Wu Chang Jie Chapter 101-110

Chapter 101

They thought they will continue to be hunted when they returned to the Ice Palace, but the Ice Palace was no longer the same as it was before when they entered the Spirit Palace.

Qi Meng Sheng's frost broke through the boundary, and the vast Ice Palace became a true demonic cave of ice and snow. The floor, beams, tables, chairs and ornaments, were all covered in a thick layer of frost and snow, as if the place had been lifted off the top and a heavy snowfall like a downpour, covering everything with an eerie white, never to see the day again.

The disciples of the Cangyu Sect who did not have time to escape, or of lower rank, turned into stiff ice statues, emitting a cold deadly aura.

"Master, big brother Lan ..." Xie Bi An jumped off Fan Wu She anxiously, but just as his feet touched the ground, he fell into the snow.

Fan Wu She was flustered and exasperated and held up his feet, "Do you still want your feet anymore?"

"I'm going to help the Master." Xie Bi An pushed Fan Wu She away, drew out Pei Xue and rose up with his sword.

The moment he stood up, the pain in his two feet was so intense that Xie Bi An rocked back and forth on his sword. Blue veins protruded from his forehead, his fists clenched, blood almost oozed out from his lips from biting before he forced himself to steady himself. "Senior brother!"

Seeing Xie Bi An flying out of the ice palace with his sword, Fan Wu She could only chase after him.

The moment he rushed out of the Ice Palace, the blinding white light forced Xie Bi An to close his eyes tightly, and when he opened them again, he was stunned.

The vast and boundless white was from here to the far end where the naked eye could not reach. There was only white, even the blue waves of Fengming Lake had disappeared because it was covered with white snow. There was nothing else but white.

This white took away all the colours of heaven and earth, sucked the life out of all things, and brought the cold hell to earth.

Above Fengming Lake, an icy demoness wielding white feathered wings is looking coldly out of the sky at all beings. Beside her hovers a clear ice coffin, and that person sealed in it is dressed in a lake blue suit, with black hair like ink.

It was none other than Lan Chui Han.

Zhong Kui pointed his sword at the blue sky and said sternly, "Qi Meng Sheng, if you kill the son of Xianyue Pavilion, there will be no turning back!"

"I have long since unable to turn back." Qi Meng Sheng had white hair and white eyebrows. Her face was bloodless and expressionless. She no longer looked like a human being, "My body is already extremely decayed. Even with a high cultivation level, it is as difficult as a mortal to defeat the fate of heaven. If I cannot ascend after death, then what have I sought in this lifetime?”

"To ask the Dao and cultivate, one must seek to understand the Dao. If one cultivates just because one wants to ascend and become an immortal, how can one enlighten the method of Dao with such utilitarianism? This is neglecting the fundamentals and concentrating on the details!” Zhong Kui's loud voice echoed in the cold wind.

"Neglecting the fundamentals and concentrating on the details?" Qi Meng Sheng said coldly, "Why can't cultivation just be about becoming immortal. Who doesn't want to become immortal?"

"Since everyone wants to become immortal, then cultivate diligently is the way to go. Why do you not follow the right path and have to harm people?

"After the disconnection between heaven and earth, the spiritual energy on earth is constantly being depleted, and now it is so thin. In the past few hundred years, no one even ascended after breaking up the corpse. Walking the right path will lead to nothing despite having hundred years of cultivation.” Qi Meng Sheng said with one word, "I, am, not, willing."

"So you want to find the reincarnation of the human emperor and dig up his golden core?"

"Only the Absolute Human Emperor can allow me to reshape my flesh with the Ice Crystal." Qi Meng Sheng sneered, "If the celestial beings don't want us to become immortals, I will borrow an immortal core from the reincarnation of the celestial beings."

"I will never let you get away with it!"

Qi Meng Sheng waved her hand, and the icy coffin that had frozen Lan Chui Han suddenly rose: "Hand over the Qingfeng Sword, or else I will smash him to pieces. On the Huangquan Road, you will personally guide his human soul, just in time to explain to him why you did not save him."

Zhong Kui clenched his back molar teeth, his expression showed endless struggles.

"Qi Meng Sheng!" Xie Bi An shouted. Zhong Kui was relieved to see Xie Bi An and Fan Wu She: "Are you guys all right?"

"Master, you're injured." Xie Bi An saw the blood on Zhong Kui's body and was distressed.

"It's not a problem. What are you guys doing out here?"

Xie Bi An spread out his hand and said to Qi Meng Sheng, "Do you recognise what this is?"

In his hand lay an ancient wooden ruler. Qi Meng Sheng narrowed her eyes.
"Gong Shu Ju is in my hands, and so is that man and the Seven Star Lamp." Xie Bi An said in a loud voice, "Release Mr Lan."

"That man? What man?" Zhong Kui said.

"The man I saw at the bottom of Fengming Lake last night." Fan Wu She replied.

A sinister expression flashed across Qi Meng Sheng's face as she snorted coldly, "Then leave it here with you."

"You!" Xie Bi An said angrily, "Aren't you afraid that I will kill him? He is very important to you, isn't he?"

"As an underworld general, how can you kill an innocent person indiscriminately." Qi Meng Sheng looked at Xie Bi An from a high position. She always felt that this little Impermanence immortal looked familiar, but she did not think deeply about it, "Keep him, when I get the Golden Trunk Jade Policy, then I will exchange the boy from the Lan family with you."

"Don’t you think about it!" Fan Wu She asked, "The innocent man you are talking about, is it Cheng Yan Zhi?"

Zhong Kui looked at Fan Wu She with slight surprise.

Qi Meng Sheng's expression looked sluggish, and she looked at Fan Wu She with a fierce gleam in her eyes.

"It seems so." Fan Wu She said in a deep voice, "Why do you want to keep Cheng Yan Zhi. What does it have to do with Xu Zhi Nan?"

Qi Meng Sheng did not answer. Her gaze shifted to Zhong Kui, "Heaven Master Zhong, hand over the Qingfeng Sword. Otherwise, I will not only kill Lan Chui Han, but I will also freeze everyone in Kunlun and other continents into ice."

"You crazy person…" Zhong Kui gritted his teeth and glared at Qi Meng Sheng.

"Hand over Qingfeng Sword!" Qi Meng Sheng opened her five fingers, and Lan Chui Han plummeted to the ground from a high altitude.

"Stop!" Zhong Kui shouted.

That ice coffin braked violently when it was near the ground. Xie Bi An's heart almost stopped for a moment.
Fan Wu She narrowed his eyes. It was extremely foolish to hand over Qingfeng Sword because of Lan Chui Han, but he knew Zhong Kui would definitely compromise.

Sure enough, Zhong Kui took a deep breath and threw Qingfeng Sword into the snow.

With a bang, the Heaven Master of the Underworld, the Immortal Lord in the present age, the acknowledged number one man in the world, was thus surrendered with his sword. Qi Meng Sheng sucked away Qingfeng Sword from across the void.

Zhong Kui said in a deep voice, "Qi Meng Sheng, the Golden Trunk Jade Policy is only a legend. Even if you have the Soul Weapon, you may not be able to find the Mount Tai Boundary."

"I will find it." Qi Meng Sheng took Lan Chui Han with her and flew off into the distance without looking back.

Zhong Kui stared deadly at Qi Meng Sheng’s back.

"Master." Xie Bi An flew to Zhong Kui and grabbed his arm, carefully checking his injuries, "Are you badly injured, did you bring any medicine?"

"A small injury, it's not a problem." Zhong Kui's face was full of anger, "This demonic woman, she is simply heartless."

"Master, can she really find the Golden Trunk Jade Policy? I'm afraid that only official Lord Cui knows where the Golden Trunk Jade Policy is."

"The Golden Trunk Jade Policy has long been a legend on earth, yet she actually knows about it. Perhaps she read about it from some lost ancient book. Looking at her confident manner, I'm afraid she can really find it."

"Then how? If we really let her know who is the reincarnation of the human emperor, won't that person be in danger?"

Zhong Kui said in a deep voice, "We must not let her have her way. Otherwise, it would be a repeat of the nightmare from a hundred years ago."

Xie Bi An gasped. A hundred years ago, during the era of Emperor Song, the matchless demon supreme Song Zi Xiao had swept away the entire immortal cultivation world, and everyone had to live under his lustful authority to survive. If Qi Meng Sheng cast an ice crystal body, nobody could ever defeat her, and everything that happened in that year will repeat itself.

Unless Zhong Kui uses the Eastern Emperor's Bell to deal with her. But Eastern Emperor’s Bell is used to fill up the gap of Fengdu boundary. Without the Bell, millions of ghosts will roam the earth, and the people in Jiuzhou will be in a terrible situation.

Now that Zhong Kui did not have Qingfeng Sword, it was impossible for them to stop Qi Meng Sheng. In just one night, the immortal cultivation world had come to a life-and-death situation.

Xie Bi An said, "Master, let's immediately inform the Immortal Alliance. With the strength of the Immortal Alliance, we can definitely stop Qi Meng Sheng."

"They have heard that the demon foal Wuya has appeared and are already on their way to Kunlun." Zhong Kui remembered Wuya and turned his head to look for it, but the sky and earth were white, where was the shadow of the skeletal warhorse? "It's not frozen to death, is it?"

"Wuya was originally an evil spirit, it couldn't have died again." Fan Wu She said, "It was just buried in the snow."

Zhong Kui frowned slightly, "You do know clearly." Fan Wu She didn't answer.
"Let me ask you, how did you know that the man was Cheng Yan Zhi?" "I guessed."
"Bullshit, how did you guess?"

Xie Bi'an let out an "ah" and his body plunged downwards. "Senior brother!"
"Bi An!"

The two of them held Xie Bi An at the same time. "Master, we are both injured, why don't we go back to the Ice Palace to recuperate first?" Xie Bi An was grimacing in pain. Although there was an element of drama, the pain was real.

Zhong Kui looked at Xie Bi An's foot and then at Fan Wu She's bloodstained front lapel, "Who did this?"

"The Flying Plume Ambassadors, but we captured them." "Go back to the Ice Palace first."

Xie Bi An held a cup of hot tea in both hands, looking at the white frost on the windowpane and spacing out.

Although it was frosty on all sides in this Ice Palace, at least they could find rooms that weren't covered in snow and bedding that wasn't freeze- dried, and a fire could be made. Compared to outside, it was a world of difference.

The cultivators of the Cangyu Sect who were still alive were hiding in the depths of the Ice Palace. Zhong Kui had set up a boundary in their guest rooms so that for the time being, the two would not come into contact with each other. They were all wounded now and could only stay here and wait for the people from the Immortal Alliance.

At this moment, Zhong Kui went to the Spirit Palace to capture Yun Xiang Yi and Hua Xiang Rong back, and there were only the two of them in the room, and a pot of burning charcoals.

"Senior brother." Fan Wu She called out in a small voice. "Hmm?"
"Does your feet still hurt?" "Much better, how about you?" "It doesn't hurt anymore."

Xie Bi'an swirled his teacup and took a sip, then put it against Fan Wu She's face, "Are you warmed yet?"

"Warmed up." Fan Wu She lay back on the bed and looked at Xie Bi An, "What were you looking at just now?"


"Then why didn't you look at me."

Xie Bi An said with a faint smile, "You and I look at each other every day, what is there to see."

"I wanted you to look at me."

At those words, Xie Bi An put down his teacup, lowered his head and looked down at Fan Wu She.

The smaller the boundary, the stronger it became, so the two were now on one bed, one sitting and the other lying down.

The flirtatious air flowed between them.

Xie Bi An's face heated up as he remembered what had happened in the Spirit Palace.

Fan Wu She gazed at Xie Bi An and was just about to say something when the door to the room was violently pushed open and Zhong Kui walked in, carrying Yun Xiang Yi and Hua Xiang Rong.

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Chapter 102

The two women were thrown to the ground. Zhong Kui sat at one side, pulled out a frizzy sheepskin wine jug, and drank in one gulp ferociously. Because he drank too fast, some even spilt out.

"Master, you are injured, stop drinking." Xie Bi An advised.

Zhong Kui wiped the wine off his beard and glared at them, "Do you know, what you have done?"

The two women were silent.

"Qi Meng Sheng used the Pavilion Master of Xianyue Pavilion to threaten me, took away my Qingfeng Sword, and want to go to Mount Tai to find the Golden Trunk Jade Policy, just to find the reincarnation of the Human Emperor and dig up his golden core. For her own selfish reasons, she disobeyed the Mandate of Heaven and randomly created karma. She has gone off the rails and become cruel and cold-blooded, even treating the lives of her disciples as dirt. She knew you guys have been defeated, yet she does not care whether you guys were alive or dead. She has already gone mad, do you still want to take the side of an evildoer?”

Yun Xiang Yi smiled lightly, "Master saved my life, raised me to adulthood and taught me all kinds of skills. Whether Master goes to heaven or hell, becomes a god or a demon, I will go through fire and water without hesitation."

Zhong Kui was angry about it but also found it laughable, "Okay, you guys unable to distinguish right and wrong, you guys are indeed the good disciples taught by Qi Meng Sheng."

Fan Wu She said coldly, "Your master is so kind to you that you are willing to risk your life and limb for her, yet you can easily hand over Gong Shu Ju and Cheng Yan Zhi to the enemy. What, such an important task entrusted to you by your master is still no match for your sister's life?"

Hua Xiang Rong bared her teeth at them, her beautiful face was filled with ferocity.

Yun Xiang Yi was silent.

"This man seems to be very important to Qi Meng Sheng, so important that she had to steal him from Chunyang Sect even at the expense of being an enemy of the Immortal Alliance, so important that he was hidden in the cave of the Cangyu Sect and guarded by the Flying Plume Ambassadors personally." Zhong Kui narrowed his eyes, "Shouldn't you lay down your lives to protect someone so important, who I fear is enough to threaten Qi Meng Sheng's plans?"

Hua Xiang Rong glared at Zhong Kui, "It's not senior sister's fault. It's my uselessness. If I can ever see my master again, I will apologise to her with my death."

"You guys really have a deep sistership ah?" Zhong Kui folded his arms across his chest and looked at them.

Fan Wu She sneered, "You are willing to follow Qi Meng Sheng in life and death, yet you let her down at such a crucial time, perhaps ... you guys simply didn't want Cheng Yan Zhi to live, so you conveniently handed him over to us."

