Wu Chang Jie Chapter 21-30

Chapter 21

"Big Brother ... Big Brother ..." Who? Who is it? Is it calling for me?
Xie Bi An opened his heavy eyelids and found himself in the mist. It seemed that there were many people hiding behind a curtain of mist, shadowy and hazy. Some are shouting, some are whispering, and some are sighing, but none of them could be heard clearly, except for the words "Big Brother".

He wanted to move forward, cut through the fog and find out what was going on, but found that his body is not listening to him.

"Big brother, big brother." Who? Who is it? Where am I?
A small figure rushed out from the mist and jumped into his arms like a puppy, calling out crisply, "Big brother!"

Xie Bi An hugged that soft little boy. His heart twitched in pain. For a moment, it was as if something missing had been filled back in. He seemed to have known this child for a long time. He could even be sure that this child was very beautiful, very intelligent and very dependent on him, but he clearly could not even see this face.

Who are you? Why do you call me big brother?

Xie Bi An wanted to ask him properly, but he couldn't make a sound. "Big brother, what are you cooking for Xiao Jiu today?"

Xiao Jiu? Your name is Xiao Jiu? Are you my younger brother? I heard from master saying that everyone in my family died of the plague, so perhaps I do have a younger brother?

Xie Bi An couldn't bear to let go of his hand, but his arms were suddenly empty and Xiao Jiu had disappeared. He panicked. Where is Xiao Jiu? Where is his younger brother? He shouted for Xiao Jiu, but nothing came out.

He didn't know who Xiao Jiu was and he couldn't see Xiao Jiu's face, but he knew that Xiao Jiu is very important to him and he couldn't lose him.

As he was searching anxiously, his shoulders suddenly sank again and a young boy intimately grabbed his neck. A voice as clear and pleasant as a mountain stream rang in his ears, "Look, big brother, I'm almost as tall as you."

Who are you again?

"Hahaha, what if I grow taller than you in the future, will you regret always making me not to leave leftovers?"

Could you be ... Xiao Jiu? How come you've suddenly grown so big?

Jie Bi An was afraid that Xiao Jiu would disappear again and grabbed the teenager's hand, still trying hard to speak and still unable to make a sound.

But even though he tried his best to grab it, the teenager still disappeared like a gust of wind, leaving only a string of cheerful laughter fainting in sequence.

No, don't disappear, where are you going? Don't disappear!

Xie Bi An hurriedly chased in a few steps but suddenly his ankle was grabbed. He looked down and saw that it was a bloody hand! The owner of the bloody hand crawled on the ground, and he could see the raging pain and hatred from the blurred mass of his face. "Why ... big brother ... why did you do this ..." Every word cried out in blood.


"Not you, tell me, not you! Big brother ... why ..."

He recognized this voice, even though it had changed and had a voice between that of a teenager and a man, it was still clearly the same Xiao Jiu from before.

How did you get hurt? What are you talking about? What did he do?

"I trusted you so much, I listened to you in everything, I treated you ... why are you doing this to me!"

Xie Bi An was desperate to help Xiao Jiu up. He was hurt, he was bleeding a lot and needed medical attention.

But all was still in vain. He couldn’t do anything. He was caught in a terrible, bizarre dream in which he was both a participant and a bystander.

Suddenly, a large, strong hand strangled his neck.

Xie Bi An turned pale with fright. He was lifted off the ground by the hand, and before him stood a very tall man with five fingers as hard as iron, and he could not break free. He had developed an unprecedented fear of this man.

The man spoke, "Brother, it's been a long time." The voice was cold, low and evil, like a bayonet quenched with venom, hovering in front of him, ready to cut him open.

Could he also be ... Xiao Jiu?

Xie Bi An was thrown onto the ground viciously. Before he could take in a complete breath, that tall man leaned down like a mountain, roughly tearing at his sash. Xie Bi An was like a fish on a chopping board, being taken over by the man who was on top of him, yet he’s empty-handed; no cultivation, sharp swords and magical weapons, none of them are useful, and he could only be stripped naked in fear.

When he realised what the man was about to do, he was thunderstruck and shocked beyond belief.

The man grabbed him roughly by the hair, his thin lips pressed against his ear, his mouth spat with frost: "Open your eyes and see clearly, this is the position you stole by any means necessary. From now on, whenever you sit here, you will no longer feel exclusive, you will only remember how you were kneeling and being F*** by a man," he paused and laughed lowly. "My good big brother."

Xie Bi An struggled, "No, stop, don't---" "Senior brother! Senior brother!"
Xie Bi An’s eyes snapped open and he saw a pair of fox eyes. They were perhaps the most beautiful and charming eyes he had ever seen, but now they overlapped with the cold man in his dream, making him shudder.

Fan Wu She looked at his frightened appearance and said patiently and soothingly, "Senior brother, what's wrong, did you have a nightmare?"

Xie Bi An’s eyes slowly changed from chaos to clarity. It took him a long time to come back to his senses and stare blankly at Fan Wu She, "Wu She?"

"How are you, are you not feeling well somewhere?"

"I ..." Xie Bi An was a little confused for a moment between dream and reality. It was as if he had experienced someone else's life, but the experience was too real, it was almost as if ...

"Senior brother, do you still remember, you suddenly fainted on the eight trigrams platform, is there something wrong with your health lately?" "I fainted on eight trigrams platform?" Xie Bi An rubbed his swollen and painful temples and sat up from the bed, he remembered what happened before he fainted, "It seems, it seems that there is something like that, but there is nothing wrong with my health, how could I suddenly faint."

Fan Wu She looked at Xie Bi An steadily and asked, "How did you feel before you fainted, and what happened after? Did you just have a nightmare? What did you dream about?"

Remembering the dream he had just now, Xie Bi An’s face turned white and red for a while, and he was at a loss for words.

"Senior brother?"

"I ... should have had a nightmare, but, it's a bit hard to remember." Xie Bi An wasn't lying, the details of the dream were vague. He woke up and roughly remembered some and forgot some. But what the man had done and said to him, he remembered clearly.

How could he have had such a dream? It was simply unbelievable.

"Can't you remember anything?" Fan Wu She was very curious to know if Xie Bi An still had any memories of his past life left, and then was triggered by the eight trigrams platform.

Xie Bi An was too shy to talk about what had happened in his dream, and he hadn't even sorted out his own thoughts, plus he didn't want to worry Fan Wu She, so he obscures it over.

Fan Wu She stopped asking questions and gently wiped Xie Bi An's sweat with a cloth towel: "If you can't remember, don't think about it, you need to rest now."

Xie Bi An looked at Fan Wu She’s patient and careful manner, his heart warmed: "Wu She, thanks to you, I am ..." he looked at the night sky outside the window, "What time is it, how long have I been sleeping? "

"Eight hours, it is midnight now." "So late." Xie Bi An was even more moved, "Have you been watching over me?"

Fan Wu She stared at him.

"I promised to bring you for supper, but I didn't make it either." "Let's go tomorrow night."
Xie Bi An sighed, "You should go back and rest, I'm fine." Fan Wu She didn't move, "I'll watch over you."
"Senior Brother is really fine."

"I'm not comfortable with you suddenly fainting and then having nightmares and not being able to say what the reason is." Fan Wu She had no intention of leaving, "You lie down and rest, I'll watch over you."

"But ..."

"Lie down." Fan Wu She had a tone of voice that did not allow for any argument.

Xie Bi An laid back on the bed helplessly. He closed his eyes and tried to rest, but his mind was in turmoil, plus there was someone sitting next to him, how can he fall sleep?. Shortly after, he opened his eyes, "Wu She."

"Yes." Fan Wu She was meditating with his eyes closed. "Come and sleep with senior brother."

"You insist on watching over me, how tiring it is to sit like this all night, come on." Xie Bi An moved inside of the bed and patted the spot beside him. He opened his eyes, his dark eyes glittering in the darkness of the night, and after a pause, he got up on the bed and slowly lay down next to Xie Bi An.

Xie Bi An felt a little more at ease. He patted the back of Fan Wu She’s hand and said with a smile, "Junior brother, thank you."

Fan Wu She took a deep breath and dismissed the distracting thoughts in his mind, for it was better to share a bed like this, even if he did nothing. In fact, in those last days, he was tired of hurting each other and hating each other, and just wanted to get along with that person simply, just like ... just like an old married couple.

Xie Bi An closed his eyes once again, yet still unable to fall sleep.

What was that dream all about? He could still recall quite a few fragments. He seemed to have a younger brother named Xiao Jiu and they seemed to have a strong bond, but then afterwards they turned against each other?

The dream was really ridiculous and uncoordinated. What gave him the biggest headache was how he could dream of a man ... violating him?

He grew up in a simple environment since he was young and had little opportunity to come into contact with men and women of his age, but that doesn't mean he doesn't know anything. He has secretly read books and picture books. He knows a little bit about the things between man and woman, as well as between two men, at least some of the lower nine streams in the cultivation world who advocate dual cultivation, which doesn’t taboo men and women.

What impressed him most about matters between men was the gossip about Chunyang Sect, that because there were no women in the sect, there were disciples who secretly had sex with each other, and that some demonic cultivators liked to prey on Chunyang Sect’s cultivators because the first release of the pure Yang body was a great tonic. These untoward country gossips circulated fastest in the marketplace, and he listened to them as tales of curiosity. He had never thought that male-male affairs would have anything to do with him, even in his dreams.

How could this be, how could he dream of such things? There is a saying: what you thought in the day will be dreamt at night. Could it be… could it be that he has this interest?

But he didn't think about it during the day!

Xie Bi An was so shocked that it’s even more difficult for him to sleep now, and at the same time, he fell into deep self-doubt.

Chapter 22

At dawn, Xie Bi An woke up. He rolled out of bed with a deft movement and landed silently, glancing at the Fan Wu She who’s still sleeping and gently tucking him in before going out.

It was a cold morning in the mountains, and every breath he inhaled was as crisp as if he had swallowed a handful of frost and snow, burning his heart and lungs with pain. The muddled feeling was swept away and he woke up completely.

He spent the rest of the night thinking about why he had resisted the eight trigrams platform and even fainted, not to mention the unbelievable dream. Fortunately, he was a happy-go-lucky person by nature and not one to take the bull by its horns, so if he couldn't understand it, then he will stop thinking about it, as his body was not seriously injured anyway.

In fact, he had a vague feeling that what happened this time might have something to do with his past life. As an underworld general, he knew that people could not completely erase traces of their past lives. Mengpo's five flavoured bewitching soup was to make people forget their memories, not erase them. Memories can never be erased, and whatever things have been forgotten can be remembered again. It's just that the vast majority of people, throughout their lives, will only occasionally have a brief flashback when they encounter a similar scenario. Only feeling a sense of déjà vu, and not understanding what that means.

It is likely that he had been to eight trigrams platform in his previous life where something significant had happened, and when he revisited the place this time, he flashed back to his memory. It’s just that he doesn’t know if that dream also had something to do with the previous life, and it's better that it didn't, because it obviously didn't end well for him in the dream.

Xie Bi An decided not to bother himself or think about it anymore. He drew out his Pei Xue, meditated and concentrated on his sword training.

Fan Wu She was awake long before Xie Bi An got off the bed, but he did not get up immediately, instead, he rolled in the blanket that still has lingering body heat and fragrance of Xie Bi An, and slept for a while with his eyes closed.

When he got out of bed and walked out the door, Xie Bi An was dancing with his sword on the edge of the cliff.

The handsome young man in white was dancing with his sword under the cloudy sky, his silvery sword light falling in beautiful shadows among the green peaks and beautiful mountains. The white glow is like a snowy heron, like a shooting star, wrapped in auspicious clouds and surrounded by rays of air, as if it will be transformed into an immortal in the next moment.

Fan Wu She's emotion was stirred. He swept past, with his Ting Mo unsheathed and clashed with Pei Xue with a sharp “dang”, the sound echoing within the walls for a long time.

The two shadows, one black and one white, the white like paper, the black like ink, the brush moving and flying like a dragon and a snake, entwined until the sea and clouds produced waves, gradually there was white in the black, and black in the white. The yin and yang, black and white, four appearances and eight trigrams.*

Black and white, yin and yang, in unity, opposition, mutualisation, ebb and flow, Wuji Taiyi, is called the Dao.

Before victory and defeat can be determined from this sparring session, they were interrupted by Xu Mao. Xu Mao specially came to visit Xie Bi An, and also offered an immortal pill: "Elder Master heard that Immortal Sovereign Impermanence was not well, and was very worried, so he sent me to send this True Element Jade Practising Pill. This pill can calm the mind and replenish the qi, and also has benefits on cultivation, so I hope Immortal Sovereign Impermanence will kindly accept it."

A pill of this grade costs a lot of heavenly materials and treasures to make, and cannot be obtained even if one has money; it is something that requires a cultivator to go up to Yunding and ask for it in person.

