Wu Chang Jie Chapter 121-130

Chapter 121

On the day of Song Zi Xiao's return to Daming, a fine drizzle continued to fall.

The dark clouds hung low, as if they were about to fall to earth at any moment, and the border between heaven and earth became indistinct. Among the chaos, a dark shadow came from afar.

The gates of Daming City were wide open, with no guards in sight, and the empty city buildings were desolate and deserted, which doesn't look like the imperial capital of Jiuzhou. The hub of the Central Plains instead looked like an abandoned city after a defeat.

Song Zi Heng had withdrawn all the guards. This was a battle between him and Song Zi Xiao, so why should the others die for nothing?

Inside the city, the doors of every house were closed tightly, and no one can be seen in the streets except for stray dogs and cats, as if all the 100,000 people in the city had disappeared overnight.

Ever since the Demon Supreme appeared out of the blue, Jiuzhou has been under his shadow. Legend has it that he is ruthless and bloodthirsty, killing people like scything flax. He controls thousands of Yin soldiers and massacres cities, drinking blood and feeding on cores wherever he goes, leaving no one alive.

When they heard that he was returning to Daming, many people fled the city with their families in tow, fearing that they would end up like the Wuyun Sect. However, the vast majority of the people, whose livelihoods were tied up in the land, had nowhere to go but to hide and shiver in their homes.

The dark figure stepped into the city.

There was silence, except for the regular clatter of metal hooves against the stone path, like drum beats before a battle on the battlefield, each step approaching death.

It was a skeletal horse surrounded with a black aura of death. Its entire body was black in color and with only four hooves on the snow. Without flesh, blood and other burdens, its strong and sturdy bones were like beams supporting its tall body.

Its name is Wuya. It was the mount of Xiang Yu, the king of the Western Chu, which is a famous horse of its generation. When the king killed himself in the Wujiang River, it also sacrificed itself to its master through starvation, so its fierce bloodlust is evident. But now, it has a more widely known name - the demon foal.

It is said that during the ten years that Song Zi Xiao has been keeping silent and lying low, he has traveled all over Jiuzhou, using the Xuanyuan Heavenly Secret Talisman to summon countless resentful spirits and fierce ghosts from the ruins of ancient battlefields. Wuya also has a new owner.

The man dressed in black was riding on Wuya's back. He was motionless like a mountain. His limao* covers his face but not his tall, sturdy figure. His black figure almost blends in with Wuya's, and the gushing rain sprinkles down. Before it can wet his hair, it is swallowed up by the darkness.

Was it a man or a demon beneath that wrapped cloth?

Wuya can travel a thousand miles a day, but at this moment it walks slowly because its master wants to take a good look at his hometown after ten years of absence. This street is the main road of Daming City, leading all the way to the magnificent Wuji Palace. There was a rule in the immortal cultivation world for the children. They were not allowed to leave home alone until they were twelve years old, so as a child he could only play in the city with his big brother.

He had been to most of the places in the city. He knew exactly which restaurants were good, which shop's tea and wine smelled the best, and where to try new and interesting things. Big brother knew very well and would bring him along to try.

Are those places still there today? It must have changed a lot in ten years.

He was born and raised here. When he was forced to flee at the age of fourteen, he swore that one day he would kill his way back. He never imagined that it would take ten years.

Everything he once had here; his parents, his brother, favoritism, and wealth, had been lost the day he left in disarray and could never get it back. He had come back here with only one purpose, and that was to take revenge on the man who had taken it all away from him!


Every day, Song Zi Heng would stand at the highest point of Wuji Palace, staring motionlessly into the distance, and today, he finally waited for the person he wanted to see.

He watched that man riding a pitch-black skeletal warhorse, cross the palace corridor, step over the stairs, and finally stop in front of Zhengji Hall's gate. He was like a burning black flame, bursting with majestic vitality in the rain.

Song Zi Heng felt his heart beating. It was regular, monotonous and calm, perhaps because he had rehearsed the reunion of brothers after ten years countless times in his mind over the past few days, and when it came to this moment, his heart was surprisingly still. The man on the horse slowly lifted his head, but under the cover of his limao, only two thin lips could be seen, which carried a light smile. He spoke, his tone cold and irreverent, "Caoming* greets Emperor Kong Hua." The sound echoed in bursts through the empty and silent Wuji Palace.

Song Zi Heng took a deep breath and flew down from the palace wall, as limp as an immortal.

The two stood opposite each other, looking at each other without a word. At this moment, the surroundings were still and quiet. Only the heartbeat sounded like thunder rumbling in the ears.

The black boots landed on the ground, and the rainwater splashed up as they were trampled, and the limao was thrown beside the feet.

Their eyes met.

He had changed. He was once a gentleman with splendid future prospects and steadfast nobility, but now there was no light in his eyes, and the clouds of sorrow had formed a light crease on his brow that could not be erased. His white, handsome features are not much different from ten years ago, but his demeanor was totally different.

He had changed too. From a young man who was once in high spirits, innocent and frivolous, to a malicious and ruthless man.

His height has the power of oppression. His shoulders were as broad as a wall. His dangling fox eyes hooked upwards. His pupils were dark and unpredictable. His stunning features, inherited from the world's greatest beauty, metamorphosed into the charm of a ghost and the madness of a demon.

Song Zi Xiao looked at Song Zi Heng like he wanted to pierce through his body. He gave a grim smile and let out a hoarse voice: "It’s been 10 years, and we finally meet again." He paused and called out the two words that burned his heart every day and night, "Big brother." Song Zi Heng traced Song Zi Xiao's outline and silhouette carefully with his gaze, trying to find Xiao Jiu's shadow in this man who struck him as unfamiliar. With such similar features and voice, why does he not resemble his Xiao Jiu at all? He felt bewildered and in a trance.

Song Zi Xiao's gaze was burning increasingly fiercely as he took a step closer.

Song Zi Heng's heart tightened and he murmured, "You ... have grown up."

"What, you can't recognize me?"

"You've grown taller too." Song Zi Heng gazed at Song Zi Xiao stoically, "Taller than me."

"Emperor Kong Hua is so busy with your day-to-day business and still remembers me, a fugitive and wild child. It is truly an honor."

"How could I forget you?"

"Yeah, you must have thought of me too in these ten years." Song Zi Xiao sneered, "Wondering if I had died or not. If I would kill my way back one day and fight you for the throne."

Song Zi Heng was stung by Song Zi Xiao's full-of-hatred gaze, "Zi Xiao, if you want to claim the throne and title yourself as emperor, no one can stop you anymore, but you must not kill any more needlessly. "

"What if I want your throne?!"

"Then you will have to step over my dead body." Song Zi Heng said indifferently, "As a descendant of the Song clan, I shall guard the foundation left by my ancestors with my life."

Song Zi Xiao let out a snicker, "Do you think I will kill you, my big brother?" Song Zi Heng only felt his heart ache, and for a moment he could not speak.

"Or am I not worthy to call you big brother? I'm just a wild child born from the cheating core thief, so how can I be worthy of calling Emperor Kong Hua my brother?"

Song Zi Heng took a deep breath, "Zi Xiao, I will always consider you my younger brother."

Song Zi Xiao’s gaze was fierce, and the bottom of his eyes were tinged with crimson: "Even now, you are still so hypocritical and cunning. You make me sick!"

"I ..." Song Zi Heng was as if a fishbone was stuck in his throat*. Song Zi Xiao's hateful gaze and mean words were like a million arrows piercing his heart. He thought his heart had shattered piece by piece long ago during these ten years, but he didn't expect that the person he cared about the most would still be able to grind those pieces into fine powder again.

"You actually have the face to tell me not to kill again." Song Zi Xiao bared his white teeth, "A man who poisoned and framed his brothers, who killed his father and usurped the throne, a man who has done so much evil that he will go to Abyssal Hell after death, dares to hypocritically tell me not to kill again?!"

"There are many things that I can explain to you." Song Zi Heng said in a trembling voice, "If only you are willing to listen."

"Do you think I will ever believe a word that comes out of your mouth again? I once believed in you, and what have you given me? You caused my mother to die and pushed me down into the abyss."

Song Zi Heng took an unconscious step back. He tried to maintain a calm expression, but in fact he was already grief-stricken.

Song Zi Xiao looked at Song Zi Heng's blue-white face and grey eyes and laughed wildly, "You are afraid now. You are afraid that everything you have gained with all your heart and by all means will be easily destroyed by me. So you want to quibble. You want to beg for mercy. You want me to be your younger brother forever, hahahaha "

"Zi Xiao, I will not beg for forgiveness." Song Zi Heng closed his eyes, and when he opened them again, his gaze had become firm and persistent. He too had been bitterly resentful for carrying sins that did not belong to him, yet looking back, actually, everything was based on his decisions, so it was only fitting that he should bear all the costs himself.

"Is that so?" Song Zi Xiao once again came closer to Song Zi Heng. Besides hate, here was a naked, extremely aggressive desire in his eyes, burning in his pupils with an evil fire that only he understood. His breathing became heavy: "Big brother, I am not the same person I was ten years ago. I have ten thousand ways to make, you, beg, me. Do you want to know what I will do to you?"

This time, Song Zi Heng did not retreat. He stared fearlessly into Song Zi Xiao's eyes, buried all his bitterness deep into his soul, and nimbly drew his sword: "Zi Xiao, draw your sword. The grudge between you and me shall be ended today."

Chapter 122

Zong Zi Xiao's face was filled with savageness, snorting twice as his long legs slowly retreated a few steps back. His gaze indulgently sizing up Zong Zi Heng from head to toe as he drew his sword.

His big brother's temperament had changed. The gentle smile that had appeared in his dreams countless times might never be seen again in this life, but the lightly sorrowful, slightly furrowed brow that seemed ready to flood with emotions gave him an even more twisted desire to abuse. He wanted to see the pain and humiliation he had personally inflicted dripping from this handsome face that he had longed for.

He wanted to strip off this embroidered royal robe, strip away his big brother's last decency and do what he had wanted to do in those ten years, venting his foulest, obscene desires.

That greedy look as if he was staring at a caged object offended Zong Zi Heng doubly. It was true that the Zong Clan was in decline, but a centipede dies but never falls down*. The Zong clan was still the leader of the immortal families, and he was still the common lord of the world. Especially in his heart, Zong Zi Xiao was always his younger brother, and such a contemptuous attitude was clearly insulting him.

"The end?" Zong Zi Xiao looked as if he had heard the biggest joke in the world, "How to end it? You think you can end it just by dying?"

"Zi Xiao, the Yin energy of the Heavenly Secret Talisman has corroded your mind, and caused you to be so arrogant. Don't forget who taught you your sword technique. Can you beat me just based on the sword?"

"It's uncle." Zong Zi Xiao laughed evilly, "Of course, it is still you who has taught me more. I heard that Emperor Kong Hua has already broken through to the eighth Chongtian of the Zongxuan Sword, a full twenty years before Emperor Ning Hua. Truly a heavenly talent."

"I know that you have also broken through to the eighth Chongtian, but you used the method of eating human cores and absorbing Yin energy to help grow your cultivation. The Dao is not right and you will suffer from it."

Zong Zi Xiao's gaze cooled abruptly, "I have neither eaten human cores nor absorbed Yin energy. Do you believe those rumors because you are afraid to admit that I am more gifted than you?" He originally didn't have to explain to anyone. Fear made people submissive. He wanted everyone in the world to fear him. He wanted absolute submission, but the only thing he couldn't stand was this person looking down on him.

Zong Zi Heng's brow tightened, not knowing whether to believe it or not: "Then Lu Zhao Feng ..."

"Do not mention that name!" Zong Zi Xiao's expression was sinister. The sharp and cold tip of his sword pointed at Zong Zi Heng. His chest was boiling with hatred, "My mother's entire life was ruined by the hands of three people, and only you are still alive."

The hateful look in his eyes had already made Zong Zi Heng completely disheartened. He said in a hoarse voice, "Zi Xiao, let's determine the outcome of the battle."

Zong Zi Xiao roared, and his long sword broke through the air, attacking with the force of a thousand pounds.

Zong Zi Heng's eyes also changed, and his sword was cold and rigid, not letting up in the slightest as he brought it up to block Zong Zi Xiao’s sword, which weighed over a thousand pounds.

The two swords clashed, and the huge spiritual pressure was like a hurricane blasting out from their center to the surroundings. Sending sand and rocks flying in a ten-foot circle, except for Wuya, who did not move.

They stared at each other across the swords. Flurries of blood crawl around the eyes like blood vessels of heavenly destiny, crawling all over their eyeballs, each seeing a strong belief in the other's eyes. Whatever this belief stems from, they had a reason to win.

Zong Zi Xiao smiled evilly, "Soft and weak. You've regressed, big brother."

"Defeat me and talk later." Zong Zi Heng forced him back and counter-attacked.

The Zongxuan Sword Technique focuses on strong and fierce advancement and quick control over the enemy, so the two of them started off with no holding back. Their moves were fierce and venomous, with every move being a killing move.

However, they were so familiar with the sword technique and with each other that it was as if they had already seen it in their minds before it happened, so they were unable to feel each other's weaknesses even after more than a hundred rounds of fighting.

Outside the gates of Zhengji Hall in the drizzling rain, two figures, one white and one black, fought intensely. Their white blades transformed into bloodthirsty silver flowers that blossomed mercilessly in between the grey sky and earth.

One is the Human Emperor who is the master of the world, the other is the Supreme Demon who is the master of Jiuzhou. One has a mission to protect the foundation of his ancestors, the other wants to destroy everything. This battle is not only settling old scores, but also a contest for the leadership of a new order. They were willing to fight for their lives and not willing to lose to each other.