Xie Bi An frowned. After careful consideration, it was indeed possible; at that time when they were both injured, Yun Xiang Yi could have totally escaped. Since the two of them had long ago realized that they would die for Qi Meng Sheng, they should not have handed over Chunyang Sect’s magical weapon and that person so easily. However, was that person really Cheng Yan Zhi?

Yun Xiang Yi said calmly, "Now that we sisters have fallen into your hands, we are at your disposal to be killed or cut off flesh, but there is no need to kill and torture our hearts, saying that we have deliberately let our master down. We do not know who the person sealed in the ice coffin is. No matter who it is, at that moment ..." she glanced at Hua Xiang Rong, "I only want my junior sister to live."
"Senior sister ..." Hua Xiang Rong's eyes were filled with tears. "Naturally you want your junior sister to live, not only does this not
conflict with you wanting that man to die, but it is killing 2 birds with 1 stone." Zhong Kui stood up and slowly paced in front of the two sisters, "Because, you guys know, that person is not Cheng Yan Zhi, but Xu Zhi Nan."

At these words, Xie Bi An and Fan Wu She both stared straight, their faces full of astonishment.

Yun Xiang Yi looked up at Zhong Kui, her face gradually becoming pale.

"Have you guys forgotten that I am the Heaven Master of the Underworld? At that time, the human soul of Chunyang Sect's Sect Leader was led by me personally." Zhong Kui's sword brows were tightly locked, obviously troubled by this matter too, "Inside Xu Zhi Nan's body, it was Cheng Yan Zhi's soul that lived in there."

Xie Bi An said with a trembling voice, "Master, is this true? Did you go to Yanluo Hall to confirm it?"

"Yes, I did." Zhong Kui said gravely, "I also went to find Zi Yu. In the Book of Life and Death, Xu Zhi Nan's Yang life had ended, and the time matches perfectly, while Cheng Yan Zhi died more than a hundred years ago, but that human soul is indeed Cheng Yan Zhi, and Cheng Yan Zhi's physical body is still intact and guarded by the Seven Stars Life-Sustaining Lamp." "Why?!"

Everyone in the scene wanted to ask "why", including Zhong Kui.

"I asked Cheng Yan Zhi, and he said that the Seven Star Life-Sustaining Lamp is not only able to hang on to the life of a dying person, but it also has a more important and unknown ability, that is, it can exchange a person's soul with another."

Xie Bi An gasped, "Master, what you mean is. The one who died in Xu Zhi Nan's body was actually Cheng Yan Zhi, and Xu Zhi Nan's soul is now in ..." He looked at the wooden box beside him, which contained none other than the shrunken ice coffin, and inside it, there are a sleeping young man and the Seven Stars Life-Sustaining Lamp.

"What's going on here?" Xie Bi An felt his scalp tingling, "Why did they do this?"

Zhong Kui looked at the two women and then to his two disciples, "I don't know how much this matter has been revealed to them by Qi Meng Sheng, but it's better not to say it in front of them. In short, it's a century- long conspiracy by Qi Meng Sheng which also has something to do with Emperor Kong Hua."

"Something to do with Emperor Kong Hua ..." Fan Wu She's voice trembled lightly, "Could it be that, a hundred years ago, Qi Meng Sheng was plotting Song Zi Heng's golden core?"

"Anyway, she is now bent on having Song Zi Heng's golden core. Only the reincarnation of the human emperor can make her a new physical body."

Fan Wu She only felt as if he had fallen into an ice cave, and his wounds began to hurt again.

Back then, he had gone to great lengths to search for treasures of the world in order to break through to the ninth Chongtian of the Zongxuan Sword. However, any treasure he saw would have to be offered with both hands by any person or sect. Even so, it was still as difficult as ascending the heavens to achieve great satisfaction.

More than 400 years ago, the founding ancestor of the Song Clan was yet to break through to the ninth Chongtian. Although he did not live to ascend, he still died and became immortal. From then until now, that was the last ancestor to become an immortal in the whole immortal cultivation world. As what Qi Meng Sheng said, since the disconnection between heaven and earth, the earth no longer gets the spiritual energy from heaven. For millions of years, it is just sitting and eating until the whole mountain is consumed*, and now it is already very thin, even if a cultivator is highly gifted and diligently cultivate for a lifetime, the corpse cannot even be broken up to ascend. In fact, people can no longer cultivate immortality anymore.

At that time, someone told him that there was an immortal core that could help him break through to the ninth Chongtian. The temptation to ascend to immortality was not great for him, but reaching great perfection meant that he could fully exert the true power of the Xuanyuan Heavenly Secret Talisman and the map of Shanhe Sheji. At that time, these two divine treasures had helped him to unify Jiuzhou and gained complete control of them, which meant that he could truly go up into the heavens and down into hell. Going down, he could tear apart the Fengdu boundary and draw an endless number of Yin soldiers to his use. Going up, he could cut open the canopy of heaven and challenge the gods of the heaven. At that time, he could take the spiritual aura from the sky to earth* however he wanted, so why should he care about becoming immortal or not?

A hundred years of torture in the Infernal Hell had sobered him up. But at that time, his mind was corroded by the Yin energy of the Heavenly Secret talisman, developing devil in his heart. His infinitely expanding ambition and desire made him violent and mad, wanting to devour the heavens and bite the earth, forging an eternal hegemony, wanting to live forever and never grow old with Song Zi Heng and be an immortal on earth.

But that one core of immortality, the golden core of a person who possesses the imperial destiny, is the core of Song Zi Heng, the only one of its kind. He then hesitated. He knew that Song Zi Heng was upright and unyielding in character. If he really took this core, his big brother would hate him to death.

Yet he did not think how Song Zi Heng knew about it. When he was hesitating, he was abandoned in despair.

That was the most regrettable thing in his life which also pushed him completely into the abyss of despair. In a hundred years of hell, he suffered the ultimate pain every second of every day, but he did not lose his mind under that torture because of the belief in that name "Song Zi Heng". He thought he hated Lu Zhao Heng the most. He thought he hated Song Zi Heng the most, but in fact he hated himself the most. He hated himself for driving the person he loved the most to death.

But if, if it wasn't because of him, or if it wasn't just because of him but had something to do with Qi Meng Sheng, then at least he had someone to take revenge on.

Since he had decided to live all over again and not bring his grudge against Song Zi Heng to Xie Bi An, then someone else should bear his century-old hatred. Li Bu Yu deserved to die, but it’s still not enough. So, Qi Meng Sheng will be it.

Fan Wu She recited the word Qi Meng Sheng in his heart, his hatred overwhelming.

Xie Bi An pondered, "Everyone knows that it was with the support of Xu Zhi Nan and Qi Meng Sheng that Emperor Kong Hua was able to withstand the pressure of Wuliang Sect and sat on the throne of the human emperor after killing his father and committing regicide. If Qi Meng Sheng coveted Emperor Kong Hua's Golden core at that time and had an affair with Xu Zhi Nan, who was recognised by Emperor Kong Hua as his beloved friend, there is no telling how much intrigue and conspiracy are in this."

"Not only that. Back then, Song Zi Heng was controlled by Song Zi Xiao and was actually a puppet emperor. Song Zi Xiao scavenged everywhere for immortal pills and magical weapons, wanted to break through to the ninth Chongtian of Zongxuan Sword. Could it be no one told him that Song Zi Heng's golden core was the most powerful immortal pill on earth?"

Xie Bi An suddenly saw the light, "The history books said that the human emperor committed suicide because he was unable to bear the abuse and torture. I'm afraid the truth is that he was afraid that his core would be dug out."

Fan Wu She's hands clenched the quilt, his pupils filled with blood.

Zhong Kui's face was sullen: "It seems that this must be the case. The secret of the Absolute Human Emperor is known by very few people, but there is no shortage of capable people around Song Zi Xiao, so he must have known." He looked at Yun Xiang Yi and Hua Xiang Rong, "How much do you really know?"

The two women pursed their lips and said nothing.

"You guys know that Cheng Yan Zhi's body contains Xu Zhi Nan's soul, right? But you guys don't want Xu Zhi Nan to live. Why? Is it because he let down Qi Meng Sheng? Or do you think that he will become a hindrance to Qi Meng Sheng's journey to the top?"

Yun Xiang Yi said coldly, "These are all Heaven Master’s conjecture and speculation. As I have said, we do not know who that person is."

Zhong Kui sneered, "Just wake him up and ask him would do. Bi An, let that thing out."

Xie Bi An used Gong Shu Ju to restore the ice coffin to its original size. It immediately occupied most of the guest room, and the biting cold once again invaded the place that had just been warmed up by the charcoal fire.

Hua Xiang Rong said, "Don't waste your energy, there is master’s spell seal on it."

Zhong Kui put his hand and pressed against the ice coffin, injecting spiritual energy into it. Immediately, the ice coffin flashed a dense patch of spells, and Zhong Kui retracted his hand as if he had been burned.

Zhong Kui looked at the ice coffin and pondered.

Qi Meng Sheng’s cultivation level was hardly comparable to his, and might even be above him. He was unsure of unlocking the spell seal without destroying the ice coffin, and forcibly unlocking it might destroy the Seven Star Life-Sustaining Lamp, and that person inside would naturally not survive.

Hua Xiang Rong let out a mocking snort.

"Put it away." Zhong Kui hesitated again and again, not daring to take the risk.

Xie Bi An understood Zhong Kui's concerns and could only put it away.

At that moment, a clear sound suddenly came from the air, like a loud arrow cutting through the vast sky.

"What is that sound?"

"Someone has forcefully broken through the Fenglin Continent boundary." Yun Xiang Yi said.

Zhong Kui said, "Li Bu Yu has arrived."

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sitting and eating until the whole mountain is consumed* [坐吃⼭空] --- just sitting and eating, one can deplete even a mountain of

wealth (idiom) / fig. to spend one's money without generating any income
from the sky to earth* [碧落⻩泉] (bi luo huang quan)--- 碧落 means the sky, ⻩泉 means the underworld; which means every

corner of the universe

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Chapter 103

The appearance of the demon foal, Wuya, was a big enough event to make Jiuzhou tremble. As the head of the Immortal Alliance, Li Bu Yu led the heads of all the major sects to Fenglin continent, originally planning to settle the score with Chunyang Sect together with Cangyu Sect, but he never expected that something far more serious than Wuya would happen on Fenglin continent.

As Xie Bi An and Fan Wu She were inconvenient to move due to their injuries, Zhong Kui left them in the guest room to recuperate and took the two Flying Plume Ambassadors to see Li Bu Yu.

Before leaving, Zhong Kui ordered his disciples to keep their mouths shut about the ice coffin, and also threatened Yun Xiang Yi and Hua Xiang Rong not to mention it to Li Bu Yu and the others. What had happened in the cave at Diancang Peak made Zhong Kui suspicious of Li Bu Yu, so he naturally had to hold off from saying.

Once again, the only two people left in the room were Xie Bi An and Fan Wu She, but the flirtatious atmosphere they previously had when they were alone was gone. Fan Wu She's face was so pale that even his lips were blue- grey.

Xie Bi An was very worried: "Wu She, your face is too ghastly, the pill that master gave you, you need to use your strength to regulate it in order for it to quickly take effect. Is it you have insufficient spiritual energy?"

Fan Wu She shook his head, "I'm fine." He turned his face away, his heart was surging, unable to calm down. One hundred years had passed. He could not remember most of the people and events of his previous life, but the image of Song Zi Heng dying in front of him was still as clear as if it was yesterday, tormenting him for two whole lives. When he chased after Song Zi Heng till Jiuyou, he wanted to find out Song Zi Heng's human soul. He wanted to ask his big brother if he really hated him so much that he would not hesitate to flee by death. What their deep brotherhood when they were young and their lustful entanglement during the last few years really counted for.

But he didn't have the chance to ask.

Xie Bi An sighed softly, "To put it mildly, Song Zi Heng is considered both hateful and pitiful."

Fan Wu She stiffly turned his head to look at him.

"Song Ming He has always treated the mother and son harshly in order to please Wuliang Sect, and his mother was forced to die by Song Ming He, so that's why he valued power so much when he grew up, right?"

"Then isn't Song Zi Xiao pitiful?" Fan Wu She made a low, hoarse sound.

"Yeah, he also met with many difficulties in his life. If he hadn't been an illegitimate son, Song Ming He would surely have passed the throne of human emperor to him, and he wouldn't have fallen into the demonic path; Song Ming He and him would work as one as father and son, and Song Zi Heng wouldn't have had the chance to kill his father the king and usurp the throne."

"You think he wanted to be an illegitimate son?" Fan Wu She sneered, his gaze grim, "He is just a pawn for his biological father's revenge. The only person in the world who really cares about him is his mother, but his mother is also dead, so how can he not become evil."

Xie Bi An stared at Fan Wu She in a daze. He saw a distinct hatred on this face. This was far from the emotion he should have from talking about a stranger who had nothing to do with them. Combined with all that had happened before, he had some suspicions that Fan Wu She's former master was not an ordinary descendant of the Song clan. Firstly, since Fan Wu She was trained in both literature and martial arts, his master must have been very powerful too, probably a descendant of the Song family, or even surnamed Song. Secondly, Fan Wu She knew a lot about the people and events of Emperor Song’s era, and often had his own opinions, and it was not the first time that he had shown emotions like this, so he must have had a connection with the Song clan.

Xie Bi An was silent for a moment and gently stroked Fan Wu She's head: "Wu She, do you have any relations with the Song Clan?"

Fan Wu She looked at Xie Bi An in silence.

"You said you were an orphan." Xie Bi An said softly, "In fact, could it be that you are a descendant of the Song Clan?"


"I won't tell anyone." Xie Bi An smoothed his somewhat dishevelled hair and said in a soft voice, "If you don't want to say, I can don’t tell Master, but Master is not like those famous sects who mentioned the descendants of the Song clan like a great enemy. It is unpleasant for a person to carry such a secret. You might as well be honest with Master. Master will not let outsiders bully you."

"I ... am not." Fan Wu She lowered his eyes, his long thick eyelashes fluttering lightly, "I don't know, I don't know who my parents are. My master said I was an orphan picked up under Mount Qingcheng. Maybe I have some different feelings for the Song clan as compared to the world because I was raised by him."

