Wu Chang Jie Chapter 141-150

Chapter 141

The three days in the palace were three days of extreme promiscuousness. Song Zi Xiao was obsessed with the name "Xiao Jiu" and he tormented Song Zi Heng in every possible way. His inability to pry his big brother's teeth out caused Song Zi Xiao pain and hatred, and his morbid thirst turns into a catharsis of possessiveness and torment in the end.

Song Zi Xiao used every position to fuck him at every place. He even ordered some nasty instruments from the folks to be sent to the palace for "enjoyment". Regardless of day, night and occasion, it was a new pleasure to grind his big brother's shame on the ground.

For example, today's new trick, was Song Zi Xiao wrapping his own cloak around his big brother’s naked body and did whatever he wanted in the snow, knowing that his big brother was afraid of the cold. The fear of freezing to death in the Kunlun snowfields and the fierce violation broke through his mind and he instinctively clung to the only source of heat, desperately pressing his body against Song Zi Xiao's hot chest and even wrapping his legs around the powerful waist.

The black cloak from a bear demon, with its thick, luxuriant fur, wrapped around his big brother's increasingly thin body, looking like a magnificent, ferocious carnivorous devouring a thin herbivore. He spasmed and trembled with Song Zi Xiao's ramming, like a death struggle.

Song Zi Xiao bit into his white shoulder and plundered insatiably.

Song Zi Heng cried, begged for mercy, broke down, but could not escape this humiliating erotic torture. When they returned to Wuji Palace, Song Zi Heng was so sleepy that his eyelids kept fighting to remain open. Without regard for others, Song Zi Xiao carried him down from the sedan chair and went into the bedchamber. The subordinates and superiors have been used to seeing and did not feel weird, and the lewd rumours have long ago spread through the whole immortal cultivation world. A dignified Emperor Song, has been reduced to the Demon Supreme’s property on the bed and below the crotch. What other after-dinner conversation is better than this?

When Song Zi Heng returned to his bedchamber, he drifted off to sleep.

Song Zi Xiao looked at his thin, narrow jaw and whispered, "Look, I have ordered someone to prepare the evening meal. They are all your favourites."

Song Zi Heng lowered his eyes and said nothing.

"You've lost so much weight, and you still don't eat properly." Song Zi Xiao took his big brother into his arms and gently held his hand. His spirits were not as good as before and he was getting thinner and thinner. Song Zi Xiao was heartbroken and worried, but he refused to show it, "I didn't intend torment you, but why are you so stubborn?"

Song Zi Heng swept him a faint glance: "You didn't 'intend'?"

"...I just want you." Song Zi Xiao tightened his arms, "Big brother, if you are more tactful and sensible, you and I will have an easy time."

"'Tactful and sensible'?" Song Zi Heng repeated Song Zi Xiao's words again, but his voice was like an ancient well with no ripples*, "You treat me like a prostitute and you still want my approval?"

Song Zi Xiao frowned, "Don't say such words again." Song Zi Heng simply closed his eyes.
"Do you understand how forgiving I am towards you or not?" Song Zi Xiao said in a cold voice, "The evil you have done is not enough to be pitied for dying a million times, but not only did I not kill you, I even let you keep your throne, and let you still enjoy a life of luxury. Which prostitute sells more than you? What are you aggrieved about?"

"And for Shen Shi Yao and Song Ming He, I didn't drag them out and whip their bodies, wasn’t I also giving you face?"

"I also said I could treat you well as long as you were obedient."

"How many times have you been fucked by me, and what have you not shouted under my body? I was just asking you to call me by my maiden name, and instead you disobliged, is this your memorial archway*?"

Song Zi Xiao observed his big brother's face with a blazing fire beneath his cold gaze. Every day he was repeatedly cut between love and hate. He could not repress his endless desire for this person, but whenever he could not resist caring, could not resist being tender, could not resist showing affection, he was tormented by the guilt he felt towards his mother. From time to time he had to return to Bailu Pavilion for self-reflection, just to admonish himself over and over again that his mother cannot die in vain.

But seeing Song Zi Heng's indifference, Song Zi Xiao felt suffocated again. His pupils dulled: "Say no more, eat properly."

Song Zi Heng looked stupefied at the table of sumptuous dishes. He had not experienced the deliciousness of food for a long time.

"Eat." Song Zi Xiao chucked a piece of meat into his big brother's mouth and said in a deep voice, "What benefits do you get from deliberately trampling on your body?"

Song Zi Heng remained indifferent and said, "I am weak because you have sealed my chakra. Even if I don’t eat or drink, I have the rights to fast. What hindrance could there be?”

"Ordinary people do not have chakras. As long as they eat and drink as usual, they would not be like you." Song Zi Xiao huffed, "If you don't eat, then Song Zhong Ming shall not eat either. From now on, how much you eat, he will eat."

Song Zi Heng opened his mouth to eat the mouthful of meat and chewed it slowly.

Song Zi Xiao fed him mouthful after mouthful. That concentration and care made people feel touched, as if he cared for the person in his arms to the utmost. Who could have imagined how much unbearable they had between each other.

This meal, Song Zi Heng really ate a lot, even propped up to the point of being a little uncomfortable, before Song Zi Xiao was satisfied. He said softly as he smoothed his big brother's back, "You've eaten well. If you're still tired, go and rest. I won't torment you tonight."

"Can you temporarily unseal me?" Song Zi Heng said as he looked at him.

Song Zi Xiao's gaze changed slightly.

"If my chakra is blocked for a long time, it will damage my cultivation and my body ...will only get worse." Song Zi Heng was naturally not as weak as he appeared to be, but this would let down Song Zi Xiao's guard, and besides, what he said was the truth.

Song Zi Xiao suddenly smiled, "Is big brother begging me?" "...Nevermind."
Song Zi Xiao had forced him to learn how to "beg", and those bad memories were still fresh in his mind.


Song Zi Heng's eyes widened in surprise, obviously not believing that Song Zi Xiao would let him go so easily. Song Zi Xiao actually did unseal him, "I will unseal you every few days so that your spiritual energy can flow. Do you still have an excuse for not eating properly?"

The powerful spiritual energy instantly gushed out of his dantian and poured into all his limbs and bones. The feeling of strength was so invigorating that Song Zi Heng's pale face immediately showed colours.

As he watched his big brother's face glow, his heart also throbbed. He was forcing his big brother to submit, but at the same time, he was obsessed with the once spirited big brother whom he admired.

If those things that happened afterwards did not happen, no matter how high he had risen in his life, he would still be willing to look up to his big brother for the rest of his life.

Song Zi Heng was about to get up, yet Song Zi Xiao didn't let go of his arm around his waist: "You haven't answered my question."

"I will eat."

"No more losing weight." Song Zi Xiao said flirtatiously, "When I hold you, there should be the weight you deserve."

"Let go of me. I'm going to meditate."

"You can't leave my sight now since your spiritual power has returned." Song Zi Xiao warned, "And don't try to pull any tricks."

"The entire Wuji Palace is in your hands, so what are you worried about?"

Song Zi Xiao looked at his big brother, smiling yet not smiling, "Of course I'm worried about you. With your current cultivation level, how can I not be on guard? "

Song Zi Heng could only stay in his bedchamber. He sat cross-legged on the couch, trying to meditate and run his spiritual power, but Song Zi Xiao laid down on his lap, his head rubbing against him first to find a comfortable position, and then blinked his eyes at him.

Song Zi Heng looked down at him, "Can you let me meditate for a while?”

"You meditate. I won't disturb you." Song Zi Xiao tugged the orchid jade pendant around his big brother's waist and played with it.

"How can I meditate when you're like this?" Song Zi Heng felt the weight on his lap sink in. Xiao Jiu had always loved to lie on his lap like this when he was little, but his little head was very light, and he would run his fingers along Xiao Jiu's scalp repeatedly, watching Xiao Jiu curl up comfortably like a cat, squinting his eyes and chanting about what he wanted to eat in the evening.

"But I want to stay with you." Song Zi Xiao whispered.

After waiting for a long time and seeing no response from big brother, Song Zi Xiao hid his disappointment and sat up, "It's almost New Year's Eve. Wuji Palace is going to have a big banquet. What does big brother want to do?"

"No need to be extravagant. In previous years ..."

" years are previous years. This year I'm back, so naturally it's different." Song Zi Xiao arrogantly said, "As a human emperor, how can big brother not have the ostentation of a human emperor? I want the world to see."

Song Zi Heng thought to himself: What you want to show the world is how you, Song Zi Xiao, call the shots and can manipulate even the Human Emperor in the palm of your hand.

"Song Clan will also invite Cangyu Sect to the banquet. This is the last chance I will give Qi Meng Sheng." Song Zi Xiao smiled coldly, "If she doesn't come, I will visit Fenglin Continent myself."

--- Emperor Ning Hua liked extravagance. When he was alive, he would have a banquet every New Year's Eve. Although the Song Clan's reputation was declining, the huge wealth accumulated over the generations could never be squandered.

But Emperor Kong Hua was a very different person, and was known to be a man of modest means.

However, ironically, even though Emperor Ning Hua's banquets were extravagant, he seldom invited a few sect leaders, especially those from the great families. While Emperor Kong Hua held his first banquet after nine years of ruling, almost no one in the immortal world was absent.

As the year drew to a close, all the immortal families arrived at Daming one after another with congratulatory gifts for Emperor Song, including Xu Zhi Nan and Li Bu Yu, who had come just a while ago, while Cangyu Sect only sent one elder, and Qi Meng Sheng was still claiming to be ill.

There was also a special person who came to the banquet this time, and that was Song Zi Yun, the Fifth Prince.

When the guest list was being prepared, Song Zi Heng took the initiative to say that he wanted to see his fifth brother. He wanted to take this opportunity for Lao Wu to take Song Zhong Ming far away.

Of all his siblings, only Song Zi Yun had not turned against him after Song Zi Heng had killed his father. Although Song Zi Xiao was not close to this fifth brother, there were no past grievances, so he agreed.

Song Zi Yun seems to be a casual man, but in fact he’s somewhat refined in his rough ways. He was neither outstanding or out of the ordinary, and now with good cultivation and a wealthy family, he has become the most carefree among the Song Ming He's nine sons.

It was a rare occasion for Song Zi Xiao to ask about the whereabouts of his other siblings. "After I succeeded to the throne, I separated them and sent them out of the palace, letting them find their own way out." Song Zi Heng said indifferently, "Could I keep them here to confront me?"

Song Zi Xiao said sarcastically, "That's true, thanks to their childhood admiration for you."

"Your third sister ..." Song Zi Heng's heart still aches when he thinks of his poor sister. After the incident in Wuyun Sect, Song Ming He still refused to cancel the marriage contract, and soon after she married into Wuyun Sect, her father-in-law took over the position of the head of the sect, and then when Lu Zhao Feng returned, they were tragically killed because they refused to give in.

"I have avenged her and also rebuilt the tomb for her and her husband's family." Song Zi Xiao thought of Lu Zhao Feng and the hatred still pervaded him as he coldly said, "As a big brother, which sibling did you protect?"

"...You are right."

As a big brother, he should have protected his younger siblings, but he failed to do so. No matter who he desperately tried to protect, he would ultimately fail, and all those he loved would either leave him or turn against him.

Perhaps this imperial destiny, which is one in a million, represents nothing but suffering.

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an ancient well with no
ripples*[古井⽆波]---inner peace is this your memorial
archway*[你的牌坊]--- a person who did bad things and still want others to think they are good people.

Chapter 142

When Song Zi Yun returned to Daming after many years, he was not placed in a guest residence within Daming City like the other guests, but was summoned to the palace.

Song Zi Heng met him in his study. In the room, apart from the two real brothers, there were only Song Zi Xiao and Cai Cheng Yi.

Song Zi Yun arched his hand and said, "Greetings to Emperor." He gave Song Zi Xiao a cautious glance and said respectfully, "Greetings to Your Holiness."

Song Zi Xiao nodded expressionlessly, "Fifth Prince."

Many years ago, they were still Fifth Brother and Ninth Brother. Although they’re not very close, they were still brothers nonetheless, but now that they saw each other again, they were already separated by mountains and seas*.

"Lao Wu, it has been a tiring journey for you." Song Zi Heng smiled lightly, "You've put on some weight. Did you become lazy nowadays?"

"Emperor is laughing at me. I have traveled around the world and found that there are too many delicious wines from the folk to taste, haha."

"Yeah. When I used to travel, I was always enchanted with the landscape and folklore too. There are really a million wonderful things in the mortal realm ah." Song Zi Heng smiled until his smile gradually disappeared. In the past ten years, he had been caught within the cold and silent walls of the palace, and the few times he had left the palace, it was always related to the crusade against Wuyun Sect. He was no longer curious about Jiuzhou and enjoying the endless fun of freedom and exploration during his youth.

Song Zi Yun was living the life he desired most, and he was truly envious. His life was already doomed, but he wanted Song Zhong Ming to escape from this prison and be a free and happy man.

The two brothers exchanged pleasantries and chatted about the local customs of the places they had both visited. The content of their conversation was not germane but seemed to be very interesting. Song Zi Xiao remained silent on one side, only watching with fascination the brief glimpses of his big brother's expression.

Originally, Song Zi Heng thought that Song Zi Xiao would leave the table when he became bored, but he did not expect him not to leave, so he finally could not resist saying, "Zi Xiao, Lao Wu and I have not seen each other for many years and we still have a lot to talk about, so why don't you go and get busy with something else first?"

