Wu Chang Jie Chapter 181-190

Chapter 181

After nightfall, the three arrived outside Chidi City as promised. Although Chidi City is ruled by the Cangyu Sect, each of the eight fortresses has its own master. Most of the time, they do things in their own way individually. The fortress they were in was the most remote and chaotic of them all, as it was the furthest away from both Fenglin Continent and Shazhou --- the three being just in the shape of a triangle. Poverty has made Sixth Fortress Kan an unlawful place where many beggars, refugees, criminals, demonic cultivators and assassins gather. There are all kinds of shameful black market transactions. The whole fortress is dirty and disorderly, and the human lives are as cheap as grass. It is said that, as long as you have money here, you can buy anything. It can be called the Fumenghui outside of the Pass.

After meeting up with Qing Wu Zi, Qing Wu Zi led them to a hill outside the city, where there are no human traces and light. The thin moonlight sprinkled on the blanket of white snow and reflected a miserable light. On the snow, there were patches of small bulges. With one look, it looked like pimples growing on a person’s body, which is creepy as hell.

They immediately felt the thick Yin energy here. Xie Bi An's soul suppressing stick also reacted. There are uncollected evil spirits here, and there is more than one.

"Is this a graveyard?" Lan Chui Han asked.

They landed, and Qing Wu Zi’s two feet went deep into the snow. He was originally not tall, so at this time, a part of him disappeared: "Yes. This is a burial ground. The deceased who no one cares about will be thrown here and buried to the ground." Qing Wu Zi walked forward cautiously, "Sometimes they were not even buried because this soil hardens from freezing, which is very hard to dig. Anyway, when it snows, all of them will be covered, so if you walk around here, it is quite possible to step on the dead."

"The entrance to the secret passage is in such a place?" Lan Chui Han pursed his lips and looked down at his footprints.

"Only this place is not patrolled." Qing Wu Zi walked to a snow-white grave bulge, which was one of the few graves that has a monument. He chanted an incantation under his breath, and the monument silently receded to the side, revealing the entrance to the secret passage.

Xie Bi An puffed out a breath of steam, gripped his sword and went down without hesitation.

Fan Wu She followed closely behind.

The secret passage was short and cramped, filled with bitter cold air, and they had to bend over to move forward, and even had to crawl in some places, as if they were crossing a glacier's esophagus, walking right into the trap without looking back.

Xie Bi An already tried his best to use his spiritual power to warm himself, yet he was so cold that his teeth were chattering.

"How much farther is there to go?" Fan Wu She asked.

"Soon, soon." Qing Wu Zi said with a shaky voice.

"Senior brother, hold on a little longer."

Xie Bi An gave a "hmm", a sound so simple that it danced*.

After walking for about 10 minutes, they came out of the secret passage, climbed up the ladder and entered a dirty woodshed.

Qing Wu Zi held the lamp. They saw a thick layer of dust had accumulated in the house, and the footprints on the ground were clearly visible. It is obvious that this place has been abandoned for a long time.

Qing Wu Zi explained: "This place is very safe and very hidden, generally no one comes close to it. Decades ago, the man of this hunter's family suddenly went crazy and hacked his wife and children to death, spilling blood and flesh everywhere, and the scene was horrible. Since then, this house has been abandoned."

Xie Bi An did feel a deep resentment that had not completely dissipated for decades, but the evil spirits here had been transcended* by the cultivators.

"This secret passage was originally dug by someone for the purpose of fleeing for their lives. You guys should also know that Sixth Fortress Kan is extremely chaotic. Doing some impure business may inevitably lead to getting killed."

"How did you know about this secret passage?" Xie Bi An asked.

Qing Wu Zi smoothed his beard: "In Sixth Fortress Kan, as long as you spend money, you can have everything you need."

Lan Chui Han patted the dust on his clothes and said, "Qi Meng Sheng is in First Fortress Qian, so the Qingfeng Sword should also be placed in her temporary imperial residence, right?"

"Yes, but I don't know where it is exactly. I can only accompany you guys this far. Though Sixth Fortress Kan is chaotic, there are spies from various influences. We have to separate. You guys should hide your identities well and not draw attention to yourselves." Qing Wu Zi arched his hand, "I will wait for you in First Fortress Qian. When the time comes, I will try my best to help."

Qing Wu Zi left the deserted house first, and the three of them roughly checked their disguises and walked out too. The streetscape was ruined and not a single light was lit. It looked even more desolated and cold in this dark, night sky. When looked at from far away, it is like an empty city.

Qing Wu Zi told them to follow the crowd in the market tomorrow morning to leave the fortress together. They seemed to look too eye-catching if they left right now, so they walked through a few streets and found an inn.

That inn was also dilapidated. Sixth Fortress Kan is not like those fortresses in a privileged location, where there are people from the Cangyu Sect or the people from Central Plains leaving the Pass. There were no decent travelers here, so naturally there was no decent inn to be found.

They knocked on the door of the inn, gave some extra silver, and let the shopkeeper tidy out a clean room. By now it was almost dawn, and they had no time to rest. They just wanted to make some fire, get warm, and then leave when the time comes.

The three of them gathered around the charcoal fire pit and drank a few cups of warm wine before their frozen stiff bodies slowly eased up.

"Bi An has been afraid of the cold since he was a child." Lan Chui Han laughed and looked at Xie Bi An, "When you came to Chidi City to watch me quench my sword, you were wrapped up like a little dumpling."

Xie Bi An smiled embarrassedly: "I have never been to such a cold place. It was master who fooled me, saying how fun it is here. The furnace opening of Shen Nong Ding is a rare sight, so I must come and gain some knowledge and experience."

"Heaven Master is right." Lan Chui Han only moved his body, and the chair under his buttocks creaked, making one cannot help but worry that it is going to fall apart at any time. He could only sit carefully, and he said helplessly, "Back then my Xianyue Pavilion booked the four best guest houses in First Fortress Qian for my guests. Now we’re like rats burrowed out through the hole in the ground and hiding in such a shabby place making fire. Things are not as good as they used to be ah."

"Yeah. At that time, a guy I don’t know lived next door to me. His snores were like thunder…”

The two talked about their past, and Fan Wu She was sitting at one side unhappily. He silently observed Lan Chui Han. His memory of Zong Zhong Ming's face has already been blurred, and moreover at that time, Zong Zhong Ming was only seven or eight years old, so he naturally cannot imagine his adult appearance. But the more he looked at Lan Chui Han, the more he felt like they’re similar, and the more unhappy he was.

However, if Lan Chui Han is really Zong Zhong Ming's grandson, then he is his great-grandnephew. They’re three generations apart. At the thought of this, he started to feel delighted.

When the two people were chatting about Huayueye, Fan Wu She took the opportunity to interject: "Lord Lan, I heard that the history of the origin of Xianyue Pavilion is quite legendary. I don’t know whether the wild history in the miscellaneous articles is true or not."

Xie Bi An stole a glance at Fan Wu She. In fact, he has long wanted to inquire discreetly about Lan Chui Han’s grandfather, but has not yet found the opportunity to speak. It is smoother for Fan Wu She to speak up. After all, Fan Wu She has never been afraid to offend Lan Chui Han.

"Oh, those ah, some are true and some are fake." Lan Chui Han smiled, "Even if it's true, it's just adding oil and vinegar*, so you can't believe it all."

Xie Bi An said, "Hua Yuan Zhen Ren is very low-key and mysterious. I heard that during the years of establishing a sect, he didn’t really connect with other sects, and only silently guided disciples and cultivated."

"Grandfather was an introvert, and did not like to make friends with people." Lan Chui Han's tone has some pride in it, "With the powerful Junlan Sword Technique, if grandfather had the heart to operate, he would not only have a few dozen disciples. My father, on the other hand, was of a completely different nature, so it was only after he became the head of the pavilion that Xianyue Pavilion developed and expanded."

Fan Wu She asked, as if inadvertently, "Hua Yuan Zhen Ren has always shown himself by his Daoist name, I wonder what his real name was."

Lan Chui Han raised his eyebrows.

Xie Bi An felt a little nervous. He pretended to rebuke lightly, "Wu She, do not be impolite. The elders' names should not be asked casually." He looked at Lan Chui Han, "However, it seems that not many people have heard of Hua Yuan Zhen Ren’s real name. Could it be that there are some scruples?"

Lan Chui Han said frankly: "No ah, it's just that the Daoist name Hua Yuan seems to be very important to grandfather, and grandfather wants this name to be passed on more than anything else. Grandfather's name is Lan Zhong Ming."

Xie Bi An quietly took a deep breath, and then slowly exhaled. Although he had been prepared for this, his heart still trembled when he heard the word "Zhong Ming". He knew that this throb did not belong to him, but came from Zong Zi Heng.

"Lan Zhong Ming." Fan Wu She silently recited these three words, "I don’t know who Hua Yuan Zhen Ren’s master was. The Junlan Sword Technique only appeared in the post-Emperor Zong era, right?"

Such powerful swordsmanship would have shone in any era. The Junlan Sword Technique will never be a dusty pearl*. The only explanation is that he really has not seen it.

The answer was already crying out.

Fan Wu She recalled Lan Chui Han and Song Chun Gui’s wonderful sparring on that day in Yunding’s Eight Trigrams Platform. Compared to the ruthless and aggressive Zongxuan Sword Technique, and the old-fashioned and conservative Wuliang Sword Technique, Junlan Sword Technique is elegant and suave, yet it does not lose its sharpness, and each move is rigid in its stance. There is a degree of advancement and retreat, just like an orchid standing pretty in the turbid world, natural and restrained, gentle and firm.

Is this the sword technique created by Zong Zi Heng? And does it project the creator's ego?

Fan Wu She suddenly became jealous. Big brother had said more than once that although Zongxuan's sword technique was powerful, it was too hostile and looked like a hungry wolf pouncing on food when fighting, and he wanted to create his own set of swordplay that was elegant and powerful. This set of swordplay has already been available, but he never heard his big brother mention it to him even until his death, yet he gave the swordplay to a wild child with no blood ties.

The Junlan Sword Technique should have belonged to him, just like every hair of his big brother, they all belonged to him.

Lan Chui Han sensed that the two were too curious about his family history: "Why are you guys suddenly interested in my Lan family's family history?"

Xie Bi An hastily retracted: "Just a casual question. This question is really a bit overstepped. If it's not convenient for Brother Lan to say, then don’t mention it."

Lan Chui Han smiled faintly and did not express his opinion.

"Let's discuss again how to act when we reach First Fortress Qian. We don't know what will happen along the way. We have to improvise by then, but our purpose remains the same --- to find the Qingfeng Sword and return it to its original owner." Xie Bi An patted his qiankun bag, "Wuqiongbi can sense the Qingfeng Sword from a few miles away, and First Fortress Qian is not big, so let's try to find the estimated location before it gets dark today."

Chapter 182

In order to avoid the eyes and ears of others, the three of them moved separately, leaving Sixth Fortress Kan at different hours and heading for First Fortress Qian.

The public road in Chidi City is built around Shen Nong Ding. Looking at Shen Nong Ding from such a close distance, one can feel a majestic divinity that makes one want to bow down and worship. It's worthy of being a celestial object.

Xie Bi An thought of the Eastern Emperor Bell. Legend said that the Eastern Emperor Bell, as the first of the four divine treasures, has the ability to destroy the heavens and the earth, but master rarely talks about things related to the Eastern Emperor Bell, even when he often pestered master to ask questions when he was a child. The first time he touched the Eastern Emperor Bell, he was stunned by the majestic spiritual pressure and fainted. Although he had not seen the Xuanyuan Heavenly Secret Talisman and the Shanhe Sheji Map, as master has said, if there was the East Emperor Bell at that time, Zong Zi Xiao would definitely not have been able to stir up havoc.

Coming from Sixth Fortress Kan to First Fortress Qian, was like coming from the barren Shanbei to the populous and affluent Central Plains. The latter were separated by thousands of miles away, while the former were clearly within a city, yet they were entirely different. Xie Bi An thought of those who left the city with him to rush for the morning market. There were not many young and strong laborers. Most of them were the old, the weak, women and children. Those who could make a living in other places would have left long ago, and those who are most affected by the lockdown of the city are these people and those who live on the outskirts of the city, such as Ah Lü's father.

Qi Meng Sheng is really a sinner. Xie Bi An tightened his grip on the hilt of his sword and swore in his heart that this trip must succeed and not fail.

Neither too fast nor too slow, the first thing he did was to wander to the vicinity of Qi Meng Sheng's temporary imperial residence. As expected, he sensed the Qingfeng Sword. This palace is offered to the Cangyu Sect's leader to stay temporarily while observing what’s going on below. Unlike in the Fenglin Continent, the defenses were not strict, plus Qi Meng Sheng was too confident with the boundaries of Chidi City. A boundary was not even set up here.

Though this palace is easy to go in, it does not mean that Qingfeng Sword is easy to get. Such an important thing, Qi Meng Sheng will certainly protect it seriously. The only good thing is, because Qingfeng Sword is a soul weapon that was personally enlightened by the Great Emperor Beiyin, it cannot be put into the Yang world's Qiankun bag. They will definitely be able to find it in the palace.

Xie Bi An returned to the inn and rejoined the two of them just before noon, so they went downstairs and ordered a few dishes and ate casually.

All the good inns in the First Fortress Qian have been booked by Cangyu Sect, and the one they stayed in had many travelers from the inner Pass area. There were a lot of fishes and dragons mixed together*. Getting stuck here and not being able to go out will inevitably have many complaints. From time to time, they listened to the people around them complaining about when Chidi City would actually be unsealed.