Xie Bi An nodded: "Since you say so, I will believe you. It's just that ... I don't think you have feelings for the Song clan, but rather, you seem to worship Song Zi Xiao somewhat." After he finished, he observed Fan Wu She's expression.

"Song Zi Xiao has the ability to dominate Jiuzhou and stormed through Jiuyou. He is the most powerful cultivator in centuries." Fan Wu She gazed into Xie Bi An's eyes with a light smile at the corners of his lips, "Such a powerful figure, I indeed do have a bit of admiration for him."

"No matter how powerful he is, he is still a devil walking on a crooked path. With his success in cultivation, he should be protecting the living, but his hands are stained with the blood of innocent people." Xie Bi An locked eyes with Fan Wu She and said with a stern face, "Such a person is not worthy of your worship, understand?"

Fan Wu She's lips nudged slightly, not denying it.

"You're still young, and might think that bad people are powerful, so senior brother has to teach you to distinguish right and wrong. Like master, who has a heart for every living being, who promotes the righteous path, and who eliminates demons and ensures safety. He is truly a hero worthy of your admiration."

"I know." Fan Wu She looked at Xie Bi An's serious look and wanted to laugh a little.

Xie Bi An frowned at him.

"Song Zi Xiao has been dead for over a hundred years, I just think he was really powerful, it's not like I'm trying to follow his example, you don't have to be so serious." Fan Wu She pinched Xie Bi An's soft cheek and smiled, "But I love to see the way you lecture me seriously."

Xie Bi An slapped his hand away, "No manners."

Fan Wu She moved over and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, saying in a low voice, "What about now, is it more no manners?"

Xie Bi An's face was hot: "You're still injured, don't move." He pressed Fan Wu She back onto the bed, "Lie down properly."

"Lie down with me, senior brother." Fan Wu She grabbed Xie Bi An's hand and wouldn't let go. After shoving for a while, Xie Bi An could not disobey him and could only lie down.

The two of them looked at the curtain overhead and were speechless. The atmosphere was a little awkward.

Xie Bi An took the initiative to say, "Say, what is going on between Xu Zhi Nan and Cheng Yan Zhi?"

"I don't know, but Cheng Yan Zhi's human soul has already told Master everything."

"Mm, no wonder Master didn't tell us the real reason for coming to Fenglin Continent before. This matter sounds mysterious." Xie Bi An thought for a moment and then added, "If everything was Qi Meng Sheng's plot, what exactly did Master want to ask her about? In the end, what happened between Xu Zhi Nan and Cheng Yan Zhi was an internal affair of the Chunyang Sect. Even if it was related to Qi Meng Sheng, it had nothing to do with anyone else."

"It could only be because of the Absolute Human Emperor." A shade flashed across the bottom of Fan Wu She's eyes.

"The Absolute Human Emperor." Xie Bi An murmured, "Yes, Master must have known about it a long time ago."

"Master said that official Lord Cui knew how to find the Golden Trunk Jade Policy?"

"Official Lord Cui knows a lot about the Underworld, so he may not know, but if he doesn't know, then no one else should have known. After all, the Golden Trunk Jade Policy was sealed in Mount Tai a million years ago, how easy would it be for Qi Meng Sheng to find it."

Fan Wu She hesitated and said, "I can think of a man who claims that there is nothing he cannot predict in the heavens, Jiuzhou and Jiuyou." "Are you talking about the marvellous predictor Huang Dao Zi? The world has various appraisal of him. Some say he knows yin and yang thoroughly and sees through heaven and earth, while others say he is just a charlatan. However, he died decades ago, I think."

"He is dead, but his magical weapon, the Luo Shui Jade Armour, will not die." Fan Wu She said in a deep voice, "It's just that his disciple has retired from Jianghu for many years. I'm afraid it's hard to find him now."

Back then, it was Huang Dao Zi who had told him the secret of the Absolute Human Emperor. If Song Zi Heng's death hadn't sent him into a frenzy and too busy to attend to other things, he really should have chopped up that godly rascal.

Xie Bi An said with worry, "Yeah, why didn't I think of the Luo Shui Jade Armour? Qi Meng Sheng is already old, why did she choose to implement her plan now? Most likely because she has been looking for Huang Dao Zi's disciple. Now that she dares to be an enemy of the Immortal Alliance and snatch the Qingfeng Sword, it proves that everything is ready, and she is confident in finding the Golden Trunk Jade Policy."

Fan Wu She felt oppressed in his heart. Thinking about the possibility of Qi Meng Sheng getting the Golden Trunk Jade Policy and coveting for Xie Bi An's golden core after knowing the truth, and thinking about Qi Meng Sheng who might be the one who pushed Song Zi Heng to the dead end in his previous life, he could barely restrain the tyrannical emotions in his body.

He would never let Qi Meng Sheng have her way, and no one should ever think of taking this person away from him again.

However, now Zhong Kui don't have Qingfeng Sword, so he definitely was no match for Qi Meng Sheng, and Li Bu Yu that song of a b*tch was not to be trusted. As the last resort, he could only retrieve the map of Shanhe Sheji, but then his identity would be exposed, and he would not be able to find his Xuan Yuan Heavenly Secret talisman in Jiuyou. He had always known where the map of Shanhe Sheji was. He just couldn't move it.

"The reincarnation of the human emperor ..." Xie Bi An said with a bitter smile, "I hope he will never be found by Qi Meng Sheng."

"She won't." Fan Wu She held Xie Bi An's hand tightly and interlocked his fingers, "I will never let her get her way."


Fan Wu She tilted his head in Xie Bi An's direction, "Senior brother, these days, I often miss our life in the Heaven Master Palace. The underworld is much simpler than mortal realm, isn't it?"

"Yes." Xie Bi An lamented, "I want to go back to the Underworld too, the things on the mortal realm are exhausting."

"When it's all over, we'll go back to the Underworld." Fan Wu She moved close to Xie Bi An's side again, "I want to sleep with senior brother like this every day."

"What nonsense!" Xie Bi An rebuked. He felt that his junior brother was too thick-skinned, why was he always so ... out of line.

"Didn't senior brother agree to be my cultivation partner? That means you have to sleep with me." Fan Wu She said with an innocent look.

"When, when did I promise."

"You've let me kiss you, could it be you don't want to be responsible? Senior and junior brothers don't kiss each other, but a couple can do anything."

Xie Bi An was so embarrassed that he didn't know what to say. "Let's try all the drawings in that book " Xie Bi An used his hand to cover Fan Wu She's mouth with annoyance, "If you say it again, I'll leave."

The playfulness appeared in Fan Wu She's eyes as he stuck out his tongue and gently licked across Xie Bi An's palm.

Xie Bi An's hand felt like it had been burned by charcoals, and he withdrew suddenly.

Fan Wu She grabbed Xie Bi An's hand to prevent him from leaving while laughing.

Xie Bi An simply turned his back, thinking that he had been repeatedly teased by his junior brother, and that his dignity as a senior brother had been swept away, which was extremely oppressing.

Fan Wu She still clasped Xie Bi An's five fingers and did not let go. He looked at Xie Bi An's back of the head, which was filled with anger, his gaze became very gentle: "Senior brother, I like you so much."

Big brother, I like you so much.

Xie Bi An An's heart wavered, his eyes darting around in a panic as if he was dodging something, but in the end, the corners of his mouth couldn't help but lift up, revealing a smile.

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Chapter 104

After getting injured from a fierce battle, the two of them soon fell asleep.

But in the middle of the night, Xie Bi An felt his side getting hotter and hotter, and his ears kept ringing with vague murmurs. When he woke up, he realized that Fan Wu She's body was scalding hot. His face was covered in sweat and he was uttering in his dream, so he was afraid that his wound had been infected.

Elder Zhao Wen sent a Chunyang physician to treat Fan Wu She's wounds, and grabbed two young girls from the Cangyu Sect to look after them.

They looked only twelve or thirteen years old and were still in a daze, with fear clearly written on their faces.

Xie Bi An said soothingly, "Don't be afraid, we're not bad people. Can you go fetch some cold water?"

The physician unwrapped the gauze on Fan Wu She's body, revealing the hideous wound. Xie Bi An used a cloth towel to lightly press on Fan Wu She's face, absorbing the sweat. He felt his heart ache when he saw his tightly frowned brows.

The physician re-cleaned the wound, and Fan Wu She was trembling with pain. His consciousness was in a half-awake state, and his eyelids fluttered uncontrollably. Xie Bi An's hand gently covered his eyes, "It's alright, go to sleep. It won't hurt anymore when you're asleep."

Fan Wu She's agitation slowly subsided, and his mouth whispered --- "Big brother".

Xie Bi An wanted to lean down and listen to what he was saying, but the physician was about to change the dressing, so he had to back away.

After treating the wound properly, the physician infused him with spiritual energy and said, "He may continue burning for the next 2 days. His fever needs to be subsided. Use alcohol to wipe his body frequently."

"Okay, thank you Zhen Ren." "There is no need to be polite."
"Zhen Ren, is my master still deliberating with the sect leaders?" Just now Zhong Kui hurriedly came to see Fan Wu She and hurriedly left again.

"Yeah, they have been deliberating all night." "What has been decided?"
"When morning comes, Heaven Master, Immortal Alliance Li and the others will depart for Mount Tai. Some of them will also stay in Fenglin Continent to watch over the disciples of the Cangyu Sect."

"What about Wuya?"

"It's still on the shores of Fenglin Lake. It's also frozen, and I don't know what the Immortal Alliance will do with Wuya."

Xie Bi An nodded and gave Fan Wu She a worried look.

The physician reassured, "Black Immortal will be fine, it's just that it will take time for his injuries to heal. You are not suited to travel due to your wounds, so just stay in Fenglin continent and recuperate peacefully for a few more days." "Okay, thank you very much Zhen Ren."

After the physician left, Xie Bi An was unable to sleep again. He had trouble with his legs, but he could not ask the two young girls to help him clean Fan Wu She's body, so he had to do it himself.

He cleaned Fan Wu She's body with difficulty. When he saw that he was still unconscious while helping him put on his clothes, Xie Bi An pinched his face, "You've sure saved yourself a lot of trouble."

Fan Wu She's upper and lower dry lips lightly touched, making a faint sound.

Xie Bi An hesitated for a moment and put his ear to it, trying to hear what nonsense he was talking about.

"... Big Brother." Xie Bi An froze.
He was calling ... big brother?

Big brother was originally a sloppy, common word, but Xie Bi An instantly remembered the "big brother" that the domineering, fierce man in his dream had repeatedly called out next to his ear.

Xie Bi An shook his head to stop himself from remembering the nightmare he didn't even want to remember.

But, did Fan Wu She have a big brother?

He had long accepted that Fan Wu She was hiding something about his origins, but if the point that he's an orphan is also fake...

He must be overthinking. Fan Wu She was confused from the fever.

Xie Bi An looked at Fan Wu She with complicated feelings. Gradually, he was attracted by his beautiful white face shaded with pink, and could not help but feel that there were really people with such good looks and great talent, simply extremely favored by heaven. No wonder he's arrogant and obstinate.

However, even more so he must not be carried away. As a senior brother, he must guide him to do the right path and keep his heart. Xie Bi An pinched Fan Wu She's face again and hummed lightly, "You must listen to your senior brother."


After dawn, Zhong Kui came. His expression looked tired and his eyes were bloodshot.

"Master, did you not sleep all night?" Xie Bi An looked at him worriedly, "You are also wounded, don't you know how to rest?"

"It's just a small injury." Zhong Kui looked at Fan Wu She, "How is he doing?"

"The fever hasn't gone down yet, but it's not as hot as last night. Junior brother is strong and will get better."

"What about you?" He glanced at Xie Bi An's feet. "I'll be well soon too. Master, don't go alone."
"I am not going alone. The Immortal Alliance will go together to capture Qi Meng Sheng at Mount Tai, but you guys can only stay in Fenglin Continent for now."

Xie Bi An sighed in frustration.

"The Immortal Alliance will send someone to stay and protect you guys, as well as watch over the Cangyu Sect."

"Master, what exactly is the situation now?" Xie Bi An said quietly, "The matter of Cheng Yan Zhi ..." Zhong Kui made a "shhh" gesture, and he set up a barrier to make sure no one could hear them before saying, "This matter is very complicated. The matter of Cheng Yan Zhi must be kept a secret."

"Why? Master, what exactly did Cheng Yan Zhi's human soul say to you?"

Zhong Kui looked at the sky: "Qi Meng Sheng has already arrived at Mount Tai. We can't delay anymore. We are about to depart, so I don't have time to go into details. In short, it is a story that sounds very absurd, yet it is very true."

Xie Bi An couldn't help but hold his breath. A human soul could not lie or even hide anything in the Underworld, for the Three Lifes Stones would show his life clearly. He was full of curiosity about what secrets Xu Zhi Nan, Cheng Yan Zhi and Qi Meng Sheng had between them.

Zhong Kui said, "Xu Zhi Nan and Cheng Yan Zhi grew up together and had a deep bond. After Cheng Yan Zhi's accident, Xu Zhi Nan could not accept his death and kept his life hanging by the Seven Stars Life- Sustaining Lamp. But Cheng Yan Zhi no longer had his golden core, and was unable to leave the Seven Star Lamp, so he did not want to live like an invalid and was determined to die. Until the two discovered another ability of the Seven Star Lamp, which was that it allowed people to swap souls, so

Xie Bi An drew in a cold breath. Despite this year having so many big matters, he had already felt indifferent towards strange matters, but he still stared in amazement as he guessed what Zhong Kui was going to say next.

"That's right. They started swapping souls and taking turns to operate as Xu Zhi Nan."

"This ...” is absurd, really absurd. Other than this word, Xie Bi An couldn't find a better description.

Zhong Kui shook his head, "When this Master first heard about it, he also found it unbelievable. What was even more unbelievable was that they were both in love with Qi Meng Sheng, and Qi Meng Sheng wanted to use Xu Zhi Nan to get Emperor Kong Hua’s golden core.”

"But the cultivators from Chunyang Sect can’t ..."

Zhong Kui coughed lightly, "Naturally they can't, but they are still deeply in love with Qi Meng Sheng. Qi Meng Sheng didn't get her way, but this matter may be related to Emperor Kong Hua killing himself. Cheng Yan Zhi felt guilty towards Emperor Kong Hua and begged me to stop Qi Meng Sheng at all cost."

