The #1 Pretty Boy of the Immortal Path Chapter 181-190

Chapter 181: Two hundred and thirteen

洧 川.

Sky is high and light.

Forty-five light riding across the mountains, overlooking this piece of Heyuan.

Xie Zishe looked around: "Four wild fields are plain and unprofitable, so more work is needed."

Yue Ruohe said: "There are Xiuxian people and wizards, even if there are advantages in the terrain, you can't take advantage of them.

Having said that, his elbow pounded the people around him: "Brother Bai Yun, how many people are you from Heng Lianzong?"

Cangliao said: "I have always been loyal to the dynasty, and the old doorkeeper has resisted the Beiguan for a lifetime. I think those who are above Jindan period will come."

Yue Ruohe said: "Actually, these few schools of ours, when it comes to their contributions to the dynasty, are almost ready to worship."

"Weird." Xie Zi said: "In the snowy night, you all had to take the chivalry path. If you are getting older this year, but you think of Fenghouhouxiangxiang, you have to go to fame and wealth."

"Sister Xie, you don't know anything." Yue Ruohe said, "I was drinking with Brother Bai Yun a few days ago, and I was a bit drunk. I talked deeply into the middle of the night, which is what I said."

"Oh?" Xie Zishe raised an eyebrow.

Cangyu accepted the words of Yue Ruohe: "We think that the ranger swims in rivers and lakes, sees uneven roads, and pulls his sword to help, but throughout his life, even if he becomes a hero and enjoys the reputation of rivers and lakes, he can only save a hundred people in his life. , Up to several thousand people. But if you serve for the dynasty, you can save the lives of the people-for example, if we win the war, if the world is unified, all peoples can live and work in peace-it is impossible to be a knight for life Things. "

"It makes sense, too." Xie Zi nodded and said, "You've grown from‘ Private Swordsman ’to‘ Grand Justice ’.”

"This is a little embarrassing." Yue Ruohe faced Sister Xie, it was rare that he no longer raised the bar, but had a sense of shame.

"The decision has been made and the sword has no eyes. I'm not on the front line, so you should take care of yourself." Xie Zishe smiled.

Cangliao said, "Sister Xie, don't hide from you, at this time, you are not as afraid of death as before."

"Hongyan's origin is easy to grow old, and the chivalrous man must finally marry." Xie Zi said: "You have the way that you are willing to marry, and I have the way that I am willing to marry. Those who have the way are not afraid of death."

Speaking of this, she smiled anxiously, and raised an eyebrow at Lin Shu: "The fairy who ignores the earth will also come to the battlefield, and I don't understand it."

Yue Ruohe said, "Oh, this, this ... Since ancient times, heroes have been sad about beauty, this ... Fairy Jun, sometimes they have been sad."

Cangyu added jealousy: "Brother Lin's family members are after all ..."

Lin Shu listened to the content of their jokes, and suddenly wanted to button himself up with a hat that "seduces the mind".


They are not serious, but the young lady is serious.

Ling Fengxiao said: "If there is no objection, set up camp here."

Xie Zishe also returned to a serious state: "The Northern Xia cavalry crowd, the war horses are fierce. When the two armies are confronting each other, they are on a high ground, but they can neutralize our cavalry's disadvantages.

Since the older sister agreed, the others were even more unquestionable.

"The battle of Jingchuan is about morale. The key is to carry the Northern Xia Cavalry Charge." Ling Fengxiao looked around the heights and said lightly: "The midfielder must be thick, the armor needs to be heavy, and the two wings must be handled with a light gun."

A young general next to him said: "His Royal Highness, Her Majesty General Zheng of Anning City, there is a heavy horse that stretches across northern Xinjiang. It can be transferred without defeat."

"The heavy riding of Anning City is immovable. The two cities of Anning and Zhenyuan need to be prepared for the surprise attack of Beixia at any time."

Cang Jing said: "His Royal Highness, I am willing to assist with the skill of Heng Lian Zong. Heng Lian is better than Shou Yu, and the cavalry is charging, presumably."

Ling Fengxiao: "Thank you."

Cang Jing said: "It should be so."

"Beijing cavalry, of course, can be scared, but compared with the orthodox immortal road, Beixia witchcraft is much worse." Yue Ruohe said.

Xie Zi said: "This is a big lucky."

Lin Shu thought, although Yue Ruohe has his own set of absurdities in daily life, this sentence is very reasonable.

Even though there are thousands of strange witchcrafts in Beixia, they are only derived from a series of alien magics. They are nothing more than evil attacks such as poison, curse, maggots, and corpses. However, the orthodox immortals inherited by Nanxia, but It has been passed down for thousands of years. There are different schools of thought, big and small, each with its own unique skills.

For example, Heng Lianzong, where Cangyu is located, is very good at defense and can be called a copper wall and an iron wall.

Another example is that it can incarnate all things and hide the breath like Dream Hall, used for detection, surprise attacks, and like God's help.

Another example is the Nanhai Sword School, which is best at facing the enemy, the magical sea floor that can confuse the mind, and the Nanshan Medical Valley, which is wonderfully rejuvenating ... countless.

If these martial arts can complement each other's army, Nanxia's combat effectiveness will probably double.

Of course, the most important point is that there is no big witch in Beixia.

Lin Shu was thinking of this, so he listened to Cangyu: "But the Beixia wizard is cunning, and it is difficult to prevent it."

"Leave it to me," Ling Fengxiao said, "you can focus on the enemy."

Cang Jing said yes.

Lin Shu continued to think, and the person who mastered the terror power of the big witch has now become Ling Fengxiao.

The point is that Beixia didn't know about this matter.

If you knew, Xiao Yan would not send the book of surrender, but the book of surrender.

"When the immortal disciples confronted the enemy, there was still a layer of concern ... the Xiu Xian people were contaminated with too much blood, and it is said that they would be intolerable in the world, and sold to the soul by the purple thunder ... so they would not be reincarnated." Yue Ruohe said.

"The war was provoked by me. It was caused by cause and effect, and I accepted it alone. I didn't do anything about it." Ling Fengxiao tickled her lips and said lightly, "I will worship the heaven and earth before the war, and you do n’t have to worry about it. "

Yue Ruohe said, "Thank Your Highness."

Ling Fengxiao looked to the distant mountains and rivers in the distance, and asked Xie Zishe: "How long has it been since the chaos in Daxia?"

Xie Zi said: "2013."

But seeing Ling Fengxiao's eyes narrowed slightly, she said, "It's time."

Chapter 182: Stop Ge Weiwu

In the next few days, the spies who stayed at Xichuan reported that they were the cavalry of Beixia, and they also explored the terrain of Qichuan.

The selection of the first war in Xichuan was actually a gentleman's act.

It is true that Nanxia's occupation of the highlands can alleviate the pressure of cavalry charge. However, this is an open plain after all. Compared to the rugged and most horseshoe-injured mountainous area, it is very conducive to Beixia's attack. None have suffered.

Xichuan is another very important position.

In the battle between the North and South Xia in that year, the North Xia pushed forward the fronts layer by layer, ending most in Changyang City, and Ming Jin retired.

Wuchuan is just five miles away from the Beibei Pass-It is said that when you dig down from the ground of Jingchuan, you can see the dark blood in less than ten feet, which is the ruins of the blood battle in the North-South Xia War.

Regardless of the result, after this gentleman's war, Xia Nanbei will completely tear his face. On the battlefield, it is commonplace to win with one's vigor and victory, but it is rare to set aside the dead, so the battle of Qichuan can only be won and undefeated.

The army camped in the northern city.

The yellow sand desert is full of dust, and at the setting sun, it is infinite. Rejected the 100,000 iron armored army of the North City, and then he heard no noise.

The trenches blocking the cavalry outside the city, the terrible tribulus terrestris on the walls of the city, and the observation deck on the city's top where you can see a ten-mile drive have been properly repaired.

The rest of Zhenyuan and Anning Erguan, on the north-south border, have all entered the state of war preparations, and the soldiers waited for the North Xia Tieqi.

In the whole city, the only thing that could be easy was Lingsu and Qinglu.

Qing Lu was punished by Lingsu for misbehaving and not conforming to the disciples of Jiange. A bronze baron was placed on his head, one on each shoulder, and the other was on the palms of his hands. During the hour, no drop of clear water can leak out.

Jiange believes that the highest state of sword repair is that the sword is like a person, and the person is like a sword. A person ’s posture must be straightened like a sword in his hand to qualify. Lin Shu was trained by his master in this manner when he was a child, but he His body has never been frivolous, so he did not suffer from it, nor did he drop a drop of water. Master looked at it from the right and was surprised, and never asked for it again.

With Master ’s concern for his apprentices, Lin Shu went out and saw Qing Lu's painful life. He wanted to be rescued, and thought that this was the rule of Jiange, so it was not implemented, and Qing Lu continued to punish.

At dusk, the forest sparsely stands on the city wall.

A layer of enchantment was laid down around the body, Xiao Shao came over, and the blood of the black Chinese robe circulated, close to the demon.

Lin Shu looked at his eyebrows, and still looked so impeccably good-looking. Originally, Gaohua was as cold as snow on the top of the clouds when he was expressionless, and as gentle as flowers in the middle of late spring, but at that time, it was dark due to the pair of glazes. The eye pupils, stunned and killed, the suffocation of the whole body almost became a substance.

Lin Shu gently held his hand.

He knew that in places like Beibei, the walls were covered with blood, and the moat was filled with corpses. Because of the war-torn past and too many deaths and injuries, the accumulated resentment has reached a certain level, not to mention the fact that it contains soldiers and soldiers. Gas. Xie Zishe, who always loves only the saints' books, but does not love poems and songs, is standing on the wall today, staring at the yellow sand wilderness, breaking the sword and breaking his sword, all chanting the words of his predecessors, "come again to the battlefield, but no one will return", It is inevitable that Xiao Shao was affected.

Xiao Shao looked into the distance: "Sometimes I feel that the body of resentment, hate the world, hate people, sooner or later, killing as a pleasure, there must be a day out of control. I don't know who can kill me at that time.

"No one can kill you." Lin Shu said.

"Huh?" Xiao Shao raised an eyebrow. "What then?"

Before waiting for Lin Shu to speak, he took out an embroidery bag and asked Lin Shu: "What about you?"

Lin Shu tilted his head, remembering that the two of them had their hair **** in Beixia years ago, and the cut hair was divided into two bags.

He took out his one.

Xiao Shao took it from him and gave him his own.

Then, holding the bag of Lin Shu, put it close to you: "Just think about it, when you are about to get out of control, think of you."

Lin Shu silently put away the one that originally belonged to Xiao Shao.

Xiao Shao felt that his actions were too understatement, and he did not express his concern verbally, saying: "Is Xianjun not worried about me at all?"

Don't call Xianjun.

Lin Shu has now almost formed a conditioned reflex. When he hears the word Xianjun, his mind is a bit unclear.

Recently, Xiao Shao occasionally called him Xianjun under the bed. According to this person, this is a performance that he wants to be close to Xianjun at all times.

Sure enough, Xiao Shao touched his side with his right hand, which meant to evoke a strand of his hair, and looked at it in his hands.

His eyes were heavy and unpleasant, and he didn't know what he was thinking.

Lin Shu confessed: "There are concerns."

Xiao Shao wrapped the strand of hair around his long fingers: "I haven't seen it."

Lin Shu lowered his eyes, after a long time, said: "... but not very worried."

Xiao Shao: "... Um?"

"I think ..." Lin Shu considered the words carefully: "You won't get out of control."

Xiao Shao smiled softly: "How do you say?"

"I don't know how to say." This man's overly wicked appearance and the overwhelming presence around him formed some kind of oppression, which made Lin Shu a little breathless. He looked away and looked at Beiguanchengtouhun The flying flag felt a little confused.

For a long time, he said: "I know ... the world wants to fill it up. Others are fighting to open up territories, and then sit on the ground. But you are not like them."

Xiao Shao crooked his head.

Lin Shu lightly touched the back of his hand to appease the chickens at the fringing edge at this moment.

"I saw in the ancient books that‘ the soldiers who know the soldiers are the weapon, the saints have to use them ', ”Lin Shu slowly said,“ I think you must know this too. ”

"You suffer from resentment in the world, and there is an unparalleled practice in the world. When you come to the battlefield in Japan, please be remembered by killing ..."

He said, turning Xiao Shao's hand and writing four words in his palm.

Only, Ge, Wei, Wu.

"I know that Xiao Shao started this battle so that the world would be without war. Xiao Shao's killing in this battle was to save more people from being killed." Lin Shu said, his throat was a bit astringent: " If he is fascinated by resentment and killing and abandons his original intention, Lin Shu will use his life to find a way to kill him. "

Xiao Shao didn't speak.

After a pause, Lin Shu continued: "Kill him not because Lin Shu can't tolerate what he did, but ... Xiao Shao doesn't want to be such a person."

Having said that, he looked up at Xiao Shao: "The reason why he is not worried is that Lin Shu has recognized Xiao Shao for many years. This person, who has decided not to do it, will never do it. What he wants to do is all They will do it, without exception. "

He and Xiao Shao met his gaze.

Xiao Shao was watching him, staring at each other, watching intently.

He felt a bit slack, and it was just the longest sentence he had ever spoken, and it used all his rhetoric skills in his life.

His strand of hair, which was wrapped by Xiao Shao between his fingers, was gently lifted.

Xiao Shao bowed his head and kissed it gently.

Lin Shu reached out and wanted to touch Xiao Shao's cheek.

The next moment, he was embraced by Xiao Shao himself.

Hold tightly.

No one spoke.

Lin Shu could feel his heartbeat.

Xiao Shao is taller than him, with strong arms and chest, but he is often slightly softened by the aggression and aggression in his movements.

This feeling often makes him feel like a vine that is attached to a tree-in fact, it is indeed the case. Whether it is Xiao Shao or Ling Fengxiao, he is the one that was raised.

But sometimes, he felt that he was the root system of the trees that stretched to the ground, and he had to get some nutrients necessary for him to survive by himself.

Like now.

He clearly realized that Xiao Shao needed him this way.

There was some blur in his eyes.

He didn't know why everyone outside did not understand the real Xiao Shao.

Obviously, this is a very good person.

Even someone who hasn't grown up.

He has the first cultivation in the world, the realm of land fairy, grand plan and **** within reach, but he is just thinking whether he will get out of control, whether he will get lost, or whether it will be a curse on earth.

He didn't have any desire, just wanted to pack up the old mountains and rivers that he had favored, and then went back to the mountains and lakes.

But others want him to build a great career.

Lin Shu stretched his hands around Xiao Shao's shoulders.

He asked himself.

how about you?

Do you want him to do what he wants, or do you want him to live?

He thought about it a lot and finally told himself that Xiao Shao just wanted it.

Nothing else.

"I ..." He heard Xiao Shao's voice: "In fact, I didn't think so much."

"I know." Lin Shu said: "I haven't thought about that much."

Xiao Shao said "um".

"The two armies fought and fought against each other, it was considered a victory. If we can win this whole way, I will dominate the world. It is fair to say." Xiao Shao said, "But I think that this way, I don't know how long it will take ... if I were alone What will happen to thousands of troops? "

Lin Shudao said, "Just if you want."