Xie Bi An, who had studied under Zhong Kui, naturally had a lot of knowledge, and also felt that this pill was a generous gift, much more generous than their birthday gift, but as he was out and about, representing his master's face, he could not display his ignorance, so he arched his hand and smiled, "Thank you very much, junior would be impolite to decline."

"Anyone who comes here is our guest. If you don't feel comfortable in Wuliang Sect, it would be a shame for us.”

After a few more words of courtesy between them, Xu Mao asked, "Aiya, Lord Lan said he wanted to come and see little white master, since you are fine now, is it…”

"Lord Lan?" Xie Pei An's eyes lit up, "Brother Lan is here?"

"Yes, he arrived yesterday, I came over last night to deliver the message, why, didn't Lord Fan tell you?"

Fan Wu She's face was wooden: "I forgot."

Xie Bi An smiled, "I was guessing before whether Brother Lan would come to send birthday congratulations on behalf of Xianyue Pavilion, and he did. Come on, I'll take you to meet Brother Lan."

Fan Wu She did not even want to meet this bullsh*t "Brother Lan", but he also would not allow Xie Bi An to meet him alone. Halfway down the road, there were suddenly a few disciples running past them in a hurry, all gathering in one direction.

Xu Mao grabbed one of the disciples and scolded him, "What’s the rush?
Can't you see the guests?"

"Senior Brother Xu." That disciple saluted, "Senior Brother Song and Lord Lan are sparring on the eight trigrams platform. It’s a rare encounter between the Wuliang Sword and Junlan Sword."

Xu Mao's eyes lit up, "Little white master, let's hurry up and take a look too."

Xie Bi An's heart thumped. One is Li Bu Yu's closed-door disciple, the famous one-armed swordsman of Jianghu, and the other is holding the divine weapon quenched by Shen Nong Ding, the young pavilion master of Xianyue Pavilion, who has the beautiful reputation of "the world's number one Lord". This competition is destined to be exciting, of course he wanted to see it, but when he thought of the eight trigrams platform…

Fan Wu She grabbed Xie Bi An’s wrist: “We’re not going.” "What's wrong?" Xu Mao said in confusion.
Xie Pei An settled down, "It’s nothing, I want to watch it too, let's go."

The three of them ran to eight trigrams platform. Seeing that platform, which seemed to be suspended in mid-air, a blue man and a green man were fighting with their swords, and their swords were flying so fast that they were almost trailing residual shadows around them. The moves displayed by the experts were best of the best, and the eight trigrams platform was already crowded with disciples from Wuliang Sect and guests who had come to celebrate the birthday.

Xie Bi An was instinctively reluctant to go near eight trigrams platform, and only stayed at a distance, but he could see the sword strokes clearly. Xu Mao exclaimed, "It's been a long time since I've seen senior brother Song get serious. When he makes a move, it’s astonishing ah.”

Both Impermanence did not say anything. They had learned how powerful Song Chun Gui was, and the only reason they had been able to get out of this man's hands last time was because he hadn't pursued them fiercely, otherwise, if they had joined forces, though they might not be defeated, they would definitely have been heavily injured.

"However, Lord Lan's Junlan Sword Technique enjoys a well-deserved reputation, otherwise Pavilion Master Lan would not have poured out the strength of his clan to forge a sword for him with Shen Nong Ding. Although his cultivation and sword technique are slightly inferior to Senior Brother Song's, with this divine weapon in hand, he is considered an even match."

Although Fan Wu She felt unpleasant in his heart, he had to admit that this Lan Chui Han was not the embroidered pillow* he imagined. Although this man was famous for his flirtations just like his sword skills, he did not play with things*.

Xie Bi An also could not stop saying, "Awesome, wonderful."

Fan Wu She asked, "Which style has Song Chun Gui's Wuliang Sword cultivated to?"

"Rumour has it that it has been cultivated to the eighth style, but no one has seen Senior Brother Song exert it yet."

"What about Li Bu Yu?" "Er…” Xu Mao was surprised.
It was a great disrespect to call the honoured one by his name, not to mention that Li Bu Yu was the most honoured person in the cultivational world today. Xu Mao had never heard anyone in his life dare to call him by his master's name in such a reckless manner, so he froze for a moment. Xie Bi An was also shocked, "Wu She, how can you be so rude!" He hastily apologised to Xu Mao, "I am really sorry. My junior brother, he studied under a casual cultivator when he was a child, so his manners were not very thorough, plus he is young and inexperienced. Hope you will not blame him.

"No worries, no worries." Xu Mao smiled dryly and wiped the sweat off his face.

Fan Wu She disdainfully twitched his mouth. An eerie killing intent flashed in his eyes. That kid had chased after his big brother's ass and sucked up to him back then. That two-faced, submissive villain was now the leader of the cultivational world. Really, it is a big irony.

The two men on the eighth trigrams platform stopped at a point, both afraid that if they fought any longer they would get angry and would not be able to resist fighting for real.

"Ah, they've finished their match." Xie Bi An walked over and called out from the stage, "Brother Lan!"

The man on the stage turned his head at the sound. He was dressed in blue with a jade belt, embroidered with hidden clouds and orchids. His posture tall and distinguished, and his appearance was even more handsome. A pair of wavering peach blossom eyes pulsating with emotion, when he smiled, it was just like the saying - a person is like a mauve willow in spring, with a breeze through the bones and a gentle body.

With this look, it is no wonder that he is known as the world's number one gentleman.

Lan Chui Han flew down and landed in front of Xie Bi An in a dashing manner, smiling in surprise, "Bi An!"

"Brother Lan, it's been a long time."

"Yes, it's been almost three years." Lan Chui Han looked Xie Bi An up and down, reached out to touch his head and said softly, "I remember the first time I saw you, you were only eight or nine years old, but now you look like an adult."

Fan Wu She narrowed his eyes.

Xie Bi An laughed, "I've been an adult for a long time now, I even have a junior brother." He showed Fan Wu She to Lan Chui Han like presenting a treasure, "Brother Lan, this is my junior brother, Fan Wu She. He has excellent roots."

Lan Chui Han looked at Fan Wu She with a smile, "I've heard of him. Able to get accepted as a disciple by Heaven Master, he must be of heavenly pride."

Fan Wu She looked coldly at Lan Chui Han. Xie
Bi An eyed Fan Wu She from behind.

Fan Wu She reluctantly arched his hand, "Greetings, Lord Lan."

"Lord Lan, that Junlan sword technique just now really took our breath away." Xu Mao complimented.

"You have over-complimented me, compared to big brother Song, I am still…”

"Immortal Sovereign Impermanence, how are you ah."

Not sure when Song Chun Gui had walked up to them and looked at the two indifferently.

Xie Bi An's expression stiffened as he uncomfortably bowed, "Song Zhen Ren*."

Xu Mao said unexpectedly, "You have met Senior Brother Song before?" "It's a long story." Song Chun Gui made a gesture of "please" with his one arm.


yin and yang, black and white, four appearance and eight trigrams.*[⿊⽩两仪,⽣四象⼋卦]---
this meaning actually comes from the Yin and Yang theory. You can refer

Baidu for your information. There includes an illustration as well:

embroidered pillow*[绣花枕头]---outwardly attractive but worthless play with things* [玩物丧志] --- Indulge in the things you
like and lose the will to enterprise.

Zhen Ren* [ 真⼈]---It’s a title used in ancient Chinese. Often used as titles, such as Yinzi, Wenzi, Liezi, and

Zhuangzi (尹⼦、⽂⼦、列⼦、庄⼦). It is another name for Tianzun (天尊). Refers to the ancient Taoists and Taoism who

cultivate the Dao (becoming immortal), understand the universe and the origin of life, and awake people. ly in a few chapters of WCJ did mention

Xiang Qu Zhen Ren. I thought it was the name of that person until I Baidu

the meaning now lol.

Chapter 23

In today's immortal cultivation world, there are four people who are recognized as the highest and well-respected.

Wuliang Sect’s leader Li Bu Yu, Chunyang Sect’s leader Xu Zhi Nan, Cangyu Sect’s leader Qi Meng Sheng and the Underworld’s martial judge Zhong Kui. Originally, in terms of seniority, power and status, Zhong Kui, a casual immortal, could not be compared to the first three. It's hard to tell the difference without fighting, until the magical weapon, the Eastern Emperor's Bell, was acquired by him that he was revered as the "number one man in the world".

In addition, the first three had all lived through the era of Emperor Song, and Wuliang Sect had been related to the Song clan by marriage. The current leaders of these centuries-old immortal families were all survivors of the demon supreme Song Zi Xiao, so they were all secretive about the demon cultivators who stole cores and the Zongxuan Sword Technique. Even though Zhong Kui was an open-minded and unrestrained man, he had to bring someone up to Yunding to explain the Zongxuan Sword Technique when he learnt that his disciple had used it.

It was only after Xie Bi An had noticed the seriousness of the atmosphere that he realised the main purpose of the trip.

Although Li Bu Yu was already a man with grey hair, his posture did not appear to be old. He still had a loose form and crane bones, and he had an immortal and Taoist air. The position of the head of the Immortal Alliance is actually the same as that of Emperor Song back then, except that all the immortals no longer have to submit to him, nor do they have to pay taxes and tributes, and this position is not hereditary. It was only with justice that a century of peace in the immortal cultivation world was achieved.

All the families, except Zhong Kui, sent their juniors to send birthday gifts. When Li Bu Yu was seated at the main table, the juniors bowed and only took their seats when they were allowed to do so.

Li Bu Yu's hazel eyes swept towards Zhong Kui: "Zheng Nan, did you sleep well last night?" His tone was calm, even a little gentle, but he had a certain majesty about him.

Zhong Kui smiled, "I slept well when I drank well, thanks to Alliance Master’s wine."

"Where is your disciple? I heard that Impermanence was not feeling well yesterday."

Xie Bi An arched his hand and said, "Thank you for your concern, Immortal Lord, junior is not seriously ill."

Zhong Kui wondered, "What's wrong, why are you not feeling well?" Xie Bi An said quietly, "I just had a little cold, I'm fine."
Li Bu Yu's gaze fell on Fan Wu She again.

Fan Wu She also looked at Li Bu Yu quietly and laughed coldly in his heart: he had already aged like this.

"Oh, this is my newly accepted disciple." Zhong Kui said, "From now on, these two disciples of mine will take up this impermanence position."

Lan Chui Han laughed, "One black and one white? That's wonderful."

Li Bu Yu said, "Zheng Nan, your two disciples not only have excellent roots, but they also have outstanding looks, and they are highly sought after by immortals, where did you find them?”

Zhong Kui grinned, "I picked them up." The crowd laughed along with him. It wasn't really funny, but Zhong Kui was obviously trying to avoid the important and dwell on the trivial. Who didn't want to sell the face of the Heaven Master?

Li Bu Yu also smiled lightly, "I heard from Chun Gui that you had some misunderstandings at Fumenghui."

Song Chun Gui said, "Master, it was disciple who was at fault. In order to investigate the murder of Senior Brother Meng, my apprentice wanted to bring these two young masters back to Yunding for questioning at Fumenghui, not knowing at that time they were the Impermanence."

Before Xie Bi An could prepare a step* for Song Chun Gui, Fan Wu She had already said nonchalantly, "It was indeed your fault, you started it first."

Lan Chui Han held back a laugh, only the corners of his mouth twitching slightly.

Song Chun Gui lightly laughed. Even the elders of various sects would be courteous when they met him, but this kid had dared to say he wanted to kill him the first time he held a broken sword. He was even more arrogant this time, but there’s nothing he could do about it, "Little Immortal Impermanence is right, it was me who started it first." He nodded at Zhong Kui, "I hope Heaven Master will not blame.”

Zhong Kui crossed his legs and said with a plodding smile, "No worries, this little disciple of mine does not know the immensity of heaven and earth*, you have helped me teach him a lesson, I should thank you."

Li Bu Yu said, "Chun Gui, since you started it, you are the one who is wrong. Apologise to the two young immortals."

Song Chun Gui did not pretend and simply apologised.

Xie Bi An also apologised, "It was all a misunderstanding, we were also in the wrong, Zhen Ren has spared us." "Since it’s a misunderstanding, it would be good to make it clear." Li Bu Yu looked at Zhong Kui with meaning.

Zhong Kui cleared his throat, "There is an important matter that I need to explain clearly to you in person. Before he took me as his master, he studied under a casual cultivator in Mount Qingcheng. That casual cultivator is probably an expert and has never revealed his name or origin, and now he has gone travelling, so he doesn't know that he practices the Zongxuan Sword. This is what Chun Gui saw.”

"Oh?" Li Bu Yu said, "Where is Mount Qingcheng and what are the characteristics of that expert?"

Fan Wu She was just about to open his mouth when Li Bu Yu added, "Chun Gui, get to know him in detail and go to Mount Qingcheng yourself, make sure you find that casual cultivator, no matter where he is in Jiuzhou."

Zhong Kui lowered his head and sipped his tea, not making a sound.

Xie Bi An stole a glance at his own master and then at his junior brother, thinking to himself that this was more serious than he had imagined.

