sun has heard a lot."

Sun Xia Zhen wiped his face: "Heaven Master is gone, the Demon Supreme is born, and now even the Underworld has changed owners. The more I hear, the more confused I am. I do not know what to do."

"After the Hungry Ghost Festival, did the City God Temple have any impact?" Xie Bi An’s eyes have hidden pain. Not only Sun Xia Zhen, he also has a lot of confusion and incomprehension. About his two lives, about the human and ghost realms, and about the people. He’s the person who experienced first-hand and witnessed all of these, but he still couldn’t understand it fully.

Sun Xia Zhen sighed again: "There are too many souls to collect. The Underworld Generals are not coming and the Yin servants are not sent. The Wuliang Sect is very shaky and unstable and cannot manage this. It is too busy just simply relying on the Yin servants in my hands. It's the people around us who are suffering ah."

"I, as an Impermanence, can't do my job at this time ..." Xie Bi An said gloomily, "I hope Elder Sun can hold on for a while longer. I will definitely seize back the underworld." "How is the underworld at this time? Did the Red King really take over the power?"


"What about, what about the emperor? With such a big commotion, how could the emperor not come out of seclusion?"

"The emperor was seriously injured back then, and has actually been recuperating for the past hundred years. It's not that he doesn't want to come out, but that he can't come out.”

"What about the ghost emperors?"

"The five ghost emperors are not willing to intervene in the affairs of the Underworld. This matter is very complicated."

Sun Xia Zhen seems to understand some of it: "Where is Official Lord Cui now?"

"In Jiang Qu Lian’s hands." Xie Bi An looked into Sun Xia Zhen's eyes and said earnestly, "Elder Sun, we need your help. We must sneak into the Underworld to save people."

Sun Xia Zhen nodded his head, "Little White Master, I understand. If this continues, the world will be in chaos. It is up to you to save the human and ghost realms." He secretly glanced at Fan Wu She, still a little wary, "Three days later, the night of the full moon is the time when the Yin energy is the densest. On that day, we will work together to open the Ghost Gate and send you guys back to the Underworld."

"Many thanks, Elder Sun."

"However, I do not have the power like the Red King after all. I do not know where this ripped entrance will be in Jiuyou. It may be in the barren mountains or deep streams, there may be miasma or a swamp, or you may encounter countless vicious ghosts and evil spirits. Moreover, Jiuyou is so big. What if that place is very far away from the underworld? You may not even be able to find the underworld. In short, this trip is dangerous, you must be careful ah."

"Don't worry, I ..."

"I’ll be around." Fan Wu She's voice is peaceful, but has a dignified power, "I will protect him."

Sun Xia Zhen subconsciously wiped the non-existent sweat on his forehead: "That's good, that's good."

"Then we'll wait for the night of the full moon." Xie Bi An asked again, "Elder Sun, how is the internal situation of the Wuliang Sect now?"

Sun Xia Zhen’s face was suddenly full of sorrow: "At this time, Li Zhi Qing is still thinking about the position of the sect leader. He didn’t even look at what qualifications he has. How can he support the family business?!"

This answer was not unexpected. Xie Bi An decided to go up to the mountain tomorrow to see.

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Chapter 240

Other than meeting Song Chun Gui, Xie Bi An still had some unfinished business from the previous life that needed to be dealt with, and that was Song Ming He's corpse.

Up to this day, thousands of ships had passed by*. He had no more hate for Song Ming He. Song Ming He was selfish and unfeeling throughout his life. His wife, his children, his brothers, and his morality could all be sacrificed, but in the end, he did not get what he wanted. Not only was his golden core dug out and he died with hatred, he was also suppressed under the Big Dipper Binding Demon Formation after his death and suffered a hundred years of torture, with his soul scattered in the end. He reaped what he sowed. Song Ming He has already been punished.

Now this name sounded like a stranger. Despite being in the same clan and origin as him, he was no different from those villains who coveted his golden core. It’s just that as a descendant of the Song clan, his family's fortune and reputation had been lost by him for hundreds of years, which made him feel deeply guilty. Returning Song Ming He's body to the clan's cemetery was the only thing he could do to console his ancestors.

After Xie Bi An spoke out his purpose, Fan Wu She's face suddenly became unsightly. The only remaining father-son feelings for Song Ming He had transformed into the deepest hatred after seeing what happened to his big brother in the Jade Policy. It could be said that all the tragedies of his previous life were caused by Song Ming He's unfeeling greed. If he was still alive, he would have died by his own hands. Fan Wu She coldly said, "Would the ancestors of the Song Clan want to see Song Ming He enter the ancestral grave?"

The things that Song Ming He did made the gods angry, the people resentful, heartless and shameless. No matter which family he was placed in, it was a disgraceful existence.

Xie Bi An frowned, thinking that Song Ming He really didn't deserve to enter the ancestral grave, but he couldn't stay here forever: "He is one of the Emperor Songs after all. Let's bury him in Mount Daming."