I heard Xiao Shao laugh, hugged him, and stopped talking.

I don't know how long he held it. When they parted, Lin Shu looked up at Xiao Shao. He saw his eyes softly, and faintly returned to the look of Taohuayuan.

Xiao Shao frowned slightly when he shook his head.

"You cry," he said.

Lin Shu's heart was bewildered, he touched his cheek, and there was still warmth when he met the tears falling down from the two lines.

He didn't realize that there were any waves in his heart, and he didn't know why the tears fell.

Xiao Shao also said some slang words: "It hurts to see you cry."

For this kind of words, Lin Shu went in with his left ear and went out with his right ear. He didn't intend to ignore him. He turned away from looking at Xiao Shao, looking at Yuanchuan in the distance, and he said to you that when he did n’t know how many times he made me cry, why did n’t he see a little pain?

The red shadow flickered behind him, the sound of swaying sounds, and the young lady appeared, hugging him from behind.

This person is extremely cunning, knowing that using the body of the young lady will be more beautiful and moving, and it is more convenient and cowardly to show weakness.

Lin Shu and the young lady snorted and hummed for a while, then looked at the distance in a daze.

Looking at it, I saw that the sky in the distance was filled with black lines.

The horns of the towers ring in unison, and the accent is impressive.

The young lady took Lin Shu to jump up and down, a few ups and downs, came to the front of Shuichuan handsome account.

The spies reported in batches.

There are 200,000 horses and 100,000 cavalry in Beixia.

He also said that with the geese in front of the Mercedes, the cavalry must reach the front line within half an hour.

He also said that Prince Beixia's morale was boosted.

The veteran general with a long experience in the field raised his eyebrows and ordered quickly, and the Xuanchuan garrison became a wing of the dragon wing, and he opposed the Northern Xia cavalry.

The captain of the letter said, "Yes!"

Immediately opened a handsome account, wanted to pass the order, and then marched with the marching horn.

But see Ling Fengxiao step forward: "Slow."

The old general stepped out of his handsome account: "His Royal Highness, the situation is urgent, so don't delay!"

If Ling Feng Xiao hadn't heard it, "Pass me the order, and don't move."

The veteran general: "It's ... absolutely impossible! Quickly set up the dragon wings!"

Ling Fengxiao slammed the tiger charm on the case: "The tiger charm is here, the three armies will obey."

The veteran general's eyes were broken: "... Your Highness!"

Even though the ordering soldiers were uncomfortable, they had to follow the orders of His Royal Highness Fengyang and order the three armies to stay still.

At this time, the Beixia army was under pressure, looking far away, just like Heiyun overwhelming the city.

Tens of thousands of soldiers rioted.

The horse's hoof sprinted and the ground shook.

The world is vast, and between the wild and the six, I saw a red dress slowly moving forward.

The black mist diffused, and the knife appeared in Ling Fengxiao's hands.

In these days, every time Lin Shu saw that he was worthy, he was a little different from the last time. To this day, the whole body is dark, entangled with blood mist, blood light flows, the evil spirit is like an entity, the whole knife is like an ancient evil beast in the abyss, and it is shocking.

Whenever a cultivator sees it, he will be afraid that he will become enchanted by this evil spirit.

But Ling Fengxiao, who was with him day and night, was still business as usual.

Today, Lin Shu also finally understands that the reason why Ling Fengxiao can calm down the demon sword is because he has acted in his life, and he is truly conscientious-he has a clear conscience.

The hoof hoarse became louder.

Black is over 200,000 soldiers and horses, and there are countless wizards and living corpses, like a torrent of darkness, and mighty.

There is also an unbreakable square array guarding Bei Xia's coach Xiao Yan.

Ling Fengxiao was hunting in red and became independent in this eternal wasteland.

Lin Shu heard the old general stunned and said, "This ... the praying arm is a car!"

The old general looked at Lin Shu again: "Master, hurry her down!"

Lin Shu did not respond.

He just looked at this scene, and there was only this scene in his eyes.

On this day, thousands of troops avoided the red robe.

The author has something to say: Xiao Yan: I fuck.

The last sentence uses a sentence from the North and South Dynasties where the exact provenance cannot be found, "The famous teacher general, Mo Zilu, and the army to avoid white robes."

Chapter 183: His Royal Highness

One hundred thousand iron hoofs run towards Ling Fengxiao.

He was in a brilliant red coat, particularly prominent on the yellow sand wasteland, and also contrasted strongly with the black cavalry torrent, just like the **** sun of the sky.

However, one's body is small.

Lin Shu could hear the clarion call from the North Cavalry, and the entire striker stepped on Ling Fengxiao.

The cultivator was sensitive, he even saw a slightly cruel smile under the face armor of some cavalry in front.


The so-called one man is the one, and Wan Fu Mo is open, it is just an impossible legend. No matter how advanced the cultivation of the immortal is, after all, two fists are difficult to defeat the four hands, and the day when the cultivation is exhausted is the time when anyone loses control.

At this moment, I am afraid that Beixia's generals and cavalry are full of disdain and ridicule.

Maybe they are thinking that Her Royal Highness Fengyang of Nanxia heard that Xiuwei is really deep, but unfortunately her brain is broken. She has to run here to pray for her arms. Let her be a peerless Xiuwei, no matter how beautiful she looks, after today, Under the iron hoof, the mud was broken into dust, and the bones were incomplete.

Lin Shu silently watched them walk towards Ling Fengxiao with this expression, and even thought about what Xiao Xiao looked like at this moment.

Getting closer.

Qian Zhang, Bai Zhang, Shi Zhang, Wu Zhang.

He heard the veteran general beside him sighing in disgust, anxious and heartache.

Five feet, four feet, three feet.

On the occasion of life and death, there was a sudden thunder!

A ray of cricket blood, like a falling flower, rose from Ling Fengxiao's body. It is also at this moment that the world is silent.

There seemed to be some changes between heaven and earth, but no one could detect what was going on. Only intuition drove the front cavalry to pull the horse suddenly, and the soldiers behind were too late to pull the horse and hit the cavalry in front, causing Not a small riot.

The cavalry looked at each other, not only where did the strange feeling come from. Fortunately, the general responded immediately. At the next moment, the horn sounded "Charging." At the same time, the cavalry slammed the horse's belly at the same time.

In the wind, a strand of Ling Fengxiao's hair was blown across his face, facing the dark iron riding torrent that seemed to hang from nine days ago. He didn't have any extra actions, just slowly and slowly turned the knife Pull it out.

It is worthy of the sword, the blade is also dark, not only dark and dull, but also a black hole, which can swallow all the light in this world.

The moment the blade was completely out of the sheath, all ghosts cried!

Lin Shu knew that when the war was turbulent in ancient times, some people came up with the idea of "songs on all sides". They sent people to sing homesick rumors in the camp where the enemy was stationed. With tears on his sleeves, sorrow can hardly be restrained, and morale has since deteriorated.

Homesickness rumors can still make thousands of soldiers empathize with tears, so what about the resentment that originally came from the hearts of everyone in the world?

In troubled times, life is like duckweed, who hasn't hated it?

Lin Shu saw that even the soldiers on the Nanxia side were controlled by the wailing voices of all ghosts, and his eyes were confused-not to mention the Beixia soldiers who were directly affected by the sound.

Even those steeds with strong muscles and strong muscles showed anxiety, constantly snoring their noses, flicking their tails, and fist-sized eyes were bleeding red.

Maybe it ’s not eating well, or is being abused by the host? Lin Shu thought.

Or the cavalry needs to train every day, and the horses also need to train every day. They could have been a carefree wild horse in the mountains and green waters, but they were caught in the barracks because of the great horse of this breed. Put on the dragon head and saddle, and become a war horse driven by someone, or pull a cart with a load to carry a heavy cargo horse.

It can be seen that people have hatred, horses have hatred, and there are all things in the world, but no soul has hate.

Because of this, the power that Ling Fengxiao can use is endless.

The oncoming horn sounded intermittently, and it was difficult to hear in the wailing voices in the heavens and the earth, but the soldiers who blew it were not in a good condition, were weak, and ran out of tone, which was extremely ugly.

When the cavalry heard the charge command, they struck their spirits, tightened the reins, and pushed the war horse forward. Beixia's army experienced a second halt and finally moved up hard—the reason why it was difficult was because most of the war horses Not very cooperative.

The next moment, the abrupt change came again!

The blood mist rose from the ground and spread silently. Everyone affected by resentment, under their feet and even on the body, began to dissipate blood or black mist. When they realized it, they were already in a sea of blood.

This scene is too treacherous and terrible. Some soldiers have shaken their legs like sieve braces, and hundreds of war horses have been frightened, and they have gone mad in the same place.

No matter what happened, morale on Beixia's side was almost gone.

However, anyway, Beixia's army is not only mortal cavalry and ordinary war horses, but also a profound wizard.

Just listening to the sound of 恍 Ruo Hongzhong came from behind, deafening.

"Pretend to be a ghost! Shameless!" Said the old wizard: "Is this the gentleman's style of Nanxia?"

His voice used mana, which could be heard throughout the battlefield. Ling Fengxiao responded to him and naturally blessed the mana, but the special effects were not the same, the voice was not as loud as the old wizard, but it was cold and indifferent. Falling from the air.

"Oh?" Just listen to him and say, "This hall is shameless for pretending to be a god, and compared to your country, which turned hundreds of thousands of people into living corpses, and attacked my capital at night, what happened?"

The old wizard was obviously stunned, but did not show weakness. He said, "The swordsmen on the battlefield meet each other and they fight hard. What's the point of you playing such a trick?"

"What's the point?" Ling Fengxiao seemed to sigh: "Her Excellency wants to meet with swordsmen, so I have to be respectful rather offensive ... offensive."

With an "offense" falling, he wiped the blade of "worthy" with his left hand.

The years that he deserves to follow him have gradually become spiritual. At this moment, with the movement of his fingertips, the blade trembles slightly and makes a low-pitched sound.

Large blocks of black evil spirits rose in the blood mist, converged, separated, and coagulated.

Time seems to have passed only a half a joss stick, and it seems like a lifetime.

That black, spooky and terrible evil spirit condensed in the air into tens of thousands of densely packed knives, with the blade pointed downward!

Every knife is worthy of appearance, with endless blood and shame on him.

Whenever a North Xia soldier raises his head, he will tremble and find that a vicious, bladed sword is hung directly above his head. This knife seems to fall straight down and stab himself into the next moment. Two halves.

Except for the cavalry, the wizard is not immune, and no matter how superb a wizard is, at this moment he is suppressed by the powerful evil spirit and sorrow emanating from his shame, and his body cannot be moved, let alone the sacrificial offering. Move the spell.

At this moment, no one said that Ling Fengxiao was pretending to be a ghost or a bluff.

The wailing of all ghosts can be a fantasy, and blood mist can also be a blinding method, but the knife tip hanging on top of it, the instinct between life and death, can never be fake. Everyone knew that if Ling Fengxiao wanted to take their name, it was only in an instant.

——What kind of cultivation is this?

Looking at their expressions, Lin Shu can imagine that these people have doubts about the world, and even thought, why am I here?

However, there is no way, this little Phoenix is so powerful.

Ling Fengxiao closed her sword and returned to the sheath, understating a wave of robe sleeves.

Between the sea of blood, a path was separated, and the bodies of the cavalry and warhorses were no longer under their control, and they were forced to go to both sides to form a wide path.

At this moment, Yin Hong who was even reflected in the sky, Ling Fengxiao slowly walked forward in a red coat, walking in the surging blood sea, as if the demon crawled out of Shura ghost prison, like a distant From the kingdom, this king of blood and blood.

All in all, this scene will remain in the hearts of everyone present for a long time, becoming a memorable lifelong nightmare, or a nightmare entangled throughout life.

Especially for Xiao Yan.

Halfway through, Ling Fengxiao seemed a little impatient and didn't want to go forward.

-Or, he thinks it's a little too far away from Lin Shu.

I saw him slowly stretch out his hand forward.

The lady's delicate jade fingers scratched in the air.

At the very core of the Beixia Army, Xiao Yan's chariot flew into the air, flew a few rolls in the air, and finally landed heavily on the ground in front of Ling Fengxiao.

The people inside didn't come out, it seemed to be a kind of silent resistance.

However, silent resistance is only useful when the strength of both sides is comparable.

I saw Ling Fengxiao raise her eyebrows lightly, and this sturdy, brass ebony battle trench fell slowly to one side.

Xiao Kun and a group of guards crawled out of the car door.

This person wore apricot-colored clothes today, Lin Shu looked away, feeling like an enhanced version of Xiao Lingyang.

The enhanced version of Xiao Lingyang said to Ling Fengxiao: "His Royal Highness! Your Highness has something to say!"

Ling Fengxiao: "Yes."

Xiao Yan: "... Ah?"

Ling Fengxiao said, "Negotiate the peace today?"

Xiao Ye nodded repeatedly: "Yes, Your Highness."

"Without any objection, Your Highness will order Beixia to surrender."

"Okay ..." Xiao Yan first responded with a loud voice, then suddenly a shock, realizing that it was wrong: "... No! We haven't separated out the battle of Xichuan ..."

Then he looked around, watching the dense rain of swords, the trembling generals, "the difference between victory and defeat" has not been explained.

However, His Royal Highness still needs some face, so he surrendered too much, although he did not have any cards at all.

Xiao Xuan trembled and said, "This matter ... is too big. I am just a ... Prince of the State Supervisor, and I have to know the Emperor's Father before I can ...

"Yeah." To everyone's surprise, Ling Fengxiao's attitude was very mild.

Xiao Yan breathed a sigh of relief.

"Then please His Royal Highness follow me back and be a guest for a few days." Ling Fengxiao said lightly.

Xiao Yan: "..."

Lin Shu wanted to laugh.

Facts have proved that in front of Ling Fengxiao, both Xiao Lingyang and Xiao Yan are the same weak and helpless.

He continued to watch Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan looked at his guard.

The guard looked faint.

Xiao Yan looked at his general.

The general loved nothing.

Xiao Yan looked at his hundreds of thousands of troops.

The army was afraid to come out.

Xiao Yan had to look at Ling Fengxiao instead.

Ling Fengxiao lightly turned around and fluttered in red.

Xiao Zhe kept up with helplessness, despair, and downcast, and glanced at the back of Ling Fengxiao from time to time.

The guards looked at each other, and finally chose to stay where they were, giving up His Royal Highness.

Ling Fengxiao led a half-dead Prince of North Xia, and walked towards South Xia.

Nanxia is also afraid to come out.

When approaching, Lin Shu saw Xiao Aiqi asking Ai Fengxiao Ai Yixiao: "His Royal Highness, Your Beauty, have we seen each other?"

His Royal Highness smiled back: "His Royal Highness, think about it."

The author has something to say: Xiao Yan: I fuck.

Chapter 184: Do not want

Xiao Ye was invited to Nanxia as a guest.

Ling Fengxiao sat on the high seat of the handsome account, asked him to have a cup of tea, and chatted for a few days, asking him to order his army, Ming Jin to retreat.

Xiao Yan's life was pinched in Ling Fengxiao's hands, and he had to obey, and the hundreds of thousands of troops—the only prince in his country—were being held in the hands of others, and it was impossible to not retreat.