Li Bu Yu said slowly, "Zheng Nan, don't think I'm making a big deal out of it, I don't distrust your disciple either. This is a big matter, we must not be hasty, no matter who that casual cultivator is, we must find him and find out what's going on, so as to eliminate any future problems."

Zhong Kui said, "I understand your concern, so let's find out, I also want to know what kind of person he is."

Fan Wu She raised his chin and looked at Li Bu Yu, "Is Immortal Lord that afraid of the Zongxuan Sword?"

Li Bu Yu narrowed his eyes.

Xie Bi An shrank his neck, how could he not tolerate this junior brother who was not afraid of anything?

Zhong Kui looked at his young disciple with interest. Li Bu Yu swept Fan Wu She a glance: "You are so young, don't you know the origin of the Zongxuan Sword?"

"Not everyone can become a Song Zi Xiao even if they have exerted the Zongxuan Sword Technique."

There was an uproar in the room.

Li Bu Yu's gaze sank, and the atmosphere condensed along with him.

An elder of Wuliang Sect said, "Little Immortal Impermanence, is this a newborn calf that is not afraid of the tiger*, or do you think you are unscrupulous just because you are the disciple of the Heaven Master."

Fan Wu She sneered, "I don't dare to hold myself, but I'm not everyone here who are afraid of a ghost who has been dead for a hundred years, so afraid to even mention his name."

Zhong Kui laughed loudly, "That's right, that Song Zi Xiao served his sentence in the infernal hell for a hundred years and was reincarnated in the hellish path afterwards, suffering from karma for eternity and never being able to get out of it again, why should everyone be so afraid?"

"The demon supreme relied on the human cores to supplement his cultivation, broke through the Ninth Chongtian of the Zongxuan Sword, and obtained two magical weapons; the map of Shanhe Sheji and Xuanyuan Heavenly Secret Talisman." Li Bu Yu said indifferently, "All these, however, did not follow Song Zi Xiao to hell. A great wind rises at the end of Qingping*, so we should take precautions."

Song Chun Gui said, "We juniors have only heard legends about that demon supreme, but master has personally experienced those darkest times in the cultivational world. The human cores plus the Zongxuan sword could create a second demon supreme, so no amount of caution is too much."

Fan Wu She sneered darkly.

"Right, no amount of caution is too much." The crowd echoed. Zhong Kui laughed, "Then let’s check. Wu She." "Yes."
"You shall cooperate well." "Yes."
"Since it’s a misunderstanding, then it has been explained clearly." Li Bu Yu said, "Zheng Nan coming here this time, there should be more than that. About Ke Fei, do you know anything about it?"

"I'll talk to the Alliance Master in private."

Li Bu Yu nodded and sighed, "My junior brother fell very ill because of Ke Fei's matter, and people all over Wuliang Sect are on edge. In the end, there is not even a single clue now."

"Master, your health is also indisposed, and you have a banquet for guests in the evening, so you'd better go back and rest."

"Well, it's because I heard that you were sparring with Lord Lan, so I thought I'd come and take a look."

Lan Chui Han said, "I’ve made a fool of myself."

"Although Xinayue Pavilion is a new sect, with you as a rising star, your future is unlimited."

"Immortal Lord has over-complimented me." Lan Chui Han laughed, "With Brother Song, Wuliang Sect has even more successors."

At these words, the expressions of the few Wuliang Sect’s elders and disciples present were slightly delicate.

Lan Chui Han was born with a delicate heart and never made a mistake when it came to what he should say. When Xie Bi An looked at him with a smile on his face, he knew he was doing it on purpose. After a moment's reflection, he understood the meaning of his words.

Li Bu Yu is old for his age. Although it is said that all immortal cultivators live a long life, but at this age, the end is near. Over the years, he had gradually handed over the internal and external affairs of the sect to his disciples, and would perhaps also give up the position of Sect Leader in advance. Of his four disciples, Song Chun Gui is the youngest and most promising, and the most capable of carrying Wuliang Sect forward, but he is not as prestigious as his eldest brother, not as close as his second brother
– which is the of Li Bu Yu - and not as well off as his third brother, plus he comes from a poor background and is disabled. If he does become the leader of the sect, or perhaps even the leader of the Immortal Alliance one day, It is feared that the immortal families will not be convinced.

The battle for the leader of Wuliang Sect is already raging in the dark, not only within the sect, but also among the immortal families.

And what Lan Chui Han said, represents the attitude of Xianyue Pavilion. As a newcomer, Xianyue Pavilion does not have so many intertwined relationships with the great immortal families yet and was eager to build up its own power, so it was mutually beneficial to support Song Chun Gui.

After the crowd had dispersed, Lan Chui Han came to invite him, "Bi An, come to my place for a cup of tea and let's catch up."

"Sure." Xie Bi An smiled, "Did Brother Lan receive the painting of a lotus on a mountain that I sent two months ago?"

"Received it, that one is too well kept by you."

"A precious mother plant like that, I naturally have to treasure it twice as much."

"When will you come to Jinling, I'll show you the new species?" "Great, I'll be there when I am free." Fan Wu She followed the two of them, not caring whether Lan Chui Han had invited him or not.

When the three of them arrived at Lan Chui Han's residence, Lan Chui Han's attendant made tea for them.

Lan Chui Han said: “This is the freshly picked Longjing from this year. I had someone fetch water from the Mandarin Duck Pond. Didn't you say that the water from the Mandarin Duck Pond makes tea extra fragrant?"

"Yes, the world only says that the mandarin duck pond can invigorate blood and replenish qi, and can enhance cultivation, but I think this is just as good as drinking it. One year when I came to Mount Shu via sword flight, I used it to cook tea and rice, and it had a natural sweetness and tasted very good. In fact, I also wanted to try using it to water flowers, but unfortunately I couldn't bring too much." Xie Bi An's eyebrows flew up and his smile glowed as he talked about something he was interested in.

Lan Chui Han smiled at Xie Bi An, his gaze gentle and bewitching. No wonder after Jiaolong assembly had become a big hit, countless female cultivators in the immortal world had been smitten with him.

Fan Wu She lowered his head and drank tea to hide his irritation. "Brother Lan, what have you been up to lately?"
Lan Chui Han winked and teased, "Busy cultivating new orchids for you."

"With a crushing sound, Fan Wu She crushed the teacup in his hand.

 prepare a step*[准备台阶]--- Trying to end the embarrassing topic by changing the topic, so that people will not be too embarrassed.
not know the immensity of heaven and earth*[ 不知天⾼地厚]--- an exaggerated opinion of one's own abilities

newborn calf that is not afraid of the tiger* [ 初⽣⽜犊不畏虎]--- is a metaphor for young people who are not

well-versed in the world, dare to speak and do without fear.

A great wind rises at the end of Qingping*[⼤⻛起于⻘萍之末]--- The original meaning is that the wind is

generated from the ground. At the beginning, it whirls gently on the head

the granny apple grass, and it will eventually become a strong and sturdy

that is, the gale develops from a small wind. Later, the metaphor indicates that the big influence and the big thoughts originated from the subtle and imperceptible places. Qingping is a type of plant: Lemna aequinoctialis  

Note : Chapter 24-29 (Chinese MTL RAW)

Chapter 24

Xie Bi'an's eyes widened, and his face changed: "Wuwei! These rubbish and broken tea bowls are from Longquan Geyao. They are priceless treasures. You, you are really..." An heirloom baby, how can I explain this?

Lan Chuihan smiled lightly: "Bian, don't be nervous, this is..."

"Fake." Fan Wuxie threw the broken ceramic pieces on the table.

Xiebian was stunned. His junior brother crushed the famous porcelain worth thousands of gold, and humiliated others and said it was fake. How will this end?

Instead of being annoyed, Lan Chuihan laughed out loud: "It's really fake."

Xie Bian was even more confused.

"I have a pair of genuine products in my collection, with pale white patterns. This set of fish blood red was made by a friend of mine imitating Longquan Ge kiln. He is the best kiln in Jiangnan. Although they are not real Ge kilns, they are It's really beautiful." Lan Chuihan picked up his tea bowl and tasted it carefully, "It's a pity to have one broken, I'll ask him for another."

Xie Bian breathed a sigh of relief: "Brother Lan, I'm really sorry."

Lan Chuihan's exploratory eyes slowly shifted from the tea bowl to Fan Wuxie, the corner of his mouth was smiling, but the smile was not visible in his eyes: "However, how do you know it's fake?"

Fan Wuxie slowly wiped his hands without answering.

"This rubbish is imitated to the extreme, and Bi'an didn't even see it. Even if he played with porcelain a lot, he wouldn't dare to assert the truth without a little effort." Lan Chuihan said with a smile, "I heard that you were a child. You are lonely and helpless, but your behavior, talking, sitting and walking, are no different from the son of a noble family, I really don’t know who the master of the loose cultivator is, who taught you so well, and can even appreciate porcelain?”

At this moment, Fan Wuxue had a murderous heart on Lan Chuihan. Like Li Buyu, he didn't believe his origins, and he deliberately said it in front of Xie Bi'an.

Xie Bian's expression really changed, he frowned slightly and looked at Fan Wuxing.

Fan Wuxi said without changing his face: "My Sanxian master is envoy Zongxuan swordsmanship, he must be a descendant of Zong's family, he is not only good in swordsmanship, but also a liberal person, who is literate in reading and writing, ritual and music, calligraphy and painting. , he taught me."

Lan Chuihan gave a long "Oh": "Don't talk about Big Brother Song, even I want to find that expert as soon as possible, maybe I'll be fortunate enough to make friends with him."

"You can't find him." Fan Wuhe snorted coldly, "He has been incognito for many years, just to stay away from worldly disputes, how could he be easily harassed."

"He wanted to stay away from worldly disputes, but he didn't remind you not to use this sword technique in front of people easily?" Lan Chuihan's eyes became sharper.

Fan Wuxie and Lan Chuihan looked at each other: "Most of the people who know this sword technique have passed away, and the living ones are not something I can provoke. Who would have thought that they would be recognized."

The atmosphere between the two was a bit tense for a while.

Xie Bian quickly smoothed things out: "Wu Xie, you broke Big Brother Lan's teacup, what should you say?"

Fan Wuxie frowned.

"What should I say?"

Fan Wuxing said with a dark face, "I'm sorry."

Lan Chuihan raised the corner of his mouth lightly, stared at Xie Bi'an, and said, "Don't mind."

Xie Bian also murmured a little in his heart. Fan Wuxer did have many doubts. It was no wonder Lan Chuihan was also suspicious, but he felt that since people had already entered his division, they were family members, and they were somewhat protective of the calf. , he grabbed the cloth towel and wiped the tea on Fan Wuxing's body, "Look at you, this is a new dress, this brocade can't touch hot water, it will deform, and this material is quite expensive, you usually want it Take care of it."

Fan Wuxie looked at Xie Bian babblingly cleaning his clothes, and the cold killing intent in his heart dissipated a lot.

Lan Chuihan also returned to normal. He personally poured a cup of tea for Fan Wuxie, pushed it in front of him, and said with a deep meaning, "This time, take it lightly."

They sipped tea again, talked about orchids, and talked about what happened in the world of immortals. Fan Wuxie drank tea silently by the side, but his mood was irritable.

Whether it was Li Buyu, Song Chungui, or this Lan Chuihan, he was not worth mentioning in his previous life, but now he can only keep a low profile and hold back. Even if he carries the memory of his previous life, every second counts, and he makes rapid progress, but there is no shortcut in his cultivation. It will take at least ten years to recover to the cultivation of his previous life and break through the ninth level of Zongxuanjian.

Unless, he can find the Xuanyuan Tian secret talisman in advance. However, with his current spiritual power, he may not be able to drive the Heavenly Secret Talisman, which is also the reason why he can't get it even though he knows where the Mountains, Rivers, Shelters and Jis are located.

How long will he have to wait for...

Fan Wuxie secretly took a look at Bi'an. Love it or hate it, no matter what, he will never let go of this person. Even if you don't remember anything, you still have to pay back what you owe me in your previous life.


In the evening, Li Buyu's birthday banquet officially started.

In fact, the banquet this time was just a private banquet to entertain guests. In previous years, Li Buyu's birthday was a grand gathering for the entire immortal world. If it wasn't for Meng Kefei's incident, today's Yunyi would be full of friends and bright lights. So "cold".

Zhong Kui hates red tape very much. In addition, as a military judge of the underworld, he will always encounter some unkind requests, which annoy him. Therefore, he rarely shows up where the monks gather. This is the first time for Li Buyu. Happy birthday.

The three master and apprentice all changed into Ming Chai's formal attire. This was also the first time Zhong Kui and Fan Wuxer showed up officially. With their identity, everyone's attitude towards Fan Wuxie was immediately different.

During the banquet, people kept coming over to make a toast. Zhong Kui loved wine, but he didn't like this utilitarian drinking method.