Song Zi Yun secretly became nervous. From what he knew of these two people, there was a great contrast with the whispers he had heard during this period of time. He simply could not imagine how they were getting along now.

The corners of Song Zi Xiao's lips curled slightly as he said lazily, "Since big brother has a brother for company today, you should be very happy. Will you eat more tonight?"

"I will."

"That's good." Song Zi Xiao rose gracefully and gave Song Zi Yun a slow glance that was full of warning.

Song Zi Yun was sitting on pins and needles.

Only after Song Zi Xiao left did Song Zi Yun sigh with relief, "Emperor
..." "Between you and me, there is no need to be formal. It is better to call big brother." Song Zi Heng gazed at Song Zi Yun quietly.

"... big brother." Song Zi Yun scratched his hair and gave a forced laugh, "I didn't expect big brother to summon me back to Daming."

"I didn't think of summoning you back. You have no burden, the sky is high and the sea is wide for you to travel, so why do you need to step into this mire?" Song Zi Heng said, "I know what you are worried about. Don't worry, I won't let you get involved in our disputes."

"Don't say that, big brother. Although I don't value the name of the royal family, I am still a descendant of the Song clan and it is my duty to protect its foundation." Song Zi Yun arched his hand and said, "If you don't mind my shallow cultivation, just instruct me if you need anything."

Song Zi Heng knew this fifth brother very well. Among other siblings, he could be said to have the least sense of existence and was the one who knew how to protect himself. He was always smiling and welcoming to everyone and did not fight or grab. Because of this docility, he was never treated badly even though he was not important. In fact, it's a very clever way to survive.

If he had not summoned back Song Zi Yun today, this man would probably never be associated with the Song clan ever again in his whole life.

Song Zi Heng sighed lightly, "Zi Yun, I do have a request for you." "Just tell me what to do, big brother."
"Big brother has an adopted son named Zhong Ming. He is seven years old, and is the orphan of Hua Jun Cheng, the young master of the Hua Ying Sect."

Song Zi Yun showed a surprised expression, "So the Hua family still has a descendant." The tragic situation of the Huaying Sect's bloodshed appeared before Song Zi Heng’s eyes. Four hundred lives were tragically slaughtered and turned into resentful ghosts overnight. His heart still chokes when he recalls it: "Back then, Lu Zhao Feng wiped out the Huaying Sect. When I got the news and brought my men there, it was already too late. He was hidden by a loyal family servant, and he was the only person from the Hua Family who was spared. "

Song Zi Yun let out a long sigh, "The Hua Family was a great family for two hundred years, and it was destroyed like this by a demonic cultivator, Lu Zhao Feng, who stole cores. It is truly deplorable."

"I owe so much to the Hua family. Zhong Ming is the only descendant of the Hua family. I had vowed to nurse him to adulthood, and when he becomes an adult that day, I will tell him his birth origins." Song Zi Heng said in a deep voice, "But, not only am I unable to protect myself now, I may also drag him down." Whenever Song Zi Xiao threatened him with Song Zhong Ming, he always felt fearful. He did not know whether Song Zi Xiao would actually be so heartless as to strike at a child, and he dared not risk this little life.

At this point in the conversation, Song Zi Yun already understood what he was going to say next, "Big brother wants me to take him away. "

Song Zi Heng nodded and looked sad: "Zi Yun, you see, I am sitting on this high and lonely throne looking around, but I can't find anyone I can trust. Thinking here and there, there was only you. I've come to beg you because there's really nothing I can do."

Song Zi Yun said seriously, "Big brother has treated me well, so as a younger brother, I would like to share your worries." He understood that Song Zi Heng was entrusting himself with his own life, and he also understood that Song Zi Xiao's return signaled that the Song Clan was really coming to an end, so he was unwilling to sink together with this big ship, and saving an innocent child and go ashore was considered his small contribution to the Song Clan. "Zi Yun, thank you." Song Zi Heng said bitterly, "Big brother also thanks you on the Hua family’s behalf."

"Big brother has spoken highly of me. This is what I should do." Song Zi Yun unconsciously lowered his voice and said, "Does big brother have a plan? This matter ... should be behind Song Zi Xiao’s back, right?"

"After New Year, he will go to Fenglin continent. Once he leaves, you can take Zhong Ming and leave. I will send someone to escort you guys out of Song Clan's sphere of influence."

"He's going to Immortal Qi? Because the Cangyu Sect won't pay the annual offerings?"

Song Zi Heng nodded slightly and said gravely, "There will be a fierce battle in Fenglin Continent by then, and the Cangyu Sect is in great danger."

"I heard that he used the annual offerings as a pretext to scavenge a large amount of heavenly materials and treasures from various immortal families in order to refine a supreme immortal core.

Song Zi Heng shook his head. How many people in this world knew that the supreme immortal core that Song Zi Xiao had gone so much trouble to get was actually close at hand --- to be dug out from his stomach.

Song Zi Yun sighed and shook his head, then remembered something else and asked, "Does the child know about it?"

Song Zi Heng's heart was full of reluctance and he said softly, "I will explain to him myself."

At night, Song Zi Heng and Song Zi Yun had a family dinner and called Song Zhong Ming over, so that he could recognize his fifth uncle.

Song Zhong Ming is a beautiful and clever person with a troubled life, making people like and pity him. Song Zi Yun, who had not yet married, was fond of children, and he held Song Zhong Ming on his lap to feed him. During the meal, Song Zhong Ming suddenly asked, "Fifth Uncle, did Father and that devil used to be very good to each other?"

This comment stunned everyone, and Song Zi Yun was so awkward that he did not know how to answer.

Song Zi Heng's face also sank, "Zhong Ming, who told you this?" He glanced at Cai Cheng Yi. He was still sure of this old chief steward's mouth, but it was impossible to control the mouths of all his subordinates.

Cai Cheng Yi said sharply, "Aiyo Zhong Ming, the rice in your little mouth has not been swallowed yet, eat properly and don't talk."

Song Zhong Ming pursed his lips, "It was that devil himself who said that. I don't believe it."

"What don't you believe?" The voice reached before the person, and everyone in the room tensed up and straightened their backs.

Song Zi Xiao walked in with big steps. The cold air of the winter months clung to his robes and sleeves like frost and snow, and was brought into the room with him. The temperature dropped instantly and everyone felt a chill down their spine.

There was dead silence in the room.

Song Zi Xiao sat beside his big brother, watching Song Zhong Ming being held in Song Zi Yun's lap, and his sword brows knitted slightly.

This little brat saw him as if looking at a ghost, either making threatening gestures or speaking rudely, yet he was so close to someone he was meeting for the first time.

This boy was a member of the Hua family, but when he called his big brother his father, it made him feel odd. For example, since his big brother could not bear children, this boy could be their child, so it would be more like a family. Song Zi Xiao was displeased and his face immediately sank as he raised his chin at Song Zhong Ming, "Come here."

Song Zhong Ming was reluctant, but went over anyway, knowing that if he disobeyed this devil, he might not be able to see his father.

Song Zi Xiao carried the child to sit on his lap and smoothly touched his round little tummy, "Eat so much, you'll die ah."

"None of your business." Song Zhong Ming muttered. "That question you asked just now, why did you ask him?" "He's fifth imperial uncle, why can't I ask him?"
"You don't believe me when I say so, but you believe him when he says so?"


"What don't you believe? I used to be your father's most precious younger brother." Song Zi Xiao swept Song Zi Yun a glance, "Not him."

Song Zi Heng said, "Put him down and let him eat properly."

"It's not like I didn't let him eat." Song Zi Xiao pushed a plate of meat in front of him, "Can you use chopsticks?"

"I already know how to!" "Then you eat."
Song Zi Heng couldn't stand it, "Give it to me." He snatched the child from Song Zi Xiao's arms.

Cai Cheng Yi wanted to take over, but when he shook his head, he stepped back. As Song Zi Xiao watched his big brother patiently ask the boy what he wanted to eat and told him not to skip the greens, he kept getting jealous: "Hey, let me tell you, when I was little, your father fed me the same way, and I was not as picky as you."

Song Zhong Ming turned his head in surprise to look at Song Zi Heng. Seeing his father's eyes were dodging, and then looked at Song Zi Yun for help, as if hoping someone would deny it.

Song Zi Xiao said hoarsely with displeasure, "What are you looking at him for? What does he know?"

Song Zi Heng gently scolded, "Why are you being so loud? Don't scare the child."

"I, uhm, suddenly don't feel too well. Emperor, Your Holiness, forgive me for not being able to accompany you guys." Song Zi Yun could not bear to watch any longer, jumped up and ran away like there was a fire on his buttocks.

Song Zhong Ming wrinkled his little face and looked at his father, "Father, is what he said true?"

"... No, he is even pickier than you."

When Song Zi Heng said this, he was lowering his eyebrows and picking at the fish bones. His voice was gentle and soft, as if containing a bit of anger and a bit of helplessness.

At that moment, Song Zi Xiao felt his heart melting. He would let go of everything and exchange it for his big brother and Xiao Jiu. -not edited-

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separated by mountains and
seas*[隔⼭隔海]---signifies their relationship is even further apart

Chapter 143

On New Year's Eve, Wuji Palace was ablaze with lights and music. Guests from all directions gathered in Zhengji Hall. This was the liveliest time in Zhengji Hall for nearly a hundred years.

But there was little joy on the guests’ faces as they welcomed the new year --- and if there was, it was feigned. They looked like a group of actors, dressed in their usual outfits, putting on a happy and harmonious play for Song Zi Xiao to see.

And how could the audiences not see their forced smiles? But that was exactly what amused him. Although he sat beneath the side of the throne, he had everyone above and below him sitting on pins and needles.

Halfway through the banquet, there was an accident. A loud bang came from within the Wuji Palace, accompanied by a tremor in the Zhengji Hall. The power of this explosion was not small.

Based on the direction of the sound, many people thought of a place instantly.

Cai Cheng Yi stomped his foot, "Oh no, the alchemy room has exploded!"

Song Zi Xiao and Song Zi Heng had already gotten up and rushed towards the alchemy room. The guests had also left their seats and followed them. The alchemy room was already a dangerous place, with furnaces exploding or catching fire from time to time. Usually, only the low-level new disciples from the sect will labor in the alchemy room, and now that the Song Clan's alchemy room was running around the clock, it was even more prone to accidents. However, base on the commotion, there were more than just one or two core furnaces.

The crowd arrived one after another to see the alchemy room, which had been mostly destroyed by the explosion and was on fire. A large number of Song Clan's cultivators had rushed to set up a rainfall formation, and the palace people were carrying buckets of water to put out the fire.

"Xing Wen, what are you doing!" An old voice suddenly shouted.

"My core, it's almost formed!" Ran Xing Wen was about to rush into the fire regardlessly, and the one who stopped him was the old master of the Giant Spirit Villa, who had dragged his sickly old body to Daming in order to see his son.

"It was that core furnace of yours that blew up." One of the cultivators who had been refining the core for Song Zi Xiao with him said.

"No, this core can't be scrapped, it can't be scrapped." The crimson fire reflected in Ran Xing Wen's eyes as he broke away from his father's pull and was about to rush into the fire.

With a flip of his sleeve, Song Zi Xiao's spiritual pressure knocked Ran Xing Wen to the ground. He looked at Ran Xing Wen from above and said coldly, "What a trash to waste so much good material and still come up empty."

"No, it will work this time, it should work this time!" Ran Xing Wen was enraged. He exclaimed in defiance, "There is no core under this heaven that I cannot refine. This time, maybe too much gravel sand was put in. I will adjust the ratio again, I will definitely be able to refine ..."

"What have you refined?" Song Zi Xiao said in a cold voice, "You still have the face to say that you are the best core master in this world." Ran Xing Wen's face turned red. He usually spoke little and had a bit of inarticulation, but when it came to quenching he would become frenzied, as if he was a different person. He clenched his fist and said excitedly, "To refine a supreme immortal core, you need supreme and rare base materials. Letting me use these mundane things to refine the cores, naturally, naturally takes time. If you can give me ..."


Old Master Ran slapped Ran Xing Wen fiercely, "Bastard, what are you babbling about!"

Ran Xing Wen was nearly knocked to the ground again. He froze, and he visibly sobered up.

Song Zi Heng was feeling fearful at one side. He should have expected, that the Ran family was well versed in the art of Core, and it was impossible for them not to know about the Absolute Human Emperor, but they also knew that they must not allow Song Zi Xiao to obtain the Absolute Human Emperor.

But Ran Xing Wen was an eccentric person who seemed to care only about making something to his own satisfaction. To a core master, the best base material was like the best sword to a swordsman, which was a lifelong desire. In his heart, he was probably expecting to produce the Absolute Human Emperor with his own hands.

Song Zi Xiao narrowed his eyes dangerously, "What did you just want to say?"

Ran Xing Wen stammered and did not speak.

The crowd of guests also looked at him. Everyone was curious as to what followed half of what he had said.

"What is the treasure of the supreme and rare base materials?" "..." "Speak!" Song Zi Xiao said in a stern voice.

Old Master Ran arched his hand and said, "Your Holiness, my son is obsessed with the art of Core. He does not understand worldly wisdom and sometimes speaks nonsense. Please forgive us, Your Holiness."

Song Zi Xiao glared at the Ran family's father and son with murderous fury, "You have just said that in order to refine a supreme immortal core, you need supreme and rare base materials. The great sects have sent their own hidden treasures, but to you, they are all 'mundane'. Obviously you know what a rare treasure is! "

"I, I don't know." Ran Xing Wen dodged Song Zi Xiao's knife-like gaze, "Your Holiness, when I saw my Core was ruined again, I was momentarily enraged and said some nonsense that I don't even remember."

