Wu Chang Jie Chapter 11-20

Chapter 11

Song Zi Heng was startled and squatted down to carefully examine the walking corpse's fatal wound. Due to decay, the exact location could no longer be determined, but it was undoubtedly in the abdominal area. He saw a cultivator who was rumoured to have had his core stolen for the first time. He had little experience, but these two brothers have walked the Jianghu and have seen a lot. He asked, "How did you know that he had his golden core dug out?"

Huang Hong said, "Your Highness, his abdomen had such a large hole you see. Although it's decayed, at that time of death there must have been a large wound in this area. In addition, other than the Dantian* area, there are many wounds elsewhere, yet they are not fatal. As if deliberately trying to keep him alive. The cultivation level of this cultivator is not shallow. Any fighting techniques that underestimated the enemy will most likely be shooting oneself in the foot*. To take such a risk, most likely the person must be kept alive in order to dig out the golden core. Once dead, followed by the collapse of spiritual power, the golden cores would be useless. Finally, this corpse specialized in digging out people's belly and intestines, it is obviously due to strong resentment. We've seen a few core thieves kill before. The way the murdered cultivators died is similar to the way he died."

"These demonic cultivators really deserve to be hacked into pieces." Song Zi Heng gritted his teeth and said, "Stealing people's lifelong cultivation, it's the same as killing them."

Huang Wu sighed: "It's because the temptation of the human core is too great. The more powerful the cultivator core, the more supplements can be obtained. I heard that the top human core can even change a person's roots."

"Aren't roots born naturally?" Song Zi Xiao looked at the corpse and shuddered at the thought of the despair of having the golden core ripped out of one's body alive.

"The golden core condenses one's innate qualifications and acquired cultivation. To eat such a human core, is equal to eating a part of the cultivator's innate and acquired nature. It is said that those who have had their golden cores dug are unable to form cores again even after reincarnation."

"Since the cult Tianshu, which specializes in this path, was exterminated, the demonic cultivators who stole cores have rarely been seen in the cultivational world. Such demonic cultivators will be punished if they are encountered, but I never thought they would still be so daring." Song Zi Heng looked at the cultivators who died in vain and felt compassion for them in his heart.

"After the Tianshu Sect was eliminated, such demonic cultivators are indeed much fewer, but it is impossible to get rid of them completely. In fact..." Huang Wu wanted to say something but stopped.


"Ten years ago there was a tragic case related to the theft of cores in Yanzhou. I am not sure whether Your Highness heard of it before."

"I haven't."

"Your Highness was young at the time, so it’s normal that you had not heard of it. It was a small sect, but it was also a righteous immortal sect. That master had cheated and killed his best friend of thirty years in order to change his own son's roots."

The Song brothers were frozen. Huang Hong's expression was gloomy: "He got that cultivator drunk, dug out his golden core and destroyed the corpse to get rid of the evidence. Later, when the matter was revealed, vengeful people slaughtered the whole family."

Song Zi Heng listened until his scalp tightened*. The evil of people is far worse than evil spirits.

"So, it is not only the demonic cultivators who specialize in this path to steal golden cores. There are special 'core hunters' in Jianghu. The golden cores are extremely expensive, ordinary people cannot afford them. In the end, who ate these cultivators' golden cores, no one can say for sure."

Huang Hong's left out a few points, but how will the people present not understand. Even those righteous cultivators, have they never been tempted by the human cores before?

Song Zi Heng looked at that too-horrible-to-look-at corpse of the cultivator, thinking that he must have had the feeling of helping the people during his lifetime and the idea of cultivating immortality. Since the day he learned to cultivate diligently, rain or shine, his lifetime of work was brutally plundered. In the end, he couldn't even be buried in peace, and was reduced to a walking corpse that harms people. As an immortal cultivator, it was impossible not to empathize with such a tragedy.

Song Zi Heng was flustered and he said: "Since we passed here and just happened to run into him, it can also be considered as a kind of fate. He is also a victim. To ferry people to the western sky, this matter should not end this way. Huang Hong and Huang Wu, it's dawn, you go to the Chunyang Sect and the Wuyun Sect respectively. Order them to investigate the cause of death of this cultivator. One is to find the murderer and stop him from doing evil again, and the other is to find out the identity of this cultivator and send him back to his hometown to be buried."

"Got it."

"Big brother." Song Zi Xiao tugged at the corner of his big brother's clothes, "Why would someone want to practice in such a harmful way?" "...Because there are bad people in this world."

This time, the one who hosted the Jiaolong assembly was the Wuliang Sect of Mount Shu. The two brothers had been riding their horses since they set out from the Daming Mansion, stopping every now and then along the way. They were supposed to have plenty of time, but now, in order to investigate this case of core theft, they were going to be delayed in Gutuo Town for a few days and planned to go directly to Mount Shu by sword flight.

Later in the evening, Huang Hong and Huang Wu came back, their expressions didn't look very good.

"How was it?"

Huang Hong said, "This Chunyang Sect and Wuyun Sect both made a promise, but they tried to shift their responsibilities to each other with their words, I don't know if they will seriously investigate."

Song Zi Heng frowned and said, "This is not acceptable, I will go there personally."

"Your Highness, you'd better not go." Huang Wu had a difficult look on his face.

"What's wrong?"

"Chunyang Sect is known for its old-fashioned thinking and stubbornness, refusing Daming Mansion's government's decrees several times and failed to be courteous to the emperor. While that Wuyun Sect, which is sophisticated on the surface but has not offered taxes for two years, finding all kinds of excuses to delay. I am afraid that if Your Highness goes, you will get frustrated."

Song Zi Heng became silent. The ancestor of the Song clan once relied on the Zongxuan Sword Technique to make a name for himself in Jiuzhou, aspire to the throne in the immortal world, and laid the foundation for a hundred years afterwards, but failed to produce a supreme talent for three consecutive generations. It was already difficult to maintain its former glory, and the resistance from various immortal clans and families was becoming more and more blatant. These are the things that Song Zi Heng has learned from his travels. And now that the Chunyang Sect and the Wuyun Sect will not regard him as the eldest prince, he can understand why his father wants him to win the championship at Jiaolong assembly, which is to show the world that the Song clan has a successor.

"As the immortal clan stationed in the local area, they don't care about the death of the cultivators who got their cores stolen and ignore the people's request for help against the evil spirits. So indifferent and derelict in their duties, what kind of path are they practicing?" Song Zi Heng looked irritated, "Transcending the world of mortals is not the same as retiring from the world. By just focusing on your own ascension and ignoring the suffering of the people, isn't it against the original intention of cultivation?"

"Your Highness is absolutely right."

Song Zi Xiao said, "Big brother, if they don't investigate, we will investigate ourselves."

"Okay, we'll do it ourselves."


The four of them spent two days visiting several villages and towns near Mount Gutuo and made some discoveries. The only one that matched their description was a cultivator who had appeared in Gutuo town more than a year ago, about forty years old, very dark skin and no obvious sect markings on his body. A solo traveler, possibly speaking with a Minnan* accent. Other than that, there were no more useful clues.

Although they didn’t come out completely empty-handed, to rely on this to find the identity of the cultivator, the few days of work was certainly not enough.

Two days later, Chunyang Sect sent someone to come. One was to greet the Song brothers, the second is to report some clues that they have found while investigating. Seems like slacking is slacking, shifting responsibility is shifting responsibility, but at least Chunyang Sect investigated. Unfortunately their abilities are limited, but at the same time they already sent a letter to the Huaying faction to assist in the investigation. Huaying faction is the largest immortal sect in the Jianzhou territory.

Huang Wu said: "It seems that this Tongnan* [virgin-boy] sect is still better than the Wuyun sect."

Song Zi Xiao said curiously, "What Tongnan [child-boy]sect? There is an all-children sect?"

The tea that Song Zi Heng just drank almost spit out.

Huang Hong glared at his own brother: "Loose tongue in front of the Ninth Highness."

Huang Wu was slightly embarrassed.

"Big brother?" Song Zi Xiao looked at Song Zi Heng in confusion.

Song Zi Heng coughed lightly: "They are talking about the Chunyang Sect. Chunyang Sect is mainly martial arts cultivation, and they cultivate the body of Chunyang. The so-called body of Chunyang is...cultivating yuan yang*, and then..." he said till the end and didn't know how to explain appropriately, and give a sideways glance at Huang Wu with good temper and amusement.

"The body of Chun Yang? What exactly do you mean?" Song Zi Xiao is at the age of curiosity, naturally unable to shake through this.

"It means if you want to practise their method, you can't get married." Huang Hong said euphemistically. Chunyang Sect cultivates the body of Chunyang. The abstruse meaning of the method is to keep the yuan yang intact. Once the yuan yang leaks, the method is immediately broken. Unless they practice other methods from scratch, no more refinement is possible. Therefore, one has to be pure of heart, have few desires and cannot lust. Although this Chunyang method has achieved great success, in the cultivational world it always had a crucial position. However not many people are willing to practice this method. After all, when outsiders look at them, they simply lose all interest in life.

Song Zi Xiao wasn't sure if he understood: "Big brother, why don't you practice this technique?"

Song Zi Heng smiled helplessly: "Why should I cultivate it?"

"If you cultivate the Chunyang method, will you not be able to get married?"

"Hmm?" Song Zi Heng was puzzled, "Don't you want me to get married?"

"I don't want you to."

"Why?" Song Zi Heng pinched his face and teased him, "Don't you want to have a gentle and beautiful sister-in-law who might cook even better than big brother."

"I don't want you to." Song Zi Xiao said seriously, "Second brother said that I can't sleep with you after you become a married man."

"Hahahahaha." Song Zi Heng couldn't help but laugh, "Is it possible that you want to sleep with big brother for the rest of your life? You'll also get married in the future."

Song Zi Xiao's little face was wrinkled into a ball, "Then I won't get married. If we don't get married, then won't we always be like this?" He didn't understand the real meaning of marriage yet, he only knew that if another person appeared, he and his big brother couldn't be like this anymore. It wouldn't be right and he wouldn't allow it. Huang Wu laughed, "Ninth Highness, it's fine if you don't want to get married, but His Highness has reached the age to get married. I heard that at this Jiaolong assembly, the emperor is going to find a wealthy girl for His Highness."

Song Zi Heng laughed, "Really? How come I didn't hear about it?" He was at the beginning of his youth and had fantasies about love, but he had no imagination about his future wife. After all, it was not his decision to make.

Song Zi Xiao was stunned and stopped talking.

"The Emperor and Consort Shen are worried that you would get distracted, so they didn't say anything. I heard it from Elder Hui Neng." Huang Hong said, "If Your Highness won the championship at the Jiaolong assembly and set a marriage contract with whichever wealthy family's daughter, that would be two joyous occasions."

Song Zi Heng was slightly embarrassed, but his heart was vaguely looking forward to it.

Song Zi Xiao fiercely pushed Song Zi Heng, turned his head and ran away.

"Hey..." Song Zi Heng was staggered by that push, almost falling off his chair, "This child, I spoiled him too much, no manners at all."

Song Zi Xiao was throwing a tantrum, refusing to eat at night, and did not sleep with Song Zi Heng. He insisted on renting another room. Song Zi Heng just thought he was being petty and didn't take it to heart. He asked the shopkeeper to keep the food ready in case he was hungry and looked for food in the middle of the night.

During the middle of the night, Song Zi Xiao never stepped out of his room. Song Zi Heng was just next door, hesitating on whether to go and coax him, but he started to feel tired and fell asleep instead. Not sure how long he slept, Song Zi Heng suddenly woke up. He felt a burst of spiritual pressure mixed with a murderous aura. Their Song clan's Returning Heart Method can make one's perception of danger very keen.

Song Zi Heng rolled over and got up. He didn't care what it was, but his first priority was to ensure Song Zi Xiao's safety.
Dantian* [丹⽥]---acupuncture point 3 inches below the navel
shoot oneself in the foot* [搬⽯砸脚] --- you carry the stone and smash your own foot, basically trying to do something that will hurt yourself
scalp tightened* [头⽪发紧] ---feel terrified Minnan* ---Southern Fujian in China
Tongnan* aka virgin boy [ 童男]--- In this novel, all Chunyang Sect's disciple have to remain virgin, so the characters came out with a nickname
for this sect, called virgin boy sect xD But our cute innocent SZX thinks that they are saying "children" sect. SZH isn't that pure...since he almost puked his tea, LOL.

yuan yang* [ 元阳] --- from my POV, it should mean semen. Basically, when a woman and man have intercourse, the male will release his yuan yang, which results in breaking the Chunyang cultivation. Kindly refer to the phrase "Once the yuan yang leaks, the method is immediately broken" in one of the paragraphs.

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Chapter 12

Song Zi Heng broke into the room next door and a small figure shot up and sat on the bed: "Who?!"

Song Zi Heng felt slightly relieved: "Xiao Jiu, it's me, quickly put your clothes on."

"...Ah?" Song Zi Xiao was still confused.

The sound of fighting suddenly came from outside the door. Song Zi Heng could not care about his clothes. With one hand holding a sword and one hand carrying Song Zi Xiao, they ran out of the guest room: "Huang Hong, Huang Wu..." He stopped moving and froze on the spot.

Their guest room was on the second floor, although it is located in the southernmost part of the inn, this inn was very small. Only a few steps were needed to reach the stairway, but the two could clearly see that the corridor in front of them was like a rope stretched out by force, bizarrely becoming much longer, and the flight of stairs was also located at a very far end.

Song Zi Xiao rubbed his eyes, thinking he had been muddled from sleep, even Song Zi Heng wondered for a moment if this was a dream.

"Your Highness!" Huang Hong's voice brought both of them back to their senses.

Huang Hong was downstairs. When Song Zi Heng looked down, he felt even more creeped out. Originally only two-stories in height, how can the difference between the two people be at least three to four? "Your Highness, we were ambushed, you must hold on to Ninth Highness, do not get separated from him."

"What...What is going on here?" Song Zi Heng followed the sound of the fight, trying to find Huang Wu, "Where is Huang Wu?" It sounded very close, yet he couldn't see anyone.

Huang Hong gritted his teeth and said, "We are all in this inn, but we can't touch each other. This is the magical weapon of Lu Ban, Gong Shu Ju."

The Song brothers looked at each other, both too surprised to speak.

The magical weapons in the cultivation world can be divided into three categories.   The   most   powerful   is   naturally   the   four   ancient magical weapons. The second category is the magical weapons created by the earth spirits who have left their good reputation for thousands of years and have been passed down from generation to generation. The last category is the magical weapons refined by the heroes from the present age.

The four ancient magical weapons, even if the ruler reaches the peak of perfection and is fortunate to find one, the power it can exert is only skin deep. Otherwise Shen Nong Ding will not need a hundred high-ranking cultivators to keep the fire going. A million years have passed, and there are only two things that have been revealed. One is when Shen Nong Ding transformed into an immortal mountain, another one is the map of Shanhe Sheji, which no one could use because it was in the Song clan's treasure grove after the Emperor fled the capital.

