Wu Chang Jie Chapter 171-180

Chapter 171


"Yes, we have checked all the stone rooms here, even the secret passage to Hell that Jiang Qu Lian wanted to hide most was found by us. There is no reason why two exits could not be found. The exits would not disappear out of thin air, so the only possibility is that they are hidden somewhere we did not expect." Fan Wu She glanced at the suspended treasure chest, "We presumed according to common sense that the exit was hidden behind one of the walls. Even the most powerful mechanism or formation, we wouldn't have found anything by tearing down the wall. Plus, the stone room hasn't changed in the meantime, so there's no such thing as moving suddenly, but instead of finding the exit, we found an unexpected secret passage. This means that our method is working, but we're looking in the wrong place."

"But we’ve checked every single wall." Xie Bi An looked at the sword marks all over the wall. The gullies were left by sword Qi almost every three feet. Although this sword Qi did not penetrate the stone wall, but through the depth, vibration and perception of the returning force, he could immediately tell whether the wall was solid or hollow.

"Really?" Fan Wu She held out his hand, his long slender fingers facing upwards.

Xie Bi An was startled, "You mean, the wall above our heads and below our feet?"

"Yes, this is what I've guessed; a spell formation that changes space." Fan Wu She analyzed, "When we entered this underground palace, we had already entered this tricky formation without knowing it. In fact, the twenty-four stone rooms had never changed before. It was the formation that changed about once an hour, and the reason why this formation could fool us was because the whole underground palace was not built on a flat surface."

It was a sudden realization for Xie Bi An. He was shocked with goosebumps: "The 24 stone rooms of this treasure trove were built from different planes. The roof of one room could be the floor or sidewall of another room. People could only walk on the flat floor and objects would only fall down. The function of this spell was to make us not know even if we walked onto the wall!"

Fan Wu She nodded his head.

Xie Bi An remembered those stone rooms; dug in a mess, one piece from the east and one from the west, some big and some small, some slanted and some upright, not tidy at all. Some places would have a slight slope, so these were all to confuse the intruders. But there was still a question in his mind, "But if that's the case, why didn't we dig and pass through the other stone rooms when we examined those walls?"

"Because the wall between the two stone rooms are five or six feet thick, which is as thick as solid, but the wall that leads to the secret passage to Hell cannot be built that thick; there must be a mechanism there. If it is too heavy for the mechanism to carry, the vibrations caused can probably be felt even on the ground."

"That makes sense. What, what about the treasure chest?"

"I think all the magical treasures here were individually enchanted, because they are active in relation to the fixed stone room. Adding a few pieces today, missing a few tomorrow, and changing locations the day after. A spell formation that is not controlled by anyone cannot make predictions about future variables as well, so it had to re-enchant the variables themselves. Many of the magical treasures in here would have fallen to the ground, and all the furnishings in the underground palace were perfectly
symmetrical, and the caster of the formation managed to fool us by disguising the stone rooms and them."

Xie Bi An let out a long breath, "There is such a strange formation in this world. It is truly unheard of." He looked at Fan Wu She with glowing eyes, not hiding the admiration in his eyes, "Wu She, how could you be so clever? This is not something ordinary people would normally think of.”

Fan Wu She smiled, "Your junior brother is this clever. Do you think you've followed the right person?" Although he smiled, there was some bitterness in his heart. Back then, in order to take revenge and to quickly gain great power, he did not hesitate to go on a different path to study the Yellow Emperor's Yin Fu Heavenly Secret Scripture, a forbidden book that made people shy away from talking about it. In order to find the legendary Xuanyuan Heavenly Secret Talisman, he had wandered for ten years, leaving his footprints all over countless ancient tombs, graveyards and mysterious realms. It can be said that no one under the sky knows more about strange techniques and unorthodox ways than he does. More than a hundred years have passed and he can no longer remember where he has heard or seen space manipulation formations, but all those experiences have been turned into his flesh and blood.

"I'm your senior brother. No manners." Xie Bi An scolded jokingly, "If you want to follow, you should follow me."

Fan Wu She said flirtatiously, "You follow me, I follow you, it's all the same."

Xie Bi An held back his laughter, "Alright, now that we have guessed the trickery of the underground palace, let's hurry up and find the exit."

"The exit is clearly still in the first stone room we entered, only we thought it wasn't in its original location anymore." Fan Wu She snorted coldly, "That would be much simpler."

The two of them returned to the first stone room and found the hidden entrance and exit in the lower-left corner. When the steps appeared, they were hanging upside down at their feet. In fact this was clearly the ceiling from the beginning, but the spell formation had changed their sense of space and made them guess in many complicated ways, instead of carefully examining the stone room where the entrance and exit were located. This was a brilliant trick.

The two of them had just stepped up the steps when the steps that were still under their feet appeared in front of them and everything was back to its original state. Xie Bi An held Fan Wu She's hand and looked deeply at him. That glance was heartwarming and joyful. Indeed, just like countless times before, as long as Wu She walks, no matter what dangers they encountered, they could turn peril into safety. As long as Wu She was around, there was nothing to worry about. So this time, when the two of them joined hands to save their master, a miracle would definitely happen too!

Fan Wu She was moved by the look of trust and affection in his eyes. It is so beautiful to be in love with each other. He was even willing to suppress his raging desire and enjoy the tenderness that comes from just a little intimacy.

With the snake pearl in hand, the two of them quickly left the Red Palace and headed for the Naihe Bridge.

Meng Po could not hide her surprise when she saw them, especially when they took out the snake pearl.

Fan Wu She waited for her. His gaze grim: "What, are you surprised that we could come back so quickly? You already knew that Jiang Qu Lian's treasure trove was very weird, and you sent us to die, right?"

Meng Po hummed lightly, "There are indeed legends about the Red Palace’s underground, but anyone who trespasses there will never return. But you guys came back. The younger generations are really formidable ah.”

Thinking of what they had experienced in the underground palace, if Fan Wu She had not been smart enough, they might have been trapped to death, Xie Bi An looked at her angrily, "If we really couldn't get out, the consequences may not be what you want." If they couldn't leave, then they would have to go out and break through the gates of Hell, and when things got too big, Meng Po, Jiang Qu Lian, no one would be able to clear themselves. Now, even if they left the underground palace, they accidentally discovered Jiang Qu Lian's secret, and still have a headache on how to deal with it. In the final analysis, it's all the fault of this old witch.

"What I want is just this snake pearl." Meng Po looked at the golden core in Xie Bi An's hand, and her pale gaze seemed to glow.

"If you want the snake pearl, fulfill your promise."

Meng Po waved her snake's tail and chuckled, "Okay, I will tell you what Song Zi Heng said when he stood in front of me and was about to drink Meng Po soup."

Fan Wu She held his breath immediately.

"I asked him what his greatest regret in this life was. He was silent for a long time and said, 'My brother has been wandering around for ten years, and when he finally returned home, I didn't cook a good meal for him'."

Fan Wu She only felt like thunder went through his body, and his heart hurt as if it had been dug out raw, dripping with blood. He thought that his big brother would say that he hadn't disciplined him well, that he hadn't got rid of him sooner, or that he had secretly hoped that his big brother might repent of having turned his back on him, but he had never imagined that it would be something like this.

How many torrential hatreds in the previous life have been swayed by this one sentence. If his big brother had said these words to him personally and cooked him a meal personally, he might have been able to let go of everything.

Xie Bi An was also stunned. The words surprised him and did not surprise him either. He was surprised because in his past understanding, the two Song Clan’s brothers had irreconcilable grudges that must end with only one person standing while the other one dies. The whole immortal cultivation world thought this way. And he was not surprised about because he possessed some of Song Zi Heng's memories, and in those memories, he saw the love- hate obsession of the two brothers, and he clearly felt that Song Zi Heng resented Song Zi Xiao, yet he could not let go of his ninth brother until his death. How can one understand such a paradox unless one has experienced it firsthand?

So at the end of the day, the Human Emperor of the generation, Emperor Kong Hua, who had once called the wind and summoned the rain* and rewritten the history of the immortal cultivation world, regretted that he had not cooked a meal for his brother who had returned home from years of absence.

Xie Bi An felt inexplicably sad, and the sorrow in his chest could not be suppressed. He could no longer tell whether this emotion belonged to him or...

Fan Wu She said in a trembling voice, "What else… did he say?" He only hated that he had lost all his efforts back then and had not been able to snatch back his big brother's soul from Hell. Otherwise everything would have been different.

"Just this one sentence." Meng Po's eerie gaze stared unblinkingly at Fan Wu She, "This statement was rather new. It has been a long time since I have heard a story that can interest me."

Xie Bi An looked at the snake pearl in his hand and thought to himself: Was it worth the risk they took for this one statement? It should be worth it, because he seemed to understand Song Zi Heng better, to be closer to that man's heart. Even though it was dangerous, it had its own power to draw him forward.

"Alright, bring over the snake pearl." Meng Po held out her hand. "We haven't finished asking our questions." With the snake pearl in hand, their position as host and guest immediately flipped*, and Fan Wu She looked grimly at Meng Po, "I'll ask you, how many years did Song Zi Heng serve in Hell?"

Meng Po raised an eyebrow.

"The things he did are bound to be punished by karma as well." Fan Wu She secretly gritted his teeth. He wanted to know which level of Hell his big brother was in and how many years he had suffered.

Meng Po narrowed her eyes, "I don't know." "You’re lying!"
"I’m only responsible for serving soup, how can I care about the punishment in Hell?" Meng Po laughed coldly, "Ask your senior brother if you don't believe me."

Xie Bi An came back to his senses and explained, "When a person dies, it doesn’t mean he needs to reincarnate immediately, nor immediately reincarnate after serving his sentence, most of them choose themselves, so when he crosses the Naihe Bridge is not enough to judge how many years he has served."

Fan Wu She went silent.

"Quickly give me the snake pearl." Meng Po's snake tail swayed impatiently.

Xie Bi An glanced at Fan Wu She and, after receiving a hint from his eyes, he tossed the snake pearl to Meng Po.

Meng Po grabbed the snake pearl and in the blink of an eye, she put it into her qiankun bag.

Xie Bi An said, "Wu She, let's go." Fan Wu She glared at Meng Po with knives in his eye. He knew that Meng Po was still hiding something from them, but there was nothing they could do if she spoke up. Those things he wanted to know, he will investigate them sooner or later.

called the wind and summoned the rain*[ 呼⻛唤⾬]--- a metaphor for dominating nature or

influencing a situation as one pleases. position as host and guest
immediately flipped*[ 主客之位⽴时翻转 ]---I can't find the proper definition of this. What it

means is: initially, person A has power over person B, now the situation flips,

where person B has power over person A.

Chapter 172

The two of them were silent at first after they left the Underworld. Meng Po's words became a knot in their hearts. Even though they had different thoughts, they were both thinking of the same man.

During break time, Xie Bi An gnawed on the meat bun in his hand and glanced at Fan Wu She, who did not say anything. After a long time, he said, "Wu She, why didn't you say anything along the way?"

Fan Wu She raised his eyes slightly and smiled lightly, "Aren't you also the same? What are you thinking about?"

"I'm thinking about so many things." Xie Bi An paused, "I'm thinking about that secret passage Jiang Qu Lian left. Should we tell Official Lord Cui first, even if we leave a note?"

"It's better for Master to decide this matter. Jiang Qu Lian is the Ghost King, his power in Jiuyou should not be underestimated. If we act recklessly and provoke him to take desperate action, there is no telling what effect it will have on Jiuyou, or even on earth."

"Sigh, that's true. I'm just worried. What if he finds out when he gets back and destroys the evidence?"

"The underground palace has been destroyed by us like that. It's only a matter of time before he finds out, but that secret passage, however, is not that easy to block." Xie Bi An nodded, "Jiang Qu Lian will most likely be able to guess that we did it. By then ..."

"It doesn't have to be by then. Jiang Qu Lian stole master's magical treasure. As a prison warden and secretly leaving a secret passage to Hell, that's already enough for us to have irreconcilable differences with him."

"Yes, let's go to Great Emperor Ji Kang and complain to him, so that Official Lord Cui can punish him with the laws of the underworld."

The sound of horses' hooves was heard from far to near on the official road, and someone shouted "Let's fight the demonic woman together".

The two were eating and resting halfway up the mountain. When they heard the sound and looked down. With their enhanced vision and hearing, they saw a group of people rushing.

"This time, the Immortal Alliance is besieging Qi Meng Sheng with Heaven Master Zhong and Immortal Alliance Li. We probably will never see such a battle again in our lifetime."

"Yeah, Immortal Alliance Li called on all the heroes to gather at Shen Nong Ding to fight against the demonic woman. What a spectacle this is. I wonder if the major sects' crusade against the Demon Supreme in Zhangyang a hundred years ago was as big as today's spectacle."

"The demonic woman is no match for the Demon Supreme. With a single military talisman in his hand, the Demon Supreme summoned thousands of Yin soldiers and stirred up the human and ghost realms. Without Heaven Master Zhong's Eastern Emperor's Bell, the hole in the Fengdu boundary could not even be blocked now. Qi Meng Sheng is nothing. With only those bunch of pussies and the two second-rankings, who behave neither like a man or woman, from the Cangyu Sect under her, how can she be a match for our Immortal Alliance?"

Vulgar laughter erupted from the crowd. "Everyone ah, take advantage of this siege and destroy the Cangyu Sect.
We will inevitably get a few ice crystals, which are great goodies." "Yeah, yeah, we must get the ice crystals this time."
Xie Bi An frowned as he listened. Looking at this group of people, some of them probably are not even cultivators. They just want to rush to Kunlun to loot a burning house*. Li Bu Yu’s order to the alliance had indeed brought in heroes from all four directions, but many of them had come to fish in troubled waters*.