Beixia withdrew in this way. Of course, when the army was withdrawn, Ling Fengxiao's blood mist still followed them. Until these people completely returned to the classroom, the blood mist gradually dissipated. .

A war ended so abruptly.

In terms of time, it didn't take long. Originally, everyone expected that the Beacon would begin with the Battle of Qichuan. For about five years, Nanxia completely defeated Beixia, or Northxia completely defeated Nanxia. No one thought, within a day, Beixia's army went back dingy, and a prince was left here.

Speaking of casualties, it is even more ... no one has died—if you don't talk about Xiao Yan.

After all, Xiao Yan is still alive now.

He was writing to his dad while Ling Fengxiao was watching.

The idea is, Dad, I was captured. You can sign for the surrender ceremony.

After writing, hold your pen and look at the stationery.

Ling Fengxiao was not in a hurry, and folded the stationery with beautiful and elegant movements, and sent her messenger to the Beixia Wangting.

After sending the letter, Xiao Min looked up again and asked Ling Fengxiao: "Where are we, Highness Beauty ..."

Ling Fengxiao took the tea cup, took a sip, put it down, her eyes were cold and indifferent: "His beauty, what kind of system?"

"Then ..." Xiao Yan thought for a while: "Her Royal Highness Fengyang, have we met somewhere?"

Ling Fengxiao made a gesture, everyone except Lin Shu retreated.

There is no need to keep people protected, and no one is afraid that Xiao Yan will take the opportunity to run away. To tell the truth-Ling Fengxiao's strength, even Nanxia's own people are still unsure.

Lin Shu has been watching them all the time, but Xiao Yan's emotions have fluctuated, and he probably has no time to notice him.

There was no one else in the room, Xiao Yan relapsed and charmingly said, "Beauty, I think you look good."

"Um." Ling Fengxiao smiled.

Lin Shujing watched Xiao Yan bewitched by the beauties, and said some beautiful words unconsciously.

Then, I saw Ling Fengxiao leaning on the back, and said lazily, "Fu Jun, someone teased me."

Xiao Yan: "..."

As a husband, Lin Shu naturally wanted to come forward to cope with the sudden appearance of acting in his own little Phoenix.

He walked behind Ling Fengxiao.

Ling Fengxiao looked petulant and proud, squinting.

Lin Shu got the secret code, obediently pressed his shoulders, and then said softly, "Who is making fun?"

Ling Fengxiao looked coolly towards Xiao Yan.

Before Xiao Xiao got out of the sadness of the beauty's marriage, she raised her eyes to Lin Shu's eyes.

Therefore, he also saw Lin Shu's face.

At that time, Lin Shu and Ling Fengxiao walked in northern Xia with female bodies, using the names and faces of Yu Su and Dan Zhu.

Dan Zhu's face was not the same as Ling Fengxiao's face. Xiao Yi could not recognize it for a while, and it was understandable, but Yu Su's face was completely Lin Shu's face after passing through some good things No fine-tuning, but anyone who has eyes can see similar.

Xiao Yan opened his eyes wide.

He stared at Lin Shu dullly for a long time, then looked down and looked at Ling Fengxiao again.

Ling Fengxiao's face, in fact, has some similarities with Dan Zhu.

At first Dan Zhu was a charming and charming image. In order to increase the effect, Ling Fengxiao clicked a cinnabar mole on the right corner of the eye, which made her eyes flow and ecstasy.

Since then, this person has realized the benefits of cinnabar tear mole, and also ordered Ling Fengxiao.

The same cinnabar tear mole appears in Ling Fengxiao's eyes, which is to kill crickets and be beautiful.

Lin Shu believes that a tear-mole is enough for Xiao Yan to be a beauty-loving person.

I saw Xiao Yan's face was dull, his lips moved, and he didn't say anything. Then he took a deep breath and asked, "His Highness, His Highness has a sister ... called Dan Zhu?"

Then he swallowed hard and looked at Lin Shu: "This immortal gentleman has a twin sister called ... Yusu?"

Looking at Xiao Yan's expression, he knew that he did not believe his own speculation.

Ling Fengxiao said nothing, but she drank tea slowly and fed Lin Shu a bite, her actions were extremely fragrant.

Xiao Ming has clearly guessed the bizarre truth, shocked by suspicion, shocked by shock, anger by shock, and sorrow by anger.

Xiao Shao said in sorrow: "His Royal Highness, you, you, you ... deceived the feelings below ..."

"The situation is compelled, and His Royal Highness forgive me." Ling Fengxiao poured a cup of tea for Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan looked up, looked at Lin Shu, and his attitude to the man was obviously much worse: "You ... I thought you were a beautiful fairy! Who knows ... who thinks you ... ! "

Lin Shu was unmoved.

Ling Fengxiao played Lin Shu's right hand and said, "He doesn't show dust now, isn't it good?"

"Well," Xiao Yan said, "man!"

This Xiao Xiao seems to be on the verge of collapse.

Lin Shu thought, Xiao Xiao and Guo Guo are the same.

Ling Fengxiao didn't get tangled with this problem anymore, but changed the topic, and said, "It was supposed to put you in jail, or in place ..."

Xiao Min was terrified: "No!"

Ling Fengxiao smiled: "But Pingshui met three years ago, it is the fate of you and me."

"No," Xiao Yi glanced at Lin Shu: "His beauty, I only have fate with you."

Lin Shu: "..."

When Ling Fengxiao really appeared in the next day, was it the day Xiao Xiao collapsed completely?


Ling Fengxiao said: "His Highness helped me a lot during my visit to Beixia. I was left with a‘ beauty grace ’for me, and for me, it ’s a gift for girls.”

Xiao Yan blinked, and didn't seem to understand.

Then, Ling Fengxiao continued: "Afterwards, His Royal Highness, out of righteousness, summoned me to go to Beixia to kill Dawu, and I was very impressed. Not to mention that because of the fight with Dawu, I got all the skills of Dawu It has been repaired for thousands of miles a day, which is why today, one person is forced to retreat from thousands of troops. "

Ling Fengxiao has a gentle tone.

Xiao Yan was stiff as a whole.

Lin Shu looked at His Royal Highness sympathetically.

His Royal Highness finally knows today why he was captured because he himself handed over the power of the Great Witch to Ling Fengxiao.

He, as the only prince of Beixia, is also the biggest burglar of Beixia.

Xiao Yan covered his face with his sleeves, distraught, and the whole person was lost in spirit, which really made life pitiful.

However, Lin Shu knew that Ling Fengxiao had no pity. Ling Fengxiao was calm and very satisfied that she had broken all the lines of defense of Xiao Yan.

After breaking the line of defense, you are asking questions.

"You know the past, but I have something to ask you." Ling Fengxiao said.

Xiao Xun's tone fluctuated: "I know everything and speak endlessly ..."

"Fine." Ling Fengxiao said, "Where is the God Arrow the next day? How do you know that there is this thing in the world? Do you intend to use it to solve me?"

"Ah, the next day's arrow ..." Xiao Yan's tone continued to drift: "Isn't it intercepted by you?"

Ling Fengxiao frowned suddenly: "Cut off?"

"Yeah ..." Xiao Yan said in a weak tone. "I inserted a message from the spies in Phoenix Villa, saying that there is a treasure in the Nanxia Royal Palace that can kill the blood of the Phoenix. Only the emperors of all ages knew the location, so I went to your palace. Here, he deceived His Royal Highness ... "

Speaking of which, he smiled: "... brother is so deceiving."

Ling Fengxiao: "..."

Lin Shu: "..."

Xiao Zheng continued: "I got the arrow, thinking that there are several robbery in Phoenix Villa. If I can kill on the battlefield, my chances of victory will increase greatly ... I am planning to leave the palace and be guarded by a group of ground palace Surrounded, I managed to get away, slipped onto the palace wall, and was intercepted by ... the queen. I used a peerless weapon to escape by chance, but the arrow of God couldn't keep it. "

Xiao Yan said here, more sad: "After going back, I was scolded by my father. He asked me to lead a soldier to recruit him, and I won't sacrifice by taking down Xichuan."

Xiao Yuan cried: "Dad, I'm sorry for you ..."

But he seemed to be a bit abnormal, and a sad smile appeared in his sadness: "However, my brother is so deceiving."

Ling Fengxiao's hand clenched the handle.

Lin Shu smoothed his back.

Sure enough, Xiao Yan and Xiao Lingyang were like brothers. All the brains of their Xiao family seemed to grow on Xiao Shao alone.

Ling Fengxiao took a deep breath, and her voice was still calm: "People at Phoenix Mountain Villa told you that there is the Next Day God Arrow. You took the Next Day God Arrow and were taken away by Fenghuang Villa."

Xiao Yan's movements paused, looking into Ling Fengxiao's eyes, can't believe: "So I ... have been cheated?"

Ling Fengxiao: "Otherwise?"

Xiao Yan: "..."

He stumbled and spit out four words: "The world bullies me!"

Ling Fengxiao sighed and said, "Xiao Lingyang was put in a dungeon by me."

Xiao Yan: "My brother is so innocent and lovely, Your Beauty, you are a little cruel."

"That's right," Ling Fengxiao said, "I'll send you to accompany him, how?"

Xiao Yan: "..."

The army division returned to the DPRK.

Xiao Ying was like a dead man, choked by Ling Fengxiao, and entered the palace.

Xiao Lingyang in the underground palace heard the sound and slapped the iron fence: "Ling Fengxiao ...! You still know to come back! You ... have no conscience! You are not human."

Ling Fengxiao looked at him across the fence and said, "Not only did I come, I brought you a gift."

Xiao Lingyang: "What? Show me soon."

Ling Fengxiao opened the iron door, threw things in, closed it, and made it in one go. Xiao Lingyang didn't even have the opportunity to escape the door.

The thing thrown in said: "Beauty, you throw me away!"

Then Lin Shu heard Xiao Lingyang's voice: "Is it you?"

Xiao Yan: "It's me."

Xiao Lingyang: "It's you!"

Xiao Min said guilty: "It's me ..."

Ling Fengxiao across the iron gate, said: "Blood is thicker than water. Your brothers will meet again. You can enjoy the old days and discuss who will come to the throne."

Xiao Lingyang: "I am not ascended!"

Xiao Yan: "I am not ascended!"

Ling Fengxiao raised her eyebrows: "Why don't you ascend the throne?"

This time replaced Xiao Xiao with his door frame: "Because I don't want to marry a wife, I will be forced to marry a wife and have children when I become an emperor."

Ling Fengxiao: "Why don't you want to marry a wife?"

Xiao Yan said, "I like beautiful beauties, but I don't want to get in touch with them. The beauties are pure and clean, and they should live alone in the flowers or play with another beauties. They shouldn't be contaminated by men."

Ling Fengxiao: "It's reasonable."

Xiao Lingyang: "He likes being beautiful, is it irrational if I like to play?"

Ling Fengxiao: "It's not unreasonable."

"However, it's not as usual as usual, eight-nine," Ling Fengxiao's voice was somber, and it was even more suppressed in the corridors of the underground palace where echoes were everywhere. "The country cannot be ruleless for a day, you ... may wish to weigh it."

Two brothers are quiet.

Saints say, don't do anything to others.

However, it is clear that Ling Fengxiao violated the words of the saint and obtained happiness after imposing his unwillingness on others.

He led Lin Shushi Shi Ran out of the underground palace, and after all, the little black room behind him heard a sound of ping-pong and ping-pong.

The two younger brothers seemed to be fighting.

But he doesn't care.

Lin Shu will not even care.

Out of the ground palace.

At this time of the night, in the summer night, the stars and the moon were shining, and the sound of gurgling came from afar.

Ling Fengxiao looked at the starry sky and slowly said, "I want to meet my mother ... what exactly is she doing?"

The author has something to say: Throne: According to the current situation, I should be out of favor.

Chapter 185: Accession to the WTO

According to Xiao Yan's confession, things have become clear.

First of all, Xiao Yan planted spies into Phoenix Villa.

The two countries have been hostile for a long time. It is normal to insert spies from North Xia to South Xia or from Xia to North Xia.

It is really easy to place a spy in Phoenix Villa. Phoenix Villa accommodates orphans in the world. Regardless of where they come from, there are talents who cultivate immortals to learn martial arts. Beixia only needs to arrange an "orphan girl" who has the talent of cultivating immortals, and they have their eyeliner in the hometown of Phoenix Villa.

However, Phoenix Villa has stood for many years, and since it dare not ask where to receive orphans, there must be a way to ensure the innocence of these orphans. I do n’t know when Xiao Yan'an inserted the eyeliner, or he has become the Phoenix Villa A microphone for Beixia.

The news Xiao Xiao knew through the eyeliner was the news that Phoenix Villa wanted him to know.

And the queen knows that the royal family has a treasure that can kill the blood of the Phoenix, and wants to get it-perhaps for security reasons. After all, how can it be reassuring to hold an artifact that can control his life in the hands of others.

However, the emperor would not tell others where the next day's arrow was, unless he was about to die, he would tell the heir.

And the heirs got the position of the God Arrow, and the blood of the Xiao family was needed to open it.

It stands to reason, open the organ and take out the magic arrow. This thing should be done by Xiao Lingyang, and then the Phoenix Mantis catches the cicada and gets the magic arrow.

But the question is, will Xiao Lingyang go to get the arrow?

Lin Shu thought, I'm afraid not.

Xiao Lingyang is a good boy in essence.

He was raised by the queen, and he still has a relationship with the queen-not to mention he was facing his sister so much.

Therefore, it is not feasible for Xiao Lingyang to take the arrow of God.

——So what should I do?

Naturally, it is Beixia. Beixia is also the blood of the Xiao family, and for Fenghuang Villa, the desire is quick.

——There is an eyeliner to tell Xiao Yi Sun's arrows, and also Xiao Xiao deceived him. Then the queen shot and intercepted the arrow of God under Xiao Yan. In this way, the arrow of God reached the Phoenix Villa.

There is nothing wrong with this matter.

But it revealed a signal.

The royal family, and Phoenix Villa, have always been at odds with their hearts.

The royal family is guarding the Phoenix Villa, and the Phoenix Villa is also guarding the royal family.

Even the death of the old emperor was inseparable from the queen.

Combined with Lin Shu's previous knowledge of Phoenix Mountain Villa ...

The phoenix is a congenital beast that carries the heavens and threatens the status of the emperor, so the emperor does not want to see the awakening of the blood of the phoenix.

However, the Phoenix family's peerless hearth can not be abandoned by the emperor.

——So there is today's situation.

Lin Shu thought for a while, and said to Ling Fengxiao, "The queen can be considered for you to ascend the throne to eliminate hidden dangers?"

Ling Fengxiao: "But why didn't she say anything to me?"

Lin Shu didn't know.

Ling Fengxiao held his waist and flew him to a tall flower tree.

They sat on a branch.

Flowers and trees help sparse, a faint faint fragrance is handed in.

Ling Fengxiao didn't know what she was thinking and changed back to Xiao Shao's status.

In recent days, the time when he became Xiao Shao has increased linearly. Lin Shu thinks that Xiao Shao may be taller than Ling Fengxiao, and it is easier to hold Lin Shu.