Xie Bi An didn't even know what to say. Even if he thought hard about it, he couldn't think of such a bizarre thing.

"That's roughly it. Master has to go now. You take care of Wu She and yourself, and don't let anyone know about Cheng Yan Zhi's body."

"Master." Xie Bi An looked at Zhong Kui with concern, "You must be careful. The Qingfeng Sword is not in your hand, you must not act recklessly."

"Don't worry about your master." Zhong Kui rubbed Xie Bi An's head, "I’m going."

After Zhong Kui left, Xie Bi An sat in fear for half a day. Remembering Qi Meng Sheng's body wrapped in ice spirit and the demonically beautiful face under the white hair, which deserved the phrase "femme fatale*".


In a day's time, the two young girls of the Cangyu Sect dropped their guard against Xie Bi An. They were young and simple-minded. Since there were many women and few men in the Cangyu Sect, and most of the men were still somewhat feminine, a gentle and handsome older brother like Xie Bi An was thus particularly pleasing to the eye.

From their mouths, Xie Bi An knew the general situation of Fenglin Continent at this time despite not leaving the room. The disciples of the Cangyu Sect were all being held in the Spirit Palace, which was at the bottom of Fengming Lake, while Yun Xiang Yi and Hua Xiang Rong were being imprisoned separately. Two elders were missing, probably carrying out missions for Qi Meng Sheng, and Yun Zhong Jun was still missing. Even Zhong Kui didn't know where he had gone.

The Immortal Alliance, mainly the people from Wuliang Sect and Chunyang Sect, had completely taken over the Cangyu Sect, while Xianyue Pavilion was in a hurry to rescue their young pavilion master and did not leave anyone behind.

As for the demon foal, Wuya, it was still frozen on the shores of Fengming Lake. After all, it was Qi Meng Sheng's threat that was imminent.

Xie Bi An could only wait anxiously at Fenglin continent for news from Mount Tai.

Two days later, Fan Wu She’s fever had subsided. His face was flushed and he was recovering well from his injuries.

Xie Bi An told Fan Wu She what Zhong Kui had learned from Cheng Yan Zhi's human soul, and Fan Wu She was silent for a long time before saying one sentence "Qi Meng Sheng deserves to die".

"Qi Meng Sheng is ranked as an Immortal Lord who can call the shots, but she is still not satisfied." Xie Bi An lamented, "It's a bottomless pit of desire ah."

Fan Wu She clenched his fist, "Senior brother, Yun Zhong Jun is nowhere to be found, most likely he has gone to Mount Tai in advance to clear the way for Qi Meng Sheng. This matter has been planned by Qi Meng Sheng for a hundred years, it definitely must be foolproof before she dares to tear the face off* from the Immortal Alliance. I am worried that Master and the others will not be able to stop Qi Meng Sheng."

"Then, then what do we do?" Fan Wu She looked at Xie Bi An, a heart was vaguely falling downwards. Once Qi Meng Sheng knew who the reincarnation of the Human Emperor was, she would immediately kill her way back to Fenglin Continent. They absolutely could not sit around and wait for death. The safest place at this moment was the underworld. Once they returned to the underworld, Qi Meng Sheng would not be able to touch Xie Bi An even if she had the power of the heavens.

But in order to return to the underworld, one must pass through the Yin Yang Monument. The city gods or the Yin servants of all places could bring human souls directly into the underworld, but they could not. Even with their soul weapons, they could not return to the underworld at any time, for they were living beings.

But Kunlun was more than a thousand miles away from Fengdu, and with both of them injured, it was not safe for them to travel. If Qi Meng Sheng really had the Luo Shui Jade Armor with her, she would be able to find them and even catch up with them. After thinking about it, it was safer to go and join forces with Zhong Kui and the Immortal Alliance.

Moreover, he also wanted to get the Golden Trunk Jade Policy. When Qi Meng Sheng opens the boundary of Mount Tai and gets the Golden Trunk Jade Policy, only then he would have a chance of getting it.

After planning, next will be how to get there. He looked at Xie Bi An's feet, "Senior brother, you just said that Wuya is still at Fengming Lake?"

Tear the face off* [撕破脸]--- have no consideration for sb's feelings PS: the next chapter is a lengthy chapter again... 

Chapter 105

"White Immortal." Qing Qing was holding a new pair of shoes with a little shy blush on her round face, "Junior sister and I made you a new pair of shoes. Your feet are still swollen. You can't wear the original ones, and they are too thin." The pair of shoes she was holding were sewn from fox skin, the thick fur fluffy and stretchy. It looks very warm at first sight.
"Thank you." Xie Bi An smiled, "Really troubled you guys too much." "It's no trouble. Kunlun is very cold. We need to wear these shoes to keep
warm." Qing Qing said happily, "White Immortal, let me help you put them on."

With a long arm, Fan Wu She stopped Qing Qing and said with a stern face, "Put them down."

Qing Qing hesitantly looked at Xie Bi An. They had been taking care of Black and White Immortal for the past two days, and they had gotten to know both of their temperaments; while White Immortal was gentle and affectionate, Black Immortal was fierce and seemed to hate them going near White Immortal.

"Wu She, where are your manners?" Xie Bi An whispered.

Fan Wu She snatched the shoes from Qing Qing's hand, "I'll put them on for him, go out."

Qing Qing secretly glared at Fan Wu She and pulled her junior sister out. Fan Wu She looked at the shoes, "They do look good." Xie Bi An glared at him, "Not only did you not thank them, but you're also still so rude."

"The shoes were made for you, why should I thank them?" "You ..."
Fan Wu She pulled Xie Bi An's ankle and put his calf on his lap, "Here, let me put them on for you." He gently put on Xie Bi An's shoes, carefully avoiding the wound.

Xie Bi An shook his feet, which were wrapped like balls of hair, and snorted, "How can they walk in this kind of shoes."

"They're used to it. They can still run and fly." Fan Wu She's hand smoothly rubbed Xie Bi An's calf, "Has your leg stiffen after not getting out of bed for the past few days?"

"Still fine." The force of the kneading was just right, and Xie Bi An closed his eyes in comfort, "Yet you're in a hurry to get on the ground when you just recovered from your wounds."

"I wanted to see you." Fan Wu She pressed his fingertips against the soft muscle, seemingly caring, but in his mind, he was thinking of the image of him carrying this long, slender calf on his shoulder and banging savagely. As he thought about it, his hand crawled up the calf in a misbehaving manner.

He grabbed Fan Wu She's wrist and said angrily, "Where are you touching?"

That pair of extremely charming fox eyes made an innocent face: "Can't I touch?"

Xie Bi An was once again shocked by Fan Wu She's thick skin.

"Why can't I?" Fan Wu She pressed both hands on Xie Bi An's thighs and stretched his body over, "Didn't senior brother let me kiss and promised to be my cultivation partner?" "Is that the only thing on your mind?"

Fan Wu She came closer and closer, the tip of his nose almost hitting the tip of Xie Bi An's nose. He laughed lightly, "Which kind of things?"

Xie Bi An leaned back, but Fan Wu She was holding his legs down, so he couldn't retreat. He could only look at Fan Wu She's face, which was very close, feeling the warm, flirtatious breath on his cheek.

"What kind of thing is it, senior brother? Is it the kind of thing that was drawn in the picture book?"

"I, I don't know."

Fan Wu She gave a cheeky smile, "How could you not know? You even lent it to me to read. You said, I would naturally understand when I read it, and I do now."

Xie Bi An was beyond regretful about the stupid thing he had done. He was so choked up that he didn't know how to retort, and his face quickly turned red from holding back.

"I understand now, so I want to try it with senior brother" Fan Wu She licked Xie Bi An's lips, "Want to take off senior brother's clothes, kiss you all over, and then ..."

Xie Bi An felt like his brain was about to explode and pushed him away.

Fan Wu She sat on the bed crookedly, pressing a hand on his chest and kept panting.

"You, are you deserving it?" Xie Bi An reprimanded, "You're so young, and always thinking about such naughty things."

Fan Wu She pouted with grievance, "I like senior brother, so naturally I would want to do intimate things with you."

"Now is not the time to think about that." Fan Wu She came over again and placed his head on Xie Bi An's lap. When looking up from the bottom, his eyes were wide open and looked even more innocent, "Then when we're safe, can we think about it?"

Xie Bi An said with shame, "We'll talk about it later."

Fan Wu She hugged Xie Bi An's waist, "Senior brother, how long do we have to stay here?"

"Master told us to wait until we get well." "But I'm worried about Master."
"I am worried too, but if we're like this, we will only be a burden to master." Xie Bi An looked at his "furry" feet and sighed, "It's been four days, why is there no news at all?"

"Mount Tai is very far away from here, so it's normal to have no news." Fan Wu She said, "Senior brother, I've been thinking about it for the past two days and I don't think we should stay here."


"This is the territory of the Cangyu Sect after all. Even if it's now taken over by the Immortal Alliance, I always feel unsafe. The point is, we have Cheng Yan Zhi in our hands. Qi Meng Sheng must not want to be coerced and will definitely find a way to take it back. Now that Yun Zhong Jun and a few elders are nowhere to be found, if they come back and sneak up on us, it is impossible to defend effectively."

Xie Bi An nodded, "You have a point. This thing, no, this person, is still alive and can't be put into a Qiankun bag. It is indeed a problem to carry around."

"Moreover, we are all worried about Master. The trip to Mount Tai is bound to be a fierce battle. Li By You is not trustworthy at all, and official Lord Cui's book of life and death has the Master's fate written in it ..." Fan Wu She knew that Xie Bi An would definitely be persuaded, as long as the matter concerned Zhong Kui's safety.

Xie Bi An's expression really tensed up: "Actually, I have been thinking about this matter too. When I was at the Spirit Palace, I was so scared, scared that Master would ... but, master didn’t lose when fighting Qi Meng Sheng alone. Even if Li Bu Yu is not trustworthy, the sect leaders and elders of the major sects are all present, it should be safer than him being alone."

"On the battlefield, anything can happen. Didn't Master get his sword seized just because of Lan Chui Han?" Fan Wu She said disdainfully, "Lan Chui Han might as well hide. What a burden."

"Wu She, don't say that. If it wasn't for Brother Lan, Master would definitely have to suffer more." Xie Bi An sighed, "I don't know how big brother Lan is doing now. Without exchanging back using Cheng Yan Zhi, Qi Meng Sheng won't kill him for now, but ..."

"We can't do anything by panicking here, might as well go to Mount Tai together and join our master."

Xie Bi An frowned and pondered.

"One, we leave Fenglin Continent. Qi Meng Sheng won't be able to find us, so naturally she won't be able to send anyone to sneak up on us. Two, we'll be safer after we reunite with our master and the Immortal Alliance. When our injuries are almost healed, we'll still be able to give our master a boost."

Xie Bi An nodded, "You're right, but how do we leave Fenglin Continent now? You're still unable to fly with your sword due to your injuries, and I can't walk, so if we want to leave Fenglin Continent on our own, we'll have to recuperate for at least half a month."

"Actually, I have a solution." Fan Wu She sat up, "But it's a bit risky, would senior brother dare to try it?"

Xie Bi An was aroused by his curiosity and desire to win: "What is it?" Fan Wu She's gaze drifted out the window and slightly raised his chin in the direction of Fengming Lake, "Horse."

"Horse ... Wuya?" Xie Bi An's eyes widened. "Yes, Wuya."
Xie Bi An subconsciously looked to his left and right and lowered his voice, "What are you thinking? That's Song Zi Xiao’s mount."

"So what, it’s just an evil spirit, and if it's an evil spirit, it can be ridden by a cultivator."

"Wuya is not an ordinary evil spirit. Tt has been cultivating at the bottom of Fengming Lake for a hundred years and is very powerful. As you can see, if it wasn't for Master’s help that day, Yun Zhong Jun might not have been able to capture it. Moreover, it is the mount of the Demon Supreme. You and I both know how much the immortal cultivation world fears the Demon Supreme. Just the fact that Wuya has appeared in the world has already made Li Bu Yu lead the Immortal Alliance to come and investigate personally. Who dares to touch it?"

"Now that the Immortal Alliance has no time to take care of themselves, where would they have time to care about us? Besides, we're just borrowing it, otherwise how would we go with these thousand miles on foot?"

Xie Bi An said anxiously, "You are really a newborn calf not afraid of the tiger, how can things be as simple as you say? What if the Immortal Alliance investigates it? Even if the Immortal Alliance doesn't investigate the matter, what makes you think you can handle Wuya? Wuya's cultivation level is likely to be above yours and mine."

"How will we know if we don't try?” Fan Wu She's two eyes were unusually bright, "We have soul weapons. All evil spirits are afraid of soul weapons. If it wasn't for Qingfeng Sword, even the Master wouldn't be able to subdue Wuya at once, right? So, Wuya may not resist me." In fact, he was not fully confident. With his current cultivation level, he really could not tame Wuya, but he bet that Wuya still remembered him, because that night at the shore of Fengming Lake, Wuya attempted to break through the heavy encirclement and ran towards himself. No matter how much the years had changed, he was Song Zi Xiao or Fan Wu She. His soul had not changed.

"No, it's too absurd." Xie Bi An shook his head firmly, "Wu She, that’s really bold of you. There are many, many rules in this world, how can you be allowed to run amok?"

"This is the only way we can get to Mount Tai." Fan Wu She grabbed Xie Bi An and stared him dead in the eyes, "Don't you want to go and help master?"

"Of course I want to, but ..."

"Then let's go and help Master." Fan Wu She said, "Senior brother, let me try. If I can really ride Wuya, we'll go, okay?"

Xie Bi An looked out of the window with a difficult expression, not really being able to see anything from here, "Wu She, calm down a bit, this is too risky."

"I have considered it carefully, this is an extraordinary time, naturally we have to use extraordinary methods. As long as we can stop Qi Meng Sheng, we can take our time to investigate the matter of Wuya. We are just borrowing it."

Xie Bi An's sword brows were tightly locked.

"Senior brother." Fan Wu She encouraged, "I also want to know the situation of master as soon as possible. There is nothing we can do by staying here and feeling anxious."