"This group of people will only be sent to their deaths if they go." Fan Wu She said with despise.

Xie Bi An shook his head, "Let's hope they won’t be more of a hindrance than a help."

The two of them flew with their swords around the clock and arrived at Shazhou the next night.

The last time they had come to Shazhou, they had traveled with their master and even met Lan Chui Han. No one had expected that so much would happen in Kunlun. That Lan Chui Han would be captured and injured, that master would surrender his Qingfeng Sword, and he would learn that he was the reincarnation of Emperor Kong Hua. Everything seems to be being manipulated by an invisible hand of fate. Those characters who stirred up the storm a hundred years ago are once again reunited. Is this just a coincidence?

This feeling of walking step by step into a conspiracy is always following Xie Bi An, especially when he learned that his golden core is being coveted by everyone. He knows he should hide in the underworld and not come out, avoiding the limelight to protect himself, but he cannot do it because there are people he wants to protect more than himself.

The two of them spent the night in an inn in Shazhou, preparing to leave the Pass early tomorrow morning and travel across the snowy plains of Kunlun. Late at night, Xie Bi An was nestled in Fan Wu She's arms, unable to close his eyes for a long time.

The hand around his waist suddenly tightened, bringing his back closer to the warmth of Fan Wu She's chest. The hand was as strong as ever, and that chest grew wider and thicker, so that it could envelop him entirely.

In the blink of an eye, it had been almost two years since Fan Wu She had come to his side. The boy who had been so young had now taken on the appearance of a man, even taller than him when standing up straight. Most importantly, his junior brother is extremely dependable and has brought him out of danger countless times. With this in mind, he took the hand that was wrapped around his waist and intertwined his fingers with it.

"Can't sleep?" Fan Wu She whispered, his hot breath spraying lightly on Xie Bi An's neck.

"Mmm." Xie Bi An knew that not only could he not sleep, he also didn't dare to sleep. Ever since he woke up from that dream of his past life, he was afraid that if he fell asleep he would go back to a hundred years ago again. No matter how many times he recited the Pure Mind Technique, those vivid memories would not disappear, and the feeling of being violated by Song Zi Xiao could come and attack him at any time. He could suppress it when he was awake, but once he fell asleep, the memory fragments will act randomly without purpose, as if they were itching to take over his entire territory.

"Is it you don’t dare to sleep?"

Xie Bi An was silent for a moment, turned around, and faced Fan Wu She. He nodded gently, and then lowered his eyes, letting his long eyelashes cast shadows on his face, speaking silently of his worries.

In Fan Wu She's eyes, this look was only pitiful. He did not hesitate to take Xie Bi An’s lips, kissing them tenderly and unsparingly, sucking on the soft lips and teasing the tip of the wet tongue, a kiss so tender that both of them were moved. "Okay, okay." Xie Bi An gently pushed Fan Wu She away and whispered, "I can't breathe anymore."

Fan Wu She sipped his slightly red and swollen lips, "Senior brother, I like kissing you so much. Your taste is sweet."

"Nonsense." Xie Bi An's face heated up, "No one is sweet."

"Yes. You are." Fan Wu She's hand stroked down Xie Bi An's back all the way to his hip line, finally boldly caressing the gathered mound of his buttocks as he licked Xie Bi An's lips and chin, "The rest of senior brother’s body must be sweet too, I want to taste it so badly."

"Why do you think about this all day long?" Xie Bi An was so embarrassed that he didn't know whether to hide or not, but he was trapped in Fan Wu She’s arms.

"Because you're in front of me all the time." Fan Wu She bit Xie Bi An's collarbone, "When will senior brother be my man?"

Xie Bi An held Fan Wu She's head and forced him to lift it up, saying somewhat shyly but very seriously, "Wu She, senior brother likes you, and such things are not worth being pretentious about. It's just that I am hung up on master and am not in such a mood."

Fan Wu She looked deeply into Xie Bi An's eyes, "I know why you don't dare to sleep, you are afraid that once you close your eyes, you will become Song Zi Heng, right?"

Xie Bi An nodded gloomily.

"You're afraid of seeing Song Zi Xiao in your dreams, carrying my face." Xie Bi An nodded again.
Fan Wu She gently lifted his chin: "Let me make a deeper impression on you, so that your body and heart will only remember me, okay?"

"..." "I want you to actually experience it, the pleasure I give you, and you will only remember me." Fan Wu She flipped over and pressed on Xie Bi An, his gaze like a torch, "Senior brother, you will only remember me, okay?"

"I ..."

Fan Wu She kissed his lips again.

loot a burning house*[趁⽕打劫]--- to profit from sb's misfortune
fish in troubled waters* [ 浑⽔摸⻥]---to take advantage of a crisis for personal gain

Chapter 173

Explicit chapter. Contains R18 scenes (sexual content)

Xie Bi An's whole body suddenly became hot. He thought that kissing someone he loved was like this, but he didn't know how Fan Wu She was so familiar with his body, so familiar that only one kiss was enough to arouse lust.

Fan Wu She used the weight of his body to suppress Xie Bi An's slight resistance, intensifying the aggression of his lips and tongue, while stripping Xie Bi An's inner clothes and feeling the smooth skin and soft texture.

"Wu She, Wu She." Xie Bi An grabbed his wrist, his voice tinged with a hint of nervousness, "We still have to rush our journey tomorrow."

"It's not a problem." Fan Wu She had longed for the person under him for a hundred years. He had repeatedly warned himself to be patient, but when he was within reach at this moment, he was inevitably impatient. His kisses frequently landed on Xie Bi An’s lips, cheeks, chin and throat. His misbehaving hand wantonly touches him and directly went downwards.

Xie Bi An was dazed by the kisses. Fan Wu She's hands lit fires all over his body. Their two lower halves were rubbed tightly against each other and he was soon forced to react. Instead, the overly violent memories of the dream and the actual blankness of his body created a shock of consciousness. He was at a complete loss and his body couldn't help but curl up, "Wu She, wait. I don't know how to do this." "I know." Fan Wu She grabbed Xie Bi An's hand and pressed it to the top of his head. The stripping of his clothes was already showing some impatience and roughness. Those kisses and touches were like a constant confirmation of his possession. Whenever he felt the slightest resistance, he would increase the intensity, such as biting the Adam’s apple of Xie Bi An's throat and grinding it punitively with his teeth.

Xie Bi An used his back to move back while rubbing against the bedsheet, yet his thighs were sandwiched by Fan Wu She’s long legs. He could feel Fan Wu She's increasingly aggressive movements, and an inexplicable fear came over him, especially when he saw the side of Fan Wu She's face, and that domineering, evil face from his dreams instantly overlapping with his. Even though the man in front of him was a few years younger, the eyes of the man who looked at no one else except his prey, those fierce, greedy, dangerous, bloodthirsty eyes were all interpreting the desire to eat him alive. Fragments of memories flooded back to him.

The iron grip that imprisoned him, the wide chest that made him have no place to hide, the waist and legs that could easily bear his weight, and the brutal, hard, hot object that seemed like it could knock him apart.

All those crazy and humiliating memories came flooding back in this moment.

"I want you to sit here every day and remember how you were fucked like a dog by your own younger brother on this throne!"

"You only deserve to be fucked by me."

"Whatever you owed me in this life, can never be fully repaid even after you die."

"I hate you."

"Big brother, I like kissing you. Your taste is sweet."

Xie Bi An jerked violently and pushed Fan Wu She away fiercely, "No---
-" Fan Wu She, who was indulging in the warm fragrance in his embrace, stumbled and nearly fell off the bed. He stared blankly at the disheveled and terrified Xie Bi An, and his passion was as if a bucket of cold water had been poured over his head.

Xie Bi An was panting heavily, the corners of his eyes were watering at some point, and he looked at Fan Wu She with wide eyes. His gaze was confused and at a loss, as if he was looking at another person through this body ...

"... Senior brother." Fan Wu She said softly.

Calling out ‘senior brother’ made Xie Bi An come back to his senses. He quickly retreated to the bed inside and tried to grab the blanket to cover his body, but the blanket was pinned under Fan Wu She’s knees and he could not pull it over, forcing his already standing body part to be exposed to Fan Wu She’s gaze. He was so ashamed that he could only curl up desperately.

Fan Wu She lowered his head in silence for a moment, pulled up the blanket and wrapped it around Xie Bi An. He forced down the raging fire of desire in his chest, "Did you remember him again?"

It was almost as if Xie Bi An was waiting for this question and he immediately shook his head.

"Don't lie to me. You're afraid of me." Fan Wu She whispered, "Is that fair to me?"

Xie Bi An looked at Fan Wu She's desolated look and was instantly heartbroken and apologetic, "Wu She, I'm sorry." It wasn't fair. It wasn't fair to him or Wu She, but how was he going to erase the thing that already existed in his mind?

"Actually, you like it. You like me kissing you, and you like me hugging you. It's supposed to be between the two of us, yet ..." Fan Wu She gritted his teeth, "Senior brother, I really don’t want to reconcile. I look at you every day, and I want to make you mine completely at every moment." "I ..."

"Don’t say anymore." Fan Wu She raised his head and smiled miserably, "You rest well, I'll get the innkeeper to open another guest room." He got out of bed, straightened his clothes and headed out.

Xie Bi An grabbed the hem of his shirt, "Don't go, there are no more empty guest rooms left."

"Then I'll go outside ..."

"Don't go." Xie Bi An dragged him back to the bed and said softly, "Stay here with me. With you here, I feel at ease."

Fan Wu She's heart suddenly softened. Separated by the blanket, he embraced Xie Bi An into his arms: "Then I'll be here, forever here." Nevermind, he has already waited this long, so why the rush? He was a little out of control just now. He didn't want to hurt Xie Bi An even a little.

Xie Bi An's heart was also full of resentment. Towards Yun Zhong Jun who made him fall under the illusion, towards Song Zi Xiao, and even towards the memories that didn't belong to him, which he was forced to accept. Fan Wu She was right, this was obviously between the two of them, yet it was made awkward because of outsiders, and he was not happy about it.

Fan Wu She gently stroked Xie Bi An's back: "Senior brother, let’s sleep, I'll stay with you."

Xie Bi An did not feel sleepy at all. The burning in his body never faded away. He knew clearly that he was also desiring for it. How could he not want to be close to someone he truly loved? It seems like he could also hear Fan Wu She's drumming heartbeat and boiling blood. He took a deep breath: "Wu She, I am not afraid of you, really, it is not you I am resisting."

"I know." Xie Bi An clenched his fist and asked hesitantly, "You ... said you knew what to do. How did you know?"

"I've read a book."

"I read them too, but only ones between men and women. Not like you." Xie Bi An teased, "You aren't right at heart at a young age."

"It doesn't matter if it's a man or a woman, as long as you sincerely like them." Fan Wu She said, "I only like you. Apart from you, no one else in this world, male or female, is worthy of my attention."

These words made Xie Bi An's heart palpitate, and he thought about how lucky he was to have such a good relationship, and how could he hurt Fan Wu She for someone who was not related to him?

"Alright, let’s sleep." Fan Wu She tenderly stroked Xie Bi An's hair, "We have to rush on our journey tomorrow."

"... It’s alright." Xie Bi An said in a small voice. "What?"
Xie Bi An's two fair and slender arms came out from under the blanket and wrapped around Fan Wu She's neck, pinning him down on the bed and touching him on the lips in the process.

Fan Wu She's breath almost stopped for a moment.

"Senior brother really does not know how to do it, and cannot teach you. If you know how to do it ..." Xie Bi An felt his face was going to burn completely, "can you be a little gentle?"

Fan Wu She was stunned for a moment, and he vigorously flipped his body and pressed Xie Bi An below him. The lust that had not yet cooled was burning again, and he couldn't stop looking into Xie Bi An's pupils, as if confirming with his eyes. Xie Bi An's hand gently caressed Fan Wu She's cheek and said with certainty, "I just want to remember you only."

Fan Wu She lowered his head and kissed Xie Bi An's lips with infinite tenderness. He can feel the person under him was opening up his body and heart to him initially. All these made him extremely thrilled. He stretched his hand into his underpants, held Xie Bi An’s half-hardened member and started to jerk.

Xie Bi An's body shook with fear and desire as he felt the excitement Fan Wu She was bringing him.

"I will make you remember me only." Fan Wu She nibbled on Xie Bi An's earlobe and chuckled, "I'll be gentle too."

Xie Bi An let out a low moan, feeling shy and helpless, and couldn’t help to close his legs tightly, yet they were pressed by Fan Wu She, who even squeezed in between his two thighs, making him unable to close up.

Fan Wu She’s kisses traveled down. After repeatedly teasing the tiny belly button with the tip of his tongue, his lips slid slowly down against Xie Bi An's belly, sliding towards the center of his desire.

Xie Bi An's heart was almost in his throat as he sensed what Fan Wu She might be up to, but it was beyond his imagination, and he was panicking and vaguely anticipating something at the same time.

When Fan Wu She’s soft lips landed on his member, he tensed up his body violently, and he let out a scream from the inner depth of his heart, "No, don't do that. Wu She, you, what are you doing!?"

"I want to make senior brother feel good." Fan Wu She stuck out his tongue. The tip of his tongue licked across that white jade-like, clean and straight member. He sucked that meat crown, and finally swallowed it in his mouth. He remembered all kinds of things in his past life. At that time, he always had the idea of revenge and punishment, never caring about his big brother’s desires, always charging violently and caring about his own pleasure. There were many times before that this man had never hardened
from start to finish. There was only pain and humiliation on his face. He didn’t want to see that expression anymore. He wants the lingering lust that came naturally, wants the two of them to indulge in harmony together.