——As for the man and the woman, this person didn't care much. Just a few days ago, the young lady stayed in the mysterious room with the fruit **** for a long time. Lipstick, said to be mixed with fine red powder into vermilion lipstick, has the luster of evening glow.

Lin Shu looked and looked with his aesthetics, but he didn't see any "gloss of the evening glow", he just felt that it was more shiny.

After the abdomen deflated the "gloss of the evening glow", Lin Shu was held by Xiao Shao from behind, thinking about the recent events.

The queen may really love Ling Fengxiao.

She wants Ling Fengxiao to live safely and securely.

Lin Shu himself, in fact, hoped that Xiao Shao could always live.

However, he thought that there were some things ... Xiao Shao decided better.

However, I can't challenge the relationship between the queen and him.

Thinking again, he said, "Three years ago, the big witch told me something."

Xiao Shao: "Huh?"

"Eight cheats come together, they can affect heaven, and there is supreme luck."

"I guess the same." Xiao Shao said, "The immortals want to destroy eight books, so that they can't gather, so that some people on the earth do not have too much power."

"Well." Lin Shudao said, "But there is another way. If a person becomes the emperor, and the world is his own, he will also have very strong luck."

Xiao Shao looked at him as if he had smelled an unusual breath, and asked him warmly, "What then?"

"Then you have the blood of the Phoenix. When the blood of the Phoenix is fully awakened ..."

Xiao Shao: "I'm similar to the ancient Phoenix?"

Lin Shu nodded.

Xiao Shao seemed to smile a little, I do not know what it meant, anyway, it was not a happy smile.

"However, the growth of the Phoenix requires the nourishment of air transport, but you are a human. Without such air transport, the blood of the Phoenix has been awakened, but without air transport, it will dry up and dissipate."

"Well ..." Xiao Shao said, "Then I will collect eight cheats, or become emperor."

Lin Shu: "Yes."

Xiao Shao didn't speak, but just hugged Lin Shu more and more tightly.

Then in his ear: "Baby ..."

The sound seemed to be soaked in peach wine, but it was very light, but the aftertaste was long because of deliberate depression. After the liquor was burned, there was a gentle aftertaste that was not implicated.

Every time Xiao Shao spoke to him with this voice, Lin Shu would tremble slightly, there was an illusion that he would be drowned in the wine and was about to drown.

Just listening to Xiao Shao continuing: "... you're cheated."

Lin Shu: "?????"

He turned his head and looked at Xiao Shao.

Xiao Shao took him into his arms, Lin Shu could feel the slight vibration of his chest when he spoke.

"I guess, the collection of eight cheats is the rhetoric of the big witch, who asked me to be the emperor, but the mother told you."


Somehow something went wrong.

This Phoenix is too meticulous to deceive.

"My mother didn't know my cultivation behavior. In her mind, I was still in the early days of crossing the calamity, and I could still control it. And the owner of the Jiange Pavilion was the pinnacle of crossing the calamity. As long as he was willing, he could cross the world and do whatever he wanted." Xiao Shao Dan said: "If I don't want to be an emperor, the lord will take me away from the earth, go high and fly, no one can stop ... Therefore, after my mother knows that you exist in the world, I want to stabilize you. It happens that I have The blood of the phoenix ... then you say, if you are not king, I will die. "

Lin Shu: "?"

He was cheated too?

Doesn't he reach the same level of IQ as Xiao Min and Xiao Lingyang?

This is impossible.

He is unbelieving.

He said: "What if you really die?"

Xiao Shao has something to say: "Well ... it's possible."

Lin Shu: "Will you still be the emperor?"

"If you do n’t become the emperor, you will die. Even if you are an emperor, you will be an emperor every day ... I don't want to do it."

Lin Shu thought, what do you mean, still want to die slightly.

Xiao Shao continued: "If you say that the blood of the Phoenix will gradually wake up, but after you and I have repaired it, the blood of the Phoenix has long ceased. I have been with the blood of the Phoenix for more than 20 years, and I know that it is just too hot to leave the fire, The burning of the meridians, the usual practice of martial arts, and the use of a knife will also be revealed.

Speaking of this, Xiao Shao smiled and said, "They all say that I was born with a talent, so I have been trained since childhood .... In fact, I think that the bloodline is just the icing on the cake. It is about the mind. Even if it is for me, With a mortal body, I will not be stunned. "

This little phoenix swelled.

All the feathers were fluffy.

Lin Shu patted the back of his hand, and touched the fluffy hair, echoing: "That's right."

Xiao Shao continued: "Maybe there is something wrong with the blood of the Phoenix on my body, but now I will die with the resentment of heaven and earth as the root. Even if there is something that can kill me, there is only heaven."

Lin Shu: "But ..."

In case?

Previously, when in the school, the young lady used to be with him.

The word is, in case you fall, in case you are bullied, in case you encounter a monster, Yunyun.

He was puzzled at that time, how could there be so many in the world.

But now I feel that in case these two words are really frightening.

"Although it is possible, there are strange things." Xiao Shao said, "I'm afraid that what my mother-in-law and Dawu say to you is half true and half false."

Lin Shu: "What is true and what is false?"

Xiao Shao: "I don't know what is false, but two things are true."

Lin Shu: "Huh?"

Xiao Shao: "The big witch wants to collect eight cheats, and the mother wants me to be the emperor. These two things are true, and if these two things are realized, something unusual must happen."

Lin Shu: "What are you going to do?"

"See Zhaozhao Zhao." Xiao Shao wrapped his hands around his waist: "But ..."

Lin Shu can't hear the word "but" now.

But Xiao Shao kept talking.

"Mother-in-law has always been a gentle person." He said slowly: "But she ... what she wants to do, none of them will come true."

"When I was young, if I didn't practice well, my mother would punish me, but my mother wouldn't."

"Mother took me into her arms and cried." Xiao Shao's voice was a little astringent: "But her tears ... are more scary than punishment."

Lin Shu didn't know what he wanted to express in his words.

All I know is that the image of the queen is so gentle and beautiful, and when she is in full swing, a smile can make a strange man obsessed with half a life.

Then her tears might break the heart.

"I have never had a mother," he said.

Xiao Shao made him face to face with his forehead: "In the world, only two people can hurt me."

Lin Shu understood what he wanted to say.

He reached out and stroked Xiao Shao's cheek. Xiao Shao leaned down and tasted his lips lightly.

Falling flowers covered his body, Xiao Shao hugged his waist and kissed a little deeper. After a while, he let go, hugged the person, and fell back to the ground.

As soon as it landed, it changed back to Ling Fengxiao.

Ling Fengxiao said, "I'm going to see my mother."

Lin Shu nodded and asked, "Can you do it yourself?"

Ling Fengxiao said, "I have a sense."

Lin Shu: "Okay."

Ling Fengxiao hugged him and kissed him on the side of his neck.

The shell of His Highness Feng Yang was painted with the lip gloss of the "sunset gloss" today, presumably he also left a lip print with "sunset gloss" on his neck.

His Royal Highness let go of him and walked into the Queen's Palace. A back view of the red robe was covered by the heavy flowers and plants of the palace.

Lin Shu looked at his back and touched the lip print on his neck with his fingers. There seemed to be a change under his heart, but he couldn't figure it out.

When Ling Fengxiao's back disappeared, he turned and went to the direction of Wutong Garden.

On the way, I heard a distant sound: "The Lord stayed away."

Lin Shu stopped and saw Xie Zishe turned out of the palace wall on one side and walked towards his side.

It's hard to recognize her so far apart.

Xie Zi approached and laughed: "I saw you in the distance, and I want to come to this palace. Only the owner of the palace has such a fairy like snow and jade, and she did not admit it."

Lin Shu thought that he was still the one dressed in Su Ri, right when Xie Zi was polite, saying: "Sister Miss praise."

Xie Zi said: "I call you today, but there is business."

Lin Shu: "Please."

Xie Zishe: "His Royal Highness Feng Yang's order, I will go to His Royal Highness every night to teach an hour class to teach him the way of governing the country and the people. This has been the case for three years. After finishing a lot of homework, he passed early, but his Royal Highness was not found in Luofeng Palace. He asked the palace people that all his words flashed. Is it related to the young lady? "

Lin Shu thought and worded: "His Royal Highness ... is thinking about it."

Xie Zishe raised an eyebrow: "Are you already under house arrest?"

Speaking, sighing: "Well, I guessed it. Now there is a lot of discussion in the court and the field, saying that Phoenix Villa wants to change the day-I don't think the young lady has the intention, but I also think that It's bad. "

Just listen to her continue: "Anyway, I'm always on the side of the young lady. But is His Royal Highness ... it's smart, but I'm a bit sorry."

Lin Shu heard the unusual meaning in her words and asked, "How do you say?"

"His Royal Highness is not bad, but he did not do well when he was a teenager. At the beginning, he learned the hard and obscure classics such as" Six Syllabus ", but when he grew up, he learned about the nonsense metaphysics of" Zhu Lin ". For more than a decade, she did not learn really well, and she was extremely disgusted with reading. Even if His Majesty later invited Da Guoshi to tell him "Emperor's Policy" for him, it was difficult to make up for it. "She smiled:" However, His Royal Highness is said I have been raised by Her Majesty the Queen, and I am not good at it. "

Lin Shu: "Sister said cautiously."

"Naturally speaking carefully in front of others, but in front of the patron, it can be said." Xie Zi looked at his neck with a smile and smiled.

Lin Shu naturally knew that there was something in Xie Zishe's words, but it was through him to convey the message. Perhaps, the heart of the queen, even Xie Zishe saw the clue, so he came to know.

After all, there was a rumor in the Palace of Learning that Xie Zishe, the master of the Confucian Taoist Academy, did not like men, but he admired the young lady ...

As for the old lady's admiration, Xie Zishe said nothing about Ling Fengxiao. She liked to play Lin Shu verbally, so Lin Shu felt that her attitude had been a mystery.

Speaking of business, Xie Zishe did not leave, but looked at him: "Speaking, I have a doubt in my heart."

Lin Shu: "Please."

"I heard that Jiange's exercises are ruthless and unrequited, but I don't know why the owner re-entered the world." Xie Zi said.

Lin Shudao: "The way of being ruthless or ruthless ... I can't solve it yet. After joining the WTO, I just want to."

Xie Zishe chuckled his lips and said, "Then Zi She wished the owner and the young lady Baishou to grow old."

Lin Shu: "Thank you."

Xie Zishe was sent away, and Lin Shu stood there for a while.

Xie Zishe was right.

His answer is also true.

The red dust is always on him, and he has always been like a perplexity, and cannot be crossed.

After Xiu's restoration, the world's faces and colors are as plain as water, and the faces of the world have become the same, but Little Phoenix has always been very good-looking.

He didn't quite understand.

I don't quite understand why the first seven styles of "Sauvignon Blanc" are all such solitary and high-handed moves. By the eighth move, "Lifetime Mind", it has become a method of self-injury to protect the people behind.

I don't quite understand why when Xiao Shao leaned down and touched his lips, why the world was quiet, but he could only hear his own heartbeat.

The night breeze slowly, he looked at the heavy lights and shadows in the Indus Garden, slightly confused.

I do n’t understand it, but I actually understand it.

The ancient books said that too much forgotten affection, the most inferior, if forgotten. But his ruthless way, but now in an empty silence, seeing what is affectionate.

The author has something to say:

The relationship between Tai Shang Wang Qing is quoted from "The New Talk of the World · Wounded Death". There is a change. The original sentence "Sage sacrifices love, the most inferior, the place of affection is in my generation."

Chapter 186: I'm done

Lin Shu accompanied Yingying to read a book in the Indus Garden and spent an hour before hearing the footsteps of Ling Fengxiao outside.

Anton Yingying fell asleep, and the two of them were left in the room. Lin Shu asked, "How?"

"There is no change." Ling Fengxiao said: "My mother still told me the imprisonment of Phoenix Villas by the emperors of all ages. I said I didn't want to, and she said to me softly, this is about the prosperity of Phoenix Villas for thousands of years after that . "

Lin Shu: "Is there anything special?"

Ling Fengxiao frowned slightly: "The mother really doesn't like her father, and she really cares about the prosperity of the villa."

Speaking of which, he seemed to think of something: "In fact, every disciple in the villa is keen to make the villa prosper."

Lin Shu: "... Um?"

Ling Fengxiao smiled: "In the villa, they are all homeless women. They are like sisters and family members. They naturally work for the villa. Whenever the sisters and sisters who marry are aggrieved outside, the whole villa will do it for her. revenge."

Having said that, he lowered his eyes: "Only the queens of the past, who suffered in the palace, cannot be said."

Lin Shu thought that the queen may indeed have her problems.

He and Ling Fengxiao couldn't understand the queen because no one had experienced the life of the queen-controlled by others, spent 30 years in the deep palace, and they were named husband and wife with the emperor, but they were on guard against each other.

Ling Fengxiao continued: "When I was young, I heard stories from older teachers and uncles. It was said that Phoenix was born in Woye Phoenix Nest thousands of years ago. Woye was a thousand miles away and belongs to the Phoenix people ... Phoenix people are like a family and eat bamboo In fact, living in Tonglin, drinking alcohol, and at the end of his life, Nirvana is reborn and continues. Every June, the people come to worship. "

Lin Shu thought that after the world ’s emperor gnawed the dragon veins, the heavens collapsed, the beasts stunned, and what Ling Fengxiao portrayed may indeed exist.

Ling Fengxiao cut off the lantern and continued: "I did n’t believe it before, and thought it was nonsense. It wasn't until later that my mother blew up the phoenix Xiao and led the phoenix's soul to me to watch in the hidden place. Then I believed. It is special in the family of Phoenix Mountain Villa. Everyone played the phoenix flute, but all did not respond. Only when she played it could she attract the phoenix. "

Lin Shudao: "So you, born of Her Majesty, have more pure blood."

Ling Fengxiao: "You can say that. The mother-in-law said that she was scheduled to become the queen of the dynasty since she was a child, and her teachings were formulated accordingly ... When she had no friends, Xiao Suo was with the phobia of Phoenix."

Having said that, he smiled: "When I was young, my mother was extremely severe, martial arts and reading, and I could only rest for one or two hours a day, often feeling uncomfortable. When I was upset, I thought, when my mother was young, she was alone After that, I wo n’t be very sad. Sometimes I think, maybe my fiancee is studying and practicing sword every day in some place in the world ... Thinking about it, life will be much faster. "

Lin Shu just blinked innocently.

Ling Fengxiao kissed his eyes.

He asked, "So, do you want to be king?"

"I'm afraid to disappoint my mother-in-law." Ling Fengxiao said lightly: "But I will be a son of man and a minister, everything I can do ... all fulfilled. Even if I do not ascend the throne, I have been given to her Phoenix Villa In the prosperity of EMI, the disciples in the village will never be constrained by blood. I also have endless cultivation and immortality. I don't know what else she wants. "

"North and South Xia completely reconciled, and the mother-in-law set the location at Phoenix Villa. This is probably the last chance for me. After Bei Xia's surrender, the country cannot be ruled by one day. Be prepared to be completely in love with her mother and son, and to die for nothing. "

Lin Shu touched him.