"I heard that when Qi Meng Sheng finished refining her core, it would naturally be unsealed. Their immortal matters are making commoners like us suffer.”

"Is that so? Going through so much trouble just to refine a core." One person said in a low voice, "I ran into some women from the Cangyu Sect today and overheard them talking about the opening of Shen Nong Ding. I guess it's just a few days away."

"That's great. If I don't leave soon, all my travel expenses will have been spent, and I’d have to sleep on the street."

Xie Bi An's hand, which was holding the chopsticks, paused.

Fan Wu She said quietly, "When I came this morning, I did hear some rumors in town that Qi Meng Sheng had finished preparing and will soon open the furnace."

"Then she will soon find out that she has been cheated." Lan Chui Han said, "In fact, she’s already suspecting something now, it's just that she does not know what Qing Wu Zi has done to the Golden Trunk Jade Policy. Hasn't she seen through the lie yet?"

"Then I'm afraid the only way to find out is to see the Golden Trunk Jade Policy." Fan Wu She said, "If we can take the Golden Trunk Jade Policy away as well, we will completely break Qi Meng Sheng's thoughts of finding the reincarnation of the Human Emperor."

"The Golden Trunk Jade Policy is certainly more difficult to find than the Qingfeng Sword, so it's better not to be distracted." Xie Bi An lowered his head to pick at the food.

"What, aren't you curious about your past life?" Lan Chui Han laughed, "Even I’m curious."

Lan Chui Han did not know that Xie Bi An already had a part of his past life and could not forget it even if he wanted to.

Xie Bi An shook his head and immediately changed the subject: "In the afternoon, we will head out separately to familiarize ourselves with the event site and observe before we act."

Fan Wu She looked at Xie Bi An in silence and thought, "Lan Chui Han is right. Everyone is 'curious' about Zong Zi Heng's life, and he has a reason to see it no matter what. He was determined to get the Golden Trunk Jade Policy. If he can't get it by sneaking into the palace this time, he will find opportunities to get it later."

After eating, the three of them once again separated to inquire information discreetly and appeared near the palace at different times to observe the defense of the palace. The palace is not very strictly guarded, but there are many people coming in and out, even in the middle of the night, so it is unlikely that they can get in silently. They cannot bluff their way out with low-end techniques.

They discussed and decided to set fire to the bell tower next to the palace. The recent wind direction is northwest. If the fire on the bell tower couldn’t be held back, it will affect the palace, and the people from Cangyu Sect must come out to put out the fire.

Lan Chui Han got three sets of Cangyu Sect's cultivator clothes, and they’ll take advantage of the chaos to infiltrate by then.

After everything was ready, they waited in the inn for the night to come.

Xie Bi An was meditating when a soft knock on the door made him open his eyes.

"Is it Wu She? Come in."

When Fan Wu She pushed the door and came in, he saw Xie Bi An sitting at the head of the bed and smiling at him. The smile was obviously pure and flawless, yet it brought out many dirty thoughts in him. He walked over with a few steps and sat down next to Xie Bi An, saying unhappily, "That Lan guy is really a hindrance, I can't even sleep with senior brother."

Xie Bi An laughed, "What kind of nonsense are you thinking at this time?"

"I just want to sleep with senior brother, nothing else."

"Only ghosts believe you." Xie Bi An slapped his head, "What’s up? Don't mention anything but business now, or else senior brother will get angry."

"Naturally, there is business."

"Say it."

"Before I say it, let me kiss you first, okay?"

"You ..."

Fan Wu She put on a pitiful expression, "I haven't kissed you for days."

Xie Bi An was extremely helpless: "I really can't do anything about you."

Fan Wu She does not want to wait for him to regret it, and he pinched his jaw and concentrated on kissing him.

"Wuu ... that’s enough ..." Xie Bi An pushed him away, feigning anger, "How is this called 'a little'?"

Fan Wu She pondered over and licked the crimson lips, and smiled with satisfaction: "Okay, I won’t play with you anymore. I really came for business."

"Say it quickly. Do you need to get Brother Lan to discuss it together?"

"No need, I want to discuss it with senior brother first." Fan Wu She said seriously, "I think we should find a way to get the Golden Trunk Jade Policy."

Xie Bi An froze, "Are you serious?"

"Of course."

"It is already dangerous for us to take the Qingfeng Sword, and it may not be successful. That Golden Trunk Jade Policy is more likely than not to be on Qi Meng Sheng. Aren't you thinking about things too simply?”

"It is indeed very dangerous, but if we get the Golden Trunk Jade Policy, we can solve all the problems."

Xie Bi An shook his head hesitantly, "It's too risky. If we can get back the Qingfeng Sword this time, we will be considered successful." He said in confusion, "Wu She, you are indulging in fantasy."

"Senior brother, I want to get the Golden Trunk Jade Policy, not only just to stop Qi Meng Sheng, but also for you."

"Of course I know that ..."

"No, more than just to hide your identity. Have you forgotten that the Golden Trunk Jade Policy also has the function of recording your reincarnation?"

"But I don't want to know Zong Zi Heng’s life." Xie Bi An was inexplicably a little agitated, "Those memories are not mine, and I'm really afraid they will erode away my own ones."

"I'm also afraid, that's why we need the Golden Trunk Jade Policy." Fan Wu She held Xie Bi An's hand, "Official Lord Cui and Meng Po both said that the only way for you to get rid of the memories of your past life is to drink Meng Po soup and forget everything completely, but you don't want to let go of this life, you don't want to let go of your master, Official Lord Cui, Bo Zhu, and you don't want to let go of me, right?"

Xie Bi An nodded his head.

"I don't want to let go of you either. The Golden Trunk Jade Policy also contains your history in this life, you can take back your memories of this life and then take back your present life’s memories from that Heavenly book.”

Xie Bi An's eyes lit up: "How ... how did I not think of this?"

"I just thought of it too." Fan Wu She stared into his eyes, "Senior brother, this is probably the only way to get rid of the memories of the past life while retaining the memories of your present life, isn't it so?"

Xie Bi An really hesitated. He hung his head in silence for quite a while, carefully pondering over Fan Wu She's words, as if this was indeed the only way. His memory is constantly being impacted by his past life, and using the Pure Mind Technique to suppress it every day is not a long-term solution. It seems that every time he wakes up from a nap, he has a few more images in his head that don't belong to him. If this continues, won't he be "taken over" by his past life?

The memories of the present life that he is not willing to give up can be obtained from the Golden Trunk Jade Policy, so that he can go back to the old days when he did not step on the Eight Trigrams Platform.

Fan Wu She saw Xie Bi An waver. He softened his voice and said, "Senior brother, we are going deep into the tiger's den. If we can take both the Qingfeng Sword and the Golden Trunk Jade Policy, then this battle will be over, and master will be even safer."

"We can try." Xie Bi An frowned and said, "This matter should also be discussed with Brother Lan as well. In any case, our first task is the Qingfeng Sword. If we can get the Golden Trunk Jade Policy, it’ll be the best. If the time is not right, you should not take on the risk without permission."



After nightfall, the three changed into black night clothes and ran to the bell tower next to the palace and set a fire. The wind was strong at night, and the fire spread quickly and was soon out of control.

"There’s a fire---"

"Someone come quickly ah, there’s a fire-----"

"Put out the fire, put out the fire ah!"

The three changed into their icy gray cultivator clothes in the alley, and blended into the crowd of people putting out the fire. They followed them to fetch buckets of water to put out the fire, and entered the palace.

Chapter 183

"What's going on?!" A familiar female voice came from afar. Her voice was young, but it had its own powerful aura. The footsteps of the chaotic crowd stopped slightly.

"Senior sister. The bell tower next to us is on fire!"

The person who came was none other than Qi Meng Sheng's adopted daughter, the Flying Plume Ambassador, Yun Xiang Yi.

Although Xie Bi An had disguised his face, he couldn't help but feel guilty and tilted his head over slightly.

"On fire?" Yun Xiang Yi frowned and said, "How could it be on fire when everything was fine? Go take a look."

The three of them mingled with the crowd of people and went deeper inside.

The palace looks small on the outside, but there are a lot of twists and turns inside. Xie Bi An kept sensing the Qingfeng Sword through Wuqiongbi, but the closer he got, the more difficult it was to find the exact location.

"Finding it like this is wasting too much time. Let's split up." Xie Bi An said, "Wu She, I have taught you how to use the soul hooking rope to sense the Qingfeng Sword. Time is short. You try a few more times, use your own spiritual power to sense the Great Emperor Beiyin’s spiritual energy on the soul hooking rope, then look for a similar but stronger spiritual energy, similar to the way we sense evil spirits."


"Brother Lan, use the sound transmission flower Qing Wu Zi left for you now. The palace is mostly empty. He has more chances in finding the Qingfeng Sword." Xie Bi An looked around and said quietly, "Just like we agreed before, no matter which one of us finds it first, inform the other side as soon as possible, but if we’re discovered, escape is the most important."

Lan Chui Han patted Xie Bi An's shoulder, "Be careful."

The three of them spread out.

Xie Bi An parted a trace of spiritual sense attached to Wuqiongbi, carefully feeling the resonance of the soul weapon. The Qingfeng Sword was not far away, but there were too many rooms here. He avoided the Cangyu Sect's cultivators along the way, and unconsciously went deeper and deeper.

Not long after, he received a voice transmission flower from Lan Chui Han, saying that Qing Wu Zi had found it. He followed the guidance of the voice transmission flower and soon rejoined Lan Chui Han.

Lan Chui Han pulled him into a room where Qing Wu Zi was pacing back and forth with some anxiety.

"I feel that the Qingfeng Sword is nearby, where exactly is it?" Xie Bi An looked at Qing Wu Zi.

"It's probably in Qi Meng Sheng's study."

"Is she in at this time?"

Qing Wu Zi shook his head: "Since she came to Chidi City, she has not stepped out of her bedchamber at all. Although the study and her bedchamber have different doors, they are just one wall apart. Any little spiritual pressure and any movement could be discovered by her. However, now is the best time. The two Flying Plume Ambassadors have gone to put out the fire, and it seems that Yun Zhong Jun is not in the palace."

Lan Chui Han said, "As long as there are no boundaries, sneaking in silently should not be a problem."

"There is no boundary. It's just that no one dares to approach that place easily, only Yun Xiang Yi and Yun Zhong Jun have seen her before."

"There’s no time to lose. Let's go." Xie Bi An took out a sound transmission flower, "I'll send a message to Wu She. He will come and join us." After discussing with Fan Wu She, he decided not to tell Lan Chui Han about their desire to steal the Golden Trunk Jade Policy first, so as not to cause any extra problems, and if they could successfully get the Qingfeng Sword, it would not be too late to mention it. Right now, Fan Wu She was probably looking for the Golden Trunk Jade Policy --- it was also something from the Underworld, and could also be sensed by a Soul Weapon.

"Not waiting for him?" Lan Chui Han was a little surprised.

"I'm not waiting. If anything happens to us inside, he can still call out from outside."

"That's also true." Lan Chui Han teased, "It's just that I thought your little junior brother has to stick to you when doing everything."

"Brother Lan, don't mock us." Xie Bi An was a little embarrassed, "Although my junior brother is a little childish, his cultivation is not bad, and he's extremely smart. We've been in danger several times, and it's all because of him that we've turned peril into safety."

Lan Chui Han let out a long "oh" with a hint of a meaningful smile in his eyes: "Heaven Master's insight for accepting disciples is really impressive."

Led by Qing Wu Zi, they walked all the way to Qi Meng Sheng's bedchamber.

Two guards stopped them, "Zhen Ren, what can I do for you?"

Qing Wu Zi said, "The bell tower is on fire, and Senior Sister is busy putting out the fire, so she sent us to see if Immortal Lord has been disturbed."

"No, Immortal Lord did not summon us."

"That's good."

Before they knew it, Xie Bi An and Lan Chui Han each struck out the puppet spell they had already made in their sleeves.

The two guards trembled slightly, and radiance immediately dispersed in their eyes, which became apathetic and empty. One of them said, "Since you were sent here by Senior Sister, please enter."

Qing Wu Zi secretly breathed a sigh of relief, and the three followed the guards into the bedchamber.

The guards and maidservants they met on the way were not curious to see them, but simply stood aside in the corridor to make way for a spacious path.

The closer they got to the study, the more they lowered their spiritual breath to the lowest possible level. No matter how powerful a cultivator is, they will not be detected from a distance, and Qing Wu Zi's own cultivation was ordinary and no different from the guards, so he did not need to disguise himself. However, compared to the spiritual breath, Xie Bi An felt that his heart needed to be suppressed more. He could even hear his heartbeat. The thought of Qi Meng Sheng not being far away and them doing something daring made him tense with cold sweat.

Qing Wu Zi quietly pushed open the study while no one was in the corridor, and the three of them quickly went inside and slowly closed the door again.

The moment the door closed tightly, all three of them let out a long sigh of relief. Xie Bi An wiped off the cold sweat seeping out of his forehead, and only felt his mouth was dry and he made a swallowing motion.

Lan Chui Han pointed to the bookcase in the center of the study, on which there was an ebony sword stand supporting Zhong Kui's Qingfeng sword, but without its sheath. It is as thin as a swallow's tail, and as sharp as a wheat mane. Just quietly resting there, it emits a lonely cold aura of independence.