Xie Bi An only felt his scalp about to explode. His hands gripped the quilt and his toes unconsciously curled up. The pleasure he never had before instantly destroyed his rationality. His body instantly softened after the extreme stiffness, allowing Fan Wu She to lick and jerk his most private part. He shuddered and said, "Wu She, there is no need for this, ahhh…no need to be like this, really ..."

This was the first time Fan Wu She served someone like this. The feeling of his member expanding in his mouth was strange and uncomfortable. His cheeks were numb, but he was willing to listen to Xie Bi An's uncontrollable moans of comfort.

Xie Bi An unconsciously grabbed onto Fan Wu She’s hair and instinctively shrugged his waist. A strong numbness ran through his body. He trembled and panted while saying, “Wu She, I, I can’t hold on anymore. You move away…”

Fan Wu She felt the man beneath him tremble, and he swallowed and spat with even more exertion before letting that member slip out of his mouth. A strong pleasure rushed through Xie Bi An’s body. He fiercely spasmed a few times. The semen gateway opened and the white, musky body fluid spurted out, landing on Fan Wu She’s face, body and clothes.

Xie Bi An’s whole body was fatigued after the orgasm, but when he saw the wreckage on Fan Wu She's body, he was so ashamed that he wanted to die, and he struggled, wanting to clean him up: "I'm sorry, I, I didn't mean to."

Fan Wu She gently wiped the fluid off his face and gave a naughty smile, "Senior brother, did you feel good?"

Xie Bi An's face flushed red and he froze, not knowing how to answer. “Is it that you never felt this good before is why you shoot so much?” Fan Wu She leaned down and indistinctly kissed Xie Bi An's lips, "Do you want to taste your own flavor?"

Xie Bi An couldn't stand such an outlandish conversation. He was so ashamed that he was dying to disappear right now: "I, I didn't mean to."

"I did it on purpose." Fan Wu She stroked Xie Bi An's thin waistline, “I said before, I want to let senior brother feel good. Whenever senior brother thinks about this, you will only remember the pleasure I gave you.”
Xie Bi An whispered, "There's no need ... to do this. It’s so dirty." "Senior brother is not dirty. Senior brother is really sweet all over." Fan
Wu She bit Xie Bi An's lips, his hand slid down from his waistline to his butt, feeling out that most secretive place, "I want to taste more places."

Xie Bi An's whole body trembled, but he didn't resist. He already felt guilty, and now that he had "taken advantage" of Fan Wu She, his only hesitation turned into obedience, so he wrapped his arms around Fan Wu She's neck and buried his face in the nook of his neck.

Fan Wu She used one hand to hug that slim waist in his embrace, and used the other hand stained with Xie Bi An’s body fluid, and slowly squeezed into that closely tight hole. He needs to keep controlling his surging lust so that he can maintain this gentle rhythm. To a person who’s been hungry for a hundred years, it’s very hard to just ‘eat slowly’.

When those slender fingers inserted and stirred in that tunnel with the help of lubrication, Xie Bi An closed his eyes and hugged Fan Wu She even tighter, yet that foreign feeling and embarrassing feeling still couldn’t be ignored and neglected. He kept breathing deeply, using his lips to lightly kiss Fan Wu She’s neck, like a lamb wanting to console a beast in the tiger’s den, making people want to swallow him in one bite.

Fan Wu She added his fingers to make it three, pressing them together, expanding and moving in and out of that tunnel, using his fingernails to deliberately scrape against Xie Bi An’s sensitive point, causing the person in his arms to tremble fiercely.

Xie Bi An clung to Fan Wu She’s body very dependently. He didn’t even dare to lift up his face. All the nerves were clearly sensing Fan Wu She using his fingers to penetrate into his unspeakable parts, wantonly playing lewdly, and he actually unimaginably had another reaction once again. He didn’t know what was wrong with him. Are these things always like this?

“Senior brother.” Fan Wu She’s lips were pressed against Xie Bi An’s ear, “Touch me.” He pulled out his fingers, pulled Xie Bi An’s hand and covered his lower half.

When Xie Bi An just touched that hot and hard object, he was so scared that he sprang his hand away.

Fan Wu She pressed his hand back again, and said with a voice full of bewitching, "Just touch it. Don't be afraid. I’m going to insert it inside your body, okay?"

“Is…this okay?” Xie Bi An grabbed Fan Wu She’s meat blade tremblingly, and he felt his whole body cover in goosebumps instantly. This thing, how is it this thick, this big? Fan Wu She is only 17 years old, how is it possible? How is it possible for him to grow this?

“It’s okay, it’ll make you feel even better.” Fan Wu She was guiding patiently and systematically, “Senior brother is so wet and soft there. I will also feel very good when I come in. We will feel very good together, okay?”

Xie Bi An’s mind was in such a mess that it became a pot of porridge*, stalling and not knowing how to answer.

“Don’t be afraid.” Fan Wu She separated Xie Bi An’s legs and gazed at Xie Bi An, "Do you trust me, senior brother?"

Xie Bi An looked into those eyes, which were drenched in desire but could not hide their deep love, and nodded. Fan Wu She pulled over a pillow, supported Xie Bi An’s waist, and opened his legs to two sides. He held his standing meat stick, and slowly pushed into that slightly opened meat hole, “It’ll be a bit painful, after that you’ll feel good. Trust me, senior brother.”

When that big meat crown was pushed into that tight and narrow meaty hole first, an unfamiliar pain made Xie Bi An widened his eyes and tensed his whole body.

“Relax a bit. Be good. Let me go in.” Fan Wu She was coaxing him while using his finger to massage the wrinkled hole entrance, which was stretched open instantly. His member slowly yet firmly inserted in. Until this moment, he still couldn’t control himself. It’s been a hundred years. He had insanely missed this person, this body, this seductive taste, but all his imagination was not even a fraction comparable of what he felt at this moment.

“Wuuu…it hurts…Wu She, slow, slow down.” It’s not that Xie Bi An couldn’t endure the pain, it’s just that this pain is seriously making him too embarrassed. He couldn’t gaze directly into Fan Wu She’s hanging fox eyes, which were bewitching, and he couldn’t look at himself, who was shamelessly spreading his legs in front of his junior brother. He used his hand to cover his eyes, and he let out waves of suppressed deep and low noises from his mouth.

“Be good. Senior brother is so good. Senior brother’s insides feel so good…” Fan Wu She let out a pleasurable sigh. He held Xie Bi An’s waist and slowly thrusted. His eyes gradually turned red. In their past sex matters, he has never been this restrained and gentle. At this moment, he would have already fucked the person underneath thoroughly, demanding infinite pleasure without any care. But this time, he cares about Xie Bi An’s feelings more than his. Even he felt surprised over this.

Xie Bi An’s face became pale. He constantly adjusts his breathing, wanting to suppress that terrifying feeling of swelling. Fan Wu She once again held his member and massaged it with reassurance, finally allowing him to slowly relax. Fan Wu She leaned down. His forehead was against Xie Bi An’s forehead, and the thrusting speed of his meat blade was accelerating. He panted heavily while moving his waist, “Senior brother, let me fuck you nicely.”

Xie Bi An felt so ashamed that he wanted to turn his face away, yet Fan Wu She pinched his chin and kissed his lips fiercely. He pressed down one of Xie Bi An’s thighs and suddenly furiously inserted twice, making that meaty wall fully opened from fucking, at the same time swallowing Xie Bi An’s uncontrollable scream into his tummy.

Fan Wu She opened his thighs even wider, fixed his waist and started thrusting fiercely. The pleasure brought by friction refreshed his every nerve. The body that made him think for a hundred years once again returned to his arms now, allowing him to do what he wants, allowing him to wantonly play lewdly. And, at his willingness. There was nothing in the world that can compare to this moment, and he was willing to die for it!

After the initial pain, Xie Bi An’s body fully opened. The hot and wet meaty walls tightly wrapped around that thick and long member, always releasing a little gap when being inserted fiercely, and contracting to retain when being withdrawn, as if it has a great ability to suck naturally. Relying on his familiarity with this body, Fan Wu She began to fiercely attack the sensitive points, and after a few hard thrusts, Xie Bi An was quickly thrust into a puddle of mud.

“…Wu She…don’t be so hard…ahhh…” Xie Bi An’s body constantly moved forward from being thrusted, and his head almost banged onto the bedpost.

Fan Wu She held his waist and pulled him back. The meat stick plunged all the way with a sound of wetness, which was exchanged for a scream and a violent contraction.

Fan Wu She heaved a long sigh and slapped Xie Bi An’s butt punitively, “Don’t bite so hard, I don’t want to shoot yet.” Xie Bi An’s whole body was ashamed with redness. His white jade skin texture was coated with a layer of light pink, which is extremely erotic and enticing.

Fan Wu She violently thrust for a while. That scary speed and force made Xie Bi An unable to call out a complete moan. His legs were opened to the sides helplessly, and Fan Wu She held him on his shoulders, using the deepest angle to thrust insanely, itching to even stuff his pouch inside. The sound of flesh impact was so fast that it made their scalps numb.

Xie Bi An has already lost his mind, letting out a sweet cry that he couldn’t even imagine.

Fan Wu She relieved his greed, leaned on him again and gently thrust. He said extremely obscene and intimate words full of tenderness, “Does senior brother feel good from being thrusted by me?”

“Wu…Mm…” Xie Bi An shook his head, and tears seeped from the corner of his eyes.

“Feels very good right? Senior brother is already so wet at the bottom.” Fan Wu She massaged that white and tender butt with his hand, and his eyes were burning with a monstrous fire of desire, “ time I’ll fuck you like this everyday, okay? Or I shouldn’t pull it out. Anyway, senior brother is sucking so tightly, you also don’t wish for me to pull it out, right?”

“Shut up…” Xie Bi An said with embarrassment, “No…ahhhh

Fan Wu She thrust fiercely once, and then pulled out the moist meat stick. Just when Xie Bi An was slightly relieved, his body was being flipped over, and the meaty hole, which couldn’t close up from being fucked, was still dripping with white, musky body fluid. It was still opening and closing, waiting to be filled. Fan Wu She straightened his back, penetrated from behind, and started thrusting violently, "I will make senior brother think of no one else but me."

Fan Wu She kept his words. His body energetically invades all of Xie Bi An’s 5 senses and thoughts. He was a beast that had been starving for a hundred years. After catching his prey, he ate it insanely and greedily, not resting until he had gnawed the last drop of bone and blood.

Almost insane.

a pot of porridge*[⼀锅粥]---in a mess

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Chapter 174

Fan Wu She is lying on his side, with one hand on his cheek, and has been watching Xie Bi An, who was sound asleep, for a long time.

This person is so gentle and innocent during the day, and he was even more defenseless in his sleep. The whole night's "ravages" had left traces of fatigue on his face, such as sweaty hair, pale pink at the end of the eyes and red, swollen lips. He breathed lightly, his eyelashes fluttering occasionally and he's sleeping so soundly and deeply that no one dares to disturb him.

Fan Wu She stared at this dignified and handsome face for a long time. His eyes fell to the slightly exposed snow-white shoulders under the quilt, and felt a little thirsty. He was no longer content with merely tracing it with his eyes. He reached out and ran his fingertips lightly over the line of the shoulder and neck.

He was supposed to be a cultivator with very high alertness, yet Xie Bi An did not have any response. He was clearly exhausted. The fact that he was able to fuck a high-ranking cultivator until he fainted showed how crazy last night had been.

Fan Wu She thought: After all, it was his first time. I think I took advantage of him a little bit. But he really couldn't control himself. Spanning a hundred years to embrace the person he had lost again, he had endured the inhuman painful torture, endured the endless darkness and despair, holding on to a faint glimmer of hope in the midst of bitter longing and heart-wrenching remorse, not knowing if they would ever be reunited again. He had survived, he had climbed out of hell, and he had returned to the person he loved most. At this time, how could he restrain himself? He was itching to nestle his whole self into this body, so that the two of them would never be separated in life and in death.

My senior brother, my big brother, my man. If it weren't for the fear of waking Xie Bi An up, he would have confined him in his arms right now.

But Xie Bi An still woke up to the sunlight. As soon as his hazy eyes opened, he met Fan Wu She's focused gaze. Xie Bi An was startled. His mind dazed for a moment, and then quickly became awake, his face flushed as the memories of last night surfaced.

"Senior brother is awake." Fan Wu She looked at him with a smile. Those charming, dangling fox eyes were so pulsating with emotion that they could simply seduce people's souls.

Xie Bi An was at a loss as he looked at him, his face getting hotter and hotter, wanting to turn away but felt inappropriate, yet not knowing how to face him.

Fan Wu She lay on his side in front of Xie Bi An and kissed the tip of his nose: "Senior brother's face is so red."

Xie Bi An subconsciously touched his own face. He was extremely embarrassed. The more he didn't want to remember that extremely licentious night, the more those embarrassing images came to his mind, reappearing before his eyes like a lantern with a carousel of paper horses*, and he couldn't wait to find a hole to bury himself in.

He really can't understand, why would Fan Wu She do those things at a young age? So ... so shameful and obscene, and tormenting a whole night was not enough. How did he fall and sink together with him? It’s simply too ridiculous.

Fan Wu She pulled Xie Bi An's hand that wanted to take the opportunity to block his face, and chuckled, "Why is senior brother still shy like this? Weren’t you very cooperative with me last night?"

"Nonsense." Xie Bi An stammered, "Don't, don't say anymore." "You look so good when you're shy." Fan Wu She went up to kiss him, "The way you look like this now makes me want to eat you again."

Xie Bi An was so ashamed, but he couldn't outspeak Fan Wu She, so he struggled to get up, but as soon as he moved, his body hurt and he grimaced.