Xie Bi An seemed to be persuaded. He was too worried about Zhong Kui. the Book of Life and Death said that Zhong Kui was nearing the end of his predestined life, and there were only a few people in the world who have the ability to hurt Zhong Kui. He had been wary of Li Bu Yu at first, but now it seemed that Qi Meng Sheng was even more dangerous, especially since the Qingfeng Sword had been seized. The more he thought about it, the more frightened he became. He wanted to get to his master's side immediately.

Xie Bi An gritted his teeth, "How confident are you?"

Fan Wu She's eyes flashed with a brilliant light: "Just try it and we’ll know."

"There are people from Wuliang Sect guarding outside." "Not enough to be feared."
Xie Bi An frowned, clearly still hesitant to decide. "Senior brother, leave it to me."
"Wu She, you are really bold." Xie Bi An let out a long breath, "If I weren't worried about my master, I would never have let you do something like this."

"It's not reckless, I've given it a lot of thought." Fan Wu She gently cupped his chin, his gaze steadfast, "I will take you away."


After nightfall, Fan Wu She quietly left the Ice Palace.

There were people from the Immortal Alliance patrolling and guarding the shores of Fengming Lake, so if he went over there, he would definitely be discovered, and he waited patiently.

At this moment, fire and explosions suddenly came from inside the Ice Palace, and someone shouted, "The people from the Cangyu Sect have escaped "

Lights lit up one after another inside the Ice Palace, and people from the Immortal Alliance ran towards the underground. The shouts and footsteps completely stirring up the quiet night. The people patrolling at Fenming Lake also ran towards the Ice Palace.

Fan Wu She took the opportunity to run to the edge of Fengming Lake. He drew out his Ting Mo, lifted his sword high up in the air, which was wrapped in spiritual energy, and struck the horse-shaped ice sculpture, which shattered with a sound.

A skeletal warhorse with a black death aura reappeared in the snow. Its front hooves leaping up and its neck pointing towards the sky, letting out a long, chilling neigh in the darkness of the night.

"Oh no, it's Wuya!"

"Something's wrong, someone come quickly!"

Fan Wu She's chest rose and fell violently as he approached Wuya and slowly extended his hand, saying in a deep voice, "Wuya, listen to my order."

Wuya shook its high steed body and twisted its head, its dark eye holes looking straight at Fan Wu She.

"Wuya, listen to my order." "Quickly, someone "
A large group of Immortal Alliance cultivators ran towards Fengming Lake.

Wuya suddenly lowered its head and rubbed its nose across Fan Wu She's palm.

Fan Wu She leapt up and jumped onto Wuya's back, "Rise!"

Wu Ya spread its four hooves and ran wildly towards the Ice Palace. A group of cultivators roared wildly, but none of them dared to make a move to stop them. They all stepped aside. That was Wuya, the mount of the Demon Supreme Song Zi Xiao. No one had seen the grand occasion with their own eyes a hundred years ago, but the fear of the Demon Supreme that had been instilled in everyone in the Immortal Cultivation World from birth to the present day, and was already deep in their bones. This sudden change left them completely at a loss for words.

Wuya galloped across the long snow mudflat. The fierce black death aura on its body was like a burning black flame, leaving a phantom shadow like smoke and ashes on the snow. The man on top of it was dressed in black, his face was stunningly beautiful but cold and grim, he was calm, he was awe-inspiring, as if the Demon Supreme had walked through a hundred years of time, stepped over thousands of dead bones and returned from hell.

Wuya ran straight up to the outer wall of the Ice Palace. It was capable of flying over the walls.

Fan Wu She called out to an opened window, "Senior brother, jump down."

Xie Bi An glanced downwards, and just seeing the skeletal horse, his legs began to go weak. Fan Wu She could actually control Wuya! There was no time to hesitate at this point. What was the use of regretting after what was done? He clutched the bundle in his hand and leapt down from the window.

Fan Wu She embraced Xie Bi An with one arm and put him in front of him to sit properly. He gave him a big kiss on his face and then let out a hearty laugh, "Wuya, go!"

With a few leaps and bounds, it ran down the ice palace, then spread its hooves and ran off into the distance, leaving the Ice Palace and the Immortal Alliance far behind it.

Xie Bi An crouched on top of Wuya, practically in fear: "Wu She, slow down, your injuries can't stand such fast speed."

But Fan Wu She turned a deaf ear. It had been a hundred years. He finally felt delighted to ride Wuya again, as if he was still the same Song Zi Xiao, the only one in heaven and earth, and the person he rode with was still the one he loved the most. The wind of extreme speed mixed with the cold snow blew his mind into a daze. In a trance, he thought that nothing had changed, that time had not gone, that person had not left, that they could keep running like this, running through the changes of the cold and summer heat, running through the transformations of the world, until the days were long.

"Wu She!" Xie Bi An went to tug at the reins, but found that the reins did not work on Wuya at all.

Fan Wu She came back to his senses: "Wuya, slow down a little." Wuya obeyed and slowed down.
Xie Bi An was shocked, "It, it listens to you?" He was sitting on this evil spirit, which was indescribably strange, but it seemed that apart from being much faster, it was not much different from an ordinary horse. And once again, he had a feeling of déjà vu. Ever since he had been stimulated at the Eight Trigrams Platform, he had been experiencing this feeling in all sorts of people and things. He knew it was his past life that was haunting him, but there was nothing he could do about it.

But, forget about the other stuff, how about Wuya? How could he have some familiarity with Wuya too? No, he must have confused the feeling of "riding a horse" with "riding Wuya".

Fan Wu She wrapped himself and Xie Bi An in a large cloak: "Senior brother, are you cold?"

"Answer my question first, how can Wuya listen to you?" Xie Bi An remembered Fan Wu She's confident look when he said he would ride Wuya to Mount Tai, as if he had already known that Wuya would obey.

Why? This was the Demon Supreme’s mount. How could Fan Wu She, a young boy who was unknown, make the Demon Supreme’s mount listen to him? "I have the Soul Weapon."

"I have one too, why won't it listen to me!" Xie Bi An's tone had become stern. He felt that Fan Wu She was still hiding something from him.

Fan Wu She wrapped one hand around Xie Bi An's waist, "Senior brother, why are you so fierce? How do I know why it doesn't listen to you? I took out my soul weapon and it got scared. Try taking out your soul weapon and maybe it will listen to you too."

Xie Bi An reflected on his tone and his voice relaxed a bit, "Really? Then I'll try it out when we take a break." He realised he seemed to be thinking too much just now. Their soul weapons have the spirit of the Great Emperor Beiyin on it, and there were no evil spirits that did not fear the soul weapon, just the degree varies, so it seemed reasonable for Wuya to be submissive.

"Why else do you think Wuya listened to me, senior brother?" Fan Wu She cushioned his chin in the nook of Xie Bi An's neck and pressed onto his face intimately, "Could it be that senior brother thinks I have the Heavenly Secret talisman?"

"Don't say such things. This is not a laughing matter."

"What's the big deal? Without a master, the Heavenly Secret talisman is just a dead object. What’s more, we don’t know where the Great Emperor Beiyin had hidden it.”

"Having said that, it's not a good sign for Wuya to show up. Otherwise, Li Bu Yu wouldn't have personally left the mountain. It is enough to see that this matter is serious."

"Why do all of them think that Wuya’s appearance has something to do with the Heavenly Secret talisman? I think Wuya was at the bottom of Fengming Lake long before the great battle at Mount Luofeng, and Kunlun is so far away from Fengdu, could someone else have sent Wuya here on purpose?"

"What you say is also true." "Putting aside everything else, Wuya is just an evil spirit, and evil spirits can be controlled by cultivators, and they can also be overtaken and destroyed by cultivators. Wuya is actually not that scary. What they are afraid of, is Song Zi Xiao and the Xuanyuan Heavenly Secret talisman."

Xie Bi An sighed, "Yeah."

"However, Li Bu Yu’s fears are not entirely unjustified. As long as one has enough spiritual power, one can control the Heavenly Secret Talisman and turn into a second Song Zi Xiao. What they are really worried about is whether the Heavenly Secret Talisman is safe."

"The Heavenly Secret Talisman is naturally safe. The Great Emperor Beiyin had personally sealed it somewhere in Jiuyou."

"Somewhere? What kind of heavily guarded place is it? Whether it's the evil spirits of hell, or the underworld generals and Yin soldiers, anyone wants to get their hands on this divine treasure. Is the Heavenly Secret Talisman really safe?"

"It is the safest when no one knows." Xie Bi An said, "I hope it will never see the daylight again."

Fan Wu She narrowed his eyes slightly.

It will definitely see the daylight again. It will definitely return to my hands.

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Chapter 106

Contains mild explicit content.

Wuya kept running tirelessly through layers of wind and snow, from darkness to daylight. If it hadn't been for the recurrence of Fan Wu She's wound, they might have been able to keep running like this.

They found a cave where they could hide from the wind and snow, used withered branches to slightly shield themselves from the cold wind and built a fire. Their nearly frozen bodies were recovering from layers of pins and needles.

Using the light from the fire, Xie Bi An treated Fan Wu She's wounds. His wound was definitely seeping blood again, but it wasn't that bad. His ability to recover was truly amazing.

"We can’t run so fast again." Xie Bi An admonished, "I want to get to Mount Tai as soon as possible too, but your injuries are also important."

Fan Wu She smiled, "Got it."

Xie Bi An glanced at Wuya, which stood motionless outside the cave. It’s a bit of thick black ink in the white sky. He frowned and said, "I have Wuqiongbi, and Wuya still doesn't obey me, so why does it listen to you?"

Fan Wu She yawned, "Maybe it's a matter of first come, first served? I don't know. As long as it can send us to Mount Tai, why do you care so much?" Xie Bi An was still muttering in his heart, but he couldn't figure it out, and he lamented, "I really didn't think that one day I would be able to ride the mount of Demon Supreme. That is Wuya ah." It was incredibly mysterious that Wuya, which existed in legends and history books, was now being ridden by them.

Fan Wu She also looked at Wuya: "It starved to death for its master and has been accompanying with the King at Wujiang. It is a brave horse."

"But Song Zi Xiao summoned it out to do evil." Xie Bi An said disdainfully, "For his own selfish reasons, he let the living not have peace and the dead not have peace."

Fan Wu She narrowed his eyes slightly and his voice became hoarse, "You are right. It's just that Song Zi Xiao was once the royal son of the Song Clan who lived in luxury. He had a straightforward path to immortality, and who drove him to become evil?"

Xie Bi An was silent for a moment: "It is true that he cannot be blamed for his father's grudge, but he also failed to stick to his true heart."

"True heart, what is true heart?" The volume of Fan Wu She's voice unconsciously rose.

Xie Bi An stared straight into Fan Wu She's eyes and said with certainty, "A heart to do good."

"A heart to do good?" Looking at this face and saying "good" to him, Fan Wu She almost laughed out loud, but he held it back. He convinced himself that as long as he did not experience Song Zi Heng's fate, this man's goodness could be maintained, even if it was hypocritical.

"What, are you even questioning towards goodness?" Xie Bi An's eyebrows knitted lightly, "Wu She, sometimes I really can't understand you." Despite Fan Wu She's explanation, he still had a vague feeling of suspicion that Fan Wu She was worshipping and defending Song Zi Xiao again. Fan Wu She muttered for a moment, "I'm not questioning it. I'm just curious."

"We’ve had a long day, let’s sleep." Xie Bi An lay down with his back to him, wrapping the blanket tightly around him and not speaking again.

"Is senior brother angry with me again?" Fan Wu She said quietly. "... go to sleep."
Fan Wu She slowly lay down next to Xie Bi An, his shoulder against his back.

As Xie Bi An watched the firelight danced, and listened to the sound of the fire in the silence of the night, he knew it was time to settle down and go to sleep, but his mind was in turmoil. His mind was in a mess, as if he was thinking about everything, but also as if he was thinking about nothing at all.

Maybe his body has relaxed. He gradually realises that there’s a fire in front of him and a heater behind him. There is unbearable heat.

Xie Bi An took a deep breath, closed his eyes and forced himself to sleep.

"Senior brother can’t fall asleep?" Fan Wu She asked softly. Xie Bi An ignored him.
Fan Wu She smiled mischievously, "Is it because you are thinking of me?"

"Shut up and go to sleep."

There was no movement behind him.

Xie Bi An had just relaxed when Fan Wu She suddenly embraced him from behind. Xie Bi An was caught off guard and was startled: "What are you doing?"

Fan Wu She lightly laughed beside his ear, "I want to make senior brother think of me and dream of me."

"You are presumptuous." Xie Bi An struggled to push him away, but he felt a hand lift his blanket and then grabbed his vital point without hesitation.

Xie Bi An's eyes widened and he instantly dared not move his body.

Fan Wu She skillfully got it up. Even through the layer of winter clothes, Xie Bi An still couldn't bear such stimulation, and his body burned red all over.

"You, let go of me." Xie Bi An struggled weakly. With a man's vital in someone else's hands, it was basically the same as giving up his arms and surrendering.

"Feel good?" Fan Wu She sucked on Xie Bi An's small, fleshy earlobe, "Senior Brother is enjoying it, right?"

"No, I... let go of me." Xie Bi An was ashamed and anxious, but he didn't dare to resist hard.

"You like it." Fan Wu She bit his earlobe and said with a low laugh, "You just love to be reluctant and put on an act."

"You bastard ... Mm!"

The hand actually went into the clothes and directly held...

Xie Bi An frantically curled up his body, yet couldn't dodge Fan Wu She's hand. He had never tried such excitement before, and was soon in full control of Fan Wu She.

Fan Wu She turned his face over, lightly kissed and bit his lips. His agile tongue intrude into the mouth again and ran amok, teasing as much as it could. In their previous life, he had wanted this man so much that in those years he had done in every position, every place and every dirty and shameless thing he could think of. His hatred was as fierce as his desire. He knew this body even better than he knew his own, so he focused on teasing the most sensitive points, and naturally, he was able to do so with ease.

Xie Bi An went weak and became a puddle of mud in Fan Wu She's arms, but he was still struggling helplessly. His dishevelled hair, his flushed face, his dense eyes, and his lips which were swollen and slightly opened by the kiss, was like an innocent deer in a beast's den. The more he cowered and pushed back, the more he made people want to tear him apart.