"The both of you, how dare you fool me?!" Song Zi Xiao's face showed a sinister look.

Song Zi Heng walked in between them and said in a deep voice, "The fire in the alchemy room hasn't even been extinguished yet, plus it's New Year's Eve today, so there's no need criticize violently here."

Song Zi Yun also came to intervene. Compared to his indifference and arrogance towards others, Song Zi Xiao was quite polite to him: "Your Holiness, there is no need to get angry on this New Year's Eve. It is not too late to talk about it after eating and drinking."

The Ran Family’s father and son were pale in the face, not even daring to breathe hard, while the guests around them were whispering.

Song Zi Xiao pondered for a moment and said grimly, "I have given you countless treasures and months of time, yet you have disappointed me again and again, so you better take this time to think about how to explain to me." He flicked his sleeves and left.

Song Zi Heng glanced at Old Master Ran, at the same time Old Master Ran also raised his head and locked eyes with Song Zi Heng. With just an exchange of glances, they understood what was in each other's mind.

Huang Dao Zi, who was hidden in the crowd, looked at Song Zi Xiao’s back. His gaze heavy and elusive.


This accident ended the banquet at the Zhengji Hall early.

Song Zi Heng was apprehensive. He knew Song Zi Xiao must be able to force the Ran family's father and son to reveal what that rare and precious base material really was. He dared not imagine what Song Zi Xiao would do to him when he knew the truth.

And he did not know how to stop Song Zi Xiao.

As the guests dispersed, Song Zi Xiao had drunk quite a lot of wine, but his feet were not the least bit weak. After he left the banquet, he intended to go and force the Ran family's father and son to answer. Obviously, they had concealed something very important from him, and this matter might be the key to him obtaining the supreme immortal core.

"Where are you going?" Song Zi Heng asked.

Song Zi Xiao twisted his head to look at him, "Big brother, you are asking the obvious."

"Master Ran is highly respected in the immortal cultivation world, and Giant Spirit Villa has never been involved in Jianghu disputes, so you should not make things difficult for them."

"The matter of alchemy is so important, and Ran Xing Wen still dares to hide something from me. Do you think I will let them off easily?"

"You still need the Ran family to make cores for you." "True, but I don't need all of the Ran family members."
"Song Zi Xiao!" Song Zi Heng said in a deep voice, "Create lesser sins." Song Zi Xiao smiled coldly, "Depends on whether they value their lives or not."

Song Zi Heng looked at Song Zi Xiao’s back, his pupils became a grey and defeated color.

Song Zi Xiao had intended to force out Ran Xing Wen's unfinished words immediately, but he was stopped halfway by Huang Dao Zi.

Huang Dao Zi opened the door and said, "Your Holiness doesn't need to ask the Ran family's father and son. I know what the rare treasure Young Master Ran is talking about."

Song Zi Xiao looked Huang Dao Zi up and down, "You?"

Huang Dao Zi arched his hand, "I dare not deceive Your Holiness. I do know."

"What are you, and how do you know? I want to hear the truth from Ran Xing Wen's mouth. What do you know, you stinky fortune teller?!"

Song Zi Xiao held in his anger. The stuff he had scavenged from the immortal families was about to run out. As the alchemy continued to fail again and again, he was about to lose his patience.

Huang Dao Zi said unhurriedly, "Your Holiness will have a hard time getting answers from the Ran family. Even if they die, they will keep the secret. Your Holiness may be able to pry their mouths open, but it is bound to make a big fuss. If I tell you the truth, it will be much easier for you to examine them yourself."

Song Zi Xiao narrowed his eyes. He felt that Huang Dao Zi should not dare to risk his life to swindle him, so what did this man really know? He said, "If you have known for a long time but didn't say anything, that means you are hiding the same thing from me as the Ran family’s father and son. Now you popped out again for no apparent reason, what exactly is your purpose?" Huang Dao Zi smiled bitterly and said, "I didn't tell because I was afraid of death, but I will tell now because the Giant Spirit Villa has been kind to me, having given me relief when I was poor and desperate."

"So you are not afraid of death now?"

"I am still of use to Your Holiness, and I hope Your Holiness will be kind."

Song Zi Xiao looked at Huang Dao Zi grimly, "Speak, tell me all you know."

Huang Dao Zi sighed, "In fact, the rare treasure Young Master Ran is talking about is a human golden core."

Song Zi Xiao already had a similar suspicion in his mind and was therefore not surprised, "Just this? What's so rare about a golden core?"

"Giant Spirit Villa is a famous and upright sect, so they would never refine a human core. Moreover, they also dare not say, because this golden core, is almost impossible to obtain."

Song Zi Xiao was silent for a long time before he said, "Whose Core is it."

He had never bothered to eat human cores. When Lu Zhao Feng was dying, he had dug out his own Core and gave it to him, but he also crushed it with one foot. He despised the core-stealing demonic cultivator from the bottom of his heart. But now, if he really needs a human core to help him break through to the ninth Chongtian, he really hesitated.

Huang Dao Zi took a deep breath, "Your Holiness, I actually ... dare not say."

"You looking for death?" Song Zi glanced fiercely at him, "Under this heaven, is there anyone's golden core that I can't get?"

Huang Dao Zi's voice trembled slightly from fear, "It's ... the emperor's." -not edited-

Chapter 144

Huang Dao Zi was slowly lifted up by Song Zi Xiao who grabbed him by his neck across the air. To those with less profound cultivation, the spiritual pressure he released instantly was like a mountain descending overhead, terrifying as it was.

"Your ... Holiness ..." Huang Dao Zi's legs kicked helplessly in mid-air. His face became ochre in color and his eyes glared like bells, as if they were about to spurt out of his face.

"You, deserve, to die-----" Song Zi Xiao's expression became even more gruesome. His eyes contained extremely cold killing intent. His hair was flying without any wind. A cloud of black death aura danced around his body like accompanying ghosts, shaped like a demon from hell.

Huang Dao Zi’s eyes had begun to turn white. He used his last strength to point behind Song Zi Xiao: "Emperor..."

Song Zi Xiao knew it was a fraud, but he still instinctively turned back, and indeed there was no one behind him.

The spiritual pressure slackened slightly and Huang Dao Zi dropped to the ground, his entire body was shaking all over, his mouth wide open and desperately gasping for air.

Song Zi Xiao also regained a glimmer of clarity from his momentary outburst of anger. He stared at Huang Dao Zi, who was cowering on the ground, and a chill climbed up his spine and rushed straight into his heavenly spirit. An inexplicable fear exploded in his mind like a trail of fire, and a cloud of black death aura condensed in his hands, "Who ordered you to come, and what are your intentions?"

"Your Holiness, I dare not."

Song Zi Xiao said sorrowfully, "You are not worthy of my sword. Do you want to get a taste of being gnawed by ten thousand ghosts?"

Huang Dao Zi said in a trembling voice with an ashen face, "Your Holiness, no one instructed me, nor do I dare to have any ill intentions towards Your Holiness or the Emperor, but if I don't say anything and Your Holiness goes to force the Ran family's father and son to answer, the answer you get will still be the same."

"... speak clearly."

"Please listen to my explanation." Huang Dao Zi took a deep breath, "In an extinct ancient book, there was once a record of a truly supreme immortal core. This ancient book is rarely known to anyone. I have traveled extensively, made a living through fortune-telling, read all kinds of wild magazines and heard all kinds of strange stories, and I have learned about it unintentionally. The Ran family is skilled in the art of core, and has studied many ancient texts on alchemy, so they must also know about it."

"The so-called supreme immortal core is the human core?" Song Zi Xiao gritted his teeth and said, "There are still a few old guys in the immortal cultivation world whose cultivation level is higher than that of the emperor, and you dare to talk about an emperor's core?"

"Back to Your Holiness, this core has little to do with cultivation level." Huang Dao Zi said with an expression of meeting death, "This Core is called ---- 'Absolute Human Emperor', and it can be refined by taking the golden core of a person with an imperial destiny."

"Imperial destiny ..."

"That’s right. A person with imperial destiny must be a reincarnation of a celestial being. The golden core is born with divine power. This core can transform ordinary people. With Your Majesty's cultivation, if you consume this core, you will cultivate the Great Dao."

Song Zi Xiao clenched his fists, only to feel his hair standing on one end*.

He did not want to know this. He shouldn't know.
"Since it is from a wild magazine, how credible is it?" Song Zi Xiao said in a hoarse voice, "Based on this thing alone, you dare to spout nonsense."

"This core is not unreal. Because of the golden core of the human emperor, there were many uprisings, plots for power and usurpation in history. Only those who consumed this core became human emperors themselves, so naturally they had to bury the secret, that’s why this ancient book became extinct." Huang Dao Zi said hurriedly, "If Your Holiness does not believe me, you can ask Old Master Ran. This secret must have been passed down from generation to generation in the Ran family inevitably."

Song Zi Xiao’s body stiffened and did not speak for a long time.

"In fact… If Your Holiness cultivated the Great Dao, the emperor could be sheltered forever. Otherwise, the Song clan would decline sooner or later." Huang Dao Zi gave Song Zi Xiao a cautious glance and whispered, "Taking the core, will not hurt lives."

"How many people know this secret?" Song Zi Xiao said, "Who else have you told?"

"I have not told anyone else." Huang Dao Zi could see that Song Zi Xiao wanted to silence him, so he said hurriedly, "Please don't kill me, Your Holiness still needs me."

"What do I need you for?"

"This golden core with the imperial destiny is powerful and needs to be practiced after it is taken out, I ..." "Who told you I want to take out the core?" Song Zi Xiao looked at Huang Dao Zi as if looking at a dead thing.


Song Zi Heng stood on the watchtower of the Wuji Palace, looking at the vast blue dome of heaven and a bright moon hanging alone, dotted with tiny bits of starlight, which were not as bright as the sparkling fireworks on New Year's Eve. He was in a deep palace, but he could still hear the sounds of festivities coming from Daming City below him. The mortal realm at the moment was full of joy and reunion.

But he recalled he was standing here when Song Zi Xiao returned that day, watching the darkness step into Wuji Palace, and bringing the deepest darkness into his life.

There was a sound of footsteps behind him. Song Zi Heng turned around.
A pale, handsome face emerged like a ghost. Song Zi Xiao stepped out of the darkness, or rather, the darkness retreated behind him; he was the Lord of Darkness, and the darkness knelt and bowed to him.

The two looked at each other, as if they wanted to cut open each other's chests with their gazes and see what was going on in that fiery red beating heart.

Song Zi Heng guessed from the stony expression that he already knew the secret.

Song Zi Xiao marched over to his big brother’s side, gathered his cloak for him and said softly, "Aren't you afraid of the cold? Why are you standing here?"

"I want to see the New Year*." "Good, let's see the New Year." Song Zi Heng gazed at Song Zi Xiao: "What did you ask?"

"The essence of a foreign beast that no one has seen in centuries." Song Zi Xiao hugged his big brother, rested his head on his shoulder and entrusted the weight of his body to him, as if his big brother was his only support.

Song Zi Heng stood rigidly and bear this weight. He knew that Song Zi Xiao was lying, and he had expected this. Only that heartless beast, Song Ming He, who thought he had everything under control, would let him know that his Golden Core was about to be lost.

He wanted to ask Song Zi Xiao if he was going to take his Core too, but he couldn't, he didn't dare. He was afraid of getting an answer he couldn't bear. He could only go along with the lie: "Then you, can you get it?"

"I will order someone to search for it, maybe I can find it." Song Zi Xiao said in a muffled voice, "Why are you suddenly concerned about me refining the core?"

"I am concerned whether you have made things difficult for the Ran family's father and son."

"They still have to refine my core. They can't die for now." The back of Song Zi Heng's head did not have eyes, thus he could not see that Song Zi Xiao's eyes were covered with cobwebs of blood vessels, and his gaze was gloomy and obscure.

"Taking the core, will not hurt lives."

Huang Dao Zi’s words echoed in Song Zi Xiao's mind as he hugged his big brother. This man who got him obsessed, driven him mad, and made him love and hate, was as if he could perceive the Core, which was full of vitality, inside the other man's belly through the layers of thick winter clothes. It is true that taking the core can keep a person alive, but a cultivator who loses his golden core will be worse off than dead.

What was he thinking?

He did not eat human cores. He despised all demonic cultivators who stole cores. He did not want to have anything to do with Lu Zhao Feng. Most importantly, that was Song Zi Heng, his big brother, and he ... couldn't lay a hand on him.

However, a faint voice was torturing his soul: Why didn't you kill Huang Dao Zi?

Song Zi Xiao gasped, and his iron arms tightened suddenly, as if he was itching to embed the person in his embrace into his body.

Song Zi Heng grunted, "You're hurting me." He seemed to feel the struggle in Song Zi Xiao's heart, and his heart went cold. Once again, he experienced that numbing fear in his scalp as Song Ming He stared at himself with greedy, malevolent eyes. He was no longer a human being, but merely a vessel to be raised to carry the Golden Core.

The person he hated most in his life was Song Ming He. His own father, who had destroyed his mother, who had destroyed him, and who had destroyed his beloved younger brother. All the grudges and sorrows arose because of him.

If Song Zi Xiao also wanted his core, if Song Zi Xiao also became Song Ming He, then he would rather die than let him have his way!