And those new magical weapons have various functions and varying effectiveness. Some are only available to the great immortal families, some are specially made for a certain person, and some are possessed by everyone, such as the Qiankun bag. Some come from the hands of top masters, such as the phoenix feathers and unicorn horns, which are priceless.

In this case, those magical weapons handed down by the earth deities have no masters and are priceless. They all have great powers, therefore cultivators seek them for a lifetime. Those who have the ability will kill in order to obtain such magical weapons, even more than the theft of cores.

This Gong Shu Ju, is a divine ruler left behind by Lu Ban. It can change the size of dead things in a certain time and range. The deeper the user's cultivation level, the greater the range. Once within the range, it is like falling into the opponent's palm. Even if the exit is near, you cannot escape.

They had read about Gong Shu Ju in books in the past but never thought they would one day experience the power of this magical weapon. To get this weapon and to even control an inn, is not an easy task. Who is the other party and what does he want to do?!

Song Zi Heng calmed his mind and ran towards the stairway, but the corridor was having a race with him, the distance cannot be close no matter what. When he looked down, it was not the exit distancing away from him, it is as if he was running on the spot. He wanted to jump off from the second floor, but he wasn't sure how far the caster would widen this gap.

"Big brother, just put me down." Song Zi Xiao struggled.

"No, the person who came wants to split us up one by one." Song Zi Heng said, "Xiao Jiu, big brother will carry you, no matter what happens, you must never, ever let go, understand?"

Song Zi Xiao laid on Song Zi Heng's back: "Got it. Big brother, this is..." "I don't know what is going on. Don't be afraid, big brother is here." Don't be afraid, big brother is here.
It seems that as long as he hears these words, Song Zi Xiao can immediately put his mind at ease. In his perception, his big brother is omnipotent. With big brother around, there is no need to be afraid.

Huang Hong tried to run upstairs but also failed to do it. That caster is very scheming by separating them from each other and make them unable to protect each other. Otherwise with their abilities, ordinary people can't do anything to them. Huang Hong shouted, "Your Highness, I'll go find the spell caster, he must be inside the inn, you guys be careful."

"Ok." Song Zi Heng thought about it and decided to retreat to the guest room. Although he didn't know what the purpose of the visitor was, it was obvious they’re coming for the two of them. With Song Zi Xiao here, guarding him was his main priority.

However, the spiritual pressure behind them immediately became apparent. Several black-clad masked men jumped into the guest room from outside the window and came straight at the two brothers.

Song Zi Heng flung his sleeve robe, and the two doors closed with a bang. He bit his finger, drew a talisman with blood in the air and pasted it on the door. This blood spirit talisman is the medium that can maximize the power of the talisman. The same talisman drawn in blood, as compared to draw using cinnabar, the difference in effectiveness is very large. Of course, the loss on the caster was also large. The door that was cast with the talisman temporarily became a barrier, but with the people inside colliding in turns, it couldn’t last long. They are trapped in this narrow corridor. The situation is very unfavorable.

"Brother, look, the distance in the corridor has become shorter." Song Zi Xiao said, "That spell caster must be moving around in order to skillfully trap us in three different places. He also must be struggling."

"That's right, this spell drains a lot of spiritual energy. I'll see how long he can last." Song Zi Heng once again tried to go downstairs. The two high- ranking cultivators Huang Hong and Huang Wu are not easy to deal with. This ambush will not last long. As long as they hold on until the opponent puts away the magical weapon and shows their true form, it would not be too late to return the attack.

This time, although he ran for a long time, finally he was able to get to the stairway's exit. He wanted to go downstairs as soon as possible to join them, but just as he stepped down the stairs, the gap between the two steps widened suddenly. He stepped into the void and fell down, while the ground beneath his feet sank deeply into a black bottomless hole. The hole was narrow, it was simply tailored for them.

Song Zi Heng swung his sword and stabbed the staircase handrail. With this little force, he twisted his body in the air and temporarily slowed down the fall for a moment. He swung Song Zi Xiao's arm and threw the boy up.

Song Zi Xiao's body swung half a circle, his two legs hooked onto the handrail, and the other hand tightly grabbed onto Song Zi Heng's sleeve, dragging the person back.

In an instant, the steps began to close and turned into two thick and long large planks of wood. With one look, Song Zi Heng was about to get trapped in between. Song Zi Heng's gaze remained calm and steady, and under the light of the moving sword, the big wooden boards were sliced into a pile of wood chips in the blink of an eye.

"Big brother!" Song Zi Xiao exclaimed.

Song Zi Heng turned his head to see that Song Zi Xiao's ankle was entangled in the deformed staircase handrail, and his whole body was yanked backward. When their clasped hands were loosened, Song Zi Heng's expression suddenly changed, and he lunged forward recklessly, grabbing his brother's hand again. He swung his sword and cut the handrail, holding the person tightly into his arms, his heart nervously pounding: "Xiao Jiu, are you okay?"

Before Song Zi Xiao could make a sound, he saw the pieces of wood that had been cut to pieces by Song Zi Heng, turned into stalks of foot-long sharp wood, raining down on the two brothers from all directions.

Song Zi Heng grabbed Song Zi Xiao's belt and threw the boy back to the second floor. With a body that flourished with spiritual energy, and the momentum of Zongxuan sword technique, he cut down the sharp wood one by one.

However... "Big brother--"

Song Zi Heng only felt a sharp pain. A sharp piece of wood plunged into his thigh. Although it did not hurt the bone, it passed through the flesh and blood flowed out immediately.

At that moment, the barrier broke. The door flew out in tatters, and several black-clad masked men rushed out of the guest room.

Song Zi Heng gritted his teeth and pulled out the pointed wood: "Xiao Jiu, come here quickly."

Song Zi Xiao jumped down from the second floor, this time the drop in elevation did not change because those black-clothed men also came down at the same time. Song Zi Xiao looked at Song Zi Heng's pants were full of blood and cried anxiously: "Big brother, big brother..."

"It's okay." Song Zi Heng pinched his coagulation point with one hand, and then pulled Song Zi Xiao up and ran.

The run triggered the wound, so the blood naturally cannot stop flowing out, and every step was painful. Song Zi Heng tried to find his guards by following the sound. The sound of fighting came from the back of the kitchen, but just a few tables and chairs away, once again it became unreachable.

Instead, the pursuers behind them came back, and in the blink of an eye they were behind them. Song Zi Heng blocked Song Zi Xiao behind him as he shouted sternly, "Who are you, and do you know who we are?"

"Well, you are the two imperial sons of Emperor Song." A man in black sneered, "It is the both of you that we're looking for."

"What do you want!" "Golden, core."
Song Zi Heng's pupils contracted and his body went cold. They had actually ran into core stealing demonic cultivators? Could this be related to the death of the cultivator they had been investigating for the past two days? "You guys want my golden core? After taking my core, you will be hunted down by the entire cultivational world."

"Hehe, I'm afraid that the Your Highness has not understood. What I want, is both of your golden cores."

Song Zi Heng's eyes were cracking: "My brother just formed a core, what use do you have for the golden core of a nine-year-old child?!"

"Although His Little Highness's golden core is shallow in spiritual power, he has good roots. This innate upper superior root is much rarer than decades of cultivation. Besides, when he grows up, it will take too much effort to get it."

In those words, Song Zi Heng subconsciously blocked Song Zi Xiao with his body, hating that he could not make him invisible to this group of people.

"Bastard!" Song Zi Xiao shouted angrily, "You beasts, I will never let you go even if I turn into a fierce ghost!"

The men in black laughed wildly and pounced on him.

Song Zi Heng's right leg was already injured, and he still had to protect one person, so he was forced to retreat against the crowd. If it wasn't for the fact that these people wanted to take the golden core alive, he wouldn't have lasted this long.

Soon, Song Zi Heng's injuries multiplied. White clothes soaked in blood. Song Zi Xiao wanted to rush out several times, but he was protected behind no matter what. His cries were beside his ears, but Song Zi Heng lost too much blood. His eyes became blurred and gradually unable to hear properly.

"Xiao Jiu, don't be afraid..." Song Zi Heng retreated until there was no way back, his sword across his chest, blocking Song Zi Xiao between himself and the wall, still trembling and said, "Big brother is here."

Chapter 13

The black-clothed men attacked with sharp swords. Spiritual pressure soared around Song Zi Heng, his sleeves fluttered in the windless air and his pupils bloodshot. His spiritual power rushed into his hand that was holding the long sword. He made a move, and his spiritual pressure changed into a tangible sword arc that has the power of sweeping out a thousand armies, sharp and unstoppable.

All the men in black were knocked out by the force of a thousand pounds. Bricks on the ground flew away. The tables, chairs, and dishes were all shattered. Even cracks appeared on the two large wooden support beams in the lobby, which may break at any moment.

Song Zi Xiao was shocked and muttered, "Seventh Chongtian*..."

Song Zi Heng had just grasped the Seventh Chongtian of the Zongxuan Sword Technique and could not control it yet. This move was truly powerful, but it had overdrawn his spiritual power. He spat blood from his mouth and his body shook as he knelt down.

"Big brother!" Song Zi Xiao held Song Zi Heng and cried out helplessly. "Run...quickly..." Song Zi Heng pushed Song Zi Xiao, "Run."
"No, big brother, let's go together, let's go together!"

"Run!" Song Zi Heng pushed Song Zi Xiao out with all his strength.

The group of black men were all badly injured, but two were already struggling to get up. Song Zi Xiao sat down on the ground and looked at his big brother with a face full of tears, but refused to go.

"Go ah!" Song Zi Heng was covered in blood, his expression grim and desperate, like a dying beast.

Song Zi Xiao bit his lips until blood oozed out. He wiped away his tears, got up from the ground, forced the door open and rushed out.

Song Zi Heng blocked the door and said viciously, "You want my golden core, then... let my younger brother go, or else..." he put his sword against his neck. "Your efforts will be wasted."

The man in black paused in his footsteps: "Alright then. You shall dig out your golden core yourself. The Little Highness's golden core, can't be compared to Your Highness's. I never expected such a young man to break through the Seventh Chongtian. I cannot keep you alive."

Song Zi Heng felt the golden core in his body. When his spiritual energy is abundant, it is like a spiritual lake surging like a sea. From the formation of the core till now, it was not only the condensed crystal of his lifelong cultivation, but it is also like a life source. As a cultivator, there is no difference between death and losing one's golden core.

Song Zi Heng closed his eyes, and covered his Dantian with bloody hands.

How can I let you fall into the wrong hands?

Suddenly, a sword flew in from outside the window, straight to the support beam.

The wooden beam, which was already damaged by Song Zi Heng's sword energy, could no longer withstand the blow and broke with a loud bang.

Once it broke, the other one had even more difficulty bearing the weight alone also broke. The whole inn collapsed in a loud rumble. Song Zi Heng was at the door and fought his way out, with several screams coming from behind him.

He rolled to the ground and saw the bricks and stones falling towards his head, and he was unable to dodge in time.

A small hand suddenly yanked him and dragged him out of the way. Song Zi Heng looked up and saw that it was Song Zi Xiao.
"...It's you?"

"Big brother, get up." Song Zi Xiao tried to help him up, but he had also run out of strength.

Song Zi Heng's spiritual energy was exhausted and he had lost too much blood. Hanging onto his last trace of sanity in order not to faint. He said weakly: "Didn't I tell you to...run..."

"How can I leave you to run on my own, I want to go together with big brother."

Song Zi Heng has no energy to answer. At this time, he was afraid they're not out of danger yet. He only hopes that Song Zi Xiao leaves as soon as possible.

"Your Highness, Ninth Highness!"

Hearing Huang Hong and Huang Wu's voice, the strained bowstring finally loosened. Song Zi Heng's vision gradually blurred until it was pitch black.


In Song Zi Xiao's memory, his big brother always smelled like orchids. His clothes were fragrant, his hair was fragrant, his quilt was fragrant. The whole person was fragrant. But now, that light and refreshing orchid fragrance was gone. Only the bitterness of the medicine and stench of blood remained. His big brother who was soaked in this smell looked so pale that he was almost transparent, as if he would dissipate at any time.

Song Zi Heng was in a coma for two days, and Song Zi Xiao was at his bedside for the entire time waiting until he woke up. Suddenly waking up in a panic, as if in a nightmare, calling out "Xiao Jiu".

"Big brother, big brother, I'm here." Song Zi Xiao gently pressed his brother's shoulder to prevent him from moving around and agitating the wound.

Song Zi Heng's gaze gradually found focus. After seeing the person in front of him, his body went limp, and the pain spread throughout his body. He endured without uttering a word, and only stared blankly at the heavy curtain above his head: "You...I..."

"I'm fine. You're injured, but your golden core is still here big brother. They didn't get their way." Song Zi Xiao held Song Zi Heng's hand, and his eyes teared up again.

Song Zi Heng let out a long breath and gently squeezed Song Zi Xiao's small and warm hand: "Where am I?"

"We are in Exian*. The Exian branch of the Chunyang Sect. Huang Hong and Huang Wu brought us here."

"Are they okay?"

"They were also injured, but big brother was injured the most." Song Zi Xiao said indignantly, "As guards, they are not good at protecting their master, so useless!"

"It happened suddenly, it's not their fault." Song Zi Heng remembered what happened at the inn, still feeling scared. "That Gong Shu Ju is so powerful... By the way, has the culprit been caught?" Song Zi Xiao shook his head disappointedly: "At that time, we were afraid of being in danger, so we left first. After settling down, they brought the people from Chunyang Sect back to take a look. The inn was burnt down. Although they dug up a few bodies, none could be identified. The caster must have ran away."

As they were talking, Huang Hong and Huang Wu knocked on the door and entered. Seeing that Song Zi Heng had woken up, it was like a weight off their shoulders. The two knelt in front of the bed, ashamed, and said, "This subordinate's escorting is detrimental. I really have no face to see Your Highness."

Song Zi Xiao said angrily, "Save this talk for the emperor."

"The enemy was in the dark and came prepared, you guys don't have to blame yourselves too much." Song Zi Heng asked, "The emperor came?"

"The emperor arrived at Mount Shu yesterday. Mount Shu is not far from here, he should be here soon."

"Mount Shu..." Song Zi Heng suddenly remembered something, "The Jiaolong assembly!"

Huang Hong couldn't bear to say it, "Your Highness, the Jiaolong assembly has already started."

Song Zi Heng's mind went blank.
The Jiaolong assembly had already started, and he was still lying in bed. Four years ago, he was only twelve years old. He could only try at the
Jiaolong assembly, mainly just to see the world. But this year's Jiaolong assembly was his last chance. Everyone had high hopes for him. He knew he would succeed without even starting, vowing to win the championship and bring back the Song clan's past glory.