Fan Wu She was so aroused that his two eyes became red. It took all his willpower to restrain the wild thoughts that were rising up in him. He had to tighten the noose in order to restrain the beast inside him. All he could do was kiss Xie Bi An until he could barely breathe.

Xie Bi An was out of his wits and let him do whatever he wanted. The self-control he had built up over the past twenty years fell to the ground. Just when he thought Fan Wu She could not go any further, something hard came up against his back, and through his clothes, Fan Wu She bumped him with dull thuds.

All Xie Bi An could feel was that his body was so hot that it seemed to be on fire, burning him to delirium.

In this extreme confusion and madness, Xie Bi An released the most embarrassing side of himself for the first time in front of his junior brother. But that was far from the end of it; the powerful bumping behind him made him so ashamed that he was itching to disappear.

Fan Wu She dissolved his urge, in order to control his emotions. He turned Xie Bi An over, facing himself, and gently stroked his face, soothing his jittery, which was totally different from the previous powerful and greedy manner.

Xie Bi An's eyes were red with shame and anger, yet he was instinctively afraid of Fan Wu She. At this very moment, he really couldn't put on the airs of a senior brother.

Fan Wu She said softly, "Do you like it, senior brother?"

Xie Bi An gritted his teeth and said, "Who taught you all this, teaching you these dirty, tactics."

"I just can't restrain." Fan Wu She gave him a light kiss and deliberately rubbed his wet, sticky palm against the blanket, "Look, you like it, don't you?"

Xie Bi An's face burst into redness.

"To be my cultivation partner, this is far from enough." Fan Wu She kissed the tip of his nose again, "I don't just want to kiss you, I don't just want to touch you, I also want to do more 'dirty' things to you."

Xie Bi An pursed his lips. Facing Fan Wu She's sharp and blunt gaze, his eyes kept dodging non-stop.

"Senior bother is not willing to, right? I like senior brother, so I want to do intimate things with you. If senior brother likes me like that, you will understand. Unfortunately, you don't like me." After Fan Wu She finished speaking, there were a bit of desolation and grievance in between his brows, as if he had not done all those outlandish things just now, and was just a teenager who was bothered by the love he wants to get but couldn't.

The Adam's apple in Xie Bi An's throat rolled up and down, and he hesitated for a while before saying, "I don't ... dislike you."

Fan Wu She's eyes brightened up.

Xie Bi An held back for a while before saying, "... I don't know what to do either." He didn't know what is considered as 'like', nor did he know how to be a cultivation partner with a man, nor did he know how to handle their identities as senior and junior brothers.

"Why think so much about it. Just follow your instincts." Fan Wu She pressed against the tip of Xie Bi An's nose, his voice full of bewitching, "I like senior brother, and senior brother also likes me. We have to be together all the time, and also do intimate things and comfortable things, right?"


"There are even more comfortable things that I want to do with senior brother."

Xie Bi An whispered, "But you're being too presumptuous." "And what's wrong with that?"
"I can't talk you out of it. You always have a bunch of fallacious reasons."

Fan Wu She smiled and tried to squeeze into Xie Bi An's arms, "Senior brother, can you hug me?"

Xie Bi An did not move, so Fan Wu She took his hand and put it around his back.

Xie Bi An let out a helpless sigh and embraced him.

That domineering and unbridled junior brother made him resist, but this junior brother who begged him for a hug made him feel lovable. Which one was Fan Wu She? Why could there be several different sides of a person?

Surrounded by the warm and elegant scent of orchids, Fan Wu She felt every pore of his body stretch out. When he was young, he always loved to burrow into his big brother's arms. As long as big brother was around, he could sleep soundly and sweetly. This embrace was the most solid fortress and the most powerful boundary in the world, allowing him to put down all his defences and sink into it without fear.

Fan Wu She let out a contented sigh and snuggled himself tightly into this embrace.

So fragrant, so warm, as if all the ugliness and coldness in his life had never come. He wished that time would stop right now. He wished to be trapped in his dream and never wake up forever.

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Chapter 107

Outside the cave, the world is dazzling with threads of clouds endlessly.
The cold wind howls like a fierce ghost without breaking.

Yet inside the cave was another world. The fire burns quietly, its orange glow emitting a warmth that envelops the two sleeping together so gently that even the shadows cast on the stone walls seem intimate.

It was just that Fan Wu She slept peacefully and soundly, while Xie Bi An was the exact opposite.

The body made hot by Fan Wu She did not become calm after release, instead he had nowhere to hide due to the entangling limbs and felt the youth’s body which was warm, solid and full of vitality.

Xie Bi An was sleepy and tired, but his mind was running wild with imagination and just couldn’t fall asleep

When Fan Wu She's soft, even snoring sounded beside his ears, Xie Bi An's heart burned with anger. Why can this brat sleep so soundly?

He started to silently chant a meditation mantra, trying to get himself to sleep as soon as possible.

As he drifted off to sleep, Xie Bi An felt his body shake and he opened his eyes wearily, hearing Fan Wu She make a ‘shush’ sound.

Xie Bi An suddenly realized that the ground beneath him was shaking. No, the whole cave was shaking lightly, and the snow kept falling down at the entrance. He stared, "What's happening? An earthquake?" "Doesn’t seem like it, listen."

Carefully discerning, the ground movement was not continuous, but one after another, like a giant hammer constantly smashing into the earth, and the sound was closing in on them, and it sounded alarming.

It was freezing cold, and the two men, who were extremely longing for the warmth of their blankets, had no choice but to get up.

"I'll go and see." Fan Wu She tucked Xie Bi An back under the blanket.
He wrapped his clothes tightly and ran out of the cave.

Xie Bi An listened to the sound that was getting heavier and heavier, and he became scared, so how can he lie in peace? He’s still unable to walk, so he simply crawled towards the cave entrance on his knees.

Suddenly, a black shadow swept into the cave, startling him so much that he almost drew his sword.

When he focused his vision, it was Wuya.

Fan Wu She jumped down and quickly helped Xie Bi An to put on his shoes, picked him up and put him on top of Wuya.

"Are they pursuers?" Xie Bi An asked calmly. Fan Wu She gave a deep "hmm".
"What is it?"

"A snow demon."

Fan Wu She tugged on the reins with one hand and wrapped his other arm around Xie Bi An's waist: "Sit tight."

Wuya leapt and dashed into the snow and wind.

They saw several large, black shadows hidden behind the obscure snow and fog, swaying and walking towards them, shaking the earth with every step.

Wuya ran South wildly.

By now the snow was knee-deep and a normal horse would not have been able to run, but Wuya was treading through the snow without losing any of his speed.

The snow demons were catching up. The earth trembled more violently as they ran. The frost and snow flew like dust and burrowed into their eyes, so cold and astringent.

Xie Bi An turned his head back, using his stinging eyes and saw the full extent of the approaching snow demons.

They were the same as the ones depicted in "The Miscellany of Demons and Spirits in Jiuzhou". They were ice giants that only haunted bitterly cold places in the middle of nowhere, and were not interested in people either. Even if someone wants to find them specially, they might not even be found, not to mention coming after them on their own initiative.

Unless someone summoned them over.

The snow demons flung their arms at them, turning into snow whips that were several feet long.

Wuya leapt and dodged. That snow whip struck the thick snow like a boulder falling into water, sending waves of snow into the air.

One by one, the snow whips came in a frenzy. Wuya turned into a black fish, gliding through the waves of snow and dodging every attack.

Fan Wu She tugged at the reins with one hand and held up Ting Mo with the other, his harsh sword energy slashing at the snow demons that were in hot pursuit. But no matter how hard the snow demons had their waists and heads cut off, as long as there was snow, they could be reborn. There is no way to kill them all The snow demon's pursuit became more and more fierce. Although Wuya was agile, the two men on top of it were about to be thrown off already, especially Fan Wu She, whose chest and abdomen wounds had just healed and could not afford such a bumpy ride.

Xie Bi An opened his mouth and took a mouthful of snow as he shouted as loudly as he could, "Wu She, you ride Wuya and go first, I will catch up with you with my sword."

Fan Wu She did not reply, only pressing his chest harder against Xie Bi An's back.

Xie Bi An turned his head, not knowing whether it was intentional or not, his cold lips brushed Fan Wu She's cheek and said steadily as he sped along, "Trust senior brother."

Fan Wu She’s heart skipped a few beats. That's right, no one knew better than him what this man was capable of. At this age, Song Zi Heng had already occupied a place in the immortal cultivation world.

Xie Bi An pressed on Fan Wu She's shoulder and used his strength to jump up into mid-air as Pei Xue caught him.

When both feet stepped on the sword, the stinging pain came from his feet and his legs suddenly became a little weak. With the addition of the strong wind, his body swayed left and right. He had been able to fly on a sword since he was six, but now he was struggling to find his balance like a toddler just learning to walk.

The snow demon's big hand grabbed him.

Xie Bi An held Wuqiongbi across his chest. His frozen grey lips spat out an incantation, and with one hand he formed a seal and struck the Soul Suppressing Stick. A few glowing green spirit seals suddenly appeared in the void one by one, like a ghostly fire blooming in the night sky. He glared his round eyes as his spirit pressure was released, "One Bi Thousand Miles*!" Countless spirit seals flew towards the snow demons, exploding instantly when they collided with them, sending frost and snow into the sky.

A snow demon fell to the ground with a crash, and Xie Bi An saw the yellow talisman attached to the back of its head at once.

Sure enough, someone was controlling them!

Xie Bi An flew towards the snow demon with his sword, tore off the yellow talisman and shoved it into his lapel.

Suddenly, a murderous aura came upon him, and he dodged with his flying sword, but a sharp pain at the bottom of his feet made him unsteady on his feet, and he fell off from Pei Xue into the thick snow.

A huge icy and snowy palm was covering his head.

"Pei Xue!" As soon as Xie Bi An reached out, Pei Xue flew into his palm. With a fierce sword stroke, he split the huge palm in half.

He rose up with his sword, but saw that the snow demon he had just knocked down was fusing with the snow, its body gradually becoming intact as before.

With a deep breath and a light touch of his lips, he poured out almost half of his body's spiritual energy and struck again with "One Bi Thousand Miles", a blow so fierce that it smashed almost all the snow demons into pieces. Then, without looking back, he chased after Fan Wu She with his sword.

The speed of Wuya was so amazing that it had completely disappeared into the snow and wind, but fortunately, Wuqiongbi could sense the evil spirit and he tried his best to catch up.

Xie Bi An landed behind Fan Wu She, and he held Fan Wu She's hand, which was grabbing onto the reins. That hand was like a block of ice.

"Senior brother, are you all right?" Fan Wu She's lips and tongue were already numb from the cold. "I’m fine. Those snow demons are being controlled by someone, and they can't be killed completely at all." He turned around and saw shadows behind the snowy mist, "We can only escape, but your injury ..."

"Don't worry about me." Fan Wu She said in a hoarse voice, "As long as we leave Kunlun, they won't chase us anymore."

Xie Bi An hugged Fan Wu She's stiff body, "Give me the reins." "Wuya ..."
"Wuya must listen to me."

Xie Bi An snatched the reins from Fan Wu She's hand. Wuya was actually obediently controlled by Xie Bi An.
Fan Wu She's mind said silently, "Wuya, you remember him, don't you?"

He inappropriately remembered his previous life, when he had pinned Song Zi Heng to his horse and tormented him severely. He was riding a horse as well as a human being.

So, Wuya remembered.

And he couldn't forget. The absurdities, the madness, the obsessions of his previous life, he could not forget a single scene.

Xie Bi An rode Wuya and galloped hurriedly, against the wind and snow that almost froze their innards into ice, from the darkness of night until the first light of day. Finally, they ran out of the million-years snowy Kunlun, leaving the snow demons far behind them.

One Bi Thousand Miles*[ ⼀碧千⾥]--- means everything is green at a glance. A very wide area covered in green PS: poor Wuya, M18 scenes sure leave a deep impression... Edited 16 Apr. 21

Chapter 108

In the inn in Shazhou, the two men toned their bodies by transferring Qi to dispel the biting cold.

A sudden rumbling sound came from the quiet guest room. Xie Bi An snorted a laugh and rubbed his stomach, "Aiya, I'm hungry."

Fan Wu She took a deep breath, collected his Qi from his dantian and opened his eyes, "At this hour, the cook should be awake. I'll have him cook two bowls of noodles."

"Wu She, be careful." "Don't worry."
A short while later, Fan Wu She returned with two bowls of noodles. He put the noodles on the table and was about to come and hug Xie Bi An.

Xie Bi An raised his hand to stop him, "I'll do it myself, I can even fly on a sword."

"You've recovered from your wounds, but your bones haven't recovered yet, so don't casually walk around." Fan Wu She bent down and picked him up, raising his eyebrows and smiling lightly, "Besides, I like to carry you."

Xie Bi An coughed lightly to ease the embarrassment.

Fan Wu She put him in the chair, "Eat while it's hot, Shazhou is a post to enter Kunlun, and it's not a place where we can stay for long." "Mm." Xie Bi An grabbed his chopsticks and froze when he looked at the bowl of noodles.

It was a very ordinary bowl of noodles in clear soup. The thin white locks of noodles lying tamely in a large porcelain bowl, the soup containing golden stars of oil, accompanied by stewed red meat and tender green spring onions, and two clear and yellow fried eggs. Just looking at it made people warm from the tip of their tongue to their stomach.

"How did you know I wanted two fried eggs?" Xie Bi An blinked and looked at Fan Wu She.

Fan Wu She's hand, which was holding his chopsticks, paused: "Didn’t you add two when you were eating noodles last time?”

"Did I? How come I don't remember." Xie Bi An couldn't remember when he had made noodles for Fan Wu She. Usually only when he cooked for himself would he break two eggs for himself. If he was having a hurried casual meal outside, he had no intention of requesting it.

"Come on, eat."

Xie Bi An took a bite of the noodles and found it very appetising. He was thinking about it as he ate. It was as if Fan Wu She knew what he liked to eat. When they went out to shop for groceries, he picked what he likes to eat, and when they ate out, he ordered what he likes to eat. He always felt their taste are very similar.

But this fried egg ...

"Is it delicious?" Fan Wu She interrupted his doubts.
"Ah, not bad." Xie Bi An smiled, "But it's more delicious if I make it." "When we go back to the Heaven Master Palace, I want to eat senior
brother's cooking everyday."