This Qingfeng Sword is the only weapon of the Yang world that has been personally enlightened by the Great Emperor Beiyin with his soul consciousness. Not only can it travel freely between the human and ghost realms, but can also penetrate both the physical body and the three souls and seven spirits, and has a great intimidating power over ghosts.

Xie Bi An walked over. He gently stroked the cold iron blade and his fingertips trembled a little from excitement.

"It's not advisable to stay long, let's go." Lan Chui Han urged in a small voice.

Xie Bi An was just about to pick up the Qingfeng Sword when he felt a familiar fluctuation. He looked down, and there was a glowing green light flashing in his sleeve. It was Wuqiongbi. This reaction was very clear to him; there were evil spirits nearby! And such a strong reaction proves that the evil spirits were very, very…

Xie Bi An looked up sharply and looked at Qing Wu Zi who was standing on the side.

Qing Wu Zi said hurriedly, "What are you staring blankly at? Let’s go quickly ah."

Xie Bi An narrowed his eyes, thought for a moment, and had an extra green jade stick appear in his palm.

When Qing Wu Zi saw the green jade stick, his expression became a bit odd, followed by an unconscious step backward.

"Bi An, what's wrong?"

"Qing Wu Zi." Xie Bi An said in a deep voice, "When did you die?"

Qing Wu Zi froze, "Wh-what?"

Lan Chui Han's expression changed.

"Who is manipulating you? What did he do to you, and what is his purpose?"

Qing Wu Zi stammered and could not speak. His expression became more and more frightened, and he staggered back a few steps. The skin on his face and hands had festered at a speed visible to the naked eye. Blood mixed with pus flowed down, and all the bones seemed to be removed. The body was followed by bending, limping, collapsing, and finally, they watched Qing Wu Zi turning from a large "living" person into a puddle of rotting flesh and white bones on the ground. A foul stench instantly wafted into their two nostrils.

The two men pinched their noses and retreated all the way to the foot of the wall.

"This is not right!" Lan Chui Han gritted his teeth and said, "I'm afraid we've been caught in an illusion."

Yun Zhong Jun?!

Xie Bi An was frantically chanting the Pure Mind Technique in his mind. He had suffered a great loss from Yun Zhong Jun's illusion, and now he was caught unprepared again. His Qingfeng Sword Technique and Heart Technique were as straightforward and honest as Zhong Kui himself, and he did not like to play tricks, so he was not good at dealing with illusions and witchcraft. But this time he was also prepared. He took out the same thing from the qiankun bag, closed his eyes and sprayed his face.

That was the water made by crushing and soaking soul-calming grass, garlic and mint. The taste was very strong, but was very effective against incapacitating agents and illusions.

"Big brother."

Xie Bi An has not yet opened his eyes, yet he heard a childish child's voice beside his ears. His heart and soul trembled violently, like thunder through the body.

Xiao Jiu ...

Illusion, damn illusion!


Zhong Ming. This is Zhong Ming.

Xie Bi An's hand, which was holding his sword, was shaking. He didn't dare to open his eyes. He was afraid that once he saw Xiao Jiu and Zhong Ming, he would completely lose himself.

Chapter 184

"Big brother."


"Big brother, big brother, big brother ..."

Xie Bi An was terrified. Pei Xue "swished" out from his sheath and he put it across his chest. He could not feel any spiritual pressure approaching, but that voice was haunting. He staggered backward with his eyes closed, as if a fierce beast was approaching, until his back was against the wall and he could not retreat anymore.

He shouted in his heart: this is an illusion, an illusion! But he also understood at the same time that it was no longer just an illusion, but also Zong Zi Heng's obsession that spanned a hundred years. Desperately chanting the Pure Mind Technique, he felt that he was not only fighting against the illusion, but also against the memory, the memory that belonged to Zong Zi Heng, that constantly wanted to erode him and control him!

Under the suppression of the Pure Mind Technique, the soft childish voice gradually faded away, Xie Bi An slowly opened his eyes, and in front of him was empty. The person he was afraid to see wasn’t there. He was still in Qi Meng Sheng's study, and the Qingfeng Sword was still on the table, but Qing Wu Zi, who had turned into a puddle of rotting corpses, was gone, and so was Lan Chui Han.

"Brother Lan, Brother Lan?" Xie Bi An remained cautiously close to the wall, calling in a low voice. He knew that he was still in the illusion, but did not know if Lan Chui Han was safe at this time. Lan Chui Han, who practiced the Chunyang Technique before when he was young, should have a stronger mental strength than him. If the two are trapped in the illusion, it will be dangerous.

While he is still quite awake now, he should take the opportunity to break the illusion immediately, but once the spiritual pressure is released, it will certainly alarm Qi Meng Sheng. He’ll get knifed by stretching his head or shrinking his head*, might as well see what Yun Zhong Jun wants first.

Xie Bi An took a deep breath and calmly asked, "Yun Zhong Jun, come out. You make these tricks only for my golden core. How can you take my core if you’re hiding here and there?”

There was a soft humming beside his ear, so close that it seemed like the person was right beside him.

Xie Bi's heart trembled and said in a stern voice, "Come out!"

"White Immortal, you know that your golden core is a treasure that everyone is eager to get, why do you still dare to walk right into the trap?" Yun Zhong Jun's clear and cold voice echoed in the room. The volume of his voice was almost unable to be differentiated from far, near, loud or soft, making him unable to distinguish which direction the voice came from, and it seemed to be everywhere.

"Why ask when you already know the answer?"

"I mean, why not let Heaven Master come and get it himself? Compare to the few of you juniors, he has a better chance of winning"

"This trap, whoever comes is the same. As a disciple, it is natural to risk my life." Xie Bi An said, "Is Qing Wu Zi dead or not? He has long been bribed by you, and the Golden Trunk Jade Policy was also tampered by you."

"This kind of worthless person is not something you should be concerned about now." Yun Zhong Jun still could only be heard and not be seen, "White Immortal, how about you and I make a deal?"

Xie Bi An said coldly, "What deal?"

"Believe me, your golden core cannot be protected, but if you give it to me voluntarily, I can keep you alive, and Qi Meng Sheng will never again become a threat to you."

"Falling into your hands or her hands, what's the difference?" Xie Bi An's voice was stern, "I didn't let Zong Zi Xiao have his way in my previous life, so in this life, don't you even think of getting your hands on my core!"

"Zong Zi Xiao, huh." Yun Zhong Jun spoke with a sneer, "You didn't let him get your core in your previous life, but you may not be able to escape in this life."

Xie Bi An's scalp tingled for a moment, "What are you talking about?"

"Because of you, Zong Zi Xiao did not hesitate to chase after you from the earth to the ghost realm. Do you think he will leave the matter at that?"

"Zong Zi Xiao is so evil that he has already been reborn as a resentful soul in hell, and will never be reincarnated!"

"But that's not what Huang Dao Zi has calculated."

"Huang Dao Zi? He is just a ..."

"Just a charlatan? You all underestimated him and underestimated the Luo Shui Jade Armor." Yun Zhong Jun interrupted him, "King Zhou Wen used Zhou Yi to deduce the world, to measure the vicissitudes of the world's changes. The millions of years’ of secrets are hidden on the body of that Luo Shui divine turtle. Although the Luo Shui Jade Armor is only a small piece of the back armor, its divine power is still extraordinary. Going forward and backward can calculate hundreds of years."

"Then what did he calculate? Are you trying to tell me that Zong Zi Xiao has also reincarnated as a human being?"

"Regarding this, the Golden Trunk Jade Policy can tell you."

"That's enough!" Xie Bi An said sternly, "I don't know what your ultimate goal is, but if you want to take my core, feel free to come. You’re saying these pretentious words just to mess with my mind! Get out. What have you done with big brother Lan?!" The more time passed, the more he was worried about Lan Chui Han’s safety.

"White Immortal, I can show you the Golden Trunk Jade Policy. Do you want to see it?"

Xie Bi An was stunned. His pupils contracted violently, and his face changed again and again: "You said ..."

"Since you already knew that you are the reincarnation of Emperor Kong Hua, don't you want to know what exactly had happened in the previous life? Compared to the whitewashed history books and hearsay miscellany, what really happened between you and Zong Zi Xiao in the previous life?”

Xie Bi An bit his lower lip: "I don't want to."

"You are afraid, right? Afraid that when you remember your past life, you will no longer be you and Zong Zi Heng will 'replace' you."

"What the hell do you want!?" Xie Bi An roared. As if he roared too hard, his brain was followed by buzzing and muddling, and his vision began to become blurred again.

"Big brother, big brother ..."

Suddenly, the child's voice sounded again, eagerly and anxiously calling out.

Xie Bi An only felt a trance, and not far ahead emits a shimmering light, in which a small figure is faintly discernible.

Xiao Jiu ...

Xie Bi An snapped out of it. Yun Zhong Jun was stalling for time! He was keeping him in the illusion through conversations that constantly intrigue him. The longer he stays, the deeper he falls. Yun Zhong Jun does not have the certainty of defeating the enemy in one blow, so he would not dare to take his core alive. After all, in his previous life, he destroyed himself in front of the world precisely for this reason, so he wants to use illusions to make him lose his mind.

After recognizing Yun Zhong Jun's tactics, it was as if Xie Bi An’s gradually chaotic consciousness had been tugged and pulled, and he became much more awake. If this goes on, both he and Lan Chui Han will be in danger. He made an immediate decision and injected his spiritual power into Wuqiongbi. The green jade stick was glittering with spiritual light, and complicated talismans kept appearing, emitting a strong spiritual pressure: "Break-----"

Wuqiongbi's green aura flourished, like a light sword piercing through the darkness one by one. The air rippled like water waves, and then disappeared.

"Bi An!"

Xie Bi An's eyes snapped open and met Lan Chui Han's anxious eyes. He couldn't care less about Lan Chui Han shaking him to the point of headache, and quickly looked around the room. There was neither Qing Wu Zi nor the Qingfeng Sword in the room.

"We fell into the trap. As soon as we entered the room, we stepped into Yun Zhong Jun's illusion." Lan Chui Han’s expression was serious, "I quickly came to my senses, while you have been trapped in the illusion, but I don’t know why Yun Zhong Jun did not take the opportunity to attack."

"Because he wanted my core, but was afraid that I would commit suicide." Xie Bi An's eyes were full of anger, "This is not Qi Meng Sheng's study, but I did sense the Qingfeng Sword."

"Yun Zhong Jun really did do this trick." Lan Chui Han sighed, "It's true. Without him, how could Qing Wu Zi merely have the guts and ability to fool Qi Meng Sheng? What did you see in the illusion?"

"..." Xie Bi An An remembered Yun Zhong Jun's words. He felt anxious, "He, he wanted to mess with my mind and said some alarming words."

"Luckily you came back to your senses. If you didn't wake up, I would more than likely have been exposed in order to get you to wake up." Lan Chui Han pulled Xie Bi An's arm, "Let's hurry up and get out of here."

"We haven't gotten the Qingfeng Sword yet." Xie Bi An didn't move. His pupils flickered, "Brother Lan, what other varieties of orchids did you give me back then, besides Dangshanhe?"

There was a hint of astonishment on Lan Chui Han's face.

In a fleeting moment, Xie Bi An had already swept his sword across the room, splitting Lan Chui Han in front of him into two pieces.

No flesh, blood or broken limbs, "Lan Chui Han" turned into two sections of ice being cut. A crunching sound was made the moment it hit the ground.

The light sound is like a bell ringing through the heavens, shattering the shell of hypocrisy wrapped around the world. The whole room was broken into pieces in a flash, and the real scene finally appeared in front of Xie Bi An's eyes.

Chapter 185

They are in the palace hall, surrounded by rubble and wreckage. A group of men and women were dressed in icy gray cultivator uniforms surrounding them. Countless longbows have been strung in half-moon shapes, and the arrow tips were aimed at them in unison.

This feeling is like waking up from a sleep and finding yourself in a mountain of knives and a sea of swords. Xie Bi An's heart was pounding, and his hand clutching the hilt of his sword was oozing with sweat.

Lan Chui Han and him were back to back: "You finally woke up." The tone was somewhat helpless.

"I ... am sorry." Xie Bi An was very vexed that he had fallen back into the illusion at such a moment of crisis. His eyes quickly caught sight of the tall man in the crowd that covered his face, and his eyes instantly burst with killing intent.

Lan Chui Han said: "Brother Yun, you let Qing Wu Zi lure us into the city and set up an ambush, what for? Is it because you want to kidnap us and turn us into hostages?" Of course, he had already guessed that both the Golden Trunk Jade Policy and Qing Wu Zi were due to Yun Zhong Jun playing tricks behind their backs, and the purpose was just to get Xie Bi An's core, but Yun Zhong Jun didn't dare to let the Cangyu Sect people, especially Qi Meng Sheng, know yet, and they naturally didn't want Xie Bi An's identity to be exposed. This fact might help them hold back Yun Zhong Jun.

Xie Bi An could feel Lan Chui Han’s muscles behind him tensed up. His shoulder blades were rising and falling slightly with his breathing. He was obviously not as calm as he sounded.

Yun Zhong Jun's voice was still cold: "Qing Wu Zi is still missing now. I also would like to know what deal he has with you guys. You guys have trespassed into Chidi City and come to the palace and plotted against my master, so it can be considered that you guys have walked right into our trap. What ambush do I still need to set up?"