"Don't get up in a hurry." Fan Wu She made Xie Bi An lie in his arms, kissing his cheek while rubbing his waist with just the right amount of force, and said with infinite tenderness, "I’ve made senior brother tired, but I like you too much. Last night was so good, it was the best night of my life. Did senior brother like it?"

"I ... I don't know." Xie Bi An obediently laid on top of Fan Wu She. He was dizzy again by these few loving words and momentarily forgot that the tender and sincere junior brother at this moment was clearly an insatiable beast last night. There was no use when he cried and begged for mercy.

"How could you not know? You like it too, don't you?" Fan Wu She nibbled lightly on Xie Bi An's ear, "Does senior brother like to be with me and do anything?"

Xie Bi An nodded lightly.

"Then did senior brother feel good?" Fan Wu She was massaging with his hand while injecting spiritual energy, quickly relieving Xie Bi An's soreness.

"Stop asking, what kind of question is this?" Xie Bi An blushed in shame.

"But I want to know if I've done a good job and if senior brother likes it." Fan Wu She made a slightly nervous look, "It's my first time too. What if senior brother doesn't like it? Then I ..."

"I liked it." Xie Bi An couldn’t bear to see his aggrieved look and blurted out, but after saying that he regretted it somewhat, "I, I think ... I think we should get up and eat." Fan Wu She contentedly kissed Xie Bi An and said joyfully, "Does senior brother really like it? Did you feel good?"

The only thing he wanted to do now was to block Fan Wu She's unrelenting mouth. He buried his face in the nook of Fan Wu She's neck and gently reprimanded, "Stop asking!"

The corners of Fan Wu She's lips lifted. His eyes were filled with a winning smile as he gently stroked Xie Bi An's back and said softly, "Alright, don't be shy, I won't ask anymore."

Xie Bi An sighed in relief. He closed his eyes and enjoyed Fan Wu She's caresses and embrace. The sweet warmth of this moment was something he had never experienced before in his life, and his whole heart was intoxicated.

"I like senior brother so much." Fan Wu She whispered in Xie Bi An's ear.

Xie Bi An whispered, "I like you a lot too."

"I've always been looking for you. In my whole life, I feel like I came here just to find you, and now that I've found you, we'll never be apart forever."

"Mm, we'll never be apart forever." To Xie Bi An, these loving words are just corny in his ears, but he did not know that Fan Wu She was being serious.

After the two of them had been entangled for a long time, Xie Bi An was really hungry, so Fan Wu She told him to rest a little longer and got out of bed to look for work at the inn.

How could Xie Bi An continue to laze around in bed? He hadn't forgotten his business, so he endured that embarrassing pain and crawled out of bed, dressed and washed up, just as Fan Wu She returned with his meal.

"Why are you up?" Xie Bi An said while pretending to be calm, "I'm not even sick, why should I lie down at this hour?"

Fan Wu She smiled, "That's true, senior brother should eat more."

Xie Bi An coughed lightly and sat down at the table. But as soon as his buttocks touched the chair, he turned pale with pain.

Fan Wu She hastily dragged him up and pulled him to sit on his lap.

Xie Bi An felt ashamed of himself, but the moment Fan Wu She hooped his waist, some familiar and unfamiliar images flashed before his eyes. Once, he had been wrapped around his waist like this many times and forced to sit on that man's lap, sometimes even naked, and sometimes being entered in such a position...

Xie Bi An was startled. The man was not "him", of course, but Song Zi Heng.

"Senior brother, what’s wrong?"

Xie Bi An looked at Fan Wu She's face, slightly in a trance. The "solution" that Fan Wu She said had obviously worked. He hadn't confused the two last night. His whole body and mind only hooted the name of one person - Fan Wu She, but at that moment just now, he remembered some memories that didn't belong to him again, and then he remembered: There was a lot of familiarity with everything he experienced last night ...

Xie Bi An’s heart swelled with anger. He had finally spent a good night with the one he liked without distraction, so he doesn't want to remember Song Zi Xiao again! The brutality of Song Zi Xiao was not comparable to the affection and tenderness of Fan Wu She. Although Fan Wu She was also frighteningly crazy when he lost control, the two of them were different. Fan Wu She will never humiliate him like that.

Immediately, he recited the Pure Mind Technique in his mind to chase away the memories that did not belong to him. "Senior brother?" Fan Wu She was a little worried as he brought the cup of water to Xie Bi An's lips, "Drink some water. Your face looks very unsightly."

Xie Bi An came back to his senses and took a few big gulps of water to steady his emotions, "It's nothing, I'm probably hungry."

"Then eat more. I've ordered all of your favorites." Fan Wu She picked up a piece of honey sauced pork chop and fed Xie Bi An.

Xie Bi An took a bite of the pork chop, and then said awkwardly, "Let me down."

"No, that stool is too hard, it will definitely hurt when you sit on it." Fan Wu She coaxed, "Sit on my lap, senior brother, it will be more comfortable."

How could Xie Bi An care about comfort or discomfort? He felt embarrassed, but he still obediently sat on Fan Wu She’s lap and was fed shamefully. Last time, he didn't know how a couple who were in love got along, but he knew that it was inappropriate for two men to behave like this. It was indecent and unmanly, but he liked it. He loved to be sweet with Fan Wu She like this every minute and every second.

The two of them ate their meals in this lovey-dovey way. Fan Wu She was cold and haughty in front of outsiders, but in front of Xie Bi An, he would act coquettishly and shamelessly, and treat him with tenderness. The way Fan Wu She was made Xie Bi An unable to refuse any of his requests, even if they were a bit overboard.

After eating, it was almost noon. The two of them prepared to leave.

After all, Xie Bi An’s cultivation was so profound that, apart from some discomfort in walking, he was not seriously affected, and it was impossible to let him rest. He wanted to see Zhong Kui immediately.

"Li Bu Yu has issued a heroic order. Now all the cultivators in the world are rushing this way, and there are many people leaving the Pass. Should we follow them, or go alone?" Xie Bi An discussed with Fan Wu She.

"If we go alone, we might get lost." Fan Wu She pondered, "Following them will inevitably delay the journey again."

After leaving the Pass, they would have to face a white snow plain, where the wind and snow raged all year round. Those who were not familiar with the path could easily get lost in it, and such a harsh environment was not suitable for sword flying. Most of them rode horses.

"Why don't we hire a guide?"

"No need, we'd better go on our own."

Xie Bi An said hesitantly, "But do you know the way?" "Yes, I do." Fan Wu She said with certainty.
Although Xie Bi An had doubts, he saw that Fan Wu She looked confident and said nothing more. He had complete confidence that Fan Wu She could solve all of their problems, so when the two of them left the Pass, Fan Wu She took out a simple soul token from his qiankun bag and released the demonic foal Wuya, he was dumbfounded.

lantern with a carousel of paper horses*[ ⾛ ⻢ 灯 ]--- rotating under convection, constant


Chapter 175

"Didn't, didn't you say "

"I lied to them." Fan Wu She said indifferently. Xie Bi An stared at him blankly.
"Such a powerful demon foal, why should it be given to Li Bu Yu?"

When he mentioned Li Bu Yu, Xie Bi An recalled the fragments of his past life, where Li Bu Yu knelt in front of "him" and cried for mercy. Although he could not remember the cause and effect, combined with Li Bu Yu's current actions, it was obvious that this person had never been a good person. So Fan Wu She was right, powerful weapons should not be given to people who harbor evil intentions.

Just that, Xie Bi An was still a little upset: "Wu She, you also lied to me." Fan Wu She paused: "Senior brother  "
"You can't lie to senior brother." Xie Bi An said with a stern face, "Master has taught me since I was a child to be even more frank and sincere towards those who are close to you."

"If I told you, you would definitely stop me." Fan Wu She took Xie Bi An's hand and shook it from side to side, "Don't be angry with me, senior brother. With it, we won't get lost."

Xie Bi An felt that he should teach Fan Wu She a lesson, but seeing how he frankly admitted his mistake, he couldn't do it at all. Besides, with Wuya around, it could indeed get them there faster. He could only sigh, "You can't lie to senior brother anymore in the future. If you do, I will really get angry."

"Got it." Fan Wu She went up and kissed Xie Bi An, "I won't dare to do it again."

Xie Bi An touched his cheek, which was hot from the kiss, and gave him an oblique glance, "Let's go."

When the two of them just got on the horse, Xie Bi An grabbed Fan Wu She's hand that was around his waist: "Let me tell you in advance, we will hurry on with our journey properly, you are not allowed to get fresh with me."

Fan Wu She gave an innocent look: "I never get fresh with you ah."

"Last time you..." Xie Bi An remembered the first time the two of them rode the horse, Fan Wu She was not behaving.

"What happened last time?" Fan Wu She put his face against Xie Bi An's and chuckled flirtatiously, "Where did I touch senior brother?"

Xie Bi An pushed his head away: "Let's hurry on."

"Senior brother, do you feel uncomfortable sitting like this?" "No, you just sit still."
"Lean into my arms." Fan Wu She tightened his arms and wrapped Xie Bi An with his own cloak, "Wuya is fast, and it's cold and windy here. If you feel uncomfortable, just tell me."

Xie Bi An felt warm in his heart: "I'm fine, let's go." He sat up straight to show that he was fine.

Fan Wu She whispered, "But I want to let senior brother lean into my arms." Xie Bi An didn't know whether to cry or laugh: "What do you think about all day long?"

"I think about you. I'm not interested in other people or things, but only in you." Fan Wu She pressed Xie Bi An's chest and made him lean back on him.

"What's so nice about thinking about me?" Xie Bi An teased, "You're so young, you should keep your heart of Dao and not let your imagination run wild."

Fan Wu She kissed Xie Bi An's hair: "Cultivation starts from cultivating the heart. I only have you in my heart, so you are my heart of Dao."

Xie Bi An snickered, and then immediately pretended to be strict by putting on a serious face: "Where did you learn that from? Outrageous."

Fan Wu She went to kiss Xie Bi An's earlobe again, "Senior brother, I want to kiss you."

"Let's go quickly."

"You turn around and let me kiss you." "You still act shamelessly."
"Just one kiss."

Xie Bi An smiled helplessly and suddenly turned his head to sip on Fan Wu She's lips, before quickly turning around again, "Okay, let's go."

Fan Wu She could not stop the corners of his mouth from rising. His heart was soft and tender, as if the heat generated by the embrace of two people could even melt the snowy plains.

Wuya dashed through the snow, as fast as a bolt of black lightning. The snowflakes hit the skin, like catching knives with the face. The stinging pain was unbearable. In the end, the face was blown until it numbed. They ran from morning until night. Although they were much faster than others, they really suffered.

After the sun went down, they found the cave where they had temporarily stayed when they left Kunlun last time. To say accurately, it was Wuya who helped them find it.

When the two of them dismounted, their legs were almost too stiff to move, especially Xie Bi An, who plunged straight to the ground and was narrowly caught by Fan Wu She.

"I'm numb from the cold." Xie Bi An said with a bitter smile.

Fan Wu She picked him up and carried him horizontally to the cave, where he placed him on a pile of hay left by some travelers.

Xie Bi An rubbed his legs with his hands, while accelerating the circulation of spiritual energy in his body to relieve the stiffness.

Fan Wu She touched Xie Bi An's ice-like face and said lovingly, "It's cold, isn't it? I'll just build a fire."

Xie Bi An wanted to smile, but the muscles on his face were no longer listening to him: "Okay."

The dry firewood from the qiankun bag was quickly lit, and the two of them stretched out their hands and feet to warm them up. Their actions were a bit comical.

After Fan Wu She warmed his hands, he rubbed them vigorously and then warmed up Xie Bi An's face.

Xie Bi An looked at him with a pair of smiling eyes. "Do you feel warmed up a bit?" Fan Wu She asked.
"Much better. My hands and feet are gradually getting some sensation." Xie Bi An also rubbed Fan Wu She's cheeks with his warmed hands and said lovingly, "What about you? You must be freezing." "I'm fine." Fan Wu She smiled and said, "You are still so afraid of the cold."

"Well, I'm indeed afraid of the cold. It's probably because ..." Xie Bi An suddenly froze. He recalled the image of almost freezing to death once in the snow. Although it was not him, he actually mixed up this memory and almost blurted it out. He can feel that, when every day passes, he will remember a little more. Even if it's a little, the accumulation of water will form a pool. It'll probably not be far away when he completely recovers his past life's memories. Song Zi Heng's memory is too heavy, and it's probably not something that he can bear, so what should he do until that time?

Fan Wu She looked at Xie Bi An's expression and guessed it. The reason why Song Zi Heng is afraid of the cold is because he nearly froze to death. Xie Bi An has never had this experience before, yet he is also very afraid of the cold. Now, not only Xie Bi An was mixing up with his past life, but he also saw Song Zi Heng's shadow more in Xie Bi An.

Xie Bi An quickly came back to his senses and said, "We were born in Shu land, so naturally we can't stand this kind of cold."

"Let's eat something. We won't be cold when we're full." Fan Wu She changed the subject.

"Oh, right."

The two of them stewed a pot of mutton soup and warmed up a pot of wine. They ate and drank everything clean, and their bodies really warmed up.

They laid and cuddled together, occasionally talking, occasionally giggling, occasionally intimate, and no one bears to go to sleep like this.

"Is senior brother still hurting there?" Fan Wu She pressed against Xie Bi An's nose tip and asked with a light smile.

Xie Bi An immediately became alert, and he slowly moved backward. Fan Wu She held the back of his neck and said softly, "Don't be afraid, I just want to hug you and kiss you now, I don't want you to feel uncomfortable."

Xie Bi An pinched his face, "You also know I'll feel uncomfortable." "Senior brother is too enticing." Fan Wu She stared at him, "I can't stop."
Xie Bi An hummed a laughter, "Brat, you know your senior brother has a good temper, so you’re always this presumptuous."