But now it was too late, he had missed such an important event. How would he face his father and mother? Song Zi Xiao said comfortingly, "Big brother, don't think about this, just take care of your injuries. Since you can comprehend the Seventh Chongtian of the Zongxuan Sword, there won't be any rivals among your peers, so it doesn't matter if you can't win that false reputation."

Song Zi Heng's eyes were like extinguished lamps, looking extremely dull: "Father and mother will be very disappointed."

"No, they won't blame you. Father will definitely find all those demonic cultivators and avenge us!"

Song Zi Heng was silent, his heart hurts more than his body's wound. From young till now, he had always regarded the Jiaolong assembly as his greatest goal because everyone said that as the eldest prince of the Song Clan, he must outperform the other sons of other families at the Jiaolong assembly.

It was unexpected that the heavens would play tricks on him like this, making his efforts all for nought.

Huang Wu said, "Your Highness, Ninth Highness is right, your superior talent and the diligence of your acquired talent simply does not need to be proven by others."

"Then how should I prove it." Song Zi Heng said quietly. The room was silent for a moment.
Huang Hong coughed lightly, "Your Highness, the Grand Master of Chunyang Sect has arrived from Jingzhou to investigate the attack on our inn in Gutuo Town, do you want to see him?"

Song Zi Heng closed his eyes and shook his head, "I'm tired, you guys go out first."

The two brothers, Huang Hong and Huang Wu, retreated.

Song Zi Xiao remained by the bedside, his eyes unblinkingly watching Song Zi Heng. Taking in his pain, his disillusionment, and his remorse one by one, his heart sinking unbearably. It was only after a long time that he mumbled out, "Big brother, do you feel pain?"

Song Zi Heng said softly, "No." "Liar."
Song Zi Heng forced a smile: "Then why are you asking me?"

Song Zi Xiao held Song Zi Heng's hand and gritted his teeth, "Big brother, it's because I'm too useless and unable to help you."

"You are not allowed to say that. In the end it was you who collapsed the inn with your sword and saved big brother's life."

"But when they were attacking you, I couldn't do anything to help and instead dragged you down."

"You didn't drag me down. With or without you, we would have had a hard time escaping this disaster." Song Zi Heng remembered what those few men in black said, and the wounds on his body once again throbbed fiercely, "These demonic cultivators are so arrogant. They even dare to crave our golden cores. Which cultivator in this world is safe?"

"When father catches them, he will definitely hack them into pieces!" Song Zi Xiao only felt his hatred rising up towards the sky. He had never seen Song Zi Heng look so fragile and downhearted before. That gentle and smiling big brother who seemed to be omnipotent had been hurt like this!

Song Zi Heng remembered his missed Jiaolong assembly. Even if he caught those men now, time could not be reversed.

Song Zi Xiao crawled onto the bed. He put his face gently against Song Zi Heng's shoulder, sniffled and whispered, "Big brother, I will never skip class again, I'll never be lazy again. From now on, I will listen to big brother. I will become very strong and powerful so no one can hurt big brother anymore." Song Zi Heng gently held his brother's hand, thinking that at least both of them had survived death, which was already a miracle. His heart suddenly became comforted, he smiled lightly and said, "Alright, Xiao Jiu has become more understanding."


Later in the evening, Song Zi Heng was barely able to get up. After dinner, Song Zi Xiao was feeding him medicine when he heard a rush of footsteps approaching from outside the house, followed by the door being roughly pushed open and banging against the wall.


Song Ming He looked at Song Zi Heng, his face was gloomy, his eyes were full of anger.

"Father, I "

"You stranded yourself in that poor countryside for a walking corpse with no name, exposed your identity, provoked the demonic cultivators, and caused your brother to get in danger with because of you, not to mention that you also missed the Jiaolong assembly, are you stupid?!"

There was dead silence in the room.

Song Ming He's anger came straight at him, causing Song Zi Heng to feel a pain that burned his heart and lungs.

As the eldest son, he was forced to be intelligent and understanding at an early age, but after all, he was only sixteen years old. At this time, surviving after experiencing danger and bedridden due to injuries, he thought his father would at least comfort him, but he did not expect...

Song Zi Xiao was the first to come back to his senses: "Father, how can you blame big brother for this, he. "

"You shut up!" Song Ming He said sternly, "Do you know the importance of the Jiaolong assembly? Do you know that you can only win but not lose this battle? Do you know that as the eldest son, you shouldered the mission of reviving the Song clan? But you missed the Jiaolong assembly for some nonsense, what's the use of having you?!"

Song Zi Heng's eyes were red, he stiffly gripped the blanket with his fingers, and his lips were moving, unable to speak.

Song Zi Xiao stood up: "Father, why, why are you saying such things?
We were attacked, and big brother almost died."

"Then who should be blamed? Right now, both of you should be in Mount Shu's Yunding, not here. Can't you tell which is more important, the Jiaolong assembly or some walking corpse? Who told you to meddle? Who was it that wanted to investigate? Who was it that wanted to stay in that inn? Was it your younger brother? Was it Huang Hong and Huang Wu?!"

Song Zi Heng said in a trembling voice: "It was...me."

"You not only missed the Jiaolong assembly but also let Zi Xiao follow you into danger. You're the one who brought him out. If anything bad happens to him, what are you going to take into account?!"

"...... It's my fault." Song Zi Heng held back his tears and falteringly lifted the quilt, wanting to get out of bed.

"Big brother don't move!"

Song Zi Xiao hurriedly assisted but was pushed away by Song Zi Heng.
He endured the pain of his injuries and insisted on climbing out of bed.

With gold eyes, Song Ming He looked at his eldest son kneeling down in front of himself with difficulty.

Song Zi Heng kowtows deeply, his voice trembling beyond recognition, "I was wrong, I've let father down."

Song Ming He, however, did not look at him again, "Zi Xiao, return to Daming with me." "But big brother..." "Go."
"No, I want to stay with big brother!" "Huang Hong and Huang Wu." "Yes."
Although Huang Hong was embarrassed, he still had to go over and pick up Song Zi Xiao in his arms.

Song Zi Xiao kicked and punched angrily, "Go away, don't touch me, go away! Big brother--"

Song Ming He flicked his sleeves and left, Song Zi Xiao was also taken away. In an instant, only Song Zi Heng was left alone in the house. He still maintained in his kneeling position, his head lowered into the dust. A while later, his shoulders twitched slightly.

Chongtian* [重天] ---There isn't a good explanation on google. Usually, this term is used in Buddhism. In this novel, you can treat Chongtian like a level. The higher the Chongtian, the higher the level. In this novel, you will encounter not only the Seventh. Eighth and Ninth will be in this novel.

Chapter 14

Song Zi Heng spent half a month in Exian recovering from his injuries, and it was always the people from Chunyang Sect who took care of him. Song Ming He sent Elder Tai Wei to investigate the attack together with Chunyang Sect, but he only met Elder Tai Wei once to tell him the numerous details of that day. Contrariwise, the Grand Master of the Chunyang Sect’s eldest senior brother, Xu Zhi Nan, who came to visit him several times.

The immortal cultivators are originally youthful and long-lived. Because of the practice of pure mind and lessen desire in Chunyang Sect, still have to add the word "more", it is common to see people who lived more than 100 years. Xu Zhi Nan should be 50 years old but still looks like a young and handsome gentleman. He is not like most of the Chunyang Sect’s members that are cold and stereotypical. Instead, he is more friendly and approachable. No surprise, he is the next Grand Master of Chunyang Sect.

This day, Song Zi Heng was arranging his clothes. His injuries had almost recovered, and he wanted to return to Daming early so that his mother and siblings would not worry.

It so happened that Xu Zhi Nan came to visit him. "Zhen Ren."
"Your Highness.”

The two of them bowed to each other. "Your Highness, what…” Xu Zhi Nan saw that Song Zi Heng had made the bedsheet flat without a single wrinkle. As the Chunyang Sect’s Grand master’s eldest senior brother, he spent half his life connecting with the people from Song clan. He encountered arrogant and domineering people, powerful people who direct others with an arrogant attitude and those who flatter the superiors and bully the subordinates. Every immortal family were suppressed for hundreds of years. The world really suffered under the Song clan for a long time but did not expect Song's eldest prince is so gentle and cheerful, it is difficult not to have a good impression.

"I've been disturbing you for several days, so it's time for junior to bid farewell." Song Zi Heng said sincerely, "All thanks to Zhen Ren for taking care of me these days, I was able to heal so quickly. Junior will remember this kindness in my heart."

"Your Highness, you are welcome, it's just that your injury has fully healed, there is no need to rush to leave, why not stay a few more days to recuperate."

"If I don't go back for such a long time, my mother should be worried about me, and my younger brother can't separate from me since he was young."

"In that case, I will not persuade you to stay. I will send a few disciples to escort you back to Daming."

"There is no need to bother."

"Please don't refuse, Your Highness, I, Chunyang Sect, is difficult to evade the blame for what happened to the two highnesses in Gutuo Town, I must ensure that Your Highness returns home safely."

"Then, I shall thank Zhen Ren." Song Zi Heng said, "And also to request Zhen Ren to give my regards to Grand Master.”

"My master has been in seclusion for many years, so I accept on behalf of my master." Song Zi Heng smiled,

"My master has also been in seclusion for three years." "Your Highness seems to be under the tutelage of "
"Yes, my uncle. He is in seclusion to break through the Eighth Chongtian of the Zongxuan Sword."

Xu Zhi Nan nodded, seemed lost in thoughts: "The Eighth Chongtian...
Your Highness is so young and already broken through the Seventh Chongtian. You’re the best among your peers, the younger generation will have a lot to fear ah."

Song Zi Heng smiled lightly and did not say anything. His uncle broke through the Seventh Chongtian when he was only in his twenties, but another twenty years have passed, yet there is still no progress. From the Seventh Chongtian to the Eighth Chongtian, depends on whether the Song clan’s descendants can ask the immortal path of that dragon gate. No one in the Song clan has reached the Eighth Chongtian for 3 generations. And the ancestors that had reached the ultimate level of the Ninth Chongtian, has long become a legend beyond reach.

"Zhen Ren, if there is news about the investigation of the matter of the core theft, can you send a letter to me?”

"I came here today to tell Your Highness that we have found some clues." Song Zi Heng’s heart tightened.

Gong Shu Ju was once obtained by the Kunlun Cangyu Sect’s elder.
About eight or

nine years ago, this person died in an accident while performing the exorcism, and Gong Shu Ju’s whereabouts became unknown. In recent years, there has been an organization specializing in hunting cores circulating in Jianghu, called the

Lion Alliance, which has already killed several cultivators, according to what

the survivors described, the one holding on to the magical weapon may be this

Gong Shu Ju. Cangyu Sect has been tracking the Lion Alliance, thinking that this person is related to the death of that elder, but

the appearance of this person is unusual, so no one knows his identity and

gongfu path, impunity until now."

Song Zi Heng said in a low voice: "Core hunting… I heard that these core hunters usually like to find casual cultivators."

"Yes, if they target the cultivators from well-known sects, they were sure to be traced to the end and the consequences are endless, unless…”

"Unless someone offers a reward." Song Zi Heng eyes condensed into frost, "someone rewards heavily for me and my brother's golden cores."

"Most likely so." Xu Zhi Nan said with a straight face, "With the statuses of the Your Highness and the Ninth Highness, and with high-ranking cultivators escorting you both, ordinary people wouldn't dare to take action, let alone take the golden cores unless there is a huge benefit."

Song Zi Heng’s felt really upset. He did not have any enmity with anyone and

Song Zi Xiao was just a child. Who was so heartless? Who would want to harm

them?! "Your Highness, there are some rumours stating that the person from the Lion Alliance is a traitor of the Cangyu Sect, who ambushed that elder during the exorcism, But Cangyu Sect either concerned with saving face or for other reasons, refused to admit it. If we want to find this person, I'm afraid we cannot do without Cangyu Sect's collaboration. Elder Tai Wei planned to go to Canyu Sect personally, hopefully, there will be some harvest."

Song Zi Heng sighed: "Thank you Zhen Ren, I... will take a leave."


Under the protection of Chunyang Sect's cultivators, Song Zi Heng flew back to Daming via sword flight.

When he reached Wuji Palace, he immediately ran to Qinghui Pavilion. In this deep palace, his mother is very dependent on him. Although he still has siblings, other than him, his mother has no other family members in this world.

"Mother." After stepping into Qinghui pavilion, Song Zi Heng couldn't wait any longer and called out.

Shen Shi Yao ran out hurriedly. The moment she saw Song Zi Heng, her expression changes several times. Worry, anger, sadness, hate; a beautiful face has been twisted.

Song Zi Heng's heart sank.

Shen Shi Yao slapped her son who was coming towards her.

Song Zi Heng was slapped muddled, remaining in a slanted face position and didn't move for a long time.

Shen Shi Yao hugged Song Zi Heng and cried: "Why did you miss Jialong assembly, why did you miss Jiaolong assembly ah!"

Song Zi Heng's gaze flashes, finally it's glow diminished. He said softly: "I'm sorry." Shen Shi Yao trembled while caressing Song Zi Heng's face: "Has mother ever hit you? In these 16 years, mother wished to use everything I have to foster you, hope that you can become a useful person so that Emperor can appreciate you and others will not look down on us. Do you know that Jialong assembly is your chance to turn over? How can you go amiss in such a crucial time ah!"
Song Zi Heng's eyes also dampened: "I'm sorry, it's all my fault." "What... What should we do ah, your father only counted on you to save
face at Jiaolong assembly. Do you think he will still look at you?! Do you still want to get treated coldly, get criticized, get sneered at publicly and secretly? Until now, you don't even have a good sword and a decent magical weapon, aren't you sad?"

Song Zi Heng lowered his head, his tears silently dropped.

Shen Shi Yao unable to stop crying: "Mother is always proud of you, you are my everything ah."

Other than "I'm sorry", Song Zi Heng couldn't say anything else. He only felt suffocation. Every breath he takes is using a lot of energy. It's his fault. He shouldn't stay in Gutuo Town. He should go to Mount Shu earlier so that everyone wouldn't be disappointed in him. But, but why did he feel that he's walking the right path, yet in the end made a mistake?

Shen Shi Yao calmed down after crying for a long time while hugging him. She asked worryingly: "How's your injury?"

"Replying to mother, it's much better."

Shen Shi Yao carefully caressed Song Zi Heng's injury, and couldn't control her tears again: "When you were outside these few days, there's not a day I had a good sleep. After hearing you got injured, it's even... " She wiped her tears, "I know blaming you is useless, but I'm seriously too disappointed. Heartache again, and disappointed again."