Song Zi Xiao let go of him, but in the next instant, he picked the man up again in a horizontal embrace and walked towards the house.

"You ..."

"I'll stay up with big brother for the New Year." Song Zi Xiao kissed him on the forehead. His voice was low and dark, "We don’t need to sleep if we’re staying up for New Year. I’m going to fuck you up.” Song Zi Heng’s heart was filled with sorrow. He gritted his teeth and said, "You said you will have limits, and last night we had just..."

"Just what?" Song Zi Xiao gave a faint laugh, and lowered his head to nibble on his ear again, "I only released twice last night and you couldn't stand it. Today is a New Year's Day, you have to let me have my fun." He pinned the man to the couch.

"Song Zi Xiao!" At this moment, this was the thing he wanted to do least!

Song Zi Xiao held both of his big brother's wrists in one hand and pressed them above his head, leaning down to look at him.

They looked deeply into each other's eyes, as if they had glimpsed the dark currents underneath the seemingly unmoving eyes of the other.

Song Zi Xiao suddenly loosened his grip and he lay on top of his big brother, holding him tightly, but did not move any further, nor did he speak, as if he was asleep.

Song Zi Heng widened his eyes as he stared at the bed curtain. He suppressed his breathing for fear of waking the person beside his pillow. The perversity of Song Zi Xiao's actions made him even more convinced that this man really had his heart set on his golden core.

The two of them intertwined their necks and embraced for a long time before Song Zi Xiao suddenly whispered in his ear, "Big brother, have you ever thought about ... the future?"


"If I hadn't come back, what would you have done? Now that I have returned, what will you do?"

Song Zi Heng was silent for a long time and said, "I don't know." "I thought about it." Song Zi Heng was waiting for him to say what he thought about the "future", but after waiting for a long time there was no sound. Perhaps, he did not intend to say.

That's right, Song Zi Xiao wasn't planning to say, and he would never say. Because in his imaginary "future", there would always be big brother. The only one he was sure of and the only one he had to have. He was so hopelessly in love with his enemy who had caused his mother’s death and ruined his life. He even wanted to be with him for the rest of his life. He would keep this desperately low secret in his stomach, take it to his grave and take it to hell, but he would never say it out.

As long as he didn't say it out, he could numb himself; he was out for revenge. They would just continue entangling like trapped animals, tormenting each other. Both of them carried too much evil, and none of them have the rights to be freed.

None of them shall be freed.

That night, the two did nothing. They embraced each other with lots of things in their minds and stayed up in New Year obediently, welcoming the new year together, just like when they were little, and had spent the earthly winter and summer together one after the other.

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-not edited- SQC’s notes: I can't believe you're all looking forward to big brother's death

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hair standing on one end*[ 汗⽑倒竖 ]--- ① in a towering rage. ②
Describes being very

scared and nervous.

see the New Year*[守岁]----


up all night on lunar New Year's Eve. It’s like how we’re counting down to New

Year by staying awake until 12am, or after 12am.

Chapter 145

On the first day of Lunar New Year, Song Zi Heng dressed in a grand robe and tassel and went to the Heaven and Earth Platform at the top of Mount Daming to pay homage to his ancestors, accompanied by envoys from all the immortal families.

Paying homage to his ancestors is an annual event. Before the ritual officials were preparing, Song Zi Heng had tested Song Zi Xiao's intentions
--- he was worried that Song Zi Xiao would not allow him to pay homage to his ancestors of the Song clan.

But Song Zi Xiao did not stop him, and of course, it was impossible for him to attend.

After reciting the ritual words aloud on the altar, Song Zi Heng knelt before the shrine again, whispering his sins in silence. No matter what brought him to this point, he felt ashamed towards the Song Clan’s ancestors, and the Song Clan’s royal power was destined to die by his hand. Either it will be destroyed by Song Zi Xiao or destroyed by his own hands. To unite the immortal cultivation world against the Song Zi Xiao, he had to break the old system and rebuild himself from the ashes.

He had already carried many sins, so it made no difference with this additional sin, and he shall put an end to this already hopeless situation.

After the rituals were over, the people returned to Wuji Palace one by one. Song Zhong Ming had fallen asleep because he had woke up too early, so Song Zi Heng carried him down the hill. It was only when he returned to Song Zhong Ming's bedchamber that the child woke up. He rubbed his eyes and looked around, and was startled: "Father, the ritual!"

"It's over." Song Zi Heng stroked the child's soft hair and smiled dotingly, "You were sleeping so soundly down there, aren’t you afraid of being laughed at?"

Song Zhong Ming said dejectedly, "I was wrong."

"It's okay, you're still young. You also fell asleep last year too." "I won't fall asleep next year, really!"
Song Zi Heng looked at the child's cute and round little face, and his heart felt a piercing pain as he said softly, "There is no next year."

"Hmm?" Song Zhong Ming seemed not to have heard clearly.

Song Zi Heng squeezed his shoulders and looked him straight in the eyes and said, "Zhong Ming, Father wants to tell you something very important."

Song Zhong Ming unconsciously sat up straighter. His large, clear eyes staring unblinkingly at Song Zi Heng.

Song Zi Heng became determined, "You can't stay with Father anymore.
You have to leave Wuji Palace and leave Daming."

"I don't want!" Song Zhong Ming shrieked shrilly, clutching Song Zi Heng's collar in horror, "Father, Father, why, why are you kicking me out?"

Song Zi Heng's heart ached as he gently stroked the child's face, "You are so smart, you should know why."

"Because of that devil?" Tears rolled down from Song Zhong Ming's eyes in big globs, "Let's find a way to kill him. I don't want to be separated from father, please, don't chase me away." Song Zi Heng held back his tears and choked, "Zhong Ming, Father also wants to watch you grow up, but if you stay here, your life will be in danger. Only if you leave can Father be free from his coercion."

"I don't want. I'm not afraid of death. I won't go." Song Zhong Ming shook his head desperately and pleaded, "Don't chase me away. I don't want to go anywhere."

Song Zi Heng held the child tightly in his arms and said in a trembling voice, "Zhong Ming, father is sorry for you. Father is already unable to protect myself, and unable to protect you. Only if you survive will father be able to rest easy, do you understand?"

Song Zhong Ming started wailing.

"Good boy, Zhong Ming. Your fifth uncle will take you away. He will take good care of you. In the future, we will see each other again."

Even a seven-year-old child knew that they would not see each other again.

Song Zhong Ming cried for a long time until he was tired and hiccupped in Song Zi Heng's arms. His eyes were so red and swollen that he could barely open them. So pitiful.

Song Zi Heng wiped his face and hands with a silk handkerchief, and his eyes were still red from shedding tears.

"Father." Song Zhong Ming said hoarsely, "Will you be able to defeat that demon when I'm gone?"

"With you gone, Father will not be worried and able to concentrate on him, otherwise, he will use you to threaten me."

Song Zhong Ming rubbed both eyes with both hands, and after rubbing for quite a while, he still could not stop his tears. He sobbed, "Then, then when will you come to pick me up?" "...... When Father has solved this deadly situation, I will definitely come to pick you up."

"When will that be?"

"I don't know." Song Zi Heng said with difficulty. "But it will definitely come, right?"
"Yes, I will definitely go, no matter how long it takes."

Song Zhong Ming nodded and flattened his mouth, "Fine, I'll go with Fifth Uncle, I'll wait for Father to come and take me home."

Song Zi Heng turned his back, wiped away his tears fiercely, and turned around again with a small Qiankun pouch in his hand. A pure white heavy satin fragrant cloud veil was embroidered with an elegant lotus-petal orchid. That's the variety he bred himself - the Dang Shan He*.
Song Zhong Ming took the Qiankun Pouch: "Father, what is inside?" "There are  many  gold,  silver  and jade  stones,  magical  treasures  and
immortal pills inside, enough for you to enjoy for several lifetimes, and three very important things that Father wishes you to cherish."

"What are they?"

Song Zi Heng picked them up from his Qiankun pouch - a sword, a booklet, and a potted flower.

"This is Father's Dang Shan He." Song Zhong Ming cautiously stroked its soft petals; he knew that his father treasured this pot extremely, and his father, who almost never lost his temper with him, had once scolded him because he had naughtily pulled one off.

"This pot of flower is very important to Father, so you raise it well for me, will you?" This was the last love he had received from Xiao Jiu, even if Song Zi Xiao no longer remembered it. All that remained of their past was this pot of orchids to bear witness to. Perhaps one day, both of them will go up in smoke, so let him selfishly leave something behind to prove the true love he and Xiao Jiu once had.

Song Zhong Ming nodded solemnly, "Don't worry, Father." He then asked, "I heard from Eunuch Cai that Father used to raise a garden of orchids, why don't you raise them now?"

Song Zi Heng said lightly, "I don't raise them anymore because I don't have the heart to do so. This is the only pot left from father."

"If Father likes it, Zhong Ming will grow many, many orchids for Father and wait for Father to come and find me."

Song Zi Heng nodded with a smile.

"This is the Junlan sword." Song Zhong Ming touched the heavy sword. For some reason, he preferred this sword to the famous Zongxuan sword of the generation, which hung around his father's waist. Although it was still too big and heavy for him now.

"It is a very good sword. It came from the hands of Old Master Ran, and was gifted to me by Master Xu from Chunyang Sect; Father gives it to you today, and it will be your companion for life."

Song Zhong Ming hesitated to take it. Song Zi Heng put the sword into his hand.
"Thank you, Father." Song Zhong Ming hugged the sword with joy and sorrow in his heart.

"And this sword manual." Song Zi Heng picked up the book. Its cover was empty without words, only to flip it open to reveal a few dashing little words across the title page: Junlan Sword Technique.

"Could this be a sword technique of Father's own creation?"

Song Zi Heng nodded, "The Zongxuan Sword Technique is fierce, tricky and aggressive. Although it is one of the most powerful sword techniques under the sky, it is too hostile and I actually don't like it very much." His fine white fingertips gently stroked over the sword manual, "Swordplay is not for killing, but for saving people. It can be elegant, like an orchid and a gentleman, so father combined my life's learning and created my own set of swordplay."

Song Zhong Ming flipped through a few pages and only found the sword strokes drawn on the diagram were very elegant, but he couldn’t understand most of them.

"Your Zongxuan Sword Technique has a shallow foundation, so it's not too late to change. With your fifth uncle guiding you, you will definitely be able to practice it well." Song Zi Heng stroked the child's head, "Zhong Ming, after you leave Daming, you can no longer use the Zongxuan Sword Technique, and you can no longer take the surname Song."


"Because you will have to remain anonymous. You will understand when you grow up."

"I'll listen to Father." Song Zhong Ming said sullenly, "Then what's my surname?"

Song Zi Heng sighed softly, "You shall be surnamed Lan." He had already written a letter and handed it to Song Zi Yun, from which Song Zhong Ming would learn of his origins the day he becomes an adult. For now, this child could neither be surnamed Hua nor Song, and when he grew to adulthood and knew the truth, he can decide for himself what identity he wants to live under.

He had prepared enough wealth for Song Zhong Ming to start a sect. In the future, if Song Zhong Ming wanted to rebuild the Huaying Sect, he would be rich enough to do so, and this was all he could do for the Hua family.

Song Zhong Ming jumped into his arms again and cried, "Father must come and take me home. I will wait for you for as long as it takes." Song Zi Heng hugged the child tightly, weeping silently. PS: ahhh poor child T T
Dang Shan He*[荡⼭荷]---if you guys still
remember the flower Lan Chui Han…(kindly refer to chapter 6)

Chapter 146

After pacifying Song Zhong Ming, Song Zi Heng still had one more thing to do - to prepare for the moving of Song Ming He's grave.

More than once in his rage, Song Zi Xiao threatened to dig out Song Ming He and Shen Shi Yao and turn their bones into ashes. No matter how much he hated Song Ming He, he was his father after all. The dead had already died. Even for the sake of Song Clan's dignity, he still had to maintain the dignity of the late emperor. Besides, he did not want Song Zi Xiao to commit any more sins.

This matter must be done in secret, and not a word must get out. After Song Zi Xiao leaves for Fenglin continent, he will ask Xu Zhi Nan to help him.

Xu Zhi Nan was still in the palace. When Song Zi Heng was about to find him to discuss this matter, he ran into Li Bu Yu halfway.

"Emperor." Li Bu Yu looked surprised to see him, but after noticing Song Zi Heng's red eyes, he frowned slightly, "What's wrong, Emperor?"

Song Zi Heng couldn't hide it in time, so he had to say, "The wind is strong and it's confusing my eyes."

Li Bu Yu's gaze darkened, "It’s not Song Zi Xiao making things difficult for emperor again?"

Such concern only made Song Zi Heng felt embarrassed. He coughed lightly, "Have you seen Xu Zhi Nan? I have something to discuss with him."

He could not summon Xu Zhi Nan or Li Bu Yu alone. He had to get permission from Song Zi Xiao. Because today is a ritual day, many people have many things to do in the palace, so he was able to take the opportunity to go and find Xu Zhi Nan.

"I saw him not long ago, but now I don't know where he went. If the emperor has anything, I can pass it on for him."

Song Zi Heng was also worried that he would not be able to find Xu Zhi Nan: "That’s alright too. You can tell Xu Zhi Nan that Song Zi Xiao will soon depart for Fenglin Continent, and after Song Zi Xiao leaves, have him come and see me in the palace immediately."

"Yes." Li Bu Yu gazed at Song Zi Heng, his heart tingling with pain, "Emperor, I know you have many compulsions. Don't worry, we will save you from your suffering as soon as possible."