Xie Bi An sighed softly, "I also want to go back to the Heaven Master Palace. Official Lord Cui and Bo Zhu must be missing us too." "Soon."

As the two of them finished eating, Xie Bi An pulled out the yellow talisman he had torn off the snow demon last night from his arms, "This puppet talisman, what might you see in it?"

Fan Wu She took the crumpled yellow talisman, smoothed it out and looked at it carefully, then shook his head.

Xie Bi An summoned Wuqiongbi and affixed the talisman, which immediately shone with green glow: "I found this back then."

"What's going on here? There is Yin energy on this talisman?" "Yes, it was very faint, but it was tainted with Yin energy."
Fan Wu She frowned, "Under what circumstances would there be Yin energy on a talisman?" Most of the talismans drawn by cultivators were used for dealing with Yin and evil things. If the talisman even had the aura of evil spirits on it, it would be too bizarre.

"It's not easy to say." Xie Bi An pondered, "I have met a cultivator who was possessed by an evil spirit, and the talisman he drew carried Yin energy. If it was a Yin talisman drawn by the Underworld General, the Yin energy would not be so diluted."

"A cultivator possessed by an evil spirit would manipulate a snow demon to come after us?"

Usually those who can possess the body of a cultivator are evil spirits with deep resentment. Such evil spirits are manipulated by obsessions and their wisdom is already laxed. They have only one purpose in possessing people, which is to take revenge. They will not attack people who are unrelated.

Xie Bi An was also confused: "This clearly looks like the work of a human, such as Yun Zhong Jun or the missing elders of the Cangyu Sect. Or perhaps they happened to have dealt with the evil spirits just before they drew the talisman and were tainted with Yin energy?"

"That sounds a bit far-fetched."

"In any case, that person must have clearly come for us. We have not harmed anyone's life, so naturally there is no life and death hatred. It would not be the work of an evil spirit, even Wuqiongbi did not perceive any evil spirits."

"Well, most likely Qi Meng Sheng sent someone to rob the 'thing' in our hands." Fan Wu She's eyes darkened as he pondered whether Qi Meng Sheng might have already gotten hold of the Golden Trunk Jade Policy and already knew that Xie Bi An was the reincarnation of the Human Emperor.

When he said that Cheng Yan Zhi was a 'thing', Xie Bi An felt a bit awkward, but when he thought about the fact that he was now only the size of a square cun* and was carried around by himself, he was just like a thing. The fate of this man made people sigh.

"Wu She, it's almost dawn. We're already out of Kunlun, let's go to Mount Tai on our swords as soon as possible."


"But I'm worried about Wuya." Xie Bi An hesitated, "It won't run out and cause trouble, will it?"

Before entering Shazhou, they had hidden Wuya somewhere in the snowy plains and sealed it with the Soul Binding Formation.

"It won't."

"But with Wuya's cultivation level, that Soul Binding Formation won't be able to trap it for long. I'm afraid that when it breaks the formation, it will go and harasses the people."

"Maybe we'll be back before it breaks the formation. Even if it breaks the formation, it won't bother the people. What kind of origin does it have? In life, it fought in all directions with King Chu, and after its death, it helped the Demon Supreme to unify Jiuzhou, and it has been cultivating with the help of ice crystals at the bottom of Fengming Lake for a hundred years, so it doesn't care about ordinary people."

"You're right, it's just that ..."

"Now there is no other way. We can't even bring it into the customs." Fan Wu She secretly touched his Qiankun bag. The soul token he had made previously had already absorbed Wuya in, and that soul token, which was capable of collecting and releasing evil spirits, was also one of the evil arts on the ‘Yellow Emperor's Heaven Secret Scripture’. This art of controlling corpses, summoning Yin soldiers etc. was neither unique nor the first of its kind, and there had always been demonic cultivators who had borrowed the power of the Underworld, but only he had obtained the Xuanyuan Heaven Secret Talisman. The so-called soul token was actually a Heaven Secret talisman of tiny power.

Xie Bi An thought of the skeletal warhorse, standing alone in the pure white world, like the only bit of black ink on a scroll, and felt some inexplicable sadness in his heart, "Actually, I should take it back to the Underworld and let it reincarnate."

"The Immortal Alliance will not allow it." He would never hand Wuya over to the Immortal Alliance either.

Xie Bi An snorted lightly, "The Immortal Alliance has no control over our underworld affairs."

"Senior brother, let's go." Fan Wu She picked Xie Bi An up again.

Xie Bi An said in shame, "Let me walk on my own, what does it look like to be seen by others?"

"The way I am holding you." Fan Wu She suddenly laughed, "Does it look like carrying a wife during marriage?”

"Nonsense again." Xie Bi An struggled. "Don't move." Fan Wu She threatened, "If you move again, I'll kiss you." Xie Bi An stared at Fan Wu She and really didn't dare to move.
The shopkeeper had rented two horses for them, as they had ordered, and was waiting outside the door.

Fan Wu She put Xie Bi An on the horse and threw a silver ingot to the shopkeeper.

Seeing his generosity, the shopkeeper smiled happily and offered them food for their journey, asking warmly, "Gentlemen, where are you going?"

"Mount Tai." Fan Wu She replied casually.

The shopkeeper let out an exaggerated ‘aiyo’, "Mount Tai, something has happened at Mount Tai, you can't go there ah."

Xie Bi An's heart was immediately seized and he said urgently, "What happened?!"

"You guys have just

returned from the Pass, you don't know yet, Mount Tai has turned white overnight."
"White overnight?"

"Ah, I heard that that old demonic woman from the Cangyu Sect had forcibly occupied Mount Tai and turned it into a snowy mountain, freezing the land for ten miles around. She is holding onto the young pavilion master of Xianyue Pavilion, and the Immortal Alliance was besieging but not attacking, and was at a standstill. Rumour has it that even the Heaven Master Zhong Kui has been summoned over. This has caused the people around here to suffer, almost all of them have run away."

Listening to these words, Xie Bi An was both anxious and comforted, anxious because Qi Meng Sheng was so difficult to deal with, and comforted by the fact that both Lan Chui Han and Zhong Kui were currently fine. He asked again, "Is there any more news?"

"We don’t know anything more than that. We've heard it all from our customers." The shopkeeper looked at Xie Bi An's legs and said hesitantly, "This gentleman has limited use of his legs, why do you still want to go to that place ah? The local people can’t even escape in time."

Fan Wu She got up onto his horse, "Senior brother, let's go." The two of them urged their horses with a whip and left.

The speed of an ordinary horse was no match for Wuya, but they had travelled day and night and would have arrived in three or four days at most.

Along the way, they dared not stay over at inns for fear of being tracked. They often found an abandoned house or temple to get by and rested for a few hours before continuing their journey.

When they were only a hundred miles from Mount Tai, they passed a small town at sunset.

The town was not very crowded and it seemed a little desolated. It was dusk and the whole town was enveloped in the afterglow of the setting sun. The canopy of the sky kept pressing down, vowing to chase away all the light. They had run all the way from the extreme cold of Kunlun into the warmth of spring, thinking that only the bleak white would weigh them down, but never thought that this ordinary scene of orange sunset could make their mood gloomy.

I guess I'm just tired, Xie Bi An thought.

Fan Wu She also thought of the same thing: "Senior brother, let's have a meal here." After three days of travelling non-stop, they ate dry food to allay their hunger when they were hungry, and they almost no longer knew what hot soup and rice tasted like.

Xie Bi An thought that Mount Tai was not far from here. Eating and resting would not delay anything, so he agreed.

They found a restaurant and tied up their horses. Xie Bi An was determined not to let Fan Wu She carry him, so he walked in slowly.

Both feet hurt when they touch the ground, but at least they could walk.

They were the only one in the restaurant, and the shopkeeper looked listless. Fan Wu She randomly ordered some food, saw him agreeing with ‘mm’ and ‘ah’ and turned his head and left, not knowing how much he had remembered.

"This town is so desolated."

Fan Wu She said, "Probably because of the change in Mount Tai, many of the people have moved away."

Xie Bi An frowned and looked around. This place gave him some strange feeling in his heart, but he couldn't say what was wrong, but Wuqiongbi didn't react, which meant that there were no evil spirits around. He’s probably really too tired and become oversensitive.

"Senior brother, senior brother."

Fan Wu She called twice before Xie Bi An came back to his senses, "What's wrong?"

"What are you thinking about?" "I'm not thinking about anything." "Senior brother?"
"Hm?" Xie Bi An looked at Fan Wu She, but he suddenly found that his vision was a little blurred. He instantly became alerted, “Wu She, did you feel anything weird here?” He tried hard to look at Fan Wu She clearly, but that face right in front of him kept changing.

Fan Wu She seemed to open his mouth to say something, but Xie Bi An could only see the shape of his mouth and could not hear his voice.

A question aroused in his mind: How on earth did he get to this town?

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square cun* [⽅⼨] square cun (Chinese unit of area: 1 cun × 1 cun, or
3⅓ cm × 3⅓ cm)

Chapter 109

Mild gory scene.

Xie Bi An stood up in fear and looked around, "Something is not right here!" His memory seemed to be interrupted, as if he had slept, and before he slept he was hurrying on his journey, but when he woke up he was already here, and what had happened in between, he could not connect the dots.

Moreover, he found that his feet suddenly didn't hurt anymore and he moved as if he hadn't been hurt at all.

"Wu She, we ..." Xie Bi An turned his head and saw that Fan Wu She was gone.

Not only was he gone, the tables and chairs where they had been sitting, and even the entire style of the small restaurant had also changed, turning it into a larger inn. A plaque with the name of the inn hangs behind the counter at the entrance - Gutuo Inn. He did not remember coming to this inn, but standing here created a lingering sense of familiarity again.

"Wu She, where are you?!" Xie Bi An shouted as he ran out the door, but the next instant he was yanked back until his body lurched. He turned back, his gaze following the shadows under his eyes and went down, seeing a finely sculpted boy, about seven or eight years old, tugging at his sleeve.

"Big brother, where are you going?" The boy looked up at Xie Bi An. His big black and white eyes as clear as two clear springs. Xie Bi An's heart felt as if it had been struck by a blow, so painful that half of his body went numb. He looked at the boy in a daze, his mouth dry, his chest choked, and he slowly crouched down, a name rested against the lips, calling out.

"Big brother?"

"... Xiao Jiu?" Xie Bi An only felt a lump in his throat, and a great tide of grief that he had never experienced before came over him.

How could he be so sad? He had never been this sad before. Why did he know that this child was the "Xiao Jiu" in his dream? Why did Xiao Jiu make him so sad? It was as if this child was right in front of him, yet he actually lost him long ago.

Xiao Jiu naturally snuggled into Xie Bi An's arms: "Don't sneak out by yourself ah. You promised to take me out to play."

Xie Bi An gazed at Xiao Jiu, his hands unconsciously tightened, holding Xiao Jiu in his arms, his vision gradually blurred.

"Big brother, what's wrong?" Xiao Jiu stretched out his small hand and wiped away the moisture under Xie Bi An's eyes, "Why are you crying ah?"

Xie Bi An wiped away his tears with his hand, and his vision became clear. He examined Xiao Jiu carefully, and the more he looked, the more familiar he felt.

The child's features have not fully grown yet, but was already beautiful and extraordinary, especially that pair of eyes. The end of the eyes hooked up, as if drawn by a god, naturally charming. The more he looked at it the more he looks like ... like ...

Xie Bi An broke out in a cold sweat. No, he shouldn't be here, he should be on his way to Mount Tai with his junior brother. This inn, this child, everything in front of him is not real. He might have been caught in an illusion! Xie Bi An pushed Xiao Jiu away from him, trying to find the weak point in this illusion.

Xiao Jiu grabbed Xie Bi An's arm: "Big brother? Let's go back to our room, aren't you going to test me on my homework today?"

Xie Bi An wanted to break out of Xiao Jiu's grip, but when he collided into that wholeheartedly trusting, dependent look, he suddenly lost his strength.

"Today's food is so bad, I really want to eat the pork ribs stewed by big brother." Xiao Jiu said as he dragged Xie Bi An towards the inn.

Xie Bi An's sanity hovered between chaos and clear-headedness. A voice shouted in his heart not to believe what was in front of him, but his body allowed Xiao Jiu to lead him forward.

This is fake, this is…fake?

Xiao Jiu, his younger brother, who later turned against him, was what he had seen in his dreams about his past life, but he just couldn't connect the soft, sweet child in front of him to the domineering man who had forced him. No, no, because this child was not Xiao Jiu in the first place. Xiao Jiu could not have a face that resembled Fan Wu She's. This was all an illusion based on what he knew and felt!

Xie Bi calmed his mind and shook off Xiao Jiu's hand.

Xiao Jiu looked at Xie Bi An in confusion, "Big brother, what's wrong?" "You, you're not Xiao Jiu." Xie Bi An stepped back.
"Big brother, where are you going?" Xiao Jiu panicked and ran towards him.

"Don't come any closer!" Xie Bi An shouted, chanting a meditation incantation. He was under an illusion. Everything in front of him was fake. Both he and Fan Wu She were in danger. He had to come to his senses as soon as possible. "Big brother, don't leave Xiao Jiu behind." Xiao Jiu hurriedly reached out to him, his eyes filled with tears, "Big brother, wait for me ah."

Xie Bi An looked at his tearful appearance and his heart ached. He shook his head, "You're not, you're a fake, don't come over."

Suddenly, a group of black-clad masked men emerged from all directions, bright swords stabbing towards them.

Xiao Jiu was terrified, "Big brother help me "

"Xiao Jiu!" Xie Bi An couldn’t care about convincing himself that everything before him was an illusion. He drew his sword and rushed forward.

But it was too late, the silvery-white blades pierced Xiao Jiu's body mercilessly.

"No " Xie Bi An screamed with a heart-breaking scream.

The tiny body instantly bled like a fountain. His bright eyes gradually dissipated, like a lamp that had been snuffed out. The sharp blades tore through his flesh and gutted him, and the man in black dug out a pale gold glowing core from his bloodied belly.

"Ahhhhhh ------" Xie Bi An let out a mournful yell, like a beast driven to extremes. Hatred, anger, despair, pain, all the most tragic emotions of his life collided, almost overwhelming his sanity.