Xie Bian also loves wine, but he's not addicted to alcohol, and he can't handle the amount of alcohol. After being poured several glasses of "Master Bai" and "Master Hei", he started to feel dizzy, but he turned his head and looked at Fan Wuxing. , is still the appearance of the old God.

Xie Bian smiled and said, "Wu Xie, you drink so well? I really can't tell."

Fan Wuxie looked at Xie Bi'an's blushing face, intoxicated eyes, and his mind was swayed. He held the wine glass and said softly, "The wine is not intoxicating."

"Oh? This wine is not intoxicating, so what is intoxicating? Tea?" After Xie Bian finished speaking, he was amused by himself, and his figure swayed.

Fan Wuxie stretched out his hand to help him, but shrank back: "Stop drinking, I'll take you back."

"No, Master doesn't want to drink. If we leave, it would be rude."

Another person came to make a toast, but Fan Wuxing stopped them one by one.

Xie Bian looked at Lan Chuihan, who was sitting opposite, and propped up the low table to stand up: "I, I have to go and offer a toast to Brother Lan."

Fan Wuxie grabbed the placket of his shirt and shouted, "Sit honestly, you won't be able to stand up anymore."

"Who said I couldn't stand up?" To prove himself, Xie Bi'an just stood up, but his body was swaying. He steadied and took a step.

At this moment, the ground suddenly jolted and vibrated, and the swaying body of Biran couldn't grasp the center of gravity, and fell backwards.

Fan Wuxie took him into his arms.

Xie Bi'an fell into his not-so-generous embrace, looking at his little junior brother blankly.

"What happened? There was an earthquake?"

"what happened?!"

The guests jumped up from their original positions one after another, looking like they were waiting in a serious line. On the other hand, the people from the Infinite Sect were very calm.

The shaking didn't last long before it subsided.

Song Chungui said: "Don't panic, everyone, there are many earthquakes in the Shushan generation, and our disciples of the Infinite Sect are used to such small shocks."

"At this moment, it is the birthday of the Immortal Venerable. The earth moved so coincidentally, it clearly indicates that the Immortal Venerable has the divine might that shakes the heavens and the earth."


"Well said. Immortal Venerable couldn't entertain guests from all directions for some reason, but this place came to celebrate his birthday."

"Ha ha ha ha."

Li Buyu smiled and clasped his fists: "Everyone is uplifted, uplifted."

Xie Bian was sober for a while, and suddenly felt embarrassed. He wanted to get up, but Fan Wuji suddenly tightened his arms and wrapped around his narrow waist.

"Senior brother?"

Fan Wuxing paused before letting go: "I told you to sit down."

"I want to go for a toast."

"You tremble when you walk. How can you make a toast? Isn't it shameful for your master?"

"I didn't tremble, the ground trembled." Xie Bian was amused by himself again, "I've grown so big, it seems like this is the second time I've been hit by an earthquake. I've also heard that there are many earthquakes in Shushan, but I didn't expect it to be the first time I've been hit by an earthquake. Yun Yu just caught up, and it happened to be at Immortal Venerable's birthday banquet, which seems to be a good omen."

Fan Wuxie felt disgusted after listening to Xie Bi'an's words of respect for Li Buyu several times.

Xie Bi'an's smile disappeared. He lowered his voice and said, "Wu Xie, why do you keep disrespecting Immortal Venerable? If it's because of Song Zhenren..."

"It has nothing to do with him."

"Why is that?"

Fan Wuxie couldn't say the real reason.

"I think you are holding revenge. If you lost to Song Chungui, you have to anger your master." Xie Bi'an admonished.

Fan Wuxie was so angry that he turned his head and didn't understand Bi'an.

Xie Bian looked at his awkward appearance and shook his head helplessly. This little junior brother is so surly, and as a senior brother, he has a long way to go.

After the birthday banquet was dispersed, Fan Wuxie sent Xie Bi'an back to the room, although his face was still dark.

Xie Bi fell down on the couch, grabbed Fan Wuxer's sleeve, and muttered, "Don't be disrespectful to others, don't be arrogant, you know?"


"You have high talent and a higher character, this is not a good thing, Zhong Yong's injury, must..." Xie Bi'an said, already drowsy.

Fan Wuxie gently brushed away a strand of hair scattered in front of Xie Bi'an's forehead, and looked at his face.

At this moment, the night was silent, and time seemed to have stopped flowing, making people even breathe lightly, lest they disturb the tranquility of this moment.

Suddenly, Fan Wuxie sensed a reaction from his soul weapon.

Xie Bian suddenly opened his eyes, bounced off the couch and sat up, and immediately summoned Infinity Bi.

The soul-suppressing battle was sending out a flickering light.

"what happened?"

"There is a soul nearby." Xie Bi'an took a deep breath and began to use his spiritual power to disperse the wine, his eyes gradually becoming clearer, "Go, Wuxie, Senior Brother will take you to do the real impermanence."

Chapter 25

"Someone died?"

"It's not like a newly dead person." Xie Bian's expression was serious, "Soul weapons have a sense of human soul, but the scope is not large, unless it is a soul with deep resentment, it will have such a strong reaction. Generally, they are dazed and don’t even know that they are dead.”

"What's going on?" Fan Wuxer heard the surrounding silence. "The entire Shushan Mountain is very quiet. It seems that no one was disturbed except us."

"Either I encountered a very powerful evil, or a lot of people died, either way, this matter is very strange." Xie Bi'an followed the guidance of Wuji Bi and ran all the way back to the mountain, "If this is not a new death The soul has been there for a long time, why didn't we know it before? The city god of Shushan has never reported such a strong resentful soul, which means that it has not been there before, and we just noticed it after spending the night here."

"Did it come from somewhere else?"

"It's almost impossible. Most of the resentful souls are because of their love and hatred in their lifetime. Unless they are driven by others, they will not leave the local area easily. Furthermore, there are tens of thousands of monks in Shushan, and the yang energy is very strong, and the evil will only avoid it. After all, unless it is here in the first place, it cannot appear without cause or warning."

"Then there is only one possibility." Fan Wuxer said, "That evil spirit was sealed here. I don't know why the seal was lifted, and it was sensed by the soul weapon."

Xie Bian's expression became more and more solemn. He has never seen such a big reaction from Infinity Bi, no matter what it is, it must be difficult to deal with.

The two left Yun Yu and plunged into the vast mountain forest. Guided by the infinite blue, they found a cave. The entrance to the cave was covered by weeds as tall as one person. Even if you passed by at close range, you might not be able to find it, and it was extremely secret.

Fan Wuxie pulled out Tingmo, and a few sword qi cleared a path.

The dark cave is like a beast's mouth, angered and waiting for its prey.

The two looked at each other, and at the same time took out the fire talisman from the Qiankun bag, and Xie Bi'an Xianfan Wuhe stepped into the cave.

The cave is damp, cold, and narrow, and the ground is full of rocks and moss. The farthest place that the fire talisman can shine is darkness, as if it was not the cave that swallowed them, but the darkness itself.

"No deterrence, are you afraid?" Xie Bi'an said softly.

"Not afraid."

"You're only fifteen years old, so I'm not ashamed."

Just as Fan Wuxie was about to refute, he heard Xie Bi'an say, "If you're afraid, stay closer to Senior Brother."

He silently approached and got to know Bian, and the two of them walked forward, almost shoulder-to-shoulder.

"No matter what you see or what happens for a while, don't panic, don't run around, there will be a senior brother, and nothing will happen."


The two went deeper and deeper, and suddenly heard a slight sound in the distance, like an iron chain dragging across the ground.

Xie Bian held Infinity Bi in front of him. Although his swordsmanship is far better than his cudgel, he is still more useful in dealing with evil spirits.

The iron chain rattled from time to time, as if something was rustling. Hearing this bizarre sound in a dark and stuffy cave was horrifying.

"Wu Xie, I'm afraid this thing has a real body. I don't know if it's a walking corpse or if it's been put on the body. If you want to use a soul weapon, it can knock out the soul."


There is a little fire in the hand, and the farther it goes to the outer edge, the more dim it is. It seems to be tugging between light and darkness. If it is not careful, it will be countered by the darkness. Suddenly, something different emerges from the edge of the darkness - a chain.

The two lightened their footsteps and approached slowly. Several chains appeared in sight, crisscrossing the stone walls, the chains were as thick as the wrists of adult men, and the iron chain closest to them plunged into the ground.

Xie Bian put the fire talisman between his two fingers and injected spiritual power, recited the talisman in his mouth, and then shot the yellow talisman out.

The fire talisman exploded with a bang, and immediately illuminated the huge cave as bright as day. In that brief light, they were able to see the scene in front of them clearly.

On the ground was drawn an ancient formation.

In the formation, except for the central palace, which belongs to the formation eye, other formations such as Qiangong, Duigong, Zhengong, etc., have iron chains with thick wrists inserted, and the other end of the iron chains is driven into the stone wall. Every point of the chain was anchored and blocked by these chains, but one of the chains was obviously loose.

Fan Wuxie's face changed suddenly.

"This is..." Xie Bian felt his scalp numb. "This should be a soul-binding formation. I can feel the resentment suppressed by it. I seem to have seen this formation somewhere, so evil."

Fan Wuxie's pupils were pitch black and bottomless, and countless thoughts flashed through his mind: "Tiangang Positive Binding Magic Array."

Xie Bi'an scoured his memory, "Tiangang... Wait, is it the formation in the "Yellow Emperor Yin Fu Tian Ji Jing"?"


Xie Bi'an was shocked: "Someone dares to use the sorcery in the "Yin Fu Jing"!"

The "Huangdi Yinfu Tianjijing" is a secretary handed down from ancient times. Although a few coins can be bought at the stalls, the content is difficult and obscure, and it is incomplete. There are various formations, witchcraft and tricks in this book. Legend has it that the Xuanyuan clan used this to defeat Chiyou. If the Xuanyuan celestial talisman is a military talisman that commands the Yin soldiers, then this book is the art of war. world. Over the millions of years, how many people have studied this book, trying to find out the whereabouts of Xuanyuan Tian Ji Talisman, and how many people have practiced the above tricks and secrets, but the result is either wasted effort, or gone into the devil, so the gains outweigh the losses, and gradually no one dares to cultivate .

Zong Zixiao was the only one who had truly found the Xuanyuan Tian Ji Talisman and cultivated the secret method, but he also fell into the devil's way, and was beyond redemption. As for whether to understand the military book first, and then get the military talisman, or whether to get the military talisman first, and then understand the military book, later generations have been puzzled.

"This Heavenly Gang Positive Binding Demon Array can lock the souls of profound cultivation that cannot be suppressed by ordinary Demon Binding Arrays, and turn the bound person into a monster that is both human and ghost, forever free from life and death, knowing everything, what I can feel it, but I can't get rid of the pain and despair, and I can't be reincarnated. He was very familiar with this formation, he once wanted to use this formation to keep Zong Ziheng, but after all, he was not ruthless.

"Doesn't that mean, hell on earth?" Xie Bi'an shuddered, "The person who sets up this formation has also created bad karma, and in fact both loses. It seems that the person who sets up the formation is not afraid of the bound person to the extreme. , is hated to the extreme."

"What about the bound thing?"

The two were silent.

At this point, they basically figured it out. Although they don't know how long this formation has existed, it must have been the earth's movement over the years, which has gradually loosened the chain. Tonight, a chain was directly shaken, and the formation was broken. The monster was released.

In the darkness, the iron chain rattled again—just above their heads, as if something had crawled over the iron chain. They could even feel a pair of eyes staring down at them in the dark.

Stare at them silently.

Xie Bi'an was sweating coldly on his forehead.

Bound by this evil formation, he must have been a high-level cultivator during his lifetime, but he will be resentful after death. crawled over his skin.

Fan Wuxie said, "Senior brother, this thing is extremely difficult to deal with." I don't know what this evil spirit will be like. If he wants to keep the two of them safe, he may reveal his identity.

Xie Bian of course knew that he had followed Zhong Kui to collect his soul since he was a child. Such a strong resentment is rare, he said: "Wu Xie, I will bear it, you go to the master."

"I won't leave you here alone." Fan Wuxie refused flatly, "I won't listen to you."


Fan Wuxie took out a few blank yellow talismans from the Qiankun bag, wrote down the fire talismans with spiritual power, scattered them, and nailed them to the chains one by one, gradually illuminating the entire cave.

The two of them raised their heads at the same time, and a black figure was lying on top of them.

Xie Bian decided to strike first. He jumped on an iron rope, jumped up, and attacked Boundless Bi fiercely.

Fan Wuxie also summoned a different kind of red, stepped up the wall from the other side, and attacked Xie Bi'an left and right.

The thing let out a shrill cry, rushed towards Knowing Bi'an at a high speed, and grabbed it fiercely with its five fingers claws.

Xie Bian used the first gear of Infinity Bi, and the thing actually grabbed the soul-suppressing pole with both hands, and a pale face without eyes suddenly approached to understand Bian, and it was about to bite when it opened its mouth.