"How much longer does Brother Yun still want to pretend?" Lan Chui Han smiled coldly, "If Qing Wu Zi really had any deal with us, would he not tell us that Immortal Lord Qi is not in the Palace at all?"

"Qi Meng Sheng is not in the Palace?" Xie Bi An whispered, "Could it be that she went to Shen Nong Ding?"

Yun Zhong Jun said, "That’s right. Master went to Shen Nong Ding three days ago to make the final layout for the opening of the furnace. I expected you guys to have no guts to assassinate Master, so this trip is for the Qingfeng Sword?"

Xie Bi An stared at Yun Zhong Jun. His eyes full of coldness: "Does Yun Zhong Jun really not know why we came? Unluckily, we know why Yun Zhong Jun came."

It was difficult to see the expression on Yun Zhong Jun's face behind the mask, but the hollow of his eyes had a faint flicker in those shadowy pupils: "I don't know what you are talking about. Could it be after you were struck by the ‘Realm of Nothingness’ that you can no longer distinguish between reality and illusion?" His pale pink lips curled slightly, "Do you guys think you are really awake now?"

The two were shocked.

Lan Chui Han said in a deep voice: "Bi An, don't fall under his spell. We are awake now."

Xie Bi An settled his mind: "Don't worry." He lowered his voice again and said, "Wu She is definitely trying to think of a way to save us."

"Don't try to stall for time. Allow yourself to get captured with hands tied!" An elder bellowed, "When Sect Leader Immortal Lord has succeeded, for the sake of Heaven Master Zhong and Immortal Alliance Li, perhaps she can spare you from death."

"Qi Meng Sheng will not be able to refine the core, and she will never get her way with her schemes."

"You’re overestimating your capabilities." Yun Zhong Jun said, "Brother Lan, White Immortal, I advise you to recognize the situation. Heaven Master Zhong has lost his Qingfeng Sword, Li Bu Yu is dying, and Xu Zhi Nan has passed away. Looking at Jiuzhou, no one can confront my master. My master will definitely refine the Absolute Human Emperor, forge an immortal body, and unify the immortal cultivation world. A gentleman won't stand beside a collapsing wall*. One of you is from the Underworld, and one of you is a new talent who’s not fully accepted by the Immortal Alliance, so why do you have to fight for Li Bu Yu?"

Xie Bi An shouted, "The heroes of the world are gathered here, neither for Li Bu Yu, nor for the Immortal Alliance, but only for the sake of not having a second Supreme Demon in this world."

"In my opinion, this is just the arrogance of your Central Plains’ people." Yun Zhong Jun snorted coldly, "You guys claim to be righteous, but treat people outside the Pass as barbarians and our sect’s cultivation as a crooked path, so how can you tolerate being countered by us?"

Lan Chui Han said sternly, "In whichever dynasties, generations and sects, people who consume human cores are demonic cultivators that have to be punished by everyone!"

"Yun Zhong Jun, there is no need to be long-winded towards them." The elder said, "Immortal Lord is busy refining the core at Shen Nong Ding, and the boundary of Chidi City cannot go awry at this time."

"These two people are still of great use. Capture them alive."

Yun Zhong Jun waved his hand and countless arrows came flying.

The two men's swords in their hands flashed dazzling silver light at the same time. The sword Qi was like a storm rising from the ground, instantly sweeping their surroundings, sweeping all the arrows into their orbit like stubs and dead leaves, cutting all of them down.

Xie Bi An and Lan Chui Han simultaneously turned their heads and looked at each other with a smile. The only time the two of them had sparred was at Huayueye a few years ago. Back then, he was not an adult yet. It was called a sparring session, but it would be more fitting to say that Lan Chui Han was playing with him, but he was inexplicably familiar with the Lan family's Junlan Sword Technique, just like he was towards the Zongxuan Sword Technique. He thought it was his genius master who created the Qingfeng Sword Technique after taking the strengths of various schools and merging them, but now he realized that it was because both sets of sword techniques were in his memory from his previous life. So just now when Lan Chui Han displayed his style, it was as if he innately knew how to work together and played such a tacit and powerful move.

The momentary tensing of Yun Zhong Jun’s jaw revealed his astonishment.

But the two men would not give them time to redraw their bows, and with a sway of their bodies, they disappeared on the spot, attacking with swift thunderbolts with heavy black shadows.

Yun Zhong Jun also attacked Lan Chui Han with astonishing speed, producing countless ice cones across the air.

Xie Bi An swept a sword arc, forcing several cultivators back one after another. He rushed into the enemy line, with Pei Xue in his hands like a dragon, killing in all directions.

A murderous aura mixed with coldness came. Xie Bi An felt his hair stand up. He could not turn back in time, and he vigilantly rolled on the ground after falling down. Behind him came several sounds of breaking air and the cracking sound of chiseling ground. His arm was first hot and painful, and then it was like reaching into a cave of ice, almost losing its senses.

Xie Bi An bounced up from the ground and quickly retreated back with a few steps. His back was against a stone pillar. His left arm has been pierced through by an ice arrow, and the flesh around the wound was covered with a layer of white frost.

Hua Xiang Rong was like a fairy descending from the sky. The ice crystal longbow in her hand emitted a burst of white gas. She looked sorrowfully at Xie Bi An. Her eyes were full of provocation, obviously remembering the shame of the battle at the bottom of Fengming Lake.

Xie Bi An grabbed the ice arrow, pulled it out, and gestured a blood coagulation enchantment, but found that it was useless. The blood was frozen. He looked at Hua Xiang Rong expressionlessly: "Cangyu Sect’s people love to sneak attack the most. It makes people despise it."

"I use a bow, so naturally, we need to do it by surprise." Hua Xiang Rong walked towards Xie Bi An, "You were lucky to win at the bottom of Fengming Lake. Today you dare to offer yourself up. Great Aunt* will make you unable to return!"

"My victory was not a fluke. It was because you were not as skilled as others." Xie Bi An retorted seriously, "You know that yourself, so you only dare to hide behind the crowd and shoot ice arrows."

Hua Xiang Rong was so angry that her face turned blue: "Go and die!"

Deep in the enemy's nest, a messy battle was fought.

The two of them tried to escape several times, but failed to do so.

On one side, Xie Bi An was fighting with his enemy, and on the other side, he was worried whether Fan Wu She was also besieged. Otherwise why did he not come and help them in such a big commotion?

Just when they were behind bars, suddenly, there was a loud sound in the distance, and the whole palace trembled and shook. The crowd was caught off guard and some even fell to the ground.

This is not an earthquake, but an explosion!

Yun Zhong Jun shouted, "Go and see what's happening!"

Lan Chui Han took the opportunity to slash Yun Zhong Jun with his sword, and he roared, "Bi An, retreat quickly!"

Xie Bi An struck a powerful sword arc, rushed out the surrounding circle, turned around and ran.

With the collaboration of the two men, they fought their way out of the palace.

However in the darkness of the First Fortress Qian there were two fires raging towards the sky. One was the clock tower which was about to be extinguished, and one was the city wall, and the air was filled with an acidic stench of sulfur.

Xie Bi An said in alarm, "This smell, it's Thunderfire Stone." Not knowing who used the Thunderfire Stone to blow up the walls of Chidi City, but it was a really brilliant move. The walls of Chidi City are the basic formation of the giant eight trigrams formation. The inner and outer walls of Tianqian are made of three yang lines. First Fortress Qian is sandwiched between the inner and outer walls. When one wall is damaged, the eight trigrams formation will be damaged, and the boundary will also be damaged.

"Let's leave first." Lan Chui Han pulled up Xie Bi An and ran.

There were Kunlun people running out of their homes constantly, and many Cangyu Sect cultivators rushed to repair the walls. The boundary of Chidi City guards this city and Shen Nong Ding. Going the wrong way at this time was obviously directed at Qi Meng Sheng.

Under the cover of the darkness and the crowd, Xie Bi An and Lan Chui Han finally got rid of their pursuers after several twists and turns, expecting that the Cangyu Sect's people had no time to catch them with the city walls blown up.

The two of them hid in a dark alley and suppressed their breathing in the darkness, slowly adjusting and healing their wounds. They had lost a lot of spiritual energy, and if they did it again, they probably wouldn't have a chance to escape.

"Brother Lan, are you badly injured?" The blood-stained parts of his clothes were blackened in the dim moonlight, and Xie Bi An checked his injuries with concern.

"There should be no major injuries, how about you?" Lan Chui Han's face was miserably pale, obviously not relaxed. He was facing Yun Zhong Jun and several elders by himself, how could he possibly escape with a perfectly fine body?

"I only have bruises." Xie Bi An carefully used his dagger to cut open Lan Chui Han's trouser leg ---- where the blood flowed out the most. A shockingly opened bloody wound tore through Lan Chui Han's flesh, and the bone was already faintly visible. Xie Bi An was shocked, "Your leg is already like this. How did you run out?"

"The Chunyang Technique has a move that can temporarily close the meridians and lets you not feel pain." Lan Chui Han gritted his teeth and smiled a little, "Although I left Chunyang Sect at the age of 11, I did not learn the art well, but these basic techniques can be used for life."

Xie Bi An shook his head and sighed. He took out a hemostatic drug from his qiankun bag, and poured a whole bottle of powder on the wound: "Then can you also heal faster like the Chunyang Sect’s cultivators?"

"Well, faster than those who've never practiced." Lan Chui Han blinked and said with an innocent look, "But my Technique has been broken long ago*."

Xie Bi An teased, "If I had known today, Brother Lan would need to protect your body like jade*."

"Hahahaha, wouldn't that be losing many of the pleasures of this great world? Not proper, not proper, I'm just a commoner." Lan Chui Han suddenly changed to an ambiguous expression, "Bi An, what about you?"

Xie Bi An hurriedly lowered his head to bandage Lan Chui Han and played dumb, "I what?"

"You've also traveled to a lot of places and have seen millions of local conditions and customs. What, haven't you experienced it before?"

Xie Bi An tightened the bandage.

Lan Chui Han stifled a cry of pain.

"Oh my." Xie Bi An laughed, "I thought you were still sealed."

Lan Chui Han hummed a laughter: "You’re embarrassed to say ah? You are 21 years old now, even if you have no interest in enjoying the beautiful spring scenery*, then according to standards, it is also time for Heaven Master to arrange a marriage for you."

"My master is an old bachelor himself. I wouldn’t count on him." After Xie Bi An bandaged Lan Chui Han, he put a healing charm on him, "Let's not talk about this. I'm worried about Wu She. I don't know where he ran off to."

"He must be safe, don't worry." Lan Chui Han said meaningfully, "You are always nervous about your little junior brother, being caring and indulgent to him. You are not like his senior brother, almost like his father."

Xie Bi An laughed bitterly, "Brother Lan, don't mock me, I only have one junior brother." He changed the subject, "The walls of First Fortress Qian are damaged, will master take advantage of this opportunity to attack Chidi City?"

"They will." Lan Chui Han said, "The city wall should be repaired soon. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, even if they take advantage of a loophole in the boundary to mix in first."

"No matter what master and his men have planned, the purpose of us coming to Chidi City has not been achieved." Xie Bi An was a bit frustrated, "Yet we exposed our identities first."

"That's not necessarily a bad thing." Lan Chui Han said, "You said you sensed the Qingfeng Sword. It is indeed in the Palace, and we still have a chance to get it."

"But the Palace must be heavily guarded now, and you are still wounded."

"Do you think that Yun Zhong Jun would want us to be locked up?"

"What you mean is ..."

Lan Chui Han slightly narrowed a pair of phoenix eyes: "Last time, when I was friends with Yun Zhong Jun, I could hear from his words that he and Yun Xiang Yi were fighting for the position of Sect Leader. Although he didn’t take the initiative to say it,  when I asked, he would also answer cryptically. If we were caught by the Cangyu Sect’s people, we would not necessarily fall into his hands. The sisters, Yun Xiang Yi and Hua Xiang Rong, were defeated at your hands, so they would certainly want to take revenge. Just now he purposely let us off, otherwise we could not escape easily."

"This man is two-faced. I totally don't know what he wants to do." Xie Bi An told Lan Chui Han about his conversation with Yun Zhong Jun in the Realm of Nothingness, "He wanted my core, but he didn't dare to let Qi Meng Sheng know that he had ill intentions, otherwise Qi Meng Sheng would have killed him as a traitor."

"So he bribed Qing Wu Zi to tamper with the Golden Trunk Jade Policy, and then used Qing Wu Zi to lure us into Chidi City, trying to make you lose the power to resist in the illusion and take your core. But none of us were trapped by the Realm of Nothingness, instead we alerted the people from Cangyu Sect."

Xie Bi An clenched his fist: "This person is really sinister and malicious. For the sake of the Sect Leader position, and for the sake of my golden core, he even betrayed his master who raised him since he was young."

Lan Chui Han sighed, "I also made an error of judgment, and thought he was a friend that was worth making."

"Brother Lan, do you think that we can use him to retrieve the Qingfeng Sword?"

"If he is only aiming for the Sect Leader position, as long as he helps the Immortal Alliance to defeat Qi Meng Sheng, the Sect Leader position of the Cangyu Sect is his to take. After all, this bitter, cold land outside the Pass, there is no sect that wants to take it."

"But what if the thing he wants is the Absolute Human Emperor?"

Lan Chui Han became silent.

Xie Bi An felt a familiar spirit breath. He turned around and a sound transmission flower flew over. He said joyfully, "It's Wu She!"