Song Zi Heng closed his lips and didn't say anything. "I always cannot stand it. I cannot stand it for a lifetime." Shen Shi Yao's gazed in front emptily, "That year, we're childhood sweethearts, he's the one who said he likes me and promised me to be with me for life, in the end, how did it become I was the one seducing him unscrupulously, how did my son and I become this undesirable, why did you have to endure other's supercilious look when you were born? "

Song Zi Heng was in a trance and dare not to look at his mother. This is his first time hearing her talking about her relationship with his father. In the past, this was a forbidden topic between mother and son. When he wasn't sensible, if he asked why his father doesn't like him, she would always wash her face with tears. After that, he didn't dare to ask.

"It's not easy, it's not easy for you to mature. The superior

roots you were born with, no one dares to disregard you. Defeat Song Zi Mo ruthlessly and as

long as you win the championship in Jiaolong assembly, our position in the Song
clan would be stable, unfortunately, this time…” Hatred invaded Shen Shi Yao’s eyes, "Unfortunately, this time, someone wants to harm you

wanted your life. How evil is she.”

Song Zi Heng was startled: "Mother, who are you talking about?"
Shen Shi Yao looked at Song Zi Heng and said viciously, "Who else could it be, who would be most pleased when something happens to you and Xiao Jiu? Whose son is a rotten dude who is jealous of your root and qualifications, and who is most afraid that you will win at Jiaolong assembly and threaten her son's position?"

Song Zi Heng lowered his voice and said sharply, "How can such words be said indiscriminately?"

Shen Shi Yao was actually implying that Empress Li Xiang Tong wanted to harm them?


Shi Yao sneered, "I've already heard that the core hunters who harmed you

guys usually kill casual cultivators. Without enough temptation, they wouldn't

dare to lay a hand on the Song's imperial son even if they had the guts to eat

the bear heart and leopard gall. If you guys are harmed, isn't it her gain?

and Xiao Jiu are both of the highest qualities. If both of you die, no one will laugh

at Song Zi Mo as the son of first wife but with mediocre qualifications.

that time, both of your golden cores will be refined and eaten by him, he will change wholly, it

is simply a multi-benefit!"

"Mother, don’t say anymore!" Song Zi Heng pulled Shen Shi Yao into the inner room. He had to admit that the words were reasonable, but he didn't dare to think in that direction, it was too scary.

"You don't believe it?" Shen Shi Yao grabbed Song Zi Heng’s arm and shook it hard, "You've been like this since you were a child, always thinking of being good to others. You don't harm people; won't others harm you? Think carefully about whether Mother said is right. The golden cores of blood relatives are more effective when eaten, Li Xiang Tong just wants to harm you both, just wants to dig your cores and give…”

Song Zi Heng covered Shen Shi Yao's mouth and

said in a stern voice: "Don't say it, this will lead to death penalty!"

Shen Shi Yao's eyes opened wide, and the two stared at each other for a long time before Shen Shi Yao deflated. She yanked down her son's hand, but her chest still rose and fell violently, unable to calm down.

"Zi Heng, believe me, it must be her…”

"There is no evidence, you must not be delusional. This matter shall not be mentioned again."

Shen Shi Yao covered her face, "I hate it so much, you've been victimized so badly. For sixteen years, she has made things difficult for us. Now she must be hiding in the shadows, not knowing how to be pleased with herself."

"Xiao Jiu and I are fine, consider it as there’s a surprise but no danger. Elder Tai Wei is doing his best to investigate this matter, and until the truth is known, these words must not be mentioned again, not to anyone."

Mother and son were at a standstill when Song Zi Xiao’s cry came from outside the house, "Big brother!"

Song Zi Heng wiped his face, adjusted his emotions, and walked out: "Xiao Jiu."
"Big brother!" Song Zi Xiao’s eyes suddenly lit up and rushed over, about to jump into his big brother's arms as usual, but then stopped in time and hesitantly said, "Your injury…”

Song Zi Heng smiled gently and unfolded his arms: "It's almost recovered, give you a gentle hug." Song Zi Xiao carefully embraced Song Zi Heng, his eyes became warm, "Big brother, you're finally back, I missed you so much."

"I'm fine now, we're all fine."

Song Zi Xiao held back his tears and looked at Song Zi Heng with burning eyes, "Big brother, don't be sad, in four years' time, I will definitely win the championship for Song clan in Jiaolong assembly."

Behind him, a cold laugh came from Shen Shi Yao.

Song Zi Heng’s back stiffened, Song Zi Xiao is still young and cannot read the expressions of adults, only feel that the usually gentle and affectionate Consort Shen was very strange at this time. He looked at Song Zi Heng incomprehensibly.

Song Zi Heng touched Song Zi Xiao’s head: "Big brother believes in you." He gazed at Song Zi Xiao’s clear eyes, the pride and certainty in them triggered a strange emotion in his heart. He believed that Song Zi Xiao could win the championship and get the glory that he could never get in his life. Since childhood, all the things he expected and could not get, his youngest brother always seemed to be within reach. Saying that he had never been jealous, he would not believe himself. But everyone has a life, so he did not impose.

"By the way big brother, when did you break through the Seventh Chongtian?"

"Not long ago. I couldn't control it yet, so I drained my spiritual power all at once last time." If he didn’t risk everything on a single venture, he definitely didn't dare to risk using it, otherwise, he would have no more battle power after one move.


has not been able to break through the Eighth Chongtian for so many years, and Father is still at Seventh Chongtian…" Song Zi Xiao held Song Zi Heng’s hand

and said comfortingly, "Big brother, don't worry about Father being angry,

Father knows that you have broken through the Seventh Chongtian and praised you

having good qualifications. You are so powerful, why do you
need a small Jiaolong assembly to prove yourself. There are plenty of opportunities to make a name for yourself in the cultivational world in


"Really, Father praised me?"

"Mm." Song Zi Xiao nodded vigorously, his eyes shining with admiration, "Big brother, I will try my best to catch up with you, I also want to break through the Seventh Chongtian, and one day in the future, break through the Eighth and Ninth Chongtian together with you, let Zongxuan Sword once again honour the world!"


that time, Song Zi Xiao would not have imagined that his grand words would

eventually come true, but at that time, he and his big brother, no longer have "we",

and the Zongxuan Sword, after ushering in its ultimate glory, disappeared

the rolling torrent of time. PS: Let’s travel back to the present in the next chapter~~~ Is anyone missing the two black and white impermanence? :D

Chapter 15

The three words "Zongxuan Sword" evoked too many memories for Fan Wu She.

When he was a child, he always practised with his big brother under the ginkgo tree. He changed from wooden swords to short swords and then short swords to long swords. He saw that tree sprouting in spring, cascading in summer, laying gold in autumn and wrapping up in silver in winter. He also grew from a toddler to an elegant young man. The stars have shifted, the summer and winter have changed, and his big brother has always been by his side, from teaching him how to hold a sword, to learn and exchange. When he was young, he understood the world is changing, and he thought he and his big brother would never change.

Unexpectedly, in the end, the Zongxuan Sword they used to practice half a lifetime, is used against each other.

When forced to recall the past, Fan Wu She looks at Song Chun Gui, his eyes have brought out sentiments and then hatred, the murderous aura boiled to the sky. Their moves more severe and fierce, the sword speed so fast that the eyes of ordinary people cannot catch up.

Xie Bi An came back from his senses and shouted: “Wu She, stop, don’t fight anymore!” He was still shocked by the fact that the sword technique used by Fan Wu She was the Zongxuan sword, which had been lost for a hundred years, and even more shocked by the fact that he was familiar with this sword technique beyond his own imagination, as if when Fan Wu She made this move, he could guess the next move. But the two fought fiercer and fiercer, and he had no heart to continue watching, lest it really causes irreparable damage. Although Fan Wu She exceeds all expectations, with his age and cultivation, it is impossible to be a top swordsman such as Song Chun Gui's opponent, and Song Chun Gui is from a famous sect, his reputation is well known. Today’s matter really shouldn’t make a fuss until you die and I live.

Fan Wu She didn’t listen and mobilized his spiritual power into the broken sword. Everyone present can feel the spiritual pressure that is different from ordinary people. Any profound sword techniques, all pursue the unity of human sword to the extreme. The sword follows the heart. Zongxuan Sword’s Seventh Chongtian is the first to enter this realm. Although Fan Wu She knows that with his current body and cultivation level, he can't exert the true power of the Seventh Chongtian, but dealing with this person, it should be enough.

Song Chun Gui's expression changed significantly. He struggled a little, but the instinct to perceive danger still outweighed the compassion for a teenager. The two had already made more than 30 moves. This teenager is a supreme pride and cannot be underestimated. He knew that if he could not counter this move, there would be a risk of losing a life.

The principle behind Wuliang's sword is to use spiritual power to form millions of sharp swords magically. When the swords rain down, there's no way to avoid them.

Song Chun Gui was actually planning to use the sword rain technique against Fan Wu She!

Seeing that both of them were about to lose with multiple injuries, Xie Bi An shouted, "Stop---"

The two sword techniques displayed at the same time. The moment Sword Arc of Zongxuan's Sword met Sword Rain of Wuliang's Sword, the spiritual pressure spread out in all directions like a huge monster, and the surrounding spectators did not escape the spiritual pressure in time fell to the ground. Though Sword Arc is powerful, it's still inferior to Sword Rain. A few sharp swords managed to avoid Sword Arc and came straight at Fan Wu She.

In an instant, Xie Bi An appeared in front of Fan Wu She, one hand protecting the person behind, the other hand holding Wuqiongbi. A huge green spell emerged in mid-air, blocking the swords formed by the spiritual energy.

Song Chun Gui received the impact of Sword Arc and staggered a few steps back. His face looking dismal.

The green spell disappeared and Xie Bi An sweated like pulp, his face was as white as paper, and his hands holding on to Wuqiongbi was shivering non-stop.

"Senior brother!" Fan Wu She held Xie Bi An's lightly swaying body, "What's wrong, are you hurt?"

Xie Pian said angrily, "I told you to stop!" "I..."
Song Chu Gui said in a deep voice: "Your Excellency is impermanence immortal? It's not proper for a person from the underworld to meddle with the affairs of the mortal realm, right?"

Xie Bi An didn't know how to explain for a moment and simply grabbed Fan Wu She, rose up from sword flight, and flew away from Fumenghui. This time, Song Chun Gui didn't come after them.

The two of them flew far away before Xie Bi An stopped on a mountain, panting as he kept his sword and stared angrily at Fan Wu She.

Fan Wu She's face was also unsightly. He did not expect this body to be weak to this extent.

"What did we agree before coming? You said you would listen to senior brother, why did you fight him!" "He hurt you."

"He didn't plan to hurt me, he only knocked off my sword." "Is there any difference?"
"Of course it's different!" Xie Bi An shouted, "Song Chun Gui is a decent person, he won't hurt people for no reason. Indeed, it's wrong for them to go around arresting people randomly, but we can just run away. Why create this karma and cause this trouble."

Fan Wu She said coldly, "If I win, I won't be in trouble."

"Nonsense, it's your fault even if you win or lose!" Xie Bi An sighed heavily, "Song Chun Gui is a well-known and patriarchal cultivator in the cultivational world. You and I may not be able to defeat him even if we join forces, how can you be so bold."

Fan Wu She took a breath and wanted to tell Xie Bi An that it is because he could win, but it will be difficult to explain once the words come out. Moreover, he did take the enemy lightly. To take Song Chun Gui's life, he would inevitably expose his identity. He was momentarily provoked by anger and hate.

"Just now Song Chun Gui only used the sixth form of Wuliang's Sword. He was already merciful, yet you simply cannot tank it. If senior brother is not here, you will suffer a big loss. Senior brother knows that you are highly gifted, it is inevitable to restrain yourself to a certain extent, but one should not be arrogant and reckless. You should not be arrogant and impatient at a young age. Only with a modest mind can one improve."

Fan Wu She stared at Xie Bi An. Seeing him admonishing himself the same way he did back then, even the words he said are similar, he suddenly laughed a little, after laughing, he felt sad.

Xie Bi An was dumbfounded: "You still dare to laugh." "Senior brother, I was wrong." Fan Wu She said softly. Xie Bi An didn't expect Fan Wu She to admit his mistake this quickly and felt a bit helpless. Half of his fury in his heart disappeared suddenly. He found a block of rock and sat down. His tone warmed: "Although you admit your mistake, it is still a mistake. I will punish you."

"Punishment accepted."

Xie Bi An rolled his eyes, but cannot think of how to punish. It's his first time having a junior brother and it's the first time his junior brother made a mistake, so he's inexperienced in this matter: "...We'll talk again when we go back to the underworld."


"By the way, how did you know how to use Zongxuan Sword?

"My casual immortal master taught me, I didn't know it was the Zongxuan Sword Technique."

Although this explanation sounded perfunctory, it could not be refuted. Xie Bi An frowned and said, "It seems that your master is a descendant of the Song Clan, which is not surprising. When the Song Clan was in its heyday, spreading its branches, even if it declined later, there must be someone who inherited this sword technique and passed it on to his descendants."


"I heard that the Zongxuan Sword has a total of nine Chongtian, and there are only a few who reaches the Seventh Chongtian. That move you just made, how which Chongtian was it?"

Fan Wu She said without changing his expression, "Master didn't tell me.
Most likely he didn't practice it properly himself."

Xie Bi An nodded, and murmured in confusion, "How strange, I always think I have seen this set of sword techniques somewhere."

Fan Wu She's heart tightened, "You've seen it before?" "No, I haven't seen it before, but I don't know why, I just feel that this sword technique is very familiar. When you and Song Chun Gui exchanged moves, I could often guess how your next move was going to be, but I really don't remember that I've seen the Zongxuan Sword."

Fan Wu She became silent. He couldn't tell Xie Bi An that in his previous life, he had been practising this sword technique since four years old, and perhaps it was engraved on his soul that he couldn't erase it no matter how he was reincarnated.

A set of swordplay can make you never forget in two lives, what about me? What have I left on your soul?

"Perhaps you have a destiny with this sword technique." Fan Wu She said, "Does senior brother wants to learn it? I can teach you."

Xie Bi An's eyes lit up: "Really? This Zongxuan Sword Technique is the top technique in the cultivational world. The ancestor of the Song Clan once relied on it to rule the cultivational world for three hundred years. That demon supreme also relied on it to unrivalled the world. Such a powerful sword technique, of course I want to learn it."

"I'll teach you."

Xie Bi An said happily: "Alright."

Fan Wu She walked over: "Are you unwell, are you injured?"

Xie Bi An looked down at his right arm, which had been indistinctly painful from a moment ago until now. Blocking Song Chun Gui's moves multiple times, even when Zongxuan Sword dispelled most of the moves, it is still unpleasant.

Fan Wu She said: "Let me see." 'Never mind, it's not a big deal."
"Let me see." Fan Wu She looked at Xie Bi An obstinately. Xie Pian hesitated for a moment and slowly untied his lapel.