Ling Fengxiao grabbed his hand: "But ... I'm determined."

I decided.

That's it--

Lin Shu: "Either."

Ling Fengxiao looked at the beating candlelight, her eyes slightly confused.

Lin Shujing was held by him quietly.

He knows that things are difficult to achieve, and sometimes it is necessary to give up something, even if it may be difficult to give up.

This matter cannot be escaped, because all people in this world are experiencing such suffering.

He was thinking that he should fulfill his husband's duties, so that the young lady would not be so uncomfortable.

He said: "If you become emperor, I will stay in the deep palace all my life, um ... you pretend that you are for me, and you will not be emperor."

In this way, if Ling Fengxiao later regrets the decision not to be the emperor, he will blame Lin Shu, not himself.

Ling Fengxiao: "I certainly won't make you stay in the palace for a long time. But you used to say‘ I ’m okay ’.”

Lin Shudao: "It does matter."

Then he mobilized all his vocabulary reserves and added jealousy: "Even if I don't care where I am, I must not be willing to look at you ... day by day, government affairs, um ... souvenirs pile up into mountains, and I care about ... Alas, day and night ... buried in ... the case of labor, the locust plague in the Central Plains, the rebellion of alien races, the movement of the West, the floods in the south, the drought in the north, the east ... "


Ling Fengxiao raised an eyebrow: "Oriental?"

Lin Shu: "The East ... Hurricane?"

Ling Fengxiao kissed him lovingly and said, "Baby is so good."

What Lin Shu wanted to say was blocked by the sudden transformation of Xiao Shao, and he couldn't say anything all night.

His brother Shao recently found that he didn't play too much. It was a gentle and long kind, as if lost in the depths of the peach blossom in March.

He felt as if a leaf had strayed into a small boat in the depths of Taoxi and lost the bow of the boat, and could only shake with the undulating current.

Lin Shu shivered slightly, exhaling softly, looking at Xiao Shao's face, feeling that he was a little confused.

His fingers were also trembling, and he had no strength. He wanted to grab Xiao Shao's shoulder, but couldn't reach it, and slipped down.

Xiao Shao's chest and waist and abdomen are clear in texture, warm and strong.

The moment he met, he heard his heartbeat again.

Lin Shu closed his eyes and felt ashamed of the ancestors of Jiange.

But ... he couldn't refuse.

He thought, maybe only after a hundred years, I would like to meet each other before giving thanks to Master and Jiange's ancestors.

The elders of Jiane may rebuked him for frivolous indulgence, or he might dislike his perseverance.

What would he say then?

He thought that he would say that it was not for frivolity or indulgence. He had questioned Taoism and was not ruthless.

Apart from these four sentences, he has nothing to say.

Not because Xiao Shao treats him well.

It's because Xiao Shao is a very nice person.

He is totally voluntary.

After that, he fell asleep.

In the morning, the consciousness gradually faded, and dazzling dreams flowed into him. At the end, he dreamed of a phoenix.

It was the phobia of the phoenix that had appeared in the palace, and it bowed its head tamely towards a person.

The man was wearing a wide-sleeved Chinese dress like Liuxia, with all manners, and a face that overwhelmed sentient beings, and was the queen.

The queen appeared to be very young, a delicate girl. She hugged Phoenix's long beak, closed her eyes, and endless loneliness.

Lin Shu woke up fiercely, and when he opened his eyes to see Xiao Shao, he felt relieved.

The quilt was not covered, Xiao Shao was not well dressed, and a large chest was exposed on the neckline.

This face looks good, and other parts of his body look good too. Lin Shu feels that the scene in front of him is a bit too fragrant. If it is modern, it is seen by the girls, I am afraid it will attract crazy infatuation.

There were a few red marks on the left, which he might have accidentally caught.

Lin Shugang thought about whether this kind of trace would hurt, and then came back, this crow possesses a phantom, which not only does not hurt, but also removes the trace at will. Now I keep it, and I don't know any other intentions.

He sat up, pulled the quilt, and wrapped Xiao Shao tightly before he planned to lie down.

When he was about to lie down, Yu Guang suddenly saw something. He turned his head and felt the back cold.

That mirror.

The weird mirror floated quietly by the window, facing them.

Lin Shu was certain that this thing had been in his mustard bag, and had never been taken out.

He gathered up and took the mirror into his hand.

The scene in the mirror didn't change much, but the pixels were clearer. He saw that the thing in his chest was not large, not a sword, but very thin and pointed.

After looking at the front and turning to the back, he froze again.

There is a crack on the back, which is a bit ugly in the middle of the words "All things in the world, cause and effect".

Lin Shu was a little uneasy and threw this ominous thing back to Qingmingdongtian.

Now, I can't sleep.

Fortunately, Xiao Shao was waking up.

Then, as in the past, I got up, was dominated by Xiao Shao, dressed, and washed by the waitresses in the Indus Garden. Although I cleaned the dust-free Dangudan, I did n’t need these, but I have done it for many years.

The next few days dealt with the surrender of Beixia.

There is no way to not surrender. The royal seedling was held in his hand by Ling Fengxiao-even without the buckle, with the strength of Ling Fengxiao, everyone knows that pacing Beixia is nothing more than a snap.

On the day of my official visit to Fenghuang Villa, when the carriage was ready, and when it was time to leave, Ling Fengxiao took Xiao Yan and Xiao Lingyang out of the palace that never saw the sun.

The two had a physical conflict in the dungeon first.

After several rounds of fighting, it was found that each other was a chicken that had not been repaired and was diligent. The magic weapon of Xianjia was taken away by Ling Fengxiao, and it was difficult to win.

-Then evolved into verbal attack.

Until Ling Fengxiao kicked them out, the two younger brothers were still tirelessly playing football.

Xiao Lingyang said: "If you are improper, at least you can make your father!"

"My dad is eighty!" Xiao Yan said: "He didn't want to be a long time ago, eighty! Do you still have a conscience?"

Xiao Lingyang said: "Old should be strong!"

Xiao Yan said, "Why don't you let your sister be?"

"My sister is not a man!" Xiao Lingyang said this, and glanced at Ling Fengxiao secretly.

"When you have the face to say that you should be strong and strong, I have the face to say that you must not frown."

Ling Fengxiao was so impatient that he threw a banned curse and stopped.

Lin Shu: "Is Her Majesty Beixia so old?"

Ling Fengxiao retracted the hand that knocked Xiao Xiaogou's head, and replied, "It's not that he is too old, he wouldn't be so stupid."

Xiao Yan was banned, speechless, and whined a few times.

Ling Fengxiao seemed curious about what he wanted to say, and lifted the banned curse.

Xiao Yan: "Isn't your brother stupid!"

Ling Fengxiao expressionless again dropped the banned curse.

Chapter 187: arrow

Two younger brothers were thrown into the carriage.

Ling Fengxiao took a step first, and then protected Lin Shu into the carriage.

Lin Shu, a sword repairman who has passed through the robbery period, still accepts the treatment of people who cannot take care of himself in his daily life. As soon as he raises his eyes, he sees the jealous eyes of the two brothers.

Since ancient times, his brother seems to be hostile to his brother-in-law, even Xiao Yuan, a cousin of Yuanfang.

Lin Shu not only did not feel sad for this, but also felt a little expectation.

The elder sister was taken away by her brother-in-law, and the elder sister is not the elder sister at all, or the latter will cause greater pain.

The carriage went forward, headed south, entered the boundary of Liangzhou, then went up to Fenghuang Mountain and stopped in front of the boundary monument of Fenghuang Mountain Villa.

Fenghuang Mountain Villa is still so towering and beautiful, with red and black architectural tone, somber and solemn, but a little bit more solemn than Nanxia King.

Ling Fengxiao played with Lin Shu's fingers and said, "I haven't seen Baoqing for a long time, and I miss it a lot."

Lin Shu remembered the lively girls from Phoenix Villa and felt that they hadn't heard from them for a long time.

Several of them are the disciples of the Phoenix owner and orphans from all over the world. They have no blood relationship with Ling Fengxiao, but they grew up together and are better than their blood relatives.

Get off the carriage and enter the mountain gate.

The open space in front of the main hall of the Phoenix Villa is stone and dark, and the scarlet Phoenix totem is carved on it.

In the totem is a phoenix fluttering in wings for nine days, entangled in the flames of Yunxia. According to Ling Fengxiao, such totems can be found in the halls, beams, and walls of the Phoenix Villa, and the buildings of the Villa stretch for dozens of miles.

At a glance, the totem vermilion's color seemed to flow, like flowing blood or cinnabar.

Ling Fengxiao frowned slightly, leaned down and stroked on the totem, and her fingertips were stained with red liquid.

He stopped the silly spore behavior that Xiao Ling and Xiao Lingyang also wanted to observe, and showed Lin Shu his fingers. Lin Shu picked it a little with his fingertips. The color of scarlet, which could not be smelled, was strange, maybe it was paint.

They led the servants and continued to march forward. The palace was soaring and oppressive.

Ling Fengxiao frowned slightly, and had some unknown feelings about Lin Shudao.

The hunch of the Xiuxian people, especially in the realm of Ling Fengxiao, has to be taken seriously. Lin Shu will list with him what dangers he may encounter in Phoenix Villa.

Beixia violent attack? impossible.

It is possible that the queen broke with Ling Fengxiao.

Ling Fengxiao groaned for a while and said to Lin Shu: "If someone is in the villa, someone would attack me with the arrow of the next day ..."

The next day the arrow is in the Queen's hands. Ling Fengxiao said that he was prepared for the worst.

Lin Shu: "... Um?"

"By then ... God's arrow hits, you ... you must not subconsciously stop it." Ling Fengxiao said: "I will protect myself, I will not die."

Lin Shu thought for a while and nodded.

He has been realizing "lifetime mentality" recently, knowing that sometimes, protecting a person, or saving a person, will become an instinct and a subconscious act ... even if this action will bring devastating consequences to himself.

He did not know if protecting Ling Fengxiao had become his instinct, but knew that at this time, he could not add chaos or hinder Ling Fengxiao. He must remember to always believe in Ling Fengxiao.

Having said this, Ling Fengxiao seemed to be at ease, and they continued to move forward.

Several disciples of Phoenix Mountain Villa saluted and said "Miss" and ushered them in-just Lin Shu looked at the building of the mountain village and the disciples in the building, always feeling that the mountain village today is more empty than his last visit A lot, and a lot of disciples.

The old emperor of Beixia has been around for almost ten years, and he has inconvenience in moving. He also suffers from illness and cannot go in person. Therefore, the messenger came with the paperwork and jade seal.

The confrontation between the North and the South for so many years, never thought about the moment of negotiation and surrender, as one, will come so fast-just as no one had expected, the strength of a person can control the success or failure of a war.

The place to meet with the Beixia messenger was the sacrifice rooftop in the central area of the villa. The owner of the Phoenix had been waiting for a long time, and the princes of Nanxia and several monarchs of the Sect were also in place.

The lineup of the messengers of the North Xia is also sufficient for the face of the Nan Xia. There are ministers of the North Xia Unit, and even the protection of the former big witch.

After the complicated lavishness, read the surrender.

Lin Shu's level of classical Chinese is not low, but it varies greatly depending on the field. Xianjia's obscure classics, he could read, and these political instruments were confused.

He only listened to what the messenger read, "Open the portal, righteousness and righteousness," and "Whether the morality is weak, stealing greed, obsessed with chronicle, and failing to lead the teachings." He did not know what was being said until "Heaven The prestige, the number of people and ghosts, the horror of the horror master, and the sacred martial arts, dare not change the face, obey the obedience, and so on, can directly understand the central idea.

He tried to understand the classical Chinese, but saw Ling Fengxiao raise his eyebrows, and the voice came over: "Baby."

Lin Shu also conveyed without expression: "Huh?"

Ling Fengxiao said: "Baby, you said ... Xijiang obeys Beixia, today Beixia surrendered, Yuxi handed over, the world is unified, can it be regarded as luck?"

Lin Shu: "I think so."

Ling Fengxiao: "I have already held the Nanxia Royal Pen on behalf of me, and today I took the Beixia Chuanguo Jade Seal. Shouldn't I be the emperor for a short time?"

Lin Shu: "You can just see if the imperial fortune of the people will affect the blood of the Phoenix."

Ling Fengxiao: "Also."

The book of surrender was extremely lengthy, and Beixia officials faced Ling Fengxiao tremblingly.

However, no one knows that one person can block the millions of divisions, His Royal Highness Fengyang, who has a fascinating discoloration, and the mysterious, inconspicuous, inconspicuous firearms of the Jiange Pavilion master use the voice to tweet Alas.

Ling Fengxiao said that Xiao Lingyang must be forced to become emperor.

Lin Shu said that Xiao Yan.

Ling Fengxiao felt that Xiao Yan could not do it, and he did not want to marry a wife. It was useless to become an emperor, and the next generation still had no heir.

Lin Shu thought about it, Xiao Lingyang's sexual orientation seemed to be more normal than that of Xiao Yan.

However, Ling Fengxiao said that he could not let Xiao Yu idle either--give him a king, and Xiao Lingyang was raised by the queen. Can help.

How to make Xiao Yan willing to fight Xiao Lingyang? I can't tell him that this was originally planned. To make him think that if he doesn't do this, he can only become an emperor.

Lin Shu was shocked by the bad water in his stomach and secretly slandered.

However, they did not expect that they were now spreading their thoughts, and their thoughts would be passed on.

Ling Fengxiao: "???"

Lin Shu coughed, looked away.

The poor Beixia official who was reading the papers thought he was wrong. It was even more trembling.

The book of surrender was finally finished, followed by the ceremony.

Solemn music was played, and the former prime minister of Beixia knelt down in front of Ling Fengxiao, holding a white jade plate. In the jade plate was a bronze seal, carved with a dragon.

During the ceremony, the new emperor often took the jade seal from the highly respected old officials, and then accepted the congratulations of the hundred officials, and replaced it with a surrender ceremony.

Bei Xia said: "I am ashamed according to the artifact."

His Royal Highness Fengyang's cold white slender jade fingers took over the jade plate, and the simple transfer action did nothing deliberately surprising--however, Jiangshan changed hands.

But listen to him: "Dare to be disrespectful."

Although the voice is light, its meaning is very important.

Time is like an arrow, people are like water, rivers and rivers are diverted, and the world is divided, but in an instant.

Congratulations to all officials.

Various types of offerings to heaven have been placed on the altar.

Ling Fengxiao held the jade plate, Lin Shu was on his right, the Great Teacher was on the left, and Baiguan was on his side.

But seeing Yihong walking slowly up the high platform, facing the altar of five-colored soil, he said, "Shangye, Yongji."

Voldemort trembled.

"Shang Ye, Yongji."

Their respectful look, looking up to admiring eyes, made Lin Shu feel that even if Ling Fengxiao was a female body, at this moment, no one would object to inheriting Datong.

After a while, there was a cry from the West.

Lin Shu was shocked. At this moment, the clouds in the western sky were so bright that the sky was golden and red.

Suddenly, a large swarm of birds flew out of the mountain to the west.

No common birds such as sparrows, magpies, and crows are rare birds with bright feathers, medium size, and graceful postures. There are nearly a hundred species in the counted numbers.