"You have become weaker." Zong Zi Xiao's voice weaved through the sound of clashing blades, piercing like a knife, "You could easily subdue me before. Could it be that the throne is too comfortable for you to sit on and you've become lazy?"

Zong Zi Heng did not say a word. The high level of Zong Zi Xiao’s cultivation was even better than his prediction. How on earth had he been through these ten years? Zong Zi Heng infused his spiritual pressure into his sword. The turquoise blue symbols appeared, and the sword’s light flew towards Zong Zi Xiao fiercely one after another.

The sword he was using at this moment was the Zongxuan Sword he inherited from his ancestors from the succession of Emperor Zong. It was a divine sword quenched with Shen Nong Ding and was infinitely powerful, but the thought that this sword had been snatched over from Zong Ming He’s hands, the resistance deep inside him never goes away. He preferred his Junlan Sword, but he also knew that this sword was the only advantage he had left against Zong Zi Xiao.

Zong Zi Heng's strong spiritual power combined with the might of the Zongxuan sword gave this move an earth-shattering power, lashing out at Zong Zi Xiao almost without any gap.

Zong Zi Xiao's gaze darkened as he took the almost inescapable sword. The strong spiritual pressure was transmitted from the web between the thumb and forefinger of his hand to his shoulder, causing half of his body to tremble. The sleeve of his right arm was torn into strips of wool by the spiritual pressure, and the firm, lumpy muscles were visible.

A few strands of blood splattered.

Zong Zi Xiao stepped back for a moment, looking at the wound on his shoulder as he mocked, "What, flying into a rage out of humiliation?"

His gaze grew increasingly stimulated. Worthy of Zong Zi Heng. Worthy of the man he couldn't stop thinking about the only rival he had in mind. Very good, it will be more flavorful to trample such a big brother underfoot.

"I've taught you since you were a child. Focus." Zong Zi Heng launched another violent attack.

Zong Zi Xiao's state of mind trembled.


Last time, Zong Zi Heng did use these two words often to reprimand him. In this momentary trance, it was as if he had once again returned to his carefree teenage years, when big brother was still big brother and Xiao Jiu was still Xiao Jiu.

This ill-timed fantasy was instantly shattered by Zong Zi Xiao's own hand. His gaze was fierce: "You still dare to lecture me? Who do you think you are!?" His spiritual pressure raged around him, accompanied by a surrounding black death aura, and a sword light struck Zong Zi Heng with the speed of lightning.

Zong Zi Heng grunted in pain and took a few steps back in disarray, covering his burning left arm. Blood gushed out from his fingers in a scramble.

The blood reflected in Zong Zi Xiao's eyes, making him even more excited: "You can't beat me, and stop imagining yourself as my big brother. You are not, nor are you worthy."

Zong Zi Heng gestured a blood coagulation enchantment. The flesh wound was no big deal for now, but Zong Zi Xiao's explosive power really frightened him. He said in a deep voice, "Whether you admit it or not, you have called me big brother for fourteen years."

"And what did you use to repay me?" Zong Zi Xiao's hatred was so deep that he smiled even more creepily, "So eager to get close to me, why don't I show you a clear path?"

Zong Zi Heng drew his sword with one hand and attacked Zong Zi Xiao again.

Zong Zi Xiao infused his spiritual pressure into his sword, and the long sword drew a half-moon in the void, which was the rising momentum of the seventh Chongtian of Zongxuan Sword.

Zong Zi Heng gritted his teeth, infused his spiritual energy into the sword like water, and also launched the Seventh Chongtian at the same time.

The two huge half-moon sword arcs glowing with white light collided in the air, creating an even more terrifying force than the explosion of Thunderfire Stones. There was a loud bang and a white light appeared. The stone pavement crumbled, and the stones were flying. A large, hundred-year-old tree was snapped off at the waist. The eaves of Zhengji Hall were falling and the doors and windows were almost torn off.

Zong Zi Heng was hit hard in the chest and his body flew a few feet, hitting his back against the outer wall of Zhengji Hall. He landed on one knee with his long sword on the ground, barely steadying himself.

His chest ached and a stream of blood seeped from the corner of his mouth.

The dust and dirt bustled and mixed with a fine curtain of rain, creating a grey and muddy mess.

A tall figure walked towards Zong Zi Heng.

Zong Zi Heng lifted his head, stared at him and slowly stood up as he endured the excruciating pain that was churning through his body.

Zong Zi Xiao stared at the blood at the corner of Zong Zi Heng's mouth, lining his lips with an extraordinarily red color, while his face was extraordinarily white and seductive to the extreme. His breathing became heavy, and the hot streams converging uncontrollably to his lower abdomen. He raised his chin slightly, his tone irreverent and teasing: "Do you want to know how to please me?"

"Cut the crap." Zong Zi Heng took a deep breath, "You're not even close to beating me."

"As long as you beg for forgiveness from me." Zong Zi Xiao's eyes burned with indescribable fervor, "Kneel at my feet, swear to do as I say and do whatever I tell you to do. In that case, I'll let you live regardless of your past."

Zong Zi Heng said angrily, "Shameless boasts!" He raised his long arm and cut a coarse horizontal gutter on the ground between them, "You are relying on ancient magical weapons to run amok. Have you forgotten your own weight!?"

"You really won't die until you reach the Yellow River." Zong Zi Xiao narrowed his eyes, "What if you lose?"

Zong Zi Heng took a deep breath and let out an extremely suppressed and grieving voice, "Do, what, you, like!"

Zong Zi Xiao's blood vessels swell wide*. He gently licked his lips. His long sword aimed at Zong Zi Heng's throat across the air, closing one eye as if taking aim, "Do you really not want to know what I am going to do with you? Big brother."

Zong Zi Heng only felt creeped out.

"There's one thing I've always wanted to do to you." Zong Zi Xiao smiled with his lips hooked. His voice actually had a bit of sweetness to it, "I've been thinking about it for ten years."

"You ..."

"But if I were to tell you just like that, it would be boring. I plan to give it as a meeting gift to my good big brother whom I haven't seen for ten years." Zong Zi Xiao's sword suddenly panned out slowly and pointed behind Zong Zi Heng, as if he had found something new and interesting, and laughed softly, "That is it."

Zong Zi Heng turned his face away, his gaze following the direction the blade was pointing ---- the throne.

The Zhengji Hall’s Emperor Zong’s throne of power.

"I will let you be unable to forget it in a lifetime." Zong Zi Xiao revealed a crazed smile.

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blood vessels swell wide*[血脉偾张]--- to be excited

Chapter 123

Zong Zi Heng sighed darkly, "If you were a descendant of the Zong Clan, I could surrender easily, but the blood flowing inside you is not the Zong Clan’s blood. Even if I have to break my bones, I have to…"

"Who cares about your tottering throne?" Zong Zi Xiao sneered, "The Daming Zong Clan is only left with a mere family property, and you still want to hold on to your old glory and dream of being an emperor?"

"... You are right." Zong Zi Heng became gloomy.

If the Daming Zong Clan was doomed to die by his hand, how could he face his ancestors after death?

"You have harmed so many people for this throne. I will show you today how much you have to pay for this throne!" Zong Zi Xiao attacked rapidly.

From the day the Daming Zong Clan unified the immortal cultivation world and proclaimed itself as the Emperor, for nearly four hundred years, the Zhengji Hall of the Wuji Palace was the most noble and sacred hall in Jiuzhou. All the heads of immortal clans and families had to come to Zhengji Hall for pilgrimage after their appointment, and only those of honorable status were allowed to enter through the main gate of this hall, which was heavily guarded and solemn.

But now, a fierce battle of life and death is taking place in the plaza in front of Zhengji Hall. The duel between the Human Emperor and the Supreme Demon caused the sky and earth to change color, as well as the sun and moon to lose their glory. The harsh sword energy wrapped in majestic spiritual power swept through the entire space, leaving a mess everywhere.

What Zong Zi Xiao said was right. The enemy had arrived at Zhengji Hall and was pointing his sword at Emperor Zong. The Daming Zong Clan had lost its last dignity, leaving only a little of its family property and its former glory.

But Zong Zi Heng could not concede defeat yet. Even though this was a battle he was least willing to fight and with the man he was least willing to fight with his sword, he had no choice. He thought he would die in this battle, at the hands of Zong Zi Xiao, and perhaps that would be the best ending for both of them.

After a few hundred rounds of fighting, each of them was injured. Zongxuan sword's aggressive swordplay was destined to be unsustainable, and Zong Zi Heng's spiritual energy and physical strength were both too depleted, and he was already showing his decline.

Zong Zi Xiao destroyed the incoming move with his sword and forced Zong Zi Heng to the wall, sneering, "I will take back one sentence; you didn’t become weaker, I have become stronger." Ever since he possessed the ancient magical weapon, no one could make him bleed anymore, except for this man, who always gave him wounds all over his body, from the inside out.

Zong Zi Heng forced Zong Zi Xiao back, his chest was heaving violently. Blood was dripping down his arms, to his wrist, to his sword and down the blade, dripping on to the ground.

"The day I fled from Wuji Palace, you stabbed me with your sword." Zong Zi Xiao stepped closer, hatred overflowing his eyes, "Did you think it was on my hand? No, it was in my heart. For ten years, I have been waiting for today. I want to see you regret it."

Zong Zi Heng took a deep breath and suddenly held his sword in front of his chest with both hands, condensing his spiritual energy into his dantian. He gazed at Zong Zi Xiao quietly and his voice full of sorrow, "Xiao Jiu, if I die, you can let go."

That "Xiao Jiu" made Zong Zi Xiao's liver and guts split*. Even as he watched Zong Zi Heng use the eighth Chongtian of the Zongxuan Sword, it was not as shocking as these two words.

The golden core and the sword respond to each other, and runes appeared on the sword. Zong Zi Heng's black hair moved wildly without the wind, his clothes fluttered, and the sword suddenly glowed white. Zong Zi Heng closed his eyes and chanted silently: “Wan, Jian, Gui, Zong*----"

Zong Zi Xiao also started his stance.

Two huge swords, one black and one white, appeared in between the sky and earth. Their blades facing each other, stabbing straight at each other.


The earth quaked and the mountains shook!

With the two swords as the center, the ring of sword energy expanded rapidly, as the two forces, one black and one white, frantically consumed each other.

Zong Zi Heng stared until his eyes cracked as he released all his spiritual energy, and a deep, low roar rolled in his throat.

Zong Zi Xiao's face was also fierce. Veins were protruding on his forehead, and his spiritual energy poured out like a flood.

Ultimately, with a loud bang, the sword energy burst in a horrific manner, and the spiritual pressure was like a rain of arrows shooting out in all directions, about to destroy everything in front of them.

This was the eighth form of the world's number one sword technique. Although it had not yet reached the ninth form, where one can truly attain immortality, it was not a problem to topple the mountains and overturn the seas.

Half of the Zhengji Hall was destroyed by the sword energy.

Zong Zi Heng sat paralyzed on the ground, calmly closing his eyes and preparing for the last moment of his life.

The expected pain of being torn apart by the spiritual pressure did not happen.

Zong Zi Heng slowly opened his eyes and saw a pitch-black behemoth standing in his way, which was clearly some kind of demonic creature.

The demonic creature was torn apart by the sword energy, and its soul eventually flew away and scattered, turning into a lone wisp of smoke that scattered across heaven and earth.

Zong Zi Xiao slowly walked over. His face was pale and each step left bloody footprints on the ground. Eventually, he crouched down in front of Zong Zi Heng and said mockingly, "That was the demon I spent so much effort to collect, and it was wasted on you."

Zong Zi Heng said weakly, "Kill me."

"Kill you? You will die, but not so easily and with such dignity." Zong Zi Xiao reached out and cupped the narrow jaw, "Wouldn't a heroic death by the sword of the Supreme Demon let your name be left in the history books? It would be too cheap for you."

"What do you want?" Zong Zi Heng asked blandly.

Zong Zi Xiao laughed twice in a low voice, "Big brother, do you still remember what I said to you before?"

"What words?"

"I said, one day in the future, I want to marry you."

Zong Zi Heng was stunned but unable to return to his senses.

Zong Zi Xiao's face came closer, his gaze burning, "You only think I was saying children's words, right?"

"..." Zong Zi Heng suddenly felt his heart leapt with fear.

"You listen carefully." Zong Zi Xiao's fingertips lightly pressed onto Zong Zi Heng’s soft lips, "I want you. I want you to serve me like a woman."

Zong Zi Heng was as if struck by lightning. He gathered all his strength to push Zong Zi Xiao away fiercely. His face was pale: "You, you, you are crazy."

"Hahahaha." Zong Zi Xiao let out a delightful laugh, "Yeah, that's right, who in this Jiuzhou, under this sky, doesn't know that I, Zong Zi Xiao, am a madman who has become a demon?"

Zong Zi Heng unconsciously moved back and said in a trembling voice, "You want to kill or cut ..."

"What fun is there in killing and cutting you?" Zong Zi Xiao laughed sinisterly, "I said before, I would never let you die easily and honorably. All the pain and humiliation I have suffered, I will pay back twice as much!" His hand changed from a pulsating, warm caress to a sudden, fierce strangle on Zong Zi Heng's neck, lifting the man off the ground.

It was at this moment that Zong Zi Heng felt how tall and robust his younger brother, whom he had brought up with one hand, had grown up to be. He was being choked by the neck and lifted in mid-air with his feet off the ground. He already had a mind to die, but the pain of suffocation caused his body to struggle instinctively.

"You will always remember this day, big brother." That voice calling “big brother" was ambiguous and sinister.

Zong Zi Heng was thrown into the Zhengji Hall. His already injured body was thrown onto the cold, hard ground, surrounded by crumbling fences and dilapidated walls. The pain and despair invaded and attacked at the same time. He looked at Zong Zi Xiao, who was approaching step by step, still unable to believe what his ears had heard.