Song Zi Heng's heart was startled, "Do you guys have a plan?"

"Immortal Emperor Xu and I have already secretly lobbied many immortal sects. The immortal cultivation world will definitely unite. It won't take long."

"There is one more thing that I need you to do for me." Song Zi Heng sighed heavily. Outsiders shouldn’t be involved in this matter, but he did not dare to leave Wuji Palace without permission. If Song Zi Xiao found out, he did not know what kind of censure he would receive.

"Please speak, Emperor."

"Bu Yu, when you return to Mount Shu, move my mother's grave to another place."

Li Bu Yu was surprised. " Caution is necessary for this matter. Do not let anyone know." "Why?"
"I am worried that ... Song Zi Xiao will treat her with disrespect."

Li Bu Yu arched his hand, "I understand. I will do it when I return. Then, where should it be moved to?"

"Zhangyang. That is my mother's hometown. You go and ask around in the local area about the location of Shen family’s ancestral graves. The older people should know about it."

"Yes." Li Bu Yu looked unblinkingly at Song Zi Heng's handsome face and said eagerly, "Bu Yu is willing to serve the emperor loyally. If it is inconvenient for the emperor to do so, just tell me what to do."

Song Zi Heng said warmly, "You have already helped me a lot. Bu Yu, thank you." What happened at Mount Shu back then was a nightmare that he would never wake up from. If it wasn't for Li Bu Yu helping him to clean up the mess and pleading for him, he would never have been able to get out of it. In his heart, he was very grateful to Li Bu Yu, who had always treated him with respect from his early youth to his youth. However, he was also instinctively repulsed by the fact that this man had witnessed the darkest side of him. In fact, it was not that he did not want to face Li Bu Yu, is he did not dare to face the past.

Li Bu Yu smiled and said, "It is fortunate that I can share the Emperor's worries."


During the day, Emperor Kong Hua was busy all day with the ancestral rituals, and at night, Emperor Kong Hua was being ruthlessly violated in his own imperial bed.

The ritual robe and crown, which were worn with the assistance of three palace people, were so complicated that Song Zi Xiao couldn’t even take them off for a long time. He completely lost his patience, and he simply lift up his clothes, tore off his underpants and thrust in violently.

Song Zi Heng was done until his whole body became weak. His two long legs hanging helplessly from the Demon Supreme’s arms as he endured the wild torment, while whimpering and trembling uncontrollably at the same time.

The coronet, a symbol of the 9 and 5 reign supreme, was thrown to the ground, and Song Zi Heng's long, black and shiny hair was scattered like splashed ink, glistening as his body moved. His disheveled clothes hid half of his pale flesh, which was flushed with heat.

The candlelight from the five-stemmed lotus lamp above his head danced brightly, while Song Zi Heng's vision gradually went out of focus, but in that blur, the face of the man pressing against him and demanding crazily remained clear, as if to see this man clearly, he did not need eyes but only the heart. His nostrils were filled with the stench of stale wine, orchid scent and lust, and he was almost drowning in it.

Song Zi Xiao finally released deep within him, wrapping his arms tightly around him from behind and refusing to withdraw.

"You, you get out." Song Zi Heng slowed came back to his senses and pushed against Song Zi Xiao's arm in embarrassment.

"I don’t want." Song Zi Xiao kissed his sweaty neck and laughed lowly, "I wish I could stay in there for the rest of my life."

"Bastard ..."

"Big brother." Song Zi Xiao said softly, "I'm going to Kunlun tomorrow.
Say, do you think I should take you with me?"

Song Zi Heng's heart jumped, but he didn't dare let Song Zi Xiao see how flustered he was. "If I take you there, Wuji Palace will be empty, and it's not appropriate, but I don’t bring you along, what should I do if I miss you?” Song Zi Xiao stroked his big brother's tight waist and belly and smiled lazily, "Without you, it will be hard to sleep alone."

"Didn't you say that you would be back soon?" The tone of Song Zi Heng's voice was flat and unmoving.

"Mm, I won't waste too much time on her. If she won't give the ice crystal, I can take it myself.

"Do you really think that with the ice crystal, you can refine the core you want?"

Song Zi Xiao narrowed his eyes, "If the ice crystal doesn't even work, then I can only ..."

"Only what?" Song Zi Heng did not turn around. He did not dare to look into Song Zi Xiao’s eyes at this moment.

Song Zi Xiao kissed his big brother's shoulder, "If I say that I have never taken a human core, would you believe me?"


"It's true that I slaughtered the Wuyun Sect and dug up the golden cores of all the Wuyun Sect cultivators, but I have never eaten a single human core." Song Zi Xiao said slowly, "I don't really care what the world thinks of me, but I want you to know."


"I am highly gifted and have always looked down on the demonic cultivators who steal cores, not to mention that the first time I left the palace, both of us almost died at the hands of the core thieves, so I have always had a deep hatred for them." Song Zi Xiao laughed coldly, "Before he died, Lu Zhao Feng dug out his own core and gave it to me with his own hands. He thought that he can make up to the sins he committed? I wouldn't let him atone for his sins. I trampled that Core with my own feet in front of his face."

Song Zi Heng felt a shiver run down his spine, both at what Song Zi Xiao said and the deeper meaning behind those words. He said, "Why are you telling me now?"

"It just suddenly came to me. Big brother, do you believe me?"

Song Zi Heng was silent for a long time and said, "I believe you." He believed that even if Song Zi Xiao did not take the Human Core, he should still have the cultivation level he had today.

This time it was Song Zi Xiao's turn to be silent. He spoke again, but said something that creeped out Song Zi Heng: "Big brother, do you know that taking the Core can actually be done without hurting people's lives?"

"What do you mean?" Song Zi Heng's voice trembled a little.

"In the past, people who had their cores stolen had died. Most of them were silenced or seriously injured and bled to death. If the technique was done properly and the treatment was timely, the person would not actually die."

"What are you saying this for?"

Song Zi Xiao felt the mood swings of the person in his arms, and a guess suddenly came to his mind. Could it be, that Song Zi Heng actually knew about the Absolute Human Emperor as well?

This suspicion made his heart jumped.

Song Zi Xiao hugged his big brother even tighter. The two of them so close to each other, yet a thousand gulfs seemed to separate them.

"Let’s sleep." Song Zi Xiao said softly.

Song Zi Heng's eyes were wide open and redness filled his eyes. ---

Song Zi Xiao had left early in the morning, and as soon as he left, Xu Zhi Nan came to the palace.

Song Zi Heng first asked about Qi Meng Sheng: "You went to persuade her, but it didn’t work in the slightest? It's not time to get tough with Song Zi Xiao yet."

Xu Zhi Nan said, "Don't worry, emperor. Meng Sheng is stubborn but not stupid. She said she wanted to test Song Zi Xiao’s capabilities and she would know when to stop."

Song Zi Heng frowned, "Song Zi Xiao once broke the Chunyang Sect's Vajra Formation solely using The Eighteen Horsemen of Yan Yun, and had also beaten Wuliang Sect into submission, what else does she want to try?"

Xu Zhi Nan was slightly embarrassed as he said, "She has never fought against Song Zi Xiao, so she wasn’t convinced. Song Zi Xiao still needs her and will not kill her for the time being. She has already made up her mind, so let her deal with it herself."

Song Zi Heng shook his head.

"What is the reason for the emperor summoning me to the palace?"

That night, the two of them went to the Song Clan's cemetery, where Song Zi Heng unsealed the spell and found Song Ming He's tomb.

They each manipulated a dozen puppet talismans, causing a group of guards from the Wuji Palace to dig the tomb in complete unconsciousness.

At dawn, Song Ming He's coffin was finally dug out. Song Zi Heng intended to hide him in the back of the mountain, and then replace Song Ming He with a corpse that had been prepared long ago.

Song Zi Heng was really uncomfortable in his heart, so he could only have Xu Zhi Nan open the coffin and replace the corpse. "Hmm?" Xu Zhi Nan suddenly made a puzzled sound. "What's wrong?" Song Zi Heng's heart tightened.
"This ..." Xu Zhi Nan said, "Emperor, you'd better come and take a look."

Song Zi Heng, who was originally standing far away, had no choice but to walk over. He looked at the white bones wrapped in brocade and fancy clothes and felt nothing but chills all over his body.

"Emperor, look at the bones of his hands." Xu Zhi Nan lifted the corpse’s sleeve robe.

Song Zi Heng took a deep breath and looked down. The corpse bone's fingers were slender, and did not look any different, but that was the biggest difference. He staggered back a step, his face whiter than the moonlight tonight.

Those were not the hands of a swordsman. What adult swordsman would have hands with completely undeformed finger bones?

"The remains of the late emperor, has anyone else ..." Xu Zhi Nan wanted to say but stopped.

Song Zi Heng felt his hair standing on his body. His jaw dropped, and he couldn't get over his shock for a long time.

Who had touched Song Ming He's remains?

Back then, when Song Ming He was badly injured by him on the Eight Trigrams Platform, and while he was recuperating, Shen Shi Yao killed Song Ming He and then killed herself. He had to carry it all in order to protect Song Clan's reputation. Then, he was nearly besieged by Wuliang Sect and it was Li Bu Yu who saved him. Li Bu Yu, together with Xu Zhi Nan and Qi Meng Sheng, weighed the pros and cons with sect leader of Wuliang Sect so that he could sit on the throne of the Human Emperor. Finally, he took Song Ming He's coffin back to Daming for burial. Many of the people from Wuliang Sect might have switched Song Ming He's corpse.

But why, and where did the real Song Ming He go?! not edited yet

Chapter 147

Song Zi Heng combed through his memories of what had happened in Yunding back then.

He had seen Song Ming He's body sealed in the coffin. Although a person's appearance changes somewhat after death, he did not notice anything unusual. Song Ming He's hands were folded across his chest and covered by large sleeves, revealing only a few fingertips, and there was no way to tell the shape of the finger bones. After that, he watched over the coffin all the way back to Daming until the burial.

The Song Clan's cemetery was heavily bounded, so if Song Ming He's corpse had been switched, then it must have been done at Mount Shu, and what he saw back then would have already been a fake.

The fake corpse was intact, and there was no possibility that the head had merely been replaced, so how exactly had Song Ming He's face been imitated?

Song Zi Heng's narrative caused Xu Zhi Nan's face become increasingly grave as well, "There are several possibilities according to what emperor said, and I believe emperor can guess a thing or two."

"I'll listen to you first." Song Zi Heng did have a guess in his mind.

"One, the Wuliang Sect found someone with a similar appearance to the late emperor, but it happened suddenly, so this is very unlikely. Secondly, the appearance of the late emperor was drawn with the Wu Sheng Pen, but Lu Zhao Feng was wanted by all the great sects at that time and was nowhere to be found. There was also no previous evidence of collusion between Wuliang Sect and Lu Zhao Feng, so this is even less likely. Thirdly, there was someone who possessed the Chunyang Technique, fixed the bones of this corpse."

"The Chunyang Technique can also change another person's appearance?" Song Zi Heng remembered that he had vaguely heard of it before, but was unsure.

"It can, but the duration is very short. Moreover, that person cannot move, cannot make expressions, and cannot even speak. Any movement that involves bones and muscles cannot be done, otherwise it will be exposed, so it is actually a technique that is rarely used."

"But if that person is a dead person ..."

"A dead person who won't move can instead bring into play the usefulness of this technique." Xu Zhi Nan narrowed his eyes, "Therefore, this matter must have been done by someone who has enough time to access the corpse, because the appearance changed through this method would not last more than a quarter of an hour at most."

Speaking until this point, the range is already very small; the person who had the ability to swap the human emperor's corpse in Wuliang Sect was bound to be a significant figure in the Wuliang Sect.

But why?

"Emperor, I have an even bolder guess."

Song Zi Heng quietly clenched his trembling fist, "Speak."

"Someone dug up the late emperor's core and obtained the Chunyang Technique obtained from Yan Zhi, and then engaged in fraudulent activities."

Song Zi Heng closed his eyes. Xu Zhi Nan's words seemed to press a fearful dark cloud above his head. The darkness turned into a behemoth and completely eroded him.

It was indeed a bold guess, but not without basis. With Song Ming He's cultivation alone, his golden core was worth a fortune, not to mention the fact that he might also have an imperial destiny.

However, the golden core could only be dug alive, and when he arrived, Song Ming He was already dead. Even Shen Shi Yao had already killed herself. The shock of seeing both of his own parents perish almost tore his heart apart at that moment, so how could he have thought to check whether Song Ming He's core was still there? If Xu Zhi Nan's speculation was true, then Song Ming He's death, and his mother's death, were greatly in doubt.

Song Zi Heng's face was already so unsightly as if he would faint at any moment. Xu Zhi Nan held his swaying body and said soothingly in that unsophisticated voice: "Emperor, this is only a guess, you must take care of your health."

Song Zi Heng clasped Xu Zhi Nan's wrist. His five fingers tightened and he gripped it fiercely as he glared at Xu Zhi Nan with bloodshot eyes, "If the person who swapped the corpse was really there to take his core, then my mother ... may have been ... killed by someone." As his trusted aide, Xu Zhi Nan knew that he had carried the stigma of regicide for Shen Shi Yao, and naturally knew what he was talking about.