"But senior brother also likes it, right?" Fan Wu She grabbed Xie Bi An’s hand and put it close to his mouth and lightly bit on that slender finger, “Does senior brother feel even better than doing it yourself?”

Xie Bi An face became hot, contained his laughter and nodded his head, “I don't know where you learned those.”

Fan Wu She lifted his chin and kissed him softly: "As soon as I met you, I taught myself.”

"Last time, you really never been with anyone…" "Never. I don't want anyone but you."
Xie Bi An smiled and intimately scraped the tip of Fan Wu She’s nose: "Me too. Other than you, I don't want anyone else. For me, I just want you, me and Master. For the three of us to be together forever and never be separated." His eyes glowed, revealing an unworldly innocence.

"Whatever senior brother wants, I will help you achieve." Fan Wu She stroked Xie Bi An's long hair, "Master will be safe. They will change the fate for him."

Xie Bi An nodded resolutely.

Fan Wu She grabbed Xie Bi An's hand and raised it mid-air, then inserted his fingers into his fingers and interlocked them. He admired the two hands as if they were rare treasures. Xie Bi An laughed: "What's wrong?"

"To be able to hold hands with you like this ..." Fan Wu She's heart stabbed a little pain, "I feel very satisfied."
Xie Bi An tightened his five fingers, "Then we'll hold hands together." "Senior brother, you said reincarnation is everyone's lesson. If you cannot
cultivate successfully in this life, you have to cultivate in the next life. Is it really so?"

"That's not what I said, it's what Official Lord Cui said."

"Is what Official Lord Cui said right? Who can define reincarnation?" "Then what do you think reincarnation is?"
"I don't know what reincarnation is either, but why can't reincarnation be a chance to make up for the regrets of the previous life? You say that if you can't forget the past, you can't start over, but many people, even if they suffer the most painful memories, can't bear to forget. If one forgets, isn't it self-betrayal? If one forgets, wouldn’t the mistakes made be meaningless?"

Xie Bi An pondered for a moment: "The way you’re thinking is also thought-provoking. Maybe Song Zi Heng also holds the same idea as you. That's why he harassed me with his memory."

Fan Wu She let out a bitter laugh, "He certainly isn't." Because he chose to forget me without hesitation. He constantly turned his back on me with schemes, with the sword, with death, and with Meng Po soup.

"How do you know?"

"He drank Meng Po soup." "He wanted to start over."
"What right does he have to start over?" Fan Wu She's voice suddenly changed its tone. Xie Bi An froze, his heart inexplicably felt a little uncomfortable.

Fan Wu She immediately realized that it was inappropriate. It seemed like he always had trouble controlling his emotions as long as he talked about Song Zi Heng. He touched Xie Bi An's face, "Senior brother, let's not talk about him."

"Have you ever thought about it?" Xie Bi An stared into Fan Wu She's eyes and said surprisingly calmly, "If Song Zi Heng hadn't chosen to start over, you and I would neither have met nor known each other, and if Song Zi Heng hadn't drunk Meng Po Soup, there wouldn't have been me, Xie Bi An, in this world at all!" Fan Wu She's face in his vision once again overlapped with that shadowy and evil Demon Supreme. During these days of being repeatedly tormented by Song Zi Heng's memories, he used every means to make himself distinguish between these two people, but he still couldn't stop the horrible suspicion that welled up in his heart.

Fan Wu She was stunned. He suddenly felt the sky spinning. There is a question he never got an answer from his heart, that is, whether he wants Song Zi Heng, or Xie Bi An. They are clearly the same person, yet not the same person. He wants the big brother with whom he shares the memories of his youth, and he wants this senior brother who is willingly in love with him and trusts him wholeheartedly.

But what he wants, is not destined to be both. So he chose not to make a choice, only to hold on to this person firmly. He wants the Xuanyuan Heavenly Secret Talisman. He wants the cultivation of his previous life. He wants to relive in this life, and no power can take away the one he loves most.

Chapter 176

The closer they got to Shen Nong Ding, the more cultivators that came from everywhere in Jiuzhou. It seems like there are lots of them who came with the intention of getting the ice crystals from the nasty situation. The two of them disguised themselves, neither wanting to be recognized by the cultivators, nor wanting to be discovered by Zhong Kui.

In the distance, a furnace-shaped "mountain" appeared in the field of vision. It is true that it is as lofty as a mountain, but anyone who looks at it will know that it is not a real mountain. It is a lonely, upright peak with strange, rugged rocks. Thousands of gutters and gullies make up the ancient giant totem on the tripod. It is located in the white and boundless Kunlun snow plain, yet not covered with any snow. It is covered by thick gray-black soil, yet not an inch of grass was grown.

It was like tiny, thick ink on the white earth, yet it has existed for ages. It is one of the four ancient magical treasures, Shen Nong Ding.

For millions of years, the people of Kunlun built a city around Shen Nong Ding --- Chidi City. This city is a fortress that is used by the descendants of celestial beings to guard Shen Nong Ding. A city of eight fortresses, built according to the Qian, Dui, Li, Zhen, Xun, Kan, Gen, and Kun, which constructs the largest eight trigrams formation* in Jiuzhou with extremely powerful boundaries and city defense. No one has ever been able to invade Chidi City, and no one has ever tried. This place is only 20 miles from the Fenglin Continent. Cangyu Sect governs Chidi City and also dominates Shen Nong Ding. If anyone wants to use Shen Nong Ding to quench weapons, magical treasures and immortal cores, they must pay tribute to Cangyu Sect. However, Chidi City is well-fortified, but it does not mean that Cangyu Sect is impeccable. Shen Nong Ding is actually a volcano, and it clashes with Cangyu Sect's cold ice spells. Cangyu Sect's cultivators cannot cultivate in the Chidi City, and they cannot give up their own cave --- the ice crystals at the bottom of Fengming Lake, so Fenglin Continent is independent of Chidi City, where elders of Cangyu Sect take turns to manage and govern.

But today's situation is different from any time before. Qi Meng Sheng's cultivation has reached the realm of perfection, and the cost of it was already going off the rails, with eternal life or death just a hair's breadth away. No one has ascended in the world for a thousand years, even the unrivaled Demon Supreme also failed to achieve this. If she wants to live, she must use the ice crystal to reshape her old body. Now, she took a large number of Cangyu Sect's disciples to defend the inner Chidi City. The ice crystals at the bottom of Fengming Lake were also mostly taken away, and she also captured the reincarnation of the Human Emperor. Seeing that she's going to get what she wants by refining an immortal core, the heart of swallowing like a bear is clear to see.

Li Bu Yu issued a heroic order that proved that the immortal cultivation world has really reached a critical moment. If they can't stop Qi Meng Sheng, when she succeeds, she will be the second Song Zi Xiao. It is conceivable that the attack on Chidi City will be a huge bloody battle.

The two of them walked to the snow hill outside Chidi City, looking at the city state arranged in eight trigrams, and Shen Nong Ding surrounded in the middle, at this distance, they can see that Shen Nong Ding is covered with cracked lines.

Xie Bi An came to Chidi City once before. It was six or seven years ago when Lan Chui Han quenched a sword and Zhong Kui brought him to see the fun. He explained to Fan Wu She: "That thick layer of black and gray rock outside Shen Nong Ding is the volcanic ash. It looks very strong, but in fact it’s only solidified soil. Those are formed by years and years of burning the opened furnace. The true appearance of the Shen Nong Ding can no longer be seen anymore." Although Fan Wu She came to Shen Nong Ding more than once in his previous life, he really has not seen Shen Nong Ding open its furnace: "Will fire flow when the furnace is opened?"

"Yes, but as long as it is properly controlled, it will not flow everywhere. The people of Cangyu Sect have the most experience with this. I watched Brother Lan quench his sword back then, wow, it was so spectacular, like a mountain burning up." Xie Bi An recalled the scene, "Xianyue Pavilion is also really rich."

Fan Wu She gave a cold hum. He thought to himself, the wealth of Xianyue Pavilion’s mostly came from the Daming Song Clan. After Xie Bi An woke up and remembered that in his previous life, Song Zi Heng had a royal son who looked a bit like Lan Chui Han, combined with the Junlan Sword Technique and orchids, and Xianyue Pavilion's emergence and rise in the post-Emperor Song era, why hadn't he thought of it earlier?

Xie Bi An glanced at Fan Wu She and suddenly snorted a laugh. "What's wrong?"
"I understand now. You are always so rude to big brother Lan because you are jealous." Xie Bi An chuckled non-stop.

Fan Wu She pursed his lips, "Good that you know."

"Then you have liked senior brother for a long time." Xie Bi An cupped Fan Wu She's smooth face and said teasingly, "When did you start liking senior brother?"

"The first time I saw you." Fan Wu She said without changing his expression.

Xie Bi An was a little stunned, and he lowered his head with embarrassment. He licked his lips, and the corners of his mouth kept turning upward: "You were so cold to me at first, I thought you hated me."

Fan Wu She took Xie Bi An's hand: "I've always liked you." Xie Bi An moved closer to Fan Wu She, his face always carrying a warm smile: "You should not be hostile to Brother Lan in the future, Brother Lan and I are friends."

"You treat him like a friend, who knows what he thinks of you? He has a reputation for being a flirt." Fan Wu She muttered, "And he even gave you very precious orchids."

"When he gave me the orchid, I was not even an adult. He only treated me like a younger brother."

"Then you are an adult now."

Xie Bi An didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, "Brother Lan is open and honest. You are the only one who loves to let your imagination run wild and have a narrow mind."

"I'm just narrow-minded." Fan Wu She held Xie Bi An's hand tightly, "I hope you are mine only."

Since he was young, he always wanted his big brother to be his only. No one could steal from him, whether it was his other siblings or his future "sister-in-law".

Xie Bi An dotingly rubbed his head: "I can see it this time, you still haven't grown up."

"I ..."

"Okay, okay, we need to think about what to do next." Xie Bi An lifted his chin in the direction towards Shen Nong Ding, "Chidi City is locked down. I heard that Master and the others are at the south of the city outskirts. They must be waiting for Shen Nong Ding to open the furnace."

Fan Wu She nodded: "Opening the furnace requires a large number of cultivators to quench the fire. At that time, it is the time when the defenses of Chidi City are the weakest." "But, the one Qi Meng Sheng captured is not the reincarnation of the human emperor. She can't successfully refine this core. Once the furnace is opened, it will be revealed. Master ..." Xie Bi An frowned, "Master is aware of this. "

"But other people do not know, and master will not tell Li Bu Yu. I do not know what master is planning now."

"We can't go and find Master for the time being, otherwise Master will definitely have his judgment affected because he's hung up on me." Xie Bi An pondered for a moment, "To change Master's fate, we must defeat Qi Meng Sheng, but to invade Chidi City, using me as bait should be able to

"Don't even think about it." Fan Wu She interrupted him with a sullen face, "We are here to save master, but if you are in danger, I won't care about anyone else."

Xie Bi An immediately consoled him, "Aren’t we thinking of ideas now? I also don't want to get myself involved, but this is a dangerous battle, so who can completely retreat?"

"No, your identity is the key to our victory, how can you easily take it as bait?" Fan Wu She said, "Now Qi Meng Sheng has the upper hand, but when she finds out that she did not get the golden core of the reincarnation of the Human Emperor, our chance will come."

"That's right." Xie Bi An looked at the Chidi City, "The city is well- fortified and cannot be broken from outside, but it may not be impossible to smash from the inside. Don't forget, Qi Meng Sheng has a key person beside her who fooled her."

"Huang Dao Zi's disciple." Fan Wu She said, "This person is called Qing Wu Zi, who is a nobody and worse than his master. He inherited Huang Dao Zi's Luo Shui Jade Armor, but also did not make a name for himself. I wonder why he wanted to help Qi Meng Sheng find the Golden Trunk Jade Policy, yet lied to her about the true identity of the reincarnation of the Human Emperor." "Obviously to keep her from getting my Core." Xie Bi An's brow furrowed lightly, "But I have a feeling that this Qing Wu Zi probably also has evil intentions." Song Zi Heng's memory seems to have had Huang Dao Zi. He was not very sure, but the name Huang Dao Zi made him uncomfortable, not to mention that this person did not have a good reputation in the first place.

"Most likely he also covets your core, then naturally he won't let Qi Meng Sheng get it easily." Fan Wu She narrowed his eyes, "One by one, they all deserve to die." He would fight for his life and would not let anyone get their hands on this person's golden core. If he could, he would pay any price to go back to his previous life to stop that crazy self.

Xie Bi An subconsciously touched his abdomen, only to feel creepy, thinking of so many people in this world who want to open his intestines, who can treat this situation lightly? He said, "Wu She, how should we act now? You are so smart, do you have an idea?"

Fan Wu She stared at Chidi City, and after a moment of silence, he said, "This Chidi City, isn't there any other way to get in?"

Xie Bi An shook his head: "Chidi City has one of the world's largest eight trigrams formation. The boundary is very strong. Even if the boundary is broken, there are still city defenses. No one has ever thought of being able to attack Chidi City. Even if there is a gap, there is no way we could know about it."

"What if we can find a way to contact Qing Wu Zi?"

Xie Bi An's eyes lit up, "Yeah, Qing Wu Zi must know my identity, we can use that to lure him out to meet us."

"Maybe he's waiting for us to find him." Fan Wu She said coldly, "What exactly is this person's purpose in ruffling the feathers behind the scenes?"

"No matter what, as long as he doesn't want Qi Meng Sheng to get my core, we have an opportunity to take advantage of it." Xie Bi An hesitated, "But how can we inform Qing Wu Zi when he is inside Chidi City? Won't we still have to go into the city to do so?"