Xie Bi'an kicked him in the stomach, and then fell back to the ground. He shouted in horror, "Wow, be careful, this evil spirit dares to touch the soul weapon."

The Great Emperor Beiyin ranks first among the ghosts and immortals. His spiritual sense has a great deterrent effect on the soul. Ordinary evil spirits can't stand just by being close to the soul weapon. This thing dares to face the soul weapon. .

Fan Wuxie appeared behind the evil spirit like a ghost, and the eccentric rope was like an arrow from the string, and it rushed out. The speed of the evil spirit was astonishing. Ann, Xie Bian knocked him back with a single blow.

Fan Wuxie also jumped down, and the two brothers trapped the evil spirit in the middle, and tacitly besieged.

The evil spirit dodged several times, hid behind an iron chain, and shuttled back and forth, up and down, between several iron chains.

The two stepped on the iron rope and chased the evil spirit to the ground, but the speed was inferior.

Xie Cun suddenly grabbed the loose iron rope and threw it towards Fan Wuxing, who was chasing after him.

"Be careful!"

Even though Fan Wuxie saw the iron cable, this body was unable to respond in time. He used a different kind of red, but was hit by the iron cable's strength, and his whole body was slapped to the ground.

At the moment of landing, a black shadow shrouded his head.

Fan Wuxie threw out a different kind of red, but was grabbed by the evil spirit and dragged Fan Wuxing towards him instead.

Xie Bian's eyes were red, and he rushed over at the fastest speed, but took a step slower, and the evil claws grabbed Fan Wuxing's shoulder.

"Hmm..." Fan Wuxing only felt a sharp pain, his entire arm was numb, the evil fingers pierced deeply through the flesh and blood, and the blood gushing out was black.

Under the pain, a white light flashed in Fan Wuxing's mind, and it seemed that something flashed through his spiritual consciousness. He looked at the evil face that was so close at hand, and from this unrecognizable face, he could see a bit of familiarity.

"No deterrence--" Infinity Bi hit Xie Xun's vest ruthlessly.

Fan Wuxie took the opportunity to draw out his sword and cut off Xie Xun's arm with one sword.

The evil howled and quickly hid in the darkness, but his severed hand was still stuck on Fan Wuxing's shoulder.

"Wuji!" Xie Bi'an supported Fan Wuxing, his trembling hands did not dare to touch his shoulders.

Fan Wuxing couldn't care about his injury, he stared at the evil spirit, his eyes were splitting.

This thing, he may know, he is very likely to know!

Ordinary people, a decade or two is enough to forget the face of another person, let alone more than a hundred years. After being reincarnated as a human, even though Fan Wuxie didn't drink Meng Po soup, he could hardly remember anyone's face, including his own. Only Zong Ziheng's face was carved into the depths of his soul, and he recognized it at a glance.

So he wasn't afraid to face Li Buyu, maybe Zhinan, or anyone who had lived through the era of Emperor Zongtian, and Li Buyu really forgot their looks.

This evil spirit, even though he is no longer a person or a ghost, this familiarity will not deceive him. He must know this person, but he really can't remember it.

Who is it!

Chapter 26

There was old corpse poison in his severed hand, and Fan Wuxing only felt severe pain from the wound.

Xie Bian sealed several acupoints all over his body, and then took out the True Essence Jade Pill that Xu Mao had sent, broke open the beeswax, and fed it into his mouth: "Wu Xie, hold on, Senior Brother will take you away immediately. ."

There was a rustling sound from behind, and the evil creature crawled out of the darkness like a spider, its empty, pitch-black eye sockets "looking" at the two of them coldly, and the rotten hand that was cut off by Fan Wuxing, unexpectedly grow out!

Xie Bi'an's expression changed suddenly: "He is from the Pure Yang Sect?!"

Sword cultivators are the most common in the world of immortality. In fact, sword cultivators belong to equipment cultivators, and they are all about the integration of human and equipment. Only because there are many sword cultivators, they are unique in one category. Among sword cultivators, the most common ones are equipment cultivators and martial arts cultivators. There are various types of weapons, weapons, hidden weapons, magic weapons, witchcraft, all kinds, but only one type of martial arts, that is, endlessly tempering one's body, to achieve a hundred poisons, a diamond is not bad, and the physical strength is unparalleled. , it can even remove saprophytic muscles and reshape the flesh.

As for the cultivation of talismans and alchemy, they are all necessary auxiliary abilities for monks, and usually only doctors and craftsmen can specialize in them.

In the world, there is only one sect that has cultivated martial arts to the extreme, and that is the Pure Yang Sect, and only the high-level monks of the Pure Yang Sect can regenerate a broken limb.

Fan Wuxing desperately recalled the pure Yang cultivator he had seen before. Who might be the evil person in front of him, but he couldn't think of any one that fit.

Xie Bi'an placed Boundless Bi in front of him and blocked Fan Wuxing behind him, staring at the evil spirit vigilantly.

Xie Bian shouted: "Who are you, report your name!" He didn't know if this evil spirit could regain a little sanity, but he might be able to delay it for a while.

There was a strange grunt in the evil spirit's throat, and his five fingers scratched the ground, but after hesitating, he couldn't resist the instinct to be tempted by the breath of the living, and rushed over again.

Infinity Bi flashed a few clusters of green shadows in the dim cave, and the huge spiritual pressure self-released Bi'an broke out in the body, and he slammed the evil in the face. Evil didn't dare to meet the edge, so he flew past and rushed back from the side.

One person and one ghost fought fiercely through the array under the iron rope. After Xie Bian knew that the other party was a pure yang cultivator, he tried his best to avoid being approached. Lian Shengsheng pulled out from the wall and slammed Xie Bian fiercely. Wherever he touched, even the hard rock was smashed into pieces.

Fan Wuxue adjusted his breath by luck, so that Yulian Dan could play its role as soon as possible, and then joined the battle again after suppressing the dizziness and weakness.

They tacitly set up the gossip formation, and through the original iron cable formation, they became the ever-changing formation eye, trapping the evil spirits within their offensive range.

One black and one white, Tai Chi is born.

Xie Bian glanced at Fan Wuxe worriedly: "Wuxie, don't let him get close!"

The corpse poison had already paralyzed half of Fan Wuxing's upper body. He knew that strenuous activity would only exacerbate the spread of the corpse poison, and he had to fight quickly, so he mobilized his spiritual power to inject it into the saber.

Xie Bi'an saw that Fan Wuxer wanted to use the sword move against Song Chungui last time, but this evil spirit was probably more durable than Song Chungui. As soon as he gritted his teeth, he decided to take a gamble. Infinity Bi was spinning at high speed in his hand, and several cyan curse marks appeared in the void.

With a low voice, Fan Wuxue took out the seventh heaven of Zongxuan swordsmanship, and the sword arc charged towards the evil with murderous aura, the momentum was like a broken bamboo, and it was unstoppable.

The evil spirit was blocked by the curse seal, and there was no way to avoid it. One blow was blown away by the sword energy, and there was a big gap in the waist and abdomen, and it was almost cut off!

Xie Bian took advantage of the victory to pursue the attack, and the infinite blue descended from the sky, hitting the evil Tianling Gai.

Just knock out his soul...

At the time of the lightning and flint, the evil spirit caught the soul-suppressing battle that was pressed down like a mountain with both hands.

Xie Bian heard the sound of the shattering bones of the evil arms, but it was he who felt the horror. This evil spirit actually caught the full blow of his soul weapon!

With a wicked scream, he threw the infinite Bi and Xie Bi'an out together.

Xie Bi'an was like a stone thrown into the center of the lake, and smashed hard on the stone wall, splashing "ripples" of rocks and earth flying. Then he fell to the ground, vomiting blood, and his whole body seemed to fall apart.

"Senior brother!" Fan Wuxing's attack almost exhausted his spiritual power. Seeing that he still couldn't suppress this evil thing, there was only one last solution left. Even if he was suspected of Xie Bi'an, he would not let the two of them suffer. In the hands of this ghost, "I will lead him to the Middle Palace, you can use the infinite Bisuo Palace to seal him again!"

Xie Bian coughed blood: "You, do you know how to seal him?"

"I remember the spell." Fan Wuxie took out the fire talisman and shot it at Xie Xun, then ran to the center of the palace.

Xie Bian got up from the ground, and then thought: "No, you are also in the formation!" Although the soul-binding formation is used to suppress souls, it is just as cruel to use on living people. open……

"There is no other way, hurry up!" The evil spirits were tired of the fire, but this one really angered them, and was attracted by Fan Wuxing.

Xie Bian replaced the unplugged iron cable with Infinity Bi, inserted it into the Kan Palace, and poured out his spiritual power frantically, and Fan Wuxie just happened to lead the evil spirit to the Middle Palace.

Fan Wuxe escaped from the formation while chanting the mantra. The dusty formation was awakened, and a faint blue light appeared again.

With a miserable howl, the originally incomparably powerful body gradually squatted into a ball in the eyes of the formation, trembling like grass in a rainstorm.

Fan Wuxie's spiritual power was almost overdrawn, but he had to support it until the formation of the Dharma array.

The evil creature was crawling on the ground, and suddenly raised his head with difficulty, his pale face covered by messy hair turned towards Xie Bi'an, and made a hoarse voice in extreme pain: "Heng'er... help... me... "

Fan Wuxie was like a thunderbolt, and a white light flashed before his eyes. In an instant, he recognized the people in the Demon Bound Formation, no, ghosts.

Zong, Ming, He!

Under the shock of his mind, the magic formation fell short, Fan Wuxing's spiritual power was exhausted, and he passed out completely.

The evil spirit regained his freedom, and madly rushed to understand Bian.

Xie Bi'an accumulated spiritual power and planned to fight to the death.

At the critical moment, a flying sword as fast as lightning penetrated Xie Xun's body and nailed him to the stone wall in one fell swoop.

The purple figure flew over immediately, and more than a dozen soul-suppressing talismans hit the evil spirit at the same time. At the moment when it was attached, the evil spirit struggled and roared, but couldn't move.

Xie Bi'an almost cried with joy, and choked as if he was wronged: "Master!"

Zhong Kui ran to Xie Bian's side, and Du Lingli healed him, and asked anxiously, "Where is the injury?"

"I'm fine, go and see Wuxing, he was poisoned by corpse poison."

Zhong Kui put down Xie Bi'an and went over to check Fan Wuxing's injury. He frowned and said, "What a powerful corpse poison, we must bring him back to Yunyu as soon as possible."

Fan Wuxing was in a coma, and his face was already dark blue.

Xie Bian glanced at the evil spirit who was still struggling, "Then, what should I do with that thing, if you were stabbed by your Qingfeng sword, the soul will not disperse."

The Qingfeng Sword was enchanted by the Great Emperor Beiyin himself. It is both a precious sword and a soul weapon. As long as it is stabbed by this sword, there will be no unreliable ghosts, unless...

Unless this evil spirit was a master-level monk during his lifetime!

In the cave of Diancang Peak in Shushan, a Grandmaster-level monk of Pure Yang Religion was suppressed by the Tiangang Positive Binding Magic Array. What the hell is going on!

Zhong Kui thought for a while, bit his finger, drew a blood talisman in the void, hit Fan Wuxie on his body, protected his heart, then flew up and squatted on his sword as light as a butterfly. Clutching the evil spirit cover with one hand, he roared fiercely: "Get out!"

The evil spirit was still roaring and struggling.

There was a sound of hurried footsteps outside the cave, and Li Buyu rushed in with a group of people.

"This is……"

"My God, what's going on, how can there be evil in Shushan?!"

"Look, the formation on the ground."

"This formation... I seem to have seen it somewhere."

"Could it be, it's the Tiangang positive pole binding magic formation!"

The sound of gasping sounded one after another.

"Yellow Emperor Yin Fu Tian Ji Jing" is a forbidden book. Although almost everyone has read it for the sake of curiosity, no one will say it easily, lest it be related to the magic cultivator. On the site of the Infinite Sect, the first immortal sect of the righteous path, such tricks appeared, wouldn't it be disgusting.

Li Buyu's eyes were cold and frightening, and this scene was like a slap in the face of his Immortal Alliance Leader.

The disciples of the Infinite Sect also looked at each other in dismay. !

Li Buyu said angrily: "This pickled evil thing has actually defiled my holy land in Shushan, Zhengnan, you step aside."

Zhong Kui was about to strip the evil soul out, looked back and said anxiously, "No!"

The golden light appeared in the cave, and while a scroll overflowing with thunder and lightning was spreading, it suddenly attacked Zhong Kui and Xie Xun.

Zhong Kui was enraged, but had to pull out his Qingfeng sword and dodge.

Several flashes of lightning struck Xie Xun, the electric flower crackled loudly, and the golden light stabbed people to the point of being unable to open their eyes, and the entire cave was instantly bright as daylight. Zhong Kui and Xie Bian heard the screams of the evil spirits.

Suddenly, the golden light converged, the scroll was closed, and obediently flew back to Li Buyu's hands.