The distance of the sound transmission flower can travel is limited. It can’t even fly out of the mansion of a large family. Only when two people are close to each other can the sound transmission flower find the other party.

The sound transmission flower flew beside Xie Bi An's ear, and at the moment of dissipation, the familiar childish but calm voice of Fan Wu She came in: "Senior brother, where are you?"

Xie Bi An also sent back a petal, and quickly, Fan Wu She sought it.

Fan Wu She ran to Xie Bi An's side. Looking at the blood on his sleeve, his face sank: "You're injured?" He reached out his hand to check.

"No worries, just a small injury. It's already taken care of." Xie Bi An said urgently, "Where have you been? We were caught in Yun Zhong Jun's scheme. If someone hadn't blown up the walls, we ..." He suddenly wrinkled his nose, "Wu She, you smell like sulfur. Could it be, could it be you?!”

"It's not me." Fan Wu She said, "I just went to look around nearby. The air is full of the smell of Thunderfire Stone."

Xie Bi An was inexplicably relieved, "That's true, how could you have so many Thunderfire Stones? But where the hell have you been?"

"Yeah, where have you been?" Lan Chui Han stared at Fan Wu She with a special meaning, "We were besieged by Cangyu Sect's people. Such a big commotion, and you didn't even come to save us?"

Fan Wu She said, "I went to find the Qingfeng Sword and the Golden Trunk Jade Policy."

Xie Bi An was speechless for a moment. It was true that they had agreed to let Fan Wu She take the opportunity to go find the Golden Trunk Jade Policy, but they had also agreed that the moment their actions were discovered, they had to escape with all their might.

"What?" Lan Chui Han was displeased and said, "We discussed before that we must first find the Qingfeng Sword, and then depend on the situation. Now even the Qingfeng Sword has not been found, and you went to find the Golden Trunk Jade Policy?"

Fan Wu She squinted at Lan Chui Han: "Just because you guys did not find it, does not mean I cannot find it. I already know where the Qingfeng Sword is."

"Wu She, you found the Qingfeng Sword!" Xie Bi An grabbed Fan Wu She, "Where is it?"

"It's in the palace. I left a mark." Fan Wu She said before Xie Bi An could speak, "Right, we should go back and get it now. Most of the people from Cangyu Sect have gone to repair the city walls. They probably wouldn't think that we would dare to go back again after just escaping."

Xie Bi An looked hesitantly at Lan Chui Han: "Then big brother Lan ..."

"Don't worry about me. It's almost dawn, you guys go quickly."

The two changed into plain black night clothes and sneaked back to the palace.

The palace has indeed strengthened its defense, but the fires on the walls have not yet gone out. Most of the cultivators are not in at this time. They still snuck inside the palace without any problems.

Fan Wu She followed the mark and found the Qingfeng Sword. The two of them quietly took care of a few guards, but they were blocked outside a boundary.

The area guarded by that boundary was very small. There’s only one room, but the energy was very strong and it cannot be broken easily.

"Hold on tight. I've observed before. There will be people patrolling here every 5 minutes." Fan Wu She touched his hand on the boundary and silently injected his spiritual energy.

Xie Bi An also injected his spiritual energy into the boundary, impacting thousands of runes.

As they were concentrating on the boundary, a spiritual pressure suddenly appeared behind them. The two of them turned around suddenly. A white mask was approaching rapidly, mixed with the impact of cold air blasted into the chest of the two men. They flew backwards, and the closed door suddenly opened. The two men fell into the room, and the door closed again with a sound.

Xie Bi An covered his heart which was in severe pain and looked at Yun Zhong Jun who was standing in front of him. They were lying on the ground, which only made the man look even taller and more powerful.

"You guys don't really think that by blowing up the walls, I will relax my guard on the Qingfeng Sword, did you?"

The two men stood up, and Xie Bi An silently looked at the Qingfeng Sword on the sword stand. This time, he could be sure that it was real.

"Looks like blowing up the walls was a big deal, otherwise how would you be here alone?" Fan Wu She said, "With you, you can't guard the Qingfeng Sword."

Yun Zhong Jun sneered, "If I didn't want you to take it, none of you would have gotten away with it today, but ..." he looked at Xie Bi An, "As I said in the Realm of Nothingness, I still want to make a deal with you."

Xie Bi An's white jaded face showed sullenness: "Are you crazy? How can I trade my golden core for the Qingfeng Sword?"

"I don't want your golden core now. I want the Sect Leader position of Cangyu Sect."

Chapter 186

"That's all?" Xie Bi An stared at Yun Zhong Jun suspiciously, "You risked your life to betray Qi Meng Sheng and went to great lengths to do all this just for the position of Sect Leader?"

"I do want your core. If I had the Absolute Human Emperor, not just the Cangyu Sect, but even the Immortal Alliance would be in my hands. Just that, digging out your core is easy, but refining your core is too difficult. By weighing the pros and cons, I should grab what I can."

"Yun Zhong Jun really has a clear view of things." Xie Bi An said coldly, "Then those things you said in the Realm of Nothingness, about past life and present life, Zong Zi Xiao and so on ..."

"It's just to mess with your mind." Yun Zhong Jun said indifferently.

Fan Wu She said with a sullen face, "What did you say to my senior brother in the Realm of Nothingness?"

"Wu She, forget it." Xie Bi An glanced at the Qingfeng Sword, still feeling a little hesitation, "You will really let us take the Qingfeng Sword away?"

"As soon as dawn arrives, Shen Nong Ding will open the furnace. The walls of First Fortress Qian have been repaired, the next step is up to you." Yun Zhong Jun took two steps back, "If the Immortal Alliance defeats Qi Meng Sheng, return Cangyu Sect to my hands."

Xie Bi An immediately picked up the Qingfeng sword and protected it in front of his chest, fearing that Yun Zhong Jun would go back on his word: "Okay, it's a deal."

The corners of Yun Zhong Jun's mouth lightly pulled up subtly.

"Wait, where is the Golden Trunk Jade Policy? You said you could show me the Golden Trunk Jade Policy."

"The Golden Trunk Jade Policy is not in my hands. If Qi Meng Sheng dies, it will be useless if I keep it.  By that time it'll be handed over to Heaven Master to bring back to the underworld."

Xie Bi An thought in his heart: this sounds reasonable. The Golden Trunk Jade Policy is part of the Book of Life and Death, so it should be returned to the underworld when the time comes.

When they left the palace, they did not expect to get the Qingfeng Sword back so smoothly, so they acted more carefully, fearing that this was another trap dug by Yun Zhong Jun.

When they found Lan Chui Han and wanted to leave as soon as possible, they learned that First Fortress Qian was locked down.

"Locked down? When did that happen?"

"Just now. After the walls were patched up, the whole fortress was locked down." Lan Chui Han frowned, "I'm afraid that once dawn arrives, they will search for us from door to door, street to street. First Fortress Qian is not big, one day is enough to finish the search."

"We should find a place to hide first. Yun Zhong Jun said once dawn arrives Shen Nong Ding will open the furnace. The quenching of fire will require high-ranking cultivators to take turns to be in the formation, and they will soon be extremely busy.  By then, we will wait for an opportunity to escape."

Lan Chui Han shook his head and said, "Bi An, I am injured now. It's inconvenient to move around. If the three of us can't find a good place to hide, you guys can't get away by bringing me along. Why don't you hide me first and then find a way to leave."

"No way." Xie Bi An rejected flatly, "It's too dangerous to leave you alone here. If you land in their hands again, what can we use to exchange for you this time?"

Fan Wu She looked askance at Lan Chui Han sitting on the ground: "I do think this is a good idea. Senior brother, it is important that we bring the Qingfeng Sword back to master as soon as possible."

"No, we can't leave big brother Lan alone." Xie Bi An squatted down, put Lan Chui Han's arm to his shoulder, and helped him up, "Besides, now is the time when the search is the strictest. How can we avoid the situation? We must ensure that the Qingfeng sword is absolutely safe."

Fan Wu She's expression had no ripples. He just coldly watched Lan Chui Han hanged onto Xie Bi An. Lan Chui Han had a bigger body build than Xie Bi An, and he almost enveloped Xie Bi An. The two of them were almost face to face when he lowered his head a little.

Fan Wu She roughly tugged up Lan Chui Han's other arm and put half of his body to his side.

"Wu She, be gentle." Xie Bi An rebuked.

Lan Chui Han grunted, "Yeah, Black Immortal. Your movement is so savage, is it possible that you have some preconceptions about me?"

Fan Wu She cursed: bastard.

The street was already full of pursuers. They couldn't go far with the injured, so they found a common mansion nearby and used the puppet charm to subdue the family.

There is no place to hide here. They first settled Lan Chui Han, and then prepared a few eyesight hindering talismans. Those who were sent to search from house to house must be low-ranking cultivators, or ordinary guards of First Fortress Qian. With this eyesight hindering technique, it should be enough to hide.

The three of them were tired and sleepy after a long night's work. Lan Chui Han took some medicine and went to sleep, while Xie Bi An asked the woman of the house to cook for them.

Fan Wu She pulled Xie Bi An inside the house: "Take off your clothes, I'll take a look at your injury."

"It's just a flesh wound. The bleeding stopped long ago."

"Let me see." Fan Wu She aggravated his tone.

Xie Bi An helplessly removed his shirt. Except for the arrow, which was shot by Hua Xiang Rong, pierced into his arm, the others are indeed on the flesh. Fortunately, this arrow did not hurt the bone, so there is no serious injury.

"This is an ice arrow?" Fan Wu She pinched Xie Bi An's arm and checked the wound.


"It hurts right?" Fan Wu She gently stroked his small arm and said with a lowered head, "I should have gone to save you guys at that time."

"Where exactly did you go at that time? Did you really go to look for the Golden Trunk Jade Policy?"

"Yes, but I didn't find it. I heard the explosion and then I saw you guys running out."

Xie Bi An did not doubt him, it's just that up until now, he still had lingering fears, "It was thanks to that explosion, otherwise we would have had a hard time escaping. Brother Lan said that Yun Zhong Jun purposely let us off the hook, not wanting us to fall into the hands of the Flying Plume Ambassador, but the blow that hurt him didn't look the least bit merciful."

"Yun Zhong Jun's words cannot be trusted, including the matter of giving us the Qingfeng Sword. He's just using us to eradicate Qi Meng Sheng and the Flying Plume Ambassador. Anyways, be careful of him."

"Of course." Xie Bi An said doubtfully, "But who blew up the city wall? An explosion that big would have taken at least a few dozen Thunderfire Stones."

"It should be the Immortal Alliance's inside man inside Chidi City. There are hundreds of thousands of people in this city, and a large number of travelers are from the inner Pass."

"Maybe." Xie Bi An nodded, "The Immortal Alliance has explicitly forbidden the influx of Thunderfire Stone into the Central Plains without reporting it, but it has long been proliferating outside the Pass, and it is said that many hunters even use it to fry their prey."

"Let's not think about that for now." Fan Wu She re-dressed his hastily treated wounds and bandaged them, "It's time for you to rest."

Xie Bi An laughed, "I'm waiting for food."

Fan Wu She took Xie Bi An into his arms and looked at the fine hairs on his face through the dim oil lamp, and couldn't help but lower his head for a kiss: "I don't want to see you get hurt again."

"It's just a small injury, don't be nervous." Xie Bi An held his hand and said softly, "At least we retrieved the Qingfeng Sword on this trip. It was all worth it."

Fan Wu She rubbed his cheek against Xie Bi An's: "When I become stronger, so strong that no one in the world can fight against me, I will protect you so well that no one can hurt you even one bit."

Xie Bi An said with a smile, "Really? Then senior brother will wait for you to become an Immortal Lord of this genereation."

"Immortal Lord is nothing." Fan Wu She said in a sullen voice, "I want to be the strongest." I want to get back everything that belongs to Zong Zi Xiao.

Xie Bi An snorted and laughed.

"What are you laughing at?" Fan Wu She whispered, "If you laugh again, I'll bite you."

"I'm laughing at the fact that sometimes you're like an adult and sometimes you're like a child."

"I'm like a child?" Fan Wu She gave a light hum, "Your grandson is still sleeping next door."

Xie Bi An froze, not reacting for a moment.

"Oh, that’s not right. Great-grandson."

Xie Bi An didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: "Don't talk nonsense."

"How am I talking nonsense? Lan Chui Han is Lan Zhong Ming's grandson, isn’t that Zong Zi Heng’s great-grandson? If he knew that, how could he afford to call you 'big brother'? He should kowtow and call you great-grandfather at most." Fan Wu She thought hatefully: he also needs to call me Ninth great-grandfather.

"You must not talk nonsense in front of Brother Lan."

"This is the truth, how can you call it nonsense?"

Xie Bi An lowered his head and fell silent.

Fan Wu She sensed that the atmosphere was not right: "Senior brother, I'm just joking. I won't tell him."

"Wu She, sometimes I, no, many times, I have a feeling, as if ..." Xie Bi An sighed softly, "you are treating me as Emperor Kong Hua."

Fan Wu She was stunned. Despite his guiltiness, he instinctively denied it immediately, "How could I? I, I didn't take you as Emperor Kong Hua."

"You know very well that I am resisting the memory of Emperor Kong Hua from corrupting me, so why did you make a joke out of it?"

"I didn't mean to." Fan Wu She hugged Xie Bi An tightly, "Senior brother, don't be angry, I didn't mean that, I didn't treat you as Zong Zi Heng."