Whether he believed it or not, he knew that Zong Zi Xiao would do everything he could to torture him. His mind was already gone, and he poured his last ounce of spiritual energy into his fingertips and struck towards his heart.

Zong Zi Xiao kicked his hand away and said in a cold voice: "You want to commit suicide? If you dare die, I will massacre Wuji Palace, the Daming City, the Chunyang Sect and the Cangyu Sect. I will make everyone you care about be buried with you."

"Zong, Zi, Xiao." Zong Zi Heng glared at him with bloodshot eyes, "How many more innocent people do you want to implicate in the feud between you and me!?"

"I was once an innocent person too. Who ever spared me?" Zong Zi Xiao once again grabbed Zong Zi Heng off the ground and walked across the tattered and wrecked Zhengji Hall to the still intact throne.

He threw Zong Zi Heng onto the throne and revealed a chilling smile, "Big brother, look, this is what you get from racking your brain with schemes and killing your father and brothers. It must be the thing you love most in your life."

Zong Zi Heng tightened his grip on the soft rubble.

Zong Zi Xiao came closer and gazed at Zong Zi Heng with eyes so harsh that they could penetrate people. He then smiled with his lips hooked, "I'm going to f*ck you here."

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Liver and guts split* [肝胆俱裂]----Describe being extremely frightened.
Wan, Jian, Gui, Zong*[万剑归宗]----ten thousand swords return to Zong 

Chapter 124

Explicit chapter. Contains R18 scenes (rape, violence, coarse language)


Zong Zi Heng slapped firmly on Zong Zi Xiao’s face. Several red marks suddenly appeared on the pale and handsome face, which were more dazzling than the blood on his body.

“You…” Zong Zi Heng was so angry that he was trembling, “No matter how absurd you are, how can you abuse humanity…”

“Humanity? You and I are not blood brothers, what humanity?” Zong Zi Xiao used his thumb to frivolously stroked his slapped cheek, “Besides, a sinner who killed his father and brothers is also worthy of mentioning ‘humanity’?”

Zong Zi Heng’s face turned red and white. From Zong Zi Xiao’s arrogant gaze, he could see that this man was being serious. The younger brother he brought up with one hand, from a little boy who has been coquettish in his arms since childhood, has now become a completely unfamiliar, strong and powerful man, and even wanted to…

When he heard the Supreme Demon came into the immortal cultivation world out of the blue, he was never afraid. When the two fought desperately, he was never afraid. Even when he had just faced the moment of life and death, he was still not afraid. But now, he was afraid.

He was already exhausted. With a body full of wounds, he still retreated backward with futile effort, until his back was against the back of the chair, which was carved with dragons and phoenixes. Sitting on top of this throne, which symbolizes power and honor, should be the predator and sword-bearer, however, the situation completely reversed. He became a fish on the chopping board.

Zong Zi Xiao dragged him back, grabbed his jaw with one hand and used his gaze to trace this pale, disarrayed, yet still extraordinarily handsome face. A desire that has been suppressed for 10 years and had nowhere to drain was clamoring in his chest at this moment. His heart was rumbling with noise, and he said in a hoarse voice: “Big brother, you must have never thought of it. When I just understood that thing, I relieved myself secretly at night thinking about you.” During his ignorant youth, he no longer covered up his possessiveness towards this person. Once in his mind, his big brother is the most perfect person in this world. Things are different now. His fondness turned to hatred, yet he still wanted to possess him.

Looking at Zong Zi Heng’s horrified expression, his emotions became even more delighted in a morbid state: “It’s a good thing your fiancé back then died early, otherwise I would have killed her with my own hands now.”

“…Scram!” Zong Zi Heng refused with all his strength. He put his hand against that hard and sturdy chest, as if resisting a wall that was not moving a tiny bit.

Zong Zi Xiao fixed his gaze, stared at the person beneath him and let out a light and warm sigh, as if cheering implicitly for the treasure he had obtained with innumerable hardships. After that, he violently flipped the person over and tore that luxurious imperial robe.

“You bastard, beast!” Zong Zi Heng turned pale with fright. He has never suffered this kind of humiliation. He exerted all his strength and started struggling. This movement caused aggravation to his internal and external wounds. The golden silk and cloud embroidered cushion was dripped with blood everywhere, making him even weaker.

Zong Zi Xiao stripped off his jade belt around his waist and tied both of his hands on the throne’s armrest. That imperial robe was tattered from the duel and was unable to endure Zong Zi Xiao’s ripping. Soon, it couldn’t cover the body.

Both of Zong Zi Heng’s hands were bound and was forced to kneel beneath Zong Zi Xiao with his unkempt clothes. His black hair was hanging loosely, a large portion of his snow-white back was exposed from the torn clothes and his cheeks were red until the root of his ears. A pair of black eyes were filled with shame and terror, like a trembling deer under the fangs of a wild beast.

“Zong Zi Xiao, let go of me!” Zong Zi Heng roared sharply, “A man can be killed but not be humiliated. Kill me if you have the guts! Kill me!”

Zong Zi Xiao turned his face towards him and admired the expression filled with shame, resentment and distress. He couldn’t help and let out a carefree laugh: “Big brother, how did you become so dumb? I already said before, killing you is cheap for you. I want to let you live a life worse than death.”

Zong Zi Heng’s body trembled violently.

“I’ll warn you again. Don’t try to commit suicide, otherwise there will be thousands of people buried with Emperor Kong Hua."

“Zong Zi Xiao.” Zong Zi Heng gritted his teeth, “You will regret it.”

“The thing I regret most was listening to you previously.” Zong Zi Xiao violently tore off his underpants.

As the cool wind poured in between the legs, his private part, which has never been seen by anyone, was exposed in front of his younger brother without any cover. The wall of his heart collapsed.

He was prepared to die, prepared to be tortured in a hundred ways, and a thousand ways of humiliation, but he wasn’t prepared for this. What Zong Zi Xiao said was true. To be treated like this by a younger brother he brought up with one hand, he will definitely live a life worse than death.

Zong Zi Heng straightened his neck, his eye sockets were cracking and he was filled with grief and indignation to the extreme: “Zong Zi Xiao, you evil beast!”

Zong Zi Xiao suddenly grabbed his chin and kissed his lips roughly.

That shouldn’t be called a kiss. It was like a wild beast tearing the fur of its prey and gnawing on the fresh and tender meat. Zong Zi Xiao’s brute strength turned into sharp teeth, biting through the throat of his prey, leaving the person beneath him defenseless as he tyrannically possessed and plundered him. He indiscriminately tasted the soft, warm lips and swept every inch of his mouth with the tip of his tongue, as if testing his prey's obedience, and whenever he felt the slightest struggle, he would suck and nibble harder. Zong Zi Heng felt his breathing becoming more and more difficult, his resistance and voice also gradually became weak.

Between the tangle of soft flesh on the tip of his tongue, Zong Zi Heng tasted the bitterness of the herbs and he was forced to swallow something.

As the crisp air filled his mouth again, Zong Zi Heng finally dropped his head. His chest was heaving hard, his lips red and swollen from the kiss, his eyes moist and misty and the corners of his eyes flushed red. Even his brows, which were furrowed all year round, no longer expressed majesty, but instead looking vulnerable and helpless. His messy hair and half-naked body were telling the 'atrocity' that had just occurred.

Looking at his big brother like this, Zong Zi Xiao’s lower half was already hard until it was about to explode. He licked his lips in reminiscence, "This is the first time I've ever kissed, and it's better than I thought it would be. I like it.”

Zong Zi Heng couldn't stop panting. He wished what he had just swallowed was poison, but judging from his body's reaction, it was clearly an excellent immortal pill. The severely painful internal and external wounds were healed in an instant.

"I’ve let you eat a good thing, in case you die from being fucked by me, then you will really leave a name for eternity, hahahahaha." Zong Zi Xiao grabbed the back of Zong Zi Heng’s head with one hand and pressed it fiercely into the soft cushion, forcing him to raise his butt.

"No ..." Zong Zi Heng’s body trembled as he realized what was about to happen and struggled again.

With a ‘pa’ sound, Zong Zi Xiao slapped him on the butt, "Be obedient." And then his big hand massaged his butt erotically. His long and slender fingers deeply sink into the white, tender and soft meat, clearly wanting to stick onto his hand. His eyes were bloodshot and the Adam’s apple in his throat slid rapidly. He had wanted this for ten years, ten whole years, and he was finally going to get what he wanted, and he didn't want to wait for a second.

Zong Zi Heng was so humiliated that he was itching to smash his head and die. His voice almost changed in tone, "Let go of me, you evil beast, let go of me!"

"Let go of you?" Zong Zi Xiao’s waist shrugged forward. He pushed his package in between Zong Zi Heng’s butt crease, which was painfully hard and supporting his underpants high, and rubbed maliciously, "This baby of mine, has been thinking about fucking you day and night."

Zong Zi Heng couldn't help cowering his body. That hard thing against him made him extremely terrified.

Zong Zi Xiao took off his pants. A thick and long purplish-red object swaggered and sprung up and hit on Zong Zi Heng’s butt repeatedly. He teased: “Big brother, do you still remember when I discharged involuntarily in the morning for the first time? I thought I had peed on my bed, and I was embarrassed and upset. You teased me saying that I will know when I ‘grow up’.” He bent down and his thick and broad chest pressed against Zong Zi Heng’s back. He lightly bit that small and lightly pinkish earlobe, “I’ve grown so ‘big’, and it’s specially grown for you, are you happy?” He looked at Zong Zi Heng’s butt that was raised up high towards him and his body was lightly trembling with excitement. He held his weapon, opened that butt flap and pushed forward roughly.

Zong Zi Heng screamed out in pain. Humiliation climbed to its peak at this moment. It was as if he heard his soul shatter.

That thick and big meat blade had only pushed its head in halfway before it was blocked by the tightly closed hole. Zong Zi Heng was trembling in pain and the one who was carrying out the punishment was not feeling good either.

Zong Zi Xiao gave an annoyed ‘tsk’ and took out a can of lubricant: “Indeed too tight to go in.” He dug out some, stabbed his finger inside that tight intestinal tract and maliciously turned and smeared with his finger, “I heard that this thing is used by prostitutes. Using this, big brother will definitely serve me well.”

“No…stop it…” Zong Zi Heng walked forward with his knees futilely, but the depth of the throne was not wide, only slightly longer than half an adult's body, and he was tied to the armrests, so there was nowhere to escape.

After that meat hole had softened and opened a slight gap, Zong Zi Xiao had no patience. He took out his finger and opened that soft and tender butt flap with strength. He straightened his waist and stabbed his meat blade into Zong Zi Heng’s body.

“Ahhhhhhh------” Zong Zi Heng’s miserable shriek echoed in the spacious and empty Zhengji Hall. Every Emperor in the Zong Clan has attended court in this place. They have deliberated and received incoming ambassadors here. This Zhengji Hall has carried only solemn, stern voices for centuries, but the current Emperor Zong is being raped by a man on the supreme throne of the immortal cultivation world.

Zong Zi Xiao ruthlessly stabbed to the end. He felt his member was being held by layers of the hot fleshy wall, accompanied by the contraction from Zong Zi Heng’s pain which brought an unexpected feeling. This is big brother’s body. He has entered big brother’s body! He tried to withdraw and push in again. Just light friction brought a shuddering rush of pleasure. It felt too good. He had never experienced such a thrill. This is a big satisfaction from his body to his heart!

On the contrary, Zong Zi Heng’s face has lost its color. Big beads of sweat were flowing from his forehead and crystal tears were seeping out from his laxed eyes.

Zong Zi Xiao grabbed his big brother’s slim waist and started jerking. Every time he withdrew, he felt that the insides were contracting to detain, and every time he thrust in, he felt the thrill of opening the layers of meat wall and exploring deeper. He let out a long breath, and all the pores on his body stretched out. He couldn’t resist fixing the person beneath him, and thrusted faster and heavier.

It feels so good, it’s too good to the extreme! Not sure whether it’s because the person was Zong Zi Heng, or whether it's because this body was originally seductive. Zong Zi Xiao experienced the pleasure of ascending to the top of the heights and started to tingle from his scalp to his toes. A white light flashed before his eyes, as if he had been struck by a puppet charm, shedding all humanity and leaving only the bestial instinct of obedience.

“Big brother…big brother…”

His crotch was slamming on Zong Zi Heng’s butt and the sound of papapa was consistent. He penetrated too deep and too heavy, itching to squeeze his sacs in as well. That tender meat hole has been stabbed until a red, unable-to-close opening, which made him convenient to go in and out. He pounded fiercely, constantly digging out the worldly pleasures from the depths of this fleshy tract.

His hand casually caressed and massaged Zong Zi Heng’s body. His big brother’s skin was white, and his figure was slender. Every part was a mixture of strength and beauty, which made him infatuated.

Zong Zi Heng said nothing. He was in so much pain that he wanted to faint, and his body almost had no more strength, but what hurts the most was not his body, but his heart that was riddled with gaping wounds.

Why did he have to bear all of this? He just wants to protect the people who mattered to him. He didn't poison his second brother, he didn't frame Chu Ying Ruo and Zong Zi Xiao, he didn't kill Zong Ming He, but all the evils became ghosts riding on his neck that he could never get rid of. Even his younger brother, whom he wanted to protect, who called him "big brother", yet hated and humiliated him the most.

Zong Zi Heng's tears soaked through the cushion.

This was Zong Zi Xiao’s first-time experience. He couldn’t last long under this raptured pleasure. After banging hard a few times, he suddenly stopped his frenzied movement.

When Zong Zi Heng realized what he was about to do, he was struggling as if approaching death, and cried out instinctively: “No….”