Fan Wu She thought for a moment, "I have an idea." "Say it."
Fan Wu She reluctantly said, "We have to ask your big brother Lan for help."

Xie Bi An was happy, "Then can you listen to senior brother and be polite to him?"


Xie Bi An turned sideways, pressed against his cheek and kissed him: "Good boy, listen to senior brother."

Fan Wu She's expression instantly melted and said with some awkwardness, "Got it."

eight trigrams formation*[⼋卦阵]---can read: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bagua

Chapter 177

There was a sudden influx of numerous Central Plains’ cultivators to Kunlun. Even if Chidi City wasn’t locked down, all of them could not be entertained. Now, the two small inns outside the city have no empty rooms, and the temporary camp set up by the Immortal Alliance was full of people. So many people had no choice but to pay high prices to stay with families of hunters.

This family is on the outskirts of the city, and their home is very simple and crude, but they already can't find a closer one. It's very important to have a house to keep the wind and snow out, and this is the one. Plus, it’s the one that Xie Bi An kindly begged for, because the adults of this family are not around, except an elder sister who just became an adult and a seven or eight-year-old younger brother. They were very wary of people from the Central Plains. Initially, they kept failing to beg to spend the night, so Xie Bi An took off his snow hat and showed a warm and handsome smiling face to win the elder sister's trust.

When Fan Wu She went to look for Lan Chui Han, Xie Bi An casually chatted with the elder sister over the fire: "Little girl, what is your name?"

"Ah Lü." She sat at the table sewing a hide, glancing at Xie Bi An with her eyes from time to time, and hastily lowering her head, looking cautious and curious. She hasn't seen much of anyone from the Central Plains, especially such good-looking ones.

"Ah Lü." Xie Bi An said gently, "Where are your parents? Why are they not at home?" "My mother passed away a long time ago." When Ah Lü said this, there was no obvious sadness. Seems like her mother really left "very early", "My father went into the city last month to exchange money, and Chidi City was suddenly locked down, not allowing anyone to enter or leave." She added, "My father hunted a big wild boar, which can be exchanged for a lot of money."

"No wonder there is only the two of you at home." Xie Bi An comforted, "Don't worry, the people from the Immortal Alliance are here, and Chidi City will be unsealed soon."

"I'm not worried." Ah Lü lowered her head and threaded the needle. Her hands were small but her craft was skillful. She said in a deliberately relaxed tone, "It is common for my father not to return home for ten days or half a month when he waits for prey up on the mountain, but this time he didn’t leave enough money and food, otherwise I wouldn't have let you in."

Xie Bi An said sincerely, "Thank you."

Ah Lü peeked at Xie Bi An again, "You don't look like bad guys anyway, right?"

Xie Bi An smiled and said, "We are not bad people."

After a few casual chats, Ah Lü put down her guard and talked to Xie Bi An about her family life, and when the sun started to set, she got up to cook, and Xie Bi An also went over to help.

Just as the meal was ready, Fan Wu She also came back in time. The two of them exchanged a look, and Xie Bi An knew that the news had already reached Lan Chui Han.

Xie Bi An asked in a whisper, "Were you polite to him?"
"How old do you think I am?" Fan Wu She asked in reply nonchalantly. "Still unwilling to concede, little jealous spirit." Xie Bi An contained his
laughter and teased. Although he does not allow Fan Wu She to offend others for no reason, this jealousy is clearly sour and sweet.

Fan Wu She took advantage of Ah Lü and her younger brother's inattention to quickly bite at Xie Bi An’s neck.

Xie Bi An immediately covered it with his hand, acting like he was swatting a mosquito, and then glared at Fan Wu She, who acted as if nothing had happened.

The four of them were eating around a low table, and Ah Lü's younger brother kept stealing glances at them with his eyes. His timid look was very cute. Xie Bi An looked at this little boy, and several overlapping images inexplicably surfaced before his eyes. He did not have time to look carefully, and immediately began to silently recite the Pure Mind Technique. Without even thinking, he knew that Song Zi Heng’s memory was at work again.

After eating, Ah Lü made their beds in her father's room and changed into a white washed and patched cover.

Fan Wu She squeezed the quilt: "It's too thin, get a thicker one." "It's not cold, the bed is hot." Ah Lü explained.
Fan Wu She didn't even need to take his hand to probe. His limbs were tingling while standing in the room. In order to save the firewood, the fire in the furnace was burning listlessly: "Bring another bed, and I'll give you extra money."

Ah Lü said with difficulty, "There is no other bed."

Xie Bi An said, "Forget it, her father didn't leave much firewood, so she needs to save it. Actually, it’s not really cold.”

Xie Bi An, who said it wasn't very cold, turned his head and left his dignity as a senior brother behind, got on the bed and went into Fan Wu She's arms, wrapping the two of them tightly with the blanket. “Didn’t you say you’re not cold?” Fan Wu She smiled lightly, his hand moved downwards while following Xie Bi An’s slightly convex spine, caressing him over and over again.

"I'm afraid you'll be cold." Xie Bi An pasted his face together with Fan Wu She’s, and closed his eyes comfortably. He felt for Fan Wu She's other hand under the quilt, and clasped his hand in front of his chest, as if to warm it up, and as if he wanted it to warm up his heart.

"Mm, senior brother is really good." Fan Wu She held Xie Bi An's lower lip with his mouth, sucking and biting it, and finally pressing his whole lips onto it, kissing it densely, and said with a mischievous smile, "I still have a place that is cold, and I want to get inside senior brother's body to warm it up."

Xie Bi An kicked him with his leg and scolded jokingly, "Behave a little."

"Then it's also okay for senior brother to warm me up with your hands." Fan Wu She looked like he was feeling reluctant.

Xie Bi An slapped both hands on Fan Wu She's face and rubbed his cheeks hard until they were deformed.

Then the two of them broke into laughter at the same time, smothered in the nest into a ball of joy, kissing and touching and hugging from time to time, chatting a few words about the situation in Chidi City, and saying a few corny, loving words. No one has the intention of closing their eyes. When the two of them are together, they do not need to do anything special. Just being together physically is enough to develop the power to drive away the cold from the depths of their hearts.

"Did you agree to meet with Brother Lan between 1-3am? Then he should be arriving soon."

"Mm. Are you sleepy?" Fan Wu She used his thumb to stroke over Xie Bi An's thin eyelids, "If you're sleepy, just take a nap." "Why sleep? It's time to get up. If he sees us like this, it's not decent."

Fan Wu She used his hands and legs and pressed hard to keep him from moving, "Why do you care about him?"

"Stop playing."

"It's cold outside. Don't get up yet."

Just as he was saying that, there was a slight rattling from inside the house. That sound was soft enough, yet deliberate, clearly a signal from Lan Chui Han.

Both of them sat up from the blanket at the same time. Xie Bi An rolled out of bed, neatly tidied up and pushed the door open to go out.

A little candle was just lit on the table. The number one man in the world, dressed in blue, dashing and unrestrained, was standing in front of the table. The impact of his presence on this simple and crude house is exactly what the phrase "Your presence brings light to my humble dwelling" suggests.

"Brother Lan." Xie Bi An’s face was showing joy. The last time they parted, Lan Chui Han, who had just been rescued from the ice coffin, was still weak, and now that he had recovered like how he was before, he was naturally happy for him.

"Bi An, you guys ..." Lan Chui Han's gaze fell behind Xie Bi An. Fan Wu She was coming out of the room. That room was small and everything could be seen in one glance. There was only one quilt on the bed, crumpled and piled up together, which clearly had just been used.

Xie Bi An turned back and looked, perhaps feeling guilty, and quickly explained, "This family doesn't have any extra quilts," After explaining, he regretted it. When they went out, everything was simple. What's the big deal if senior and junior brothers are covered with a quilt? Isn’t his unnecessary sentence giving himself away by concealing the truth? Lan Chui Han let out an "Oh" and looked at Fan Wu She with deep meaning.

Fan Wu She lightly spied on Lan Chui Han behind Xie Bi An, and then turned his face, facing towards that pair of siblings’ room.

"No need to worry, I let them sleep for now." Lan Chui Han said. "Brother Lan, come sit down and talk."
The three tall and fit men sat at a short dining table. Their long legs that had nowhere to be put comfortably bumped into each other's knees from time to time, which was very cramped.

Lan Chui Han looked at Xie Bi An. He was full of doubts, and he was waiting for Xie Bi An to explain.

Xie Bi An didn't know where to start for a moment. He asked what he was most concerned about first: "Is my master okay?"

"Heaven Master is fine, why didn’t you find him?" "Because Master forbade us from coming to Kunlun."
"Heaven Master is worried about your safety." Lan Chui Han found this reason not very convincing, "With your cultivation level, Heaven Master is too cautious, probably because he is eager to protect his disciples."

"Sort of." Xie Bi An asked again with concern, "Has Brother Lan recovered?"

"I've been well for a long time." Lan Chui Han said with a bitter smile, "I just have one more problem; I'm more afraid of the cold than before."

Xie Bi An comforted him, "What are the plans of the Immortal Alliance now?"

"Chidi City can't be taken down in the short term, unless we wait for the Shen Nong Ding to open. At that time, most of Cangyu Sect's cultivators will be quenching fire for the Shen Nong Ding and can't be separated, so it's our only chance."

Xie Bi An nodded: "I also guessed so. It’s impossible for Qi Meng Sheng not to think about it. She should be prepared for it."

"No matter how prepared she is, that is also the time Chidi City’s defenses are the weakest. We will wait for Shen Nong Ding to open the furnace, then we will attack the city."

"... Master also said so?"

Lan Chui Han frowned slightly: "Heaven Master, however, does not agree to attack the city as soon as the furnace is opened, saying that we should wait at least a few days to drain their spiritual power. Just that, the human core is very easy to refine. If you use an ordinary furnace to refine an ordinary human core, at most three days is enough. Using the Shen Nong Ding to refine the Absolute Human Emperor, it may take seven days and seven nights according to the history books, but we do not know the truth. Immortal Alliance Li worries that if we wait a few days, what should we do when her core has been refined successfully? After opening the furnace, should we immediately attack or wait a few days before attacking, until today, they still haven’t decided."

Xie Bi An sighed.

Lan Chui Han stared at Xie Bi An: "Bi An, what are you hiding from me? What do you want me to do? Tell me everything. You called me over behind people's ears, so there must be a secret, but what is more important than stopping Qi Meng Sheng now?"

Xie Bi An knew that it was impossible to hide from Lan Chui Han at this time: "The reason why master did not agree to attacking the city as soon as the furnace is opened is because he knew that Qi Meng Sheng could not refine the Absolute Human Emperor."

"Why?" Lan Chui Han wondered, "If she can't refine it, why do we need to go through all the trouble?" "She just can't refine it yet, because the person she caught is not the reincarnation of the Human Emperor at all, and she will find out when the furnace is opened."

Lan Chui Han showed astonishment on his face: "How do you know?
Why did Heaven Master know and didn’t say anything?"

Xie Bi An glanced at Fan Wu She. Despite Fan Wu She's expressionless face, he felt reassured just by looking into this man's eyes, and he calmly said to Lan Chui Han, "Because I am the reincarnation of the Human Emperor."

Chapter 178

Xie Bi An concealed many important plot points, saying that it was Cui Jue who discovered his true identity in his own way and told them when they returned to the Underworld, which is why Zhong Kui forbade him from coming to Kunlun.

Lan Chui Han didn't speak for a long time. Amazement, suspicion, worry, incomprehension, all kinds of emotions switched on his face, and finally solidified into contemplation.

Xie Bi An waited patiently for him to digest this secret.

After a long time, Lan Chui Han spoke slowly, "Do you believe in Official Lord Cui?"

"Yes, both my master and I believe him." Xie Bi An replied without hesitation.

"You are the reincarnation of Emperor Kong Hua." Lan Chui Han stared at Xie Bi An. His eyes were dark, gloomy, and difficult to understand. He slowly pursed his lips, "All of these, they can't be a coincidence, right?"

His life is inextricably linked to the legacy of Emperor Song’s era and the turmoil of the immortal cultivation world, which was soaked with the flavor of conspiracy. How can it be a coincidence? But even he himself does not know the truth hidden behind the heavy clouds of suspicion yet. He had to tell the truth: "Brother Lan, I also just learned that I am the reincarnation of the Human Emperor. There are many things that I am just as confused about as you are. " "What about Heaven Master? Do you believe that Heaven Master knew it recently?"

Xie Bi An had to admire Lan Chui Han's perceptiveness, "I'm not sure, but I guess that Master probably knew from the beginning. That's why he took me in as his disciple."

Fan Wu She could not stand seeing Lan Chui Han's aggressiveness and spoke, "Even if my master knew from the beginning, it’s reasonable and fair. He was afraid that senior brother would get into trouble and die because of the golden core, so he put him by his side for protection."

Lan Chui Han sighed: "I'm not doubting Heaven Master, it's just that this matter really shocked me so much. I always feel that things are even more complicated than we thought."

"Brother Lan, I have the same thoughts as you. Wait till when I see Master, I also have a lot of questions I want to ask him, but right now, like you said, the most important thing is to stop Qi Meng Sheng first."

"You said that Qing Wu Zi, who was beside Qi Meng Sheng, tampered with the Golden Trunk Jade Policy?"

"Yes, the Golden Trunk Jade Policy was found by him. Although I don't know why he did it, most likely it was for my core as well."

"But after Shen Nong Ding is opened and the Absolute Human Emperor cannot be refined successfully, Qi Meng Sheng will find out that that golden core is not what she wanted, and the first person she will suspect is Qing Wu Zi."