Hundreds of birds hovered to the sky, a stance that almost matched the head and tail slowly flew, forming a beautiful color swirl in the sky.

The ancients, clouds, birds and phoenixes, is it so?

The crowd talked and said that this was a good sign.

Ling Fengxiao also looked at the sky without saying a word.

Lin Shu thought, in this situation, at this moment, if Phoenix comes again and bows down obediently to Ling Fengxiao-then whether it is Xiao Shao or Ling Fengxiao, whether it is male or female or human or ghost, Immediately declare that you are the emperor who inherits the destiny of heaven. The kingdom must not be ruleless for a day, and its destiny must not be violated.

The premise is that this person wants to be.

Lin Shu had a good idea.

The next moment, the phoenix with its tail feathers as beautiful as sunset and red as cinnabar was broken, and it really flew out from the west sky with a halo.

Everyone was amazed.

Only Lin Shu knows that this is not a miracle, but that the queen drew the phoenix flute somewhere in Fenghuang Villa to attract it.

Ling Fengxiao was expressionless.

The ceremonial officer took the jade plate of Chuan Guoyu Xi, and Ling Fengxiao pulled Lin Shu expressionlessly, and wanted to walk down the altar.

The attitude is obvious, at this time it has nothing to do with me and I don't cooperate.

The phoenix flew towards him unexpectedly, seeming to fly very slowly, but dived extremely fast, almost hanging for a moment, directly above Ling Fengxiao.

Its eyes were black, with some lustrous luster, staring at Ling Fengxiao, flying lower and lower, then bowing his head gently towards him, and handing out the bird's beak.

Lin Shu could feel the tightness of Ling Fengxiao's body.

Ling Fengxiao was supposed to reach for the bird's beak and accept its obedience, but he didn't move, just stared at Phoenix indifferently.

Phoenix screamed lowly, seeming to urge.

Everyone has been stunned, and even the Great Master can't avoid it: "This ..."

Lin Shu suddenly moved.

He frowned, stretched out his hand, and the bronze dice transformed by Qingmingdongtian appeared in his hand, shaking wildly.

Lin Shu didn't know what kind of wind was drawn from this thing, and he delved into it, and saw that the causal mirror violently rushed to the left and right in the cave day, hit the wall, and knocked the lapis lazuli wall out of deep cracks. Wanting to go out, my brother chased quickly, trying to restrain it.

-This reminds Lin Shu of the scene where the mirror appeared quietly in front of him last night. He was extremely disturbed. He held the bronze dice and looked at Ling Fengxiao, who was very close to his side, and wondered whether he should tell him about it.

——At this moment, the anxiety in his mind was amplified!

At that moment, all the blood was coagulated and his breathing was unsustainable. After his heart stopped beating, he suddenly jumped up!

His pupils shrunk, and a tyrannical overwhelming lock on himself prevented him from moving for half a minute, and this felt infinitely magnified. He even appeared colorful messy ghosts in front of his eyes, like an illusion of dying!

In the distance, there seems to be a ray of light coming towards himself, like Bai Hong's penetrating sun, which is unstoppable.

Speaking late, fast then, all of this happened in an instant.

The red shadow flashed before his eyes.

A dull noise.

Five sounds, five colors and five flavors, all seemed to leave Lin Shu for a moment.

The next moment, his consciousness gradually returned.

Ling Fengxiao stood in front of him.

A sinister, pale, bone-like arrow pointed out from Ling Fengxiao's left back.

——It means that there is an arrow that penetrates Ling Fengxiao's left chest and the position of the heart.

What arrow?

Naturally ... the next day God Arrow.

Ling Fengxiao's body was somewhat unstable. Lin Shu hugged him and saw a thin and long bone arrow, which was nailed to Ling Fengxiao's left chest.

Ling Fengxiao didn't seem to have responded yet. She lowered her head to look at her chest, and slowly held the arrow tail in her left hand.

Lin Shu suddenly caught sight of the sinister intention behind the arrow at that moment.

If it goes towards Ling Fengxiao, it may work, or it may not.

However, if Lin Shu goes to the forest, Ling Fengxiao will block it.

It's not a defense, it's not a scabbard.

At the moment of life and death, subconsciously, he would stand in front of Lin Shu.

Not a phantom, not an empty blood mist, at that moment, he probably forgot everything. Only a flesh and blood body in intuition can block the sword light and sword shadow.

Lin Shu's fingers trembled slightly to try the pulse of Ling Fengxiao.

They made an appointment when they went up the mountain. The arrows went towards Ling Fengxiao. Lin Shu should not stop.

But did not mention, when this dying arrow is heading for Lin Shu ... What will happen to Ling Fengxiao's subconscious?

All wrong.

Chapter 188: Non-human

Ling Fengxiao held the arrow, it seemed to be pulling out.

But the pale bone seemed to be attached to his chest and could not be pulled out anyway.

Lin Shu remembered that sentence, saying that the next day God's Arrow, when pierced by a person with the blood of the Phoenix, the soul was soaring and the smoke was gone--

Under his heart was blank, when his right hand was about to feel the pulse of Ling Fengxiao, Ling Fengxiao let go of the arrow and held his wrist instead.

His hands were cold, but his movements were irresistible.

Lin Shu was stunned, wondering what he was going to do.

He saw a drop of red blood flowing down the bone arrow, the blood was red, and the arrow body was white, shocking. The drop of blood slowly dripped to the tail of the arrow, and then fell on the dark altar.

A drop of blood fell to the ground with almost no sound.

Lin Shu heard clearly the sound of a "snap", as if something was broken, as if there were changes between the heavens and the earth that cannot be detected by the naked eye.

This change must be extraordinary, and Lin Shu was trembling.

The first drop and the second drop, the blood in Ling Fengxiao's heart grew more and more, and fell to the ground, forming a pool of crimson marks.

He watched Ling Fengxiao.

Ling Fengxiao looked at him, there seemed to be a little blood on the corner of his mouth, he took a breath, and then stood still by Lin Shu's arm.

The next moment, he suddenly turned his fingers!

A force of Peiran Moyu hit Lin Shu's chest, the land god's cultivation practice, Lin Shu could not resist it, and was forced to retreat!

He suddenly looked at Ling Fengxiao, wondering what he did.

Ling Fengxiao covered her mouth with her sleeve, coughed a few times, and her internal contusion was injured. He coughed up blood, was gorgeous in red, and dazzled.

And almost at the moment Lin Shu stabilized his figure, the whole altar suddenly trembled!

People were horrified by the scene of the arrow in Ling Fengxiao and were startled by the sudden shaking. For a time, the turmoil and panic spread across the altar.

Ling Fengxiao's voice was very low and very dumb, but she used the mana to ring in everyone's ears.


What is the meaning of the word that people have not had time to react in the electric light and flint? On the altar, a blood-red phoenix totem, spreading frantically centered on Ling Fengxiao!

But there is a horror of solidification, as if the air machine from the ancient wasteland thousands of years ago, suppressed everyone, making them unable to move one step!

Lin Shu took a slap for Ling Fengxiao's volley. At this time, the place where he stood was on the edge of the Phoenix totem, and was not affected.

He looked at it, watching the blood-red Phoenix totems wantonly spread, as if the moss vines growing wildly in the wet places, each line of flame lit with the same color of flame, the tongue of fire was like a swaying red lotus, devouring everyone, also Swallowed the central Ling Fengxiao.

Immediately he pulled out his sword and scabbard, the merciless sword swelled out, pointing directly at this treacherous **** flame.

The flame was agitated by the sword, and it was dim, but when the sword reached Ling Fengxiao in the middle of the sea of fire, it disappeared strangely.

Has no effect on Ling Fengxiao.

At this juncture, he was surprisingly calm, and turned to "Zhan Ran Chang" to sweep elsewhere in the sea of fire.

The sword gas was violent, and the flames bound on Shang Lingjian weakened a little. His blade cleared up, wiped out other flames, finally broke free and fell to Lin Shu: "Thank you."

Lin Shu didn't speak, and stepped into the sea of fire with his light body exercises.

He had a sense of size, did not go deep into the middle of the sea of fire, protected his sword, entered and exited several times, and brought out Xiao Ling and Xiao Lingyang, who were shaking, and finally brought out the horrified Phoenix owner.

At this point Phoenix Villas had been seriously injured.

The rest of the people, even if he wanted to save, were also overwhelmed and inadequate, because those people were not enough to cultivate themselves, or they were all human bodies, and even with his help, they could not escape.

——Xiao Yun and Xiao Lingyang are because their status is not dignified, and they each have artifacts to protect their lives.

Shangling Jane is already in the realm of crossing the robbery. The owner of the Phoenix is only one step away from the peak of crossing the robbery. Even they have to rely on the help of Lin Shu to get away. This shows the weird and terrifying totem.

The blood-colored flame licked their bodies, and the people who were trapped in the flames uttered a heartbreaking sorrow, almost ringing through the clouds. What's more terrible is that their burned limbs have not been burned into scorched skeletal bodies, but have gradually changed their shape into a blood-red sticky substance that flows down and becomes part of the fire and blood. .

If there is a **** on earth, it is probably the present situation.

Nowhere is slowly flowing in the blood-red statue, which is flowing in a shapeless shape, except that Ling Fengxiao is still intact, and a red suit seems to be integrated into this sea of fire.

The owner of Phoenix Village shouted, "Xiaoer!"

Lin Shu suddenly turned his head, the airlock locked the Phoenix owner, and said coldly, "What are you doing?"

The next day the god's arrow was picked up by the queen, and after Ling Fengxiao was injured, such a weird phoenix totem emerged, which was obviously only the handwriting of Fenghuang Villa.

——They must have a plan, but just ignore Ling Fengxiao's life and death?

The owner of Fenghuang still looked at Ling Fengxiao in the middle of the blood sea, and his eyes were anxious never before: "... It shouldn't be like that! Xiaoer ..."

The next moment she frowned, looking towards the western sky, and murmured, "Jinmei lied to me?"

The fire was rapid. Soon, everyone had no sound and no shape. There was only one totem, a sea of fire, and the central Ling Fengxiao.

and also……

There are phoenixes in the sky.

It hovered over Ling Fengxiao's head.

Ling Fengxiao did not look at it, but looked at the west side of the altar.

To the west, a feathered Chinese cockroach pulled by four rare birds slowly fell, and it seemed to be the queen's phoenix.

Lin Shu kept an eye on the state of Ling Fengxiao while pressing his hand on the handle of the folding bamboo sword, and was always on alert.

The queen slowly got out of the car, slowly climbing the steps, Liuxia-like skirt, gently passing over the black stone steps, and came to the front of the totem.

With her steps, the western sky glowed more and more, and an unknown blood-red sheen shined in many parts of Phoenix Villa.

Lin Shu remembered the ubiquitous Phoenix Totem in the villa, and thought of the strange red liquid Ling Fengxiao found in the totem pattern before the ceremony, the more he felt more shocked.

Phoenix whispered, fell to the ground, and bowed her head gently with a gentle gesture.

The queen smiled and called: "Fenger."

"Jinmei!" The owner of Fenghuang frowned and looked at her: "What do you mean?"

The queen did not answer her, but slowly walked into the sea of fire.

Strangely, the flame did not hurt her at all.

She was still so dignified and walked step by step in front of Ling Fengxiao, and the Phoenix followed her, and the long tail feather dragged Zhang Yu long.

Ling Fengxiao lowered her head, Mo diffused, Lin Shu could not see his look.

He murmured: "Mother."

The queen's voice loved her: "My son."

"The mother-in-law gave birth to me, so that my sons and daughters were physically there. In the world, Enze ... There was no retribution. I want to take it back today, and there is no complaint." Ling Fengxiao said: "I just want to know that my mother-in-law counts to me and even Shu Er is also involved. What is going on? "

The queen reached out and touched his cheek, a gesture of tenderness, but with a hint of blame in her tone: "Today is a great opportunity, you turn a blind eye. The mother-in-law told you before that the prosperity of Phoenix Villas has been prosperous for generations, would you care nothing? ? "

"I have given you permission for the villa." Ling Fengxiao said, "The villa has not been under the jurisdiction of the dynasty since then.

"You know you don't want that kind of prosperity after your mother." The queen said quietly.

"Village towering power and rich sky, compared with the royal family, what is the difference."

"Phoenix blood, pregnant with its sins. In this way, after one hundred generations, wouldn't it still be oppressed." The queen said: "Ancient Phoenix Protoss, living in the West, eating bamboo, living in Tonglin, drinking water spring, 300 years Nirvana, endless, worship of all nations, is it more enchanting. "

Ling Fengxiao finally raised her head slowly: "Does your mother think so?"

The queen held the tail of the next day's arrow with her right hand: "The phoenix is the **** that bears the sky's life in the floods of all ages. How can there be nothing in the world to kill it unless the phoenix hurts itself ... This is the bone of the heart of the ancient Phoenix An arrow made. Xiaoer, you were originally the pure blood of Phoenix, but now you have the bone of Phoenix, which is even more powerful. If you have the spirit of Phoenix, you will be born again. , The Phoenix Protoss reappears instantly, and lasts forever-Xiaoer, don't you want to? "

Lin Shu listened to the words in her mouth, and finally knew what she had always planned.

Get rid of the shackles of the royal family-far more than that, she is going to resurrect the ancient Phoenix, so that the legendary Phoenix protoss will reappear and surpass the world.

Ling Fengxiao seemed to laugh: "The mother-in-law has a plan, and I'm ... ashamed."

The queen said gently, "You know what is wrong."

Ling Fengxiao slowly lowered her head, seemed to be humbling, and her voice softened: "After entering the villa, I feel that many girls are missing. Does the mother know where they are?"

The queen said: "They practice the Phoenix mentality, there is a blazing sun in the blood, and it has been introduced, and it is in the Phoenix totem below you."

Ling Fengxiao laughed low and coughed again.

The voice was dumb, bloody, Lin looked at him, but couldn't get closer, and couldn't do anything.

Lin Shu thought of those lively girls.

They are tricky or gentle and lively, and they often like to joke, which is very good.

... but it's gone?

In the whole villa, are there only those young girls who have not learned a good way?

How many are Baoqing and Baochen?

Did it just disappear into the world silently?

Will they resist the struggle, will they ... cry.

He thought for a moment of crimson crimson flowing in the Phoenix totems of the villa.

He looked at the sea of fire where Ling Fengxiao was.

The bright red flame was born next to the blood, Ling Fengxiao's, and others who died in the sea of fire.

Then listen to Ling Fengxiao's dumb, **** laughter.


Because of the blood in the mirror.

Peach blossom source of blood.

Beixia, the blood on the top of the tower.

The blood of Phoenix Villa.

So a person's life is soaked in blood.

Ling Fengxiao coughed a few more times, her chest was bleeding, her face was pale, and her voice was intermittent: "The next day's arrows ... the spirits scattered. After the mother ... you didn't want your sons and daughters to live."

Queen said: "Symbiosis with Phoenix, immortality."

"My soul is flying, but it has spirit," Ling Fengxiao looked at Phoenix: "The mother-in-law likes it very much."

The queen did not speak.

Ling Fengxiao laughed at herself: "I used to like my mother-in-law."