Zong Zi Xiao grabbed his pelvis with both hands, not allowing him to retreat half an inch. After that, the hot fluid gushed out from the urethra, shooting inside Zong Zi Heng without a single drop leaking out.

Zong Zi Heng only felt his body had been shot with a hot stream of liquid. His dignity has been trampled into pieces at this moment.

Zong Zi Xiao pulled out his dirty member, and the air was filled with the smell of carnal desire. Zong Zi Heng collapsed to one side, and a muddy liquid laced with blood trickled down between his thighs, forming a contrast with the injuries on his body, battered and exhausted. His breathing was very weak, as if he was dead.

Zong Zi Xiao was panting heavily, and his feverish brain started to cool down. His heart choked as he watched his big brother being thoroughly ravaged inside and out. He reached out his hand, wanting to smooth his big brother's tightly furrowed brow, but Zong Zi Heng turned his head away and dodged it.

Zong Zi Xiao’s hand clenched into a fist. His body came close and enveloped Zong Zi Heng’s body. He looked down at his miserable appearance, the pain and pity in his eyes were replaced by the pleasure of abuse. He said with a chuckle: “Big brother, fucking you really feels so good ah. I couldn’t resist and came too fast. I shot a lot, did you feel it? They’re all in your stomach.” He used his finger to stab inside the hole, which was unable to close after being fucked, dug out the red and white body fluid and wiped it on Zong Zi Heng’s face.

Zong Zi Heng closed his eyes.

“But it’s alright. The night is still young. I will fuck you until I can’t shoot a single drop out.” Zong Zi Xiao lowered his head and laughed beside his ear, “Why didn’t you dare to open your eyes? Open your eyes and see ah. This is the throne you got unscrupulously. This is the price you pay for becoming Emperor Zong at all costs." He grabbed Zong Zi Heng by the hair and forced him to open his eyes.

Zong Zi Heng looked into Zong Zi Xiao’s fierce and ferocious gaze. His eyes were grey with defeat, no longer angry.

Zong Zi Xiao said grimly, "I want you to sit here every day from now on and remember how you were on this throne like a dog being fucked by your own younger brother!"

"You ... are not my younger brother." Zong Zi Heng let out a weak voice, "I, Zong Zi Heng, do not have a younger brother."

No younger brother, no Xiao Jiu, nothing.

Zong Zi Xiao only felt a sharp pain in his chest as he flipped the man over and faced himself, "Really? Yeah, you didn't have a younger brother a long time ago. The younger brother who did everything you said and believed in you, was killed by your own hand." He lifted Zong Zi Heng’s two long legs and opened them to each side of his body, allowing that muddy piece of meat hole to open in front of him and his meat blade erected once again.

Zong Zi Heng finally saw that fierce giant clearly, and also clearly saw Zong Zi Xiao’s broad shoulders and muscles like multi-peaked mountains. More than ever before, he realized that this person was really not Xiao Jiu. The Xiao Jiu he missed day and night was already dead, and the one who had survived was the Supreme Demon who had frightened the whole immortal cultivation world.

The long meat blade drove in and once again penetrated Zong Zi Heng’s body.

He had no way to escape and witnessed and welcomed all the details of his abuse head-on. 

Both of his legs were wide opened and he was fucked ruthlessly by a man’s member. He watched that purplish-red demonic stick quickly going in and out of his messy private parts. His body was swaying like a candle flame in the rainstorm, and the throne, which weighed over thousands of jin*, was rocking and making sounds in this fierce intrusion.

“Open your eyes and see ah!” Zong Zi Xiao said with a growl, “Look at how you’re being fucked by a man! Isn't it very smug and majestic to look down on the world from this throne? In future, when you sit here, don't forget what you looked like being fucked by me now with your legs wide open. Wouldn't you do anything for the throne? Why would it be so hard to sell yourself for glory? Serve me well and I'll let you continue to be Emperor Zong!"

Zong Zi Heng had already gone numb with pain, and his eyes, which had shed tears, were now dry.

The hatred, pain and longing of the past ten years had all been wildly vented out by Zong Zi Xiao at this moment. He fucked big brother for one whole night without feeling tired. The person beneath fainted and woke up several times, and he was absorbed in the frenzy of flesh and the pleasure of revenge, unable to free himself.
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Jin*[斤]--- equals to 0.5kg

Chapter 125

Zong Zi Heng had a high fever and was in a coma for several days. Zong Zi Xiao was very distraught at his bedside, but refused to show his concern. The evil fire flared up everywhere, frightening the physicians and chamberlains of the Wuji Palace so much that they gave an aftermath account to their families*.

He had not been back to the Wuji Palace for ten years and found that the biggest change in the place was that it had become much more desolate. After all, the late emperor and empress were gone, the princes and princesses had moved out and married off, and with the decline of the Zong clan, there was a massive loss of disciples. This vast Wuji Palace was in a state of depression.

He thought sarcastically that Zong Zi Heng must not have expected that the throne he had so painstakingly snatched was in fact in shambles. The Daming Zong Clan was already on the verge of death and no longer had the power to return back.

However, now that he had returned, everything had become unknown.

"Your Holiness." A respectful voice came from behind him.


"The emperor has woken up." Even Cai Cheng Yi’s breathing was in propriety. He was afraid of this temperamental, malicious and ruthless Supreme Demon. But in his heart, he could not help but lament. This great devil had completely inherited Chu Ying Ruo's stunning beauty. With the beauty of an exiled immortal and the pretty, flirtatious and demonic appearance, anyone who looked at him would have their souls tremble.

Zong Zi Xiao walked quickly towards Zong Zi Heng's bedchamber.

When he pushed open the door, it seemed that Zong Zi Heng had just changed his dressings and his maid was helping him to straighten his lapel.

When the movement was heard, everyone in the room turned around, and their faces suddenly changed at the same time, as if they had seen a ghost.

No, ghosts are the prey of cultivators, and they are impossible to find in the Yang energy-rich Wuji Palace. How can they be one-in-a-millionth as frightening as the Supreme Demon?

The little colors that had been on Zong Zi Heng's face faded away in an instant. His fingers clenched the lapels of his jacket, even his joints were blue and white from the excessive force. What had happened that day in the Zhengji Hall had tormented his heart every moment, making him want to die of shame and anger. He was instinctively afraid when he faced Zong Zi Xiao.

With a sweep of Zong Zi Xiao's eyes, his subordinates understood and scrambled to retreat. He sat down on the edge of Zong Zi Heng's bed and lifted up his collar: "Your wound recovery is ..."

Zong Zi Heng snatched back his own clothes and ducked into the bed in one smooth motion.

A hand grabbed his shoulder, making him unable to move.

Zong Zi Xiao sneered, "Where are you hiding? There's nothing on you, inside or out, that I haven't seen or touched."

Zong Zi Heng glared angrily, his eyes red with rage.

The look of total resistance stung Zong Zi Xiao, and he said in a deep voice, "Don't give me a hard time." He pulled the man hard into his embrace and wrapped his arms around him from behind.

"What are you doing!?" Zong Zi Heng's body trembled as the strong arms that imprisoned him and the solid chest that pressed against his back formed a cage from which there was no escape. The close contact of their bodies caused him to recall all the unspeakable things this man had done to him.

"Don't move, let me see your injuries." Zong Zi Xiao pressed his face intimately against his big brother's and chuckled, "What did you think I was going to ‘do*’? If I really fuck you to death, won't I lose my fun?"

Zong Zi Heng clenched his fists, as if his heart had been thrown into a frying pan.

Zong Zi Xiao loosened his lapel and took a closer look at his newly grown tender pink flesh: "Mm, it's recovering well. How about down there? Does it still hurt?"

Zong Zi Heng’s shame turned to anger and he couldn't tolerate it anymore, but when he just transferred some Qi, he realized something was wrong.

"Don't waste your energy, I've sealed your spiritual chakra*." Zong Zi Heng gently turned his face and kissed him on those pale pink lips, saying in a coaxing lover's tone, "You can't open it for a while. I will check daily. If I find you opening the point on your own, I will punish you." He paused and smiled, "Guess how I'll punish you."

"... Get out."

"You're telling me to scram? Big brother, I'm afraid you're still not awake and have forgotten who's in charge here."

"Don't call me big brother!" Zong Zi Heng growled.

"You don't deserve to be my big brother either. It's just that I'm used to calling that. And ah ..." Zong Zi Xiao bit Zong Zi Heng's soft and tender earlobe and said flirtatiously, "I find that every time I call you big brother, you bite extra tightly there."

Zong Zi Heng fiercely broke away from the iron-clamped arms. He did not know where he could escape to, for he had no place to stand in the vast universe.

Suddenly the heaven and earth spun* and Zong Zi Heng was pinned down on the bed.

Zong Zi Xiao propped both arms on the sides of his head and looked down at him from above: "You are not yet healed, don't do something to make me unhappy and bring misery on yourself."

There was a sudden commotion outside the door.

A child's voice shouted "Father".

"Aiyo, Your Highness, how did you get out? You can't go in, you can't go in ah." Cai Cheng Yi's anxious voice rang.

"I want to see Father, you go away. Father!"

Inside the room, the two brothers’ faces changed at the same time.

Zong Zi Xiao turned to the closed door with a cold face.

The word "Father" turned into a sudden burst of veins on his head.

Zong Zi Heng watched the expression on Zong Zi Xiao’s face, panic displaying in his eyes.

Zong Zi Xiao got up and walked towards the door.

"You ..." Zong Zi Heng tried to get up from the bed, but his body was so weak that he nearly fell off the bed.

Zong Zi Xiao opened the door violently and a small figure’s head crashed just nicely onto his waist.

It was a boy of about five or six years old with a white and smooth small face, beautiful and sophisticated. He’s from a wealthy family at a glance. He tilted his head and looked at Zong Zi Xiao with his mouth wide open.

"Zhong Ming, I said you are not allowed to come out, go back quickly!" Zong Zi Heng said in a stern voice.

"You ..." Zong Zhong Ming suddenly glared angrily, "You are Zong Zi Xiao!"

Cai Cheng Yi was so frightened that his legs trembled, "Your Highness, listen to the emperor's words. Go back quickly." He said and was about to go forward to pull the boy.

A jealous fire flared up in Zong Zi Xiao's chest, almost burning through his sanity. Although he had been prepared for the past ten years, he had never heard that Emperor Kong Hua had conferred a queen or taken a concubine, so he felt lucky, only to find that ... he even had a child!

The thought that Zong Zi Heng had already married happily with someone else before him made him want to kill them.

Zong Zi Xiao grabbed Zong Zhong Ming's collar and lifted the child up.

Zong Zhong Ming shouted, "Bastard, let go of me. I'm not afraid of you, I'm not afraid of you! Don't you dare hurt my father!"

"Zhong Ming!" Zong Zi Heng said anxiously, "Zong Zi Xiao, let go of him. He's just a child."

"He is your child." Zong Zi Xiao's eyes were cold, "Who is his mother, and where is she?"

"It’s none of your business. You are a bad guy. You demonic cultivator, core thief, let go of me!" Zong Zhong Ming's short limbs kicked and stomped in the air. Although he was small, he seemed truly fearless, truly a newborn calf who is unafraid.

Cai Chengyi knelt down on the steps and begged, "Your holiness, don't argue with a child, I beg you."

Zong Zi Xiao threw Zong Zhong Ming to the ground and stomped on the child's chest.

"Zong Zi Xiao!" Zong Zi Heng was extremely angry.

Zong Zhong Ming broke open the large foot with both hands and screamed, "Let go of me, I'll kill you------"

"Whose is it?" Zong Zi Xiao's face was full of gloom and jealousy. Whoever touched his man would not survive today.

Zong Zi Heng gasped, "You, you let go of him first."

"Father." Zong Zhong Ming called out, "Did he hurt you? I will kill him."

Zong Zi Heng endured the humiliation and had to give in, "Let him go and I will explain to you."

Zong Zi Xiao kicked Zong Zhong Ming away, "Scram."

Zong Zhong Ming jumped up from the ground and tried to run to Zong Zi Heng's side, but he was stopped by Zong Zi Heng's stern words, "Zhong Ming, don't you listen to me anymore!?"

Zong Zhong Ming's eyes instantly burst into tears.

"Go back."

Zong Zhong Ming wiped away his tears and ran away with grievance.

Cai Cheng Yi closed the door. Fearing that Zong Zi Xiao would renege, he picked up the child and turned to run away.

Zong Zi Xiao paced up to Zong Zi Heng step by step and said viciously, "Who is that woman? If you dare lie, I will kill this wild child along with her."

"He is Hua Jun Cheng's son." Zong Zi Heng said through gritted teeth.

Zong Zi Xiao froze for a moment as he quickly recalled the name: "The young master of the Huaying Sect?"


"So, this kid is Hua Yu Xin's nephew." After all these years, Zong Zi Xiao still remembered this woman, as she was Zong Zi Heng's lifelong unforgettable, and naturally, she had become a thorn in his heart.


This answer made Zong Zi Xiao unsure what to feel, and he said sarcastically, "You are so affectionate that you even raised the Hua family’s son."

"I can hardly not be blamed for the Hua family being wiped out by Lu Zhao Feng." Zong Zi Heng glared at Zong Zi Xiao with bloodshot eyes, "If it wasn't for me, Hua Yu Xin wouldn't have been involved in Lu Zhao Feng's plot and wouldn't have died, and the Hua Family wouldn't have been extinct in order to take revenge." When he rushed to the Huaying Sect with the Zong Clan cultivators, he only had time to save this only bloodline of the Hua family, and what he owed to the Hua family would be difficult to repay even with this life.

Zong Zi Xiao was silent for a moment and laughed mockingly, "Ridiculous, you look so loving and righteous. Do you think the people of the world will forget your true nature?"