Fan Wu She originally did not have any beautiful thoughts, but when Xie Bi An just revealed a snow-white thinly cut shoulder, his throat suddenly tightened.

Xie Bi An stripped his clothes until the elbow area and saw that his right arm has a big bruise already. His skin faintly coloured in blue-black. When he relaxed, his fingers trembled non-stop.

Fan Wu She slowly stretched out his hand and took hold of Xie Bi An's arm and gently kneading it from top to bottom: "It didn't hurt the bones."

"Well, that's good."

Fan Wu She released his spiritual energy to dissolve his bruises. "It's not necessary."
"Don't move." Fan Wu She stood behind Xie Bi An, his burning gaze straying over his porcelain-white neck and shoulders, his mouth getting drier and drier.

He was too familiar with this body, so familiar that even with clothes on, he could imagine what he would see when he peeled it off layer by layer.

When he entered from behind, he would seized these long arms, forcing the body to withstand the impact. He liked to leave marks on this white, canvas-like skin, especially that long neck. With a bite, that warm skin secretes an intoxicating orchid fragrance, followed by an uncontrollable shudder and contraction.

He violated every inch of this person's skin with his hands, with his lips, with his teeth. He had the wild wishes for a hundred years, and now this person is within reach, he wants to strip this person, wants to rub into his arms, press under his body, and wants to make this person cry and beg for mercy, just like countless times before. Unable to resist, unable to refuse, unable to ignore. Because this person, his big brother, from his memory he always wanted to possess this person, destined to belong to him completely.

"Wu She?" Xie Bi An made a "si*" sound, "please be gentle"

Fan Wu She sucked in a breath and let go of his hand in fear, not daring to touch Xie Bi An again.

si* [嘶] --- a sound you make when you feel pain

Chapter 16

After returning to the underworld, Xie Bi An seemed to look uneasy.

Fan Wu She

glanced at him: "I'm the one who said I wanted to go. I'm also the one who

fought with Song Chun Gui. I will explain to master."

"You don't need to worry about this matter. I will explain it to master." Xie Bi An frowned and said, "I'm actually not worried about getting reprimanded by master. I'm just worried whether our fight in Fumenghui will affect Wuliang Sect's core theft investigation."

"No, they're mostly looking in the wrong place." "How come?"
"The behaviour of that core thief is out of the ordinary, I don't think Meng Ke Fei's golden core will be traded, at least not in Fumenghui."

"Oh? Continue on."

Fan Wu She analysed: "There are only 3 motives for digging Meng Ke Fei’s golden core. First, wanting the core of a high-ranking cultivator. Second, someone offered a reward. Third, having a grudge against him. And within these motives, it is necessary to consider, taking such a high risk to take his core, is it premeditated, or not premeditated? If it is premeditated, why not wait for him to go out on a trip to do it. The sky and land are so big, destroying the body after killing him, probably no one will notice it forever. Therefore, I think, no matter what the motive the thief has, Meng Ke Fei's death is not premeditated."

Xie Bi An nodded: "You have a point ah. Hey, why didn't you tell master yesterday?"

Fan Wu She said indifferently, "What does his death have to do with me, I only saw you being meticulous so…”

Xie Bi An disagreed and interrupted him: “Don’t say it like this. As a cultivator, one should have a compassionate heart. Moreover, everyone will punish core thieves. The earlier we help Wuliang Sect find the murderer, the lesser the victims.”


“In that case, Meng Ke Fei's death is likely to be beyond premeditation. The three motives you mentioned, I think most likely it’s killing for revenge. No one in Fumenghui offered a reward for Meng Ke Fei's golden core, and if it's just for the core of a high-ranking cultivator, Li Bu Yu’s senior nephew is the one who should not be touched the most."

"Right, so I guess, Meng Ke Fei died of a personal grudge. The two were fighting under a disagreement, the opponent dug up his core, framed the core stealing demonic cultivator. Wuliang Sect may have thought of this and probably also investigated those people who have a problem with Meng Ke Fei. To investigate Fumenghui, maybe it is a deliberate show of strength as a warning, maybe it does not want to have fugitives."

"If it is a personal grudge, perhaps it’s better to investigate."

"If it is a personal grudge." Fan Wu She coldly snorted, "Most likely it’s Wuliang Sect’s internal conflict. Doing it in their own territory is a very good evidence."

Xie Bi An drew a breath. The more you think about this line of thought, the more reasonable it becomes. "Maybe they have long found out who did it and they’re just hiding the truth for the sake of saving face, pretending to search around, this double- cross Wuliang Sect..." Fan Wu She saw Xie Bi An's surprised expression before realizing that his tongue slipped.

Xie Bi An blinked his eyes: “Did junior brother heard of any rumours regarding Wuliang Sect?”

"I used to work in a wine shop and heard some rumours."
"As the leading immortal league, Wuliang Sect inevitably offends people, plus they have millions of disciples, and there is no guarantee that everyone is righteous. In places like wine shop, there is a lot of unorthodox talks. You have to be careful about what you say without evidence." Xie Bi An sighed, "It's just that we have offended Song Chun Gui. If we go to Yunding with our master, it's really a bit embarrassing."

"He started it first. The two of us combined are not as big as him, he's the one who should be ashamed."

"Having said that…”

When the two of them are talking, they walked through the Huangquan Road. A group of huge willow trees appeared in front of them. They assumed "group" is because the mother root of this tree is several-people- hug* thick, and its aerial roots hanging down, drilling into the ground, growing subtrees, and the subtrees grew more subtrees with twisted roots and intertwined joints. Finally achieved an endless willow forest. If you are not familiar with it, you may even lose your way. When you look at its roots, they are black and red, like dried blood.

A gust of wind passed through the forest, hundreds of millions of stems and leaves hounding and rustling, sounding like a ghost cry.

This tree is called ghost willow. It is rumoured that it lives with the sky, the same as the earth. After passing the Yin-Yang Monument, it is considered passing the Ghost Gate. After walking through Huangquan Road, the end is this ghost willow forest. Only passing through the ghost willow forest can they reach the underworld.

Xie Bi An is familiar with this willow forest, but at this time he stopped in his tracks and looked up at a blinding red between the shadows of the miserable green trees.

That red is a red robe.

Fan Wu She narrowed his eyes and looked at the person, no, the ghost in the tree.

"Impermanence." The person in the tree gave a light laugh, "Went to play in the mortal realm again?”

Xie Bi An's expression became restrained, "Red King."

The man in

red flew down from the high willow tree. The silk dances, the clothes flowed in the wind, indistinct like

a butterfly playing in the forest. The scene is picturesque, but it makes people shudder.
The man in red is a slender man with a white face like paper, only his thin lips a little red. He looks ravishing to the extreme, like a blooming flower, so beautiful like seducing the soul.

He is the first of the ten underworld generals - the king of all kings - the red-robed ghost king Jiang Qu Lian.

"This is the new disciple accepted by Heaven Master?" Jiang Qu Lian walked step by step to Fan Wu She. His steps were silent. He gently wrinkled his nose, "Mmm, the smell of a youthful child, it must be delicious." He was talking about Fan Wu She, but his eyes looked askance at Xie Bi An.

Xie Bi An stepped between Fan Wu She and Jiang Qu Lian, "Red King, this is my junior brother, Fan Wu She, Wu She, meet Red King."

Fan Wu She looked coldly at Jiang Qu Lian.

Jiang Qu Lian smiled: "This temperament, so similar to Heaven Master, no wonder the Heaven Master recognize his worth."

"Red King, we still have things to do back in Heaven Master Palace, so…"

"You ah." Jiang Qu Lian winked at Xie Bi An, "I grew up watching you. If I really want to eat you, will Heaven Master watch out? Why are you still so afraid of me."

Xie Bi An said, "You and I were appointed by the emperor as generals of the underworld. I'm not afraid of you, but my brother is young and new to the Underworld, so I hope the Red King won't tease him."

Jiang Qu Lian snickered: "Back then, you were just a doll in crotch pants.
Now you dare to say that you have been ordained with me."

Xie Bi An was a little ashamed: "Red King, please don't make fun of me anymore."

"Sometimes I really think that your master should be that old fashioned official Lord Cui, who is always so nervous when he sees me. I just came to ask you for some good tea and wine."

"Tomorrow I will send it to the Red King's residence."

Fan Wu She’s face is already unsightly, was just about to open his mouth, Xie Bi An caught his shoulders: "Wu She, let’s go."

Jiang Qu Lian looked at the two men's backs, his eyes brightening and darkening, and he suddenly called out lazily, "Bi An." Xie Bi An stopped, but did not turn around. "
Say hello to the Heaven Master for me."
"...Many thanks to Red King."

It was not until the two of them walked out of the ghost willow that Xie Bi An relaxed.

Fan Wu She was displeased and said, "You are so afraid of him?" "Do you know who he is."
"A ghost."

"He is the Ghost King." Xie Bi An took a deep breath, "Not just any ghost king, but the king of all kings, the king of all ghost kings."

Fan Wu She said "Oh" without a ripple.

The Emperor Beiyin ruled the ghost world, under which there are five ghost emperors respectively, guarding the north, south, east, west and central Jiuyou to prevent the two realms from offending each other. But the five ghost emperors do not participate in the affairs of the underworld. The underworld has ten halls of Yanluo, who oversee all the pivotal affairs of the ghost world, mainly rewarding and punishing through trials. And there are civil and military judges. The civil judge possesses the life and death book and judge brush, adding or subtracting the lifespan of the livings, base on good and evil deeds. The military judge possesses the battle power of the town hall, the great general of preserve success. These are the ten underworld generals.

These ten underworld generals have different duties. Day and night patrols are responsible for inspecting the mortal realm. Impermanence is responsible for harvesting human souls. The ox’s head and horse face are responsible for managing the recovered souls. The leopard's tail, the bird's mouth, the fish gills and the wasp are responsible for collecting the souls of animals, and the ghost king, the head of the underworld generals, is responsible for the punishment in hell.

Under each of the generals, there are many subordinates. In the eighteen levels of hell, there are eighteen ghost kings, who bring the little ghosts to punish those who atones their crimes in hell day and night, and the king of ghost kings is Jiang Qu Lian.

Xie Bi An said: “He’s a ghost born from the hungry ghost path, unlike official Lord Cui, who was ranked as a ghost immortal after his death because of his great merits and virtues when he’s alive. Those who reincarnated in the hungry ghost path will still be a ghost despite reincarnation due to being evil when alive.”

Fan Wu She eyes were gloomy: "He harmed you before?"

"No..." Xie Bi An is a little embarrassed, "in fact, he instructed me to cultivate when I was a child, but I am still afraid of him ever since childhood. You have to eat a hundred people or a thousand ghosts to become a ghost king. That king of all kings, how many ghosts have been eaten? The emperor let him be the head of the underworld and manage hell because he was afraid he would go to earth to cause trouble. Fengdu barrier cannot stop him."

"With me around in future, you don't have to be afraid of him."

Xie Bi An smiled: "With you around, I do have an extra companion in this underworld."

"Are you really going to bring him tea tomorrow? Will you send Bo Zhu?"

"No, if Bo Zhu is afraid of him, then there is no little ghost who is not afraid of him. I’ll go by myself, in fact, he will not do anything to me, he abstains from master." "I'll go on your behalf."

"No, did you forget that you can't be alone in the Underworld yet?" "Then I will accompany you."
"Fine." Xie Bi An really did not want to face Jiang Qu Lian alone. "What evil did he do in his life to be reborn in the hungry ghost path?"
The six paths of reincarnation: the hungry ghost path, the animal path and the hell path are the lower three paths. Not ordinary evil will be reborn in these three paths.

Xie Bi An shook his head: "I remember I asked him when I was a child, he said he did not know, I asked him why he did not go to the three life stones to see, he said he did not want to know."

Fan Wu She’s pupils sank: "What about you, why didn’t you go to the three life stone to see your past lives? Aren't you curious?"

"I've been there."

Fan Wu She’s breath stalled.

Xie Bi An lowered his voice: "The three life stones can only be seen before drinking Mengpo soup, you can't simply just look at it. Don’t you mention it to others. I went there secretly."

"What did you see?" Did you see the sins you committed in your previous life?!

"I didn't see anything." Xie Bi An said disappointedly. "...How come?"
"I asked official Lord Cui before, of course I did not dare to say that I went to see, or I would certainly be scolded by him. I did hear that there are also people who did not see anything on the three life stones, official Lord Cui said, the three life stones cannot show celestial beings. The one who is reborn in a heavenly way is God, God transcends beyond reincarnation, thus the three life stones naturally cannot display."

"Why did you reincarnated into the underworld if you had already transcended the cycle of reincarnation?"

"Because that person is the Son of Heaven." Xie Bi An smiled, “official Lord Cui said, the person who has an imperial destiny is a celestial being who has come down to earth to experience the calamities. Since he has been reborn in the heavenly realm before and has come to earth to be a human emperor, and after death, if his merits and virtues are satisfactory, he will be able to return to the heavenly realm and ascend to the nine heavens, and vice versa, he will fall into the human realm and suffer from reincarnation, so I mostly do not know which life I have been a human emperor."

Fan Wu She stared at Xie Bi An, blood vessels creeping into his eyes.

However, Xie Bi An did not notice how terrible Fan Wu She looked at this moment, and also mocked himself, "Unfortunately, I probably became an incapable ruler, so I cannot return to heaven, and have to enter the reincarnation to atone for my sins."

Fan Wu She tightened both fists, turned his head and walked away. "Hey, junior brother, do you want to eat wontons tomorrow morning?"

several-people-hug*[数⼈合抱]---To measure a huge tree circumference, we can get a bunch of people to hold hands and surround the

tree. When I went to Sichuan last time, I saw a few thousand years old tree and

the tour guide asked us to do that. At that time there were about 9 of us, we

didn’t manage to surround it with 9 people xD

Chapter 17

When Xie Bi An said to wrap wontons, he really wraps wantons. He said to punish him, he really punished him. After eating, he punished Fan Wu She to wipe all the insides and outsides of Heaven Master Palace.

When Fan Wu She heard that Xie Bi An had asked him to mop the floor, he looked incredulous: "You asked me to wipe the floor?"

"The Heaven Master Palace is not small, so it should be scrubbed for a day or two." Xie Bi An smiled cheekily, "No spells allowed."

The corners of Fan Wu She's mouth twitched and he didn't say anything for some time. Let a demon supreme who once conquered Jiuzhou and subvert the ghost realm to get on the ground to mop the floor with a rag?!

"This time is only a small disciplinary action. If you do not listen to your senior brother again and act recklessly in the future, there is a lot of work that can be done in the Heaven Master Palace, you know."

Bo Zhu brought empty buckets and rags, gloating at the side: "Draw the water at the backyard. I’ve prepared 5 rags for you, should be enough."


Looking at Fan Wu She's reluctant look, Xie Bi An felt that he had found some fun as a senior brother. He smiled and said, "Master has gone to patrol Jiuyou, when he comes back in the evening, I will ask him to get a good sword for you."