His voice was faint, his voice was very low, and he could not hear the emotion: "I named myself Xiao Shao as a child, ‘90% of Xiao Shao, Phoenix Comes to the Music’, a song often played by mothers. ”

The queen smiled slightly, stepped back, and distanced him: "Xiao Er, you have extraordinary will, or you can keep one or two divine thoughts, and you will never be sad again."

The anger on Ling Fengxiao's body has been gone. It seems that something invisible has disappeared. Is it the soul?

The folding bamboo sword is buzzing, and the sword gas keeps hitting the sea of blood, but it is always suppressed and has no effect.

The queen said to Ling Fengxiao that "Mo Zai was sad", but looked at Phoenix.

Phoenix murmured, lowered his head, and approached Ling Fengxiao.

It slowly walked into Ling Fengxiao's body.

Ling Fengxiao's body trembled violently, as if suffering the pain of reborn, but without the slightest resistance, as if she had already given her life in extreme disappointment.

Lin Shu's heart was blank, and he was about to go into the sea of fire, but was held down by Shang Lingjian.

Even when that tail feather disappeared, the sea of fire was gradually extinguished, and a golden golden red phoenix phantom appeared in the air behind Ling Fengxiao.

Starting from the western sky, the entire sky is golden and red, and it is extremely brilliant, like a dream. Hundreds of birds are flying, and there is a fairy from a distance.

Even if the fairy is soaring, there is no such grand and magnificent scene that all things in heaven and earth converge.

Phoenix Nirvana, is this Nirvana, such a rebirth?

The queen approached Ling Fengxiao again, stroked his hair, pinned his forehead behind his ears, and gently called: "Fenger."

Ling Fengxiao slowly raised her head.

Lin Shu saw his eyes.

It was dark and hollow, without a trace of luster, without emotion.

The queen struck her.

The next moment, Ling Fengxiao hooked her lips.

The next moment, the entire golden red sky is turned into darkness!

As if in the long night of eternity, only the blood mist floated quietly, and the faint blood light illuminated this area.

In the sea of blood, all ghosts wept.

Ling Fengxiao's body is faintly changing, her skin is quietly disappearing, and her clothes are stained with ink.

Xiao Shao yanked the long arrow in his chest!

There was no blood, and even the wounds healed immediately.

The queen stepped back incredibly: "You ... who are you?"

Lin Shu then remembered that the queen was Xiao Shao's mother, but from the beginning to the end I did not know Xiao Shao's true content.

"I forgot to tell my mother." Xiao Shao said without a trace of temperature: "I am no longer a living person."

The author has something to say: Xiao Shao Jiucheng, Fenghuang Laiyi. —— "Shang Shu Yi Yi"

Chapter 189: Catch

There is no wind in the sky.

It was not yet autumn, but the sky quickly fell cold at this moment.

All ghosts cried in unison, and their voices became desperate. In the lingering blood mist, the cold penetrated inward from the surface of the skin, and eventually stabbed.

Looking at Xiao Shao, the queen instinctively stepped back a few steps.

Her eyes widened and she murmured, "Fenger ... Where is my Fenger?"

Her plump complexion seemed pale at that moment, her lips trembled, and she looked at Xiao Shao incredibly.

If it weren't for seeing this scene, Lin Shu hadn't known that people could really grow old in a flash.

Xiao Shao didn't speak, he stood like that, the blood mist was surging, but it was not close to his body, and the sky was dark. Because of him, he seemed to be the supreme king in Shura hell.

The heavy oppression is like something in the air, pressing everyone.

The queen opened her eyes suddenly and said to Xiao Shao: "You are not Fenger ...!"


Is that phoenix beside the queen cruel?

Lin Shu heard the owner of the Phoenix Village saying, "Jinmei, you ..."

He asked the owner of the Phoenix: "What did you do?"

Fenghuangzhuang said: "This is the end of the matter, and there is nothing to hide."

Lin Shu just listened, listening to the Phoenix owner talking about a past.

It's a story, in fact, the story is very long.

The queen is the daughter of Fenghuang Village, the bloodline of Phoenix, and has many daughters, but very few boys. This is well known.

Therefore, no queen has ever been born to the queen of the past, which has not caused anyone's suspicion.

The owner of the Phoenix said that Jinmei was gentle when she was young. Since she was born, she booked a queen who will be the mother of the future. She also only practiced her mind and did not intentionally exercise martial arts. In fact, the royal family always liked it. Wan Xiande's concubine does not want the queen to practice too much martial arts. Therefore, Jinmei secretly watches her martial arts.

Not practicing martial arts, but practicing chess, calligraphy, painting, female virtue and female red, in Phoenix Mountain Villa, they are a bit out of place. The Phoenix Villa owner spends most of his time practicing swords and guns, and has little time to accompany her, so she does not play. Companion, playing with the phobia of the Phoenix all day, calling it "Fenger".

At the same time, because she knew that she would eventually be the emperor's wife and the affection of her daughter's family, she had been there since she was a child. She married at the age of seventeen, and was even more affectionate and affectionate with the emperor.

Two years later, she was pregnant with a child, and it is worth mentioning that one day she dreamed of the phoenix flying-she felt that this child and her phoenix must have a relationship, and that she cared for everything, loved more than treasure, and was born. A boy, but the eldest son of the emperor.

She had no friends and playmates when she was young. The tone was gentle, first to the emperor, and then to the child.

Later, the child died when he was less than one year old.

Fenghuangzhuang said, "I heard the news and thought, Jin Mei was protecting the child like an eyeball, and she couldn't leave her. How could something happen?"

Immediately the queen fell ill.

The disease is so strange that there is no cure for medicine and stones. All the **** doctors in the world are helpless. The queen fainted for three months. The emperor was anxious, but he didn't know what to do. In the end, she was distressed, she left the affairs of the villa, took care of her queen, and talked to her every day, whether she could hear it or not.

Talk about funny things from childhood, talk about the beauty of the world, talk about the affairs of the villa, and talk about the phoenix.

Day after day, late at night, one day, the queen burst into a cold sweat and called out, "Fenger!" Then she looked startled and pulled her to talk a lot of nonsense.

What's the matter, her child is the most precious baby in the world. She won't let him lose anything. The maid, the servant, the clumsy hand, the child is so delicate. Every time she fakes her hand, she must be frightened.

She trembled again, saying that she had placed photo beads in the hidden parts of the palace for this reason.

The phoenix owner listened to her nonsense, thinking that the death of her child, who was so cared for by Jinmei, made her sad, and could not help but cut it.

She can only comfort, you wake up well, raise your body, and give birth to your Majesty next year.

At that moment, the queen seemed to hear something terrifying. The whole person shivered and said, I saw it, he killed my Fenger, he killed my Fenger.

He laughed and said that the world was so dirty, why did he hurt his son?

The phoenix owner was terrified.

After talking nonsense for a while, the queen passed out again, this time with a high fever. After the high fever receded, the whole person woke up. I couldn't remember talking about the nonsense once before, and gradually returned to normal. My temperament was gentle and dignified, but he was silent. a lot of.

This is a former story. The owner of the Phoenix sighed and said, I think, she may have been a little crazy since then.

and after?

What's the matter with the next day arrow?

The owner of Fenghuangzhuang said that she has been depressed since that incident, and often mentioned to herself, when will my daughter of Fenghuangshanzhuang be free from the rule of the dynasty.

At that time, the owner of the Phoenix said that the marriage between the villa and the royal family had their own income, which was the ancestral practice.

The queen said, when will the villa have the power of the world?

That being said, she still remembered what the Queen said in a coma.

Later, the queen was pregnant again.

This time she dreamed that the scorching sun was in her arms, and she had a gut feeling in her imagination, thinking that this might be another boy.

After that, there is no need to repeat them, they are the stories of them who hide the sky and cross the sea, dress Ling Fengxiao as a girl, and train them in Fenghuang Villa.

The queen had some stubbornness towards this child, asking the owner to teach him to be the most perfect person in the world, and to have him the only practice in the world.

The owner knows how to understand his sister, and the queen said that she immediately guessed her meaning, Wen Tao Wu Lue, reading with a knife, but if she could use it, she could teach the child as much as she could. Yes, he asked someone to teach him. Ling Fengxiao couldn't learn, so he forced him to learn.

Two years ago, the queen told her about the next day's arrows.

It is said in the ancient books of the sunken ship salvaged from the back of the South China Sea that how to restore the blood of the ancient Phoenix, and said that Ling Fengxiao must inherit this luck and blood to become the ruler of the world.

How amazing Ling Fengxiao's strength is, the owner of the Phoenix naturally knows that she raised Ling Fengxiao to grow up, and has high hopes for him, naturally willing.

Ling Fengxiao also leveled Beixia all the way as they wished. The time and the place are all ready, but there is only peace and harmony, but whether Ling Fengxiao is willing or unwilling, it works.

To this end, she even acquiesced to the Queen's own hands pushing the girls of the Phoenix Villa into the altar, starting the formation, and letting the burning sun in their bodies away from the fire, as a primer to awaken the blood of the Phoenix.

But until today—she didn't know until today that it wasn't her and the queen who hid the sky and done everything, but the queen hid everyone, and even her, did it all.

She didn't want Ling Fengxiao to be the emperor, she wanted her Fenger to be the real phoenix.

She wants Ling Fengxiao to be such an excellent person, one is to let him rule the world, to gain the luck of the people, to pave the way for the resurrection of the Phoenix, and to make his spirit strong and pure, and able to bear the brutality of the Phoenix .

As for Ling Fengxiao's wish, and even Ling Fengxiao's life, was not in her consideration.

The Phoenix owner loves Ling Fengxiao, but the queen does not.

She may only have Fenger in her heart, only the child who died, and hatred of the emperor, and even the entire dynasty, and unwillingness to the fate of being unable to resist. The emperor killed her child. Since then, she seems to believe in her own Baby.

To this end, she decided to resist.

And Ling Fengxiao, the Phoenix owner, Xiao Lingyang, and even the emperor are all the tools she needs.

In that three-month coma, she seemed to have lost more than just a child.

The context is clear.

Lin Shu and the owner of the Phoenix communicated with God's thoughts, although they said a lot, in fact, they were just instantaneous.

After all this, the owner of the Phoenix seems to be stunned. She was seriously injured in the fire. At this time, she spit out a large mouthful of black blood, her face as gold paper.

On the altar, after a brief silence, the queen took out the phoenix flute.

She put it on her lips and blew. The song was low in throat and faintly sounded.

As usual, when she used this jade flute to blow up the tune, the phoenix remnant would come from the sky and be intimate with her.

But now, only a silence has been exchanged.

Her melody gradually sputtered, and in the end, after a harsh sound, she could no longer sustain it.

She lost heart, Yu Xiao slipped to the ground, made a crisp sound, and then broke into three pieces.

She hugged her head and fell to the ground, her voice seemed to scream and roar: "——Fenger!"

Jin Yi fell to the ground, Hua Yi was dim, but when she lost her ritual, she suddenly looked up at Xiao Shao and smiled madly: "Your Xiao family-Xiao family's man ... Sure enough ..."

The expression in her eyes became even more frantic, and she even seemed to want to pounce on Xiao Shao: "You have phoenix blood on you, why are you ... why are you ..."

Xiao Shao just looked down at her, looking indifferent.

His eyes and pupils were still so dark and dull that he was not alive, and it was impossible to even see whether he was looking at the queen.

He could be hurt by the next day's arrows because he felt that he belonged to Phoenix Villas subconsciously.

So now he is unscathed. Does it prove the actions of the queen and the landlord, and the blood of the girls in Phoenix Mountain Resort, completely disappointed him?

Lin Shu didn't know.

I saw the queen even more insane and rushed to him: "Return Fenger to me!"

Where is Fenger?

Lin Shu looked at the huge phoenix shadow behind Xiao Shao.

The golden image, which was supposed to be brilliant, turned completely into a wicked picture of dense black and crimson.

I am afraid that the brutality of that ancient phoenix has been absorbed by Xiao Shao and has become part of his power.

This ending is probably the most unacceptable of all the endings.

But seeing her rush to Xiao Shao.

Xiao Shao just stood, didn't move, and didn't speak.

The cold and empty eyes showed that in this Shura hell, he had no feelings towards his former mother.

Sure enough, the Queen didn't have time to touch Xiao Shao's clothes, and the queen seemed to be blocked by something invisible-but this was her more madness and pain: "You must not die--"

With this venomous tone and frantic movements, the blood mist on her body leaked out, more and more, thick and sticky, like blood, but this blood volume was more than a person could flow out Much more-Lin Shu knows that this is the resentment she has accumulated over the years, and finally broke out on this day.

Unfortunately, her most sad thing is that she never realized what Xiao Shao's strength was.

——It is a person who cultivates immortals and magic, exhausts all imagination, a state that cannot be imagined, and even the resentment and anger that she releases at this time can only become part of Xiao Shao's power.

The resentment flowed out and became a part of the blood mist, and it seemed to have taken away all the queen's energy. She described her withered, without any energy, still persistently trying to catch Xiao Shao: "Fenger, my Fenger ... ... "

Xiao Shao frowned slightly.

Lin Shu knew all his tiny expressions and felt that Xiao Shao probably didn't recognize anyone, but the queen crouched at his feet and cried, making him feel noisy.

The next moment, Xiao Shao reached out to the queen.

Slender and good-looking fingers, cold white color, distinct bones.

The emperor's eyes shot brightly: "Fenger, are you?"

She reached out to Xiao Shao's hand.

When the two hands were about to touch, Xiao Shao gave an understatement with five fingers.

The queen opened her eyes wide.

Her mother has been loved and looked up all the time, but at this moment, the misery and despair in her eyes, the perplexity and heartbreaking pain, are like any person who dies in the world with hatred.

Because the next moment, she turned into a fan, and flew in the boundless blood and mist, in the vast world, and disappeared again.

Lin looked at this scene, feeling that she was a bit sad.

In the end, she didn't understand why things had come this far.

She also didn't know how the child she didn't hold in her heart admired her in the past twenty years.

However, it wouldn't help to say more, and she was frustrated.

Instead, the owner of the Phoenix Village shouted "Jinmei!" As she lost her soul, she looked at her disappearing direction.

At the end, he coughed again.

Lin Shu can see that she was too badly injured in the scorching fire. Even if she can be rescued, I am afraid she will be repaired and she can't afford to fall.

He didn't move.

Only Shangling Jian helped the owner of Fenghuang and fed her elixir.

Lin Shu looked next.

Two brothers, you pull me, I pull you, staring at this scene dullly, forgetting even the trembling, as if two statues that are dependent on each other.

Today, too many people have died.

This is an overly cruel scene. Xiao Yan is better, Xiao Lingyang estimates that his heart is shaking.

Of course, there is another important reason. The elder sister of the country became a man.

Xiao Yan: "He ... who is he?"

He yelled, "How does it look a bit like His Royal Highness?"

Lin Shu: "It's Ling Fengxiao."

Xiao Yan: "... Ah?"

Xiao Lingyang seems to have been mentally prepared for this. At this time, he was not as stubborn as Xiao Yan, and even shouted at Xiao Shao.

"Ling Fengxiao? Ling Fengxiao? What's wrong with you?"