Zong Zi Heng knew that explaining anything would be futile, so he fell silent in response.

"Or do you also know that you have sinned so much that you want to be virtuous and do good now?" Zong Zi Xiao walked over and gently lifted Zong Zi Heng's chin, saying in a cold voice, "It's too late. We'll go to hell together, big brother."

Zong Zi Heng turned his face away.

"From now on, you will continue to be Emperor Zong." Zong Zi Xiao stroked Zong Zi Heng’s black hair like he was teasing a cat or dog, "I said before, as long as you serve me well, you can sit firmly in the throne."

Zong Zi Heng only felt his face burning.

"What, are you unhappy? There are many people who sell their bodies for glory under the sky, only you sell the most expensive." Zong Zi Xiao chuckled twice and ordered, "Tomorrow, send out an imperial order to all the great sects."

"What do you want to do?" Zong Zi Heng looked up sharply.

His dark pupils were so frightened that just looking at them could make one want to abuse him.

Zong Zi Xiao gently caressed his cheek, "Within seven days, I want to see the annual offerings, including what they owed from previous years, and offer everything together."


"I want to gather the power of the immortal cultivation world to make the best core for me." Zong Zi Xiao's pair of extremely charming dangling fox eyes were overflowing with ambition, "I will definitely break through to the ninth Chongtian of the Zongxuan Sword."

gave an aftermath account to their families*.[向家眷交代了后事]---when someone dies, all matters after death must be explained, such as how the property is distributed, where is the burial and so on. What it meant in this sentence is SZX wasn’t in a good mood, and everyone was very terrified of him.

do*[干]---in this phrase, he said 你以为我要‘干’什么?真把你干死了。 Sadly the meaning was kind lost during tl. This same word has 2 meanings in this sentence, one is ‘do’ and one is ‘fuck’
chakra*[脉]---energy point
the heaven and earth spun*[天旋地转]---- giddy with one's head spinning

Chapter 126

A few days later, an imperial order with the imperial seal of Emperor Zong was sent to all the immortal sects, saying that it was an annual offering, but it listed all the top worldly treasures of each sect, as well as cultivators who were skillful in the art of the core.

The Daming Zong Clan has been in decline since the reign of Emperor Ning Hua, and when Emperor Kong Hua succeeded him, the young emperor, despite his immense talent, could not recover the situation on his own. Most of the "local officials" who were supposed to pay tribute to Emperor Zong every year would have made excuses at first, but now most of them have simply reneged on their debts because they saw that the Zong Clan was helpless in demanding payments. Who could have imagined that Zong Zi Xiao would appear halfway?

Most of the items that Zong Zi Xiao wants are the ancestral heirlooms, the sects’ treasures, and the top alchemists must also be patriarch-level cultivators, either elders or sect leaders, who have special skills that will never be spread to the outside world. This imperial order was meant to gut out their families’ property.

It was only when they received the imperial order that it dawned on every sect. They thought Zong Zi Xiao was a complete madman driven by hatred, but it turned out that he had planned every step before he took action, and his meticulous thoughtfulness was frightening.

The story has to begin from the Jiaolong Assembly where Zong Zi Xiao won the championship. It was not the root cause of everything, but it was the trigger for the centuries-old conflicts in the immortal cultivation world to erupt. The following decade was the darkest decade in the immortal cultivation world today, with no peace in sight.

At the Jiaolong Assembly, Xu Zhi Nan, who was still the senior brother of the Chunyang Sect's leader, led an investigation into the core theft from the Huaying Sect, which exposed the unknown side of Yan Shu, the newly appointed head of the Wuyun Sect, causing Yan Shu to be driven to desperate action. Several cultivators died under his Chasing Mountain Whip, including Huaying Sect's beloved daughter, Hua Yu Xin.

Because of the old hatred and new revenge, Huaying Sect wanted Yan Shu and the Wuyun Sect to pay their blood debt*. Yan Shu fled and went missing, and Huaying Sect went to war in Wuling several times. With Chunyang Sect assisting them in the dark, Wuyun Sect’s power has been devoured.

The Chunyang Sect and Wuyun Sect were like family five hundred years ago. After the separation between sword cultivation and martial arts cultivation, the north and south were divided, and they have been secretly competing due to ruling the same Chu land. But both of their powers are of similar level, and they didn't dare to make a big fuss. At that moment, Chunyang Sect finally waited for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and wanted to take advantage to annex Wuyun Sect.

The Wuliang Sect could not let the Chunyang Sect rise and threaten their own position, so they secretly helped the Wuyun Sect.

Emperor Ning Hua intended to sit on the mountain to watch the tiger fight*, and let each sect weaken each other. Not only did he not step in to calm the strife, instead he was ambiguous and unclear, making the immortal cultivation world fall completely into the endless strife.

The turn of events again came from Yan Shu.

A tragedy of snatching the First Wife in the Wuji Palace let the scandal of the royal family be known to the whole world. Yan Shu’s real identity was revealed, and the reality of Emperor Ning Hua snatching his beloved caused the son of the Lu family of Yanzhou to be brutally murdered. He changed his name, his appearance, and let Emperor Ning Hua raise his son, all just to take revenge.

In the end, Zong Zi Xiao, the most probable successor to be the Human Emperor, fled Daming. His life and death were unknown, and Lu Zhao Feng returned to Wuyun Sect.

Lu Zhao Feng's position as Sect Leader was not a good one. There are many people in the sect who refused to accept him, but without the Sect Leader and the Chasing Mountain Whip, the treasure of the sect, the sect has suffered a lot of humiliation and persecution, so they were forced to accept this demonic cultivator.

Lu Zhao Feng had excellent roots and had eaten several top quality human cores, so his cultivation was so deep and few people could beat him. He quickly forced the Huaying Sect back into Minnan and led the Wuyun Sect in a desperate comeback, quickly recapturing lost territory.

It just happened to coincide with the death of Chunyang Sect’s leader, and Xu Zhi Nan took up his post in a hurry. Zong Ming He took his eldest son, Zong Zi Heng, to Kunlun to forge a sword, but because of Empress Li Xiang Tong’s unbearable pain of losing her son, she died from depression and they had no choice but to halt. They followed Li Xiang Tong's final wishes to build a cenotaph for her and the Second Prince back at Mount Shu. Afterwards, something big happened that would shock the whole immortal cultivation world and also was recorded in the history books----On the Eight Trigrams Platform in Yunding, Zong Zi Heng killed his father and usurped the throne.

Zong Zi Heng was unfilial, completely lost his humanity and his position on the throne is unworthy. He had conflict with the Wuliang Sect. It was only with the support of Xu Zhi Nan, Qi Meng Sheng and Li Bu Yu's mediation that the situation was resolved, and Zong Zi Heng’s birth mother, Consort Shen, died for unknown reasons. It was not enough to say how many behind-the-scenes stories are involved.

While the great sects were left to fend for themselves, the Wuyun Sect abandoned its centuries-old beliefs and honor as an orthodox immortal sect, and slaughtered cultivators without restraint, supplemented their cultivation by eating human cores, recruited students and grew rapidly. They even began to devour Chunyang Sect’s territory and wiped out Huaying Sect.

The immortal cultivation world came back to their senses and realized that Wuyun Sect had turned into a behemoth under their neglect, so the immortal cultivation world, which had been fighting openly and secretly for a century, was forced to unite against Wuyun Sect, which had been reduced to a demonic sect.

And it was at the peak of Wuyun Sect that Zong Zi Xiao appeared with the ancient divine treasure, the Xuanyuan Heavenly Secret Talisman.

The first thing he did was massacre Wuyun Sect and kill his biological father, Lu Zhao Feng.

Any survivors of the Wuyun Sect will never forget that bloody nightmare for the rest of their lives. When Zong Zi Xiao rode a skeletal warhorse with a deathly aura and appeared in front of the mountain gates alone, facing the thousands of cultivators of Wuyun Sect. He spoke wildly and received countless ridicules, but when he took out the treacherous soldier talisman, which was made of green glittering jade and written with red blood, and instantly summoned a mountain full of Yin soldiers, shaped like a black cloud pressing down on the city, no one could laugh anymore.

The Yin soldiers did not eat, drink, suffer or get tired, and only obeyed the orders of the Heavenly Secret Talisman, turning Wuyun Sect into purgatory on earth.

At that time, people thought that he hated Lu Zhao Feng for giving him a humiliating birth and for using him as a pawn for revenge, and hated Lu Zhao Feng for killing his third sister who had married into Wuyun Sect.

Now it seems that Zong Zi Xiao has another reason for doing so, which is to break up the alliance of the immortal cultivation world. The immortal cultivation world was unfamiliar to Zong Zi Xiao and bore no hatred for him, but all of them had lost fellow disciples and territories because of Wuyun Sect. So while Wuyun Sect could make them join in opposition to the same adversary, yet Zong Zi Xiao could not.

Indeed, when the Wuyun Sect fell, Zong Zi Xiao did not take a single thing and watched with cold eyes as the immortal families pounced like wolves on the fat carcasses of the Wuyun Sect and devoured their flesh. A vast fortune has been amassed by five hundred years of famous families and they bared their fangs at their not-so-long-ago allies just for one more bite.

The unequal distribution caused the alliance to crumble and even create a new feud between them before Zong Zi Xiao was able to break them down one by one, and the entire immortal cultivation world, after ten years of turmoil and strife, was exhausted, at odds with each other and was no longer able to resist.

They thought they were lucky that Zong Zi Xiao had come back to seek revenge. They had no grudge against him. As long as they tolerate the humiliation and submit to him, he will not kill the innocent indiscriminately.

Now this imperial order, which seems to be in name only, is actually digging up people's ancestral graves. They then realized that the immortal cultivation world just came out of a wolf's den and entered the tiger's den again. Even what was eaten from the Wuyun Sect in the first place will have to be spat out in a more aggressive manner.

The Supreme Demon, who had actually conquered Jiuzhou, had to raid the world through the imperial order of Emperor Zong was because he wanted to do something using the demand of annual offerings as the reason, giving face to the sects that wanted to survive by going bankrupt, so they can kneel less shamefully. The forces who wanted to resist could not unite against them to fight against the enemy.

While the secretary was preparing the imperial order, Zong Zi Heng was still half-lying on his bed, and Zong Zi Xiao was sitting by the bedside, playing with the jade seal while picking out the treasures of the various sects like a dish in a restaurant.

The secretary was breaking out into a cold sweat on the sidelines.

"I've heard that the Wuliang Sect has hidden a few extremely fine immortal pills, but I don't know what they're called. Does big brother know?" Zong Zi Xiao looked at Zong Zi Heng with a smile, in a rather good mood.

Zong Zi Heng said lightly, "I don't know."

"If you don't know, how should I ask for it? How about this, let the Wuliang Sect pay a tribute of 100 million taels of gold."

The secretary’s writing hand trembled.

100 million taels of gold, isn't that crazy?

"If the Wuliang Sect can't pay, they'll have to compensate with decent treasures. If they dare to fool me with some True Essence Jade Training Pills, I'll make sure that kid Li Bu Yu will be taught a lesson." He still felt upset when he remembered how Li Bu Yu loved to pester Zong Zi Heng when he was a child.

"About Giant Spirit Villa, that village master is probably too old to get out of bed, send the little one here."


"The Cold Jade Snow Elixir of the Cangyu Sect is of little use to me, but the ice crystal at the bottom of Fengming Lake is good stuff. It's perfect for fueling the fire of Shen Nong Ding. Prepare a thousand pounds first."

"... Yes."

Zong Zi Heng couldn’t tolerate it anymore and said, "Are you forcing the immortal cultivation world to crusade against you?"

"The imperial order was given by the Daming Zong Clan, why should I be crusaded against? Besides, they owe so many years of annual offerings. Shouldn't the interest be raised?" Zong Zi Xiao chuckled.

"Persisting in evil brings self-destruction."

"Tsk tsk, this statement, is big brother talking about yourself?" Zong Zi Xiao waved his hand and let the secretary leave. Once he was gone, he scooped Zong Zi Heng into his arms and kissed him flirtatiously, "Are you scared?"

Zong Zi Heng pursed his lips and didn't say anything.

"Don't be scared, those fools can't get their way. Back then they almost fought again to share the spoils of Wuyun Sect, now they are like a sheet of loose sand*." Zong Zi Xiao held his big brother’s hand and played with his fingers one by one. When he was a child, he had found his big brother's hands to be large and strong. It was this pair of good-looking and powerful hands that hugged him, taught him sword techniques, cooked him good food and put him to sleep. But now that he had them in his own palm, they became even smaller. He stroked them carefully, even liking the hard calluses on his palm. Then he inserted his long, slender fingers between the other party's and interlocked their ten fingers.

Zong Zi Heng couldn't break free, so he let him hold it.

"I said before, if you serve me well, you can continue to be the Emperor Zong as you wish. As for the rest, there is no need for you to worry." He looked at Zong Zi Heng's soft lips, his heart moved, and he lowered his head, wanting to taste it.

Zong Zi Heng, however, jerked his face away.

"Turn around."

After a moment of silence, Zong Zi Xiao took on a threatening tone, "Don't make me say it twice."

Zong Zi Heng took a deep breath and slowly turned his stiff neck.

"Don't make this face of enduring humiliation. You caused the death of my mother, and I still left you alive so that you could be the Human Emperor above all others just by spreading your legs. You should really be grateful." Every time Zong Zi Xiao uttered his evil words, he gained twisted pleasure from looking at Zong Zi Heng's pale face full of humiliation.

What could he do? He had been framed, betrayed, robbed of everything he held dear, and in the end he couldn't bring himself to kill the man he hated the most, so he had to squeeze him in his palm and torture him carefully. How much pain he was in, he wanted his beloved big brother to bear it all!