Xie Bi An said helplessly, "I'm not angry at you. I know you didn’t do it on purpose, just don't be like this again. Emperor Kong Hua is Emperor Kong Hua, I'm me. Reincarnated as a human means I'm a different person. I don't want to bear the grudges of my previous life." To this day, he avoids calling out the name "Zong Zi Heng" and only calls Emperor Kong Hua, as if this can distance the two of them as much as possible, because deep in his soul, Zong Zi Heng is constantly getting closer to him, which makes him afraid.

"I won't." Fan Wu She buried his face into the nest of Xie Bi An's shoulder, "I will never do it again."

He knew that no matter what he did, even if he crawled back to earth from Avici hell*, even if he got the power of his previous life again, the complete and intact big brother would never come back again. He cherished the person in his arms. He cherished the mutual love of this time, and he had to stop the devil in his heart --- the obsession to turn Xie Bi An back into his big brother regardless of everything.

Xie Bi An patted Fan Wu She’s hand: "Alright, senior brother is not angry."

Fan Wu She pestered him for a while to be intimate. The meal was ready, and the two of them ate their fill and discussed how to escape from Chidi City.

The moment the sky turned white, a rumbling sound suddenly came from the distance, as if opening the mountains and cracking the rocks. The loud sound went straight to the sky. The earth also trembled. Such an ancient and sacred sound, compared to last night's explosion of Thunderfire Stones, was simply a town’s clamor.

Lan Chui Han was awakened: "It's Shen Nong Ding!"

Xie Bi An and Fan Wu She ran to the courtyard one after the other, and looked at the eight fortresses of Chidi City with the eight trigrams surrounding the core furnace-shaped mountain, which was shaking off all the stones and carbon ash. The blinding golden light burst out of the countless cracked crevices and passed through ten thousand feet of snow on the plain and glowing earth.

The thick "shell" of volcanic ash embedded in Shen Nong Ding was peeled off one by one during the awakening of this ancient divine object, finally revealing its original form --- a huge bronze cauldron.

Xie Bi An sighed, "It is worthy of being an ancient divine treasure."

With a boom, a blazing flame flared up under the body of the cauldron.

Chapter 187

The two of them looked at that spectacular sight and could not come back to their senses for a long time.

"Senior brother, haven't you seen it before?"

Xie Bi An nodded and shook his head: "At that time, Brother Lan's sword was almost fully refined, and Shen Nong Ding was mostly covered by the volcanic ash that spewed out, unlike now. This is the first time I've seen Shen Nong Ding in its original form. It's really a divine object ah."

Fan Wu She quietly looked at that giant that reached the sky. He was also shocked by its divine light. In his previous life, he was also ready to open the furnace, but ultimately everything that followed the death of big brother was annihilated into dust.

It is said that Shen Nong Ding can refine all things in the world, but that is not quite true, at least not the hearts of the people who can reach enlightenment.

"After a short while, Qi Meng Sheng will find out that she dug out the wrong core, and hopefully we'll have taken the Qingfeng Sword out of Chidi City before then." Xie Bi An sighed, "It's just that Yanzhou’s cultivators died in vain."

There was a rattling behind him, and Lan Chui Han actually came out hopping on one foot.

"Brother Lan." Xie Bi An hurried over to support him, "Don't move around so casually ah."

"I can't miss such a sight." Lan Chui Han stood on one foot and leaned against Xie Bi An, and naturally put all his body weight on him.

Xie Bi An smiled lightly and said, "You are the one who has a sword quenched by Shen Nong Ding. This is not the first time you have seen this sight."

"It's still shocking to see it once more."

At this time, probably everyone in Kunlun --- both inside and outside Chidi City, were looking at Shen Nong Ding, except for Fan Wu She who looked at Lan Chui Han leaning on Xie Bi An, and he felt envious from looking at them.

Lan Chui Han sensed the two knife-like eyes. He swept a glance at Fan Wu She with a smile, put his arm across Xie Bi An's shoulders and wrapped his arms in a seemingly intimate way: "Bi An, take me back to the house. I'm hungry too, did you cook?"

"Mm, we have just eaten. I wanted to wait for you to wake up and then warm it up for you. Just in time, you can eat now and then go to sleep."

Fan Wu She said unhappily, "Can't you walk by yourself?"

"I can't walk, I can only jump." Lan Chui Han laughed, "It is really not elegant."

"A big man relying on others to help is even less elegant."

"Wu She!" Xie Bi An glared with his pair of round, deer eyes, "You're being inappropriate again."

Fan Wu She grunted and gave Lan Chui Han a white eye, and went straight into the house.

Xie Bi An tried to explain awkwardly, “He ..."

"He is still young? Still doesn't know how to behave?" Lan Chui Han teased, "He is already seventeen years old, and you still use this excuse."

"Brother Lan, I'm sorry." Xie Bi An said helplessly, "He has repeatedly been rude to you because of my lenient discipline. Don't worry, I will punish him severely this time, and will definitely not let him do it again."

"Why does he dislike me so much?" Lan Chui Han looked at Xie Bi An with a smile, "You really don't know, do you?"

"I... His temperament is just a bit eccentric."

"No, he is being envious. He’s jealous." Lan Chui Han looked closely at Xie Bi An, "Do you really not know or are you just playing dumb?"

Xie Bi An was embarrassed. Under the gaze of Lan Chui Han that seemed to see through everything, his face suddenly burned up. He was originally not good at lying and hiding. At this time, his little secret was as if it spread out under the sun and there was nowhere to hide.

Lan Chui Han was pleased by Xie Bi An's flustered look and couldn't help but laugh out loud: "Okay, okay, I won't tease you."

Xie Bi An helped Lan Chui Han into the house, sat him down at the table, and gave him a warm meal from the pot.

Fan Wu She hugged his sword and leaned against the wall, watching them with cold eyes.

Xie Bi An looked at Fan Wu She disapprovingly.

After Lan Chui Han finished his meal, he laid back to rest again. Xie Bi An settled him down properly. Just as he stepped out of the house, Fan Wu She dragged him into the bedroom next door. Before he could protest with one word, he was pressed against the wall and his lips were blocked.

That kiss was hot and strong, and the soft lips and tongue turned into a sharp sword at this moment, savagely sweeping his mouth, cleaning his will, as if to seize every trace of his fluid and breath into his belly to become the essence of nourishing itself.

"Wuu ... Wu She ..." Xie Bi An was almost suffocating from the kiss. He pulled Fan Wu She’s collar, but did not dare to use force, for fear of alarming the just sleeping Lan Chui Han.

Xie Bi An realized his little junior brother likes long kisses. Usually this is the case; to kiss him until his mind became dizzy and limbs became limp before giving up. This time the kiss with anger is even more so.

When Xie Bi An began to tingle all over, Fan Wu She then let him go, but his hands were tightened around his waist. He pressed against the tip of his nose and whispered, "You are my senior brother. You can punish me however you want, but I am your man. When I punish you, you must also bear it."

Xie Bi An said dizzily, "You, you need to be lectured. If you mess around again I will never forgive you!"

"Lan Chui Han is obviously making me angry deliberately. Who knows if he is not harboring ill intentions towards you."

"Stop talking nonsense." Xie Bi An tried to push him away, "Let go of me."

"I'm not letting go." Fan Wu She lowered his head to bite Xie Bi An's neck, "I want to glue senior brother to myself so much."

"Fan Wu She!"

Seeing Xie Bi An was really angry, Fan Wu She's extremely charming hanging fox eyes showed a sorrowful and innocent look, like a dog that was fiercely protecting its food one moment, but suddenly dropped its ears.

"Stop acting pitiful again. You can no longer rely on this trick to escape punishment for doing something wrong and saying the wrong thing." Xie Bi An reprimanded with a stern face, "Clearly before meeting big brother Lan, I ordered you again and again to be polite and not to lose your manners, did you do it?"

"But I can't bear it." Fan Wu She gritted his teeth and said, "It's obvious that you and I love each other, why do we have to hide and allow him the opportunity to provoke me?"

"Where does ‘provoking’ come from? Do you think that Brother Lan is arguing with you? You are the one who is narrow-minded and cannot tolerate others."

"It's you who only treat me as a junior brother in front of people, hiding as if being with me is something shameful!"

"You ..." Xie Bi An was angry and anxious, "Is this something honorable between senior and junior brothers?"

"Me liking you is a dishonorable thing? You liking me is a dishonorable thing?" Fan Wu She flattened his mouth, as if his heart was really hurt, and his eyes contained a hidden accusation.

Xie Bi An became even more anxious: "I don't mean that! I like you means I like you, just that this is really against ethics. If we were placed in Cangyu Sect, it may not be uncommon, but in the eyes of those orthodox immortal families..."

"Bullshit orthodoxy!" Fan Wu She flashed a ruthless and tyrannical expression, "You are obviously a living person ranked as a ghost immortal, and you actually still care about the world's frivolous views? Why didn't you learn more from your master's carefree and easy attitude?"

Xie Bi An's face changed slightly, and he gritted his teeth, "You misunderstand. What I care about is not how the immortal cultivation world sees me. What I care about is exactly how master sees me, and us."


"I'm not thinking that our relationship is shameless, or that this affection is dishonorable." Xie Bi An held up Fan Wu She’s hand, and his tone unconsciously became softer, “The only thing I care about is master. Master is like a teacher and father to me, and I can't hide these lifelong matters from him. I want to tell him after this crisis is over, but I'm afraid he won't accept it."

The thorns that had risen all over Fan Wu She's body retracted, and he caressed Xie Bi An's face, "Senior brother, with your words, my heart has been opened up. Don't be afraid, master is an open-minded person. Since we really like each other, how could he obstruct us?"

Xie Bi An forced a smile, and his eyes still couldn't hide the worry: "Wu She, will you..." He paused, as if to gather enough courage, “Will you always like me?"

"Of course, I will always like you."

"But what if I turn into Emperor Kong Hua?"

Fan Wu She's pupils contracted violently, and his voice unconsciously carried a slight tremor: "What does that mean?"

"Emperor Kong Hua’s memories are constantly eroding mine." Xie Bi An said gloomily, "If I can't get the Golden Trunk Jade Policy, then I have to either drink Meng Po soup and forget both lives, or let Emperor Kong Hua's memories completely fuse with mine. I really don't know if I'll still be me if I remember everything from my past life." He gazed into Fan Wu She's eyes, "If I became Emperor Kong Hua, would you still like me?"

Fan Wu She's lips stammered, but he couldn't say anything. He could have fooled him with a few words like how he did in the past as usual, but at this moment, he lost his voice.

Chapter 188

At noon, those who came to search the houses did arrive at the house where they were hiding, and as they expected, it was some low-ranking cultivators or ordinary guards who could be fooled with the eyesight hindering technique.

The news of the theft of the Qingfeng Sword did not spread. Not knowing if Yun Xiang Yi had not found out yet, or if she didn't dare to alert Qi Meng Sheng, but the hunt for them would not end so easily, and they needed to escape as soon as possible.

After those people left, Xie Bi An and Fan Wu She only dared to loosen up a little bit, and slept lightly for a while. Ever since they entered Chidi City, they had not slept a full night for three days.

After the sun went down, a curfew was imposed on Chidi City, and there were many more patrols on the streets. The small fortress was closed like a cage, and it was impossible to escape.

The three sat for a long time to discuss. Other than forcing their way out, they couldn't think of a way to get out under the cover of a diversion. Lan Chui Han proposed to be the bait to lure the pursuers away, which was also rejected by Xie Bi An.

When they were unable to find a solution, Xie Bi An suddenly noticed a strange movement in the air. When he turned around, a pair of men and women in dark blue suits appeared inside the house silently. The two look superb and look very well matched. The only odd thing is that the woman's eyes are tightly closed, floating beside the man like she was asleep.

"Day Patrol, Night Patrol." Xie Bi An looked at the two ghost immortals in surprise.

Fan Wu She felt certain in his heart. The duties of these two patrols are to patrol the earth, but they do not interfere with earthly affairs. Now they appear here, either Cui Jue had authorized them or Zhong Kui had sent them here, and they definitely came here to help them.

Lan Chui Han does not have a soul weapon, so he cannot see them, and as the Underworld Generals, these two can completely hide their Yin energy, so Lan Chui Han also could not sense them. Watching the strange words and actions of Xie Bi An and Fan Wu She was very confusing to him.

"Impermanence." Day Patrol’s face was cold and his voice was calm, "Official Lord Cui asked us to come and help."

"That’s great!" Xie Bi An said joyfully, "Have you guys met master?"

"Mm, Heaven Master already knows that you have come into the city to steal the Qingfeng Sword."

"Stealing. The Qingfeng Sword is the Master's sword. Returning things to their original owners is not stealing." Xie Bi An corrected.

Day Patrol obviously had no intention of talking nonsense with him: "Give me the Qingfeng Sword."

Lan Chui Han looked at the air in front of Xie Bi An: "Bi An, who are you talking to? Is it Day Patrol God and Night Patrol God?"

"Yes, Brother Lan, they can bring the Qingfeng Sword out of the city."

Fan Wu She said straightforwardly, "Senior brother, is he trustworthy?"

Xie Bi An said awkwardly, "Day Patrol and Night Patrol are Official Lord Cui's people. Of course they are trustable." Not only that, this couple worked for the Underworld only to pay for their sins in their previous lives and reincarnate as human beings together again. They could not and dared not to betray the judge. The only thing that puzzled him was how Official Lord Cui, who was the codifier of the underworld’s law, leads by example and is dedicated to his duties, would allow the Underworld Generals to participate in earthly strife. He also asked about this doubt.