Xiao Shao slowly turned his head.

At that glance, everyone seemed to be splashed with a bucket of ice water and placed in the bottomless cold abyss.

Xiao Lingyang trembled and looked at Lin Shu: "He ..."

"The situation is not good," said Shangling Jane. "He seems to have gone into trouble and lost his mind."

Lin Shu only looked at him, and then Jane said to Shangling: "Admiral Guoshi ... is troublesome, and brought Xiao Mao and Lingyang back to the capital."

After a while, he continued: "The state affairs will be left to you and Master Xie for the throne, and both of them will decide for themselves."

Shang Lingjian looked at him with deep eyes: "Master, won't you go?"

Lin Shu shook his head.

Xiao Lingyang looked at Xiao Shao and then at him: "He seems to be killing us."

The reason is without him, Xiao Shao's eyes are too indifferent and empty, and his whole body is so cold and scary.

Lin Shu said: "Let's go now."

One step later is dangerous.

Shangling Jane said: "I'll take them back now, rest assured."

Lin Shu nodded.

But when he saw the sleeves of Shangling Jianpao, the flying boat of Xuegong appeared in the sky, he sent two younger brothers up, and finally took a look at the owner of Fenghuang and took her.

In the end, he looked at Lin Shu and said, "Cover, take care."

Lin Shu: "There will be a period later."

The voices were low, and it seemed that Xiao Shao felt that they were noisy, and instantly turned them into flying ash.

Shang Lingjian finally looked at Lin Shu and boarded the flying boat.

The flying boat slowly walked away and disappeared into the dark sky.

Lin Shu watched them leave safely and turned to Xiao Shao.

What happened to Xiao Shao today is too ... cruel.

Regardless of the queen's murder, the death of those beautiful and lively girls, even if they had never seen it in person, was shocking. Lin Shu didn't have a deep friendship with them, and felt sorry, not to mention growing up in Fenghuang Villa with Xiao Shao who was accompanied by these girls day and night.

Those who killed them were the mother-in-law.

Lin Shu couldn't imagine how disappointed or even hopeless this little phoenix with a soft fur.

And if Xiao Shao used to be, he might not get into the devil and lose his mind ... But even now, Xiao Shao has been wandering on the brink of collapse, even though these things haven't happened, because of the world's grievances. The slightest negative emotion will push him in the direction of being completely transformed into a demon.

So, after today's upheaval, Xiao Shao will become like this, Lin Shu is not surprised.

As for whether he can recover, he really has no idea.

Xiao Shao won't even recognize him, or maybe kill him like the queen the next moment.

But Lin Shu knew he couldn't leave.

Even if Xiao Shao was no longer a human at all, he was controlled by resentment and turned into a great demon that set off the world, and set off a world of resentment. He should have raised a black chicken himself.

He took a few steps forward.

Xiao Shao didn't move, just stood in the blood of this eternal long night and looked at him.

The eyes were cold and unspeakable.

Lin Shu walked very close to him, reached out and pressed his left chest.

This morning, my heart was beating like a normal person, and by this time it had completely stopped.

He looked up at Xiao Shao and yelled, "Xiao Shao?"

no response.

Then shouted Ling Fengxiao, Miss, Highness, Shao Brother, even his cousin and brother shouted, but did not respond, Xiao Shao even felt noisy and frowned unhappyly.

This man is displeased, that is to frustrate people.

Lin Shu had to take a few steps back.

The next moment, Xiao Shao turned into a mist and dissipated.

The phantom can only phantom itself, and the things outside the body should slam to the ground.

Xiao Shao has only one thing outside of him, and that is a well-deserved sword.

Lin Shu: "..."


He was suffocated.

No more knives, this time it is really dangerous.


He picked up the well-deserved sword, and saw the next day's arrow, which he fell aside, thought about it, and brought it with him.

Still looking for Xiao Shao, where to find it?

He looked back blankly, seeing that the way had been filled with boundless blood, and even the road was invisible.

He released his thoughts again and observed the situation of thousands of miles.

The Phoenix Mountain Village was submerged by the sea of blood and mist, and this vast area was covered by the dark night.

Maybe even further away, or even the whole world, but his divine thoughts are limited and can't be seen.

The top priority is to find Xiao Shao, as to whether he can coax back, said another.

Lin gazed at the villa with a knife in his pocket, but the thick fog of blood could only see a foot around him. It was tantamount to blindly touching an elephant and hunting for a needle in a haystack-he even nearly hit the wall several times.

Lin Shu shouted "Xiao Shao" into the blood mist, and did not respond.

In despair, he trembled without a doubt.

It seemed to be full of blood, and the blood-sharpness of this knife was so strong that it almost dripped. Compared with the original one, it has changed a lot.

Guozi also said that the bamboo can be transformed into human beings, and the same sorrow can be transformed into human beings. All the weapons in the world can be transformed into human beings. It ’s too strong, and it ’s an ancient soldier. What kind of cruel person can you imagine?

But at this time, Lin Shu couldn't care less about it. The increase in strength meant that the spirit of the sword was enhanced. The weapon and the master were subtly connected. It might be able to sense Xiao Shao's position.

When even asked well: "Do you know where he is?"

Well worth trembling again.

Seems to know.

Lin Shudao: "Take me there."

When he felt a traction in the blade of his hand, he was drawn in a certain direction.

He followed the guidance of the well-deserved, not knowing how many directions to go around, and finally recognized the scenery around him. He's been here.

It's Miss's room.

The room drawer was stuffed with gold and silver jewelry and beaded dresses.

Zhuang's supervisor was very strict. The girls in the villa bought too colorful things and did not dare to hold them. They all entrusted the young lady to hide them.

In the main hall of the room, he saw Xiao Shao.

He walked over and continued to shout his name and try his heartbeat.

Xiao Shao was impatient with him and moved away.

Lin Shu continued to find.

Capture the chicken again in the Phoenix Villa's main hall.

The chicks teleported again.

Captured again in the training room.

Run away again.


Lin Shu no longer remembers how many places he has searched, he is exhausted, and he is surely tired.

This Shao Shao didn't kill himself, just looked at himself then, and then teleported.

I don't know how long, he found Xiao Shao again, and found this place very familiar.

In the lake, Honglian swayed.

It was the scenery outside the wedding room, and he followed the guidance as he deserved, and came to Huxin Pavilion.

Xiao Shao was gorgeous in black, with half-length hair, a tall figure, and a back of high temperament. He turned his back on him. It seemed that Xiao Su was alone.

Lin Shu had no other way, and went forward: "Xiao Shao? Brother Shao? Brother?"

Xiao Shao didn't even look at him this time, and frowned, then grabbed Lin Shu's shoulders without expression.

The forest chill enveloped the whole body, Lin Shu immediately felt the fear of dying.

He couldn't die yet, so he earned: "You can't kill me, I'm you—"

Before he finished speaking, he was brought forward by Xiao Shao, his actions were extremely rude, but it was not his intention to kill.

Lin Shu shut up.

He was thrown into the room by Xiao Shao.

Oh, it's not the room, it's the bed in the room.

Lin Shuyi was shocked, thinking, I don't think you forgot anything.

But the next moment, Xiao Shao turned and left.

After leaving, the door was closed.

Lin Shu: "?"

He was ready to feed himself, and left?

The cock's logic is weird.

He got up from the bed, walked to the door, ready to push open the door, and continued to capture.

The moment his fingertips touched the door frame, he suddenly stopped.

The strands of black gas began to entangle his hands from his fingertips, and then wrapped around his arms and waist like a vine. Drag him back.

This breath is clear, from Shao Shao, and very pure, unlike the blood mist is formed by resentment, this is Xiao Shao's own spiritual power.

Since it comes from Xiao Shao, it is not Lin Shu's cultivation that can resist.

Sure enough, the resistance failed.

Lin Shu: "?"

Does this posture keep him out?

The author has something to say: Unlock the scene: Shaoge's Little Black House

Chapter 190: Clean

He was pressed back by the aura vine.

After pressing it back, the black vines disappeared, but there was a black spiritual power around the wrist of the right hand, and it couldn't be done anyway.

Lin Shu didn't think so.

He got up again, and this time before he went to the door, he was entangled by Reiki again. It turned out that the Reiki vine did not disappear from him, but was hidden under the clothes-although the texture is soft and can change its shape at will, It ’s like a chain, but its tenacity is inseparable, it ’s just a chain.

Xiao Shao and his hide-and-seek, throwing him in, locked in the house, what does it mean? How clear is this man?

Lin Shu couldn't understand it, but knew that Xiao Shao was extremely dangerous now, and he couldn't maintain his body at any moment, completely turning into a grudge. According to past experience, the only thing that can make Xiao Shao better is that he is around.

He stared at the direction of the spiritual vine.

Xiao Shaowu's academic accomplishments are naturally profound, and the flow of spiritual power is endless, and it is difficult to find flaws.

But Lin Shu boasted that although Xiao Shao could completely suppress him because of the power of resentment, if only spiritual power, his education in martial arts may not be lower than Xiao Shao.

Immediately observe the alternation of the black gas flow on that wrist. After a quarter of an hour, it found a flaw, and a sharp sword energy cut it off.

The void seemed to stir up ripples and make the sound of a colliding stone, but the result was not as good as Lin Shu thought. The black gas was just cut off and not completely broken. He thought, this Xiao Shao sucked the power of the Phoenix's brutality I am afraid it has improved again.

Thinking of this, he also wanted to inherit his sword pavilion for thousands of years. It may not be as good as that ancient phoenix. He immediately meditated on the mind, the sword energy, and the meaning of the sword. He went forward and immediately cut off the black gas.

Without the restraint, he picked up the well-deserved again, and deserved to guide himself.

Ashamed this time but no sound.

Lin Shu had no other choice but to walk to the door.

However, he did not want to take a step forward, and was suddenly pushed down again by a strong force, and a few more powerful and flexible spiritual vines bound him to the bed again.

Moreover, after he was bound to the bed this time, these weird things did not disappear, so he merged with this red silk soft-veiled wedding bed and held him firmly.

Four vines each bound his hands and feet, another was wrapped around his waist, and another was softer and choked his throat.

Lin Shu kept trying to break away, and consciously used all his life's cultivation to it, but it just made some insignificant cracks on those vines.

However, the vine was more and more tightly bound to him, tightly grasping the general-and still walking slowly, and because it was under the clothes, it was intangible and could not be seen on the appearance.

If something else touches him like this, he has already suffered from allergies, dizziness and stiffness, but this is Xiao Shao ’s spiritual strength and breath, it is almost the same as Xiao Shao ’s real person. After struggling, he was even slightly panted by the vine, and the places where his body was pinched by the vine were shivering and irresistible.

There are many places on his body that cannot be touched. After being shamed by Xiao Shao several times, "You are too sensitive," unless this person has a trick to make him cry, he will not touch him. . But these vines, no different from Xiao Shao's breath, no matter if he walked up and down in his body, just one of his waist, let him die, let alone the other.

Lin Shu didn't dare to move any more, but his breathing was still short and he couldn't stop breathing.

For a moment, he looked at the big red soft yarn hanging from the ceiling, thinking that Xiao Shao had to trap himself here.

However, thinking about Xiao Shao's troubled situation, and feeling that he couldn't go on like this, he took up the exercises to break free of the vine.

The vine suddenly intensified and wandered around him. He was soft and trembling, and his eyes were blurred. He couldn't gather the spiritual power to fight the vine, and he was forced to tears.

After the first tears fell, there was some inexplicable grievances, while thinking about Xiao Shao's indifferent face, and at the same time thinking that he had cultivated the ruthless path, why can't we cut off all consciousness better than being tortured by several vines? Look.

Aggrieved, and thinking of Xiao Shao, who knew nothing about life and death, felt blank.

He couldn't help it, grabbed the sheets under him, closed his eyes, pretending that he was a dead fish.

But no matter how to pretend to be useless, the vine became more entangled and scratched on him. He was shaking all over, biting his lips, making no sound, struggling to move, and had limited movement.

Breathless, I could not help but shed some physical tears because of the violent stimulus. Later, as time went on, the grievances that were bullied gradually became stronger, but I cried a little sincerely.

But it is impossible for him not to resist.

By moving his fingers little by little, he finally touched the bag of his stuff.

With a divine motion, he took out the bronze dice.

He is going back to Qingmingdongtian to consider the way to deal with it. He must not stay in this room any more.

Holding the bronze dice, the moment of entering, a cold force knocked things down.

The bronze dice fell to the ground, because the floor in this room was covered with extremely thick velvet blankets, and no sound could be heard.

Lin Shu looked in the direction of this spiritual power, and saw the black mist twine on the high seat under the window, and a figure appeared.

Xiao Shao.

He was sitting on a magnificent wooden chair carved with phoenix, looking at himself with his arms folded, his eyelashes drooping slightly.

It was still indifferent, with blank eyes, a long black hair slipped from the forehead, and disappeared into the dark neck of the robe.

Such a gesture is so high. The sky outside the window is dark and gloomy. He is half-dark and half-dark, as if he does not belong to the world, but the king of Shura hell, the cold and violent king above the boundless bitter sea, looks down at all beings.

With his appearance, the movement of vines on Lin Shu's body also changed.

Something swelled underneath him, lifting his upper body into a posture of leaning his head slightly.

A vine originally wrapped around his waist and abdomen swam up, wrapped around his neck, and touched his lips.

But it didn't mean it, he wanted to open his lips and teeth, and then enter his throat.

And the breath on the vine of spiritual power belonged to Xiao Shao completely, as if Xiao Shao's fingers were doing this.

Lin Shu closed his eyes.

He knew that this was the most insidious kind of infatuation, and one of the implication was that it was so strong that it was dripping.

But Xiao Shao just looked at him with such expressionless expression, apparently the master of these vines, but it seemed that everything had nothing to do with him.

Lin Shu suddenly understood.

He was still young, and the Master taught him to be clean and to teach him far away.

To say that the five colors are blinding, the six tones is deaf, and the seven emotions are fascinating.

Therefore, do not touch bright-colored things, extravagant beautiful sounds, mortals who have nothing to do, and even wine and wealth.

Especially when tempted by earth dust and contaminated with carnal desires, it will never fall into red dust and never lose its avenue. It is never desirable.

He couldn't understand it then.

Then the old man said, these words mean, sir, you, the clear soul, the six roots, must not let those things get dirty.


He also heard Xiao Shao say this.

Xiao Shao said that all sentient beings are dirty grudges, and only Xianjun is clean.

It was only then that Xiao Shao's first-line rationality still existed, and it was to use Xianjun's cleanness to cross himself.

Xiao Shao is not the same now, I'm afraid I noticed that it was so clean that I was going to get thoroughly soiled.

And he has nothing to be soiled.

Only one left the use right back to Xiao Shao's body, can be kneaded at will.

Perhaps Xiao Shao didn't want to get dirty before.

Just thinking in other places, in this person's eyes, this dirty world, a little white, is really annoying.

So in the beginning, he went to him by himself.

I found it more often and locked it in the room. Rather than being unsightly, it is all dirty.

So it is not allowed to walk, to leave the room, or even to leave the bed.

And he had a lot of time to stay high, and only needed to release a little spiritual power, without even moving a finger.


Give it all.
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