He took Zong Zi Heng's lips. This kiss was not too fast or too slow. It’s just a leisurely taste. That's the kind of confidence that only people with power have.

When he had kissed enough, he released the person in his arms and gave Zong Zi Heng's waist a flirtatious squeeze: "Recover well. I can't endure for a few days." He could not stop thinking about the taste of ecstasy of that night at the Zhengji Hall, and now his mouth would go dry even at the sight of Zong Zi Heng.

Zong Zi Heng clenched his hands into fists so that he could barely hide his trembling.

Zong Zi Xiao said to himself again, "Of course, your fears are not unreasonable. Sooner or later, they will still unite against me. Although I may not lose, killing so many people is strangely tiring, so I want to break through to the ninth Chongtian of the Zongxuan Sword, and by that time, no one will be able to threaten me anymore." He gently rubbed his big brother's cheek, his tone gentle, but the words he spat out were chilling, "Even if I kill them all, it will be much easier."

Zong Zi Heng said somberly, "You are already unbeatable, what more do you really want?"

Zong Zi Xiao looked at his big brother. The thing he wanted most was now meekly held in his arms. What else did he want? He wanted absolute, unquestionable power. In these 10 years of drifting, he had tasted the hardships of the world, and he knew better than anyone that power determined everything. He had got it, and he had to protect it, because jackals and tigers were waiting in the shadows.

He does not believe in love. He does not believe in righteousness. He only believes in himself.
pay their blood debt*[血债血偿]--- means that they must pay a corresponding price to compensate. Since he killed Hua Yu Xin, he must die as well.
to sit on the mountain to watch the tiger fight*[坐山观虎斗]---- watch in safety whilst others fight then reap the rewards
a sheet of loose sand*[一盘散沙]--- unable to cooperate

Chapter 127

Zong Zi Heng had tried to break through his sealed spirit chakra. Indeed what Zong Zi Xiao had said, it will take at least a few hours, and he didn't have a few hours at all, because Zong Zi Xiao clung to him most of the time ---- just like when he was a child.

There were still many elderly in the Wuji Palace who, despite knowing that the two were not blood brothers and that Zong Zi Xiao was no longer the Ninth Highness, had seen their brotherly friendship for more than ten years and were dumbstruck at their current "relationship". No matter how much Cai Cheng Yi ordered the imperial physician and the subordinates to keep their mouths shut, he couldn't completely stop the rumors from flowing, as Zong Zi Xiao didn't even shy away from them.

It was as if he had acquired a new and interesting toy, and he had to eat and sleep with Zong Zi Heng, kissing him whenever he felt aroused, regardless of the occasion, taking particular pleasure in Zong Zi Heng's humiliation and shame.

On this day, as he was eating dinner, Zong Zi Xiao drank the good wine in Wuji Palace’s collection. In his excitement, he pulled Zong Zi Heng to sit on his lap and asked him to feed him.

He’s the Human Emperor, yet he had to ‘accompany drinking’ like a prostitute serving guests. Plus, there were 7-8 attendants at the sidelines. Zong Zi Heng was so angry that his face turned blue. He knocked down the wine glass, got up and was about to leave.

Zong Zi Xiao stretched his long arm, grabbed his waist and held him down on his lap, sneering: "Reluctant again?"

Zong Zi Heng wanted to retort "When have I ever been willing?", but such a conversation would only show his own incompetence, so he only struggled, trying to break free.

The eunuchs and palace maids who were standing on one side almost hung their heads to their chests, not daring to breathe.

Zong Zi Xiao was incredibly strong and held him firmly down as he sneered, "You're not even willing to feed me a sip of wine. Do you really think you're still Emperor Zong? In front of me, you are at most a concubine."

"Bastard!" Zong Zi Heng was so humiliated that he gave Zong Zi Xiao a fierce slap on the face. Although he was born as an unfavored prince, but after all, he was from a noble background, and no matter whether people despised him behind his back, they had to respect him as His Highness, and after he became the emperor, he was above all others. No one had ever insulted him to this extent, especially this person, who is his younger brother.

This slap could have been dodged by Zong Zi Xiao, but he didn't even blink, and he tipped his tongue against his hot cheek and gave a sorrowful, evil smile: "So little strength, haven't you eaten enough just now?"

Zong Zi Heng saw an incoming rain* in that pair of hooked, fox eyes.

"If you don't eat properly, then don't eat at all." With a wave of Zong Zi Xiao’s hand, the table of delicacies was swept to the ground by the wind of his palm. The crashing sound of broken cups and plates was like the sound of drums before a battle.

The servants cowered and retreated in a single file.

Zong Zi Xiao spoke slowly, "Stand still." He kept his eyes on Zong Zi Heng's, "Who gave you permission to leave?"

Several people lowered their heads and hunched their shoulders, not knowing what to do.

"Close the door behind you and wait outside. The emperor may need someone to serve him at any time."

A smell of danger climbed up his spine. Zong Zi Heng forced himself to stay calm, glaring at Zong Zi Xiao unyieldingly.

Just as the door was closed, Zong Zi Xiao violently pinned Zong Zi Heng to the table.

"Zong Zi Xiao!" Zong Zi Heng growled, "You, you dare?" He realized what was about to happen, and his momentum had unconsciously weakened by three points.

Zong Zi Xiao sneered, "Your memory is too poor. You always forget who is in charge here. You still want to be the Human Emperor and the eldest brother in front of me? It’s alright, I will make you remember over and over again what the consequences are for disobeying me."

Zong Zi Xiao flipped his big brother onto the table, grabbed both his wrists with one hand, clipped them behind his back and lifted up the luxurious imperial robe, and with a ‘hiss’, he ripped his underpants.

Zong Zi Heng's eyes were bloodshot and his face was hot, but no matter how hard he struggled, it was futile.

These few days, he was concerned about Zong Zi Heng’s injuries, and the Supreme Demon, who always did what he wished without restraint, held back too much, and he violently opened up a few times and penetrated in like this.

Outside the door, the palace maids, eunuchs and guards kneeling on the floor were forced to hear the atrocities taking place within a door's distance.

They heard the violent shaking of the table, the slamming of flesh and the sound of sticky fluids, the arrogant obscenities of the Supreme Demon and the desperately suppressed whimpers. They could not bear it in their hearts, yet their faces were red as they were forced to imagine what was being done to the emperor at this moment who had always been calm and reserved and unsmiling.

The more Zong Zi Heng cared about something, the more Zong Zi Xiao took pleasure in depriving him of it. Everyone knows how to train a dog, and training a man is actually the same thing. He wanted to teach Zong Zi Heng a lesson to never dare say no to him again.

The battlefield shifted from the royal dining hall to the bedchamber, and the long night seemed endless. The stubborn, stoic emperor finally crumbled under the stimulus of pain or pleasure, crying for mercy, but the ravenous predator could not be easily satisfied, and the two fell into the abyss of owing flesh to each other.


After that night, Zong Zi Heng did learn a lesson. A man who had no fear of death, developed a fear of the younger brother he had brought up. No matter how much Zong Zi Xiao hated him, deep down he could not forget his Xiao Jiu, and he could not help but look for the shadow of Xiao Jiu in Zong Zi Xiao's words and mannerisms. But now, he could no longer find it.

Sooner or later, he could separate Xiao Jiu from the Supreme Demon completely in his heart, and he should not be in pain at that time, but until that day comes, this Wuji Palace is filled with memories of the past, reminding him all the time that the contrast between the laughter of the past and the resentment of today is blood-soaked.

For example, one lazy afternoon, Zong Zi Xiao was holding his big brother, who was exhausted by his own tossing and turning, and he suddenly pointed to the flower pot on the table and asked, "Why don't you raise flowers anymore? I think I've only seen this one pot." The pink and white petals, the traced red veins, the blood pearl-like heart stamen and the tender green leaves. At a glance, it was the orchid that big brother liked.

Zong Zi Heng looked at the pot of orchids, and instantly lost his sleepiness.

Zong Zi Xiao had long been used to his big brother's reticence, but at this moment he became curious. He remembered how much this man loved orchids, so why was only this pot left now?

Only after a long time did Zong Zi Heng said, "I don't want to raise them anymore."

"With that woman gone, who can stop you from raising flowers?" Zong Zi Xiao thought of Shen Shi Yao and his heart rose again with hatred. It’s cheap for her to die early.

"I don't want to raise them." Zong Zi Heng repeated, his voice cold to the core.

He would never raise flowers again. The day the orchid garden was destroyed, he thought, perhaps he didn't deserve those delicate and beautiful things, and the long painful ordeal that followed had completely destroyed his heart that yearned for anything beautiful.

But there was only this one pot, which he could not discard.

That was after Zong Zi Xiao had fled Wuji Palace and the Bailu Pavilion had long been empty. One day, he missed his Xiao Jiu so much that he went to the Bailu Pavilion alone and found an orchid seedling planted crookedly in a pot in Xiao Jiu's room, shriveled up as if it would soon dry up and die.

He recognized the seedling because it was a new variety he had bred and had not even had time to name it yet. He looked at the seedling and imagined his Xiao Jiu sneaking back to the wretched orchid garden on a rainy night, finding a seedling that had not yet died, bringing it back to his house and raising it clumsily, fearing that his mother would find it and destroy it again, fearing that he would be disappointed if it did not survive, so he kept hiding it from him until his own world too was turned upside down.

He cried bitterly in that dusty house, holding the remnant of the seedling.

It had been ten years, and he had only kept this one potted flower, which he had named - Dangshanhe. He thought that one day when Xiao Jiu returned, they could solve their misunderstanding, put aside their hatred and talk about the story of Dangshanhe.

But Zong Zi Xiao did not recognize this potted flower. Perhaps all flowers looked similar in the eyes of those who do not raise flowers. Perhaps hatred is like a cloud covering his eyes, making the Supreme Demon forget too many things, forgetting how all his big brother's care and love for ten years could be hypocritical.

And he would never say it again.

Chapter 128

After returning to Wuji Palace, Zong Zi Xiao went to many places that he remembered. Zhengji Hall, Baihua Hall, the sword training field, the cave in the back of the mountain, the orchid garden, Qinghui Pavilion, each one evoked so many memories of the past. This was the place where he was born and brought up. Before he was fourteen, this was his home, and for the next ten years, it was a nightmare that he could not wake up from.

There was only one place that he dared not set foot in, and that was the Bailu Pavilion.

Since he was a child, he had always felt that the Bailu Pavilion was the most beautiful and best-sounding of all the concubines' bedrooms in the harem, and it was also his father's favorite place to come. When he was young, he read the ‘Poem’* and thought he had discovered the origin, and asked his mother for a reward, but she told him that this Bailu was not the same as the other Bailu, and that the Bailu in the reed was a sentimental one, not pretentious, and that her Bailu was "white clouds reflect the water and shake the empty city, and the white dew drops the autumn moon."*

It was not until the end that he realized that all this was a cover-up, all because Bailu* was the family crest of the Lu family.

He hated Lu Zhao Feng because the man his mother truly loved was only using her under the guise of love.

Lu Zhao Feng had countless chances to bring him and his mother out, but he didn’t. He chose to risk leaving his wife and son with his enemies, paving the way for his revenge step by step. He did not want to reunite his family, nor was he eager to save the woman he loved from her misery. He wanted the state power of the Zong Clan the most.

Now, when he looked at the word "Bailu" on the lintel, Zong Zi Xiao felt suffocated in his chest and even a little nauseous. He took a deep breath and walked in.

In the courtyard, there were palace staff sweeping up the leaves on the ground. The bamboo branches scraped the ground with a rustling sound, and an old woman was sitting under a tree, raising her hand and tilting her head, threading her needle through the brilliant autumn sun. The scene is so relaxed and serene that it is as if the foul wind and bloody rain outside the world have nothing to do with it.

When they saw Zong Zi Xiao, the people in the courtyard were stunned.

Zong Zi Xiao was also stunned. His eyes swept over the courtyard and the pavilion, finding that nothing had changed much in this place. He imagined the Bailu Pavilion to be a place of crumbling walls and sprawling grass, a place of dust and dirt and cobwebs, but it was clearly a place that had been cleaned regularly.

The old woman stood up, rubbed her sagging eyelids and asked with a shudder, "Ninth, Ninth Highness?"

Zong Zi Xiao recognized her, she was Chen Momo* who had once served him and his mother.

"Oh my god, oh my god." Chen Momo slapped her thighs, a conflicted expression of surprise and fear appeared on her face. She had delivered Zong Zi Xiao herself back then and had spent half her life in the Bailu Pavilion, but the tall, shadowy man in front of her was too unfamiliar. Combined with the rumors in the palace, she could not help but be afraid.

"Chen Momo... you’re still alive?" Zong Zi Xiao had not yet recovered from his surprise. As his mother's personal servant, Zong Ming He had not killed her?

Chen Momo burst into tears, "It was the Emperor who saved us."

The Emperor? Zong Zi Heng?

There was some panic in Zong Zi Xiao's heart, "Why are you still here?"

"Most of the people who served the Consort back then were dismissed by the Emperor. Since the two of us were old and did not want to leave the palace, the Emperor asked us to stay here and look after Bailu Pavilion." Chen Momo wiped her tears, "We clean every day inside and out. It is still the same as when Your Highness left at the beginning."

After hearing those words, Zong Zi Xiao's heart trembled. Was it Zong Zi Heng who wanted them to keep the Bailu Pavilion the way it was? Why?

He lifted his leg and stepped forward, gently pushing open the door.

A beam of light shone from behind him, adding a soft hue to the clear windows of the Bailu Pavilion. The interior of the house was indeed as he remembered it. It was as if he saw himself as a young boy laughing and playing with his mother.

He held onto the door frame, his eyes sore, and dull pain in his heart.