Xu Zhi Nan has a vajra body. Ordinary swords cannot break his flesh, but at this moment he experienced some pain. It can be seen how much strength Song Zi Heng used. He held Song Zi Heng's hand, and slowly said with emphasis: "We must find out the truth to this matter, not only for Consort Shen. That person who switched the corpse of the late emperor most likely had been hiding within the shadows for many years, and did many things to harm the emperor."

Who could it be, and why did he have to swap the corpse? Since he had not examined Song Ming He's abdomen in the first place, he wouldn’t even examine it after that. If it wasn’t Song Zi Xiao's threat to drag Song Ming He out and whip his corpse, he wouldn’t have opened the coffin. This secret should have been buried for eternity, so why go through the trouble of swapping the corpse?

He asked out his doubts, and Xu Zhi Nan could only shake his head in confusion.

"Who does emperor find most suspicious?"

"Li Bu Yu." Song Zi Heng replied without hesitation.

The important figure of the Wuliang Sect who was most involved in the whole matter was Li Bu Yu.

"I also think he's suspicious." Xu Zhi Nan said, "Does the emperor still remember, back then at Jiaolong Assembly, Li Bu Yu was defeated by Song Zi Xiao with ease. He was even a few years older than Song Zi Xiao."

"I remember." It was impossible for anyone to forget that Jiaolong Assembly, which directly led to a decade of turmoil in the Immortal Cultivation World, and gave birth* to Song Zi Xiao, the unrivaled Demon Supreme. And it was even more impossible for him to forget how his Xiao Jiu had shown off his proud talent and won the championship step by step.

"As far as I remember, Li Bu Yu's natural talent was not very outstanding. Back then, he lost to the winner of Jiaolong Assembly, so no one thought he was inferior, and only thought that Song Zi Xiao was too strong, but when I watched the battle, I judged that Li Bu Yu's qualifications and roots were only barely superior, but after he became the Sect Leader, his cultivation and sword skills soared, and he actually became one of the representatives of the young and strong generation with superior talent." Xu Zhi Nan frowned and said, "I had doubts in my mind about this matter, but I just didn't think about it deeply."

"You are right. I also remember that he was not outstanding when he was young." Song Zi Heng's first acquaintance with Li Bu Yu was when he was out on a trip and happened to save Li Bu Yu who was also out on a trip. At the same age of thirteen, Song Zi Xiao had won the championship at the Jiaolong Assembly, while Li Bu Yu was struggling to even deal with a slightly cultivated walking corpse. He did not dare to say that Li Bu Yu must have eaten Song Ming He's human core to achieve his current cultivation level, but if Song Ming He's core was indeed stolen by the Li family, then the person who ate the core must be Li Bu Yu.

No matter what, the person who swapped Song Ming He's corpse had evil intentions, and he had to know the complete truth!
Song Zi Heng murmured, "Brother Xu, accompany me to Mount Shu." "Infiltrating Mount Shu is not an easy task. Why don't I use visiting as an
ostensible purpose to go up to the mountain, while emperor waits for my news?"

"There is no need to infiltrate. I have just met Li Bu Yu earlier and asked him to help move my mother's grave when he returns to Mount Shu. I can do it myself."

Xu Zhi Nan wanted to say something, but still said, "If Song Zi Xiao finds out that the emperor is not around when he returns, I am afraid that ..."

Song Zi Heng gritted his teeth and said, "Kunlun is far away, he won't be able to return in a short time, and even if he does, he won't be able to care that much."

"Okay, I’ll listen to the emperor."


The day after Song Zi Xiao left Daming, Song Zi Heng sent Song Zhong Ming away.

He carried Song Zhong Ming, who was crying non-stop, all the way out of Daming City. There were no words to express how much sadness and reluctance he felt in his chest. In the end, he could only stand in the waning sunlight and watch Song Zi Yun take the child up into the sky with his sword, farther and farther away, smaller and smaller, turning into a bit of silver light in the sky until they disappeared. That was the last time they would see each other in their lives.

The guests who had come to celebrate the New Year also took their leave, including Li Bu Yu.

On the fifth day after Song Zi Xiao's departure from Daming, Song Zi Heng settled many important matters of the Wuji Palace and set off for Mount Shu with Xu Zhi Nan.

Before they left, Huang Dao Zi made a surprise appearance, as if he knew he was leaving.

Song Zi Heng was extremely disgusted with this man: "What is it?"

"I have calculated that the emperor is going to check something, so I have come to offer a magical treasure."

"What did you calculate?"

Huang Dao Zi said respectfully, "Fortune-telling can often only give a vague direction. I do not know where the emperor is going or what you’re going to investigate."

Song Zi Heng was skeptical: "Then what treasure are you offering?"

Huang Dao Zi took out a dirty stick tube with twelve sticks in it, "This is a magical treasure I had invented. The Zhou Hou Spiritual Stick, which was refined by incorporating a small piece of Luo Shui Jade Armour, and has the ability to divine, but it can only tell 'yes' and 'no'." He offered it with both hands.
Song Zi Heng hesitated for a moment and accepted it, "How to use it?" "The emperor can ask what you wish to divine and then draw a stick, or
you can use it to force others to answer questions, but the scope of what this spiritual stick can divine is very small, both in terms of time and geographical scope, and, the only answers it can give are 'yes' or 'no ', 'true' or 'false'. Regarding the rest, emperor has to judge for yourself." "Is this thing accurate?"

Huang Dao Zi said with a straight face, "The more specific the question, the more accurate it is."

"Good, I will give it a try." Song Zi Heng put the Zhou Hou Spiritual Stick into his Qiankun pouch, "Why have you come to offer the treasure?"

"I want to share the emperor's worries."

Song Zi Heng said coldly, "The one you want to befriend is clearly the Demon Supreme."

Huang Dao Zi smiled faintly, "What I wish for in my heart is peace in the world."

Song Zi Heng did not dare to believe all of this man's words, but he was going to try this magical treasure out. Mount Shu is the territory of the Wuliang Sect, so he and Xu Zhi Nan had to take it step by step and try everything to find out the truth in the shortest possible time, hoping that this magical treasure would really come in handy.

With the assistance of Xu Zhi Nan, Song Zi Heng breaks the seal that Song Zi Xiao has placed on his chakra. The two of them fly away from Daming with their swords, and their sudden visit is bound to set off a bloody storm in Mount Shu.

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gave birth*[催⽣]--- to be a driving force in bringing sth into existence 

Chapter 148

The Wuliang Sect and the Chunyang Sect have had occasional contacts over the years, so Xu Zhi Nan's visit was not surprising. The Wuliang Sect cultivators were curious about the mysterious man beside him with a mili covering his face, but no one dared to ask.

It was only when Li Bu Yu was left alone in the room that Song Zi Heng showed his true face.

"Emperor?!" Li Bu Yu said in surprise, "Since emperor is coming here, why didn't you inform me? The whole of Wuliang Sect is unprepared ..."

"No need, I came here for the matter that I told you last time, so naturally I have to keep it a secret."

Li Bu Yu said with understanding, "In the end, emperor plans to come and personally move Consort Shen's tomb."

"I kept thinking, it would be greatly unfilial if an outsider were to handle it, and this matter needs to be done as soon as possible when Song Zi Xiao is in Kunlun."

"What the emperor has instructed, how dare Bu Yu delay? When I returned to Wuliang Sect the day before yesterday, I have already started to prepare. The preparation is almost completed." Li Bu Yu glanced at Xu Zhi Nan and said with a smile, "But I didn’t know Immortal Xu also came. Is it possible that the emperor is uncertain about my work?"

Xu Zhi Nan looked at Li Bu Yu with an insincere smile. "I cannot expose my identity, and with many chores around, I naturally need someone." Song Zi Heng said, "Since it is almost ready, when can we break ground?"

"According to the Chinese divination almanac, tomorrow is an auspicious day."

"Okay, tomorrow."

"Emperor and Immortal Xu shall take a good rest today. Please forgive me if our Sect does not provide proper hospitality."

"Just do as you please, and do not disclose anything."

"Yes." Li Bu Yu added, "You must be tired, why don't you go and take a bath in the hot spring? The water from the Mandarin Duck Pond on Mount Shu can improve blood circulation and heal the body."

"No need." Song Zi Heng was not in that kind of mood.

Li Bu Yu advised, "Emperor, your chakra has been sealed by Song Zi Xiao for a long time, do you feel dry and sluggish when running your spiritual energy? The Mandarin Duck Pond can greatly nourish your chakra and help you recover as soon as possible."

Song Zi Heng was persuaded. He had indeed felt unwell during this journey with his sword, and the Mandarin Duck Pond of Mount Shu was a world-famous spiritual hot spring. Because the cave of Wuliang Sect was located near there, which could be used to nourish and strengthen the body of both cultivators and ordinary people.

"Alright, you arrange it."


Li Bu Yu arranged for servant girls to serve Song Zi Heng in the bath, but they were all dismissed by him; his body was covered with the old and new overlapping lust marks left by Song Zi Xiao, and he could not be seen by anyone. The moment Song Zi Heng dipped his body into the Mandarin Duck Pond, he was enveloped in the warm spring water. He let out a sigh of comfort. The fatigue he had accumulated over the past few months was slowly dissipating, and his blocked chakra was becoming more and more unblocked under the nourishment of the spring water.

The Mandarin Duck Pond was indeed not a name in vain.

Song Zi Heng closed his eyes and adjusted his breath, causing his spiritual energy to run for a small period of time, and his body became much more energized.

He wiped his arms with a moist cloth towel. When he looked at the bruises and marks on his body, he felt humiliated and angry. Is Song Zi Xiao an animal? Always sucking and biting on him, and cumming inside him every time. Only an animal would scratch its territory like that.

When thinking about Song Zi Xiao, he was worried about Qi Meng Sheng again. At this time, Song Zi Xiao should have reached Fenglin continent. The survival of the Cangyu Sect affected the hearts of everyone in the immortal cultivation world. Although this foreign sect outside of Guanzhou had always been excluded by the sects of the Central Plains, without Cangyu Sect, their hope of defeating Song Zi Xiao would be even slimmer.

Song Zi Heng was so worried that he was unaware of anyone approaching, until he heard a very faint sound that jolted him awake: "Who’s there!"

The mist in the Mandarin Duck Pond was so thick that he could not see anyone from a distance, but he could vaguely see a black shadow flashing through the white mist. There were thousands of large and small springs here, and the few that were enclosed were only accessible to the Li family. He was here, and there were guards outside, so it was impossible for a subordinate or disciple to enter by mistake, so someone had deliberately sneaked in. Song Zi Heng flew up ashore, picked up his bathrobe with his scabbard, draped it over his body, and quickly chased after him.

That black shadow quickly faded within the weapon, but Song Zi Heng could not be gotten rid of easily. He released several long and thin strands of spiritual breath, probing in several directions where the black shadow was fleeing, and soon got a response. He chased after it: "How dare you, stop right there!" He did not know what the other party wanted, but he would not let go of any clues related to Song Ming He's death.

The man's cultivation was not shallow, and Song Zi Heng chased him all the way out of the Mandarin Duck Pond, but still failed to catch up with him.

When the guards saw Song Zi Heng chasing with his clothes unkempt and his hair long, they were shocked: "Zhen Ren! Could there be an assassin? Someone come, there's an assassin!"

The guarding cultivators did not know who he was, but only knew that he was an honored guest of the sect leader Immortal Lord.

Song Zi Heng frowned as he patrolled the surrounding area, "Keep quiet.
Go and call Li ... Immortal Lord here"

Li Bu Yu soon arrived. He instructed the guards to deploy more men to search for the assassin, not sparing every mouthful of spring, but at the same time he admonished, "Do not disclose."

"Yes, sect leader."

After the people dispersed, Li Bu Yu walked up to Song Zi Heng's side, his face looking very unsightly: "Emperor has been frightened. The first time emperor came to Wuliang Sect and encountered an assassin, I simply have no face to face the emperor."

"It’s nothing. That person may not have meant to assassinate. Maybe he just got lost." Song Zi Heng stroked a handful of his wet hair, squeezing out a lot of water. "What the emperor said is that there are too many springs in the Mandarin Duck Pond, he could be unintentionally ..." Li Bu Yu looked at Song Zi Heng's loose lapel, his white skin soaked with hot spring water which made it looked soft and pink, and there were still undried water droplets reflecting a moist shimmer. His robust chest was stamped with spots of red marks, which were extraordinarily eye-catching. He was so distracted that he lost his words for a moment.

The rest of Song Zi Heng's gaze seemed to notice Li Bu Yu's gaze, and when he raised his eyes, he caught Li Bu Yu's hastily shifting eyes. He suddenly remembered something, wrinkled his brows and gathered his sash.

Li Bu Yu arched his hand and said, "If the emperor still wants to continue soaking, Bu Yu will deploy more guards, or ..."

"No need, I'm going back to rest." Song Zi Heng's heart was so full of suspicion that he did not want to stay here even for one moment. He was about to leave when he happened to look down and noticed that the hem of Li Bu Yu's robe, was stained with water.

The path was paved with dense cobblestones, so even if there was water, it would only be caught in the cracks of the stones. If one walks normally, he will only wet the soles of his shoes, and he will not be able to make a splash without a big movement.

Song Zi Heng remained calm and collected, and turned around, his face looking extremely grim.

There were not many people who could escape from his trail, and even fewer who knew he was here. If that person had really intruded by mistake and did not know who he was, why would he feel guilty and run away?

That black shadow was most likely Li Bu Yu.