Xie Bi An nodded: "Just because of this, Qing Wu Zi knows that I am the reincarnation of the Human Emperor, but he doesn't know that I also know. As soon as he gets the news, he will definitely come to see us, and we can blackmail him by denouncing him to Qi Meng Sheng."

"But how am I going to meet Qing Wu Zi?" "You don't need to meet Qing Wu Zi, you only need to meet Yun Zhong Jun." Fan Wu She said, "Li Bu Yu has tried to negotiate with Qi Meng Sheng several times, and Qi Meng Sheng only sends out Yun Zhong Jun. If you request to meet Yun Zhong Jun in the name of personal friendship, he should be willing to meet you."

"And then what?"

"You just persuade him to surrender as usual, and then tell him that Qing Wu Zi's master, Huang Dao Zi, is a charlatan. That Qing Wu Zi is worse than his master and cannot be trusted gullibly. That the cultivator from Yanzhou has mediocre qualifications and cannot be the reincarnation of Emperor Kong Hua, and that Heaven Master has already gone back to the Underworld to inquire about the reincarnation of the real Human Emperor." Xie Bi An said, "Doesn't matter if Qi Meng Sheng believes it or not as there will be one bit of suspicion in her heart, and this word will definitely reach Qing Wu Zi's ears as well. He will be restless before us."

Lan Chui Han nodded: "This plan is feasible. If Qi Meng Sheng really suspects Qing Wu Zi, Qing Wu Zi will probably have difficulty in protecting his life." He thought for a moment and asked again, "Should we discuss this matter with Heaven Master?"

Xie Bi An shook his head definitively, and he laughed bitterly, "Brother Lan, if we could discuss this with my master, why would we sneakily invite you here? If master knew I was here, he would definitely be furious and might even chase me away."

"Heaven Master did the right thing." Lan Chui Han picked at the sluggish candlewick. The sudden brightening of the fire shone his face a little clearer, but his eyes seemed to be covered with a deeper shadow, "Although this plan is feasible, why should I do it accordingly?"

Xie Bi An was startled, and Fan Wu She's eyes became gloomy. "Brother Lan ..." Lan Chui Han smiled faintly. This smile is no different from ordinary, yet Xie Bi An detected his anger.

"Heaven Master leaving you in the underworld is the best plan. If you are really the reincarnation of the Human Emperor, as long as Qi Meng Sheng can't get your golden core, she will die sooner or later, and the whole immortal cultivation world doesn't need to bleed and sacrifice themselves. Just trap her in Chidi City and wait for her to eat her own evil fruit." Lan Chui Han looked at Xie Bi An with a smile, "Don't you think that's correct?"

Xie Bi An was speechless for a moment.

"Unless you are hiding another more important reason from me."

Fan Wu She said coldly: "When Qi Meng Sheng found out that she was deceived, she will definitely try everything to find the reincarnation of the real Human Emperor. She will kill more people, and will use the safety of the immortal cultivation world to coerce us to handing over the reincarnation of the Human Emperor. No one knows how long she will live, but as long as she lives, the immortal cultivation world will not have peace. Only by getting rid of her completely can we stop more innocent people from dying in vain. "

"When this battle is fought, the people who died will probably be even more." Lan Chui Han leisurely smiled, "In my opinion, we should meet all changes by remaining unchanged. Bi An should just listen to Heaven Master and obediently return to the Underworld. With no Absolute Human Emperor, we certainly will live longer than Qi Meng Sheng."

Xie Bi An showed a difficult expression. He knew the intent of Lan Chui Han's words, but as an Underworld General, how could he let out the heavenly secret?

"Master may die in this battle."

"Wu She!" Xie Bi An shouted at him to stop, but it was already too late. Lan Chui Han was stunned, "What do you mean?"

Xie Bi An glared angrily at Fan Wu She and slumped his shoulders in frustration, "I peeked at the Book of Life and Death."

Lan Chui Han pondered for a moment: "Cause and effect and karma are interrelated. You want to change the karma, but have you ever thought maybe this is the destined arrangement? If you didn't come instead, Heaven Master may have a higher possibility of overcoming this calamity."

"I did think about it before." Xie Bi An's expression was solemn and quiet, his voice was low, "but no one can predict what has not yet happened. Waiting in the underworld for the news of master's life or death who is a thousand miles away, I can't do it. I would rather fight with my life." He looked at Lan Chui Han with a glittering gaze that hid a trace of water vapor, "Brother Lan, are you willing to help us now?"

"Okay." Lan Chui Han sighed, "Whether it is destiny or man-made, we always have to go on to see the outcome."

Xie Bi An said gratefully, "Thank you."

Lan Chui Han looked at Xie Bi An helplessly: "I find that I could never refuse you. Do you still remember, when you and Heaven Master went to Huayueye as guests back then, you stammered and blushed and asked me for a Dang Shan He?"

Xie Bi An didn't know why Lan Chui Han suddenly brought up this matter. He smiled lightly and said, "Of course I remember. Now that I think about it, I am a little embarrassed that you gave me such a precious maternal plant."

Fan Wu She looked at Lan Chui Han with cold eyes. He promised Xie Bi An to "be polite", but he couldn't stop the rejection of Lan Chui Han in his heart from reacting on his face. Ever since he knew that Lan Chui Han might be the grandson of Song Zhong Ming, he finally understood why he was annoyed at the sight of this person. "Yeah, that maternal plant is the second generation maternal plant of the Dang Shan He variety. It's a direct descendant of the female parent of this variety."

"This ..." Xie Bi An's pair of black eyes opened wide. He felt a little lost for a moment. He only knew the maternal plant was a hundred years old and hard to buy with great wealth, but he did not know that it was so rare. How could Lan Chui Han give such an important thing to a friend whom he had not known for that long?

Lan Chui Han saw through what Xie Bi An was thinking: "You don't need to be nervous, I have never regretted giving you this gift. Now that I think about it, maybe it is fate. It is said that Emperor Kong Hua loved orchids when he was young."

Xie Bi An An felt tense. Yes, Song Zi Heng liked orchids. Although in many memory fragments, there are no more orchids.

Fan Wu She felt even worse. He remembered his big brother's "Orchid Garden", especially that day the Orchid Garden was destroyed. That rain also poured his heart thoroughly.
Lan Chui Han stood up: "I’ll go back first. You guys wait for my news." "Okay." Xie Bi An said, "Wait until we get in touch with Qing Wu Zi,
then we will plan the next step."

Chapter 179

After Lan Chui Han left, it was almost dawn. The two of them were not sleepy at all, and they sat on the creaking pony stools and leaned against the stove to keep warm.

Xie Bi An added two pieces of dry firewood to the furnace. He stared at the dazzling orange fire and fell into deep thought. The only sound heard in the room was the sound of knocking and bursting.

After a long time, Fan Wu She got up, and when he sat back down again, he put a cup of hot tea in Xie Bi An's hand.

Xie Bi An held the cup of tea, took a sip, and smiled gently at Fan Wu She: "Isn’t this my tea? It tastes good."

"I was afraid your qiankun bag couldn't put anything anymore inside, so I carried some for you." Fan Wu She also tasted a mouthful, "It smells so good."

"I put some orchids in when roasted the tea, so it has its own fragrance. Official Lord Cui also loves the tea I grow." Speaking of Cui Jue, Xie Bi An's face was covered with a layer of light sorrow, "We’ve been away from the Underworld for a few days now. I wonder if Jiang Qu Lian has returned, and if he has discovered that someone has broken into his treasure trove, and that secret passage to hell."

"It's only a matter of time before he finds out, but we have no time to care about him, so don't get distracted now." "Mm, you're right." Xie Bi An smiled again, "I always feel strange in my heart whenever I see Brother Lan now."

"Because of the memories from the dream?"

"Haha, yeah. I even overlapped Brother Lan's face with that child's ..." Xie Bi An was suddenly stunned, and some chilling thoughts came to his mind, "There is no record in the history books about Emperor Kong Hua's royal son, and he neither got married nor had a concubine, so where did he get a son?"

"An illegitimate son, I guess."

Because of the fear of retaliation by the remaining villains of the Wuyun Sect, Song Zhong Ming's origin of birth had been well hidden by Song Zi Heng, and in order for Song Zhong Ming to have the option to recognize his ancestors when he became an adult, he was not included in the Song Clan’s family history. In order to protect this child, Song Zi Heng raised him in Wuji Palace without a name and status, yet he can have whatever he wanted. After the destruction of the Daming Song Clan, he was able to start a new life without being implicated.

As for why Song Zhong Ming did not recognize his ancestors and restore the Huaying Sect, Fan Wu She also did not know.

"No matter where this child came from, he should be important to Emperor Kong Hua, but why would I overlap Brother Lan's face on him? I initially thought it was still due to the influence of Yun Zhong Jun's illusion, but it's been a few months since I was struck by that illusion."

"Didn't Official Lord Cui also say that the effect of that illusion on the subconscious mind is immeasurable."

Xie Bi An was silent for a moment: "I was thinking, what if it is possible that Brother Lan really has something to do with the royal son of Emperor Kong Hua? For example, what if he is the same as me ..." "Senior brother." Fan Wu She patted Xie Bi An's hand, "I know what you're thinking. If that's really the case, it can't be a coincidence, but who has that uncanny ability to even manipulate reincarnation? And what is the purpose of doing so? I guess, either you are still under the influence of the illusion, or Lan Chui Han is perhaps related to Song Zhong Ming. This makes more sense, right?"

"Yes, you're right." Xie Bi An inexplicably sighed in relief.

"If you really take it to heart, next time when you see Lan Chui Han, you can try to take an indirect approach to ask him, but for now, it's better not to think nonsense."

Xie Bi An nodded: "The founder of Xianyue Pavilion, Brother Lan's grandfather, Hua Yuan Zhen Ren, has always been very mysterious. Few people knew his name or saw him before. After this is over, I will go and investigate a bit."


During the few days they stayed at Ah Lü's house, they helped Ah Lü chop wood and cook during the day,

and went to the Immortal Alliance’s camp and the outskirts of Chidi City

poke around after dark. After requesting to meet Yun Zhong Jun in Chidi
City, no

one knows what the two had said exactly, but the cultivators are spreading

rumors, stating that Lan Chui Han refuted Qing Wu Zi. It seemed that they made

a scheme of driving a wedge between the enemies.

Speaking of the scheme of driving a wedge between the enemies, there are many cultivators with evil intentions discussing enthusiastically about the female cultivators from Cangyu Sect, saying how Qi Meng Sheng used her beauty scheme to seduce Xu Zhi Nan, and if Chidi City is invaded, how would the female cultivators from Cangyu Sect be suitable for dual cultivation.

Most of these people come from the orthodox immortal sects. They were self-centered people who support themselves and scorn any practice that is not righteous. At this time they still showed this face, it’s really disgusting. When Xie Bi An thought that this heroic order gathered many cultivators with a selfish desire to get a cup of soup* from Cangyu Sect, he was worried about this battle, and he frowned frequently.

Fan Wu She said coldly: "Senior brother doesn't need to take it to heart. Many of the so-called righteous people are just a bunch of hypocritical and selfish scum. The core stealing demonic cultivator Lu Zhao Feng, who came from a clean family, joined the centuries-old immortal family Wuyun Sect, and ended up not only eating human cores by himself, but also turned the whole Wuyun Sect into a cult that eats human cores. Then think about Li Bu Yu and Song Ming He, who are not dignified and claimed to be orthodox. In contrast, Cangyu Sect never adheres to the way of cultivation. Qi Meng Sheng openly wants to eat the Absolute Human Emperor. At least she’s frank enough. Compared to true villains, I am more disgusted by hypocrites."

Xie Bi An said heavily: "The human heart is unfathomable."


At night, Fan Wu She, who had already bought a thick quilt, still wanted to squeeze in with Xie Bi An, and naturally, he did not neglect to get fresh with him using his hands, legs and mouth.

Xie Bi An, who was so dizzy from the kiss, grabbed Fan Wu She's hand that was probing downward and said in a whisper, "Stop playing, this is someone else's house."

"I don't like to be in someone else's house either, but it's so hard to hold it in every day." Fan Wu She opened his mouth and sucked Xie Bi An's red, soft and tender face. That soft flesh immediately slipped away, and he went to bite again, he was dodged by Xie Bi An's shrinking shoulders.

"Stop biting, what are you?" Xie Bi An chuckled and pushed him away, “Outrageous.”

"Doesn’t matter what I am. I just want to bite you." Fan Wu She took the opportunity to go around Xie Bi An's hand and grabbed his vital point.

Xie Bi An immediately gasped and struggled quietly, "Wu She, no, this wall is very thin."

"I cast a tranquilizing spell on them, and they are sleeping well."

"You already planned this in advance ah." Xie Bi An didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

Fan Wu She said frankly, "Yeah."

He tugged at Xie Bi An's clothes, but Xie Bi An couldn't relax. Thinking that two children were sleeping across the wall, even kissing makes him feel guilty.

Fan Wu She did not force him, just that the fire of desire is difficult to quench, so he put both of their objects together, kneading and rubbing.

Xie Bi An lifted the quilt and covered the two of them from head to toe. Even though the desire to cover up makes it more conspicuous, it was as if he had stolen a secret area of a small world.

They kissed passionately under the dark in the quilt and stroked each other's desires with their hands. Their ears filled with the sound of the sticky watery of their lips and tongues and each other's rough panting. The temperature soared under the quilt. While the air grew thinner and thinner, all the blood in their bodies became concentrated on their lower halves. Their muffled brains made them even more drunk on the psychedelic dreams given by each other. The quilt was tightly covered, but the outlines of the two bodies moving beneath it were enough to let one’s imagination roam.

Finally, they released in each other's hands.

Xie Bi An’s whole body became weak. He pressed himself against Fan Wu She's sweaty face and rubbed it gently like a well-fed cat.