Mother, I'm back, but there will be no more of you anywhere.

He crossed the threshold and stepped inside. His tall form staggered for a moment as he took a scroll from his qiankun pouch and carefully spread it out.

For ten years, he had painted portrait after portrait from memory, fearing that he had forgotten what his mother looked like.

Chen Momo stood to one side, wiping her tears and saying, "What a resemblance. There is no woman more beautiful in the world than Consort."

Zong Zi Xiao carefully traced the mother in the painting with his gaze until it was a blur before his eyes. He turned his face away and handed the painting to Chen Momo. His voice was cold, not revealing the ups and downs in his heart: "Hang it up."


Zong Zi Xiao walked through the Bailu Pavilion, making sure that it had indeed been maintained for a long time. If it was for show, it could not have been repaired so well and without a trace in just a few days.

He asked Chen Momo, "Did the Emperor tell you to keep this place in its original state?"


"... Did he say anything?"

"The Emperor said that Ninth Highness would definitely return one day."

Zong Zi Xiao clenched his fists fiercely.

Why would Zong Zi Heng do this? Did he feel guilty in his heart?

"The Emperor will come over from time to time." Chen Momo sighed, "About ..." When she said until here, she felt her tongue had slipped. She stole a glance at Zong Zi Xiao and dared not continue.

"About what?!" Zong Zi Xiao's tone was harsh.

Chen Momo became even more frightened and shivered, not daring to speak.

Suddenly, Zong Zi Xiao did not want to ask any more questions. If he heard the sentence “seeing an object makes one miss its owner”, wouldn't that be a joke? Zong Zi Heng had caused the death of his family, and then he was doing all this superficial work to show his love and affection? What a hypocrite.


When Zong Zi Xiao returned to the imperial chambers, he heard the sound of a child’s laughter from inside.

He saw Zong Zi Heng sitting on a stone bench in the courtyard, holding Zong Zhong Ming on his lap, teasing the child with a small figure drawn with a yellow talisman.

When he appeared, the little light smile on Zong Zi Heng's face instantly disappeared. It even didn’t have time to remain under his eyes for a moment longer.

How long had it been since he had seen his big brother smile?

Back then, Zong Zi Heng was a young and promising man who treated people with grace and gentleness, and the world said that the eldest prince "stood like an orchid tree and smiled like the moon in his arms"*. He loved his big brother's smile. It was so gentle, elegant and beautiful. But he hadn't seen it for so long that he had almost forgotten what he looked like when he smiled.

Zong Zhong Ming clutched at his father's lapels, pursed his lips and glared warily at Zong Zi Xiao.

Zong Zi Heng put the child on the ground, "Eunuch Cai, take him back."

But Zong Zi Xiao walked over and stood in front of the two of them.

The child struggled to crane his neck to look at him, like he was looking at a pine.

"Your, Your Holiness." Cai Cheng Yi smiled obsequiously.

"What are you trying to do?" Zong Zi Heng rose to his feet.

Zong Zhong Ming wrinkled his little nose and made a fierce face.

Zong Zi Xiao looked at the child from above. He recalled the image he saw just now. When he was a child, did he also sit on his big brother's lap like this? Did his big brother also amuse himself with various trinkets? As he thought of this, he became even more jealous of this little brat. He pressed his five fingers against Zong Zhong Ming's head and shook it from side to side, as if he was picking out a melon.

Zong Zhong Ming pushed against his hand and screamed, "What are you doing!?"

"So ugly." Zong Zi Xiao said in disgust, "Have you looked in the mirror? Do you look like him?"

"You, you're the ugly one, you're the ugliest!" Zong Zhong Ming was so angry that his face turned red.

Zong Zi Xiao ruffled the child to the side, "Scram."

After Cai Cheng Yi carried the squealing child away, Zong Zi Heng looked relieved.

"Who allowed him to come?" Zong Zi Xiao glared at Zong Zi Heng.

Zong Zi Heng turned around and walked towards the house.

Zong Zi Xiao followed him in, "From now on, you’re not allowed to see him without my permission."

Zong Zi Heng said angrily, "I need your permission to see my son?"

"Is he your son? He should know that he is just a dog you picked up from a broken home."

"Don't you tell him." Zong Zi Heng said in a deep voice, "He's just a small boy, have some magnanimity."

"So what if I don't?"

"You ..."

Zong Zi Xiao pulled Zong Zi Heng into his arms, his fingers tracing across that white-jaded cheek and finally landing on his lips. He examined it for a moment, pushing the corners of his lips upwards with his fingers, which looked stiff and odd.

"Smile." Zong Zi Xiao said.

Zong Zi Heng frowned at him.

"I want you to smile at me."

"What are you going crazy about again?" Zong Zi Heng tried to push him away.

Zong Zi Xiao cupped his chin and ordered in a tone that doesn’t tolerate any opinions, "Smile."

Zong Zi Heng held back his anger and reluctantly curved the corners of his mouth, but unfortunately, the mere tugging of muscles could not be called a smile. A smile was the light of joy flowing out from the bottom of one’s eyes.

Zong Zi Xiao pushed the person in his arms away. He suddenly felt extremely disappointed and unbearable. He didn't know how to dissipate the pain of this moment, but he would make the person who caused him pain hurt even more. He looked at Zong Zi Heng coldly, "I just came back from Bailu Pavilion."


"You have preserved Bailu Pavilion in its original form. Who are you showing your hypocritical attitude to?”

Zong Zi Heng felt a lump in his throat. During these ten years, there was no news of Zong Zi Xiao, but he knew, he was convinced, that his Xiao Jiu must still be alive, and he hoped that the two brothers would meet again in their lifetime, and that one day Xiao Jiu would have a home to return to.

Even though he knew that Xiao Jiu hated him and that even if he came back, he probably came back to seek revenge. He still held on to a small hope in his heart, hoping that there was one chance in a million that the two of them could go back to the way things used to be.

But Xiao Jiu would never return, and the only person who came back was the Supreme Demon.

The sad appearance on his big brother's face did not make Zong Zi Xiao feel any better as he had hoped, but rather it was even more painful. He gritted his teeth: “You also knew I would be back. You must have been disappointed when you sent people after me, only to return unsuccessfully time and time again."

"I didn't send anyone after you." Zong Zi Heng's tone was flat to the extreme, as if he didn't care at all whether this explanation could be believed or not, nor did he intend to convince anyone.

"Even if it was someone sent by Zong Ming He, it was also thanks to you!"

Zong Zi Heng looked numbly ahead.

"You've done all your evil deeds and only know how to feel guilty now?" Zong Zi Xiao felt the pain and hatred rampaged through his heart like a fierce beast until he was grief-stricken, "Zong Zi Heng, I am really curious. You have raised me for fourteen years. Fourteen years! In your heart, am I really just a pawn that can be sacrificed at any time!?"

Zong Zi Heng turned his pale face, his gaze glittering with hidden tears, "Zong Zi Xiao, what else do you expect me to say?"

You do not listen to my explanation. You do not believe in my affection. Between you and me, there is no more room to maneuver.

"You also saved me from death, you also cared for me, but for the sake of the throne, you could also put me and my mother to death without mercy." Zong Zi Xiao's gaze was red, "Why do you have to be such a person!?"

Chapter 129

Several times in his late night dreams, Zong Zi Heng would wake up from the old stories and ask himself how they had come to this point, and whether there would still be a chance for a turnaround between them if he told the whole truth.

It wasn't that he hadn't thought about it. Tell it, tell the whole truth. He had his share of mistakes and regrets, but he had never harmed Xiao Jiu.

Yet, there were layers and layers of shackles placed on him, like invisible hands, covering his mouth.

He was the eldest prince of the Zong Clan. He was the succeeding Emperor Zong. He carried three hundred years of foundation and glory of the entire Daming Zong Clan. Even though he hated Zong Ming He, he had to guard that secret to death. Never letting anyone know that Emperor Zong was a demonic cultivator who ate human cores, even to the extent of not sparing his own big brother and son.

The reason why Zong Ming He let the Wuyun Sect grow was precisely because Lu Zhao Feng was holding this secret that was enough to destroy the Daming Zong Clan, while Zong Ming He falsely claimed that the missing Zong Zi Xiao was actually imprisoned somewhere by him, and for years the two parties held each other in check.

When he heard that Zong Zi Xiao had approached Wuyun Sect, he had mixed feelings. Like a prisoner being held down on the guillotine, waiting for ten years for the moment the guillotine would fall.

However, he never expected that Lu Zhao Feng would not reveal Zong Ming He's true colors until his death. This was certainly not keeping his promise. Lu Zhao Feng understood that it was naturally Zong Zi Xiao's hatred for him that would destroy the Zong Clan more than bringing the late emperor to ruin.

Lu Zhao Feng was so insidious that even in death, he would not forget to use his own son to take revenge.

So he was destined to carry this secret and the prosperity and decline of the entire Zong Clan’s state power.

And his mother, the one he loved and hated, resented and pitied, had committed countless sins for him and eventually took her own life, and as a son, he could only bear all these sins together.

Besides, even if he said it, would Zong Zi Xiao believe it? Even if the truth came out, would they be able to go back to the way things were?

The atrocity that had happened at Zhengji Hall had completely torn apart their past. From that moment on, they could never be big brother and Xiao Jiu again.

But looking at the hurt in Zong Zi Xiao's eyes, he still choked with pain. The bloodied, violent and sinister Supreme Demon now was once just an innocent child.

Zong Zi Xiao knew that he would not get answers to these questions. He might be asking Zong Zi Heng, or he might be asking himself. He searched up and down, but he was only caught in his obsession with love and hate.

Zong Zi Heng's heart turned in a thousand directions, but in the end he only said in a tired and futile way, "I have always treated you with sincerity in the past."

Zong Zi Xiao grabbed him by the lapels and said through clenched teeth, "Your sincerity, disgusts me."

Zong Zi Heng gasped.

"Who have you been sincere to? You loved Hua Yu Xin, yet you used her to expose Lu Zhao Feng, causing her to die in the underground palace of the Chasing Mountain Whip, and now you're raising her nephew to try to atone for your sins. You've caused my family to fall apart, and you want to keep Bailu Pavilion as it is, pretending to have a deep brotherly love!" Zong Zi Xiao's expression looked like he was about to eat a person, "So you are also afraid of karma, but can you pay for the sins you have committed!?"

Zong Zi Heng looked at Zong Zi Xiao in silence, with no resentment in his eyes, just the deep calmness of the sea, concealing the waves beneath it.

"I won't let you get what you want." Zong Zi Xiao said viciously, "You want to make it up to the Hua family? What, do you still want to make that wild bastard the emperor?"

"No." Zong Zi Heng's heart pulsed with fear, "When I raise him to adulthood, I will tell him his origins and let him acknowledge his ancestors."

"Oh?" Zong Zi Xiao narrowed his eyes, "Then who will inherit your throne? The thing you have worked so hard to obtain. How can you have no descendants to pass it on to? Which family's daughter do you plan to marry to continue your legacy?"

Zong Zi Heng gritted his teeth and said, "I have no intention of marrying a wife." He had felt a long time ago that the Daming Zong Clan's empire was coming to an end, and the return of Zong Zi Xiao had confirmed his prediction. He was a man who had carried too many injustices, and he had no more attachments to this world, nor did he want to leave any.

The words seemed to slightly please Zong Zi Xiao, and he nodded, "Then this boy is even more useless, so why not kill him and let him be reunited with his family sooner?"

"Zong Zi Xiao!" Zong Zi Heng couldn't tell the truth from his words, "If you have any grudges, just come at me. Taking it out on a six-year-old child, are you crazy!?"

"Adults, children, men, women, they’re just a piece of rotten flesh among all beings, what's the difference?" Zong Zi Xiao looked down at Zong Zi Heng and smiled wickedly, "Just because you care so much about him, doesn't he deserve to die?"

Zong Zi Heng said sternly, "If you dare to touch him, kill me first!"

"How can I bear to kill you?" Zong Zi Xiao leaned down and bit Zong Zi Heng's earlobe, "I haven't fucked you enough." He pushed the person in his arms away and took a few steps backward to sit in the Imperial Tutor’s chair, looking at Zong Zi Heng ridiculously, "What did I say before, and you forgot again? As long as you serve me well, we will be at peace with each other."

Zong Zi Heng's face instantly lost its colors.

"Why this look of suffering in silence again? I've fucked you so many times, you've cum before too, right? You've felt good too, right?"

"... Shut up."

Zong Zi Xiao chuckled twice, his gaze turning cold and evil, "You want that boy to live, you have to make me happy." He lifted his robe and spread his two long, slender legs, pointing at his own crotch, "Make it happy."

Zong Zi Heng subconsciously took a half step back. Zong Zi Xiao's insanity in sexual matters and the inexhaustibly of what he wanted had taken its toll on him. He had told himself over and over again that this man was not Xiao Jiu and that they were not blood brothers, but he still could not free himself from the immense pain and shame.

"Come here." Zong Zi Xiao looked at him good-naturedly, "Or I'll kill him."

Zong Zi Heng clenched his fists and took a step towards Zong Zi Xiao, as if he was walking towards the abyss of a broken cliff.

Zong Zi Xiao took his big brother's hand and smiled faintly, rubbing his palm very warmly before suddenly extending his leg and kicking him in the nook of his knee.

Zong Zi Heng fell to his knees with a thud. He was startled and he instinctively tried to get up.

Instead, Zong Zi Xiao took hold of the back of his neck and pressed it between his crotch. His malicious voice ringing out overhead, "Let’s play something new today."

Zong Zi Heng's body trembled as his eyes went red and he glared fiercely at Zong Zi Xiao.

"Hurry up, before I lose my patience." Zong Zi Xiao revealed a cruel smile.