"Official Lord Cui said that it is no longer just an earthly matter."

"What does that mean?"

"Official Lord Cui did not explicitly say."

Xie Bi An didn't press on. He trusted that any decision Cui Jue made would be of great importance. He handed the Qingfeng Sword to Day Patrol.

"What about us?" Lan Chui Han said, "We still have to find a way to escape."

Day Patrol said, "After it gets dark, Night Patrol will help you escape."

After Day Patrol left, he left Night Patrol behind, who was still sleeping.

Fan Wu She had only seen this ghost couple at the New Year's Eve banquet at Heaven Master's Palace, and he couldn't help but be curious and ask what sins the two had committed in their previous lives.

Xie Bi An said: "In the previous life, one was a princess, and Day Patrol was a guard. The two were secretly in love. But the princess was forced to be betrothed to the emperor of a neighboring country, and on the eve of the marriage, they eloped. The neighboring country originally had ambitions of annexing the world, and used this as a reason to send troops. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers and civilians died in the battle, and the lives of the people were ruined. The two were so guilty that they killed themselves to die for their country."

Lan Chui Han thought: "I seem to have read about it in the history books. Was it the story that happened more than a 500 years ago in the era of Southern Liang?"

"Yes." Xie Bi An sighed, "After their deaths, the emperor was touched by this deep love. Just that, although unintentional faults are not mistakes, they did cause the deaths of countless people, so he made them into underworld servants, while at the same time, punishing them; one person will be patrolling in the day, and the other at night. Within a day, there are only two brief moments when day and night alternate, when they can meet soberly. For five hundred years, they have been paying for their sins in the hope that one day, they can be reincarnated together and continue their previous relationship."

After listening to this, Lan Chui Han sighed constantly: "I don't know whether this action from Great Emperor Beiyin is lenient and kind or cruel."

"To them, it should be lenient and kind." Xie Bi An said, "Although such a long five hundred years of torture may not be as painful as going to hell to serve the sentence, without the emperor's lenient treatment, they would be completely separated during reincarnation after serving their sentence."

"As long as they are not separated, even if they can only hastily look at each other each day, they are willing to do so." After Fan Wu She finished speaking, he raised his eyes to look at Xie Bi An.

Xie Bi An felt warm in his heart. He thought, since Fan Wu She will like him forever, that certainty was no different from this moment, so how could he easily question such a deep love? Zong Zi Heng's memory could not erase the love between them.


After the sunset, Night Patrol slowly opened her eyes under their gaze, and immediately did a search. But she quickly remembered something else. Looking at several people's eyes which tended to be calm, she said: "He took the Qingfeng sword away?"

Xie Bi An nodded: "Night Patrol, I wonder how you plan to take the three of us out of the city?"

"After Shen Nong Ding is opened, the people from Cangyu Sect will have to make a trip to deliver supplies from First Fortress Qian. They will leave roughly between 9-11pm. I'll possess the body of the elder in charge of the delivery and let you guys mix in with them."

"Got it."

"My possession won't last long. After leaving First Fortress Qian, you guys will go out from the way you came in."

Xie Bi An arched his hand and said, "Thanks a lot, Night Patrol." He knew that possessing the body of a high-ranking cultivator must be at the cost of losing one's own cultivation, and he was very grateful that Night Patrol helped them in this way.

They laid low until late at night. When Night Patrol led several carts of supplies from the door, the carriage wheel suddenly broke, and a carriage of goods fell out and landed on the ground crookedly. Some melons and fruits actually rolled all over the street.

The "elder" scolded loudly, and several cultivators went to pick them up in a hurry.

The three of them took advantage of the chaos to get into the big wooden box that had been prepared and were taken out of First Fortress Qian in a rickety carriage.

Since they couldn't see anything in the wooden box, their other perceptions became sharper. For example, they gradually felt hotter and hotter, and could even see orange light through the slight slit of the wooden box, from which they could judge that they were approaching Shen Nong Ding

"Wait." The voice of the "elder" came from outside, "This sound I heard doesn't seem right. Check all the wheels again."


Someone whispered: "Today's stuff doesn't weigh much, how can the wheels be pressed ..."

Only to hear a few heavy objects fall to the ground, the surrounding area became unusually quiet, and then the box was knocked a few times.

The three of them pushed open the box and rolled out, gasping heavily for air a few times, which was mixed with a thermal current.

Xie Bi An turned back to the direction of the heat flow. A volcano stood beneath the vastness of the sky, illuminating the night sky as if it was daylight, and the powerful sense of oppression made his body tremble and his breath stutter.

Night Patrol urged: "You guys go quickly."

Xie Bi An came back to his senses. He lowered himself: "Brother Lan, I'll carry you." They didn't dare to fly with their swords, so they had to rely on their legs to get back to Sixth Fortress Kan before dawn.

Fan Wu She immediately stepped in front of the two of them: "I'll do it."

"Where are you running----" A furious move resonated through the night sky, accompanied by arrows that broke through the wind.

Fan Wu She spun around and cut down that powerful icy arrow with his sword. He shook his numb arm and looked coldly at Yun Xiang Yi and Hua Xiang Rong as they came after them with Cangyu Sect cultivators.

Chapter 189

Yun Xiang Yi had icy wings on her back. She was holding a longbow, and had a steaming murderous aura: "Hand over the Qingfeng Sword."

Night Patrol said calmly, "You guys go, I'll block them."

Hua Xiang Rong's eyes fell on Night Patrol: "... Elder Xu? No, there’s an evil spirit!" She drew a talisman in the air with one hand, and struck the exorcism talisman at "Elder Xu."

Night Patrol instantly detached from Elder Xu. She shouted firmly at Xie Bi An: "Go!"

But Xie Bi An did not move. Not offending the living is the first law of the underworld. It is not only for the peace of the two realms, but also because interacting with the living in the Yang world is very draining to their cultivation. Those lonely and wild ghosts who run to earth through various methods harm people just to supplement themselves, but as a ghost immortal, it is impossible for Night Patrol to go astray, so in this battle she could only get out and not in, not to mention the enemy is not something she can deal with alone. The two patrols have concentrated on practicing and doing their duty for 500 years, just so they can redeem and clear their sins to become human again. So what reason do they have in taking such a big risk to help them at this time?

When Night Patrol saw that they did not go, she could only say, "Official Lord Cui said that this battle concerns the life of the people. It is the chance to be reborn that we have been waiting for for 500 years.”

"Senior brother, let's go."

Xie Bi An arched his hand to Night Patrol and said, "Be careful in everything."

Their tracks have been exposed, so the three of them simply rose up on their swords. Fan Wu She loaded Lan Chui Han up and flew to Sixth Fortress Kan, planning to kill their way out of the city.

When Xie Bi An looked back, a dark blue mirage shuttled between the pursuers, shrieking repeatedly.

The exorcism’s spell mark continuously appeared in the dull night sky. Based on Night Patrol alone, she could not stop so many cultivators after all, and Hua Xiang Rong has already spread her wings to catch up. While pulling the bow into a full moon shape at the same time, three ice arrows break through the air to attack.

The three of them had been prepared and were ready to block with sword energies, but in the next sudden moment with a blink of an eye, the three ice arrows Hua Xiang Rong had shot were actually right in front of them!

This speed which breaks through common sense makes the three people think of one thing at the same time ---- Gong Shu Ju.

At that time, in order to exchange for Lan Chui Han, Zhong Kui returned the ice coffin and Gong Shu Ju to Qi Meng Sheng, and it turned out that Gong Shu Ju was with Hua Xiang Rong.

Lan Chui Han, who was flying in the back, pulled out his sword. Among the glittering silver light, the sword Qi was like an orchid blooming magnificently. In the empty void, a flower-shaped remnant shadow was formed. Only a crispy tinkling sound was heard, and the three ice arrows were cut down.

But this wave of attacks did not end.

During that time at the bottom of Fengming Lake, they were able to defeat the two Flying Plume ambassadors at a relatively small cost because of the cramped space of the Spirit Palace, which was not conducive for the archers to bring into play, but now in such a spacious environment, it was easy to attack and defend. Instead, they were the ones at a disadvantage.

They saw Hua Xiang Rong chanting an incantation and pulling the bow. With such a far distance, yet the huge spiritual pressure rushed over their skin, making every hair on it tremble.

The three ice arrows shot out from the string. They constantly split at a very fast speed in the air, and under the effect of the Gong Shu Ju, they got bigger and bigger. The original finger-sized ice arrows actually became as thick as a wrist, and finally formed a dense rain of arrows, blotting out of the sky and earth to kill.

As expected of Qi Meng Sheng’s adopted daughter, the senior sister of Cangyu Sect and the future successor to the sect. This is the real strength of Yun Xiang Yi.

Xie Bi An summoned his soul suppressing stick and set up a protective wall to stop the rain of arrows. When the ice arrows hit the protective wall, Xie Bi An felt like he was being hit by a boulder head-on and was pushed several feet away by the force. His chest was in severe pain, his throat suddenly became sweet and he spat out a mouthful of blood right away.

"Senior brother!"

"Bi An!"

Cracks appeared on the protective wall one by one. The green spiritual light spread out in all directions, and finally turned into nothing. Xie Bi An fell from mid-air to the ground. The ice arrows were also relieved from their force and fell down one after another.

Fan Wu She rushed over, picked up Xie Bi An, and infused spiritual energy into his heart: "Senior brother, how are you?"

Xie Bi An was in so much pain that he felt like the inside of his chest was being torn into pieces. His face had lost its colors. His narrow cheeks and blue-white lips make him look very fragile, but that pair of black eyes were always burning bright. He gritted his teeth to support himself: "Protect ... brother Lan well."

Fan Wu She disgustedly glanced at Lan Chui Han. There was a trace of hesitation in his thoughts, but finally he said, "Senior brother, you take Lan Chui Han and go first."

"She's not as easy to deal with as she was at the bottom of Fengming Lake now, and there are ice crystals further supporting her cultivation."

Fan Wu She said forcefully, "Go quickly. Night Patrol cannot hold off for much longer too. Soon a large number of pursuers will arrive."

Yun Xiang Yi flew to the front and looked at the three people from above: "Hand over the Qingfeng sword. Since you guys are still useful, I will spare your lives."

"The Qingfeng Sword has already left Chidi City and has returned to my master's hands." Xie Bi An said in a loud voice, "Master will definitely use the Qingfeng Sword to cut off your delusions with his own hands!"

"How did you guys bring the Qingfeng Sword out of Chidi City?" Yun Xiang Yi glared sharply at Xie Bi An, "You clearly..." She suddenly thought of the evil spirit that had just appeared, and then thought of the person in front of her who is the Underworld General, so naturally he would have some extraordinary means. She said angrily, "Then you guys shall do and die!"

Fan Wu She said coldly, "Since you've been defeated by me before, you can't claim to be so brave."

Yun Xiang Yi's face, which was always calm, showed a dark hostility. Being defeated and captured by a junior who could be her own grandson at her age had already caused her to lose face. Her cultivation level was nearly patriarchal, and there were few rivals in the entire immortal cultivation world. Although she did not dare to underestimate Zhong Kui's disciple, such strength appearing in a 16 or 17-year-old boy was simply unbelievable, and counting back several hundred years, the only figure she could think of was the Supreme Demon.

"Hey, why do you guys treat me like I’m useless?" Lan Chui Han lightly laughed: "I only wounded my leg." As soon as he exerted his strength, he stood up straight. With a long body, his sword pressed to his side and the peak of his sword pointing to the ground, he reverted to his usual dashing Lord Lan.

"Brother Lan, that closure method will only aggravate your injury."

"I can't care about that much anymore." Lan Chui Han's gaze crossed Hua Xiang Rong and looked behind her at the clump of pursuers who were coming closer.

Fan Wu She's pupils reflected a bloodthirsty red due to the firelight of Shen Nong Ding: "Since we can't hide, we will kill all of them."

Facing the swarming pursuers, the three stood with their swords. Their feet were solid as rocks. Without a trace of fear, one white, one black, one blue, their clothes danced in the wind like three battle flags.

The three of them rushed into the enemy crowd with the three most prestigious sword techniques in Jiuzhou to meet their dozens of opponents.

Their bodies were as graceful as dragons, weaving between arrows and cold ice spells. Their swords were more invisible than visible, and they tore at their enemies like poisonous snakes.

The so-called sweeping across six directions* and sword sweeping in eight points*, was nothing more than this.

Under the command of Yun Xiang Yi, a group of Cangyu Sect cultivators floated in mid-air and fired cold arrows at them, while others fought in close quarters, constantly holding them back by encircling them.

It should have been a melee, but Yun Xiang Yi methodically played out of formation. With danger everywhere and heavily outnumbered, although the three were sharp and killed until Cangyu Sect was disastrously injured, in fact they were also struggling to support themselves. Body wounds continued to accumulate, and they were soon dripping in blood.

With a pair of bloodshot eyes, Fan Wu She waved his hand, and a skeleton warhorse which was emitting a black death aura appeared under his crotch.

This shocking change caught everyone off guard.

"Demon, demon foal, it's the demon foal!"

"Yes, it was Fan Wu She who took away the demon foal in the first place. He can actually summon the devil foal?!"

Lan Chui Han also looked at Fan Wu She. His gaze was deep, and was half surprised and half suspicious.

"It was you who awakened the demon foal in the first place!" Yun Xiang Yi shouted, "Who are you!?"