"He deserved to die without a burial place."

"And should he be turned into dust too?" Xie Bi An squinted at Fan Wu She, "Just like you did to my mother and the Shen family's ancestral tomb?"

Fan Wu She felt guilty and lowered his eyes, his arrogance suddenly darkened: "Big brother ..." He wanted to explain something, but found that there was no way to justify the evil he had done and the mistakes he had made.

"Let’s go."


The two of them went up to Yunding. Song Chun Gui went to the mountain gate to welcome them personally. ly when he came to Mount Shu, Li Zhi Qing was always very hospitable, and important guests were almost always received by him, but now he probably would not dare to appear in front of the two at all.

In just one short month, Song Chun Gui seemed to have aged ten years. His whole body became thin, his hair had a few wisps of white, his eyes were sunken in a blue-purple color, and he looked very tired. It is true that he took over the world's largest sect with a profound family background, but at the same time, it is also the biggest mess in the world. Song Chun Gui bowed slightly without being humble nor pushy: "White Immortal." He did not even look at Fan Wu She.

Facing the Demon Supreme, who beat the former Sect Leader until his soul scattered, compared to a group of green-clothed Daoist who looked at him as if facing an enemy, the ability to keep his emotions inside himself was already the best display of consideration.

Xie Bi An glanced sideways at Fan Wu She. He wanted to come to Yunding alone, but Fan Wu She didn’t allow him to do so and insisted on following him closely.

"Song Zhen Ren, you don't look too good after our farewell at Fengdu."

Song Chun Gui said lightly, "White Immortal doesn't look too good either. Who can pay attention to one's own moral uplift without thinking of others at this time?"


"White Immortal, please."

Xie Bi An took two steps, and Fan Wu She followed him. Song Chun Gui finally couldn't stand it any longer and directly said coldly to Fan Wu She, "After passing through this mountain gate will be the inside of my Wuliang Sect. You should stay here."

Fan Wu She looked at him gloomily, "I originally wanted your whole Wuliang Sect to pay for the wrongs committed by Li Bu Yu. If my big brother had not begged for mercy, you guys would not be able to still stand here. If you want to block, just block.”

"Master was at fault, but as a disciple, I was already unfilial for not being able to avenge him, so how can I let you step into the territory of my Wuliang Sect with such swagger?"

"It would also be easy for me to wipe out this place with the turn of a hand." Song Chun Gui was enraged, reached out and was about to draw his sword.

Xie Bi An waved off spiritual pressure, deflecting with his elbow, and said coldly: "This is not the time. Li Bu Yu, that beast, cannot wipe out his crimes with death. You are now the sect leader of the Wuliang Sect, do you want to drag everyone down to be buried together with him?"

Song Chun Gui's face was blue and white for a while, and his clenched fists crackled.

"He is like a teacher and father to you, but what are you in his heart? Don’t you know it at all?" The face of Li Bu Yu when he was young appeared in front of Xie Bi An's eyes, "What initially drew us to Wuliang Sect was the death of Meng Ke Fei, but after so many years the murderer who killed him has never been found out. Now, do we still need to find out?"

Song Chun Gui was silent.

"Forget it. I came here today not because of Li Bu Yu. Please."

After the battle at Fengdu City, the originally long-ill immortal cultivation world was already almost at the point of death.

After Song Chun Gui returned to the Wuliang Sect, he had to pull Li Zhi Qing along to stabilize the internal affairs of the sect on one hand, and he had to run in between other sects on the other, hoping to maintain the Immortal Alliance. Only in this way can the scattered sects be intimidated and not fall apart. Otherwise, for the sake of the caves, weapons, elixirs and magical treasures, it will soon become a situation of segmentation in all directions and fighting with each other.

However, each sect was in a terrible fix. Wuliang Sect aside, the other sects also have their own disasters and are unable even to fend for themselves, so the evil spirits are running wild on earth, causing suffering to thousands of ordinary people. Xu Zhi Nan had put Chunyang Sect in an extremely awkward position. They lost a sect leader who could take charge, the treasure of the sect, and the reputation built over five hundred years. At this time, they had no choice but to withdraw to Luojinwu, and keep a low profile.

Since the battle of Chidi City, Xianyue Pavilion gradually became an important pillar in the Immortal Alliance, but the "death" of Lan Chui Han hit Lan Zi Zhen hard, and Xianyue Pavilion also became demoralized.

The only fortunate thing is that the Cangyu Sect is unable to protect itself now, and those wavering sects have no one to rely on, so they can only wait and see what happens. This also gives the Wuliang Sect the opportunity to re-establish its power. It’s just that Song Chun Gui is facing a situation that is almost as difficult as rebuilding the Immortal Alliance.

Under this difficult situation, Xie Bi An learned that the Thunder Ancestor Treasure Grant was in the hands of Li Zhi Qing, which was also the reason why Song Chun Gui was unable to justifiably become the sect leader of Wuliang Sect.