And the evil spirit slid down from the wall and slumped to the ground as if he had lost his bones.

Xie Bian was stunned.

He didn't expect that one day he would be able to see Li Buyu's magic weapon - Lei Zubaogao with his own eyes.

Legend has it that it was a parallel article written by Jiutian Yingyuan Leisheng Puhua Tianzun. This god only ascended from the ground. Although it is far less than the ancient gods, it is not comparable to the monks of today. Therefore, even if it is a treasure, it has powerful magic power. The magic weapon can summon thunder.

The more powerful the magic weapon, the greater the loss of spiritual power to the cultivator. It is an unwritten rule among cultivators not to show the magic weapon easily. Zu Baogao, beat an evil spirit to the core? !

Zhong Kui exclaimed, "What does the leader of the alliance mean!"

Li Buyu covered his face with frost: "This evil has dirty my Shushan Mountain, and seriously injured the two immortals of impermanence. How can I let it go easily."

"Even a wicked person can go to the underworld to serve his sentence, and he can be reincarnated after paying off his sins. How can you let his soul fly away!"

Li Buyu snorted coldly and said, "If this evil thing is sinful, it can only be reborn in three realms."

"Then he should go to hell to atone for his sins."

"Zhengnan, I'm not from your underworld, but this is the human world, and there are rules in the human world." Li Buyu looked at Zhong Kui coldly.

Zhong Kui glared angrily, but there was nothing he could do.

Everyone present did not dare to say a word.

Zhong Kui said coldly, "Could it be that Alliance Leader Li doesn't wonder who this evil person is and why he was pressed against Diancang Peak by the Tiangang Positive Binding Demon Formation? You beat him to the core, so how can we investigate it?"

"I was in a hurry for a while, but I was negligent." Li Buyu said, "Chungui, go and see the body."

"It's so rotten, what can you see?" Zhong Kui pointed at a few people with a livid face, "You, and you, take my apprentice back to Yunyu."

Xie Bi'an looked at Zhong Kui in confusion, and Zhong Kui also gave him a solemn look.

Li Buyu's temperament is as stable as Mount Tai, and he is someone who has fought against Zong Zixiao. He has never seen such a big storm. How could he be angry because of an evil spirit? This action seems to be - silence.


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Chapter 27

Just as the disciples of the Infinite Sect were about to help Xie Bi'an up, a pleasant voice sounded from above their heads: "Let me come."

Xie Bian was hugged into a generous and warm embrace, he looked up and said, "Brother Lan."

Lan Chuihan hugged Xie Bian and looked at him worriedly.

"I'm fine, but I'm not deterred..."

"He'll be fine, stop talking, I'll send you back to Yunyu."

Xie Bian leaned against Lan Chuihan's chest and listened to the strong heartbeat, and then barely pulled away from the fear of being threatened by the evil.

When Xie Bian returned to Yunyu, he was already very weak. Li Buyu sent an elder to heal him, and also sent an elixir that was better than Zhenyuan Yulian Dan to help him recover, but he kept hanging on to his senses until he heard that Fan Wuxie's corpse poison had been controlled Stayed, and fell asleep.


After waking up, a day and a night had passed, and Xie Bi'an was guarded by disciples of the Infinite Sect.

"Master Xiaobai, you're awake." The disciple said happily, "What's wrong?"

Xie Bian rolled his eyes, only to feel a dull pain all over his body, and he made a dry voice: "How is my junior brother?"

"Although Little Hei Ye hasn't woken up yet, we have all the elixir and medicine stones that we sent infinitely, and with the presence of Elder Yuanqing, he will be fine."

Xie Bi'an was still uneasy: "Please go and call me Master."

After a while, Zhong Kui rolled into the door like a whirlwind, and nervously touched Xie Bi'an's heartbeat: "Dude, you're awake! Are you feeling better?"

Xie Bian propped himself up and sat up. Although he was still a little weak, he didn't seem to be a serious problem. Originally, his injury was not serious: "Master, how is Wuji?"

"Don't worry, the poison has been cleared, and the bone is injured in the shoulder. The recovery will be slower, but it will be fine."

Hearing Zhong Kui's reply, Xie Bi'an was relieved. He said in a low voice, "Master, I am really ashamed of being a senior brother. I took him into danger and failed to protect him."

"It's not your fault. Who would have thought that such a powerful evil would be encountered in Shushan." Zhong Kui said embarrassedly, "If I say shame, I'm also ashamed of my teacher.

Xie Bi'an said helplessly, "I didn't have a good time at the banquet, so you went to have a drink, right?"

Zhong Kui drooped his brows and said in a low voice, "I didn't even find out about Qingfengjian's change in time. I'm a teacher in vain."

"You have arrived in time, so don't blame yourself." Xie Bian recalled the scene at that time, but was afraid that if Zhong Kui was a little later, would he and Fan Wuxie be eaten by that evil spirit?

He has been on his own since he was fourteen years old, and he has the magic weapon of Infinity Bi in his hand. Although he has also encountered fierce things, he can save danger every time. Although he wasn't as arrogant as Fan Wuxie, he was born with a high-quality foundation, and was Zhong Kui's apprentice. He was confident in his own abilities. Among his peers, only Lan Chuanhan could fight him. He would never have thought that the two of them were almost killed by a nameless wild ghost, and he was both guilty and frustrated.

Zhong Kui also had lingering fears: "This matter is really suspicious. Shushan should be the safest place in Kyushu, but my disciple almost died here. This matter must be investigated clearly. Bi'an, think back carefully about what happened at that time. Tell me everything, one by one."

"That evil spirit, that soul-binding formation, and Immortal Venerable are all very weird." Xie Bi'an recalled everything that happened in the cave, almost everything was incredible, even Fan Wuxing surprised him, then The obscure and incomprehensible scripture, why did a fifteen-year-old boy deliberately memorize the spell, and when the evil spirit was suppressed again, he actually asked him for help, saying...

Xie Bi'an's heart skipped a beat, and he stared blankly ahead.

"Bian? What's wrong?" Zhong Kui said, "If you're not feeling well, don't rush to think about it."

"Master, that evil spirit seemed to have recovered a little bit of consciousness at that time, and even asked me for help."

"Ask you for help? What did he say?"

"He seemed to say... 'Baby, help me'? I'm not sure about that 'Baby', his voice was hoarse, maybe it was something else."

"He may think of you as his son. The evil spirit usually only thinks of important people or things. But why did he ask you for help?"

"We want to bring him back into the formation and seal it again."

Zhong Kui frowned and said, "Master never taught you this magic-binding formation. Could it be that there is no deterrence?"

"Well, the younger brother said that he remembered the spell, but in the end, the formation only temporarily trapped the evil thing, and it was not completed."

Zhong Kui said in a deep voice, "First there was Zongxuan swordsmanship, and then there was the Tiangang Positive Binding Demon Formation. This kid's former master, who is holy, taught him something."

Compared with the weirdness of the whole thing, Fan Wuxing's unusualness is nothing, and he said to Bi'an, "Master, what clues can there be left of that corpse?"

"His golden pill has been dug up." Zhong Kui frowned.

Xie Bian felt cold all over. Digging Dan again? !

From Meng Kefei to that evil spirit, during this period, they seemed to have been shrouded in the suspicion of pill stealing demon cultivator, and everything had the lingering flavor of conspiracy.

"Other than that, there are no clues for the time being, everyone is waiting for you to wake up."

Xie Bi'an sorted out his emotions and told Zhong Kui everything that happened in the cave.

Zhong Kui was greatly surprised: "Chunyang Sect? Are you sure?"

"To regenerate a severed limb, as far as my disciples know, only Yuanyang exercises can do it. With that evil cultivation base, at least an elder-level cultivator, most of the elders of the Pure Yang Sect live long lives, and few of them die unintentionally. It's not hard to check."

"If the sect can be determined, then the identity of this person should be revealed soon." Zhong Kui said solemnly, "Just, why are the monks of the Pure Yang Sect trapped in the Infinite Sect by the Demon Bound Formation?"

"Yeah, what worries and puzzles my disciples the most is Alliance Leader Li. Master, don't you think Alliance Leader Li is..."

"It's like he's hiding something." Zhong Kui said it for him, "Using Lei Zubao to beat an evildoer is like killing a chicken with a bull's knife, unless his original purpose was to beat the evildoer to the core, and he must One hit is successful, otherwise I will block him, so he can only use the magic weapon."

"So, Alliance Leader Li is likely to know the identity of the evil spirit, and even know the secrets in the cave."

"It's very possible, but he doesn't admit it, and no one dares to question him in person."

"Master, the disciple thinks that this matter is very important, especially that person has also been dug out of gold pills. Alliance Leader Li said that we should take precautions before it happens and prevent all the possibility of a comeback of demonic cultivators. He never mentions the matter of being dug out of golden pills and being suppressed in Shushan."

Zhong Kui narrowed his eyes: "You're right. The teacher will definitely investigate this matter clearly. That evil almost killed you. Li Buyu must give me an explanation."

"By the way, Master, did you go to the Red King last time? Is Meng Kefei with him?"

"Meng Kefei was reincarnated a long time ago. I can't believe a word of what that ghost said."

Xie Bi'an was a little disappointed: "Master, I want to see Junior Brother."

"Can you get out of bed?"

"I'm fine." Xie Bian endured the pain and went to the ground, put on his clothes, and walked to Fan Wuxing's room.

Fan Wuxie was still in a coma, with layers of gauze wrapped around his shoulders, oozing dark red blood.

The corpse poison, the heavier the resentment and the longer the dead, the stronger the poison, if the corpse of a few hundred years is corpse, the road will be barren. Just looking at the formation in the cave, that evil spirit has been sealed for at least decades, so Fan Wuxer is really in danger this time.

If it weren't for the Immeasurable faction, if it weren't for a top-level doctor like Elder Yuan Qing, even if he could save his life, he would probably suffer irreversible damage.

Xie Bian sat gently on the edge of the bed, reached out and rubbed Fan Wuxing's hair, looking at the childish and beautiful face, his heart became more and more uncomfortable.

It was he who was stubborn and didn't take the extraordinary changes of Wuxibi to heart. If he went to the master at the beginning, they would not be hurt, and the evil spirits would not be silenced by Li Buyu.

He thought it was just an ordinary mission, and he wanted to bring his little junior brother to see and experience, but he almost died. He repeatedly admonished his junior and junior to be humble and cautious, and he turned his head and was defeated by his arrogance, and even caused his junior and junior to be injured.

Simply ashamed.

Xie Bi'an sighed sadly, he wrapped his fingertips around Fan Wuji's hair and whispered, "Wuji, wake up quickly."

There was a soft knock on the door. Xie Bian asked in a low voice, "Who?"

"Pian, it's me."

"Brother Lan? Please come in."

Lan Chuihan walked in with a tray in hand: "I brought you ginseng soup, only then did I know that you came to see your junior brother."

Xie Bian said embarrassedly, "How can I trouble you to deliver the soup yourself."

"What's the matter?" Lan Chuihan put the soup beside the bed, he reached out to probe Fan Wuxing's pulse, "The pulse is steady, and there is blood on his face, don't worry, he's fine."

Xie Bi'an sighed: "Master said that he injured his bones, and the corpse poison penetrated into the bone marrow, and it is extremely difficult to clean up. If he wakes up... the injury of scraping the bones, how painful it will be."

Lan Chuihan pressed Jie Bi'an's shoulder: "Wuji is not an ordinary person, he is fine."

Xie Bian whispered: "I'm too useless."

"That evil spirit won't give in to Qingfeng Sword. It must be extremely powerful during his lifetime. Even if it is a celestial master, it will be just as tricky. You and Wuxing can survive, which is already incredible."

Xie Bian raised his head and looked at Lan Chuihan: "Brother Lan, that evil spirit is from the Pure Yang Sect."

Lan Chuihan said in surprise, "How do you know? Are you sure?"

"Wu Xie cut off one of his hands, and he soon grew a new one. This can only be done by cultivating the Yuanyang method, right?"

Lan Chuihan thought for a while, then nodded: "If this is the case, you should soon be able to know who this evil person is."

"Well, Master has already gone to investigate." Xie Bian asked, "Brother Lan, have you seen the body?"

"I've seen it, except that he was dug up, and that he is a strong-aged man, I really can't see anything." Lan Chuihan frowned, "But..."


"You know that I used to practice in the Pure Yang Sect when I was a child, right?"

"I know, you told me that when you were a child, you were frail and sick, and the pavilion master sent you to practice Yuanyang exercises to improve your physique."

"Well, although I have only cultivated for a few years and my body has improved, I will go home, but I know more about the monks of Chunyang Cult than the outside world. I have seen their bodies. You also know that the people of Chunyang Cult are very conservative. It is impossible for outsiders to see that they are not wearing clothes." Lan Chuihan pondered, "If it is a low-level monk, it is not much different from ordinary people, but once promoted to a high-level monk, their body, bones, skin, Muscles will gradually become different from ordinary people. Yuanyang exercises will make their physical bodies more and more perfect, until the vajra is not bad, so the high-level monks of pure Yang sect, no matter what they looked like before, will become taller and more handsome. Even..."