Fan Wu She chuckled beside his ear, "Whose eyes are you trying to cover by covering this quilt?"

"There’s a god when you raise your head three feet." Xie Bi An gave a light hum, "Don't stain the eyes of the gods."

"But I'm going to suffocate to death." "Then why don't you just lift it up?"
"The way you look right now, even the gods shouldn’t see."

Xie Bi An’s heartbeat became fast suddenly, and his breathing seemed to be more difficult. He hurriedly lifted the quilt. This hasty move was replaced by a burst of laughter from Fan Wu She.

After a few breaths of fresh air into his lungs, Xie Bi An’s brain finally cleared up a bit. He looked at Fan Wu She with his dark pupils and scolded him jokingly, "Such a silver tongue. Who did you learn it from?"

Fan Wu She smoothed the scattered hair in front of Xie Bi An’s forehead and gently tucked them behind his ears. Looking at his white jade face coated with a thin layer of red and a few fine sweat, he was like a hibiscus stained with the early spring morning dew, making people feel affection, appreciation and want to pick it. This person's look, the gods cannot see. No one can look. It only belongs to him.

Xie Bi An blushed even more by that focused gaze.

Suddenly, they felt the appearance of two deliberately released spiritual pressure around them at the same time. Was it Lan Chui Han?
Xie Bi An climbed up and scrambled to arrange his scattered clothes. The door creaked open and closed, and Xie Bi An panicked even more,
but the more nervous he was, the more mistakes he made, and he couldn't even fasten the buttons while trembling.

"Don't move, I'll do it." Fan Wu She steadily took over, helped him get dressed and tied his belt, and intimately glanced at Xie Bi An, "If he saw it, you might as well admit it. I don’t mind." Even eager for it.

"Don't talk nonsense." Xie Bi An patted his face hard, trying to make the flush recede. And when he thought of the dim candlelight in the room where he can’t be seen clearly at all, he then relaxed a little bit.

Fan Wu She seemed to be deliberately trying to stall for time and got dressed slowly. Only after Xie Bi An had urged him twice did he finish dressing.

The two of them pushed the door open and saw two figures, one tall and one short, standing in front of the window. That man with a medium build and a goatee must be Huang Dao Zi's disciple --- Qing Wu Zi.

Lan Chui Han suspiciously looked at the two, wanting to say something but stopped. He felt that their two expressions had some strangeness that cannot be explained.

"Brother Lan, you're finally here." Xie Bi An said before he could speak.

Not waiting for Lan Chui Han to speak, Qing Wu Zi took the lead to arch his hand and said, "The two Immortal Impermanence, it's an honor to meet you at last.”

a cup of soup*[⼀杯羹]---a portion of benefits

Chapter 180

Qing Wu Zi is well-dressed with a shrewd look. Other than paying more particular attention to dressing up as compared to Huang Dao Zi, his manners were kind of handed down from his master --- he doesn’t look like a follower of Buddhism*.

In fact, Fan Wu She and Xie Bi An do not remember Huang Dao Zi’s appearance, but they instinctively had some disgust towards his disciple.

Qing Wu Zi can understand from seeing this, so he did not ask for a snub, and continued: "A straightforward person does not resort to insinuations, I believe the two Immortal Impermanence wasted some effort just to lure me out, right?"

Xie Bi An got straight to the point and asked: "Did you tamper with the Golden Trunk Jade Policy?"

"I don't have the ability to tamper with the Heavenly Book, I only did something to block the way."

"Why would you do that?"

Qing Wu Zi stared at Xie Bi An and said with an insincere smile on his face, "Naturally, it was to protect the Golden Core of the reincarnation of the Human Emperor from falling into the wrong hands."

Fan Wu She said coldly, "You’re lying through your teeth. You are the one who helped her find the Golden Trunk Jade Policy."

"Black Immortal misunderstood me. After the death of my teacher, I thought I was not good enough to handle the Luo Shui Jade Armor, and I was afraid of disgracing my teacher, so I concealed my identity and worked as a small accountant to make a living, but I never thought I would be found. Yun Zhong Jun brought me back to Fenglin Continent, and there were only two ways in front of me, either to die or to find the Golden Trunk Jade Policy." Qing Wu Zi laughed bitterly, "I am afraid of death, but I don't want to help the enemy, so I had no choice but to do this."

Xie Bi An said in a deep voice, "You knew that Qi Meng Sheng had arrested the wrong person, and you just want to stand by and watch an innocent person have his core dug out?"

"That person is indeed innocent, but sacrificing him alone will save the whole immortal cultivation world ah." Qing Wu Zi sighed, "At that time, Heaven Master Zhong lost his Qingfeng Sword, Lord Lan was unconscious, two of you were injured, and the people from the Immortal Alliance were also killed and injured. If we let her know that White Immortal is the reincarnation of the Human Emperor, she would have taken your core at Mount Tai. If she really got it ... "

Xie Bi An pursed his lips. His veins were protruding on his forehead, yet he cannot refute.

"I had no choice but to choose a place far away from Mount Tai to send Qi Meng Sheng away." Qing Wu Zi shook his head and sighed, "Just that it can be concealed for a while, but not for a lifetime. Qi Meng Sheng has become more and more suspicious. If she knows the truth, not only is my life at stake, you guys probably will not be able to retreat in one piece."

"Qing Wu Zi, no matter what you are deceiving Qi Meng Sheng for, whether it is really for the sake of the world or secret selfish desire, at least we do not want to let her get away with it now." Lan Chui Han said, "We have to join hands to stop her."

Qing Wu Zi smiled bitterly and said, "Lord Lan ah, what personal desires can I have? I have mediocre qualifications and I am lazy. To put it in perspective, even if I am given the Absolute Human Emperor, I may not be able to be on par with you in my entire life. I just want peace in the immortal cultivation world and also make a living for myself."

These words are quite reasonable. There are four people present, and three have top-notch roots and bones. Instead, Qing Wu Zi seems to be the rare one. In fact, the obscured qualifications of Qing Wu Zi among everyone is normal. The immortal cultivation world roughly divides the levels of cultivators into low-level cultivators, high-ranking cultivators, elder-level cultivators and patriarch-level cultivators. Even the threshold of low-ranking cultivators has eliminated 80 or 90% of the mediocre talents who can't even form a core, and those under the patriarchal level are scarce. And those further up are ranked as immortals like Zhong Kui. Many people train hard in a lifetime, but they can only become high-ranking cultivators, such as Qing Wu Zi. Even if he ate the Absolute Human Emperor, he won’t have many future prospects in this life.

"In that case, you should have already had a plan." Fan Wu She said, "How do you want to stop Qi Meng Sheng?"

Qing Wu Zi sighed, "I have also been waiting for the arrival of the two Immortal Impermanence. After all, it is impossible for me to stop her alone. I have found a secret passage that allows you to secretly enter and exit Chidi City, so this time I was able to come out unnoticed."

"If we let the people of the Immortal Alliance sneak into the dark tunnel ..."

Qing Wu Zi hastily shook his head and waved his hand: "If you are trying to assassinate Qi Meng Sheng, it is better to dismiss this idea. Sneaking into Chidi City is also undesirable."

Lan Chui Han frowned: "Why?"

"Qi Meng Sheng's body has been semi-fused with the ice crystal. Not only does she have an endless stream of spiritual power, she’s also invulnerable. Other than the Thunder Ancestor Treasure Grant, the one thing in the world which can inflict fatal damage to her in one blow is probably the Qingfeng Sword, but the Thunder Ancestor Treasure Grant is so big, how can it engage in the assassination? And the Qingfeng Sword was snatched away by her."

Without waiting for Xie Bi An to speak, Qing Wu Zi spoke again, "You guys want to sneak attack Chidi City, but Chidi City’s eight fortresses contain all the people from Cangyu Sect and 260,000 Kunlun citizens. They are naturally hostile to the Central Plains’ people, and this huge eight trigrams formation in Chidi City can give rise to countless powerful formations. Even if all the cultivators in the immortal cultivation world went into Chidi City, regardless of the final win or loss, a lot of people are going to die. It's all a fiasco ah!”

"I understand what you mean. We can only take it wisely, not by force." Qing Wu Zi's words made Xie Bi An feel distressed. Once the war starts, how many people had to die in vain here?

Fan Wu She said, "Then what do you think we should do?"

"I'll bring you guys to infiltrate Chidi City, and you guys steal the Qingfeng Sword back."

When these words were spoken, the three people present remained silent.

"When Qi Meng Sheng knows that the golden core in her hands cannot refine the Absolute Human Emperor successfully, and the Qingfeng Sword is outside, she will not dare to act rashly. After all, her life is nearing the end. The more she fights, the faster she dies. Without the Absolute Human Emperor, she’ll die by enduring for a few months, at most a few years. This is the least damaging way."

This plan does sound feasible, but there are two fatal flaws. One, if Qing Wu Zi has evil intentions, this is actually swindling them to deliver themselves. When the three enter Chidi City, they will be like turtles in a jar*. Secondly, even if Qing Wu Zi meant what he said, if they made a mistake in Chidi City, they will still be like turtles in a jar.

The three faces changed unpredictably. Qing Wu Zi is so smart, so he naturally knew what they were thinking: "This plan is dangerous. I think, to be on the safe side, White Immortal should not go and let Heaven Master personally infiltrate Chidi City ..."

"No." Xie Bi An flatly refused, "My master cannot go."

The Book of Life and Death stated that Zhong Kui will die in this battle, but it doesn't say how he will die. How can he send his master to Qi Meng Sheng without the Qingfeng Sword? No matter what this looked like, it is following fate to go and die. As Qing Wu Zi said, get back the Qingfeng sword, and then trap, drag and boil Qi Meng Sheng. To face an attack without attacking is the best thing to do.

Lan Chui Han opened his mouth, and hesitated again.

Fan Wu She stared at Qing Wu Zi with a pair of sharp eyes with a face full of compelling coldness: "If you dare to lie to us, I will cut you alive, and then beat you until your soul scatters." He had no chance to kill Huang Dao Zi in his previous life, and had no intention to keep Huang Dao Zi's disciple after it was over.

"I dare not, I dare not. I would never dare to." Fan Wu She's killing aura made Qing Wu Zi's two thighs tremble, "Please believe in me, two Immortal Impermanence and Lord Lan. I also want to escape from Chidi City as soon as possible, so that the world can restore peace."

Fan Wu She looked at Xie Bi An again. The cold ice in his eyes instantly turned into spring water: "I know if I don’t let you go, you will also not listen. No matter where you want to go, what you want to do, I will accompany you."

Xie Bi An felt extremely touched: "I must go. You are not yet skilled in the use of the soul weapon, only I can find the Qingfeng Sword. Wu She, I have averted several disasters because of you, and this time we can definitely return safely with the Qingfeng Sword and change the fate of our master."

Lan Chui Han made a fake cough once.

Fan Wu She cast a sidelong glance at Lan Chui Han, the corners of his mouth lightly pursed. Although he did not want to move together with Lan Chui Han, he now really needs this useful manpower.

Xie Bi An looked at Lan Chui Han sincerely: "Brother Lan, thank you."

"So anxious to thank me?" Lan Chui Han folded his arms across his chest and leaned on the wall, looking outstanding and elegant, "When did I say I would go with you guys?"

"Uh ..."

Lan Chui Han snickered, "I’m just teasing you. Heaven Master lost the Qingfeng Sword to save me. Even if I had to go alone, I would be obliged to do so."

Xie Bi An also smiled: "Okay. Brother Lan, Wu She, the three of us will join forces. We will definitely make this trip worthwhile!" He held out his hand to both of them.

Fan Wu She held Xie Bi An's hand one step ahead of Lan Chui Han, who held the other hand slowly. Xie Bi An tightened his palm and shook it hard and exchanged a tough, determined look with one another.

Qing Wu Zi made an appointment with them to meet at Chidi City’s Sixth Fortress, Kan, between 1-3am and secretly infiltrate the city through the secret passage.


The next day, Xie Bi An and Fan Wu She chopped out a month's worth of firewood for Ah Lü and her younger brother, and gave her a lot of extra silver. He didn't know when they would come out of Chidi City, nor did he know when Ah Lü's father would return. In the future, they will have to rely on themselves.

Ah Lü held the heavy bag of money and stared in surprise with clear eyes: "Why did you give me so much money? We agreed on 20 wen* for a night’s stay.”

Xie Bi An rubbed Ah Lü's head: "You just take it. I don't know when Chidi City will be unsealed, you have to take good care of your younger brother."

"You’re really giving this to me?"


"My father said, after one gained benefits from someone, one will have to return the favor to that person, and one can't get something for nothing, but I really need the money now." Ah Lü pursed her lips, and stammered, "Then ... I will spend it wisely. When my father comes back, I’ll, I’ll repay you the money. Really, when my father sells the wild boar, it can be exchanged for a large sum of money. We will make it up to you. You must remember to come back to get ah."

"Yes, I will come back." Xie Bi An laughed and said, "You have to hide this money well. Don't let others know, and don't let strangers stay over in the house afterward. Burn more firewood at night, don't get frozen."

Ah Lü's eyes were filled with tears: "Thank you, my lord. They all say that there are no good people in the Central Plains and look down on us, the people from outside the Pass, but you are good people. You must come back ah."

"Definitely." Xie Bi An said the promise easily, but in his heart, he felt uneasy. When they go deep into the tiger's den, can they come back in one piece?

Fan Wu She quietly held Xie Bi An's hand: "Senior brother, don't worry, we will definitely come back."

Xie Bi An entangled tightly with Fan Wu She’s fingers. He felt apprehensive, but he gave Fan Wu She a peaceful and unconstrained smile back.
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