But why would Li Bu Yu sneak into the Mandarin Duck Pond? Did he really want to assassinate him? No, this possibility was quickly dismissed by Song Zi Heng. Not to mention that Li Bu Yu had great respect for him and had even saved his life, even if Li Bu Yu really wanted to assassinate him for some reason --- for example, Li Bu Yu also knew the secret of the Absolute Human Emperor --- he should not have done it at this time, Li Bu Yu was no match for him. He could not defeat the entire Wuliang Sect, but with him and Xu Zhi Nan, it would be more than enough to escape.

If Li Bu Yu did not intend to assassinate him, why did he sneak into the Mandarin Duck Pond while he was bathing?

Song Zi Heng thought so much but still couldn’t understand, and he could only put it aside, but his suspicion towards Li Bu Yu grew even stronger, and he became even more convinced that there must be something else about the deaths of Song Ming He and Shen Shi Yao.


Late at night, Song Zi Heng and Xu Zhi Nan met as promised. They planned to infiltrate the guest house where Song Ming He died. Although it was almost ten years ago and it was unlikely that anything had been left behind, they had no other clues to start with until they saw Shen Shi Yao's body.

Song Zi Heng found the pavilion from memory.

Back then, the late emperor and the noble concubine had both perished here, and the hostility was so strong that the Wuliang Sect had performed a memorial service here for three days and nights. After that, it had been abandoned.

The pavilion was dilapidated and decaying, overgrown with weeds, and emitting an ominous aura. The remnants of the formations painted during the purification process could still be seen on the ground.

The two of them unlocked the boundaries of this place silently. Xu Zhi Nan pushed open the door and stepped in first, while Song Zi Heng's toes pressed against the threshold. The immense fear and pain were like two ghostly hands gripping his ankles, and he did not have the courage to walk in.

Song Zi Heng thought this was a place he would never set foot in again for the rest of his life; if hell had a name, it will be here.

He shuddered and lifted his thousand-pound feet.

Back then he had not been able to cross this high threshold. He, who had been able to fly with his sword at the age of six, had tripped and fallen to the ground in a panic, with his father dipped in a pool of blood and his mother hanging from the roof beam. Since that moment, he had fallen into a lifelong nightmare from which he could not wake up.

Just by standing here, his throat was tightly strangled by an invisible hand, and every gasp of breath was filled with boundless pain.

Xu Zhi Nan said softly, "Emperor, why don't you wait outside?"

Song Zi Heng shook his head stiffly, gritted his teeth and stepped through the door.

A thick layer of dust and cobwebs had accumulated inside the house, making it almost impossible to see the original appearance and naturally impossible to find any clues.

Song Zi Heng eventually stood under a beam, and before his eyes emerged Shen Shi Yao's body hanging here, swaying slightly. Back then, it was as if he had been drained of his soul, unable to cry or scream, like an outsider watching Li Bu Yu handle the funeral arrangement with cold eyes.

Only he knew that a part of him had died along with her.

Xu Zhi Nan came to his side and asked cautiously, "Is this the right place?"

Song Zi Heng stiffened like a stone. Xu Zhi Nan hesitated for a moment, and with a point of his toes, jumped up onto the high beam. He squeezed out a wind spell, blowing away the ash that had accumulated on the beam over the years.

Song Zi Heng also came back to his senses. He took a deep breath to calm his mind: "Have you found anything?"

"You come up and take a look." Song Zi Heng could only jump up.
Xu Zhi Nan pointed to an old, shallow scuff mark on the beam, "Emperor, dare I ask if this is ..."

"... Yes."

"It’s indeed suspicious." Xu Zhi Nan said, "Emperor, what I say next may offend Consort Shen."

"Just say it."

"A person who hangs herself will definitely struggle when it comes to life and death. No matter how determined she is to go, survival is a human instinct, so the position where the white damask wraps around the beam, it will often leave a mark of repeated rubbing." Xu Zhi Nan pointed to the rubbing mark, "But this mark is very flat. It looks like it is just an indentation left by the weight, so I'm afraid at that time, Consort Shen was
... "

Song Zi Heng's eyes turned black instantly.

That year, he was only twenty-one years old. After experiencing a rebellion against his younger brother, being seriously injured by his own father and nearly froze to death in Kunlun, a duel to the death between father and son, and finally, the tragic death of his mother who killed her father and then died terribly in front of him, he broke down.

So he didn't look deeper into the cause of his parent's death, didn't suspect Li Bu Yu, who had always helped him and comforted him, not realizing that the evil of the human heart is even more devilish than evil spirits.

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Chapter 149

Shen Shi Yao's tomb is located in Yunlai Peak, the second peak of Mount Shu, which is located across the ravine from Diancang Peak, and is rich in Fengshui. There are quite a number of casual cultivators living on the mountain, and a lot of local people bury their family members here.

In order to keep it a secret, Shen Shi Yao's tombstone was written with her boudoir name when she was unmarried. In fact, in this deep forest, no one would probably have discovered this hidden tomb in their lifetime. Song Zi Heng had left his spiritual markings here, otherwise he would not have been able to find it.

Song Zi Heng paid his respects first, and then performed a puja before starting to dig the grave. He stood one side, watching his mother's coffin being exposed little by little, and his heart couldn't stop tightening.

Li Bu Yu whispered soothingly, "Emperor, don't worry, you are also trying to protect Consort Shen, she won't blame you."

Song Zi Heng looked ahead without squinting. He couldn't look at Li Bu Yu directly with his eyes. He was afraid that his eyes would give away his emotions.

Last night, he and Xu Zhi Nan had discussed their countermeasures all night.

Li Bu Yu's identity was not trivial, and they were still in the territory of the Wuliang Sect, plus they had a common enemy, Song Zi Xiao, to deal with, and Song Zi Heng was in an unprecedented struggle. In the end, they agreed that they must not lash out until they found conclusive evidence. Ten years had passed, and if this evidence still existed, it could only be on Shen Shi Yao's corpse, but Shen Shi Yao was already a white skeleton, so what clues could be left behind?

Song Zi Heng thought of the Zhou Hou Spiritual Stick given to him by Huang Dao Zi. Whether Huang Dao Zi was worthy of trust or not, he had to give it a try for the time being, but with this magical treasure, there had to be someone he could ask.

Shen Shi Yao's coffin was finally raised, lying silently across the night.

Song Zi Heng walked over and gently wiped the dust from it with his hand, sorrow condensing on his white-jaded face like the moonlight.

The surrounding was silent as no one dared to disturb Emperor Kong Hua.

Only after a long time did Song Zi Heng said, "Open the coffin." Li Bu Yu's face changed slightly, "This ..."
Several Wuliang Sect cultivators also looked at each other. Why should the coffin be opened to move the grave?
"Open the coffin." Song Zi Heng aggravated his tone and repeated again. "Emperor, what's going on here?" Li Bu Yu walked up to Song Zi Heng's
side and whispered, "It's inauspicious ah." He glanced at Xu Zhi Nan, as if hoping that Xu Zhi Nan would also come to persuade Song Zi Heng.

Xu Zhi Nan, however, did not say a word.

Song Zi Heng said softly, "I want to see my mother."

A dignified Emperor Kong Hua referred to himself as "I" sounded like an ordinary person who missed his mother, and no one couldn't resist being emotionally moved. However, to open the coffin of a buried person is a great disrespect to the deceased and will harm the blessings of future generations, which is a great taboo.

Li Bu Yu looked at Song Zi Heng's tensed jaw and focused eyes and knew that he could not be persuaded, so he pondered a little: "Okay. Open the coffin."

The seven nails on the coffin were pried out one by one. Everyone stepped back.
Song Zi Heng pressed the coffin lid and said silently, "Mother, I'm sorry." He mobilized his spiritual power and pushed the thousand-pounds lid of the ebony coffin open.

Inside the coffin lay a dry skeleton of a person dressed in brocade, surrounded by jeweled and famous objects.

Song Zi Heng leaned over the coffin, his shoulders trembled violently, and tears flowed quietly down his face.

Ten years had passed. The sins his mother had committed and the mistakes she had made had been fully repaid to her and to himself. All the resentment has been dissipated and all that remains in the memory is the goodness of his mother.

The day he buried his mother, the day he decided to carry all the burden alone, he wished that she could atone for her sins and reincarnate as a happy and good person.

But if his mother did not commit regicide, if she did not hang herself but was murdered, he needs to find out the truth!

Holding back his grief, Song Zi Heng jumped into the coffin, carefully removed her fancy clothes and examined the white bones.

People who hang themselves usually break their cervical vertebrae, but Shen Shi Yao's neck bone was intact, most likely because she hadn't struggled, but other than that, there was nothing unusual. This is not enough to conclude that she was murdered.

If the autopsy had been done back then, it would reveal that something was wrong, but he was on the verge of falling apart at that time, did not have the slightest suspicion of Li Bu Yu, and missed the best opportunity.

Disappointed, Song Zi Heng gathered his mother's clothes back together, but accidentally touched the crown on her head.

There was still sparse hair above the skull, scattered in all directions after losing the restraints on the crown. Song Zi Heng's sharp eyes spotted something. He ruffled the hair and found a spider web of cracks on her Baihui point.

Song Zi Heng's heart tightened. He stroked and observed it carefully and found this crack was very strange, because it was slender and extended. Most bizarrely, the skull was intact.

Cracks on the bones are either caused by collision or sharp objects, and it would invariably cause damage to the bone and leave marks forever, but this crack was so light and shallow, with only a slight bump on the surface. If he didn't touch it with his hands, it seemed almost smooth, almost like ... embroidered on.

Such a seemingly sinister mark, appearing on the deadly Baihui point, was most likely the cause of her mother's death.

Poison? Witchcraft? Evil spell? What the hell is it!

Xu Zhi Nan was more knowledgeable than him and might know.

Song Zi Heng quickly restored Shen Shi Yao's skeleton and clothes to their original state, jumped out of the coffin, and summoned back Li Bu Yu and the others after gathering his emotions.

The coffin was re-nailed with seven nails, and Li Bu Yu put the coffin on a flying magical treasure and flew to Zhangyang overnight. Zhangyang was not far from Mount Shu, and they buried Shen Shi Yao that night at a pre-selected site, with Song Zi Heng kneeling before the grave until dawn.


Upon returning to Yunding, Song Zi Heng told Xu Zhi Nan what he had discovered.

Xu Zhi Nan listened in silence and slowly held his forehead.

Seeing this, Song Zi Heng did not pressure him, knowing that Xu Zhi Nan already had the answer, and instead he was scared of hearing the answer.

It was only after a long time that Xu Zhi Nan whispered, "Emperor, the cracks you saw are the lightning patterns that were cleaved out by the Thunder Ancestor Treasure Grant."

Song Zi Heng looked ahead in a daze, his eyes like two pools of stagnant water.

"When ordinary lightning strikes a person, it will only leave spider web- like red lines on the surface of the skin, but the Thunder Ancestor Treasure Grant draws heavenly lightning, which can pierce through the skin and strike the three souls and seven spirits, so naturally it can also leave marks on the bones."

Song Zi Heng murmured, "So it's either Li Bu Yu, or the old master of the Wuliang Sect."

Xu Zhi Nan nodded seriously, "I think it should be Li Bu Yu. If Li Bu Yu wanted to create the illusion that Consort Shen had hanged herself, no traces would be left on the surface, and the old Sect Master could do it without the Thunder Ancestor Treasure Grant, but back then, Li Bu Yu did not have the cultivation to defeat Consort Shen with a single strike." "Then, then my mother ..." Song Zi Heng slowly turned his face to look at Xu Zhi Nan, a sea of deep despair in his eyes, "has her soul scattered already, has she?"

The most terrifying thing about the Thunder Ancestor Treasure Grant is that it can shatter a person's soul to the point where they don't even have a chance to reincarnate, completely erasing them from the three realms.

Xu Zhi Nan bowed his head in discomfort.

"My mother has done a lot of evil, but she is ... also very pitiful." Song Zi Heng trembled and choked, "She was very bitter and has never felt happy and joyful even until death, I want ... I want her to atone for her sins and be reborn in an ordinary family in the next life, no need to be rich and famous, as long as someone treats her sincerely, so that she, doesn't have to become...a bad person." He covered his eyes as tears rolled down on his fingers in a raging torrent.

"..." Xu Zhi Nan was tormented at heart, but he did not know how to comfort Song Zi Heng. There were no words here that could soothe such a pain.

"But, Li Bu Yu killed her." Song Zi Heng slowly raised his head, his face fierce and sorrowful, "He killed her, scattered her soul, so that she would not even have a next life anymore, and even framed her for the crime of regicide, and in the end, I am the one who will bear eternal infamy!"

"Li Bu Yu deserves to die." Xu Zhi Nan clenched his fist.

Song Zi Heng pranced up, grabbed the hilt of his sword and ran towards the door, but before Xu Zhi Nan could stop him, he stopped in his tracks, stared at the closed doorway and his eyes burned with hatred. But this moment he calmed down instead.

"Emperor." Xu Zhi Nan walked up to him and gently squeezed his shoulder, "Li Bu Yu deserves to die, but we must not be impulsive at this time. We must find an opportunity to capture him alive so that we can ask the truth out from his mouth." Song Zi Heng's face was not yet dry from tears, but his eyes were surprisingly clear: "Yes, capture him alive." He wants to take revenge, he wants to find out the truth, he wants to look Li Bu Yu in the eyes and peel off that hypocritical face!

"Let's call Li Bu Yu alone to a place far away from Yunding. I'll join forces with emperor and take advantage of his defencelessness. We should be able to restrain him."