Xie Bian looked at Lan Chuihan seriously and waited for him to continue.

Lan Chuihan curled the corners of his lips and teased, "Even that place is bigger than ordinary people."

Xie Bi'an was stunned for a moment, and immediately reacted, his eyes lit up: "I've heard of this, but it's true? I thought it was written indiscriminately by the unofficial history in the market."

Lan Chuihan smiled and said, "It's true, but unfortunately, it's useless."

Xie Bian blinked: "Then you...you saw that evil..."

Lan Chuihan knocked on Bian's head: "How can I be so perverted. I only saw his musculoskeletal bones, and I never thought that he had anything to do with Chunyang Sect, but you said that he can regenerate severed limbs, This is indeed something that only high-level monks of the Pure Yang Sect can do, I have to go back and check again."

Jie Bi'an wondered: "His physique is not like a pure Yang cultivator, but he has the ability of Yuanyang exercises. What's going on?"

"Maybe he died for too long and his body shrunken and deformed. I didn't look carefully for a while. Since the Tianshi wants to investigate, he must send someone to the Pure Yang Sect, then invite an elder of the Pure Yang Sect to see it more accurately. ."

While the two were talking, Fan Wuxing on the bed suddenly let out a babble, and his eyelashes trembled.

"Junior Brother!" Xie Bian was overjoyed.

Fan Wuxue slowly opened his eyes.



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Chapter 28

Fan Wuxie's pair of long and thick eyelashes slowly spread out like the trembling wings of a bird.

Xie Bian looked at him nervously: "Wuji, how do you feel?"

Fan Wuxue looked at Xie Bian blankly: "...Senior brother?"

"Brother is here."

Fan Wuxie quickly found Lan Chuihan next to him, his eyebrows twitched, and he looked away.

Xie Bian said softly, "Wuji, do you feel any discomfort?"

Fan Wuxue suddenly remembered what happened before he fell into a coma, and his eyes changed: "How are you? What about the evil one?"

"I'm fine, Master arrived in time to save us." Xie Bi'an said guiltily, "It's all too useless for the senior brother to fail... What are you doing!" He hurriedly held down Fan who was about to get up. No deterrence.

There was a sharp pain in his shoulder, and Fan Wuxie lay back with a wrinkled face. He took a breath and said, "What about the evil one?"

"The evil spirits have been beaten to the core by Li Mengzhu." Lan Chuihan said.

"What?!" Fan Wuxer frowned, "Why? Shouldn't the soul be taken back to the underworld?"

"It was supposed to be like this, but Alliance Leader Li used Lei Zubao's letter, and Master had no time to stop it." Xie Bian glanced at Lan Chuihan and understood that he also had doubts about this matter.

"Lei, Zu, Bao, Gao." Fan Wuxer was shocked. That Lei Zubao Gao is the heirloom magic weapon of the Infinite Sect. Its status is equivalent to that of the Infinite Sword Manual. It can only be inherited by the Sect Master. Even in his previous life, he would not dare to directly take Tianlei, because Tianlei can hit people at the same time. Spirit and flesh, taking Lei Zubao to fight a wild ghost, it sounds absurd.

Originally, Fan Wuxue suspected that he had made a mistake, but now he is almost certain that the evil spirit is Zong Minghe. Only in this way can he explain Li Buyu's abnormality, which is clearly to silence him. Perhaps it was Li Buyu who sealed Zong Minghe in that cave. After all, the Li family hated Zong.

However, why did Zong Minghe know the Yuanyang method of pure Yangism? It is absolutely impossible for him to cultivate Yuanyang Gong.

Thinking of Zong Minghe, Fan Wuxie had mixed feelings in his heart. Although they broke up in the end, before Zong Minghe knew that he was not his own biological father, he had been a doting father for more than ten years. If not...

"Wu Xie?" Xie Bian looked at Fan Wu Xing's unpredictable expression and asked worriedly, "What's wrong with you?"

Fan Wuxue slowly turned his head, looked at Xie Bi'an, and looked at this face exactly like Zong Ziheng, his eyes gradually covered with bloodshot.

If not you.

Xie Bian was frightened by the sinister look in his eyes.

Lan Chuihan frowned, and almost subconsciously he put a hand in front of Know Bi'an, as if he was not a wounded teenager, but a beast that was about to explode at any time.

Fan Wuxing lowered his head and muttered, "Go out."


"I'm tired."

Lan Chuihan's face sank, obviously angry.

"Okay, you have a good rest." Xie Bian quickly tugged at Lan Chuihan's sleeve and shook his head. He didn't know if Fan Wuxie was blaming himself, or if he was just in a bad mood because of his injury, after all, this little junior brother was also surly on weekdays.

After walking out of the room, Xie Bi'an quickly apologized: "Brother Lan, my junior brother is disrespectful. For the sake of his serious injury, don't know him in the same way."

"Does he usually do this?"

"He doesn't usually do that."

Lan Chui said coldly, "Outsiders shouldn't intervene about your teacher's sect, but I don't want to see anyone disrespecting you."

Xie Bian smiled and said, "Brother Lan, you misunderstood. Wuxing usually listens to me. He just doesn't follow the rules of etiquette. As his senior brother, I will lead him to the right path."

"It's better." Lan Chuihan looked back at the closed door, "Oh, the ginseng soup for you, forget it, I'll bring you a hot bowl again."

Fan Wuxie listened to the footsteps of the two getting away, waved the ginseng soup by the bedside to the ground, and then covered his eyes.


After two days of recuperation, Xie Bian basically recovered. He wanted to see Fan Wuxer several times, and then remembered that he was kicked out that day, so he retreated.

At this time, he was exercising his muscles and bones in the yard, and he frequently looked at Fan Wuxing's door, hesitating.

Chia Shilan blows cold to visit him again and brings a message.

"The elders of Chunyang Sect have arrived?"

"Well, they're discussing things, and they're going to see the body soon, Bian, do you want to go together?"

"Sure, let's go."

Suddenly, Fan Wuxie's door creaked open. His eyes were clear, and his face was a little bloody, not as pale and weak as the previous two days.

"No deterrence? How did you get off the ground? You still need a few more days of recuperation from your injury."

"I'm fine." Fan Wuxer said, "You want to see that evil spirit? I want to go too."


Fan Wuxie came over and stood directly between the two.

Lan Chuihan raised his eyebrows.

Xie Bian didn't pay attention, and only cared about Fan Wuxing's injury on the way.

The evil body was placed in the ice cellar. When they arrived, Li Buyu, Zhong Kui, and guests from various sects all arrived.

There was an unfamiliar face in the crowd. His temples were covered with snow, but his appearance was young, tall and strong, and quite heroic.

Zhong Kui introduced: "This is the elder Zhaowen of the Chunyang Sect."

"Junior, please take care of the elders." The three said in unison.

"Don't be too polite."

"Please take a closer look at the elders." Li Buyu said, "If it is a cultivator of the Pure Yang Sect, you should be able to tell it from the body, right?"

"Returning to the leader, that's true." Zhao Wen lifted the cover on the corpse and took a serious look.

Everyone was a little nervous.

After a long while, Zhao Wen sighed and said, "When the Heavenly Master sent the news to me, I immediately convened a few elders to discuss the matter. No one remembered any elder or high-ranking monk who died unexpectedly and whose body disappeared. At least it hasn’t been in the past 100 years. If it’s further away, you’ll have to ask the sect master, but the sect master has been in seclusion for ten years, and he doesn’t know when to leave.” He looked at the corpse, “I examined the corpse, and I am more certain that this is not the case. I am a pure yang cultivator, his body, muscles, bones, there is no trace of cultivating my practice."

Zhong Kui wondered, "Then why can he be reborn with a severed limb?"

Zhao Wen Fusha shook his head, but also looked puzzled. He picked up the severed hand that was taken from Fan Wuxer's shoulder, and then raised the newly grown hand from the corpse and compared it for a long time: "It is indeed reborn, I also think about it. I don’t know why, to be able to give birth to new limbs, at least one must cultivate the Yuanyang technique to the seventh level, but this person’s body does not have any features.”

Xie Bian and Fan Wuxie looked at each other, both of them were thinking about one thing, that is, if there is no evidence of this severed hand, I am afraid that no one will believe it.

This matter is too strange, and everyone is talking quietly.

Zhong Kui said: "He was dug out of pills, and without the knowledge of the entire Infinite Sect, he was sealed on the Diancang Peak by the Tiangang Positive Binding Demon Formation. It has been a long time since such a strange thing happened in the Xiuxian world. First, Li The nephew of the leader of the alliance died of a pill-stealing demon cultivator, and then this evil spirit seriously injured my two apprentices. These two events seem to be unrelated, but I don’t think everyone present can regard them as pure coincidences.”

The echoes sounded one after another.

Lan Chuihan said, "Junior has a guess."

"Blowing cold, you say."

"The younger generation suspects that this evil spirit died a hundred years ago, in the era of Emperor Zong."

These remarks are not surprising. Putting the Pill Stealing Pill together with the Tiangang True-level Demon Binding Array, everyone will think of the Demon Lord Zong Zixiao. And this evil spirit was so powerful before his death, how did ordinary people harm him, but it happened to be Zong Zixiao's prey.

"It's very possible." He heard that, "Perhaps this person was killed by Demon Venerable and suppressed here?"

Zhong Kui said: "According to what I heard, can you ask your head to leave the customs ahead of time?"

He replied: "Heavenly Master, let me go back and check the history of the teaching. If he is really a member of the Chunyang religion and died unexpectedly, there should be records. However, I still think that this person is not one of my sects."

"There is no trace of Yuanyang practice, but you can use Yuanyang practice..." Song Chungui murmured, "Why is this so."

When no one was paying attention, Fan Wuxer walked towards the corpse at some point, picked up his tattered clothes and checked it carefully.

"No deterrence." Xie Bian whispered, "what are you doing?"

"Curious." Fan Wuxing said expressionlessly.

"Don't make trouble, step back." Zhong Kui said.

Fan Wuxie had already seen what he wanted to see. He found a familiar birthmark on the corpse. Although he had guessed the same thing before, there was still a trace of doubt in his heart. At this time, he was finally certain that this person was really Zong Minghe.

So he had the same question as everyone present, how could Zong Minghe be able to use the Yuanyang method?

Li Buyu, who was silent for a long time, said: "This matter happened in the Infinite faction. If we don't investigate clearly, our faction will not be able to explain it to the world. I will do my best to investigate it. This body is temporarily stored here. If there are any clues, we will all Let’s communicate with each other as soon as possible, okay?”

Zhong Kui wrinkled his nose and said bluntly, "If it hadn't been for Alliance Leader Li 'in a fit of rage' to beat him to the core, I would have asked the truth long ago. I hope Alliance Leader Li will not be impulsive next time."

In the whole world, Zhong Kui was probably the only one who dared to talk to Li Buyu like this, and the scene was so silent that a needle fell.

Li Buyu said without changing his face: "Zhengnan is right, I was impulsive, and I will find out the truth."

After leaving the ice cellar, several people had their own thoughts.

"Why don't I go to Chunyang Sect in person." Zhong Kui said to himself.

"If that person is really a person from the Chunyang religion, according to the news, the elders will be able to find out. If not, it's useless for you to go, Master." Xie Bi'an said, "It's better to wait for a while."

"Perhaps the regeneration of a severed limb is not something that only Yuanyang exercises can do. The world is huge, and there are many talented people and different people." Lan Chuihan said.

"Having said that, but I really haven't heard of any other martial arts that can do it." Zhong Kui asked, "Have you heard of it?"

Several shook their heads.

"Hey, I'm upset, I don't want to think about it today." Zhong Kui scratched his hair, "Bian, take your junior brother back to have a good rest, stop running around, and take care of your injuries first."


A few people parted at the mountain gate for a while. When only Xie Bi'an and Fan Wuxer were left, Fan Wuxer looked at the gossip platform in the distance and fell into deep thought.

Back then, it was on this gossip stage that Zong Ziheng killed his father and murdered the monarch and usurped the throne. It is well known in the world.

Could it be that Li Buyu was there at the time, and after Zong Minghe died, he sealed him in the cave? However, if Li Buyu was present, wouldn't it stop Zong Ziheng, the Li family hated Zong's clan, but they were just as covetous for the throne.

Also, who dug Zong Minghe's Dan? Was it dug during life or after death? If it was dug during his lifetime, who would eat it?

After a hundred years, he thought that everything was settled, but he didn't expect that he would have to face the unsolved mysteries of his previous life? His intuition told him that there was a conspiracy in the matter.

"Wu Xie?" Xie Bian also followed his gaze to look at the gossip platform, "What are you looking at? Let's go back?"

Fan Wuxer regained his senses, his eyes fell on Xie Bi'an, and he looked at him without blinking.