"The one who wants to take your lives."

Fan Wu She clipped the belly of his horse, and Wuya leaped up in the air, carried its master, and rushed towards the group of archers.

During the post-Emperor Zong era, those who had experienced the horror of the Supreme Demon passed on this spiced-up fear to their descendants. This fear is deeply planted in their hearts and accompanied the growth of every cultivator, and it's the same for the demon foal.

So when the ghastly skeleton horse rushed in, the archers dispersed before the battle, and the formation immediately fell into disarray. Even when Yun Xiang Yi shouted a loud rebuke, it was too late. Fan Wu She rushed into the enemy line like a wolf and cut down three people with a slash of his sword.

Although Lan Chui Han has a belly full of questions about Fan Wu She and the demon foal, this is not the time. Once again, he and Xie Bi An teamed up against the enemy like how they did in First Fortress Qian. With fewer cold arrows as threats, they reversed from the defensive to offensive, killing in all directions.

The three of them endured the pain of their wounds, forced their pursuers back temporarily and killed a bloody path out of the siege. Fan Wu She returned to Xie Bi An on Wuya and held out his hand, "Let’s go!"

Xie Bi An held Fan Wu She’s hand and whirled onto the horse. Lan Chui Han also followed and jumped onto the horse's back. Fan Wu She clamped the horse's belly fiercely and Wuya shot out like an arrow.

Wuya’s speed was amazing, and in the blink of an eye, it left Yun Xiang Yi and the others behind, and flew towards Sixth Fortress Kan.

"Why are you able to summon and control the demon foal?" Lan Chui Han could not even wait to get away before asking. A large mouthful of wind mixed with heat waves was filled inside his opened mouth, like smothering a pot of strong wine that burns his heart and lungs.

The answer from Fan Wu She was "Shut up."

Xie Bi An was in a complicated mood. Although he believed in Fan Wu She, outsiders are unable to understand. If one can control the demon foal, one can barely explain it by saying "the demon foal is also an evil spirit", but what about summoning the demon foal? The reason that Fan Wu She gave him was that when he studied the "Yellow Emperor Yin Fu Heavenly Secret Scripture", he learned to make a soul token. The so-called soul token is roughly a tiny version of the Heavenly Secret Talisman, or a ghost version of a qiankun bag which is dedicated for putting ghosts inside. A soul token is a forbidden object in the immortal cultivation world. When cultivators encounter evil spirits, they should release the souls from suffering and enlighten them as a priority, and kill as a supplementary. They were never allowed to keep for their own use, and not many people in this world knew how to make soul tokens.

Fan Wu She awakened the demon foal, made a soul token to hide the demon foal, and can easily control the demon foal. Each of these alone is enough to shake the immortal cultivation world, let alone he did it all by himself?

"Didn't you say you left the demon foal in Kunlun and were going to give it to the Immortal Alliance?" Lan Chui Han did not relent.

Fan Wu She was about to get angry when he suddenly felt a huge spiritual pressure in front of him, like a mountain placed in the front.

The three of them changed their expressions at the same time.

Not far ahead, a pair of giant wings appeared in the dull night sky hidden by firelight.

The one who blocked their way to life, who was about to overturn the entire immortal cultivation world, was Qi Meng Sheng.

Chapter 190

From the last time they saw Qi Meng Sheng, now her spiritual pressure seems to be even more raging and stronger, like spreading a huge invisible net, suffocating people's chests. Under this kind of oppression, low-ranking cultivators probably couldn’t even stand up.

But compared to last time, Qi Meng Sheng's face also had some changes. She became…old.

In this world, the only technique that can maintain one’s complexion most is Chunyang Technique, followed by the cold ice techniques practiced by Cangyu Sect, like Yun Xiang Yi and Hua Xiang Rong. They were at least sixty to seventy years old, but their appearance is still like a young girl, and Qi Meng sheng has been over a hundred years of age, yet she actually looked like a young woman, still beautiful beyond compare.

But in front of them, she became old in a month or so. Almost no cultivator from Cangyu Sect would have aged like this --- most would have died before then.

The only explanation for such aging is that Qi Meng Sheng's body is approaching its limits and she is dying.

Qi Meng Sheng looked at them indifferently. Her gaze was lifeless, with a grimness that even the blaze of Shen Nong Ding could not conceal.

Fan Wu She snorted with laughter, "Old demonic woman, are you dying of old age?"

"Immortal Lord Qi, your heavenly destiny is coming to an end. There is nothing that can be done. Asking the Dao and cultivating immortality, there is talent and enlightenment, but also destiny. If you can’t cultivate successfully, then forget it. No one has ascended for thousands of years in Jiuzhou, so why do you have to be so obsessed and make mistakes again and again?" Lan Chui Han sighed.

"No one has ascended for a thousand years, and I want to be that first person." Qi Meng Sheng's face was expressionless, as if frozen, "For this cultivation, with what I have invested and what I have given up, how can I lose all my efforts?"

"With the Absolute Human Emperor, is it certain that you will be able to ascend?" Xie Bi An glared angrily at Qi Meng Sheng.

"After obtaining the Absolute Human Emperor, I will be able to reshape my flesh with the ice crystal. As long as I don't die, I will ascend sooner or later."

"Even if you do ascend, so what? In order to become an immortal, you didn’t hesitate to become a demon. What kind of outrageous Dao are you practicing!?"

Qi Meng Sheng slowly raised her ice crystal longbow and said coldly, "What I cultivate is my own Dao."

Lan Chui Han raised his hand and shouted, "Wait! Immortal Lord Qi." In front of them was the demonized Qi Meng Sheng, and behind them were Cangyu Sect cultivators led by Yun Xiang Yi and Hua Xiang Rong. They had no way to escape. Qi Meng Sheng was a person who even Zhong Kui and Li Bu Yu had difficulty dealing with. It was a dead end for them now. He quickly said, "You can't refine the Absolute Human Emperor, because you caught the wrong person."

Qi Meng Sheng paused and put down her bow again.

"Because Yun Zhong Jun betrayed you." Lan Chui Han said, "He coveted the position of the sect leader, and hated you for valuing Yun Xiang Yi more. He simply did not want you to get the Absolute Human Emperor, so he tampered with the Golden Trunk Jade Policy. That Yanzhou cultivator is not the reincarnation of Emperor Kong Hua at all."

Qi Meng Sheng's eyes were colder than the frost and snow of Kunlun: "How do you know that?"

"It was Qing Wu Zi who told us. Qing Wu Zi and Yun Zhong Jun conspired to deceive you. We were also smuggled into the city by Qing Wu Zi. He originally wanted to swindle us to steal the Qingfeng Sword, but actually set a trap to catch us all, but we escaped in the end. And the Qingfeng Sword wasn't stolen by us at all. It must have been stolen by Yun Zhong Jun."

Fan Wu She followed along Lan Chui Han’s words and said, "Maybe he has taken the Qingfeng Sword as a declaration of allegiance now. When you all are caught in a net, the Immortal Alliance will help him ascend to the throne of the sect."

Hua Xiang Rong said angrily, "Master, I already told you that that ill-bred white-eyed wolf cannot be trusted! We were about to catch them at the palace, but in the end the walls of First Fortress Qian were suddenly bombed by Thunderfire Stones. Maybe it's also Yun Zhong Jun's trick for letting them take the opportunity to escape. The Qingfeng Sword is hidden deep in the palace, and there are boundaries, so how can it be so easily stolen? It’s probably embezzlement."

Yun Xiang Yi said, "Where is Yun Zhong Jun? Where is he now?"

The people of the Cangyu Sect looked at each other.

"I don't know ah."

"Could he still be in the palace?"

"I haven't seen him today..."

Fan Wu She said disdainfully: "It's already too late to think about finding him. The Absolute Human Emperor cannot be refined, and your death will come. Sooner or later, Chidi City will be invaded. By then, Yun Zhong Jun will be your new sect leader."

Qi Meng Sheng said indifferently: "You guys said that the Golden Trunk Jade Policy was tampered with, and the person I captured was not the reincarnation of Emperor Kong Hua."

"Yes, this is what Qing Wu Zi told us himself. Probably only Yun Zhong Jun knows who the reincarnation of the Human Emperor really is." Lan Chui Han said, "Doesn't Immortal Lord Qi have any suspicions? Emperor Kong Hua was a supreme heavenly pride. His golden core carries the imperial destiny, and how could he become mediocre after reincarnation? Do you really believe that the core of such an unknown cultivator can refine the Absolute Human Emperor?"

Qi Meng Sheng ice wings incited behind her back, and a strong cold wind blew. She quietly looked at the three for a moment: "Good point, how can that mundane person be the reincarnation of Emperor Kong Hua? Emperor Kong Hua's elegant manner can only be seen a few times on earth."

A hint of weirdness came out of Xie Bi An.

Qi Meng Sheng spread her hand and a booklet with golden light appeared in her hand - the Golden Trunk Jade Policy.

The crowd became silent almost at the same time, staring at that sacred object.

Xie Bi An's heart was beating like a drum. His past life, everything he wants to know, but was afraid to know, was in that thin paper scroll.

Fan Wu She also tensed his nerves and stared at the Golden Trunk Jade Policy. If he can get it, he will be able to see whether or not his big brother has treated him with sincerity. He asked the heaven and earth, asked for a hundred years, and didn't hesitate to crawl back to earth from hell, just wanting to ask that heartfelt question.

Qi Meng Sheng looked at the crowd, then slightly hung her head, and blew gently on the Jade Policy.

The Jade Policy slowly flipped, emitting a subtle rustling sound. Each sound was sweeping on the people's hearts.

Finally, the Jade Policy turned to a page and did not move anymore. She stared at the page and murmured: "People with imperial destiny are reincarnated celestial beings. They come down to the mortal world to experience the calamity. All that you have experienced in your previous life was your calamity."

A bad premonition rose up in Xie Bi An.

Qi Meng Sheng gently shook her head. Her tone is actually gentle and helpless: "It's your fault for being silly. If you had been more selfish and less self-willed, how would you have ended up in that situation?"

"You ... what exactly are you talking about?" Xie Bi An was extremely panicked.

Qi Meng Sheng slowly raised her eyes, as if she was looking at Xie Bi An straight in the face for the first time, but this glance instantly pierced through a hundred years of time and seized the person who was wandering in fear in the rushing cycle of reincarnation.

Xie Bi An widened his pair of round eyes and he staggered back a step.

Qi Meng Sheng knew. She knew it from the start!

Fan Wu She's face changed dramatically: "You knew!"

"The Golden Trunk Jade Policy is the divine treasure of Great Emperor Dongyue, and nothing in the world can change it except the Judge's Brush." Qi Meng Sheng said calmly, "Where can Yun Zhong Jun get the ability to do anything to it?"

"Then why did you ..." Lan Chui Han's face was blue. He gritted his teeth and said, "So you were the one luring us into Chidi City!"

Qi Meng Sheng laughed unnoticeably: "With Zhong Kui and Li Bu Yu around, I have no confidence in taking your core, so I set up a trap to make you think I had the wrong person. Otherwise, once you went into hiding back at Jiuyou, I really can't do anything. Now you've really been delivered to me."

Xie Bi An gasped. He secretly bit his lower lip and stared at Qi Meng Sheng with crimson eyes without fear: "Qi Meng Sheng, I will never let you get my core."

"There is no need to think about doing the same trick again." Qi Meng Sheng stared at Xie Bi An, "Before you commit suicide, I can cut through your stomach. The three of you, no one shall escape."

Xie Bi An's sword pointed at Qi Meng Sheng. He said in a fierce voice, "Try it."

"I don't want to kill you." Qi Meng Sheng sighed lightly, "I didn't want to since a hundred years ago, and I don't want to right now. Why don't you help me? Are you willing to let that two-faced villain Li Bu Yu dominate the position of your previous life?"

"The Immortal Alliance is not the Zong Clan and I am not Emperor Kong Hua!" Xie Bi An growled, "I am just me. You want my core? Just come and get it."

Qi Meng Sheng laughed coldly, "If you knew what Li Bu Yu did to you back then, this sword shouldn't be pointed at me." She glanced at the Jade Policy, "Do you want to see? Everything that happened in your previous life, the life of Emperor Kong Hua, those things that even I don't know, all of them are here."

Xie Bi An froze.

Fan Wu She took a deep breath and silently looked at Xie Bi An.

"What do you want to do?" Xie Bi An looked at the shiny golden Jade Policy, as if it was a flooding beast. He instinctively wanted to run away, "I know Li Bu Yu ate Emperor Ning Hua's core, and he must have an unspeakable secret, but that is his grudge with Emperor Kong Hua. I, I don't need to know."

"How silly. Do you think you can escape the past? The reason you are standing here is precisely because your past did not really pass." Qi Meng Sheng looked at Xie Bi An with a bit of pity in her eyes, "As long as your core is still in your belly, nothing is over."

"Then come and get it!" Xie Bi An's chest was burning with a fire, a fire that burned from a hundred years ago to the present, a fire that passed on from the soul to the past life and present life. If he could choose, he would not want a golden core of imperial destiny that everyone coveted. Although the memories of his previous life were incomplete, he could also piece a lot of information together from the fragments, that is, Zong Zi Heng's tragic life was all because of this core. He didn't want to follow in Zong Zi Heng's footsteps. Perhaps it would be better if it was really dug up instead!

But as long as he still has an ounce of energy in him, he will never let these people have their way!
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