"Zong Zi Xiao, you sinful beast." Zong Zi Heng almost sobbed blood.

Zong Zi Xiao forced him to lift his head, his face full of grimness, "And what are you? Who is being fucked by a sinful beast?" He was so excited that the object had raised its head slightly, almost poking his big brother in the face, "Do I need to teach you again what happens when you disobey me?"

Zong Zi Heng resigned and sucked in a breath as he reached out a trembling hand and opened Zong Zi Xiao's pants. That big giant quickly slipped out, almost taking over his entire vision at once.

"Like it? Last night, it was this baby which fucked big brother until your soul was almost thrown away" Zong Zi Xiao chuckled and caressed Zong Zi Heng's face, "And you cried and begged me to cum early."

Zong Zi Heng's shoulders shook uncontrollably.

Zong Zi Xiao arched his waist forward and his member bumped into Zong Zi Heng's chin. He couldn't wait to stab into those soft and red lips now and enjoy it wantonly, but he was in no hurry. He wanted to watch his big brother take the initiative and eat his baby. He gently slapped Zong Zi Heng's face, "What are you blanking out for? Open your mouth."

Zong Zi Heng fought back tears of humiliation and slowly opened his mouth, swallowing that purplish-red, fierce giant into his mouth with difficulty.

"Huuu ..." Zong Zi Xiao let out an extremely relieved sigh. Big brother’s mouth is so wet and warm. He quickly went hard completely.

That meat stick couldn’t stop expanding in his mouth, and Zong Zi Heng couldn’t spit it out nor swallow it, feeling extremely uncomfortable. He wanted to retreat back but his head was being pressed by Zong Zi Xiao.

“Lick it properly. Use your tongue, yes…” Zong Zi Xiao started to thrust into his big brother’s mouth slowly. The feeling that was totally different from the intestinal tract made his scalp tingle with pleasure. He panted lightly and said, “It feels so good. Big brother’s body was born to be fucked by a man. Otherwise why are your mouths at both the top and bottom so attractive?”

Zong Zi Heng’s mouth was filled with that beastly stick. His two cheeks were sore and his tears seeped out from the edges of his eyes.

Zong Zi Xiao took off his golden-jade hairpin, and his 5 fingers weaved in between that thick, black hair, seemingly stroking with tenderness, but he suddenly stood up, grabbed his hair and started thrusting rapidly.

The majestic Human Emperor of this generation was kneeling in between his younger brother’s legs, being forced to use his mouth to accept the invasion of his member. His tears and saliva trickled down his face at the same time, and his pair of bright, black eyes were filled with shame and weakness.

Seeing that Zong Zi Heng was almost unable to breathe, Zong Zi Xiao thrust fiercely twice and pulled it out.

Zong Zi Heng prostrated on the ground and retched non-stop.

Zong Zi Xiao’s member was still standing straight and didn’t get any satisfaction. He scooped Zong Zi Heng up from the ground, carried him to sit on the chair, tore off his underpants and inserted it in a sitting position.

“Ahhhh…” That meat blade stabbed hard and quick. No matter how many times they did it, Zong Zi Heng’s body couldn’t quickly adapt to this giant. The feeling of the foreign object made him spasm throughout his body.

“The inside is still soft.” Zong Zi Xiao massaged big brother’s soft butt and chuckled, “I’ve fucked you open last night, so it went in easily today. From now on I will also shoot inside big brother’s body, is that good?”

Zong Zi Heng still trembled non-stop. He bit his lips, unwilling to let out any sound.

Zong Zi Xiao thrust his waist and butt up and down, coming in and out of that hot and tight tract rapidly. His hot lips found big brother’s lips and kissed it tightly.

The weapon in his lower half body raging going in and out made Zong Zi Heng almost pinned him mid-air. He could only depend on Zong Zi Xiao’s long arms which were supporting his body weight. Every fall allowed that meat blade to enter a more frightening depth. He had an illusion that he was about to be stabbed right through alive. He couldn’t help and hug Zong Zi Xiao’s neck. The rapid and insane pleasure kept coming, and his wet and soft hole was being fucked until the spring waves surged in.

Zong Zi Xiao looked at his big brother’s pinkish skin, flushing red corners of his eyes, slightly flaring nose and the red lips swollen by the kiss with fascination. The look of being tortured by lust made him want to swallow him up and deny anyone in the world the chance to get their hands on it. His kisses landed on Zong Zi Heng's brow, the tip of his nose, his cheeks, his neck, and he was itching to leave marks on this body and every inch of skin.

His, this person is his own possession. His big brother is his!

Zong Zi Heng’s black hair was scattered on his snow-white back. Both of his legs were opened wide and sitting on top of a man. And the meat hole in the lower half of his body was sending and receiving a thick, long and fierce meat stick repeatedly. Who would have thought that this fragrant scene did not come from the imperial bedchamber and harem, nor was the person crying out sheepishly a harem concubine, but none other than the nine-to-five reign supreme* of Emperor Zong, the Emperor Kong Hua, who was above all others.
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nine-to-five reign supreme*[九五之尊]--- means "9 and 5 reign supreme". According to ancient Chinese beliefs, the number 9 ranks as the highest number, and the number 5 is a "middle" , or "central" number. Thus 9 and 5 together came to be regarded as a supreme combination which symbolized the emperor.

Chapter 130

Like being thrown into a furnace, waves of heat surged and densely wrapped Zong Zi Heng in it. He felt hotter and hotter, and more and more stuffy. It's like being steamed alive.

He woke up from a drowsy sleep of extreme exhaustion.

When he opened his eyes, he was still dazed and confused. Not knowing where he was, not knowing what time of day it was, and not knowing why he was so sore and tired that he could not even lift his neck.

Soon he sensed the force that bound him. He looked down and saw a thick tangle of black threads, like the long-lasting raven black clouds at the time of the autumn rain in Daming.

The memories then fall into place. He was being embraced by the arms and legs of Zong Zi Xiao. Zong Zi Xiao’s body temperature had been on the high side, it was no wonder he was so hot he could hardly breathe. Thinking back on the night's absurdity, the unpleasant images made his face burn with shame and anger.

This shameless beast!

Zong Zi Heng endured the soreness and pain and tried to break free from the tight embrace, but as soon as he moved, those iron arms closed in tighter. Both of them were naked, flesh against flesh, and that solid chest was like a hot iron, burning his body.

Zong Zi Heng put his hand against Zong Zi Xiao's chest and fought to pull away a little, but Zong Zi Xiao's legs were still clamped against his, and their hair was tangled in the bed. He was wrapped in the scent of lust, as if every inch of his skin was tainted with Zong Zi Xiao's scent from head to toe.

He was like prey marked for ownership.

Just then, he heard a faint whisper.


Zong Zi Heng froze.

"Mother, don't go ..." Zong Zi Xiao's pair of sword brows that flew diagonally into his temples were tightly wrinkled. A fine layer of sweat appeared on his forehead as he choked on his nightmare, "Don't die, don't go ah...Mother ..."

Zong Zi Heng let out a long sigh. The pain on Zong Zi Xiao's face made his heart clogged up. Would the Supreme Demon who was so powerful and invincible in front of people also call out for his mother like a child in the night?

He actually wanted to ask: how did you spend the last ten years? But the two of them could no longer say even a few words in peace.

"Big brother ..."

Zong Zi Heng’s whole body shook.

"Big brother, no ... help me ..." Zong Zi Xiao once again gathered his limbs and imprisoned his big brother in his arms. His demonically handsome face twisted in pain from the nightmare and the crystalline tears slipped down from the corners of his eyes.

Zong Zi Heng felt sad and his eyes instantly blurred.

Zong Zi Xiao called out in a hoarse voice, "Big brother, I'm afraid ..."

The great sorrow pierced Zong Zi Heng's heart like a sharp sword, causing his gut to break. He reached out his trembling hand, hesitating several times, and gently stroked Zong Zi Xiao’s tightly knitted brow.

He had always shown all his care and love to his youngest brother, and it was not an exaggeration to say that he had doted on him. Had those events not happened, they would have been the closest brothers in the world, partners fighting side by side for life. Xiao Jiu was without a doubt the most important person in his life. He can be cold towards the Supreme Demon Zong Zi Xiao, but he could never let go of his Xiao Jiu in his heart.

"Big brother, big brother." Zong Zi Xiao called out "Big Brother" as if it was a witch's spell to summon the light. As long as he kept chanting it, he would be able to drive away all the darkness.

Zong Zi Heng's lips lightly moved as he instinctively tried to respond, but he could not open his mouth.

Zong Zi Xiao buried his head into Zong Zi Heng's chest, as if he was itching to fuse with him. He wrapped his arms tightly around him and called out with a sobbing voice, "Big brother, help me ..."

Zong Zi Heng's heart ached and tears fell. He tried several times to smooth out the tightly furrowed brow, but found that he could not erase the wound that was etched in the marrow of his bones. At this moment, all the torment and fear that Zong Zi Xiao had given him was left behind, and he instinctively grabbed this little trace that belonged to Xiao Jiu and said with a trembling voice, "Xiao Jiu, don't be afraid, big brother is here."

Xiao Jiu, don't be afraid, big brother is here.

If he had been able to say these words ten years ago, if he had been able to protect his younger brother ten years ago, his Xiao Jiu would not have fallen into the demonic path, and they would not have come to this impasse they are in today.

If he could get Xiao Jiu back, he would die willingly.

He pushed Zong Zi Xiao away countless times, but this time he took the initiative to hug his Xiao Jiu. He stroked the thick black hair, patted the broad and robust back, and used a voice that was almost inaudible he softly comforted, "Xiao Jiu, big brother is here."

Big brother did not protect you well. Big brother could not be by your side when you needed me most, but big brother never forgets you. Big brother will still guard you with my life.

Zong Zi Xiao gradually stopped sobbing in his big brother's arms. His brow slowly relaxed, and the muscles in his body were no longer tensed as if he was facing the enemy. It was as if he had found the warmest, most comfortable place in the world, where he could relax and wander in peace. He dreamed an incomparable dream of beauty, a dream that took him back to the time of his youth. Where he had his loving father and mother, and his big brother, whose smile was as gentle as a spring in May. Where apricot blossoms, rain drizzles, and a cool breeze gently blowing, beautiful and intoxicating.

It had been a long, long time since he had slept so peacefully.


Zong Zi Heng was awakened by the pain in his sore arms.

As soon as he opened his eyes, he met a pair of inquiring eyes. That gaze was so deep and sunken like a dark pool of water.

Zong Zi Heng was startled and tried to get up, but his arm had been pillowed for half the night and had long since gone numb. He rubbed his arms and sat up with his arms around him.

The quilt covered his chest, revealing only his snow-white shoulders and neck. His shoulders were as straight as knives, his neck was slender and long, and the bruises and marks all over it were the result of Zong Zi Xiao's sucking and biting last night, which made Zong Zi Xiao feel excited again.

Zong Zi Heng remembered that chaotic night. The first half of the night and the second half of the night were as if they were two separate memories and two different groups of people, and he only took it that he had also had a dream in which he and Xiao Jiu were briefly reunited, and that was all. For he was now awake and aware that the person facing him was the Supreme Demon.

"You ..." When he woke up this morning, he found himself being hugged by Zong Zi Heng, and he hadn't recovered from the shock until now. He had a long, long dream where he dreamed that all the frame-ups, betrayals, and feuds, hadn't happened, that he was still a carefree, ninth prince who was cupped in the palm of everyone's hand*. He could nestle in his big brother's arms and act coquettishly to his heart's content. His big brother was holding him and whispering softly. He would like to stay in that moment for the rest of his life. When he woke up and found himself really in the arms of his big brother, in a daze, he thought all the pain was just a nightmare, and the nightmare dispersed and he was close to the one he loved most.

What exactly was the dream? What is real? If the truth was excruciating, and only the dream is perfect, why did he have to wake up?

Zong Zi Heng lowered his head, got up, and was about to get out of bed.

Zong Zi Xiao grabbed him: "Last night, I…" he opened his mouth, but did not know what to ask.

Zong Zi Heng was also silent in response.

"I dreamed a lot last night, about the old days." Zong Zi Xiao pulled his big brother into his arms. His arms went across his waist and hugged him tightly from behind: "I dreamed about you too."

Zong Zi Heng's breath hitched.

"Have you ever thought about how we would have been if those things hadn't happened?"


"But I still want you. I won't allow you to take a wife. I want you to only be feminine under me. I want you to be mine alone forever." Zong Zi Xiao's lips pecked his big brother's cheek, "I had thought about it back then. You are my big brother. I have always been the one listening to you. If I want you to obey my order, I'd have to become the Human Emperor."

Zong Zi Heng's body stiffened.

"Perhaps between you and me, we are destined to fight." Zong Zi Xiao kissed his earlobe, his cheek, the nape of his neck and his collarbone, "It's just a pity that neither you, nor I, have won."

Zong Zi Heng murmured, "We both lost."

"I won't lose again." Zong Zi Xiao hugged his big brother tightly and whispered against his ear, "When I reach the ninth Chongtian, no one in this world will be able to do anything to me. And you, as long as you stay by my side without any distractions, I will ..." he hesitated for a moment and said with some difficulty, "I will make things easier for you."

Zong Zi Heng whispered, "You must not make things difficult for Zhong Ming."

"That depends on how you behave." Zong Zi Xiao closed his eyes and pressed the weight of his body against his big brother, sniffing fondly at the warm, light scent of orchids on his big brother's body.

Zong Zi Heng felt the strength of his shoulders and remembered the man who had cowered in his arms and cried last night, and his heart was filled with sorrow.
cupped in the palm of everyone's hand*[捧在手心]---I can’t find the definition for this. But what it meant is treating someone like a precious thing, ie. Treat the person well, something like this.
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