Fan Wu She saw Xie Bi An was about to leave, "Where are you going?" "To practice sword ah."

"Don't go and visit Jiang Qu Lian by yourself."

"Got it, I'll wait for you to finish scrubbing the floor."

The two of them abandoned Fan Wu She to go outside. Bo Zhu tugged Xie Bi An's sleeve and shook it, saying cheerfully, "White master, what delicious food are you making tonight?”

"You just finished breakfast and now thinking about dinner." "Then what are you making for lunch?"
"Well ... let's go to the vegetable field and see."

Fan Wu She looked at the back of the two people in a trance. When big brother was nineteen years old, he was also the same age as Bo Zhu, eleven or twelve years old. Their body shapes are similar. So that’s how they look in other people’s eyes…

When Zhong Kui returned to the Heaven Master Palace, it was no surprise that he was again smelling of alcohol, and before he arrived, his laughter arrived first: "Ji Kang hid a jar of good wine, and I swindled him out, hahaha, feels good."

Ji Kang is the central ghost emperor, and like Zhong Kui, he is fond of this cinnamon syrup and jade liquid, so every time Zhong Kui goes to inspect the Jiuyou, he will always have a few drinks with him.

Xie Bi An said with a smile, "Master drank beautifully?" "Beautiful."
"Master, disciple has something to report." "Hey, let's talk about it tomorrow." "I want to say it now."

Zhong Kui looked at his two disciples and narrowed his eyes slightly, "Are the both of you scheming on something?"

"Master, junior brother's sword is broken, why don't you give him a sword."

"The sword is broken? What happened?" Zhong Kui, who wasn’t drunk easily, immediately sobered up upon hearing the words. Sword cultivator's sword is not only just a weapon, but it also represents the will of the cultivator. If the sword is cut off by someone, the character will be humiliated, not to mention that it also signifies bad luck.

Fan Wu She wanted to speak but was stopped by a look from Xie Bi An. He said: "I took junior brother to the Fumenghui, wanted to investigate the case of Meng Ke Fei, but ended up encountering Guwu sword Song Chun Gui."

"Song Chun Gui? That one-armed guy?" "That’s right."
"He cut off your sword?" Zhong Kui looked at Fan Wu She, "Why?"

"They also went to Fumenghui to investigate, and when they saw a suspicious person, they had to bring him back to Yunding for interrogation." Xie Bi An said honestly, "It's wrong for disciple to take my junior brother to Fumenghui, but it's also wrong for Wuliang Sect to arrest people randomly."

"You guys had a fight?" "Yes."

Fan Wu She's sword brows knitted: "Didn't finish the fight." The fact that he was inferior to Song Chun Gui in front of Xie Bi An had caused him to hold a grudge. "You were able to fight with Song Chun Gui." Zhong Kui laughed a little, "It seems that Master has underestimated you."

"Junior brother's sword skill is superior, using a broken sword and exerted the Zongxuan sword technique." Xie Bi An's words had some pride in them.
Zhong Kui's expression changed: "What did you say? Zongxuan Sword?" Fan Wu She said without changing his expression, "Before master,
apprentice had studied under a casual cultivator in Mount Qingcheng."

"He taught you the Zongxuan Sword Technique? Who is he, what is his name, where is he from, and where is he now?" Zhong Kui's had completely sobered up, and his sharp gaze stared straight at Fan Wu She.

Xie Bi An was shocked by Zhong Kui's sudden seriousness.

Only Fan Wu She looked as usual: "Master has never revealed his identity. After he raised me, he went off to travel the world. If it wasn't for Song Chun Gui, I wouldn't have known that this sword technique is called Zongxuan Sword."

Zhong Kui's gaze moved around Fan Wu She’s face as if trying to discern how much truth there was in these words, "Do you really not know what sword technique this is?"

Disciple doesn't know."

Xie Bi An asked cautiously, "Master, the Zongxuan Sword, is it impossible to practice?"

Zhong Kui pondered for a moment, "Does Song Chun Gui know your identity?"

Xie Bi An lowered his head, "He knows, it's disciple's fault."

"Then it's all the more important to make a trip to Yunding." Zhong Kui stroked his beard, "You all know the origin of the Zongxuan Sword, right?" "I know. Back then, with the destruction of the Song Clan, the Zongxuan Sword Technique was also lost for a hundred years, and most of the descendants of the Song Clan were living incognito and escaped liquidation, so it makes sense that someone secretly passed down this sword technique."

"But Li Bu Yu won’t allow this sword technique to appear in this world. His family died at the hands of the Song clan. If he knows that someone exerted this sword technique, he won't leave this matter." Zhong Kui looked askance at Fan Wu She, "You come with me to Mount Shu and explain clearly, otherwise the consequences will be endless."


Xie Bi An originally wanted to ask Zhong Kui if he could learn the Zongxuan Sword from Fan Wu She, but now he didn't dare to ask, "Master, Lord Li will not make things difficult for junior brother, right?"

"My disciples, he wouldn't dare." Zhong Kui once again gave Fan Wu She a deep look and stood up, "By the way, don't you want the sword, follow me."

Zhong Kui led the two people back to Zhuyeqing Hall. He first circled around in his study room, made a sudden realization, and opened a cabinet in the west, which had a bunch of weapons and magical weapons piled up horizontally and vertically. At a glance, it looked like a miscellaneous room.

Xie Bi An said helplessly, "Master, didn't I organize it for you last year, why is it so messy again."

"Oops, I can’t remember, probably because I drank too much and turned out to look at them and forgot to regularize it."

"These are all good potions, weapons and magical weapons, you should treasure them more or less." Zhong Kui rummaged through the pile of things for some time and pulled out a sword. That sword was coated in black, the scabbard gilt in silver, embedded with precious stones. At a glance, it is worth a lot of money. He threw the sword to Fan Wu She.

Fan Wu She took the sword and pulled it out. This sword blade is like autumn frost, sharp and compelling, shining with cold silver. He said bluntly, "Good sword, thank you, master."

"This sword is a pair with your brother's sword, from Yushan Giant Spirit Village, named Ting Mo and Pei Xue. Both are good swords of the highest quality."

Xie Bi An took off his own Pei Xue and compared it with Ting Mo, one was black and one was white, exactly the same shape.

Fan Wu She’s long and slender fingers lightly touch across the sword. The silver blade reflected his pair of beautiful and charming upturned fox eyes. This sword is naturally not comparable to the sword quenched by Shen Nong Ding, but it is still the best sword, and the most satisfying thing is that this sword and Xie Bi An's are a pair.

Xie Bi An also said happily, "Great, junior brother, you should cherish this sword, it will accompany you for the rest of your life."

Zhong Kui smiled cheekily: "At that time, the owner of the Giant Spirit Village intended to give me another sword, but I immediately fell in love with this pair of swords and asked for it, and he was heartbroken."

"Master really has foresight." Xie Bi An suddenly remembered something, "Oh, Master, it's late, we still have to go to the Red King's place, you should rest early."

"Oh." Zhong Kui yawned and suddenly reacted, "Why are you going to his place?"

"I met Red King at the Ghost Willow yesterday. He asked me to bring him some tea and wine." "Didn't I tell you to have fewer dealings with him."

"Disciple did not hang out with him, I ran into him at the Ghost Willow…" Xie Bi An thought about it, "He should be waiting for us there, maybe he is curious about junior brother."

Zhong Kui grunted coldly, "Jiang Qu Lian do things sneakily, shady and unpredictable. What else did he say?"

"He didn't say anything important. Disciple usually tries to avoid him, but he took the initiative to find me and I couldn't brush him off. I was afraid that if I offended him, he would take the opportunity to make things difficult for junior brother."

Zhong Kui looked at Fan Wu She: "He scared you?" Fan Wu She said disdainfully, "He can't scare me."
"That man, no, ghost, he is always a ghost. A virgin boy with good roots like you is a great supplement to ghosts." Zhong Kui pondered for a moment, and then dove into the messy cabinet. After some time, he pulled out a jingling and ringing thing.

It was a red-copper coloured rope chain, with a handle at one end and a spear at the other.

Zhong Kui said, "This is the soul hooking rope bestowed by the emperor.
With it, you can travel between the human and ghost realms."

Fan Wu She's face was calm and unruffled, but a flash of joy passed through his eyes.

A soul weapon! This was exactly the first thing he needed.

Xie Bi An was a little flustered: "Master, the soul weapon is a magical weapon given by the emperor to the underworld generals, if official Lord Cui knows that you gave it to junior brother, I'm afraid ..." "Aiya, don't be so afraid of Zi Yu, he doesn't even eat people. Since Wu She has become my disciple, then it is also counted as a Yin servant, just wait for the emperor to come out and confer him a title."

"Then, what kind of servant is he?"

Zhong Kui thought about it and suddenly clapped his hands: "Impermanence."


Zhong Kui laughed: "Right, you two can be impermanence together, one black and one white, one yin and one yang is the Dao. Who says only one person can be impermanence?”

Although Xie Bi An had been prepared for Zhong Kui's jumpiness and unreliability for more than ten years, he was still scared to death this time. His master really treated the Underworld as his home, otherwise, how is he able to cross over the emperor to appoint as the Underworld General?

"In the future when you go harvest souls, you will have a companion, so master won’t be worried.”

"Master, this matter is not a child's play. What if the emperor comes out..."

"That would be an unknown number of years later, why worry about that now." Zhong Kui lazily stretched his waist, "you as a living person, in this underworld, you really need an identity, otherwise, it’ll be very dangerous. With this soul weapon, Jiang Qu Lian will not dare to touch you, and the big and small ghosts in the Underworld will also respect you."

"Many thanks, Master." Fan Wu She held that soul hooking rope, his heart surging.

With the soul weapon, he could travel unhindered through most of Jiuyou! "However, the soul weapon is not an ordinary magical weapon. With a trace of the emperor's divine thought attached, it can only be used to collect souls and travel through the Yin-Yang Monument. It must not be abused." Zhong Kui said half-jokingly and half-seriously, "If you use it to cause trouble, don't blame me for disregarding our master and disciple relationship and clean up the door*."

"Disciple will remember."

Although Xie Bi An was also worried, but when he thought about how much the emperor valued his master, almost to the point of indulgence, maybe that's why his master was so carefree. And seeing that Fan Wu She was obviously happy, he couldn't help but be happy for him, "Junior brother, since master has granted it to you, let's give this soul hooking rope a name."

Fan Wu She looked at him, the corners of his lips curved slightly: "Bieyanghong*." A trace of affection in the depths of his pupils almost leaked out.

clean up the door* [清理门⼾]--- to eliminate or rectify the members of the faction who had humiliated the reputation of the sect. To expel the saboteurs in the group or punish those who violated discipline in the group.

Bieyanghong*[别样红]---So…this is a “couple name” with Xie Bi An’s Wuqiongbi [⽆穷碧]. Shui Qian Cheng came out with this from a poem


“接天莲叶⽆穷碧,映⽇荷花别样红“: The poem is a vivid depiction of the beauty of the West Lake in Hangzhou in summer, and is a classic work
of singing about this scenery. The poem expresses the author's admiration for the beauty of West Lake in June, and at the same time, the author is in a happy mood to send off his friend from the "different kind of red". The reader can appreciate that the author is walking with his friend on the road while laughing and talking with him. Only with such a "laughing and joking" state of mind can one appreciate the poetic feeling of "the endless blue of the lotus leaves in the sky and the distinctive red of the lotus flowers on the sun".

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Chapter 18

Xie Bi An took two packs of white hair and a jar of Xiaoyaoniang* and took Fan Wu She to the Red Palace.

This white hair was bought by Xie Bi An previously in Fengdu City. He intended to give it to Cui Jue, but today Zhong Kui gave the soul hooking rope to Fan Wu She, and he thought that if Cui Jue knew about this, it would not be able to be erased by two bags of tea, so he planned not to go to the judge's house for the time being.

Along the way, they met a lot of Yin servants, and they were all respectful when they saw the two of them. The soul weapon was an alternative magical weapon because it was attached to the divine thoughts of the Emperor Beiyin, and it had an intimidating effect on ghosts.

"Senior brother." Fan Wu She suddenly asked, "Have you ever been to places outside the Underworld?"

"Where do you mean? Hell?"

Hearing the word "hell", Fan Wu She's pupils instantly tightened: "You've been to hell?"

"I've been there, but I never want to go there again." Xie Bi An took the opportunity to educate him, "I want you to keep a low profile in the mortal realm and create less karma. It’s for your own good. Sometimes people may not have the intention to do evil, but even if they make a big mistake unintentionally, after death, they will be burdened by karma, and will go to hell to suffer the punishment." Fan Wu She did not speak.

"Why, are you curious? Want to go to hell and take a look?" "No."
He had suffered a hundred years of extreme punishment in the Infernal Hell. Who else could be more familiar with hell than him. He would not return to hell, but he could bring hell back to earth.

"Well, it's better not to go, that place is scary." "I was just referring to Jiuyou."
"Oh, of course I've been there, I've toured Jiuyou with my master many times."

"What kind of place is Jiuyou?"

"The world has a lot of speculation about Jiuyou. In fact, Jiuyou is the place where ghosts live. There are three kinds of ghosts in Jiuyou. The majority are the ghosts born in the Hungry Ghost Path, such as Jiang Qu Lian, who are ghost citizens that lived very long in Jiuyou. There are also fierce ghosts that reincarnate from the Hell Path. Those reincarnate from the Hell Path, did great evil deeds in life. After the completion of the sentence in the underworld’s hell, they have to re-enter the Hell Path. No human form, no intelligence, no memory, just suffering, cannot transcend forever. These evil ghosts are mostly hidden underwater, dense forests, and mountains. Finally, there are ghosts who do not want to be reincarnated for various reasons. They each live in their own area because hungry ghosts and evil ghosts can eat ghosts." Xie Bi An said, "The five ghost emperors are responsible for guarding Jiuyou’s barrier so that humans and ghosts do not intrude each other. But they don’t care about the fights between ghost citizens, so Jiuyou is lawless and very dangerous."

"I'm a little curious about Jiuyou." Fan Wu She said. "The next time Master patrols Jiuyou, you can go together, but we can't go to Jiuyou without permission."


Xie Bi An laughed, "Didn't senior brother just say that Jiuyou is very dangerous."

"With the soul weapon, wouldn’t ghosts dare not come to attack us easily?"

"One or two is naturally no need to fear. If there are more, we’ll be outnumbered ah."

"Really? No wonder majority of those who secretly went to Jiuyou have gone without return."

Xie Bi An shook his head helplessly, "Yes, for a hundred years, there are always people finding loopholes in the barrier and try to go to Jiuyou to find the Xuanyuan Heavenly Secret talisman. The place was sealed by the emperor himself and will not be easily found."