"Have you brought the Golden Carved Jade Suit with you?" The Golden Carved Jade Suit is the number one magical treasure of the Chunyang Sect. If Xu Zhi Nan has it, he can fight against the Thunder Ancestor Treasure Grant.

"As the Sect Leader, I always carry the Golden Carved Jade Suit with me, but if I use the magical treasure, the movement will be too loud and will definitely summon people from the Wuliang Sect."

"What then?"

Xu Zhi Nan wanted to say something but stopped.

"What else can you hesitate about at this point, just speak!" Song Zi Heng said in a coarse voice.

"I do have a plan that is almost foolproof, but it requires the emperor to put your posture down, and I'm afraid it would be disrespectful to the emperor."

"Say it."

"The emperor may not have noticed ..." Xu Zhi Nan spoke so mincingly for the first time, and he considered repeatedly before saying, "What gaze did Li Bu Yu use to look at Emperor?"

"What do you mean?" Song Zi Heng didn’t understand.

"Uh ... my sect cultivates the extremely positive Chunyang Technique which we cannot release ourselves for a lifetime, otherwise the Technique will be broken immediately. Emperor is aware of that."

"What are you talking all this nonsense for?" The more Song Zi Heng listened, the more confused he became.

Regardless, Xu Zhi Nan said quickly: "My sect is not allowed to have women inside, so there are many cut sleeves*."

Song Zi Heng was stunned.

He recalled Li Bu Yu's attentiveness to him when he was a teenager, the way he looked at him, the several times he came close without knowing whether it was intentional or unintentional, and, the day before, when he was bathing in the Mandarin Duck Pond and Li Bu Yu ...

Xu Zhi Nan said awkwardly: "Other people may not be able to see it, and the emperor also has not noticed it, but I have seen it so much that it is not surprising. Li Bu Yu has probably admired the emperor since he was a young boy."

Song Zi Heng was so shocked that he did not know what to think. He had thought that only Song Zi Xiao had that abnormal obsession with him, but Li Bu Yu?

"So, if you want to securely capture Li Bu Yu alive without disturbing the Wuliang Sect, only the emperor can do it."

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cut sleeves*[断袖]---gays

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Chapter 150

When Li Bu Yu was summoned, he felt anxious. Both Song Zi Heng and Xu Zhi Nan's sudden visit and the request to open the coffin were very strange, and he vaguely saw a crisis floating around.

He was even warier when Song Zi Heng summoned him to a certain place in Yunlai Peak alone.

Song Zi Heng stood on the edge of the broken cliff with his back to Li Bu Yu, looking at the immortal clouds entangling around Mount Shu with his heart chamber thumping. He adjusted his emotions and facial expression before turning around and looking at Li Bu Yu with a peaceful expression, "Bu Yu, these days have been hard on you, my mother can finally sleep in peace in her hometown, and I can be at ease now."

"It is a supreme honor for the Wuliang Sect to serve the Emperor." Li Bu Yu smiled, "Naturally, it is also an honor for me."

"Do you still remember our first meeting? More than ten years have passed."

"I remember. I remember all of it." Li Bu Yu's eyes lit up, "I was a novice at that time, I didn't expect to run into a powerful evil spirit, if it wasn't for the emperor's help, I'm afraid I would have ..."

Song Zi Heng smiled lightly, "You were only twelve years old then, right, it is indeed a frivolous and ardent age. However, many sons from prominent families at your age brought their guards and helpers to make a name for themselves, but you didn't crave for greatness and success, and went to experience alone, which was very courageous of you."

Li Bu Yu was elated, "Emperor, Emperor has over complimented. Emperor is the one who is young and talented. At that time, Emperor was like a heavenly god descending to the earth and saved me from danger. That scene, Bu Yu will remember it in my heart for the rest of my life."

Song Zi Heng gazed at him, "I intend to return to Daming today, so apart from thanking you, I have one more thing to ask you."

"Please speak, Emperor."

Song Zi Heng slowly walked up to Li Bu Yu: "In fact, the person who broke into the Mandarin Duck Pond that day was you, right?"

Li Bu Yu was startled and said helplessly, "Why did the emperor say this?"

Song Zi Heng's heart was in turmoil. Li Bu Yu's reaction was flawless, but what if Xu Zhi Nan had misread it? Then, wouldn't he be doing something absurd? He settled his mind and added, "Few people knew that I bathed in the Mandarin Duck Pond, and I saw your back. Though it was very foggy at that time, and when you reappeared later, there were water stains on the hem of your clothes."

"By You is terrified." Li Bu Yu took a step back and arched his hand, "Bu Yu has never been disrespectful to the emperor, please be clear."

"What are you afraid of? I have no intention of blaming you." Song Zi Heng endured his discomfort and said, "I just want to know what you were really thinking."


"Xu Zhi Nan had warned that you were unusual to me ...." Song Zi Heng turned his face slightly sideways without looking at Li Bu Yu, "I hadn't cared about it before, but after thinking about it, you have indeed been very good to me in the past ten years."

Li Bu Yu's chest rose and fell hard, and his face flushed red. He was born with a glib tongue, yet he's prevaricating now.

Song Zi Heng pressed Li Bu Yu's shoulder and said softly, "Bu Yu, I want to know, what are you thinking about."

"I ..." Li Bu Yu looked eagerly at Song Zi Heng, the light in his eyes flickering uncontrollably, as if he had a thousand words to express, but just as he was about to speak, his body suddenly stiffened, and then his face changed completely.

On the back of Li Bu Yu's neck, a fixation talisman was attached.
Song Zi Heng took a few steps back, his eyes turning cold and shadowy. "What does the emperor mean by this, what have I done wrong?" Li Bu
Yu was breaking into a cold sweat. At this moment he could only move anything above his neck.

"Li Bu Yu, every question that I ask you next, you must answer truthfully." Song Zi Heng took a deep breath, "Otherwise, you will never be able to leave Yunlai Peak again."
Li Bu Yu looked at Song Zi Heng in horror, his gaze struggling greatly. "Do you know why I suddenly come to Mount Shu?" Song Zi Heng
glared fiercely at Li Bu Yu, "Because when I was moving the tomb for the late emperor, I discovered that the white bones buried in the Song's imperial tomb were not the remains of the late emperor at all."

"What is the emperor talking about?" Li Bu Yu said urgently, "How could that be? Why is the emperor certain that it is not the remains of the late emperor?"

"There is not a single trace of damage to that white bone's finger bones." Song Zi Heng said in a chilling voice, "Descendants of a noble family have been training swords since they were three years old, and they have been practicing for decades, whose finger bones have not been bent before?"
"If that's the case, then it's indeed strange, but I don't know anything." "You don't know? I watched the late emperor go into the coffin with my
own eyes back then. Who switched the remains, who fabricated the appearance, who could have the audacity to steal the remains of Emperor Song in the territory of the Wuliang Sect? If not you, could it be your father or grandfather?!"

"Emperor is accusing wrongly ah!" Li Bu Yu defended himself, "I really didn't know, and my father and grandfather couldn't have done such a thing, please allow me to investigate, Emperor, I will ..."

"You say you don't know about this matter regarding the late emperor, then what about Consort Shen?" Song Zi Heng came closer to Li Bu Yu, his expression twisted with pain and hatred, "Last night, I personally opened the coffin to examine the corpse, and there were spider webs of red lines left by Thunder Ancestor Treasure Grant on my mother's Baihui point!"

Li Bu Yu's mouth was open, unable to lift his tongue.

"At that time you had not yet taken the position of Sect Leader, but as the first grandson of the old Sect Leader and the next successor to the Sect Leader, it would not be difficult for you to use the sect's magical treasures, right?"

"I ..."

Song Zi Heng grabbed Li Bu Yu's neck and said in a stern voice, "How are you going to continue defending yourself!"

Li Bu Yu's eyes filled with blood, and his eyes were almost out of frame as he stared at Song Zi Heng.

"First you killed the late emperor, then you killed Consort Shen and framed her, and finally you made me bear eternal infamy!" Li Bu Yu's face appeared ashen as he said, "I ... never thought of harming you, never thought you would take the blame for her regicide."

As the killing intent boiled over, Song Zi Heng fiercely closed his five fingers and strangled Li Bu Yu's throat, watching Li Bu Yu's face turn red and his eyes gradually turn white as saliva flowed uncontrollably.

Just as Li Bu Yu was on the verge of death, Song Zi Heng suddenly let go of his grip.

Li Bu Yu came back from the dead, gasping for air with choking sobs.
His face twisted in a frightening manner.

Song Zi Heng clenched his fists and his body trembled violently.

Li Bu Yu shed tears and said, "She poisoned my cousin to death and caused my aunt to become sick with depression for so long that she passed away. Even if I didn’t kill her, my father and grandfather would never let her go, but I never thought of harming emperor."

"How did you know that she was the one who poisoned Song Zi Mo to death?" Song Zi Heng slowly turned his head and looked at Li Bu Yu grimly.

Li Bu Yu was stunned, "This matter ..."

"Only the late emperor and I knew about this matter. Outsiders all thought it was Lu Zhao Feng and Chu Ying Ruo who did it, including your father and the old master. Otherwise, mother could not have survived the moment she stepped onto Yunding, and you could not have convinced them to let me become the human emperor."

"It was I who surmised that." Li Bu Yu looked straight into Song Zi Heng's eyes.

"A pack of lies." Song Zi Heng felt disgusted with Li Bu Yu to the core. His killing intent and impatience grew quickly. He took out the Zhou Hou Spiritual Stick from his Qiankun bag, "This magical treasure can divine the truth and falsity of what you say. I want to see how many mischievous intentions you are hiding."

Li Bu Yu stared at the Zhou Hou Spiritual Stick, and Adam’s apple in his throat rolled rapidly. He had never heard of this magical treasure, but with the vastest wealth and treasures in Jiuzhou in the Song Clan's hidden treasure trove network, he dared not disbelieve it.

Song Zi Heng infused his spiritual energy and repeated Li Bu Yu's words from earlier and began to seek the sign: "Is what he said true or false?" The twelve spiritual sticks emitted a faint blue glow, and then one of the sticks floated up from the tube. Song Zi Heng grabbed onto the stick and the word "false" is engraved on the root of the bamboo stick

Song Zi Heng took the spiritual stick and put it in front of Li Bu Yu's eyes, "I want to hear the truth."

Li Bu Yu gasped hard and pursed his lips without saying anything.

"The late emperor could not have told you, nor could I have told you, could it be that mother told you?"

Li Bu Yu's eyes were clearly dodging.

It was an unintentional interrogation, but as soon as the words left his mouth, Song Zi Heng suddenly changed his expression, as if he had caught the important one among a thousand strands of mixed thoughts: "Did my mother really tell you? That can't be ... why?" He furrowed his brows deeply and said in a coarse voice, "For so many years, there is one thing that I have always been puzzled. My mother, who was killed by you, never had the chance to tell me, and that is, how on earth did she know about Song Zi Xiao’s birth origin?"

"Was it not Chu Ying Ruo got exposed?"

"No, if I hadn't found out, Chu Ying Ruo wouldn't have been exposed." Song Zi Heng stared deadly into Li Bu Yu's pupils, "At that time in the underground palace, I had a conversation with Lu Zhao Feng. I thought only Xu Zhi Nan and Qi Meng Sheng had heard the conversation, and I made them swear not to reveal it, but at that time, you were also in the underground palace."

Li Bu Yu sneered, "I didn't overhear any conversation, so emperor doesn't suspect Xu Zhi Nan but wants to suspect me?"

Song Zi Heng shook the stick tube, and Li Bu Yu's face changed. "What you said just now, say it again."
Li Bu Yu gritted his teeth.

"If you don't say it, I'll ask it for you." Song Zi Heng once again urged his magical treasure and asked for a sign, and he said in a trembling voice, "Another lie. It's really you. You're the one who told mother about Song Zi Xiao’s birth origin."

"You wanted to let someone do your dirty work, so you let mother go and get rid of Song Zi Xiao, not realizing that she would strike Song Zi Mo first."

"When she was brought to Yunding by the late emperor, you went to question her and later killed her, finally faking it as if she had killed the late emperor. You were hiding behind the scenes to reap the benefits!"

"Do you believe, if I tell Song Zi Xiao about this, he will bring his thousands of Yin soldiers to slaughter the Wuliang Sect?"

"How vicious and hypocritical you are, claiming to repay me for saving my life and honoring me, yet you caused the destruction of my Song Clan, killed my father and mother, and made me bear the eternal infamy of regicide!" Song Zi Heng was so furious and hateful that he violently drew out his Zongxuan Sword.

There was a flash of silver light, and along with a miserable scream, blood spurted out. Li Bu Yu's right arm was chopped off at his shoulder level. His body was still unable to move, just trembling and wailing violently.

Song Zi Heng looked at Li Bu Yu's blood-soaked wound with a cold glint as he said slowly, "You can't move now. The only way to stop the bleeding, you and I know it by heart. Do you want to continue pretending, or do you want to live?"

Tears of blood dripped from Li Bu Yu's eyes as he let out a low roar and blood began to clot at his broken arm. Bones, muscles, blood vessels and flesh all regrowing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

"The Extreme Positive Chunyang Technique." Song Zi Heng only felt chills all over his body, "You ate Song Ming He's human core."

Li Bu Yu trembled, choked and was heartbroken, like a trapped beast at the end of the road, "Why didn't emperor kill me?"

"Because there is one more thing that I cannot figure out." Song Zi Heng said, "Why did you switch the remains of the late emperor, and where is he?"

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