He lunged forward without caring about his safety and wiped out numerous enemies with one strike of his sword. All the men in black were like reflections in the water, distorted into nothingness as the water rippled and dissipated.

Xiao Jiu was also gone, leaving a pool of blood on the ground.

Xie Bi An looked blankly at that puddle of blood. The air was still hot and stinky, and the tears on his face were not cold yet, but Xiao Jiu was gone. Illusion, reality, truth mixed with false, what should he believe? "Brother, do you feel guilty in your heart?"
A voice quenched with ice came from behind him. Xie Bi An turned around quickly.
A tall, cold man with an aura of black death was staring at him with a pair of resentful eyes.

Fan Wu She?!

No, that wasn't right. This man was not his junior brother.

The man took a step closer and smiled cynically, "Or should I ask, big brother, do you have a heart?"

Xie Bi An's scalp tingled and his instinctive fear of this man invaded all his limbs. All he wanted to do was run.

This man in front of him was the man in his dream, the Xiao Jiu that had grown up. But he had never seen this man's face clearly in that dream. This face shouldn't be Fan Wu She's face.

He slapped himself hard.

Illusion, illusion, this is an illusion.

Xie Bi An's consciousness wavered between muddled and awake. He didn't know how much longer he could hold on. This illusion was like a swamp, dragging his sanity into the abyss little by little.

Xiao Jiu stepped closer: "Why are you looking at me like that? We haven't met in only ten years. Big brother wouldn't have forgotten me, would you?"

"You ... you are Xiao Jiu." Xiao Jiu sneered, "And how could you forget who you stepped on to sit on the throne? Isn't it all thanks to you that I have become what I am today?"

The throne? He, he sat on the throne? He is the emperor?

Xie Bi An said in a trembling voice, "Who are you? Who am I?"

Xiao Jiu cornered Xie Bi An against the wall, his handsome face twisted with hatred: "Are you afraid? When you harmed me and my mother, did you not think that today would come?"

Xie Bi An shook his head, "No, you, this is Wu She's face, you are an illusion..."

The corners of Xiao Jiu's lips lifted up slightly, revealing an evil smile, "You should be afraid. No one isn't afraid of me in all of Jiuzhou, especially you. You know why I came back. For ten years, I have tasted inhuman suffering. Only one thought was supporting me, and that is ---- you." He grabbed Xie Bi An’s chin with one hand, "I want to come back, and I'm going to make you pay." With those words, his lips collided hard with force.

A rough and brutal kiss; kissing hard with a force that will swallow him up.

Xie Bi An's mind was in turmoil as he recalled the domineering kiss in his dream and the entangling kiss with Fan Wu She. The passionate breath gradually merging so that he could no longer distinguish Xiao Jiu from Fan Wu She, as if they had always been one.

This knowledge sent shivers down his spine.

No, Fan Wu She was not Xiao Jiu, and who was Xiao Jiu? No, none of this was right!

Xie Bi An struggled with all his might, his consciousness once again catching a glimpse of clarity and he was able to surface from the illusionary surroundings to catch his breath. He forced himself to stay awake and his Qi sank into his dantian. He released his spiritual pressure as a meditation incantation escaped from his mouth.

"Don't try to run away from me, don't try to get rid of me." "I can kill everyone you care about."
"You're worthy to talk to me about the past?" "You're only worthy of being fucked by me."
"What you owed me in a lifetime could never be repaid until death." "I hate you."
"Big brother."

The cursed words kept ringing in his ears, cutting Xie Bi An’s liver and guts into pieces*.

Shut up, shut up, shut up-----

A huge spiritual pressure erupted from Xie Bi An's body, washing over everything around him like a flood.

The person in front of him disappeared. Carrying that hatred, prejudice, madness, and disappeared.

Xiao Jiu, whether it is that child who nestled in his arms, or that man who had coerced him, had all disappeared.

A distant voice called out to him.

Xie Bi An opened his eyes with all his might, and the face in front of him went from blurred to clear. A pair of dangling fox eyes with their ends hooked up, now written with anxiety.

Xie Bi An's breath hitched. "Senior brother, senior brother, are you alright? Wake up." Wu She, this is Wu She.
Xie Bi An embraced Fan Wu She, his body trembling beyond recognition.

"Senior brother, you ..."

"Xiao Jiu." Xie Bi An blurted out these two words and even stunned himself. He shook his head helplessly, tears subsequently surged downwards.

Fan Wu She's expression suddenly changed.

cutting one’s liver and
guts into pieces*[肝肠⼨断]--- grief-stricken 

Chapter 110

"... Who are you calling?” Fan Wu She said in a hoarse voice.

Xie Bi An's face was full of tears. His heart was aching like it was wrung. His mind was in chaos and he spoke incoherently, "Xiao Jiu, Xiao Jiu bled so much. Xiao Jiu was my younger brother, then he grew up, he ..." He froze, his eyes looked ahead vacantly for a long time, before he whispered. "He said that he hated me."

Fan Wu She gasped. His body shuddered uncontrollably, and a terrible thought struck him Xie Bi An might have remembered his past life!

He looked at the pale, fragile, dazed person in his arms, and could no longer tell whether the soul curled up inside this shell at this moment was his big brother from the previous life or his senior brother from the present life. Does such a pained, bewildered, and disoriented expression belong only to Song Zi Heng who was forced to submit to him?

If this person really remembered his past life, what should he do? What should they do?

Xie Bi An unconsciously gripped Fan Wu She's lapels, "He also said, said something about the throne, about me sitting on the throne?" He shook his head, "Is he fake or real? Who is Xiao Jiu, and who am I?"

At these words, Fan Wu She sighed in relief, "Senior brother, we've been caught in an illusion, you need to come to your senses."

". Why does he hate me?" Fan Wu She shook Xie Bi An's shoulder hard and said in a loud voice, "Senior brother, wake up!"

Seeing that Xie Bi An was still dazed and confused, Fan Wu She simply took out a water bottle from his Qiankun bag and poured cold water on his face.

Xie Bi An was quivering from head to toe and his eyes flashed clear and bright. His dark pupils gradually gathered light. He looked at Fan Wu She with astonishment, with a strange look as if he had met him for the first time, and then his expression changed and he became significantly wary.

Fan Wu She's heart beat like a drum. Although Xie Bi An said nothing, he guessed that Xie Bi An had seen his own face in the illusion, and had seen - Xiao Jiu. Only the illusion was so indistinguishable from reality that Xie Bi An would have thought that his memory had been confused.

"Senior brother, what's wrong?" Fan Wu She pretended to ask in disbelief.

Xie Bi An took a deep breath, "Wu She?" "What's wrong, can't you recognize me?"
Xie Bi An reached out his hand and slowly caressed Fan Wu She's face. His fingertips lightly touching the end of his hooked eyes and his tone still confused: "You are Wu She?"

"Of course I am Wu She." Fan Wu She said, "Senior brother, look around you, we are under an illusion. Whatever you saw in the illusion, don't take it seriously. Take a good look at me, I'm the real thing."

As Xie Bi An looked around, he realized that they were in an abandoned temple, and his memory slowly returned. He then remembered that they were tired of rushing and had come across an abandoned temple, so they decided to sleep here tonight. They cooked their usual meal over a fire, slept on the ground, and set up a protective barrier. His memory stopped before he fell asleep, and they never entered any town from the start to the end.

Xie Bi An stood up from the ground and spun nervously, "Who put the spell on us?"

"I don't know, it's likely the same person who manipulated the snow demon to attack us."

"Are you alright?" Xie Bi An looked at Fan Wu She up and down. "I'm fine."
"Luckily you are awake ..." Xie Bi An was frightened and broke into a cold sweat after regaining consciousness. If both of them were in the illusion and unable to extricate themselves, wouldn't they be taken advantage of by others? "But you are not under the illusion?"

Naturally, Fan Wu She could not tell him that it was Wuya in the Soul Token who had sensed the danger and woke him up: "I was not asleep, so I was the first to sense that something was wrong."

"Did you catch the other party’s trail this time?"

Fan Wu She's gaze condensed, "I saw a person outside the abandoned temple. I couldn’t see whether it was a man or a woman. I didn't dare leave you here alone, so I didn't chase after them. The Cangyu Sect's magic is so evil. I don’t know how the other party hid. They most likely followed us all the way here."

"Bastard." Xie Bi An gritted his teeth, "That illusion spell made me see so many real and fake things. If it wasn't for you, I would have drowned in it and not have been able to wake up."

"The illusion is just that. It confuses, distorts and adds fuel to your memories, making it difficult for you to distinguish between them." Fan Wu She said in a confident tone, "Whatever you saw in the illusion, don't believe it." "But ..." Xie Bi An was full of sorrow, "I saw memories of my past life, people I had seen in my dreams, and things I hadn't dreamed of before." He didn't dare to say that Xiao Jiu in his dream had the face of Fan Wu She. It must be an illusion that was making him lie to himself. But that inn, the digging of Xiao Jiu's core, and the "throne", were all created by him after he had fallen under the illusion? Is it possible that the illusion brought out his deepest, buried memories of his past life? After all, whenever his spirit weakened, the memories of his past life would invade him. That time he fainted at the Eight Trigrams Platform, was injured at Diancang Peak, and was affected by Qi Meng Sheng’s immense spiritual pressure at Fenglin Continent, the memories of his past life were like a fragmented jigsaw puzzle that he was being forced to recover piece by piece.

"What is it?"

"Xiao Jiu said that I stepped on him to sit on the throne." Fan Wu She narrowed his eyes and did not speak.
"When I couldn't see my past and present lives on the Three Lives Stones, I guessed that I might be a reincarnation of a celestial being and perhaps have been an emperor, but that was only a guess after all. I couldn't confirm it and didn't want to, so I didn't take it seriously."

"Even if you had been an emperor, so what? For millions of years, there have been endless emperors and kings, and you said so yourself that you didn't want to be bothered by what happened in your previous life."

"I don't want to, but the memories of my past life won't leave me alone." Xie Bi An's face could be described as gloomy like dark clouds, "Those who can't let go of the past have deep obsessions, and to break them, they have to solve their karma. I have never wanted to pay any attention to it and don’t want to be bothered, but perhaps, only by solving the obsessions of my past life will those memories let me go."

Fan Wu She's expression couldn't stop sinking and his gaze became gloomy and cold. He slightly tilted his head to prevent Xie Bi An from seeing his true emotions, "Then what exactly did you see?" Xie Bi An thought back for a moment, and the name of that inn appeared before his eyes Gutuo Inn.

How odd. Usually, ordinary inns will have some peaceful and auspicious name. If the owner had ink in his belly*, he would inevitably have to pose as a culture lover. The two words "Gutuo" made people unable to think of any meaning behind it, unless it was a place name. Whether the inn had a name or not was irrelevant, so it probably wasn't an illusion, but a part of his past life. An insignificant part, yet it’s one of the only clues he had at the moment.

He read out the name of the inn.

Fan Wu She's heart shook, "What did you say?"

"The Gutuo Inn." Xie Bi An said, "According to Xiao Jiu, I was the one who took him out to have fun and stayed at this Gutuo Inn, and then a group of men in black rushed in and killed him and dug up his core." He added, "At this time Xiao Jiu was still a child."

Gutuo Inn was a name Fan Wu She could not possibly forget in two lifetimes. It was an inn where he had stayed on his first trip out of the palace with Song Zi Heng, and there they had been ambushed by the Lion Alliance. Song Zi Heng had been seriously injured, and the two of them almost had their core dug out. He calmed his mind and asked in reply, "Xiao Jiu died? But then you said he had grown up."

"Yes, this is the place where contradiction happens. Xiao Jiu had grown up and come back to seek revenge on me." Xie Bi An said gloomily, "He said that I had harmed him and his mother. We seemed very close when we were young, and I don’t know why we had turned against each other after growing up." Although those were events from a life he did not know, the feelings in the dream were so real. He felt that he really had a younger brother before, and the loss of his younger brother had hurt him to the core, and what that younger brother had done to him when he grew up had humiliated him so much that he knew he could no longer stay out of it. Even if, regardless of everything else, that man had taken the liberty to "put on" Fan Wu She’s face. He could not allow such a psychological implication. He had to find out the truth.

Fan Wu She's tone grew colder: "Then you should ask yourself what you have done."

Xie Bi An was stunned, a little puzzled by Fan Wu She's attitude.

Fan Wu She lowered his head to cover up: "What you see in the illusion is hard to distinguish from the truth. Do you really want to rely on these falsehoods to find the karma of your past life?"

"You are right, but I believe that what I just saw must have been true." He gazed at Fan Wu She and said calmly, "ly, I wanted to go to Meng Po after I returned to the Underworld and ask her to help me strip away the memories of my past lives and be free from them, but I've changed my mind now. I want to find out, I want to know what happened in my past life and what other obsessions I can't solve and can’t let go of even after I've been reincarnated. If I don't do that, I may never be able to gain peace."

Fan Wu She pondered for a moment, stretched out his arms and hugged him, "Senior brother, I don't want you to find out. The truth may cause you pain."

"I know, I already expected it, but ..." Xie Bi An buried his face into Fan Wu She's neck, smelling the warm, familiar scent, and his frightened heart was soothed, "Even though it was my past life, I felt that I had a younger brother, and I care so much about him that I want to know what happened to him."

"You don't want to know." Fan Wu She said deeply. The reason why he had treated the person in his arms with affection and love is because he had convinced himself that this person was Xie Bi An, who had never let him down, but if Song Zi Heng's memories returned, how should he deal with himself, and what should he do with this person? The love and hatred from the previous life, not to mention hundreds and thousands of years, he could never let it go forever and ever. Yet, there was another voice at the bottom of his heart, which was suppressed and imprisoned, which also kept saying that he wanted to see his big brother.

He wanted the memories he and Song Zi Heng shared, and he wanted the harmonious love he had with Xie Bi An, but this matter was not destined to go both ways. The day Xie Bi An remembered everything, not only would Song Zi Heng be awakened, but also Song Zi Xiao.

Oblivious to the perilous situation in Fan Wu She’s heart, Xie Bi An closed his eyes and snuggled into his arms with a tired look on his face.

Afterwards, the two of them packed their bags and continued on their way. This time, they did not dare to rest any longer, and ran to Mount Tai in one go.

ink in his belly*[肚⼦⾥有墨⽔]--- have some culture 
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