Fan Wu She narrowed his eyes slightly and murmured, "It can't be found easily."

"Not only are people looking for the Xuan Yuan Heavenly Secret Talisman, the ghosts are likewise looking for it. That magical weapon is just too powerful. In fact, I've always suspected that the Heavenly Secret Talisman has been destroyed by the emperor, but master said that even with the emperor's cultivational level, he is not able to destroy it."

"Of course, that is a magical weapon that can command the soldiers of the three realms." Fan Wu She was as if inquiring, but also as if speaking to himself, "that kind of magical weapon, where would it be sealed in…”

"Fortunately, Song Zi Xiao is only a mortal after all. Even with his top cultivation level in the mortal realm, he can only summon the Yin soldiers, otherwise, the earth will become hell." During the conversation, a deep ochre-colored palace appeared in front of them, which looked extraordinarily gloomy in the dark underworld.

"Ah, here it is." Xie Bi An took a deep breath and said reluctantly. The two Yin servants guarding the entrance led the two inside.
Jiang Qu Lian was lying on a couch, eating the grapes while flipping through the picture book in his hand.

With one look, Xie Bi An immediately recognize picture book, which is currently very trendy in the mortal realm, called [Rising Dragon Diary]. This story is about a young man from a lowly background who reaches the top of the immortal path. Though the plot is very exaggerated, it's quite good. Maybe this chapter 39 is released recently as he still hasn’t bought it.

As the king of the ghost king, Jiang Qu Lian have ways to get good things in the mortal realm. He does not even need to step out of the red palace. Xie Bi An naturally will not really think that he is scheming for this tea and wine.

Looking at a pair of handsome young men in black and white, Jiang Qu Lian slightly curved his eyes: "Impermanence, what good things did you bring me?"

"Hopefully Red King does not dislike, here are two packs of white hairs, and a jar of Xiaoyaoniang."

"How do you know I won’t mind." Xie Bi An was slightly embarrassed.
Jiang Qu Lian laughed: "I'm just teasing you. You're paying tribute to me, of course I like it, put it down."

Just when Xie Bi An put down his things, Jiang Qu Lian suddenly let out a "Huh" and looked at Fan Wu She: "Why do you suddenly have a ghostly aura on you?" He immediately understood and said in surprise, "Did Heaven Master give you a soul weapon?" Xie Bi An solemnly said, "From now on, junior brother and I will serve together as impermanence."

"Serve together?" Jiang Qu Lian narrowed his long, phoenix eyes, "How to serve together?"

"Master said that we are one black and one white, one yin and one yang is the Dao."

"White impermanent, black impermanent?" Jiang Qu Lian let out a cold snort, "Since when can Heaven Master appoint the Underworld General? Could it be that the emperor is in seclusion and this underworld is his call?"

"The so-called appointment is not really an appointment. I’m not listed as a ghost immortal and I do not get an official salary, just the title only. Harvesting souls together with senior brother only." Fan Wu She eyes condensed into frost, "As for the soul weapon, since the emperor bestowed it to master, whoever master wants to give it to, no one else has a say."

Xie Bi An hurriedly gave Fan Wu She a facial expression, signalling him to shut up.

Jiang Qu Lian chuckled. He sat up, gathered his loose lapels, and lazily stood up from the couch, walking towards them step by step.

Xie Bi An stared warily at Jiang Qu Lian

This man's cultivation level is high enough to be Zhong Kui's opponent, and his temperament is so evil that no one can understand it, so there is a reason why Xie Bi An is afraid of him.

Jiang Qu Lian stood still in front of Xie Bi An: "Bi An, you have been very cute since you were a child, but this junior brother of yours is not cute at all." As he spoke, he stretched out his hand, and his long, slender fingers probed Xie Bi An's cheek.

With a "clang" sound, Ting Mo was half-sheathed, blocking Jiang Qu Lian’s hand. In a flash of lightning, Jiang Qu Lian used his thumb and index finger to pinch the blade of the sword. His little finger was slightly curved. That force seemed like twisting a flower, elegant and light, but the sword could not move again.

Xie Bi An said softly, "Wu She, don't be rude."

Fan Wu She is half a head shorter than Jiang Qu Lian, but his aura is not weak at all. Xie Bi An is very confused. His junior brother, how come he doesn’t seem to be afraid of anything?

Jiang Qu Lian let go of his hand and said flirtatiously, "What, I can't touch your brother?"

"Cannot touch."

Jiang Qu Lian said with a low laugh, "I was wrong, you are actually quite cute."

Xie Bi An's forehead sweated: "Red King, my junior brother is still young, there is no need to lower yourself to his level."

Jiang Qu Lian did not say anything. He grabbed the air, and the jar of Xiaoyaoniang flew directly into his hand. He slapped open the clay seal, held the jar high, and poured the wine into his mouth boldly, "Good wine." He praised.

Xie Bi An said, "Red King, it's getting late, we’ll take our leave." "Wait, there's something I would like to ask you for help."
Xie Bi An's nerves were tense. Jiang Qu Lian used the words "would like" and "help", which really made his heart jump.

"A few days ago, Heaven Master Palace sent people to investigate the ghost named Meng Ke Fei.

"Yes." "Why, because he was killed by core theft?" "Yes."
"His death, I'm afraid, has caused a huge uproar in Wuliang Sect." Jiang Qu Lian looked askance at Xie Bi An, "With that temperament of the Heaven Master, I'm afraid he won't just sit back and do nothing."

“…That is, after all, a mortal realm’s matter. Master has his own discretion."

Jiang Qu Lian sneered: “The mortals feared core stealing demonic cultivators the most. After all, just hearing the demon supreme Song Zi Xiao’s name will make them shiver with fear. Heaven Master do also want to know who murdered Meng Ke Fei, right?"

Xie Bi An looked at Jiang Qu Lian: "Could it be that the Red King knows?"

"I don't know, but someone does." "Who?"
"Meng Ke Fei."

Xie Bi An was stunned: "He didn’t reincarnate?"

"He is in my hands, if you want to know who killed him, just ask him." Xie Bi An said cautiously, "What does the Red King want?"
"There is one thing I want from Heaven Master." The corners of Jiang Qu Lian’s mouth lifted slightly, "Pass on the word to Heaven Master, he will naturally understand."


After leaving the Red Palace, both of them did not look too good. Fan Wu She couldn't help but ask, "He usually treats you frivolously like this?"

Yet Xie Bi An didn't even listen to what Fan Wu She was saying, "No, this matter has to be told to Master as soon as possible, but Master must have already gone to bed, well…tomorrow morning then."

"Senior brother." Fan Wu She suddenly blocked in front of Xie Bi An.

Xie Bi An was not paying attention, and the two of them collided directly with each other.

Xie Bi An immediately steadied himself and subconsciously grabbed Fan Wu She’s arm.

A fragrance of orchids permeates the nostrils, and Fan Wu She’s heart and soul are stirred. He hurriedly waved away Xie Bi An's hand.

Xie Bi An also felt a bit awkward. Earlier on, Fan Wu She did say that he does not like people to touch him, even if it’s not targeted at him. But it's always a little embarrassing to seem to be disliked in this way.

Xie Bi An looked at Fan Wu She in confusion, "Junior brother, what did you just say?"

Xie Bi An's eyes were large and dark, as clean and pure as a small deer, making it impossible to contain the thought of how one would think of these eyes when they were tainted by lust.

Fan Wu She’s Adam’s apple rolled up and down: "Does he usually… treat you like that too?"

"Which kind?"

A desire that overrides reason, desperately suppressed but on the verge of erupting, forcing Fan Wu She to quickly reach out his hand and cupped Xie Bi An's cheek.

Xie Bi An was startled. Fan Wu She said deeply: “Like this.” The fingertips that were pressed against the cheeks were as hot as if they were burning up. He wanted to touch more, wanted to…

Xie Bi An was puzzled by Fan Wu She’s abnormality, but still didn't understand what Fan Wu She really wanted to ask and said: “He seldom threatens me. Most of the time, he probably takes pleasure in seeing me scared.” While saying, he pulled Fan Wu She’s hand down, "You don't have to worry, as long as Master is around, he wouldn't dare to really do anything to us."

Fan Wu She put his hand behind his back, clenched into a fist as if to retain the rapidly draining temperature of this person.

Xiaoyaoniang*[逍遥酿]---just a wine’s name

Chapter 19

Xie Bi An originally planned to tell Zhong Kui about Jiang Qu Lian early in the morning, but when he woke up, he found that Zhong Kui was instructing Fan Wu She to practice his sword and saw that his little junior brother's black clothes had become grey from dust, so he must have been practising for a while.

Xie Bi An watched from one side interestingly.

This Heaven Master Palace has been desolated for too long. For his safety, master never allowed Yin servants to serve him. Bo Zhu also did not come for a year or two. Before that, only two of them, master and disciple, are in the palace. Since young, he yearned to have a companion of similar age. Although this wish is a little late, he is still very happy. He hoped that the three of them and Bo Zhu can always continue like this.

Master and disciple made several moves in a row, and Fan Wu She was once again broken by Zhong Kui's attack, knocking the sword out of his hand.


Kui admonished without mercy, "There is nothing wrong with your moves, and

your foundation is solid, but your speed is too slow, and your killing energy

is too heavy. You only have five points of strength, yet have ten points of pride. Having high standards with little ability is not beneficial.”

Fan Wu She's breath is unstable, but his eyes are not indignant, instead, it seems to be calm, because what master said was not wrong. He previously thought that Zhong Kui was called number one in the world because of the Eastern Emperor's Bell and there was a controversy in the cultivational world. After all, Zhong Kui had not fought with Xu Zhi nan and Li Bu Yu before, so it was not clear whether he would win or lose. Now it seems that even without the Eastern Emperor's Bell, Zhong Kui is still the top master in the world of immortal cultivation and is worthy of being Xie Bi An's master.

Xie Bi An contained his laughter and said: "Master, Wu She, go rest for a while, it's almost mealtime."

"Alright, let's go eat." Zhong Kui swaggered away.

"Wu She, you must have benefited a lot from the guidance of your master." Xie Bi An brought a towel and gestured for Fan Wu She to wipe the dust on his clothes.

"Not bad." Fan Wu She said.

"Arrogant." Xie Bi An reprimanded, "Just now the master also criticized you. Complacency leads to loss, modesty leads to gain. You must change this bad habit of arrogance."

Fan Wu She said, "I am telling the truth."

Xie Bi An frowned at him, "You are really young and arrogant, do you want to be punished again? "

Thinking of the last time he scrubbed the floor for a day, which made Fan Wu She quite annoyed, he looked askance at Xie Bi An, "Can senior brother win over me?"

"What?" "Senior brother and I will have a match. If you win, I will do whatever you want."

Xie Bi An was exasperated: "Is this how you behave as a junior brother?" "I have never been a junior brother before."
"Fine, let's have a match some other day." Xie Bi An thought, I really need to cure this kid's arrogant temperament.

"Senior brother, what if you lose?" Unintentionally asking this question, Fan Wu She stared at Xie Bi A's dark eyes, his heartbeat suddenly accelerated. A voice rang in his head - "Big brother, what if you lose?" How would he answer, would he say...

"At your disposal."

Fan Wu She's has a stagnation in his chest, followed by a surge of Qi and blood.

Back then, when he returned to Daming with the map of Shanhe Sheji and Xuan Yuan Heavenly Secret talisman, he had the exact same conversation with Song Zi Heng, who had already trampled on the throne and fought to the death.

When he won, how did he "dispose" of Song Zi Heng?

He pinned Song Zi Heng on the throne in the Sanqing Hall of Wuji Palace and did what he had always wanted to do. He wanted his big brother, who had killed his father and brother for the sake of the throne, to have a taste of the price of becoming the Song Emperor at all costs, such that when he sat that every day to think of how he was on this throne like a dog getting F***ed by his own younger brother!

However, Xie Bi An is not Song Zi Heng. When he said these four words, his face does not have the determination of walking to the end of the mountain, only the spirit of a teenager, glowing - he does not think he will lose. Fan Wu She’s face was stern: "You make such promises easily even when you are sparring with others?"

Xie Bi An didn't care much: "Why? Your brother has never lost a sparring match with anyone. If I really lose, I will have to concede the bet. Come on, let's go have breakfast."

"Aren't you afraid that people will ask for something inappropriate?" "What
kind of demands? I'm a big man, it's not like I have to devote my heart to him."

After he said, he laughed out loud.

Fan Wu She stared at the back of his head.

"Wu She, you also have to be willing to bet and accept defeat. If you lose, you have to obey your senior brother." Xie Bi An turned his head and smiled at Fan Wu She, "You, are not yet a match for senior brother, I will teach you a good lesson."

Fan Wu She walked a few steps faster and walked side by side with Xie Bi An: "If you lose, aren't you afraid that I'll ask for something inappropriate?"

"Oh?" Xie Bi An thought that his junior brother was very interesting sometimes, "What kind of demands would you have? Let's hear it."

Fan Wu She pursed his lips, "I haven't thought about it." "Then think about it, you might be able to use it one day."

During their meal, Xie Bi An told Zhong Kui about what happened last night at the Red Palace. Zhong Kui snorted coldly, "Do you know what he wants?" "Magical Weapon?"
"Yes, in the early years, I got a magical weapon, a doppelganger handed down by the Southern Miao cultivator of witchcraft, which can be a host body for spiritual energy or a soul, and after being hosted, it will transform into the shape the host wants."

"He wants to use it as a spirit house?"

People from the underworld have no physical body in the mortal realm. Even if they force themselves to take on the body of a living person, they will not be able to sustain for long, and they will lose their cultivation level. If they want to stay in the mortal realm fora long time, they need a body that can be hosted. This body is called the spirit house.

With the cultivation level of Jiang Qu Lian, he can quench the spirit house, but spirit houses made of grass and wood, will not last and will rot after a few days, so he probably wants a specific magical weapon for hosting the soul.

Zhong Kui nodded.

"What does he want the spirit house for?" Xie Bi An frowned, "The emperor doesn't allow him to casually go to the mortal realm."

"How to stop him? As long as he doesn't cause any trouble, even the emperor will turn a blind eye to it." Zhong Kui took a bite of rice, "Anyway, he probably would not dare to mess around, at least not to be known by me. But I still can't give him a spirit house."

"Master is right, what about Meng Ke Fei?"

Zhong Kui said, "I will go and meet him This person is cunning, and what he says should not be trusted."

"That's right." "In

a few days, it will be Li Bu Yu’s birthday. Because of Meng Ke Fei's incident,

there will not be a birthday banquet this time, but all the major sects will still

send people to offer birthday congratulations, so we will have a reason to go to Yunding.

Bi An, you go and prepare a birthday gift." "Yes."

Mount Shu is known as the number one immortal mountain in the world because Wuliang Sect is stationed there.