"Why’s it so difficult for you to get it?" Xie Bi An frowned and said.

"If senior brother does not give it up, I will never demand it." Song Chun Gui said calmly.

Xie Bi An said with a stern face, "Without the Thunder Ancestor Treasure Grant, you are not the sect leader of the Wuliang Sect. Wuliang Sect needs a sect leader, and the Immortal Alliance needs an alliance leader."

"As an orphan, how can I have the virtue to take charge of the Wuliang Sect and the Immortal Alliance?" Song Chun Gui shook his head, "I just want to fulfill the task that master had entrusted to me before he died."

"The immortal cultivation world needs the Immortal Alliance, and Jiuzhou also needs the Immortal Alliance. Jiang Qu Lian has released so many vicious ghosts and evil spirits from the underworld, brutalizing the people everywhere, and the immortal cultivation world is in such a mess. Who is going to manage it?" Xie Bi An said seriously, "Song Zhen Ren, this is not just about you, and it's not something you can decline because of morality. You must gather the scattered sand together again and resist the enemy together."

Song Chun Gui frowned deeply.

"Yeah, senior brother Song, White Immortal is right. Master had handed over Wuliang Sect to you, and now you are just one Thunder Ancestor Treasure Grant away from acting as the sect leader on his behalf."

"Without a master for one day, the Immortal Alliance will continue to be in chaos."

The cultivators and elders of Song Chun Gui's faction were persuading him all at once.

"I ..."

"Call Li Zhi Qing over here." Xie Bi An gave an order, showing the impressive and dignified manner of a Human Emperor.

"White Immortal." Song Chun Gui's face was grave, "Let me think about it first."

Seeing Song Chun Gui's difficult look, Xie Bi An did not want to push him too much, and said conversely, "There is still one more thing I came here for. I'm sure Song Zhen Ren can also guess it."

Song Chun Gui nodded: "After that autopsy, the coffin has been sealed. Does White Immortal want to open it and take a look?" What he said was very awkward. After all, what they discussed was the remains of Emperor Song, but it was like going to the market to buy things and open the box for inspection. It was really weird.

"No need. You are not Li Bu Yu, I believe you." "Shall I send someone to send it back to Daming?" Xie Bi An held out his hand to Fan Wu She: "Gong Shu Ju."

Fan Wu She immediately took out Gong Shu Ju and handed it to Xie Bi An.

The crowd looked dumbfounded. What happened that night in Fengdu City had been spread by the survivors to the immortal cultivation world, and the bizarre love-hate entanglement between the Demon Supreme and the Human Emperor could make people's jaws drop in surprise. But hearing it is not as good as seeing. The Demon Supreme, who made people tremble with fear and could overthrow the world, was quiet and obedient like a subordinate in front of Xie Bi An.

Song Chun Gui retreated and brought Xie Bi An and Fan Wu She to Song Ming He’s coffin.

Fan Wu She wished he could make a hole from glaring with his malicious and insidious gaze, yet Xie Bi An only casually swept a glance at it, shrunk it with Gong Shu Ju, and put it away.

"White Immortal, are you really coming to Mount Shu this time just for me?" Song Chun Gui naturally did not believe it, so he chose to ask only when no one was around.

"We did have some more important things to do when we came here this time."

"It has something to do with the Red King, right?"

"I came to find the City God here to help me sneak back into Jiuyou." Song Chun Gui said with understanding, "What can I do?"
"Indeed, I need Song Zhen Ren’s help. On the night of the full moon, the City God will open the Ghost Gate, so I need you to send someone to guard the City God Temple, just in case."

"No problem." Song Chun Gui hesitated for a moment and asked, "White Immortal, did Lord Lan... did he really die?" "He was taken to the underworld by Jiang Qu Lian. The living can also go to the underworld. He did not die." Xie Bi An said worriedly, "But he must have been imprisoned by Jiang Qu Lian. The body will extremely deteriorate if living beings stay in the underworld for a long period of time.”

"I hope you can save him this time. With Lord Lan around, I will have the confidence to rebuild the Immortal Alliance. I really have had trouble convincing the public."

"There is no need for Song Zhen Ren to look down on yourself."

"This is not looking down on myself." Song Chun Gui said heavily, "I come from a humble background and I am disabled. The immortal cultivation world is most concerned about family background. For thousands of years, it is always the great immortal families that are dominating. Now that several great immortal families have fallen, Xianyue Pavilion, a promising younger generation, has become the pillar of the midstream. Among the young generation, Lord Lan is the most popular. If he joins forces with me, the situation may be stabilized."

Xie Bi An cast his gaze towards the lush mountains of Mount Shu, and said clearly with determination, "I will definitely save him."

thousands of ships had passed by*[千帆过尽]---to have experienced a lot

things through the wind and rain.
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