Xie Bian looked at him inexplicably.

Fan Wuxie suddenly said with a dark face, "Why have you been ignoring me these two days?"

Chapter 29

Xie Bian looked in disbelief. He wanted to ask back, "Didn't you drive me out?", but seeing the trace of grievance hidden under Fan Wuxing's eyebrows and raised eyes, he was angry and funny for a while, and his heart was full of anger. Softening down, he coughed lightly: "Senior brother didn't mean to stop seeing you because he was afraid of disturbing your recovery."

Fan Wuxing's expression improved slightly: "Then how is your injury?"

"I'm fine." Xie Bian spread out his hand to show it, "I wasn't seriously injured."

Fan Wuxie looked at Xie Bian's cheeks, which seemed to have lost weight overnight, and reached out his hand unconsciously. Suddenly, he felt that he would pinch the narrow jaw, and forced him to ask why he didn't eat well, and whether he wanted him to take a bite. to feed.

But before his hand touched Xie Bian, he was already awake. He lowered his hand and put it behind his back, and squeezed it lightly.

Xie Bi'an looked at Fan Wuxing's shoulder worriedly: "How about you, are you feeling better?"

"No." Fan Wuxing lowered his head, "It hurts all the time, and I can't move."

"Then you still ran out." Xie Bi'an said anxiously, "Come back with me."

Back at the residence, Xie Bi'an took over from the disciples of the Infinite Sect and changed Fan Wuxe's medicine. He tore apart the gauze layer by layer until he saw the hideous blood holes, his hands trembled, and his eyelashes drooped down.

Fan Wuxie was waiting for the medicine when he heard Xie Bi'an whisper, "Wuxie, I'm sorry."

He froze for a moment: "What's the matter."

Xie Bian raised his face, the circles of his eyes were red, and the black and big pupils were covered with a thin layer of water mist, and the pupil light flickered, as if reflecting a little bit of stars.

Fan Wuxing's breathing was a little tight, and his mind was in a mess, all thinking, who is he doing this for? Who else saw his provocative look?

Xie Bian bit his lip: "Senior brother didn't protect you, do you blame him?"

Fan Wuxue said in a low voice, "If I blame you, how can you compensate me?"

Xie Bian was stunned by the question.

"Can you just treat me?" Fan Wuxe stared at Xie Bi'an, his tone was not like a question at all, but an order.

"..." Xie Bi'an was a little at a loss.

Fan Wuxie got to know Bian and looked him in the eye: "Why are you being nice to me?"

"Because...you are my junior brother." Xie Bian suddenly felt that there was a depth in his younger junior brother's eyes that far surpassed his age. That emotion was like a turbulent undercurrent under the sea, which could turn the world upside down at any time.

"Then why be nice to others."


Fan Wuxie grabbed the wrist that knew Bian: "I only have you... You are good to me, can you just give it to me?"

"Wu Xie, what's wrong with you?" Xie Bian looked at him in confusion, but his tone was clearly coaxing, "Is it because no one took good care of you when you were young? You have suffered a lot."

Fan Wuxie pursed his lips, he let go of the hand that understood Bian, and turned his face away.

"I know it's hard to have no parents, but fortunately I have a master who treats me well, and you have a senior brother who treats you well in the future." Xie Bian stretched out his hand and touched Fan Wuji's head, and said softly, "My senior brother treats you well. Well, others can't be separated, this is not something that will become less if you separate it, it will only become more and more for you."

Fan Wuxie suddenly hugged Xie Bian's waist with one hand, and threw himself into his arms, almost knocking Xie Bian down with his strength.

After Xie Bi'an was stunned, the corners of his mouth curled up. His hand ran from Fan Wuxing's hair all the way to his back.

Big brother is here.

Big brother is always there.

Liar, you lied to me, lied to everyone, you will take everything away after being nice to me, you will stab me hard when I love you, you will throw me away when I have nothing but you Next I leave forever.

You are Zong Ziheng, not Zong Ziheng.

Don't become Zong Ziheng.

Fan Wuxie tightened his understanding of Bi An's waist. He was so greedy for this embrace that he wished he couldn't fit into the other's body.

Xie Bian didn't go deep into Fan Wuxing's abnormality, but just felt distressed. He patiently comforted him, with a heavy responsibility as a brother in his chest.

After diligently changing the medicine, Fan Wuxue dragged Xie Bian's clothes and prevented him from leaving. Xie Bian accompanies him to eat and chat with him without leaving for the whole day.

They talked about the evil that nearly killed them.

"This person is really suspicious, and I don't know if Elder Zhaowen can find out why."

"If it's really someone from the time of Emperor Zong, I'm afraid it will be very difficult, unless Xu Zhinan leaves the border." Fan Wuxie was thinking about how to let them know the true identity of the evil man without exposing himself. After all, he can't rely on himself now. To investigate the doubts about Zong Minghe.

"Is it useful for Xu Zhinan to go out of the customs? I always feel that the most difficult part of this matter to investigate is not his identity itself, but..." Xie Bi'an said solemnly, "It's Li Buyu."

"Do you think he'll stop?"

"From the time he used Lei Zubao to beat that evil spirit, I felt that he had some hidden secrets, and everyone had the same doubts in their hearts, but no one dared to raise it like Master did." Xie Bi'an sighed, "If nothing can be found in this matter in the end, it will be nothing."

"Yes, if I were Liu Buyu and deliberately concealed this matter, I would naturally find a way to obstruct it."

"A hundred years ago, the pill-stealing, the magic-binding formation." Xie Bi'an said one by one, "To be honest, if everyone knew that Zong Zixiao had been imprisoned by the emperor into the eighteenth floor of the endless hell, Li Buyu would be ruthless and fearful, It seems that there is only one person who does not hesitate to commit evil karma but also brutally suppresses..." His expression changed, "By the way, there is another person."

Fan Wushen's heart tightened.

"Human Emperor Zong Ziheng." Xie Bian seemed to be very excited by this discovery, "Do you think it is possible that the evil spirit is Zong Ziheng?"


"People in the world say that Demon Venerable is unforgivable, but if the emperor wasn't cold-blooded, he wouldn't have fallen into the devil's way. Their brothers' struggle for the throne directly implicated the Li family."

Fan Wuxie looked at Xie Bi'an's prudent appearance, and his mood was very complicated: "However, it is said that the human emperor's body was sealed by the devil in the mountain and rivers, and no one could find it. Moreover, the Yuanyang Gong on the evil spirit's body is said to have been sealed. The law is still inexplicable.”

"Yeah." Xie Bian shook his head and fell back into thought.

"However, this guess is still valuable, Senior Brother, you should tell Master."


"Yes, if the evil was really sealed by Li Buyu, we must investigate his karma." Fan Wuxie was certain that as long as Xie Bi'an told Zhong Kui the words as they were, Zhong Kui would definitely Think of Zong Minghe. Xie Bi'an's understanding of Zong's family mostly comes from the storytelling and unofficial history in the market, and those things only put a lot of pen and ink on the Zong brothers. But when Zhong Kui was born, the entire world of immortality had not yet breathed out from the shadow of Demon Venerable, so he must know more than Xie Bi'an.

"Okay." Xie Bi'an said worriedly, "No deterrence, I have a hunch."

"What a hunch."

"I think that the identity of the evil spirit, the truth of this matter, will cause an uproar in the world of immortal cultivation. After all, this is related to the reputation of the leader of the Immortal Alliance."

Fan Wuxie sneered in his heart. That's right, if the truth is exposed, he really wants to see how Li Buyu will explain all of this, and he can't wait to know what happened to Zong Minghe, why he can use the Yuanyang method and the Dan who was poached. , into whose stomach again.

"I didn't expect that more than a hundred years have passed, and the world of immortals has still not been able to get rid of the threat left by the Demon Lord." Xie Bi'an said with emotion, "I don't know how many human pills can be eaten to cultivate a Demon Lord."

Fan Wuxie's heart aroused: "I heard that Zong Zixiao was born with a high-quality bone, and he won the first place in the Jiaolong Club at the age of thirteen. Does he really need a human pill?"

"That said, if he hadn't eaten the pill of his biological father, how could he control the ancient magic weapon."

Fan Wuxie was really aggrieved in his heart, but he couldn't say anything more.

"Why don't I go to the master now." Xie Bian said to stand up, "Master must be impatient."

Fan Wuxie dragged him back: "It's so late, let's do it tomorrow."


"Senior brother, I'm sleepy, sleep with me." Fan Wuxie looked at Xie Bi'an without blinking, "It's like, I was watching over you that day."

Xie Bian smiled: "Okay."

Xie Bi'an spread the quilt, and carefully helped Fan Wuxie take off his coat. He was only wearing his underwear before he lay down.

Fan Wuxie was completely indulged in the warm and delicious smell belonging to Xie Bian, which made him extremely relaxed.

Xie Bian also relaxed. This was the most peaceful moment he felt since they were injured. He looked at the curtain above his head and said softly, "Wu Xie, you know, I actually fainted on the Bagua platform. That day, I had a dream." He held back about this for several days, and suddenly had the desire to talk about it.

"What dream?"

"I dreamed..." Xie Bi'an remembered the end of the dream, which was really embarrassing, so he automatically omitted, "I dreamed that I seemed to have a younger brother."

Fan Wushen's heart trembled.

"His name is... Xiao Jiu."

Fan Wuxue clenched his fists suddenly.

"If only I really had a younger brother." Xie Bian suddenly didn't want to talk anymore, because the ending between him and Xiao Jiu was obviously a tragedy, "However, I have you."

Fan Wuxie closed his eyes to prevent his emotions from leaking out.

How could he have such a dream, fainted, and dream about his past life, all because he was stimulated by the gossip platform? As he said, most people will only have deja vu, and will not completely remember the past life, but if someone can remember the past life.

If Xie Bian can really remember his previous life, then Zong Ziheng will come back completely, the one he loves and the one he hates will come back together. Even he himself didn't know whether he wanted that Zong Ziheng to come back.

He only knew that no matter what happened, in this life, he would never let this person go.

Note : Chapter 30 (Indonesia MTL RAW)

Chapter 30

Fan Wu She stayed in Yunding for seven days to recover from her injuries. After cleaning up the corpse poison, it was time to leave---- The three of them didn't want to stay any longer. 

After Xie Bi An told Zhong Kui his speculations, Zhong Kui's expression became strange but he didn't say anything. Zhong Kui simply told them to treat their wounds and disappeared for three days straight. 

While saying goodbye to Yunding, Song Chun Gui said to Fan Wu She: “Little Black Master's wound is still not healed. Regarding your master's location, I will go to Fengdu to inquire after a while.” 

Fan Wu She sneered: "Mind your own master." 

Song Chun Gui said expressionlessly: "You don't have to worry." 

Most of the guests who came to the birthday party had already left, only Lan Chui Han accompanied them to the end. However, because Fan Wu She used his wound as an excuse to annoy Xie Bi An, Lan Chui Han and Xie Bi An rarely saw each other. 2

With a serious face, Li Bu Yu specially sent his only son, Li Zhi Qing to take them down the mountain. 

Fan Wu She looked at Li Zhi Qing like she saw Li Bu Yu. In fact, he had forgotten what Li Bu Yu looked like when he was young, but he still remembered that this person had a good face. 

He is different from Lan Chui Han, Lan Chui Han has long sleeves to dance well, he is neither humble nor arrogant, Li Zhi Qing does not treat people equally. He could imagine how Li Zhi Qing would behave when he met an ordinary disciple. 

* People who have long arms to dance well-- People who can make good use of their possessions.
Because dancing with long arms is profitable. 

Fan Wu She felt nauseous. Once he took back his power from his old life, he would make the Li family disappear completely without a trace. 

Approaching Lanxi City, Lan Chui Han said: "Unfortunately we can't look around this place properly this time." 

"Right." Although Xie Bi An agreed, he had no regrets. He was no longer curious about this place, he just felt scared. Right now, he wanted to go home as soon as possible. 

Li Zhi Qing said: "Mount Shu welcomes everyone. Next time, when you come to Mount Shu, the Wuliang Sect will host you guys to make up for this uncomfortable experience." 

"Does not matter." 

After they arrived at the place where they were going to separate, Lan Chui Han called Xie Bi An to one side and said: "I was thinking of inviting you to Jinling as a guest after this trip, but you should come back to heal yourself. Bi An, how about we make agreement? Wait until next year's spring flowers bloom to see the orchids in Huayueye, how about it?" 

Xie Bi An smiled: "Alright. When next year's spring flowers bloom, I will definitely come." 

Fan Wu She stood to the side. Even though he looked the other way, he listened to them carefully the entire time. In order not to miss a word, he even used his spiritual power. Hearing this, his heart trembled. 1

Promise your eyes, I will burn Huayueye, what is the tiger's feminine name? 3

Lan Chui Han smiled as he looked at Xie Bi An with a gentle look: "Bi An, you really have grown up. When I saw you at that time, I didn't even dare to recognize you."
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