But even without Wuliang Sect, Mount Shu has countless mountains competing with their beauties and layers of valleys covered by the clouds. The first great sect of immortals in the world, Wuliang Sect, is located on the summit of the first peak of Mount Shu - Diancang Peak, which is named Yunding because of its cloudy and dense aura.

Wuliang Sect has been established for hundreds of years and was a significant immortal sect in the era of Emperor Song. A hundred years ago, during the siege of the Song Clan, Wuliang Sect made a great achievement, and Li Bu Yu, who was a great pride, carried forward Wuliang Sect, so when the Song Clan was destroyed and a hundred things were waiting to be done, Wuliang Sect rose rapidly, and Li Bu Yu founded the Immortal Alliance and became its leader. Today, Wuliang Sect has more than 10,000 disciples, countless wealth, magical weapons, and high-ranking cultivators, sitting firmly on the throne of the world's top immortal sect.

Li Bu Yu is a decent person, impartial in his duties, highly respected in the cultivational world, and convincing. As a result, Li Bu Yu’s annual birthday has become a grand gathering in the cultivational world, and everyone is invited as a symbol of status.

The most lively town at the foot of Mount Shu is called Lanxi Town, where cultivators are rare to be seen. But here, they are all over the streets, not rare at all.

Zhong Kui with his two disciples is walking in Lanxi town. They stop at every 3 steps and halt at every 5 steps. They want to try whichever wine they see.


Bi An usually has to control Zhong Kui not to drink too much, but he also loves

shopping in the market. Other than wine, there are so many new and interesting

things. He’s unable to look at everything.

So Fan Wu She watched this master and disciple duo couldn’t walk out of this small street for 2 hours.

"Wu She, Wu She." Xie Bi An excitedly waved at Fan Wu She, "Look at this gadget, I've never seen it before, I'll buy one for Bo Zhu, do you like it, I'll buy one for you too?"

Fan Wu She suddenly remembered that last time, when Song Zi Heng went to travel, he would always bring back a large pile of gifts and share them with his younger siblings, a habit that had not changed even after his reincarnation. He swallowed back his words of refusal and said, "Yes."

As Xie Bi An was paying the money when he heard Zhong Kui arguing with someone over there.

"Why isn’t it drawn well?" A scholar said angrily, "Everyone says I have the style of Wu Dao Zi, and my painting of Zhong Kui sells best in Lanxi Town!" " Zhong Kui looks like this? Have you seen him?" Zhong Kui pointed to the picture of the masculine man with a beard and said angrily, "What is this thing, it looks like a dog bear."

"You, you can insult me, but you can't insult Heaven Master!" "It's only insulting to Heaven Master when you draw it like this!"
Xie Bi An ran over in a hurry, holding back his laughter and dragging Zhong Kui back: "Master, forget it. Sir, my master drank some wine, sorry, please don't blame, please don't blame."

The scholar took a look at Xie Bi An and said incredulously, "This little immortal is your disciple? How can you, a rude and impolite person, have such a gentle and handsome disciple."

"This is my disciple!" Zhong Kui flipped through the painting stand and picked up another one, "Why did you draw Cui Zi Yu so beautifully? No, have you ever seen him? Have you ever seen Zhong Kui, have you ever seen Cui Jue?!"

"Master, okay, stop it."

"What's this again? The 'Zhong Kui eating ghost’ painting?" Zhong Kui grabbed the painting and tore it up, "My disciple's cooking is delicious! Who wants to eat ghosts? What's so delicious about ghosts?"

"Not asking you to eat ghosts, you crazy person, you pay for my painting!"

Fan Wu She took out a piece of silver and threw it to the scholar: "Is this enough?"

The scholar weighed the silver, grunted heavily, and cursed as he put away his painting stand.


Kui also cursed and was dragged away by Xie Bi An. "How outrageous, how outrageous." Zhong Kui said angrily, "Your master is also a talented and handsome man, why do they always draw me so ugly."

Xie Bi An held back his laughter, "Well, Master, the people respect you and worship you, they think you have to look fierce so that the ghosts can be suppressed, don't be angry."

"Ridiculous, they also worship Cui Jue as well, why do they draw Cui Jue like a god."

"official Lord Cui does have an immortal style." "And I don't?"

"Heaven Master." A clear voice sounded behind him.

The three turned around and a handsome and elegant young man smiled and arched his hand, "Heavenly Master, by order of the Sect Master, junior welcomes Heaven Master and Immortal Sovereign Impermanence to Yunding."

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Chapter 20

Xie Bi An had been to Lanxi Town and Diancang Peak, but it was the first time he had ever been to Yunding.

There were so many people who wanted to go up to Yunding every day with various purposes that they could not even be driven away, so Wuliang Sect had set up a custom under Diancang Peak and Yunding had a barrier. Xie Bi An only went to Diancang Peak to see the scenery via sword flight.

Yunding was just as described by the world. Like a fairyland surrounded by auspicious clouds, where the green-clad Taoists greeted guests and spring clean in an orderly manner. They stop to greet guests when they encounter them. All rules are obeyed and in perfect order. It is simply an orthodox immortal family.

Although the cultivators’ uniforms of Wuliang Sect are all raven-blue, the cut, materials and embroidery are very different between those who are admitted as disciples and those who are registered as disciples, and there is a difference between the master's enrolled disciples and the elders' enrolled disciples, which can be distinguished at a glance, such as the one who came to greet them on the mountain is an elder's enrolled disciple called Xu Mao.

(those disciples who have admitted are official disciple of WLS. Registered ones are unofficial)

Visitors who came to Yunding for the first time were always a little curious, and Xu Mao dutifully told them, mainly the two Impermanence, about the natural sights of Mount Shu, while expressing his admiration for Zhong Kui several times. While walking along the greenstone path of Yunding, Xie Bi An gradually became silent, his brows tightly locked.

When he had come to Diancang Peak a few years ago, he had developed some sense of familiarity; he only thought it was the mountains and rivers of the world, where there is not much difference in the scenery, but this time when he came Yunding, this feeling got even stronger, and he could not help asking, "Master, when I was a child, did you ever bring me to Yunding?"

Zhong Kui said, "No."

"Not even when you were drunk?" "Hmph, your master isn't that confused."
Xie Bi An looked at Zhong Kui, half-believed, and muttered, "Then why do I think I've been here."

Xu Mao laughed, "Has little white master seen some of the folk paintings of Yunding? It's everywhere."


Fan Wu She looked at Xie Bi An thoughtfully.

There was a sense of familiarity with the Zongxuan Sword Technique, and a sense of familiarity with Yunding, could it be that some memories from his previous life really did linger?

After Xu Mao settled the three of them down, he explained, "Elder Master originally wanted to greet Heaven Master personally, but recently, because of the matter of senior brother Meng, he as an old man has been sad and strained, and his health is not good, so I hope Heaven Master will bear with me."

Zhong Kui waved his hand, "There is no need to be polite. But when can I see him?" "Elder Master is hosting a private banquet tomorrow night for just a few old friends, at that time junior will come to fetch Heaven Master."


"Heaven Master and Immortal Sovereign Impermanence can move around Yunding as much as you like, if you have any requests, or if you want to go to places like the Yuanyang Pond, Lanxi Town etc., just tell the disciples serving you. Junior will also be happy to serve you at any time."

After Xu Mao left, Xie Bi An took a look around. The mansion is built on the cliff, when pushed open the window, it is as if you can wander through the sea of clouds. This place is quiet and elegant. Living in a single courtyard has quite a bit of seclusion flavour.

"I'm going to meet my old friends, you guys go ahead and have fun." Zhong Kui said, humming a little tune and left.

Xie Bi An admired the peaks and ravines in the distance and exclaimed, "It's so beautiful." "Have you really never been here before?"
"Strange to say, I think I've been here before. Just now on Yunding, the mountain gate ah, the building ah, the eight trigrams platform, I seem to have some impression, but I can't remember when I've been here."

"Just like Zongxuan Sword?"

"Yes, just like Zongxuan Sword." Xie Bi An shook his head with a smile, "I don't know why, maybe I had been a disciple of Wuliang Sect in whichever lifetime?"

Fan Wu She looked at the bewildered Xie Bi An, his emotion was very complicated. On one hand, he knew that Xie Bi An was not Song Zi Heng, but on the other hand, he was sure that he was this person in both his past and present lives. No matter what, he would not let Xie Bi An become Song Zi Heng. "Wu She, it's still early, let's go play?" "Go where?" "There is a mysterious flower in Diancang Peak which blooms in autumn, but unfortunately it is not yet in season. Lanxi Town, well, it's most bustling at night. There is a shop that sells supper which always has a queue every night. I must bring you to try. But now at this time of year, it's so hot..." Xie Bi An thought about it, "Right, let's go swimming in the Mandarin Duck Pond."


"You must have heard of Mandarin Duck Pond, one cold and one hot alternating two spiritual springs have the effect of nourishing the body, benefit life and prolong life. To go soak in a cold spring in this weather..."

"Not going." Fan Wu She flatly refused.
"Why ah? Is it because you can't swim? Senior brother can teach you." "No." Fan Wu She said expressionlessly, "I don't like to expose my body
in front of people." Xie Bi An laughed twice: "Why are you still shy, you're not a little girl."

"Do you often expose your body in front of people?"

Xie Bi An thought this was a strange question: "But you can't wear clothes when you go in the water."

Fan Wu She said angrily: "Anyway, I'm not going." "Then I'll go by myself..."
"You are not allowed to go either!" Fan Wu She said in a loud voice.
Xie Pei An smiled good-naturedly: "You don't want to go, and don't let senior brother go, then you tell me, what do you want to do."

F*** you up. Fan Wu She thought viciously. But at this moment, he could only think about it. Before he could retrieve the Xuan Yuan Heavenly Secret talisman, he must not reveal his identity. He did not even dare to touch this person easily.

He will find the power that belonged to him in his previous life, avenge his unfinished revenge from his previous life, and get everything that he failed to get in his previous life.

Fan Wu She said, "I've never been to Mount Shu, please show me around. We'll go for supper at night."


The two of them wandered around Yunding, looking at the grandeur of this number one immortal sect in the world. Some of the buildings were considered monuments, having been damaged in the great battle with the Song, and the more Xie Bi An looked at them, the more he could not stop the sense of vague familiarity.

When they reached the Eight Trigrams Platform, Xie Bi An felt his heart plummeting for no apparent reason.

The Eight Trigrams Platform is located at the highest point of Yunding, which is also the highest point on Mount Shu. It is built on a steep cliff, surrounded by clouds and mist, and from afar, the large circular platform seems to float in mid-air. It is the platform where Wuliang Sect holds ancestral and Heavenly rituals, but what is most remembered and talked about today is that it was on this platform that Song Zi Heng, the last human emperor of the immortal world, killed his father and usurped the throne a hundred years ago.

As the two of them walked up to this place, not only was Fan Wu She overwhelmed by memories, Xie Bi An also experienced a feeling he had never felt before. It seemed to be fear and panic. In short, he realised he was resisting this place.

After only one step up, Xie Bi An froze. Fan Wu She stood behind him, his pupils dark and gloomy.

Xie Bi An's legs felt like they had taken root and he was reluctant to go up any higher as if there were a flood of beasts up there. He was so disturbed by this feeling that he walked up with a mind that does not believe in evil.

The eight trigrams platform was a huge, black and white eight trigrams diagram, The pattern of yin and yang seemed to have some kind of magic power, which immediately gripped Xie Bi An's heart, and he was suddenly in a trance, he saw scarlet blood between the pure black and the white!

A sharp pain shot through Xie Bi An's brain and his body swayed and collapsed.

"Big brother!" Fan Wu She grabbed Xie Bi An, letting him fall into his arms.

Xie Bi An's remaining wisp of sanity let out a puzzled whisper: "... Big ... brother?"


Fan Wu She looked at Xie Bi An, who was still trembling, sweating and dreaming on the bed with his eyes tightly closed, and his mind was full of doubts.

Why would Xie Bi An faint on the eight trigrams platform? He’s strong and healthy, definitely is not because of a sudden illness. Also, there is no sign of poisoning. The only possible explanation was that he had been given too much of a shock on the platform.

To Song Zi Heng, the eight trigrams platform was indeed an unforgettable place in his life, where he had committed two of the world's greatest evils - killing his father and committing regicide. Since then, both loyalty and filial piety have been lost and have led Daming Song clan to ruin. But Xie Bi An should not have remembered. He drank Mengpo soup and forgot his previous life.

But how can he explain what happened today?

In his sleep, Xie Bi An was still in fear, his frowning brows, twitching eyelids and grey lips adding to his vulnerability.

After looking at him for a long time, Fan Wu She could not help but reach out his hand and gently stroke his pale cheek, tracing every part of his features and every inch of his skin. A layer of puffy sweat appeared on his face, which felt like boiling water, scalding his hand and making it tremble slightly.

Fan Wu She leaned down and stared at Xie Bi An from close range, his dangling eyes glowing with a bestial intensity that did not match his age or appearance. He closed his eyes and opened again as if struggling. Finally, he grabbed Xie Bi An’s chin and kissed that slightly parted lips fiercely.

That lips were moist and cool, so soft that they seemed unable to withstand any kind of pressure. The moment their lips pressed together, Fan Wu She's mind went blank, and then, like water flowing down from a high mountain, like a thousand horses rushing on a boundless grassland, like countless fireworks exploding in the night sky, his body trembled, barely able to withstand the tide of love that was raging at this moment.

It has been a hundred years.

A hundred years of being sent to the infernal hell, he had suffered endless and endless torture to atone for the thousands of killings he had made. Almost no one could keep their heart sane in the infernal hell, but he had endured a hundred years by relying on the three words: Song Zi Heng. He would not forget this man, he would not forget these lips, he would not forget this body, and he would not forget the love-hate relationship entangling between them.

His longing was a behemoth about to break free, but in the end, he did not dare to kiss too deeply or too hard. He savoured these lips and teeth, and leaving his own mark on this person, and only until Xie Bi An struggled unconsciously from breathlessness did he reluctantly let go.

"You are mine, you are mine ...," Fan Wu She murmured painfully as he gently touched the warm and cool lips, "you will be mine in the end."

The knock on the door suddenly sounded.

Fan Wu She fiercely bounced up and said in a stern voice, "Who!"

The person outside the door was startled, "Uh, I'm, Xu Mao, I heard that little white master’s health unwell, so I came to visit."

"No need, he's just tired."

"Really? Don't need to call a doctor?" "No need."
"Then I won't bother you. By the way, there is one more thing, Lord Lan has arrived. He had asked me to come and let little white master know if we could have a chat in the evening, but I didn't expect my disciple to say that little white master is unwell ..."

"Who?" Fan Wu She alertly asked.

"Oh, Jingling Xianyue pavilion’s Lord Lan, Lan Chui Han."


PS: Finally a kiss YEEEEEEEEEEE
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